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File: 1594884516814.jpg (59.69 KB, 500x418, idk.jpg)

No. 585082

Let your stupidity run wild by asking stupid questions in this thread.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/573506

No. 585086

Ok dumb question to start off the thread. What does /CuS2jNP mean? Some scrote spammed it in /g/ and I’m confused pls no bully. Is it some 4chan thing I’m not aware of?

No. 585091

Guys is there a color your hooha shouldn't be? I'm olive skinned but I'm literally gray down there. 13 year old sheltered me was convinced it was because I committing the sweet sweet sin of masturbation.

No. 585092

As long as you're pink inside it's fine.

No. 585093

I mean I don't think it's anything bad anon, I'm brownskinned and my labia are very dark, most darkest part of my body. As long as you can feel it when you pinch them I don't think there's anything wrong lol.

No. 585099

Are stretch marks on boobs normal? Does this mean my boobs are saggy? I haven’t even gained that much weight for them to be there.

No. 585103

Is it weird to acknowledge that a girl who is a teenager has a nice body or a better body than you in a non sexual way? Kind of like passing by a women on the street with nice legs or nice boobs, I'm just acknowledging it but damn the one time my brain did it to a teen who had a nice ass I kind of felt like a creep.

No. 585105

I suppose as long as the young age of the ass owner is not the deciding factor in why you consider the ass nice-looking it's fine.

No. 585106

Bodies are whack, doesn't matter your body type they are a possibility.

No. 585107

Why are there suddenly a bunch of oddly sexual questions posted within a short time span that seem to share the same writing style that seem like scrote/troon-fap fodder?

No. 585108

It is a little… sus. The typing style mostly. And most of the questions are better fitting on /g/ anyways.

No. 585112

Is it worth it for someone who doesn't know much about coding or software outside of like basic HTML shit to try for a CS degree?

No. 585113

File: 1594889566246.jpeg (154.49 KB, 828x836, 74CB343A-BF30-4C31-AD0E-66654D…)

I’m this >>585099 anon and I promise I’m not a troon or scrote lmao but I see what you mean. I just saw pic related posts in /g/ and my scrote/tranny radar went off. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place btw.

No. 585115

Sure, I'm in EE but a lot of my friends study CS. Most of them didn't code at all before starting college, one had minimal knowledge on Java. I only know one person who 'actually' knew how to code before starting college. He knew only one language though (python).

No. 585120

These questions scream nothing but "I came here to jerk off to women"…

No. 585128

I hate this picture, he gives me fuckboy vibes

No. 585129

I'm sorry anon, I thought he looked cute…

No. 585143

nta, I got a strong high school flashback when I saw this pic. Haven't seen anything of this manga in such a loooong time. It's kinda nice to get reminded of it. Superior shoujo style tbh

No. 585168

Is it normal for randos to network with you on LinkedIn with no prior IRL interactions? This dude added me and I just accepted (it's just LinkedIn and honestly I barely use it outside of entering in the bare minimum of info so I can get in contact with recruiters/give my profile out to prospective employers if they ask). We have one contact in common, a recruiter. His profile says he's a teacher in my city, and he randomly hit me up through the messaging system and is like, just trying to start a conversation… (asking how I am, how did telecommuting working out for me) and I'm just sort of dumbfounded. Is this common? Is he being a creep or genuinely trying to get to know me for networking purposes?

No. 585170

What's the name of it anon? I'm curious to read now lol

No. 585176

How the hell do you determine your body type? I can't figure out mine at all, my hips are too narrow for an hourglass, but too wide for an inverted triangle, and none of the other types fit.

No. 585179

Warning : very dumb question about sexuality

>asexual insect until 15

>likes female solo porn and gay porn
>falls in love with straight female BFF at 15, denial and complete meltdown for the next two years, then move on at 18
> 18 to 20 : first sexual experiences with men, goody good times (from unrequited love to a nice relationship to shitty one night stands)
>during that time : stop porn because of discovery of radical feminism
>switch to erotica/imagination: think about hetero sex
>"wait am I actually bi?"
>sleep with a woman (cute butch at a party) : I like it but not as much as with men
>"OK I am not bi then"
>recently : fantasies are more and more from male pov and giving the woman pleasure
>today :incredible dream with girl I fell in love at 15, woke up completely worked up, damn I really really want to fuck her (also we have a high school reunion soon, fuck me)

Wtf does that mean? Do I actually like women? I feel like I have the capacity to fall in love with one and to have sex with one, but if it's not to the level/intensity of a het relationship, there is no point in saying I am bi…

So am I bisexual, bi-curious or à dummy dumb het girl?

No. 585181

BTW I just turned 21,not yet at the age where it is completely ridiculous to have not figured out your sexuality, but help me out anons I am approaching that fast

No. 585206

Honestly anon, idk if this is what you're looking for but…who cares? You don't have to label it. Nobody actually like. Asks you about that shit, and if they do, just shrug and say "I'm still figuring it out/don't really care/just like people," etc. If you click w a person and they reciprocate, go for it. No one can tell you who or what you are.

No. 585209

It's unusual, but nothing to imply that he's a creep yet…

No. 585213

Trying to form a personal bond on linkedin is kiiinda weird because this is not the place for it at all. Although it does happen.

No. 585216

I actually get this a lot. I'm surprised I haven't seen other women complain about it because it's super annoying and inappropriate. It's usually older guys who test the waters to see if you're interested, but unless you're in a similar field/work at a similar company, there's really no reason for random people to be messaging you asking about your day.

If you have a profile picture and you're a moderately attractive female, it's way too common. They're definitely not trying to start random convos with other men.

No. 585218

Yeah upon reading it more closely, it doesn't seem like he's speaking very professionally. I was just giving the benefit of the doubt that he could be someone trying to have an informational interview with some casual openers. If it's not professional questions at all, don't hesitate to drop/block him, that is inappropriate.

No. 585229

>he could be someone trying to have an informational interview with some casual openers
I think they try to make it seem that way initially. My last job required a lot of networking and I met this much older married man at an event who claimed to have a lot of connections in my industry. When I added him on LinkedIn, all I got were random "how's your day haha" type messages and no connections. He asked me out several times to "discuss people who would be potential connections," like what? lmao

Be wary of these guys. They try to make it seem like they're pros in whatever industry, but they're usually overselling whatever connections they have in hopes you'll keep talking to them.

No. 585236

File: 1594914933233.png (11.36 KB, 488x435, ws4yges.png)

I'd say I'm meh-tier and the photo I'm using is an old photo I had to take for a visa so it's really not in my favor lol.

Attached our convo. It's just boring, casual small talk…

No. 585261

Do you guys floss?

No. 585263

Everyday, bro. I've flossed everyday for about a year.

No. 585264

I prefer twerking

No. 585267

Did your gums bleed in the beginning? I started flossing a week ago and my teeth bleed a lot.


No. 585274

They do bleed in the beginning. I floss every couple days, but I really should get in the habit of doing so daily.

No. 585284

Once every few months max or when I go to my yearly dentist appointment. I know, I'm terrible

No. 585292

File: 1594924521927.jpg (42.87 KB, 1139x889, 51h0J u5UEL._AC_SL1200_.jpg)

Yes, every night. I don't have dental insurance so I don't have much of a choice in doing everything that I can to make sure my teeth are nice and healthy/clean. They will bleed in the beginning but should stop eventually. If they don't stop bleeding, make sure you aren't digging too deep into your gums. Flossing shouldn't be painful! You'll be causing more long term trouble with aggressive flossing. I use pick related and can change out the floss (and can move along the entire length of the floss instead of just using one spot- that's a no-no anyway).

No. 585293

Meant to just write pic related but I guess I made an unintentional pun lol

No. 585306

Hirunaka no Ryuusei. A blueprint for "modern" shoujo really. Damn if I had a bit of time rn I would give it a read too

No. 585307

Yeah, they did since I would floss very rarely or if my ortho shamed me. They don't bleed anymore unless I'm stupud and use excessive force.

No. 585312

Do you have a type of support you like and dislike?
For example I can't stand the "advice support". If I don't specifically ask for advice, I don't want it. I want to be reassured and put at ease. Tell me it's okay and build me up, don't give me a cold lecture how I should proceed. Unsolicited advice sometimes seriously angers me, especially if it makes me feel worse

No. 585315

Why do Tumblr users love suspenders that much?

Maybe it is a nitpick, but I have notice that in many woke re-desings they give the characters suspenders and it always looks ugly as hell, at least with pants and ~Practical belts~ they explain why, but is there a reason with suspenders? Maybe it is because some of those artists also wear them but still, why?

No. 585316

I'm the total opposite. What's the point of telling me it will be okay if I don't work out how to actually fix something or approach it?
The problem still remains unsolved whether I "feel" better about it or not, and usually I feel no different if I recieve only emotional support.

No. 585318

For me personally, I like when someone takes the time to listen to my problems and helps me either gain perspective on it or tells me they have gone through something similar.

I think the problem with advice is that some people tell you things that they want to be true for themselves, not necessarily what is true for you. There's a fine line there with someone just preaching at you, and an individual actually taking the time to think about what is wrong and give you a realistic solution for your particular situation. I've gotten a lot of shitty advice over the years so I understand your frustration.

No. 585319

I think it's because it's a relatively easy thing to slap on and a way to battle samefacey characters look different, i sometimes find myself needlessly adding them too. No idea why.

No. 585325

Are there any good free video editors that don't leave a watermark on the exported project?

No. 585326

I require different support depending on the situation. The "wrong" kind bugs me a lot too so I just tell the person I'm talking to beforehand what kind of support I need at that time, works well. For friends who are in need of support, I ask them what type they need an sometimes that gets them to think about where they are mentally. Like are they in their feelings and need love, or are they in the problem-solving stage. It's a good thing to do imo!

No. 585328

How do I stop picking at my face anons? Especially my lips?
I unconsiously do it and my face is getting scarred. I think I feel the need to do something with my hands or sumn

No. 585341

You could cover your lips in Vaseline or some other thick lip balm/a lip mask to prevent yourself from picking at it.

No. 585350

File: 1594935279537.jpeg (31.59 KB, 236x301, 1910596D-7CBE-40ED-BDC3-CC8C24…)

Who is this guy and why do we see a lot of YouTube profile pics of him?

No. 585355

the character is JC Denton from the game Deus Ex, and a lot of people have it as a profile pic bc some fortnite streamer guy asked his followers to voluntarily change their profile pic to that. search heil max if u want more info i guess lol

No. 585361

Sounds like something a cult leader would do lol

No. 585382

I looked at Onion’s no0dz out of curiosity before, and I’m a Christian.

Is it still sinful to do that despite feeling no lust, only disgust and competent? I am trying to stop because ew.

No. 585422

I dunno about you all, but I'm horrified of what kind of shit is lurking in the onision thread nowadays. All I say was an anon criticising his dildo riding skills and I noped the fuck out of their.

No. 585428

you’re unironically going to hell

No. 585438

Wear gloves or a face mask

No. 585472

his dildo skills??? I mute literally anything related to onion boy, but, what??

No. 585482

What does it mean when posts get redtext with something other than (USER WAS BANNED…)? Does it mean they were banned or does it mean the mods just gave them a stern talking to?

No. 585489

File: 1594962248908.jpeg (86.16 KB, 500x626, 0EF08226-9EEA-4561-91FA-B030D4…)

What actor is this?

No. 585490

Bjorn andersen

No. 585491

Please don't post pics of him

No. 585495

No. 585497

Do a lengthy skincare and/or makeup routine. I had this problem but started using some CC cream that took a long time to dry so whenever I’d touch my face it’d get all over my hands then get all over my clothes, desk, whatever. It annoyed me so much that I stopped touching my face.

No. 585499

For any open wounds or acne, I suggest pimple patches. The cosrx can be found online and they have extra thin ones that are very subtle for daytime wear

No. 585501

Who's the guy in the pic?

No. 585502

one of the ML's from hirunaka no ryussei. i think his name was shishou?

No. 585506

Satsuki Shishio

No. 585507

You've got balls (no pun intended) to be able to stomach his nudes, that shit is horrifying.

No. 585520

How do you make friends that last a lifetime?

No. 585530

Involve them in important aspects of your life and involve yourself in theirs. Ask for their help and give help to them. This is how you weave a good support network.

No. 585538

What do you think about the yt channel Cherdleys?

No. 585539

Nta but he was fucking a dildo suctioncupped on the bathroom wall if I remember correctly.

No. 585543

Should pickmes kill themselves

No. 585554

Mostly miss. Only funny sometimes when he got someone else on like Casey Frey, Gus Johnson, Trevor Wallace.

No. 585564

I follow over 800 people on Twitter (cause of artists) and I'd like to clean it up without accidentally unfollowing mutuals. Any advice?

No. 585566

File: 1594983493667.png (8.98 KB, 1129x157, mutual.PNG)

when you go look on the list of the people you're following, if the person you're following is your mutual, next to their twitter name you'll see a small "FOLLOWS YOU" text. Pressing the blue "following" button would change it to unfollow, so that way you can just go down the list and clean it easily from there. Does that help?

No. 585582

Is it weird wanting to have vocal classes if I don't want to have a singing career?

No. 585588

No. Why would it be weird? I've taken cooking classes and I don't wanna be a chef. Do what you want queen.

No. 585590

How many times did you get banned from lolcow?
I got banned 4 times.

No. 585595

Probably like 3 times.

No. 585605

I think like four times, plus one extra time for my phone connecting to an IP that was banned for racebaiting kek

No. 585622

a couple of times a week

No. 585646

File: 1594996588310.jpg (18.08 KB, 400x300, 40d20bfc4c945e925a816603809326…)

Why do I look so stupid in full makeup, even when done by a professional? Even eyeshadow and eyeliner looks dumb on me. I always just use eyebrow gel, mascara, light bronzer and blush, and lip tint otherwise I look like i'm attempting drag or something. I can't even wear foundation because I look like so dumb.

No. 585647

Waiting patiently for this answer because same. Tried recommended fancier foundation and it always just looks like a mask. Used to fine with it but since I hit 30 I can't really hide looking like shit anymore with moisturiser and a touch of concealer lol

No. 585651

Yeah I will occasionally use a tinted bb cream which I mix with plain moisturizer for veryyyy light coverage but even then I hate how I look, plus my friends agree I look better without makeup. I have tried literally dozens of foundations, even $150 Tom Ford, and I just look like a toddler who has gotten into her mothers makeup bag. Every time I google for tips it's like "get a shade that matches! blend!" but i've tried just about everything, starting to think maybe I just have an unfortunate face kek

No. 585653

No. 585654

4-5 times maybe?

No. 585659

Have you guys ever met someone and been able to tell she was a farmer? How could you tell? I’m just curious about this

No. 585660

As a fellow older farmer, I have found out that as soon as you leave your younger days, less really is more.

For your every day foundation, I would recommend you to use a Korean BB Cream or Cushion as they are very moisturizing and really help aging skin (I think the IOPE Air Cushion Natural is great but stay away from the matte formula, it's not very forgiving if you don't have good skin to begin with). If you need to go out out and want to look great, you can get away with a really thin layer of the MAC Studio Fix, I've found out their formula doesn't seem to cling to fine lines and looks very even (if that makes any sense). If you need to set your foundation, a really fine powder such as the Laura Mercier one will do, sucks that it's expensive af. Another tip if you still feel like you're wearing a mask is to blot your face with a tissue.

For blush, try gently rubbing your cheek to see your natural flustered color and stick to a more muted version of it, it makes it look more soft and natural instead of "hey, can you see my blush?". I try to stay away from bronzer, I just find it incredibly hard to work with. For highlighter I prefer cream ones, it's easier to apply and imo most of their formulas are a bit less of "in your face" compared to the powder ones. For lips, rather than a particular color or brand, I would recommend you to just try the Asian way of applying it, which is basically spreading the lipstick with your finger or a brush, it makes it feel less heavy. If you have the same issue as >>585646 regarding eyeliner, try getting some very soft eyelashes extensions, if you don't use eyeliner they will last for a long while, and personally I believe they look fine without mascara so one less product you need to worry about. Of course you could always try using a very soft brown eye shadow to either line your eyes or just to deepen your eye socket.

I think most of the time its not that full makeup looks stupid but more like you girls are not used to wearing that much product and that's why you feel weird, that or whoever did your makeup doesn't know your face. Different faces suit different styles after all, some girls look great with heavy eyeliner while other are more suited to eye shadow.

No. 585682

How do I convince my annoying pickme roommate to kill herself

No. 585684

People can remember how many times they get banned?
I get short bans all the time from shitposting, I'm happy to take a time out for the sake of a laugh and hopefully my pettiness amuses others in some way too. I make a lot of reports so maybe it balances out somehow kek

No. 585689

we made some joke about cow, can't for the life of me remember which one and looked at each other like ooohhh

No. 585762

Does anyone find themselves accidentally staring at tits and asses? For example if you're at an outing with a group of friends and you just suddenly realize you've been staring at someone's cleavage. Not even necessarily someone you want to bang or anything

No. 585777

Guys I got glasses and they make everything look so much closer. How am I supposed to drive with them? I already think I'm too close to other cars on the road and now I'll be stopping 20 ft away. My prescription is so light and I barely need glasses I might just not fucking wear them.

No. 585782

But anon, that’s manslaughter, you could get sent to jail because a lame pickme killed herself.

No. 585796

I can't help but stare when I see nice boobs lmao. I was on the subway the other day and looked up from my phone to see a girl wearing a tank top with no bra on. Her nipple poking through caught my eye but then I realized her boobs were so round and perky and the perfect size. Definitely not in a sexual way, just sorta like, when you see something so aesthetically pleasing and you can't help but keep on looking. im not a scrote i swear lol

No. 585806

Just push her off a cliff or something don’t be a pussy anon

No. 585822

File: 1595023182222.gif (1.45 MB, 252x251, restricted.gif)

I love you anon

No. 585825

File: 1595023762994.jpeg (152.9 KB, 750x987, 145C6288-42B0-40F0-974D-9175A1…)

love you too anon

No. 585827

Thats how I felt when I first got my glasses. Try driving with the glasses on in an empty parking lot or secluded area until you're used to how close everything seems now

No. 585849

No. 585858

For anons who have Microsoft Office on their personal computers but is paid for by their company, how did you guys get it? You just enter in your work email? Does your company have to confirm anything? Trying to see if I can get MO for free through my company that I'm leaving lol.

No. 585867

File: 1595028006388.png (539.08 KB, 582x768, snuf.png)

Whenever a cutie makes eye contact with me on the train I look away all flustered like a retard and try to avoid ever looking at her again.

No. 585872

>But anon, that’s manslaughter, you could get sent to jail because a lame pickme killed herself.
Not if I'm smart about it

No. 585887

well you posted about it here so that's gone out the window…

No. 585894

Nah she's crazy so people won't look into why she's killed herself

No. 585900

You should move out

No. 585907

I don't want to break my lease

No. 585915

Who would be more in the wrong or in a situation where a driver going the wrong way in a way street hits someone who was basically jay walking or not crossing at an intersection

No. 585926

Does anyone else get menstrual-like cramping during or after their workout? I'm just trying to get healthier but it's like my body is rejecting exercise. It hasn't stopped me from exercising everyday but it's still painful and annoying.

No. 585983

Does anyone know any channels like vid-related (Hercules Candy) and Royalty Soaps, where it's basically just videos of people doing every-day things for their business and commentating? It doesn't matter what their doing, I just like these kind of videos.

How long have you been exercising? I don't exercise regularly and I get cramps and soreness during and after working out. I think It's just the body having to adjust.

No. 585984

the driver 100%

i hope you find a way to break your lease for your roommates sake. you're incredibly cruel and i hate how bpd is treated as a meme mental health issue purely because it impacts women more

No. 585995

Holy shit take things less seriously

No. 585999

Is Tumblr still good for small personal blogs? Not looking to join any communities or post porn. How restrictive are they though, since they ban porn? Can you post lewd art? Erotic poetry? Lingerie models?

No. 586000

File: 1595060584830.png (130.87 KB, 345x374, 1594979600192.png)

What to do when you love some media on the surface level (visuals, ost, experience) but hate the edgy tryhard story (not even edgy in a funny way) and the famous writer is a total hack leeching on the talent of others that barely ever get praised.

No. 586001

It's fine, but the site is broken and a pain to use plus it's a ghost town if you care about gaining a following. I have yet to find a better alternative, though.

No. 586022

This, there's no site quite like tumblr 2012-2014 when things were fun and you could just post aesthetic forest pictures without having to make yourself political
I wish there was another place like that, or an even better place than tumblr. But knowing how shitty everything is there's no way it will stay untainted for long and it will be ridden by trannies, sjws and poltards

Which one?

No. 586023

>Which one?
Yoko Taro

This is kinda niche weeb bullshit, but I liked his works because they were weird and had female characters with an attitude.

He usually gives other people the job of writing his stuff (several female writers in the past, now a team of 7 otaku) and 3 years ago he wrote advertising tweets how he cried while writing for a game- now he says he didn't write for it at all, that was a sell-out move.

No. 586024

can you "become" christian if you haven't been baptised or confirmed when younger?

No. 586025

Yes, I did against my wish when I was 12 to fit in with my schoolmates.

No. 586026

You're a Christian if you belive Jesus is the son of God. That's it. You can get baptised or whatever at any time but you shouldn't have too. It you are filling out any census forms or equivalent type you can state your religion. Think the only time it would come up regards baptism is if you were like to get married in a specific church and the priest or whatever made it a requirement.

No. 586029

How does one find a one night stand? Does going to a bar alone and making wistful eyecontact with someone work or I watched too many Hollywood trash movies?

No. 586041

Whats the difference between "Forgive me father for I have sinned" and "Sorry daddy. I've been naughty ?

No. 586042

unsure if its the same around the globe but from the christian people I know they didn't baptize and believe it's more of a catholic thing which my family did to everyone as a baby. So, the christian people I know don't give a damn about that. Also there's no way of tracking who was baptized as a baby except pics, the certificate and possible plaque thing. LDS seems to track theirs on a massive online list though. Just start going to a church you like or to a friends if you want to get into it.

No. 586050

yeah. Also some churches do baptize adults, if that's something you would want.

No. 586054

Stay safe anon. Use tinder so you at least have some control over what they looks like. Being vague but aggressive from the get-go like “wanna come over for Netflix and chill?” usually works.

No. 586057

One is roleplaying sexual abuse of minors and the other is involved with it for real.

No. 586061

holy fuck anon lmao

No. 586062

Extremely based post.

No. 586064

File: 1595086194227.jpeg (59.45 KB, 583x328, 5A929097-78DB-4DC5-A1ED-419CA8…)

this is a long shot but: is there a thread related to crafting or beading? didnt see any recent active ones but i am stuck as a beginner who wants to try daisy chain beading… i get all the supplies and then i realize the other options out there or that i am missing some things like lobster clasps and i dont even understand how to use those and theres just too much i feel lost on its a lot

No. 586117

Are those mood tracking apps beneficial at all? Like does writing each day how you felt make much of a difference in… anything?

No. 586121

I posted about a craft thread a while ago and anon told me to make it but i am shit at making threadsss, pls make one

No. 586124

Haha fuck off. Sound like a bpd pick me enabler. My roommate is stupid and deserves to die like all pickmes do.

No. 586125

I would looooove this, all I do is fibre artwork. All kinds.

No. 586135

Damn anon I hope you get the help you need for your hateed/jealousy of women

No. 586137

the twist was op was the unstable one the whole time kek

No. 586145

Sounds like CBT lite, it wouldn't hurt. Though I think it would have the same results from daily meditation.

No. 586154

ive never made a thread before tbh i hope someone who is good at it will make one ahhhh

No. 586155

The first two posts were funny, should have stopped there, now you sound annoying and unhinged
Neetlolita chan is that you

No. 586157

Fuck off, I'm not the one who hates women. My roommate is.

No. 586158

It’s the second coming

No. 586163

the attention this unhinged and unsocialized neet has been given by so many of you anons for this amount of time is giving me second-hand embarrassment. You can't win an argument with unhinged people let the poor thing self-destruct.

No. 586165

Is it normal for preteens to find young adults weird? My cousin told me I was weird and asked if I had friends and it literally came out of nowhere …

No. 586201

File: 1595110020126.jpg (41.93 KB, 500x500, beauty-trends-blogs-daily-beau…)

Is gelling down baby hairs really considered cultural appropriation to some people? I've heard it once before but it just confuses me because I feel like it's always been a thing for minority girls with curly or frizzy hair. I'm not going to lie it looks a little weird when I see a white girl do it (I wont call it cultural appropriation though it just looks off) but I'm pretty sure arabs and latinas have been doing it since forever.

No. 586204

yeah, i'm getting some hardcore neetlita-chan vibes. she always tends to pop up after a few weeks anyways.

babygirl get some mental help or break your lease, i'm sure you're making your roommate miserable.

