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File: 1590979244372.jpg (861.88 KB, 1651x1100, 1526989941340.jpg)

No. 562526

Last thread: >>>/ot/548392

No. 562542

This fucking picture.

No. 562547

Is it bad I didn't laugh till I saw the mirror?

That girl gets so much shit but that meme is hilarious, I feel so bad

No. 562553


dear god, who is this creature? is this a photoshop?? this face makes no sense. it's like a 50-something woman with a ton of plastic surgery and botox (looks like a plastic face that doesn't move) but also at the same time, if you squint REALLY hard, this also looks like a pre-teen

No. 562556

File: 1590980500877.jpeg (79.04 KB, 411x521, 81414C56-6613-498D-BEA5-C125FF…)

No. 562569

I laugh every time I see his face, I think she's a really cute girl and the memes are mean but it just kills me

No. 562678

Chloe Moretz

No. 562685

Onision is the poor man’s Jeffrey Epstein.

No. 562691

This. Remember when Epstein died and Onion was all like “Why is everyone saying that he was murdered? He obviously killed himself!” Probably because Epstein had Grug’s dream life only for it to come to a grinding halt, so of course suicide would make complete sense to someone like Onion.

The new Netflix doc says that Epstein was a textbook narc, much like Onion himself.

No. 562733

Her candids are notoriously terrible but is this one photoshopped to be even worse? This one is super awful lol.

No. 562745

Part of the meme is subtle shops that make her look worse without being too obvious, it's very possible.

No. 562801

File: 1591006635757.jpg (185.48 KB, 660x960, R1ektkqTURBXy85NjA4MTllZjcwNGN…)

has to be it, she looks pretty normal here and the thread picture is really disturbing to look at

No. 562805

I think the vast majority of protesters (both black and white) care about George Floyd or racial injustices and whatever, rather people venting out due to forced quarantine against forced government regulations

No. 562812

I don't get the point you're trying to make. Are you insinuating they're hypocrites for getting mad at covid protestors but going out and rioting?

No. 562825

Nanette was good

No. 562847

Commies who believe they can do their dream jobs (gaming all day and jerking off to hentai) if there is communism are retarded. Most of them hoard merchandise and are consumerists too, but they'll shift the blame about being a consumerism with that stupid bors comic.

No. 562854

This isn't an unpopular opinion, just a common sense opinion.

No. 562866

Why is it always bitches with communist signs in their bios always posting selfies of their new hair styles and gel nails? I know working in call centres is dehumanising but it's not true communism. It'll be shite tier jobs en masse and shitter services for all. They'll cry when mid tier fashion becomes too much of a splerge

No. 562916

NTA but yeah

No. 562928

"Bisexual" women shouldn't really claim to be bisexual anymore of they're married to a straight guy.

No. 562929

we have this in every single unpopular opinion thread

No. 562932

I swear. Why don't the anons who are obsessed with shitting on bisexual women have the same kind of energy for bisexual men, I wonder?

No. 562938

They don't brag about it

No. 562940

Where do you see bisexual women "bragging" about anything?

No. 562942

Can you explain how you think that? like how does that make sense to you?

No. 562943

this makes no sense, even in marriage you feel sometimes urges to other people than your partner, and in this case a woman should feel both to women and men if she's bisexual. sure, it's cringy to say "yes i'm still very vaild and opressed" since bisexuals in same sex couples have worse, but that doesn't chane their sexuality

No. 562944

If anything, bisexuals are the ones who get bashed the most once people hear that they're together with the opposite gender lol

No. 562946

i agree with this tbh… in my city last week ppl were going crazy after a bunch of ppl crowded up some popular park enjoying the weather, but this week protesters are shoulder to shoulder and no one even bats an eye?? obv a protest is more meaningful but if no one is upset about it this time then around why cant dying small businesses/restaurants open too

No. 562947

"Coming out" while married to a man or only having dated men is very much bragging. Bisexual men just never talk about it.

No. 562948

kek i also noticed this

No. 562949

Is it not worth 'coming out' because everyone assumes they are straight when they are not?

No. 562950

Bragging about what? Do you think lesbians never date men to remain unspotted? Or gay men, for that matter?
Go take a nap.

No. 562952

Why do you care if people assume you're straight if you're dating the opposite sex?
That's not what I was talking about.

No. 562953

the same reason gay people and lesbian's care if someone assumes they're straight lol

No. 562958

Do gays and lesbians plan on staying married to the opposite sex for the rest of their lives? Or do they want to date the same sex at some point in their lives?

No. 562959

A lot of closeted gay men do just that, while maybe fucking men on the side, lmao. Should they call themselves straight?

No. 562961

anytime someone refers to a horse as ‘beautiful’ I think, are we looking at the same creature?

No. 562962

This is so funny. How many horse girls do you have in your life for this to be a reoccurring situation for you?

No. 562994

you answered your own question - because one is much more meaningful than the other

No. 563026

No. 563033

yeah, especially considering it's like the seventh time it's been posted in the unpopular opinion threads pretty much word for word

No. 563037

I got mildly offended here for a moment but then I realized it's 1) "unpopular opinion" thread on anonymous imageboard 2)I'm a horsegirl myself and my opinion on this matter is automatically invalid bc of the bias

No. 563042

hey a fellow horsegirl

No. 563050

nnnnneigh schlop schlop neigh
hello fellow horsegirl

No. 563083

Same. I can see how they could be considered graceful if you only look at the body and squint really hard, but their faces are so hideous to me. The concept of girly sparkly unicorns cracks me up because real horses are so ugly.

People constantly refer to horses as beautiful, graceful, majestic etc. As a kid I was afraid of horses and adults would get upset at me for that.

No. 563105

I guess you could call Greg’s old house “The Lolita Mansion” kek

No. 563123

Anon this brightened up my day. Keep schloping on.

No. 563127

I’m convinced that the only reason Greg’s not super into Lolita is because he never reads anything he didn’t write himself.

No. 563146

My favorite anarcho-commie on twitter constantly buys capeshit and Star Wars goodies and has her Amazon wishlist pinned on every social media she uses, she doesn't even realize how big the cognitive dissonance is.

No. 563155

Hijabs look ugly and I hate wearing them

No. 563157

I always thought they were really pretty as a child and grew up envying my friends who wore them. I think they look really neat

No. 563160

Same, I have a really gorgeous cousin who wears a hijab and she 100% looks more pretty without it. Also it gets so fucking hot here I feel for every woman wearing it. So glad my mom doesn't force me to wear one.

No. 563174

Thanks. I wear hijab and although I have really nice hair, I actually look better with one on I think. There's a certain way to wear it though that makes it cute vs really really ugly. I wear it like a turban or I wear it really loosely while still covering my hair. The clothes you wear can enhance it if they're trendy, or make it uglier.
Most of the girls I know don't think it's hot tbh unless you're literally wearing a cotton scarf. If anything it protects the top of our heads from overheating.

No. 563175

File: 1591041792397.png (444.24 KB, 442x594, Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 3.02…)

I'm seeing a strange influx of muslim users…

Anyways, I don't wear it but I follow a lot of bloggers who do. how do you wear it? I find it to be really cute especially worn like this

No. 563178

yeah soz i dropped the imageboard's link in a middle eastern cuisine forum

No. 563179

How is this unpopular lmao. Most muslim girls wouldn't wear it if it was discovered that it wasn't mandatory.

No. 563180

> Confuses religion with ethnicity like every other dumb kentucky fuck

No. 563182

actually, i'm from ohio

No. 563186


No. 563187


I'm the gorgeous cousin anon and I am very much not a muslim even if admitting that to my mother would make her seriously murder me. As she has said so many times.
Some hijab styles do look pretty though, and I think women just get used to the feel of it. I would never wear one though. I look better with hair. My cousin wears it similiarly as in the image you uploaded.

No. 563233

I think burqas and niqabs are dehumanizing as fuck and I get uncomfortable whenever I see women in public (which is rare but still). While I don’t think it’s an unpopular opinion on here, I would instantly get branded as an islamaphobe if I ever said that because I live in a really liberal area.

Don’t really have a strong opinion about hijabs either way though

No. 563245

well just so you know most muslims don't approve of those either. those are both not mandatory like hijab is (Still shouldn't be forced upon someone by anyone, not even a girl's parents according to true islamic law) for women and are often only practiced in islamic countries where men are pigs and force their wives to do so. It's not practiced in America for the most part.

No. 563252

Being a bisexual woman is a meme at this point. Every girl under 25 is claiming that now (for attention mostly)

No. 563253

jesus here we go again…

No. 563254

bisexual women bad
bisexual women bad
bisexual women bad
bisexual women bad
bisexual women bad
bisexual women bad

No. 563260

File: 1591049535421.jpeg (30.77 KB, 940x480, E53D9208-A3F5-4F0A-A67C-418BC6…)

No. 563262

You would think something getting posted in every unpopular opinion thread, including this one THREE times in the last 12 hours would disqualify it from being considered an unpopular opinion, and yet…

No. 563263

all females born after 1993 know is eat hot chip and be bisexual

No. 563319

File: 1591056280182.jpeg (87.58 KB, 500x431, 1CC51FD6-5D20-4197-8C3E-8D4A33…)

i don't like movies. big hollywood franchises suck ass and are made by pedophiles, independently made movies are better but rarely worth spending over an hour of your day on. i fucking hate quentin tarantino and his spergy obnoxious stans, which usually make up the ~film enthusiasts~ of any group of people.

much of the "cult classics" are just retarded porn and/or gore fests put on a pedestal by scrotes and equally brain dead pickmes. because popular movies are never really visually extraordinariy i feel like movies are just storytelling for people who are too dumb and undisciplined to read a book.

however i do enjoy animated stuff (except studio ghibli garbage).

No. 563324

No. 563327

whats wr ong with studio hiblgi

No. 563332

xanax-chan is that you?

No. 563335

>Studio Hibblegee

No. 563337

virág csertő, i'm asking you to stop

No. 563341

NOO LMAO i was eating a sandwich, oops


No. 563344

I don't care about small businesses and they provide nothing of value.

No. 563345

Don't type with your mouth full.

No. 563373

I don't care about you. You provide nothing of value.

No. 563409

I'm sure this will cause a bit of a stir so apologies in advance anons, but I'm just gonna out and say it:
The concept of "cultural appropriation" is fucking retarded and I sincerely do not feel that being a white person somehow gives me an invisible privilege barrier that prevents me from conceiving that. (And for the blogging record - where I grew up I would get beat up and ridiculed for being white; my step family was Native American and I was raised in their culture. I've gotten jumped by a group of teens for wearing moccasins my kokum gave me FFS).

Yes, it's shitty people of the originating culture are made fun of or ridiculed for it while others are praised for borrowing from it.

But how the fuck does gate-keeping each other fix that? It's literally just continuing a system of segregation and inequality. How the fuck are we supposed to be equals and raise youth to believe all races and cultures are equal if certain members of each can't do or wear or think things because of their birth place or skin color? The fuck is the logic here. I've even tried googling explainations and they make 0 sense, always ending with "if you don't get it, you are just ignorant".

And it's always brought up over the most inane shit, too, not like disrespectful or parody usage. Like saying races other than curly haired latina or blacks can't have dreads or box braids or something. Man people who try to say you're self hating for straightening naturally curled hair or wanting to be more tanned or more pale are fucking ridiculous too.

It's not "right" that minorities were treated shitty in the past or present, but how the fuck is the solution anything but allowing all cultures and races to intermix so nothing is seen as bad or foreign to us? To accept everyone and not say something is off limits because you… Weren't born to it?

I've also never met anyone irl from any group or minority who actually thinks this way. I'm half convinced it's a bunch of closet racists online trying to feel better about themselves or with nothing better to do. It reminds me of people who think they're better than others because they go to Church, as if that absolves them of their empathetic conscious for other humans.

I've never seen something so ass backwards as the current SJW trends, and it's weird as hell seeing them be parroted here all the time. Do farmers actually think this way or is it just an easy excuse to poke at cows when they make a social justice oopsie?

It's all so hypocritical

No. 563411

>tfw i can't wear a beautiful cheongsam because i'm a non-asian poc
what's the point

No. 563413

Just do it, anon.. do it and be free and feel pretty

They really are beautiful and they give such a delicate feminine curve

No. 563448

The Rain on Me and Stupid Love music videos look like shit and are boring. I'm disappointed.

Same opinion here, I'm glad it's not really a thing in my family, I can't even imagine any of my family members wearing one and they actually believe in God and try to practice the religion as much as possible.

No. 563453

I agree with this, lots of ethnic dresses are so pretty…

No. 563458

>Like saying races other than curly haired latina or blacks can't have dreads or box braids or something.
All my Black friends say this not because it's cultural appropriation but because these hair styles are bad for hair that's not between 3A and 4C.

I don't know, cultural appropriation is definitely a thing imo, but a bunch of people think even normal, harmless things count as cultural appropriation. When I say that middle eastern fashion designer whose name I forgot literally designing basic ass karakous and saying they were inspired by costumes in Game of Thrones that was definitely cultural appropriation. But I see people losing their shit when white girls in exchange programs in Japan are wearing a yukuata during a summer festival with their Japanese friends, which is ridiculous to me.

No. 563461

I agree, it's definitely a thing and there's a lot of research to support the idea of it being damaging, the problem is more that the actual definition is misunderstood a lot (especially on social media).

No. 563465

I've never seen a problem with anyone going to a country and appreciating its culture or historical dressings by dressing that way. Same with people who think a style of clothing is beautiful and want to wear it themselves so long as they're not fetishizing it, making fun of it, not giving respect (feather headdress) or the previous anons with damaging hair in dreads sort of deal.

No. 563469

I was in Walmart (ugh) and said to the cashier, who had 6 row Ghana braids, "I LOVE your braids! I wish I knew how to braid… I've been wanting to do my hair for so long."

She looked at me with dead eyes and said "you shouldn't, these braids are not for you."

bitch i am sorry my skin didn't turn out darker but i'm not even half white, my birth father is half Nigerian (full on Nigerian granddad, thx) and half white, my other birth parent is middle eastern.

Thanks for telling me I can't braid my hair tho!!!!!!

No. 563481

This reads itself like a Tumblr copypasta when someone couldn't guess that the genderspecial aroace otherkin is a quarter Chinese-Cambodian with Ashkenazi Jewish roots.

No. 563485

Do you have the correct hair type, though? It sounds like you took this way too personally, anon, kek. Listing all your racial data.

No. 563486

Afaik most jp ppl don't give a damn if non Japanese are wearing their traditional clothing or glorify their culture. If anything they are happy it is getting exposure.

Also w dreadlocks, just a personal anecdote, I knew a lot of white people with dreads because I was/am into hippie "culture" where many people adopt an ultra natural lifestyle. You just literally stop combing your hair and it gets matted over time, no matter your race. Our ancient human ancestors probably had them so I don't get how how a group can lay claim to unbrushed hair. Like I can kind of understand being protective over creations exclusive to your culture, but how are dreads like that?

Idk I have mixed feelings over the concept of cultural appropriation. Some things are most certainly in bad taste but some things are more grey area.

No. 563487

File: 1591075143012.png (1.64 MB, 702x1352, 82jr.png)

The way non-black people attain dreads, and the appearance, is different from the ways black people attain them.
This post goes into detail: https://unnecessaryadversaries.tumblr.com/post/148574288085/dreadlocks-v-elflocks
Dreads =/= just tangled/unbrushed hair

No. 563490


Rachel and Jun did a great video on this.

No. 563493

Wigs are ugly. Yes, even your Properly Styled wig. It all looks like shit.

No. 563500

File: 1591078210885.jpg (54.5 KB, 480x600, 9227e19e586541b038a0ab98287aa0…)

I was thinking about braids when saying this, I don't know about white people with dreads having particular problems until they try to get another hair style.

As for what I said about yukata it's just one random example among many others. I could have also kept using the Algerian/North African example of the karakou and said that if a white woman was invited to a traditional wedding by her bff who's the bride and who's Algerian, and the wedding is happening in Algeria nobody will really care about her wearing one. At best they'll be surprised. Because it's not the same thing as pretending YOU invented it because you watched Game of Thrones and you think it's a never seen before design.

I think when it comes to clothes at the end of the day it's just a matter of context, and when and where you're wearing these clothes. And even when you do a fashion faux pas it's not ALWAYS cultural appropriation. If I saw a random American going grocery shopping at Walmart while wearing a kilt I'd find this weird as fuck/surprising but that's not cultural appropriation by itself unless the dude starts telling me that he invented kilts or some shit.

No. 563502

literally only americans and the internet care about cultural appropriation

Ive had dreadlocks for 10 years and I'm pasty as fuck, besides the good old classic "how do you wash your hair" Ive never had a single comment about "appropriation"

whats next, white people not being allowed to curl their hair anymore? clearly we are the devil lol

No. 563508

yup. the concept of fake hair, wigs or extensions, even high quality and well styled, is so disgusting and icky and i can't help but associate it with old musty ladies.
fake eyelashes too, it reminds me of the evil aunt in bernard and bianca.

No. 563541

Islam is inherently oppressive to women and people who try and pretend it isn't are retarded. They're pretty much enabling sexist behaviour and female suffering. You can respect someone without having to glorify their shitty religion.

No. 563549

Just like other abrahamic religions. And even just most religions in general.

No. 563563

all religions are sexist and against women in general. what do you expect from books written ages ago by men who believed women to be objects that were their possession?

don't try to use this shit to single out islam yet again (brown man terrorist hurrrhurrrr)

No. 563578

i feel as though it's a more unpopular opinion to say the reverse, that the religion isn't oppressive to women

No. 563579

not trying to start a discussion but i live in sweden and there have been literal honor killings here by muslim men on their family members. never heard about that type of violence against women in any other religious group in a secular western country.

No. 563580

Vegetarian foods are fine, but vegan foods taste awful and the only people who like them have either been vegan for years and have forgotten what other foods taste like or are lying for woke points.

No. 563581

Guys I think she's bringing up Islam specifically because that's the religion that tends to be defended by SJWs the most. Lots of people already denounce the others for being shitty. There's a weird double standard.

No. 563582

I'm exmuslim living in the west and everyone pussyfoots around Islam calling it empowering to women even though actual abuse and oppression goes on right in front of their eyes. I'm not using it to single out Islam and say brown man bad because brown man is literally my father. I'm sorry but Islam is not a race.

Honestly saying all religions are bad is retarded since you know that most other religions are practiced in a much more moderate way, they are a lot more reformed whilst there are a lot more traditional muslims. Islam is uniquely oppressive in the modern era and blocking your ears isn't going to change that.

No. 563583

Thank you. The replies are literally proving my point kek. I'm literally an exmuslim but criticism of Islam is racist and bad!!

No. 563592

That's not unpopular. Most people will say "ew" when you mention eating a vegan dish even if it's just a basic curry or hummus and falafels.
Like is every dish you make just plain shit until you add parmesan or crack an egg over it or something?

No. 563597

Are there many Muslims in Sweden? I'm curious, usually how radical and violent they get is related to where they come from in terms of country/region. Muslims from the Middle East and Pakistan are a special kind of fucked up from my point of view.

>Lots of people already denounce the others for being shitty. There's a weird double standard.
Depends on where you live, not by the general public in my experience. As an ex-muslim when I say that I hate Islam and don't believe in God even SJWs listen to me and agree while adding "not all Muslims are bad though!!" but when I say that I find Judaism or Christianity retarded for the same reasons almost everyone is in denial except SJWs (but only for Christianity). And SJW don't have as much influence as you think, for better or worse.

No. 563605

>Muslims from the Middle East and Pakistan are a special kind of fucked up from my point of view.
nta and not sweden either but i'm also from europe and the muslims from pakistan/afghanistan/etc. here are most of the time the ones who groom young local girls into thinking they want to date them and be together with them and the girls unfortunately fall for it too. i've witnessed so many of them suddenly turn into a "muslim" and start behaving like they're part middle eastern and learning islamic prayers, it's all so disturbing because those men are only in it to fuck them. i've also witnessed so many of the girls fight each other over their ugly boyfriends and "how dare she pretend to be a muslim when i know more prayers than she does", it's genuinely so depressing. my own friend got groomed by an afghan man when she was around 15-16 and he ended up raping her (both vaginally and anally) and then literally self harmed on video call so that she doesn't leave him, and i also had to witness her "muslim" phase. now they're no longer together and he got a 19 year old girl pregnant, they even have a child together. i'm not even shocked.

these men definitely know what they're doing. the funny part is that despite all of this gimmick, they still pretend to be holy and a devoted believer.

No. 563607

i am >>563563 and where I live islam gets a shitton of hate and no one defends it or anything. I didnt say all religions are bad, just that most are sexist or started out as such (or are still thinly veiled sexist)

look up how much rights amish and jehovas witness women have.

I dont get that, the hatred against islam in my country is very real

with brown man bad i was referring to the way people think here…
brown person = islam = terrorist
is what a lot of people think here unfortunately…..

No. 563609

As a Pakistani I can attest to the fact that Pakistani men are some of the most pathetic type of Muslim men, they are also extremely self hating and have huge racial inferiority issues

No. 563612

>the hatred against islam in my country is very real
Can't you just say what country you're from so we can understand this conversation better? Idk why some of you think you're gonna get doxxed or that anyone would know who you are based on what general country you say you're from. Literally no one gives a shit when I say I'm from the US and hence Islam is severely whiteknighted in most major liberal cities.

No. 563616

The problem is islamic countries didn't evolve since centuries ago and never separated their religion from power like the West. The other religions are more peaceful by comparison.

No. 563617

oh sorry nah i just forgot to mention
I'm from Belgium, you probably havent heard from us. we are a tiny hateful country.

No. 563621

you have a point but dont forget usa has "in god we trust" printed on their money
i think religion and politics should always be seperated (ref Laicism in Europe)

No. 563622

Lel, I actually had a transfer student in my high school from Belgium back in the day. He was pretty fucked.

No. 563624

oh wow what are the odds.
Please tell me more, what did he do?

No. 563626


I live in Japan and it really is shocking how excited a lot of people get to see a Westerner wearing yukata and lolita in the wild. Worth the occasional awkward stare from a salaryman or Chinese tourists

No. 563629

Obsessed with soccer to an extreme level, but I mean good for him, he actually did very well on the boy's varsity team. He didn't really share opinions much but I think that's because he knew deep down what he'd say would have probably offended our american sensibilities lmao.

No. 563639

haha that sounds very Belgian indeed. it's also true we usually don't speak much politics and its even kind of against the law to say who you voted for.
And you're probably right about him not sharing his opinions.
The thing is some are actually racist here but others make fun of it by being very sarcastic about it but Americans (dutchies too) dont usually appreciate that either.

No. 563645

I'm belganon too. Is it really that bad? Maybe it's because I only frequent academic 'lefty' circle and shit but it doesn't feel that bad, these days.

No. 563651

hey how nice fellow countryperson!
what part are you from?
I'm from flemish part in the east. maybe they're worse here because this is the country side? Also I work in construction where I meet a lot of those typical "real men" kinda guys. (low education)
I heard Gent is a very tolerant place.

No. 563654

In Brussels, so I guess that helps yes. The city is chokeful of immigrants, we better be used to them.

No. 563657

We had a foreign exchange student from Belgium (I live in US), and I thought she was a literal angel kek. I still have fond memories of this sweet girl years later, and it made me want to visit there.

>sage 4 no contribution

No. 563660

We'll treat you to some waffle and beer anon, you should visit.

No. 563667

don't forget chocolade and Belgian fries!

that probably helps. I also have a feeling wallon people are more leftist than flemish…not saying brussels is wallon but you guys are kind of in between.

thats nice to hear anon

No. 563676

It's more complicated than that, depending on which country we're talking about there's a political aspect you can't ignore, and colonisation and the cold war also had a big role in how some countries became more conservative. In some countries things were just fine until specific events occurred like a coup d'Etat or different parties fighting over power after decolonization, etc.

Watch the animation Persepolis, it's a great movie in general and it will show you how Iran became what it is from the point of view of an Iranian woman, it's a classic. An anon in another thread also posted a video of a former Egyptian president when the topic came up (I think it was Nasser? I don't remember) and you could see everyone laughing at the idea of forcing women to wear the hijab back then.

No. 563679

I'm sick of humams

No. 563701

>Long nails are unsanitary, both natural and acrylic, they look so ugly too

>Crop tops and short skirts look immature and uncomfortable

No. 563702

People who don't clean their nails are unsanitary in general. Chewed nubs are definitely dirtier with the added bonus of autists putting those unwashed tips in their mouths to chew.

No. 563707

>Crop tops and short skirts look immature
How is this unpopular? That's why they're not appropriate for proper occasions

No. 563708

The US also references God in its laws iirc, definitely in the constitution. It's not a secular country, unfortunately.

I had a hard time trying to get people to understand why it's a problem that the government is signaling proximity to a certain type of belief system when I still lived there. They didn't seem to understand why that emboldens WASP types to think it's "their country by rights" as opposed to other citizens since the very government aligns with them by virtue of referencing their idea of a creator in its literature routinely. This excludes other faiths and lack of faith, which in turn alienates a chunk of the population. It should not be that way but I digress.

No. 563756

"Healthy food is too expensive" is such a dumbfuck pathetic excuse for justifying obesity. Fruits and vegetables are more expensive than sugar but I refuse to believe that anyone who needs to eat thousands upon thousands of calories in junk food everyday to maintain their obese bodyweight spends less on food than someone eating healthy foods while maintaining a healthy weight does.

No. 563766

My grocery bills are much more expensive for buying fresh produce and quality protein like seafood. Whereas when I was gaining weight I was eating relatively cheap because lower quality food and junk is cheaper. Do you think it's just a coincidence that people who are paid lower, have stressful jobs with longer hours, and who are unhappy are the ones who are getting fatter?
>you need to eat thousands upon thousands of calories to gain weight
Not really, tbh an extra 200-300 calories a day over maintenance is going to result in a slow and steady weight gain over the course of a year. Sounds like you're talking out your ass, did a fatty make fun of you today or something?

No. 563771

Cultural appropriation is valid but not in the SJW sense.

If I wear cornrows to work I risk getting fired. People have been fired/ sent home from school for their hair not being appropriate. Other people wear it as a fashion statement and get no shit.

I literally wear my hair straight wear or wear a wig to every job interview / professional school interview because it will ruin my chances if I don't. Many other women do this and still do it today.

>The Crown Act

If you have to pass a law through each state and eventually CONGRESS in order to not have people get away with not hiring you because of hair, then I don't know what else to tell you.

> Tigon Laws

Laws passed on poc/black women to cover their hair in public in North and South America
Recent laws to allow black women to whear natural hair at work

No. 563778

I agree anon, I don't have 3c hair but it's still as seen socially unacceptable for being curly. I've been wearing my hair natural since I started college and I haven't looked back.

No. 563787

Counting calories is the absolute best way to lose weight and every other method/diet sucks in comparison. I've had bare amounts of junk food (along with healthy food) for the past month and have lost 10 pounds just by staying under 1200 calories.

No. 563796

That's literally how weight loss works.

No. 563804

no shit, but people are constantly told not to count calories and to instead go gluten free dairy free meat free happiness free etc

No. 563807

just don't eat as much fatty chan

No. 563808

Idk, counting calories sucks and if you get too adjusted on that and go through a period where you're not counting, you're likely to gain again.

I started to lose weight when I stopped buying into the 3 meals a day meme. I'm much for satisfied to wait until I have a delicious dinner where I'm free to eat relatively whatever I want.

