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File: 1602085654505.jpg (32.45 KB, 506x337, have my cake and fuck it too.j…)

No. 648656

Please cry over spilled milk here.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/642799

No. 648676

Update on the whole "boyfriend's best friend has a raging boner for my boyfriend and actively hates me and deleted his entire discord server because my boyfriend didn't wanna go to Chicago to hang out during a pandemic":

…I wrote him a letter. We'll see how he responds.

It sucks being the bigger person.

No. 648691

I’m so glad I don’t have a big mouth. Big mouth folks look like their mouth are going to open so wide they can swallow me whole. I’m not talking big lips on a normal size mouth I’m talking huge mouth with big horse teeth. It’s uncanny and terrifying. Don’t eat me big mouthed anons. I’m sure being able to fit your fist in your mouth gets you a lot of attention

No. 648707

i have quite literally no friends because i'm a massive raging loser and the one of very few friends i've been close to for years is drifting away. it really sucks, and it's especially worse because the stuff she does is so hurtful, even if she doesn't mean it. i've been asking for MONTHS to facetime, and every time i ask, regardless of the day or time, she says she can't since she's too busy. like clockwork, a few days after she always mentions that she called one of her other friends, because she's already forgotten i asked her. what makes it worse is that she recently just dropped everything for this fucking absolute BPD tard she's obsessed with who's been ghosting her for months to go stalk them and demand they start talking to her again, after she whined about them to me for months. on the other hand, i have to literally fight to get a conversation going with her. she barely messages me anymore unless it's to ask for something or to talk about herself. idk, it sucks and i'm sick of being autistic to the point of being a grown ass woman with no friends no matter how hard i try, because that's why i'm in this situation in the first place.

No. 648738

I can't stand it when people at the gym don't clean up after themselves. Two trashy bitches put their weights back in the wrong places, and when I confronted them, they just looked at me like I was nuts. Maybe I overreacted, but it pissed me off because they did it in a way where I would have to move their mistake to return my own. I realize I shouldn't care so much because it's only going to bother me, but that's life, right? I fucking hate inconsiderate, sloppy people.

No. 648739

ive got a big fucking cystic acne blast on my chin and it hurts and its itchy and i poke it because fuck it i just want it to do something else but its like an inch wide and long and just sitting there eating my fucking chin making me ugly and mocking me

my throat hurts and i have school work to do and it destroys my poor brain even though im intelligent im just sick of doing essays on dumb shit to get a degree i dont even know will be useful

my sex drive is gone from my medication and im totally fine with it but its hard letting go of the very bored part of me that wants to have sex daily for fun

my sleep pattern is backwards so i have to be very quiet and not wake my partner so i can't listen to anything or watch any movies and man its a bummer because i havent found any good books recently and when i do i blast through them in a single night

No. 648750

That is fucking disgusting. Nobody wants to hear about your disgusting body and cysts. Go away

No. 648752

Let her vent about her cysts.

No. 648755

Youre an asshole anon, this is the vent thread.

No. 648757

I'm never going to get a job. I sit around all day applying for positions, following up on positions etc. but only ONE place has even bothered to respond to me. I blew so much money on school and now I want to kms

No. 648759

>ive got a big fucking cystic acne blast on my chin
Me too fam, I empathize. I get the flesh colored deep skin nodules that never seem to come to a head until weeks later. When they finally pop they scab, peel for weeks, and scar red. Makes me feel like I have plague and it's unfair that people assume acne indicates lack of hygiene. The reality is I'm washing my face twice a day and applying medicated creams and lotion which is the only thing I can do to prevent worse breakouts–not that I will ever have a clear face.

No. 648766

>polish scrote says he wants an ukrainian wife because ukrainian women are more obedient and femininine and polish women are feminazis with high expectations
>I reply that's fine because I would never marry a pole anyway, only a man from the west, which seems more civilized (jokingly, I'm not even interested in men)
>he jumps at me, tells me I'm not even worthy of cleaning polish toilets and I should go marry a "goatfucker" (arabic man), sends me aggressive private messages full of insults, tells me I'm worthless, stupid etc.
I noticed that all scrotes, regardless of their nationality, want women from eastern countries (even when it's as close as right next to their eastern border) because they think more poor = more desperate for a scrote from the west. Funny how those polish inbreeds forget that people from western Europe also see us poles as poor and desperate, just like poles see ukrainians. I hate this religious shithole, my maternal grandparents were based apostates from czech republic, I have dabbing on muh roman catholic patriarchy in my blood

No. 648768

when this bitch pops im gonna personally take a photo of the aftermath just for you
im starting on birth control thats supposed to help since its largely a hormone thing. the only good part of these bastards are when they come out finally and the feeling of relief.

i feel u on the hygiene thing though, people keep telling me to wash daily as if i havent tried that. i've tried washing twice a day, once a day, medicated stuff, plain water, no washing at all for lols, less sugar in my diet… it stays the damn same. heres hoping birth control nips it in the cystic bud or its roaccutane for me

No. 648822

you anons are too funny ily and your stupidity lol omg every time there's something that makes me laugh on this site it REALLY makes me laugh. like the laugh equivalent of an orgasm. thank you lol

No. 648850

Holy shit that must be the things I'm getting around my jawline. I popped one in the bath and it scabbed for days. I got a thing off Amazon to correct posture cause I noticed I have a big vein near where those spots form and thought maybe I'm straining my neck at my desk. I've been stretching out my neck and posture is better and my skin even in other areas seems to look more healthy. Wonder if circulation could cause those deep spots

No. 648860

What's the thing you ordered to correct your posture? You've piqued my interest. I've chalked it up to my mask and my skin just being hormonally stubborn so I didn't consider that.

No. 648874


I was getting some spots around my shoulders too and they've definitely cleared up since I've been wearing this. I've found wearing it while doing stretches and exercises like squats it helps with form and I can my muscles engaging better.

No. 648876

I start feeling anxious when a man sends me a DM about something he could easily say in public. Why do you do this, what do you expect me to respond? I'm afraid that if I respond anything I am leading him on.

No. 648877

Nice. Saved. Thank you anon!

No. 648920

I headbanged for like 5 seconds as a joke yesterday and my neck hurts like I'm back from a show. Am I already getting old or is the lockdown wearing me down?

No. 648928

Oh it's definitely a proposition, men can go from 0 to 100 real fast in the DMs. Just respond to whatever he said publicly and act like you never saw the DM.

No. 648932

>"goatfucker" (arabic man)
I had no idea people call arab guys that

No. 648940

Unrelated but I remember being around 15 when a guy DMed me on facebook. Asked him if he liked volleyball and then sent 'take this block'.Cringe but I thought it was so funny

No. 648977

i'm so fucking pissed fucking hell another streamer wasted too much time on self-wanking during puzzle solving and failed the task and killed my favourite character even though there was a clear implication that there's a time limit. Why can't those neckberd fags fucking focus on the game instead of talking about themselves. They also can't seem to focus on something more than a minute. is this adhd or something? People with adhd should be permitted from streaming games, they always fail. they get money for nothing. Fucking reeeeeeee I hate fat neckbeards

No. 649007

>they k-killed my pixel husband
you sound even more autistic than a video game streamer, congrats

No. 649008

File: 1602107339546.gif (4.82 MB, 480x259, 483509437605436.gif)

I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. I emailed my former college to get my transcript and while I was browsing the contact section of the website, I saw that they no longer require high school transcripts, SAT scores or letters of recommendation for admission. Just personal essays. This place used to be considered one of the most prestigious colleges in the state, and now I guess they're just letting anyone in? I don't have a lot of things I'm proud of and maybe it's trivial, but I busted my ass to get accepted to this place and I feel personally affronted that it means jack all now.

Also the email response I got back indicated that the person helping me preferred to be referred to as "they/them." Lmao. What the fuck is going on. I just want to finish the last credits I need and gtfo of this country.

No. 649019

May I ask what college?

No. 649024

pls don't let this be in finland

No. 649027

yeah but when someone seems intelligent and then chooses to brag about how good he is at guessing what's gonna happen in the game instead of focusing on puzzle with time limit and then he's surprised he lost and thinks it happened for "no reason" (basically blames the game) I have the right to be angry

No. 649029

It is.

No. 649031

What game is it? From the way you described it, I think I might want to watch a playthrough too. And who's the streamer? If you're not comfortable answering the second question, then just the game title please.

No. 649032

I'd rather not say specifically because I'm (probably needlessly) paranoid, but it's on the very liberal west coast of the US. Not an Ivy but generally thought of as one of the best public colleges based on departmental rankings.

No. 649033

My 3 month-old kitten definitely has FIP and has remained at 2lbs 3-7oz for an entire month. Theirs no cure for FIP and it's basically a death sentence, and his prednisolone isn't doing much, so we've found an FIP group who use experimental drugs (non-FDA approved) that we're going to give a try because we just desperately want him to make it. I hope it all works out. I've heard some great things about it and all I've ever wanted was for my little boy to have a healthy full life. I'm skeptical but optimistic.

No. 649059

anon I doubt you want to watch it it's a shitty david cage game and I'm only autistic about it because it's basically the first game I played as a kid. and the fact that so many people fail at that certain puzzle part even though it's simple drives me mad. everyone laughs that cage is a meme yet it's still too hard for normies

No. 649061

I hate the hype around Marilyn Monroe, not her, just the hype about her

No. 649062

Sounds like UC Berkeley to me

No. 649071

I love his games! Back when I was a borderline Pewdiepie stan, I used to watch him play Fahrenheit and Beyond Two Souls. In theory, Cage's puzzles don't seem hard but because I don't have a gaming bone in my body, so I'd probably fuck up like your aforementioned streamer lmao.

No. 649084

oh ok, I'm always so hesitant in admitting I have some sentiment for his games and I think they have genuinely good premises because now everyone shits on him and judge his games in such black and white manner. this neckbeard was playing heavy rain and I liked him at first because his opinion was actually nuanced and he appreciated the unreliable narrator twist (which is rare) but then when the fbi agent agent was solving the case he started screaming "I GUESSED THE TWIST! I KNEW ALL ALONG! I'M SO PERCEPTIVE GUYS" and he bragged about it for like 4 minutes instead of focusing on other clues and the fbi agent died because the technology he uses for solving cases fries his brain if you use it for too long kek

No. 649088


The most annoying to me are the fattychans who insist Marilyn was totally a size 39383737 back in the day, as well as all the annoying girls spamming probably fake quotes attributed to her to excuse their insufferable behavior.

No. 649101

Fuck I’m such an idiot. I’ve worked at my own job for a year and I’m not interested in making friends. I’ve been talking with a coworker about this game that I play and he said that he was bored so he wanted to try it out. I was kinda excited so I kept saying “add me!”. Then, he was like “how am I supposed to message you?” So we exchanged discords. But fuck I really didn’t want to make any friends and now every time I login to discord I see his username and I feel a little guilty since I’m probably never going to message him. I should’ve just never told him to add me, and told him to enjoy the game instead. My dumb ass.

No. 649103

I feel kind of bad for my sister because she has two kids that are 2 and 5. At their ages it’s hard to take them to places like restaurants or the grocery store without it being a disaster so she’s always with them at her house. I’m not interested in having kids of my own for plenty of reasons but it sucks seeing her so stressed because of everything going on, and the kids not really understanding. When we were young there was always an aunt, grandparent or neighbor around and it’s nothing like that anymore

No. 649105

Well, she likely would have weighed more if she wasn't bullied into keeping a frame and her producers keeping her hopped up on barbiturates. It's actually pretty tragic.

No. 649114

Who even has accounts where men can contact you easily?

No. 649116

Wokies are too busy on twitter to study

No. 649137

>sperging about Norman Jayden
anon pls you get more autistic with every word

No. 649158

ok but how are they not normies/casuals when simple puzzle are too complicated for them especially at a late point in the game when they had enough time to get used to mechanics and they received some visible clues. if wagecucks give you money for chicken tendies the minimum I expect from you is solving a simple puzzle. also norman is literally /ourguy/, awkward, cringe, autistic, druggie, schizo, an underdog, a gamer, and yet the most endearing to the audience, and then the normie kills him

No. 649161

I get that. I don't blame you for enjoying/having sentimental value tied it. The graphics (even in the older games) are really pretty imo, and the narratives are interesting. After Detroit: Become Human though, I think a lot of people wrote him off for the messages he seems to put in his games. I definitely like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls the most out of the games he's produced. Even if that streamer was able to guess who the kidnapper/killer was ahead of schedule, which I personally don't think is too hard, his braggadocious attitude is what bit him in the ass. Same goes for Telltale games and Until Dawn. The fun part is solving the puzzles, not jumping straight to conclusions. Also, I really like David Cage's games for the shifting narrator/POV element he does.

This is such a weird critique. Are you saying her liking Norman Jayden makes her a normie? I feel like that would only be applicable if you were talking about the Heavy Rain fandom exclusively. It's not like the average person knows who that is. Even people who are familiar with his likeness on the internet don't exactly know the game he's from. Which character would you prefer she liked? Jason?

No. 649165

some fuckhead old man came into my work like two or more months ago, stirred up some shit with me, whatever. happened and it passed. and now im learning he also decided to post on facebook about the experience. what a shitty old fucking cunt. hope he dies soon!!

No. 649181

My 19yo brother called me a terf because I said a trans “woman” will never understand the struggles a woman has to go through. They can be raped, sure, but you’ll never be raped and have to worry about being pregnant bla bla. I’m fucking pissed I’ve separated myself from all of this bs I didn’t even know what terf stood for and prided myself for not being involved in this bs. Now I know I’m a terf and I’m pissed. I hate being labeled.

No. 649189

I lost like 10 lbs in the past month and it’s kinda wild how differently people treat you. My coworkers initiate conversation with me more often, and people genuinely seem nicer.

No. 649190

You can’t even tell 10 pounds on most people, I think you have a confirmation bias going on there

No. 649191

I'm a "TRA," and I agree with you. Many trans women will even admit their experiences will never be exactly like a cis woman's. That's why they have the term transmisogyny to make the distinction. Also, trans women who make it a point to hyperfixate on certain areas or womanhood and base that solely on what it means to be a women are a bummer. I don't want to start an argument, but I definitely don't think what you said outright makes you a TERF.

No. 649192

This. Anon's just in a better mood from the weight loss and people are vibing off that.

No. 649193

Transmisogyny is just homophobia

No. 649196

as someone who gained a ton of belly fat and nothing else 10lbs loss is a bit of difference.

No. 649197

File: 1602116277426.png (415.3 KB, 661x711, noms.png)

Boyfriend let me keep his air fryer at my place. Used it tonight to prep some fried delicata squash pieces. I've been eating guuuud.

No. 649198

"most people" maybe anon isn't one of those people e.g. she's short…tf is this logic

No. 649199

I know everyone on this site is either anachan who thinks anything over 95lb is obese OR fatties who obsess over thin privilege’ and over analyze everything

No. 649202

What's wrong with the logic that anon's being perceived as more friendly because her confidence increased? Unless those people specifically commented on her weight loss, which she didn't say they did, then it's not more logical to assume they're treating her better cause they noticed a difference physically.

No. 649203

you sound like an instagram stan page

No. 649205

Ntayrt but op. You calling me a homophobe bitch. I’m bi, try agin neovag

No. 649207

File: 1602116672608.jpg (Spoiler Image, 237.55 KB, 1242x1242, RSwpqTNdarZoFTGHECt8gyNXgGpSED…)

>You can’t even tell 10 pounds on most people,
Not true. I swear we're always getting swarmed by coping fatties or blatant ana-chans. Both posters are constantly lying.

No. 649208

> Many trans women will even admit their experiences will never be exactly like a cis woman's.

No offense but what planet do you live on? Troons try every single tactic to become "equally disadvantaged" as they can with their new "women" status.

No. 649209

you realize that your logic also relies on an assumption right? you're actually being really negative and putting anon down for being happy with her weight loss.

No. 649210


Nata, but if she had a fitting black pants on the before,I wouldn't be able to tell.

No. 649211

actually i've seen them admit this (out of envy) kek

No. 649212

What the fuck are you talking about your retard? I’m saying that transmisogyny is fake, it’s just people thinking gay stuff is icky but renamed by men who claim ladybrain. It has nothing to do with what you said

This is barely noticeable, maybe someone very close would notice, and you can only tell because she has her pants down in the before

No. 649213

this year is fucked, my only friend is a bpd fag who found another abusive bf so i'm cutting ties there, i lost my job, the art shows i was meant to be in were cancelled and i've had a string of mystery health issues and I'm just so, so fucking exhausted

No. 649215

you seem clinically retarded, sorry.

No. 649216

…because there is no evidence either way?? yet immediately two anons assumed her weight loss couldn't be noticeable. are you dumb?

I fucking think so, they were shitting up the unpopular opinion thread too

No. 649217

>I definitely like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls the most out of the games he's produced
Same, anon. Third place goes for Omikron for how mental it is kek. I really didn't like Detroit, I don't care about beautiful graphics, ships and more "choices" (I don't see value in choices when it comes to "story driven" games but that's another topic). I'm completely not offended by cheap slavery parallels, like some sjws, I'm offended by how patronizing and condescending it was. It's clear they favoured the deviant path more, because the machine path was really undeveloped and boring (so how does my choice "matter" when one path is clearly more interesting and there's more stuff to do in it because authors liked it more?). They couldn't do something edgy with the machine path, like develop a whole story of androids taking over humans and doing edgy stuff with all three characters, because that wouldn't paint androids as victims anymore, and in current cultural narration you basically can't show AI in a negative light. The entire premise of androids becoming human is also meaningless, because it turns out they were meant to rebel all along (deviancy was programmed in them by their creator), so they didn't evolve on their own like humans, it wasn't an independent birth of conscious thought (like in Ghost in the shell, for example). So I can't value them like I value humans. They're just fucking toasters to me kek. Connor is overrated, his character development is imo meaningless for the reasons above, he's pretty boring on his own and only becomes fun when he and Hank bounce off each other, some anons on /v/ were sperging over his autism but he's not truly awkward, he just seems like "uwu I'm so quirky" type of character for normies, with his uwu quirks like licking fingers for data analysis etc. The Alice being an android twist is worse than Shelby twist imo (unreliable narrator works with him because we literally play as him, Alice is a fucking secondary character), Kara sees photos of Alice's model in a catalogue yet magically erases those memories and feeds her food and thinks she's getting cold etc. Like fuuuuuckkk I could go on. It has no soul. I feel like normies cared about this game so much because of beautiful graphics, many ship variations, self inserts and virtue signalling. Heavy Rain was at least way more innovative in 2010 than Detroit was in 2018.

Instagram doesn't care about real gamers my dude.

No. 649219

File: 1602117050215.jpeg (67.51 KB, 616x775, EjGPalGXsAAjDSy.jpeg)

I was about to say this exact thing. That anon's "It's all in your head, no one can tell!" smacks of crabs-in-the-bucket mentality.
People do treat you better when you've lost weight, especially if you were considerably overweight before. I think anyone who's done so can attest to that.
10lbs is a pretty big difference.

No. 649220

Thank you, I was really about to go in but you said it so eloquently.

No. 649221

Anon that replied to you, and she is 110% agreeing with you and not me. You're on the same side haha. She definitely wasn't calling anyone a homophobe. She sees trans women as men so any violence toward them in her eyes would be misdirected homophobia, not transphobia. I respectfully disagree.

We must not follow the same trans women because I have never been in a circle where this is the majority opinion. I see it lot when I lurk in the MtF thread, but outside of that, never. The trans women I follow admit they're largely not going to be seen as women by the people they come across and that they'll be subjected to violence stemming from a different motive compared to cis women. Whether you think that's strictly because of homophobia against who the aggressors perceive to be cis men is you interpretation.

No. 649225

I said that because I am 105 but even when I lost 10lb my mom is the only one who noticed. You anons choosing photos that show very little difference and have different pose and acting like it’s something just confirms that you’re over analyzing

No. 649226

Sorry, 10lbs is really not a big difference to anyone besides yourself. Even if you are a midget, the most that will change is like you'll an inch or so off of your waist. No one will notice that.

No. 649227

samefag but NTAYRT btw

No. 649228

You probably wear baggy clothes, or don't talk to people so much that you'd notice a difference in how they treat you or if they even noticed. It's possible they even thought you were anorexic and just didn't want to pry, so they said/did nothing.
>inb4 you get mad at me for assuming after you assumed another anon's case

No. 649229

Nta but if you can look at that photo of the girls legs and say "it's just poses! it's not that big of a difference!" you're dumb.

No. 649230

Why's anon's assumption more right than mine?
>y-you're just being negative
Not really, I don't think there's any negativity in saying that people are treating her better because she's happier, as opposed to assuming people treat someone shittier because they're fatter.

Sorry but anons are being batshit about weight issues tonight.

The difference here isn't noticeable with clothes on. I'm not lying, I'm just giving you my honest account. I'm positive what me and the other anon said was never intended to be a putdown or an attack. This is going way too far.

No. 649231

>real gamers
>david cage QTE drivel

No. 649234

no one asked you though. just give up before you embarrass yourself more.

No. 649236

This looks shooped, but maybe I'm just dumb.
I can tell the difference between my thighs with 5 lbs of water retention after eating heavy wheat flour foods.

No. 649237

I didn't ask you either, keep your body checks to yourself.

No. 649238

Not even shooped but one picture is taken from further away and one is shot up close at a downwards angle. Maybe the anachan thinks she's pulling the wool over someone's eyes here but it's obvious why the legs look different.

No. 649240

>an anon celebrating her hard work paying off and people even treating her better
>"body check"
Stop this madness.

No. 649241

It wasn't until you wanted to spam your thinspo. Stop.

No. 649242

Same anon. It's not an inch off my waist either, we're talking like 2-3 inches circumference added to each thigh. It comes overnight and takes a few days to fuck off again.

No. 649244

First, the difference between 10lbs in weight loss is unnoticeable and "barely there", but now it's "thinspo"? Pick a narrative.

No. 649245

it was a putdown. stop playing the victim.

real mean girl shit

No. 649246

Being purposefully dense won't save you kek.

No. 649247

No one's dense, you're just delusional. Stop shitting on other people's lives improving, it won't make you feel better about yourself.

No. 649248

10 lbs looks different on different people at different weights on different body types. A 10 lb loss on one person might be extremely noticable and body changing while on another person it may look like they're the same weight.

No. 649249

File: 1602118471715.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.33 KB, 800x450, cover1.jpg)

games from quantic dream are not even in my top 20 anon. I still like three of them though, and by "real gamers" I meant characters like Norman, not people who enjoy cage's productions. Norman is too cringe and not quirky enough for modern instagram stans (I've seen a few of his fans on tumblr and that's it). Luckily his cyber sex scenes from original concept art didn't make it to the final game, because that would make him an incel on top of that

No. 649250

File: 1602118478201.png (855.47 KB, 900x649, download.png)

Why do you guys always turn the vent thread into an argument
some people have a significant difference when they lose ten pounds, some people don't. wanting to be thinner isnt thinspo. we arent posting eugenias here. ladies calm down.

No. 649251

Look anon, if this is the hill you're gonna die on that's fine.
By all means keep believing that 10 pounds is what separates you from people treating you like shit again, if that's so positively inclined for you.

No. 649252

It wasn’t a put down about anon’s weight, it was pointing out that people being nice probably didn’t have to do with it. It’s not even invalidating any work she may have put in to say that it might be confidence. Talk about playing the victim, Christ

No. 649253

File: 1602118571255.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.1 KB, 598x598, WWPE8CW.jpg)

I can agree with this. The method of weight loss matters too.
This is a person who actually gained weight (from 95lbs to 105lbs) from lifting and exercising, and the difference is clear.

>anyone who doesn't agree with my copes must be an ana-chan
Try again.

No. 649255

Hon this shit >>649219 is manipulative thinspo.

No. 649256

>if that's so positively inclined for you.
NTA, but there you go again. Mean girl shit for no reason. Just focus on yourself.

No. 649258

No. 649259

>mean girl shit
Do you know where you are?????????

No. 649260

Being on Lolcow isn't an excuse to be a raging bitch. Milkless and vendetta threads get locked for a reason.

No. 649261

Please stop being so negative.

No. 649262

>implying anon's coworkers didn't compliment her weight loss

No. 649264

whether or not it is (i dont care) idgaf stop infighting

No. 649266

The difference here is pretty much just in tone and her hiking her undies up her ass crack.

No. 649267

Nta but god I wish you guys would stfu sometimes

No. 649271

>anons telling OP people are treating her better because she's probably more happy and confident and less to do about weight

Unhinged psycho shit.

No. 649272

There's so many foreign horror movies over the last year on Netflix, and the shit dubbing has made the French ones unwatchable shit. I could watch it without the dubbing, but I reserve that for Asian horror and anime. I'm lazy.

No. 649275

Jesus Christ, Lord Almighty, why would you guys start all of this over an anon saying she was treated different after weight-loss. Stupid shit.

People of different heights and bodies types/structures will look different at different weights. Relax.

No. 649278

Disagree. I lost about 10lbs when I started a new job and was also super stressed because I was going through a breakup and a bunch of other shit and i didn’t even really notice I lost so much, but a few of my coworkers kept mentioning I looked unhealthily skinny and saying I looked like I lost weight. And I’m not even a midget. I’m like 168cm/5’6”. I think if you’re fat already it probably doesn’t look that different but if you’re already pretty thin it’s going to make a pretty big difference if you go from like skinny fat/normal thin to like clinically underweight, or borderline underweight. My face even looked different (I finally did notice after I kept getting comments on it and really looked at myself in the mirror/weighed myself)

No. 649279

What the fuck saying that ten pounds isn’t noticeable isn’t saying that working to lose ten pounds is easy or a waste of time. You’re looking for shit to be offended about

No. 649280

>It’s not even invalidating any work she may have put in

what was originally said:
>You can’t even tell 10 pounds on most people, I think you have a confirmation bias going on there
>This. Anon's just in a better mood from the weight loss and people are vibing off that.

I'm going to stop replying to dumb and dumber.

I don't know about you but I come here to laugh and be shitty to cows, not random anons.

also the mean girl shit was not in reference to their original posts, but them turning around and claiming b-but it wasn't my intention you guys are the REAL bullies!!

No. 649281

More like
>anon speaks about her experience losing weight and how people treat her
>other anons come out of the woodwork and try to deny her experiences without even knowing her in a condescending tone
>other other anons defend her, say to stop assuming shit and being assholes, post proof that 10lbs does make a difference, mention that weight loss looks different on different people
Like, just throw in the towel. There's no reason to be so salty about someone else's experience. Did quarantine fuck up your eating/gym habits or something? Someone else losing weight is not an attack on you, just chill out.

No. 649282

What you quoted doesn't invalidate anon's weight loss, both just offer an explanation for why anon is being treated different, and it happens to be way more positive than what you guys are postulating.

There is literally no excuse for this emotional meltdown happening itt.

No. 649283


No. 649285

>Someone else losing weight is not an attack on you.

Saying someone is treating you better because you're happier due to weight loss also isn't a fucking attack on you.

No. 649288

File: 1602119783256.jpg (202.39 KB, 1050x549, 05onfire1_xp-facebookJumbo.jpg)

I was gonna come vent about losing weight, how no one else can see the difference or know I am trying my best but I can see it and I already feel better but some anons seem to be going through something

No. 649290

Well one group would support that you feel happier about yourself regardless if it shows, and the other group would say you probably shouldn't feel happy until it's noticeable because people will treat you worse or something.

Either way anon, kudos.

No. 649291

I didn't say it was, but why did you feel the need to outright dismiss what she said, as if you know her better than she knows herself? It's invalidating to claim no one can see and it's "just her attitude uwu", don't even try to deny it. Multiple people have called you out.

No. 649292

I tried changing the subject, anon. Good job on the weight loss.

No. 649297

You're not arguing with one person, stop trying to fight everyone and drop it. It's been explained to you and your tantrum has been pointed out as unnecessary by multiple people now.

No. 649298

Congrats, anon. Fuck everyone's opinion on how "visible" it must be, continue feeling better. I'm sure you look fantastic.

Complete strawman. You wouldn't support anyone. You'd do the same shit you did here and shit all over that anon's progress, because you probably feel like shit about yourself and can't let anyone have anything while you're lacking.

No. 649299

NTA but you've got issues.

No. 649301

>You're not arguing with one person
This is what you're failing to understand. Enough trying to reverse uno with this BS, just let people enjoy their weight loss (or gain) in peace.

