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File: 1601168185052.jpg (46.99 KB, 500x494, 368255253e7a34ef5fad868dd29ced…)

No. 639596

Manifestation, Positive Affirmations, Law of Attraction and The Secret thread

> What is law of attraction? (copy-pasted from thelawofattraction.com)

Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on (manifestation). It uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. All thoughts turn into things eventually. If you focus on the negative you will remain under that cloud. If you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve you will find a way to achieve them with massive action.

What is your experience with it? Has it worked? Do you believe in it? Has your life changed, are you more positive now?

Use this thread to discuss, learn and share resources. Posts with positive affirmations are welcomed too.

No. 639598

>Patebin from /x/

I also recommend this video a lot. Louise Hay is very cool.

No. 639622

Uhm, I used to effectively manifest a LOT as a little kid (without knowing what is was), I literally manifested my best friend and very specific situations with certain persons. Apparently is easier for kids to manifest because they don't have the mental and social-cultural blockages teenagers and adults have. Other times it didn't work, so I really don't know.
I believe in destiny and I still like to manifest from time to time some very specific things, but I think it works (at least for me) better for stuff that are kind of aleatory? Like one of a kind chances, stuff that happens for pure "luck". But there are a lot of seemingly true success stories of manifestation, and that's exciting

No. 639648

I really want to try this but i think my mind races too much to make it actually work. i'm really interested though!

No. 639661

I'm an overthinker and think too many thoughts all the time, but for some reason, positive affirmation videos calm me down a lot. You should try this one! I like this channel.

No. 639666

File: 1601178899107.png (545.43 KB, 512x768, all these disgustings.png)

No. 639771

File: 1601204963690.jpg (625.63 KB, 1280x1024, pdq92i6Blb1w9skwuo1_1280.jpg)

My whole thing with this is that even if someone doesn't "believe", positive thinking can't possibly hurt you, anyway.

No. 639795

I'm desesperate at this point I just want my mother to educate herself and integrate, learn how to read and write. Her communication skills are horrible and it's really hard to make her understand the simpliest shit without her misunderstanding what she WANTS to hear. We're about to move out and all those papers to do will be hell for me. I keep wishing that she will snap it out and magically better herself to be an adult. I keep thinking about that. But she has her children to do the work for her so she doesn't see the point to do an effort.

I could help and support her just fine if she comply to that. Sage for blogging but I hope this "energy" work I lost patience.

No. 639811

How about stop using lolcow at first? I’m aware of the law of attraction and this forum is the breeding ground for negative mindset.

No. 640009

I have tried stop using lolcow, but always come back. I just like having a good time.

No. 640435

File: 1601263091759.jpg (223.8 KB, 736x1041, 60c9553565b9f1a0ab49561debcf12…)

>inb4 dumb weeb maybe

I am doing the 33x3 thing for getting an scholarship in Japan. The worst thing that could happen is nothing.

But I am still grounded, I know if I don't get it that's life, and that I'll try again next year, bettering myself to be accepted.

No. 642832

i posted this in the vent thread already, but i usually don't believe in this kind of things at ALL. I was so desesperate that i tried the 5x55 method on a crush and it worked beyond my expectations

No. 642837

I thought you're not supposed to tell other people while doing this? Let us know if it works though

No. 642869


Oh shit, really? Lmao I didn't know that
I already finished my thingie, does that count?

No. 643086

Looking young is all about genetics. That's why a 29 year old drug addict, with drug scars all over her face can still look 19 years old(the girl in the video). No amount of skin care will make people look younger as they age. Someone could eat good and have an awesome skin care routine and still age like shit meanwhile drunks/drug addicts will look young doing nothing.

No. 643093

That woman absolutely looks her age and her skin is complete shit, the only things really making her look "young" are that she's quite skinny and has lots of tattoos.
I'm not sure if this post was meant to go in another thread, but it reads like one long-ass cope to not bother taking care of your skin, anon. I promise it's worth it.

No. 643111

File: 1601541775159.png (255.81 KB, 644x652, 17043563-7965-4410-91EA-B94E58…)

It is genetics. Her skin might not be great but she has a small midface, a narrow jawline and a rounded forehead. These traits are all neotenous. Obviously she doesn’t look like a child but these characteristics make her look younger despite what you think of her skin quality. Anyway, daily reminder to wear sunscreen.

No. 643114

This picture is fake. It has been confirmed that it's due to some genetic condition and not a lack of sunscreen.

Sunscreen is important, tho, but the story behind this picture is fake.

No. 643115

Do you have a source for that? Not that I don't believe you, but I'm curious about the genetic condition. I knew this woman, she must have only been in her 60s at most, but she had the most insanely wrinkled skin with deep folds all over. It didn't look like normal aging, maybe she had something similar. It's been bugging me for a while.

No. 643132

yeah, would love to see the source too. The only thing i've found is that he has unilateral dermatoheliosis which is skin damage caused by prolonged UV exposure, not a genetic condition then and a perfect reason to wear sunscreen.

No. 643306

She looks late 30's to early 40's to me.

