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File: 1443626815245.jpeg (13.76 KB, 306x165, download.jpeg)

No. 40826


Let's share our scores

Higher is more pure, lower is less pure

I scored 50, which is about average, I guess. I'm not really that sexually adventurous

No. 40828


I have a pathetically low sex-drive, though.
So I'm not surprised.

No. 40829


Nothing in drugs.

No. 40830


No. 40832

81. Only some mind expanding solo experiments with drugs and some other stuff in my childhood. So pure

No. 40833

File: 1443631672339.jpg (13.66 KB, 500x303, Ringing-Bell.jpg)

I might as well become a wizard. ;_;7

No. 40834

Aww, Ringing Bell! Let's become wizards together. (81 here).

No. 40842

80, but I'm also pretty young and incredibly low self esteem

No. 40843

Got 55, no drugs. Higher than I expected considering I was a virgin until 22 years old and have only had sex with two guys total. Woops!

No. 40848

File: 1443633569271.png (152.13 KB, 600x429, 1368438764949.png)


No. 40853

I kept telling myself I'm still young and now I'm going on 24 with no signs of change on the horizon

No. 40873

File: 1443636666400.png (115.82 KB, 801x650, pure as snow.png)

lol, 71 and I could check off most off the sex stuff.

No. 40879

56 lower than what i had expected since i checked off a lot of the sex stuff but no drugs etc

No. 40886


No. 40889

>warming my hands on the radiant glow of your purity

No. 40897

41 and i have only had sex with one boy and one girl haha

No. 40922

I've had sex with nine different guys, and experimented once with a girl when I was younger. But I'm a serial dater so its surprising my score isn't worse.

No. 40924

File: 1443651660867.png (189.18 KB, 1562x2355, Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.2…)


Nobody can out-lose me

No. 40927

My favourite question is 69 lol, cute.

17.. o my

No. 40928

File: 1443652415722.jpg (18.06 KB, 500x281, panty.jpg)

so who can beat my score?

No. 40929

File: 1443652478968.jpg (61.87 KB, 604x464, purity.jpg)

I got 93 as well. Glad to see I wasn't the only one in the 90s.

>tfw I had to look up what cunnilingus was

No. 40930

File: 1443652572932.jpg (81.48 KB, 820x646, 12076239_913595585397206_18823…)

I just did. I feel like a dirty person.

No. 40933

80 on that pure grind.

No. 40941

File: 1443655164080.png (118.83 KB, 846x602, poop.png)

I could only check like eight things. I've only held hands with a boy once. I got so embarrassed that I broke up with him the same day we started dating.

No. 40942

I got 25 which I guess is supposed to mean I'm a slut but I've been in a relationship for 9 years.
Who hasn't done most of this stuff in a relationship that's spanned this long?

No. 40945

i'm kinda ashamed

No. 40947


I'm dissapointed

No. 40952

It's ok I didn't even get that lewd.


No. 40954

I would've been higher if I hadn't dated someone for a little while last year… I would've been a 94.

No. 40964

24… But Im kind of old (twenty-six) and have had several long term relationships (a lot of fucking)…

No. 40965

Everyone should add their ages with their score!!!!!11!!

No. 40966


Age: 23

No. 40969

Bruh I'm 25, and I didn't get that low. The fuck you doing?

No. 40970

22-chan here. I'm also 26.

No. 40971

87. Aged 17.

Looks like I got work to do folks

No. 40972

File: 1443669678028.jpg (61.88 KB, 780x585, 1378544891203.jpg)

I'm 23. I'll have to work hard to get to 22 by 26…

No. 40982

File: 1443678307614.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.59 KB, 600x450, 1402798789259.jpg)

H-anime yuri poster in the back ground, mlp fim sheets and a dildo…….

Do you still live with your parents?

No. 40989

File: 1443683962730.png (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 1267x709, 1407193317913.png)

Not me obviously, thank god. Probably saved the pic from 4chin some months/years ago.

And it's not an anime poster https://derpibooru.org/1777

I take reasonable care of my body and I'm good at talking to people. However I'm more on the introvert side, and being focused on my studies doesn't help me meet anyone besides the 15 or so other math students… Disliking alcohol and loud/crowded places is a great way to keep your purity up !

Writing this made me think I should cut back on internet / stop posting to go out and meet new people, but then again I don't even know what I'd do lol.

Oh and here's another weird pic from my folder for you anon.

No. 40990

No. 40991

21 ._. I feel so young to have done these things… A lot were with a 4 year boyfriend though.

No. 40992


No. 41004

when i visited my bf at his school, tons of the math students were huge drinkers. they were going to have a flip cup tournament vs the physics majors lol

No. 41005

Age: 16

No. 41008

I got 31, hahaha

No. 41009

46, age 24

No. 41012



i want to be that sexy popular whore whose the life of the party with 8 sugar daddy's

and yet im just that boring girl in the corner

1 day.

No. 41014

78, I'm still young. >:)

No. 41025

im 19 and 49 is my scor uwuue

No. 41050

I'm only 24. Is this bad?

No. 41114

it's not that hard. first you gotta get a bf. doing drugs helps. ecstasy can really boost your confidence

No. 41120

nope, I'm >>41009 and I'm 100% sure my number would have been the same when I was 17. It's all a matter of when you get exposed to things and how much of it.

Though there are some things there that I found weird to be included (like the beastiality and incest ones)

No. 41123

File: 1443735618610.gif (497.52 KB, 420x236, 1443526645554.gif)


Weird, I don't even give a fuck.

No. 41177

I'm >>40941, turning 19 this Monday.

No. 41253

32 kek. This checklist makes me realize I regret none of my bad decisions. It was all fun.

No. 41317

File: 1443793448094.png (16.02 KB, 428x408, 1439323128641.png)


No. 41318

48.. age 20..

No. 41319

Age 18

No. 41323

36, age 25.

I didn't even think 90% of that stuff was that bad. I would've never pegged myself as a big impure slut but I guess I am. :')

No. 41324

20/m/89, hit me up ladies

No. 41325

Keep in mind this test weighs holding hands on the same level as cheating or bestiality.

