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File: 1601409796407.gif (3.7 MB, 498x336, giphy.gif)

No. 641643

Ask away, dumbasses.

Previous questions and answers:

No. 641645

How do black people undo those elaborate braids? How much time does it take?

No. 641647

most of it is fake so it just needs to be disconnected from the real hair

No. 641648

do white people actually wear shoes indoors?

No. 641649

Reposting this because I posted it in the wrong thread. What ae some youtubers that do in-depth reviews regarding the quality of certain garments of clothing and brands, similar to vid rel?

I don't know much about sewing or understanding the quality of clothing, where can I find some recourses about understanding fabric quality and the quality of construction?

No. 641650

I’m under the impression that it’s a white American thing? It’s considered fucking gross in Europe, not to mention rude if you’re a guest

No. 641651

Usually slippers but sometimes I leave them on, my apartment is all wooden floors and tile so I sweep it all the time

No. 641657

White Canadians and Americans do, yes. It's gross. I don't think Euros do it, though.

No. 641658

Only when there's guests over and we're staying in the main living area. At least how I was raised, I think its informal to take off your shoes if you're in the living room/dining room at someone's house, once you're in the basement or someone's room then I take them off. I don't wear shoes around my own house or anything though, just slippers in the winter.

No. 641667

which canadians do this? kek im in canada and have never seen that. i am "white" (italian) myself and wearing shoes in the house would get u yelled at. either wear slippers or socks

No. 641680

Are there actually people who don't wear the same outfit twice?

No. 641681


No. 641686

my grandparents always had this rule whenever the whole family was over (burgerland, pacific northwest). I think the idea when you have a ton of guests over is that you don't want everybody getting comfortable and kicking off their shoes in your home. They had carpets but their house still smelled really nice and clean all the time so idk. If you live there or come over a lot, shoes off. If you're just visiting, shoes on.

No. 641710

Surely not, it’s wasteful even if you’re super rich? Even if you didn’t wear the exact same garments over and over, you’d wear the same outfits. The options are finite

No. 641724

I sometimes think it’s a generational thing among white people because my white dad grew up wearing shoes in the house but my none of my white friends my age do that

No. 641727

idk but I've been hearing about studies where a significant amount of people, particularly Americans, don't repeat the same outfits

No. 641737

Nobody in Europe does it. I'm in Finland and under any circumstances it would be extraordinarily rude to enter someone's house with your shoes on. Everyone wears socks or indoor slippers only.

No. 641754

Some do, some don't. Depends on the person. Speaking for myself, we usually wear slippers or flip-flops around the house, and guests typically take their shoes off at the door. However if I'm about to go somewhere or I just got home from somewhere, I might leave my shoes on. Personally I don't see what's so "gross" about it. If you have dogs or outdoor cats, they run all over your house with the same paws they've been walking outside with and no one seems to care. Just mop or vacuum the floor.

No. 641755

I'm a late dumbass and I don't really know why PULL is gone, but seeing as to how many users and content it had, was no one really willing to go up to bat to buy off the site? Or maybe even set up donations to keep it running? What exactly happened? I'm just still so lost as to why it was so easily let go.

No. 641756

The admin offered the site but no one took it, most of pull's userbase was straight up underaged.

No. 641759

Am I paranoid for being scared for having sex? You have to rely on Condoms if you don’t want to fuck up your hormones, and they are only 99% effective, meaning that if you have sex 100 times, you’re likely pregnant at least once. How tf am I supposed to have a long term relationship/marriage and have sex less than 100 times? Most men expect sex at least 1 month

No. 641761

Forgot to add that I feel like I shouldn’t have sex until I have enough money to get an abortion and that 1/3 women get an abortion

No. 641766

This seems like a crazy misunderstanding of how statistics work. I was on birth control for 2 years and almost always used condoms, now I've had sex a handful of times being off birth control and I just use condoms and make sure the guy pulls out before he cums. If you don't let him cum in you, even if he's wearing a condom, the chances of getting pregnant are astronomically low. And whats the weird fixation on 100? You could get pregnant that first time. You sound kind of immature to be having sex honestly, it wouldn't be worth your panic over it.

No. 641767

Anon, are you okay?

Out of all condom users (who are actually using them correctly), 1% will fall pregnant. It’s not like you fuck 100 times then have a baby - it’s 1% of the people using condoms while fucking on the regular
Can’t argue with wanting to be careful though

No. 641769

>Most men expect sex at least 1 month
Kek they want it a lot more than that, anon. My friend needed an abortion after she got pregnant with her bf of 6 years, she had to pay for it and he didn’t even go to the clinic with her. 0/10 not worth, get a good job and a cat.

No. 641773

I used condoms exclusively for fourteen years and never had a pregnancy scare until one time with husbando where we got drunk and forgot. As long as it’s on right they’re effective.
Would an implant or iud help you feel more secure? They’ve got excellent success rates apparently.

No. 641778

that's not how statistics work.

No. 641796

Can I use shampoo as body wash?

t.poorfag who owns a few extra bottles of shampoo

No. 641797

americans don't actually live like netflix movie characters anon

No. 641813

they do in the states
to be fair, in some parts of the south that's /sometimes/ due to fear of fire ants or scorpions, and anywhere you'd think of of like where hillbillies live, genuinely it's because of how shitty and dirty the floors are
I'm not sure why everyone else does it

No. 641814

yes, as long it's not also a conditioner

No. 641898

is there an actual reason why chain companies give you the option to upload your resume on online job applications, but still require like 8 additional steps where you just end up repeating info that is already in your resume? like are they actually reading all of this?

No. 641899

>I just use condoms and make sure the guy pulls out before he cums
lmao what

No. 641921

File: 1601436179661.png (2.01 MB, 1471x684, sdfghj.png)

Is there some kind of data base or anything similar to that to find these kinda ugly 2005 visual novel style CGs without having to look for specific games? I tried it with the same keywords as I did back in 2009 (think "anime girl gothic emo angel sad blue hair pink eyes" kinda stuff) but ever since anime really took off into western mainstream and everyone and their dog started to draw digitally it seems like it became impossible to find stuff like pic related even when trying to limit the search by year…

No. 641924

How do degrees work in the US? I just don't understand how some people are out of college after like three years and have majors and minors, it seems like a salad of subjects.
In Argentina all degrees are focused in one specific subject, like medicine or law, and college lasts five years, at least. And then you have to specialize in one field for some of the careers, that does work like a master's degree.
five years in college is so fucking much but at least my education is free

No. 641925

should i be offended that my bf got me nothing for my birthday, but instead said my present would be him? he basically said i get him forever

No. 641928

I don't think I'm better or worse than anyone else for my preferences/attraction. That being said, do most women really actually factor in height when it comes to attraction? For me, all I care about is if they're taller than me. I'm 5"3. I just can't imagine looking at a hot guy but being turned off because he's not 6 ft tall. Why is this a common thing

No. 641932

in the US whether you get a degree is based on how amny credits you've earned. Credits are granted per class. Technically you can do any degree any amount of years you like, but 3-4 years is normal for a bachelor's. Some people get Associate degrees instead, those are usually 2 years.

No. 641933

he forgot to get you a present anon

No. 641934

It's common because men wanted women smaller than them. Their own bullshit back fired on them and now they're mad.

No. 641935

Yes. There's literally no excuse not to get your partner a birthday present unless they specify they don't want one for whatever reason. I don't give a fuck if you're broke. Get creative, make them something. Your boyfriend is subhuman trash and I hope you dump him.

No. 641936

Same poster. Also, most women dont literally mean the guy has to be 6'1 but that's is the only standard of beauty for men so it's the only thing you can pick on them for.

No. 641939

It's also a status symbol. All the other scrotes in the vicinity will be secretly seething on the inside about your tall bf and you will know it. Men feel really inferior to those taller or more muscular than them, it's hilarious.

No. 641943

No matter how much they tell us we have to lose weight, get plastic surgery etc they can never change their height and that is comfy.

No. 641947

It is, even if they have taken growth hormones as teens and got bones’ surgery, most of them would never reach a decent height that would make them desirable.

No. 641948

Do you only ever see tall guys with gfs? Of course not, so clearly it's not every woman's standard. Most women don't want super short guys and do find tall guys hot but being 6ft tall is not necessary and charisma can overcome height (the Chaddest guy I knew in HS was prob 5'6, super popular and got the hottest girls).

I think the expectation of a guy being a specific height has only become so common with online dating, where women can make their expectations clear before meeting. If you meet a guy naturally irl his height will be secondary to his overall impression, whether you prefer taller dudes or not.

No. 641950

would you farmers seriously date a guy who had a slut ex? I'm currently talking to this dude who told me about how she cheated on him. I'm talking full-on stripper and possibly prostitute. He dumped her as soon as he found out and says he doesn't have any stds, and would get tested again for me to see,,,, but idk, even if he is clean, what does him getting together with her in the first place say about him?

No. 641953

… nothing? I mean, you can believe him or not, but he told you he didn't know and seems serious of making sure you're comfortable with it. People are more than their ex partners

No. 641955

idk anon, i feel like it says alot, like he overlooked redflags bc she was hot and has a sweet spot for slutty girls and might cheat on me/break up if i dont dress slutty enough for him.

No. 641956

I think it’s more likely they look at the info you input into the boxes rather than your resume file because they have computer programs that filter and sort through applicants based on qualifications

No. 641965

That seems like a lot of overthinking. Reflect on how he would be as a partner by the behaviours you already know, by first hand, of him (rather than assumptions). If you really like him, I would tell you to go for it but it's understandable if you are unsure about it, I just wouldn't make so many theories. Just let the whole thing develop a little more

No. 641985

How do I get a metal head bf….

No. 641990

please i need to know too

No. 642066

Go to a metal concert or something similiar

No. 642069

have you tried leaving a spiked leather belt outside your front door or on your patio? stray metalheads will also be attracted to unwashed band t-shirts. just remember, metalheads are more afraid of you than you are of them.

No. 642071

No the question is How do I get a WASHED metal head bf

No. 642073

What could be the cause of getting turned on by being degraded? Low self esteem? How do I cure it? I am a very, extremely low libido person and got wet (after months) because a man was extremely rude to me and called me awful names. I started crying also. I'm really terrified what this could say about me.

No. 642074

>Catch a stray one >>642069
>Wash him

No. 642075

Ntayrt but it never worked for me, I have zero metalhead friend and always go to concerts alone, and people only really talk to their friends and acquaintances. Maybe I'm too much autismo to go talk to random people.

No. 642085

I agree that going to the concert can help but what's gonna increase your odds of catching someone is going to an afterparty, if the concert is big-ish, there would always be at least one official or semi official afterparty organized by fanclubs, make sure to attend it!

No. 642086

Bless you and this post

No. 642118

Could be tapping into a self-protective thing your body does when someone is being sexually aggressive or such. I would not feed it (via porn) and try and train yourself up with loving thoughts instead. Sexuality is a lot about cues and training.

No. 642119

Join social media and talk about metal bands you like on a consistent basis.

No. 642129

Is there a name for a colorful academia aesthetic? Something with a similar studious vibe but isn’t just stuck in the realms of beige and brown?

No. 642130

Guys, my caps lock function got reversed, how do I set it back?

No. 642132

Light academia?

No. 642133

Anyone on here on mastodon? What is that place?

No. 642140

There's light academia but that's just mostly light neutrals instead of darker neutrals. I've not heard of a specific name for what you're looking for.

No. 642144

Unfortunately no, that’s more just a white based style like >>642140 has described. I guess it doesn’t exist, which is a shame, because the academia styles are lovely but too mature for me to adopt convincingly.

No. 642147

Why does youtube videos posted here often become unavailable? I know that most of the time they are not really unavailable and you have to watch them directly on youtube (which unfortunately defeats the purpose of image boards), but why does it happen?

No. 642153

File: 1601467674960.png (658.32 KB, 680x683, 5a9.png)

I'm astonished that there's an actual word for this. It's like I'm totally oblivious to all this ~aesthetics~ stuff that's popular right now. Is there a wiki or something where I can find all the names of popular aesthetics? How do people even get into this shit?

No. 642154

Why did this
>sage isn’t necessary in ot !!1

meme start?

No. 642155

I think it's because you can choose not to let people embed your videos on other sites, so you can only watch them directly on youtube.

No. 642157

There's https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Aesthetics but it's a long list with a lot of very obscure aeshetics so I don't know how useful it is

>How do people even get into this shit?

Aesthetics spread on social media, I guess most people just find about it through instagram/tiktok/pinterest/youtube

No. 642162

Because it's not.

No. 642168

kek you saged

No. 642169

Not on it but I have a few acquaintances who are. Think Twitter with a Discord-like structure. A decentralized bunch of topic-specific servers (like a fandom, niche interest, etc) set up by the users themselves. You can "tweet" something out in just one server for its users to see. Not sure about the demographics of the overall userbase but everyone I know personally who's on there is either a fandom type (they like that you can do spoilertext or mark images as nsfw) or joined as a reaction to Twitter's shitty content moderation. Probably because they advertise that server mods can ban or censor certain content to their heart's desire.

No. 642172


wow I hadn't thought about that.Back in the day it used to be so easy to get those pics by just searching "anime girl whatever".The one with the cross is such a classic

No. 642188

File: 1601471444521.jpg (67.59 KB, 800x640, Anime-Angel-Girl-destinygirl-2…)

This brings me back to the mid 2000's when I used to google search 'anime girl' all the time for references for my shitty drawings in my lined notebooks, when no one else irl knew what anime was.

It's so strange to have been alive for a long enough time to have seen the internet change

>The one with the cross is such a classic
Omg yes.

No. 642195

left is the original Air visual novel
3rd from the left is kaede from the shuffle visual novel

if you search images from those games you might find similar old art style cutscenes(beware NSFW)

No. 642198

Anyone else desperately yearn for friendship yet struggle to message friends/potential new friends? And then go through failed phases of maintained messaging, thinking it's all gonna get better but it doesn't ? I literally dug up my old weeworld account from when I was in 6th grade using the way back machine and the posts on my homepage from friends were more sweet and meaningful than many relationships I have these days. What the hell changed and how do I connect

No. 642201

You’re an adult now, and making friends is more complicated than existing in the same space

No. 642202

true anon. I just want to feel euphoric and like someone has got my back. I only have that with 2 people, and we are so used to eachother that it's almost like we've run out of excitement or fun things to talk about? Idk

No. 642203

I do wish it was still that simple, though. And I feel like I missed my window for friend-making because every girl I knew is married or about to be

No. 642209

I'm like this. And I don't know if it stems from me being a bitch and up myself. I haven't had any proper friends since highschool really. Shared interests, hanging out was always easy and stress free. Could fight like sisters and be friends before we part ways. The older I've got, the harder grudges have been held. Fall outs don't have make ups anymore. I've noticed with my male peers they're quicker to bury the hatchet than women are. Women tend to lean on their partners and I guess can move on easier from a platonic friend. I don't know?

Also there's certain people that make themselves available but hanging out isn't fun, stress free or easy. I find a lot of my adult 'friendships' have been more similar to networking. Feeling obligated to do so to ease work place situations or accommodate partners friends. I haven't joined any clubs tho as an adult and I use to be way more active in social groups as a teen, so maybe that's my issue. I'm not making friends based on interests. I'm just so jaded

No. 642221

Can someone earn money with Instagram without being an instathot?

No. 642236

Of course, you just have to provide something interesting, gain an audience and start promoting brands or people that will pay you. There are big accounts that gained followers by posting memes, art/nature photographies, fun facts, fashion, etc

No. 642258

File: 1601477400183.jpg (52.55 KB, 330x600, IMG_0047.JPG)

At what age would you say that mewing won't fix your chin at all? Also, how tf do I mew? My face Iooks retarded whenever I try to mew, as if I have a overbite ,and my tongue feels tired to doing it for a minute, yet alone for hours

No. 642259

Mewing is not proven. Even mewtards acknowledge you could really fuck up ur mouth if you're "not doing it right." Don't risk your health and just do the good ole diet and exercise shit

No. 642265

How does diet and excerise improve a recessed jaw?

No. 642271

Not trying to racebait, genuinely curious: is it really a common thing among white parents to kiss their children on the lips? Asking as an Asian living in Asia. I see it sometimes in movies without any comment.

No. 642272

If you have a super recessed jaw, you should visit a doctor. If you want a more defined jaw, diet and exercise

No. 642273

Chewing tough foods could make your jaw better

No. 642280

Burger here — Not unless they’re toddlers, only because they don’t know how to not kiss lips yet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a movie though, what are you watching

No. 642283

just go to an orthodentist ffs

No. 642285

File: 1601478811845.jpg (79.71 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

What do you anons think about face yoga? Is it worth it or a waste of time?

No. 642286

I think it's an american thing? I live in a mostly white country and can't imagine anyone here would do that, I was kind of disturbed that my sims in TS2 could kiss their toddlers on the lips.

No. 642289


More than anything I miss the relationships from childhood/teenhood that just sort of happened and stuck. I miss being able to spend hours with someone spending our time shooting the shit without making the conversations solely about work or general complaining about life. As an adult it's a lot easier to make excuses to not spend time with people. Too busy, which is valid in itself but then it comes down who and what is actually worth the time. Relationships have to be more than 'I enjoy your company/we have similar interests/we've been besties forever.' I've tried to join small book clubs but even they fizzle out when something goes against someone's expectations or "rules". Connecting with people as an adult is all about schedule, what you want to say you do in your spare time, not necessarily enjoying time spent together. The definition of friendship gets complicated in adulthood, and said relationships become difficult to maintain.

No. 642290

Um, no lol. Most Americans don’t kiss family members at all, even on the cheek. Hug yes, kiss, no.

No. 642293

yes who would disgusted by kissing their own child on the lips? if you think it’s ‘wrong’ then you should speak to a therapist.

No. 642294

i dated a guy who told me his ex had HPV. they’re americans and i’m a brit so i was vaccinated and never caught it

No. 642295

Waste of time, just don't scrunch your face too much when you emote and get some pressure point facial massage done.

No. 642298

White eurofag- my parents did that when I was a child (or rather, I had to kiss them goodnight on the lips) until I started refusing kissing my father because he's disgusting. I was definitely an older child when I started refusing kissing them and not like 4. Idk if it's common, I've never heard anyone talk about it and have never mentioned it myself.

No. 642299

sure, I french kiss both my parents

No. 642300

I wouldn't do it, it seems to me that would only be bad for your skin. Especially the bottom left one, that's just forcing wrinkles around your eyes if you do it for a long enough time.

No. 642302

White Eurofag and never see anyone doing this. Would think it’s a bit weird if I saw it, not because I think it’s sexual but because no one does it here

No. 642304

Oh man I'm drawing a blank on movies suddenly kek. But I'm watching HGTV right now and it showed the house hunting couple playing with their kids and kissing them on the lips, which is what spurred me to ask.

Anyways, a general thank you to everyone who's answered so far, it's fun seeing the range of reactions.

No. 642306

I remember I use to when I was little. One of my most haunted memories is my mum slipped me her tongue once during a goodnight kiss. Think that was the last time I let either of my parents kiss me on the lips. I feel like blacking out just writing this

No. 642309

Anon I'm so sorry but the way you wrote this is making me shake-laugh. Why would your mom do that

No. 642313

I don't know and I never want to think about it

No. 642316

I'm glad you survived that, anon

No. 642322


white eurofag here and I used to get kisses on the lips from my mum when I was a toddler. At some point I felt like I outgrew it and yeah, so it endend lol.

No. 642341

Would I be expected to do any actual work on the 1st day of (graduate) work?

I've been so busy finishing up my tasks before starting my job I forgot to do more background reading on the processes and stuff so I'd be lost on how to work the machines etc. My training has been pushed til Monday because of scheduling, but I start in my area tomorrow? And am there for 2 days before I'm trained in anything. And its high risk stuff to fuck up, so what the fuck will I be doing?

And it's a full day, too. I've never had a "first day" experience, only shitty wageslave jobs that I was thrown into the deep end the first hour.

Does anyone know what will happen to me? I'm a bit scared.

No. 642361

ty anons, i will try tonight and whenever shows start back up (hopefully)
godspeed anon, i wish you the same luck

No. 642383

ms. frizzle and the magic school bus

No. 642386

you can't fix it as an adult sorry anon :/ you can maybe train your jaw forward with dental braces but it's likely your jaw would recede back after removal

No. 642400

File: 1601487253588.jpg (48.14 KB, 564x752, boho.jpg)

what are some words/tags that I can use to describe this style? I want to find more stuff like this, but 'boho' stuff seems too loose and flowy compared to this style

No. 642410

Why are they even bothering trying to contain the virus at this point? Why can't we just let nature take it's course. It's a losing battle.

I'm on the verge of going rona denier mode. I'm so tired of the hysteria. It's become a police state at this point and I hear that people are snitching on weddings, trying to cancel halloween, it's pathetic.

Stay home if you can't handle it.

No. 642414

I'm a white american and it's always been considered rude to take your shoes off in someone's house if you don't know them well. and friends/family typically just keep them on indoors.

No. 642429

Yeah I would feel uncomfortable if someone took them off in my house, and like I was being obscene if I did it someone else’s kek. I take my shoes off in my house for comfort and to keep cleaner, but if I have to walk through in my shoes it’s no problem. You can clean and it’s not like you’re rolling around on the carpet or something…

No. 642431

Edgy chan is back

No. 642444

i was literally in china, hours from hubei, when the outbreak started. if you're from the US or western Europe then you have no idea what a police state is, especially in regards to covid. things could be so much worse than being unable to go to a fucking wedding.

No. 642445

> It’s considered fucking gross in Europe, not to mention rude if you’re a guest
Don't generalize Europe please. I'm a white Eurofag and in my part of Europe guests don't tend to take their shoes off, although this isn't a strict rule. It can be considered kind of weird to take off your shoes, like you're too comfortable/homely in someone else's home. Not even my aunts and uncles will take of their shoes when they're over. Of course we don't wear shoes in the comfort of our own house.

What's up with all these "Do white people really do xyz thing?" questions lately.

No. 642448

White people bitching about lockdown and saying they live in a police state because they're too assed to wear a mask. The jokes write themselves

No. 642455

The one anon who took their county's mandatory mask mandate to multiple threads hoping for sympathy.
>I'm appalled! this is a police state!

It's rock bottom when you land in the tinfoil thread.

No. 642618

>abloobloo I can't celebrate Halloween with friends this year
Imagine this being the biggest problem you're going through during a pandemic and the economic crisis that came out of it and that's still happening.

No. 642731

For those that donate blood or frequently get blood tests, how do you guys deal with fear of needles? I donate blood when I can, but for the first five minutes of the insertion, I am very uncomfortable. The feeling of the needle stuck in my arm and seeing blood seep out freaks me out, but after those five minutes, I'm completely ok.