No. 586209

you're literally giving her attention, sperg.

No. 586213

Do furry artists really make bank off of commissions? I've heard that furries can make hundreds and thousands of dollars off of furry art especially if it's porn, but that doesn't make any sense to me. Why would art of animals make more than any other art?

Not a furfag btw. Just curious

No. 586216

I think because the furry community is really focused around making your own original character personalized to you (and often a direct representation of yourself), getting custom art is highly valued and so there's a lot of people willing to throw money at a talented artist.

No. 586217

I heard furries tend to make a lot of money (apparently a lot of them work in IT? I forgot where I read this but it was probably off here or another non-reputable source lol) so they have cash to burn I guess. Maybe it's also a community thing- furries want to support other furries. Or maybe it's just because they want really degenerate porn drawn for them, so the artists can charge as high as they want, not like they can just go shopping around to any artist since most won't draw that shit.

No. 586219

nah they're bringing attention to how some anons like yourself don't know how to not entertain the stupid and just allow them disappear. Especially when this anon has been going off about her roommate for weeks now and people still think they're talking to someone who is sane that can be rationed with.

No. 586221

File: 1595113595870.jpg (42.82 KB, 570x731, spitcurls.jpg)

Nah, prolly not. It's been a thing since the 1920's - there were a bunch of white models back then sporting "kiss curls"/"spit curls" (since you styled them and laid them down with spit), picrel. And unless memory fails me, Josephine Baker did originate the style, but she gelled huge segments of hair, not just the baby hairs. "Minority hair" or curly baby hair tends to frizz up and look a little weird, so people are mad that white people with straight hair are doing it not out of needing better stylization, but just because it looks kinda cool. Honestly if it is considered cultural appropriation, idc because it looks unnatural on white people anyways imo.
Verdict: It all comes down to hair type and stylization, in the end, not ethnicity.

No. 586226

It depends. If you're a shirt artist and a nobody of course you can't make a buck no matter what the subject matter is. But if you have moderate art skills and a good reputation you can make a lot of money getting commissioned by them. You usually have to be willing to draw fetish porn too. I know a lot of people who make good money selling porn to them because so many artists outright refuse to draw furries and NSFW simply for the reason that their requests are degenerate and their autistic asses are usually a nightmare to work with.

A ridiculous amount of furries work in IT either as sysadmins or engineers so it's not unusual for them to bring in a 100k a year salary. That's how they can afford their fursuits too, those things can be worth a car. From what I've seen a designer full suit with details is like 2000-3000 dollars.

No. 586229

Most things are considered cultural appropriation by the internet. In the end, you should do whatever you want.

Also, no- this isnt cultural appropriation

No. 586231

Where I’m at they’re called finger waves or marcelled waves. You use a lot of setting lotion.

No. 586235

How am I unsocialized? I would bet that I have more friends than you

Fuck off, pickme

I am sane. I just think it would be funny if she committed suicide.

No. 586237

>I am sane
>I just think it would be funny if she committed suicide

pick one

No. 586242

anon you are literally giving them indirect attention you complete moron.

No. 586246

Nah like I said I'm bringing the attention to people like you.. didn't I say to let the stupid disappear? If I'm a moron stop talking to me. I'm here to educate <3

No. 586250

no ones talking about "them" but you at this point boi if you don't….

No. 586374

If i'm attracted to butch lesbians, am i bi? (not sure if i'd lick a vagina, though).

No. 586378

Why is the kpop and kpopcritical threads locked?

No. 586383

Do I leave a huge bad impression on others for wearing baggy clothes even though I'm 30?
I can't stand the feeling of tight clothes on my skin, it doesn't matter which fabric. It drives me insane. I was told by several people, including my parents that I should start dressing age appropriate but I can't stand it, I just can't. Everything is so tight these days. Luckily I work from home so I can be in my baggy giant t shirt and underwear all day long.

No. 586384

File: 1595150135303.gif (206.79 KB, 378x440, IMG_9208.GIF)

I don't understand dating sites. How am I supposed to kiss/date a person that Ive only known for a few weeks and I know less about compared to my friends?

No. 586385

Is it normal for your jaw to crack a lot? Left side of my jaw always pops and cracks and it's been this way for a few years now. It's a little painful to pop sometimes.

No. 586394

This also happens to me but only when I'm stressed and have been clenching my jaw. Sometimes people clench their jaws in their sleep, maybe you do that. There are ways to get rid of it on the internet but I never tried them

No. 586411

Do people with flat tummies see a little fat pouch when they look towards their feet?

No. 586421

Yea, asked my sister because she has a flat tummy and she said she can see a pouch.

No. 586439

This means ur jaw muscle is overworked! It’s not serious but a mouth guard or Botox will relieve it go to the doctor if it bothers you

No. 586489

does anyone else’s ears start ringing when they orgasm

No. 586491

My ears get blocked sometimes.

No. 586565

Does anyone here listen to Joe Rogan's podcasts?
Do you like them?

No. 586595

do you first grow out your nails to a desired length and then shape them or shape them while they're growing?

I just can't figure out how to shape my nails nicely and how to make them all look the same

No. 586597

This is so fucking stupid but anyone else's pussy clenches when they experience negative emotions?
Not clench in a horny way but in an irritated way? I swear I can't be the only one. Whenever someone makes mouth noises around me and I get angry /irritated because of it my pussy reacts.

No. 586598

I like for them to grow then shape. Because I kinda sketch the shape on all the nails with a pen and then file to that shape.

No. 586600

I don't get it often but yeah if I'm either enraged or grossed out I'll sometimes get it. The sight of blood and guts actually does it to me most, I'll get chills and then a clench of disgust lol

No. 586604

Yes! Yes! Completely forgot, seeing disturbing things, like gore, also makes it clench too.
God, I'm honestly so relieved right now, that it is something other women experience too, I thought maybe my subconcious was into it or something.

No. 586607

YES, it's like a fear or stress response from me.

No. 586610

Tell me why wouldn't it be funny if a pickme committed suicide? People like >>586155 agree with me that it's a really funny idea.

No. 586612


People commiting suicide is never funny, maybe you are the bpd chan not your roomate.

No. 586620

File: 1595187658988.png (332.31 KB, 531x564, IMG_9193.PNG)

At what age is it weird for a woman to still be a virgin?

No. 586627

Maybe someone will answer seriously but I just keep thinking of this and cool old nuns, so never.

No. 586632

Virgin old women are dope. There is no age where it is weird imo. It's your body and your decision to have sex or not have sex and you shouldn't be forced to lose your virginity as soon as possible or forced to keep your virginity.

No. 586639

That’s all good and nice anon but let’s be honest in our society people are expected to lose their virginity at least by their early 20s- I don’t necessarily agree with it but that’s how it is

No. 586642

Why are people still responding to lolitachan anon?? let her seethe about how her roommate is cooler than her kek

No. 586644

I used to listen to them but I don’t anymore. I just liked that he was this candid non pretentious/remarkable guy and I would put it on in the background sometimes.

No. 586651

Do people really stop you on the streets and ask you for your v-card status? Like, who's going to know? And in the worst case scenario if someone asks, either tell them it's not their business or lie if it's so embarrassing.

No. 586656

Why does everyone on this site have 0 reading comprehension skills? I didn’t say anyone was gonna ask her or that she should lose it I just stated the age that societally it is weird to be a virgin. She didn’t ask whether it was ok to be a virgin she asked when it gets weird and I just told the truth.

No. 586665

my augmented bf

No. 586675

I think societally 25 is kind of a limit, i'm a 20 year old virgin-chan myself and most of my friends are regardless of gender. but i assume most people outside my friend group are non-virgins.

But for being a kissless virgin, i think 20 is the limit. most people think it's weird if you never had a bf/gf in high school or college.

No. 586679

I used to wonder this too, throughout my twenties I'd experiment with makeup from time to time and I'd always come out looking worse than barefaced. eyeliner looked terrible, darker eye shadow looked terrible, darker lips, again terrible. I think some people just look better with less, I don't know what it is specifically about our faces though.

like anon said here >>585660 a bb cream or cushion could be more for you. I always hated foundation too but now I use a bb cream type thing and it much prefer it

No. 586682

they've been beneficial for me in the sense that you can track your mood and whatever you've done during that day to find patterns. like for example, looking at all the times you feel depressed coincide with certain activities

No. 586683

Unless you live in some american like school drama, I have a hard time seeing people caring about someone being a virgin.
I think there were even an article about the rise of virgins starting with millenials. The societal expectations related to virginity are very noticeable during high school but later? Nah.

No. 586687

yeah I sometimes get a kind of low buzzing sound paired with temporary fuzzy hearing

No. 586692

My roommate is not cooler than me. There's nothing about her that is cool. She once even got excited about a scrote asking her out on the bus. lmao

>People commiting suicide is never funny, maybe you are the bpd chan not your roomate.

No. 586702

Be honest anons. Was it/is it full on autismo of me to be highly, extremely uncomfortable if I am not wearing anything on my head, like a hat or a scarf, even a high bun. I do not remember a time I didn'r get quietly panicky and awful if I wasn't wearing something, I had teachers giving me shit for it even if it was a totally normal looking scarf which I would take off for p.e, it wasn't like I was wearing some tea towel or something messy. I still wear caps and beanies but at least I can go places without them but I still feel the best wearing them.

No. 586713

Yeah it is a bit autistic tbh. I’m the opposite i hate anything touching my head and neck and i touch my neck in weird autistic ways if I’m wearing a scarf ect for me it’s probably from years of being forced to wear hijab.

No. 586714

Thank you anon for your honesty but god fucking dammit, this is lame. Being annoyed or distracted by headwear sounds way more common.

No. 586747

Bump. I need to know the answer to this too. I’ve always thought I was straight but I really, really like butch chicks.

No. 586748

I was talking about shit like thiw with a friend as I told her I'd fuck a dude but would never date one and she suggested that it's because romantic feelings aren't always the same as sexual feelings. Idk man, would you bang or date or just look no touch?

No. 586752

What is the female equivalent of being emasculated? In other words, if someone does or says something to you that makes you feel less feminine, or belittles your womanhood, etc… is there a term for that?

No. 586753

the thing that made me accept i was bi was that since puberty, i had masturbated to fantasies of both male and female bodies. tbh 80% of my fantasies were female only until i reached college and somethin switched lmao. if you get turned on by women and men, you're bi. try not to overthink it too much. i assumed just because i wasn't that attracted to all women, i wasn't bi. just because i had a preference for thicc women and didn't find extremely thin women sexually appealing didn't negate my sexual feelings towards females in the first place, if you catch my drift. the same can be probably said for butches or anything other type of woman. if the idea or thought of being with a lady and sexually pleasuring each other doesn't spark anything, you're likely not bi. im no authority tho lmao

No. 586756

Why are vinny's fans so weird? I only watch his videos to have some background noise from time to time and I only noticed now that his fans were total spergs.

No. 586777

Yes. They might be butch but still look and act like women.

Used to think I was bi for treating women better and being nice to them while doing the opposite with men but turns out I just like being around them a lot. I feel zero attraction but have warm feelings towards my friends

No. 586826

How do you find a old friends Instagram account?I remember their name but I don't know anything else such as phone number (they don't have a Facebook)

No. 586831

Is there an age where fighting with your parents is considered immature and inappropriate. I've been getting into little arguments with my dad (who I actually never fought with as a teenager) but I'm 23.

No. 586835

Is it worth it making friends if you're just generally jaded about them?
I have had several close friends that I had actually nothing in common with and they used me to vent about their shit because I was a good listener.

That's partly my fault because I rarely ever talked about myself or actually reached out to people with my problems, not that I want to. I'm very picky with the people I talk to and if I don't like someone from the get go, I can't really fake being friendly.

I'm in college now and I want friends but I just don't know if it's worth it. Am I being super autistic with this mindset?

No. 586838

I could have written this. I honestly just want friends to feel validated and normal, not because I actually what to chit chat and go places regularly. I just feel wrong for only having like 2 friends.

No. 586861

Do you remember people that your friend followed? You could try and find your friend via their friends.

No. 586873

Short answer, no.
Long answer, there can be no true equivalent. Emasculation is implying that a man has failed to adhere to socially prescribed masculinity and gender roles. He is beta, he is dickless, a simp and a pussy, he has become less of a man and more like a woman because being woman-like is an inferior state.

There are a million ways society insults womanhood and devalue those who do not perform the right amount of femininity, we hear it daily. Reducing us to objects with “holes” or “incubator”. Men call us “defeminized” for being GNC, but that’s as far as defeminization goes.
Women don’t feel like our womanness is invalidated by such vitriol for we have internalized that being born a woman is just like this, shit stick in a rigged game. Experiencing misogyny only affirms our womanhood, it is integral to being female. We don’t have the same kind of insecurity men do about their maleness and his place within the male social hierarchy. Masculinity is so fragile because men are scared they will fall from position of privilege, casted down with the lowly females. They literally measure this with their dicks.

In conclusion, people who believe in “emasculation of man” can not in the same way belittle a woman by saying that she is acting like a man, a superior state. To them, if a woman fails at gender roles, being fuckable and nursing babies, “holes” or “incubator”, she simply ceases to be human at all.

No. 586905

Yes, but it has to do with the parent's age as well. There comes a point where you're not young anymore but mature, and they're not mature anymore but old. Your roles change a bit then, and if you're still picking arguments and acting childish at that point, your behaviour is unacceptable. As long as the original child/parent dynamic is in place though, a bit of petty arguing is still pretty normal.

No. 586987

Is it possible not to be affected by the whole female socialization thing? Everytime I read about it I don't feel like it's about me, like I don't care about performing feminity, I don't try to pretend to like people I dislike… Can autism have ties to this?

No. 587003

Why do I not have a period unless I'm on birth control?

No. 587025

Stress, weight gain, weight loss, sedentary lifestyle, pcos, thyroid issues, reproductive health issues.

Talking to a gynecologist would be a good idea

No. 587029

I'm moving to the Netherlands. Do they like Germans?

No. 587033

I'm Dutch, we're cool with Germans.

No. 587040

Good. See you Dutch anon

No. 587044

are fillers always a bad idea? i feel like any person who gets them only looks good for the first few years. then their faces start looking… too big? swollen? unnatural?

No. 587051

File: 1595263250210.png (73.91 KB, 743x557, Screenshot from 2020-07-20 12-…)

Should I buy these shoes… they're $30 after discount and actually come in my size (I have stupidly small feet) but my only gripe is that they might be annoying to put on and take off quickly since I'd have to undo the whole ankle strap instead of it having like a zipper in the back or something to easily slip in and out of.

No. 587056

i'd say buy it. they don't look like it's "that hard" to put on, plus they're really cute.

No. 587059

What's a good priced SUV that I can buy used or new? I was looking at Rav4s but they're extremely costly. Need an SUV because driving to the cottage every weekend is fucking painful in the sedan.

I know jackshit about cars, urgh

No. 587064

Should I go "fuck it" and walk out the door in a kimono to run an errand?

No. 587066

Depends on what errand you’re running. I once went to the bank in my Scarborough faire costume and I felt fine.

No. 587067

Just picking up an order of things I bought.

No. 587069

Yeah just do it. At worst you'll get weird looks by people you'll probably never see again, at best someone comes up to you and compliments you.

No. 587070

Hell yeah, thanks anon. I think I had shoes with a similar ankle clasp years ago and I can only remember being frustrated at putting them on/taking them off because I can just slip on/kick off most of my shoes in like 10 seconds or less haha. I have similar shoes right now and they look sooo cute with my long skirts but they're technically children's shoes lol. I'm just a fucking sucker for these ankle straps, they really up the cute factor for flats.

No. 587076

No. 587078

it doesn't look any harder to take on and off than any shoes with laces that need to be tied. Just do it

No. 587083

kek I'm a lazy asshole and never undo my laces when I'm taking off my shoes

No. 587140

its the url for a discord called Desolation 3.0 which seems to be a retarded friendgroup server.

No. 587164

Anons, as an ana-chan, i find it hard to be attracted to overweight dudes no matter how much i like their personality (obvi i would still date them if we are compatible since i'm also not attracted to 99% of males anyway). is this internalized fat-phobia?
is only being attracted to underweight guys (bmi 17ish) mean i am a sexual degenerate with an anorexia fetish? i can't tell whether i just like skinny dudes or it's a "kink"

No. 587166

I get that you are not attracted to fatties, who is honestly? But what's with guys with a normal weight? Or very slim ones with muscles?

No. 587171

I think its because even if they're normal weight, they're visibly bigger than me. I also dont like guys who are more than 2 inches taller than me so I think the main problem for me is size difference. Obviously, this includes muscular men.

No. 587192

You just like skinny guys. Remember that men have high metabolism than women, when you see a skinny ass dude, most likely he’s just like this and doesn’t have anorexia. So you don’t have an fetish, it’s just a manifestation of your own anorexia.

No. 587193

File: 1595279821511.jpg (20.15 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.1543268269_3i1g.jpg)

Who else puts stickers on their car?

No. 587215

File: 1595283836114.gif (2.97 MB, 480x360, shaque.gif)

Wore it. I felt good about myself, plus I didn't feel anyone staring. Somehow it really boosted my confidence. Really happy about myself, I usually wear dark, unassuming clothes and I went full-on "Bird of Paradise"-costume today lmao. Thanks, anons.

No. 587238

theyre cute but i feel like you can get the same style for even cheaper on amazon or sumtn. 30 is cheap but ive gotten good quality shoes like this for 15 dollars lol

No. 587240

File: 1595288536758.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x874, FEB73E50-9307-426B-BACE-7F2567…)

Soooo did /g/ really help anyone make friends successfully?

No. 587246

Pls no bully but I just try my best not to buy from Amazon if I can help it lol. Might scour around the net some more if these end up not fitting right though.

No. 587258

i talked to a girl on there for a while but she ghosted me lol

No. 587262

That’s what happened to all mine too

No. 587266

same for me then she joined the animal crossing server… awkward

No. 587267

I was talking to a girl for a bit but I was the only one leading the conversation so shit got dry fast, stopped to see if she would keep it up.. she didn't. KeK

No. 587273

maybe we should all add each other.

No. 587275

There was a server link posted in the friend finder thread? I think. I didn't post in the thread because I'm retarded about introducing myself and I didn't want to seem awkward

No. 587384

where's a site I can watch men solo masturbating

No. 587385

Manyvids I guess, careful as there's a lot of troons there.

No. 587412

File: 1595321655940.jpg (92.06 KB, 736x733, tumblr_1bad93ffc2d130dd8f36984…)

Does anybody know who this girl is?

No. 587432

Faye C. Toone

No. 587433

No clue and I'm not calling you a pullfag but I actually laughed outloud seeing this, it reeks of the "who is this thread"

No. 587442

Is there any community that has support 'group' of people who are the victims of copycats? A person who is trying to turn my life into theirs is driving me crazy and I don't have anyone IRL to talk to about it.

My situation is the knock-off edition of /w/'s thread about littlefawnxo.

No. 587451

try a support group for people who have been abused by BPD fags

No. 587504

Do you guys think it makes me boring if i have no hobbies but only "interests"? like i love a lotta things - politics, biology, pyschoanalysis etc. but most of the time i spend my time on are "abstract". i stopped playing the piano a year ago which was the only "productive" hobby i had. now im trying to get into drawing, which i always wanted to do, but im still too much of a newbie to tell people that i draw (i have nothing to show to them if they ask).
Am i boring and should get hobbies, or should i just not push it?

No. 587518

Many people who don't think about theoretical stuff that much will probably find you boring because that's not relatable to them specifically, so they don't necessarily see the appeal and could also get the impression that since you have no hobbies, you spend your time aimlessly mucking about on the internet. Still, with many other people you can get a good discussion going, obviously more so if they're also more into abstract conversations. Many people who are like you in this respect will even find you less boring than someone who mostly has concrete hobbies and isn't into theoretical interests.

In normal social situations, just answer any questions about your hobbies or activities etc with cool and interesting things you've been into and learned recently, should be fine.

No. 587610

I added someone I keep forgetting to start a conversation at this point it's too late, and another one never answerer my request lol

put me in

No. 587668

File: 1595355547017.jpg (400.21 KB, 1024x768, howls.jpg)

I really liked Kiki's delivery service and Howl's moving castle for the warm tone and the charming, family-esque interactions between the characters. Are there any other TV shows/movies/comics/books/animations that are like that?

No. 587671

Literally any other studio ghibli movie, they all have the same feel. I recommend my neighbor totoro, spirited away, when marnie was there, honestly every single one

No. 587689

How many people do you think post/visit lc everyday? 50?
I honestly post everyday ngl.

No. 587696

you might like "wolf children" and "the girl who lept through time"

No. 587707

File: 1595359727397.jpeg (195.09 KB, 1200x1600, 18111B41-0727-44A0-93A7-EE32A6…)

I recommend Little Forest, it was such a chill film with lots of homely food and lovely countryside scenes. The full film is on YouTube with English subs if you’d like to watch it.

No. 587708

Everyday? 50 is an underestimation imo. I would probably say a couple hundred, I post every day too, now. I think the overall number of people that post here is somewhere in the 1-3 hundred thousands, although I have no idea at all about how many people frequent imageboards. 4chan has users in the millions, but that's for over ~15 years.
Admin really should provide us with info on user base stats although I know she probably wont.

No. 587715

Nta seconding this. I saw anon recommended this movie in /m/ and I loved it! I’m quite into iyashikei type media.

No. 587719

love this question imo i often wonder the same!! i hope its around the hundreds at least lol bc i feel like im not talking to the same 50 ppl all the time (also ive been posting almost everyday lately too)

No. 587721

I'd like to imagine it's in the hundreds.
I mostly lurk, but I check this site way too often out of pure boredom. Wish I could check my own post history so I can keep track of my autism. Sometimes I can't remember if I've posted in a thread or not.

No. 587732

I used to post there very often, but then I moved on to other boards/sites

No. 587733

I wonder if we have talked before…
I think it's gotta be more than a hundred everyday at least, because I can't imagine the same 50 anons being into all the cows whose threads move almost daily.

same, I sometimes think about that too, how much I've posted and how much I've changed

No. 587735

What boards and sites do you visit often anon?

No. 587747

If I stumble upon one of my ancient posts from about 2 years ago I don't realize it until I've read half the message. Honestly I wouldn't like to see my post history, it's full of embarassing confessions and spergouts, probably.
Sometimes I feel like most things I post here are done in a fugue state. And if that's true, even my fugue-state-self is pretty cringe.

No. 587778

what does sage even mean? i looked it up and understand it's japanese but still don't understand how it fits into board culture lmao help

No. 587781

I think way more than 50 people visit this site every day, but I have a strong hunch that there are only between like 30-50 regular posters across all the boards.

No. 587783

It comes from the word "sageru" which means to lower. It started on 2ch.

No. 587785

This is a fucking long shot but back in 2010-2014 or something I was ig mutuals with a girl whose handle has something to do with buck-tick and dolls? The photoshopping thread reminded me of her because she had like ridiculously giant boobs and she must've shooped her face as well, she was quite pretty and goddamn pale, kinda chubby. One time she told me about using some actual fishing line to hoist her boobs up, I don't man, I just wanna see if she ended up as some cow or got over it.

No. 587789

I always thought of "sage" like you're an old wise sage muttering truths you know the masses will not appreciate lol

No. 587791

Same, an anon responded positively to a year old post in one of the attractive women threads and I was halfway to replying in enthusiastic agreement until I realised the old post was mine kek

I don't think any of us really need to suffer the cringe of our own post histories. When I came here I was really judgmental of all the cows but now I just want to see them do better in life and chat cosy shit with other anons
It's nice to think that through possibly responding to the same anons over the years we're having long term anonymous friendships though kek

No. 587794

so what does it mean when people say things like "sage but yadda yadda yadda" on threads? i'm confusion on what it actually means in board culture and what it means when people respond sage to posts lol

No. 587795

sage just means that if you put "sage" in the email text box in a reply, the thread won't get bumped (because the reply is off topic)

No. 587797

Ok this will sound retarded af.
I broke up with my bf two days ago, we live together and we are on good terms. Can I just, you know, walk out and fuck another guy?

No. 587803

I mainly use lolcow, but I sometimes use lainchan. I don't really use 4chan anymore, I just kinda lurk on /an/, /i/, wallpaper boards to just collect wallpapers, /cgl/ (mainly for the interior design, Aliexpress and Taobao threads, aside from that, the board is pretty bad)and /ic/ but less frequently

No. 587807

lmao that's a funny way of thinking of it. I always pronounce it like sage instead of sah-geh too.

I think it's just because they want to put in their (usually off topic, sometimes blogpost-y) two cents despite having nothing actually relevant to the topic at hand. It's really not necessary if you're already properly saging your posts but some people do it anyway. I think new people might do it because they think that's how you sage posts.

