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No. 573506

Let your stupidity run wild by asking stupid questions in this thread.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/563330

No. 573507

to reply to anon in the previous thread:
it's also illegal to not separate burnable and non-burnable trash in japan, but it's not enforced that much. especially not in big cities. i think fat people are just fat without having to pay fines, lmao.

No. 573513

my stupid question for this thread:
how do i link another post from another thread in this one i'm not a newfag pls i am just stupid

No. 573516

Tap the post like you’re going to reply to it and copy/paste the arrows and numbers. Or type them out. If it’s from another board you need three arrows and the board initial.

No. 573518

What should I do if I am surrounded by people I hate and are forced to listen to their conversations

No. 573521

Try to dissociate i guess

No. 573532

What does meth feel like? Or heroin? Every testimony I read is either like a medical journal or like a whiny Nirvana fanfic and I want an honest portrayal!

No. 573533

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCacn-Cy4KtIm-dl0iuLHAUA/videos this guy describes it well i think. + he has guests who were addicted to meth/heroin etc

No. 573535

File: 1592836337205.jpg (100.99 KB, 731x1000, 1391201844843.jpg)

Does anyone else have a permanent retainer? I got one behind my bottom teeth and one side snapped off. The local dentist quoted $120 to glue it back on.. I'm poor as fuck right now. Anyway it's been more than ten years since they installed the retainer, so I'm wondering about what I should do. Take it off, get a removable retainer from the internet, get it bonded back??

No. 573536

Why is the Last of Us 2 so controversial?
What's the deal?

No. 573537

I was told that the only reason I don't need a top retainer is because my bottom retainer is maintaining my bite, causing my top teeth to remain straight for almost 16 years now. If it was suddenly removed I was told that my teeth would move and they can't predict accurately how or how quickly. If I were in your position I would save it and have it reattached as soon as I could safely afford it, but I wouldn't worry about needing to do it ASAP. Maybe use the time you're saving up to get a few more quotes, especially from universities that offer student dentists at a discount. I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you!

No. 573538

I figured due to the trans character

No. 573540

I didn't think about universities! Thank you so much for your advice.

No. 573541

Embarrassed to ask this but does your frame matter when it comes to sex? I'm tiny and honestly scared of big dicks

No. 573545

My eye doctor literally bullied me today kek. I told him I can't help but blink uncontrollably when walking in the rain and he was literally just like "I think you're just….special"

Ok doc just tell me what my copay is so I can go and drive off the freeway and end this suffering.

This is a long shot but does anyone else do this?

No. 573549

I'm tiny and big dicks fit me fine– but like with most women they need to be careful not to hurt you. You're probably going to have more trouble with positioning; say goodbye to easy doggystyle standing up.

No. 573580

I haven't played anything from the franchise but from what I gathered the new game shits on everything that made the first game so popular, the story is stupid as fuck in general and the gameplay isn't enough to justify any of this. If any anons who are more familiar with The Last of Us want to add more things then go ahead.

No. 573582

I'm guessing bc they killed off Joel in the first few hours. Also the lesbian stuff.

No. 573584

What are anons favorite mascara? I can never get it to work for me lol. No matter what mascara I buy or how little of it I try to put on (while still trying to get the effect), it always gives me spider lashes. Am I just using shitty mascara?

No. 573588

How do you deal with someone who tries to make conversation with you but you don't really want to talk to them? We work at the same company and he makes conversation over Slack but I have no interest in talking to him. I just answer enough to be polite but am too shy/polite to tell him to stop talking. What do?

No. 573591

why is a brain fart called a brain fart?

No. 573593

cuz brain go brr

No. 573594

Try curling your lashes first. Use a mascara with a more "comb" style brush (as opposed to a spoolie), since it will separate your lashes more.

No. 573595

If you've already tried wiping off the excess product on the rim of the mascara tube and you still have spidery lashes, you could try taking a ziploc bag and kind of squishing 90% of the mascara off the brush while pulling the brush out. It's hard to describe but it works for me.

I use l'oreal double extend mascara, it's a tubing mascara that doesn't burn my eyes when I remove it like regular mascaras do, but it still gives me spidery lashes if I don't do the ziploc bag trick.

If you wipe most of the mascara off the brush then you will get a more natural effect, though.

No. 573598

Honestly has nothing to do with "lesbian stuff" it was just rife with bad writing and had a bad ending too.

Also men didn't think Abby was hot so that definitely played a part in the review bombing because there was a sex scene that was dumb.

No. 573600

I privately confronted someone recently who sexually assaulted me years ago. Long story short but they’re now in a reasonable sized band which it’s recently been revealed they joined to replace someone who was kicked out for dodgy sexual stuff - so do I tell the band about my experience with this new person or leave it?

No. 573602

. how did they respond to your confrontation? What would be your goal behind telling his band? (No matter what the goal is you have the right to tell them at the end of the day). Are you telling them because they're a big enough band that it might come out through other victims and you want to prevent them from dealing with that publicity, or do you want them to kick him out?

No. 573603

tell them maybe? there's also the possibility that they only did it because of the backlash, or that you might be harassed by your abuser.

No. 573613

From experience, just don't respond. If they ask you in public, just be like, "oh I forgot" or "I'm busy."

No. 573618


Second this. Don’t respond, be calm if he starts whining, continue on with your work. He needs to respect you.

No. 573635


I don’t know what my end goal would be in telling the band. I initially went to this person privately because I don’t want to cancel anyone or blow something up in a public sphere. They responded with what seemed like a sincere acknowledgement and apology, which was an initial relief, but I just have this awful lingering sense of responsibility, and can’t shake the feeling that if they were bold enough to assault me there’s likely other folks out there who they’ve abused, and they could still be doing it. I guess with their band having previously kicked out a perv I now view them as possible allies to keep an eye out for future transgressions…
It’s also complicated by the fact that the person in question identified as a cis dude at the time of the incident and is now a trans woman. I feel like that’s fuelling a lot of my apprehension about speaking out.

No. 573643

what's the difference between being the bigger person and just taking people's shit? i've always had to be the mature one but i feel like everybody's doormat

No. 573646

Thanks anons. Thankfully our company is 100% indefinite wfh so I don't have to see him.

No. 573647

Just base it off how you want to be treated. If they're crossing a boundary that makes you feel like utter shit, do not let them do it. If they're crossing a boundary that you don't feel strongly about you can "be the bigger person" and let them have that. Maturity isn't about thinking of people as toddlers therefore letting them do abusive shit. They are, in fact, not toddlers and can think for themselves quite well. Maturity is gonna be in how you handle the situation (calmly) and how well you can draw your boundaries.

A mature person does not let people walk all over them, don't do this to yourself!

No. 573648

is the band the world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die?

No. 573652


No, it’s not. Did they kick someone out for being dodgy? Hard to keep track nowadays tbh.

No. 573658

they kicked out an abusive transwoman lmfao

No. 573664


Ah right, no this situation is that they kicked out a dude and replaced him with a trans woman, who assaulted me years ago when she/they identified as a cis dude and weren’t in the band.
It’s part of the reason I hadn’t acted on it sooner - I’d searched for them a couple of times over the years under their old name and nothing came up. I’d largely repressed the memory of it until I stumbled across a photo of this band online recently, recognised the perpetrator and messaged them privately on their own account (they acknowledged my description of what had happened and apologised)… now more recently I learned the context of how they joined this band and wonder if I should disclose to the band too. It’s pretty convoluted, sorry. Overall I don’t want to do anything public because I’m anxious about it and I don’t want to cause a public pile-on / cancellation.

No. 573665

Is a 27 yo woman and a 38 yo guy having a relationship weird?

No. 573667

Off the bat, not really but depends on the situation, points of lives etc

No. 573670

they are big and vaccinated (I hope). Unless one or both of them are abusive there's nothing wrong with it in theory

No. 573671

No. 573673

File: 1592858863661.jpg (49.96 KB, 584x700, lidl.JPG)

Are Americans really that exited about having lidl in their country?


No. 573674

Bitch you know lidl has the best cheap shit, for once i don't blame them.

No. 573677


as a germanfag, I can say that I never go to lidl. Aldi is my fave cheap place to go or netto.

No. 573678

Urgh, spooked me cause I'm in that situation right now (28F, 37M). I don't see anything wrong with it, but do keep an eye out for red flags.

No. 573680

I'm just as annoyed by the smug Euros acting bewildered over this one (1) tiktok. Don't act like there's not tons of "omg my first time in Target/Whole Foods/Etc!!!" vlogs from Europeans and Australians on youtube

Also, the person who made that tiktok is probably some teen from bumfuck Kentucky who has never seen an Aldi or anything nicer or more exotic than a low-tier Walmart.

No. 573682

potentially, but i'm a manhating womanchild so you may want to take that with a pinch of salt.

american grocery stores sound like the ninth circle of hell, lidl is probably a nice change of pace. Who wouldn't get exited about pastries that cheap?

does aldi have instore bakeries in germany? lidl have better fresh produce where I live but I imagine that changes from country to country. Aldi is superior in every other way though.

I think it's pretty wholesome.

No. 573683

I have no idea what Lidl is but I where I live we do have Aldi and that pretty cheap.

No. 573687

Where do you find the best memes?

No. 573690

No but I don't see what's appealing in dating someone ten years older or more, they'll age faster than you

No. 573692

Isn't lidl super cheap lmao?

No. 573695

It's not 'weird' because every guy wants a younger woman and most girls pretend they like older men, but good luck in nother 10 years when he wants to upgrade to a new girl in her 20s.

Think twice about throwing your future self and other women his age under the bus, do you really want to be with a man who thinks you hit the wall at x age while he ages like fine wine?

No. 573704


>does aldi have instore bakeries in germany?

Yes and it's also better than the lidl ones imo

No. 573718

Every young woman who fucks older men just makes life harder for women as a whole.
It sucks that old men can freely date 18-30 year olds for as long as they want but womens dating life is supposed to end at 30 and you cant date younger.

No. 573721


I hear this but am glad I’ve managed to buck the curve so far. I dated usually at least a couple years older than me til my mid twenties - I’m early thirties now and have been dating my own age to mid twenties lately. Pandemic measures means no dating for the forseeable now tho so I’ll probably be too old to date down the other side of it lmao.

No. 573725

>Every young woman who fucks older men just makes life harder for women as a whole.
Agreed. The short sightedness is astounding, do they really think they're gonna be the exception when they're older? We can't stop men from preferring teenagers and considering 30 year olds post wall hags, all we can control is our own actions. And that means not dating old men, and not lying about them being attractive because that is a fucking cope and a half.

No. 573727

Dad shouldn't have left when I was a baby. Now I feel bad

No. 573729

Men truly go around thinking women like dad bods and "frosty hair" all because these idiots cant just get jobs and pay for their own shit or love the praise they get for being young but it doesnt click that..HELLO YOURE GOING TO AGE THEN WHAT WILL "DADDY" THINK?

No. 573755

File: 1592869964892.gif (743.8 KB, 500x345, BDD52548-3EF7-4938-AB82-600E70…)

Holy shit anons my mom just brought me like 4 gallons of milk. Apparently her church was handing them out…
I don’t drink milk (well except here). What can I use all this milk for before it all goes bad???

No. 573760

Drop them off at a gym

No. 573765

>Bake lots of cookies
>Attempt to make cheese
>Make milk based curries
>Freze it

No. 573766

What? Gyms allow milk donation?

No. 573772

How else do you think the gym bros keep their balls fat and nutty..

No. 573775

Give a few gallons to family or friends that are struggling financially or have kids? really anyone you know with kids since they'll probably use it with their cereal, coffee, baking, whatever.

No. 573816

This has probably been answered somewhere, but wtf happened to the Kpop threads? Did they get banned again or just naturally fizzled out?

I haven't been browsing lolcow much and just noticed it hasn't been the first thread I see when opening /m nowawdays.

No. 573850

Are VPNs even worth it to hide yourself while browsing the internet? I remember reading around about how sites don't care as much about your IP anymore, because they can also track from your cookies and computer info. What's the best way to safely browse the internet privately? TOR browser? Using a VM? A combination of all three?

No. 573851

I think they got banned, since I've seen anons here and there mention it.

No. 573852

There isn't one solution to it. Its a lifestyle.

No. 573867

Do most girls wear heels on a regular basis? I’ve been a shut in for years but after this whole covid thing is done with 100% I really wanna get out more. I’ve been pretty interested in fashion lately and I’ve been buying a lot of clothes online. The thing is I used to be insecure about being tall for pretty much ten years (since I got tall haha), I’m like 5’9.5 or 5’10, but I’m mostly over it now. I got a pair of cute heels awhile back and I just… don’t like them? I practiced walking in them a lot but I suck at it and they’re really just not comfortable or practical at all. But like I said I haven’t left the house for years and I’m not sure if they’re really something girls wear on a regular basis or if it’s just something they put on when they’re going to a formal event or something. I mean, tv and movies make it look like girls wear them all the time everyday every single place they go but tv is tv lol. I just don’t want people to see me and think “she’s wearing flats awww she must not like herself cause she’s tall”. I’m totally over that but I just don’t wanna give off the impression I’m not.

No. 573870

Platforms or wedges are more practical for everyday use, especially if you’re not used to heels. It just depends on the girl though wether it’s an everyday thing. Not all wear heels 24/7 some do because or work and some do for fashion. Just do whatevers comfortable for you.

No. 573872

Personally, I don’t wear heels. I own like 2 or 3 pairs and they’re super cute and really elevate whatever I’m wearing to the next level, but whenever I look at them, all I can think is “how long am I going to be walking? what if I slip and fuck up my ankle? should I bring an extra pair of shoes?” Too many risk factors. Why wear heels when I can wear flats that are equally flattering and I can wear them around town all day with no worry? I’ve only met one person in my life who wore heels every day at work, and this was when I was still working in retail!!! I never understood how she did it, and apparently lots of people would ask her why/how she could stand wearing heels everyday (ranged from 1-2 inch depending on the shoe, which isn’t much, but when you’re running around a store for 8+ hours…)

No. 573873

I almost never see girls in heels unless it's a night out. Flats are the norm, nobody would question a tall girl in them. If anything heels are way more attention grabbing.

I like small, chunky heels for daily wear though. I think they can be worn casually and they are often comfier than flat shoes, which can have really thin soles.

No. 573875

I like to wear heels because I’m a womanlet but it’s usually not so practical most of the time. I’m still in school, work as a server, and I have to rely on public transit and walking often. Plus I’m getting older and I definitely value comfort more than I did as a teen.

No. 573877

nope, and if you do decide to wear them often beware of foot problems! only women who it would make sense for is if you have an office job or aren't on your feet all day. If you want to be taller get platform shoes or sneakers!

No. 573902

god i used to wear heels allll the time when i lived in a pretty flat and even city (lots of stairs though) but the city i currently live in made me trip twice and almost trip countless times, plus i have a weak ankles apparently?
you might wanna stop overthinking how people will see you (they don't think that much about your shoes… hell they might like it better if you don't wear heels as a tall girl bc idk insecurity?). just make sure you're not walking constantly in potholes + have ankles that can take a bending.

No. 573914

Worn them three times and am nearly thirty. Bad for your feet and spine and can’t run well if you needed to in them.
My MIL wears them frequently cause she’s just scraping five feet tall and prefers being taller than the average child.

Promise you this anon, nobody at all is thinking as much about anything you wear as you think about it. Not ew she’s tall, not ew she’s in flats and hates her tallness, not ew look at this slob in sneakers and not ew look at this tart in stilettos. Find shoes that feel good and look good to you. Doesn’t matter how flat or high.

No. 573932

Always when I do not agree with a person/ challenge their views etc, I get afraid that they ghost me or no longer like me.

Is this a self esteem thing or something?

No. 573933

You’re allowed to have opinions. If someone immediately ghosts you cause of a minor disagreement or difference in values, count it as a blessing cause they’re a dickhead. Unless you were spouting off about pedos being acceptable or human, slave ownership as a positive, or rape being okay, which I’ll bet you don’t do.

No. 573945

have you had a similar experience before? it might be some kind of trauma response (even if you don't consider it to be "real" trauma).

No. 573947

File: 1592907317536.png (277.12 KB, 500x471, mercedes.png)

If I am cosplaying a tan character and I am very pale, should I just do it regardless of my skin color or should I use dark foundation? I don't want to come across as insensitive or be called out for blackface, the character isn't black though (I think she's supposed to be Spanish) but the people who call others out don't seem to care about this, they just care that you darkened your skin. I live in Europe and I have no online presence so I'm not scared of losing followers or anything, I just don't want people to think I'm a racist especially in light of recent events.
I could tan probably but the convention is in winter, so I might lose my tan and most of all I don't want to ruin my skin by tanning. What do you think I should do? I really like this character and I really want to make her costume.

No. 573950

Definitely don't do anything to make your skin darker with foundation, you'll be fine with the skin tone you have. Good luck anon!

No. 573954

What kind of visa (if I guess any) would an American need to marry a Belgian citizen and then reside in Belgium with them? yes I googled it but I am dumb and confused by the things I've read.

No. 573956

Just cosplay as her without changing your skin, there's nothing wrong with that

No. 573957

family visa

No. 573959

Thanks, I thought if I painted myself it would look weird anyway lmao

No. 573960

Bitching about muh blackface in cosplay is one of the most retarded trends that carried over from the 2010s and only because of that I advice you not to do it, anon, cosplay something else instead. A friend was similar, having no followers and a minimal social media presence and in an European country yet she still got shit for using bronzer from the American SJWs. I'm white/asian with a naturally tanned complex yet even I got called out for it because I had tanned over the summer. Especially now that BLM is a thing I strongly advice you not to do it just to save your ass from a public flogging.

No. 573973

why do some farmers call each other nonnie? is it some reference to a cow that i dont know?

No. 573980

It's a slang term for "anon". Anon -> Anonnie -> Nonnie. I can't really remember where it originated from but it's usually used in a mocking or playful sense.

No. 573982

ohhhhh that makes so much sense thanks

No. 573984

I swear it had something to do with the Aly threads (Italian anorexic Aly), making fun of her speech/wanting a term to call the users on the site? Could be mixing memories here. It sounds super dumb though

No. 573986

Ok, I’m not a newfag and I’ve been searching for an answer to this question since I landed here so I’m pretty embarrassed to ask but… what does /pt/ stand for?

No. 573987

If you don't know even this, you're not allowed to use the site. I swear this should be a bannable offense.

No. 573988

stop powertripping

it stands for pixy teri

No. 573989

How old are you, twelve?

No. 574020

Why do people look so much better in tiktoks? Every time I see a qt and go to their insta it almost looks like a different person. Is it filters, portrait style camera, just being in motion? All of the above??

No. 574028

I think it's looking better in motion. Pictures are always pretty uncanny to me.

No. 574037

Why does my cat like watching me poop?

No. 574060

Is it normal to be super horny for like 4 days straight? I’ve masturbated too and my body still won’t chill out ffs

No. 574070

/Laughs in hypomanic/

No. 574089

Could be ovulation, PMS or subconscious response to stress

No. 574091

Why do I cry everytime I try to put a finger or an object in my vagina? Not crying because of pain but because I feel like shit. I tried putting a finger today after half a year and I cried in the shower. I can cum from my clit just fine and dandy.

No. 574096

I think it is ovulation, anon. I do masturbathons on those days lol

No. 574099

Would anybody be interested in a YouTube recommendations thread? Not just random videos but whole channels you found and want to share.

No. 574108

if we dont have one already yeah, im always looking for vids to play while i work

No. 574115

I have never seen one only random video recs but that's not exacty what I mean. Hope that's not too similar

No. 574123

How do I tan if I’m super pale lol… if I sit in the sun I just get a burn that turns into a barely noticeable amount of coloring. I don’t plan to tan a lot since it’s bad for you but I always feel weird going out, being in the sun, coming back with no tan and everyone’s like “did you even go anywhere?”

No. 574133

It mostly depends if you tan red or tan brown. If you tan brown you'll have better luck. I feel like if you tan enough where your skin is less pale from before (not red) you'll start getting tanner from there it'll just take a long time to accumulate. If you only tan red, then I dont imagine you'll ever tan the way you want. Just based on me and friends experience.

No. 574134

Do women really get wet dreams? Like, where they cum? Why haven't I ever gotten one? I mean, I've had dreams where I have sex, do they count?

No. 574138

I only had one once when sex was withheld from me for a while and I don't even really remember when.

No. 574162

I've had a few but I've never cum from them lmao. I wake up super horny and frustrated and the only thing I can think about is getting off, but this is all while I'm still in a sleepy daze. The second I become more alert/awake, the urge to masturbate is gone.

No. 574167

I have a lot of wet dreams and it's awfull, you are really horny and want to masturbate but you can't masturbate and when you are awake you realize your qte blond bf isn't real and the horny is gone. I though it was common, i guess i am just a raging virgin.

No. 574170

I have woken up by myself coming so: yes bitch

No. 574172

I had a sexual dream recently and woke up horny as hell but didn't come. Sometimes I wake up dripping wet without having dreamed about sex. Weird.

No. 574173

I have them several times a year. Yes I cum. And the orgasm is even stronger than the ones I get from real sex or masturbation, despite the fact that nothing is touching me.
So funny you ask this because I actually had one two nights ago, where a guy was fucking me from behind, and it woke me up with my pussy pulsating so hard I thought it was going to prolapse.


No. 574176


Could be so intense from sleep apnea/cat sleeping on your face starving you of oxygen, David Carradine style.

No. 574184

I am a raging virgin as well but I never get them, at most they're suggestive. My brain won't let me have that even in dreams lmao

No. 574197

File: 1592948969414.png (217.55 KB, 482x389, 1531544746058.png)

Does anyone know why the fuck my smoke alarms in my new house are so sensitive?

I'm taking a bath with a scented candle and alarms go off in multiple rooms.

I just wanna fuckin relax

No. 574201

I have dreams where I cum every once in a while, especially if I haven't been able to have sex or masturbate. It's pretty nice to wake up to. Amazing how your body can react even when there's nothing physically stimulating you.

No. 574208

Oh shit, I have wet dreams like that too. I wake up cumming so hard it almost aches in a way?? The pulsating is intense.

No. 574209

File: 1592951667018.png (29.92 KB, 291x421, poor_man_3.png)

Anons have you ever dated a poor person before? How was it like? And to anons who didn't, what are your thoughts about it?

I think I'm starting to like a guy but he's pretty poor. He's educated and nice to talk to. Not gonna lie when we talk I feel like there's a gap that comes from our different backgrounds. Also it's crazy how sexually experienced he is while I'm still a virgin. I feel bad for thinking like this but it's not about receiving nice gifts or having nice dates I just don't want to struggle because of that in the future.

No. 574218

My bf grew up poor but is in college now and has decent career prospects. I don’t think I’d keep dating him if he didn’t want to go to college and was fine working a dead end job (eurofag obviously).

He’s got weird hangups about spending money sometimes but it’s ok cause we’re both broke anyway rn. (Just “student” broke, not “go to the foodbank” broke, that’s how he grew up.) I feel it’ll be weirder when we buy a house in the future. I don’t want kids so money is not super important.

His mom is super judgmental when I spend money on basically anything. Makes fun of name brand foods in the house, can’t believe we’d get appliances new instead of secondhand, that kind of stuff.

No. 574231

File: 1592954492339.jpg (6.82 KB, 269x187, download.jpg)

A few times

It became exhausting and very restricting because I enjoyed going out to eat once a week and wanted to go to events but my partner prohibited that cause I'd have to pay for all of it on a student income.

In the long run don't expect to go travelling overseas together or "be comfortable" with buying personal high priced items cause it might cause underlying guilt.

I felt like my life was easier when I started dating someone who was financially stable with a decent job.

Dating a poor person in the short term for life experience, Yes.
Settling down with? No.

No. 574239

>Anons have you ever dated a poor person before?
Multiple times when I was younger and dumber. The last straw being when I wasted a few years of my life trying to make things work with a lazy sponge during my mid 20s. Now in my late 20s, I realize I'm noticeably set back in both finding a decent partner who doesn't come with neuroses, and also financially because I have no savings from having been forced to live paycheck to paycheck because my partner could barely support himself. I have nothing to show for all the wonderful things I did for this unappreciative man.

>How was it like?

Oh, dreadful. Even if you're not materialistic, a poor man's mentality will drive you berserk if not depressed. You know how when poor women get with rich men, they're generally grateful and go out of their way to kiss their asses? Like make sure their men like them even if they cannot be financially equal? Well it's not so for poor men! They have weird inferiority complexes and your financial status makes them bitter because they feel entitled to what you worked hard to earn. They feel obligation that they should be able to provide for you, yet they are either incapable or don't want to. These men grow highly resentful as a consequence. They start wanting to control how you spend your money because they feel guilt and routine in not being able to spend any of theirs. If you are thoughtful and make plans or get them nice gifts for special occasions/'just because,' nine times out of ten they will never reciprocate that. Poor people in general are "grabby" and only the most self-aware learn how to genuinely share. I can't tell you the thousands of dollars I forked in an attempt to make my ex happy throughout the years, and yet I was expected to worship his feet for taking me out to a middling-expensive dinner on my birthday with no gift, no cake, and I had to always pick where–I was just supposed to be happy that he wasn't making me go dutch or cover him. I constantly had to hear him bitch about his money issues (which were all self-made but I was too soft to give him a dose of reality). He never wanted to improve, he just wanted someone else to come along, witness him, then give him good jobs like king shit because he was just himself. Which is super disgusting in hindsight because I worked my ass off and was only a couple of steps ahead of him. He just thought the world owed him something as a male from a rough background. My parents and I gave him multiple financial breaks so he could save to do the things he claimed he couldn't due to money (get a license, get a car, etc.) he'd always find a way to blow his savings on video games, booze, and junk.
One year my job was making me so sick from stress and anxiety so I reduced my hours. I caught him talking shit behind my back to his female friends on social media and them giving him advice that I needed to go get my ass medicated and back to work. Instead of questioning why he couldn't handle a rent payment alone. He also had a habit of exaggerating how hard and long he worked.
For the record: After we broke up of course I had a rebound relationship for a couple of months, but him? He shacked up as soon as he could with some older bitch from a bar down the way from where he worked. He took up the first female who would have him because he couldn't even live a year alone by himself. Which proves he was only with me because I let it continue and I was convenient, not because he truly loved or cared about me. On the night I had a breakdown because he once again was being a lazy ass after I came home from work to a wrecked apartment and him playing video games, he didn't even put up a fight to keep me or beg me to stay. He hung his head in silence, perhaps having the biggest 'oh shit' moment inside his head about where and who the fuck would have him now?
On the outside he was charming, a good friend to his mates, had a wonderful voice, and appeared 'educated' (he was a college dropout from my alma mater but my friends knew and endorsed him so I thought it was ok). Yet he was a terrible, selfish partner with no life ambition other than to let someone else hand him shit. The only positive thing I can say is that he didn't want to have kids–not because he hated kids because he was always willing to spoil his bitch sister's babies–but because they would've been an extra financial responsibility.
I took this asshole on a trip to Japan that I earned through my job, on an extremely limited budget btw, and he made me feel like shit the entire time about spending our pooled money EXCEPT when it came to shit he wanted to spend on. He wasn't willing to make my dream trip nice for me, talk about absolute hell although he keeps up a pretense that it was the best trip ever. Maybe for him, not for me. He didn't plan or research a god damn thing besides which famous bar he wanted to visit.

tl;dr Don't give a poor man a minute of your time, especially if he wouldn't fuck with you if you had nothing to offer.

Regarding your situation
>He's educated and nice to talk to.
It's nice that you can have conversations but relationships are more than just that. What are his future plans, and are they realistic?
>Not gonna lie when we talk I feel like there's a gap that comes from our different backgrounds.
It's real and not imaginary, this feeling will only get more uncomfortable.
>Also it's crazy how sexually experienced he is
Nah, fucking is free and poor people enjoy lots of sex for the fact. Trust me anon, he'll lose the ability to give you a good dicking by his 40s anyway.
>I just don't want to struggle because of that in the future.
Unless he mans up and gets better for you, you will struggle and then have the insult to injury of never being treated to nice dates or gifts.