No. 642738

I've always been used to having my blood drawn as a kid until late teenage years because of regular tests at the hospital, when it started I was given something by the hospital to anaesthetize the area where I'd be stung by the needle, it's a gel inside some sort of capsule you have to apply the day before. I learned recently I can just buy that stuff out of my own pocket now at the pharmacy and it's cheap but prices could be higher where you live. I don't remember the name of the product, sorry about that.

No. 642753

> It can be considered kind of weird to take off your shoes, like you're too comfortable/homely in someone else's home
But it’s not weird to smear bacteria and possibly dogshit around the house? How is that not being “too comfortable in someone else’s home” lol

No. 642762

If you get into arguments and realize you’re wrong, do you admit it, double down, or just walk away? In general and online

No. 642768

Depends entirely on context. If it’s a silly argument on lolcow or a similar anonymous website then probably just walk away. If it’s a more serious discussion online/offline then admit it and learn. What’s the point in doubling down? It’s just petty

No. 642772

Online: Can admit I'm wrong and reformulate the argument as everything is in writing for anyone to see. Granted it's in good faith and not someone shitposting and making shit up. If it's the latter then I'd rather let them have it than waste my goodwill energy, sometimes I even double down if they annoy me enough just to spite their time.
IRL: Much more likely to double down or deflect because the truth of the matter is people take an admittance of a wrong as a weakness and use that instance to steamroll the entire argument in their favor. If it's not professional that is, like at work, in a class, or during a lighthearted debate between friends. I'm talking about some asshole who I owe nothing to trying to start shit with me.
I have more to gain by sticking to my guns and hoping the other person concedes and relents to my argument than being held by the balls cause they caught me in one oopsie.

No. 642793

Are British guys actually bad and awkward in bed?
>t. virgin britbong

No. 642803

They're just like any other group of lads. Some are good, some are shite. It just sounds awkward as fuck when they try to do the American style porn moaning. Nothing has made me drier than hearing a Northerner go 'oh fuck yes baby'. Baby. Just no.

No. 642831

The only English guy I've slept with did actually apologise before cumming. I thought that was pretty funny.

No. 642847

one of my friends hooked up with a guy when she was staying in Sheffield (we're burgers) and she said he kept saying "oh fuck yeah" during sex with an American accent. He said "fuck" with his usual accent every other time he said it but specifically during sex he would pronounce it "fuhk" like a goddamn frat boy lmfao.

No. 642880

I hope I never experience something like this because I'd burst out laughing

No. 642930

Idk why this reminded me of when Leafyishere's snapchat memories got leaked and there was that vid of him stroking a girls ass saying "Nice, dude." If a guy ever called me dude during sex I think I'd die of laughter

No. 642953

File: 1601514028079.png (320.46 KB, 444x491, jaja.PNG)

The yellow and pink one I can understand but the rest of them? Are these really considered microaggressions? lmao

No. 642959

Most hispanics I know, myself included kek, love spicy food, so it's not an unreasonable thing to think, sure it's not for everyone but many do like it tbh.

None of those are aggresive, hell the "Your english is so good" one seems more like a compliment if your native language isn't english, I do feel happy when my friends from the USA tell me that.

So, is most likely a non-hispanic or a chicano speaking over hispanics to feel ~woke~

No. 642965

Is it bad to ask someone to say words from their own language? I like hearing accents and other languages including European. Is it considered a microaggression towards Europeans too?

No. 642969

It's really fucking annoying. If someone says "say something in your language" what do you think you would say? Your mind goes blank because you've just been told to perform but given no direction.
It's ok if it's a friend asking "it's so cool you speak Russian, what's Russian for hello?" but someone that doesn't know you demanding you say something that they won't even understand just so they can confirm that you do speak that language or so they can laugh at how foreign it sounds is just irritating

>"Your english is so good" one seems more like a compliment if your native language isn't english
I'm not Hispanic but usually it's offensive to people because the person is assuming they don't speak proper English just because of their accent or skin colour. You can have spoken English your whole life but some inbred boomer will patronise you like you just did a party trick

No. 642970

I think yellow and blue are. Pink is just annoying because like idk what to say. Just ask how to say x in my language, way easier.

No. 642980

Orange is definitely a micro-aggression, especially when English is one of your first languages, so them expecting you to not know English just because of how you look is wrong.

I guess I can see blue as being one but not really. It mostly stems from stereotyping Mexicans as liking spicy food. I didn't know until recently, but the only hispanic countries that are really big on spicy food are Mexicans, so it's sort of as being all hispanics as Mexicans.
For the green one, it's because they see hispanics as "exotic" so I can see how that can be a micro aggression.
The pink one isn't a micro aggression but its annoying.
The dark blue one is definitely a micoaggression. It's like thinking just because you have a different skin color you can't be from America or whatever western country you are from.
And for the light green one, it's people thinking that all Mexicans have a certain look to them. Being hispanic isn't a race, the same way being American isn't a race.

No. 642989

The dark blue one is usually pretty fucked up since Latinos are basically the same as Americans where we have people of different races.

As some one who gets "you don't look Mexican" on the daily it gets annoying but I wouldn't call it a micro aggression since most people can't differentiate between ethnicities in general, like if I were to post a picture of a Swedish and a Danish person and asked which was witch most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

No. 642993

The Dane is the one with the square head and ruddy complexion

No. 642999

I wanted to know if ritalin would help me with my focus problems and incoherence but all it did was making me very smart (I mean I can process information very quick).. I can’t perform anymore after 3 hours because i have been sleeping for the past 3 days very little and I wanna die because of it.

So I did not have adhd after all since I’ve gotten even more hyper? Sad.

No. 643005

File: 1601524657489.jpeg (17.66 KB, 566x541, whhyyy.jpeg)

Does time go by extremely quickly for everyone?

I've heard people say time flies when you're having fun or are busy but for me its all the time. Like i could be doing nothing, just sitting or laying down and while for me 10 minutes passed its been half an hour. Sometimes i don't even bother doing things like drawing because i know i'll grab my supplies, do literally half a sketch and my entire morning or afternoon will be gone. It feels pointless to do anything with how quickly times goes by to me.

No. 643006

You must have a pretty active mind and focus properly on whatever you're doing at the time. I'm jealous, time goes sooo slowly for me. I'm in a phase where everything bores me and I'm losing interests in my hobbies, don't have the attention span for TV or books, etc.

Also I'm dieting which means I'm constantly just waiting for the next time I can eat, which makes the day fucking crawl.

No. 643010

I actually do. Guess it makes sense but it still feels so wrong.

Aw man, i'm jealous of you too, i feel like i'm wasting my life because it's on 4x speed and i'll never watch/play/do everything i want to, but i can see why it's bad for you too. Wish we could trade half and half with each other to make 2 normal people

No. 643012

I go through phases so sometimes I feel like you, like there's just not enough hours in the day to get through everything I wanna do. But that just sends me into an existential dread about how much time work takes out of my life lmao so maybe it's better this way. I also get way better sleep and more exercise when I'm perpetually bored.

No. 643033

Thanks for this anon, i love reading wikis like this

No. 643056

Wow Limitless really was about ritalin. I would go back to your doctor and describe what's happening, maybe your dose is too high.

No. 643058

Yep they are all microaggressions since they are making assumptions about the person before knowing them. If you're not the "right" nationality for your current location you are unlikely to notice them since you'll get worse than these on the reg. But they're all rude assumptions for sure.

No. 643080

Looking through the photoshop thread is so strange. Why are scrotes so into these disproportional pin head looking photoshop monsters? How do they believe it’s real?
It’s bizarre….

No. 643081

I don't know if you've noticed, but they're not very smart.

No. 643085

How do I care about myself?
Why don't I keep exercising?
My health is so bad, I live at home and I can't work, but I look healthy, so I just look like a total loser; how can I make friends?
If I tell people what's wrong with me, I'm just going to look like an attentionwhore
It feels like I'm just waiting to die

No. 643087

It's only supposed to work for about 3-4 hours for instant release. Do you have problems with impulsivity or just inattention?

Adderall XR works better for me because it lasts through the day and I would forget to take it otherwise

No. 643090

Also, how do I like, care about books and video games again?
I don't understand what's wrong with me, I used to love reading and RPGs and platformers, now I just can't even get into anything
I just want to sleep all the time, but I want to play or read again so badly

No. 643096

Pick up the book and force yourself in spurts and maybe call your doc for some antidepressants

No. 643102

Why are so many people reluctant to admit that allergies and other health issues may be linked to modern foods and/or medication?
It seems like such a no-brainer, but I always see emotionally-loaded arguments about it.

No. 643104

How do I gain social skills if I don't have friends?
The whole act of having a conversation is so effing difficult for me. When I talk to someone I don't know I get massive anxiety because I focus on whether they like me or not and if I feel like they don't I start stumbling in my sentences and end up sounding like a fool. I also find it hard to simply think during a conversation, my mind just becomes empty, and I don't know what I should feel/think/believe/answer. Also, I get the feeling that when normal people talk, they sort of see the strings of words they have just said in their mind, but when I speak, I immediately forget what I have just said and so I contradict myself a lot, or I later realize that I repeated myself

No. 643109

I have the same issue with talking to people; one thing that really helped me is to just ask questions and pretend you're interested in the things the other person says, even if it's something as boring as them explaining how they baked bread on a thursday afternoon. That way people will see you as a good listener and will automatically like you more. But don't let it escalate into an interview, let the person talk and if you have something to add then say it. Especially in a 1 on 1 setting the other person will not care too much about what you just said as they will be too busy wanting to talk about themself

No. 643113

What I do is listen to someone talk about themselves and then talk about what they just talked about, give my few cents, and then let them talk again. They think we had a good conversation and that I'm friendly. I haven't had any close friendships with this method but I'm generally not hated, or thought of as too weird. Although, I do know that no one gives cares about me because I never talk about myself and what's been going on with me, but I'm fine with that. They will think of you as a friendly, polite person. I stutter a lot tbh, but I don't think people mind it much tbh

No. 643211

Person with shitty teeth and dysfunctional bite here: when you close your mouth, are your teeth supposed to touch? Or should there be a gap between them?

No. 643282

Fellow iphone users, is it possible to have a preset theme to change my home screen between? Like if I want to have all those widgets and shit all over the place and customize it to a specific theme, can I save that and then make a different one with a different theme to set it to? I feel like when I updated it to ios14 I saw something that said that, but I can’t find it again…

No. 643294

Has anyone recorded their moans and posted them to Lolcow?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 643330

ew no why

No. 643336

Can you still make beermoney using sites like Runescape or the oldschool runescape? Are there even similar sites where you could farm for virtual money and exchange it for real one?

No. 643344

I thought about doing it…

No. 643347

This is extremely scrote if not even MtF behavior anon wtf. Don't be creepy.

No. 643350

Is it possible to view one's own post history on lolcow?

No. 643352

My teeth are able to touch and it’s not necessarily uncomfortable but doing that is considered clenching which can lead to tmj problems. So when my jaw is resting my teeth don’t touch.

No. 643354

Back to /soc/ fatty

No. 643371

Exactly what's an "office job" like what do they do. Typical office job, what do they do? Sales? I'm talking about those guys in cubicles and shit.

No. 643373

Dae love the pain of eating something a bit too spicy? It makes me feel alive

No. 643377

No you’re the only one who likes spicy

No. 643378

I technically have an "office" job even though my official title is an inspector. But yeah, I got my desk cubicle. I'm mostly running queries and creating reports. Mashing some buttons back and forth between company software and an excel spreadsheet. Sometimes I have to assemble a folder, print out some stuff, attend a meeting, etc.

The biggest culture shock to me about office work is that the majority of people don't do dick throughout most of the day. Including myself. Like I emailed all the reports and worked on all my spreadsheets this morning that now I don't have anything to do for the rest of the day unless something comes up, but I've got like three more hours to go. So I sit here and try to look busy but I'm really on my phone. The reason why people work so slow is because there wouldn't be any work to get done if they actually went at a faster pace. I caught on eventually, but then I get instances like today. Guess I could be an overachiever and find more work but lmao not when I'm a low wagie paid by the hour.

No. 643386

I have an office job. I do clerical work at a hospital. I manage reports and censuses, rosters for patients we have in different programs, make calls to patients and vendors to coordinate care and problem solve, stuff like that. Like >>643378 said, you run out of things to do, though. I keep pretty busy and still find myself, well, here, as well as on my phone here and there. I get a lot of other tasks thrown at me because I'm quick/good at my job and my leadership is all about using us to our full potential (in a good way) but I still find ways to dick around.

No. 643389

where can i get adderall without a prescription

No. 643392

why do you want it

No. 643393

I mean too spicy. Like intentionally consuming something and liking the pain

No. 643394

all nighters, basically

No. 643397

Buddy up with Red Scare podcast listeners.

No. 643402

Find a local dealer? I buy mine from a friend.

Who incidentally listens to them kek she tried to introduce me and I only liked their Only SWERF episode, everything else has been annoying.

No. 643422

This is me!! I like eating spicy stuff that makes me cry, I love the pain

No. 643437

I wonder what farmers think about mina le, a former egirl that reinvented herself as a vintage fashion youtuber. Some of her looks are kind of interesting, but I don't find her convincing as a "fashion historian" at all. She seems out of her depth somehow, like not very knowledgeable or articulate. I get the impression that she's hopping on the vintage fashion history bandwagon for the sake of becoming youtube famous because it makes for a more niche brand aesthetic than the egirl thing she was doing before. Maybe I'm being too harsh idk.

No. 643448

Just drink energy drinks or take yohimbe. Try a Redline. Shit like this is why I have to go into the hospital where my doctor is to pick up paper prescriptions through fucking Covid.

No. 643459

I know nasolabial folds are kind of a meme but… is there anything in particular that prevents them or at least reduces appearance? Fillers seems to have limited impact

To clarify I mean the ‘laughter lines’ that stay even with a straight face on older people, not the actual fold which I guess can’t be prevented..:

No. 643463

Expensive facial treatments? I don't think you can do much for them, it's genetics, whether you smoke/drink, and the way your muscles are aligned.

No. 643527

I keep getting recommended her videos but her thumbnails bother me. Does she have any fashion history credentials or is she just an amateur?

No. 643528

Face lift or possibly anti aging skin treatments like tretinoin which help with fine lines

No. 643553

Yeah I love eating capsaicin

No. 643554

Yeah those coming up on my recommended vids too. I think she mentions having gone to fashion school, but she doesn't sound very educated. She was an ig model before starting her channel. Something about her really annoys me

No. 643559

Is it cringe that I still use omg when texting people

No. 643560

I didn’t even bother watching any of her videos because her face bothers me kek

No. 643561

My bf has shit music taste and it's making me legit like him less, am i being shallow?

No. 643565

no this is based kek. my own taste is also shit, so I relate to your moid.

No. 643567

I actually wanna leave and find someone with more bearable taste. I can't help but feel like this feeling will only get worse with time and might as well end it sooner rather than later, but it feels so dramatic lol

No. 643570

It bothers me too lol I get where she's going with this Betty Boop style of makeup but it looks terrible on her

No. 643574

At least he has taste I dated someone that couldn't even say what genre he liked to listen too. Never listened to music in his spare time unless someone else was and he would do the man thing of only agreeing with his best friend about what was good music and anything I liked was perceived as bad or girly even if it was a similar catalogue to one of his gay friends

No. 643590

If you already have an inkling it'll fester and this is a point of contention for you, forget that dude. Any reason is a good enough reason to leave.

No. 643599

alright fuck it I'm gonna do it

No. 643637

how many of you go incognito when opening up lolcow? for me it's 98% of the time

No. 643669

What can I file my nails with if I don’t have a nail file?

No. 643690

I've heard you can use zippers but tbh just go buy a nail file, they cost nothing

No. 643691

No. 643711

I used to but not anymore, I don’t care. Let google know that I visit lolcow and fourchannel, who cares.

No. 643716

always it's a habit and also would be embarrassing should someone stand behind me and see me get autosuggested or whatever to go to the site

No. 643730

Nah. I don't post anything incriminating or anything I wouldn't say to my friends irl on here. Plus I feel like most of the people I surround myself with are familiar with board culture to the point where they wouldn't even care if they saw me on here.

No. 643744

I feel like quarantine is making me skinny fat. I hate it. I've never gained as much as weight or been as inactive as these last 5 months. I'm going to start doing push ups and sit ups, what are other workouts I can do (without workout equipment bc I don't have any) to get toned? Should I get into running too?

No. 643746

I don't share my devices with anyone so no. I don't open up my browser to lolcow if my screen is visible but will have it open on my phone.

No. 643854

If someone is seeking prescription amphetamines then caféine and energy drinks obviously fail to meet their needs. Why don't you take an energy drink instead of painstakingly making visits to the doctor?

No. 643855


No. 643860

Why is garlic/cheese bread an appetizer for pizza??????????

No. 643884

Why question when you can just enjoy? Once you become cognizant to garlic/cheese bread just being seasoned pizza dough or mozzarella sticks being breaded and deep fried string cheese, you've already lost.

No. 643886

running (unless sprinting ig) doesn't actually do shit for losing weight and is pretty bad for your joints. try bodyweight exercises esp glute-focused stuff

eat lift thrive by sohee lee is a great book geared towards women for exercises and learning how to eat better, check it out

No. 643898

…the OP asked for it without a prescription.

No. 643929

What does not having hobbies say about someone?

No. 643932


No. 643933

It's too much anon… It's just too much.

No. 643945

Sociopath or skinwalker. Or perhaps, mongoloid?

No. 643948

File: 1601621154156.jpg (75.47 KB, 632x488, 1554164843211.jpg)

not her, but

No. 644000

is this really a thing?

No. 644047

Is the guy you’ve been dating doesn’t talk to you all week, then messages Friday asking if you’re free, how would you respond? This dude seems incapable of asking me how my day/week is going and it’s starting to make me feel like nothing more than a hookup.

No. 644056

I'd say exactly what you've said in this post just now and then I guess depends how he explains himself.

No. 644063

Maybe there is something that kept him busy? From your post, I assume he didn't tell you why he went ghost on you for a week and then wants to meet, that feels a little weird and as you said, feels like you're just a hookup. If you're vibing, just ghost him.

No. 644064

Yes but it only became a habit because for a year I didn't bother to clear my cookies after a short ban and so it would always open the mirrored page unless I used incognito

No. 644066

He could be busy, trying to keep that in mind. But this is right off a conversation where I said I’d like if he asked me more questions / was more engaged, so that’s left me feeling like a clown. I won’t ghost him, I want to be clear that I’m not cool with a week of silence if we’re meant to be dating (for months btw), I just struggled with the idea of coming across as demanding.

No. 644068

It's not demanding at all to want the person you're dating to be nore interested in you anon. I hope he understands your point. You don't deserve to feel like a clown!!

No. 644083

Never, whether it's for here, kiwifarms or hentai websites, I'm the only one using my devices anyway. Also, I'm not american or even anglophone, normies here have zero clue about image boards or lolcows.

No. 644093

Is anyone here who was raised by narcissists and found traits of narcissism in herself too? How do I get rid of the need for external validation?

No. 644134

get the dick and then ghost

No. 644146

>running doesn't actually do shit for losing weight
I'm not sure if I believe you.

No. 644149

Everyone wants and needs external validation to a degree, what you need to be mindful of is how you react when you are denied it or let too much go to your head.
Examine how you react in those situations and see if there's any healthier ways to react.

No. 644157

this bitch who is friends with my room mate keeps making snarky passive aggressive comments about my appearance. What should I say to my room mate without getting into a fight? She's close friends so I doubt she'll be on my side

No. 644160

Nayrt but jumping on a trampoline for 20 minutes burns the same amount of calories as running for almost an hour. Running puts too much stress on your joints to be beneficial longterm.

No. 644161

Stand up for yourself and make comments back. Ask her why she gives a shit what you look like.

No. 644163

jumping is even worse for the joints btw, especially without any prior preparation

No. 644164

There's something like a 30% difference in calories burned between a moderate walking pace and running for the same distance, and as other anons have mentioned you're way more likely to injure yourself running. Plus it's not like out of shape people can just hit off running and have the endurance to keep a running intensity for any meaningful period of time that walking couldn't easier accomplish.

Running truly is an inefficient exercise for the payoff.

No. 644167

Anon’s right that it can mess up your joints, it’s usually not recommended for people who are overweight/obese because they already have a lot of pressure on their knees. Cardio does help with burning calories which contributes to weight loss, but it’s better for a far person to reduce how many calories they eat or do some other type of exercise like swimming or using a stationary bike

No. 644172

….no it isn’t. It’s being recommended by even NASA because trampolines have extremely low impact. Maybe you read my post wrong.

No. 644175

Just so low impact workouts and focus on form and being deliberate and slow with your movements. Your wanting to stretch out your muscles and get them limber. If you're already carrying excess weight there's your weight bearing exercise there, focus on correct posture and form to carry your frame. You'll fine the excess fat will burn off a hell of a lot faster than doing random sporadic bad form exercises. Getting the blood pumping around your body let's the blood carry out the excess calories. Honestly, walking around engaging your core by correctly posturing will be just as good as any workout.

No. 644177

Why are you replying this to my post. I didn’t ask for any advice and I literally only said that trampolines burn a lot of calories and are low impact.

No. 644178

Because I cba going up and clicking all posts relevant bitch

No. 644180

Wow you’re so aloof. Love how you can’t do that but cba to reply to something completely irrelevant to your thuper genius fitness advice

No. 644185

If you really don't want to stand up for yourself you should tell your room mate that it's making you feel low about yourself but keep it about your self esteem and how those words make you feel, framing it as if you are asking for help wit how to deal with these thoughts it gives you. Don't let it turn into a discussion about the other girl or else there is ammo for drama. If your roommate isn't a bitch it should at least make her go quiet when her friend says those things so there is no reward for saying them.

If you want to play mind games you can use the mean girl's comment as an opening to vent everything you've ever thought about that topic and ask if she has any advice as if you really value her input, for every reply just keep asking her what she would recommend to help a girl, making it a chore for her. This shit is tiresome as hell if you're not made for it though, it's easier to just go grey rock on her and learn to ignore it.

No. 644187

My advice is free and heartfelt.

No. 644192

Then reply to the correct post please I ain’t reading all of that

No. 644230

Anons I want to shoot myself, I have to listen to a professor's recorded lectures but he fucking unsmacks his lips before every sentence with the loudest fucking saliva noises and it's physically making me shiver, I tried playing music in the background but I can still fucking hear the smacks and they're just repeating in my brain right now, over and over. What the fuck should I do? I just wanna study fucking hell, just swallow your fuckinf saliva, we can hear it FUCK

No. 644234

Can you bring it into Audacity and speed it up or remove background noise or something to try and lessen the annoyance?

