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No. 625008

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Keep in mind site rules as well as recent Farmhand additions;
>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.


No. 625015

Kat from euphoria is not a pick me

No. 625017

I agree but who is saying she is?

No. 625020

In continuation of the last discussion. I really don't think GP's should be able to diagnose depression and anxiety. I get it, they are two mental illnesses that don't really need a lot of digging into in order to diagnose someone with them, but that's not the point.

I had a horrible experience when I got diagnosed with "severe depression". I went in thinking I might have dysthymia, and I was told by people that it's ok to go in and advocate and say that you feel like you have a certain issue. When I told the doctor, they literally went "wow, big word" almost to belittle me. He handed me his phone and made me answer questions, and the results came up saying I was "severely depressed". It just didn't make sense to me. Yeah I'm depressed but I get up every day and function fairly well. Anyways, he threw pills at me. I even said that I felt like it was too quick for that and he just went "then see a therapist on the side". I took it out of ignorance. I experienced horrible side effects and went off of the pills after a month. It took me forever to work up to courage to go back hoping for another GP who eventually agreed that I have dysthymia and anxiety issues. I told her the pills didn't work, and she told me the amount I was put on was insane and that I should look into therapy first.

I really think there needs to be mental health certified/focused GP's, if they are going to be able to prescribe medication and diagnose patients. I felt so bad about myself that first visit. That could have easily set off someone in a really bad place.

No. 625038

What's with the weird masonic thread pic OP, you're not even trying to obscure the glow?

No. 625042

Probably just to draw you out of the tinfoil thread for exercise.

No. 625046

No. 625047

poptarts suck and they were never good

No. 625050

What a lie. I can't even have them in the house or I'll eat the whole thing in a day.

Then again I'm not American and only find them in shops occasionally and in limited flavours so I haven't had the chance to take them for granted.

No. 625052

Press X to doubt. I don't know what's more retarded, that fact that someone picked this image, or the Twitterfag "chille meme" by choice.

No. 625053

Thread OP here. I noticed it was the 33rd Unpopular Opinions thread and thought I recalled 33 having something to do with freemasonry. I didn't have an idea for a thread image yet, so I googled "33 freemason" and that was one of the first images that came up, which I thought looked pretty neat as a design and would tie in the thread title with the thread image. I respect other thread-making anons, but the boring Twitter memes/cute animal memes/random 4chan memes for thread images were tiring.

No. 625057

Why doesn't anyone use an image that's actually related to unpopular opinions, like an Applebee's logo or something

No. 625060

File: 1599540620860.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 36.64 KB, 320x261, E92D3895-C842-47AC-BC89-C0E499…)

there’s ALREADY an applebee’s gen that’s stolen valor…. I respect OP’s decision pic related, me and my boys.

No. 625063

Unpopular opinion on OP pics, but I like when anons choose random inexplicable shit that might not make sense. It's not like pics really matter on /ot/ so to me it's like getting some insight into the personality of whoever is posting. Compared to something like 4chan where thread pics tend to be related or boring reposts, I feel like it shows some individuality.

No. 625064

I never thought Luna was /pt/ worthy, she felt more like a /snow/ cow.

No. 625068

At this point a lot of pt seems more worthy of snow, and w feels close to being a desert in terms of milk
I wish we had new cows

No. 625075

most women look better in very short hair and most men look better in very long hair

No. 625078

Part of me wants to blame it on corona-chan, but even pre-rona a lot of cows "milk" boiled down to "x says dumb shit on twitter" or "x posts stupid shit on insta". Dunno if it's because of cancel culture being a thing, so new cows feel more obligated to pretend to be functioning human beings, or because crazier cows seem to be in much more niche communities. Part of me also thinks a lot of oldfags who would put in effort to communicate with cows and gather milk themselves seem to have left/lurk now, since most of the 'milk' some cows get are just twitter screenshots, or reposts from kiwi.

No. 625079

theres an anonymous twitter claiming that an ex big 3 kpop idol sexually harassed/assaulted her at a club in korea and maybe im just cynical but its so hard for me to take any accusation like this seriously if it comes from an anonymous twitter with 0 evidence just taking her word

No. 625086

i love men with long hair too, but only few actually know how to maintain it

No. 625089

Fact. They are cardboard

No. 625095

As a Eurofag who never tasted Poptarts, but always wanted to, this saddens me

No. 625096

Skinny is always based. Even in this era of bimbo fetishization, skinny bitches still as popular as ever. I’m not getting memed into chugging 2000cals of pig feed a day and giving myself muscles that will never go away, sorry.

No. 625100

I really think a few of the /pt/ threads need to be moved, like Miranda and Tom Hiddleston's trans stalker belong in /w/ because they're dry as fuck and the regular anons in those threads can't seem to integrate.

No. 625105

You're not eating the right flavors. I can smell the confetti cupcake and strawberry ones emanating from you two.

No. 625107

File: 1599550723672.jpg (24.56 KB, 400x400, twinkies-400x400-c.jpg)

I'm a eurofag and I once ordered some Twinkies because I always thought that they looked kinda good.
I opened the box and tasted them and I was APPALLED. I think that it really was the worst shit I've ever eaten in my entire life. They just taste like baking soda and sugar!!!!!! Literally nothing else, just sweet-ass baking soda!!!
How can you seriously eat this shit?

No. 625109

I love caraway!

No. 625114

I had the same experience. I feel like american deserts/candies are something you have to grow up with to enjoy

No. 625115

Is that really an unpopular opinion?

No. 625116

You're probably right.
I had always seen them in tv shows and on the internet and I had hyped myself up for this cream-filled sponge cake for years, only to be let down like this. I was willing to give the Americans and their candy a chance and I'm very, very disappointed. I even tried the chocolate version and it really wasn't any better.

No. 625127

most of my friends hate it, so yeah

No. 625131

Raw salmon > Baked/cooked salmon

No. 625134

This and little debbies I fuckin' love.

T.Amerifat who loves even the worst of our frosting covered garbage.

No. 625135


No. 625143

all salmon is good

No. 625146

>Even in this era of bimbo fetishization, skinny bitches still as popular as ever.
skinny with huge tits and ass? I rarely see anyone praising 90s-2000s type of skinny

No. 625148

Really? I feel like I see people idolising girls like Madison beer, Alexis Ren, Maddy Crum, Sahar Luna etc constantly.

No. 625168

File: 1599562773193.jpg (649.78 KB, 2220x2000, 01-paris-hilton.jpg)

Agreed, nowadays it's either "thicc goddess" with small waist + big tits and ass or a literal child, petite, no ass, no tits. No more of 90-2000s type of skinny

No. 625194

File: 1599566776419.jpg (44.77 KB, 533x810, 721e8a6163f38e6838fbc513f47825…)

I agree, though K-pop skinny is popular and accepted. It seems like the thing right now is "petite and cute, while still remaining soft and not having much bone outline in the face or body" skinny, as opposed to the "long and lanky heroin chic with prominent bone outlines on the face/body and muscle" skinny from the past.
Either way, it's kind of lame to base the kind of body you like or want for yourself on what's popular, lmao.

No. 625269

People who share disturbing pictures/videos claiming they're doing it for "awareness" are actually voyeuristic sadists who get off on viewing suffering but hide behind doing it for a cause so they can excuse themselves and try to look good while doing so.
They're worse than the standard armchair slactivists.

No. 625272

the bs from the art salt thread made me realize all the anons talking about how diminished the word pedophile has gotten are right. the internet is fucking poison.

No. 625277

What’s the difference between 2000’s skinny and Kpop skinny? Kpop girls certainly aren’t slim thicc goddesses LOL they’re actual anachan tier without the hip pads and ass shoop.
Skinny girls with small boobs and ass get followers easily as long as they dress up in popular aesthetics. People just don’t say out loud “wow I love how thin she is” but they follow them all the same.

No. 625280

the difference is the pads and shoop, anon. they are trying to cultivate a different look.

No. 625288

>>625277 Just from the examples posted, >>625194 looks pretty different from >>625168 . Both extremely thin, but kpop girls aren't bony and still have a soft femininity like other anon said. Pretty distinct to me, and it's not just the fashion.

No. 625292

You’re comparing a Well lit stage edited pic with in the dark candids with terrible outfits. They’re both rail thin. Being very skinny has always been and continues to be desired, tits and ass are secondary to being thin. End of.

No. 625295

File: 1599578811447.jpg (112.59 KB, 1024x653, Oh.My.Girl.full.43000.jpg)

That's the point. They're skinny, but they have softness to their bodies. Hip pads and breast pads so their bodies look natural and "healthy" instead of wasted.
90s/2000s thin was about being lean to the bone and muscular. All sharp edges, all bone, no softness or else it's "gross baby fat".
Think of it as feminine vs masculine (or androgynous). Think about why they wear that padding. It's not for nothing, the intended image and effect is completely different.
You kind of have to be aesthetically blind to not see the difference between this and the 5'11 rail-thin models on 90s runways.
Not all skinny is the same. Sorry, anon.

No. 625297

not to mention it spawned dozens of fake accounts spewing similar accusations with no evidence to corroborate it. op detracted and said they were almost all fakers, a different account alleged to be a different girl proceeded to post "evidence" pic of the shirt allegedly belonging to the guy she was supposedly referring to, alongside a selfie of him wearing a shirt in the same color? it's so confusing. there's no way to keep up with all the involved accounts, whether they are real or fake. this is all reminiscent of the fake string of fanfic accusations that came out after a few scummy men were me too'd (justifiably) this year on the western side of things.

No. 625299

File: 1599578974731.jpeg (818.72 KB, 1280x1920, B8358C66-E181-41D9-A52F-904634…)

Sure ok. Point is skinny > thicc (fat)

No. 625301

Kpoop should be a banned topic

No. 625302

Kboos need to neck themselves. No one finds your obsession interesting.

No. 625304

High fashion models still crackhead thin wtf are you talking about

No. 625306

Consider that they wouldn't use that photo to present that idol, and think about why that's the case.
You sound like a raging ana-chan, which means your point of view is undeniably skewed (and you seem to think being able to differentiate different thin body types means someone must be thicc/fat/whatever), so I'll just dip out.

No. 625307

The crackhead thin look isn't in vogue outside of high fashion anymore. The thin bodies we see in popular media are the "uwu soft" kind. That's my whole point.

No. 625312

Just using kpop to illustrate that being low BMI is always king. No amount of thiccc thigh shilling will change that. And also roasting on the kpopfags who think their version of anachan is in anyway better than the heroin chic shit. These bitches eat cabbage diets and snort coke like everyone else in.

No. 625315

I'm not a kpopfag, I literally Googled those photos to show examples of the skinny bodies that are "popular" now.
Should I have used Ariana Grande or Tinashe instead? Calm down, lmao. I'm just saying it's not about bones anymore.

No. 625316

To anachan women only tbh

No. 625317

my point is they are cultivating a different look. there's a huge difference between looking ana and being ana. kpop idols are ana af but they still want to cultivate this sexy image with padding and shoop. no one is saying it's better, but you're an idiot for thinking girl next door kpop and paris hilton are the same just because they are skinny

No. 625318

The difference is the kpop girls are shorter than the models. The thing is, both of them could be the same weight but the '90/2000s' models you detest so much are taller and have larger bone structure, whereas the kpop girls are shorter and have smaller bones and therefore would look 'softer' since their fat wouldn't cling onto anything. They still starve themselves to death in order to be thin so i don't even know what these tards are being preachy about.

ana kboos really don't know common sense , do they?

No. 625319

Oh, this old chestnut. So boring.

No. 625321

Where are either of them being supported, though? Obviously, neither are actually healthy, one just puts out the illusion of being that way using padding for a softer look. That's just what's popular now, there's no moral message to it. It's just how things are these days.
"They're the same"-anon just thinks there's a massive psyop going on to make her eat 2000 calories and stop chasing that thigh gap.

No. 625324

>ITT: anachan coping

No. 625330

Why even care about popular? I just want to have muscles that "will never go away" so I can live my personal size/strength difference fantasy with my future partner.
Just get the body that's healthy and that you personally like. No need to prove it's better than everyone else's.

No. 625331

Amerifat here, you literally have to be fed this stuff growing up and tie it with nostalgia to enjoy it. Most american prepackaged desserts I was not allowed as a child, as well as soda, so trying them later made me gag from the (to me) awful chemical taste. 0/10 would not recommend twinkies, they’re literally the worst of the bunch.

No. 625332

I didnt say either of them are healthy tho. The point was the same group of girls still starve themselves unhealthily, and 50kg on a kpop girl would look different on a 5'11 model because of different body structures.

Just had vent it all out because so many anas are so ignorant when it comes to bodytypes and the like while dreamin' of looking like a kpoop grill these days

No. 625340

>tfw i am talking to someone who will fulfill my size difference fantasy

No. 625342

Do you mean fatchans who think the "curvy" trend is a license to veg out. The fad will pass and they'll regret gaining 10kg in attempt to look like a sex toy.

No. 625346

>No need to prove it's better than everyone else's
And yet, thiccfag brainlets stay calling everyone else flat and pedo-pandering and anachan. Meanwhile their whole aesthetic is based on sexually appealing to men.

No. 625348

>all this roundabout fuss to whine about fat people who think their bodies are desirable
Kek, it always comes out sooner or later. You're all so insecure.

No. 625349

People who announce their sexualities in their twitter bios are virgins or weirdos. Who you're into should only matter to people who are interested in you and might ask. Idc if you do it for the sake of "pride"; it just tells me that if we ever have a conversation it's all you'll ever talk about.

No. 625353

I see it as people's way of trying to find partners or friends of their sexuality.
I don't do it myself because I don't care, but I think it makes sense.

No. 625357

take kpop talk to crystal cafe

No. 625361

God I wish that were me
Well yeah, that's also stupid. I'm not against you since I want to date petite women lol.
Petite, willowy, and thicc are all attractive in different ways as long as you're healthy and caring for yourself.

No. 625377

Drake is a good rapper and a good musician. Most of the people I've met who prominently dislike him either
>hate all rap and throw him under the bus because of his popularity
>have never heard any of his music other from his radio singles
>have never listened to a full album of his
>don't know any of his pre-2015 work
but I've met very few people who have actually listened to one or more of his full albums, or have listened to him since he debuted in the late 2000s, that don't like him.

No. 625380

Or you know, ex-fans since the abusive pedophile thing

No. 625383

Friends with pimps and creeps on kids. Not much to like.

No. 625390

Is that what crystal cafe is good for these days? last time i visited it was super dead

No. 625395

A lot of the age related stuff anons post here is simply just ‘the wall doesn’t exist for women!!! i’m still fuckable i promise!!! right guys???’. It’s so sad, so many farmers are clearly hyperinsecure about ageing and in denial about it. If you didn’t care then you wouldn’t be doing anything to claw onto any shred of youth you can get.

No. 625396

Samefag I guess my point is that a lot of farmers are vain pickmes but with extra steps.

No. 625398

We only care because society cares, it's not plain vanity but it's about acceptance. The desire to be youthful didn't come from our heads.

No. 625400

You're completely right. I genuinely feel pity towards some farmers, the ones who you can tell are insecure and struggling with it. For a userbase hellbent on calling women they don't like "pickmes", a lot of farmers seem to think the point of their existence is trying to conform to an idea that they think men find attractive.

No. 625403

Yeah because how you look and how attractive you are has a huge tangible impact on your life and the way people treat you even if you wish it didn’t.

No. 625409

This is an extremely overlooked factor when farmers start arguing about this shit for the thousandth time of the week.

No. 625410

ok but there’s a difference between that and still obsessing over youth and remaining fuckable even in female only spaces like lolcow. This should be one of the places where you don’t have to think of that. You guys are sounding like that retarded vindictia sub. Sure looks affect your life but no one expects you to look 20 when you’re 40, I promise you that you can still do well in life without looking like a barbie doll 24/7.

No. 625411

File: 1599586702146.jpg (250.6 KB, 2000x1333, gender-reveal-01.jpg)

Gender reveal parties are just another excuse for parents to milk people for attention and gifts.

No one cares about the baby's gender except for the shitty sexist inlaws. Please spare us all. No one asked for this shit.

No. 625418

Wasn't there a huge fire recently because of that in the US? For the longest time I thought gender reveals where just a part of the baby shower and that barely anyone even tried to have a baby shower to begin with because of how unnecessary they seem.

No. 625419

apparently the woman who came up with the whole idea of a gender reveal party only threw them because she had a lot of miscarriages and failed attempts at pregnancy that even getting to know the fetus's gender was a big milestone for her… with that said a lot of people now are doing it for the spectacle

No. 625420

>implying you need others' acceptance or approval
Lol. With all due respect, you'll be living a much happier life when you drop the cope, admit that you want acceptance and approval from others despite not needing it, and start trying to live life doing what makes you happy regardless of what others think. It's already understood that society's idea of what people "should" be, particularly women, is largely determined by sexist standards… if you aren't doing it for sexist men, who else are you doing it for?

Agreed. It's another baseless excuse to separate people according to biological sex.

No. 625425

"he's going to grow up and break lots of girls hearts!" they declare while he's still a fucking fetus

No. 625426

I mean they’re annoying, yeah, but do you realize how important it is for new parents to try and receive all the help from family that they can get? Babies aren’t cheap & families are usually excited to celebrate the arrival of new life.
Also oh sound like a Twitter fag, how is it sexist to be curious about the gender of the human developing inside your family members body and want to celebrate? It’s not like the party gets shittier cake depending on what the gender is

No. 625432

People shouldn't be having babies right now in general esp if they can't afford them

No. 625433

>do you realize people need all the help they can get?
Yes but don't disguise it by breaking it up into "fun" parties that burden everyone in your life and cause wildfires. Just ask people for help and send an Amazon wishlist.

No. 625434

For some reason no other country but US is having this weird tradition so you guys really can stop too.

No. 625444

That’s what I’m saying… obviously you want it because it tangibly benefits you. I have zero emotional attachment to my physical appearance. I think how I look says absolutely nothing about me and that I have so much more going for me than how I look. However, as someone who’s been on both sides of the spectrum I also know that that’s not really how the world works. My decision to look attractive is because I know it will benefit me and that’s it. If I was never considered beautiful again I wouldn’t care on a personal level but I know that would affect the way the world treats and interacts with me. I’m going to use whatever resources I have to improve my life/ make day to day life easier and I just view my appearance as one of those things.

No. 625445

??? America statistically celebrates less than other countries sooo

No. 625446

You don’t have to go. Family members & friends who care about the new child & mother enjoy these types of parties. So just don’t go if you’re not interested, send a gift in the mail

No. 625447

The concept is still stupid and wasteful.

No. 625448

Then don’t have one

No. 625449

I'm in the UK and we don't do this. Also the idea of having a party with lots of people while being pregnant sounds like hell.

No. 625451

‘Friends’ wasn’t that bad

No. 625453

This is not an unpopular opinion

No. 625454

I’m black

No. 625455

Someone just said Angelina was ugly as well… Aniston-chan, what are you doing here?

No. 625458

> families are usually excited to celebrate the arrival of new life
I hate this, but only because I have a shitty family where the caring relatives have died and I basically have (actual) autistic male relatives left who'll never care if I start a family or not.

No. 625463

Hi Black, I’m anon.

No. 625464

I’m from the UK too!! And I have never heard of someone that has done this. Only Americans

No. 625469

Anon may have been referring to Mexican traditions or maybe the amount of holidays in comparison

No. 625470

large non-orange short haired cats are superior to others

No. 625476

File: 1599590324582.jpg (17.31 KB, 652x382, 57681048763.jpg)

Never said I will ever go to one, I'm still allowed to think you're a stupid attention whore for throwing one and an even bigger dumbass if you decide to use pyrotechnics that set off a 7000 acre fire.

No. 625483

They need all the money they can get but they have money to splurge on pyrotechnics and frivolous decorations? Sure. Back in the day people just baked a pink cake and called it a day.

No. 625486

No it doesn't.

No. 625489

Yep, USA is ranked to have lower public holidays as well as family celebrations. Google is your friend.

No. 625500

No. 625508

I will never understand people like these who can't compute the fact that their preferences are subjective.

No. 625509

Yes? I want it because it makes my life easier. And it influences other women too, they can be very critical as well.

No. 625610

True, it’s not just that you get treated better by men. You get treated better by everyone, and it’s to a pretty dramatic extent as well. You can opt out of beauty but you objectively will be at a disadvantage as opposed to if you didn’t.

No. 625630

>do you realize how important it is for new parents to try and receive all the help from family that they can get?
If they have to scrape by like that they shouldn't be having a baby in the first place, ya can't afford it

responsible reproduction 2020

No. 625651

I don't get the hype behind most true crime podcasts. To me, murder isn't that interesting of a topic because anyone can kill given the right opportunity. I don't think it means much. I also feel like they promote the idea that killers are everywhere, which is annoying to me. There's also this forced spooky/quirky aspect of it among fans.

I'm much more interested in true crime podcasts about fraud/institutional failings like Theranos. I feel like that's something I'm much more likely to encounter in real life.

No. 625653

Yeah there was. I feel like Gender Reveal parties have been responsible for a bunch of unfortunate side effects from a ton of litter to a woman dying because the gender reveal device was built wrong and turned out to be a pipe bomb


No. 625662

idk after seeing some of that sjw type shit on twitter, its like a giant red flag to me lmao. like honestly who tf cares, its just virtue signaling. the dating thing doest work for me either cuz if you're looking on twitter theres a high chance something is wrong with you by that alone.

No. 625707

If you aren't in a good place mentally, spiritually or financially, you should not have kids. I don't care if you're 38 and the biological clock is about to run out. Don't have kids. You are not ready. No matter how hard you try, they will pick up on your dysfunction and you will fuck them up significantly. If you don't have your life together, you will not be a good parent. Period.

No. 625722

>>Assuming most pregnancies are planned

No. 625728

I agree 100% but it's no surprise people have kids when they shouldn't when the popular narrative is that not having kids means you'll live a miserable lonely spinster life, and the assumption is that all women are born to be mothers and will regret it if they aren't. You'd think the countless abused, neglected and abandoned children out there would change that narrative but nope, it's either have kids or be judged and pitied the rest of your life. Infuriating.

No. 625731

NTA, but in the western world most pregnancies are planned and avoidable, and a good portion of the western population has access not only to the resources used to prevent conception but also the resources (conditionally, it admittedly isn't an easy process) to get an abortion or to get a surgical procedure which will render one infertile. Anon's sentiment shouldn't apply to the entire world, but those who do have access to those resources and choose to have a child only to not adequately raise the child or to complete about being a parent are (subjectively, of course) making an unwise and immoral decision that warrants judgement, in that they are bringing another life into the world that they aren't ready to care for or don't want to care for.

No. 625735

Samefag - I guess an unpopular opinion of mine is that communal parenting is the optimal form of parenting, and members of every culture should raise and care for every child around them as if it's their own. This would solve a lot of issues, particularly for families and children who experience a lack of financial stability or economic opportunity, have a parent who becomes incapacitated, or need to be taken care of by others because their parent was impregnated against their will and wanted to get contraceptives and/or an abortion but didn't have access to the necessary resources. I agree with >>625707, too, and it's part of the reason why I don't plan to have children. I have to take the personal responsibility for the fact that due to my own flaws and inabilities I would not be a good enough parent to any child.

No. 625737

Complain about being a parent, not complete, my bad.

No. 625754

I feel like a movie villain saying this but
I wish less people went into being child therapists and stuff
Like, i get it, children are pure and cute and easier to work with, it feels much more rewarding too but what about the teen and adult fuck ups… there are more of us, and yet every person i meet who is into helping others wants to work with children.
I had problems with finding a therapist because so many specialize in children, i even said fuck it and went to one of these but she seemed to hate my guts and dropped me. Even as a teen it was really hard to get psychiatric help because the resources were all for young kids, waiting for hours and hours to see a psych as a suicidal 14yo surrounded by schizophrenic autistic and hyper children who knew no boundaties was hard. I just gave up.

No. 625758

Oh you're just doomed :)

No. 625762

Why? :(

No. 625782

Most women are super cute with short hair and I love to see it

No. 625786

As a childhood sexual abuse survivor— grow the fuck up. Look harder, it’s not that difficult to find a therapist. It’s not because they all specialize in child development lol do you even hear yourself?

No. 625788

People really post the weirdest most obscure things in this thread how is this an ‘unpopular opinion’. I’ve never come across anyone apart from you who even has an opinion on this non existent phenomena at all.

No. 625798

The weebs in /w/ are just as retarded as the cows they supposedly hate

No. 625802

Definitely confusing unpopular opinions with the vent thread.

No. 625804

This is probably true for /snow/ and /pt/ as well

No. 625806

Transwomen who transition when they are kids (under the age of 14) are not the same as adult transwomen. Adult transwomen usually transition because they're horny but young ones do because they have retarded parents. It's not a sex thing for them and it couldnt be because their genitals no longer work because they have been on hrt for so long and they transitioned before for the developed sexually…
I consider young trannys to be girls if they pass.