No. 734792

File: 1612901004084.jpg (214.18 KB, 600x1100, c390d061c0b6beaa243f54b7ff7230…)

Necroing this thread cause I'm giving this another shot.

I am thinking of starting a manifestation journal.
Anons that do this: Do you have any tips for beginners? What is your process? Do you write it once a day, or more? Do you write the same thing over and over again, or do you write different scenarios/stuff about the same thing until you get it? Do you use crystals or some other type of totem to do it? How did you get started, was it with smaller things?

I am just a bit lost but very interested.
Sometimes I think of manifesting and I get this "butterflies in my stomach" feeling, is this normal? Is it a good sign?

Anyway, thanks to anyone that cares to read and answer this!

No. 734847

Should you not use this method when you're feeling incredibly bitter, or is that more of a reason to do so?
Right now I'm really bitter about being an artist and don't want anything to do with it, but I know that I need to get my brain back in gear with it because I'm really too far down the road to ever turn around, and its not like its a bad thing, I'm just so pissed and peeved about it right now.

No. 734852

jesus are you guys serious? there's no way you believe in all this.

No. 734863

Its not any extra terrestrial astrological bullshit, it actually does make sense. Some people take it too far, but when you're focused on something you're more aware of it. When you're focused on gaining opportunity you'll be far more likely to seize it when it strikes. If you're focusing on the negative, depressed and sulking in your room all day long you'll not really being having any opportunities handed your way at all.

No. 734865

>if you focus on doing something you're more likely to actually succeed at it

No. 734871

Yes, thank you.
But its a little more than that.
You can only focus on one thing, but you always have peripheral vision, whether its in your eyes or in your thoughts.
Let's say one week your focusing on your health, trying to lose weight etc, and all you can think about is getting in shape. You see an email in your inbox about a new job, you say "screw that I don't need that right now I'm so stressed about this getting fit thing" or maybe you wouldn't even notice it at all, but, during this week, if before you went to the gym, or before you slept, or just at any random point of the day you reminded yourself that you were also looking to advance your career you might open that email and it might turn into something really great, whereas before you would have probably shrugged it off or not noticed it at all.

No. 734875

I literally just decided hours ago to give LoA a chance again and this thread gets necroed, wow.

What are your daily manifesting routines?

No. 748015

Great thread
I tried it by writing a letter

No. 772558

Bumping for the anons asking if we had a thread about this

No. 772852

picturing exactly what i want and living it in my head. hasn't done anything, so i started smaller and had some success

i also use tarot cards to help

No. 772904

File: 1617130282332.jpg (138.42 KB, 600x900, f03cfa10453985202188faeb043b0a…)

Since this thread has been lowkey bumped…

I love scripting/journaling for manifestation. Obviously mine is not as cute and well done as picrel, but I like using washi tape, some cute post its, small drawings and markers for mine. I also like to have some crystals and sometimes candles/incenses as I write because they look cute and smell nice.

So, worst case scenario, I just unwind while writing stuff I wish will happen to me and also all the stuff I am grateful for already, so at the end of my scripting session and I am just super happy and relaxed.

Anyone else here scripts? How do you do it?

No. 772907

I think thats cute I just use an old notebook and write my manifestations in there. But I think scriptings more fun cuz its like writing your future and how you percieve it rather than manifesting for something specific. I script for 3-5 years in the future but nothing crazy.

No. 772916

File: 1617131744238.jpg (217.16 KB, 735x1054, 6b13f72af79c1f76cadda8be3416e7…)

Ayrt and I didn't know there was a difference (I am a newbie), I just used these terms interchangeably. What's the difference?

I usually write first what I am grateful for the day/week/whatever, then I write what I would like to manifest, with how I'd feel with having that happening to me, all in the present or past tense.

Mine looks more like this pic, but with more doodles, color, simple lettering. I've been looking through inspiration too and got some new stuff to do it, I want to make it really cute!

No. 772931

This is so interesting! Could you please explain what is the difference between manifesting and scripting? I want to learn.

No. 772932

Not exactly the same (I think) but I keep telling myself that good things will happen if I am good to myself. Small steps, just focusing on school and keeping up with basic hygiene. I'm fighting my way out of being a depressed anxious mess and I feel like it's working

No. 773218

Ah I didn't mean to confuse you. Scriptings basically a form of manifesting. I usually just use the 369 method thats why I said that was different from scripting just didn't explain it well enough sorry. But yeah I've been manifesting for months not as often as I used to but still do. I generally use the 369 method or a 2x22 or 3x33 method where you write your intentions for 2 or 3 days for 22 or 33 times for each day. I learned alot on youtube about it. I generally manifest when I'm anxious about something and for the most part my manifestations have worked out. I do script sometimes but often just stick to the 369 or 3x33 method. And thats a cute looking notebook reminds me of bullet journaling. I'm not creative so I just use a notebook but may try that since its a good way to visualize what your manifesting!

No. 774425

File: 1617311716150.jpg (146.6 KB, 735x739, e0f8d665e1728be4271c09ac68118a…)

For the 369 method, do you use the

>3x object, 6x intent, 9x affirmation

>Same affirmation of 17 seconds when said out loud 3x in the morning, 6x times in the afternoon and 9x before bed?