No. 644243

So gross. Can you lip read well

No. 644250

I will try something like that, there are like 20 videos, all 30 min, to go through. Ugh.
I cannot but he's mostly not facing the camera so it wouldn't have worked.
I think I will play some music on my phone, put on headphones and play the videos on the laptop, maybe that'll help…

No. 644368

File: 1601654080583.jpg (66.02 KB, 244x347, manga.jpg)

Is it too early for a new years resolution thread?

No. 644377

No harm in starting it up now but I think it'll be pretty slow moving until December.

No. 644552

I haven’t seen any tripcode users on lolcow, why is that?

No. 644565

Is there any way to develop a better sense of time?

No. 644572

They ban them

No. 644584

I just came across my sister's social security number while going through some really old emails. I haven't spoken to her in over five years, which has been for the best (it's a long story, we grew up around alcoholics and abuse), but I still think about her all the time. I don't want to open credit cards in her name or something malicious, I'm just curious to know if she's still living with our mother and what she's doing with her life in general. What kind of information could I get from her ssn? How do I get it?

No. 644587

Don't do this

No. 644593

How come I feel a bit better when I get 3 hours of sleep, but sluggish when I get 7 hours of sleep?

No. 644609

how do you report a post? what is the report system? is it a specific thread on /meta/ or something else entirely? there's a few threads on /meta/ that seem like places where you could report a thread or a post, but they specifically say not to do that in there

No. 644614

Why not just…. message her. I feel like this is a fake post where you try to disguise yourself as morally innocuous while asking for the information you can fish from someone’s ssn. Piss off.

No. 644615

File: 1601668981436.jpg (577.11 KB, 1440x993, reportapost.jpg)

No. 644616

Thank you kindly. Sorry for my extreme retardation

No. 644630

I always assume it's because the average person runs on 4 hour sleep cycles and getting through or close through one makes you feel more rejuvenated (short term) than two if you're not going get through it. I could be speaking entirely from my ass, though.

And excuse my extreme retardation for laughing at "click" looking a little like "dick," I am 12 apparently

No. 644653

I don't have her current phone number or email address, and she doesn't use social media. I'm not trying to be morally ambiguous, I am just really lonely, I have not spoken to anyone else in my family in just as long either. I'm not trying to do anything illegal either, I'm sure now I'm not going to do anything with her ssn at all, I only asked out of curiosity.

No. 644658

I don't think there's actually that much you can do with a SSN anyways that's not very illegal, unfortunately. I'm not sure how easy it is to find people via that, but I'm also not very like. Well versed with that kinda stuff. Sorry you haven't talked to your family, anon. I hope you have other people in your life instead even though it's not always the same. ♥ I imagine coming across that information was still jarring.

No. 644659

Thank you for being nice to me, I really needed that right now

No. 644678

Wtf does NTA mean

yes new fag

No. 644680

NTA = not that anon.

No. 644693

What did it feel like for anons who have gotten covid?

No. 644782

No idea if that was covid because hospitals weren't taking anymore people back then where I was but when I recovered two months later and went back to my country my GP told me she's 99.999% sure that was it. I felt horrible and legit thought I was gonna die the first month, it started exactly at the same time as my periods with similar symptoms but worse (weak legs, headache, diarrhea) so I didn't suspect anything, but then I couldn't breathe properly for three weeks and the symptoms got worse and worse. I was terrified I'd die in my sleep but thinking about it I was feeling better when asleep. The only unusual things where that instead of not feeling taste and smell anymore it got super amplified like I was a constantly nauseous pregnant woman, and I didn't have fever which meant I couldn't go to the hospital anyway since the rules were that you had to monitor you body temperature and only go to the emergencies if you reach 37.5°C everyday for 4 days.

The second month I had ups and downs so I had no idea if I was recovering or not, the real consistent problem was that I was shitting myself to death anytime I tried to eat something the following minutes. I was starving and just surviving on mcdonald's and soda. Even the third month after going back to my country, while I felt better I still felt super weak and always tired but now I'm doing way better. Given the timing I must have caught it near the end of the mask shortage but since I was careful I must have caught either in pubic transport when going to work or when buying food. I got masks not long after though near my job.

Thinking about it, I had food poisoning a few months before that and I'm used to getting sick because of epidemics and getting tired fast and that time it didn't feel like anything I've endured before.

No. 644790

And NTAYRT means ‘not the anon you replied to’.

No. 644793

Haven't had covid myself but all the people I know (in their 20s-30s) who have had it have just had the basic flu symptoms, fever and coughing and overall tiredness and exhaustion. None of them have went into severe respiratory arrest or had permanent damage to their lungs or any of those extreme horror stories.

No. 644825

I’m euro. Shoes worn in the house isn’t common. It’s looked down upon as being rude. The thought of wearing shoes inside that have been outside in dirt and god knows what. Makes me uncomfortable. Also how can you relax and get comfy with shoes on indoors?

No. 644880

Plus it's unhealthy for your feet to be in shoes all day. Bet they all have smelly fungus infested feet and painful bunions.

No. 644891

I dated a guy with feet like that. He would borrow my socks and there'd be holes in them by the end of the day. He blamed his shoes but his feet stunk if he took them off too, I've no idea why he never got shit to sort them. I nearly gagged when I saw his soles.

No. 645010

This is a genuine question, but I have a feeling it's going to sound ridiculous. What does cope really mean? Cope with what exactly?

No. 645080

It usually means that someone is coping with an issue by lying to themselves i think. Like if a post says "Theres nothing wrong with having a microscopic weener im very popular with ladies in bed." then someone who disagrees says "lol cope" to imply he's only saying that to cope with the reality being opposite

No. 645082

File: 1601706461652.jpeg (45.76 KB, 564x509, 0AC09923-6F95-4AD8-9C02-37B437…)

saged for samefag– sorry at first posted in wrong thread (dumbass because I am one)

Q: where on lc do you go to ask for art advice, really. Artist salt thread is supposed to include that but its 90% … salt. as the title implies. so I dont blame them for ignoring my boring ass questions lol
is there a thread I missed? I dont want to show my art though

pic unrelated

No. 645100

>>>/ot/546916 I think it was supposed to be for general art-related questions

No. 645106

>how can you relax and get comfy with shoes on indoors?
that's the idea, you don't want guests getting too comfortable (at least in my family) because that's seen as rude. I will never understand people who keep shoes on in their own homes though without a practical reason (earlier anon mentioned scorpions).

No. 645110

>female artist I follow calls themselves gay and talks about how gay they are
>they have a boyfriend

Why do people do this?

No. 645113

I'm not sure but I confess that I do the same thing.

No. 645117

As a follow up to this >>645113,I guess it's because people who are in the LGBT spectrum want it to be known, even if they are in a hetero relationship. Why? Because we all know that straight people are not viewed as great. Bi folks are likely to have gay and lesbian friends already, so of course why would we talk about being hetero?

No. 645142

>Because we all know that straight people are not viewed as great
…No? People's sexuality doesn't define who they are as a person.
You can't choose to be straight any more than you can choose to be gay, you're just embarrassing yourself for woke points and Twitterfag validation. You sound lowkey homophobic saying that.

No. 645143

hey peabrain have you ever considered that they might be fucking bi

No. 645146

How does one switch their worldview to the opposite? I spent most of my life depressed, feeling worthless and feeling like the world is a horrible place. I still have this view and I feel like I lose friends and repel people because of my negativity. I REALLY, GENUINELY want to believe that life is wonderful and is worth living and that I'm a good person. I really want to believe it. But how do I do it? Repeating to myself these statements feel ridiculous to me

No. 645155

You need to do stuff that confirms your new world view to yourself.

No. 645156

File: 1601722770803.jpg (26.88 KB, 320x480, outfit1.jpg)

What is this sort of fashion called?

No. 645157

File: 1601722929716.jpg (69.48 KB, 530x794, outfit2.jpg)

No. 645158

fix your heart or die

No. 645159

File: 1601723336020.jpg (16.52 KB, 236x349, outfit7.jpg)

No. 645160

unrelated but that girl reminds me of dobby from peep show

No. 645161

i would say twee or preppy.
dark academia might interest you also, it's darker and more tweedy, but the people who like it are insufferable and pretentious about being the cultural elite even though all they do is scroll instagram all day.

No. 645163

preppy but with a romantic/french influence?

No. 645165

Anon please don't be dense. Bragging about being gay while in a straight relationship is weird.

No. 645166

You're right lol. Ahh I need to rewatch that show, it's the best

No. 645167

Literally 2006 indie/ModCloth/Zooey deschanelcore. This outfit just told me to listen to animal collective.

No. 645175

You type like you have your pronouns in bio

No. 645179

File: 1601726144424.png (973.15 KB, 1920x891, Screenshot (3).png)

Where can I find 60s-ish fishnets that's aren't sexy but have nice patterns like pic rel?

No. 645188

these are just lace tights not fishnets

No. 645190

NTA but you type like you're a scrote.

No. 645215

Are you really defending pronouns?

No. 645231

not that anon but y'all can take that chud shit back to /pol/ if pronouns really offend you that much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 645233

You're so fucking gross, wash your mouth you filthy neolib newfag.

No. 645236

Bi does not equal gay
Stop muddying the term

No. 645237

I mean, nta but having pronouns in your bio is quite silly.

No. 645238

Back to twitter, newfag

No. 645240

This just reminds me of Kate Nash..
Also what the other anon said.

No. 645247

You are so predictable and boring

No. 645255

libs get out

No. 645262

File: 1601736059160.jpg (68.6 KB, 1300x956, young-beautiful-arab-woman-wea…)

Who let Vaush orbiters in? Gross.

No. 645264

>owning the libs by being a retarded scrote or pickme

No. 645265

libs = pickme
Yea, you're probably a dumb troll

No. 645266

I'm the original "pronoun" defender and while yeah, I think it's silly no fucking person on this website that isn't a scrote or /pol/pick me will comment "YOU SOUND PRONOUN BIO REEEE"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 645267

Yeah, you sound like a retard. "Libs get out" fucking nerd.

No. 645268

Dumbass troll busted

No. 645269

MODS the twitterfag calling everyone a scrote and /pol/tard again!!! Btw using the word scrote isn’t very woke of you, SOME MEN DON’t HAVE SCROTUMs

No. 645270

>bending over backwards for mentally ill men
>not pickmes

No. 645273

What does TME mean? I saw a post saying 'I hope every woman with TME in her bio is aware she is apologizing for woman privilege' but idk how anal cancer is apologising for female privilege

No. 645274

The next person to continue this autistic argument is getting a 3 week ban for being incapable of not taking the weakest most recycled bait. Report bait instead of feeding it for 30 replies.

No. 645283

"Transmisogyny exempt." Basically when you claim you're TME, you're saying transphobes don't target you because you're not visibly trans, you pass well, or you essentially don't look like a balding man in a dress. It's as asskissy as it sounds.

No. 645286

Bragging but make it woke
Lollll I’m sure they’re all hons

No. 645288

for anons who use pinterest does anyone keep getting these really gross looking bowls of what appears to be icing with "cute" icing/fondant shapes on top? they are usually captioned as like smoothie bowls, but the pastry chef in me can clock it as icing/fondant.

No. 645292

Of course, anyone that disagrees with everyone here has to be bait right?

I'm sorry, but in the same vein of "you must be a scrote" and "you must be a troon", "this is bait" is also dragging this board right the fuck down(ban evasion)

No. 645317

Can two people with avoidant personality disorder have a healthy relationship with each other?

No. 645321

I doubt both of you have actually been diagnosed with that.

No. 645330

i dated a guy with avpd for 2 years. we are both awkward, but we managed to get along well. he became my best friend and comfort person, so after we broke up, i couldn't date anymore. it's been 4 years.

No. 645335

late but thank you my queen

No. 645343

Where did kiwi farms even come from and is it related to lolcow?

No. 645348

It was a theoretical question, and I guess I was too specific, I was just wondering if two people with non-secure attachment could sort of fix each other's attachment styles in a relationship

No. 645350

Has anyone had experience with laser scar removal? I have three scars on my forearm I want to get rid of but I’m wary due to the cost of it

No. 645356

so are you talking about attachment styles or personality disorders? having avoidant personality disorder and having an avoidant attachment style are two completely different things, not even close

No. 645359

Why are suddenly so many fujos into south park all of a sudden, like in almost every south park comment section I'll be seeing comments by girls calling the characters cute and how precious they are e.t.c

How the fuck did this happen, South Park has always been a show for white enlightened centrists whose fanbase thinks that its more clever then it actually is, how did fijos get involved all of a sudden

No. 645363

Ah fuck, I should really read my shit before I post it. I meant attachment style, sorry.

No. 645365

>all of a sudden
They've been into it for at least a decade anon.

No. 645366

I thought that South Park was for dumbasses or people with low quality entertainment standards.
Rick and Morty fanatics are the one I always associated with the types you describe.

No. 645377

File: 1601749368723.jpg (58.84 KB, 486x608, chinese-prom-dress-ht-jpo-1805…)

Do you guys think it is inappropriate/racist to wear clothes from another culture? Or people are too sensitive nowadays?

No. 645380

Rick and morty doesn't seem to come across as enlightened centrist more edgy pseudo-nihilist then anything else

No. 645382

It just looks stupid. Much like how people look best in their natural hair color, they should stay in their cultural lane for aesthetic purposes

No. 645384

I always felt that way too. Idk how this happens but I feel like the traditional clothing from a certain culture only really works well with the ethnicities of that culture. Like, seeing non-Asians wear kimonos looks a little off. Idk if I feel this way because I associate the culture with the people or some other reason

No. 645385

no, it only looks bad because the dress specifically does.

i hate this because i am white passing but very cultural asian due to how i was raised and people like you always mistake me for a weeb. please look more at how the person is acting rather than how they look.

No. 645386

Its trashy and definitely by using purely for ~aesthetic~ or for show, seems selfish/entitled. with the girl in the pic, its clowny for a white american to wear to prom imo. It raises my eyebrows tbh and Im white. I do agree its usually not good. but some people really lose their heads over this which I find silly. and if someone goes to another country, the locals might want them to wear things from their culture. In the latter case it seems a sign of respect and even humility

No. 645388

Lol, I remember the dude that sperged about this. He also insisted that he stopped eating burritos because he wasn’t Mexican. That kind of dress was invented in the 1920s to match flapper dresses anyway so it’s not really “sacred to Chinese culture” anyway. Twitter was a mistake.

No. 645392

Girls like that have been into South Park since the early 2000s but no one cares about female fans in anything

No. 645395

It's just that younger fujos are more vocal today i guess, but yeah. As others anons said fujos always been there

No. 645399

Or maybe it's that annoying male fans are too vocal about anything they like, whether it's My Little Pony or South Park, the girls who like these shows actually create something like fanart or fanfiction while the men just talk about their pointless opinions.

No. 645400

File: 1601751596468.png (262.4 KB, 640x535, 0A35079B-331A-46F7-8164-36D485…)

you guys are reminding me of this meme I saw recently. Right now tf2 has a fandom with shipping and all, but I'll never forget it originally was for every basic ass dude in my school who played video games. If you time traveled back, showing them this would even be an own

No. 645404

File: 1601751712670.jpg (39.44 KB, 500x465, south park fans.jpg)

No. 645406

What happened to the body Shawn Mendes had in Senorita? He had the opposite of quarantine weight gain

No. 645410

Good meme.

No. 645411

I don't get this point of view at all.
So should all Japanese people only wear kimonos and no western atire and all greeks dress in tunics?
That makes no sense. Clothes are just clothes.

No. 645414

It used to be very popular with in shipping culture for years but a couple of years back they made two characters that were a popular ship when the show started cannon so a bunch of underaged fujos joined in since their ~uwu babies~ were cannon

No. 645416

It's not exactly couple of years, that episode is 5 years old now

No. 645420

Okay clearly I was mistaken in how long there have been South Park fujos, I think a better question should have been why are there south park fujos in the first place ?
the characters are literal paper cutouts who swear and shit all the time, which is very different from the usual fujo fodder

No. 645421

TF2 had shipping in it 10 years ago, too. I used to play it for fun and once ended up in a server for people who roleplayed as their chosen class, pretending to shag each other and act all round embarrassing. Turns out it was linked to TF2chan which was full of fanart and shit. As far as I am aware, some old-ish lolcows were part of it - Zeriara, Cat Bountry to name 2. Grim.

No. 645424

There are fujos for anything

No. 645429

File: 1601753336722.jpg (249.69 KB, 1600x1060, HT_jim_gantmar_14062320110807_…)

the difference between "white" and "non white" is often just a name, accent, hair cut, and clothing. Most People from the fertile crescent (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine) look the same as most italians or greeks but one group is considered "white" and the other not, vice versa most white Americans and even Europeans can blend in my country Pakistan, seriously all it takes for males is just growing a beard and wearing one of the cultural outfits

No. 645431

You underestimate fujos and the fact that they will make gay ships out of anything as long as the cast is predominantly male.

No. 645433

yeah but still a level of cuteness is required, you don't see any fujo art of Aqua teen hunger force or Squidbillies cause the characters all ugly

No. 645437

As a fujo myself I can assure you that there’s no need for a predominantly male cast in order to make anime gay porn, gender bends are a thing.

No. 645438

Kek, the first world's gone insane anon. This is what a higher standard of living does. We're all sitting around philosophising about the cultural implications of outliers wearing the "wrong" nakedness covering. But dw, we're saving the world, one poor fashion choice at a time.

No. 645439

time moves slower the older you get; hell is real, it's here on earth

No. 645440

File: 1601753945197.jpeg (13.7 KB, 182x277, F746ABDF-5EAB-4204-96C2-976B78…)

I would definitely say that South Park is cuter than ATHF. The art style is simplistic but it borrows from Peanuts and uses the Disney model of big head + big eyes like pic related.

No. 645441

I just don't see it, like I don't get how anyone can find this 5 minute mspaint doodle cute in anyway

No. 645442

File: 1601754200964.gif (247.25 KB, 580x400, dance.gif)

The voices and personalities are cute

No. 645448

You personally might find them cute but they were designed to be that way. It’s one of the reasons while South Park was controversial when it first came out. It shocked some people to see cute child cartoon characters swear and acting vulgar.

No. 645458

*might not

No. 645464

how can I ask a guy to take my vCard?
He said he would be uncomfortable because he doesn’t want a relationship or anything like that with me and would feel bad.

That was two weeks ago. Will it be weird if I text him now and tell him I thought about it and I’m fine with this, I don’t want anything else from him either?

No. 645496

Is it possible to set up a youtube account that only lets you watch specific videos and nothing else? Like if I were to make a youtube account for a kid, could I make it so that they could only see 5 videos that I've previously selected, and nothing else?

No. 645497

File: 1601758862693.jpg (660.83 KB, 600x800, full.1712559.jpg)

Fujos imagine them to be cuter than they are in their heads, our brains can easily extrapolate an actual attractive human from a simplistic drawing. Cartoon-y, caricature-y character designs are just the template and they get improved upon until they look appealing. Osomatsu san is another example of muppet looking characters who get transformed into cute boys in fujo brains.

No. 645504

File: 1601759128904.jpg (128.99 KB, 1000x1177, 0171447efe24831f563c507fbe4cb6…)

I feel like Americans have a really…unique idea of "cute" in general.
It's always struck me as weird, like a fondness for ugliness, and it's like they're the only country that does this.
And American cartoon fans just accept it and either "cute"-ify or sexualize the characters in fan art regardless. I don't understand it. Like, why draw this shit? Just watch anime at this point, even you can see that the art style's not cute.

No. 645505

sometimes there's more to cuteness than just looks alone. they're probably attached to the character itself or their personalities over anime ones

No. 645507

File: 1601759861898.png (171.66 KB, 459x281, 10151812_850737561618492_13807…)

>Cartoon-y, caricature-y character designs are just the template and they get improved upon until they look appealing. Osomatsu san is another example of muppet looking characters who get transformed into cute boys in fujo brains.
But why even do that? They have an entire industry of existing pretty boys. Is it some kind of personal challenge? "I can totally imagine even these characters as attractive, just try me"?
Is it the same logic as those women who date horribly ugly/fat men and insist they're hot because they like their personalities? It gives me the same vibes as Shuwu insisting her neckbeard ex was hot, but even that makes more sense, because as you get to know someone, you can actually like them for more than just their looks. With fictional characters you'll never meet, especially ones in the more comedic/silly western cartoons (Cartman from South Park has like no redeeming qualities, either from an outside or inside perspective), it's bizarre.

No. 645508

Is that really a big deal? Sometimes people like a show and want to draw fanart in another style, who cares? Maybe that's how they see it in their heads.

Fanart like >>645497 is pretty cute because it's so drastically different. I doubt the creators actually care.

No. 645510

File: 1601760033019.jpg (Spoiler Image, 408.69 KB, 750x831, Vn2ele5.jpg)

I don't want to shit up the Nika thread with my stupid question so what's going on in this pic

No. 645511

>all of a sudden
They've been around forever, zoomer. To the point South Park actually had a fucking episode about it in 2015. There are obsessed fans for everything, like that weird Russian Gadget Hackwrench cult.

No. 645512

It's not a "big deal", just strange. The love for sheer ugliness in western media is pretty jarring compared to something like French comics/cartoons or most anime/weeb shit.
The creators probably like it, I just wonder why they make the design choices they do in the first place.

No. 645513

It's really not rocket science… they like the series itself, the personalities, and the character dynamics. They probably also like the character designs for reasons other than attraction. It's all imagination based, even attractive anime characters require mental gymnastics to be considered attractive since they don't look anything like real humans. Going one step further isn't hard.

No. 645514

It's not that deep. They just like a character's personality but make the design more fitting to their own style and reimagine the character to be drawn in a more attractive styles so that the interesting personality meets their visual aesthetics. That's really all there is to it, they're just filling the gaps. It's a bit weird when they do shit like turn the five nights at freddy's puppets or something into pretty boys but for something South Park or Osomatsu-san it's sort of expected because they're human beings drawn in such a simplistic way. It becomes a compelling thought to find out what they'd look like if drawn with more detail.

No. 645520

I don't see what you mean at all. South Park's designs aren't ugly, they're just super plain and basic.

It's not strange to draw fanart in a different style. That's been a thing since forever.

No. 645522

Can sex workers write off their boob jobs as a business expense??

No. 645523

Vacuum therapy for the ass. It's supposed to contour, lift and tighten the booty.

No. 645530

Basically this. That's part of the reason why I liked OsoSan, the dynamics were funnier and make for more interesting stories imo compared to other anime characters.

