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File: 1592685308670.jpg (601.05 KB, 2048x1152, carol_tuesday.jpg)

No. 572851

Do any farmers make music? This thread is for discussing and learning how to compose.

>Discuss music production, composing, writing songs

>Instruments you play
>Learning music theory
>Favorite DAW(Digital Audio Workstation)
>Best and worse plugins
>Favorite scales, chord progressions, stems
>Mixing and mastering, EQ.
>Your music

No. 577025

I know basic music theory and have a shitty voice. where do i go from here?

No. 577028

Pay egirls to feature you on her Tik tok it's the only way

No. 577033

Depends. Do you know how to play any instruments?

No. 577850

I wrote this song last year after watching an anime, I was pissed at the hypocrisy:

Pretty Poison

Sticky sweet,
I wanted to believe…
It just felt so real to me.

Sickeningly sweet,
Hard to believe…
Your words are filled with poison to this day.

Drink the bottle,
Drink the bottle;
Killing hope and innocence.

Drink the bottle,
Drink the bottle;
How can you erase something so pure?

Sticky sweet,
I wanted to believe…
You were human after all.

Sickeningly sweet,
Rotting your teeth…
Thought your love was true.
(Well, is it?!)

Oh sweet poison,
Why did you deceive me?
I wanted to believe…
Your love was real.

Drink again,
Drink the bottle;
Your words make me ill.

No. 577870

what anime?
Your lyrics sound a bit like onision wrote them tbh

No. 577879

Anon she did nothing to deserve that

No. 577927

anon wasn’t wrong though kek

No. 578154

It was an anime I watched since childhood. When I was a kid watching it for the first time; I thought the character changed and was really kind, hence the words “I wanted to believe”. I was taken aback with his narcissistic personality, ambitions and carelessness for others in order to reach those goals when the second season rolled around. It made me really sad at the time so I wrote the song in the mind of an 11-year old. When I read the manga a few years later, I was unfazed about it anymore.

Also ew, how dare you compare my songs to that degenerate piece of shit’s music? If I knew how to send recordings here of me singing it, it would never be classified as an “Onision song” otherwise.

No. 578203

What anime

No. 578256

a children’s card games anime

No. 578294

Idk about the sound of your music, but the lyrics really feel like onion wrote them. When I read them I instantly thought of Black Ink lmfao

No. 578396

This song is about Jesus and my first (amateur) recorded composition.


When all is lost,
Who do you run to?

When life’s a fail,
Who do you run to?

(I want to run)
(You keep calling my name)

Why can’t I run?
I feel your presence near me
(You keep calling my name)
I want to leave,
I feel your strength within me
(I’m calling your name)

(I’m calling your name)
(I’m calling your name)
Don’t ever leave me…
(You keep calling my name)
(You keep calling my name
I feel you near me
(You keep calling my name)
I hear your voice in my head

(I’m calling your name)
(I’m calling your name)
(I’m calling your name)
Who do you run to?

No. 578500

Is it still rap if I rhyme in my songs?

No. 578563


No. 578574

What? Of course not.

No. 582825

How do you put yourself out there? Like, just soundcloud? Maybe try posting on reddit?

No. 583036

this lowkey sucks. "when life's a fail" kek

No. 586857

File: 1595216850763.png (2.52 MB, 1125x2436, B0DF6685-856B-4875-8F4D-57AFE3…)

I wrote a song about my golden child sister

No. 586859

File: 1595217011513.png (2.6 MB, 1125x2436, E9FD558A-AF30-47A4-8BAB-6D3999…)

>I wish was treated so well
Meant “I wished I was treated so well”

No. 586860

File: 1595217075236.jpeg (555.66 KB, 1125x934, 5687E16A-D17D-4D84-B258-8B97C9…)

No. 586872

My favorite DAW is Logic Pro X. Sucks that it's only available on Mac. Fruity Loops is a close second, but I hate how the piano roll doesnt lock notes to the tempo, but locks notes to a previously placed note.

No. 586913

This is a really dumb question but is there a way to make music if you're not super savvy with apps like Fruit Loops?
I'd love to make some simple gaming music for fun but I have no idea where to start.

No. 586918

I use Live and just got a hardware synth, the ELZ_1. Trying to make eletro/chiptune style music lately

No. 591939

FL Studio is pretty beginner friendly. I'd just watch a few beginner tutorials and go from there.

If you're curious as to what proper composition looks like, try downloading some royalty free .FLP files or MIDIs. The Touhou MIDIs for example are all royalty free if you wanna play around and are about as classic gaming music as you can get.


No. 591957

So I’ve got a Minilab mk2 synth and been fucking around in Ableton but ultimately I have no talent and don’t know what I’m doing. My goal is to make music like the vid linked. How does one even go about starting to do that as a complete beginner?

No. 591996

- The minilab looks neat, if it's not already working out of the box, try to find how to activate and control the volume/effect loop/pan of each different tracks of your project
- Find sample packs for the classical drum machines (707, 808)
- First try to lay out a very basic 4/4 loop, then expand and add variations once you have the basic sound and rhythmic feel.
- Find some VSTs for the synthesizers, or again just a sample pack, then build a basic chords progression. The synth in this track aren't too complex, it should be ok to reproduce for a beginner
- Look into sidechain gates (or maybe tremolo with high depth?) for those "cutoff" rhythmic effects
- Look into the first videos tutorial of the channel "you suck at producing" if you're really new to Ableton and have a hard time understanding the general workflow with Ableton

No. 599375

I keep making songs with singing parts that are too cutesy. It doesn't help that my lyrics are very literal. How to avoid?

No. 599397

god bless you anon, you've brought back an ancient memory for me. i used to listen to this album in highschool while doing homework. totally forgot it existed until i saw that album pic

No. 599401

Same, reminds me of discovering vaporwave for the first time in 2013 and listening to Eccojams Vol. 1 and Floral Shoppe on repeat.

No. 599574

Anybody know how much it would cost approximately to get a power board cleaned up and fixed? I recently bought a Korg M1R and it arrived with 5 capacitors blown, which is making all the sounds glitch the fuck out like it's on constant overdrive. Factory resetting only restored names. I checked online and getting a separate power board is about $70, dunno what would be cheaper, cleaning and soldering in new capacitors or just fully replacing it? I don't know how to soldier for shit so I'm most likely gonna have someone else do it for me lol

No. 600228

sauce for op image?

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