I really wanna do the second one but my sleeping scheduled is all fucked up so I can't.

Also, when scripting, do you just write the same thing everyday over and over again until it happens? I've been just writing different things but I realized I don't want so much stuff and rather just focus on one specific thing until it happens.

>And thats a cute looking notebook reminds me of bullet journaling. I'm not creative so I just use a notebook but may try that since its a good way to visualize what your manifesting!

Yes, exactly! I guess using some drawing or stickers or even just printed pictures from pinterest or such is a good way to visualize it better, unwind and be creative in general. I do use bullet journaling as inspiration, btw. Also, who doesn't love stationary? There's a lot of cute and cheap washi tapes and stickers on Aliexpress, for example. You can also look on etsy.
My journal is exactly the same as pic related, it's just a different color. I get happy just by opening it because it's so cute lol

No. 776034

File: 1617525929641.jpg (138.14 KB, 607x1517, 3f08bb457f96ff5e5b6d93e8d4d9c7…)

Anyone well versed in Neville Goddard's stuff?

No. 776071

File: 1617530767452.jpg (148.44 KB, 564x705, original (1).jpg)

Is doing any writing for manifesting digitally okay? I already write my personal journals in a word document because I can't keep up with my own thoughts when I write manually on paper and I don't like having the clutter of notebooks around. Theoretically, it's about intention right so it shouldn't matter?

No. 776075

File: 1617531352061.jpg (172.81 KB, 736x736, 905a86117c5db62c31fdde734a6811…)

I've seen people saying it's okay. The "words have power and pen is permanent, write it down" sentiment was probably invented before computers kek
I just like physical notebooks because I like the "crafty" aspect of journaling.

For those whom may also like it, have some inspo!

No. 776076

File: 1617531393324.jpg (101.13 KB, 736x735, 924a16a59ea804c24c699c696e4492…)

No. 776077

File: 1617531532824.jpg (138.46 KB, 640x628, 7d4fa252c9e65e04d70068118f643c…)

No. 776226

Anons what are your daily routines? Like what do you do in a day to manifest? And how many things do you try to manifest at once?

No. 776239

>3x object, 6x intent, 9x affirmation
Can someone explain me this one with examples? I'm not sure if Iunderstand the difference between the 3 well.

No. 776271

File: 1617566886482.jpg (29.4 KB, 719x403, FB_IMG_1616807948514.jpg)

I used to script daily, i need to get back to it, even if I just do it digitally.

It would be something like, for example

Object: Capybara (x3)

Intent: Petting capybara (x6)

Affirmation: I love petting these cute capybaras, their fur are coarse to the touch, but it feels nice and they are also happy to be pet. (x9)

No. 777157

File: 1617699649416.png (66.06 KB, 250x250, capybara_carpinchus_by_kna_de6…)


No. 786779

File: 1618817968140.gif (455.91 KB, 500x333, 79c9476d62c19bdeff67c58e3f16ef…)

I guess we could also use this thread for writing manifestations

So I am manifesting some nice, fulfilling, hot, steamy, big and famous dick action for my dreams


No. 786810

I don't think you're supposed to share what you are manifesting before you manifest it, but good luck anon!

No. 786907

Why would that be? The not sharing it rule, I mean.

That just makes it sound like a birthday wish when you blow out a candle.

No. 787022

Tbf I was mostly shitposting kek didn't work anyway

No. 787028

Has anyone tried 2-cup manifesting before?
Ive heard its good.

No. 787044

I'm a real skeptic on stuff like this but I shit you not I tried the "famous" Neville Goddard ladder exercise and in three days I was actually climbing a ladder when I had never done it ever. Was it coincidence? Probably but at the time it was kinda cool lol
I also won a contest once after doing SATS but maybe I would win it either way Neville says that things will feel so natural but idk

I later read Joseph Murphy, which is like Neville (they apparently learned from the same guy) and he has a more practical approach with the whole bible thing.

No. 787055

samefag I meant without* the whole bible thing

No. 787113

That's actually really cool anon, congrats!
Do you have any resources (videos or otherwise) on these guys that you recommend? I really want to try SATS but I don't even know where to start.

Today I dreamt with a lot of 111 numbers (I was even surprised in my dream), so I hope that's a sign lol

No. 787147

r/nevillegoddard has guides and some users who contribute with a lot of insights of Neville's works that put out Neville's work without the Bible side of it, and people are actually nice, I really like it (if you wanna try the books, Feeling is the Secret is probably the most famous one)

For Joseph Murphy I would recommend reading The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, personally I liked it better since it's more practical and not as "mystical" as Neville is, even though they had the same teacher.

Some people also recommend Joe Dispenza, a guy who had a serious accident and recovered by imagining becoming okay again, but personally I never read any of his works.

There's also r/josephmurphy and they also have training guides, but I don't really recommend it since they seem to be more of a "cult" about some moonbeam guy instead of Joseph Murphy. Also they're extremely rude to anybody who questions anything, especially newbies (they ban people for 30 and 60 days because they dared to ask a question or didn't read the index post). It's nice information wise but I didn't dare to participate in case they ban me lol

Also thanks! lol I still want to believe this works but my inner "rational" voice is always in the background

No. 787156

This is beyond retarded. God, it’s gotten shit here.(rule 7)

No. 787159

yep, the time for me to leave has finally arrived. first the troons, then the tiktok witches. god bless you

No. 787163

If we can have a prayer thread, I don't really see the issue with this tbh.

