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File: 1665135397348.jpg (105.73 KB, 650x500, toke it for andrea.jpg)

No. 1366720

for all your stoney baloney needs

previous thread >>>/ot/542085
smoker salt goes here >>>/ot/1307162

No. 1366722

File: 1665135514058.jpg (56.59 KB, 720x606, 86tq5frqv6x41.jpg)

Stoner tips:
-If you get headaches from smoking with a butane lighter, try smoking with hemp wick as an alternative.

-If you're sensitive to irritants in your lungs, buy a mouthpiece filter or place a piece of gauze over the end of your bong or hookah to capture part of the tar from smoking.

-For avoiding puking after a bong hit, take several short controlled coughs until you can catch a breath, and then take a powerful cough to relieve tension. Try not to cough heavily in succession.

(reply to this post if you have any stoner tips as well!)

No. 1366723

>ywn get zooted with andrea dworkins
why even live nonnies

No. 1366726

fuckyea one of my favorite electropop bands released a bunch of music tonight and i found this awesome game i'm gonna get blasted and take 2 days off for this shit

No. 1366734

File: 1665136675482.jpeg (2.77 MB, 4032x3024, 8AE4E775-7AAE-4DDA-8862-A5F4AE…)

Wonder what her preferred strain was
>tfw will never become enlightened by her presence while we smoke a dank fat afghani joint

No. 1366923

File: 1665159376842.jpeg (57.82 KB, 720x540, RZo8c5O.jpeg)

What's something unusual you like to watch high?

I love interviews/podcasts. Whether it be celebrities or random people, but it's gotta be at least two people conversating. Something about overanalyzing every word they say, the way they communicate with each other, flow together as a duo

No. 1366958

Thread pic goes hard, can i screenshot?

No. 1366959

it is not illegal to save an image nonnikins

No. 1366965

i like to watch videos about space and space travel. used to make me existential when high but now I can chill and listen to people talk about planets while I look at space for hours

No. 1367313

I watch war strategy games on youtube even though I don't play them. Hearts of Iron, Civilization, Crusader Kings, those are my shit.

No. 1367912

I'm stoned and it's so cute you are asking for consent to screenshot nonnie

No. 1368870

File: 1665334119242.jpg (202.36 KB, 794x1058, il_794xN.3302886037_tthn.jpg)

Stonernonnies, whats your setup like? I don't bother keeping a cute bong because they're more trouble then they are worth, but I have a couple very pretty rolling trays I bought from etsy that are witchy themed. It matches very nice with my glass jars of weed and I can move everything ez when its on a tray.
pic isn't mine, just thought it was super cute

No. 1368874

I love just carrying my joints in the dispensary boxes and keeping them on my dresser. I always store my wax pens upright because if you lay them on their side it’s way easier for them to clog/harden like that and the next hit will be worse

No. 1369344

nonita i love you, i was getting headaches when smoking too much and it's getting so annoying. i didn't know butane lighters could cause that.

No. 1369767

File: 1665415805569.jpg (216.63 KB, 457x567, 1664114830128.jpg)

i think it makes a big difference if you're hitting several bowls in one session, hope it works for you like it does for me!

No. 1369902

File: 1665424542037.jpeg (229.51 KB, 828x580, C35FE5B2-C44D-40EF-B2A6-5FD5CF…)

Anyone else get migraines? I swear the devils lettuce is the only cure for my bad ones. I have prescription migraine meds but weed helps me power through it without puking.

No. 1369903

Couldn’t the weed be causing them in the first place?

No. 1369905

Ive detoxed before and actually have them more frequently. I have tried several methods to reduce them, but weed seems to be the one that works

No. 1369988

I use edibles and acupuncture. I found a very good acupuncturist (trained for years by a Korean doctor, not some online bullshit course) who has me down to maybe one migraine per year. He also had a custom herbal formula made up for me which worked wonders. Normally I'm an extremely skeptical person but when I reached the end of my rope, I went ahead and tried the acupuncture. In conjunction with Marijuana it's worked beautifully.

No. 1370398

File: 1665459820006.jpeg (69.44 KB, 1020x734, 0F3FC38F-6501-4508-86E2-12D4EA…)

Mmm hittin the pen

Hope everyone had a good day today

No. 1370653

File: 1665492206634.jpg (52.89 KB, 637x452, 1337539228_kristen-wiig-snl-do…)

>mfw I found out my good friend was stealing my weed because he bragged about it to a mutual
Also funny thing is this is from the guy that was super stingy with his weed and once shamed me for taking two hits to clear the bong because I was "double dipping"

No. 1371270

i remember reading in an introduction for one of dworkin's books (think it might have been life and death?) about how one of her favorite things to do was sit on the porch steps watchin the sunset and thinkin about life… i wanna spark up on the porch steps and think about life with the girls.
tonight though it's a fat vape hit for all the real ones out there. let's get toasted.

No. 1372067

File: 1665585555833.jpg (51.8 KB, 800x450, Cheers_I'll_Drink_To_That_Bro_…)

hell yeah

No. 1375574

So I got a job offer yay!! but they also piss test for da weedz and I'm so angry!!! Not only do I have to stop smoking indefinitely but I'm just sitting here sipping on this nasty ass cranberry juice to help flush my system! It's crazy to me that testing for marijuanna is still a huge thing, even though I'll only be working at a grocery store. What's up with that?!?

No. 1376519

File: 1665937298921.jpg (20.85 KB, 735x728, 74c5116834374ab94a4437a339b8b3…)

i learned the nearby dispensary I get my weed from every month has all my favorite strains year round because they get high priority from a private farm. guess i can never move? or maybe I should buy a pound of weed over a year and then move lolol

No. 1376625

Should I get stoned before I hit the gym

No. 1376627

She is so cute

No. 1376853

ofc, getting blazed before exercising is the best

No. 1377384

It is so weird to me how in the US you can get drug tested for any kind of job, even retail. Why does your employer care about you smoking weed in your free time? Teachers don't even get drug tested here. The only time I've heard about people being drug tested are for dangerous jobs like lineworkers.

No. 1378056

Depending on the place they may not care and just test for appearance's sake. I've straight up told my hiring manager I wouldn't clear for weed and never had an issue, the response I get is usually "oh we only care about meth".
My gf buys me really cute accessories for holidays/bdays otherwise I'd probs have the lamest setup… I've got a cute metal tray that looks like a grandma would own it, a bong with flowers and butterflies, and a dollhouse rug to use as a coaster. She also got me an airtight ceramic jar shaped like a beehive to keep my weed in and a smiley face grinder. It's all very cute and just my taste, I know I wouldn't have been able to justify these purchases to myself so I'm very grateful.

No. 1379816

It's because they get cheaper insurance if they drug test

No. 1379817

File: 1666207580794.jpg (Spoiler Image,30.57 KB, 556x551, k0oszfdxzeo91.jpg)

i need a new bong but its gonna take ages to find one thats easy to clean, wont shatter when I drop it, and has a thin enough mouthpiece that I can purse my lips so I dont shotgun a bunch of tar in my lungs erry time. i haaaate bong shopping I always fuck it up

(spoiler for movie monster face, meme made me laugh)

No. 1379824

Great tips, especially the hemp wick. It really works!
Also based queen

No. 1381309

File: 1666310960702.gif (2.07 MB, 200x298, 1664969532456.gif)

my town has "trick or treating" each year by stamping a punchcard card at dispensaries (dont even gotta make a purchase) ima hit all the dispensaries up at the end of the month and swim in the free merch. and the event is a benefit for abortion access funds, how much more based can you get

No. 1382121

If any stoned nonna's are around this song is magical to listen to, I especially love the solo. If you need some good stoner music listen to Sublime!

No. 1382130

So my job does "random drug tests". But we get two weeks to comply. Kek

No. 1382163

No. 1382208

No. 1382868

File: 1666440281932.jpg (80.85 KB, 960x652, tumblr_o22spbz6851r0maa4o1_128…)

took an extra bite of weed muffin and now i'm so fucked up. nothing i cant handle but i sure do miss my faculties

No. 1382905

Ah, yes, the "just too far". Settle in nonna and enjoy some snacks.

No. 1383154

Aww yes I've got a clean bowl and a cold can of sparkling ice. I'm ready to get stoned and look at pics of my husbando on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. God bless this gay earth.

No. 1390578

File: 1667025278219.gif (786.28 KB, 500x435, tacobelle.gif)

Listening to Indian ambient music while I get high is really nice. If my cat wasn't snuggled up next to me I'd go full basic bitch and light some incense too.

No. 1390579

We used to be a country

No. 1390646

File: 1667031684394.jpg (29.34 KB, 670x564, FCH6lrOVEAATczn.jpg)

nona how do i permanently remove my faculties? is a lobotomy the only answer?

No. 1391049

I haven’t smoked in two week bc the job I got said that they would do a drug testing. Well I start Monday and they never made an appointment for my testing so it’s time to blaze I guess???

No. 1393312

I'm thinking of getting high right before the halloween parade today

No. 1393808

I can't afford weed anymore and it's one of my biggest joys in life. But keeping my car is more important. Get high for me! I hate how expensive dispensaries are and I don't have a connect.

No. 1393826

tbh i would give it a few more weeks at least if you really care about keeping the job

No. 1393830

Damn, I’m sorry! I wish I could share a bowl with you. I live right next to a state that just legalized rec but the taxes are insane on top of the already high prices. I have a medical card for the said state (yay loopholes) and have been stocking up whenever dispensaries have good sales in anticipation of loosing my med card at the end of the year.

No. 1393979

Oh no, can u find a friend to smoke you out?

No. 1394482

Thanks nonnies. I did! She gave me a pre-roll to go too, because she's a sweetie. Now I need to save, first I need to buy gas, pay the phone and my car. I'm still looking for a temp job too. I've been doordashing to make money while studying to take the certified medical coding exam and life has been poor and stressful. Happy smoking!

No. 1394484

>like two dozen dispensaries were given 1g rso to distribute to customers for free for breast cancer awareness
>see the deal online and go to get it
>the budtender acts weird about it and brings over the manager
>he asks if I'm a cancer patient
>uh, no?
>manager gets shitty with me and eventually walks away
>budtender gives it to me anyways
I re-read the promotion like a dozen times afterwards because they made me doubt myself. Nope it says for anybody. I bet you they are trying to keep them all for themselves. I find that shady and fucked up. They get that stuff for free they should be giving it to their customers without any grief

No. 1394506

That is fucked up! The whole point of the sale is for awareness, anyone should be able to get it without grief. How fucking awkward would it be to have to tell the cashier you have cancer, just to get a sale. Ludicrous

No. 1394520

I riled myself up and I called and complained, the woman just sputtered to me "well my manager told us-" I'm like I don't care that was weird as shit

No. 1394565

If you feel like it call the people giving the samples to your shop to give out and mention the weird shit.

No. 1394976

No shit, I’m currently a NEET and looking into medical coding too! Did you take a course on it or is it possible to self-study and take the exam? I don’t know a lot about the various certifications or what makes it easier to get a job. I’m practically agoraphobic so the ability to work from home and job stability is the main reason I’m interested.

No. 1395004

seconding this. >>1394565 i'd be calling up their supplier asap to let them know they're being greaseballs.

No. 1395379

File: 1667365672823.jpg (93.03 KB, 250x187, 250.jpg)

not preggo, i'm gonna blaze the fuck up tonight in celebration

No. 1399098

File: 1667670295810.jpg (77.49 KB, 500x385, literallymegarbinout.jpg)

hi stonerfags. i'm having a bit of a rough go so I'm getting high asf fuck right now.

No. 1399565

Today was WACK somebody roll one

No. 1400354

I got u sis I got the blazy Susan rolling kit so it will at least look pretty. i can't roll for shit tho

No. 1400420

File: 1667771376039.jpg (4.24 MB, 1920x5368, InShot_20221106_164911054.jpg)

Just got a fresh gram of lilac diesel distillate. Cheers!

No. 1400474

Wtf I want twee floral cart flavors too I can only get fruit ones or "candy" ones that actually taste like car exhaust.

No. 1400483

File: 1667774110471.gif (339.16 KB, 112x112, damcing.gif)

aw don't worry nonnies I will roll for you

sounds good. enjoy!!!

No. 1400625

I feel lucky to have pa medical but there are a lot of duds and the cost is (usually) outrageous. this one is by far my favorite and only comes around 1-2x a year here.

No. 1401235

I got tonsillitis a couple of months ago and it’s had me totally fucked up for weeks so I haven’t smoked. Just started to feel better and was considering picking up but now I have a chest infection. I hate this so much nonnas please spark your next one on my behalf because I feel like it’s going to be 2023 until I can blaze again at this rate.

No. 1405390

I tried thc syrup that shit is so good. I grip it and I sip it. I mixed the cherry syrup with ginger ale with a ton of ice, also did grape with sprite of course

No. 1405424

sounds delish

No. 1405611

if i put coffee ice cubes in my bong will i get a headache? i want a chilled hit right now and all we got is coffee cubes. im 5 seconds away from hittin that java

No. 1405615

okay well it was actually pretty good it was just 1% earthier and tastier than plain water and my head doesnt hurt so thats a win in my book

No. 1405655

Wish I could puff puff pass with y'all

No. 1405794

i'm more of a puff puff puff pass lady myself, am i a bad stoner now

No. 1405913

I just smoked a joint with little to no tolerance (I usually don't smoke) and I listened to jazz while half passed out in my chair, weed can be so magical when you don't smoke it often. The music sounded so magical and fit perfectly with the mood, best experience I've had in a while lol.

No. 1406040

Smoke and painting a my melody figure I got from five below to look like a kawaii mall goth. Life is good.

No. 1406076

god i wish that was me right now

No. 1418505

My weed tastes like pretzels

No. 1418540

Just restocked and got baked, eating popcorn

No. 1418563

all i have are edibles and i wish there was some way to potentiate them shits so they'd hit faster. they're nice but i don't always feel like making it an all-day event yaknow

No. 1418616

Is it peanut butter breath strain?

No. 1419448

File: 1669254080014.gif (959.41 KB, 498x373, high-af-stoned.gif)

i'm having vegan nutella on rice cake and damn that's my shit. I'm vibing with Marley

No. 1419451

I just ate my fave protein bar and now its time for the gym and my reward is a J and a hot shower.

No. 1419494

File: 1669257482410.jpg (229.28 KB, 899x734, Jillif0e9eifijcncncks9e9.jpg)

I was reading Jill's head a little stoned and this made me laugh and then stop and then laugh again. I was thinking about how funny it is that we live in an age where if you are known well enough on the internet and gain enough negative attention you will have your life permanently documented online for years with people nitpicking the everloving fuck out of you. Years of people pointing out your cellulite or weight gain or how mentally challenged you look smiling or how you look like a filthy, disgusting, diseased, flea-infested, worthless rat when you are caught laughing candidly in a friend's insta story and oh my god doesn't she realize how fucking UGLY and DISGUSTING and HIDEOUS and WORTHLESS she is she's so annoying AND UGLY and RETARDED I just cannot stand it. And there WILL be people at the ready to screenshot your dingy couch with a mysterious stain on it and point it out and go like "I bet her cats shit on it" and it's like, oh most definitely because didn't you see her poop splattered kitchen wall? She keeps her cats' litter box in the kitchen isn't that fucked up? Like genuinely? And then it's funny because at the same time, like, maybe you should make sure your fucking couch doesn't look like your cats shit on it before having it in the background of your shot. Maybe you should scrub the shit off your kitchen walls. You definitely should. And why don't you? Because the current generation is a bunch of fucking twitterfag soys.

No. 1419592

I tried microdosing on some gummies I previously had a bad reaction to. The only terrible thing is how my heart suddenly starts pounding when it kicks in but other than that I feel pretty nice. I guess they will last me a while then.

No. 1420719

nonnies Im still on coke and I have work in 4 hours. do i stay up or try to sleep

No. 1422249

File: 1669493696406.jpeg (185.68 KB, 736x736, 44E9103E-D1CF-49DF-9066-3E94CC…)

Had a drink and smoked a joint with my boyfriend for my birthday last night. Had the best sex and the best high of my life and i dont even know what strain it was

No. 1422530

I wish I were you nonna

No. 1423675

Does anyone self medicate on pot and using it to dull emotion?

I realized I did after I noticed I was super depressed after spending time in a place I wasn't smoking. It just makes things feel so much better.
>help i'm an addict. i want to do drugs and drink all the time because it makes things more fun

No. 1423699

Was thinking about that just today. Had a depressive episode and today I smoked and I just feel good. Everything is just nice. Why isn’t it always like that? When I smoke everyday it isn’t so nice anymore so I don’t smoken often. Why is it so nice to be high I want it to be like that alway feels like this is how it should be. Sorry I’m still high

No. 1423710

I do medicate for my ADHD. It helps me to hyperfocus on something I am doing, be it chores or work, I blast some music and get everything done in a fourth of time I’d do it regularly if I even manage to get something done.

No. 1423712

File: 1669591196671.jpeg (49.96 KB, 500x445, 69A8A9D4-419E-4D31-8F3F-792544…)

Just got Covid for the first time, during semester finals. Really grateful I went to the dispo before this happened; I’m gonna be making out with my bong to cope with the anxiety.
On a good note, they were selling my favorite strain that I haven’t been able to buy in a few years. Do you guys have a favorite strain, or do they all mostly affect you the same way?

No. 1423742

yeah i do that. i feel embarrassed about my weed addiction because it's such a stupid thing to get addicted to. it's weird in that i can definitely go without it if i'm doing something interesting and i can't smoke. but if i have "nothing to do" i will just smoke all the time. and smoking leads me to having nothing to do because i'm not motivated to start anything.

No. 1425230

smoke and drink a monster/redbull/espresso/whatever! It helps me get out of bed even with crazy couchlock strains… or if you do want to stay in bed, maybe do something like crochet or play games or watch shitty movies or something. best of luck nonna

No. 1426597

I love weed

No. 1429441

I've tried at least a hundred or more strains so far, I love being able to pick and chose different strains that work best for sleep, muh period, socializing and relaxing. weed is miraculous I cant take it. my all time favorite strain I will go across town to buy because it's just so chefs kiss

No. 1432037

blog but what's the best strain for being functional but still buzzed? I know it's a meme to say "weed makes me feel normal" but I've had depression for like 15 or something years now and it's the only thing that makes me feel like I was pre-depression, but it always makes me want to just nap or listen to music until I'm sober again (which isn't necessarily a bad thing LOL just not for every day use)

No. 1437604

I'm so miserable I have a sinus perforation so I can't smoke or vape and can barely eat or drink. I'm buying some 200mg THC syup today I'm just gonna chug it

No. 1437611

I hope you feel better soon, nonnie

No. 1437919

sorry for the late reply noni! some good functional strains id suggest are lemon meringue, deadhead og, green crack, durban posion, cinex, jack herer, chemdog, sour og, triangle mints, blue city diesel. if you can't find those strains you can also look up related strains online, or look for any diesel based strain as it will give you a good energy boost. the weed strains I've listed first also help with focus and motivation, they are really great for focusing my adhd and waking and baking

No. 1438103

Fellow Adhd anon! Diesel strands are amazing.

No. 1438199

I was thinking of posting to a vent thread or something but theres all too much to say and really it will just be read by some strangers and forgotten. I think ill just smoke some weed alone and cry about it instead. That sounds lke it would help more.

No. 1439567

AYRT i'll definitely try them out! I've noticed a lot of strains that have a lot of limonene or [whatever the terpene that makes diesel smell that they haven't actually discovered yet apparently, thanks google] tend to give me headaches, but i'll see if maybe an edible or something will finally work well for me, thank you!

No. 1447264

What piece do you guys use? I have a one hitter that's color change glass, some random spoon pipes, a bubbler I use with a titanium nail for dabs and a big american made glass bong with a silicone downstem. I used to have a normal downstem in it but it kept breaking so I opted for one that wouldn't. AMG is such a good brand I've dropped that bong like 100x and it hasn't broken like I said only the downstems did inside. But before I bought that bong I smashed so many others. There is nothing worse than having a clean bong with ice cubes and water ready to go and it slips out of your hands and shatters all over the kitchen tile

No. 1455798

File: 1672095655660.gif (4.35 MB, 618x640, weed-cat-i-love-weed.gif)

>be me
>wonder "how high can i get"

>lose lighter for 5 minutes, it's in my hand the whole time

>lights the downstem with no bowl in it
>puts the bowl in and then lights it and blows instead of sucks
>clean up ensuing mess, takes 20 minutes
>try again. lights bowl forgets to suck
>sucks forgets to light
>loses lighter again
>drops bowl spilling weed on carpet
>clean my fucking carpet again
>lights bowl and fucking blows out of it again, fire and bongwater goes everywhere
>give up and clean up bongwater with blow dryer instead of washing bedsheets like a normal fucking person
>ok my breath sucks now i need a mint
>takes mint like a pill and chokes on it
>takes mint like a pill and chokes on it
>takes mint like a pill and chokes on it
>i need my fucking sleeping meds
>chews meds like a mint and chokes on it

don't do drugs kids

No. 1459244

File: 1672500205204.jpeg (57.99 KB, 500x375, wtfff.jpeg)

Saw is legit one of my favorite movie franchises, I'll sperg about it some other time though. Currently trippin on acid planning on a Saw marathon, wish me luck ladies!

No. 1459528

I got a new bong that looks like a lava lamp and its sooo cute but I am not looking forward to cleaning it ugh. i never use glass because I break all my shit too, but this one was so cute I had to buy it

No. 1460838

That sound so cool I'm jelly

No. 1460887

File: 1672671396070.jpg (13.63 KB, 240x240, god wont hear my prayers.jpg)

without sounding like a fed, how do you find a new weed hookup when you move to a new medical only state? i could acquire my card, but i dont really like the medical prices here. i had the luxury of buying from friends I made in high school then eventually when i became of age, was able to partake in the recreational scene from dispensaries. now i'm in a new state, a complete social introvert and have no friends

No. 1461535

Always see tons of people advertising as plugs on dating apps like Tinder, with an emoji in the bio or something. Never actually hit one up so take this with a grain of salt and sus it out first but they are bountiful so I'm sure some are legit.

No. 1461543

I know everyone says not to do this and you really need to be able to read the room but I’ve had success asking in head shops/vape shops

No. 1461564

Fucked up but true just talk to your new neighbors. Everyone smokes.

