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File: 1541374785166.gif (5.21 MB, 300x226, giphy.gif)

No. 320372

A thread to collect topics/things that absolutely or mildly annoy you. Express your anger ladies.

Ex.Extreme nitpicks, anachans vs fattychans going at it, insecure farmers shitting up threads because tiddys were mentioned, you get the gist.

No. 320378

When an anon happens to be talking about themselves in their post and some insecure anon comes along and bitches about the other anon's post with that "humblebragging" buzzword. Anyone who uses this word looks straight jealous and mentally ill and is ugly inside and out.
It also sounds like something a PULL user would say because this shit wasn't around until this year.

No. 320386

File: 1541376995749.jpg (927.66 KB, 960x1280, bodysuits.jpg)

I'm OP, but I wanted to make my own contribution.
It really annoys me how so many singers are starting to wear bodysuits. It's a dancers thing, I can excuse that if they can dance ( Madonna, Beyonce, etc ). However it's so unflattering on so many singers. It only really brings out how flabby their legs look with a suffocated vag.

No. 320388

There aren’t any flabby legs here

No. 320392

Has there been a PULL migration? Not that farmers can't be autistic as fuck, but all the reeing about Kpop and Asians, the influx of oversensitive anons, and other spergy anons in /snow/ reek of PULLshit.

No. 320394

I guess flab was the wrong word, however I can't exactly pinpoint what it is. It looks unflattering.

No. 320397

i think it only looks good if you have muscular thighs.

No. 320398

I’m annoyed with how many Korean themed threads we have.

No. 320400

File: 1541379729392.jpg (212.39 KB, 550x368, 93ab4f90378fcd24_delias-catalo…)

thank you for this thread! i have so much stuff i want to bitch about with farmers that's not serious enough for the vent thread.

i keep getting ads for this delias/dolls kill collab and i hate it! it looks identical to a cheap "flower power" halloween costume. i think it completely misses the point of the 90s aesthetic. og delias like pic related was completely different and actually cute. where are the earth tones? where's the tomboyish stuff?

it also makes me feel old af because obviously 90s revival has been a thing for a while now, but before a lot of it was people my age trying to look like their cool babysitters or big sisters from the 90s. now it's just kids born after 2000 wearing an actual costume. fuck!

No. 320412

Yeah I'm triggered by this current 90s revival. One: I hated the 90s, but moreso for the reason you said. Acting like something is "vintage" when it's 20 years old. Feels gud man

No. 320417

I hate the sound of people chewing. I hate hate HATE the sound of dogs varking and children crying and throwing a fit. People have told me to just "ignore" it, but it's like my brain has hyper-focused on the sound, and I can no linget focus on anything BUT that. Sounds while I'm trying to sleep, like movies and radio. I have a lit if problems with sound in general it seems. Idk. It makes me so frustrated because I've laid awake at night trying to shut out the sound of bugs or animals making noises in my neighborhood but I CAN'T and I'm so over it :'(

No. 320418

I have the same issue (and I also have tinnitus which makes it worse). I am hypersensitive to any sort of sound. I live above a bar in the city so it was always noisy as fuck with drunk people at night. I got an air purifier which turned up completely masks all outside sounds when my fan didn't. If you arent adverse to white noise try something like that. It literally saved my sleep.

No. 320419


Sounds like misophonia. I also have it, sometimes it gets so bad that I wanted to cry when hearing the sound of running tap water, or I couldn't sleep when my cat's bowl was in my room and she started eating.
There is no cure, but there is a treatment that makes things slightly more bareable.

No. 320426

File: 1541386584267.jpeg (47 KB, 540x523, EFD78A79-BCEC-4167-B4EC-21A1F7…)

this is more so weird than it is annoying to me but nonetheless does anyone else find it kind of spergy when someone makes a shitty thread and you can tell that 99% of the replies are literally the same person? Especially when they try and act like different people and essentially start talking to themselves. I don’t know if anyone knows what I’m talking about kek but yeah

No. 320432

Upspeak and vocal fry. I don't care if you're male or female if you talk like that I automatically think you're a stupid bitch and can't stand being…like…around you? I hate how some women made it into a feminist issue- retarded dude bros do it too and you all sound like dumb cunts stop it.