No. 587809

Yes, of course, but since you're still living with him it's up to your judgement how immature he'd act about it I guess.

No. 587813

Of course you can. I'd just make sure to do so at their place, unless you don't mind a whole bunch of drama.

No. 587838

File: 1595368397068.png (404.84 KB, 765x667, Annotation 2020-06-30 214730.p…)

thank you so much for your answer. take this frog as a gift.

No. 587845

File: 1595368832106.gif (699.23 KB, 640x476, IMG_9391.GIF)

What portion of lolcow users use lainchan and vice versa?

No. 587846

this is the first time I'm even hearing about it. lolcow is the only imageboard i regularly lurk and post on.

No. 587849

i am lurking lainchan now and it's giving me anxiety lmao

No. 587854

same…why does everyone have names. im scared

No. 587859

the discussions they're having on that board are the ones that give me that type of existential anxiety that makes me feel like i'm not real and nothing else is real either

No. 587862

oh my fucking god this shit looks awful, why DO they have names though. I bet it's like 6 different dudes talking to each other.

No. 587867

Why am I not funny?

No. 587868

I dream about doing this every single day but can’t build up the courage to.

No. 587869

Not to sound fucking full of myself, being funny demands lots of social and pop cultural awareness. I enjoy so much making people laugh and feel comfortable and that means you have to be different kind of funny with different people as edgy or "witty" shit won't make everyone laugh. Gotta keep at it and know when to stfu and when to gOOOOO, anon.

No. 587873

Sorry I was upset over my joke not getting replies in the groupchat, I'm good now. But yes you're right and when I'm with normies/less friendly people I just stay silent lmao.

No. 587875

not every jokes gonna land, anon. you'll get em next time

No. 587877

I love making normies laugh, they're kinda like kids. Don't worry anon, it could've landed some other time, fuck them.

No. 587910

Should people wear other bands shirts to a concert? If not, why?

No. 587941

I sometimes use it, but much less than lolcow because it's so slow. I like the discussion on there and usually just lurk the active threads in /mega/

Just gonna spoonfeed a bit. From what I understand the names are randomly assigned from characters from sci-fi media or real-life hacker type figures. Posters don't pick them, it's the default like "Anonymous"

No. 587952

I like lurking once in awhile, sometimes learn of new things
I hope none of those dudes are here

No. 587954

You're kind of meant to, but you have me questioning whether that's not the case in other countries to mine? You're already there so people know you like that band but by wearing the shirt of another band people now know that you might have two different bands in common so you can talk about that. If you see lots of the same band tees at a gig you know that you'll probably like that band too, so you can look them up.

In my experience it's lame to wear the band's own shirt at their own gig unless it's either a very old tee, to show you're a longtime fan, or it's a tour tee from that exact tour or release to show you just bought it. Otherwise you just look like you don't know any other music.

No. 587962

Can someone good at economics please explain to me if the consequences of adding another 1+ trillion covid stimulus package to the US’ national debt truly outweigh the consequences of NOT passing such a stimulus package and heading towards economic catastrophe??? It seems like a no brainer to me but I want to hear from someone actually well versed in the subject/has better economics understanding than I do lol.

No. 588028

My cat is really fussy when it comes to eating so over the year I have a good number of cat foods ranging from lower (cheaper) quality food to the really expensive one lying about completely unused.
Do you think it would be rude if I wanted to dump it at my local animal shelter?
A lot of the boxes and wraps in which the food came were already opened so I don't know if they're going to be okay with it?
I would actually prefer to give it to some of the ladies in my town that do rounds where they feed the local cats but I'm a bit anxious about asking them if they'd like to accept the food.

No. 588029

Can someone recommend me a good hair growth inhibitor cream?

No. 588041

Okay so what the hell is going on with PULL? Any insider info or is it really as simple as oops no new admin to run it and muh toxic environment?

No. 588043

Can anyone else relate to not being ugly but looking awkward? If a few things on my face were tweaked I would even go as far as saying I was hot. I have a mouth that kind of looks crooked/isn't exactly in the center of my face. My teeth are straight but tiny and my gums show. I have a roman nose that is normal looking in the front but huge when you look at my profile. I don't have a strong chin either. Everything I mentioned is subtle and I can still be considered "cute" but I just look AWKWARD and I don't know how to explain it. Even worse I'm an awkward fucking person. Fuck.

No. 588048

I don't know about shelters, but I gave extra cat food to the local cat lady that feeds neighbourhood cats. She was thrilled that "there are still nice people that care" and "would you believe that a young man once threw a rock at me for feeding the cats". Well I never.
Anyway, gave food, got half an hour of praise, assorted life complaints (pension, health, stone-throwing jerks), and general cat-related small-talk.
Would recommend this option because you get to befriend a neighbour that way, which is always nice.

No. 588057

Does anyone else sometimes get a high from listening to music?

No. 588060

Back in my teen years when I went out to shows a lot, there was this discussion every. Single. Time. And it stuck with me without answers. Somehow there was band rivalry and some people who just came around just to see a cool band got heckled a bit outside the venue for wearing other stuff but I agree on the "it has to be an older shirt OR from this tour for it not to look awkward". Mostly people would buy a shirt there and wear it so they don't have to go back and forth before the actual show. Never thought about the "you may also like these bands these people are repping" aspect of it though, kinda makes sense! Thanks for the lenghty response anon ily.

No. 588065

Ohhh I get what you mean, I feel very euphoric when I listen to kirby OSTs lol

No. 588074

Actually, yeah, I consider myself pretty, like everyone else, with the right angles and lightning I “look cute” or at least that’s what I’m told. When I look at myself in the mirror I just notice some stuff like my weak chin and droopy nose, but they fit my face? Somehow?
Either I got some nice self-esteem or I’m actually not hideous.

No. 588087

Yes, totally same. I'm lucky to look ok I guess but sometimes it's annoying to think when I look in the mirror how close I am to be conventionally pretty yet these few things that are off are just messing it up. Like, I'm the only person in the family to have a weak chin, why must genetics treat me like this?
Also I totally relate to the awkward look & awkward behavior combo, if only I could be, like, cool and extroverted and amazing at conversations maybe people wouldnt mind an awkward look? But it's like my personality is just amplifying the look. Truly a first world problem but a problem nonetheless.

No. 588114

What's the difference between PULL and kiwifarms? From the look of it they're both forums dedicated to the exact same thing.

No. 588122

PULL is mostly women laughing at female cows, KF is mostly men laughing at male cows.

No. 588126

On kf the farmers become the cows they feast on, anon.

No. 588132

Pull is made up of sjw’s , mainly female posters

No. 588137

Maybe this is controversial but I think kiwifarms has more merit than PULL ever did. Aside from a few kaka threads what was there to salvage? 2.0 was better than the cesspool it is, I've never spent time there but they literally nitpick the most autistic shit out of raging weed envy. At least kiwifarms has cows and threads worth viewing. I'm not saying KF is a perfect community, but I can't say I would even waste my breath on PULL even if I don't have a kf account. I do wish farmers wanted to discuss the same variety of cows as kf but there isn't the same amount of powerlevling with the forum scheme.

No. 588141

I kind of agree, discussion seems more neutral and just like everyone is having a good time instead of sjw virtue signaling
Thing is, kiwifarms is a very male place, if that makes sense.

No. 588161

One is underaged SJW cancer, one is balding male cancer. Bother surfer from end stage autism. Just watch some idiot minor inevitably flirt with the scrotes there and get doxxed. Can you imagine the milk when KF gets exposed for soliciting cp.

No. 588168

kf is cancer but they admittedly have a larger variety of cows. i always find it interesting to see the difference in popularity of cows between here and kf, like amberlynn is way more popular there than she is on here

No. 588185

Is Pepe the frog public domain?

No. 588195

Why is wikipedia always asking for money???
>we need you to make a donation to protect Wikipedia's independence
Wtf does that mean?

No. 588196

File: 1595435070630.jpg (866.01 KB, 1140x700, IMG_9402.JPG)

Why did PULL have a thread for bestdressed? I didn't really use PULL before it got nuked and I'm curious to know why PULL hated bestdressed since Ashley is very inoffensive and doesn't seem to be a lolcow

No. 588198

To keep it open source anon.

No. 588204

It was 96% jealousy

No. 588205

I have trouble believing that they’re always hard up for money

No. 588221

Is it ok to cancel your bullies though.

No. 588234

NTA but I looked into this once because I was considering donating. https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/wikipedia-fundraising-drive-should-you-donate-money-wikipedia-foundation-1531912

TL;DR They're not struggling at all.

No. 588306

File: 1595444150710.jpg (21.62 KB, 555x313, 637594.jpg)

I have a question for a Finn. Can someone tell me more about Mandi Lampi (daughter of Jussi and Tuula Lampi)?

I stumbled on her by accident and read her wikipedia article. I don't know why she piqued my interest, but I want to know more. Her whole existence seemed pretty sad and her death was so sudden.

No. 588310

File: 1595444603444.jpeg (204.62 KB, 750x1014, E20D87B7-589F-4147-8BA3-EF0CAC…)

Am I the only one so addicted to lolcow that I downloaded a text to speech app to listen to while I go about my day?

No. 588314

Lolcow is the only website I use except for youtube for entertainment so i can relate.
yall bitches are cool.

No. 588317

anons with non-pornsick bfs/ex-bfs: HOW the fuck do you find them? It's so weird how even the most normal, reserved looking guys watch porn everyday. What personality traits/behaviours do you think show that a guy is vanilla? Is there a common trait among them or do I just have to get lucky?

No. 588322

If this is real, how can you even tell where one post ends or what it's replying to when you're listening? This place is so slow also I can't imagine there's ever enough content to keep you entertained for long

No. 588328

It says the numbers - a little annoying but it does break up the posts
Depending on how large the thread is the recording can go on for hours but I obvi do other things like listen to music or yt, I just rlly like the fact I don’t have to be looking at my phone to read the site anymore

No. 588329

Seconding this. I wanna know too. Literally every young man watches porn.

No. 588332

There are exceptions but basically my bf dosent watch porn bc he believes in a lot of traditional/conservative values like being faithful even tho he is not technically religious. but myb it’s all bc he’s a romantic

No. 588334

Sorry anon you're breaking up, I think you're in an area with bad signal

No. 588335

He sounds like a nice one anon. Whenever I mention the "i count porn as cheating" argument with guys i flirt they say I'm overreacting.

No. 588339

I love my vanilla bf not gonna lie. He is very loyal and romantic. Finding him was just luck of the draw but traits he does have that other BF's didn't is that he never talks shit about women. He's no whiteknight but I've heard him tell his friends to stop ragging on some girl more than once. His previous girlfriends are also all over the map in attractiveness/weight/height which makes me think he doesn't have a "type" per se and instead focuses on the person? He's not perfect but he's never asked to touch my asshole

No. 588340

Are we allowed to start new threads?

No. 588341

Is it true that it's weird to love with your parents when you're an adult in Europe?

No. 588342

If you're a young adult, no, lots of people live with their parents if they go to a college in their city.
I'd say it starts being "unusual" if you're over 25. Like it's weird when you want to invite friends over. If you also contribute very little (like don't do chores/only do one, sometimes) I'd say yeah it's weird. But if you're a functional member of the family who contributes to the house, I wouldn't call that weird. Unusual is a better word.

No. 588345

My bf is really into self improvement since few years before meeting me, which included him being even into stuff that was kinda pick-up artistry related - but I've seen videos of the main coach and his ideas, it wasn't actually objectifying as harmful as most PUAs seem to bem but more focused on male confidence and accepting rejection than being an Alpha Male playing mind games with female prey. Over the course of bettering himself he says he realized how harmful porn is to self esteem and for any relationship you form, be it a long term or just a hookup and he is just never engaging with it anymore ever since. He's an attractive, well adjusted adult, not a prude/conservative type at all, so it's possible.

No. 588349

It depends on what part of europe you are from. I think maybe in north europe it weird, not sure but where Im from its normal for young people to live with their perents

No. 588350

No, I wouldn't say so. I'm southern european and it has to be more common here than in other parts of europe, but I know some thirty something people still living with their parents (and grandparents sometimes, especially if the house is big). They all work and have normal lives. I think people tend to move once they get married and they know the space won't be enough if they have kids.
Also, I thought this was an american thing?

No. 588352

I'd say it wouldn't be weird in the slightest to move out at 17 but I've had friends live with their parents till like 24 and no one really truly talked shit about it, but it's more common to move out for some schooling if you must. I moved out at 21 but did indeed feel like it was late compared to my sibling who left at 19.

No. 588353

Forgot to add: from n-europe

No. 588354

It is, though it's changing. Rent is very expensive in many states where there is a lot of development and you can't just kick out your 18 year old kids without them ending up homeless.

No. 588362

No. 588385

Northern Europeans are rich af, so… In most of Europe people might move out temporarily for their studies, or not at all, but it's super common to live with your family even until you're 30 in some cases, sometimes longer.

No. 588390

Yas girl, same! It's like we're dating the same man.

We met at work. I worked in a job that had me observe people for eight hours a day so seeing him genuinely be friends with women and respecting them raised green flags for me, even though I wasn't initially attracted to him. He's so grossed out by the porn industry that it's endearing.

No. 588401

It is more about various government subsidies/programs helping young people who move out early, cultural differences, availability of work and some other country specific peculiarities. Northern Europeans are not particularly wealthy compared to the rest of developed economies. Median Italian has more wealth than the median Northern European but Italians still tend to live longer with their parents.

No. 588402

Would it be weird if I opened up to my primary doctor about my possible PTSD/general trauma? I feel like it would be weird for me to bring it up especially since she's just a PA and I feel like my issues are so major that it would weird her out.

No. 588405

I think it's fine. She should at least be able to point you in the right direction if you need help with those issues.

No. 588412

Depends on the country and the city. I live in an expensive city in France (it's getting worse and worse because already rich Parisians pieces of shit are coming here) so once I get a stable job I'll have to stay with my family for a bit to save money so I could have more chance to get a small, expensive flat, but in some smaller cities or big towns it's less expensive so young people with a bf/gf, who decide to have flat mates or want to be alone but are ok with a small flat can afford it more easily as long as they have a car. Most people who graduated with me lived alone while studying because their parents helped them pay a bunch of things or sometimes everything, and once they graduated and got a job they started paying themselves so they weren't actually independent until recently. If not they were in my case, lived there for generations and things got so expensive with time that they couldn't afford to study away from home so living with parents was just the only option, even with a scholarship. It all depends on if you can get a full time job or not and individual situations.

No. 588441

I never sought him out, I just got lucky. Of course, my first ever relationship before him was with a really pornsick guy, so falling into the arms of someone else afterward who was so undefiled restores my faith in humanity. He taught me what intimacy was really supposed to feel like.

> he's never asked to touch my asshole
Same. I’ve been with the same guy for 5 years and he’s never been interested in anal. One time I was curious to see how it felt so I asked him to gently stick a finger in my asshole, but I didn’t like the way it felt, and he hasn’t brought up anal since.

No. 588446

>It's so weird how even the most normal, reserved looking guys watch porn everyday.
This is exactly how I’m able to get over any crush I have. I just think about all the sick porn the guy has probably consumed and I’m like eh nevermind. Works every time.

No. 588474

How much do anons judge their coworkers if you see them rewearing clothes often? Not like shit that's faded and has stained baked into them, but professional clothing. I'm super self conscious about rewearing my clothes, but I just don't have a very large wardrobe. I have limited space and have already donated so much clothing that I dont wear, and now its down to some casual tees and pants, and my more fashionable clothing for going out to meet friends, to my nice professional clothing. I also don't stink after sweating (thanks genetic lottery) so I like getting more than one wear out of my clothing before throwing it into the wash weekly (unless it has a stain) because I feel like with every wash it's like eating into the life cycle of my clothing lol.

My new job requires professional clothing, and on top of limited space, that sort of clothing can be so expensive!! I only buy fancy professional clothes when it's on sale, but even on sale some shit isn't that cheap. I don't really want to make space to expand my wardrobe either since I feel like I have a nice, small repertoire of clothing already. It's unnecessary and I don't want a big wardrobe to make it look like I can keep up with trends and be super fashionable. If you were my coworkers would you guys judge me for wearing the same shirt or skirt twice within the span of a week, or constantly seeing the same shirt once a day every week/other week?

No. 588477

I think you're underestimating the amount of people that do this, anon. As long as you don't stink, you're gucci.

No. 588489

I have a male friend who isn't pornsick, and basically he's just a massive normalfag who was raised super religious.
He didn't even know about basic sex weirdo shit like inflation or transformation…imagine that existence. I almost feel bad for corrupting his mind with the knowledge, despite him having way more actual sexual experience kek.

I think he's also pretty promiscuous which may contribute (he gets the real thing so often he doesn't need porn), though he wouldn't admit it to me.

No. 588550

>He didn't even know about basic sex weirdo shit like inflation or transformation

God, I wish that were me.

No. 588573

i rewear clothes, they don't get too sweaty, and my coworkers have never commented on it in the 3 yrs ive been at my job

No. 588619

What do I do anons, I'm at my wits end. I stay up all night due to overthinking and I have watched sunrise for the past month. I can't shut my brain off and I have to wait until my body can physically no longer stay awake, which ends up happening around 11am-12pm. I end up sleeping until 6 pm and of course I can't sleep at a normal time the next next because I slept all day long. I fixed my sleep schedule 2 days ago by managing to stay up for 48 hours straight, but It's ruined again. I don't mean to be dramatic but I can't bear it anymore. It's so emotionally painful to stay up all night and even worse, having to force yourself to stay up the entire next day despite being emotionally and physically exhausted and sick (staying up that long makes me feel like I have the flu and quite drunk). Melatonin doesn't work, neither does cbd. I can't keep living like this.

No. 588622

have u tried Diphenhydramine? melatonin is mostly never works, I once spent days without sleeping so I know the struggle. Diphenhydramine works for me, I take some 1 hour before your desired sleeping schedule, I take it like for 3 days and I go back to a normal routine…

No. 588624

I don't think you'll get any comments as long as your hygiene is good anon. I's advise you rotate your top daily though (not wash it but try to avoid wearing the same top twice in a row) because people will naturally pay more attention to the clothing nearest your face. Even just switching between 2 tops daily throughout the week probably wouldn't be noticed.

No. 588633

Anons what would it be called if someone films you having sex with them without your consent? Like you gave them consent to sex but not to be filmed sucking their dick. And now they won't delete it off their phone.
Asking for a friend.

No. 588638

I don't know what it's called but I'm pretty sure that being filmed without giving consent during sex is illegal.

No. 588641

Sigh. Wish I could press charges or something but he's really old and wealthy and it's just a bad decision to do anything. I'll probably get ostracized. Hope maybe he has deleted it off his phone since I cried to him about it lol

No. 588642

I'm pretty sure it's called image based sexual abuse

No. 588646

Thanks a lot anon, that is exactly the word I was searching for, IBSA. I'll spend some time reading articles about it to kind of ground myself I guess. Feeling pretty awful, especially because I know if I tell someone, all the blame would be put on me. Maybe reading other women's experiences will help.

No. 588648

In those "happy ending" massage places…do they do it for women too? Or just men?

No. 588679

they don't care what you identify as, they'll still jerk you off bro

No. 588683

There's this person who acts BPD-channy and victimises herself in any situation in order to get attention. She somehow ended up acting weird as fuck to a point where she'd do immature things gor said attention and have mental breakdowns when I come over just so her parents would feel bad for her. It all started after she started whining to me about how much she wants to become me, is already trying to be a knock-off version of my clothing style but I am trying to not pay too much attention.

Should i try talking to her about what's up with her avoiding me all of the sudden or I'll expect her to start blaming me for everything? Its been awhile so idk. I just don't want any weird beef with people around me.

No. 588686

Thank you anons!!! I feel like I'm too hyper vigilant about what people wear at work because I'm trying to gauge for myself how often they rewear clothing haha. No one's ever pointed out to me "oh didn't I see you wear that shirt/skirt/pants the other day?" yet but I always have the fear in the back of my head that someone will say something…

No. 588688

What do you do when you want to unhear something really horrifying and disturbing? Because I learned about something I wish I never heard about right now.

No. 588690

When is it acceptable to create a Patreon for one's youtube channel?

No. 588702

Is mainstream pop music produced for teenagers?

No. 588707

Uhh maybe when you can offer something on that platform that you can't on yt OR you need that shit to run your yt, but that would require actual quality content.

No. 588716

Does acne look better in pictures?
I swear whenever i try to take a picture on snap (i know its dead but i'll use it) my acne/smile lines look SO MUCH WORSE compared to mirror. I know phone cameras distort face but this is acne. Do i have like reverse body dismorphia where i think my acne isn't that bad but it actually is?

My face is so fucking textured i dont understand how people have good ass skin.

No. 588747

You might some automatic photo-correction active in your phone camera (smoothing being a very common one, sometimes impossible to turn off even); or your mirror is in a badly lit place and you take photos in a place with better light.
Also people don't have good ass skin generally but these two factors listed above + photoshop OR the general rule of the fact we perceive others more favorably as we see them in motion and theres no time / too much light nuance for our eyes to analyze their skin texture/porosity fully in a way we would do with ourselves in the mirror or anyone on a candid photo.

No. 588778

File: 1595519264302.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3264x2448, BD76BB8F-214E-49CB-B02F-5C0ED4…)

What pattern is this called? Also, the blue in the photo is actually green irl

No. 588788


No. 588789

Plaid i think?

No. 588795

It's plaid, that specific style is called gingham I believe

No. 588807

Where is Shayna's first thread? When I look for it the earliest one I find already speaks about her like there was a previous thread but I can't find it. I'm guessing it got deleted? If so why??

No. 588811

anons, realistically, how much of a prude will i look like if i reject a guy just because he slept with someone before?
he only had sex with one girl but i'm a virgin with hardcore anxiety so i want a virgin dude too. my (only) friend said i was being stuck up since it won't matter in the long run.

No. 588813

You're allowed to reject sex, regardless of reason!

No. 588815

Family was posted, not sure why they didn't just delete those posts but nuked the thread. Happens every now and then.

No. 588819

You can reject sex for any reason…but to be fair, having sex for the first time with a more experienced guy is not a bad decision. He'll be able to guide/lead a bit

No. 588822

Do any anons here use kegel balls? My stupid horny brain wants a set. also the bigger the better lol

No. 588876

what's the general opinion on kiwifarms here?

No. 588879

I want to get my GED but I don't know where to start?

No. 588891

there's a lot of try hard faggots

No. 588898

I have a lesbian friend who is always talking about chasing girls on tinder and buying only fans pics. Do women actually do this? Sounds like such a male coombrain thing to do

No. 588901

I follow some of their troon threads which can be quite funny sometimes, otherwise I'm not too familiar with KF

No. 588906

My boyfriend said he was surrounded by gross perverted friends when he was 13-14 and it made him go the opposite way because he thought they were all degenerates. I think I just got lucky. The only downside is that his sex drive is lower than mine. It's easy enough to spot the red flags of pornsickness at least.

No. 588912

I really do think it's a luck thing. Just keep saying you don't tolerate porn in the relationship and I'm sure you'll find someone.

My boyfriend is very traumatized by porn because of grooming he experienced as a child and a subsequent addiction to it. Both of us were, so we bonded over it. You may have to find a guy with a history but that has issues of it's own. Good luck anon

No. 588915

is she cis

No. 588924

Can only speak for myself but I (as a lesbian) do not do this… but there's all sorts of people out there I guess

No. 588927

Luck, I think. I didn't realize how many pornsick bfs I had (nor that pornsickness was a thing) until recently. It's really nice to be with a guy who isn't constantly asking for nudes, degrading sex, or turning everything into an opportunity to sext or bE gOoD fOr Daddy when doing fucking grocery shopping lol. He's just a normal dude that sees women as people and not objects and has demonstrated such in his friendships with other women and romantic relationship with me. It sure is insane, ladies.

No. 588928

I know of a lot of people that buy their friends onlyfans subscriptions. Personally I would find that hell, I'd already be concerned about family members seeing my onlyfans advertised or even checking it out let alone friends and acquaintances. Again coming from a straight perspective, girls can be absolute bitches behind each others backs imagine the shit they'd be saying about your naked body lol. Honestly think a lot of the popularity with onlyfans is that it's girls in your area thinking they're all of a sudden hot shit and posing nude. I don't get it at all, especially when a lot of the girls I know doing it in my area are extremely insecure.