No. 1462666

File: 1672818561364.jpg (100.75 KB, 559x463, 1669294692946.jpg)

hittin dat biscotti tonight. dunno if im just wrecked but dis shit straight up tastes like cookies

No. 1462671

I finally am at a place in my life where I have my own porch to smoke on. Life is good nonnies

No. 1462727

Crossed with shrooms. Wanted to say hi nonnies

No. 1462731

this. basically just try to make friends with your young neighbors and they should have a hookup. would be useless to do with older neighbors most likely.

No. 1464421

File: 1672959704797.jpg (38.58 KB, 500x548, Tumblr_l_713688411187527.jpg)

For the nonitas that vape: save your vaporized weed! Since it's already decarbed it will work like an edible. A teaspoon of it on an emptyish stomach is enough to send me to outer space even though I vape everyday. Cons: it tastes like shit and it need at least an hour to kick in but once it does it lasts for hours and you kinda "reactivate it" when you eat something. Sometimes it feels similar to lsd (not the visuals but the mental part). Also be careful because it makes your poop smell like weed and the next day you still feel kinda high and dehydrated. That's it nonitas I just wanted to share my wisdom because not enough people know #frugal

No. 1464430

File: 1672960222456.png (1.64 MB, 1111x706, haga].PNG)

nona biscotti is my favourite strain but the only dealer who had that got arrested. free my homie

No. 1464528

RIP nonny. hittin it for our fallen soldiers

No. 1464547

Just used Monkey Whizz to pass a drug screening for a new job (non-medical data entry). I've been off weed for about a month since I genuinely wanted to take a break from it, but even to this day I still have THC in my system after doing a home test on myself. I was so incredibly nervous and skeptical the entire time inside in the clinic but I did it. I'll be sure to provide an update with results, since I'm sure other people will be in my position wondering if this shit even works. Worst outcome is that I don't get the job and that I wasted $54. Stay tuned….

No. 1464588

Apparently that's the best fake piss on the market so fingers crossed for you

No. 1464616

That eases my suspense just a tiny bit, though I’ll still be on my guard. Thank you kind nonnie!

No. 1464659

You should try mixing it into something anon, I usually choose something fatty bc it intensifies the high. I never notice a weird texture either, I can even put it on salad. Sometimes it gives my food kind of a weird nutty smell? But I don't really mind. Exercising reactivates it too, I went to my mom's house and took her dog for a walk and came back high as fuck and she definitely noticed lol.

No. 1464726

Why does a data entry job need a piss test?

No. 1464742

I think since recruiters have the power to demand it, they will. Power corrupts

No. 1464818

Keep us posted.
I just had to test for a job that I didn't know I needed a drug test for. I tested with my actual pee and a week later they said I tested positive for marijuana (duh). My employer said I had to retest so I got Quick Fix.
Turns out my employee "discussed the issue internally" and said I wouldn't need to get retested after all. Life is good living in a legal state.

No. 1464968

Any advice on how to mitigate getting too high for too long? I'll eat a 10mg edible and still be high for twp days straight off of that. Would love to be able to use weed regularly to get sleep without signing off multiple days of my life.

No. 1464994

Are you not able to smoke? It usually way easier to get the desired high by smoking, at least in my opinion

No. 1465022

Companies get discounts on their workers' compensation insurance if they test for pot and it's not always rationally applied

No. 1465025

Either your tolerance is insanely low or the source of your edibles doesn't have consistent thc testing which is a huge problem. Have you tried stuff like

No. 1465275

Try a one hitter instead. You can also do smaller edibles… if you buy the gummies you can just portion them up with a razor blade.

No. 1465423

Thanks for the reminder nonnie, I've been saving up my avb. I tried it once, but a teaspoon was way too much for me and my low tolerance, I had to stay in bed for 2-3 hours as I was physically (and mentally) so uncomfortable. But I want to try again with like 1/2 a teaspoon soon!

No. 1466444

Where do you get weed from?

No. 1466499

File: 1673147240105.jpg (78.86 KB, 708x784, 9f0.jpg)

Zooted on a teaspoon of avb since anon posted how much she takes and I figured I was brave enough to move past 1/2 tsp. I feel so good rn. I'm gonna catch up on celebricows now, I love that stupid dumpster fire thread.
I found a plug through my friend who smokes. It's usually really easy to meet someone who does through work, but you could try a dating app if you're desperate. Idk where you are but I used to road trip to legal states if I was feeling antisocial.

No. 1467219

File: 1673206943062.jpg (92.54 KB, 537x720, jIKyRva.jpg)

Goin' back to Honolulu just to get that
That Maui Wowie, that Maui Wowie
Goin' back to Honolulu just to get that
That Maui Wowie, that Maui Wowie
And I'm so high and I'm so high

No. 1467346

Accidentally told my dealer "take off" instead of "take it easy" as he was leaving last night. He seemed kind of hurt lmao. Whatever, I meant it - give me the weed and get the fuck out of here!!

No. 1467565

I had a handful of goldfish crackers after taking 20mg in sativa oil spray. Tasted pretty good.

No. 1467583

I'm unable to smoke or vape due to respiratory issues, unfortunately.
Pretty sad about it because I think that one-hitters are cute.
I usually cut gummies down to a fraction of their size but I still wind up way, way too high.
Anybody tried tinctures? I've been reading up more and it sounds like it might be a better route for me.

No. 1467592

tinctures work pretty good and its dead easy to make with some ground flower, tho in my experience tincture highs dont last as long as an edible. its still easy to mess up the dose like with edibles but you can dose it a bit more accurately

No. 1468273

gonna pick up some of my favorite strain today. i gotta clean up my whole house before I can enjoy it because it'll make me pass the fuck out, but it will all be worth it

No. 1469201

File: 1673402243553.jpg (72.23 KB, 1280x720, IMG_5457.JPG)

Update: I passed and got the job! I honestly can't believe it, I didn't think it would be that easy. I kinda feel like I'm jinxing it by celebrating lol. Anyway, thank you Monkey Whizz! I highly recommend it to any nonnies in a pinch!

No. 1469215

Congratulations nona! Good luck on your new job!

No. 1469259

Yay! I remember seeing your post and was wondering lol. Enjoy the new job!

No. 1469338

high rn i got high yesterday too and almost went psychotci and took a shower it was a vibe for asho

No. 1469339

I'm just off night-shift and about to get super high to forget about the short ugly moid today that asked me if I had a problem at work because I made a face when he was acting like a prick. I fucking love how easily mens egos are brushed literally roll your eyes and there world shatters. Is this female objective judging me a man??! Oh my god!!! And I'm taller than him too. Eat shit Martin

No. 1469340

Bruised not brushed

No. 1470677

Don’t ask how, but I got 22g of very old weed. I tried smoking it, but didn’t get any effect. I just tried making some butter out of it and waiting for the mixture to settle so I can try it.
Pray for me nonnies I get some decent high and didn’t waste hours of my day away.

No. 1470685

praying 4 you Nona.

I've been smoking shake for the last two weeks because I ran out of bud and got a free ounce with my order and it's decent, nice buzz but today I'm gonna smoke a joint and in excited. My tolerance hasn't had a bud break in awhile so should be a good stone.

No. 1470966

Is it bad to smoke an almost empty vape pen? The leftover oil is barely covering one of the holes, but it's all I got. It just makes a crackling sound when I do it. Am I ruining my vape pen?

No. 1470994

I once read some guy say that when you smoke it when it's even like less than 1/3 full you are starting to inhale bad shit so I kind of go by that as a rule of thumb. I notice the taste is better the more full it is too. If you are truly dankrupt I'd only do it a lil

No. 1471058

I've always smoked them until the coil burnt, didn't know that wasn't the norm. Oops. Lol.

No. 1471930

>hit vape cart that is 90% thc like 4 or 5 times
>barely get high
>take a big bong hit of kiefy flower directly to my face once (most flower is only like 25% thc at most and idk what kief is)
>feel high as fuck, lids heavy, feeling like a bobblehead
What did weed mean by this

No. 1471941

vaping is inferior. I tried it and my chest started hurting. I went back to grass and the chest pains went away. I feel like natural grass is where its at. I dont do vapes with their metal bits and heated coils.

No. 1471945

Flower has cbd and thc most of the time. Gets you higher and processes different. High potency carts only have thc normally. No cbd. Probably something to do with that.

No. 1472386

does anyone else legitimately develop some level of psychosis every time they smoke but keep doing it every day anyway lol
i am a diagnosed schizo and weed can be extraordinarily unpleasant and demonic for me yet i'd rather have some interesting bad shit happen to me than just be bored, similar to why some people take benadryl and other deliriants.

No. 1472553

Anyone else notice weed changing their eating habits? I usually smoke daily and only really eat when I'm high but I'm on day 3 of no weed and I've barely eaten. I'm just too fucking nauseous when I try to eat sober

No. 1472573

Yah I am at the point where I straight up can't eat unless i've at least vaped, and I don't even vape real weed, just legal alt-cannabinoid blends. They're honestly about as potent as regular vapes if not more sometimes, the market is getting crazy

No. 1472627

Not schizophrenic, but one time I heard a neurologist talk about weed and schizophrenia. She said if you have the gene for schizophrenia, even if that gene isn't presenting the schizophrenia, once you start using weed it will basically activate your schizophrenia gene. Anyway, I'm a retard so pardon if this comes off as wack. The neurologist lady was really interesting but I saw her speak in person so I can't link you with anything. But that lady was a legit neurologist at a medical college, so I hope what I said might explain some things for you.

No. 1472633

Yeah that is essentially true, weed can affect people's genome on an epigenetic level and alter gene expression, though there is fierce debate over which genes are associated with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. That's also why it's not the greatest idea to smoke a lot while your brain is still developing, i mean, if you want to be in tune with normie consensus reality…but fuck that noise…my brain is custom

No. 1473681

I found some truck/army tank model sets at a garage sale and grabbed them for a family friend since I know he collects that specific brand and he rewarded me with a big bag of homegrown shit.

No. 1481234

It's not fair I feel like the cool weed events never happen near me. They have puff and paint like painting with a twist but with weed. And a craft fair and it's an adult only event with tons of other stuff. NOPE on the other side of the fucking world basically I'd have to drive so long it wouldn't be worth it. It's like my area got a bunch of dispensaries but only the huge city areas hours away get any real events worth going to

No. 1481641

I'm going under full anesthesia tomorrow so I really shouldn't be smoking but I am cus I am anxious as hell and then I get even more anxious because I know it's stupid to be smoking before anesthesia and I really should have quit days ago aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1481645

Just let them know and they can be wary. Let them know you don't want to wake up during. Trust me it's a very scary experience

No. 1481650

Did that happen to you? If so, I'm sorry to hear that. I will let them know, for sure. I went through the same surgery 12 years ago and I was a lot more tough as a teenager apparantly. Right now I just want to cry and bail lol

No. 1481713

That would be so fun I want that too.. I've done some of my best crafts/scrapbooking/sketches while stoned I feel like with paints it'd be even better with how it flows and the satisfying feeling of putting a brush to canvas
Yeah it was just wisdoms so it wasn't like the worst but I was not happy. I'm sorry you're having a rough time I hopefully it'll all just go routine especially if it's a common thing

No. 1489463

File: 1675419701584.jpg (262.39 KB, 720x985, 1623733552441.jpg)

you know you're too familiar with weed when you can recognize a strain by the appearance of the bud alone

No. 1489493

I'm jealous how you guys experiment with different strains.
Weed is illegal here and I don't even know how to get hands on the better stuff. I'm not really a party person (nor are my friends) and small social circle. So the only thing I've ever really had is just some random weed I had the opportunity to get.

No. 1492114

kek same when I did it I mooched off my friends and I have no connections to dealers to obtain it myself

I hate this christian hellhole state

No. 1492136

in covid lockdowns my friend found leafedout (.com) which is a US based site around finding pot dealers! it worked for him in australia which def wasn't the target market, but options are out there anons. good luck and fun blazing.

No. 1492152

thank you devious weed nona

No. 1501112

I'm gonna smoke anon, should I watch midsommar for a second time? First time I wasn't high.

No. 1501162

i feel like watching midsommar would sober me up immediately from the tension alone. if you're brave enough then godspeed noni

No. 1501165

File: 1676497528975.jpg (176.97 KB, 658x613, 0.jpg)

I am high I am drunk I drew a lady that feels what I thunk
I'm based I feel I want a man to know what's real
I'm gay I'm bi I'm straight you're the li……. ar
I'm based I'm bored your mom has a hooooard of old tea pots that aren't worth shit
I want life I want love I want some secret cola flavored gummies from above
KILL ALL MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1501187

don't horror movies make you more scared and sad? They do that to me when i'm high, it's always too fucked up for me, while sober it's fine.

No. 1501347

Smoking shake, it's actually not all that bad.

No. 1501366

i love smoking shake tbh it burns real easy

No. 1501505

high as hell cleaning my house listening to the gone girl audiobook for the 50th time, drinking green tea
wake and bake was a fantastic choice today

No. 1501590

File: 1676546377739.jpeg (565.45 KB, 750x993, 9F61A253-62B3-43EC-8CEF-3EFD8F…)

Baked and going to attempt to finish a commission!!! One last hit tho!!

No. 1501676

I never really thought of it as a horror. There are some scary moments but I watched it high last night and it was good. I don't think I could handle actual horror though, I do want to try one time just out of curiosity of how I'll react. Might be the worst trip if my life though kek.

No. 1507722

File: 1677215042990.png (434.5 KB, 750x582, kittyspa.png)

recently got into edibles anons and omg, the morning afterglow is one of the best feelings ever. must keep them to weekends. must…

No. 1507723

File: 1677215126742.png (922.38 KB, 1009x571, goals.png)

can't believe i saged my legitimate bump, here we go

No. 1507798

File: 1677227265331.jpg (92.11 KB, 500x463, 420cece.jpg)

Day off from school / work, started my morning with a smoke

No. 1507802

Girl I finished a 12 hour night shift at 6am and its 0835 and I'm on my third joint I've got a bath run ,I've brushed and mopped my floors. I'm so goddamn satisfied

No. 1507804

Holy shit, you deserve it nonny

No. 1508835

Talking about edibles I love them but the only thing I hate is every single time I get this sudden drop of extreme anxiety, I've asked a few friends if they get it and they said they don't feel a drop at all. I can get myself out of it pretty easily though.

Hope you enjoy your edibles!

No. 1508846

I want to make myself some weed butter for edibles in the future, but I'm vegan. What would you recommend infusing as an alternative, coconut butter?

No. 1508911

Holy shit I got a vape, I tested it couple times on 170-180 C, I tested on 205C now and holy SHIT the diff man. Now I’m mad I wasted weed for that testing (since it’s hard to get)

No. 1509238

coconut butter is the best alternative yeah!
cut it with other stuff (mint, lavender, mugwort, catnip…) to make it last longer

No. 1509731

eating cheesecake with my bare hands in the shower. Warm.

No. 1509733

god i wish that was me. noni living in nirvana rn

No. 1510118

if you saved it, see: >>1464421 for still putting it to use!

No. 1512084

I haven't been high in so long I am so fucking stupid right now and thought I knew Tom Lip IRL. I missed feeling like a dumbass

No. 1514422

investing in an arizer v-tower was the smartest thing i’ve ever done. i hope everyone is having a nice night

No. 1514430

having a lovely night nona

No. 1514818

File: 1677952196946.jpeg (160.37 KB, 749x426, 91501A62-E50E-44C7-80D4-6810D6…)

Have you noticed toes look kinda like Among Us characters

No. 1514840

stoned anons making me see things I'll never be unable to unsee again

No. 1514853

Can you vape the same weed multiple times? Or just once?

No. 1514856

No. 1514865

OH, I’ve been putting it into a little bag after vaping it for only 5mins

No. 1514885

late reply but the best is after, since your muscles are tense and sore and weed relaxes them. A joint and then a warm shower is my rec

No. 1515175

File: 1677992324376.jpeg (320.5 KB, 968x1362, 2FD994AB-5D54-44CA-B45A-F55E85…)

Just bought a full box of picrel, hope I don’t end up hating them. They sound really nice though and Blazy Susan papers are the best papers out there (I’d say that even if they didn’t come in my favorite colors) so I have high (heh) hopes!

Also I wish Jillian would stop larping as 20 diff people and just do cutesy stoner gworl content, since she clearly spends all day everyday stoned.

No. 1515188

let us know how they are because im highly intrigued

No. 1515527

God I have the worst muchies when I smoke. Yesterday I ate four cans of mushrooms, asparagus and fruits. WHY

No. 1515848

Who here smokes cbd flower? Asking for a me.

No. 1515874

File: 1678074910162.png (250.44 KB, 600x447, 3D1D3817-C382-4163-8662-4DA19C…)

>cans of mushrooms, asparagus, and fruit

Nonnie what the fuck who eats canned mushrooms and canned asparagus? I guess I can understand the canned fruit but still yuck. Did you eat 4 cans of mushrooms, 4 cans of asparagus, and 4 cans of fruit? Do you have 4 cans of some monstrous mushrooms-asparagus-fruit salad? Also are you an ana-chan? cause, while disgusting, your “zomg big binge such munchies” feast seems extremely low cal and you’re venting like you just scarfed down a dozen Big Macs

No. 1515876

Thank you for asking all the questions I was too stoned and polite to ask.

No. 1515883

nta but canned mushrooms are really tasty

No. 1515947

Kekkk no I ate one can of mushrooms, one can of asparagus, one can of peaches and one can of pineapple, all separately. And I’m also a fatass not an anachan, but I figured eating relatively low cal food would be better than stuffing my face with pizza etc while high because I want to stuff my face with ungodly amounts of food while high

No. 1516040

I do, I smoke it when I can't find the regular kind. What's up?

No. 1516737


Thanks for responding! Curious if you get high from it I guess

No. 1517252

>see disposable thc vapes at smoke shop and buy one
>look it up before i try to use it
>read about fake weed cartridges and vape related deaths
>realize none of the carts being sold anywhere are clean and most have pesticides, heavy metals and could also have weird synthetic shit
Wtf nonnies I regret moving out of a state that legalized recreational sale. Considering trying to get a med card

No. 1517266

Dunno what state you’re in but Florida is basically just pay to play medical program making it like a tax free rec state. Great place to be a stoner. Definitely don’t buy those carts you see at smoke shops if you’re not in a legal state that shit will fuck you up.

No. 1517396

File: 1678218984660.jpg (178.52 KB, 1080x1080, EWYXsB3XQAEkpiJ.jpg)

i need to quit smoking or at least cut down but every time im laying in bed doing fuck all i just feel like spongebob looking at the vase full of water

No. 1519732

File: 1678421521434.jpg (79.58 KB, 477x441, confessing to burning down my …)

>decide to smoke weed outside right before picking up food
>food takes an extra 15 minutes to come out
>really feeling it by the time i can start walking back
>notice a trilling sound coming from the direction of my small apartment complex
>walk faster towards apartment
>it's definitely coming coming from my complex
>images of my bong in flames flash through my mind
>start jogging a little
>it's definitely coming from my building
>start running, anxiously trying to get across the streets
>wonder how far the fire has spread
>think of my poor cat
>think of how fucked i am
>start planning what i'm gonna tell the complex owner, wondering if i would get kicked out
>dreading having to tell the firefighters what caused the fire
>finally get to building, out of breath
>a bunch of people standing around outside, including the complex owner
>preparing to confess to my crimes
>dude from the crowd approaches me
>says he left some hamburger buns in the oven

No. 1519797

Shit sorry to leave you hanging. Not high really, I just feel relaxed and kind of drowsy.
I always finish the last of my stash before I take a break so I'm not tempted.

No. 1520395

File: 1678477101210.jpg (73.64 KB, 736x799, tumblr_20e7eadc6fa4d01a5ad2613…)

>feel disconected from my enviroment, dont know what to do, how spend my time
>smoke a little of weed
>now im full dissociated
>still dont know what to do

No. 1520998

File: 1678553402191.png (216.69 KB, 800x800, 9FB8C8F7-2AF2-4874-B2A7-CF7B83…)

I bought these to eat while high it’s awesome

No. 1521072

it’s time hell yea hell yea

No. 1521159

I'm going to make some fruity pebbles cereal treats with some abv infused coconut oil and marshmallows
Hides the flavor better than gummies and isn't as heavy as brownies

No. 1521470

you. YOU are going places. that sounds amazing

No. 1524058

File: 1678873762084.jpg (52.51 KB, 540x533, tumblr_a2ef9dd12876c7febcc10fe…)

Good morning

No. 1526777

File: 1679154867354.jpeg (1.84 MB, 4032x3024, 14ED2D36-2CEC-4FA4-862C-74D313…)

Update, the rose wraps are fantastic! They burn unbelievably slow and even. They smell really strong coming out of the package but don’t have nearly that strong of a taste when smoking them. Great for sharing. Blazy Susan also has these new ceramic capped filter tips with activated charcoal encapsulated inside that I got a jar of, they’re really great too. I’ll be buying more of both the fancy filter tips and the rose wraps. I feel fancy smoking these kek

No. 1526786

>chillin playing genshin
>bf pops in to drop me nugs on his way to work
>blazed and vibing so hard I'm so excited to just do nothing
>doing nothing but shitposting


No. 1529555

File: 1679398584664.png (684.6 KB, 640x640, abv sandwich.png)

Made some abv + nutella sandwich for breakfast and now I'm floating.

Would making cannabutter be more efficient in regards to THC amount than just eating it straight?

No. 1529652

It would be significantly less gnarly that’s for sure

No. 1529744

It was really good tho

No. 1529751

How much abv did you use? I tried some recently, I had 3g and felt nothing (I don't use weed very often and would be pretty susceptible to the effects). I wonder was it too old? (It probably was more than a year old)

No. 1529754

Not a lot at all, like a small pinch. I’m still high. Mine was pretty fresh and not very strongly vaped though.

No. 1529759

I'm out of weed so I just mixed crumble with abv and I'm doing bong rips of it

No. 1530207

Damn maybe I torched mine too much… I did an abv edible, used 1.5 tsp, didn't feel anything. Usually that's enough to knock me on my ass and I know my tolerance can't be THAT bad.
How'd that work for you? I've considered trying it before when I'm dry but I save mine for edibles and they're usually pretty reliable so I didn't want to potentially waste it.

No. 1530209

File: 1679462506154.jpg (9.78 KB, 175x215, prisonerofsex050530_2_175.jpg)

smorkin' dworkin

No. 1530223

It makes sense though, THC evaporates over time. I tried doing that a while ago with really old crusty ABV and it only make me feel sick lol. My friend advised me to put the weed in the freezer to make it last longer but idk.