No. 649302

File: 1602120307547.gif (2.08 MB, 320x240, giphy (26).gif)

So anyways…

The idea that I will probably not ever feel right about any of the relationships in my life (family or otherwise) haunts me and keeps me awake at night. I have a tight lump in my throat when I imagine these people dying, because if they died today I wouldn't ever forgive myself for how things were when I was younger. Even if I were younger and stupid and a result of emotional abuse and sexual abuse from family… I still wouldn't be able to forgive myself for how I treated these people. I love them a lot but we can never be the same. And I will likely be lonely for the rest of my life because of this.

No. 649303

People like you are so exhausting. You bitch and moan about others being condescending and "mean girl" but don't hold any punches when you want to be that way yourself. No one here cares if you want to believe people will treat you worse over 10 pounds. Are you done yet?

No. 649304

you sound like a resident shitposter ala hamchan or bpd anon.

No. 649305

This is Lolcow. At least I don't try to rain on people's parades when they're actually happy, though.

No. 649306

anyways congrats to these two anons >>649181
>>649189 for their weight loss. I wish you two luck on your journey to be happier and healthier

have you tried reaching out to them, or is the bridge completely burned?

No. 649307

It's definitely someone with a raging personality disorder who's hypersensitive to any perceived criticism.

No. 649309

Give it a rest already, you're all mentally ill.

No. 649311

No. 649313

It's mostly my mother and my little brother. We were always fighting and I always pushed them away.

I try to make up for it by sending them group texts but it's hard. You really can't undo years of fighting and closing people out.

No. 649314

I know this feeling with only a handful of people. The only thing you can really do is try to forget it and move on. Maybe they're hurting too, but there's no way of knowing. I hope you have others in your life to keep you company and to care for in turn, anon.

No. 649322

Don't feel bad that you lashed out while you were being abused/in trauma from abuse, especially not for the people who facilitated what happened to you

No. 649330

Please. Sperging on people losing weight helps no one.

No. 649333

File: 1602121735227.png (227.17 KB, 720x340, download-_1_.png)

holy shit, i just drank some tea and i feel like im going to throw up. im pretty sure the steeper may not have been cleaned well enough, which is odd. I have a shit ton of work to get done and Im screwed. i already had an extension, fuck.

No. 649342

Sperging on people telling you you're happy isn't very healthy either, but I will concede that you are indeed miserable and yes people only value you based on how well you please their eyes. Walk away anew, anon.

No. 649345

linus tech tip's nanny put his cat in the dryer and it died this information is making me so sad im physically in pain thinking about the poor cat it looked just like my cat who went missing in may i want to die i cant watch his videos without thinking about it

No. 649346

Now this is BPD or some other personality disorder in action. Let the thread heal, it's already moved on.

No. 649348

File: 1602122221038.gif (2.61 MB, 319x498, ffs.gif)

No. 649349


No. 649350

Why do you people want to have the last word so bad

No. 649357

File: 1602122594308.jpeg (9.3 KB, 212x238, no.jpeg)

I ordered some spicy soup from some restaurant because I wanted to try something new, but I'm trying it now and it's too fucking spicy.
It's not even tasty or a mild kick at this point. My mouth is just suffering, and now I feel bad for wanting to give up on it because it was expensive. I don't want to waste food, and this has a ton of nice vegetables and my favorite seafood in it, but jesus. I should've just ordered some seafood on its own and called it a day.

No. 649361

If you have lemon or lime, squeeze some of it onto the soup. I know that sounds counter productive but it 100% works.

No. 649365

Not sure what kind of soup it is, but the way to dilute spiciness in soup is to add to it. Dairy, sweetener, acid, starches like potatoes, etc. It's worth a shot so you don't have to waste money or food.

No. 649368

Huh. Can mandarins work?

I have some sweet potatoes, I might add that. Thanks anon!!

No. 649372

Anything with acidity so I think?

No. 649397

Do you live close enough that you can help out, either babysitting so she can go out to a cafe or just with some of the house work with her? Mothers lose their own identity very fast under the weight of everything they need to do, it would be very kind if you could help.

No. 649399

God it took five years but I’m starting to really hate most of you

No. 649405

That's just love pangs. Uwu etc

No. 649406

Ma'am this is a Wendy's.

No. 649407

You're not even going to come to my 6 month anniversary of being on here in December? I thought we had something special, anon.

No. 649413

File: 1602125965081.png (29.7 KB, 600x458, 04c28f29dc655026ced388e90a85c9…)

I think I'll always like LC at least a little bit, though I don't agree with everything I've seen happen here, and I find myself getting looped into retarded arguments way more often than I'd like.

No. 649417

Do you have any jokes that are like, not from stan twitter?

Forgive me anon, reading all that sperging was turning my brain into a slushie

No. 649423

Repost, whoop. I actually like how I'm developing more and more audacity.
Like I'm making this excel document for my boyfriend since he asked me about engagement ring ideas and agreed that a spreadsheet would be helpful. I like that he actually wants me to get a ring that I want. So I've been listing all of my top pricier picks within reason. Back when I was more of a pickme I would have probably cheapened my expectations and made it my problem about what my man could and couldn't afford. I'm glad I heightened my standards and have a better shot at getting what I want. Can't believe I used to believe in bullshit like ~mY mAn cOulDvE pRopOseD wiTH a RinGpOp~ fuck that. Good grief that shit's pathetic.
>can't say it out loud cause weeeeh golddigger!

No. 649425

Swear. My bf is like that it’s ridiculous.

No. 649427

>turning my brain into a slushie
You didn't need our help!

No. 649439

Same, even though I haven't been here for 5 years. I'm cutting down on the time I spend here to eventually break the habit and leave.

No. 649443

If I had admin powers I would've deleted the whole site last year tbh. Or at least months ago.

No. 649447

i wanted to make a thread one time predicting when and how lolcow would eventually meet its demise. this reminded me of it for some reason. i wonder if we'll pull a PULL at one point and suddenly admin pulls the plug

No. 649448

im so nervous i have to submit an assignment late. it's not hard but i have such a bad feeling in my gut thinking about it.

No. 649453

File: 1602129164185.jpeg (25.82 KB, 689x353, EB3763F8-8B76-4FBE-BC34-888285…)

I never feel conscious and it’s scaring me

No. 649460

File: 1602130493467.jpeg (39.14 KB, 417x382, 614B205C-B939-41C9-B350-FBDCEC…)

No. 649504

As long as you're aware of it, you're more conscious than 99.9999% of people.

No. 649518

I'm glad you're in a more confident place anon but since it's the vent thread it kind of bothers me how common this idea is that how much was spent on the engagement ring is a really big deal and proves something. I don't think it's golddigging to have standards about this kind of thing but I just don't care about useless expensive shit and I never will and it's annoying that apparently I'm supposed to care or I'm a pathetic pickme.

No. 649519

Holy shit. The same happens to me. I feel really embarrassed and guilty. I'm also incapable of ever asking for help or extensions if they didn't explicitly say it was okay to, because I've been burned too many times by teachers that will treat you like you're annoying and pathetic for daring to ask.

No. 649525

You don't have to care about 'useless expensive shit' to realize that a guy actively cheaping out on a ring (relative to his means ofc) probably doesn't care much about you. It's about the gesture, not the ring itself. Though if you're gonna wear something every day for the rest of your life surely you'd want it to be good quality and to your taste regardless…

No. 649535

tbh I don't even want to have a wedding if get married lol if that says anything. I know quality is important but surely there are ones under 1000 dollars that will hold up fine right? I don't really know anything about jewelry though so I might just be dumb. I have rings that I've worn every day for years just because I like them and they're both still holding up. idk beyond a certain point it just seems like a scam to me? Like there's no way rings can't be nice and pretty and not fall apart without costing like near ten thousand dollars. I'm probably just cheap though. I might be making myself look stupid and I agree it obviously looks bad if someone cheaps out within their means, but if a guy is spending an inordinate amount of money on me I'd rather get something I actually want and not an overpriced ring. It'd be different if he was rich but even then inordinate wastes of money make me want to vomit a bit, probably just poorfag trauma.

No. 649602

I just disassociated really badly and was so fucked up I took an xacto knife to my face and started cutting slightly and then ended up shaving my eyebrows why do I have so much energy for stupid garbage but not for anything actually important fuck

No. 649609

lmao this is a retarded comparison. the first photo looks like the person is not in the center of the camera lens, where things start warping inward towards the center, hence she looks wide and curved up/left.
this photo looks sus, her bellybutton on the right is lower than on the left so most are comparing actually side by side above the before and after bar, her hips vs her waist. optical illusion, and the fact she's wearing dark colored pants correctly, not below the hips and sagging at the ankles. the light will hit it differently and give an illusion.

No. 649610

We moved on from this autism don't start again

No. 649618

Mental illness.

No. 649625

Of course he's into somebody else. He's hot, funny and interesting. No one with more than 2 braincells will ever enjoy having me around. I'm objectively inferior to any other human being, especially other women. Ugly, boring, unlovable. I reduce the worth of mankind by existing. The reasons to not kill myself are running out. If I had a gun I'd do it right now.

No. 649637

My doctor told me in January when I got a blood test to use butter to cook instead of olive oil so I've been using butter more as instructed. I think she said it because olive oil smokes when it gets too hot and is toxic. Last week I got blood work done and my cholesterol levels went from normal to high. I got a lecture about my eating habits. I've never had high cholesterol in my life and I never used to use butter. All I can think is that this doctor is literally the worst because that was terrible fucking advice even if it tasted great. I thought it was weird when she said it I was like wow, butter, really? Yeah I'm pissed off. Like really really pissed off I take my health seriously and now I have to bust my ass to get my levels back down to normal. I live in the Deep South by the way, no wonder people here are fat and unhealthy if this is the "medical" advice they are receiving.

No. 649640

What the fuck this can't be real, the absolute state of the South lmao

No. 649644

I wish you’d shut up for once

No. 649646

Check out "the encyclopedia of foods: a guide to healthy nutrition" and stop listening to those yeehaw morons

No. 649661

Why does my mom love pointing out something wrong with me everytime she talks to me? I was telling her about some exams and she pointed out my dark circles are looking really bad lately. Before she pointed out my hair were looking awful. My one eye is smaller than the other. I have yellow teeth. I have bad posture. I have a lisp. Like, I know mama, I spend all my time with myself, you aren't helping my self-esteem here, which is already non-existant. And then she talks about how unconfident I am. Wow.

No. 649665

God it’s getting harder to get through each day. I can’t seem to hold on to any happiness in my life.

No. 649666

She's an insecure bitch

No. 649669

I am disgusted at how men are defending ryan and adam from rooster teeth actions, saying they hope these guys "get the help they need" and "focus on their mental health", some speculating that they have sex addictions or that ryans wife doesn't like sex so he was justified. Bad mental health doesn't make you go after underage fans or make and spread porn of your wife without her knowing wtf if it was a woman cheating they would be calling for her head.
This is why i don't believe the "good men will call out rapists and cheaters!" bullshit. Ime they aways protect each other like this.

No. 649671

i'm sorry, anon :/ i had a cat a few years ago that contracted wet FIP. he was only a year old, and i tried everything to help him. i was working for a humane society at the time and they tried everything they could to help.. but he wouldn't eat and i ended up having to put him down 5 weeks after the initial diagnosis. just from personal experience, when it comes to letting them go (especially wet FIP), imo the sooner the better… i feel like i selfishly held onto hope that he would get better, all the time he was just wasting away. it was so hard because he would still want my attention/love, and would cuddle with me at night.. i just cried and held him every night. i 100% knew it was time to let go when he was having some trouble walking because he was so weak.
anyway, best of luck anon. i'm so sorry this is happening to you. it's so painful to watch such a young kitten pass away from something that is incurable. just give them all the love you can in the meantime.

No. 649676

I feel you so much anon.

No. 649685

Ahhh my plaque psoriasis is flaring up. It's so gross and I'm so itchy, how and why did I even develop this!?

No. 649686

Are you fat?

No. 649687

I'm ten pounds overweight

No. 649688

I'm pretty into 1920s Berlin and seeing how much culture Nazis ruined makes me so mad every time I read about it.

No. 649689

im sorry anon. losing a cat can be difficult, even if youve prepared yourself for it. i like to think deep down that cats understand life better than we do, which is why they remain so connected to us even during death. i hope everything works out as best as it can.

No. 649691

hes not as hot funny or interesting as you think. men are scum and you're better than them.

onto my vent
i accidentally age regressed after smoking some weed and it was nice and now i cant stop thinking about wanting to be a goddamn 5 year old forever which makes me feel sick because of kink shit that i wont touch with a ten foot pole
just want a caregiver and some juice tbh

No. 649692

I'm so scared of making phone calls. I've been trying to make an appointment with the doctor since 3 months but I can't force myself to make this phone call. And now there's probably no avaliable appointments left for this year. I think about it every day and I can't do it

No. 649707

File: 1602162766747.jpg (69.13 KB, 999x743, 464ac318-171a-435c-8eae-ced1bb…)

> been trying to find a job since summer because COVID situation calmed down
> now my country is facing its worst coronavirus state because people stopped giving a fuck and schools are open
> never had this many cases a day during first wave, but government dgaf
> i am at risk because my health has always been shit, so instead I have to sit at home locked and forget about getting a job this year
> uncontrollably crying because I need to earn money

I wish I had normal health and an actual immune system. I spent half of my childhood at hospitals or visiting doctors.

I could have actually earned money from commissions, yet I let anxiety take care of me so I only ask my friends if they need some art or emotes. I only earned 70$ through all summer because of that.

No. 649708

Knowledge is finding out that it's bullshit.
Wisdom is realizing that the doctor told you that shit on purpose to keep you coming back. This is what happens when you make people being diseased an entire business.

No. 649710

Want me to do it for you Anon?

No. 649712

Use peanut oil instead

No. 649720

I will also do this for you in exchange for some sort of snack or something.

No. 649723

Are you always the same person or are so many mothers fucking insane?

No. 649726

Holy shit sis, how are you surviving with 70 dollars in 4 months?

No. 649728

Kek, it's tragic anon but doctors are known for slick bullshit like this.
One time I scheduled an appointment at a new facility to see if I could get back on an anxiety medication.
Not only did the pompous bitch tablet doc not give me the medication I was on before, as she felt it necessary to send me on a rigmarole of different meds that I've tried before. She snipped she wasn't "just gonna give me what I wanted just like that." She ordered blood work for me for unspecified reasons. After the phlebotomist botched my arm, my results declared me a "prediabetic" because I had eaten a burger, fries, and soda 30 minutes prior to the appointment which spiked my blood sugar. Silly me for thinking it was just gonna be a consultation for anxiety medication that I never needed labs for prior. Bitch tried to put me on meds for that though, no trouble there!
They're fucking liars sometimes.

No. 649730

It’s okay, anon, you would be at risk even if you had a strong inmune system. There’s at least 2 young athletes, the people that tends to have the most decent bodies, that died of coronavirus.
So it’s okay to be careful, no one wants to die soon of an illness like that.
I hope you get to gain some will to at least do something at home, like baking or doing commissions.

No. 649742

I fucking hate my dad because he didn't bother to raise me once I stopped being a cute kid. When I got fat (from their improper feeding & exercise habits)and my receded jaw got prominent, all affection and parenting stopped. I was supposed to be quiet and do my homework, any attempt at humor or affection was met with punishment or ignoring me. I pray one Day he has a fall after my mon dies, calls me over, and I just stand over him while he crawls on the floor in pain. Fucking bastard.

No. 649762

This happened a month ago but I just notice that Man Repeller changed their name to Repeller because the old name was 'too heteronamative' lmao byeeee. Fuckin libfems

No. 649768

Feeling so fucking low. I'm preparing to move but I'd very much rather get high on Xanax. I guess it's time to admit that I am a junkie. It's so fucking hard to function without it, the comfort of not being able to think so much and not remembering half the time I take the pills makes life so much easier. I know I'm hooked and just went through a bad bout of withdrawals (had a low grade fever and absolutely no sleep for an entire week, it made me absolutely insane) but it's just so difficult to stop, especially now that I'm not even sure that I want this sober shit life filled with insomnia, crying and depression all around.
I'm not suicidal but if I could have an easy and peaceful out, I know I'd take it.

No. 649772

Doctors really can do whatever they want huh, imagine how fast out of a job a chef refusing to cook what you ordered or an IT person who knew what you needed but fucked up your pc because they were too arrogant would be

No. 649808

It's like telling a chef certain foods you've tried before don't agree with you and will make you sick. Yet because the chef has motivation to hoard those ingredients while serving you others, he declares "No ma'am, you must eat what I have served because I went to culinary school and so I know you better than you know yourself!"
You can agree to eat the food that you know either won't do shit or make you sick. You agree to pay for the ingredients you didn't want at an inflated price, and in addition you also pay for the chef's time for him to have shamed you about consuming his food. The chef insists you must come back to their restaurant so he can periodically lecture you again about the food to see if it's actually doing the trick. Then maybe eventually he might believe you after he's decided you've spent enough time and money on the wrong stuff he provided, after he's thoroughly benefited.
Alternatively, you can reject accepting the food. However you may be accused of "chef shopping" with the competition when you go to a different restaurant for a different experience. However because all chef's ultimately run on money and need to earn a lot to pay back their culinary school loans and living beyond their means, it's very likely you will encounter the same arrogance again to repeat ad nauseum.

No. 649837

So I got a holiday job until the end of the month I started last month. I'm going to finish till the end but…
This place is a joke! No schedule, owner thinks breaks are for lazy people, she walks around in a constant panic over nothing (She once yelled at us for someone smoking in the parking lot. No I don't work at a gas station). I come in on days off but hey I could use the money. But this lady makes me work 10 hours with one unpaid half hour lunch and will mock her staff all day instead of actually helping.
Just last night as I was going to bed she texted me at 9:30pm wanting me to work today at 6 am.
I don't want to snap and talk back because it's only a temp job. But she sure is pushing it

No. 649842

EXACTLY i feel frustrated just reading this even in analogy form! but even in a country with free college they are still every bit as arrogant and money hungry. The prestige, power, scarcity and huge wages of the profession attracts the worst kind of people everywhere.

No. 649851

I've usually had nice doctors and it makes me paranoid that they are full of shit and just better at manipulation

No. 649871

Lmao. Whats the game?

No. 649873

I never post on here but this is really bothering me. I have a bf of 7 years who I've lived with for 2. I've always had generic depression and anxiety, and he does his best to help me with it, even though he's never experienced it. I appreciate his efforts, but I never feel like he understands what I'm saying or can relate to me. It's been really bad lately, I've been isolating myself from him and my friends, and instead I've been going on omegle as a sort of pseudo-therapy and making these connections with strangers. Not like sexual or flirty stuff, just having deep conversations with other people. I added one guy on discord and we've been having these huge mental health vent sessions every night, alongside just chatting and stuff. I decided not to show my name or face but he's completely fine with it and idk. I know it's just because I'm fucked up lately but I feel kind of obsessed with him. Like some kind of ridiculous crush. I know I should just delete him and stop doing this, seek some actual help. But I don't want to. We don't say anything romantic or whatever but its starting to feel like emotional cheating. I don't know. I think I'm just crazy. I'll probably get over it soon.

No. 649880

If it feels like cheating it is, generally. Talk to your boyfriend. If you can't feel truly supported by him break up. You don't owe it to someone to be with them if it's not giving you what you need. Otherwise just try to work it out with him and stop using randos on discord for therapy and maybe get some actual therapy.

No. 649884

This is emotional cheating. see an actual therapist and stop chatting with coomers on omegle. You know why they're there.

No. 649895

Has he ever tried to make the chats sexual?

No. 649910


Literally never. He briefly talked about not being interested in sex enough to do anything about it, and never initiating it in previous relationships. This was only after I asked him if he's asexual. I know that's not why we're talking. I think he's also using me as an emotional support. This probably just sounds naive but… Yeah.

No. 649911

Fucking Omegle of all places?
Sorry anon but men on Omegle aren't motivated to be your friendzoned therapist. You're telling a strange man intimate vulnerabilities and details about your life. Women in relationships do not seek this, men know this too.

This is junk food for your soul. Get actual help and maybe reevaluate your relationship because you sound unfulfilled and are only prolonging the inevitable breakup over your mental health.

No. 649931

Imo making the chats sexual or not is besides the point. Men still get off on the ego boost of a woman confessing her deep feelings and secrets to him instead of the man she's in a relationship with. Dudes just like feeling that they're desired and wanted, and anon is completely feeding into that even if he's not being a blatant pig.
And it's working. Anon now has a crush on this complete stranger just because she feels it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to listen and be responsive to her problems. That's just heartbreaking.

No. 649959

To be fair, I met my husband on a /soc/ /r9k/ friend thread years ago, so stranger things have happened

No. 649964

lmao that is seriously adorable. i love hearing stories like this, anon.

No. 649965

you sound bored and kinda slutty, your bf deserves better

No. 649967

Jesus either you're a scrote or the most annoying board troll of all time. You're very obvious.

No. 649984

nah but if thats you, just break up, you cant work thru your emotional problems so you develop superficial crushes over the internet and hold them to you like itll save you from your crushing depression. you dont need to be a man to see youre a giant asshole

No. 649997

I fucking hate my boyfriends cat.

There,I said it.

We just moved in to live together and the cat is old - its a rental apartament with alot of nice stuff. Dont get me wrong, I have owned many cats all my life and I have loved them all and they were well behaved - I have never had a cat scratch shit that they were not supposed to. This fucking bitch scratches everything, hisses at me and him for no fucking reason at all, claws my feet because she hates feet, meows constantly and is very destructive. I tried to talk to my boyfriend about how much this stresses me out - we pay for the apartament together and we have to have every little bit covered because the cat just attempts to scratch it. When i try to spray the covers with things so the cat does not scratch them, my boyfriend fucking bitches and moans about '' ooo my poor cat cant even scratch'' fuck you, i dont care, this is making me so angry im fuming.

I have never hated a cat ever in my life and I love pets in general. This one just makes me fume. Am I bad person?

No. 650000

Man hate thread locked again? Well, that was fast lol. Guess someone’s feelings were hurt.

No. 650002

dont be a dumb faggot of course its locked its bait. you retards cant help yourself

No. 650004

I'm not the anon, dumbass.

No. 650007

I will never understand it, tbh. Proves that this board is run by scrotes. At least 4chan has freedom of speech, what the fuck do we have

No. 650008

She did say 'IF that's you' handicap.

No. 650009

You're obviously not a bad person, it's a shitty/undisciplined and probably bored cat. Does it have scratching posts and/or a cat tree or two? Do you guys play with it? How much floor/climbing space does it have? Cats get bored and will act out even if it's old, it still needs interaction and to get its energy out.

No. 650012

File: 1602176139860.jpg (334.58 KB, 1500x1500, 81Q079N9E4L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

NTA but you're being a bit harsh. I doubt anon is being an asshole on purpose, the reality is that depression clouds logic and causes people to seek impulsive yet temporary gratification. It's enough to highlight that what she's doing is a problem and should seek help, it's another thing to paint her as calculating.

No, you pay your half to live there and it's fair to you for your boyfriend to reach a compromise about the destructive cat.
Claw caps. They don't hurt the cat. They're glue-ons so it dulls the scratching. If he refuses then he's just being a selfish autist.
As for the cat hissing, unfortunately that's just a side effect of the cat being older and more grouchy. The best thing you can do is positive reinforcement of your presence with treats. Don't reward when the cat hisses.

No. 650014

Old cats can be annoying like that, I've never had any cats act like that though. Was the cat always like that? Sometimes for example when a cat has a UTI it can have behavior issues.

No. 650019

Nothing about my reply remotely indicated that I'm that anon, and she types like she has an IQ of 55 tops, wormbrain.

No. 650020

You don't hate your boyfriend's cat, you hate how your boyfriend's behaviour has shaped the cat's behaviour. A cat doesn't behave this way if it was taught/trained well and kept entertained.

What I don't understand is why there's not just a containment thread for it, everybody's happy that way.

No. 650022

I'm tired guys. In the past couple weeks I've come across so many different things related to cheating or men being otherwise awful. First it was the Chris Watts/Shannan Watts documentary. Then the Roosterteeth stuff. Today I read a random Reddit post about a woman who hit menopause and now her husband's friends are encouraging him to cheat - obviously most of the comments were supportive, but of course a couple incels chime in about how she deserves it and they hope the husband has fun banging "hot college sluts." And Shannan Watts, I see people talk about how she was an annoying bitch who emasculated her husband. And it's just…I'm tired. I'm tired of the pressure to be sexy and submissive and small and feminine, for your whole entire life, or else you're at risk of getting cheated on or outright murdered. And then it makes me think about how men abuse us and manipulate us from girlhood, how men leave their wives with cancer at such a high rate, everything…and it just spirals into these awful thoughts. I feel like existing as an object is the only thing I can do as a woman. I know it's not true, but if so many men believe that, well what does it matter if I think I can be more? It's a performance, a lifelong performance, and if I'm not fuckable every second of every day then what is my worth? I nanny a little girl and I know right now she moves through the world uninhibited. She is loud, and goofy, and an avid reader. She exists believing she will have worth for her creativity, or love of animals, or empathy. But she is a girl. And one day she's going to learn that there are so many people that don't give a shit about any of that. Even now, at 7 years old, there are men that would exploit her and traumatize her. It just makes me feel awful.

I don't know. I'm sorry this is all over the place, hopefully you guys get what I'm saying…

No. 650027

We do have scratching posts, we do try to make her active and intrested by playing with her, but shes not intrested in anything. My boyfriend just left to meet a friend and she hissed at me and scared me when I tried to give her a treat. I just want to cry.


I thought about that, but we live in a very small country where you cannot find shit like cat nail claws. God knows how we would even put them on, I think I will try to cover them. I try to give her treats when she behaves okay, I have read everything I could about making her more calm, but she just keeps being a bitch.Im just very frustrated.

Yeah. She was. My mistake for agreeing on moving in with her in the first place, I had a gut feeling this would happen. I was against it, because I knew she was a hard to train cat, especially that its old. But my boyfriend is overprotective over it and i wanted to get out of the dormitory as fast as possible, I think I fucked up myself. Gulp. Shes healthy btw, took her to the vet a few days ago.

No. 650029

Because some of the mods are easily triggered, it seems. There’s literally no other possible reason for it.

No. 650033

Take her to the vet and thoughout check her, meowing, restlessness and aggressive behaviour can also be a sign of health problems. Then get her a nice scratching post and boxes/cartons she can scratch on, maybe spray them with some catnip so she gets it. Whenever she tries to scratch somewhere else, immideately pick her up and sit her in front of the scratching post/box and stay consistant with that, maybe even give her treats and praise her if she actually starts scratching on the post/box then. Buy cat repellent spray or any other strong fragrant your cat doesn't like (toothpaste, eucalyptus, peppermint, perfume etc), put it on cotton balls,tealight candle tables or small bowls and put them in front of the places you don't want her to scratch. Whenever she tries or nears those places firmly and suddenly say "No!","Stop it!" or other you-shouldn't-do-that phrases your bf used in the past (abd then pick her up etc). It may take a year but it works. The biggest problem is your bf.

No. 650034

I feel you so much anon, especially since I've watched Watts familicide documentary just before reading about Roosterteeth situation and it all makes things feel so hopeless. I've seen plenty of comments praising The American Murder for "showing that Shannan was not without fault" as if that in any way excuses the fact her husband cheated and murdered her and the kids just because he wanted a new life with his mistress. Why people are like this. It makes life feel so bleak.

No. 650036


Yeah, she was at the Vet. She just has behaviour problems, completetly healthy. I am just at this point scared of her, and my boyfriend not being supportive of me trying to better her behaviour is tiring. Shes not sensitive to catnip, btw.

No. 650037

>but she just keeps being a bitch
KEK I'm so sorry not to belittle your frustrations, but the phrasing is so funny because I understand.

My ex's cat was like that when we first moved in together. She only liked him and hissed/clawed/growled at me, but she was unfixed, and I assume that's not the issue. It's good you have scratching posts. Maybe getting another/a few more in places where she likes to scratch the most and redirecting her when she tries to scratch? They also have couch and wall corner protectors if you'd be able to find those instead of the kitty caps. That's so frustrating, I'm sorry. Hopefully, being around her more will help her come around. Honestly…ignoring her might help. Just do your thing, and if she's in the way of somewhere you need to be, walk around her, if she comes up to you or is near, just don't look or talk to her. Cats are weird like that.

No. 650041

>even cats can be pickmes

No. 650043

Samefag but your bf or you should also play more with her and/or get her company. Most of the time the root problem is excessive energy and boredom.

No. 650044

Lmao thank you, its funny to me too, I chuckled writing that.