No. 320436

My boyfriend always holds things out to me for me to take, waiting for me to grab it. I can't fucking stand it. For an example, he's busy playing a video game, and he'll ask me to refill his drink, and I say yes; he'll pick up the cup and hold it out in my general direction until I take hold of it. I think it's extremely rude but I don't know if I'm just being neurotic or not. IMO you either hand something to someone with a direct and immediate exchange, or you just leave it on the table or whatever so I pick it up myself. Especially if I'm already annoyed this just drives me up the wall. His manners have improved a lot since I started dating him so I'm not sure if this is the hill I want to die on, though, since he genuinely seems to not understand he's even doing it.

Is this rude to anyone else?

No. 320439

vocal fry is just how people's voices sound. that's why it's a feminist issue, because men associate women who's voices are naturally like that with being cunts. tbh, it seems more projection on your part cause you're obviously stupid if you think vocal fry isn't natural.

No. 320440

>bird scooters
>people on bicycles who don't abide by traffic laws (riding on sidewalk, running stop signs/lights)
>people who walk slowly and hold hands taking up the whole sidewalk
>when the person who lives above me decides to stomp around in circles at 2 am on a wednesday
>people who drive in the left lane of the highway below the speed limit and don't get over
>loud chewing
>when people hold the door behind them for you but you're too far away so you have to awkwardly jog
>when you're wearing headphones in public, clearly not in the mood for conversation, and some dude tries to talk to you

and so many more. I honestly hate how I get annoyed by so many things, trying to chill out over them but i'm so high strung I feel like i'm going to snap

No. 320441

>vocal fry is just how people's voices sound
lmao get a clue. It's 100% sociological. You might be thinking of a high pitched voice, which is different. What the fuck, you think it's just something in the genetics only of californian women? Go and read before you spout bullshit

No. 320442

It's an affect, not a natural voice. You can hear it in gay men all the time. Valley girl at night, then they drop it for the day job.

No. 320443

NTA, but actually, vocal fry is both natural and a sort of cultural phenomenon. In several languages (some ancient), vocal fry is utilized as a glottal sound to differentiate vowels and it's been observed and documented since the mid-20th century. There are plenty of men with vocal fry, for example, Noam Chomsky. Do people pile on him for sounding like a dumb valley girl? Women are clearly shit on for it instead of men, because ~Kardashians r dumb~

Go and read before you spout bullshit

No. 320444

>being…like…around you?

Lol anon this is meant to be sarcastic, right?

No. 320445

The kardashians are dumb and if a millennial male has vocal fry 9/10 people are gonna assume he’s gay as shit.

No. 320447

Yes, I find it annoying and rude - unless they're standing right next to me or sth. Either hand it to me directly or leave it on the table. I just ignore it whenever people do that to me.

No. 320449

>he's busy playing a video game, and he'll ask me to refill his drink, and I say yes; he'll pick up the cup and hold it out in my general direction until I take hold of it.

Just thinking of that irritates me, I don't blame you. If I was you I'd just take a long ass time to grab whatever he's holding out until he realizes he can't expect you to instantly take things. If he questions it you can be like 'well why would you just hold it out for me instead of waiting for me to come over first?'

No. 320451

He probably thinks he's helping. I could see someone thinking it's rude to leave it on the table for you to bend over and get or whatever. I can't possibly see being irritated about this let alone starting a fight about it, though. It's so minor.

No. 320453

I wouldn't leave it on the table either, usually you just pick it up and pass it to someone when they get close to you. If you hold it out and leave it there it's like you expect them to drop everything and come over immediately to fetch it.

I doubt he's really thinking about it, but I feel like most people naturally do the latter.