Choose wisely. Better to cry in a suite in Paris than cry in a filthy hovel.

No. 574280

When do anons prefer to shower and why? I swear I'm not a scrote or some filthy animal, I just really can't figure out what the best time to shower is. Everyone in the family besides me showers twice a day (I'll only shower twice on particularly nasty summer days). I don't have really dry skin, but I don't think two showers a day is really that great. I flip between once a day, to once every other day (pls no bully for "eww stinky" because I, weirdly enough, found out that I just don't really stink because I'm missing some genes or some shit for some sweat glands)

-Morning showers: No risking going into work with crazy, uncontrollable bedhead since I can wash my hair in the morning, start off the day feeling fresh and clean. But then if I don't shower the night before I feel like I'm bringing in dirt/grime into my bed/can be time consuming on days I have to wash my hair/multiple people showering makes me risk being late to work.
-Evening showers: Can shower whenever and no time crunch, not bringing in dirt and grime into bed. But then I feel not the cleanest, especially since I'll eat dinner after having washed my face in the shower (feels weird to not wash my face if I'm already in there) and then I feel unclean after eating despite brushing my teeth before bed lmao. Also risking bedhead.
-Night showers: Same as some cons above, plus I risk going to bed late if I wash my hair. I try to avoid blowdrying my already shitty thin as fuck hair. I feel like I'm at my cleanest going to bed though lol.

I feel like such a fucking autist about this. When I worked retail my schedule constantly changed so I adjusted when I would shower based on my ever changing schedule, but now that I work an office job with regular hours, I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is the best time to shower… I guess showering twice a day would solve my bedhead/cleanliness feeling issues but I'm adverse to putting on lotion frequently because it makes my skin feel sticky and waxy.

No. 574283

I morning shower, personally. I can't stand greasy bed hair. Since I'm home err day now I do it once every other day. Don't shower twice a day, anon, that's weird and wasteful. Your skin would get so dried out from constantly stripping away natural oils.

>ew bed germs

That's why you laundry your sheets ~every week and wear pajamas.

No. 574286

Depends on the context.

I have no need to shower in the summer so much as I have central air and I don't get sweaty unless I'm spending an ungodly amount of time outside. Of course I shower then, but for the most part I'm inside either at the apartment, store, or work all day. I'm not an insanely sweaty person to begin with and I don't exercise often.
I clean my bedsheets once a week and do my laundry as well.

I shower about once every other day, usually in the evening unless I'm going someplace and want to look extra done up. I still wash my face twice a day, and fix up my roots with dry shampoo if they look a little greasy.
My hair quality improved when I showered less obsessively and gave myself Olaplex shampoo treatments. I don't heat tool my hair hardly ever unless I want it straight, my hair is very curly at the ends. I take a shower in the early evening so it can dry enough by bedtime, unless I go out of my way to blow dry. In the morning I just wet my hair at the ends and apply some curl cream, and again touch the roots with dry shampoo if they didn't hold up so well. Sometimes I use a little dab of perfumed oil in my hair.

No one's ever disparaged me about my appearance, they usually say I smell nice. Sometimes I'm naughty and don't shower for two or three days. No one has noticed my bullshit so far.

No. 574288

I start work at 7am and wake up as late as possible with the bare minimum of time to get ready, so I always shower at night if I've got work the next day. That way I've got plenty of time to shave, wash my hair etc and I like being clean and comfy when I'm lying around relaxing of an evening. I don't expect to be particularly close to anyone at work so I'm not that fussed if I'm not pristine around them or don't look amazing. Anything goes on weekends, I'll always shower right before going out with friends or whatever, and I like having extra long showers on weekend mornings.

I'm a bit autistic about planning my hair washing though, I always want to time it correctly so that it's nice for when I'm doing things, but that I'm not washing it more than twice a week.

No. 574295

Why do all my really nice photos look low quality when I post them to instagram? I took a really nice picture of myself and when I posted it it liked fucking blurry as shit.

No. 574303

What happened to encyclopedia drammatica?

No. 574361

File: 1592973836008.jpeg (334.45 KB, 1242x1679, C4BCD865-A484-4BE0-9295-089891…)

I went to look something up a month or so ago and it was down. I forgot about it but I just looked it up and saw this

No. 574376

Thank you for your intakes anons. I feel like I should have posted this in the relationship advice thread. I'm actually posting there to see if I can get more insight.

Damn anon, glad you got rid of that guy. My worst fear is ending up with some lazy bum, that's why I'm hesitating so much. But I can say for sure my guy isn't passive, he worked his ass off to be the first person in his family to get into a prestigious university and he told me he wants to study a lot to become an automobile designer at Volkswagen or some big company. He dreams big and I can respect that. Maybe I'm being a little prejudiced because of his background and that our differences might bother me later and idk if his family'd like me either and not see me as an spoiled little girl. I'm actually ashamed of how hard he works compared to me.

No. 574383

does anyone have the meme where’s it’s like 9 tweets of teenage girls thirsting over gross old men

No. 574406

Agreed fuck them. Especially the ones who are like in their mid twenties because they’re past the point of young adulthood and naïveté to be groomed. I was considering dating a 39 year old when I was 19 and I can’t shake the fact that I even considered it because I was fresh into adulthood and almost settled down with a fat, hairy balding dude with kids that one known since the age of 14 because I wanted to feel pretty and loved. He most def groomed me the scarier part was how accepting everyone in the church I went to was accepting of it.

No. 574407

File: 1592984877640.jpeg (194.85 KB, 750x379, B5A584E8-4A56-4D9B-A0A2-283C01…)

I remember I felt like that at 3 weeks pregnant

No. 574481

lmao. I'm somehow not surprised

No. 574483

What does based mean? English is not my first language

No. 574492

it's like the 4chan equivalent of "woke" or at least it came from those circles, and it's still mostly used in right wing autism internet circles as a response to an opinion like
> i think women who wear lipstick are harlots
> kek based

No. 574495

I'm planning a cosplay of Jolyne since I have extra time on my hands, should I go with the white Gucci fly high dress or the typical blue and white skirt prison outfit?

No. 574519

File: 1593009026899.jpeg (202.71 KB, 1080x1314, CE7C48C6-5F6F-4285-AF76-5FF2EB…)

No. 574523

>it's like the 4chan equivalent of "woke"
far from it, where the hell did you get this idea?

No. 574525

the opposite of "cringe"

No. 574526

Who is that in the top left corner?

No. 574531

One who dares to speak a truth that others don’t. Brootally honest like Onision, god of base.

No. 574532

looks like beto o' rourke.

No. 574536

nta but it's similar in the way it's used sometimes. like someone voicing an opinion and another person just saying "woke", both essentially just saying "i approve"

No. 574552

File: 1593014165553.jpg (67.35 KB, 731x960, 1592006331745.jpg)

If I've smoked weed 2x in the last 60 days, the last time being 2 weeks ago, can I still expect it to be in my urine? Normal bmi.

No. 574553

I've always used it as a slang-y way to mean "cool" or that I approve.

>"oh yeah he got a promotion for saving the company when everyone else dicked around"

>"oh shit that's pretty based"


No. 574558

Hard to say, you're probably fine but cranberry juice, niacin, and sweat a lot in preparation.

No. 574563

The weirdest part is that it literally came from a rapper, Lil B.
They can't come up with anything on their own.

No. 574568

File: 1593018289409.jpeg (354.6 KB, 1133x1682, C4208F3B-B378-43E4-AF78-F351B2…)

Is this offensive? And if so why? Someone got upset with me for sharing it on Facebook. I genuinely didn’t mean to upset anyone I just thought it was a funny breaking bad reference

No. 574569

is anyone here native and can tell me what exactly two-spirit means? i'm not native but growing up i used to visit friends on a (very poor) rez. like one of the poorest. in all those years, all the people my age (teens) did not mention two-spirit or identify as such. they didn't have easy lives either, there were suicides and mysterious deaths every year and most families had at least one deathly ill alcoholic. shit was bad. i cannot communicate just how much struggle and pain these people go through. even so, some of the nicest people i've ever met.

i was checking up with some people on facebook and twitter and saw a lot more natives were identifying as two-spirit. i'm genuinely curious, i'm sure two-spirit existed back then but it seems to be a label that is pan native (?) and is increasing in certain, especially teen, rez communities.

No. 574571

Why is it that the hair I acidentally ripped out from my hairline never grew back, but the mole hair I pluck every other day never goes away?

No. 574572

Block the little bitch and carry on with your life

No. 574577

File: 1593019672496.jpeg (181.31 KB, 1300x956, 0EAD1887-63C6-48A4-B323-6A8F93…)

I remember seeing a music video on MTV (Germany) circa 2002. The video was of some dark-haired man walking naked along a desert highway or something. Full frontal nudity with a huge bush, as far as I recall. I think he might’ve been bleeding as well, some Jesus kinda shit. And then other naked people joined him and walked with him, I think?

I was 7 in 2002 so it kinda shook me because of the nudity. I’ve been trying to find out what song and music video it was since then but am still clueless. I just remember the video, I don’t remember the song at all. Does anyone have any idea what this could’ve been?

No. 574580

No is not anon, don't worry, the post is as "pure" as they can get, is juts a ñatino men oping up a restauran noting bad, juts block the person that bicth at you

No. 574582

File: 1593020251461.jpg (78.96 KB, 659x494, 1564987461.jpg)

Just chug some fruit pectin before peeing

No. 574584

>overpluck eyebrows once while 15
>shitty eyebrows for life
>pluck chin hair every month for years
>shit still grows like the tree of heaven

No. 574591

is DID real? we've probably all seen the larpers and malingerers on tumblr and youtube, and i know they're bullshitting. and yet i also know that the brain is weird as shit and can do weird things. i'm a skeptic, for the record, but i'll admit i have come across individuals that claim DID that don't appear to be lying. i'm talking a person that is open about their struggles while keeping the majority of their sensitive, personal matters private, doesn't get into drama or try to convince people of the legitimacy, doesn't have a million steven universe alters, and has been documenting their experience for years now. it makes me wonder - is it a real, but very rare disorder? or have these seemingly "legit" cases merely been misinformed or misguided? is it all delusion? stupid question indeed

No. 574592

real but exceedingly rare, individuals who have it most likely living quiet and reclusive lives not attentionwhoring on the internet
the rest are delusional with personality disorders

No. 574594

It is real but its not the way its portrayed

No. 574605

File: 1593023951832.jpg (257.84 KB, 1024x681, istockphoto-176091267-1024x102…)

I tell my parents this about them showering twice a day and my mom calls me gross? Even though I'm the only one who doesn't stink lol. Well whatever.

Thanks for answering anon!! Just wondering, when you shower in the evening, do you shower right before bed and also wash your face in the shower? Or shower in the evening, have some time/stuff to do before bed, and then wash your face? I feel so weird not washing my face if I'm already in there, but then I don't like the feeling of "dirtying" my face again if I eat dinner after showering or something lol.

Thanks anon! Wow I wish I could wash my hair as few times as you lol. My hair is so thin and pin straight, I have to wash it every other day or I start looking like Venus lmao. Dry shampoo is okay, but after the second day, there's no saving it besides just washing it.

No. 574607

Does having a prison pen pal sound absolutely psycho?

No. 574613

It's real but very, very rare. My mother in law works in the field and has a DID patient. Scary af.

No. 574615

It's real, but extremely rare. People who go around talking about their "systems" all over the internet are LARPers.

No. 574621

I guess it's a mixed bag, I'm not even sure who they allow to have penpals? Probably the ones who are jailed for minor shit right? I've always been curious about doing it myself.

No. 574632

i mean didn't manson marry his penpal..?

No. 574641

File: 1593027671003.gif (26.06 KB, 220x220, 765.gif)

Anons who have had good relationships, had a good boyfriend, how did you meet him?

No. 574643

Through my ex…lmao

No. 574649

he was a mcdonalds employee who saw me falling down the stairs

this is the closest thing to a coffee shop au i will ever get

No. 574650

All of my past bfs have been lovely, and I always met them in unconventional ways when I wasn't really looking for a relationship..

>Met at a NMH concert (lol) where a mutual friend introduced us, chatted on fb and started visiting each other's cities to explore together

>Met in university dorms; he saw me moving into my dorm and allegedly tried endless tricks to catch me in the hallways, eventually matched on tinder and he came bolting downstairs to hang out immediately
>Found me on twitter through a friend-of-a-friend-etc situation, stalked all my social medias and asked me out via miitomo (after chatting on twitter)
current bf
>Made a joke tinder account just to shitpost, guy's profile with stupid blurry photos and the bio "I email myself a lot" made me laugh so I asked him out to have tea, just moved in together last month

I guess what all of these have in common is that I went into it with a carefree attitude and made sure to thoroughly vet each guy as someone I'd want to be good friends with, first and foremost. My advice is to approach it as if you were genuinely interested in making a new male friend.

No. 574654

they are equivalent. based is the right wing equivalent to woke, both mean that you have more than a superficial understanding of the topic and that you are expressing a compelling accurate opinion.

No. 574663

>thinking lilb is 4chan related
sorry you're retarded…

No. 574669

through a mutual friend. Funny story actually..
I wasn't that close to the mutual at the time, we always hung out with other people too, never alone together. Mutual had a big crush on me, which I didn't know about. His friend didn't know either, and within about 20 minutes of chatting with him, I knew how much I liked him, and so I kept in contact with him after that to build up our own connection. I ended up asking him out, he said yes, mutual got all salty about it, then he got REALLY salty about it when we didn't suddenly stop dating, and when our relationship became official, mutual ended up sending me this big message one day about how 'I never gave him a chance (he never made his feelings clear) and that he couldn't be around me anymore' kek I didn't have the heart to tell him that the trade of him for my now amazing bf was the best thing to ever happen to me.

to anyone here who's lonely: I had no idea when I woke up that day I'd be meeting a guy I'd end up falling in love with, so sometimes you just got to stay hopeful

No. 574670

For eczema anons, what is your favorite lotion to keep on hand? Covid handwashing is the bane of my existence right now lol

No. 574673

File: 1593031793237.jpg (47.14 KB, 400x533, IMG_8785.JPG)

Why does there seem to be a thing about refusing to date Asian guys? I understand having a racial preference but the way some white women talk about refusing to date Asian guys seem a little bit racist.Is this some weird American thing? Asian guys don't look particularly ugly imo and I'm not even a K-popfag. Is it how media portrays Asian men that causes people to have the subconscious preconceived notion that asian men are ugly, even if they're aren't?

>Inb4 male

I'm not male. I just don't understand why people hate Asian men, as a minority, for seemingly no reason

No. 574674

goldbond eczema with the colloidal oatmeal in it.

No. 574675

>wanting to date men from an extremely homophobic, misogynistic culture that also requires you to take care of his aging passive aggressive parents for the rest of your life and 100% have kids

i wonder…
seriously though, i extremely lucked out. most asian parents, even immigrants are super traditional.

No. 574677

As a burger, I think there's still that preconceived notion that the media has set over how Asian men are lanky/meek/nerdy (and not in that cute geeky way lol). I don't think Kpop exactly helps, even if the men in these groups aren't butt ugly- I think turbo normies are turned off by the fact that they look feminine (even if not that feminine, compared to your average white dude)/wear some make up. Also, small dicks.

No. 574679

this is a much better fanfic premise tbh, this is the best meet cute kek

No. 574682

I guess that's more understandable

No. 574683

File: 1593032427677.jpg (91.74 KB, 600x857, afEWSRT095YSRTY.jpg)

Who told you that? White women have no qualms fucking asian Chads. Those who don't only had nerdy kids at school as point of reference.
Look at Junskitchen, he's classic femme-ish asian and swarmed with wet white women pantsu.

No. 574686

Not Native, but I'm pretty sure it's a recent phenomenon (like after 1990s?), and there's been historical revisionism when discussed online. There's a wide variation between Native cultures (also probably how misogynist/homophobic they were). The wikipedia article is good and I think this Rewire one is useful too.

No. 574699

Am I racist by supporting WOC but not giving a shit about the males?

Breonna Taylor's case really hit me hard when I realised I haven't heard of her tragic death back in March, but when George Floyd was killed it was all over the media. It was the exact same in the past - Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner - cases with huge publicity because the victims were males. It makes me so upset that when a woman dies, the world won't give a shit bc it won't feed into fake woke culture that companies are trying to sell us simply because half their customers don't give a shit about women being murdered.

No. 574700

Read about what happened to Elijah Mcclain

No. 574709

I used to use mediderm and any cream with high hemp percentage.
Have you tried black seed oil? It cured my eczema, maybe it will work for you too.

No. 574711

No. 574712

No but you'll probably get called racist.
I am very against unaccompanied male refugees but fine with women, children, families etc. I'm sure that's "racist" according to woke people. I just hate men, a lot of woke seen to think POC men are somehow better than white men but they're not at all.

No. 574715

What do you anons visit on the internet?

No. 574718

If I wanted to talk to a group that cared about animals, like Peta but not a complete mess, does anyone know where to go?

No. 574719

The only time I heard someone say they didn't like asian dudes it was from a chinese girl who was constantly complaining about yellow fever from white dudes (who weren't even looking her direction)
literally a dude stood next to her in line and she thought he was cute and I asked why she didn't talk to him and her response was "I didn't want him to think I was just some asian girl and have him think I'm submissive"

Honestly, if it comes from asian people, it has to have a level of self hate

I could see people not liking asians due to the media, but asians, male, female, other, are all pretty hot IMO

No. 574733

How do I tell my therapist about an intrusive thought I have about harming myself?

I'm afraid I won't properly explain that even in my most depressed moments that thought is still something that makes me anxious and I have never acted on. I only recently started therapy for the first time in my life this month and I'm afraid she'll think I'm a danger to myself for having this thought. At this point I'm so anxious about how to tell her that I don't want to say it at all.

No. 574737

nta but why are you telling them to stop?

No. 574741

I'm an Asian woman and a lot of Asian guys just aren't attractive to me. But I would date a K-pop star in a heartbeat. The guy in your pic looks pretty cute too.

No. 574743

thats not how it works. your therapist will not care if you speak about your intrusive thoughts (well, they will care, but they wont have to report it/have you committed is what i mean). the only reason outside intervention is used in therapy is if there is clear evidence that you are a genuine immediate danger to yourself or those around you

No. 574759

I'm half asian and ime asian dudes prefer to date within their own race. Also most of them are very shy and a bit nerdy.

No. 574761

IIRC, that imagine is a combination of thousands if not tens of thousands of pictures of asian dudes from a country
so it's like, how the average asian dude looks in that specific area/country

No. 574770

ty anons
would it be retarded to link a blog i've been reading to see what people think? i don't think i'd call them a cow, though they've been an odd interest of mine for a while now

No. 574783

thank you anon. I know logically you're right, so it was good to hear this from a third party.

I would be interested personally tbh

No. 574794

Do you have local animal shelters in your area anon? Maybe try those

No. 574809

Are there covid tests that dont do the nose thing? I had to do that for the flu a long time ago and I remember it was extremely painful cause I have small nose cavities and I cried. I dont have symptoms or nothing but in the future, just in case I have to, are there alternative test ways? Like throat swab?

No. 574810


there's a saliva test, but it depends if that's available in your area

No. 574835

any good resources to learn how to do tarot? how seriously do you take it?

No. 574836

uuh… it's obvious i wasn't talking about the origin of the term, which is irrelevant, but of its usage.
4chan types clearly took it for themselves and now it's clearly associated with them. like apricot doesn't seem like an arabic word anymore even though it is.
based is part of alt right autism speech, sorry about your rapper

No. 574843

File: 1593061605471.png (127.1 KB, 1336x566, swab.png)

there's a self-administered nasal swab that isn't as deep as the nasopharyngeal swab

No. 574889

how do people gain twitter followers

No. 574890

I got most of my followers from cringy fandom days and now i get them with funny tweets that sometimes go mini viral in lil circles.

No. 574906

How do anons feel about men who like other women’s pics while in a relationship? And I’m talking steamy costhot/camgirl pic shit, like what shoe’s ex bf pulled. I find it disrespectful af, but I also see dudes defending it as “there’s nothing wrong with just looking”.

No. 574908

Liking barely clothed pictures of other women while in a relationship is sleezy, disrespectful behaviour imo. I wouldn't want my boyfriend doing that. I wouldn't like barely clothed pics of male thots online either. If it's a celeb then I wouldn't mind much tbh

No. 574913

nah i'd be pissed. i think it's unhealthy behavior to be lusting after people all the time. like sure you find someone attractive but spending your free time going down their social media and liking pics? nah

No. 574914

not the type of guy i'd be compatible with at all, it's trashy and disrespectful to me. would rather be with someone more mature and able to control his dick. not settling for less, this type of behaviour is such a red flag. give em the boot (make it spiky)

No. 574919

can't remember the shoe situation well but it'd all depend on the frequency and such. i could never be with a reply guy or anyone who at least frequently replies to all kinds of "lewd" models. if the guy is following 25 different titty streamers and costhots that's also a no-no.

but here's the catch, i follow sexy models on instagram. i look at the tits, drop a like if the picture is good and keep it pushing. no simping, no trying to get likes in the comments. i expect my man to do the same, which is not a high bar honestly. ain't nothing wrong with looking.

No. 574946

I think women’s lust for strangers is different from men’s. Women don’t compare their partners to sexy male models but men compare their gfs to fap fodder.

No. 574947

Is it worth it to read the cry threads? They're seems to be a lot going on but I don't want to waste my time reading it if it is just endless sperging.

No. 574948

File: 1593094928190.png (857.93 KB, 1200x1200, 01BK150K0.png)

Is there a difference between L'Occitane's shea butter and other pure shea butters that you can get off of like Amazon or some shit? I only use L'Occitane's because I would get it as gifts from my family and shit lasts for a long time, but I'm running out and want to replace it but am balking at the price tag lol. Does L'Occitane actually do anything to their shea butter or is it just brand name making it so expensive?

No. 574967

I don't know about L'Occitane's shea butter specifically but as with everything, shea butter is available is different qualities (and therefore price ranges). Personally I'd just get some high quality unbranded stuff.

No. 574971

"There's nothing wrong with just looking" applies to situations where you just happen to run into attractive people irl or in social media, and take a couple of subtle glances and appreciate their looks for a few moments before moving on. Intentionally browsing pics of other women, and especially liking them is not "just looking". By giving likes they're either saving the pics for later, or secretly (or not so secretly) hoping to get the woman's attention.

No. 574983

not necessarily. two people can be in a relationship, be attracted to each other and be satisfied with what they have, even if they see hot people on pornhub or twitter. it's more complex than looking at your partner and thinking about all the models with huge tits and tiny waists or the actors who are 6'7 with abs, wishing you were with them and not with a dumpy normal person.
it's pretty much case by case. if you see a hot woman on your man's ig feed and he immediately says "hot, right?" but never compliments you, that's an issue. if he's dating you but half of his online time is scrolling through e-girl picures and going on pornhub, that's an issue. if your man says "(insert model) got a boob job and looked like you before, maybe you should too", that's an issue.

liking pictures (especially on instagram in 2020) is the most mindless activity, and almost every app is made so that it's quick and easy. many people can't even justify why they like all the posts on their feed.
i don't think you want to date speds, so i don't understand the "secretly hoping for attention" thing. no one follows the hottest models out there with 50k+ followers hoping for attention through /likes/.

No. 574985

Anons would you rather going deaf or going blind?

No. 574986

Deaf no contest

No. 574987

deaf. things i enjoy looking at outnumber the things i like hearing.

No. 574988

>By giving likes they're either saving the pics for later
I miss when that was the case, it's so complicated to access your likes now. Likes mean nothing, be suspicious when someone has every thirst trap bookmarked

No. 574994

>no one follows the hottest models out there with 50k+ followers hoping for attention through /likes/.
Some guys do though, especially with less popular camgirls who have less than 50k-ish followers. They comment incessantly hoping to get replies or likes.

A coworker added me on instagram and I saw he was following almost 2k (!) people, which turned out to be hordes of "add my premium snap" thirst traps. It's desperate and trashy, particularly when you have it associated with your account you use for family/friends.

It takes very little effort to not like a bunch of thirst traps, and even less to follow their accounts. There's a certain point where they're definitely doing it mindfully. Anyone who does that doesn't care how embarrassing they look.

No. 575003

I realized I spend a significant amount of my time looking at and saving cute animal pics and vids from instagram and keeping up with my favorite pet/animal accounts on there. Ranges from like 15 minutes to like an hour+ a day depending on how busy I am with other things. I have thousands of pics and videos saved. Would people find this weird or immature? I just find it really soothing and fun and have done it for years. I know everyone loves cute animal pics but would normies judge me for being so into it?

No. 575005

oh man i saw some guy's grandpa's instagram and he only followed escorts/porn actresses/models…embarrassing

imo the simple fact that a guy would be liking and following under 10 sexy women on instagram feels like it's none of my business, since i'd have to go digging to find that information. but it's different on twitter or facebook. those platforms will show everyone the posts you liked; if your grandma or normie IRLs follow you on said platforms, try to make 0 of those liked posts tits or straight up porn, lmao.
guy from my hs liked porn on facebook for months before someone eventually told him we could see everything…he was an anime weeb who liked harem anime, not surprising.

there will always be people who think you're weird for doing anything. i've met countless people who love exchanging cute animal content with their loved ones! once me and my bf sat in front of youtube for 2 hours just watching animal videos.

No. 575012

Yeah I was thinking of the less popular camgirls/costhots/egirls and liking their pics on Twitter when I said that thing about wanting to get noticed. Kinda like what Preg was doing, since he was mentioned in the original question.

No. 575017


Not being petty + learning to set boundaries. Sniping back at someone for a mean remark is likely lowering yourself to their level, but letting it go and not saying anything makes you a doormat. Setting a boundary and reinforcing it makes you a bigger person. (Ex: "It's not all right for you to speak to me that way. We won't be having any more conversations unless you treat me with respect.")

No. 575019

Is it a red flag if someone constantly comments on your story on IG until you answer them?

I have a few guys who slipped into my DMs like this

No. 575021

they might be the very desperate and clingy type so most likely imo

No. 575022

Speaking of liking egirls tweets. My ex used to like this one egirl all the time on Twitter and I got shamelessly jealous and blocked her because seeing her tweets annoyed me.

And awkwardly we are now working together on a collaboration through some mutuals and I'm pretty sure she saw that this rando she just met had her blocked.

No. 575024

sounds like desperation and entitlement. if you end up dating someone like that, he'll start arguments over unanswered texts or "late" replies.

No. 575037

Do people just stop posting online when they get older? Do they just focus on their irl friends/partner or what? I'm 26 and trying to find people to chat with online due to being bored, but everyone on imageboards just seems younger than me. I don't think I will ever stop being somewhat active online but I feel like I'm in the minority.

No. 575040

Same age, same question. I feel like many people our age only post about some specific topic, like a hobby or their job. I feel weird and out of place on top of being hella bored.

No. 575048

Not even on discord?
I kinda want to join discord but I've been thinking the same, it's like 21 is the age limit for using the internet (the way we do).

No. 575049

I literally only post here/online when I’m miserable or wasting time. I hope I won’t be online much at all when I’m older. I’m sorry for your lives anons I hope you find fulfillment soon kek

No. 575060

But you're posting here? But go on, tell me about how your life is so fulfilling

No. 575061

I'm younger, but assume that is the case. Older people in niche subcultures probably have acquired a close group of friends. Or don't invest time meeting new people, are cool being loners, or maybe just find online spaces unfulfilling.