No. 625808

Maybe the next thread description needs a definition for what an ‘unpopular opinion’ is bc I feel like it happens a lot and it’s annoying. People just post their random musings on some niche topic

No. 625812

There are plenty of studies that clearly divide up trannies between delayed onset AGPs and young transitioners/HSTS.

They aren't girls btw, they're just abused kids who should have been allowed to grow up gay like they would have if they didn't transition. It's appalling that anyone under 14 could consent to that.

No. 625823

Based. Whoever's parenting those kids is negligent at best and abusive at worst. I find it genuinely abhorrent the treatment for likely fleeting confusion/mental illness is physically damaging and life altering. In what other setting is that the practiced norm?

No. 625831

It's sad, mutilating kids and giving them hormones to make them act "the right sex" I mean yeah they look good in their late teens/early twenties but men and women age very differently, and they will soon look like Gigi Gorgeous at best

No. 625875

Anons here who shame women for petty things and are not much better than scrotes or other women who do it.

No. 625887

>>TFW you realize this is 100% the truth and you need to change…

No. 625891

I am not saying kids don't deserve help or don't need therapy, and it is hard when 80% of therapists on my insurance prefer to work with kids. The general mental health waiting lobby is all kids and like 2 adults/teens since i started going.
I had already been assaulted at 14 too. It's one of the reasons i was looking for therapy and meds in the first place, but it got disheartening when every service was geared torwards small kids and all the adult ones were booked full.

I thought it fit, sorry.

No. 625932

I'd rather read a hundred weight and appearance nitpicks than deal with anons sperging about cats or talking with authority on something they clearly have no real life experience with.

No. 625978

I'm annoyed the Kardashians are ending. I wanted to see Kim navigate being 40 years old. I wanted to see Kanye try to be president lol. I've looked forward to every new episode for the past 7 years lol wah

No. 625990

Same here, anon

No. 626020

Tbh same, i think the reason kuwtk is closing (and other shows too) is because people are using tv less and they can view the full episodes for free on many sites instead of having to pay for it.

No. 626024

Men are most attractive age 16-23.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 626027

16 year olds aren't men

No. 626029

Cheetah print is cute.

No. 626030

I refuse to believe someone older than 16 wrote this.

No. 626033

Nor are 17 year olds. 18 year olds questionable. I really hope you're like 18/19 kek.

No. 626034

>inb4 something about amerifags being uptight about age restrictions/consent or something

No. 626035

My my country 16 is a legal adult so they're men here.

No. 626038

Well todays theme on here seems to be women admitting they like under 18s, some lesbian anon is saying similar in another thread right now. Cool

No. 626040

Scrote raid, they’ve been saying this exact shit on crystal cafe

No. 626043

That was my first thought too

No. 626046

Kek exactly, they're so transparent with their wahmen and lesbos are just as bad LARP
>inb4 the classic n-not everyone who disagree is a scrote

No. 626053

You guys do know that 18 is not the age of consent in the vast majority of the world, right? It's not even the age of consent in the vast majority of the US. It's 16 in most states. Not saying I agree with it, I'm just saying accusing people of being scrotes for admitting being into an age that they are likely legally allowed to be with is irrational.

No. 626058

File: 1599661287706.jpeg (141.17 KB, 366x463, 1844BD2F-8127-4944-A068-7059C2…)

>it’s leGaL I consulted with my lAwyeR! Check AND mate

No. 626065

Quit your sperging, like I said- I don't agree with it, I'm just saying that accusing people of being men over it is dumb.

No. 626071

Shut the fuck up creep

No. 626072

File: 1599662879009.gif (3.68 MB, 480x400, source.gif)

>I don't agree with how low the age of consent is
>STFU creep

No. 626073

nta but stop being actually retarded

No. 626098

Totally get that a lot of us including myself get more cynical with age, but people who become more judgmental or close minded are just kind of psycho to me, that or extremely sheltered/privileged. When I see homeless people, people living in trailer homes, people addicted to drugs, I can sympathize and understand that it could happen to anyone raised around the wrong people or anyone who made one stupid mistake. None of these examples apply to me in any way and I'll never come close to experiencing those things, yet I don't judge them . I used to when I was little, but not anymore. I know people in their 30's who say the nastiest shit about people, and it makes me wonder how they got to the juvenile mental age they are at.

No. 626106

I really think it is privilege. Some people have such supportive families that they'd basically have to murder someone to get cut off, but some parents will cut off their kids for any reason.

If you've always lived with a halfway decent family, it's hard to imagine how much it sucks to come from abusive/deadbeat parents.

No. 626114

People who think eugenia cooneys channel should be age restricted are retarded. Most girls idolizing eugenias body type were already ana chan's to begin with. Kpop is more of a risk to making a little girl anorexic than eugenia cooney is.

No. 626115

Nta either but I laughed at >>626058

No. 626119

Yeah, it fucking amazes me when grown adults are judgemental toward the homeless. Like how hard is it to have the bare minimum compassion necessary to empathize with a homeless person? It's honestly a very serious red flag.

No. 626127

Agreed. If anything, people like Eugenia (as much as I respect people's right to do what they wish with their bodies) would turn people away from idolizing that kind of body, whereas kpop glamorizes it.

A lot of cultures teach people to see homeless people as less than human, sadly.

No. 626128


People don't understand that it's the subtle skinny that turns girls onto proana shit, not holocaust-tier. A normal impressionable teenage girl would look at Eugenia and think she's fucking disgusting.

No. 626131

Men are most attractive late 20s to early 40s, grow the fuck up anons

No. 626133

Men aren’t attractive ever. Stop trying to make men being attractive happen.

No. 626134

Most men definitely do not share the same opinion for women lol

No. 626136

Most men get aroused by essentially nothing who gives a fuck what their preferences are.

No. 626139

What? I feel like most men get aroused by essentially anything. They have no standards.

No. 626140

Mem do have standards but in different ways. Girls they will fuck and girls they want to spend time with and date.

No. 626143

>early 40's
Get the fuck out of here with your gross ass age difference fetishization

No. 626145

Very few men are attractive at any age

No. 626147

I feel like it’s because they put zero effort in. Most people aren’t naturally that attractive but the majority of women put way more effort into improving their appearance than the average man.

No. 626149

I love it when sleezy men who live the pump and dump lifestyle end up accidently knocking up women they pull that shit with and are stuck with a kid they don't want. I know a guy who would manipulate women into putting out through tactics on par with the DENNIS System and he ended up getting baby trapped by this one girl he did that shit with who was a complete psycho. It was amazing and I'm so glad it happened.

No. 626151

It punishes the woman and child more than the guy who’s life probably won’t be that dramatically effected.

No. 626156

I used to be very judgemental when I was younger, then I started to understand it, was more tolerant, and now I'm judgemental again because I understand it, I just changed my perspective on the very same things. I feel bad about it but it just makes sense to me (sorry for being vague lol).

No. 626157

this meme is very old and very annoying

No. 626159

Maybe you just need to chill out. Anger management or something.

No. 626165

Please relax, some anons here are in their 30s, dumbass.

No. 626166

Not really. Men will fuck what they want given the opportunity. It doesn't matter if they have a hot gf back at home, if they're out with the boys and there's girls about they'll flatter them/cheat and then go home. Men don't have standards. Most are looking for someone willing to be their mum domestically, fuck them when they're not tired and never mag them. Yet men are some of the biggest fucking nags going.

No. 626167

>t-this meymeh is very o-old and a-a-annoying tsundere blushes at u

No. 626168

Having madonna whore complex isn’t having standards lol

No. 626176

I like older men and god help me for liking them, I have no standards and no dignity

No. 626182

You’re so brave and stunning

No. 626196

When I was young I liked older men. Started to shift a bit after I turned 30. Then recently I moved to a small town full of old 'bachelors' (losers who've never had a gf cos they're loopy and smelly and with age they just get worse) Now I'm suddenly all about younger men.

No. 626204

Where I live, there's no such thing as opting out of your legal obligations as a father. Not just monetarily, but the kid has to live with you part time as well unless you're abusive.

No. 626228

Nta but where I am the government is pretty good at paying out single mothers enough to live on.. going through the courts for child support is hell though. So we now have a generation of kids with adequate housing provided and their most basic needs all paid for while the man doesn't pay a penny or see them. It's sad to see.

No. 626233

I only feel bad if they're women. Male druggies can fuck off.

No. 626301

>I really think it is privilege
Not always. I had an abusive childhood and I've never resorted to drugs or other harmful behaviour, I don't even drink alcohol. Sometimes I look at other people who had similar experiences and I can't empathise with them because I don't understand why they would make a bad situation worse.

No. 626409

Ok hear me out. I just watched the dune trailer and I think that I can definitively say that Timothee Chalamet is hot. Idk why saying that triggers anons here but it does.

No. 626412

Same anon. I'm the only person in my immediate and extended family who has never used alcohol or drugs to cope with my issues. I've definitely used both recklessly before but I've never been an addict.

No. 626422

I think he is too and I’m surprised so many farmers disagree so strongly bc he seems like the exact type of malnourished funny looking white boy they would usually like

No. 626492

Only cute on film after he's put through 10 indie soft boy filters, he's wrecked irl

No. 626524

wait most anons aren't into that guy? I feel like I've seen more praise his looks than bash him

not my type at all but I guess he has pretty colored eyes. you do you

No. 626623

I'm 19 but I agree with the anon who said younger dudes are cute, maybe not 16 but like 18-24, i can't imagine dating a dude with a beer gut and that awful scruff that older men get, hairy ass men are so gross btw, i don't have this standard for women, the hairiesy girl in the world isn't even half as gross as men with hair on their bellies and backs shudders I think I will be a cougar men over the age of 27 are officially cancelled

No. 626626

I feel like ‘people are most attractive at age 18-24’ isn’t an unpopular opinion

No. 626629

join us bb. i'm using this corona unemployment to get in shape and become a hot exprienced older woman.

No. 626640

Except women, I've met more milfs than i have dilfs

No. 626646

Idk. Whenever people say this here I feel like they’re being performative and trying to ‘get men back’ for the wall or whatever. I agree women in general look better, probably because they actually put effort into their appearance unlike men but I still think if we’re going by conventional standards for both genders there are more attractive people in their late teens/20’s than older.

No. 626660

Rem is the best character in Death Note

No. 626662

Rem deserved better.

No. 626664

The royal family needs to be abolished, I can’t believe it’s still such an unpopular opinion here.

No. 626666

There’s literally a video of him kissing a 14 year old
He’s trash

No. 626678

“Empath” isn’t a real thing

No. 626681

File: 1599703382745.jpg (78.6 KB, 427x519, 251351651.jpg)

No. 626683

Why would that be an unpopular opinion anywhere? It's 2020, what valid reason is there to defend a monarchy, and a functionally useless one at that?

No. 626684

No. 626712

Using the excuse that this is an imageboard when anons are unnecessarily combative or rude is really lame. Didn't think people who are 18+, even those on here, would feel the need to be straight up assholes to other anons, especially in the vent thread. It's not cool or edgy to say jarring shit to people seeking advice or venting about heavy shit just because you technically can.

No. 626713

No. 626714

I just hate that people can't be rude and nasty back without receiving a ban bc weeeeh infighting. That's what's bullshit.

No. 626717

I find it funny when anons randomly pick fights in the vent thread idk, I guess I just expect anyone posting there hopefully isn’t looking for like genuine emotional support on lolcow. I prefer when anons are mean to each other than supportive but I’m not even sure why, I just think it feels insincere because of the tone of the website as a whole, plus it’s boring and reminds me of PULL.

No. 626719

It honestly depends, if someone is venting about something retarded, they should be treated like the retards they are.
But if they’re venting about something serious, it’s better to at least give them some words to cheer them up.

No. 626723

I agree tbh. Sometimes arguments can be funny but most of the time they get out of hand + the fact so many anons get triggered for lack of a better word and snarky over the smallest things. Theres no point in trying to argue with people here, It never changes anyones mind.

I think it's a big reason why so many anons (including me) want to stop using this website.

No. 626724

I always get a lot of flack for this opinion. But it's not hard to identify an abusive/shitty person. I think the narrative that "abusive people are really manipulative, it's hard to tell" is just so false, they're all glib in the same ways and all hold the same unwarranted self importance. I understand if you were abused as a child and have issues, gravitating towards shitty men for that reason. But the majority of other women I know that get in abusive relationship after abusive relationship aren't like that, they grew up in normal households and have had no problems in their life.

No. 626725

I get that. I'm talking about people who are just shitty and not for humor's sake. Like for example someone posted in the vent thread that it makes them sad that their parents never went on a vacation in their life because they had work day and night their whole lives to support their parents and make ends meet for their kids Someone decided to just go "No one told them to have kids and stay at their shitty jobs"

Like, what was the point of that? Or once, someone was venting that their dog went missing and that they were staying up every night literally vomiting worried sick about them , and someone went off on them for allowing it to happen. The anon responded saying it happened when someone was watching her dog for her while she was away, and then the other anon goes "stop adding to the story to justify shit".

This happens all the time and it's the dumbest, most second-hand embarrassing thing in my opinion.

No. 626726

it's fun tbh

No. 626728

I agree. Honestly I do judge women who enter and stay in abusive relationships and think in most cases they are to some extent complicit and that it does reflect some kind of character flaw/personal failing they have.

No. 626729

this is victim blaming to a T

No. 626739

I don’t think they’re asking for abuse or deserve it but I think their actions are stupid.

No. 626744

Italian food is disgusting.

No. 626747

French food is overrated

No. 626749

Swedish food is gross

No. 626750

i disagree. any codependent couples will have an abusive partner dynamic and much of the time it's the man. i recently encountered this and it was terrible. she seemed so broken and refused any advice, turning the blame onto others and praising him. even after he did terrible things to her that caused her to break down in public crying for hours.

No. 626753

samefag but i am high af rn and i feel so bad for her…i couldn't do anything…

No. 626754

okay youre wrong nothing u have to say is worth hearing now

No. 626755

Right, but they're painting these abusive men to all be 150 IQ machiavellian psychopaths with a doctorate in behavioral psychology. And when I talk to these same men, I just see overcompensating boring people with anger issues.

I just wish these women could admit they're terrible at picking men, it'd help them be more self aware when getting into future relationships and they'd avoid all this stuff they needlessly put themselves through. Instead they get coddled with the narrative "you couldn't have known", they believe it, and refuse to reflect on their own judgement.

No. 626756

/w/ is very boring
I don’t why anyone bothers with most cows on there

No. 626760

It just makes me sick, the pasta, the olive oil, what they do to tomatoes. I hate it so much

No. 626761

But do you guys realize they're like that because of the abuse going on during the relationship? Not to mention any possible prior abuse, mental illnesses or even just being insecure. I'm really not trying to pick a fight, but obviously women in abusive relationships who chose to stay or have a pattern of being with abusive men are not of mentally ok. The first anon literally said the woman was codependent on her bf. Plus the fact that sometimes the abuser can hold things over the victims head (money or blackmail for example). I feel like there's to much that goes into these abusive relationships to just say "well why doesn't she leave or stop dating guys who are abusive".

I think it's strange you guys think a woman of sound mind would chose to stay in relationships with abusive men. They obviously have bad judgement.

No. 626763

that's literally what the OP is saying.

No. 626764

Having bad judgement, being insecure etc would be a ‘character flaw/personal failing’ though. And it’s not that simple that it just magically all starts because of the relationship, like I feel like if you would even allow yourself to be in a position where someone can hold money over you head to blackmail you that’s extremely stupid on your end. It doesn’t make them any less victims but there’s definitely things they could have and should have done differently to prevent it. The majority of people in abusive relationships are not mentally ill to that extent where they’re incapable of being responsible for their actions and decisions.

No. 626767

Idk which op you're talking about but I don't think my post is what any of those anons were saying. If I'm wrong though, then my bad.
Again though, this all happens cause these women are not of sound mind. I didn't say that they "magically" gain those issues because of the relationship. Yes, sometimes women have issue BEFORE they enter an abusive relationship, and that contributes to the fact that they pick horrible men. And after the relationship they usually have more issues than before.

No. 626768

I think it’s weird that if someone kept entering and staying in friendships where they were being abused everyone would rightfully call them an idiot and question why a grown adult would keep making these decisions but when it’s a woman in an abusive relationship we’re supposed to just never question it and coddle them about how they ‘never could have known’ and that ‘there’s nothing they could have done’ when there almost always was something that could be done.

No. 626770

Okay but in most cases of people ‘not being in sound mind’ unless they’re like clinically insane people still consider them responsible for their own actions and decisions. Most women and people in general do, have, or will struggle with mental illness in some capacity and most still don’t enter abusive relationships. There is obviously some degree of personal responsibility and personal failure in these women’s actions.

No. 626773

In my experience there's usually some fucked up self-hate thing going on where she can semi-subconsciously tell the guy will be abusive that's why she chooses to date him because she has low self-esteem. If you try and set her up with a guy who's not an obvious shithead she's not interested since she lowkey thinks she doesn't deserve a non-painful relationship. Same goes for men who can't stop dating women with cluster-b personality disorders over and over again. They p much seek these partners out. Almost like outsourcing self-harm. Sad stuff. When I lose my patience is when kids are involved though.

No. 626786

Shut the fuck up. Holding women who aren't clinical retards accountable for their own acts of self-harm isn't victim blaming. No one is saying victim deserved abuse. I'm tired of the victims are innocent angels who can do no wrong narrative. I'm fucking tired of women who crawl back to her abusive scrote for the literal 15th time and we all have to pretend that she isn't complicit in her own suffering. Women who stay in abusive relationships have high likelihood of imparting generational trauma onto her children. Fuck my mom for thinking a narc's approval was more important than her children's well being.

No. 626789

Bye then, go be nice and polite ladies on twitter

No. 626791

You don't have to get mad at me just cause mommy didn't love you

No. 626792

Lol your fake caring about muh aboose victims sure went fast

No. 626795

"Your abuse wasn't that bad, others have it worse" is valid when it comes to allocating resources for abused women.
Tumblr twitter traumacore CSA LARP shit straight up made me victim blame and not believe all women. I dismiss 90% BPD cunts online.

No. 626804

So many of the abusive/toxic/shit person red flags are plain as day, especially online. I really do think some folks only put up with abusive people for as long as they do because they like the attention or are romance sick by shitty media that tells them that they're only doing it because they wub them. People throw away their integrity for the pettiest reasons. I knew a guy that knowingly entered a sexually exploitative relationship with a known abuser simply because they were in the same fandom and shared a fetish.

Some people are so starved for affection and attention that they'll knowingly kowtow to abuse just to pick at the scraps of 'love' they get afterward. It's a win-win for them. On one end, they get to be seen as the blameless victim and never called out for their lack of self-esteem. On the other, they still get to sop up the few crumbs of validation their abusive partner throws their way. Even when the relationship ends, they'll either go on to another abuser or sabotage a relationship with a good person because they aren't used to not being treated like shit.

Source: A person who's lost a few friends because they valued the short-term coddling of an abuser over reality.

No. 626806

Men are opportunistic and will change their 'preferences' based on what fuels their ego. They'll always loudly exclaim how much they wanna fuck conventionally attractive so-and-so or how they'd never fuck ugly so-and-so in public, but come clean in private. Case in point, dusty guys that clown women's selfies in their comments, but then slide into their DMs.

Ment's tastes in sexual partners are largely performative. They just want to show off how sexually valuable they are for the homeboys to cope with the fact that men overall are the real pick mes.

No. 626807

>men overall are the real pick mes.
I always think this, like in pretty much every situation it’s the guy pursuing the girl. Even though I get the sentiment, I feel like all the ‘hope you get picked’ stuff gives the illusion that it’s men who hold the power in relationships in this regard when they don’t really have any. Even the most desperate girl is probably the one being pursued and not the other way round.

No. 626812

My stepdad is a literal pedo who watches teen porn and cheated on my mom with a 19 year old fat dorky girl in Nevada, I moved out not that long ago but my younger sister said she kept catching him staring at her. I hate her for being with him, not to mention all my sisters are 12 and older, he wont even let her work, and his bum ass wont work, theyre destitute. why the Fuck is she with this creep it pisses me off, i do not admire meek and homely women who risk the safety of their kids.

If some lady wants to ruin her own life for an abusive man, fine. But the moment she lets her kids get dragged into it, she's trash.

No. 626817

Agree. I have a hard time believing anyone who says they're a child abuse victim online now because so many fucking twitterfags straight out put that as some kind of an achievement on their bios and keep bringing it up. Also seen people talk about having been in an ~abusive relationship~ for clout when all of it is falsified and the relationship has been completely normal.

No. 626838

But anon how else will they justify their public ddlg fetish?!

No. 626848

Men are most attractive at 18-20, then they get fat

No. 626856

To be perfectly honest most of the girls into DDLG that I've met I can totally believe that they've been abused or at least groomed but the ones clearly bullshitting it are usually people trying to get out of facing the consequences of their shitty actions or milking for attention.
>N-no anon, I have a perfectly good reason for pocketing charity money and being an absolute fucking sociopath! You see I was actually ABUSED as a child..
Or the ones trying to get some sort of a moral upper hand during a debate.
>Why I'm clearly more knowledgeable at this subject and my feelings are way more ~valid~ than anyone else's here and thus might as well speak over their experiences, you see as a survivor of CSA….

No. 626899

I was like this when my mum was beating me throughout my childhood/teen years. My brother did drugs and was always in trouble so that was my connection with drugs.

It wasn't until I was settle in a job and living on my own and took myself to Amsterdam when I experienced drugs. I suffer bad anxiety and depression because of my adoloscence and someone recommended me weed. So I tried it where it was legal and it was life changing. Now I use at home where its illegal. No one would know I take it unless I tell them. I think it depends on the mindset of why people use drugs. Some want escapism and some people want help. Everyone is an individual.

No. 626911

Worst part is when they're weirdly oblivious to their own fat

No. 626912

I mean, we've got a lot of self admitted autists, bdpfags, anachans, lolitafags, neets, weebs, bipolarfags, depressed femcels, radfems, neets, poorfags, twitterfags, /co/fags, channers in general, instafags, pullfags, discordfags, youtubers , tradfags, expickmes, sex work anons, trannies, kiwifags, facebookfags, and a whole slew of other shit I'm probably missing. Like, at this point we should just have our own version of:

No. 626916

The only ddlg-chans that Ive met were 1 IRL and on Discord
IRL one pretends to be a baby while being 26 and surronds w sanrio aesthetic, including babytalks because she is too desperate for attention and validation from men to a point where her own friends casually call "an incel towards women".

The internet one was a NEET who dropped off mid school and a big nutcase. She stalked her african bf that broke up with her to a point that she keeps trying to make bew accounts on socmedia just to try "seducing" him again or baiting that she's super suicidal and started sleeping around again, while at the same time she keeps lying to people that he was a huge abuser towards her (because he had actual friends to spend time with) and everytime he joins some discord server she makes sure to talk to admins to kick him while not givibg any proofs. She was so obsessed with controlling him to a point where she would threatnen to commit suicide if he talks to me because during that time she cut his friends off him completely.

No. 626926

anon i love that you chose to censor those things out of all of them

No. 626933

File: 1599743592765.jpeg (68.11 KB, 493x353, E8FA945B-7C5C-4110-AD55-4955F6…)

>first spoiler

No. 626936

Some of these things are worse than the others, why did you put them on the same level.

No. 626938

Sure, because smart and competent people never abuse.

Those are the most dangerous, ime.

No. 626948

victim blaming is such an overused term. most times in destructive relationships there isn't simply one victim and one perpetrator, but rather two equally shitty people making each other worse. however bpdfags can't handle having their self centered world view questioned so they will deny this fact.

hard agree. i've made posts about this before, i can't believe how much some people fetishize sexual abuse (especially towards minors). they should be called out, that shit is triggering af.

demonic quads says its true

No. 626969

File: 1599747447316.jpg (53.94 KB, 1092x732, applejack.jpg)

People who still draw MLP in the year of our lord 2020 have something wrong with them and its a huge fucking red flag, the biggest red flag of them all.

Its either a sexual deviant predator or an uber autist.

No. 626972

It's not unpopular though, is it?

No. 626987

Hmmm not in the art community I think, or else i wouldn't have retweeted pony art in my twitter timeline.

No. 626991

Sad thing is that shit is often intergenerational, you will swear now that you'll never put up with abuse yourself but without therapy you are still more vulnerable to fall victim to it. I don't know what dynamic your mom grew up in but we unconsciously do recreate the same relationship dynamics we witnessed as kids.

No. 627001

I draw MLP because I've been watching them when I was 9, still finding them adorable even though I stopped watchin after s3 and I am really good at drawing cartoonish animals….i guess i wont post my drawings on foreign social media

I thought that brony fandom or hows it called is dead? Didnt the show end 3 years ago?

No. 627004


Yeah, and thats more or less the point, the only one lefts are usually the sexual deviants and autists.