No. 1530244

blessed rare dworkin

No. 1533086

File: 1679812693756.jpg (364.64 KB, 1200x1600, 5b306e2c-8782-4332-990f-34b7b4…)

oh my god nona i just spend like 20 mintues tryingt to find this threat in the catalog…. ive been trying to post in this thread for so lon that i dont remember why i wanted to post here so badly now.
but you know what that doesnt make me a bad person or like racist or soething. im still just a farmer with a dream and much else. things you couldn't imagine. so even if i loose here ive actually already won. so yeah thats all have a nice weekend everyone and have a lot of fun and stuff like uh maybe play fortnite? its actually a really good game but we need to keep making fun off it because if we dont the whole universe is going to just prefer to play fortnite everyday allday instead of like you know having jobs and stuff and also whose gonna be the driver in the van if we are all in battle royale mode like who is driving the truck when eveyrone wants to play in battle royal (NO BUILT MODE, obviously!) instead of doing literally anything else. how can the driver be a driver if he too says ok cool and jumps from the van. yes im one of those millenials that get into things too late thats its kinda emberrrasing like uh okay chinthia yeah obvlivion by grimes was good hahaah whatever girl whatever. anyways, im just saying like you know the type of girl to say "hipster" AFTER 1/3 of the population had already had a "hipster" phase and now found it VERY cringy.

No. 1533154

i used to be a fortnite hater until that chug jug cover song came out and now im cool with it. enjoy your fork knife noni. also is that a madoka mod for mario kart because i need it

No. 1533171

I love this post kek

No. 1541739

File: 1680741219218.jpg (343.46 KB, 1200x1600, tricomes.jpg)

I went on a date with a guy who was my weed dealer's dealer. It didn't work out romantically but he was willing to sell so I shortened my supply chain and can save sooo much money.
Anyway I decided to get premium flower and it is WORTH it. I haven't been this high in a long time. The bud is actually beautiful and it smells delicious. I'm sniffing it right now and it's so fragrant. God I am stoned. I recommend all you nonnies to try top shelf bud if you haven't. It's bliss.

No. 1541848

I love you.

No. 1542267

Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome isn't fucking real and even if it was just stop smoking weed? It's not crack. Also if you look into the cases of people "dying" of this supposedly they were using other substances like alcohol or weird drug cocktails. It's bullshit

No. 1542287

Is that what Shayna has?

No. 1542317

I married my dealer and we've been together 12 years kek free weed for life

No. 1542339

File: 1680812473734.jpg (73.57 KB, 640x992, c06y2715boz61.jpg)

i'm high as fuck and just finding this thread for the first time. you're all hilarious and i love you

No. 1542343

File: 1680813236124.jpg (30.82 KB, 916x689, g5qg0im3ey711.jpg)

I am dreaming about the moment I can get off of work and eat dinner with a friend and then get high af in my apartment and watch something stupid

No. 1542539

Bunch of silly beans! Love y'all.

No. 1542768


No. 1544214

Hey nonnies. I gave myself some intrusive thought last time I've smoked (I won't get into too much detail because I don't want to give it to any of you).
I was able to distract myself and didn't fall down the anxiety hole, but it definitely inconvenienced my high. And I still think about it even now I'm sober. How do I break this pattern and get rid of this?
I only smoke once a month instead of alcohol and I don't want it to get ruined. I've never really had anything negative happen from weed before.

No. 1544246

I had something like that. What I did was addressing these thoughts sober. I discovered it was actually a very deep rooted problem I had, that I was not conscious of at all. So this is maybe even something very positive because it could be your unconsciousness trying to tell you something.

No. 1544424

File: 1681050312623.jpg (27.32 KB, 564x564, lettuce.jpg)

oh my god!!! i totally thought i had smoked all my stash months ago, maybe even a year. i haven't had access to new stuff for a long time too, but just decided to empty out the booze shelf that i'm never going to drink, and i climb to reach it and I see not ONE but TWO little joints on there… one is really short, but whatever, my day is made. i'll save it for another time but just had to share this joyous moment. pun intended in my language we also call em joyuses

No. 1544553

File: 1681060318336.jpeg (77.02 KB, 825x724, 6C54D83D-D3BA-495F-AB0A-365E1D…)

Anyone wants to smoke an eastern skinny with me. On the bed with open window and just laugh and have a good time

No. 1544617

I’ll roll one for you, nona. Hope you feel better

No. 1544669

File: 1681065394071.jpeg (77.72 KB, 629x698, 98CF9111-4062-436C-AE0D-695079…)

Sounds lovely anon. You inspired me to open my windows and roll up some of this Mr. E Pupil

No. 1544873

File: 1681079326388.png (416.94 KB, 685x592, nice.png)

ive been only using concentrates for the last two years but today i bought some top shelf flower, picrel. what a goddamn good idea that was. im high as balls and about to go smoke another bowl. hope everyone is having a good sunday!!

No. 1548281

i CANNOT play anything competitive other than yugioh while im high. istg in shit like quake champions i cant even see the enemy i become literally DISABLED
>high asf rn

No. 1548365

File: 1681406755630.jpg (72.98 KB, 720x876, photo_2023-04-13_19-23-55.jpg)

No. 1548384

Simply epic
This reminds me of when I was at my friends house and we had nothing to smoke out of so we dug a sweet potato out of the cupboard and carved it into a pipe and the only weed we had was damp homegrown bud most janky high of my fuckin life

No. 1548419

Omg. Once at my best friends house, we had a bong but she had broken the bowl. I carved us a bowl out of a carrot. Man I miss sleepovers

No. 1548621

Oh my god, that looks so freakin beautiful. It's pretty better to save up for high shelf and high quality flower myself. I bought a good amount for $30 but it takes a few bowls to get me really high.

No. 1550223

High eating canned food again

No. 1550354

did you fucking deep fry this and then drop it in dirt?

No. 1551666

File: 1681700641194.jpeg (35.53 KB, 700x700, 626f4055aa82b-0.jpeg)

got a black cherry cannabis drink and omg it's super tasty. Wasn't the strongest but I'm pretty high tolerance right now. Gonna hit the vape on top and enjoying the movie night

No. 1554629

File: 1681958379264.jpeg (254.14 KB, 1007x1317, A3D0A171-75CE-4988-9FD2-1E37AD…)

Happy 4/20 nonnies!!! Share your 4/20 activities with us! I’m stocking tf up cause my favorite dispo only has a few good sales a year and today is one of ‘em.

No. 1554907

File: 1681993024475.jpeg (75.56 KB, 1200x673, AA5FC680-5B14-4FEA-BE31-D7AF37…)

wassup pendejas its 420 lets get blasted

No. 1554931

I'm so busy today so no smoking for me until probably after midnight but I've decided I'll partake if someone offers (highly likely today kek)

No. 1554942

File: 1681997637549.jpg (186.67 KB, 828x1472, FX6NOHvUcAEAWoN.jpg)

Happy 420 nonnies!

No. 1555260

File: 1682016551077.jpg (7.61 KB, 236x227, 1674648336603.jpg)

What does it mean if smoking weed normally makes me feel pretty awful (nauseous and have to lie down for the first half an hour after smoking, after that I perk up a little but I still feel pretty anxious and paranoid, and find it very difficult to understand things so I can't even watch TV or relax by any form of media) but I still have a huge desire to smoke it? I never smoke very much at a time but I smoked daily for 10+ years with these effects. Are there other people who are/were daily smokers who mostly only get negative effects like this?

No. 1555630

Today marks a week long t-break! Going to pick up tomorrow and settle in for a long weekend. I've got some cool snacks waiting for me but idk what to watch! Usually I just listen to music. Any suggestions anons?
Hmm I'm not sure but it sounds like your body/brain telling you to stop. When I smoke every day I get extremely tired and apathetic but nothing like this. Maybe try switching to cbd to curb the cravings and aim towards quitting or at least a break, come back and see how you feel? I'm surprised you've dealt with it for this long, it sounds very stressful.

No. 1555633

It means that weed is an addictive drug.

No. 1555646

sublime is peak stoner music imo

No. 1555667

Why are you self harming yourself like this? Cannabis is a medicine. You probably have a habit of smoking but because you don't need the medicinal benefits of weed your body rejects it and makes you sick instead. Maybe just smoke herbal cigarettes?

No. 1555872

Girl I think you should NOT be smoking, that sounds awful.

No. 1555954

omg no anon i understand you, i also experience mostly negative effects like it worsens my ocd symptoms x100. it does help me when im taking tolerance breaks from my meds and helps me sleep somehow so thats why i basically smoke daily during those periods even though i hate the effects. if u have no reason to take it then just quit pls kek

No. 1555955

File: 1682081497077.png (26.1 KB, 589x355, fdgdfgr.png)

The dispensary didn't even have good deals yesterday I was bummed. I got 14 carts for 100 because I needed to reup anyways but the other deals weren't all that. Like picrel for instance am I retarded or does it make no sense..

No. 1555957

There are 28 grams in an ounce so one bag of 28 1g prerolls should be like an ounce why are they calling it 2oz does the paper make it weigh more also they have $79 ounces so why the fuck would you buy that or even consider that a deal

No. 1555966

Lol I'm in Northern Ireland and a half is 130 here.

No. 1555969

a $79 ounce is likely to be shit weed though. wait i just realized youre talking in USD yeah nevermind im stoned. carry on.

No. 1555979

It would've been like a year ago but I live in a legal state and prices have become insanely cheap here even for good shit

No. 1559238

Where do you live? Do you ever splurge on top shelf?

No. 1559272

File: 1682436501540.jpg (13.94 KB, 275x275, 1674364994113.jpg)

An oz costs 350 euros ($380) where I am from KEK.

No. 1559279

Samefag and if you can't spend all that money at once it costs 50 for anywhere between 2 and 3g normally. RIP.

No. 1559282

You’ll pay about $255-320 an ounce for the best stuff on the market where I’m from, unless it’s on sale which happens a decent amount of time.

No. 1559299

I'm not an expert but I think the stuff we get at this price is probably the same as your lower quality. You also have no idea what type of weed you are getting here either eg different strains or amounts of THC etc, it's take what you can get. The only "discount" you can ever get is if you buy a huge quantity at once (like an oz) which puts you into serious criminal territory if you are caught with it as you will be charged as a drug dealer. Alas.

No. 1559311

Yeah that makes sense. When stuff wasn’t legal I was paying $40 an 8th for stuff I could easily find for $10-15 and 8th now that it’s medical. One of the dispos in my state was selling $8 ounces for 4/20 - not good shit but definitely better than some of the cheap weed I smoked before it was legal, and definitely fine for making butter.

No. 1559348

NTA but you reminded me of getting actual brick weed from my old pot dealer back in college, shit was brown and reminded me of hamster litter. The coconut oil I made with it tasted so disgusting the terp profile was like lawn clippings
I honestly don't think you can even find that anymore with how weed has improved so much

No. 1559749

A family member of mine is a dealer who exclusively sells brick weed KEK I used to pick up from her often. So many seeds so many sticks it was so dry and brown and disgusting.

No. 1559916

Here 1 oz would be like 560€ and you have no guarantees of it’s quality or what it even is… god I want it legalized here so I could know what I was getting

No. 1559920

File: 1682495119545.jpg (63.86 KB, 720x509, osaka.jpg)

My vape is like 1 inch tall it's so tiny like zoolanders cell phone I hope it doesn't explode in my face and kill me

No. 1560694

A friend of mine did exactly picrel first time I handed him a bong KEK

No. 1563584

File: 1682880240011.png (28.58 KB, 442x286, chickenstriplet.png)

dogs can't possibly conceptualize the process of manufacturing a chicken strip
I bet when Maisy dreams of chasing little animals, she dreams of chicken tenders running away just as often as chipmunks

No. 1563594

Idk why this is killing me, kek

No. 1564039

File: 1682898795939.png (Spoiler Image,60.75 KB, 561x375, IMG_2274-removebg-preview.png)

in a pre-emptive strike against god, i decided to buy an enail just in case my puffco decided to shit the bed.

No. 1566735

Hmmm. I considered your theory. However My dog doesn’t bark at chicken strips and hyper fixate on them from 15 yards away the way she does squirrels so idk

No. 1566736

Hmmm. I considered your theory. However My dog doesn’t bark at chicken strips and hyper fixate on them from 15 yards away the way she does squirrels so idk

No. 1567148

>My dog doesn’t bark at chicken strips and hyper fixate on them from 15 yards away the way she does squirrels
really? mine sure does kek

No. 1570394

Prolly not the right thread, but without necroing what I could find…
I have a whole bunch of MD and I kinda want to take some solo. Has anyone ever done this? In my mind all I want to do is listen to good music and melt into my sofa, I don’t want to take a lot!

No. 1572760

i'm so late to this but i love you

No. 1572762

samefagging. Anyone ever been absentmindedly reading threads on here, see a post, and then completely forget you wrote it a week ago and think, wow! She really hit the nail on the head!

No. 1572845

I’ve never heard of MD in my life nonnie. All I think is medical doctor.

No. 1572960

This happens to me all the time and I even caught myself replying to my owns posts high maybe once or twice and be like "yeah, agreed 100%"

No. 1572966

File: 1683708973811.png (152.36 KB, 572x588, 1681279968714.png)

Had some edibles and I'm listening to EDM

No. 1573048

File: 1683723294369.gif (4.86 MB, 896x500, soul-eater-dancing-skull-zvw6c…)

has anyone ever smoked THCa flower? I did some investigating due to inconsistent communication with former supplier and being in medical only state, and bought small batches from a few companies online. I'll admit I was unsure at first, but it's the real deal.

No. 1573444

Ha, I was drunk when I posted this. I meant MDMA… this is the wrong thread.

No. 1574328

This song on edibles is unreal
Edibles are the shit every once in a while. It's kind of psychedelic, instead of just chilling you out like a joint it's a whole ass experience

No. 1574730

I heard this track on my local NPR station like 5 years ago and just rediscovered it in my likes. Hope you nonnas enjoy it as much as I do.

No. 1575920

Anyone use a dry herb vape? Mine is hard to clean because the filters get annoying resin (?) build up that prevents air flow. I’ve cleaned them with warm water and dish soap but that doesn’t get rid of all the build up, and new gunk gets stuck on the filter very quickly, like within a few inhales

No. 1576330

I do, honestly every other day I just toss all the parts except for the battery in a little plastic baggie filled with 97% alcohol and leave it while I'm at work, then I'll clean everything out with q-tips. It is starting to annoy me though, I might just buy more filters and dosing capsule to rotate through

No. 1578836

Mushrooms freak me out. Sometimes when I get high I watch mushroom videos online. It’s what I’m doing right now.

No. 1580036

Out of curiosity, what brand is your vape?
My other half has one and cleans the parts with isopropyl alcohol. After about 1.5 years he says there is a taste he can’t get rid of, wondered if you had a similar problem?
He has a Storz & Bickel mighty.

No. 1580389

I used to use them regularly but kind of forgot about it. I had an expensive ass Firefly before it randomly died and I forgot to mail it back before the warranty expired and currently have a Flowermate. I wipe my Flowemate screens down with alcohol prep pads (I use 97% iso for glass but am afraid I’ll corrode something using that on metal but that’s probably just me being dumb) as needed but I never found them to get too gunked up. You might be grinding your flower too fine and/or vaping at too high a temperature.
Having extra filters is definitely really convenient. I can’t stand smoking out of anything dirty so I have extra shit for my vape and numerous extra bowls for my bong lol

No. 1583776

I've had an edible and I'm going to watch Pixie's new video, oh my god I feel like I'm in for a ride. Haven't checked the replies yet. My god.

No. 1583789

I've never watched a video of hers, what a strange woman. When you imagine she's talking about her child it's really cute though.

No. 1586848

File: 1685012798194.png (363.03 KB, 451x794, MEGAVAPE.png)

I want this so bad. It is.. the mega vape

No. 1587260

Vapes will never be as good as a glass pipe or bong. Those metal coils suck.

No. 1595631

File: 1685774469182.png (209.63 KB, 421x362, me when the nona derails and n…)

>when im high its like ill text my bestiee "i feel like i could do better than lea michele i really do"
>other day i made a delicious salsa and then got high and i threw my delicious salsa on the floor and i got all my sleep clothes salsa'd and it was awful but i just completely dropped. it without meaning to it was so bad
>but then ill be stoned out of my mind lurking lolcow and ill be like "okay wait… let me report this.. S -A G-E… yesss yesss this should be saged… SEND" like what does that say about me?

No. 1596019

File: 1685818483818.jpg (4.33 KB, 224x224, images (1).jpg)

Putting kids of puberty blockers is like making bonsai trees out of people

No. 1596052

Literally the same face

No. 1596092

Have fun inhaling metal coil residue and other chemicals.

No. 1603140

File: 1686429323572.gif (1.56 MB, 375x375, tumblr_72ab6dacc6e09aa94091537…)

You are harshing my mellow man

No. 1609677

File: 1686975911428.gif (996.74 KB, 400x247, IMG_0217.gif)

I’m stoned and watching workaholics, happy friday

No. 1617224

I get the worst fucking munchies when I smoke, I’m like a pig at a trough. Has anyone found a way to fight the urge to consume everything in sight while high?

No. 1617252


carbonated drinks help. big fan of seltzer waters.

No. 1617257

Having a tasty drink helps. I like to have a smoothie or a big ice cold bottle of gatorade.

No. 1621486

File: 1688164518526.jpg (858.26 KB, 3024x4032, b6slaa5ph5g31.jpg)

Im baked and found this on plebbit it's so pretty I want to copy it

No. 1621490

This is hilarious. Where is this from?

No. 1625257

File: 1688573728036.jpg (6.81 MB, 4330x5413, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…)

I need a new dab torch mine broke

No. 1625292

This image is so sweet nona, thank you for sharing it

No. 1631909

has anyone itt tried damiana and skullcap? either alone or mixed with there mj?

No. 1632015

File: 1689191833600.gif (102.42 KB, 324x333, IMG_2673.GIF)

Ooh I haven't tried skullcap but I got some damiana recently and have been mixing it with pretty good results. It definitely gets the blood flowing. also got some mullein and it lives up to the decongestant hype I think. I'd also recommend butterfly pea flower, like the one used for tea. Both the butterfly pea and damiana contribute a more "euphoric" feeling or however it's said.
My only problem is now the resin is incredibly difficult to clean out of my little dry vape and it's getting a bit clogged.

No. 1632482

Ty nonna. I'm gonna get some butterfly pea flower and try it soon. I 100% recommend you try skullcap. You will absolutely love it. Mixing it with damiana and mullein is top tier and might be even more top tier if you mix with your weed.
So far I like how I feel with I smoke my damiana-mullein-skullcap blend. I won't say it gets me super high like cannabis but I do get a similar buzz and euphoric-like feelings that puts me in a great mood and headspace. The only drawback is that it doesnt last as long as a regular weed high but for me personally that's okay since I'm weening myself off of weed to break a bad dependency. I might try mixing with dispensary hemp or some cbd to see if the affects can be prolonged though.
I'm also looking at blue lotus flower only because the research I did said it's good for insomnia and (because I'm spiritual) astral projection/lucid dreaming/shifting. Have you hand any experience with blue lotus?

No. 1634423

Where do you smoke? Inside, outside? Especially looking for responses from nonas who live in places where weed is illegal.

I smoke on the balcony but I’m paranoid a neighbor will smell something and report me. I could smoke outside in a foresty spot near my house but that’s full of hard drug users I don’t want to deal with kekk

No. 1634536

I live in an apartment in an area where weed is illegal. I usually just smoke inside with a vape. I go outside on my balcony to smoke at night, and I've smelled my neighbors doing the same. I wouldn't be worried about getting reported by neighbors unless they're assholes.
Also even though it's illegal here everyone smokes outside of clubs and bars so that's an option if you like going out. The forest is by far my favorite place, if you have any parks with trails or hiking near you it's easy to find secluded spots. I'd stay away from druggie forest though kek

No. 1634784

File: 1689464411557.jpeg (135.72 KB, 780x520, 66A9A6F6-4656-47E9-BD82-425DB7…)

Added some organic Egyptian blue lotus to my joint nonnas hope I don’t hallucinate

No. 1634785

Samefag but I forgot to read/reply to this before posting >>1634784 - I’ll let you know how it goes, I only added a little. I wanna try Damiana if this goes over well. I’m also growing some organic lavender I hope to add to joints soon.

No. 1637336

I made an edible apple pie and I was feeling like it was a waste of good weed but I am starting to feel the funny jiggles. Eheh.

No. 1637801

Wish I knew how to make edibles that worked, I always make them way too mild and I don’t feel anything kek

No. 1637822

30g of weed cooked in 250g butter makes you 200g of weed butter. 275g of flour, 60g of sugar and coco. You bake that for 10-15 minutes and you have cookies that will 100% make you high andlast you a long time, i take one, you can take 3 if you smoke every day and that's it.
And i even use just leaves and trash weed and it still makes me high just as good. Come on there's nothing to get wrong about it.

No. 1639062

That would cost me 600€, theres no way in hell kek

No. 1639068

You can also use sticks and stems to make butter and personally I’d use the absolute cheapest weed imaginable, quality really isn’t a big factor when making edibles kek. A dispo near me was selling $8 ounces and an ounce is just under 30 grams, heard they made for amazing edibles.

No. 1639072

NTAYRT but sometimes I forget there's places where you can't just.. buy weed (canadianfag)

No. 1639088

That’s most of the world lol

No. 1639127

Some places call this “shake”

No. 1639715

File: 1689952219293.jpg (6.19 KB, 250x203, 1dhf6d.jpg)

most of the worlds grows their own at home/grandma's anyway

No. 1656628

File: 1691385936532.jpg (50.88 KB, 691x629, Tumblr_l_133057754915855.jpg)

Got high and realized how sexy I am, god damn. If I saw me walking down the street I'd be looking twice wtf. I'd get so nervous around me. Wtf. I am so crazy in the head right now.

No. 1656737

My neighbor saw me smoke my bong on the balcony I’m so going to get evicted for being a braindead idiot

No. 1656742

My neighbor saw me smoke my bong on the balcony I’m so going to get evicted for being a braindead idiot

No. 1657424

Just deny it! What bong…

No. 1661261

File: 1691783862838.jpg (50.26 KB, 640x501, ba0708cb2e284a712f42e82e1ce951…)

I had a weed induced panic attack when I went to watch Barbie lol. I don't smoke as much as I used to and had way too much + I haven't been high in public for a while. I was freaking the fuck out when we went back inside to get popcorn and almost left. I'm glad I rode it out though cus it was a good time as soon as I calmed down. Laughed everytime Ryan Gosling was on screen

No. 1661270

I ripped my pen so hard before barbie and i almost left during cuz the bitch next to me wouldn't stop farting

No. 1663841

was scrolling through the catalog to try to find this thread and then mistook dworkin for like lady frankenstein and forgot what i was gonna say anyway

No. 1663843

safefagging, sorry. what do you think that little fold on the cat's ear is for?