No. 787184

oh no people having fun doing something harmless, sound the alarm

Also the first wicca thread is years old, so I don't know why you're so surprised as if it's a new thing >>>/g/97536

No. 794785

hey you guys i don't know where else to write this and i feel like if there was a thread where anons believe in uncanny stuff and manifestation or whatever this would be it.

Anyways I'll keep it short but a few days ago i was thinking about my csa, which i usually do without getting in my feelings, i can think of my perpetrator and not feel any sort of anger (maybe because i don't like to dwell on it too much), but that particular day was out of the ordinary and a lot of hatred washed over me, so i did something i had never done before nor felt an urge to do and wrote a very short scene of me causing an injury on him. It was a way of venting, i didn't do anything fancy schmancy because i didn't do it expecting anything other than feeling better. I would never actually harm him too. Anywho i wrote literally just one line or so, I don't remember anymore, basically stating matter of factly that i was holding a ladder for him steady as he was climbing it and then purposely shook it and he fell and suffered a hip fracture. This never actually happened, i just wrote that for whatever reason. Which is also weird because you'd think if i was venting i'd write something more along the lines of "i wish i could hold a ladder steady for him as he was climbing it and then cause him to lose balance and fall and break his pelvis" I have no idea why i wrote in past tense.

I stg the NEXT morning my mom tells me about how he's at the hospital because he broke his hip. My initial reaction was laugh and say she was lying, but nope she was serious. He apparently got up in the middle of the previous night and it was dark and he somehow tripped over himself and the fall caused a fracture. He was home alone, couldn't get up and was yelling and crying so the neighbors could hear him, and they didn't until early morning. So he basically spent the entire night in agonizing pain. I don't feel good about it, it might just have been a HUGE coincedence. But it does make me think what are the odds? I mean, SAME day and SAME body part/injury as the one i wrote about? I'm a normie when it comes to this stuff, heck i didn't even read my horoscope before nor know anything beyond my sun sign until very recently.

I'm F, 21, Virgo. Asc and mercury also Virgo. Scorpio moon, Leo venus, Sag mars.

a few days after I also met a guy, instantly hit it off. He says I remind him of himself when he was younger. Not like he's much older, he's 25. He's a Gemini and the reason i looked up birth charts lol, because i've seen memes about Geminis for so long saying they're awful. I don't know his Asc because I don't know his birth time, but his mercury is also Gemini. Aries moon, Taurus venus, and Leo mars. Our childhoods are sort of similar, I came to reside in my current state when I was 10 and so did he. He moved around a lot within the state though until 2010 –same year i came to this state– but has lived permanently without moving since.

this feels like it doesn't fit in any thread tbh, i just wanted to share it somewhere. Maybe the mundane thread was better, dunno, whatever.

No. 794813

File: 1619727644283.png (3.59 MB, 1920x1080, subliminal.png)

I do not mean to be ignorant, but does this have something to do with 'subliminals'? I bumped into them at youtube, they have super aesthetic pictures and I think the music they use is copyright free tracks, but they have these weird subliminal, barely audible utterings put into the audio.
And there's apparently drama around it, as in some creators putting in dangerous phrases to mess with people? Plus it's pretty normal for them to have troony crap and body dysmorphic fixations on them. It's all so puzzling.

But yeah my main question was if it's related to manifestation? Because they mention manifestation quite a lot

No. 794832

I'm willing to try manifesting to improve my life but im genuinely scared its going to turn into an OCD obsession for me…

No. 794859

KEK the youth are wild these days goddam

No. 794925

File: 1619735488560.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2900x2900, 1596589325477.jpeg)

Nonitas who manifest I need help:
Have you ever thought that you can push or attract something if you manifest it enough? I'm talking about a broken heart, a situation I might still be able to mend

The thing is I keep seeing messages everywhere of "healing, improving and move on". I've told those messages are God/The universe talking to me. But what I want is to mend my broken heart with a guy. And like, no, these messages are not schizo shit, it's posts I see here, conversations with friends that have nothing to do with me, and posts on instagram.

Anyone knows what I'm talking about? pls respond

No. 794934

Sounds like delusion of references.

No. 794941

even if it is tarot reads aimed at me? multiple ones??

No. 795037

Ntaryt, it sounds like it's probably a message from your own conscience, trying to get you to accept a truth you're in denial of. It prompts you to take notice of the relevant messages out there while disregarding everything else so it seems like a pattern.

Take the hint. Heal, move on, improve. Deep down you surely know that "heal my broken heart with a guy" it's a foolish idea. Mending the situation isn't right and you're never going to manifest something you secretly know is bad for you.

Either way, you have to face these doubts and resolve them in order to have a singular intention.

No. 795060

You're right nonna. I first need to take care of my needs, then I'll surely can keep manifesting and attracting what I want!