No. 320454

Pic related is frumpy by modern standards and wouldn’t sell to the dolls kill audience. some of the collection is directly from old delias products, like the butterfly sweater. but true 90s fashion isn’t what’s trendy, it’s a bastardized version of 90s fashion taken from what popstars wore and the movie clueless. fashion revivals are never inspired by the true accuracy of the decade. look how many 50s fashion enthusiasts wear victory rolls and huge poodle skirts when that was rarely the style of that decade.

No. 320455

>ekhshually ehm ehkshually its both natural and a sort of cultural phenomenon
I wrote "100%" as an autist trap. Do you fucking think it matters to people annoyed by Californians doing it as unconscious performance, that some ancient tribe does it as part of their actual language? Stop reading so much and get a life

No. 320457

Sounds pretty retarded kek. Got any examples? I like laughing at spergs.

No. 320459

i recently found the tumblr of a tranny at my school who identifies as a self-diagnosed autist. said tranny writes posts about their fake autism as if they just read a list of autism symptoms off wikipedia and decided to blog about each one. "UGGHH SCHOOL IS SO STRESSFUL AND I'M STARTING TO *~stim~* BECAUSE I'M AUTISTIC" "EYE CONTACT IS SO DIFFICULT BECAUSE OF MY AUTISM ;_;"

No. 320462

This image is actually something that really annoys me: Aggressive culture, or clap/clap back culture. When people, esp twenty-somethings, have this Gotta Be All Up In Y'alls Faces temperament about anything they disagree with. It is really… tacky, for lack of a better word, and comes across as incredibly primitive, especially when they stick their hands in each other's faces and squawk like hens because they can't take a minute to formulate constructive words like an adult.

The other thing is how huge asses and lips are not only incredibly in fashion, but how it's to the point where kids are getting lip injections and butt implants are actually a thing. It looks so gross. So many women look like their lips are actually a baboon's ass or duck bill now.

No. 320464

i recently found the tumblr of a tranny at my school who identifies as a self-diagnosed autist. said tranny writes posts about their fake autism as if they just read a list of autism symptoms off wikipedia and decided to blog about each one. "UGGHH SCHOOL IS SO STRESSFUL AND I'M STARTING TO *~stim~* BECAUSE I'M AUTISTIC" "EYE CONTACT IS SO DIFFICULT BECAUSE OF MY AUTISM ;_;"

No. 320467

Retardation is its mental state, anon.

No. 320468

Passive aggressive comments to whites while they act like they're the victim. They're like "FUCK white people kill them all" and I uncomfortably unfollow them on various social media. So sick of "they cry as they punch you" racism.
Also everything this anon said.

No. 320474

i was at an anime con with my teen cosplaying sis not too long ago and she made a lot of new friends and got their IGs and after me snooping a little a lot of them are 15 yr old fakebois with dumb shit like he/him or even they/them, anyone else find this shit tiring? the whole time i was there i called them all shes and no one confronted me, i only called one of them he since my sister said 'look how cool his cosplay is' and i was right next to her not wanting to enter a cringe debate lmao. the other girls didn't correct me or anything perhaps out of fear or coz im older and they think i wouldnt get it lmao. there was a love live cosplayer in the girliest shit and her IG says 'he/him'. there was a super girly dressed 22 yr old artist in the artists table area and her tumblr says they/them 'TERFs dont interact' whats funny is that earlier that day i offered to help her out with something and she gave me one of her prints for free lmao. someone asked my sis's pronouns since they knew eachother before but refered to my sis as she the last time they met and told my sis she spent 'a week in guilt from potential wrong pronouns'. how do these kids live walking on eggshells around every person they meet? ive been trying to make sure my sister doesnt get influenced by these kids, god help me if she starts calling herself Aiden and says she knows shes meant to be a boy since she likes having short hair and cosplays a lot of male characters. I wonder what'll happen in 5yrs when these kids grow out of this shit and cringe back on the memories.

No. 320475

glorification of being functionally retarded. like people who complain about "adulting" or have problems doing things just for the sake of getting them done.

No. 320478

my hearing is getting shitty in my right ear and i keep missing what people say but i fucking hate asking people to repeat themselves over and over so now i’m starting to lipread and jesus i’m such a dumbass why didn’t i just go get help for this ages ago

No. 320481

Are you ok racism-chan?