No. 645540

Speaking of Osomatsu-san, what is it about a show about a bunch of grown up Nobita’s that activates the female autist genes?
I like the show and think it funny but like the Oso-San fandom is as close as we get to an all female cult lol

No. 645543

Lmao this is nothing compared to idolfags

No. 645547

Weirdly enough it doesn't activate my autism, I never got into shipping or husbando-ing any of the characters but I fucking love it, it's so funny.

Actually one of my favourite things about it is that the merch seems so innocuous because the characters just look like silly cartoons. I'd be embarrassed as hell with bishie characters on merch but I can wear/use Osomatsu stuff in public with no shame.

No. 645548

Idols I can understand because they’re pretty and sell romantic fantasies specifically. This just tells me that there’s a horde of women of all ages with ugly NEET fetish who may or may not also be into incest involving said NEETs.

No. 645563

Mmm I think it’s just because they’re funny in the show and the voice actors they used for the brothers are very popular, especially with women.

No. 645566

I don't even like Osomatsu-san and I can still see why they're so popular, they all have distinct personalities that play off of each other and create fun character dynamics. Why is it so outlandish? People are fans of all sorts of weird shit, at least they're fictional whereas obsessive simping for real life idols like this is creepy as hell.

No. 645576

Osomatsu-san characters are cute, it’s kind of like buying Sanrio or Pokémon stuff, they’re nerdy and you can show them off but they’re not as cringy as keeping your hot anime guy body pillow out there for the world to see.

No. 645578

File: 1601765137939.jpg (125.46 KB, 1080x1080, theme2.jpg)

Would it be a good idea to make an Etsy thread? I've been thinking about making an etsy thread to discuss nice thing/stores people find and the like, but I'm unsure if people would like it

No. 645580

I feel called out Personally most characters I get crushes on are either deeply flawed or relatable to a degree, and these neets are a bit of both. Plus you don't see too many anime guys that canonically have fapping habits or turn ons (even if it would make sense for their personality) so these muppets feel more "real" in a way, without having to actually put up with a real neet. Plus they're funny. I don't mind some idealization but idol type of characters are written to be so perfect to the point where it's boring. there's already thousands of bishies in anime so for me they need something else to stand out to get my attention.

No. 645583

YES, I would actually love that. I don’t use Etsy anymore bc I can’t find anything that isn’t mass produced and I don’t feel like spending hours sifting

No. 645595

Oh I would love for anons to help me find some chokers and goth clothing that isn't dropshipped from aliexpress. You should make it.

No. 645610

I think it looks fun to have that many things

No. 645612

File: 1601769905958.jpg (51.57 KB, 560x499, 6ed1534338a493a777eb23d8812465…)

Ironically they did end up having a sanrio collab. But I can see where anons are coming from with the "anime but not obviously anime". Some people like more subtle stuff. Also, the matsus came around when itabags were starting to become popular. The brothers all have their own specific colors so it made it easier to have a cohesive bag and merch. I think that's what also gave them a boost in popularity.

No. 645621

no it's not lol

No. 645652

At least explain

No. 645653

Which sentence are you even negating, anon?

No. 645654

Just moisturize. They're a normal part of peoples' faces, back you can prevent oiliness, acne, and wrinkles in that area by cleansing and moisturizing daily.

No. 645665

God the responses to your post made me realize how badly this site is infested with Tumblrfags. Unless you're being malicious (i.e., wearing it to make fun of a certain group) then it's fine. They're just clothes, for fuck's sake. The only people who bitch about it anyway are Americans with ancestry in a culture but didn't actually grow up in it. People who actually live in Japan or India or whatever don't mind when foreigners wear clothes from their culture.

No. 645673

Yes, but only if they're declaring their taxes legally

Why are you acting like any of this is strange when we live in a post-brony world. Didn't you see what horny Twitter did to the latest Pokémon designs already?

No. 645681

File: 1601780249771.png (680.26 KB, 1280x720, GoingNative00017.png)

I binge-watched in late in high school because I was bored. The characters have really distinct personalities, which is something that also often appeals to fujos. You've got examples every dynamic fujos tend to make ships out of in the show: opposites who hate each other, childhood best friends, pervert and innocent one, etc. The show isn't ~genius~ or anything like that– it's pretty much on the same level as Seth Meyer or Colbert in terms of comedy writing. It's watchable. There's also the thing other anons have mentioned about how its minimalist style is very easy to convert into whatever art style you draw in. South Park also has a weirdly strong cult following in Japan for whatever reason (maybe it's related to fujos, maybe not, idk.)

Anyone in the top group who liked the show has since abandoned it because it leans more liberal than it used to. Normies and fujoshis are what make up its fanbase today.

No. 645686

Do growth hormones work? I just want to be tall

No. 645690

If you're over 16 years old I don't think you'll get any taller…

No. 645697

File: 1601782208171.jpeg (83.23 KB, 570x460, A4E08BC7-2316-420B-8F3A-98BF8C…)

You can get this surgery done, it hurts, but it works, I think.

No. 645742

Well South Park characters were accepted in Japan because of their cuteness, as they're round and have big eyes. Video related, the woman who brought it to Japan in the first place explains this and how Shrek was rejected by the Japanese because he's too ugly.

No. 645746

Wtf i rather look at shrek than ugly ass South Park

No. 645759

same, the shrek movies are great and iconic. their loss

No. 645763

Only if you're a kid and your bones haven't fully fused yet. But it's dangerous if you're just short in a normal way as opposed to having a HGH deficiency because of a tumor/injury that fucked up your pituitary or hypotalamus/deformed hypotalamus or pituitary/you're just insanely unlucky and were born this way, too much of it could increase chances of getting other health issuew like heart attacks or diabetes. If you had a deficiency like me of only HGH in childhood but it was as severe as mine the treatment can induce the production of other hormones so you have a normal puberty. Aside from having super small breasts it worked for me. But many patients need to have other hormonal treatments on top of it. Adults with a deficiency have very difference symptoms so the treatments have a different goal and effects aside from reducing depression and fatigue and memory loss (allegedly lol that shit didnt work on me)

tldr; dont take that shit unless you NEED it, it mostly works if you have specific health issues but it's risky if you don't bc of side effects.

No. 645767

Has anyone cheated on their bf for doing retarded shit all of the time? How do you avoid getting caught? I can't break up with him because I don't have another place to live.

No. 645769

No. 645772

I womaned up and broke up with him the moment he started acting like a POS

No. 645782

In which American accent do they omit the 'g' from words ending in 'ing'? For example 'feelin' instead of 'feeling' and so on. I'm a eurofag and I find it so annoying

No. 645783

How do I know that I'm toxic?

No. 645786

All over country really. Sorry but if a lack of one letter bothers you maybe you should go out more. I guess I get it, in the uk and Aus they say things that end in ‘a’ with “er” ie Americer and that’s kind of dumb I guess.

No. 645791

As another anon said, it's kind of a widespread thing here. Google also states it's nationwide, but Southern/Texan accents came up a lot too. However, when I initially thought about your question, a distinct New Yorker and New Jersey accent popped into my head. I'm surrounded by a lot of people who use AAVE though, so that's when I hear it the most.

No. 645792

California, but they pronounce the whole word differently. As in not "whatcha doin" but "I love bakeeen and watcheeeen TV". It is annoying.

No. 645797

File: 1601802353628.jpeg (64.68 KB, 683x1023, 721101AF-16CC-4191-B5D0-CA0C60…)

Married anons, what made you decide to get married? How old were you and how long had you been together? How do you feel about it now?

No. 645807

How do you pronounce the word 'kinder' in kinderwhore? Is it like pronounced like kind or kinder egg?

No. 645808

Kinder egg

No. 645818

What was the most passive-aggressive gift you've ever gotten / given ?

I do not want to spend too much money on Christmas gift for a crappy family member.

No. 645829

Not me but my sister got a used bottle of deodorant once.

No. 645831

did she deserve it?

No. 645832

I'm not sure… the friend who gifted it didn't really have a fight, and they're still good friends 6 years later.

No. 645836

Are men who try to quit fast fashion, make the active effort to be sustainable etc more likely to quit porn?

No. 645837

File: 1601815766719.gif (193.07 KB, 480x291, 1395771816242.gif)

My aunt gave me a desk mirror for Christmas. Puberty had just hit me hard and I was dealing with acne and face hair

No. 645844

eeh, men who do that kind of thing tend to be liberals and they are all for sustainable and ethical until it comes to their dick.

No. 645847

Sounds like he's doing some performative bullshit, wouldn't tend to know men that would even know about fast fashion or care to keep up with trends. Like I remember when I was a teen it was actually considered lame to follow the trends so much but most people are shallow fuckers these days so idk. Men usually say one thing but think another with their dick. Reminds me of a lib guy on twitter who became a mega anti imperialist after his underaged mentally ill English girlfriend dumped him (he was an Irish UG studying in England). Bet you fast fashion boy thinks OFs is empowering.

No. 645863

I kinda want to get a bellybutton piercing, but it sounds like they are really annoying to deal with since they are sticking out of a location that is very bump-prone for lack of a better term lol. I wonder if it will get in the way while I am having sex? I mostly do missionary and I am terrified by the thought that my bf might accidentally bump into it way too hard. Is that an actual problem or does that not actually happen?

No. 645875

Pretty sure that doesn't happen, not even if it's big. I also want to get nipple piercings but it's such a delicate zone and I don't know if I care as much to be cleaning and treating it constantly

No. 645877

File: 1601822679116.png (35.19 KB, 229x219, 808723860.png)

Is it normal for a woman to leech off a student in uni who is 4 years younger than her, attempt to e-date him and quit her job just to beg him for money all the time and do nothing but play videogames (and whine on discord)?

The woman is turning 27 and always makes up excuses to not work. I am confused.

No. 645881

Thanks for all the info anon! I'm glad it worked for you and I will have to get over it lol, also I'm sure they are quite expensive

No. 645884

im very petty and still havent become mature enough to admit when im wrong so, double down irl. on the internet i just close the tab

No. 645887

woman up anon

No. 645889

get a grip

No. 645892


No. 645894

I have a naval piercing and no lol it does not get in the way of anything unless maybe you’re on the bigger side and your stomach sticks out a lot? The only problems I’ve ever had is wearing high waisted jeans/leggings, sometimes the top ball gets caught in the waistband and that hurts.

No. 645910

She's not me, but i feel like an autist-chan thinking that what she is doing is wrong. She is always throwing off "muh mental illness card". Around my friends (we r mutuals) I am the only one who thinks that screams issues. But then remembering that same mutual friends are spending all of their time on #mentalhealth twitter accounts I…

No. 645916


Why do people keep calling it that? It's navel.

no hate at you anon

They're pretty easy to heal just have to be a bit more careful. And no, it doesn't really get in the way during sex.

You just have to spray them twice per day with saline, they're super easy to heal (if done right). It's also like getting a new pair of boobs if your nips are inverted.

No. 645920

File: 1601826348794.jpg (64.61 KB, 564x689, dog.jpg)

Where can I get a dog phone case like this?

No. 645924

Just search up "furry dog phone case". There's tons of results

>It's also like getting a new pair of boobs if your nips are inverted.
Nta but what? Wtf does that mean?

No. 645926

>>645875 nipple piercings aren't easy to heal, even if done right. They take a lot longer than other piercings sometimes up to a year.

No. 645928

Idk, it was a big change for me to go from having inverted nipples to them constantly "poking out" like regular nipples do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 645929

sometimes the tip of the nipple goes inwards instead of out? idk google it but nipple piercings usually make them more pointier

No. 645931

What? It's pretty easy to heal them? Just don't knock/pull them and clean them twice per day and there should be no issues. The healing time sure sucks but eh

I had mine for 4 months now and 0 issues at all.

No. 645932

How soon do you guys get gas after eating something? Is it normal to have it like 5 minutes after eating?

No. 645935

Ooohh ok. I was super confused cause I thought anon literally getting new boobs to fix inverted nipples, like implants or something.

No. 645974

Out of Chinese, Korean and Japanese guys, which ones tend to be the hairiest?

No. 646003

What do daddy issues even mean? I've never met my father, talked to him over the phone once and crave older male affection, is that having daddy issues or did someone just insult me lowkey?

No. 646006

A lot of Japanese guys have like no chest hair or barely any body hair. Some of them have a good amount of leg hair but it depends. Usually they're smooth (besides having a bunch of pubes) which weirds me out a little lol. I've seen some with beards but usually their beards are patchy/not very full. I'm not sure about Chinese or Korean guys tbh, I think it varies but in general they are less hairy than Europeans.

No. 646009

It's wanting comfort and validation, sometimes in the form of sexual desire, from older men/father figures cause you didn't have that from your dad. I've also heard daddy issues be described as girls who don't trust older men. Being into older men doesn't necessarily mean you have daddy issues imo, and not all girls who grew up without a dad have daddy issues.

No. 646018

I guess then it's really gotten watered down to the point that any issue a girl might have is attributed to her having'daddy issues'. Vary of old men? Daddy issues. Attracted to old men? Daddy issues. It is thrown around a lot. In any case, thank you anon.

No. 646038

File: 1601841171002.jpg (75.96 KB, 620x402, countryhumans.jpg)

What does the average pussy look like from country to country? Is there like an image, similar to how there is for pic rel?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 646044

No. 646046

What the fuck? Deranged.

No. 646047

Farmers, when you report a post do you write the reason really long, explaining it well, or just write a word or two?

No. 646048

Short, just a word or two and an adjective

No. 646049

No, but there is a penis chart

No. 646053

my country never on these fucken charts smh

No. 646054

The saved reasons I've got in my report field atm are
>obvious pullfag
>blogposting newfag
>pedo trash

I think we can assume mods are smart enough to figure out the issue from the post itself but apparently I use reporting to get my insults out.

No. 646079

I'm not gay, I just have a degree of insecurity regarding how my gentitlales look, and I sorta wanted to see how they look compared to the rest of my country

No. 646083

What are some easy or common ways to get attention? I've never liked being in the center of attention but now I'm wondering how do you actually do it.

No. 646085

being a slut is the easiest way as a girl(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 646086

That's not what anon asked.

No. 646092

I mean, it depends on the kind of attention that you want.
Do you want to be recognized by someone in particular?

No. 646096

Does it really matter? If you're doing all of this to get a partner I've got a newsflash: women don't care and you shouldn't give a fuck (much less date a scrote that cares) about the look of your genitals.

No. 646097

I want attention from one person but not a specific person right now. Knowing myself I’ll probably never do anything and just stick to the background but I really want to be the only thing on someones mind one day lmao.

No. 646099

How do you place your tongue in your mouth normally? I heard of mewing and looked it up, but either I'm understanding it wrong or have been mewing p/ much my entire life which also seems wrong

No. 646103

The easiest way to get attention is to do things that remind people that you actually fucking exist and do shit. If you're on social media, make sure whenever you rev up a hobby, go out, or make something that you photo document yourself doing it. Share photos with your friends, have shit to talk about. Basically you never shut up about your life, and that sparks interest. But you've gotta do and say interesting things.

No. 646105

I gained weight for the first time in my adult life while the doctor had me on steroids and quite unfortunately I was apparently genetically predisposed to sever stretchmarks. I’ve since lost the weight I gained, and I’m trying not to be uncomfortable with this… extra unpleasantness because what’s done is done, but I have no idea what to do about these. Anybody fought a battle with stretch marks and won? I’m trying so hard not to be self disgusted and be mature about it lol

No. 646106

Mine is mostly in my palate but i also have fucked jaw

No. 646108

Well, you might want to dress nicely and show that you’re not just a sack of flesh, talk to people, find stuff that you like that makes you happy and isn’t harmful nor cringy.

No. 646112

Supposedly dermarolling helps. I've never tried, I never gave too much of a shit about mine outside of moisturizing and they went white pretty quick.

No. 646116

My tongue does touch the roof of my mouth, but when I mew, I am completely pressing my tongue against the roof. My tongue also feels straighter when I do that, rather than the kinda curved resting postion it's usually in. One of my teeth grew in backwards though, so my jaw could possibly be fucked up.

No. 646123

Lucky bitch, mine have been red for months and they’re so aggressive it annoys the shit out of me, I look like a tree

No. 646200

Man, mine were from pregnancy. Didn't have a single one on my stomach until after birth, andmy stomach was flat. 3 busted up. 2nd go, I got maybe 3 during. Then when everything deflated a bunch of those white ones were everywhere. I've got them all over my hips, upper thighs and some on my butt. I'm not a specimen of perfection anyway though and they're white so I just try to worry about other shit.
They'll lighten up, just make sure to keep your skin moisturized really well, especially with that kind of loss and gain. No one's going to get out of that unscathed when it happens that fast.

No. 646212

I feel like yours have meaning and reason attached to them though, you know? You gave birth to a human and that’s metal as fuck and basically the only reason I never complain about my stretch marks, I think it’s rude to all the women I know who are moms. In my case I’m just so mad that they have no purpose besides me ballooning in a short period of time, the ones on my stomach go all the way up to my solar plexus. I didn’t even gain that much weight so it’s very jarring and it almost looks like I’m covered in self harm scars. Not to be like corny or sound like a tumblrtard but you literally created three lives and that makes it badass. All I did was eat quesadillas.

No. 646244

Whoops, only 2. Sorry for the miscommunication there. Thank you though, you're very kind to say those things.
Don't feel like you can't be upset about it, it's something you couldn't control. Steroids have a habit of making people kind of balloon up. It's really rapid weight gain and loss and takes a toll on your skin's elasticity. You were taking them on provider orders, anon. It wasn't just a carefree month of quesadilla binging.

No. 646262

literally what is syntax and how is it different from grammar? I've read the definition so many times but I still don't get it. is it just the order that words go in?

No. 646264

>syntax: order of words
>grammar: how the words are written

U can easily writ leik diz & understand wat it sayz becuz it’z got an logycal order.
Read this is very not easy there because no is any logical order decent but grammar.
that was fun to write tbh

No. 646265

Grammar is just a general term for the rules of proper writing and speech. That can include syntax, punctuation, nouns, conjunctions etc…

Syntax is specifically sentence structure. So yes, it's just what order words go in.

No. 646267

They aren't really separate things. Grammar is an overarching term for language rules which includes both syntax (sentence structure) and morphology (words themselves, like tenses, suffixes and prefixes, etc).

No. 646306

anon, so trippy

No. 646347

File: 1601870186125.jpeg (44.74 KB, 400x344, 8210BD75-79A7-4C6B-81E4-F5FD7A…)

Is there a name for these particular types of edits? I find them so fucking funny and I just want to acquire a collection of them to look at for my own pleasure

No. 646350

this got me good fuck

No. 646351

from what i know theyre called "mogged" edits where one person looks worse than the other and are compared

No. 646356

Thank you, anon! I am filled with glee now

No. 646365

This whole time I didn’t know this was even an edit

No. 646367

Thanks for reminding me of a dumb question I have, wtf does mog mean? I understand from context that it's like, making someone look bad in comparison to you. And I remember back at the beginning of PUA nonsense they had AMOG as an acronym for 'alpha male of the group' who was showing up other dudes. But is mog an acronym or is it short for something?

No. 646376

Can someone please give me a kiss tutorial please!!
What I do with my tongue?
What do I do with my lips?
Do I suck their lips?
Help please I am a 23 years old mouth virgin and I need to train BC I wanna suck lip as soon as quarantine ends

No. 646380

haha cute but also seconded

No. 646391

being a good kisser has more to do with knowing how to go with the flow than anything else. most intimacy is about learning what a particular partner wants, bur whether you're taking the lead or not people are usually going to be into you being into it. a personal preference of mine is that if i'm kissing for a while i like to kiss deeply and use a lot of tongue for most of it. also breathing through your nose is fine. i don't know why some people insist it's not.

No. 646395

No. 646403

File: 1601877429704.png (591.7 KB, 561x579, da.PNG)

Anyone else get super motivated by aesthetics? I guess it's a sorta normal girl thing, like tumblr, moodboards, etc, but seeing mentions ITT of "dark academia" and following a bunch of ig profiles made me actually want to go back to college and get a masters degree lol.

I feel super dumb because it's so tryhard and romanticized, but at the same time it reminds me of feeling joyful at the beginning of college when studying languages and literature still held some magical charm. I want to feel that way again.

No. 646441

Anons in relationships, how soon did you start having sex with your partners?

No. 646460

File: 1601887210147.jpg (76.39 KB, 800x800, kawaii-oversized-sailor-collar…)

I'd really like to own a zip-up sailor collar jacket, but with a hood. Am I chasing something that doesn't exist? Pic related is an example, but it has the standard sailor look on the back. I just really like the two stripes that typically line the collars and think it'd be really cute to own in hoodie form.

No. 646464

> This outfit just told me to listen to animal collective.
Underrated post.

No. 646468

That's a really cute sentiment. Can't say I can really relate to it, but I could see how it'd resonate with some.

No. 646485

Before getting into a relationship

No. 646492

This. I need to know whether the sex will be good in order to decide whether I will commit.

No. 646495

NTA, but how long should you wait? Even if you want to know what sex is like before committing, what is the general time frame?

No. 646499

I'm never setting up any timeframe for myself, it's very individual matter not only for you as a person but also depending on where you know the person you date from. If it's someone that could easily ghost me if they wanted and I would be looking for more than a hook-up, I'd go out with them a few times and see how they treat me inbetween dates to be sure they're not just pretenting for an easy score (PUA style); although for example with my current bf I felt so comfortable from the start we had sex on the very first date. So that depends

No. 646535

Dae has problems with their speaking volume?? Like when I speak, people always tell me to speak up, although I can hear myself just fine

No. 646558

How the fuck do I get my gmail to stop opening up emails so wide? I have to scroll all the way over to the right to get even see buttons like "print email" or "open in new window". I keep trying to find a solution but everyone just says "zoom out!" but I want a PERMANENT solution that doesn't make me strain my fucking eyes. There's no images in any of these emails forcing the email to be so wide, some of them are just a few words but it still makes a scrolling bar at the bottom of the window. Is there any way to stop this or is it just my computer? I'm using Chrome if it matters.

No. 646564

Have you tried pressing ctrl and the minus key

No. 646565

Zooming out works, but then the text is too small.

No. 646572

File: 1601905005898.jpg (46.19 KB, 780x466, ECfr0enWkAAsDOD.jpg)

wtf is wrong to make her face look like this

No. 646630

No eyebrows

No. 646634

She doesn't look that bad, she just has a full face

No. 646638


I think it's the haircut personally, maybe she'd look better with much longer hair with a better shape

No. 646639

She looks completely normal? She just has a shitty haircut.

No. 646643

File: 1601910487971.jpeg (72.4 KB, 620x360, 9AF92914-2177-45ED-91E4-7ABC1D…)

ngl I almost thought that was the girl who played Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim till I reverse searched

She looks a lot better with long hair, and as >>646630 said could benefit from fuller eyebrows

No. 646648

How many Pakistani anons are there here? Is it just the same 3-5 people of are there more?