No. 575064

Are you retarded? I literally said I post here when I’m miserable. I’m younger, we have less control over our lives and are less mature

No. 575089

A question for the plastic surgery fags: in your opinion, is it even possible to use fillers long term in a safe/sustainable way i.e. one that won't end up with you being botched? Reading various threads about cows with botched fillers and learning about how lip filler doesn't actually go away and will migrate really shocked me because I feel like I rarely see people talk about those consequences (or consequences of cosmetic procedures in general) on mainstream platforms.

Are fillers just a giant scam for people who want cheap procedures and instant gratification or is it possible to use them in a way that doesn't hurt you down the line?

No. 575098

I don't usually bother with meeting people online but I'm really bored due to the coronavirus. Not really sure what other people who are staying in are doing with their time.

No. 575100

NTA but
>I’m younger, we have less control over our lives and are less mature
Yeah you do so sound like an immature little shit.

No. 575103

Closer to my mid twenties than my early twenties and whilst I can confirm that a lot of people are younger than me at least on discord I did meet a few older people. One of the servers I was in for a longer time mostly had mid to late 90s kids be the most active but the server admin was 30some and a father and there was a couple 25-40 year old single people, the youngest server members were like 15-16. In bigger less niche servers you'll find there's both a lot more 12 year olds and a lot more older people than u think due to the sheer size. But that's discord talking. A lot of people who are adults have jobs and just use it as a side hobby

No. 575130

Because I was honest in saying that I go on lolcow when I’m miserable? Lol

No. 575163

>I’m sorry for your lives anons I hope you find fulfillment soon kek
Because you're acting smug for being 'younger' than other anons. You're still wasting time here like everyone else.

No. 575197

I'm the same age. What I've noticed is that older people spend less time online. As I've got older I've gained more responsibilities and found new hobbies that take up my time. Another factor I've noticed is that oldfags typically retreat into more niche communities on IRC or discord where they all know each other.

No. 575209

Just curious, what kinds of hobbies have you been getting into? There's a lot of stuff I'd love to do right now (like going out to the bar or the climbing gym) but it's not possible. I also don't want to spend a ton of money because I don't know how financially secure I'd be due to COVID.

No. 575229

>As I've got older I've gained more responsibilities and found new hobbies that take up my time

Oldfag here. This is basically true. You also realize how toxic imageboards can be in general. Tbh I'm only posting on here regularly again because I lost my job due to COVID and haven't been able to find another. Also I hate myself.

No. 575273

What could I do to satisfy my hunger for romance without actually dating or dealing with people? I've been alone for a few years to recover from past shit and don't miss sex or dealing with another person at all, but I'd like to get that kick somehow. I used to read fanfiction but I'm not into any fandom anymore. And I keep seeing ads for those story app things but they seem awful and made for teens. Not really feeling like picking up one of those harlequin novels either. Anons, help?

No. 575275

Look up some good otome games?

No. 575278

It was a joke like ‘we are all miserable sad sacks together’ why would I say I was miserable and wasting time if I was being smug… dumb as fuck

No. 575289

Maximum cringe but if you're a writer of any kind you could always try some form of online forum-based RP, or even in an MMO.

No. 575295

There are more than just harlequin romances, kek. Alongside contemporary or fantasy novels with romance, you could read Jane Austen's work (other classics if you haven't read them already). If you want to avoid overly sexual work but still like historical setting, Georgette Heyer was a historical romance writer as well.

No. 575322

Can anyone recommend me some good female-centric subreddits? I'm already following the clothes and makeup ones and also the Ask Women one is good too. Also I've been trying to find this subreddit where vaginal hygiene and advice are discussed but I can't for the life of me remember the name and Google searching hasn't helped at all, so if anyone had the name that would be great lol

No. 575335

/r/healthyhooha is the vagina one anon

No. 575354

File: 1593164531098.jpg (69.57 KB, 625x547, 1579799254075.jpg)

what's it like getting a car financed? I just got a good paying job this week, but I don't start til Monday… want to get a car ASAP but I think I'll get rejected if I don't have payslips to show them??????

No. 575356


Rushing into a car situation is a bad idea. You only just got the fancy job.

No. 575358

yeah but I don't have a car and will have to catch a taxi every day and feel a bit stupid because they will all want to know why I don't have one

No. 575362

You want to go into debt just to avoid getting asked an innocuous question?

How do we not have a thread on you yet?

No. 575363

I thought every one financed their cars? Most people I know do. Is it really that bad?

No. 575366

nta, but financing your car is fine. What's dumb is how quick you're jumping into it in an unstable job market just to impress people at work that you haven't even met yet. You should wait until you have at least a few paychecks so you can put more money down so you can get a better rate and have a better idea of how secure your position is.

No. 575372

Is there a term like "handmaiden" for PoC who try to prove they are "not like other x" to seek approval while denying or downplaying the struggles of other PoC?

No. 575374

Going to hope this isn't bait but why not just call them that rather than needing a short catchy slur?
All the race specific words I can think of either have added racist or misogynistic connotations so it's just perpetuating hate so I would't recommend them. Even 'race betrayer' just brings to mind self entitled incels. Bootlicker is generic but fits many situations

No. 575378

I just wanted to see if there might be a translation for it in my main language and potentially look for related memes. But you're right, bootlicker is already fitting enough.

No. 575387

Nta but I think they cop "uncle Tom" for having views more nuanced that they usual Zoomer rehtoric

No. 575422

I don't even understand what you want to say, but it sounds like /pol/ lingo that recently flooded the board, in which case: Please go back.

No. 575439

For black people specifically, I've heard Uncle Tom and coon.
The second one has multiple meanings but in this case it's "A black person who is ignorant to white discrimination and unknowingly suffers with self hatred." (from urban dictionary)

I don't know about PoC in general but I've heard people just say call them a pickme.

No. 575449

Isn’t it bedwench? It’s the female version of Uncle Tom, of course it manages to sound so much more degrading

No. 575451

File: 1593185594291.jpg (19.75 KB, 301x267, d2690bccf1005d050d7f0333c8fe33…)

Thanks anons. As much as I think this kind of behaviour is a pain, all those terms sound freaking awful, like the equivalent of unironically calling other women whores/sluts/bitches like scrotes.

No. 575454

How the fuck do anons find other anons Instagram from their profile pic? Like when someone forgets to crop out their icon.

No. 575455

I've always wondered this as well. Maybe they go through the follower list?

No. 575459


Thank you anon!

No. 575463

Not sure if this is what you're asking but you can search by image through Google or Tineye.

No. 575481


native here. two spirit identities are definitely not new, although due to Tumblr and increasing gender discourse making them more well-known, there has definitely been some historical revisionism when discussed online, specifically by white liberals.

as the previous poster noted, not all tribes held two-spirit identities to the same regard, as there are social variations in how each tribe viewed gender or sex variations, misogyny, homophobia, etc.

from what I know for the most part though, a lot of tribes did respect two-spirit identities and held them in either a high regard or as an entire separate category of being separate from male or female.


No. 575482

What is the difference between the terms radfem and libfem? And what specifically do the “rad” and “lib” stand for?

No. 575484

i don't know but i've wondered it too. i've always thought that it's weird when anons will go out of their way to find the identity of another anon as if they're somehow better than them.

No. 575485

No. 575494

From wikipedia:
"Liberal feminism is an individualistic form of feminist theory, which focuses on women's ability to maintain their equality through their own actions and choices. Liberal feminists argue that society holds the false belief that women are, by nature, less intellectually and physically capable than men; thus it tends to discriminate against women in the academy, the forum, and the marketplace. Liberal feminists believe that "female subordination is rooted in a set of customary and legal constraints that blocks women's entrance to and success in the so-called public world". They strive for sexual equality via political and legal reform."

"Radical feminism is a perspective within feminism that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts. Radical feminists view society as fundamentally a patriarchy in which men dominate and oppress women. Radical feminists seek to abolish the patriarchy in order to "liberate everyone from an unjust society by challenging existing social norms and institutions."

So radical feminism is supposed to be class based like marxism.

No. 575497

libs are cucks willing to let trans women rape them because #woke and rads have a hate boner for anything that has a penis/is male and will spout about patriarchy at any chance they get

No. 575501

Do some anons have an aversion to listening to new music?
I have been listening to the same shit for the past 6 months and I'm bored as fuck but I just feel weird listening to new music.

No. 575503

Yes. I find new shit by getting hooked on a song I hear from a show/video, or very rarely through youtube recommended and like the artwork. I hate listening to new stuff, part of what I enjoy about listening to music is the nostalgia from when I was younger.

No. 575522

Yeah I have a huge problem with listening to new music and it sucks because I love music and it's a huge interest of mine so it's kind of an insane contradiction. I have a shit attention span and I get impatient, a lot of music just isn't good/doesn't resonate so it's hard to wade through the boring when I already have music I know I like. I have a terrible habit of skipping around in songs to listen to 1 sec snippets to see if there's a good part lmfao. Retarded adhdfag shit.

I also tend to avoid it because it makes me feel bad about myself compared to other people who listen to new stuff regularly and have a lot more knowledge of the genres I'm interested in than I do - I feel like I'll never measure up or be able to talk about music in a confident and authoritative way even though I have a lot of takes on it.

No. 575531

Ayrt and holy shit, you have literally put into words everything I feel about new music. When I'm painfully trying to listen to a new track I keep skipping around to find a good part and only if I find a good part will I listen to the whole song without exiting. And I see people raving about a genre which I just cannot get into because I cannot listen to new music and I feel left out.

Same anon, I've only found out new music when I'm not specifically looking to hear new songs, like in someones intro or in a speedpaint or something. I found out about the song which went something like 'if the world was ending you'd come over right?' through a video by simplykenna lol.

No. 575552

Searched my email and my parents email on Spytox and all our info is out on there. Whenever I click "see report", it gives me a 404 error, but who the fuck cares about the full report when you've put out my address and phone number already!!! I'm not remotely popular on the internet but I've been slowly trying to scrub away as much private info of myself off the internet. How the hell do I get them to take it down?? I know these sites usually have an option to take pages down when you request it, but I can't find it.

No. 575555

My cat (not actually my cat, a neighbor's cat who I took care of for awhile, but I always considered him my cat) got out for a few days and came back to my house badly injured. When I found him, he was bleeding in my gravel driveway, apparently having come back home for help.

He passed away at the emergency clinic. My question is: would it be gruesome, inappropriate, or weird to take a few of the rocks he bled on and keep them? Maybe in a box or a jar?

I am having a hard time grieving and my mind keeps telling me to do this. Because he's not my cat, I won't have his ashes or anything. I don't know.

No. 575556

Personally I find it a little gruesome and weird, but it's harmless, and you do you and grieve however you like. Maybe one day when you feel a little better, you can bury those rocks.

No. 575557

I don't know why it didn't occur to me to bury them. I think I will do that.

Thank you.

No. 575558

I don't find it weird at all. When I thought I lost my cat and would never see her again, I collected all of her fur that was on the places she'd usually rest on. I was about to order one of those lockets and place fur inside for memory. Yeah, I'm a crazy cat lady, so what.

No. 575566

I don't know if you had your own or his owner lent them to you, but if you had your own water/food bowl you used for him, why not fill them and leave them out or in his usual feeding spot? I've always considered doing this when my own pet passes away. It makes me feel better to think that if their spirit comes to visit, they'll have some of their old comforts waiting for them.

No. 575567

Yeah, I had my own bowl I used for him. I'll leave some out tonight. <3

Haha, thanks. That makes me feel a lot better.

No. 575587

thank you, especially for the resources. my understanding is obviously surface level and i don't want to overstep any boundaries by directly asking any old friends random questions about their culture, esp. umprompted, even though i know they wouldn't care. are you great plains or lakhota speaking?

No. 575607

Could one call a masculine straight woman a butch or a stud? Some say yes, some say no and "tomboy" is the preferred term for it.

No. 575613


Not that I’m any expert but I always thought masc/butch were queer-coded when talking about women.

No. 575614

I believe that the remainder of straight girls with masculine interests or styles that are comfortable with themselves without turning into "uwu gay transmen" or they/thems prefer the respect of being referred to as tomboys rather than terms that might refer to them being being a into women when they're perfectly comfortable with being straight.

That's just my general assumption through, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 575652

masc(uline) and tomboy are fine for straight women. I've seen lesbians get kind of upset about using butch to refer to anyone who isn't a lesbian.


No. 575683

Does no poo actually work? What's the point?

No. 575684

depends on circumstances but you can use gender nonconforming or GNC as well

pretty sure butch and stud are lesbian terms

No. 575689

Why is LSA so obsessed with East Asians? There's always so many long threads on them.

No. 575694

How to throw up easily?
I ate something that my body can't digest.

No. 575697

eat some grass

No. 575701

Ok thx

No. 575702

how do I know where my communication issues stem from? When something goes wrong, wether it’s with friends or my partner I just shut myself off and keep it eternally I never talk about it and sometimes even isolate myself and wait for them to approach me.

No. 575703

Lean yourself forward and make yourself gag, either with a finger or think of something disgusting.

No. 575705

The more I think about it and the more I think I caught the coronavirus back in like May. It was so horrible for a bit more than a week but after that I "just" felt terrible and had constant diarrhea and was constantly even more tired than usual. Is there a way to get tested accurately after the fact? I wasn't in my country back then and I couldn't go to the doctor's so I plan on seeing a few specialists soon now that I'm back home and I want to make sure I'm not going to miss important info on my health.

No. 575711

maybe cause of the "model minority" shit, or asians are racist against black people

No. 575717

File: 1593234280227.png (1.37 MB, 1030x688, stickers.png)

do any anons know an artist that sells cute stickers?

No. 575719

how do I talk myself down from reaching out to my ex

No. 575750

File: 1593242124478.jpg (91.23 KB, 759x609, animalcrossingstickers01.JPG)

IllustrateChrissy on etsy!

I don't really buy merch, but I still browse places like etsy b/c I like to look at products made by artists.
She's one of the few Etsy sellers that sells AC sticker sheets as opposed to single stickers. I think that they're a good deal for an artist seller. Her style isn't flashy or "stylized", but it's a simple, cute, and on-model sort of technique.
The Animal Crossing stickers she sells are the most popular, but she also has a TON of stickers sheets for different dog breeds, and a few Pokemon starter sheets.
I know about her b/c she was an upperclassmen at the art school I went to, and I ended up following her on Insta.

No. 575767

Did you google the watermark? Surprisingly it took me to the person who makes the stickers.

No. 575784

Write yourself a letter. Write about what you didnt like about him/the relationship. Write about the last time you talked to him and how you regreted it. Feel the feelings of anger/pain you felt in the relationship while writing. Read it everytime you wanna talk to him.

No. 575785

Most likely something you learned to do as a child. I was the same way for a while but I learned it was damaging my relationships and it makes me feel like an adult baby. Make yourself speak up/talk to them/tell them how you feel next time. Then you'll be able to work through why you became like that.

No. 575795

Can someone explain the deal about voice actors to me? White voice actors are stepping down and people are calling for more voice actors to be POC. I don't get it since it's not visual and it's about the sound and voice that they bring to the character. I think they should always aim to use the best voice actor not which one matches the skintone of the character. Is that not assuming that POC 'sound' a certain way? I don't mean to be rude about it but I am genuinely curious. I feel if I ask this anywhere else i'll just get attacked for being racist.

No. 575798

I think this came from the whole Apu situation where that guy made that documentary about how he was bullied. It's just that people don't understand understand that the reason he was bullied was because Apu was the only point of reference they had for a South Asian person because they barely get representation in American media. Nobody actually really cares who voice acts who, especially right now when police brutality is a far more pressing issue. It's something that companies are doing right now because they don't understand racism and that representation can be more important then a lot of people think.

No. 575902

When getting flash tattoos, do you just walk in, point to a wall and say "I want that", or do you have to schedule an appointment? I've literally never even been inside a tattoo shop before so I have no idea what to do if I want a flash. I heard walk-ins are more for small, non-detailed tattoos, but flashes seem like they're for people who want to get a tattoo without the whole consultation process.

Also, would it be rude to make a rough sketch of a tattoo I want for the artist? I can show things better than I can explain them, and it felt like it would just be easier.

No. 575911

For flash tatts they usually have a binder that you can flip through.

Might vary depending on where you live but ime shops that have lots of open walk-in slots sometimes aren't the best. If you need to book a session in advance and wait a while.. chances are they do good work.

No. 575913

Just call and ask if they do walk-ins. Tell the approximate size of the tattoo you want. No it’s not rude to bring reference pictures.

No. 575915

I think largely it's just a preformative gesture but I also feel like there is some validity to the criticism in that often it would be white people doing 'stereotypical' accents of POC, like it's a fact that people of different ethnicities sometimes have different dialects or accents when they have a different first language than English that could probably be better and more ethically portrayed with someone who actually has that dialect/accent than a white person doing a blaccent or something. Plus the opposite doesn't really happen that often (hiring POC voice actors to play white characters) and it could be good in that it could open more opportunities in voice work for people of other races.

No. 575988

Any anons willing to share their experience getting diagnosed with ADHD and getting a stimulant prescription as an adult female? Especially those who went undiagnosed because they were always good at school? Or those with comorbid depression?

I know I have ADHD inherited from my mother and I know that stimulants help me a lot from buying them off of friends. Unfortunately I can't say how much they've helped me to any doctor because they'll immediately think I'm drug seeking. I tried to get diagnosed over a year ago but it went horribly for a variety of reasons, mostly because I didn't articulate myself well enough and I allowed the incompetent psychiatrist to over-focus on my academic performance, which has always been exceptional, rather than the myriad other ways I'm impaired in life functioning.

I'm terrified to try again, it was so time consuming and so demoralizing. I tried to get diagnosed before my internship last summer, but no, I spent it largely unable to focus and unproductive, did the bare minimum, and cried many days during my lunch break because I was so frustrated trying to sit and focus for a few hours like a normal person. I just want to be able to not feel so bad about myself for how I am, and have stims prescribed so I can feel confident about getting a job and not being a huge fuckup at it.

No. 575997

File: 1593295446462.jpg (25.05 KB, 400x543, image0.jpg)

How do I know if I'm a 'prude'? (Or is 'prude' just a way for men to control the sexuality of women?)

No. 575999

why even care? prude is definitely a term to shame women. however you are, you're fine (minus if you're putting yourself in danger, etc.)

No. 576005

What country do you live in, and if you don't have free Healthcare v do you have money? This question gets asked fairly regularly but the answer is really tied into how health-care works in your country, but also medication really affects people differently so try to be realistic about what you're expecting from meds.
I recommend searching through threads on r/adhdwomen too

No. 576007

You probs have ADD more than ADHD. Just lie about it anon, say you didn’t act out but did mediocre in school, psychiatrists aren’t gonna check your report cards. Tell them if you experience insomnia, caffeine addiction, constant forgetfulness and poor time management. Extra points if you show up to the appointment late and talk over the them lol
It sucks that girls get ignored for not acting like absolute retards, left to just self-sabotage in silence. Lie if it’s gonna get you the help you need.

No. 576008

I was always told a prude is someone who goes around judging anyone who has sex outside of marriage, that's what it means to me.

Men have basically warped it into, oh you don't love anal? you prude!

No. 576009

Advice is one thing but giving people a cheat sheet to get highly addictive amphetamines is fucked up.

No. 576011


the term is also used a lot around here to shame virgins.

No. 576013

File: 1593296870335.jpg (151.81 KB, 757x1200, IMG_1725.JPG)

I never got the opportunity to watch sailor moon or revolutionary girl Utena as a kid. I remember reading the Salor moon manga when I was younger and ended up dropping it in a few volumes since I disliked that it didn't give the characters any personality or interactions between characters ,aside from their introductory volume. Should I watch Sailor moon and/or revolutionary girl Utena?

The main reason why I'm hesitant to watch them is because I wonder whether or not the hype surrounding them is only due to nostalgia,especially with sailor moon. I'd prefer to hear the opinions of people who didn't watch sailor moon or Utena as kids

No. 576015

File: 1593297247899.gif (8.95 KB, 200x260, IMG_8762.GIF)

Since Welcome to the NHK, Fooly Cooly and Good night are the most impactful for aimless teenage/young adult boys, what shows/movies/manga/comics would be the female-equivalent for aimless teenage/young adult girls?

No. 576016

You should absolutely watch Utena. It's not comparable to Sailor Moon, and it's NOT a kids show, I'm surprised you have that impression. Expect something more like Evangelion, in the sense that it has very adult themes and takes a more analytic viewing to understand fully. It's an incredible series, in any case.

Sailor Moon is monster of the week for the most part. It's fun and has a cute aesthetic but can't hold my attention the way it did when I was a child.

No. 576017

US, and I currently have good insurance. And I hear you but like I said I've done a lot of research and I've taken ADHD meds before so I understand they're hardly a silver bullet.

ADD and ADHD aren't considered separate diagnoses anymore, it's just ADHD with subtypes. And actually, even with adults, my psych did ask for standardized test scores from childhood and any other things like that if I still had them. Plus they could easily ask for my college academic record which is also good. School performance is the only thing I can't lie about really because there's ample concrete evidence I did well. The thing is I don't need to lie, I just am very bad at explaining and advocating for myself and my psych overfocused on school and "you're just depressed take SSRIs and then talk to me"

No. 576033

Watch both of them. Ikuhara was one of the directors behind Sailor Moon before he went on to found Be-Papas and create Utena. I really enjoyed going back and watching Sailor Moon as an adult. There was so much I missed as a child and it's a pleasant hit of 90s nostalgia and Utena is a visual direction masterpiece.

No. 576035


I second this! Definitely watch Utena. I had never heard of it until a couple years ago, and now it's my favorite anime ever. It's really not for kids and the soundtrack is just amazing.

No. 576039

I only discovered Sailor Moon as an adult and think it is really overrated. I actually almost stopped watching after the first episode because I found Usagi's voice/crying so annoying. All in all, I don't see why it is so popular to the point of defining some people's youth.

No. 576041

File: 1593299997374.png (1.7 MB, 1225x700, michiko2.png)

A more recent anime which was gorgeous and impactful for me that doesn't get enough attention is Michiko and Hatchin. A quick wiki plot outline

In a fictional South American country of Diamandra, the criminal Michiko Malandro escapes from prison and kidnaps her former lover's daughter Hana Morenos, whom she nicknames "Hatchin", saving her from her abusive foster parents in the process. The two are about as opposite as they come, but their fates become intertwined through the connection of Hiroshi Morenos, Hatchin's father. On the run from the police and Hatchin's abusive foster family, the unlikely duo set out to find Hiroshi and ultimately discover their freedom.

No. 576046

In all fairness I never liked the Sailor Moon manga. It's mostly just a self-indulgent shoujo with the author's self insert (Usagi). The anime took a very different approach and that's why I actually feel like it's noticeably superior to the manga. The storytelling is better and the characters are written to be way more interesting with more distinct personalities.

I discovered Sailor Moon when I was around 12 so I'm biased and this was like 20 years ago so not a lot of magical girl stuff existed back then. Sailor Moon was definitely the precursor for all magical girl series to come after it so it has to be appreciated for that feat alone. However the main appeal comes from the girls all having enjoyable personalities you could relate to. They had a lesbian couple during a time it was absolutely not common in any way. They had flashy costumes and attack/transformation scenes, something that became a cornerstone of all the magical girl stuff today. Not to mention the iconic cinematography with all the pastel cityscape aesthetics and abstract imagery. Shitting on it just because of "annoying crying voice" feels more than unfair to the series that created a whole genre.

No. 576050

Is it stupid that I kinda want someone to bully me into eating less? I heard about those anime boy apps where they tell you to not eat and insult you and I even considered downloading them. I'm already my own biggest bully but sometimes I give in too easily and gain the weight I spent so much time and effort into losing

No. 576054

The answer is yes that's stupid, but why are you asking an anonymous bullying forum about why they think about your life just download the app already

No. 576055

Fuck you stupid fat fuck, lose weight pig, you’re a failure lmao, can’t even keep the weight off.
does this work anon?

No. 576058

Gomen nasai for asking my stupid question in the stupid questions thread, Ma'am

Thank you I appreciate your efforts very much

No. 576059

Has anyone here ever been loosely linked to a murder or murderer and sought therapy because of it?

I had a close call lately when a local (well known mentally ill) man randomly harassed me. He went on to kill someone else shortly afterwards, could've killed them twenty times over with how much excessive violence he used.. I feel weirdly guilty about wanting to see a therapist over this but I can't stop thinking about it.

No. 576066

Flavored seltzer anons, which brand is your favorite? Particularly for grapefruit flavor if possible. I tried La Croix before but it was pretty mediocre and I’d rather not just randomly buy another brand and be stuck with many cans of mediocre setlzer lol.

No. 576069

Thank you anons!

No. 576070

Bubly is pretty good and what I drink. Haven't tried Aha yet.

No. 576072

Seconding Bubly, I get lime cause I'm basic. Sometimes I like to mix it with mashed berries or yuzu concentrate for little 'refresher' drinks

No. 576078

Mentioning a specific thing that I personally didn't like about it isn't the same thing as shitting on it. Anon was asking for opinions, after all, and particularly ones from people who first saw it as adults. I can appreciate what you say about the groundbreaking nature of Sailor Moon, but separate from that, I still don't think that it's very good or interesting. I did like the theme songs though.

Anyway, relax. We don't all have to like the same things.

No. 576081

I love Michiko to Hatchin anon

No. 576088

what's considered a big dick?

No. 576092

Off the top of my head maybe Kuragehime? There are rough female equivalents of Welcome to the NHK like Neeko wa Tsurai yo or She Doesn't Know Why She Lives but the former is written by a man and I didn't find either of them to be that good.

No. 576102

>go to bing.com
>click on IMAGES
>turn safe search off
>type big dick into search bar

No. 576106

I meant positive threads like threads on asian celebrities, or dating asian guys, etc. Especially koreans.

No. 576108

i don't want to look at big dicks i wanted to hear it from anons. men'll say anything is big and tell you not to worry

No. 576114

one word, thousand meanings:

No. 576115

Has anyone ever come across a woman with a foot fetish? Idk why I was randomly thinking about this today but I feel like for every other fetish I've heard of people with both genders having it but feet seems to be pretty common but exclusively a man thing

No. 576117

I only met women willing to do that to satisfy their husbands or partners but I don't think any of them were genuinely into that

No. 576118

Hi, I appreciate feet and am a woman.
Funnily enough I recently denied having one to this guy I'm talking with (though him asking at random made me think he also has one). Too early for that, just in case.

Anyway, other women in /g/ have posted about it before iirc.

No. 576122

I've been making video diaries about how much I hate my life (kek) and deleting them afterwards out of fear that someone might somehow find them. Is there a way to store these videos somewhere where no one can tap into them?

No. 576123

Anything above 8 inches with 6 inch girth

No. 576124

damn right you should be gomen about it
I feel bad now for calling you stupid now I'm a shit bully kek good luck with your weightloss, I tried the version of the app with the girl character myself and her bitching made me laugh but also please be careful not to internalize that negativity too much

No. 576125

I can find other womens feet attractive if they're dainty and well kept and a man or woman being attracted to my feet is hot from a dominant perspective, I remember an interview where Shailene Woodley talked about having a fetish for both men and womens feet so maybe it's a bi thing

No. 576138

nta but I hope someone has an answer because I've always wanted to do the same thing and haven't for that exact reason.

No. 576178

Can't you just put them in a folder on your computer? Or a usb hard drive.

No. 576189

Just encrypt the folders.

No. 576206

File: 1593321898909.gif (505.41 KB, 540x303, 1515530330613.gif)

I do. I haven't told my boyfriend yet but his feet make me excited. They're callused but not hairy as fuck, and he recently got an intense sandal tanline from hiking in the woods nearly everyday.
>Mfw watching him go barefoot to pick mulberries off a tree for me

No. 576213

Does anyone else have a disconnect between how they think they act and present themselves vs when they see themselves on video/when other people tell you about how they perceive you?