No. 1663854


No. 1663857

they can't hear with the rest of the ear?

No. 1663862

It's the same reason our ears are shaped the way they are

No. 1663863

File: 1691980675496.jpeg (63.61 KB, 591x697, Caroll Borland.jpeg)

Picked up some ice cream cake earlier. Thought it would be a mild indica so I ended up milking the entire bowl. I can feel my legs turning into mush as I type this. I feel safe here, nonnas.

No. 1663877

wish i was you. currently rationing what i have because i have to drive like three hours to the nearest dispensary once i run out

No. 1663934

Have you looked into growing your own, nonna? I've been thinking about it for a bit but I've been too busy to try

No. 1669523

got way way way too stoned last night drinking weed hot chocolate. thought i was having a heart attack and dying but paralyzed and couldn't call an ambulance. my nigel was in a feral position on the floor and also couldn't move. i'm sobering up but still not completely. oh my god drugs are so scary

No. 1669657

Rainy day!!! Everything is perfect and slow and I’m stoned in bed have a nice day nonitas

No. 1670520

File: 1692531414505.jpeg (249.3 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_5447.jpeg)

I’m swirling like this

No. 1672788

anyone else having stock issues regarding maui wowie by ga? i'm so sad. not sure if i should stock up because its going out of stock or if its just a shortage issue.

No. 1672896


No. 1672898

No. 1672901

File: 1692717325320.jpg (57.19 KB, 689x889, 69d08544dd1c4c16f53d624c2e24b4…)

You know how it be baby oh ho ho yeaaaah

No. 1672903

Yeh, it sure be, yeh

No. 1673029

just waiting for work to be done so i can smoke.. something like.. 4 hours

No. 1673093

You're almost there nonnie

No. 1687885

its so cute how some nonas end their sentences with periods and other's don't. Or when sometimes they get used and then its not at the very end like she wants to be more casual. love you guys

No. 1687887

File: 1693876926686.gif (667.41 KB, 500x281, 10213239_fc126.gif)

Luv you too nonnynoo

No. 1687907

File: 1693878565793.gif (230.9 KB, 450x389, IMG_2821.gif)

You’re cute too

No. 1687957

File: 1693884637178.jpg (119.17 KB, 1280x720, summerforest.jpg)

how did it go with the blue lotus? hope it was enjoyable!! I still haven't gotten around to getting the skullcap but I'm really enjoying the damiana mullein pea flower added into my usual bowl. did you ever end up trying the lavender?

No. 1701549

I’m thinking of trying edibles for the first time, never done any recreational drugs ever. Can someone recommend me a brand of thc gummies with a small dosage? Some of the ones I see have delta 8 and 9 together in one and the total is around 30mg per gummy? It’s confusing

No. 1701554

I smoked earlier to celebrate passing the written exam of my drivers license! I haven’t done this in a while

No. 1701563

Yeah idk about the delta 8 and 9 mix cause the dosing is different. A good starter dose of delta 8 is like 50 mg, a good starter dose of 9 is 5 mg.

No. 1701832

Cutest doobie ever

No. 1703420

How much do you all spend on weed a month? I live somewhere it isn’t legal so know I pay a premium but I’m feeling so guilty about my spending to the point that I’ve actually given up smoking (for now, at least). Hoping if some anons care to share their spending habits I might feel a bit less shit about my decisions, I don’t know.

No. 1705841

File: 1695531957003.png (277.19 KB, 204x619, kodona-ouji-lolita-boystyle-2.…)

Sitting here high and remembered seeing a prince themed/ouji fashion faux host cafe in Japan that closed in like 2012 or 2013 when I was a broke teenage weeaboo. So now I will never get to have tea and cake with an irl bifauxnen who will call me ohimesama


No. 1705842

Oh you guys are weebs foreal

No. 1705843

go back to wherever you came from

No. 1705845

i would have tea with you noni, but your tea etiquette must be impeccable to teaparty on my level

No. 1705849

Probably like 100 every four months or so, but more to drive to the neighboring legal state

No. 1705883

I'm gonna make it even worse for you nonnie: I remembered that model, her name is Akira and looking her up, turns out she's now married and a boymom. Her wedding announcement even contained stuff like uwu I'm gonna wear dresses for him… bleak
I only got into weeb shit like visual kei and lolita in 2014 and back then everything was already dying out and everybody was mourning the good old days but now that I'd actually have enough money to do what I want, basically nothing exists anymore.
Thanks to googling that I also found out that Issay died and now I'm sad…

No. 1705886

nta but god fucking damn it god fucking damn itttttttttttttttt why does knowing that information hurt me on a soul level

No. 1705904

You mean Akira, the scene or Issay?

No. 1708000

File: 1695749320986.jpeg (85 KB, 1125x444, IMG_6080.jpeg)


No. 1708539

File: 1695822790919.jpg (95.17 KB, 657x716, Capture.JPG)

Any daily stoner nonnas ITT? Whether you're looking to cut down or happy with your intake I'm super interested to hear about your routine! Actually also if you're a non-daily stoner or a periodic stoner. I just wanna connect thru the ether

>am WFH postgrad researcher hitting the bong just a little less often than she's hitting the books but not missing any deadlines…. yet

No. 1708571

>basically nothing exists anymore.
This truly bums me out. Even if I didn't wear trends, it still made me happy to see that various fashions existed. Now, it's all just lowest common denominator sweatshop shit from Walmart. Everythig in every country is just Walmart shit.

No. 1708759

Same for me, I only own one lolita dress but I kind of lived through them? (or hoped this would be me in the future), so it really hurts me to see it gone
I couldn't stop thinking about this the past few days…

No. 1714719

I’m a 30 year old STEM student and I speedrunned myself into daily smoking. I’m doing the high school weed gorl larp but at fucking thirty.

No. 1714726

Kek, if it helps nonnie me too - except I did have a high school stoner arc and it's returned this past year when I'm 28
I'm a full-time WFH tech nerd and I have my first joint midday, helps make the afternoon fly by then I usually have one after work and another before bed. I need to start cutting back because I know smoking is bad for you, but the entire routine of rolling a joint I love, so haven't swapped to a vape or something yet. Whatever, I'm so much calmer when I smoke at least

No. 1714931

Nonnies, look up cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrone. Keep it in mind if you start to get any of the symptoms. I was smoking since early adolescence and I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with me. It will save you a few trips to the doctors and lots of research.

No. 1714941

Was at the dispensary and some guy in front of me tried to make small talk with the cute woman working at the counter.

>"what's your name?"

>"sick, like mother earth?"

She just continued to dead stare and told him the price and he left without saying anything else after paying. She was super nice to me though lol

No. 1715040


I was a daily stoner for many years until a few weeks ago (decided to quit). Usually I’d have a spliff in the morning with a coffee and a couple at the end of the day, but this year in particular my use crept up and up and was getting really silly so I’ve had to can it entirely as I clearly can’t do moderation any more.

No. 1715788

Wtf I smoked CBD but I feel like I'm high- I wonder if my grinder just had THC weed bits left or does the CBD weed contain THC

No. 1715821

Kek. Girlboss.

No. 1717355

I think CBD gets converted to THC in our tummies.

No. 1722677

I had the biggest crush on Akira. Knowing she is married and a boymom now hurts like none other. I was super hoping she was secretly a lesbian. Oh well. 2012.. time flies so much. I used to buy every Kera magazine with her in it, and that other blonde model.

No. 1723522

I just smoked a bowl after work and it's hitting harder today

No. 1723564

The other day I got high and watched family guy and I was like not really paying attention but here and there the random jokes made me laugh

No. 1724531

harvested my weed too late. you think it'll still be good to smoke?

No. 1724592

Yeah, it's fine

No. 1728555

It's so cool that there are so many STEM women on here! Being a massive stoner is my least-worst bad habit so as long as the thesis is getting written I don't feel too compelled to stop altogether, but after a year of heavy use the novelty of being able to be wizard level high whenever I feel like has worn off.

Also I keep buying expensive glassware bongs then accidentally breaking them… I just can't resist a 110cm tall space-age looking beaft, smoking joints is inefficient as shit and tiny bongs lack gravitas

No. 1748681

File: 1698930095979.jpeg (133.41 KB, 434x430, 1697847396114.jpeg)

Fuuuck, how far do you think dry herb vape smell carries? I didn't see my landlord outside while I was smoking in my balcony. I live in the 4th floor.

No. 1748683


You’ll be fine, nonny. If they were the balcony above you, I’d say you’d be right to be concerned, but 4 floors below is fine.

No. 1751864

Im sorry if this has already been asked before, but what music do you put on when you're in the high?
And are edible eaters allowed to be in this thread?

No. 1754757

File: 1699226208158.jpg (61.48 KB, 1020x576, 423001f3b505435d5f6e4b3178a2f2…)

I'm doing so much stuff tonight I'm so high I'm dehydrating oregano and my house smells like pizza and it's giving me the mu7nchies
I'll allow you I love weed seltzer or homemade weed oil edibles
My favorite music when I'm high is anime, reggae or pop I have multiple playlists for my moods

No. 1763692

The dabs I just bought taste like mint? Terpenes are amazing kek

No. 1763697

'course they're allowed. They're better, in my opinion. I have patience to wait a bit and there's no smell to linger in my apartment or irritate my cat

No. 1763729

this weed I'm smoking is so weird… It tastes fine but the smoke smells exactly like cat piss. Like I got up to make sure my cat didn't go outside his box kek. This sucks!!

No. 1763763

Oh my god a joint I got fucking tasted like pee recently too

No. 1763806

I was fine, you were right nonny

No. 1764688

File: 1699641924935.png (215.57 KB, 914x982, Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 2.43…)

NTA but I am glad you were not caught. Packing a bowl for you!

What does your favourite/current piece look like? Mine is similar to picrel but without the leaf shapes. I wish I had pretty pipes though.

No. 1764694

ooo cute! I prefer smoking from joints but I love seeing gorgeous smoking pieces!!

No. 1765608

Nonnas have any tips for dealing with withdrawals after daily smoking for a loooong time?

No. 1765771

Using nicotine helps

No. 1765882

I tried to take up smoking cigarettes in the summer but I just cannot handle nicotine so that's sadly not an option

No. 1765908


CBD drops and Prozac in my experience.
I’m just over two months sober after smoking heavily for years and it’s still awful tbh.

No. 1766001

Quitting anon here again, I didn't quit after all. I couldn't bear the thought of going cold turkey like that. I've done it before and it feels horrible. Even just waking up to this day felt horrible because I knew I was out. I was on the edge of tears all day until I got another gram. I haven't even smoked yet but it has lifted my spirits. (It's quite sad actually to realize just how addicted you are to a fucking plant.) I'll try not to smoke until I feel like I'm going to lose it or right before bed so I can actually get some sleep. I got a couple drinks to keep me busy until the night. What do you all think, will weaning off work better than cold turkey?

No. 1766445

File: 1699741985718.jpeg (6.7 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Should I watch a thriller, comedy or horror? I'll probably fall asleepnjalfeay through anyway

No. 1766451

Comedy. Maybe like Bernie (2011)

No. 1767364

You make me wanna SMOKE

No. 1767524

Horror. There's something really trippy yet comfy about falling asleep to horror imo. The suspenseful scenes with drawn-out quiet moments become relaxing. And if it's a goofy/simple horror movie you won't need to pay attention too hard or feel so bad about missing parts.

No. 1767580

My tolerance is nuts; some days I can only get high in the morning and then after that I can smoke and eat edibles like normal food/candy and feel nothing until I take a t break

No. 1768786

File: 1699826391269.png (240.58 KB, 594x352, Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 10.56…)

Does anyone else smoke before they do schoolwork?
I find that it helps my brain quiet down a little and allows me to actually relax my body while my brain can actually turn its hamster wheels.
Pic unrelated. I just didn't feel like scrolling through my files.

No. 1768833

Hell no, weed makes my thoughts jump all over the place yet unable to do anything productive at the same time. Might be the strains I smoke though (which is whatever my plug has at the moment, idk what they even are lol).

No. 1768972

yeah I do that, otherwise my brain just cant focus without a bunch of coaxing

No. 1768981

File: 1699836973184.gif (344.01 KB, 320x240, 9fc.gif)

got a few baggies of mystery weed as a treat. time to have some regrets

No. 1769428

i couldn't do schoolwork high, it's way too boring but i draw and paint high and that helps me focus.

No. 1769452

Just read the news about cops arresting 3 generations of a family who had a massive business with weed in my town, they had 60kg of weed on them. Didn't know them but it's sad, they get more jailtime than killers and rapists ever do here…. are we're supposed to legalize weed in two years of whatever, what a joke

No. 1770749

What’s everyone’s sign that they need to go on a tolerance break? And how long do you usually go for?
Feel like maybe I should just because the highs aren’t as strong…but other than that smoking‘s been a nice post work treat of mine and it gives me energy to draw for a bit so I’m not sure

No. 1770878

I smoke daily and buy a set amount of weed per month so when I start running out early because I'm smoking heavier, it's time for a t break. I finish the rest of my stash and stop for at least 2 weeks (this is long enough to "reset" my tolerance), usually a month or longer. Also it helps if you have an a special occasion to look forward to- for me that's mainly stuff like music festivals, playing new video game releases, etc where it will be fun to smoke for the first time after a long break kek

No. 1774207

Half the time the dealers are rapists and murderers on the side too. So many dealers in my country are part of grooming gangs that I can't feel bad when any of them get arrested.
Weed should be legalized and cheap enough to drive these disgusting pedo fuckers out of business.

No. 1776961

File: 1700331021271.jpeg (15.07 KB, 265x275, 1664197938737.jpeg)

So to all the depressed anons who smoke weed or take edibles and such; did you ever have a bad "trip" before? Like, instead of finding yourself relaxed and drifting along calm thoughts and memories, nothing but traumatic memories you wanted to forget and self depreciating opinions occupy your mind?
If so, what do you do when the "trip" feels like it's turning against you like that? Do you just take a nap or go to sleep? Do you put on some music, or a show to distract yourself? Do you flip through good memories to make the bad trip into a good one?

No. 1776989

When the highs aren't high anymore, it just feels slightly different. That's when I'll use up my current supply but not get anymore. I took a two year break and when I smoked weed again, it was so strong that I got visuals.

No. 1777048

Gonna post some reviews of what I smoke if y'all don't mind. I am a every-other/daily person so my tolerance is decently there.

Brand: General Admission
Bought: Blinker (only used for GA carts) + Essentials pack (sampler, 0.28g x 4 = 1.12gr)
5 LOCO (sativa), a smooth-cherry taste with a hint of sweet lime, not very citrusy but a hint of cherry-candy. The vape cart has more flavour profile than the preroll by-far, the preroll was pugent and had a burn taste which I disliked actually and did not want to purchase again, but the vape cart is subtle and joyus. Upbeat high that's not anxiety provocking. Good for music and creative outlet.
PEACH RINGZ (sativa), a very sweet cart that captures the unique taste of the fuzzy peach candy, sugar-taste, uplifting and fun, can cause slight anxiety if you keep puffing past your peak, not as artificial tasting as the preroll which I found was tasty but overwhelming besides the quick puff or two.
MANGO CHEW (indica)- Tastes like the candy and has nearly no taste of plant, very surprising depth of flavour without tasting 'sugary' and more mango. Relaxing, calming, I enjoy it before bed and it gives me an appetite. Have not tried the preroll.
BLUE ROCKET (indica) - it is supposed to represent those blue/red/white popsicles as a child but I find it carries more of the blue raspberry taste than strawberries + blueberries as advertised, it's refreshing and smooth without being overbearing, not sweet. Relaxing. Have not tried the preroll.
CRITIQUE: I did notice one of the pods caps was not pushed down properly so when inserted, there is not a complete seal from mouth to pod, there is no leakage though as it seems to be an aesthetical error. I also do not like how the 0.28grs do not appear full and are only 1/4th if maybe 1/3rd of the pod, I like the cart appearing full upon buying. Also in the multipack they are not labeled, so you must be aware of which is which you are using.
PROS: The flavour profile is a lot nicer using GA's own blinker pen compared to the original 510 carts, the pen adapts to the carts and is able to personalize the tempature for flavour experience compared to my 510 where I am constantly adjusting (which can be nice for low carts and the interchangeablity- again the blinker is only for GA's pods). It is also nice at the discretness, it hides the THC label inside so you do not have to peel the sticker off. And for the flavours and option of SAT/IND it is a nice choice- largest choice of flavours I've seen for 1 package. Usually its two .5grs in 1 pack.

Although I wish they had maui wowie again and I will never stop emailing them until I get it back!! Anyways hope you enjoyed my lil review. I do not work for them or anything btw, if you want me to review any products just lmk and I'll try my best!

No. 1781592

I had like a bad obsessive high one time, reading scary news on the internet it was horrible, but i don't usually think about memories when i'm high i always try to either make little feast with a lof small portion of different foods, or watch interresting videos or, what i do the most, do something creative. My brain doesn't wonder when i do these things. But if i'm feeling a bad high, i usually just try to not be high - get a cold shower and drink a lot of lemonade to flush the weed out.

No. 1781804

Anyone else feel like store bought vapes are garbage these last two years? The oil (I don't know what the technically term for the fluid containing the THC inside the cartridge is, so correct me if I'm wrong) is much thinner, it gives a worse high, and it's vaped much faster than the old ones. It used to take me a year to smoke a cartridge, now they don't last three months. It's the same company too, so it's not like it's different companies.

No. 1781810

I switched to vaping cause I heard it’s marginally better for the throat, lungs, and skin than smoking, but honestly I feel like I cough more from this shitty disposable vape than from when I used to smoke joints. Edibles are the real way to go.

No. 1793578

I bought a dry herb vape and it feels much better on my throat than joints or disposable vapes.
It also automatically produces edibles in the form of AVB (as described here >>1464421)
I usually scroll tiktok when I get paranoid (or completely couchlocked) to distract myself from the bad thoughts/feeling like I'm dying. + having a cold sugary drink.

No. 1793808

My cat gets excited when she hears my grinder because that means we are about to go chill outside. Sucks that all the leaves are gone and I lose a bit of privacy but seeing Christmas lights everywhere kind of makes up for it. It's cold and I kind of want to go inside but my cat is still having a good time so I'll wait a little longer.

No. 1793823

I don't know if I'm just pulling too hard or for too long, but the disposables I've tried keep popping leaks and spitting juice everywhere and then get clogged up so they're unusable. Also, apparently they're just as bad for your lungs and teeth as smoking, so what's the point anyway kek
My dry vape is such a pain to clean and I constantly have to charge it, but I do like it a lot despite that. What kind did you get? I've been thinking about upgrading…
That's really sweet, I'm glad you and your cat are having fun!

Vid not related, just some festive stoner tunes

No. 1793894

I got an ounce of shake for $24 bucks and it's unlike any shake I've bought from the dispo before it's like almost preground and has tons of KIEF NUGS in it. As in entire big nugs of pure kief. I'm loving this shit what the hell usually bulk shake is all leafy and stemy. What's with this goldmine

No. 1793941

I got an ounce of shake for free once from one of my weed delivery sites and that shit BANGS tf, bong hits were sooo good. A lil rough but good

No. 1795096

My dry herb vape is such a pain too oh my god. I should get a new one but this one technically works so I would feel bad producing e-waste.

No. 1809028

I have a urinalysis in 6 days and I'm still pissing dirty. Halp

No. 1812062

Recently went to work at a dispensary. thought they'd be accepting of me being a huge stoner but nope. If you sell the stuff you gotta pretend you don't smoke it for some reason.

No. 1818217

File: 1702917884353.jpg (169.53 KB, 668x961, Screenshot_20231218_114456_Chr…)

I broke my baby bong. Dropped on the floor, glycerin everywhere. Crine.

No. 1819056

Does anyone else read when they're high? For some reason it's magical. It is also a good way to stay away from getting locked into scrolling through social media for hours.

No. 1819097

I wish I could, I have to read a sentence like 5 times to even understand it when I'm high

No. 1819544

i couldn't you must have a sickpack on your eyes

No. 1821676

File: 1703128013036.png (5.42 KB, 328x301, 1000012771.png)

Anyone else get a grouchy attitude when the high passes at first? Like, when I remember things that piss me off, I shake it off more easily when I'm in the clouds. But when I wake up "sober" in the morning, my brain feels vindictive, seethey and petty. Should I stop taking edibles?

No. 1821686

Yes. Stop it.

No. 1821690

Thanks nonna, I'll find another cope.

No. 1825412

Does anyone have experience with Ooze Slim clear cart batteries? I hit it so much and only twice have I ever got actual vapor. I have tried everything, I am going to cry!! It has burned through SO MUCH of my cart!!

No. 1828880

Does anyone here prefer more "active" activities than more relaxed ones while they're high? Even with strains that are meant to relax you, I always seem to want to take walks, cook, clean, socialize etc. I don't gain as much sensory satisfaction from activities that you engage with only visually like movies.
My bf is the opposite, he gets much more relaxed, and always wants to 'chill' and watch movies/vids.
I'm high right now (at home alone) and tbh its much better than with him, I took a walk, bought junk food, played video games. It's amazing.

No. 1828903

I prefer to be productive and actually do things too. I usually can't sit still when high lol. I at least have to have a conversation with someone

No. 1834836

I was just smoking outside (it's night here) and I couldn't get the key to move once I had to lock the door, nearly had a heart attack kek. Apparently it helps to put your key in hot water, god bless the internet because it didn't budge before.

