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File: 1567294220864.png (322.59 KB, 675x703, download.png)

No. 456390

Vent about scrots here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, worthless men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-Please do not respond to scrotbait. Taking bait will result in a 3-day ban from /ot/, no appeals.
-No femcel sperging. An example of femcel sperging is 'kill your father to even things out'. Posts in the vein of 'Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong' 'rapists deserve to die' are allowed.
-No racebaiting as it derails the thread.
-Gender critical discussion goes in gender critical thread
Previous thread:

EDIT: gender critical discussion and all gender related politics are permitted here. Be kind to your sisters

No. 456395

No. 456406

>standards are so fucking low for men that actually referring to women as women or ladies and not insulting womens all the fucking time is seen as the godliest gentleman in the world

No. 456451

File: 1567311991263.webm (1.2 MB, 640x360, blondewebm.webm)

Thought you'd like this

No. 456452

File: 1567312361258.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.89 MB, 480x848, france.webm)

>men being awful.

No. 456464

This is why I support the 2nd Amendment but only for women,only women should be the one's allowed to own and carry firearms

No. 456468

Awesome. If only the person in that car had backed up and "accidentally" run him over on the way out.

No. 456469

I was listening to Acid Bath, and I kind of have to ask, why do men in underground scenes like metal think women's bodies are this empty space or canvas to vent all over? Don't get me wrong, I know there are songs about harming other men and people in general, but it seems like there's a dedicated focus on destroying the female form.
Why don't they seem to write about killing or harming other men specifically with that kind of care and sincerity? It's like they're just in love with the idea of a tortured, tormented woman or girl. Not a specific one who broke up with them or whatever, but just women in general. It can be any woman, her identity doesn't matter, it's about what happens to her. Sometimes, it's a mere symbol, and other times it's just done for the sake of it.
What gives them that proclivity? Is it because male-dominated cultures almost uniformly view women as property and muses? Do they only see us as half-people? Obviously, there's the sexually sadistic side of things, but I feel like there's more to it than just "it make my PP hard".
No one's pointing at artists who write extensively about killing or maiming women and calling them "misogynist", because it's "just art", but I bet you if I started a metal band where I wrote endlessly about chopping off men's cocks and enacting all sorts of violence on them, it'd instantly be billed as "misandrist metal".

No. 456471

>No one's pointing at artists who write extensively about killing or maiming women and calling them "misogynist", because it's "just art", but I bet you if I started a metal band where I wrote endlessly about chopping off men's cocks and enacting all sorts of violence on them, it'd instantly be billed as "misandrist metal".

Riot Grrl bands did do that though

No. 456472

>No one's pointing at artists who write extensively about killing or maiming women and calling them "misogynist",

can you give any mainstream examples of bands who make have extensively songs about killing women

No. 456476


cannibal corpse

No. 456480

guns and roses, various metal bands, avenged sevenfold, eninem, willie nelson, etc

also notice how these go insanely unnoticed or are excused as "it's art!!" but megan trainor writes a shitty song about being petty towards her husband and people act as if there's some sort of man hating revolution going on

No. 456482

Guns and Roses fans are rightfully associated with douchebag old boomers
>willie nelson
what ?

No. 456483

Did Riot Grrrl really go that hard, though? The most visceral I've heard were songs that specifically singled out male rapists, like "Bluebell" by Babes In Toyland ("You know who you are/You're dead meat, motherfucker/You don't try to rape a goddess"). Besides that, there was "White Boy" by Bikini Kill ("Don't laugh/Don't cry/Just die").
I've never heard one that was just about hurting men for the sake of it.

Tyler The Creator, Eminem, lots of metal and rock, etc.
Didn't kill their careers at all.

No. 456484

you asked, you got the answer.
it doesn't matter who they associate with or whatever, fact of matter is that it was written, published, many people know what it means and support and like it anyway, it still doesn't erase the fact no one says shit about men who write songs about killing women but people lose their minds when a song is even remotely anti male, emilie autumn also got tons of hate for her fight like a girl album, despite even writing a book on how she was singing in place of an oppressed victorian girl with revenge fantasies

No. 456489

File: 1567319016065.jpg (57.77 KB, 743x599, 743px-Emilie_Autumn_at_Nachtle…)

I hate to break it you but emilie autumn is relatively obscure and unknown by a lot of people,its not the 2000's anymore(derailing)

No. 456494

Lmao, even that song begins with a clip of a man insisting women "ask to be raped". It's pretty clear who they were targeting, and it wasn't the entire male gender or just any man ever.
Contrast that with all the songs men write about killing women just for the sake of it, because they think it's fun, hot or cool.

No. 456496


Just what a troon from r/chapotraphouse would say

No. 456497

File: 1567320111790.jpg (51.46 KB, 500x622, yf3b7edkzn521.jpg)

r/chapotraphouse are bunch of fat porn addicted Incels who have never read Marx(necessaryspeed4)

No. 456500

File: 1567320831456.png (1.3 MB, 815x1462, 2d787482828a6949a53fbfaa69f625…)


As if that means anything lol

No. 456509

what's your point? if anything it proves the double standard even more that well known male artists who sing about killing women get no shit but an unknown female artist that sings about a fantasy during victorian ages get attacked

are you capable of having an argument and staying on topic? how did you make it through high school?

No. 456521

Honestly I was a fencesitter for the pinkpill for years but the recent drama with ProJared and particularly the way he, his mistress, and his fans have treated his ex-wife Heidi pushed me over the edge. Having a dick should be considered a mental disability.

No. 456525

In Urdu, there's a word called, "Dheet." It describes males perfectly. There's no closest English translation that I'm aware of, and the closest I can get to is "condescending complacency" or "mocking complacency" which, eh, isn't quite accurate and really a mouthfull. A "dheet" is basically someone who you knock over and he stands back up like one of those stupid toys, having a shit-eating grin. A smug asshole satisfied with his mediocrity, and your dissatisfaction makes him more smug. A "dheet" wouldn't change because it inconveniences him. I myself socialized myself to be a "dheet" when hearing about a guy, my father was a piece of work who'd beat me raw for faltering in math, and I was pants-shittingly terrified of him until my mother was talking to a neighbor-hood woman about her son's "dheetai" during studies, "It's just a beating, I'll get over it." I aspired to be just like that boy.

My father was a "dheet." My brother is a "dheet." Exclusively every male I know is a "dheet." And the men who tell their girlfriends cute for being angry, or the right-wing and hinduvta animals calling everyone calling them out "triggered" are "dheet." It encapsulates malex perfectly. English is not my first language, so there may be an english term for it that I'm not aware of.

No. 456527

are you Pakistani anon ?

I had a Pakistani online friend a couple years ago who used to tell me that all the Misogyny and problems in Paksitan were because of Arabs and Muhajirs(Urdu Speakers) ?

No. 456532

Yet you women don’t care about black people or migrants doing the same things to you. You only make it a big deal when it’s a white male.(scrot)

No. 456536

On my 4G since I got banned just wanted to say I’m a black immigrant. Way to go proving my point roasti.

No. 456540

Funny, your not banning me now that I said I’m a black immigrant. Again proving my point. Rap music literally calls you bitches and hoes and you complain about white people.(melanin-enriched scrot)

No. 456544

i wish all pedophiles would be chemically castrated all around the world.

No. 456571

Or surgical castration, permanent solution to a problem that can't otherwise be fixed

No. 456578

File: 1567335522139.png (74.66 KB, 968x484, c8eri93rcmo21.png)

this scrots almost as funny as the scrots who have cheating with a black guy paranoia

whats your favorite scrot paranoia/tinfoil? mine is dogpill

No. 456585

the "dogpill" is just zoophile incels projecting their disgustingness on women.
the incel wrist size paranoia is hilarious.

No. 456586

File: 1567336182170.jpg (220.38 KB, 1280x720, 156727292536.jpg)


>mine is dogpill

If you see the dogpill, just reply with this


Men would fuck anything just for the sake of fucking.

No. 456588

Why do these guys make up hypothetical situations all day long to shape their views?

It's like r/smalldickproblems where they make up scenarios that 'could' happen and say how women would totally act like bitches in these made up scenarios .. meanwhile they haven't interacted with a woman in years

No. 456612

The normalization of polyamory is really getting under my skin lately. It's disgusting. It's always the same shallow "but I have so much love to give"-esque reasons given when asked why. It's to benefit men's selfish desires, nothing else. I haven't met one woman my whole life who was involved in it for any other reason than being defeated when it comes to getting cheated on. Of course there's the "not like other girls" types that will do anything to be accepted by their bf, but besides that, no. I can't think of a single logical reason for that garbage. No woman should stand for it. If a guy wants to see someone else, fuckin break up with him.
Sorry, I'm like, irrationally annoyed. I made the stupid decision to go on reddit.

No. 456622

I’m the same way sis. The ProJared debacle demonstrates the stupidity, the inequality, and the difficulties inherent in polyamory. It’s another way for men to be sluts without society calling them out. If the moment was spearheaded by women and benefited them, especially married women, everyone would be like fuck that.

No. 456623

i wish people stopped associating polyamory with lgbt, it's really cringy. cheating isn't a sexuality.

No. 456650

Any other farmers struggling with porn addiction?

I have low self esteem and was groomed at a young age by a man on 4chan and I'm heavily into violent misogynist porn. It's all I can get off to.

No. 456655

That shit will go out of fashion in 5 years if not sooner. Everyone who tries it gets burned.

No. 456657

check out /r/pornfreewomen and r/antipornography

Those are great female focused subs on dealing with Porn addiction

No. 456660

Why does it feel like it's even more fucked up that I suffer from this as a woman?
We should have more self control but it just makes me feel like shit. I feel like I need to self insert as the women getting hurt and abused because that's all I'm worth.

No. 456661

>female focused

are they full of trannies?

No. 456663

Anon you are worthy of love and respect.
Have you got a therapist to talk too?

No. 456739

From my experiences it's either exactly what you describe where the guy has manipulated his gf who is either a pickme or has low self esteem, but sometimes it's a girl taking advantage of the label to casually fuck around with whoever she wants with less risk of being called a slut. I have no problem with that at all.
One thing I've noticed is often the second type comes about because a girl gets into it through the first scenario, but then breaks up with her bf when he realises she's tallying up a higher number and gets jealous, but because she's seeing other people she realises she's fine without him afterall. It happens so often that I don't know why there isn't a name for it, but I love to see manipulative men lose at their own game this way.

No. 456750

File: 1567368470712.jpg (107.73 KB, 800x233, 00534848383407912.jpg)

why do men act like the things they list as "male oppression" aren't completely other men's fault?

No. 456756

Because they are dumb. They are so used to being catered to and having their intelligence overrated they are not forced to actually look at half the shit they say.

No. 456760

Joseph is so smart that he has the whole world figured out, he knows 'arab females' better than they know themselves… whatta guy!

No. 456770

File: 1567374684022.jpeg (669.92 KB, 1242x2174, F08CC3FD-4A0F-4E28-A7C4-2D0CCF…)

Saw this on reddit before and got triggered. I’ve known so many men like this who refuse to “dress up” for anything.

Thankfully most of the comments agree with OP, but it’s still frustrating to know this is an attitude that exists. The few comments defending him say “suits get hot,” “suits are uncomfortable” and all that shit. As if women are super comfortable wearing makeup and high heels for fancy events. Men can literally buy a single nice, tailored suit for $500 and rewear it for the rest of their lives, and it’s completely acceptable, but even that is too much effort.

Imagine having the bar set so low for your appearance but still saying fuck it.

No. 456780

>>456660 you're worth more, anon. if you can get into therapy, even online, please do it. you deserve to get over this with the right help, you're a woman worth of a chance of being free from that awful shit.

No. 456782

So in areas where women are stoned or hanged for reporting their rapists or just being raped or just even not wearing the right clothing, that's still privilege because the less than 1% women are living in "luxury" ie being married to a man who considers you less than human.

>poor menz being atms :(

Some of those men are so rich that they just buy people for the hell of it. And Joseph thinks that's oppression and men should.. what? They have all the privileges in the damn world and can buy anything they want.


Hope that they tore him apart in the comments for being a retard

No. 456784

They don't actually believe in the Dog Pill, it's just that the Dog Pill is the new version of the roastie meme.
Porn addicted incels know very well that lots of sex doesn't make women grow "roasties". They know the whole dog fucking thing isn't real either. They just push it because they think it's funny and because they know it offends and shocks people.

No. 456790

putting awfully a lot of effort into a joke or attempting to piss people off, just like how many of the not racist scrots actually went out to kkk rallys, brought nazi flags, etc?

also how exactly do you know? you sound like an incel backpedaling

No. 456791

>putting awfully a lot of effort into a joke or attempting to piss people off
What do you mean? It's called trolling. Welcome to the internet.

No. 456793

oh a 12 yr old edge lord, anyway, you can easily tell by the way they talk there's some sort of sincerity to it, you are one person, you can't speak for all scrots, stop hiding behind "lol trololol its a joke" like a pussy and stick to what you say

even then if someone is willing to put this much effort into "trolling" what exactly do you expect? screech about how sex makes womens labias longer or darker you get a science lesson, screech about how all women are just riding chad/black guys/dogs, etc especially after how many incels have murdered women and committed hate crimes of course people are going to take it with sincerity and be more serious when it comes to stuff like that. Maybe you fucking idiots could hide behind "trololol" if incels weren't out there fucking murdering people, driving women to suicide, stalking and harassing people, putting women in danger, etc.

No. 456795

I seriously don't get why you're ranting. I simply pointed out that they don't actually believe sex makes roasties or that women are fucking dogs. They say it because it makes people mad and they get a laugh out of it.

No. 456796

Anon please don't be too hard on yourself. Arousal/orgasm is an extremely powerful conditioning tool, so it makes sense for someone to become addicted to porn after being exposed to a lot of it. I used to be addicted to porn too, and still struggle with it sometimes. I was exposed to it really young, and grew to associate it with any masturbation at all. Unfortunately this problem is growing more and more common with women as porn is saturating culture more and more.

Also, you're not worse than men for it just because women should theoretically have more self control. First, I don't necessarily believe that to be true. But second, men don't get off the hook just because of the addictive nature of porn. They are primarily the ones carrying out violence against women in porn, they are the ones who film and distribute it, and they are the ones who are so quick to dismiss our suffering. You couldn't be worse than them if you tried.

I wish you the best. I don't have much advice, other than quitting cold turkey really is the best way to start, as difficult as it is.

No. 456798

You're not alone. Aside from being assaulted as a kid, I was groomed starting from when I was about 14. Pedophiles convinced me lolicon and incest "siscon" shit was soo cute and I was a cute adorable one of a kind girl for liking it openly, and the got into hard gore and reliving my trauma sexually, it stuck with me until just recently when I got a great therapist and was able to shed that, but bits stil stay in my brain. There is hope and you can get better, however I am extremely uncomfortable with porn now but I feel like everyone should

On a related note I fucking hate how pornhub keeps tryna be woke and gets easily influenced especially young girls loving them and celebrating them, just cause you donated to clean some of the sea doesn't mean you don't host disgusting abuse and racist content, for fucks sake, and men always tell me I'm overreacting and having a personal vendetta against them

No. 456807

and that's not for you to say unless you can somehow read their minds, also if you really think someone pointing out facts is them being mad then…

No. 456831

Like any meme/troll it became unironic in about a day. Sure there's people who know it's just an offensive joke but there are floods of new users, brainlets and randos who hear it in other places who seriously think these things are real from having their minds fried by porn and it being a completely mainstream belief that too much sex makes a woman's vaginal walls loose so why not labia too.

No. 456844

Well every teenage boy out there has a list of favorite porn stars so they probably know nothing happens to their vaginas even though they have tons of sex.

No. 456859

File: 1567386378051.jpg (98.12 KB, 1080x394, Screenshot_20190901-163357__01…)


No. 456860

I've asked men about this and one said "porn stars all have roasties" and others just think they're getting labiaplasty every few months, not to mention how many men accuse women of hoeing or lying about being a virgin if she has a long labia
women who have long labias encounter many issues due to this "totally trolling and not serious XD" myth

No. 456861

Castration doesn't do shit. They will still go after children (anon that studied criminology in Uni).

No. 456862

Wasn't the same thing discovered with male penguins? They even tried to fuck dead female penguins.

No. 456866

male dolphins will use fish as fleshlights

No. 456869

File: 1567387313271.jpg (37.27 KB, 432x767, ef8dg61ux1k31.jpg)

No. 456870

Be mindful there are studies in castration from other countries that show it does have an effect in preventing reoffending. A lot of criminology in the west is massively liberal-biased, so it's going to reach the results it wants to reach (death penalty bad, treating violent sociopaths kindly good).

No. 456879

That might be a possibility, but the ones I saw were on sexual offenders in general, not just paedos and were rather old, 50 years etc. Things weren't that bad with the liberals back then.

No. 456882

I used to, but it was in a mean-spirited way, not masochism. That shit isn't healthy so I stopped completely. 8 months or so later I still get the urge but I try to ignore it best I can. It's crazy how long that stuff sticks with you, but I had been looking at porn since I was 10 or so.

No. 456883

What do you mean in a mean spirited way anon? How would you meaningly enjoy another woman getting hurt.

No. 456887

By not having empathy for women who pander to scrotes. In a sense I felt like they deserve it for pleasing the worst common denominator, so why would I feel bad about them being used if that's what they want? Obv there are still some women who are trafficked into it and that's why I stopped, although I don't believe any of the ones I watched were. I never really watched more extreme stuff like hitting, choking, facial abuse, or torture though, that's too much for me, only can be a turn-on if it happens to men instead.

No. 456898

So you engage in misogynistic behavior by watching violent porn because you enjoy watching women get punished for pandering to misogynists? Huh? You're a sadistic weirdo.

No. 456924

I was on a manga site today that had porn banners, the type that shows a whole scenario sped up really fast, and even though it was all completely vanilla there was suddenly a scene with the girl being choked with her hair pulled hard. A hand laid against the neck is one thing but how did violent choking become accepted as the default in every type of sex? All women of the future will have brain damage and balding, I hate this.

Read her post(s), she has recognised it as unhealthy and she came here asking for help. Think before you post.

No. 456929

>she has recognised it as unhealthy and she came here asking for help.
That isn't the same anon as the OP who asked for help lol.

No. 456931

Acts against women that could lead to death are normalized in porn and look at the consequences.
Men killing their gfs and it's excused as sex gone wrong.

No. 456935

I love my boyfriend dearly but he's trying to say my hatred of pornhub for hosting disgusting abuse is like hating youtube for videos there? Wtf

No. 456940

He can only make that argument if he believes abuse is part and parcel of pornography. Other websites at least try to take down illegal content that is being hosted against the rules of the website. To my knowledge, Pornhub doesn't do shit about all of the abusive videos there.

No. 456947

Pornhub, as well as all the other major porn streaming sites, is owned by a company called MindGeek, that also owns all the major porn production companies. So they are actually directly responsible for the material on there.

MindGeek is so influential they are even in charge of the AgeID system that's going to be put in place when the UK institutes it's porn block.

No. 456955

That is a perfect word, anon. And you're right, I can't really think of an English equivalent.

No. 456957

No. 456961

hey I'm not the anon you were responding to but I was also addicted to hardcore porn at a young age and have been struggling lately with removing it from my life. This article was really helpful for me, so thanks a lot.

No. 456973

why did I know this was a strawman before even reading her post

No. 457010

>only can be a turn-on if it happens to men instead.

Anon, I congratulate you for being disgusted by women being abused, but you do realize that men being abused is just as terrible yes? I know the thread we are in, but how on earth do you justify this double standard?

No. 457013

where did they justify mens abuse?
anyway, as proven from the previous threads which I doubt you even looked through, most of mens "abuse" were things like older women standing in doorways, women calling him kiddo, wife not having a hot meal, wife being silent while he followed her around with a camera and yelled at her, etc

for actual beatings half the time a man is a lot more stronger than a woman (you know since they like to brag about it all the time until they want to play victim). Even average or below average males can overpower an average or even athletic woman, that's why a say, high schooler beating up a middle schooler is seen as more serious vs a middle schooler beating up a high schooler unless in some rare circumstance

if it is a case of true abuse, as in a smaller guy being generally beat by a bigger woman for no good reason, it's bad, but those cases or extremely rare if it even happens at all

also, I notice your typing style, why do you keep pulling random strawmans just to argue?

No. 457015

There is no other definition for incels than people who just really really hate themselves. Like look at this shit. This guy is so miserable. Unsatisfied with his own self. Some really heavy mental problems grow out of that. Aggression and frustration

No. 457016

How is it a strawman if she literally said that she used to enjoy watching misogynistic porn because she thought the women deserve it?

No. 457018

lets take a look back at the strawman
>So you engage in misogynistic behavior by watching violent porn because you enjoy watching women get punished for pandering to misogynists? Huh? You're a sadistic weirdo
now let's take a look at what she said
>By not having empathy for women who pander to scrotes. In a sense I felt like they deserve it for pleasing the worst common denominator, so why would I feel bad about them being used if that's what they want? Obv there are still some women who are trafficked into it and that's why I stopped, although I don't believe any of the ones I watched were. I never really watched more extreme stuff like hitting, choking, facial abuse, or torture though, that's too much for me, only can be a turn-on if it happens to men instead.

am I missing something? can you point out to me the things you claim she said?
which was
>she enjoys watching violent porn
(I actually found things that contradict this because she said she stopped watching porn)
>you enjoy watching women get punished for pandering to misogynists? Huh?
she never said she enjoyed doing it, she just says she doesn't feel bad for women who engage in abuse they claim to enjoy, which is fair and a far stretch from "enjoying women getting beat as punishment"

No. 457020

I was in the previous thread and did not participate in the self defence debate, because unlike most of you I am a lawyer and know the relevant ethics and pretty much no one in that thread knew what the fuck they were talking about, it was painful to read.

>where did they justify mens abuse?

When did I say she justified it? I said she enjoyed it in porn, when she said she doesn (rightly so) when it's women that they are the victims. Both are harmful and I asked her how she justified having that double standard.

No. 457021

also, I notice your typing style, why do you keep pulling random strawmans just to argue?

Also, this is the first port I made in this thread, so you are not noticing very well.

No. 457024

Read the entire chain of replies starting with the OP, stupid ass.
This >>456882 is where she first chimed in in response to the anon asking about porn addiction to say that she used to watch misogynistic porn in a "mean-spirited" way and still gets the urge to.
>am I missing something? can you point out to me the things you claim she said?
I'm not going to spoonfeed everything to you. If you're incapable of interpreting information within the context of the original discussion that's your problem,

No. 457027

it was a vague response. she also said nowhere that she enjoyed it like you claim
>I'm not going to spoonfeed everything to you. If you're incapable of interpreting information within the context of the original discussion that's your problem,
you claimed she enjoyed watching women getting beat, I tried to find it but I couldn't, therefore, it's up to you to find where she specifically said she enjoyed it or else your comment would be invalid and like I said, a strawman

No. 457037

File: 1567429039098.jpg (91.39 KB, 640x877, tfplwk0ln4k31.jpg)

Another case of false-false accusations?
here's some shady things about the story
>The false allegations were life-derailing for the accused, who is referred to as "T.F." in the lawsuit. On October 3, 2017, one of the girls told other students that T.F. had sexually assaulted her at a pool; a Seneca Valley guidance counselor overheard the accusation, and reported it to Childline, the state's child abuse prevention agency, as required by law. T.F. was swiftly charged with indecent assault and harassment, and received six months of probation as part of a plea deal
so one of the girls in question didn't even report him, just told her friend in which a guidance consoler overheard, it's shady because in a typical "false accusation" case they want him to get punished, so why would she just tell her friend if she wanted him to go away? Another thing is the whole "guidance consoler ovehearing" thing, most guidance counselors don't even hear bullying, death threats, drugs, etc that go on within a school, so somehow she magically popped out, overheard, and reported that?

>Months later, in March of 2018, T.F. was again falsely accused, according to the lawsuit. Another girl invited him over to a house party; a few days later, she told the school guidance counselor that T.F. had broken into her home and sexually assaulted her. The lawsuit claims she was coached by T.F.'s first accuser.

so this is girl 2, on what planet in high schools do random girls go up to other random girls and say "lol let's charge TF with sexual abuse"

>He was removed from school in leg and wrist shackles and spent 9 days in juvenile detention.

wrist shackles? really? wrist shackles don't even exist anymore, they don't even give wrist shackles to serial killers, murders, etc so why the fuck would they put wrist shackles on a kid they were just going to give 9 days in detention (also 9 days is awfully short for a supposed sexual assault)

>He was released on house arrest on April 18, 2018, with an ankle monitor, and specific instructions from [Juvenile Probation Officer] Michael Trego that he could not tell people about the ankle device, and he could not wear shorts or other clothing that revealed the ankle device, even though it was during some of the hottest days of summer

another shady thing, no officer never says this to anyone lmao if this was the case a hell of a lot of people would be in trouble

>He was not permitted to have any visitors, phone, or internet access, and could not leave the house except for therapy, which he requires to deal with the psychological trauma he suffered and to attend church. After 28 days, he was allowed outside the house only to mow his lawn, which he had to do in long pants regardless of the temperature. He was unable to play during most of the high school baseball season and was told by the Athletic Director that she was not sure he could play baseball because every time he was wearing a Seneca Valley jersey, he was representing the school. T.F. was unable to play baseball or work at his summer jobs for part of the summer.

this literally doesn't happen during probation/house arrest, also most probation officers encourage them to work, anyone who knows basic law knows this.

>other students came forward with Snapchat messages that contradicted the claims of the "mean girls," who eventually admitted to lying. All charges against T.F. were dropped.

they never present or even paraphrase the messages, they claim to have messages that contradict mean girl's claim but don't go into any detail at all or what claims they contradict.

>To pretend otherwise, as fourth-wave feminism's believe-all-victims mantra demands, is to ignore a large number of cases involving young people—often young black men—wrongly accused of sexual misconduct.

this sentence, in general, should say lots about how biased the argument is

>But in a tape-recorded interview with school officials in 2017, the suit claims K.S. the sex assault was fabricated.
you'd think a very important piece of information would be mentioned in the previous but it was not, they also fail to provide the said recording that proved his innocence despite there being a million and one ways to reveal the tape without revealing the girl's information

then it was revealed the apparent "she admitted it was fabricated" thing was
>“I just don’t like him,” K.S. told officials. “I just don’t like to hear him talk. … I don’t like to look at him.
her not liking the dude isn't "admitting to fabrication"
>Told pals she “would do anything to get T.F. expelled.”
weird but still not admitting to fabrication

the recording is
not ONCE did they provide any clear and specific evidence of the girls "admitting they lied" nor the contradicting snapchat messages they claimed to have, most of it is just victimizing TF and villainizing the girls and proving little evidence and none that proves their claim

No. 457038

also to correct myself
>wrist shackles? really? wrist shackles don't even exist anymore, they don't even give wrist shackles to serial killers, murders, etc so why the fuck would they put wrist shackles on a kid they were just going to give 9 days in detention (also 9 days is awfully short for a supposed sexual assault)
I meant leg shackles

No. 457041

File: 1567429395636.jpg (113.85 KB, 1242x2208, k6gqre4084k31.jpg)

Men: why don't girls flirt with us?
Men: it's so sexist MEN have to do all the work why can't you lazy females make the first move?

No. 457042

File: 1567429632263.png (485.71 KB, 615x621, Smithers-cornered-by-ladies.pn…)



No. 457044

Fucking disgusting.

No. 457045

Thank you for this, anon. I believe we should be shifting the conversation from "This accusation must be false unless you can prove without a doubt that it happened"/"You're an asshole" to "This accusation must be false unless you can prove without a doubt that it happened"/"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. You're going to need to give some substantial, undeniable proof that this accusation was false and a calculated scheme without a doubt. Rape has happened for hundreds and hundreds of years, so it being the case here is just Occam's razor. Also, false rape accusations are statistically insignificant compared to confirmed, documented rape cases, so the odds are just not in your favor".
Their entire argument is an emotional appeal masquerading as a "balanced, logical viewpoint", and we should be exposing that whenever possible.
As a sidenote, I love how they try to boost their point by racebaiting midway through.
>To pretend otherwise, as fourth-wave feminism's believe-all-victims mantra demands, is to ignore a large number of cases involving young people—often young black men—wrongly accused of sexual misconduct.
A bid to confuse readers. "Am I racist for understanding that men have a tendency to rape and get away with it because society favors men, especially in cases of obvious power imbalance?". The answer is no.
Also, where is this "large number"? It's non-existent. Men are more likely to be raped than to be falsely accused of rape.

No. 457062

Lmao. I hope his mates do the right thing and make fun of him eternally.
Sounds like a little girl.

No. 457075

Today I feel hopeless. On Saturday August 24th a 19 year old first year student at my university went missing. She had told her friends at res that she was going to the post office. After a long investigation a suspect was arrested and appeared in court this morning. It was a post office employee. She had gone to pick up a parcel and he told her to come back at 2pm to fetch it. During this time he told his coworkers that he would finish up all the work and that they could go home early. When she returned he bludgeoned her with a scale till she was unconscious, raped her, killed her when she woke up and screamed and disposed of her body. He told the police "this child gave me problems, she took so long to die." Women are not safe anywhere, their homes, the post office, the bus stop, the grocery store. To make it even worse this happened during our country's woman's month.

He had been convicted for sexual assault before, but who cares women are disposable in our society right? And twitter is filled with "not all men" in response to this. I just want to scream and cry. We lived in the same city, shared the same bus - hell she got murdered right where I park my car when I pick up pet supplies (the post office was next to a police station!). If it wasn't her it would've been another woman. I'm so sick and tired of men feeling entitled to our attention, our bodies, our lives. I can't begin to imagine how scared she was in her last moments.

The sick fuck will serve a few years and get out on a reduced sentence and do this again. Perhaps even get another government post. She doesn't get to grow up. She had just begun her life.

No. 457082

How fucked in the head do you have to be to even calculate this plan in the split second you see a woman and decide that this is how you wanna go down? Is the male brain hardwired to see such a convoluted "opportunity"? Intrusive thought is one thing but this is a whole other level. Even the most notoriously fucked up woman in history (Baniszewski) didnt decide to torture and kill all in one moment, or even one day like this man. We know they dont care about us but these guys don't even have the selfishness to think that it might fuck THEIR OWN life up. Not even that can stop them.

I'm mad with you, anon.

No. 457143

Not anymore, I stopped, and the porn I watched was never violent. For example I never watched shit where the woman got beaten, abused, facial abuse, etc. But I don't know why that was such a knee-jerk reaction for you. They are not our allies and they don't need you to defend them. Soon you will be defending e-thots and handmaidens.

It's hot when men are abused and enduring, and like >>457013 said, physically their bodies are built to handle it better than women can.