I always thought I had a stern, clear, and almost aggressive tone. I thought I gave off chill "vibes" and I have always thought my voice was deep. I filmed a video of myself for something and as dramatic as it sounds, I had a crisis. No wonder people think they can speak to me the way they do sometimes. I sound so shy and insecure and my voice is not as deep as I thought it was. I'm a bitch on the inside but on the outside I come across as a little bitch that people can walk all over.

I'm about to shoot myself

No. 576216

Pretty sure everyone's voice sounds deeper to themselves, something to do with the bones in your head. I know I'm a lot squeakier in recordings.

No. 576229

It's horrible, isn't it? One time I was talking about voices with a friend and I said I was happy that I had a lower voice and she just said "you think your voice is low?" and laughed at me and that moment has stayed with me forever.
I want to be commanding and respected, but I'm nasal and whiney.

No. 576230

I don't think it's possible to store your videos 100% safe. Everything can be broken into if someone wants it bad enough. But if you're just worried about family members/room mates or anyone else who gets near your phone/laptop, you can easily just put a password on the folder or encrypt it. If you record them on your phone, there are these calculator vault-apps that look like and function as a calculator, but if you enter a code it takes you to a secret "vault" of files. I use it to store some pics I don't want to be accidently seen by others.

No. 576259

I remember when I was a kid I recorded my voice and it sounded like a cartoon chipmunk. I was shook. We hear a deeper, richer voice than others do.

No. 576260

deeper? are you sure? i'd fucking hope not cuz i sound like a 9 year old girl lmao

No. 576267

It's the exact other way around for me. I hear a normal voice myself, but on recordings I sound so much deeper than what I hear.

No. 576277

What is the acceptable amount of bras to have? I have 5.

No. 576281

30+, accumulated over the years, of which you only wear the 4 newest ones but don't get rid of the rest in case you 'need' them

No. 576284


Lmao so true, anon. Also, of the 30, like five fit and the rest are a standard deviation of sizes above and below accumulated at points of weight fluctuation.

No. 576288

There’s a thread about quitting social media here which I find fascinating but I wanted to know, have you anons ever thought about quitting the internet? I know it’s kinda hard to do these days since it’s so convenient and you basically have to do everything on there with quarantine and all. But it’s an idea that’s been crossing my mind lately.
Quitting only social media seems like the best choice in general tho, I can feel myself going nuts every time I open Twitter. Reading and arguing for hours on end with strangers can’t be good for anyone either.

No. 576294

I have 7 'good' tshirt bras, one for every day of the week. Then some 'special' ones (backless, strapless, for low necklines, skin-coloured) for certain clothing. And then a bunch I've collected over the years and don't wear anymore, but still keep just in case like >>576277 said.

But really I think the acceptable amount of bras to have is any amount that will let you wear good-fitting, clean bras everyday.

No. 576297

Could I make an onlyfans account for non-sexual purposes? Like I feel like I could make a few bucks capitalizing on selling some videos on how to perform certain skills or cooking recipes (while looking cute of course). I just don't have the production quality for to make a meaningful sum on youtube most likely. Is that a stupid idea?

No. 576301

You should do it like vid related

No. 576302

Kek, being a wasteful retard only works if you're asian, unfortunately.

No. 576303

patreon is less cringe, imo

No. 576307

Who tf changes their bra everyday?

No. 576308

Try fiver.

No. 576310

Don’t feel guilty. If something that serious happened so close to you & it’s triggering your anxiety, you should definitely talk to someone about it.

No. 576312

File: 1593352896680.jpeg (110.57 KB, 900x550, 4C9D3653-9B22-4555-8C35-FC008E…)

Waterloo is pretty good. Also not sure what grocery stores you have where you live, but Whole Foods’ store brand of sparkling water is good too. Both have grapefruit flavors and a pretty wide variety to try.

No. 576313

Enough that you can change them at least once a week and always have a clean pair at hand. I'd say three is a good minimum; one that you worn previously and is now in the wash/drying/"resting" after the wash, one that you're wearing currently, and one clean pair ready to be worn next. It doesn't hurt to have more though, and a few "special" ones for different occasions and clothing (white bras for white shirts, strapless/backless for some dresses, a good sports bra obviously).

I have three regular pairs (two wireless, one wired) that I use normally, one sports bra, and a lace bralette for when I want something really light and breathable and don't need a lot of support.

Lmao I still have all my B-C cups from pre-weight gain, "just in case". I do hope that I get to wear them again someday, couple of them are super pretty.

No. 576317

I actually have the opposite problem. Should I call it a foot phobia? Idk. Women’s feet don’t gross me out at all. They don’t turn me on, but I do think they are cute and elegant, etc.. Yet whenever I look at a guy and remember that he has bare feet and think about what they might look like, it’s very off putting and I get anxious/grossed out. Even just looking down at their shoes is unsettling. But everything else from their ankles up is sexy/normal to me. I have no idea why… anyone else have this problem?

No. 576318

I have a rotation of 3 bras that I wear weekly that I bought from VS back in 2015 because I can't find bras with the same amount of lift and volume. Yes, the bands stretched but I gained weight so it balanced it out.
Then I have two lace bras for lingerie that I never wear (one I've owned since 2006) because they're nice and have held up so well for the fact that I rarely ever get the chance to look sexy in bed for anyone.

So there.

No. 576319

me. I don't wear my t-shirts more than once and to my knowledge most girls/women don't so I don't see why I should wear my bras for more than one day. I sweat and I don't want to wear something I sweat on the next day again.

No. 576322

I have 6 bras. Two training bras, two sports bras, a bandeau for certain styles of tops, and one structured bra to wear when I absolutely have to. My “everyday” bras are the training bras, which I switch out every other day. I would like to add that I have a very small chest and sensory problems so I don’t like wearing normal bras.

No. 576326


FFO: cleanliness.
For real though a fresh bra daily is not that outrageous.

No. 576341

A fresh one daily is just so much laundry to do for something that doesn't even touch your armpits, maybe you guys have dryers or something?

I did actually have a decent collection of bras but suddenly last year wearing any with underwiring became insanely painful so now I just rotate a couple of bralettes or go without

No. 576368

It depends on what you care about and what your comfortable with. Some of my friends have an extensive collection of bras for different occasions. I think the lowest number I ever had was three, bra for work, sports bra and a bra for lazing around the house and sleeping in.
Now I have too many too count because I have nursing bras in different sizes and I refuse to throw away my old sports bras even though they don't fit me anymore, because they were expensive and they remind me of specific time in my life.

No. 576411

How do you get good at criticizing food objectively? My mother started baking during quarentine and is pretty bad at it. I want to help her to get better without hurting her feelings.

No. 576442

Probably very dumb but do you think it makes me a lesbian/bi if i find women physically more attractive (especially late 30s to 40s) but only dream of sex with men? I generally enjoy being around woman a lot more too, and dream of a romantic relationship w/ them. Idk is there a name for that? Also lesbian porn doesnt do it for me but maybe its just the type i watch…
TL;DR is there a name for lesbians that only likes the idea of sex with dicks? Or am i a gay girl in denial (20 yo never had a bf)

No. 576444

speak in terms of texture and ingredients, not overall quality. instead of saying something tastes bad, just say it's good but next time try a different method to make it even better. comment something good about it before adding your critique. it helps to compliment something she did right in order for her to remain confident in her abilties. but don't refrain from commenting on objective realities…such as if a thing is burnt/undercooked. also if she's following recipes perfectly (and buying decent cooking ingredients) she should be producing moderate to good cooking, so maybe ur oven or pots/pans are subpar or being used in the wrong way.

it all depends what she sucks at though. if she uses too much salt or sugar, plainly say it's too sugary or salty. recommend adding ingredients to reduce dryness or blandness. i tell my mom or whoever that i personally like things certain ways because that method tastes better to me. i got my mom to stop cooking stir fry at medium heat and with garbage ingredients this way. her veggies would always end up soggy and tasteless so i just made it myself, the way i liked it, one day and she ended up preferring my version herself and changing the way she cooked stir fry completely.

sorry this was long i just personally relate to this so much lol (not the biggest fan of my moms cooking but she has improved a ton)

No. 576445

Ask her if she'd like some constructive feedback, and if there's some kind of technique or recipe she should know about then you show it to her.

No. 576463

You sound similar to me, I absolutely love cute girls and think men are ugly and annoying but only feel turned on at the thought of dick, not even feminine dudes just hairy manly dick. I would personally consider you straight unless you are seriously considering a relationship with a woman that you would want to be intimate with. There’s a huge difference between sexual attraction and physical appearance attraction.

No. 576489

Would you have a serious relationship with men? Would you have a serious relationship with women? Do you actually like sex with men, or do you just think dicks feel good?

Tbh only you can really decide what sexuality you decide to identify as, but I would say you're bi (or "heterosexual homoromantic" if you want to be pretentious)

No. 576490

I wish there was someway to see our post history. I just want to see all of my old-ish posts.

No. 576494

Straight and bisexual women often talk about how attracted they are to women but tend to only date men, or fantasize about men the majority of the time. Maybe girls are nice in theory but are you actually going to pursue women, unlikely.

No. 576499

Kind of same, but I would also be happy if post history expired after x years
It makes me uneasy that there's a permanent repository of awful things I've said but I have no idea what they were or if I'm just repeating myself every time I use the vent thread. Have you ever gone back to the first websites you ever used and read your old conversations? It's not pretty.

Since you posted in the question thread, let me offer you the solution that if you become a farmhand you should be able to access your post history, or you could a couple of years ago.
If anyone reading this is crazy enough to become a mod as a result of this post, do me a solid and delete everything I've ever said kek

No. 576515

Is it possible to have COVID even if you only showed symptoms for a day? I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and a headache. By the afternoon, I'd also developed a slight cough, low-grade fever and diarrhea. I just felt like crap. I'd basically accepted that it was probably COVID and hoped it wouldn't get worse than that. This morning, I woke up completely fine.

I scheduled myself to get tested (soonest one available in my area is July 7) but I'm not even sure if it's necessary at this point?

My boyfriend is also not showing any symptoms of being sick, which makes me more skeptical that it was COVID.

No. 576516

Agreed. I'm also someone who had a few "girl crushes" and finds women physically attractive, but the thought of actually having sex with a woman doesn't do it for me at all. Can't really picture myself in a relationship with one either.

I think it's really common for people who are "experience seekers" and stimulation junkies to think they're not straight, just because they like the idea of trying literally everything at least once.

No. 576523

Thank you! I got Bubly today and it’s pretty good! The berries/yuzu concentrate sounds delicious!! Will definitely give it a try. I’m a fucking sucker for yuzu stuff heh

I saw a lot of Waterloo being promoted at my local Target, will try them out next!

I also saw Spindrift, which I realized I had tried before (remembered the logo but not the name) and loved it, but it’s pricier compared to every other brand so alas lol.

No. 576546

What does it mean when I get cross eyed when doing something up close? For example I was painting and 5 minutes in my vision turned double and 15 minutes later my vision is still bad even though I'm not painting anymore.

No. 576547

I developed that as a toddler and had to get glasses for it otherwise the doc said I'd go blind from my pliable baby brain learning to cancel out information from my crossed eyes… but since you're an adult it's probably not that urgent, lol. You might be tired or straining your eyes too much- My problem is more or less corrected these days but my eyes still cross under those conditions.

No. 576549

wow that's scary. What exactly do you have?

But this happens to me when I'm driving, which is my main concern Though it doesn't get completely crossed and blurry, I become very disoriented and my eyes strain a lot. It's even worse at night with all the lights

No. 576552

So I don't know for sure if showing symptoms for just a day is a thing with Covid, but I have heard that symptoms can change day-to-day and there are people whose symptoms have cleared up only to have them show again later. I think I would still get it personally to ease my own anxiety and subdue any guilt I might have over spreading it to someone whose risk is higher than my own. If it was going to cost a lot out of pocket and I didn't have to spend so much time out in the public I might not though. Maybe keep your appointment for now and if you feel confident that you're not ill, cancel it in a few days? IDK.

No. 576567

Are there any working nail hardener?

No. 576569

Does anyone relate to this, and if so, what can I do to fix it? If I enjoy something, a part of myself has this urge to know I can have more of it. This applies to food. Like for example, if I really enjoy a bowl of pasta 4 bites in, I have an urge to secure more of it by topping off the bowl. Or like, I was recently applying aloe vera gel on my legs and I felt a similar very intense urge to have more, but I just assured myself that I could buy more if I wanted to. This urge comes on whenever I'm enjoying something and it's so intense yet also short lived. I just can't shake this urge of wanting to obtain something enjoyable forever.

No. 576583

File: 1593415484662.png (253.8 KB, 1457x598, nh.png)

I tried 5-6 different ones over a year + period and the one attached is the ONLY one that actually worked for me. It burns like hell though if you get it near the nail bed so read the instructions and only use a little at first until your nails start hardening. I tried the Opi nail hardener but personally this was better for me.

No. 576591

it's called being gluttonous anon kek

No. 576597

Can depression run in families? My mother is suicidal and depressed, my sister is suicidal and possibly depressed and I'm depressed but not suicidal.

No. 576610

yes, depression does tend to run in families.

No. 576623

Are the musicians who namedrop brandnames paid by the brand? For the promo?

No. 576626

File: 1593427687100.jpg (14.66 KB, 276x276, highfurby.jpg)

why is sex with the lights turned of seen as the way women want to have sex?

No. 576627

Personally I don't think so. When I promote other bands it's because I support them or respect them. It's how a bunch of older bands gained traction.

No. 576634

We're meant to be terrified of a man finding a flaw on us mid-sex?

No. 576637

sex with the lights fully on feels less intimate to me, i'm sure it's not just women thing tho? I have no issue with full sunlight though so it's not like I'm embarassed, somehow artificial lights though feel, idk, lab-like?

No. 576643

Is there a name for the act of your male friends constantly joking about stealing your boyfriend?

No. 576648


No. 576655


No. 576657

kek anon

No. 576662

have this exact same problem and I hate it. I lose all attraction to a man once I see his bare feet

No. 576677

Did older generations hate us when we were teens too?

No. 576680

you don't remember that?

No. 576683

No. 576691

File: 1593440025625.jpg (4.56 KB, 200x175, 1593026756530.jpg)

>do you think it makes me a lesbian/bi if i only dream of sex with men?
>is there a name for lesbians that only likes the idea of sex with dicks?
Yeah, a straight woman.
Lesbians into dick, really? Is this bait?

No. 576697

Why would anyone choose to wear wingless pads over winged ones? What's the point?? Obviously if they sell them people use them but why??????

No. 576700

Be more empathetic anon, that shit can be confusing. I had to go all the way to sleep with several women before I undersood I wasn't actually bi but just hetero.

No. 576702

Does that make lesbians who use dildos not lesbians??? I enjoy dicks (or rather, the idea of them I guess) but not the men that they're attached to.

No. 576705

Wait how did you realize you were hetero…

No. 576706

i dont wear em but are they less expensive that way?

No. 576707

yeah you're straight and homophobic

No. 576709

This will be a weird one but: What's up with all those cows and snowflakes making porn now? Do they all have money struggles out of sudden?

No. 576711

kek I was going to say the same thing. Imagine thinking lesbians like any penis, imagine assuming all lesbians use dildos.

No. 576716

> (20 yo never had a bf)
If you're that inexperienced don't rush to put a label on it. Date whoever you find attractive and find out what you like through actually experiencing it.

No. 576718

I prefer wingless pads because too many times my period has over flown onto the wings and caused a bigger mess. Getting large super absorbant none winged pads has ensured that i've never leaked in years.

No. 576723

Covid makes for a better alibi to get money outta people. It can be assumed automatically that everyone is struggling right now to make an extra buck, instead of risking a more inconsistent story about financial troubles when their history doesn't really reflect a problem. In reality all they really want is some extra $$$ for a new Gucci purse and are happy to tout a pandemic as a means to an end.

No. 576734

My guess is, depending on the content it’s not a lot of work for a quick payout and most of these people doing it already have the equipment for video and photography.

And personally I think online porn content has become way more open in the mainstream right now compared to how it used to be, it’s kind of depressing

No. 576736

Anon, sexuality is fluid and it might take years for you to finally settle on what is a comfortable label for yourself. Don't think too much of it.

I was hypersexual growing up (and mostly identified as bisexual), and found myself mostly attracted to men. I could only imagine myself ending up with a man because I was so sex obsessed at the time lol, didn't really care or see myself emotionally invested in them though. I was attracted to women too, but emotionally rather than sexually. I've dated both sexes, and enjoyed my experience with women more. Now that things have evened out and I'm not sex obsessed, I don't really see the point in ever pursuing men again. None of the times I was with men were really ever emotionally fulfilling, so why bother? Also, most porn is made for the male gaze, lesbian porn especially.

Go out and date whoever piques your interest. You might change your mind over time, and that's fine. Contrary to some anon replies here, there's no sexuality police that's going to kick down your door and haul you off to sexuality jail just because you might change your mind after experiencing life and different people. r/comphet might also interest you.

No. 576752

Empathy has nothing to do with it. If you say you only like dick, you're not even bi, just straight. It's just facts, and there's nothing wrong with not being lgbt.
I'm quite tired of people pushing the "Lesbians like dick" rhetoric, and that whenever you point out the bullshit of it, someone comes in moaning that you're being "uwu mean" and "invalidating".

A dildo is not a dick, and not all lesbians use dildoes. Just think about it for a moment and the answer will come to you.

No. 576771

>Anon, sexuality is fluid
Nta but isn't sexuality set from birth? Taking a while to figure it out is fine but people don't just change back and forth in their sexuality throughout their lives. I mean we sometimes repress our sexuality. I've been there and similarly I've gone from dating men to dating women but for me at least it was oldschool catholic shame that caused it.

No. 576774

Yeah, maybe anon meant that bisexuality is fluid. Monosexualities (het and homo) don't change.

No. 576781

Maybe, I mean I've definitely heard bisexual people describe phases where they crave one more than the other

No. 576820

does anyone else's pussy hurt after standing around all day

No. 576886

Because people stereotype women as being insecure and/or vain, and also as not being as interested in sex (seeing as sex w/the lights on is seen as slightly more intense/"freaky").

I think a huuuuuge part of it is how much OnlyFans has taken off this year. Covid and quarantine greatly accelerated this, both because they gave people more financial incentive to sell content and because quarantine increased porn demand in general. But, I think OnlyFans was going to blow up regardless of the pandemic. When I learned about it last year before it was so big I was stunned at what a good business idea it was - nude culture, sex work culture, paid Snapchat culture, etc have all been growing and becoming further entrenched in recent years.

Now in recent months I see people with OnlyFans in their twitter display name or in their insta bio almost daily. Fucking Beyonce mentioned it in the Savage remix. It had a meme imperial period where SO MANY people were talking about it and making stupid normie jokes about it and now it's here to stay. In many circles I think people see it as cool or glamorous to have one, like you can get money for your nudes from simps that makes you a bad bitch. It's trendy as fuck, it gets you fuckloads of positive attention, and of course you can make easy money from it. Not surprised at all that cows are flocking to it.

No. 576971

What kind of scam are those sugar daddies searching for a sugar baby on IG?

No. 576977

My pussy clenches whenever i get irritated or annoyed

No. 577009

Should I drink tonight? Y/N

No. 577011

You should drink water every night the fuck

No. 577014

They say that alcohol exaggerates the mood that you are in when you start drinking, ime that's been true. How your mood atm?

No. 577018

File: 1593465891767.png (113.18 KB, 280x400, 33583473_2005347056445700_2426…)

the more caffeine I consume, the better I sleep. What's happening?
I have phases where I like energy drinks once in a blue moon. usually, it helps me stay organised better and get up earlier and staz energised. every other time, I am disgusted by the chemical cocktails though and can't even stand the smell and find them ~toxic~. my newly-turned ex-boyfriend drank them, too, (also in phases) and during the stages of grief I started drinking them, too. To combat some of my lethargy (next to more healthy and professional methods) and maybe even to feel a little closer to him? I feel a lot better?? Why? If it's only a phase, I'm just gonna ride out the energy wave until the disgust takes over again.

No. 577019

If it’s illegal to be overweight in Japan, why are fat people still roaming around?

No. 577023

Illegal? How.

No. 577026

It's also illegal to be as dense as you are.

No. 577030

Maybe its the same reason even though murder is illegal people still get murdered, Idk

No. 577038

Don't they just pay a fine?

No. 577043

No it's 1 month jail time for every digit of BMI in overweight

No. 577045

No, explain how something like this can be illegal.

No. 577052

Ya'll are dumb. It's not illegal, you just get harassed by your doctor into following a diet plan if you're over a certain waist line, which they have to measure when you get a regular checkup. You can't be fined or jailed.

No. 577053

Because Japan is anti-globalist and being fat is disgusting gaijin disease, did you not learn this in school?

Also, do you have autism?

No. 577058

Why do you have to attack me for asking a simple question? Also, that was not what I asked, I didn't ask why but HOW. HOW DOES THIS LAW WORK.

No. 577059

Can you stop falling for bait and just refer to >>577052
I live in Japan and that's accurate

No. 577061

I'm just annoyed when retards pretend like they can't read, and you're one of those people.

No. 577063

And kidfucking culture is rampant there too, muh grorious nippoN!

No. 577066

Your annoyance and passion over someone not reading your post on an imageboard diligently is a common symptom of aspergers. Get a 504 asap

No. 577068

Your question was beyond stupid, why would you expect sensible responses? Why the fuck would anyone take someone seriously if they honestly thought Japan made being fat illegal?

No. 577070

It's not illegal to be overweight in the entire country. Some companies require you to be fit, that's all. What >>577052 said isn't even accurate. However, if you're too fat for rides or planes or stuff like that the won't hesitate to deny/charge you extra.

No. 577076

I live in Japan and what they said was accurate. It's NOT illegal and you do get your waist measured. If you fail to be under a certain measurement you're required to meet with an advisor before attending work again. Are you good?

No. 577082

I have like 4-5 packs of frozen fresh dog food of a flavor my dog fucking HATES. Would it be weird to donate them to my local animal shelter (when it’s safe to go there)? I only ask if it’s weird because it’s fresh food that has to be kept frozen/has to be eaten within 4 days after defrosting and I wonder if they think it’s worth the trouble of having it and would just prefer regular kibble/wet food. The only other option would be to throw them out.

No. 577088

do people with aspergers get angered and annoyed faster than others?

No. 577092

It depends, it's a spectrum so inherently there's a lot of variation. Annoyed maybe because of hypersensitivity but just in my experience I don't feel like people with autism get angered more easily than average.

No. 577093

I just think most of this site's userbase is in North America, which is why in some times of the day it's a bit slow.

That being said, I'd really like some stats on how many users there actually are on this imageboard.

No. 577095

Possibly? I knew someone on the spectrum who was in the same college club as me who frequently got angry and annoyed pretty easily, no matter how much the board members tried to placate him. It was almost frightening at times. At the same time, there was a pair of twins who were also on the spectrum in the same club and they were very nice and easy going (one was a bit mean spirited tho lol)

No. 577098

My brother has aspergers, and 100% yes. They tend to be quite self centered people as well

No. 577102

What is wrong with it exactly? I've always enjoyed baking and so long as I have a good recipe with clear instructions,it always goes well. Maybe try to help her with it sometime and see if you can find out where she's going wrong? That's sweet that you don't want to hurt her feelings though.

No. 577105

Give them away on your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook.

No. 577108

I got rid of my facebook unfortunately…

No. 577110

PLEASE ANONS if you use cooling mattress pads or toppers, which do you recommend? I can’t deal with the night sweats anymore. I woke up and the hair on the back of my head was fucking DAMP. I hate this shit so much. I’d prefer something under $100 if possible and that goes on the mattress and not just the something for my pillow (used a pillow gel pad before but didn’t help since it would get hot in the middle of the night anyway). I really want something like a bedjet but it’s out of my price range at the moment and I sleep on a loft bed so it’s be difficult to set up and find the space to keep it elevated and close to the bed.

No. 577130


No. 577138

I have extremely thick and long hair, yet it's slowly receding? How do I stop it? or do I just have to accept this curse?

No. 577143

OPI Nail Envy contains formaldehyde too, and OPI is considered a respected/quality brand. They make formulations of it that are formaldehyde free but idk how those compare to the original.

Do you often wear your hair pulled back tightly? Look into traction alopecia, it's a common reason women start having receding hairlines. Otherwise I would say you should see a doctor to rule out any serious health problems that might be causing it, and if not, then see a dermatologist if you have insurance/can afford to. Imo seeing a derma if you can is better than fucking around with OTC products in a lot of cases.

No. 577146

Does anyone know of any good fluffy/doll like fake lashes?

No. 577151

When I was a kid I made new emails for basically every account I signed up for and a decade later I've forgotten pretty much all of them. I found an old account I had that I didn't even remember making where a lot of my personal information is on public display. I tried to recover it and couldn't answer all the questions necessary like the year of birth (I was a kid and lied about my age) and the email I used for it. They told me there was nothing they could do.

I guess I'm wondering if there's some other avenue I can take. Can I make a DMCA takedown request for my own account? It's DeviantArt btw lmao.

No. 577308

What are those pink things that cam girls stick up their vaginas? (And sometimes assholes) it’s like a wobbly pink stick with a big end that they stick inside and then another smaller thing at the end, and it sticks out, and they usually keep it in while they do stuff during their show…. what is it?

No. 577309

It's called a Lush usually. It's an internal vibrator and the vibrations can be set (through Bluetooth I think) to go off every time somebody tips a certain amount or whatever. It does look weird lol

No. 577339

How to stop oversharing? I've regretted every 'deep' convo I've ever had because I always overshare my shit.

No. 577342

Is having multiple orgasms really that rare? I will have 20 within a 15 minute period and I really used to think that was common.

No. 577344

Why are ex muslims so fucking annoying?

No. 577345

Fuck you let me be annoying in peace. True though, most ex muslims are in that rage-phase where they just rag on and harass regular ass muslims who aren't bothering them. Some muslim posts about not eating pork or some innocent muslim meme and they start ree-ing about how brainwashed and narrow-minded that person is. But I think as they get more and more secure in their non-belief they start becoming less obnoxious.

No. 577350

They remind me of those kids who want to rebel against their parents by shaving all their hair off and getting piercings but in this case eating pork and having sex are the piercings and haircut

>t. ex muslim

No. 577359

Severe repression. I like to see them have a bit of fun and freedom, if they're girls anyway.

No. 577361

I’m a white ex-Muslim. (My folks converted before I was born). I’m fucking annoying but I think that’s for about a thousand other reasons than the ex-Muslim thing.

No. 577362

When you leave a cult you're usually so disillusioned and angry at losing so many years of your life to total nonsense, that invokes rage that you constantly have to vent out until it fades with time. Happens with a lot of people who break out of any ideology, be it religious or otherwise.

No. 577368

I've never seen an ex-muslim who's annoying, but usually they try to hide it to not be harassed or worse. That might depend on if you're talking about them online or irl.

No. 577369

Dawg how the fuck else do you expect extremely repressed and traumatised people to act.

No. 577373

if i move out to rent a flat for a while and i'm renewing my passport would it make sense to make the passport address the new flat or my old family home? same with anything else that requires my address? does it make more sense to just leave it to my home address?

No. 577385

They don't lick islam's ass but they know the culture so you can't ree about islamophobia or racism.

No. 577386

IDK what country you're from, but where I'm from you are registered to one address and this is the one you have to use when issuing for documents like passport, not the one you currently live at.

No. 577390

It just depends. I've my passport and bank details registered to my mums house since I'm renting. I've changed like insurance documents to my home because that could be seen as fradulant but usually if something is very important or official I'll get it registered to my mum's house as the permanent address.

No. 577482

i’ve noticed that every background check site is US based and gives any info you could ever want on a person living there. does america have loose privacy laws and is everything just considered public record?

No. 577520

Asian countries always score the highest when it comes to IQ tests - is this because they are more intelligent, or because they modify test results to save face?