No. 646652

I think it's like the three of us.

No. 646657

I have a pakistani friend who would fit in really well here, I wonder if she’s a farmer.

No. 646662

My feet are doing the thing, I’m lying in bed and my entire body is warm save for my toes and it’s aggravating. Literally the soles of my feet are warm to the touch but the toes are cool and I don’t understand why my body can’t just go on and pump more blood to them. Why are you incapable of doing what I want body? I just want to go back to sleep

No. 646663

of course you can hear yourself anon. your ears are closest to your mouth

No. 646665

File: 1601912642554.jpg (222.8 KB, 2221x1666, eliza-scanlen.jpg)

you think those tiny ass pig eyes and heavy eyebrow ridge are normal?

No. 646680

Yes, I'm a small person so I am always guilty of speaking too low even though I can hear myself perfectly fine. My tips:
>keep your mouth hydrated
>open up your throat (don't let our tongue block it)

I often find myself almost talking in opera so that people can hear me

No. 646683

File: 1601915659391.png (21 KB, 306x617, gmail settings.png)

Have you tried fiddling with your settings? What you've described has never happened to me unless it was a really wide image.

No. 646695

This is one of the most retarded questions i'll ever ask, but I need answers. I've been binge-watching Perfume's concerts, and enjoy especially the music. But do they ever sing live? Not that it really matters tbh. They always sound robotic and it confuses me a lot.

No. 646704

File: 1601917962893.jpg (75.08 KB, 720x392, 20201005_191051.jpg)

I didn't want to derail the twitch-thread for this but are some European countries actually racist to this degree? I'm a scandi and had no clue this was a thing.

No. 646705

Yeah, I switched it to compact but all that does is downside the side panel and how wide the email previews are, but the actual emails themselves once opened up are still wide lol. I feel like I'm going crazy since there doesn't seem to be any other setting relevant to this aaaahhh

No. 646706

File: 1601918094330.jpeg (89.25 KB, 885x1080, 1E487DBA-1575-4A6A-8B5B-96C933…)

What the fuck is this and why do I see it on insufferable people’s social media all the time

No. 646707

that's alastor from hazbin hotel pilot, created by vivziepop. it was discussed in artist salt a few threads back. you must be following insufferable people.

No. 646708

File: 1601918374406.jpg (47.68 KB, 900x900, 5145453784_c64dee147a_o-147761…)

I doubt many kids will be out trick or treating this year and I won't be giving any treats out, but I still would like to put out a pumpkin for decoration as something for any kids to see as they walk by. I was also gonna put a sign saying 'no trick or treaters' or something but do you think parents may appreciate if others wouldn't hype up halloween at all this year? I know I'm overthinking this lol but I don't wanna encourage people going door to door when there's a pandemic

No. 646713

People are only woke and open-minded in public or social media as lip service and because they might face repercussions for it. Many girls only date black guys in my country to piss off their parents and seem cool and woke (I'm Northern European), in private I've heard girls talking shit about Africans (in public they brag about their African friends and how international they are for volunteering in Africa and taking pictures with little black kids for Tinder) and calling a Romanian girl a mail order whore.

If you want to see how racist people really are, just look at how they treat people who are fair game to discriminate against: Eastern Europeans (technically white) and gypsies (unknown to American wokies). It's pretty common to not be hired because your name is too Slavic, Arab or any other "bad" kind of foreign, then they will hire one Korean or Vietnamese woman and constantly talk about how important diversity is for them and point to her whenever someone complains of discrimination.

No. 646714

That’s a nice idea, you better put a huge sign though, remember that when it comes to dealing with strangers, the best thing to do is to assume that they’re absolutely idiotic.
If you were to only decorate your house without a sign, you could end up having a bunch of people without masks trick or treating, demanding that you give them stuff and whatnot.

No. 646718

Ohh thanks. Here I was thinking hazbin hotel was from the big mouth creators and that it looked the same. I see it surfing troon and dumblr twitter

No. 646743

File: 1601920503618.jpg (242.06 KB, 1074x920, Screenshot_20201005-135521_Chr…)

Why do people post crying selfies to show "awareness" about mental illness ie. screenshot I attached

No. 646746

I love being a white passing minority because I always catch these wokies being racist in front of me thinking it’s safe because I’m a fellow white then seeing their face drop when I say I’m not lmao

No. 646751

Damn that kinda sucks. I've never trusted anyone that acts overly woke anyway though. Most of the racism I've heard from people here is against middle eastern immigrants, sometimes within reason and sometimes overt. I guess it's to be expected that assholes will still exist no matter what.

No. 646794

mental illness luv

No. 646795

specifically narcissism

No. 646807

Is it possible to make cheese out of breast milk? When lactating, would a woman be able to produce enough quantity of milk to make cheese?

I dunno why I was thinking about this… just sounds like it would be cool if It was possible.

No. 646808

took us about a year, a bit more actually

No. 646810

my boyfriend wants me to call him master …. yea lol. red flag?

No. 646812

File: 1601924929460.jpeg (67.98 KB, 1023x820, F67AFEA6-F122-475C-A8C8-1707B7…)

I don’t know, anon.

No. 646813

Theoretically… yes, according to this random webpage I found lol. https://motherhoodinprehistory.wordpress.com/2017/04/24/why-we-dont-make-cheese-from-mummys-breast-milk/

What I did not know before developing an unhealthy level of theoretical interest in cheese-making is that the enzymes found in the animal stomachs are specific to the species. To make cheese, you have to add rennet from the stomach lining of the animal you are making the cheese from: to make cheese from cow’s milk, use rennet from calves, to make sheep cheese, from lambs. To make cheese from human breast-milk, you would need the stomach lining of…. you get it.

No. 646814


idk about cheese but I know about an ice shop that made ice cream out of breast milk.

No. 646815

Is it possible to be a radfem but pro-sexwoker ,but anti-sexwork? I disagree with the idea that sex work is empowering and I've been reading articles and stories of a poor 19 year old girl who was borderline mentally incapable of giving consent and it legitimately saddens me

No. 646816

idk what you mean by 'pro sexworker', it's not like radfems consider sex workers the bad guy in the situation or think they deserve to be punished for wrongdoing. They're the victims.

No. 646817

Of course you can be anti sex work without shaming people lwho were coerced into it. I doubt people like her are the ones who are calling it empowering anyway

No. 646819


>pro-sex worker but anti-sex work

Isn't that inherent to radical feminism or…?

No. 646820

Thank you. I misunderstood that aspect of radical feminism

No. 646824

…Do you really think that radfems hate women in porn/prostitution? We don't. I reserve my hatred for the pimps and the johns.

No. 646880

Will a mole grow back if it's ripped off? Is it even safe to rip one off?

No. 646887

It's going to hurt like hell. Why do you want to rip your mole off? You probably won't be able to rip it off fully, which will probably just disfigure it and make it look worse. Like, a dermatologist has to dig into the skin a bit to fully remove a mole, and they'll numb the area around it so you won't feel any pain.

No. 646894

It's already gone anon. The mole had been hanging by a thread for a couple months (maybe a year? idk my sense of time is shit). I wasn't trying to take it off, I think I accidentally scratched it or something. It finally came off today. I just wanna know if it's ok that it came off. Moles worry me for some reason.

No. 646895

Please read theory, at least pick up an Andrea Dworkin book

No. 646901

I think there's a big difference in the sex work that involves actual vunerable women being pimped out and trafficked compared to some thot that thinks her tits are empowering others on onlyfans.

sex work is not empowering. there will never be an empowering reason to sell your body for money. like great if you have confidence and don't think there's any drawbacks to posting your nudes online but you're hardly the voice of a movement for doing so.

and anyone who glorifies actually fucking men for money is ignorant af.

No. 646903

I had a wart that came off when I fell before. Never had issues from it but don't know how similar that is to moles.

No. 646933

I feel you. I have a ton of moles and a lot of them look weird, so I'm always freaking out about cancer lmao. Unless the mole looked cancerous and/or super weird before it fell off, I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 646976

Is getting serious with a gamer dude worth it? From what I’ve heard they can turn into incel manipulators pretty fast.

No. 646978

I think there are other factors to consider here aside from him being a "gamer dude." Does he show any other incel tendencies beyond this?

No. 646980

Not in my own house but I take my shoes off when visiting other people's houses unless it's casual and I'm invited to do so. Why would I want my socks to touch their grimey floor with no protection?

No. 646988

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If he’s a guy that plays games, fine, but if he actively identifies as a gamer fucken run.

No. 646989

But is he a gamer gamer? I mean most dudes are capable of abusive behaviors. Is he also a hentai loving weeb, a redditor, chan faggot? Does he simp twitch thots or harbor raging hatred for them?

No. 646997

Even regardless of whatever implications gaming might have about a guy's personality (like being an incel, manchild, nerd etc), gaming addiction itself is becoming a legit problem. Like, tonnes of divorces resulting from it, you can read any parenting forum or subreddit and see endless worn down wives complaining about their useless husbands who won't step away from the controller to even change a diaper. I had a gaming addicted bf when I was a teenager and it's like a physical compulsion to keep playing no matter how much it ruins their life, like he'd skip classes and stay up all night because he couldn't drag himself away.

I have no issues with gaming in general but it's a massive red flag for me, so many men just cannot play in moderation. Women don't seem to have this issue and can casually enjoy games with no problem.

No. 646999

Why the fuck is Logan Paul still so popular? He had the top trending video on YouTube the other day. He's just an obnoxious rich frat dude type. How is that interesting to people?

No. 647000

People ironically enjoy his podcasts.

No. 647001

Pointless to generalize, I do agree if someone's only personality trait is being a gamer it might be problematic, but then, if a guy was an avid reader or obsessive movies fan would you be as worried? Games are just an entertainment medium like books or movies after all

No. 647004

Is it just me, or are huge butts considered inherently "trashier" for "some" reason than huge breasts?

No. 647015

I haven't noticed this? I think either can be seen as trashy if they're obviously fake.

No. 647016

Ehh, the BBL type of big ass does get seen as trashy and I think there's an element of racism that goes into the judgement more so than tits, but a large portion of big asses are on gymrats so they get respect for putting in work. There's no equivalent of a fitness influencer for big boobs.

No. 647019

hypothetically if you fantasized about developing a relationship with an influencer would they still take you seriously if you joined their patreon? Or would it make you look like a simp loser?

No. 647029

Sure anon.

Influencers probably don't wanna date their fans. I know if I had any kind of social media "fame" I for sure would not want to date anyone that followed my content. Then again, I'm paranoid and would probably think any fan that was trying to date me is a psycho stalker. Also, youtubers/streamers usually have on-camera personalities. Someone who watches their content doesn't know how they really act. That would probably turn them off. Camgirls, female streamers, and people who sell NSFW content would for sure think their fans are simps. But maybe they would go for a simp if they're rich.

No. 647078

Are there different qualities of chopsticks? I can use thicker blunt ones well but not thin and/or pointy ones, or ones that are square. Or is it just that this kind is easier for noobs?

No. 647086

oh hey lainey, glad to see you're moving on from onionboy, good luck with your next husband

No. 647088

I'm a noob in the sense that I didn't grow up eating with chopsticks but personally I find the cheap wooden chopsticks easiest to use because of the extra friction, I'm a bit clumsy with the smooth plastic ones. I hear the really pointy metal korean ones are the hardest to use.

No. 647122

what's a good way to give someone hell online?

No. 647130

It depends on the specifics, anon.

No. 647131

Post them on 4chan. But why? Being a vendetta-chan will only get you caught, shamed and posted everywhere.

No. 647132

I mean their whole sound/genre is electro pop so idk why live singing would really matter for them, but I haven’t heard it really save for a few concerts with a little bit of mixing issues. I’m honestly surprised they’re still going since Japan has always valued youth and they aren’t young anymore as far as entertainer standards go. Maybe try finding a clip of them in the studio recording?

No. 647138

Online retaliation is cowardly unless you’re doing it to amuse yourself. If you have to ask….maybe you should just calm down and assess the situation at hand & instead do something that isn’t childish and retarded

No. 647141

catfishing, not long term ofc thatd be fuckin weird

No. 647146

you need a lot of dollary doos for them to take you serious, and you’d need to engage with them constantly, but there comes a level where you pass the ability to truly form a relationship with them, usually when they have a lot of followers. manaki was talking to weenus often enough to get her attention and had something to offer her so she married him (until she no longer had a use for him). there’s a reason why “famous” people don’t date fans, they have nothing to truly offer in terms of relationship. they have hundreds if not thousands of people thirsting after them so they can have the pick of the litter, why would they waste time with a nobody when they can continue to build their brand by dating an associate or someone who makes a similar income?

No. 647198

File: 1601955088145.jpg (192.61 KB, 465x584, gracedolph.jpg)

Can we have an attractive couples thread?

No. 647203

No. 647213

Sara Crane is dat u?

No. 647227

Did the anon who asked for puppy names a couple months ago ever come back to update on what she chose? I still want to know!

No. 647228

File: 1601958517801.jpg (46.58 KB, 400x400, sarah-jessica-parker.jpg)

How easy would it be to immigrate to Asia and become a model, if you’re white with light blue eyes but otherwise too ugly to be a model in the west? Doesn’t have to be somewhere cool like Tokyo or Souel, can settle for China. Pic related

No. 647231

You'd endlessly be competing with poor 12-16 year old Eastern European girls funneled in by predatory international modelling agencies.
Kind of a crapshoot if you don't have the doe-eyed "look" they're into, either. I don't think Sarah Jessica Parker would get very far. Also, the jobs don't pay very well, so you might end up having to do seedier things on the side just to make ends meet.

No. 647233

File: 1601959506624.jpg (205.9 KB, 842x595, caleb_b.jpg)

i've been thinking about it ever since i saw this image on an incel board. this guy is a model in Japan and could not be any uglier.

mind giving me an example of a "doe eyed look" girl?

No. 647234

Anon please just get a job

No. 647236

China literally has way higher and stricter standards of beauty than SK and JP… maybe you can make in a SEA hole.

No. 647237

China is so brutal and it’s weird because the surgery they get is awful

No. 647238

File: 1601960189045.jpg (78.81 KB, 800x450, 6a00e553e18f808834016760c4d99c…)

I feel like this can only happen because the standards for men everywhere are on the ground. People will LARP that the ugliest dudes alive are "cute" or "hot", and it's probably even worse if it's a white guy with light hair/eyes in an Asian country because they have the "exotic" factor going. For women, it's a different story. People basically expect dolls or mannequins or something.
>mind giving me an example of a "doe eyed look" girl?
Like Nadya Vall, who was featured in the documentary Girl Model about this subject. Big-eyed, skinny/petite girls. That kind of aesthetic.

No. 647239


No. 647254

You might have a chance in SEA, yeah, but don't expect to be living lavishly. I live in a SEA country and have a friend (a native though) who's signed with an agency here that also has plenty of white foreign models, and she says the pay is shit. It barely pays for her meals. Most of her fellow models have normal full-time jobs or are only here for a while to build a portfolio before moving on to someplace better.

No. 647257

This. Also what they sometimes call modelling there is actually human trafficking in disguise

No. 647265

Why don't men ever wrap presents? Women have always made them look nice but whenever I've gotten a gift or seen a man give a gift (if he's single) it was sans wrapping paper. Why do they do this?

No. 647268

this just damns the stereotype of ugly wm/aw couple. asian girls, why dont you have higher standards for white men? i am sick of seeing you with the most autistic and self hating white guys

No. 647282

Remembering birthdays/events, planning and buying presents, and of course wrapping them, are part of the emotional/mental labour women end up doing in the vast majority of relationships. The responsibility of maintaining social ties like that rarely falls to men and if it does they do the bare minimum.

No. 647286

File: 1601968461016.gif (536.41 KB, 1000x562, ssi15bez0cujlkzszlxo.gif)

Is it cheaper to wrap presents in wrapping paper ( with or without getting a box for the present, but I will probably buy boxes for a gifts along w paper ) or buying a gifting bag?

I am slowly preparing for Christmas here… And it's only my 2nd Christmas so I am a noob in terms of that. Supposedly I am going to give 5-6 gifts.

Used to always buy nice and fancy gifting bags but with coronavirus and moving, I ended up not having much income this year…

No. 647288

Wrapping paper is cheaper. You can probably even get a couple of patterns and it will still cost less than bags. Hope you have fun.

I've been reading about emotional labor a lot lately and this makes sense. I wonder if men will change if asked to? Can they be taught to do things like this or will they always depend on others to do their work for them?

No. 647291

File: 1601969269051.jpg (48.33 KB, 564x282, c1552d1e4c7120646f217f04b71464…)

I usually have some brown paper left over from various things so I use that with some twill, twigs, ribbons etc. since it's more eco-friendly and cheaper than wrapping paper or bags, but looks just as nice.

No. 647298

Is Belle Delphine really making almost $7mil a month (not including taxes + fees) on her Onlyfans or am I having a stroke?

No. 647311

Didn’t Bella Thorn make $1 mil in a single day when she signed up? Yeah.. at $35 per pop and with Belle Delphine’s popularity I don’t doubt it one bit. Good for her, love seeing girls get rich on their own.

I'm sure some salty hoes will refuse to believe it tho, like they do to, um, other patreon/onlyfans people on here. But the fact is these girls are making ridiculous money doing nothing and a lot of people are mad about it

No. 647332

File: 1601975172373.jpg (114.1 KB, 962x1088, P00273329_b1.jpg)

DOnt know where to ask this so pls dont hate…

Anyways, thinking about getting the purse in this pic. I know its small, so I wanted to ask the girls here that have small purses like this one, what are the others cons of having one this size, besides the "not too much space to fit shit in it"?

No. 647340

I have one exactly the same size, and it has plenty of room for my needs. It's got 3 compartments of which I use only 2. I don't carry any makeup or cosmetic products because I don't use that shit, I guess it would be too small for someone who does. I almost exclusively wear that bag because it feels like nothing, while I can feel the weight of all the bigger bags I own. That's a huge pro, and it doesn't have any cons as far as I'm concerned.

No. 647342

Chain straps suck. They hurt, they get tangled in your hair, and they make your hands smell like metal. That's the only issue aside from size I can see.

No. 647347

Good for them, but it's not a career choice I would ever want personally. Beauty is ephemeral and most e-thots are shit at finance. Many lower profile ones have gotten in trouble for not paying taxes, and they often blow all their money on surgery, travel, and other money sinks. Same thing happens to most lottery winners, too.

No. 647368

File: 1601977076727.jpeg (4.3 KB, 266x190, mmg.jpeg)

Oh wow I didn't think about the hair part, that would definitely suck because I have very long hair. Luckily this one doesn't only have chain on the strap but also leather (pic attached, I don't know why it cant be seen in the original pic)

I don't generally use makeup so thats good. What do you do if you need to bring something extra with you, do you just use another bag that you carry on the side or you just use a bigger purse that will fit everything?

No. 647371

Men are physically incapable of wrapping presents. It drives me insane. My husband does a job that involves doing fine work with his hands but every time he attempts to wrap a present it looks like it was done by a blind monkey.

No. 647373

this is hilarious to me because I always have my bf wrap all the presents since I suck at that kind of stuff. I am the blind monkey

No. 647379

Who is more retarded between the Hazbin Hotel fans and the rabid haters?

No. 647381

>What do you do if you need to bring something extra with you, do you just use another bag that you carry on the side or you just use a bigger purse that will fit everything?
This rarely ever happens, which is why it's my default go-to purse. I'll bring a larger purse if and only if it's going to be full the entire time, I won't bring it if I'm just going to deliver something or buy something, I'll carry an extra bag in my hand for that.

No. 647389

File: 1601979067638.jpg (193.4 KB, 729x820, UGLY SCHIZOPATH.jpg)

A guy who looks like this hits you up. He makes 80k/year in software development and really likes shitposting on imageboards. What do you say?

Asking for a male friend(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 647391

No. 647392

Has anyone else ever went to reply to a post and randomly get redirected to the register page of kiwifarms? This happened to me and I’ve never had it happen in the last five years so I just wonder what that’s about

No. 647393

What browsers still use flash, and will continue to use it after December 2020?

No. 647394

No. 647395

Looks like he’s one half of red scare

No. 647396

Maybe you accidentally clicked on the link in the announcement for pull users at the top?

No. 647398

He looks like he’d call me a bitch and say to give him a chance cause he’s a nice guy

No. 647399

Thanks, mobilefag so I fat thumbed it. I couldn’t find any other link to kf on the page so I was just curious.

No. 647400

>one half of red scare
How does one look like a time period of the cold war?

No. 647401

Not unless he is kind, understanding, has a great personality and is skilled at something. The money is not important. Personality > looks > talent/skill > money

No. 647402

>asking for a male friend
why ‘male here’ something so unnecessarily

No. 647404

The podcast, anon.

No. 647406

File: 1601979737732.jpg (112.32 KB, 1200x800, 19221248c00e63667a31aa14467bbc…)

Damn, 2/3 are kinda hot. You think he should become a tranny?

No. 647410

>Not unless he is kind, understanding, has a great personality
You are so full of shit it's unbelievable, even on a completely anonymous imageboard

No. 647414

Be nice, maybe she’s ugly or poor

No. 647427

I have a friend who is GORGEOUS (think Gisele Bundchen look-alike) and she married a guy that is like half a head shorter than him, fat and very very ugly. As you probably guessed, he is loaded.

So OP, I guess even if its "only " 80K, its all about finding a woman who is desperate enough to bang the guy

No. 647428

Alright thank you anon!

No. 647429

he could make $500k/year and still No.

besides ain't that the white supremacist walmart shooter?

No. 647433

Browsing here has made me afraid I'll find the perfect guy and then he instantly starts aging badly. How do I prevent that?

No. 647440


I hate it when women entertain ugly men just because they have money. Is he at least a good person?

No. 647441

I follow Coach Red Pill's advice of never dating people over 25

No. 647445

No thank you

No. 647446

No. 647447

Anyone have tips on how I should increase my chances of actually finding a lesbian/bi woman on a dating app? Why do so many women join dating apps, match with you, while being completely straight? Should I write something like 'strictly looking for a relationship' or is that too much?

No. 647448

Would overdosing on collagen supplements make my skin unnaturally stretchy?

No. 647449

Maybe “no hookups” or something?

No. 647452

I tried that, but I matched with women who only wanted to be friends, like straight women who wanted to talk about bf troubles and stuff. man i just want a gf

No. 647453

What's with all you self-hating scrotes today?

No. 647455

Literally write that. “I’m not here to make straight friends. I’m here to have a homo relationship. don’t waste my time.”

No. 647458

No. 647459

Okay thank you anon, I will write something like this on my profile. I hope it doesn't come off as too aggressive or judge-y. Fingers crossed.