No. 320491

I hate when girls call their friends "ladies/lady".

Also, slam poetry, from what I've seen it's pretty pretentious.

No. 320493

I’m tired of heavily pregnant women having to remind you 24/7 that they are “soooooo huge” and “omg so ready for this baby to get out of me herherher by the way my belly is just soooo big guys”

Once is fine, but constantly going on about that shit just annoys me. I’m not childfeee either, it just screams “look at meeee!!! Give me more attention because of my pregnancyyyyy!!!”

No. 320519

Each and every time height comes up. Each side keeps accusing the other of being jealous and bitter and both usually are in fact jealous and bitter

Is that Taylor Swift? Man the bitch gained weight

No. 320526

I hate girls competition. I don't understand why so many of us are jealous of other girls by nature. Like I was invited to a nights out to meet a friend's nerdy friend group, and the only girls were me and this girl who kept giving me a bad look, from upside down. We never interacted before, but she immediately decided to snob me. Sucks cause she likes the same vidya I do and is a very good singer, seemed like an interesting person.

No. 320528

I absolutely hate it and find it so annoying when people say they're ugly/fat when they had or have a boyfriend/girlfriend. How can you be ugly when you've had someone who wanted to date you? its fucking annoying for actual ugly people like me who have been alone their entire lives.

No. 320531


I can’t help my vocal fry. I’m just creaky. Seems too common to be an affect. It’s like a billion people putting on an accent all the time.

No. 320532

Why the fuck has everyone on the street suddenly started acting like I'm invisible? At least five or six people have walked straight into me this week. Did everyone in the world get together and decide it's gonna be Crash Into Anon Week? What the fuck, look where you're going.

No. 320533

File: 1541413878162.jpg (18.16 KB, 441x334, b845eddaa5a.jpg)

I feel this too
It's just so exhausting, like I'm not here to fight you PLEASE let me be your friend and send you cute letters,stickers and gifts goddammit.
I'm also annoyed by those girls who always want to be the center of attention and ~aren't friends with girls because they're so catty/gossip~*
C'mon now, as if that was limited to women lmao. I know plenty of men that talk shit, but for some reason girls are the ones always being blamed for that shit.

No. 320535

Ugly doesn’t mean grotesquely deformed, besides, someone feeling ugly isn’t invalidated by your arbitrary standard.
Most people are sort of ugly, but that doesn’t mean they’re unlovable. If you think beauty is that important you’re shallow af.

No. 320540

honestly it's worse to be ugly an in a relationship with someone who resents you for being ugly, as most men do.

men will be with people they think are ugly because they're desperate and/or users. sure, lots of people really do bait for compliments and stuff, but just having a bf doesn't mean someone really isn't ugly. i'd rather be alone

No. 320546

Yes. It's been like this for years though including influxes of tumblr users. Couldn't be avoided due to the nature of the site and what kind of cows we laugh at but users like these need to be shut down. I miss when kpop wasn't overrunning this site, at least the weebs knew they were retards and were more toned down. Kpop is like the new weeb for kids.

No. 320551

I relate to this too and it's so tiring. Just started uni and there's already two girls who refuse to talk to me. They just stare at me and give me dirty looks. I've been nothing but kind towards them and I would love to be their friends since we seem to have the same style and interests.

Girls always see me as a threat and that's the last thing I want. Even my closest friends act jealous around me and I don't know what to do about it. I just want to have girlfriends to wear matching outfits with, take cute pictures together and go to cute cafes. without them secretly hating me ;_;

No. 320557

I hate that now people use y‘all a lot. It sounds awful to me. Accept that English doesn’t have a good plural you please people. Sounds weird as hell to me.

No. 320559

I say youse which is even worse imo

No. 320562

You guys and yinz are phrases that people also said around me, which also sounds like shit, but I guess I think it all sounds bad

No. 320563

File: 1541421112552.jpg (199.96 KB, 640x1144, IMG_6266.JPG)

Don't you know, anon? Inclusive language is important.