Yeah, shes fixed, been for a long time. I got her 4 different scratching posts (ordered some from overseas so they are more like fabric because shes not interested in the generic ones).

I am literally terrified of her because im jumpy, and when I try to redirect her she does not care but hisses and tries to claw my eyes out. A true demon. She sometimes plays but her its very rare since shes old. Goddamit. Im in a really weird situation

No. 650046

Yeah I can understand that, that sounds frustrating as hell. Diesn't your bf mind it too? And does the caf have a cuddly/more timid side or is she just 24/7 bitchyness and hissing?

No. 650047

Try CBD oil (but read up on it beforehand for Christ’s sake). My bf’s dad’s aggressive cat became much more well-adjusted after putting her on a regular dose (don’t know how high) of CBD. It’s also important to play with her and not to approach her too quickly or be harsh with her because that will only make it worse.

No. 650050

My BF is delusional and is used to her being a bitch - does not care about her scratching every fucking thing and him either. I do, I am not used to it and I do not want to tolerate such behaviour.

I dont even know when she is timid - when I am at home (I work at daytime) at night she gets crazy and pissy. Maybe we should consider taking her to a better vet, but im tired of spending money on a cat that is not even mine, even if it sounds harsh.

No. 650056

File: 1602178049445.jpg (50.27 KB, 241x241, the cat daddy.jpg)

Geez, I don't know then. You gotta call this guy, anon.

No. 650058

Yeah, hopeless is a good way to describe it. I'm sorry you can relate anon.

No. 650063

>Shes not sensitive to catnip, btw.
H-how? Which ones did you use? I once used the cheap option from a convenience store and my cats barely reacted but then bought the more expensive ones from the zoo shop and they went insane.

No. 650067

Actually, its kinda genetic.

Some cats are sensitive to catnip others - to valerian root or actinidia.

I know shes sensitive to actinidia (silver vine), but we destroyed our actinidia plant outside at my parents place because it was getting everywhere where it was not supposed to and now I do not know where to obtain it :(

No. 650069

Valerian root is real? I thought that was something that only existed in the sims. Huh.

No. 650070

Haha yeah it is, its pretty great actually. Has many calming effects on humans,too.

No. 650072

God anon I'm so sorry. You shouldn't be the one to pay for it either. It sounds like you have to take that frustration and use it to initiate some dead serious talks with your bf that rule out the possibility of it just going on like that because he seems very comfortable with that(not you breaking up with him but signalising him that you really mean it when you say you're unhappy about it). If he still doesn't give a fuck then I'm sorry anon but then your bf a shit. He should at least try to do something or try to reach some compromise.

No. 650075

Thanks for all the suggestions though. Talking to you guys really made me feel better and not so alone in my cat frustrations.

No. 650082

Helps you sleep bro.

No. 650085

>tries to claw my eyes out.
I know it's scary, but if it makes you feel better, once you pull through that without hesitating and show that the perfomative actions like hissing and scratching don't work and you aren't trying to hurt her, a lot of cats back off over the time. Mine used to be like that whenever I tried to trim her nails, clean her ears, needed to give her medicine or got her to the vet until I started putting on baking gloves and wraped clothing around my arms and then just went ahead. I always rewarded her afterwards and over the time she stopped with the hissing, scratching and biting and just complained whenever it was time for each procedure.

No. 650109

>incel-hate thread got deleted, man-hate thread got locked
I know mods are a bunch of hetties but come on.

No. 650127

The man mod/transformer mod proof just keeps getting longer…

No. 650133

…what do you honestly expect? It hasn't worked for the past year, admin & co made it clear that they don't want those topics here no matter what loopholes around the rules you've think you've found. Yeah it sucks, but it's not gonna change until moderation changes.


Also is this going to be a word now? Seen it crop up here within the past couple weeks. New word for the zoomer lexicon? Sounds like something snowflakes would say.

No. 650147

Nobody wants to read a bunch of fat, sour cunts crying sexism when men won't look at them. Literally no one cares except you insufferable twitterfags. People wouldn't be divided by shit like this if you petty retards would just put on your big girl panties and look past shit that doesn't fucking matter.
Sage bc a mod is definitely gonna ban me for this but idc(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 650153

>It hasn't worked for the past year
I'm a newfag so I didn't know about that. I thought there would be some freedom of speech (in the context of moids) on a female only board but I guess I was naive

No. 650154

Goddamn are you an actual scrote or just a pickme? Just show yourself out and save the mods the trouble

No. 650160

i don’t think anyone in those threads was crying about men not wanting to fuck them but whatever helps you sleep at night lol

No. 650164

If it walks like a scrote and talks like a scrote…

No. 650168

> crying sexism when men won't look at them
> twitterfag
did you just come back from a time machine anon? seems like you teleported back here from anti-sjw cringe compilations.
also women in those threads literally complain about men looking at them kek. i have no idea where this shit came from. dilate more

No. 650169

Men can write the most v i l e shit about women on their boards and no one will delete their threads and posts, but women can't do the same thing on female only boards (I mean, it wouldn't even be the same thing because women are not as cruel). If only men cared about women as much as women care about men lmao

No. 650171

Historically, most of the MH threads are about male violence and rape. Then a bit about pornsickness, of which the main issue is, again, the violence (not ~jealousy~).

Not saying I hate men but it really was never women complaining about men finding them ugly. Go to cc if you want to yell at femcels.

No. 650176

>women are not as cruel
I mean I agree but there was that "have you ever made a man commit suicide" poster

No. 650183

File: 1602182249102.gif (1.2 MB, 340x204, 1531898452425.gif)

>implying men wouldn't fuck a moist chicken sandwich
It's too late for men to pretend they have standards, we've all seen who they simp for now!
Women get to take their money and talk shit all while looking like dogshit themselves. It's glorious, I hope you die forever mad about it.

No. 650193

File: 1602182486234.gif (859.49 KB, 336x252, 43276587698544.gif)

I know this is the vent thread and you're not looking for advice, but if you'll excuse me I want to give you a verbal shake on the shoulders.

>I feel like existing as an object is the only thing I can do as a woman. I know it's not true, but if so many men believe that, well what does it matter if I think I can be more?

Because we are 50-fucking-percent of the population, and as much as men generally suck, there is also a percentage of men who are genuinely good humans who would never dream of abusing a girl or woman, and do in fact want to support us in a non-"maybe she'll reward me with sex" way. Stop fucking consuming toxic media and comment sections. I'm not asking you to close your eyes to women's struggles, but you clearly already know about this shit. Don't continue engaging and wasting your precious time on it, it's only causing you to brood and feel miserable. You can see that, right? Redirect your mind to the ways you can build women up against all this trash rather than submitting to it.

How about you listen to that 7-year-old girl who has something to teach you in the same way you have something to teach her? Yes, not everyone is going to value her for her best qualities. There are people out there who will try to reduce her worth. But don't you think you should be one of the forces for good that tells her she should tell those people to fuck off (maybe in more 7-yo friendly terms) instead of one of the people believing she should just give up and accept that she'll never be more than an object? Goddamn woman. Engage with healthy shit. Donate to a women's charity, read about women in 3rd world countries who have started from nothing and built their own businesses and are now able to provide for their entire families and villages, read about an actual child that suffered from female genital mutilation but has started a nonprofit to help prevent FGM and child marriage (Kakenya's Dream, btw), read about cool women throughout history who have overcome overwhelming odds. If all of these women were able to go through these things and still find real, actual happiness afterwards—what the fuck is stopping you? A documentary and some incels on Reddit? Lmao. Wake up sister.

No. 650194

I saw that and just didn't take it seriously, nor the retard girl sperging about how men not forming gangs to murder rapists/pedophiles means they're not decent men kek.

No. 650198

No. 650202

I find it bothersome that on a female-only board, we can't voice our opinions on a subject that's directly tied to our identity as women without repercussions. Female voices, as always, are being surpressed again. Coming from someone who's never participated in any man-hating threads or discussions.

I suspect there's a man or a trannie on the staff.

No. 650208


There’s a male lurking somewhere for sure.

No. 650210

There is no "hope", anon. Sexism is biological. The sooner you accept it the better.

Here's the redpill: https://and-then-there-were-n0ne.tumblr.com/post/629791113941860352/

No. 650215

Weren't hunter gatherers supposed to be egalitarian-ish though

No. 650236

File: 1602183571161.jpeg (481.17 KB, 1024x704, 6B7DF32E-6ACA-4C2A-A3D0-471D5B…)

Well it’s already been confirmed.

No. 650243

File: 1602183851900.jpg (218.98 KB, 1280x737, 01-15-27-tumblr_ouco7cODXJ1uir…)

There's no solid proof for this theory. Also this post is about the nature of sexual exploitation, and how society was built around it. Even male geneticists like Bryan Sykes and Steve Jones say males are basically parasites. Male parasitism is not entirely a feminist theory.

Btw when women work more than men to provide like 80% of food for the tribe and then they're also expected to give birth and nurse the children, this doesn't look very egalitarian to me. Idk dude

No. 650245

>then they're also expected to give birth and nurse the children
I mean how are the men supposed to do that lol. Gathering berries sounds pretty chill, sounds kinda fun way to pass the time. Hunter Gatherers didn't do real work beyond surviving tbh

No. 650250

Yeah anon, I love to work my ass off when men do nothing most of the time.

No. 650257

Socialization is such a meme. Nurture plays some role but genes are responsible for more than a half of our behavior. Men are like this by nature and at this point I can't take seriously any woman who wants to waste her life on trying to "change" and "educate" men. She will fail like every woman before her.

No. 650260

The call was coming from inside the house

No. 650262

What book is that, anon?

No. 650269

Who cooked the last supper

It's worth to mention that this was not written by a radfem. Radfems are still bluepilled because they blame everything on socialization. Socialization doesn't create male violence. Socialization only helps to organize male violence (which is innate)

"That’s why when I say socialisation plays a role, I don’t mean it’s part of the problem and men’s innate tendencies are another part — men’s innate tendencies are the entire problem, and male socialisation is their result, not their cause. When radfems talk about socialisation you get the feeling that a bunch of evil men invented it centuries or millennia ago and then these evil men mysteriously died out and today’s men are born good and innocent and are merely the victims of this unstoppable vicious circle of socialisation. But if it conflicted so much with their good and pure nature, they would do something about it. If men hated male socialisation, they would change it or end it. They never cared to and they still don’t. Please draw conclusions".

No. 650274

people who think that men act certain ways innately have brain damage.

No. 650281

I think they go too far with it but if you think humans don't have biological innate behaviors, and that there is zero difference between the sexes, you're not seeing reality

No. 650298

Yeah, it's purely coincidental they've been acting like this cross culturally and for 10 thousands of years. There was the firs male supremacist and rapist somewhere in history and he created the evil socialization™ which spreaded on all continents

Here's a link to an article, and oops, it looks like gang rapes and female oppression also exist in hunter-gatherer societies, contrary to popular belief about their "egalitarianism". If you don't want to read additional quotes about male dominance characterizing the majority of several hundred species of primates, you can just read the article alone

No. 650307

Nta. Are you seriously linking a tumbrl post to prove your point?

No. 650314

Extreme radfems have brain damage too I guess kek

No. 650322

Here's link to the article alone then. Just because someone posted it on tumblr doesn't mean it doesn't have a scientific value. Stay in denial.


No. 650328

Thank you anon. I appreciate the tough love. I do know that it's not all men, I have some very wonderful men in my life and sometimes reading and seeing the things I do causes me to forget that. I have mental health issues and am very prone to these sorts of negative thought loops. Despite how hopeless it can feel I know it's partially on me to take responsibility for my paradigms and to what extent I can focus on the good and the things I can control

No. 650333

Stay braindead.

No. 650339

Ah the smell of blackpill in the morning. Anons please I might actually kill myself if I let myself believe that men are born defective and irrehabitable. Fuck!

No. 650341

No arguments, just insults. Yep, looks like a woman in denial (if you're even a woman). Believing hunter-gatherer societies are egalitarian and male tendencies to dominate women aren't innate won't change reality.

No. 650343

Males are naturally domineering but society made it worse

No. 650344

I don't know if my family's level of dysfunction is normal or if it's weird.

No. 650345

My dumbass parents just put up a Trump 2020 sign in our front yard and I’m so fucking embarrassed. They are both well aware I can’t stand him but they don’t give a shit. Like I live here too you inconsiderate fucks

No. 650351

I don't even disagree with you about men being innately more domineering and violent than women, that's obvious. It's just not that alone, which is what it seems like you're arguing. If I'm interpreting that wrong, my bad.

Also I'm not the anon that thinks HG societies were egalitarian kek wtf.

No. 650353

Men literally only act like this because they have upper body strength, that’s it.

No. 650355

>they're so inconsiderate

Anon, they are Trump supporters, unfortunately.

No. 650358

I honestly think it's this + testosterone increasing aggressive behavior. It's not that complicated, humans will shit on whoever they have the capacity to shit on and men are better designed for violence.

No. 650360

If you don't like living with Trump supporters then move out as soon as you can. They aren't gonna stop to be nice

No. 650377

I know, I was living on campus but now I’m stuck here for the time being thanks to covid

No. 650383

This made me laugh for some reason

No. 650391

It's pretty egocentric in my book to demand that your parents listen to you when it's you who's living in their house on their property. And you have the nerve to call your own parents dumbasses and inconsiderate fucks for putting a sign in their fucking own yard, just wow.

>inb4 trump supporter

I'm not from the US and idgaf about US politics

No. 650393

Yeah and? They created an entire system that benefits men more than women. They don't always have to abuse women physically (which would relate to upper body strength) in order to subjugate women.

No. 650398

Society is an extension of our biological drives.

No. 650399

That shit was so stupid I'm not even going to address it further

No. 650401

Not everyone has great parents deserving of respect by default just for nutting and birthing kek

No. 650403

They don't deserve respect because they're parents, but because she's presumably adult but mooching off them despite hating them and complaining that how they decorate their lawn is not considerate enough to her.

No. 650404

They just need to POSE a threat with their strength. That's how they were able to create the system. Frankly, males have become soft and weak because they were spoilt by the system for too long. Time to make men fight to the death in cages again.

No. 650405

>Even among bonobos, who are co-dominant and even relatively female-dominant in comparison with most other mammals, sexual coercion by males has been observed
>The generally high status that females are able to obtain among bonobos, as well as female coalitions that form to protect against male violence, may reduce the prevalence of sexual coercion, but males with high-status mothers seem to be able to get away with it against more subordinate females
>The son of the alpha female (Gander) participated in direct sexual coercion events significantly more than any other male

No. 650406

Thanks for confirming it.

No. 650414

Trump is the worst politician to have ever existed in the United States. Her parents are objectively dumb fucks.
>if you don't hold the pursestrings you don't get to have an opinion
Nice, totes not an abusive dynamic there.
But yes anon should definitely move out. When her parents are geriatric and they ask her to take care of them, she should send them to some nursing home for libbys with portraits of Obama everywhere, and they can't dare complain cause it would be on her dime. That's how it works.

No. 650419

No. 650421

I’m so bored and demotivated now and nothing makes me happy. Even browsing web stores is boring now because I know I don’t have any money to spend. All I want to do is sleep and masturbate 24/7.

No. 650427

File: 1602191642473.jpeg (251.01 KB, 828x1028, CA91BBEB-BA5A-459D-AE5F-C6F797…)

i am so lost

No. 650428

i keep getting distracted today when i have a fuck ton of work to do. a big deal in a game i play might go through and i am so anxious!

No. 650451

completely ot but thanks for introducing this beautiful piece of art to me anon.

Also, hard same.

No. 650473

File: 1602195690759.gif (168.11 KB, 350x312, 1600526842429.gif)

Why the fuck did it take me at least 4 times to do basic shit i have done quickly and easily million times before? Was finishing jewelry today and bent so many metal pieces to shit, broke pearls and just wanted to scream. Was told to just try again tomorrow but shit doesn't work like that, eventually everything went well but WHAT THE FUCK @ SELF. Ridiculous, I never wanna see these pieces again.

No. 650474

File: 1602195707266.jpg (726.35 KB, 918x1179, Caspar_David_Friedrich_-_Wande…)

I fucking love being a neet. I love it. I love doing nothing but reading, drawing, playing vidya, watching obscure movies, doing my ritual maladaptive daydreaming sessions when I walk around the house and imagine stuff. I don't want to contribute to society. I want solitude and peace. I don't know how to function around people anyway and I know I will never be normal so why bother. I don't have a family so no one nags me to "get my life together". I don't have anyone to live for so I don't have to be "better". There's something soothing about being outside of society, expectations, affairs, all that noise. This is freedom. I'm writing this while listening to Gut's theme from Berserk

No. 650477

“T-posing to assert dominance” meme thing sounds like an autistic 11 year old thought they were being really, really funny and I wish it would go away

No. 650486

i feel lonely all the time and talking to people makes my anxiety skyrocket, i'm honestly considering making a tulpa.

No. 650487

How do you fend off for yourself? My dream is the NEET life but I can’t leech of my parents like most basement dwellers do.

No. 650495

Well my case is quite specific because I inherited some money after my mother died. I can live a neet life for like 3 years. Then I will probably off myself.

No. 650498

I agree, anon. It’s my dream to be left the fuck alone.
It’s not just soothing…it’s like, eye-opening. Like going out and surviving in the wilderness alone for years type of shit. Once you become comfortable being with yourself, it’s wonderful.
I’ve started writing poetry, even.

No. 650505

you're living the dream anon, i wish i was you. but if i don't work, i'm gonna starve and be homeless

No. 650531

I want to be a NEET so bad. How do you live as a NEET?

No. 650532

Have you considered trying to invest it so you can keep NEET money forever?

No. 650537

Some dumb cunt single mother of three just lost her shit at me for walking through my own apartment building without a mask. Tell you what bitch I'll wear a mask when you start taking birth control

No. 650543

Nta but does investing really work? I've seen many young professionals who keep a part of their salaries for investment and I just, idk I've no idea how it works

No. 650544

just wear a mask next time not really that hard

No. 650546

Yes it works kek it’s not even that hard to get into

No. 650547

….do you think you can't catch corona in there just because it's your own apartment building?

No. 650549

its also just as easy to not play with nerf guns in the common areas

No. 650550

masks don't work anyway, it's a meme.

No. 650551

I made eggplant parmesan for dinner and can't stop farting. I just wanted to get laid tonight. Why does god hate me?

No. 650552

File: 1602202254859.png (167.5 KB, 1280x790, sp-500-historical-chart-data.p…)

Investing is much, much easier and safer than people realize providing you invest in the market itself and don't pick stocks.

Pic related, the S&P 500.

No. 650557

What if they beat her growing up or something, and now they genuinely feel bad for it, and so they let her live there for free to try to make up for it?
sage for ot, I just always wonder that kind of thing

No. 650567

nerf gun ≠ mask.

get a better argument, how retarded

No. 650569

My neighbors put up Biden signs right on our property line (I don’t have any signs, it wasn’t to spite me) and some asshole named Mike kept throwing his empty Starbucks cups on my side of the line so I get it. Fuck the bitter bitches starting fights over your post. Political signs are just asking for trouble

No. 650572

I'm really tired of the Great Plague of 2020. Can't wait for stuff to be normal again, and I really can't wait to be able to sneeze without feeling like I have to sanitize everything within my immediate vicinity.

No. 650574

idk if it will ever be normal again

No. 650575

File: 1602205106037.jpg (141.27 KB, 600x600, squish_plague_doctor_15.jpg)

People alive in 2020 are the only ones allowed to say "born in the wrong decade", I hate this, I missed a considerable chunk of my twenties because of a fucking plague, A PLAGUE! WE HAVEN'T HAD PLAGUES FOR LIKE 100 YEARS.
Im honestly fine with a little less rights and equality if it means not having to live through a fucking plague.

No. 650577

Tbh I have hope it will. We won't have a vaccine until 2024 at the earliest, but I think it's important to keep in mind we have tons of contagious virus in the world. Plus, look at the countries that seem to be handling the outbreak well. Even if we have a ton of dumbasses not wearing masks and being clean holding us back, we'll get over this.

No. 650578

They're REALLY pushing the 'this is the new normal' shit. I think people will have a collective psychotic break. It'll be remembered as this century's 'satanic panic'.
How many people do you know that have become bedridden from corona?

No. 650579

Op here, please don't start a debate here about whether or not Ms. COVID is real. We have a Corona thread for that. I just wanted to vent, so relax.

No. 650581

> It'll be remembered as this century's 'satanic panic'.

I think that title belongs to q anon

No. 650582

File: 1602205499078.jpg (45.62 KB, 640x738, 133399d7672570ee167984de8e64c9…)

mfw im getting vaccinated in january because brazil is the world's guinea pig and my state is receiving 5 million vaccines earlier.

Cross your fingers anons and hope i don't get autism or some shit.

I would say about seven or six, my grandparents both had rona and needed hospitalization, one of my dad's employees (food industry) and some of their coworkers from the market, one of them died.

No. 650584

Honestly you should wait a little to see what happens to the people who get it. That's what I plan to do whenever the first wave of vaccines in the U.S drop. Not afraid of "microchips", but you can't be too sure with these guys.

No. 650585

Kek some of y’all are so melodramatic

No. 650587

I know that's something to ponder but It would also mean i would have to post pone going back to college, students and teachers are just behind health professionals and chronically ill people in the "must be vaccinated asap" list.

I don't live in a country that handled the pandemic well at all, its actually pretty scary, sure people aren't dropping dead on the street but the government did have to pull out some mass graves which is always jarring and terrifying.

No. 650590

>We won't have a vaccine until 2024
What? We've multiple vaccines from many different countries that are already being tested, and some of them are "safe" so far. The vaccines will be there for next year, now, that all people can afford them and are provided with them is another thing. We also have many treatments that work

No. 650592

File: 1602206240020.jpeg (143.13 KB, 1080x1620, 9BEFD656-5D5A-4809-829F-0D9C65…)

I can't stand how paranoid some people get. My 62 year old aunt haven't been outside since APRIL. She's not sick, she just refuses to go out because she's sure she will catch corona and die. Me and her son have to do groceries for her and we have to give her this shit through the window because she refuses to let anybody inside. She constantly cleans and disinfects e v e r y t h i n g. She's losing her sight, she needs new glasses, she has some new health problems every day (or just neurosis) yet she refuses to go to a doctor because she thinks she will definitely catch corona. All she talks about when calling me is the number of new infected people. I will never tell her I think people are greatly overreacting and I rarely wear a mask because she would fucking die just from hearing this.

No. 650596

> I will never tell her I think people are greatly overreacting and I rarely wear a mask because she would fucking die just from hearing this


No. 650598

Yeah, anon. Even D I O wears a mask

No. 650602

Ah, I might be wrong then. Vaccines take years to develop (I believe the fastest one has been made was 5 years?) and it might take longer cause COVID evolves. Also, I'm in America and we're not taking any treatments from other countries, although I've seen other countries are using stuff that works. Blame our gov for that. I was specifically talking about the U.S with that, cause that's where I am, and it's the vent thread.

No. 650604

Dude, in my country you are only required to wear a mask in stores and public transportation and I'm doing it. But she wants me to wear it everywhere, even in a fucking car. If it's not required, I'm not doing it.

No. 650609

Americans don't seem to get that not every country is on high alert about mask wearing. Testing/tracing has been great in my country, cases are extremely low, but people aren't wearing masks too much. It's not like they're being defiant or disobeying rules, it's just not pushed that hard outside of public transport and inside shopping centers. Even then it's not an enforced requirement.

No. 650616

I'm impulsively dyeing my hair from blonde to black oh my god what am I doing nut I'm wowoowooooo

No. 650617

I don’t see why you would be so aggressively annoyed at an at risk person taking extra precautions. You sound just as retarded as any American sperging about how they won’t wear a mask bc muh freedom and who cares about the olds

No. 650620

Yeah because every old person I know behaves normally, even those older than her. And even they think she's overreacting. She's always paranoid about shit. And I'm just tired of listening about her health when she literally refuses to go to a doctor. I can't help her.

No. 650622

Hope you know your color theory and are filling the hair, god speed

No. 650638

I have hyperpigmentation all over my body, and I have a couple of body pimples, but of course my dumbass couldn't help but mess with them. I was proud of my boobs cause they were the only part of my body unscathed from the onslaught of my skin picking, but now they're all messed up too :(

No. 650662

File: 1602212079489.png (2.1 MB, 3700x3200, Menhera_LYAHFGG.png)

university usually doesn't stress me out but my senior year is murdering me. i'm taking 18 hours of 4000 level computer science courses and by the time i finish sunday nights, there's a week and a half's worth of work to do by monday morning.

several of my classes have team programming assignments that aren't feasible to complete alone, but i've slammed out 4 by myself so far because my groups are incompetent. and by picking up their slack, i'm losing time to do my individual work in other classes. fuck the meme that men are better in the sciences, i've had to cover the ass of every guy i've ever worked with for the past 3.5 years.

there's one assignment i just can't figure out because it's in Haskell which is archaic as fuck, and i actually cried over it today because my group hasn't even tried to help

No. 650750

Ugh I feel you anon. I have rosacea on my face and arms and I literally even pick at it in my sleep. Try to be easy on yourself, it’s a hard habit to break

No. 650803

>male preference for underage models is completely natural and good and should not be questioned
>female preference for chads is literally eugenics and must be stopped
god I hate moids

No. 650805


Especially when justified by

>men are hardwired to look for signs of fertility

>but women are hardwired to look for money/status/intelligence/literally anything but looks

No. 650812

File: 1602229314807.png (286.35 KB, 750x537, EYvA0bJU0AIpW9e.png)

I was watching some language videos and stumbled across this bilingual girl. I watched a video of hers where she and her friend are trying new Starbucks drinks.. and I just had this huge wave of sadness flood over me. I haven't had any friends for so long, and pretty much no human connection period outside of the internet. Even seeing something as mundane as trying new drink flavors together is something I wish for.. I just want a girl to hang out with and do dumb shit with sometimes, but I don't know how to make friends anymore. I tried going to college and socializing there, but I got socially rejected because I'm not a fucking normie (and definitely an autist). I tried online apps but men are creeps and I can't trust them at all and girls don't even message me back on stuff like Bumble friends. I was even desperate enough to try a stupid church community for my age range thinking "well, they're religious, they might be willing to put up with me" but instead, I went in and I was the only newcomer and everyone else had been friends for 10 years and ignored me even when I tried to put myself forward. I had friends as a kid all the way until I graduated highschool and I don't think I'm unlikeable, I just don't know what to do and now I'm just so damn lonely. Feels like part of me is missing in a way. I love having all the free time in the world to do the things I like, but I wish I had a human bond outside of the internet..

No. 650815

I've been listening to the same t.A.T.u songs on repeat for days now, can't help thinking about how much I miss my ex girlfriend and the deep desire I feel to fall in love with an incredible woman again, one that I can share a life with

No. 650822

File: 1602230651143.jpg (11.92 KB, 374x498, IMG-20191125-WA0000.jpg)

So sorry you are feeling this way anon. It seems like the older we get the harder it is to make to make new friends. Hug for you.

No. 650825

I used to have the same issues as you anon, what kind of stuff are you into normally?
I'll add you on discord if you like!

No. 650836

File: 1602233181155.gif (760.15 KB, 350x262, JSURuPf.gif)

I had made an application to get into some vocational training school for web design and I hadn't received an e-mail till now so I thought I wouldn't get to it and NOW I received both an e-mail and a phonecall about lessons starting on Monday.

I have freaked out because I'm an asocial weirdo and I haven't even been physically to the place yet and I'm stressing about everything from getting my pass to finding a parking spot and asking people for stuff.I also lowkey feel like I got the place unfairly because I unintentionally put that I have experience(I do,but very basic)which about my overall work experience and not on the field.

Also I had done a web design course previously but due to anxiety, health problems,shitty scheduling , wrong choices etc I learned almost nothing and made zero friendships due to being weird and tired and sad most of the time.I really don't want this to repeat again.I also feel like I'm a huge dumbass in general and my anxiety and depression have made it even more difficult for me to focus.I have forgotten how to study and do homework and back at my previous course I got breakdowns to the point of crying for no important reason.Thins are much better now but I'm afraid it will happen again.Also I'm not even sure if I'm "good enough" to code properly and make a decent website.

I guess the only perk of this is that due to the lessons being probably early,I won't need to go work for the family business on most days which was partly the reason I applied in the first place because I feel like shit being there on average.I lowkey wish that corona-chan will get severe enough here so that there will be e-learning involved.I don't wish harm on anyone, people are just stupid and cases and deaths are rising because people don't give as much shit about corona.Man I wish everything goes well and I won't act like a sperg and be anxious to the bone

Anyway will web design/developer anons help me in case I ask dumb shit on the programming thread??