No. 577532

i find white converted muslims to be the most annoying of all, anon. ex-muslims are great.

No. 577536

Meh not necessarily. Asian countries care about that stuff way more so more bright children are encouraged to take some expensive IQ test while average kids don’t. So they get a higher average. That’s my hypothesis.

No. 577541

At least s korea has their own so oppa could seem smart

No. 577544

sounds adhd

No. 577547

I guess caffeine has a different effect on everyone. When I drink a lot of coffee I become horny

No. 577570

Can a bisexual woman call herself a queer? Like, does it also affect her? Or is it just with lesbians and gay people only?

I hate using the word "queer" altogether btw. I am just curious.

No. 577574

What do you think about bisexual men in this regard? Also curious.
I think bisexuality is a hot topic in general with if the LGBT community, I’m not sure though, because I don’t belong to it.

No. 577580

I am bisexual myself and I am honestly pretty confused too. If it's acceptable for both bisexual women and men to call themselves queer, then why not? And if it isn't acceptable then I will also accept that.

No. 577587

I mean yeah, you're into other women. Just because you're also into guys doesn't negate that fact.

No. 577588

I never really used eBay before so I apologize if I sound really dumb.

If I mention that I’m a “cute girl,” will this help me sell items for higher price? Or will I just become a laughingstock of the internet? I don’t mind including pics of myself holding the item. The stuff I’m going to sell are old phones and cameras.

No. 577593

It’s not illegal to put ~kweeer~ in your twitter bio, if that’s what you’re asking
Ebay seller here. Shove them up your ass, helps sales a lot.

No. 577594

About to be out of a job and have been job hunting since the beginning of this year to no avail. Should I try to sell fabric masks on Etsy for a bit of extra cash or is it not worth the effort?

No. 577595

I'm pretty sure we're far beyond the peak of fabric mask sales at this point

No. 577620


No. 577649

Tbh, yeah, it will because scrotes are like that. However, I remember there being a trend of men selling random shit and trying to sneak their dick in there somehow, that got their listing equally a lot of attention. Doing anything outrageous in general helps, but is the attention worth it?

No. 577673

That sounds like a bad idea because the person who purchases anything is going to see your name and address. If it’s a paypal transaction they’ll also have your email so you’d practically be doxxing yourself if some weirdo notices your listings.

No. 577681

eBay isn't social media. Take a picture of what you're selling in decent lighting conditions, write a description and list it for a fair price. That's all you need to do.

No. 577719

I have never ever seen an eBay listing that included a person in the photos unless it was someone modeling clothes. No offense but no one on there cares and honestly you're more likely to put people off by looking like a weirdo.

High quality photos, good lighting, enough photos for buyers to see what all sides/parts of the item look like (you'd be shocked how many sellers don't do this), and there are things you can do to make your photos eye catching and aesthetically pleasing without including yourself in them. Maybe get some cute colorful fabric to use as a background or take photos outside.

No. 577746

I'm gonna get made fun of for this but, do farmers here still regularly browse imageboards like 4chan? And if so, how can you stand to be on there?

Blogpost Ahead Call me lame, but before coming to lolcow, I didn't know anything about imageboards. I went on 4chan for first time a while ago, and its just….awful? And knowing sweaty neckboards were behind it all was the worst part. Gross.

No. 577751

does anyone else think the relationship subreddits are completely flooded with falsehoods designed to make women look bad? I've seen a few get called out for absurd lies but I think plenty are fake and get blindly accepted

No. 577756

I think that’s true about a majority of subreddits tbh. Especially ones dedicated to hating on specific archetypes.

No. 577757

Was on there the other day, literally saw 2 snuff pictures of women get posted (in different threads…) that these dudes clearly have saved in some degenerate folder to jack off to. If a dude regularly posts on 4chan I think he should be killed for the good of society. Looking at the difference between female-majority lolcow and male-majority 4chan has only reinforced my belief in female superiority lol.

No. 577765

There's definitely creative writers and karma whores on there.

Similar situation, this was the first imageboard I used regularly. Before, tumblr and woke circles made them sound evil. I like lurking on 4chan occasionally; seeing how they act is like observing a wild animal in their natural habit. It's the female posters that make me sad, scrotes will always be scroting.

No. 577771

I was a lot younger and stupider when I got into the habit of browsing there regularly. It's always been pretty bad but its gotten worse in recent years. the boards that are related to hobbies and interests were pretty fun 8+ years ago. In recent years I've only gone back during destructive periods to get into easy arguments with other mentally ill people.

No. 577774

>like observing a wild animal in their natural habit

Omg I was about to say the same thing. It feels almost exactly like when I have to observe animals for course assignments, minus keeping notes. That and I'd generally be less repulsed by watching the animals, even though, admittedly, some do eat their own shit in front of me.

No. 577776

Why do I puke some mornings?
I'm not pregnant as I'm on my period right now. It also happens sometimes when I'm not on my period.
It doesn't matter whether or not I eat breakfast, I still puke(but if I don't eat, I just dry heave). I stop feeling nauseous after puking so it's not like I'm sick with a stomach bug or anything.

No. 577786

Why is it that in the summer I always wake up at some ungodly early hour?
Doesn't matter when I go to sleep, my eyes will open at like 4 am and I can't go back to sleep

No. 577791

>before lolcow I didn't know anything about image boards
Consider yourself lucky anon, I'm happy that there are places like lolcow now that are more female oriented.
Became a regular browser on there because of /cgl/ back in 2013. It has it's own brand of autisim but tbh I like the board since a large potion of users are female and I'm into convention related shit. I've made friends with quite a few anons on there and while a few do have issues, they're genuinely cool people. They also call out scrote nonsense which is nice.
Never really deviated from that board tho(aside from a few occasional visits to /ic/) because I saw some super awful things being posted on other boards. I remember the first time going on /gif/ and being horrified of the rekt threads they'd have. Same with the other dumpster fire boards like /pol/ and /b/. Saw an image of a purple faced dead child being held firmly by the neck and never went back. The hand in the image belonged to a man, hey no surprise.

Same, when you really look into it the difference is huge. So much fucking gore, creepy porn, and CP on there that a lot of them encourage.
I'm so glad the farm is decent enough to not allow any of that shit here.

No. 577794

>Saw an image of …
Jesus fucking Christ, what is wrong with those people. I read somewhere that a couple years ago someone also posted some coordinates of a dead body or something?

No. 577795

soda drinker? on any meds? sunlight in your room? do you have a snack when you wake up? do you nap? those are my first thoughts to eliminate.

No. 577796

There's some fun stuff in all the trash but it's not worth seeing all the trash for me. Personally all the porn poisons my eyes and i can't do it. Also seeing how most posters see/talk about women is not healthy and makes me sad

No. 577801

should a depressed fuck like me dabble into weed or is that a recipe for disaster? I've never tried it and want that sweet sweet release of dissociation.

No. 577802

This is relatively uncommon but if you smoke weed regularly and have for a while, look into cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, one of the symptoms of its onset is morning sickness.
I only mention it because it used to be considered rare but it appears to be getting more common and more people should be aware of it.

Also consider any meds or supplements you take in the morning, some can cause nausea if you take them on an empty stomach.

No. 577805

I usually hang around /ck/ when I remember it exists. It's pretty funny how people go from 0-100 over something stupid like corn.

No. 577824

They are a very collectivist culture therefore they are good at taking standardized tests.

No. 577842

I browse fa/fit/x/int/ck

Blue boards are pretty tame

No. 577847

I've been called weird by multiple people throughout my life both older and younger than me, and I can't really pinpoint the exact reason.

> I Work in a very social and successful field

>Graduated university
>Have a better fashion sense than most people around me(people ask me for help with their outfits regularly)
> I'm very socially aware and open minded

I am socially awkward, and I don't speak that much unless I'm fully comfortable. I'm almost TOO socially aware, which prevents me from relaxing I guess. So you mean to tell me that this is enough to be deemed a weirder so much so that it actually warrants audibly calling me weird? The fact that I'm not super chatty? Shit hurts bro ngl.

No. 577873

You sound exactly like me. It's really fucking wild how much weird shit you get from some people, for your whole life, just for being quiet, no matter how socially intelligent you are.

That kinda reminds me of friends/acquaintances (none of whom I ever disliked) who have told me stuff like "Before I knew you better I used to think you didn't like me because you were always so quiet". What's the point in saying that to me? Like what am I supposed to say… sorry? I'm very insecure about my social skills even though I know I have a high degree of social awareness and I'm incredibly paranoid about coming off as rude to people. So hearing that just makes me feel like shit. I know people don't mean it badly but it just sucks because they're feeding into my insecurity.

Another thing is people's bizarre impulse to turn to me during a group conversation and say "…Anon, you're being quiet!"

No. 577877

Just say you're a normie. I like imageboards and forums to talk about my interests over social media or normie platforms any day. I browse /x/ /g/ and /fa/ on 4chan and I used to browse /cow/ and /pol/ on 8chan. Now I browse /lefypol/ /pol/ and /g/ on endchan. I also browse smaller boards like uboa, lainchan, or crystal cafe sometimes.

No. 577878

samefag but I love /ck/ too, best 4chan board.

No. 577889

Tattooed anons I need a bit of help.

I scheduled a booking with an artist in my city that I followed on instagram for a while. His work is amazing. I sent him an enquiry, paid the deposit and sent reference pictures. It’s not what he usually does but I asked him if he could add his style to basically a simple flower tattoo.

I went there and just plain didn’t like his design. It felt kinda awkward, does this happen a lot? We talked a bit more about what I wanted and I’m going back tomorrow. I feel like he doesn’t really communicate much or show me design progress? It felt like he pulled it together in 5min and made a very simple design that had no wow factor like his other tattoos. It didn’t really look like the ref pictures I sent either.

Has it ever happened to anyone? What happens if I go tomorrow and still don’t like it? I don’t want to be an annoying client but I definitely don’t want to tattoo something I barely like.

No. 577908

you tell them what you don't like and maybe show them some of their other work you do like and if that doens't help, just get out of there with nothing.

No. 577910

I feel you, and it's a stupid thing for people to say. Though, as someone who's been guilty of telling other people I thought they disliked me before getting closer, it's probably a product of their own insecurity as well. When I tell people I worry/worried about them disliking me, it's not that I find their quietness weird or anything, rather it's because I want to be sure that they seriously don't dislike me.

No. 577914

> It’s not what he usually does
I think this is the root of the issue but still you should back out of it if you still don't love the design tomorrow. No need to feel guilty either, it happens.

A lot of the time you match yourself to an artist by sticking to their style and their strengths, asking them to step a little outside of that is pretty hit and miss.

No. 577918

Yeah that’s what I did. When he showed it to me I was literally speechless but not even in a good way. I was just thinking “why is this so … bland?”.
Which is weird because I’ve seen (albeit rarely) flower tattoos on his feed.
Don’t get me wrong, the quality was obviously great, but I showed him again the reference pictures I sent and his reaction made me feel like he didn’t look at them much.

You’re definitely right. I tend to overthink so I was just thinking if it happens again, do I want to push it again and offer a second deposit? Money is not the issue and he’s definitely worth it.

It’s also my first tattoo so I don’t know if there’s any etiquette to follow. I’m a designer myself and I usually show drafts before going straight for a completed design, I thought the process would be similar.

No. 577921

I've showed up to lots of appointments where I only saw the finished design on the day, that's after already booking myself in for a full day session so yeah it happens like that sometimes and now that I think about it.. it's not ideal lol. I was lucky in that my reference pics where closely followed.

It's definitely a time to be assertive and not worry about being 'difficult' or whatever, as long as you're paying them for their time you're well within your rights to ask that it be exactly what you want.

No. 577928

Piggybacking off of what anon is talking about, I also just reached out to an artist for my first tattoo. How long should I wait for him to get back to me? With how much the website told me not to call or email them more than once, I’m assuming he doesn’t have the greatest track record with responding to emails fast (which I totally get, I just wish they would give me a time frame they’d get back to me, like 10-14 days or something). I’m planning on waiting 2 weeks before I reach out to another studio, does that sound like an appropriate wait time or am I not giving him enough time? The email was just me explaining it’s a coverup of a small stick n poke, giving an approximation of the size and color, and explaining what flower (like anon above, kek) I want.

No. 577933

Anon idk if that’s the same for you, but literally I missed my tattoo artist’s answer because it went straight to my spam folder!
I feel like they usually have a crappy website and whenever they answer enquiries it’s flagged as spam.

No. 577939

Don't know where you're located but it could be that after covid they're full of requests from people who've either had appts cancelled or lots of bored people who want their first tatt after being locked in for months? I imagine lots of places have a backlog now.

No. 577945

Why do interracial marriages have a high divorce rate?

No. 577949

Aren't divorce rates just high in general now?

No. 577951

Good idea, I’ll definitely check my spam from here on out too! It’s such a shit website (literally most of the artists don’t even have bios), and the inquiry was in on like a form so I’m worried they didn’t even get it cause it wasn’t a real email? But thanks I’ll definitely check that too! >>577939
Yeah I’m definitely keeping that in mind! Like I said to the other anon, I’m worried they didn’t even get the email. I live in a super duper small town so I was wondering how busy it would be, also because they said on their Facebook page that they didn’t have a lot of backlog appointments so that’s why I reached out to there. I’m kind of ambivalent about the studio anyway, i just chose it cause it’s the only one in the town I’m currently in but I’ve heard it’s very unnecessarily expensive, I figured I had more a chance of hearing from a studio in a town of <5000 people than trying one in the city but I definitely don’t mind driving to get it, i was hoping this one wouldn’t be too busy compared to those ones. I just don’t even know what the usual response time is so I have nothing to gauge it against.

No. 577954

File: 1593612239338.jpg (369.33 KB, 2535x1588, hhh.jpg)

How to stop feeling uncomfortable around a person who secretly hates you (is open about it in private, but not when public is around,even though there are still hints of it)?

I don't want and won't drag myself in drama, I just want to feel comfortable and calm whenever they are around.

I am a really socially anxious introvert who always has to be a respectful extrovert around people, which is draining for sure. But boy… Things are so much harder because of that person now, I always have panic attacks before going to meetings that involve them.

No. 577956

I've been checking /v/ these days because the TLOU2 edits and the Cyberpunk seething is fun to witness. Sometimes I browse /tv/, /a/, /u/, /int/ and /x/. All these boards are called "reddit boards" because they're very normie compared to the rest of the site.

No. 577965

I feel this so hard. Every time I've tried to fit in with a group full of normal people (i.e. not weebs) they end up lowkey bullying me like it’s middle school solely because I'm quiet and therefore "weird". I wish I had a penny for every time I overheard people gossiping about me without realising I was standing right there because at least I'd get something out of it besides paranoia and anxiety. It's always really mundane shit too, like what I studied in university or that I have a boyfriend, but they treat it like a scandalous tidbit. Then when I try to let them know they can just talk to me directly and I don't bite, they treat me like even more of a freak for overhearing (bro this is my office too) and double down on the ostracising and not-so-subtle whispering from the other side of the hallway. Sometimes they even give me nicknames.

>Another thing is people's bizarre impulse to turn to me during a group conversation and say "…Anon, you're being quiet!"

This is so awkward, especially when they phrase it like an accusation or talk about me in third person like “Anon is one of those quiet people”. What does that even mean?

The worst part is that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more people treat me like some kind of school shooter the more uncomfortable I become around them and the less motivated I am to be chatty and nice, so in the end they feel totally justified in the way they treated me.

No. 577967

Is Mercari decent for selling anime/manga/figurines or should I stick with eBay?

No. 577974

File: 1593617862780.jpeg (28.92 KB, 333x326, 3BD8E37E-C491-4C05-8D33-9FF7C9…)

Genuinely how can I stop myself from coming here all the time? I have website blockers, I delete apps, but nothing sticks. I’ve rid myself of mindless Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit scrolling but I waste so much time in here. I really want to move on from this place so I can focus on my work but it’s so addicting.

No. 577976

hide your phone in a place that's annoying to reach (in a cupboard on the top shelf behind other stuff) and find yourself something better to do, ie more purposeful and that leaves you feeling accomplished when you're done spending time on it at the end of the day.
i struggle with that too, the internet drains me of my time, creativity and discipline sometimes

No. 577977

Just block the website

No. 577978

I experience massive anxiety in (any kind of) relationship - be it family, friend or romantic relationship. I think it is the effect of being raised by a narcissistic mother and having a fear of intimacy. Recently my only friend threatened to break off the relationship and the only feeling I experienced was relief, than guilt over feeling relief. How do I change? I want to be comfortable and enjoy human contact but it's like I'm cursed or something. I want to feel attached to people

No. 577993

Get ur self banned

No. 577995

Is applying to jobs on craigslist too risky??

No. 577996

Uh, no? Just don't be stupid and be aware of scammy language.

No. 578010

How did leg shaving even become a thing? Is it down to one person that thought it up? a razor company? How tf did we get snookered into accepting that as a norm?

No. 578013

Imagine still having imageboard take up this much of your identity lmao calm down it’s not as yewnique as you think it is

No. 578014

What kind of job?

No. 578015

If you take a free trial of amazon prime (planning to cancel within the 30 days) and download books that are in the free prime reads section, does that complicate cancelling your subscription? l

Like do you have to manually delete the books first. I'm paranoid that amazon will find a way to charge me.

No. 578016

how do you guys feel about blowjobs?

No. 578018

genuinely love giving them, personally. either gentle and in control or getting facefucked, into them in any way tbh

No. 578019

Disgusting, why give any pig that pleasure if he hasn't done it for you?

No. 578020

I'm not into them

No. 578021

Would like to bite a dick off one day

No. 578022

Seems to have mostly been Gillette trying to sell more razors. Clothing styles changed significantly in the 20s to show more skin, and advertising make it seem ~so embarrassing~ to have hair anywhere.

No. 578026

I like giving head BUT I've never been with a guy who didn't return the favor

No. 578028

I like giving them but I wish they weren't so physically uncomfortable. I have an irrational fear of dislocating body parts so having my jaw open too much or for too long makes me really anxious. I also hate how dirty my face feels after, all that spit and sweat and skin cells all over my acne-prone chin and mouth area, not good.

I wish the men I've given them to were normal and not pornsick and would cum in a reasonable amount of time instead of taking ages.

No. 578032

Indifferent. I like that my partner enjoys it and it's not painful or unpleasant.

No. 578040

why are you assuming he wouldn't he do it for you……

No. 578049

Like giving them but I have a super bad gag reflex, so I am not very good at them

No. 578050

I like them if they are mutual

No. 578058

I dole one out sometimes when he’s been good boy. Even then just flicking my tongue against his gland makes him crazy, it’s nice to be with a non-coomer who doesn’t need to violently masturbate his dick with your skull to feel anything kek

No. 578059

Idk if this will answer your question since you didn't mention having a kindle, but I have a kindle, and afaik, the prime subscription and book subscription are two different things. Upon opening the tablet, it immediately gave me a trial for a book subscription, and when it was up, i didn't have to delete them. It just automatically took them. I believe I can still download books with prime though? idk. It might just be best to email customer support tho.

No. 578060

I like them. But I hate facials, like cumming on the face. Gross. I would never allow a partner to do that ever.

No. 578061

I hate cum, I just hate it full stop, don't want it anywhere on me or in me. Oh and the smell of it..

No. 578066

Why do websites obsess over changing their layouts? What happens if they don't?
deviantART changed its layout, and pretty much all the users complained because the new design is shitty and near-unusable. In response, they gave an option to switch back, only to take said option away and make a full switch.
Tumblr has done the same thing. Before that, rabb.it did the same thing and basically sank its own website because everyone was complaining.
Just, why? Why fix what's not broken?

No. 578078

should i go out and buy a manga tomorrow

No. 578082

No past trauma, right? That's the only time I used to have a big problem with forms of penetration.
Honestly you can't force it, especially if that's not something you enjoy. Unless you plan on having sex anything soon, there's no point messing around up there. It typically sucks for me unless it's another person, otherwise fingers feel weird to just use when the clit is way better.
Enjoy yourself the way you prefer, everyone's different!

No. 578089

I have gone through assault but it was oral not vaginal so I never really thought it could be the reason why I find it so awful. I feel like I'm missing out by not engaging in anything penetrative and feel kinda bad about it. I'll try not to let it bother me too much Thank you anon, you're a sweetie.

No. 578092

Yes, I remember how good it feels to walk home with a brand new cherished manga and I wish it for you.

No. 578094

What manga?

No. 578095

You buy your mango anon, just remember to not catch rona

No. 578098

No. 578099

Diff anon here but I had abuse in my childhood and without wanting to be graphic..it was done anally. I have always had a love/hate relationship with even vaginal penetration. Sometimes leading to tears afterwards or leaving me feeling emotionally unsettled.

I posted here before about an issue I had where I would buy sex toys, use them and get emotionally set off by them and bin them. I had that cycle for a while. It's frustrating but similar to you clit stuff doesn't have the same negative effect so that's something. At least that's a safe orgasm.

No. 578100

thank you

don't rly know yet but i've been side eyeing bungou stray dogs volume 16 for the past few weeks now.. the cover is very pretty lol

No. 578135

File: 1593638161553.png (219.41 KB, 1068x1659, Screenshot_20200701-220833~2.p…)

Is anyone else seeing these weird gaps in the threads, and is it a hellweek thing? Sometimes when I open a thread posts will literally disappear before my eyes as the page loads, including my own, I've never seen this before.
I'm not getting a ban redirect so hopefully it's not that

No. 578138

I think you have saged posts hidden anon. scroll all the way to the top of this thread, and to the right of "hellweek starts june 22nd", it'll say 'unhide saged posts' or something like that. Click it and it should show all posts.

No. 578142

maybe anon. dropping a vid (sorry if you don't like RTG some anons consider her a cow) because it's relevant/scary and yeah can actually potentially be dangerous. make sure you have a tracker app/tell people where you're going/maybe even bring a friend to wait? good luck anon stay safe!

No. 578143

Thank you for replying, I don't seem to have that option and in this thread I can see a mix of saged and unsaged posts but I'll try some things like deleting the cache

No. 578160

File: 1593641300499.jpg (108.44 KB, 1415x1800, Tincture_PANGEA_100MG_CBD_1800…)

Has anyone tried Nu X cbd tinctures? I wanted to try it for my OCD, but i've never used cbd oil before, so i wanted to get something cheap. It's like $9/8, but i'm buying it for $6.

I'm really just worried that if I get a cheap product, it won't work.

No. 578165

I don't know much about CBD or brands but everything I've heard from friends and just around is that decent CBD products are on the pricier side. The CBD market has grown so fast and just due to it's nature of being in the gray area between heath supplement and psychoactive compound and the fact that many people aren't super informed about it, there's a lot of bullshit out there.

If I were you I would research reputable brands and be willing to buy something quality because you don't want to lose out on the opportunity to actually see if it could help you by buying weak shit.

No. 578188

With a price like that i say go for it. Worst case scenario is nothing happens. If you can afford it, I HIGHLY recommend Green Roads. I struggle a lot with anxiety and obsessive thoughts and their products helped.

No. 578192

How do people snuggle with their animals knowing their buttholes have never been wiped?

No. 578194

…how are you snuggling so that your face is in any proximity near their buttholes?

No. 578197

If I'm snuggling an animal, it's probably going to be on me in some way
Like on a couch or on my bed, if it sits on your bed then it's butthole is on your bed
the issues isn't that my face is near it, but that it could be near places where it's butthole touched

No. 578199

I wipe my cat's butthole everyday. It just makes me feel more comfortable knowing she's clean

No. 578200

Oh okay, I didn't know if that was normal to do or not

No. 578202

Y’all probably brushing your teeth with poop particles, snuggling kitty is inconsequential to me lol

No. 578210

You are correct. I don’t mind being called a tomboy. I’m still a straight woman. Just androgynous.

No. 578236

File: 1593655516150.jpg (35.79 KB, 681x445, math_lady.jpg)

Why was sage removed from /pt/ in the past? What was the reasoning for it?

No. 578237

wtf is milksommar. I get it's a play on the word midsommar but wtf is it.

No. 578247

/snow/ suddenly got super creamy lately anon!

No. 578251

ooohh cause of dramageddon? That makes sense.

No. 578303

People were using sage as an excuse to post off topic, infighting and nitpicking posts so admin/farmhands did away with sage in an attempt to force people to stay on topic.

No. 578382

File: 1593697860953.gif (889.65 KB, 391x365, 1591160246531.gif)

pic is anon after bj

No. 578388

Ur evil anon, now shes gonna think about this everytime she is giving a bj

No. 578400

File: 1593701005452.jpg (34.74 KB, 600x525, EFRhXx5U8AEtgiY.jpg)

No offense to other girls shaped like me, but what the hell are you supposed to wear to look actually good when you are short, short waisted, & have long legs? I am tired of wearing longer shirts to hide how short my torso is, I just wana look decent. Guides to dress myself with this body type only have outdated/ugly clothes.

No. 578403

>I have an irrational fear of dislocating body parts so having my jaw open too much or for too long

I feel you anon, even thought I'm not exactly fearing the dislocation, after a while it usually becomes so exhausting and painful to keep the mouth open for so long I just can't wait for the partner to cum and be over with it. Thankfully my current boyfriend only likes bj as a part of short foreplay, not the cum-endgame, which is perfect for me since I still get to do something I overall enjoy, because I do like to see partner enjoying oral, but I'm saved from prolonged suffering.

No. 578413

They're shit. Men have normalized receiving but not giving. bjs are a pain and time consuming. fuck that noise

No. 578414

Like other anon said, it was the razor company trying to make more money , so they sold the idea that women shouldnt have leg hair ever. and women bought that sheep idea and now here we are.

No. 578422

you gotta do some illusion shit and attempt to drop your waistline either with prints or just cuts, just google short torso long legs fashion or something and think of more contemp clothes.

No. 578426

Where did you get the idea that it's a problem? Haven't you heard figures of speech like "all leg" and "legs up to her armpits", or looked at models? You're the desirable proportion. I don't know how you're looking at your long legs and instead seeing short torso freak, maybe you were bullied by people who were jealous or maybe you just can't see what you have?
If you want to dress to make yourself look stumpier then just do the opposite of what the rest of us are all told to do and instead n wear flat shoes, lower waistlines. Take some of my extra torso and donate me some leg whilst you're at it please.

No. 578453

Can you recommend some cool sites in japanese that you browse? I need it to practice.
yes, I'm a weeb. pls don't judge

No. 578625

How exactly does unemployment work? I filed a claim last week, but was never sent any sort of confirmation email that the claim was received. It just took me to some other website and prompted me to upload a resume. When I sign into my account and try to view my claim, it prompts me to put in some code that, according to the FAQ should have been "mailed" to me. I can't view or manage my claim(s) without this code.

So like, am I waiting for something physical in the mail in order to see whether or not my claim is being processed? I'm so confused and trying to do everything possible not to call them, because I know I'm just going to be put on a 2 hour hold only to be hung up on eventually.

No. 578630

File: 1593739124626.jpg (1.1 MB, 1400x1000, 1482732349994.jpg)

I don't know if it's cool but I like reading websites that translate english comments for Japanese people to read. It has the bonus of linking back to the original page so you've got a reference for the translation. Also lots of weebshit on them. For some examples:

The last one doesn't update anymore but seeing them translate /a/ threads was hilarious. Pic related.

No. 578631

Which country anon? I originally wrote up a really long winded response with fake steps for the unemployment process in a fictional reality to be snarky but you don't deserve that, navigating unemployment is enough of a kick in the backside.
Google might be more helpful for something this specific though, just from my own personal experience

No. 578648

Should I reach out to my half sisters and try to build a relationship with them? My dad cheated on my mom when I was a kid and had 3 kids with some crazy lady who's in and out of prison.

We used to be super close as kids but my dad's alcoholism and way of leaving us at odd places when taking us out kind of made it so we grew apart. We're all college aged now except for my youngest half brother.