No. 563810

Quit it or I'll inject one WHOLE jar of mayonnaise straight into my veins you insensitive fat shamer!1!!!

No. 563827

Fresh healthy food can be more expensive, especially if you're buying it prepared from a supermarket. However what people don't realise is that eating a meal with the correct balance of macros will make you feel fuller for longer so you end up eating less, which is cheaper overall.

No. 563897

not to mention food deserts are a thing which really contribute to obesity in america… not everyone can easily access fresh food even if they could afford it

No. 563975

'Cancel culture' doesn't exist and the people who complain about it are infinitely more annoying than what they're actually complaining about

No. 564005

Kek anon tell that to James Charles and the slew of other people that hold our interest for a short period until we move onto the next one. Right now we're cancelling people silent about the protests in America, join the fun.

No. 564010

How was James Charles (or anyone) actually cancelled? No one, outside of maybe people who have committed genuine crimes, has genuinely lost their career over being cancelled, James Charles is doing perfectly fine. People are always going to make decisions on who they want to support/associate with based on their beliefs and actions and that's people's right to do so, it isn't going to stop happening so what is the point of complaining about 'cancel culture'?

No. 564024

I've seen more people becoming aware lately that even an intense 'cancelling' is usually only temporary. Most people bounce back from it okay. The only exceptions I've seen are actual criminal celebs who are sentenced for shit like sex crimes or messing with kids.. and tbh it annoys me when people refer to that as being cancelled.

No. 564034

Literally who? 6ix9ine's latest song was huge

No. 564039

NTA but she probably means like Weinstein, Cosby, R. Kelly etc. who did lose their careers but they also committed actual crimes.

No. 564057

No one said he was cancelled, there was just aggressive attempts to do so. A bunch of Twitter fags just tried to cancel Joji because they only just realised he is pink guy. An example of someone legitimately cancelled (as far as I know) would be that bitch Roseanne from Rosanne. She made the mistake of saying this monkey looking bitch looked like a monkey and only afterwards realised she was black.

True, it's retarded to assume a tard mob has that ability. They've been trying to get Jeffery Star for years still to no avail. And that guy's an actual POS

No. 564072

>Not really, tbh an extra 200-300 calories a day over maintenance is going to result in a slow and steady weight gain over the course of a year.
this tbh, I recently lost ten pounds in a month because I've been stressed and overworked and forgetting to eat, but I really haven't been eating much less than before. Just not bingeing on ice cream occasionally has made a huge difference, and one pint of ice cream from the corner store is not exactly expensive. Also for the record I was not overweight to begin with – obese people have a totally different relationship with food. I remember grabbing something from an obese friends car in high school and I was shocked to find a loaf of sandwich bread crammed in his armrest console. Bread in america is super sweet and cheap so it made sense he'd keep it on-hand for cravings but I was still amazed lol.

No. 564080

I couldn't stand counting calories because it was too involved, and if I didn't feel like logging something or myfitnesspal was going to slow lol I just wouldn't log things. Daily fasting was way easier for me because by the time my feeding window came, my body wanted real food, and I'd get full before I had the chance to binge on junk food.

Not saying counting calories is bad, it's just hard if you're retarded like me lmao.

No. 564135

I can't believe I found out this is an unpopular opinion among white belly dance teachers but belly dance IS inappropriate for children wtf…in the Middle East, the youngest ones that belly dance (and that only among other women) are fucking teens- not 7 year olds who dance in public events. You can't be that obtuse and deny that there's an inherent sexual aspect to it even if it's unintentional, just to make more cash.

No. 564137

the whole pronoun thing is stupid as hell. one day they’re going by she/her and next thing you know they’re going by they/them and complaining over someone using girl/dude/bro. annoy ass people just want something to cry over about.

No. 564140

I can't even imagine belly-dancing in a non-sexual way. I'm middle eastern and seeing them in restaurants made me want to shoot myself knowing my parents were also in the room.

No. 564141

same. The first time I had a professor ask me to announce my pronouns to the class it made me honestly really mad.

No. 564143

People like your are so sensitive. Get over yourself.

No. 564144

File: 1591142012645.jpg (16.28 KB, 275x275, 1580583502474.jpg)

No. 564149

sensitive? The whole concept of pronouns is overly sensitive lmao, you lack self-awareness. I said them like everyone else but at the end of the day it was stupid.

No. 564151

Spending the first 20 minutes of a college class going around and hearing the names and pronouns of a bunch of people you will never even have to refer to by their pronouns nor will you even remember what they are if you needed to is enough to make anyone who values their time and money annoyed

No. 564157

lmao yeah, it's anon who needs to get over herself, not the genderspecials who think basic biology and language are offensive to their 'identity'/fetish

No. 564160


"Cut out the McDonalds" != "Eat salmon & kale everyday". Beans & rice & frozen veggies are all much healthier than junk food at a fraction of the cost. Stop making excuses.

No. 564181

File: 1591145164255.jpg (64.63 KB, 632x1024, 1546127577136.jpg)

Oh the Irony..

No. 564185

Idiot. Fatties love rice. It's horrible on the glycemic index which will work against blood sugar regulation and stymy weight loss, and very easy to overeat. No nutritional value whatsoever. The blind leading the blind.

No. 564332

It’s cheap tho

No. 564337

If rice=fat then why asians skinny? Please advise

No. 564350

If you honestly can't see why advising people with portion control issues to eat rice is a bad idea, no one can help your room temp IQ.
Know who likes rice and beans? Mexicans. Mexico is the most obese country in the world. Checkmate, weeb.

No. 564355

Post your daily caloric intake ana-chan

No. 564369

File: 1591159688200.jpeg (59.04 KB, 418x576, D5BF371A-DDEB-415B-B7F8-D6FFAE…)

Rice and tortillas are good, okay.

No. 564390

File: 1591160789207.jpg (59.32 KB, 1024x683, Pinto-Beans-With-Tortillas-5.j…)

Refried beans spread on a tortilla with a few dashes of Valentina is bomb af.

No. 564417

how tf is mexico the most obese country what are you on anon

No. 564427


No. 564438

No. 564439

The only reason Mexico has such a high obesity rate nowadays is because of the increase of fast food joints in every corner. Thankfully, no many here buys the HAES bullshit compared to the U.S and measures are being taken to decrease this issue.

No. 564443

i think people exaggerate how knowledge you can become from reading books. people think that if you watch tv to learn about a subject it's somehow inferior and you're getting wrong information, but obviously books can be full of errors and mistakes. books are not the ultimate superior form to learning about something.

No. 564444

File: 1591164432474.jpg (89.08 KB, 600x800, clockwork orange nendo.jpg)

A clockwork orange is one of the dumbest most edgy movies I've ever seen, it's literally just some guy walking around raping, killing and doing whatever edgy thing the writer decided to throw in but they put classical music over it so suddenly it's super deep and society is fucked etc etc.
My best guess is that it's a power fantasy for scrotes but that's the best guess I got to why anyone would unironically like this garbage.

No. 564447

This post needed to be made
>Inb4 we lack the education to appreciate high society gore porn

No. 564449

I can’t believe he has his own Nendoroid.

No. 564451

File: 1591166095208.jpg (51.62 KB, 650x800, 4580416902199.jpg)

They make nendoroids of some weird shit sometimes.

No. 564453

Dear god.

No. 564454

I never read the novel or watched the movie but I've been told the movie "forgot" to add the end of the novel about how the main characters are pieces of shit who gets punished for their crimes. Correct me if I'm wrong. I watched the Shining, also by Kubrick, for literature class back in high school and my teacher said something similar, about how the writer didn't think the adaptation was good.

I wonder who would actually buy and display these nendoroids. I don't get the appeal when they're ugly live action movie characters.

No. 564455

Yeah, what I especially don't get are the "cis" women who put she/they on their profile, what's the point? Is it to signal how totally not transphobic they are by saying they are okay with neutral pronouns?

No. 564456

File: 1591166726764.jpg (57.29 KB, 600x800, spiderman.jpg)

>how the main characters are pieces of shit who gets punished for their crimes
Nah, the main character does get punished for a bit but goes back to doing exactly what he did in the first place by the end and this is sort of framed as a good thing? At least the cinematography framed it like that.
>I wonder who would actually buy and display these nendoroids. I don't get the appeal when they're ugly live action movie characters.
Probably people buying them as a joke or because they were at hottopic for the suicide squad one, they have done figures of live action characters that look cute though.

No. 564466

Yeah this one is cute and actually looks good. I don't know how people would buy nendoroids as a joke or at hot topic in the West when Funko Pops exist. They're less expensive after all.

>but goes back to doing exactly what he did in the first place by the end and this is sort of framed as a good thing?

Sounds like some weird redemption arc thing. Honestly, I only know what Clockwork Orange is about because of edgy classmates long ago who bragged about watching the movie because it's so edgy, I got curious and read about the plot online but it seems like the type of movie I'd hate and wouldn't even finish. I don't know if the novel is better despite its differences but I don't think I'd enjoy reading it either.

No. 564467

>I don't know how people would buy nendoroids as a joke or at hot topic in the West when Funko Pops exist.
Even the ugliest nendoroid like the Joker one are less ugly than almost every Funko Pop also I think people probably like the interchangeable parts.
>They're less expensive after all.
Eh, depends. I've seen nendoroids go for 10 bucks (especially on jp sites) and Pops go for 500+.
> I only know what Clockwork Orange is about because of edgy classmates long ago who bragged about watching the movie because it's so edgy
Haha, I'm pretty sure that's the general audience who enjoys it along with man children who think they're smarter than the average person for liking some shitty movie about a guy who rapes a lot. Never read the novel but I've heard it's pretty similar to the movie with a chapter added about the protagonist wanting to have kids or something.

No. 564468

Anything to satisfy Hollywood's propensity towards perversion. The Shining isn't much different. It's laden with child abuse symbolism that Kubrick didn't dare state outright within the film

No. 564471

It's saterizing the relationship between government and crime (both conservative and liberals put using him as a propaganda pawn in their own way before actually protecting the public from him while letting people as bad as him become cops anyway) and the second half is nothing but Alex getting brainwashed, abused and tortured e.g. the opposite of a power fantasy.
It's like American Psycho or Fight Club where it's obviously using a villain protagonist to make a political condemnation but the fanbase is retarded and think he's epic and cool.

No. 564472

>and the second half is nothing but Alex getting brainwashed, abused and tortured e.g. the opposite of a power fantasy
Problem is that he still winds up exactly how he was at the start and 'cured' at the end of the movie.

No. 564474

Agree, they just wanted to give us a little insight into the mk-ultra experiments. Whatever moral thread the movie was trying to follow is lost amidst all the pandering to bloodlust and no acceptable resolution.

No. 564477

Eh. There's a whole lot of information you'll never get your hands on if you don't go to books. It's ok if you only want superficial knowledge of a thing. But you'll never get expertise on any subject from watching videos alone.

No. 564483

Intersectional feminism is thinly veiled racism for people with a white saviour complex and those with a malignant sense of inferiority.

No. 564491

I hate how so many high art movies show so much excessive gore and disturbing shit and how people gloat about watching it without even flinching and jerking off about the deeper meanings behind watching some graphic rape scenes as if we already don't hear about that shit irl enough. It's not 'ooo so deep' it's fucking porn for some people. Of course, some movies can be respectable about subjects like that but most are just shock-value.
I even hated Midsommar too, like, it felt female-suffering is some high art shit. No, it fucking isn't. I don't know, I am rambling. I'm just sad I can't enjoy so many celebrated movies because some scenes I just cannot stomach due to past trauma and it's like man, when you can't watch some subject matter, you really realize how much of it is filled in high cinema.

No. 564498

americans, are fuxking retarded, holy SHIT

No. 564499

This is a based opinion and definitely something I've also believed for years

No. 564513

Imo it's wrong to mock those (young) white american women for the way they act during the protests. What kind of level of brainwashed do you have to be to think you must kneel down in front of people just because you are a different race than them? Or those pictures of little girls using their own bodies as a shield for others? They have zero self worth. Everybody shits on them for doing that but we all know exactly that if they wouldn't be so performative 24/7 they'd quickly get called Karens, doxxed, cancelled, etc. They don't really have a choice (unless they never leave the house again and stay off the internet or are okay with getting labeled a racist) and that's just sad. It might be funny if it's one crazed twitterfag but not if it's seemingly close to all normies including kids too.

No. 564514

These people view whites the same way that radfems view men. Is that so hard to understand?

No. 564518

I suspect once the riots are over, if you didn't attend or participate and you're a white American you're gonna be cancelled. I think people need to ready their excuses or start photoshopping themselves into photos stat.

No. 564519

Young women, including white ones, are at the bottom of crime statistics, most of them have never done anything bad, yet they have internalized such a deep guilt. Meanwhile men of all races and ages happily rape and murder and the ones who don't still defend those who do and shit on women, without any remorse.
That's in no way comparable.

No. 564521

I'm thinking it will be a polarizing thing, like being a Trump supporter (more accurately) is. People will make assumptions about your character even if you were physically unable to attend, or just spent 5 years recovering from a chronic illness and don't wanna suck down teargas, be burned, or blinded after working so hard to get healthy again. Just a prediction of some nonsense we will see soon.

No. 564522

Just people putting all emotional labor, guilt and other assorted social work back onto women, for a change

Women are now supposed to take the blame for violence enacted by men towards other men.

No. 564539

Some anons are mean as fuck and insult the cows too harshly

No. 564541

This made me laugh out loud. Get off the site

No. 564547

I don't like it when a thread starts off with a series of greentext questions and then every post answers those questions one by one. It reminds me of assignments in school where we were given a series of questions but were expected to write a comprehensive essay-paragraph answering them in a creative way, and so its weird to me that people dont do that. Idk it just makes the whole thread unreadable because I dont like to subconsciously reread the questions copypasted in every post. inb4 someone gets weirdly mad at this post, kek

No. 564550

i find it gets a topic going, sometimes a thread dies bc people aren't sure what's going on with the OP and don't care enough to type a paragraph outside of basic greentext questions

No. 564601

Really? I actually like that. I’m way more likely to read your post when answers are laid out cleanly rather than some wall of text.

No. 564642

Only people with little to no problems in life care about queerbaiting in media.

No. 564709

mcflurries > blizzards… dairy queen stuff has a weird aftertaste at times, is more expensive, and even the smallest sized blizzard is too much for me

No. 564717

These are facts. Mcflurries will always be number one fast food soft serve

No. 564719

File: 1591192981637.gif (2.62 MB, 498x203, guidelines.gif)

No. 564723

i would agree but i don't like mcflurries without sauce and in the UK recently only the special ones get sauce. Ice cream vans have lovely soft-serve.

i've started to see baskin robbins pop up in cinemas around here, is it worth the price? its kind of expensive but im curious

No. 564727

I fucking hate corn. I can't see corn without actually gagging a little. Every time i see a corn vendor or smell sweet corn around the corner of my shithole city, I either breathe through my mouth or walk in a different direction if i can, because the smell can give me nausea. Corn on the cob, canned corn, salty corn, sweet corn - all of them are revolting to eat, look at, or smell. The most useful thing corn has existed for is being an "in a pinch" dildo. Corn can go fuck itself.

No. 564733

Anon you are the only person I've ever seen who understands and shares my visceral disgust for corn.

No. 564734


Anons, we should be friends. I'll protect you from all the kinds of corn by devouring it before you even realize it's there.

No. 564737

I'm glad there are other people who hate corn. It always tastes like it's rotting

No. 564741

File: 1591196657871.jpg (46.54 KB, 500x375, f3b0e52f0cb3ecbf0ee58978238b65…)

No. 564751

No. 564760

Being at the bottom of crime statistics and having 'never done anything bad' are not the same things at all. The riots are about structural racism, not things that would necessarily be considered crime.

No. 564766

This, they just hate white women for no reason other than being seen as more desirable, same with mixed women, they also cant stand those, instead of blaming the ones behind it(men), they blame the women it “positively” affects. Kinda like some women will blame the other qoman when her man cheats, even when the woman didnt even know they existed.

No. 564770

Wouldn’t be surprised if men started using this shit as an excuse to get them to do sexual and degrading shit for them on top of that.

No. 564772

Oh you know it. Black gay hitler on youtube is already doing it to white gay boys

No. 564790

>Black gay hitler on youtube

No. 564796

No. 564809

I feel like these people want to shit on women in general but they know they'll get called out for being misogynists, so they just say "white women" to make it not look as suspicious. I've seen "woke" shit that looks eerily similar to incel bullshit.

No. 564812


No. 564822

I get that feeling too. Tbh I wish this movement would bring up all the violence against black women too. There’s way too many vids of black men hurting them. Makes me fucking sick.

No. 564824

Same. It pisses me off that they're so much energy towards white women being racist but not enough towards black men being misogynists. Granted, it seems like it's slightly changing but still. If you're gonna preach intersectionality, at least be consistent about it.

No. 564826

This is why I do not trust male feminist or white people who go around doing the "Listen up white people!!" I do think some come from good places, but i've seen a lot of male feminists say FOUL shit to women who say something that they don't agree with.

Just like I've seen white women calling black people coons and talking down to them when we don't agree with what they are being told is "Woke".

I feel a lot of these "Allies" want a reason to shit on different groups of people in the name of being woke, but it's still sexists and racists.

I have no issue with tranny Micheal Jackson addressing his fellow man, but again, it's another way for someone whose not black to talk down to someone who is black.
I'm not saying everyone doing it is wrong, but when you see a white woman calling a black man a coon, then you go, "Isn't this just racism?"

No. 564827

It's not changing. Black men treat black women like shit. Which is why i get so pissed when LGBT+ starts talking shit about black women and how we can stop the few black men who do harm trans women or gay men from doing it and it's like, we can't even stop them from harming us, our communitites and eachother. How the hell are we going to stop them?

Black women are always at the bottom, no matter what and everyone pretends to care, but are constantly blaming us for things we didn't have any parts in.

We always criticize black men (trans women included) but no one cares.

No. 564828

Lmao remember when there was the first "blackout" on social media in like 2015 and he got a lot of attention because he flipped off a photo of Abe Lincoln? Also apparently he's doesn't consider himself gay because it's a "white colonialist" term or some shit. Dude is nuts.

No. 564907

I hate all the butch androgynous lesbians on tik tok that EVERY girl and their dog thirsts over.
It's not that I am partial to a butch, but these women make faces like biting their lip at the camera and trying to look hardass. Like 15 year old boys get roasted for this cringey behaviour but these women are literally doing the same thing.
Some of them are quite pretty until they pull these faces.

I'm not sure if anyone knows the type I'm talking about but it's insane to me how much praise they get.

No. 564910

honestly can't relate. i'm weak as fuck for the terrible lip-bitey fuckboys and when a girl does it i'm gone. it's cringey and pandering but it's sexy idc. if you're sexually attracted to someone you like seeing them act in a sexual manner. lip biting bitch boys hmu

No. 564925

Hard pass. I'm sexually attracted until they pull the cringey poses and then my clam dries up into dust. It reeks of tryhard Laineybot/Kalvin Garrah vibes.
Plus some of them are like beautiful androgynous models yet they are acting fools on an app for teenagers. It's so lame in my opinion. But then again, my opinion is unpopular hence it's in this thread.

No. 564968

I fucking hate himbos and himbo yearning jokes. I heard one weeb make a joke about himbos irl and it was so cringey, I'll always associate the term with that nowz Fantasizing about unrealistic men is understandable, but shit like >>564865 gives me cancer.

No. 565067

Seconded. I've got a brother in law who's a little eboy fuck, so maybe I can't be impartial.

No. 565214

File: 1591267714321.jpg (19.21 KB, 352x240, FUCKING CORN.jpg)

Anon no…

No. 565220

Anon yes

No. 565258

European chan users are objectively the worst posters.

No. 565271

as a European living in an area with almost no black people, I have no idea how to properly respond to the incident.
I know it's really horrible what happened, that's for sure.
But on one side I see people getting angry because people don't actively post about it and on the other side I see people getting angry at others (with good intensions im sure) for not responding exactly as they want or for using the wrong tags?

No. 565275

They'll get angry whatever you do anon, we can't win kek. You could spam posts for days only to have people turn around and call it performative.

No. 565280

well it sure seems that way.
also am I supposed to feel bad for being white or something? I obviously dont agree with what happened and white middle aged men saying "b-but what about our rights?" are retarded.
But that doesnt make it our fault.

No. 565282

self-announcing european posters are the worst but amerifags are terrible for having a really restricted worldview because they can't really afford to travel if they don't have money kek

No. 565284

I wish I could answer that question with no, but it's totally a yes. Rich old white assholes funded autism like intersectional feminism within the elite universities in the West to cause chaos. These people (the emotional terrorists) feel entitled to their perspective because ~Harvard~ told them so.

No. 565299

File: 1591281970449.jpg (31.66 KB, 500x385, doubt.jpg)


Meghan Markle said today that 'the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing' so you're damned either way. The only answer is to not be on social media for this and many other good reasons.

No. 565304

I hate that being active on social media and weighing in on every issue is practically a prerequisite for life now

No. 565306

File: 1591282941996.jpg (922.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200605-005838.jpg)

Accurate. Fuck being a larger account they're all getting shit bombed by tards even when they're as extreme as the rioters

No. 565324

Same here. Also I don't like being constantly grouped together and called out as "white people" on social media. Like calm down, not every white person is from America or participates in racism. I feel like they're trying to make every white person feel responsible/guilty when it's a completely foreign matter to me (this situation specifically, not racism in general but at the same time racism in my country can't be compared to how it is in America.)

No. 565331

samefag, to clarify: I'm not trying to be "lol look at me not being American but from a country that's not brutally racist like America". I just feel like that white people come from different countries all over the world and every country has a different race/ethnicity makeup and different cultures, some more liberal than others, different histories and we don't deserve to be all grouped together as one just because what's going on in America rn is put under a magnifying glass on social media right now. That goes for Americans too, not every American is racist or responsible either.

No. 565332

It isn't, you can live fine without it or only aminimal amount.

No. 565333

People like this are insufferable. You aren't supposed to voice your opinion "to please other people/their viewers" but because out of your own convictions and beliefs.

No. 565335

>She's caving to social pressure! How ridiculous, unreasonable and unheard of!

No. 565336

I understand the riots in America. African Americans built that country, have lived there for the same amount of time whites have. I don't even really know why they're called African-Americans. They're just Americans to me. But the riots in the UK and Sweden and other European countries are a complete joke. You see people rioting that you know have made 0 attempt to even assimilate into their new country. If its so terrible and you experience so much racism, literally just go back to your country. I hate that this is considered an unpopular opinion, I hate that I'd be called a racist and that this will probably be banned for race bait.(racebait)

No. 565337

>I-i don't see race
>white people don't riot
>Literally just go back to your country
hmm /pol/ is leaking

No. 565338

european countries don't get to colonize most of the world for centuries, up until recently, some occupation still going and then just say "just go back to ur countries lol"
if france and the UK and other countries didn't want blackies and arabs in their countries why did they colonize them? france still owns whole countries full of black people. the UK is the reason so many countries speak english as the first language. they forced peoples into poverty there (by building the very system that made generalized poverty a thing) and took their resources, kept taxes high, signed unfair treaties etc.
are europeans the only ones who can decide when they can occupy countries, colonize, then go home and say "stay away"?

think for just one second, /pol/tard.

No. 565339

There's a whole thread for this topic and we've been asked to not shit up other threads with it. Quote
> Please keep COVID-19, and protesting to their respective threads. Don't derail vent, confessions, or the dumbshit thread.
If you hate a thread topic you can always hide it.

No. 565340

I can’t speak for other places in Europe but we have had thriving black communities in England for years. In the 1950s there was a massive influx of Caribbean immigrants who mostly settled in London but also in other cities such as Manchester and Liverpool. If you think these people haven’t “assimilated” in 90+ years you’re a fucking idiot lol.

No. 565344

It's pathetic if it comes to your own beliefs, especially on something stupid like social media. A few people might disagree with her or call her names over the internet. How horrible! Better try to cater to everyone and only say what gives you the most validation instead of being authentic and having an actual personality.

No. 565348

nobody from europe is colonizing anyone these days you moron. there's no need for young people to feel any guilt over what their ancestors did.
i don't know where you're from but op anon isn't wrong. it's true that many people who have "recently" immigrated to europe don't assimilate into their new country at all. im not talking about colonization but people who have immigrated in the last 30 years or so. throughout the years i've met many people who have lived in germany for 20+ years and they can't speak ANY german or even english. it's especially an issue with older generations. they usually only keep to communities of people from their country of birth and don't bother with getting accustomed to the local culture.

No. 565349

File: 1591292411998.jpg (687.61 KB, 1696x2519, 1591165281044.jpg)

They locked it.

Keep arguing anons, you're giving the rich exactly what they want.

No. 565361

>stop caring about issues the rich have found a way to profiteer from!

No. 565363

I feel nauseous about how everything turns into a race thing in America. Every single competition or reality show ppl root for someone not because of talent but because they're black, or white or asian… disgusting. Can't discuss great things done by people without mentioning their skin color, for good or bad. And so many stereotypes. Of course it would come to all that chaos.

No. 565364

saw this and thought of a good book I read on the subject: London is the Place for Me: Black Britons, Citizenship and the Politics of Race. Assimilation wasn't easy for them either ofc and there were "race riots" in the UK as well.

No. 565367

i'm from a country that is still owned by france where french people sperg at the mere mention of independence, and the country itself has had waves of immigrants from everywhere. no it's not in africa.
the natives were allowed to come into the capital without a curfew only in 1960-something. france accepted to maybe help the country work towards a potential independence in the late 80s. even in official independent countries, colonialism is alive and well but it's hidden behind treaties and unofficial local french power, as well through the many consequences of past violent colonialism.

i'll say that people who never learn the local language are an issue everywhere; plenty of those among expats (aka western immigrants) and poor immigrants alike. i wish for all immigrants to integrate, if only for their own mental health and better social organization.

but they're not that numerous, and usually old as shit, like you said. nowadays most immigrant kids learn the local language and go to school, or at least interact with european-language-speaking kids. this complaint is minor even if valid, imo.

no 1 curr about your guilt.

No. 565378

NTA, but on this note, it'd be really nice if young French people would stop pretending they don't know about France and its bullshit colonial tax on multiple African countries, kek.

No. 565381

Eurgh ?! Bah non, c pas de bol, What iz it that you are wanting to say by this ? We areeuuuuh innocentennent

No. 565383

the USA is literally like the snake eating itself, the more they obsess over skin color and the more so called "progressive" they think they are the more things are becoming divided and filled with horrific violence and the obsession with race is causing more inequality.

No. 565384

They're doomed. There's just been so many generations of black vs white and now we're back to square one. It seems so basic and yet I know that there's vetted interest in keeping division there

No. 565392

At this point I think that every race and ethnicity has to have their own country and stay in their country. Americans have been proving again and again people are not mature enough to accept people different than them.

No. 565393

I'm sure all the people who have ancestry from all round the world will have plenty of people with the exact blood quadrants you define to keep them company, anon

No. 565399

Lol right? Anon's smoking crack and snorting xannies.

No. 565403

i really cannot comprehend how people think "We WoNt StOp UnTiL aLL CoPs ArE hElD aCcOuNtAbLe"
really? every single one? how would that be even possible?

this is going to be a huge mess. bigger than it already is. and asking for $14 TRILLION dollars in reparation payments for every black person? that is out right ridiculous, i am sorry…i saw a thread on twitter where a bunch of people said give me my money and i will buy out all of the white people and their land….how does that even sound right to you ? lmao and i can't stress enough the "have as many kids as you can so you get more money" stfu

Prepare yourselves for Rodney King part 2 when those cops get acquitted smh.