No. 457148

I agree 100%, the issue is that they claim there's some gynocentric society, but what gynocentric society can pull the whole "if a man accused of sexual assault can pull she lied card and he will be believed, supported, defended and babied no questions asked", not to mention how little of a sentence he got for supposed sexual assault and obvious tall tales about leg shackles, having to wear long pants, and not being able to have a job, especially after seeing how little and vague the "evidence" was

sorry for blog but I'm a law student, I notice this a lot in false accusation cases, I've started calling them false-false accusation cases, evidence is grey and vague, in some false-false accusation cases there is literally no evidence at all, he just pulled the "she lied" card and was believed no questions asked, the people on the men's side are often extremely biased and talk like they just walked off of r/MGTOW or some other misogynistic corner of the internet, but of course, in this somehow supposed woman-favoring society, men often never get punished for rape or assault even when hard evidence is presented but somehow a girl saying she doesn't like her rapist means she orchestrated a chain of false accusations (???)

no one points out shady details in these cases either, but when women come forward with rape and assault suddenly everyone turns into investigators unless of course the rapist or assaulter is female then it is believed no questions asked, I've even seen cases where they want to try 24 yr old teachers who have consensual sex with 18 yr old students the same as child molestation, such a gynocentric society, right?

No. 457149

>I didn't say that I just said that

No. 457151

Dude, the problem is not with abuse itself, both men and women being abused willingly is fine, it's basic consent. You should dislike it in porn due to the fact that people can and ARE trafficked into it. Ignoring it when it happens to men is the most hateful and cold thing I have ever heard. How on earth can you ignore that this is the actual problem here?

Thank you anon, that's exactly what I was telling her.

No. 457152

show me a case of a man being trafficked and forced to do porn

No. 457153

Here you go you heartless cretin. Are you going to ignore it, or admit that you were wrong?

No. 457154

No. 457155

I don't care if I am banned for posting this, but if it makes you change your mind it's worth it. Warning that this is fucked up, don't click if you don't want to be sickened.


Here is one of the men that was paid 50 dollars to be whipped until he passed out. Is this hot for you? Do you like it? How do you feel knowing that any of the others you masturbate to could be just like him?

No. 457159

Anybody seen the Alec Holowka drama? Funny how he rapes someone and then cowardly suicides to shift the narrative.

No. 457160

>homeless man consents to getting beaten and gets paid
>somehow we're supposed to feel bad

No. 457161

Yes! I hate the race-baiting shit they always pull. You can practically see the eyes of white guys light up when they realize they've found a totally woke way of pitting white women and black men against each other, and making those already existing tensions worse. If we're busy fighting each other then it takes the heat off of them. One minute they'll be screeching about how the evil darkies are coming to rape "their" women, and the next minute they'll be screeching about evil white women using racism to pin false accusations against black men.

I've also noticed a trend where because of this it's almost impossible for a white woman to call out misogyny from a man of color. Not only is she dismissed in the way all women are when they bring up misogyny or sexual assault, but she's also painted as racist for doing so and made out to be the devil or something. The only people I typically see jumping to her defense are people who are actually racist and using the accusation as fodder for their anti-immigration talking points.

Everybody seems to think that because they read To Kill a Mockingbird in middle school, that makes them an expert on false accusations. But all it does is give them another reason to call women liars, while patting themselves on the back for fighting racism (when most couldn't actually give half of a shit about racism or the way POC are treated)

No. 457162

A big number of homeless people have severe mental illness and can't really consent.

No. 457164


>He was 36, mentally disabled, schizophrenic, off his medicine and confused. So confused that after he left his group home in Clearwater one day and wound up in Williams Park in St. Petersburg, he couldn't find his way back home.

You are a monster. I hope to god you are a false flagging scrot. If you are a woman I hope to god you never have a son.

Thanks again anon, I can't believe the answers I am getting. It's surreal, this is the pinkpill thread, where we call out men for their shittiness. Not being accepting and aroused by the poor and the mentally ill men being beaten to a bloody pulp…

No. 457165

Honestly he doesn't seem homeless. It was pretty hot and I enjoyed when he broke down crying. His reactions were pretty good. Anyway at the very least it was just a flogging, very painful but he consented to it, and there should be no injury or permanent damage. Unlike the videos where they legit punch and beat the shit out of them, in the face, ribs, and stomach, which can cause injuries and lasting damage.

If you wanted to prove your case more you should have posted something like this

No. 457166

Obviously it's fucked up to pay a homeless guy to beat the shit out of him. I don't see how anyone could justify that as being morally okay.

However, this is just another stupid gotcha where you pick out one single instance of women doing something that men do about 1000x as often. It's not even remotely comparable because it happens so rarely. One instance of women doing the sadistic shit men do daily doesn't prove anything.

I agree with you that beating up random guys to get off isn't magically okay because of what men as a whole have done to women. But it isn't comparable to men doing that for millenia and building entire multi billion dollar industries around it.

No. 457168

>It was pretty hot and I enjoyed when he broke down crying. His reactions were pretty good.

I legit don't know what to say. I know this is an imageboard, I know that we are all a little fucked up, but you are gloating over being sexually aroused by what could very well be trafficking and violent abuse because he didn't look homeless? Maybe he was just mentally ill anon, wtf is his grooming the issue in deciding whether you like the content of a company with that mode of operation????

>If you wanted to prove your case more you should have posted something like this

Oh I'm so sorry I did not provide you with hardcore enough content, I should totally spend more time watching vile and illegal abuse.

For fuck's sake, when did I say the degree was comparable? Of course it happens a ton more to women. My argument started with the anon who said she is not ok with it happening to women (rightly) but perfectly fine and she enjoys it sexually when it happens to men!

No. 457169

Ok my bad. I misunderstood you. It had just come across like another "See, women are just as bad!" narrative.

No. 457170

No problem, I know it's really annoying when men do it. We all know they are 90% of violent criminals. I just hate it when we are called to ignore the victims because they happen to be the same sex as the most common criminals. I HATE violent men. I really really hate them. But I don't hate victims, no matter their sex, I want to help them.

No. 457173

File: 1567467445699.png (111.25 KB, 682x293, marquisdesade.png)

i'm onto you

No. 457178

if this was a woman we would never hear screaming about how its her fault and how evil women are all whores who would do anything for money

No. 457179

I have no idea what you are trying to say anon, care to rephrase or explain?

No. 457180

Ok, I get it. It just didn't seem like the guy was mentally unable to consent or homeless, but the matter of the fact is you can't really be sure. Thinking more about it perhaps watching anything violent or related to BDSM is a bad call in the first place because possibly anything can be abusive and it's not like we know if someone consented or not. I felt bad for the homeless man I linked because I got some sort of testimony and it felt real to me, but maybe the guy you linked had some circumstances as well. I admit, it's so easy to disconnect yourself from the people in porn because we are always taught it's not real, just acting, and it's kind of scary.

No. 457182

Thanks anon. I do not mean thanks because I "win the argument", I mean thank you because I legit feel well that you saw it from my perspective. Please only watch home made stuff, these companies are evil and their actors don't give a fuck. I am not saying don't watch porn, just not the corporate stuff.

No. 457183

I misunderstood the exchange between those two anons, and I thought that the homeless guy scenario was brought up as a sort of gotcha tactic. Men and their handmaidens love to find some obscure example of a woman doing something heinous to disprove that men are more violent and depraved. I'm so used to people doing that any time you bring up male violence that I kinda jumped the gun.

No. 457185

Ah ok, yeah it's understandable with all the whataboutism they do.

No. 457186

I don't really feel sympathy for him. If he really was an abuser which even his own sister seemed to acknowledge then I don't care or feel bad.

No. 457188

>Please only watch home made stuff
Don't even watch that, you can never be sure everyone in the video knew and consented to being posted online and there's still a chance of porn related psychological damage like escalating tastes.

No. 457189

Well, I mean if you have to. Getting rid of porn can be tough.

No. 457195

>millions of women on bdsm websites wanting to act out rape roleplay, beating, etc
>men still try to brainwash and abuse vanilla women into things they don't wanna do

why are men like this?

No. 457196

I'm so glad his sister is still a proud feminist.

No. 457226

This. I know that incels are using this as ammo to call women "murderers" for speaking up about abuse, but I don't really care.
If he really was abusive, may even more abusive, shitty men follow in his footsteps and contribute to the male suicide rate. God knows they barely face punishment for their actions.
More likely, though, we'll probably just see a rash of them claiming to have "attempted suicide" while shedding crocodile tears over being exposed and "having their life ruined" by mean internet comments.

No. 457236

Kotakuinaction incels have gone apeshit over this thing and threatening GG 2.0 and a "reckoning" kek.

No. 457249

File: 1567494793277.jpg (15.05 KB, 480x360, simp.jpg)

>the problem is not with abuse itself, both men and women being abused willingly is fine

No. 457270

Kinda fucked up. I'm a feminist but Quinn is a compulsive liar.

No. 457276

Do you think straight men who loudly talk about how disgusting they think vaginas are are: 1. gay and in denial; 2. so fucked up from porn that they genuinely find normal anatomical structures like labia disgusting despite being attracted to women, or; 3. engaging in performative misogyny despite actually finding vaginas attractive?

Related: it's so fucking dysfunctional when men claim to like pussy but then say that all but the tiniest most hidden labia are gross. Can you imagine if women were like, "I love dick, but only really when his penis is a featureless tube and I can't see any glans or balls." People would immediately recognize that the woman saying that is either lesbian or has a deeply pathological relationship with her partners' bodies.

No. 457277

gay in denial. an actual straight man can't be able to hate female anatomy that much.

No. 457278

If it was just Quinn who came out with allegations, then yeah, I'd be skeptical too. But the fact that SO many people in the game dev scene, including men, came out with their own experiences with Holowka being an unstable and angry person leads me to believe that this time she's telling the truth. Maybe she exaggerated some parts to make herself out as more of a victim, but I definitely don't doubt that Holowka did some shady things.

No. 457281

I mean some vaginas can look gross just like dicks can look gross, human genitalia is generally unattractive and weird looking, some men take it way too far however and swear up and down just because THEY find women's genitals unattractive that means all men must

these same men screech all day how all women are the same and how men aren't hiveminds unlike evil women until of course they want women to feel bad

don't even get me started on men who get grossed out and make women feel unattractive for completely normal female features like large nipples, cellulite, stretch marks, etc.

Human have flaws, why men can't get over it is beyond me

No. 457286

File: 1567508018776.jpg (184.47 KB, 1080x847, 32132.jpg)

No. 457289

>Actually beleving Quin
I trust Drumpf more.

Also his sister legits looks like she masturbates to Anita Sarkeesian…

We don't know if he was abusive anon, that's whe whole point. If Quin had any evidence we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Someone being depressed and short tempered is not the same as being abusive.

They are homos in denial, 100% chance of watching shemale porn.

No. 457290

>women are so DISGUSTING and unfeminine, it gross and gay to put your dick in a womans vagina
>to get back for it I'll stick my dick in males assholes where they shit from

No. 457292

Denial is a hell of a drug anon. I browse /fit/ and the extremely and obviously gay shit they say and STILL insist they are straight as a die make me laugh and cry at the same time.

No. 457293

Genitalia is pretty gross in general but the way men talk about vaginas is rooted in misogyny, especially when all men regardless of sexuality are OBSESSED with penises. Look at how teenage boys will graffiti penises everywhere and make penis jokes all the time. The ancient Romans flat-out worshipped a giant winged magical penis and they wore it as a good luck charm around their neck to ward off evil.

No. 457294

Greeks were the superior misogynists, they at least realized small penises were more aesthetic.

No. 457295

Yeah it sounds like he was emotionally abusive.

I don't believe a word that Adelaide Gardner said though. She's into black guys :barf(racebait)

No. 457296

Too bad they thought women were far more inferior than the Romans.

No. 457297

Back when I still used 4chan, I sometimes saw anons admit they use the term "roastie" and mock vaginas constantly because they want to women to feel insecure; even if they didn't actually find their vaginas disgusting. But then you'd also have the retards who legit thought your labia stretches out if you have casual sex, or who were barely hiding the fact they liked bald innie vaginas because it reminded them of underage girls.
I think it's a combination of all these reasons and men memeing each other into having overly specific, unrealistic preferences.

No. 457298

>shemale porn
Both straight and gay men may watch shemale porn or have might sex with a tranny for experimentation but has anyone else noticed that bi men are way more into shemales than the other two? Do a lot of bi men have a tranny fetish?

No. 457299

For bi men it's a "best of both worlds" thing for them.

No. 457300

ok /pol/chan

Did they? I think it differed quite a bit from cite-sate to city-state, Sparta, Athens, Corinth, they all had different opinions on the subject.

>Men meme themselves into hating the thing they are supposed to love
Why are they like this?

>Straight men may watch shemale porn or have sex with a tranny
Anon, I don't think you know what straight means.

No. 457301

Anon, men will put their dick into anything.

No. 457302

I don't disagree with that statement, but we don't call the ones who put it in other men's behinds straight.

No. 457305

Gay men who sleep with trannies are in the closet trying to convince themselves to like women, straight men who sleep with trannies are just being doing it for the lulz, bi men who sleep with trannies genuinely like the trannies because they are GAMPs.

No. 457312

I've never met a "straight" man into trannies who didn't later become a tranny himself.

No. 457316

It's called autogynephilia. They're still straight but have pseudo-bisexuality or pseudo-androphilia which makes them fanatsize about experiencing sex in a woman's body with faceless men or to have a male partner to complete their image of the ideal woman.

No. 457350

I've never met a tranny lover who didn't also love his own ass played with

No. 457351

I was lurking on YouTube and I came across this video of my “favorite” mannosphere alpha male asshole blogger, Blackdragon (https://blackdragonblog.com) and now that I can put a face and voice to his writing, I find them not enraging anymore but hilarious.

THIS blobfish of a man is who is trying to teach “Alpha Male” lifestyle tips? This is the man who brags about all the hot women with huge tits that he fucks? Seriously?!

Also when you hear him talk about this stuff in reality it really shows just how full of shit he is

No. 457372

I hate how the standards for a nice vagina is pretty much look like that of a childs, when did grown womens vaginas become not good enough?

No. 457373

/fit/ is cancer
straight dudes shit on women and act like complete fucking lunatics and demand insane unnatural propotions that no woman can achieve without surgery, the gay ones shit on women all day and go out of their way and "demand" women feel bad

No. 457377

Where the hell have you met these women? I have never heard any woman claiming this in my life, only men like children's vaginas.

No. 457380

And whenever a female ass that isn't either 10/10 perky small supermodel or huge instagram bimbo tier, every other post is ''My ass is better than that!!1 I SWEAR!''

No. 457401

>It was pretty hot
>he consented to it
You're porn sick or fucked in the head. If someone does something like that because they're in poverty and need the money, or they aren't of sound mind or have been manipulated otherwise then it's not consent. I don't know why you're in the pink pill thread if you don't get that

Option 2, even without misogynistic 'locker room talk' guys have seen so many hours of pink, waxed and snipped porn pussy before they ever come into contact with the real thing. They believe it's the norm.

No. 457413

I think the difference is men are hyper focused on genitals regardless of what sex, where women not saying balls are beautiful = us thinking they're the fugliest things on the planet. The pisser and shitter are not aesthetically pleasing imo. I can understand liking the curves of the body and the definition of muscles etc, but I don't know any women that love the sight of dick, the way men love to see pussy.

It's really fucking moronic

No. 457438

I dated a man (yes) when I was 16 who had this belief. His room was also full of hentai figures, shadman posters (I wish I was joking), and a collection of books explaining how to pick up & fuck women. He had two fleshlights and one of those ass shaped fleshlights hiding in his closet.

What a fucking mistake. I couldn’t have the time of day to even start telling stories about how he acted. But when we broke up, he kept calling me “sloppy seconds” and harassed me for years. He was the only man I’d ever slept with (this count, 7 years later is now still only at 2) and yet fully believed I was “damaged goods”.

No. 457442

>I dated a man (yes) when I was 16 who had this belief. His room was also full of hentai figures, shadman posters (I wish I was joking), and a collection of books explaining how to pick up & fuck women. He had two fleshlights and one of those ass shaped fleshlights hiding in his closet.

lol what the fuck?

>What a fucking mistake

You don;t say. Why on earth did you date this man? Even at 16, that shit should start some serious sirens in your head.

No. 457443

File: 1567531352580.jpg (87.64 KB, 500x952, 156744748896.jpg)


wtf anon, how did you end up with someone like that, did it look like this?

No. 457449

Honestly I don't really know how it happened either. I like to chalk it up to being a vulnerable kid. He was nice when we first met (like most abusers) and we were LDR so I didn't see his room until a year into the relationship… But I'm glad I had the experience even if it was horrible because now I know what to look out for.

LOL not exactly. He mostly wore expensive brand clothes but he always bought them 2 sizes too big and he was short so they looked horrible on him.

No. 457456

I love how men can go on tv and talk about cheating on their partner and make it seem like the most normal thing yet men have the audacity to call women ''sluts''. Men are the real sluts.

No. 457471

File: 1567536555793.jpg (252.88 KB, 726x900, redflag.jpg)

>how to pick up women
>"damaged goods"

No. 457490

Does anyone have insight into why men think its thought policing to object to a boyfriend wanking to some seriously depraved shit? Actually I don't need to embellish. Most porn is depraved, I hate the entire industry.

Anyway, I've come across a lot of male opinions online and various dudes IRL of essentially "don't tread on my private fantasies bitch". To a lot of men even stating jerking to porn curbs desire to cheat.

So how exactly do men view sex and women? Girlfriends/wives are apparently not allowed opinions on porn habits and what the man is viewing. I saw a lot of comments regarding "not into that jealousy bullshit with women", yet men hate on any guy adored by sexy teen girls en masse e.g. Justin beiber, one direction, Robert Pattinson etc.

It also seems to be the status quo that a one night stand or drunken hook up can be expected, but if another men is catering to the emotional needs of his gf/wife that is the deal breaker?

Just seems like a lot of men just fucking hate us, but want to fuck us or see us be fucked at any opportunity.

This post is probably a mess. I don't understand how men are literally claiming victim status if a woman was to critique their fap folder. They say a don't ask don't tell policy is best. Yet, almost all porn use becomes an issue in a relationship and Wtf is the point in having bizarre secret fantasies you're ashamed of whilst being in a relationship. Is imaginary sex with your hand so much better than having open communication with a woman that is consenting to get your dick wet?? A friend of mine found her boyfriends porn on his phone and she said it was full of "granny creampies". This guy is young, fit and not an asshole, what is the taboo factor about jerking it to granny. Well I mean I get the taboo but what is the horny factor? Are pensioners hotter than I thought, should I stop worrying about sag in my chest, presumably as long as my legs can be held up in a pair of fishnets and a guy can cum in me and watch it fall out I'm golden. Who knew???

No. 457494

Men will fuck anything. Not good men, but most men. A good man WILL reject reasonable things you want him to reject, if he doesn't he simply isn't as good as you thought.

No. 457503

>Can you imagine if women were like, "I love dick, but only really when his penis is a featureless tube and I can't see any glans or balls."
The most similar scenario is american women who expect penises to be cut and think natural ones are gross.

No. 457511

is that actually true though? Europoor here and I can not imagine things are as bad as American men constantly whine about, why on earth would women prefer a dry and harsh dick instead of soft and wet one?

No. 457518

Men call 4inch dicks micro penis and lament that women can't feel them inside of them, but also make up weird assumptions that woman complain about lack of foreskin or foreskin making a significant impact on sexual feeling, yet everything under 8" is small. Men just love talking about genitals. Some even suck themselves off, head on over to r/selfsuck if you want to regret being straight more.

No. 457520

>Slut loves being watched while he Selfsuck he says, feel so slutty and dirty having my own dick in my mouth so evrybody knows I get turned on by sucking my own dick in front of Women humiliating me. So he needed to post this, showing evrybody, the slut he is. Full video for all women who sends hi.

What the fuck is wrong with men?

No. 457523

Obviously the world revolves around the penis and not that the world is constantly having a penis shoved down its metaphorical throat. Honestly the quicker the Y chromosome degrades itself from the gene pool the better.

No. 457526

Unfortunately it seems that it will take a few million years, so we still have no solution in the forseeable future,

No. 457537

Compared to all the harmful shit men do, them peacefully engaging in DIY like this should be encouraged.

No. 457545

It's a little hard to stomach and understand. I nearly threw up first time watching one of those videos. How into yourself do you have to be to be able to suck yourself off and cum in your own mouth? Men are hyper focused on dicks. Even straight men will experiment together. They spend 90% of waking thought catering to their dick.

No. 457554

It's true, they love dick 200% more than women do so they should just play with themselves/other men and not bother uninterested women.

No. 457555

File: 1567544519323.jpg (26.69 KB, 499x481, de15df26e9bf61c4f5672a08dc60a5…)

"But we were the ones who discovered the world and created the things that led us to modernity! you bitches should be grateful for our intelligence and bravery!" But you cheated, you all literally cheated, of course you assholes discovered everything cool if you didn't even let us study. It doesn't count if you throw the other half of the population out of the game just to win by default, God knows how many women discovered great things before and you shut them up just to talk about your "superiority", and even today they bully women from stem and technology fields, like, if you are so fucking smart and intelligent then what was the need to not allow us to study? I mean, you don't feel threatened to lose against a tetraplegic in a marathon right?, so if our inferiority was so verifiable and obvious why fear? It should be "easy" to beat "inferior women", right? "Pffft, those cunts? lol, they can teach them shit all they want, they won't beat us" but no, instead they just pussied out and blocked us. You guys are full of shit and all your scientific discoveries too.

(Ironically, nowadays men are drooping university cause is "too hard" and they aren't being "encouraged" (women were literally bullied and they still did it but go off i guess) while women not only keep studying but also get better grades, "REEEEEE they made exams easier!!!" and you couldn't beat them still? i thought you guys were some geniuses what happened? where's the so-called "superior male brain" now? you guys literally lost to some "inferior cunts" on simplified exams? pffft)

No. 457563

>when did grown womens vaginas become not good enough?
Right around the time it was decided by porn producers (around the late 80s/early 90s) that bald vaginas were somehow more erotic and set the trend, and now more recently, near labia-less vaginas. While maybe their outward intentions weren't to make the vaginas seem 'younger' its kinda what happened and pedophilia culture took root. Nowadays pubic hair and/or 'outie' vaginas = older, gross, must be a slut for looking so 'loose', not that attractive, too mature, doesn't take care of herself, while no pubic hair and/or 'innie' vaginas = younger, fresher, cuter, it can symbolize innocence, not "broken in". Even kids believe this, I remember being in middle school and hearing stuff like
>girls who don't shave are disgusting
>having too much sex makes you loose
>having sex with too many guys will make you look gross down there
>you can tell a girl is a slut by how her vagina looks
Its depressing knowing a lot of those kids' beliefs are still the same.

Not saying all women who choose to shave their pubic hair are trying to make themselves look like children, a lot of women prefer to shave for a bunch of different reasons, like ok whatever, but there most likely would not be a general, pervasive trend of pubic hair removal and 'innie' vaginas if it weren't for porn. Even older porn actresses who are cast as MILFs are expected to have a vagina that looks like it never went through puberty.

Its the same reason cosmetic labiaplasty wasn't a mainstream concept until the last decade or so, women AND girls are always pressured to have perfect everything even if only a few people are ever going to see it. When even middle school aged girls are wanting to get invasive and painful surgery so their vulvas look more like they do in porn, there's a fucking issue.

No. 457570

>Implying scrots needed help to be paedophilic
Anon please.

No. 457581

File: 1567546750935.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.34 KB, 794x529, il_794xN.1444204062_a54g.jpg)

>near labia-less vaginas

That shit is insane. How is women looking like they almost don't have a sex organ at all sexy? Meanwhile men must have as large dicks as possible in porn. It's so pedophilic or at least anti-female sexuality. Japanese shunga artists, patriarchal as they were, at least understood if you portray giant dick you also match it with big hairy pussy.

No. 457599

ladies… i think i'm about to take the pill.

i just found out that one of my favorite professors in my program, the one who i was probably closest with when i was in university has divorced his wife and married an undergrad (he's in his 40s, she's in her early 20s). i'm almost hurt by the news, honestly; he always seemed like such a brilliant, thoughtful guy, and was sensitive to women's issues (i was in a humanities program), but it turns out he's not shit, just like every other scrot.

No. 457612

File: 1567548412927.png (56.76 KB, 625x605, male-feminist-comic.png)

>was sensitive to women's issues (i was in a humanities program)

well… you know what they say…

No. 457621

Was really confused when I came online and saw this attitude that women contribute nothing. I'm interested in science and a lot of papers, textbooks, and books I come across are written/have contributions by women. So do these people just not see all of the work they do? Even like prior to the 1960s you still see female scientists. All you have to do is take 10 seconds to google "female scientists" and you'll see a big list of the most influential ones and their contributions. I also like literature and I'm not as learned on it, but it seems like lots of the innovations and developments of literature came from women like potentially the first novel (Murasaki Shikibu), first children's literature (Sarah Fielding), first psychological novel (Madame de Lafayette), first roman a clef (Madeleine de Scudéry) etc etc. Also,

> "REEEEEE they made exams easier!!!" and you couldn't beat them still? i thought you guys were some geniuses what happened?

kek. And they cry about how boys fail because evil female teachers these days don't let the poor boys run around and release their energy but didn't educators used to be even stricter and beat kids who didn't sit still and behave?

No. 457636

even innie vaginas aren't good enough though
after puberty the vagina becomes fleshy, follicles become more pronounced, labias get wrinkly, not to mention how easy the vagina skin irritates on top of all that we're expected to shave or wax, which even if you follow all the correct ways to shave can leave you with bumps or burn, it's like people have completely forgotten what a natural grown woman's body is supposed to look like

No. 457765

I have an innie or 'tidy' (whatever it's called) vag and my experience with men is still that they are selfish lovers, that they only eat your pussy in the beginning of the relationship and that your pussy still doesn't exactly get treated any better for being cutesy/porn star level so what's the point in even having it

No. 457774

I will never understand why girls like you stay with guys like this. I have been careful in my choice of partners, so I only dealt with this once, but I noped out of that immediately.

No. 457777

>was sensitive to women's issues
> humanities program

Oh, sweaty…

No. 457778

Lost both of my parents young, had difficulty supporting myself alone and settled with that seeing as the rent was at least being paid, I hit thirty before I woke up to it not even being worth it.

Now when I come on here I see 20 year olds describing the same situation and I really feel for them

No. 457781

>Lost both of my parents young
Damn, I am sorry anon, I guess I am imagininst normalish sitations, losing both parents young is pretty damn far from normal.

No. 457782

Yeah having no support system to fall back on at that age will lead guys to take advantage. I spent 3 years with one guy and every orgasm I had in those 3 years was solo when he wasn't around, he just didn't care, had to suck his dick nightly though and when we broke up it was after arguing about finances not being 50/50… he was too abusive for me to risk telling him that 'hello our sex life certainly has never been 50/50 either soo'

I still struggle to understand women with supportive parents choosing douchey men but then that's youth and low self esteem I guess

No. 457798

Someone posted about r/smalldickproblems here lately and I can't stop thinking about a poster on there who is 17 and has a 4 inch dick, he kept posting about wanting to 'come out' to his mom about it and when he finally told her she said 'oh that's normal, don't worry' etc

All the replies were calling her a bitch for 'not telling him the truth' and not making a big fuss.. and all I can think is why the fuck would you tell your mom your dick size and what does he fucking want from her??

No. 457800

Why are men such extremists about everything? It's like their tiny man brains escalate any conceivable fault or flaw to the point where they make non-issues into the most retarded SJ movements. No none cares about your tiny dick, Jesus.

No. 457802

Please keep Jesus out of this, anon.

No. 457808

Of all the women on earth it's the number one woman that he ought to leave alone when it comes to his dick… "Guys how do I approach telling my mom about my dick"

Posters twice his age didn't even think to say.. ehm maybe dont talk to your mother about your dick

No. 457810

"Aww I'm sorry scrote you must have got your penis from me instead of daddy. Would you not want to measure dicks together with him?"

No. 457813

These guys have weird dynamics with their mothers and a need to be coddled about it


No. 457825

Male and female asses are objectively different and I never understand why gymbros claim to have “better” asses than a woman who hasn’t worked out. Sure theirs might be tighter. But if you put them side by side you’ll see exactly which is which. Even women with the flattest ass have wider hips and more round fat distribution. I’ve done this comparison with people at my gym and it’s so obvious and women’s asses are obviously more womanly.

When a guy says “my ass is better than that woman’s” he really means he is gay and likes guy ass

No. 457830

When I was in undergrad the same thing happened and this is when I probably had the first seed of doubt planted in my mind. And then I remembered back to undergrad when my young male teacher would text my female classmate who was sixteen non stop. And I saw a pattern and was instantly pink pilled.

No. 457866

the oedipus complex was total male projection. i've never met a woman who's attracted to her father. meanwhile men all seem to want a wife who's basically just like his mom except fuckable. and porn sites are full of "mommy fucks her little boy" videos and stepmom fetish shit. men are the ones who want to fuck their moms.

No. 457886

I get what you're saying but there really are a lot of women with daddy issues who long for unavailable, neglectful, and borderline abusive men. Ofc that's men's fault in the first place for being shitty parents but it's still pretty common.

No. 457889

There's women with daddy issues but I've never seen or met a woman who is actually attracted to her real father. Maybe they exist but they're incredibly rare.

Meanwhile browse any incel, porn or MRA forum and I guarantee you you will see plenty of men admitting to wanting to fuck their real mom.

No. 457915

Brock Turner's victim has come forward to reveal her name, Chanel, despite so meny men in the past angrily trying to dox her and punish her to getting raped and reporting it. She's releasing a memoir soon. And I hope she's doing well..

Still to this day men are defending the rapist despite eye witness accounts and all. It's so damn obvious that they desperately wish that rape was all ok. I wish her the best but fucking hate how so many men despise victims for speaking out and taking back control to survive.

No. 457924

if he don't eat snatch, drop him fast
even misogynistic dudes are willing to eat pussy, weird guys eat pussy, hell even 4chan bros talk about enjoying eating pussy, how much of a child do you have to be to not eat pussy?

that's including exceptions where the woman has a bad diet or infection and smell/tastes bad

No. 457949

File: 1567644895711.jpg (122.04 KB, 480x714, ch5big3.jpg)

Something i don't understand at all about men is that they STILL hold that persistent obsession with "woman=house life, man=actual work" and have this weird wish to have "a traditional family" like those antique family posters. Ignoring the moral implications, maybe this arrangement made "some" sense almost a century ago when one person could sustain a whole family of 5 kids and a wife with just one income, but trying the same thing with this declining economy nowadays (unless you're some rich ass chad) would be hard at best and literally impossible at worst, and that's implying you just have one child.

Even normal relationships were the two are working are struggling, this reasoning is totally retarded, they essentially want to force antiquated systems on new times just for the sake of being in power, they aren't even realizing doing so would be shooting their own foots.

No. 457951

I can understand grieving over it a little (as a woman who wanted to be a housewife). The power structure is retarded, but it’s unfortunate and rather depressing that we live in a economic situation where even if you want it, it’s impossible.

No. 457967

I can't believe they're so desperate to control us and so enamoured with an imaginary hot 50s wife in a dress making their food that they're always demanding women be SAHMs. I think a stay at home parent has a lot of value and providing for them doesn't warrant resentment, but the idea of supporting another capable adult kind of sucks. I'd avoid it if I could, yet men are still so eager for a tradwife for such malicious reasons.

No. 457968

God, that's the worst feeling. I've been there, specifically with a male mentor, being so honored to study with him, really believing he was better…….only to have it crash. I'm sorry, anon.

No. 458000

That's ridiculous. One of the most important programming languages from the fifties was designed by a woman and is still used today because of how it processes mathematical formulas. They've tried to bury it several times but nothing could replace it, and the entire financial industry runs on it.