No. 1836682

i dont know where else to ask this. i smoked last friday and got extremely high .. i will admit i had definetely too much and i def went too fast. it was rather strong stuff , apparently. it was also my 3rd ever time smoking , and it was after a LOOONG time. so anyway , i got extremely high, hated it and went to bed to hopefully sleep it off. nonnas i havent felt the same since , i dont feel exactly high anymore but i still feel so dizzy even today. lightheaded , mildy nauseated even. its tuesday , its been several days since i smoked. have i fucked myself over permanently? i feel 10x dumber

No. 1836887

Not speaking from expertise, I figured I'd just mention my theories, one is the possibility that you smoked so much that you might not actually have cleared it all from your system. It's out of the bloodstream within 2-5 days (longer for fat) from what I'm reading on a single dose so maybe you have some left. And on that topic, it might be silly but it's possible you're someone prone to withdrawal effects and smoked so much your body is actually just complaining about the lack of thc right now. I once smoked two cigs in a night with a friend to try out nicotine and spent the next three days in cold sweats and nausea kek.
On the other hand, is there a chance you're sick? either a sensitivity to weed or actually getting brain fog from a cold or flu? I ask because brain fog and residual high are pretty similar feelings (I get brain fog when sick super bad since catching covid my first time). Another reason I mention it is because I find weed weakens my immune system and have pretty much always gotten sick when smoking with others so I would give it some time. If weed is legal in your country maybe try calling a nurse's hotline

No. 1840589

File: 1704495260526.jpg (1.5 MB, 1800x4000, IMG_20240105_174451.jpg)

Normally I don't taste the flavors when smoking but I did for these guys. Hit nice and strong too. Not locking me to the couch or making me too squirrel brained either which is a plus. Just generally happy and relaxed. Gonna go out for food later, hope I catch a double decker bus, it's fun to sit up top watching the night lights while high and listening to music. It'll also make the wait easier cause my new favorite spot is busy literally every day of the week even for single eaters at the bar

No. 1840617

Maybe you unlocked an epiphany you can't remember. I've puked a few times when I've smoked way too much but usually a good sleep fixes it. Are you staying hydrated? Take vitamin c

No. 1847010

Told myself I wouldn't smoke but I want weed sooo bad ughhHHhh my tolerance is too high tho to get any good stone anymore

No. 1847012

You could have a cannabis disorder or allergy, I worked at a dispensary and I heard from ppl before having allergies and intolerances, it IS a plant. Hope you're ok. Weed stays in the bloodstream and fat so exercise/sweating will help detox.

No. 1847015

I miss just sitting with friends after work, smoking a joint. I hope you have the best time ever. happy new year

No. 1854125

I went for an assessment for anxiety counselling and lack of friends/bipolar dx and the nurse asked me if I used substances and I said I like to smoke a bit of weed when I'm feeling blue its legal btw and she reffered me to the substance abuse center and told me smoking weed hurts my medication and myself. And that she hopes its at least goverment because they have "horse tranquelizers and pesticides in them" it was only slightly in sufferable. I told her I worked at a goverment dispensary before and yes it is and she kind of just shut up. My assessment before this was completely different. Annoying af. Time to smoke more weed.

No. 1854311

>horse tranquelizers and pesticides in them
That’s coke, not weed kek. She sounds hysterical but yeah if you do have bipolar you may want to be careful with the weed.

No. 1854390

She even asked me if I knew how to use a naxolone kit (I do from previous counselling) and how to call 911 in an emergency. I honestly have no clue what kind of nurse they gave me but it was either her first day on the job or she was from the pedeatric ward because her responses were so bizzare and thanks nonnie, my bipolar is ok with weed as long as I don't take edibles. (Too stoned)

No. 1854466

Exactly why I'm never honest about smoking weed when I talk with my doctor. I live in a legal state but they'd still mark me down as abusing substances and then that's on your record forever. It's happened to friends of mine. Really fucked up that we have to lie, but I guess doctors are still stuck in the "evil devil grass" era.

No. 1854630

Yeah I'm not even going to mention it when I go for counselling and I'll tell them straight up that I've seen the positives of people using it for insomnia, appetite, cancer pain reduction, etc. If they give me hell over saying I smoked ONE joint over the past few days because I'm blue. (Obvi I've smoked a little more but not gonna say that) and that the fear mongering of saying there is horse tranq and pesticides in weed is manipulation and why people don't seek access when they're feeling down and might even file a complaint depending on how they push it. I am not very happy.

No. 1861551

I didn't see this until now but aw, thanks nonna. I hope you're having a good new year and the same to everyone itt. Maybe we should do a stoner and chill night in the movie room (or make our own one).

No. 1865741

me and my vape pen vs the world.

I am too depressed for this crap

No. 1865742

I’ve been smoking daily for the last 4 years but I’ve never once felt high. I wonder what this means for me

No. 1865783

Nonnie did you pass though?

No. 1865789

Why do you smoke and did you not when you first started? Interesting

No. 1866358

Your tolerance is probably too high, take a t break.
Although it wouldn't explain why you've never felt high. Not to sound condescending, but are you smoking correctly? You have to get all of the smoke in your lungs. Asking because it took me literally 10+ times until someone else pointed it out to me kek.

No. 1867239

Means you are probably a crazy person. Why would you smoke FOR 4 YEARS for nothing?

No. 1875959

After smoking multiple times a day for years and increasing my intake since the pandemic started, I quit cold turkey at the start of September. I have a big exam to sit in June so I’m going to stay off it until then, but after that I’m absolutely going back. I just need to stick to some boundaries for myself like only smoking at the end of the day and no more than two joints. The days of wake and bakes and staying zooted all day have to be behind me for the sake of my dopamine receptors and my personal finances. If I was able to grow my own supply I would perhaps be more lenient, but it isn’t even legal where I live. 5 months down, 4 to go!

No. 1877578

File: 1707090055455.jpg (162.62 KB, 1179x1168, WEED.jpg)

I am smoking weed right now I got a good cart and crappy shake

No. 1877599

Ay I got a crappy cart and infused preroll rn, happy stoning nonnie

No. 1882230

getting stoned and making kandi

No. 1882794

Any of you nonnies know a strain that doesnt smell like dead rotting skunk carcass

No. 1882813

IC by Tenzo
MAUI WOWIE (strong smell though)

Check the terpenes/smell profile of what strain you want amd stay away from anything gassy/musky

No. 1883866

I bought a bad vape cart from the dispensary and they told me it tasted like shit but I wasn't expecting it to be THAT bad and I'm too broke to buy a new one for another week ugh

No. 1883921

File: 1707590969330.jpeg (80.13 KB, 640x640, 1602159344831.jpeg)

best of luck on your exam and the break nona! may that first high after the break be exceptional

No. 1884320

I wanna get high so fucking bad but I can’t since I just had an interview and might get the job

No. 1884384

i swear hitting a bong feels like a hug and a kiss on the lips after a big good cry

No. 1884897

Start smoking real grass and not vapes. vapes are shit

No. 1885201

Even a dry herb vape leaves a lot to be desired. The high just isn't the same.

No. 1886008

i was applying to a new job but they didn't tell me that they were going to drug test me as part of the application. in my experience they drug test once you've been accepted as a last step thing. here, they wanted to swab me after i had filled out some forms. i almost wanted to back out but i felt like i should see it to the end even tho i was high less than 20 hours ago. the swab was fucking awful, it took like 15 minutes for it to fill up but somehow i PASSED! they were testing for THC (among a million other things) so im pretty amazed. anyone have experience with these shitty tests?

No. 1887579

congrats nonnie on the new job! I've heard they make rapid tests so they can measure your thc levels right there (for accidents and emergencies/work) and I'm guessing your levels were low enough!! thats great nonna.

No. 1887582

My vape cart taste like pure chai and I hate it, I hate spicy weed

No. 1887584

do you think tums make the high (with edibles) stronger?

No. 1887587

How would this work

No. 1887593

I know you're only saying this because you just saw that orange juice calms your high down since its acidic.

No. 1887595

i'm saying it because a stoner friend told me it was true

No. 1887599

Your stoner friend must really desperate for a good high because I've never needed tums or even heard of it making edibles stronger and everyone in my family smokes. Maybe you need better edibles nonnie.

No. 1887608

I'm fine with what i've got, thanks. And this time i have tried it, (the tums) but while i think perhaps it kicked in faster than usual, it isn't "stronger"

No. 1887619

Reminds me about lemon tekking with mushrooms, it makes it stronger but only for a short while and you lose the rest of the trip. My mind is so bizzared at the thought of tums before edibles.. they are a heartburn/stomach acid drug me.

No. 1887625

something something about "coating the line of your stomach so it disloves faster"

No. 1887694

Personally I think instead of listening to some weedhead ramble about maximizing your high you should just enjoy your edible as is

No. 1887697

'twas a simple experiment. i'm happy to have discussed my findings here and also happy to have weed at the moment. gotta find things to be thankful for

No. 1887704

Yeah im not being shady I just think it sounds kind of silly unless you're a weedhead.

No. 1887713

is weedhead regional? I've only ever heard pothead irl

No. 1888746

File: 1707967840941.jpg (24.51 KB, 400x400, huxCP0rl_400x400.jpg)

I started going to a therapist last year who's pro cannabis and helped me to slowly get rid of the meds I was taking so I could try a more natural route. I'm really glad to say it's working wonders! And to top it off, last visit she diagnosed me with Asperger's (lel) and after a few weeks she let me knew that the papers and legal shit I needed to have my own plants were authorized. So I'll be bringing my girls next visit, I'm really excited kek

No. 1888750

you can receive medical marijuana for aspergers kek? wow

No. 1888759

Yeah apparently. I didn't knew it could work to be honest.

No. 1888765

It goes two ways: they go mute (thank god) or they spend hours every day rambling entirely too much about their delusions of grandeur until everyone hates them. I know of one of the former, and unfortunately can think of 3 of the latter and theyre all insufferable

No. 1888809

Set up some privacy lattice and got a new table and chairs for the corner of my patio where I smoke. I also bought some lights to put up too. It's lookin pretty cute. Also I left a pillow on a chair out there last night and woke up to see a neighborhood cat sleeping on it.

No. 1889063

File: 1707992671486.jpg (38.11 KB, 541x736, 0092bae6.jpg)

That's so lovely nonna

No. 1889353

Weed really helps my mental health, i know i need a break from working, i know i need to stop thinking about what i'm gonna do next and deadlines…. and it's the only thing that helps me with that right now because i can't go out into the woods in this terrible weather. But the thing is for the last 2 years edibles don't make me feel the best, my throart and my back feels weird when i'm high…the bodily sensations are just so uncomfortable now. I don't want to smoke it because i promised myself i wont smoke untill DMT appears before me one day, and i haven't been smoking for 4 years now. I'm really proud of that.. i wish i could get high like when i was young, nothing hurt and everything was funny.

No. 1890017

File: 1708053171048.jpg (145.51 KB, 1197x1021, 208jgb.jpg)

>cleaned house
>lit a candle
>smoking a joint
>gonna eat sushi and scroll lc while watching netflix
life is good nonnies and it gets better I swear.

No. 1896100

going to the dispo & the library after work is what’s getting me through the day. Gonna get stoned & clean my room, make pesto pasta, and read

No. 1896214

got a job at my fav dispensary again woohoo

No. 1896300

Is it hard getting a job at a dispensary? What's it like?

No. 1896358

I hate living in a country where weed is super illegal. When i have been in countries where it's legal my anxiety is basically gone, and I can do shit like cleaning without getting side-tracked but as soon as I'm back home I become an anxious, paranoid mess. Doesn't help that like 70% of our weed is probably more likely spice lmao

No. 1896437

Happy for you, anon

I want a job at a dispensary so badly.

No. 1896926

No not too bad at all, when I was hired intially the questions were like "how much do you smoke, why do you love weed, why do you want to work for us, describe a situatiob with a difficult customer" the last was the hardest question i think but they were bubbly and more about the vibe, like do you work good on a team and can carry conversation? people love chatting at the dispensary and having small chat so thats part of the daily routine when im working there. a lot of my job duties are organizing the back when its super slow, organizing the fronts joints in the display bins, wiping the display case down, sweeping. its good money usually starts around $19CAD at the ones here in BC, Canada. its super chill and you get an employee discount, a lot of brands will come in too and offer tours of their farms and factories. its really great and I'm excited to work again because I didn't do any of those last time even though I was offered idk why (young and stupid) but I'm super excited to be an active member of the community and try. I'll share reviews as I can. we do get really bad customers as in theyre rude or do not carry ID but we must have it presented in store for the goverment or returning empty and completely used product. but any questions please ask- all I did was get my selling it right which is the license and you can do online, it just is a test about how much weed can you sell legally and how much is in a package and who can you sell to (don't select the child lol)

No. 1896928

also the brands and factories are all legal goverment facilities too which is really neat. we do not associate at all with black market.

No. 1896952

How often do y'all smoke? I'm a heavy daily smoker, just wanna see where everyone's at!

No. 1896967

I’m a heavy daily smoker too. I usually smoke a few bowls later in the day, but if I have a pen I smoke throughout the day. I might take a t break soon tho

No. 1896988

I hit my vape pen like 5 times every 15-45mins to 2hrs when I'm really stoned and am home all day. If I have weed I'll smoke every hour or two. when I'm at work I smoke after work every hour or so vape pen and once before I sleep.

No. 1897091

im so bad at spelling when stoned. my keyboard doesn't have autocorrect and i don't care for it but yea oops lol.

No. 1898312

worked my first shift today, was pretty fun, its nice to deal with people who aren't super grumpy all the time. even saw some dogs. I have a bad cough though sometimes idk why

No. 1898392

An edible every couple days. Anyways I’m back without having had a tums this time and my thoughts are that the tums make the edible kick in faster but the high doesn’t last as long. It doesn’t make it “stronger”.

No. 1898396

I’m retarded and said the exact same thing last time apparently. Mods forgive me for samefagging just this once.

No. 1898432

I hit a concentrate vape (3-10 hits, usually on the high end) every few awake hours. I'm medical though so sometimes it's more if I can't shut up the spasms.

No. 1898493

File: 1708675956450.jpg (46.58 KB, 750x500, cat-with-fresh-catnip.jpg)

Every 1-2 hrs with my dry herb vape pen, it has a 5 min timer so I just hit the vape until it shuts down. I use temperatues from 180 to 230 celsius. I had no idea people just take 2-3 hits out of these things too, I started from 5 mins so I wonder if I fucked up my tolerance for no reason.

No. 1898509

I smoke a bit after work on the weekdays, I either have a few hits of my vape pen (which is strong) or have maybe half a bowl/a bowl of flower throughout a night. I like to wake and bake on Saturdays with my morning coffee, it makes me feel motivated to do my chores and it helps me focus on my tasks kek

No. 1899770

File: 1708774449738.jpg (26.09 KB, 300x300, 1000018893.jpg)

Im having a fat day after work, gonna smoke and eat mac n cheese everyone I live with is driving me crazy

No. 1899787

I’m trying to cut back from smoking everyday for years, lately I’ve been smoking less than every other day- I’ll hit a pen or a dab if it’s offered to me (usually 1x a week) and smoke two of my own joints in a week.

No. 1899790

I was a heavy daily smoker for years. I tried in a pretty half-assed way to cut back a few times but resolved that the only way I could do it was with a proper reset, not just a week off every couple of months and telling myself it was a sufficient “tolerance break”, so at the moment I’m 5 months into an 8 month break. I’m looking forward to going back to it in the summer, but only in the evenings and not basically chain smoking like I used to.

No. 1899796

File: 1708779040039.jpg (1.03 MB, 2297x1799, IMG_20240224_074048.jpg)

These filters are super tasty. You pop a little bead and it releases the flavour. The filters are proper good too, don't block your breathing and better than my usual folded cardboard

No. 1899797

Samefag but I forgot to mention the reason I’m cutting back to smoking 3 days a week is because I got into law school and I think I’m reaching the point in my life where being a stoner is unfashionable, even tho it just became legal in my state kek.

No. 1899799

File: 1708779151586.jpeg (96.04 KB, 855x976, Exj3sUSWQAQwbyg.jpeg)

germany is about to legalise, other european countries have no excuse now

No. 1899906

Why aren't orchestras considered Mozart tribute bands ?

No. 1899908

like why aren't violinists like "yeah i mostly do covers of beethoven" ?

No. 1899913

It's because they're insanely big on huffing their own farts so it's "different" even though anyone with a brain can see they're autistic little fanboys content with performing covers and never creating their own shit.

No. 1899967

You just blew my fucking mind
Damn girl calm down t. former orchestrafag

No. 1901268

File: 1708886002436.gif (2.7 MB, 218x218, tenor_1.gif)

Doing a 1 1/2 month long t break before my birthday, im like almost a month in and man, I've been really itching to smoke sometimes. I didn't think it would be very hard to resist, even if i only smoked twice a week max on the holidays and even if im keeping busy with a hobby and schoolwork, but here i am. But I know I'll get through it! I hope my very first self-made edibles (and first edibles in general) just send me. I feel i'd like them more than just smoking, since I always thought a smoke high lasts a bit too short for me.

No. 1901576

I went to an all you can eat chinese & sushi buffet high and not having eaten anything the whole day. Heaven is real.

No. 1901581

I used to have anywhere from 10mg-20mg of edibles every day for maybe a few years, then graduated to smoking pretty heavily every day for the next few years (maybe 1 bowl every 4-ish hours?), then moved somewhere it's illegal and so I'm on an 8 month involuntary T break. Sad.

No. 1903091

File: 1708997636833.jpeg (19.02 KB, 250x208, 1671861913919.jpeg)

I am 4 pages into a 15 page paper due tomorrow evening but I want to smoke so fucking bad nonnies. I want to keep my brain on full-power mode but the stress would go away instantly. Advice? Should I just open a bottle of wine?

No. 1903092

Why not smoke a sativa strain? Ot helps focus and creativity, alcohol will make you sleepy and incoherent. Its how I graduated and did my essays- stoned.

No. 1903104

I love smoking, I feel so carefree right now, things are good

No. 1903129

it’s redfoo with the big ass fro, it like bruce lee bro rock the club

No. 1904789

i hate it when i'm smoking and my vape pen is dead but not super dead so it doesn't blink but i can't get a good rip off of it ugh

No. 1907083

Trying to stop smoking ugh, I have my chai flavoured really terrible vape cart that I am puffing but it tastes so bad I don't wanna smoke but also I don't wanna buy a new one because it was like $30cad and it should work out but I don't really wanna quit smoking doctor needs me to for some meds to see how they work

No. 1907812

File: 1709314017015.gif (1.12 MB, 220x220, 1671861329629.gif)

My budtender this morning was so sweet and nice and she kept complimenting my nails and then asked to take a picture of them for reference. Then we bonded over not liking big dogs and preferring cats. I wish I was more awake so I could have contributed more to our conversation but I had just gotten out of bed and my boyfriend forgot to give me his PIN so I was frantically calling and texting him because the card was canceled after I tried running as debit. She was so cool and it makes me smile.
Sidenote, those terpenes do not lie this shit truly relaxes.

No. 1907819

Aw nona that sounds sweet. I was always curious about how much the terpenes affect things. I always went for above 30% THC but they'd start insisting on terpenes beibg more important and I didn't get it kek. Moved somewhere weed is illegal so I won't get to know the truth until I go back to visit.

No. 1907821

This weed is massaging all the anxious knots from my brain this is dope. I love getting high and "ackchyually [nerd emoji]" my anxiety. I love life.

No. 1907834

Ayrt, in my experience the terpenes really do matter. I have noticed linalool and limonene to be present in my favorite weed strains. The one I'm smoking rn is TK91 and has both of those terpenes as well as caryophyllene which is supposed to relieve pain and elevate mood and boy howdy I'm pain relieved and emotionally elevated as fuuuuck rn!!! Good weed.

No. 1907877

God I wish 1. lived somewhere where this shit is legal or 2. knew someone who actually grows specific strains (which I can't do myself due to living in an apartment), I would love to know tf I'm smoking

No. 1908081

one thing I love about edibles is the convenience, how you can take them so discreetly, there's no paraphanalia to deal with, you can just use some eyedrops and no one will even have to know you're high.
the only issue is getting the right dose and timing can be tricky. but figure that out and it's great

No. 1908110

i got high and put the SAG awards on to laugh at the charade but the speeches are actually making me feel inspired. Barbara streisand got a life time achievement award and the actors in the audience were all crying over her speech and all I could think was how do you know they're genuinely emoting? because they can all cry on command since they're…actors lol

No. 1908135

Being paid to take hits off your dab pen while drunk at 2 pm is the real American dream

No. 1908136

do you think clowns are always clowning it up because thats their job kek?

No. 1908188

No. 1908190

No definitely not but they kept showing Anne Hathaway and she was doing this quivering lip thing that looked overly dramatic lol

No. 1908196

I'm on disability KEK

No. 1908296

File: 1709341714014.jpeg (708.68 KB, 828x817, IMG_9395.jpeg)

wanted to share a pic of my dabs right now. clockwise from the left its violet vixen cured badder, pink pony live badder, and a mixed strain cured resin down at the bottom. which one would you wanna try? i've been getting super stoned off the resin which i got today. i bought an oz of the pink pony for 200 (legal state), this is just about a gram, i have like about 10 grams left in the baller jar. its like my favorite strain i have ever tried in both weed and dab. anyone else dabbing tonight?

No. 1908309

what kind of rig do you use to smoke it? i’ve only tried dab once and it didn’t really hit all that well, but i used a dedicated vape pen. not sure if it’s something that should be smoked in a specific way. i’m high, sorry if i worded anything weird.

No. 1908334

File: 1709343488970.jpeg (137.46 KB, 828x822, IMG_9397.jpeg)

its like a little tiny bong!! i have a one piece rig + nail one like this and its quartz glass so very durable. you basically just heat it up wait 30 seconds and then inhale and put the dab in there and cap it.

No. 1908349

File: 1709344347147.png (1.27 MB, 860x645, image.png)

I'd try the violet vixen cause I love jet fuel gelato and it's a daughter strain using it
I've never dabbed before but I wanna try cause it would definitely be better than vape cart "live resins" I've used and my tolerance is rather high. But I feel like I'd need to try it at someone's place to learn how it's done before buying stuff for a rig. Though if a Honey Dabber goes on sale I'll probably bite the bullet cause they're supposed to be an all-in-one dab pen which might be easier?

No. 1908522

File: 1709359317432.jpg (35.56 KB, 720x650, 1519826861843.jpg)

I swear the stuff they sell at dispensaries is weapons-grade strength for no reason and I don't like it. I used to get some nice, cheap shitty weed from my dealer but now all the stuff sold around here is from california and insanely strong. Sometimes I just wanna puff on a joint without entering another dimension you know? I'll be on vacation in a legal state for 4/20, my friends are excited but I know I'll probably get too high and feel like shit

No. 1908572

I work at a dispensary and this is a common complaint, and it just keeps getting stronger tbh. I agree with you, chill is best.

No. 1908597

currently smoking fuego cherry blossom og vape cart, it pulls really nicely and has a floral taste, its not overly sweet and is quite smooth. would recommend. the high is nice, uplifting, relaxing, calming.