No. 320564

Wow that just made y’all 100x worse for me, thanks honestly because I hate it more with better reasons

No. 320565

Every time I see someone type "folx" instead of "folks" I die inside. It's even worse when they say it's because folx is gender neutral.

No. 320567

File: 1541422035420.png (14.68 KB, 255x251, 1535511070531.png)

I absolutely HATE it when people put their shoes on a table or chair. Or on a small bit of my chair that I am SITTING on. Like I've had friends do that and it genuinely pisses me off, they've done in this with their feet in front of me while I was eating as well. Literally, where are your manners? Sometimes just want to lash out at them for it, but I obviously can't.
I hate it when people put their shoes on chairs in public transport as well, I've noticed people do this a lot in England
Oh, and I hate it when non-Americans compliment me in AAVE, I'm not American and neither are you so please don't.
I feel like a majority of my pet peeves are really autistic but I just can't help it.

No. 320568

File: 1541422538480.jpg (61.41 KB, 630x630, 764332d3c693c99214d807e48ba4e4…)

>I feel like a majority of my pet peeves are really autistic but I just can't help it.
That's ok, anon. This is an autism safe zone.

No. 320570

>saying boys and girls is bad

This dumb bitch is a teacher? Great.

No. 320571

Nah, anon. People putting their feet up/shoes on chairs tables is fucking disgusting.

I remove my shoes when i enter a home out of habit because the shit i walk on outside is vile and why would i want to drag that into my own home or someone else's?

No. 320572

Why the hell are tumblr kids that are not American think race and politics everywhere else works like in America?

Especially the 'white' European ones who go YASS PoC power, repeating 'white people are oppressers and have no culture and shit'. Didn't you grow up knowing there are loads of white culture and ethnicites that are not the same, having different customs and languages and used to war with each other all the time?

Why are you forgetting your cultural identities and go for some nebulous pseudoscientific category 'Muricans are saddled with? Most normies Europeans/Asians/Africans (who are at least part of their country majority) I met IRL are not really obsessed about 'race' and cares more about their national idenity.

And most of the ones that are doing this are fakebois too.

No. 320594

>implying lolcow is split between anachans and fatty chans
there's a healthy middle anon

yea i don't get why every single place on the internet is populated by koreaboos and weaboos. You'd think LC would bully them out of their autistic hobby but apparently no.

I'm also slightly annoyed as to how lc members seem to often have very "normie" taste. I'm so often dissapointed when I go to the fashion, hair etc threads. I don't even have a particulary alternative taste, i certainly dressed as one of the most classic/normie people of my class (granted i'm in art school).

No. 320599

>assuming lolcow was not made by weebs for weebs

No. 320601

I mean…even American holidays are still white in origin even if they are very watered down, capitalist versions of ancient european traditions. People who say white people have no culture are just children who don't know shit about any sort of world history, white or not and pretend to be so involved in politics and fighting against the white devil. I don't know what these people think the origins of easter and christmas or even shitty holidays like groundhog day come from, they just simply won't put in any effort to gain actual knowledge or look into things. Ignorance really reigns supreme.

No. 320607

The point is more about Non-Americans jumped the bandwagon and think the whole world politics work just like 'internet' makes you think. But yeah, I kind of agree with that though. Lot of these kida know history, but only pick ones that support their narrative and glossed over the ones that are not.

No. 320611

you’re really surprised as to why a 2ch knockoff board made by weeaboos who were jealous of dakota rose and laughing at pixyteri is populated by people obsessed with asian pop culture? face it, unless you’re a weeb, half the cows on this board have no appeal.