Women have done amazingly considering the absurd restrictions we've had set upon us.

No. 458004

I hate that if you want kids, it's always the mom that is deemed responsible. If mom goes out to party, she's considered a bad mom but if dad goes out, well thats just normal isnt it? Mom will take care of the baby.
Same with career moms. Career moms are cold and dont care for their children and stay at home dads are "cucks"

No. 458015

Zoey Quinn did a good thing, if only all rapists would kill themselves. Male population needs to be culled to 20-40% and only nonviolent ones allowed to reproduce. Like bonobos.

No. 458018


>believing zoe quinn

Sorry but no level of pink pill will make me believe anything that fraud ever says. She gives women in tech and female game devs a bad name and her entire career is scam and hoaxes. You don't need gamergater scrotes to know that she made a career of larping, victimhood and hot air. Her using serious subjects like mental health and abuse to further her attention seeking makes actual victims look bad, everything Zoe Quinn attaches herself too looses reputation.

No. 458028

it's more likely he was a rapist than not, so I really don't care.
>caring about gooplegape
if she managed to make a career out of screwing scrots over good for her.

No. 458030

>out of screwing scrots over good for her.

She has probably screwed just as many women over. Her status as a personality for wome devs already harmful enough for women who are legit professionals. And i doubt all the people that supported her projects and donated money to her kickstarter hoaxes were the misoginistic scrots that she cries so much about. She is simply a scammer, after all these years he has zero to show as a game dev and she belong on pt/ better than in this thread.

No. 458031

lol. women will never get respect somewhere as pants-on-head retarded as the gaming industry. if all it takes to ruin it for all ~women in gaming~ is one bpd sjw then they were never going to be taken seriously anyway.

No. 458036


Like the times she deliberately sabotaged all female game jam because she wanted to promote her own more fraudulent version no one cared about. That showed the scrotes.





Not like this bpd sjw scammer is constantly used a bludgeon by scrotes and the general public against the reputation of the thousands of female game developers who actually know what they are doing.

No. 458038

if one person is all it takes to ruin the credibility of thousands of women, that one person is not the problem. just like the credibility of male game devs isn't ruined by phil fish.

No. 458039


Except those few examples of common ofenders are exactly what are being used to say all game dev scrotes are misoginistic whiny incels. Anita Sarkeesian made a career of cherry picking from thousands of games. Its all a matter of perception and without derailing further, the point is very simple, Zoe Quinn has zero credibility, she is a hoax artist that has been doing it for years and i will not defend her or believe her at face value when its obvious all she is trying to do is garner attention and support to further her career and put up yet another set of scams.

No. 458052

I have no real opinion on her one way or the other but the discourse around Zoe Quinn has been so poisoned by scrotes that it's basically impossible for me to believe half the accusations I see flung at her now. Scrots hate her, and they'll make up and deliberately misinterpret anything to make women they hate look bad.

No. 458060


The main victims of most of her scams are feminists who for some reason keep giving her money and a platform only for her to fuck off or sabotage them. Everyone hates Zoe Quinn, believing she is good because gross scrotes hate her is a big fallacy.

No. 458063

But her collecting money for projects and then not delivering on the promises is an objective fact, anon, that can be easily checked and measured.

The issue with people like Quinn is that they voluntarily create this scrote opposition by hiding behind "feminism" (as in, wishy-washy libfeminism that only serves to make them money). It's just like the tranny Brianna Wu who was a nobody until he got "death threats" from gamergaters, and used his newfound fame to collect money for his ridiculously bad Mass Effect rip-off. If you rightfully call him out as a shitty person, you're automatically a gamergate incel and thus wrong.

The scrotes who take these people seriously and make them into martyrs by obsessing over them are also at fault, of course, since they allow them to create this extreme narrative. There are people on both sides making money off of this entirely artificial conflict they've created.

No. 458085

the funny thing is that that system was never really feasible, even in old times, unless you were ridiculously rich. women have always worked. the housewife and breadwinner husband model is a meme lol

No. 458116

>put condom on guy
>he takes it off halfway
>cries and runs away when I have a pregnancy scare
>not even pregnant

why are men like this

No. 458117

File: 1567690193238.jpg (21.77 KB, 500x471, 01b1d58b8e6b42b056b36d551679f3…)

what's with the "no drama" male sterotype? hanging out with males cause 10x as much drama as women if not more, especially if you're fairly attractive and hang out in male-dominated groups

men are fucking animals

No. 458137

It's some real cognitive dissonance stuff because anyone who has been that 'one of the guys' girl knows that it's a huge balancing act to keep them at the right level of orbit, or else everything falls to shit. They fall into deep moods about the smallest thing and if there's friction in the group you're left doing the heavy emotional labour of keeping the peace because they don't know how to do it themselves. This stuff is all drama, but we only label 'female drama' as such.

No. 458156

It really depends on what kind of people you hang out with. I've known female groups to have drama and male groups, it seems different kind of drama though. The male drama was mostly about dominance.
My friends are both female and male and there's very little drama.

No. 458157

File: 1567699432512.jpg (20.51 KB, 216x300, s-l300.jpg)

I never understood how can people treat movies like 120 Days of Sodom, Straw Dogs or The Serbian Movie as "art movies" and still fucking watch them. Only a man could come up with something so twisted and get away with it.

No. 458159

File: 1567699930111.jpg (58.41 KB, 500x437, tumblr_ptezfojFbM1xto0v4o1_500…)

I was looking through a bunch of vintage illustration collections today and I was reminded at how much fictional media showed sexy women in peril. I know that there is a bias to save and re-share that type of imagery online because it's titillating and will do well as modern content but it's not rare at all. Extreme stuff was something you had to look for instead of it being pushed to your smart phone, but comics and advertisements were still littered with all sorts of low-key misogynistic stuff.
I don't want to call for a ban on all risque imagery but I just wanted to bring it up here, because even though we know rape culture is nothing new sometimes anons still talk about porn being this completely novel source of degradation and desensitization brainwashing but it's not like elements of this weren't already present in media before the internet.

No. 458161

So females tend to be normal/somewhat very intelligent while scrots are either dumb himbos or hyper geniuses, it makes me laugh how they bring these stats to flex on us like, do most of them think they're actually a part of that % of geniuses?, do they really expect me to think that if i go outside right now i'll find randomly a galaxy brained dude? Those stats said men can be brainless or erudites but they didn't say the percentages of said erudites. Lmao, it's obvious most are dumb as fuck, i would say there is a 10-20% chad geniuses who are CEOs with lots of companies or scientists and then the rest who are killing each other over who has the biggest dick or something lol.
This lines up with incel theory too, they always bitch about how they got rejected over Chad and hate women for doing so but, why they want to force women to breed with the lowest common nominator of men instead of Ultra galaxy brained males?.
These stats not only indicate males are the smartest, most illuminated beings on earth (10-20%) but also confirms they're dumb at best and the lowest human trash at worst (80%), that explains why women (who are stadistically smarter than most men) tend to "act like mothers" with them, cause most men are literally retarded and women, as actual funcional humans, pity them and want to fix them.

No. 458162

Absolutely. The modern porn industry definitely was not born out of nowhere and is certainly based on a whole history of degrading media, prostitution, strip clubs, and a society set up on misogyny and the idea of men being physically, mentally, and ethically superior to women. The violence of porn is the violence of thousands of years just put on camera.

No. 458164

>That fucking pic
>porn wasn't the first degenerate shit men created to humiliate women
Why are women still living along men? why are some women still deluding themselves to think they're the same as us and purposely forgetting all the horrible shit they did and still do to us? When is enough of this bullshit? I would be fucking pissed if i did whatever these fuckers told me to do and then be treated and depicted like this, like a sextoy, like a fucking joke, i just cannot understand. This is nothing new and women aren't at fault, i understand women falling for this before but why are women falling for the same rock over and over again? Rampant abuse, rapes, porn…it's always the same shit with the same ol' victims, this is just so confusing and sad.
Women statistically are being killed in relationships, women are abused or killed by who they trust most on their intimacy (men) so much is an actual meme, yet they cry about how is bad to be wary on men and "muh misandry", i cannot understand, where's their survival instinct? What is the reasoning of this? This isn't worth it.

No. 458178

File: 1567705955380.jpeg (210.43 KB, 1920x1080, 1D148B13-8B73-4C8F-B20C-55B6A0…)

salo is legitimately a great film though, and pasolini was an extremely important intellectual and filmmaker. i don’t think it’s a coincidence that he was killed shortly after the completion of a movie about the depraved morbid psychosexual drive undergirding fascism.

No. 458182


Pier Paolo Passolini was a degenerate and gross person and he was killed by a kid he tried to rape. Only communists try to whitewash his reputation and portray his circunstances differently, like they tend to do with pedos and sick bastards on their ranks, just look at Sartre and Foucault trying to get convicted rapists and pedophiles out of jail.

No. 458186

idk about whether or not he actually tried to rape pelosi, but he was ephebophilic as fuck and creepy, for sure

No. 458187

How is it great? Please explain. What makes it all worth it, and redeems it from the "schlocky, edgy torture porn" category"? Genuinely curious, as I watched it years ago and thought "Lmao, just because you shoved a bunch of shit onto a Wikipedia page and said it represents that we live in a society does not change what is on the screen in the most literal sense". IMO, that's also why A Serbian Film is not typically hailed as the greatest film critique of Serbian society of all time, but as gross-out edgy shit that includes child rape.

No. 458200

Not contributing and being lazy is not admirable you know. Staying at home with a few kids is not the same as working and also that enver fucking actually happened. Only the rich women did it. Middle class and poor women worked as >>458085 said.

No. 458202

IMO people think too extremely either way about it. In it's time it was a produced in a technically decent way, it had a message and delivered it in a shocking, alternative way but that's about it. It's on the same level as those 'modern art' pieces from the 70s that are a visual pun on a social issue or an episode of a soap opera that was done in a particularly experimental way.
It's fair to include it as a footnote in the history of film making, for better or for worse, but people who insist it stands up as a masterpiece in today's age are either edgelords focusing on the extreme imagery or they're just being memed into believing that it's still great purely because it's niche/controversial.

No. 458203

Gender roles such anon, but they are slowly going away. Our children hopefully won't have to deal with them.

No. 458206

Basically this, like almost everything, it's not a gender issue, it's a people issue. Some people are dramatic, others aren't in 3 decades, I haven't notived a difference in genders, they are about the same.

No. 458208

IQ is a bell curve illiterate-chan.

No. 458210

Not that there is anything wrong with being weary of strangers, to be fair, women are a hell of a lot more likely to be killed by a loved one than a stranger, the opposite of men. Men should be more weary with more strangers and women should be more careful with who they choose to form romantic relationships with, but that goes against the narrative, so they just insist to be careful of strangers, which encourages the idea of the weak and helpless woman. Men should be taught to be weary of strangers, not us.

No. 458214

File: 1567710586905.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 50.76 KB, 1038x576, D3477B2C-2C08-47F6-853A-BA82F7…)

i don’t believe that’s why he was murdered. and yes, many male European intellectuals throughout the 20th century were creepy and ephebophilic, but that doesn’t erase their importance as intellectuals. michael jackson was a pedo but you can’t seriously claim that he wasn’t an important pop star.

well, it’s a beautiful film on a purely aesthetic level. beautifully framed palatial estates, beautifully framed beautiful young faces. there are so many shots that will stick in my mind forever not just because of the sadistic/gross-out factor but because they’re powerful, resonant images. and there’s something to be said for the psychic effect that the juxtaposition of beauty and depravity produces in the viewer. salo is a crowning achievement in that realm.

i think it’s also best understood as a polemic against class society in general, of which fascism is the most extreme iteration. it’s not just “fascism bad,” although obviously that’s the gist of it. it’s a condemnation of bourgeois amorality and decadence, their wanton cruelty, their absolute indifference to the humanity of those they exploit, and the corrupting nature of wealth and power. and it’s a tribute to the resilience of the human (proletarian) spirit in spite of that.

ultimately i think salo is poorly done by its infamy. a lot of people treat it as an endurance test for edgelords who just want to see how much scat they can withstand…or they think it’s the most significant and profound film of all time, which it’s not – although i do think it’s great.

No. 458218

>their importance as intellectuals
>communism: Good
>Fascism: BAD
>here is some pedo torture porn

wonderful, i am moved to tears.

Specially coming from a context in Italy where the Brigade Rosse was rampant, a lot of institutions were taken over by partisans and you were more likely to be killed or shunned for not being a communist than the other way around.

No. 458219

i agree with you politically but i can't stand your fixation with pseudo deep cinematography as if aesthetics are so meaningful. they aren't. you can make a politically salient point without all of this, nor do you need to jerk off to the 'psychic effect' of clashing aesthetics. god i hate primarily visual mediums.

No. 458222

okay sure, we can just do away with all visual art and only communicate via political pamphlets but i think we’d be worse off for it.

No. 458239

people aren't deeply politically moved by esoteric, nonsensically disgusting films. there's a better way to make the point, visually, even. anyone can be an activist and release a john waters or von trier tier filth film (or worse) and justify releasing depraved shit to the public under the guise of political or social commentary. there's a better way to make the point. the only people who are so """moved""" by such media are tryhard twats. i prefer disgusting hacks just admit their intent is to offend or push boundaries, or create glorified softcore

No. 458244

>women have no humor
cries the scrot who admittly spends 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, to mildly annoy random people until they get ignored or blocked and thinks it's the funniest thing in the world

No. 458247

mm, I guess, depends on the people you hang out with, from my experience hanging out with women is a lot less dramatic, when I hung out with mostly males it's always so and so develops a crush, so and so also develops a crush, words go in your mouth from x and depending on how psychotic they can be it can go anything from establishing fistfights to threats of hacking to actual hacking and stalking and harassment

with female drama, yeah it's drama sure but at least most of female drama comes from stuff someone actually did something to cause, vs male drama who can't act level headed when they're around women

No. 458249

Anon you've described my highschool experience. I had more male friends and there was far more gossiping about me at the time and my social media's were constantly getting hacked. I chalked it up to totes jealous other girls, but since leaving school and intentionally only forming close female friendships I've realised I haven't been hacked in years. I even had my photos uploaded onto /b/ (they weren't even nudes, but posting my contact details so I'd get harassed). Clearly all scrote activities. Guys are bitches. Come to think of it even my brother gets thrills from trolling and posting gossip about people in his real life. He's such a shit stirrer

No. 458260

it's sad and pathetic, even lolcow has it's limits to no doxxing, no harassment, no stalking, no cowtipping, 4chan and it's brothers stops at literally nothing, even after pushing people into suicide they don't stop even harassing dead kids parents, but everyone is so fucking desensitized too it that barely anyone does anything

women can have sympathy for their worst enemy, men will see a stranger girls tits and lose their fucking minds and literally try to kill her, but women get blamed for drama and get marked as the "crazy and dramatic ones" this world doesn't deserve women, why they don't limit men on anything blows my mind

No. 458271

>why they don't limit men on anything blows my mind

Because they can't? How would women limit men?

No. 458273

the same way they limit us, more censorship, have the FBI keep a closer eye on them and have them face consequences for their actions and what they post, quick removal of any addresses, gore, murder and rape threats, etc. Have the law actually do something about half the shit that happens on the deep web and 4chan

No. 458277

Anon, in order to do those things you need power and control, we don't have that, men do. And for all their talk of equality they are doing the damn best to remain the ones having it.

No. 458295

Not for long anon, men are becoming lazier and lazier by the minute, once all the older men in charge die of old age barely any of the younger ones want to do shit with their lives, they don't want to be in charge, women do

just take a look at school records, while men are in their boxers playing shitty steam games women are studying, working, applying to colleges, and learning. They blame the education system for their laziness, they do so much saying but little doing, so many men "I want to become a lawyer" "I want to become a psychologist" "I want to become x y and z" but most of them can't be asked to even think about taking the first step in any of that, that's why women will eventually be the ones and charge and they can't accept it, so they have things like MGTOW, MRA, incels, basically blaming everyone but themselves that women are working hard and men are not

No. 458308

I don't know anon, I see most women taking over that middle space that men used to possess, but the top part seems to still be mostly male, even when it comes to younger people, hope I am wrong though.

But even if it's true what you say, women would not limit men, we are way too caring for our own good. We wil just make things equal, which will be an improvement, but reducing their dangerous behaviour by targeting them as a sex? I don't see many of today's women agreeing to it.

No. 458312

>but the top part seems to still be mostly male, even when it comes to younger people, hope I am wrong though.
where do you see this? what younger guys? outside of monarchys of course however

No. 458317

I live in Greece, so from most companies and politics here.

No. 458329

still ran by women and old guys

No. 458332

Greece is not ran by women anon, what are you talking about?

No. 458334

reading comprehension is important

No. 458353

I get the old guys part, but that was a given. I mean it is only ran by them, women don't have any power here.

No. 458357

there's still a few women in the government, you said younger guys which I have yet to see

No. 458361

Yeah but they have them there so the opposition can not call them sexists, we haven't even had a woman prime minister after all these years.

No. 458368

..thats why I mentioned until older guys die out and all the younger ones are too lazy to do anything with their lives

No. 458369

Eh, maybe anon. We'll see I guess.

No. 458460

I don't think so, but maybe it depends on your country.

I still see young men succeeding, maybe even having their egos propped up more because they "made it" despite most of their peers falling to cumbrainedness.

Most men are failing, or achieving the bare minimum, but that doesn't change the pattern for rising star males to then take an even larger share of the "glory".

Male failure is not the same as female gains. Female gains are female gains. When the majority of men fail, women are not rewarded, the top percent of males are rewarded.

No. 458496

Doing something about 4chan or the likes could ruin "the plan"
anon, it has been confirmed the FBI was making some posts in 4chan, they're planning something there, maybe a mini psycho/mental illness factory.
>We are way too caring for our own good.
>Reducing their dangerous behaviour by targeting them as a sex? I don't see many of today's women agreeing to it.
See? This is why we can't have nice things ever, even if women did have the chance of actually protect themselves by making them have harsh consequences they probably won't, it's like a team that is always ready to lose and fuck itself up, ugh. We need to leave that shit behind ffs it wouldn't help us, they took advantage on "muh empathy" for way too long, we need to take every chance we can with no mercy.

No. 458502

This probably isn't directly related to anything currently being discussed, and I'm sorry if this isn't quite the right place, but I was thinking about short guys and the so called napoleon complex or whatever it is when short guys act up.

Aren't all guys like that, but just about various shortcomings they feel they have?
It's not so much that short guys are pissy because they feel bad about being short or that they feel they have to make up for it in some way, it's that these guys are pissy because that's just how guys act. Just insert whatever perceived flaw and you get the same shitty behavior.

I dunno, sorry if I'm derailing anything, I was just thinking about how it's not really anything different, just coming from a slightly different place.

No. 458507

I just found out about this and it's completely insane. A doctor, calling himself the "love doctor", gave FGM to women without their consent, claiming it was for male sexual pleasure and that the female body is inadequate. It's vivisection, and yet, he barely got a slap on the wrist…just can't practice medicine and got cited. Not nearly enough of a punishment. There were signs as soon as he wrote that book and colleagues seemed to know he did this. Why the fuck didn't he go to prison? Why did he launch a fucking foundation for his medical malpractice?

No. 458524

okay well an actual FBI, I know people will just use "psychopaths will be psychos regardless of 4chan" but acting like 4chan had no influence at all is just delusion

women need to show less mercy for men, men need to show less mercy for another men, they have been getting away with too much for far too long

No. 458525

>psychopaths will be psychos regardless of 4chan
That's naive. Men are so easily influenced and radicalized, all it takes is an online community zeroing on a potential insecurity of theirs to turn it into a source of hatred and meme them into action. And, being men, they violently take it out on the object of their resentment (usually women or other races).

No. 458535

lmao the fuck happened to this thread, it's full of this kind of hand wringing about poor menz

No. 458556

>the FBI was making some posts in 4chan
That was 8chan and most likely it was screenshots from an informant/suspects computer that had (You)s in it.

No. 458565

How do you even leave it behind though? This is an almost universal part of female socialization, taking care of others. Women outside of some fringe circles just see men as big boys that need to be taken care for. It's retarded, but it is what it is and I have no idea how to get rid of it.

Men already show less mercy for other men, they only care when they are affected. Women I doubt can show less mercy for men, at least most women. See my answer to the poster above, women are literally raised to coddle men and this is even continued by women themselves. We seem to be incapable to just let men go and take care of ourselves.

No. 458567

>Actually defending vile and criminal abuse because the victim is male
We are better than that. You might not be, but most of us in this thread are.

No. 458569

You are correct anon, the Napoleon complex is not a psychological phenomenon, it is a derogatory term based on a social stereotype, such as "hysterical women". Height is not relevant to someone's personality.

No. 458599

This is horrifying. I've watched documentaries about doctors giving women hysterectomies without their consent or secretely using their own sperm in IVF. Those men have all done this to several women and were only caught after decades of malpractice; even though every time, it turns out some colleagues suspected or outright knew they were doing this.

I hope there can be better screening and psych evaluations for med students/new doctors to identify power-drunk men who only practice to fulfill their misogynist fantasies, but I doubt it. I've only seen women be outraged by these cases, men feel too little empathy for us to give a shit.

No. 458640

Met a med student years ago off of fetlife for a no strings thing. We got a coffee first and when he dropped me back home he said he'd changed his mind. I'd never had that happen before but I said oh ok then no problem. He hmmed and hawwed like he wanted me to convince him. I went home and he messages me not twenty mins later saying he wanted me.. I said I wasnt in mood at that point

During our coffee all he spoke about was his expensive car and how he's going to be a doctor soon. I think his initial rejection was a power play move but he lost out because of it, I was too experienced for him to manipulate. When I next saw his fetlife profile he was looking for 'submissive kitten girls' and rape and non-consent had been added to his list of interests

Like a good chunk of men on that site he likes his women to be submissive but also chases completely non-sub women to 'convert' them

No. 458668

File: 1567780932601.png (277.55 KB, 1455x558, Screenshot 2019-09-06 at 15.41…)


Can someone in the USA contact this judge's court and let them know she's been doxxed? She seems to have 2 small children of her own.

No. 458671

>How do you even leave it behind though?
We need to rise a new generation of women that don't take bullshit, girls learn this behavior since birth and we need to change that the most we can, the sooner the better. Society can influence them of course but the mindset will be on place already. Adult men rise boys to act despicable to woman later, so we need to shield back and rise girls to be wary and cold with them, basic strategy. This is actually the system on poorer countries (like mine) since rape and abuse is more rampant, so i'm very used to this and men being shit, i thank a lot my mother for rising me telling me the truth and how to avoid them so nobody could take advantage on me.
It's sad to see women from other countries die because they don't know how to spot and avoid bad men in relationships, they think it would be "sexist" to do so but when you're in danger being polite won't save you from him, don't project your humanity and kindness on them cause they won't do the same for you actually the opposite. "They can get better", nope, maybe on 200 years when they cut the bullshit or we segregate but not now, this generation of men is shit and the next would be too, your life it's your priority not some manchild's feelings, they may call you a bitch or "picky" but at least you won't get abused or die.

No. 458673


What's the story behind this? why is she getting doxxed?

No. 458674

Like 50% of male doctors I meet as a patient have been fucking creeps. I’ve spoken about my weird experiences with male doctors at walk in clinics before. I don’t trust male doctors in 2019, where all of them go home and watch a couple hours of hardcore teen porn… it’s no wonder they’re point blank creepy.

You dodged a bullet, anon.

Plus a lot of male sports doctors that have interactions with kids are getting revealed as pedos lately. I’m surprised there’s no more revelation of other types of doctors having super fucked up kinks and basically abusing their patients, sexually or misogynistically or otherwise… I guess they are super protected by their industry but men are horribly sociopathic so I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the next MeToo thing.

No. 458676

Because she was presiding over a custody case, and the father kept trying to interfere with the proceedings (which is a crime). Unfortunately the mother who was awarded custody killed their kid. Like, it's awful and she made the worst fucking call ever, but that doesn't mean more kids need to be dead as a result.

No. 458678


So they put a grieving father in jail because he criticized the incompetent judge who kill his kid by wrongly giving custody to a negligent mother? this case is pretty fucked to tell you the truth.

No. 458685

The case is fucked but it isn't the judge's kids fault, is it?

No. 458686

pretty much, a few years ago if men had weird desires he would attempt to control them and condition himself to forget them or even seek help, now if men have weird desires they can go to 4chan and find communities of psychotic men who do nothing but encourage more psychotoicness and extreme beliefs

men are easily memed as you said too, isn't it funny how not long ago men thought anything to do with gayness was gross and blasphemy nowadays all men wanna fuck shemales

No. 458687

no one defended him, go back to reddit, we hear about "THE POOR OPPRESSEED MEN!!!" every corner of the fucking internet, can we have at least one fucking space about us? I will literally pay thousands to have a single fucking thread that people don't turn into a victimizing men thing

No. 458688

honestly if the father didn't interfere & gotten himself jailed, his child might still be alive and with him. between a competent parent in jail and an incompetent parent who is not in jail, who can the courts choose? how do you expect custody while actively committing crimes? even if the crime is small like interfering with court proceedings, it shows a lack of judgement the courts can and will use against you.

No. 458690

I hate men like this, millions of women out there who are willing to do what they want and they'd rather just corrupt young girls, men are so fucking pathetic and needy

No. 458692

male pediatricians are the absolute worse, I seriously haven't met one who wasn't a creep

No. 458693

>he got in jail because he criticized the judge
>nevermind the comment you're responding to listed the real reason he got arrested
>somehow the judge was supposed to look into her crystal ball but because she couldn't she's evil

literally don't interfere with the court proceedings, it's not that hard, he did it and got put in jail, what exactly do you want? for him to get a get out of jail free card after committing an offense? it has nothing to do with gender, in fact if it was the mom interfering with court proceedings and the dad who got custody and killed the child the mom would be the one getting doxxed for not being responsible

No. 458697

He didn't talk shit until after the kid died. But investigators found the mother wasn't at fault and he had a previous medical condition that lead to his death, so the father is probably just expressing grief in an autismal way and it's no ones fault.

Still a bit mental to get locked up for critizing a court decision in the U.S. but of course the incel squad are just going to make things worse for everyone involved harassing the judge.

No. 458699

>The judge was incompetent and the kid died
she couldn't see into the future and couldn't hand the child off to a guy who committed a crime, again, answer my question, what the fuck did you want?

>she is covering her ass by being even more unjust.

how so?

>If he was a woman you would be screaming bloody heavens because of how fucked it is she is in jail now.

no because I understand law, the father committed a crime and if he haven't interfered with court proceedings he would probably have his kid right now, again, did you want him to get a get out of jail free card or something? it doesn't work like that retard

maybe you should blame the father who committed a crime thus losing the ability to have custody of his kid despite knowing the mom was neglectful, hell if I was in his position I wouldn't be that dumb to do things that could imprison me while trying to take my kids away from an abusive parent

No. 458701

>But investigators found the mother wasn't at fault and he had a previous medical condition that lead to his death, so the father is probably just expressing grief in an autismal way and it's no ones fault.
so it wasn't some case of ebul wimminz taking a child away, getting the man locked up and killing the child?
figured as much, incels are known to be untrustworthy narrators

No. 458702

>I looked on google and he was jailed after the kid died and it was for posting social media denouncing the judge for being guilty of the dead of his kid. I guess a grieving parent complainng on facebook constitutes a felony in some anons head.


No. 458703

he was posting unhinged rants and videos of him ranting on Facebook, specifically targeting this judge who didn't even hear the case. with the climate these days I can see pokice starting to arrest unhinged ranters just to be safe.

it's a tragic loss, but ultimately not anyone's fault and it's good if white men don't have the luxury of acting crazy on social media anymore.

No. 458708

>bottom line is always "white pyplo" isn't it? So black men can be crazy? women can be crazy? Bad and good wrongdoings are not about race you doofus.
nice strawman Greg, you rarely see women or black people posting crazy unhinged videos of themselves, I'm glad you're admitting to his psychotic behavior however so it shouldn't be an issue to understand why a judge wouldn't want to give custody to a man exhibiting extreme and psychotic behavior, right?

>The race and gender of the judge and the parent who killed the child

look back at >>458697 he has a medical condition that led to his death, therefore she did not kill the child, if you believe otherwise please provide proof

>I don't get this racism americans have. Tumblr and intersectionality have turn you into illogical morons.

>white men should face consequences for acting crazy on social media

oh for fucks sake, your victim complex is even bigger than most 2012 tumblr feminists, it's pathetic to mimic the behaviors of the people you hate for having the behaviors you're mimicking

No. 458709

whats wrong with people like you? it's not a zero sum game, and me saying white men being held accountable for their crazy doesn't mean I want non white male people to be completely absolved of theirs…

No. 458710

*should be held

No. 458713

>Acts psychotic in response to someone saying white men should be held accountable for their actions after acting psychotic
>right after defending a criminal and guy who was punished for acting psychotic
>then goes onto claim a mother murdered her child who died of a medical condition
>and claiming a judge also helped kill the child for not giving custody to a criminal dad showing psychotic behaviors
>continues to villianize everyone who doesn't defend him

MRAs in a nutshell

No. 458714

I don't know anon, your solution is to raise girls right, which is a good one ofc, but the women who raise girls like that here (Greece) are few and far between. And homeschooling is illegal here, so they will take the brunt of socialization in school, you can't do much against an entire society that is against you.

No. 458717

I said rarely, not "they never ever do it ever"
also the first one faced consequences for their actions so you have no point on that one

the second one is a guy who got shot, funny you mention after strawmanning to hell and back and now you literally posted a guy who got shot while filming a video as someone "filming themselves doing psychotic behavior", what about getting shot is psycho behavior to you?

the xxxtentacion one isn't him filming himself raging or doing psycho shit

literally the only one of someone doing something comparable to what the white guy did is the people who filmed themselves shooting, and they got jail, the others are people getting shot and killed, do you even look at your articles before you post?

you literally proved my point it's hilarious

No. 458719

Yes, they did defend the abuse, becase "lol scrotes deserve it for being rapists" or because "It's hot". No one said anything about poor opressed men, so cut it ouy with your strawman. This IS a female space, what it's not is a space that aceepts every opinion. If you are a piece of shit that laughs and is indifferent at vitcims you will be called out. If you want a place where you can be horrible with everyone agreeing with you try 4chan, you might be better suited there.

No. 458723

>Yes, they did defend the abuse, becase "lol scrotes deserve it for being rapists" or because "It's hot"
we are talking about the custody dude right? what the fuck are you on about? show me where anyone said "scrotes deserve it for being rapists because it's hot"

>No one said anything about poor opressed men, so cut it ouy with your strawman

could say the same to you, you're bringing up male issues in a man hate thread, this is exactly what I mean lmfao

>This IS a female space, what it's not is a space that aceepts every opinion. If you are a piece of shit that laughs and is indifferent at vitcims you will be called out.

if only 4chan, reddit, youtube, and almost every corner of the internet felt the same about women
who was laughing at victims btw? you know since I was the one strawmanning apparently

>If you want a place where you can be horrible with everyone agreeing with you try 4chan, you might be better suited there.

this is literally a man hate thread, some people are extreme here, if you want something more male friendly literally go anywhere else, some people here hate men, again, man hate thread, sorry a man hate thread isn't male friendly enough to your liking lmao

I swear the nerve of some people

No. 458725

read, please. this message train is about the mentally homeless dude that got paid to be beat up by women.