I think its different when its women who grew up as horse girls, but i honestly look down on all pony art at this point because of association.

No. 627042

Honestly feel this way about anyone who ever had an interest in mlp who wasn’t like 9 years old. I don’t think it ever wasn’t predominantly sexual predators and uber autists.

No. 627059

can you be an uber autist if you collect mlp but are not diagnosed

No. 627063

If you got checked you'd get the diagnosis

No. 627067

Kittens are ugly. Young and adult cats look far superior, elder cats are regal and charming.

No. 627070

kek im italian. what do u mean by what they do to tomatoes?? i mean have you had anything other than pasta and tomatoes lol

No. 627085

Since bronies ruined MLP yeah I can see why

No. 627087

I wish tbh, I was normal for 10 years of my life and then autism happened. sadly not the terminal kind

No. 627104

My elder cat took a regal bloodshit on my pillow yesterday.

No. 627137

File: 1599760595784.png (425.19 KB, 483x492, 80925704376.png)

Men get shit on for having no standards and fucking anything that will give them the time of day. Rightly so. But I've realized just as many women have zero standards.

Every day on any number of boards, social media and all that, I see women saying, "Omg my bf is so perfect and I adore him except for the teeny tiny fact that he beats me/calls me a dumbass/fucked my best friend/steals my money/jerks off to porn all day/is a slob and lets me mommy him. But I love him so much how can we work it out!??!"

Women are legitimately asking these questions as if they deserve a microsecond of consideration. If that's what they want to settle for, they lack self respect as much as men who fuck STD-ridden troglodytes, but at least guys get what they want and move on. The women keep enduring abuse because they're THAT desperate for even the smallest measure of affection. We're on a board fucking dedicated to the worst of womankind, yet so many people here seem to have a mental disconnect and believe women are morally superior somehow.

Nah. The majority of people on this entire planet are desperate and dumb as fuck, regardless of sex. Everyone needs to love themselves more or some shit.

No. 627150

Yeah but the difference is men have their asses kissed from the moment they were born and told they deserve a model for having a nice personality, and yet they still have low standards. Whereas women are brow beaten about needing to look attractive, be educated, have a personality, and bring something else to the table if we want to have a man at all. Many of us were socially conditioned to be ornaments and servants for any scrote so it's no surprise.

No. 627153

Women are the way they are because we get shat on for having any standards at all, especially if we are fat, not white or something. Meanwhile it is socially acceptable for men to fuck as many women he considers "trash" and then settle down with a virgin stacy. Women are not taught to have standards, we are taught to take whatever we get and are told from day 1 that we take what we get because unless we are perfect looking we dont deserve more.

No. 627154

Samefag and I'd like to add another issue for women is there just arent enough decent men to go around. It's not the same situation with men, some women might be trash but there are still plenty of cute/nice women. A woman might think her bf is perfect only because hes not a porn addict and washes his ass because that's all she ever interacted with.

No. 627156

No. 627160

Women irl do not get shat on for having standards. This literally only happens with incels. I feel like most normie women express very having high/specific standards but the in reality end up accepting a lot less, kind of like with men.

>Meanwhile it is socially acceptable for men to fuck as many women he considers "trash" and then settle down with a virgin stacy.

What world do you live in? Obviously I agree the social/physical (pregnancy) repercussions of casual sex are harsher for women but some older man after having a slew of casual relationships expecting a ‘virgin Stacy’ would be a laughing stock to any woman and most men outside of manosphere online spaces. Normal men find virgin women older than 20 pretty weird anyway it’s not particularly a desirable thing and it’s even a dealbreaker for some of them. I feel like so much of what women say about ‘men‘ here is often only applicable to like men on /r9k/ and sound like they’ve never met a man irl in their life.

No. 627161

Yeah normie women do get Shat on for having standards if they are what society deems as "perfect"(light skin, in shape, average looking or above). My friend is overweight and plenty of men tell her she should be appreciative that they were willing to give her the time of day and these arent men shes met online.

No. 627162

> Omg my bf is so perfect and I adore him except for the teeny tiny fact that he beats me/calls me a dumbass
I was in group therapy years back and I learnt that this is what CSA victims grow up to be. If the abuse is anything lesser than the abuse they grew up with… then he's a catch.

No. 627163


No. 627174

Will you stop fucking randomly capitalizing words in the middle of a sentence? Your posting style is recognizable in every thread you post in. Why the fuck do people do this I feel like I'm losing my damn mind

No. 627178

My phone does that automatically and I'm not going to go back and change it because it triggers you hun kek

No. 627187

The brown sauce that Chinese takeout stir fry vegetables come with is really not that good. I don’t mean soy sauce but the gravy-like stuff

No. 627188

>I'm too lazy to not change two words in a sentence so that people don't think I'm a ten year old or horny arab scrote who doesn't understand basic english grammar
I mean okay you do you I guess. I also wouldn't be comfortable having a recognizable posting style on an anonymous image board but I guess some people really are that full of themselves kek

No. 627189

NTA, but I do find that women tend to "put up" with a lot more in relationships. Infidelity for example, married men are more likely to cheat, but also more likely to say it's a dealbreaker if their wife cheats.

My uncle cheated on my aunt when I was a kid, I remember everyone making excuses for him and thinking she was crazy for "giving up their life because of one mistake."

No. 627190

Yeah I get that with my egg foo young and I really don't understand why they want me to eat that. I throw it out and keep the container.

No. 627195

Nta but just because you have a recognizable posting style doesn't mean anyone knows who you are

No. 627196

…Anon, you are irrationally upset over this. Lmao.

No. 627198

Yeah I am too Lazy and why would I care if you can spot my Posting style? What can a You do to me?kek
And you need to work on your self esteem if you can't even handle being disliked on a ANONYMOUS forum.

No. 627202

File: 1599764680919.png (171.39 KB, 600x450, 97_1391225770.png)

i dont know what youre referring to but i am a big fan of that red sauce that looks like candy which you dip chicken balls into

No. 627205

Now it just seems like you’re purposely trying to capitalize random words to be quirky

No. 627206

I looked up the recipe for this once and that sweet and sour sauce is basically ketchup and sugar. Go nuts.

No. 627208

I think she did it to mess with the other anon

No. 627209

File: 1599764940886.jpeg (49.55 KB, 550x385, E55744DC-22BA-420E-B7DF-3574FB…)

Like this crap

No. 627210

WHAT holy crap i had no idea. now that you say that i feel disappointed

No. 627211

To be fair I think they also use pineapple juice, soy sauce, and onion powder in it. Because it taste different than just ketchup and sugar to me

No. 627212

this is usually oyster sauce, soy, chicken broth and corn starch to make it thick.

No. 627215

Yeah, I think I just never liked broth or gravy based sauces

No. 627216

And a bit of vinegar for the tang, but yep, it's mostly a sugar sauce with red dye to make it bright.
Addictive stuff though.

No. 627217

She absolutely did. To be fair I probably deserved it kek

No. 627221

This is mostly bc of the thread that was posted idk if it’s an unpopular opinion in irl because I don’t think I’ve ever had any kind of relationship with someone with bpd but I feel sorry for them and how stigmatised it is

No. 627230

You’re thinking of the red sauce but that anon is talking about the brown sauce

No. 627234

We are talking about the red sauce. Brown sauce ingredients is this post >>627212.

No. 627239

Overweight people can be anorexic.

No. 627243

Yes, but only for so long, as anorexia causes one to lose weight.

No. 627246

File: 1599767070544.jpeg (23.91 KB, 590x248, 1ABBE5C9-B96E-4C43-8BBE-419383…)

It’s kind of hard to find a good picture for what I’m talking about but I love that thing where people have darkness around the edges of their lips and always wished I had it. I didn’t realise it was considered a flaw.

No. 627247

Exactly. There has to be weight decline or they’re lying ie fucking porgy

No. 627262

Oh that’s my bad I got confused about which post you were replying to originally

No. 627268

File: 1599768272034.jpg (28.05 KB, 474x316, pigeon.jpg)

Pigeons are cute

No. 627269

I find them so cute I don’t get why people dislike them

No. 627277

they get in the way and poop everywhere

No. 627280

What are they supposed to do you’re literally in their way too, just walk around them

No. 627288

I love watching pigeons try to navigate busy footpaths and seeing them struggle a little. I struggle in crowds too.

No. 627301

I hate people who hate certain animals, period. Who cares if they get in your way to buy some fancy facial cleanser or to stand in line to Starbucks, they're just trying to survive

No. 627303

what about animals that attack for no reason like geese

No. 627304

They probably have a reason but we just don’t understand it

No. 627306

Pigeons are like the rats of birds and you should feel bad for thinking these disease ridden wastes of space are actually cute.

No. 627308

Rats are cute

No. 627309

Rats are cute so obviously rats of birds would also be cute

No. 627311

tbh I feel like the whole 'geese are crazy and attack you for no reason' is a bit of a stereotype. The only time I've been attacked by a goose was when I was 3 and ran out of bread to feed it but ,by the time I ran out of bread, there was a hoard of geese wanting more, so they chased me whilst my parents laughed

No. 627314

this isn't entirely true. the issue with geese is how territorial they are. my city has a ton of them and it's annoying af unless you're in a big open area of the park.

No. 627315

You're a the reason the planet wants to kill itself

No. 627318

How do dirty animals with diseases help the planet

No. 627338

File: 1599772649880.jpeg (206.48 KB, 1280x720, B05D5499-33CC-45BE-AB81-2E68E0…)

Chick-fil-a is completely overrated.

No. 627347

Nta but you do know people have diseases too? We are spreading an impressively contagious virus these last few months..thanks to planes, packed cruise ships and all that jazz we've spread it across the world like no animal ever could

No. 627348

ok .. the first two times I had it I was confused by the hype. But it's fucking all I want to eat now that I know what to order

No. 627349

I'll never understand how they can eat that much. Do they throw up after? I don't know much about it though.

No. 627354

yeah but no one acts like they're helping the planet

No. 627355

I read somewhere that those infinifat people can eat like 15000 calories in a day, I mean I love food but I don’t understand how that’s even possible

No. 627356

If you had just posted this opinion on it's own, I swear to god I would have gotten into my car and drove to chick fil a because just hearing the name makes me crave it. But with that photo….yeah thank you for sparing my body, I have no appetite now.

No. 627363

If you stuff yourself until you're full, over time your stomach slowly stretches out to the point where you're able to comfortably fit all that food into your stomach cavity without having to retch.

No. 627374

People either coddle and over-defend autistic people, or write them off as complete assholes. I have cousins with autism and everyone around them either babies them and let's them get away with everything OR will secretly call them brats. Why is it always an extreme…. Why not acknowledge they have something wrong with them that makes them behave in certain ways that should be understood or accommodated, while also holding them accountable for changeable behavior and treating them like your average person for the most part. It's exhausting to be around autistic people, not just because of them, but the people around them.

No. 627391

I personally do not give a rat's ass whether or not someone is autistic and I cannot wait for the "everyone has autism" trend to be over.

No. 627392

That's a flaw?

No. 627418

Nta but I saw a post lately defending someone who was being cancelled for whetever and someone was like 'oh but she's not neurotypical' This woman definitely wasn't autistic so I was left confused by what neurotypical actually means in this new context?

No. 627429

>I saw a post lately defending someone who was being cancelled for whetever and someone was like 'oh but she's not neurotypical'
Lmao I remember seeing a bunch of people defending Grimes in an anti-Elon/Grimes thread on Reddit, and the excuse was that Grimes "isn't neurotypical." Like they used that exact same phrasing. Grimes isn't even fucking diagnosed with autism? Imagine people coming to your defense over a disorder they armchair diagnosed you with lmao.

No. 627439

Anyone who is a cult fan/worshipper of a particular fast food place is so weird to me and chick-fil-a and in-n-out always seem to be the ones

No. 627443

I mean, I honestly just really like the food at both restaurants and it's definitely better quality than most fast food joints imo. In n Out in particular is great because they don't charge you and arm and a leg for the burgers.

No. 627495

I like how /co/fags are worth singling out

No. 627522

Seriously, I have no idea why I keep seeing anons say that 18 year old boys are attractive. I don’t think most men “grow” into their looks until their mid twenties (and I mean the ones who have the potential to be attractive, not men who are genetically ugly)

No. 627539

The planet actively kills off plenty of species by itself. Animals are not created equal lol

No. 627587

never usually get into this because it seems genuinely unpopular, but from what i've seen, truly actually genetically blessed + cultured + well groomed, well bathed men (especially in past decades, i feel like younger men today overall look shittier and aren't as "well made" kek) truly do physically look their best in their 30s. i do not like how juvenile men in their 20s, and god forbid literal teenage boys look, plus they are not mentally matured at all typically. a very small amount seem to physically look the best even in their early 40s. but i also think women look the best in their early 30s so it's not that i think uwu old men so hawt women hit the wall XDD i guess i just prefer more chiseled matured faces, more stable people and i'm just not into the overly youthful look on anyone when it comes to being actually sexually attracted to them. i'm also not a teenager so i cannot stomach the thought of finding any 16-19 year olds of any gender "hot" or sexually desirable. and to clarify again, i'm not talking about your typical ugly beerbelly losers, my comments about men strictly apply to above average, aware of their appearance, well educated non hopeless males (which i know are very scarce, but i've seen a few.)

No. 627593

You keep seeing it because people find different things attractive anon

No. 627614

Also because there are a lot of actual teenagers on this board

No. 627621

Because a lot of anons like kpop or anime and guys under the age of 23 fit that aesthetic the most.

No. 627625

20 is peak attractiveness age.. according to me. It's all down to personal taste really.

No. 627631


And also, in regards to women. I find women more attractive when pregnant/after childbirth, whether they're in their 20s or in their 30s. I haven't gauged this opinion anywhere, but I'm guessing it's unpopular.

No. 627679

Yeah I think this is probably why

No. 627700

Asking as someone who had a kid early on this year, my hips got wider, and then my ass got flatter. I have huge cowtits now , i feel like I no longer have a waist and my hair is falling out, i lost my baby weight but I till feel like one thing just wont change. I do like that my limbs aren't all swollen like they were when I was pregnant

No. 627709

im surprised people know what age groups are most attractive in general like where else do people even discuss this lol for me i will see a boy and think they look good but bc im 20+ i would never look at some young kid like that because that’s just weird

No. 627711

I can't explain it, I just feel the larger breasts and wider hips tend to make other women more attractive in my eyes. It's probably on the level of a fetish with this preference, I'm not sure, but it's the way I feel.

It's not all women, but most women that become mothers are more attractive in my eyes after becoming mothers.

No. 627759

people who believe that women don't get aroused by images are fucking stupid. it's totally just a brain difference and def not social pressure and the suppression of women's sexuality /s

No. 627764

The fact that this even needs to be said, that women are capable of having the same sexual responses as men, is insane

No. 627766

yes, this is how i feel too. i hate the argument so much. someone trying to convince me of that recently brought up how playboy tried to make playgirl and it failed but how tf is that even evidence?

No. 627770

I know it's mostly zoomers here who may not know, but that's not the best example since Playgirl's primary audience was gay men, lmao.

No. 627775

If women weren't visual, yaoi wouldn't exist, and Tik Tok e-boys would have no female fans.
It's a cope by/for ugly men and women with low standards babying them.

No. 627787

File: 1599804268737.jpg (50.81 KB, 456x294, download (11).jpg)

Chicken is boring. I don't understand why it's so popular.

No. 627794

Chicken is only good when it's breaded or fried

No. 627797

Chicken is the best in noodle or rice dishes, boring on it's own and inferior to other meats in burgers, pizza, etc.

Though I do love roast chicken with bbq sauce on white bread and butter.

No. 627800

File: 1599806604218.jpg (61.86 KB, 768x512, header-72-768x512.jpg)

Lobster meat should be served without the shell. It's too much of a hassle to cut/tear open the carcass and dig out the meat.
It's also sad to see its eyes staring up at you from the plate :(.

No. 627803

it's healthy and can be covered in delicious sauces, and it will fill you up more than said delicious sauces.

No. 627805

I've been wondering about this too. I don't see any difference between men and women when it comes to visual arousal.

No. 627834

When you're lesbian people do expect you be visual though.

Seems to just be a way for men to say "see I don't need to groom myself or diet, she wants me just the way I am and doesn't even care about me looking good for her"

No. 627835

The "women aren't visual!!!" meme is made by men so that they wouldn't feel bad when women find their "Double Fisting My Step Mother" porn disgusting or ever demand anything visually pleasing to themselves.

No. 627838

The "men are visual creatures, women aren't, it's just nature" was always bullshit and nothing but a way for men to manipulate women into thinking that they should accept them looking like unwashed ogres.

No. 627842

it's a real shame when side characters are way more interesting than the MC or main cast and it's even worse if the main only served as the writers self inserts for whatever the genre is

No. 627862

If you sneeze and don’t cover your face while doing so, fuck you, seriously. I’ve caught the flu way too many times because of retards that won’t cover their fucking faces and yeah, even if there doesn’t seem to be anybody around, you might leave your filth there like a fucking asshole, making a person catch your germs when they were just passing by and minding their own fucking business.

And just in case, cover your face when you cough or sneeze, bitch ass.

No. 627864

Sometimes I think an author will start with the side characters and then think “these might not be that relatable not likable on their own” so then they add the blank space mc in order to let readers self-insert as the mc and “interact” with the cool side characters.

No. 627874

I haven't had a cold or flu since covid kicked off, would usually have a couple of cold like illnesses in that time. The higher hygiene standards have been nice at work. Like can we keep some of that up post-covid?

No. 627892

I feel like this is true of 90% of mainstream media - Buffy is the only MC that I can think of whom was better than the side characters. MCs have to appeal to broad strokes and generally will be the character the audience is supposed to project onto, but writers and illustrators/animators can take more risks side characters and villains.

No. 627893

I remember saying to my family after getting sick way too often two years ago, to the point where it costed me jobs I even passed out in the middle of a job interview in the phone, then I woke and threw up the entire following week week that it would be nice to wear masks like in Asian countries so I wouldn't have to catch 309787690987 viruses from costumers and people in public transport and they looked at me like I had two heads.

The majority of people are disgusting, and I always hated how it's encouraged to send your kids to school even if they're sick or to force employees to go to work even if they work in restaurants and manipulate food with their disgusting hands all day long.

No. 627955

If talking about anime is allowed then talking about kpop should be too. Not even a kpopfag, but it's only fair tbh.

No. 627957

Anime threads aren't full of underage twitterfags sperging about idols being ugly and fat. Leave.

No. 627958

But they had their containment threads and never really ventured outside of them so I don't see the issue. Maybe it's just because kpop and anime are in the same category in my head.

Also, the yaoi thread is cringey enough to be on the same level as the kpop threads to me honestly.

No. 627965

This reminded me of my ex and his weirdly relaxed attitude to spreading vomiting bugs. I woke up one Xmas morning a few years back and said goodbye to him as he was heading to his parents house with his son to celebrate the holidays. I had planned on going to see my own family but within an hour of waking I was hit with the worst stomach bug I've ever had. Spent Xmas day and two more days after that alone and camped out on the bathroom floor unable to even keep water in me. Both ends, glorious. I texted him to let him know and for the first day he somehow read that description and thought I was exaggerating and that I simply had anxiety type nausea??

After a couple days he was due to come home bringing the son too and I told him I was still very symptomatic and afraid I was contagious. I advised he stay with his parents a couple more days and said I'd disinfect everything in our apartment once I was feeling better and before his return…but nope he came home early with the son. The three of us shared one bathroom.. he even took a long shower one day and let me nearly knock the door down in desperation before he came out

His son (12) woke up with pain in his stomach the next morning and rather than heading to the bathroom he came in to wake us up, tell us about it and then he proceeded to projectile vomit all over our bed. The next day he was still having symptoms but felt well enough to go out to a cafe and an arcade with the dad…? The day after that he had symptoms still and the dad dropped him back to his moms house where his other siblings including a 3 year old all caught it and were in bits for a week. I have no idea why it's so hard to just prevent spreading something like a stomach bug in particular. Stay home and let it fucking pass. Who even wants to risk public vomiting or shitting yourself? I was happy to isolate myself for a week and see it through alone

No. 627974

Your ex is so fucking stupid holy shit. The reason why I failed this job interview was also because of a stomach bug, when I finally managed to go to the doctor because I was worried about passing out again in public before that she tried to tell me it was also anxiety, then when I gave her more info about my symptoms she tried to argue I was definitely pregnant so there was no need for me to be on a sick leave. Despite me being a turbo virgin. I had to argue with her for 20 minutes so she could test me like I was in a cop show and the test took less than a minute and showed I had a stomach bug and THEN she said that oh, actually yes there is an epidemic right now in our city. She was going to send me back to work where I would have contaminated hundreds of people in just one day.

No. 627980

Anecdotal experience here but before covid (mandatory masks everywhere), I was getting sick at my office job at least once a month. A particularly annoying senior woman in the cubicle next to mine was always sniffling and claiming "allgeries" but I was always getting sick.

Ever since masks, I haven't been sick in several months since. Dare I say,the best streak in my adult life. Miss lady at work mysteriously doesn't seem to be suffering allergies anymore, and she also was moved to a position where she's basically hardly at her cubicle now. Hmm. People are germy and nasty. I dread covid being over and everyone goes back to bad habits.

No. 627985

Even if covid is over some day Ii'll keep wearing masks, I don't give a fuck if people will look at me like I'm an alien from outer space anymore. I actually got very sick and thought I'd die during the global mask shortage because I had to still buy food and go to work and it's very likely it was covid, never again.

No. 627987

They have to be boring because any MC with actual flaws is considered too "unrelatable" or "unlikable"

No. 627989

Right before the kpop threads were locked, there was an influx of twitterfags shitting up the threads with more autism and nitpicking than usual. Whether they stayed in their containment threads or not, I think admin/mods didn’t want to put up with a bunch of underage newfags. I agree with you though, pretty much every thread here has its own flavor of spergs, so why are some threads condemned while others aren’t?

No. 628020

>pretty much every thread here has its own flavor of spergs, so why are some threads condemned while others aren’t?
I think it's just cause kpop is seen as a juvenile interest, plus the koreaboos. Although, that could be said about other threads here, like the husbandos and toy threads for example.

No. 628024

koreaboos are more annoying than those other groups and attract more twitter users. Artfags are a close second

No. 628055

Fashion is currently basically a competition to dress as ugly as possible.

No. 628058

I can't help but cringe when someone calls herself a dyke instead of lesbian, or even has it in their username/profile. To me it sounds the same as someone with internalized misogyny calling themselves whore/cunt/slut/other insults men love so much.

No. 628059

No. 628062

Eh the anime, husbando, and toy threads are rarely active, meanwhile there would be like ten kpop threads made in just one month. Not really comparable imo

No. 628094

lmao I personally like it. I's very low effort and laid back

No. 628116

Are you the sperg who constantly invades the fujo thread to bitch about how much she hates BL? Sorry your oppa gossip threads got taken away but just accept the L and go.

This. The autism toned down remarkably since the k-pop threads got removed.

No. 628129

The only people I see calling themselves "dykes" are greasy cumbrained transbians trying to desperately prove how much of a gay ass lesbian!!!! they are. No exceptions.

No. 628131

The Korean gradient lip trend looks unflattering on literally everyone

No. 628132

Yeah I'm not a dyke, I'm a pussy faggot

No. 628152

god yes it only looks pretty on dolls, on humans it looks disgusting

No. 628153

Agreed. It makes you look like you have severely chapped lips.

No. 628168

The Cuties movie is very well made, and describes a reality that most people have their heads in the sand about, especially in France amongt young immigrant girls where it's either hypersexualisation from a young age or rigorist religious thinking. None of the sexual scenes re shown with any indulgence.

Who gives a shit about pedos jerking off and watching on mute ? These degenerates can jerk off to literally any depiction of children. If the movie, even by the controversy it caused, can alert parents and the public on this issue, then it was worth making it.

No. 628173

>who gives a shit about pedos jerking off and watching on mute?

cease to breathe

No. 628174

I like emilie autumn

No. 628176

The problem is the way Netflix marketed it when they picked it up. Kinda like how all the Russian Lolita books have a cover of her crying while the American version has the Lana Del Rey album inspiration

No. 628177

Absolutely agree. You have to be an absolute braindead buffoon to watch the trailer and NOT realize it was meant to criticize the hypersexualization of young girls and display the experiences immigrant girls have when their conservative culture clashes with the secular, western mainstream culture of their new home country. The Netflix poster was made in bad taste for sure but that's on them. Pedos can jerk off to fucking commercials with kids and people didn't get this outraged over Dance moms which you could argue is way more damaging and offensive than this movie could ever be.

No. 628185

You say this like people don't hate Toddler in Tiaras, Dance Moms, and all those other disgusting exploitative real life pedo traps and speak out against them. They're just not the topic of conversation right now. Adults are still the ones sexualizing those children, much like they're sexualizing the children in this movie, even if the "point" is about "protecting innocence" and how girls' youth and innocence is often robbed from them. Yeah, we see that. In one such form it's called Cuties lol.