I'm afraid I'd traumatize them or something if I reached out. And I'm scared that they resent me because my dad stayed with my mom (clown shit on my mom's part).

No. 578657

U.S. California, specifically.

No. 578660

Any anon here that migrated from their home country? I wanna leave this shit hole but i am really scared, i would like some advice.

No. 578664

I mean it depends what your home country is and where you are headed.

No. 578667

In my state (PA) you have to physically get a letter in the mail with a pin number before you can do anything else. It took about a week for me. So I think you should just wait.

No. 578676

I am from Argentina. I would love to go to the USA, Italy or Uruguay. But i am more curious about what other anons that did it went through.

No. 578678

Guys what do you think about the argument that "once blacks are liberated, all minorities will be liberated by default"? It it very often used and I just can't get behind it. A girl in my college class started a full on fucking argument about how the black struggle wasn't mentioned enough in schools (which I agree, it wasn't) and another girl starts mentioning how she felt like her asian heritage and struggle was never ever mentioned (for example the experience of the vietnamese during the war) and the black girl told her it wasn't important to talk about that in detail because black struggles are more important to discuss in the curriculum because it's something going on to this day and that once blacks are liberated, all minorities will be liberated. An arab girl in the class told her that was a load of shit and that people hate different minorities for different reasons and that liberating blacks wouldn't liberate asians, arabs, and hispanics as we are all literally hated for different reasons. The arab girl said that although black racial relations are a prominent issue in American society that needs to be addressed heavily, it doesn't mean every other minority and their struggles should be swept under the rug. She said something about how palestinians grew up in American schools being told that they weren't from palestine but from israel and had to learn about hanakkuh but never got to talk about their own culture or generational trauma and the black girl told her to suck it up essentially.

No. 578680

The Arab girl is right. Thinking otherwise is a very American way to think and a disregard of international race relations and politics.

No. 578687

That black girl sounds like a dumb bitch

No. 578710

This is a Chinese propaganda channel, right? Everything seems excessively faked and staged. I don't even believe they're in an actual place, I think it's a setting with an elaborate green screen as they often have meat sitting outside in the open and yet there's like no insects anywhere, almost never a breeze, and really interesting sudden angle shots, windows in kitchen blocked by bricks, sudden cutaways when they travel outside. There's always random songbird and farm animal noises that are played in the background that also sound fake as fuck too. Food ingredients always perfect with no flaws whatsoever.

No. 578712

it's just a cooking channel.

No. 578715

I am glad i am not the only one who finds these channels weird. It has too be propaganda, the production quality is too good.

No. 578720

anon there were definitely some fatass flies zoomin around that tripe before it dried…plus it was uploaded in feb so it would have been like December when she started the drying process and there would have been fewer insects in general. I do question the production value…if it's propaganda it worked though, some of those shots are gorgeous and the food looked pretty tasty. I'm sure a lot of the things you pointed out like the perfect ingredients, sfx, etc., are just standard things any yter would do to make their vids as idyllic as possible. The only thing really out there is the green screen lol I don't think it's that crazy to believe that her family lives in the countryside.

No. 578721

I got a big mole in my leg and the hair there grows a lot quicker and darker than the others. Why is that?

No. 578726

Why the fuck would the Chinese make a propaganda video about tripe of all things? All westerners think tripe is disgusting.

A lot of that shit is just editing

No. 578728

I always thought these were weird. I could never put a finger on them, but they’re just so polished while depicting the most rustic lifestyles. It seems…not very genuine, at the least.

No. 578729

I'm in contact with someone e-famous who may or may not be a cow. They are in a difficult spot (because they are a piece of shit and it's 100% their fault, I assure you) so I'm pretending to be their friend to gain their trust. Idk what my end goal is, I think I'm just trying to get more info about their life right now. Is there any way I could ever leak the info I found? Is it even moral? I know cowtipping is not encouraged but this feels a little different? idk

So far the person told me they have very few friends, which isn't unexpected. Is it bad to leak that info?

No. 578736

Not having many friends isn't very interesting, wait until you have decent milk before spilling it. You don't wanna get caught prematurely, assuming they are aware of their thread and could identify you from the posts.

No. 578738

I don't want to post about it here. I don't want my real life identity associated with this place at all. Should I put the leaks on a burner twitter account?

I agree that not having friends isn't milky. I do still feel a little bad about it haha.

No. 578743

Yeah, I would suggest making a Twitter account and posting in personal lolcow. If she's milky enough then she would be good enough for her own thread. goodluck anon, u are doin wonders.

No. 578748

This person is more than a personal lolcow. They've received media coverage from Vice and such. Not going to leak more. But I think I will put up a twitter account and eventually some people will notice the hashtag. There's already people talking about this person under their hashtag.

No. 578779

> that pic
Thanks, anon. I saved it!

No. 578846

File: 1593788414736.jpg (19.66 KB, 570x428, 134b1d333b58d629caa2962386f890…)

So I wear this ultra thin plain silver stacker ring on my ring finger and no other rings. Today I handed a co worker something and when he saw my ring he was like "Oh! You're engaged?". Do people still think a ring around the ringfinger automatically means it's an engagement ring? I thought it was generally accepted that you can wear a ring around your ringfinger for fashion, was I mistaken?

No. 578849

If it's a plain band then I think that's just a man being dumb, no woman would see a plain band and think that

No. 578870

i agree with the idea. when i think about the racism I've experienced as a non-black person but still a visible person of color, a lot of it goes back to issues that stem from antiblackness and anti-black racist attitudes historically.
of course there's going to be areas where the sun won't touch, but if we create an ideal world where even the most oppressed person can have the same opportunities for love and life as everyone else, it would liberate those opportunities for everyone else who isn't as "oppressed" or has shit easier.

i think a lot as a latino about how for example, toxic masculinity plays a part in how I'm treated by men. when i think about that, i think about how most of latino and black toxic masculinity stems from traditional Christian fundamentals and ideas. and when you get back to where that came from, a lot of those ideals were pushed on to or forced on to black slaves and Latinos by missionaries and white colonialists. Natives as well. so technically, one could attribute a deep sense of toxic masculinity in latino culture to that forced dedication to christian beliefs for so long by colonialists, which was ultimately due to racism and anti-blackness.

i feel like all of these issues are connected and i really do believe in the idea of these issues intersecting/being intersectional, so even with something as far extended as Asian culture, liberating black folks and making a world that's better for them would likely see positive benefits for them as well (ex: skin lightening products in eastern and asian countries, the concept that the darker your skin is the poorer/uglier you are, vice versa, etc.)

No. 578872

That man is a dum dum give him gum gum.

No. 578877

i feel this so hard. the extreme and sometimes obsessive social awareness? being hyper socially aware? yes. it's hard to relax or put my guard down because I'm constantly aware of everything around me.

"oh, she just said she liked my outfit, but then her gaze went to the left side, so maybe she's lying"
"oh, he's shaking his leg. he likely has an anxiety problem. that might be useful information later" (this person is a stranger, it's not useful info lmao)

i guess my brain tries to notice and compartmentalize every little detail of what I'm aware of around me "just in case" something happens.
I've never been able to tell if it was just an anxiety thing or an anxiety and autism thing.

I'll just be minding my own business as I normally do and people will ask me "are you sad/mad?" or "is something wrong" and nothing will be but because they asked me that I'm like shit do I look like it? Should I be?

I've been called weird too many times to count and have even been told I look like a school shooter so wtf.
I'm just a quiet and hyper-aware person. I try to be as self aware as possible, I care too much about what people think and I think that plays into it as well. Just the way others perceive me/my actions from an outsider's perspective, and how everything I do influences others. I've been told I care too much about what others think by my partner, and it's probably the same shit.

glad to know I'm not alone.

No. 578922

Are you wearing it on your left hand?

No. 578931

Good to know, thank you!

No. 578937

Does anyone else play pokemongo and have problems with the gps? I've been playing it since the beginning so I've probably played it on three different phones in that time and the gps acts up all the time. I swear any time I go to click on a pokestop or a pokemon I particularly want it chooses that exact second to glitch out and teleport me to the far end of town.

Is this just common with the app?

No. 578944

Not me, but my bf plays and he has this problem all the time.

No. 578948

what should I say in my job interview when they ask why I'm leaving my current job? I'm leaving it because I hate it and one of the managers is an asshole, but I can't say that obviously

No. 578955

When westerners think of China they think of a polluted land full of people and food markets with bat soup. I think videos like these are to encourage tourism.

No. 578959

Yes, as someone who has been to rural China several times, it can be nice irl. Is showing that propaganda? (Although what you can't tell from an edited video is that the bathrooms suck ass)

People like the Pioneer Woman have a whole brand about their rural lives even though Pioneer Woman specifically is from a rich family and most people in rural America do not live like her. Is that a propaganda thing too?

I do agree it could be for tourism. I wouldn't be surprised if they used those videos to advertise to people in the mainland outside of youtube.

No. 578963

I don't have specific advice but I've seen that question asked and answered many times online, that's a problem a lot of people have to deal with. Check StackExchange Workplace, they have lots of questions and answers about dealing with interview questions like that. https://workplace.stackexchange.com/

No. 578966

My go to is shit like "I'm looking for new challenges/opportunities." Don't bad mouth your old job no matter what.

No. 578969

yeah it's just a plain band, it's pretty much identical to >>578846

no, on my right

No. 579019

I'm the same anon. (Although I smile all the time and nobody calls me weird). I'm just extremely socially aware and it drains me so much. After having lunch with a friend I have to go home and sleep because I feel so socially drained that it makes me physically tired.

A therapist diagnosed me with social anxiety and GAD when I was a teen. She also said that I had autistic traits but not enough to be on the spectrum. So maybe that's still a thing. Don't know if she was exaggerating but if those diagnoses are true then what the fuck am I supposed to do to solve it? I'm socially doomed

No. 579055

File: 1593815401533.jpg (285.24 KB, 1280x1202, IMG_9004.JPG)

What are some other (preferably female-dominated) 4chan-esque imageboards? I know about /cgl/ and crystal cafe, but /cgl/ is a never-ending fistfight and crystal cafe is populated by larpers and trannies

No. 579059

Is that stereotype of a husband sleeping on the sofa after upsetting his wife all that based in reality?

Every guy I've ever dated has been so in charge that no matter what legitimately shitty thing they did to upset me I was never in a position to 'put him out on the couch' I also grew up in a household where my dad was very much in charge so I can't even imagine it

No. 579060

I'm sure this kind of thing happens in relationships where the guy is the codependent, but usually it's the other way around.

There was no reasoning with my ex, so if I was particularly pissed at him, I'd usually just go sleep on the couch myself because I didn't want to be anywhere near his ugly ass. I sometimes do the same with my current bf, but he actually tries to have a discussion with me and usually ends up apologizing, which ends in me either coming back to bed, or him coming out to sleep on the couch with me lel.

No. 579063

But dating is not the same as being married tho? You shouldn't have that kind of power

No. 579064

Does anyone else feel like the number of regular posters on this board is only between like 15-20 people, if not less?

No. 579066

Same, my ex would do something selfish and I'd end up sleeping (badly) on the couch. I have back problems already and look back on those times like I must've been mad to live like that and pay rent for that. He was upset one time and literally kicked at me til I was forced out of the bed. I think a large part of me choosing the couch was I couldn't rest easy since that incident. He blamed alcohol but any time we fought I worried about it repeating.

No. 579070

I didn't clarify but I was married to >>579066 and another was just a live together partner

No. 579072

Yeah I sometimes wonder if I'm truly noticing themes on here or whether it's just a handful of the same posters referencing the same problems, if that makes sense

No. 579073

Board? No. Threads on the other hand. Yes. Sometimes I feel like its just a single person.

No. 579076

I mean just /ot/ in particular. The number of posters in individual threads seems even less, like 3-5 people lmao.

No. 579129

why is drawing poses so fucking hard

No. 579168

Anyone here go to grad school? How much did you pay/take out in loans?

No. 579170

and was it worth it?

No. 579172

Anon, just get the good stuff. Sure, it sucks, but go to a health food store and spend like 40+ dollars because this is the kind of thing you shouldn't skimp out on. The "plus +CBD oil" brand worked really well for me and was wildly available. However, be warned: vanilla flavor is disgusting. Go with mint.

No. 579181

Why am I so bad at parking? No seriously it's insane. Literally regular parking between cars really fucks me up. I wouldn't dare attempt parallel. I've been driving for years. I feel stupid.

No. 579183

I'm replying to these super late, but thanks anons! I've seen CBD products go up to 1,000 dollars so I think I understand now that this shit is like liquid gold, and If it want the really good shit, I gotta pay extra for it. BUUUTT I'm gonna get the NU-X cbd tincture anyway. I've seen some good reviews for other products from this same brand, and I got a coupon so I can't resist buying this. I'm also gonna consider Lazarus Naturals and Hemp Barn for the vegan gummies.

No. 579226

Is playing doctor cocsa?

No. 579254

Every child plays doctor.
It's not COCSA unless you were actually molested/raped by the other kid.

No. 579259

Now okay, where did the every child plays doctor meme come from? Is that an american thing because no one i know did that as a kid.

No. 579266

I'm not American but we always used to play that in Kindergarten and elementary school with the other kids. I honestly think it depends on the person.

No. 579267

What does that mean? What is rape or molestation in this context?
You must not be from the West?

No. 579268

I meant exploring each other’s genitals anon not playing doctor in the non sexual context. Please ease me.

No. 579277

if the kids are generally the same age and no coercion occurred then no

No. 579280

I think kids can be too curious for their own good and exploring each other's genitalia isn't that serious. They're just curious and at that age they don't know what's down there so they cannot tell the difference between right and wrong. If it was a kid the same age as you, then I don't think it was bad, but it might be sketchy if you were way younger and someone way older than you did that, especially if the other kid somehow tried to coerce you like >>579277 said.

No. 579281

Scandi, we did play like legit hospital but no one ever showed their bits (in my circles) i don't think we are so curious because we saw that shit in sauna.

No. 579289

I'm American and never played it either.

No. 579297

I feel like a double child rapist and I’ve been crying for a few nights. I just wanna know if I could somehow apologize to the girl not that it will make anything right. She’s a year younger than me and there was no coercion. But she was so young she probably didn’t know any better. (I’m the perpetrator)
If I’ve traumatized her I will seppuku. It was not a regular thing. And it “only” happened once. Idk why I’ve been suddenly been able to memorize it. I feel I should report myself to the police.
Oh that actually makes sense. Here where I am it’s such a taboo. Wish we had saunas then this would have never happened.

No. 579302

Don't beat yourself up over it, anon. I'm sure you didn't mean it back then and it's not fair to hold yourself accountable over a mistake you did when you were so young and didn't know any better. It's just two kids being a bunch of idiots, nothing more, and you've also said that it only happened once. You were probably just stupid and foolish, that's it. It's understandable if you feel bad, but I hope you know that you're no child rapist nor a sex offender now. If you also think apologizing to the girl would make you feel better then I highly suggest you do so.

No. 579355

Has anyone seen this one skit where a hologram of some "wholesome" 60s(?) white singer sings Nicki Minaj lyrics ("Bad bitches I'm your leader, phantom by the meter, somebody point me to the best ass eater") with a smile on her face?
I saw it on Tumblr once, but can't find it anywhere. It could've been from Saturday Night Live or Mad TV, but I don't know.

No. 579391

Has serial experiments Lain aged well? Is it mainly for a certain demographic? I've gotten interested in maybe watching it, but I'm unsure if I should considering the fact that I may not be the in the demographic to fully appreciate/like Lain (sorta how the anime community really hypes up Fooly Cooly but ,unless you're an aimless teenage boy, you might not appreciate it or even like it-at least it was that way for me)

No. 579394

not sure why you're asking if you are basically acknowledging that it's subjective. just watch a few episodes and find out. i personally think flcl is good still at age 30 because it's an interesting commentary on eva (and makes fun of anno).

No. 579401

And the music absolutely slaps

No. 579402

I was watching it but it started freaking me out too much and I had to stop lmao. It's pretty good though. I'm not usually someone who is into sci-fi anime but I think it holds up and is pretty accessible to anyone.

No. 579419

File: 1593895697070.png (65.7 KB, 686x1306, ighruhsj.png)

Can someone better at computers help me out? I'm going through the used thinkpad market and found a T460p for sale and it has a 32GB ram. I was aiming for 16GB but this listing just popped up with 32GB and other decent sounding specs, so why not? But I saw someone else comment (on thinkpads with 32GB ram) that their CPUs aren't powerful enough to take advantage of it before hitting a CPU bottleneck. It would be better to find a T480 with a 8250U processor or better alongside a 32GB ram. Now, the computer I'm looking at has a 6820HQ processor, and I'm comparing them on intel's website but a lot of it is computer mumbo-jumbo that my peabrain just doesn't get-

TL;DR is a i7-6820HQ better or equal to the i5-8250U?

No. 579429

I've watched it a few years ago but I could still rewatch it now and think it has not aged at all. Honestly it's such a slow and uncommon anime that you won't notice it's an older show.

I can also tell you that I tried watching flcl 2 or 3 times and I never made it past the first episode. I hated it and I still don't get the hype. Lain is a COMPLETELY different anime. It's not aimed at teenagers really (imo). I'd say the demographic would be the same as Mushishi ? Or maybe Haibane renmei ?

No. 579440

8th gen i7 is best and will last you a long time

No. 579449

Most fans of Lain I've seen are men, the philosophical techy theme throughout the show is probably what attracts them. So if you like that sort of stuff, then you'll probably enjoy watching.

No. 579457

Well, its demographic is stinky intellecktual otaku, I mean…
> god is lonely internet loli
Tbh it's not as d333p or mindfucky as it clearly forces itself to be. I really like its themes and styles and it emotionally resonates with me. I'd recommend a watching but don't buy into the hype too hard. I think Lain is to be experienced above all. After that, it's fun to read all the crackhead expositions.

No. 579462

Does anyone know where to hire hobby translators for very small tasks? I only need someone to translate 1 or 2 messages into japanese but I don't know where to look.

No. 579466

No. 579476

What exactly is a mental breakdown? I feel like I'm on the verge of one. Nothing in my life is how I want it to be, I'm alone, insecure, and I just found out that I can't afford graduate school. It actually feels like i'm about to go crazy… I just don't know how exactly.

No. 579478

File: 1593904972578.jpg (38.84 KB, 960x734, EqRIHFV.jpg)

Sorry if this comes off as rude, but I need to ask.

I like crime/detective sort of shows, but is normal to be annoyed by the victims or the characters investigated as suspects?

Since the lockdown, I've been watching a lot of The law and order U.V.E. with my family, but I can't stand many of the victims or their families. So I wanted to know if this is usual or I'm just a unsensible asshole.

No. 579491

Nah it's not rude or weird. I'm not really into fictional crime shows but I am into true crime and annoying people are annoying no matter what their life circumstances are. I think if you looked into crime/true crime discussion communities you'll see that people have all sorts of opinions on the "characters" involved.

Plus with fiction shows like those sometimes the writing is just obnoxious kek.

No. 579503

Can you get botulism from food that was refrigerated being left out?

If it matters, the food was grated Parmesan cheese that comes in those plastic containers. It was in the refrigerator, but someone in my house put it in the pantry. It was in there for like, a day maybe.

I know that botulism is most often cause by improperly canning/fermenting food, but my anxiety is being a bitch. Somehow my ocd has made me come the conclusion that the moisture in the cheese from being refrigerated would produce botulism after being left out for a while

No. 579512

Anon those store bought grated Parmesan doesn’t even need to be refrigerated after opening. My family leaves it out all the time lol it tastes better refrigerated though
Unless you’re an incredibly unlucky person, botulism is very unlikely. Chances are you’d just get mild diarrhea from germs from eating left out food.
>t. depression hoe who ate incredibly sketchy old food for years

No. 579517

Thanks anon. I knew this was stupid, but hearing it from someone else eases my mind. Gonna make some pasta with the cheese.

No. 579521

File: 1593914218388.png (5.9 KB, 1516x39, toolbar.PNG)

Does anyone know what the heck this toolbar is and how I get rid of it? Google translate says it's something called Yandex Market. I googled up removal guides and they just say to remove it via the control program, but there's no such program called Yandex on my computer, nor is there a plugin on my chrome either. I have no idea where the hell it came from, it just started appearing out of nowhere a long time ago and only shows up on shopping websites.

No. 579523

>inb4 don't download sketchy shit

It's honestly been so long since I've used my laptop regularly, I can't even tell you what shit I might have downloaded to get this dumb thing lmao. The last programs I installed on my computer was legit shit like Discord or Intel driver support shit.

No. 579583

Where do you find coke? I've never bought drugs from dealers but none of my friends are interested by that one. I wanna try it so badly though. I live in a European capital it shouldn't be hard ffs

No. 579586

back off you undercover cop. Our lives are bad enough that we're using this site don't try to incarcerate us on top of it.

No. 579589

Lol you think undercover cop brows lolcow? I 'm looking for some general advice to score irl not a step by step guide on how to buy on a darknet marketplace or something

No. 579596

Just ask men that are going to the restroom in a club, should be very easy to find and you probably will get it for free the first times lol

No. 579624

(I'm not a computer wiz so take this with a grain of salt) have you checked your google chrome extensions? Or maybe it's under a different name in control panel? Is there anything you don't recognize when you set the filter to installed most recently?

No. 579633

I just saw one of the banners onHere that featured Onision and I never realized this but dude has virtually no lips. How tf do you go about kissing a lipless person!? What does it feel like!? Do you even feel anything at all!? As a person with big lips I’ve always been nervous to date a white person because a lot (not all I’m not THAT dumb) have naturally thinner lips and I’d feel like I’d swallow their face whole lol. (Not tryna race bait just genuinely curious)

No. 579634

Just go to clubs/pubs when they open up again or try to find any dealer and ask them. Even if they’re weed dealers, they’ll have a contact that will sell coke most of the time.

Don’t send texts asking for it directly as this could piss off your dealer. Either ask someone directly or use apps like wickr me.

No. 579658

How many days pre-period do other anons start getting lower back ache?

No. 579664

It feels bad tbh, you feel like you are basically kissing around their mouth and its even worse kissing lipless men because all you are kissing is stubble. I only date white boys with full lips.

No. 579666

I need to buy an sd card for my switch but the amazon reviews constantly talk about fake ones and I'm a little scared of getting one of those, not gonna lie. Should I buy one IRL?

No. 579668

there are other retail websites that aren’t amazon.

No. 579670

I know that but to be honest I don't know which ones ship to my country without having to pay/wait a lot. I'll check out ebay but I've always found it much messier.

No. 579673

who accidentally downloads random toolbars, are you 60+?? the average farmer

No. 579677

For real though. I didn't even know toolbars still existed.

No. 579684

easy ways to disappear gone girl style? it's that or die. I dont want this life

No. 579686

If you're an adult and you have some money to pull it off:

Lie to the people susceptible to report your disappearance by telling them you got a new job in a city far away, move to a hotel there, tell some randos there you're going to move to another continent, stop all contact with anyone, you'll have enough time to set up your new thing. The cops won't look for you, it's not illegal to ditch your life.

No. 579707

Are the anons that post on /u/ actually lesbians/bi women or are they mainly straight men?

No. 579712

It says that the sites connection isn't secure. What's up with that? I asked in meta but so far no response.

No. 579734

Are we what we think? Or what we do?

No. 579735

if you actually go through with this, report back with updates plz

No. 579736

just buy one irl. Why wouldn't you? (unless ur still in quarantine)

No. 579743

Both, and so much more.

No. 579751

Hard to say, I feel like nobody truly knows who I am because in my head I'm nothing like my outward persona. And I don't know if that's just normal?

No. 579761

I relate to this 100%

No. 579763

I'm going!

No. 579765

File: 1593977239760.jpeg (182.69 KB, 819x819, 498E64B8-55F6-42E1-920C-B3BECC…)

How do I get better at analyzing and thinking critically about media? I feel really retarded because when I consume media I often take it at face value and then I see other people making intelligent observations and thoughtful writeups on the characters, their development, theories on the plot, etc. that I never would've noticed on my own. Is it even possible for me to git gud and be more intelligent with the stuff I read or watch?

No. 579780

What the hell is spirit cooking???

No. 579786

fucking same. i suck at making up theories about more abstract media and i frankly don't care to do so. it never crosses my mind and i don't think too hard about media.

No. 579787

Read books and read literature analysis of them.

No. 579789

Analyzing plots, themes and characters comes more under 'Literature' but not taking media at face value is 'Media Literacy', they're both kind of different but you can make a start with both just by actively asking yourself questions as you watch/read something.
What is a person or characters personal motivation? From what point of view are you shown the story and could it be a biased or incomplete viewpoint? Learn the difference between active and passive sentences. Is a topic or theme repeated? Does the Author show a personal bias? Does the story echo a classical story or myth?

I recommend Crash Course's entire range of YouTube videos on literature so check out their playlist out for that, but also they also have a small media literacy course https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD7N-1Mj-DU
I love analyzing advertisements so much that I genuinely enjoy them. The majority of 'free' media is advertising or propaganda, and it's just a matter of recognizing what is being sold to you
There's also lots of traditional school-level resources online for that https://www.commonsense.org/education/articles/media-literacy-resources-for-classrooms

No. 579790

what happened to the kpop thread? i just want to see what anons have to say about jimin

No. 579794

What did he do?
Is he being anti-Japanese again?

No. 579795

i meant aoa jimin who turned out to be a bully

No. 579820

This is why the thread was locked, all the twitterfags and kpopfags that come here to sperg about idols instead of any good milk made the thread unbearable. Come back when an idol gets exposed for being in nth room chats instead of bitching about how anachan the girls are and how “not” autistic V is

No. 579821

Ngl I did lowkey wish I could check on lolcow about that since the bullied girl went full meltdown on her public, really felt like she was gonna end it. But then again, the kpop threads had the habit of skimming right over the juicy shit for repetitive nitpicks and covert stanning.

No. 579826

calm down with your samefagging. i always ignored the nitpicking crap in favor for discussion about idol behavior and scandals. i'm a former kpop fan and i don't care who wants to fuck taeyong or any other neanderthal nct member

No. 579837

>i'm a former kpop fan
Same but I don't give a damn about what happens in the kpop world anymore. Idg anons who keep invested in this shit

No. 579838

Touched a nerve or do you just not know how to read? Literally no one accused you of being a stan. Why the fuck with someone samefag to say almost the same thing? I see denouncing kpop hasn’t fixed the permanent brain damage.

No. 579854

2-3 days before, same as swollen oversensitive boobs. The cramps start the day before for me.

No. 579869

Are Bath & Body Works products worth the price?

No. 579871

I hope we get that thread back someday, but we do have a discord, you know

I hate so much having super sensitive boobs days before my actual period. I usually wear no bra with an extra layer of shirt because it's too painful. and it's shit when it's not every period, but only some months. wtf


No. 579919

Why do skinnyfat male cows hide their fat? They suck in their gut yet slip and you see the pot belly and man torture. Wear tight clothes; make them tighter by any means necessary and apply filters, change angles or only show their face and shoulders.

Are they ashamed of being fatties or do they fear never getting laid because they’re fat?

No. 579927

No. 579928

no no no no noooooooo
They smell great but are so overpriced.
Wait until the 50 percent off sales they have them at least 3 times throughout the year. THEN it's worth it.

No. 579929

I think skinnyfat guys are cuter than skinny guys or fat guys or buff guys. Yet a lot of them are super insecure and that's so offputting.

No. 579933

Piggybacking off of your stupid question - can someone explain the term skinnyfat to me? Is it just any person who's not heavy enough to be labelled fat but doesn't have much muscle? Wouldn't most people who don't work out be considered skinnyfat then? OR does it just mean "on the chubbier side but not fat". I've heard people say this for years and never understood what they mean but it always makes me feel bad about myself. As someone who's borderline underweight but has no muscle and some pockets of fat on my body, am I skinnyfat?