No. 588939

Would you get pissed off if you're boyfriend always acted particularly sloppy around this other couple you hang out with a lot? He competes with his best mate all the time and I didn't realise how vain the two of them are until I had to be subjected to hours of hanging out with them. Lately he's been lamenting his best mate has gained weight and filled out and he hasn't, so when my bf does work out he acts extra for fucking days afterwards saying shit like "loved being at the park today with my top off and seeing people stare." Other weird obnoxious shit he could just keep to himself. The other night he was drunk and acting boastful with the only other girl hanging out. He kept rolling up his sleeves and flexing his muscles but like thinking he was subtle? and just focusing on her a lot. I tried to make light of it later on but it did bother me and he said he did it because her bf had bulked up. He's been coming off really insecure these days and it's annoying me that he's actively seeking other people for validation when I'm more than complimentary. I think he's gorgeous etc., but the fact he is openly fishing for compliments from other women is pissing me off

No. 588945

Yea because if I decide to spend time on a scrote, he better not be an insecure pissbaby. Sounds right annoying.

No. 588946

Internalized misogyny is pretty rampant among (butch) lesbians tbh. They feel like they have to objectify women as well because that's what straight men do.

No. 588947

Are there enough petsite (neopets, subeta, flight rising, etc.) players for a petsite thread in /m/?

No. 588953

What the fuck is goblincore?
I see tumblr calling it racist just like cottage core

No. 588956

My bf has a really good relationship with his family (esp mum) who are all sweet + wholesome so I feel like that has something to do with it. He used to watch JOI porn, which I didn't really mind, but phased out of it since it stopped turning him on. Its nice he cherishes our sexual relationship so much, I got lucky.

No. 588964

Do you feel thirsty after eating anything sweet? Even eating ice cream makes me so thirsty.

No. 588965

File: 1595533072830.png (66.86 KB, 599x708, 1568489461.png)

wait what does this mean?
why is twitter banning discussion of random conspiracy, some kind of incident?
it's been a long time since i heard the name Qanon

No. 588967

My first thought was diabetes? I never get that.

No. 588972

Don't scare me like that anon…

No. 588989

Probably not but my god I would love that lol

No. 588996

Twitter banned Qanon discussion in another bad move of moderation (instead of going after actual pedophiles). Belief in conspiracies and distrusting mainstream news is disturbing, and can be somewhat cultlike. But banning it only vindicates believers and think they're martyrs or something.


No. 588999

File: 1595537009440.png (654.75 KB, 832x932, 8hgd46urzj641.png)

even if no one else cares I'll make it for you anon

No. 589039

lol didn't mean to, but it really seems to fit. Common signs of diabetes include excess thirst and excess urination, and considering how fast sugar enters the body..

No. 589042

I didn’t know this ~aesthetic existed till now, and after doing a bit of research I still don’t quite don’t understand it lol… why are the tumblrinas claiming it’s racist?

Also, I hate how lazy people are about naming aesthetics, ie picking an adjective that describes an aspect of it and then just slapping -core at the end. You’d think these girls who spend hours curating their image would have a more whimsical and diverse vocabulary, but I guess not.

No. 589043

File: 1595544608605.jpeg (45.52 KB, 720x540, CD86B639-F862-498D-990D-908600…)

This is goblincore

No. 589045

File: 1595544864736.gif (11.16 KB, 150x150, 973C14AC-8330-424F-9155-1B0A15…)

Please post the thread link if you make it!

No. 589051

File: 1595545246009.png (330.48 KB, 669x984, goblins.png)


Goblincore is called racist because goblins were basically a fantasy stand-in for jews in medieval europe (short, hook nosed, evil and greedy with a penchant for gold and jewelry), folk tales about goblins were basically thinly veiled beware those jews lol

cottagecore is called racist because sometimes with overlaps with weird tradfem nazi chicks on tumblr

tbh they are genuine criticisms, specially about the nazi tradfems that end up getting kinda popular because people only reblog their pretty braided blonde hair without looking at their blogs and them talking about serving their white husbands and how western media is evil.

No. 589062

Yes she's cis, or maybe I'm blind

She's not buying her friend's OF. She was talking about buying Belle Delphine's OF ffs.

She's not butch

No. 589064

How about no. Claiming things are racists because racists like them and is just giving away free things and symbols to racists to enjoy.
Suddenly, norse mythology is racist, Jeanne d'arc is racist.
Fuck this shit.

No. 589066

Nah, fuck that. Literally no one into goblincore is thinking of Jewish people and mocking them, they just like the idea of being grotesque faeries. >>589064 is right.

No. 589069

>look up why cottagecore is racist
>supposedly I should be offended by it because I'm Indigenous and it's "romanticizing colonialism"
>people posting about this issue are often white or very white-passing
I see where they're coming from, but there sure are bigger Indigenous issues than some white lesbians dreaming of owning farms. And labeling it as problematic won't send anyone back to Europe kek.

And ffs, I want to live off the land with a female partner, so of course the aesthetic appeals to me. Is this what counts as internalized racism now? Huh? Wanting to wear floral dresses?

>Nazi tradfems
Even crazier. Imagine abandoning neutral hobbies just because some Nazis also like it.

No. 589084

Can I be denied plastic surgery if I'm seeing a therapist? Or if I've had therapy in the past?

No. 589086

If you're paying, why would you be denied?

No. 589088

I thought surgeons had the choice of denying anyone with mental problems.

No. 589092

Well, obviously, if you're looking disturbed or you're asking for something ridiculous, it's a possibility.
Just being in therapy is not much these days, a lot of people are.

No. 589093

I've been living basically my whole life in fron of a screen since childhood. It's not a unique problem, especially on a more-or-less-obscure imageboard, but I've been increasingly less okay with this as the years go by, to the point where now I look through social media and other sites on constant anxiety mode. I don't interact with the outside world at all, and it scares me. I might just fucking not grow up and die like this. I used to go to events, hikes, museums, etc., but always on my own. My hobbies have been trashed lately too. I'm tired as fuck, always. I'm pretty sure i've got Maladaptive Daydreaming, if any of you even consider it a real affliction.
If any anons got out of the hole of being a terminally online hermit, at least partially, I'd like to know how you did it. My heart is racing just thinking that I need to change now or else I'm never going to. I'm kind of fucking scared, guys.

No. 589094

Is being petite a good thing? A worker went "well aren't you petite" today and I couldn't tell if it was a compliment based on her tone lol

No. 589098

Has anyone else ever had their sweat start smelling exactly like bubble blowing solution?

I see places online saying any sweetness could be beetus, but I literally eat no refined sugar (gives me acne so I only use stevia), am a healthy weight, and am pretty active.

No. 589100

No one into goblincore is thinking of jewish people but the people who made goblins up were iirc

No. 589103

I would say it really depends on the context. If she was saying it to you mid-conversation (I’m guessing not though) with a smile I would say it was a compliment, but if it’s said as you were walking past then it could be more back-handed/jealousy driven. Also depends on the type of person your coworker is - in general I think being seen as petite is a good thing though!

No. 589113

My sweat smells like the milk left after eating Froot Loops. I eat more sugar than I care too admit, but it's always smelled that way and I don't have beetus

No. 589116

My knowledge of this is from ten years ago but I don’t think it would’ve changed that much. Most community colleges or any kind of adult education center will offer classes to prep or have places that administer the test. I was a failure high school student but did really well on the GED, so I don’t think you’d need the prep courses unless you have a learning disability or something. Good luck!

No. 589123

File: 1595560366758.png (529.01 KB, 670x716, Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 20.2…)

wtf is going on with that PULL migration? I don't wanna read the whole thread but the "sister forum" link going to kiwifarms is a joke right? or kiwi is really our sister forum and this is the first time i'm hearing it?

No. 589124

its a joke

No. 589140

Try AO3. I know, it's shite but at least there is some decent stuff if you lurk enough.

No. 589155

KF is our agp brother

No. 589158

Where did the unconventional female attractions thread go? I can't find it.

No. 589159

What is the answer to the kiwifarms verification captcha? I've tried almost everything, even what doesn't make sense.

No. 589160

you fight for your

No. 589176

Does this girl look 125 pounds to you guys? I totally understand that weight looks different on different body types, but I really can't comprehend her body being between 125-130 pounds like she says it is. I'm 125 and 5'4 (to be fair Idk how tall she is) but I look way skinnier and my face is way smaller both in the upper and lower body. I also don't have tits. It's starting to psych me out that we weigh the same.

No. 589188

Assuming she is short (maybe 5'0) I would say the least she could weigh is in the realm of 140 lbs.

No. 589197

I think that’s on >>>g

This, looks way too stocky

No. 589219

eh shes probably heavier but shes also short and boxy with huge tits that can throw off a lot off of her proportions makes her look broader

No. 589222

nope, been 130 before i lost weight she looks 140-160 even as a 5'0-5'5 possible height. sssniper has also lied about being like 110-125 range i think its to seem more 'impressive' to female viewers.

No. 589243

fei is like 4'11" I'm pretty sure, just based on pics I've seen of her standing next to other people. 125 lbs is overweight for her if we go by stock BMI so I'd say it's believable.

No. 589255

Whut? That's only like 55kg, how can this be overweight for an adult?

No. 589269

You've never used a BMI calculator before? It is slightly overweight for a 4'11 person, as anon said.

No. 589304

There's a baking/cooking thread here: >>>/g/59005

But I kinda want to make a thread for healthy recipes and another one for aesthetic food (vid related) or also like, another food thread? idk am I stupid?

No. 589317

Anon, we’re currently in a quarantine/legit down/weird fucking timeline, not being able to go out is normal and not just you. Even if you weren’t doing those things before, it’s not like you should feel bad about not being able to do them now.

Try going for walks, maybe find a trail by you that you like and find a little spot you can sit down at and either read, doodle, just be away from a screen, etc. It’s a small start and keeps you and others safe rn! Good luck!

No. 589334

File: 1595594606094.jpg (136.57 KB, 711x1265, 20200724_144117.jpg)

Is the body fat measurement function on a crosstrainer accurate? Also wtf does this chart and the above information mean? The chart says that that 10-13% is the essential fat but the text above it claims that anything under 17% body fat is bad?

No. 589440

Is consuming BL mangas bad? I've been reading a lot of hate towards it. I don't even read the sexual ones, it's just that the female protagonists are so dumb and i can't relate to them sometimes and at least when the mc is male i don't have to relate to it and i can distance myself completely from it.

No. 589442

If you enjoy them then who cares if they are considered bad or not?

No. 589444

How do I become better at writing? Even the writing of an e-mail or a message takes me forever because I rewrite everything 202424354 times. I find that I contradict myself a lot or can't express my thoughts adequately

No. 589448

Practice, unfortunately.

No. 589450

Lmao you should reconsider your social circle if people around think it’s bbbbad

No. 589451

I followed a free online university's course for writing and it has really helped me improve my writing and write far more structured. I would link it but it's not in English. Anyway what I'm trying to say is that you might wanna check if there's something similiar available for you. Practice is good but if you don't know the best way to do something, you're wasting time.

No. 589458

NTA but could you give it anyway, please?

No. 589463

Practice, but also reading. For professional emails, I still tend to google up examples of what I should write in order to get my point across succinctly. I paraphrase the examples and eventually just create a bank of phrases and stuff in my head to pull from. I still sit on some things that I write though (even posts on here, like this one too for example).

No. 589503

there's a few things I want to archive from pull. What's the best website for archiving, waybackmachine or archive.today or something else? Also is there a way to archive all pages in a thread at once instead of page by page?

No. 589511

Is it common for men to not pay for anything during dates? I've been seeing this guy, we've had our third date and I like him, but I find it a little bit strange that he never offered to pay for drinks, or food or anything. Or am I in the wrong?

No. 589514

Yes it's weird. As soon as you fuck him hes going to start acting up. Get out now.

No. 589516

And I'd like to add always follow your gut with men. If you feel something is wrong, it usually is.

No. 589517

thank you, kind anon!

No. 589519

Reverse to that anon's question, what does it mean when a man pays for you almost always but doesn't want to date you? Also never tried to smash?

No. 589527

He low key wants to fuck you but doesnt want to just use you like a onahole. He doesnt mind spending some money on you becuz he wants to keep you as a friend in his life

No. 589531

He wants to bone but is too shy/insecure to tell you.

No. 589555

Oh, I guess that sounds right. Perhaps his knowledge of my lack of experience also makes him wary to attempt FWB with me (and he's correct).

No. 589556

I would assume he's trying to buy your trust and company for some kind of underlying motivation. Be cautious, just cause he said he doesn't expect sex doesn't mean it won't come up later.

No. 589626

How many dates should you have with a guy before you start having sex?

No. 589627

File: 1595626335383.jpeg (89.9 KB, 774x774, EdtCf9DX0AIhHcI.jpeg)

How do people bake cookies like this without them browning??

No. 589628

File: 1595626370808.gif (57.63 KB, 400x400, unnamed.gif)

sorry for the delay making the thread, i hope it meets your standards

No. 589630

It can be after the first date, after a few weeks or a few years of dating, anon. It depends on wether you feel comfortable with him or not.

No. 589634

What's wrong with not wearing makeup?

No. 589641


No. 589646

Literally nothing. If anyone says the contrary, they’re just retarded tradthots or incels that will seriously say shit like:

>muh pure fair skin maiden.

No. 589665

Is there any documentary or book series that follows female monarchs, queens, empresses, etc. in their lives and documents how they came into power?

No. 589677

AYRT and I'm asking because I've seen so many women who look down on other women who choose not to wear it, and they are not necessarily tradthots. Like, my sister says it's not professionnal to go to work without it, I've even seen some people call barefaced women "pickmes" ffs.

No. 589694

You purposefully underbake them by a few minutes and let them set as they cool.

No. 589695

>being barefaced means you're NLOG, and so trying to please men
>wearing makeup means you're adhering to traditional beauty standards, and so trying to please men
No one is ever happy with women so just do what you want. If makeup annoys you or you love your face, fuck 'em.

No. 589698

Has anyone ever read a post and thought it might be someone you know? Do any of you have friends that come here or friends you think might come here?

No. 589699

They're only called pickmes because there's a stereotype that because some men prefer the "natural" look (even though we all know that most guys don't even know what that means), SOME women don't wear make-up to suck up to them. It's a stupid idea and it puts more unnecessary pressure for women to conform.
Not wearing make-up being "unprofessional" is just another part of the fucked beauty standard for women, and IMO it's similar to when some people think wearing curly hair (~ type 3 or 4) down is "unprofessional". Neither of those two things are an indication of your respectability but because there's a certain look based on historical expectation for women in the workplace, they're automatically viewed by some people as untidy or whatever.

There's nothing wrong with not wearing make-up. I genuinely think that people look just as nice with or without it, anyway.

No. 589704

>Do any of you have friends that come here or friends you think might come here?
Oh absolutely. But then I remember that almost all my friends only browse Twitter when using Internet and/or aren't edgy enough.

No. 589708

Vinesauce? They skew young and he's relatively lax. Add his main platform being the cesspool Twitch and you have your answer.

No. 589717

File: 1595647421855.jpeg (64.89 KB, 1280x720, B5D72F6C-7D53-49B0-9ACD-9EA3E2…)

Are there subtle differences between how an above average woman gets treated versus an extremely attractive one.

No. 589725

Of course, except it's overt and blatant rather than subtle

No. 589739

It's the female version of men who get butthurt when another man doesn't drink alcohol or watch porn, they're just insecure about their own use of it.

No. 589752

anons I took 3 benadryl hoping to knock out and it's been an hour and I don't even feel tired. Am I….broken?

No. 589762

Benadryl gives me restless legs instead of making me tired.

No. 589772

Thanks a lot for your posts, I grew up being told to just "be yourself", and now I've been starting to feel insecure about shit I never cared about before. It especially stings to hear this kind of comments coming from other women, as I don't give a fuck about men's opinions.

No. 589821

I've watched Vinesauce since 2012 and ever since the Art Corner started getting archived to youtube Vinny's audience has had a constant flow of clout-thirsty artists wanting their 5 minutes of fame and all the dumb bullshit that came with that. I also find it weird that Vinny responds in a somewhat misogynistic way almost anytime a conventionally attractive female appears on the screen, and if that's helped attract a weird combination of straight misogynistic men, misogynistic gays, and self-hating afabs into the community.

Vinny used to want to be somewhat insightful during the games he plays and was completely against turning into a "loud noises funnyman" and fans used to respect that but now that's exactly what his audience begs from him all of the time.

Joel has the worst fans of any Vinesauce member and that's been a fact for years. Even Dorb's snobby audience isn't nearly as braindead and rude as Joel's. Joel also has the JJBA autism audience.
There's a lot of overlap in Joel's and Vinny's audiences.

No. 589847

File: 1595681034646.jpg (133.5 KB, 250x250, IMG_9378.JPG)

Is it true that, in America, it's (increasingly) common for people to do onlyfans?

No. 589852

Any other pokemon go players here? I never bought the go fest ticket (I'm in europe so it'd cost 17 euro) I still see new pokemon popping up each hour without the ticket so what am I missing out on? Special research tasks?

No. 589926

Filipino anons, what are your favorite foods?

My boyfriend is Filipino but was adopted very young so I want to try to make him some Filipino food because he's never had it before.

No. 589931

It's definitely not as common as people make it out to be.

No. 589950

What are anons' favourite bluetooth speakers? I wanna get one for myself that's portable, has a nice deep bass and doesn't lose it's battery power quickly. I guess that jbl is the first choice but I'm not really convinced with what I've seen by my friends. Any recs?

No. 589974


Not ones of anyone you'd want to see lewds or nudes of.

No. 589983

I have a Lexon Mino that I love. It’s tiny and cost like $25 but it sounds great. It’s not that loud though, best for just chillin with music by yourself.

No. 589985

I have a Sony SRS-XB12 and I'd recommend it. Under $100, a nice cute size, and the volume and sound quality is solid.

No. 589987

hi anon!! not filipino, but my bf is also filipino so i have gotten a chance to experience some things. if u wanna do take out i would suggest trying maxs restaurant (filipino chain) my bf and his family really love it or i would also suggest jolibee! for desserts if u are good at baking i would suggest trying to bake some kinda ube muffins or cake (ube is a purple sweet potato and its sooo good) or not really baking but u can try to make ur own version of halo halo (like a filipino ice cream dessert)! theres lots of cooked dishes like sinigang, arroz caldo (apparently just a meal for when someone is sick but i personally love it even if i am not sick), or lumpia which are basically filipino spring rolls but i am not sure on how difficult they are to make however if ur a good cook i would give it a shot!

No. 590024

File: 1595697788587.jpg (67.19 KB, 615x923, 0_EDIT-0_SWNS_PURPLE_DRANK_07.…)

Has anyone tried or made lean?

No. 590031

i don't have a high enough poison/alchemy stat

No. 590037

Are you a time traveler from 2016

No. 590039

Filipino here. What does your boyfriend normally like to eat? If he likes sweets or pastries then I think ube pandesal or ube roll would be a cute surprise. If he likes more savory stuff, look up tapsilog, my personal fav.To make it extra special look up a recipe for sinangag or bagoong rice to pair it with. Someone above suggested halo halo or lumpia; those are great too. You can find everything you need at your local asian grocery. Good luck!

No. 590041

I prefer my codeine in a paracetamol pill with a tasty side of liver toxicity.

No. 590043

>not doing cold extraction
Anon pls

No. 590048

Thank you anons! This helps a whole bunch!

No. 590056

Do you guys ever feel constantly sleepy? Not like so sleepy you can’t stay awake, but mildly sleepy where you’re trying to focus on something but all you can think of is taking a nap bc you feel vaguely uncomfortable.

But you aren’t physically tired, so if you try to sleep you can’t fall asleep or you do but then you wake with a headache from oversleeping?

No. 590058

Are you watching your nutrition anon? Could be you have some kind of deficiency like iron, vitamin d…

No. 590063

I eat pretty healthy and take bone supplements with vit d. No idea what my iron level is like

No. 590068

I use cronometer to track what I eat and if you do it right it lists the nutrients of your daily diet. Maybe do that for a few days and see if you are lacking anything?

No. 590197

I do, it's my mild narcolepsy (I wake up multiple times a night for no reason). I manage it with coffee and training my daytime/nighttime brain with letting in daylight, having a bed-making routine, etc.

No. 590212

I fell down the stairs yesterday, head first. I seemed to have mostly hit my back though. Went into the ER but I’ve been feeling weird all day. It’s this major wave of dissociation and it’s freaking me out. What do I do? I’ve gotten scanned so it’s no damage to the brain luckily… I start working on Monday as well I can’t go in under this state

No. 590235

hmmm it's good you went to the ER and got a brain scan. as far as i know, brain scans (CT and MRI scans) rarely show evidence of concussions. they are meant to show bleeding, swelling and major damage, things that aren't present in (most) mild to moderate concussions.

a few questions: did you lose consciousness during/after the fall? at the ER, did you get a concussion test? were you asked any questions about symptoms or asked to state information like your birthday or who the president was? if not, i would maybe make an appointment with your primary care physician and see if you can get a second opinion or diagnosis of a mild concussion. they likely will not be able to help much, but they can write you sick leave for a week or two so you can recover at home. even if you hit your back, it's possible the inertia of the fall and neck whiplash could have resulted in a minor concussion. get a diagnosis and time off work for your brain to heal! concussions suck and stress from work or symptoms will slow improvement. feel better anon!

No. 590236

Sounds like post concussion syndrome.

No. 590239

PCS is a diagnosis that only applies to people who have symptoms that persist weeks/months after the initial injury. i think anon mentioned her fall was yesterday. unless anon has history of at least 3 concussions, this likely isn't it.

No. 590243

oh gosh, that sounds dreadful. get well soon anon! can you call in sick and rest some longer? it would be a shame if you had to work like that. sorry that happened
it's normal to feel fatigue after banging your head as it's a shock to the body and mind. and what other anon's said. sending you some healing vibes

No. 590369

I fell alone at home, so I can’t be sure but I am 90% sure I didn’t loose consciousness as I remember yelling in pain/shock the entire way down lmao, and now after a good night rest at home (I was stuck in the ER for 12+ hours so slept maybe 1 hour the last 24 hours) I’m feeling much much better. I have a pretty low stress job so if things continue this way I’m probably gonna be fine to work by Monday. The er said I have no skull fracture or neck fracture and the only thing I seem to have is a fracture where the ribcage meets the heart so I was pretty lucky in the fall haha. Think most of my symptoms came from anxiety than actual damage

No. 590371

How long would someone have to not eat any solid food (only being able to drink plain water) in order to completely clear their colon?

No. 590391

How do you guys feel about people who talk to themselves? I overheard my dad talking to himself out loud and it kind of freaked me out. My mind goes 1000 miles per hour but I never talk out loud.

No. 590406

I am a person who does that.
For me I think it's a childhood habit from playing by myself and being my own company a lot. My mother also does it for this reason.

Why is it freaky to you?

No. 590412

I lost 15 pounds… will anyone even notice when they see me? I'm 5'4 and 120 pounds now. I only see a difference in myself because I can fit into a pair of jeans I never could before.

No. 590448

File: 1595747801955.jpg (278.31 KB, 827x465, haru.jpg)

How many dates should someone go on before doing things like holding hands and/or kissing? I've never been on a date and for some reason the question plagues my mind. I'm 23 and feel like I should know this shit and yet I don't.

No. 590450

2-3 imo, but just go along the flow, I mean do what feels natural, if you feel like you want to take the lead just try it, some people fuck on the first date and while that’s not my cup of tea that’s cool too.

No. 590451

It depends on the chemistry and how long y'all were talking online.

For me, I talk to guys for a long time before ever having a move made so when we first meet it's a kiss and playful hand holding.

But if you are doing casual dating or just met someone, first date should be "get to know" type thing. You never know if the guy is a total fuckwad creep that just faked his way into being a good boy on the first date. So I suggest maybe even the third.

He will show his true colors pretty much after the first date though. They always do.

No. 590519

File: 1595764057737.gif (12 KB, 470x470, IMG_9509.GIF)

Is it true that, in America, people can get high-quality items through thrift shops for affordable prices?

t. jealous Briton who can't find anything decent in secondhand shops

No. 590525

Try online thrifting. I'm a Finn, our thrift stores are depressing and full of nothing but children's clothing from the 90s and clothes for fat old women, online thrifting is the only way to sell your stuff and buy something on trend if you live in the boonies

No. 590529

What are some online thrifting websites? One problem I have with buying things online is buying things that are fittted, especially trousers, since everything looks baggy on me.The only online thrifting website I can think of is Depop, where people charge double the original price

No. 590534

Only if they thrift in a high-quality neighborhood

No. 590537

nta but I use united wardrobe and vinted. Idk where you are but I believe those two websites are only active in a couple EU countries. But I agree, there's a lot of people that sell shit marked up or sell aliexpress clothing/jewelry for a lot more, so you have to watch out for that. I sometimes watch thriftvlogs from Americans and I'm lowkey envious of their thriftstores. Our thriftstores/secondhand stores are nothing like it.