No. 565408

The current situation in the US is the finest modern example of bioleninism and anarcho-tyranny. I hope I get to see its fall in my lifetime. The cracks are getting bigger but it will take some time before it completely crumbles. If only its cancer didn't spread so fast and infect other countries.

No. 565410

if you are a french faggot, rightfully go fuck yourself

Don't forget Libya

>be france/european countries

>be mad at north african and subsaharan countries trying to devlop and and prosper
>bomb the everliving shit out of them with other european nations and America because of the fear of a 3rd world having their own currency and controlling their own resources and oil supplies.
>Cry when refugees flee to your country
>keep taxing the everliving shit out of them so the money they make never goes back to the people
>"oversee" elections so they people you want in power stay in power and keep the status quo
>get involved when they make their own currency (ECOWAS) in order to entrap them so they can never escape. (Nigeria saw this coming so they noped the fuck out, thank god).
>recently talk to corrupt african leaders due to economic uncertainity during brexit and UN issues
>get mad and say china is colonizing and get angry that the corrupt people they let into power listen to china more because china has more money than them.

Europeans keep thinking they aren't responsible for more than half the shit that goes on in Africa and the Middle East and put the blame on America because America has a big ass mouth. Who the fuck drew boarders in the entire continent of Africa, India, Pankistan, and other various countries around the world? Hint: it's not only America.

they never fucking learn, war after goddamn war

Hell, it is just part of the world. You have Ethiopia controlling the Nile becuase it is their river and you got Egypt and the rest of the middle east trying to take it away from them. It's endless.

No. 565423

How is it NOT possible? We hold individuals accountable for every little thing. We are even holding our politcal leaders more accountable than cops.

Doctors get sued up the anus and their license to practice is revoked if they were callous as cops. Hell, sometimes they get it taken away for being deemed as "unprofessional" if they are retarded and say stupid shit on twitter/facebook and enough people report it.
Same as lawyers.
Hell, even HAIRDRESSERS have more hours of training than cops do. You can sue your hairdresser, nail tech if they fucked up your scalp / hands.
Teacher and nursing unions have power but teachers and nurses are still held individually accountable for what they do. They can be fired. Especially teachers, because at the end of the day, the public teachers are hired by the state.

Why are cops the exception?
Why can cops in certain states get away with sexual assault after searching women during traffic stops late at night? That should not be ok. There needs to be accountability somewhere, and not in the form of police council with members who review these cases because many of them are chosen by police. There should be a council but it needs to be put in placy by chosen individuals that the community supports with the backing of the federal government, and their identity needs to be protected because cops often go after people who are witnesses to their crime. They have even gone after former ex cops for speaking out and threatening to kill them.

No. 565424

Thank you, anon. I see so much bullshit being spewed here, your post is a breath of fresh air.

No. 565428

What's your solution, then

No. 565429

Oh? Did you mention a country that isn't white/european/America trying to take something away from another country?? Unbelievable!!!

No. 565433


i don't think you understand what i am saying, anon.

they won't stop rioting until every single cop is held accountable for what has happened? How is this possible? I've seen things like "even good cops" whatever the fuck that means. so i guess we will just be in endless riots for the rest of our lives because nothing that happens will ever be good enough. awesome. sick. totally cool.

More training, education and screening for cops? absolutely.

trying to witch hunt every single bad one out there will be damn near impossible. next.

and doctors do not get their licenses taken away after one malpractice suit. only the medical board can decide that. and do people really sue their hairdressers THAT often? no, you don't see that getting reported otherwise you would have a bunch of karens suing for cutting their hair wrong or their nail techs for the wrong nail shape or sloppy paint job, get a grip.

and too many sexual predators who work in schools get protected too, so…….

and also racist doctors and nurses who will refuse POC care, where is the outrage? anyway nice talking to you.

No. 565435


I've been saying this for a few years now as an Amerifag minority. But if it wasn't race, it would be something else. We'd just find something else to obsess over and keep people all worked up over for no reason. I swear if we chilled the fuck out on the constant drivel of how we are so uwu different, that our society is so split up in this imaginary chasm of us vs them, people would calm down and realize that it isn't as big of a deal as everyone keeps making it out to be. To be honest, it's really the economy/education/class that are the great dividers in our society, and the pandemic is only going to reinforce this when some parts of the country don't bounce back as quickly as others, so we are going to have to confront it at some point.

No. 565436

I hope gang violence is targetted next,IMO all lives won't matter until black lives ACTUALLY matter and not just the ones who are male and being killed by the cops, but the stuff that goes on in our own backyards.
I feel more unsafe in every neighborhood i've lived in then around the police. I'd think as a black person I'd feel more safe around my own but i don't.

No. 565438

you were right but
>anyway nice talking to you
i have always secretly thought this. everything in america seemed to be about class first and race happened to fall in with class. there is a huge divide between "educated" and "uneducated" americans

No. 565446

lolcow really has the dumbest posters. It's kind of depressing that the only women oriented imageboard lacks any intelligent thought or actual discussions that aren't fueled by emotions, and is mostly centered around vain subjects.
The riot thread has proved that this is in fact reddit v.2 with an imageboard skin. I get second hand embarrassment reading some posts.

No. 565451

I agree & this thread can be equally embarrassing lmao

Somebody help!!

No. 565452

I hate posters like you tbh. I'm here to have fun and splash around, not have a Frank Discussion with other women, i could do that on any other non-imageboard website. I'm not hi radfemming but have you legit just considered going to asherah's garden? i've lurked and they seem more like that sort of place kek. can't believe you're mad that a site where women anonymously bitch about each other is vain. of course it's vain, so many of us are vain and here we can be candid about it

No. 565454

Right. People need to release that no one is innocent, not Europeans, the Chinese, Middle Easterners, evil African dictators that genocide tribes (sometimes their own!) for money.

I'm just annoyed of all the Europeans pretending their shit doesn't stink. As if most of the people who immigrate to the country with many of them already speaking their language fluently (sometimes with thick accents) are all just happenstance and are all colluding to destroy them. Why the fuck are these retards suprised when you have british colonies that speak english come to england to get a job beuase their government advertises for them to come, ultimately for cheap labor they wouldn't have to pay for with a british born citizen. How come so many immigrants in britian are Nigerian, Pakistani and Indian? Just a coincidence? Complete ignorance. Why are you complaining about the number of Hatians when you begged them to come to build up your fucking Economy and you still exclude and discriminate against them, while in one breath saying they "don't assimilate". How the fuck are people going to assimilate, if you don't fucking let them?

The same shit happens in America. Anglos are king, fuck everyone else. Then when poles are ok, they let them assilmilate. Then when germans and jewish people (which waxes and wanes) are ok, then they let them assimilate. When non-white minorities want to participate in society and people exclude them so they end up creating their own subcultures, the same people who excluded them stay, "they never assimilate". Middle easterners were considered white passing enough and assimilated, until 9/11. Then they are now perpetual terrorists that have "never assimilated". Same with asians. People try to use Asians as a wedge with model minority bullshit and those that foolishly eat it up don't realize that by being a "model" minority, you put up and shut up and don't talk about anything bad happening to you because you are the model citizen, the "honorary" group, just given permission, for now (and given covid, China trade war, the threat of China (and by extension Asia's growing prosperity and influence so that the western world doesn't only call the shots) we are right back to people scared about the "yellow peril".

When you have a unique group of Americans (black people) who had to fight tooth and nail to fucking shit in the same goddamn bathroom and use the same waterfountain, and still have people who excluded them covertly in social activities, what the fuck do you think would happen? The 60s was 50 running now 60 years ago. Do people think that after civil rights it was all fucking hugs and kisses and all the racists just diseapeared of the face of the earth? No. Many of them are our parent's and grandparents and they still pass that shit down.

No. 565459

>All of the Europeans
Ah yes. Me and the other Irish did have that big fight over that large and fertile patch of land that one time
Seriously, Europe is nothing more than a term for a group of countries that banded together for economic reasons and may or may not have relations with each other. I'm not asking you to name every individual country just like I can't tell you where fucking Vermont is but we are all so wildly different as countries that your statement falls apart.

No. 565461

> The riot thread has proved that this is in fact reddit v.2
And now this thread is riot thread v.2

No. 565464

>Europe is nothing more than a term for a group of countries that banded together for economic reasons

that's the European Union, not Europe

>I'm just annoyed of all the Europeans pretending their shit doesn't stink.

I'm sick of people pretending I'm responsible for the shit my government does or did and/or my ancestors did

No. 565465

I totally agree. Classism is the only real form of oppression in the first world tbh, segregation happens even in countries that are 100% white because the division between classes would exist even if everyone had equal wealth. Someone would always have something more than others, maybe they lucked out and just happened to get something that's fancier than what everyone else has. It's how societies work and there's nothing we can do about it. And no matter how much we think we hate it, most of us would definitely take up the chance to have more wealth or power over other people.

>unlike me, an intellectual, u stupid sheeple r so dum u dont even realize it cuz we live in a society!!!!!!!!!

No. 565468

NTA but what? Ireland is definitely part of Europe

No. 565471

>Europe is only UK, Germany and France
>What is Eastern Europe
>What are the Nordics
>What are the Baltics
>What are the Balkans

No. 565474

Ignorance is bliss.
Seeing all this talk makes me envious of people living in eastern asian countries.
>be rich 1st world country who did shit in the past just like europe/america
>simply don't learn about history (or don't care)
>be patriotic af
>foreigners ignore any of your actually racist actions and instead love your country and think you're so perfect, polite, etc because animuh or random popstars
My country didn't fight, invade, bomb etc anybody since before my grandparents were even born, I live in a small town with very few foreigners, I've only ever been in contact with one black person, I'm pretty sure I've never really been racist or oppressive or anything like that, but that doesn't matter because of the way I look and the place I was born. I don't want "permission" to be racist, I just want to be left alone like them.
Also, governments doing shit =/= citizens are evil or okay with that.

No. 565478

Feeling this a lot my friend
>mfw my white country was colonized and oppressed by two neighboring nations for centuries and didn't achieve independence until the 1900s, got its original native culture obliterated, our native language wasn't allowed in schools until early 1900s, countrymen weren't even considered white until the 1950s because we were seen as a lesser race, we were sold as slaves to the Mediterranean and Central Asia, we constantly get blamed for the colonizing nation's crimes because of guilt by association despite not even getting to be in the power until, again, the early to mid 1900s
>Always left to fend for ourselves, having to fight other nations' wars, one of the only countries in the world that paid its massive war debts but somehow became a successful, wealthy country in a few decades all on its own
>Almost nonexistent amount of PoCs until the late 2000's
>Still nobody gives a fuck about us or our history and now we're getting sperged at for m-muh white privilege because of the US
It's so fun being Finnish

No. 565479

What is with all the "you europeans" posts on here the last few days. It's not one country with one set culture.

> I'm just annoyed of all the Europeans pretending their shit doesn't stink

You're annoyed with the vaguest group of people then, people across 50 different countries annoy you.

No. 565480

All I'm saying is:
Europe = a continent
European Union = a group of countries that banded together for economic reasons
Europe =/= a group of countries that banded together for economic reasons

Europe and the EU are two different things and anon's got them clearly confused by saying Europe is a group of countries that banded together for economic reasons

I'm not saying Ireland is not a part of Europe lol

No. 565487

>it's really the economy/education/class that are the great dividers in our society

No. 565489

>arguing semantics of “Europeans”
>a-are you implying ALL Europeans???
Eurofags have been posting a lot of teehee glad I’m not raycist American a lot these past few days, just shut the fuck up. Imagine if a slew of Americans start greentexting #NOTALLAMERICAN when someone makes a burger joke.

No. 565491

Vittu tämä

No. 565492

Am I a red if i think everyone should be given some baseline of a social support beyond reasonable doubt? I've seen right-wingers shill for UBI which is why i'm a bit confused. I'm in a mixed economy country, some services state-owned some not, and social welfare is available. Am i really a commie if i think why not give a base social support of a few bob every month? For one i think it would reduce crime, I myself have committed crime to get money to buy drugs and it has to be the biggest reason for it. It's total nutjob ideals to talk about everybody getting muh gubbermint drug money but even if someone is a scumbag, a terrible person, objectively has never so much as stopped to pet a dog they still should have a roof over their head/something to eat

No. 565493

File: 1591304559062.png (24.77 KB, 172x125, cuir stad ar sin, le do thoil.…)

No. 565494

people who smoke cigarettes are repulsive

No. 565495

You retards really can't read because I mentioned how white minorites are hurt as well, I literally mentioned germans, poles and jews getting shit on by Anglo and that's implying for other groups I was too lazy to mention like Irish and mexicans.
Jesus christ, I will make sure to add a fucking pdf next time.

No. 565498

Eyeing my tobacco from here. I understand why it might be repulsive and it really stinks but it's such a good crutch/habit for those who need a vice. I used to not be able to take a drink without getting messy/following it for days and a cigarette gives me that feeling without affecting my behavior. People use it to control binge drinking, etc. my country is starting to really, really tax smoking and not only does this suck because i have to learn something other than the 'ol reliable "come and have a smoke with me and it'll be just the two of us out here" routine but i really do need it badly during situations with alcohol or very stressful situations. Anyone else here /smooker/ to this degree?

No. 565501

samefag, i meant it to control binge eating instead of drinking. i know it's a literally cancerous habit but it's ironically a lifesaver

No. 565509

Ya I agree
hits juul

No. 565511

>implying Mexicans are white
Anon you’re fucking stupid, just quit now.

No. 565513

File: 1591305470891.jpeg (51.4 KB, 480x270, 3CBA1A72-9947-430F-87B6-C1B1E8…)

No. 565514

File: 1591305491689.jpg (63.43 KB, 640x480, cdcterri.jpg)

there are plenty of effective smoking cessation aids and alternative coping mechanisms ya know, ones that won't make you end up like pic related or dead

honestly the most annoying thing about smokers is how they treat it as a personality trait and they're so adamant that they absolutely need it to survive when there are millions of people who have successfully quit

just wait until tobacco companies get weed commercialized kek, can't believe they haven't done it sooner bc there's so much money to be made off it and the consumers won't die as easily

No. 565515

Europe consists of over fourty countries meanwhile America is one. European isn't a nationality while American is. Of course someone from European country 1 doesn't want to be automatically piled together with European countries 2 through 44. There's simply no comparing "not all americans" to "not all europeans" fucking lol

No. 565519

America is gigantic with enough varying ethnic group distributions that each state, heck each metropolis, has its own culture soooo. And yet burgers know how to take it in strides with all the fat and racist and white jokes.

No. 565524

this is what americans really believe

No. 565525

File: 1591306988674.gif (1.76 MB, 498x442, B but they did it in old holly…)

the thing about it is that it's an expensive habit and it's nothing to do with patches, it's the act of smoking. Juuling or whatever is a better option. Anyway, stoners do the same but nobody really cares because weed make hed feel funi. It's always the potheads that rag on smokers the most which i find hilarious. The 'personality trait' thing is also a twitter meme and yeah i'd argue that it can be a personality trait? A trait is a behaviour, someone can get drink a lot and have that be a personality trait, someone can be a heroin addict, whatever, their psychological dependence is literally a personality trait? i don't understand this argument. anyway does anyone have a lighter

No. 565526

The thing is, your point "Europeans pretending their shit doesn't stink." isn't new, gazillions of non-white people or woke whites have said that already, for ages.

You don't need to be a racist to get tired or pissed off by this. It's always white or european/american seen as pure evil while the rest of the world are their victims.
Do you think you could tell other countries that they hold privilege over foreigners in their country? Or that saying "But me too" as in "my people face issues too and I care first and foremost about them" is actually very bad or even racist? No, this shit only runs with white countries, and yet most still criticise them the most.
Do you know how asians reacted to blm? They talk about white privilege and how much racism they face when abroad. They don't even spare a thought to the fact that actually they are the "privileged" ones in their country and that black people in their country complain about being discriminated by them and not by whites (like no blacks allowed in my bar/sports club etc, shit that would get you high punishment in europe/us).

I'm privileged over people in poorer countries, but not within mine (how can I be privileged because of my skin color when everybody around me looks like me?) I don't pretend to be oppressed, I'm so glad and thankful to be born in a safe place but I also don't like being treated like some lynching colonizing criminal because I simply am not.

No. 565528

this is now rapidly approaching tumblr territory. can you list your privileges again for us?

No. 565530


No. 565532

File: 1591307542115.jpg (23.84 KB, 450x300, 600-01879181en_Masterfile.jpg)


Im not an habitual smoker but it takes my anxiety off during social situations, keeping my hands busy and not flapping around like an autist while trying to talk with people is also a bonus.


Honestly its 2020, we get it, smoking may lead to cancer, everyone who smokes is pretty damn aware of every bad thing about it, please just leave us alone, alcohol is as bad if not worse for your body and definetely worse for your mental health yet no one gives a shit unless you're an obvious alcoholic with a life in shambles, and even then all those issues associated with smoking are personal problems, why do you give a fuck if I get ugly and wrinkly? And most likely no one who complains about smokers will be paying our cancer treatment lol.

No. 565536

your gross habit doesn’t only effect you. it’s polluting the air and forcing other people to smell the stank. making yourself sick with addictions only burdens society in a multitude of ways

No. 565537

File: 1591308124308.jpg (46.37 KB, 640x483, cat smokin a durry.jpg)

Kek, it's getting paradoxical in Ireland because we have massive excise duties (14 euro for a decent pack of fags) and smokers are more than paying their way in these astronomical charges and are paying wages for the very ministers who tell them to quit now for their health and then buy a pack at the literal bar we have inside our Senate. If everyone quit tomorrow, nobody's pockets would be lined.
Smoking when drinking is generally fine for all classes but daily smoking while you go about your business can be considered a bit trashy. A lot of smokers have lower income, so people who live in countries like Ukraine where cigarettes go for pennies are making an absolutely roaring trade of people buying in bulk. It has been interesting to see how people persist despite government restrictions and how much law really shapes culture.
In Australia, it is not unheard of for tobacco to be grown there and sold under the table to make hand-rolled cigarettes. Where there's a will, there's a way but it sucks that it all boils down to
>Hey, these people are addicted, if we double the price over a few years, we'll make double the money
and we have such strange situations. Apologies for massive sperg but I hope someone else is interested in the economy around addictive substances.

No. 565543

I'm an oldfag and started smoking back when everyone did it (underage of course) and the packs were still cheap and they only had warning texts on them. Now they have all these gross gore images on them (which now feel a bit silly tbh), it's gone out of style and the taxes have been hitched so high up that I've paid a ridiculous amount of my future health care by smoking alone. I like smoking, it's essentially a part of my personality at this point which is why it's so hard to drop. Most of my friends think it's gross and constantly berate me for it but I don't know. I don't smoke near other people and always apologize if I accidentally happen to disturb someone with the smoke, it's just something I do to relax by myself. I want to drop the habit but I just don't know how because as cliched as it sounds it's like an old friend.

The stoners shitting on smokers are ridiculous with the irony though. It's not like your trashy ass drugs are any more classy.

No. 565544

yea mexicans can't be white passing, idiot. I was also including them with middle easterners and asians as model minority with the "hardworking" sterotype. Basically, if you aren't black you are tolerated. Your head is too small.

No. 565546

You don't think black Americans can 'scrub up' and be (this is so fucked up, please don't consider this as my personal opinion) considered almost socially white if they grew up in suburbs or put the "i'm speaking to a customer" face on for their interactions in a mostly white community? Genuinely curious, i have also noticed this phenomenon of people being considered white/completely accepted as part of the furniture despite clearly being another race because they act in a way white people like?

No. 565547

File: 1591309762442.jpg (90.58 KB, 720x400, live-mexico-city-mexican-natio…)

I'm not american and most of the time I can't tell the difference between white anglo americans with a slightly darker complex and mexicans unless they're mestizo, amerimutts just look like this generic white person and think everyone else is just as aware of their subtle differences. Mexicans are essentially the offspring of the Spanish settlers from centuries ago, they literally look like Italians.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 565549

There's definitely a classic American look and it's not the one you find on tv shows kek. Nothing wrong with that, normal people are normal people, british people are the same and honestly tend to have really prominent bad features for women. Not bait but i think generic white people look not that good because they have no prominent traits, a lot of good-looking white people have coloring/a face from distinctive places like Italy. I swear i'm half-english anons, please tell me i'm not the only one seeing this.. It's not that weird that it's observable, large populations can make different versions of white amongst themselves, it's why you can pick out a Swede vs. a Welsh guy with pretty much 99% accuracy. You're very right on most americans looking the same, i can only pick out a midwestern girl and even then it's just the drawl as opposed to her looks. They're not bad features, quite friendly imo, just not very varied.

No. 565553

So people like rich and educated blacks but hates poor and uneducated blacks? Water is wet lol

No. 565554

Implying this doesn't happen with other blacks.
>mexicans are model minority
>middle eastern are model minority
Tell that to terrorist sentiments the fact latinos are also killed at high disproportionate rates. Did you forget about the people in camps too? Eastern asians have been the only ones consistently seen as model minorities. You also got I'm not black I'm OJ types.

No. 565558

Honestly when I think of the absolute painful average white American girl, I think of Shayna in terms of looks. Would anons objectively say this is accurate, any moral judgements about the woman and her shitty hygiene and purely based on her face and hair when she looks okay?

No. 565560

Yes anon, even my European friends think most Americans look like mutts. Its a certain look, same way swedes or Italians have a look.

No. 565563

>eastern asian countries
Thats literally only japan

No. 565566

Dogs, cats and many other pets/companion animals deserve to be treasured similarly to how children are. They shouldn't be so easily sold or adopted.

No. 565568

>>565566 agreed 100%

No. 565580

File: 1591313499361.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.11 KB, 300x478, smokingbaby.jpg)



>pollution and bad smell

I think you mean cars and industrial plants luv,

no one can smell cigarette smoke unless you're side by side, just take four steps away if it bothers ya?

Smoking literally only harms the smoker, and maybe their loved ones.


My country has had the gross and gore images for years, its gotten to a point my smoker friends make fun of it "oh i only smoke packs with the fetus picture", taxes are still bearable since tobacco addiction isn't really big enoug of a problem.
Not considered trashy either but most people who smoke tend to quit when they get in their thirties, usually due to having kids.

No. 565583

>no one can smell cigarette smoke unless you're side by side

sorry smoker chan but your house and car reek and I can smell you from across the room

No. 565585

Heather looks very "basic white american" imo. Or Myah.

No. 565586

The fetus makes me want to smoke more as a woman who's terrified of pregnancy. Oh no, not my fertility! I'd better buy another pack.

No. 565589

You have to be joking, cigarette smoke is noticeably from several metres away. And being close to a smoker is unpleasant because their clothes reek even when they're not smoking.

I mean do what you want, bad smells aren't a huge deal and I won't complain to their face about it. But don't pretend nobody notices unless they're within 4 steps of your cigarette.

No. 565593

>Hint: it's not only America.
Yeah it was like 4-5 countries out of 44 located on the whole continent lmfao, I think Europe has a pretty good track record.

No. 565597

I smoke weed mixed with tobacco but always in a well ventilated place. Posts like yours always scare me about smell lol. I've worked in several different offices and been in seminars and lectures and have never had anyone tell me I smell or ask me if I smoke. Sometimes they ask what perfume I'm wearing. Would people not tell me? My own mother has never mentioned it even tho my step dad cop has find my weed before and believe I've stopped. Are my hair products and perfume really masking me?

No. 565598

Yeah, smokers let's not kid ourselves, we've all gone a few days without a smoke and suddenly been able to smell it, smelled smoke from curtains next to a window you were subtly trying to smoke out of. Let's also mention the yellow poorfag fingernails that come from smoking rollies. I'll never forget trading some homeless guy in the street half a bottle of Buckfast for some fags with my then boyfriend thinking we were doing great. Turns out they were handrolled with pipe tobacco. Holy fucking shit, it was the most unpleasant experience of my life if only for the complete shock of expectation vs reality and I can still hear it. I literally felt its effects so hard i heard the pipe tobacco. Never again.
You always hear 'smella weed' but i've only ever heard it said when obvious young lads come in wearing the same coat they smoke every day in and are smiling like mad cunts. If you're a professional woman and are going out of your way to be that paranoid, I truly think you're fine. I think if someone smelt weed, they'd assume they were mistaken because it'd be weird and unprofessional to openly sniff near you and also very unprofessional and opening up to legal action to accuse you of smoking for literally 'smelling' of weed. As long as you don't get literally piss tested you're golden and i'm sure you could notice the flags that you had been caught in time not to piss dirty. You're a smart woman, you're fine.

No. 565602

To be fair, I mean really heavy pack a day smoker types, the less frequent smokers don't smell unless they've literally just smoked.

No. 565604

I'm not even an eurofag but what are anons spouting about colonization and Africa?
Every damn civilization was built on war and subjugation of other ethnic groups stop being a fucking moralfag.
If you're living comfortably while using this site be thankful to what your ancestors conquered.
Africans'd have done the same to your continent if they had the means, just like any other nation.

No. 565607

File: 1591315971177.jpg (154.7 KB, 765x761, das raycis.jpg)

George Floyd was a piece of shit career criminal who nobody in their right mind would want on the streets. I'm not talking about the kind of criminal repeatedly locked up for carrying drugs, he's the kind of person that was charged for holding a gun against a woman's abdomen to rob her for drug money.

That aside,what exactly are people protesting? Less police brutality? Cause statistically, it's going down. The amount of unarmed black people who have died from police is literally less than 10 individuals per year at this point, dropped from about 30 back in 2015. Do people actually look at statistics and data before getting angry or do they just jump to conclusions the first chance they get without doing their own research on things?

I say this as a minority (mexican) who grew up in bad urban areas. I feel like more people woulds share this opinion if they grew up around the kind of people who tend to be "victims" in these scenarios. You can't just say everyone is a good person just from their skin color just like you can't say they're bad for their skin color. Some people really are just fucking scumbags,and the police aren't there to coddle and pamper them when they clearly aren't trying to become responsible functioning individuals within society.

Like, why the fuck is nobody outraged about David Dorns? Black Lives Matter. Unless you don't fit our narrative, then your black life is worth less than a convicted felon who overdosed while getting arrested.(bait)

No. 565609

File: 1591316352466.jpg (931.58 KB, 2436x2436, Gen-Wellness-Infographic_May_2…)

I made my original post in the first place because I was at the park earlier and some cunt was smoking and it was blowing onto me, came back inside and my hair smells of cigarettes. so disgusting. I mean you can tell someone is a smoker just by passing them by even when they're not smoking, I promise you your clothes and hands reek, at a minimum. im sure your home and car also reek.

why not have an actual interesting personality instead of basing it on smoking?

actually, your cancer treatment literally will be paid in part by taxpayers. it doesn't just increase your risk for lung cancer, either…

plenty of ways to try and stop and plenty of alternative coping mechanisms

No. 565610

- George Floyd moved to Minneapolis in 2014 for a fresh start after being released from prison in Houston, Texas following an arrest for aggravated robbery

- Floyd had turned his life around but died on Monday after a white officer knelt on his neck while arresting him for allegedly paying with a fake $20 bill

- None of the officers could have been aware of Floyd’s more than a decade-old criminal history at the time of the arrest (!!!)