No. 579934

>Are they ashamed of being fatties or do they fear never getting laid because they’re fat?
Neither. Men who are ashamed of themselves don't like to stay feeling shamed for long. At some level they are okay with being fat and the lifestyle they live to stay that way.
Secondly, women have been socialized to give fat men a chance. "Dadbod" is a meme for a reason, because men simply aren't held up to standard the way women are. Fat men get laid as long as they trick women into thinking they're not like those other chads a la compensation.

The reason why men hide is because they want to attract models–not any ordinary looksmatch woman and especially not a woman with a weight problem like themselves. Men want all the perks of being seen as confident, attractive, and competent without having to put in any of the work. Hiding is the quick fix and a means to an end. Because otherwise, there's no disadvantage to being a fat man in today's society.

No. 579959

Anyone else able to clock male posts?

No. 579962

to PCOS anons: how did you bring up having it to your doctor?? Do you just book an appointment and go and just say "Yeah I want options for this?" I grew up in the middle of nowhere and was never taught basic things like this and I haven't been to any type of doctor in over 8+ years at least.
A bit embarrassing cause I'm 25 and only been on my own for a while and I'm just too scared to really just do something without looking into it first.

No. 579965

no. teach me how to clock them

No. 579966

I just straight up told my doctor I suspect PCOS because 'these symptoms' and they were able to help lol. It's obviously not always that easy but you do need to be your own advocate.

No. 579976


I literally had a doctor say it's was obvious and "written all over my face" because of my acne, hirsutism and overweight. It hurt a lot tbqh.

No. 579981

I didn't bring it up. I was like "Hey I never have normal periods", and it took a few gynos to decide to test me with a vaginal ultrasound (ow) and bloodwork.

But anyway, if you mention your symptoms and your suspicions, a good doc will take you seriously. Nothing to be embarrassed of.

No. 579991

Is wearing your hair in a braided ponytail considered childish?

No. 579994

no. other people don't care about your hair as much as you think they do

No. 580002

I just saw this now but I love you anon, I’ve been looking for this forever.

No. 580014

File: 1594021354969.jpeg (109 KB, 1125x1523, 3C9765CE-1C81-4C71-852E-D5C0E4…)

What app/website is this?

No. 580015

Usually 3 days before but sometimes up to 5.

No. 580017

what does nta mean

No. 580018

nta = not the anon

No. 580019

It's the shortened version of NTAYRT which stands for "Not the anon you replied to", used to state that you're a different person joining the conversation rather than the same anon the post you're replying to was referring to.

No. 580021

co-star astrology app

No. 580022

How do you deal with a friend who has made no effort to contact or see you for months and saying it's because they are busy with school, yet they post photos of them hanging with other people online regularly? I considered this person my other half considering we've been so close since we were little. I didn't do anything to cause this, which is why I'm hurt.

No. 580025

I think they may be trying to gently ghost you

No. 580026

Is it easy/super expensive to move out of state on your own? besides the fact of having to finding a job.

No. 580027

Maybe just explain that to them in a way that you aren't demanding their time or bitching about their other friends but that you feel a little lonely/confused. Don't guilt trip them cause maybe they feel so comfortable in your friendship that they don't need to have close contact with you for a long time. Also, they may be wanting to spend time with other people and meet new friends? there isn't anything wrong with that.

No. 580038

Are the people they're posting pics with people who they go to school with? Idk the context of your situation but there were stressful/intense periods in college where my social life would narrow down to pretty much to just the people I studied and did homework with who were in my program or a similar one. I was very focused on school and probably not as engaged with other friends or family as much as I should be, but I spent a lot of time with my school friends because we just spent so much time studying that we would also eat together and hang out when we had the time because they were just around. I also have ADHD and I kinda easily get wrapped up in what's immediately around me, especially during stressful periods, without intending to.

Sorry for the blogpost but if your friend is always with their school friends they could be going through a similar thing. Not trying to excuse your friend's behavior especially if you're actively reaching out to her but it's possible what she's doing is unintentional. In terms of advice I agree with what >>580027 said. Talk to her but don't be accusatory. She might not even realize how you feel.

No. 580042

Kek I was about to suggest this too but I also have ADHD
I guess we really are stereotypes, and maybe bad friends

No. 580045

Tbh I think I had to narrow my focus like that in order to succeed and get good grades in my program with undiagnosed ADHD. It wasn't ideal for me but it was kinda the best I could do. And before I realized I had ADHD I always wondered how people managed to juggle so fucking much in life. It's a sacrifice in terms of focusing on one life area vs. another but I don't think it makes us bad friends.

No. 580059

This is gonna be Retardation: The Post so pls stay with me, but how can I discuss with my friend about her “problematic” behavior? The last time we talked I was upset with her for talking to me about someone who she is a massive fan of but is… very racist, however he maintains a liberal image. It’s very hypocritical, she posts all this socially aware content about BLM, abolish ICE, but then supports people who have done irreparable damage to those causes. I know people are going to tell me to drop the friendship, but I don’t think it’s her intent to be hurtful. Albeit, it is the third time she's done this It's especially hurtful because I am a woman of color, and she is white woman. She's had a massive impact on my life and has been my friend for years. I wouldn't want to end it over politics, especially when I’m not even liberal, she's just very hypocritical.

No. 580071


it's probably not that deep. even for my childhood bestfriend i've been bestfriends with since i was 9, we don't talk regularly. there were periods especially during school for us both where we wouldn't talk for months, then talk again and it was like nothing changed. same with my other long term friendships.

you don't need to talk to someone constantly to still be important in their life. if they're your friend, reach out to them and make sure they're OK yourself/ask how things are. don't just assume their intentions or feelings based on your already assumed position of there being an issue with yourself

No. 580102

No you're being dramatic. I bet you wear clothing, enjoy things, and buy things, use services that are tied to "problematic" things too. Grow the fuck up and stop calling yourself a colored person in a politically correct way. It's embarrassing.
t. mexican

No. 580138

It's honestly as simple as bringing it up next time she mentions that person. Tell her that that person's behavior makes you feel uncomfortable and you know she is very liberal, so how does things that person do make her feel? Nothing wrong with having a discussion.

No. 580149

Bring it up. No reason not to talk about it. Unless she doesn't know, it doesn't make much sense for her to openly support someone that goes against everything she claims to stand for.
Not sure why another anon said you were being dramatic, it's weird behavior. Clothes/foods and many services are a necessity in life, while adoration of public figures isn't.

No. 580159

I just signed up swimming as one of my extracurricular classes at uni. One of my biggest question is do you guys go swimming when ur on your period? I've heard mixed answer from both my friends and on the internet. What do you guys think?

No. 580163

I am wondering what skinny fat means too because I feel like it’s a nitpicky term thrown around to describe anyone who is on the slimmer side but not super toned.

No. 580164

Yes I swim all the time on my period, just wear a tampon or menstrual cup

No. 580165

Who is she supporting though? I feel like the bar for what is considered problematic is a joke now a days with everyone being so PC and liberal. If it's an actual rapist, that's different vs someone who made a shitty off color joke

No. 580166

Skinny fat tends to mean someone who is slim but has a higher fat % compared to muscle, so they look soft/doughy, despite being small. If they want to look more firm, they need to eat at a slight caloric surplus and lift weights/move more and focus on protein intake.

No. 580169

File: 1594050509825.jpg (85.42 KB, 1280x720, heavy breathing.jpg)

what breed is this cat?

No. 580177

Looks like a British shorthair

No. 580178

File: 1594051477169.jpg (165.96 KB, 1080x1080, a8894847467aadbf5511f4ba4c6fea…)


Definitely looks like a British shorthair to me!

No. 580182

Yeah that's pretty much what I thought. I hate it. That sounds like it's just normal for many people especially women. Do women deserve to be called something pejorative for having soft bodies? I definitely wouldn't agree that "firm and toned" is the feminine ideal and I'd argue that the fact that it's considered such by the mainstream is largely a product of marketing. Myself and people I know of both sexes like soft bodies on women. And toned bodies are attractive too but there's just something so depressing about a term for people who just… don't care to spend time out of their lives perfecting their body aesthetics. I know I'm just whining into the void here but this confirms skinnyfat as a nitpicky, lowkey anachan/orthorexia-chan term to me.

No. 580187

Not usually a cat person but damn

No. 580196

I mean wow. what a beautiful cat

No. 580215

anon's definition left out the fact that skinnyfat people are metabolically unhealthy and are at risk of heart/cardiovascular issues. Both men and women can be skinnyfat. Everyone is supposed to exercise anon, even if it just means going on regular walks. Also, skinnyfat people tend to have more visceral fat, which is the kind that accumulates around organs. A better image of a skinnyfat person is someone who techinically has a healthy BMI but has a lot of fat in their stomach area – they probably don't exercise at all and just eat small amounts of very unhealthy food.

No. 580224

so cute i just want to hold it forever

No. 580326

How do I stop having buyers remorse over literally anything I buy??? It’s not even tons and tons of things- like, I’ll buy professional work clothes for a good price and think “why the fuck did you spend that money”. Or I’ll wait until my electronics are practically about to disintegrate in my hands before even considering a replacement, then after I finally buy something for a decent price (usually go for refurbed/slightly older model options if possible), go through a million fucking hoops telling myself it’s okay to replace something so run down. I feel like it’s the weird opposite of spending too much- I try to spend as little as possible and I’ll attack myself for literally anything that isn’t just basic groceries. Covid is just reinforcing my financial fears even though I’m financially okay, but I feel like I’m constantly about to teeter into a dangerous financial situation and it stresses me out ugh

No. 580331

Thanks to the anons for answering my PCOS question! I appreciate it, I'm going to book an appointment soon and hopefully get some treatments and answers that DON'T center around me trying to get pregnant.
Also another thing, I got my first 'surgery' - got some bad teeth removed and it's honestly weird. Since I'm so new to everything, should I just go and get a checkup every month to compensate for all the years I wasn't allowed/couldn't afford to?

No. 580332

>there's just something so depressing about a term for people who just… don't care to spend time out of their lives perfecting their body aesthetics
I'm so glad you said this, totally agreed. It always feels like people think women are wronging others by not aiming for a perfect body. As long as you're not unhealthy or taking up excessive space, why do you owe the world anything else? I'm not body positive, I don't like HAES bs, but being average and a bit doughy is not hurting anyone.

Lets not be obtuse, people aren't referring to visceral fat when they call women skinnyfat. Women don't tend to accumulate it like men do, they're more likely to get called skinnyfat for having flabby thighs or a bit of a pouch. Being small but not extremely fit/toned is not a significant red flag for health issues.

No. 580333

I don't have advice but fuck dude I'm the exact same way. I currently don't have a single pair of wearable jeans because the one pair I had ripped and I just am so worried that whatever I buy is going to suck or I'll end up hating it. I also only have 2 pairs of shoes that are approaching unwearable status. I also have been meaning to buy a laptop for months now. And I've been using the same backpack since 7th grade, I'm now about to graduate college and some parts are so ripped they're unusable. Shopping for new stuff is fucking agonizing.

No. 580334

Have you tried creating a budget and specifically giving yourself an allowance for discretionary spending/wasting money? It might calm you down to see that it fits into your financial plans with no issue.

No. 580337

do you have a budget? it may help to write out what you can afford to spend on different categories or items so you know that money's purpose was specifically for you to get that item.
also before you buy anything look on the store website for coupons. it adds up.

also, are you newly on your own? i was the same way of having buyer's remorse for everything. my parents were extremely frugal growing up and i always thought we were poor. we weren't but it stuck with me and i was very cheap until i was 2-3 years out of college.
a budget helped me put it into perspective to show i am saving enough. also look at your needs vs. wants and be comfortable with your choices. thankfully i'm no longer cheap, but frugal. despite the cracked screen my $100 phone does the same thing an iPhone can, i wear a lot of staple pieces that still fit and look nice so i don't need to buy anything new, and i'll paint my nails instead of getting a manicure. but i no longer have remorse over buying the nail polish or taking an Uber instead of walking a mile in the dark

No. 580347

>Lets not be obtuse, people aren't referring to visceral fat when they call women skinnyfat.
This. Being "skinnyfat" i.e. normal weight but not ripped, isn't some huge health risk that will kill you with cardiovascular diseases at 42. Typically women with a waist circumference of less than 90cm/35 inches aren't at the risk of having a buildup of visceral fat, and if you exceed those measures you must be overweight to begin with. People should realize that there's a healthy middle ground between a gigantic hamplanet and a rock hard fitness model.

No. 580353

File: 1594075028317.png (25.37 KB, 707x236, Screenshot_2020-07-06 Feeling …)

Yeah for real. And like, I get that people can use skinnyfat as a descriptor and not necessarily an insult but… it's not a good descriptor and I think it feeds into people who are at a healthy weight (men and women) feeling insecure about how their body looks. I also really hate the term because although >>580215 is totally right that exercise is important for anyone to be healthy, lots of healthy exercise that is actually enjoyable doesn't make your body look any different! And that's okay! I go on long walks almost every day and I'm still a "skinnyfat" skelly.

I honestly think the intense focus on exercise to reshape or tone your body for healthy weight people is really harmful. I stayed away from any sort of exercise/fitness content or activity for years because I'm recovered from an ED and I just hated the pressure I felt to be working towards some aesthetic goal. Sometimes it feels like everyone is exercising either to look better or to be more athletic/competitive and I never related to either of those reasons. Exercise can be incredibly helpful to mental health but I think some people don't try it because they're put off for the same reasons I was. I recently realized that I can get into exercise for 100% mental health reasons and I can give myself "permission" to ignore the aesthetics BS.

There's a million articles about this but seeing this a few months ago really opened my eyes. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/08/well/move/coronavirus-exercise-depression-anxiety-mood.html

No. 580354

I keep thinking I'm seeing something moving in my side-vision and I get worried that it's an insect or something. My mental health isn't great so I think it's just from anxiety, but could it be something else?

No. 580356

Other anons might know what else it could be but it's probably just hypervigilance from anxiety. Do you have any pets? When I lived with cats I had that happen to me more often cos I would think for a split second that I was seeing one of them approach. I also used to have it happen more often when I used a phone that had a blinking LED for notifications, similar to "ghost vibrations" that people feel from their phone, I would think I saw the LED blink out of the corner of my eye when it wasn't.

It could also be an effect of sleep deprivation.

No. 580357

I get that from not enough sleep.

No. 580359

File: 1594076088526.png (942.49 KB, 2048x708, Screenshot_20200706-185344.png)

Who is this? Her head nod is addictive and I want to read her thread.

No. 580361

that’s doja cat, she doesn’t have a thread but she was in the celebricows thread a while ago which was fun to read

No. 580362

Doja Cat, she literally has a song called Moooo!

It's an earworm

No. 580366


You asked this ages ago but if you're still curious, try biddy tarot. Just keep it simple and do three card readings, and read up on the meanings and keep practicing.

There's tons of good websites to help you learn as well, but I'd try to avoid searching up a bunch of different sites trying to get the "right" answer. It is largely reliant on your own intuition as well. How you interpret it and feel should be the answer first and foremost, but if you're completely stumped (or brand new to it) understanding the base meanings can be helpful.

I've read tarot for years and take it fairly seriously. It's revealed a lot of things to me (boyfriend lying, friends bad intentions, events about to occur, things I'm ignoring). I think it's just a way of channeling intent into tangible reality.

Intent in the sense that you have a question you want answered, and by focusing on that you allow the relevant tarot card to be chosen to reveal the symbolism that will help you to understand the answer.

No. 580369

Yeah, my sleep hasn't been the greatest the past few days so it's probably that coupled with the anxiety.

No. 580380

this probably will sound autistic, which is pretty on point, but does anyone else feel emotions in weird parts of their body? you know how people say they feel love or anger in their chest, like a physical sensation of burning or pressure? i don't feel that at all.

whenever i am very sad or feel romantic love, i feel it in my arms and hands. i can't describe it. it's like an electric, tingling sensation. it's mostly in my wrists/hands. it happens whether or not im feeling the emotion itself or sympathizing with a character on screen. it's not some dull sensation either, it's quite strong and definitely is noticeable. i just don't understand it at all, as far as i know other people tend to feel emotions in their chest. i'm not some person that believes in psychic energy or spiritual shit, i genuinely want to know the scientific reasons behind why my wrists throb whenever i am emotional on a sad/romantic level. i feel like an alien lmao

No. 580382


Kek, not a huge fan of Doja but I agree, I like that header.

No. 580392

this sounds cute! maybe it's adrenaline?

No. 580395

is there a reason why my ass literally starts vibrating inside randomly

No. 580399

File: 1594080282497.jpg (7.49 KB, 344x343, 1bbea200802768177cfce17f870d19…)

Who else got something stolen really expensive at school?I was a total fucking stupid motherfucker when I was 13/14 years old I took a 2 in 1 convertible laptop to gym class (only the tablet)
I just left my seat next to the tablet for 10 minutes and it's fucking gone I went batshit insane no one gave a fuck at school when it was reported missing, my ass got kicked when I told everyone at home
To this day I still feel guilty about it!of all the stupid shit I did as a teen

No. 580408

wasn't being intentionally obtuse but I guess I am ignorant, I have genuinely only heard men call one another skinnyfat (irl, outside of literal drama websites like lc). I was friends with a lot of scrawny nerds growing up though most of whom would binge on doritos and mt. dew or taco bell every other day and that was pretty much their entire caloric intake. Technically low-calorie because it was one meal spread over two days but their health was absolutely fucked. also you definitely don't have to be fit or toned to not be "skinnyfat", and if people are using it that way I definitely disagree with that and agree that its just a tool to shame women for not being perfect instathots with fat/muscle in exactly the right spots.

No. 580409

I got my Gameboy color with Pokemon Silver stolen in elementary school. I got in sooooo much shit. Like 3 weeks later it was returned to me by a girl who had a huge story about how she found it on the side of the road and remembered how I mentioned losing it. When I booted up the game the character had her name kek. I learned down the line her mom found her with it and made her give it back.

No. 580414

is working with family a recipe for disaster? I always swore I would never work with family but my cousin is offering me an amazing job in a currently shitty economic climate.

No. 580418

Idk about vibrating, maybe you're feeling bloodflow

No. 580422

both my sister and i have worked with our mum in the past. i like going into work and having people not know stuff i didn't want them to, but when i worked with my mum in our previous job she would overshare SO MUCH about me. i personally wouldn't work with ANY family member if i could help it, because they're all crazy. however if you're having trouble with finding work right now and it pays well, and your cousin isn't a total narc like my mother and you can trust them to be professional, then it's really up to you.

No. 580424

You could be experiencing benign muscle fasciculations. It took me SO LONG to figure out that the weird sensations I sometimes have that sorta feel like vibrations or like I can feel blood flowing in a certain part of my body for a few moments, are probably just this. I usually get them in my legs and they happen more often if I've taken a lot of stimulants and/or I'm sleep deprived. The best description I've heard is that a fasciculation is just a small clump of muscle tissue twitching while a cramp is like an entire muscle. These articles talk about a "syndrome" but it would only be considered that if it's affecting your life I think.

No. 580425

I think it really depends on you and your cousin, your relationship, etc. I worked with my brother for a while and was even kind of his supervisor (not officially, but when the actual manager for our department had gone home, I was expected to take charge) while we were also living in the same house, and he would sometimes act inappropriately around me because he would forget we were in mixed company (swearing, etc., just basic things that we would do when talking or hanging out that were against the work culture). Honestly I would say (without knowing anything about you or your cousin) that your cousin has more to worry about, because if you end up getting fired it could make him look bad depending on how his leadership views that kind of thing.

considering the current situation I'd say go for it.

No. 580434

I really don't know how else to put this, but does anyone have advice on finding a therapist who is as smart or smarter than you? Like, I know they all have knowledge as professionals that I don't have, but… I hope other anons can relate to this issue.

This isn't necessarily an issue of intellect mismatch but I honestly think that I've been taken far less seriously than I should have been by therapists for my entire life because I'm quiet, well-spoken, a good listener, present myself decently, and I have strong mirroring/fawning tendencies that idrk how to turn off. I swear I've had multiple therapists waste my fucking time talking about themselves or aspects of their profession excessively because I'm reflexively a good listener and I'm smart enough to engage with them on a level that maybe other clients can't. Anyone know what I mean? I know that I need to change my behavior and express my needs better but in the moment it's very hard.

No. 580436

Sorry you sound like Onision attempting a humblebrag

No. 580438

Not sure if this could help, but I've had good luck with college therapists ie psych grad students that do sessions in a college counseling center for the public. They usually have a whole team + psychologist behind them so it reassured me that there's more than one pair of eyes looking at my case.

No. 580446

I appreciate the advice but actually a grad student therapist who I saw for quite some time was my primary inspiration for asking that question lol. Our sessions were taped and supposedly reviewed by her supervisor. It wasn't all her fault, I wasn't self aware enough about my own issues to realize we weren't really going in the right direction for me, and like I said the fawning/mirroring thing makes it hard to honestly express myself. I live in a college town with a big psych program so maybe I should try again.

No. 580472

Is yesstyle bad quality? I'm not asking for perfection, just forever21 level of quality.

No. 580488

there's a fuck ton of sellers whose quality ranges from butt ugly to okay. i got some stuff a few years back and it was all decent quality but wayyyyy to small even though i ordered up. the denim skirt i got was actual denim and held up well. i'd order again.

No. 580501

I’d say it’s good quality for the most part, I’ve spent upwards of 300 dollars on the site and liked probably 80% of what I bought. Read the reviews for the items just to be sure!

No. 580510

How do people have flat stomaches???? I'm skinny but my stomach is not flat. It's so annoying and it makes me look 2 weeks pregnant.

No. 580515

Those people are usually not easting enough or are abusing laxatives. Your abdomen can't be completely flat without it being empty lol

No. 580522

Lowkey this >>580515 and keep this in mind especially with any pic/video showing off someone's flat stomach - super easy to take these on an empty stomach or after fasting/using lax. Models actually do this, I think I remember reading some dumb magazine piece about how models prepare to walk in the Victoria's Secret fashion show and it said that they start liquid fasting X hrs before the event and fully fasting Y hrs before, etc.

Beyond that, bone structure and your body composition play a role in how flat your stomach looks. I'm pretty sure that different people's uteruses can tilted to different degrees/be positioned within your abdomen differently and that effects how flat your stomach is no matter how thin you are.

No. 580524

Alternatively building enough muscle that you have abs. My sis doesn't fast or takes laxatives but she's super muscular and she doesn't have a pouch at all.

But realistically, if you're skinny and your stomach sticks out isn't that usually bloat rather than fat? If you're not able to actually grab fat I assume certain diets could fix that. I wouldn't know though, you'd have to pry carbs out of my cold dead hands tbh. But my stomach is always way flatter in the morning after digesting everything from the day before.

No. 580536

Is there a non-ana version of ana-buddies? I feel like I feel like I have to be verbally abused by some other no-life NEET into just keeping my shit together and doing basic adult tasks and taking care of myself. I entirely lack motivation and discipline but don't want to encourage some mentally ill bitch to starve herself.

No. 580537

Honestly I'd like that too. Some accountability group or sum

No. 580550

File: 1594109930235.jpg (32.55 KB, 536x860, JfGHBNM.jpg)

What would cause my stomach to be shaped like the left? It basically distends in my upper stomach area and dips where my belly button is, but then bulges out at my lower stomach. For as long as I can remember my stomach has looked like this but I've never seen anything like it. Even in people who are extremely obese, I feel like their stomach puffs out more like the right. Is there any way to change it?

No. 580554

I swear to fucking god at one point transgender transwoman SOMETHING like that was redtexted, was it anons? Or am i misremembering?

No. 580556

My stomach is the same anon, that dip is present. Fwiw I think it's kinda cute and I like it.

No. 580586

no idea what causes it but i have the same thing, i think it's cute too

No. 580589

Is there a way to reduce premenstrual water retention? I puff up into oblivion before my period comes. My body before and after menstruation looks like two different bodies

No. 580592

File: 1594117495097.png (9.01 KB, 300x237, pelvic-1.png)

How is your posture? Anterior pelvic tilt can cause people to look permanently bloated. It's fixable with back strengthening exercises.

No. 580596

Where do i make an online friend?

No. 580598

Nta but thats how I stand I didn't know there was a name for it I just thought I was weird. I'm gonna look up these back strengthening exercises now

No. 580630

Is that shit real in the movies when people call into work and just say they can't come in for their shift?

I couldn't do that when I worked retail. My manager would be like "idc if your grannie died check and see if anyone is willing to take your shift"

No. 580654

some guy who harassed me years ago is threatening me via gmail and sending me disgusting explicit messages, I know he's a eurofag & I'm an amerifag so he can't do shit to me, but I was just going to report him to gmail? is that a good way to go about it anons?

No. 580656

We need more details in order to be able to help you. How is he threatening you? What is he sending? Why is he doing this?

No. 580659

in the /g/ board there's a female friend finder thread and I've found people. try there anon.

not sure if this will work, but

No. 580663

he's basically saying "I know your info and I know your dox", but he's tried this before years ago and never done anything of real harm. the thing is I'm confused as to why he'd show up again after deleting most of my accounts to heckle me. years later. technically I can report him for the doxing stuff but googles laissez faire approach might not punish him well enough.

No. 580664

does he even have any dirt on you or is he literally just saying I know your address. Because you can google anyone's address nowadays. He could be lying. Why was he harassing you in the first place, do you know him from something or somewhere or did he literally just find your email and start messaging you.

No. 580667

Sounds like he's just trying to stress you out with empty threats, I would act unfazed, he wants a reaction

No. 580670

I'm guessing he knew my email and started harassing me for no reason? I actually barely knew the guy when we had an account on the same site, he'd created a second account solely to harass women, and I reported his account for sexual misconduct after addressing it on the forum, had other girls DM me the vile shit he'd sent to them and used their stories to corroborate my own experiences after I'd told him to fuck off, but it wasn't his main account, it was his backup, the site never banned his main, even though I found out his main and told the site to cross check his IP address and ban his main so more women didn't get harassed. They didn't care. They only cared that he was breaking rules once he'd found my irl address and I told the mods. I was still active on the site thereafter and he barely bothered me because he knew he'd get his shit deleted permanently and perhaps an IP ban if he did. I deleted my account on that site recently. He had stopped harassing me for a long time and all of a sudden decides to again. It makes no sense.

No. 580673

I never visit pt or snow but is there a cow thread for Lindsay Ellis? Would it be a problem if I made a thread about her and contrapoints?

No. 580678

There's no Lindsay thread but there's a contra thread, you might have to scroll a few pages to find it

I'm pretty retarded at the whole linking format, if another anon wants to link it go off

No. 580680

Thanks, I'll check it out.

No. 580747

Does anyone have any cheap but comfortable desk chair recommendations. I purchased a desk chair and it is the most uncomfortable thing it’s to the point where I can only sit at the computer for like 30 mins to an hour. I just want an affordable, cute and comfy chair. I found the perfect one on ikea but my sister said their shipping has been awful lately and I don’t want to test my luck. My price range is between 60-75 lol. Thanks in advance!

No. 580838

File: 1594154027497.jpg (3.11 MB, 2432x4320, 23V8ZHV.jpg)

I'm technologically inept and idk what to do. My little brother showed me this on his phone. He keeps getting notifications from an address that reads "sdfjjd.nbryb.com". Is this actually a virus or is it just a trick or something? I barely know anything about tech and idk what sites he goes on but I feel liek this is actually a virus or something that he got on his phone.

No. 580843

No. 580904

If I have never been sexually attracted to anyone does that mean im asexual? I've looked at people and thought they were cute but I've never felt horny looking at someone or horny from just looking at a shirtless guy. I havent had a crush on a man since I was like 8.

I thought this was normal for all women but I'm guessing it's not?