No. 41326

no. you're less pure than me and i don't like that.

No. 41369

29 ha

No. 41388

hay bby most of that stuff is from when i was a kid my purity levels are off the charts these days

we can play video games together and stuff!

No. 41442


No. 41450

Scored 24. A lot of those questions were pretty tame though, should probably be a lot lower lol! I am over 30 though, so I've had a lot of time to get all this checked off. Brb gonna spitroast a goat with my brother…

No. 41456

74 and im still a virgin
how the fuck did any of you go as low as 24 smh

No. 41492


No. 41829

I got 86 and I'm a virgin who's never even had a boyfriend

I feel slightly better about myself now

No. 41840

I got 44. I'm 25 years old. I lied on the quiz. I'm not this pure.

No. 41842

Age 23. I'm not surprised really, I was pretty fucked up a couple years back. No shame. Altough a lot of the things have happened with long-term partners.

No. 41843

48, age 19.

No. 41869

Score: 20
I'm 24
And all my friends call me bland everytime

No. 41892


No. 41948

Exact same result and same age ;_;

No. 41986


Not sure whether to be ashamed or proud.

No. 42359


No. 42497

59 at 18 years old.
not sure if i'm fine

No. 42744

16, 19 yo.

No. 42750

File: 1444668250810.jpg (239.2 KB, 800x800, huhu.jpg)

40, 23 years

No. 42805

>Score: 59
>Age: 27

I'm probably too old for these results to mean much of anything since it seems college-aged focused. I agree with those who questioned the inclusion of beastiality.

No. 42813

I hope thats not your age

No. 42831

File: 1444685402848.gif (1.49 MB, 346x261, 1396333878831.gif)

I scored 84.
I'm pretty pure.

No. 42865

24 years old

My sex drive is nonexistent so I've never so much as had a boyfriend, but I did get in trouble for a car wreck once. And I wrote some pretty great graffiti on a desk in my school's library.

No. 42881


No. 42904

Age: 21
Score: 31

Boooo. Having to tick the box 'Used methamphetamine, crack cocaine, PCP, horse tranquilizers or heroin?' really tickled me though, personally I don't feel Ketamine is in the same league as smack and PCP!

No. 43002

30 years old, score of 76

I'm fine with it.

No. 43097

Age: 19
Score: 95


No. 43109

55 but I'm also married so idk if it counts

No. 43110

age: 24
score: 16

No. 43122

age: 29
score: 93

fuck I need to start living

No. 43145

got a 93 too lmao

No. 43149

Age: 24
Score: 29

No. 43150

Age 24

69 kek

No. 43159

Age: 18
Score: 69 のヮの

No. 43173

21 years old, purity score of 20

No. 43306

No. 43377


Masturbation and porn.

No. 43390


I'm a complete loser. Next life I'm gonna be the town bike for sure.

No. 43431

No. 43481

51, age 20

No. 44393


Age: 21

No. 44398


Really, the most I've done is jerk off and smoke weed/drink a couple of times. Once I sent some pretty suggestive texts and non-nude photos to a fuccboi (how embarrassing). I've only been kissed once too, kek. (Also with a fuccboi, and also a horribly uncomfortable and embarrassing experience – he stopped kissing me to tell me he was flaccid and that I was "officially friendzoned" lmao sorry for not giving you insta-boner)

>tfw turning 22 and still never had a boyfriend

the only part that stings ;_;

No. 44403

Age: 21
Score: 34

Damn gurl.

No. 44404

How ironic.

No. 44405

Oh and freshly turned 19.

No. 44410

I'm sorry, but the fact he actually said that he was flaccid and so you were officially friendzoned is hilarious. Must've been pretty uncomfortable at the time, though.

You're still really young–plenty of time to meet worthwhile guys who you will enjoy kissing and maybe getting into a relationship with.

No. 44417

File: 1446089309743.jpg (13.71 KB, 225x225, 12047152_825202610933085_21250…)

23 and my score was 22.

No. 44418

I got 91. Wtf how do you guys get anything below that? I don't even do anything.

No. 44422


Most of these questions are really redundant

No. 44424

I think you answered your own question:
>I don't even do anything.

Seriously, what the hell kind of question is that? All anyone has to do for a lower score is to do more items on the list than you've done–is that really so hard to imagine?

No. 44425

we are all evil little fucks who disappoint their parents and jeebus

No. 44426

Yes because I only checked 4. And they were all mundane as fuck. What are you getting so uppity about?

No. 44446

Not this anon but yeah i know it may be hard to imagine but some people here did things. More than you. It's fine you did so little. But acting as if it was oh so surprising that people get lower than 91 is being kinda stupid there. I mean yes people have sex lives and stuff wowzers right? I got 71. 20yo.

No. 44476

33 also. I'm 24 year old

No. 44543

You sound boring as fuck and mad about it.

No. 45192

50. not bad tbh

No. 45212

25 years old and scored 30

No. 45234

File: 1446649368429.png (97.05 KB, 860x642, 9 10.png)

ya'll are vanilla as shit

No. 45243

Score: 34
Age: 20
wtf im a good person

No. 45245

21 yrs old, scorred 35, meh, not bad.

No. 45246

Hm actually I missed a few, got down to 27 after re-checking, it's weird cause I don't feel like I should be in this range…

No. 45291

I got 23…funny because when the 'handcuffing'/police questions came up i checked some of those, but i was handcuffed/taken away because i was institutionalized (not resisting/police didn't arrest me technically just bringing me there) vs an act of defiance or something haha

No. 48393


No. 48438

Age: 23
My score was 65 and I haven't even had sex yet hahaha

No. 48524

12 and I'm 18

No. 48579


I'm not much of a wild girl anymore, but used to be in the kink scene and was a closet-slut in my school years.

Also I didn't know what about 4 of the questions asked so I left them blank

No. 48601

File: 1448908874630.jpg (52.86 KB, 468x624, sunny68.jpg)


im also turning 23 in feb

No. 49698

Would be higher if I wouldn't drown my sorrows in alcohol.

How do so many of you manage to get such low scores ?