No. 565616

There's no point trying to have a different point of view conversation with this level of an autist i guess but it's a shame when people won't even say "i get it" out of a weird sense of pride about.. not smoking? The personal attacks "why not have an actual interesting personality" is kind of funny and an insight into anon's character. Anyway, it was nice hearing from oldfag smokers, stoners, fellow anxious people etc.

No. 565617

Just because the riot thread got locked doesn't mean you need to shit up this one, too.
>das raycis.jpg
I'm sick of this /pol/ invasion.

No. 565624

yeah, take the hint. i have no idea why you want to have this on /ot/ on fucking lolcow, /pol/ is literally right over there

No. 565631

Anon is right though. America is vastly different depending where you are. The South is different from the East coast. California is different different from the Midwest. And so forth. No one is denying that it's a different country but there are differences in culture and socio-political.

No. 565632

Honestly wasn't aware how triggered you guys would be from it. I don't wanna go to /pol/ but if shit's censored here of all places then I'll just delete it. Never mind that I actually want real change against structural racism. Will delete my post after the 30 minute timer, cheers.

No. 565634

>Will delete my post after the 30 minute timer, cheers.
That's not how things work. Also, people not wanting to read sperging and/or infighting about shit we're already seeing everywhere else on the internet isn't "censorship".

No. 565636

>yea mexicans can't be white passing

KEK you obviously don't know many mexicans

No. 565637

It what happens when all the white people in a country fuck each other. Not trying to do a "hurr white people incest" joke but just saying that the amerimutt meme is true.

No. 565639

File: 1591319568389.gif (1.21 MB, 800x800, he-infographic-2020.gif)

>thinks smoking is disgusting and posts about it in the unpopular opinions thread
>clearly ur AUTISTIC!!!!
you guys keep proving that smokers have shit personalities and are unwilling to accept that smoking is straight up putrid. and no, i don't "get it," addictions of all kinds are disgusting and like I said there are tons of ways to quit and cope. if you think you need smoking to continue living and it is that much of a central component to your personality maybe uhhhhh look inward?

No. 565640

Fucking sucks that thread got locked because people couldn't behave I was trying to update on what was going on and was going to post vids of everything I could see going on

No. 565641

Racism is an actual issue which is why black people are so disenfranchised and discriminated against. There are criminals from all walks of life but there is a disproportionate amount of unnecessary force and aggression against black people. Most people don't grow up wanting to commit crime, they want opportunities to do well for themselves.

No. 565642

People with nicotine addictions aren't doing it to look like Alex Turner. It's a habit, sorry you think, it like, defines us.

No. 565644

File: 1591320110663.gif (852.15 KB, 275x210, new york kek.gif)

this is so funny, i forgot how unironically triggered nonsmokers get. this is practically milk, not the fucking animated infographic about smoking causing cancer

No. 565646

smokers in this thread:
>it's a defining part of our personalities!!!!
>it doesn't define us!!!! it's just a habit!!
???? if you NEED cigarettes and can't even try to quit then it quite literally defines you

No. 565650

It's almost like we're all different people with differing opinions on our habit, how it affects others and how we see it "I'm trying to quit, it's a disgusting habit, sorry" vs "Fuck you, I have a right to do what I like". There's an interesting amount of moralfagging going on here and I wonder if it isn't from resenting older family members risking their own health/stinking the place up and seeing them deep down as choosing their (minor) addiction over their family? I'm adjusting my tinfoil hat right now but I can't think of any other reason anons are getting so personal

No. 565657

no one in my family smokes nor do I know a single person who does, why are you having such a time understanding that I just think it's disgusting kek. defending an addiction this hard and claiming it's "minor" is so fucking weird, you literally have a chemical addiction that will reduce the quality of your life significantly if you continue, how is that minor… mind of an addict I guess

No. 565658

ngl i have mayb only had baskin robbins like twice in my life haha i have always viewed it as "expensive", but its popular so i think its worth trying at least once!!!

my favourite store bought ice cream is kawartha ice cream!! its canadian and made in ontario and even tho its in a tub u can taste all the ingredients 10/10 idk if they sell in other countries but i would recommend!

No. 565659

People being too invested in your business is always a decent reason to start moralfagging

No. 565660

File: 1591322747152.gif (830.93 KB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

I don't derail and moralfag every time I find something personally disgusting but hey, you're right, mind of an addict kek

No. 565661

Don't bother arguing with them, they will suffer the consequences of their actions. I feel really disturbed when I hear teenage girls who already have smokers voices, it always shocks me every time. There was this one lady who worked at my secondary school who could barely talk after years of smoking. When I first heard her struggle to speak, I couldn't even concentrate on what she was trying to say, all I could think is why would anybody do this to themselves. I feel bad for children with parents who smoke in doors/in cars. Likewise, the pro-smoker anon, you will never convince anybody that what you are doing is good or ever gain the respect of people who feel personally affected by people who smoke. Get over it, some people think you are disgusting and they are objectively correct from a scientific perspective.

No. 565662

Karma is not a real thing. It's just not. I've done so much good and have gone out of my way to do it and I have such a shitty life. On the flipside, some of the most evil, cruel, selfish, ill-intentioned people I've ever come across are doing fantastic right now.

No. 565663

Who cares if you think it's disgusting? Nobody will make themselves less "disgusting" for a stranger's sake.

No. 565664

strongly agree that smoking of any kind is gross i cannot stand the smell and hold my breath when i pass by smokers lol…. more generally, i think doing any drug is stupid and a waste of time

No. 565665

Why is everyone on this thread suddenly a Jehovah's witness? Is it not you girlies who call Shay a disgusting slut in /snow/ and then read about other girls touching themselves in /g/? Are we on the same site? It seems like a new ideology is adopted by the same group of infighters every night who dogpile on literally anything, it's kind of funny and nice to see discussion flowing even if it is retarded infights because you can tell it's the same people half the time but Jesus christ. If board-tan is the ideal for us, infight-tan should be a heavy smoking radical feminist who wants the Luna thread to stay, uses /pol/ and calls europeans Eurofags and uses very broad, upsetting terminology for all involved.
Kek, I see you holding your breath. Is it not good practise to blow up/down instead of out, especially one on one? I'm a degenerate so I don't mind if someone's blowing smoke into my eye as long as I get more toxic chemicals at the end of the day but I couldn't imagine not having the decency to blow away and always ask "hey, cool if i smoke?" especially one on one.

No. 565666

I had no idea smoking would be as big a divisive issue on lolcow alongside politics, race, and weight. Lmao.

No. 565667

And here I thought smoking was all the rage for the anachans still spooping around, it being an appetite suppressant and all, but I guess we're all on fen–nicotine patches now kek

No. 565668

kek well, to be fair, i dont really hang around any smokers but the times i happened to be around them (one-on-one-ish) i just held my breath and tried to act normal

No. 565669

People who smoke smell disgusting and their breath stink too. Even worse when they drink coffe like my old math teacher, I couldn't stand being around that hellish smell

No. 565670

haha ncie 69

No. 565671

I don't care about the smell of cigarettes, I don't think it's that bad. It's just the fact that secondhand smoke is almost (or just) as likely to give you cancer as directly smoking makes me dislike it.
Imagine giving other people cancer for your own bad habits, and your entire rebuttal is basically "Whateva whateva I do what I want", lmao.

No. 565672

I seriously don't believe the meme that secondhand smoking is exactly the same as directly smoking and you're basically raping passers by with cancer with every drag. You inhale it directly from the filter and it fills your lungs with a small bit of oxygen to carry it down. The toxins are from the tar in the cigarette settling in your lungs, but you're at the absolute most, passing by some gentrified frenchy café just as a woman blows smoke directly into your face, getting like one breath of mostly oxygen. Those studies have to be done for someone in the same room as a smoker with no windows open for a sustained period of time or some shit, not getting a whiff of a fag on your way into the pub. I also don't buy into the "1 in 2 smokers die of lung-related illnesses" that they were trying so hard to shill because it's just shitty statistics and I think it's actually more fear-based and full of delusion than actual hard drugs at this point kek

No. 565674

Smoker science, kek.

No. 565676

File: 1591325711373.jpg (2.72 MB, 3888x2592, Sussex_Police_Dogs_(9221050585…)

I support police dogs biting the shit out of people's ass.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 565677

Yep, you can't argue with someone who literally reads that they're killing themself every time they open a pack and I'm saying this as a drug user and fairly heavy smoker. Logic and muh cancer statistics aren't going to work for this, I'm still alive therefore all smoking-related diseases are propaganda. It's just the same cognitive dissonance and thought distortion and it's absolutely addict behavior and justification. Anyone that still smokes in this day and age is self harming with every drag but we literally all know this and are repeating this ad nauseum. This is getting to Luna levels of trying to understand the mind of an addict and it's not going to work. tl;dr who fucking cares and unfortunately the right to not get exposed to second hand smoke will never be a thing in this lifetime but maybe in a very distant future. Smoking is gay now anyway, anyone who hasn't moved onto xanax needs to integrate better with their fellow junkies kek

No. 565678

IA but it seems like its a popular opinion

No. 565681

dn;;t maek fun of xanax u smoaker retardt

No. 565682

>as a drug user and fairly heavy smoker
Xanax is very popular, i would think if i mentioned dabbling in the dark arts that it would be assumed i had indulged. Also, i recognise you, obviously, why make your typing style so distinctive when it's begging for a ban?

No. 565683

i ovredoasedt on xanax n cant wriet

No. 565686

oliver stop it or i'll tell saya

No. 565687

Kek, this is not a natural way of 'slurring your words' but respect for being an active shitposter i guess.

No. 565706

I don't think there are scrotes in this site, except for the occasional cringy incel or mgtows
Maybe there're some gay dudes

No. 565707

Like on lsa? this site is pretty hostile toward guys, i couldn't integrate if i were them but maybe on the outskirts of certain threads like celebricows or men you find attractive

No. 565715

well mods lock every ~big serious political~ thread so i don't know what to tell you

No. 565716


I do believe smoking and lung cancer statistics are lower than they make it to be, obviously pretty high on the cancer area, but not as in a 1-out-of-2 thing. Smoking used to be hyper prevalent in society until the last 20 years, yet lung cancer statistics arent even the most absurd, its not even the most common type of cancer (it ranks amongst the highest in america but not really on most countriest) , thats goes to breast and prostate cancers, I’ve heard of plenty cases of breast cancer but only once of lung cancer, and the person who had it, my great uncle, worked with lead processing in a battery factory, so i doubt being a smoker was the most damning thing there lol.

No. 565717

I agree, when people complain about 'constant obvious scrote posting' it just makes me think the person is a paranoid radfem who for some reason is unable to fathom someone could not share their beliefs but also be a woman

No. 565718

Honestly i used to get triggered by getting hi scroted but i've resigned myself to the fact I sound like a scrote to other women when there's a particularly spicy take on smoking I have to reply to

No. 565719

Hard to say because the obvious ones get banned and the ones who can blend won't get noticed.

I bet there is a tonne of lurkers though, men cannot resist invading female spaces and I'm sure private female conversations fascinate them. I don't go on /r9k/ but apparently they talk about us on there? I've seen some anons mention it.

No. 565720

I don't think they all make themselves obvious but I have no doubt they're there. The meet the farmers thread that got bumped recently has a post from a gay guy in it from a while back.

I wouldn't say it's constant but I do think there have to be a few hanging around. the asheras.garden guy got the site up and running really quickly after admin decided to yeet the gc threads. he must have been at least lurking.

No. 565721


Tbh I always suspected he was the boyfriend of one of the radfem girls? Or related to one in some way, seems like a reasonable favor to ask from a bf.

No. 565724

this, i love all the effort they're putting into their passionate sperging. the fucking gif kek. the truth is that casual smokers barely ever have any lasting effects from smoking like 3 cigs a week. i love the fury REEE IF U SMOKE ONE CIGARETTE YOU'RE A PUTRID CUNT WITH A SHIT PERSONALITY AND YOULL DIE OF CANCER WITH A HOLE IN UR THROAT!!!

No. 565727

Female space? I thought this was just a drama forum in an image board form factor. Flip a coin: half the time you're gonna get heads. People are gonna see a good forum with good content and stick around, and, coincidentally, half of the time, they're men.

No. 565729

nah, read rules, if you "announce you have a dick" you're banned but users take it way too far with the hi scrote because you literally can't get banned for being male, it's only if you unironically post
>Male here,
but it's nice to feel like an exclusive female commmunity i guess?

No. 565732

Is that in the rules? I actually just opened up the rules page and read it after I made that post, because it occurred to me that might be the case, but I didn't see it. I'm on a phone, though, so I didn't peruse.

I get it, though, when I think about it. On Halfchan, it was always like you were a thirteen-year-old boy, even if you're a middle-aged black woman. You learn to assimilate and become a 13 y/o in spirit. Like, its part of the culture, even if that immaturity is really only idiomatic to boards like /r9k/ and barely trickles down to the blue boards like /lit/. Image boards never discriminate against you directly/inherently, but part of being in that culture is changing yourself memetically, like in your prose, how you identify yourself.

It's not like I'm not aware of the /g/ board and stuff. It's just that the main content on the board has no reason not to garner both sexes in even split, in the same way that Halfchan is less predominantly 13 y/o white boys than you would think.

No. 565738

>Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.
You're probably toeing the line right now, my fellow XXer. Radfems tried really hard to make this a hugbox for likeminded women but it hasn't really worked and with quarantine /ot/ has kind of turned into a spergfest but a funny spergfest and brought a lot of summerfags who are probably in it for the long haul. I've honestly never really been active on another imageboard than lolcow because i haven't fit in anywhere else so it's kind of cosy. It is what it is, it's been really nice learning about the cows that have shaped current culture and backreading /meta/ to understand how it used to be different. I didn't know that about halfchan and that's really funny and totally part of the partial LARP for me, you definitely start to parody yourself/others after a while and nothing's too serious which is refreshing.

No. 565755

File: 1591337277961.png (113.41 KB, 1000x1000, 7333_cringe.png)

>You're probably toeing the line right now, my fellow XXer

No. 565758

Well, we're all women here, right?

No. 565770

File: 1591338982816.jpg (3.89 MB, 2976x1813, reparations.jpg)

i'm a huge supporter of BLM and regularly donate to organizations (especially now), have donated to various bail funds, support and promote black businesses, etc but this type of rhetoric surrounding "reparations" makes me cringe.

No. 565772

>literally obligated to send them money every fucking month/week
yeah, we all are rich and wipe our asses with money bills..

No. 565773

File: 1591339230871.jpg (12.91 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>Open your wallet

No. 565778

No ma’am.

No. 565779

I've only seen egirls with OF and unemployment receivers repost this sort of thing, not people working their butts off at a 9-5 during COVID. Makes ya think, must be easy giving away money that one didn't really do shit to earn to begin with.

No. 565786

Every time I see dumb shit like this I'm reminded of that South Park episode where Canada went on strike because they weren't appreciated and just wanted "internet money" to fix everything.

No. 565791

File: 1591341414156.jpeg (326.93 KB, 2000x2000, ca8fff86-45c5-437e-8c08-9dfaf6…)

>how will you use your whiteness for black people?

I'll let you know when I can afford the name brand shit. Cunts.

No. 565794

I can't help but read this shit and automatically assume that 4chan is behind it, like the #BaldForBLM stuff going around.

"Straight 'white' hair is a luxury many PoCs don't get to experience. Show your support by going #BaldForBLM"

I know the OP is dead serious, sadly. egirls, move over. It's time for PoC to ebeg online for their shekels!

No. 565795

I thought same! Like how is this not degrading as fuck to black people?

No. 565798

This reads like some findom raceplay fetish bullshit.
>check the IG of the person
>it's some biracial girl with the "art hoe" aesthetic who talks about supporting "black queer, trans, and nonbinary folks" before even mentioning black women
>"she/they queer bi dewdrop"
Lmao, no wonder. She probably does exactly that kind of thing for extra cash and tells herself it's "empowering". I hate that this kind of person appoints themselves as the speaker for an entire racial group. The concept of reparations makes sense, but this is the most cringy way to go about it. At least her photos look nice, I guess.

No. 565806

I can't be the only one who thinks reparations in general is complete bullshit. Going by that logic I deserve reparations from the Germans for traumatizing my grandparents, wtf.

No. 565814

I mean, Jewish people received reparations, and Native American people, and Japanese-American people because of the internment camps. Even former slave owners were compensated, kek.
What exactly is the problem with it, especially since many people are living today off of what's been awarded to their family from slavery? Benedict Cumberdatch is one example of that.

No. 565815

Deadass. China better hella PAY the rest of east asia for 4000 years slavery kek 400 is amateur number.

No. 565817

Unironically, why should anyone argue against that? Isn't China still exploiting and abusing people? All those people they put in "re-education" camps (and the families of those they put in death camps) definitely deserve reparations, kek.

No. 565818

I don't give a fuck about the shit going down in the US right now or american politics in general and I'm annoyed that the internet acts like the whole world should care about their issues.

No. 565819

cool? it's a huge country, do you think we should all talk about your blessed land of Hungary or some shit? i swear eurofags have no sense but maybe your hurgen durgen shit is just getting lost when it comes over to our burgerfag riot threads all the time

No. 565821

File: 1591345633148.jpg (266.33 KB, 420x560, I2bIQPy.jpg)

>tfw not being world power
>ywn be america, the most popular girl in school

No. 565822

>t. retarded patriot

No. 565823

i'm actually eurofag and baiting tbh

No. 565824

understandable, faggot

No. 565825

Ntayrt but it's so beyond unrealistic as a solution, that's why people think it's retarded. Firstly, governments aren't going to go for that (especially China). Secondly in reference to what is commonly implied by reparations, why would syphoning the wealth from working class white people do anything to further equality, rather than inequality? Aim for the rich white asshole %1 that oppress us all and I'll be the first to jump on board.

No. 565827

Why does everything always boil down to either you earn your money and you're worthless if you can't find a job vs i think everyone's money should be siphoned and redistributed so i can afford that lolita dress i'm literally shitting myself at this point

No. 565828

I wish I had the answer to that question anon. We have a broken system and no good solutions.

No. 565833

Unrealistic in what sense? If it could happen for other groups (including people who literally enslaved others), what makes it impossible?
>Firstly, governments aren't going to go for that (especially China).
If everyone followed the whole "The government will say no so don't even bother" logic, pretty much nobody except a very specific, lucky group of men would have any rights at all, anon. There's nothing to lose in keeping it on the table and campaigning for one's rights. There should be someone holding China to task, just like there are people in HK who are standing up to China trying to make them their bitch, regardless of their strength.
>Secondly in reference to what is commonly implied by reparations, why would syphoning the wealth from working class white people do anything to further equality, rather than inequality? Aim for the rich white asshole %1 that oppress us all and I'll be the first to jump on board.
I haven't seen anyone specifically aim for the white working class on this, I always believed it's about the 1% who hold that much wealth to begin with. I agree it'd make no sense to look to other poor people.

No. 565835

I don't have the energy to argue with such an autistic perspective, it feels like currently that's all we do on this site. The example was referencing the tagged post saying China should (not saying they shouldn't, but this is the real world) pay reparations when >>565815 was obviously being facetious.

>I haven't seen anyone specifically aim for the white working class on this

Read the damn image, it's reparations on the premise of whiteness alone. I've seen plenty of spergs claiming due to intersectional feminism BS that whiteness renders you inherently privileged, thus expected to open your wallet as wide as possible. I'd call you a Twitterfag, but clearly you haven't spent enough time on the site to be aware of the intention of the concept. I envy you, I wish I hadn't come across so much insanity.

No. 565836

It's not autistic just because you don't have any dissenting arguments left, anon, lmao. Like I said, you personally thinking it's unrealistic doesn't mean no one should try, otherwise literally nothing in history would ever get done.
>looking to Twitter they/thems for political theory/game plan or activism in general
>wondering why you're miserable
Like, really ask yourself what power that person holds, what education they have on this topic, and what they know about anything before appointing them the spokesperson for any of this shit. If all you do is read bullshit from e-girl types and chuds, of course you're going to come out with weird nightmare vision.

No. 565838

>wondering why you're miserable
Come on now anon, NTA but you're automatically miserable if you're on here infighting on Unpopular Opinion #26 in the midst of a global pandemic and reaching for the personal blow… in an anonymous fight

No. 565839

>you can't argue with someone who literally reads that they're killing themself every time they open a pack
Literally this. Who would eat a certain type of food if there were gore images on it's packaging and you knew you'd get either cancer or your limbs amputated for consuming it? Nobody but smokers kek

>Going by that logic I deserve reparations from the Germans
Germany paid over 100 billions in reparations, the last payment was only made in 2010 (and we're still kind of Israel's bitch even nowadays).
That's why it always pisses me off when Americans (or Brits) use "b-but remember what you did, you are nazis!" as some sort of argument, when no other country ever tried so hard to make up for their past. We paid reparations to Britain, meanwhile they invaded close to 200 countries, France also several dozen, just imagine if all of them suddenly demanded money.

No. 565840

I'm just not going to waste my time, this is such a common discussion I am tired of it.

Here's links to articles supporting Normie whites paying reparations, go nuts and argue with someone else:


No. 565841

I'm not miserable, I think having these conversations is a good thing.
How is that a personal blow? I was referring to her saying "You obviously don't use Twitter, I envy you", unless using Twitter is now an integral part of being a person or something.

No. 565844

>medium article from another Twitter literally who
You can post literally anything on Medium, I've seen at least one article about anime "helping people to accept their trans identity", lmao.
The second article doesn't even seem to be actually about financial reparations, it's about tackling racism and educating young white people so history doesn't repeat itself.
Sorry if I struck a nerve or whatever, goodnight anon.

No. 565846

>We paid reparations to Britain, meanwhile they invaded close to 200 countries, France also several dozen, just imagine if all of them suddenly demanded money.
I wish they would, though I know from what happened to Haiti that those two countries would just throw a tantrum and start fucking those countries over even more, most likely with manufactured wars or ridiculous boycotts.
It's just the right thing to do, but greed and selfishness will reign unless some extremely hostile takeovers happen.

No. 565847

lol all right I'll admit I didn't know that. But I also think that's bs. Most of the German population wasn't alive when WWII ended and I don't think current day Germans should be held responsible for what their ancestors did or should have to pay reparations. Same goes for black people who demand reparations from white people for slavery and other things "our" ancestors did. But they're not demanding anything from the African tribes who sold their own to white people in the first place.

No. 565849

>But they're not demanding anything from the African tribes who sold their own to white people in the first place.
Multiple African countries have already apologized for slavery and opened the door for them to re-establish themselves on the continent. Just because you don't see things doesn't mean they don't happen.
As for financial reparations, that's in short supply, largely in part because of former colonizers bleeding them dry of resources and money to this day, Congo being one of the most notable cases of that. If everyone should forget the past, everyone should also stop profiting off of the past.

No. 565851

File: 1591350134357.webm (6.04 MB, 720x1280, met police.webm)

I'm horrified that everyone is going the protests and have somehow conveniently forgot we still have this deadly pandemic going on.

Mask or no mask, all those massed gatherings and blatant disregard of social distancing guidelines will erase all the efforts made in controlling COVID-19. I'm fully expecting an explosion of cases 1-2 weeks from now, taking away more lives and creating suffering that could have been avoided.

No. 565853

I do kind of wonder if the "people dying in the streets" thing will happen soon, or if it'll just be forgotten about while elderly people suffer.

No. 565854

>I wish they would
Me too tbh but it's a pipe dream. Seeing how disgustingly rich the Chinese upper class is makes me physically nauseous. Black americans should recognize their first world privilege to even be allowed to utter such demands. They should extort the rich instead of working class poorfags.

No. 565855

File: 1591350899212.jpg (219.02 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20200605-193003__01…)

They're literally just the first results sue me for being too lazy to read them, the title's enough kek. Social media is an outlet for the voices and general consensus of the common people. Twitter is a place where not regurgitating the general consensus lands you censorship, where as doing the prior gets you a blue tick. That's why they're examples. Acknowledgment of context is important.

The second article makes the assumption "white folks" are inherently capable of making contributions to reparations when that's frequently not the case. They don't preface their language with that fact, which is presumptuous. I'm not particularly offended by the language, but it's an example.

The rich are literally pushing this divisive, diversion based agenda so instead of tackling the real culprits we sit around pointing the finger at our fellow peasants while the co-opt to movements aimed at achieving change. >>565349
And it's working, because psyudo intellectuals get a kick out of shitting out whatever Ivy League Universities claim. I'm not against helping the underprivileged, but using statistics to blanket an entire race will not achieve that ends.


No. 565857

Russia sucks.

No. 565868

Thats because you western faggots will never understand that concept. You will forever try to fill the void in your heart, until it stops beating and finally you will get it and will laugh how stupid everything is.

No. 565873

Why does this post read like some kind of curse?

No. 565883

it's still not real

No. 565887

karma isn't real so stop sperging about muh beliefs.

however isn't it about having good things come back to you in rebirths and your next lives? isn't the idea of good things being returned to you in this material world more of a shinto-confucian thing?

No. 565891

Its not real, its just a concept.
Im not sperging im much to zen for that

I think what most people dont realize is that the ultimate goal is to free yourself from karma. So no its not good to have alot of good karma.

No. 565913

Speaking about reparations, the chinese government should pay heavily for all the current mess they've caused, but we all know this will never happen, they are not even held accountable for the atrocities they commit in their own country.

No. 565918

This is the unpopular opinion thread

No. 565930

in my area all political leaders changed their minds on social gatherings if they are related to the protest, heck they have even encouraged "peaceful protest" meanwhile we arent in america…. the "expert" doctors here who i have never agreed with have said protesting is ok as long as u "dont shout bc there will be more spit" that could spread around kek

just crazy to me that a few weeks ago ppl were getting ticketed for walking with family in empty parking lots but if ur protesting its all good (btw i realize why protest is necessary just the double standard is nuts)

No. 565933

agree with literally everything u have said here!!! its crazy how every story is diverted back to race nowadays even covid has been labelled "racist" kek

a lil off topic but i wanted to share this opinion and see if anyone stands with me on this: imo telling ppl to support poc businesses does nothing to support greater social movements or equality if its on a platform like ebay or poshmark bc everyone is there just to sell shit and the race of the person doesnt actually matter bc its just a shop like any other and its possible that the poc, no matter who they are, may even have more money than whatever other white person so supporting them thinking that u did something good just bc they are of a certain race is dumb unless its for an organization or something

No. 565941

Minus twenty karma for you

No. 565951

Most profile reviews on r/tinder should be "ur ugly, wish you a better luck with your genetics in your next life". I'm amazed how people are able to say so many good things to guys I would swipe left on without a second thought.

No. 565954

>caring about men on r/tinder

No. 565964

the funny thing is that in many cases, some lady would still find the ugly AF guy attractive for some weird reason. It's just that it's not the 10/10 Stacy that they want lol

No. 565967

What I find so strange about this is that there's been a whole debate about non-whites being at more risk from covid and how they need to be especially careful, now they are being encouraged to attend mass gatherings. Either there's no increased risk or the people supporting these protests want people to die.

No. 565975

>Aim for the rich white asshole %1 that oppress us all and I'll be the first to jump on board.

This. If the filthy rich bankers and bureaucrats want to ease "muh oppressions" with their generational blood sucking coin for black people than fuck yeah reparations across the board!

Because I'll be damned if I'm going to give black people a chunk of my hard earned poorfag shekkels to pay back some debt to soceity that I never fucking owed in the first place. We all have ancestors who have done reprehensible things, money isn't going to wipe away their sins away and it's not going to fix the problems we have going on TODAY.

Seriously wake up and smell the emotional and mental manipulation that's being played on both of us.