No. 647462

Do you guys use habit tracking/planning apps? What do you guys recommend?

No. 647464

Which are the most lolcow first names in your opinion? I'd say Kevin is a pretty lolcow name.

No. 647465

Kevin is a dumbass name

No. 647467

I used to use OurHome and liked it, I stopped using it because I don’t have a lot to do right now

No. 647468

K-Kevin is my favorite name… Not even dating any Kevins, I just like the name, sounds like a cool guy name

No. 647476

No. 647483

Exactly! I had a huge crush on him when I was a kid. That's probably where I got my getting bullied kink from…

No. 647490


have you ever shipped kevedd, just wondering

No. 647497

No. 647540

Nta but yes kek

No. 647554

File: 1601995315630.jpg (170.89 KB, 1290x926, mpv-shot0010.jpg)

kek based lol kek lol

No. 647566

File: 1601996202862.jpeg (40.21 KB, 480x360, 84658E11-C184-4D13-BBDA-48A0FF…)

based recognize based kek

No. 647575

In your opinion, do children owe their parents to take care of them when they're old and frail?

No. 647583

Entirely depends on the relationship between the parent/s and child. I personally want to because I love my parents. It doesn't really feel like repaying them for my childhood, I just don't trust NHs and would rather hang with my parents when they're old. Help my dad in the garden, go antiquing with my mom, push them around in wheelchairs if they need it, annoy them, etc. I don't think people with shitty parents owe them anything, though.

No. 647584

Should I dress up for Halloween as gimpgirl

No. 647594

dress up as shoe on head

No. 647598

Or kiwi if you get prosthetic chipmunk cheeks

No. 647601

Depends on the reasons why parents had the kid and their treatment of said kid

I'm an only child and my parents genuinely wanted and cherished me a lot, but I've seen people (in my country this is still practiced unfortunately) gear up for a son to "carry on the family name/genes/estate", but first they'll want to give him an older sister so she can be the third parent and take care of them when they're old, and the son when they die. There's usually a massive difference in treatment of the two, the son never has to do shit but reach for his dreams, but the daughter is trained to be nanny and nurse from day 1.

Those are parents I'd personally leave in a muddy ditch.

No. 647602

omg i didnt know we have a lolcow.farm halloween party. i will cone as luna

No. 647611

File: 1601998825524.jpg (217.66 KB, 768x1024, 3275549629_5372896aa0_b.jpg)

Can we go as a couple anon?

No. 647619

What's everyone going to be for Halloween? I'm going to be Coraline and Spinelli. No parties, just for work, photoshoots, and some lil game/movie nights.

No. 647620

No. 647660

How do you heal a deep cut but not deep enough to warrant stitches that's located between the thumb and forefinger? I can't go out right now to the pharmacy to get extraneous materials due to a pending covid test, but I do have bandages, antibiotic cream, painter's tape, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. I've never had a cut here so I'm confused at what to do.

No. 647664

if it's deep enough to warrant stitches you should not rely on advices of anonymous imageboard users, call a clicnic, have at least a phone advice from someone who knows how to handle things like this

No. 647667

It's NOT deep enough**

No. 647668

Super glue. Usually called "liquid skin" if marketed specifically for cuts at pharmacies. Google and youtube this before you assume your level of cut is treatable with this method obvs.

No. 647671

I am not an expert but I’ve heard it’s best to keep the wound moist and covered

No. 647673

Why do I sometimes find small pieces of black/dark grayish meat in chicken nuggets?

No. 647677

Ahh sorry then! My mom is a nurse so my basic knowledge of wounds I got from her is that it's best to let the would "breathe" as this is how it would close the fastest - so no tape, no glue(!!) - keep it clean and if it's still opening up / bleeding / at risk of getting dirty, put some bandages, change every ~2h, as soon as it's closed take the bandage off though.

No. 647682

samefag but I feel the need to specify, this advice applies to cuts but not other type of wounds neccesarily

No. 647692

Internet threads got me thinking, does anyone remember those games with the ugly anime-ish but maybe chinese character with pink hair, her name was maybe su? They had all kinds of odd games like mixing potions to make a surprise character, and a hairstyle game where you can use curlers to make the hair super curly idk kek

No. 647694

Thank you ladies, for helping my dumbass out!! This cut fucking sucks.

No. 647699

I want to start reading Andrea Dworkin's books but I'm unsure where to start, I'm generally uninterested in literature (and plan to listen to an audiobook of her work, rather than reading it), but I've been wanting to learn more about gc feminism and radical feminism. I was thinking of starting with either 'Pornography: men possessing women', 'conservative women' or 'woman hating'

No. 647702

If you want a broad saample of her works, I'd suggest Last Days at Hot Slit. It's a chronological compilation of her letters, essays, and speeches and you get a pretty good sense of what she stands for.

No. 647714

Honestly start with whichever book appeals to you most, I started off with Right Wing Women and it was great (but also depressing)

No. 647717

Yeah, it was sue! i think you can still play them on pc

No. 647723

Thank you anon ily

No. 647725

Are saggy boobs on an underweight woman extremely ugly or off-putting? My tiddies literally reach my bellybutton… I'm barely 20… is it over for me? If you undressed a girl and her tiddies were real low, would you be grossed out? One time I went to a doctor due to pain in my boobs and as soon as I took off my bra she was like, have you had a pregnancy, I was so embarrassed.

No. 647726

damn i started with rww and was not a fan. felt all over the place.

No. 647729

I wouldn't think anything of it on a friend or a partner at all. I find it odd that your doctor asked you that and I'm sorry that happened wtf, though tbh it may have been a timing coincidence since you were there for breast pain specifically and you'd just taken your bra off?
Anyways, it's not over for you, most people genuinely don't care about that sort of thing no matter how much nitpicking goes on around here. I'm sure your boobies are perfectly fine, and you can always try to look for a bra that makes you feel confident!

No. 647736

Just came back from the theatre, watched a play that dealt with this issue.

Basically, imagine you have a family (spouse, children) and you've been diagnosed with an incurable illness. There is nothing to do to completely cure it, just slow down its evolution, but the treatment is extremely expensive, almost more than your family can afford.

What do you do in this situation?

>Leave your family and die alone so they wouldn't have to deal with the burden of medical expenses and helplessly watch the illness eat at you and finally kill you


>Try to get treatment so you can stay alive for your family as much as it's possible, watch your children while they're growing up and cherish every moment spent together and have your family always lovingly remember you after death

No. 647737

ngl this got me sad. that was me, but thats a kind of thing young people get caught up on but the older you get, you start to realize that its not that big of a deal.

try to come to terms with what you have. learning to love yourself is dummy hard but at least from my experience it really isnt even a thing. i never had a 'perfect' body but i never was without a physical partner. im saggy and have stretch marks and a flat ass and loose skin but no one has rejected me yet. you got this b.

No. 647740

Is there an in between where you can stay with your family and take care of yourself as much as possible without burdening them financially? That's what I would do. How quickly do you deteriorate if you do no treatment at all? Is this hypothetical getting too detailed kek

No. 647753


There was no in-between option for the family in this particular play, so let's just say no. The father had pancreatic cancer.

No. 647756

I would leave, I’m used to burdening my own pain for the ones I love

No. 647758

i browse fds on reddit a lot and obviously lolcow, and lots of people in these spaces have the idea that paying for your boyfriend makes you a pickme. i geniuinely wanna ask if im a pickme. please judge me anons

> boyfriend same age as me, we had to go ldr because we study uni in different cities (45 mins by plane but usually takes train/bus since its cheaper)

> bf really bad for money, so i offer to pay for 80% of his visits. he's the one who always visits me, i dont go there. so i assume this is a good percentage of making him go through the road once a month
> he's bad at finances
> not the disgusting misogyn pick-mes date. an actual feminist (cares a lot about consent, even asks me verbally before kissing if he's not sure that im in a good mood). sends me long paragraphs almost everyday after i go to sleep being all lovey dovey. just in general not a dick, follows lots of feminist women on social media

ok so why i think people will call me a pickme (besides obviously paying for his expenses): i wanna pay his debt. he got credit card debt (money that would last me a week of groceries in our country) to buy me a promise ring when i had a mental breakdown thinking he was going to leave me. i wanna pay for it but then i'll be paying for the promise ring, technically. should i do it? he is so bad at making financial decisions im seriously considering getting involved with how he spends money too, but i dont wanna look like a controlling pyscho.

No. 647762

I could never deal with throwing my family into debt like that, I would just die tbh. You're going to anyways and you might as well not poverty-lock your family in the process. People need to learn to just let go and accept rather than prolong with painful, shitty treatments.

No. 647772

Here's the drill: fuck everyone else's opinion on what you decide to do with your own money that you earned with your actions.
You wanna spoil your boyfriend or take care of him because he's not as well off? As long as he appreciates your doing it and makes an attempt to pay for things for you and himself, it's fine.
Not everyone is going to be in the same situation, and I'm willing to bet a grand majority of women in either space would tell you to do one thing and simp out themselves on their own private time.
How many secretly bitter souls are in FDS?

No. 647774

No. 647776

based twice

tell him to take a financial class with you or something, though, it'll be good for both of you in the long run! ♥

No. 647778

> a grand majority of women in either space would tell you to do one thing and simp out themselves on their own private time.
very based, sums up the reality of most online ‘radfems’ and fdsers

No. 647779

File: 1602012305615.jpg (31.55 KB, 310x422, heartdress2.jpg)

is are these heart dresses/ jumper-skirts called? Is there a proper name for them?

No. 647780

File: 1602012340066.jpg (85.98 KB, 500x752, heartdress3.jpg)

No. 647788

I second this.
It's most spaces everywhere, which is why relying on opinions is a tough call. Someone will always inevitably be there to make a huge judgment call on another person's actions, then turn around and be a hypocrite with their personal lives.

No. 647794

That style of dress that's like a skirt with an apron top is called a pinafore, so I think searching "Heart pinafore" will get you similar products. Annika Victoria also has a tutorial on YouTube on how to sew your own!

No. 647800

just search heart pinafore. its super ugly and i hope i never see you wearing it in public cus id laugh but that should take you where you want to go. maybe its just a lolita thing?

No. 647808

Does anyone else get baby fever when you are in your period? I do and it makes me feel anxiety.

No. 647809

Sometimes I do on my period or I guess ovulation too, but I've realized it's really just that I'm horny and I don't actually want the life of having kids.

No. 647810

I have no strong opinion on the dress but this made me laugh stupid hard kek

No. 647813

Hmm, I don't pay attention to when it is, but when I do feel baby fever (usually from seeing/being around adorable babies), I'm quickly brought back to earth by witnessing children in public and/or hearing stories from my friends with kids, ngl.

No. 647821

How do you guys think of different things to cook every day? I feel like only making pasta every day and when I look up recipes I’m only interested in the pasta ones.

No. 647825

There's like an unlimited amount of recipes just a google away, but I feel the same because I'm lazy

No. 647826

eat all the pasta ones, if youre cool with that then do it.

No. 647831

I don't make a ton of different stuff, I just rotate through what I know I like, OR if I eat something at a restaurant that I quite like, I try to recreate it.

No. 647833

Following food blogs can help, they make every dish look good

No. 647836

File: 1602015402430.png (1.51 MB, 1418x1681, Girl.png)

Is this considered attractive? How?

No. 647838

Same, we should move in together and create a pasta haven.
For real though since it's not healthy to have pasta all the time I'm forcing myself to do other things, watching cooking youtube channels helps a lot for the reason >>647833 mentions.

No. 647840

It looks like a pretty drawing but irl

No. 647843

its not

No. 647844


As many Bratz dolls I had as a kid and as much as I loved them, I still think trying to emulate their facial features is just lunacy and everyone who does it ends up looking like some deviantart-tier uncanny valley bimbo fetish art. Just stick to recreating the outfits

No. 647846

I thought this was Michelle Moe while scrolling by

No. 647849

Wait is that a tranny

No. 647863

Anon are you legally blind?

No. 647870

File: 1602016754522.jpg (56.69 KB, 640x640, 12568961_1709893142623520_1778…)

I didn't mean that I found her to be pretty, I meant it looks like those exaggerated, pretty girl drawings but as an irl person. Even the pic attached isn't quite what I mean, but I can't think of anything else to compare to atm.

No. 647872

samefag, to be clear I do not find it attractive at all kek

No. 647875

looks like a /d/orse kek

No. 647886

How are you supposed to talk about suicide without being committed? do you guys make a pact with them or something?

Because i keep skirting around my real issue and when she says there is only the option of becoming a bum or keep on with uni, so i need to try to get better i want to say the solution i'm thinking of is death, but i can't say it because i'm terrified of psych wards and how vulnerable to abuse i'll be there.

She's trying to help but i can't say i'm suicidal or hint that i've lost hope too much. She keeps trying to make me do little tasks because it will be better for my future self but i can't tell her the reason i don't want to is because even in my best case future i will still have no enjoyment of life, it's pointless to me.

When i was 14 or so i made the mistake of talking with a school counselor about feeling depressed and she held me hostage, which made it worse and i didn't seek help any longer, so it's not like professional really follow the law here. Who knows if what i told her is already grounds for commitment? it's just more fuel for anxiety

No. 647889

I’ve been extremely open with my therapist/s and psychiatrist about being severely suicidal and was ever only almost committed on my first day of therapy; I begged the ER and inpatient psychs to not make me and my bf at the time vouched for me and said he would keep an eye on me. I think you can talk about those things with your therapist without being committed, you just get committed if you’re actively suicidal or have a plan, which I was at the time (but still didn’t wanna go kek). Hope this helps, and hope you feel better. It’s not fucking fun.

No. 647893

It's really not. The thing is i think i would be considered actively suicidal and i'm not sure my parents would vouch for me so i'm very wary.

No. 647895

sort of bouncing off what the other anon was talking about but a good therapist with recognize the difference between rumination and a plan. most all people think about death and a good portion think about dying themselves. a lot of the time when people say they want to die they just want the bad parts of their life to end.

you seem like you have a lot of work to do on yourself. find where the unhappiness is stemming from and start from there.

No. 647901

Yeah but i can't really tell if mine would see the difference. I would only find out after telling and risking being thrown in the psych ward and that's worse than dying for me.

If i were to be really honest i would have to say i think about it a lot and about methods too. It seems like the best decision to me so i think that would be worrying to her either way?

No. 647908

youll find that most hospitals are not that bad. the mental health field and its facilities and notions are always talked about like a plague but understand social work is so hard. people wouldnt stay with that kind of thing if they didnt want to make a difference. its a running thing but a lof of people who go into that kind of work have a history of addiction or and/or mental illness themselves.

you seem like youre suffering hard. going inpatient might actually help. you could have people listen to you at any moment, you dont have to worry about the little things, just being able to focus on being well..

dont be fooled by the big boogyman people have made of mental health care. that only hurts yourself in the long run

No. 647911

Even with that, if you express that you don’t want/feel like it’s right for you to go inpatient, they might not make you, especially if you aren’t a minor—that might help, but I’m not 100% on that. I’ve told multiple therapists when I’m experiencing suicidal ideation as well as feeling actively suicidal, and they still allow me to finish my session, and that’s the focus of it. Those tended to be the most helpful. I will say that if your suicidal ideation is taking up that much of your life and brainpower, you should talk to your therapist, and if this one isn’t trustworthy, I hope you can find one that is. They will help you learn how to cope healthily without going inpatient if that would be worse for you. Again, though, this is solely my experience, and I don’t want to disparage inpatient treatment, but I also get where you’re coming from. I want to hug you anon, I’m so sorry.

No. 647934

Is it normal to swing between thinking you’re the ugliest person ever to thinking you’re average/even kinda cute, all the fucking time? With the bad outweighing the good (95% ugly thoughts)

Hard to know if there’s something wrong with me or if this is part of the mindfuck of being female

No. 647936

Happens quite a lot to me and generally depends 90% on the lighting kek. I just keep reminding myself that the objective truth is I'm normal and average, people probably don't find me particularly cute or ugly and there's nothing wrong with that.

No. 647937

It’s being female, unfortunately. Every time you feel cute/beautiful, pay attention to what you’re wearing/doing and repeat. You deserve to feel that way all the time!

No. 647946

Feel pretty good about myself until I start taking photos and nitpicking all the twenty pics in my gallery.

No. 647950

Dear god the feminine experience is haunting and universal

No. 647969

This is me all the time and like anon said it's mostly lighting. And I think I'm fairly unscathed by the feminine conditioning to care about how you look so much compared to a lot of girls I'm friends with, but >>647950 it's totally universal.

No. 647981

Are we supposed to sage posts in off topic threads like vent and confession? Sometimes people do it, sometimes they don't and I'm just scared I'll get shouted at if I don't

No. 648015

You don’t have to overall, but generally it’s better to sage if you’re just replying and not creating a new post unless the thread is pretty buried. I don’t sage when making a new post but always do when replying.

No. 648018

Don’t sage if it’s a new topic, do sage if you’re replying. It’s that simple, really. Only asshats refuse to sage their replies. They think every dumb thing they comment is profound

No. 648025

Oh wow I didn't know this was a thing, I feel stupid now

No. 648029

It's not a boogeyman, i've seen it myself and how it would hurt me considering my fears and what i've been through, it wouldn't be a stress free place to heal, it would be a prison i can't escape while having meds forced on me and strange people running around with access to me, many who do like hurting patients. Even if it was the best facility in the world with only women (which it's not) i would come out even more suicidal because now i can't trust even a therapist to not put me where i can be abused and can't get help. If i was suicidal before a stay in a psych ward, after it would make me sure i need to do it before i get hurt even more. It's not an option.

I'd like one please…

I'm thinking of writing to ask about what her criteria are and state that i'm not going to do it and have no plan. This would raise some red flags but not enough to lock me up, right?

No. 648031

They legally cannot do so if you haven't attempted or indicated clearly that you plan to/will attempt

No. 648036

keep making excuses then and lament not being well. youll never find the perfect scenario but youll also never find peace if you dont make the effot. how lazy and self indulgent

No. 648047

Ignore that b8 reply from the one anon, they’re going into a bunch of threads and being retarded.

Like >>648031 said, they won’t since you’re not a minor and haven’t attempted and aren’t going to have a plan or anything. You can, or at least should, be able to talk about thinking about plans without there being an “action plan,” or something. Seriously, speaking to your therapist about this may help you more than you know—and if not, I really hope you find a new one that will. It helped me survive.

Something very important I learned is that our thoughts, especial our sick ones, aren’t truths, and that we are/can be observers to those thoughts without acting on or believing them. It’s easy enough to do with good things, so of course that translates to bad as well. “I’m better off dead” as a thought? Factually incorrect. Your family would miss you, your friends would miss you, the world would generally be so much less cool without you. Try and practice that when the bad thoughts are berating you. Again, I’m so sorry you’re going through this, and I really do mean it when I say I understand. Best of luck, anon.

No. 648050

Ok, so just saying i feel suicidal does not fall under plan to?
Sorry, and thanks for replying. This is taking a lot of effort, i haven't trusted anyone in years so it's hard to trust her when she has the power to do this, i've been crying for like an hour.

Kindly fuck off, if i didn't want to try i would just not go to therapy and risk having one of my biggest fears come true. Sorry if i reminded you that mental health institutions aren't all flowers and kisses for everyone.

No. 648056

they arent but youre the one ascribing the abusive attribute to social work. you obviously have trust issues and its hindering you accepting help. you are willingly sabotaging your own well being but yes, be offended i pointed that out

No. 648059

NTA but fuck off. It's completely reasonable not to want to be institutionalized. I can tell you from personal experience that mental hospitals are, at best, not that helpful, and at worst, like being in literal prison. They are extremely underfunded and full of workers who are burnt out, underpaid, and don't have enough time to fully evaluate individual patients and get them the best care possible.

Also, that anon clearly wouldn't be asking for advice if they weren't serious about getting help. You're still allowed to have standards even if you're suicidal. In fact, it's a good sign that she still does.

No. 648060

Thank you, this means a lot.
It's funny because this thought refuting is one thing she tried to teach me too but i was too fucked up on panic atacks to really try. I'll try it again, not like it will hurt.
That other anon said it's likely she won't too, so i'll make an effort to write and ask what her criteria for commitment are and reassure that i don't have plans or anything. I hope it will go well, because this feeling of mistrust is wrecking me.
Thanks anons.

No. 648062

>Factually incorrect. Your family would miss you, your friends would miss you, the world would generally be so much less cool without you.
nta but this seems kind of useless if someone doesn't have any family or friends

No. 648087

i am meeting a guy for the first time for a hook up. is it weird that he asked to stay overnight?

No. 648091

1. He likes you
2. For whatever reason he'd find it easier to leave the next morning than to go home at night
3. He is going to murder you in your sleep
Pick one

No. 648098

i think it's the 1st one. he is coming over pretty early and wants to also stay over. i said i was fine with it if he wants to deal with me for that long i guess. i asked him why and he said "why not? ". but yeah i think he likes me. i will be cautious thought.

No. 648129

Brakes on. This is the first time you're meeting at all, or have you met up before outside the context of Netflix and Fill?
How long have you been talking to this guy?

No. 648137

4. He's going to rob you.

No. 648145

Don't let him stay over.

No. 648147

Or he's homeless and couch (bed) surfing

No. 648148

If he's coming from afar maybe he just wants to make sure he gets his money's worth. Personally I don't like it when an ONS sleeps over. My favourite fwbs just give me a hug and split. Just fuck me and let me sleep in peace ya stupid moid

No. 648153

Just don’t talk about it. Talk about it with a friend

No. 648156

What were you anons like in high school? How does it compare to how you are now?

This is a highly in-depth analysis that attempts to compare the cattiness of an imageboard to high school Stacey-dom.

No. 648160

I was mostly invisible hardly spoke to anyone. I did some theatre and that was where most of my sparse socialization happened. People generally seemed to like me because my shyness and politeness came off as cute in a puppylike way or something. I'm the same now but even more socially isolated.

No. 648163

I was gigastacy valedictorian. I feel more comfortable being bitchy now, acting fake nice overachiever was fucking exhausting.

No. 648172

I inhabited a weird sort of limbo between the group of popular kids and social outcasts. I went to a fancy private school so popularity meant actually being intelligent and getting good grades in addition to being sporty, somewhat charismatic and artsy. But because I also had weeby interests like anime, robotics, video games and history I also hung out with kids who were sadly treated like lepers. I never felt like I belonged entirely to either segment.

Fwiw I literally only browse ot/g/m. I found lolcow by accident when I Googled an internet "celeb" and found it kinda weird and silly, then stayed for the general sense of female companionship.