No. 49841


i feel like im wasting life away

No. 49852

54. I guess that's pretty average?

No. 49854

90. I feel bad for myself.

No. 49857

i got 76. i'm 18 btw

No. 49876

93. I should have probably done more by my age tbh

No. 49879

File: 1449792830155.png (130.45 KB, 1394x697, not bad.PNG)


No. 49900

Me too. 91 at same age. Fuck.

No. 49912

Score: 93
Age: 20

No. 49914

Score: 98
Age: 23 (this month actually)

I'm a sloot. I'm okay with it, when I'm older I would rather regret the things I did rather than the things I didn't do.

No. 49918

19, score of 69 kek

It's interesting seeing the demographics of lolcow.

No. 49929


No. 49934

Age 20

No. 49949


I'm turbovirgin what the fuck

No. 49989

> score: 98
> I'm a sloot.

Does not compute.

No. 49993

How does the scoring system work? I thought it was higher number = more slutty? I've done most of the things on this test except for like, maybe 5 of them or so.

No. 49995


Ohhhh nvm I know what I did, I was doing it on my mobile and hit clear all by accident while I was zooming in and out on the list to do the last few (shitty tiny phone screen, yey!). I redid it on my tablet and got a 28.

No. 51379

File: 1450119501626.png (124.7 KB, 884x608, heh.PNG)

I'm a lot more pure than i thought

No. 52401

>age 18

I didn't think that was possible yet here I am. Although I am pretty young.

No. 52445

I got 27 :/

No. 52548

72? Ooops

No. 52560

File: 1450547095635.jpg (94.7 KB, 347x477, griffith.jpg)

Never masturbated?

I'm impressed, anon. I heard that's unhealthy for your balls though.

No. 52579

Got 66, 18 yo. Meh.

No. 53604

File: 1450643010339.jpg (59.94 KB, 619x700, lf-blush.jpg)

Nothing in drugs

No. 53955

Well, I'm a girl and don't know how

I don't know about half the things on that list tbh, I never paid attention in sx ed/health and I'm not really interested

No. 53973

18 years old and already at 34. Damn.

No. 53976

>19 years old
>score 21

No. 53995

>That pic
Well fuck there goes the rest of my evening

No. 54100

Score 19 and im 19 lmao

No. 54129

32. I'm 23.

No. 54167

>masturbating and public urination


No. 54266

File: 1450987546431.png (149.9 KB, 2000x1251, lemonfont-now-in-hd.png)

No. 54274

I got 50 as well. I've only ever had sex with one girl so it seems about right.

This test is kind of stupid since fucking a dog counts for the same points as dancing without leaving room for Jesus.

No. 54305

married and 24 - my score is 34. That's a lot lower than I thought it would be.

No. 54472

score: 87
age: 20
wowie im lame, i need to get laid it seems :')

No. 54519

score: 72
age: 17
ouch, kinda expected it tho
>minus points for public urination probably(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 54520

underage b& bye nigs

No. 54565

You must be 18 to post.

No. 54632

21 years old - 88 score

I am a pure flower & way too poor for alcohol

No. 54672

age: 18.
score: 26.

I need Jesus.

No. 55593

age: 18
score: 95

I have enough Jesus for the both of us.

No. 55651

age: 21
score: 28

No. 56086


Basically, if you haven't been in a really long relationship(s) that give you the chance of doing all of those stuff or don't behave like a whore that means you automatically are purest sweetest untouched virgin?

That's nice. I wonder who the hell made that test gee.

No. 56096

Age: 19
Score: 94

I'm super boring.

No. 56185

Age: 23
Score: 32


No. 56708

File: 1452035555970.gif (734.16 KB, 500x353, 2458787878.gif)

Age: 23
Score: 27

Not even close to the current record. I'm disappointed in myself :^(

No. 57087

I'm 23 and I scored 11. Yikes!! LOL

No. 57112

Age: 20
Score: 69

No. 57144

94 how do you even?

No. 58175

File: 1452450610399.gif (1.24 MB, 303x307, 1381869471154.gif)

age: 18
score: 63

No. 58333

52. All of the sex ones I answered are from one partner though. I've only ever been with one guy.maybe that counts for something?
And no drugs or felonies.

No. 58380

31, if you include police related stuff/vandalism from when I was about 13.

No. 59147

Same age AND same score. We are unholy haha

No. 59159

Aged 24, scored 31.

I started masturbating at 17, sexually active a touch before 19 years old, no one night stands.

I can't tell, is that bad? I mean I am super experimental with my long term boyfriends, but that's about it.

No. 59186

I got 31 too. Aged 26, would have had the same score at your age and even younger though. Started masturbating at 12, became sexually active at 17.

No. 59227

Score of 80

> masturbated at 111

>held hands
>kiss on cheek
>never got to official relationship
>have sent pics to people and used to cybersex constantly, still do it more than I like

No. 59228

Kek, I did mean eleven.

No. 59295

File: 1452735950016.png (216.38 KB, 393x391, loll.png)

>actually doing cybersex

No. 59296

i hope you're making money from the cybersex, try the real thing sometime

No. 59306

>not cybersexing and ERPing
I've used so many programs for ERP. Skype, World of warcraft, unfortunately second life and whatnot. I have many characters on F-list. I've been ERPing since I was about 13.

>money for cybering
Sounds retarded

No. 74819


No. 74823

File: 1456777825664.png (119.11 KB, 653x585, wellthen.PNG)

Well then.

No. 74825

How old are you two?

No. 74826

No. 74827

I'm >>74819
I'm 20
I would have gotten ever higher if I didn't have a brief cybersexing stint with a girl in Indonesia last year. I think without that the only thing I could check off on there is masturbating and masturbating to an image/video

No. 74837

File: 1456779124037.png (26.03 KB, 494x402, 777.png)

>Score: 33
>Age: 26

I haven't done drugs or slept around.

No. 74841

How'd you get this low on the scale then?

No. 74884

I've only had 2 partners, but I've had a lot of sex, done of lot of sexual stuff, used to drink a lot, and have been in trouble with the cops/schools before.

No. 74967

88 and I consider myself a whore because nudes were leaked

No. 74969

Is anyone here actually at Rice?

