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No. 413538

old thread : >>320372

A thread to collect topics/things that absolutely or mildly annoy you. Express your anger ladies.

Ex.Extreme nitpicks, anachans vs fattychans going at it, insecure farmers shitting up threads because tiddys were mentioned, you get the gist.

No. 413581

Ted Bundy was not attractive

No. 413595

The Micky(Martydom wtv) is starting to get annoying with every post just sounding like a snarky/someone who personally got hurt by her.
She's gross and ugly, we get it but your comments are as annoying as she is.

No. 413597

People who think serial killers are hot are retards anyway, but goddamn it the Ted Bundy thing is retarded.
He has a huge monobrow and such an average face. Even Charles Manson was somewhat more attractive than Ted fucking Bundy and he looked like a goddamn homeless man.

No. 413615

And not really charismatic based on footage I've seen of him. Media always tries to repaint him as this suave, smoothing-talking sociopath. Regardless if he was just acting like a trapped cornered animal by the time they recorded how he was in the courtroom, he struck me as abrasive, arrogant, domineering, and confrontational. Attractive? Those people must have suffered from small town syndrome because he certainly wasn't much above average.
I guess because he wasn't grotesque like many serial killers maybe it's all relative. But still.

No. 413616

File: 1558623421789.jpg (97.63 KB, 720x960, 50311031_2451592071577409_7918…)

Not sure why but this word has infuriated me for years. It's also almost solely used by people who look like pic related

No. 413618

Hubby, kiddos, pupper, doggo, all can fuck off.

No. 413619

I use hubby

No. 413620

I find excessive use of infantilizing terms for animals to be extremely annoying. This goes for snek, doggo, pupper, birb, and whatever the fuck else is out there. It’s the worst when someone uses them irl.

No. 413626

I agree that the thread has gotten very boring and vendetta-tinged. I really feel like that one other "sex worker" chick with the autosaged thread is a frequent poster there.
I've witnessed people get bans or reports for mentioning her in any less-than-complimentary light for "derailing" because it's not on topic, but for some reason, someone who uses the thread often really seems to enjoy randomly bringing up this same person and talking about old, 3+ year old "bullying" drama (with no screencaps or receipts) to frame her as some perpetual victim of Micky.
Then, they accuse anyone who says to stop derailing by talking about this other person of being "whiteknights" (same goes for if they make a retarded comment and someone corrects them - "You're a whiteknight"/"You're derailing [for not agreeing with me]"). I still lurk, but it's pretty off-putting.

No. 413629

People who say that shit are the worst. Or stupid things like "danger noodle" and "trash panda". It's not cute.

No. 413648

The word wholesome has been ruined for me

No. 413651

I’ve come to hate the word comfy because of how it’s used (and excessively so)

No. 413668

anyone who uses words like "smol bean/human bean, he attacc, succ/thicc, hecker" etc like stated above deserve to get bullied i'm not even joking

No. 413682

I'm in a discord server with people who've unironically used the term "comf" and it's one of the most retarded slang terms I've heard in a long time, can the trend of using it die out pls

No. 413756

I don't get it either. It's not shorter than saying husband because both are two syllables. I began to really hate it once I got married because single women seem to use the term to patronise me.

No. 413806

I always felt miffed when the race box didn't have a mixed/other option.

No. 413809

What do you even put when you're biracial and the box only allows one option? I've never known what to write in. Do the people who make these things not know that interracial people exist?

No. 413824


Surely you're more % one than the other

No. 413828

Not necessarily? I'm sure some people are but I'm 50/50. I mean I usually just pick one of the two at random anyway.

No. 413833

the best ones have 'two or more races'

No. 413866

Beauty pageants are so fucking stupid and sexist.

No. 413873

Are you really 50/50 like did you get an ancestry test
I'm just curious because I have a black parent and a white parent but I'm 60% white 40% black

No. 413874

If you're 60% white, 40% black, doesn't that just mean the "black" parent is actually mixed, too?

No. 413875

I mean both of her parents are black but I guess my grandma has some white in her from I guess my great granny. My black parent is a dark skinned black person as are my grandparents. Not ""black"" lol

No. 413879

A lot of people who are "black" at least in America during the times of slavery have partial white ancestry due to the rape/assault of slaves

No. 413937

If I remember correctly 1 in 4 African American males have have a male Scotch-English male ancestor

No. 413959

Genes between parents don't go to a child 50/50 during the reshuffling of DNA when chromosomes are getting formed in utero its random. If your parents share similar genes already you'll probability wise get those but some offspring come out looking like their parents siblings or their parents parents because of the way genes can be reshuffled and skipped and how a new person is created with their own different unique biological markers.

Race isn't genetic, it's a phenotype like the difference between a brown lab and a white lab. It's geographical/environmental differences that determine different genes like how those at high altitudes have different shaped blood cells, it's to do with environment than them being a different human. We are more a like than different and skin colour indicates only the colour of your skin and function of skin. Eugenics in that respect is bollocks.

No. 413976

Those extremely high-pitched, over-enunciated, prissy camp voices that some gay men and twinks do. (James Charles is a good example - I'm unable to watch his content).

We get it, you're gay. But you're also a man, so talk like one. I literally do not understand why gay men try to emulate women's voices. Do they not realise how annoying they sound to literally everybody else? It's not like they're born with that voice either, it's entirely forced, put on and contrived. It's a choice.

Imagine having such a lack of personality that you have to let everyone know that you like it up the arse the moment you open your big mouth.

>inb4 homophobia claims idc i know im gonna get blasted for this

No. 413978

I cant stand it either but ive actually heard 1 or 2 completely straight guys who sound like this without playing it up like gays do. Feels kinda bad for them.

No. 413979


It's a natural lisp for some people. I know several effeminate 'straight' dudes who sound like this.

No. 413981

Some of them just do that naturally but it IS forced for most of them. Many healthcare professionals have noted that when men who do that lisp are groggy and waking up from anaesthesia they suddenly drop the lisp entirely.

No. 413992

My dad makes a really good point that saying you don't like dogs is almost treated worse than announcing that you're a pedophile.

People are in shock, they can't believe it.

No. 413994

Lmao dog haters have the worst victim complex I've ever seen.

No. 413999

It's true.

No. 414000

your dads probably a pedophile

No. 414002

So your dad has a lot of experience with announcing to people he's a pedo?

No. 414005

Now, this has to be one of the worst posts I've read on LC.

No. 414006

Still mild compared to the anon who gives her boyfriend child porn of herself.

No. 414007

The victim complex rampant in dog haters, oh my lord. No one gives a shit about you or your animal preferences, not a second thought is spared about it.

No. 414012

The thing that makes people dislike dog haters isn't the dog hate. Nobody cares if you say "I don't really like dogs" when it's relevant.

It's this thing a lot of dog haters do where they just launch into a terrifying rant about how they want to murder dogs and they once kicked someone's Shih-Tzu in the face because they hate dogs so much and if they had it their way all dogs would be decapitated at birth. I've met multiple dog haters who say this kinda shit and it's weird and creepy. Just say you're not a big fan of dogs and leave it at that, nobody needs to hear about how you want to slice dogs open and feed the remains to their owners.

No. 414020

People react the same way when people don’t like Harry Potter or bacon or pizza, it’s not special or a big deal.

No. 414028

File: 1558712925402.jpg (43.3 KB, 510x510, DreIdVvVYAA8QAU.jpg)

it annoy me to end that moomin is now popular, at fist i was happy that more and more people become fans and that they saw how good of a series it/was, but (of course) the woke and sjw people came, with the: stupid trans headcanons, dismissing Tove Jansson bisexual status and putting her as a lesbian ONLY like she never have be or love a men before , and more shit, like i know i sound like a little kid or one of those stupid "i know it before it was popular" but tbh i hate the attention the new series have gotten,and lest not talk about the degrentes fans that make vomit and inflation fetich and more disgusting fanarts i'm so done i want my cute little fandom back

No. 414031

>>414028 me too! i have such bg nostalgia for moomins and it's annoying how genderspecials, kweers and tumblr troons hijacked moonims for virtue singaling and rewriting chracters and plot to suit their agenda

No. 414033

Your dad is a freak and an idiot.

No. 414036

I just want some other kind of pet to get popular so I can take a break from KATZVERSUSDAWGS war. The people need to know there's other animals to care as strongly about.

No. 414038

I agree. I wouldn't mind the popularity, but jesus why do people have to be so weird about it? I haven't seen any normal moomin stuff in a long time, it's all "[character] stabs TERFs!" and squealing about their gay OTP (which is exactly the same shit as fujos and their yaoi xD, only now it's acceptable and not cringy because ??? who the fuck knows).

No. 414039

anon idk how to spell comfortable

No. 414040


moomin have some queer thing in it, but yeah is fucking gross how the show to say shit like "x kill TERFs, or x will protect trans babys UWU" it gross me out how i can even follow fan artist becase all of them are genderespecial urgh

No. 414043

I hate people who meme about wanting a “big tiddy goth gf.” It makes goth into some meme fetish label and these meme retards could care less about how good some of the music is.

No. 414046

You're overestimating them, the guys talking about big tiddy goth gf think being goth means wearing all black and maybe black nail polish, they don't know it has something to do with music.

No. 414161

The music isn't good so nothing lost really. The meme is fucking annoying though

No. 414198

I always found that meme gross and unfunny. To be honest these days anything that goes like "tfw no gf" annoys the shit out of me for some reason.

No. 414296

What is it with anons who have to announce in cow threads that they showed a picture of the person in question to their boyfriends or husbands?
Like I know they think it feels good to have their man agree that whoever it is they're talking about is ugly, fat, or disgusting but that's some obsessed salty girl shit and nobody really cares.
It's always men too, I don't think I've heard farmers quote their girlfriends. Why does the male opinion carry so much weight?
And really, it's not as if someone's man is gonna risk the spiraling of saying a cow doesn't look so bad. Farmer's men are gonna tell them what they wanna hear lest they be in the doghouse over some internet rando they don't care about.

No. 414346

>People are in shock, they cant believe it
>>413992 dad might be right

No. 414349

>"People are in shock and can't believe it when you say [something retarded]"
>say something retarded
>people are in shock and can't believe how retarded the thing you said was
>"See? That means it must be true"

No. 414362

more of a site annoyance but manhate anons are a fucking meme. especially the ones who shit on men for stuff, but then freak out when you shit on women for the same shit. something can't suddenly be gross when men like it, but fine when women do. it shouldn't be the opposite either. sit the hell down.

No. 414367

Go browse elsewhere then where 100% of people will coddle you for being a guy.

No. 414371

this shit is equally annoying. calling anons a man/handmaiden is what anons who have nothing to actually say reply with.

No. 414375

Giving men the ability to piss standing up was an evolutionary mistake, why must they piss everywhere.

No. 414379

did you get mad because you like stupid moe shit anime

No. 414402

fag hags are extremely fucking annoying. these handmaidens tend to put gay men on a pedestal while constantly putting down women. the bottom gay/drag queen lingo is already cringy by itself but it's even cringier when these fag hags do it. they also get immediately offended when you dare to criticize anything about preciouwus gay men. literally no straight or gay man would stand up for lesbians like they do, it's really pathetic.

No. 414408

>dragqueen lingo
Not race baiting I swear since AAs have also a culture and I'm referring to that and that only (please don't report this you autist), but I am pretty sure the ones who used this kinda lingo first were black american females and then the male black drag queens used them and then it became a universal thing in the drag queen community and a literal universal thing among any young or youngish English speaker. Oh lord our society…

No. 414415

nah, you are completely right. i have no problem with women of that culture using aave, drag queens latched onto that with their own fag buzzwords, and then the fags and stan twitter latched onto that. it's very cringy and tryhard when they use it, it is forced.

No. 414419

THIS. Gay men and straight men dont give a shit about lesbians. gay men could care less and straight men only fetishize us, so it's horrible. Straight women who stand up and fight for gay men are trash since they'd never be on the same front line for women (aka everything going on now with women's rights under attack AGAIN.)

No. 414420

How and when did that even start?? they can piss fine sitting down but choose not to. we need segregated bathrooms and many other shit from men for this reason

No. 414423

grown women who say this shit and try to act like it's cute or normal need to fuck off. It's awful and i'm so sick of hearing them

(I hear 'doggo' all the time at work from two women in their 40s and i want to punch them)

No. 414427

I unironically call my Husband hubby and call dogs doggos and theirs nothing you can do to stop me

No. 414432

Same; I didn't even know it annoyed people. I always called my pet parrot "birb" since I was 7, and I've called him that since.

No. 414446

it was cute when you were 7. That's it

No. 414449

Well the literal universe are not all fag hags yet still use it because well it was first mostly because of the music industry and then because of black twitter. So yeah I just wanted to say that not everyone who uses that lingo likes gays. It seems to be very norman to say yassssss slay queen nowadays, in fact men associates us saying that as a whole.

No. 414450

Literally everything about this job I work at
All the managers are complete crack heads and smoke crack every weekend, the employees have drug deals in the parking lot at work, everyone comes to work high and all of them are fucking each other or other employees from next door, they smoke crack and forget when themselves or other people are scheduled, they insult and fist fight customers and are apparently friends with cops so they never get in trouble. Just when I try to avoid them they're always hanging out at gas stations, waffle house or Walmart and can never escape. I hate this town

No. 414456

Maybe not all but most people I've seen who use the "yasss queen my wig has been snatched yasss spill the tea" lingo were fag hags trying to be ~~one of the gay boys~~.

No. 414475

Anon that sounds like literal hell, please find a new job I beg you. it sounds straight up dangerous

No. 414501

All my life my male friends were gay because the straight ones would try something eventually and I had to cut them off and it's so annoying. Being friends with gay guys isn't special, there's literally nothing different in talking to them and talking to a straight guy, the only difference is that the straight one can eventually fall for me and make everything awkward.
Unless they're actively seeking a stereotypical gay guy who likes to impersonate drag queens 24/7.

No. 414527

File: 1558824722276.png (35.28 KB, 500x522, 342423.png)

She just said that she don't like dogs anon. Calm your autism please.
Such a sad thing that we need to love everything that society love otherwise we are bad and retarded.

No. 414530

File: 1558825641026.jpg (19.67 KB, 207x292, Jeffrey_Dahmer_Milwaukee_Polic…)

I work a second job as a janitor in order to pay for my studies, it's just a few hours each weekend.

This weekend they hired a new guy and he looks like Jeffery Dahmer. And tbh, I've never been more creeped out by a person in my life, it's not just the looks, he has some eccentric mannerisms and seems really slow, and it all combined together in a way that is undeniably creepy.

I felt bad that I felt that way about him from the get go, and tried to make a conversation with him. I talked about the brand of soft drink he was drinking, and how I preferred them so much more in a glass bottle instead of plastic. And he just stared at me with vacant eyes, not responding, just smiling weirdly. This just made it all the worse for me.

I can't help but avoid him when I'm working, and when he's in the same room as me, I can't bring myself to let him out of my eyesight.

No. 414532

we live in a society

No. 414533

I have met multiple men who piss in their backyards because they can and sometimes even admit its a territory thing

Its unbelievably pathetic how little shame they have and even worse that we don't shame them more for all the dumb shit they socially get away with

No. 414534

File: 1558826395398.jpeg (75.93 KB, 970x545, D0ECE13E-EB65-417C-8B1C-C2D381…)

Not trying to be rude but I still don’t get why you started a conversation with him in the first place? If he gave you weird vibes and your scared then just avoid him from the start. I’m sure he didn’t care or notice you around until you said something.

No. 414538

I was thinking that 'there's a chance he's a completely normal person, the best way to find out is by talking to him'. All it did was confirm my concerns.

No. 414544

What did he even say that made you find him a creep? You're being very vague and if not just plain out crazy. I bet that "slow creepy" is just a sean william scott look alike lmfao. Don't be weird anon.

No. 414546

Tbh there's not much to say on the topic you started with a complete stranger. Just sounds like his social skills aren't that great and you put him in an awk position. Asking him a question about himself would've been better and more telling.

No. 414548

Yes they did.

No. 414557

Are you illiterate or something, or is this just bad bait?

No. 414591

That is a really stupid question btw. The container has no effect on the taste of soft drinks.
He's working as a janitor so you really shouldn't expect someone with great social skills, no matter what he looks like.

No. 414594

>The container has no effect on the taste of soft drinks.

It definitely does, any liquid stored in plastic tastes like absolute ass after a day or two.

No. 414610

Op still autistic LMAO. Jesus, she reminds me of that blue haired chick from tumblr one if you fags made a banner out of it.

No. 414620

Too much of a nitpick to be in the art salt thread, but i hate how there's an idea of "female artists do this" and "male artists do this" thing. Especially when it comes to pinups or pornography. It's basically conservative infantilization how much people like to point out how ~harmless~ and ~pure~ female drawn porn is. (key exception is BL i guess? bi/les women can't be horny ever apparently) Putting women in this tiny little box of sexless, harmless feminine sexuality. I've been told more than one time by men and women that i "draw like a man", whatever the fuck that means. What's the problem with a bi woman being sexually attracted to a woman's body? I feel like every woke artist on twitter now like to brag how their drawings aren't ugly and problematic "like the other men's" posts.

No. 414622

Soda tastes like ass because it loses the carbonation.
But anything else it doesn't make a difference.
You think you're a 'super taster' or something?

No. 414624

FUCK IDK if this is even relevant but I live in a third world country and I have neighbours who always burn their fucking trash and it's so dumb and annoying for me since I have a sensitive nose and shit. The smoke comes into our house and fucks up the scent of our clothes and our rooms and it gives me such a headache.

Its been like this for years now and I want to shove their faces into trash they burn

Aside from that I'm super annoyed by the die hard fans of KPop. I have a few cousins like that and when they room in my room they blast their fucking music so loud and they'd scream when they see that shit it annoys the fuck out of me so much. I came to my room for peace and quiet and they ruin it by screaming so hard lol

No. 414645

I don't know why some people are like "There are women who are sexist to men, both sides can be bad" but then make it their life mission to only argue with and police women who say bad things about men.
Like…Do they think they're clever in hiding that they've appointed themselves as some sort of "Internet Patrol" for their kind only (or just whoever they're aligned to, in the case of handmaiden types)? What kind of brainlet shit is that? Have they even managed to fool themselves?
Any man who only ever seems to be upset about mean feminists and misandrists, and just glosses over that men are still killing/raping women and children at disproportionate rates wherever they are happen to be on planet earth gets a big no from me.

No. 414652

That people in your third world nation do obnoxious shit like that is probably a part of why it's a third world nation. Here in my cozy first world nation we have this thing called a 'designated dump site' where collected trash can be burned far away from everyone else.

No. 414655

I don't care about korea nor do I appreciate that place but we can argue that korea is basically the new japan right? And we know that people hating on weebs are basically closeted weebs shitting on other weebs because the rest of the world really don't care right? Could we say that not so surprisingly anti-koreaboos might actually be closeted koreaboos themselves because people who do not even know where korea is located do not give a shit wow.

TL;DR closeted anti-weeb (OP) hating on other anti-weebs. Well I did admit I loved japan in a very obsessive way but I grew out of it because interests can't always last forever I think, especially if they were deemed to be fads. Korea however? Don't care, neither hate, nor care about its 'boos.

No. 414717

My life .com and any other data collection sites on people are creepy as hell and deserve to be destroyed.

No. 414728

Yeah its just another uwu culture they romanticize.

Even if you look in the kpop critical thread you can tell that they really are secret koreaboos or ex-koreaboos who still obsess over it. There's really no way to know that much about the scene or even recognize which group members are which (theyve all apparently got plastic surgery to look like each other) without being a big fan, its not like simply following a cow on twitter. I used to love Super Junior and SS501 back in the day and now have mo clue who/what that thread is talking about now because im not a fan of kpop any more. Makes you think.

No. 414852

I've been thinking about this. It feels like Korea is this generation's Japan. Of course weebshit is never going to go away with anime and all that. I really hate how it kicked the stan thing into overdrive with literal 8th graders going on twitter sending death threats to eachother over stanning the wrong kpop idol. Shit's bleeding into anime communities too, look at bnha.

No. 415077


Men have such victim complexes, it's unreal

No. 415098

Doesn't korea have anime too? Maybe their anime will blow up later if they make more at the right time.

No. 415127

That designated dump site probably another third world country anon

No. 415137

A lot of their animators work for American and Japanese shows

No. 415406

File: 1559035077183.png (259.33 KB, 921x371, tbt.png)

I really like MHA but the fandom is so chock full of autistic chimpanzees that it honestly makes me want to drop out. The racebending, armor redesigns and shit is just the start; there are people that go on a moral crusade against the author (criticizing is ok, i mean shit like pic related) I'm an artfag that was fucking around with mha fanart for a while and i definitely got to notice the kind of air around the fandom; It feels like everyone is trying to one-up eachother, there's an overwhelming sense of entitlement i feel.. I also happened to get hate messages back when tumblr was still alive about me drawing a rare ship that "nobody cared about" (I didn't even shipfag often)
But also stuff like pic related is so retarded. Horikoshi literally created those characters, how can those characters be comfort characters when they came from his toxic mangaka mind! s/ Fuck this headcanon trend. Make your own characters instead of mooching off talented creators.

No. 415437

I've never read or watched MHA but its fans seem to think the notion of "death of the author" applies to manga and anime that are still on-going.

No. 415455

I don't know why weebs try to find solace/kinship in these very fictional characters. It's so stupid to see people obsess over Bakugo for example like he's a living, breathing, rolemodel. Maybe go outside?

No. 415470

The Boondocks was pretty great.

No. 415487

All this rage for characters that aren't even very good. MHA isn't the worst shit I've ever seen, but its characters are mostly boring one-note cardboard cut-outs. And the ones who aren't are cliches that have been done much better in other shows.

No. 415491

File: 1559053956470.jpg (286.47 KB, 1200x1200, a0069281785_10.jpg)

>been playing a popular MMO since I was ~11, quit and now started again when the old version got rebooted
>decide to download mobile version for some sneaky XP gains on the go
>see a bunch of negative reviews
>most of them complain that they can't figure out what to do after the tutorial, get frustrated and ragequit
>others complain that they can't buy their way to a high level and that there aren't enough quests (there's a literal fuckton of them, most of them are for subscribers, but they're very clearly visible in the quest list, even says "MEMBERS QUESTS" in big bolded letters holy shit)

I figured that shit out when I was just a dumb kid. I had no idea what to do, I typed "what do I do now" into the chat, someone replied "just don't shit yourself" and I figured out the rest all by my damn self. There wasn't nearly as much information in the game for new players as there is now. The whole point of the game is that you can do whatever you damn please and there's ample information in the game and NPCs to talk to that can help you out. The quests are made with a lot of love, have genuine dialogues, a lot of humour and good plots, the devs care a lot about the players and all new content is polled so the players get to decide. Now the devs are worried and want to change Tutorial Island because kids nowadays are too stupid to figure it out and want instant gratification, arrows always telling you where to do, and quests that amount to "Kill X amount of Y and come talk to me again".

Fuck off back to Fortnite with your cancer of an attitude.

No. 415493

where to go and what to do*, I'm illiterate

No. 415500


No. 415502

Yep, OSRS to be precise

No. 415507

God you sound so autistic about rs, anon. Lmao I lost it at tutorial island

No. 415519

Everyone who plays rs is inherently autistic, anon. It's dwarf fortress lite. I've come to terms with my autism, I just want the damn children to stop ruining the game and leave us at peace. It's a surprisingly chill community most of the time otherwise, aside from a few "buying gf haha" jokes.

No. 415528

nta, but I wanted to add that the "hurr durr get out of my oldfag community dumb kidz" people like you annoy me way more than any noob could. At least they have the excuse of being twelve. You're just embarrassing.

No. 415549

Then don't play. Simple as.

No. 415559

A close friend of mine is dating a dude twice her age and their relationship is super toxic. Everytime they see each othet they end up binge drinking and sometimes taking coke (which like…whatever but she does have mental health issues already and when you're in a healthy relationship you don't get absolutely wasted EVERYTIME you see your boyfriend).

And she just keeps talking about it and I'm so tired of hearing about it. She knows my opinion on their relationship, yet she keeps talking about it everytime we see each other and talk on the phone or via messenger.
He's not abusive towards her but it's deffinitely a toxic relationship and she's aware of it but chose to go the immature route of "i cant help my feelings :( " which is her choice but I don't want to be listening and pretending to care about it if she's obviously doing bullshit.

How do I let her know that I don't want to listen to that degenerate shit without making her feel like she's unwelcome to talk to me if he starts being abusive and needs me to actually help her ?

No. 415568

Tell her in as many words, anon.

No. 415691

it mildly annoys me when anons use a spoilered pic for the thread pic. looks ug

No. 415837

Haha I thought so when you mentioned the mobile release and tutorial island.
I have strong nostalgia for that game too. When I was unemployed this winter I started playing again. Finished all the f2p quests and then dipped into my savings for a membership.
I got to the point where all the medium effort quests are done but now I'm facing down the hardest ones that can take hours to complete. I'm not so sure I have the patience, I haven't logged back in for months.

Tbh I think the mobile version is kinda wonky for anything other than skill grinding. Combat and chat functions seem harder on this version. If I were just a dumb kid who thought runescape was a new mobile game, I'd be somewhat unimpressed as well. Too bad these people leaving the reviews don't seem aware of the game's history.

No. 415928

I'm not a mom, though I'm open to the idea of the idea of having children, but holy shit, women who make "childree" the main aspect of their personality are just as annoying as Facebook moms. It's even more obnoxious because they can't go an hour without degrading motherhood and the women who are into it.

No. 416020

File: 1559164651588.jpg (34.73 KB, 600x394, hl.jpg)

> friend comes over
> we bake a cake
> i pay for all the ingredients
> we eat lunch (huge steak)
> i also payed for the steak
> "anon im still hungry :( do you have anything at all at home?"
> uhh i just have half an avocado but i was saving it for breakfast
> "oh ok"
> 30min later "anon can I please have the avocado now? say no if you dont want to! Its tottally ok if u say no! Ill buy you a new one tomorrow for breakfast!"
> uh sure have the avocado
> later we eat the cake
> she eats 75% of the whole fucking cake
> time to go to bed
> doing skincare
> she uses up ALL of my cleanser
> pretend to have a stomachache just to get her out
> can you please go home, i think i got food poisoning
> "oh ok anon… hope you'll be ok! See you this week end"
> tfw she never bought me back an avocado

No. 416032

girl……I'm so sorry. Have had "friends" like that before and it sucks. Might as well have overgrown children that aren't even your own.

No. 416055

honestly is she fat? that's a lot of food to eat at someone else's house.

No. 416074

Is she poor as fuck or something?
Maybe next time you hang y'all should focus on fixing her resume.

No. 416156

Oh god the fucking idea that an artist doesn't "deserve" a character THEY created makes me want to rage so hard. How fucking pompous do you need to be to say something like that. God I hate fandoms.

Unrelated but the anons in the venus thread are annoying as shit. I don't know where they came from but they sound so desperate to nitpick venus to shit because REE she's living the weeb dream and they aren't. I was pretty excited to see her thread active but when it's just the same anons complaining about how she's soo faking mental illnesses or posting random rumors it gets boring.

No. 416177

She isnt even fat, she's tall and very skinny.

Its the next morning and I'm honestly so angry at her.

She is poor as fuck but I am also poor as fuck. We're both broke but she only spends her money on clothes she doesnt need while I buy food and stuff you actually need to live. So she ends up with 50 COS white button downs and Alexander Wang bras and I have to feed her.

No. 416210

File: 1559224861849.jpg (7.75 KB, 225x225, D6aUxVWX4AYBh_l.jpg)

Had a speaking task with another person during english class.
Once again heard an opinion that Putin is the best leader Russia could have, because "he doesn't mess around with terrorists, using white phosphorus (which is banned btw)".
The ignorance of some people ffs.

No. 416214

I hate that stupid "Nobody:" meme. It was funny at first, but now its added on every meme even when it isnt needed. I also hate the 'Therapist [x] can't hurt you/picture of [x]'

No. 416217

Sage for same fagging, but what's with all the D&D memes? Ever 1 out of 5 images on my instagram explore is D&D meme.

No. 416243

It's the Instagram algorithm.

No. 416250

Jump force gives me this annoying ass headache whenever I watch it. Every attack has 20 unnecessary sparkle effects.

No. 416279

My friend keeps complaining to me about her other friend and its been going on for months despite the fact that we've both discussed how horrible this person has been. I keep telling her to just mute or block, maybe take a break from hanging with them but she doesn't. I'm very much convinced she just wants a reason to play victim so she can bitch and moan at this point. I've even told her to please stop talking to me about it if she's not gonna actually take action but she just keeps going. I love my friend but I am annoyed with this situation. I've told her all I can yet it's the exact same shit every week.

And unrelated, but I'm really done with people using "I'm here for the tea" as a personality trait if that makes sense. Gossip is fine but if your life revolves around it 24/7 I think you need to rethink some things and get hobbies outside of social media.

No. 416309

god i feel you about your friend… So tired of people like that

No. 416337

It always rubs me the wrong way when games let you customize your avatar with wheel chairs, turbans, glasses, etc, but those said add-ons cost money.

No. 416359

they think those people have money to throw around aimlessly.
like you have a wheelchair, right? pay for glasses every couple years? wear additional clothing related to your religion? already costly, what's it gonna do if you just pay a few bucks to have your avatar look like you? nothing, right?
like hell i'm gonna scrounge up $2 for a fucking pair of digital glasses.

No. 416371

Choosing to wear religious clothing is nowhere near the same as requiring a medical device to function properly in life. You can believe in whatever you like without wearing religious clothing.

No. 416372

Bitch, you're talking about online/video games! You don't need to have that. Paying extra for some bullshit you want doesn't make you oppressed. Why should a company care what your irl expenses are? You can still play with a character if it doesn't look 100% like yourself. Quit throwing a tantrum.

No. 416410

This is the most SJW thing i've ever read on lolcow. holyshit. Are Xbox avatars oppressing you now?

No. 416428

This isn’t new, I’ve been seeing more and more of stuff like this in a lot of threads.

Do people need to self insert that badly? I mean, I’ve played video games my whole life and there was barely any female protagonists, there still isn’t many(that aren’t moeshit or fan service type) and I still play. There should be more variety in media, but why get so bothered by it?

No. 416437

nta but holy hell you guys are being overly hostile about this. original anon was just saying it’s annoying that those things cost extra and then anon you replied to specifically said she wasn’t gonna bother scrounging change for digital shit. is everyone having a stroke right now? you’re all attacking anon when she’s literally expressing the same sentiment, that that shit is pointless to have and unnecessary to charge for. she wasn’t saying it’s some kind of necessity she can’t live without for her self insert jfc

No. 416441

I want that shit with the “ IRL yandere” girl to end. It’s on par with those idiots that develop crushes on serial killers. Leave it to mentally ill weebs to romanticize a disturbed individual/incident and draw fanart for it.

No. 416495

It drives me nuts when straight, middle-aged women call their friends "girlfriends". It's confusing, especially for gay people. Why the fuck can't they just call them "friends".

Imagine how fucking weird it would be if men did that. Like, "hey I'm going out with my boyfriends tonight."

No. 416503

I think it's cute but it is kind of confusing. I think a good midway are ladies who just saying "hanging out with the girls" instead of girlfriends.

No. 416508

This is a weird thing to get upset over tbh

No. 416539

It's a pretty common thing for gay women to be annoyed at, it is annoying

No. 416549

It’s just because she’s Japanese and delusional weebs think all japanese people aren’t actually people but walking anime characters.

No. 416588

Women of all ages call each other girlfriends, I’d say more straight women than gay women call each other girlfriends, and it’s often extremely apparent that they don’t mean romantic partner. Just a bit of a petty thing to get annoyed over is all, it’s a complete non issue. Majority of the population isn’t gay so it’s very safe to assume that when a woman says girlfriend they don’t mean romantic partner

No. 416598

careful anon, your common sense might get you called a lesbophobe

No. 416600

Anon sounds like they're nitpicking. The word is most often used in a romantic sense, but in different contexts it's obvious what straight women mean when they call each other girlfriends - friends who are girls. I hear men say guyfriends too, probably to avoid the romantic connotations of boyfriend since they're deathily afraid of being thought of as gay. It's the same concept.