No. 650847

my boyfriend is a mod on some server in our country and everyone is a fucking liberal. idc usually but they have a political channel and if you even say that your political stance is different than theirs, they will call you racist/homophobic etc. like fuck off it's such an echo chamber. god i hate them all

No. 650848

I finally got my bachelor degree after ten years of dropping out from various cursus because I have a deep seated anxiety about failing that makes me sabotage myself rather than risking failing "for real".
I thought I would be happy about it and finally feel some relief but I don't at all. I feel like my finishing work was sub-par and fear they graduated me because they were pitying this 30yo fucking loser. I feel like this degree isn't even enough and that I will be passed up for people with masters degrees while knowing all too well I can't get myself one without risking a new 5 years stint of failures and achieving nothing.
I should be seeking work, but I'm also moving and doing both at the same time is really overwhelming.
I also had my last session with the first therapist I really clicked with but now have to quit because of the move.
It's all too much. I feel like I should shin up and be working non stop on the move, finally getting my driving licence, honing my skills to get a new job, get more healthy hobbies and try to get myself some friends all the while stop being an anxious mess but always end up internet procrastinating and feeling awful.
The move is supposed to be a new beginning and that's what my bf is thinking but I already know it will just be me bringing my anxiety in a new place, leaving the meager support system I had such a hard time putting in place these last few years. I started outright lying about what I do in the day and how I feel because I know it's a burden I have put on people in my life for too long. Maybe I can fake it until I make I.
Sorry for the rant anon. I guess I just need to talk to someone but can't.

No. 650850


I feel a very similar way about stuff in my life especially the anxiety and failure part

since you did click with said therapist as you said,isn't it possible to continue through the internet?I know it isn't the same but if they've helped you it's a shame to leave them behind.

No. 650856

File: 1602237028091.jpg (313.35 KB, 960x1280, patty.jpg)

Patrick Crusius is cute af, I don't care what anyone says!

No. 650858


I think you missed the unconventional attractions thread also wtf

No. 650861

There is nothing unconventional about him! Screw off!

No. 650862

He looks like he hates women

No. 650864

you being attracted to a killer is unconventional not necessarily his face

No. 650865

File: 1602237742939.jpg (21.16 KB, 618x410, patrick-crusius.jpg)

Sure there isn't

No. 650866

File: 1602237765575.jpeg (34.58 KB, 480x640, 8B63894F-4A69-4AC9-AD77-F1CC5D…)

Yeah ok…

No. 650870

File: 1602238305278.jpg (192.39 KB, 790x700, 1595039612620.jpg)

I've been struggling with recurrent vaginal infections and other reproductive problems and it's affecting my sex life. My fiancé is losing his shit because it's happening again after getting better for like 2 weeks. I get insanely dry and it smells, even when I've tried fucking everything (currently on my third round of antibiotics). My fiance has an insane sex drive and it's become impossible to keep him happy. I'm terrified he's going to cheat on me if I don't get better soon.

No. 650871

Leave his ass wtf?

No. 650873

Both of these pictures were taken in poor light with a shitty camera, of course he's going to look like shit. Just like how when you use the brushing tool and stuff on instagram to look good for pictures, of course you're going to look better than you usually do. How are you this low IQ to not understand that?

No. 650875

Well he should masturbate quickly to get rid of the horny and support you with your healing. Having to go through few rounds of antibiotics is unfortunately not uncommon; it's really stress inducing even without a horny partner so hang in there anon, hope it's fully healed soon.

No. 650876


man im so sorry this is happening to you anon, and i completely understand your worry that he might cheat on you. You should talk to him about it, leaving him like the other anon said won't solve anything. You have to communicate with your fiance, even about sex.

He should understand it isn't none of your fault, and he should control his sex urgers more. Even if you two having sex might be important in some way for the relationship, there should be boundaries. As in, if you don't feel comfortable enough to have sex or can't have it for example your infection, he should back off and just chill out and wait it out.

No. 650877

I have a fucking keloid scar where my helix piercing was, fuck.

No. 650878

>low iq for not finding an inbred terrorist attractive

No. 650881

Mheh, I agree with the anon who said to leave him, or consider it a red flag. Communication is key, sure, but if he's losing his shit over not getting sex because his girlfriend is sick, he's likely to be even worse whenever you don't have an "excuse" to not have sex in the future.

No. 650882

confirmed for retardation. get some reading comprehension.

No. 650886

If he is going to cheat on you just because of your health problems, maybe it's time to kick his ass out

No. 650889

He should be concerned about your health, not about his dick. Massive red flag anon. If you know for sure he's capable of cheating on you over this, then perpahs you're, in a way, lucky you got these problems before you tied the knot and not after.

No. 650897

What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 650907

Your health comes first, always. Sorry to fear monger but if you get even more seriously ill, you think he would be there for you or elsewhere getting his dick wet? I am fuming for you, you shouldn't have to worry about shit like this while trying to mend your shit, leave his ass if possible. Also, so sorry for your vagina, I hope it gets better, that must be so uncomfortable for you.

No. 650912

File: 1602248658926.jpg (171.41 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2105.jpg)

nothing, you?

No. 650914

File: 1602249173831.jpeg (71.89 KB, 454x523, 750059C3-D742-4E0E-A592-28EFEC…)

No. 650916

Did you have sex inbetween the infections? If so, consider him getting some kind of a treatment as well. He might be the one giving it to you again and again. Guys are clueless, I've read stories about how one guy shampooned his dick with some kind of a strong shampoo as an effort to be super squeaky clean and nice smelling before sex, but he just ended up giving his gf infections over and over.

No. 650949

This is a women's vent if i've ever had one.

Got my period at work and I inform my trainer (I'm a trainee). She immediately goes to the (male) manager, tells him I'm unwell. He asks me what's wrong and I say I'm on my period, for him to quickly say "I see", and said that I'm under no obligation to tell him whats wrong btw. I can tell he tried to pass it off as "you're entitled to privacy" but it was clear it was reflexive because he didn't want to hear it. That's 1.

I told my (male) friend that I got off work because of my period and he said "be careful you don't come across as unreliable". He's usually very sympathetic and has a pragmatic view towards periods, so that really hurt. Like I can't help that the first day fucking sucks, and I'm supposed to be careful how? Like how would I prevent it?? Starve? Take BC and provoke my migraines? That's 2.

Then my partner came and picked me up because I felt like shit. I told him it was bullshit the manager reacted that way, why ask if he couldn't handle the answer. And he said I should've said I had "women's problems" instead. I just quickly told him that's sexist and held back tears until I was on my own. Which womans problem? Ovarian cancer? Menopause? PCOS? So yeah, that's 3.

I'm in a mainland european country, and I guess I thought there was less stigma around it than there is. And I hated the "women's issues" comment the most, because not only is he generally not a misogynist, so I thought he'd have my back. But I feel like it's the ultimate form of stigmatising a totally natural function. FUCK saying "oh it's just WOMENS issues! That embarrassing time of the month whose real name we don't speak". It has a fucking name. I'm on my period. I'm menstruating. Christ almighty it's time everyone get the fuck over it.

No. 650951

Jesus, that's awful anon, I'm sorry. The fact that they all dogpiled one after the other too. Obnoxious. I hope you get to relax and you feel better with some rest and taking it easy.

No. 650955

I hate to spoiler this but all men have this dismissive attitude because they do believe we overexaggerate the pain from our periods and secondly, just gross!
They're just angry, they just think oh another ~excuse~ women get to use to miss work, like that damn maternity leave shit.

No. 650959

sorry about that anon. its hard to not tear out your hair with comments like that. i like to tell everyone who has something to say about it, that if they have a problem with something they dont directly have to deal with, they can get in line to invent a solution.

No. 650969

>because not only is he generally not a misogynist, so I thought he'd have my back

What he said wasn't misogynistic. He just tried to help you navigate a misogynistic world. But I get your vents.

No. 650975

There's some kind of micro slice at the tip of my tongue that has lingered for the past few days and it's annoying. Feels good to poke it with my teeth sometimes but I'd prefer it to just go away now. Dull pain is just constantly there.

No. 650976

What would you guys do if you were in my shoes? Currently on sick leave because chemo and shitload of appointments. My funds are going low, my job has no paid sick leave, however I'm staying because I have Insurance (despite it being terrible) and it covers the cost of a lot of my medical treatments.
I saw a few posting of WFH/Remote that were seasonal and I was thinking of applying because it's part time and temporary. Thing is, I'd have to put my current job as experience, and they'll definitely call HR, who in return might be mad because I'm paying for their insurances and working elsewhere.
Anyway, what would you do? Would you apply? Thanks, and sorry if I'm confusing.

No. 650981

i made a bad decision to browse through r/NEET and oh god im so fucking furious. these people really think they're so much better than wageslaves. there was a post like "government in some slavic country makes prostitution free for disabled men" or smt (oversimplification). they constantly talk about how women dont date them because they're unattractive, as if they can't see that watching anime all day and jerking off to extreme porn isn't the reason why they're lonely.

idk if im mad at neets or the "pussy will cure me but womenz are so mean" mentality but this hits home so close. i hate them for acting like "its not my fault its its its capitalism". well shit sherlock, everyone lives under capitalism. we just dont spend our daddys money because leeching is worse than working a boring job.

NEETs and their entitlement make me so fucking angry. leech of your parents in ur cumrag underwear but dont fucking act like you're better than 9-5 workers.

No. 650982

Hm, maybe talk to your current work place's HR team. It's better you ask instead of going under their noses imo. Btw, good luck with you chemo! I was on chemo a few years ago so if you need someone to talk to about it my discord is #Chrissy7475

No. 650985

I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one giving you infections. Also sperm ruins natural bacterial flora of the vagina because it has different pH value. I won't even mention cervical cancer caused by sexually acquired infection with HPV. HPV causes 70% of cervical cancers and pre cancerous cervical lesions. Men are ruining women with their dicks and I honestly don't believe we are naturally designed to have penetrative sex as often as we do now

No. 650993

File: 1602257432891.jpg (25.09 KB, 440x348, 20170518104902960.jpg)

I hate my team at work. All they do is ignore me, any questions or comments I make, in the group chat. I love the work that I do. Hate my fucking team.

I wish I didn't have to work with those motherfuckers. They all deserve the gulag.

No. 650994

Not to mention the women they want to notice them probably aren't fellow NEETs, but working women who never had money and housing security given to them for nothing. Even if these men were attractive NEETs, what woman with self-respect and sanity would sign up to be the breadwinnning punching bag for a lazy, spoiled scrote that she'd have to clean up after and pay bills for. It would be like having a petulant child that you have to fuck.

No. 650995

This is a stupid vent, but I was scrolling through my Instagram and came across a post from a girl I knew in hs. She's very beautiful and puts a lot of effort into her appearance – blonde hair, very pretty makeup with false lashes, has done some modelling for photographer friends, that sort of thing. Well she has a boyfriend now, and she posted a pic of them together, and my GOD is he hideous and put 0 effort into his appearance. Not in a hopelessly ugly way, but in a 0 fashion sense (cargo shorts and striped shirt), terrible haircut that's not brushes, shitty, wispy beard that makes his face look dirty, obviously doesn't do skincare. Sure, it's her choice to date him, but the amount of work women put in to be beautiful and look nice, especially in public, for moids to look like shit next to them, is embarrassing. Wow.

No. 651005

Throat cancer in women spiked when bjs were normalized… I agree, keep dick out of your body or wear condoms. It's not healthy to constantly come into contact with their fluids, semen isn't monitored by the man's immune system so it just accumulates disease.

No. 651011

File: 1602258326509.jpg (166.96 KB, 750x534, the feeling of overwhelming su…)

B-but I thought women don't dress up for men? What happened? Did women lie to us?

HA. Lurking this board has been an eye opening experience. Thank you for letting your guard down and showing the world your true nature.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 651013

>Did women lie to us?
NTA are you retarded?

She didn't say
>the amount of work women put in to be beautiful and look nice, especially in public, for moids

She said
>the amount of work women put in to be beautiful and look nice, especially in public, for moids to look like shit next to them

Women put effort into how they look for themselves, and then men don't give a fuck and look disgusting.

I can't believe I had to translate that to you. But you are very clearly a male that came here to validate yourself and that's p gross.

No. 651014

Someone come get they retard

No. 651015

I didn't say that she dressed up for men anywhere in the post you absolute fucking moron, work on your reading comprehension. She was dressing nicely and doing her makeup and modelling far before she got together with this bridge troll, I'm saying that HE'S the one with no shame in going out, standing next to a goddess looking like a scruffy goat. Your feeling of "overwhelming superiority" comes from being wrong and missing the point entirely. Hilarious and pathetic, wow.

No. 651017

Cumbrain: The Post

No. 651020

Nta but claiming that women do all this shit for themselves is retarded. Women don't walk around their house with full make up, stylized hair or even bra when they know they don't have to go outside that day lmao

No. 651021

What never leaving your basement does to a mf

No. 651024

i do my hair and makeup sometimes when i'm alone if i feel like dressing up/looking good that day. not EVERY day but i do it sometimes. lol

No. 651025

Also wrong. The vapid ho I replied to expressed her contempt of men for not grooming themselves or caring about fashion, and yet in the same breath women also say that the reason they wear makeup and tight yoga pants is for themselves and not to attract the opposite sex? The contradiction is clear and you're retarded to not realize it. Or maybe you're just willfully obtuse.

No. 651026

Of course they don't, but it's not like men change out of their pajamas or sweats or basketball shorts when they aren't leaving the house either. In fact, they don't even when they do leave the house!

I wear cute outfits, makeup, and do my hair to get compliments from cool cashiers and signal queerness to lezzie baristas in hopes of getting their number someday.

No. 651029

>inb4 "i only wear toit yoga pants because they're totally comfortable. i totally don't wear them to show off my ass!"

No. 651030

Well no woman I know does that and I bet most women don't. Women without make up are treated worse in workplace, they have smaller chances of getting a promotion or even getting the job in the first place. They're seen as unprofessional etc. It's obvious women are being socialized to wear make up and then they notice it benefits them.

No. 651032

But I had to tell this cumbrain that he was wrong. What I meant was, we're not all sitting around hoping some dashing prince sweeps us off our feet if we look pretty. There are plenty of reasons why women get all dressed up.

And yeah, yoga pants are pretty comfortable.

No. 651035

You obviously don't know any women then, ban evader.

No. 651036

Yoga pants ARE comfortable, showing off my ass is just a bonus.

No. 651038

File: 1602259514507.jpg (64.7 KB, 200x200, a4225912ed28764ac7bcce300746ba…)

>Women put effort into how they look for themselves
This is the biggest lie ever told, and I'm a woman..

No. 651039

I also do this and a lot of women I know do. Probably because I'm actually a woman unlike >>651030.

No. 651041

That's sad honestly.

No. 651042

No. 651043

See my other reply: >>651032

I'm sorry but not all women are single, and not all women are attracted to men yet they still put effort into looking nice.

What the fuck is wrong with these autistic women here saying they don't ever do things for themselves? Damn you need help, ladies.

No. 651044

I'm a gnc woman and I've seen my mother obsessing over femininity and trying to push it on me most of my life lmao. Most women don't dress up for themselves and nothing will change my mind.

No. 651046

Women put more effort into their appearance because it is expected of them to always look perfect, but men are allowed to exist as they are (for the most part) and they aren't judged or ridiculed for it. Like a woman with armpit hair visible would be judged more harshly than a man. So because of all this pressure to look 'presentable', all the insecurities created to sell products, etc etc makes women more concious about their appearances. It's not really to attract the opposite sex (imo), more so than the pressure put on you since birth, which prompts women to always try to look good. If it makes you feel better, I go out looking like a hobo.

No. 651049

Okay good for you "gnc". You obviously wreak of internalized misogyny and repressed mommy issues.

No. 651050

>I don't do it, so that must mean nobody does it!

No. 651051

Your mother isn't every woman ever. Shocking, I know, take your time.

No. 651054

File: 1602259867032.jpeg (108.47 KB, 1299x768, twoshotuse-1299x768.jpeg)

I bet the Escape the corset movement in South Korea is autistic to you? Rejecting forced femininity and societal programming IS "doing things for themselves".
Misogyny is hatred of females, not femininity. Normie.

No. 651055

I barely touch my hair and don't do makeup when I go to work or go to the grocery store either.
When I want to look nice ie. Going out with my friends, on a date with my bf, etc. That's when I do the hair, clothes, and makeup. I know it makes me look more attractive. And it's for me to feel attractive on those occasions, because clearly I don't care if limp dick scrotes see me without a face any other time. Do you think I give a fuck about impressing small dicked men in public when my boyfriend sees me without makeup every night and tells me I'm beautiful? Lmao.

It's all for meeeeee and my amusement! Just remember, look but don't touch <3

No. 651056

File: 1602259916894.png (249.13 KB, 500x443, 1512707969005.png)

KEK anon I love you

No. 651058

>they aren't judged or ridiculed for it
God they should be. I shame my male friends for their shit fashion and help them with hair and skin care kek.
>If it makes you feel better, I go out looking like a hobo.
I do too, but I also dress up when I want to. On a real note, I think it's important to remember that you're right, women definitely are socialized and conditioned to look a certain way from birth, but also, a lot of us have gotten over it and are comfortable with ourselves or comfortable enough to have control over our own appearances. Not all, maybe not even most, but pleeenty. I do genuinely think lots of women dress up to feel good about themselves over getting attention from men.

No. 651059

>Misogyny is hatred of females, not femininity. Normie.

>"Women dress up for other people and have no capability of dressing up for themselves. they are also hoe that wear yoga pants to show off their asses. WHAT ME? I'M NOT MISOGYNY"


No. 651060

>Misogyny is hatred of females, not femininity. Normie.
Tripping up on technicalities that aren't even a legitimate argument. Alright, Aiden, just keep saying things.

No. 651061

nta but I hope you realize everyone is different and people can "do things for themselves" in different ways. If choosing not to dress feminine is how they do things for themselves, then so be it. Nobody said all women have to be super feminine. Just stop acting like some women can't want to dress-up and look nice for themselves. And no, dressing up doesn't necessarily mean you have to put on makeup and wear a skirt.

No. 651062

File: 1602260136202.jpg (16.1 KB, 200x295, f7d.jpg)

>men are allowed to exist as they are
Bullshit. This body doesn't come naturally. This is hard work and dedication over years of time.

No. 651064

All it took was one braindead scrote for the infight to begin.

No. 651065

the proportions on that thing. ew.

No. 651066

A brain dead scrote and his best friend, gnc with mommy issues who also "isn't one of the other girls"

No. 651067

Alright let's see what you're good at

No. 651068

If you don't think actively putting effort into being GNC is still work that you, as a woman, have to do that a man doesn't, you're lost. You're not circumventing femininity or sticking it to women for rejecting yourself because of your mommy.

One braindead scrote and an NLOG Aiden.

No. 651069

OT but man, she looks really hot in the right one.

No. 651070

thank you for saying something so retarded that i genuinely forgot the awful life situation i came here to vent about. For a moment.

No. 651072

File: 1602260502432.jpeg (36.83 KB, 567x385, EJxHIQYWoAEsLAk.jpeg)

Who here is actually mad about it though? I fucking love it when scrotums can't resist their seethe and lash out like the little attention whores that they know they are. I love explaining how my life is better than theirs, and it's objectively true for the biological fact that males are expendable. Amazing shit.

No. 651073

Agree. She looks really cute with the soft butch/natural tomboy look.

No. 651074

How are anons-against-femininity explaining femme lesbians?
Agree. She looks cute in both.

No. 651075

File: 1602260610580.webm (6.32 MB, 800x450, smug.webm)

>genuinely forgot the awful life situation i came here to vent about
Is it because of what I said or because you're an really just an attention whore and your life situation isn't actually that bad? I'm gonna go with the latter.

>objectively true for the biological fact that males are expendable
Imagine the #1 thing about yourself is what you have between your legs. Sad!

No. 651076

a woman dressing masculine and looking good is still putting effort into her looks, though. which is exactly what men should be doing. putting effort into their looks

No. 651078

I never said anything about yoga pants. You're not speaking to one person. I just said most women perform femininity because of socialization and also because they know that without make up they would be judged more harshly in the workplace. Lmao I remember even preparing for entrance exams for academy of fine arts and our art teacher told girls to wear make up because they will be judged better. Fucking kek always the pressure
I don't like trannies, that's a miss. You're showing misogyny by asumming that a non conforming woman is some nonbinary aiden who identifies as a man. Pathetic.
>everyone is different
>one half of the population, generally, wears make up, and the other half of the population, generally, doesn't.
It just so happens that people from the first half all do it for "themselves". Sure pal.
Wtf are you even talking about

No. 651079

You were wrong the first time because you can't read despite having a galaxy man brain, yet you still have the audacity to think you're saying anything here kek. Male opinions are as useless as the brains and bodies they come from.

No. 651081

>Imagine the #1 thing about yourself is what you have between your legs.
Well we all know that wouldn't be a possibility for you even if dicks weren't abundant, micropeen.

No. 651083

So what if women aren't single? Apes are not monogamous, female bonobos and common chimps (our closest relatives) naturally fuck with many males. Women are still coded to attrack other men even when they currently fuck one guy.

No. 651084

No one cares.

No. 651085

Actually I'm right and you know I'm right about women only wearing makeup to impress men, that's why you have no argument and the only thing you've said so far is "NAOOOO I'M RAIT AND UR RAOWNNNGGGGG!!"

Imagine the #1 thing about yourself is what you have between your legs. Sad!

No. 651086

>It just so happens that people from the first half all do it for "themselves". Sure pal.
Nobody said all women wear makeup for themselves. Obviously some do wear it for male validation.

Why is it so hard believe that not all women breathe for male validation? Women can't like makeup? Also, I don't even get how the greentext is supposed to refute my point. Is everyone the same person with the same mentality and interests? You're so weird. I'm genuinely baffled.

No. 651088

This really reignited my hate of men. You are a disgrace.

No. 651089

Almost as pathetic as thinking that women can't make decisions about their own appearance and that everything they do is for male attention. At least you and scrote can share a saddle on that high horse. At least his misogyny is slightly less pathetic because it's not internalized.

No. 651090

>no argument
Anon…femme lesbians.

No. 651092

I'm waiting for him to rage out and post pics of his ugly pathetic cock like the last attention whore moid did a few days back.
Imagine being such an undesirable scrote that the cope is that random women who don't even know you subconsciously wear makeup for you kek.

No. 651093

I want to vent but worried about the possibility of the person I'm venting about finding this site.

Regardless, I just moved to a new place and allowed my troon friend from college a place to stay because "living their parents gives me anxiety" okay cool. That's fine as long as they have a job and understand I am not providing anything for them considering they stay here for free. They are constantly making excuses to give up on finding more work and had to settle for a wagecuck job. I wasn't really kidding, they are out of here next year. They can't even bother answering me when I ask them if they are really going to leave the bathroom light on all night. Fucking hell this is what I get for being nice.

No. 651094

>attaches a two minute .webm of smug anime girl


No. 651096

Men can't help attention whoring. He could've stayed lurking but males are incapable. Sad.

No. 651097

Because apparently we're all apes that want to attract men regardless if we're lesbians or already dating someone else.

No. 651098

What the fuck is this retarded ‘I’m so feminist I went full circle back to hating lesbians and gnc’ shit? I don’t want to hear you anons ever call anyone else a libfem

No. 651099

File: 1602261281254.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, lmao.gif)

>At least his misogyny is slightly less pathetic because it's not internalized.
Dang, yall are brutal.

No. 651100

I should add that they are constantly subtly trying to get my to buy things by sending me links and not making any other comments. I always ruffle the feathers and say "Oh are you going to buy that?" and they shut right the fuck up about it.

as long as you are living under my roof for free, you will not get a scrap of food or a piece of furniture.

No. 651102

File: 1602261381519.jpg (95.01 KB, 1280x720, imagine two of these.jpg)

>Obviously all* do wear it for male validation
FTFY buddy!

Imagine thinking a penis the size of two red bull cans stacked on top of each other is pathetic. How big is your pussy that two red bull cans stacked on top of each other is pathetic? You probably buy the XL size dragon dildos don't you, nasty ho

No. 651103

Then stop replying lmao
>Is everyone the same person with the same mentality and interests?
Not literally everyone, there are exceptions, but generally, yes, interests are gendered and what we like and what we do is more than half because of our genes and not because of our environment. Socialization makes those natural tendencies much stronger though. >>651089
Well I'm sorry using science is internalized misogyny.
Most people here don't understand the word "generally".

No. 651106

Lmao kys

No. 651107

It's totally cool for her to shit on women as a whole, though.

No. 651108

File: 1602261570581.jpg (22.13 KB, 480x545, 1590556609-0.jpg)

All women wish they could be a twink femboy, this is fact.

No. 651109

Is that you, GNC?

No. 651110

No all men are just faggots

No. 651111

Lmao he's showing us his empty energy drink hoard! HE BIG MAD.

Jfc you look like you live in a shanty dormitory get your priorities straight.

No. 651112

Human autonomy really just doesn't exist in your world huh?

I wonder what you think of women playing sports. And you still haven't adressed femme lesbians.

No. 651113

HOW is saying “societal expectations have an affect on women’s behavior” hating women? It’s literally the basis of feminism

No. 651114

>if you don't conform to gender roles you're an aiden
>all our choices exist in a vacuum
I'm glad this board has been exposed as libfem central.

No. 651116

Dick or GTFO

No. 651117

Nah you're just a retard and I wish people would stop responding to you. Honestly, take your potato brain elsewhere.

No. 651118

Gay and cucked.

No. 651119

based catboy

No. 651121

You’re just jealous our vaginas are real.

No. 651122

No, she's jealous that her mom never tried to push femininity onto us.

No. 651123

My priorities are perfectly straight, I make 80k a year as an amazing software developer and you're working at starbucks for $15/hr because you majored in Art. You get your priorities straight!!

No. 651125

Refusing to accept or believe that women have the ability to choose to look nice in public or private for themselves and not male attention is pretty belittling and ridiculous imo. I don't even disagree that society influences most women, but she's saying NO women do this and refuses to believe it, and that's retarded. Men can do whatever they want and it's not for female attention, but women can't? Okay. Let's remain subdued and give up things we enjoy, for feminism.

No. 651126

I think your original posts just came across as "ALL women are like this" and anons are already pissed with the scrote here.
You've clarified and in other circumstances I doubt anons would disagree, they're just angry.

No. 651128

Dick or GTFO

No. 651129

Show ass NOW

No. 651130

KEK I make the same salary as you doing the same job. You are not special, scrote.

No. 651131


No. 651133

Whew all that long winded way to say you still can't get a gf because you're ugly and have a very small penis.

No. 651134

This, you've summed it up where I was too lazy too.

No. 651135

>Try to do a practice test to prepare for exam
>the test is confusing, struggle to answer questions
>mark scheme doesn't explain the process of getting the answers, just gives he answers

No. 651137

File: 1602262132991.gif (5.21 MB, 540x309, feelssadman.gif)

>tfw you will never peg him because catboys don't exist

No. 651138

Balls or GTFO

No. 651139

I'm so tired of my narc ass mother insulting me and starting arguments with me, and saying I have an "attitude" when I get mad

No. 651141

For the last time, dick or gtfo

No. 651142

I’m pretty sure anon is just arguing practically. Can women choose to look sexy on their own? Maybe but you can’t know unless you remove all context of patriarchal society, so it’s kind of pointless. What we do know is that literally every woman is affected to some extent by social conditioning, as we all exist in patriarchal society.

No. 651143

File: 1602262287586.jpg (304.92 KB, 1080x1080, lil white girl.jpg)

This is gonna sound super suspect but damn I would've given anything to be a little rich white tween girl in the late 90s/early 2000s.

i'm not a male, just a black woman born in late 90s

I would've loved to experience all the wonderful toys that were created with me in mind, like cute hair beads and colorful outfits and toys and shit. Logging on to my 1990s big ass computer and chatting it up with my friends. I'm super jealous.

No. 651144

Oldest narc trick in the book. Is it possible to ignore her or remove yourself from the situation at all, anon?

No. 651145

I've already posted my dick on this board before. I am not a piece of meat. I am a human with thoughts and feelings, unlike the nasty 2 dollar WHORES ITT(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 651146

Feel this. Mine used to accuse me of being "mean" because I'd cop a tone when she violated my boundaries for the billionth time after asking nicely before and explaining why she was being disrespectful. The issue is that you're not letting her have her way with you.
I used to think I was a legitimately bad child. By teens I knew she was full of shit but wasn't able to say it. And by my 20s I had zero fucking patience and she got the boot from my life. She will never change. Best thing I ever did.