No. 74975

I got 56 but if you don't count the last 4 years of my life the only things giving me a score would be drug use.

No. 75012

>Age: 18
>Score: 41

I've never been in trouble with the cops or done drugs

No. 75013

Mine's 94. well…kinda expected it since i'm 23 virgin and never drink any alcohol because i can't stand the smell.

No. 75015

Im 23
I got a score of 34

No. 75071

i'm 24
and my score was 24

No. 75109

i'm 24 also, scored 26

No. 75120

83 @ 22yrs, pretty much the only thing i checked were related todrinking or drugs

No. 75713

Got a 42. I guess that's pretty bad. Never had bad interactions with the police though, so my score isn't too low.

No. 75741

I'm 21 and scored 25. The only things I didn't check off were being in a relationship and getting arrested.

No. 76289

File: 1457035069585.jpg (50.07 KB, 640x640, 1447604654922.jpg)

age: 18
score: 92

No. 77013

Score: 13
Age: 22

Only thing I didn't check was the getting arrested and incest part.

No. 77021


No. 77027

I had sex less than 5 times yet I scored 58. I cant even french kiss but I tried it. Oh well, guess I'm a slut. I'm 20 btw.

No. 77030

I have redone the test and now its 67.

No. 79199

Score: 82
Age: 19

No. 79214

I'm 20.

I-I haven't even held hands romantically. If it weren't for the drugs/alcohol it would be even higher. Sorta embarrasing ;_;

No. 79330

File: 1457573084669.gif (524.55 KB, 500x290, ugh.gif)

Freshly 19. I've done a couple pots in my time, but no alcohol or drugs. Never in trouble with police. Haven't done any sexual or risque things in public. Been with the same nerd since age 13, so no group or rando sex. At least I'm not a kissless virgin!

No. 79357

File: 1457577020778.jpg (6.76 KB, 232x200, Paint this rare pepe don t mak…)

I guess this is what i get for being a fujoshit and a Neet

No. 79383

63, aged 23

I feel like I've got little clue to what a high or low-score would entail. So many of the questions were about drugs and crime and I compare my score against others and am still clueless. I think that's still pretty pure, right? Some of you have lower scores and seem to want to be even purer, I'm confused!

No. 79391

Oh wow I did it all wrong, no wonder I was confused.

I swear I get dumber on my period :(

No. 79403

pretty low on the pure scale for someone who went to Jesus school most of their life

No. 79665

Are you me?

No. 198827

score 20, age 21. i'm a filthy girl, though.

No. 198830

70. Haven't really done anything sexual, only making out and dry humping. Done my fair share of drugs though and had trouble with the police.

No. 198831


I'll have to work hard to get those numbers even next year

No. 198834

93. Only bc of drinking of and drugs, otherwise I would be on 99 lmao

No. 198838

81 without any sex stuff

No. 198843

96 lmaooo pretty much all I've done is masturbate.

No. 198844

File: 1500407060971.jpg (908.35 KB, 1920x1080, rehost/2016/9/13/cbbcd97d-4ded…)

>tfw virgin who can't drive

No. 198845

Age: 19
Score: 86

>tfw you've done sloppy makeouts and been fingered, but still haven't held hands with and done cute shit with a boy sober bc you're probably afraid of intimacy.

No. 198847

81, it was mainly the alcohol/drugs and police related stuff. I feel like the only way to get a lower score is to have sex/be in a committed relationship. My score has decreased from the last time I did this tho

No. 198850

>>age: 27 score: 46

Most things were with 2 longterm boyfriends (many things only done 1 time), and only tried alcohol and got drunk 1 time. Never did drugs or had legal issues at least…

No. 198851

Same here, I got 80. I'm a kissless, handhold-less virgin but I've done a fuck ton of "bad" things (drugs, police, school, parents, etc.).

No. 198855

79, age 24

No. 198856

61, age 18. I'm doing alright

No. 198857

Damn, same score.

>tfw most of my sins involve masturbating and consuming porn

No. 198858

Yup. Idk if disobeying the law or having sex is a worse sin based off this test lol

No. 198859

File: 1500414649145.gif (1.98 MB, 450x338, large (18).gif)

Score: 90
Age: 20
>tfw shut-in virgin that likes to get drunk occasionally and is always very horny

No. 198862

age 21, score 67

No. 198863

ay fam. 79 age 20.

pretty much checked everything except anything involving intercourse or the weird shit like beastiality.

No. 198864

age: 22
score: 46

quite a lot really high or really low numbers

No. 198872

I've only had a relationship once.. age:19.

No. 198877

>when youre bisexual and can score on both fellatio and cunnilingus
>when you keep crossing consecutive questions without leaving one out and you wonder if you'll get a full score
by the way, that's the most american "innocence/purity test" Ive ever come across…
>Danced without leaving room for Jesus?
>Ingested alcohol in a non-religious context?
>Had sexual intercourse in four or more positions?
that thing sounds like it was made by a 14 year old orthodox catholic girl who is afraid to touch herself

age: 29 (30 in a few days)
score: 29

No. 198878

and u guys didnt even hold hands or kiss? thats sad.

No. 198881

There has to be more stuff you can mark. You're kidding

No. 198883

Score: 23

I know right?
>PURCHASING contraceptives is most impure behavior
>so is kissing someone other than a family member (even on the cheeks/hand, apparently)

No. 198884

Age: 24
Score: 22

that last question really came out of nowhere wtf. esp after "leave room for jesus"

No. 198885

File: 1500423464942.png (26.71 KB, 256x128, b008_403_00_e2.png)

age: 19 score: 84
knowing myself, i probably won't have sex anytime soon

also, what is rice? is it a school or something?

No. 198888

age: 26 score: 63

pretty good to me

No. 198890

94 age 18
any qt submissive boy wanna take my virginity? ;_;

No. 198899


helps not having friends

No. 198900

age 28, btw

No. 198901

age 23, score 38

No. 198902

I was 12 when i had my first relationship, we broke up a day after because we were both too shy to do anything. I'm a mormon so it really explains the rest. I am a sad little virgin.

No. 198904

I'm 20 and haven't even had a relationship even on that level, so at least you're ahead of me on that.