No. 628188

File: 1599852657718.png (200.46 KB, 3500x3500, twitter-logo-1-1.png)

No. 628192

I don't have or give a shit about twitter, I just think seeing children twerk is sickening. Die on your hill tho, pedo.

No. 628198

File: 1599852981752.jpg (10 KB, 270x275, baito.jpg)

No. 628211

I really want to watch the movie because I feel like I could very easily relate to this whole situation, since I'm French but my whole family is North African and Muslim, especially since the director is also a Muslim woman born and raised in France but from a Senegalese family. I'm not from the same generation as the main characters I still grew up on the internet. Maybe if the format were different there wouldn't have been a controversy because no underage actresses would have been involved? Kind of like how Lolita is a novel that got several movie adaptations later on.

No. 628212

Idk why people are so autistic about it, it's about something that is absolutely real and happening right now, I thinks it's important to tell those kind of stories.

No. 628246

I don't like it when artists do those really high pitched aAaAaAaAahhhh~~'s (idk what they're called). I mean I get they wanna show they can do these impressive high notes but it just doesn't sound good or interesting to me, especially when it's all they do. Quiet/calmer vocals are underrated I guess.

No. 628249

Yeah the Netflix marketing was awful, but I dislike how it's being extended to the whole movie.

Your lack of reading comprehension is showing, that or you're horrifyingly naive.

Not bait, just a French woman who's tired of good old (American ?) puritanism that'd rather sweep these societal subjects under the rug rather than acknowledge them and try to make a difference.

Intelligent anons, thank u

It's pretty good, very "modern French film about the suburbs". Am also French and have NA family, I couldn't really relate to the subject matter because I was raised in completely different circumstances (and with good role models) so spending so much time on the Internet didn't fuck me up too much. But it's crazy to think how slightly different circumstances could have led me on this path. It makes me think of Zahia, I was 11 when her story happened and it really shocked and fascinated me.

Et coucou je suis toujours contente de voir des fermières (mdr) françaises !

No. 628254

Meant to quote >>628177 too

No. 628255

I miss tempcow. :((emoji use)

No. 628257

>I thinks it's important to tell those kind of stories.
Not like that.

No. 628259

I am not any of those anons but my main criticism of the movie is that the director felt the need to provide too many visuals to add shock value to the movie. all of those shock value scenes are very easy to use in place of better storytelling or narrative and just show that she's a poor director. it's basically the equivalent of a rape scene, it's useless and spoonfeeds the audience into understanding that x is bad. i also think the scenes needed to be more viscerally uncomfortable.

No. 628265

>it was meant to criticize the hypersexualization of young girls
If this was the point of the film, why are they paying children to recreate those awful situations so it can be recorded and broadcast across the internet?

No. 628268

>Your lack of reading comprehension is showing, that or you're horrifyingly naïve

I can read just fine, and I meant what I said. I literally do not give a shit what high praises you want to give this movie, pedos die and pedo peddlers die too.

>Who cares if…

Fucking disgusting. All of your other points are moot.

No. 628270

Because it's REAL anon. The people have to KNOW and there's no way to KNOW if they don't SEE the tween crotches and twerking on the big screen. Get a clue. /s

No. 628279

I never grew up in banlieues but my parents were always incredibly strict, if I told them in primary school I was hanging out with male classmates during recess they'd lose their shit and my father would call me and my sisters whores sometimes for no reason. They're not even extreme Muslims, they're just weird about girls just living their lives in a normal way.

I was always aware of how fucked up the internet is because I grew up with teachers warning us about very real issues like how giving too much info about your personal life and real identity can get you in trouble with stalkers, pedophiles, and later on with you bosses at work but I was such a dumb repressed teen I learned English just so I could read super vulgar slash fics and talk to other nerds on livejournal. Now the internet is so normalized that kids and teenagers don't receive that education anymore, I guess it's up to totally clueless parents to teach them online etiquette and how to stay safe.

I don't know if I will 100% relate to the main characters but with how little accurate and respectful representation French girls and women of African origins get in French media I don't care anymore, I want to see more stuff about us. Putain ça y est, je parle comme une SJW maintenant mdr…

>who's tired of good old (American ?) puritanism

I'm sick of Americans complaining that a French-Senegalese woman talks about her religion and past experiences in a movie that was made for a French audience specifically like it should be applied to them.

No. 628284

100gecs and related music is for people who weren't around to get (rightfully!) bullied for making that kind of horrible garbage and posting it on their myspace

No. 628288

File: 1599859673136.jpg (111.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


100gecs is fucking terrible even from an annoying synthpop view, that troon can't sing for shit, I think they probably know alot of people in the indie music circle to have gotten this much clout.


I bet 50 dollars the tranny is a rapist.

No. 628289

>Being this dense
What do you even say to this level of butt for brains? Do you get this worked up over movies showing family abuse or children getting killed too? Or is it just the sexual shit? Use that energy to be appalled that this is such a widespread issue that a female director needed to make a movie about it to draw more attention to it, not that someone is speaking up. Sure you could've made a documentary but you reach way more people with on a much grander and intense scale with an emotional story than just filming a bunch of interviews nobody wants to see because that's ~boring~ to the popcorn munching audience.

No. 628292

I didn't know one of them was trans and I don't mean to be rude but I sincerely can't tell which one is. They look dirty and the fact that they make music for edgy 13 year olds puts them both on my rapist radar

No. 628293

If this is the accurate and respectful representation you want in French media then berets off to you girl

No. 628294

Wow anon you are stupid and gross.
Documentaries work great at not continuing the exploitation of the underage subject… Plus there's no need to audition 650 kids for such a role

'surviving R kelly' was not a dramatization because that would be undeniably fucked up and counter productive.
Why isn't this obvious?!

No. 628295

Honest question: are you autistic or underage?

No. 628296

“Popcorn munching audiences” aren’t going to sit and watch an intense emotional movie about hypersexualization of childhood because it’s uncomfortable and not enjoyable. Might as well tell real stories and not have to have children making vulgar, pedobait displays to get the point across. Violence, adult sexual abuse, rape/sexploitation films and “disturbing cinema” as a genre involve depictions of adults who know what they’re portraying. There are other ways to tell these stories without putting actual children in inappropriate hypersexual situations. Mute the movie and watch them dance though ♥

No. 628297

Is this your only comeback kek

No. 628306

The first time I saw a comment about them it said they were both trans (a mtf and ftm) and I didnt think twice about it kek

No. 628307

I haven't actually seen the the movie, but this post and the responses agreeing with you are nowhere near as spergy and stupid-sounding as those disagreeing. I'm inclined to say you're probably right about everything and I'm interested in watching it now.

No. 628309

I haven't watched the movie yet though, I would like to see it to make my own opinion but there's no way I'm going to theaters now when covid cases are even higher than during the lockdown. And I don't use netflix. Usually when French film makers want to raise awareness about some social issue they just put a famous white actor or actress in blackface, film some incredibly unfunny "comedic" scenes and then the protagonist goes like "aw I guess being racist is bad after all!" so I want to see if it's going to be more serious than that sort of shit as well.

Pretty sure it's not a documentary but just a movie with a fictional story. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

No. 628310

File: 1599861364154.jpg (166.11 KB, 1200x1195, 1200px-Is_this_me_mental_disor…)

BDD fags are worse than BPD ones.

They keep fishing for compliments and asking about their appearance but if you say one thing thats not positive they will start bawling about how ugly they are and that they should kill themselves because they are so ugly, and then you need to tell them they are oh so gorgeous for like three hours.

BPD bitches at least are fun at parties.

No. 628311

Child sex abuse does not need to be entertaining and have mass market appeal. I hope you were trying to imply something else because that is just fucking sick.

No. 628313

The wig trend is so stupid and doesn’t work for most people. Even some good quality wigs look terrible and noticeable. Women who have mastered it are one thing, but clearly not everyone has or is going to. Every time I’ve seen a trendy wig (ie pastel, bright or multicolored, super long, ombré) irl it’s been clockable.

No. 628316

People are too quick to assume that anybody who is abusive has a personality disorder. When it comes to personality disorders, the behavior should be the same across all contexts, not just one or a few. As in, your "narcissistic" ex should treat everybody just as poorly as he treated you in order to truly be a narcissist. If that isn't the case, then he's probably just a big bitch with unaddressed mommy issues, I'm sorry to say.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to excuse abuse, but I'm so goddamn sick of arm chair psychologists and cheesy online life coaches going around claiming that anyone who has ever been through an abusive relationship is dealing with a narcissist or a psychopath. Butthurt men who claim their "crazy" ex-gfs had BPD are no better.

No. 628317

>but this post and the responses agreeing with you are nowhere near as spergy and stupid-sounding as those disagreeing
This, lmao. I've noticed the anons who are militantly against the film are incredibly spergy.

No. 628318

I tend not to trust anyone who is militantly against anything kek

No. 628320

I thought this about the trailer but then I watched the movie on netflix and some scenes are a bit questionable- like twerking on a security guard so he'd let them past.

I don't think it was meant to sexualize kids and I don't think their target audience was pedos but in a sad turn of events it's kinda gone that way.

I feel really bad for the girls in it, not only have they been shoved in the centre of an entirely inappropriate debate about sexualization of minors but they've pretty much lost their acting careers now. Poor gals just wanted to be movie stars and now this has happened to them.. I think they're going to be very angry when they're teenagers and realise what's been done to them.

No. 628322

Imagine that there are consequences of putting actual children in these situations before they’re able to decide/understand what the consequences will be. Weird.

No. 628325

I agree with the opinion but the example with the narcissistic ex is shit as narcissists can be very charming to many people but shitty to a particular person (especially partners). They need the majority of people to think they’re great so they’re usually not going to abuse everyone. Also they have to be careful in picking their victims as many people will tell them to fuck off and induce their narc meltdowns

‘Narcissistic’ doesn’t necessarily equate to saying someone has NPD though, it’s not intrinsically linked to the mental illness like saying “they’re so OCD” is

No. 628329

you are not alone. I do too but shes so boring nowadays

No. 628337

BPD bitches are BDD bitches.

No. 628340

File: 1599865475639.jpg (50.4 KB, 540x369, 1555434872438.jpg)

No. 628353

Replying late but no I'm not and I didn't read the thread thoroughly enough to even know what you're talking about. I also don't use the kpop threads so…I don't know what this whole response is about.
My point wasn't about who's thread is more active or who's more annoying.

No. 628358

that IS bpd. I have bdd and I am not like this

No. 628362

No. 628367

You have a point. Apparently NPD can actually be hard to peg because some are very covert like that and able to mask their behavior around some people and not others. I've just always had a hard time believing that type truly constitutes a personality disorder, as typically the person is so out of touch with themselves and unable to control their behavior that it affects their relationships with everyone.

No. 628368

Are you saying the ends justifies the means in this situation? It's not okay to sexualize and exploit these girls because it's going to make so many more people "woke" to their hypersexualization?
>let's show how bad sexualizing kids is by sexualizing kids

In movies involving family abuse or murder, the children are acting and not actually getting abused and murdered. These girls are actually being sexualized.

No. 628378

The story itself was fine but the directing is not. There was no reason for the girls to pat their vaginas or the camera crudely shoot into their asses. I feel like people are getting more retarded by the day with this shit.

No. 628379

Why the fuck do Frenchfags keep taking the moral high ground here and pretend its hyper-paranoid Americans being crazy about it like you lot aren't some of the most perverted people in all of Europe? It's honestly ridiculous to see Frenchfags weasel themselves out of this.

Plus Black American and Latin American girls face similar issues to ones North African and West African migrant girls would. Stop.

No. 628388

not to mention usa has west and north african immigrants…

No. 628444

kek in general anons who feel fine about this movie like >>628317 are embarassing

we all understand the issue but this is not the way to do this. the girls are being sexualized after the idea is to not sexualize… and sure its acting, but to think this wont effect them psychologically at least is retarded

No. 628463

yeah, there are ways of talking about the sexualization of little girls in our societies without creating fap material for the sickos. For example Lovecraft Country conveys pretty well how disturbing and horrifying racism is without showing us people being lynched.

No. 628488

People who post selfies on social media are attention seekers and probably also narcissistic

No. 628492

File: 1599886166419.jpeg (42.94 KB, 543x565, F1DFCDA0-A648-4E82-B390-6B6C18…)


you think 3/4 of the people who use social media are full blown narcissists?

No. 628494

And the sky is blue.

No. 628495

You could really say this about…anyone. I could say this about you for posting this opinion on unpopular opinions. Humans are naturally in need of validation and attention.

No. 628504

File: 1599889120352.jpg (377.89 KB, 750x874, 1599871959909.jpg)

I agree seeing that these acts are in the movie. I'm not sure how anons can defend this. I suppose the director of Cuties wanted to spread a positive message but making borderline child porn is not the way to do that.

No. 628506

laura from 100 gecs is probably super milky, on his instagram his gf is a troon too. it's also really creepy how dylan brady changed his look to mimic laura

No. 628527

The female breast is not of one of the little girls, it's an older teenager who's in another dance group, btw.

No. 628539

Sometimes shock value does work. The movie is both incredibly uncomfortable to watch and very relatable and true to life. It shows why and how hypersexualization is attractive to little girls, especially from this social class, while still condemning it and showing how damaging it is. What did you want ? Tasteful fade-to-blacks when they are dancing ? The director got her idea from the movie seeing little girls dancing like that. Not including it in the movie makes no sense.

No. 628540

Yeah I know how this sounds but… we had so much better, more authentic garbage music a decade ago.

No. 628541

I feel bad for the young actresses who can't comprehend what exactly this movie is supposed to stand for and have absolutely no idea how this is going to affect them as they get older.

No. 628543


I wouldn't say all of them are, but I've always found the idea of posting countless photos of your face really weird, especially for the people viewing it. Like we already know what you look like, so how are we supposed to be react? I've always found it cringey when they do those videos of them posing in front of the mirror and making faces like they're in a fashion magazine - that's the type of shit you do in private. It's embarrassing to post it online for thousands of strangers to see. Like come on, have some dignity.

On a related note, my dad referred to selfies as "selfish" the other day lmao. He didn't do it on purpose either because his English isn't good

No. 628545

You lost me at "people who post selfies." That's like 98% of all personal social media pages. If you're referring specifically to influencers who have literally made a career out of spamming followers with their over-filtered faces 3-5x a day, then yeah, you're probably not far off.

No. 628547

File: 1599897806661.jpg (165.46 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20200912-180329__01…)

This is an anon from the vent thread. Anyone confirm this is the content of the movie? If so I'm embarrassed anons are defending it.

No. 628553

If people stopped sperging so hard about Cuties, far fewer people would even be watching it.
At first, I had no interest because it looks like "vaguely inappropriate, but probably mostly well-intentioned, usually European coming-of-age/drama/black comedy film about why growing up sucks" #105839593, and I've kind of grown out of movies like that, but the constant arguing about it back and forth on literally every website makes me wonder if it's worth giving a chance, at least to form my own opinion and see if it's really something different.

No. 628561

Ketchup is trash unless it's being mixed with something else to make a different sauce, like for bbq or meatloaf. Honey mustard, mayo and ranch + bbq sauce (mixed) are superior.

No. 628562

Well that's probably just you to be honest. Most people hear that a movie has disturbing depictions of children and decide to not watch it.

No. 628563

Exactly, first I was like "ew, no, I'm not watching that" but now that E V E R Y O N E is watching it and talking about it, I'm kinda considering it too since I also want to join in on the conversation.

No. 628564

>Movie about disturbing social trends that encourage inappropriate and damaging beahaviors shows disturbing imagery and inappropriate and damaging behaviors

>hOW caN YaLl DeFeNd THis???

No. 628570

I mean, considering literally everyone else is talking about it and arguing about their interpretations of it, I don't think it's just me, lmao.
I heard it was at the front page of Netflix or something. That didn't come from nowhere. Like, what is this incessant need to lend free, daily advertising to something disturbing? Can't you just report it and go? If Netflix didn't want to remove it after multiple complaints, people were still given like half a month or something to forget about it, spam it with shitty reviews on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes and let it fade into obscurity and fail (as it should, if it's so disturbing), but they're still going. Spamming everywhere. Why do this? Do you actually support that kind of thing?

No. 628571

It's not you anon. I just saw Ready to Glare's Insta story about her watching it drinking vodka and I was instantly like "hmmm, should I watch it too?"

No. 628572

I hope you realize the issue isn't that they're talking about the over-sexualization of girls. Movies and tv shows don't have to show the exact things that are happening, a good movie should know how to use implication. The children in that movie shouldn't have been used like that, imo.
I just assumed most people got their information about the movie from plot summaries given by other people. I see what you mean about people giving it free publicity, but I think that's just the nature of the internet, if that makes sense. When something controversial happens, a lot of people talk about it. It will go away soon. Also, wasn't the movie released in France first, if so it makes sense Americans would be talking about it now.

No. 628573

I think there can be valid criticism of the movie and how the film was made, but not if you actually haven't seen the movie and are just pearl-clutching. You can't understand a movie by jus watching the two scenes on Twitter.

I can see how some people thought the movie was too indulgent. Many of the dancing scenes are filmed like a music video, with the lingering shots, etc. But especially in the last scene, it's clearly interspaced with shots of the young actresses not being in control of the situation, and that juxtapostion creates the discomfort in the viewer in a very explicit way and I think convey the message extremely well. The actresses are brilliant and the whole movie rests on their shoulders.

If you want to know how the young actresses were treated, they were all followed by a psychologist and had numerous discussions about hypersexualization with the director, according to her. Also the actresses are teens, not pre-teens.

No. 628575

I hope no creeps and pedos start harassing the girls on social media and in real life because of this.

No. 628576

I completely understand your point, and I'm sure the actual movie was shot in a way to convey the message, but I still think it's inappropriate. Like, if you saw vid related, would you think it's in any way ok for girls to be doing this? It's no different when the actresses do it just because the movie is semi-fictional.
>Also the actresses are teens, not pre-teens.
That doesn't make it better, it's still gross when teens do it.

No. 628577

Yes let's hope so too. I've only read about the main actress (Fathia Youssouf) but from her interview she seems very well adjusted and with a supportive family. I also hope the actresses' personal situations was taken into account in the casting.

Also I think people here are greatly exaggerating how explicit the movie. It really is no worse than 99% of Tik Tok.

No. 628580

I mean I guess I can see the argument that no matter the context, this is wrong, but honestly.. This IS how many young girls behave today, this is how the shoot their choreography and put it on Youtube, this is the kind of shit that happens… So I really have a hard time mustering outrage over actresses doing it for a movie that clearly denonces it.

No. 628587

Calm down SpongeBob text tard, I was asking a question. Anything with 10 year old crotch shots and twerking on fully grown men is nonsensical to defend. You can make a movie bringing these issues to light without exploiting children further.

I agree to some extent. It doesn't make it right ofc, but it's normalised. I think the issue comes in when it's adults putting children in this position under the guise of awareness. If they're simply inept when it comes to handling the topic delicately, they still have to accept responsibility.

No. 628588

calzones kinda suck

American-Italian and American-Mexican food get kinda boring after a while. Just the same 5 ingredients put together in different ways. It still tastes good, but c'mon give us a little twist, a little excitement.

No. 628609

No. 628621

I'm this anon, just got back from watching it.
The biggest problem with Cuties is that men are able to watch it, IMO. All the issues stem from the fact that pedophiles are getting off to it either way, ignoring the message and intent. I "understood" it, and some parts hit close to home emotionally and culturally, but it's just not something that can be shown to a wide audience.
The story also leaves a lot of loose ends, outside of everything else.

No. 628625

I think it's very disrespectful when people in relationships openly discuss each others types especially when that type is different than their partner.
Whenever I see a post that does along the "my boyfriend has this friend/favourite celebrity/streamer and s/he is totally his type" or "I'm asian but my gf prefers black women" I can't help but think it's a bit toxic.
Idk maybe I'm insecure but I'd hate to look at someone and have the thought of my partner finding them more attractive in the back of my mind.

No. 628627

I think there’s no point to being in a romantic relationship unless it’s maddening borderline psychotic eros

No. 628632

I tease my bf for liking white girls, it doesn't really bother me (I am hispanic) but then we didn't really like each other at first and we were pretty good friends before we got together or started liking one another. To each their own. I don't think it's weird to have preferences as long as they re not gross and fetish like if a White girl talked about bbc in front of her white bf or a guy talking about yellow fever shit in front of his black gf, those people are weirdoes and shouldnt even be with anyone imo.

No. 628634

Calzones are dank, take it back anon

No. 628642

There had to be at least one such reply, predictable.
Pizzas have more whiteknights than any other food.

No. 628643

>Plus Black American and Latin American girls face similar issues to ones North African and West African migrant girls would. Stop.
I think we all know that, but it's annoying when you can barely see yourself in media and pop culture so the closest thing is watching movies and TV shows about other people in another continent with many small but important differences just because you can draw a parallel. And French people in general has a love-hate relationship with the USA, it's really nothing personal. On twitter the main complaint from French people I've seen in the whole controversy around Cuties is that Americans have mini-miss contests and if anything they should be able to draw parallels between the movie and their own pop culture instead of shitting on the movie like that shit doesn't happen in both countries. Let's be real, both countries have flaws when it comes to how children are treated.

I heard there's barely any north africans in the USA and they're technically considered white because of some census bullshit so if they face discrimination they can't legally do shit about it. I think there are way more of them in Canada, especially in the French speaking part of the country, but that's just according to a few Canadian friends. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

No. 628647

Unironically this.
When I hear people saying they settled with some random person I'm like, why.

No. 628669

Zombie movies are lame and cringy.

The only zombie movie I ever enjoyed was the first Zombieland because it's a parody of zombie movies.

No. 628672

File: 1599914710152.gif (1.13 MB, 360x202, anigif_sub-buzz-10878-14981600…)

No. 628674

pin curl and roller sets are the superior way to curl hair and should have never gone out of fashion

No. 628680

Because it's responsible yet cosy. There's a great deal of sunk cost fallacy of when it takes so long to find someone who you feel comfortable living with, who you can be yourself around without being annoyed by them, share all the chores, enjoy hanging out and have the option of sex but when it works it frees you up to focus on other areas of your life like your career and hobbies.
Psychotic eros like >>628627 sounds really good but I could too easily let everything else slip chasing it

No. 628698

as you get older, stability becomes more important than passion or excitement. I'm not saying you should settle for someone you don't get on with or have no feelings for at all, but you'll be surprised how your priorities for what you need from a relationship change when you age.

No. 628703

yes! theyre so much better than using heat to curl your hair.

>softer, fluffier, more natural looking curl pattern

>less damaging
>lasts much longer, if you take care of it properly it can last for up to a week
>also, since it lasts so long, it overall takes much less time than having to curl your hair with heat every single day/every other day

No. 628704

There’s a reason we stopped using those, they take too long

No. 628705

my hair type needs heat for curls or they fall out. i remember my grandma using those with an old dome hairdryer and she'd sit under it for almost 2 hours.

No. 628706

because its good and typically the people who say otherwise eat shit pizza like pizza hut or little caesars

No. 628716

Pizza is the Ninth Best Thing in general according to people who voted in this video, and the top Thing among all Food.

The Best Thing is sleep.
(It totally is.)

No. 628804

all white sauces make me vom

No. 628832

Mignonnes is a good coming-of-age movie and whoever watched it and thought it was erotic/sexy has some sort of problem.

No. 628833

Agreed, but there's an entire discussion spanning around 200-something posts about this above your post

No. 628847

You're right, that is an unpopular opinion. Thank fuck. I'm glad pedos are in the minority.

No. 628852

We heard you the first ten times you said it, anon. Consider taking a break, you've been in this thread for about 2 days now.

No. 628854

This, honestly you have to be completely stupid not to understand what this movie is trying to denounce

No. 628869

Even if its making commentary on society there are still little girls playing the role.

No. 628942

Okay but why did they have to cast actual 11 year olds? For high school movies that are also 'coming of age' we're used to seeing older actors and actresses who are usually 18+ and no one ever thinks their maturity isn't convincing or detracts from the message of those movies.
>whoever watched it and thought it was erotic/sexy has some sort of problem
Welcome to the predatory world of male pedophilia….

No. 628957

I’ve had pizza in Italy, nyc, and chicago and it’s all overrated to me, every style

No. 628983

Pizza is only good if the sauce is alfredo sauce, or no sauce at all. Tomatofags BTFO.

No. 628994

File: 1599948438456.jpg (17.71 KB, 316x316, Gmz2ymAs.jpg)

take that back

No. 629009

Adulting is fun

No. 629012

I agree. I hated being a child, I felt like I didn’t have any human rights. I still feel excited daily just about being able to like eat what I want and do wherever I want.