No. 458726

you brought up an irrelevant conversation from days ago when we were talking about custody dude, you then claim anons defend abuse "because scrots deserve it and it's hot" which I have yet to see

how many times do I have to remind you, this is a MAN HATE thread, go to reddit or tumblr if someone thinking grown men being accountable for their actions is too much for you, the fact that men being accountable for their actions is way too evil and hurtful for you literally proves how easy men have it

No. 458728

I'm not the anon who brought it up, I was just letting you know. You need to calm down tho.

No. 458729

NTA but we didn't bring it up, she did. We answered because I am not going to be ok with people blaming victims. If you want to see that defense scroll up, unless you want me to spoonfeed you.

YES ITS MAN HATE, NOT VICTIM HATE. I am not going to hate vitims due to their sex and your defense of it is abhorrent and immoral to a disgusting degree.

No. 458730

What >>458725 said, follow the reply train to see what that message was about.

I don't know why she necroed that conversation but she did. Why are you getting triggered that people answered to her?

No. 458733

my point still stands, stay out of things if you don't know what you're talking about
>We answered because I am not going to be ok with people blaming victims.
well you're not getting anywhere by claiming we want scrots to get abused because we think they're all rapists, we've been saying since day one we don't hate men and it's sad and pathetic, it's no wonder many anons just gave up and went for misandry mode

>If you want to see that defense scroll up, unless you want me to spoonfeed you.

show me where people are blaming victims
and no, us not defending a guy for his psychotic behavior isn't blaming victims
us not coddling grown men who consent to do violent porn for money isn't blaming victims

>YES ITS MAN HATE, NOT VICTIM HATE. I am not going to hate vitims due to their sex and your defense of it is abhorrent and immoral to a disgusting degree.

you'd have a better point if you actually knew what you were talking about

>What >>458725 said, follow the reply train to see what that message was about.
I saw, again, my point still stands, no one said "they deserve it for being rapists" and if they did I will pay you to show me
I did however see an anon thinking it was hot, but hey, again, MAN HATE THREAD, it is NOT male friendly here, some people here literally want all men to die of violent deaths, go somewhere else if a man hate thread isn't male friendly enough for you

>I don't know why she necroed that conversation but she did. Why are you getting triggered that people answered to her?

what are you on about?

No. 458734

>anons defend abuse "because scrots deserve it and it's hot"
Here's where anon said it was hot >>456887, >>457143,
>>457165, but backtracks on the homeless dude when she realizes his situation >>457180, and the discussion was resolved amicably >>457182.

No. 458735

How did she not know what she was talking about? She was telling you exactly what was going on, that you completely misunderstood what the op was talking about. You are the one who insists that you are right when you compeltely missed the point on your asnwer and are now doubling down.

No. 458737

>Bitterness leading to hate is ok
No anon, disliking men as a class is more than fine. Liking mentally ill homeless men being paid to be beaten is not ok.

>show me where people are blaming victims

I missworded this, so this is on me. It was not blame. It was deriving pleasure from it, which is just as bad imo. It is here>>457143
>It's hot when men are abused and enduring, and like >>457013 said, physically their bodies are built to handle it better than women can.
and here >>457165
>It was pretty hot and I enjoyed when he broke down crying. His reactions were pretty good

Is that enough for you or do you want me to fetch more posts?

>you'd have a better point if you actually knew what you were talking about
You'd have better point if you made arguments

No. 458740

yeah, I don't get the necro, that conversation was resolved with people on both sides agreeing that it was fucked up. What more is there to say?

No. 458741

okay lets look at it
>first anon is a bit extreme I admit but nowhere did she say "scrots deserve abuse for all being rapists
>she said she doesn't have empathy for women who pander to scrots and that she doesn't feel bad about them getting things they claim to want
this is fair, if a woman claims she wants to be used and abused by men what can you do? why should people feel bad if this is what she claims she wants?
she also said she was turned on by extreme stuff which she never specified if she meant consent or not, but god forbid men get a taste of their own medicine of one woman having a femdom fetish

until we know if she meant consent or non consensual slapping, hitting, etc, it's not fair to claim an anon liking to dom men is somehow victim blaming and demanding men to be abused

>second one is the same femdom one, which again, just has an extreme fetish, and again never specified her feelings about consent or blamed men (???)

>>457165, but backtracks on the homeless dude when she realizes his situation
again, extreme fetishes, he consented to it, there is no victim blaming or victim hate here

you brought up an irrelevant conversation and claiming extreme things just because one anon has a slight femdom fetish, you also make claims of victim blaming of men which I have yet to see

>Liking mentally ill homeless men being paid to be beaten is not ok.
most americans are mentally ill, being homeless or mentally ill doesn't give you a pass unless the mental illness is literally dehabilitating, most scizos are high functioning and lots of homeless fake mental illness

he consented, he got paid, he knew what he was getting into, he is not a child, he is not a victim

>It was deriving pleasure from it, which is just as bad imo.

there are no victims here

all you pointed out was the anon was into femdom, which again is expected from a man hate thread and unless she was demanding for men to be beaten unconsentually you have no point

No. 458742

>MAN HATE THREAD, it is NOT male friendly here, some people here literally want all men to die of violent deaths, go somewhere else if a man hate thread isn't male friendly enough for you
You might want to reread the OP post of this thread anon. Man hate threads have actually been discontinued. here is what it says.
>Vent about scrots here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, worthless men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

>some people here literally want all men to die of violent deaths

That is actually femcel sperging according to the OP again, so I am afraid you are wrong again.

No. 458745

Anon, the issue we had with that poster who said she found violence of men in porn acceptable because they can't be trafficked like women was that this is ecatly what happens sometimes. I don't mind violence in bed, I am a dominant. I mind commercial porn that abuses and exploits poor or mentally ill men and women to traffick them into violent torture. That was what we explained to her and she even agreed that her original point was fucked up.

No. 458748

Anon… Homeless and mentally ill people can not consent to being into violent porn… This is like feminism 101. not even feminism, like basic legal predence.

No. 458749

>You might want to reread the OP post of this thread anon. Man hate threads have actually been discontinued. here is what it says.
pink pill is manhatelite, there is no rules about no man hating, in fact if you post man hate outside of this thread you get told to come here
nothing in the OP said anything about "don't hate men!!!"
do you know what you're talking about?

>That is actually femcel sperging according to the OP again, so I am afraid you are wrong again.

nothing in the OP defined, or even said femcel sperging
the OP said the type of stuff that is posted in man hate threads, it was man hate "do's" not "don't hate men"

you're the only one that's wrong here, reading comprehension is important, unless you want to show me, quote to quote, in the OP, where they mention to limit man hate, or define femcel sperging as you claim

No. 458750

he consented, he got paid, he knew what he was getting into, he is not a child, he is not a victim
I don't know what to say to you, you are obviously very disturbed. I am going to have a break. Rethink your life if you don't think homeless insane people are not civtims when being paid 50 dollars to be beaten and sent to the hospital.

No. 458751

>-No femcel sperging. An example of femcel sperging is 'kill your father to even things out'. Posts in the vein of 'Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong' 'rapists deserve to die' are allowed
Wanting all men to die is very much in the femcel sperginig category, it is extremely obvious. we can talk about it in the sense of what would happen and our all female society conversations, but if you are posting and wanting it seriously you are peak femcel. How do you not see this?

No. 458752

bro …. a huge % of mentality ill people are exclusively into violent or subversive sex acts

No. 458753

>Homeless and mentally ill people can not consent to being into violent porn
homeless people are just people without a home, they aren't special snowflakes who can never be accountable for their actions, I've been homeless before, by treating them like special snowflakes who can't be accountable for their actions you only encourage this behavior, please explain to me how someones income or home situation somehow means if they can consent or not

as for mental illness if mentally ill people couldn't consent all of americans would be practically raping each other, mentally ill people can only not consent if the mental illness is dehabiliting like dementia

>This is like feminism 101. not even feminism, like basic legal predence.

OK lawyer, show me, in the law, where it says homeless people can't consent to sex or porn
as for mental illness
as for claiming mentally ill people can't consent
if they are mentally ill enough to not consent, then they can't, but mental illness in general isn't some baby illness and a lot of mentally ill, including scizos are capable of consenting by law

No. 458754

>>-No femcel sperging. An example of femcel sperging is 'kill your father to even things out'. Posts in the vein of 'Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong' 'rapists deserve to die' are allowed
nowhere did it say that in OP but okay

No. 458755

Yes anon and they can engage in it in their personal life. Literally paying them to engage in it is illegal for a very good reason. It's like paying a down syndrome person to have sex with them. Sure they might like sex, but it is illegal to pay them because it is seen (rightfully) as exploitation.

No. 458756

No. 458757

what about a mentally ill sex-worker? they cant consent?

No. 458760

Anon, I think your issue is not manhating but people-that-have-issues hating. I am not saying they are not accountable, I am saying they are a vulnerable group of people and we should do what is possible to stop them being abused. I didn't suggest we should let them ran rampant. Someones income or home situation makes someone vullnerable to being taken advantage of, you sound like libertarians who claim that being a coal miner or a soldier or a prostitute is a choice becase "Well they chose it". People don't go into these professions if they have alternatives. There is no actual choice involved.

No. 458761

Where I am from prostituion is illegal, but if it was legal it depends on if pimping is involved. If there was pimping I would say no, she couldnt. If it was of her own violition it is more questionable and involves the issues of whether sex work is actual work. I am actually conflicted on that.

No. 458763

>wanting rapists to face consequences for their actions is too much for lolcow pinpill thread

>Literally paying them to engage in it is illegal for a very good reason
where at?
>It's like paying a down syndrome person to have sex with them. Sure they might like sex, but it is illegal to pay them because it is seen (rightfully) as exploitation.
because a lot of down syndrome people are low functioning, if one is high functioning they can consent

No. 458764

>wanting rapists to face consequences for their actions is too much for lolcow pinpill thread
Reading comprehension anon. Reread that sentence in the OP.

It's illegal in Greece where I am from. We actually had a case like that in my small town like 15 years ago and it was both illegal so the couple who paid her was jailed and also morally reprehensible so everyone hated them for it. It's why I don't get how you are so calous about it, it seems so morally wrong to me. Also on the functioning thing, I generally agree, but there can be high functioning appearing mentally ill people that can be taken advantage off, due to the fact that their mental illness does not manifest visually.

No. 458765

i dont support prostitution or sex work but there are a lot of girls in the US who are mentally ill who choose to become cam girls or sugar babies (or any type of pimp-less sex work). paying for sex is agreed upon in the absence of enthusiastic consent, but to act like those girls are incapable of making the informed decision just infantalizes the mentally ill

No. 458767

I mean, cam girls and sugard babies are not actual prostitutes. Only the second category has sexual contact with clients and it's usually with rich older dudes, not the dangerous ones an actual prostitute would be exposed to.

No. 458768

>but people-that-have-issues hating
god forbid people be accountable for their actions
>I am not saying they are not accountable, I am saying they are a vulnerable group of people and we should do what is possible to stop them being abused
okay, so a man meets someone who agrees to pay him money if he does porn and he agrees, he is not a victim, he, unless stated by the court, is legally able to consent, regardless of how "vurnerable" he is
this goes for everyone, if homeless mentally ill women have to be accountable for themselves if they do porn so do men

>Someones income or home situation makes someone vullnerable to being taken advantage of

okay but he agreed and he knew what he was consenting too, if they scammed him that would be another story

>you sound like libertarians who claim that being a coal miner or a soldier or a prostitute is a choice becase "Well they chose it". People don't go into these professions if they have alternatives. There is no actual choice involved.

I knew plenty of homeless people who didn't become prostitutes, porn stars, soldiers, etc. there's plenty of jobs out there, regardless of his situation no one forced him to do that, they have plenty of choices for bottom the barrel folks. porn just happens to be one of them and that's what he chose, again he is not a baby, he knew what he was getting into, I don't see the issue with acknowledging people choose their actions

No. 458769

>Reading comprehension anon. Reread that sentence in the OP.
>no saying you want rapists to die because that is femcel sperging
incase you forgot how easy men have it, even hating rapists is too much for pink pill

No. 458771

so you can consent to a white-collar john but not a blue-collar john?

No. 458772

Considering the court rules in favor of the homess man then yes he was not able to consent and was taken advantage of. The man and then woman who were charged actually were found guilty, so the court agrees with the fact that he was exploited. Even the court system of a capitalistic system agrees with me anon, your position is outright cruel.

No. 458773

I mean, it isn't? The OP states that rapists deserve to die posts are allowed. As they should, because rapists are trash and should be removed from society.

No. 458775

>Considering the court rules in favor of the homess man then yes he was not able to consent and was taken advantage of
>The man and then woman who were charged actually were found guilty, so the court agrees with the fact that he was exploited. Even the court system of a capitalistic system agrees with me anon, your position is outright cruel.
exploited =/= abused
he was not abused, maybe underpaid or taken advantage of, however he isn't an abuse victim like you are suggesting

No. 458776

anons probably a welfare queen who thinks people should be handed money for existing and people having to work for a living is abuse

No. 458779

Here ya go


Please be more considerate, people are not all the same and they do not always have informed opinions and consent. I am not sayting treat them like children, I am saying treat them kindly.

No. 458781

It's not about being blue collar, it's about being sexually exploited. You are not going to be sexually exploited in an office work.

I am actually a history teacher thank you very much.

No. 458784

treating them kindly still means to hold them accountable for their actions and acknowledge the fact they consented

also she was charged with exploitation, not abuse, further proving my point

>You are not going to be sexually exploited in an office work.
exploitation happens in all kinds of jobs, now lets go back to the original point from earlier
an anon claimed that this was abuse and ebul fem anons were victim-blaming and thinking it's hot, now that we both agree the men did consent to it and while it was exploitation, it wasn't abuse, great? now let's get back on topic

>I am actually a history teacher thank you very much.


No. 458786

Anon, I did not use abuse as a legal term, I used it as a day to day term. I consider exploiting homeless and mentally ill people to beat them up so bad that some of them end up in the hospital abuse.

Anon, how did they consent if it was exploitation? They could not consent, that was the whole point of the case… Also I explained why I think it is abuse, legal terms and day to day terms are different.

What's your beef with history teachers?

No. 458787

you were saying these girls were less likely to be abused because they have sugar daddies who are these white-collar job type men, thats just naive.

No. 458790

>Anon, I did not use abuse as a legal term,
the entire reason we are even arguing is because an anon claimed that ebul femanons were victim blaming, victim hating, and getting off on abuse

>I consider exploiting homeless and mentally ill people to beat them up so bad that some of them end up in the hospital abuse.

that's your issue, I don't consider people consenting to being beat abuse

>how did they consent if it was exploitation?

>hey wanna get beat by whips and I'll pay


exploitation is exploitation, not abuse, the case acknowledged they consented but also acknowledge the exploitation

>What's your beef with history teachers?

low paying, teachers, especially in america tend to be bitter and either overly strict or too ditzy

No. 458791

Ah ok I see what you meant. I do think it's a lot less likely to happen with them to be honest. Violence has a very strong correlation with income and class. I didn't say it doesn't happen, but it happens a hell of a lot less.

No. 458792

>that ebul femanons were victim blaming, victim hating, and getting off on abuse
All of those things happened in this very thread, because as I said I view what happened to those men as abuse. You might only call it exploitation. I don't really see how semantics is the issue here? They were civtims who were taken advantage and some anons gloated about it.

>that's your issue, I don't consider people consenting to being beat abuse

These people were mentally ill, stop pretending they were fully functional adults, it's intellectually dishonest. No one would care if they were not mentally ill, as the prosecutor said in the case. You are missprepresenting my argument.

>low paying, teachers, especially in america tend to be bitter and either overly strict or too ditzy

I am Greek anon, it's quite nice here. Comfy and average pay and we have the summer free, so I am not like that.

No. 458793

NTA, but you need to let this go. you're shitting up the thread with your autism.

No. 458796

>All of those things happened in this very thread,
they didn't and we came to that conclusion, one anon had a femdom fetish and said it was hot and that's about it, but it was not abuse because he consented

> You might only call it exploitation. I don't really see how semantics is the issue here? They were civtims who were taken advantage and some anons gloated about it.

one. one anon called it hot and got shit on to hell and back. one anon said that men consenting to being beat was hot and it was enough to shit up a thread with "U BITCHES ARE JUSTIFYING ABUSE AND SAYING ALL SCROTS DESERVE ABUSE FOR BEING RAPISTS (which I still have yet to see) AND BECAUSE IT'S HOT(which I saw, but as I thought, she was talking about consensual abuse and it was one anon)

>These people were mentally ill, stop pretending they were fully functional adults, it's intellectually dishonest.

being mentally ill, as we resolved earlier, only doesn't allow you to consent if you are dysfunctional, the man was functional, as most schizophrenics are, if all mentally ill people can't consent we might as well arrest most americans since all of them claim to have autism, scizo, PTSD, and every other mental illness in the book and they're all fucking too, what anon are they raping each other?

>No one would care if they were not mentally ill, as the prosecutor said in the case. You are missprepresenting my argument.

again, back to the mental illness argument, anyone can claim to be mentally ill, unless you are proven not to be able to consent you are responsible for your actions and can consent

>so I am not like that.

so it's no wonder you want people to be treated like babies if they can claim mental illness despite most mentally ill being functional

No. 458798

You keep insisted that he consented. The court itself said he did not consent. Your entire post is completely missing the point. You simply refuse to admit these men were victims, I can not convince and I doubt anyone can. You are a cruel person and someone who lacks empathy, I am sorry for the people in your life. I hope they never fall from the level of responsibility you demand from them. I will choose to care and be empathetic to others, especially those who have been victimised. And will make those around me happier and healthier, unlike you

No. 458802

>You keep insisted that he consented. The court itself said he did not consent
quote in the article where is said specfically they didn't consider it consent

>I hope they never fall from the level of responsibility you demand from them

thanks for admitting that you think making adults responsible is "cruel and abuse"

No. 458803

There would be no criminal sentence if they were considered able to consent…

Your insistence on personal reponsibility of marginalized and vulnerable people is what makes you cruel. You sounds worse than Libertarians as I already said. Also, pretty much everyone in the original conversation disagrees with you. You alone keep insisting. and yes I know, argument of popularity, but more often than not, when everyone says the opposite, then you're the one being wrong.

No. 458804

File: 1567795654196.jpg (10.89 KB, 450x300, 107015975-woman-laughing-out-l…)

>mfw trying to find the start of this argument to pick a side

No. 458805

>There would be no criminal sentence if they were considered able to consent
you clearly didn't read your own article, she was sentenced for exploitation, not abuse, if the court agreed he was not able to consent not only would she be sentenced longer but she would have counts of physical and sexual abuse, not just exploitation

>Your insistence on personal reponsibility of marginalized and vulnerable people is what makes you cruel

being homeless doesn't make you unaccountable for your actions, having a mental illness such as schizophrenia that doesn't impair you doesn't make you irresponsible for your actions
if you are schizophrenic and homeless you don't get to cry sexual abuse just because you regretted something you consented too, if it worked that way a hell of a lot more people would be charged

>You sounds worse than Libertarians as I already said.

ah yes the evil libertarians who think people should work for a living, so evil, so cruel

>Also, pretty much everyone in the original conversation disagrees with you

you mean people who just don't want to get involved in an argument?

>when everyone says the opposite, then you're the one being wrong.

kinda unreliable especially if this place is either filled with nutheads or people who don't want to get involved, using the whole "people agree therefore I'm right" is pathetic and childish, use actual points, not elemetry school shit

No. 458806

Here anon, let me spoonfeed you


This is where it started. I don't know why that anon decided to necro it and then the other anon decided to sperg out to that degree though.

No. 458807


>ah yes the evil libertarians who think people should work for a living, so evil, so cruel

Ah ok so you are a libertarian. I guess that explains the retardation. I am not going to argue with you anymore, might as well be talking to a /pol/ack. You are no better. I hope I never encounter you in my life.

No. 458808

as for the difference between exploitation and abuse
>There is considerable overlap between the terms “abuse” and “exploitation”.
Abuse is defined as “the process of making bad or improper use, or violating or
injuring, or to take bad advantage of, or maltreat, the person,” while exploitation
literally means “using for one’s own profit or for selfish purposes" 1

she was convicted for exploitation, not abuse, the court acknowledged they consented, you also claim "there would be no criminal sentence if they consented" which you later contradict yourself

she was not convicted for abuse like you claim, period. therefore, by legal terms, the men consented to the beating therefore were not abused but exploitated

>Ah ok so you are a libertarian. I guess that explains the retardation.

I mean, if your argument against libertarian is that you disagree people shouldn't have to work for a living you're only making yourself and what you stand for look bad, sorry me thinking people having to work for money and that money shouldn't be handed to them for nothing is too extreme for you

No. 458833

File: 1567801201493.png (108.62 KB, 720x715, 5qybrtfiwxk31.png)

so your idea of working for a living includes mentally ill homeless people getting paid to do fucked up shit by exploiters. I think you're so wrapped up in the man hate angle that you haven't taken a step back to look at the larger picture. What if it was a mentally ill homeless woman getting paid by exploiters?

i don't agree with greek anon calling it abuse (though I understand how her culture has shaped that opinion), maybe abusive behavior, but i do agree he was a victim of a crime and the situation is worthy of empathy.

libertarianism is short-sighted because it never asks for empathy for those who simply cannot take care of every aspect of their lives, and most libertarians just paint people in unfortunate situations as lazy or stupid. it's definitely a position taken by privileged people. why are you even in the pinkpill thread? libertarianism is not much of a benefit to women since it's directly against things like social services which overwhelmingly support women and children victims of male abuse and exploitation. it does, however, highly benefit and attract men, especially low empathy privileged ones, who are VERY often the topic of this thread. female libertarians are some of the biggest handmaidens, so it's interesting that you're so rabid about man hating when it's obvious you don't give a shit about women either. Tho I guess technically pink pill doesn't mean you have to start giving a shit about women either.

PS you're retarded for sperging this hard and long about a literal non-issue. no one even cared about the original necro before your autism showed up to ruin the party.

PPS back on topic, the amount of unironic replies thinking this is an actual japanese woman…. even those who acknowledge it's a larping neckbeard still say "but he has a point!!" completely unaware of how pathetic this makes them look…

No. 458841

>o your idea of working for a living includes mentally ill homeless people getting paid to do fucked up shit by exploiters.
there are many jobs out there, most americans are mentally ill but most americans still have jobs, homelessness should only motivate you to get a job
I'm against porn but I'm not denying the fact that consent was given

>What if it was a mentally ill homeless woman getting paid by exploiters?

I brought this up before, depending on if the mental illness caused her to be dysfunctional it is her choice and she consented, while she was exploited she was not abused, and people are already saying homeless mentally ill women have it "easy" because they can do such things what are you saying

>victim of a crime and the situation is worthy of empathy.

of exploitation, not abuse

>libertarianism is short-sighted because it never asks for empathy for those who simply cannot take care of every aspect of their lives, and most libertarians just paint people in unfortunate situations as lazy or stupid. it's definitely a position taken by privileged people.

that's mostly republicans, I'm not saying they're lazy or stupid, I'm just saying that they weren't abused, however they do need help I'll admit but if they're functional at the end of the day they can't depend on other people to help them. The world is cold I hate to say but removing their responsibilities only hurts them and teaches them to be reliable on other people

>why are you even in the pinkpill thread? libertarianism is not much of a benefit to women since it's directly against things like social services which overwhelmingly support women and children victims of male abuse and exploitation.

I never said I was a libertarian, the anon did. saying people need to be responsible for their actions isn't saying we need to remove all social services, where you even got that from I do not know, I'm just saying people shouldn't be handed money for existing and if they're able to work then they should

>it's obvious you don't give a shit about women either.

how about we actually discuss what I believe instead of drawing insane conclusions about me?

No. 458851

>most americans are mentally ill
I believe that, looking at you at least.

No. 458880

I have an annoying male relative that habitually watches alt-right youtubers, and touts typical alt-right commentary. This guy is such an edgelord, he says the n-word in front of others just to piss people off, makes jokes about the deaths of gays in the middle east, says all the slurs in the book like it's nothing, but will defend unborn fetuses, and cites how gory abortions are to make his case against them being legalised. He usually has an unempathetic approach to every issue but this. He's incredibly transparent, despite not having much respect for human life to begin with, he defends the life of fetuses. Does he not see how inconsistent that is?

Are most guys like that?

No. 458887

nta but the number of upvotes to the comment in your pic makes me want to nuke the earth. someone would actually believe a woman wrote such a thing?

No. 458888

File: 1567807959184.png (287.8 KB, 1049x1481, weapon.png)

he doesn't care about the fetuses, either. it's not inconsistent when you see that his goal is to just piss off as many groups of people he doesn't relate to as possible. nonwhite people, gays, women are all fair game to guys like this. he's also an alt-righter and being pro-choice is the "liberal" position, so he would never take that place anyway.

I think most alt-righty men are like this. they only care to flex for their bros and be as offensive as possible.

anyway, it should be very easy to piss off and annoy this type of man. see pic.

No. 458889

File: 1567808297860.png (1.51 MB, 1172x1378, yi7vgqzr58z21.png)

Fetuses are a cause championed by those who don't actually give a single fuck about others

No. 458891

I love this holy shit

No. 458892

lol I've seen then larping around MGTOW and MRA comment sections, they got called a few times for their larping since they couldn't keep it persistent or at least make a new channel that's more believable

clearly, all the japanese women I know spend their time watching old men cry about how evil women are and how women are out to get them, douche bag cheap car mod channels, building stuff, and of course the most remarkable middle aged old man channel, fucking river monsters lmao

No. 458911


>I am a japanese woman

>statement by a christian minister

Wow, is there a larping contest going on?

No. 458917

I mean… there are Christians who aren't totally awful people, even ministers. The full quote states the source is a minister named Dave Barnhart, who is a published author etc and obviously a real person.

People don't usually larp to convey a fair and reasonable opinion in the first place.

No. 458924


Larping is done to create straw men, which both of those posts are.

No. 458925

File: 1567813047402.jpg (94.79 KB, 864x342, douche.jpg)

mgtows and mras love their tall tales

one minute they're young Japanese women, next minute they're 30 yr old business-owning billionaires who drive Lamborghinis, next minute they're gym owning football quarterbacks who fuck all the cheerleaders, the minute after that they're college chads who totally have all-girls stalking him, going crazy over him, have fistfights over him and have threesomes every night with girls begging for him at their door, next minute they're high schoolers getting blackpilled because Stacy didn't want to suck his dick in the school parking lot, next minute they're sugar daddies who took all these girls virginites and made them obsessed, but the most realistic ones are the ones who claim to be middle aged white men who get mad that they got a mail order bride and was disappointed when she wasn't a perfect submissive sex doll who never aged

also that brings me to another point, why do so many males, even average men, make up insane stories about how some hot girl was stalking him and begging for his cock? how many women do you know that are like this but somehow all men have these crazy nympho stories of a hot girl stalking them and showing up to their doorstep begging for their cock?

just lying about the types of women they've been with in general, is this some sort of emotional manipulation tactic to try to make their current try harder? for me it only throws up red flags and makes me want to leave

not to mention anytime men see/hear/think of better sex becomes more of a bother, think of how many men on the internet are crying about how their current gf can't deep throat/has a low sex drive/ has small boobs/ has an outtie vagina/ etc and how their totally hot ex was a big titted porn star virgin and now it makes them dread their current relationship, that's why they're so paranoid about us fucking chad, at least if women have had "better" they're optimistic and try to see good and are happy with their current, men just hate women and can never stop nitpicking them or dreading their every flaw

No. 458943



IK, the source is "the friendly athiest", or whatever, but it's pretty informative. The guy behind it is real, and a simple Google search of the name "David Barnhart" comes up with this:


No. 458976

File: 1567820646078.jpg (54.29 KB, 750x753, y2gs4dkjfuk31.jpg)

what's with men's obsession with claiming women are phone addicts? I've met more men who are phone addicts than women lmao, unless they're teens but teens are all dumb

No. 458981

>person with an anime profile pic announces "I am a Japanese woman" and proceeds to spout some bullshit about "western women" that sounds fresh from the keyboard of a hentai-addicted incel
I refuse to believe anyone would be dumb enough to actually believe this shitty LARP. The scrotes at r/MGTOW must be pretending to believe it purely for the sake of the argument.
I bet the comment section of whatever video that came from is full of thirst from fellow incels who won't even care if they're getting catfished, too.

No. 458986

File: 1567821991268.jpg (113.39 KB, 640x828, te7sltyoxzk31.jpg)

>ladies of this century
lol what did women in the past not age, have sex, have kids, or whatever? why do they hate women for being human?

No. 458999

I'm sorry but 1-2 cm long labia? Is he serious??? That's fucking tiny! He literally just wants a smooth featureless hole like a fleshlight. (And before anyone starts, I know there's some women out there who looks like that, I know, I know)

No. 459015

No it's not, it's done to create a false sense of credibility and authority on a topic. The quote about abortions doesn't really need a source, it speaks for itself whereas mgtow nonsense is an obvious pathetic cope when coming from a man. They pretend to be women when they want people to think their revenge fantasies are validated.

wtf is this scrot even trying to say? That those things make us miserable and inferior, but if we try to escape 'Male Authourity [sic]' we will also be miserable and inferior? The rude awakening we're all facing is that men and marriage are likely to negatively impact our happiness, self esteem and often finances, not that our existence is hopeless because we ~hit the wall~.

No. 459037

Mgtows love Japanese women too. It's too obvious of a larping male trying his best to make sure white women copy east asian women, reject bodily autonomy and become their ideal submissive quiet background waifu.

>we are men going our own way
>keeps talking about women in everything
They will never get over the fact that women aren't chasing them or begging them to come back. Wonder if they actually ban you for making a post that isn't related to women at all at this point

Place your bets that none of those posters on reddit asking that actually have girlfriends but they watch so much porn they consider specific stars their gfs and guess the measurements of their labia.

No. 459074

File: 1567848273332.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454.png)

>Place your bets that none of those posters on Reddit asking that actually have girlfriends.

we can only hope anon but I always read stories of men doing horrendous things to their girlfriend like this so it makes me wonder. There's men on the internet dreading their relationships because their ex was perfect and their current dare have a feature they don't find attractive and there are women on the internet saying how their boyfriend never stops shitting on them, emotionally abusing them, refusing sex or affection with them, cheating on them, etc solely because the woman doesn't have a feature the man finds attractive

No. 459079

How do you like very thin women but like a trait women of average to overweight and obese weights tend to have? Makes no sense.

No. 459083

because men are never happy and nothing is good enough for them
how much you wanna bet average and overweight girls boyfriends are on the internet complaining about how saggy her tits are, how they're too big, how their nipples are too big, their belly bulge, etc and how their ex was a perfect perky tit model


spoke too soon
wgtow is the only option
>that one guy who posted pictures of his girlfriend so other men could shit on her body

No. 459098

>that one guy who posted pictures of his girlfriend so other men could shit on her body
Wtf, her boobs aren't even saggy? Men are truly ruined by porn and plastic surgery.