I'm just surprised you haven't masturbated. Have the rest of you guys getting 90+ scores never masturbated? I'm genuinely shocked.

No. 198906


No. 198907

I got 93, 18 years old

I ticked off;
>Seen or read pornographic material
>Ingested alcohol in a non-religious context
>Been drunk
>Faked sobriety to parents or teachers
>Used tobacco
>Used marijuana

wow my life is shit kek

No. 198908

I'm 19 and got 95, all I was able to tick was

>held hands romantically

>masturbated to a picture or video
>masturbated with an inanimate object
>seen or read pornographic material

No. 198912

Age 22 score 28. Gr8.

No. 198914


>got peer pressured into masturbation 2-ish years ago

>Dad told me not to date until 18 and I'm not the rebellious type

Is now 19 w/ high standards for a first relationship
Being pure is hard yall

No. 198919

cringe at people getting anything above 95

No. 198923

No. 198929

Jelly roastie smh

No. 198931


No. 198939

This was basically me up until a few weeks ago when I kissed someone lol. Plus a few run ins with the cops and that's about it.

No. 198969

File: 1500491665510.png (456.9 KB, 395x599, 1395840780134.png)

Yeah pretty sure it's from Rice Uni

>age 21

While I have dated and gone to 2nd base I've never actually had an SO, glad to see other virgin farmers

No. 198972

age: 28
score: 18

wew, i feel like a gross ho!

No. 198973

I got a 93

No. 198974

age: 22
score: 58

i thought i was more pure than this, but i guess i have gone downhill in this past year

No. 198975

did u join the mile high club

No. 198998

I'm 21 and I got 36. Never had sex with more than 5 people though. Hmm.

No. 199005

my guys.

At the ripe age of 21 years old.

With the lowly score of 13.

Gaze down upon me as I roll in my puddle of filthy sex and ridiculous decisions.

Looking at everyone else's angelic scores I feel like a damn disgrace lmfaooooooo

No. 199009

Score: 23
Age: 23
That was satisfying

No. 199011

Age: 20
Score: 34

Lol @ the age difference only being 3 years.

No. 199013

Congratulations, you're chieftain of the hoe tribe now
One of us
One of us

No. 199025

File: 1500525903515.jpg (79.63 KB, 881x659, IMG_20170628_022301.jpg)


No. 199026



If I wasn't such a lucky person my score would have been lower tbh (never got arrested, caught masturbating or caught having sex)

No. 199027

I got 77
I'm saving myself/never kissed anyone before

No. 199032

48, 20 yo. I expected worse, that's okay I think.

No. 199049

I find this very ironic
>mfw ur a virgin

No. 199055

Praise be, for we will kick Jesus out of the room and celebrate the thotness.

Amen, fuck you Jesus.

No. 199065

File: 1500553125805.jpg (143.28 KB, 1050x788, CWC2.jpg)



No. 199217


I'm about to turn 27. I'm mostly okay with it.

No. 199218

Scored a 51
Age: 23
Seeing as I've been a in a relationship for 6 years I'm not surprised since alot of sexual things were done. Average scoring though.

No. 199219

File: 1500623669789.jpg (66.67 KB, 561x785, My demise_5ce256_6250768.jpg)

43, I'm 24

Eh, most of these things you do when you are on a relationship, really. Pretty stupid test, and as anon pointed out, they consider holding hands and bestiality to be the same value lmao

No. 199228

I'm 18 and got 94. I don't see that changing since I know exactly 0 lesbians irl.

No. 199248

the only higher score one I believe
which types of ones did you check off anon

No. 199320

the only sexual ones I checked off are video cam type stuff, other than that I haven't checked off any romantic or sexual thing off

also for the drugs and police and stuff, I check off being questioned by the police and some stuff in trouble, i never smoked though

No. 199344

56. 23 and married.

No. 199347

26, I had some pretty crazy years as a teen, but I've calmed down now.

Age: 24

No. 199365

26 years old and I got a score of 83. It's probably gonna stay at that number for the rest of my life because I'm celibate and not planning on ever being in a relationship or having kids, and live a very quiet and boring life. fEels good

No. 199375

I'm 20 and I legit scored 99.

No. 199437

thats sad

No. 199489

i'm 26 and i got a 9, wanton woman represent

No. 199536

My score is 7. Jesus christ. I was going to say I'm too young to have a score like that but I don't think there's any age that having a score like that is okay…

No. 199608

I'm 24, got 11. Womp.

No. 199974

The test should have global modifiers for age and possible marriage/long-term relationship statuses.

Say, if you have had sex more than 100 times at 30 while married it's not the same as having had sex 100 times at 15 without ever having been in a relationship.

No. 199977

File: 1501180073882.jpg (76.98 KB, 960x726, IMG_20170727_122427.jpg)

No. 200019

>25 years old
>score of 73
Yep, am autist.

No. 200188

95, age 22
kind of embarrassed about it tbh

No. 200234

30, 20 years old

not that much of a hoe irl tbh

No. 200335

Age: 21
Score: 39

Would have guessed it being lower actually.

No. 200339

Age: 19
Rice Points: 36
Ive only dated like 2 dudes so I feel wilddd

No. 200344

Age: 29
Score: 41

Middle of the road, as usual.

No. 200363

Age: 25 (will be 26 next month)
Score: 87

Forever alone

No. 200364


Yeah, it's a private college in Houston, Texas

Sources: I live in H-Town

No. 200396

File: 1501350863715.jpg (364.9 KB, 1512x1512, IMG_20170715_123228_071.jpg)

>22yr old
>17 score

I might have a problem.

No. 200411

17 yo, 87, well that's cool i have time to loose some!(underage)

No. 200457



No. 200459

File: 1501366301656.jpg (61.33 KB, 1920x1080, hoohaha.jpg)

join us fellow thot <3

No. 200500

I got a 37 and the test made me feel bad about myself even though 90% of the answers I could answer because I'm married

No. 200536

Problem of enjoying life too much

No. 200787


No. 200843


No. 200911

File: 1501908060097.jpeg (12.01 KB, 400x400, 7280BCFB-3457-4B1C-82D0-B88B20…)

Age : 27
Score : 22

I think we can all agree anyone with a score below 30 belongs in the thot club

No. 200989

File: 1501982928762.jpg (39.28 KB, 600x635, 1494967207230.jpg)

I got a 90 (age 25), and two of the things I checked were things I did as a kid (peeing in public, 'vandalism' if you want to call erasable writing that).