Black people constantly being brainwashed into believing that their oppressors should also at the same time be their saviors removes any motivation for black people to become independant and thrive on their own, thus continuing the cycle of gibbs, poverty and crime.

White people being brainwashed into thinking we have "privilege" and are inherently racist because of the color of our skin is racism in and of itself. It's okay to dump on whitey because whitey is never disadvantaged or discriminated against. And even if they are it wasnt that bad, and if it was they deserved it (narcissist's prayer anybody?) It's okay to make whitey feel bad about their ancestors because they colonized people n' shit (because no other race has ever raped, pillaged and stole from another race amiright?)

In truth racism is just a fucking fear tactic to make anybody afraid to speak the truth: black and white people alike. The puppet masters want us on their strings so they can keep profiting from divide and conquer. Until ALL OF US say ENOUGH to the cunts that keep pulling this shit, there will never be peace.

That's why the word "racist" means nothing to me anymore. It gets thrown around like nothing for the dumbest shit and I could care less if some mind fucked faggot wants to call me racist: go for it. I know who I am.

TLDR: Everybody sucks cocks and racist is a 5 cent word.

No. 565979

I think more people are waking up to this. In the aftermath of this it's going to be black people that suffer the most. When they come to rebuild their communities they will find out who really cares and it won't be antifa, woke whites or the virtue signalling corporations.

No. 565980

I don't understand how you genuinely think that white people don't have privilege. Let's say you're pulled over by a cop. Do you really believe you're just as safe as a black person?

It sounds like you want to believe in a just world or something but that's just not the case. Cops are more likely to kill and arrest black people.

Also, about money going toward black people. I think you're confusing the way people want to give money to the impoverished, which happen to be made up of more people of color. Historically, racism has affected the areas that black people have lived in and how they got jobs, ect. So the fact that so many are poor makes sense. I think there's a class consciousness that won't stop growing.

No. 565983

Shutup, you're missing the bigger point being made.
Not that I disagree but everything is spot on otherwise. And no, that mainly applies to certain places like the US or the west.

No. 565992

They'll believe in male privilege, but taking about white privilege makes them grab their pearls.

No. 565994

The concept of a person having greater privilege than another is true but the concept that a person has privilege because of their skin colour is not.
Does a disabled white person have more privilege than an able bodied black person?
Does a working class Mexican have more privilege than a college educated African American?
Does a gay Chinese man have more privilege than a straight muslim man?
The level of privilege is also going to vary massively by location. No one cares in the west if someone is gay and it's illegal to discriminate against someone for being gay, yet there are some places where coming out as gay will get them killed. Saying the privilege between these is equal would be wrong.

No. 566013

Well said anon

No. 566021


I agree that it's wrong to act like privilege is literally the same everywhere in the world. It is true that there's often different places or circumstances, but I don't think the word takes away from the seriousness of more terrible things happening around the world, and even though things may vary there's definitely patterns of privilege in certain cultures.There's no magic way to perfectly compare people's suffering/difficulty they may experience in society, but being conscious about what sorts or general privileges may exist can help shed light on the problems. For example, even though women in the US are living better than women in other parts of the world, men have the privilege of feeling safer walking around alone at night. Knowing about this doesn't delegitimize what horrors women go through elsewhere, but perhaps finding the word for it can help make the issuen visible to people in the US. This may also apply to black people or what have you.

No. 566022

agreed kek hilarious that in ont the protesters out today are like 80% white only a few black ppl from what i see in videos
example: https://www.facebook.com/blogto/posts/10157157848470009

No. 566035

i agree with the sentiment but in reality it just causes people to apply the idea of privilege to themselves. the idea of privilege isn't even supposed to be applied on a person to person basis, it's just a generalized term to help define certain types of oppression.

No. 566036

File: 1591386321437.jpg (83.5 KB, 800x520, madamzeroni.jpg)

Who let Madame Zeroni on lolcow again

No. 566047

I don't get what you're saying. So being gay, working class or disabled are factors that can cause problems for the person and discrimination, but being black/foreign looking is not?

No. 566048

nta but they're saying that privilege depends on very specific personal factors. it's not as simple as boiling it down to demographics such as race or gender. rich black people aren't less privileged than poor white people, but the concept applies to majority, which is especially bad in a huge country like the US.

No. 566054

So they mean it depends on the situation we're speaking of? And yes, there are situations where ethnicity and gender are major roles before anything else like social status. I rich black man's money or education is worthless if the landlord or employer they're applying at is a racist. And no, anti-discrimination laws are not holding them back.

No. 566079

if you don't understand don't reply.

No. 566090

what does this post say?

No. 566103

Don't reply to me asking what it means if you can't explain it properly.


No. 566139

>Black people constantly being brainwashed into believing that their oppressors should also at the same time be their saviors removes any motivation for black people to become independant and thrive on their own, thus continuing the cycle of gibbs, poverty and crime.
Honestly this. Couldn't have said it better and I agree with your post. It's the same as with women, treating men as your both oppressors and saviors is ridiculous, the only way for women to truly thrive is to be independent and stop seeking for men to liberate them. It's just a manipulation tactic to keep black people passivated and waiting for the whitey to give them the permission to improve as a community so they'll never truly challenge the power structures of society. Don't care if anons sperg out calling me a racist, staying as your oppressor's lap dog and having a crab bucket mentality of calling your peers oreos or uncle toms for "acting too white" due to actually seeing through the bullshit is not a good look.

No. 566177

it was explained just fine. not anon's fault you're a performative liberal.

No. 566193

Then explain what I misinterpreted or didn't understand.
>performative liberal
Idek what that is, but it sounds like certain containment board's slang. Go back.

No. 566198

we aren't talking about ignoring racial prejudice or discrimination like you seem to think. but especially in the US, there is an idea that only certain people have privilege while others don't. but people don't consider the fact that privilege as a concept isn't meant to be applied to individuals at all. which is often ignored and shrugged off as anecdote from both sides of the argument. also i hate kneejerk sjws, which your other post sounds like since you ignored what i said in favor of being offended.

No. 566206

It's really obvious to me that the media is cherry picking sensationalized cases of black police victims to cause drama. This kind of killing happens daily to black people in the US. Period. But we have no high profile reports on innocent victims, just on former criminals (petty or not) so that some manner of criticism can be found with the victim. The black community in the USA is getting played hard. Just think on all of the cases of outrage due to police violence in recent years, all of those victims were people with history that allowed for racist arguments to more easily sneak in. Think about it.

No. 566208

I noticed it, too. Women, children and 100% innocent men? Not a word. Men with sketchy pasts? "Spread this shit like wildfire".

No. 566212

Exactly. And all it does is enable people (not even racists) to feel better about writing them off as victims. things like "why are the protestors defending a criminal?" or that the incident is just an "unfortunate accident" get brought up just as much as people angry about looting. Neither of those are valid concerns considering how much this happens, but there is so much wiggle room you can't ignore the signs. I just want to know where the fuck this nation wide media coverage is when black women or families are getting treated like this by police. There are hundreds of incidences like this where people have never even had a brush with the law being brutalized by police just going about their day and the media turns a blind eye.

No. 566223

Very interesting to read all of this on this website. I'm not complaining, it just validates what I always assumed lol. Nothing will change lol.

No. 566232

what u mean?

No. 566244

ok, mysterious bitch

No. 566271

ddlg is amazing. People who "hate" it are just jealous

No. 566272

Bait, but some people do not understand it. If you do not 'get it', I see why you could accuse other girls of being disgusting, pretending to like it to indulge men, or that it's artificial and induced from pornsickness, but I don't think so. Maybe the extremism of "daddy choke me" (not that I haven't indulged) is stupid behavior but male partners having something to do with father figures is not that outrageous. Think of the traditional view of marriage years ago. The father hands over his daughter to the now husband. He's agreeing to let him take over and be the man in her life now. It has something to do with male authority and its hold on women, I think

No. 566273

Jealous of what?

No. 566274

Yeah, we're all totally jealous of being completely devoid of any dignity or self respect

The thought makes my skin crawl

No. 566278

Ok miss stuck up bitch. Maybe some day you'll learn to let loose and stop making passive aggressive posts about things you dislike.

No. 566279

ddlg is letting a pedo live out his perversions in a legal setting

No. 566280

That still doesn't answer why anyone would be jealous

No. 566283

Anon, the 'jealous' comment is very unlikely to have been made as anything other than to spark replies, which is fine, but fixating on it as if it was the anon's honest belief is silly. Anon has most likely read the room if they knew to post it to /ot/ and in Unpopular Opinions and it's not a genuine outsider with skewed beliefs

No. 566284

Everyone come get a taste of this stupidity juice

No. 566285

you can't seriously think this? perhaps it is engaged in by immature women and men who enjoy an emotionally stunted woman they can take advantage of, but why use such an inaccurate term that makes you sound retarded?

No. 566287

Idk anon incorporating children of any form into your sex life sounds like pedo shit to me

No. 566291

>children of any form
Women cannot turn themselves into children. I agree that it's perversion and should be openly criticised but come on

No. 566308

>Anon, the 'jealous' comment is very unlikely to have been made as anything other than to spark replies
Well, it worked, so what's the problem? We can't ask for elaboration?
If she plays her cards right in a response, she can get even more replies, and we will (probably) be entertained. Seems like a win-win.

No. 566310

Very true. I guess it slightly annoyed me that someone played along in what I thought was the wrong way or indeed wasn't playing along at all.

No. 566321

women cant turn into children but sure they can pretend to be one. OP is completely right, ddlg is what pedos do when they don't wanna incriminate themself and still engage their pedophilia. I don't see how it's controversial or up to a dispute. Yeah they are fucking a woman but in their heads they are balls deep in a kid. Disgusting.

No. 566324

Pretend is not reality anon why is this difficult, you can fantasise about something especially sexually that you in actuality would be repulsed bt=y

No. 566326

NTA, but you can pretend to be literally anything. The possibilities are endless. So, of all things, what would be appealing, for an adult man, about pretending his partner is a child or baby? Why would he choose that over anything else?

No. 566327

>Why would he choose that over anything else?
if he's a pedophile or has urges like one, but doesn't want to get caught diddling an actual child, then he'll most likely stick to a partner who pretends to be a child themselves

No. 566328

If you fantasize about fucking a child you're a pedo, and thats that on that.

No. 566335

What's wrong with it if it's consensual? Uhhh, moral police?

No. 566339

Uhh shut the fuck up?

No. 566341

People have the right to be disgusted by simulated pedophilia, and to voice that disgust.
Trying to censor their right to disgust is actual moral policing. Being "anti-kinkshaming" in general is moral police shit. No one is obliged to accept your fetishes.

No. 566343

"People have the right to be disgusted by gay people, and to voice that disgust.
Trying to censor their right to disgust is actual moral policing. Being "anti-kinkshaming" in general is moral police shit. No one is obliged to accept your fetishes."

I'm not a consumer of it but as someone who is lgbt I find this shit generally disgusting. Where do you draw the line? Should I not be serviced for my sexuality too?

No. 566345

You either have worms for brains or you’re just bored. Which is it?

No. 566346

There is no "P" in LGBT. Pedophilia isn't a valid sexuality, and it never will be.

No. 566347

You completely missed the point.

If you accept "kink-shaming" etc etc as something valid you open the venue for discrimination against other groups. Who is to decide your disgust for "pedos" is valid and someones for LGBT is not?

We are not talking about abusing children but consensual acts between two adults. I don't condone that stuff and I think abusers of any kind should be in prison for good.

No. 566348

>If you accept "kink-shaming" etc etc as something valid you open the venue for discrimination against other groups.
No, we don't. Only autists and dishonest pedophiles deal in such black and white thinking.
>We are not talking about abusing children but consensual acts between two adults.
Two adults who fantasize about children in a sexual context. That's pretty disgusting, and any sane person would agree.

No. 566350

Are you from Twitter? Did you find your way from Twitter to here? Is that why you're acting like a stuck up bitch who's the most opwessed, because people are against your beloved pedophilia fetish? This is slowly starting to sound like that one 4chan meme where they tried to trick people into believing LGBT supports pedophiles and child molesters.

You have to be some troll. No one is as stupid and dense as this.

>consensual acts between two adults

Two adults who roleplay a bland father x daughter incest relationship, get off to abuse of thousand of victims and so on. The "daddy" figures in DDLG are always the ones who seek out minors or already vulnerable women who found the wrong community to participate in and then manipulate them for their own disgusting will and needs. Not only that but if you get hard at the thought of your partner sucking on a bunch of pacifiers and doing childrens things, then the chance of you also getting hard at the sight of ACTUAL children doing that is very high. And that makes you a pedophile. There are no what if's and but's.

No. 566351

>No, we don't. Only autists and dishonest pedophiles deal in such black and white thinking.
Oh good job calling me a pedophile. I guess I'm wrong about courts being stacked by god-fearing, gay-hatin republicans and the erosion of our rights.

Silly me, I guess we should legalize discrimination based on ones moral compass since nobody would dare to tread on us.
>Two adults who fantasize about children in a sexual context. That's pretty disgusting, and any sane person would agree
Which is not what we were talking about. You said people should be allowed to attack people for their kinks, not be disgusted.

No. 566354

You could also just be an autist. Funny you jumped on the "dishonest pedophile" thing first.
>I guess I'm wrong about courts being stacked by god-fearing, gay-hatin republicans and the erosion of our rights.
This is a court? I thought it was an unpopular opinions thread.
>Silly me, I guess we should legalize discrimination based on ones moral compass since nobody would dare to tread on us.
It is perfectly legal to discriminate against pedophiles, both practicing and non-practicing, especially for those in the LGBT, who've had to deal with pedos trying to glom onto their movement for a long time.
>Which is not what we were talking about. You said people should be allowed to attack people for their kinks, not be disgusted.
No, I clearly said people are allowed to be disgusted. See >>566341.
Wait a second. Are you that NAMBLA poster from the Venus thread? The shitty reading comprehension, obvious newfaggotry and pedophile talking points are familiar.

No. 566359

>two adults who roleplay a bland father x daughter get off to abuse of thousand of victims
You and me both know that the whole thing stems from abuse and mistreatment and dysfunctional father figures so why are you being dishonest

No. 566361

>especially for those in the LGBT
Let's not act like gay men don't have a big thing in their community for "younger and older" dynamics but nobody cares about that because there's not a woman involved kek

No. 566362

You clearly were calling me an autist and a pedophile.
>This is a court? I thought it was an unpopular opinions thread.
But you do live outside lolcow, right? If everyone accepted your view as the correct one then that's what would happen.
>It is perfectly legal to discriminate against pedophiles, both practicing and non-practicing, especially for those in the LGBT, who've had to deal with pedos trying to glom onto their movement for a long time.
Yes, just like against all minorities or even majorities, outside the rich white ones of course.

Myb. I forgot criminalization doesn't actually do anything, that stuff still happens.
>No, I clearly said people are allowed to be disgusted. See >>566341.
Yes, aka allowed to deny services from us etc etc.

And no.

No. 566365

>You clearly were calling me an autist and a pedophile.
That's how you interpreted it.
>But you do live outside lolcow, right? If everyone accepted your view as the correct one then that's what would happen.
Most people already don't accept dd/lg, or pedophilia.
>Yes, just like against all minorities or even majorities, outside the rich white ones of course.
Today I learned being a pedophile is the same as being a minority, and that those of us who aren't pedophiles are the equivalent to rich white people, kek.
>Yes, aka allowed to deny services from us etc etc.
If that's how you choose to interpret it, go nuts. Also

No. 566367

That's true, but I think that's for gay men to call out. The backlash would be ridiculous if women (LGBT or not) said anything, lmao.

No. 566378

i hate when people moralfag about "b-but muh consenting adults!!!". that doesn't mean everyone has to be okay with deviant or retarded shit like polyamory, ddlg, yiffing, etc. it's fine to have a working brain and to think that some things are disgusting or off putting, especially when they involve sexualizing kids like ddlg does.

No. 566379

>Most people already don't accept dd/lg, or pedophilia
Most people don't accept someone being lgbt either and you're saying it's okay to fuck em over for it.
>If that's how you choose to interpret it, go nuts. Also
Yeah. That's what it always boils down to. You might as well bring back Jim Crow, oh wait that's already a thing thanks to people like you.

I don't particularly enjoy the topic but I just find your attitude toxic af.

No. 566383

congratulations, you're the only one with a working brain here

No. 566384

>Most people don't accept someone being lgbt either and you're saying it's okay to fuck em over for it.
Like I said, this logic only makes sense to autists and pedophiles who think it's all the same. Also, people who are already homophobic.
>Yeah. That's what it always boils down to. You might as well bring back Jim Crow, oh wait that's already a thing thanks to people like you.
This was some funny bait, but I don't think anyone's retarded enough to think this unironically.
>I don't particularly enjoy the topic but I just find your attitude toxic af.
Being disgusted by pedophilia's toxic, got it, kek. People who think this way are pretty much confined to their usual "MAP" hideaway spots, interestingly. Again, this is pretty funny, good job on keeping me occupied for a little while, but be more subtle next time.

Thank you.

No. 566385

i feel like "LITRUHLLY PEDAFEELYA" is moralfagging more than the consenting adults argument

No. 566388

being simply disgusted by men getting off to imagining kids is hardly moralfagging

No. 566390

it's a total jump, moralfag and twitterfag level of saying big word with big implication for no reason, it is definitely more moralfagging than people having weird sex kek

No. 566391

It is, if you're one of the men who do it. They feel attacked, and that's why they screech that it's "moralfagging".

No. 566393

What is there to be jealous of? I'm genuinely curious because I'm 100% vanilla and ddlg looks very off-putting and disturbing to me.

No. 566394

>Like I said, this logic only makes sense to autists and pedophiles who think it's all the same.
Yet it always holds up, eroding peoples rights (in the case of ddlg, the right of two adults) never seems to stop. Of course no rights here exist but that doesn't mean I can't disapprove the idea.
>Also, people who are already homophobic.
Yeah, that's like 50% of the population? I feel safer already.

>This was some funny bait, but I don't think anyone's retarded enough to think this unironically.

You think people stomping on black rights for being "latent criminals" is a bait? Holy shit, just go back to stormfront already.

>Being disgusted by pedophilia's toxic, got it, kek. People who think this way are pretty much confined to their usual "MAP" hideaway spots, interestingly. Again, this is pretty funny, good job on keeping me occupied for a little while, but be more subtle next time.

What I find disgusting is your callous attitude towards other people. You clearly have never had to face discrimination in your life so it's easy for you to go "hurrr durr people should be free to shit on others because they're gay, black, pedos or whatever they dislike".

That's what you're saying. You are just brandishing the inequality people face and say it's all right. You dislike someone because they go against your holy book? No biggie, just fire them or whatever.


No. 566395

how did you turn an argument about ddlg into oppression olympics

No. 566397

anon not everyone who brings you up on a point you make and post online is an extremist literally out to get you and your children fucking kek

No. 566399

It's what pedophiles do best. Victimize themselves to justify their desire to victimize others. They legitimately can't understand that they're not the same as black or gay people, and it makes them very angry that they're not considered as such. It's like they have brain worms or something.
I've seen a ton of cases just like that poster, trying to argue with people, but pretty much no one falls for it. The best thing is just to say "kys pedo" and go, because they're not going to get it.

No. 566400

>No woman could possibly think like this therefore men are lurking this board hourly to check for anything to do with ddlg and defending it to death
Not the everyone who disagrees with me is a man shit AGAIN kek like how do you work a hi scrote into everything it's beautiful

No. 566401

Who called you a man?

No. 566406

Just say the two words and take the ban

No. 566407

There's some weird sperg trying to pick infights right now and is deliberately misreading what people have typed to force arguments. Just some weirdo you should ignore for the next few hours until they tire themselves out.

No. 566409

Yeah, seems like it. Unstable shit.

No. 566416

File: 1591453664685.jpeg (64.96 KB, 750x634, 0BDA2FFC-5644-4D3A-B5A0-494C34…)

No. 566420

File: 1591454504418.jpeg (60.82 KB, 960x784, DAA2383B-D6D6-4E64-8019-6EBB29…)

>comparing simulated child rape to being gay
>implying being gay is a fetish
Homophobic kinktard owns self, more at 5

No. 566427

Stop engaging in bait for fucks sake

No. 566434

Hello I love you

No. 566440

What? They're still adults, they don't even look like children no matter how many times they put a diaper and a pacifier on. How would it be pedophilia to be attracted by them? I mean it's totally justified to find it cringey and be disgusted by ddlg shit and how much it attracts broken girls with daddy issues to be exploited but it's still not pedophilia.

No. 566446

Shut up and stop this bait already dude, we get it and now shut up and stop replying with even bigger bait

No. 566461

This is so fucking true and this is why I have a hard time respecting people who are into it. I usually don't care about what people do as long as it's too consenting adults…. but this is the fetishization of children. Both people involved get off to it. So fucking disgusting and creepy. And I hate all of the dumb girls who try to be elitists about their disgusting fetish. Like, "oh I only get into ~little space~ in a sfw way! I'm not like those other icky girls!". Yes, yes you are. And I dont want to know about your sick deprived personal issues. If you're disturbed by most of your own community that is a sign that you should fucking stop.

No. 566464

I don't think dudes into ddlg are interested in fucking children, they're interested in fucking a woman who is willing to debase herself entirely for them. "pretend to be a baby for me" is just their particularly flavor of gross.

No. 566478

Lies, they unironically go "spread ur wittle baby holes for daddy" and "shhh don't tell mommy" type shit

No. 566480

I'll just drop this pedo shit on your lap and let you have fun with it anon. It's fresh from 2 days ago : https://www.reddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/gwdaw1/my_24f_husband_38m_keeps_sexualising_my_childhood/(imageboard)

No. 566494

Lies. They’re fucking freaks and should be treated as such.

No. 566496

NTA but man that girl really fucked up, good thing she didn't reproduce with him.
>got with her when she was 18 and he was 32, she'll be 26 when he's 40 years old
And he keeps at it even though she asked him to stop because he knows she's trapped and doesn't have anywhere else to go. He moved her to a different country. Her family sounds like they suck and they couldn't support her from that far away anyway. She doesn't work, so she'd have to hire a lawyer and take his ass to divorce court for alimony unless she gets herself a retail job or something. That's a real quagmire.

No. 566497

They absolutely have a hard on for sexual abuse. So do the women who do it. Fuck those sickos.

No. 566513

Slavs make best black metal music. Scandis and other westerners suck so much at it.

No. 566528

I'm starting to think that men just shouldn't be told the gory details of these things, even if you are about to marry them. I've told two long term partners about my abuse and while they thankfully didn't get off to it.. they certainly ran out of empathy awfully quick. One seemed to think that there should be a cut-off point on how long you're allowed to cry about it.

No. 566529

Wrong, anon - she was OBVIOUSLY already an adult when he, a man in his 30s, started dating her when she was 18. And asking her about getting molested as a kid while they're having sex is okay too since she's mid 20s now and not a child. As DDLG sperg-chan taught us earlier, since it doesn't involve any actual children this isn't pedophile behavior at all but just 2 consenting adults having fun.

No. 566534

No. 566546

File: 1591476752559.gif (619.61 KB, 220x220, 1577137017680.gif)

No. 566581

the amount of pedo shit on /relationship_advice lately is pretty scary. i wonder if men ever put 2 and 2 together and realize how shit their gender is.

No. 566588

There's nothing wrong with lolicon.(bait)

No. 566589

I swear this exact sentence has already been posted here several times lately

No. 566594

Men think they are completely and utterly justified in wanting to fuck kids, or at the very least young teens. They will go as low as consent laws let them, and lower if they feel bold. They will never consider themselves shit for it, because they think it's their god given right as men to fuck whomever they find fuckable.

No. 566604

>tfw got fucked as a stunted 17 year old 'kid'
>defended my abuse as ddlg, i was into it, it was fine
>now i understand why people were so mad at me for 'my choice'
>felt like i was getting blamed but i was hurting others in refusing to see what i knew
>i lost my virginity to this man instead of any of my high school boyfriends
>this simple fact is suifuel

No. 566689

The British royal family needs to be abolished, I can’t believe we have so many people who fanatically worship the monarchy in 2020.

No. 566690

sugar is more addictive than crack

No. 566696

I thought that was an established fact? I've heard of and read articles about studies proving that sugar is insanely addictive for humans (and for mice or rats too, since they were used for the studies) but I haven't read any of them.

No. 566703

We're too harsh on cows who shoop. It can be really hilarious in certain cases but indiscriminately making fun of anyone for shopping/filtering devalues the milk. It's funny with like Erin Painter or vintage Kota when the cow is really trying to convince everyone that they look like a smol 60lb 3ft tall baby, but making fun of ethots for editing out their butt boils and fat rolls when their job is to sell a fantasy…comes off as really boring nitpicking. Idk

No. 566705

i agree but its a no win scenario. lolcow would still make fun of cows for posting photos with rolls, cellulite, acne, a muffin top.

No. 566706

Exactly, but these women are literally usually just being sexual or acting or doing something vendetta girls dont like and a tweet is made and that's latched onto the reason they don't like her but literally they're just being petty and then it goes on like if you can genuinely entertain yourself reading image metadata like some sort of faggot then i have paint i will literally pay you to observe the drying pattern of

No. 566712

I agree. Studies seem to back this up but as someone who's tried some harder drugs as well it's way easier to let them go than sugar. I struggle almost every day not to get my daily sugar fix. At least I managed to cut out sugary drinks on the regular.

No. 566715

Anon, out of curiosity do you still smoke too? My sober mode is just totally sugar and cigs and it's as close to sober as I think i can get. You have to have some fucking high to chase, i've thought like this for so long that just sitting still is impossible

No. 566717

Can crackhead anons confirm?

No. 566720


ex heroin and meth anon here

Not eating sugar versus coming down on heroin or meth is not at all equivalent.
Processed sugar is bad, but honestly it’s not on the level of hard drugs. Would a sugar addict stoop to the levels of selling their body to cope a fix? No. If you abruptly stopped eating sugar could you possibly have seizures and die/ become ill? No.
It’s not the same.
I’ve never done crack so I couldn’t say if it’s more addictive than that.

No. 566730

Yeah, I smoke weed probably once or twice a week on average (more after corona tho) and cigarettes on the regular as well. Nicotine is more addictive than sugar for sure lol.

You're looking at it from a severe addiction perspective though. Most people who try hard drugs don't become addicted to them. Some try them once, a few times, use them every now and then. A certain fraction of users get addicted. I think it's usually 15-30% percent depending on the drug in question.
You won't die or anything without sugar but so many need their fix weekly if not daily. Processed sugar was a mistake honestly lol. From nutritional studies I've seen sugar is the new bad guy now as opposed to fat.

No. 566733

But I’m sure within the next decade those studies will also change and there will be a new enemy that isn’t sugar. Too much processed sugar but every generation there’s a new food ingredient that’s the worst ever and source of all health problems. The science studying what we eat is always changing.

No. 566737

It's not that hard to quit though, even if it does make you want to consume more food when you have some. I quit processed sugar completely (still have the odd fruit) and it was nbd. But perhaps I'm ignorant to the struggle since I have no sweet tooth and always hated candy and soda.

The REAL problem with quitting is that it's added to almost every prepared food in the supermarket and all fast food. I've been forced to eat wholesome meals when all I desired was clear skin lmao.