No. 1909056

Could you mix THC flower with CBD flower so it’s not as strong?

No. 1909091

What >>1909056 said is the solution to today’s ultra thc obsession. Some dispensaries have strains that have a high cbd or cbg, so you don’t have to diy it. Same with carts and edibles.

No. 1909132

I feel like the vapes and concentrates for CBD can be overpriced. CBD flower is legal in the states so you can buy flower or gummies from most smoke shops. I got 14g of CBD flower for around $20 on sale.
Of course, it's no different than cutting with tobacco for a spliff.

No. 1909758

Ever get so high you think about making a tulpa.

No. 1909762

No. Weed makes mentally ill people insufferable example no.239384939.

No. 1909771

the day that i start making 6 figures is when i’ll retire from lolcow and stop pissing everyone off

No. 1909774

Chill out lol

No. 1909775

Weed makes mentally ill people think everything is an aggressive persecution toward them no.29348939303

No. 1909778

Would have been funnier if you used the same number as your last post and then added one

No. 1909781

Weed makes mentally ill people anal rententive, over verbose, and overthinking about stupid shit no.293838

No. 1909783

File: 1709438939932.jpeg (53 KB, 558x550, IMG_4695.jpeg)

No. 1909784

File: 1709439021606.jpg (106.39 KB, 736x736, 20240228_215633.jpg)

No. 1909786

I agree I had to stop smoking marihuana because of the anal retentiveness it caused for me. Now I've been clean for 3 months but I can't sleep I can only dream. All night long I dream and I dream but when I wake up I'm not sure where I've been. It's why I'll never do marihuana again.

No. 1909788

No. 1909789

No. 1909791

I thought this was a really fat tuxedo cat for a sec

No. 1909812

did dubmass shit get kicked to the curb because it was crawling with stoned retards like myself? cause its not going to make any of us leave or behave

No. 1909822

Mods new MO is to permaban us all (like that actually works in this day and age kek)

No. 1909834

Mods inflicting a dumbass shit exodus

No. 1909837

Actually you can still post on dumbass shit. You go to the catalog then scroll down to find it. If you can't find it you click ctrl+f and then you search "dumbass shit" and the thread should pop up. Hope this helps.

No. 1909866

It’s not fun anymore and mods know they ruined it they did it on purpose cause they’re no fun allowed type douchebaguettes

No. 1909867

It's the exact same thread you can still post on it just the same? I don't get it.

No. 1909868

Then why does it need autosage

No. 1909873

I don't get it kek. My op was just letting you know that dumbass shit thread is still open? You can post there right now if you wanted to. Just because it's on autosage doesn't mean farmhands closed the thread down.

No. 1909878

File: 1709450933376.jpeg (280.72 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_4110.jpeg)

And I’m just sayin it ain’t the same

No. 1909882

nah, it's not the same. just like /2X/ isn't the same. it effectively killed the thread, but it is a bit sad that autosaging is all it takes for people to stop using it. do people not use bookmarks anymore?

No. 1910374

I agree it’s not the same it’s lame

No. 1910379

what are some of your favorite go to snacks or foods to eat when you have the munchies?

No. 1910391

see autists like this don't understand how dumbass shits visibliity was a big influence in why the most posts went there because it was fully topicless with no prompt, so it was easier to post there and you also didnt knead to scroll down to like the 5th page. Just because you can still search for the thread and post on it doesnt mean everyone else is gonna do the same thing. Especially now because the vent thread and unpopular opinions are now carrying the weight of the passengers from the dumbass shit boat

No. 1910394

I have it bookmarked and even I neglect the thread sometimes because theres more traffic in the threds that are bumped the most often. Its become more common that only a single post is made every day or so

No. 1910406

Goatchhese, grapes and bisquits dipped in chocolate.

No. 1910486

>14g of CBD flower for around $20
Oh my god, here CBD flower is 20€ per ONE gram, which is about the same price as THC flower is (which is illegal)

No. 1910743

omg lol so i was smoking with two of my coworkers after my shift and im new but we know each other pretty well but two of us smoked and one didnt and i got so baked but i was like ya i was scared when i lost my voice i hope you didnt think it was throat cancer and it took me a second to process it but there was like an awkward silence and i was like sorry im stoned ya no i just was scared lol but my other coworker was so stoned he couldnt talk so it was just kinda awkward silence and then ofc my fav girlie was like we have to go bye and ya was good!! also im sooo stoned lol

No. 1910746

like we as in her and i, i was so happy lol she saved me from the awkwardness

No. 1910821

Happy for you

No. 1911446

i bought a 1000mg edible with the intention of taking it tomorrow morning before my flight. it's been a long time since i've had edibles and i'm a pretty heavy smoker so i had no idea how much would be too much, luckily i decided to try take half the gummy last night to make sure it wouldnt be too much to take before my flight and thank god i did. the room was spinning and i ended up throwing up. i haven't felt like that in a long ass time.

No. 1911670

im a heavy smoker and 100mg fucks me up and greens me out, couldnt imagine 500mg-1000mg

No. 1911671

stoned and eating subway

No. 1911676

I can't imagine taking that big of an edible on a plane! What possessed you that that was a good idea kek

No. 1911681

I like getting stoned making a subway last all day I get really high then wander to the fridge take a bite put it back all day subway hack

No. 1911682

jfc, next time smoke before you get on the plane. One good joint is all you need

No. 1911786

Kekk I didn’t do it before the plane, my flight is tomorrow and I was planning on eating a whole 1000mg before the flight but i decided I should test it out before doing it. So I ended up taking half of it last night and that’s what fucked me up. I won’t be taking the entire other half tomorrow kek I’ll probably just take a quarter so like 250mg. I’m glad I tested the edible last night because I would’ve died on the plane if I took the whole thing beforehand

No. 1911854

No anon I get you. I did not enjoy dry December. The vividest dreams I've ever had filled with angels and demons and the strangest shit you wouldn't believe. I've always had nightmares but not like those. I'm happy to keep smoking as long as it fixes the problem.

No. 1911927

File: 1709605933510.jpeg (164.42 KB, 701x792, IMG_9438.jpeg)

going to the dispo tomorrow, planning on getting two grams of badder and a disposable. all cute name strains. maybe i will post pics if i remember.

No. 1912296

Fuck nonas I need help. I have a job interview lined up for a job I’m fairly confident I could actually get, but it requires drug tests for some goddamn reason. They said ”during the probatiobary period”, which sounds like I could have some leeway on how soon the tests are, I have no idea what excuses to use though. I’m a fatty, so THC will remain in my body for longer right? Already ordered home tests.

No. 1912298

One, get one of those cleaning kits that make you pee clean for twenty four hours, or get some fake urine. Two, stop smoking immediately, but you might also be fine. A lot of places don't test for marijuana anymore.

No. 1912306

Oh, here they definitely do as it’s illegal where I live. Thank you for the tips. I think my best bet is trying to postpone the tests.

No. 1912564

wait am i stupid does this mean like. scrape the wax out of my cart and eat it. is that what you're telling me

No. 1912569

this is really funny

No. 1912572

If you're close enough to a clean sister or friend and desperate…. you can ask for their pee

No. 1912577

Nooo omg dry herb vapes, not wax carts.

No. 1912578

ohhh i didn't even know that was a thing… must look into this

No. 1912661

these posts are so funny i hope you’re both having a great week

No. 1912682

tehehe yes, im jigh and just got off fortnite i love fortniye even though im bad at it its so entertaining to me

No. 1912740

Fortnite is so fun when stoned. I also play Overwatch when I'm high even though it makes people made when I'm not doing too well kek.

No. 1912867

based i fucking love playing fortnite stoned

No. 1913858

I would like to be more open about being a stoner, but even though I am doing it legally many people around me are still so judgemental about it and that makes me feel like I have to hide it and I hate it.

No. 1913860

File: 1709764134453.jpg (1.38 MB, 2277x1800, IMG_20240306_172003.jpg)

I found the cutest little change purse to keep my joints in
Does anyone else have any cute containers for storing their stash?

No. 1913862

we are here for you stononnie

No. 1913870

This is so adorable, I love it. Superior stash container

No. 1913871

I have a tin that I decorated to keep my joints and lighter in. It makes me happy. That purse is so adorable

No. 1913894

File: 1709766250950.jpeg (1002.05 KB, 1170x1633, IMG_0032.jpeg)

I have this exact kitten image on a poster I got in middle school at a scholastic book fair. I’m guessing it’s a stock image? Shocked to see it here kek. I went to find a picture without taking my own and found somebody selling it for $40 usd btw? Why??

No. 1913974

it must be an old stock image! that's a super cute poster and cool coincidence
I actually got it cause it reminded me of an old "bad kitty" scholastic poster from around that time I have, now a ~vintage piece~ from the looks of things lol

No. 1914909

File: 1709842639310.jpg (72.81 KB, 640x480, tumblr_0aa0bf186bcf7c461396d94…)

Stoned, crying about internalized-homophobia and that inherent feeling of alienation and separation from other women.

No. 1914918

i cant stop getting crossfaded and crying. things are going poorly

No. 1914944

Let's break the world's shell anon

No. 1915127

File: 1709852243543.jpg (150.39 KB, 800x600, DSCe00284w.jpg)

how long do you nonnies infuse your weed butter for? i usually decarb for 30 and then infuse for an hour, but almost every recipe i find says to infuse for like 4 hours

No. 1915166

Im not crossfaded but I will smoke and cry with you, cheers I hope things look up for us

No. 1915186

File: 1709854024780.jpg (65.56 KB, 561x650, aed778cd8a42bfc3bb40c9db29a02a…)

I'm very stoned and really excited to have dinner later wooo. I always feel talkative when I'm high but my partner isn't home from work yet so I came here to post instead after saying I was leaving for good. Again. Kek

No. 1915189

How do you guys deal with T breaks? I take a month break every year but it feels like it’s getting shorter and shorter everytime. I’m thinking I might need to take more time but 2 weeks feels like an eternity…

No. 1915281

when i'm stoned i find myself interacting with men i know feel a type of way about me like a surfer bro

like i want to be friendly but i don't want to come across as flirty so i just say shit like "stoked to see you too man" or "it's gonna be a wild one brother" like i'm one stressful text away from hitting a man with a "mahalo," one weird guy away from hittin em with the shaka

No. 1915285

That picture is so cute and your post is swaggy

No. 1915328

This is me with any man lol

No. 1915334

File: 1709860724280.jpg (50.12 KB, 1080x1080, x146gahj4oxwfoljayx6-1.jpg)

Jungle fruit by general admission is my new fav sativa wtf
Its fruity and reminds me of pomegranate with peach and blackberries, its pretty sweet like its sister peach rings but hits all the fruity spots. The high is uplifting, fun, bright, nonchalent. So good. Anyways what are you nonnies smoking rn

No. 1915348

how do u not feel guilty about eating a lot while high like a lot of ppl i get the munchies and end up eating a lotttt any advice

No. 1915352

if you can't resist the munchies, make sure you have 'better' snacks on hand than a ton of overly processed stuff. fruit, nuts, dates, popcorn, yoghurt - if you're going to eat a full meal make sure you have it ready before getting high.

my beautiful plug keeps offering me discounts on their most expensive strains but i'm trying to be fiscally responsible here and it's tough. maybe next time they bring it up

No. 1915482

What >>1915352 said. I tend to get the munchies a lot and I like having baby carrots, mini sweet peppers and broccoli around for the "gotta snack" feeling, and also fresh fruit tastes like absolutely AMAZING sweet nectar when I'm high. Berries, watermelon, and pineapple are some of my favorites

No. 1915484

what is this from?

No. 1915486

revolutionary girl utena

No. 1915488

I try to stick to chewing gum or lollipops to keep from overeating

No. 1915551

I’m stoned and listening to Bjork’s Human Behavior right now, god she fucking rocks. I love her so much, she’s so inspiring for me to embrace my weird in my art and music

No. 1915574

thanks nonna <3

No. 1915627

File: 1709875583038.png (689.2 KB, 1124x1324, sticky papaya.png)

Do you find you're smoking much of the kief on the GA pre-rolls? They're a good price and I like most of their flavours but I feel like I'm probably losing most of the THC

Smoked a Sticky Papaya resin-infused pre-roll by Terra Labs and currently vaping a sherberkins Mochi vape.
Vape is super tasty and feels pretty uplifting, the pre-roll wasn't as strong as I'd like but I loved the high. I smoked it on the way back from the store. It's a perfect strain for walking in the woods I'd say, maybe not the best for city streets because I almost crossed a highway without checking lol

No. 1915635

File: 1709875867891.jpg (45.3 KB, 1024x1024, 00055847600586_a1cd_compressed…)

Oh sorry, sherbinskis actually. The vape looks pretty so thought I'd share too

No. 1915853

i got a little high earlier after my dentist appointment and accidentally took a 2 hr nap so now it’s almost 3 am and i’m just sitting at my kitchen table smoking and waiting to get sleepy. i’ve been so tired all the time lately but i have a very bad habit of staying up late even if i smoke a lot

kek nona, you sound hilarious.

No. 1918492

I was watching the movie it but decided to finish it tomorrow. the movie isn't as scary as I thought it'd be. CGI is kinda bad and the kids behave like mini adults imo. Pennywise is scary tho

No. 1918986

I think I’m gonna have a joint with my coffee today, any nonnas joining me

No. 1919010

File: 1710081122487.jpeg (62.21 KB, 474x698, IMG_9450.jpeg)

I wish - still got a while to go on my tolerance break. Have a lovely time dear nona <3

No. 1921002

The delusional scrote at the dispo tried to take a $50 tip from a 100 I paid with. I thought he was asking if I was all set for my purchases but he held up the 50 cheesing it then I realized he thought it was a tip. I was like, uhhh dude you aren't that cute and grimaced at him, and he was like oh thanks and quickly made me the right change and gave it to me. You could tell he was the type that thinks he's attractive and charming but he was a manlet with crows feet

No. 1921006

wtf?! as in you were paying $100 for a $50 purchase and he thought you were saying he could keep FIFTY PERCENT?! if men have anything it’s the audacity fuckin hell

No. 1921009

I complained about him at the front desk as I was leaving and the desk girl and security guard just soy stared at me no reaction so I just flounced out

No. 1921012

LMAOOO Queen move. The audacity

No. 1921027

he wanted a $50 tip just to hand you your order??? what the fuck, good on you for complaining. i don't even care if they're joking it's not funny and just annoying kek.

No. 1921054

i never tip at weed stores. they get paid good money and half the time you can tell they were just smoking out back. they just stand around, pull stuff out of drawers, and occasionally give advice to newbs who need help. they don't deserve a tip. tipping culture in general is getting so out of hand.

No. 1921058

Wtf. Good on you for reporting, even if they didn't really repond. Hope he's feeling embarrassed now. At the dispensaries where I lived, they had jars on your side where you could put your cash in if you wanted to tip. Most of the time there'd be some prompt like "Which song is better" and the jars would have different songs so you could "vote" with your tip. I liked that system because it never felt like you were tipping a specific person, but the dispensary as a whole. And you never had to deal with weird, awkward men thinking you're giving them a fucking 50% tip.

No. 1921234

ANONS I'M REREADING SOREN'S THREADS ATM. God what a magnificent horrorcow. I know deep in my heart that she's alive and Kingdom Hearts sperging as we speak on some burner tumblr.

No. 1921238

Didn't mean to sage but god dammit I miss these types of tumblr retard cow. I miss Ginger Bronson sooo much I cannot believe that bitch got a swatstika tattooed on her for the aesthetic my fucking lorddddd. And her rap was hot doggy doo doo too. It's so weird how she squandered her relevancy like that. Girl really was trying to be some kind of hood trailer trash Nicole Dollanganger. Very bold of her.

No. 1921247

I dont think so…

No. 1921257

Ginger Bronson was an interesting case. I was one of the people whose last.fms she skinwalked when she began her knew poor/disheveled persona and I dont hold any animosity toward her but I always thought she was a bullshitter so it was interesting to see other people catch up. She would regularly plagiarize from a lit. website where people post poetry and also various metal bands. It got wilder and wilder when her swastika tattoo was revealed and then I knew I hated her when she posted the picture of the man eating her out with the swastika right there omg. I do hope she has grown up. I don't care much about the petty drama (her skinwalking, stealing so much from myself and others who were just sharing tapes and zines, that was over a decade ago lol) but the fact that she had white supremacist tattoos when her parents were rich really made me resent her.

No. 1921260

To elaborate, I resent anyone racist tattoos. It was just extra insane that she came from true privilege and tried to pretend they were forced upon her and she had no other choice. She was into that shit and thought it made her cool.

No. 1923636

File: 1710366063755.jpeg (706.1 KB, 828x793, IMG_9500.jpeg)

top apple mac shatter, bottom swiss watch shatter, disposable is tickle burger!! neither of the shatters have that "shatter" like quality, the top one is very clear and gooey and the bottom one is very sugary! have only dabbed the apple mac so far and it was wonderful and tasty. very gassy with some sour notes. probably will hit the pen later i'm pretty stoned atm and about to eat some burger king i also got while out.

No. 1928269

File: 1710649516334.jpeg (64.49 KB, 438x438, IMG_0517.jpeg)

I am so glad I took only one edible I'm just the right amount of giddy

No. 1928314

Edibles are such a slippery slope, dunno if I want to do them ever again

No. 1928328

File: 1710652452759.jpeg (129.19 KB, 749x703, IMG_3472.jpeg)

The first time I did them I did 4-5 and was high for a day and a half, it was the weirdest trip I've been on and yet I barely recall specifics. The one I took today was"legal" (my own bans weed so someone drove it across state lines for me) 10% thc and this motherfucker is strong, only because I think I've lost my tolerance after having no weed since like 2021. It's nice but it has been a very long time since I've had a ganja trip and my mind is straying into weird and funny corners

I watched two movies, in the span of four hours ate 1/2 a bag of cheese puffs, ate two bowls of lays, ate two york mint patties alongside two dark chocolate squares, and lastly ate an entire Italian meal and drank a large tea with a piss pot of a lot of water in between. If I got high all the time I'd be a fucking lardass. I'm also having deep thoughts on what I want to do with my creative endeavors and my ideas are better than when I'm sober. Shut up brain

No. 1934069

Hi stoner nonnies, I’m taking a break from drinking since it’s been a problem for me forever and I got embarrassingly shitfaced on St. Paddy’s. Do you think it’s cheating if I take an edible? I’ve been home sick for the last few days, so there’s not much else to do…

No. 1934081

nah its fine

No. 1934095

Ok brb. If you see me acting retarded on here in an hour, sorry in advance

No. 1934250

Girl where you at

No. 1934251

And that GREEN THING today was enough

No. 1934256

Chugged an edible by the river thinking bout my life. If I poste da pic of the river would that be ok

No. 1934292

File: 1711066438369.png (866.14 KB, 998x998, IMG_0609.png)

I’m back

No. 1934303

I miss marihuana so badly. I used to smoke a HQ every day in my bong for 4 years but I had to stop because I'm going overseas to a different country and I can't have it show up on my blood or hair tests, but fuck I miss marihuana so much. I miss spending all day high just wandering around outside seeing people. I worked at a dispo for 2 years and everything kek. I'm so mad I can't smoke. I refuse to get fat so I only drink to get drunk once a week, but still I miss it. I coughed up so much bullshit once I quit weed but even so I miss it. Argh I wish marihuana was legal everywhere.

No. 1934306

it's okay to post pics u take on lc as long as u dont spam/avatarfag or reveal where you are

No. 1934308

da ba dee da ba die

No. 1934316

>I refuse to get fat so I only drink to get drunk once a week
Kek, same. Besides, drinking just doesn't feel the same. I can't watch a 2 hour documentary about coral and think it's the best fucking thing ever when I'm drunk, that's more of a weed thing. I miss it so much…nothing bad happened when I quit cold turkey after like 6 years of daily smoking except I miss it psychologically.

No. 1934324

File: 1711068591391.jpg (105.24 KB, 380x676, tea.jpg)

ok good cuz it's my favorite spot to relax and get stoned after work I go here and vape but I didn't have my vape so I got a drink

No. 1934336

File: 1711069778146.jpg (2.25 MB, 4032x3024, 1000002682.jpg)

these mfs are so good i recommend them to anyone who had the same problem with snacking that i did

No. 1934338

Nice looks like a spot along the Lagan in Belfast

No. 1934403

going to to weed store tomorrow!!!!!!!!! gonna spend way too much money. picked out two cow related strain names and im super excited to try them…. jillybean (pixielocks) and elvis (trisha paytas).

No. 1935335

Kiwiscrote infestation, let’s light up nonnies, what’re we all smoking? I’ve got some ice cream cake and some alien labs xeno not sure which one I’m gonna go for

No. 1935341

i wish i had some ice cream cake but i went thru all of mine. all i got left is svg and that shit fucks me up

No. 1935347

I got a disposable oil pen! Shes strawnanna flavored not sure what strain but I know its like an indica heavy hybrid

No. 1935656

stoked for you nona, have a good time!
>elvis (trisha paytas)
i kek'd

chem #4 and i accidentally took twice the amount of edibles i normally take. chem #4 is great

No. 1935696

File: 1711157107277.png (5.07 MB, 1652x2313, image.png)

blackberry kush x sour diesel, got it today and it's really good. Also a sticky papaya infused joint earlier on the walk back from the shop
It came in a tuna can which was fun cause the kitty came running. Now I feel I need to get her these kitty "joints" from the pet store (though it'll be a pain in the ass to peel out the nip)

No. 1935702

Craving Golden Goat like you wouldn't believe…

No. 1938018

File: 1711331906786.png (491.17 KB, 602x437, image.png)

Just made some fancy white tea for myself and lighting up an infused pre-roll for the night. Gonna finish Dave the Diver tonight
Does anyone else love drinking tea while high? It's just extra lovely to me

No. 1938021

Oh drinking tea while high is so damn relaxing

No. 1938075

i'm high right now but i cant stop thinking about my family anf how grateful i am to have one

No. 1938276

i have been smoking with tea lately (blue lotus) and it is incredibly relaxing

No. 1938937

File: 1711408601491.jpg (132.31 KB, 700x700, 50I9AqyaYP-png__700.jpg)

Making hash edibles for the first time ever, I'm praying that they turn out good.