No. 201035

File: 1502049399439.jpg (135.39 KB, 600x341, e1showbyrock15.jpg)

Age: 24
Purity Score: 68.

Well, that's due to my ex-bf. Lol.

No. 201125

age: 24
score: 32
Not even a little bit pure, wow. I mean, I'm in a long term relationship and we live together, so the sexual stuff isn't much of a surprise. Drugs/alcohol are an occasional thing, actually everything I checked off was a fun time
my dudes

No. 201139

File: 1502080025550.jpg (5.69 KB, 276x183, images (6).jpg)

22, got 66. I only dated and with one person but I consider myself pretty kinky when I was single with my dildo collection ;D

No. 201165

Age 19
Score 92

I'm proud to be pure :)

No. 201186

age 21,
score 21


No. 201195

Age: 36
Score: mwahahahaha

No. 201224

age: 20
score: 66

I have been in my first relationship for two years now & have been drunk twice 3 years ago due to peer pressure.

No. 201228

Same score! Glad I'm not the only failure here.
I'm actually pretty knowledgeable about sex compared the average person and quite dirty minded, just have no experience because severe issues with relationships and intimacy.

No. 201232

Age 26
Score 76

Feels normalish I guess.

No. 201240

age 25
score 84

this thread makes me feel better about myself

No. 201261

Age 25

Kinda pure I guess?

No. 201349

age 19
score 21


No. 201359

Age 23
Score 51

I guess I'm in between.

No. 201537

Age: 27
Score: 45

Nothing with crime or drugs

No. 201815

age; 26
score; 10

In my defense I do identify as asexual as a result of my experimentation and I live a very different, modest lifestyle now…

No. 201821

22 going on 23 this November, sadly I scored a 90 :(

No. 202091

Age: 26
Score: 23

I consider myself average.

No. 203088

Age: 27
Score: 56

And I also consider myself average.

No. 203095

age 29
score 27

im in a long term relationship and the bulk of these are questions about sex. so whatev.

No. 203104

Age: 28
Score: link related

No. 203105

same! 41.

No. 203115


I'm trying to escape my hikki shut in ways, It's tough being shy.

>tfw 26 but gotta pretend to have experience


No. 203177

Age: 24
Score: 37

No. 203197

File: 1503657722992.jpg (49.45 KB, 486x409, 731.jpg)

>that link
made me chuckle, nice

No. 203202

This quiz only works if you live a single lifestyle

No. 203206

95 at 20 years lol

No. 204901

Age: 26
Score: 25

Not really shocking when I factor in most of this stuff is spread throughout 12 years. Also not into criminal shit besides smoking weed. lol

No. 204917

92 at 22.

Jesus christ man. That test really put into perspective what a boring loser I am. :')

No. 204941

File: 1505807366344.jpg (1.27 MB, 3024x4032, 71gElSO.jpg)

Age: 28
Score: 88

well I guess I am joining the wizard club then

No. 204946

51 at 22

No. 204953

96 at 24. Do I win anything?

I feel ya.

No. 204956

Age: 24
Score: 34

still thirsty for more devious shit but I've done my fair share ig

No. 204976

Exact same but at 21. Idk I kinda like it.

No. 204983

Where is this painting from, I love it so much!

No. 449803

Age: 19
Score: 97

I’ve never been in a relationship whatsoever. I’m not surprised by the results

No. 449807

I'm going to hell

No. 449810

I'm a youngin still tho and only interested in sex acts with girls. But like thought of sexual shit in general kinda gross to me. The other 16 was like acts of delinquency.

No. 449812

I’m 19 and i got 19, I’m probably going to hell o well

No. 449816

>Kissed for more than two hours consecutively
Who the fuck does this? Just have sex.

Age: 25 today!
Score: 41

No. 449841

age: 18
score: 35

and most of it other than masturbation basically happened within a period of 6-8 months
i'm sorry mom

No. 449843

Age - 19

Score - 71

No. 449847

I’m 25 ang got 25.

No. 449849

Age: 22
Score: 51

It’s kind of lame that most of my experiences are with my long time partner. I don’t consider that ’anti-pure’

No. 449852


No. 449855

I got 36, I’m 23 and probably going to hell lmao

No. 449858

18, 90. my muslim parents would be proud.

No. 449862

Age 21
Score 34

Guess I’m a sinner

No. 449863

Lmao, anon, I need to know the few that you DIDNT do

No. 449871

Happy birthday for today anon!

My score was 21 at age 27 and I'm a little jealous of >>449807, I think she might be Whitney Wisconsin. Pretty much the only ones I left unticked were the ones to do with cheating or multiple partners, as I'm very monogamous.

No. 449872

Age - 28
Score - 37

No. 449882

File: 1566117720471.jpg (280.61 KB, 700x1000, Belarus.full.1916197.jpg)

age: 29
score: 87

have fun in hell, sinners.

No. 449888

sex, drugs and some mild ruffles with the cops put me at 55

No. 449889

35 at 27, but I don't think the number would have changed since I was a teenager.

No. 449898

Age: soon 24
Score: 86

I drink, masturbate and watch porn, but other than that have zero experience.

No. 449924

Age: 28
Score: 31

No. 449930

Beastality, STIs, arrests, incest
basically the shittest

No. 449978

age: 26
score: 27

But similar to >>449889 most of my points come from dumb stuff I did in my mid-late teens and very early twenties because I was a bit of a fuck up kek.

No. 449986

But it's only because I'm a shut in whose never been in a relationship.
My mind is nowhere near being a pure virgin.

No. 449991

age: 29
score: 86

you beat me by one point

No. 450010


Not that surprised

No. 450013

Age: 25
Score: 43
I got all of my points for having ONE sex partner and having photos of me taken without me wanting it. It sucks because other than that, I didn't even get into trouble (police, principal, heroin etc.) and I still feel like I scored pretty high.