No. 651147

It's pathetic you're using femme lesbians as a "gotcha" (typical for women defending femininity as a construct). Once again, I'm speaking generally, not "all women", but "most women". Most women are heterosexual or bisexual (and out of those bisexuals, 80% will end up with a man, according to studies). I'm more willing to accept that lesbians do it for themselves, although there's still pressure on them in the workplace. They WILL be treated better than butches because they "pass" as heterosexual in the eyes of a normie. And you have to know that even withing the lesbian community performing femininity IS criticized. There are lesbians who don't agree with performing femininity regardless of it being performed by a bi/het woman or a lesbian woman.

Yes, I'm very jealous that you didn't grow up with a homophobic mother who would beat you up because you looked like a "dyke" to her and who wouldn't want your female friends to sleep in your room. A mother who constantly shames you for not caring if men look at you etc. It was so great.
The question is, why is "looking femininine" synonymous with "looking nice"? I wonder. Also, you can't read.

No. 651148

please stop taking the scrote bait

No. 651149

Stop taking scrote bait and also stop replying to NLOG with repressed mommy issues.

No. 651150

A couple that my partner's been friends with for 10+ years are coming over to drink beers with us in our new house. I've never met them, cue social anxiety. He also revealed that he had a huge crush on the lady a long time ago soo I'm already in a mood. It's being slowly revealed to me that most of his girl friends (of which he has very, very many) were former crushes.

>kill me for having feelings for this manwhore

No. 651155


Mixed race girl born in 1998, raised in eastern europoor and I can kinda understand, I've always been fascinated with American 90s and early 2000s pop culture/technology/fashion. Sucks that the Y2K revival trend isn't a thing in my country and if I dressed like that everyone would think I'm tacky

No. 651156

Ok libfem. I don't know how are my issues "repressed" when I openly adress my mother's homophobia and abuse and how it affected me. And I'm not the only one. Now parents force hormones on their gnc kids (because they can't be just gay and gnc, or just autistic and gnc or something, they have to be the opposite sex kek).

No. 651157

>They WILL be treated better than butches because they "pass" as heterosexual in the eyes of a normie. And you have to know that even withing the lesbian community performing femininity IS criticized. There are lesbians who don't agree with performing femininity regardless of it being performed by a bi/het woman or a lesbian woman.
All of that is very sad tbh. If it's not something they want to do, then good for them, but if they want to and get shamed for it, that's stupid as fuck. Also
again. You aren't special for being gnc.
>why is "looking femininine" synonymous with "looking nice"
Because we're specifically talking about dressing femininely in this context. You can obviously look nice without looking feminine. This is a weird attempt at a "gotcha".

No. 651159

>remove yourself from the situation at all
Can't at the moment, but I'm hoping to soon

Honestly, I know I should get better at "grey rocking" her when we do talk, but I wear my heart on my sleeve I guess. It's super frustrating for me because she admits she doesn't care about me and that she won't change. I think part of it has to do with how parents are in my race, and part of it is just being mentally ill. I know it's incredibly immature to still care so much about this, but I genuinely want to have a good relationship with her, so I still give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 651160

Their misogyny jumped out. Using lesbians as a prop for their shitty arguments while screaming over lesbians and dismissing a common experience as “mommy issues”

No. 651162

Women are not opressed for performing femininity.
>you're not special for being gnc
By "normies" I meant all non-gay people lmao. Although even some gay men have absolute disdain for butch lesbians and only tolerate femmes, but I don't think that's the majority of gay men, most of them are pretty chill.
Yeah. It's really sad and disappointing to see.

No. 651164

Ngl dressing up does get you benefits at the end of the day.

I personally don't because it feels like I'm whoring myself out by wasting so much time and money on making random men's ducks twitch. The fact that women feel like gnc women are 'acting superior' by not investing their time and money into looking feminine, just re enforces my stance. You can dress up for yourself, but at the end of the day no matter your intentions you will be judged on your appearance. Feminization is dehumanizing and every woman knows it deep down. I do see feminization as compromising yourself, but real life exists and women need to make compromises to feed and house themselves.

No. 651165

File: 1602263378745.jpg (203.59 KB, 1125x1500, 914OrbtUSbL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

90s toys were cool as shit, there were a lot of things that were actually pretty affordable for my poor Hispanic family to buy for me. I remember my childhood being compromised of many glittery lip glosses and other poorly made cosmetics marketed towards tweens and young girls. Lots and lots of glitter. One of the most memorable toys I had was gymnast Barbie and getting a pair of scissors and cutting her hair really short. Marketing was huge, there was merchandise for almost anything.

No. 651173

Dominating a twink isn't gay. The Spartans did it all the time.

No. 651178

I wasn't even the one mentioning lesbians. There are more women than just me disagreeing with NLOG over here.

But you do have mommy issues. You tried to say "All women" and got called out for being the retarded buffoon that you are.

No. 651179

No one said anything about oppression, and gay men are notorious for being misogynistic.
Good to know femininity is entirely dehumanizing. Time to live like a gross moid and not feel like myself in the slightest in the name of sticking it to ‘em.

No. 651181

>Time to live like a gross moid and not feel like myself in the slightest in the name of sticking it to ‘em.
society would be better for it. we need more tomboys

No. 651188

I think the realization that I'm a very boring, uninteresting and bitter person made me even worse. I'm not improving, I'm just going through the motions of daily life barely lucid. Sleeping is the best part of my day.

No. 651189

I also wanted to mention something about my art tutor who was a gay man (but I want to emphasize againt that this is not what I think most gay men are). I knew him privately and although he was a really good teacher he would shit talk other students behind their back, not only "bad" students, but especially girls that weren't femininine in his eyes. He considered me pretty and quite femininine even though I never wear make up, I don't stylize my hair, I don't wear very femininine clothes etc. but when I heard the way he talked about other girls at the course (like short haired tomboys, not even full butch-looking) I couldn't enjoy his company anymore. He shittalked butches in lgbt community too. He treated girls he considered pretty as some pieces for exhibition, like you would have to be not only a good artist and competent but also good looking and femininine to work as his assistant, and he even proposed me working for him but I didn't want to. Actually one of his best female students was pretty gnc looking and I think she was better than me, but he would NEVER take her. Just because she wasn't femininine enough. So even interactions with him gave me this idea that you WILL be treated better if you're femininine. You will get more opportunities. And I've seen it too many times, everywhere.
>Good to know femininity is entirely dehumanizing
This but unironically.
This. Also tranny hysteria is basically resposible for death of tomboys.

No. 651198

>you WILL be treated better if you're femininine. You will get more opportunities. And I've seen it too many times, everywhere.

This is nothing new, anon.

Femininity = "attractive" and we all are very aware that attractive people are treated nicer.

Did it ever occur to you that some women don't give a fuck though and that it doesn't matter to them?

No. 651203

But his female assistants didn't have more beautiful faces than this tomboy, I've seen them in private without make up. She simply wasn't femininine enough. If she wore make up and had long hair and wore femininine clothes, he would 100% choose her too. Femininity makes you prettier in the eyes of most people.

No. 651219

Every artist salt thread:
>which digital art tablet should I get?
>haha Rae art bad
>Does digital art count for inktober?
>some literal who vendetta post
>Um, this is the art salt thread, sweaty
>REEEE black peepo
>can we get back to art talk???
>ah, yes anon, of course
>so DAE digital art is not the exact same as traditional?! I have to actually like, get used to it??

No. 651226

Hope you realize basic hygiene and feminization are two different things. You don't have to go to the other extreme, just maybe consider not wasting your time and money on doing elaborate beauty routines.

No. 651229

Yay global mica mining. Make up so empowering.

No. 651231

Anon the argument is over, no one cares anymore.

Also mica is used for more than just makeup.

No. 651232

You could apply this logic to nearly everything you touch in the modern world. Ethical consumerism is practically dead.

No. 651246

Yeah, you lost. Also mica has more and less serious uses but make up is probably the least serious and needed one.
"No ethical consumption under capitalism uwu" Yeah that's a perfect excuse to do literally nothing and remain a consoomer and support one of the most useless industries known to a man (the beauty industry) with your money. It's also harmful to women and it preys on their insecurities. Good goyim.

No. 651251

yes anon. I'm with you.

>ZOMG GUYZ I cant believe Waffles sucked at using a medium she's never used before!!!1

>Omg! Real shit!! Lets sperg for 20 posts!

>Sorry, I know I could literally google but should i buy an ipad or an android tablet?

>5 positive detailed replies of pros and cons

>kek any1 see what crazy shit istebrak/d'angelo/"anyone even moderately liked by artist salt hivemind" sperged about last video?? what a cow

>um so what Theyre clearly right? also theyre qweens so stfu

Yeah it's a train wreck kek.
Its starting to look like some straight up school clique bullshit.
You're only allowed to sperg about the same fucking people. The "APPROVED" Youtube fags.

Any ACTUALLY milky cow behaviour from either unknown artists or even the more "liked" Youtube-fags always gets shut down or called vendetta posting. Makes trying to discuss anything NEW impossible.

Maybe we need a new thread kek
"ACTUAL art-fag sperging #1"

No. 651255

Are you also against skincare, anon? It's one of those things that men consider feminine and is arguably about beauty, but could also just be hygiene.

No. 651264

Same here anon. Worst of all, I no longer have any desire to change for the better.

No. 651271

I'm more angry that the responsibilities are being pushed on consumers so that the COMPANIES who've got their hands on politicians to consistently dodge regulations and fines don't have to step up and clean up any of their acts.
But sure, it's all suburban Karen's fault that she bought a plastic makeup package as the reason for why the company that made it employs child labor, hazardous working conditions, and unethical production and consumption practices. Real galaxy brain shit.

No. 651277

I like this she/they rapper (her music honestly slaps) but I hate her retarded kweer fans who accuse you of mizzjenduring if you only use 'she' to refer to her.

No. 651279

Exactly how I feel. Seems pointless and I have no drive.

No. 651282

you forgot
>sperging over anime

No. 651294

what is this, 2005?

No. 651298

I extremely hate all brazilians and ethiopian people.

No. 651299

Kek being an ethical buyer is rich ppl's ethics, you need money to buy from fair trade.

No. 651300

why them specifically. ethiopians r chill, brazilians kinda gay tho

No. 651305

I live in DC. Ethiopians are lazy, rude, ignorant and don't give a fuck about you if you are not ethiopian. Their customer service is shit, they talk slow and can't comprehend anything. Why did they even decide to do customer service or delivery jobs if they were going to slack off and be idiots?

Brazilians are gross degenerates (see: uma delicia and the entire fart porn and scat category. 2 girls 1 cup? Brazilians) not to mention the rampant degenerate crime rates. If someone dropped me off in brazil I'd absolutely kms because I'd rather not face the potential of being raped or stabbed for existing.

No. 651319

Idk. What word would be more acceptable in a greentext to you? Anything else make you personally offended or just that one word? kek

this is why i shop in charity shops and take my chances on aliexpress. Same shit quality, same child labour, but at least im not filling the pockets of the already rich quite as much

No. 651321

>If someone dropped me off in brazil I'd absolutely kms because I'd rather not face the potential of being raped or stabbed for existing.
It's only like this if you don't have money. If you live in a big city, in a nice gated community, avoid bad areas and go everywhere by car you can live a cushy and safe life here like anywhere else.

99% of us do not have this kind of money though, it sucks not gonna lie.

No. 651324

I didn't pick up a snail from a road and I feel guilty, he's probably dead now

No. 651326

Nta but having to live in a gated community, purposefully avoiding certain areas and having to go everywhere by car is not my idea of a cushy life.

No. 651329

i know we're off the topic of the moid bait but him posting the smug video is the funniest fuckimg thing why the fuck would you embarrass yourself like that?? the aspergers male jumped out there. why do men

No. 651331

I've full-stopped my car with people behind me to pick up turtles multiple times this year alone. Snail friend will be okay though hopefully.

No. 651332

LMAO it's awful but I feel you anon, 2 months ago I tried to help a butterfly get up on a feeder (in the butterfly house), it was stuck and in the end I couldn't do it, still feeling guilty about it.

No. 651333

It’s similar in more developed countries, though to a lesser extent. I’m a Britfag and would never visit certain areas of London/other cities because I like not being murdered or mugged. Everywhere has high crime areas

No. 651339

I think almost every big city like new york for example is like this though, since they have high crime rates.

Brazils issue is that the high crime rates extend to the entire country save for the wealthiest regions in the south. And the culture is not nice for women and LGBT in general so there's that too.

No. 651345

Nta but i'm glad i'm not the only one

One day a butterfly got caught up on my dads windshield and i made him stop to try to get it out but it ended up dying, i still feel a bit guilty for not asking him sooner. Got the feeling my relatives in the car thought i was slightly autistic for this though.

No. 651369

File: 1602273908539.gif (1.54 MB, 360x234, a942d1dd-34cc-4185-a7c9-f02872…)

Both my mother and brother forgot to tell me that my father isn't coming home from the hospital and I'm too scared to ask what that means.

Like are they keeping him because it's the safest option due to his cancer and kidneys and are waiting for him to recover or is he dying?

We went to visit him today and they told me about it AFTER and I'm scared as shit that my last words to my father were how all the fucking pets are now sleeping with me in my bed instead of something more meaningful holy shit

No. 651370

The clipboard or copy function in Excel FUCKING SUCKS. If I hear that stupid deep chiming sound one more time after I try to paste after literally just copying the fucking cell contents, I'm gonna throw my laptop out the window.
TGIF farmers

No. 651375

Its been a year since an ex-friend had broken up with me. Its a little sad because i used to cherish our friendship a lot and really put effort into maintaining it, i thought she was the one i can trust. Turns out, sometimes people turn out into those that we do not know, to the point of an enemy it would seem. Iirc, this month would be around the time where we broke up…I was devastated and did not deal with it well after the breakup. I felt better now tbh, it really made me stronger although i do get nostalgic during this time.

No. 651376

File: 1602275033465.jpg (4.55 KB, 237x212, kms.jpg)

My boyfriend is so fucking annoying today. Truly love him, but someone turned "tone deaf" up to max or something.

I feel you anon. Happy fucking Friday indeed.

No. 651379

Is this the "vegan wizard" faggot who was defending rapists again? Get a fucking life.

No. 651381

I separate skincare from altering your face with make up. As you said, it's part of hygiene. At the same time, it's also a part of anti-aging paranoia, which hits mostly women, who buy expensive anti-aging products that do jack shit anyway. But skincare is not bad per say, because it's still part of hygiene, unlike make up, which can actually make your skin condition worse.
I get the argument it's hard to buy food from ethical sources and it's more expensive etc. but we all need food to live, you don't need make up. Society is memeing women they need it. I understand buying cheaper and less ethical food and clothes. We all need it. But make up? Nah. Btw remember Torches of freedom? How companies pushed the idea of smoking as a symbol of female liberation when they just wanted to sell more products lmao

Depends on the country. I'm yuropoor from eastern europe. I don't use make up (even if I had more money I wouldn't use it anyway), as for clothes there are charity/thrift shops like anon said here >>651319 and you can get some really pretty and original stuff there. I'm vegetarian (sure, being vegan is more ethical but that's still better than nothing) and it's still possible to get some local products fairly cheap here. I get it may be harder in burgerland but there are still things you literally don't h a v e to do, like buying completely new clothes and make up.

No. 651383

I'm sorry anon, cancer is an awful disease. You could ask them for details? Generally it means the person is not likely to recover but they might have just meant he was not coming back soon.

You can't visit him tomorrow or any other days? some hospitals are offering video calls because of covid if you can't

No. 651390

I could ask but I'm not sure if I'm able to handle the truth if it's the worst case scenario

Visits aren't allowed because of the virus (he's on chemo and is in the ward for something kidney related) and those video calls aren't a thing here as far as I'm aware. He's also too drugged up to talk or behave normally, we were able to see the bruises on his wrists and arms because he had to be restrained and tied to the bed multiple times because he wanted and tried to go home despite having a broken back.

No. 651409

I was so embarrassing today. Like every single thing I said was embarrassing.

No. 651416

I work with at risk kids as a mentor and I honestly can't wait to quit my job. I have to take them out every week to do activities and while I have explored a lot of my state, I don't particularly enjoy working with kids. They're great kids don't get me wrong but it's just not something I want to be stuck with while I'm in college. It's very draining and I don't have it in me to be the best mentor I can be. I have at least a month and a half left before my kids are discharged.

I just want a low-key job at a book store with regular hours and a decent pay.

No. 651439

File: 1602281995290.jpeg (46.53 KB, 663x602, 056C33B5-9E93-4629-AAE9-E2CB2D…)

Ughhhh I’m learning java and my assignment wanted me to use escape sequences to make shapes and my dumbass tried for an hour to use \t and \n to space out the asterisks and it turns out that I can use the space bar.. man when I figured that out I just wanted to cry because I wasted so much time for some dumb shit

No. 651443

I managed to absorb body insecurities through the internet when I never had them before. I know that my body is not the problem with my general unattractiveness because it's the only thing I get complimented on except for clothes sometimes. I need to walk away from the internet but I don't have anything else to do because, again…

No. 651454

God fucking damn it. I’m having to break up with my boyfriend because he’s emotionally abusive but I’m going to miss the general intimacy and cuddling and sex so badly. Hook-ups aren’t the same, 99% of the guys would suck and there’d be no emotional connection, which is most of the reason it’s fun in the first place. Why couldn’t he just be a better person? Despite his issues I genuinely love who he is as a person. He is intelligent, creative, strong, funny, quirky, charming. Now I’m going to be alone and miserable again. FUCK

Honestly even thinking about other men makes me feel sick to my stomach because they’re not him. I know I just need to give myself time and “enjoy being alone” or whatever but I’m so tired… honestly don’t feel like life is even worth living most of the time and when he wasn’t being shitty, my partner was the one part of my life that truly made me happy. I just don’t want to do this anymore

No. 651455

Do you ever just listen to a man and feel like most of the things he says about women actually describes men

No. 651459

Maybe this is because i'm too sensitive but i'm REALLY sad over seeing teen girls who said that they don't want to love themselves, they want plastic surgery and only that will make them happy and getting hundreds of likes and women saying boob jobs solved their problems. They said they need fat redistribution and boob jobs and that they didn't care if they might die on the operating table.

I don't know it just makes me want to cry seeing girls so young under that kind of pressure to not have small boobs or fat in the wrong places an hundreds of people agreeing. How many more are there? i was insecure at their age too but no one actually encouraged me to go udner the knife, they encouraged me to see nothing was wrong with my body. But these girls are getting yas kween it's your ChOicE as a response and idk i'm really worried for this generation.

No. 651465


Men are masters of projection, that's just a fact

No. 651466

Whenever men claim women are overemotional I think of all the men in my life who have had hissy fits over meaningless things and cause literal wars over muh hurt male pride.

No. 651478

Literally all the time. Especially anytime I read psychology bullshit.

No. 651492

Had a toxic ex tell me when he was "apologizing" that he shouldn't have responded like a "hysterical woman." I was like nah honey, that was all you. Even the most emotionally unstable women I've known have never reached your level of meltdowns. Ironic that your sex continually pushes that stereotype onto us though. Almost like you're the ones "nagging"?

No. 651494

Emotional men who project rather than own up to their bullshit are the fucking worst people on the planet.

No. 651495

There's that newer documentary on Netflix that came out called The Social Dilemma which partly touches on this. Deaths by suicide in the US are up 70% in older teenage girls compared with the first decade of the century. In pre-teen girls it's up by 151%. Girls were also less likely to have ever had any romantic contact with other kids (something as simple as a date).

You're right, it's a massive problem. Tellingly, almost all of the professionals on there who were parents said they didn't allow their children on social media whatsoever.

No. 651497

>men claim women are overemotional
I've never in my entire life known a man to say this that wasn't an overemotional mess themselves. They're dangerous because they don't know how to process their own feelings and are more likely to lash out at you or project.

No. 651499

File: 1602287606931.jpg (83.1 KB, 909x899, pickme please.jpg)

Beginning to hate the pickme side of myself that touches up my makeup to hang out with a bunch of men who barely know what mascara is.

No. 651503

My ex (as of today) got my fucking gas turned off after we got into an argument and now i'll have to pay $50 to turn it back on

No. 651504

As you should, anon.

Reject validation, embrace not giving a fuck.

No. 651514

Jesus, that's even more depressing.

I agree that kids shouldn't have social media accounts but those were older teens, like 16 or so, i don't think you can really stop them from having accounts at that age. But it could make a huge difference to educate and be open about how impossible the standards online are and how plastic surgery won't solve shit, hopefully more parents do it.

What gets me too were the "feminists" talking to these teens and saying nothings wrong with blowing your life savings on unnecessary surgeries for a perfect body, i just want to scream.

No. 651534

Burn the mascara anon, that shit is just there to smudge and to waste your time. Fuck make up maintenance.

No. 651538

I don't think my mom is racist or interested in any type of racial purity, but her idea of wanting blonde blue eyed grandkids weirds me out. I think it's probably because she ruined my life and wants to try again with children who "look just like me", but still.. if I had kids I would probably move to so far they'd have minimal contact with her

and anyway, even if I did have children with a blonde guy, there is still the possibility that they'd have dark curly hair and brown eyes because that's what my dad has…

No. 651543

Wait so why did she have kids with a brown eyed black haired guy? I feel like that's very counterproductive if you want an aryan baby

No. 651546

I'm trying to finish my work, but this writing shit is so difficult and overrated. I wish I was naturally gifted at writing tbh.

No. 651555

Had an orgasm for the first time in months and now I have bad cramps, cool.

No. 651559

She dated arab guys before meeting my dad (my dad is just like 20 % Russian though), so idk where this need for cute blonde babies comes from. I think she just wants a better version of me bc I turned our "aryan".

My family is just full of crazy people.

No. 651563

People take advantage of me and it makes me sad.

No. 651582

We get it. You're an "other girl". Now shut up about it.

No. 651587

What’s the point of dumb shit like this, I can’t tell if you meant to reply to a post or you’re just annoying and too pussy to vague on your socials so you take this retarded shit here without elaboration

No. 651592

Positive vent: just sitting here listening to my bf ranting passionately against the porn industry and people who watch porn and i cant help but get a little proud of my nigel

No. 651606

I got a task (art related) assigned at work I thought I can do; lied for two weeks it's going fine even though I didn't know how to even approach it, deadline is Monday/Tuesday and I realize I lack technical skill to finish it properly; not doing it is not an option and there's no one that can help me at this point; I feel like I'm about to out myself as a fraud after being able to succesfully avoid challenges for over three years, FML.

No. 651613

NTAYRT but venting in an anonymous vent thread is a lot less cringey than vagueing on your socials. I really hope you don't do that, it's cow behaviour.

No. 651616

I have to remember to never talk with normies about homosexuality and children again. You can show them studies about children adopted by homosexual couples and they will simply ignore them. Actually, a guy just told me that all studies can be biased and that adoption for gay couples can never be allowed (it's illegal here just like gay marriage), because it goes against "children's best interests" and a gay couple could never give that "special thing" to a child that a heterosexual couple can give, except he wasn't willing to tell me what that "special thing" is exactly, because he "didn't want to sound offensive". Too late, retard.

No. 651621

This is the vent thread

No. 651624

I hate myself idk whst to do with my life considering going back to school for early childhood education diploma cuz it seems like the only thing I'd enjoy but they get paid fuck all and i have chronic pain so like am i just bound to be a neet forever?

No. 651628

Ph I don’t, I just meant does it really count as a “vent” if it looks like a vague tweet.

No. 651629

What is the project? Like what's involved/needed for help?

No. 651639

Fully painted digital illustration, so it's not like I can go ask how to do it since the "how" needs to come from a time spend on practice which I don't have. I'll have to find some tricks to make it look remotely acceptable and it really is stressing me out.

No. 651645

I made dinner for my boyfriend and his brother the other day and his brother was just so rude and ungrateful. I asked how the food was, he said "it's okay," then said he didn't like the seasoning and the way I cooked the vegetables, among a bunch of other nitpicks.

Idk if I'm being overly sensitive, it just seems so rude. He doesn't cook at all and he's getting free homemade food. Wouldn't you just be grateful you're getting dinner?

No. 651648

Why do i fucking fall in love with women so easily. i hate being like this. i dont want to get hurt again but i also dont want to hurt anyone and god fucking DAMN IT

No. 651658

You look at tutorials on youtube and happy little trees that shit together like you're going to get an award for it. Pull it together. You don't have time to freak out, only for action.

No. 651659

It's good to learn this lesson before it gets to the "do I look fat in this" stage

No. 651685

File: 1602300713428.png (108.77 KB, 410x427, E27AD72E-9737-4210-8A81-9D0CFC…)

This morning I woke up so happy and free feeling. I didn’t purge the night before or binge, I worked out, I started talking to a guy I liked… and a switch flipped for no reason, and since 4:30 I’ve been binging and purging. It’s now 11:30 at night. I hate myself. I’m googling therapists that will take my insurance and do cbt. My life feels like a slow motion car crash I just reverse and watch over and over again. Sorry for the melodramatics. I know I need help and this isn’t the place for it. I’m so sick of doing this to myself and ruining my own happiness.

No. 651699

Actual symptom of autism

No. 651747

Am I the autist here? Genuine question because I’m definitely a social dumbass, but I feel like it’s super impolite to nitpick someone’s food after they cooked for you. I’ve had friends make me dishes that I’m not crazy about, but I’d definitely never be like “yeah can you use more garlic next time”, that seems wildly inappropriate.

No. 651749

File: 1602304798622.jpeg (61.42 KB, 1080x564, Eg9KjLLWoAEpWdP.jpeg)

My family spent most of my youth calling me every variation of ugly and fat.
>no neck
>fat ugly and uncomfortable
>fat indian (and im not even indian)
>unibrow kid

and my mother made it very clear I was unattractive and fat (unused to force me to run on the treadmill at age 8 instead of just not giving me seconds for dinner) and didn't present "like a lady" and I just find it hilarious that now they're sending me old pics of myself and when I make comments like "Ugh, I look so ugly" They're like "omg you're not ugly, you're beautiful" and calling me a "beautiful young lady" now…. it all feels so fucked. Like shut the fuck up. At the most vital point of my life, when you should've been uplifting me and making my young impressionable self feel lovable, you consistently shat on me and made me hate myself and now I feel that so deeply that I don't believe anyone when they compliment me and constantly feel like I'm being lied to.

No. 651754

No, he would be. A symptom of autism is not being able to filter your thoughts so of course he'd say rude shit like that out loud.

No. 651758

not her, not even related, but;
>not being able to filter your thoughts
I always hear that, but I've never understood exactly what it meant
Do they just say every thought they have? Like, what you're hearing is their full stream of conscious?

No. 651759

File: 1602305462440.gif (1.86 MB, 400x207, tumblr_prcp0ajQ7Z1xqq5qqo4_r1_…)

I just want a goddamn fucking boyfriend but every guy in my city seems to be as bland as oatmeal, every time i start talking with a man they just BORE me, they have no other hobbies than playing normie vidiya like Call of Duty and League of Legends, don't even get me into music if I have to hear that a guy's favourite musician is either Travis Scott or Kanye I will drink cyanide.

I don't even want a good high value men, just one thats fucking interesting at least.

No. 651766

Anon I'm sorry you're in pain. Truly. I know you took a step backwards but I'm proud of you for doing healthy things earlier in the day and looking into therapists now. In my opinion that means you still had a net positive today. Please don't give up. Get help like you're planning to and keep fighting.

No. 651767

It's kinda like, if they feel a certain way about something you're going to find out. There's no internal filter helping them figure out "Is this the right thing to say? How will this effect the mood? Should I say this?"

You won't hear every thought, it's just more like, in situations where you should shut up, they don't. For example if you worked hard on a drawing, the average person will be nice about it even if it looks fucked but the autistic person might just tear you a new one, or give you unsolicited criticism, even if socially, the polite thing to do is smile and nod.

I fall victim to my own lack of filter, unfortunately. It sucks and is probably why people don't like me but what can you do? If I have a wedgie I'm gonna fucking say it and if I don't like something I'm gonna say it.

please don't crucify me I am speaking only from personal experience and not for every autist

No. 651775

File: 1602306548694.png (38.46 KB, 272x301, 2day.png)

genuinely thank you for this answer

No. 651778

That’s helpful, thanks anon!

No. 651821

Nostalgia is so fucking painful. It physically hurts to think about when things were simple and my parents were younger and it felt like they would never die. They're not sick or anything, I'm just realizing how fleeting time is. I don't want to feel scared about the future anymore. I don't want to feel like the best has passed.