No. 1939004

been enjoying some gummies the past few days. i took so many the first time that i thought everything i did was a dream so i only ate a quarter of a gummy this time. wish me luck

No. 1939020

File: 1711417745734.jpg (188.19 KB, 829x783, WONDERFUL.jpg)

enjoy, nonna

No. 1939049

i'm going to make some edibles with some reclaim i drained out of my dab rig. it's super potent and already decarbed. i'm putting about 4 grams of it into 4 sticks of butter. i'm gonna make a few sweets with it and probably add the butter to some savory dishes.

No. 1939411

samefag, reporting back - they're definitely working as expected kek. I'm glad they turned out, because I was slightly worried I had done something wrong by overheating the hash, but nah. Pumped!
Bjork sounds a little scary rn.

Good luck and bon appetit!

No. 1941735

Just got 2 new strains, one sativa and one indica and they're so good.

No. 1941756

Trying different strains is always interesting—tried a new indica strain the other day and it was less of a couch melter compared to others I've tried. It actually made me a bit twitchy too. The vibe was so good, my body didn't want to go to sleep even though I had to get up for work at 5:30 kek. Enjoy them nona!

No. 1942920

i enjoyed them so much i ended up getting a full bag. i still can only nibble but they are nice. im afraid of getting dependant on them but they make me feel better than my antidepressants so i feel like it should be ok. is this cope? im new to this

No. 1942929

my husband had me stop smoking weed, so jealous of all the nonz who are high right now

No. 1942935

You don't have to post twice. Also, just smoke if you want.

No. 1942941

the second one isn't me i have nobody telling me not to eat these gummies. annoying reply

No. 1942955

Learn how to type and integrate, newfag.

No. 1942970

hey I'm the second anon, unfortunately i cant have a spliff because me and my nigel are trying for a baby kek

No. 1942973

Oh, I get it, nonnie!! I wish you nothing but the best. You seem sweet. I hope once the baby is born, the first joint will be the sweetest for you.

No. 1942978

thank you so much nonna, i'm really looking forward to that inaugural postpartum joint KEK

No. 1945672

File: 1711944276149.jpg (890.88 KB, 2592x1168, IMG_20240401_000049.jpg)

Grabbed a chunk to put in my grinder and noticed the trichomes looked like little diamonds

No. 1945673

File: 1711944348325.jpg (1.49 MB, 2592x1168, IMG_20240331_235241.jpg)

Tried with flash

No. 1945683

Beautiful. I bet that smells amazing

No. 1945684

Heck yes, nonnie. See you in a 10-11 months.

No. 1945696

almost looks like it's sugar-coated. very cool

No. 1945697

It really does and it smoked beautifully, pure white ash! It's currently my favourite strain but it's a reserve strain so it's going to go away eventually. In a few weeks the company will switch to a new strain (they swap every 6? weeks) and I hope the next one is as good.

No. 1945710

Finally! Brownies just in time for that pms downswing.

No. 1946388

>I can watch a 2 hour documentary about coral
Same! What is it about weed that fills me with a thirst for knowledge and such joy in learning? I love getting high and then reading wikipedia for hours.

No. 1948473

Smoking some of my avb while I wait for my thca shake to come in the mail. Tastes like shit, and I'm nervous the thca will be shit as well, but I'm tired of trying to deal with plugs and I don't want to drive out of state. If it's at least halfway decent I'll be okay, it was only $25 for a half o. Has anyone here tried thca flower before?

No. 1949082

File: 1712174013835.jpg (63.08 KB, 400x521, IMG-9953_ca87e372-9491-40c0-a9…)

Nonas, I got a dab rig yesterday and I am confusion. Can someone give some basic help or advice?
The nail won't turn red and I don't have a candy thermometer to check the temp so I'm struggling to get it right. I've currently either burned or not managed to get the stuff to vaporize until I torched the nail with it inside. the main instructions I find online say to torch for a minute then have a 30 second cool time really doesn't work for me and my experiments didn't go much better.
I kinda got one puff to work which was a really nice hit at least kek. But I'd really appreciate some tips for newbs.

No. 1949087

it's better to not heat it up until it turns red because thats wayy too hot, this might be lazy but i always just heat the banger up for 25 seconds, cool for 25 seconds, and then put your dab in the banger and take a hit, or you could do a cold start, which is were you put your dab in the banger and then heat it up with your torch while you're hitting it

No. 1949167

I’m in the same spot, I’ve been put on so many different meds that zap my energy or make me too wired and distracted. Weed helps me function so much better. I do hate when people that advocate for it over therapy but idk med companies are def more evil than my local plug imo depends who ya ask.

No. 1949224

File: 1712180094559.jpg (84.82 KB, 564x1002, 1f6057dd20c068a1bd869f2ab5bc6e…)

Thank you so much!!
It seems my house is cold or my nail cools down too quick so I should only cool it for around 15 seconds but 25 seconds seems perfect for heating! I didn't burn it today which was awesome! Tastes piney and like victory
Thank you again sweet nonita for sending me to the stars

No. 1951986

This post changed my life. I'm not a big tea drinker but I have been making a cup of this vanilla blend I got from a local tea place and getting high. Absolutely life changing.

No. 1952244

File: 1712349110431.jpeg (774.02 KB, 1181x2732, IMG_9879.jpeg)

plug dabs > dispo dabs for sure. i just picked up and this stuff has soooo many diamonds in it. i paid 20 bucks. at a dispo all that would get me is exactly a gram of shatter. i think this turned out to be a little more than a gram. i just dabbed some and it tasted super herbal almost like root beer or licorice!! i'm also very stoned now.

No. 1952315

Does HHC show up in drug tests? I’m getting mixed stuff online

No. 1955362

File: 1712539166278.jpg (20.17 KB, 400x267, koi pond.jpg)

it's raining, I'm listening to awesome music, the fan is blowing on me and everything is juuust the right temperature. i love you nonnies, even when you're combatative and rude, i feel at home here

No. 1955631

File: 1712561138405.jpg (876.41 KB, 1168x2592, IMG_20240408_024444.jpg)

I'm so glad! It's one of my favourite feelings. Getting high, drinking tea, and colouring something or browsing lc/cc.
I'm going to the tea shop on Tuesday for new tea and to study and I can't wait to try a new green tea to go with the bud and dab I got. The dab is called Garlic Sauce on the Rocks cause it's diamonds in terpene sauce. Not a fan of the taste, but it's a great high. Currently I like diamonds better than the pure resin consistency cause I'm new to dabs and struggled to get the right amount when it's half liquid lol. Haven't tried the bud yet but it's Frozen Lemons. If it looks pretty while close up I'll try taking a pic of it tomorrow

No. 1958751

File: 1712795250309.jpeg (45.2 KB, 563x598, IMG_0440.jpeg)

Hi nonnies I really need to do my taxes but instead I just lit up

No. 1958762

File: 1712796917272.jpg (13.67 KB, 330x204, 1000015584.jpg)

So when you see and hear those "ultra sober" people who never pass a chance to shit on people who smoke or take edibles, what is your honest reaction? I think it's rather comical that the sober puritans unironically think they're genuinely better people than weed-smokers and edible-eaters. I met people who take zero drugs, but that never stopped lots of them from being irritating and worthless people.

No. 1958769

me too nona. about to do my taxes high fuck it
maybe I'm lucky but I've never met one of those "ultra sober" people irl. I have a couple of friends who don't smoke or drink, so I don't offer them weed, no big deal. If I run into someone like that online (usually on 4chan or here tbh) I laugh and ignore them. you really have to have nothing going on in your life to make being sober a personality trait like that

No. 1958773

High nonas

No. 1958816

Hi nonnies. My munchies today ended up being plain white basmati rice.

No. 1958821

high nonny!

No. 1958926

I avoid them irl, but on the internet sometimes you can't avoid them when we're in the same hobby chat. It's people my age that are the crazies to me. One guy said he'd call the police on his best friend if he was growing plants. Hate this mentality.

No. 1960611

File: 1712933436020.jpg (293.57 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_21821-1-scaled.jpg)

Hi my beautiful stoned nonnies.
I'm going to have a toke when I get home from class but I can't decide how to spend my high time.
Should I play the Sims, Stardew Valley, Overwatch, OR should I crochet some granny squares?

No. 1960616

do some granny squares and watch a cozy video or movie, I love getting baked and watching those youtube channels of people in the idyllic countryside making shit

No. 1960619

Sounds lovely nonna, what are granny squares for though? Like a decoration?
I just ate a cookie and i'm going to roast something over a campfire, i hope it'll make me feel a bit better i had a shitty time today.

No. 1960626

Good idea! I honestly am not the best at crochet but I do like to mindlessly do it while listening to music or watching youtube.
I have been using them for sitting my mugs and cups on! I let my friends choose their favorite yarn colors and make a bunch of granny squares for their rooms kek.
That sounds so yummy! I bet s'mores would make you feel better too. I hope your day gets better sweet nonnie.

No. 1961366

waittt nonas
oregon trail is kind of a nailbiter i almost died

No. 1961369

i wanna take a big fat massive 2 gram dab but my rig is destroyed and vape carts of dab oil just dont compare at all

No. 1961372

i've considered getting a dab pen but i think if i did it would wreck me, i already use edibles way too often

No. 1961376

I'm using a nectar collector just bought dabs tonight. You should get one it's silicone doesn't break and is easy to get the reclaim out of

No. 1961386

Came home and cried uncontrollably for 20 minutes and then took a bong hit and immediately felt better, abt to smoke myself to sleep so I can wake up early to go to the gym tomorrow. we’re all gonna make it nonnies, everything will be okay

No. 1961387

i hope tomorrow is better ♥

No. 1965681

my joint tastes like chicken noodle soup

No. 1965764

File: 1713254138713.jpeg (119.32 KB, 487x456, IMG_50EFFE488C78-1.jpeg)

me rn working on my thesis

No. 1966532

i admire the productive stoners. i get too stupid to type out a sentence. if i'm lucky i get an energy boost and start cleaning shit but getting academic work done while stoned is astonishing to me

No. 1968053

I'm high on my weed cookies watching the Lisa Frankenstein movie and i just looked out of my window for a minute and a whole really bright meteorite flew past my window. It was really REALLY low and bright!!! So awesome i've never seen this before.

No. 1968109

Nta but I was a productive stoner, sort of. To resolve my serial procrastination, I gamified my edible wait time by seeing how much work I could get done before it kicked in because I knew I'd be useless for the next several hours. I also have tried smoking just a little bit at a time, which tends to work better for "marathon" writing and studying to keep me motivated.

No. 1968204

File: 1713392114974.jpg (5.76 KB, 211x238, images.jpg)

i just saw red text being added in real time for the first time i feel like a real farmer now i wanted to type taht in full caps but then i would've gotten red texted myself kek

No. 1968224

kek I'm stoned and this + your picrel is cracking me up

No. 1970364

nonas! 4/20 finally falls on a saturday this year, how are you celebrating?

No. 1970368

getting stoned alone in my apartment. Duh!

No. 1970372

i'm gonna get some cute cookies at the store tomorrow :)(no emoticons)

No. 1970374

I can't because business so I'm doing it the 22nd

No. 1970376

that's cute nona, im happy for you. i hope they're as good as they look

No. 1970386

Didn't even realise 420 was tomorrow I'm going to my boyfriend's and we'll do what we always do mong out and have sex

No. 1970653

getting ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence

No. 1972236

File: 1713598142393.jpeg (190.05 KB, 828x960, IMG_9530.jpeg)

wake up babes it’s 420

No. 1972585

happy 420 nonnies ♥

No. 1972801

File: 1713647754132.png (18.67 KB, 250x352, 3209995_w-7_yakui-doing-weed-x…)

Happy 420 babes this thread gets me through it fr

No. 1972810

happy 420 nonnies high eating pringles

No. 1972822

Why is there some stupid stereotype that if you're a woman and you smoke weed you're "easy"? Moids talking shit as though any woman who likes weed/edibles has a 10+ partner count.

No. 1972839

File: 1713650126382.jpg (25.04 KB, 400x400, osaka.jpg)

happy 420 nonnies

No. 1972840

Because scrotes habitually think that anything a woman does is to get attention from men. Tattoos, hair-dye, Gothic fashion, you name it. Scrotes are horny and constantly worried about having a girlfriend, being flirted with, or even just getting a compliment from a woman. Female-attention is a core desire of men, even gay men copy off of women's mannerisms. So they think the feeling is mutual, even though it's not really.

No. 1972856

i dated a dude back in college that was literally shocked that i bought my own weed and didnt ever hook up with guys to smoke. he literally told me he didnt think girls ever had their own weed.

No. 1972911

It's gross but I knew a girl who did this. She even gave an ugly Indian guy a blow job for weed.

No. 1972930

Only severe BPD losers do this kind of shit. For a while I only smoked my friends' weed. It's whatever. Every weed moocher I know has always ended up graduating into a weed purchaser. I've never known a girl to fuck for weed but man it's a sad, sad world out there sadly.

No. 1972967

Has anyone ever tried cooking their own edibles? I’d like to but am unfortunately a friendless loser so I’m worried they’d go stale before I could eat them all. Hell, some of my gummies are stale as fuck already.

No. 1972973

File: 1713660280441.webp (301.43 KB, 768x432, Attack-On-Titan-Final-Season-T…)

Happy 420! I'm rewatching the entire first and second season of Attack on Titan. It feels even better high

No. 1973000

I just finished rewatching smiling friends

No. 1973005

Like making your own edibles, or cooking your edibles into a food? I don't know how to do it, but my cousins make all kinds of shit with their cannabis oil and just sell em.

No. 1973007

Like making something you cooked with cannabis oil/cannabutter/whatever

No. 1973016

File: 1713662506328.jpg (46.05 KB, 736x717, 1699221990569.jpg)

Then nope, I never got around to cooking my own edibles. The closest I get to that is taking an edible, breaking them into little balls, swallowing them with cold water and eating some mochi ice cream soon after. I'm gonna go do that right now while it's still 420, thanks anon.

No. 1973018

Used to make brownies and be fucked up the entire school day. Now it’s just easier to buy dispensary grade lol but I think cooking your own is a fun activity to do with the homies that you should try once.

No. 1973019

This is such a strange thing to do or at least a strange way to phrase it. Are you treating them like pills where you have to eat food with them?

No. 1973020

I could not imagine going to school/classes high. What was that like?

No. 1973022

I treat my edibles like pills, yeah. I take a gummy, or a piece of gummy and break it into little balls that I swallow whole. I do this because I don't like the skunky aftertaste of edibles

No. 1973023

That’s fair, I tend to swallow my staler ones too. Never felt the need to take them with food (especially if I’m gonna wanna eat once they kick in lol)

No. 1973027

AYRT (I deleted my original reply because of a typo kek) but I like eating before getting high because when it kicks in, I like to just lay in bed and listen to music. I know, I'm a bit weird.

No. 1973035

i can dig it. i just watch dumb shit on youtube

No. 1973048

It’s fun if people leave you alone. It’s nightmare scenario if some asshole teacher decided to fuck with you knowing you’re lit. I had both of these experiences lol

No. 1973054

File: 1713663996049.jpg (251.24 KB, 1024x1343, 1000015810.jpg)

Sat in lecture after taking a little edible to calm down in the morning. Kind of regret it, because I probably looked like a crackhead trying not to laugh for no reason every five minutes. Some people can handle acting normal when high in public, but not me apparently.

No. 1973055

i almost wish i'd ahve tried this in huge lecture halls in undergrad but my classes are all too important and small to attempt this in

No. 1973058

File: 1713664157674.jpg (314.91 KB, 1788x1788, 30d890d4a9c3cf4070069f71faee1e…)

Dreamt about 420 on 420, swaggyyy
I do not smoke or anything but I wish everyone a happy weed birthday

No. 1973060

cute of you to take the time to repost this with a pic

No. 1973066

What movies are we watching?

No. 1973071

my xitter feed. particularly some game in development called puppy truck. The animation is super cute

No. 1973076

So mad I couldn’t participate in 420 night at the moovie room, fuck work

No. 1973077

File: 1713664632251.jpg (160.08 KB, 1320x880, 420-cake-ideas-stoner-birthday…)

I just want to post the best content for my fellow nonnies

No. 1973098

File: 1713667271485.png (2.29 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5047.png)

Picrel is something you’d play in the dentists office

No. 1973102

nta but i used to smoke right before my math class every day while i was in community college and it made the class actually engaging and i felt such entertainment everytime i solved a problem correctly. couldnt do that once i continued on to my state school tho
could not imagine taking an edible and trying to act normal

No. 1973157

File: 1713669354883.jpg (28.77 KB, 540x304, 1702260099183.jpg)

>The Final Episode by Asking Alexandria playing
>watching drama unfold in the fujo threads about that hand pic
>on the edibles
>eating mochi ice cream
>iced cranberry pineapple by my side

No. 1973185


No. 1973257

Who else up and wondering if they perhaps overdid it

No. 1973272

I didn't overdo it this time. Sometimes I do, but I just try to sleep at that point.

No. 1973853

File: 1713713883965.gif (245.29 KB, 494x370, daria-coffee.gif)

so, how was everyone's 420? I wish everyone a nice ass breakfast after yesterday, because lord knows I'm fuckin' starving.

No. 1973854

actually super boring nona i had maybe 3 skinny joints because poorfagging til next weeks paycheck

No. 1974045

I got high, woke up high and went to get nutella french toast. Now I'm eating regular gummy bears and hydrating

No. 1974082

I was having a normal day, smoking weed consistently throughout the day and was out all day, had like 5 drinks in the span of 8 hrs, everything was cool until I took an edible a friend of a friend gave me around 9 pm and then I forgot the rest of the night kek. I was safe, went home by 10pm, was with my Nigel etc so I was in any danger but it’s been so long since I’ve taken an edible, especially an edible that would make me just black out like that.

At least it was a holiday and I’m not doing that again any time soon kekkk

No. 1974929

File: 1713796491941.jpeg (124.06 KB, 828x828, DDB8CC0D-796A-479A-AD8D-828AE8…)

Same, I was super poor for this 420 so I just had whatever I had on hand. I just wanna stop having to buy dirt weed in small increments.

No. 1976608

I wish I was stoned instead of at my shitty construction job

No. 1976891

Same but with my shitty office job kek, can't wait to get home and light up after I work out.

No. 1977558

finally smoking but i just wanna sleep

No. 1978989

For some reason rewatching this guys 90df videos is like a ritual for when I do edibles now. It's been so long they feel extra intense, almost like a light dose of acid. Life is good

No. 1979163

honestly probably my best 4/20 ever. I happen to be visiting a weed legal state so I got some really good pre-rolls on sale for cheap, and all national parks had free entry for some reason so I spent the day outside. really really fun

No. 1979172

pnw? god i wish i was there

No. 1979326

File: 1714030596946.jpeg (133.41 KB, 434x430, 1697847396114.jpeg)

I'm out of flower so I boiled my grinder in milk and made hot cocoa, oh my god I'm high as fuck

No. 1979383

Hope I'm not late but I posted upthread about making my own brownies. I gifted most of the batch away. It looks intimidating but it's pretty simple once you decide on a method (and there are lots). If you're worried about the stuff going stale, then you don't need to make an entire batch of stuff, you can infuse enough butter for 3-4 brownies and eat those. Or just freeze the cannabutter - it might taste worse but it usually doesnt taste good in the first place kek, especially if its good.
I can give you the resources i used if you'd like.

Fried tofu with grilled cheese and tomato soup while watching the first Spiderman movie. I dont know how to feel about watching movies with hot actors in them while on edibles, I always get really psychosexual if that makes sense.

No. 1983061

File: 1714296624082.jpeg (296.64 KB, 1023x1376, IMG_9454.jpeg)

Oh my god look at these

No. 1983067

File: 1714297089790.jpeg (575.98 KB, 1463x2048, IMG_9455.jpeg)

Double posting, I want to order a novelty bong SO badly but I don’t need one… Not even sure if you can legally order one online where I live? It would probably break in shipping too

No. 1983261

What site nonna? These are super cute

No. 1983349

Canna Style

No. 1983997

File: 1714355339410.jpeg (136.77 KB, 1179x783, IMG_2204.jpeg)

Hi nonnies
Live laugh love

No. 1984023

I am in the market for a bong finally. I'm excited to shop around

No. 1984049

smoking a big fat joint

No. 1984052

File: 1714358966092.png (4.53 KB, 1510x15, moth.png)

I should really stop coming here when I'm really high. I almost started a fight in another thread because I forgot I can't really comprehend language right. Also, unrelated, it took me about 10 tries to read this sentence and I still am not sure I actually understand it

No. 1984053

File: 1714359000961.jpg (170.4 KB, 908x1076, 1000015980.jpg)

Taking some edibles before I brew some tea. Let's be high together

No. 1984057

yass nonny! i bit through my tongue yesterday and smoking makes the pain go away

No. 1984080

How's the pain and the joint, nonnie?

No. 1984090

my tongue feels a lot better now, the smoke coming off my joint smells weirdly sweet kek its nice. what are you smoking on nonna?

No. 1984093

Oh I didn't smoke, I ate an edible instead. Glad the pain is coming off, anon!

No. 1984200

For once I got actually good, sticky purple flower from a new dealer, and the bag wasn’t light either! The weed gods blessed me

No. 1984298

File: 1714385166908.jpeg (75.06 KB, 736x903, yup.jpeg)

Blew off my boyfriend so I could enjoy the nice weather, listen to Björk and have a smoke. I don't regret a thing, my life is perfect.

No. 1984388

I ate way too much of an edible yesterday and had the most unpleasant high. During the worst part of it, I hallucinated voices but it was like flicking through the channels where every channel was an emergency situation. Awful. The whole time I felt weirdly painful and like I was constantly losing my balance. The funny thing was, I always take 1.5 and am fine, but I took 2 and it wrecked my shit.
Oh well, live and learn.

No. 1984439

Taking too much is scary as hell. The first time I took an edible was at the Barbie movie because my friend stopped at a dispensary on the way to pick me up and bought a couple packs. I'd never taken any before and I guess she didn't think to warn me not to eat both the gummies in the pack at once (10mg total). I literally thought I was dying, my heart would be racing and then it would slow right down and I'd feel like I was going to pass out—pretty sure I did for a few seconds at one point. It also made me crazy twitchy too, I couldn't focus on the movie at all because I was too busy trying to convince my body I wasn't about to have a heart attack in the seat. The woman sitting next to me probably thought I was crazy KEK. Once I got used to it I was fine but holy hell, never again. I only take 5mg at a time now, I'm too nervous to take any more than that

No. 1986211

If i get carsick easier than most and i eat an edible before a 3 hour ride, will i throw up? I havent chucked anything up in this specific car but i have come kinda close. I dont have any flower btw.