I would be much more willing to date if men weren't stuck in this pattern of dating women they don't even find physically attractive. If I don't think a man's body is good enough, I'll reject him. If a man doesn't think my body is good enough, he'll still date me for convenient access to sex, while resenting me for my subpar looks and searching for an upgrade the whole time. I'd rather be rejected a million times over.

No. 459099

Looks like her breasts just start lower down on her chest than average, but it's not even that noticeable and they certainly aren't saggy at all. Dude is delusional.

No. 459102

because resenting them isn't bad enough, men have to
>be unaffectionate, unloving, uncaring towards the woman if they don't find her physically attractive, sometimes they'll do things that would be considered emotional abuse, thus causing a lot of emotional damage towards the woman and her view on future relationships, men, body image, eating disorders, etc
>instead of keeping their thoughts to themselves or even attempting to find good and attractive things about a woman they're supposed to love and care for, they then betray her and go on the internet and shit on her and humiliate her
>because that wasn't good enough they then violate her and put her out there on forums creeps are known to stalk women, for other men to shit and humiliate on the poor girl
>all this because she doesn't look like a fucking hentai drawing
>and being so deluded by porn and photoshop that perfectly normal and healthy-looking breasts on a woman were enough to cause all of this

the sad part is none of this is uncommon, just type in "my girlfriend is/has [feature]" and you run through pages and pages of men doing exactly this

No. 459115

That's rich considering how many men have their own boobs that women don't dare to point out..

As a woman who's attracted to other women I can't even understand what's so unappealing about less perky boobs. If breasts have weight to them that's just how they're gonna rest. Bet they don't want to date A cup women either

No. 459118

They're basically upset with gravity for existing then, and that's somehow womens fault

I remember growing up the message was always that boobs of a decent size were what men desire, now they also need to be a shape that nature rarely creates (or keeps) Cool

No. 459129

shape, size, ratio to body, nipple size, etc

why do so many men hate big nipples? it's like if men started hating women who have wider hips than their waist,soft jaws, butts and boob fat, big nipples are part of sexual dimorphism but somehow we're supposed to have all the things they declare attractive by sexual dimorphism but we aren't allowed to have things they declare unattractive that come with sexual dimorphism

also peak this retard asking for ways he can make his girlfriends nipples smaller

No. 459130

As a girl with saggy tits that aren’t seen as attractive, this post turned me into a lesbian 100% thanks

No. 459143

I've seen plenty of porn titled 'big saggy tits' and seen enough comments under amateur porn where the amount of movement that saggy breasts have while fucking.. is exactly what guys were finding hot

I do think men are divided into two categories, one where they want 'perfection' and the other where they'll fuck anyone and everything is hot

No. 459144

Men are in fact divided into categories, but these are not it. The categories are men that like everyone else have preferences but not requirements for women's bodies and those that do. Obviously the first are mostly healthy sexual people while the second are messed up and could use therapy to find out where their requirements come from.

No. 459145

rarely, the vast majority of men are just like >>459129 >>459074
if you're a young girl 16 - 30 chances are you'll be more likely to run into men like so rather than men who like things that are conventionally unattractive by societies standards

No. 459146

Being exposed to hundreds/thousands of porn scenes before ever even touching a breast in real life is my guess on what fucks them up

No. 459148

Yeah I’m just disgusted that this happens to anyone…

No. 459149

Yeah, porn is definetely a major culprit.

I know a lot of people give girls shit for going for older men, but younger men are sooo shit when it comes to their expectations and treatment of women their age it's unreal. It's a lot more likely to find a decent man in his 30s than in his 20s, not that there aren't a ton of terrible ones ofc.

No. 459152

So succinct, so true, getting this tattooed on my arm

>Being exposed to hundreds/thousands of porn scenes before ever even touching a breast in real life is my guess on what fucks them up

No. 459156

Men in their 30s are now part of the millennial generation, so really the last generation of men who didn’t grow up with access to hardcore pornography are 40+.

No. 459160

yeah, but I like it when they still have a little hair left on their head, 40+ is like bald central. Also, has anyone else noticed how a hell of a lot more and earlier men lose their hair? I see plenty of men in their early twenties actually balding these days.

No. 459166

Great observation!
Back in the day boys would be able to scrounge up a magazine or two. A DVD eventually. But now kids have a whole internet on their phones.

(I edited because I repeated another poster initially)

No. 459168

just porn in general fucked men up so badly, it doesn't help insecure women go out of their way to mimic porn stars both body and act wise men don't know what good and genuine sex with women is like anymore

>excess moaning, especially when giving blowjobs

>expecting all women to choke on their dick for hours but will only lick pussy for a few seconds if they even do it at all
>thinking women can cum from sucking dick as well as expecting it and expecting women to WANT to do it, thus acting ungrateful for women effort to please them
>anal, thinking anal should be expected, forgetting that it's where shit comes out of and the porn stars who do anal change their diets, take pills, douche, bleach, train with plugs etc and that they can't just randomly ram it in a girls ass and expect it to go well
>thinking anal should be expected and women who don't do anal are boring prudes
>failing to understand vaginal anatomy (hentai addicts)
>thinking some kisses, a blowjob and maybe a boob or butt grab is enough foreplay to start jackhammering
>expecting mens bodies to get stimulated but barely stimulating women's bodies if any at all
>deluded men on what women's natural bodies look like, they demand women to have perfect bodies naturally but when women do have nice bodies they don't even want to touch them or even compliment them or anything? what's the point of shitting yourself if your girlfriend doesn't look like a porn star if you don't even want to touch women's bodies to begin with unless you're beating them
(this was especially disappointing for me because I have really sensitive areas on my body and fantasize about them being touched and caressed but now men just ignore most areas outside of the pussy and ass)
>thinking all women like roughness
>thinking women who do like roughness means things like "bite her like you're trying to rip flesh off" or "pull her hair like you're trying to remove it"
>bdsm, don't even get me started
>being conceited and egotistical during sex and thinking women are turned on by them waving their stinky smell deformed dick around and screaming "you want this cock don't you whore" with a puny nerd voice
>thinking women can cum on demand
>wanting to try a bunch of positions but refusing to realize that most positions are done soley to look pretty but not feel good
>group sex always revolves around men being worshipped, even in femdom it's rare to find female friendly femdom because men confused "female domination" with "just lay there like a lazy slob while the woman does all the work

anything I missed?

No. 459186

Seeing a few people get redtexted to "take it to the pinkpill thread" for posting legitimately true things about the nature of men feels bad. There are some crazy "ree they should all die" posts that trickle out and should only be posted here but the ones about male rappers in /ot/? They were….all true points. and it wasn't even a derailment because everyone pretty much agreed with each other and brought up more legitimate points.

I should ~take it to meta~ but we know this site is partially run by dudes and I would probably just be told to take it back here. I don't really want to deal with them.

No. 459193

Yeah, that was such bullshit, as if we don't know rappers are some of the fucking worst influence out there, for both women, men and society in general

>but we know this site is partially run by dudes

Excuse me? Since when?

No. 459198

agreed, we can talk about troons outside the gender-critical thread, we can talk about artists outside the artists thread, we can vent outside the vent thread, we can talk about literally any subject outside of the threads related to the subject but somehow there's different rules for pinkpilling? I understand containment and everything but you can't even discuss a double standard and it's somehow pink pilling ? it was an unpopular opinion thread too correct me if I'm wrong so it's not like it was out of place or anything

agree 100%, I hate how rap culture is pretty much the "thing" nowadays, but it's definitely insanely sexist and riddled with double standards

No. 459200


There is at least one scrote mod, and it even had a thread on meta. I always suspected half this place being catty gay guys but this confirmed it.

Spoiler alert: i really dislike gay scrotes, they are just about as messed up as normal scrotes and yet they manage to be even grosser and often very openly misogynistic but for some reason still fly under the radar and are allowed on female spaces. I am so fucking tired of every female social group i ever had since i was a kid always feature some gay asshole some girl insists on tagging along. And they are always, always the ones that break up the group, leech energy from everyone like parasites, acts manipulative, constantly negs every girl around and fuels all the drama.

Wish i was only projecting about one dude, but no, its every single time.

No. 459204

A pet peeve with porn (among many) is when the woman gets -a single lick- of her pussy before insertion.. and that's only to get some spit on her, charming

No. 459207

It glorifies criminality, failure and toxic masculinity to the extreme. And it is the most popular music with youth, how the fuck can we expect them to not be fucked up? But when we talk about it we are racists, god I hate this so much.

Well shit, might as well allow maleposting then, how on earth did this happen? Doesn't the admin care? Is it her boyfriend or sth?

No. 459208

The lack of interest in clits. I swear every other part of the female body is considered/treated as more interesting than the clit. The one little spot that for many women is their sole source of orgasm. A generation of men don't give a fuck about it cos buttholes are more exciting..

No. 459209

Well just say hip hop culture and rap wasnt like this and it wasnt until after gangsta raps expolsion that rap and black music culture became like this. its easy

No. 459210

>men would rather eat shit and piss than to lick a clit

No. 459211

I have anon, they still call me racist. There arent even any Africans in my country for fuck's sake and they still call me racist.

No. 459213

I've had too many exes that want to eat my ass so badly but don't even think of the clit.. anal obsession is something I fucking hate porn for. Never going near an ass obsessed man again, I can't respect them, similar to how they don't respect boundaries

No. 459228

When incels and such complain about women being too picky and not settling for useless neckbeards neets don't they get that by letting women chose who to have kids with there would probably be less ugly fuckers around? It's time women do some eugenics and clean the gene pool of incest rape babies.

No. 459237

You do realise the reason men are the way they are now is eugenics yes?

No. 459239

Because they forced women into having offsprings with men who had money and land but were genetic trash? Ok.

No. 459243

No actually, the eugenics go all the way back to our tribal begignings. Tribes where women chose the gentle caring and sensitive men were conquered by tribes where women chose the violent aggressive men. And so these men took more women as wives and prospered and had children.

No. 459245

patriarchy ruined evolution, which is ironic considering how man evo-psych incels who can never shut up about natural selection and how all men should marry off fertile middle schoolers as soon as they get their period, if women reproduced with attractive strong men then we would have definitely evolved but because most women were forced to marry off and have kids with ugly rich dudes there's so many incels nowadays

No. 459249

You are extremely mistaken, women DID choose the strong men with big dicks, which is why men are more dysmorphic than women and ha bigger penises than other primates and this is what got us here.

No. 459250

File: 1567877284421.png (124.22 KB, 680x680, ackchyually.png)

No. 459252

that's because most of them choose to be, they're too lazy and think being healthy and acting sane is "too much!!"
also how so?

>women DID choose the strong men with big dicks
maybe back in the stone ages, but since the victorian eras it threw off evolution, allowing hideous weak men to reproduce because women were forced too, if you believe other prove instead of just saying

>which is why men are more dysmorphic than women and ha bigger penises than other primates and this is what got us here.

huh, for the dysmorphic gender males sure have no problem insisting women need and want them, worshipping their own cock, thinking waving it around and telling women how badly they want it turns them on, and thinking they're too good for women who are their looks match

No. 459254

File: 1567877753469.png (460.29 KB, 910x381, 1567863366202.png)

so dysmorphic, poor men uwu

No. 459255


Rap have always been trash, it doesn't need to be gangsta, its intrinsically trash no matter what the spin is. Is low culture for the lowest common denominator, much like porn is.

No. 459256

they really are just all a bunch of fags, arent they?

No. 459257

>No argument

Oh you are absolutely correct that patriarchical civilization changed this sexual selection compeletely, but what led to those patriarchical forms to form WAS women's sexual selection back in the stone ages, that lead to the aggressive males being prefered.

>huh, for the dysmorphic gender males sure have no problem insisting women need and want them, worshipping their own cock, thinking waving it around and telling women how badly they want it turns them on, and thinking they're too good for women who are their looks match

Men are retarded, what's new.

No. 459260


I find balls to be a flaw. Why do men have such a weakness outside of the body? One hit there renders them incapable. We women don't have such a weakness kek

No. 459261

you know those strong men who fought battles all died in wars and the weak ones that stayed home continued to breed, yes?

No. 459262

The strong men had harems anon, they had left plenty of children back home. Their genes were safe. Weak men did not have harems, they had one woman if they were lucky. We know the disparity of men vs women that procreated, it is only explained with harems and polygamy.

No. 459263

>you know those strong men who fought battles all died in wars and the weak ones that stayed home continued to breed
who were they killed by anon? other men? who started the wars anon? other men?

the sad part is the only reason why so many war survivors are still alive is because "EVIL WOMEN!!!!" were nurses during wars and saved their ungrateful asses, not to mention how many women helped with delivering supplies

I'm actually glad you brought up wars

No. 459265

No. 459266

but really, how many men were lucky enough to be placed in high society and have harems and such? you talk about like every man on the planet had harems back at home. most of them were poor fuckers that slaved away like anyone else.
sorry but you sound like a scrote, thinking that going back in time would grant them an harem of hot waifus just because they are men lmao.

No. 459267

Exactly what anon said. When the strong and agressive men were killed, they were replaced by stronger and more agressive men, it's how we got here. One retarded tribe of women probably kept selecting for more and more agressive and violent scrots so the rest did the same to protect themselves. It's fucking ridiculous, we could be living in a matriarchy right now if not for that.

Not sure how I sound like a scrot, I never suggested all men had that. I literally said most of them did not reproduce, since they were you know, literally killed. If I remember correctly the narrowest our species came was 1 man for every 9 women. That means that the lessa gressive and violent men were being murdered left and right by the more agressive and violent ones, which secured a lot more women for the later. You completely missunderstood my posts.

No. 459270

Puke inducing quote-

"I have had this argument with a few girls I've dated and a lot get defensive and offended, however, there are certain things we MUST ALL do to have happy/healthy sex lives.

The only way to clean your butt is to not just clean your butt, but to clean your butt hole.. And to do this properly,You must first with your finger, rinse and wipe off any oils. To do this, You have to with one hand open you butt cheeks, relax your butt hole so it opens ever so slightly, With your other hand get one of your fingers and insert the tip, around the inside entrance. You then repeat with a lather of soap and then again to rinse"

I'm sorry we must all finger our assholes in the shower daily to be sex ready??

No. 459273

That quote sounds like it's some kind of erotic fantasy. Dude definitely wanked when he wrote that.

No. 459274

"But perhaps the worst pussy I ever had the displeasure of smelling was attached to an alarmingly overweight woman of Dutch extraction with whom I shacked up during a period when my self-esteem was dangerously low. Once you got past the rolls and rolls of stretchmarked hog fat, there lay her bedraggled pussy, crowned with a sparse reddish thorn bush. Her c~~~ looked like a fat slice of ham swimming in white gravy. Her crotch was a boiling fumarole of noxious emissions, a stinking puddle of snatch-slop. Her discharges were colored a sickly silver, with the gloppy consistency of herring sauce. The smells which emerged from between her bloated, floppy legs ranged from rotted onion to burnt crab to odors which were so fetid, I must force myself to stop thinking of them lest I scream"

This sounds like fiction, dude should write books

No. 459277

Oh, how embarrassing. Scrote is trying to sound literate. And yeah, that never happened.

No. 459278

No, that's actually how you clean your butt. Your asshole has wrinkles and folds that will likely still have shit trapped in them unless you pull them apart ever so slightly. You're not supposed to outright finger yourself but clean between the folds and that's how you do it. The guy's a retard but at least he knows how to clean his ass. If he even actually fucking does it or just expects women too, kek.

No. 459281

But he talks about it being prep for sex, is he eating ass, is he expecting to have his ass played with too?

No. 459282

The whole convo is similar to his post too, womens genitals stink and yanno.. mens don't get a mention

Apparently we all skip showering for days on end too and even perfume is stinky

No. 459287

Evo-psyche is meme central you can construe it to argue for anything you want.

Early humans probably didn't fight each other that much at all since we were nomadic and would just move to another area if there was a conflict. Conquering another group is an agriculture thing since there's farm land to physically occupy.

No. 459291

Can we talk about how conceited men are during sex? dicks are so fucking ugly and I get secondhand embarrassment when scrots pull some shit like whipping it out and saying "come earn daddys big juicy cock becky"?
do they think this is hot or something? who lied to them and made this think that it was appealing? it looks like they'd put in an overexaggerated cartoon but so many men do it without realizing how ridiculous and laughable it makes them look

No. 459294

I was reading yet another article about how women in straight relationships, marriages and families do most of the mental and invisible work. But of course, once again, the comments were full of people whining because "well what about MEN, men have to CHANGE CAR TIRES and MOW THE LAWN/SHOVEL SNOW and do all the RENOVATIONS". Like people still think that changing tires twice a year, mowing the lawn every few weeks (which you don't even have to do at all if you live in an apartment complex), and doing renovations every few years (at best), is anywhere near having to keep your household and family organized and functional every single day.

"Sure my wife is making sure our child is properly fed, clothed and gets to school and hobbies on time, and has to remind me every day to help her do the dishes, take out the trash and vacuum so our house doesn't turn into a dump, but I go to WORK and I even changed a lightbulb the other day, where's MY credit??"

No. 459297

No, but the ass is in very close proximity to the genitals for both sexes. If their ass is not cleaned properly it's gonna smell. Just going over it with water and a little bit of soap and scrubbing the outside doesn't clean it. You gotta go over it with your finger with soap directly. Trust me I had to show my bf how to clean his ass in the shower… I swear to fucking god nobody shows their kids how to clean their asses.

No. 459303

Was shopping for toys online lately and was worried that all the insertable toys would look gross and realistic but was pleasantly surprised to see that non-realistic toys were the majority

Guess a lot of us dislike the appearance of penises and it's purely that general shape that actually does anything for us

No. 459304

Reading comprehendion anon. I am not arguing for evo psychology, I am talking about sex selection. You want to tell me sexual selection doesn't happen?

No. 459306

Also, adding to it, I am aware that it is an agricultural thing. I literally said all of this shit must have started with one tribe where women sexually selected for it, I did not say it happened all around.

No. 459307

I'm pretty thorough at cleaning but that guy wants to instruct people to finger themselves, it's an obvious perv post

I heard a story lately of a guy who always thought that to clean your ass you had to slip the bar of soap into your ass and one day his mom found shit stuck to the soap and he learned that he was doing it wrong lol

No. 459310

The Y chromosome failing to reproduce as much started when agriculture took off increasing warfare and disease severely, relatively very recently in human history, not tribal behavoir. It's also very overstated by pop-sci journalists who are science illitirate so don't understand that a man can reproduce without passing on his Y chromosome.

No. 459311

I might regret asking but what led to you needing to show him? Smell, stains?

No. 459313

That sounds interesting anon, I will have to check what you said out. Thanks for the comment.

No. 459316

I'm just saying he has a valid point and often people are so ignorant about cleaning themselves that I don't blame him for going into detail about it. People really are that dense.

Smell, I never saw any stains or I would probably legit yell at him. To be honest it wasn't that awful but still very noticeable whenever I was close to him down there and he wasn't wearing anything. Still didn't want to hurt his feelings so I suggested we took a shower and I showed him. I made it a point to show him putting soap on my finger and then I cleaned him. I had to do this a couple times before he took the hint and he started doing it the way I showed him.

Tbh he is a good guy besides this, I know he had negligent parents and he's not doing it out of laziness, he legit didn't know, and I doubt many people, even women, know how to clean down there either. I know my parents never taught me either. What the fuck is wrong with parents.

No. 459319

Tbh mine never taught me either, when I grew up we only had a bath at home so as an adult I guess I just got self aware once I was sexually active and learnt how to clean well in a shower

I've seen women complain about washing their bfs skidmarked underwear, I couldn't deal with that

No. 459321

>I made it a point to show him putting soap on my finger and then I cleaned him.
I could never. Send him back to his parents.

No. 459324

>I've seen women complain about washing their bfs skidmarked underwear
I couldn't either, clearly at that point they are self-aware and making their gf deal with their disgusting selves. Women really are too good for men.

Tbh I didn't really care because I clean my ass in the shower too. I love him and I'm not going to dump him for that. Besides that he is really good to me. What would be unbearable was if he knew and didn't clean properly anyway out of laziness/spite/not caring, or if he got offended from me telling him and didn't do it anyway. That is dump worthy behavior.

No. 459325

Same, I'd die. Why do women mother men and then say "but he's a good guy"

You cleaned his ass for him?!

No. 459329

If a grown man doesn't clean his ass it is not his parents fault

Why do we make these lame excuses for men?

No. 459334

Context here is important I think. He isn't some rando scrote who treats me like garbage and works to make my life and miserable as possible. Outside of this he's pretty much the one who "mothers" me, he feels guilty letting me do chores and does all of them, as well as cooking and yardwork. He cares most about me being happy and comfortable. After the whole ass cleaning thing he got more self-conscious and started trimming his ass hair because he was paranoid I thought he was disgusting down there lmao.

Not to mention the most effective way to get someone to do something, especially your SO, is to teach them not yell at them and humiliate them. People are extremely sensitive when it comes to matters like this. Hell, look at reddit and you'll see women who don't clean their ass PROPERLY and smell and their boyfriends who tiptoe around the issue, don't tell them to clean and lose attraction all together, or straight up yell at them and humiliate them.

tl;dr: Not my nigel.

Most people clean their asses, just not PROPERLY. Because they were never taught. They don't know how they smell down there. It's one thing if a guy doesn't even bother wiping (laziness), or has skidmarks (laziness, self-aware and doesn't care about inconveniencing you).

No. 459340

My bf cleans himself in the shower well, but has an awful habit of sometimes when we're chilling in bed, to scratch his butt. Like in between his cheeks. Normally he smells fine but after that his hand smells like you would expect(ass sweat with a hint of funk). And then he tries to touch me. I've had to tell him until he goes and washes his hand I'm not getting near it; it's worked but I shouldn't have to tell him that in the first place.

No. 459341

It seems like whenever I come across a person (that's not elderly) who has an air of not wiping properly, it's a dude. I've been near some guys before and there is a legit whiff of number 2. Why, do they not notice, or don't care? It's rarely if ever from women.

No. 459342

Actually men are sexually dysmorphic due to mutations in the Y chromosome (it's the chromosome that mutates at the fastest rate). Whether the mutations that are common now such as higher muscle mass and height were "selected for" is arguable; you could just as easily say that those men with strength raped all the women and made a lot of strong kids that continued the trend, lol.

On the other hand, women have been consciously selecting for the opposite traits to those mutations, for feminized men:

No. 459343

Guys are fucking dense and stupid. You're right, it really shouldn't be a problem for anyone without brain damage.

Yeah, that's vile and absolutely inexcusable. You should never be able to smell someone's ass especially if they are clothed and not even in the vicinity of their ass. Men really do have a tendency to be disgusting, whether it's out of laziness, mental illness, or desire to offend others I have no idea.

No. 459344

I need to be more assertive about something. It does not happen very often (like a few times when we've been dating), but occasionally my boyfriend will show me a picture of a costhot from facebook and be like "that's hot right?"

Like. Why would you show me that? I am bi and he knows it, so maybe one could give him the benefit of the doubt that he's showing me because if he likes it, I will too. Except costhots(sorry if that sounds judgy, but that's how I see them) are the opposite of what I'm attracted to and come off as embarrassing and pandering. In reality he's basically showing me some woman with big boobs (I am pretty flat), makeup (not something I wear much), and in sexy costumes. Basically the opposite of what I am. And calling it hot like I'll just be okay with it. Go fuck yourself.

I do love him, and like >>459334 says there's more to him than just this but it really hurts. I've been broken up before by a guy who found someone better/prettier and wanted to go after them instead so I have a big fear around never being good enough for someone, just being a temporary gf. I never say anything explicit to his face when he does this, just make a noncommittal sound and look back at my own phone. But I need to toughen up and tell him how much it fricken hurts.

No. 459347

Your bf is intentionally trying to make you feel insecure. He will claim ignorance when you confront him about this, but that's what happening.

Dump him or start doing the same thing to him.

No. 459348

What's his age/dating experience?

This shit should be really obvious = pointing out other women to talk about how hot they are is a fucking obvious no no

I know some guys do this on purpose, they enjoy the feeling it gives you

No. 459349

It sounds more like he's trying to """subtly""" influence you to dress up like them. Ignoring it seems like the best plan.

No. 459350

I second this, spot on

No. 459353

Call me naive or ignorant but I doubt it's legit trying to make me insecure. Oblivious and unaware of my feelings, most probably. That's something I need to address. But I may well be wrong. He's a few years older than me (I'm early 20s) and from what I can tell has had a few relationships before me.

I don't think ignoring is the best option, that will perpetuate this nonsense. If it comes up again I will make sure I have something to say to address it. I could do the same thing, but it's a little petty and I don't want to stoop as low. Also the people I'm physically attracted to is very few and far between. He is my type, but could work on his own appearance more so he is being pretty hypocritical. My taste in girls is a bit different than his and I've been more interested in my girl-attracted side of my bisexuality so I guess I could try teasing him with that.

>>459349 I do like dressing with a hint of sexiness on occasion (I do cosplay) but I don't feel like I'm attractive enough to pull it off atm. I also find constant sexy dressing makes it lose any impact and come off as cheap. That make sense?

No. 459356

Oh my god anon, if your bf is "oblivious" about something that obvious he's a literal retard.

I have no idea why women buy males' "oh we're just oblivious idiots with no knowledge of how our words or actions affect others!" shtick. Men know it's a lie, and women believe it because it's a cope to stop them from realizing their boyfriends/husbands don't give a shit about them.

No functioning male is that retarded. Men love making their girlfriends insecure, it's a power thing. You've already expended more emotional labor in coming here, making excuses for him, and trying to fabricate possible motivations than he ever will in your entire relationship together.

Don't play scrot games, anon. Tell him you know what he's doing and you don't like and you're not sure why he thought you would. When he denies, tell him you know he's not that stupid. He'll probably respect you more for it; men look down on women who fall for their bullshit.

No. 459357

File: 1567889670664.png (128.28 KB, 626x713, Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 1.46…)

Why are men so obsessed with having biological children? They never take care of them, and even when they do, the mother is doing most of the rearing and educating to prepare their child for school.

I was talking to a guy who wanted kids and I asked him if he'd consider adopting, and he said no; I asked why not. "They're not really my kids." and he said this with disgust in his voice at the idea, and some confusion. This was a guy who said he hated his biological parents and considered his friends, his "adopted" family. He said he hated the quote, "Blood is thicker than water" because his parents said it all the time.

I got downvoted replying to post in pic related too.

No. 459358

Not sure I agree with this. I find the obsession westerners have with transracial adoption weird. I also want to have my own kids. Not some Chinese or African person's kids.

No. 459359

You can adopt white kids?

No. 459360

If only that second reply were true, then men would jerk off to each other and leave us alone.

No. 459365

File: 1567891197155.png (107.37 KB, 550x608, Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 2.20…)

One could only hope.

Look at the votes, I'm cryin.' These butthurt scrotes. I'm waiting for a logical reply back, but all they can do is give thumbs. I added new fuel.

No. 459375

>in a traditional house, women are resented as being basically mooches
I hate this shit so much.

Men whine about how stay-at-home moms are lazy, entitled, and spend all their husband's money without doing anything, but the women who do work are selfish and not taking care of their children. You're looked down upon no matter what.

There was a thread I saw on reddit a while back with a guy who left the country because he didn't want to pay alimony to his ex-wife of 20 or so years, basically laughing it up that because she spent her life raising kids, she has no work experience, no money, and won't be able to find a job/will probably be homeless soon.

Giving up your career to have kids and stay at home is a gamble if your relationship ends. You can easily wind up in your 40s or 50s with no money, no work experience, and you're less "desirable" to get married again.

Can't imagine why any woman would want to keep some semblance of self-sufficiency in her life after getting married.

No. 459383

File: 1567894957917.png (Spoiler Image, 715.6 KB, 1355x729, Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 3.23…)

Another thing I didn't mention, most men are porn addicted and many are prone to cheating on you. I was going to write that in my comment, but decided to keep it short. There's a new disliker on my post whose profile I decided to look at, and it's all porn. I'm fucking deceased. Living stereotypes that only make me swallow the pink pill harder. You don't deserve a loyal traditional wife if you're mentally having an affair with literally every nude woman that passes your virtual vision. Men can move on after they leave, despite having a history of a cheater, but women, unfortunately do, detract in value in the sights of certain males (and pickmes), even if they were a relatively decent and loyal spouse.

No. 459389

Please comment more anon, enjoying males being confronted with the fact that traditional relationships are extinct partially because they are pornsick, disloyal, and child-abandoners. Molymeme is just mad at women having freedom because free women would never choose him.

No. 459394

>You're looked down upon no matter what.
Especially if you don't have kids at all. The absolute fear mongering men do when it comes to women who decide against having children, holy shit. I guess it makes sense, they have to make women terrified of being sad and alone when they're old if they stay away from men, because if we all wised up to their bullshit we would never breed with them. Put your body through the strain and risk of pregnancy, raise the children and manage the house all on your own, be treated like a leech and/or selfish career woman depending on your choice, just to get dumped for a younger woman/cheated on/abused/left if you ever develop an illness/impoverished by divorced, and so on. The decks are so stacked against us in marriage, I'll take the minor risk of being sad and alone as a result of living my life how I want over being sad, alone, poor and emotionally compromised by marriage as a result of scare tactics and social pressure.

No. 459403

File: 1567902165833.jpg (23.94 KB, 597x173, Untitled.jpg)

I saw this while watching a Jenna Marbles vid the other day. It's pathetic how often these idiots go around repeating the same shit over and over again, on all sorts of random videos and articles.

No. 459405

And going back to your original point (bio children), think of the roles these fathers have. Why wouldn't you want kids if you're barely responsible for them? If you get to have a kid without being pregnant, experiencing any physical changes, and having society basically throw you a parade for giving your kid a hug (such a sensitive dad uwu~), why wouldn't you want them?

There's no downside for a man having kids except finances. They're not expected to give up their personhood to be a parent. Your body is the same. No one makes comments about your genitalia being ruined and how you've hit the wall. No one wonders if a man's children are being taken care off if he goes to a bar after work.

Standards are so low for fathers, we're just happy if they can manage to look after the kids while the mom's out grocery shopping. If the parents are divorced, we're just happy if they pay child support and don't drop off the map.

They hate this the most because it takes their criticism away. They can't call you a lazy housewife and they can't judge you for working.

>left if you ever develop an illness

I'm sure most of you know this already, but there are studies that prove this: https://www.fatherly.com/health-science/why-sick-wives-increase-divorce-risk-not-sick-husbands/

No. 459419


I agree, i always assumed people who adopt are crazy, want to indoctrinate them into a cult, sexually abuse them or pull some kind of welfare scam. Its fucking insane to me to want to raise someone else's kid, at the very least they must be very narcissistic people with spare money, like Angelina Jolie.

No. 459431

what breeds this monster mentality?

No. 459437

OP who brought up adoption: I left the cult I was raised in when I became an adult. I'm all about giving kids free, but informed, choices. That's one of the things I love about being around kids. Adoption can be very expensive, especially if you look overseas for an "ethnic" child to show off like Jolie, but if you work at a good company in the states, they'll usually be your sponsor and cover most of the expenses. Direct adoption through friends, family, and church are the cheapest way to go, usually only paying for the legal work. It's insane to me, to tear up my body and create a brand new life, when so many already exist and need a loving home I can provide, otherwise they'll go through the system, likely to come out broken on the other side. I love the act of caring for children and having a family unit; the DNA doesn't matter to me. I get by well because I'm smart with my money; I wouldn't mind sharing what with someone who needs it. That's what having kids should be about, love. I can't wrap my mind around popping out a kid, just because, like most people do.