No. 629045

Baked lays chips are better than the original

No. 629048

File: 1599952061983.png (405.09 KB, 358x500, MAMA_MIA.PNG)

Tomato is superior in every way
you're just a pussy

No. 629054

File: 1599952224349.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.73 KB, 500x669, mfw.jpg)

>eating tomatoes
>thinking tomatoes taste good

No. 629062

File: 1599952555006.jpg (16.79 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

No. 629071

File: 1599952828720.jpeg (32.62 KB, 474x557, FCF27A2D-BC02-45F6-9047-3BD7A9…)

silence, tastelet

No. 629105

File: 1599954328250.jpg (1.17 MB, 1440x2386, 20200912_194552.jpg)

Most men if not all men are pedophiles.

No. 629130

"she still believed in santa in their honeymoon" this makes me so fucking sad… how can someone marry a literal child like this? how don't they feel like monsters?

No. 629136

Most men feel a sense of entitlement to everything so it absolves them of guilt. If you feel you can and should take whatever you want it's hard to feel guilt.

No. 629164


No. 629192

Tyler the creator is annoying and unlikeable and makes bad music

No. 629193

damn anon that really is an unpopular opinion, good luck, hope anons don't dog pile you

No. 629221

Agree except for that song he did with kali uchis, I did like that, though it was mainly because of her. I hated him when he was super popular when he first came out with the raping women shit(I guess goblin? Idrk) Everyone was praising his ass but no. I do not fuck w him

No. 629268

Yeah, I'm tired of him at this point. Same with Joji. I hate that sad boi shit so much, but teens eat it up.
His fanbase is the worst for sure tho. They were terrible when he started out with the edgelord shit but ever since he went hard with the gay pandering they've gotten worse.

No. 629329

File: 1599970727018.png (138.81 KB, 645x699, infightbingo.png)

Highkey want to take shots with all the infighting going on

No. 629332

Bro i hate seeing scrot, IT'S SCROTE

No. 629354

people that use the kiki theme are powerful psychos

No. 629363

I feel so bad for autistic people on the internet. i kind of wish i could ban them all for their own good. I just finished binge reading the kf thread on wogglebuglover and i'm straight up so sad for her. Girl legit got tricked out of thousands by an actual nigerian scammer. It's like there's low functioning autists who cant even navigate the web, and high functioning autists who more or less are able to behave normally on the internet, but there's this unholy area between these two ends of the spectrum that gives rise to some of the most depressing lolcows ever. The males are generally really creepy and i don't feel bad for them and do laugh at (eg chris-chan), but the others, I can't bring myself to even find them funny. Horror just overtakes any amusement I feel over them.

No. 629366

tbh I feel like this chart and many other weird salty posts were made by a certain baiting anon that's been hanging around /ot/ lately but I'm not gonna press it because I have no proof

No. 629367

Why post this in this thread though?

No. 629371

That's just ot, the same few infighters have been here for the past few years and repeat the exact same phrases when infighting. I don't think they're purposely trying to bait though, I think it's just the typical mental instability of farmers

No. 629376

Id say that anyone that doesn’t use darkcow is insane

No. 629385

Mac and cheese isn't good. It's either gloopy, bloated(macaroni), or dry. Most of the time all three. I would rather eat boxed kraft dinner with extra milk to keep it runny and then smother it in ketchup and hotdog slices.

No. 629386

just say you can't cook anon

No. 629387

>Most men with power and influence are pedophiles
I'm not debating the number wouldn't increase if there was even more powerful men.

No. 629391

Kek. In my own defense I have never made my own mac and cheese because nothing I've ate has ever convinced me too.

No. 629394

Why? I imagine anyone using dark themes to be a computer addicted NEET who stays up all night in a dark, gloomy room and needs a dark theme to save their eyesight. Light themes are for normal people with healthy sleep schedules in well lit rooms.

No. 629407

This is a terrible opinion! How can mac and cheese be dry…too many breadcrumbs? Would also recommend adding mustard and using some mild cheddar for a more complex flavor profile. Absolutely one of my favorite foods.
Although the box stuff where the macaroni is very soft and has this uniform orangey sauce…gross.

No. 629485

Imageboard slang is bad and i cringe a little when I read it here. Scrote is cool tho.

No. 629487

It's backward to make your child pay rent to live with you.
If you don't want them living with you, actually help them find a place to live, and a job. If they're going to uni, there's also no reason not to financially support them. If you don't see having children as a lifelong commitment, you shouldn't reproduce.
The only occasion where it makes sense to kick your kids out is if they're actively destructive, or if they already have enough money to make a living.

No. 629492

No. 629493

I agree but I feel that way for scrote too. All imageboard slang gives me second hand embarrassment but roastie, scrote, hole etc are the worst and I can’t believe they actually caught on and are genuinely used as insults, like are you 9 years old? Imagining the grown adult behind the screen typing them just makes me cringe I feel like I would find that kind of thing immature and embarrassing even coming from like a fourth grader.

No. 629494

I agree with you. My parents didn't want to help me when I was studying despite them promising they would just because they didn't want me to succeed in life (yes, I'm quoting them) but if they did, which was possible back then, I would have left their place years ago.

No. 629498

ew ew ew ew
I think anons here just say scrote because of men calling us roasties and stuff. I still like scrote, but two wrongs don't make a right.

No. 629504

Yeah I think it’s just a reaction to roastie and I don’t think it’s actually harmful or anything the way roastie could be, I just think it’s still extremely embarrassing and I struggle to imagine anyone who’s not underage finding either term amusing. Tbh I think imageboards seem to have a disproportionate amount of people who come off extremely emotionally stunted/immature in general though, so it’s just reflected in the slang/memes that come from them.

No. 629507

Blue, green and purple hair looks disgusting. I have never seen anyone look good in it outside of staged instagram posts. Red can be fine if its a burgundy color.

No. 629509

I agree! I feel unnatural hair colours almost never improve someone’s appearance but I guess some people just like the colour and aren’t doing it to look pretty.

No. 629512

yeah there's definitely a lot of people who do it because they think it's fun, and honestly I think that's kind of cool

No. 629516

Telling a friend that another friend is talking shit about them is a courtesy, not a moral obligation.

No. 629517

It's not though. It looks pretty gross. Saw two girls the other day with green/blue in their hair and it just…does not look good. It adds to the unkempt look.

No. 629518

nothing will ever be worse than twitter slang

No. 629519

Not everyone tries to look nice. Just look at punks or goths (the old school kind)

No. 629542

Ketchup or hot dogs are good in kraft dinner, but not together

No. 629552

File: 1600010851597.jpg (69.14 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

I hate caramelized onions so fucking much. A literal blight on earth, so nasty. I don't like them.

No. 629553

That's ok, you can give them to me.

No. 629558

File: 1600011891210.jpeg (652.66 KB, 828x826, 29A79199-FCE6-4755-9E93-E87D0E…)

Ok this is a staged Instagram post I guess but I think it can look quite nice if only part of the hair is dyed those colors

No. 629559

On the topic of onions, their crunch is so awfully unpleasant to me. It's like biting an eggshell ewww

No. 629561

I think it's pretty, especially when it's perfectly-styled wigs or professional dye jobs. Never understood why/how people would think otherwise.
My first exposure to it was through seeing models, dolls and anime characters and stuff, though. Already-attractive people who just happened to have unnaturally colored hair. I guess if you saw dirty/trashy people with it first, the association with unkemptness and grossness makes more sense.

No. 629562

Unnatural color really makes me feel prettier and more confident, but it is a matter of taste in the end! I had people compliment and insult me alike.

No. 629587

hey, i had a horrible experience with a GP on this subject too. I went in hoping for help with my social anxiety and depression. it was incredibly hard for me to even work up the courage to make the appointment, like it took coaching from my bf and months of build up. she ended up telling me i WASN'T depressed, just straight out told me that. and for my anxiety, she said i should try listening to podcasts. it was so disheartening. it set me waaay back, i haven't even gone back to another doctor yet and it's been like 8 years.

No. 629591

Your first problem is expecting maturity from a website that started as a gossip board

No. 629601

I think Brittany Venti is attractive, I'm still confused as to why some people act like she's horrible looking, maybe acting (I don't follow her) but she's pretty to me, not horrible or weird looking.

No. 629602

I find her very average/slightly below average if we’re solely talking about her appearance.

No. 629604

Skinny people going thrifting and ‘buying up all the plus size clothes’ is such a non existent meme issue. People buying clothes in a bigger size isn’t ‘problematic’ and it’s literally just factually untrue that there’s some huge shortage of plus size clothes in thrift shops. The vast majority of clothes there are bigger sizes, the vast majority of people are fat and therefore most of the donations are of larger sizes.

No. 629606

Yeah she's not ugly. Women that stream/do youtube don't build a following if they're ugly af, unless they're the ugliest thing on earth and then people laugh at them.

No. 629608

Is someone saying this is a problem? Kek why would anyone buy clothes they can't wear?

I guess some people buy clothes to resell them, but that's gotta be a small percentage.

No. 629609

this is fatphobic anon uwu thin people just come in and buy our 5XL clothes so they can look cute and baggy as if big sizes were an aesthetic

No. 629613

I actually do buy large t-shirts to sleep in because they're so comfy

No. 629614

buy whatever you want lol, i wear my graphic t-shirts oversized because fitted ones get distorted by my chest and i hate it so much

No. 629615

>Is someone saying this is a problem?
nta but yes, be thankful you haven't been around enough ~~healthy at every size~~'s to know this. There's people who buy large sizes to downsize/alter and they hate on these people, claiming they're taking their clothes.

No. 629618

Why do fatties never consider that their size is sold out because other fat people buy them out? That issue always seemed fake to me as well, because it is. It's them being angry they didn't get their way and projecting their anger onto skinny women.

No. 629620

Yes, this. Not every woman wants to wear form fitting or skin tight clothes just because they aren't fat.

No. 629629

exactly, im poor, i buy what i can get and sew the rest. also pretty unwoke of them to encourage people thin people to just buy from stores because "those clothes are made for ppl like you!11" instead of thrift when clothing factories are a huge source of pollution and humans rights abuses.

No. 629631

I mean, if they’re so mad about normal sized people buying big sizes, why not just make their own clothes? I’m sure there’s a bunch of stores that sells fabric at decent prices, even on the Internet there’s fabric at decent prices, why not learn how to make their own clothes if they noticed the “problem” with the amount of clothes they can buy?
If they’re not even trying to lose the extra layers of fat, maybe they could learn how to cover them.

No. 629635

There's no reasoning with people who want to be mad and blame others

No. 629636

this is racist and classist as they don't consider the many immigrants from countries in which the average size isn't hamplanet who have to thrift because they can't afford to buy all new and thrifting, altering and sewing is actually part of these people cultures so fat americans going into thrift stores are actually participating in cultural appropriation.

No. 629639

Her face is already kind of gross and unbalanced, and her personality just makes it more absurd. Simps don't care about her face as long as she still has breasts attached to her chest, though, and she knows that very well.
You can't look like the Amerimutt meme and be a mentally ill, racist pick-me. Pick a struggle. Like, at least be on the same level as Doja Cat if you're going to be filling the internet with garbage (I know Brittany's not actually biracial, but she was pushing herself that way for a while, lmao).

No. 629645

lol fatties be crying about every little thing eh? just put in a little effort and you won't be a niche size.

No. 629651

this is ironic right

No. 629653

Aren't the specific girls crying about this the type of HAES slacktivists who buy a shit ton of clothing articles and are sponsored by plus size brands anyway? I've never seen any normal fat women talk about this issue even though it should affect them more in theory.

No. 629662

Nta but it could be used as a nice woke counter argument to make them shut up about their imaginary discrimination.

No. 629687

I’m pretty sure it started from them as an excuse for why they’re exempt from fast fashion criticism but I’ve seen it trickle down to some regular fat people who I’m pretty sure have never even gone thrifting in their life and just wanted something to complain about

No. 629690

I have blue-green hair and I love it, I get a ton of compliments and I feel like it suits me really well, more than any other color I've had. I do think pink and purple hair look trashy on most people though, idk why. I feel like it helps to have a color that blends into your roots? I have very dark brown hair and the transition to the blue-green is pretty seamless. Whenever I see someone with pink hair with blond growing in it just looks like they're balding.

No. 629691

I apologize for the inaccessibility of my post to people on the autism spectrum, I see you and hear you and promise to do better in the future anon

No. 629697

File: 1600029777099.jpg (654.28 KB, 1920x1080, 093324614567906.jpg)

her eyes are too far apart

No. 629721

Hating things because of its fans is dumb tbh. literally everything has retarded fans and there's no way of getting around that besides not interacting with them, or watching/reading things that only 2 other people have heard of.

No. 629743

Joji is extremely self righteous, smug and pretentious and has no talent to show for it (as a musician or entertainer). All of his music is very uninspired and forgettable.

No. 629751

that's why some call her hammerhead, like the shark

No. 629754

I can't stand when other women complain about being pumped and dumped by dudes they met on Tinder/Bumble/etc, or when they post conversations with the dude that end in them "cleverly" rejecting him. Like, you're on a hookup app, what did you expect? I lose a lot of respect for people who pull this shit.

No. 629755

I think purple is okay sometimes, depending on the warmth/depth of the color. But yeah, blue and green are a no-go.

No. 629756

>this fake outrage because of something one Twitter autist said probably

No. 629757

I think it's more the fact that people who dye their hair that color tend not to be the best at personal hygiene/self-maintenance/grooming. It's an easy way to stand out, which is why they do it (and why they look unkempt).

No. 629758

Yeah I feel the same, especially with the conversations like no matter how good the ‘epic roast’ is I just feel like why are you wasting your time even going back and forth with this person. That in itself just makes you look pathetic and desperate.

No. 629760

Agreed 100%. It's also not that fucking difficult to lose weight and be a size that can be found in stores. HAES is an actual fucking plague of a movement.

No. 629761

This has become a reoccurring talking point and has been for like 6 months now

No. 629767

Men who want a way older ‘mommy’ gf are just as, if not more, creepy and maladjusted than men who want a way younger (but of age) one

No. 629769

Depends, most men I've met who prefer older women usually treat them respectfully, men I've met who date way younger women end up in toxic relationships

No. 629771

It definitely depends on the individual to some extent, and in my experience how significant the age gap is. Most men I know like that were extremely maladjusted and wanted a literal mother they can have sex with. I feel like people who are unable/to insecure to form relationships within their age range and have to constantly aim way higher or way lower because they know people their own age will see them for the loser they are generally aren’t desirable partners.

No. 629776

or you know men are shit and younger men haven't had the chance yet.

No. 629780

Usually a man treats his mum how he'll treat his long suffering wife. Just watch for how they interact. If he's hostile with his mum over fuck all he's most likely going to be a raging moron.

No. 629781

I was actually talking about the men exclusively seeking out way older women, like I feel like men seek out way older women are also doing it because they won’t/feel like they won’t be attractive to their peers for various reasons the same way men seeking out younger girls do but now you mention it a woman exclusively seeking out relationships with men decades younger than her more than likely has some issues too. Young men/women aren’t really any less shit than ones your age.

No. 629783

>Young men/women aren’t really any less shit than ones your age.
but they're less ugly

No. 629786

Incel logic but if that’s all that matters to you in a relationship I guess

No. 629788

Looks are second most important thing. If you're with a guy you dont find attractive u might as well just be roommates.

No. 629789

>implying men have anything else to offer

No. 629790

my experience has been different but ok.

No. 629791

Someone has to be decades younger than you to be attractive?

No. 629792

>wanted a literal mother they can have sex with
Isn't this just men in general?

No. 629793

In my experience not really? I feel like it’s obviously way more intense with men seeking out women 15-20 years older & literally saying they want a ‘mommy gf’

No. 629802

The outrage over that Cuties film from Americans is really hypocritical given how much children are sexualized there, as well as the rampant pedophilia in the upper classes. Americans should fix their own child abuse/exploitation problems before complaining about a film made in a different country. It makes me laugh how upset they get about it.

As a girl who grew up in a strict Muslim household, the film hit me in a very specific way. I can empathize a lot with parts of it.

Of course, I still agree that the film was gratuitous at times with the children in it, and they were certainly not old enough or mentally developed enough to consent to being depicted in the way that they were depicted. But it is really hilarious to see the American government be outraged by it when probably half of the people in charge are pedophiles or have personal relationships with pedophiles.

No. 629809

i totally disagree.

No. 629811

TIL that pedophilia is an American phenomenon, criticism of foreign films is haram, and the American government itself is united against some shit-tier Netflix offering. I learn so much from the whiny foreignfags of /ot/.

No. 629814

not surprised at all with the reading comprehension level of farmers.

No. 629829

>>Of course, I still agree that the film was gratuitous at times with the children in it, and they were certainly not old enough or mentally developed enough to consent to being depicted in the way that they were depicted

If you agree with this, then you understand why people are outraged by the film.

No. 629833

>The outrage over that Cuties film from Americans is really hypocritical given how much children are sexualized there, as well as the rampant pedophilia in the upper classes. Americans should fix their own child abuse/exploitation problems before complaining about a film made in a different country. It makes me laugh how upset they get about it.
….And? That doesn't mean people want to see a film with that content just out there on Netflix for anyone and everyone to easily see.

No. 629836

Anyone who wants to see the level of ‘child sexualisation’ shown in cuties could very easily see it, and they could easily find it not in a fictional context like it is in the movie. People who get off on kids will and don’t need this kind of film to do so. They sexualise kids whether they’re being portrayed sexually or not.

No. 629843

Why just this film, and not American media like
>Toddlers and Tiaras
>Dance Moms
>Jake Paul/other famous youtubers. Jake Paul specifically had a porn star on his channel for one video.
>normalization of the consumption of pornography
>essentially anything that their own kids are doing or seeing on tik tok or anywhere else on the internet. Charli D'Amelio is around these girls' age (14-ish) and she does dances on camera in a bikini. How is that different?

I do not recall any of these having such a huge backlash. Those forms of media just allow this sexualization to exist. Charli D'Amelio has been featured on talk shows, and Jake Paul is just dismissed as some idiot youtuber. This film at least makes a point about it - it's a story about social acceptance when coming from a conservative background, and the emotional turmoil that results from that, as well as the fact that this particular group of young girls who are at the cusp of being adolescents are so eager to "adult" themselves that the only way that they can bond is through acting like full-grown women, which they obviously are not.

No. 629847

So you're saying it's okay to sexualize kids (through a massive media channel no less) because people are going to sexualize them anyway?
Just because people do it doesn't mean it's okay to allow it.

No. 629848

Exactly. It’s because it’s turned into some stupid hysteric culture war thing like Americans turn everything into. Everyone’s trying to performatively out anti-pedo each other.

No. 629851

kek imagine thinking defending children’s right to safety and bodily autonomy is virtue signaling.

No. 629853

Toddlers and Tiaras has ALWAYS gotten backlash. And because those things exist and are bad, but have been complained about endlessly and nothing happens, that means we shoud be like, 'Well can't get outraged over this thing until everything similar is gone!"

No. 629856

You’d have to be so delusional or just wilfully obtuse to not see that there is a lot of virtue signalling going on with this movie

No. 629857

when it comes from trump supporters, yeah it is

No. 629858

So people are agaisnt the movie, who cares? Whats the problem? Because the WRONG people are against it?

No. 629859

I've seen people on both sides talking shit about the movie.

No. 629862

They don’t genuinely care about the children. They care about it the same way qanon Epstein flight log conspiracy weirdos care about it which is solely to further a political agenda.

No. 629863

The y'all hate is discrimination against southerners, let us live

No. 629865

half the people using it aren't from the south tho

No. 629866

If this is really the hill you choose to die on, then godspeed, pedobait movie simp-chan.
Also lol at anon thinking Toddlers and Tiaras doesn’t get shat on for exploiting children.

No. 629867

yeah you can’t claim to be against child exploitation and then support a guy like trump lmao

No. 629868

came here to post about this. I did competitive hip hop dance for years as a young girl and the stuff we did was just as bad but nobody cared about that. I feel so bad for the director getting painted as a pedophile when her movie's message was against the exploitation of young girls and the fact that it makes people uncomfortable is the point.

No. 629869

and JAKE PAUL isn't hated by everyone.

Tbh a lot of people don't truly care about the childern on both sides. They both want to make this into some deep political debate.

No. 629871

so…is everyone who's okay with cuties fine with lolicon since it's also not real?

No. 629873

…but it’s like making an anti-animal cruelty film featuring real cruelty to animals. Surely there is a way to make a film condemning sexualization of kids without putting actual kids through it.

No. 629874

On an individual level sure but I don’t get how it’s not very obvious to people that this is an extension of the growing q-anon/Epstein/andrenochrome conspiracy that has been growing on the right and their attempt to portray themselves as the anti pedophile party against the paedophilic leftist ‘“elite”’ they’ve been doing for a while now. The difference in the level of hysteria about this compared to all those other examples is because of the way it can be easily politicised now. They very clearly do not actually care.

No. 629875

Or Biden, or literally anyone with any political power and influence.

No. 629877

The thing is there are SO many other instances of children being exploited that nobody gave a shit about, the only reason people are on their high horse about this is because of the netflix trailer making it seem like a totally different movie than it actually is and qanon freaks going on a rampage about it.

No. 629878

They just stole it from us, I refuse to let those annoying cunts ruin the word

She's cute with straight hair

No. 629879

i know you’re trying to discredit me but biden supporters aren’t the ones who go on about “saving the children” while supporting a guy who partied with epstein

No. 629880

Shouldn't it be a good thing for people to be concerned about child exploitation and pedophilia?

I'll leave this here for keks though

No. 629881

I don’t really have an opinion on this but lolicon is fiction meant to positively portray minors sexually, as oppose to the movie where the whole point was to condemn it. It’s not really a good comparison. Lolicon/shotacon has no real other purpose than to appeal to pedos.

No. 629883

I'm highly doubtful that's the vast majority of people who're against this movie anon. Categorizing those outraged on the perceptions of a few is putting people into a political box. It's odd that something as trivial as political affiliation can cause people to dismiss everything you say on assumptions alone. And no, before you dismiss me, I'm not a Trump supporter.

No. 629884

Like I said I’m talking about the outrage as a wider cultural phenomenon not really on the individual level. Also political affiliation isn’t trivial.

No. 629885

the campaign against cuties is literally being spearheaded by q anon believers. people aren’t being stupid

No. 629887

Actually, I'm not. Maybe you should quit drinking the intentionally divisive vitriol and innocuous statements won't affect you so much.

No. 629888

Just because there wasn't an outrage over things in the past doesn't make them okay in the present. There were a lot of things that nobody gave a shit about that are illegal now…a lot of things.

Children don't have to actually be sexualized to condemn it. As >>629873 said, you wouldn't make a movie condemning animal cruelty by actually being cruel to animals. There are other ways of doing it.

No. 629889

It is on a human level. It's pathetic how hateful both sides have been engineered to be towards each other. We can't have civil discussions or relate to save our lives anymore. Political affiliation is trivial compared to what we've lost.

No. 629894

maybe you should tell that to everyone on twitter. i was just pointing out that q anon believers are hypocrites

No. 629896

I actually agree with you, the small minority of Qanon fans are choosing to be willfully ignorant, or only surround themselves in their echo-chamber.

No. 629898

Netflix isn't promoting this film because they give a shit about child exploitation. They're doing it to make a profit. Regardless of what the intention of the film was, content that sexualises children does not need to be normalised on mainstream platforms.

No. 629899

I’m sorry southerners, but I can only associate the word “y’all” with the wokesters of twitter.hell at this point. It’s basically folx.

No. 629902

just being hyperbolic but yeah you’re right. sorry for the misunderstanding

No. 629903

british people saying “y’all“ is bone chilling

No. 629904

File: 1600053436320.jpeg (51.24 KB, 500x373, 390C8457-3517-4BB6-81C8-EA572B…)

on one hand I'm happy that y'all is being recognized… on another… twitter

No. 629905

File: 1600053520751.png (20.89 KB, 904x149, 1.PNG)

QAnon believers may have something to do with it, but the vocal hatred of the film was quite literally spearheaded by the American "Parents Television Council", an organization founded in 1995 by a conservative Christian activist specifically to target "inappropriate" and "not family friendly" material on a mass scale, several times a year.

>The council launches several media campaigns a year against the producers and advertisers of television programs they perceive to be indecent. A typical campaign involves press releases declaring a particular program harmful (often with a list of "unacceptable" character behavior or situations), the organized mass mailing of form letters and emails to advertising sponsors of unapproved programs, organized mass filing of complaints via the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website complaint form, and direct threats of long, potentially costly FCC license challenges to local network affiliates planning to broadcast what the council considers harmful network programming.

No. 629906


No. 629908

File: 1600053870848.png (377.53 KB, 610x381, DJrmQ8yV4AA9JjX.png)

No. 629909

Sorry for seeming like I wanted to convolute your point. Thanks for talking it out with me.