No. 566739

True, nutrition is notoriously complex and there's a lot we don't know yet. I'm fairly certain sugar will remain worse than say fat or carbs. It just makes a lot of sense. Of course a big difference between the sugar in fruits versus more processed products but there's so much processed sugar in everything - particularly in countries like the US. I'm sure there's some other nano-compounds in our food that we'll freak out about in 5 years though. Also more studies into how gut health and diet interacts with the brain.

No. 566740


>always hated candy and soda

Yeah, no wonder quitting was easy for you kek. Good for you, anon. You're one of the lucky ones.

No. 566744

I feel like Karen isn't a good enough name to describe the generic white woman who is insufferable and incapable of perspective. I think Sarah fits better. Or maybe Tyffeny.

No. 566750

Nah anon, it has to be a more old fashioned name. Age range wise, Karens are slightly before the boom of names like Sarah or Tiffany

No. 566755

the disney pocahontas movie would be good if it wasn't in that setting. it's basically just romeo and juliet but i rewatched it recently and the story is good, it's just uncomfortable given the context.

No. 566765

I've seen Sharon used before, which I like better because it makes me think of Sharon Osbourne who many music fans know, has done vile and crooked shit.

No. 566804

File: 1591527084681.png (119.7 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20200607-054207.png)

No. 566807

Whatever you say Latisha.

No. 566834

i can't stand Rachel Maksy. i used to find her sewing and vintage content interesting and still would if she didn't have this memey autistic behavior with the grimaces and awkward pauses as a substitute for a personality + regurgitating mindless sjw platitudes with an air of superiority.
it's so apparent she grew up as a shut-in on the internet and i have grown tired of people like this.

No. 566842

Calm down moldy white bread it's a joke, just take three breaths and it will be okay

No. 566844

wtf are you sperging about

No. 566854

Don’t know what the other reply is talking about, but I agree, I don’t know why they’re even chose that setting. In real life she was only 12 so turning what happened into some dramatic love story seems so tone-deaf

No. 566863

Woops meant to reply to this bitch
>>566807 my bad

No. 566890

Butch lesbians are the same as men, they lie and cheat all the time
They might be even worse with the radfem libtard agenda

No. 566894

This sounds wildly generalized, anon. I'm sorry the butches that crossed your path have hurt you, but come on now.

No. 566900

That's what happens when your fat fingers are greasy from all the fried chicken you gorge on.(ban evasion)

No. 566905

kek as a butch this is true, however we're quite different from men and hide it under masculinity, "the same as men" shows your tism

No. 566917

The visuals are the most interesting thing about the movie
If pocahontas was about fighting some native american villain, then it'd be 10x better

No. 566918

Vintage youtubers are all insufferable imo, smug af. Bernadette Banner is even worse for me, and then there's that horsefaced Polish woman who is grating to listen to. Bernadette seems skilled and I think her content is informative but I can't stand her attitude.

No. 566920

You realize that all of that information is coming from companies that sell food, right?
We've known for a while what the ideal diet is (more veggies, more whole grains, meat less often)–but every time you see "gluten is the new enemy" or "fat is the new enemy" it's based on some study that wants to sell you something

Low fat foods were popular for a while until people started realizing they weren't losing weight: there was just more sugar in those foods to compensate for the taste

No. 566935

Bernadette Banner seems like she'd have really conservative views.

No. 566937

this. there is a thing called popular science which almost always is media driven and lobby funded. institutions do the bare minimum testing and scramble to push out the data first to get that sweet sweet funding.

No. 566955

I hate how often the topic of plastic surgery gets brought up on lolcow. It's never posted about on other imageboards I browse but here.

No. 566958

Yes, I'm aware there's a lot of funding and sketchy business going on.
I would say that even though we have a good idea what the best general diet is (the bigger picture) is there's still a lot we don't know about the details. There's indications that the range of vitamins and nutrients one might need could even vary from person to person and that the blood test ranges we use is to some extent way too generalized.
Also don't know about anyone else but from seeing the decline a lot of vegans go through after years on the diet I don't think it seems like a very healthy choice for a lot of people. Cutting down on meat and incorporating more greens and fiber for sure but still having some chicken, fish and eggs in your diet seems healthier than just getting protein and vitamins from plants considering some of the nutrients there are more difficult to digest.

No. 566975

I get very wasp-y, child of a Gordon Gekko type vibes from her. She seems like she genuinely romanticizes negative aspects of the past in a way other similar youtubers don't. Her vocal affectation is absolutely insufferable.
I agree with everything >>566834 said about Rachel Masky, and that's why I don't watch her but I don't get the same red flag, run away vibes from her that I do with Bernadette. I quite like Karolina's content.

No. 566982

Bernadette Banner seems like she unironically spits on the homeless. Not that you can spit on the homeless ironically lmao. She just comes off as extremely condescending and a complete bitch.

No. 566995

While we're talking about vintage youtubers, does anyone ever wish that reviewbrah made fashion videos? I don't know if it's something he really thinks about too much and he just dresses in that style because he likes how it looks but I'd enjoy hearing his thoughts on it.

No. 567044

File: 1591573132233.jpg (44.96 KB, 480x480, 95500838_535266137161869_44489…)


While everyone else in the vintage community seems quite outspokenly woke Bernadette's silence on the matter and her air of smugness and preference for conservative wear, she really can't get enough of saying how she prefers old timey clothing in every video, paint a pretty bleak picture of who she is behind the cameras.

Rachel is just an autistic cosplayer, I like her videos if im in the mood to watch a spazz.

Karolina is at her best when she's doing funny skits, i skip all her other content.

No. 567048

I've tried to watch the vintage tubers and I can't find anything to grab onto, there seems to be a lot of mumbling and badly angled footage and not a lot happening.

Not quite vintage but adjacent is Christine McConnell who seems excellent though.

No. 567049

No it's not and fatties need to stop blaming everything on sugar and saying everything that contains sugar is evil and bad for you. It's gotten so bad that people won't drink pure fruit juice or eat fruit because it's "just sugar with some fiber anyway", ignoring the vitamins you get. Have fun making yourself miserable by refusing to have any sugar at all I guess.

Don't be a dumbass who takes everything to the extreme, eat healthy, unprocessed food cooked at home and in moderation, don't drink soda and candy. Have some sugar if you want to, just don't have too much, the same goes for everything else. There's nothing wrong with having a bit if you eat well otherwise.

I stg people can be so irrational, why does there always have to be some "evil" ingredient people blame for their health issues?

No. 567051

Damn she's so ugly. She looks like an asshole I know, just as smug as her.

No. 567053

I really like Karolina, especially since most of her videos are kind of lighthearted. Bernadette was always too smug for me with a better-than-you attitude. I have no particular feelings about Rachel Maksy, but she does seem like most cosplayers I've met.

No. 567060

Christine McConnell is amazing. She's honestly one of the very few people where her patreon is fully deserved and absolutely worth it.

No. 567067

Honey is disgusting as hell, just smelling the odor makes me want to puke.

No. 567101

Honestly feel there should be a thread for vintage youtube community, I feel a lot of these creators do spread false ideas about the past to there primarily young female audience and I do think a lot of them might hold conservative views

No. 567104

Sorry but you FEEL they MIGHT be peddling trad psyop isn't the same as they actually are? Gonna need real milk for a thread.

No. 567131

I don't think 'simping' is bad. I feel like it's normal and every single person in the world has, at one point, been relentlessly simping for someone. I feel like the fact that now men even being even semi nice to a girl is considered simping is much worse than the actual simping.

No. 567133

Maybe it'll weed out the ones who are only nice to get in your pants

No. 567134

Totally agree anon, it's even worse that's a worldwide phenomenon and in my country we even have our own word for simps
Even a guy trying to be nice to a girl to get to meet her is called simping kek

No. 567146

Geez I was just making a suggestion. no need to get so defensive
I just find a lot of these mid 20 year old women who romanticize the past to be kinda weird all right

No. 567149

What's the language and what's the world. Please, I want to know.

No. 567152

It's just another word created by awful men to shame other men who break rank and treat women like people, except this time it's working because 'nobody wants to be a simp'
Change the narrative, start saying that simps get mad pussy. Fight it.

No. 567154

It's Brazilian Portuguese and the word is "gado" which means "cattle" or "ox" more specifically.
Idk why it's called like that, maybe because cattle just mindlessly follow the cattleman and do what he wants?

No. 567193

that's actually the opposite. see this spergy smug video ; associating old dresses with old values seemed so farfetched that when i first saw it i thoughtshe was adressing a strawman but there you are. the wonders of the internet.

No. 567200

yeah it's not that interesting that she doesn't want to post about that, she's a sewing channel.
what's actually milk is this CRAZY christmas video which i had to find because she unlisted it, in which she pretended she didn't know what christmas was, what wrapping presents was, what it meant etc.
she was asked whether it was because she grew up jewish, she said no, which is a big lie. a few google searches with her real name Erica seem to indicate otherwise, as her mother is listed as a contributor to a certain jewish journal (not giving details as her family doesn't deserve being involved).
there are also articles online about how big her house was growing up.

No. 567232

I actually think she's pretty when she has her hair down. She'd be a regular pretty white girl if she'd dressed like a 21st century woman. Although more power to her for dressing how she wants.

No. 567244

I've never seen her before now but I think she's pretty in a classic kinda way that suits the way she dresses, though the updos do make her look older/more severe.

No. 567246

I kinda like the Stupid Love mv cos it reminds me of the Power Rangers kek

My unpopular opinion:
Identifying with certain "aesthetics" is just a substitute for a personality and the people who do are actually usually the most vapid and boring.

Liking a certain movie, band, clothing style etc. does not necessarily add to you as a person, and relying on material possessions and latching onto superficial identifiers to give yourself a sense of self and individuality still makes you a sheep, no matter how niche it is. And emphasizing style over substance just shows you care more about your image than contents of what you consume, which isn't bad exactly but people like that usually have the most trite opinions.

No. 567247

It's a very teenage phenomenon and as an adult you can totally stick around your "hometown" of your style you lived when you were young but still move on to better things. It's really sad sometimes to see other alternative women not mature in this way and come into their own, to never learn to just nod to something rather than needing to yell out about it

No. 567250

>Vintage youtubers are all insufferable imo, smug af. Bernadette Banner is even worse for me, and then there's that horsefaced Polish woman who is grating to listen to
fucking hell that's just cruel, I know she doesn't have the classical western view of beauty but I think she's pretty in her own way

No. 567252

yeah this is typical bitter farmer shit and annoyed me. she is what she is, i don't find her particularly entertaining but come on. this is probably an anon that describes the site as "catty" when called out for it - no it's not, it's just you

No. 567260

I know but sometimes you have to recognise when your own behavior gets cowlike. We're shitposters but we need to and do call out newfags and "integrated" users who wear their autism on their cheek. Trying to stop it with THIS IS A CATTY GOSSIP SITE will never work

No. 567261

i like Karolina's content and think she's quite pretty but you guys this is lolcow, a website entirely dedicated to nitpicking and shitting on people.

the entirety of the internet is policed so that you cannot say anything that anybody could even remotely find offensive, especially in female spaces. if you find it distasteful go literally anywhere else, this is the dedicated place for cattiness.

No. 567267

This is also a place for free speech and dissenting opinion. Telling us to leave is dumb. People will always wk, learn to stop replying

No. 567269

absolutely, people will always whiteknight and other people will always be there to remind them how hypocritical it is.

>muh free speech, let me wk
>stop replying !!!

No. 567273

The original anon did not mention free speech and my reply did, however i never said stop replying. Are you greentexting two posts? This was hard to understand

No. 567275


>"This is also a place for free speech and dissenting opinion. Telling us to leave is dumb."

>"learn to stop replying"

somehow i'm not too surprised you found it hard to understand

No. 567277

Okay, i'll just assume it was well-written and it's my mistake but how are you reading lolcow all day and still not even redditspacing but double redditspacing? You're practically namefagging anon kek

No. 567323


lol i always find ironic how bernadette, one of the most famous vintagetubers, is so absent from this video in particularly.
But yeah aside from bernadette being creepy and probably a tradwife there isn't much milk on the vintage community, mostly people are going to have issues with their specific personalities but its an expensive style, just like lolita, they will always be weird.

No. 567348

This black lives matter thing is dumb af and I'm tired of it.

No. 567350

I totally get it but the statement that simply black lives matter is dumb to you will always be baity and racist.

No. 567357

Varg is retarded and overrated. Literally just a garden variety edgy guy that never grew out of it.

No. 567379

File: 1591623023667.png (190.22 KB, 500x400, osgVOEz.png)

You're just salty you missed out on that awesome Varg posting the other day.

No. 567385

He's not even that good looking lol.
Seems like desperate horny teens are into him.

No. 567395

Dead will forever be the better choice

No. 567397

I thought I was going to go crazy reading a Varg post after the other, but it was kind of entertaining. I don’t even know who he is.

No. 567423

It was probably some edgy newfags sperging out over an average looking guy

No. 567424

Attack on Titan is good. I think people shit on it too much.

No. 567432

It is good but its also nationalist propaganda and the creator is a horrible fucking person, you can enjoy many other equally good shonens made by decent human beings not disgusting scum.

No. 567433

>garden variety edgy guy

He's a murderer, arsonist and prison-runaway amongst other things so he's not exactly garden variety edgy amongst men.

No. 567437

File: 1591630291011.jpeg (227.61 KB, 860x491, FE5263BB-AD54-44E6-BAC7-1ADF5F…)

No. 567445

he's not good looking but he does have an endearing expression, i see the charm
the years didn't do him any good tho and his linguistics tweets make next to no sens. i wonder what it must be like to be raised by people like those

No. 567448

Nah, it's shit. The creator is shit. and he's a nationalist extremist. Also, nearly 10 years later and his art still sucks

No. 567463

Like what

No. 567470

The series shows imperialism in a bad light by saying it will only lead to more conflict. It's a manga that has a clear anti war, anti discrimination morality. The fascist government they seem to serve in the first two seasons gets dismantled (which btw is literally half a season, it's not brushed away like it's not important). You can't really blame the author for having a brainwashed by ultra nationalist propaganda cast since that's the point he's making against.

No. 567475

So many ppl like it I think it's actually a popular opinion. But AoT is overrated boring trash actually.

No. 567476

Kimetsu no Yaiba, Beastars, Dr Stone, Haikyuu idk man the list is long enough


Hmmmm Yeah I don’t think its that deep, Japan had a huge problem with nationalism in media I doubt a middle aged japanese dude came up with an oh so deep layered critique that at first it just seems like propaganda.

No. 567479

Jenna Marbles is a trash-tier Youtuber at this point and her manbaby boyfriend isn't much better, though he at least puts some effort into his videos. She has become boring as fuck lately. All her videos are so ridiculously low energy and whiny that I can't even sit through them anymore, and I used to LOVE her videos. The bare minimum would at least be to wash her hair more than once a month but she can't even be bothered to do that.
And the way she's become allergic to doing and saying anything "problematic" is annoying as fuck. They even refused to speak out about JnJ Memes, even though they knew he was a creep for a whole year, because they didn't wanna deal with the backlash of promoting his shitty videos all the time I guess.
Putting this sperg out in here because I know she's a fan favorite and I'd get ripped to shreds in the Youtuber thread kek

No. 567482

I always found it weird she said she had never celebrated Christmas because I follow her on Instagram and I swear she posted stories with her family around christmas time being like "look at all our holiday snacks" or something

What do you mean she's absent from it? She's in it and says shes thankful for the polio vaccine and memes.

No. 567488

>middle age
He's like 30 anon and you have obviously never read the manga if you think it's pro nationalism or pro facism.

No. 567496

This always comes from people who've never read the manga or only saw a bunch of shady articles spouting nonsense with a few manga panels taken out of context, so I am not surprised the slightest bit.

No. 567498

Nta but didn't the main character of kimetsu no yaiba have the rising sun pattern on his earrings?

No. 567499

Good looking and tall men are nicer/sweeter than ugly men.

No. 567504

She's a pathetic ex-hot girl who can't do anything on her own and whines like a toddler. She cannot even train her dogs, she looks like a depressed horse girl with her hair and the goddamn old ass vine memes she keeps repeating are getting old as hell. It also highly seems like she is pulling julien down with her, he used have that travel vlog thing with his friend and that has been dead for like a year now. I get that she kinda let herself go by her earlier standards after the car accident thing but she could've gone to actual therapy instead of just smoking and larping as a relatable young(lin??) in her damn mansion. I used to be a fan as well lmao.

No. 567505


It supposed to be just the flag of japan since its set on the meiji era, kny references alot of historical stuff from the late 1800s.

No. 567506

Yep the ugly ones tend to develop a victim mentality and niceguy syndrome. If I'm gonna have to pick from the inferior sex I'd rather pick one that doesn't show his womb envy on his face kek.

No. 567508

Their relationship is honestly toxic and codependant as fuck. Jenna constantly puts herself down and Julien always has to sit there like "Nooo, babe, it looks so good!!! You did amazing!!!". She's also a negative asshole towards him and everything he does. That time she got mad at him when he was making pasta because he was being "messy" kek even though that's literally how pasta is made. It's not funny, it's not cute, it's just a shitty relationship.
Like damn, Julien is only like 27 isn't he? And he's housebound because Jenna has become agoraphobic over the past 2 years and can't be left alone.

No. 567512

a few of those ugly men end up nicer and more humble because they've been mocked and rejected…but a bunch of those who went through the same thing end up being huge assholes once they start getting attention. intoxicated by pussy. you truly hate to see it

No. 567513

Well chinese and korean fans were angry about it to the point that they changed the earring design

No. 567514

File: 1591639192766.jpg (156.45 KB, 1200x800, StreamingOldHollywood_Touchsto…)

old hollywood movies suck ass (pre 1960s) except for like a few silent films like metropolis or maybe two hitchcock films. i hate the fashion and the annoying ass accents and the paper thin plots, everything done in the 30s-50s was vastly outweighed by "new" hollywood movement in the 60s-early 80s. even twee ass godard films had more substance than the most "deep" film of the 1940s. old hollywood fans are also annoying AF as well, pretending like the industry was a glamorous secretly bisexual paradise, and not full of rape and drug abuse forced upon the actors by the studio heads. say what you want about the 1970s but most acknowledged that it was a fucked up time for sex (ie: underage groupies/rise of hardcore porn) while the further past is still romanticized.

maybe its a matter of personal taste idk. i'd rather watch the blues brothers than singing in the rain as a musical movie choice. sage for rant

No. 567518

The only good thing about movies pre 1960s were the clothes/makeup. Plus, it was always annoying seeing girls who are like 19 always paired with actors who are like 45.

No. 567530

Imagine liking Kimetsu no Yaiba with the gag fetish loli. Couldn't be me. Haikyuu is good, I agree.

No. 567534

But what about some edgy seinen stuff? I want gore and despair and drama. KNY can pass as substitute for BNHA maybe lol
And how do you know those creators don’t have skeletons in their closet?

No. 567540

How dare a manga in a historical setting have historical accuracy

No. 567542

Go back to twitter.

No. 567551

dunno how unpopular this is but i never see it called out so…
lolcow "fan"art is, most of the time, a retarded waste of time on something negative.
you could be spending your time drawing something that inspires you, that you love and instead you're drawing shayna's hook nose or moo's pepperoni nipples…? i guess people will do anything to get a "bahaha!! next thread pic please!!!" reply from some bitch on an image board.

No. 567554

The writing is on par with Naruto and the main characters are Mary Sues.

No. 567555

Yeah because men used earrings at that time

No. 567561

cant disagree with most of your points anon, check out johnny guitar if you haven't already though it fucking owns

No. 567569


No. 567574

Why only zoomer animes?

No. 567580

They are all way less engaging than SnK at its top was. I swear to god that shit was crack when I was 13, it was all there was in my mind. Maybe I'm too old though, all shonen grate me now

No. 567581

Haven't seen the pasta thing but I can imagine, there was also the time she was making…pants or some shit? Some clothing I guess and Julien was being a brat and pulled her pants down or something and jenna was genuinely pissed off and hit him. I just do not see the appeal, I kinda am sad I cant see them as wholesome anymore. Was talking about this with a friend sometime ago and went through her videos, it's been scary long since she made a video ALL by herself.

No. 567642

Don’t move the goalposts when your argument was shit to begin with.

No. 567735

This is going to sound super boomerish but I really don't get the point of posting selfies.

No. 567746

everyone wants to be good looking. at least most people anyway. posting selfies is a way for people to gain validation from others that they're supposedly good looking… it's hardly a foolproof method and really fucking stupid and vain. I have folders filled with selfies. and they all look pretty much the same. and I'm only keeping it because perhaps I won't be beautiful forever.

No. 567794

Whenever I see girls posting selfies on places like Tumblr (in 2020) or Reddit I feel so much secondhand embarrassment like really you're so desperate for validation that you're posting your face here? Then they complain about creeps and it's like what did you expect? Why did you tag it #hugetits?

No. 567797

Kek. Selfies are nice and I love to see a friend i don't see every day smiling and looking well, maybe with a new haircut, but there's no point on sites like that. Maybe a girl with lots of face tats showing her face in a tattoo subreddit is reasonable, but average-to-pretty and plain-dressed girls tagging their shit with #bigtits will always be funny

No. 567824

this reminds me of this one fakeboy on tumblr who posts pictures of her in knee socks, mini skirts, etc. and tags it as #femdom #feet #mommy, but then gets offended when people misgender her lol

No. 567825

honestly feel like I should take more selfies. my coworker wanted to see what my hair looked like when it was red a year ago…pulled up my photos app and could only find aesthetic wallpapers and cat pics…

No. 567854

I don't care when people threaten suicide online

No. 567856

Anyone who threatens to kill themselves over some internet drama is pathetic enough

No. 567882

People getting offended over the smallest things when we have so much more to look at is the worst and i'm sick of living in a time line where anything can get your canceled.

No. 567884

Honestly, same.

No. 567892

IBS is a bullshit first world problem "diagnosis". unless it's caused by stress or something, just stop eating fucking fries or whatever. imo most people who have it deserve it for indulgence and lack of self discipline. whenever i see someone complains about their ibs i think of phoebe tickner.

No. 567894

I don't think IBS is that simple for some people. My friend has a fairly severe case and it's resulted in her being in the hospital on a few occasions after shitting copious amounts of blood. She has to get some type of IV treatment at the hospital now every month or so for it now. I don't think she even eats badly, but yeah.

No. 567896

disagree with this bc my sister got ibs out of nowhere in uni and it caused her a lot of pain.. she had to go to various hospitals etc just for them to single out that it is ibs and eventually i got it too in my last year of uni… both of us are quite fit and healthy so its really confusing as to how it started!! she doesnt suffer from it as much anymore but i still do quite often and its honestly awful bc it just makes me feel like a gross person and i worry a lot about public interactions

imo phoebe was saying she had almost every diagnosis u can think of (esp those that are tough to prove) so i can understand why that make influence ur view of it being another BS thing LOL

No. 567900

I had it from ages 19 to 29 and couldn't tell you why it suddenly started and why it stopped after ten years, It was a miserable time and I didn't self inflict it by being unhealthy. I tried every med and diet and eventually had to settle for just living through it as a social recluse. The mystery of it is frustrating.
I was underweight from it so I struggle to understand how people get fat or stay fat living with ibs. Though some bloating does happen.

I certainly didn't whine peoples ears off about it though, I didn't talk about my bowel movements all the time or include it in my online profiles. That is too much. Phoebe tickner is out there making every illness (that she totally has!) look bad

No. 567904

IBS is real and painful. I have tried every diet and medication as well as other anons and still experience IBS. I know for a fact Phobe is lying because my IBS also causes me to be extremely thin and retain no vitamins. It makes all food gross to me and hard to eat so I end up not eating. It’s not worth the pain. I also have a friend who developed Crohn’s and became very thin as well. I swear fat people don’t have IBS ever; they just have the shits from eating too much junk. Sounds like you hate fat people and not people with an actual medical disorder.

No. 567905

Nta but I've heard of a whole lot of people either getting it right before their final exams in secondary school/highschool or it starting in uni like that. Sad part being it then lasts years afterwards.

Mine eased over the years and TMI but I only really get period-shits every month now, looking back at those few years I basically used to have that every day. Nice to be at a point where I can actually recognize period-shits as being different and not just..an everyday thing! Hopefully yours eases over time too.

No. 567908

I literally know a person who has a permanent colostomy bag for the rest of their life due to having their whole colon removed because of IBS. So yeah anon you got a real bad look over there.

No. 567999

thank u so much anon!! i hope so too bc its really awful; however, i am so happy u have pretty much conquered it!!! congrats!!

No. 568024

As long as nobody is denying biological sex I really don’t care if someone calls themselves dumb shit like genderfluid, non-binary ect. Its basically the androgyny trend of the 80s for zoomers. People obsessed with semantics in general need to curb their retardation.

No. 568032

File: 1591758583907.png (1.23 MB, 998x956, hkj90.png)

Creepy, I was just thinking that.
A lot of the non-binary/genderfluid stuff is just annoying to me now, because the whole world doesn't ask or need to know about your complicated relationship with your own body and/or the social structures of gender. I promise you if someone cares, you will know, and you will talk about it. Otherwise, it's just cringy. In fact, who is actually "comfortable" with gender? We all just get on with it and try to make things as painless as possible. We're all unique humans, these markers are worthless except in the most clinical sense.
It just smacks of self-obsession and the need to be "special" in the most boring, lazy, low-effort way possible. Learn to do something that's actually interesting, or at least have interesting things to say. Don't just get a shitty mohawk, put "they/them" in your Twitter bio and sperg all day about mogai flags. You're not a deep thinker, you look like a cultist. Not everything needs to be categorized, it's okay to just exist.
It doesn't even feel like I know a person better if they designate themselves that way. What am I supposed to take away from that? "Ah, yes, this person is neurotic, very online and has enough free time to contemplate their navel instead of doing anything of real importance"? Just live your fucking life and stop obsessing over gender like it's a fandom.
Sorry for rant

No. 568033

Eloquently put anon. But again, I just really don’t care anymore. Put they/them in your bio if you want, it’s literally just fucking words. Like when a drag queen calls himself she, Im not stupid enough to believe that they’re actually female. Like goddamn, alot of other gender crits will have you believe that calling TIM a she some how magically makes them grow a vagina or some shit with how obsessed with semantics and “words having meaning”. Lol its late and and Im not making sense but I hope I got the gist of what Im saying across lol. I apologize for the autism.

No. 568034

Holy fuck, all of this is exactly what I've been thinking but struggling to put into words.

No. 568036

i agree with this. my main issue is that this stuff is usually just a phase but it's being treated as important issues. it's not really a big deal.

No. 568039

Nayrt but out of boredom I followed a link in the ftm thread to a reddit discussion about how trans people have sex and most of it was just so normal.
Obviously the internet is full of mentally ill weirdos larping as outdated gender stereotypes, and I'm not defending them, but it's nice to know that out there are also some average people who just live like everyone else and have average sex lives with their less-average genitals

No. 568041

if you threaten to kill yourself u deserve to die

No. 568051

>As long as nobody is denying biological sex
Most genderspecials do this though

No. 568054

confidence and personality > looks
i know so many average bitches who don't bother too much with makeup and fashion yet have multiple men worshipping them without doing anything. they don't have to download tinder or browse female forums to find themselves a partner or look for advice. they just go out and have fun. it's that simple. "i am ugly and nobody loves me" is a total meme, stop pitying yourself and change your mindset.

No. 568060

Like I said, the ones who don’t deny biology I don’t care about.

No. 568067

I really hate the feminist or should I say radfem mindset of just blindy defending women in any case

No. 568068

it doesn't mean shit when the person you want to attract values looks

No. 568073

It's feminists in general and I agree with you. It would really help their cause not to do that because it allows people to use take advantage of the kindness and naivety of feminists. I don't even need to give examples.