No. 416639

i swear ive seen characters in old victorian novels refer to their female friends as girlfriends lol

No. 416883

File: 1559422710450.jpg (6.96 KB, 250x250, 1543677338100s.jpg)

I think I'm just gonna delete twitter because jesus christ what a tumblr-infested shithole it is. I tried to start an art account before the tumblr shitstorm and I was already avoiding people who put their pronouns in their bio but I kept seeing more "I'M HELLA GAY YALL!!!1" stuff on my feed everyday and it's just exhausting. I haven't used it in months but I just check it out occasionally, instantly regretting it

No. 416886

The only reason this bugs me is because they get a little upset/defensive if you ask if they're gay

I'm kinda dumb and actually had to ask before because sometimes it seems possible that they might actually be talking about a real gf. But no, for some reason they dont understand that the word can mean something romantic and I'm the weirdo for it.

No. 416890

I just mute any word concerning the word 'gay' and mute people who have they/them pronouns in their bio (I let the normal ones pass, for now) OR people who post retarded shit and it gets better, but you have to invest some time before it really starts getting out of your feed.

No. 416894

Lol so you always ask them if they're gay when somebody talks about "girlfriends"?
Of course they're gonna act defensive, they're obviously (rightfully) weirded out by that.

You'd probably get an aneurysm if you weren't a native english speaker, since many other languages only have one word for female friend and female partner

No. 416901

nta but glad I'm not the only one who does that kek. I insta block any biological male who puts his pronouns in his bio regardless of how he identifies, usually give bio females a pass though unless they're super sjw libtards like idk shoe and phoebe.

No. 416907

every twitter fandom is filled with those retards. the funny thing is 90% of these "i am SOOO gay" girls aren't even gay, their entire timeline is about drooling over some male anime character, male video game character, male actor, male kpop idol etc. there is literally nothing wrong with being a straight girl, stop saying that you are gay when you are obviously not. it doesn't make you special.

No. 416930

Of course I have to explain it exact for you or else youre caught up in semantics. I forgot about that on lcf.

If she comes off as one and says "im seeing my girlfriend later" yeah, i will ask some variation of: "oh like an actual gf?"

I dont just barge with an "Are you a lesbian?!" or something.

>theyre gonna be weirded out by that

Calling a friend a girlfriend weirds me out, so thats even. I dont care if they wanna call them that but dont look at me funny if I'm mistaken on what you mean.

No. 416944

>I'm kinda dumb
>Of course I have to explain it exact for you or else youre caught up in semantics. I forgot about that on lcf.
If a girl uses girlfriend there's a >99% chance that she's talking about a friend. Being lesbian is not the norm, deal with it. Like >>416639 already said, it originally just meant female friend, you took that word and switched it into something romantic.

No. 417049

It's disgusting how this girl is fucking 14 and has music videos like this

No. 417055

Whats disgusting is her parents letting her hoe out on IG since she was basically a toddler, blame them rather than the oversexualised shit infested world shes growing up in (but dont mind me bc shes gonna end up another influencer cow the moment shes of age but its sad)

No. 417056

I think straight men did that first, actually, or what do you think they called their girlfriends before lesbians started talking about their girlfriends?

No. 417062

Not even finding this weird when there are kids everywhere like this especially the ones from urban places and most of south america. Kids finally can look up to a whore their age alongside with the other dr phil whore which is far more excusable than mimicking cardie b or nicky "literalWHOre" minaj and celebrities like her. But because this is in public pedos can fap too but let's hope the horrendous music chases them awa-
>mute button
Fugg. Well at least it's not my kid and I'm way too old to look up to her and way too poor to have kids atm so I'm safe for now.

No. 417064

I agree with you if you're OP. It's not a rule but people can add a space to make it obvious what they mean. Furthermore, nowadays it's only used ironically or by autistic people like some legbeards on an imageboard, and I've been to both USA and UK.

No. 417073

>leg beards
>whore whore whore

Was lolcow always this misogynist or are we being infiltrated again?

No. 417079

Holly shit is the data companys collect scary. Like why does the adult swim website need to know my OS?

No. 417081

File: 1559481036052.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 21.37 KB, 350x350, 1C7F6FBA-99EB-49D5-BA58-7B2DD6…)

Sorry, I will refer to her as a respectable business woman next time, never mind this is a gossip board and I was mostly just calling them whores for their awful behavior.

That being said, I'd agree with you that it's rude if I said this to someone irl or even just online anywhere else that's not a gossip board.

No. 417083

Bumping this so /g/earlies can elaborate techlets such as myself.

No. 417122

File: 1559486327897.png (205.01 KB, 720x954, Screenshot_2019-06-02-10-37-56…)

OS is Operating Systems (think windows, mac, linux). Like why does the [AS] app need to know all this?

No. 417174

I'm so tired of hearing the word "reactionary". I'm convinced 60% of the people who use it don't even know the definition of the word, they just want to use it as an insult.

No. 417176

Op. Yeah idk anything about her, I was just watching random music vids like I usually do and saw that she was super young and I went down to the comments to find out how old she is. Disgusting parents

No. 417179

it's good for a company to have stats on the computer systems of their users, i guess? to help make their product work better, QA shit

No. 417315

Companies collect data so they can either sell it or target you with ads.
You can have greater control over what data you allow companies to have. Always access services through a browser instead of an app. Brave is free and easy to use and set up as it has most of the features offered by add-ons built in. You can also manually block app permissions in android.

No. 417402

My friends can't stop talking/tweeting about trans/ace/whatever bullshit ever since ~pride month~ started and it's so driving me over the edge because i can't fucking open social media anymore without being bombarded without feeling as if tumblr has physically invaded my house and took my money. I personally know they just swallow whatever is currently popular to have as an opinion too on political issues and don't try to educate themselves to have an opinion that's not regurgitated from a tumblr text post which makes it even more annoying bc then i know it's just virtue signaling for their lib friends. They're nice people outside of being uneducated politically though, it's just that i'm peeved at the sheer quantity of posts they're retweeting about that subject which has now completely taken over my timeline all for show with no actual thought behind them.

No. 417491

Like who you wanna like. Fuck who you wanna fuck. Just don't lie, and don't cheat, get affirmative consent, and keep animals/kids out of it. Friends that disagree with this have issues, but friends that take enormous interest in ranking oppression points, and defining sexualities down to the nth degree are worse.

No. 417520

Just a very mild and ridiculous annoyance but what is it with certain anons and needing to comment so specifically and vividly on how a cow might smell in any given situation?

For example the Momokun thread is always full of it. It's never a simple "she must smell bad" then continue what they want to say, it's always stuff like "wow imagine how much shes sweating under there her swamp ass must be insane haha hotdog water smelling bitch" and that's it. No other input. It's so nitpicky in the creepiest way.

No. 417521

Tbh I find a lot of cow insults creepy in an obsessive way, like it almost sounds like the anons who post that shit would hate fuck the cow if given the chance. You often see thirsty men post the same sort of weird commments.

No. 417524

There's one anon in the Venus thread who sounds like she would eat turds out of her asshole and stab her at the same time. It's a really consistent, obsessive hate. I can tell whenever she posts and it's always in regular intervals, shitting on her face, language skills, interests and hobbies, like clockwork.
It looks exhausting, tbh.

No. 417542

Lmao, what? That's some Kiki-level shit.

No. 417562

I guess its just something that can't be confirmed, or denied so it comforts them. Jealousy brings out the worst in everybody. A lot of those anons probably see Momo as equally, or less attractive when compared to themselves. To see her making a living off those looks just creates the perfect seethe.

No. 417610

I also think there's just a lot of scrotes in that thread that get off to how ugly she is, because it's not lolcow nitpicking like nasolabial fOlDs. It's more visceral, like how she smells and how much fat she has, and how she's going to keep gaining. Some of those comments read like they're masturbating while typing, they gross me out. It's especially apparent when they pop up asking for nudes.

No. 417690

I hate the autistic nitpicking in general, it attracts a shitty userbase and ruins the thread for everyone. Momo's thread in particular is like a compact version of PULL in a thread form. The anons commenting on her presumed smell and constantly bringing up the sexual harassment scandal whenever she so much as sits next to anyone ("omfg this makes me so uncomfortable knowing what she's done!!!") like she was a sex-crazed rapist makes me cringe. The thread is literally unreadable fanfiction at this point. Even the interesting conversation pieces get drowned out by the "GOD I HATE THE WAY SHE STANDS LIKE THAT!!! STOP IT YOU WORTHLESS FAT WHORE" sperging.

Never thought about this before anon but it would make sense.

No. 418010

This probably belongs in unpopular opinions, but I think Momokun is cute. A lot of cows are. They're cringy or annoying or bad for other reasons. Some of the nitpicking goes over the top and comes off totally creepy, good to see others in agreement.

No. 418419

File: 1559759357001.gif (957 KB, 300x300, eyeroll.gif)

Although I love the tactile feel of physical books, my Kindle is just so much more convenient and practical for me. It grinds my gears when I bring up using an e-reader and someone has to fucking smugly say, "Well I prefer reading real books, it's more satisfying." I understand if someone doesn't like reading ebooks, but there's no reason to act like they're somehow inferior to a physical book in anything more than a superficial way.
The worst thing is that people who say that to me never actually read regularly. Like if reading genuinely is a hobby of yours and you frequently purchase and read books maybe it wouldn't bother me so much but I hate when adults who think reading the Harry Potter series makes them an intellectual try to act all high and mighty over me. Keep jerking yourself off about how nerdy you are and how books smell nice or whatever while I actually fucking READ them.

No. 418424

My girlfriend and I constantly get into fights over me smoking cigarettes and she keeps saying how she doesn’t like it and that I am going to die from lung cancer, but as soon as she sees an attractive person who also smokes cigarettes and is also around her, her opinion does a full 180° and she suddenly talks about how sexy it makes some people look and that she’s glad she can stand the smell of them.
I confronted her about this several times and it always ended up with her playing the victim and saying that my opinion doesn’t matter in this topic lol.

No. 418428

>think Momokun is cute
…me too, anon. She's very unhealthy atm (and a shitty person of course) but when she was thinner/healthier she was very qt imo. And I know it's cliche but I think she actually has nice eyes.

No. 418441

File: 1559763575939.png (51.66 KB, 169x330, Screenshot_2019-06-05-15-34-57…)

The guy in Jeffery stars "I do my boyfrienda brothers makeup" facial structure is odd. From a side view he as a thin jawline, but in an upfront view he has a thick jawline. I get freaked put when ever he turns his head

No. 418464

I think she has a really nice smile, it's her best feature.

No. 418484

Same. I was in that smug "real books are better nyeeeh" camp years ago but after moving cross country twice and overseas once, nothing beats having a Kindle account. No storage concerns, no having to transport hundreds of books thousands of miles, it's all right on my phone. And since I can read anywhere now I consume even more books than I used to.

No. 418501

Also books are fucking expensive. You can find epubs/pdfs for much cheaper and often for free. I still go to the library and am in contact with physical books but my library basically only offers theory books (philosophy, art history, psychanalysis etc) and I'm sure as hell too broke to spend up to 40-60€ euros per month on books.

No. 418582

Thank god I thought I'd get dogpiled lmao. For me it's partially because I come from a family that is an ethnicity with some similar features and there's a large middle eastern population where I grew up. I've thought women with those features are so pretty and it seems they get shat on for big noses and stuff, but to me they're like…pretty and familiar. She definitely needs to stop getting lipo and actually lose weight.

>but there's no reason to act like they're somehow inferior to a physical book in anything more than a superficial way.
I agree with you mostly but this isn't totally true. Maybe it's changed with newer readers, but I really can't read a lot of books with tons of illustrations or textbooks on an e-reader without as much fuss or crappy sized images compared to a book where they're already laid out at the right size. My reader is pretty old though, but for me it's atrocious, I might as well forget about reading pdfs if they aren't straight text.
It's amazing for travel though. As much as I love paper books ebooks get me to read a lot. I know it's cringe but when I find a series or game I latch onto I love reading well-written fanfiction too, especially because it's free and electronically published.

Where do you buy your books anon? Maybe it's because of what I buy (a lot of old books) but I don't spend a lot of money per book. There are some sites where it's decently cheap to buy physical books like ebay, half.com (idk if they're still around, and abebooks. epubs tend to be cheaper but I've found cases where buying an epub is more expensive than getting the book, or the book is too out of print to get an epub unless someone has converted it themselves like archive.org.

No. 418604

The ":P" emoji makes me so irrationally angry and I have a hard time taking people who use it seriously.

No. 418608

I'm okay with :P. I really hate xD and XD and all variants though, they just seem so 'teehee randum'.

No. 418612

see that's the vibe I get from ":P" but with a patronizing tone thrown in there too. It's so irrational and dumb but I can't help it lol.

No. 418654

I don't think she's that cute sans makeup (according to my personal taste) but she's definitely not as ugly as anons make her out to be. Her body is fucked and she's probably going to lose a leg to type II diabetes in her 40's but she's definitely not a hideous bridge troll when it comes to her face. It's such a waste that she decided to let herself go so badly and especially because she ruined her thick, dark hair with the aggressive bleaching.

This happens to me too anon, I feel your frustration lmao.

No. 418677

I hate when a woman (or group of women) try to talk about things that happen to them, and then some man comes in and goes "Same thing happens to guys too" in a bid to stop any discussion around sexism.
Even if that's not what they're trying to do (and let's be real, 99% of the time, it is), why do they only ever talk about certain things happening to them when we want to talk about it happening to us? Like, shut up, you attention whoring flop. Stop piggybacking. Not everything has to be about you.

No. 418681

i might be the annoying one here but i don't like people who hate being touched, like at all. i won't touch someone who says they're like that, but it's hard to be friends with those people. & i don't mean innapropriate or excessive touching, i mean like touching their hand or giving them a hug goodbye. it's instinctive to me on a mammalian level to have physical contact with people i'm close to, & it seems like more & more young people specifically are becoming touch-averse which is making it harder to get close to people. i blame growing up on the internet at least partially for this. i also think it might be more of a thing in the US, because i know in a lot of south american and eastern countries it's more normalized to have a lot of physical contact with friends.
i hope this doesn't make me sound like a creep but also who cares, hug your friends, it's good for your health.

No. 418706

you don’t sound like a creep but you do sound like someone who’s not very good at seeing things from other people’s perspective. the internet doesn’t have anything to do with people being unwilling to hug their friends goodbye, and that’s a kind of boomerish assumption to make, but i get where the idea came from. in reality i’m pretty sure it has more to do with the fact that in general people are more aware of personal boundaries. we’re getting closer to the idea that just straight up expecting physical touch from people is presumptive and even if your heart is in the right place, alienating your friends isn’t a good idea. just because someone doesn’t wanna hug doesn’t mean they don’t care for you, they just have different ways of expressing it. maybe they’re insecure about their body, maybe they have bad experiences related to whatever specific action is being initiated. just don’t assume it’s a negative reaction to you and try to come at it from a more understanding angle and i think it’ll bug you less.

No. 418724

Seems to me like most people who don't like being touched are probably that way because of a history of trauma or a mental problem like ASD or OCD.

No. 418731

related to the touching thing, i think i give off signals that I don't want to be touched when I really do. it hurts to see my friends hugging as a greeting etc but never with me, even if i would assess us to be on the same level of familiarity as those other friends (like legit going back years and years). is it because i'm a shy bitch with bad posture? not meming, genuine question

No. 418740

Ever heard of cultural differences?

No. 418752

My fucking computer got stuck on a restart loop after a Windows update and I'm too pissed off to try to fix it now

At least I have my laptop

No. 418795

Please stop with the photoshopping people on the website to look "better". Yes, Jill looks better dark eyebrows, same with unshopping people's make up and shit. They look terrible and are useless and mad annoying.

No. 418799

Depends. I do go to second hand bookstores that have increcibly cheap books (2€/book) but if I want something specific and rather modern I can't find them there. Like I really wanted to read the last Houellbecq but there's no way I'm giving 20€ to that mysoginistic fucktard. Or for exemple, I'm a big fan of Kathy Acker but I can only find her books (physical copies) online and they go for at least 15€ second hand. Some of them are even up to 100€ because they're rather rare.

No. 418812

File: 1559829958567.jpeg (735.46 KB, 1242x1591, A31D0A78-74F2-4DE2-B253-77257B…)

lmao imagine being this boring of a person. yes, cops are corrupt, but are we not allowed to watch brooklyn 99, law and order, svu, or any police themed show because of it?

No. 418815

>Cops are corrupt IRL so you aren't allowed to watch a fictional show about fictional cops
Absolute retards. I don't know how these SJW types manage to dress themselves in the morning.

No. 418819

I once tried to discuss an episode of SVU with a friend and she said “sorry, I don’t watch copaganda shows”.

No. 418820

People who eat in public transport, I hope you choke on your food. Especially if it's something "exotic" with a strong smell that stinks up the whole place.
I swear some people manage to draw out the process of eating and annoy people with their disgusting smacking noises for a whole hour. Just lately I was sitting next to a man who was sucking on an empty juice box (which is for kids!) for easily more than 10 minutes.

No. 418834

you seem to be a really angry person

No. 418839

File: 1559834177133.jpg (64.39 KB, 450x637, 10b05b603deeba0feaba0cf2b0fc68…)

You'd be too if you had to endure this on the daily.

Pic related, nippon is unironically superior with this

No. 418842

I agree with this

No. 418860

LMFAO. Your friend is a hoot.

No. 418865

Yes. This. Fuck people eating a full course stinky meal on the train or in the bus. I get a massive headache from it and can't breathe through my nose.

I'm always fucking baffled over americans being so hostile towards cops. In my country they actually go through a vigorous selection and have to earn an actual degree to become a police, and they're always polite and respectful. Yet I still get amerifats yelling at me for not hating every cop on the face of the earth.

No. 418876

This shit, it finally stopped for a little while but now it seems like someone is back and doing it to several cows. By all means have fun practicing PS but nobody else cares that you stared at a cow for half an hour. Same with HDR onision pics, those were stopped before, why cant this stop?

No. 418884

Lmao I bet your cops are absolute assholes too but hey whatever helps boot lickers sleep better at night

No. 418886

Isn't that prohibited? It clearly is in Australia. Eat and get kicked off, and you may even be fined.

No. 418888

British polce don't even carry guns, and they only arrest people for tweeting naughty words or and/or not paying their tv license.

No. 418889

How does being aware of what protecting the law means make you a bootlicker? Like I smoke recreationally against the law but I've had to call the police for an emergency too. I think police brutality is an issue and officers found offending or taking advantage should be punished. There's individuals in every organisation for ulterior motives, blanket shaming an entire organisation is retarded if it has a useful purpose.

No. 418932

Sorry that you live in a shitty country lol
I like our cops, e.g. if I have to take the train at night then I stand purposely closer to the police who's patrolling the train station because they really do make me feel save.

It sadly isn't there I live…

No. 418934

Where do you live? I'm in Sydney and people eat on trains all the time. There are probably signs saying not to, along with other rules that get ignored, but I've never seen it enforced despite transit officers always coming to check tickets.

No. 418944

Well that's the difference. You don't need to have a degree to be a cop

Hell you need MORE certification to be a hairdresser than to be a cop.

No. 418951

Yes, and I also like watching Disney villains hang out and having fun together. Does that make me a bad person? Absolutely not.
Being serious, SJWs policing people on the fictional media they consume and make is so hypocritical. They'll excuse someone saying they can make graphic art depicting abuse in it because it "helps them cope with trauma" but watching a TV series on a major television network is off limits.

No. 418966

>my drawn vore loli abuse porn is totes fine because it's not real and kinks are just a fantasy!! I'm not a sadistic pedophile!! Stop kinkshaming!!1!
>but watching a fictional show about cops is not okay!!11!!

No. 419026

File: 1559859734477.jpg (332.28 KB, 2307x2380, 1559850817348.jpg)

>it's barely been a day and there's already horny fanart

Can't people just WAIT

No. 419039

Man, one time in Melbourne this bitch was eating a giant basket of chips at 8am on the train, I wanted to vomit. The smell of deep fried grease was way too much first thing in the morning.

No. 419082

People use the phrase 'i know this sucks, but i'm going to post this' are the worse. They don't know what they're doing, but it's a method to simultaneously gain praise (its not that bad) and deflect criticism (they know it's bad so it's redundant to criticize/I feel bad for going for low blows). It's not on purpose, but a lot of artists fall into this trap.

The second category of people who use it are simply to scared to admit they like something dumb. Like I've seen edgy lemmings art that started with 'it's cringe, but i'm posting it'

No. 419122

The way toddlers stutter. Those fuckers talk at lightning speed skipping every vowel possible and still expect you to understand them. It's charming at first, but it really grates on you when you need to get some information out of them.

No. 419124

I can’t stand just how many times my toddler feels the need to restart the same goddamn sentence. I love him to death and I know this is how they learn but I wish he’d just shut up sometimes.

No. 419128

I dont like being touched at all, and not because of trauma or any mental hang ups. I just like people to respect my personal space - my whole family is like that. I think overly touchy feely people have boundary and emotional issues lmao.

I never hug my friends, it's just not necessary for me to touch them to feel close to them. But to each their own.

No. 419159

It's your body language.

No. 419187

They don't even know they're doing it because they don't have the concept of language being something that can't be broken up etc.
If you speak to them, not fake babytalk by like they speak by stuttering and weird pronunciations, they'll get frustrated that they can't understand you lol

No. 419194

It's the same for me, but sadly my family is different, so I have to endure getting hugged and kissed every day although I hate it.

No. 419396

zoloft got upped twice, am now either passed out all day/up all night or the opposite. 0 sleep schedule, 0 appetite, 0 sex drive but hardly any anxiety. I'm almost fine with the tradeoff but I had to quit my job and need to work again because I fucking refuse to be an agoraphobic neet again. have fucking 0 motivation though.
I want a lobotomy. why is it not legal.
sage for meds sperg but why does it have to be so fucking hard.

No. 419442

Youtubes leftist community is having a livestream about why they're so white right now. Those fuckers are going to cannibalize themselves over this topic. Imo, we should have have a breadtube drama/salt thread. The entire community doesn't realize how they are the embodiment of the 'white male savior complex' and the anar-kidy group. They should also talk about how all they're popular women tubers are troons, but I feel like they wont go there.

No. 419444

Breadtube is just white guys and troons. I'm having so much fun watching it collapse.

No. 419461

Pretty please on the breadtube drama thread, maybe even keep it on /ot/. There are some decent guys in the breadtube scene but they're few and far between.

No. 419528

My laptop battery broke a year ago (the battery wouldn't charge up, but it worked when plugged in) so I just left it in a box with the rest of my stuff before I went to college. I came back to home today, finally saved up enough to replace the battery, and aperently my mom reorganized all my shit while I was away and she also has no clue where my battery is. I can't buy a new laptop battery if I can't find the battery's code which is on the broken battery. I'm not mad at the fact my mom lost it, but more so she's trying to cover it up saying she didn't re-organize stuff when she's the only person in the house who cleans.

No. 419535

breadtube guys are so cringy holy shit. they love to equate everything to alt-right and so many topics are like walking on eggshells.

No. 419540

Yes please, hbomber is such a nasty sack of shit.

No. 419568

The underage summerfags coming out of the woodwork to bitch about twansphobia all over the site. I expect to see the 90th post saying "muh preferred pronouns, mods need to permaban all the terfs" on /meta/ in the next week or two.

No. 419650

I don't understand these dumbasses who do stupid shit while drunk, and then pretend like "Oh I was so drunk I didn't know what I was doing I dindu nuffin".
Shut up. The worst drinking does is make me sleepy and giggly. If you end up doing/saying something retarded while drunk, or forcing yourself on someone, it's what you would've done anyway. You're just using the alcohol as an excuse, and such behavior should be shamed.

No. 419680

I'm on a discord server for an MMO and I'm baffled by the community.

There's a girl who whales and uses every chance to flex her paid stuff while sounding condescending to new players- and apparently everyone is ok with that because she's an old player. Also a big anti-feminist handmaiden who married some guy from 4chan who posts edgy memes.

Then the mods use the term ___fag but ban other people for slurs. One mod keeps airing out his incel politics (also against the rules) and uses his position for constant ego tripping- and again, everyone is fine with that, he even stopped playing the game for months and gives off-meta advice.

I'd be fine if it was just people not caring, but they actually suck them off in hopes of "gaining status". I suppose I can chill because I know their private lives are pathetic.

No. 419684

File: 1560006778839.jpg (310.25 KB, 539x960, 02675004-d934-49dc-9239-e1ca09…)

staying at my brother's for 2 weeks until i leave the state permanently- every day since ive been here ive been the sole cleaner/cat tender/food buyer since his live-in unemployed gf doesn't need to do any of her stuff because im here lol

>>419680 leave the server

No. 419698

agreed anon. i think people use drinking as an excuse to be a total cunt. i’m just a bit looser when i’m drunk and it’s harder to walk lmao. i highly doubt drinking really makes people ACTUALLY out of control, they just use it as a reason to really be fucked up in whatever ways. it is annoying as shit. i am even able to act sober when i’m absolutely blasted.

No. 419749

Alcohol only sets free what's already on the mind. I get depressed, my dad goes into alcoholic rages and beats his women… People who use it an excuse are pathetic.

No. 419767

it doesn't actually. it's an addictive drug that fucks with your brain.

No. 419769

It absolutely is. But if someone beats up women while drunk they probably arent a feminist angel sober either.
And I say that as a different anon who also has an alcoholic father.

No. 419784

Bitch where's the reading comprehesion? I didn't mean it "sets free" as some ayahuasca shit. I meant alcohol allows you do what you already want to do sober. It only gives you the courage.

No. 419787

I don't really agree with that, I say and do really dumb stuff when I'm black out drunk that I would never want to do. I only get that drunk like three times a year at most and I don't think those things reflect me as a person.
Drunk people can be really unpredictable

No. 419789

But you don't TURN into a rapist or something just because you are drunk. You don't do things that are completely out of character, you don't do things you never thought about when sober. I started drinking when I was 14 and was around a lot of alcoholics for all my life, the shit people pulled when drunk tends to match their personalities when sober too. Sure it's unpredictable and can bring out the worst and most extreme of us but things still match with who you are sober.

No. 419796

so carole and tuesday a anime that is about two girls that want to sing have some cano trans character in not a very positive position rn (i'm tbh? i'm okay with that) the problem is the fandom that only focus on the "poor trans babies they HAVE to me show as pure and innocent" when the really is that they aren't pure not innocent of crimes, the anime don't even treat them bad, it show that as any humans trans people can be rude/abuse/ and more it annoys me that people just focus on the bad bad about the "T" representation and not the good representation that LGBT is getting

No. 419800

I have collected a 5,000+ Youtube music playlist and it is an ass to clean up. It's not that bad, but using a computer to sort files has spoiled me. I miss the ability to move multiple songs, not wonder about what the 'video taken down due to copyright' song was, and the infinite sub folders. Youtubes settings are severely lacking.

No. 419884

>Her and Jack went up the hill.

Is grammar no longer taught in school?

No. 419909

i think selling nudes isn’t anything bad but if you think you’re that high and mighty and special to sell normal basic nudes up to $80 then you’re really pathetic because i’m 100% sure no normal human would spend an entire money worth of grocery shopping for something you can easily find anywhere

No. 419910

But they do tho. There are plenty of losers who will drop stupid amounts of cash like that to get their rocks off.

No. 419914

People who complain about how much girls charge for their porn. If they can charge up the ass and bleed some beta cucks dry, good for them.

No. 419922

Well yeah no normal human, but you're hunting for whales who are crazy enough to drop that much cash.

No. 419930

Men will literally fuck anything.

No. 419937

How uglier is she anon?

No. 419944

Shockingly lol

No. 419946

girl, I feel this, I was shocked too

No. 419947

I'm watching that anime too and their trans representation is based as fuck. Based Japanese who don't give a fuck about pleasing the T

No. 420001

If you're selling nudes then you're working too hard. Feet pictures/videos are easy money. Some of them will even send money for you to go out and buy specific types, or colours of shoes.

No. 420046

File: 1560113463167.jpeg (940.11 KB, 750x1155, 434EE19D-DC2B-4F5D-860C-B5E80A…)

I hate it when Instagrammers who have a decent amount of followers suddenly act like they’re celebrities hosting their own TV show via their Instagram stories and their posts. Doing Q&A’s or apologizing for their “posting schedule” when they don’t post enough a certain week. Another HUGE pet peeve i have is when Instagrammers ask their followers stupid questions in the caption of a photo, pic related. Just be real, you’re trying to get more comments on your stupid post and you don’t actually care what your followers say. You’re not a celebrity and nobody cares about your stupid Q&A or your posting schedule, most people couldnt give less of a shit. This girl in particular is not the only one who does it but so do many Instagrammers who think they’re so important just because they have over 1000 followers. It’s hard to explain why this pisses me off so bad but it does.

No. 420047


Nah it pisses me off too

Come the day when the reign of ig falls and youtubers don’t get paid anymore

No. 420049

Those questions aren't there because they care, but because it boost their acount activity making them more likely to be recomended

No. 420066

I had to do a project for uni and had to research how much adverts online pay those who host them. The figures I were reading were quite high but needed so much engagement. I really don't think that industry will be able to maintain, I think the influx of influencers will over saturate that the market will even out. I can't understand how advertisement costs are this feasible for companies I can't think of the last time I gave a shit about a product promoted or a roll ad on a youtube video.

No. 420070

Some girl in my town does this and shes been trying to be a celebrity ever since high school. We're almost in our late 20s, she won't give up. It's ridiculous. Obviously she has a need for attention, but if someone gives it to her for like 2 seconds, she thinks she's someone with 100 thousand followers, in reality she has only like 800. I know plenty of high schoolers with triple the amount of followers she has and they don't act as cringe as this girl and the girl in the pic.

No. 420083

What I hate even more is when they straight out ask their viewers for content advice. It almost never seems like genuine interest in their viewers preferences, it just shows that they lack ideas and creativity. This is especially the case with mediocre, clickbait-y gaming channels.

No. 420107

I promised to take my nephew to see endgame for his birthday, but now its the day and Im getting cold feet. I already pre ordered both our tickets too. Maybe I'll camp in the bathroom. Its a 3 hour movie damn it. I've watch bollywood movies shorter than endgame.

No. 420109

Every Discord server I'm on seems to have been infiltrated by transgirls. They shit up the Discord by always being as awkward as possible and calling people 'Daddy uwu' and post their ugly selfies all day fishing for compliments. They shit up the vent channel by threatening suicide and complaining about transition issues that they cause themselves. I'm even in a lesbian/wlw server that allowed trannies but they had to be tagged so cis-lesbians could identify them. They complained that this was transphobic and forced the mods to remove it. I just wish they would stop shitting up every community I'm in.

No. 420136

This lol. They're always so self-centered too. It's insane how they just invade and plague everyone with narcism. I guess it goes with the territory, but I've yet to encounter one that didn't use any conversation or topic to talk about themselves.

No. 420138

I'm reading this book on how porn has influenced society and it's making me painfully sad, because I know it's all true. I already wondered about most of the things it's talking about, but having it all confirmed with numbers and in a "serious" context is like confirmation that we're living in a hellscape fattened by a bunch of filthy old fucks who have no problem with devaluing the meaning of sex and dehumanizing both women and men just for cash.
Porn sex is not real sex. Porn has never been synonymous with sex, it's just been pushed relentlessly to generate income.
It is not natural to gravitate to porn. Nothing about it is natural in the first place. It doesn't make a male watching it into more of a man, it's not a rite of passage, and it's not "what men REALLY want" (unless you're a full misandrist who thinks men are literally subhuman, I guess - and with the shit I'm seeing, I might be on that path). It's also not a beacon of sexual freedom or self-expression for repressed women.
It is garbage that paints itself gold, and it profits off of the depressed, the addicted and the vulnerable.
Fuck you if you think otherwise. You're either an intellectual coward, or an addict with brain rot. Also, fuck dumbass men who are so obsessed with proving their masculinity that they'll not only debase themselves by kowtowing to the industry like a good little paycuck, they'll defend this shit.
Let's be real, that's literally what you are if you watch porn: A cuck. Who else would get turned on watching other men degrade women they couldn't even dream of touching? I don't want to hear any of that "Men are visual!" bullshit, either. Why do so many modern men's visual stimuli have to revolve around other men's dicks being huge, their assholes dilating on camera and women being abused in all sorts of ways that have nothing to do with enjoyment or even reproduction? What is wrong with them? Do you think that's what people were fantasizing about before franchises got into full-scale wars of who could get nastier and generate more shock for money? Do you really think that's natural? You think cavemen's sexual paintings were about adult diapers, prolapsed anuses, and sharing one woman with multiple men at once? Go fuck yourself.
I'm so mad, fuck.