No. 459462

Ended up watching a vid on the brook joust situation and this guy (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHI2ewfrBxG4kS8z_7xmoKw) left a comment about how feminism is the cause of it. Took a look at his community tab and low and behold, your typical mgtow believing women should be stripped of all rights and beaten. And of course is a fan of that anal cunt band. Wonder how long it'll be until they just start to blatantly call for genocide.

>There was a thread I saw on reddit a while back with a guy who left the country because he didn't want to pay alimony to his ex-wife of 20 or so years, basically laughing it up that because she spent her life raising kids, she has no work experience, no money, and won't be able to find a job/will probably be homeless soon
Men do this then wonder why their children they forced their wives to have don't want them in their lives. Hope he got called out on his bullshit.

Every single time lol. Never doubt that whenever a male account or blog posts about shitting on women, count on them being full of porn featuring women. If porn was banned everywhere, you think we'd have a mass suicide? It's pathetic.

Why are they stuck in the 1800s lol

No. 459464

>Why are they stuck in the 1800s lol
Back then it just meant they could afford to live without a husband thanks to their spinning work. And that's supposed to be a bad thing…? lmao men are so desperate for us to rely on them and spend our whole lives trying to appease them.

No. 459467

>Why are they stuck in the 1800s lol

Because they could rape and own women back then, and they've been mourning that loss ever since.

No. 459505

File: 1567928279707.jpg (101.69 KB, 444x960, 72019001aae4f6ad354a7ca3acf1ab…)

I hate this shit.

No. 459514

I had an ex tell me he chose to stay unemployed for the first ten years of his kids life cos the marriage ended (him cheating with a crossdresser) and he legally could get away with paying just 40 quid a month in child support if he stayed unemployed. Hated his wife enough to deprive the kid all those years, he could never even tell me what he hated her for. He now has four stepkids and he spends all his money on weed and beer.. in his forties

No. 459516

Anon this naivety isn't unusual in your early twenties but by the time you are 30 you will likely understand that men do this on purpose

He is older than you and experienced with relationships, he knows what he is doing so stop entertaining the idea that he is unaware, he's only playing stupid to see how much you'll put up with it. Here you are with hurt feelings still defending him

No. 459523

The funny thing about Molymeme is, despite all his harping on about how much he hates feminism and loves traditional values, he's a stay at home dad, his wife supports him and their daughter with her therapist career (that he endangered by spying on her patients sessions like a psycho). Although maybe he considers race baiting online for donations a job, in which case he's going even more against what he posted.

No. 459542

this makes men look like infants and their wives look like "mommys". i wish more idiot scrotes would realize not being able to take care of themselves emasculates them

No. 459544

The amount of women that come on here and complain about something their bf is doing. When other anons say "yeah that's shitty" they then get really fucking defensive and talk about what a nice guy he is though…

I expect this on the relationship advice thread but on pink pill? Glad to be out of my twenties cos tbh I was just as naive back then

No. 459546

If you live in a house then you should take part in at least some of the cleaning and chores.. why you should be 'rewarded' for that is beyond me

The Daily Mail is trash

No. 459589

Why is that every fucking man I've had a long term relationship is pushy and annoying about having babies and making sure to talk about impregnation and how great it is to have a family to the point I find it annoying during sex or in general but the second my period is late, start freaking out and saying they aren't ready. I want to have kids but I don't care for this behaviour. Also always bringing up marriage but never going through with it or asking or making an effort with anything. I feel like crying.

No. 459597

It’s not just you, anon. There’s a lot of impregnating porn that probably doesn’t help either. They like the idea because it’s about ownership/control, but then (hopefully) quickly realize having kids is a lot of work and nope the fuck out.

No. 459602

It irritates me so much though. I'm happy with having no kids or having kids. I just want someone that actually wants to go through with it instead of looking forward to seeing me pregnant or whatever the fuck they fantasize about. I just want someone that will say I love you so much, and want to be with you forever but I don't want a kid.
I don't care about either choice I just am sick of feeling like a fetishsized breeding fucking cow when having sex and bullshit talk about making me a mommy uwu but then sending me mixed messages if I talk about having a kid or yelling at me when I say if I'm not sure sometimes. It hurts that no man can just be fucking honest about what they want and just stay in a fantasy like a godddamned child.

I'm trying, I really am but I must be doing something wrong that this is a pattern. I don't even sperg about having babies. I just don't want mixed messages. I'm sorry, maybe this needs to be the vent thread because it's feeling so real at the moment.

No. 459606

File: 1567956861207.jpg (71.44 KB, 650x650, qjepYrnkJn.jpg)

@scrots who fap to porn (especially abuse and rape), yall now this is your future
(btw i didn't create this image, is actually a random "inspirational" image/phrase combo from this site: https://inspirobot.me/)

No. 459608

Anyone else notice that relationships between younger men and older women are overall much healthier and happier for both parties compared to relationships between younger women and older men

This might be an anecdotal but one of my cousins is 23 yrs old and in a relationship with a 37 year old woman and they both seem to genually love each other and respect each other but I can't think of any relationship between a scrote who is significantly older then his SO which is healthy in any way

No. 459609

That’s it, it’s literally just a fetish. They want what they see in porn and have difficulties translating it to reality.

If it makes you feel better, I’m experiencing the same thing and it’s exhausting. Feels bad man.

No. 459612

either the woman has enough experience to choose wisely, or enough money to be secure and do whatever, or the extreme version of a Mama's boy who found an actual mother figure he can fuck. and of course there are unstable older woman/young man relationships.

men almost exclusively target younger girls for penis reasons.

No. 459614

My grandma was the older one in her relationship, and she was cheated on. She complains about how immature he was, now that he's dead. There's a couple on 90 day fiance of a young African guy with an American woman in her 30's that he cheated on multiple times. A lot of older women/young men couples are a "boytoy" or sugarmomma situation. She pays to have handsome company, but actual love isn't there… but that's true of most relationships with penishavers.

No. 459616

Older women are more likely to feel independent, secure on their own and confident. The guy doesn't get to mentally abuse or control her. Most shitty relationships I've seen have had controlling men at the root of the problem

Cheating is still an issue with younger men though

No. 459618

If you're not too bothered on whether you have kids or not just wait a few years to see if your mind settles on which. Whatever you do - do not let the man decide whether YOU have kids! It kinda sounds like you're open to that happening, which is worrying

No. 459619

Well if several men have had this baby talk with you and they are exes now.. that shows you how stupid it would've been to get pregnant by them. Thank god that you didn't

No. 459621

I'm 28 and I spent the majority of my life desperate for male attention. After getting married I realized how much of a meme men are. Him being a failure at work, not studying etc was all my fault because I didn't "motivate" him. I was always expected to walk on egg shells. All my hobbies and interests were stupid and pointless but everything he did was important. Now I'm single and I'm not constantly being nagged, I can do what I want and spend my money how I want to. Now that I'm single I don't have to have painful unwanted sex and get guilt tripped if I don't….I'm glad I experienced marriage at a reasonably young age so that I don't need to spend the rest of my life being delusional.

No. 459625

Can relate to so much of this. Walking on eggshells '"your interests are stupid" and bad/painful sex. I desperately clung to my last relationship despite it being the most miserable 3 years of my life

Glad you got out young, lets not repeat our mistakes!

No. 459626

File: 1567959859454.gif (2.69 MB, 480x258, giphy.gif)

You're an icon, and an example to us all anon. Reading these comments makes me feel much better knowing I have chosen to abstain from relationships altogether. Godspeed.

No. 459634

File: 1567960434273.jpg (126.4 KB, 1080x1330, g4eh124tj4j21.jpg)

No. 459635

Legitimately my dad. He's a 400 pound rolypoly that makes snide comments under his breath about women being "too fat" that are half his size, and a million times better looking. I'm just like, "Dude, you'd be lucky if she breathed in your general direction."

No. 459636

Wow all your problems sound like mine. I am 29. Never been married but all these things are the same. I'm starting to think that all men are like this.

Also I hate how women are portrayed and moody,sensitive and crazy when literally even man I've dated is the most oversensitive jackass I've ever met. Either horrible anger issues or gets upset at everything if it's not their way.

Tonight someone in front of our car slowed down on the freeway and my boyfriend began to scream loudly and rant even though there was no accident or danger, it was just a bit annoying. We had nowhere important to be and were driving back from his fishing trip where I just played with the dog the whole time. I never yell at him because he'd get annoyed but tonight I yelled 'YOU DON'T NEED TO SCREAM LIKE THIS! SHUT!' And I held my tongue from saying shut up and literally apologised 2 minutes later for almost saying shut up because I don't like saying things like that. He said that's okay and didn't even apologise for yelling like a godddamned caveman startling me and probably scaring my dog!

I feel this close to dumping him because he like many other guys is selfish and really doesn't even realise he's doing it.
Like he would not handle it if I was yelling during road rage but he does when I'm in the car.
My hobbies are whatever and he tunes out when I speak about them but I come along when he goes fishing to keep him company when he drives home or really try hard to understand when he talks about his hobbies. I even act interested if they are boring. I'm sick of giving and not receiving. I'm sick of being too nice for no reason.
They bitch if you don't communicate but get offended and mad if you do.

No. 459639

My overweight ex would point out fat women to me and call them beasts. Kinda wish I hadn't always assured him that he looked fine despite his beer gut

No. 459641

Agreed that men's hypocrisy on looks is ridiculous, but you shouldn't be so hard on your own dad.

No. 459642

He has raised at least one daughter and still acts as shitty as a porn addicted teen does.. fuck him

No. 459647

Idk how you folks can put up with dads like this.. Id always be ready to fight and humiliate my dad. I have a strict code with shaming and making people feel bad if theyre dumb like this

No. 459651

My dad used to humiliate my mom over her weight and expect me to laugh at his fat jokes in front of her, an awkward situation to regularly happen over dinner

Now she's dead several years and he can't talk about her without getting teary eyed, shoulda been nice to her when she was alive asshole!

No. 459675

A dad that makes comments like that in front of his daughter deserves much worse than that. If I had a son and was constantly criticizing short men's height it'd be a similar thing. It's teaching your kid to they are an object to be consumed.

No. 459682

triggered scrote pops lmao

No. 459683

And people solely blame celebs and fashion magazines for giving girls eating disorders..

I know the younger generation of men is blamed for having porn star expectations of women but older generations also had this warped idea that only women need to be thin and men are fine either way

No. 459717

Just when I thought I met a decent guy off of weeb spaces, I found out that he hangs out in incel forums and I read through his posts. He is attracted to middle schoolers.

No. 459720

Bullet dodged. Please stop trying to date weebs and gamers, though.

No. 459749

@anons with shitty bf with anger issues, remember men have lots of Testosterone (aka hell's hormone) on their system, ofc they're going to scream and fight over nothing like apes lmao

No. 459806

I thought she meant he wasn't a weeb, like he was off of weeb spaces? or did she mean from weeb spaces?

No. 459820

File: 1568001537783.png (38.69 KB, 828x544, porn company court case.png)

>Twenty-two women are suing Girls Do Porn owner Michael Pratt, the company's main videographer Matthew Wolfe, and its main actor and director Ruben “Andre” Garcia, claiming that they were lied to about the films being modeling work instead of porn, coerced into having sex on camera once they got to hotel rooms for filming, and then lied to about how the videos would be distributed.
>Director [told] the women numerous times that the videos would be available on DVD only, in Australia.
>at least 100 women involved with Girls Do Porn who gave similar accounts of their experiences.

Previous article https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/mb8zjn/pornhub-doxing-and-harassment-girls-do-porn-lawsuit
>women suing Girls Do Porn allege that they were manipulated into signing contracts—sometimes under the influence of alcohol served by Girls Do Porn, or while being bullied by men in the hotel rooms where the scenes would take place, with a cameraman and male porn performer standing at the ready.
>Then, she has sex on camera, with a man whose face you never see.
>On websites devoted to harassing and revealing the real identities of people in adult videos, internet users shared extensive personal information about women who were in Girls Do Porn videos, including photographs lifted from their social media accounts.
>And as they take their case to court, Pornhub continues to make money off of them.

No. 459829

Isn't "Girls Do Porn" one of the things libfems like to champion as "ethical porn" or whatever to prove porn isn't bad and that it's okay to be a cumbrain, or am I mistaken?

No. 459835

File: 1568005601120.jpeg (122.29 KB, 640x812, D3D2AED5-02FD-40CA-BFE1-58A1F2…)



As usual scrotes won’t care and will continue to watch these rape on tape videos guilt-free. Or, knowing this, seek it out even more eagerly.

No. 459923

>decent guy off of weeb spaces


No. 459928

so fucking disturbing. men make me puke

No. 459935

my dad is 61 and still has a ton of hair. he's lucky

No. 459962

Good genes from his mother side I hear, is what causes men to keep their hair.

No. 459992

>And people solely blame celebs and fashion magazines for giving girls eating disorders
Wow you've brought up a great point there. Teen magazines I bought as a kid never really affected me because they were mostly tips, makeup reviews or quizzes. The thing that made me feel the most body conscious was my relatives commenting on celebrity bodies. Mostly male relatives.
>"She has way too much muscle, she looks like a man!"
>"I wish she'd dress better, what a slob. She should at least wear some makeup."
>"She would look great if she lost 10 pounds."
I wonder how many anons here have that experience too?

No. 459996

My brother is convinced that male friends "have less arguments" because they're able to "forget things and move on". The hilarious thing is that "forgetting things" isn't really possible and all it really achieves is that problems aren't dealt with asap and men are left to silently seethe over something until they eventually burst and it erupts in a fist fight.

No. 460008

Why is male socialization in that regard that fucking bad though? Why would men not want to be able to deal with their issues and prefer bottling them up? Doesn't make sense.

No. 460028

I don't get how men can be so careless with what they say in front of their daughters, my dad had his moments with humiliating my mom in front of me over her weight. She was thin right up until having kids and with each pregnancy she gained and never really lost. I didn't inherit any dieting problems from listening to all his shite but I think that's mainly cos I'm not feminine either

We also have this unspoken thing where we both know I'm gay (I'm 30) and neither of us say it out loud cos he bashed gays non stop when I was growing up. Even if he's changed his views he has too much male pride to say it

No. 460029

They want to appear emotionally strong, so pretend it doesn't bother them at all. This meme goes so far as to kill themselves rather than get mental help or die from some medical ailment rather than admit to needing to see a doctor.

No. 460034

They really don't know what emotionally strong means, do they?

>This meme goes so far as to kill themselves rather than get mental help or die from some medical ailment rather than admit to needing to see a doctor.

And they blame us when we say feminism is good for them too, god this pisses me off so much.

No. 460157

The more I get older, I've realised how relatable this song is. Men are NEVER satisfied with us, they're the biggest hypocrites. You could be the most coddling, compliant, pickme mummy wiping their ass, with the right level of pornstar sexiness whilst maintaining classiness and they'd still be fucking negging and complaining about you. Every man I have met is the same when you crack the exterior of their 'nice guy' facade, cum-brained and narcissistic.

No. 460165

if anything the harder you try to please them or acquiesce to their demands the more they hate you. if you agree to the degrading sex they want they respect you less for agreeing. trying to be le perfect cool waibu gets you the 'bianca treatment'.

No. 460185

Where did this happen?

No. 460186

Eh, I think that's down to personal experience. My mum and her ex have 25 years between them (46 and 22 respectively at start of relationship) and, although they had genuine love and attraction, I wouldn't have called it a healthy relationship. I honestly struggle to see the 'health' in dating someone you could reasonably be a parent/child of.

No. 460213

How the fuck was that post "being hard on her dad", she was literally just stating facts about him? You triggered scrotes couldn't be more obvious if you tried.

No. 460216

Most of my friends throughout my life have been male and most of them would rip women apart for their looks, even those infinitely better looking than them. But then they'd obsess over the most basic looking girls imaginable. It's like only 5's and 10's are acceptable, nothing inbetween.

No. 460223

File: 1568111105855.png (127.02 KB, 381x400, sigh.png)

I'm not sure if porn ruined my ex-boyfriend or if he was a closet gay all along. And I'm still trying to cope with it after everything.

He left me for a trans woman. We were together for 5 years. I tried to be the best and loving girlfriend I could be; loyal, loving, patient, and we had a great sex life. He had a trans mistress he hid from me since 2015 until he dumped me and a month later he's publicly flaunting off their relationship on Facebook.

I hate men being such liars. Why couldn't he just be honest with me that he is attracted to men too instead of being in denial and insist he's strictly heterosexual. Why do men feel pressured to have this uwu perfect traditional life to look good in front of others but are complete porn-obsessed degenerates behind the scenes?

I am also %100 certain he's fetishizing them because he has yellow fever and they are asian and tiny. Was it porn exposure or him just being in denial about being gay at fault? I'll just never know with men like him.
It just sucks knowing that my relationship was just a lie and a cover-up for him to look good in front of other scrotes.

I'm tired of men being such liars.

No. 460236

This, I always see men tear apart beautiful women but turn around and worship the most basic of basic

No. 460239

Why are men who hate women so easily bothered? A man came in for an interview and I greeted him politely and he just rude stared, he then goes to HR and accuse me of trying to distract him like???

Funny how all the things they once sterotype women for, they do themselves

No. 460240

Sounds like an absolute insane person.

At least it's over now. Celebrate your own self now. I have no advice to offer though. Just enjoy your freedom.

No. 460248

It's 2019 too, most people are accepting of men being emotional in fact it's encouraged and romanticized, it's men who are so worked up on their "mental health is for liberal pussy" memes unless they wanna claim PTSD and tell everyone and their moms to use it as an excuse to act like a typical scrot

No. 460254

It's always men that argue 'only going to war should cause PTSD' even in response to beaten women or sexual assault victims

No. 460326

In Italy a few days ago a scrote killed a lesbian girl by strangling her and dumped her corpse in the woods. Later, a newspaper entitled an article about this horrible event "the gentle giant and that unrequited love"

No. 460358

Can you link the article even if it's in the original language? I can't find anything about it and I would like to try to follow along because that's horrendous, the newspaper should be made to apologize.

No. 460366

Scrots are just self important, since most sexual abuse victims are women it's seen as less important regardless of what you been through. I can guarantee if most sex abuse victims were male you'd be hearing about it a lot more

When I was in school we did an entire project on ptsd, not only did the papers and intro roll over the fact most victims are women to to focus on male PTSD victims, but it was excusing scrots beating, lying, cheating because of it, they literally told women with military men that they should expect to be abused but not leave or else it's them who is evil, but magically you rarely see women with post traumatic stress disorder abuse others

No. 460391

>It's always men that argue 'only going to war should cause PTSD' even in response to beaten women or sexual assault victims
I had to witness how my grandma lost ALL her sanity, memories and mind from how much my grandpa beated her. Every time she hears my grandpa's name she automatically starts to scream and cry incoherently, hits herself with walls and beats herself until bleeding (as he did with her). She doesn't even have PTSD because that would imply she still has "a mind", now she's just a broken, empty shell of painful memories that occasionally has some consciousness just to be miserable.
These fuckers act like kids, only a kid would act so arrogant over something they don't know shit.

No. 460393

No. 460404

Jesus anon, that sounds awful. Hopefully you’re doing alright.

No. 460420

File: 1568156012764.jpg (83.3 KB, 539x960, JvvymY0.jpg)

Why are men so confident with declaring absolutely insane things when it comes to shitting on women and their anatomy? seriously, not even science majors want to be that sure when making statements about the human body after prolong research but these rando crazy fuckboys have no issue saying that periods are 100% caused by gross disgusting roasties diet and there's no way around it and anyone who says otherwise is an indenial thot/jew/etc

No. 460437

men being retarded about periods actually enrages me. unfortunately though it's not just men, it's also women with light periods, who say absolute buffoonery like this.

i've had horrible periods since i was eleven, was passing out from exhaustion, couldn't even leave my home because of the cramps, and was leaking through overnight pads in about an hour for the first few days of my periods. it's still bad, just slightly less, but still.

i wish people could beat an understanding into what it's like to live with heavy periods into peoples brains. people who say women with heavy periods should have to work/attend school during their periods need to experience how it feels to have your fucking body literally ripping itself apart from the inside while blood near constantly pushes itself out of your body. people whos only advice is "go on birth control :)" need to get a grip, too. as if women should have to drug themselves to control something that naturally happens to them just to please other people…

No. 460439

nailed it anon, I had issues with passing out and had a good diet, these people are coming from points of women with nutrient deficiencies causing them to lose their periods and somehow they believe periods are unhealthy, their logic astounds me really, it's almost a way to hate women as well, they truly will find ways to blame women for everything

No. 460448

>Have a health problem
>Why should I get medication for that problem?

No. 460459

Insignificant but every recommendation in terms of media I've checked out from lolcow has been at least 5 times better than anything on scrot websites. Women just seem to have better taste.

No. 460466

File: 1568164775793.jpg (1006.42 KB, 1000x1521, debbie pinkpilled.jpg)

here's one: I'm watching through GLOW right now, it's starring, written by and directed by almost all women and it shows

No. 460473

Seconding GLOW. The whole show is so good, but I LOVE Debbie. She is so angry in such a convincing way.

No. 460474

File: 1568166698685.jpg (24.63 KB, 590x215, pure-hulu-canceled-renewed-590…)

this, we aren't sex and game obsessed, on 4chan no matter what the board is they'll almost always relate every single thread to sex or video games it's fucking pathetic especially coming from males who claim to hate women so much and find them gross

not to mention how shitty their humor is, I know different strokes for different folks and everything but some idiots on there spend hours of their time to mildly annoy random people and think it's comedy gold, you'd think for the people claiming to have a superior sense of humor they'd try harder than thinking a feminist blocking them after spamming them with gore and rape threats is grade A comedy gold

I watched pure on hulu the other day, it's a pink pill friendly movie as a lot of hulu series and movies are, highly recommend especially to anons who come in contact with virginity obsessed scrots or religiscrots regularly

No. 460489

File: 1568169316541.jpg (166.71 KB, 955x1033, a vigilante.jpg)

another recommendation: "A Vigilante", the female directors first film, extremely grim subject matter but cathartic in a fucked up pink pilled way, Olivia Wilde is amazing

No. 460519

That sounds awful wow I’m sorry

No. 460521

On the Alec Holowka thing, I found it interesting that men on Twitter are shitting all over the women who called him an abuser, but they're completely silent on a man who confirmed that he was abusive, and that he has PTSD as a result of Holowka's treatment.
Not a single "Lying bitch", "Clout-chaser" or "Stop blowing things out of proportion and playing victim" in all these comments. Hmmm.

No. 460522


that said, that man is a huge clout chaser and professional victim. Those people jumping on the bandwagon are pretty disgusting.

No. 460524

What did he do? Outside of the article, I don't know anything about him, except that he's the co-creator of Night In The Woods.

No. 460525

men would commit mass suicide if we started treating their abuse cases/stories/accusations like how they treat ours

No. 460537

This was a depressing watch. The scrotes in charge of Saudi Arabia haven't stopped oppressing girls and women for anything, and the fact that authorities were literally bribed just to find these two girls so they can take them back to SA and possibly kill them just for seeking freedom (and going public) is insane. Their father attempting to gaslight them, then lying his ass off on the phone without even pretending to love or care about them is kind of chilling.
What's worrying to me is that they're in Turkey, a place that's still very unsafe for women (especially LGBT ones). There's no clear reason they shouldn't be granted asylum to a safer, more progressive country already, but they're still stuck in limbo.
Supposedly, Twitter keeps deleting the sisters' accounts for unknown reasons. I hope they're still safe, and continue to be so.

No. 460623


No. 460773

So first the radfem thread gets merged with GC now the GC thread gets merged with PP thread a day later?


No. 460775

Guess pink pill is now going to be most popular thread on /ot

No. 460778

is the radfem thread getting unlocked than or can we only talk about man hating now? ugh this is making my head spin

No. 460779

i'm guessing the confusion is the aim here. mix up all the threads so nobody knows what's what anymore, then ban all man-hating or troon-critical topics a week later because "rules were being broken" even though the rules changed so many times nobody knew what was happening anymore.

No. 460780

I feel so consolidated.

No. 460783

I'm so confused by this. On /meta/ the admin made the claim these threads create "too much political infighting on the board overall", but how can that be if we keep these subjects to containment threads? The infighting I usually see is mostly anons telling others to go back to the pink-pill thread.

If they take these threads away, do they expect us to magically forget about radical feminism or gender-critical stuff and never discuss it on LC again?

No. 460785

How many trannies do you think are on the mod team? Honestly only reason I can see for this, someone’s hairy ball sack got in a twist

No. 460788

File: 1568216303770.jpg (36.17 KB, 639x652, file.jpg)

GC discourse is far more nuanced than PP venting about scrotes, why do this? admin is probably a butthurt troon.

No. 460790

Idk whats with dudes with yellow fever being faggots the most out out of any so called hetero man with a racial fetish but its just true. if a guy has heavy yellow fever chances are hes a fag

No. 460791

lol you're going to get banned like scrotes. get over it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 460792

Lmao shit I thought I Was the only one who noticed this

Only basic women and model tier women mattered to them, and their idea of 10s would be heavily plastic surgery, photoshopped women so not actual women. Basically to them, women must be geeky, insecure, dislike their own femininity, while having basic attractiveness but just enough to appeal to men because apparently they have some imaginary constructed femininity, or absolutely fit and perfect as possible according to societal standards because fuck women bro

I think its also because beautiful women tend to be confident in their looks, and this scares them

No. 460798

Radfem discussion was never that rude and invasive in my view. Some would sperg here and there, but most of us are pretty chill. It was never pol-level intensity.

No. 460804

File: 1568217408916.jpeg (62.15 KB, 1537x236, F6F12465-04CC-4083-BAB8-95B5EE…)

Well, they just banned radfem talk specifically

No. 460805

I never found it invasive either, /snow has a ridiculous amount of camwhores ripping each other apart so I guess it’s more so a case of the site taking issue with any critical discussion around prostitution and pornography

Something oldfags don’t seem to get is that websites and their cultures change

No. 460807

I don't know much about this but this forum is called "/ot" but political topics like radfem and gc aren't exactly ot but political and it seems some anons don't like their off topic threads being derailed with politics, i think Admins should just create a separated forum for political topics and threads.(newfag)

No. 460808

I don't understand this. We can't have ONE containment thread that no one is forced to look at?
And why is it up to the mods to decide if "our kind" is "wanted"? Shouldn't it be a question of whether there's a demand for it among the users?

No. 460810


Is there like, a fucking RECOMMENDATION of fucking idiots who says LOL if you agree with troon shit and male identified bullshit then YOURE A GOOD LEADER

Im so fucking tired of this shit; This person obviously sounds male too

SAGE for drunk sperg

No. 460813

Im not gonna lie, ill be very honest, the only thing i disagree with radfems is spiritual and religious views. But everything else is sound and logical

So why are they not wanted even in a FEMALE board? Anon in tha tscreenshot sounds like a dude.

No. 460814

Actually, that reminds me, does anyone have a link to that AI that could tell accurately guess whether someone is male or female by their text?

Sage for off topic

No. 460816

File: 1568218115728.gif (937.76 KB, 500x375, HJFR.gif)

No. 460818

Farmhand sounded male the moment I read it. I thought I was being paranoid.

No. 460820

No. 460822

Sounded MtF to me, honestly. "Their kind" is the type of seething shit they call radfems to alienate them. It's one thing to disagree with radfems, it's another to be so personally offended by them that you're ready to boot anons off of an already dying board.

No. 460823

this always happens. women are never allowed to talk without being policed for wrongthink even on supposedly female-only boards.

No. 460825

Im really depressed because I was loving how lolcow was becoming a place where women could vent about their experiences and men for once.. besides Lipstickalley, which is becoming invaded by scrotes and weirdos anyways.

Im sad.

No. 460827

Women are never allowed a place of our own, anon. The only place you have is your own mind, and I'm sure men will brainstorm a way to invade and control that too eventually. I'm sorry, I'm pissed too.

No. 460828

File: 1568219001288.png (1017.19 KB, 1750x1810, 1529736348504.png)

I've got the time and I can get the money. I need the knowledge and skill for site. I guess that's what everyone says till it grows too large. Why can't we have one anonymous place to just be radfem and gc and PP in peace. You'd think we were acting like lol nazis or something. I don't know why radfem is so distasteful. Is it the porn thing?

Pic related to new thread I guess.

No. 460830

We probably should start a discord and hope it doesn't die too quickly. Being anon is much more comfortable, but the farmhands seem intent on pushing us out of lolcow.

No. 460833

File: 1568219192557.png (47.17 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2019-09-11_122111.p…)

I can't believe it, I thought radfems were a little paranoid with trannies and men but fuck, this is like a profecy they literally invade everything and shut them down even on fucking female boards wow. This thread is obviously going to get nuked too.

No. 460838

I'm in. Don't even care being anon anymore, just want to talk with like minded people, lol.

No. 460840

What the fuck? You can't be serious. At least r/GenderCritical is still up, but seriously? Who the fuck decided this was a good idea, I don't even believe that the majority of lolcow would agree on this. Gross Also, I'm totally up for a discord.

No. 460842

I’m in too

No. 460843

No. 460844

its not real anon take a deep breath and relax

No. 460846

HAHAHHA you got to it before I did!!

No. 460849

I am an oldfag and while political threads didn't really exist until a short while ago, the sentiment of most users itself seemed to be similar to that of radfems.
I'm not a radfem, sometimes I even hide this thread if I don't feel like reading about the bad things men do, so I don't get why others can't just do the same. The only complaining about radfems supposedly invading other threads is people getting angry over being called out for calling a tranny a "she". Go to any of the older threads, nobody would have ever bothered with that (farmers were allowed to be much ruder in general). If they pretend that they're sticking to the roots of lc then they're lying.
There simply are (and will be) more and more troon and incel cows, so of course people will be angry and feel the need to vent about those. Not really our fault.
Seems like this place will slowly turn into crystalcafe there males larp as anime obsessed female virgins who only want to be housewives and who'd unironically kill themselves if their hubby were to die before them…

No. 460850

File: 1568219714852.jpg (35.07 KB, 480x397, IMG_20190911_123117.jpg)

Samefag but haha these assholes are really something, in their attempt to nuke radfem topics they actually proved them correct

No. 460851

File: 1568219978182.gif (691.32 KB, 250x188, giphy.gif)


Oh no admin made a change you gals don't like. I am so with you all on your war against men, you go girls! You should really go with this plan of making an exodus to a new discord. But, you know what you all should do to really prove your point? Protest it… by LEAVING THIS BOARD FOR GOOD. Your feelings are totally rightful and admin is such a man for hatefully removing your safe space. Only a man would ever disagree with you girls. Know what REALLY REALLY would show it to this man? LEAVING THIS BOARD AND NEVER EVER COMING BACK.


No. 460852

Maybe you should leave this thread since you dislike it so much. C.C might be more your speed.

No. 460853

File: 1568220075388.png (75.57 KB, 760x1021, Screenshot_20190911-124123.png)

No. 460854

Oh no anon im totally with you here n all, stick it to the man AND LEAVE THIS BOARD FOREVER

No. 460855

God forbid people want to have a thread to discuss something they like that you don't. Truly offensive.