No. 568075

I live with libfems and it's not any better, they're walking memes of everything mgtow claims about feminism. Men who harass women should be punished until they find the man attractive, women can't commit assault, and then when they're called out for their bullshit they beat around the bush and spurt out typical hippie shit that makes no sense, they're also annoying, messy and bring over random druggies and play shitty rap on 100 all night but that's unrelated. At least rad fems actually stick to their shit and say what they mean

No. 568076

File: 1591770051686.jpg (23.15 KB, 400x400, 1591058297767.jpg)

i like him

No. 568096

Do you mean libshits? Radfems shit on pickmes all day long lol

No. 568097

Thank you for keeping him alive.

No. 568101

Why are you specifying radfems? Libfems are the ones who think any choice a woman makes it empowering and feminist no matter how much it hurts them/women as a whole, radfems are the ones criticizing them for it.

No. 568103

File: 1591773928433.png (45.84 KB, 376x401, 10479DE2-CB3A-4A0B-9436-587CF1…)

Daria fucking sucks. Literally NLOG the Cartoon. That bitch and everyone who likes it are actually pic related.

No. 568109

I don't like that youtuber Kurtis Conner. He's just too smug to me.

No. 568119

he doesn't seem smug to me, but he tries so hard to be inoffensive and consensual that every video he puts out is like wet bread

No. 568127

Nlog annoys me more when it manifests in fully grown adults who should really know better and you would expect to have grown out of it. I think that behavior is fully expected of (and actually pretty normal for) that teen demographic a show like Daria targets.

No. 568129

The show has its flaws but I think it’s still funny tbh. Its for teens anyway and they tend to think that way.

No. 568149

If you deny your bf to look at other women and watching porn you’re borderline abusing him and had to grow your self esteem before dating anyone.

No. 568150

Sure, enjoy your pornsick bf when he admits he wants to fuck a troon, anon. We'll be here for you.

No. 568151

Don't waste your time with someone who only values looks

No. 568152

For real. Even besides that and the porn-induced ED (lmao), I can't imagine entertaining a guy who needs to watch women get abused just to get his dick hard, and even thinking it's "borderline abuse" to not accept that. Fucked up.
And honestly, aside from the ethical issue, it's a funny double standard because guys generally can't handle it if their girlfriends are fantasizing about other men, especially ones with dicks bigger than their own. Mentioning a male celebrity being hot in front of 99% of them is enough to get them seething, kek.

No. 568154

OP feels like a young anon talking. I was also thinking like OP when I was a 23 yo sex positive young adult with only 2 men on my belt.
You know better when you're 30+ and have seen some shit I guess.

No. 568158

explain how this is abuse, anon. i don't understand why asking your partner not to get off to others is criticised so much, it's a perfectly valid request in itself. before even considering the vulgarity of porn and its effects & the double standard of men not being able to handle their female partners lusting after other men, how is it "wrong" to expect him to express his attraction to you, and you only? of course it's natural to feel attracted to others on both sides, but at least show some self-restraint out of respect for your partner who you supposedly love, lol. and if your only problem with him watching porn is that the pornstars are "hotter" than you you need to re-evaluate and raise your self-esteem, yeah, but the fact that some women feel this way doesn't cancel out all the other problems women have with their partners engaging in porn. i feel bad in a way for typing this out because it could just be bait but oh well

No. 568163

Porn is unacceptable in a relationship anon, so happy to see women speaking up against it. I guarantee once you’ve grown up more, you’ll realise the same too.

No. 568175

>not letting your boyfriend look at porn is abuse
How do you think men survived before the internet made porn so easily available?

No. 568187

File: 1591795466531.png (76.7 KB, 667x532, ed2.PNG)

Yep. I'm so happy more women these days realize they don't need to be okay with it, after the previous couple of decades of mandatory sex positivity. I don't even understand why porn is considered "sex positive", when it's literally the main thing that prevents young-ish people from having sex lives at all, let alone active, healthy, and mutually satisfactory ones.

Also recently saw pic related, holy shit. This summary doesn't even include a bunch of studies with the same conclusions that were easy enough to find and should be common knowledge. I used to believe sexual dysfunction from porn was mostly a meme, and the only problems were the abuse in the industry and the damage it does to women's confidence in relationships, but wow, how are people just okay with this and hellbent on denying it kek.

No. 568189

Wow, these don't sound like male opinions at all and clearly those of a well-read, adult woman with life experience.

No. 568190

Nta but some women do think like this unfortunately

No. 568201

Hating feminists isn't that uncommon because most people are only exposed to libfems in the mainstream media. Radfems make more sense and I do believe that they have the best interests of women in mind. The problem is that the "kill all men" shit sounds psychotic and turns a lot of women away from the concept.

No. 568224

I don’t think it’s abuse, ultimately people can set their own boundaries for their relationships and if that’s something both parties agree to then fine. I do think it’s irrational and controlling, though. The rising anti porn sentiment in general is worrying to me, I think there are valid criticisms of both the sex positive movement and the porn industry and that there are steps that could be taken to vastly improve things but most of the current criticism largely comes from fringe manosphere groups or radfems and therefore has been extremely unproductive and does not attempt to address those concerns, it’s just a lot of pseudoscience, out of context and incorrectly interpreted statistics, and emotionally driven responses. Coming from a culture that deeply represses sexuality, I think the alternative is a lot worse and it is better to work to improve things than attempt to push an abolitionist route (which will never happen anyway).

No. 568235

To me this attitude differs in no way from kinkshaming, or trying to subjugate the sexuality of those whose preferences are highly monogamous and mutually devoted. Women who want porn-free relationships should be encouraged to find compatible partners, trying to shame and gaslight them as "controlling" would not be defensible if it was about any other comparable sexual preference, and it shouldn't be.

This kind of devotion, and both partners only having eyes for each other (at least in action if not in thought), is something many people find important to their sex lives and a wonderful part of their romantic relationship. For some reason it's now frequently labeled as crazy and pathologically insecure by those who have different preferences. People who watch porn aren't entitled to dating these women, they aren't compatible and that's that.

I'm happy if more women can define and express their personal boundaries more clearly nowadays, and if they are free to not agree to relationships where they're uncomfortable. The people who try to argue against their sexual boundaries and personal discomfort should reflect a bit more on what they're asking these women to do, especially if they want to bring up sexual repression.

No. 568244

Chloe Sevigny was never particularly pretty, but Hollywood just kept memeing that she is/was, anyway. She kind of reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston in that sense.

No. 568246

Chloe sevigny got famous for being an alt teen so I honestly really respect the fact that she is 100% average looking, she’s always been more respected for her style/how she carries herself than her looks imo.

No. 568254

Going braless feels shit, thank god for bras. I genuinely don't understand the hate for bras a lot of woman have.

No. 568256

get your big tiddies outta here

No. 568260

I agree, but I get why smaller boobed women hate them. It would be great not to have to wear one all the time, but it is what it is.

No. 568265

Idk about you, but I am queen of the household. He’s lucky to have me and kisses the ground I walk on. He only has eyes for me. Get a little self respect girly.

No. 568267

Most relationships that I've come across where the guy wasn't "allowed" to look at porn just did it in secret kek. Unless you guys find a very, very, very rare breed of dude that's actually not into porn he's probably just jerking off to it without your knowledge

No. 568278

as girl with small boobs, bras are nothing but an uncomfortable cage for my girls. I never wear them, or at best wear bralets. Totally understand why girls with a larger chest would prefer having support though.

No. 568279

In my last relationship my bf worked longer hours than me so some evenings I'd enjoy porn and vibrator time, always just assumed that on days when I made plans to go out without him he'd prob do similar.

No. 568280

File: 1591812277187.jpg (45.34 KB, 452x579, cope.jpg)

Not everyone hangs out with trash people anon

No. 568283

kek anon back again with her hot keking take k e k

No. 568285

Nta but I've seen anons on here have meltdowns after they discovered their staunchly anti-porn bfs were indeed watching porn the whole time, it's impossible to know if you've actually found that .0001 man who actually means it

No. 568289

Yup that's exactly what I mean. Just go into the relationships thread and there's girls freaking out over their bfs watching porn behind their backs all the time.

No. 568293

I only 100% believe my boyfriend when he says he hates porn because of Murphy's Law. Of course someone like me who had no problem with porn would somehow find a guy that actually hates it.
I watched a lot of porn before I dated him, but now I barely ever watch it and I don't know how I will ever go back to dating guys that watch porn and want all those porn meme things like to cum on your face.

No. 568295

>anons on here have meltdowns after they discovered their staunchly anti-porn bfs were indeed watching porn the whole time
That's because they're upset about the lying, not the porn itself. If a man knows that he can't realistically stop watching it, then he shouldn't have ever agree to his woman's expectation. The man ought to face the fact that they may be incompatible–if he doesn't do it then that's on him. It proves that if something suits a man, then he's willing to ditch his integrity to fulfill his wants.
What stops his lying at the porn?
What else is he capable of lying to you about as long as he believes he won't be caught? Debt? An addiction? An affair?
Would you continue to date a coward who can't have a frank and honest discussion about the relationship and his needs while lying to your face? If you aren't angry if this should happen then you need to reevaluate your self-respect.

Reasonable posts.

No. 568296


believe it or not I have actually small tits, I just hate the feeling of them hanging. wearing a bra doesn't feel uncomfortable to me at all. bralets are also nice though

No. 568299

Of course it's difficult, though it gets easier when you're older and have a better eye for general moral integrity and honesty. It's still extreme weaksauce cope to go "men will just lie about breaking our boundaries anyway, so you shouldn't even try have these boundaries in the first place."

Why pretend you're in a good relationship then, if you're so casually sure he would almost certainly lie about something that's genuinely important to you? Is this the kind of man you would accept?

No. 568309

>You're borderline abusive and need to work on your self-esteem if you don't let your bf watch porn
>Lol nope
>W-well he's just going to do it anyway
That's when you break up with him once you find out, for being a lying bitch. If he's so addicted to porn that he'll knowingly break the trust of someone he claims to love, he's not worth it. He can be alone with his screen and his dick in his hand, if it's that important. I don't see the issue here.
By this logic, women might as well let their boyfriends fuck around, too. "He's just going to do it behind your back anyway, 99% of men are like this, we've all seen anons with stories of being cheated on", kek. Then you dump his ass, problem solved. What's the difference?

No. 568310

I watch porn myself so it's not an issue I contend with in my relationships but I never said anything like this in my post
> "men will just lie about breaking our boundaries anyway, so you shouldn't even try have these boundaries in the first place."
My only point was that it's impossible to know if they're being honest. An anon that sticks out in my memory was dating a guy who was really educated on everything dodgy happening in the porn industry, he preached all that stuff himself, was very vocal about being against it and then the anon discovered his secret habits and was pretty distraught. I'm guessing the guy could really act his ass off.

No. 568315

In some weird "older woman attractive" type way, I think she's super gorgeous

No. 568336

Sex and love get so much better when you go for men who don't watch porn, just because you stay in miserable relationships doesn't mean you have to gaslight women for not doing the same

No. 568339

Seconding this, I don't know if some of you mean to come off so aggressive but it's nobody's fault but yours that you don't believe non-porn obsessed men exist. Tons of people just aren't ever exposed to it or aren't that interested, and I agree with anon that non-porn watchers make better partners.

No. 568342

webcomics are so hard to read. just give me single pages thanks

No. 568343

I personally wouldn't want a relationship with a porn-ban. I watch it too and tbh I wouldn't give it up for a partner. I would also never deceive a partner by making false promises to give it up though. Men lying about their habits and covering it up are in the wrong.

No. 568344

By that logic then men shouldn't avoid women who do sex work and they should work on their self esteem, or does it only matter when it's men's self esteem at risk?

No. 568349

Do you mean when you scroll for a long time just to get to the next goddamn panel, instead of book format? I only find those webcomics to be useful on my phone or a tablet. Regardless, I’ve always preferred being able to see a whole page of panels rather than scrolling.

No. 568350

Oh man, can also attest to this. I dated a guy who had never really watched porn because he just wasn't interested, and no other partner has ever been even in the same ballpark with how good the sex was.

Porn can really mess with how people focus on their partner, are present in the moment, and connect emotionally. Especially when mainstream porn is typically so focused on the male getting off through a certain order of visually appealing acts. With guys like this, it's like their sex life is mostly a hobby or activity which they've mostly optimized already and which women sometimes take part in, not this romantic and playful moment between two people who genuinely just want each other.

No. 568351

Yes, the long stripes (?). I can't read them even on my phone and I often get confused with the plot due to them. A pity since sometimes I see interesting stories that are simply unreadable for me.

No. 568356

You know the exact answer to that question, anon, lmao.

No. 568372

I'm not a fan of jk rowling or harry potter but i'm sick of media sites and users trying to make her out to be the next hitler. I wish this was hyperbole on my part but by that I mean them making out shes trying to kill off a whole group of people and deny them their rights. She really isnt.

No. 568377

I have mixed feelings about banning partners from watching porn. In a way I see it as just a tool for masturbation and masturbation is such a personal thing that even in a relationship I believe you have the right to some privacy there. I know I wouldn't date any guy who would try to ban me either using sex toys in my solo time or viewing that celeb crush folder I have that really gets me going lol

I understand though that alot of porn encourages selfish and ever-increasing extreme sex acts and you don't want your bf being influenced by the standards of porn. I've always allowed bfs a bit of privacy where I assume porn is being consumed at times but I don't ask or worry about it. Having seperate/private masturbation time with our own fantasies and not having to police each other suits me. Also, nobody has really mentioned this so maybe it's not common but I've watched porn together with partners.

No. 568382

And when Ellen donated money to help blacks but was quickly stomped on because she said people of color… These crybaby's have been spoilt far too long and expect to be supported while stomping on and nitpicking the moves of everyone

No. 568383

I don't get why her opinion matters so much to people. She wrote some childrens books… she's not a president, not someone in charge of healthcare or gender clinics. What difference does it make.

No. 568385

Any woman with a big platform daring to speak out against trannies is going to attract the internet's wrath, doesn't really matter if it's JKR or not. They do the absolute most to silence anyone who won't bow down to their agenda.

No. 568386

File: 1591828613741.png (205.75 KB, 524x437, download (3).png)

Oh I didnt hear about that, yikes.

Its to get attention. I hate the term virtue signaling but now after recent events I can see why its a term.

No. 568398

>using sex toys in my solo time or viewing that celeb crush folder
How is that in any way comparable to violent rape on tape???

No. 568399

I swear social media managers deserve to rot in the seventh level of hell. Insufferable.

No. 568401

File: 1591831215435.png (34.69 KB, 592x249, what.PNG)

>trying to make her out to be the next hitler
…You were using hyperbole, right?

No. 568402

Who's talking about that? I thought that discussion was about normie vanilla porn

No. 568405

Dunno what kind of porn you're watching anon, I like a bit of amateur lesbian porn but you be dramatic if you want lol

No. 568406

anon probably sees all porn as that. this is why i can't take some of you seriously. varying degrees of things actually matter. it's so funny so many people ree about sjws and tumblr when so many act the same way about their own opinions. it's literally the same dumb argument with a different coat of paint.

No. 568407

Oh no, hints of transphobia.. in a fictional story?

No. 568408

Nope. This tweet is tame compared to some I have seen, wish I had screencapped them, but good find anon. Also I dont follow this person but their tweets keep popping up on my timeline-they dropped their bf saying they were transphobic for agreeing with JK, despite the fact their boyfriend was fine with them being trans.

Seriously they are so annoying.

Pornhub which is the most well known site is in trouble for having videos of child abuse and actual rape on their site so no, dont think they are being "dramatic". Not all porn is vanilla or amateur.

No. 568409

Why are you being so obtuse? That's not the porn anon is watching, it's what men are watching. Porn has become increasingly violent specifically to meet the escalating tastes of male consumers, who are literally being conditioned to demand more and more extreme sex to maintain their boner.

Pornsickness is a real thing and men are crazy susceptible to it.

No. 568410

Right lol. It sounds ridiculous to me that so many anons on here are like "your man watches porn???? Just wait until he becomes a pornsick tranny chaser with a rape fetish smh".
I honestly don't care if my bf watches a few minutes of whatever porn is on Pornhubs frontpage every few days to get off.

No. 568411

>I honestly don't care if my bf watches a few minutes of whatever porn is on Pornhubs frontpage every few days to get off.
>Pornhub which is the most well known site is in trouble for having videos of child abuse and actual rape on their site

No. 568412

Is child porn and rape on their frontpage? I'm guessing no.

No. 568414

>I dont know and I dont care

No. 568415

we get it, the porn industry sucks but you shouldn't vilify people who don't know because their behavior has been normalized. you need to teach people what the issues are first. plus supporting parts of a bad industry doesn't mean someone is contributing to all areas of the industry. watching vanilla stuff doesn't affect CP being created the same way that CP doesn't create a market for vanilla porn. porn has such a vague meaning anyways. anond always seem to default to western porn videos.

No. 568416

Good lord anon. I went on Pornhub just for you to see what my bf would see if he decided to jerk off rn and it's just a whole lot of normie shit like creampies and squirting. No CP or real rape in sight. You'd have to actually dig for that kind of crap and I at least trust my bf enough not to do that lmfao

No. 568417

Why did you write all that when I was speaking about pornhib specifically? Why are you so defensive? Why did you just react rather than read what was written?

No. 568418

you haven't read any of the posts and websites about why pornhub is harmful and needs to get shut down, have you? they have once confirmed a 15 year old girl as an official actor and let her rape videos on their website despite the girl emailing them to please take them down. they only took it down once she impersonated a lawyer. honestly i suggest that you read this website https://traffickinghub.com/

No. 568419

>I took a look just now because your comment triggered me and I need to prove you wrong!
>Also I still dont know and I still dont care

You know its bad when even the likes of ian miles cheong are calling it out https://humanevents.com/2020/03/01/pornhub-verified-child-sex-trafficking/

No. 568420

good to know your only criticism of the industry is pornhub. stop moving goal posts. why don't you try to educate people who are watching porn instead of bawwing to people that you don't even think use porn sites.

No. 568422

good luck getting anyone to want to abolish pornhub in the middle of all this. people searching for gross shit would just find it elsewhere if the site were shut down, it's not like this shit is on the front page

No. 568424

Who's moving goal posts? Not everyone you disagree with in this thread is the same person.
>why don't you try to educate people who are watching porn instead of bawwing to people that you don't even think use porn sites.
You mean, like we are doing now and your complaining about it? I mean tbh I dont even know what people you are talking about with that last sentence.

No. 568428

>I dont care if CP is on the site as long as its not on the front page!!!!! RRREEEEEEE

No. 568429

>I'm a major faggot and don't have any kind of reading comprehension and put words into peoples mouths to make them look like they don't care about human trafficking and CP

No. 568431

>Rather than at least show concern that a site my bf uses has CP I have tried to argue around it and not shown any concern but when called out on this will just REEE and say words are being put into my mouth.
>Also RREEEEEEE!!!!!

No. 568432

Nta but cp has been posted on lc too

No. 568434

>in the middle of all this
this is a campaign that's been going on for so many years now but it's not as popular as it should be, because porn is totally normalized and basically every where nowadays. i don't expect it to get shut down immediately too, people are too pornsick and too much of a cumbrain to give a fuck and will still continue fapping because their beloved dicks are more precious than the feelings of trafficking victims

>it's not like this shit is on the front page

so? it's still fucking disgusting. it shouldn't matter if you see it on the front page or if you can find it 500+ pages in, no content like that should exist on a porn site in the first place. and how do you even know that it's not in the front page? anything could be possible. the 15 year old victim's videos had thousands of views. i am so sure there were also people among the viewers with the mentality that it's not CP or rape because they put the video on pornhub willingly wah wah wah

No. 568436

Pretty sure its not encouraged on here and that lc makes money off it. Like, c'on, please use what little braincells you have anon.

No. 568437

cp on LC =/= cp on pornhub
the cp on LC gets posted in a pathetic attempt of a raid by people from other boards. it's not like we exchange stuff like that on a public platform all willingly because we get off to it and also get money lol

No. 568439

CP is on most major websites and apps. There's been CP on Reddit, there's been CP on Snapchat, there's been CP on Youtube, and if you include drawn CP then that's literally everywhere and not even hidden behind search bar Kung Fu. Humans are just scum and CP existing on websites and apps with millions of users is sadly a given. It's disgusting, yes, there should be more done against it, yes, but it's inevitable.
But CP and rape still don't = porn that the average consumer watches.

No. 568440

No but it pops up here where nobody wanted to see it, the average man isn't wanting cp when he sits down and looks for a scene to fap to on PH. There are lesser known tube sites way more suited to finding that content, men who want cp aren't looking for it on pornhub, use some braincells yourself

No. 568443

>I could have shown some little concern when asked about this-but my first response was to be defensive. I am now attempting to condemn it by saying its everywhere on every site, ignoring the points and articles posted by previous anons which talk about why pornhub in particular is an issue. I also do this in the hopes no one reads my previous shitty posts and i've not bothered to read the responses put to me which contained links. Its easier to just say everyone is doing it and shrug
>Also quiet ree

No. 568446

>the average man isn't wanting cp when he sits down and looks for a scene to fap to on PH
>men who want cp aren't looking for it on pornhub,
How do you know this?(not saying its true but its a stupid remark to make either way) Even if they are not how does that excuse it being on the site? Did you not read the links which talk about how underage porn on there has been viewed millions of times and how the site refused to remove it after several requests?! Of course you didnt you just got mad.
But I take back my previous remark about you having few braincells, its clear now you have none.

No. 568447

The whole descent into talking about child porn when all that was being discussed before was regular porn is one big distraction for 'I'm a jealous type and it bugs me to hear that other women are not'

No. 568451

why are you even acting like anybody here is defending the distribution of CP? Everyone has clearly been saying that it isn't ok, yet you keep sperging about it. The discussion was about men watching normal porn.

No. 568452

anons on this site:
>men shouldn't look at porn ever!1! REEEEEE (when most of them watch vanilla, lesbian and amateur)
also anons on this site:
>fetishes you're ashamed of thread "i want to get raped choked and spit on"

just so you know i never posted here about this until now.

No. 568453

File: 1591836424114.jpg (7.15 KB, 169x150, 1576021169862.jpg)

No. 568456

Yeah, because those two are totally the same group of people. Are you insane? The sick fucks with weird fetishes are literally the porn addicts we're criticizing, just the female version.

Even if all porn was vanilla, I still wouldn't support it. It's got nothing to do with jealousy and everything to do with the sick feeling I get when I read what porn stars have to say about the traumatic experiences behind the scenes, and how you never know if that particular video involved the abuse of a woman or not. I'm just not taking that risk and it's a gut instinct, it repulses me and people who enjoy it repulse me too.

No. 568458

Do you also not watch any movies? Play any games? Listen to any music? I'm honestly asking. Abuse, especially sexual abuse, happens in pretty much every branch of the entertainment industry.

No. 568459

Nice try Jan.
>why are you even acting like anybody here is defending the distribution of CP?
I'm not.
>Everyone has clearly been saying that it isn't ok
The anon I spoke to wasn't, which, given your whining sounds like you.
>yet you keep sperging about it.
Lol that projection. Reminder I started responding after this post >>568405 which was accusing another anon about being dramatic. Again, nice try.

No. 568461

That had crossed my mind too, and we're just pretending that none of us watch porn ever?

James Deen is a good example of someone in thousands of scenes who treated women like shit on set and raped his gf off cam too. TBH I'm not a porn-free saint but the fact that the industry took him back.. I changed my habits after seeing who supported him.

No. 568462

This anon
>I didnt read the posts so imma strawman!
>Also I never posted here until now
Fucking kek.


My issue isnt with vanilla porn or even kinky stuff its excusing abuse but I respect your view.

>Simulated/acted abuse is the exact same as real abuse posted to porn sites for people to get off of
I mean, no. But you're kinda supporting that anons view that its all the same ergo should all be banned so, well done shooting yourself in the foot there.

No. 568464

I was talking about behind the scenes abuse, obviously.
>everyone who disagrees with me is samefag

No. 568466

I read that as them talking about stars abusing young women, not simulated abuse?

No. 568469

No, just you.

If they meant that then ok, my bad. But then it really doesnt fit because people being abused behind the scenes which is a different situation to abuse videos being uploaded to a site which refuses to take it down because they make a load of money off them. The only thing they have in common is they are both wrong.

No. 568470

There is abuse everywhere and god knows I hate pedowood with the same passion as I do porn, but only in porn is it literally expected for you to get off to the abuse involved. The porn industry is just worse in a lot of ways. Sex is an inherent part of it and there is no meaning consent when money is involved, therefore whatever sex you're seeing is non consensual in most cases. Trafficking is directly linked to the industry, pornographers need to trick and mislead women into agreeing to do porn in the first place, you never know what the pornstars actually consented to doing or what can be distributed and where.

There may be a serious problem with abuse in other industries but they still have significantly more regulations and protections in place, and the content you are consuming is not an actual depiction of it. You know an actor probably desperately wanted to be in the movie you're watching and agreed to the film being released, whereas nobody desperately wants to be a porn star. They're usually cornered into it by poverty or by being manipulated and lied to.

No. 568474

I get your point here anon, but this isn't a great equivalency. Any job that employs women is going to have sexual abuse, entertainment or manufacturing, but there's a huge difference in getting sexual gratification to the video of someone's direct assault than enjoying a singer's song because he's an abuser in real life.

The real problem is how the consumers of porn think about the people they watch. Pornhub has no real moderation on videos. There are plenty of stories where a woman's (or girl's) rape was uploaded and stayed on there for a long time. The real issue is how men how view women, and how little they care about the legitimacy of the videos.

No. 568476

Thank you, you have written these very well.

No. 568481

I'm always glad to hear women are getting less tolerant of porn, but it cracks me up that this is the unpopular opinion thread and the post that started this debate was essentially yet another "look at me everyone, I'm a woman but I have no problem with porn! I'm not like other grils who are controlling and mean! Because porn, to me, is ok!!" lol is it even possible to come up with a more basic coolgirl posturing take in 2020

No. 568487

I'm honestly finding it so funny. The progression was basically:
>"If you don't let your bf watch porn, you are abusive and insecure"
>"He's going to watch porn anyway, get over it"
>"Porn isn't even that bad! Nothing wrong with a bit of Pornhub"
>"CP? Well, it's not on the front page, so who cares? No, I don't realize or care that Pornhub has had actual trafficked children tagged as "verified performers" or refused to remove literal CP from their site, and anyway, stop pretending I'm defending CP"
>"No, YOU'RE the ones with messed up sexualities! Men mostly watch amateur, lesbian and vanilla porn, and those can't be abusive or exploitative! Remember this thread where some anons describe having self-destructive fetishes? Not only is that literally the same thing, Lolcow is one person!"
>"D-Do you not consume any media? Every industry has abuse somewhere, come on!"
They're trying everything they can to convince a bunch of random women on the internet that they're wrong for not liking porn, and not wanting their partners to be porn addicts. Like, is being a coomer that important to some people? Is that their identity? When you get to the point where you're trying to downplay rape and CP, it is time to stop. I swear it's like brain rot.

No. 568500

File: 1591842935169.jpeg (210.11 KB, 750x724, 17DD0FAD-3047-4424-A639-24235F…)

>when most of them watch vanilla, lesbian and amateur
(X) Doubt
Let’s see I went on PH just now and what’s on the front page?