No. 420141

wrt that last bit, it really is annoying as fuck when people try to argue porn doesn't escalate fetishes into weird territory. Sure, maybe some people are less easily swayed but for many kids who get into it it practically forms your sexuality. If this wasn't the case guys who go nofap/noporn wouldn't "refresh" their sexuality.
What's the name of the book btw? Not sure if I'll ever get the guts to read it since even as a former pornsick girl thinking about porn often depresses me. But it would be nice to have something for reference.

No. 420143

>If this wasn't the case guys who go nofap/noporn wouldn't "refresh" their sexuality.
Yup. Just think of it: Entire generations have been deprived of their own organic sexual growths all because of porn being peddled, and there are many people who will never have the chance to truly understand themselves because they're bombarded with the same gross, twisted "one size fits all" bullshit.
I definitely know the feeling of growing up pornsick, too, and it just makes me even more upset at how prevalent this all is. I feel hopeless.
The book is Pornland by Gail Dines.

No. 420148

and they don't have to, trans people are violent and selfcentric

No. 420150

this and also transmen are the same "i'm so depress uwu, not all men hate women!!! i'm a men plz don't talk about you women igges it tigger me!!!! look ta me in this sexy girl cosplay but don't call me a girl or i will cry for you to get ben" urgh, i hate them so much

No. 420153

>deprived of their own organic sexual growth
Agree, personally my route was a bit different than mainstream porn because I grew up on fujoshit and hentai first (then 3d stuff in late teens), but it still got me into sick and immoral "kinks." In a way I guess I wasn't squished into the one size sexuality of "all girls are submissive and love choking and anal!" but the fetishes were like a magnified grotesque version of my actual sexual interests. Neither route is good.

We can only hope more people get on board and realize porn is awful in both production and consumption, but the future does look bleak. Thank you for the rec though!

No. 420199

There's this hot girl in my class but I can't find her attractive anymore because she is so fucking stupid. I had a conversation with her and I was so turned off after. Not to mention she blatantly ignores directions and seems to only put half-assed effort, doing the bare minimum and not even caring.

No. 420205

To be perfectly honest I sometimes feel as if the anons constantly posting tl;dr suicide threats in the vent threads here are the undercover trannies of /ot/. Especially MTFs' personalities seem to 100% consist of having narc fits over how they want to kys themselves and which degenerate kinks they're into.

>I'm even in a lesbian/wlw server that allowed trannies but they had to be tagged so cis-lesbians could identify them. They complained that this was transphobic and forced the mods to remove it.

I honestly wish we weren't socialized to bend a knee in front of men because this is fucking bullshit.

No. 420209

I hate when people who have children think they're special because of it. My coworkers at my last job were exhausting and their conversations were only about their kids, work (which is normal given the context) and sometimes maybe their husbands or boyfriends (but with way tmi). I had my manager almost yell at me and pressure me to not take a day off for the day before new year because she wanted to give this day off to a woman who has been working with us for only 2 weeks and who never accumulated enough paid holidays to have that day off. Why? Because my manager wanted her to spend time with her family for the holidays of course! How could she miss something as important as the new year eve with her toddler who won't remember anything by staying at the office? I didn't even protest anything because she already agreed to let me have the day off before noticing the date. My manager also shitted all over a previous intern because she would go home at 5pm like it is ordered in her contract because "she doesn't even have a husband or kids, I don't get why she doesn't stay 15 or 30min more to finish what she has to finish", and she was projecting because she was incompetent herself and would leave at 7pm.

Once we also had a conversation about planes and when a girl said she didn't understand why people bring their babies, toddlers or unruly kids to a first class flight another coworker got triggered and said she was upset that people would silently judge her in planes when her kid would ruin everything for anyone, and she thought that if people weren't happy about her kid yelling and running around then they should help her. Even though that's her choice and her job, not anyone else's. Even talking about normie shit to some of these people can get anyone a bad reaction out of nowhere because "reee who has time for tv/restaurants/cinema/books when you have children".

No. 420219

File: 1560167321060.jpg (71.86 KB, 576x960, 1555947633876.jpg)

It's pride month and this year everything is about trannies and asexuals. Gay men are ignored and lesbians are only included if they're dating trans women. I wish I was straight so I wouldn't care so much.

No. 420229

So true. I can't fucking take pride month anymore. It's just trannies, demisexuals, asexuals or whatever. I haven't seen a single thing about lesbians yet, I mean, I saw one thing about "TRANSWOMEN CAN BE LESBIANS TOO" so it doesn't count. I'm straight and this makes me pissed.

No. 420280

I don't understand demisexuals and gray sexuals and all of those people. You're only attracted to people SOMETIMES? Isn't that everyone? Seems like made-up garbage.

No. 420292

That's because it is.

No. 420293


>people would silently judge her in planes when her kid would ruin everything for anyone, and she thought that if people weren't happy about her kid yelling and running around then they should help her. Even though that's her choice and her job, not anyone else's.

reminds me of video related. I personally never experienced something like this but fuck how are parents ok with that shit is beyond me.


At some point it will be just about trannies, because being a cis gay man or cis lesbian isn't special or oppressed enough so either fuck that fake pussy or suck the girl penis.

No. 420308

File: 1560187078535.jpg (31.57 KB, 540x547, todd.jpg)

One of my favorite things to do is to is to go to a nearby forest and spend several hours just walking around. I love that place, there usually aren't other people around and you can't even hear cars, just birds and the wind.

Except now it's full of fucking MOSQUITOES! I wanted to have a nice evening stroll, but I barely even got off my bike when I was attacked by a massive fucking swarm at the start of the trail. I walked for about 100m until I gave up and turned back, the whole time swatting at myself, getting bit and hearing that fucking "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE" whining next to my ears. God I fucking hate them so fucking much get the FUCK OUT OF MY FOREST YOU LITERAL BLOODSUCKING PARASITES REEE

No. 420439

I don't care for pets. I seriously can't. I can't believe I have to lie when people say "uwu isn't my/that dog cute?" I can't. I'm so annoyed.

No. 420450

ugh, anon, I understand you too well. literally cannot go into woods inbetween June and late July for those (literal) bloodsuckers are EVERYWHERE and I feel like I'm going insane trying to get away from/swat them. Last time I gave in and went berry picking with mom my legs (I was wearing leggings btw) ended up with the texture of cottage cheese.

also have you heard that theory of some blood groups being more attractive than others? do you reckon it's true kek

No. 420454

The reason why I don't want kids is because I could get stuck for life with a shitty brat like the one in the video. If I were the parents here I would have smacked the shit out of him at some point. I don't know if I feel worse for the staff or the passengers.

And funny you say that, I just got back from a screening of Detective Pikachu, it was the original version as opposed to the dub in my first language so my friends and I thought there would only be teenagers and aduts in the theater. Wrong, there were kids who played youtube videos in the middle of the movie with the volume on and no headphones and other kids asking questions to their desperate mom non-stop. Who the fuck bring kids to a movie they can't even understand if they can't even read subtitles.

No. 420468

File: 1560206241813.gif (345.18 KB, 488x154, 1557134817860.gif)

So called 'dank meme lords' or edgy meme posters get on my nerves during tradgedys. A helicopter just crash landed on a NYC tower and all these manchildren can do is spam '9/11 2.0' and 'I IDENTIFY AS AN ATTACK HELECPOTER'. The worst part is that if you even imply to them this is in bad taste they go on some rant about free speech.

No. 420473

I swear that blood group thing must be true because I get bombarded by mosquito bites in the summer but my other family members don't get it as bad. It's literally my least favourite thing about summer, and people that don't get bit as much don't understand how much it sucks to not be able to wear clothes or sit down without it irritating some bite on my body. Mine swell up badly as well so i feel really insecure with giant red lumps all over my legs.

No. 420474

I can only hope that they'll have loved ones die in twisted freak accidents and experience shitlords making stupid and cruel jokes over the bodies. It's the only way some people learn.

No. 420475

what some edgelords fail to understand is that while yes, they do have free speech, they are also not free of being critisised for the stupid shit they say. What about my free speech to tell you you're a dumbass?

No. 420478

is your blood group also O- by any chance? I'm not sure whether I want it to be true or not, on one hand I'd feel less insane and whiny, on the other - turns out I'm genetically doomed kek

No. 420518

I actually don't know my blood type, i know that my mom suffers mosquito bites like me whereas my dad doesn't so much so maybe the idea holds? I don't know how blood type inheritance works, but I don't think they're both type O so I don't think that's my type.

I have to admit it doesn't seem so logical, but i really just want an explanation to justify my whining as well. That or I need something I can change to reduce this problem.

No. 420526

File: 1560214885547.png (409.13 KB, 1240x1490, biteys.png)


I found a really interesting article on it, I grew up in Aus and me and mumsy were mad magnets for them but dad and brother were fine. heard things about like eating bananas and taking b12 etc. but apparently it's a bunch of different reasons. just gotta live in mozzie repellant cuties, I'm sorry <3


protip: growing up rural we'd have to empty stagnant water around the property because that's where they'd breed/the water would be full of "wrigglers" so if you maybe purge your area on the regular if you find any of their larve you might be able to cut their infestation down. good luck guys, keep us posted if you find any remedies because my ankles are raw bro

No. 420552

File: 1560218842834.gif (275.76 KB, 640x480, download.gif)

A E S T H E T I C C U L T U R E needs to die already. Future funk, lo-fi rap with looping gifs, reviving old tokyo pop, and 80's anime with to many after effects filters, I hate it all. This rant was triggered because I saw a youtube commenter on soem random Japanese song say "this is the first time I've seen a song like this without the words aesthetic all over the comment section".

No. 420555

I hate that this has leeched onto Spotify, occasionally I get these crappy music recs of Californians looping anime voice clips over basic electronic music.

No. 420564

It was fun like 8 years ago, people take forever to catch on so its just perpetual hell now.

No. 420566

I hate how there's no dancing music made for my generation anymore. I would love for "Sicko Modes" to have an extended club remix that'd go for 7 minutes just for people who wanna dance their asses off all night. I love the 70s-90s and 2000s for it's dance music but it'll be nice if my generation got that too. I don't have to look at Reggaeton and Latin dancing just to be able to get that itch I'm looking for.

Here's to hoping 2020's music is more high energy and fast paced, I guess.

No. 420569

Sicko Mode not Sicko Modes lmao

No. 420573

how people hate kids. I understand they can be annoying and people have preference to not have them, totally fine! But some people just grow a fucking hate boner over damn children. Like how bitter do you have to be over a child?

No. 420578

I don’t get it either, it comes off really sadistic and malicious with a lot of the speech child haters use, it’s also very dehumanising majority of the time

No. 420590

I hate the word "crotchfruit" some child-free types use.

No. 420620

None of the above anons but the other day I literally thought about posting how much people using the word "crotchfruit" unironically makes me cringe. I'm not big on kids myself either but the edgy ~intellectual~ 20somethings sperging out about how much they hate kids and people who have kids always sound psychotic as fuck with their irrational rage.
>I JUST FUCKING HATE KIDS SO MUCH LIKE HOW DARE YOU BRING ANOTHER DISGUSTING CROTCHSPAWN TO THIS OVERPOPULATED WORLD JESUS I WANT TO FUCKING KILL THEM AND THEIR BREEDER PARENTS WITH MY BARE HANDS REEEE also did I mention how I'm totally the only person in the world who thinks babies are ugly???? if I ever got pregnant I would throw up and fucking kill myself!!!!

No. 420626

ur mistake was spending all ur money on steak and avocados

No. 420628

the fatter she is the easier she is to lay

No. 420659

I hate it too, and all of the other nasty, mean spirited terms they use. I'm CF and feel very strongly about it being a valid way to live your life, but kids aren't the problem for me, parenting is. Children aren't personally at fault for the way they are, they don't ask to be born so they don't warrant hatred.

No. 420660

Yeah because men target ugly and fat people who are easy to disarm due to low self esteem, and we all know those kinds of women just love being targets of assholes who don't care about them.

If you're actually a woman, maybe it's time you realize your man who fucked "anything" is a limp dick scumbag who isn't much of a looker either.

No. 420673

I can't stand seeing pride month shit anymore specially because it's all about troons or made up sexualities. Fuck this crap.

No. 420680

Parents don't get stuck with shitty kids at random. They get stuck with shitty kids for being shitty parents. So long as you're not a moron, and you marry a not a moron your kids will most likely be fine.

No. 420687

Every dollar you spend on eating healthier now is many that you won't spend on medical care later.

No. 420689

Speaking of annoying, I absolutely hate the avocado trend. They are massively high in calories and it is astounding how many restaurants are just piling them onto food like it's ambrosia. 1 avocado has 322 calories in it. That's on TOP of whatever else people are eating with the meal.

Yes, they are a "good" source of fat. But people are meme'd into thinking they're uber healthy, low-cal toppers for every meal.

No. 420701

They taste good tho. Creamy as heck.

No. 420717

I'm not american so I can't speak for America but in my country it's actually cheaper to buy produce (pumped full of pesticides but still) than fast food.

No. 420719

You're not wrong but it's also more complex than that imo. It's not because siblings that are close in age were raised by the same parents the same way that they will be similar, they still have external influences at some point, like their friends at school, their teachers, the media, etc. Unruly kids don't always listen to their reasonable parents for one reason or another, and you have some kids who know how to behave despite having shit parents. I mean in the video it seems like the boy's parents don't give a fuck and he's probably a spoiled brat but I've seen many kids who acted this way with exasperated parents trying to calm them down or punish them with no positive results.

No. 420728


I suppose $700 a month insurance premiums don't count?

No. 420740

Why is my mum so incapable of being fuckin nosy? I ask her for the vet's number and she asks me if my dog is okay and 5 billion questions and still hasn't given me the number. Bitch, if the dog wasn't okay, she'd be dead now. GIVE ME THE NUMBER!! Questions later.

No. 420937

Must be nice to live in a country that hasn't turned it's citizens into fat, consumerists.

No. 421068

My local libary server is down so I can't check if my books are due.

No. 421120

I hate that I had to pay $100 to take someone to court, they should have to pay for making me do it

No. 421177

I mean I'm all for eating healthy (although i dont really see how steak is healthy but whatever) but this kinda shit always baffles me. Americans are the ultimate cucks for not having socialized healthcare.

No. 421266

Bitch what about the ridiculous prices I'm paying now as a healthy individual trying to remain healthy???
Our generation is fucked regardless. We'll work into the grave unless some of us were born lucky enough to ride on our parent's trust funds and businesses.

No. 421303

Good food is cheaper now that it's ever been in history. This gen just likes to complain because it hasn't any real problems.

No. 421309

My coworker keeps talking at me. I used to love working with her because I just got on with her and had a similar outlook, but now she's constantly repeating herself, stressing out and going on at me about work stuff that I just don't care about. I can't tell if she's talking to me or to herself sometimes and if I give nondescript answers to try and placate her, she will start interrogating me to ask what I specifically meant. If I say a generalization she'll start asking me about specifics.
It sucks because I like her, but this job isn't my life, I just don't care and she's making it unbearable.
I don't know what to tell her

No. 421337

Steak is considered healthy because while it's high in calories, it's also high in nutrients. A 200g rump steak is about 350 calories. It's a complete protein and is a rich source of B vitamins, iron, zinc and selenium. It's entirely possible to have a meal of steak and vegetables while staying under 450 calories, which is less calories than a quarter pounder with cheese from McDonalds and is about the same as two soy based vegan burgers.

No. 421343

File: 1560426713634.jpeg (27.63 KB, 300x257, 4F0770C1-9810-4249-9262-2776A7…)

I’m so annoyed by people who don’t understand how to fucking drive - don’t know how a four way stop works, don’t understand that you don’t need to come to a screeching halt at a yield sign when there aren’t any cars coming, don’t get that being “nice” and letting someone who doesn’t have the right of way go is just clogging up traffic even more, yield for every single pedestrian even when pedestrians do not have the right of way, sit at the stoplight on their phone and don’t pay attention when the light turns green and then act personally offended when you honk at them

I honestly could go on but I’m so over this shit. It’s not that hard to just follow traffic laws & make everyone’s commute 10x earlier! Or at least don’t act like I insulted your mother when I honk at you

No. 421346

I always hate it when you try to have a discussion with someone, it always has to be black and white.
Extremes are never right and never work out, because the impact sooner or later is always bad.
But every discussion is about go hard or go home. And even if the other one has an actual point, you can give him that and still stand with your opinion. No, than they try to win the argument with whataboutism or populism. It´s tiring and annoying…

Why do I have the feeling, people nowadays can´t compromise anymore? Or actually understand, that not your opinion ist allmighty and true. And even if it is true, it won´t and can´t change in one second if it is affecting a large group of people (doesn´t matter if it is 10 or 10000).

I´m so tired also of fighting with people who only have half knowledge about something or no knowledge at all, but won´t interfere regardless.
I have the feeling, half of the topics could be come to an solution much faster, if not every single person is in the opinion, they want to have a say, but obviously don´t understand the topic with all the different aspects.

No. 421688

File: 1560493465716.jpeg (184.47 KB, 690x388, 0AAF92E1-AEB0-423E-A5A7-C9A22B…)

Not necessarily annoying but I will never understand memes that take off just because the subject matter is a pretty woman. Natalia Polonskaya and Bowsette are just two examples of this.

No. 421690

I hate that whenever someone is drawn as an anime character it's the same fucking face. All anime characters have the same face. What is that shit and why doesn't anyone say anything about this? It's not even like, an anime styled caricature (which is how it should be). Just shameful.

No. 421694

File: 1560495014941.gif (1020.1 KB, 215x133, ace fear.gif)

Geez, I feel bad because you basically just described my horrible driving.

Thank god I live in a city with good public transit. I almost never drive because of it's so much easier to take the train.

No. 421695

File: 1560495257877.jpeg (206.46 KB, 850x850, D42F8C0D-A20C-4BFD-950D-28822F…)

There are some artists that had put some effort (pic related), but yes weebs sometimes don’t get out of their comfort zone. I suppose they draw the same faces so that the cuteness isn’t compromised. By the way, reading KYM’s article of Natalia Poklonskaya lowered my opinion on weebs.

No. 421697

File: 1560495377598.png (1.38 MB, 1394x1250, tggfjghkfgfdsaaa.png)

This is why I love Kohei Horikoshi. Look how varied his female faces are. Also the body proportions are actually reasonable!

I picked the swimsuit picture because it's a good example of what I'm saying. However I'm not a fan of the sexualization of teenagers common in anime, which is why I don't participate in anime fandom.

No. 421698

Anon, no offense but it's the same face, just making different faces. It's the same face with different expressions. Even the pros are all shit. Anime is the only medium where this is allowed. Even Pixar doesn't escape criticism but anime does.

No. 421703

File: 1560496676462.png (71.38 KB, 1000x1000, eyes.png)

Look it up, anon. Their eyes are each drawn differently- it's not just their expressions.

No. 421708

Plenty of these are stylistic choices not exclusive to the same characters, I guarantee you. That's just the wacky dacky situational stupid anime art style.

No. 421714

It's not, but nothing I say is going to convince you. These are literally all these character's resting expressions.

Go to the BNHA wiki if you don't believe me.

No. 421929

People getting those big "Buddha" or smoothie bowls thinking they're the healthiest shit in the world. Every time I see one posted on Instagram I just cringe. 900 kcal in one bowl of sugar.

Commercializing traditional "health foods" in general is annoying especially because of smug dumb vegans and yogi types who think they are eatin' good. There's a reason why you weigh 35 lbs more than me and it's because you are getting shilled into eating way more than you should under the guise of health

No. 421955

tell me about it. i also hate superfoods.

No. 421971

This, but also it's so hard to find foods without added sugars for some reason? At least in my country, I can't even buy unsweetened ice tea or coffee on the go. All of it is just full of sugar. Like it must be easier to make something without sugar than with. I just wish there were more options available. Sweet things don't even taste that good once you kick your sugar addiction.

No. 421974

buying superfoods is also really bad for 3rd world countries/natives. If somethings a superfood that means its most likely a staple food in it's 3rd world country of origin. Once the sueprfood is popular in a 1st world countries companies don't grow their own superfoods they just buy it from natives leaving them to starve.

I also find people who are shocked when they find out a so called 'healthy' meal is unhealthy annoying. Mines a bit different because I have to count carbs for ever meal I take, medical reasons, and whenever people are shocked over this I'm always like 'no shit sherlock. read the carb counts'

No. 422030

I applied to few universities and the results will come within 2 weeks and I'm getting nervous. I don't have high hopes but I also don't want to assume anything so I'm just annoyed about needing to wait.

Also I have a new job for the summer and after five weeks I'm finally starting to be used to this (cleaning job). I don't mind the things I need to do but it's very physical and lonely and I don't like how some things are arranged so I doubt I'll apply for anything like this unless I absolutely have to in the future.

No. 422122

File: 1560541266604.jpg (123.85 KB, 720x1061, v0p6908qqt031.jpg)

'X character supports Y political belief' is dumb. Its even worse when people choose the most random character for trans rights (miku, spongebob, and rudolph the red nose reindeer). You can joke about it in your own spheres, but posting it on fandom subs and accusing all who don't agree nazis will alienate people from your movement.

Also master shake is the reverse of everything leftism stands for. Who thought this was a good idea?

No. 422125

>Who thought this was a good idea
Retards who think throwing milkshakes on other retards is a good idea

No. 422126

Yeah it's impossible to avoid that nowadays. It's really annoying because fandoms are suppose to be fun. Inserting pop culture into politics is always cringy.

No. 422127

Eh, the milkshake thing is fine

This is so lame. I don't mind the milkshaking thing but this is fucking lame and embarrassing

No. 422130

File: 1560542919053.jpg (233.25 KB, 685x1167, luigiuser_comission_2_by_shaye…)

People who are unironically in love with fictional characters need to get off the internet and seek help.

No. 422131

>Eh, the milkshake thing is fine
So you're a retard then?

No. 422240

File: 1560572860761.png (135.41 KB, 300x225, 1559015409267.png)

He was ugly, plain at the most.

Reminds me of that one anon who posted a while back about feeling her husbando's presence. Shit was wild but I do feel bad for people like that.
I still think about those people that you would find on deviantart that were obsessed with some random character and would want to fight anyone who also claimed to love the same character or draw fanart of them. Kids just fight about "kin" these days.

No. 422268

File: 1560584633901.png (808.75 KB, 722x701, 53150F9B-3523-41F8-8138-810F5B…)

>I still think about those people that you would find on deviantart that were obsessed with some random character and would want to fight anyone who also claimed to love the same character or draw fanart of them.

You just remained me of such a sperg. Meet gallantmon8, an obsessive Rosalina fanboy. He was so madly in love in her that the sight of Rosalina shipped with anyone besides himself would send him into a chimp out. Thankfully he’s gone now. To think I thought SigurdHosenheld was the nuttiest. At least Sigurd’s obsession with Princess Peach has died out.

No. 422269

NTA, but there's literally nothing wrong with throwing milkshakes at shitty, racist men, lmao. It's actually pretty funny, in a silly way.
The only ones who disagree are either shitty, racist men themselves, or those in the interest of protecting shitty, racist men from embarrassment.

No. 422270

This. There is actually a kale issue going on with the demand for it in 1st nations like USA. it's so annoying, and i feel bad for the countries where this grows.

No. 422272

>it's ok when it's done to someone I disagree with
But what if it's done to someone that you do agree with? What about when it stops being milkshake and as a BBC presenter recently suggested, starts being battery acid? You can't condone behaviour from one side and condemn it from the other without being hypocritical.

Kale doesn't grow in the US? In northern Europe it's a staple winter crop.

No. 422273

You're being kind of dramatic. So, a milkshake got tossed on some public figure, and some people thought it was funny, while others felt bad for them. Did anyone die or suffer grievous bodily harm? Why is this a crisis? It's definitely better than violence or rioting, especially considering the tension the world is in lately.

If it happened to someone I agree with, I wouldn't go into hysterics. I'd just be like "Wow, that sucks, hope they're not too sad about the embarrassment. Now let's move on"

No. 422274

Can't delete post, and forgot to add: This is also behaving as if the side I disagree with wouldn't choose to do far worse things than just some milkshaking here and there if they actually had their way politically, lmao.

No. 422276

>What about when it stops being milkshake and as a BBC presenter recently suggested, starts being battery acid? You can't condone behaviour from one side and condemn it from the other without being hypocritical.
Holy shit, you actually think that's a good argument? One is battery acid and one is milkshakes. There's a super long history of politicians being egged and yet, no battery acid. There's a reason why people don't typically call the cops after being TP'ed but would call the cops if their house was permanently vandalized. Like, one causes grevious bodily harm and one is a milkshake. This is a retarded argument. And they brought the specific 'milkshake' on themselves with their faggoty 'milk' bullshit.

No. 422281

If you think they're bad right now then just keep egging them on. It will not only piss them off, it's likely to also make them more sympathetic to undecided majority in the middle.
My main concern is escalation. Some sperg takes shit like this too far if you give them any precedent. Milk, to eggs, to rotten fruit, to shoes, to bricks, to bullets wouldn't be an inconcievable chain of events at all.

No. 422287

>If you think they're bad right now then just keep egging them on.
Nah, they'll do whatever they're going to do anyway, because they were malicious from the start. No one is forcing their hand.
The key is to keep them out of power.
The "undecided middle majority" aren't going to look at the side that advocates a regime that believes in actual, active suppression of free speech, ethnic cleansing (and actual, concentrated genocide), stripping women of their rights, colonialism and other atrocities and say "Ok but they had milkshakes thrown at them, so who's the real villain here?? :/". Those who were already on that side may weakly try to use it as an "excuse", but they were never "undecided", and no one will be fooled.

No. 422289

Nobody at all is endorsing ethnic cleansing. Nobody at all is endorsing colonialism. The only rights being stripped away from women are our rights to bear arms. Threatening or enacting violence, any sort of violence IS suppression of free speech. To the people in the middle, the people throwing milkshakes are the people that are badguys. The more milkshakes that are thrown the more support they'll give to whoever is receiving them.

Wannabe brownshirt antifa larping was a large factor in why Trump swept 2016, and larpers doubling down is why he'll win ever harder come 2020. Normal people don't want anything except to be left in peace.

No. 422290

>suppression of free speech
>ethnic cleansing
>stripping women of their rights
Are you describing the left or the right? I honestly can't tell anymore.

No. 422291

This post only sounds logical or nuanced to someone who's on the right and suffering from delusions, hasn't looked at history, and/or doesn't actually know what any of those terms entail.

No. 422292

100+ million civilians have been intentionally killed by communists so obviously the left.

No. 422293

Okay, anon. You're free to believe that, but I hope you don't LARP as the undecided middle majority you seem bent on claiming to speak for.
>Trump winning in 2020
>when the right is mad at him for not being as harsh on immigrants as they wanted, not being anti-Semitic as they hoped, not "draining the swamp", not delivering on the wall promise, etc and the left hates him for sexually assaulting people, implicitly saying there are Neo-Nazis who are "very good people", etc

No. 422294

>The left is automatically communist
Brain worms.

No. 422295

How am I deluded? Explain how those descriptors do not apply equally to both left and right.

No. 422296

How exactly would they apply to the left without having to heavily dilute their meanings with embarrassing platitudes like "Getting banned from Twitter because I called someone a racial slur and/or harassed them is suppression of my free speech and a violation of my rights", "White people not reproducing at the exact same rates as every other race is ethnic cleansing and genocide", or "The cashier at Wal-Mart isn't the same race as me, this is colonialism"?
As a reminder, none of those points sound sensible to anyone who is not deluded.

No. 422297

Nope, I'm a conservative. Build the wall and build it high. Only build it around California instead.

When it comes to the right, many are extremely disappointed in him sure, but then they'll take always disappoint over ever voting democrat.

When it comes to the middle though, the word has gotten out that fake news is a thing(for example, in implying that Trump supports Neo-Nazi when he clearly and repeatedly condemned all political violence and racial bigotry) so they're likely to vote against it just out of spite alone.

No. 422298

It's exactly as retarded as thinking all conservatives are nazis.

No. 422299

Again, no one but those who were already on that side will do anything "out of spite" or think that the right are the true victims because of milkshakes, as anyone who's truly in the middle notices that the right has its collective share of retards, and notice all the fake news they've spilled before the term was even coined (the lies told by right-leaning media like Fox News alone, or just a list of lies Donald Trump has told could fill entire books).
The fact that there's hysteria over milkshakes and that they're being called "violence" is just another example of desperate grasping.

No. 422302

If you say so, sis. There's nothing I can say that will open your mind now, and I'm betting it will still stay closed even after 2020. Just in advance, I told you so.

No. 422303

Okay, I hope you survive the milkshake genocide.

No. 422310

>Getting banned from Twitter because I called someone a racial slur and/or harassed them is suppression of my free speech and a violation of my rights
Any form of deplatforming is suppression of free speech. Twitter is a small issue what is more disturbing is the left's insistence that speech is violence and any speech they disagree with is then shut down with actual physical violence. Infamous example of this is the Berkeley Antifa riots, where the left wanted to stop a gay man from speaking. People also get fired from their jobs for having the wrong opinions like James Demore. In Europe where there are hate speech laws it's even worse. Any criticism of Islam and trannies results in a prison sentence.

>White people not reproducing at the exact same rates as every other race is ethnic cleansing and genocide

Flooding Europe with migrants to replace the native population is literally the UN definition of genocide

>the cashier at Wal-Mart isn't the same race as me, this is colonialism

That's not what I referring to at all. I was referring to neocolonialism, a consequence of globalism that is pushed by the left.

No. 422312

Twitter and other companies don't guarantee free speech. Theyre private companies that have financial obligations to shut down racists that compromise their reputation and their bottomline.

No. 422313

File: 1560597112178.png (135.79 KB, 1834x426, un definition.png)

>a private company not wanting someone who's ostensibly bad for their image to keep messing up their image is suppression of free speech
This isn't how it works, sorry. I'm pretty sure this is why most responsible people add a "My views do not represent that of my workplace" to their bios, but even then, it's within a company's rights and freedom to fire or remove someone from their space if they don't represent their chosen values. If you're against this, you are actually against freedom.

>the left's insistence that speech is violence

When you advocate the genocide, oppression and subjugation of others, you are supporting violence and trying to use the leniency of free speech in a peaceful, sensible society to your advantage in order to destroy it for others. There's no point in hiding it.
People will know what's up when you invite the grand wizard of the KKK to speak at your events (and commune with its members in general), fly marginally less popular Nazi flags at these same events, sieg-heil at meetups, chant "Black lives splatter" and "Jews will not replace us" while holding flaming torches in public at night, post endless racial diatribes in your main strongholds, etc etc.

>and any speech they disagree with is then shut down with actual physical violence

It'd make sense not to preach the virtues of violence if you are against it in practice. On top of that, while one specific group allied with the left might start physical altercations, the right has responded with actual killings on at least three occasions now, two of them not even aimed at anyone on their opposing political side, but from what they perceive to be the "enemy race (or religion)" in a bid to spark off a "race war". This is far more disturbing than a few punches here and there.

>Flooding Europe with migrants to replace the native population is literally the UN definition of genocide

1. Pic related is the actual definition. Nothing there about having migrants in a given country. It's crazy that you'd say something, then link something that doesn't match your claim at all.
2. Do you have any credible source that backs up your insistence that Europe has migrants specifically "to replace the native population"? Because this is a common conspiracy theory by the insane, paranoid and delusional, usually with no evidence, but lots of emotion.

>That's not what I referring to at all. I was referring to neocolonialism, a consequence of globalism that is pushed by the left.