No. 460856

Stop derailing. This is the Pink Pill thread, not the bitching about women daring to dislike men thread.

No. 460859

seriously, and admin said they are looking for more farmhands but they won't sent out applications on here so lord knows who they are recruiting.

No. 460860

>farmers were allowed to be much ruder in general
This is true.

No. 460861

>all caps screaming about the existence of a single lolcow thread you disagree with


No. 460863

File: 1568220319874.png (13.53 KB, 1178x394, ontou.png)

im onto u anon, you fucking MAN

No. 460866

Really think we should create a discord in case it dies. This thread has helped so many women in realising how awful men truly are and discussing problems caused by men.

No. 460868

Troon mods want us to become like CC, all handmaidens and other troon LARPers.
>Women who actually care about women's rights and female-only spaces are not really wanted here haha…

No. 460870


No. 460871


Are you retards serious? Can women only speak in a certain way now? It just sounds like you're enforcing gender stereotypes.

No. 460873

File: 1568220666633.png (114.24 KB, 2098x376, 1541792752261.png)

PP throwback.

Will someone please do this. I am a literal 35 year old boomer.

No. 460875

I would also like a discord. I give it a month maximum til any feminist or men-critical talk gets banned all together.

No. 460876

People can have inherent differences without it being a stereotype

No. 460877

As much as I hate using discord I’d also like one - I just want somewhere where I can vent about female specific things in peace without any men dictating what I can and can’t say, or having women police my language because it’ll upset some hypothetical man.

No. 460878

I think it's pretty funny, but yeah, let's not treat it as 100% confirmation of scrotes.

Yeah, I just don't know my way around discord well enough to take the helm on that one.

No. 460879

I've just created a server but I'm going to need help, so please join in and suggest what channels and roles we should have.

No. 460881

Loved the GC threads, never cared about the pink pill threads. I don’t think they belong together. Please someone make a Discord server.

No. 460882

Just the fact that posting tweets and articles about the crimes that males and trannies commit is called "misandry" and "troon hate" as if discussing those somehow makes us the evil ones is quite telling…

No. 460883

To be clear, this is RadFem positive?

No. 460884

I'm just a massive tomboy, as you can see the female and male ranges are somewhat similar with little difference (40-60%). My screenshot from that male has next to zero female range.
Try harder

No. 460886

Thanks anon. I think we should also pin this to the first post of the new threads when they go up, assuming criticizing men hasn't been banned completely by then.

No. 460888

I don't post in GC or PP threads regularly (I don't mind them for the record), but I did notice mods/farmhands often making remarks "take it to the PP/GC thread" for anything remotely against men or against troons.

It's obvious we either have troons or scrotes or basically guys on the mod team. I don't know why it feels like a punch in the gut despite me not being a frequent poster in these threads.

No. 460889

No. 460890

there are gender critical discords out there, but they're all either kind of dry or really tumblr-y, that's why i like it here. i think it needs to stay in the spirit of the gc threads here.

No. 460891

I doubt there's troons or men on the mod team. I think it's more likely there's some pick-me type girls who pat themselves on the back and give themselves a gold star for not being an evil man-hater and protest that their boyfriend isn't like that despite the fact he hasn't washed his ass in a week.

No. 460893

I usually hide the pink pill thread, but I still get a sickly feeling of this possibly being locked. The vast majority of it isn’t even misandry, how fucking low does the bar have to be for women venting about the evil things men have done to them (the amount of anons talking about how they were raped is depressing) or posting articles of violent crimes committed by men to unironically be considered sexism

And even if this thread was full of misandry, so fucking what? How many misandrists kill men in a year? And how many misogynists kill women each and every single day.

No. 460894

It's extra wack since this site is literally for obsessively stalking the every single minute boring detail of z-list e-celebs lives for years on end but a few feminist threads that almost never focus on individual men and just discuss women issues in general are what's over the line.

No. 460896

File: 1568221763228.png (192.56 KB, 1050x730, Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 10.1…)

I'm back ladies

No. 460897

File: 1568221927277.png (466.99 KB, 1079x731, Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 10.1…)

But wait, there's more!

No. 460898

Anons should prepare to a massive influx of "weird" anons talking about their tittie skittles, hentai or how much they hate women. I get you don't like radfems, but it's them or trannies/men, it happened to all those websites and will happen here too. They're going to escalate all of this and suddenly we will have unsaged anons making shitty threads and shitting lolcow, we are fucked.
Morrígu based af
>Ewwwww vaginas DISGUSTING
Totally hetero btw

No. 460900

But why? I understand that some women just don't care about feminism, I get that, but being so triggered by it? This is an anonymous board, it's not like they get praise or attention from any males for doing this.

Even kiwifarms has more threads dedicted to shitting on men than we do. Feels like this has turned into a camgirl/costhot hate site.

No. 460902

Some women really have swallowed "Good women stick up for men at all costs" shit completely, anon. Even when there's no men there to pat them on the back, it's like they have a tiny man in their own heads still doing it every time they take a dump on other women. It's kind of sad.

No. 460905

I would personally love a discord tbh

No. 460906

You're being retarded on purpose right? I have used these ones with the rudest and manliest of my female friends and they still had somewhat of a female range (normally 50%-40%), almost 0% female compared to 75% male isn't a fucking woman.
They feel personally bad with themselves when people talk so casually about the reality they always try to ignore (misogyny), i get its a heavy topic to some women but banning people and closing threads over its ridiculous.

No. 460910

File: 1568223353329.jpeg (141.59 KB, 2048x636, D5PcyIhXsAAUptE.jpeg)

So do I post the OP from the GC thread here since the threads have been merged? The resource list was 18 months in the making from contributions by anons in all of the threads, and it's the longest such list on any GC site. I refuse to let our work become lost and inaccessible.

No. 460915

That would be a good move I think; there are many invaluable sources in that list.

No. 460917

it'll just get buried in the endless sea of infighting, which is exactly what those ballsack bandits on the admin team want. fuck, this place really is about to turn into CC 2.0.

No. 460918


So the dangerhair in the picture is arguing with a hairy arm transexual wanabee. Fitting

Please give me GC thread back, i don't like having to browse trough PP and Radfem commie sludge just to laugh at troons.

No. 460920



>transsexual wannabe


No. 460922

Why so catty and bitchy? Take your complaints to the /meta/. Not the anons' fault for the whimsical decisions that the admin and apparently all mods made.

No. 460932

>go back to wherever they came from haha

This really reads like a scrote who wrote it and is trying to mock the womenz. Like something I'd read on 4chin from a troon or a woman hater. Very suspicious.

No. 460948

>extremely fat, unnaturally and extremely curvy and extremely skinny women get fetishized, worshipped and treated like goddesses by men
>healthy women with nice figures get shit on by men especially their bfs

why are men like this? you rarely see women promoting unhealthy and dangerous body types on men or shitting on healthy men. It sucks women actually care about men and men care about novelty more than womens health

No. 460955

Yeah, no matter how much they try to spin "we're totally an all-girl team" I just don't buy it. It's either an extreme nlog team or a good number of dudes that infiltrated the team.

I mean, locking one thread is I guess somewhat understandable, but completely banning radfems and merging GC and PP into one thread is alarming. It's just a matter of time until this nuPP as they call it gets locked and banned as well.

It's true that lolcow was never a radfem site to start with and that GC, PP and radfem treads are relatively new but these decisions are indeed drastic. I've seen more anons complaining about femcel sperging and PP posters than posters themselves derailing other threads. It's just odd. If you don't like the thread just sage and hide. I just try to understand why a woman that has been through enough to experience the many downsides of gender roles would hate radfems and want them banned. I understand others not agreeing with radfem philosophy but downright hating? It's ludicrous. It feels like a huge loss.

Then again, if the majority of lolcow posters really want it this way, unfortunately there's not much we can do. It's just sad and depressing because it's rare to have an anonymous and female-oriented board that's not under constant PC patrol where you don't have to weigh every word you type.

It was a good ride.

No. 460958


this is the mindset, anon:

>Ugh, radfems are so ugly and mean. I'm not really sure what they believe exactly but I've heard they hate men and think all sex is rape. So unreasonable! My boyfriend would never hurt me. I'm such a cool girl, being respectful of men and seeing both sides. I'm so reasonable and fun, I'm proud of myself.

Ultimately it's a blend of narcissism and stupidity.

No. 460959

Ridiculous that we can't have these threads when we have people insulting and saying way worse things about female lolcows. They want to merge these so we constantly derail and find an excuse to close this one down too.

No. 460965

>In the future, other problematic threads may be locked as well.

Straight from the cow's mouth.

You are right on the money Anon. As soon as the derailing comes, I guarantee that this thread will be considered "problematic".

Oh well. I sure can't wait until this entire site is composed of farmers nitpicking Shay's vagina for the umpteenth time or multiple threads devoted to unflattering Moo screencaps where they dance around calling her fat and ugly.

But hey, at least it isn't political right?

No. 460967

>I sure can't wait until this entire site is composed of farmers nitpicking Shay's vagina for the umpteenth time or multiple threads devoted to unflattering Moo screencaps where they dance around calling her fat and ugly.

Even this seems optimistic. It'll become CC 2.0. Just troons swapping stories about how they masturbated into their thigh-high stripy socks and it made them feel SO feminine, plus the occasional confused woman being screeched at for mentioning periods.

No. 460969


The GC thread is not so new when you look at the several trans discussion threads preceding it (they are all linked in the OP). The topic has been on anons' minds for years.

No. 460970

File: 1568235359129.jpg (33.76 KB, 400x240, full of men.jpg)

Is this LC's future?

No. 460971

I'm aware it's not entirely new. I was thinking relatively new as in terms of this site's history. Even if I'm wrong and even if all the aforementioned threads were a core part of lolcow from day one, it wouldn't matter as clearly the new admin and mods have set their minds to minimizing any discourse related to GC and PP while eliminating radfems entirely.

Possibly and if true then it's even more depressing. I'd rather believe it's troons and scrotes but you're probably right.

No. 460974

Ladies, if you ever go for a LEEP bare this in mind. Doctors CONSTENTLY not believing women and minimising their feelings makes me so freaking angry!


No. 460976

I'm all for creating a new forum similar to lolcow, but more centered towards radfems (since everyone else has a "safe space" on the internet). Anyone know any good websites to host off of? I'm down to create a female friendly version of gab or minds.

No. 460977

File: 1568235787882.jpg (67.25 KB, 1600x1200, reddit-alien-red-st.jpg)


welcome to r/Lolcow , remember to behave y'all

No. 460978


I was thinking the same thing. I set up an imageboard in the past, but it never went anywhere

No. 460979

File: 1568235992455.png (103.52 KB, 800x470, Screenshot_2019-09-11-14-01-40…)


It's not about the derailing within the threads but that the RF (and I assume the GC) thread "attracts too much political infighting on the board overall" according to Admin.

Never mind that the RF thread was one of the slowest active threads on /ot/.

No. 460981

in doctors minds women don't feel pain and have no feelings, women not feeling sexual pleasure is seen as good because evil women shouldn't enjoy sex in doctors minds

meanwhile if a man goes to the doctor and explains sexual dysfunction he gets treated ASAP and doesn't get judged at all. The medical field has been misogynistic against women since forever, not to mention how many female specific medical conditions go untreated or "no cure found" like PCOS and endometriosis

No. 460982

p.s. remember, don't be a meanie!
Here's a list of 100,000 no-no words that you need to memorize less you want to get banned including saying anything bad about men, transwomen (or simply women as cis women and transwomen are a subcategory), transfolk in general, nonbinary people, any gender identity on the gender spectrum.
Have fun!

p.s.s. nitpicking on other biological women is totally fine though. Be as much of a petty bitch as you want.

No. 460984

>p.s.s. nitpicking on other biological women is totally fine though. Be as much of a petty bitch as you want.
This is what pisses me the fuck off about the mods. "Political" infighting about whether or not transwomen who RAPE biological women (with their penis) is to be considered a woman is not okay, but infighting about a biological woman's nasolabial folds and how mannish she looks is a-ok.

No. 460985

Don't bother. They'd just come up with any excuse. Personally, I'm ready to jump ship. I wish I had the technical knowledge to contribute but if anons come up with a site that would be radfem friendly, I'd love to join.

Imagine having to worry on a female-oriented site whether something is considered too PP or not. Just lol

No. 460986


And how long until the troon attack gets it deplatformed? Remember what happened to the sites of so many feminists last fall. Anything GC is not safe on any of the existing platforms.

What has made these threads special is that we were a community first. We didn't come here for the manhate/GC/troon mockery. I mean, assume most of us participate in a wide range of threads and, despite being anon, feel a sense of community.

No. 460990

Am I the only one that doesn't really mind GC and PP merging too much on principle alone, but is confused about what exactly they're trying to do with this?
They've stated that radfems are the problem, not being gender critical in itself. The radfem problem has been dealt with by banning radfem threads, so where does the need to ban GC threads come from?
I don't really think there's some grand ulterior motive to destroy pink pill threads so they can ban them and say they have too much derailing.
If that scenario were the case, they could've just said "No more gender critical, no more pink pill, no more radfem. It's all overly political, attracts incels to the site, and is full of infighting" off the bat and banned all three. It certainly would've saved them the time, trouble and complaining. It's all too slow a process, if you ask me. Besides, it's not like GC and Pink Pill are at war with each other or anything. They're just different, and forcefully mixing them together results in unnecessarily flooding and more mess to go through.
It leads me to think that this was more a case of a simple mistake born from generalization, and/or that some people in charge just personally don't like either threads.

No. 460992

It wouldn't get deplatformed because I'd be the one running it and could kick off apologists as soon as they appear. A containment board for discussion could be possible, and the troons who try to infiltrate the radfem only board get the kick.

Unfortunately I can't give you that sense of anon community with a forum because I would enforce usernames and IP banning, although you could use a throwaway email and a username not connected to anything personal. I'd like a website where we still have our typical "shits and giggles" threads about cute guys and k-pop, but to have a separate forum on the same site that radfems could go to.

No. 460994

Sorry, community with an *imageboard

No. 460996


See >>460979. The threads "attract too much political infighting on the board overall."

No. 460997

Times are changing. As I mentioned before, I wasn't a regular poster in these threads but any silencing, any policing on what are really fruitful discussions (mostly anyway) about current events that affect women across the globe is downright horrifying. It's this nasty vitriol against anons having legit concerns in regards to gender, men, violence, and other things related to being a woman. It's honestly disheartening to read through the recent posts in /meta/ and see how many anons have this hateboner for radfems like they are the ultimate bogeyman. The deluge of adhoms and strawmanning when anons have every reason to ask questions. It's the gleeful cheering for the lock of a really slow thread that did no harm that gets to me. I rarely used those threads but it's nice to have them.

No. 460998

Don't forget overtime /g/ will soon be littered with more degenerate sex shit, they are slowly pushing to envelope so that when it gets to that point, people will think it's normal.

No. 460999


The troon army goes above the site managers' heads to the hosts. Wordpress changed its TOS so that they could evict GC wrong speak.

No. 461001

They'll track down your details from your hosting info and dox you too.

No. 461002

That's why I asked if there were alternative hosts, otherwise I may have to host myself like gab does.

I'll pay for it and do my hosting through crypto.

No. 461003


And the KF hack was perpetrated by a bunch of furry troons, as I understand it.

No. 461006

We could use lolcow's current hosting provider, since they clearly don't mind GC content.

(It's Cloudflare, by the by.)

No. 461007

Didn't they pull 8chan?

No. 461009

Is it? I thought Cloudflare was just a way to mask actual servers to avoid DDOSing for the most part. Content Deliver Network is the official term.

No. 461012

File: 1568238012085.png (63.55 KB, 1185x591, 5k8cQ9o.png)

can all you fucking radfem faggots just piss off to spinster which is created for hating trannies and men and even has a guide for how to be a political lesbian(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 461013

this is the merged thread for GC, pink-pill and radfem.

let people cook

No. 461015

this is how the thread is now. this is where we go for radfem, gc or pp talk. if you don't like that then tell it to the admin.

No. 461016

Well, you didn't need to be a rude ass bitch, you're on our thread, but thanks for the recommendation anyway.

No. 461017

Butthurt troons (men) just proving our point and the fact they cannot deal with facts, nice. They just want a place where they can bitch about other women without being reminded they are scum

No. 461019

try kiwifarms' hosts, 1776 hosting.

No. 461024

File: 1568238524970.png (115.72 KB, 490x380, 1553701590004.png)

t. coolgirl

No. 461027


Speaking from experience of this kind of thing; it's troons.

Men who super hate feminism express it with overt displays of anger. Death threats or similar like the scrotes who come in here spamming gore and scat. Since their motivation is literally just being bitter at women with no political nuance. Women who super hate feminism express themselves in a similarly overt way where they come in to demand you le fricking epin debate them. As they're used to being given positive attention for this performative behavior in the male spaces they try to fit in at. Think June.

Meanwhile troons are already infiltrating female spaces and take it very personally when the evil TERFs don't accept them as women as it ruins the AGP one-of-the-girls wank fantasy. So they fire up the subversive tactics of infiltrating the mod team and pushing for new PC rules or contacting advertisers and webhosts to get someone deplatformed. They learn this from the far left (and/or far right lol) political communities they also shit up that believe the ends justify the means and promote any sort of underhanded tactics to supress the enemy's ideas. The types who think they're unironically in an online war and getting people banned is the battles.

I dare the mods and admins to provide voice clips so we can hear the kermit voices.

No. 461028

File: 1568238862932.jpg (53.75 KB, 620x432, dhrek.jpg)

>has a guide for how to be a political lesbian

No. 461031

> I dare the mods and admins to provide voice clips so we can hear the kermit voices.

You can hire someone on Fiverr to do a clip recording and there are some almost believable apps that can turn a male voice into a female one so I really wouldn't rely on that method. I say that because I was thinking of creating a forum with some sort of verification but anything is possible to fake online with so many AI tools at disposal that I gave up on that idea.

No. 461040

Talking on discord? Most voice changers are shit and make it sound like you're talking to someone on a dialup connection inside a trashcan.

No. 461042

Jumping on the 'I might make a board for this' bandwagon. These threads are too important.

No. 461045

I think we do fairly at spot the scrot here without even usernames nevermind voice verification

No. 461046

File: 1568240456674.jpg (29.38 KB, 495x372, r3QC23A.jpg)

Should I timestamp my tampon?

No. 461049

Anyone can timestamp a tampon, what kind of ridiculous proposal is that? It doesn't prove anything and frankly, you don't have to either. It's your board after all but it's definitely not mine anymore.

No. 461050

I think that's the joke anon. Crystal cafe was trying so hard to be 100% female only and now its attracted troons

No. 461051

Crystal Cafe's gendercrit was spammed to shit with angry REEEEing. There's just no place for us, if there? I made a spinster; it seems alright, but they let men and troons use it, so only a matter of time before it gets shat up. RIP female autonomy. Open up your rape crisis centers to girldicks you BIGOT.

No. 461052


So we can determine if you have a feminine hand structure

No. 461055

man i really liked sharing all the finnish troon gossip here with other finns

paitsi ehkä voimme jatkaa siitä aiheesta jutustelua suomilangassa koska aikooko farmikädet olla siellä koko ajan vahtimassa kääntäjän avulla

No. 461061

File: 1568241760697.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.5 MB, 5312x2988, 20190911_154120.jpg)

No. 461064

Verification. Have fun with this.

No. 461067

>self harm scars
Yep, that's a chick.

I'm ready for my ban

No. 461069

Selfharm scars?

No. 461073

alright someone read their palm to confirm it’s a chick

No. 461075

very hot hand btw, would bang

No. 461076

Index to middle finger ratio too low, CONFIRMED MAN.

Also saved, hidden, filtered, reported and called the cops

No. 461078

i take it back this thread merge was the best thing that happened hahahahahaha

No. 461079

Lmao, what a trip.

No. 461084

Why do so many scrots have no problem with screaming at women and children and acting mentally unstable in public?

No. 461099

No. 461101

my god

No. 461110


Confirmed sad boi. Post bussy! Post bussy!

No. 461122

I can understand the admins getting concerned about become rad.chan but combining GC and PP doesn't even make sense, they aren't the same thing?

You guys know that Discords are no replacement for a thread right? It will just be full of reaction gifs and one-word replies until it becomes a circlejerk before dying when everyone falls out because political discussions are very different without anonymity.
Image boards are comfy repositories for article links and long replies you can read at your own speed.

A new board is just going to be slow as shit and raided constantly. Imo I don't want to be in a radfem echochamber, I liked lc having different flavors of feminism

No. 461131

File: 1568249036627.png (587.57 KB, 853x780, 1567911828945.png)

Inject your healthy underage daughter with dangerous chemicals bigot!

No. 461170

>mfw over 50 posts
>Get excited to read juicy pink pill material
>The realization when all of them are troon discussion and about the mods hand
>Actual pink pill post are ignored

What happened

No. 461172

File: 1568260973089.jpg (46.38 KB, 629x552, 90m5dojo9yl31.jpg)

Genetic dead ends gotta bring down everyone else with them

No. 461174

>attractive women become too entitled
>feels entitled to said attractive woman to the point they report non-offences

The irony.

No. 461178

>men actually spend thousands and conduct whole ass presentations to rant about how all women are all evil cheating hypergamous gold diggers no exceptions
>mfw these dudes are trying to make it to where all boys get brainwashed to hate women

my…. imagine the outrage if women made presentations like this and talked about how all men are evil, cheating, violent brutes no exceptions and how women just need to accept male nature and WGTOW, how are these dudes not embarassed?

No. 461182

>men are the disposable sex
Hey, at least they know. For a group so convinced of their 'biological imperative' to fuck children, cheat and tell women to stay in the kitchen, they sure do get upset when evopsych doesn't work in their favour.

No. 461183

bc men are immune to shame or the rational weighing of consequences. the irony is that they think they're amazing free thinkers for being immune to embarrassment or controlling themselves, but all it does realistically is explain why they love bragging about their fetishes on their linkedin or facebook profiles like anyone gives a shit, or worse, turns them into straight horrorcows

No. 461185

If only they knew how bad it makes them look, at least many people are finally making scrots face consequences for what they put on social media, this dude will probably end up homeless

No. 461187

Do they realize how pathetic and secondhand embarrassing this is from an outsider's perspective?

No. 461189

>the irony is that they think they're amazing free thinkers for being immune to embarrassment or controlling themselves

All these manosphere guys sound like NPCs. If you read their posts and comments every single one sounds the exact same and makes the same dumb points that have long been debunked. They claim that women are too impressionable, can’t think for themselves and just follow whatever’s popular but so many of them get quickly radicalized by shitty youtube videos and fake stories/memes (like news headlines taken out of context, false statistics, blatantly fake stories on reddit written by men where the woman is always conveniently a total evil bitch and the OP is just a cool 100% innocent guy etc) due to lack of critical thinking.

I find it funny how often it seems that the source of resentment really is just rejection. I know people like to meme about how virgin or incel or whatever is a go to insult but in my experience it’s true. They start off with a comment reeing about family courts or suicide rates, you prod them a little bit and it doesn’t take long for them to forget the main point and be going off on their NPC script on hypergamy, Chad, Tinder, 80/20, OkCupid study, etc. Happens everytime.

No. 461190

why do so many scrots on 4chan and shit admit to molesting and abusing children and women? when will they face consequences for what they post?

No. 461203

>Not all radfems are misandrists
lol, good one.

No. 461206

File: 1568271072771.jpg (102.81 KB, 1024x733, 20k31cRpUN5TLVW-FchmzPqUTPoXOG…)

Men break their own dicks with porn and masturbation, it's sad and hilarious

No. 461214

Kenyan girl shamed by her own teacher for having a period.


No. 461215

mod team must be made up of handmaidens, nlogs, and tifs, if there really aren't any males involved. of the three threads PP was by far the nastiest in tone and manhate has rapidly penetrated site consciousness compared to GC (most anons were already GC) or radfem (most anons didn't even post on the thread). if any males were involved, I don't think even Tims would tolerate such unbridled manhate.

No. 461216

What gets me is that mods were perfectly happy to play along with banning men, redtexting to make fun of them, outing them for being robots, etc. It's like they approve of manhate as long as it's apolitical…? Which is obviously fucking retarded, bit hard to separate man hating and women's rights/feminism in general. Either they've been closet handmaids all along who've finally reached their tolerance limit, or they've been infiltrated by a tranny (as they tend to do in any female spaces) who is more concerned with getting rid of any radfem/gc discussion than defending a gender he doesn't identify with from hate.

No. 461219

Disliking retarded robots and disliking men in general is not the same thing anon, jeez.

No. 461221

>The school's headteacher has declined to comment.
Disgusting and pathetic.

No. 461224

NTA but they used to ban any male posters, not just robots.

No. 461225

They still do that, don't they?

No. 461232

real question for you all:

how many of you have been here for a longass time or grew up surrounded by imageboard culture but became "pink-pilled", or on the other hand, i guess, sympathetic to radical feminism due to the misogyny you'd been exposed to, because of it, especially since radical feminism has been coming back thanks to troons and women seeing that the 3rd wave was terrible?

since a lot of you guys are weebs or ex weebs, went to cons, were around men that were probably on the chans as a result, i feel like this is probably more common than people are assuming and that lc hasn't just been 'raided' like people want to claim

No. 461233

>radical feminism has been coming back

No. 461235

There's been quite a few discussions about this, but yeah that's why there's so many pinkpilled people on this site.

No. 461237

i mean, it has. there are more young radical feminists on tumblr or twitter than there were 10 years ago, like, that's very obvious. there were like, no radical feminists on tumblr 10 years ago, now there's a whole community.

right, which is why it's really weird for mods or users to act like this is not a progression that was natural for women who grew up surrounded by imageboard culture, and as if most people here who agree with radical feminism "came here" from somewhere else recently. i know what happened with kiwifarms and middle aged radfems and/or /r/gendercritical users, but i don't think this is the same.

No. 461240

I don't know anon, maybe it is a thing in the USA. Radical feminism is pretty much non existent in my country, not that I am complaining.

No. 461244

This all seems pretty reasonable, I wouldn't call this radical. Hell, I am these things.

No. 461249

Yeah the RF thread was way slower and tamer than either GC and PP. I think putting the blame on that thread specifically was quite of stretch.

No. 461258

It does have nice ring to it. We still agree though that only changes in law are not enough, but we must also enact social change as well yes?

No. 461261

That basically sums things up for me, yeah. I used to be a handmaiden-ish, "don't just say men are bad, both genders are bad", "support your sisters not just cisters" etc sort of libfem. I remember being annoyed about TERFs being on LC a few times, even, because I was brainwashed into thinking trannies go through far more suffering than women. Combine that with being into weeb shit, browsing 4chan from a young age and having most of my online friends be male (and unsurprisingly, they were shit for my mental health, though I won't go into that much), and there wasn't really any room to grow out my opinions.

I changed my mindset after I started lurking pink pill threads out of curiosity. I expected it to just be the same as incels, but female, but they were actually talking about real shit and making good points. At points, reading the threads helped me identify and check out of abusive situations. The biggest irony is that while incels are mad they can't get girlfriends, pink pill anons seem to derive their ire from actual experiences with men. I should add that knowing that lots of young women on chan sites think this way (but won't really say it for fear of getting screeched at), not just weird middle-aged women who are walking embodiments of every negative feminist stereotype ever helped me a lot. I don't personally identify as a radfem, but I'm sympathetic to many of their arguments, and it feels like they're the only ones who actually give a fuck about women anymore.

Also, being on LC and free of the male perspective that continually permeates the rest of the internet made me realize I actually don't owe men shit. There's literally no need to keep a tiny voice in my head saying "But not all men", and in fact, that voice can actually be harmful. I actually can be part of society, live my life, be kind and enjoy things without offering men, as a collective, a place in my heart or mind, and it's very freeing to know that.
Recently, there have been times where I've gone "unfiltered" on places like Reddit, and I've had men get mad and argue with me. If I actually started replying, some would end up admitting after a while that they kind of agree with what I said, but they were pissed off by the tone with which I said it, and that kind of solidified things for me. Most of the things anons say in pink pill threads aren't completely wrong, the problem is that it hurts men's (and handmaiden's) feelings when you say them out loud. And somehow, all this "Be nice on the internet!!" shit doesn't seem to apply to men, only women.

No. 461264

There were radfems on tumblr 10 years ago. I was a part of that early radfem community in 2009.

No. 461266

This. I also have friends that quit using chan boards years ago but have ended up with similar opinions because of the awful misogyny that goes down in weeb communities.

Like >>461261 said the pinkpill threads give me a space to express my frustrations with the fucked up things men actually do everyday and question stuff instead of mixed spaces where everyone ignores your point and jumps in with 'not all men'. I don't even consider myself radfem but apparently radfem threads are the only places you can talk about the real shit without having to apologize to everyone or be labeled a radfem/terf/swerf as if nothing you have to say matters.

The whole 'mods are gross men' thing needs to stop though, It makes us look stupid.

No. 461268

"Radical" just means "to the root", anon. People have twisted "radical feminist" to mean "crazy bitch who wants to kill all men" but what radical feminism is about is believing that gender (as in stereotypes, sexed roles, sexed beauty standards, etc) permeates every part of our society and influences everything we do to some extent. That's why radfems are anti-porn and anti-sex work, because we understand those things don't exist in a vacuum.

In my experience when people actually take the time to look into radical feminism beyond what troons say about it, they usually get where we're coming from, even if they don't always agree.

No. 461269

>classical liberal feminists
That's already a thing, they are libertarian feminists lmao. Please read some theory.

No. 461272

I feel like radical feminists give feminism a pretty bad rep to feminism as a whole, at least in my country. There was talk about women joining male only conscription and they were dominating most public conversations, along with social conservatives ofc, about the army being a hierarchical structure and how women should not join it because it is abusive, as if it's not abusive for men already. It sucks ass and made me lose several friends, after I called them out on it.

No. 461275

The military is abusive and along with prison it's where you can see the most extremes of disgusting male behavior in action. 80% of women in the U.S. military experience some form of sexual harassment and a female soldier is more likely to be raped by her fellow soldiers than be killed in combat.

No. 461278

You do you but a branch of feminism that supports capitalism is useless to me

No. 461280

Yeah, ofc the military is abusive, but if men suffer this abuse so should we. I view the military as a necessary evil because of my country;s neighbor's, so removing conscription is suicidal.

Also, about the rest of your post, do not compare the shithole that is the USA and its army to us please. We don't have army or prison rape here, because our society is not fucked to the core. Also your army is not conscription based but voluntary, of course the people willing to become mercenaries are fucked in the head, how is this even remotely surprisingly?


That's what I said anon, they argued against it. If we were a country like Sweden or sth I would argue against conscription as well, but we are not. We live next to warmongering religious and ethnic fanatics, we can not afford removing conscription, pretty much everyone agrees with this here. So we can have either men doing it, or both sexes. Radical feminists wanted the women to be exempt, sitting on their high horse about "It all being abusive and needing to go away", ignoring, or even counting on the fact that male conscription is not going anywhere, their actions would only cause women to be treated preferentially, which is unacceptable as far as I am concerned, since it goes against my core beliefs.