No. 795676

File: 1619819093780.jpg (48.19 KB, 600x600, 3220957caeaeac14a23583beaf9d50…)

Hey, anon! First of all, I am very sorry to hear about the trauma you had in your life. Hopefully you're in a better place right now.
It does sound like you have great manifestation habilities. You could try exercising it by manifesting small things in your life, like for example, someone giving you some candy at work, or a free cup of tea or coffee at the local store. You just do it as you did, write it down as if it has already happened. The more confident you get, the better you get and then you can manifest bigger and bigger things. Also it's always good to be thankful for the daily victories you already have and to write it down too. Honestly it seems like you already are in a good headspace because from what you wrote, you don't seem outwardly aggressive towards your abuser, and that's beyond noble of you, since being angry and wanting to harm a person like that would be totally justifiable.
Anyway, I am maifesting you a more peaceful and better life for you from now on! If you ever do these exercises, post your results here, I'd love to read it.

Kinda, but kinda not. Reaffirmations are important for manifesting, also getting into your subconscious that you already are or have the things you want; but these videos are usually made by and for teens that are literally asking for something impossible (looking like Ariana Grande in a week lol) and it always come from a place of insecurity, as you said.
Like yeah, could you manifest being percieved like Ariana Grande by your peers? Totally. But it's not like a 170cm curly haired asian girl will suddenly become a blackfishing 152cm tan white girl. It's about getting the things in essence, too, not bending reality.

Have you tried doing manifestations that wouldn't need to build up a strict routine? SATS (by Neville Goddard, in case you don't know it and want to look it up) can be relaxing, because it's basically a form of meditation.

Although you've been answered already, don't forget that you ex partner (or whoever it is) also has free will. If their own needs and will won't align with yours, it doesn't matter how much you try to manifest it. It's all about both being aligned by the universe, at least that's how I personally see it, correct me if I am wrong.

No. 795706

Messages, signs, and tarot readings mean nothing. They are only your beliefs/assumptions about the world being reflected back to you. Deep down you believe that you need to heal and move on, and that's what you're getting fed back to you. It's like a feedback loop. Imo, you don't need to heal or fix yourself to manifest what you want, but it might help.

>don't forget that you ex partner (or whoever it is) also has free will. If their own needs and will won't align with yours, it doesn't matter how much you try to manifest it. It's all about both being aligned by the universe
It's weird that you know of Neville Goddard but missed one of his main points. It's not a matter of free will or what the universe wants, but a matter of realizing that depending on what state of consciousness we inhibit, the whole world changes to reflect that. People are moved and situations are created in order to carry out our desires if we stay true to them.

No. 795723

File: 1619824919003.png (7.86 KB, 186x295, images.png)

Thank you anon.

No. 795724

Thank you for the correction, anon! I'm still a beginner at his stuff, start reading it recently.
>People are moved and situations are created in order to carry out our desires if we stay true to them.
I will try to remember this.

No. 795731

Do horoscopes also mean nothing?

No. 795735

thanks for replying anon! and this is going to sound weird but I'm hesitant about writing anything. I don't want to write anything down. Not like I don't have aspirations or goals, but like, I don't wanna feel dumb lol. I feel I'll write something and nothing will happen and I don't like feeling discouraged. I also kinda wanna keep believing i somehow had to do with the injury, even if it means not finding out if it was coincidence or not. I feel if I don't manifest even small things it'll just be confirmation that it was a huge uncanny coincidence. I don't know if that makes sense

No. 795906

I'm going to give manifesting a serious shot.

No. 795963

File: 1619864461122.jpg (913.81 KB, 1388x2195, 263545.jpg)

I'm >>794813 and I think I understand a little bit better now, so thanks

I'm not into purely manifesting as focal point of trying to heal (I don't want to obsess over it), but I think there's some truth to be found within this topic. About exuding confidence and being so in touch with yourself that you sort of have the right 'vibe' for your physical self.

As an objectively average looking person, I've found that looking good or even decent within what I have often times is just a happy side effect of having a good momentum.

I hope more women would punish themselves less when it comes to looks - not to mention how much our society upkeeps the artificial incentives for women to punish themselves. Masses having a bad 'headspace' is profitable in this world, and profit is the god people at the top (usually men) worship for security.

pic is unrelated, I just find it nice

No. 796319

I've started writing my manifestation diary, though it's turning out more existentialist and poetic than I would've thought. I guess it's still okay, as long as it's what I want. I've never been one for being super objective and frank

No. 796594

File: 1619944555575.jpg (108.1 KB, 736x981, b9c24f5b2bccb471025c57e4450f17…)

Anyone else get that tingly, "butterflies in the stomach" feeling when doing manifestation practices?
I often do, especially when doing or thinking about this specific thing that I want.
I have no idea if that's a good sign, a bad sign or just completely neutral.

No. 796617

Gut feelings are good, also what kind of plant is that bout to manifest tf out of it

No. 796622

File: 1619949062111.jpg (66.32 KB, 564x752, a818f9ecef23ea2534b681735c4c5b…)

I just reread my post and I don't know if I was clear enough, I meant that among all the things I manifest, there's this one thing (probably one of the things I want the most) that always give me the strongest fluttery feelings. Glad to know it's a good thing!
And believe it or not, that plant is literally called Pink Princess. Hope you get it soon, it's gorgeous!