No. 629910

Same. This movie was great in showing how some kids are growing up adapting their lives through oversexualized pop culture and social media attention. Like I found it funny how they used a move that was popular in the WAP dances. I’ve honestly seen kids doing so much crazy shit like that to the point I’m concerned for the new generations and their upbringing. The movie was a refreshing view of those dangers and the disturbing parts were kinda necessary to make you understand how far it can go. But I understand why people are uncomfortable with the actresses having to actually do those dances and be presented to a wide audience on Netflix. Idk maybe I’m too desensitized to really be that shocked

No. 629912

Not backlash to this level. And certainly not to the point where government officials are getting involved: https://www.deseret.com/utah/2020/9/11/21433256/netflix-cuties-sexual-exploitation-senator-mike-lee-investigation-attorney-general

There's nothing wrong with finding the movie inappropriate; it is. But to take such offence to it and not the countless other ways that children are exploited in America is hypocrisy.

Americans love to virtue signal and they love their righteous anger. I'm not surprised that this happened.

Thank you for these comments. Honestly, it wasn't nearly as bad as the stuff you see on tik tok (there was something called the "foreigner challenge" that was very real and much worse than the film) or even some stuff on Dance Moms/Toddlers and Tiaras.

No. 629914

Okay, sweetie. We’ve got it. America bad child twerk film good.

No. 629916

again, not surprised by this characteristically american response.

No. 629917

>the disturbing parts were kinda necessary to make you understand how far it can go.
I haven't seen the movie but throughout all this discussion I just keep thinking, isn't the footage that horrifies normal people going to be the exact same imagery that titillates pedos? I feel like there's inherently a catch 22 about the whole thing, it would be difficult to disturb people with reality if you also want to avoid appealing to sickos.

Of course I'm assuming the filmmakers had good intentions and wanted to convey a message, not just get attention with shock value and controversy.

No. 629919

>the fallacy of relative privation

I get what you're saying, I'm sure there's virtue signalling taking place as there's always those kinds of people. But I've watched society degrade over the past decades and am concerned about all of those things. This movie although thinly veiled as an insight into childhood sexualisation literally sexualises the actresses at the behest of profiting adults. Children on tiktok are secondarily groomed into sexualising themselves by watching older, more popular accounts. Which is obviously sad, and wrong (their parents should be monitoring them more). But Cuties was written by adults, for children to portray content that far surpasses their age group, which they are barred from watching themselves despite having a role in the film.

Just because children aren't necessarily as innocent as they once were doesn't mean we should lay on the adult concepts thick so they can do our activism for us. Exposing children to sexual concepts at a young age is exactly how grooming functions and it is literally in the very definition of CSA. Why is that morally acceptable because the premise of the movie allegedly seeks to condemn the phenomena? The outcome is still the same regardless of what strings you attach. You can't disavow pedophila whilst making fap material for pedophiles, nor can you deny responsibility for compromising children for the sake of a message.

The fact this movie is even available to a large audience is indicative of the times. (And yes, I understand if children weren't growing up so fast the film wouldn't physically exist. I just don't think we should give up on innocence in its entirety, or simply because concepts that should have been handled delicately weren't). The end doesn't justify the means.

No. 629922

File: 1600055802936.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.99 KB, 300x296, 147423D8-6499-40E9-AB59-6056EA…)

Meh, romanticizing pedophilia has always been a French thing anon.

No. 629925

>Like I found it funny how they used a move that was popular in the WAP dances
>Wet ass pussy
What the actual fuck anon.

No. 629926

I’ll give your insane fixation on this minor controversy a more thoughtful response when you display some understanding of the fact that just because some conspiracy nuts latched onto this with an ulterior motive, it doesn’t negate legitimate gripes with the content/marketing.
Peace out.

No. 629929

Pedos will sexualize literally anything involving children though. It’s difficult to make the point the director wanted to make about her life without that imagery. It’s not going to change or enable them any more than content that already exists and is more innocent.

No. 629930

Based anon.

No. 629932

No. 630004

For anyone else still on the fence about this movie, I just found a video that articulates the issues perfectly. I'm not usually a fan of this YouTuber but in my opinion they did a good job here.

No. 630016

I think people should get their news from multiple sources no matter what the subject is. People usually say "just pick a news outlet you can trust that aren't biased" but in my opinion that's not good enough because you're still only looking in one specific place. Maybe I'm just highly skeptical on things like this but I always go to different sources to check how consistent the details are and stuff like that. The news makes people gullible and lazy, you gotta rely on yourself to do your own research.

No. 630017

Why do people think the solution is to ban the film only?
Why aren't there any petitions to keep children off Tik Tok, IG, etc? Or ban child beauty pageants, put a severe clamp on the child modelling industry, end Toddlers and Tiaras and Dance Moms, call for stricter decency laws on music videos, jail Dan Schneider and all others like him, put Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and whoever else was on Epstein's island flight logs behind bars, etc.
It's very easy to look at one thing and make it out to be the only problem, but all these people are pretending the actual issue will disappear if they stand against this film.
Funnily enough, I'm sure if the themes were presented as a positive, fun thing the way a show like Dance Moms does things, people would be defending it left and right.

No. 630040

Woops, I didn't watch until the end do I didn't know he was advocating for banning the film. Although if I was those girls with hindsight (say in a few years) I might advocate for such a thing myself. And I agree anon, it's not the root cause of the issue although it is a part of it. It's totally reasonable to wish for all of those things, I do too, it's just unlikely because this degeneracy is perpetuated by the rich and famous. Nothing as important as the issues you stated ever get off the ground, it's depressing to say the least.

No. 630052

I quite like his videos! He did a great video on Shane Dawson and other related drama. Without being over the top and dramatic like some of those other ‘tea’ channels.

No. 630078

I mean anon, a good chunk of these things already happened, child paegants are illegal in quite a few states, toddlers and tiaras has been cancelled for years and dance moms ended last year, dan schneider lost his job mainly due to the knowledge of him being a pedo creep spreading outside of 4chan circles (and not raking up enough money to justify keeping a pedo) and ALOT of parents are against tik tok and instagram in general.

No. 630085

Yeah I must admit I did enjoy the Shane video. If the cause is important he seems to break down the many facets of issue and articulate them very well. I don't dislike his content, I think it's just the generational differences at play.

No. 630148

konmari is stupid as fuck. japanese ideals are usually pretty shit, but konmari is born from their need to make everyone minimalist and simple and forced to enjoy it. people just like it because they think don't realize the entire thing is a different way of shaming people, mainly women, for having too many possessions. it tricks people into thinking that giving meaning to their possessions is any less consumerist and praises them for being minimalist and reserved. everyone who has ever spoken about it positively has a ton of self importance.

No. 630151


I agree and tbh i hate minimalism in general, the push for capsule wardrobes makes me my smaug soul tremble, i own like 200 different pieces of clothing and seasonal stuff aside i wear almost all of them.

Owning shit is fun, collecting is fun, as long as you’re clean, not a hoarder and spend moey healthily i see no problem with having a fuckton of shit.

No. 630152

I think it also teaches people to be okay with the fact that they have less because they are also earning less despite putting in the same amount of work they always have if not more. Just a ploy by upper society to cultwash us peasants into being content with less. Less space, less fun, less food, less free time, less possessions, etc. and all at a higher expense. You name it.

No. 630155

>>630148 >>630151

ugh, thank you anons. clutter is comfort for me–and i'm not talking HOARDER levels of clutter but just… "i live here, it isn't a hotel or a rental" clutter.

if there aren't little decorations around, it all feels empty. i love my kitschy shit.

No. 630156

this is exactly how i feel. i have tons of clothes but i am not a slob and i rotate them out and store them in vacuum bags. if anything having to juggle my many possessions has helped me become better at organizing and storage since i have to find places for it all.

No. 630160

File: 1600094693114.jpg (148.29 KB, 735x834, 071188432c1ca7050f0b572a88d47c…)

I don't think this is very unpopular but I wish it was socially accepted to go out with graphic, artistic makeup like this. Imagine walking on the street and everyone has beautiful things drawn on their faces, so pretty

No. 630166

I think the reason it's become so popular is a normal reaction to consumerism, and the desire for a more ecological lifestyle. I think capitalism and consumerism push down an ungodly amount of stuff on the average person.

The actual Konmari book is terribl for the environment though, she basically "trash literally 99% of you possessions" and she gloats about having clients throwing away (not donating or anything) hundreds of trashbags full of stuff.

No. 630168

I like minimalism but agree that konmari is dumb. The whole idea of only keeping what sparks joy is stupid as in that case, most people would throw out the majority of their necessities. Her defenders say “well cleaning supplies might not spark joy but what they help you achieve is what’s joyful” um no, I just don’t want to live in a dirty house lol. Also the dedication to her unnecessarily specific way of folding clothes and storing things is cultish

Her Netflix show was disappointing, most of the people on it were hoarders and she just taught them to organise their hoard. I know minimalism wasn’t the goal but a key part of her system is decluttering so yeah, dumb

No. 630169

kicki yang zhang is so pretty. I'm so jealous of her facial structure.

No. 630171

I do this sometimes because I'm an insufferable art student who needs attention, and im still hoping to start a trend around more artistic makeup, so I agree.

No. 630176

car shopping is not fun

No. 630177

Both men and women shouldn't have children after 35, having old parents is the absolute worst

No. 630178

well that's the thing, consumerism still shames people for doing what they enjoy or owning what they enjoy. despite telling us to buy, consumerism is more about telling people to replace their possessions with new and expensive ones. having too many clothes or shoes or even just stuff is considered high maintenance and vain, and even in a consumerist society, it's still like that if you aren't consuming properly. 80% of my 300+ pieces of clothing are second hand, and having as much as i do means it's not as big of a deal when they are worn out. they just become rags and i don't have to replace them immediately. but i am essentially useless in the eyes of capitalism and konmari. i agree that being minimalist is a fad though, but it's mainly because people don't understand how capitalism markets to them imo. her book is just standard japanese ego fellating because they can get non-japanese to think whatever they say is mysterious and zen, therefore better, but japan gets off on that.

No. 630188

Eh disagree, maybe 40s+, but 35, give or take, is still not that old and isn't too old even when you grow to be an adult. More likely to be financially stable and mature. I'm biased tho bc my mom had my sister and I when she was 35 and 38, and my (incredible)chief of our program had her kids at 37 and 39 and she's kicking ass and will continue to do so. All the young parents from my hs are retards that won't stop reproducing and still have all the time in the world to bc they're young.

No. 630189

My parents had me at 38. My mom died of cancer when I was 19. All my grandparents died while I was still young. My dad is now aging rapidly and I can see his thinking skills/memory going which terrifies me.

No. 630200

I feel for you anon, I'm going through something similar as an only child. My mom had me at 40 and every year I can see how much her health is deteriorating.

I'm glad you had a good experience with it, but in general most people I've met with older parents had problems, especially if they were only children like me. Lack of energy to spend time with children, health problems, generational differences, etc. I don't think people should have children just out of highschool either

No. 630206

My mom was sick for ten years before dying and that left me with depression where I've acheived poorly in life, now my dad looks set to have a similarly slow dementia fade and I just want out already. I can't go through this again. I've had no life myself.

I feel your pain, it's too much weight to have on your shoulders this early in life. It doesn't feel natural.

No. 630209

I'm really, really sorry to hear that your parents were in poor health and that you didn't have good experiences with older parents. I'm lucky, and knocking on wood, that my mom has been generally very healthy and continues to be at 64. Big hugs to both of you for going through that.

No. 630236

One thing I wish was brought to American audiences was the concept of respect for items though. It's been a while since I read the book but I THINK I remember a passage about how in Shintoism, inanimate objects still have spirits and Marie's grandmother took great care of each item in the house, cleaning and dusting it. It seems like the only concept that could be digested by American audiences was "If it doesn't make you happy, trash it!" but nothing about showing respect for your items, and by extension, yourself, by cleaning and organizing. The number of things you own really isn't a factor. I definitely get that the spiritual aspect just doesn't apply to everyone, but I'm always so grossed out seeing my friend's anime figures for example covered in a cake of dust. You paid so much for it and love it so much but can't keep it clean? It's disrespectful to the time you spent working to pay for it, and by extension disrespectful to yourself.

So I guess I agree that just trashing stuff has no value, but what does have value is a lot harder to teach.

No. 630257

File: 1600101951502.jpg (20.25 KB, 480x480, 1598720166017.jpg)

The only difference between /co/fags and the fujos/husbandofags here, is that /co/fags like to larp as men. /co/ is also just /trash/lite

No. 630297

well there's also less furries here, and farmers actually know what terms like 'mary sue' means

No. 630364

Are you saying there's more female /co/fags than I previously thought? I thought /co/ was 99% men and men larping as women

No. 630367

/co/ always had a ton of fujos. maybe even more 10 years ago. are you new?

No. 630369

Vibrators don't feel all that great

No. 630377

shut up clitlet

No. 630380

Nta but small clit farmers shouldn't be slandered like this

No. 630382

Not directly related to what you said but I hate how you’re not allowed to criticise Japanese culture and ideals at all because both right wingers and lefties will get at your throat. Right wingers because of muh based conservative nippon and leftists because how dare you criticise a POC culture, colonizer scum!!!!

No. 630385

This opinion should be more popular.

No. 630390

and if you're asian but not japanese you're jealous. and if you're japanese you're self-hating.

No. 630392

this is so tone deaf when it happens too considering japan’s extreme colonial history and the fact they still haven’t apologised for most of the shit they’ve done, even though some of it was only like sixty years ago. i saw someone say that to a korean once and it was such a fat yikes

No. 630427

Unpopular opinion- I hate the people who leave comments about wanting to punch babies or small children. I am not the type of person who gives a fuck about trollish comments but I get so mad when I see comments on tiktok or YouTube saying that a baby has a punchable face just because it's ugly or acting like a child.
Not a breeder by any means and I respect childfree people but it's always the same type who leave these comments. Usually gen Z who preach that they'd be the better generation as parents or post stories about how they were victimised by their parents while younger.
They are basically children themselves.
It's definitely an unpopular opinion, babies can be annoying nd gross but they don't trigger a 'I need to punch it' reflex in me that everyone else seems to have these days. To me it seems the same as kicking an animal that knows no better.

No. 630434

I hope you didn’t read through the phobias thread then anon kek. Agreed, though.

No. 630441

It's ok to take a date to apple bees.

No. 630443

literally bottom feeders would happily accept an applebees invitation. Take me to a hole in the wall cheap ass but good food restaurant before taking me to the place where boys who wear ray bans and nirvana shirts go to die.

No. 630444

I only watched the first episode of her show, which I found unbearable because of the kids, and I read a little bit about what's in her book online and her cleaning methods don't seem out of the ordinary so I have no idea why she's praised for it. It's like her advice in only good for hoarders and nobody else.

No. 630445

In this age of smoke sessions and "chilling" and "linking up"…I'd gladly take an applebees date.

No. 630451

File: 1600122764414.gif (2.39 MB, 498x278, c07.gif)

No. 630454

I agree. People who talk about wanting to punch people, but especially people weaker than them who are unable to defend themselves, definitely have something wrong with them and I don’t get why they’re obsessed with talking about it as if it’s some funny quirky thing.

No. 630476

I feel like people who post shit like that got some serious anger issues

No. 630485

There's a containment threads for the likes of scum like you, away with you foul demon >>607909

No. 630487

No. 630496

I can't say I've ever noticed people talking about punching kids and I read /r/childfree all the time. Must be a yt comment thing.

Somewhat related, but I hate people describing someone as having a 'puncheable face'. First of all, what kind of psychos feel the urge to punch people based on their looks? Second of all, there's no specific look or trait that could be described as 'puncheable'. I see it used almost exclusively for women, particularly women who aren't particularly conventionally attractive but aren't ugly enough to warrant a normal insult. It's such a bizarrely aggressive and pointless thing to say.

No. 630505

Smug faces are punchable. It's a look.

No. 630507

Kiki kannibal is aging like fine wine. Shes gorgeous.

No. 630509

I agree! I’ve always had the unpopular opinion she was prettier w/o photoshop than Kota. I feel like she could style herself in a more flattering way but objectively she’s really pretty and really grew into her looks. She looks a lot better currently than she did when she was in her late teens/early 20’s. I think some anons want her to be uglier than she is because of her personality.

No. 630540

minimalism is really freeing to me (not to the extreme extent some take it) and it’s good not placing happiness and value into having a bunch of crap. Minimalism is different to everyone and it just means being conscious of your belongings and purchases. Kondo method is not really efficient at all though since hoarders find joy in all their shit and most necessities can’t be categorized by feelings

No. 630576

File: 1600137618100.png (Spoiler Image, 2.02 MB, 750x1334, 8788A79D-C340-441C-81AF-5C4EED…)

I hate oppossums. whenever i see one near my house i want to scream. all my friends think they're paragons with prehensile tales but I cannot abide possums. they are NOT cute, even if their gross little feet look like they're wearing fingerless gloves. ew

No. 630589

Oh my god once I had a kitten get stuck in a tree and was trying to locate him in the dark with a flashlight and instead of my adorable kitten one of these fuckers was staring me right in the face. I had never seen one irl and fucking lost it lol. My kitten was ok!

No. 630688

Anon wtf. You don't honestly think the ones starting up southpark or husbando threads are /co/omers, right? Ffs there's been sofia the first threads thirsting over Frederick and even barbie threads with some crossover from /toy/ since it's a dying board. Hell in the rapunzel threads, self-admitted lesbians assuming they're not just larping scrotes or trannies thirsted over best girl cass. /g/ anons were probably the ones sperging about their rape fantasies over the eltingville boys

No. 630717

Whenever I see the word problematic I can't help but cringe. I'm pretty sure I have twitterfags to thank for that.

No. 630740

I don't consider streaming a real job and I have a hard time mustering sympathy when streamers complain about their life, they are the ones who chose to monetize their neet lifestyles. Streamers also tend to be extremely entitled people, I once saw a guy whining when a fan sent him a picture upside down, I was like "are you serious dude?".
I have a lot of respect for youtubers who make useful or informative videos, like that professional painting restorer who makes videos to explain the processes of restauration, but streaming games is not a profession, it barely qualifies as entertainment imo.

No. 630741

This. I fully agree.

No. 630742

File: 1600173133208.jpg (43.62 KB, 474x379, OIP.jpg)

No. 630745

You should try streaming yourself just to see how much work it actually is, maybe it would broaden your horizons a bit. My company is working with streamers regularly, I honestly think my regular office job is easier than what they do, having to play games and entertain people at the same time succesfully is a skill definitely not everyone has. If you don't consider streaming a job it's like you consider entertainment as a whole a hobby, not an industry.

No. 630749

File: 1600175451612.jpg (45.8 KB, 500x700, scr--e.jpg)

>having to play games and entertain people at the same time

No. 630770

I actually find some streamers really entertaining, and I use some of them to fall asleep because I like the sound of the voices/game at night. I’ve always had anxious thoughts at night when trying to sleep, watching a relaxing play through really helps.

No. 630812


Yeah I've always hated it. Even when it's not used in the context of some bullshit sjw conversation, I cringe a little inside because it's been so overused it's ruined

No. 630815

No. 630816

This is only really unpopular in my sphere of politics but I really, really hate interacting with autistic people. Yes, even high functioning ones. Especially the latter tbh because you spend ages thinking they're just a colossal asshole and eventually you might be told they're on the spectrum or glean on your own eventually. All the times they didn't respond to you like a human, gave you a strange reaction, left you hanging, said an inappropriate or severely tone deaf thing, or completely acted dense makes sense. Ok but why not be open about your disability instead of torturing those around you??? At least if I know you have the tism from the get go I am aware of the eggshells instead of being surprised days/weeks down the line!

My industry is full of female autists for some reason, they are harder to detect but are every bit socially grating

No. 630822

I'd rather be seen as a normie asshole and still be a normie than be pushed in the "other"/"neurodivergent" category.

No. 630823

Doesn't make you not an autist.

No. 630826

Which industry is that?

No. 630827

Are you trying to start a fight or?

No. 630837

In what industry are you coming across that many autistic women?

No. 630839

Cars shouldn't be allowed inside cities. I'm talking about personal cars, delivery cars, cabs and public transportation should still go on. Also I'm talking actual cities, not suburbs where the nearest grocery store is 10 miles away.
I'm fucking tired of breathing the exhaust from 1 million lazy fucks who decide two blocks is two far away and they absolutely need to spread their fumes on everyone so they don't have to walk.
And don't get me started on fuckfaces parking on sidewalks or crosswalks. They should have their cars destroyed because obviously they have enough money to pay fines and keep doing that shit.

No. 630842

I think they were trying to ban cars from Paris, I hope they succeed and others follow too

No. 630876

Memes rot your brain if you indulge in them too much. Trying to turn everything or every event into a meme is cringey and try-hard. I mean you can't even simply say the name Karen without people snickering like a bunch of schoolchildren. You got 30+ plus adults with an embarrassing sense of humour because they spend too long on Twitter and annoying meme subreddits. I don't think anything of substance would be gone if meme culture died (but that's just wishful thinking on my part)

No. 630892

I hope not, slowly banning cars from big roads is allowing cyclists and kick scooter users more importance, and these people are fucking assholes who don't give a fuck about anybody except them. They'd rather run over you than slow down and follow road safety rules.

No. 630932

holy shit this. i cannot count the number of times a cyclist has swerved onto the sidewalk to illegally use the crowded pedestrian crossing.

No. 630936

white girls who pass as nothing but white need to shut the fuck up abt being “biracial” and including it in their hot takes. no one cares. youre privileged

No. 630941

this just sounds bitter and ignorant. you know nothing about what they've been through with their family or in their lives, and being a white passing minority is extremely helpful to the cause.

No. 630947

why does this sound like a twitter user

No. 630948

video games

I don't think there's anything wrong with being disabled. Trying to fly under the radar is futile since it's pretty obvious that you're not normal, be it the disability or people assuming you're the worst person.

No. 630951

It probably is. There's a only fan thot local to me that loves to play the biracial card, she needs to fake tan to look ethnic and it shows in her horrible only fan photos she spams now. Maybe she has a big enough following someone will recognise her she's pretty easy to trigger online. She got popular because she over shared about her dating history (just being a slag no one respected), then she got an Asian boyfriend and has been emasculating him constantly on the time line. She loves ethnic stereotypes so she loves to drop her boyfriends ethnicity a lot because he actually doesn't look white.

No. 630957

There is no difference in maturity with a 20 year old guys and a 30 year old guy. Men in their 30s are basically still teens. Men dont officially start maturing until they are in their 40s. So, if you really want a mature man who is going to take care of you, you have to go for men 50+

No. 630960

I'm not "disabled" dude, disabled people can't do normal things. And yes I do fly under the radar of people who assume I am just an average asshole or something similar. Stop being condescending.

No. 630962

Nta but given they were born with autism and it's a constant in their life.. maybe they just go through life not feeling the need to disclose it very often. It's their norm.

I meet autistic people where I work, it's usually an unpsoken thing where I pick up on it and it might eventually get dropped into conversation. I have a female relative with it and given she lives alone she doesn't like to disclose it often because it can make you a target to people who just assume you're soft or easily preyed on because of it.

No. 630966

File: 1600194213033.png (2.7 KB, 225x224, 31FF58D6-65F7-4B6A-850B-4D13DF…)

No. 630970

I feel like maturity really doesn’t correlate with age as much as people think and is more affected by life experience or just the individuals personality.

No. 630974

I unironically believe that guys start to calm down more towards their 40s when their biological clocks start ticking, their dicks start to malfunction, and they realize that women their age won't so easily take as much shit as they did when they were younger and more naive.

Source: Literally have been present when older men have discussed what dicks they were in their 20s and early 30s.

No. 630976

It's not her first time complaining about this. Maybe she has her own issues that she needs to go disclose at work.

No. 630978

Same, I was in the same class as two autistic kids in middle school for like 3 years and they were a pain in the ass for everyone around them, one of them was violent sometimes out of nowhere and at some point she beat a boy up so much he passed out. Unfortunately she thought I was her friend so at some point I had to go to her house for lunch and her parents were enablers who thought making her a vegetarian would help her not have meltdowns. At least the other kids was often in therapy to learn how to be more and more independent. I'm also wondering if one of my previous coworkers was autistic as well, and less high functioning because I felt I had to baby-sit him instead of doing my job and helping customers.

No. 630982

Passing as an "average asshole" because you're autistic is still shitty kek

No. 630988

Nta and not being funny but you do know what site we're on? even the non-diagnosed on here are on par with actual autists

No. 630995

i'm not American but I was reading the other day how most Americans keep their cats inside vs europe let's them outside the most. It makes sense because the US has a lot more dangerous animals (cougars and stuff) and also more cars.

But I just learned from the legal advice subreddit that Americans get mad when cats poop in their yard? Enough to take legal action on their neighbors. I have cats poop in my yard sometimes but they bury their poop. If they dig up a plant it happens, I just put down some coffee grounds and lemon. Chicken wire works if the cat is very dedicated to a spot.