No. 590538

I hope you find good stuff there anon. The thrifting scene here in my country ( a 3rd word one) we usually have a variety of things such as clothing, ceramics, etc..they tend to be imported from Japan and the US, if u try hard enough you can find very interesting pieces. Sometimes I even stumble upon very cheap weeb merch but I'm not a fan so I don't really collect them. Most of them tend to be brought online though so its not a hassle.

No. 590575

File: 1595776168222.jpg (49.12 KB, 900x750, kavos-3.jpg)

Dumb question - i wanted to post Kavos (youtuber) on /g/ for male attractions. idk if he would go into "attractive males" or "unconventional males" thread though. Do you think he'd be considered cute by most girls?

(i swear im not kavos why does this make me sound like a scrote)

No. 590577

his personality is rancid but he’s ok looking i guess.

No. 590587

no. he looks like an annoying high school band kid, like he's about to go t-pose in the cafeteria because reddit told him it was funny

No. 590593

File: 1595778509197.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.48 KB, 512x512, unnamed.jpg)

Anyone here went from a b cup to like a d cup from gaining weight? I'm 120 at 5'5. I dont wanna be built like lena Dunham and be fat with no

No. 590602

I think it really depends on what you're looking for and where you live. In my experience the best places to look for bargains are charity shops and car boot sales. If you're prepared to travel around you will find that shops in different areas will have variations in stock. If you're looking for designer clothing look in wealthier urban areas and if you're looking for unique homeware try looking in small market towns. You can also volunteer to get early access. I volunteer with a local women's group and every time there's a jumble sale we rummage through the donations before anyone else does.

No. 590607

nah my boobs have been the same size regardless of weight. i'm 5'6 and had a b cup at 220 lbs and the same now at 130.

No. 590629

How do you guys clean your beauty blenders?

No. 590640

Whenever I try to write this character




on my keyboard on my laptop, hitting the key once doesn't write it, and when I hit the key for a second time, I get two at once




which is fucking annoying. I want to be able to use ' or ` without always having to backspace one. Is it possible to change it so that hitting the keys get me one character immediatly?

No. 590647

baby shampoo and water, like I do with my brushes

No. 590648

lol this was meant for >>590629

No. 590651

Try to see if you laptp has a key input program. otherwise you have to download it.

No. 590660

Should I tell my friend (one I met at our company) that I like him?

No. 590665

If your body doesn't deposit fat mainly on your chest, you will just be a small titty chubster after gaining weight.

No. 590674

File: 1595788062934.jpg (1.02 MB, 1242x874, IMG_9386.JPG)

What are some western brands that make similar stuff to Liz Lisa, ank rouge, amavel, axes femme etc?

No. 590701

Honestly, is getting a boyfriend even worth it? I've never dated and I see no reason to. I like being alone, having someone all up in my business sounds annoying.

No. 590702

only if you meet a guy that is perfect for you. if he isn't perfect it's just better to be alone

No. 590720

File: 1595791685426.gif (511.77 KB, 188x251, IMG_5954.GIF)

Was there a case where poor/low-income men were made to perform degrading acts on camera and the video was legally considered hate speech? I swear I remember seeing a radfem say this happened to justify why pornography should be also considered hate speech

No. 590726

this sounds made up. men already do degrading porn.

No. 590742

Is saying gender critical things illegal in the U.K., or is it only illegal if you insult or purposefully misgender a trans person?

No. 590757

Unrelated but your image just hit me with so much nostalgia, I used to love popnmusic in high school and would always draw that on the sides of my notebooks. It’s been 4+ years since I’ve played and had forgotten about it, that’s the look from the Eva opening right?? Seeing that made my day lol.

No. 590764

File: 1595795441425.jpg (37.2 KB, 570x692, 65313901ea342e749627f7ecd93f81…)

Can admins/mods see every single thing i've ever posted?

No. 590772

>not knowing what a post history is
Oh boy. But yes, posts belong to their IP address, so if you have a static they can see everything. If you have a dynamic IP (it changes sometimes, or your ISP can change it) they'll see some of it.

No. 590793

@neets tell me how to still make money despite not being employed because even when i work my hardest i still get fired after working 2 fucking shifts because of some petty stupid nonexistent reason and i need money or i'll be homeless thank you
only thing i won't do is be a whore

No. 590794

You know how on Facebook sometimes you can hover over someone and it shows mutual friends and who they "became friends with" followed by a couple names? My question is if the "became friends with" is their most recent friend request ads?

Long story short, someone is fighting with someone else and I wanna know if they deleted/readded them recently cause their name appears after "became friends with" despite having each other on fb for years.

No. 590797

it means they were recently made friends on facebook

No. 590800

Oooo this is juicy tea. Thanks anon!

No. 590804

Maybe you'll like some of Sugar Thrillz items? Try to google "cute feminine brands"

No. 590840

Be likeable, anon. I'm a sperg who hates everybody but I smile and survive. People like to work with people they like, even if they don't work like the best employee.

No. 590877

How do I become less awkward?

No. 590879

honestly closest i can think of is some target brands, old f21 skirts or blouses, old lazy oaf shirts, bonnechancecollections, some vintage etsys, and stuff on dollskill. if the thing you're looking for is frilly patterned skirts with more lolita-esque blouses then you will pretty much have to buy jap or korean brands. there's lots of resell sites people list them on though.

No. 590893

How do I get rid of the feeling that I'm never going to be happy?

No. 590906

File: 1595814352660.jpeg (114.61 KB, 1280x960, E37B4424-1CE6-490D-AE94-1119E9…)

Has anyone ever gotten or was tempted to get in their school’s water fountain?

My classes were near the fountain and I would be tempted to go in during the hot Texas weather, usually I would just rest and stick my arm in the water (pic related).

No. 590907

i was beyond likeable, they let me go for "not being able" to do the heavy lifting part of it lol. despite me managing it, doing it with no complaints and no issue at all. i think looking back, they just needed someone to do a harder part of the job while the other 2 coworkers were away that week. it's a tiny local privately owned business so.. no real rules. i'm sick of getting played with and i need money to move asap so yeah i figured i'd ask..

No. 590914

i thought a school having a fountain like this only happened in movies and zoey 101…

No. 590916

It’s 100% real and 100% “out there” irl

No. 590960

omg same lmfao

No. 590970

Does anyone else think that boycotting japan and anything japanese related is the right thing to do? It's just that with their atrocious history and handling of it, and seeing how koreans and other asians have a deep but valid hatred for them for the suffering they put them through, I have become unable to consume japanese content of any sort. It makes me too uncomfortable and sick to the stomach.

No. 590971

no because the rest of us aren't absolute blithering retards who are blatantly ignoring the same thing from elsewhere.

No. 590973

Don't respond to obvious bait, anon. Just report and move on.

No. 590991

anons my crush likes bts does that mean he's gay. i don't mean like "look females! i like the thing you like! i'm harmless!", I mean I dug up his twitter that he doesn't know i know about and his likes are filled with jhope selfies.

No. 590992

i'm fucking laughing at this so hard i have no idea if it was meant to be serious or not

No. 591017

so we're cancelling whole countries now, not just people? lmao

No. 591029

I’d drop that crush real quick anon. Had an ex who was into Big Bang and I thought it was cool he was into older kpop music but then I found out he used to kiss his guy friends under the guise of being drunk and gave off troon lover vibes. It also didn’t help that he had the biggest crush on me when I looked like a huge dyke and tried to emulate “kpop oppas” in order to get attention. Men that like popular kpop groups (both male and female) and not krock or indie korean music are not to be trusted

No. 591031

Korea raped the fuck out of Vietnam in the 60's-70's and throws people in jail for talking about it because they want to uphold the image of them being the ones civilizing the barbaric Vietnamese. They're in no place to complain. Like every country in Asia has a problematic history or current day, Japan isn't even the worst of the lot. I'm pretty sure this is a bait but just putting it out there because I've seen (koreaboo) anons parroting this dumb shit in here.

No. 591038

Don't get your hopes up kek. I used to flirt with this one guy back in college; not into kpop but he had lots of favorite male anime characters he'd gush about with the female weebs. I brushed it off because he was an art student. Then he commented that I'd look cute in a suit out of nowhere (I didn't dress very masculine at all). I guess you could hold out hope that he's bi, but in my experience bi dudes have better taste in men (aka not kpop boys).

No. 591044

Does everyone go through a phase where they pretend like they are sociopaths?

No. 591047

When I was a teenager I liked fantasizing about being an emotionless manipulative bitch who uses people for her own gain but I never acted on it

No. 591052

But I like anime though

Didn’t know the Koreans did that to the Vietnamese, that’s pretty fucked up. China on the other hand, are the.biggest assholes past and present.

No. 591059

Get a job that tires you enough that you forget about it, that's how I'm managing my negative thoughts and self hatred.

No. 591062

How often do you guys wash your bedsheets and towels?

No. 591066

thank you for your advice, anon!

No. 591071

File: 1595840070247.jpg (160.87 KB, 1500x1064, Map-countries-istock-ZarkoCvij…)

Would it be retarded to create a thread about travelling? OBVIOUSLY noone's travelling right now for a while, I just thought it would be interesting for exchanging our impressions about countries we've been to, countries we plan on visiting once the apocalypse is over, things that surprised us, etc.

No. 591078

Same. I also acted like I didn't have any empathy when really I'm an extremely empathetic person. I remember killing a bunch of ants to prove how edgy and sociopathic I am and god, I still feel so awful about killing those 5 innocent ants.

No. 591079

Bedsheets one a week and towels twice a week.

No. 591088

>OBVIOUSLY noone's travelling right now for a while
You'd be surprised.
But great idea for a thread, go ahead!

No. 591095

Weird question but I love /m/ so much. Shame it moves so slowly. Is there any other forums where I can get female-recommended media? I've enjoyed so many movies, books, tv shows etc recommended by you all. Women really have the best taste.

No. 591099

that would be great!

No. 591101

File: 1595846453046.jpeg (173.18 KB, 1920x768, 878DAF14-9E7A-41F8-874E-CE68AE…)

Fountain anon, here’s another close up

No. 591104

Was never really tempted because my school fountain was in the campus pond (we had like 2 giant ponds) and we called them the gunks lmao. Students joked that if you went in the water you’d come out with a third arm.

No. 591111

Is it true that highschool uniforms in Japan vary from prefecture to prefecture? If so, can I request an infographic (or website) which showcases the uniforms of each prefecture?

No. 591113

It changes from school to school, not everyone in the same prefecture but different highschool will wear the same uniform.

No. 591119

No. 591137

File: 1595852635673.png (16.02 KB, 670x486, Untitled32_20200727132245.png)

What tf is this shape called?

No. 591138


No. 591142

It's a trapezoid

No. 591144

Irregular pentagon

No. 591146

A right trapezoid

No. 591148

No. 591168

Had this issue when I accidentally put my Keyboard language layout as US English, shit is so fucking annoying. I changed it back to Canadian English and the problem got resolved.

No. 591180

I really want to go swimming but I'm not sure, because COVID. Should I?

No. 591194

>>591180 if it's a beach with lots of space, not many people, sure. I went lots of times to a lake but it was near empty.

No. 591205

File: 1595860685646.jpeg (123.21 KB, 419x640, B249BF8F-01DC-4C3A-BABA-899C6A…)

Why is asian fashion so much better than western fashion, also why are asians from big cities usually better dressed than westerners from equal counterparts?

No. 591208

File: 1595861440777.png (385.85 KB, 500x510, 1427622226156.png)

>not oversexualized
>no stigma on girly/overly feminine looks
>no weird obsession with minimalism, lots of little details like lace trims are commonplace
>bright or pastel colors are more accepted
>focus on coordinating different pieces and colors to match
>loose fit is preferred over tight/form fitting clothes
>generally (not always) less shapely bodies than westerners mean they can pull off different cuts and baggy tops that would look unflattering on curvier girls

No. 591209

File: 1595861648736.jpg (102.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

the only asian fashion i care about is that of grannies and aunties. this is peak performance

No. 591211

Is anyone really dressed like this on a daily basis though? Even on these fanpages showing fashion from, for example, Tokyo, all the people dressed in colors would be people from creative /fashion related industry or so. Dressed like this you'd stand out there just as much as you'd stand out anywhere else in the world. And >>591205 is pretty basic, you could easily get - or see in editorials- stuff like this in europe.

No. 591212

in tokyo, the most common outfit is a suit and tie. you see young people wearing cute stuff but they are not the majority. on average people do try more (wear makeup and do their hair) but i personally think it's because most of the time people are maintaining an image for business purposes.

No. 591213

>generally (not always) less shapely bodies than westerners mean they can pull off different cuts and baggy tops that would look unflattering on curvier girls.

Thats a great point I hadn’t consider before on why asian fashion suits me better, im not asian myself (Mixed white and native) but my body type seems to be alot closer to asian girls, trying clothes at the mall always felt like raiding an older woman’s “sexy night out” closet, even if the clothes are meant for my age range.
tbh japan is the more toned down one but in korea and china colorful more “alternative” outfits are very common amongst the youth like >>591212 said, I’ve actually heard that the easiest way to spot korean tourists in japan is by their clothes and make up lol.

Grandma Kei is peak fashion.

No. 591272

Why do people care about having super white eye scleras? I see a lot of people editing their eyes to be whiter, and I don't get it. Atleast with teeth it makes sense, but no one cares how white your eyes are?

No. 591276

Just a guess, but whiter scleras might up the contrast in your eyes, making the colour of the iris pop more and possibly making the eyes seem bigger. Also I think if you're already editing your teeth it looks weird for your teeth to be whiter than your eyes.
Some people have naturally more yellowish/muddy scleras, mostly black people and the elderly I think, and that looks pretty bad imo.

No. 591289

File: 1595870213442.jpg (360.74 KB, 1200x1399, ko.jpg)

Is Kaitlin Olsen hot?

I really love sunny and I love Kaitlin on it but i thought the point of her being cast is she kinda looks like an alcoholic? Like, she looks older for her age and hard around the edges. I could easily see her in any dive bar in the US. But hearing the cast/moids on reddit talk about how hot she is has me confused. She just seems skinny and blonde to me, but then I think that's all it takes with men?

No. 591294

They told the original Sweet D that she was too attractive to play the character. I mean the real reason was because she broke up with Rob and ironically dates and marries Kaitlin.

Kaitlin plays both end. Awkward bird to make fun of and tall blonde so she gets both of best worlds. She's not ugly so, yeah that's all it takes it be "hot" by a lot of men.

No. 591300

oh wow, that's interesting, i never knew that. i think she's kinda ugly and have always felt bad about it, but i guess for men, being skinny and blonde really is enough to make a woman "hot" despite pretending to have outlandish standards.

No. 591305

It’s not bait I swear. I know it sounds really stupid but it’s really something that legitimately bothers me. I admit that I am a bit of a koreaboo though.

No. 591309

I feel shit for posting this but her and Rob are one of the only hotter man than woman relationships I can name. I get people probably don't think his baby head is attractive, though kek

No. 591311

Eh, even if they don't, he's objectively much more attractive than she is.

No. 591316

If I had serious beef involving legal issues with skilled IT guys for years, could it be that they secretly hacked me?

No. 591322

you're comparing Japanese alternative fashion to "our" basic/mainstream fashion..

No. 591324

are you also going to boycot america and everything american-related then? America isn't exactly innocent either. (This goed for a lot of countries ig but american media is unavoidable so)

No. 591330

File: 1595875255742.png (70.46 KB, 260x226, mlewl.png)

What's a good Shopping Service for mercari and fril for poorfags?

No. 591331

File: 1595875292358.jpg (163.86 KB, 500x704, 1111211724d45767b901d6d54d.jpg)

Thats definetely not alternative, its a scan from POPTEEN from 2012, its geared towards everyday japanese teen girls not a subculture niche like Gothic Lolita Bible.
You could compare it to something like Teen Vogue or Covergirl.

No. 591332

What would you guys do if you pooped out of your pores?

No. 591333

I would lay off the drugs

No. 591340

Japonica market. Been using it for a while with no issues.

No. 591357

My crush’s name is Stephen

No. 591433

Retarded question but where can you get these e-girl chains? Do you just go to the hardware store? Also can you make body chains yourself easily or will it look wonky?

No. 591436

I like the ones ASOS sell, but i also got more hardware type ones from amazon.

No. 591437

I started making a selfmade gift for my friend and i felt really warm and fuzzy about it, and it was fun - but she's spending less and less time talking to me and plays vidya constantly now in our group of friends (can't play along since I have the worst PC known to man). She's also been replying coldly to my messages a few days ago. I'm wondering if I should just drop it since I really doubt she'd do the same for me, and I'd be wasting my time on someone who cares only a fraction about me as I do about her.

No. 591453

Not sure if this is the right thread but when I was a teenager I would have days where I would wake up and feel like my skin didn’t fit right or like my hand/arm had been cut off and replaced with an identical one. I used to think that was disassociation but maybe it was dysmorphia? Never come across anyone who had a similar experience

No. 591461

Phantom limb syndrome

No. 591463

Has this happened before? Because it honestly this is actually a bit worrying about your friend, video game addictions can get pretty serious and neglecting my friends is something i tend to do when im deep down in the vidya hole.

No. 591465

she's talking to other friends, so no, she's not trying to isolate, that's not what i'm worried about. I guess I'm slightly jealous of being able to play any game requiring a powerful pc lol.

No. 591472

I want to get back into drawing. When I stopped about a decade ago, the most popular art gallery thing was DeviantArt but I know it's crap now.

What do people use nowadays?

No. 591480

I know no one has a crystal ball, but I have to ask.
What's going to become of dating? Have you gone on a date since COVID happened?

No. 591482

do asexual people still feel horny/have sex?

No. 591484

>Have you gone on a date since COVID happened?

Several with my guy since April. Parks, hiking in the woods, outdoor dining. I think dating's going to be fine.

No. 591486

people just post their art to Instagram, Twitter, and their own websites as far as I can tell

No. 591488

what if, hypothetically, I don't currently have a bf?

No. 591490

Some do, maybe they will rub one out but would never want to do shit with someone else.

No. 591494

He wasn't my bf until recently, we started dating in April a month after quarantine started. Provided you guys follow precautions, just go out and do stuff.

No. 591504

what's up with me being pretty okay with every ftm i've known but other way around is mostly a tragedy

No. 591508

I have yet to see a violent ftm

No. 591509

i have a good friend who has actually gotten way softer as a person after starting t, but i have totally seen some people get so bad at anger management after starting it.

No. 591524

is it dumb of me to post my art on lolcow? I’m anxious someone will recognise me I guess, I don’t have a big online presence but still.

No. 591565

Not a good idea. The site has a bad reputation.

No. 591578

Why do girls who like vintage fashion always try to emulate the (American) 40's and 50's? That shit is ugly as hell and 60's fashion is way cuter

No. 591584

File: 1595908078322.jpg (18.93 KB, 197x342, 16.jpg)

do you guys think if you can't stop thinking about someone that isn't in your life anymore, see things related to them, have dreams about them, etc. it means anything? Like that they're also thinking of me, or I should reach out? or is my brain just torturing me?

No. 591590

60s fashion is my fav but it's so hard to pull off if you aren't stick skinny. 40s and 50s are a lot more forgiving and is still flattering if you have any extra weight on your thighs or stomach. I don't think they're ugly unless they go full tacky rockabilly or trying too hard tradthot.

No. 591610

it means that you need to move on

No. 591612

You are obsessed. Try dating other people, picking a hobbie and stop watching tarot card readings that tell you he loved you

No. 591646

underrated comment lmao

No. 591647

People who had LASIK eye surgery, was it worth it? Are there side effects people don't talk about?

No. 591648

samefag. Probably a stupid question, but does your eye look different after the surgery?

No. 591651

File: 1595923306255.jpeg (516.68 KB, 1920x2880, 97EF8F95-F0F4-4949-9BED-958863…)

What is the best type of hair clip to use when sectioning your hair to blowdry it? I’m trying to figure out how to blowdry my own hair and it’s harder than I thouught.

I think a true asexual would only have sex if it were to please their partner. Asexuals can get horny but usually it’s only when they’re alone, and the idea of actually having sex with another person irl would be unappealing.
t. anon who may be asexual

No. 591671

I prefer "alligator clips" because they're easy to remove and can hold large sections of hair with one clip.

No. 591697

Oh okay. How do you use those ones to section hair? Can you just take a random chunk of hair and clip it to the top of your head or do you have to twist it or something? I have never done this before lol

No. 591699

File: 1595932505756.jpg (3.13 MB, 2325x2150, Палец.jpg)

Do they have fingerprints?

No. 591703

Where do i find more images like these? I like to draw and these are very helpful

No. 591705

There's an anon that freaks out every time someone mentions asexuality, surprised to see they haven't replied to this yet

No. 591707

Im not the anon u are talking about but asexuals make me weirdly angry idk

No. 591709

I mean yeah I have my own doubts when it comes to most people using the label, seems like it may be a real thing but people have watered down the meaning to a point where you can spend your life having a series of one night stands and still use it.

No. 591714

>asexuals make me weirdly angry
why though..

No. 591720

The one who who said they hated ALL ASEXUALS? Bitch was weird.

No. 591751

File: 1595940408882.png (292.45 KB, 439x388, 79C79A95-F347-43D9-9E83-D39EFD…)

Who made this? I love the style.

No. 591757

The can feel horny and they masturbate, but they won’t have sex with a person irl because that will make them dryer than a desert/shrink to oblivion faster than anything.

They -could- have sex but it wouldn’t be exactly a good experience for them because that’s not what they want.

No. 591759

Those people who go to abandoned buildings to take pictures and videos, do they have some sort of permit or do they just sneak in?

No. 591762

I see so many asexuals talking about how they don't want or enjoy sex but they do it for their husbands/bfs sake and it just screams unhealthy to me to accept that and basically normalise having unwanted sex for your partners benefit.

I don't use the label asexual but I don't enjoy sex and it would be detrimental to my wellbeing to just have it anyway

No. 591770

Nayrt but I agree that it's incredibly harmful behavior, and whenever anyone talks about being an asexual but giving it to their partner I just automatically assume that person isn't really asexual because to me it just sounds like they're in a relationship with someone they aren't sexually attracted with but they're forcing themselves to do it anyway and have just convinced themselves it's fine.
I'm sure asexual people exist, but this isn't the way to do it.

No. 591771

File: 1595942048868.jpg (394.22 KB, 1953x2040, kficc.jpg)

idk who made that image but kficc makes similar looking art which you might like

No. 591775

I personally feel horny once in a blue moon, very briefly and not very strongly.
I can't have sex because I feel no arousal so nothing can even go in. I've wanted to try when given the opportunity, because why not, but literally nothing happens.

No. 591776

What are some side jobs I could do to make extra cash? Other than whoring myself out on OnlyFans of course

No. 591779

Fiverr or Odesk (which might have a different name now)

I got my first transcription job at age 16 on Odesk and made some cheap cash but it def was for pennies, I made like 60 a week. But I imagine you could find way more jobs and better paying jobs no doubt.

What skills do you have? Writing? Drawing? Clerical?

No. 591787

Awesome, anon! Thanks!

No. 591789

I can do basic graphic design things and video editing and I speak a little bit of French. Which is not much lol. But thanks, I'll check these out!

No. 591790

Anonettes! What are some sites that update daily that you anons enjoy killing time on?

Sometimes I go on Vice for weird meme articles or read The Atlantic for longer pieces but I don't know what else to do when I need to wait for a bus but run out of shitposts to read. It doesn't even have to be good content.

No. 591800


No. 591803

File: 1595946490723.jpeg (274.62 KB, 2048x2048, 818EDACF-FE1F-4210-B840-6779C0…)

Lesbians/bi girls, is it actually hard to find another woman to date or do I just suck? I just want a cute gf man

No. 591805

Bi girl, I do think it's harder to find women to date, especially when you want to do so organically and not through apps. Not that apps are super helpful bc disgusting 3sum unicorn hunting and shit like that. Any advice for idiots like us or is it just that hard?

No. 591815

No avdice, I just want to sympathize. My only gf I've met organically by accident and it was great, but it's so hard to meet someone organically, and through apps it's just a hot mess. Even though I have preference for women I always end up with men because it's just so hard to find a compatible woman when you're pretty much limited to apps. Like >>591805 said, there it's either someone 3some hunting or desperate women for whom attraction to women is their only personality trait.

No. 591842

Guys what do I do? I ordered 3 items from a small clothing site that I personally know a few people order from and nothing has been shipped despite it being 20 days. I contacted them, they didn't respond. One item did ship but it's been in a different city in my state on the tracking site for like 3 days now. I don't know wtf is going on but at this point I want my money back.