No. 651844

I feel that. I would sacrifice my soul to go bck.

No. 651853

File: 1602316306177.jpg (31.38 KB, 705x940, 1597180956649.jpg)

Anon please don't post him in this context he's too pure for this

No. 651855

i must have some stupid stomach virus omg. ive barfed almost non stop for 20 hours and chipped a fucking tooth at some point yesterday. i dreamt that i call out of work but i dont think i actually did. i dont want to get fired. but my stomach is on fire and i cant stop cramping. end this pls

No. 651860

An updated vent to >>650949.

>>650969 you're right about it. My partner has an aversion to periods, but he faints at the sight of blood so I don't think it's the "womens thing" aspect. I talked to both my partner and friend once I calmed down about how it sucked to hear them say what they did, and they both said it wasn't their personal view, more how it would come across to the company, and they're sorry and don't mean to stigmatise periods.

ANYWAY, later on another (male) friend chimed in and it showcased >>650955 to a fucking T. He was saying I talked fine when describing the situation and didn't SOUND in too much pain. It's probably not too painful to work and if it is I should go on some kind of BC because it's a disability if I need to take a sick day for it. That i'd probably not attend work if I had the cold if I do this (which…yeah I'd take the day off, I don't want to be a spreader) and HE QUESTIONS MY WORK ETHIC as a result.

FUNNY ENOUGH, he's recently become a manager at his work. Poor staff. He's in the UK and very slowly he's been transitioning into a right tory cunt. My friend and I would systematically address his opinions that were void of empathy. We had to remind him a few times that people on benefits for the most part don't actually want to be and it's not an easy life, he hates fat people (will move the goalposts to morbidly obese due to medical costs or just fat depending on how much we challenge it) and seems to have this attitude of "if that's where they are in life, that's what they deserve". His in-laws are straight up racist and he doesn't seem to mind or want to talk about it at all. He will 100% ignore humanitarian issues I bring up in chat.

I told him I don't respect his opinion enough to address the points like I did with the other friend and left it at that, but i'm seething. He's been my best friend for so long too.

No. 651861

Don't fucking post with the lesbian day hashtags if your gf is apparently your fucking bf any other time i am so fucking tored of these goddamn pronoun messes fuck off

No. 651868

File: 1602319746207.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 746.46 KB, 1242x1053, 45A41E80-8F30-4F25-9E3A-39E7DE…)

I have an enormous, red, infected pus filled boil on my thigh- so bad I have a high fever and swollen lymph nodes. Hurts to walk, just laying in bed with a hot compress. I just feel like a disgusting freak. I have no idea why this happens to me. I’m healthy, and I get a terrible boil on my inner thighs about twice a year.

No. 651872

I got cut off from my unemployment abruptly right after buying (a few reasonable) birthday presents, honestly ready to kill myself… I am already scrabbling to sell everything i own that i dont absolutely need. I cant go back to work, in the service industry i would get sick so fast and loose my job from being ill, or worse. I dont even own a computer to do "work from home" jobs. I havent slept in days from stress im going to be homeless in the next 3 months.

No. 651878

>read my fav women's magazine
>read a 3-page article about relationships with polar-opposite people
>it's weirdly hard to read despite me usually loving every page of the magazine
>text consists of mostly dry and flatly cited facts, statistics and quotes and some very shallow attempts at sharing relatable personal experiences
>think to myself: "lol almost sounds like one of those scrotes writing essays on 4chan's /adv/"
>go back to the index pages to look up the author
>there's even a picture of "her"

No. 651883

Was kind of hoping the spoilered pic was the boil, so maybe I’m worse than you

No. 651903

File: 1602326073898.jpg (238.1 KB, 900x1270, atelier-ryza-ever-darkness-and…)

>playing the mana khemia and atelier rpg series ever since elementary school
>love it for the cute designs of enemies and protagonists
>get every release sometimes even across platforms and following this series like no other
>along comes ryza, pic related
>coomerism ensues
>i cry

maybe totori, and ayesha and sophie and meruru and esca were lewded just as much and i didn't notice because i was too young, but i honestly feel like i can't look up anything about the series anymore without seeing somebody sperging about uwu ryzas thighs save lifes she's my mommy and here's a link to my personal hentai collection

No. 651917

You can always tell…you don’t even need to see them.

No hope for women’s spaces anymore lol

No. 651918

Mel Kishida’s designs were definitely not as sexual as that

No. 651922

File: 1602327720325.jpg (473.85 KB, 1500x1085, yande.re 395833 sample atelier…)

Nor was Hidari's artwork on the Dusk Trilogy. What a shame Gust feel like they gotta pander to the coombrains :(

No. 651955

I’m just like haha get over yourself and get help.

No. 651967

Tied to fall asleep without a podcast. Couldn't do it, my thoughts are too shit. I got myself worked up and anxious within minutes. I miss the quiet and falling asleep rather quickly. Feels like it takes me hours to fall asleep if I am sober these days.

No. 651976

I want to die when people call Tupperware tubberware it makes my skin crawl. Can’t believe I just typed it fuck

No. 651980

You should be more upset about the excessive price difference between tupperware and regular food containers.

No. 651983

NTA, but I have a few tupperware products and few "imitations" and there is noticeable difference in the quality tbh.

No. 651990

I agree with you on the quality.

I can't justify paying around $60 USD for a plastic bowl set.

No. 652001

when my husband does the dishes he doesnt clean them off thoroughly and i have to re-wash some of them afterwards. i told him about it and showed him how to clean them correctly but he keeps doing it poorly. i dont think its on purpose though.

No. 652002

In my country they say it "tuppervaara", I feel you

No. 652007

im so scared at the thought that i may never experience love

No. 652008

Nah, he's definitely doing it on a purpose to make you clean them. Even a monkey can wash dishes. it's the easiest thing on earth. Sorry you have a man child for a husband

No. 652009

It's getting more and more frustrating, anon. I hear you.

No. 652015

I hate reddit. I especially hate how it's full of coomer shit and literally all of it is aimed at men. How many subreddits about conventionally attractive women aimed at straight men do we even really need anymore? There is like one subreddit about supposedly attractive men which is specifically aimed at straight women and it's always full of old crusty dudes just because they're "charming" or "talented" or whatever irrelevant shit, and you get downvoted to hell if you dare to imply those men aren't literal Adonises. All the actual Chad subreddits are explicitly by gay men for gay men and not very welcoming to women. WLW don't have it any better either since all of their thirst subreddits seem to have been invaded by troons.

I know this is absolutely not a reddit exclusive problem, but it's so damn blatant on there.

No. 652018


community driven content, you want a federal decree to instate a porno parity? lmao

No. 652023


I already said

>I know this is absolutely not a reddit exclusive problem, but it's so damn blatant on there

>not a reddit exclusive problem

Literally the entire internet is like this actually. Show me a somewhat active internet community aimed at straight women that promotes actually attractive men, or a WLW community that isn't tranny central. I'll wait.

No. 652024


Why do I need to do that? Is this required for something? The content you want isn't made or disseminated and its nobody's fault or a "problem" besides for you when you can't get off I guess.

No. 652027

NTA but you sound autistic and reddity

No. 652028

Ntayrt, but really, it’s not a problem that women are disproportionately sexualized by men without any reciprocation being permitted? Enjoy jerking off to your newest iteration of r/jailbait.

No. 652029

It is always so obvious when a scrote comes in here because even the biggest cunts on this site can usually avoid being so fucking demeaning with the “muh fallacies in your statement female therefore point invalid”

No. 652030


Yes, because attractive male content aimed at women is such a small tiny niche and I'm literally the only person in the world who want this… it's not like I'm asking for some obscure shit that can only be found in the deep bowels of deviantart or pixiv

No. 652031

Anon are you high risk?

Because it's not a guarantee to get ill provided everyone including the customers wear maks and they sanitize everything, and no one is firing people for getting corona.

It's scary even if you're not in a high risk group but it beats being homeless and stressing yourself sick.

No. 652033

I want to get a BBL and breast implants but I’m in grad school in a science field and I’m wondering if it’s a good idea because I’m afraid people won’t take me seriously, specially my advisors, what you girls think ?

No. 652035

I think it has to do with the design too, when comparing to totori for example, her dress is short, her thighs and part of her chest shows, but looking at the official art this isn't the focus. Ryzas art and figures give a lot of emphasis on the breasts and thighs, they knew what they were doing with the tight shirt and the thigh "indentations" since thick thighs are the new fad. The designers are pandering to what's popular for coomers so of course they came and started ruining everything.

No. 652039

I don't think you should get a BBL at all, just cause of how dangerous they are. But people probably won't take you seriously. I've noticed that with women who are more curvy people don't take them serious cause they're seen as sexual beings. There's also the risk of sexual harassment in a workplace, but when is that risk not present. Maybe you can get the procedures and just change how you dress at school to hide your body more.

No. 652040

atelier series is trash for retard weebs anyway, who cares. rorona literally had a gropey older woman in it.

No. 652045

Unless you're in a high risk group, it's better to go back to work than to become homeless. I know it's a controversial opinion here but the reality is that only a miniscule percentage of healthy young adults (I assume you're somwhere between 18-30ish) dies or otherwise suffers serious health consequences.

No. 652048

You should do what you want anon, you're an adult, but being brutally honest ime they won't. It may not be right but men and women alike will have less respect if you look too barbie-like, and if they hear that you had plastic surgery done prepare to be mocked behind your back and to your face in some cases and to be treated as a vain person, have assumptions made, unwanted attention from gross researchers and generally be considered less competent.

Ofc this all already comes with just being a woman, but a "nerdy" appearance helps. I've seen some really smart women be set back because they looked too much like models and had these issues.

So it may be not worth it depending on the reason for surgery and what your career means to you.

No. 652071

i'm getting a masters degree in library and information science, which i really enjoy, but a lot of people in my country seem to take this degree as a plan B. it annoys me to death because they are so vocal about their anxieties related to it. some of them even seem ashamed of it as a career choice? because i come off as a bubbly and friendly person they feel like they can vent to me about it, even though i barely know them, ugh. like go write about it in your diary bitch idgaf!! when i've met people from other countries taking the same degree they have had a completely different attitude and been really excited about it… what is wrong w ppl in my country smh.

No. 652089

My life is not going to get any better. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's fine the way it is, but any changes I make will be on the same "level", not up. I can't imagine decades ahead full of the same basic-ness. I think it's time to end it.

No. 652098

If it's fine the way it is, and you're content with that situation, why would you want to commit suicide? If you want to do so, it suggests that you aren't actually content with it and want something more.

No. 652100

It's objectively fine, as in most people are/would be content with it, I'm just restless and don't like anything lol.

No. 652105

Living in a bad neighborhood has made me a lil racist

No. 652112

No. 652118

it's a poor people issue, not a race issue

No. 652149

Anon a good friend of mine is currently taking the same thing and I think it’s the coolest thing! He’s complained similarly to you, sorry to hear people can be so petty.

No. 652158

im sad that the universes and people ive created in my head dont exist irl…it genuinely depresses me that none of them actually exist.

No. 652163

I hate that i dont have thin/average body sized friends and even more so that i cant talk about weightloss/people getting obese without them thinking im some pro ana anti haes bitch or them getting salty because they are part of what i want to talk about.
Its hard to talk about gym stuff with anyone because everyone thinks or only wants to talk about cardio or meme exercises and male fitness friends irl are full of broscience.
Cant talk about me needing to cut (calories/ aka diet) again without my fatty chan friends getting salty because theyre 20-80lbs overweight and im within a healthy rage admittedly the upper end which is why i cant fit in with the ana chans. I also cant stand fat or skinny logic or basically anyone anti cico when it comes to losing or gaining weight.

Friends who were sub 100 (healthy weight for their height) in high school now weigh 160+. When i even attempt to talk about dieting/going to the gym to weightlift im met with so much fatlogic. "Anon youll look like a man!" ive been doing this for a year and because i dont eat enough protein or am inconsistent my muscles hardly show. "i eat a piece of bread and gain 50 lbs" "cardio is the ONLY way to lose weight FOR ME and the gyms are closed because of corona"

I use to browse /fit/ and fitness discords but the dudes are so depressing and sadly thirsty i cant stand it either. Plus online friends arent really irl friends.

No. 652168

Sigh, as soon as I cut off my toxic fat friend I lost 10lbs. Every single time we hung out my overweight friends would start talking about how "men don't like skinny girls" or some shit like that.

A good amount of overweight people are toxic and jealous of thinner people wether they'd like to admit or not.

No. 652171

Guh. I need people like you around to keep me fucking motivated.
I'm not overweight, but I acknowledge that I have fat that I would like to fuck off. I'm probably too basic for you in the gym department, opting more for the 10-15 minute cardio for warm-up only, and relied heavily on leg-presses, extensions, and curls on machines because I can do it without being in the middle of a bunch of dudes. I'm having a lot of joint issues now because of fucking adderall, and I don't know how to work around that.
OT, but in the same line, it pisses me off to see women's multivitamins for athletic women having bullshit herbs that are known to fuck with the menstrual cycle too.

No. 652176

Sounds like you're blaming your fat friends for not having average people to talk to. Join a few activities and clubs.

No. 652180

File: 1602352928997.jpeg (85.72 KB, 452x678, EEBA9FE4-AB0F-49A7-B2B8-A2D4BE…)

I do commercial modelling and tv commercials sometimes as a gig, im a very plain and slightly dumpy person so im perfect for shit like scrubs catalogs, but now my agency is doing a thing where we all the models need to come watch some classes because of how they changed stuff for corona and standing next to the high fashion girls makes me want to peel my skin off, its literally pic related.

No. 652182

>discussion of fat friends being toxic/jealous
Be careful, anon. This might touch some nerves somewhere.

No. 652184

Women are jealous of other women.
More news at 11.

No. 652191

theres fucking farmers on tv?

No. 652195

Everytime I encounter another woman in life or on screen I think to myself is she a farmer

No. 652196

Dude sliced off her thumb. Men always react disproportionately. Always. Other men justify it because she "started" it. There are also men sad he didn't kill her. I hate moids.

No. 652197

Are your friends all midgets

No. 652201

I am a complete idiot because I had the curiosity to check on how a guy who groomed me when I was 16.

Thankfully, only online but I still feel gross remembering everything; he would guilttrip me into nudes and sexcall, on top of that he both abused and gaslighted me to a point where I lost all of my friends because he would always keep telling how much of a trash they are, and that I am also shit at xyz. He would never feel happy or proud of me when I am doing something good, however if I'd feel horrible or fail at something he'd be happy as hell. I know, I was young and stupid because at first he was charming. All of his excuses on everything turned out to be "i am a sociopath xd tf u want from me". He actually tried to stalk my social media for 2 years just to always dm me, saying that I was wrong and that we should start over.

And you know… Checking on him was still a nice thing. Why? Because he is dating some pornsick furry guy now. I actually thought predator-kun would come out as a trannie because last time I was around him he would brag about how nice it feels to jerk off while having something inside his ass. Hell. He put a cucumber there. He also told he was catfishing people in FF XIV by playing as fem char. In all years he kept trying to reach to me, only now he found a fucking match. LOL!

No. 652203

I’m trying to purchase this book that i really want and for some reason i only found ONE listing on ebay and the seller won’t ship to my country. I can’t even message him and ask for an exemption bc ebay doesn’t let you. So contact a friend in the US to let it ship to his adress but evay doesn’t let him purchase either??? I swear this book is curesd.

No. 652204

She had her thumb sliced off and she didn't even freak out. She shouted "Ready when you are". I have to respect that.

No. 652208

Your post was worrying me at first but fuck anon, that’s got to feel good. Maybe it’s crappy to say, but watching shit people’s lives fall apart is a special kind of catharsis

No. 652209

Oh my god that photo is fucking horrific. I wonder if she got it stitched back on?

No. 652212

I have an eyelash stuck under my eyelid and I can’t get it out no matter how much I rub my eye

No. 652216

Update they are making me do shit like runaway walking and I’ve never felt more insecure in my whole life. Im quitting after this lol.

No. 652218

My apologies, anon-chan! Honestly if I checked on him 2 years ago would have putten myself through hell again because I had such low self-worth.

Honestly? I agree. I think shitty people deserve experiencing something shitty so they might learn.

I also lurked more about his furry bf, the said furry was kicked out by mother because he always been playing videogames and according to timeline, he is lying about his age on his furaffinity account and must be in mid 20s.

No. 652219

did you try to get your eye teary (holding eyelid to not blink for a while). it may get out easier

No. 652221

Say it when there are pictures next time, fuck you for making me look at her injured hand.

No. 652223

Adrenaline is a hell of a drug but I'm glad she didn't give the psychotic scrote the satisfaction of a scream when he sliced off her thumb like that. That's one tough ass bitch.
Is he going to get arrested? He's the one who charged her with the blade.

No. 652224

Sorry anon, that feeling must suck. Don’t let the insecurity ruin your aspirations though.

No. 652228

Thread pic looks like my ex if he shaved his head I get triggered every time I see it

Also why do so many men look like this

No. 652249

Eh its not my real job or dream just a side gig, I play supermaket cashiers ffs, but it just feels cruel to do this to us commercial folk.

No. 652256

Damn anon, who cares? There's always going to be more attractive women than you, just do your own thing and don't compare yourself to anyone.

No. 652257

I've fallen into such a deep hole that I have no idea how to climb out of. I had a full, active life before COVID: a job, school, a volunteer gig I loved. I lost all of it in a single day. Nothing that I was doing has re-opened, and there are no plans for that to happen anytime soon. All the jobs that are available to me right now are things that I'm laughably overqualified for, so I never get any responses to my applications. I've been trying to find a job (literally anything at this point) for 4 months with no luck. I'm still in school, but it's all over Zoom. My classes are a mess. My professors don't care. They're disorganized, unmotivated, etc. I'm receiving money that I'm pretty sure I'm not actually eligible for and I can't get anyone the phone to help me verify, so they just keep sending it to me and I don't spend any of it because I'm fully expecting to have to pay all of it back at some point. It's pretty fucked up because I actually really need the money at this point. I have less than $250 to my name that I can actually spend and no job prospects.

I've just kind of shut down to everything at this point. I barely speak to anyone. On the rare occasion I do talk to people, it's like I can't understand anything they're telling me. I can't pay attention. I have to ask everyone to repeat themselves. My memory is shot. I don't remember things I did five minutes ago. I don't try and help myself anymore. I don't try to fix things. It feels like there's absolutely no point. Nothing even feels real.

No. 652261

My boyfriend has been more and more manipulative and emotionally abusive lately. I genuinely think he doesn’t realise what he’s doing and that he just feels like I should do more and more emotionally for him. If his feelings aren’t in the center of everything, if I say something that isn’t considerate of his feelings 100%, if I dare express my own feelings as opposed to his he starts raising his voice at me and telling me he feels like he doesn’t matter and that I don’t care about him. (What I mean by that is that let’s say we’re in a conversation/situation/argument where we both upset each other. If I express that he’s hurt me instead of just apologising for hurting him and talking about how I hurt him and so forth, he’ll start saying that I don’t listen to him, that he feels like he doesn’t matter in this relationship, etc).
Last night I went out with friends for the first time in months. I told him I might be back late and I might get drunk. I answered to his texts updating with roughly what we were doing. Around 8pm I said I would probably head back within the hour. He answered “don’t worry, no rush”. Ended up texting him at 11pm that I was heading back (8mn drive). When I got home he wasn’t there. Now this is completely unusual for him to not be home at that time, and he didn’t say anything. I panicked because I was drunk and very worried. I texted and called him a couple too many times. No answer. He came back through the door and started snapping at me about how between the time I texted him I was coming back and that moment, there was as much time passed as between (?something else, can’t remember, but you get the idea). I didn’t care I was just relieved (and drunk) so when he got in bed I just cuddled him. After 10 minutes he pushed me away and snapped at me to turn off the light. I asked him if he was mad about me not texting enough or fast enough he said : “I’m not mad that is just how you choose to interpret my reaction. You are the one that’s mad”. And then saying that I didn’t text him back on purpose? And that he had absolutely done nothing wrong. So at that point we both went to sleep.
I want to leave him over it because what the fuck. But i love him and overall he does spark joy. It sucks so much. How do you get a man to see the errors of his ways

No. 652264

Leave him. It's not going to better unless he recognizes he's being abusive and takes action to change that, which it sounds like he has no intention of doing anytime soon.

No. 652267

These aren’t normal attractive women, its 6’0 High Fashion models, while im a dumpy 5’1 goblin thing, and I have to try to runaway walk in front of them.

No. 652288

I hate men so much. I went to the convenience store to grab some milk last night and I was clearly on a facetime call, I had my earbuds plugged in and I was talking with my phone directly infront of my face when this young, normal looking guy steps in my way and starts talking to me. I stop because we’re near the train station and I think he’s asking for directions or something important. I take my earbuds out and ask him to repeat himself. Dude literally just stopped me dead in my tracks to say “hey ma what’s your name”. I got so fucking mad lmao. I’m used to being catcalled but I’m a little sheltered so I’ve never been stopped dead in my tracks like that, in the middle of a call with my mask and earbuds on. Men have no fucking shame.

No. 652290

I want to unsee

No. 652296

Oh my God I just moved to a newish not so great area and shit like this happens almost every time I leave the house. Men will dead ass stop their cars in the middle of the street to be like "YO U GOT A BF" or "AY LEMME GET YO NAME." It's unbelievable. Like you, I've only ever been catcalled or honked at while out and about. I don't even feel safe going out alone anymore. And yes they will still do it even if you have earbuds in. Fuck men

No. 652299

My colleague has a controlling girlfriend (he doesn’t say she is, but she’s always blowing up his phone at work and getting jealous when he interacts with anyone else). We messaged recently about work stuff and on reflection, I’m pretty sure it was her. He’s admitted that he’s let her do this before and in this last conversation the way ‘he’ wrote was different. I’m not sure if he was telling her what to say and she was typing it or if she was let loose to do what she wanted

Anyway, it’s creeping me out because she seems psycho. It’s obvious nothing is going on between us as we’re not even friends so I don’t understand her problem. I just want to do my work in peace and not have to worry about some insecure woman sticking pins in a voodoo doll

No. 652300

Idk if I'm just ugly or if it's because I never leave the house bc I've never had this happen to me. I wouldn't know how to react if it did. What are you supposed to do when someone approaches you like that? Just ignore them?

No. 652302

Was told "damn baby them thighs thick" on my own fucking campus, fully dressed from head to toe, by someone who I don't even think went there. Don't move to a major city, it's EXPECTED to get cat called daily .

No. 652330

usually i just act gross and pick my nose or something, but recently due to masks i just laugh really loud to their face and force a belch.

No. 652346

File: 1602367169391.jpg (32.88 KB, 840x560, arthurrrr-frleck.jpg)

Arthur Fleck is literally me

No. 652349

I hate that my boyfriend tries to have sex with me immediately after I wake up. Like my start to the day is his erection pressing against my back or side, and then as soon as I indicate I’m awake he’s literally on top of me spreading my legs. Or he’ll start touching my vagina and I have actually grab his arm and say ‘no’. I hate it, makes me feel like nothing but a hole to him, makes me actively start to avoid sex with him even when I’m actually in the mood. I’m starting to be put off even cuddling him because he /always/ tries to escalate it into sex. Fuck sake he was so nice to start with, whhhy

No. 652351

No. 652356

With the way you're acting, you are nothing but a hole. Tell him to fuck off and stop trying to turn every touch into sex.

No. 652365

Why are you telling us this? Tell him, or if you think he won’t care, dump him.

No. 652367

File: 1602368967895.png (2.6 MB, 1289x918, 3fsZ94c.png)

Some of my friends are being kind of mean/rude to me at this party and I don't really get why.

They made me pinky promise me not to tell my new bf what they were going to ask me about him. So I said sure. They asked me "So is he a serial killer? His fb picture makes him look like one, something about the face." …How was I supposed to respond to something like this, and why would they think it would only hurt his feelings and not mine too?
I posted him in a thread once and no farmers said anything like that about him.
One friend met him and he was quiet, so I guess that made him a "serial killer." We're on the third month of dating and he already took me on a really nice vacation for my birthday (which none of my friends really cared about…), and got me some really expensive jewelry.
He's legitimately treated me well, he's sweet, and spends a lot of time with me. He was denied time off from work to make it to the party tonight, so they haven't really gotten to know him. I think it's really sad that they would tell me that. Meanwhile, the last guy I was in a relationship two years ago physically abused me, and even once in front of them on New Year's Eve, and they didn't say shit about that obvious asshole and he mistreated me too before I grew out of being a pandering pickme. Why pick on the guy who is actually treating me well?

Anyways, it's kinda made me retreat into my phone. I'm kinda not feeling this party anymore. The host made it out originally to be a party for the fact that they missed my bday, but it's been mainly about them and I'm kind of the afterthought. Plus they've been kind of backhanded like I've mentioned. Feels bad. Anyways, I'm gonna go back so I don't look pissy. See you later farmers.

No. 652369

I don't want to sound mean but why would you post him in a thread here? I'd never post my bf's picture in a thread here, even in a positive way. I wouldn't want my face on the site so I wouldn't post his.

No. 652371

It wasn't obvious tbf. Neither of us are prominent on the internet so it doesn't matter.

No. 652374

I just found out that we're having family over for thanksgiving for four days. I have to be friendly and entertain my cousin whose near my age and I'll be sleeping on the bottom bunk in my sisters' room. If I complain about any of this I'll get a long lecture about how I'm a selfish disappointment but I hate having my routines disrupted and people in my space and having to entertain people. I'm already mentally off because I'm home for COVID instead of at college and I don't even have my own room right now. I hate living at home but I don't have a plan for moving out right now

No. 652375

I’m not addressing my post to anon here, I’m venting.

No. 652377

Um… I just realized I have a really bad victim mentality and now I hate myself for it. I strongly believe I have no control over my life and that there's no way to change things for the better and that the world just "hates me".

No. 652382

Da fuck? That’s rude as hell. I would have given them the bitchiest face and plainly answered no, he’s not a serial killer, just like you’re not a comedian. Let them know they posted cringe. These people sound like awful company anyway, steal their shit.

No. 652392

I fucking hate ridiculously long hair there is nobody on this earth with super long hair who wouldnt look better with it shorter

No. 652396

No. 652398


https://youtu.be/eTIeMJkromc like with simply nailogicals hair it just seems so nasty or those long hair communities. Also imagine their shower drains holy shit ew just get a fucking haircut please

No. 652399

just another reason to hate her, she sucks.

No. 652401

I was just about to post her kek. She is always wearing her hair up too so it's like why??? Why keep it so long? I like Christine but she would look so much younger with something shorter.

No. 652402

File: 1602371767873.jpg (641.53 KB, 1944x2592, idM8KB0.jpg)

True she was just the first person I thought of with disgustingly long hair. Also pic attached holy shit. It would look so much better short. People with long hair always look so unkempt like they havent stepped outside in years. Theres very rarely someone who actually looks good with their hair super long and also has it in good condition

No. 652406

I think a lot of people with crazy long hair keep it up since it gets tangled easily and in the way. Anything below breast length is always ridiculous imo. Especially when their hair is so flat and has no style to it whatsoever it just looks like you don't take care of yourself at all and probably never wash your hair

No. 652408

As someone with really long hair, I know it looks unflattering and unstylish, but I like it anyway. I keep it clean and tie it up when I'm working and then when it's my own time I get to frolic like a happy elven maiden.

No. 652413

How long is it? I think in very rare circumstances it can look good especially if the hair is well maintained but offen people are clinging to really thin gross looking ends or just remind me of mormons. If you have thicker hair or more texture and the ends aren't thinning it probably doesn't look too bad

No. 652414

Fair enough, anon. I bet ur cute.

No. 652417

it probably looks like shit. especially if you are white.

No. 652418

I like long hair if it’s kept nicely. I think there is something very feminine about it personally. Though, the bet it’s hard to take care of.

No. 652423

Eh it looks fucking amazing if you can afford to maintain it, like weekly salon blowout. Which most people with long hair do not, that’s why they often look like shit.

No. 652426

File: 1602373035372.jpeg (44.11 KB, 425x656, C055529F-7854-4E9E-900A-363E9C…)

I always wanted kind of long soft looking hair, but yeah, it seems like a lot to keep it nice. I don’t have the patience to grow it out though.