No. 648173

I knew how to socialize and wasn't actively bullied or anything, but I wasn't very popular either. I never had a boyfriend, never won any awards, etc. Was never on the honor roll or took any AP/advanced classes because I didn't care about academics. I was a completely mediocre student. I had virtually nothing in common with most of my classmates because everyone was super into athletics and outdoor activities. I basically hid the fact that I was a massive weeb who spent most of my free time on the internet from everyone for my entire high school career because I didn't want to be made fun or or thought of as weird kek. In retrospect, I felt really lonely and alienated from everyone, even my close friends. Going to a small school in a rural town sucks and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

No. 648182

Lolcow is a stacy website.

No. 648183

Maybe this isn't meant for me because I only graduated this year, but I was all over the place in highschool. I had a "reverse glow up" being that I lost most of my friends that I made in freshman and sophomore year. Now though, I think I'm a lot more cautious but no less socially inept. I also got lolcow banned from my school network because one of the staff complained that I used it too much and it was a "website for awful people" kek

No. 648187

>she still thinks she was a stacy
Nobody tell her

No. 648190

I was solidly part of the weird nerdy group, but a bit of a stacey within the nerd group if that makes sense. I was actually a total normie and originally hung around the real staceys when I started at my school, but was so intimidated I could barely talk to them and they ended up disliking me for being so awkward. But with my uncool friends I was outgoing and talkative, unfortunately I also had a bitchy streak exacerbated by my bitchy gay bff that I still feel bad about. But it was a big group, we had a really fun time, and I'm still friends with a couple of them.

The only thing that really stayed the same is being intimidated by staceys, now I'm an actual nerd with nerdy hobbies and became a lot more shy and quiet over the years. Also generally nicer. My loud, bitchy phase was mostly attention seeking and insecurity and now my self esteem is good enough that I don't have to act like that.

No. 648194

Desperate attempts to be different from the people there, overly hostile at times due to paranoia from being treated like shit in middle school, dejected, etc.

No. 648203

File: 1602031223806.jpg (244.73 KB, 888x610, 1596057879368.jpg)

…Are you not?

No. 648206

Has anyone else noticed it feels a lot harder to pirate movies online> Like i feel like this is a stupid question because duh of course they're gonna try to make it harder, but I feel like its literally noticeably harder to find movies online than it was 5 or so years ago when I was in high school… and I'm trying to find like, big popular movies too, not super niche ones.

No. 648210

an absolute freak. even the other freaks and nerds disliked me and some people genuinely,unironically thought I was retarded but I can't blame them
weebs cannot be stacies by default

No. 648215

WRONG. Stacy can be whatever she wants and not get treated like a freak.

No. 648220

>it feels a lot harder to pirate movies online
no? you can still torrent most movies

No. 648221

True, take Megan Thee Stallion's lyrics
>I'ma make him eat me out while I'm watchin' anime (Wow, wow, anime)
>Pussy like a Wild Fox, lookin' for a Sasuke (Yeah, yeah, ayy, yeah)

But it seems like anime is cool with zoomers anyway at least the e-girl types? I don't pay a lot of attention, maybe it's ironic idk.

No. 648226

I use http://www3.putlockerz.io/ and 9anime. Putlocker quality isn't the best, but it's fine and not absolute shit unless the movie just came out. Keep adblocker on tho.

No. 648229

For some reason Naruto is still really popular. I was wondering if the anime is on some streaming service or something because I’ve seen more people wearing Naruto merch recently than I have in like seven years

No. 648233

Anon that's weird, have you met him before?

No. 648234

Because normalfags pretty much only latch on to a handful of anime series. Naruto, Sailor Moon, DB, and whatever they find merch showcasing.
God, I hate Naruto so fucking much.

No. 648237

Ah pirate wasn’t the best word but streaming movies without downloading them (I use my apartments WiFi and don’t want to get in big trouble), I feel like I used to be able to find everything on 123movies and putlocker and the descendent websites just aren’t doing it for me.

No. 648238

I was popular but also hated. I was captain of a sport's team, the hot older guy I crushed on ended up being my boyfriend and I got special permission to go to his formal (I was younger) and then he was allowed to go to my formal.

Last two years some girls started shit talking me for being a slut (lost my virginity to long term bf) and my boyfriend graduated. Because of the hours he worked he was able to meet me for lunch and I was able to get a break from the bullying.

Now I don't talk to anyone from highschool. When I do see people from highschool they always introduce themselves and are overtly friendly and complimentary but I've literally blacked out my last two years and can barely place people to names. If I could do highschool again I wouldn't go steady with someone for like 3 years, I'd focus more on my peers.

No. 648240

Literally no. I use https://www.magnetdl.com/ and sometimes I just google "movie title" free online into google and that site 123movies or whatever has it.

No. 648261

I’ve never cared or assumed anything about anons appearances unless it’s glaringly obvious they have a complex or something, ugly people are the ones who know how to find their own kind

No. 648269

Meh theres multiple sites that have pirated shit if you look, although you probably won't download as good quality from them as you'd get from a torrent.

No. 648320

Band/choir kid and academic overachiever, and my friend group was nice and relatively drama free

No. 648349

Did you respond to the wrong posts? How are either of those anons stacys?

No. 648354

I think she was saying they weren't stacy enough for lolcow

No. 648357

Nta but it read as a joke to me. We can make those you know.

No. 648368

I'm exceptionally autistic tonight. Perhaps you're right.

No. 648374

I admire a woman who can admit her wrongs

No. 648383

I told him I thought it was weird for him to stay over, I have a roommate so it's not like I am scared of him doing anything, it just seems too weird.

No. 648390

File: 1602046770296.jpg (40.74 KB, 800x450, EgRq9nLXsAAS4W_.jpg)

what does being in love feel like?

No. 648396

I wanna…be luigi…

No. 648399

No. 648400

what is love

No. 648404

yes it is.

No. 648407

baby don’t hurt me

No. 648408

don't hurt me

No. 648412

in the confessions thread one anon mentioned that she was caught fucking a student and the story made its way all over the internet. it makes me so incredibly curious about the lolcow userbase, and how many farmers have been or are currently in the public eye

No. 648413

No. 648414

roleplaying rape with 6 based black men

No. 648415

File: 1602051142468.gif (737.6 KB, 498x340, Zv8Kzco.gif)

no more

No. 648424

my friends and I wanted to dress as horsemen of the apocalypse. I want to be famine

No. 648470

Am I the only one who doesn’t get substance abuse? I have some mild chronic health issues that leave me tired and alcohol and other drugs drain me. After rarely using alcohol for a couple of months I had about 3 beers on Friday and that made me so tired I feel like I wasted Saturday. Even at my most depressed I never felt like using drugs. I enjoy drugs and alcohol but they don’t feel like a cure for anything especially because I feel so tired the next day. I don’t understand how people can find drink every day and still function. Am I a wimp who is missing out?

No. 648472

I feel similarly. I understand for drugs with serious addictive properties but I can't imagine getting addicted to alcohol even though I like it, drinking more than a little isn't really fun. Then again I get hopelessly addicted to browsing random shit on the internet.

No. 648473

Is it true that Belle Delphine is actually a lesbian and had a girlfriend?

No. 648474

Find it hard to believe she's not at least bi even if she claims otherwise

No. 648478

Oh yeah I do feel bad about being addicted to internet browsing more than the average person. But a lot of alcoholics are also addicted to internet browsing and I’m glad that my addiction isn’t something that seriously affects my health in the long run as much as drugs do.

No. 648480

some anons also mention that they make up stories here so

No. 648483

Wait lemme cut my hair again and we can twin.
it scares me how much I look like her with my hair really short

No. 648491

No she had a boyfriend who took all her pictures

No. 648495

Why didn’t the bitch get out of the uber’s car tho when she needed to get to the hospital?

No. 648496

Have you regretted telling someone your really personal issues? I confided in a relative when I was feeling pretty bad and my thought process was that 'hey, she's studying psych so she could help' what a grave mistake… I did tell her about some really, really personal stuff that no one else knows and I regret it so bad. Not because she did anything bad with what I shared but because I feel not good that she knows that stuff about me. How do I move on and accept the L?

No. 648500

To answer your original question, I'm sure I have, but I probably choose to forget it out of embarrassment. Second, coming from a psych major, never tell a psych major shit. We're some of the most judgmental people and will likely psychoanalyze you even when you don't want us too. Realistically, just never mention it to her again and if she brings it up, either say you made it up or don't know what she's talking about. If you're having serious ideation that warrants attention, advise a professional.

No. 648504

I just saw a tik tok of a woman simulating birth by putting a ping pong ball in a balloon, blowing it up, pushing on the balloon to demonstrate different types of contractions, and then pushing it out of the small hole. Is this accurate? I've never felt so disturbed in my life.

No. 648506

Do we still have a LC discord channel?

No. 648509

>never tell a psych major shit
I swear, this is so true. I don't know what is up with psych majors. I just felt more bad after sharing than before, something about what she said irked me. I don't really confide in her no more, and she doesn't ask me about it, which is good. I just don't like her knowing shit about me even though it was my choice to tell. She did say she could help me look for a therapist, but I'm honestly over it and not looking to waste my dough. Thanks for your insight anon.

No. 648510

Bit difficult to answer without seeing the tiktok in question

No. 648511

Yeah the link is at the top of the page

No. 648515

Wow… my question was way too stupid even for this thread. Thanks, anon.

No. 648518

File: 1602065460055.webm (1.68 MB, 576x1024, pardon.webm)

I know she says "this isn't exactly how it happens" at the end, but is it still close? Even the verbal description is grime.

No. 648522

How long does it usually take before lolcow threads appear in Google search results?

No. 648523

There's plenty of live birth videos out there, anon.

No. 648527

High school kids? Lmao that's weird, maybe to middle schoolers. Are birthing videos too ~icky~ for school? Is american education really this stunted?

No. 648533

Is turkey pepperoni better than turkey bacon?

No. 648560

I don't know about torrents. But it's gotten harder to watch them on illegal streaming sites since google adjusted their search algorithm to rank offending sites lower. Other search engines like duckduckgo are unaffected through, so try to use those. Through i do think the actual sites have gotten worse aswell, maybe because they don't get as much traffic anymore.

No. 648575

I don’t understand downers either. I’m quite fond of uppers however.

No. 648576

Is there really no way to see a private ig account? I want to snoop on a friend's boyfriend.

No. 648583

Anyone got any tips for going to Court? I'm going as a witness but it's my first time and I'm curious of there's anything I should know that they don't tell you.

No. 648590

Don’t ask some retards here anon wtf i say this for your own sake

No. 648596

Be prepared to wait for a while. Bring a coat, courtrooms are usually cold. After about an hour of testimony, slam your hands down as hard as you can into the bench in front of you and yell “OBJECTION”, making sure to point your index finger at the accused. Your peers should gasp in suspense and delight over your outburst.

No. 648603

Just dress business casual and a lawyer will probably coach you on what to do and say. Don't stress it. You're just there to tell your truth.

No. 648604

I’m being super later but I totally get you anon. Re-watching gilmore girls and seeing how hard rory studied and worked to get into yale has made me actually apply fir university! They didn’t take me though lmao

No. 648605

i love you anon

No. 648607

Why are so many zoomers unironically obsessed with Paris Hilton? I'm an oldfag millenial who still remembers her rise to fame from the early 00's and she was a stupid skank back then and she's a stupid skank now. The fact that she's trying to reinvent her character as some poor abused girl with her current muh boarding school sob stories is beyond retarded. She never did anything worthwhile, she doesn't have any notable talent, she's not charismatic, she's not intelligent, she's not a brilliant business woman and her bimbo socialite persona isn't charming or empowering. Just what else is there? Is it just some big dumb bitch meme I don't understand?

No. 648609

File: 1602082171713.jpeg (357.89 KB, 907x1098, F5F619C3-68DA-4C11-B64A-63800F…)

the a e s t h e t i c

No. 648610

Y2K bimbos are trendy and she's primo y2k bimbo but with a tragic backstory. Definite dumb bitch meme fodder too. Just a lil of everything, really.

No. 648613

she's the y2k version of Kim Kardashian

No. 648615

Basic white girls love their fellow basic white girls

No. 648616

>boo hoo I had to stay for 11 months at a boarding school at 17 and the teachers bullied me for sneaking out to party I'm so abused and traumatized
She's just a spoiled bitch trying to force a tearjerker to fit the current woke era. She'd have to get a literal alchemist as her publicist to polish her turd of an image.

No. 648617

I drink a lot bc it helps with my social anxiety and 24/7 racing thoughts. Not recommending it though.

No. 648618

Zoomers are saying she's not actually a bimbo but a smart entrepreneur who clowned everyone in her 5D chess game of only pretending to be mean and retarded in order to get her brand to make more money.
…except pretending to be retarded wouldn't have ever gotten her more money if she weren't an heiress who already had the money to boost herself into reality television in the first place.
She's just a wet fantasy for girls with similar personalities who wish they also had fame and fortune for being useless.

No. 648620

You realize that those boarding schools are genuienly awful places right?

No. 648622

weren't there claims that she's racist too?

No. 648624

>The fact that she's trying to reinvent her character as some poor abused girl with her current muh boarding school sob stories is beyond retarded.
So what, you're saying she wasn't abused? And invalidating testimonies or other, non-rich survivors of the camp? They're all spoiled and lying for attention too?
I mean I get that Paris is not the most sympathetic celeb but saying she's spoiled and exaggerating in her documentary is so insensitive

No. 648626

>non-rich survivors of the camp
nobody there is Not Rich

No. 648628

>She's just a wet fantasy for girls with similar personalities who wish they also had fame and fortune for being useless.
This is the perfect way to put it. However I'm still confused over how many actually woke people consider her both some sort of a mother mary image for a pure boolied girl and a yass slay goddess simply for existing and putting on designer clothes. I feel like it started out as a meme and then kids who don't remember her Simple Life era took it seriously.

Most schools are genuinely awful places to be at. She was sent there because she was living the reckless reptilian spoiled trust fund baby life and lacking discipline to begin with so it's all on her. It's not like she was living there for years from the age of 7 or something.

No. 648629

>but saying she's spoiled
Not that anon, but in honesty, how is she not? Back in the day that was a selling point of her image.

No. 648633

Sorry, I meant spoiled in a context of considering her complaining about the camp a spoiled behavior. Otherwise of course she's spoiled.

Not necessarily. Their parents are most likely rich but not even in all the cases. I really recommend dr Honda commentary on the documentary, he mentions given the camps advertised themselves well there were cases of families going into debt just to send their kids there hoping it's gonna help.
Also even if the parents were rich, doesn't mean their kid is gonna be rich also.

No. 648635

I've been kind of baffled by all the sympathy anons have for Paris in the celebricows thread for exactly these reasons. Isn't she also a Trump supporter?

No. 648638


I know I have the worst sense of humor, but I just think she was retardedly funny in the Simple Life and the movies she acted in. Also had some nice songs (definitely NOT the one about Kim) that may or may not have been ghost-sung. I definitely do not think she's anything other than some spoiled rich party girl.

To be frank, I actually prefer her to Kim Kardashian because she doesn't borderline racefake or pretend to be anything than the basic white bimbo she is.

No. 648648

I agree that she's stupid funny in Simple Life and I unironically got a bunch of my friends to like Stars Are Blind back in the day kek. I don't think about her much outside of that, though.

No. 648651


Samefagging, but in a way the bimbo aesthetic kinda appeals to me as escapism from my real life IT job. Sometimes it feels good to just be stupid and hot.

No. 648655

Is it more normal for couples, long term or married, to have mostly separate finances, or do most completely join their finances together?

No. 648658

Either one is normal as long as both parties are cool with the arrangement

No. 648659

everytime you call her a dumb bitch she gains more favour in my eyes

No. 648660

My mother and stepdad have separate finances despite being married for over 5 years now and honestly I find it a bit weird.

No. 648661

So this is the power… of zoomer contrarianism.

No. 648662

Obvious answer that I agree with kek. I've always kept my finances separate from partners and prefer they keep theirs separate from me as well as long as we can pay our bills, but I guess that's also how "she had 10k in credit card debt and I had no idea!" shit happens.

No. 648664

she is. there are numerous videos of her calling black people the n word, hard er, mostly to their faces. it’s gross

No. 648668

NTA but whenever I hear someone being referred to a dumb bitch in a non-lighthearted way, I feel bad for the target of that attack.

No. 648670

people don't seem to get that being abused doesn't preclude you from being a piece of shit otherwise.

No. 648700

im scandi too and my parents would be pretty upset if i got a poc boyfriend

No. 648711

>Europeans who have a history of imperialism are surprised their countries are racist
K e k

No. 648712

File: 1602088391718.jpg (78.9 KB, 896x896, FaceApp_1567372461241.jpg)

Why do people who throw around the word colonizer also refer to themselves as a queen?? Isn't that a conflict of interest

No. 648719

Good morning wokeshits

No. 648732


Ok, that's actually really disappointing (but not entirely surprising) and somehow I didn't know about this

Gotta find an otherwise unproblematic party girl/bimbo celebrity to project on to

No. 648735

don't care about paris hilton but i feel like every mid-late 00s celebrity/yter has said the n word at some point
its just a game to see who can find proof and publicize it first

No. 648737

can people really stay together and get married and fucking live their life happily with someone else

can people cheat and never be caught and bury the mistake forever and be happy

does anyone else see runes everywhere on acid

No. 648740


Trust no whites tbh.
Guess I'll just stick with kinning Kelly Bundy and London Tipton. Or preferably manage to find a stupid but likeable black girl character who is not a sassy black girl sidekick

No. 648744

The sex was how the relationship started

No. 648746

Yes. Yes. idk about acid

No. 648754

You mad cause your third eye is glued shut

No. 648776

i am drunk. would it sound sexy to say "i want to defile you" to the dude i am chatting up?

No. 648778

If you like pasta that much look up different recipes that incorporate different sauces/vegetables/meats/seasoning in general/etc.

No. 648779

it's dumb to ask because all sexy sexting talk sounds cringey as fuck to anyone not involved in it (and often even if you are)

No. 648780

personally i wouldnt respond after reading that but if hes also drunk i would say go for it!

No. 648781

No wtf

No. 648783

it sounds kind of cute to me lol

No. 648793

How did I grow up making my dolls scissor and stanning/shipping t.A.T.u and still end up straight, even if only for husbandos?

No. 648796

File: 1602093559860.png (246.59 KB, 417x420, 106924782_1004579669977934_749…)

Sure, a guy could get his peen up easily, but how do you know if a guy TRULY doesn't watch porn? Do you just take his word for it?

No. 648797

You can't, just like you can't know if your partner is secretly cheating, secretly a serial killer, secretly anything. Anyone you don't have locked in an isolated basement could be doing literally anything behind your back. So basically yeah you do have to take his word for it, but only take the word of someone you've found to be worthy of trust. If someone breaks your trust, well it's up to you how you deal with that but to me that's the end.

No. 648798

your phone and its case is one of the filthiest things. at least with a normal case you can wash it easily with a bit of soap. how would you go about cleaning this? that said, it is adorable, if you want it go for it lol

I think it's just to show a range of emotions on their account. like, no one is always happy, it's to say 'I'll show my followers every side of me' especially since social media can often be this stream of people pretending to be happy. I think these crying faces are to be 'real' with their followers I do find it a bit uncomfortable when ppl I follow do it though

No. 648800

There’s some giveaways for guys who watch porn, like how they talk about sex/during sex, and if they want to do weird acts. Other than that basically it is just taking their word. You can ask them why they don’t and see if they give a good answer or get flustered or annoyed

No. 648803

Who doesn't wipe down their phone with a tissue and rubbing alcohol daily? Oh that's right, stank hoes.

No. 648807

Um… I don't…

No. 648811

Stank ho, skank ho, walking around with phone bacteria on your face ho

No. 648814

what if they want to do weird acts. can't people just be weird without necessarily having been influenced by porn? (o.o;)

No. 648815


No. 648816

No. 648818

ask him why.

No. 648819

If they really weren't influenced by porn it'd probably be something really fucking odd, not typical porny tropes lol

No. 648829

I saw anons in the anachan thread complaining about a girl not peeling her carrots which made me wonder; when you say "peel" do you actually peel it like a potato or what? I always just scrape it with a knife, it removes the top layer and it doesn't waste much of the carrot.

No. 648833

What is 32inch waist chan and is it bad to have a waist that size?

No. 648835

Lol just be honest

No. 648837

If i gotta peel it, i use a cheese…slicer?

No. 648840

I'm sure people do cheat and get away with it and I'm sure some people are happy in monogamy as long as they aren't like a weird couple that only has each other.

No. 648841

I don't think the last guy I was sleeping with would even know what defile is and that's on me.

No. 648845

It's usually obvious even if they don't mention it, however I have never met a guy that didn't watch it. Sometimes guys watch porn together too, so fucking weird

No. 648848

don't worry, himbo lover! no shame.

No. 648852

Why aren't the celebricow threads in snow? I mean, there's a general thread for youtubers in snow, why not celebricows as well?

No. 648853

why are hetero men so homo lol

No. 648858

throw away his smartphone, get him a flip phone he can only text and call with. if he has a pc, porn blocker software. literally just stay by him 24/7. if unable to, call him as much as possible when he's away

No. 648862

Cause they got g spots in they ass

No. 648863

imagine unironically saying this

No. 648864

Why would you stupidly point out such an obvious joke? Give me your neck, anon.

No. 648866

I'd imagine that if a guy seems to not care about his appearance that much, yet has weirdly smooth, soft well-moisturized hands, he's probably a coomer

No. 648872

anon, i didn't say the OP wasn't joking.

No. 648881

File: 1602098335243.jpg (1.21 MB, 2521x2547, 1kn6xmq70mr51.jpg)

except i'm not joking. that really would be the closest you'd get to truly knowing if a guy is not lying about not watching porn.

Now, I'm not saying go and be controlling…..

No. 648884

how do you guys deal with having terfy views while in school? i'm taking this horrible fucking class right now in college called psychology of women and it hit every mark you could possibly expect a liberal arts school would with gender. ofc first thing she says is "this class is inclusive" bs and "i might change the name of this class to psychology of womxn" i'm literally like bitch what??? does that mean?
and she spends all class time talking about how women are oppressed bc of the pink tax, pink girl toys, retarded entry level "feminism"

anyway i guess i'm wondering, have any of you outed yourselves as "believing in 2 genders"/believing that having a vagina impacts people differently than those with penises/believing in differences btw men and women, in an academic setting? did you fail your class or get cancelled or whatever other retarded shit happens today? the fact that i even need to ask how to "come out" as believing this shit is hilariously terrifying lol

No. 648885

when you mentioned pink tax i knew. just lie, you know what hoops to jump through. you're not going to learn anything anyway other than how abysmally stupid libfems are so just take the L to get the A.

No. 648887

Find a man who is too dumb to erase his browser history.