No. 796693

I'm glad it helped! Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy (if you want Neville's teachings without all the biblical stuff) are the best teachers to learn the law from. All the other ones I've read have too many limiting beliefs. Neville straight up says that if you have a desire, ignore any conflicting evidence in front of you and persist until you feel it real. Then it's all yours. There's no vibrating, no universe watching over your every move that decides what you can or can't have, no forcing yourself to be happy constantly. It's so simple and freeing.
Of course, I still consider myself a beginner because I still need to work. I think once I manifest a shit ton of money, or a circumstance where I don't have to work I'll consider myself intermediate or advanced, lmao. But at the very least understand the concepts and have put them to use in other areas of my life.

They don't. Horoscopes, much like tarot readings, signs, etc, only take on the meaning you give them. I'd say only indulge in these things if you find them fun, and don't take them too seriously.

No. 798692

this is a really interesting thread! I've read the secret and seen the secret movie, I've also read ask and it is given by abraham hicks. I'm a big fan of Louise Hay, her book you can heal your life helped me learn to love myself more, I also am quite into affirmations. whenever I feel anxious I repeat to myself 'I am calm, I am safe, all is well in my world' like a mantra while deep breathing until the panic or anxiety wanes.

all that said, I still feel skeptical about the law of attraction. I wish I didn't though! I want to give it a shot, how do I gain faith in the process. I know having this lingering skepticism will only hinder any results.

No. 798728

What manifestation exercises do you use? Please someone help.

No. 799717

File: 1620239179403.jpg (116.58 KB, 564x1081, d8d431fa64a068ceac46e5308b624a…)

Some examples.

No. 799734

Nonnies I thought you were crazy but my problem sorted itself out after I practiced a whole bunch of this

No. 799748

File: 1620241770091.png (4.66 KB, 448x448, D2o0iycWoAA5Cej.png)

That's great!!

No. 799749

If anyone wants to listen to The Secret, the whole audiobook is on Youtube.

No. 799769

File: 1620243479954.jpg (80.69 KB, 500x500, 99ea3e61656c0ede217413c2811781…)

Glad to hear, nonnie!
What exercises did you use?

No. 799811

Years ago my mom had a friend who was big into this. She bought me a lil box with a lid on it. You were meant to ask the universe for things by writing it on a piece of paper and putting it in the box.

Part of me alomst feels like I got my wish, it was a partner. He was every quality on those notes and I met him in a weird way. I don't get out much (never have) but stumbled across what felt like someone so perfectly matched to me. It was strange. In the end though it lasted 4 years and suddenly ended badly. The heartbreak seemed to outweigh the happiness tbh. A few years have passed and I'm tempted to get a new box and try.

Has anyone here had what felt like a delivery of what they wanted…but then found it bittersweet. Is there a way around that? Like a way of foolproofing it

No. 799835

>Has anyone here had what felt like a delivery of what they wanted…but then found it bittersweet
Actually I had similar situation to yours, I manifested someone perfect but it didn't work out in the end.
I think it's because we ask for things when we're not ready to recevie them.
For example, if you were manifesting a relationship while still having emotional / connection issues, obviously this won't work.
If a person manage to manifest money but their core belief is "i'm poor", they will lose all that money. Because we manifest what we believe.

For this reason, I believe that you first need to work on negative beliefs about yourself, people, things, etc. and heal yourself emotionally / mentally (any tramua or childhood memories you need to heal)/
My advice is to start observing your thoughts and emotions in your daily life. What kind of thoughts you have? What kind of feelings you have?
It is important to be aware of this as feelings / emotions manifest desired things. By having negative thoughts and feelings, you will manifest undesired things/situations into your life.
Thoughts envoke feelings and feelings affect the subconscious. And subconscious is what manifest desired things/situations.

There is LoA thread on 4chan /x/, if anyone is interested. If you want to know more go there and read OP links.
I also recommend r/ALLISMIND subreddit.

No. 799840

>had what felt like a delivery of what they wanted…but then found it bittersweet. Is there a way around that?
Learning from your experiences. Not being snarky, but all the manifesting in the world isn’t going to matter if you can’t differentiate between fool’s gold and the real deal. You said things “suddenly” ended badly but I would be surprised if that was truly the case. You should reflect on everything your last partner provided and also on what he didn’t. Redefine the qualities you’re looking for to better suit someone who truly has your best interests and well being at heart. If at any time you get even a small inkling that a guy isn’t being considerate, respectful and kind towards you regardless of whether he’s on his game or having a stressful period, don’t give second chances. I was with all my prior partners for years and never once lashed out at them the ways they did towards me, even in the midst of depression. If I can do it, I expect a partner to, and so should you. Also, sometimes people change and there’s simply nothing you can do about it. Take away the lessons you can and move on with your life, don’t depend on happiness based on others’ actions. The only way you can truly foolproof life is to develop enough self reliance and self confidence that you know you’ll have the resiliency to get through any struggle that comes your way.