No. 450014

Age: 23
Score: 50

Kinda expected

No. 450017

age: 27
score: 24


No. 450019

Age 22, score 93
So this is the power of being a teetotal permavirgin.
90 and up club UNITE

No. 450025

i got 97..

No. 450035

age: 23
score: 62

No. 450043

a solid 50

No. 450044

Age: 23
Score: 28

guess I'm a whore lmao. I've had 7 sexual partners which seems about average though

No. 450049

Age 19
Score 91
Palindromic but also a loser

No. 450054

age: 22
score: 27

No. 450084

Age: 24
Score: 54

It is amazing how much of a ho I am when I've only been with 2 people sexually also am not a huge druggie but I cannot pass up on the chance to experiment

No. 450086

this is funny because i'm sort of depraved

No. 450087

Age: 20
Score: 43

I only ever had my first boyfriend for a year and I did like 99% of the list with him lmfao

No. 450090


I have a very high sex drive, I'm just an inhibited person who only wants to have sex within a LTR.

No. 450129

Age: 22
Score: 25
I was definitely wild in high school but ive been with the same guy now since i was 17. I feel like a lot of people who have sex in high school will probably score unpure cause everyone in my town had to have sex in odd places to avoid our parents lol

No. 450135

Age: 22
Score: 16

yikes. oh well.

No. 450157


I'm really picky when it comes to men, so I haven't had a boyfriend yet.

Kind of worried about people scoring less than 20 ngl

No. 450434

Age: 20
score: 62

i only had one relationship so most of the points are from there?
also "Faked sobriety to (parents or) teachers?" was funny to me, i went to boarding school so yeah - like literally everyone else there at some point

No. 450658

Age: 22
Score: 91

Unmarried Muslim, so there you go.

No. 451146

Age: 20
Score: 48

I used to be a huge party girl but I've calmed down in the last year or so due to therapy lmao

No. 451200

age: 26
score: 3
haven't been convicted of a crime/felony or touched an animal

No. 451590

Age: 27
Score: 15

There's not a lot I haven't done tbh…

No. 451592

But… You've committed incest…?

No. 451606

Age: 28
Score: 48

I was a deeply closeted lesbian until I went away for college. I used those 4 years and several more afterwards to have fun. I definitely learned a lot.

No. 451609

96 because I masturbate and drank a beer 6 years ago.

No. 451610

Low sex drive and a recluse.

No. 451616

22, and 22 years old

No. 451621

Score is 15. Age 27 going on 28.

My 20s have been wild haha.

No. 451626

Why did anyone have to bump this god awful thread

No. 451755

File: 1566421226825.gif (1.87 MB, 540x303, tumblr_inline_pkxjmfO5Qb1s8ws2…)

Age: 26
Score: 60

Ehh, I feel pretty average. I feel I could have done more considering my age, but I'm not a very sexual person.

No. 451760

age 24
score 21

No. 451762

I'm 20 and scored 90. Sad.

No. 451775

Age 28
Score 40

I'm not into group sex and didn't need to sneak about to have sex.

No. 451780

Age 25
Score 68, I was a wild kid even tho I haven't done that many sexual things listed there. Like 2 at most lol.

No. 451787

age 19
score 96
feeling like im gonna die a virgin girls ngl

No. 451790

>>451780 i learned to read and got 64, still wish I could get more Coochie and/or Dick. Söpöt tydyt, mesettäkää.

No. 451827

22, scored 36 lmao

No. 451835

Results: 27
Age: 23

No. 451865

Age: 20
Score: 93

I blame religion honestly. I've only recently started seeing sexual thoughts as something to not be completely ashamed of…

No. 451866

Age 19
Score 89
Im not ashamed honestly, sexually aside i kinda wish i was more of a rebel lol

No. 451890

age: 26
score: 44

yes ive had long term relationships, lived with a partner, and done drugs

No. 451916

age: 21
score: 37

no drug or crime stuff and only 1 sexual partner, seems kinda low lol

No. 451929

File: 1566451723329.jpg (178.54 KB, 576x709, brcdo8T.jpg)

Age: 27
Score: 41

Really just answered no to the hard drugs question and the weird sexual stuff at the very end.

No. 451982

Age 29
Score 31

Seems about right.

No. 451984

Age 28
Score 24

No. 452015

Are you my twin? Same age and score here.

No. 452029

86. reminds me of when I was still in school.

No. 452060

Age 19
Score 92

No. 452492

age 19, score 24….i thought i’d had a pretty sheltered life imo but guess not. most of the no’s were to the police ones bc i’ve never been caught doing anything lmao

No. 452500

I’m 21 I thought I was pretty innocent lmao guess not

No. 452652

age 22
score 66

everything i did was within the same year damn

No. 452682

Age: 30
Score: 23

No arrests, no drugs or pregnancy

Yes to most of the sex stuff

No. 453277

Age: 28
Scored: 88

I think I’m a spinster now, forever alone…

No. 453282

11 my life sucks

No. 453952

96 what the fuck it was only masturbating and looking and porn omfg

No. 453966

age 20
score 94

sex is disgusting to me, ive never been involved with the police, and the only drugs ive used are limited amounts of alcohol and a few cigarettes my friends gave me

No. 454022

lmao anon, stay safe

No. 454883

>Kissed for more than two hours consecutively?

Holy shit do people really do this? That sounds boring and gross as hell

No. 455259

Lmao I did this when I was like a virginal teenager. I got a 26 tho so not exactly pure to begin with.

No. 455273

Age: 20
Score: 79

I'm a virgin, but I've had interaction with the cops due to a shitty home life, so that affects my score. I use medical marijuana as well. I've "held hands romantically" and kissed before even though it was a situation I really didn't want to. Yikes all the way around.

No. 455430

Age: 22
Score: 22


No. 455481

Age: 27
Score: 51
Yes to most sex stuff and some drug stuff but never ran into the police. My life isn’t that interesting tbh.

No. 456896

I'm 30 next year.
I haven't been promiscuous for 6 years though.