What do you define as neocolonialism? Because with this track record, I'm convinced you have your own creative version of it.

No. 422321

>Any form of deplatforming is suppression of free speech.

It's not. Twitter is a private company. Free speech only applies to law. Let's say I open a bookstore and choose not to sell Ayn Rand books, is this a suppression of free speech? No, you can still buy ayn rand books elsewhere without being arrested. Let's say I make a zine and sell it at some fairs and refuse my right-wing classmate to put his shitty mysoginistic caricatures in it, is it suppression of free speach? You all whine about not being able to say racist shit but you do keep saying racist shit. For a political leaning that is so in love with the Free Market and capitalism, you sure don't understand how private companies have their own right to platform whoever they want.

No. 422330

The 1st Amendment itself can only restrict the powers of the state, but the principle it's based on applies to everyone. We ALL need live by the spirit of the amendment or society falls apart. Heck, fascists don't even need the state when there's giant corporations that effectively control every facet of our lives. Kick them off of twitter, fuck up their credit rating, deny them any loans, shut off their electricity, and count minutes before they starve. Also, FYI, twitter stopped being a fully private company when courts ruled that Trump couldn't block the people trolling him.

No. 422336

>fuck up their credit rating, deny them any loans, shut off their electricity, and count minutes before they starve
It's almost like the fate they want desperately to inflict on other people isn't so favorable.

No. 422337

Who is the they you're referring to? There are people abusing their structural power as we speak, and those people aren't conservatives.

No. 422339

You already admitted that they're fascists. Give it up with the "N-No we're the innocent ones whatever do you mean uwu" already. No one here is going to fall for it.
We all know where you're coming from and what your outlook is.

No. 422340

I never realized she has the same face shape/features that men hate on Brie Larson. Huh. Guys really can be meme'd in and out of anything.

No. 422346

To the person sperging about muh free speech- so, you basically think these websites should throw out their TOS and allow anything legally protected by the first ammendment? Porn is protected legally by the first amendment, do you think any platform with rules against porn should allow it on their website? Propoganda videos telling parents to feed their autistic children bleach are legally protected under free speech, but pretty much every major platform bans them due to rules about spreading medical misinformation. Should they start allowing those videos back on? What about proana bullshit, should they stop banning that too?

Either accept these companies don't have to give a fuck about "muh free speech" or accept that if they do, that means EVERYTHING is allowed.

No. 422349

>where they wanted to stop a gay man from speaking
>implying the Berkley incident had anything to do with the fact Milo is gay and not the fact he's a misogynistic bigot who spews some of the most disgusting shit anyone with decent morals has ever heard

The intellectual dishonesty you're using is staggering.

Not to mention, he singled out a random troon student at one school he attended to be harassed just necause they were trans. He should never have been allowed to speak at any colleges after he did that anyway, since he is literally a threat to their students.

No. 422350

Hard agree. And honestly, it's never a bad thing to refuse to do business with - or stop providing a platform to - those that support a fascist society.
You are not owed a job, a social media account, a business relationship, or really anything from anyone in a society you seek to destroy and bring back to the dark ages. You can't demand fairness when you're directly calling for unfairness.
The sane half of the population is not obliged to aid the insane in their lust for power under any means.

No. 422353

>You already admitted that they're fascists.
That the banks and tech giants are, yes.

No. 422354

Except if they were actually fascists, you'd be defending them and calling them /ourguy/.
>want to destroy society
>get mad and cry victim when society tells you to fuck off
>accuse them of being the thing you proudly brand yourself as

No. 422355

Who the hell wants to destroy society?
Wanting to conserve society is almost the whole point of conservatism to start with.

No. 422359

/pol/tards screeching about "white genocide" (like the one ITT) and calling it "based" to kill innocent churchgoers for being the wrong race, or random Muslim people (including children) in a place of worship in countries that aren't even their own. Again, we've seen the shit you say when you think you're in a safe space, and what you support at meet-ups.
Maybe this pathetic attempt would work if you were on a more normie site.

No. 422361

I agree. The fact that it's even a debate whether or not it's good for these platforms not to allow people to use them to make money off of spreading severely bigoted viewpoints and misinformation really blows my mind.

No. 422363

You might need your head checked, anon. Saying that you think white genocide is happening is not the same thing as wanting to destroy society. It just means you're probably an idiot.

No. 422365

Except that there have been multiple racially charged mass shootings to combat the white genocide myth and people on 4chan and 8chan cheer them on. So, whether or not the individual saying it wants to destroy society is irrelevant, since the obvious endgame of such views is happening.

No. 422369

Just like there have been multiple racially charged shootings against Trump supporters. Homicidal maniacs don't become maniacs because of what trolls on websites say. They decide they want to kill people and then start shopping around for reasons after.

No. 422370

>defends the "muh white genocide" poster, admits to being right-wing, admits to sharing their views about how any form of deplatforming is "suppression of free speech", then backpedals and says they're "probably an idiot" to try and save face
These "white genocide" believers support actual genocide of other races in some retarded form of "retaliation", and the ones that don't participate cheer them on.

No. 422372

>there have been multiple racially charged shootings against Trump supporters
Why would you lie on the internet?

No. 422374

Just like some progressives that believe in white privilege are okay with using retaliatory violence. There's bad actors on all sides, and some very good people as well.

No. 422375

You made the same post here >>422369, except you literally made up there being "racially charged shootings on Trump supporters" to try and draw a false equivalence. You are one of many bad actors (in more than just one sense of the term).

No. 422376

Please link us to evidence of this trend of mass shootings against Trump supporters.

Oh wait, you can't because it's not real.

No. 422378

No. 422379

This shooting was not targeted against Trump supporters specifically, neither was it racially motivated.
Imagine accusing the other side of spreading fake news, only to do so yourself. Pathetic.

No. 422380

File: 1560607844026.gif (670.78 KB, 275x153, 1553548273932.gif)

>there are some very good people who believe in white genocide
Please go back to /pol/ and stay there.

No. 422381

File: 1560607979651.jpg (41.48 KB, 500x333, 4527714-7474432124-large.jpg)

>Anon asks for evidence of mass shootings against Trump supporters
>Post the Las Vegas Shooting

This shit just doesn't write itself.

No. 422382

Same anon as >>422379 here. To rub salt in the wound:
>Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Paddock was "happy" with President Trump because the stock market was strong.[32]
Citation: http://www.newsweek.com/las-vegas-gunman-was-trump-supporter-happy-stock-market-701597
Racially motivated shootings against Trump supporters…by other Trump supporters of the same race as the victims.

No. 422383

File: 1560608027721.jpg (641.59 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190615-101241_Chr…)

Holy shit, you clearly didn't read the article before posting it. It literally says 4chan made up the Trump connection and it was fake.

No. 422384

No. 422385

Then what was his motive then?

No. 422386

Yes, the people that want to preserve their race by establishing homelands peacefully.

No. 422387

Without even clicking on the articles, you can tell from the headlines that none of these are mass shootings.

No. 422388

are these racists retarded? as someone who isn't from a western country, we were taught that developed countries with better life welfare have lower fertility rates because more women are able to focus on their career instead of dealing with occasional pregnancies, birth control is available, they are better with family planning, etc. women in the middle east have no birth control or abortion options and get married very young, so of course these places have higher birth rates. yet there are still more europeans living than any other time in history. i don't know what these fuckers are on about, it doesn't take a huge brain to see this.

No. 422393

You're flip-flopping again. First, you said believing in white genocide makes you an idiot. Now, you're defending that exact same mindset under the guise of "preserving their race by establishing homelands".
Your types remain as dishonest (and retarded) as ever.

No. 422394

How is that a flipflop? If you believe in a thing that's stupid that makes you an idiot, but if you want to achieve it through peaceful means you're at least one that's not evil.

No. 422395

To kill a bunch of people? I don't know, but that doesn't change the fact that the website you linked to says any political motivations assigned to it were a myth started by 4chan.
The first two stories you posted are cases of vandalism that didn't even involve injuries and the third has no pilitical motivation stated other than that he wore Nazi shit. You are deluded if you think these help your "both sides" argument.

No. 422396

When Africans move to Europe they still have higher birthrates - because those births are heavily financially subsidized. It's subtle eugenics, but eugenics nonetheless.

No. 422398

Proof it was because of the flag and not just gun-toters being gun-toters? Proof it was racially motivated in the least?


>Cheatham said the office had yet to confirm a motive or identify a suspect in the shooting and had not yet found video evidence or any witnesses.
Your only halfway decent, on-topic article, and yet still a reach without any actual evidence, proven motive or a suspect caught. Also, not racially motivated.


This is about a psycho who shot people and also apparently really liked to collect Nazi paraphernalia "and other odd stuff". There is literally nothing in this article about Trump supporters, neither is there anything to prove that the person targeted a specific race.

You really don't have shit, do you? Lmao.
Only one of these can even be reasonably considered a mass shooting, and that one is completely unrelated. In fact, the only reason to use the last one in an argument is to imply something like "the Jews are FRAMING us innocent Nazis!!1". Congrats, you've pretty much betrayed your allegiance to Nazis while struggling to damage control after being called out on your bullshit. You can stop with the "We want to preserve society, not destroy it!" now.

No. 422399

That 4chan discovered the links does not disprove the links.

No. 422400

… that's not what eugenics is at all, honey.

Definition of eugenics
>the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics.

No. 422402

Right. And by taking money from one group and giving it to another group you affect their ability to effectively raise families, and so control their breeding.

No. 422403

If it was true, the main source would be credited as some place other than 4chan, and accepted by other, reputable places. It's not, so it's bullshit (and bullshit that has been debunked multiple times).
You tried, and failed.

No. 422404

Define reputable place.

No. 422405

You're right, it's the fact they have no evidence at all of the links that disproves the links.

Also, even if hypothetically it were true registered democrat, that still doesn't mean the shooting itself was politically motivated.

Seriously, though, you are really grasping at straws to prove anti-racists amre just as bad as racists and it's really pathetic. Reevaluate yourself.

No. 422407

You're free to look up all the evidence provided by 4chan whistleblowers yourself.

No. 422408

At this point, it's pretty safe to say this bitch is either a troll or a /pol/tard incapable of rational thinking. Either way, I think it's time for us to stop engaging with her and report any subsequent posts she makes.

No. 422409

Maybe a place that isn't full of autistic LARPers talking about cuckold porn, conspiracy theorists and schizos spreading their garbage, lolicon posters who bitch about the age of consent being too high, "tfw no gf" dumbasses and mentally ill men who fantasize about killing anyone who's not white and male all day every day.

No. 422410

I'm very sure the vast majority of European people aren't robbed of their ability to raise children because >taxes and immigrants and shiet.

No. 422411

Welp, I looked it up and didn't find anything even close to legit, so it looks like you're just a total dumbass who blindly believes anything 4chan tells you.

No. 422413

I'm very sure it doesn't matter if a lot of them are or not. So long as even a single family affected that's a difference that's going to add up over time.

No. 422414

maybe because it has to do with how non-western cultures treat women like baby-making machines and not normal individuals, how they make women feel like shit if they have a miscarriage or don't give birth to a son? some immigrant families in the west still hold onto these misogynistic values. these women aren't having kids thinking "yeah let's show these whities how it's done!! let's destroy them by having 20 kids!!", they do it because they don't want to be seen as "a failure of a woman" by their conservative family. fortunately europe came a long way with not forcing pregnancy on women yet white supremacist retards are still enforcing this on white women in the disguise of ~~saving the race~~. let women do whatever they want.

No. 422418

File: 1560610177301.jpg (40.49 KB, 540x366, jknjkn.jpg)

You're right. I assumed it was a female poster, but on closer inspection, it might actually be a scrote. You can kind of tell by the fact that he seems to want white women to be baby factories in order to "preserve" the race. I don't want to believe a farmer can possibly be that dumb.
I wouldn't even be surprised if it was the same summerfag invader(s) who spammed lolicon for hours over multiple threads and said we're all jealous of their 2D waifus.

No. 422419

This so hard. The fact white men look at more draconian cultures that treat women like baby factories and go "we gotta pressure/force our women to outbreed them!" really speaks volumes to how disgusting and evil men are.

No. 422423

I don't care why they think that way. I just care that they do. It's shitty regressive misogyny that fucked up their own countries and now it's fucking up mine as well.

>let women do whatever they want.

That's the entire point, hon. Let them get away from female genital mutilation, being sold as child brides, and being beaten by their husbands in accordance with Allah by not letting anyone okay with this shit in.

No. 422424

What are you talking about? White europeans are still much more rich than arab immigrants. In fact, nowadays, rich and educated people with good resources tend to have less children than poor people.
I'm sorry but all the rich people I know have max two kids, and most have one or none. Poor people (especially from immigrant families) have much more kids.

>/pol/ whistleblowers


But eugenics have to be voluntary. You can't look at something that happpens organically and call it eugenics.

No. 422425

This. Groups with high birthrates will show reduced birthrates when their women are liberated. The solution isn't to cram white women back into the dark ages socially, politically, and economically in a bid to out-breed other races. For one thing, it simply won't work, while the global economic and political advancement of women of all races WILL work to stabilize births to sustainable rates.

No. 422426

Scrote confirmed, possibly a tranny.

No. 422427

>The solution isn't to cram white women back into the dark ages socially, politically, and economically in a bid to out-breed other races.
Whoever said it was?

No. 422428

Yup. I'm pretty sure the "anon" will try to find a way to disagree with this, because despite the fact that he's trying to LARP as a woman, he can't adequately hide that he doesn't care about women at all. He just really, really hates anyone not white, and probably also hates women, anyway.
You can tell by the fact that he's playing dumb now and begging the question, despite his earlier posts. It's the same idiocy that lead him to insist there were "racially motivated mass shootings" on Trump supporters and then link to a bunch of unrelated shit.
This is probably the most non-familial female interaction he's had all week.

No. 422449

>When you advocate the genocide, oppression and subjugation of others, you are supporting violence
Speaking about violence is still not violence. There's a process where someone needs to hear speech and then decide to act on it. When violence is used to suppress speech the decision to be violent has already been made. You don't seem to understand that if the left chooses to take speech as violence when they hear something they don't like, what's to stop the right from doing the same? You either have free speech for everyone or not at all. Any unbalance will lead to a further escalation of violence. Free speech exists so people are able to debate their ideas and discuss their differences so there is no need for violence.

>when you invite the grand wizard of the KKK to speak at your events

When has a university ever invited someone from the KKK? Where has anywhere in the last 20 years invited the KKK to speak? The KKK is a dead organisation that isn't even liked by actual nazis. The people having their ideas suppressed by the violent left are people like Ben Shapiro, Christina Hoff Sommers and Jordan Peterson.

>a few punches here and there.

A few punches here and there will become a few gunshots and then a full scale civil war. You tell me that I don't know history, yet you have obviously never looked into the Spanish Civil War. The build up mirrored the current political polarisation. It ended with an actual fascist dictator ruling Spain.

>Nothing there about having migrants in a given country

I'd argue that the following descriptors fit what is happening in Europe
>Killing members of the group
>Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
I'm not against political asylum. I grew up in a town where plenty of different races, religions and nationalities co-existed. The kindness and care shown to me by some of these people exceed that of my own family. What I am saying is wrong is uncontrolled immigration that serves no purpose but to denigrate the native and existing immigrant populations. There are people coming to Europe that want to harm Europeans and governments are allowing this to happen. Europe is already one of the most densely populated places on earth. Europe does not need an unlimited number of economic migrants. Unemployment is at record levels in some countries. Services built by Europeans such as healthcare and the welfare state will collapse if there is more people taking from them then are paying in.

>I'm convinced you have your own creative version of it.
The wikipedia definition
>the practice of using capitalism, globalisation and cultural imperialism to influence a developing country instead of the previous colonial methods of direct military control (imperialism) or indirect political control (hegemony).

I don't disagree, I even said twitter is a small issue. The problem of the "speech is violence" concept is that it is used to deplatform people in real life through any means possible. Hate speech laws are equally dangerous because what is "hate speech" is defined by those in power. What if Europe continues to elect nationalist governments? It's not going to be the right being censored, it's going to be left getting shut down by their own legislation.

I don't particularly like Milo Yiannopoulos but I would still defend his right to say something even if I didn't agree with it. Regardless of what he said or was going to say, it in no way justifies rioting, harming bystanders and destroying local businesses.

>alling it "based" to kill innocent churchgoers for being the wrong race
No one has said that, you are conflating European and American issues.

You're arguing with different anons. My last post in this thread was five hours ago.

No. 422453

The people that think that Europeans need to reclaim Europe through turning women into baby factories are as retarded as those who want Europe to keep its borders open. It also just sounds like an argument an incel would make while thinking of nothing but their dick. Preservation of Europe's wildlife and environment are just as important as its culture. They depend on each other. Europe will still be overpopulated even if they removed all the invaders.

The only people who benefit from the overpopulation are are the mega corporations and the ruling elite. The businesses get endless consumers and an expendable workforce. The governments get a fractured population easily ruled because it can't pull itself together due to conflicting interests and crab bucket mentality. Meanwhile we get increased taxes and sky high rent to live in tiny boxes in ever expanding lifeless grey shitholes, with eternal traffic. Inadequate health care stretched to breaking point. Swarms of violent backwards invaders roaming our streets with no respect for anything, or anyone around them. Overflowing rubbish tips and polluted green spaces that shrink by the day.

I wonder if either side would be comforted by the fact they got laid, or that people perceived them as "goodies" like in their movies, while they starve to death after achieving their short sighted goals.

No. 422458

>when you lost the first 99999 arguments, but then you buck up and decide to samefag with your other, more neglected persona
tl;dr. The reason no one is crying about Nazis getting milkshaked, banned from Twitter or punched, is because if they had their way, they'd pistol-whip people, ban them from everything ever and gas them. You are not innocent, pure-hearted free-speech warriors just trying to save the world and make their voices heard, and everybody with over two brain cells knows it.
Also, the fact that you'd try to bring up universities in a bid to tip toe around the fact that David Duke was a planned speaker for the "Unite The Right" rally is ridiculously dishonest. As for "dead organization", even if ISIS sits inactive for a couple of years, it's still fucked up to invite them to speak for your political cause. No dodging that.
Complain about getting milkshaked on a site full of other fascists. You'll get no sympathy here.

No. 422461

File: 1560619797446.png (671.64 KB, 1243x680, retardation.png)

Why are cultural appropriationfags 9/10 times a dumbass westerner with an 8 kilometer pole up their ass? Foreigners shouldn't be forced to learn every nook and cranny of burger politics to exist on the internet. I literally haven't seen a single case of legit "cultural appropriation". It's on the same shit tier as queerbaiting and whitewashing.

No. 422462

>The reason no one is crying about Nazis getting milkshaked
Please explain to me how Sargon, Nigel Farage, Anne Marie Waters and Tommy Robinson are nazis. Sargon is a complete twat but not a nazi, Nigel Farage is a mainstream politician, Anne Marie Waters is a lesbian feminist and Tommy Robinson is known for speaking out against and reporting on muslim rape gangs. Which one of these is the next Hitler?

>You are not innocent, pure-hearted free-speech warriors just trying to save the world and make their voices heard, and everybody with over two brain cells knows it

By repeatedly calling me a nazi you are being disingenuous. If I'm supportive of free speech isn't calling me a nazi an oxymoron?

>the fact that you'd try to bring up universities in a bid to tip toe around the fact that David Duke was a planned speaker for the "Unite The Right"

The Unite the Right Rally was universally condemned and it happened once. Speakers being shut down on university campuses is a routine event.

No. 422463

>doesn't deny samefagging

No. 422464

i can understand where these people are coming from if it's some serious real life situation but why does how someone draws a fictional character matter? how is it effecting anybody?

No. 422465

What does that post have to do with cultural appropriation? Are you confused, anon?

No. 422469

Why are men so fucking stupid? I swear to god they watch porn so much they forget that women also use assholes to shit.
Several dudes I hooked up with randomly asked for anal in the middle of sex as if women enema their ass every day so we’ll be ready to receive cock whenever. I always reply “Sure if you don’t mind my sexy smelly shit all over your dick”. They go soft and I leave.

No. 422470

File: 1560621202999.png (378.36 KB, 605x972, retardation2.png)

Shit. I meant whitewashing. I was so angry i didn't even notice. Sorry about that.
This breed of fiction=reality people are a bunch of mentally ill idiots that think someone who enjoys drawing something will actually act upon it. Same with the weeb=pedos crowd, how many times have i seen idiots on twitter turn out that they sent nudes to, solicited sex from and/or assaulted underage girls? Guess what their accounts were filled with? A bunch of anti-anime virtue signaling with no actual criticism of the genre. (Peter Bright, anyone?) But it's not just weebshit. Anyone that exceptionally virtue signals about fiction being reality is probably a retard and/or a pedo in hiding. All this is counter weight to the skeletons in their closet.

No. 422473

if a dude told that to me i would say "you can do it if you let me fuck your ass too" but i wouldn't really want to fuck his ass either. their expectations are so porny and they think they know all about female sexuality just because they watch a lot of porn. a girl i know was talking about what she likes in men and she said something like "it's a huge plus if they are good at oral", and the one guy in the group was like "how can you be good at oral on women? anyone can lick in and out" and he learned what clitorises are only after she explained it.

No. 422474

I'm 99% sure the person who made this half-assed edit is a white bitch who never experienced any real racism in her life.

No. 422479

File: 1560625043307.jpg (14.47 KB, 480x363, 1508341027803.jpg)

>he learned what clitorises are only after she explained it.

It's devastating how there's so many men like that out there.

No. 422481

Potentially good indie games held back by ugly art. With the artist being a permanent team member.

No. 422482

I hope they DMCA'd that cunt.

No. 422485

Mildly annoying - Try Guys Eugene came out as gay apparently. And people wonder why no one believes men when they claim to be "bi".

No. 422490

I mean plenty of men are bi.
And I can see why some would come out as bi first, hoping to catch less stigma

No. 422491

I posted this yesterday but I can't find it or maybe it got moved.

I am annoyed with this woman to the point I am seriously thinking of confronting her. As in " Bitch what the fuck is your problem I have spent the past 5 years being nice to you, your hostility is effecting my chance of success. what did I ever do to you? "

To give background, She is a Coach in a niche sport I play. I have been chosen to represent the club in a tournament but I still have weak points, as this is pretty big event extra sessions have been put on. neither of us drive. I knew this person D was going to the extra session and she was going with him, so I asked this woman if she would contact him and ask if I could tag along, as they would be driving past my house. ( I have done this before and there has never been an issue). Her response was a curt ' Ask him yourself" my response was " I tried to but he rarely uses FB, I can be ready and waiting and just hop into the car, he has given me lifts before Im sure he won't mind would you mind asking him on my behalf' I got NO response.

This led me to think about her, and I realised she has been hostile to me for the past FIVE years. She is a coach so we are not competing against each other, sometimes I have to pay her 20 pounds an hour just for her have the absolute minimum contact with me, when I was not in the advanced group, OTHER coaches would come over and correct my posture, as she was basically doing her best to pretend I was invisible.

We always go to the pub afterwards, there is normally between 6-10 of us. most of the time we have to sit at different tables. I like to be social in social settings so when am with the group I am chatting, laughing etc. I have ALWAYS acknowledged her and spoke to her etc, despite getting nothing back. It is like there is nothing ' there' to respond to. She does not really say much, I just assumed she was shy and never paid much heed. I noticed after about a year she was the only one I was not FB friends with and we use FB group page a lot. So I sent her a request and she denied. At that stage I thought she was a private person and STILL did not realise she did not like me.

Other things include, after I been there 3 years, I was ill, in ICU and in a coma for a while. When I was well enough to go home I checked my FB and it was full of " get well soon" etc. And the groups FB page mentioned me and said " Sadnews myname is in a coma, family visits only we are thinking of putting together a care package please donate to x" every member apart from her made a comment, then when I was better Good News Guys ' myname is out of a coma and she is resting up' everyone apart from her made a comment. When I went back to the sports after months, everyone but her made a 'glad your well' kind of comment, apart from her.

she uses FB quite often, so It is not as if she does not DO FB, and she is FB friends with everyone bar me.

When her mum was ill, I asked about her mum,

when my mum was ill, she never once asked.

There are other little things I won't go into, but I am totally confused as to why she has such a dislike. I cancelled plans I had with my friends last night as I assumed she would pass on the message to the driver that I was coming tonight. The comp is coming up soon and every session counts.

I noticed the only time she speaks to me of her own violation is to ask for the money. Our team gets a big discount if we order kit from a certain place. I have to communicate with her via the public facebook ( as she usually ignores my FB messages)if I want anything, sometimes she ignores that as well.

If she does not like me fair enough, I have friends. She is not interesting or engaging. I did not send her 2 friend request over 5 years ( both declined) because I am super curious about what her and her cats are getting up to. I do it because it is more convenient than communicating on a FB group page. She is one of the coaches sometimes I NEED to communicate with her, on several occasions, I have had to ask another coach to pass a message to her and they have acted as a go between. JFC, BITCH be an adult, like it or not, I am exist and you are a coach. You can dislike a person and be civil, not inconvenience people who have to act like a go between as you won't answer my messages. despite your shitty coaching and ignoring me. You are a coach and I pay you,

I did not consider the possibility that she had in for me until last night. I am in the team, she should want me to do well. I had to wake up and see on the groups FB page, pics of them practicing without me, and that bitch in the background. They were driving past my house on the way to get there, The driver had NO idea and said "oh I wish I checked my fb , she must have forgot' UMM NO, she usually ignores me so the fact she responded with a terse remark straighter was a surprise and she read the other message.

It is so close to the competition, I am not going to say anything. when we are in the pub, I will no longer try and include her in the conversation or invite her to sit down. I will simply ignore her.

She is a middle aged woman.
I have not said or done anything to upset her. ( I did not even realize until yesterday that she clearly had an intense dislike of me)
she declined 2 of my FB request despite accepting others including newer members.

I get on very well with the other members, there is no group conflict, gossip etc. everyone gets along.

I have gone out of my way to be nice to her and include her, some nights down the pub, when she looks a little lost, I would pull a chair, she sat down on it of her own free will, she could have ignored me, or went to sit on another table.

Why on earth would she not pass on a simple message?

She has been excluding me for the past 5 years and it is only last night I noticed.

I am so done, trying to get that bitch to communicate , There is nothing there to engage with, that is why I am the only fucking person to notice she is hovering awkwardly not knowing which table she should join, no one would either notice her attendance or absence. If she was not coach I doubt people would even bother chatting to her. In the sessions she can talk about the sport, in the pub………..? NOTHING!! I realise I am sounding like a bitch, but so is being so unfriendly to a person that for 5 years has been friendly to her , because I had no idea she disliked me.

All she had to do is s
ay " myname contacted me and she wants to tag along, she will be ready with her kit' WHY would she refuse to pass that message on?

she pulled a stunt last year, where she did not tell me the restaurant meal was back on, we paid our deposits. when I asked her ' must have slipped my mind' no sorry or anything. just ' must have slipped my mind' umm no bitch I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you, but you don't NOT invite a person, when other people WANT them to Join.

She has NO reason to dislike me. I am in a relationship all the men are in relationships, she is the only person that is single. we don't compete with each other over anything. she is old enough to be my mother, no drama or toxic gossip goes on. I don't understand. As a supply high school teacher she should know the psychological effects that excluding a person can have. As I am well liked and accepted, the fact that Mssaynothingasidonothinginteresting excludes me, does not bother me, what does bother me, is that she is a coach. I must have paid so much money over the past 5 years for her to ignore me. Trying to communicate with her over on a public FB page about things like Kit ( she orders them and gets a discount), As the team kids are tailor made. The entire group, know my Bust, waist, hips, height etc. As she kept on ignoring my messages which included something like. " can you pls answer me, I don't particularly want the entire group knowing my measurements lol " she ignored that message,and others so I had to make a post saying my size for the tailor made outfit to arrive in time, we have to wear it to competitons. Thankfully I am not a 34in waist chan.

I don't even know how to confront her? I KNOW I have not done anything in the last 5 years to upset her. in the unlikely event that I did, she is coach, it has been 5 years, let it go, be professional and be civil.

The comp is in July, after that FUCK HER! I will either say ' oh it is you that is coaching tonight?, um I think I will give it a miss or join the other group paying 20 pounds to be ignored for an hour is getting annoying' in the pub, she can sit there like a mute deaf bitch. I will continue to chat and have a laugh, she can sit in silence. basically I will no longer see or use her as a coach. why the fuck should I pay 20 to a hostile bitch that has been unfriendly for five fucking years. she is not suddenly going to start be professional. Did she spare a thought how I must have felt, knowing that they drove past my house when I had my kit ready in the hope that she would pass the message on? or how I would feel when she uploaded the pics on the FB group page saying ' only x more session to comp guys" Yes I KNOW that, that s why I cancelled my plans for Friday in the hopes I could get an extra session together. JFC, she needs a wake up call! IDC that she never speaks, I DO care that she won't communicate with me over Team matters. If I ask her she would just say ' It slipped my mind'

I just don't understand. she is quiet but civil with everyone else. And I am not some loud screeching extrovert, nobody gossips. I did not even cop on she did not like me as I never gave her any thoughts.

This maybe better off in advice , I dunno how I can handle this?

No. 422495

I checked and she seems to be an American of Arab descent, so I guess she's treated like a white person anyway from what I know about the US.

She deleted her tweet I think, I can't find it anymore. A lot of people told her and other people to shut the fuck up. I'm seeing a lot of people who don't know shit about art who are talking shit about the artist behind her back to say that "how dare anyone whitewash this beautiful black womyn!!1!"

No. 422502

I'm not sure I would confront her right off, it sounds like she would just deny having a problem with you and make excuses. Idk how your club works but if she doesn't have a superior to answer to talk to the other coaches about how you find her conduct unprofessional and how it's hurting your career in whatever sport you play. If that doesn't work then confront her but don't make it about your feelings because that can be used against you. Explain that you pay her to coach you but when she refuses to answer your messages or communicate then it's not worth your money.

No. 422503

That's the problem though. The whole "Bi now, gay later" is one of those annoying lingering stereotypes, because so many men use "bi" as a stepping stone to actually coming out. It's never "Still figuring things out. Maybe bi. Maybe gay. Not sure." It's years of claiming to be "bi", then finally just coming out as gay. And guys in particular are seem to do this the most.
Like, good for him for coming out. That's great. It's just annoying because it does make things harder for bi people, but no one is ever going to get called out for it.

No. 422507

I agree anon, people constantly dropping the bi title for another sexuality isn't a good thing. It's either "straight girl claiming to to be bi for cool points" or "obviously gay male claiming to be bi because he's in denial". It makes people who are genuinely bi look invalid and plays into the whole "lol no one is actually bi, pick a side" stereotype. And you're totally right, it happens among men the most and effects people's views on bi men.

I think more and more people are using the term "queer" to say "not sure of my sexuality but i don't mind dating the same sex" instead of just saying they're bi, but it would be nice if "formerly bi" gay men would acknowledge the implications of their actions.

No. 422520

Thanks for replying. The club is small and friendly and I do it for fun. I don't want to be the one to say or cause any hostility. I am probably super stressed as the competition is not that far away and I lost out on a coaching session that was put on for the benefit of the comp. I am not saying anything until the comp is over. There is one person that runs the group, but she is always nice to him and they have known each other for around 15 years. He is nice and I don't want him or anyone else getting involved in ' Drama'. I just think what she did was fucked up and it is the type of thing you do to an enemy not some girl that is on the team that you coach. It is hard not to be seething when she cost em to lose out on a session. I also can't believe it has taken me SO long to realise, I wonder if anyone else has? it is not the sort of place people gossip, I mean the type of people that play are rich, I do it for Fun, but coaching is £20 per hour group, £30 per 20mins solo, and the kit cost over a thousand pounds and there is always stuff that needs replacing. if we play away, we always stay at 5 or 4 hotels. It is not a cheap sport. I have paid Thousands over the years, If she has an issue she should let nme know. I have gone out of my way to be nice to her her, her not asking about my mum did sting as my mum was very ill, hers just had a fall, it is like she is being rude and hostile to make a point and I don't get it? I think the only thing I can do is, not pay her, just sit out or leave. or of I need to contact her do it through the main page saying X for whatever reason is not returning my messages, I am sorry to inconvenience but I need speak to X, please can someone pass the message on as she keeps on declining my FB requests and ignoring messages.
if she ignores my messages that are related to the sport. I will call her out and say it is very inconvenient and rude of you to not respond. At times I spend £160 per month, I think I am not asking too much to ask you to respond. If you added me on FB things would be a lot easier for me. There are ways you can block me from seeing your posts. . Me having to go through 3rd parties and after waiting days for your response and many you don't respond to is very frustrating and I am seriously thinking about joining another club that has professional coaches. As I have have put up with 5 years if this. If there is an issue please let me know so we can come to a solution. It is not acceptable I am singled out in this way, by a Coach of all people.