No. 799876

File: 1620252491077.jpg (19.39 KB, 622x348, ob71v436c2851.jpg)

not doing witchcraft
the devil can't tempt me B)

No. 799897

God is witchcraft bitch, lets get you some manifestation

No. 799898

i don know what ur talking abouut but yass bitch <3

No. 799911

the reply above is what i meant to say gourmen ass eye

No. 800055

I'm this anon again here to share something that happened, which was weird but makes me think it was divination because the times don't line up. Apart from that being different from the first time, I also don't even know the person which makes me feel really bad and think that this just means I need therapy, because what sort of person wishes (kinda) something bad on a person they don't even know? Maybe I have anger issues?

Basically my mom works a night shift and every morning we talk (gossip) about how work went for her the night before etc. She told me about a pregnant coworker who asked to be moved to a less stressful position and was told by the manager that if she didn't like her current position then she would have to leave. So she left. This didn't anger me to the extent i got angry that first time, but I did wish something bad would happen to that manager. The thought was vague because I sort of stopped myself while having it? The thought was basically more of a feeling like, I hope - and then I didn't finish my thought, I just knew it wasn't anything good. Just for something bad to happen to him, physically (Ik, wtf). My mom goes to work that day, comes back and tells me the morning after that the supervisor was rushed to the hospital. I asked her when and she said two nights ago. I asked her why she didn't tell me when she told me that pregnant lady story if she talked about him and she said she didn't find out until she went back to work the next day as the day he was rushed she was in another dept and didn't see when it happened. So she didn't know when she told me the story, that he got some sort of chest pain while at work the night before, night of when the lady quit.

No. 800058

can yall manifest me a good amount of progress on my deadline or?

No. 800063

You gotta believe it yourself or it doesn't work, silly
You own feeling about it is the key

No. 800064

manifesting this ass

No. 800125

hmm sounds fake gl with manifesting and shifting and early onset dementia soon enough.

No. 800521

I heard someone talking about manifestation a few weeks ago and I've thought about it every day since. I've never really looked into the Law of Attraction so did some research and began journalling things I'd like to happen and taking time out of my day to envision what I'd like to become reality. Surprisingly enough, I feel much more 'in control' of my goals now, because I've given them some thought and when they become reality I'm much more mindful and happy about the outcome. Its the little things, nothing huge or outrageous, but it feels so good to do!

No. 800970

File: 1620370861164.jpg (743.87 KB, 1439x2560, 21-05-07-01-57-02-936_deco.jpg)

I have been "practicing" manifestation for about a year now, mostly just thinking hard about it and specific mantras and nothing notable has happened until I won $5k from a contest, pretty cool.

No. 801095

yay! I'm so pleased to hear that anon

unrelated but this pic is adorable. I thought they were real buns for a second


No. 801938

File: 1620502778937.jpg (40.61 KB, 500x667, d9eab5f788ea166f70ea21b7396bcf…)

For anons that have done he 5.55 (or similar) method:
In case you accidentally miss a day, do you start over or you just continue normally until you've done it for 5 days? And how have your results been with it? Thanks!

No. 806327

Does anyone else ever get angry and then kind of ruin their affirmations? Idk, I was doing affirmations but then someone made me super angry.

No. 806789

Yes, but depression in my case lol Hard to keep focused on having nice goals when sometimes I just think I am useless and feel like giving everything up.

>Surprisingly enough, I feel much more 'in control' of my goals now, because I've given them some thought and when they become reality I'm much more mindful and happy about the outcome
Agree completely. I guess this is the best outlook to manifesting

No. 811725

To whom it may concern. It's Joseph Murphy's full audiobook.

No. 813074

How's it going anonettes, any success stories? I'm having a faith crisis at the moment.

No. 813855

It sort of worked? I got what I was asking for, but not in the way I was hoping (but tbf I wasn't specific about the 'how'). Now I'm trying to manifest something different and being more detailed about it

No. 818170

Which method did you use/what was that, if you don't mind me asking?

I'm having a good time with lists so far, but when I get what I wanted I'm always so doubtful. Like those things were not a miracle and happened very naturally so what if they would have happened anyway. But they were not happening for months before, and only came to pass once I decided to manifest so…

No. 818952

File: 1622316704189.gif (1.46 MB, 245x245, 3de5cae0792def1a96f109a6287a3f…)

Is letting go pretty hard for anyone else? I feel like it's hindering me a lot.
There's one of the things I visualized that I'm pretty sure I already have it because I have no "deadline" to get it, so I just let go and when it happens, it happens.
But there was this one thing that I am pretty sure I am not going to get it because I was just obsessively and anxiously checking if it had already happened.

I read somewhere that you have to treat it like an international parcel:
You ordered it, so you know it's gonna come. There's no point in checking it religiously because it can get stuck somewhere for a while, so you just kinda let it go and forget about it until it arrives.

Anyone else has this issue?