No. 461282

Yeah, but these feminists are not radical, they are liberal. I agree with them actually, I think we should serve with men on all combat roles, because service is a political duty and responsibility for men and so it should be for us. The sport thing is retarded though. Sports are for fun, making men compete would take all the fun out.

No. 461283

What country are you from, anon?

No. 461284

Why should women suffer abuse if men do, too? We already suffer sexual and emotional abuse just for being females, so why add physical abuse to that when we are weaker and dont have as much physical capacity as men?

No. 461285

>We don't have army or prison rape here
It happens in every country

No. 461289

Greece anon. We have economic problems, but our society does not have a lot of the issues I see Northerners and Americans talk about.

Anon you are talking very generally here so I am not sure how to pick on your argument. My point is that if we want an equal and egalitarian society we need to take the same weights that men take. This is a legal responsibility, not even a social one. Before we achieve social equality we need the positivist one first. Also, I have been in the army, as an officer. I don't know how Americans act and train, but our draftee army here is not special forces, it's a defensive army full of fat and out of shape boys. Their purpose is literally to man positions in case of the Turks invading, there is no need for athlete level of fitness. Women can handle these positions just fine, I know I did and I am not even particularly large or strong.

I am sorry anon, but no, at least not in any increased rate. I lived in the army and am working in a prison now, I know what I am talking about. The army does not have rape and I can attest to that. The prisons only have rape when Afghans and Pakis rape each other, pretty much never happens with Greek or other Euro prisoners.


Anon your army is a voluntary one, you do realize the difference with a conscripted one yes? Conscripted armies have no standards, zero, other than not having debilitating health conditions. Especially defensive armies like ours. Comparing your mercenary forces to the typical defense force of a nation is like comparing apples and oranges.(racebaiting)

No. 461294

The military is so male-dominated I always fear women in it because you know they're going to get treated worse than men and raped a lot.

No. 461295


Anon, I am a woman. I saw the physical standards our army has and I am telling they are not high and most women cant reach them. It has nothing to do with people feeling better about themselves. Also infantry is not the only thing we can do obviously, we are actually better in several positions including marksmen and tank and other vehicle crew. Women are perfectly capable of serving their country, they are just socialized to not care.
Also as I said before, there are NO standards other than being alive. Standards only exist for specialized units and obviously these will be like 90% male or more. I am talking about the regular conscripted army here. There isn't anything we can't do in 90% of positions.

I lived in the army for like 7 years anon, trust me it's not like that. I only encountered one man who disrespected me for being a woman and my superiors took swift action to reprimand him. I do not refuse your experience, but Greece is not like that. Also like I said, we don't have rape or other crimes in the military, because they are draftees, not fucked in the head mercenaries who want to make a career out of killing people.

No. 461296

Im confused, are you pink pilled, or feminist? Because the tone of your post seems to me you will only care about women as long as they look like you, not women and the female experience as a whole, but im not sure. I dont know what place your heart is coming from but I have some doubts in your words

No. 461297

*and most women can reach them

No. 461298

I agree. If we can't reach the physical standards for frontline combat then we can't reach them. Lowering them to "include" us is retarded and puts the entire unit at risk. This is the military, not a volleyball club.

No. 461300

There are NO physical standards in conscripted armies, you are talking about professional armies, reread my post to see about the kind of army I am talking about.

No. 461302

>The prisons only have rape when Afghans and Pakis rape each other, pretty much never happens with Greek or other Euro prisoners.
i dont think i need to tell you how naive you sound

No. 461303

i am interested in your time in the army, anon. as far as i am aware greece is not currently at war with anyone or involved with whatever shit the u.s is currently doing in the middle east. what did you guys do?

No. 461304

If you are talking about lowering the standards of the elite parts of the military then my bad for misunderstanding, I agree with you completely. The elites should remain elites, they are there for a reason.

I don't think I need to tell you which one of us has worked in prisons for several years.

We are not at war thankfully, but due to our bad luck, living next to Turkey, we are always ready for it. Basically the Greek army is like the Japanese army in philosophy, a defensive army. We professionals try and do what we can along with our elite bodies to anticipate and counter anything the Turks might throw at us, but in the end it's the conscripts that will do the brunt of the fighting. They basically don't do much unfortunately. Conscription in Greece sucks in that it's like 50% shooting and some training and 50% cleaning and doing nothing. I would definitely try to make it more active, like Israel is doing, more training and especially more weapon training, which we unfortunately do very little of with our draftees.

No. 461305

your like "not-my-nigle"ing an entire country's worth of dudes, thats hilarious. im sure one of them will marry you someday sis

No. 461306

Where did I do the thing you accuse me of? Your comment is way to general and does not mention anything other than some broad accusations. Be more precise if you expect to not simply be ignored for making no sense.

No. 461307

I am pretty sure that anon is the same prejudiced nationalist Greekanon thats cropped up in these threads before. Why do they keep coming on here to not my nigel people and act contemptous to other women all the time?

No. 461308

>More broad accusations addressing nothing in particular other than me being contemptuous to other women.
I am not contemptuous to anyone who doesn't act in a way I consider contemptuous. Also I never defended any man in this thread, I stated my opinions and experiences. I have been having an interesting argument and conversation with some anons, so you might also want to do something more than just generally accusing me.

No. 461309

>using nationalistic as an insult
You really are an American

No. 461310

Your writing style is pretty familiar and I see your biases and dogmatic thinking seeping through your posts, debate and converse if you want but I cast my judgment too.

Point taken. Same aggressive and neurotic style of typing in all your posts.

No. 461311

I accept judgement, I don't accept general accusations that address nothing. Tell me what I said that deserves to be accused in particular and I will respectfully argue with you.

My style being aggressive is not a valid criticism but a mere observation, especially coming from someone that accuses me for sharing my experiences.

No. 461312

Its a valid criticism if you use it as an excuse to act contempteous and extremely black and white in your thinking. Again, I doubt youre actually pink pilled or feminist.

No. 461313

You did respond to a lot of more general arguments about the military with "not my country", just completely rejecting discussion that isn't relevant to your own military. It's cool to give us your country's perspective but shutting down discussion with "your country sucks and mine doesn't" isn't productive.

No. 461314

I am a staunch feminist, although I do not identify with any xpill philosophies, because I am not 16. You again describe how you see my opinions and arguments, but you still have not made a single particular judgement to which I would be happy to explain and answer. tell me what I said makes me a non feminist, a black or white person or any of the other characterizations that you attributed to me.

No. 461315

If they don't rape their fellow women then they rape the women in the countries they invade. Rape has always been used a tool in war.

No. 461316

With all due respect anon, the argument about women in the army was tarted by me in my post and I made it clear it was about a conscripted army. Women from countries with mercenary armies came and started talking about their country's armies. I never said things are not different in these two kinds of armies, in fact I underlined it, I however said I am not interested in mercenary armies because they are NOT political responsibilities, they are a profession and irrelevant to my original argument. You have a point about the "your country sucks though" and I apologize for that, I just got emotional from all the sidetracking of me talking about a draftee army and everyone responding to me about mercenary armies, my apologies for any offense.

No. 461317

Sure, but what does that have to do with the argument?

No. 461320

Just adding on to the point that war is male as fuck

No. 461322

She was literally not-my-nigeling her right wing bf a couple of days ago, I recognize her because she always reminds me of my 50yo orthodox, nationalistic, right wing Greek coworker (male ofc) lmao

No. 461323

Rape being a thing during war times is a result of the soldiers being male, not of the nature of war itself. The nature of war differs if you are the attacker or the defender, you are ignoring a pretty massive difference here.

No. 461324

Haven't posted in here in weeks, take off your tinfoil hat and go outside. Also I am divorced and have no boyfriend.

No. 461328

Level with us anon, are you a preteen waiting out your /b/an?

No. 461330

im wasting my time if i need to explain my post to you. several other anons know exactly what i was saying and the point im trying to make. stay ignorant if it serves u i guess

No. 461332


When did I call you black or white?
Something in the milk isnt clean about you, I call it how it is.

No. 461333

I meant a black or white person lmao.

No. 461335

Ok, there must be just a Greek npc template then

Some anon a while ago asked for charities and groups to support but got no replies which is shameful. Maybe this time somebody has some recs? I sometimes give out microloans to women in third world countries to support their business or education, but I feel l like I maybe didn't research the concept enough.

No. 461336

I grew up on 4chan and it was the biggest pink pill you could take. Just unfiltered male awfulness. The effects and meaning of porn (misogyny) loud and clear.

No. 461337

I've been here probably longer than admin and the farmhands, and lc has naturally evolved into what it is now, it hasn't been infiltrated. Its a female only site, of course its female only user base wants to discuss female issues.

Tbh most of the farmhands I've seen sound pickme and don't even adhere to the board culture. Surprised how immature they act, considering how ban happy they are when other users type like them.

No. 461339

>if men suffer this abuse so should we
Do you think men deserve to be raped and murdered by their wives since many women are by their husbands? No one deserves abuse, and at the end of the day, if both sexes are conscripted then who the fuck stays behind to maintain the country? Senior citizens that can barely wipe their own ass?

No. 461344

>no one deserves abuse
Yes good point anon I like where this is going
>if women are also conscripted then who stays behind to wipe the assess of seniors?
Wait what?

No. 461346

No no anon, my point was that only seniors would be left behind - how would they maintain a country if they can’t even wipe their own ass

No. 461347

>ad hominem
several other anons are as hateful and ignorant as you, so you are in good company
I obviously meant the black or white opinon you mentioned
The concept of people of different countries being different is scary and foreign to you I guess
You are comparing being victims of crimes to a state law and a political responsibility. Apples and oranges anon. Also on your second point obviously not everyone will be conscripted, only the young, there will be plenty of people remaining back home, they will just be both sexes.

No. 461348

No anon, young people will also remain behind, they will just be mix gendered as opposed to only women.

No. 461350

Nevermind the fact that if a war breaks out it won’t just be the young. It’s a no brainer who would make up the bulk of war casualties if women are conscripted

Besides, why do you want women to suffer and possibly die? Let men fight their own retarded wars, they are the ones with power and keep insisting on colonising one another

No. 461352

The bulk of war casualties will be the young anon, they are conscripted first because they have no families that depend on them. Then as it drags on the older people as well.

You second paragraph makes me sad and I think you might actually be hateful (excuse me for being so blunt, you seem like a person who wants to have a conversation but this statement is hateful). Men don't start war. The men and sometimes women at the top do and the poor men are sent to fight them. Classism is something we must also fight, I do not only care about gender. My point of view is a defensive war. No one starts a defensive war other than an enemy country, in my example the religious and ultranationalist maniacs that are the Turks. What do my men have to do with that? They are just as innocent as the women. Why would I think they should die in the place of women? I don't want women to suffer and die, I want no one to suffer and die. But if is required for people to suffer and die for the survival of the nation I want them to bo both sexes and the reason is because i believe in equality. I can not imagine how anyone can claim to beleive in gender equality and not support this position. Why would a woman's life be above that of a man?

No. 461353

I still don’t understand how you can think there’s such a huge difference between conscripted and mercenary army in regards to the occurrence of rape.

Rape happens literally anywhere. Just because you haven’t heard about it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Because, you know, sometimes victims don’t speak up because they are blackmailed, too intimidated, feel ashamed, fear consequences, etc.
And how you’re ‘not my nigle’-ing, you ask? You say the majority of your male population wouldn’t rape anyone. How about that?

Both my brother and my cousin were part of a conscripted army (until thankfully conscription stopped being necessary a few years ago) and both could confirm that men witnessed severe verbal abuse as well as physical assault towards women.
But I’m sure that’s just a Eurofag thing and your Greek poster lads would never do that? Give me a break.

No. 461357

Anon, you are asking me to prove you a negative, that rape doesn't happen. It's up to you to prove me that rape happens in conscripted military since you are making a positive claim. Also on the difference of conscripted and mercenary army, the difference is tat the mercenary army slects for people that are fucked in the ehad and want to be proffesional killers and the conscripted one takes every single man in the country, how are they remotely the same?

>You say the majority of your male population wouldn’t rape anyone. How about that?

Are you unironically suggesting that most men are willing to commit rape?

The things your relatives witnessed happen, I never suggested the army is an enviroment where abuse doesn't happen, like every other enviroment and because of its nature, perhaps a little more. It however is not unique to women, it happens to the men as well, it's simply not gendered and they are usually selected for being too pretty, too ugly, too tall, too short, too stupid, too smart or w/e the person who abuses them chooses to abuse them for. What I am telling you is men go through this as well.

No. 461358

>perhaps a little more
>a little

No. 461359

Majority of world leaders: men
Majority of CEO’s that profit off of war: men
Who keeps creating weapons: men
Those with religious power: men
The people who fight tooth and nail to maintain a world where men disproportionately have more power: men

But you ask what do men have to do with war? You’re right, they don’t deserve to die, but they should stop having piss contests with one another and dragging everyone else into it

No. 461360

Anon, you are derailing. Fine significantly more. I literally said several times that I want to reform the army. This still has little to do with the gendered nature of it. This abuse is shared by both men and women.

No. 461361

>Are you unironically suggesting that most men are willing to commit rape?

Have you SEEN global sexual abuse statistics?

No. 461363

men are not a hivemind, I don't believe I have to explain this. Jeff Bezos and Spiros the 18 year old conscript have nothing in common other than the genitals between their legs. You are treating them as a group when they are not. In fact their interests are completely opposite. I am sorry that I have to say this, I don't like characterizing people, but your position is deeply sexist.

No. 461364

Have you taken a criminology class and learn that these stats are a result of repeated abusers and that the overwhelming amount of men never engage in sexual harassment let alone rape?

No. 461365

This was their plan, wasn't it? First the radfem thread, then the merging, and now we'll get suspicious off-topic, non-saged, contrarian posts like this until this thread is banned, right?

No. 461366

You conveniently ignored
>The people who fight tooth and nail to maintain a world where men disproportionately have more power: men

Also, you’re in a pink pill thread and are reeeing about sexism??

No. 461367

also, here https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/compare/Greece/United-States/Crime

Greece is not the USA, realise that your men have a problem, not every country has this. I a mnot insulting you, I am pointing this out. Men differ around the world and we are fortunate enough to have good ones.

No. 461368

Anon, not everyone that disagrees with you is American, believe it or not but women get raped regardless of geographical location

No. 461369

here saged, better? Also
>No argument

Because this doesn't happen anon? Again I am talking about my coutnry, not Saudi Arabia. No man here is fighting to keep men above men. Please point me to it happening in Greecce, unless like the other anon you want me to prove you a negative.

No. 461370

yes anon crimes happen, the anon I was talking to said I was nigeling when I said the overhwelming majority of men are not rapists or thinking about commiting rape. So I showed her that in fact, no they don't, rape is very rare here along with all violent crimes. I am not nigeling, I am returning her to reality.

No. 461371

*above women

No. 461372

File: 1568292203869.png (162.47 KB, 500x584, 7862E96C-54ED-41A0-8806-3A004F…)


No. 461373

>Not an argument

No. 461375

>if men suffer so must women
why are people like you so fucking retarded that instead of no one suffering you want everyone to suffer

No. 461376

this thread really isn't the place for your BUT NOT ALL MEN :( sperging, anon. maybe you can start a pro-men thread or something if that stuff is so important to you.

No. 461377

The endless "That's not an argument!" responses are identical to the scrot troll we used to have every other day a while back. Report, ignore, move on.

No. 461378

>not a shithole

I'm sorry but wasn't it your country where grown men fucking young boys was a cultural thing while you believe no men are ever abused in your prisons and army

No. 461379

I was about to say it's a man just based on that response he keeps giving lol

No. 461380

Nice knowing you, ladies. I appreciated the good discourse. I'm not fully GC but the trans culture is undermining all the progress women made the past 30 or so years integrating into workplaces and being taken seriously

Greek anon is fucking stupid, I was in the US Army 3 years and never got raped. A lot of what gets reported as harassment/ assault is minor petty stuff like bad language and stupid jokes. The Army is far better than civilian jobs as far as opportunities and respect for women as professionals

No. 461383

I am sorry for you inability to read anon. Here, I feel bad for you so I will spoonfeed you what I said above so you don't ahve to read and hurt your eyes. CIVIL and POLITICAL responsibilities and rights should be shared by both genders. I am clearly taking about the abuse that happens in the exercise of those duties, the one that can not be avoided that is. I also repeatedly stated that I want to reform the army to lessen this suffering as much as possible? Do you have any problem with my stance now?

I am not pro-men anon, I am pro equality. I speak up when women get a rotten deal and I speak up when men do as well. I think it's important for different points of view to be discussed.

The endless non arguments the denizens of this general are presenting me with are identical to my experience with kinder gardeners.

We don't live 3 millennia in the past anon, come on.

>A woman should keep engaging with obvious trolling, only a man would call them out
Interesting gender roles you have there anon, very feminist of you.

Hey, I only brought the difference up to stop the uncessary derailing the other anons did. I also lived in the army, I know it's actually pretty good for us, but trying to keep this discourse on the rails is pretty tough when no one actually tries to argue your points because they literally have no arguments that are not debunked in 5 minutes.(Constant derail)

No. 461385

File: 1568293812954.jpg (39.24 KB, 750x302, 3vakxlccl3m31.jpg)

>not sucking dick on command is violence

No. 461386

Still kinda funny that you say that it's only immigrant men that rape other men in your country, placing their morals on their nationality and stereotyping them while your country has the stereotype of being the pedo rape land, just saying

No. 461388

Anon, they do though. And I never said immigrant, we have plenty of immigrants, it's the Muslims. Muslim countries are shitholes for women and I call them out on it. I didn't know we were considered pedo rape land because, well we are not our ancestors from thousand of years ago. Muslims are what they are right now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 461390

You don't see any holes in your logic, coming to pink pill thread to say that not all men are hive mind but then acting that all muslims are a hive mind?

No. 461392

Excuse me anon, but I never said all Muslims are hivemind, I said their culture is terrible and that the ones who end up in our jails are terrible. I know plenty who don't commit crimes and move on to Germany. I was saying that even our worse, the criminals do not rape each other, this only started being a problem when the trash of the Muslim countries were introduced into the prison system. Unlike the other anon, I never claimed all Muslims are like that, I called out the trash and the culture.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 461393

>This still has little to do with the gendered nature of it. This abuse is shared by both men and women.
You said abuse is shared by both men and women, but guess which group is going to have it 10x worse lmao, that shit ain't equal at all. I think you forgot that for obvious reasons (physical disparities) women are at higher risk of abuse of any kind specially sexual, when women start to enter the army rapists wouldn't need men anymore and women will be automatically targeted, at least men can relatively fight back other men's abuse, women cannot.
Also i love this type of debates because there's no way out on this one, even whe you say "not all men (on the army)" men are the ones abusing other men and we just want women to stay safe from that shitshow, you want to put women's safety on a dangerous line over "muh equality", equality is a meme and there are clear differences between men and females you can't just put them together and expect the best. Of all the topics you could choose to debate you choose army abuse? Not even my conservative siblings go for that one Oof.
It would be cool if women could honor their country without any major shit happening to them outside general war trauma tho.

No. 461395

Watch the admin lock the shitty boyfriend thread in /g/ too….

No. 461396

no group would ahve it worse, also the barracks and general training will be seperate like Israel, so there will be no men around women. So no we won't put them together. Does this cover you? Israel already does it and I never suggested we mix them. Do let me know if I didn't cover something. Yes of course they don't they are conservatives, what did you expect?

No. 461397

Suggesting that it's better for men to be targeted and victimized is extremely sexist, it shows that you grew up in a conservative family.

No. 461398

missä on suomilanka?

No. 461399

You're so annoying with your holier than thou attitude. You claim not all men but you're quick to tar all radfems with the same brush because they've expressed views different to yours. You're so keen on being perceived egalitarian that you need to stress how men get bad treatment too in order to justify women getting bad treatment as well.

And your "arguments" are really no arguments as you expect us to take your experience as facts. It's great if you haven't had any bad experience but stop pushing that as some sort of statistics. If more women want to go into military they should have a choice. I personally for many reasons would not want to. I don't want to die for my corrupt politicians who send their sons to safe countries while we're supposed to die for "our" land.

No. 461400

Anon seriously, just ignore it. It's either the "not an argument!!!" scrot or some braindead pick-me. Either way nothing you say is going to penetrate that thick skull, all that's happening here is admin is getting lots of ammo to use to justify locking this thread.

No. 461401

Thanks for clearing that up

I feel like can't ever understand your point because we're just from completely different worlds. I can't agree with your belief that all men in your countries army are have never raped or assaulted just because they're magically different, but I can see why if you're in a country facing real wars with a need for active conscription you might want women to take equal part in defending your country. Although it's incredibly cold that you want women to put themselves at risk of sexual violence, a known part of war, just because you don't believe that it's a related risk though.

However in my case I can't speak as someone that believes in defending their country with their life. In the uk both men and women can enlist but we don't have the motivation of a local war. After the truth of Britain's invasion of Iraq came out many people remain convinced that the army is just a pawn of the higher political powers, killing innocents and destabilizing countries for years to come in the name of political gain instead of focusing on what's happening in our own country. People that join the army are often seen by the young and the left as either regressive or simply in need of a job/purpose or a free degree. On the other hand our rates of sexual assault and sexism on base in the armed forces, though undoubtedly underreported, are published and show things do happen. Even we suddenly faced the need of necessary defense of our country, why would I demand women risk both war itself and possible rape/sexism by their own side just so that we have an equal gender split on the field? Even in the event of a hostile invasion there would be so many conscientious objectors of either gender because the concept of necessary war is so alien to many people here.
Tl;dr can't relate to 'not all Greek men' or wanting make anyone join the army ever but if you need to defend your country then all the best to you

No. 461402

why are you in the pink pill thread if you dont hate men? youre just off topic at this point and mad everyone disagrees with you

No. 461405

I never claimed all radfems are the same, please point me to where I said so and I will shut up and apologize.

I do think I have a moral highground to a lot of you in this thread yes, but I use arguments and not ad hominem attacks or emotional calls. I explained the concept of equal duties relating to bad treatment already several times, it only relates to the legal duties.

I said that I want a system like israel's where men and women are seperate, so there will be NO male violence on women. Please let me know if I left anything out so I can cover it.

>More ad hominem
You are almost entertaining.

Anon, I would not put women in the same regiments with men, there would be NO sexual violence between them because there would be no contact.

Also thank you for your post. I am not very familiar with the UK and it was interesting and actually well thought. As you can see I have been dealing with mostly name calling or some very angry and entitled answers. Your post was a breath of fresh air. yes my motivation is the potential of a defensive war and you are right that your country does not have that so your situation is completely different. Again, thank you for taking the time to type it out. Agressive wars are disgusting and I will never support them, defensive wars are ncessary and vital.

Because the mods threw the rad fem conversation here as well. My initial post was about rad fem issues I dealt with.

No. 461406

Nigga this better be a troll i can't believe this.
I didn't say "fuck men lmao" just hear me out on this: men are generally forced to fight wars (started by other men), i obviously prefer no one being forced to risk their and be safe from abuse but this system (men start a war, men fight it) is not going anywhere and if women can spare this one I think they should do it.

No. 461409

I am not a troll anon, I think I have proven this by my engagement, I am just a prison guard with a lot of free time. Let me respectfully point out the issue with your stance. the men that start wars are not the men fighting them. The men fighting them are as innocent and unrelated to it as the women. Also please note that I am talking about a defensive war, since I was talking about the example of my country. No one other than the Turks will start this war. What relationship do my men have with the Turkish generals and politicians other than their genitals? Why would I value the lvies of my countrywomen more than the lives of my countrymen?

No. 461410


No. 461411

constantly trying to engage people who don't want to engage you is a form of shitting up the thread. you've made your point and no one cares to take you seriously, so just take the L and go. maybe someone will reply constructively later.

No. 461413

Also please allow me to add that
>but this system (men start a war, men fight it) is not going anywhere
doesnt make sense. Plenty of systems have changed over the millenia, why wouldn't this change? As I said, some countries already conscript women and more and more people are asking for it, when a few decades ago no one was. I do think it can change.

No. 461414

Interestingly enough I have the privilege of engaging whoever I feel like it. I am sorry if it makes you uncomfortable to deal with someone you can not argue with, it is a stage in most people's lives on their path towards maturity.

No. 461416

Where did troons get this idea that lesbians are attracted to every single woman under the sun anyway? It reminds me of homophobic middle schoolers saying the gay kid must be checking them out in the changing room.

No. 461418

Well that's a very good point. If this would be a defensive war and women and men are separated i think this could work, but…women wouldn't fight other women, they would fight men and damn, if the enemy is so deranged I can't imagine what they're going to do to them.

No. 461419

I'm confused, earlier in the thread you insisted that Greek military men never sexuality assault any women, but now you insist on no contact between the women and men to stop anything happening. Doesn't that contradict your belief that these men are incapable of sexual assault towards women?
Which is it?

No. 461421

I have never seen a thread as easily and quickly baited as this one.

No. 461423

troons, like most men, believe that lesbian sexuality is the exact same as male heterosexuality. a lot of dudes would fuck anything with a hole, and assume lesbians must be the same way.

No. 461424

Anon, thank you for listening to me, engaging and seeing my point. As for the treatment of captives, as I believe is what you are implying, it depends on the enemy. A civilized nation respects the international treaties and treats them well, man or woman. Uncivilized and barbaric ones, like the Taliban unfortunately torture and kill them. The captive women will in all likeness be treated like men. It depends on who they are captured by. Again, not much of a difference. Thank you again for engaging in a civil manner.

I never said they are incapable, I said it's as rare or even more as outside the camps. I did not change my mind, I always wanted to put them separately and never claimed I wanted to form mixed units. The conversation about the potential behaviour of male soldiers was a conversation about their willingness to engage in such a behaviour, not about whether there would be a chance for that behaviour to take place.

No. 461425

Question Time With The Prison Guard TM is a welcome distraction from the carnage that the thread merge has left and less embarrassing than communally demanding to see admins vag, don't judge us.

No. 461426

the men who actively sign up to war and murder other people are not the same as innocent civilians who choose not to lol

No. 461427

Well of course anon, but how does this relate to my post.

No. 461428

I think this is true. Also men in general and troons in particular seem to project their own desire on to women. Like they subconsciously assume that if they want to fuck a woman she must want to fuck them.

No. 461431

Men tend to project all of their thoughts and behaviours onto others

No. 461432

Nothing fucks me off quite like men on reddit whinging how it’s unfair that women ‘get to’ abort when they have to pay child support, and the retarded pick me’s that go ‘yeah! That’s sexism!!’

Do these dumbasses really think that if men were allowed to impregnate women with absolutely zero consequences they would bother with birth control? Why do they think these laws were all made in the first place!

Financial abortion is one of the most aggravating ‘rights’ I have ever seen.

No. 461452

Is this retardation about wether conscription is radfem or not still going on?

Here’s the REAL answer: radfems are AGAINST female conscription, because war is man’s creation, it hurts women, it hurts the earth. Women shouldn’t be out literally fighting men’s battles.

Also, radfems don’t want equality or egalitarianism or whatever the fuck else y’all keep parroting. We want liberation from men

Now stfu and go read some actual radfem literature instead of making up retarded shit about feminism

No. 461459

I am leaving soon, but I will answer to you, although most of the things you said ahve been answered.

>radfems are AGAINST female conscription, because war is man’s creation, it hurts women, it hurts the earth. Women shouldn’t be out literally fighting men’s battles.

I have been talking about defensive wars. The sex of the people who invaded you is irrelavant to the argument and if you claim it is please show me how. I fail to see how the fact that poor men will be forced to invade your country means that it must be the men of your country that must bear the burder of its defense, the only thing they share with the invaders is their genitals, they share ethnicity, common fate, kinship and a thousand more things with their coutnrywomen.

>Also, radfems don’t want equality or egalitarianism or whatever the fuck else y’all keep parroting. We want liberation from men

yes, that's why we don't like you, see how the comment chain started, I was complaining about the likes of you wanting other to die for them. You are not feminists, you are hateful people that want to blame the world in general and men in particular for your shortcomings and problems.

No. 461460

Hate to break it to you anon but there is no radfem thread anymore, you're going to have to interact with other types of feminists if you want to discuss misogyny or gender issues

No. 461462

Abortion only became legal in my country this year. There was this argument that men should have more say in whether a women aborts..and that by keeping a scenario where women have to travel to another country to abort.. men could control their finances to stop it. All very fucked up.

The loudest anti abortion protesters that I saw were old men talking about how men were 'denied their children'. They made it all about men

No. 461465

> yes, that's why we don't like you, see how the comment chain started, I was complaining about the likes of you wanting other to die for them. You are not feminists, you are hateful people that want to blame the world in general and men in particular for your shortcomings and problems.

So go and finally fucking die in the war. Oh, wait. You're going to shitpost on lolcow while holding a higher moral ground doing a safe job and consider it something to brag about. Nurses do more dangerous jobs than you, women that work in shelters do more honorable and life endangering jobs than you.

You just came here to spit bile about radfems so you decide to go here because we're an easy target. I'd report you but what's the point. lolcow's gone to shit anyway. At least I can tell you to eat shit and die.

No. 461467

>I fail to see how the fact that poor men will be forced to invade your country means that it must be the men of your country that must bear the burder of its defense

Because the males that run their countries started the war, and the drones who all went to war are too retarded to realize that if they resisted there’s nothing the government could do about it

>You are not feminists, you are hateful people that want to blame the world in general and men in particular for your shortcomings and problems.

You’re a retard who wants to trudge into a war to kill innocent people and contribute more to the destruction of the earth, all while aiding the males in the military to rape and murder the women they encounter

No. 461470

I can still be called to service and will die to protect my country and its people, because unlike you, I am not a coward that depends on others to shield her from harm, I raise my own body.

I did not spit any bile, I came here to complain about you giving the rest of us feminists a bad public image, which is a legitimate concern, what could you possibly report me for? This isn't radfem any more and certainly not a radfem safe space. Other feminists don't like you, it's good to come to peace with it.

>Because the males that run their countries started the war, and the drones who all went to war are too retarded to realize that if they resisted there’s nothing the government could do about it

Again, what? First of all that is not the case, governments have committed mass execution of deserters, like the French did in WW1, secondly you completely missed the point. I said what do the men of Greece have to do with the men of Turkey that would start this war? Our men did not want or start it, they did. Why would I single out our men?

>You’re a retard who wants to trudge into a war to kill innocent people and contribute more to the destruction of the earth, all while aiding the males in the military to rape and murder the women they encounter

You are a disgusting pacifist who can only be a pacifist because far braver men and women allow you to be. You are the equivalent of a child, nay an infant and so is your entire philosophy. You are allowed to be free and exist due to the protection you are afforded by the people you hate. I will not go to war to kill innocent people, although that will happen, because conscripts are indeed innocent, I will go to defend my home, my children, my parents and the people I love.(Quit the accusations and infighting, its cringy af)

No. 461475

You're obviously a guy. Your lack of empathy towards women, your disregard for their safety when they're in obvious disadvantage is very telling. Your blase attitude towards safety of women and your insistence of poor men in a pink pill thread.

But most of all I check in this thread after a few hours and you're still here. Tf do you do? I want a job that pays me to do nothing too.

Go apply for a mod position, I bet you'd get accepted right away.

No. 461478

>governments have committed mass execution of deserters, like the French did in WW1