No. 457000


No. 457019

Age: 22
Score: 56

Well shit

No. 457052

age: 25
score: 23

but i haven't made it into the mile high club yet

No. 457067

90 lmao

No. 457237

Score: 27
Age: 22
Was expecting a lot higher lol

No. 457706


I'm nearly 30 with no sex drive, so I'm not bothered by it.

No. 457713

Age: 22
Score: 94
God I crave intimacy, I’m not asexual at all, I’m just awkward and suppressing myself hard because I haven’t found anyone yet and idk how! cries

No. 457717

Age: 26
Score: 32

No. 457718

age: 23
score: 54
all things considered thats not too bad

No. 457734

age: 23
score: 23

didn’t realize i could be so freaky with such a low sex drive, lol

No. 458019

age: 22
score: 93

im honestly surprised its not higher. im a total lesbian virgin that doesnt smoke nor drinks.

No. 458302

age: 24
score: 13
what can i say, i like fucking.

No. 459968

Age: 21
Score: 38

Not into public sex or anything illegal, so…

No. 460266

Age: 23
Score: 47.

I’ve only had two partners total, just did some freaky shit with one of them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 460277

Age: 21
Score: 31

No. 460290

age: 32
score: 38

No. 460293

Age: 21
Score: 22

No. 461143

File: 1568250544617.jpg (26.15 KB, 128x214, 20190802_140353.jpg)

Age: 25
Score: 58


No. 461327

age: 23

score: 71

No. 464019

99 (i have urinated in the pool and ocean before, otherwise i'm a femcel)

No. 464061

I’m 21, my score was 27.

No. 464128

File: 1569019764288.png (246.48 KB, 383x383, nonon1.png)

38. i am 20.
i took the test again in context of what i had done prior to this year and i got an 83 lmao. i have done so much shit this summer

No. 464142

I got 89 and most of that was because of alcohol and getting in trouble in school otherwise I would have been 95.
Where my fellow femcels at ?

No. 464146

80. i’m 23

would probably be lower if i counted rape and being groped by 25 year olds at house parties while underage and shitfaced as sexual experience, but i don’t. sorry for getting blue lol

No. 464166

92 at 22 lol, and it's all because I masturbate, drink, and watch porn. Oh and I held hands with someone in high school once!

No. 464191

I scored an 82 at 22. FML

No. 464192

Age: 25
Score: 97

>tldr test; DID YOU HAVE SEX???

No, sex is for P E A S A N T S, bath in my wizarddom mortals

No. 464202

Jesus… not what I expected tbh
Age: 24
Score: 10

No. 464209

Score: 88

Age: 24


No. 465495


27y. still don't feel like i've lived my best life tbh

No. 465664

score: 59
age: 24

I dont think I have done anything too crazy or out of the ordinary though

No. 465727

age: 26
score: 23

"have you had sex?" apparently yes

No. 465735

Age: 20

Score: 53

Eh not as bad as it could be

No. 465850

Score: 69

Age: 24


No. 465857

Score: 45
Age: 25

Idk if this means im a whore or not enough of a whore. either way im ashamed lol jk

No. 466022

Age: 30

Score: 17

No. 466027

age: 24
Score: 19
im a slut i guess

No. 466031

Score: 19

Right there with ya

No. 466070


No. 467090

File: 1569681489948.jpg (34.97 KB, 498x456, k.jpg)


No. 467113


Score: 29

No. 467117

Age: 21
Score: 52

No. 469265

figured I'd be hire, but only ever done weed/been in 1 serious relationship so

No. 469267

oh im 21 btw

No. 469271

age: 23
score: 38
I've never hooked up and don't do it now but have been very sexually adventurous with my boyfriend. never been in actual trouble with the law or done hard drugs. almost surprised it isn't lower given I checked off most of the list.

No. 469446

Age 20
Score 72

Have been hesitant about sex due to bad body perception and depression but I guess things are going to change from now on. Fuck being a nun

No. 469857

File: 1570395463290.png (233.42 KB, 427x364, vincent.png)

age 25
score 97

What am I doing with my life. I'm already a christmas cake, what if I become a wizard on top of that.

No. 469861

I got the same score as you… you’re not alone

No. 469876

File: 1570397620734.jpg (119.67 KB, 927x1200, DgaUWc1V4AE2gEX.jpg)

embrace it anon. I can't wait to get my witch powers.

No. 469925

Scored 21,same as my age. Not sure about some of the things because well, lets just say if i could check the "lost memory due to alcohol"-box twice i would. Thankfully ive been cleaning up my act lately so im sure ill never get sub 20. Curious about what you other low scoring anons didint tick. Is it the police/arrestment part? That seemed so far fetched to me but perhaps its dependent on where you live and Who you hang with.

No. 469931

File: 1570404797636.gif (9.1 MB, 500x376, damn.gif)

23, i'm a dirty birdie.

No. 469984

literally, 69.

No. 470382

No. 471115

I got 16 and honestly I'm surprised it wasn't lower

No. 471119


No. 471432

23 yrs old and got 49.

No. 471545

49 eh

No. 471566

Age 21 score 36. I wish it was higher. Idk if y'all will believe me but I have DID and one of my alters is a huge fan of risky sex, much to my eternal chagrin

No. 471567

I got 16 bit all I haven't done is 3 somes, orgy and fucked animals or a relative. That shit is nasty.

No. 471568

Oh fuck forgot the age part. 38

No. 471569

You dirty bitch, we should be friends..

No. 471611

>one of my alters
Lmao get the fuck outta here

No. 478184

No drugs besides marijuana. I take great pride in the fact that I am fully coherent in all my sexual actions. 90% of the time I am confident that what I am doing is exactly what I want to do.

No. 478185

Don't turn into a turboslut, though. find a bf you trust :)

No. 478186

The ideal.

No. 478188


I'm curious, why such a drastic change in one year? did you just get to college or something? Are you happy with it?

No. 478194

this is my third year of college, and i just started talking to different people basically and i also learned that my body isn't gross like i often think it is… so more self esteem and confidence i guess is what did it

No. 478196

would you consider yourself chubby or skinny?

No. 478201

i think that i'm chubby and look better thin but every one i talk to irl tells me i'm skinny and look good

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