No. 568502

Yep! and then sperging out when called out for shrugging off CP and tries to start infighting, hilarious.


No. 568505

File: 1591843623820.png (234.88 KB, 700x500, 1581752933211.png)


>BBC gangbang and incest

mutts truly are a bunch of incestuous cucks like they say

No. 568509

File: 1591844389668.jpg (38.74 KB, 640x476, 0b72a6799e6342e2f6a2425b8009c8…)

There's actual data on this. When surveyed, force/rape isn't even close to being a popular fetish for women. You know what is? Actual romance.
I'm kind of tired of the "Women love rape, women love abuse, so how dare they judge men for watching/creating rape porn?" meme being pushed. Even if there is a minority of women who have twisted fetishes, not only do they aim it at themselves and not other women, they're definitely not the ones supporting the porn industry and paying to watch women get raped on camera. They literally struggle with self-hate and shame around sex, lmao, hence why you see those types of posts in a "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread.
Are most men with rape fetishes ashamed at all? I haven't been given any reason to believe they are.

No. 568548

In the past few years porn has
>Brainwashed men into wanting to put their dick, tongues and fingers into where shit comes from
>Made men like geriatric medical issues (anal prolapse)
>Made men fetishise racism, incest, rape and gang bangs
>Made men attracted to men in women's clothes
>Turned some men into pedophiles
And so on. Porn brainwashes men's sexuality and anyone who claims they don't care either is retardly desperate or doesn't care about their man's well being

No. 568560

i think theres also the question of what is considered a rape fetish? is it only hardcore violent stuff, or is dubious consent "no-no-yes" seduction type stuff also labeled that? theres an infinite number of bodice ripper erotic romance novels that push the limits on consent as a sexual fantasy, and those are usually written by women.

No. 568577

There's ravishment and rape.

No. 568584

Yeah,there's a definite line. I like chikan porn when the woman looks unsure about it/kinda forced but ultimately enjoy it.
I will nope the fuck out and feel disgusted if there's any tears or any pain showing.

No. 568585

Anachans are the worst posters. Highly antagonistic and are the reason why every cow thread degrades into a million stupid comments and arguments.

No. 568587

No. 568593

Exhibit A

No. 568599

Anons here are like neckbeards in means of what they expect of women's bodies
Anyone who doesn't have a concave stomach and 5 inch around arms is fat, girls without tits to their collarbone are saggy, asses and boobs that don't poke out four feet are flat, non-baby shoulders are broad, hips that aren't massive are narrow, jaws that aren't that of a mouth breather are man jaws, any bump on the pussy is an STD oh and don't not shave either because some anons laugh at camgirls bushes for some reason? Oh and "dirty" and "aging badly" is practically universal

No. 568612

The "no emojis" rule I understand as a normie filter but I'll never understand why a typed out face is banned. Chan culture definitely does not exclude the typed out shit.

No. 568623

File: 1591862032826.jpg (55.47 KB, 631x630, 35ba97b651093bad83df64f61833c1…)

Probably to prevent cringy typing like pic related.

No. 568635

Tried taking the pink pill but stopped at “you should abort all baby boys” I’m not pro-life but you usually find out what gender they are around 20 weeks and that’s pretty damn late, sounds like it’d be a painful experience and after seeing my sons face on the ultrasound I didn’t think of him as a crumb or fetus or blob of cells, he seemed more like a real baby at that point.

No. 568637

>pp means aborting all male fetuses
Where did you get that info from? r/involuntarilycelibate?

No. 568638

Do all men want/like anal?

No. 568639

Do all women love shoes?
Most people want to try something popular if they haven't done it before, but after that it's going to be down to personal taste

No. 568640


How do you know that the "normie vanilla porn" isn't rape? Plenty of porn performers have come out and said that their oh so consensual scenes, actually was brutal rape. And pornhub is filled with child porn, and they keep it on their site knowing it is cp and vertify underage girls. And "whatevers on the main page" is vile shit, its not like its 70's softcore or some shit like that. Its brutal anal incest rape.

No. 568647

Pretty sure nobody is actually serious about that, it's more of a meme if anything. People who feel that way will likely never get pregnant to begin with.

No. 568654

>female fetuses and infants aborted/killed all around the world throughout history specifically for being female
>one or two psychos on the internet suggest aborting male fetuses instead (possibly as a joke or to troll), with absolutely no evidence that this has ever been a common practice in reality

But yeah obviously radical feminism is all about forcing women to kill their babies, not like choice isn't a fundamental principle of it. I don't even believe you actually think that, you probably just want to blog about your kid and can't stand anyone talking shit about men when you have a son

No. 568691

Anal to a guy feels like putting their dick in a really tight ring and then once through the ring part it's really loose. There's also no natural lube so there's a lot of faffing with lube involved. Oh and shit can get on their dick. Guys think anal is super sexy like porn, but in reality learn that it isn't.

Vaginal sex to a guy feels like a nice tight glove to their dick all the way down.

Guys want anal because they like what they've seen in porn, but in reality once they've tried it they realise vaginal feels better.

If you meet a dude who prefers anal I'd suggest running for the hills - it doesn't feel as good for him or you so he's likely getting off on the fact you're getting no pleasure out of it.

No. 568693

I think feminine men are more attractive than masculine men. I think men who are overly masculine come off as insecure a lot of the time and that men who embrace their feminine side seem so much more free and happy and emotionally stable.

No. 568696

I agree, but I don't really consider it in terms of security or lack thereof.
I just think masculinity is very ugly in large doses.

No. 568702

Yeah this. I've never seen anyone demand people to abort male fetuses who WASN'T a troll or making a joke. Bitches keep bringing this talking point up but I've yet to see anyone ever seriously demanding some mass slaughter of baby boys. I remember that one tweet that said something along the lines of "Gonna go have an ultrasound done, time to see if it's a girl or an abortion!" which was an obvious fucking joke not even made a pregnant person and the whole Twitter went nuts calling out these "crazy psycho feminists". Yeah that's nice, how about you get your butthole burning over all those 23 million female fetuses that were aborted due to the preference of male offspring in China and India.

No. 568704

The ironic thing is that every time anons come to nitpick some girl's stomach rolls she gets sitting down or thigh cellulite I get this image of an insecure chubby girl choking on her envy and trying to make skinny people seem fat too. Because of them I hand huge props to overweight people who don't try to drag others down with them.

Honestly this is what it should be called. "Rape fetish" as a term is so misleading, what most women have is "Ravishment fetish". They want to be desired and lavished to the point the dominating party can't control themselves and makes the woman enjoy themselves whereas rape is just about the offender getting off on hurting someone weaker than them. People can't comprehend the thought of women experiencing autonomous sexual desire or anyone wanting to dedicate themselves to pleasure them so they just started calling it a rape fetish.

No. 568705

Idk. for me the fetish is about sex completely being an act of service and entirely being about the man

No. 568706

>kill yourself kill jews
Lol classic imageboard bantz
>kill men
Omg extremist terrorism

No. 568708

The point was that what most people call "rape fetish" isn't actually about "rape". If you get off on degraded and penetrated without your consent by someone treating you like a piece of meat used for an ego boost with no regards to your enjoyment then yeah call it a rape fetish but that's really not what most women are into.

No. 568709

>someone treating you like a piece of meat used for an ego boost with no regards to your enjoyment then yeah call it a rape fetish
Which I do but wish I didn't. I despise using any terms like that because it implies a lack of consent and it's just such a dark, legal, disgusting term but i can't think of any other way to put it. I didn't think that other women who claim to like it don't see it that way. Ravishment fetish is probably right for them, then

No. 568712

I had a rape fetish, turns out it was just porn sickness and low self esteem. 99% of “I wanna be raped uwu” bitches are absolutely not down if their man tryna fuck them in the middle of an argument.

No. 568725

>chubby girl choking on her envy and trying to make skinny people seem fat too
Kinda sick of this meme though, because it always implies average and skinny girls aren't ever envious or insecure about someone else. I don't think a fat person would actually believe saying someone else is fat when they're not makes them fat too. Lmao.

No. 568746

Bragging about being a stoner is stupid and annoying. Like, half of the young population smokes weeb, you aren't special.

No. 568752

I had a chikan and free use fetish when I was pornsick. Sadly I also turned my ex bf pornsick because I used to think it was weird for men not to watch porn.

No. 568761

Was it nice chikan where they make her cum and she only looks flustered or bad chikan where she cries and begs for it to stop while very not abviously not enjoying it? Those are two very different chikans. Tell us, anon.

No. 568769

I have just discovered because of you that I used to have a free use fetish when I was like 11 because of abuse. Not anymore. Haven't watched or consumed any sort of porn for at least 7 years so I'm pretty vanilla.

No. 568783

I like how they always try to cover their ass when their infighting gets called out too by claiming fatties are shitposting as equally. When actually if you search for how many times 'fatties' gets mentioned it's always way more than someone calling 'anachan' and that typically starts after they've posted about fattys for the millionth time.
They really have a hard time coping that there's no fat boogeymen on this website and they're being that salty unprovoked.

>insecure chubby girls are behind the comments!
Nope, sorry but regular girls with EDs and image issues are way more abundant. It doesn't even make sense, why would someone fatter than a cow call them fat? All they'd be doing is making themselves feel bad. Dumb logic.

No. 568786

>Dumb logic
have you met a woman?

No. 568787

Never. What are those?

No. 568788

They're a contrived fantasy. Believing that women are real is a serious sign of lack of insight or intelligence. It's fine to believe in the idea of women but it really pisses me off when people try to act like we actually see 'women' in day to day life. They're really more of a cultural belief than anything based in fact.

No. 568851

Student debt is a privilege.

Many working class and poor people do not have the ability to consider a higher education and go right into the workforce into mostly physically demanding positions.

No. 568864

>debt is a privilege
Class wars got us real brainwashed, don't they?

No. 568896

Ah yes smoking the weeb

No. 568926

i don't agree with jk rowling's bs but I still do like Harry Potter as a series and get tired of people dunking on it and calling it shit or overrated because they don't agree with jkr, maybe it's just pure nostalgia for me, but I just regard her post series non canon crap and enjoy the original series for what it is

No. 568928

She said nothing wrong and all the triggered autists deserve to have their childhoods tainted.

No. 568930

You can be poor and go into debt too anon, instead of demonizing people for going to college why not fight the elephant in the room which is the fact college and everything associated with it is extremely overpriced

No. 568935

Male shortages usually turn out horrible unless people are ready and stable which most of the world is not, I lived in a city with 60% females and it was a hellhole, the "ideal" woman for men were either morbidly obese or anorexic skinny, women were treated like meat and you have never ending pickmes competing ontop of that no woman cared if she was fucking husbands and boyfriend's and if anything glamorized it, ugly ass dude run around with beautiful women thinking the girl is the ugly one, so many "taco bell at six pm and video games" dates and so on, I live on a mostly male city and while it's not perfect women actually respect themselves and men actually try

No. 568962

legit question: are you actually braindead?

No. 568974

I remember a Russian woman telling me that's why domestic violence is so bad in Russia (as well as their shit culture and alcoholism). Loads of young men leave to get work in Europe so the women have less options and the remaining men know it so can act like chimps.

No. 568985

the breakfast club sucks

No. 568994

Time for me to boycott The Body Shop I guess. If anyone knows brands that are that disrespectful to women, even in other ways, let me know.

No. 569000

>morbidly obese or anorexic

Anon what city was this? Cause those seems like diametrically opposes cultural values

No. 569011

Why would they even make a statement like this? this is fucking gross. i hate companies who feel the need to virtue signal like this

No. 569024

The racial dynamic in my old city is pretty half and half, black guys and some white guys want giant women and Asian and white guys want anorexic skinny

No. 569028

I'm a bit creeped out by farmers who claim to work with people with disabilities, in nursing or anything like this, like it's hard to imagine they also have this side to their personality

No. 569029

Not all nurses are mean girls, but all mean girls are nurses.

No. 569030

Ugh, I agree with this. I lived in a rural "city" of about ~11,000 people. The men to women ratio was something else. Like 80 men to every 100 women. Doesn't seem drastic, but it was enough to make it so that average to beautiful women were complete pickmes for low effort and ugly men. Cute guys were hastily gobbled up. Talk about zero options, it's understandable to me why women in my family (and even traits I exhibited until I moved away) pandered so much to men and were catty towards other women. That's just what that kind of environment reaps. Checked the census info and apparently 20% of households there are occupied by single women–doesn't specify if they have children but I would not be surprised by the single moms. Their baby dads leave them for the next childfree puss on a dime. 25% of the population is in poverty, and the medium income barely scrapes past $25k. It's a shitpit!

The only thing I disagree with is there being a preference for anorexic or obese girls. Nah, every guy in that fucking place thought he deserved a conventionally attractive woman with a socially acceptable appearance so he could boast about her to his friends like we were all collectible objects.

No. 569060

You may already know this but LUSH is just as bad.

No. 569192

Same, I'm already boycotting Lush because they collaborated with Desmond is Amazing (and because they have become horribly overpriced). I think I'm only going to buy beauty products from small Etsy shops, at least I won't be funding another megacorp.

No. 569236

I like Jordan Peterson.

No. 569242

No. 569256

Even after the benzo induced lobotomy?

No. 569274

I like him too, I used to watch his maps of meaning and personality lectures and he has a lot of really valuable/interesting insights. I don't agree with everything he says though

No. 569278

hard fucking agree

No. 569324

I like him too. sometimes he's a bit kooky, what with the meat and stuff, but he seems to say everything he says with good intentions. it's crazy how he's portrayed or imagined as some alt right guru.

No. 569337

headcanoning a gay character as straight is fine because people headcanon confirmed straight characters as gay all the time + none of these fuckers are real anyway

No. 569349


No. 569357

I can agree.
People getting so riled up over fictional ships in general is embarrassing.

No. 569376

Yeah, he gives off loving father vibes. I also don't believe everything he says, but he has a lot to offer.

Can't help but feel bad for him. I hope he's okay.

I agree with some stuff he says, like his views on men and women, even though they may be backwards by some people's standards. I feel like he's the antidote to a lot of bullshit mainstream science.

No. 569488

I've seen many times the argument of "don't ship a lesbian with a man, it's bad and akin to conversion therapy", I kinda get it, but in the end you can't stop people shipping what they want, and it's not because they do that for fictional characters that they hold the same views irl.

No. 569531

i think shipping is fucking dumb and people are less interested in compelling stories and more interested in the depiction of bland unimaginative romance with no substance, as even though characters vary situations and interactions are portrayed in like 5 ways total.
bodice ripper novels are at least more honest about the mindless pandering to homemakers with cookie cutter reader insert protagonists and more self aware about how shameful and bottom of the shelf all of this is. shipping is for uwu awkward teens who craft their nerd/anime trash personality around fandom, which is a more dignified way of saying they like 2 character designs and to have them kiss.
anyone over 15 who shits their pants about which cartoon character should be shipped with which has to have some form of mild mental retardation.

No. 569563

the biggest brain question is why should college be required to have a decent career when multiple people have succeeded without it (albeit rarely and by chance or luck). you shouldn't have to attend college when it's often high school 2.0 and prerequisites are more pain in the ass shit you won't need unless they're pertaining to your major

No. 569568

Anons here are worse than neckbeards tbh

No. 569578

I think shipping turns everything into a love story and erases the character's friendship or hate which makes it boring for me.

No. 569615

American men are unmasculine. French, Italian, Spanish, South American, ect guys are more masculine. Nothing is masculine about how American men act and look like.

No. 569618

I don't respect any person who's too lazy to sculpt a beautiful body through dieting and exercise but instead starves themselves to look like a bobble headed fool

No. 569622

Fasting takes more self-control than a diet, and tbh I don't respect people who can't go at least a day without eating

No. 569623

Amen. Everyone should be intermittent fasting, laziness is not an excuse

No. 569625

Do you live in a city?

Hard agree

No. 569626

Lmao! What's with the autism on lolcow today?

No. 569633

Casual sex/hookup culture is not good or healthy.

No. 569635

Lol, it's as easy as fuck to not eat if you're doing jackshit all day. What's hard is maintaining that balance of fitness with a restrictive enough diet to both sculpt and lose fat.

Also, I find it gross how anorexics have low body fat but dont have visible abs or musculature in their body and they look scrawny as fuck. Ironically the scrawniness makes them look bigger and less lean than if they had a higher muscle mass to go with that.

The women with underweight BMIs who look amazing are like 70s Cher. Most anorexics look way worse than that.

No. 569636

it's the good old ana-chans back at it again

No. 569643

yes i do

No. 569648

Sorry to reveal this to you so abruptly, but you're dumb.

As someone who has never dealt with anorexia and also finds the look to be off-putting, anyone with a brain knows that anorexics don't find themselves to be appealing either and most tend to avoid taking photos or looking in the mirror. They literally look in the mirror and think they are fat, and when they have moments of clarity, they realize they actually look malnourished and ugly. When you get to the point of consciousness where people can see your bones, I'm pretty sure the idea of putting anything in their mouth will make them physically and mentally ill. Don't base your understanding of a whole ass mental illness around the ana-chan thread.

No. 569651

i agree, and most of the ppl discussed are not THAT ugly. though at the same time i feel like this is an overall impression of all farmer's individual pet peeves in a pile. i truly dgaf about any of what you listed but i'm repulsed by downturned eyes or large gums and will sperg about them when i see on a cow, so as a whole it looks like every farmer nitpicks like crazy whereas i suspect each one of us likes to rag on one or two particular flaws

No. 569658

>As someone who has never dealt with anorexia and also finds the look to be off-putting, anyone with a brain knows that anorexics don't find themselves to be appealing either
I know someone with anorexia that says she looks good and doesn’t mind wearing wigs now that her hair fell out, it’s not really generalizable.

No. 569663


That's not really correct, plenty of anorexics like flaunting their skelly bodies despite simultaneously wanting to lose more weight. It's kind of a complicated mental disorder so you can't really put them all on the same grade of delusional, especially when you have no real experience or knowledge outside of skimming the wikipedia-page.

No. 569679

You’re retarded if you think 70s cher is underweight
Visible muscles on underweight bodies look gross, orthorexics look fucking terrible, worse than classic anas

No. 569683

Yeah Lush sucks tranny cock hard. I still buy from them because I like low packaging. I guess there's not really anything like an environmentally friendly radfem brand.

It's kind of stupid companies need to have political positions anyway. At least something like environmentally ethical affects the actual product, the companies position on troons has absolutely nothing to do with anything they sell. It's just pandering.

No. 569694

I think Mickey Deer's real face is pretty.

No. 569706

I really don't like steak, especially when it's undercooked. I've eaten undercooked steak exactly 3 times in my life, and 2 of those times I ended up with food poisoning.

It doesn't even taste good, it's so bland, because most people don't season it properly, only with salt and pepper. Beef is only good if it's fully cooked until it's soft and heavily seasoned and spicy.

No. 569725

>Fasting takes more self-control than a diet
wow you think so? I have a way harder time watching what I eat versus just not eating.

No. 569734

Idk if I believe in total heterosexuality or homosexuality, and if I do I think it's much much more uncommon than people think (I feel this way equally for men and women).

No. 569735

Some guys are under the impression that all women are bisexual or lesbians. And most men are heterosexual. A coworker I used to hookup with told me this. I told him he was watching too much porn.

No. 569736

Yeah I feel like it's a lot more common for people to think most women are bi but I feel like most men are also bi it's just extremely repressed due to various societal pressures (to the point where they may be genuinely unaware of it)

No. 569738

File: 1592078389002.jpg (536.71 KB, 2280x2851, 04-cher-hair.jpg)

Cher was 5'9 and 105 pounds. Are you fucking dumb? That's a 15 BMI, even if she was 5'6 thats still underweight.

Most anas, especially on here, aren't never gonna have that body cause they're lazy as fuck and don't move because of their shitty lifestyle but still somehow think they're brave for not eating, lmao.

No. 569740

Many are arrogant about their shitty looking bodies to the extent they can't comprehend you can't be curvy and toned at a BMI below 20 because of how much they abuse their bodies and do fuckall with it.

No. 569742

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some projection from anons who have those features themselves.

No. 569752

Nta you were talking to but this image isn’t helping your argument. Cher looks fantastic here and not at a BMI of 15 at all - her arms are slim but still have muscle and fat, and she has a cleavage. She looks toned and fit here not anorexic..

No. 569753

I was thinking the same. This is not a BMI of 15, she looks a completely healthy weight.

No. 569763

No way that woman is 105lbs being that tall and toned, that’s just good ol celebrity lying

No. 569787

Thank u I fully agree u have good taste even if the whole world thinks otherwise somehow

No. 569855

folklore isn't that important or interesting

No. 569858

brits are as retarded as americans

No. 569861

as a brit I agree, in someways I think we're even more so

No. 569886

Well, America is Britains rebellious teenager. They got all their shitty behavior from somewhere.

No. 569929

Your name is a bad movie, the pretty animation can't overcome the bad fanfic tier script.

No. 569934

Tenki no Ko is worse in every way

No. 569944

I feel like America is the edgy teenager to Britain’s parent and they two argue constantly. While Canada is the younger quiet sibling who tunes everything out.

No. 569981

Canada is the neglected younger sibling who tries to be peacekeeper to its big brother and father, but fails horribly and gets caught in the crossfire sometimes.

No. 570007

Canada has to be the most annoying nation on earth. All Canadians I ever met were serial humblebraggers, constantly rubbing how uber polite they supposedly are into your face ("our country's biggest negative point is that we say sorry too much! teehee")… You should thank god that America exists next to you otherwise people would take a much closer look at your problematic past. Didn't Trudeau also have a sexism (or was it racism) scandal? They're like backstabbing little rats, they act soooo woke that they even let predators like Yaniv run free, at least Trump and Co. don't hide that they're pigs.

No. 570011

Canadians do come across as really two-faced and condescending.

No. 570073

Yup. Canada is literally that annoying aunt who wants to give you marital advice while their husband is knowingly fucking another woman on the side and they pretend to be okay with it. I cant stand Canada's smugness when they have so many issues in their own country, including how they treat indigenous people.

>they act soooo woke that they even let predators like Yaniv run free


No. 570077

I'm eurofag but canadians are like ooooh we're soooo nice, look at how nice we are, what even are starlight tours?

No. 570083

Well, I don't plan on watching this one after the shit show your name was.

No. 570105

When I read about how they treated indigenous people, and the fact that they still haven't apologized, the "Canada's so nice" meme fell apart for me. Fuck Quebec and their ugly version of French, too.
Only America being a total shitshow allows them to look good, honestly.

No. 570159

File: 1592142963266.png (324.06 KB, 490x624, 0_jcbeSNkXa5P23vzl.png)

This is somehow okay now with general public now that Rowling has committed a big bad crime of talking about biological sex.

No. 570163


The general public and The Sun aren't the same thing. Although the general public are also scum.

For bonus points JK's ex would be able to dodge any problems by transitioning. Do it for the lulz.

No. 570166

Yikes, and I'm sure many of the people cheering on this domestic abuser call themselves "feminists." I've never watched or read Harry Potter, but this is appalling. People are acting like this woman murdered someone with her bare hands when all she did was say "sex is real."

These people are absolutely psychotic. Imagine being this angry that a fucking children's book author has a moderate opinion.

No. 570170

Jk is a fucking racist dumbass retard but she doesn't deserve to get beaten by some scrote

No. 570174

lmao imagine thinking that the sun is 'the general public'

No. 570175

It literally is kek

No. 570180

Is she really a racist or you're saying that Cho Chang being a stupid, inaccurate name that she couldn't check and google because google didn't even exist back then is racist by itself?

No. 570182

The Sun is trash but it does say right there 'sick taunts of violent ex' so they're not exactly condoning or celebrating it

No. 570183

Wowwww look how progressive we have become

No. 570186

"Cho Chang" is only racist if you're a braindead moron, there are literally a billion ways for this name to be legit. Dumb ABCs trying to compensate for the fact they can't speak mandarin or cantnese lmao

No. 570187

never met a person who can tie their shoes that also reads The Sun anon, if anything the fact that people 'banishing' JK are being featured front page by it should be more than enough to clue the actual general population in on the absolute state of them.

No. 570189

All these news publications do that kind of thing to absolve themselves.
The fact is, they gave some abusive, worthless loser a platform to boast about attacking her for the catharsis of every fake-woke Twitter user and macho ma'am who tried to crucify her online. They know what they're doing by putting out this story around this time, it's all business to them.
I wasn't even that pissed about the Twitter thing (these theatrics aren't new on the internet), but this is downright sickening.

No. 570194

Literally no one is saying it’s okay because she spoke about biological sex. You can think what she said was transphobic and obviously still think this interview is wrong.

No. 570198

NTA, but how come no one kept that same energy for the actual people who were sending her death and rape threats directly? That article didn't come out of nowhere, they were obviously pandering to a very specific crowd, who have suddenly gone silent.

No. 570205

You think the sun is pandering to to the same people who found her essay transphobic?

No. 570208

File: 1592149670138.jpeg (28.15 KB, 360x360, EaRFtBTXsAACgXz.jpeg)

You think the people who sent her those threats to begin with did it for other reasons?
These aged like milk for sure.

No. 570209

This is irrelevant to the article? I think you have a misunderstanding of the political leanings and target demographics of the sun

No. 570211

I really hate it when people don't realize that Harry Potter was written in the 90's and for its own time period it was a very diverse cast of characters. I don't even like Harry Potter but even I'm able to see that you can't judge a kids' book made 30 years ago by 2020 qualifications and call the writer "racist" because what she wrote for diversity doesn't meet today's standards. Even having non-white British characters in an English children's book was considered progressive even if their role didn't extend beyond a foreign name. There's a difference between making fun of someone intentionally and simply not knowing any better.

I fucking swear in 2060 people will be judging the content created in 2020 and be appalled how we dared to not have any Neptunian aliens in the fiction of our era and cancelling every author even if they are dead by then.

No. 570214

>she said biological gender is real, therfore her domestic abuse is now justified and for you to gawk at! Let's listen to how her ex beat that bitch!
Fucking disgusting. I'd love to know who the author of that article is.

No. 570218

Where is the link between this and it being because of her saying biological sex is real? She brought up the assault and her ex in a highly publicised piece who then exploited it for his 15 minutes in the British tabloids

No. 570228

Keep playing dumb, we know who was saying these things and who wanted it. I hope the community you're defending learns to take responsibility for their behavior instead of gaslighting.

No. 570236

You are the one playing dumb, the ‘community’ you’re talking about is not at all the same demographic who they make those articles to pander to. If anything there’s probably more overlap with your ‘side’.

No. 570238

Cool, can’t wait for your next post about how all women who disagree with you need to physically assaulted and/or choke on penises.

No. 570240

What i wouldn't give to choke on a penis again it's been weeks

No. 570241

You are mentally unhinged

No. 570243

Plenty on Twitter.

No. 570245

Sure, lmao. What I said stands, no one's falling for this anymore.

No. 570251

I can’t believe you’re delusional enough to think that. Outside of your very small
echo chamber, very few people agree with you. Thats why you constantly see posts here about how scared you people are to even tell your close friends your beliefs. Most academics and scientists disagree with you. And most people who ‘agree’ do so solely out of hatred if trans people, not because of sympathies with women or radical feminism (and are ironically the kind of people who would be the target demographic for articles like that).

No. 570259

File: 1592155955391.jpg (29.2 KB, 600x505, 385.jpg)

>Most academics and scientists disagree with you.
Holy shit, no way this isn't bait. What is happening to /ot/ lately?