No. 422530

Oof I thought Eugene was hot. He totally has an ego though. Bet he’ll be brave trans gal in a few years.

No. 422548

Nah. He's too into drag for a stunning trans girl. He'll just be another shitty gay men who thinks women are so gross in a couple years. If he isn't already.

No. 422587

I hate clicking onto a YT vid only to see that the uploaders editing style is just flashing vaguely related stock images for literally every word they say. It's so obnoxious.

No. 422591

i fucking HATE people who take in cats that obviously have homes. it’s happened twice to my cat while he was no more than 30 feet from my yard, and now he’s missing and i’m almost completely certain someone took him again. i already contacted every service available to check for him and there’s no sign. posted multiple ads on different places and put up 95 posters in my area. i’m so fucking heartbroken and angry and if this is like last time and the person who has him finds me and gives him back i’m going to have a lot of shit to say to them. there’s a difference between rescuing a homeless cat and “rescuing” a cat with a tattoo, tags, a collar and a fat belly full of food.

No. 422595

Maybe you should stop letting it out unsupervised.

No. 422612

I don’t think cats should be allowed to roam either but that doesn’t mean cats with tags/chips/tattoos are fair game to ‘rescue’. Especially not if they’re fat fucks so they’re obviously not strays by any stretch of the imagination

No. 422635

maybe you should stop making assumptions like a massive fucking smooth brained retard? i don’t let him out on purpose except to be on his lead, which someone literally fucking took him off of when he was taken the first time. and cats do this crazy thing called ESCAPING when you open a door for two seconds. people like you should probably learn to ask questions instead of jumping to conclusions on sensitive topics you don’t fucking know the details of.

No. 422637

and just to clarify: when i said 30 feet from my yard i meant in the yards directly adjacent to mine. two of which are properties I FUCKING OWN! meaning i didn’t let my cat roam ffs.

No. 422657

File: 1560691929665.jpg (111.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 422726

Stumbled across some unfortunate Chernobyl Discourse (TM) about how Legasov was racist and a coward and undeserving of praise etc etc. It really shows how divorced young people are from reality concerning history, even as recent as the 80s. Someone from the USSR being racist or kowtowing to the party is shocking to literally no one except some dumbfuck gen z kid who grew up on tumblr.

No. 422733

I've always felt akward visiting houses in which the only way you can get to the bathroom is by going through someones bedroom (probably I grew up up with the bathroom being in the hallway). I always feel like I'm violating the privacy of the people who live in the house by going into their bedroom. I also hate bathrooms with mirrors

No. 422734

I mean windows no mirrors

No. 422791

File: 1560772768290.jpg (24.29 KB, 423x423, 7GRF_G2L.jpg)

If you're going to be a retard, at least sage your posts.

No. 422840

I have about 5 young "trans girls" (males, 2 of them transbians who date each other) added on my Facebook and every fucking time there's someone sharing hentai, anime lesbian stuff, fetish and furry art or sexually charged content it's them. Fucking amazing. They have the same shitty personality.
I will admit I keep them there just for the drama but it still annoys me these shitheads think they can EVER be a woman when they can't even hide their degeneracy. There are real women in my profile who share more NSFW content added as friends too but there's always a clear difference in the type of content. I don't even need to see names/photos to know when it's a troon.

No. 422964

These and ticks are the bane of my existence.

No. 423004

'Real ID' sounds like some cyberpunk mind control name, not some basic ID upgrade I need to get. I feel so fucking paranoid over nothing

No. 423560

People are annoying and I think it's bullshit that low wage workers are expected to do more social performance than high wage workers. I'm all for being polite and communicative when you have a reason to open your mouth or a reason to be interested in each other but I don't want anyone's small talk or shit jokes just because they want to be smiled at without actually being genuinely nice. People are so annoying and I wish it was more acceptable, especially as a woman in a low position at work, to just not talk to people. Hierarchy is shit in general, I never correct the assholes I cater to at work but today someone corrected me for saying good afternoon, because it was only 11.45, and I wanted to just walk out of the door.

No. 423567

The shit people post and share on reddit is just going to far. Go onto /r/antiMLM, /r/choosybeggers, /r/tinder and any other expose sub and people will straight up post private texts or public facebook accounts from relatives. I don't know why, but I find stuff like this really violating. They've just normalized sharing texts to the point you can no longer assume a text between two people will stay private. For some reason I find sharing a story online through writting it out a lot less violating then pure screen shots. I just think posting screenshots reeks of immaturity.

Also a lot of that stuff they share makes it really easy for them to get doxxed. I kind of feel /choosybeggers is going to leak classified business negotiations one day.

No. 423574

We're in the age of oversharing, no one's really safe. Which is why I only discuss important and private things in person.

No. 423578

>Today someone corrected me for saying good afternoon, because it was only 11.45, and I wanted to just walk out of the door.

It's the only way they get to feel witty. for getting one in on the employee who's tired and just going through the motions to get through the day. Take pity, not frustration.

No. 423579

B-but anon…the KARMA!

No. 424136

File: 1561065697567.gif (145.26 KB, 286x200, tenor.gif)

The power only goes out when my phones almost at zero and everyone elses phone is at 90%. WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS.

No. 424149

The way my mom talks. I was helping her with her car and she told me 'be careful with your way of being' and not 'be careful'. She always talks in this hokey spiritual manner with random stressed words and it gets gratting after awhile.
She also has a need to over explain. Instead of 'it spilled' you'll get 'the cup full of orange juice fell over and the liquid fell out and moved across the floor'
Finally she likes to makes sure you know what she said and repeats her sentences multiple times. I love her, but her way of speaking… Good god

No. 424180

My father-in-law does a similar thing where he needs to give you 5 mins of backstory before he can give the relevant piece of information that would be one sentence long and even if you ask him to get to the point he just gives another piece of useless context.

No. 424191

i do this too…

No. 424212

Most of the people you hate are either figments of your imagination or a small minority.

No. 424226

File: 1561081520528.jpg (35.1 KB, 1080x1030, k9yb8qgeow431.jpg)


Anon, are you me? I just had to sit in the dark with no phone or any other electronics for hours. I had just gotten home from work too, so it was extra annoying to not be able to relax. Fucking spring storms.

No. 424230

That made me laugh for 5 minutes straight. I can't imagine any human being speaking like that.

No. 424234

This tumblog I look at sometimes for a channel I watch is getting super creepy and it's making me uncomfortable. Mostly she just gifs one of the guys she finds hot from his vids which is fine, but like going through her blog she's taken personal pictures from his FB and posted them on her thirst blog???? One of which included his niece and nephew??? I get that it's technically public but putting that stuff on your blog where you thirst over him is weird. He also doesn't post this stuff to his own public social media either, looks like it's tagged things.

No. 424265

This is my dad. He has a fifteen-minute-long story for every situation, and he'll start off the story with shit like what season it was, the names of everybody there, etc. Then he'll forget what he's talking about halfway through and start another story.

I think this behavior is pre-programmed into each dad.

No. 424297

They are exempt from liability under Safe Harbor provisions, you chucklefuck. They enjoy the exemption from any and all liability because they are considered PLATFORMS.

Private companies have the right to censor, they are liable for the content that appears on their websites.
Platforms cannot censor or remove anything that is legal under federal and constitutional law. They enjoy the safe harbor provisions.

These quasi-publishers will have to choose what the fuck they want to be at some point. The new york times articles are LIABLE to suits for libel, their comment sections ARE NOT. One part is a PUBLISHER, the other is a PLATFORM.

I am so done with you absolute idiots.

No. 424307

Sometimes I'm worried I do that too much because I know that when I'm go straight to the point almost everyone I talk to is confused and ask me for more context or make me repeat myself. But then again some of these people are way worse when it comes to speech or understanding what anyone tell them. I had my previous manager asking me to repeat myself a lot because she wouldn't even try to understand a short, simple sentence that didn't need context, maybe your mother was surrounded by similar retarded people and it became a habit? Or maybe she was replaced by an android that looks exactly like her and tries to act like a normal human being, tbh I wouldn't rule that out because the orange juice sentence looks weird as fuck.

No. 424321

What the fuck is up with the recent influx of pearl-clutching anons screeching pedophilia at everything again? It's cringy as shit when people in all honesty start overanalyzing anime and how it's all meant for pedos because the characters either are or look young, despite the series being void of sexuality. You sound fucking neurotic and probably just use pedophilia as a virtue signaling crutch to morally condemn anything you don't like personally so that you'll look like a better person.

No. 424323

OK. Look at Japan and try to say that again. Most "vOiD oF sExUaLiTy" animes have perved up official merchandise but OK.

No. 424330

Where did the weeb touch you, anon? How are you assholes so dense that you jump in immediately to prove original anon's point?
>hurrr this 17 year old character has summer merch of her in a bikini, fucking pedos you should be put against the wall!!!

No. 424362

Oh no did someone insult the merch of your favorite chinese cartoon?

>virtue signaling
I have a hard time believing anons on an imageboard would get much out of that.

No. 424625

Go cry about it into your loli stash, pedochan

No. 424716

When products over sell themselves. I know its best in business to oversell, but a lot of products are in the 'we aren't the best, but we can do for an amateur like you/we are the best cheapest option/we aren't Oscar worthy, but can waste two hours of your time'. These products are good as they are, but they try to advertise like 'Proffesinal grade quality/OUR FREE SOFTWARE BEATS PHOTOSHOP/FUNNIEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR'. Expectations end up being betrayed so a 8/10 product becomes 5/10 because it couldn't live up to its own standard.

Also I've been seeing the same toy story 4 'is the funniest movie of the year' trailer. And I have a feeling it isn't.

No. 424783

I've read a lot of rants here about farmers' experiences with dating 4chan incel losers, and the first thing that came to mind is HOW AND WHY THE FUCK did you even involve yourself with low-lifers? Anyone with that bad judgement has to be a fucking idiot, unless they were groomed, then I understand. But jesus, grown women still trip over the lowest bars of men. kek

No. 424815

That's better, but that still isn't her features and looks like a completely different woman. Does the anime style always have to use Disney proportions?

No. 424816

It's the same head shape, size, and nose doing that.

No. 424910

English vocaloid songs can't end a word. Listening to them is like
Normal songs would have a small gap between words, but voclaoid songs make it so the last note is really long. Like even when they get the gap between words the last letter drags on way to long.

Imo vocaloid users try way to hard to make them sound human and that leads to an uncanny effect. The song should be built around the fact you're using a robot not imitating human singers

No. 424919

Our definitions of "grown women" may be different. Imo, late teenagers and early 20s types who fall for 4channers aren't exactly beacons of maturity, or are in great life positions.
It's completely possible that because they're in such an ambiguous part of their lives that they just might have low enough self esteem or self worth to not set the bar very high.

I've never seen women with great prospects who are older go after 4channers. Those are the grown women who would shock me if they made such bad life decisions, not younger women that society calls adults after 18.

No. 424935

Yeah, women are expected to act like reasonable and mature adults the moment they reach 18 (or better, puberty) but guys can still act like children at 30.

No. 424999

It's not a great idea. What really gets me are the ones dating guys from r9k, not just from anywhere on 4chan, but r9k. I've seen a number of girls complaining about having given those guys a chance and then getting burned.

No. 425217

A lot of anons here are unironically emotional and hyper-active to opinions they don't agree with more than the average despite being also passive aggressive. They also don't read the full post they don't agree with too often and go on an unrelated emotional tangent. Many anons here give me borderline teas…

No. 425995

Is there a separate thread for venting about/trashing e-celebs and people you hate?

I hate Jaclyn Hill. She's ugly, bad at makeup, a scammer, a mess, her voice is annoying, and the fact she's been online for almost a decade and hasn't changed or matured at all tells me she's a sociopath or a straight up dumbass. She speaks so poorly, and all of her projects (including her marriage) are so half baked. It makes sense all of her fans are either hamplanets, middle-aged messes like Jaclyn herself, or irrelevant YouTubers. Sometimes I wish her and all of her followers would just vanish.

>emotional and hyper-active
I actually think lolcow is better than a lot of other sites I've been on in that regard. I really can't stand Twitter's cancerous culture of responding to anyone you disagree with in a completely mocking tone and bringing up unrelated things like their appearance. It is annoying seeing people post shit like "incel!!!" on here, but that's infrequent enough for me to ignore it

No. 426004

File: 1561440689221.jpeg (31.9 KB, 407x354, 1561332986421.jpeg)

People who make fun of kids for enjoying games like Fortnite and Minecraft
their both fun non-offensive games that kids can enjoy but assholes try to bully children for enjoying it

No. 426012

I want to punch that fucking cat

No. 426022

I want to punch you

No. 426070

The one and only thing I do not like about Pride Month are the people in really nsfw bondage clothing or men who wear jockstraps/thongs and the women whose tits are out, because there are children and I don't think they should be exposed to someone's nudity like that. I know that sooner or later the kids are gonna learn what tits/dicks are, but still. It's just very tasteless to me.

No. 426082

It drives me nuts when people say "I could care less." That means you do care, stupid. The phrase is "I couldn't care less." My mom says it all the time ugh.

No. 426090

then people should stop taking their stupid ass children to an event literally designed to celebrate sexuality and sexual expression LMFAO

i mean bondage gear IS disgusting but im not going to bitch about it at an event where theyre known to appear

No. 426125

or when people say "should of" instead of "should have"

No. 426197

Agreed, they need to stop taking children to a sex parade. Not every neat thing is a place to take your children or pets… I swear people can't fathom that some spaces aren't for their prized little shits.

I think people that get stuff like that wrong don't read much? I notice people that can't spell properly or use expressions wrong have that in common.

As for my annoying thing: I hate when strangers talk to me. I'm at a park and chillin, and some douche always comes up to talk to me. I don't get why people think they're welcome to bug a stranger, especially if the stranger is being standoffish and cutting the answers short every time you say something to them. Read the fucking room… Also people that see I'm vaping and begin talking to me about weed. I'm merely consuming the damn plant, I don't want to talk about it at all. Do you talk about your apple preferences at length when you see a stranger eating an apple??? Weed is just the same, just a fucking consumable UGH REE

No. 426199

>thinking people are saying should of instead of should've


No. 426210

My personal one is "Bald-faced lie" instead of "Bold-faced lie"
I can smugly shrug off most of the others, but that one I have to fight the urge to correct the person.

No. 426229


>I know when her and Jack went up the hill

>The guy with red hair's wife
>Be apart of the group
>I payed for the book
>It effected her
>She had went / drank / etc
>I am laying on the floor
>If I would have known you were coming, I would have stayed home
>And who needs punctuation, except for commas in the wrong places

No. 426241

Pride even has separate events for families and adults only. At this point there's no excuse for sex stuff to be at all-ages events and kids to be at adult events.

Can we just extend that statement to cover all of the places kids shouldn't be? Gen X/Milennial parents are so fucking entitled, and think that it's a travesty whenever an event or venue doesn't allow kids.

Bars, fancy restaurants, casinos, spas etc. are not appropriate places for young children to be. People go to those places to get away from children. I hate when my family and I are having a $100 meal somewhere nice and have to put up with screaming kids running around the restaurant.

Also, there's a special place in hell for people who let their kids run around restaurants.

No. 426253

the boomers are/were entitled parents in general, but milennials and gen x take it to a whole new level.

No. 426262

>go out to a nice oyster bar with fiance
>eating fancy drinks and chatting with nice bartender lady at the bar
>spend $40 on oysters alone
>whiny kid runs from their table behind the bar
>yes with all the alcohol/knives/glasses/beer bottles
>two office workers my age go on about "how cute" he is and comment to the bartender that "he wants to work back there!"
>tell my fiance i hate kids and i hate when parents allow this shit
>bartender looks over at me and says "ugh i know!"
>ladies act awkward the rest of the meal

this is why i'm glad that the country we're moving to has places that don't allow kids.

No. 426273

There's not a lot of kid-free places where I live. Enjoy it!
My next vacation I want to stay at a no kids place.

No. 426277

File: 1561491679775.gif (866.31 KB, 498x278, 16165161.gif)

Try to go grocery shopping earlier in morning so there will be less people. Sooo many old people who take up all the aisle space and just walk wherever not caring if they are getting in your way. And one little kid, who for the whole time I was there was screaming and whining to his mom non stop, soo loudly that I could hear him throughout the whole store. JFC I hate the old and the young. and all the ages in-between.

No. 426281

One of the best experiences I've had shopping was in the US. They have stores open 24/7 and it was so quiet and peaceful at 2am.

No. 426283

>long ass commute to the coast due to work
>want to treat myself to a nice dinner and I'm hungry af
>sushi place with good reviews and an ayce option
>sit at the bar
>some bitch and her literal toddler get seated beside me at the bar
>some dumb rule about ayce only allowed at the bar so of course trash bitch fanangles a contraption to hoist her kid onto the chair instead of having several seats at a regular table
>can't get the sushi chef's attention because all she cares about is how cute trash bitch's brat is
>ignoring customers trying to ask for sushi
>chef has gotta pull out her phone to show trash bitch her baby as well
>chef seems genuinely confused why people who paid to eat are annoyed and don't share her enthusiasm for babies

No. 426293

Get over yourself

No. 426379

There should be restaurants made only fore baby crazy people and their annoying offspring. Then all the nice restaurants can be adult only. Everybody wins. except the people with kids lol

No. 426390

The man who narrates watch mojo annoys me. I prefer the female narrator for some reason.

No. 426410

Stop bringing your baby to the bar, Karen.

No. 426417

File: 1561514376635.jpg (31.14 KB, 323x324, AAAAAAAA.jpg)

Why is it so hard so find a fucking pill for my pcos that won't also kill me wtf

No. 426428

Ugh I hate supernatural ghost videos and my partner is obsessed with watching them rn. They're not scary, not convincing, nothing. They're so stupid…

No. 426431

File: 1561518564312.gif (805.04 KB, 275x222, 1560403316544.gif)

I honestly think lolcow is way more wHolEsOmE than reddit. Reddit always leaves me feeling grossed out annoyed and pissed off that men are so quick to come out to ANY SUBREDDIT with some "yes can confirm hehe husband here" and then there's 5867 replies making some, excuse my fkn french, normie ass reference for karma. What the fuck. Deleting that app. "Just join the subs you care about, anon" It's like cancer, it spreads everywhere. Jfc. There are some threads full of peak autism here but reddit, what the fuck. I know this sounds like it belongs in pinkbill but this is more about the way these asshats have to be so fucking ??? Boring? Wannabe funny? Plain stupid? Disgusting.

No. 426441

There's something so fucking annoying and unfunny about the majority of posts on reddit. The most upvoted posts might be interesting or amusing, but the replies are beyond lame. The way they have 'chains' where people continue lyrics and quotes from TV/movies is rage inducing, they're the most lazy attempts at humour I've ever seen.

No. 426443

reddit is so contrived and disingenuous, it's because they all try to be funny for updoots. at least here you can tell straight up tell someone to fuck off without the need for 'civil disagreement'.

No. 426454

I hate how reddit culture is like, overly enthusiastic with their fakeness. I don't have a problem with stuff like "That necklace really flatters your skintone!" but it becomes like, "WOW, I love that necklace and you're a sexy momma, I'm sweating from over here! I'm not a lesbian but mmmMMM, sip a mimosa and sit on my face lol!!!!", like what the fuck? It's just so overly everything. Hate it.

No. 426456

Lmao why don't you take your own advice.

Sushi bars serve raw fish. Children under 10 shouldn't be eating there, it's not safe. Sushi is fucking expensive. If someone pays fifty bucks for a plate of sushi, they shouldn't have to eat it within five feet of a pooping, vomiting, screaming baby.

No. 426464

I agree, unless you have a very well behaved child, they shouldn't be at nice restaurants, let alone the bar area, and kids are generally disruptive and annoying, but I've been eating sushi since I was 5. Is there a rule that kids under 10 shouldn't be eating sushi because it's dangerous to them? I didn't think there was anything wrong with that? I wish people wouldn't bring children to nice restaurants. When I pay for ambiance and it's ruined because some asshole refused to get a babysitter, it's seriously infuriating.

No. 426465

there are, they're called family restaurants.

No. 426486

Why do parents bring their kids to restaurants to eat raw fish and oysters of all things? Do they secretly want to kill them with food poisoning?

>incompetent chef ignores customers who actually pay for their meal and service because of a baby who can't even eat raw fish and isn't paying shit
>g-get over youself!!1!
Anyway I remember once being in a convoyer belt sushi restaurant and being placed right next to a mom and her baby on her lap. The baby couldn't eat anything there of course so it would just try to chew on a piece of disgusting bread and it would spit it out on the table. The parents put the baby's stroller right next to me and nobody at their side could get out without the parents bothering me and taking the stroller out and putting it back. They left the piece of bread covered in saliva right next to the raw fish and they had a car so they bother half of the small restaurant with their stroller for no reason whatsoever. Of course the kid cried from time to time. Even if the waitress and all the customers were bothered by the baby there was nothing that could have been done about it. People are just stupid as fuck and want to insert their very young and dependent children where it's not appropriate for so many reasons, whether it's alcohol, safety, noise, etc.

No. 426534

I've heard young children, pregnant women, and the elderly should avoid sushi because of the food poisoning and parasite risks since their immune systems are generally weaker.

No. 426953

Every single guy on okcupid is a pansexual polytard and I'm tired of all of these 'Progressive' Warren Jeffses wandering around AND I'm recently reminded again again again that I get along with approximately 0 men.

No. 426971

The "mainstream" of reddit for sure has one of the dumbest userbases of any website. The occasional small niche sub can be okay but rarely.

No. 426974

File: 1561656416858.png (177.01 KB, 720x835, Screenshot_2019-06-27-13-20-27…)

You might like this annon. The only reason I use reddit is to shill my art. Its really easy to pander to them.

No. 426988

Don't forget they're totes against racism but misogyny is welcomed and a-okay. Read a comment under a documentary once and it was just some guy crying inequality and getting pissed that women get a little more money going towards them in homeless shelters. It's almost like women deal with more assault or something and need pads for their period….wow!

No. 427001

I hate reddit culture in general, like how they always use the same boring sentences with zero originality.
>Wow this blew up!
>RIP your inbox
>My first gold! Thank you, kind stranger!

No. 427014

I stay very far away from people who say they're polyamorous/polysexual. No time for this bullshit. If they want to sleep around good for them but that shit ain't for me

No. 427019

i don't care if people are polyamorous with all sides giving their actual consent but literally all poly relationships that i've seen have been one side taking advantage of the other. i haven't seen one healthy poly relationship at all. it only works in fiction.

No. 427042

i wouldnt exactly say theyre against racism either. if you go onto their "unpopular" opinions board, every second post will be some iteration of

>racism good

>wahmen bad
>men good

theres also this one poster who spends all day making posts about how hard life is for upper class teenagers lmao

i only ever go on that website to stalk personal lolcows.

No. 427054

JK Rowling might be a dumbfuck who is retroactively messing up her decent YA fiction with "lore" BUT she did not do they Dumbly is gay reveal for clout. She got a fan letter asking why he isn't married and she said that it's because he's gay as a response. It wasn't a huge YES HE IS GAY AND THAT'S THE TEA!!! at all, just a response to a fan question. If you go back and read the text, Dumbledore does act and dress outstandingly flamboyant, maybe only surpassed by Lockhart in that aspect. Could be that she really envisioned him as this flaming homo old man in her old british lady mind.

Ditto for the Hermione thing. She gets asked for her blessing on the black Hermione in the play and she says it's not necessarily contradictory to the text and that Hermione's poofy hair and big teeth are more of a distincttive feature anyway.

JK did her own world a lot of damage but the gay and black shitstorms were not it.

No. 427081

Reddit also has this smug tone to me too. Like whenever they talk about Americas shitty school system. It's not out of passion, but out of 'im smarter than those american plebs. poor you, lucky i'm so smart cause i'm finish'

Think of how they feel about anti vaxxers it's not 'those poor kids' it's 'thank god i'm not those poor kids for i am smarter than those plebians!'

No. 427083

Agreed. I recently had to unsub from several popular subs because if I have to read even one more It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia or Rick and Morty quote in a thread with nothing to do with said shows, I'm going on a rampage. And don't even get me started with "Wow my first gold, thank you kind stranger!" award speeches.

No. 427084

>JK Rowling might be a dumbfuck who is retroactively messing up her decent YA fiction
She's not a dumbfuck, she's 100% trolling. I would too if I were in her shoes. The "fan" reactions after she said that wizards shit their pants was amazing.

No. 427127

you're giving her too much credit. she's basically literary trump.

No. 427128

>You just have to wait till it gets good annon. The show depends on you knowing the character dynamics before it's funny, so watch season 1 and laugh at season 2. Actually the shows cliche because it's a self aware parody of the genres tropes and not because the writer is a hack. The first half is lures you in as a generic every day show, but the second half is a meta deconstruction of the genre. Oh season 1 just needed to get a grip of it's self before it really became go-
No. Just no.

No. 427139

She's our billionaire TERF overlord, and I'm thrilled.
Also, this. If I had literal millions of obnoxious fans who hang on my every word, I couldn't keep myself from fucking with them. If anything, she's shown restraint.

No. 427169

>Warren Jeffses

Reddit is so fucking cringy. I see it's entertainment value, but it's far too cutesy usually. That being said, I visit several different subs.

No. 427258

When will country-twinged post-grunge die already? Why does every fat guy (of any age) or middle aged "cool mom" like it? It's everywhere. I think we've had more than enough years of this shit.

No. 427320

So many people on reddit type like they're missing a chromosome. Their "inside jokes" are retarded and you can really see that it's no longer a niche website. Sometimes I wonder if some users are 12 or just impressively retarded.

Occasionally I post some mildly unfunny comment and I get replies that amount to "LOL SO FUNNY ten crying laughter emojis" or "omg I tried product X and it was SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD ouch my wallet hahahaha xD". And every other male poster is a contrarian Trump supporter who wants to kill all Chinese and Russians and argues about women's intelligence.
Aside from my country's subreddit which is a lot more sober, I stay far away because reddit gives me severe cancer.

No. 427332

I'm so fucking tired of americans going on about how oppressed they are by trump. I hope he gets voted off next year just so I don't have to hear the whining anymore

No. 427336

>country-twinged post-grunge
I have no idea what the fuck this is. Anon, explain.

No. 427337

It's amazing you brought this up because I was literally thinking about this earlier lol. It's so pathetic how the first comment on a post is some dumb reference to a show or song and people keep adding on it for ages. You gotta scroll through all that shit to actually get to someone talking about the subject. I hate the common language they all use and the stupid dorky jokes. Of course not all of reddit is bad because it's a massive website so the smaller subreddit don't have those annoying habits , but the culture that surrounds most of it is so pathetic

Tbh I'm tired of hearing about America in general. I wanna stop watching and consuming so much media from them and branch out in other countries because that's how sick and tired I am of their bullshit

No. 427340

If you have to put effort into watching a show that's supposed to be "funny," then it's not funny. I fucking hate The Office. (Both versions. Sorry, Ricky Gervais.)

No. 427343

thank you. it has to be the most overrated comedy show of all time, except for maybe seinfeld, though seinfeld had its moments. gervais had a hit with extras, but that's basically it.

No. 427345

you should tbh. most american media is shallow, vapid, and pretentious. ofc theres plenty of shit like that from other countries too, but its not as bad generally.

im just tired of america and americans in general.

No. 427346

I like the Office but reddit has ruined it. And I haven't seen it myself but apparently everyone on tinder says they want a jim to their pam/pam to their jim and now I just have this horrendously lame image of the series in my head.

No. 427392

the reddit culture of turning every post on that site into a reference to a show, game or meme is incredibly annoying

No. 427426

ugh for real, I'm tired of seeing Trump being brought up in the most irrelevant conversations possible that have nothing to do with him whatsoever. i wanna stop hearing about that brainwashed country, but californiacation is real, the culture spreads

No. 427431

I hate how easily my cheeks, chin and neck get bloated and how much it affects my appearance. I can have a slim neck and a somewhat defined jawline one day and chipmunk cheeks, flabby jowls and a double chin the next, and it can easily make me look at least 5kg heavier.

No. 427433

as a fellow moonface i feel you anon. cutting down on sodium and upping my water intake has worked wonders for me tho

No. 427633

File: 1561775260322.png (375.5 KB, 760x776, Screenshot_20190623-234644.png)

Has society become more inmature or am I finally realizing how almost any young adult/adult has the mind of a preteen?

I've met many people who should have at least a bit of self-awereness and basic intelligence given their age/situations but they act just like I did when I was 15??

A few examples:
>25? years old, mother of a 4? year old
>is the perfect example of Taylor Swift during the "reputation" phase, throws a fit from time to time saying how she "won't take shit from false people", changes her profile pic to black, etc.
>lets her daughter listen to misogynist latin music.

an ex-roommate (I have many lolcow stories about all my ex-roommates, but most of them are 18-19, so I don't expect them to be that mature):
>girl, 22-years-old
>wasn't fat but thicker than your "typical anachan supermodel",
always comparing herself to other girls even though her body and weight were fine
>seemeed to only get along with guys
>told me she had some diseases she wasn't diagnosed with, but she KNEW the doctors where in the wrong
>she's studying to become a nurse

people I met on the guild of a MMORPG game:
>younger siblings invite me to play some anime shitty game
>it's a MMORPG mobile game
>I'm bored so I accept, the game is full of over sexualized anime kawaii girls
>join a guild to understand shit about the game because I want to help my siblings
>expect to find weeaboo preteens
>discover a community of young adults
>they don't seem to be weeaboos so I get my hopes up
>my hopes are soon crushed
>one of the girls thinks she's just like a tsundere anime character, she's 22 years old
>most people are over 30 years old and they play this unoriginal fucking anime game made for preteens
>one of them (31?) has a child, he thinks Seven Deadly Sins is the shit even when the show is full on fanservice and panders to edgy teens
>a 34 year old guy, he plays the game during work hours
>talked with them trough voice chat, the first thing they start to talk about is how hilarious would it be to rent a body sushi girl

Maybe I'm being intolerant, I don't know. I don't really regard myself as mature, but I've already gone trough those phases during my teenage years. I know the examples I told weren't about people THAT old, but it's just concerning these people don't seem to think they are childish, and probably won't do it in the future…

Were adults always like this?

No. 427638

The fact that you are lamenting about autistic guildies on a MMORPG is a sign that you are not as mature as you think.

No. 427641

I do agree that this generation is less mature than previous generations (although some of it isn’t their fault tbh) but idk how being a mother of 4 at 25 is a good idea in any time period. Having kids doesn’t automatically make you more mature. And having a lot at such a young age is a pretty stupid thing to do economically.

No. 427643

Nevermind. I read that wrong. Point still stands though even though I misread it.

I have nothing against young mothers (my mom was one in fact) but not everyone is cool to be a mom at 21. It’s actually smart and wise to realize that you can’t take care of another human at a young age. Much more mature than being in delusion. Idk why you think that’s immature.

No. 427664

i agree with this 100%. i think most people who think they're more mature than others are less mature.

No. 427668

I am beginning to have an interest in the comic world but something that mildly annoys me is Harley Quinn. I do not understand the appeal or hype of Harley Quinn at all. Imo the character is annoying as hell.

No. 427720

It should be a bannable offense to refer to some genderspecial cow with they/them pronouns "out of respect". I cringe every fucking time and don't want fucks like this to inhabit lolcow.

No. 427728

i agree w this

No. 427736

Agreed tbh. It's not like mods need to force everyone to agree on the topic, but for the sake of blending and not sticking out like a sore thumb brand new from tumblr.