No. 591850

File: 1595952273730.jpg (80.97 KB, 540x540, IMG_5151.JPG)

Why is my stomach screaming for food every 3-4 hours it fucking hurts

No. 591851

Any anons here dated a stereotypical frat dude? What was the experience like?

No. 591861

didn't date one but i do know they drug your drink and sexually assault you (: fuck frat boys

No. 591868

File: 1595953724414.jpg (57.91 KB, 400x518, IMG_9582.JPG)

Ntayrt but Pinterest

No. 591873

I’ve never dated one seriously but have been friends with/gone on dates with some, and generally I think they’re usually really funny guys! Don’t get bogged down in heady shit, life is all about smoking weed and partying and gambling and eeking by in their business degrees. Obviously not long term prospects but hopefully they’ll grow out of it, they’ve been the type most likely to take me out to nice dinners and invite me around their friends which are things scummy indie dudes never did for me lol.

No. 591881

Any anons with rosacea here?

I suspect that I have it but is it something you need to see a doc about?

No. 591883

Would doing a degree in art history a waste of money and time?

No. 591888

Hey not to freak you out, but if it actually hurts when you haven't eaten for a few hours there is a chance you have an ulcer, too much acid or your stomach lining is being irritated by something else (bacteria, certain foods, NSAIDS such as ibuprofen). You should go to the doctor if this problem persists for more than a few days because there is a chance this could worsen and become a reoccurring thing if it goes untreated. I learned it the hard way lol

No. 591890

yes. don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. The only thing you'd be able to do with a degree like that is go to graduate school and become a n art history teacher. I say this as someone who knows multiple art majors.

No. 591898

i dated a frat dude and it was awful. his frat took up literally all of his free time, completely changed his personality, enabled his alcoholism and got him on coke. he didn't care about anything besides drinking and trying to impress his rich white frat bros. we had no time to spend together. then when we unsurprisingly broke up because he wasn't the same person anymore he tried to kill himself. tldr don't do it

No. 591910

minored in it, most in the field end up teaching or writing about it academically. if it's your passion and you wanna do that for a living, go for it. i know a few girls who got into museum management from it as well, now that's a good gig if you get past the grunt work. don't let people tell you it's worthless, it's really not. it's adjacent to worthless. i've applied to several book keeping, museum management and gallery jobs where the art history degree was a benefit (didn't get most of them though so…lol) do you have a concentration or movement that you want to specialize in?

No. 591916

lmao why do fatties get so riled up when the fashion industry doesn't cater to their unhealthy habits? like lmao just lose weight pisshead.

No. 591918

I once said that If I sold clothes that I would think about charging extra for plus sizes and my cousin went OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.
She's not fat but she's fake nice.

No. 591932

File: 1595956823559.jpg (44.65 KB, 750x1032, purin.jpg)

What are some foods with high calories that won't give me beetus?

No. 591937

How come there are skinny people out there dressing like shit, yall have no excuses

No. 591938

foods high in healthy fats, like nuts or avocado come to mind. Sweet potatoes too. There's probably a lot more!

No. 591971

These people have no idea how much more expensive is to make plus size clothing, companies like torrid lean on slave work to make a profit

No. 591972

File: 1595959945711.jpg (305.37 KB, 975x780, mm6.jpg)

Are there any guides to making digital collages like pic rel? I really like these sorta collages but idk how to start

No. 591973

File: 1595959980971.jpg (359.7 KB, 975x780, mm2.jpg)

another example

No. 591975

File: 1595960025858.png (1.24 MB, 975x780, mm15.png)

No. 591978

If you retire a piercing does the sebum smell ever go away? I haven't worn earrings in years but every now and then I'll mindlessly pull at my ear lobe and notice it still gets that piercing smell

No. 591983

What exactly is confusing to you? When it comes to collages themselves it's all about an idea so I think this is what you have to produce yourself, by just looking at a lot of things.
From a technical side, it's just a digital cutout, so look up how to cut out stuff from pictures in a program you like, if it's photoshop, I advice looking into layer masks and layer blending.

No. 591992

I-is this a thing?? I've been bouncing between getting ear piercings (never got them as a child lol) but now I dunno…

No. 591994

I mean what's your question? If your a complete beginner to making collages I would recommend vid related. I also got into collages recently and this video helped me. If you want to use photoshop you can get a pirated version off birdysources on tumblr.

There's also a video by Cbc Arts that shows an artist making collages with magazines that is more similar to the collages you've shown.

No. 592006

File: 1595963393391.jpeg (89.1 KB, 960x528, 1C706BCA-60FF-40CF-849F-3FE572…)

holy shit I snorted

No. 592028

Nope. Smell never goes away. I have dozens of piercings that have been out for 10+ years, the holes are unusable and I'm still cleaning that shit constantly to avoid the smells
They tell you you'll regret your edgy teen phase, but they never explain why

No. 592099

anyone else have dumb irrational fears? i have an extreme phobia of contracting rabies. i know it's a rare illness and a vaccine exists for it, but i fear a bat will bite me when im sleeping or the cat whose head i petted years ago will infect me. i can't even listen or watch a video about rabies without having a full blown panic attack, and i don't generally have panic attacks.

No. 592103

My earlobe piercing holes don't smell at all, neither the superold 15 years old ones or fresh 1 year old ones, what's going on with you, anons?

No. 592104

NTA but i have the same problem with all of my piercings. it's nice to know i'm not alone but now i'm very curious to know why some people get smelly piercing holes and others don't

No. 592108

i have bad health anxiety in general but i focus on cancer in particular and am always worried about doing virtually anything that might elevate my risk of cancer. it's to the point that i'm considering expensive genetic testing but i don't think that would actually quell the fear if nothing bad came up, and would just make the fear worse if it turned out i was high risk

No. 592111

Ok I did a quick research, basically it goes down to cleaning both the piercings themselves and the holes regularly; now how often it has to be done is a personal matter, some people do more dirty activities (like, outdoors in the dust), or naturally sweat more, then it's more often, some have less of these, so it's less often. Honestly I never thought of that, I just like to often change my earrings and I always clean them when I change so guess it's maybe why they don't smell. Even when I had a new ones I'd clean them as much as possible with a cotton swab.

No. 592115

File: 1595974054803.jpeg (144.6 KB, 447x674, 17F5DCD5-2640-4344-AF94-26C5B4…)

>How does one go Ana when you’re being fully monitored by your family?
>Is not eating and working out useful at all?
>Would the yoyo effect be dramatic?
>is it better to just eat salad and fruits?

No. 592116

…Why would you want to be anorexic? If you want to lose weight, eat and exercise in moderate amounts. Not rocket science.

No. 592119

Everyone with piercings experiences sebum and dead cell build up as it's constant, right after you wash your body gets to work replacing it. Worked in a tattoo/piercing studio and IME some are extra sensitive to the smell and others are oblivious to their own smell after a while.

No. 592123

My friend was tested for the brca? breast cancer gene (her mom had breast cancer) she ended up getting a double mastectomy as a preventative measure. My own mom died of breast cancer too and I'm such an anxious/avoidant person that I've never been tested.

No. 592127

I would say get tested as soon as you can. Try to get used to the thought that you have to do it and then go when you feel like you can take it.

No. 592131

>intentionally trying to 'go ana'
That's some childish shit, literally something 13 yr olds on MPA do. Grow up and eat 500 calories below your TDEE a day like the rest of us.

No. 592136

both of my grandmas died of cancer, (stomach lining and breast). had an uncle who had bladder cancer but it went into remission and his doctors said it was more likely due to a lifetime of heavy smoking. no idea what my likelihood of getting cancer is based on any of that. i always report this cancer history to my doctors but they've never seemed concerned about it. i have garbage insurance though so they might just not care or not even cover whatever testing would be needed to find out if i was high risk.

No. 592140

higher risk of heart failure and looking pathetic to the rest of the world isn't worth it, retard. just pop a workout video and stop drinking soda.

No. 592141

Do men just jerk off to a single image? Like, they just see a still-image and masturbate to it for 20 minutes or so, without looking at any other images? In images with no sexual activity, do they just imagine that they’re having sex with them?

No. 592149

Lol, no

No. 592151

Do people jerk off for 20 mins normally?

No. 592187

What makes you think a bunch of women would know the intricacies of male masturbation

No. 592202

I do that and I think it's a natural part of human sexuality, I do not think it's exclusive to women. I think a lot of men don't do it anymore because they've been watching internet porn since they were 8 so they never even had a chance to develop a sexual imagination or discover what's so great about physical intimacy. So basically, they've had a fake sexuality implanted in their heads instead of developing it naturally. They've been brainwashed.

It's kinda sad tbh. I dated this guy whose mom gave him porn at that age and his sexuality was completely crippled and it was not a fun time. It ended up being the death of our relationship because I can't deal with someone who learned everything they know about sex from porn. It's a pretty good sign they let media dictate who they're supposed to be in other ways, too. It's a sign of weak mindedness imo.

Porn seems to cripple men more than women and I think it has something to do with this societal idea that you need porn to jack off when if you didn't develop a porn obsession, porn is honestly really stiff, boring, unrealistic, and one dimensional. But that is just my opinion.

Not all of us are innocent, pure virgin Maries. If you've gotten close enough to screw a man you've gotten close enough to figure out his masturbation habits.

No. 592207

File: 1595982100563.jpg (53.74 KB, 500x400, aajivo.jpg)

>male masturbation

No. 592238

Are discord servers catered towards lesbians/bisexual women any good for making gay friends and maybe finding a gf?

Or is meeting a gf online a meme? My local gay dating scene is…not what I'm looking for…so I want to open myself to the rest of the world. To me it feels as if other women would be more willing to have a LDR and take it seriously, but I could be wrong.

No. 592247

I’m pretty sure you could get lucky, but keep in mind that you might find lots of unnecessary drama and batshit crazy people. Also troons and “traps” so good luck and be patient.

No. 592248

I really want to know this too, everything I've found was infested with troons.

No. 592276

Can someone help me with this feeling?
I enjoy /x/ related videos a lot. Scary shit, true crime, etc. But the thing is, whenever I watch that shit, I feel like I'm allowing negative energy to flow through me. As in, the more I watch, the more it will affect me and my energy or whatever.

I feel like the more I go on the rabbit hole of creepy youtube stuff, or anything pertaining to horror specially irl examples, I feel like I'm opening a pandora box.

What does this mean and why do I feel it?

No. 592282

You're semi-aware that the more of a type of material you expose yourself to the more it'll effect you mentally. E.G. the more time you spend reading about creepy shit the more time you'll spend thinking about it and be more likely to be anxious of being a victim of crime or frightened you'll see something scary in the dark or whatever bad outcome. Most people don't pay any attention to their mental hygiene and then wonder why they're so insecure about their appearance while spending all day reading about lookism on reddit or whatever negative topic.

No. 592284

be prepared for troons

No. 592292

What do Japanese use for terms of endearment? All I could find on Jewgle was that they don’t use any, only honorifics and sometimes “darling”. However, I watched a video where the mom sometimes calls her young daughter “momo” (peach) aside from -chan

No. 592294

They usually change and/or shorten the person's "first" name to make it cuter.

No. 592299

using the word "anata" when talking to your SO means something like "dear". also just being on a first name basis means you are close but adding chan or kun increases the level. simply shortening the name or adding weird syllables onto a shortened version of someone's name is also common (hana-chan is turned into ha-chin or han-han or the like)

No. 592311

honestly being on first name basis is the equivalent to having sex in japan

No. 592312

This made me audibly blow air out of my nose. Bless you, anon

No. 592341

Is it possible to "learn" new sleeping position?
I've sleept on my stomach or side all my life but I want to switch to sleeping on my back because it's healther, every time I try though it's just so unnatural I can't fall asleep no matter how tired I am. What to do?

No. 592343

I used to sleep on my side for years in the fetal position. I managed to learn how to sleep on my back with some practice. Give yourself some extra time to fall asleep because it will be uncomfortable starting out.

No. 592346

I've been watching my first (columbian) telenovela on netflix and it's so dumb, but I can't help feeling it reflects real life for women in some ways. I've lived around northern europe so not such a patriarchal/religious environment. And I KNOW it's not realistic, but how accurate is the treatment of women in it? Like the women fuck someone they love and it's like "whoooore", but the dudes can scheme and 2 time women and spend the night with someone and it's fine? A married man whose wife won't fuck him is shameful for HER when he tells her he has to fuck other people to get his "needs" met?

I can kind of imagine it in ye olden days, wifely duties and women being questioned/not allowed to leave the house unless it's to go to market or some shit. Can some south american anons enlighten me if it's anywhere near accurate with all the romance removed or is it all for the sake of drama?

I found out I had several cavities between my teeth after some years of not seeing the dentist because they looked fine so now I do, yeah. Going to the dentist frightened the life out of me that I can never undo the damage I've already done to my teeth. Only make sure I mitigate the damage from here on out. Here's hoping they can find a way to easily replace enamel in my lifetime.

No. 592350

Thanks, I started giving up but knowing you out there managed to succeed gives me hope!

No. 592397

Do long natural nails without polish look weird?

No. 592398

No? You can use a clear coat varnish to add a nice shine to them, looks good.

No. 592400

Not if they are well groomed. Just keep them filed and even and they will look fine.

No. 592402

Not if they're clean and you look neat. Long nails only look gross when they're dirty and they look accidental. If you have nails that are naturally a bit yellow some uninformed people hate that too but it's up to you if you care.

No. 592411

WTF is happening to me??? I have been smelling weed every day for the past 2 weeks. I don't smoke weed, I'm living in my house alone currently, there are no skunks in my neighborhood or anything like that. I feel like I'm going crazy or something.

No. 592412

It happens a lot, I’m from South America leyleypons’ latina fetish intensifies And men are often raised to believe they can do whatever the want because they have jobs.

People don’t seem to understand that women have jobs as well and that they have feelings and needs.

So? You get to see men sleeping around with literal girls in their 14’s usually hood rats getting lauded because:

>oh well, he works, i guess he must be tired

>well, his wife had two/three/four kids, shame on her because she let herself go

But the man looks like an ugly version of Dany Devito and does literally nothing at home because:

>muh job

>muh i spend the day outside fucking with random women but outside

And they seem to forget that the woman who they’re sometimes married to is also working, taking care of the spawns and doing all of the chores if they’re not lucky enough to have a maid who tends to be a side piece of the husband

Of course, as of now, the generation of women around their 50’s or 60’s are tired of this bullshit, and they’ve been doing their best to teach women that they don’t even need to get married anymore in order to be happy or at least that’s in my home and the homes of the people i know of

You will always find people criticizing the women sleeping with men for money, but that’s because they never got the opportunity to do so to be honest I wish I didn’t have any sort of remorse when it comes to that stuff, I kind of want a sugar daddy, latin ones are quite overkill

So yeah, telenovelas are basically the reflection of how Latin American society >Inb4 we live in a society works.

No. 592413

Any baristas out there? I order bags of ground coffee from starbucks and ask for it to be grinded specifically for making espresso. Sometimes when I buy a new bag, the coffee comes out really fast through my machine and it's ready within seconds. With other bags , it takes 2 minutes for the shot of espresso to finish.. I am so confused. I order the same blend every time.

No. 592414

forgot to add. When it takes forever, it comes out strong as FUCK versus being diluted when it comes out fast. I know for a fact this has nothing to do with my machine.

No. 592416

Is there an active judge my art thread here? I looked at /m/ but the closest thing i found it "bad/hideous art" which is for e-artists fron what i understand.
Or should i post it on dumbass shit thread?

No. 592421

Nothing active unfortunately, people are worried about posting their art here and being recognized I suppose, there is this one >>546916, I guess you can revive it? Sure someone will reply.

No. 592427

Is it safe to rip off moles?

I have a small mole on my areola (It's always been there so no worries), but I nearly scratched it off a couple months ago. It's hanging by a thread, but I left it there because I was hoping it would heal back on. Idk if it safe to just take off moles though.

The art thread we have now is a General Art thread, so you can post it there or just post it in the Dumbass Shit thread

No. 592430

What is a hoodrat and how can I save girls in this lifestyle?

No. 592435

Hood rats are the people that live in ghettos that don’t really care about going outside their “hood”. I guess you could start a nice program to teach girls that they don’t need to feel inferior or insecure, and that they don’t need to hook up with a guy in order to be successful because what they need is an education, not quick cash.

No. 592437

Why do you never see girls getting named after their mothers, like for example Sarah Jr? Why is it strictly a male thing, like a boy getting his father's name? Tradition, culture, what?

No. 592441

i think it might be because it's culturally accepted that males "mark their terrority" or "are entitled to/own their family".
idk can't think of anything else. probably really similar to why we get out father's last name. women are the "second gender" despite being the more involved parent so their legacy doesn't need to be continued unlike precious men's legacy.

No. 592443

I know families where say everyone is called michael, your brother, dad, multiple cousins, dead grandad and so on. My family has a bit of it going on. I don't plan on having kids but I sure as hell wouldn't keep the tradition of recycling one male name forever.

No. 592445

I hate that. The woman carries the child, births the child and up until the last few decades often very realistically risked her life in childbirth.. then dad stamps his name on the kid.

No. 592448

Sorry for the newfag-tier question but Why do people hate Pixyteri? Sure, she looks pretty dumpy and fat and dresses however she wants without really caring what other think of her, but I personally wouldn't consider that lolcow-tier, yet alone considered the Queen of /cgl/ and /w/

No. 592449


Hahaha really? How the hell does nobody get confused and know who someone might be referring to?

No. 592463

I think people just feel bad for her and find her amusing, I don't think anyone really hates her. I find her kind of endearing and want her to succeed even.

No. 592464

By calling them mike, mikey, michael, mj etc, it's pretty retarded

No. 592521

I'm named after my mom, first name is the same, and second name is a variation

No. 592527

I'm named after my grandmother, does that count?

But I agree, I fucking hate that kids are names after their fathers. I don't want children, but if I did I would insist on them carrying my surname.

No. 592532

in my family the two bens are called big ben and little ben lmao

No. 592556

Why don't mods delete shit threads instead of letting them clog up space? I'm referring to threads that didn't even hit more than 10 replies or repetitive topic.

No. 592595

I think it has to do with a male ego thing. Even my mom named me after my father (my name is unisex) and he ended up being a deadbeat my whole life. I can't wait to drop this piece of shit name from my identity but getting a name change is a hassle in the US.

No. 592600

> named me after my father, ended up being a deadbeat
I see this with surnames all the time. The couple breaks up within the first 2 years of the kids life and dad is either a total deadbeat refusing to pay support (non-us and legally it's a lot to chase up child support here) or the dad will only want the child 2 or 3 days a month for it's entire upbringing. I feel like children should carry the surname of the primary parent in those circumstances.

No. 592613

Can someone help me understand what just happened to me. I was speaking to my dad when all of a sudden I felt really weak and tired and felt the need to grab ahold of the door handle next to me and rest my head on the door. My dad asked if I was okay and came over and took my hand. I said something along the lines of I'm fine I just need to lay down. I layed down and didn't completely knock out, but I couldn't hear anything of what my dad was saying for a good 5 seconds. Then I felt completely normal.

Is that considering fainting/passing out. My dad said it was but I feel like It was too short and I was too aware.

No. 592615

could be you were just really lightheaded? sounds like what happens to me if I haven't been eating enough and i get up too fast. i've had to grab on to things because it legitimately does feel like i'm going to pass out because i'm so dizzy and weak

could also be something anxiety related if lack of nutrition isn't a possible culprit.

No. 592617

It happens. You were able to get blood back to your brain by laying down before blacking out. Maybe you locked your knees, or sat too long, or stood too fast or dehydrated or anemic. Occasionally when I accidentally hurt myself, blood just drains from my head and I’d near faint from a tiny paper cut. Sometimes it happens when I’m just chillin but I have low blood pressure too. So it’s not alarming necessarily, just drink water and replenish electrolytes and see if you feel bad again.

No. 592618

low blood sugar, eat a piece of bread.

No. 592619

I've fainted for a split second before, witness said I hit the ground and I sat up again immediately, could be your blood sugar levels or blood pressure. For me it was low sugar

No. 592688

Is there a way to create an OnlyFans account without having to give my id?

No. 592697

File: 1596055822163.gif (748.44 KB, 220x183, nope.gif)

Because men are trash and need to own everything, including people. I've never seen women named after their mothers or grandmothers. Or it's at least a middle name, but men love to name their sons Daniel Jr, Jose Jr or Deshawn jr. It is really prevalent with them and their sons. I had an old coworker who told me he wanted to hurry up and have a son to carry on his 'legacy' when his daughter was already 10 years old and he claims to love her, but.. hm. Men are trash and need to claim territory, even though they barely do anything during parenthood. It feels sad to take away a child's identity because you want to have a mini version of yourself, name included.

No. 592698

I wish I was named after my mom who passed away and did way more for me my entire life than my dead beat father. I hate the culture of women taking the man's name in marriage and naming their children that. ugh

No. 592753

Any other anons skin color get lighter when they got older?

I am Latina and as a kid my skin was naturally a medium tan color but now that I'm 20 it's lightened like 5-7 shades. I could easily tan back to that color if I went outside but I'm not into the skin aging aspect of tanning lol.

No. 592755

I'm named after my grandma which fuckin rocks because she's great. But I have a friend who is named after her mom and her brother is named after their dad lmao. Double Jr.'s in the house.

No. 592757

Yeah I'm the same way, extremely pale at the moment from not going out but in warmer times I will easily tan for a bit and I tend to look olive anyways.

No. 592758

Haha I've got a feminine version of a man's name (not Erica, but it works) and people always assume my dad must be Eric and my parents wanted a boy. It's crazy that people say that to your face without even considering why they think that

No. 592937

File: 1596084706651.jpeg (52.69 KB, 720x900, E1260A90-5F38-48E8-B5C4-25DFE9…)

No. 593005

kek, anon. I just want some extra money without the potential negative consequences

No. 593012

Best case scenario: low blood sugar, or a drop in blood pressure
Worst case scenario: some sort of neurological disorder

No. 593043

File: 1596096888456.jpg (65.29 KB, 450x640, IMG_9458.JPG)

What are some good manga/films/shows (anything really) similar to A cruel God reigns, Kate to kid no Uta and The heart of Thomas?

No. 593045

Kaze to ki no uta*

No. 593064

File: 1596100451787.jpg (160.51 KB, 600x802, IMG_20200723_074429.jpg)

I would recommend you look into Manga from the Year 24 Group, Keiko Takemiya (author of some of the titles you mentioned) was a part of it. I'm partial to Moto Hagio's work, myself.

No. 593070

My sister’s actually named after my mom,we just call her by her nickname to avoid confusion

No. 593074

File: 1596102218200.jpg (188.08 KB, 715x1229, be8eaf128a1904d25d48d4cbb9ac73…)

J no Subete and Bara Iro no Ho no Koro by Asumiko Nakamura both have the similar themes as Kaze to Ki no It's and A Cruel God Reigns. Asumiko's art kinda reminds me of old school artists from year 24. There's also K no Souretsu, it's ambiguously BL and incesty and the art style is very 80s shoujo.

No. 593136

was there not a moving out / renting help thread somewhere or am i delusional? i cant find it anywhere and it would be really helpful right about now…

No. 593140

Has anyone had any luck treating OCD by themselves? Not like completely 'curing it' but just reduce intrusive thoughts and mental rituals.

I know I won't completely be free of my anxiety until I seek professional help, but I would like to try to make this less stressful.

No. 593141

dumb question but what skills have a diminishing learning curve? i've been focused on academics for so long that i think i lack a lot of average skill. like most people i know can either draw well, or sing well, or play an instrument. i played piano for a really long time but never really enjoyed it so don't wanna go back to it. i tried ukulele but it's just not my thing because the sound is not something i particularly enjoy. what would you guys recommend?

No. 593143

What's the best site for selling art? RedBubble, Society6, Teepublic or Amazon?

No. 593149

Some people go by their middle names instead

Oniisama E
Since you’ve already read Keiko Takemiya and Hagio Moto’s manga there’s only a few other manga from that generation that are translated, unless you want Japanese recommendations

No. 593159

Maybe try writing, as in creative writing or anything along those lines, it could be poetry, articles and such.