No. 819022

I used the 369 method! Just repeating it to myself like >>774425 mentions instead of writing though. The sort of success was that I wanted a response to something, and while there wasn't a specific one to me personally, I still technically received a response. The same thing was reinforced a day later, so I took that as what I'd get. Sorry for being vague I'm a little embarrassed kek

It's probably normal to be skeptical. I've not been doing this long enough to really sway one way or the other, so I'm just having a good time and 'leaving it to the universe'. Just go with the flow, it's working so far anyway!

One of my things is that exact situation. I'm not necessarily trying to manifest its arrival, just the outcome. Since I started with it I haven't been checking the thing's status very much at all. That doesn't mean it isn't tempting as fuck though so I feel you there nonna

If anons saw me post this thrice but delete it because of mistakes, no you didn't

No. 821141

Anyone has good books recommendations? I've listened to >>811725 and it was fine, but I want something a bit more modern, I think. Or that has different techniques to practice.

No. 821364

I was going to say just read Neville but then you said "modern" so probably no, although I still recommend him. I picked up some books by Mitch Horowitz who is some kind of a modern historian of esoterics/Neville fan but I've not started reading yet so I cannot say what techniques he gives you. Miracle Habits and 30-day something something I cannot remember the name of the book are supposed to be practical guides.

No. 864674

File: 1627393756434.png (13.85 KB, 300x300, ony3zp1fxg1w5ll8oo3_400.png)

Sorry to necro, but I really want to speak on this.
I've actually had a lot of success with subliminals. In my opinion, it's a matter of finding the right ones for you, or making them. Obviously, a subliminal made by a 16 year old zoomer girl may not be so effective for a 29 year old, unless they have a more youthful way of thinking or navigating the world. It's just a matter of what fits.
I don't think people talk enough about the effects of the songs used in these videos, though. For some reason, no one ever seems to acknowledge the fact that all music also contains subliminal messaging.
Recently, I found one subliminal with effects I really want. The only issue was, the song it used was about ripping out your teeth, the taste of blood from your gums, etc. It reminded me of the time I had bleeding gums, and I felt mild concern/anxiety over the bleeding coming back.
Literally the next day, when I brushed my teeth, my gums started bleeding. This hadn't happened in months. I freaked out a bit, but then made the connection to the song and decided "Nope, I'm cancelling that". Continued listening to the subliminal, but on a low volume, and I refused to think of the lyrics or accept them in application to myself.
This morning, I had no bleeding whatsoever. Didn't change anything about my brushing routine or anything else. I guess I just want to say that every aspect of a subliminal matters. The songs, the flashing images and stuff. All of it has an effect. Make sure to pick ones you can actually vibe with, and consciously reject what you don't want (ignoring is not enough IMO). You have to be careful of what you internalize.

No. 869856

File: 1627891740447.jpg (120.37 KB, 700x1076, 7341f24cedc378a45e9e11f584fe60…)

Since this thread was soft bumped, imma ask:
Anyone here ever tried the Silva Method?
It's mostly a type of meditation which focus on making you better at decision making or learning by putting you in a relaxed state but keeping your mind aware. Some even call it self hypnosis.

Anyway, iirc, the method also has a bit on visualization, as a way to better visualize and focus on your goals and bring them to reality aka manifestation

I was actually doing some daily exercises and was really liking the relaxation methods (particularly the backwards counting one) for meditation and also to help me sleep, but I fell off the wagon a bit.

Anyone has tried it for any reason? Thoughts? Tips?

No. 870108

sorry for the wall of text, I'm still weirded out when I think about it because I usually don't believe in this sort of stuff

But since I had nothing to lose a few months ago, I tried scripting to get accepted in a Master's program. I didn't follow any "rule", just took a random notebook and wrote a page per night. I'd write every affirmation three times, and would word it a bit differently every time. wrote stuff like "I have been accepted at [specific university] for [specific Master's degree]." "I'm following my dreams thanks to [specific master's]." "I just got an email notifying me that I was accepted" and stuff like that.
Only did this for 8 days before dropping it because I felt silly writing all of this and forgot about it for a few weeks… until a few days after what should have been the "last day" of acceptance for this specific master's, I got an email saying I got accepted. The thing that freaks me out is that, realistically, I should NOT have gotten in. Acceptance rates compared to the number of applications are absolutely batshit in my country, most people send over 15 applications and get rejected everywhere, despite having outstanding grades. I really want to believe that this is a coincidence but the odds were so low with my okayish grades lmao

No. 870326

Congrats for getting in, anon!
Do you plan to keep doing the scripting?

No. 870852

Thank you so much !
I don't have anything specific to wish for at the moment, but I might try again in the future !

No. 897112

File: 1630470205080.jpg (74.01 KB, 736x920, bcfe71dc591483d9b947329abe7a95…)

I swear some nonna had posted in this thread and I was gonna read later but I guess she deleted oh no

Any other success stories?

No. 1231056

So like months ago I read this thread and just a few days later I went to this used bookstore and found a copy of The Secret. Was kind of intrigued by the coincidence but didn't buy it because I was like What am I gonna spend 3 euros for on a book I can pirate. Regretted it, went back multiple times and it was gone. It's stupid, I don't even really believe in law of attraction but I still regret not getting that book.

No. 1371953

What is the practical difference between the law of assumption and law of attraction? i see people swear by both but always shitting on the other one

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