No. 427740

yes, i concur.

No. 427747

this. I find it an issue similar to using emoticons, it's just a clear sign of a newfag who hasn't blended in and often signals that the poster is a moralfagging tumblrina and nobody wants that shit here, regardless of ideology.

No. 427749

This. Not only does the anon that uses the speshul pronouns stick our amongst the other anons, it feels like ass kissing to the flakes. Pretty annoying.

No. 427750

you’re mad about a 22 year old woman who had body issues? what’s so unusual about that, most young women have body image issues, seems like a dumb thing to nitpick about

No. 427772

Honestly emoticons bother me way less. As long as it's not something corny like xD or :3 I don't even notice them til I see red text.

No. 427789

Blond men are fucking retards 9 times out of 10. I just learned Dylan Sprouse "identifies as a heathen". Why is it that being blond and having a dick makes you think you're some kind of Nordic demigod, no exception? And what the fuck is heathenry?

No. 427792

No. 427799

Dylan Sprouse "identifies as a heathen". "Heathenry" is apparently some kind of cringy, germanic neo-pagan 'religion' where I assume balding weirdos like, drink cheap red wine out of goat horn goblets behind a Wegman's parking lot or something. I'm complaining that all blond men think of themselves as beautiful, blond locked baby Thors destined for greatness.

You can read about it here:

It's so full of bullshit that I couldn't make it past the first 3 or 4 paragraphs tho. Those Sprouse kids seem to always be into some really dumb stuff.

No. 427808

What does the Sprouse kids being delusional have to do with being blond? You're really reaching.

No. 427810

Because theres no men with brown/black hair who are into paganism, right? What's wrong with paganism anyway? It's a lot more accepting than christianity which is the root of misogyny to begin with. Did some hot blond guy reject you or something? You sound ridiculous focusing on hair colour so much.

No. 427814

I texted my professor on Slack every day for the last five days so he could tell me if a deadline was actually moved around like he suggested a month back and he just texted me back with a simple “yes”
Like, I understand you’re busy dude but couldn’t you have written that like two days ago? It didn’t even took you 10 seconds to write that OOF

No. 427817

nta but ninty percent of paganism is lazy bastardized shit, also the circles of pagans tend to be exceedingly more degenerate than most other communities of people.
Also lol at you saying misogyny is rooted from Christianity like that isnt a problem in non Christian societies for centuries. Stupid white girl

No. 427818

Not her but Islam tends to hold some pretty lazy and hypocritical practitioners as well as having a misogynistic intolerance over women as well. Lotsa brown people in that one iirc.
You're being foolish.

No. 427821

ok but like… those are real religions. are you people so gullible that you're considering paganism a real religion and not something almost exclusively practiced by alt-cows and hot topic tweens?

No. 427823

Okay? The existence of something doesnt deny the existence of another thing, I also dont see what Islam has to do with what I said you fucking tard

No. 427825

You sound nuts and know nothing about history. You're just a sperg with a victim complex. Paganism is a broad term, nothing to do with wicca shit. No one was talking about wiccans.

No. 427827

Paganism is a lousy catch all term for putting polytheistic religions all together and choosing whatever aspect you like about it in the most disrespectful and lawy way
You are quick to insult which shows youre the sensitive sperg. Youre also projecting and making up shit to your narrative as typical of someone with an emotional and irrational personality

No. 427828

I also didnt mention shit about wiccans… fucking moron

No. 427835

Im not that anon as I said but obviously your slow ass didnt understand, you type like your pussy smells like bologna cheese and your ass has shit marks in it. The funniest part is that you think you are funny with this corny shit

No. 427838

Oh i get it, you're a man larping. Lol

No. 427839

So Im a man now lol okay. Funny you say that stupid shit when your idiotic ass says ChAD DuMpEd YoU11 like that is supposed to hurt kek

No. 427841

No1curr mananon

No. 427842

>the root of misogyny
Not involved in this discussion, but you're too naive, anon

No. 427848

It's strange because I'd hardly say blonde men are the stereotypical image of paganism anyway.
It's very specific, as if anon went through something with that type of guy. Lol

No. 427854

Please put sage in the email field. You keep bumping this in your discussion. People won't accuse you of things if you didn't act brand new.

No. 427882


No. 427888

I'm sick of how obsessed my sister is towards her phone, she's like becoming the embodiment of everything I hate about this phone addicted society. A few nights ago we and my dad were going to a show a scientist was putting on but we had to spend half a fucking hour outside the venue because she needed to take 50 pictures of us with the sign to put on her instagram. She's constantly carrying it around including at the dinner table and checks her notifications for what seems like every 2 minutes. I even have to endure the irritating process of helping her choose which fucking caption and filter to put on her posts. I just don't understand how someone can do this exhausting shit 24/7 and not be an anxious neurotic mess. And people don't wanna admit how addicted and dependent they are on their phones, but sure they'll make up some bullshit "disorder" for kids playing video games all day because of their lazy ass parents not knowing how to control them. I'm sick of this encouragement/illusion of these toxic devices being so important to people's lives. It's only gonna get worse every year

No. 427907

I know this happens every year cause ive lurked and occasionally posted for years but I hate the summer on here sooo much. It's like the edgelord "hUrR dUrR kYs TaRd" anons get fueled by the heat and the boredom and will literally start arguing with people who are actually agreeing with them and when told that they resort to "wElL u Is StUpId/WeEb/NeW.
It reminds me of a study one of my professors did that shows that depending on the website a person will take on a persona. On image boards people will be more likely to become argumentative, aggressive , and full of shit.

People talk a lot about PULL trying to out weeb each other but some anons on here try to out "smart"/ edgelord each other and both are equally good damn annoying.

Also some of the anons in the kpop critical thread are koreaboos and REE about how "x female idol is disgustingly ugly" while in the same breathe "x female idol needs to not get surgery" like choose. It also got invaded with koreaboos who live through that Lana girl like yes the backlash is cringy but so is the "she's the prettiest idol to ever debut !!1!!!1!"

No. 427911

The only people who care about K-pop enough to be critical are koreaboos by definition, to be honest.

No. 427943

this. the kpop critical thread has always been filled with fans who just think they're ~not like the other stans~

No. 427944

>It also got invaded with koreaboos who live through that Lana girl like yes the backlash is cringy but so is the "she's the prettiest idol to ever debut !!1!!!1!"
Yeah 100% this and they aren't even remotely subtle about it. Can't wait until lana's 15 minutes are up so both sides can move on already.

No. 427972

I check the threads now and then to gawk at how gross the surgery faces are but the discussion is extremely stale and reeks of stans shitting on groups that their favorite group is competing with.

No. 427994

She was cute when she originally appeared on Batman the Animated series. Her perky personality played off Batman’s brooding personality (and the his universe tone) and pretty well. But once she started getting really popular, DC started to over sexualize her and basic made her a female Deadpool clone. Which sucks. I feel like she had potential to be a compelling and interesting character but they eventually dropped the ball.

No. 427996

In some of the comic books she still is. She's been trying to grow past the whole "Joker's Baby" nonsense and be more of her own person and deal with her issues. But unfortunately the stuff of her being some sort of a sex object gets more attention for obvious reasons. I'm hoping the Gotham sirens movie portrays her as a person but I don't it. I think it'll just be ~fun~ like Suicide Squad was.

The most ANNOYING people cling onto her though. The girls that think abusive behavior towards others is cute and that her and Joker's relationship are relationship goals when Batman the animated series literally had an episode when Bruce told Harley that she should get away from him after he put her in the hospital. Both her and Deadpool attract the most annoying cosplayers. I did Harley one year and a Deadpool cosplayer keep following me around and thought it was funny. He had a Harley with him too.
I hate cosplayers who think they literally are a character like can you not. I now it's called "costume play" but damn.

No. 428047

I hope I am not the only one, but I fucking hate it when people show off their relationship on social media no matter if it's LDR or not. To me, in most cases it screams that a person is quite insecure in relationship itself.
I believe that it's best to keep your relationship more intimate, private than screaming about it on soc media all the time.

What do you think? Whats your opinion?

No. 428059

The ones who post excessively are definitely coping. I will see a comment by a girl like
>"I am depressed, my boyfriend ignores me and tells me to sort myself out, he only talks to me when I'm happy"
click profile
>My incredible supportive man uwu

No. 428063

Yeah now they are crying about how Alex from Raina never got backlash but she literally did. It's like they want their idoru to be the biggest victim of xenophobia. They are just as annoying as the Somi stans that yell about no one liking her only cause she's half white. I'm gonna wait till the next kpop critical thread comes along and just go back to lurking. I like to read it to cleanse from the bts worship on social media and for updates on YG.

No. 428170

The K-pop critical thread is a fucking mess. I was on board with the first one because I used to be an oldfagging k-pop fan but the bitter underage bitches over in there were reeing about how harmful k-pop is with its unrealistic, plastic surgery induced beauty standards WHILE destroying some idol group girl for being "too fat and ugly". Because "lmao chill it's not that serious we're allowed to criticize their appearance!!!". You fucking nutjobs.

No. 428385

what bothers me on lolcow are when some girls absolutely shit on another's preferences when theirs are no better. just shit that 100% does not matter. idc if it's discussion based around disagreeing, i mean when there is extreme infighting and derailing due to talking about shaving/not shaving, dating older men/hating older men, and femdom. even in the fucking femdom thread there are girls arguing about the "right way" to do it and shitting all over other girls' preferences. at the end of the day, just because you have your own preferences it doesn't mean being any other way is necessarily wrong. it's cool to disagree in a civil manner but going absolutely off on someone for simply having a different preference is really immature and stupid.

i stopped checking the femdom thread weeks ago because of how it just turned into infighting over simple preferences. girls were really pissed at other girls for liking a different flavor of femdom and it was pathetic. damn, i was just happy to have a place not ruined by troons where i could share fantasies, experiences, and pics but no, some girls just have to get mad that not everyone interested likes their femdom the exact same way.

No. 428404

I agree. This is the only thing I truly dislike about here. Specially when people make it into a moral/political stance, like the shave x not shave preference. We're all grown ass women here who are well aware of the rampant sexism in the world, you can still choose to shave because you like it, doesn't mean you're bending over for men.

No. 428411

I mean, femdom women aren't exactly the most stable. If you look all around, it's just bitches looking for an excuse to be a shitty, abusive partner.

No. 428443

Yes, it does.

No. 428472

People from your past that for some reason constantly lurk your social media. I don't give a fuck about anybody enough to constantly view anyone's boring stories, unless it's someone I'm close to or an artist or internet "celeb" I like, so it never made sense to me. Especially considering the way these friendships had ended, and that most of them were toxic.

No. 428481

>proving anon's point

No. 428497

I'm a lesbian and I like to shave for my girlfriend??

No. 428614

ita, and this is what i'm talking about lol. so many farmers just make sweeping generalizations and they have no idea what an exception is, or they will speak as if they know all about something because they know a few bad aspects of the shittiest people in a group. it's so dumb and myopic to think the way some of the users here think. some people here really take black and white thinking to an extreme.

No. 428616

I shave and I haven't had sex in 9 months but go off

No. 428618

i was never told to shave my pubes and never watched porn, so i wasn't even aware that shaving pubic hair was a thing. however when i started shaving i started to shave my whole body because it makes me more comfortable. i will always call out men who think it's "gross" somehow to not shave, but i will always shave my body because it's what makes me comfortable. and i started shaving at maybe 12 or 13, and no man ever saw me naked until i was 19! i never cared about anyone's opinion of my hair, i just knew what i liked. it doesn't. fucking. matter.

No. 428640

these are likely the same people who are actual man-hating, like anons who say "break up with him" unironically in advice threads. making sweeping judgments usually isn't limited to one group.

No. 428641

seriously this. i only shaved because i wanted my crotch to feel breezy like my legs lol.

No. 428643

What is BDSM other than socially accepted abuse. You can whinge about consent but it doesn't change the fact that abuse is what is being performed by definition.

No. 428732

Holy shit yeah, I'm growing so fucking tired of all the moralfagging sisters here infantilizing the hell out of everyone else. Like people are fucking retards and not aware of the structural sexism related to make up and shaving. A lot of women choose to shave simply because oral sex becomes a lot easier when you don't have to munch on a mouth full of hair.

Also I wish men shaved their legs and pits too and used at least foundation for make up, I find body hair gross to begin with. The newfag zoomer anons who think disagreeing with their preferences equals being morally wrong need to pack up their bags and leave for their personal hugbox. It's like people can't fucking have an opinion anymore without writing a college tier thesis on why it's politically correct and ~healing~. Let anons have a kink for older men, femdom, bdsm, makeup, heels, shaving and whatever the fuck, as long as they acknowledge the facts of life and can take care of themselves it's none of your business what they do in the bedroom.

No. 428807

Why the fuck had the JJBA fandom to be the one full of trans and race headcanons? Especially since it's the one japanese series that has the most characters from my country. It feels like a sick joke tbh

No. 428814

It's a lowkey radfem, hive mentality. I appreciate some of it but leakage gets old quick. Admins are attempting to contain all of the politics now so hopefully it gets better. You know it's bad when people are moralfagging on cow boards.

Is it actually? I can't imagine why anyone would headcanon a Jojo char as trans, they're all so uber masculine and oddly drawn.

No. 428818

File: 1561987619864.jpg (69.57 KB, 500x283, main-qimg-ae6ec4c05dd0ca9ecf46…)

NTAYT, but JJBA is full of gender nonconforming men and the uber-masculine style dies off in part 4. so I assume thats where it comes from.

No. 428819

That makes sense. I've only seen up to part two where they kind of look like super saiyans on steroids. Top kek, though, Jojo is a weird show.

No. 428826

Honestly, IDG why you guys get offended when people criticize whatever kink or preference or behavior you engage in, especially if you agree with the general sentiment. I admit I'm pretty radfemmy but I'm not going to stop epilating. I really don't give a shit if people are patronizing or condescending to me about it. I'm not going to stop unless I feel comfortable enough to do so, but it also doesn't bother me to be told I'm not being helpful to not stop. IDK why you guys have to feel so victimized by a literal rando. Like, there was a lesbian anon who said she shaves for her girlfriend, and imo, why even post that? Obviously the person who posted criticism about women who shave that she responded to probably doesn't mean it applies to lesbians in relationships, but even if it did, who gives a shit what four anons think? For the most part, they're right. If it's something I generally agree with, I definitely don't feel the need to be like "omg moralfagging!!!", even if it is a criticism of me and my behavior, personally. I'd rather more people promote and condone more 'radical' habits and preferences, even if they're patronizing, than promote "whatever makes u happy", instead.

No. 428841

File: 1561990541114.jpg (108.16 KB, 500x738, 1555367553718.jpg)

JJBA is full of flamboyant male characters, and as >>428818 said, there was a shift of artstyle during part 4. I've been in the fandom since 2015 and I noticed that after the DIU anime came out, there was a sudden surge of sjws and genderspecials in the groups. There are way less troons than you'd expect compared to other anime, since the characters are still drawn as muscular and with pronounced face features (so not very UwU), and it's mostly FtMs (of course), but yeah.

No. 428848

that anon posted that to disagree that all women just shave for men.
i'm just saying that it's really dumb when farmers try to police behavior or desires of other grown ass women. i also believe in being allowed to say whatever the hell you want but it is patronizing to just assume a whole group's intentions or mindsets because you don't like one thing they do. even though people can say whatever the hell they want, i can still disagree and tell them they're retarded for making dumb assumptions. especially the dumb assumption that it's fine for a lesbian to shave but not a straight woman. that's just fucking weird to think lol

No. 428851

i do agree that bdsm shouldn't become socially acceptable like it slowly seems to be. that shit freaks me out. it should remain taboo and niche. and it is, under the court of law, considered abuse. you can really get into legal trouble if someone proves you did something regardless of consent.

however, being into bdsm doesn't automatically mean "i'm an abusive person and the kink is just a facade"… like obviously there are people out there like that but most people interested in it genuinely just want to get off lol. is it mentally ill? i think it definitely is. but if people do it behind closed doors and we aren't aware of it we can't really stop them.

No. 428854

How can you not be an abusive person if you wish to abuse others for sexual pleasure? That’s an oxymoron right there

No. 428855

I'm not really into BDSM but I do think you guys should stop this vast generalization of things and assuming all women are handmaidens/need to be rescued from the patriarchy in a sense. Even I know that not all BDSM is about pain/abuse and sometimes you wear makeup and shave your legs just because you're bored and you like how it feels. Some women are aware of the implications of their choices and don't care about xyz politics.

No. 428860

I'm not even running in the BDSM circles but even I know that the main point of BDSM is consent, you absolutely have to be able to trust the other person to stop when they are crossing their limits. The top gets off from their bottom's pleasure and vice versa. Straight out abuse can be committed in a missionary in the dark type of setting too.

>Honestly, IDG why you guys get offended when people criticize whatever kink or preference or behavior you engage in, especially if you agree with the general sentiment.
Because the "kinkshamers" here tend to be spergy and embarrassing and most sane people don't want them to settle here with their moralfaggotry.

No. 428876

nta but consent doesn't mean the behavior isn't abusive. you can consent to rape play, but it still means that the person initiating the rape play wants to rape.

No. 428879

Nta either and rapeplay is gross but I'm kind of confused as to how rapeplay is a thing. If they clearly consent and want it, how is it rape? I'm just confused as to how people would practice said kink in general. Isn't it just rough sex/roleplay at that point?

No. 428880

so what about masochists who get sexual pleasure from pain? it's not cut and dry abuse. it's mentally ill, but i don't think it's straight up abuse. i would be miserable in a relationship with a man who wouldn't want to be dominant in that way. not every girl needs to be "saved" by you moralfags.

i hate bdsmfags who think it should be normalized or treat it as if it's not mentally ill or weird, because it is, but i also hate when people think all people into bdsm are abusers. some of us are just wired weirdly and get off on things we likely shouldn't. but if no one who isn't involved is aware then who cares.

No. 428886

So a few weeks ago my dad said he chucked out about 30 video games of mine. This then resulted in me being thrown out of the house because I was upset over it. This caused issues at work ect. Only today I found them all locked away in his room. What a fucking sadist. I didnt question them being thrown out as that behaviour happens a lot to me. I just can't believe he went along with the lie just to upset me?! Who the fuck does that. I'm obviously not going to tell him i know, as i shouldn't have gone through his stuff. I'm so pissed off.

No. 428889

Christ. Move out, he must be a narcissist.

No. 428890

How old are you even that your parents can just touch your shit and throw it out at will, anon? That's fucked up.

No. 428912

get a 2 way lock on your door.

No. 428923

Do you have any trustworthy friends who dont live too far away from you? Just as >>428889 said you should move out asap, but until you find a new place I suggest you ask a friend if they can keep things that can't be easily replaced or that are expensive with them if they can.

Nothing to do with age, if you live with your parents and they disrespect you and treat you like their property just because they're your parents they'll keep doing that shit until they die of old age. Sometimes I just go back home with junk food I ordered because it's more convenient than cooking in the middle of the night and I have my father insulting me and threatening to kick me out and steal my shit because I don't want to share one hamburger with my 5 relatives so I can relate.

No. 428925

Sorry I triggered you because you're a shitty, abusive partner. Go back to your containment thread, love.

No. 428929

This is exactly what people mean when they find summer moralfags on this board cringy sperglords.

No. 428930

No ones trying to save you, you can enjoy masochistic behaviour as you like but at least think critically about it

Your partner is abusing you, just because you consent to it doesn’t suddenly mean it’s not abusive behaviour, and many masochists have been proven to have been abused in the past - that’s what tends to trigger the paraphilia.

So, again, not being a moralfag, but it fucks me off when people try to present sadistic behaviour as non-abusive, if anything it should be seen as even more abusive by the fact that masochists are in a way trained to react positively to it by being brought to orgasm during power play and violent acts

>inb4 you don’t understand because you’re vanilla!!

I am now but before I actually acknowledged and dealt with my trauma I wasn’t able to enjoy sex unless I was being humiliated, beaten and had no power other than a ‘safe word’ (which in reality is now power considering that they can just, you know, not listen.)

No. 428950

Fucking tumblr/reddit moralfag summers need to gtfo of here. I think I'll just leave the site until September or so, goddamn.

No. 428956

File: 1562005840801.jpg (51.94 KB, 640x489, TKKH4000.JPG)

My girlfriend likes to bash me for liking Anime (I don't even like all the loli/shota stuff, I just watch shows and collect merchandise that's it) and never stops talking about how much she hates it, but when I badmouth her kpop obsession she totally loses it and starts fighting with me which is so annoying (and funny in a way I cannot describe) to me.
She keeps telling me it's just fiction, but when I tell her it's just music, she freaks out. It's literally nothing deep. Calm down.
Kpop stans are literally cousins with anime stans, both of them are equally bad.

No. 428957

shouldnt she accept your hobby if you do hers?
sounds like some sort of manipulation method or inferiority/superiority complex.
tinfoiling but red flag

No. 428960

A lot of Koreaboos are former weebs who think that liking Kpop means they've ascended. Just tell her that she's a nerd too and liking Kpop doesn't make her poop smell special.

No. 428966

my ex was a weeb who used to make dumb jokes about me liking kpop so i kinda understand you. after getting a little more into it he told me that he doesn't like me to "swoon over a guy who looks nothing like him" and it's like.. you are swooning over anime girls that look nothing like me. we acknowledged that we were both cringy and got over it.

No. 428974

yeah and that whole thing about trauma doesn't apply to me. i've never been abused or traumatized, not by family members or past partners, not even by friends. i've never been one to let people walk all over me- i'm pretty outspoken generally. so don't assume that my past is like yours.

i actually used to think i was asexual before i figured out that my brain is just wired weirdly and i'm kinky. had no sex drive until i realized that i just liked weird stuff. not much to it.

i was never manipulated or "trained" as you put it to think a certain way. i found that i was drawn to specific sexual situations and figured out that i just liked bdsm. i ended up telling the guy i was flirting with at the time and he had never previously done anything like that but he's into it. we've been dating for two years. he does absolutely not abuse me. some guys are normal and just like to do freaky stuff that their girlfriend prefers. not all guys who are kinky are crazy abusers who make their "dominance" a part of their identity. it's purely a bedroom thing and it's just for fun. outside of the bedroom i am much more the "dominant" person in the relationship, by far. he is very easygoing and i have never even seen him mad, not once. it's almost like some people like, get a sexual thrill out of doing different things in the bedroom or something! gasp! let me clutch my pearls.

people are going to do what they want behind closed doors regardless of what you think. and no, it is not always abuse. especially if the person wanting to be dominated is begging their partner to dominate them, lol.

No. 428985

Kek the kpop industry treats actual human beings the same ridiculous way standard anime treats its characters. I wonder how she can shit on anime and not kpop when kpop idols are so warped with botched surgery, stupid flat white makeup, and enforced eating disorders to the point they look like anime characters, and they also have to act like cartoon characters by being perfect aegyo and/or sExY angels at all times or else it's a "scandal." Weebs can be really cringey obviously but kpop fans are delusional.

No. 428991

My mom always talks so loudly on the phone. She literally called me and was just screaming so loudly into the phone that my coworkers heard everything and laughed. Why is she like this? My ear is bleeding.

No. 429176

I am so ready for beards to go out of style. It fucking annoys me seeing a man with a neckbeard. It's gross ffs.

No. 429237

File: 1562054108823.png (374.85 KB, 720x540, 63D92A31-A815-448A-AAB7-A2715B…)

Sick of certain popular artists on twitter getting so much attention and most barely try that hard

No. 429251

I hate that meme too. every time I see it I roll my eyes

No. 429252

It annoys me too. I've definitely had a couple of moments of thinking 'wait your girlfriend? like a girl who is your friend or… a girlfriend??' when someone has said 'I was out with my girlfriend' when I thought they were straight. just say friend.

No. 429254

do you not grow kale in the us? i'm from the uk and we grow it here, mine is grown just a few miles down the road from me

No. 429259

I have to give 1300€ to this giant asshole fuckboy today because I’m moving into his old apartment and said I would buy the kitchen with fridge, washing machine etc. off of him. It’s an okay price but damn I hate having to give that much money who people who disrespect me

No. 429260

So tired of these cunts shilling menstruation cups. Bitch I can't put stuff in my vagina IT HURTS IDC ABOUT THE FUCKING PLANET

No. 429271

I'm not comfortable with the cups either but you can just get reusable pads/washable pads, you know.

No. 429280

What the other anon said, also it isn't shilling if they're just happy with their cup and sharing it to help others.
Most people don't even do it for the planet, it's just nice to forget it's even there and empty it once every 12 hours. I hate tampons, they stink up bins when thrown away, they're dry as fuck and hurt to put in, and I hate worrying about if I will have time or money to buy a pack whenever my period starts.
If a cup isn't for you, nobody is forcing you to get one, plenty of other options out there.

No. 429289

I have a similar problem with my aunt (spending time with relatives is mandatory in this family), who's become a kboo. She thinks soo highly of korean entertainment, and for some strange reason sees them as the "better asians" and looks down on other asians becausue they're "not as good as korea and koreans." For example, she was trying to convince me to watch a mediocre korean movie, going on about how amazing korean ent is, and said that she's watched basically "every korean movie out there" especially martial arts ones. When I asked her if she's watched chinese martial arts movies she makes a weird face and says "only the good ones." I was also once telling her that a lot of her beloved kdramas are remakes of mangas and jdramas, and then she goes into this whole fit to defend them saying that koreans only use them to make japanese people to watch their stuff, and that japanese people also copy a lot off koreans for the same reason and that it's all business(a bunch of utter nonsense). She just didn't want to admit that koreans simply copy them because they want the ideas and maybe they're not as creative and genius as she thought. She also looks down on anime but she's a kpop fan (bts ratmie to be exact) at the same time. She even had their group pic as her lock screen.
Maybe my post doesn't sound very annoying but you have to talk and be with these kind of people to really feel how infuriating it is. Why can't people watch their stuff, and stfu?

Yup, I've seen this a lot. Pathetic lmao

Exactly, very good point

No. 429291

what happens if you tell her the songs her oppars sing are likely written by some washed up western producer under a pseudonym

No. 429301

File: 1562077360862.jpg (22.27 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>have arm implant bc
>haven't had to worry about menstruation in years
>mfw inadvertently eco friendly without the hassle

No. 429305

Honestly this. A decade ago I went from weeb to a kboo and when things got out of hand in the industry, went back to being a weeb. It was like a breath of fresh air because new generation kboos are fucking lunatic levels insane with their delusions and absolutely blind to the amount of abuse going on in the Korean entertainment industry. Despite undoubtedly having some amount of work done a lot of Japanese idols still at least look like humans instead of identical plastic dolls and in anime the characters being given questionable treatment to aren't real.

Have you had any side effects from the implant? I'm really interested in getting one but I keep hearing horror stories of bleeding for months on end.

No. 429317

After spending so much time on lolcow and then visiting other discussion boards I've realized how fucking annoying blogposting in threads is and why it should be banned everywhere. A discussion regarding any topic turns into people rushing to throw their whole fucking melodramatic life story on other people while bringing nothing to the discussion. I understand when people say "I experienced this too, here's what I did" with two sentences but a 10-paragraph novel grade fart-huffing memoir is too fucking much. So yeah thanks lolcow for banning that shit.

No. 429322

Agree. PULL is honestly the worst offender of this shit.
>Well, if I was in Japan I would have definitely behaved better than this dumb gaijin!!
It's the most annoying shit. Seriously, no1curr.

No. 429323

Lowered my libido and I notice I don't get as lubricated for sex naturally anymore. The latter really pissed me off because I suffered a tear due to that but it's years behind me now.
I stopped having a period from the moment I got it. I'm on my second one and only had mild spotting during the final month or so of my last implant's duration.

I suspect I've had some weight gain from it but honestly? That's been my experience with all hormonal birth controls and those were way less convenient and more dangerous insofar as long term ramifications.
I've been on the depo and the pill and this is by far my favorite. It has very few long term complications.

I would recommend it but it would suck to be among the unfortunate women who get that nonstop bleeding side effect. Yikes.

No. 429336

I have been considering getting an implant or hormonal IUD just to cease/lessen my period. I feel super anxious over it, I hate the bleeding and constant cramping. I don't have any sex and won't because I'm single, is it worth getting it?

No. 429338

Same pretty much, I love my implant. I haven't had a period since I got it in a year ago and other than a lower sex drive I haven't had any side effects at all. And I don't get migraines anymore like I did on the pill. All the horror stories online made me think I was making a huge mistake but it's been the best BC I've ever used.

No. 429577

On my third one and each time it has been different. First one was an absolute dream and didn't get a single period for the entirety of it, so I got it renewed. Second one was okay, spotted a lot but wasn't anything I could deal with. My third, however, has been a nightmare. I'm currently on my 3rd week of bleeding for this 'months' cycle. It's not even properly like coming out too which is hat makes it mostly annoying. It'll spot, then sometimes it'll act like a normal period and flow properly, then it will cut off again and disappear. Then it comes back. It's very disruptive. Mine is due for renewal at the end of next year, but I wont be renewing it I don't think. Don't let me put you off but it is like Russian roulette. And I'd rather have messed up periods than a kid, so there's that.

No. 429581

File: 1562143424833.jpeg (69.69 KB, 400x400, B3A0EF23-EB82-4DAB-8337-3BA9E6…)

Ever since someone on tumblr posted a Picrew link and some random Dress Up Generator from it, people have now started to invade a Japanese site for Japanese people, posting their own shit on it and making everything in English like… That site was never an English site. It's a Japanese website, primarily used by Japanese people. Even the Korean artists on there post their stuff in Japanese. If you aren't going to respect that Picrew is a Japanese website and at least put a little bit of effort in to translate your Picrews to Japanese then honestly I don't know what to tell you other than to stop being such a degenerate. Even Google Translate is okay, just don't be an asshole and leave your stuff untranslated, because you have to remember: This is not a website aimed at you. You are a visitor. You are not a part of the main audience/userbase of Picrew.

That, along with the people complaining over the issue of limited skintones in the Games/Generators and creating stupid shit like "Aro/Ace Character Generator".

Why does tumblr always ruin everything?

No. 429584

uwu my poor nipponese website being invaded by filthy baka gaijin!!!!! >.<

No. 429586

Japanese people arent children ffs
I blame Americans for this retarded perception of East Asians

No. 429588

OP here and I am Japanese myself so I have a reason to get annoyed by this.

No. 429605

No you don't lmao.
If you're that bothered send an email to picrew and ask them to add an option to show only japanese creators. If they don't have any rule against making games in other languages than japanese or uploading from other places than japan then there's zero reason people shouldn't upload on it.

No. 429616

Guess this will be my last post on Lolcow.farm… Because afterall me, a foreigner, has no place invading a Murican site made by Murican people, made for Murican people and primarly used by Murican people. I understand that this is not a website made for me. I am but a mere visitor. I am not part of the main audience/userbase of Lolcow.
Same goes for you my Nipponese friend.
(Btw congrats, you're the by far most fluent in Murican Nip I've ever encountered.)

No. 429617

As an ESL I agree with you anon, yanks need to fuck off from spaces not meant for them if they can't integrate. The amerifags reeing at you on this board would go fucking ballistic if people started speaking in their native languages outside of containment threads but feel entitled to use English everywhere online. It's not fucking hard to google translate simple sentences to Japanese and NOT push your retarded western identity politics on everyone.

No. 429620


lowkey wanna see this site become invite-only or something equivalent just to watch the tumblr weebs turn on each other on who gets to go on board the cool weeb kids club

No. 429621

Anon, she didn't mean Americans, but all of us dirty gaijins, you as well.
And what about "western" identity politics and dress up games? lmao

No. 429622

Tumblrinas like >>429581 and you are the ones complaining about non-Japanese/non-Asians "invading" sites "not meant for them!!!"

No. 429636

File: 1562160666857.jpg (570.52 KB, 1079x2032, Screenshot_20190703-083033_Chr…)

>Even the Korean artists on there post their stuff in Japanese.

No. 429641

>gatekeeping dress up games
Pure autism.