No. 593196

File: 1596119395871.png (91.77 KB, 465x214, IMG_9682.PNG)

Is it possible to replay oneshot on the steam version? I stopped playing it a year ago near the end since I didn't like the game, but I'm willing to play until the end and replay it to re-experince it to see if I still hate it

No. 593199

File: 1596119551639.png (201.36 KB, 1600x923, habituation_en-us_1600x923.png)

hey there anon! i must admit that in my personal experience, ocd has been super hard to work on (especially when i was off meds) alone; however, as you asked for there are some tools that could help in the meantime which will help. i am not sure what your ocd focuses on, but cbt techniques are usually very helpful! this article: https://www.psychologytools.com/articles/delivering-more-effective-exposure-therapy-in-cbt/ about exposure should help you at least confront your fears (its tough, but helpful). also, this chart (another cbt technique) focuses on finding evidence to refute your fears: https://www.psychologytools.com/resource/cbt-thought-record/.
i was taught these skills in therapy, but i must admit i found it tough to focus until i took meds just due to how severe things became, but based on how you are doing it should definitely help! the last thing i could suggest is this book: https://www.guilford.com/books/Getting-Over-OCD/Jonathan-Abramowitz/9781462529704/reviews. i was recently told about it by my psychiatrist and i have bought it but not used it yet but he says its very helpful and has helped others! good luck anon!

No. 593204

Ive been planning on saving up for a pen display tablet but I wonder if I should spend it on a cintiq or another brand? I’m not a professional artist, purely a hobbyist but I want it to last. My intuos has lasted 7 years now and is still working (though the pen pressure is a bit iffy) and I’d want the same kinda lasting power if I’m gonna buy a bigger/more expensive tablet. I can’t seem to find any reviews on huion that are about them over long term so any anons got any experience with them?

No. 593211

I'm really confused. I've had no appetite for the past few days and haven't eaten much. Today my stomach is growling loudly and I'm clearly physically hungry, but I have absolutely 0 desire to eat. No appetite at all. Not ana-chan or anything, the idea of eating solid foods just makes me sick/is incredibly undesirable. What's the deal?

No. 593218

happens to me when I don't eat for too long, I just completely lose any desire to eat altogether. You need to force yourself because there might be long term consequences. Try something light and liquidy, smoothies are ideal because you can get a lot of vitamins in a small and easy to digest portion.

No. 593219

this happens to me when the weather is really hot

No. 593255

This is what happens to me too. I'm actually really hungry right now but I just cannot eat. I don't want to. Even eating one meal a day I have to force myself. Just make a smoothie anon, you shouldn't starve. I make banana smoothies for when I really hate the thought of eating. I lost a lot of weight and am down to 43kgs due to this but after a few hospital visits, I've maintained my weight and haven't gone lower. The docs didn't know what was wrong, I don't know either. Maybe an anon here knows if it's some common problem?

No. 593260

What threads have you hidden on lolcow?
I've hidden the 'news stories that fuck with you' thread and nika's thread lol

No. 593261

first one was an instant hide for me

No. 593266


I have had this problem since about 2 weeks into quarantine. Slimfast and ensure are good replacements. Try and find foods that don't bother you to much or are easy for you to eat. Sometimes I just get fast food, I know it's not the best for you but is better than nothing and has some calories.

No. 593276

File: 1596128932877.png (108.28 KB, 800x288, 1590802501317.png)

What do I do about my brain angrily screeching for more carbs due to pms? I'm kind of trying to diet.

No. 593277

File: 1596129102928.jpg (37.32 KB, 540x320, 1583769129134.jpg)

Not sure if stupid but I feel stupid about it for several reasons so: I have a male "friend" I always found incredibly annoying and disrespectful and I always wanted to have nothing to do with this guy because he ruins all the fun in everything ever. He acts like he knows everything ever while actually saying stupid, actually offensive shit. Maybe he thinks he's sassy and witty but he sounds like some asshole from 4chan with none of the potential redeeming qualities. Tries to explains shit that personally affect others on a daily basis just because he vaguely read about it on wikipedia. This type of shit. My question is, how do I avoid this guy?

For more context, it's important: the reason why I was hanging out from time to time with him or at his place was because he wouldn't stop insisting and when I ignored him on the phone or social media, an actual friend of mine also asked if I wanted to hang out with them. Because of that and other things I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand the guy and at some point with several other friends we found out that one one of us actually liked him and we all found him, at the very best, a bit "special" but because of that one friend we couldn't avoid him. At some point he moved not too far away from my place because of the cheap rent prices in the area and once he knew about it he started contacting me more and more often because I couldn't use the "there are problems with public transport" excuse anymore. He wanted to invite all of us at a sleepover for the last new year's eve and since almost none of us wanted to go because we're all women and he wanted to invite male friends we didn't know at all but we didn't want to upset our actual close friend who likes him, we made shit up to not go and it ruined all our plans. Now, that one friend is living abroad since like January so that one less reason to see this guy, and I'm thinking about ignoring him on social media and the phone again. Do you have any other ideas? I don't want him to start being an even bigger annoying piece of shit if I tell him to stfu and stop insulting everyone and thinking he's a genius and everyone should be his bff. I feel dumb because if I knew, I would have avoided that guy from the day we met in university.

tldr; how do I completely avoid this guy who thinks we're bff just because I wanted to not upset a mutual friend at the time?

No. 593280

I eat a ton of juicy fruit like pineapple and strawberries since they're carbs anyway but not as bad

No. 593284

File: 1596129827353.jpeg (74.75 KB, 680x478, nat.jpeg)

Where an I learn more about pedowood/showbiz? I barely know anything about it (aside from the creepy shit that happened to Natalie Portman when she was a kid, like the 18 countdown and her first 'fan-mail' and some of the stuff that happened to Brooke Shields) , are there any documentaries about it?

No. 593285

I'd back off slowly by saying "I'm busy," often and eventually straight up ghost. When it comes to people like that, it's all you can really do imo.

No. 593345

I've heard that the "Open Secret" documentary is very good, and some celebrities are mentioned as victims. Elijah Wood (from The Hobbit) has also talked about it. Not trying to be rude! But if you search about it you'll encounter more info, I'm sure

No. 593346

>The Hobbit
He was in Lord of the Rings anon, not Hobbit.

No. 593350

Actually he was in both so you're both right.

No. 593357

Is breastfeeding uncomfortable/painful? I have extremely sensitive nipples and just the idea of breastfeeding sends a wave of nausea through my body just because I feel like it would feel too intense and extremely uncomfortable

No. 593364

I'm gonna do that, but he knows I'm unemployed and thus I have a lot of free time (at least in his mind). But since our mutual friend isn't here anymore she can't tell him that I'm free before he asks me if I am so that sounds doable.

No. 593388

this is killing me anon lmfao
>when big ben dies you can be big ben
>big ben's gonna die??
>shut up little ben

No. 593389

My sister and mom both got very inflamed nipples, blockages and all. Very painful, they had to do the boob sinking thing where you flop that fucker in some warm or hot water, I hate that I know this. I ain't never going to have kids.

No. 593394

Sis you're a grown ass adult with middle school problems. Just ignore/block/tell them to improve their personality but for God's sake do not volunteer to help. A lot of these people have been told before they are annoying af but they don't think its really that bad so they won't change unless they get something out of it. Never let him find out where you live for sure, if your friends are real comrades just tell them to never give him info about you, just live your best life without this annoying dude trash??? We can't control peoples actions but we can control our re(actions). Also having a low or locked down social media presence will save you a lot of agita down the line in life.

No. 593401

File: 1596142031487.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 77.72 KB, 411x870, A681BADB-700A-4335-8B51-AD4D29…)

Can humans double jump?

No. 593406

>Sis you're a grown ass adult with middle school problems
Now that you say it like that you did put something into words better than I could while typing my first post: he acts like a guy in middle school who thinks he's super mature and who monopolizes conversations all the time.

>Never let him find out where you live for sure

He has no way of knowing my address, unless he asks some of my friends who already secretly hate him anyway. And nobody in my friend group is crazy enough to give other people's address to anyone without permission anyway. I deleted a bunch of social media too before for other, more general reasons, so he can't really check what I post online either by the way.

No. 593570

Has anyone here dealt with a friend who has different political beliefs than them?

I've had a good friend who I've known for a decade now. We grew up in a very white and conservative town. She was a lot like the rest of the town while I was not white and more liberal. After going to college she became way more liberal than me and is basically a woke SJW who is really invested in things like Elizabeth Warren and BLM.

Sometimes I feel tempted to see how deep the rabbit hole goes and send her shit about how white people have no culture and see if she agrees. I am really curious but I feel like I will be disgusted with the result even though I know she's not a bad person.

Has anyone here who isn't woke maintained their relationshipres with woke friends? Just curious.

No. 593574

>Has anyone here who isn't woke maintained their relationshipres with woke friends

What the hell does being woke even mean at this point? I genuinely don't know how to answer this question lmao.

Like, I'm pretty liberal and agree that police brutality against blacks and institutional racism is a problem. I'm not constantly sperging about it on social media or attending protests, but I do try to stay informed. Is that "woke" enough to consider yourself woke?

I do have friends who do this, and who seem to get really nit-picky about avoiding anything that could be considered even SLIGHTLY problematic, and I think it's really weird. I don't understand how they have fun, or if they even do have much fun with a mindset like that. I'm not sure if intimidated is the right word. They'd probably accuse me of being racist if they knew I lurked image boards though kek

No. 593575

Also wanted to add that I really feel that all this intense focus on race in the media is actually making race relations worse. That opinion probably makes me pretty un-woke

No. 593585

My best friend refers to all celebrities by their first name and it annoys the living shit out of me.

Even an internet personality like jacksepticeye or PewDiePie, refers to them as jack and Felix like I'm supposed to immediately understand what the fuck he talking about.

No. 593627

Why am I getting so many instagram follower requests from men? I haven't posted anything recently, or liked literally any photos or followed anyone. They're real men with a lot of mutual followers.

No. 593630

whenever my painfully liberal friends try to bring up social issues when im just trying to vibe, i say shit like "this is too depressing/mentally taxing for me to talk about all the time" and that usually shuts them up lmao.

No. 593631

Good idea! But I'm an autist and can't hide my powerlevel sometime lolll

No. 593644

What is the banner with Natalie Portman holding the gun to her head with “my dad is deaaaaaaad” in reference to?

No. 593649

Old, old cow. Orange Citrus I believe? Can’t even remember why she was a cow tbh. Was a PULL 1.0 version user.

No. 593689

i'm glad there've been a few additions to modernize the banners, the holly and shay ones are great

No. 593707

Is it rude to tell a child that because he is so mean, that its the reason why he doesn't get invited to birthdays and why his friends don't come over?

No. 593709

no its based as fuck

No. 593711

Lol no it’s not rude, that little bitch obviously deserved it

No. 593734


Yeah, Orange Citrus. She was a PULL 1.0 admin that wouldn't shut up about her tits
Like she was ~boollied~ for having yuuuuge tits (they were medium sized) and wouldn't allow people on PULL to discuss Nigri because she was very triggered they were shit talking a booby girl
She also loved LARPing Mathilda (hence the banner), even on cam. And would say she wasn't pedo baiting.
She also wouldn't shut up about her being like 1/6th native American, when she was, guess it - white.

I miss her antics.

Now, I have no idea who is the girl in yellow stealing shit, if any Anon could clarify it for me, I've been wondering for years

No. 593741

File: 1596180065425.jpg (80.2 KB, 533x800, 533px-Zendaya_2019_by_Glenn_Fr…)

Why the hell does she look so weird?

No. 593745

I think she looks gorgeous in that picture

No. 593746

She's a kid

No. 593747

Is 23 a kid now?

But she looks like a copy of herself.

No. 593754

I’m in the same boat as you Anon. It’s gotten to a point where a lot of people, especially big brands/celebs/channels/etc, feel the need to constantly virtue signal without actually doing anything of substance to help the cause. They say “racism bad!” just for a PR move. If they weren’t doing it just because it’s trendy, they’d use some of their rich people money to actually make a difference

(sorry for the rant)

No. 593761

huge head

No. 593765

How the fuck do I lower my sex drive? It's become irritating and a nuisance. I've got no one to "take it out on", and thirsting after males makes me feel like shit. Should I invest in a toy?

No. 593785

her eyebrows are a tiny bit too close together for my taste
and i think she looks better with her hair not tucked behind her ears
other than that i think she looks really pretty

No. 593802

Why do I always feel groggy and sleepy after using the computer and browsing the Internet for a few hours? I feel like I'm emerging from a coma

No. 593803

File: 1596193204412.jpg (16.31 KB, 390x377, huh.jpg)

Does Mermaid gender help minors with gender dysphoria by helping alleviating gender dysphoria through therapy, or do they push kids into transitioning and put them on hormone pills?

No. 593826

how do I find a friend group during a pandemic

No. 593835

I find that heavy exercise helps me release some pent up sexual energy. It doesn't lower the sex drive, but you get to use it to fuel something good and end up tired and satisfied instead of pent up and horny.

No. 593842

do you ever get used to wearing a thong?

No. 593844

Idk, I wouldn't.

No. 593846

I wore a thong once. It was also the last time. So uncomfortable

No. 593849

You do get used to them, they can be kind of comfortable.

No. 593851

is it weird for a 20 year old to like e-boys? sometimes i feel so juvenile for having a crush on them since the rest of their fanbase is like 12, and they're obviously too into themselves which would turn me off if i saw them in real life.

No. 593868

Yeah if you wear a "normal" one. I wear seamless cotton ones when I don't want to show panty lines and they're super comfy. Fancy lingerie stuff is less comfy, but lingerie's usually like that.

No. 593871

What gender??????????

No. 593887

Does anyone remember the name of this one horror mobile game where we are kidnapped in a house with this man in a pig mask? We also find a little girl along the way in the house. I'd really like to play it again, I remember I used to love it.

No. 593898

Not really. Plenty of even older women like boybands which is kind of similar

No. 593903

Men are like 40 lusting over e girls your age and no one finds it odd. There’s nothing weird about being attracted to men your age.

No. 593905

Lol, the girl stealing was in reference to the “lifting” community on tumblr a few years back.

No. 593908

It's a charity

No. 593946

Why do you eat yogurt with spices or hot sauce, anon? Tell me, is the flavor that great? Isn’t eating yogurt with hot sauce counterproductive?

No. 593955

What's that white-ish particle on my eyes sometimes that moves with blinking? It's not liquid, and it goes away after a few times blinking. Is this a normal thing or is there something wrong with my eyes?

No. 593962

i swear i'm not a newfag (maybe i am, it's been 2 months) but what's the difference between /pt/ and /snow/? they both talk about cows and it feels like there is no common characteristic of lolcows that exist in "snowflakes" asopposed to "lolcow general". ex: why is onision not in snow? is it about being a long time cow?

No. 593967

What does it mean when guys I've met through dating apps constantly ask me for selfies?
I feel like they're trying to size up what I look like before meeting me in person, like trying to catch me when I'm working/sweating/without makeup but disguising it as "Let me see your pretty face :smile:" Fuck off, I find it so fucking annoying like if I wanted to send you a selfie I would I don't feel like taking special shit for you. If you're scared about what I look like then offer a video cam session where I can equally see how fucking horrifying yall look like before we meet too.

Am I right? Is that what it's all about? I'm about to tell them to get stuffed.

No. 593969

What do you mean? Post a photo of it

pt is just for the cows that produce the most milk. Snow and w are just for your run of the mill cows that aren't as entertaining as the ones in pt. Although imo some cows shouldn't be in pt.

Age doesn't really have much to do with whether or not a cow goes in pt. Lillee and Laur were basically instantly moved there when they were introduced here.

No. 593970

You've never had halal food with white and red sauce? Yogurt and hot sauce is a classic combo in Indian and Middle Eastern food, anon. I think you're probably assuming it's sweet yogurt.

No. 593971

It is, plus it's a foot in the door to start asking for nudes. Scrotes are disgusting, tell them to fuck off.

No. 593982

How do I tell if someone is a munchie by proxy? One of my cousins has a sick girl brain cancer but she milks it like most munchies…

No. 594003

1. They’re trying to see if you’re real. 2. Trying to see if you’re ugly. 3. Trying to bait you into nudes.

No. 594066

Why do people sexualize South Park characters? Or Rick and Morty? Or Osomatsu-san?
It seems so bizarre. They look like bean people or cardboard cut outs.

No. 594070

if her kid has multiple diagnosis's, lack of medical receipts, unsupported claims, etc. most munchies by proxy keep adding illnesses to their kids medical sheet once they see their clout dwindling.

but keep in mind sometimes parents of sick kids are annoying because lets be real having a kid with cancer is absolute hell for all parties involved. she might not have much time left with her kid and she might be dealing with it in her own way.

No. 594073

Likely they're people whose sexualities were formed around 2D media in some way.

No. 594217

How soon should I block a scrote if I met him on a dating site and he hasnt asked to meet up yet? I really dont feel like being some scrotes penpal

No. 594287

If a guy has bluish eyes, dark brown hair, dark facial hair, brown arm hair, and blonde hair on his knuckles, then what color would his chest hair, happy trail, and pubes probably be? Asking for science.

No. 594303

“Mom, why are still wearing a mask in your own house? Like wtf lol”

No. 594314

Would people here be interested on a thread for funny kinnie shenanigans?

I've seen a few anons bringing up a few interesting people, and actually pretty strange Carrds, in various threads, so I wondered if that should fit its own thread.

But I also began to doubt about it because I'm not sure how many people here would be into it (Besides, many of them are minors, as someone stated on the Twitter thread) so I wanted to know what do you think.

No. 594315

I need this in my life

No. 594320

Dark brown. Pubes are usually the darkest hair on the body. But everyone's different.

No. 594331

maybe try making one on /w/? I know I always get a good kek out of insane kinnies

No. 594335

File: 1596253785488.jpg (26.43 KB, 600x600, R7-UP-Type-1-Common-Control-Pa…)

How do germaphobes cope with going to the dentist?the idea of these dental tools that have been in other people's mouthes and then going to your mouth is disgusting to the least,does it trigger them?

No. 594342

How do you tell your parents that they raised all wrong and should have never had kids?

No. 594344

mass murder and a prison sentence. show, don't tell.

No. 594347

Should I always report scrotes?

No. 594358

autoclaves exist.

No. 594365

How many kids. Depending on how many of you there are you could form a militia and overpower the

No. 594366

they clean and steralize everything that gets touched so they don't get sued if someone catches something there, especially now adays, you're less likely to get germs at the dentist than eating a meal in your kitchen unless you have a dental assistant scrubbing everything down every 20 minutes

No. 594389

Even before coronavirus, dentistry was rated one of the most unhealthy jobs due in part to how much they are exposed to nasty people's mouths. They are far more likely to get sick from you than the reverse.

No. 594390

Are there any places to talk about/ask for advice re: grad school applications that aren't gradcafe or reddit?

No. 594391

How can I cool down my apartment without an a/c or a fan?

No. 594392

Without at least a fan or 2 it will be impossible to cool down your apartment significantly. If there's a breeze outside open your windows, even better if your apartment is laid out in such a way that you can facilitate a cross breeze, but this is way easier to do with a couple fans. If you have access to a freezer, having a bowl of ice near you might help you feel cooler (again this works better if you have a fan blowing the over the ice), and you can also freeze water bottles to put in bed so you aren't too hot to sleep or use ice packs. A cold shower will cool you off also. Try to block direct sunlight. But these are just things to make you more comfortable, your apartment is still gonna be hot and shitty. You should just invest in some box fans.

Source: live in Australia and rented a place with no aircon for awhile

No. 594393

ah, thank you anon, you're a lifesaver

No. 594425

On a first date, should one dress up, or focus on being comfortable?

No. 594430

Depends on the date, but I'm sure you can look nice and be comfortable.

No. 594466

File: 1596291786686.jpg (41.09 KB, 1200x630, what.jpg)

what does 'kin' mean? Is it just the tumblr variant of 'stan'?

No. 594467

It is someone who identifies with that character/person to the extent that it is their "pronoun". Utterly retarded.

No. 594477

It stands for Otherkin. It was a thing that people got laughed at and mocked for on places like Livejournal but for some reason were protected on Tumblr and so people unironically call themselves kin of shit like anime characters now. They also get mad at artists for the way they draw the characters they believe they are irl.

No. 594485

Does anyone actually like their job? Some people claim they do but I was wondering if anyone here likes their job and if so what is it?

No. 594490

im kek i thought it just meant a character they believe has the same qualities as them, or aspires to be more like that character. not that they believed they really were some written or drawn paper character.

i actually liked my last cafe job but i hated the boss plus most of my coworkers. i was doing 3/4 if not more of the work and our dress code was inane for our climate. since i did the bulk of the work i also had way more responsibility that i could get reprimanded for later. on the other hand if i didn't get the tasks completed they either wouldn't get done or done way later when the other coworker realized. too many good coworkers quit so all the bad ones who needed more reprimanding stayed.

No. 594494

Hi anon! I love my job, it’s at homecare/nursing. I knew as a kid that nursing has a lot of job opportunities and I enjoy healthcare. At my hospital and elderly home internship I hated living but now I don’t.

No. 594495

No. I immensely dislike my job but the pay is really good for paying off student loans, saving, etc. I'm in tech.

No. 594503

I know it's hard to predict things, but do you think the american economy will pick up and recover gradually?
I'm a eurofag but work with americans mostly and I really like $$$. I've noticed a little drop in sales so I hope it's not an ongoing trend.

No. 594519

What's the general consensus for the Millenial age cut off? Gen Z begins in 2000 roughly if I'm not mistaken. Would someone born in 95-97 be a Millenial or just an older Gen Z?

No. 594520

i see most people regard 96-99 as older gen z.

No. 594523

I'm '96 and I've seen my birthyear both classified as millenial and gen z, I'm not sure if there's a real general consensus.

No. 594525

It really depends, I've seen anything between 91 to 99 to say when the last millenials were born, but the most accepted years on average in many studies are between 95 and 97 from what I've personally read.

No. 594526

File: 1596302301640.jpg (67.44 KB, 624x968, girl.jpg)

How common/rare was it for girls aged 14-17 to go to girls boarding schools between 1895-1911?

Also, where could I find resources and information regarding the day-to-day life of a teenage girl during that time period would be like, what clothes they would wear, how they would interact with children their own age, and so on

No. 594531

Are you working on a novel anon?

No. 594532

My mother always deprecated my lack of interest in shopping and gossip. She would always compare me to her friends' daughters that were girly and liked such things, so my question would be how common is this type of being crazy about shopping, makeup, and gossip among women?
All of my friends were never too much into such things or I was just lucky to have been among tomboys.
Do other women really like going shopping with their mothers?
The image of mother and daughter going shopping together on regular basis is something I would only imagine to see in a movie.
I don't know why I even care, she was a terrible person but that always bugged me.

No. 594533

No. 594535

The thing is society makes shopping, gossip, and self grooming some vapid “female” things. People in general, including men, love buying shit, talking shit, and partaking in physical vanity.

No. 594540

>society makes shopping, gossip, and self grooming some vapid “female” things.

do you just not own a fucking tv?

No. 594541

But that doesn't make it any less despicable from my point of view, regardless who does it.
My brother does none of those things and he was never pressured into having to.
You can be a man and not be interested in any of that, and no one will care. I hate that some people, especially women, encourage that kind of behavior as if it's ok.

No. 594547

File: 1596304570279.jpeg (53.58 KB, 735x607, 56F7B9D2-A580-440E-8E08-C5251C…)

Is the lolcow discord server any good? feeling pretty lonely right now

No. 594554

Does anybody knows what I'm talking about when I say there's a tumblr feature regarding sideblogs (or not idk) that makes a little icon shows up next to the big one, usually the blog you're following? Does it happen when you reblog from the sideblog?

No. 594556

go to jstor, it has really great academic writings on topics like these.

No. 594560

no it's not automatic, you have to click an option in the sideblog settings to have it show.

No. 594561

>my lack of interest in gossip
>t. lolcow user

No. 594574

NTA but not all of us are active on /snow/ or /pt/. I think all of us also have different opinions on what constitutes "juicy" gossip. Most gossip I hear from people in every day life seems really petty to me. Like I really dgaf if some celebrity has a botched nose job, but if they're also potentially running an illegal sex ring I'm all ears.

No. 594578

There’s plenty of gossip in /ot/
See: every thread
I think your mom is just a cunt anon, I don’t think most women would give you shit for not wasting time online shopping or gossiping. Chiding you for not performing femininity is definitely a thing though.

No. 594616

Would it be weird to contact a person I've ghosted for a whole year?
I'm literally starved for human interaction and I need someone to talk to otherwise I'm going to go insane

No. 594619

Half retarded, half philosophical question: literally how does one change their personality?

No. 594622

What part of it do you want to change?

No. 594623

Yes. It's weird. Especially if you ghosted them in the first place. People don't like it when you disappear and then randomly show up out of nowhere. It is disrespectful and selfish.

No. 594625

Almost everything, lmao. I'm a shy, socially avoidant, lazy person and I want to become a high-achieving, successful, social butterfly. Which probably sounds ridiculous

No. 594629

Why do people do that ugly clipped eyebrow? The fuck does it mean

No. 594631

thank you ,anon. I haven't used this site before and I was wondering whether or not I filter the sources to a specific region/location, like a country or a city?