No. 1986217

Ngl if you sleep or listen to music for the majority of the car ride you should be fine.

No. 1986494

This is the thinnest image I've seen in my life

No. 1986511

Any nonnies use D8/synthetic products? I'd smoke real if I could but D8 is much easier to get where I live. Pretty solid high, no downsides so far (2 year usel)

No. 1986539

Id be careful about lacing nonnie, gladly pay the premnium for real flower

No. 1986752

I used to smoke distillate all the time, absolutely rotten high but I was desperate and it was cheap to buy it in bulk. Didn't like it how it drove up my tolerance for the regular stuff. Never had any issues though, easy as hell to make edibles too.
I went to see Smile off a big fucking edible for some stupid reason and cried all through the birthday party scene, I wish I'd done it for the barbie movie instead lol, sounds like a wild ride.

No. 1986803

Ive had to be sober now for 2+ months because of my job and a new training im going to, once I finish my training I’m gonna have a wild night. And by wild night I mean take one gummy and go to bed. It’s weird. I miss weed sometimes but I also don’t, I do like the deep sleep I get and the energy I get from sativa especially before I go to the gym, really looking forward to that first big sleep and gym sesh tho.

No. 1987574

File: 1714604216351.gif (115.99 KB, 275x206, 1675824663089.gif)

Just finished my last final ever for college. I'm about to smoke the fattest, most toasty bowl to celebrate, nonnas!

No. 1987683

THC-A is the shit. Tastes different and is way way stronger

No. 1987688

It's not the same but close enough. I feel like the high is a bit shittier though

No. 1987786

File: 1714628121980.gif (1.56 MB, 165x294, IMG_9505.gif)

I dropped a big fat joint somewhere outside

No. 1988110

The personal cringe thread is another level of hilarious when baked
Congrats nonnie!

No. 1988380

D9 gummies are where it's at, THCA is way better for smoking too. Used to use D8 carts a lot but they felt somewhat 'unclean' to me after a while

No. 1988667

My dispensary stopped selling edibles whyyy

No. 1988685

Adding to this to agree that d8 just isn’t as good. Makes me feel really headachey when the high wears off.

No. 1988696

Not a designated thread so I won’t dwell on the subject but does anyone else feel way hornier when high

No. 1988698

I’d take 50mg D9 and have no anxiety it’s awesome

No. 1988702

Yeah I get horny if I don’t have a task to focus on, I only cum from PIV high though.

No. 1988717

nonas what was your first time with edibles like? I just remembered mine
>previous experience: occasional blunt at parties
>made "firecrackers" (maria biscuits, peanut butter and weed baked in the oven)
>got recipe from stoner friend
>I didn't know anything about dosage so just trusted her recipe
>eat one, play video games waiting for something to happen
>next thing I remember is being on the bathroom floor gripping the toilet because everything was spinning and I was going to fly away
>vision drops to 30 fps
>didn't puke but was too nauseous to leave the toilet
>incoherently text stoner friend that I was going to die, she calms me down
>bring blanket and laptop into bathroom and watch animal documentaries till I fall alseep
>wake up still high
even though I smoke a fair amount now I still don't trust edibles. They scare me kek

No. 1988719

A lot better than yours! Sorry to hear you got sick. I just took some gummies for the first time with friends (their first time too) and we were laughing it up the whole time. I’m a big edible enthusiast now

No. 1988720

Yeah and it gets so bad I try not to get high while single because I just get frustrated kek.

No. 1988750

Idk if it's my metabolism but I find edibles not great. I hate getting couch lock, I hate that its never a proper head high for me. Give me flower everyday

No. 1989220

Yes, especially with edibles—I feel like an animal in heat or something KEK. The orgasms are insane too, maybe these are the mythical female orgasms trannies always go on about…

No. 1991165

smoking on some nice lemon cherry gelato, hacking mymlungs out!

No. 1991236

I like being horny while zooted.

No. 1992874

File: 1715032468823.jpg (130.72 KB, 729x596, Tumblr_l_24890676161289.jpg)

so i'm picking up a cart soon and i live in uk which means it's a black market vape aka mystery liquid. kinda silly idea kek but thog don't caare. i survived my dumb teenage ass vaping honest to god spice so i think trying out a vape will be fun as a one time thing. i'll update on the high if anyone is curious. i'm usually purely a herb smoker/dry herb vaper so i'm sure it'll blast me into orbit either way..

No. 1992916

Those things are so diluted you barely feel anything and it's going to give you a hefty coughing/dizziness fit. But you already know that so I can't stop you. Godspeed.

No. 1994531

About to go smoke a bowl or two. Anyone have any funny thread suggestions for when I get back? Doesn’t have to be a cow thread either. Just wanna laugh and enjoy the vibes

No. 1994545

Today I started reading the pixielocks threads from the beginning, I haven’t kept up with her since /w/ was created & her thread moved over there. I find it funny to see how much the board culture has changed in the past 8 years when reading vintage threads kek.

No. 1994567

Nonna, I took your advice and I can’t breathe. This shit is hilarious

No. 1994646

File: 1715137091324.jpeg (65.21 KB, 770x770, IMG_5122.jpeg)

This is the bomb dot com

No. 1994676

File: 1715138782458.png (271.67 KB, 2440x800, pixiemom.png)

holy shit nonnie, thanks for the suggestion. I've been following her thread for a few years but never bothered to read the older ones. I wonder if this was really her mom with the failed samefag attempt I'm dying. gonna smoke a bowl and read the infamous japan saga

No. 1994783


Ayrt and Jillian allegedly waking Louise up in the middle of the night to defend her on an imageboard might be the peak of lc, she’s such an underrated cow. Smoked a ton and had a vodka soda tonight and now I wish I could just stay up all night reading her threads but I’ll just wait until work tomorrow

No. 1996529

holy crap, i ate an edible like 4-5 hours ago and ate homemeade strawberry ice cream/granita. it wasnt hitting for 3 hours, until I ran a hot bath and it hit me like a truck when I got out.

No. 1996810

Anyone else get super sensitive to misogyny when they're stoned? its like my mind notices how misogynistic things really are and i remember how men hate us and it kinda fuck with me.

No. 1996900

she was the realest

No. 1997624

Something about edibles gets me the horny highs. Just had an orgasm and might have me another….I need to make this room colder so I can actually get to sleep like I meant to lol

No. 1998208

File: 1715371560209.jpeg (52.53 KB, 579x926, GMlaCnbWAAAzdDf.jpeg)

happy friday nonas! can't wait to get home and blaze to kick off the weekend. it's my weekly ritual now, give my wageslave self something to look forward to kek

No. 1998229

nonnie i literally have those rn my absolute fav

the keylime kiwis are so good too!!!

No. 2003146

File: 1715741576944.jpg (23.8 KB, 333x291, Tumblr_l_327373859622720.jpg)

this vape ended up being a beast, i almost whited out a couple times. i'm so lucky it hasn't fucked my lungs and it's been getting me completely stoned. this whole week has been a dreamy blur, vapes are just way too easy to hit anywhere and too fun too, doing smoke tricks and blowing ghost clouds. now i'm arranging to pick up the same vape again from my dealer tomorrow. hardcore addicted to this thing kek, the highs are downright psychedelic.

No. 2003220

High as hell listening to this in the and after my shower. What beats y'all bumping, babes?

No. 2007121

File: 1715990758102.gif (761.22 KB, 328x328, 1000015567.gif)

You guys have jobs, don't ya? How did you flush the weed and edibles out of your system before drug screenings?

No. 2007131

look at these posts nonner

No. 2007240

my job doesn't give a fuck and didn't test me. Am a wagie though.

No. 2009260

It’s a warm, sunny day, I’m in a park underneath the trees in a hammock, reading a book about UFO sightings, eating raspberries and hitting the vape

No. 2009262

Damn, lucky! Sounds divine. I can't go out stoned most of the time for fear of someone sussing me out.

No. 2009292

Same anon reporting back to say it’s now only one month until my exam and being able to smoke again and I’m so excited! That first one back is going to be incredible, I just know it.

No. 2013362

File: 1716342748366.jpeg (12.93 KB, 237x275, old man sphinx.jpeg)

stoned nonas…stnonas…snonnas…snownnas? i'm getting somewhere

No. 2013390

I love this fuckin cat

No. 2013441

found a weirdo schizo's neocities page. She's my age, and probably a lesbian too, and has the exact same taste in literature to me. But I'm not going to interact with her because she also pretends to have seven distinct personalities and made the site for larping as each one and has made up genders on top of made up personalities. Still, it makes me think of how I'd have turned out if I ended up on different corners of the internet or friends with different people in my youth. Makes me think about how much our environments influence who we become.

No. 2013450

how could I forget to elaborate on exactly why I felt a kinship with her! She also had an affinity for the exact same animal as me. very strange.

No. 2013590

If your vape is shit then try turning the tempature up. - someone who didn't realize for one week why their vape was shit

No. 2014836

File: 1716402647431.png (1.21 MB, 760x912, 17160917232858.png)

i got my periods, you know what that means ! Monthly anti-cramps joint

No. 2014844

Really wish I hadn’t lost my vape pen.

No. 2015581

File: 1716434988208.gif (58.65 KB, 68x70, girdancing.gif)

stonnas? lol

Excited for you! You can do it!!

No. 2016416

Is it under the couch?

No. 2016434

this is a cute image. I hope the kittys cramps go away soon

No. 2016682

File: 1716488598146.jpg (13.18 KB, 258x225, 1522436152580.jpg)

nonnas can edibles make you smell bad or am I just being schizo?? Usually I smoke flower and after a shower I don't smell like weed at all, but I took an edible last night and I swear I keep getting a hit of weed smell. From my sweat maybe? Hope my coworkers don't notice

No. 2016694

I think it can, when I sweat I smell like weed imo. Just shower nonnie. You'll be ok.

No. 2027219

Took me several tries to find the box just to type this in. All for the very important information that I'm listening to The Cure and I feel like this song has lasted 5 lifetimes (not a bad thing)

No. 2027393

sounds like a good time

No. 2027833

I tried weed for the first time when I was visiting my bf a month or so ago, and god do I need it right now, except I live with my parents who would be horrified to know I've been anywhere near a weed

No. 2028527

You know what I miss right now? Animated pharma commercials. What happened to those?

No. 2028543

These? That one movie where winnie the pooh and bugs bunny warns you against the use of drugs was kino

No. 2028549

glad this thread got bumped i just bought a box of bubble gelato

No. 2029167

This is the first I've heard of a box and I'm very excited by the concept. I've only ever seen baggies, unless it's like a big order of edibles or something. Is the packaging cute?

No. 2029281

like one of those glass ones or something? That's what a nug was in from the only dispo I've ever been to. They're pretty.

No. 2033939

File: 1717435538106.jpg (157.11 KB, 736x736, 7636afe9791f3ca96ccff32bdb626d…)

Anyone else do so much edibles that even when you're sober, it made you more mellow to petty shit? Now, I'm much more likely to laugh at dumb shit that used to piss me off.

No. 2034524

File: 1717462476551.jpg (76.31 KB, 1080x608, everclear-vs-denatured-alcohol…)

I'm making green dragon in the freezer nonnies, I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm a little worried because it's just trim and I removed all the actual flower so I don't know if it will have any effect. I just didn't know what else to do with it kek. Gonna let it sit for two more days probably before testing.
Yes and it's amazing, I think it's something to do with how thc is stored in your fat cells. If I'm using super heavily I'll sometimes start feeling high while exercising.

No. 2040422

I love it so much when I buy a strain that actually tastes like its name kek. I got some weed called garlic and it tasted just like it. Amazing.

No. 2040431

No. 2040445

No way. I'm so jealous. Is it a rare strain? I hope I can try it one day.

No. 2040447

File: 1717819050147.gif (686.47 KB, 480x270, lilliee jean whyyyy.gif)

When I get high I make blingees of cows.

No. 2040712

very nice

No. 2042775

Being high is so humiliating because you’ll be thinking you’re posting the funniest smartest shit ever, and then the next day you’ll look back and realize you’re being retarded.

No. 2042787

Stoners post the most annoying drivel of lying and delusions of grandeur on their socials when they're really toasted and have no idea that everyone can tell.(baiting)

No. 2042825

Wrong, you are always funny and clever, everyone else is just too blind to see.

No. 2044430

my boyfriend bought a sheet of edible brownies from his coworker, i ate a couple pieces a couple hours before bed thinking nothing of it (ive been smoking daily for over 10 years so my tolerance is pretty high). it was the weirdest fucking sleep of my life, i kind of half woke up around 4am feeling like the room was spinning before i even opened my eyes, fell asleep again and my alarm went off at 7am and i was high as fuck. felt like i was gonna pass out and throw up, ended up having to cancel the appointment i had in the morning because i knew i wouldn't be able to drive in that condition. i've never woke up high from eating an edible the night before. crazy shit and safe to say i won't be eating any more of the brownie. there's still an entire cake left pretty much.

No. 2044666

File: 1718073584237.jpeg (97.34 KB, 1200x675, IMG_6856.jpeg)

off the edible right now in my bed watching survivor and eating hummus and carrots… this is what peak performance looks like

No. 2044823

File: 1718085779417.jpg (41.12 KB, 696x454, 1000002694.jpg)

i got gummies for the first time in a while but i got them from a new shop. i like these better!

i decided to watch Labyrinth while high and it was a great idea. this movie is wild and i can't stop laughing about how i had a crush on the goblin king when i was little. what was wrong with me kek

your post inspired me to pick gummies up today, than you nona

No. 2044863

i ran out of my cart so quickly because i can never stop sucking on it

No. 2044972

Go slow next time, especially if you dont know the dose. Doesn't matter if its low and you have a high tolerance, edibles just hit different.

No. 2045331

i think ive learned my lesson after that, i always severely underestimate edibles. i don't have them very often because way back when i never felt anything from them so i just always preferred to smoke but the last couple edibles ive had have fucked me right up and not in fun ways

No. 2045750

i thought i had a sunburn on my neck but i forgot i just had pepper juice all over my hands and was making my neck spicey

No. 2046674

File: 1718226796440.jpeg (74.06 KB, 500x500, IMG_0121.jpeg)

Same anon reporting back once again to say my exam is now 4 days away. Smoking infiltrates my dreams most nights now (yeah, dreams - I forgot those were a thing when I was a stoner) and I will absolutely be heading out to pick up the moment my 4 hour exam is done on Monday afternoon. It’s been over 9 months sober and I’m over it. That first smoke back is going to be absolutely glorious, I just know it.

No. 2047088

File: 1718247240636.jpeg (127.23 KB, 533x680, IMG_2910.jpeg)

Peak way to enjoy lolcow tbh

No. 2047100

I am stoned kek

No. 2047223

File: 1718258463072.jpg (125.22 KB, 609x960, 1000006645.jpg)

I'm able to handle all my responsibilities despite smoking nightly, I have an amazing relationship and I made the deans list at my university last semester, yet I'm still scared that smoking too much will somehow make me stupid or give me a bad memory or something. Am I deteriorating my brain somehow? Nothing else helps me unwind and meditate on life like weed does. During my most stressful days, weed helps me change my perspective and examine my problems from a totally different angle. I love having sex while high, listening to music, even doing homework, exercise or chores becomes something more interesting for me when I'm high. Right now I'm taking a break and trying to reexamine what a healthy balance of weed is for me in my life, though. I'm scared I'm somehow limiting my brain potential by smoking every night, but at the same time, I just love weed! I'm thinking about only smoking on weekends just to periodically give myself breaks to keep my mind sharp, but maybe I'll allow myself to smoke from time anyway. What do you all think? Am I just a weedhead who can't let go, or am I too worried about overdoing it?

No. 2047443

lol for me it's usually the opposite. when I'm stoned I'll go to post something and then start overanalyzing it wondering if it's cringe and delete or change my mind. then later when I look at it sober I'm like that was a completely normal post and woulda been fine kek.

No. 2048294

File: 1718330722671.jpg (25.65 KB, 233x350, 1000007935.jpg)

Does anyone else hate themselves so much you have to get stoned in order to enjoy sex, or is it just me kek

No. 2052680

Going to call up my old smoke buddy, I hope he wants to meet up. He was always the most chill person to get high with, I miss him.

No. 2052684


No. 2052724

You're not overthinking this, long term weed use does have negative effects. It's great that you can function while high, but keep it to the weekends only.

No. 2057291

Doing yoga, particularly yin yoga, while high is SO GOOOOD oh my god

No. 2057786

Agree. You just get 'zoned in' and really just keep breathing and feeling the balance in your body. Although the last time i did yoga while doing high, i got paranoid about having a hunchback and went on a symptom search spree for 15 minutes.

No. 2057950

File: 1718924594665.jpg (113.4 KB, 640x1136, 1381712178256.jpg)

I relate to this. I just recently bought edibles again after like 2 years cold turkey sober (originally quit because I wasn't sure it was causing a neurological disorder I developed, 2 years later I don't believe it had any relation). I have been having ~1mg doses of edibles a few times a day. Tbh so much of it feels so good and I totally agree about it making mundane shit seem more fun/interesting/I can "zone" into it more easily. My completely scrambled brain slows down enough to somehow become more functional. But I'm not sure about the memory either. In the 2 years I didn't have any my memory seemed like it didn't change, now I suspect it's primarily PTSD that gave me my bigger memory problems. Idk. I'm sure weed has long term effects but the SSRIs I took didn't do anything for me and I'm really not eager to try meth-lite adderall or any benzos. I also totally know what you mean about weed increasing hedonistic pleasure in a nice way, something I am also way too devoid of normally

No. 2062663

File: 1719269185377.jpg (288.39 KB, 1448x2048, pancake.JPG)

About to light up and order food, please give thread recs dear nonnies. Funny recent shit is especially appreciated. I’ve been away for a like a week in pursuit of touching more grass

No. 2062690

I've recently been re-reading the Confetti Club threads when I'm high for great entertainment. There's also a thread on /meta/ for thread suggestions, you can check there too.

No. 2062769

Agree so hard. Are there any other fitness stoner nonnas ITT? I love bucking the lazy stoner stereotype and surprising people when they find out how regularly I partake kek rollerblading while high is particularly exquisite with good tunes.

No. 2062958

these lower dose edibles have been hitting so good, idk if getting thc + cbd etc blends is any part of the reason why

i've been horrifically sedentary but am transitioning back out of it and yeah, there are a lot of physical things that are enjoyable while high. i used to love taking stoned walks. rollerblading is so based

No. 2062959

meeee I love lifting weights while stoned and it's a bit of a meme but you really do get a crazy mind muscle connection and it really helps me lock in.
I miss stoned walks especially when my tolerance was lower, it felt like being in a video game or something. I'd get super paranoid kek but it was fun.

No. 2067412

my weed tastes like ramen right now, thank you God!

No. 2068198

the smell of weed after not smoking all day is so rewarding

No. 2069249

File: 1719598807305.png (690.95 KB, 900x872, WhereYourBookBegins.png)

I love getting stoned when I'm completely by myself and I know I don't have to be around anyone or do anything for the rest of the day. I can zone out and do dishes and listen to music while dancing around. Weed casts picrel on me, basically.

No. 2069258

File: 1719599109825.jpg (56.13 KB, 720x465, OnlyYouCanLetItIn.jpg)

Same, anon. Happy Friday ♥

No. 2069264

File: 1719599222288.gif (667.41 KB, 500x281, 10213239_fc126 (1).gif)

Fuck yeah, I get you

No. 2069811

How do you go about taking a t break? I just got through a really stressful period and I coped unhealthily by being high 24/7 and it’s not fun anymore. I’m just afraid I’ll get hella moody and it will affect my job.There is a lot of generic advice on the web ( exercise a lot, drink water, melatonin) but I always prefer nonnies answers instead. Thanks ladies.

No. 2069938

File: 1719624112981.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1516x2048, IMG_3058.jpeg)

Try to stay busy and do stuff outside your home/wherever you usually smoke. When I go through periods where I smoke too much, I enable myself by living hedonistically. Then certain time-wasting activities like watching tv and endless scrolling get boring if I’m not high, so I try to unplug in order to resist the urge to smoke just so that I find them entertaining again. Exercise might be cliche advice, but it really does help all around. Good luck, nonna!

No. 2069947

Ugh same. fuck yeah. It’s the best

No. 2069948

Wow this art is so beautiful and cool, I love it

No. 2069957

I took one recently just tapered myself down to less. I have no tips except keep in mind if you take a break you’ll have a better time with it whenever you start again! Sheer force of will and knowing the reward at the end. Is how I usually do it, Good luck lol
Probably sounds random but candy and gum kinda helped too. Some sort of habit replacement

No. 2069958

maybe its da weed talkin but i want to eat this image. it looks like it'd taste like snozzberries or smth

No. 2069965

File: 1719625476993.jpeg (141.95 KB, 1000x761, IMG_1883.jpeg)

I hope you have creative and relaxing highs, nonitas ♥

No. 2070527

AYRT and yes omg I love to lift while stoned too! The mind/muscle connection meme is so real, I like indica dominant hybrids or straight indicas for it. There are so many enjoyable active things to do while stoned and I love it! Let me pose another question tho to the stonnas ITT: last time you went grocery shopping while high, what was the most unexpected/frivolous/obviously stoned food purchase you made? Kek

No. 2076893

straight up came here to post something similar lol. I need shit pumping breaks on my brain so that I stop being obsessively tunnel visioned into something and go do literally anything else

No. 2077872

Got some strong flower from a cool gorl I met. Currently high off my ass, browsing the /g/ what’s in your bag thread and intensely examining the contents of every pic.

No. 2077883

I'm going to get super high, do laundry and organize my books

No. 2078215

something funny happened today i tried a new strain called georgia pie that i really liked and it reminded me of one of my favorite strains cereal milk, turns out they’re siblings!

No. 2083887

I'm gonna get high this evening and i'm gonna eat this eggnog coconut soy bar. Fucking love coconut soy bars.

No. 2084727

happy 710 nonnarita's!

No. 2084730

what's 710

No. 2084826

nta but it refers to cannabis oil. 710 when mirrored looks like OIL

No. 2084841

710 is oil upside down so it’s a ‘holiday’ similar to 420

No. 2087403

smoking weed at 3am simply because i can (im going fishing)

No. 2089976

File: 1720986119632.gif (1.77 MB, 566x640, clock cat.gif)

>tfw you're waiting for edibles to kick in.
hurry up. it's already been 10 minutes.

No. 2090258

This is why I have a toke while I'm waiting

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