No. 429644

My only thing is Americans have uglier art styles in general. They just love ugliness for some reason, while more of the Japanese artists using Picrew seem to appreciate cuteness and beauty.
I don't want to have to dig through 9042842948 Steven Universe character generators suffering from obesity, hideously wide noses, covered in body hair and all sorts of skin diseases, or flat-out badly drawn shit from actual children who can't draw but have absolutely no sense of shame about their work just to find decent dress-up games.
That's what the "dress up game" tag on Deviantart is for. That's what literally every other dress up game site used by the English-speaking internet is for. We all know the true power of creators from the USA. Picrew is where we go to get away from that and experience the power of creators from East Asia.
Burgers will probably be mad about this, but it's the fucking truth.
I do think skin color variation is always good, but there are also dark-skinned Japanese people anyway so whatever

No. 429659

it's no different than gatekeeping any other site. i wouldn't want a bunch of japanese language recipes or news articles on an english site either.

No. 429661

Okay, you've never been traumatized. You've never seen weird porn before you "realized that youre just kinky" either?

No. 429662

Yes it it.
Recipes and news articles exist in any language and are 90% text based AT LEAST, and thus if they are based on community contribution they will specify in their rules that you should stick to a certain language. For recipe sites they might even,specify whether you should write in metric or empiric measures too because mutual understanding is essential to the point.
Meanwhile you don't need to understand a single word of Japanese to play on picrew.
Also there's plenty of shittily drawn games by Japanese artists on it too, y'all need to stop that "uwu pure japanese so good at kawaii drawing"

No. 429663

i hate ugly people who take ugly pictures of themselves at weird angles. it's not cute, it's not quirky, it just makes you look hideous. the instathots you're copying don't look cute either, they just get a pass cause they're thots.

it doesn't help that these people also tend to be extremely terrible people as well, ugly in and out i guess, but hella annoying..

No. 429665

dude calm down, i don't use the site, i was just pointing out that it's annoying. stop being a cringy anti-weeb.

No. 429670

Of course there are, but you can go through literal pages of well-drawn ones before finding a shitty one.
The same is not true when it comes to Tumblr, dA, etc.
Just because Murricans like having ghetto websites doesn't mean they need to force the whole internet to be like that

No. 429705

I absolutely hate muricans, but reading the shit this fake-nip is spouting makes me feel sorry for you guys lol

No. 429715

File: 1562178308667.jpg (8.41 KB, 221x228, download.jpg)

Here's an idea, my "chigga". Click on the jpn games only and ignore the english text ones

Lmao righttt cmon

No. 429720

File: 1562178670558.png (105.7 KB, 400x400, 8AD0845B-4654-4471-BCE0-E05A95…)

Y'all really think Americans have the right to invade a place made for East Asians only and then post their hideous art that looks like this but Ok.

No. 429722

No1curr u crackhead ass

No. 429724

File: 1562178904160.jpg (236.55 KB, 2000x1984, 32492.jpg)

"Invade" "invade" "invade"…

No. 429726

people use that word way too unnecessarily nowadays

No. 429752

they don't care because they're making their own genderkweer asexual demiromantic dolls and posting them on tumblr as we speak

No. 429788

If anything the "y'all really out there" and "y'all think x, huh" shit is a thousand times more noxious. It's used by a bunch of dumbass children/embarrassing 20-somethings trying to sound tough when all I can think of is some socially stunted nerdlet with an undercut and shitty dye job trying to sass an unsuspecting normal person over "using the wrong pronouns" for Steven Universe or some other nothingburger bullshit.

>y'all really think

No one on LC thinks that pile of horseshit is good enough to be posted anywhere, let alone whatever rando site you're bitching about. Don't put that evil on us, Ricky Bobby.

No. 429832

Whoever is still sperging on /meta/ about how anybody who finds the Russian eunuch sisters interesting is a samefag, summerfag, selfposter or newfag and that they should be banned seriously needs to seek help.
It's over. The thread has been made. Even random, uninvolved people agree that locking it was a generally bad idea. The artist salt thread is saved and back on track. Those who don't want to read don't have to, just like I don't have to read the camgirl generals or Holly Brown threads.
I just don't get all the rage about its existence. Did we get a rash of fujoshi here for the holidays?

No. 429833

I lurk /meta/ a lot and would agree that the posting style is noticeable. Still not sure why it was such a bfd. Everytime I happen to look at the eunoch thread now it's super active. So weird.

No. 429883

I just don't understand why the thread has so much opposition. It seems like it'd be right up most farmers' alley. The eunuch sisters are equal parts funny, weird, pathetic, and offensive– the perfect lolcow recipe.

>made for East Asians only
You must be lost, Tumblr-chan.

No. 429972

idk i just noticed very specific things made me feel good and not just basic stuff

No. 429977

Japs literally have a horrible problem with homogenity and recycling the same artstyles. Its like they dont have an ounce of creativity in them at all. Come on you can criticize American but East Asian artstyles are fucking lazy

No. 429979

Ah yes the same pedophiliac featureless faces with the same big insectoid heads and often misogynistic portrayals is extremely superior and ebin, as well as the recycled theme and arts and uncanny focus on cuteness to the point of wiping out innovation and any creativity


a lot of young americans cream their pants over east asians and nips in the spergiest way possible so this counter argument never made since to me lol

No. 429980

I'm really over the obsession people have when someone's nudes get leaked. Unless they're unsolicited or there's something else going on relate to the pics, taking naked pics of yourself isn't milky. It's not a big deal when two consenting adults are participating and shouldn't be spread around. It's just a naked body and once you see a few pairs of boobs and nuts it gets way less interesting. I've had my nudes shared without my permission and it sucks but at the same time they're just tits.

Someone on the rantgrumps subreddit was asking for one of my favorite let's player's nudes that apparently got leaked and it made me mad

No. 430003

File: 1562216875702.png (65.23 KB, 650x920, tumblrina.png)

I actually sort of understand the outrage here. It's not just americans putting their art on picrew- that's fine in and of itself I think.

The problem is that they're getting all political and yelling at Japanese people for being racist, just like they always do. When are they going to realize that this isn't a fight they can win? Japan has a problem with colorism, sure, but it's not a problem that can be solved by American interference. It's especially not going to be solved by American Tumblrinas harassing random otaku artists who barely speak English online.

Pic related is what Tumblrinas do when they enter foreign communities.

No. 430055

…They're dress up games lmfao. I'd rather look at homogenous but aesthetically pleasing forms to make characters than shit like >>429720. But even then, let's not pretend the CalArts style isn't also lazy and homogenoous as all fuck.
Plus, I've seen all sorts of distinct art styles on Picrew, so I don't even know what you're talking about

Okay, then stay on your own sites and publish your amazingly "creative" "innovative" "unique" fat positive aro ace racially diverse trans vitiligo with hideously exaggerated facial features bordering on racial caricature dress-up games there lol. Why flock to these so-called pedo sameface insectoid sites?
It doesn't have to be a fight, just make better-looking art or calm down when people say they don't always like the kind of content you put out

No. 430060

Jesus Christ, like yeah I get it, but I'm still able to make an avatar that's dark skinned like me. Sure not every dark skinned avatar is going to be my exact skin color either and it's usually a darker shade. There's really no inbetween, but I'm still satisfied I was able to make myself in picrew. I just hate how these Tumblr people try to get their point across, it's so childish.

No. 430178

you eunuch fans are the ones who got called out for samefagging and not shutting the fuck up. check the /meta/ thread.

No. 430206

Calm yourself.

No. 430245

I'm sick of Black Butler's chapter being 15 pages long and still being released every month nowadays. I don't even care all that much about it but it has been over a decade and I just want to know who killed the Phantomhives and why, and who is Undertaker although I think I an idea about that

No. 430255

tom holland is the most bland white boy in hollywood and i'm tired of seeing thirst for him. plus he said he "hates cats" which makes me hate him. fucking basic bitch.

No. 430260

I'm gonna reread it when it's finished, I stopped following ongoing manga a while ago because it's such a pain in the ass to experience a story in bits and pieces.

I miss Kuroshit though, it's underrated imo. Love the art and costume design, and the arcs have a lot of variety so I never got bored.

No. 430270

It's really underrated, and the fact that it was known as that one gay shota anime with crazy fans back then makes it's reputation so much worse. It's obvious Yana Toboso planned her story from start to finish a long time ago and that she knows what she's doing, and her art looks really good, but it's just so slow. And she's spending a lot of time working on a Disney villains otome games of all things so I should wait until the current arc is over at least. The current arc is super long though and there's a lot of plot twists so it might be the last one.

No. 430315

I keep seeing comments about how "men have irrealistic expectation about female bodies" and "thinspo" "nasolabialfold" next to them. I'd rather have one man thinking bimbos are natural than a woman judging because I'm not 50kg at 170cm

No. 430317

Idk why but this shit has me fucking dying lmaooo.

No. 430331

all i know about him is that tumblr post that said it looks like hes hiding a frog in his mouth and thats all i care to know

No. 430335

smells like scrote

No. 430336

File: 1562288501960.jpeg (88.71 KB, 673x455, 96969F62-2AC2-4B68-8F9C-5E740D…)

Sick of anons in the Baylee Jae thread constantly going HAHA CHILDRENS BOOK ART!! Do they not realise just how beautiful most children’s books are? There are so many illustration awards specifically for children’s books because of high quality the imagery tends to be, so I have no idea where they get this idea from that children’s book artwork is the kind of shit that Baylee shits out.

Sorry for sperg out, fucks me off whenever people see the word ‘children’ and immediately come to the conclusion it must be lesser

No. 430340

File: 1562289441673.jpg (53.32 KB, 625x415, tomholland.jpg)

but thats a very popular meme….

No. 430357

File: 1562293448276.png (119.47 KB, 468x468, tumblr_inline_pd7cw2GRt51qlzyu…)

I am waiting for D.Gray-man to finally end. We are getting chapters like once in 3 months and the pace is so slow I gave up and actually am waiting until at least the arc ends. I am extremely interested in the Nea/Mana shit, but god is it slow nowadays.

And Hunter x Hunter. I basically gave up on that entirely for now. It's just walls of text about politics once in 6 months, absolutely unreadable and incomprehensible at this pace. But I still wanna know what will happen at the end. If the end ever comes because right now it looks like Togashi will die before he finishes the story. Also both he and Hoshino have some hand health problems so that at least explains the pace (and makes me feel like kind of an asshole) so I am willing to wait.

I wanna read Black Butler and Bungou Stray Dogs one day, but I am probably not going to bother with any ongoing manga anymore at all.

No. 430363

I also have comic blues. Do you know the twighlight zone/creepshow plot type? I love comics like that, but on the webcomic format they're horrible. Bad twighlight episodes, where its easy to tell the ending, are bearable because its 20 minutes long, but a webcomic that posts 2 pages a week will make it so you have to wait 2 months for the arc to finish. I've been spoiled by webtoon comic dumbs tbf.

No. 430369

I'm a massive HxH fan and every chapter is a momentous occasion but even I had to decide to wait for more chapters before reading this arc. It's so complicated and I'm a brainlet, I need to read it all at once. I trust Togashi to tie everything together in the end but it's too hard to follow atm.

No. 430389

File: 1562304028486.jpg (86.75 KB, 473x473, snoop-lion-literally.jpg)


ugh are you anons on the same boat with me? I'm also a huge D.Grayman too. I remember reading that shit over 10 years ago and giving up when the mangaka kept going on hiatus. I'm in the worst boat right now with Berserk. Miura will surely die before it's over. I read HXH a while back, but i'm just so saddened by how little content we get.

Bungou is fantastic btw

No. 430390

>hates cats

Instant trash

No. 430395

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed, but I would have said he looks like he has a hot potato in his mouth and he doesn't dare chewing it.

>hunter x hunter
I watched the first anime long ago and liked it a lot at the time, I'm surprised it's still ongoing. If you're frustrated over it I recommend you read Yu Yu Hakusho by Togashi if you haven't already, the anime is one of my favorite of all time. And I know how you feel with D. Gray Man. because I used to read it a little in high school and I stopped because I wanted to read it once it's over. I might as well give up or do it now.

No. 430406

God I wish the moralfags on this site would fuck off. It's gotten worse ever since the normie radfems came from leddit and all the libfem bastards migrated from twitter/PULL. Every discussion is derailed into pedophilia/rape/misogyny screeching because they run out of valid arguments and try to bruteforce their opinion on others by pulling the degenerate card. Case in point: >>429979 . The only thing worse would be if we were overrun by trannies except the GC thread already had some deranged troon chimping the hell out.

No. 430409

They still fucking suck and its lame and corny to look at. Everyone can get criticism except muh mystical Nipponese people for some reason

No. 430410

Omg yeah we should stick to attacking other women and blogposting about how our boyfriends beats us up and lusts over fictional girls instead

No. 430415

File: 1562313462842.gif (844.67 KB, 440x311, GranularShowyBarebirdbat-max-1…)

People are totally valid in their dislike of cats. 1) Cats' saliva is way more hazardous than dogs', which is why cat scratches can cause toxoplasmosis 2) Cats piss and shit indoors, and when they pee they spray it everywhere and into the air 3) Cats are miserable indoors, but in danger of cars and/or coyotes outdoors 4) Cats kill shit way more often than dogs do 5) Cat allergies are extremely common.

I'm not a dogfag– I don't like dogs either. Rabbits are the best pets imo.

Tom knows about this meme and he thought it was funny. He says the frog's name is Dave.

No. 430420

No. 430425

>Not being a constant pearl-clutching hysterical snowflake equals a cool girl who hates women and worships men unconditionally
This is why you spergy moralfags are the cancer of this board

No. 430428

File: 1562319477930.jpg (860.8 KB, 1400x1400, 1559822284181.jpg)

I hate this Podcast so much and I hate people who try to defend it

No. 430440

did someone call you a pedo for liking shota and now you're all bitter?

No. 430441

Never heard of it. Judging from the barstool logo, it's from that barstools sports company. Very man-centic. No thanks lol.

I would love a rabbit. I have no pets and have only ever had dogs growing up. Are they especially messy?

No. 430443

Toxoplasmosis is verrrrrry rarely transferred through scratches, doesn't stay on their fur, it generally isn't a problem unless you're a pregnant woman changing litterboxes. The bacteria in their saliva that can (rarely) harm or kill us is present in dogs as well, is more often found in dogs (26-74% in dogs vs 17-54% in cats) so singling out cats when they literally tend to carry it less is dumb. Rabbits are horrible pets (not their fault, it isn't any animal's responsibility to be the "ideal" pet to us). Prey animals are horrible pets, and they shouldn't be pets. They're terribly anxious all of the time (and rightfully so), and they die over anything. They frequently harm themselves out of anxiety and panic being around people. Prey animals are too high stress to even enjoy being around us. It's really sad, actually. There's an epidemic of cats and dogs that need homes, so at least most people are doing good by adopting them, whereas most people who own rabbits are buying them from breeders (though obv there are rescue rabbits). I don't care that you prefer rabbits, but I like rabbits and there's no way I'd advocate for their ownership as pets unless with the very explicit stipulation that they be rescued from a worse situation. I don't know what asshole created this trend that a prey animal should be a pet, but they're jerks. People have no idea how to care for rabbits or be considerate of them and very few people should have the pleasure of being around them, because they're so ignorant of rabbit fears and feelings. Obviously I prefer they be pets than a source of food, so I guess in a way it has been a good thing, but still, the majority of rabbit owners have no idea how to care for rabbits.

No. 430445

NTA but I've had pet bunnies before. They're pretty good pets IMO, but require space to run, have delicate constitutions and can be subject to loneliness.
My favorite part of them is that their messes are easier to clean up than other pets. My least favorite part is that they don't really seem to show affection as obviously as cats and dogs typically do. I think this is fine once you learn to identify their special signs, though.

No. 430447

I clean people's houses for a living and my greatest fear is walking into a spotless home, especially if it's a big place. You'd think it'd be a dream but it usually means that it belongs to a spoiled, nitpicky pedant. And yesterday I had a customer that annoyed me so much.
>walk into apartment
>it's a mansion
>looks like a hospital, all surfaces are spotless
>oh shit.jpg
>has very specific instructions
>most of the time she complains about some glass stains from a previous cleaner, that she couldn't clean etc
>oh fuck.jpg
>start going over everything anyway, vacuum, dust, polish etc
>receive a complaint today that she's "very unhappy" and I was "very sloppy"
>1 star rating anything worth cleaning, I hate people like this so much
I didn't even see

No. 430448

I didn't even see anything worth cleaning, I hate people like this so much*

No. 430453

That has to be so horrible, trying to appease these neurotic and nasty people that need to be sectioned. Why are people so mean? One of my dad's gfs is a housekeeper and she has an 80 yo richbitch client that will berate her while she's cleaning and make her separate and unfurl/lay out each tassle on her enormous area rugs. I feel like this is the type of woman that would make a homeless man dance for a dollar. How can people be so ridiculous and spoiled?

No. 430464

It's not even about being a brainlet. It just has a ton of new characters introduced rapidly, with their own complicated abilities and relationships with little to no plot "meat" between the exposition to make it organic/memorable.
You literally need to write that shit down or have a very good memory to get it all and the chapters are so rare that you completely forget what the fuck was happening before reading the next one and have to start all over. It's less natural flow of the plot and more university course on Dark Continent royalty.

I am planning to get into YuYu though I have to make time for a series as long as this one. I also plan to watch the original HxH for a refresher (because I've only read manga and watched the new version)

No. 430466

Sorry anon. I've cleaned houses in the past. One was a spotless mansion, but I never even seen the owners lol. I would clean the spotless house and take the money. The bathrooms were gross I should say. I mostly cleaned regularish folks houses. Like an Indian couple who probably had a slave back in India. Now that they live in their middle class home in America, aren't rich here, they don't know how to clean.

The person who complained is a psychopath and will never be happy.

No. 430479

I've had rabbits for years. Them being prey animals has advantages and disadvantages. Yes, they have natural fear of larger creatures, but a rabbit can easily overcome that with the right socialization and handling. However, most people don't do the proper research, and as you said, they don't know how to care for rabbits. I'm shocked by the number of people I meet who think rabbits are meant to be kept in outdoor elevated hutches. No! They need indoor hutches on the ground.

Rabbits are way smarter than people think they are. Rex breeds can even learn to come to their names. They're also really great to just hold. A relaxed rabbit will be content to sit on a lap and be stroked for a long time. Nice thing about rabbits being prey animals- they're quiet.

I've adopted about half my rabbits, and gotten the other half from breeders. Advantages of shelter rabbits: they're often litter trained and fixed, but they're harder to socialize and handle. Advantages of bred rabbits: more moldable, more choices when it comes to breed, gender, color.

Prey animals have been kept as pets for thousands of years. You could make the same argument about horses, sheep, guinea pigs, etc.

No. 430497

>Prey animals have been kept as pets for thousands of years.
The fact that animals have been inappropriately and callously kept as pets for thousands of years is not an argument for what's ideal and best for the animal.

>You could make the same argument about horses, sheep, guinea pigs, etc.

I can, and horses are frequently mistreated as well and their social cues aren't catered to. Horse abuse is rampant and because they're large animals that are expensive to care for and maintain means they're disposable and a bother for people, and end up sold to slaughter. I don't recommend that they be kept by most people, either. Because they're prey animals that are so much larger than us, humans are injured by them, and who suffers as a result of us frightening them? The horse, obviously. Guinea pigs are also terrible pets that are mostly always anxious and are basically glorified house ornaments for most people. Any small animal, regardless of their emotional range or capabilities, will be treated like a toy and mistreated, and it's even worse when they're instinctually anxious because they're prey animals. Sheep aren't generally kept as pets, and sheep (and horses) aren't nearly as physically mismatched as rabbits and humans or guinea pigs and humans. The only real reason most people have horses or sheep is because they're able to exploit them. Horse owners have them to ride them, to suit their own ends, not to love and nurture them. Worse yet is that because these animals are instinctually anxious, their hesitation and fear is considered an inconvenience to people. It's why animals that don't act like dogs (immediately and indiscriminately trusting), are further mistreated and abused for being fearful. It's a really sad situation and I don't trust most people with these kinds of animals. It takes a lot of emotional labor to get certain animals (like these) to trust you, and even then, they won't be comfortable to the same degree as dogs, or as often as dogs are and people won't be showered with indiscriminate affection from them, so they're punished for it. They're mostly incompatible with people, honestly.

>Rabbits are way smarter than people think they are. Rex breeds can even learn to come to their names. They're also really great to just hold. A relaxed rabbit will be content to sit on a lap and be stroked for a long time. Nice thing about rabbits being prey animals- they're quiet.

They are intelligent. Most animals aren't given credit for how intelligent they are. The thing is though, rabbits can quickly shift into anxiety and fear. They're not really suited to be pets. You can make the argument that they make you happy all you like, but I really don't feel it's appropriate for them and for their well-being and emotional/mental security. Obviously as you know, most people don't have any clue how to treat them, and I can't STAND that people buy them for children, no less. The fact that they're small makes people think they're the perfect pet for children, but the truth couldn't be further from that. I really don't care about what people want, tbh, whether or not rabbits are conveniently good for a person's lifestyle. Imo, rabbits are delicate animals that can die from nearly anything. There's no other animal that is thought of as a pet that's as delicate and easily frightened (to death, even) as rabbits, and it's unfair that they should be bred to be around people, for our enjoyment.

No. 430527

Your argument is stupid and founded on the assumption that prey and predator roles are mutually exclusive. Anything with animals bigger than it is also usually prey. Ergo; cats are prey animals too and experience all of the stress that comes along with being manhandled by a large predator i.e. us. Rabbits are domesticated anyway, so arguments about what they're like in the wild aren't really that relevant.

Anon you're replying to is stupid as well though and justifies their hatred of cats with made up bullshit. Toxoplasma gondii causes toxoplasmosis, it's a discrete organism it's not like a chemical in cat's saliva.

People who don't like cats just can't stand an animal that can obviously express agency and dislike.

No. 430551

>Your argument is stupid and founded on the assumption that prey and predator roles are mutually exclusive. Anything with animals bigger than it is also usually prey.
People specifically refer to rabbits, deer, animals that are effectively defenseless and are prey to a wide range of predators "prey animals". Most rabbit resources refer to them specifically as "prey animals". A "prey animal" is not the same as a predator that is prey for a larger predator. An animal that is exclusively prey has effectively no defenses and relies upon evading and escape, because it's exclusively prey. Their behavior, their instincts, their defenses, their skills, are entirely different, and a cat can be traumatized by humans or preyed on by larger animals and/or humans, but left in their own environment, they prey on other animals and there's a demonstrable difference in multiple ways. You can't compare an animal that is nothing but prey to all animals, that never serves as a predator, in any environment, to a dog or a cat. All animals aside from apex predators really need to be vigilant, but it's not at all the same. Their tendency to injure their spinal cords because of their intense instinct to escape, die from fright/heart attacks, etc, just from smelling predators or loud noises, dying from baths, etc is completely different from dogs or cats and these hardwired reactions can't be undone by just having an affectionate owner. They're uniquely delicate pets because of the fact that they're exclusively prey and their instincts reflect this. Their spinal cords and bones are incredibly fragile. You say "in the wild", but that's the entire point I was making: domesticated rabbits still die from baths, they still sleep with their eyes open, they still die from loud noises or the scent of a predator, they still are seriously and sometimes fatally injured from people picking them up and them frantically kicking their legs. Their instincts remain much more than in other domesticated pets, that's the entire point. They're much more delicate animals than dogs or cats. Read about it. Even rabbit enthusiasts admit that they're crazy fragile and nervous animals and are not suitable pets for most people.

No. 430568

I think they see it as justified by virtue of them paying. The fact that they're indeed paying, but not paying enough to make people do ridiculous shit doesn't occur to them I guess. If I had some dumbfuck tasks for my housekeeper and was loaded, I'd have the awareness to tip them a fat sum so their time is spent well. Also wouldn't dehumanize or insult them. I guess I completely outed myself as middle class lmao.

You're totally right. People sometimes get into these more delicate pets thinking they're the same as cats or dogs just bc they're "domestic" but that word varies in legitimacy depending on the breed. No other animal besides dogs are actually domesticated to the degree they're thinking of. I've wanted rabbits and quails for a long time but the latter also come with really twitchy instincts that make keeping them indoors really risky so I decided against it. Despite my massive amount of love for buns, I may never keep one because our house is pretty lively and a rabbit's psychology shouldn't be sacrificed just to have a cute pet. They're not toys and they're not like cats and dogs.

No. 430569

Rabbits are like that because rabbits specifically evolved to be like that, it's not because they are exclusively prey animals. It's a factor for sure, but plenty of animals that are exclusively prey are plenty capable of defending themselves, don't die for stupid reasons, aren't made of glass and paper. Rabbits are so fragile because they're an R-selected generalist species. Animals with lower reproductive rates can't afford to be so fragile, rabbits can because they invest so little in each individual offspring. They're so fragile because of these factors, not because of the fact that they're exclusively prey animals. The fact their reproductive strategy is quantity over quality is far more relevant to their behaviour and general disposition.

I don't really care about whether rabbits are good pets or not, fwiw I agree with you and I don't think most people should own one, and it makes me furious that people buy them for children. What bothered me is the inference that rabbits are the way they are because they're prey animals, if that were true all prey animals would exhibit the same level of neuroticism and penchant for self destruction, including those who are also predators themselves.

No. 430602

File: 1562348408985.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

You're a vegan, aren't you?

No. 430801

File: 1562382817769.jpg (168.15 KB, 760x488, c1ffc2ed87fd0f3222c4f11621d4da…)

What really fucking annoys me is smokers that just chuck cigarette butts wherever.
If there's no trashcan, portable ashtrays are like a dollar and are really compact and come as keychains you can attach to whatever, like your bag.
Especially pissed off at people who chuck their cigs from balconies/windows. Do you not own a trashcan at home? Why the fuck should I go out of my apartment building to see all the flowerbeds literally showered in your trash?
People are clutching their pearls with plastic straws, but cigarette butts are plastic too and there's more plastic in a single one than a single straw. Those end up in the ocean too. I literally saw seaguls happily chomping on that shit.

I used to be quite a heavy smoker and I still made sure none of my litter ended up on the ground.
My country is notoriously bad with trash and littering and janitors, so this shit is EVERYWHERE. Where kids play, where plants grow, all around beaches and nature parks.

I wish people would stop littering altogether tbh. There's no fucking excuse chucking your trash on the ground. Carry it with you until you're around a place you can dump it. It's common sense, but my fellow russians are just fucking pigs content living in their refuse it seems.

No. 430886

If you put cement mixer into a milkshake before lobbing it at a person's skull, you're trying to kill them. Or at the very least harm. The problem isn't throwing milkshakes, it's with the increasing escalation of violence. I don't want to see my street erupt into violence. Clamp that shit down or I will.

No. 430954

Apparently the milkshakes having cement in them was proven to be false, but still people need to learn to be the bigger person. It's exactly like dealing with a narcissist, don't feed their ego. Don't give them any attention or reaction. You're only making them win because any attention is good enough for them.

No. 431052

>literally spreading fake news
Cement milkshakes never happened.

No. 431304

god I hate this too, we have a river and a lawn close to campus and it's littered with cigarette butts and plastic garbage
because it's so close to the river i've watched ducks trying to eat all the trash a few times, it's disgusting
and you can't even do much against it yourself, it gets cleaned up regularly but the place is full of litter just a day after
there's trashcans just a meter away too

No. 431306

I feel you. My country is turning into a big dump because people have a "I'm poor, I have better things to worry about than the environment, it's not MY job to pick up after myself" mentality. It's also in the Balkans, which means people smoke like chimneys and smoking is allowed everywhere.
Smokers are disgusting addicts, they smell like shit, they litter everywhere, many of them can't control their disease and will smoke indoors and around little babies, some people even smoke in cars with their kids and will defend themselves with "they'll be fine, my dad smoked for a billion years and died of natural causes". When I say I have asthma and don't want people smoking around me, some of them have straight up replied with "well then I suggest you find new friends who don't smoke ;**". Smoking is more important than anything to them and they will give fucktons of money on cigarettes then cry about being poor.
Smokers are so selfish and disgusting, I hate them so much.

No. 431310

Keep an eye out for the ducks and take photos, if you can get a photo of the ducks surrounded by rubbish or eating it then you can print that on a flyer to stick up around campus. People don't care about signs that say anything about the environment or community but if you can show an animal in distress it will get through to a few students, and they might put pressure on their friends for virtue points too.
Obviously it won't fix the problem and only students will see the posters but if you can make at least one person feel shitty for littering it's better than doing nothing

No. 431367

Adults referring to themselves as babies always weird me out. People generally showing off their immaturity as some sort of a quirky trait is fucking strange and borderline disturbing considering that it's mostly women who do that.

No. 431368

they tend very irresponsible and mentally unstable people. i hate mommy's boy/manchild types and i don't understand how it's attractive when women do it. it's really cringy. i'm 18 and my friends are around 16-19, they all find people like shuwu creepy.

No. 431404

if you really want to help the ducks, take initiative. get a large net for catching aquarium fish or make your own out of mesh and wire, bring some bags for the trash, and set out some dried corn for the ducks. they’ll be happy and so will you and you can do this almost for free if you have materials laying around. i’ve done it here at the river by my house many times

No. 431434

File: 1562539978273.gif (566.57 KB, 295x207, 1515562508873.gif)

I hate smokers so much. I dont think i've ever in my life met a smoker who wasn't an inconsiderate trash monster who litters their butts everywhere. I know the government will keep supplying smokers cuz it makes money, but people who willingly put poison into their body and waste money on cigarettes deserve no sympathy.

No. 431584

My boyfriend jumps any time a bug gets near him. Could be a fly or literally anything. He's 250 lbs. It makes my vagina dry up when he does that.
He won't admit he's scared and claims that he's "not used to" being around bugs or nature.

Am I wrong for being annoyed at this? Am I feeding into gender stereotypes by thinking he should be more fearless of the bugs?

No. 431585

Yep, I understand your feelings but at least he's not trying to show how much of a macho man he is by punching the flies or something. Had a friend do that. lol

No. 431591

Maybe he actually has a phobia, but is afraid to admit it to you because he's a guy and society conditions men to not talk about their fears?
Also fear/disgust with bugs are an evolutionary trait like some other phobias. Insect often carry diseases or are poisonous so the bite is unpleasant/deadly if you're allergic. So it's a survival tactic.

At least those are the things I tell myself because I have a fear of flying insects. But I don't actually find the insect or the possibility of a bite scary. I am terrified of them buzzing around me, of the sound. I am mentally ill and have misophonia though, so that might be a factor. I literally scream and flail every time something buzzes closely enough to my ear for me to hear it. I really wish I didn't, but it's involuntary.
I've read therapy can help with especially extreme reactions, but I am not bothered about it enough to seek out a therapist.

No. 431594

I agree with >>431591

I've had a phobia of bees my entire life. Just hearing an insect's winhs beat sometimes frightens me. It's a common phobia. It's ridiculous to expect him to be a manly macho chad all the time, the same way it's ridiculous to expect a girl to be a prim little princess.

Have a talk with him about it. I'm sure there's annoying shit you do that turns him off, too.

No. 431606

File: 1562592064481.gif (1.95 MB, 400x204, tumblr_o8yhxl2ULQ1u4nbmvo1_400…)

I fucking hate it when people compare looks of anyone especially me to those so-called Instagram models, they do no justice to themselves comparing their body or skin to an edited photo in ideal angle and under some professional lighting, and I hate it even more when some entitled man thinks girls in his area as hideous because he is looking at those -and porn- all day long.

No. 431651

You're being self centered and awful. People are allowed to be scared of whatever they're scared of. Why on earth would you feed into the stupid idea that men are naturally fearless at all times?

No. 431735

My windows search bar isn't working. I click the search bar, start typing, then the bar closes it's self. how.

No. 431746

It works now! IT WORKS NOW! HA HA YEAH

No. 431804

I dont care that your bf is afraid of bugs but "not used to nature"? What a boring guy.

No. 431888

Gofundme's for top surgery for "they/thems" is so annoying and the quickest way to get me to unfollow somebody on social media. There are people out there with legitimate medical expenses and you just want your tits chopped off for a trend. Gtfo.