No. 594641

File: 1596313800136.jpeg (112.12 KB, 720x480, F3BD662B-AE40-4A8C-91FE-D130C1…)

What are some “commoner” everyday dishes from your country?

No. 594646

File: 1596314305298.jpeg (53.28 KB, 290x434, C61D8151-31D2-48F4-82E2-31FBFB…)

No. 594649

File: 1596314493563.jpeg (116.24 KB, 1200x900, C4A986F8-4CBA-4BBA-B378-0A8819…)

Pinnacle of poorfag cuisine :/

No. 594653

File: 1596314617908.jpg (32.98 KB, 622x247, jklsdajf;kla.jpg)

No. 594654

What are those anon?

No. 594655

What's that dish, anon? It looks delicious

No. 594656

File: 1596314732657.jpeg (123.06 KB, 600x900, CBF2BCD8-EF51-466F-BF98-5B44CC…)

No. 594659

chocolate sprinkles ("hagelslag") on a slice of bread for breakfast or lunch

these look pretty tasty

No. 594660

I thought those were worms at first lmao

No. 594663

File: 1596314994712.jpg (1.21 MB, 2448x2448, img_9421.jpg)

Something like this I couldn't find a better picture lol. It's just green chili and pork pieces. Either that or the usual, tacos, tortas, rice, refried beans, etc

No. 594664

File: 1596315118423.jpg (626.01 KB, 3264x2448, 6e06a3cbb9320f5de4e81d5f4782bb…)


choco rats poopies 10/10 would


nta but i think it's bitter melon soup, popular asian dish

No. 594666

File: 1596315351808.jpg (404 KB, 1308x866, cabbagerolls.jpg)

No. 594668

Do vegan/vegetarians consider it ethical to eat eggs as long as the chicken isn't forced to lay them? Like if someone has a pet chicken and they just start dropping eggs on their own, would it be considered ok to consume them.

sorry if this sounds stupid btw. idk if chickens really produce eggs on their own. just curious

No. 594669

These look artisanal af like they’d sell it at Whole Foods for $20 lol I’m hungry

No. 594673

File: 1596315847568.jpg (273.6 KB, 960x720, original.jpg)

I've read before that no, eating eggs is not okay because supposedly they need to eat their own eggs to take back in the protein, so taking the eggs would be bad for their health. But I've had pet chickens while growing up and eggs we didn't take would be left rotting sooo, idk how true that is. (And yes, chickens produce eggs on their own, even when there's no rooster around)

Chickens are super chill pets and fresh eggs are the best, when I get my own house with a garden I'm 100% getting pet chickens

No. 594677

File: 1596316216930.jpg (200.09 KB, 1242x930, 93282613_1457506564422070_7139…)

Are u Viet anons? lmao

No. 594678

Thank you anon! I guess i never really considered how much nutrients making eggs must suck out of them, but maybe chickens can take supplements to replace them.

The chickens in that photo are beautiful. And they can make eggs by themselves? Magic. I would love to have one.

No. 594684

As far as I know birds only do that if they need calcium and it's the shells not the entire egg.

No. 594702

Yes hello v(´ω`)v
I fuckin love that purp anon

No. 594708

File: 1596319014782.jpg (5.99 KB, 250x250, tumblr_pi3m09hdaC1ur3qh4_540.j…)

anyone else stay up till 5 am reading shoujo manga and spend the entire next day feeling like they're gonna die at any second

No. 594712



Every single time, I am told that we don´t have to wake up early in the morning but suddendly work to do appears out of nowhere.

No. 594714

what font does lc use?

No. 594717

Called out.
Not shoujo manga though, but w anything you could ever think of.

No. 594721

yes except for me it's seinen and josei. I cant stop binge reading even though it's fucking up my circadian rhythm

No. 594723

Same for me but with BL. What shojo manga have you been reading? It's been a while since I read anything that's not a one-shot.

No. 594739

Fake it till you make it, babyy

>clean your space every day

>make shit ton of lists
>get a serving or kitschy retail job
>find free/low-cost courses online

No. 594757

I've been hearing things about asherahsgarden being a dangerous site to visit and that it has viruses and shit. Is this true or is it just fearmongering?

No. 594764

idk, I mostly use sites on my phone with an adblocker. as long as you have a thorough adblocker and maybe a script blocker on your pc you should be okay for the most part

No. 594765

never was into BL too much, but i can see the appeal as a shoujo fan. my favorite ongoing shoujo right now would probs be Tsuki no Oki ni Mesu mama, but most of my top reads right now are actually in korean and japanese webtoon format and often are straight up isekai. things like sincerely i became the dukes maid, beware of the villainess, adonis, bring the love, why are you doing this duke, nun making church food…the list is endless and i eat that shit up. we are truly in the age of webtoon royalty my friend

No. 594819

It's fearmongering. You can get the browser add-ons uMatrix and/or Decentraleyes to see what scripts a site is running, and scan a site itself through VirusTotal by entering the URL.

No. 594878

This looks delicious, how it's called?

No. 594883

ntayrt but it's italian wedding soup

No. 594901

File: 1596338061780.jpg (186.8 KB, 895x1200, x0ugqt4bzji21.jpg)


Please drop some romance titles. i've been out of the loop with those genres for awhile! fuck me up anons

No. 594905

How do I find new friends as an adult?

No. 594934

File: 1596341022839.jpg (17.32 KB, 206x423, 98920526_2708791642580176_2915…)

girl im here for you!
i listed some above in my other comment >>594765

but if you want more i can recommend:
Taishou Otome Otogibanashi
Katayoku no Labyrinth
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
Akatsuki no Yona
Umarekawatte mo mata, Watashi to Kekkon shite kuremasu ka?
Futari Ashitamo Sorenarini
Toshokan Sensou - Love & War
As You Wish, Prince
I Love You, Miki!
The Villain's Savior
Kamisama Hajimemashita
Takasugi's Tiny Delinquent Hero
Is It Wrong to Get Done by a Girl?
Emperor and the Female Knight
The Senior and Junior Broke up Three Months Ago
A Bouquet for an Ugly Girl
Mikansei Demo Koi ga Ii
Give Me a Flower, and I'll Give You All of Me
Miageru to Kimi wa
I'm a Villainous Daughter, so I'm going to keep the Last Boss

No. 594936

Try out new hobbies that requires you to go out and socialize with people, you might find some friends.

No. 594941


a fucking legend! i'm about to live this post >>594708 anon thanks

No. 594966

What are some books that changed your lives?

No. 594982

Is there a good place to make a "blog post" like we don't want in the cow threads? Would it be okay to post in dumbass shit or vents?

No. 594983

1984 by George Orwell
Woman at the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy
Unfuck Your Habitat by Rachel Hoffman

No. 594984

Anyone remembers that punk-ish looking camgirl named Sheena? Pretty sure she was Canadian and mentioned in one of the snow threads? I don't really remember any other details about her. Anyone knows what happened with her?

No. 594988

this is gonna sound stupid, but dreams 1-2-3 by j.m. debord

No. 594989

Unironically Catcher in the Rye

No. 594991

Do you think Ikea is aware of how good their products smell so they ramp up the smell so it attracts customers who aren't looking to buy anything in particular but the smell is so good they can't resit coming into the store and end up looking around and purchasing something anyway?

No. 594993

huh????? Their products smell good? Are you talking about food? Nothing smells like anything when I go.

No. 595009

I don't know about Ikea specifically, but bussinesses in general use absolutely everything, sight, smell, hearing, touch, many things you don't even conciously know/think about, to entice you to buy their products. Like the way you get blasted with cold air when you enter a clothing store or even the way mac donalds fries melt on your tongue is specificially designed and backed by science to get you to purchase more.

No. 595030

I'm looking for a free pdf of a book but I can't find it on irc channels or vk.com, where else could I look?

No. 595038

Try Soulseek.

It was originally made for sharing music, but I mostly use it for books. People have been sharing all sorts of stuff, and I can usually find books there that I wasn't able to anywhere else.

No. 595053

The internet archive. People started uploading a crazy amount of books and videos on there to the point where publishers are trying to get the site shut down

No. 595094

Why do some dudes insist they're straight when they're clearly not? This dude I knew watched tons of troon pornstars and always said he is not gay. Whatever. Once I showed him a pic of a very nonpassing troon, he really just looked like an uggo dude with long hair and women's lingerie and asked him if he'd hit it and he was like 'sure if she has a good personality' and STILL insisted he wasn't gay/bi. Insane. He was totally fine with gay people too, so like… why? He wasn't even the 'woke' and pc kind.

No. 595096

I’ve met dudes who like being fucked in the ass and have even fucked dudes claiming they’re not gay/bisexual.

No. 595135

Anon there's this thing called "homophobia", don't know if you've heard about it. It can be both external and internal and make the individual insecure af

No. 595146

File: 1596382583664.png (314 KB, 924x784, uh.png)

What are these strips of rubber attached on the bottom of my laptop called?

No. 595163

I think they're just called rubber feet, or maybe bumpers.

No. 595165

Bottom case/cover rubber foot strip or variations thereof

No. 595178

thanks anons!

No. 595210

What's a relationship supposed to feel like? Are they always so complicated? Am I right to be disappointed that my boyfriend and I can't seem to be able to communicate smoothly? Am I expecting too much?

No. 595227

The good times should greatly outnumber the bad times. My mistake has always been that I stayed put in shitty relationships where the fights and drama outweighed any of the positives

No. 595252

expecting normal communication is not expecting too much anon

No. 595258

File: 1596389854894.jpeg (83.16 KB, 1143x555, 70F04343-9320-450A-8D8F-E82054…)

Is this supposed to be a private site like DuckDuckGo or Tor?

I watch this Asian dude on YouTube and he always opens up this browser before going to normie sites

No. 595259

That's the Google Chrome incognito mode.

No. 595262

Simone de Beauvoir - The Second Sex

No. 595267

Isn’t Google altogether pointless if you want privacy though?

Edit: fixing grammatical errors

No. 595274

not if you use degoogled chromium

No. 595275

when people are koreaboos or weeboos, they always get called out. everyone thinks theyre cringe for consuming only koreas/japanese media. why doesnt it happen with american media though? so many non-americans in my country only watch american shows/listen to english music but nobody calls them america-boos (or whatever the hell the name would be)?
also so many people try to fake an american accent when they speak english, how is that not more crigne than weeboos?

No. 595278

i know this is probably bait but american media is literally everywhere in the world. also wtf is an "american accent"? there are tons of accents in america. people who learn english from american teachers will no doubt sound similar.

No. 595285

it porbably sounds like bait because i couldnt word it properly. what i mean is that a lot of people around me act like everything our country produces (music, tv shows, even literature) is "cringe" while being up western media's ass. they overvalue the dumbest shows (like glee and friends) and it seems like it's because it's american.
also about the accent thing, sure, you'll copy american accent since you learn from americans. but if you're not native, you know that some people overdo it. idk how to explain it since it's about hearing.
also they seem to care more about amerian politics compared to our own. like they sperg about BLM even though black people make up like 0.01% of the population here and we never had race issues with them. but they never bring up the race issue we have.

No. 595295

Whats all the hype around friends and the office? I've watched clips from both and neither seem as great as people make it seem. Friends is a sitcom with boring jokes, and The office tries a little too hard imo steve carrell is still hot tho. I dont get it

No. 595296

>they seem to care more about amerian politics compared to our own. like they sperg about BLM even though black people make up like 0.01% of the population here and we never had race issues with them. but they never bring up the race issue we have.
This happens in my country too, I cringe so bad. I've seen some random shop put up a giant BLM sign on their storefront even though USA's problems are completely irrelevant to us. A friend noticed the same, how random people on the streets screamed at her 'go back to China' and yet nobody cares about our own issues with racism, instead everyone is parroting ~black lives matter uwu~. I hate how USA doesn't give a fuck about what's going on the world (unless it benefits it) yet everyone around is so obsessed with your retarded social politics. Fix your own goddamn mess. I don't give a fuck about your racial issues.

No. 595308

Can’t vouch for Friends because I’ve only seen a few episodes, but The Office is one of my favorite shows. It’s a fun show to watch if you need something to laugh at, the humor isn’t for everyone but I think it’s worth giving a try at least, especially if you like Steve Carrell.

No. 595351

No. 595358

I understand you.
sounds like something from here too.

No. 595368

fucking same. It's like they spread the cancer everywhere. The thing is, when the BLM started in my tiny country with pretty much less than 0.5% people being black or without any history related to slave trade, we had americans organizing it with the help of some university. The interviewers went to talk to the protestors or whatever they called themselves, and none of the 10~ black people there spoke the language so everyone had to switch to english. It was so ridiculous but I'm glad that people dismiss it because we're currently going through far more important issues and caring about BLM is extremely separated from the reality in which most people live.

No. 595395

I think it's just because they're both fairly enjoyable, easy to watch shows with plotlines or characters that a lot of people can relate to. I don't think they're groundbreaking or anything, but I like to watch both whenever I have a little time to kill but don't really wanna get heavily invested or think too much. That might make me sound dumb but idk I think there's a place for those kinds of shows

No. 595410

File: 1596403078116.jpg (147.42 KB, 800x500, web_front_large.jpg)

I live in Germany and if we'd go by the same standard as for weebs then close everybody here is an americaboo.
Two girls from my class wanted to move there so badly that they married an American right after finishing high school and I even know a woman who got herself knocked up by a american soldier (who then left), bitches are still acting like it's 1945 and America the paradise on earth. The amount of english words young people use is insane and like you said, all kind of local media is considered old fashioned and lame and most young artists here just straight up copy everything american, choose english names etc. But not just teens, most people under 70. There are so many boomers who buy gigantic cars, wear cowboy hats and boots, America simply really is still the "dream" for many.
I feel like because it has been decades since American media, American products, food etc has been marketed as modern and better, everybody is simply brainwashed. Ironically though most shit on Americans when it comes to politics but when faced with actual Americans so many turn giddy, wanting to talk with them, trying their best to speak english, absolutely retarded. Pic related, even American theme parks exist (with native americans and confederate flags as decoration…)
And about that BLM thing, the discussion about dreads, renaming things, cultural appropriation and so on is everywhere (while the average normie can't even fathom why stuff is suddenly bad or no longer allowed) and even local news are starting to use terms like POC - not the german translation, just literally "people of color" - how do you expect to teach old people to stop saying the n-word by jumping right to wanting them to use some english words instead?

No. 595422

Same here, I find it extremely ironic that rich people and local celebrities post about BLM bullshit when my country has a massive problem with colourism that nobody is addressing to nearly the same extent. A local brand of skin whitening cream (Fair & Lovely) even changed their name to not be so "offensive" anymore just because of BLM when this has been an issue for decades. Not even going to mention rampant sexism, femicide, rape and other less hip kinds of discrimination.

We also have a massive inferiority complex against the West but instead of trying to promote our own culture and good values (protecting the community by wearing masks instead of being retarded gun-toting anti-maskers, for one) people will try to ape Americans which just ends up looking incredibly cringe if you're even a little familiar with the local culture.

No. 595424

Because american media is everywhere duh. You have to actively seek out japanese media (even more so than korean) to become a weeb while most of the movies and series on display are american by default.

No. 595428

Does sexual drive for masturbation translate into sex and being in a relationship? I need to masturbate multiple times in one day and have multiple orgasms, and I'm wondering if that would be the case for sex with a partner (I'm a virgin if that wasn't obvious)

No. 595431

nta I find weeb/kboo autism more obnoxious plus they sure love acting like they're special for being into "exotic" media

No. 595435

File: 1596406682937.jpg (284.92 KB, 960x1440, IMG_9751.JPG)

I sorta want to watch/read deadly class but should start with the live action series or the comic? Also, where can I view the deadly class comic online for free ?

No. 595436

I’m trying to make tofu. After I soaked the soybeans, how do I remove the shells quickly? A bitch feels like Cinderella rn

No. 595439

Agreed, they're not being made fun of for being interested in the culture but for having a pillowcase with a anime character on it or screaming oppa to native korean ppl

No. 595440

put them all in a clean towel or paper towel (preferably towel) and start rubbing the towel together.

No. 595443

Maybe you can remove them like chickpeas? Sorry if this isn't helpful, never cooked soybeans before

No. 595527

Is there a way to learn how to like intimacy and how to feel comfortable opening up to people? Like, how to learn to be with someone on a deeper level and fix my fear of intimacy?

It makes me feel so broken.

No. 595530

Years of loose stuff have left me with an amazing gag reflex… but tonight I learned that no matter how hard I try I am unable to make myself throw up… I ate way too much… I need to purge… but I cant.. because my throat is used to taking massive things. I had my fingers down there for almost 5 minutes, there are marks in my hand from digging into my teeth, and all that happened was I gagged a little.

Anyone else have this problem?

No. 595581

How do I stop getting way too attached to people I barely know? How do I begin living without needing people who only hurt me? I want to be emotionally self sufficient.

No. 595582

I would start with the comics. I tried getting into the series but it ended up playing out like a CW show where the girl is crushed on by every male ever and there's literal "who do u liek??" drama from the second episode on. Main guy is also an cringy edgelord who gets his ass handed to him constantly. If you want a dark teen show, I'd watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina instead.

I'm sure Deadly Class is good since it was popular before the show, but I don't think it translates well on tv at all.
>it was cancelled in June anyway kek

No. 595598

File: 1596429220218.jpg (21.62 KB, 540x328, sleep cat.jpg)


being vulnerable with others is really hard but its the foundation of strong friendships and a lot of meaning in life. i would start with just practicing sharing little things about you and your life experiences with other people - either online or irl.

ask people about themselves, relate to things they share as a way to practice sharing about yourself. (note: not as much if someone is distressed and just wanting to vent /focus on themselves in the convo).

Besides practice, you need to learn to accept the things about you that you are afraid for people to know about (i.e., reducing shame). Doesn't mean that you necessarily need to tell someone your deep, dark secrets, but you yourself need to accept these aspects of yourself.

No. 595616

How old is too old to major in vocal performance/music?

Ever since I transferred to uni and joined a choir, my passion for singing has been awakened after a long dormant slumber..

I will turn 29 next Sunday but I still want to live my childhood dream and perform solo to a wide audience in concerts.

I plan to double major and get a minor so I don’t become a “starving artist” but still, is it too late for me?

No. 595620

i was prepping for pro music and took voice lessons starting age 10 until end of hs. didn't end up getting to go to uni. it might be really hard but you can try if you want. my advice is try on youtube or something first.

No. 595625

Is there a trick for getting nail polish to look completely even on your nails? When I do them, they always have bumps in them and look uneven

No. 595626

I'd say go for it. I'd also advice trying on Youtube first, to get feedback and gather an audience

No. 595629

Is Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People still relevant today? Is it worth reading?

No. 595632

Why are so many swedish women bright orange?

No. 595641

Will trans women still go bald even if they take estrogen? Genuinely wondering

No. 595646

lmao what

No. 595649

I read "milk and honey" by Rupi Kaur and it was kinda shit. Not into poetry at all but it was so tumblr-esque and basic. Anyone got good recs on poems about heartbreak/femininity?

It teaches you exactly how to kiss everyone's ass so they like you.

Act interested in them, smile, use their name, relate everything in their interests and ask questions about them. Don't argue or criticise, look at it from their viewpoint, let them take credit for your ideas.

Having it all laid out did make me a lot of friends when applied, it worked surprisigly well. But with basically treating them like they're gods gift you're left open to exploitation. The idea of tailoring your personality to serve others so they validate you also doesn't sit right.

No. 595664

>use their name

Don’t do this too much though, especially if you speak a language where it is not a common thing to adress the other person by first name in 1-on-1 conversations, because it can sound really forced.

Also. I have been on a few dates with guys who worked in sales and I could clearly tell they were using those sorts of techniques to win me over and it was pretty cringe at times. That shit will probably work on very self important or somewhat slow insecure people though.

No. 595667

Thoughts on this videos anon?

Definitely not the most graceful way to talk to locals. I don't think anyone has business visiting these villages unless they have a good grasp on indigenous languages and/or Spanish.

No. 595670

That fake tan Glow

I will punch a person out of sheer shock if they use my name more than once a day unless we're buddies, that's somehow very intimate haha

No. 595673

Lithuanian anons - how decent are litho guys, in general?

Damn, usually I didn't mind Ben's approach to talking to locals in Russia since he had a good command on the language, but he's really testing his fluency here and clearly irritating the locals, as well as being condescending (which I haven't seen in his Eastern Europe videos). I had a feeling he was a cunt in some way or another, so this doesn't surprise me much.

No. 595678

Try different brands anon, sounds like a formula issue rather than an application issue. Catrice nail polish is fairly decent for its price if it’s available where you live. I usually apply two layers.

No. 595685

File: 1596450523199.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20200803_121401.jpg)

I got this top at the thrift store and I hate the buttons, I couldn't find any buttons I like so I decided to paint on them, but I can't decide: should I paint cherries or cat, dog and bunny faces and a pawprint?
Please vote. Also I know it looks cheap you don't have to tell me.

No. 595692

super cute top anon! Painting a cat or pawprints would make it look wonky and cheap in my opinion. It looks classier with these buttons.

No. 595700

why can't iopen up to people that are close to me but tell all my problems to barely-friends?
a not so close friend i had constantly asked me why i wasn't wearing shorts although it's extremely hot. if a close friend asked me, i would just make up a lie but with this one i kept saying "i don't want to". and after a while i just said i have self harm scars, out of nowhere. even showed him a picture after he asked.
i wish i would stop oversharing with these people and let my friends know my issues.

No. 595707

Why do people respond to already answered questions with the same answer hours later and the wording only slightly changed but nothing new added? Seriously, why?

No. 595714

Thanks; I bought the top because it reminded me of Larme magazine, and cherry details and such are popular in it, but when I think about it, it would look too childish. I'm just going to put some nailpolish over them to make them shiny. Also I paid a dollar for it lmao

No. 595717

It's probably because the stakes are much lower with opening up to acquaintances vs. close friends. A friend of mine also had a very obvious self harm scar, but he lied to me for the longest time about how he got it. And when I learned that he told the truth about the scar to a new friend of his, I got really mad that he'd lie to me but tell the other girl the truth. He explained to me that he was worried about how I'd react to the truth and if I'd stop being his friend, but he didn't have the same worry about the other girl because he wasn't as close to her

No. 595722

Seconding the other anon in that painting on them would probably look bad. If you can get into the top without undoing the buttons why don't you remove them entirely and sew it shut? Or would that look too weird?

No. 595726

Is it weird that I don't know anyone who's had a personality disorder, is a self-harmer, or someone with an eating disorder (at the time?) Seems like anons know tons of these people at once. Is it a sign I don't get out enough? How do people know that others have personality disorders to begin with?

No. 595731

File: 1596460524516.jpg (315.16 KB, 800x1155, deepa.jpg)

How do I do about seasonal color analysis if I'm neutral toned, and not particularly warm or cool toned. I think I'm close to deep autumn ( I have very dark brown hair and eyes and light brown/olive skin since I'm an Arab), should I just dress using both palettes?

No. 595733

Not everyone who does self harms or has a personality/eating disorder is super obvious about it. Also might be because you just don’t attract those types of people. As someone who has issues with all of those, unless I get really close with someone or have an instant connection, I sure as fuck won’t reveal that shit to anyone.

No. 595734

Anons, would you date a person who is still good friends with his/her ex?

No. 595737

Yes. I trust my partner that they are not cheating. I'm not particularly the jealous type either.

No. 595738

No, but I also have terrible trust issues to the point where I assume everyone who has ever liked me just pretended to so they could secretly make fun of me.

No. 595739

File: 1596462288435.gif (2.75 MB, 500x240, tumblr_oqffzpYqU01vorf3wo1_500…)

Who is this and where is this frooooom anons?

No. 595742

Tom Ellis in Lucifer

No. 595743

thank you! kisses to you

No. 595772

No. But that’s only because of my own negative experiences with my ex (who was previously my guy friend). He had a habit of keeping a harem of female friends and exes around, so that if whoever he was seeing failed his expectations, then he’d have a buffet of rebounds to choose from. He was also still in love with his favorite ex and constantly reminded me that she was really the one, and we were in an LDR so whenever he’d visit our hometown he’d also set time aside to hang out with her one on one.

No. 595802

What's the difference between American and Canadian accent? I'm a eurofag and they sound the same to me

No. 595805

Listen to the way canadians pronounce o's for example. T. Another eurofag

No. 595807

American here, I think Canadian accents are kinda like a VERY subtle Midwestern American accents.

To be honest tho, it's not a big difference between Canadian and American accents. The main difference is in their vocabulary imo. I wouldn't know if someone is Canadian unless they told me.

No. 595808

Samefag but vid related shows a strong Upper-Midwest accent for reference of what they sound like.

No. 595836

Appreciate the advice, anon! I’m usual