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No. 108823

Inspired by the conversation in "Unpopular Opinion" thread on /ot/.

I agree with most anons (and most people's view, period) of how most female characters are written poorly and usually executed as a plot point, a love interest, waifu bait, or with just one defining characteristic. While there are plenty badly-written male characters, it is like male characters are written with more ease and given thought outside of their gender/sex which makes them usually more unique or realistic. In contrast, female characters normally don't even feel human.

We can discuss how female characters can be written good for once and solve most of the issues that plague fandoms because of it.

Here are my opinions:

>Write them so they act differently in different situations. The problem with a lot of female characters is that they're not allowed to show but a few range of emotions in their whole existence. If she feels self-doubting, then so be it. If she feels vulnerable and pathetic, then so be it. If she feels mischievous, then so be it. If she feels extremely indignant, then so be it. However, this should all be within reason and range of her own temperament, although we all know many human beings don't even stay consistent in their lives anyways.

>Have her have different goals outside a love interest or a man. I don't know why but a lot of female characters tend to not have developed relationships with other females. Showing female-female friendships can be a rare experience and also a way of showcasing moments of your character the other characters might not see.

>Don't be afraid to give her a wide range of personalities and character types, try not to limit her to the constrictions of gender roles but don't go at a point where her character feels outright unrealistic as well.

>Don't be afraid to make her side-track for her goal for once. When a female character has one "goal" she literally keeps it for her entire existence for some reason, especially if its romance. She can forget about her romance/love interest side plot blah blah when she's doing something else. Also don't be afraid to put her in funny or outrageous situations since it's far too often only male characters get to be in that.

>lastly MAKE HER LIKE A REAL PERSON. Just study real people or base off your female relatives/girlfriends/wives/other women. Most female characters are written as if the creator doesn't know any women at all!

Looking forward to see what the rest of /m/ thinks.

No. 108824

Oh yeah and I noticed female characters are written with much constrains and one-dimensionality when face it, people aren't like that and people are easily adaptable. If your character isn't feeling adaptable/changeable all the while keeping their consistent "base" but instead has to be on one script all the time then you're basically just writing a living doll at this point.

No. 108837

Kikyo > Kagome

>All the best female characters are in lesbian ships


No. 108838

Female-female friendships are common tho? but I guess it's mostly in moeshit and kids shows

No. 108840

File: 1600900136513.png (2.92 MB, 1433x2028, 56850607.png)

I feel bad (sometimes) for liking moe SOL because it's where I get my comfy female friendship fantasy with no romance bullshit but I know they're often coded to be yuribait for voyeuristic scrotes…

No. 108842

File: 1600903364229.gif (3.45 MB, 498x498, tenor.gif)

I'm open to any kind of personality as long as it's multi-faceted, but I definitely prefer

>Stands up for herself and will argue back when someone makes a stupid argument.

>Does not focus on a relationship too much but is emotionally available to her loved ones. So not a robot.
>Not waspish hourglass shaped, not stick figure. Just more natural.
>Hair isn't red (western media) or brown (asian media, esp korean webtoons). I mean it, this shit is so overrepresented.
>Does not show cleavage in her day-to-day outfit.
>Does not shy away from things that are traditionally "feminine" but also has a more "masculine" side, like most human beings.
>Either a professional/master at what she does or is learning to one day become competent. I don't want her to lag behind her teammates the entire time.
>Not a healer. Please.
>Has strong friendships that take precedent over her romantic interest.
>Does not get raped so that she can have a girl boss arc because like… rape made her badass…. sansa….. ugh
>Has a silly side to her if she is normally stoic OR is not a fucking idiot if she is a more playful character.
>Not clumsy for moe points.

I quite liked Catra in the new Shera.

No. 108843

No. 108851

eat my ass

No. 108853

easy. one quality

No. 108858

Aw fuck this is baste

No. 108863

I wish someone could write a female character with flaws but not making it cute and quirky like some Harley Quinn or manic pixie dream girl trash.

No. 108867

The only mainstream female character that I can think of for now, that it's flawed, real and vulnerable is Katniss Everdeen. I'm glad the trilogy of THG was and still is so popular because all the female characters are pretty cool tbh (and obviously were written by a woman)

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