No. 320612

>Self-diagnosing and using your issues as excuses to be an ass or not receive criticism or to take dumb decisions or mentioning their "mental health", "anxiety" all the time;

>when people get hideous tattoos because of trends or under the excuses that it has a special meaning or even their "depreshun" again, do they even realize it's something that will be literally forever on their skin and might get deformed and bleached with time? And that they might regret and want to get rid of it someday? They could at least take some more time searching for a decent artist and spend a little more cash as tattoos are no joke;

>throwing the terms "I love you", "you're the love of my life" so loosely to people you just met or barely have contact with. Kek

>how some employers prefer to hire a pretty but incompetent person rather than the average/normal one who does their job better;

>the girls competition stereotype and how it's encouraged;

>how people think art is not a business or "real job" and should be done for cheap or free;

No. 320673

I'll never understand people who say or type "all y'all". English isn't my first language and I know it's slang or something from the US so I can understand why people would say that automatically. But there's no excuse for typing it.

No. 320682

>stop reading so much and get a life
sorry that some people have a college education and aren't musty neets lmfao

No. 320688

File: 1541444028202.png (68.62 KB, 305x364, ugly.PNG)

I'm ok with average people saying that.

What I absolutely can't stand is objectively good-looking people crying about "look at me guys, I'm SOOOO ugly!!"

I wish these people had to live with my face for a day, so they can finally know what being ugly feels like, instead of just saying it fishing for compliments.

No. 320690

I absolutely can't stand sympathy junkies that makes everything about themselves and start talking about things they went through years ago or start with struggle racing just to be told oh gosh you are so strong uwu, fucking gross

Same goes to people with superhero syndrome

No. 320705

Can I ask why exactly you assume it's jealousy when these people don't appear to speak with you? Is it really that unfathomable that someone could dislike you for some petty reason that isn't related to how threateningly pretty you seem to think you are?

No. 320711

vocal fry is fake as fuck, it's not a feminist issue, and please neck yourself.

No. 320712

Listen, as someone who has been in your shoes but managed to stop this from happening ever again, I'm telling you to take a serious look at who you are and how you act first. You might not notice it yourself but you probably just seem bitchy and snobbish. Contrary to the misconception, girls actually flock to genuinely beautiful girls. It's not the attractiveness that's intimidating to people, it's the "I'm better than you" vibe some pretty people give off. For me, it was how quiet I was that gave people the impression I was uppity. I was always reserved even when I tried to befriend them. Basically, my attempts at hiding how shy and anxious I was made me seem like a cold bitch. Or at least that's what I heard from everyone who used to treat me the same way you guys described. It definitely has nothing to do with jealousy because nowadays I look so much better than before but no one is acting """threatened""" because I'm a lot friendlier and warmer to new people so I no longer get the cold shoulder or staring up and down.

No. 320715


As an ugly girl, this anon is right.

I used to share a house with two identical twins, both gorgeous. But one of them was that girl who goes on about how women don't like her and are jealous of her and all her friends were men (who were trying to fuck her). The other didn't have this problem, and was actually pretty chill. I hung out with her semi-regularly, she was cool. Obviously she was identical to her twin so it's not like she wasn't also incredibly gorgeous, it's just she wasn't a snooty bitch who was more interested in looking down her nose at other women than befriending them.

No. 320721

I don't get why people have a problem with ya'll?? Like what is the problem with it?

No. 320723

I think it's not jealousy but an innate distrust and uneasiness with other women. An indifference if you will. It's a thing and it's still toxic, pretend it's always on the fault of the other person is weird though. Women don't like other women a whole lot.

No. 320726

the absolute state of brainlets

No. 320731

>Women don't like other women a whole lot.

you are on lolcow dot farm

No. 320733

Any anti-weeb anons or anons triggered by anything remotely weeb instantly out themselves as newfags imo.

No. 320735

I think it's ex weebs who are now koreaboos.

No. 320743

I already ranted about this before on lc, god how I hate it…
At first I actually had no idea that it's grammatically incorrect, but hated the way people used it or how I imagined it sounds (never talked to an American in person).
>you guys
…basically everything that tumblr loves.

No. 320744

This is probably retarded, but what do you use instead of those? I've pretty much exclusively used "you guys" and "y'all" my whole life…

No. 320747

It seems to be more of a southern US thing, but I'm from the
West coast and picked it up in my casual speech. "Y'all" may sound stupid to some people but it's very convenient.