No. 648888

samefag but we have this bullshit assignment coming up where we have to "talk about why we are or aren't a feminist!" and i'm thiiiis fucking close to writing about gender essentialism and listing my grievances with 4th wave feminism. like the fact that this is a fucking assignment in my last year at college that i pay for makes me want to blow my brains out

No. 648890

I normally play dumb/illiterate - I'm eastern european so it works since people think I am anyway - and ask leading questions that eventually get them to reach certain conclusions about certain things. For example, one time I mentioned how girls can't identify their way out of fgm and being married off at 8, in different words ofc, and it clicked in a lot of people's thick heads.

No. 648892

Nta but who the fuck wants to be their boyfriends mother like this. If you can't trust your boyfriend to be honest with you, then breakup with him, don't do all of this shit.

No. 648894

I forgot I kind of experienced this in some biology classes at college. It's a bit weird these days, you have to be discreet and subtle about it, I forgot there were non binaries that challenged some lecturers but it was usually complete nonsense altho the epidemiology prof gave off weird mailroom guy vibes and indulged some. I think I came across transphobic to a girl that came out and pretty sure she cancelled me to some people. She dropped out and some of her friends would help me with labs again lol

No. 648897

Just integrate and pretend you follow their views, it’s not that difficult, annoying, but it means more possibilities for a good or decent grade. Being confrontational can work if you have made a name of yourself and sometimes you will still get dogpiled.
I tried confronting a teacher of mine about his retarded political ideas and I got a shit grade, so it really isn’t worth the hassle.

No. 648900

i know, i know. it just really pains me, especially during (virtual lol) class when we're encouraged to discuss, to not question the nonsense my professor is saying. especially feeling like i could possibly plant a seed of doubt into my classmate's heads. idk

this is a good idea. i've been trying to do this a little bit. i asked her what she meant by "womxn" and she couldn't really give me an answer. the shit they say literally cannot be backed up by logical thought

yeah. fuck

No. 648902

I just hide my views because I’d rather not risk my reputation. But I’m not afraid to talk about specifically female issues like abortion and domestic labor if it’s relevant. I’m also in a lot of classes that deal with history so talking about gender in a binary way is normal because that’s just how they were categorized

No. 648903

> especially feeling like i could possibly plant a seed of doubt into my classmate's heads.
Now that’s another thing, that it’s definitely possible, it takes time and befriending them, but you can help them think about different stuff and be more critical about things in general.

No. 648905

File: 1602099453324.jpg (19.9 KB, 320x294, eb36bc9d0f4dc54efd3c4b39cd93db…)

NTA but I want to do this, but I also don't really want to sit through these people condescendingly explaining complete bullshit to me directly (as opposed to hearing a professor spew it, and having to write some fake shit that agrees with him/her).
I feel like while I'm asking questions and playing dumb, I'll end up saying something that goes too hard, trigger them and make myself into a target. It's so much easier to just not engage.

No. 648918

why can’t terfs ever just shut the fuck up about what they believe? like… just don’t fucking share it? you don’t HAVE to make hating men your entire personality i promise

No. 648919

Is there a term that refers to plates, teapots, mugs, saucers etc? 'Cutlery' doesn't seem to be the right word

No. 648921

ntayrt but having to hear people talk about political beliefs for extended periods of time without interruption or being able to disagree

No. 648922

Do you know what terf means?

No. 648923

Tea ware?

No. 648927

Tableware is the catch all term for it, but google says it can be classified more specifically as serveware, dinnerware, silverware/cutlery and drinkware/glassware.

No. 648929

File: 1602100976343.jpeg (125.84 KB, 900x1357, 1B10C2C2-1F89-481F-8060-F42FFC…)

No. 648931

AYRT and i'm asking because classes encourage discussions? and i wish to share what i believe to participate in said discussion…? crazy concept ik

i said nothing about men idk why you wrote that. big oof chief i promise

No. 648934

thank you,anon

No. 648936

File: 1602101487204.jpg (69.58 KB, 637x900, 20201006_211632.jpg)

Hmmm well, if a guy would say that to me I'd think it was pretty hot so why not the other way around

No. 648996

Because trannies and those who want to virtue signal using them literally never, ever shut up, and are obsessed with forcing their opinions in any space that's not full-on Nazi hell.
Trans people make up like 0.4% of the global population, yet account for 30% of worthless bitching on the internet alone.
Also, more and more girls and women are getting sick of the bullshit and are brand new to becoming "terfs!!1", so of course they'll talk about it. Self-reflect and figure out why.

No. 648999

Why don't I miss you a lot forever?

No. 649017

Did he steal your precious thing, anon?

No. 649046


No. 649075

It usually means an anon is specifically bragging about her measurements as if anyone cares

Experimental phase. Sexuality is fluid imo

No. 649079

has there ever been a farmer meetup? don't make fun of me for asking, this is the stupid questions thread after all. alternatively, if there was one in your city would you guys go?

No. 649083

I don't think there has been one of those. Tbh, I would not want to meet a single person from this website.

No. 649089

Never has never will, but I’d go incognito to dox all the dumbasses who don’t understand what anonymity means.

No. 649113

It would just be infiltrated by incels and men who lurk here.

No. 649118

A meeting of ugly histrionic bitches. I'll be the first one there.

No. 649120

imageboard meetups have always been a thing

I would actually be worried about this

No. 649162

A meetup would be pretty interesting. I’d probably be watching from afar tho lol

No. 649178

The moment that they tell me to state my pronouns, I dip. I’m not gonna learn anything in a class that cares about arbitrary bullshit. Unless the class is mandatory lol

No. 649179

I use a vegetable peeler

No. 649201

I have dual citizenship with US and Spain and currently live in the US. I'm starting to get a huge travel bug but also I just in general want to move away from the states since I've spent my whole life here.
I have been super interested in moving to Amsterdam because I technically have EU citizenship it seems doable. If there are any anons from the Netherlands in general I want to know what you see as the biggest cons of living there?

No. 649224

one time they asked me this and i had enough with it so i just straight up said "im a girl" its so weird… i didnt come here with short blue hair and khakis you know what i am

No. 649332

to any bi anons, what prominent differences have you noticed in dating men vs dating women?

No. 649353

sex with girls was better

No. 649354

the sex

No. 649374

what do you think is the most cursed facial trait? for me it's a long philtrum. I feel like almost anything else can be worked with but this fucks with your facial ratios and makes you look old, like a who, or a monky

in b4 anons rage at me, it's just my opinion; shoe after all has a legion of simps

No. 649379

Hooked noses on men. very distracting

No. 649382

Better oral with women. Not even comparable really. Men don’t usually know what they are doing.

No. 649386

Small eyes

No. 649391

Visible asymmetry. There's ugly (plain, big nose, etc) and then there's UGLY (light deformity level that's ugly, but not enough to dip into the 'I pity this poor creature, must be nice and inclusive')

No. 649393

Weird ass dark hyperpigmentation in the mouth/chin area. If not that, then I think I have some "off" facial proportions.

No. 649398

Cleft chins. They remind me too much of butts. They can even ruin a pretty face for me.

No. 649412

I also went to a liberal arts school (plz don't laugh at me) and took an intro to Theology class. We studied queer theology and one girl flipped her shit that the professor was saying the "Q" word in class, even though the author identified as queer and that was the name of the theology/subject. The student even left the room. I was surprised the professor stood her ground on that one, refusing to call it anything else in order to spare the nonbinary chick's feelings, even tho the professor's other ideas were wild lol She was also one who stressed "safe space" and respecting pronouns.

No. 649422

My brain is mush can someone please suggest websites or videos that will help? I want to problem solve or learn something new

No. 649430

Definitely eyes that are too close together. My eyes aren't so close to each other but enough so that it bugs me, and I think I'd be relatively cuter if they were spaced just a tad bit farther.

No. 649431

I used to go to luminosity as a child, maybe that site would be handy?

No. 649432

how small are we talking

No. 649434

**lumosity, whoops

No. 649438

Ty anon, I hope to become as smart as you were as a child

No. 649455

File: 1602129810356.png (201.96 KB, 680x445, bcf.png)

I haven't taken a math class in 4-5 years (pre-calc was the last class I took) and I want to relearn math before I take a college placement test because I don't want to waste my time paying for courses I already covered in high school. How does a lazy bitch go about relearning math on her own? I have a hard time sticking to routines and usually give up on things after a week or so, but this is something I really need/want to work on. I just need structure and a concrete lesson plan.

No. 649458

Are you me? My eyes aren’t close per se, they’re the exact proper space apart based on measurements, but one day I couldn’t think of anything I would want to change with surgery and decided to make my eyes a little farther apart in an edit and it killed me inside because I look so much better with a little more space between, ideally how I would want to look. I wish I never would have done it because it’s given me a terrible complex and it’s something that isn’t even possible to do.

No. 649459

khan academy for video lessons. I can't think of anything that you can learn on with a lesson plan and schedule without paying. It's probably just something you have to work out on your own. Maybe make a schedule with with the easiest stuff first, then work your way up. I'm sure there's websites where you can find homework to do. Good luck anon.

No. 649465

It's definitely something I need to work on motivation-wise. Khan Academy has been helpful in the past, so I'll check out that site again, get myself a graph notebook and go at it. I'm gonna also look into other resources like daily math problems and such, since I do enjoy calculating and I'm thinking receiving texts/emails of these sorts would keep me interested and motivated when my attention isn't quite focused on math. I'm thinking maybe I'll start with reviewing algebra concepts and then move from there to calculus. I'm dreading graphs though, I've always preferred formulas over graphing.
I think immersion might be the key in my situation. If I'm not forced to focus on it, then I just don't care, so if I make myself consume math-based resources I might actually (re)learn something. And if I manage to learn more than I learned in school, even better!

No. 649472

Hahaha, my brother had shown me it then, but I was too stressed to continue with the site because I didn't want confirmation that I was dumb or something. I haven't visited the site since then, but I hope it helps you sharpen your mind. I've been thinking I might revisit it as well since I worry my brain is also becoming mush.

No. 649476

So… what video editing software can I illegally download that's not fucking subscription based. I want to upload videos because why not.

No. 649506

If this weren't an anonymous site I'd send you my pirated copy of Sony Vegas.

No. 649515

Look up m0nkrus after effects 2020. It's worked perfectly for me and I've had it for months now, it's kind of hard to navigate the website if you don't understand Russian but I don't and I managed to download it. Just make sure you get bit torrent too.

No. 649551

Strange, it's usually this type of girl who call themselves queer (because it's an umbrella uwu term) and older LGB people don't like it because of the historical connotations. I personally would really dislike being called queer, but I would not lose my shit like her, especially in a classroom lmao.

No. 649561

Am I straight if I feel uncomfortable around men?

No. 649563

That's just called being a woman and having sense

No. 649564

File: 1602144513268.jpg (65.44 KB, 443x409, qdsgd.jpg)

Non-gamer weeb anons, be honest, do these guys look white to you? I've heard many people call them whitewashed but I really don't see it

No. 649569

I have no idea who they are, but they look East Asian to me. If you told me they were Filipino or Latino I would believe you. Italian is a big stretch. Pretty sure they are East Asian characters?

No. 649571

They look asian but their faces are slightly racially ambiguous. Don't look white though. If they were white they'd be asian looking whites

No. 649579

They look like those buff yakuzas in movies, not white

No. 649588

based explanation

No. 649589

People calling these guys "white" as in Anglo-saxon caucasians probably have never seen East Asian people in their lives or they're, once again, insecure American SEAs being butthurt over people simping for Japanese because of muh "wypipo of Asia".

No. 649592

No they look asians… People who think they look white are white people who don't have enough exposure to asian faces with strong masculine features.

No. 649595

Who created Lolcow?

No. 649597

Honestly they look like your typical Jomon descendants. Yamato/Yayoi descendants (immigrants from Korea) are the ones with the more effeminate features and the vast majority but people forget about Jomon who look a little more rugged (Japan indigenous homo sapiens).

No. 649608

your mom

No. 649611

Lolcow wasn't created by anyone, it was born from the dark wishes and salt of farmer anons

No. 649612

Is sugarbabying as glamorous as it's portrayed in media?

No. 649614

lmao honestly that would be impressive

No. 649615

A lot of sugardaddies are degenerates who demand all sorts of weird or creepy shit from you. It never works so that someone just pays you for being pretty and keeping company, there's always sex, fetishes, jealousy, possessiveness and nasty things involved.

No. 649616

Who knew old men with money paying young girls to give them company could be degens.

No. 649621

This. People who think sugarbabying is some glamorous profession where some rich old man is paying them 10k a month simply for going out for dinner are delusional.

No. 649624

File: 1602150700523.png (81.03 KB, 386x261, unnamed.png)

They look pretty Asian to me. I googled "Yakuza" and this picture has the same vibe/facial features as the guy on the right. They could also pass for Native American or Mestizo.
I feel like the idea that they look white is more of that "Every drawing or person who doesn't fit the racial stereotypes in my head has white features, no this isn't my subjective, biased opinion, I'm right, fuck you" thing western SJWs and other actual racists like to push.

No. 649635

I don't really see it either. Also I don't really care either way but isn't calling every character, that doesn't look like a stereotype, whitewashed, technically kinda racist in itself? Like not every person of any ethnicity is going to fit into the exact mold of what that ethnicity is "supposed" to look like.

No. 649648

File: 1602152335729.jpg (73.81 KB, 1280x720, akiyamama.jpg)

lmao they look fucking Japanese. same with Akiyama. there's plenty of Japanese people who don't have the stereotypical slanted eyes and big buck teeth lmao. is that what these people want?
their high cheekbones are very prominent in asian and indigenous genetics.

No. 649651

>Also I don't really care either way but isn't calling every character, that doesn't look like a stereotype, whitewashed, technically kinda racist in itself?
It is. Recently there was some clown in the artist salt thread who was sperging about how everything that's not basically a black mammy stereotype is whitewashing and bad representation which mostly shows how much you project your own white as default worldview into everything around you. As a person living in a mostly white society you're bound to pay more attention to "white features" that you find recognizable as "white", even though there is a lot of variation inside ethnicities. Some black African people have thin lips and light skin, some caucasians have monolids, some Asians don't. Funny how they pretend to be so woke with the racial stuff but are basically nazi tier skull measurers.

No. 649659


OP here, didn't expect to get so many answers! While a lot of the people calling these guys white are indeed ignorant whites, I've also seen quite a few Asians saying it too, so it kind of made me think, since I'm not East Asian at all, nor do I know any of them IRL. But even then they were all Asian-Americans or otherwise diaspora in the West, and most of them were either

>SJWs drawing fanart of them with heavily exaggerated features in order to make them look less "eurocentric" and "destigmatize poc features"


>incels butthurt that no one will ever find their William Hung-looking asses attractive so they think this applies to every single Asian man and those it doesn't apply to must be somehow white-adjacent

But thank all of you for the validation and assurance that I'm not actually a face-blind autist kek

No. 649757

File: 1602165809314.jpeg (90.4 KB, 854x848, 236EE50E-1342-49B7-8532-B6F818…)

Do you shower in the evening or in the morning? Why? (Trying to decide whether I should work out and take a shower tonight or wait until the morning and take a shower before my appointment.)

No. 649765

Evening. I don't like going to sleep unwashed. Also I like to sleep longer in the morning

No. 649770

I have to shower in the morning but my preference would be at night. I think it’d be better to go to sleep clean, and you can have more time in the morning

No. 649776

in the morning and in the evening, sometimes after lunch too
it's hot here

No. 649784

Evening, the thought of going to bed unclean makes my stomach turn

No. 649794

Evening but if you tend to sweat during the night I'd do it in the morning

No. 649796

Honestly I shower twice a day. But these are mostly super quick, in and out, done in 5 minutes max. showers

No. 649813

Only ever in the morning, because showers wake me up. If I take it before bed I won't be able to sleep, and if I don't take it in the morning I'll be all doozy and sleepy.
However, I always wash my feet before going to bed.

No. 649824

In the morning I take a 5 min shower with cold water to wake up and in the evenings/nights I take a warmer shower to relax

No. 649830

I shower once every few days in the evening. I don't like moving much in the mornings.

No. 649831

File: 1602170091683.jpeg (36.95 KB, 640x479, fA49ZBIrPNpQU5b_l1Git_15.jpeg)

Kiryu kinda looks like Tomoya Nagase.

No. 649832

File: 1602170104104.jpeg (43.92 KB, 1109x555, b43edbd3f4d06e0178f0578876043f…)

Do you think that simps actually respect the women they simp for?

I'm wondering, because in general men, even though they'll masturbate to porn, don't consider the actresses worthy of respect or anything. Is it different with simps all of the sudden, despite no real changes in the way society perceives sex work? (except for some woke people on twitter ofc)

No. 649838

No but they're more likely to pedestalize them. Their madonnawhore complex keeps them from doing that with pornstars because they see them get fucked, but with egirls they can interact with they'll concoct some dick-fueled infatuation and worship.

No. 649839

No. They don't even know these women.

No. 649843

Evening. I feel gross sitting in my private space dirty.

No. 649846

Do you believe the theory 'fake it till you make it' works practically? At least in terms of changing yourself, like faking positive thinking till you actually become a positive person?

No. 649848

I shower in the morning on my days off, in the afternoon/evening after I work cause I work retail. I love waking up and getting straight into the shower and styling my hair afterwards but I also can't bring myself to do that at 5:30am on days I work just to get immediately sweaty at work.

No. 649849

Yes, but it's not just "think happy thoughts/choose not to be depressed uwu", it's push your boundaries as much as you feel comfortable with feigning confidence, challenging the negative thoughts and difficult situations, etc. But to put it simply, yes, I think it does. It's just a lot more work than it sounds.

No. 649860

What is the point of a man knowing where the clit is if he doesn't know how to touch it properly?

No. 649875

more like
>What is the point of a man if he doesn't know how to touch the clit properly?

No. 649876

Thank you thank you thank you. I constantly just tell my bf to stop or slow down. He's so rough with it. Even when he's gentle with it, it doesn't feel all that great. Just leave it alone, damn it!

No. 649896

Legitimate kek

>Just leave it alone, damn it!
I'm saying, I just knock his hand away and take over. No matter how many times I show/tell my bf (and past male partners) how to touch my clit, they do it wrong. Maybe it's just something they can't figure out bc they don't have one, but god damn is it bad. It's very sweet that they try, though. Note, not an issue I've had with women really.

No. 649940

Why is the celebricows thread in /ot/ and not /snow/? Like aren’t they just famous cows?

No. 649943

Are there any Trump x Kanye West fanfiction out there?

Asking for a friend, she wants to laugh…

No. 649944

Please love yourself

No. 649946



No. 649951

No. 649961

File: 1602174811977.png (3.35 KB, 1236x71, kayussy.PNG)

No. 649979

something about reading this aloud to my fiance is probably the top of me week omfg

No. 649990

Oh my god… just in time for my weekend lol

Shut your fucking mouth don’t ruin this

No. 649991

Probably to keep the boards focused on internet personalities specifically. Just my guess as a non farmhand

No. 649994

my vocabulary grows every day

No. 650115

File: 1602180080000.png (Spoiler Image, 87.4 KB, 275x275, DD647C81-35D4-4EF1-A65E-28508C…)

Is someone more vain or superficial for keeping up with celebrity gossip in their spare time? And are people who don’t follow celebrity gossip or care about looks/fashion/beauty “above” those who do?
I’m curious bc this has been a casual hobby of mine for a long time and although I never explicitly state it, when people figure it out I get judged for wasting my time. I like reading the drags on LSA, lolcow, twitter, etc bc they’re funny and entertaining. But idk.

No. 650116

It's certainly not a highbrow passtime but no one is superior for not doing it.

No. 650125

Honestly I feel like it makes you more aware of shitty people. I definitely became less idealistic reading gossip threads and realized that a lot of influencers fabricate everything from their personality to their lifestyles.

No. 650126

Good point, anon, I’ve noticed that too. (NTA btw)

No. 650129

NTA, but same. I certainly feel less jaded by social media, especially influencers, but I recognize that it also may be because I'm in my mid-20s. Either way, I just find it to be pretty fun, and when I start to take it too seriously, I take a break.

No. 650132

If you’re self aware about it then it seems ok to me. But if you start to believe that you actually know celebrities and develop strong attachments to them then it’s a problem

No. 650148

File: 1602181337945.jpeg (40.33 KB, 728x546, DAD29571-686A-4552-AF7D-5FB1D1…)

What’s with the tulpas’ warnings? What are those? Ever since that /mlp/ post I can’t stop wondering about not only why the fuck, but also what the fuck.

No. 650151

Imaginary friend for weirdos.
Those warnings are stupid, just like warnings about astral projection or any other imaginary woo woo.

No. 650152

Yeah I suppose but with social media celebrities are pretty much online personalities as well

No. 650299

Was the men hate thread deleated?

No. 650303

It's not really a big deal if you want to do it, it's just autistic and unless you have a crazy imagination or monk-like focus you'll probably just end up feeling like a retard wasting time playing pretend in your head. Nothing bad will happen to you that mlp thing is just a funny shitpost

No. 650304

tranny mods

No. 650323

More sensible answer, its just asking to get raided by gross incels, the site got raided with cp and gore constantly when the manhate threads were up, not it isn’t hmmm i wonder what changed!

No. 650327

But it then means there's nowhere online you can hate men, just because dumb moids post gross shit if we do.

No. 650331

Then make your own site and mod it when it eventually happens? (or use asherahs garden)
You’re not the one having to deal with seeing cp and gore, the mods are, I understand completely why they wouldn’t want to deal with that and just ban man hate in general.

No. 650335

So what you’re saying is it’s because staff is lazy and women are cowardice. Fucking wahmen, shut right up when you spam their shit a couple of times.

No. 650338

Not wanting to deal with GORE and CP isn’t lazy at all? This shit scars people for life.
You want the mods to be straight up psychopaths just so you can enjoy one thread that has nothing to do with the site purpose (which is still gossip woah).

No. 650346

In all fairness, even before and during covid there were people who randomly spammed СР in media or ot threads (that were not related anything at all), along with porn bots or some random spam scam bots in /snow/. Even without this thread there's always something.

No. 650347

Is it social anxiety if I don't excessively blink, sweat, tremble, etc when talking to people; I just get really nervous before meeting up with friends and I have an issue where my mind goes blank sometimes.

No. 650348

Bitch please I would expect people who run imageboards to not be complete twitter newfags. But I already know current staff are exactly that. Bitches who spend enough time on 4chan and still want to be in the imageboard moderating business would be so desensitized by now. And this has been said many times for this exact topic, if this website actually wants to purely be “muh gossip”, get rid of /ot/ /g/ and /m/ Problem solved.

No. 650349

Just don't expand the images/videos and delete. If we stood are ground they probably wouldn't have the stamina to keep up eternal raids.