Apparently this is a thing that enrages some Americans though. Like one guy collected the cat poop and gave it back to the neighbor. Another was threatening to call the police and get a lawyer involved. And these opinions were upvoted hundreds of times. This just seems insane to me. It's a cat, you can't control where it goes. Do they also get mad if a racoon poops in their yard?

I think if a neighbor knocked on my door and shouted at me about my cat pooping in his yard he would be mocked everywhere here. I'm trying to understand the viewpoint because I can't stop finding it funny, some man screaming at an old woman on her doorstep holding a bag of cat poop. This was the "correct" thing to do according to the legal subreddit because she refused to come pick it up herself lmao

No. 630998

I would date a legit autist if they were hot.

No. 631008

Not everyone appreciates random animal shit in their yard. Cat feces can carry disease like
toxoplasmosis and other parasites like ringworm, it's not fertilizer. Why should anyone have to deal with domesticated animal shit from another person's pet? Expecting other people to just be okay in dealing with it is entitled mentality. If all cats bury their shit, then it shouldn't have been noticeable enough for neighbors to have spotted shit in their yard in the first place. Cats do not always bury their shit, and I say that as someone who's owned a cat.

Btw people shoot raccoons who habitually go into their yards to eat and poop because they can bring rabies with them and damage property for their dennings.

No. 631009

That's because american are obsessed with their yard.

No. 631012

it's really hard. plus even if they are whores they become immediately uninterested in sex during a relationship.

No. 631013

Don't play with it lmao.

No. 631014

File: 1600197843314.gif (2.06 MB, 480x360, giphy.gif)

>not putting the strange shit in your mouth and pressing it out between your lips like play dough

No. 631016

hmm i'm starting to see that this is actually a "muh american land dont touch" issue and not really about the cats. animals will shit in your yard get over it. i think the entitled people are those that expect total domain over a piece of land to the point they shoot wild animals that come close.

No. 631018

So many of my interests are popular with autists, so I feel like I might end up dating a (female) autist at some point.

No. 631021

File: 1600198009841.png (1.26 MB, 1413x1413, 2tdam9.png)

Anon I need your address. I feel a giant dump brewing. I mean, no land is actually your land right? Don't be entitled now.

No. 631022

>comparing yourself to wild animals and thinking you made a good point

No. 631024

But you said it was a land issue not an animal issue. Share your land you capitalist swine!

No. 631027

A fascinating look into the american mind.

No. 631028

Speaking from experience? I've heard horror stories about men with autism. Had one crush on me once and he was waay too intense about it

No. 631029

I must shit and it needs to be in your yard.

No. 631030

"I'll shit on your land if your cat shits on mine" is peak yanky-doodle woop. I love it.

No. 631032

>pet cat has a litter box it's supposed to shit in but doesn't
>"Let Snowball shit where he wants."
>human has a toilet it's supposed to shit in but doesn't
But anon if I bury it you won't even notice! Pretend it's another cat shit addition to your hellscape yard!

No. 631035

>comparing your problem solving skills to a cat to own the eurofags

No. 631036

The fact that this is considered an unpopular opinion is sad, lmao.

No. 631038

Anon do you really not see a difference between a cat and a human pooping in someone's yard or are you on a 7/11 double gulp sugar high right now?

No. 631039

Can we stop repeating this eu versus usa shit all the time? It got old ages ago

No. 631040

>upset eurofag who pulled the first yank punch thinks I care if she lets the neighborhood shit in her yard

No. 631044

I agree with you. Americans can be so fucking autistic, it's like they don't live in the real world. I swear their government could start enclosing them under domes in plastic homes with fake, plastic gardens with flowers that spray nerve gas and play AGP sissy hypno recordings on loop every hour, and they'd unironically defend it and say everyone else in the world is dirty, close-minded and disease-ridden for not doing the same.
And then they'd shoot other Americans for trespassing on each other's plastic lawns because "muh land", yelling about "freedom".

No. 631046

anon this is the hardest I've laughed in fucking weeks.

No. 631048

> vs europe let's them outside the most.
Where in europe though? Which countries?

No. 631049

All this just because you don't want to pick up your animal's feces.

No. 631053

I follow my cat around outside with a little bag open under his boo-hole. Then I say 3 hail Americas and apolgize to my neighbour for looking in the direction of his manicured lawn

No. 631055

ok genuine question, I don't let my cats outside so idk – why would a cat pooping on another persons yard be haram, but a person going into their yard to pick the poop up be fine? I feel like I wouldn't want some random bitch coming in my yard?

No. 631059

My pets don't leave my property, anon.
You need to understand that when you live anywhere near nature, animals shit. They do it wherever it's convenient. If it's not the neighbor's cat, it's a raccoon or whatever else.
You can't stop it from happening. That's life. Needlessly killing them for not understanding your arbitrary rules is retarded. It's a waste of time and bullets.
If this vexes you, just live in a city and take care of potted plants instead. Try not to cry too much or brandish your gun if you run into bird shit, though.

No. 631060

This is my confusion. How do you keep the cat from going into the neighbours fenced yard? Am I meant to go around and check all my neighbors yards daily to find the poop?

No. 631062

No. 631063

File: 1600199737930.jpg (30.62 KB, 492x328, cosyfrogs.jpg)

This is probably only an unpopular opinion amongst kibbefags but not all gamines are cut-out for having short hair. You have to have some degree of attractiveness and a face that matches the gamine description

No. 631066

What’s a kibbefag?

No. 631067

Cats are kept inside because they murder local wildlife. Even if you're from Europe you should do it.

No. 631071

No. 631072

those who follow the kibbe system for body types. There' a kibbe thread in /g/

No. 631073

I'm so lost reading this lol, wut?

No. 631074

Bjork has the most unique voice ever

No. 631076

I have had cats for all my live and a lot of my neighbour have one as well. I have never ever seen cat shit outside, they always bury it

No. 631082

More shit anons, but this time they're veiling it with cat shit. We've been duped again.

No. 631083

Cat shit fetishist

No. 631086

They can't keep getting away with it.

No. 631088

I think males are less and deserve less.

No. 631090

Sorry but Europoors can't help themselves and their love of cat shit.

No. 631091

Can't argue with straight up fax. Except of course, the man i like.

No. 631092

>the right to roam
idk why this phrase is so cute to me lol. also that's really interesting that it differs by location, cats undoubtedly kill a fuckton of birds in the united states. also I grew up in a hick town and knew people who would use cats as target practice, which is another reason we would keep our cats indoors.

No. 631093

They always bury it but it ruins the plants unfortunately, that's why it's not wanted. Where I live it's allowed to let cats roam freely but I'd never let mine go anywhere because I'd be worried sick about this clumsy idiot getting into some kind of accident.

No. 631095

File: 1600201105740.gif (7.51 MB, 500x500, 995E6304-CDA3-4766-91AA-359F96…)

No. 631118

A relationship can only work if a guy likes the girl a tad more.

No. 631120

No. 631124

True. My therapist told me this too as advice for me in future relationships kek

No. 631127

(posts pasty-skinned pic with no distinguishing features other than brown hair and brown eyes)
>aS a BiRaCiAl WoMaN,

No. 631131

I wish I didn't agree with this, but I do

No. 631148

Dogs are significantly better than cats

No. 631159

this is not an unpopular opinion

No. 631162

Tall girls have a complex about being tall and bring height up way more than the short girls who allegedly make ‘being short a personality trait’. Tall women literally act like short men with the constant projection, paranoia and self victimisation.

No. 631172

File: 1600207890134.png (304 KB, 350x552, 8A13C2FD-5607-4F45-BC61-62302D…)

How many times a month do we have this conversation, just check the last thread for the conclusion of this fight

No. 631180

how tall was the woman who hurt you anon?

No. 631191

it's ok to be short, anon

No. 631196

File: 1600210469841.jpg (10.48 KB, 320x180, b7babafb976cd55e421de4b373d5d5…)

Makeup doesn't make most women look that different. I never get why people will show pics of a woman without makeup and say how different/awful she looks, she always looks basically the same to me and still cute

Shit like pic related is an exception

No. 631197

You’re right but we don’t need to have this discussion again anyway. It’s like the hundredth time this month.

No. 631201

>comparing troon wearing makeup in picrel to actual women

He does look vastly different yeah. His lack of eyebrows, eyelashes and dark eyeliner makes all the difference, nose down is practically the same…

No. 631202

I agree but I'd rather all spergs on height insecurity (tall or short) go to dumbass shit and vent

No. 631203

thank you for yet again telling us that you're under 5'1", anon

No. 631205

I was talking about the heavy af instagram makeup, not him specifically anon

No. 631208

Sorry I must not follow this thread closely enough because I was genuinely not aware this was a reoccurring thing being posted.

No. 631213

i bet you’re not even that short. 5’3-5’4 at the minimum

No. 631214

Drag and men ruined makeup in general

No. 631217

Where did I say anything about being short or my height at all? It’s just an observation.

No. 631222

I mean, don’t worry, people seem to take the bait every time. But yes, this exact topic has been discussed a lot lately and it always gets heated. I think it’s stupid tbh, we’re all in it together.

No. 631223

Generational warfare is stupid and if every old person you know is wealthy, that says more about you than an entire generation of people.

No. 631227

Normal things include conversation. Normal people don't struggle with communicating to the point where it looks like a personality disorder.

This is the first time I've brought this up. Maybe you need to stop thinking everyone is the same person.

No. 631228

No one thinks every old person is wealthy. It’s objectively true that millennials and hen z earn significantly less than boomers did at their age despite being higher qualified.

No. 631232

gotcha my bad

No. 631244

The thing is old people have much more available to them
>Chances are they got to buy a house without worrying about their credit score
>They were easily able to buy a 3 bedroom house 20 minutes away from where they work for a low price
>Jobs were easy to get even with low experience
>School was significantly cheaper
>Old people now have Medicaid, welfare, and are more likely to get government assistance and on top of that if they didn't buy a house when they were younger they can find extremely cheap living facilities and communities to live in
On top of that most boomers suck at budgeting, and don't even get me started on boomers who work at fast food restaurants just because "they're bored and want something to do"aka taking the job (and tips) away from people that actually need it

No. 631252

> boomers who work at fast food restaurants just because "they're bored and want something to do"aka taking the job (and tips) away from people that actually need it

nice antidote. cute how you can just hand waive away anything that doesn’t fit your narrative. like i said, if every old person you know is wealthy, what does that say about you?

No. 631263

Do you realize most of the privileges you mentioned in your post were afforded to mostly white men?

No. 631266

Have you never met a boomer before? What "narrative" am I trying push? Statistically very little boomers are legit poor so it makes sense that more people mostly know wealthy or well off boomers despite "the kind of person they are", whatever that means
>Do you realize most of the privileges you mentioned in your post were afforded to mostly white men?
Not true, my hometown is a retirement community and had the highest income out of all other counties, boomer women still take up most of these privileges and a lot of blacks and Hispanics. That being said most American boomers are white so I don't understand what you're trying to get at

No. 631267

And white women, but either way no ones saying boomers don’t experience oppression for anything about them ever? It’s an objective fact that for the same jobs wages are lower and entry requirements are higher.

No. 631271

> my hometown is a retirement community and had the highest income out of all other counties

that’s it! that’s why all the “boomers” you know are wealthy! because so are you!

but misogyny made it more difficult for older women to succeed, even if they are white.

No. 631272

The youngest boomers are 55, but sure a lot of them will have faced more misogyny but people are talking about the changing economic situation and how boomers benefited from it. No one thinks boomers have not faced any kind of marginalisation for other things.

No. 631274

you’re right, but i’m just annoyed with how these people act like their wealthy parents/grandparents are every older person and they don’t understand that not everyone had the same opportunities as them

No. 631275

I understand that but do you genuinely think a lot of people do not think older women or poc faced worse conditions regarding social issues or discrimination? I’ve only seen people talk about how the economic situation was better.

No. 631278

no i think people are aware. what i am talking about is people thinking that the intricacies of their upper middle class family apply to everyone else. this fixation on generations is form of idpol in itself and neglects any meaningful form of class analysis

No. 631282

>You live in a place wealthy boomers go to reside therefore you are wealthy
Oh fuck yikes

No. 631289

You're right not all boomers had the same opportunities but you're trying to claim like most people who know mostly wealthy boomers are some evil outliers. America is mostly white, boomers are mostly wealthy, it's not some evil scheme that most people have mostly met rich white boomers who act like assholes and you shitting on people instantly instead explaining your point isn't helping anyone

No. 631292

no i agree with you that there are assholes out there who happen to be wealthy boomers, but this obsession over generational groups being the purveyor of wealth is such a poor analysis of american society. also generational groups are not the same in each country so this conversation is very america centric

No. 631301

It is since this site is majority Americans, Canadians, and Brits which is where most of the asshole boomer stereotypes resides. There's assholes in every group but boomers are special because not only do they run a lot of the government, schools, and businesses but a lot of people deal with on a first hand basis since they're so many of them. From what I've seen most young people just complain about the hypocrisy of American boomers (wanting social security and medicaid but not wanting young people to get any government assistance, refusing to understand the state of the job and housing market, buying real estate then renting it out 100x of the price is should be thus making the housing value in that area go up, etc)

No. 631309

okay but i think blaming these things on age instead of wealth or class is incorrect. yes there are many wealthy “boomers” because america and the western world is wealthy. being a wealthy retiree is not the reality for many older people and it’s misleading to assume so

No. 631317

Most people in America are struggling, and most young people living below the poverty line is even higher than that. Rich boomers essentially fucked the economy housing, education and career field for young people and then other boomers who aren't running everything just complain about how young people magically dont have a 12/hr, 9-5 straight out of high school and go to prestige universities on a full scholarship, other boomers also shame young women for not becoming mother's and wives like they want in this overpopulated country . Yeah "not all boomers" but God damn most of them are shit, it makes sense a lot of young people look at boomers to see what the hell happened to america

No. 631320

i’m not denying that many young people are having a hard time but “boomers are responsible for all my problems” is such a simplistic approach to such a complicated issue. all it is is blowing off steam and doesn’t make any difference in the real world

No. 631322

Most of young peoples issues are with the economy, who runs the economy? Boomers. There you have it

No. 631325

I mean mark zuckerberg is a millennial…

No. 631326

actually, the wealthy ruling class runs the economy. this isn’t that hard

No. 631331

Nah. Cats are better.

No. 631333

All young people act like they're never going to get old and all old people act like they cant remember what it was like to be young

No. 631338

Agreed. I’m in my mid-20’s and I never really thought about getting older til now

No. 631372

He rules facebook, nobody I know cares about facebook.
Yes and no, yes not all boomers, as when people discriminate against any group they don't mean literally all, but there's no denying rich boomers really did a lot of damage to the economy, on top of that overpopulating America

No. 631400

File: 1600232874512.jpg (164.19 KB, 1080x674, Screenshot_20200916-150448__01…)

The boomer rich just happen to be the current assholes, previously in the 1930s it was their parents. And the cycle will continue with their children, and their children's children. It's called being the ruling class kek. All you need to do to cause mayhem for the system, and us by extension, is have superfluous amounts of wealth and then remove it from circulation (or flood it into circulation).

No. 631427

Eh modern times are improving when it comes to people thinking, education is available for everyone and basic human empathy is pretty much expected among young folk

No. 631438

>He rules facebook, nobody I know cares about facebook.
That is the most irrelevant point ever. Facebook is a company worth billions. It owns other common apps like Whatsapp too.

No. 631446

You're right but mark hasn't affect the housing market in any way possible nor did he affect the job market other than making jobs with his company, he also hasn't affected education either. He just created a social media site

No. 631449

>basic human empathy is pretty much expected among young folk

Narcissism is going up by every measure, and there's been a clear-cut case of dysgenics over the past 100 years with the most shitty and sociopathic criminals producing a disproportionate amount of the children for the next generation.

No. 631470

I disagree, hbecause in my country they have dog taxes precisely because of people who think like you. Not everyone likes pets and/or is a scat fetishist as much as you and some people work hard in their garden.

Either keep the cat in or don’t make it shit on my shit.

No. 631485

100% agree anon. People are also forced to let the schools/internet/media raise their children because the cost of living is too high. I'm not saying single parents or working parents can't raise good kids, it's just easier for shitty parents to have the bare minimum interaction with their kids so they end up effectively negotiating morality for themselves. Children naturally find it hard to recognise bad influences without some help. Or at the very least, without having critical thinking or morality imbued into them by their parents. My grandparents complained about my dad's generation, my dad complains about mine, and I'm not hopeful for the future seeing what's normalised today. As an extreme example it wasn't feasible that people would pray on the elderly and disabled sexually or otherwise. But the amount of instances I've seen reported in the last 20 years is horrendous.

No. 631491

> People are also forced to let the schools/internet/media
The first always happened but why lump together 1 good thing and than 2 bad things?

No. 631511

American guys >>>>> European guys

No. 631517

let me fix that for you
anything else>>>>men

No. 631522

Hmmmmmm, I agree on the stipulation that you modify it to:

American guys > British guys >>>> the rest of European men

British guys are a step up, that's for sure. European men are just fucking gross.

No. 631526

Implying theres zero difference between west and east european men even though culture and history is almost completely different. Also what's so good about British guys, except for the idealized image of a british guy from some dramas or whatnot?
This said, women are better everywhere.

No. 631528

Australian guys>American guys>North/West European guys>East European guys>South European guys

South European men tend to more often than not be manchildren that still live with their parents.

No. 631530

No. 631535

File: 1600256982547.jpeg (40.81 KB, 520x358, F83E879A-A510-41BE-9B75-3C651D…)

No. 631539

The only redeeming characteristic I can think for British men as somebody to lives in the UK is that about half of them are fairly introverted and don't behave obnoxiously or act like loud attention seekers. But of course, introverted men tend for be incels anyways.

No. 631540

Physical touch is the worst love language. Words of affirmation or acts of service are the best.

No. 631558

I'd take quality time over words of affirmation, but yeah. Physical touch is nice, but not peak love language.

No. 631561

Purely acts of service isn't enough imo. I'm not some Kdrama romance protagonist I don't care that that a guy made me dinner and handed me a coat like I'm a pet, I need to hear that I'm loved and maybe a little handholding.

No. 631562

How many different men from Europe have you met that you can generalize men from 40+ different countries and 40+ different cultures and histories like >>631526 said

No. 631563

Who cares

No. 631565

No fucking way, brits are the most insufferable pieces of shit. Irish guys are fine.

No. 631569

Wait I forgot Ireland existed FUCK

No. 631576

i feel called out

No. 631581

the dogs vs cats argument is dumb when bunnies are the perfect pet

No. 631585

Guinea pigs are underrated too

No. 631589

I could never get a bunny. Bunnies always look like they‘re scared shitless.

No. 631591

This is so unbelievably false, my bunny is the biggest asshole on the planet. I love him, but jeez. They have worse/sassier attitudes than people claim cats do.

No. 631592

Samefag but my bunny fears literally nothing, he jumped on top of the vacuum once while I was using it. Insane little fucker.

No. 631598

Daw. Bunnies are definitely cute, but I always had the impression that they‘re constantly in full panic mode, because they‘re always shivering and staring into the void.

No. 631609

Physical touch is great as a love language wtf? There's nothing more intimate than subtle hand holdings, caressing of hair, forehead kisses… Words of affirmation is boring, but acts of service and quality times are the best ones

No. 631612

Physical touch is the best love languages, followed by acts of service. Giving gifts is the worst love language.

No. 631614

Agreed. I stay clear of men who have that as their primary love language.

No. 631616

Aw, where have you come across them? Have they been outdoor bunnies or people that keep them in their cage/don't interact with their bunnies? My bunny free roamed until he picked up this habit of chewing giant holes in my carpet, now he hangs out in his condo until I get home from work when I can watch him.

He's always climbing all over people when they come over and kisses and chews on their clothes, follows and circles my cat, and thumps, grunts, and charges at me whenever I try to get him out of a space he's not supposed to be. Just no fear/fucks. It probably has to do with the environment they're in, because other bunnies and bunny owners I know that interact with their pets say that they're similarly "brave." Apologies for bunny sperg.

he's not all bad. he comes when i call him, knows his name, gives kisses, shares fruit with me, and is so adorable and special… even though he is a Demon.

No. 631617

Giving gifts as a primary love language isn't great, but I think it's underrated. Picking up little trinkets, postcards, or treats that make you think of your partner or friend/s comes naturally for some people, though, myself included. I can't help myself even though I hate when other people do it for me kek.

No. 631618

When women say physical touch is their main love language I take it innocently and at face value, because we all know that a woman's intimacy tends to not be so self-centered.
When a man says it however, I'm wary because it's usually code for "I'm going to paw at you constantly and not do much else because other types of love language take active effort and all I care about is my base pee pee desires."

No. 631627

Aww now i want to adopt one too

I had similar concerns, that they aways seem so scared in homes and better off in the wild

No. 631629

Your bunny sounds so cute! Give him my regards and maybe a forehead kiss! I’ve only encountered bunnies in pet stores and then I knew a guy who had pet bunnies but they were mostly kept in a cage and the guy was mentally ill, they always looked scared in both of those situations. I mean, I can imagine that it depends on the environment but I felt so bad for them in those scenarios that it kinda made me decide for myself to never get a bunny (I have four cats anyway).

No. 631631

Yeah, you have a point. My main love language is physical touch and my boyfriend’s is acts of service so I might be biased, I could go for some more pawing.

No. 631637

I have two outdoor bunnies and they never appear scared. They're always laying around lazily stretched out ultra relaxed or hopping around being curious little creatures, even when our big dog stares at them through the fence.

No. 631638

File: 1600270988035.jpg (550.14 KB, 1512x1512, monster bait.jpg)

Aw! If you do, they're a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. ♥
That definitely makes sense, poor lil things. I'll definitely give mine regards from you, anon, and those buns are in my heart.

I'll leave you anons with my bun, we wish you a good day!

No. 631640

Awww and he's a black dude, I love him

No. 631641

I didn't understand a single post in this whole love language conversation, guess I'm really autistic kek.

No. 631646

You probably are. Or maybe I'm autistic for not being able to understand what there is not to understand about the topic.

No. 631649

If you haven't heard of the book or the concept, it's not your fault–it's a specific thing.

https://www.5lovelanguages.com/quizzes/ if interested!

No. 631662

Thanks a lot for the link, I've never heard of this concept before, maybe because I'm not American? Anyway that quiz was so redundant, jesus (I got quality time as my main result, is it good?)

No. 631673

The concept of a stay at home dad reallly turns me off for some reason. I know it's fucked up to think that, but I just do. I just feel like any man who isn't working a paying job and bringing in income is a bum.

No. 631674

Omg his little bed! He’s so adorable ♥

No. 631676

I understand this. I know it’s not rational but I kind of feel the same way.

No. 631679

I agree. Not because of "gender roles" or whatever, but I hate seeing men who are like parasites. Obviously some SAHMs can be gold-diggers too, but usually women are SAHMs cause it's traditional. Men stay at home cause they want to be leeches. obligatory "not all men!!!"

If a woman is in a relationship, the dude has to either be making the same amount as her, or more than her. I feel like that's how it should be. Why settle for men who make less?

No. 631680

The first guy I ever dated came from a family where the dad was a stay at home dad. He did the bare minimum.

That bf turned out to be pretty workshy too. Worked a crappy job when I met him and he tried to use a disibility that I have to argue that he should become my full time carer… I don't need one, I'm not that fucking disabled. He just wanted free government money every week for doing nothing.

No. 631683

Because men just aren't raised and conditioned to be homemakers or feel pride in it, so it's likely the case they really are just bumming at home. Instead of doing chores, spending quality time with the kids, preparing meals, or really doing any kind of thoughtful domestic management.
I can't think of one instance where an acquaintance had a "SAHH" willingly…it was usually because he got fired from his job or quit suddenly. Tbh whenever I hear a guy is stay at home I assume he's low effort and is putting his woman through hell trying to support him.

Not saying there isn't exceptions. They're just very rare.

No. 631688

I find the concept of a stay-at-home parent gross.

No. 631692

At what age do you think both parents should return to work?

No. 631696

NTA but when the child/ren are attending full days of school.

No. 631697

I saw a girl on twitter saying her dream job was to be a housewife but she had to work currently because she was the sole breadwinner of the household. That raised so many red flags to me even if I don't know their current situation (maybe her boyfriend is still studying), but I totally get your point of view.

No. 631699

I used to think the same think until I learned how expensive daycare is from my parent friends. It’s less expensive to have a SAH parent (mom) if you have no other support or assistance.

No. 631703

My friend had an unplanned baby where the dad disappeared as soon as he heard she was pregnant. She was determined not to end up on benefits and ended up going back to work when the baby was only 3 months old.

She paid my mom a very modest childsitting fee and they did that til he was in school. Looking back I don't know how she could handle doing that. I still remember how tiny he was when she first dropped him off

No. 631711

In one or two years the IT market will become completely saturated and it will cause a crash and burn of that sector, everyone and their grandma decided to get into programming this quarantine to try and tap on the gold fountain that is development but they don't realize what made it so profitable is that there were only a handful of capable people.