No. 652430

People are saying that self diagnosing with bpd is trendy now but it's one thing I legit haven't seen and I really can't see why you would want people to think you have bpd when it's hated by literally everyone

No. 652431

Imo it's easier to maintain long hair, all you have to do is keep it clean, avoid damaging it and occasionally trim the ends. Girls who have the dedication constantly touch up their roots, get regular hair cuts and style theirs every day are remarkable.
Ayrt I definitely look Mormon without makeup lol but old ladies make a fuss about it which is nice

No. 652433

Eh some people can rock the mormon hair. If you keep it clean it isn't too bad. If you look at the long hair community lots of people go like a month without washing their hair which is actually disgusting lol, especially if you're caucasian

No. 652436

i think I'm starting to show early signs of breast cancer and no one is fucking listening to me and theyre acting like im being fucking dramatic. i dont know why THE FUCK NO ONE IS LISTENING TO ME they just think im being "overdramatic" I HAVE THREE INDENTS UNDER MY FUCKING ARM AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE AND THERES NOTHING ONLINE ABOUT IT. FFS. I was having other issues with my chest and NO ONE is fucking listening to me. theyre acting like "oh ur a woman being dramatic lulz" NO IM FUCKING SCARED. im fucking scared. men dont understand fucking anything. they have no FUCKING empathy or understanding theyre making a joke out of it. FUCKS SAKE.

No. 652437

Are you able to see a doctor soon? Lumps and stuff aren't always cancerous and often are not so I understand your concern but try not to lose too much sleep. I'm sorry people in your life are being assholes about it though, men are so ignorant about womens issues. Definitely get it checked out. Hopefully it's just something benign

No. 652441

Ew..a month? I thought I was gross at twice a week.

I’ve got Mormon length hair but it’s pretty easy to look after. Trim the ends myself, blow it out every few days at home, (who can’t do that? Nobody needs a salon for this) and conditioning treatments a few times a month. The worst part is braiding it to prevent damage when you sleep and that’s optional.

No. 652444

I hope so too but it's starting to seem too uncanny. Nothing fucking causes these exact symptoms all at the same time. All I can think is what the fuck is happening to me? I keep finding new shit I'm scared about every day. Fucking hate this shit
Men just don't get it.

No. 652450

I have dry macular degeneration, i got it pretty young which is rare. It's just really starting to bother me. I can't drive, it's getting so hard to read and recognize people right away. I'm scared of what's going to happen with my job.
I guess I dont have much to really vent about. I just feel lost.

No. 652458

I feel bad for venting when I don't have signs of cancer or a degenerative disease but my heart hurts because the guy I like seems to hate me and it's all I can think about. He ignores everything I say even though he laughs at everyone else's jokes, I feel so stupid and it's getting me so low. I don't even care that I don't have a chance with him, he has a girlfriend and is out of my league anyway, I only want to be his friend but he hates me and I can't even get away from him to get over this because we have mutual friends

No. 652462

I'm the gal from >>652450
>>652458 You really shouldn't feel bad for venting. These things all hurt in different ways. If he's treating you like he hates you then you can't take it personally. I'm really sorry that's happening, in life you can't get on with everybody and it sucks when it's someone you're interested in

No. 652469

I love the aesthetics for Fall 2020 in all of the chain fast fashion stores, main theme seems to be this kind of "parisian chic" vibe and I feel like it would look so good on me, but there's no logical justification of buying literally anything this year when I barely leave my house since March and it's not gonna change. I'm gonna miss out.

No. 652478

tbh he probably knows you're into him.

No. 652490

That's so kind of you to reply to me anon. Please don't feel sorry for me at all I'm sorry that you're going through this, I just looked it up now and it must be very scary and overwhelming for you. I hope you have family or loved ones that can be there for you to talk to about it.
I hope not but you're probably right damn

No. 652504

I just started seeing life as something worth living like a year or two ago and now I'm 99% sure my heart is failing. It stops beating randomly, or when it has to go faster, for like ten seconds at a time, palpitations, my blood pressure is at the border of "holy shit you're gonna die" no matter how fast it's beating, I started coughing up foam maybe a year ago, I get pains in my chest/back and arm, and a million other problems. My insurance doesn't cover where I'm living right now and doctors have never listened to me anyways. When I was chubby growing up, they blamed all my problems on the extra five pounds, and now I'm hovering around 19/20 BMI and they won't even pretend to believe me when I say there's something wrong with my health. I don't want to die, I don't want to leave my friends and lose the future I finally want to build for myself. I started talking about wanting to throw myself in front of cars at like five or six years old, spent almost my entire life suicidal, I was so fucking stupid.

No. 652511

I have chronic pain after a suicide attempt last year and struggle to breathe but i also am finally wanting to live my life but idk if I can do anything because my body hurts so much. I really want to do early childhood education but idk if its dumb or not and will only worsen my pain

No. 652520

Sounds like anxiety.

No. 652541

That's a wig

No. 652556

I'm anon that said they were going to commit suicide, I've received help and have started to take more than one antidepressant,my intention when I wrote it weren't to suicidebait, I genuinely felt like I had no option and I really needed to write that somewhere but it's not like I can convince you otherwise, psychological help really has helped me, I would like to thank this site again since it is a place where I have spent a lot of time on.

No. 652562

just received a random call from my high school ex at 1 fucking am, only recognized them by googling the number. texted them asking who it was and that they woke me up, and no reply?? wtf?? I’m annoyed and confused and mad since I have to get up for work in like fours hours

No. 652580

do it girl!

No. 652582

I looked at my exes Spotify and he literally deleted all of his old playlists and now has 5 playlists with music from my favorite artist. He didn't even know about this artist until after we broke up, and prior to that he liked rock music, where as this artist is rap. I feel angry lmfao like he stole a part of me. He didn't even like rap when we were together. I wish I could block someone on Spotify bc I hate that he follows me. God I wish he'd become his own person.

No. 652586

Okay I hate myself. This’ll be super vague but I got jealous looking at certain posts on Instagram of these people and then stupidly commented asking if they’re dating each other or just good friends because I can’t tell and I feel so fucking retarded about it now? Why can’t I just shut up and relax. I know they’ve been good friends for years now so none of this is like, super sudden or shocking but I just had to ask based on these newest posts and the way this chick is dolling everything up… being pathetically irrationally jealous and seeing this shit on social media is the grossest feeling, I need to calm down fast. Embarrassing myself

No. 652590

He could've just made them not public.

No. 652598

I wish assisted suicide was legal, even for non-terminally ill people.
I just want to go into a doctor’s office and be put to sleep. It’s unfair we don’t have this option when nobody chose to be here in the first place, every second of being physically here is torturous.

No. 652604

Okay this lady. Has a husband. I’m a wack job why did I comment that. And I’m too nervous to delete it too because then it’ll look suspicious. Clownery, killing myself

No. 652605

i’m with my sister for a week to help her take care of my newborn niece who has had some health concerns so she’s on oxygen and requires careful and attentive care. i’m currently taking over the “night shift” where i’m caring for her for 8 hours overnight, and only getting about 4-6 hours of sleep myself and then once i wake up i’m also helping with her during the day and my 18 month old nephew.

i struggle with depression and severe anxiety, have chronic pain issues and sleep problems as well, and while i’m glad i’m here to help my sister for a bit it’s taking a massive toll on my mental health. i’m incredibly depressed and the other night i experienced a 3 hour panic attack and became very suicidal. the part that pisses me off though is when i opened up to my narc mother about how tough it’s been doing this (because she asked), she was so flippant and dismissive, basically just waving it away saying “well your sister would do it for you if you needed it” which is the excuse my family always uses to peer pressure me into doing pretty taxing favors like this. on one hand id feel like an asshole if i wasn’t here to help. but on the other i don’t think i should be held to that standard when a) they know i struggle with my mental health, and b) i’m significantly younger and admittedly more immature than my sister who is married and in her 30s. i’m really self sufficient and deal with all my own life shit myself with support from friends and my partner instead of asking for help from my family because i prefer it that way, so i feel like i’m part of this fucked up co-op that i pour so much work and support into but never actually benefit from. it’s pretty fucking depressing and i just want to be home. my dad was sympathetic and supportive but i couldn’t believe my mom was seriously minimizing everything i’m doing rn because it’s super stressful and i’m just an idiot in my 20s with no medical training with my nieces literal life in my hands. idk. i’m exhausted and still have hours left to take care of this little baby. i’m never having kids tbh.

No. 652619

File: 1602404020769.jpg (50.28 KB, 760x715, 65486648.jpg)

my stupid cunt brother smoked weed without opening his window and the alarm ripped me right out of sleep ffs I have work in tHE MORNING REEE STONERS GET THE ROPE

No. 652634

Even if there's objectively nothing going on in my life, I manage to make myself feel shitty by imagining stupid situations or going through things that happened years ago. Also I constantly wonder what others think of me and I can't escape thinking that it's probably in negative light

No. 652638

reliance on follower numbers for validation is fucking pathetic. I get second hand embarrassment when I see my friends posting about their “who unfollowed me” stats. get over yourself!

No. 652691

not leaving outside once and spending all the time like a hobo with a home? beautiful skin, no blemishes or miscoloration, i look like i walked out of a face wash cv
having to be somewhere where i have to make a good impression tomorrow? why, yes, i took a bath in grease yesterday, how nice of you to notice!!

No. 652746

same, anon! Self-isolation during covid has my skin looking clear, pale, and soft. Until I get slightly stressed or have to wear a mask for more than an hour. Then I'm greasy sweat city. Fml my skin is soooo damn good for my age and only I get to see it at home.

No. 652756

I’m not sure you should be telling anon that anxiety is to blame for low blood pressure and coughing foam? Plenty of people think they’re having heart attacks from panic attacks but I would definitely tell anyone reporting symptoms like those to go to a doctor as soon as possible.

No. 652775

My male "NB" friend told our friend group over video chat that he's adopting a dog; it has a boy name because the shelter named it before realizing it was a girl, so she's "trans", according to him, then he yelled "JK Rowling is shaking." Why are these people so embarrassing

No. 652778


it's even more annoying when it's on tumblr where other people can't even see your follower count! unlike twitter on instagram, where people actually having more followers makes your argument inherently more valid

No. 652779


**actually think

No. 652784

I'm so worried about gallbladder stuff. My mom and sisters have all had surgery for it. 2 of them because they are fat fucks and the other 2 because they lost weight.

No. 652800

File: 1602430717353.png (16.03 KB, 200x202, 1599202485721.png)

>see panels of manga with a robokid posted that seem very cute
>look it up and read it but overlook the english title
>it's pedoshit, the robot is his wife
Just why is it always like this?

No. 652808

why is there always that one bitch in the discord server that cries over how irredeemably ugly she is to fish for compliments

No. 652817

Because of the attention, anon.

No. 652829

That sounds really obnoxious. Why are you still friends with these people if you find it cringy as well though?

I don't use either of those sites, but to be fair, I respect caring about your tumblr followers a bit more precisely because others can't see it. It's one thing to care about how many people enjoy your content/your page, but on twitter or instagram follower count is a status thing above all. That makes me look down on those a lot more, it's ridiculous how it's more about chasing clout by having others see your numbers than caring about whether people like you. Otherwise ridiculous stuff like buying fake followers wouldn't be a thing on sites like instagram.

No. 652838


yeah, tumblr users definitely care more about the quality rather quantity when it comes to followers. literally everyone on tumblr blocks and reports and complains about spambots, while twitter and insta users pay money to have spambots inflate their numbers

No. 652846

I’ve been friends with him for a long time and he only became nb this year. He’s always been fairly pro-trans and I didn’t mind much but ever since “coming out” he’s become the extremely obnoxious stereotype you see on twitter.

No. 652916

I showed two people that I got “romantically” involved with a musician I like and now they both act like it’s their favorite shit. It’s really annoying and I absolutely will not tell anyone anything like that ever again. I’m thinking of developing some fake interests just so I can keep my shit to myself

No. 652917

Samefag but neither relationship ended well. They negged the shit out of me and acted like everything I like was stupid yet they do this. Envy is a hell of a drug

No. 652938

This is such a stupid reason to be upset. Be mad that at the fact that you dated a couple of retards, not the fact that they happen to like the same music as you.

No. 652940

Ayyyyy just found out my bf's mom blames me for all his shortcomings since I struggle with mental illness. Couldn't be her precious baby boy. Without me he would have apparently went back to school and bought a house by now but no he had to look after me even though I have a huge support system outside of him and am in therapy. He supported me financially for 5 months out of 6 years and she's like pissed off at me over it still.

No. 652941

Keep stealing your interests from other people, faggot and get off the vent thread

No. 652943

Lmao imagine thinking your interests are so fucking uwu special that you hoard them like a paranoid psycho instead of showing them to others and allowing an artist to get exposure. Like you're allowed to vent about a bad dating experience, but this is a selfish and incredibly immature excuse to do so

No. 652944

Remove yourself from this family. Problem solved.

No. 652945

Damn, this is pathetic. You need to grow up.

No. 652946

Nice samefag

No. 652948

>everyone who disagrees with me is samefag!!11
cry harder you absolute child

No. 652949

They like something you introduced them to, how's that a bad thing?

No. 652978

File: 1602449479842.jpg (28.81 KB, 768x768, 2669571ff728eae12b533ef9e0b10a…)

Just made myself more anxious and paranoid by searching for news about rape of vulnerable or unconscious women in hospitals and even public transport, with horrifying stuff about forced pregnancy too
I know i'm getting worse when i do shit like this but i can't stop

No. 652984

My friend is truly pathetic, I feel sorry for them and their shitty life.

No. 652985

College students (US) that aren’t attending like community college or aren’t going at an older age are whiny and annoying as fuck. Those who have the support of their family are the most frustrating; they act like college is the hardest thing in the world and are ungrateful full for all the free shit and benefits they get, acting like it’s not enough. You know what other people do when they have a lot of work to do? They shut the fuck up about it and buckle down instead of complain online constantly that they only got to play vidya for 5 hours this week.

At least this year there’s a reason to complain, with the COVID bs

No. 652993

My old bff's sister is a f-grade blogger personality, looks exactly like my friend and is all over the fucking gossip news at least once per month, I HATE IT. I DON'T WANNA REMEMBER.

No. 653020

NTA but to be fair, she did say in her next post that these dudes acted like everything she liked was dumb and then suddenly loved the musician she showed them after they broke up. I can understand the frustration

No. 653022

I'm getting pretty fed up with my job. I used to like it but recently it's gotten incredibly difficult. I work as an HCA. Basically I'm supposed to take care of 10 rest home level / independent patients but seeing as they're old, their condition deteriorates and my boss is a blind hag that doesn't notice. She keeps saying rude things to me and in general is passive aggressive. Idk what to do. Anytime she says something rude to me I dont register it as rude immediately and later I feel like I've let mysef down for not defending myself.

No. 653034

I fucking hate this building and I hate my goddamn neighbors.

My neighbors don't make a peep all day, but the minute clock hits 10-11pm they start making some god awful noises and other racket(yelling, knocking, moving furniture???).
And every time they knock on each others doors, it sounds as if someone was knocking MY DOOR or my window. And I live alone, so waking up to that when I'm almost asleep is equivalent to a heart attack and I usually spend the next 15mins panicking and wondering if some nutcase has broken into my apartment, or is testing if anyone's home or not.

No. 653045

Get a gun.

No. 653057

My psychotic, insanely religious dad just told me to my face that the reason I had a stillbirth last year is because I had premarital sex.
Literally took everything in me to calmly get up and leave and not punch him in the mouth

No. 653058

i’m too ethnic for white people and i’m too white for ethnic people. i’m too offensive for libs but too left for conservatives. i don’t use social media and i don’t really like zoomzoom shit which excludes me from making friends with a lot of people my age. not trying to nlog but it is really hard for me to make friends. i’m friendly with everyone but i can never be myself around anyone. i am aware of the cringe of this post but i really hate not fitting in anywhere.

No. 653062

I just discovered this disgusting board where scrotes jerk off to monster girls. Some of them look very young. What the fuck is wrong with people?


No. 653063


No. 653101

They're not even monster girls,just basic anime girls with monster features,nonetheless disgusting.

No. 653111

Don't stay with friends because you pity them. I hope you actually like them. I stayed with friends my entire life to be their therapists and all it did was waste my time.
I hope your friend is okay though.

No. 653118

File: 1602462002655.jpeg (149.24 KB, 1280x719, 00D4651E-F642-4097-8C55-36FC66…)

I did something stupid and impulsive while on my walk this morning. I was going on my normal route, and saw some political signs, and I just snapped. I’m so sick of this election it’s making me physically ill, and I just wanted to go on a normal walk without any bullshit but I can’t escape it. I saw some political signs and went to throw them away but got a bunch of angry white people yelling at me and filing me, one even called the police (they didn’t show up lol). I put them because I chickened out. No ones put anything on Nextdoor, not sure about any other social media. I don’t really regret defacing paper but I’d rather not deal with any fallout from this when I’m already not doing so great.

No. 653120

Did you literally get internet yesterday? Monster girls have always been a thing.

No. 653132

NTA but they were referencing discovering the site not monster girls.

Side note I love when anons respond with "Are you new to the internet" whenever someone mentions finding something weird. As if your average day person would know or want to know about the obscure shit that only literal neets run into from how much time they spend on weird parts of the internet.

No. 653137

I got fucking fly tape glue in my damn eyelashes FUUUUCCCCKKKK

No. 653148

attentionwhore, bdd, or both

No. 653170

since i was a kid, i could never see myself in the future. i still can't. i literally have no idea of how my life is going to be when my 30 and honestly i don't have any plans. sometimes i think i might off myself before turning 30, but if i don't, i'll be really lost.

No. 653174

Attach fake lashes to it, two birds anon.

No. 653177

I wanna crack a joke about spider lashes but I don’t think that would fly

No. 653179

do you ever have to talk to people who force your personality to twist unrecognizably into the context of their conversation beats? talked to an adult male on drugs who is acting like a teenager lipsyncing to a disney villain tik tok? the soul fucking leaves my body and i am transported into a world without men

No. 653181

that sounds like fucking hell anon but im laughing at that description

No. 653189

I hate men but I thrive off of male attention.

Help me.

No. 653197

I'm glad <3

No. 653205

This but with both sexes and shitposting.

No. 653230

Fuck anon, same. Why do I keep doing this when I feel like shit every time

No. 653262

Why tf do i have to eat so much when im on my period. I swear i have to take a ritalin and drink a lot of caffeine or else ill just completely splurge. i cant be playing when i have such a shitty metabolism but jfccc ill either have extreme stomach sickness and cant eat for a whole day or i wont stop eating. I don't have a big appetite usually either. Ik its expected but bizarre to me.

No. 653267

I'm the same way anon, I feel like I don't even have major symptoms otherwise but I either eat massive amounts or I don't eat at all so I feel like shit either way. It's the worst because I hate being bloated and I hate feeling lightheaded on an empty stomach. Just fuck us I guess

No. 653280

I don’t get how it’s fine if a man cuts his mother out of his life but it’s such a double standard for women because “omg it’s your mother you have a special bond/she needs you more than you think blah blah blah.” I just want to be estranged from her without all the judgement, christ. She neglected and belittled me for years and is not good for my mental wellbeing. It’s easier to breathe when I don’t have to answer her phone calls dammit!!! Maybe it’s just the pressure my family puts on me and I need thicker skin.

No. 653287

I feel you anon. My mom was neglectful and abusive to the point where I would have been taken away if someone called CPS, but my family acts like I should ~forgive and forget~ now that I’m older.

Don’t feel bad about standing up for yourself and not putting up with more bullshit. Shitty people make their bed by being shitty. Not having a relationship with their children is simply the consequence of that.

No. 653289

You should get checked for iron deficiency. Of course you're losing alot when you bleed. And most American women are low.

No. 653297

Ate like pure shit the past week and now my concert attire fits poorly. I guess I could hide myself with a cardigan but I'm just embarrassed.

No. 653300

Have lose over two stone and everyone’s been complimenting but my lovely boyfriend ended up revealing he thought I was sexier with the extra weight. Annoying that I find out he thought I was really hot when I was chubby now because I would have heard it more then, but at least I can eat good in peace, knowing he likes me as a fatty.

No. 653312

Every fucking time I try to improve my appearance it backfires I'm so fucking sick of this shit.

For keratosis pilaris, I got the top recommended cream from skincareaddiction and it didn't do shit. Instead, it somehow gave me creases on my wrists and elbows like an old fucking lady. How? I don't know, the cream wasn't a fake. My skin is just retarded. I can't wear short sleeves ever again.

My face skin reacts to literally everything and it took tons of money and trial and error to find things that don't break me out. I also paid to go to the derm, who gave me azelic for my fungal acne, and this cursed fucking shit dried up my skin to the point of looking 6 years older. She then proceeded to gaslight me about it.

I tried mewing but it only jacked up my teeth and made them crooked. Not only do I have an overbite, but crooked teeth now too! I went off my parents insurance and NOW I suddenly have to get tons of cavities. Kill me.

My hair started thinning last year and making my 5head look like the freaking moon.

I tried losing weight by running but somehow through a combination of shitty posture flat feet and cosmic fuck up my ass luck, got a running injury that I have to do physio for. I honestly don't even want to do the exercises, I give up. I'll probably fuck them up somehow.

I always slouched but now my neck has developed that dowagers hump thing.

I hate this I hate this body so fucking much. There's no point and I just want to stay neet forever so I don't have to get judged when people see me.

No. 653327

File: 1602482848255.jpg (312.15 KB, 932x2048, 1d89b9d635e2d0d6c0841e6dff563b…)

I'm worried I may have been molested by my step father as a small child but I don't have any vivid memories of him touching me sexually. I had dreams about it though when I was small and then those dreams came back when I was older (like 12-13) even though I stopped seeing him when I was 13. I was always very afraid of him but I didn't know why, he never beat me or scream at me, I just felt I have to obey him no matter what, and I didn't listen to any other adult. But when I hit puberty I started to disobey him and showing signs of anger. I started to feel disgust when he tried to kiss me or hold my hand. I remember when I was 12 and he asked me if I flirt with boys and he told me to "Show him how would I flirt with a boy" and it hit me. I was like "what the fuck is wrong with you". I refused and I didn't want to talk to him again. I started to have all sorts of behavioral problems (I never socialized properly but it got much worse), I had a few seizures, I couldn't sleep, I refused to go to school etc. And then I also found out this man wasn't even my biological father (he was simping for my mother and then "adopted" me when my actual father left right after impregnating my mom and everyone was memeing me into thinking he's my real dad until I was 13). Shortly after the truth came out he left and he never contacted me again. I never missed him or anything but the thoughts about being molested are still haunting me. I'm emotionally stunted, unable to connect with other people and I can't even imagine myself in a sexual situation, but I get that may be for various reasons. Is it possible I erased some memories or am I overreacting?

No. 653329

Kekk This video is literally triggering. It came across my suggestions randomly and I clicked on it out of boredom.

They are 17 and 18 years old!!!!! I'm 5-6 years older and look both younger and uglier.

No. 653332

Everyone calm down you are hot as fuck don't let your own thots destroy you.

No. 653335

This is just a theory, but jojoba oil is very similar to sebum. I don't know if you've tried it, but I wonder if it may make a difference with the kp.
Just curious, have you had your thyroid levels checked? Weight issues, skin problems and hair thinning are symptoms and it's pretty common nowadays

No. 653363


It's totally possible to repress terrible memories like that. I am so sorry anon for your situation, either it happened or not. Do you go to therapy? Ever tried bringing it up? Some psychologists can make those "resurface". It would be awful, but at least you would have an answer.

Best of luck,hope you can live a good and peaceful life.

No. 653366

The thing about dreams is that they tend to be symbolic, not literal. If you don't have any actual memories of being molested by your step-father, you probably weren't. The science behind "repressed" memories is pretty shoddy. That being said, he clearly was controlling and had an inappropriate relationship with you. Asking you to show him how you flirt with boys at age 12 is disgusting. That is a very clear boundary violation. These things can manifest in the unconscious like dreams about being molested or raped, because the betrayal was strong enough to produce similar feelings to actually being molested or raped.

I think you should still seek therapy for this, as the relationship clearly traumatized you. But I wouldn't worry about the possibility of having repressed actual instances of sexual abuse, just because you've had dreams about it. It's honestly more stress than it's worth to worry about these things.

No. 653379

I used to post on a celeb gossip site for over a decade. It's on an old ass blogging platform, and probably a lot of people here are aware of it. I think I have to be totally done with it. It's changed so much from what it was and is just overly hung up on identity politics.

They have had posts attacking people for just following a famous author on twitter, they are running a campaign to ban all posts about white celebs, they call themselves body positive but laugh at people for having crooked teeth or thin lips. They also attack gay men as well for having it "easy" and it really bothers me. It's so hateful, but then they claim they hate the right for the same things.

I just want to read dumb celeb gossip on my lunch break, but even avoiding the obvious bait posts every comment section is attacking the celeb for the dumbest shit. I saw 3 separate users say Aubrey O'Day deserves to die because she used that dumb pet-safe dye on her dog and that was ~problematic~.

No. 653383

It’s just overdone Instagram makeup. Since they’re on YouTube I’m sure they care more than the average person already about looking glam online. Maybe I’m used to being ugly but I’m totally fine being natural and not caring about that shit in the first place. There’s always going to be people that look better and there’s always going to be people that look worse than you. Throw in the fact that a lot of younger people are getting fillers and shit already.

No. 653386

Since middle school I've been in and out of therapy a few times. In one of my very first sessions I described my relationship with him to my therapist, and my mom also described some of my behaviors to her (for example, when I was in kindergarten I would often undress my dolls and touch their genitalia areas and kiss them there), and it was actually my therapist who suggested that I may have been molested as a small child. She also noticed my body language, I would literally stop breathing and go all stiff whenever we talked about him. I don't know what to think

also in kindergarten I often had those episodes of hyperventilating and fainting whenever something scared or stressed me out, it's not that uncommon in children, but I remember it happening the most when I was with him. The most fucked up one happened at 5, I was alone with him in a room, I don't remember what happened exactly but I got so scared of him, I started to cry and then fainted and hit my head on the edge of a table. And this fuck left me alone and bleeding on the floor. I know he left immediately left the house and didn't come back that day. I regained some consciousness when my grandma found me (alarmed by him storming out so quickly). I was wondering if I had those blackouts, problems with memory and a few seizures because of this shit, my therapist suggested that too, but I'm too scared to get my brain checked

No. 653396

I just feel sad for this generation honestly. They grew up with the holy land of fakeness that is social media and everyone using filters casually, no wonder they feel the need to alter themselves through make-up and fillers. And sure, young people did that before too, but I feel like it's much more prevelant and normalized now. They're just a few years younger than me and I feel like I fortunately just barely missed out on being brainwashed by social media.

No. 653397

>and now I hate myself for it

That's victim mentality too, just saying

No. 653399

My boobs hurt so bad, they feel so swollen and heavy and too droopy and annoying. Maybe my period is about to start, god, they feel awful, hurt so much, so uncomfortable, I want to cut them off rn. Can barely touch them. Hurts.

No. 653400

Because there always will be simpy orbiters that give them attention that way

No. 653408

Today I'm gonna find out whether I'm gonna be homeless or in debt on top of mental illness and bureaucratic problems. Life is bad.

No. 653415

I hope the pain subsides quickly for you anon. My boobs feel the same exact way for about a week until my period finally starts.

No. 653428

That sucks, I hope it gets better soon, anon!

(I used to have swollen, sore boobs a week before my period too, then I got pregnant, had a miscarriage and for some reason it hasn't happened again since. Really weird.)

No. 653455

I've always struggled with my voice. I can hear myself just fine, but people constantly tell me that they cannot hear me and it's driving me insane

No. 653456

I have no joy in life. I do things, talk to people, sleep, eat, work out but I'm empty inside. I'm 100% on autopilot every day, every minute, all the time

No. 653471

This whole board has become a dumpster fire and everyone here is an angry, insecure loser. It’s full of try-hards who want to feel like stacey. The amount of pathetic projection and lack of any civil debate leads me to believe you morons are all about the age of 14.

No. 653476

I don't remember it being any different before

No. 653481

>has become

No. 653486

That's like, your opinion man
There are some very sweet discussions here, and on /g/ and /m/, where people support and worry for complete strangers.

No. 653489

>worry for complete strangers
That's so fake

No. 653491

It's very much the high school pecking order sometimes up in this bitch. It's cute to watch some of the anons pull high school failed Stacey bullying tactics though. Anyone here should very much not have a superiority complex over other anons.

No. 653499

That doesn't even make sense.
You don't get anything out of faking concern here, there is no karma point system and we can't tell each other apart.