No. 580906

Have you made out with anyone? I didn’t feel any sexual attraction to 3dpd until I kissed and cuddled a really cute one

No. 580907

it could mean. If you don't feel sexual attraction (or don't think you do, it's hard to explain what something feels like when you don't experience it) and want to identify that way, if you think it fits you, then it fits

No. 580908

I've kissed plenty of cute boys and felt nothing. Maybe becuz I didnt like their personality.

No. 580957

Why are guys usually distant or mean to fwb/casual hookups? Are they scared if they act friendly they will catch feels?

No. 580958

Have you ever been horny have you ever masturbated what age are you

No. 580959

Probably makes it harder to use you if they treat you like a friend.

No. 580960

Men look down on women who have casual sex, it's just a total lack of respect.

No. 580973

both of these
deep down they find you repulsive. speaking as someone who has had a few "friends" with benefits "relationships" kek

No. 580979

Hello everyone,

except fentanyl, do you know a liquid that is tasteless, odorless, colorless and painless?

Thank you from the heart

No. 580982

I kind of feel this way. I find my boyfriend attractive and enjoy sex for the intimacy and feeling wanted but I have never felt lust in my damn life. It makes me kind of feel bad because sex is sometimes just going through the motions even though I don't mind that.

No. 581000

No. 581001

is it unusual to eat franks without the bun? I contrasted it with like eating the garnishes off a pizza and was informed that was likewise bizarre

what's the contrast between franks and frankfurters at that point

No. 581003

I eat veggie dogs chopped up and dipped in mustard as a snack all the time. Food rules are whack.

No. 581006

File: 1594177460937.jpg (7.17 KB, 300x300, FcBHwDYlSYC_large.jpg)

Huh, what are franks if not frankfurts? I used to love eating these little cocktail ones on their own, it's not weird but it is probably made of hooves or something similarly gross.

No. 581064

Are any anons here interested in a dream wedding/wedding planning/wedding inspo thread in /g/? I wanted to start one but I feel like there won't be many people interested in that.

No. 581077

fuk ya anon i need some unbiased opinions on my (distant) future gowns

No. 581097

What do you think is more attractive? A person who is beautiful and knows it or someone who is beautiful and doesn't know

No. 581102

Do Vegas girls have a reputation of being trashy?

I'm not from America but what I've seen they seem to be super ill-bred like Momokun or Tana Mongeau

I don't want to generalise people from that city, but Vegas sure seems like a rough city to grow up in

No. 581103

Hell yeah anon it'll be so cute to see peoples dream dresses

No. 581105

A person with a great personality

No. 581106

File: 1594203328334.jpg (2.88 KB, 286x176, images.jpg)

How does one overcome apathy?

No. 581112

File: 1594207016846.jpg (92.14 KB, 1024x1024, eat.jpg)

how do i meet girls with common interests irl and start being friends?not even necessarily with many common interests
it's been maybe 10 years since i've made a new real life female friend and all the ones i had in my life seem to have gone away. I have a few male friends and ended up with tomboyish manners from only talking to them and i'm really tired but don't know how to approach anyone when trying to become friends

No. 581192

idk but you could go to social events involving your interests, for example, if you like a certain popular anime, you could go to an anime convention (though you'll probably have to wait until rona is over)

No. 581202

So I'm 25 and have my first cavity. It isn't very deep and causes me no discomfort, but I'm getting it filled today. How badly does that process hurt? I've never had any dental work done where I needed to be numbed.

I have big tattoos. Does the pain compare to that at all? I'm weirdly anxious about this for some reason. Thank you, kind anon(s).

No. 581210

No. 581215

I've had a cavity filled and It didn't hurt.You might feel vibrations from the drill, but you won't feel it. If your dentist numbs you properly, which will be the worst part considering the needle, then you won't feel it. I've had two teeth pulled and felt no pain, only tons of pressure.

If it does hurt, tell them. The dentist will probably test to see your mouth is numbed before though. I think mine asked me to swish cold water around my mouth or something. (Or maybe that was just to rinse my mouth out idk)

No. 581222

File: 1594222484958.jpeg (44.57 KB, 211x379, E72B5249-C28C-4727-9DCD-1B4CAE…)

How do you make cursed memes and Pepe edits? Also baddie edits? They’re awesome, I want my own dumb bitch memes.

No. 581231

Does anyone know how to unlock a Huwawei phone without losing data?

No. 581249

I got cavities filled when I was 13 and while the process wasn't painful, the numbing injections were. The needles were pretty big and I can still feel in my cheeks where they injected me. I was also pretty sore afterwards but that's to be expected. You'll be fine anon!

No. 581251

The vibrations from the drill are honestly the weirdest, most unpleasant things I've ever felt. It wasn't a painful sensation at all, but I felt like I felt it up in my brain rather than my mouth. I don't know how to explain it, but honestly it might not even bother you like it did to me.

After you get your cavities filled, make sure you're comfortable with the fillings! Your dentist might just have you bite down and ask if it's okay, but see if they have that sheet of paper for you to bite down on that's easier for them to see if they overfilled if they don't already have you do it. My dentist didn't offer the paper thing at first (in hindsight, WHY NOT) and I couldn't tell if it was overfilled or not since it honestly felt fine, but it ended up causing me so much pain a few days later and I couldn't really properly chew until I got it fixed.

No. 581253

Has anyone taken Senokot laxative gummies? And if so, how effective were they and do i need to call out if i work the same day i take them?

No. 581262

Thank you, anons. I am mostly nervous about the numbing injection, but you all survived so I'm sure I will too. Kek.

Cool, something I can answer: the efficacy of these depends on a lot of factors, so YMMV. My friend who has pretty frequent constipation uses them (and other brands) to regulate herself. I took them and was running to the bathroom like 6 hours later. Honestly if I were you, I'd wait until you're done with work and take them immediately after, followed by lots of water. This will give you a sort of safe window to figure out how long it takes for them to work in your body.

No. 581263

I make mine on picsart, add my owm stickers aka pngs. Not to brag but my dumb bitch memes go around quite a bit sis

No. 581265

I'm sure she's usually discussed in the Breadtube thread.

No. 581276

Thanks anon! I will follow your advice

No. 581305

I literally felt nothing.

It's not even in the same ballpark as a tattoo

No. 581323

I guess is super different for everyone so you'll find out how it is for you soon, but for me same as >>581251 anon, the drill sensation is easily the most unpleasant thing ever. And numbing doesn't hurt at all, I'd take it ANYTIME, anything to not have to suffer through the drilling. I have a few tattoos, getting them was walk in a park compared to the dental drill.

No. 581332

What type of clothes look flattering on a body with a long torso? I feel like everything looks so weird on me, especially since i don't have a defined waist or any curves.

No. 581358

Is there another cow like Nemu?(the one with the radiation and vomit fetish)
Cows like her perplex and disgust me at the same time

No. 581366

It's not unusual at all. Some people probably just think it's weird because they never do it bc they always buy buns and hotdogs together. I used to eat plain hotdogs all the time in high school cos my family would buy giant costco packs of them and only like a 6 pack of buns so we just never had them lol

No. 581374

something high waisted especially a skirt (circle for example) that accentuates the waist, but stay far away from anything low-waist, especially those jeans that were in style back in the early 00's, those only work if you have very long legs

No. 581381

Any tips on mentoring a 13 year old boy from people who work regularly with children? I work with at risk kids and I am getting assigned my first boy client. I have only had girls up to this point and I am super nervous because I have no idea how I am going to effectively relate to him.

No. 581399

talk about fortnite or minecraft

No. 581403

Anyone else have random fears of developing DID? Or like, just a general fear of going "crazy"? I also go through random moments where I'm scared I was molested before but I block it out so much I don't even know. I hate how my brain does this.

No. 581412

You can’t just develop a snowflake LARP condition like DID and you probably weren’t molested.

No. 581414

Thanks, my brain wont fucking shut up sometimes but I know you're right

No. 581434

Cavity anon here with an unnecessary update… I felt absolutely nothing. The shot didn't hurt at all. There was even an issue with my teeth– apparently the cavity was very oddly shaped, and my teeth have a ridiculously close contact point– so the dentist drilled and shit for probably 20+ minutes. I was peachy (and laughing at the dentist's jokes) the entire time.

Thanks for those who responded! You definitely eased my anxiety and prepared me for new sensations.

No. 581440

don't worry anon most psychologist debate if DID even exists. it requires a ton of factors to be checked when even diagnosed. it's quite rare for people to have repressed memories and the science behind it is faulty. many "repressed" memories end up being false memories. live ur life positively and don't question the past without proof and you'll be fine.

No. 581457

File: 1594251370667.png (140.47 KB, 361x361, afsd.PNG)

Bought a used laptop online, have yet to boot up laptop to find any potential issues but part of the charger wire is all chewed up (pic related)… It plugs in fine and haven't smelled anything weird or seen any sparks, but I'm a little apprehensive, should I bring it up with the seller? What should I even say? I bought it off of ebay…

No. 581462

They should've been more transparent. All them why they didn't say they tried eating it.

No. 581485

I just messaged them about it and I'm hoping they'll at least refund me enough to buy myself a new charger, I don't want to chargeback hundreds of dollars from her when the laptop seems to be working just fine. I did specifically ask her if there was going to be a charger included (listing did not mention anything about it and it wasn't in the photos) so she definitely could've given me a heads up when she said it was going to be included lol.

No. 581645

thanks for the tip! rona isn't a big thing where i am but nor are cons but i guess ill try not to skip going whenever we do have one

No. 581682

Where does everyone get their reaction pics? I need to know!

No. 581689

I have a folder of ones I like saved from here or twitter, or sometimes I'll google it and hope to find something close to what I'm looking for e.g. 'smiling puppy heart meme' or 'crying person' etc

No. 581703

Does nobody know? I can't remember my pin code but I don't want to lose all my pictures. I'm really stressed out rn and I NEED HELP. All those pictures of my cat when she was a kitten….I can't lose them.

No. 581718

various places on the net, but i just discovered the dumb bitch memes thread in /g/ and it's so fucking funny, go there anon

No. 581741

File: 1594311817288.jpg (916.4 KB, 3072x4096, fp51mpv1b7g41.jpg)

A few years ago I was into exploring google maps, and i found coordinates on some website to a really beautiful place.
It looked like pic related but covered in snow and maybe less blue. It wasn't connected by a road so it might have been a photosphere. I don't remeber the location but I feel like it's in north america.
I tried to look for the website again, typing various thing into google, but i just keep getting same old copy-pasted articles.
This is a shot in the dark, but does anyone recognize what I'm talking about?

No. 581828

I have a 3 foot long fuzzy body pillow I want to wash but don't want to fuck up, anyone have tips?

No. 581845

What does the grade of a porn movie means? Or is it the grade for a porn actor/actress? Why is it important for when it comes to making porn movies?

No. 581848

probably hand wash

No. 581851

File: 1594328164077.jpeg (88.58 KB, 640x602, 32530DED-6402-4D71-9257-1C6680…)

No. 581852

how much skin do you usually show in the gyno chair, like do you cover your tummy with your shirt/dress or leave as down as you can? I somehow made myself highly concious of this because I one time thought she wanted to feel my stomach, didn't and I just kept pulling up and down my shirt, feeling dumb as fuck. I bet it does not matter but I am still asking.

No. 581853

It's my first time using whatsapp. Can people in whatsapp chat groups hear what you say? I'm paranoid af that they can hear me even when my phone's locked. I hate that microphone icon.

No. 581860

Unless you're preggo why would a gyno want to feel your stomach?? Just clasp your hands on your stomach and don't be weird.

No. 581865

File: 1594331237690.jpeg (33.38 KB, 512x277, 66299852-439D-4334-A2EA-ABE1A5…)

I don’t unfortunately, but it sounds absolutely breathtaking anon. I really hope you find it again someday.

No. 581866

Well I am not pregnant yet they usually press on it because I have cysts and whatnot.

No. 581869

This has happened to me too, sometimes they press. I just don't move any clothes unless they ask and then I'm like oh, sure

No. 581871

Are aluminium-based antiperspirants really that bad? I've been trying to wear natural ones, but in the summer I always end up smelling worse than the devil's asshole and went back to the aluminium stuff because it's the only thing that works

No. 581914

No. 581919

File: 1594339384702.png (4.37 MB, 2500x1407, preggo.png)

Ok, so my sister is preggo, she's gonna give birth in October.
Last week she did an ultrasound and the baby's head is weird.
It should be 8 cm (3 inches) on both sides, but one side of baby's head is almost the double size (5.5 inches (ca. 14 cm) or 14 cm).
This baby is not gonna be "normal", right? IF she survives until October, she (the baby) will be born with some kind of mental/physical problem right?
This baby is very wanted, everyone is so tense around.

No. 581948

How do I convince myself to just sit down, focus on one thing, and just do it? I have a serious deadline coming up soon on the first of September and I have jack shit done. It's stressing me out but I feel like I can't just force myself to do anything about it.

No. 581949

I hope someone tells you the answer so I can know, too
It's more likely that someone will tell you that you have ADHD or executive dysfunction and then you'll spend the whole time googling that instead of working

No. 581950

Surely a doctor can answer this better than any of us, did nobody ask at the time?

No. 581954

Sis got really anxious. The doctor didn't said much, just that he wants to watch closer for now. I think he didn't want to scare her, or maybe she is the one hiding from us (she hid the pregnancy for months too).

No. 581959


As the kind of person that forgets stuff and tends to procrastinate, I usually think “I have to -insert name of activity- and if I don’t do it now, i will regret it” and repeat it as much as possible in my mind.

It’s not exactly flawless, you will waste some minutes in between, but it really helps to have this nagging feeling in the back of your head, telling you to get done whatever you have to do.

Always try to find some sort of place you feel comfortable at, your bed, the couch, a nice table… Being comfortable helps me a lot more than being uncomfortable, because the moment I’m uncomfortable I will try to find something to get me distracted from that feeling.

I hope it somehow helps, anons.

No. 582011

Look up "Self Worth Theory and Procrastination" on Youtube. Of all the self help bullshut you might see on the Internet, this is the best by FAR.

It singlehandedly got me to pass 7 exams (my whole semester)these last four days after not stuyding for three months due to crippling procrastination and avoidance (and honestly maybe a bit of quarantine depression, it was so awful).

No. 582017

File: 1594356458238.jpg (34.35 KB, 595x595, download (5).jpg)

Have you tried mineral salt deordorant? It's a stick of salt that you rub under your arms while your still wet after showering. I started using it when I was pregnant because I didn't want increased levels of aluminium in my breast milk. I've haven't used anything else since because it so effective.

No. 582019

Baking soda-based deodorants (either DIY or like this https://www.lamazuna.com/deodorant-solide/68-deodorant-solide-au-palmarosa-3760201130513.html, look up the composition) work well for me and I stink up really really fast regardless of the weather.

No. 582044

Nta, but I watched that and it's incredibly stupid. For me, the reason why I procrastinate has literally zero to do with me and everything to do with the thing I'm supposed to be working on. If I dislike the thing/type of work, I'll procrastinate (less time spent on it means less torture, duh); if I like it, I'll dive right into it and enjoy the fuck out if it. Literally nothing to do with success/failure, fear, self-worth, or any of that jazz. Just what I enjoy/hate doing, simple as that.

I swear, 99% of psychologists and their "theories" are modern mumbo jumbo.

No. 582065

File: 1594369988563.jpeg (69.85 KB, 520x650, 1580855520614.jpeg)

Does anyone here use rateyourmusic.com? Does it have a profile view counter?

No. 582077

I've been talking to my cats a lot recently. I always thought people were weird for talking to their pets but now I will have full on convos with my cats. What does this mean anons….

No. 582079

I didn't watch it but I'm guessing it's that theory about how people procrastinate when they're afraid or failure? I'm like you, if it sucks and I don't want to do it, I'll avoid it for as long as possible. It's that simple. I'm not a procrastinator now I'm out of school but most of my motivation for things like work and cleaning is that it alleviates stress and guilt to have everything done.

No. 582082

>it's not true for me so it must be stupid!

lol ok

No. 582092

Yep, you got it.

It's stupid of that TED guy to make such a sweeping generalisation based on his own experience in university and then sell it as universal with psychogy lingo. Not everyone is as insecure and not everything is deep. In fact most are not.

No. 582093

He's not saying that it's true to everyone though. You have no issue with identifying source of your procrastination, and this was directed at people who struggle without knowing why is happening and how to deal with it, maybe what the original procrastinating anon is looking for, maybe not. Still worth checking out when you're at loss on what to do.
>Not everyone is as insecure and not everything is deep. In fact most are not.
I think it really depends on personal perspective. I'm often insecure and I feel like majority of people have that issue to some extent too. You are not insecure and you see that part of yourself in others. That's probably it.

No. 582094

I moved to a new country and I want to find some friends. I remember anons told me to use some phone apps, but is it safe? Anons with experience, I'd like your opinion on that… I am really worried over using an app because the place where I am is fairly small and I am easily recognisable around.

No. 582095

I'm not saying she shouldn't watch it. If mumbo jumbo helps you, eh, go for it.

Just don't end up doing something you hate because you are so insecure you must have success in that particular thing just because you started doing it. That is the slippery slope in the TED guys talk. Success is not as important as enjoying life, successes are many to be had but life is one and time flies by. Stop and ask yourself from time to time "do I hate this thing I'm doing?". Reaching an arbitrary goal is not worth the misery in those cases. Choose your successes carefully.

No. 582101

I totally see your point and how it could be a slippery slope. A lot of people would fall into this toxic mentality of pushing themselves because it's maybe somehow "their fault" that they are not succeeding at something they should be doing even though they have no passion for it. Could totally happen. But there's other side for it, and it's what is covered in this TED talk which is a totally legit thing too. At least for me, so thats why I'm trying to explain that it's not "mumbo jumbo" and downplaying it like this kinda feels bad for me personally, I don't know why. I love my job and I'm good at it but due to the way I was raised I constantly fear failure, so every time new big project comes I'll delay starting working on it until there's almost no time left because I'm terrified I'll start and realize I'm not good enough and I'm a fraud. Then, 99% of the time, when I actually start I'm having a great time and I'm getting things done. When I finally for the first time found publications about such behavior I felt better, I felt understood and it really helped managing that negative approach - obviously not fully, but I've stopped seeing it as something unmanageable. That's why I guess I think it can be an important take for someone else too.

No. 582102

>it's not "mumbo jumbo" and downplaying it like this kinda feels bad for me personally
>taking it personally
Wow, you really are insecure

Glad you're overcoming it though, I'm rooting for your success!

No. 582105

idk why would you take a dig at me after I've opened up but hope it that makes you feel better

No. 582106

I enjoyed the video anon, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who relates.

No. 582107

Well it was more meant for people like >>581948 who seem lost on the way to tackle their procrastination and I thought it could help her. I'm like >>582101 and often procrastinate on shit I like doing, in fact anything that has high stakes is difficult to do, even though it used to be a hobby or something.

I totally agree it could be mumbo jumbo, but it can really helpful, especially the part about equating your worth to your performance. It really resonates with me as I was raised with huge expectations of academic success.

No. 582114

To stay on the theme of embarrasing shit like insecurity: how do you know if you're emotional or immature? I'm asking because I've never considered myself emotional but I'm starting to reconsider.

Long story short, I cry at funerals, after breakups or unrequited love, when I feel intense shame and disappointed my teachers or my parents, or when I am very disappointed in myself. I also cry in anger/indignation when I perceive I am being wronged without being able to rectify it. Now that I think about it, it has also mostly happened in the context of my studies.

It sounds like a lot, but counting the past 4 years, I had a good cry about 10 times (without including love/funerals).

I genuinely can't tell if that points to emotional issues or immaturity, so I am asking here.

No. 582123

It’s okay to cry, anon, I think it’s better to be able to have a good cry than to bottle up everything and then blow a casket at some moment in which you don’t truly have a reason to cry, like, imagine being in the middle of a birthday party of someone You know and then crying after months upon months of shitty situations, it would look like you’re trying to be an attention whore when you’re not.

So, I think it’s more mature to cry over stuff that makes you feel shitty, than to bottle it up and then let it overflow you.

But if you said something like:

>i cried because my accessories weren’t exactly on point with my outfit

>i cry whenever I watch nature shows

>I cry when there’s not enough milk for my cereal

>i cried when my eyeliner ended up crooked the first time I applied it

I would definitely tell you you’re being quite immature and that maybe you should think more about what’s actually a serious matter and what’s trivial.

TL;DR: you’re fine anon, you’re a normal person.

No. 582124

>idk why would you take a dig at me after I've opened up


No. 582130

Anon, I tried it and I love you, this is the best app I’ve ever used.

No. 582136

How important is it to have the most recent edition of a college textbook? I'm supposed to get the 4th edition for my class in the fall but I can only find a pdf for the 2nd edition on libgen/anywhere else. Do you think I can still use it or will I have to pony up the money? It's an English textbook if that matters.

No. 582137

Ntyrt but that app's my jam. Soo many stickers and easy to make your own.

No. 582155

Email and ask your professor if they'll accept earlier editions of a textbook. Some do (since each edition only has very slight changes in content and sometimes the pages numbers might be off a little), and some professors are adamant about having the current edition for whatevehr reason. Also, check if your school's library has it. My school's library would have certain textbooks available to take out (would not loan it out for you to take home because they wanted everyone to be able to access it) and would let us scan some pages if we needed to.

Have you tried using bigwords.com ? Shit saved me during college so many times lol.

No. 582157

She's increfibly insecure so she perceives imaginary slights everywhere.

No. 582160

Fellow burger anons,

I'm starting training at my new job this weekend, while I'm on my two weeks at my current job. When I fill out my W4s for my new job, do I have to check off the box that says I'm working two jobs since I'm only working two jobs for like two weeks? I'm also not considered fulltime at my new job for the time being if that makes any difference.

No. 582170

Love you too anon

No. 582180

I would check that, then request a new w4 right before you finish your other job and tell HR to file it after. You can always change your w4 whenever you want.

No. 582192

Get yourself ready and then set a timer for a small amount of time like 20 minutes. Take that time to focus on work and when it feels like an eternity, remind yourself it'll be over soon. Rinse and repeat.

No. 582215

Has anyone used Venmo? Thinking of starting an account and wanting to use my college debit card instead of my personal debit card.

Is it safe to use? Do you have to know people? Are you expected to give back? Cuz I don’t wanna

No. 582227

yes it's safe, no you don't have to know someone outside of their user info, kinda expected to "give back" in the sense of paying someone/paying back? like that's what people use it for a lot, when someone spots them, instead of paying back with cash later, they can venmo them on the spot. you can either transfer that money to your bank account or keep it in your venmo account to use for yourself or as a little pot to pay others/for things. i'm not sure how you mean to use it from the questions you're asking.

No. 582246

Those were the questions I was intentionally asking. Originally, I was intending to use it to pay off an expensive textbook and a phone bill but when you sort of confirmed that one would have to pay back - with those expenses, I am not so sure anymore.

How do money requests work? Do you just ask for help paying food or Netflix and some random just shows up and gives you Venmo bux?

No. 582258

Nta but…no one is gonna just give you money on venmo? It's basically like an e-wallet or paypal. No free money, sis.

No. 582261

Is it the same story with cashapp?

No. 582262

Cashapp and venmo are just wallets for when you don't have cash on you. If you want something that you "borrow", just open a credit card.

No. 582273

ooo i understand, anon. nah, venmo/cashapp aren't like that, like others said, they're like electronic wallets, not credit cards. people posting their venmo/cashapp accounts and ebegging are asking random people for donations and just hoping for them. when using it like a normal person, it's for paying directly to people easily.

No. 582285

Is biking a good way to get rid of cellulite or do I have to go back to doing squats and shit?

No. 582286

It is.

No. 582287

Is it safer to just use Venmo for a meal and a dress then?

No. 582293

NTA but that’s fine. They have a venmo card you can request and it’ll charge your venmo balance (or if it’s zero, will charge whatever payment method you have connected to Venmo).

Honestly, why not just open up a credit card if you’re worried about things being safe and don’t want to use your debit card? They often offer decent protections. I have Venmo but personally don’t have the venmo card or use it outside of splitting restaurant bills with friends (I also see friends using it to pay each other their half of rent or utilities).

No. 582305

What's up with "snark culture" like ONTD/TWoP where people (women, I guess) are incredibly bitchy and petty but then act like they're saints for pointing out how racist/transphobic everything is? I feel like these people feel guilt over being bitchy/judgey but still need to think they are good people and that their judgments are all totally justified. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

No. 582309

I don't think you understand what we're getting at here.. I mean 'cash on you' to mean physical money. You can't spend money you don't actually have. If you try to spend, the app will pull from your debit card/bank automatically. It links and PULLS money from your cards/banks, because your friend who paid for your coffee doesn't have a credit card machine she can just whip out to grab the money you owe her. We live in a modern cashless society.

DO NOT use Venmo's credit feature, afaik it doesn't have any perks like good cashback, or rewards like normal credit cards use, and the interest rate must be terrible. Honestly since you're a college student, you should start building credit now anyway.

No. 582311

File: 1594413206263.jpg (52.02 KB, 450x548, IMG_3855.JPG)

Are there more male pedophiles than female pedophiles or is it 50/50? Do female pedophiles not act on their pedophilia as much or do they just get caught less?

No. 582312

it used to unmitigated cuntiness, but now you have to justify hating annoying assholes. ONTD pop star stan wars used to be my fucking jam back in 2008/2009

No. 582321

File: 1594413731040.jpg (136.91 KB, 1185x794, photo-1-1561079879428120777842…)

I think I found it!
It was a photosphere but I think it's deleted now, so I can't view it like I did originally. Still there are some photos online.
The place is in Germany, Kleiner Gleichberg

No. 582326

Oh my god I love that painting I'm sorry I don't have an answer to your question I just wanna say the artist is Phil Hale if anyone else likes it, he is a great artist

No. 582328

File: 1594414017955.jpg (134.67 KB, 1200x1320, 730714-HSSP16-AF0831.jpg)

Who else likes puppets?

No. 582335

I mean, look around you. Look at how men just treat most women like objects. i refuse to believe it's 50/50. more like 90/10. and even then… Female serial killers, pedos, rapists– they're out there, but insanely low numbers. Also, trannies dont count as women

No. 582346

Maybe you’re just lonely. Or you want to share your thoughts out loud to some sort of audience.

No. 582351

File: 1594417478203.gif (2.24 MB, 403x251, 6F3CDCA9-B002-4EEF-8055-E4B8AA…)

Me! I love puppets!
What is you favorite kind of puppet? Hand puppet? finger puppet? Sock puppet? Marionette? Ventriloquism dummy? What are some of your favorite pieces of media with puppets?

No. 582352

Ok anons, this one's a bit complicated.
I have an uncle (dad's bro) who married a woman with a son my age. So he was technically my cousin despite us not being blood related. We used to sleep in the same room sometimes and seen each other half naked.
My uncle and this woman divorced a few months ago. So now, i have family bond with their son. Buuut I called him my cousin for years, and also still refer to his mom as my aunt.
I think we started liking each other around 1 year prior to their divorce but now that we're legally not family, i feel like he's been getting more… explicit with his intentions? He keeps telling me that he wishes he could find a gf "exactly like me" and our play fights have gotten weird. Like we used to just hit each other on each others arms but now he pins me down with his body against me and shit like that.

Anons, is this incest or ethically wrong? Am i a degenerate? I can totally envision myself even marrying him, he's THAT type of guy. But his mom would probably hate us…

No. 582356

Samefag, i meant we have no family bond, kinda obvious from context.
If the general consensus turns out to be 'no its not incest/wrong/unethical' I'm gonna hardcore flirt with him.

No. 582358

File: 1594417746214.gif (74.82 KB, 250x236, 887B474D-42EF-4B82-BC2F-78480E…)

No. 582360

He's not actually related to you and you both like each other? Guuurl, getchu soome