No. 320750

Whenever I see people being ultra-triggered by something even remotely weebish I always imagine a 18-20yo koreaboo who has grown out of her weeb phase 1-2 years ago and is now obsessed with trying to hide the fact that it wasn't long ago when she thought she'd move to Japan to be a true aidoru/mangaka when she grows up.

No. 320761

Me neither, but I guess it's because I'm from the south… Everyone around here uses it all the time.

I get triggered when northerners call soda "pop" and I think timbs are ugly.

No. 320762

Y'all is normal to me because I grew up in Appalachia, but I hate that people have just started using it as a trendy thing; when it's out of place in their vocabulary it really shows. Even worse is when they use it for ~inclusivity~ but shit on people who use it while having a real accent. Talk about cultural appropriation lmao. Looking at you, sjw girls in the back row of my finance lecture that giggled at the post-doc guest speaker with an Appalachian accent but use y'all and "folx" to be inclusive. Picking it up naturally happens, but everyone can immediately tell that they picked it up from black Twitter or Tumblr.

No. 320764

I've been internet culture for two decades and I always had a distaste for weeds

No. 320765

No. 320768

File: 1541452563892.gif (1020.1 KB, 320x212, tenor.gif)

….how does someone use y'all wrong?

No. 320769

what do you expect people to say? its colloquialism

No. 320771

i hate those paths where they split them into pedestrian and cyclist parts. mainly because the one in my town is about 75% cycle path and 25% pedestrian path and yet some cunty cyclists still feel entitled to speed around on the pedestrian part.

its so fucking annoying because back when i was in secondary school that path was the only way i could get to school and i saw multiple incidents where cyclists hit pedestrians whilst hurtling along but they were never held accountable. in fact i remember some of them yelling at the people they hit that they should have gotten out of their way faster. maybe they should have just kept to the cycle path in the first place?

No. 320773

Nta but not wrong as in incorrect, but wrong as in unnatural. Picture a canadian saying "y'all". It's disgusting.

No. 320784

Astrology is annoying. I don't care if you have an interest in it, it's when people start transferring personal responsibility to ~the universe~ that it gets irritating. It is helpful that these people immediately ask your sign so you know you can't take them seriously.

No. 320789

That reminds me that time on dumblr when everyone was using the word "hella", and from what I understood, almost everyone was using it wrong because it's just slang for "very" but almost everyone I saw was usinc it by itself and would often say "it's hella!!", shit was weird and confusing.

No. 320791

It's hard to explain through text, but they're not wrong, just out of place. It's when they use no other speech patterns or vocabulary that matches, and use trendy vocabulary like "slay" mixed in with it. It's one of those things you just know when you hear it.

No. 320792

have you ever thought that's how some people talk? im from the south and i always used "ya'll" online and its only until recently autists want to screech about it

No. 320804

The people who are super into it always seem like the people who took those "What Color Is Your Anime Hairstyle" quizzes too far.

No. 320805

Agreed, it's annoying and makes no sense at all and it's really cringeworthy when people are way too much into it.

A few years ago there was a girl in my friend circle who was atheist (she always made sure to remind everyone how ~atheist she was) but got obsessed with the zodiac asking everyone to check their "astral map" KEK

No. 320806

its really obvious when someone uses y'all naturally. if you use it everyday you got nothing to worry about. every time i see someone use that phrase wrong it turns out they're from somewhere in europe and have never said the world y'all in real life.

people only do it to seem hip and woke even if they dont realize it

No. 320827

I look quite ugly, and she looked much cuter than me. It's just cause I was female, and the only other female there. It was a rare episode, I get along with people fine. Just annoys me when girls are territorial, I don't know if "jealously" is really the right word

No. 320828

It actually is hilarious seeing people misuse it on the internet, being from the south United States and hearing it every day. I still think it's worse hearing non-Southern people use it to try to be trendy tho. So fake.

No. 320834

It annoys me when white Americans who aren’t from the south or the country misuse it too.

No. 320837

I started using it because it’s convenient af in social work when your lecturer is a bit weird about avoiding gendered language. I know how stupid it sounds because I’m goddamn Australian but it’s a hard habit to break, especially when the usual term around here is ‘youse’ which is stupider imo.