No. 653503

Do you know how fucking often I have to do a double take because a post is so similar to my writing style and looks like something that I would say and my memory is terrible

No. 653515

NTA but sometimes it feels good to be nice to strangers. The problems anons post about truly resonate with me sometimes, and I don't think it's a problem to let them know they're not alone.

No. 653520

How can there be a packing order if we are anonymous?

No. 653521

This happens to me all the time, and it always manages to surprise me. Abundant comma users rise up.

No. 653522

I fucking hate period pain fuck it fuck it fuck I can't move I hate female reproductive system fuck it

No. 653530

it's genuinely embarrassing how I can't talk to people online. I'm fine talking to people in real life but as soon as a conversation arises through text or dm's i just hold any decent conversation .

No. 653531

File: 1602513027472.gif (120.27 KB, 200x200, 2992838.gif)

I met this genuinely amazing and special (and unawarely drop-dead gorgeous and extremely sensual) person and we hit it off. They've been getting anxious about intense topics and opening up and sharing burdens. I did the honourable thing, the right thing and backed off and said I'd be there as a friend and not as a flirt.

I hate that my ex didn't give me the same courtesy.
I hate that my ex wore me down when I was vulnerable.
I hate that I let him.
I hate that I sought out a dysfunctional relationship when I was vulnerable. I hate that he acted like such a pos all the time and used his issues as an excuse and that I let him.
Fuck him. And fuck my choice.

No. 653534

I hate being a fan of some male YTers. The communities border on incel. Seeing viewers spam SIMP in chats when a woman is mentioned without any misogyny or 'nice tits though' as a finisher is mind numbing and it kills me having common interests with these arseholes.

No. 653536

This is so relatable anon. All er can do is try to move forward by learning from out mistakes. Judging by the first part of your post you're on the right path, even though it hurts.

No. 653539

Thank you, anon. It is what is. We gotta do what's right. Thanks for empathizing

No. 653540

I hate that I have such a strange sense of humor. Comedians NEVER EVER make me laugh. Sometimes I will pretend to laugh just to make my friends think I'm not a fucking alien. The only shit that makes me laugh is stuff that is usually not meant to be funny kek…

No. 653543

My pleasure. You deserve to know you're not alone, and that someone cares, even if it is just a stranger.

No. 653568

All my life I've always felt like everyone else has something that I lack. I don't know what it is and I feel like I'm never going to find out

No. 653570

I hooked up with a year ago when I was going through bpd madness. Hes 19 and I'm 29, it has gotten to the point where I do nothing but verbally abuse him. I told him hes boring and I dont wanna fuck him because he isnt interesting. Now this sounds mean like I'm the old creepy person abusing a younger person, but he keeps making new snap chats to talk to me and beg for sex. Today I finally had enough and told him the only way I'm going to fuck him is if he pays me. Now hes going to give me 100 dollars for sex. I feel abusive but damn I didnt think he would actually pay me for sex, i was just trying to be mean.

No. 653573

I don't know how much I condone this whole situation, but damn the proposition of money has got to be a confidence boost.

No. 653577

He continues to make new numbers or snapchats to talk to me. I try to act as rude as possible and he will come back a week later. He never even asks about my life it's just begging for sex and it's annoying kek

No. 653579

Wtf anon step away from this, it's just going to increasingly escalate until either one of you does something extreme and you will rightfully get the blame either way because you're old enough to know better

No. 653580

I'm not going to do anything extreme. I dont care about him and to be fair he doesnt care about me. Hes just desperate for sex becuz hes a weird kid who cant get laid.

No. 653585

Lol are you me? A bit over a year ago I did the same thing by having a fuck buddy with an age gap like that. The sex was ok. I wasn't mean to him, but I was pretty dismissive cause despite him being like 19 he fancied himself some kind of player. He tried these power moves like flaking last minute on the agreed dick appointments at my place or wanting me to go pick him up (lolnope), and after doing that like twice I blocked him. He made multiple different accounts to try to contact me again begging to hook up. Yet at that point I just verbally abused him and then blocked again until he stopped trying.

He couldn't proposition me with money even if he wanted to cause he was broke, and dick was all he could offer. I don't feel bad about it though. When I was 19, fuckboys like that were breaking my heart without any remorse whatsoever while knowing I wanted an actual relationship.

No. 653586

I did the same with a guy I hooked up with a lot. He was around my age though. I loved sleeping with him and he was really hot, but his personality was shitty and he really annoyed me at some point. I told him that I would only fuck him if he paid me and he did it. It was super awkward though, he took me for dinner and really gave me an envelope with cash. Can I say that I used to be a sex worker now? kek

No. 653590

I'd milk him for money.

No. 653594

Scrotes hate being ignored or blocked more than anything. Silence is the best way to trigger them.

No. 653613

honestly sometimes I'll play around with filters on snap and I feel like such a boomer lol, you really can just give yourself a full face of makeup, smaller jawline, perfect skin, etc, with the tap of a button. when I was a kid we just took pics from a really high angle with the contrast and highlights turned up to hide our imperfections. I have vivid memories of taking selfies with a handheld camcorder and then uploading them to my pc so I could put them on myspace.

No. 653621

Kek same, everybody says I'm humorless because I find comedians and movies unfunny, but how the hell can I explain to normies that what makes me laugh is shit like My Immortal and bad video game dubs? It's not even that strange, but people would look at me weirdly if I showed them Dawn of War extracts to explain my sense of humor.

No. 653627

i have no idea if I'm ugly, average or above average. I was definitely ugly at 12-13, I was chubby and severely bullied by boys for my autistic behavior and also called ugly and disgusting, no one wanted to get close to me. I was underweight in highschool because of ED, my face changed. At 16 people suddenly started to tell me I'm pretty, dudes would check me out but never talk to me or talk about me in a depersonalized way and only about my body. In the past few years a few people, both women and men, called me pretty and even beautiful, or said I have beautiful face but I look ungroomed, but they also said I seem cold and unapproachable so maybe that's why most people usually don't talk to me. It's true I can't groom myself, I never learned to do make up, my hair is a mess, I still dress like a tomboy. But I feel that if I'm ugly there's no point in grooming myself, nothing will change my face. I hate my face, I have such low self esteem that every time someone tells me something nice (either about my looks or personality) I'm sure they're doing it out of pity and I can't trust them. I don't know how to seem approachable to people, I can't look at them, I can't smile at them. And every time I'm trying to be more femininine I feel like I'm wearing a clown suit, like it's just not me. I've been in therapy for depression but nothing has changed

No. 653628

Apparently I have an "inflamed tastebud" at the tip of my tongue and I'm getting about ready to use some scissors to snip it out.
It's like having a cut on your tongue but this bitch hasn't gone away even after a week. I can see exactly the tastebud causing the issue. Motherfucker.

No. 653629

File: 1602522391982.jpg (43.3 KB, 1280x720, chadwarden.jpg)

>I make the same salary as you doing the same job
B-but I thought wahmen make $.75 for every dollar a man makes?!??!?! Did women lie to me again?!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 653631

File: 1602522572488.jpg (260.5 KB, 1920x1080, download.jpg)

>muh software developer
And? You're still ugly. No hope left for you fam.

No. 653632

Bite it off. It hurts, but it's satisfying as hell

No. 653638

if this isn't bait, it's batshit insane. you're an abuser in this situation and you should feel bad. stop messing with this kid and practice healthier relationships ffs. or it's gonna bite you in the ass in some way. if only through guilt and shame you probably surpress

No. 653639

File: 1602523752414.jpg (137.5 KB, 1024x768, 1601433919107m.jpg)

Which one of these is you

No. 653648

Please ignore this retard and report.

No. 653649

I wish I mattered heavily to someone, someone that would want to see me every day and ask how I'm doing. I don't need romance but a friend who sees me as someone to look forward to would be really nice…

No. 653650

This just means you are less qualified than me. KEK. Shouldn't you be making more, Mr. Big Shot? Pfftahaha. I just graduated and I make as much as you, I'll be way above your pay grade soon. So sad.

No. 653661

Imagine being some small dick chungus so starved for female attention. Lying to us about his income while he wanks off to the humiliation in his dormitory while flunking out of his comp sci 101 courses.

No. 653663

This gif is adorable…. where is it from?

No. 653665

I’m amazed at how much it has taken it to say it’s a hackerman, scrotes are just a waste of oxygen.
It should post it’s credit card info.

No. 653666

File: 1602525442989.gif (2.21 MB, 480x480, a71c1120763e9b9690461cee3f3218…)

that is sweet.

he actually just messaged me and said he still really wants to get to know me more and that he doesn't exactly think of it the way I do. I suggested taking it slow and that we can direct pace and direction.

anons, he is just so beautiful inside and out, my lil heart is gonna burst

No. 653675

Don’t worry anon, I figured it out

No. 653678

Why must I appear like such a jerk all the time even when I don't mean it!!!! Fuck my life

No. 653682

Lol I don't know why I didn't think to do this sooner. I couldn't bite it off cause it was on an awkward angle, but I was able to pinch and yank it off with two fingernails. Pain gone instantly.
Thanks anon!

No. 653721

I don't want to commit suicide, but I can't live either. I just exist. I don't understand how people gather the mental energy to do their stuff every single day and how they retain their lust for life. One of my friend has this constant unwavering optimism and happiness about her and it blows my mind. Where does it come from? How does she not lose it?? I. don't. get. it. I feel like I'm poisoning people with my negativity and feelings of hopelessness I just don't know any other way to exist, this is who I am

No. 653771

Most of my entire family are alcoholics. I seemed to escape it until this year (I’m 26). Recently I’ve started getting drunk a lot, alone because of lockdown. I’m half reliant on alcohol at this point and can feel it getting worse. Fuck my life

No. 653778

I relate to this. I didn't drink for the first time until I was 25 because I grew up around shitty alcoholics and now I am struggling with a pretty bad drinking problem anyway. Nip it in the bud if you can, anon.

No. 653799

How often and how much are you drinking rn?

No. 653804

Imagine growing up in a healthy environment… couldn't be me. Normies legitimately scare me.

No. 653806

Found some locals in a group chat and some 17 yr old girl tried to get the other girls (some being underage) to become prostitutes for her pimp then has the nerve to get mad at a white girl for saying "nigga" I hate people

No. 653818

Unironically scared for the youth.

No. 653826

Honestly yeah but I'd still only want to get fucked by women. Scrotes keep their dicks away.

No. 653833

I came here to vent about something completely else but the raiding moid and salty bitches screeching about "y-you nasty gnc aidens hate women don't you" just made me mad. So as a related vent, why would any woman actively defend men? The thought is extremely bizarre to me. Just because your dad was nice or your boyfriend is the bestest guy ever it doesn't mean men as a class are still garbage, they would never collectively defend your rights as a woman or validate whatever you feel. It makes no sense to constantly jump in to say "n-not all men" when I literally never see men doing the same for women except for cheap social media clout, and even then nothing that would require a deeper admittance of how privileged men are compared to women.

No. 653840

I bought me and my bf’s lunch at work for like 30$ on Uber eats. I wanted a salad but the delivery person texted me that the place didn’t have it and I texted back asking if she could order me a burger instead. Our fucking workplace has shitty reception and for us to use the WiFi, we have to ask the company’s owner for the password but he’s barely around. So the delivery person didn’t get my texts or calls and when I grabbed the food when she arrived , it only had my bf’s food

It seems stupid to be bitter about but god I was and still kinda pissed over it

No. 653848

That's not stupid, there's something so fucking shitty about not getting food when you expect to. It's the biggest letdown because you're hungry and looking forward to it.

Go buy yourself a nice meal soon to make up for it.

No. 653855

Honestly, I think a lot of women are just in denial and/or because we are trained to be empathetic and considerate. Hell I have some fairly radfem ideologies but I still find myself standing up for men sometimes and it's an instinctual "everyone play nice" knee-jerk response. When I really think about it it's not even because I want to protect men's feelings, it's because I don't want to focus on the fact that most men are pieces of shit because that's depressing. I have had to train myself to smile less and be less polite to assholes because those things are second nature to me as well. I was brought up to accommodate men without realizing it, as were most of us I suppose.

No. 653858

I used to feel compelled to be friendly to every random scrote that spoke to me. I find imagining how a man would be expected to behave in an interaction helps with the needless kindness to scrotes: if it would be weird and questionable for a man to smile and simp for whoever he's interacting with, don't do it.

I do default to friendliness anyway due to survival mechanisms, but at least remembering no scrote is entitled to your kindness helps with this.

No. 653859

i got home from hospital on wednesday after a suicide attempt. i didn't tell anyone at the time, i didn't write a note but i messaged my partner to say i love you no matter what.
i did it in an empty bath when i knew nobody would be home so the cleanup would be easy. i remember losing consciousness and then i remember being carried out of the house by an ambulance crew.
i lost two litres of blood and i had to have surgery last monday to put me back together. i was alone the whole time in hospital.
my partner asked me where i was and why, and i told the truth. he stopped speaking to me and didn't visit me.
i've come home and i'm being treated by the crisis team for a chronic untreated mood disorder. my partner messaged me to tell me i did it for attention and to look edgy, and compared me to a heroin addict. he said i didn't love him and that i was selfish (abridged ver).
it really hurt and i calmly tried to tell him that i'm sorry that my actions hurt him, and that i wanted to die but was trying hard to get better. i said if that was how he saw the situation that i think we should take a break from each other and heal. he told me that i was acting like i was in a t.v. show and logged off.
everything feels like shit.

No. 653865

Haha that's a good way of putting it. It does feel like needlessly simping and I hate how I default to it sometimes. I'll keep your suggestion in mind and try to think of how a man would respond. So frustrating that it even has to be positioned like that.

No. 653877

I’m sorry for everything, anon. Absolutely do not let him guilt you about this. He’s making this all about himself on top of projecting misogynistic bullshit onto you and I’m disgusted on your behalf. I truly hope something gets better for you. If he decides to leave you like this, you’ll be way better off without a piece of shit like him in your life

No. 653879

I'm so sorry you felt that desperate and low, anon. I have come close sometimes and I know you must have felt so miserable and alone to go that far. I'm glad you survived. I don't know if you care to hear this right now, but your "partner" is a piece of shit. You have nothing to be sorry about. What should you feel badly about, that he believes your suffering and nearly losing your life inconvenienced HIM? And over a disorder you haven't even had the chance to address yet? That just makes me fucking rage. He should have been your biggest supporter through this. He's less than scum. Please drop him completely. Block him on everything and focus on healing, both physically and mentally.

No. 653881

wow the mansogyny ITT is NOT funny!! men are people to with thoughts andfeelings and stunning and brave and tech and rock music!

No. 653885

Imagine making someone else's suicide attempt all about you. What an insensitive jackass.

I'm so glad you survived anon, that sounds like you went through some things. Please take time to rest, and I hope things can get better for you from here on, now you are aware of the mood disorder. Sending you my love (and lots of bad vibes for the jackass boyfriend)

No. 653889

File: 1602546623545.gif (1.41 MB, 500x265, 11f.gif)

hell yeah cister! you said it!

No. 653898

Male violence is so real and terrifying. I prayed just now for the first time in forever, I'm on the verge of tears. There's a woman screaming in pain somewhere out there, I can hear her wailing through my window. She's crying and yelling but I don't know where the sounds is coming from so I can't call the police. Why aren't her neighbours helping?? I feel so sad for her and I'm scared for her safety. I'm helpless, I can't do anything to save her. I hope to God she can get out of this, I hope someone can help her

No. 653900

You can still call the cops to investigate wtf

No. 653901

Dude call the fucking cops.

No. 653904

Well call the fucking police. If you can hear it they can figure out where it is. There could literally be anything happening to her right now.

No. 653911

based schizoposter

No. 653913

They should be here any moment

No. 653914

She’s just a voice in your head anon, please take your medicine

No. 653915

literally the one time to call the police

No. 653916

Hmmmm where have I heard this situation before? Honestly though, if you suspect a woman is in danger, you need to call the authorities to handle it.

No. 653917

thank you so much anons. i was holding it together just about, but i'm in pieces reading these responses. thank you for being so compassionate and understanding and supportive. i really appreciate the reassurance that i'm not in the wrong. i'm think going to take my diazepam and melt into my bed watching weeb shit and thinking of you girls when i get sad. thank you for being here anons sorry for the crytyping i love you

No. 653919

I figured out the situation was happening in the building next to mine, at first it sounded much farther away due to the wind. The nature of the screams seems to have changed as I type this? There seems to be singing? I hope I didn't misjudge something, or give the police the wrong information on the location. I am certain someone was screaming earlier

No. 653920

>tfw your singing is so bad people think you're being beat up

No. 653921

tbh anon it's probably a homeless person having a drug-induced breakdown

No. 653926

One the first day of my period I go through a super tampon like once every 90min on top of really painful cramps that radiate into my thighs and lower back that have always caused me to miss work and even get fired. No one wants to take me seriously because my period is very regular and only 3ish days long reeeeeeeee

No. 653931

It feels shit, doesn’t it? I’m trying to control it but it’s a struggle to get through the day without drinking

It’s almost every day at the moment, usually a bottle of wine, sometimes more. I’m fairly light and unable to handle alcohol so it’s taking its toll

No. 653932

File: 1602548898563.png (240.62 KB, 413x326, 483097604376.png)

No. 653933

File: 1602549120846.png (81.33 KB, 473x291, 47038509438645.png)

We love you too anon, it's good to cry sometimes! You're definitely not doing anything wrong. I'm glad you're feeling even a bit better and I hope you have a cozy time watching your shows. Please keep taking care of yourself.

No. 653934

File: 1602549200101.jpeg (111.72 KB, 940x702, CB4275D7-D441-4A6B-9071-1E316B…)

ah shit ah well. I saw this coming. my friend is getting on T in a few weeks. not saying anything, it was in our gamer gc the other day. we haven't spoken in ages nor were ever close. Its an online friend and fujo who I predicted would. There's nothing I intend to try but it sucks knowing. girl you too old to go this route. my next prediction is the bf bailing. I don't believe in jinxes, it's only too easy to foresee with what I know

No. 653943

File: 1602549616250.jpeg (28.92 KB, 360x354, 1601150028744.jpeg)

i've been having pretty bad breakdowns about some past sexual assault and my family keeps telling me how much of a burden i am for it.
>go to therapy
i am, i have my first appointment next week. it's just hard in the mean time. i'm not acting insane on purpose or such, i usually go outside to cry so nobody will here me or i wait until nobodys home but sometimes i slip up. i went to my car to cry earlier to not bother anyone and my dad saw walking back to the house and started asking why im such a piece of shit for bringing everyones mood down. i have no intention of telling them what happened because i know theyll blame me and im trying to relax but it just feels really bad to be so alienated from other people, everyone in this house treats me like shit and i don't have close friends because of my trust issues. i'm working on moving out but im a poor college student at the moment and rent in this area even with roommates is really high. i have nobody in my life, i'm in constant physical pain, i don't want to wake up in the morning. it's all so tiresome.

No. 653949


I was so pissed because I didn’t eat much all day so I was hangry until I got home and finally had dinner. I only had a small bag of chips from our vending machine on break. My bf offered that he can get me lunch next time but I turned him down. I really should prepare my own lunch…

No. 654009

you should let him get you lunch, or let him prepare one for you. being hangry sucks

No. 654060

File: 1602557085648.jpg (92.31 KB, 666x692, a2615843ea48cd706d2ada5c7a9c30…)

We shouldn't have let society believe it's ok to work under such conditions. If men went through this shit they'd be laying their asses in bed on paid leave.

No. 654063

File: 1602557487560.png (378.87 KB, 594x596, 8pwcgjhr8c252.png)

I'm always scared and I want to die

No. 654066

Nothing is wrong/happening. But I still feel anguished and filled with black sludge. I keep trying to run from it but this…feeling…never goes away.

No. 654085

File: 1602560888223.jpeg (36.77 KB, 1080x1086, 1594962574227.jpeg)

Are you me

No. 654087

I fucking miss going to clubs. Taking shot after shot and being twerked on by random women. I really miss being surrounded by people but not knowing a fucking single person. I felt so free.

On the note of being twerked on, I guess I give big dyke vibes or something because somehow there is always a woman shoving her butt on me. I can't say I liked it too much, because it always felt like assault, but I really didn't care. I just never know what to do because I'm in a relationship but it's just dancing?

The song Girl Crush by Rico Nasty really reminds me of the vibes. I miss it. fuck covid.

No. 654088

every time i'm about to post in any confession/ vent-adjacent threads i step back and realize i wrote a huge tortured self-pitying novel and i either am self aware enough to banish it to the dark corner of my notes app, or if i'm in crackhead mode i post it because i'm dying for like validation/ expressing my dumbass thoughts in hope of being related to in some way by strangers and like 9/10 times it gets completely ignored and i feel like "oh, ok, i'm so insane that even mental illness side of lolcow is judging me" and go back to being quiet and lurking random /g/ skincare/ health/ pictures of people etc type shit

No. 654090

What's wrong with me? I always leave hanging out with people feeling horrible about myself and weirdly disgusted.

No. 654092

Same anon.

No. 654115

I live with a weird flatmate who never socializes with anyone in our small flat share, when he crosses paths with a flatmate he acts like they don't exist. He'll avoid the common spaces as much as possible if someone is using them. He is extremely quiet, one of the only things I know about him is that he takes his day job very seriously. He spends as much time at his office as possible, and outside of work he spends all his time doing research into work-related issues. He's mentioned that he doesn't have friends, he never goes home to visit his family. Maybe I'm making assumptions based on my own anxiety and a handful of observations, maybe he feels deeply fulfilled by the work he does and he's just extremely shy, but he comes across as being rather cold and joyless. I'm also biased because I prefer flatmates who are a bit more sociable. I tried to get to know him when we met, but I now actively avoid him because he makes me vaguely uncomfortable. I am in fact avoiding him as I type this because I'm really hungry but he's using the kitchen

No. 654127

It's strange that you're literally living in the same apartment and he can't even muster a hello and be normal, but I mean even if he's cold and joyless, as long as he's not harming anyone there's no reason to call him out for it or make him feel bad. Some people are like that for valid reasons. That, or social anxiety.

No. 654131

I've known my fair share of people like this over the years and have done my best to try and start a conversation with them, but it's also on them to reciprocate and actually want to socialize. If he's not down, then there's not much you can do about it. If he's not actually being rude and is just coming across as cold and stand-offish, I'd just be as polite as possible, maybe just smile/nod and say hello when you see him. Maybe he'll warm up eventually.

That being said, if acting like other roommates don't exist includes ignoring them if they attempt to talk to him, then he's the one being an asshole at that point.

No. 654132

Sounds like me but I have schizoid personality disorder, you don't know what his reasons are. God I'd rather kill myself than live with a bunch of strangers, but if I had literally no other choice this is probably how I would've behaved

No. 654134

>I have schizoid personality disorder
Is this the new bpd? I feel like I've seen multiple farmers claim to have this one in the past week or so. Also nobody cares about your stupid label. It's not a legitimate excuse for anything. Learn to act better.

No. 654135

I’ve noticed this as well

No. 654141

No. 654143

NTA but what’s wrong with being reserved?

No. 654145

Uh, schizoid personality disorder constitutes a whole lot more than just being "reserved"

No. 654146

Nta, but it's kinda odd to me that you're this upset over people having a mental illness that makes them averse to relationships/human interaction.

No. 654149

>claim to have
I have actual diagnosis (and it was pretty hard to get because they thought I'm autistic at first). It's definitely not like bpd which is overdiagnosed in females. Szpd affects only 0.8% of population and it's typically diagnosed in males. It's not even that well researched and there are little data on the effectiveness of various treatments. Antipsychotic drugs didn't help me, neither did therapy. And no, I can't learn to act "better" no matter how many times I try. If someone doesn't hurt them in any way, why are normies so offended by people not socializing? No one is forcing you to acknowledge weirdos.

No. 654150

But the only thing the OP said was that the guy was quiet. Schizoid anon just related to that so what are you sperging about

No. 654151

It's people using their mental illness as an excuse to be retards that I have a problem with

No. 654153

>excuse to be retards
They are not being retards, anon, they have difficulty forming relationships, calm the fuck down nd have some empathy

No. 654155

How did either OP or the anon with schizoid use mental illness as an excuse? After reading OP's post, it just sounds like everyone should have vetted their roommates better before moving in. Some people truly don't like having roommates but are left with no choice and others have mental illnesses that make it seem impossible to connect with others. Would it have been better if OP roomed with more outgoing people and he stuck to people who are fine with never seeing each other? Probably, but that's just not how it turned out.

No. 654156

Yeah it's not a problem as such, I give him space and it's fine, it's mostly just a curious state of affairs. It's made a bit stranger by the fact that he earns a very comfortable income, so from my perspective it's like, why share a flat when you dislike living with people and could afford a nicer or more private apartment in the same area? But then again, maybe he's saving money for a big purchase or is in debt. Other than creating a little bit of awkwardness by not contributing to the home environment, the only bad thing he does is leave the toilet seat up

No. 654162

feeling real jealous of the girls who can cum by squeezing their thighs together

No. 654164

I have a friend who cannot fathom that not all men are as bad as the ones in her family. Men are trash in general don't get me wrong, but the men in her life are especially bad, and the ones in mine are surprisingly decent. Anytime I mention my brother she will make assumptions about him. When I tell him those things aren't true, she'll call me naive and say he's "definitely" doing x, y, x. It's just annoying. I'm not naive. I see the worst in people. But for fucks sake stop thinking you know more about the people in my life than I do just because the men in your life are hot messes.

No. 654165

Does your brother watch porn

No. 654168

Anon you picked the wrong place to vent about this lmao. I agree with you, but most of lc is exactly like your friend.

No. 654169

I'm surprised that the bf hasn't bailed already, usually they get the fuck out once the girl starts talking about wanting to cut off their tits and get on T. They can deal with the nonbinary nonsense and nod their heads to it but when the real deal troonery begins they leave immediately.

No. 654170

>ugh why can't my abused friend just like, get over it and accept men aren't bad! I mean the men in MY life are super nice!
not a good look anon

No. 654172

Why would you assume anon's friend was abused… There's other ways for men to be trash that have nothing to do with abuse. kek

No. 654173

Are you a certified bafoon

No. 654174

>learn to act better
being this mad that people don’t want to be around you is odd

No. 654175

I wouldn’t take this personally. I highly doubt he means this with malice either. I also think you can be avoidant of him as well without coming across as rude, if he’s paying his rent, not sulking/glaring/being an asshole I fail to see the issue. Lots of people would love a flatmate that leaves them alone and stays out of their business. It doesn’t make him a psychopath. Silence can be comfortable.

No. 654178

>Learn to act better.
I feel like this is like telling depressed people to just be happy lmao.
There could be so many reasons for this. Maybe he's just a little socially awkward and finds it hard to make friends and talk to people? I'm not very close with much of my family, so I don't talk to or visit them much either. I would just leave him alone unless he engages you tbh.

No. 654183

How do I stop thinking about suicide? Even the smallest mistake I do makes me feel worthless, be it an awkward conversation, a butchered job interview or if I feel like strangers don't like me. Sometimes I have insomnia and at 3 am in the morning I try my hardest to think about why I shouldn't do it but the list why I should do it is so much longer. I hate my existence. I have no joy in life. I really fucking should end it

No. 654186

i've avoided looking at myself directly for the last what felt like a decade or so, like, if i have to look into the mirror it's only without glasses, don't look down if i'm getting dressed, keep staring at my hands in my lap to not catch myself in the window reflection if i'm sitting in public transport, and other bull like that, but decided a few months ago that i can't keep being afraid(?) of my own body so i tried to look more at myself and get used to my looks. it went kinda well and i think i'm more or less fine right now with looking at myself in reflections if it's in private (still die of absolute embarrassment when it's in public tho) and even manage to think of myself as kinda cute a few times a week. but you know how, if you spend enough time with someone, you don't see them as either pretty or ugly, you just see the person? i kinda fear that's what's happening right now and i'm basically doing a gimpgirl-model-comparsion-lite or something like that. this is so stupid but i'm not sure if i'm actually fine with my looks sometimes now, or if i just got used to the ugly. honestly, rather than being this unsure i'd like to just get back to my status quo and think of myself as hideous and knowing it. i don't even know what my problem is, i should be glad i manage to think of myself positively once in a while but no, instead i need some kind of mysterious approval (whose? idk) so that i'm allowed to have an ounce confidence, fuck this.

No. 654190

you don't hate your existence or else you would've killed yourself by now, stop attention whoring

No. 654191

Are you the same anon who did not believe schizoid anon's diagnosis?? Who hurt you?

No. 654192

At least you're not >>654190
That's enough reason to live in my opinion.

No. 654193

Why are you so salty about people venting in the vent thread, anon-chan