If you want to make money go to the health sector, med school or pharmacy.

No. 631714

It was already saturated no? Tons of companies were using tech support and code from india and such even with a lot of compsci students and bootcampers available.

The positions that pay well require experience and a lot of knowledge, i think these will still be in demand.

No. 631723

Med school is not worth it at all from what I've seen. Work-life balance, massive debt, garbage job satisfaction, sacrificing your 20s, and so on. A relative is a doctor and told me to do basically anything else, dentists are better off

No. 631725

I think its going to get worse tbh, like comp scie will be the new liberal arts major and they will be working at starbucks or some shit like that.

No. 631729

doesn't compsci have a huge drop out rate though?

No. 631735

Aww! Lovely bunny and bed, anon!

No. 631743

>parents spending more time with their children is gross
I don't understand.

No. 631746

This post cancels out every shitty or annoying post I've ever seen on here. Thanks anon. Pet the good bun for me.

No. 631757

No. 631768

I'd say if you're gonna have a kid and you don't have the kinda income to get daycare/nanny, then you better have an extended family (i.e. granparents) that are willing to do some of that. Depends on the industry of choice of the parent, but I imagine if you're out of most fields for over 5 years you're never going to be allowed back in so, age 3-5.

A parent becoming financially dependent on the other and then inevitably being hit with empty nest syndrome when the kids are done and that parent has nothing else to turn to later in life? Yeah.

No. 631788

It is absolutely reasonable to dislike people based on their political views and anyone who doesn't think so is either a moron or morally bankrupt.

No. 631793

I agree, like if it’s not acceptable to dislike someone based on their literal morals and beliefs then what is it acceptable to dislike someone for

No. 631794

The people who say that politics shouldn’t matter in relationships are always retarded right wingers who feel entitled and don’t want their actions to have consequences

No. 631800

Yes. Especially if their views mean they hate people like myself.

No. 631802

Bunny anon, am home and gave him smooches and pets for all of you. Have a good one, girls!

No. 631809

Hm. I thought about it, but I don't think it'll be the case. Just because someone learns to make a dinky app doesn't mean they can go and do stuff. Really good programmers are in demand, but not everyone who learns to code is good enough to pass interviews and has a solid understanding of computer science. If anything, a lot of the people that I mentioned might cycle through jobs or be stuck in jobs where they become code monkeys.

No. 631822

I don't usually give a shit about Brittany Venti but I stumbled upon this video and she's absolutely right to call the braindead moids who watch this shit creeps. The retarded weeaboos being triggered in the comments over someone telling them it's weird to watch a cartoon little girl when you're a grown man is astounding and equally as hilarious as it is enraging. Lolicons really should just drop dead

No. 631847

I don't believe it's possible to abolish gender since human beings naturally like to put things in boxes and label them which I believe is part of the reason the mogai shit came to be. All you can really do is not enforce them as sex exclusive which I think is a lot more realistic.

No. 631849

>human beings naturally like to put things in boxes and label them
Do we, though? Or is that an attempt to justify the actions of various small groups throughout history who did so in order to gain more power?

No. 631850


But thats how we got into this pickle anyways, if the two choices are doing what we always did and steriotyping women as mothers and more sensitive and mogai shit i pick mogai shit.

No. 631855

>In one or two years the IT market will become completely saturated and it will cause a crash and burn of that sector
This has been said for at least 10 years by now and it still hasn't happened. A good share of companies quit outsourcing to countries with cheap IT labor (like India) because they realized how costly it is in the long run compared to developing it locally, especially because user interfaces have been improving in leaps and they can't be done for your native clients by some random engineer in Delhi. Outsourcing can be done for busywork that a bunch of underpaid borderline code slaves can stitch together but it's limited to Big Companies with massive amounts of data. The clientele today is much more varied, everyone from Average Joe's Car Parts Store to the biggest retail chains depends on it. Saying "the IT market will crash and burn" is like saying "the house building market will crash and burn". It's not going to happen, people need IT solutions more than ever because it's now an integral part of our society. It's not like people will just suddenly say "this IT shit is stupid, let's go back to paper and pens".

And just because you can write a simple application doesn't mean you can actually code your way to an actual profession. That's why I wouldn't recommend people to go into it just for the money. Programming is a hard career and it's not for everyone hoping to make a buck, you constantly have to learn new things, crunch modes are more of the norm than an exception, you're required to know multiple technologies and design just to start your career, you need to be available at all times and be able to function under tremendous amounts of stress at times. Nowadays it also requires good people skills as most projects are done in teams with constant communication. Plenty of people quit because they just can't handle it and developers tend to have a short shelf life due to all these issues. Good money =/= Good job. It took me years to get my foot in the door (admittedly partially due to being woman) and more years to reach a seniority level where I don't feel like dying every time I'm assigned a new task, but it's still worth to me personally and to me there are no signs of the the market collapsing in decades. You just have to keep ahead the trends and develop a good eye for what's the next direction the market is going to go to.

Source: I have a decade's worth of experience in the field and I'm sick of people trying to claim "the IT bubble" is going to burst just simply because they're jelly of the salaries.

No. 631863

Humans naturally do that because are brains are unable to process every single individual on this planet and its part of an evolutionary process to recognise common distinct differences to better process human relationships and to facilitate communication.

Stereotypes aren't necessarily bad they can be very useful, it's obviously a bad thing to use identifiers such as sex and ethnicity to discriminate, but it's also useful to be able to have common factors to group large demographics for medical reasons etc. Not everything is a conspiracy

No. 631865

>Humans naturally do that because are brains are unable to process every single individual on this planet and its part of an evolutionary process to recognise common distinct differences to better process human relationships and to facilitate communication.
NTA but This is actually an extremely interesting observation and makes a lot of sense.

No. 631877

We can abolish gender roles
You realize it's the genderspecials that are actively stereotyping womanhood right?
What's that? You pretended to be Barbie's mommy as a child? Must be a tranny.

No. 631885

AI development is uninteresting. 3d printers are boring. next gen phones, pcs and consoles are unneccessary. vr stuff is just fucking dumb and useless. basically any hyped up tech thing is underwhelming and makes me cringe hard.

No. 631886

Kek same. I'd rather come up with my own label that means whatever I want than be provided one, with strict expectations included, by someone else.

No. 631887

So you are pro-abolition

No. 631889

Lolcow been feeling Pull-esque

No. 631900

holy shit coomers are mad

No. 631904

No. 631937

File: 1600298414056.jpeg (49.43 KB, 460x384, 73507EAB-B08A-4F7C-B6DF-3F98A9…)

People who eat boneless chicken wings are stupid children, they’re overpriced chicken nuggets covered in hot wings sauce. Why would you actually pay hot wings money for nuggets?

No. 631941

There’s never even enough sauce for them when it’s tossed on. Breaded items should be dipped. The reason wings are tossed in sauce is because the meat is on the outside. Tossing a chicken nugget in sauce only makes the breading tasty

No. 631945

Thank you. I judge bitches who are scared of a chicken wing. Also people who don’t know how to clean a bone. Looking at half eaten wings makes me nauseous, ewwww.

No. 631947

every aussie I’ve come across was either a complete himbo or incredibly misogynistic, usually both but hey they were objectively the hottest.

No. 631988

>We can abolish gender roles
No we need to abolish gender because it doesn't exist. It's a theory that was thought up by a pedo in the 50s. Excluding congenital medical disorders, someone is either male or female. A feminine man is still male and a masculine woman is still female. People should stop caring about presenting as one or the other and just be content with who they are. It's not allowed because pharmaceutical companies wouldn't be able to make money by selling horse piss pills to perverts and TRAs would get their feelings hurt.

No. 631993

Are you saucy nugs guy? I support your righteous cause

No. 631995

Yeah like… are there anons who have actually lived in Australia, USA, Britain, Western and Eastern Europe?

No. 632007

Anons saying they didn't start liking life until their 30's when a 20+ anon complains about life seems unhelpful. I get the reasoning behind telling someone "it gets better in your 30's" but the truth is, if you aren't building a foundation right now in your 20's, your 30's aren't going to be good. I think that's why these 20+ anons are venting in the first place;they feel like life is going to get worse, not magically better when they reach a certain age.

No. 632009

idk if I'm missing something but usually when someone posts about loving life in their 30s, it's in response to some 20 yr old who is catastrophizing about how their life will be over when they hit 30 and how theyre dreading becoming old hags who will never be happy or successful

No. 632011

the concept of gender and gender roles aren't the same thing and the concept of gender isn't even the problem because it's core usage is for language. gender roles are the real problem and need to disappear. even if gender wasn't a thing the male and female sexes would still have stereotyped categorizations, which are what gender roles. the concept of gender not existing doesn't solve the issue of people wanting to invent differences between sexes. (also fuck off, most things in human society ""don't exist"")

No. 632012

I agree, I’m sure it’s true for many people but I just don’t trust it from the anons here who are often very clearly saying it in an attempt to ‘get men back’ for ‘the wall‘ or something. I feel similarly when anons sperg about how younger guys are soooo much better and lash out at any anon dating someone older. Or when were talking about some annoying/gross/undesirable trait and they’re like ‘the women who do it are fine though it’s only the men!!!’…Like no it isn’t lmao. There are just some topics I just don’t find anons here generally helpful for like men, friendship, dating etc and ageing is definitely one of them. Both the under and over 30’s seem to have a weird relationship with ageing albeit for different reasons. But regarding what you said I agree, I feel like most of the problems anons are venting about aren’t going to magically get better and are probably going to get worse in their thirties and saying how much you love being 30 probably isn’t going to be helpful to those people.

No. 632018

what if i just think older men are ugly

No. 632019

Where did that post even mention men.

No. 632020

Then you’re probably not the kind of person I’m talking about

No. 632039

Accusing anons of being a scrote should not be an issue, it's literally just the board culture and has been for years. It's just the bants, stop taking it so personally

More like trying to get back at society telling women to settle down and stop enjoying life when they hit 30 because they're officially old.

No. 632096

This. I'm 30 and sick of these venting "almost 30" bitches who in reality are like 24 and spent too much time browsing imageboards believing that they will hit the wall in a year and that their life is practically over with no chance of starting form scratch. Jesus christ. You don't have to give up all your fun hobbies and things at 30 to become a mommy. Women are able to make a choice these days.

No. 632101

People in their 30s are usually way cooler than people in their 20s. But most of the time, I can barely tell if a person is 20 or 30.
>t. 26-year old

No. 632106

kek them condescending ass posts on here sometimes "I'm 22 and I really look up to you 30+ anons you have your shit figured out! I hope I do too when i'm your age!"

No. 632107

Hard disagree, I was an ultimate loser in my early 20s but in my mid 20s I started to work hard to improve myself and now I'm a couple months from turning 30 I finally feel like I'm where I want to be.
Still if you keep beeing an useless bum your life won't turn magically great once you approach your 30s.

No. 632108

If you think that's condescending, you really need to work on your self-esteem.

No. 632109

>spent too much time browsing imageboards believing that they will hit the wall in a year
I strongly believe normie women irl who don't browse imageboards perpetuate this idea as well without being malicious. I rarely hear guys talk about incel concepts like the wall irl, but I constantly hear young women whining about how old they feel, like "ommgggg I'm turning 23, I feel so old!!" "I'm 28 and unmarried, my life is over!" etc. It's a vicious cycle because if a young girl hears shit like that from other women, she will internalize it and act the same way when she turns whatever arbitrary age is supposed to be bad.

Anyway shit like that is good reason to be loud and proud when you feel happiness and confidence as you age, to try and break that cycle. It's complete nonsense and most women grow out of it, but it would save girls in their 20s a lot of wasted time worrying about nothing.

No. 632124

>it would save girls in their 20s a lot of wasted time worrying about nothing.
Exactly. So many girls go neurotic over worrying about aging and not "achieving enough". They assume that at 25 you have to have a good degree just so you can get your career started soon enough to securely start pushing out babies at 30, then live out your life for 20 years juggling between work and your family until you can start having hobbies and interests again. Shit like that isn't expected from men at all and it's no wonder so many women in their 20's are panicking over it because it's being enforced everywhere.

30-40 year old women are just sort of forgotten and pushed away, like Nicole Kidman speaking up about how she was prepared for her every role to be her last because nobody wants to hire actresses past 28 and Liv Tyler saying that by your mid 30s the only roles available are just wives or moms, secondary characters with no real purpose. We should aim to collectively break that cycle and assure younger women that no, their life doesn't end at 30, they can wear the shit they want and keep their dumb hobbies if they bring them joy. Even in fandom spaces older men are looked up as wise mature daddies uwu but older women are seen as weirdos who should get a life and I shake my head whenever girls in their early 20s buy into this stupid meme and start forcing it themselves. Honest to god seen 21-year olds lamenting over how "old and spoiled" they are. Like what the fuck?

No. 632127

No. 632130

Agreed on all counts but I have to admit, not wanting kids/marriage makes it sooo much easier to not care about aging. It's like there's no limit on your time or money or freedom, you have the rest of your life to take care of yourself, improve your life, pick up new skills and hobbies, travel etc. It's easy to be optimistic when your future is just decades worth of whatever you want to do with your life.

No. 632145

I don’t really think there is a lot of societal pressure still for women to have babies before 30. I feel like what a lot of anons here seem to not realise that some women just actually want to have kids and therefore feel pressure over the biological reality of it. I don’t know where you live that 30 year old women ‘aren’t allowed’ to have hobbies. Pretty much every millennial woman I know is obsessed with some media thing like Disney or Harry Potter or some anime character they ‘ship’ or whatever I really don’t think 30 year old men like that are viewed that much more positively. I also don’t really think a 30 year old man dressing like an eboy would be so much more socially acceptable than a 30 year old woman doing it. If anything the opposite is true. Idk I feel way more stress about this supposed phenomena reading about it every other post here, even well intentioned ones like this. I just don’t think this exists in real life the way people here describe it.

No. 632157

hmm, from my perspective this kind of thing exists on the small scale, it's not like society is gonna tell you GO HAVE BABY and media are woke enough to not enforce that idea either anymore, but families and friends in many cases are still putting pressure on women.

No. 632164

>I don’t really think there is a lot of societal pressure still for women to have babies before 30.
Of course nobody's going to step up and say "time to give up your life ladies, make some babies" in 2020. But the fact that magazines, movies, tv shows and so forth are filled with women not in the 30-49 age range unless it's a parenting piece, women being bombarded with "your biological clock is ticking you know!!" articles and the constant flood of "Why aren't millenial women having kids/Why are there so many single millenial women?!" headlines you have to admit that it's pretty much implied that women are still expected to "settle down" and have kids at 30. Even stories regarding career women feature those who managed to combine their relationship/parenting with a successful work life. And not only media, a lot of women still get pressure from their family to reproduce. The mindset never went anywhere.

No. 632170

Hmmm maybe I’m just lucky because my family have never pressured me like that, maybe it’s more common than I think. I don’t think magazines featuring successful women who are also mothers and wives is bad though. Most women still have children, it’s an important thing to a lot of people. I feel like women talking about how they navigate their career in the context of being a mother can be helpful, I don’t think that’s necessary covert pressure to people who don’t want kids.

No. 632173

File: 1600336240915.png (63.95 KB, 990x360, kamala harris.png)

A lot of women have children because they feel that's what they're supposed to do. That's the point. Also even though a career woman for example has kids it shouldn't be the identity and focusing point for them, you can focus on talking about their successes without making it from the "here's how she combined work life and family" standpoint. Like female politicians are always asked about their pregnancies, husbands and kids, not their actual achievements. Like pic related is what you get when you google search Kamala Harris.

No. 632176

>A lot of women have children because they feel that's what they're supposed to do.
nta but maybe woman don't have babies because they "feel that's what they're supposed to do" but because it's human nature and instinct to reproduce? Maybe this is easy to say for me as a young woman who's never experienced a pressure of getting babies despite being mid-twenties. Agreed with the rest of your points though.

No. 632178

I feel like it’s kind of baseless to say they just have kids because that’s what they feel like they’re supposed to do. You could speculate that’s the reason but that’s not a fact. Most men want kids too and there’s supposedly not as much pressure for them. I agree that people generally don’t ask men about balancing work with their family as much but also don’t see why career women talking about their experience balancing a career and family is ‘pressuring’ other women to do the same. I find that a lot of the time when people talk about ‘pressure’ to have kids they’re simply talking about other women talking about having kids, or them personally having goals they want to achieve by a specific age, but that’s not really pressure. Most people want kids so you’re obviously inevitably going to hear more people talk about it from the side that do than don’t.

No. 632181

Maybe, but I don’t know if I genuinely feel like Tusli, Warren, Amy Klobuchar actually got asked about their families over their achievements compared to male candidates. That result only comes up for Kamala and not any of the other female candidates, plus people constantly talk about Trump in relation to his kids and family too.

No. 632182

did i fucking go back in time?

No. 632188

Yeah I feel like certain women always portray it like just because they don’t want kids, everyone who does is just brainwashed and we would all agree with them if ‘society’ didn’t pressure us and I find it extremely patronising. They ignore the fact most men also want children. Plus, I feel like if anything nowadays it’s hard to have kids and there’s more pressure to just work as much as possible. Other women are as capable of making meaningful decisions about their life as you are and other women wanting kids, or wanting to start a family by a certain age, or have a specific timeline for their career they want to aim for isn’t ‘pressuring’ you to do it and I don’t get why the women on this site find it so unfathomable and act like it’s a personal attack or something when women post about this or express disappointment at not achieving something. These are normal emotions all people, both men and women, have.

No. 632189

Nobody's saying "all women have kids only because they've been conditioned to do so". You're intentionally misunderstanding the point. The point is that women are consistently expected to settle down, give up their own life and start living for their families. Some women do it out of their own ambition, but there are plenty of women who have their passions elsewhere but are too afraid to pursue them due to societal pressure.

>Most men want kids too and there’s supposedly not as much pressure for them.

For men children are more of a status symbol than something they're expected to cherish and live for anyway. It's a reoccurring and well known problem that many women are stuck in a relationship where the man is dragging his feet when it comes to having kids because "he's not ready yet".

>don’t see why career women talking about their experience balancing a career and family is ‘pressuring’ other women to do the same.

Because there are no alternatives. As tumblrish as it sounds, representation matters. When the only stories you see revolve around this settling down idea you start stressing out if you should follow suite like all the idealized people you read about. Even if it's just the people in magazines it still affects the way you view the world around them.

It's also not only about the pressure of having kids, like I said, it's the pressure of giving up your ambitions as a person to become "just a wife/mother/girlfriend". How many male magazines talk about improving your marriage/relationship compared to female magazines? It's only one example anyway, bottom line is that women aging past 30 aren't often portrayed as individuals with interesting hobbies, career goals, achievements and so forth.

Also you're samefagging, at least try to keep it subtle.

No. 632190

I'm nearly 30 now and the only reason I worry about age is because of fertility. I don't think it's discussed enough or options. And now that woman are generally waiting for financial stability and starting to try for kids later it's hard to find accounts from woman conceiving naturally in their 30s.

We've also got now surrogacy being bastardised and IVF. Older women are shamed for being the reason of birth defects but older men rarely get criticised when it's their spunk that degenerates over time, women just have a finite amount of eggs. Every time sperm is created the DNA inside the cell is copied. As a person ages their DNA gets copied into each new cell that regenerates and it's during this process mutations and error in the DNA code can happen. That's why older people get hit more with disease over natural wear. women's eggs are formed in vitro and get activated over our menstrual cycles. Evolution has accounted for aging in this way. There's actually more evolutionary evidence that women should have more male partners since sperm competition actually exists and it increases likely hood of conception and it's literally the battle of fittest sperm wins.

A bit off topic but yeah, the only concern I have is waiting it out to have a family and my body failing me.

No. 632194

Idk I just disagree. The thing about men viewing kids as a status symbol is literally just your opinion. I feel like there’s sooo much ‘girl boss’esque media that encourages women to pursue their careers and education as oppose to settling down. A lot of your points feel dated like 10 years, who reads magazines anymore? Also simply replying to someone else isn’t samefagging.

No. 632195

That wasn't a samefag.

No. 632197

Magazines exist in an online form you know. That's besides the point. Or would ~online media site~ represent better terminology?
>I feel like there’s sooo much ‘girl boss’esque media that encourages women to pursue their careers and education as oppose to settling down.
What the fuck?

No. 632199

Generally to settle down you need a stable income and if youve got tips how to land a decent guy that won't present you for mooching off him im all ears

No. 632201

*resent, not present. Hate this Amazon tablet lol

No. 632202

nta but that "girl boss" in media is either about a "spinster" aka a woman in her early 30s realizing how miserable she is for not having a family then finding a guy to settle down with or a career mother who has to juggle work and kids plus a manbaby husband sometimes. Never a single or a childless happy woman.

No. 632204

>Anons saying they didn't start liking life until their 30's
I posted this exact thing yesterday so I don't know if my post played a role in this but I definitely wasn't giving out any life advice when I stated that.

I had depression in my teens and my twenties and it just happened to clear around the time that I turned 30.

No. 632205

Personally that’s just not my experience. As someone who wants neither, I feel like I just objectively see more media and feel much more pressure to have a good career than to have a kid. Most ‘girlboss’ media I feel I see is targeted at singe women. If you’re talking about fictional media like movies or TV shows maybe, but most people are not childless and single for ever. Most media portraying men also do not portray a single childless happy successful man ‘just following his hobbies’ or whatever. It’s not relatable to most people and it’s a boring concept for a story.

No. 632238

Home ownership is very overrated unless you're already financially set in life, for the average middle class person that's young, they're better off renting. A high mortgage is effectively you selling the best years of your life (your twenties) for lots of capital at the end of your life when you can't do as much shit. It ties you to a place and limits your career opportunities if you're that way inclined, people say "hurr durr, just rent it out", but trusting someone long term with a rental property you own while you're across the country has lots of potential to go wrong, and you're still overall paying for the remainder of the mortgage on top of your new rent.

I feel like Millennials that are lower middle class to middle class would be better off just starting their families in their mid twenties and having the kids gone by the time they're fifty. Instead of delaying it ten to fifteen years and having to run around after teenage boys when they're pressing sixty.

And the "house prices always go up :))" thing is just speculation, and an asset that size for a lower middle income couple is just too much risk. How do you know 70s style stagflation won't return in five years and you'll be selling it at a loss because you suddenly need $1,000 per week mortgage repayments? How do you know you won't take hits in your income? How do you know housing prices won't crash like in 08' during a bad time?

No. 632266

>lets me mommy him
whats wrong with that?

No. 632344

>It ties you to a place and limits your career opportunities
This has been my cope but the reality is I can't afford to travel with my shit wages and I'm too busy paying my steep rent to put any further energy or time into advancing my career. In order to travel freely without paying additional rent you also need to have either almost no possessions, pay for storage or have family that are privileged enough to have enough space to look after your things.
I would agree with all your points in situations where rent is proportional to what you make, but with the low wage and underemployment that most people our age face it's just not true most of the time. Instead renting is just burning away all of my money so I will never be able to save up enough to buy a home.

No. 632377

Animal Crossing New Horizons was boring as shit. It felt rushed

No. 632387

idk if this is unpopular per se, however i fucking agree with you. it's so fucking disappointing how they massacred my boy. i could sperg out forever how much of a lazy and bad title it is along with the shitty updates of content we should've already had in the game

No. 632390

i feel this. i hate the lazy villagers now too. they're ruined.

No. 632394

If you unironically refer to yourself as a “girl” stop. It’s cringy and retarded.
It’s also cringy when a stupid grown ass man talks about “girls” and says shit like “I just haven’t found the right girl for me” shut up, you’re a balding 30 years old man, not a kid, you’re fucking gross.

No. 632397

I just wish the villagers were interesting like they were in the gamecube one

No. 632399

I didn't even want a billion furniture items or an editable island(especially with the current terraforming tools). I just wanted better villager dialogue that felt more tailored to each villager.

No. 632401

"Girl" sounds more casual in conversation than woman. It's like the female version of "guy". What other word would you suggest? "Gal" sounds outdated.

No. 632402

File: 1600360994032.jpg (79.07 KB, 474x517, 73736.jpg)

No. 632403

IDK. It's slang to call someone "girl" and I'm okay with this. I even accidentally call my boyfriend "girl" but maybe this is all because I'm black

No. 632407

Relax girl it's not that serious

No. 632408

I accidentally call my bf queen sometimes, I need to stop hanging out with women kek /s

No. 632417

I feel the same, I use girl/guy/boy in more casual contexts

No. 632430

The 90s was the most diverse when it comes to mainstream music. There would never be someone like bjork famous now.

No. 632433

Yeah please! I've started saying woman instead of girl in conversations and it's really ~ empowering ~

And from a EU fag stop calling your vulva a vagina i hate it so much.