No. 431894

it's also for medical purposes, anon!! gender dysphoria is definitely innate and some people are just born in the wrong body!!

No. 431895

Yes but people with gender dysphoria are still either transgender woman or transgender man. "Enby" is bullshit

No. 431900

Wait, so you think a """"real"""" troon ebegging for surgery they don't need at all is halal? Lol.

No. 431902

File: 1562630898416.gif (508.56 KB, 389x433, itch.gif)

The stupid 'calarts' bean face doesn't annoy me at all, but for some reason the way 'calarts' shows ink themselves just annoy me. Also when the bean faces try to talk the lower part of their face juts in and out and it just creeps me out.

No. 431947

Reddit is becoming as bad as tumblr. Moralfagging and virtue signaling everywhere.

No. 431948

Oh, and don't you dare say anything that could be percieved as negative about troons, fat people, or men!

No. 431955

I thought reddit was supposed to be worse (according to the meme)
Youtube started recommending me reddit readings, couldt get through the first one it was so trite and as you say-moralfagging.

No. 431958

I got recommended those too for no fucking reason. Annoying af.

No. 431959

Maybe "becoming as bad" wasn't the best choice of words. It's definitely as bad and, in some subs, even worse. I've come to figure out that people will say anything for imaginary internet points. Sad! :(

No. 431975

I respectfully disagree, to an extent. Reddit, at least five years ago, was waaay more misogynistic than it used to be. Plus there has been a rise of more niche subreddits that cater to a variety of interests. A lot of Reddit is still cancer but it depends what you find.

No. 431982

File: 1562652082710.jpg (38.46 KB, 494x278, IMG_20151003_220630.jpg)

>Reddit, at least five years ago, was waaay more misogynistic than it used to be.
This sentence doesn't make any sense to me. Are you saying it is more misogynistic now or it was more misogynistic?

No. 431986

It was more misogynistic back then. Sorry, I was pretty drunk when I wrote that post but my point still stands. Hope this clears everything up.

No. 431995

I'm so glad twitter has a built-in keyword mute feature now. I'm tired of the socjus screeching everywhere and as someone from a shithole country, I couldn't care less about these 1st world problems.

I just want to follow fandom shit and see pics of cats.

No. 432004

same anon, same. checking tweets related to the current state of our shithole and then checking english speaking twitter and watching them trying to cancel a celebrity for being a terf, whining about heteronormativity in america (lmao), making video games about politics and shit is just hilarious. these people who live in first world countries are just trying to find something to whine about and always shitting on their own countries for some reason. they have no idea what it's like to live in an actual human rights atrocity.

No. 432015

Same, I'm also grateful for the option to not see what some people retweet. Compared to tumblr it's so much easier to avoid bullshit, especially when using the app.

No. 432031

Nta but I agee. I think americans don't know how americentric everything on the internet is, whether it's politics, humans rights, feminism, entertainment etc. and then it's about Europe and then about the rest of the world. It's really hard to find a sense of belonging, relate to people online and be able to find discussions that are specific to your country/culture.
Even when it comes to feminism I find the issues discussed quite different from what I experience, so most of the time I feel alienated.
I'm not saying that the things going on or experienced in those countries are less important or irrelevant. I'm just saying that I'd like to see more representation and more news coverage about things going on everywhere else.

No. 432035

Same, I have so many muted words and unfollowed/muted/turned off retweets from multiple people to avoid seeing first world social justice sperging on my feed 24/7. I don't know how people aren't completely tired of it at this point. The thing that annoys me the most is that the people from my own country have adopted american viewpoints and narratives and push them onto our society as well.

No. 432043

>people from my own country have adopted american viewpoints and narratives and push them onto our society as well.
Ugh so I'm not the only seeing this. Young people (mostly women) my age who are more "progressive" completely buy into that ~woke~ shit and talk like those crazy 1001-gender libfems on twitter when fgm and other atrocious shit still exist in my country.

No. 432085

ppl in my country got really mad at a local celebrity for getting cornrows and called her out on ""cultural appropiation""….which is hilarious for many reasons.

1) we live in a shithole 3rd world country (latin america) that exterminated most of its native black population centuries ago, and even the black population here isn't even african american so they don't share aa culture.

2) cultural appropiation isn't a concept here, it's something white girls learnt on tumblr or thru translated twitter threads. if you go outside the internet you'll never once hear the words "cultural appropiation" spoken in any context here.

3) race politics here don't really exist either, it's more of a xenophobia issue than a racial one. so, then again, white girls parroting things they learnt on tumblr where everything is america-centered and doesn't apply to latin america.

so it was literally just a bunch of white or slightly black girls acting super offended over something that doesn't even exist as an issue in our country. tumblr really fucked an entire generation's mindset, didn't it?

No. 432092

is it argentina or chile

No. 432106

File: 1562689237372.jpg (92.08 KB, 810x450, angelatorresok_1.jpg_195680253…)

argentina. she's not even an A-list celeb, which makes it even funnier to me bc they're just picking on any rando they can accuse of opreshun

No. 432186

yeah that's crazy bc your abortion laws are so fucked. totally misplaced outrage.

No. 432307

File: 1562716555001.jpg (45.92 KB, 600x414, 3pJxRRa.jpg)

it annoys me when people talk about cup size as if it's indicative of anything (the cup letter is relative to the band size)

No. 432308

She looks so much like Ariana Grande.

No. 432320

Summerfagotry 2019 is the worst it’s been these past few years. It’s like we’re getting posted on a different cum stained internet corner every week.

No. 432328

I totally agree. I can wear a D or a C. It also depends on the manufacturer.

No. 432333

File: 1562720072838.jpg (54.41 KB, 1066x586, angela_2.jpg)

she gives off an ariana vibe. it's kinda creeping me out

No. 432338

My computer never tells me what going on. Like, my computers speed will randomly half and when I go on task manager and check whats up its always 'windows update checker'.

No. 432339

Why creeped out? That's kinda an odd thing to be creeped out about

No. 432359

I hate it when someone sits in front of one of the only electrical outlets in a cafe or wherever and then doesnt even use it.

No. 432389

While I find them funny and do somewhat agree with those "white americans are ignorant about other cultures" kind of jokes, people act like people with white skin are the only ones who don't know or haven't experienced other people's cultures, traditions, customs etc, which doesn't make sense to me. Surely everyone from around the world has a narrow view of some other races and cultures and countries since they haven't interacted with them or only have little knowledge. I guess I'm so fed up with how american-centric the internet is, like people were saying earlier in this thread. They really come across as thinking everyone in their country acts the same across the world

No. 432393

i hate when cafes let people sit there for hours with only one drink and take up the tables.

No. 432459

Try this
It won't stop windows 10 from being shit but it will allow you to monitor what is happening with your hardware more closely.

No. 432500

How would you know if someone sits there for hours unless you were the same kind of patron who sits and watches other people for hours?

No. 432621

File: 1562787112341.jpg (139.48 KB, 1050x1214, 1562503833601.jpg)

I haphazardly decided to run the 1903 windows update and now that I'm hearing about all the glitches I'm scared now. I don't run any cpu intensive stuff, but I do have a big collection of files (backed up family photos, 20 gb worth of videos, 50 Th worth of pirated stuff). I don't wanna lose this shit

No. 432624

Put the most important files in a USB drive and on dropbox or onedrive or any other similar website.

No. 432645

I've got my family photos on a flash drive and my biggest files on mega sync. So I'll be reasonable safe. The only important things I cant back up are all the softwares Ive pirated.

No. 432761

found the person who sits there for hours.

or you know, i could go there, come back and see them still taking up loads of space.

No. 432823

File: 1562823668392.jpg (35.83 KB, 500x336, 1547479300599.jpg)

>as someone who [x]

those posts have been gettin on my nerves so bad lately

No. 432893

No, they were just honest with their misogyny back then.

Wokebros with obnoxious facial hair acting like their pro sex, pro trans views makes them feminist for pussy points are just as misogynistic as 2012 "No FAT chicks allowed." Reddit.

No. 432928

I was going into a store and a landwhale approaches the door, burps loudly on purpose (didn't even try quietly) and says "Sorry" in the most lazy/sluggish way possible. There was a lady with her baby in the stroller, she thought she'd hold the door open for her but instead the landwhale waddled in and it slammed as she was about to walk through. The landwhale sounded like a Slaton sister too.

No. 432968

"i have small boobs, do people think i'm a troon??" anons need to get a fucking grip. boobs don't make the woman, or every troon with bolt ons are instantly perceived as women.

there is more to being perceived as a woman than boobs jfc. you guys need to look at more natural womens' bodies or something. of all shapes and sizes, because this only looking at hot women and anime girls and landwhales isn't cutting it. go look at photos of shapeless women and compare them to men of all sizes. there's no comparison, there's no mistaking it.

i know a lot of women who go out of their way to look masc/andro. they might get misgendered in passing, but talking to them for 2 seconds, it's obvious they're women and see themselves as women. no one treats enbies as men unless they demand you to lol.

No. 433017

I agree but I feel like it's mostly men (and traditional conservative women?)who are stupid enough to not recognize women who are non-conforming in the first place because their brains cannot process the idea of them not being feminine.
Others might know you're a woman but are afraid to get into the "its ma'am!" situation.

No. 433346

File: 1562949910698.jpg (97.96 KB, 449x334, 2qow46i.jpg)

Kboos and weebs are fucking annoying with how much false information and ignorance they spread. They visit a country once or parrot off other kboos and weebs and think the informatoin is objectively fact. Theyre the first to rush in on a comment to "teach" completely wrong info while acting superior with no self-awareness. Its obvious they never had irl korean, japanese, or chinese friends. They get into some niche shit the rest of the country looks down on and think it represents the whole culture and then criticize the niche shit theyre into. Think of how dumb i sound if i stated american society publicly celebrates and encourages graphically raping women and children because i watched game of thrones and teen mom.

the internet age shouldve minimized this shit instead of parroting ignorant garbage for two decades.

>inb4 some offended kboo/weeb screeches more racist shit to prove me wrong

No. 433355

I agree with you, but I'm curious to know what sparked off this specific post. What dumb shit did they say this time?

No. 433362

japan experts in past momokun threads and kpop thread thinking kpop is less degenerate than jpop:
>Genuine questions out of ignorance: Do Japanese women even see anything wrong with the things going on in their society? Do they have a feminist movement?
that thread hit its peak with the first two threads

No. 433382

I'm no kboo and I don't want to argue but kpop objectively is less degenerate than jpop

No. 433393

NTA but there we have it. After all that Seungri and YG shit I can say it's objectively fucked up.

No. 433421

You're referencing my post from another thread but I wish you wouldve just responded to it directly, I dont mind reading varying POVs

No. 433443

The Japan vs. Korea sperging is stupid. Anons, what if I told you that they are both regressive societies, both some of the worst ranking countries in the world with regards to gender equality, and can only be saved if their female populace gets pink-pilled tout motherfucking suite?
At least Kpop isn't a pipeline funneling "graduated" idols into the sadistic porn industry, but they're both trash

No. 433503

File: 1562977418935.jpg (32.13 KB, 412x351, o59lnuamST1smo30n.jpg)

Actually, I am annoyed at myself.
I've been alternative all my life and then finally settled on goth. Now I am shaming myself for liking some of indie and pop musicians and feeling like I can't be a real goth if I like things other than what I usually listen to.
Like liking one Ariana song or a Kesha album would invalidate 20 years of my life and 90% of my musical taste? What the fuck, self, you enjoy what you enjoy. It's not even supposed to be a guilty pleasure because there's nothing shameful about having diverse tastes.

It feels to me that most subcultures have become a contest. To be the truest one, to follow the rules the most or else you can't even use the word.
And at the same time I don't want to be like TT/Jake or Jude Bishop who are clearly poseurs who don't know shit about actual goth and use the label on themselves.
Just eugh. Why am I that stupid. Why do I bother/care? It's all the same in the end, labels are stupid and who the fuck cares if I adhere 100% or not, I should just do what I enjoy without shame.

No. 433557

Quit goth and become metalhead my. Much more laid back

No. 433580

I don't like really heavy music at all though. I had a powermetal phase, but now it only makes my head hurt.

No. 433592

Anon you don't need to label yourself and you're right you shouldn't care. You can have the gothic look and still respect the subculture. You don't need to please any elitist goth. You know the foundation of the subculture and how it was built I am assuming so there should be no shame in having different likes in music. Listen to what you want anon. No shame.

No. 433616

This is extremely petty but I hate seeing people eat directly out of a pot or drink a smoothie right from the blender cup.

No. 433653

I'm goth and there are a few songs and albums I like that aren't 80's post punk or goth.
I mean ariana grande is shit tier but who gives a fuck really anon?

No. 433785

This is gonna be a massive oversharing sperg, but…
Tbh the only reason I like that Ariana song (7 rings) is because I was put in a mental hospital at the time it was released. We had cable, but only three channels weren't blocked: old reruns of soap, badly translated foreign reality tv and nonstop music. Obv whenever I got ahold of the remote I would put on music (they wouldn't allow me my phone/mp3 obviously and I literally go crazy if I don't listen to anything for more than a couple of days) so I got saddled with whatever it was playing on tv, the new, popular top-of-the-chart stuff.
And 7 rings was at the top for weeks so they played it often. It was exactly what I needed to hear, something mindless, self-congratulating, indulgent. Something that gets stuck in your head and drowns out the suicidal drivel.
I don't think I've ever consciously listened to any of her other songs.

I actually think that most music deserves to exist, no matter how shit it is. Even soundcloud rappers make someone's day better so really can you judge them? They are terrible people, but that's not the music's fault. If it's not directly hateful or harmful, what's the point of bashing it?

No. 433919

I self identified as a goth in my youth, and as youth and life go, I experimented with many looks and music styles and movies. I still enjoy exploring new things (there's just too many things to see and it makes me sad that I won't get to see/know about it all). I love music from goth, punk, pop, classical, musicals, etc. I still feel like a goth at heart and sometimes will dress accordingly when I feel like it, add some goth element to what I feel like wearing that day, or just go to the goth clubs and admire the ones that still go all out for the look. Sometimes I don't even dress up when I go to those places. My heart swells with love for goth when I see it around. Try not to worry about it too much. You know who you are.
I, too, have an Ariana song that I love to sing and dance to.
Subcultures are all blending together and are like a silly contest. I personally find it amusing and love to watch it roll out.

No. 433990

Lol I told her but she insists that they participate in the song-making and are always involved in the important stuff or whatever

Actually talking with her reminded me of someone a while back who kept trying to convince me to watch a boring/dumb studio ghibli movie and believed it to be one of the greatest thing to grace the earth.
The funny thing is that I've actually watched a couple of ghibli films and korean films (they make some pretty great movies actually), but whats so annoying about boos is that they become so obsessed with a random country because of some of it's pop culture, and then they delude themselves into thinking that everything made by said country is amazing. They make wild assumptions, become very sensitive and are afraid to hear anything negative. And they LOVE making excuses

No. 434088

That "X has joined the chat (LOLSORANDOM joke)" discord does was funny at first, but now it's just grating.

No. 434106

I've been watching this whole Ray Diaz stuff play out. It annoys me that despite there being audio and video (from multiple girls) of abuse, he hasn't been convicted of anything. I read his court date is August 7th so I hope that there is justice.

No. 434133

suffered a traumatic loss on father’s day and ever since then i can only sleep for about 4 hours before i wake up and am unable to fall back asleep. i’m losing my mind

No. 434150

I'm sorrry Anon. I hope your sleeping gets better.

No. 434156

Imagine forcing yourself to only like one type of music

I dont get people like you

No. 434169

You already know that you having other interests outside of what is traditionally “goth” doesn’t revoke your goth card. It’s funny — I consider myself goth but don’t dress the part, and for a subculture that’s supposed to be about the music, it sure has gotten more and more superficial and concerned with aesthetics/presentation over the years.

I don’t know if this’ll help or not but maybe looking up the “ungoth confessions” tag on YouTube would make you feel better?

No. 434191

Like most things people are concerned about how they appear to others and if they dress "goth" enough. To me it's all about the music. Someone who dresses in frilly pink dresses but listens to goth and is involved with the music is a "true goth" no matter how they dress.

No. 434197

I'm sorry for your loss, anon. I'm hugging you from afar.

No. 434198

I'm sorry for your loss, anon. I'm hugging you from afar.

No. 434227

File: 1563121465402.png (144.71 KB, 965x337, 1.png)

>game releases trailers and shit
>some characters are revealed to be bi, 5 female options, 3 male ones
>it isn't official nor final, the game adds characters during its run and it's a trailer from the first hours
>immediate screeching from "gay men" (read fakebois) yelling about how it's not fair and how they absolutely wanted a flirty main character to be gay
>they are legit having mental breakdowns
Can't they fucking wait? I swear, the more you try to pander to the special crowd the less they are satisfied. Also, god forbid women have something more than men, ever.

No. 434228

Which game anon?
>they are legit having mental breakdowns
What's the problem, isn't it great that there are non-hetero dating options.

No. 434230

Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
I have to admit, the gay options aren't the best (2 old men and a normal dude) but it's not the end of the world, and at least the gamemakers (japanese ones at that, how many gay options do you see in japanese games at all?) are trying. However, they really fixated on a particular character which was revealed to be straight essentially. Basically, they're being whiny, as they always are. I really wish I didn't have to read their posts everywhere I go to look for art, though.

No. 434233

We all know they're fakebois who don't care about playing video games and just watch playthroughs on youtube. But if they actually cared they would celebrate because FE Fates only had one gay option with a very popular yet controversial male character and one lesbian option with bootleg!Tharja so you have to make specific efforts to unlock her, and both characters' dialogues were butchered by Threehouse because of troon supreme Andrea Ritsu and other transbians who didn't even buy the game.

I think one of the bisexual character is a married man with kids and old enough to be the main character's father? Why aren't they bitching about that? Because he doesn't look like a twink?

No. 434234

*butchered by Treehouse I meant, the localisation company within Nintendo of America

No. 434247

>I think one of the bisexual character is a married man with kids and old enough to be the main character's father?
Kek, that it is. I won't lie though, the originality of it kinda makes me curious. But we will have to wait for the support to judge them.
>Why aren't they bitching about that? Because he doesn't look like a twink?
Yes, and because the twink escaped them and turned out just to be a little loose.

No. 434256

File: 1563126165615.jpg (258.83 KB, 2048x503, D_ZJrXAW4AEraEz.jpg)

Okay, I can agree that the male options aren't the best. Who wants to date those two old dudes?
Meanwhile the female options all look nice except for the fucking loli, goddamn it Japan.
I'm still surprised by how many same sex options there are even if it reeks of a certain male attitude. Which is lesbians hot hurdurr but gays are gross…ok we must add some options, here 2 old men, you're welcome.

No. 434313

>every character is cishet
no one cares
>a few characters are lgbt
everyone starts bitching in the most aggressive possible way (also you're probably cancelled)
That's really annoying, especially when media outside of NA is the cause. I get where people are coming from, but ffs the degree of hysteria is unbearable.

No. 434334

>Who wants to date those two old dudes?
I like Alois since his own trailer, I would date him. Not the guy though.

The type of people who complain about LGBT representation not being enough, not being obvious or explicit enough or not being the focus in the story are the type of people who praise trash like Sense8 and Euphoria with disgusting unnecessary sex scenes. Good thing Japanese video game studios don't care about them at all because they're not even a reliable market, like Nintendo noticed thanks to FE Fates and the disastrous localisation.

No. 434363

I hate how it's socially acceptable to make fun of small breasted but healthy women but the second you make fun of fat girls or saggy tits you're relentlessly bashed and called evil

No. 434375

I hate how if you don't have a Kim K body, men are so retarded that they think you have no curves. Fuck them anon.

No. 434376

Outside of really niche corners and certain FA profiles on the internet, it always baffles me how you anons seriously believe there's mainstream female fat worship and thin and healthy women are the ones who are actually downplayed.

However, I will agree that fat men are given special treatment and spotlight all the time. And if anyone holds a man to a healthy and athletic standard they are usually called shallow and reprimanded for unrealistic expectations.

No. 434377

>complaining about 'skinnyshaming' on a site there fatty, saggy and udders easily make up the top 3 of the most used insults
>small, breast, healthy, woman vs. fat, girl, saggy, tits
Just your choice of words alone shows that your main issue is not being allowed to rip into the latter without repercussion.

No. 434383

where is it socially acceptable to make fun of small tits? I have never and I mean NEVER encountered someone IRL making fun of small breasts, however, I have encountered people making fun of saggy big breasts (even on normal weight women).

No. 434391

Not that anon but I can definitely see her complaining about men making fun of flat-chested women in general. She can correct me if I'm wrong about her post's meaning. It also depends on which media you consume or your social circle.

No. 434413

Nta but I had a coworker once say I had no boobs (i do but i was wearing a thick sweater as part of dress code so what was he expecting)
It's retarded men shit.

No. 434419

I think its highly culturally dependent. Like you can be slender and desirable if you're Asian or white but if you're black or Hispanic you might not feel so good about your body.

No. 434425

Is anybody else also bothered by how us-centric feminism is? Why is nobody ever bringing up that this is "problematic"?
Look at this pic for example, a huge part of feminist discourse in non-anglo countries still happens in english. And not just with libfems, in radfem/gc circles too. Why?
Also, why should foreigners care about american stuff like Trump or the white vs. black racial issues when their countries would have their very own problems too? What's got that to do with womens march?

No. 434430

Men make fun of saggy tits too though.
Remember that the only perfect tit to a man is big and impossibly perky.

No. 434446

lmao it's because those people don't fucking step outside. I'm not fat so I'm not taking this personally but fat women only get shit thrown at them. Only on the internet people think they're such curvy goddesses.

No. 434466

I'm not from the US, and the libfem movement here is getting more attention recently, but the funny thing is all they talk about are American issues. The most well known libfem activist here is simply translating whatever activists from the US say without bothering to apply any changes that would suit our country. Lots of young women from better regions repeat the same shit American libfems keep saying. The only people who seem to talk about the problems our women face are radfems. In the end, everyone keeps bashing each other while outsiders laugh and point their fingers at [i]crazy feminazis[/i]. The same thing is happening with young men btw, but it's usually American politics the most [i]progressive[/i] ones chat and laugh about because it's apparently cool to know English and understand all the new 4chan zoomer memes. This is fucking embarassing.

No. 434468

Light grey color pallets looks tacky and early internet to me. You can pull off a white palette, but light grey is just tacky.

No. 434501

Yay, another anon from Argentina!
I don't really know who that girl is, but I can't believe people are accusing her of cultural appropiation, what the fuck. I always felt we were lucky for never having those kind of problems. You know, every normie girl who lives here got dreads done at some point in her life and nobody ever bitched about it.
Damn, I really hope that the sjw mentality doesn't spread over here (it kind of is a bit of a plague already, but thankfully not to the extreme).
The younger generations are way more into all of that tumblr brainwashing I think. It's like they try to apply all the "American" ideologies they learn from the internet in our country, without thinking about all the cultural differences.

No. 434668

I wanna play magic the gathering with friends but all my friends are Stacy's ugh

No. 434692

I love how the ~gay MLM~ troons i.e. fakebois shitting on cis fujos are always straight chicks or lesbians with a ton of internalized misogyny, and to make the irony more plentiful the straight girls bitching about m-muh gay fetishization are the ones having meltdowns over LGB characters. I'm annoyed at the two gay options being ugly old men too (because all the female options are beautiful young women) but there's a difference between being reasonably annoyed and being absolutely seething and losing your mind.

I think you're spending way too much time in fat acceptance SJW circles if you think this unironically. The problem is that girls in the normal weight range are branded fat and without surgery you really can't help how your tits look so in my opinion it's not fair to bash peoples' tits whether they're small or big and saggy.

No. 434694

Yes. I live on the other side of the fucking planet and I hate how feminism gets its narrative straight from the US without even considering cultural and historical differences. The one thing that drives me bonkers is the puritanical view on sex, in my country nudity and sex is traditionally viewed as a very natural thing but both the american libfem/radfem circles have this absolute fear of anything to do with it. I'm porn-critical too and think sex work should be banned but what consenting people do on their own free time is their own goddamn business. Hypocritically people from the US are never concerned by any amount of violence which is much more detrimental than sexual things but their ultra conservative christian society is ingrained into their brains since birth.

No. 434700

The Femcels in the Pink Pill are celebrating a female spree killer who killed 3 random men,like I defend and support women killing their abusive partners or just general shitty human beings but these were just 3 random people some psychopath stabbed(necessaryspeed4)

No. 434704

You’re expecting something other than misandry in a misandrist thread?

Also, why are they called femcels when from what I can tell none of their misandry stems from inability to have sex? A lot of it seems to be pent up anger and fear taken to the extreme after being abused

No. 434707

If they wanna hate all men that's fine but they shouldn't celebrate a horrible women who killed people for no reason(t. wants to fuck men at knife-point)

No. 434708

It's 1 person who said that, the others condemned it.
That's not "celebrating".

No. 434713

I wonder about this one too, I guess "femcel" indicates that it's kinda the spiritual counterpart to inceldom at least in the sense of men vs. women hatred hockey and "misandrists" is both not gendered enough and just not as catchy.

No. 434718

I also wonder what exactly femcel means, is it posters who are voluntarily celibate because they think men suck too much?

No. 434759

I think originally femcels were supposed to be females who hate men because of the same reasons incels hate women ie. can't find a boyfriend or something. But the term kinda got diluted somewhere along the line.

No. 434765

File: 1563193659579.jpg (18.36 KB, 600x337, hetty.jpg)

Femcel is a girl who asks out a guy she likes, and the guy rejects her. Then she gets asked out by a guy she doesn't like, and she declines. There you go.

Sorry, if you look like Hetty Lange from NCIS: Los Angeles, and you also have a bad personality, you're most likely going to be a femcel.

No. 434841

DC/marvel comics just needs to die. DC/marvel are the 'that cool idea you made up as a kid and want to write out, but because you made it as a kid it's founded on shit and the only way to make it good is to entirely retcon everything to the point it's something so different it loses its original charm or move on from it'. Also seeing comic fans react to any one dare criticize their cavemen paintings is the fumiest thing on earth.

No. 434850

File: 1563206247304.jpg (12.52 KB, 232x261, tumblr_inline_ptho3m1rHs1sdj28…)

Some girls in a Discord server I'm in were complaining about radfems earlier. They were saying radfems just want to be eternal victims or something. One also claimed there were "female" ways of being abusive, and another listed off all the abusive things women in her life have done (as if men don't do these things just as much, if not more) and complained about how men are domestically abused and that women can physically attack men but no one takes it as seriously (hmm, it's almost like men are physically stronger than us naturally). She also listed off a bunch of things men go through, conveniently ignoring that it's all shit they literally do to each other.
One of them also implied that women in safe neighborhoods "shouldn't" feel fear of being harassed by men, because she grew up in an unsafe neighborhood and is less afraid, then went on to claim radfems actually try to dissuade women from telling the police if they were raped because "no one will believe you" (this never fucking happens). I scroll down a little more, and the one who was talking the most shit says she's an FtM/TiF. The other one says she's "agender", another one chimes in about how she's "trans nonbinary" (and says she used to hate girls, honestly believing they were stupid and inferior). TiF says she always wanted to be a pretty, androgynous emo boy. No fucking surprise, any of this. Seeing internalized misogyny in the wild honestly kills my soul.
If only they'd actually ask themselves why exactly they're so against being seen as women, or female, and how society has played into the meaning of both those words.
Honestly, women need to realize all this handmaidenry won't protect them. It feels like they're just saying and doing all this shit to try and stave off the painful reality of the world we live in. I was mad while reading their posts at first, but now I just feel sad that they aren't brave enough to acknowledge what's literally in their faces. I hope they get their wake-up call one day.

No. 434863

Modern Marvel and DC are mostly trash for many reasons. I'd say that the core ideas behind the characters are not at fault though: the main problem is writers not getting the appeal of those characters. Also readers trying to make every piece of shit seem like a piece of art that's 2deep4u.

No. 434956

It didn't get diluted, people just want to believe that any woman who hates men must do so because she's too ugly to get one. Which is, of course, not true and any 'femcel' discussion inevitably involves past relationships, hookups, being hit on or raped or stalked by men they don't want.

No. 435142

I'm tired of every single story on r/letsnotmeet starting out with "I'm x age but look much younger". I find that people often think they look way younger than they actually do. Not to mention the stories on that subreddit are usually very obviosuly fake. That subreddit is annoying as hell.

Actually reddit in general is just fucking annoying.

No. 435166

im sorry i legit can't deal with the fact that contrapoints is making so much fucking money (if that meme is to be believed, more than 4 mil a yr???) and is getting all this kudos and commendation just for having the """raw talent""" of any mediocre male film student in Ohio. he's so uninspired and boring, i cant handle the regurgitated 2012 tumblr aesthetic being repackaged as if its sooooo avant garde and people actually rewarding him and eating it up. i feel like im being gaslit. like I cannot deal seeing this hard-faced shim and his second-rate bullshit pop up everywhere in $1800 roberto cavalli dresses. worse yet is hearing gc ppl be like "his old videos were actually really good". w h e r e bih??? he has never been good, not ever, not even before he started mainlining premarin. really, the new yorker????? current affairs??? i hope he goes broke. i cant stand shamelessly derivative content "creators"

No. 435191

I agree whole heartedly with this. Reddit is fucking annoying in general and also extremely confusing and contrived. Its like a liberals art school in website format

No. 435223

It's a disgrace. So much of my leftist friends love him. When are we redistributing his wealth?

No. 435227

The only thing reddit is good for is hobby forums (because it took over all other hobby forums). I couldnt even think of using reddit for letsnotmeet or relationships. Imagine making some random post on reddit and it hits front page. Your inbox is full of a bunch of random psychos trying to shill their ideology to you, your boyfriend asking you about a post that sounds like you, your dirty laundry for everyone to see, and a thousand different tips from a thousand diffrent redditers. That would be traumatizing.

No. 435367

Worst of all is that this little bitch boy spends it all on make up and expensive clothing, surgery and costumes. If it was a real woman spending this much on those things she would be called a vain bitch. Yet you see "communists" treating this trash like the god of youtube.

No. 435475

Agree 100% with this.
Troons like him will insist that cis women are somehow more privileged than he is despite him being way better off than any "terf" or even most cis creators. Someone in another thread showed how contra makes way more on pareon than belle delphine.

Actually a lot of this is true for troons in general. Everyone is always saying how intelligent Blaire White is even though he talks in a fake valley girl accent. If Blaire were a cis woman he would just be called a dumb slut and no one would listen to him.

No. 435549

>liberal art school in website format
hahahahahaha accurate

No. 435649

Men who want to sixty nine need to gtfo of my way. If you're going down on me, and I'm about to bust, the last thing I want is your dick in my mouth. I seriously can't be bothered. Shit's not even comfortable.

No. 435650

I hate it when people post obvious vendettas in the bad/hideous art thread.
>Someone posts a fairly nice piece that is far from bad or hideous but has slightly cringey anatomy or some small flaw people wouldn't normally even pay attention to
>"Uhh anon, this isn't really that bad.."

No. 435672

The bad art threads have just been autistic vendettaposting for awhile now, it's pretty disappointing. I want to look at genuinely cringe art.

No. 435689

Ive always thought the majority of art in those threads isnt even that bad. I guess part of the problem is that art is extremely subjective.

No. 435761

has anyone else noticed this new trend since heavy makeup has become super mainstream that NOBODY on reality tv has matching foundation anymore? i know everyone on tv has always been heavily made up but i feel like i'm noticing this trend this year specifically of everyone having a full face of terribly matched foundation and it's been driving me up the fucking wall. don't these shows have mua's on staff???

No. 435783

Definitely! At first I thought it had to do with the tv lighting/camera (maybe the foundation appeared to match in real life but for some reason looked completely different on camera) but it's happening more frequently and it looks awful. It's weird how no one on staff seems to notice or care…something like makeup can't be that difficult to fix.

No. 435802

that really shiny, almost green cast kind of foundation?

No. 435812

Maybe because people feel like they have to compensate for better cameras by caking on foundation to mask any flaws. Seems like the public would sooner forgive or not notice mismatched foundation over blemishes, dark circles, or patchy skin.