No. 320839

Kek 'youse' is the boganest shit but I can't bring myself to say y'all, it's too american. I just call groups of people 'you guys' tbh.

No. 320842

I always said you guys too, but two years of this lecturer burned it out of me. Youse is so bogan I hate it.

Unrelated, I fucking lose my mind over people who believe zodiac shit. The moon is not influencing you, you’re just an entitled wanker Sarah. Saying you’re a saggitarius means nothing except you’re a gullible dickhead with no inner monologue going on.

No. 320843

These are good ones Anon

No. 320844

i used to not care about astrology or being ~crunchy. its not for me but people can do what they want. but this one distant aquaitance of mine has become a yoga-shilling, trump loving, all fruit diet anti-vax, numerology and astrology shill practically overnight and its fucking insane. its one thing to laugh at buzzfeed quizzes like "which mac and cheese dish is your astrological sign". its another thing to think adding up the numbers of the dates creates your divine path, that eating only grapes for a week makes you high, and that astrology seriously predicts the political machinations of this country.

because of her, ive done a lot of hate reading of similar minded people and they are identical to crazy born again christians, they hate gay people, they hate birth control, they hate feminism and believe sex causes "soul ties", they love trump, and they believe in every conspiracy theory out there, including the illuminati. the only difference is that christians think yoga is the devil and these people are usually yoga teachers.

No. 320846

I'm really friendly but my problem is with literal strangers in the street and anywhere I go, glaring at me, staring etc. The girls act hateful and the guys try and act friendly and happy. I love people and don't care how people look, but in regard to strangers there's nothing I can do about the dumb "competitiveness"

I'm mostly friends with women irl so I don't think it's some signal I'm sending out

No. 320850

Youse is popular where I am too but also "yiz".

No. 320851

Oh ew. The youse around here is pronounced more like a yuh’s and it’s an awful sound. Part and parcel of living in an area where people still think dripping out of school and selling weed makes them ‘street smart’ and think it’s impressive that they’ve never read a novel.

No. 320862

Yeah, really. I've said 'you guys' for years, even when talking to my female friends.

No. 320868

>only weebs and kboos exist
You guys are annoying. People who don't find shitty Asian entertainment fun exist and find you pathetic.

No. 320871

>interrupting/derailing IRL conversations

>being vocally critical of things you know nothing about

>bragging about mundane shit everyone does in college (petty crimes, protesting, cheating, etc)

>people who describe entire scenes/full movies/episodes to convince you to watch it

>art hoes

>new parents

>people who sing in public (outside of open mic/karaoke)

No. 320876

When it’s play time and my cat doesn’t want to put in any effort, when I’m breaking my back trying to give her quality fun times. Makes me wanna kick her face in cuz I try so hard to keep her entertained and moving
but she just doesn’t give a fuck sometimes

Normies when they talk about how fun getting drunk and doing drugs is

Normies in general

Sales people that ask if you need anything
or help. It’s not even necessarily the people working, it’s just the whole concept of needing help when you walk into a clothing store. Why is that a thing? It’s clothes, find something you like, find the size you need, buy it and leave. I saw a thread on twitter that had like 20k likes complaining about forever 21 employees that don’t help shoppers, and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Maybe it’s because I live in a shithole (Poland), where customer service is not really a thing, so when I see westerners complain about employees not eating their assholes it comes off as entitled and annoying

No. 320879

people who put zero effort into bait posts. >>320876

No. 320880

How was anything I said bait

No. 320888

This is horrible but it annoys me so much when I get home and people ask how my day was. I know I have no right to be annoyed by that question because people ask it out of kindness, but after a long day I just want to be silent, not immediately answer questions about what happened that day

When people say things like "Well I'm just a bitch!" or "I'm just brutally honest!" and use it as an excuse to say whatever they want without considering other peoples feelings

No. 320889

Damn, I hate getting asked about my day too. I have no right to complain cause I live with my parents and they are just being nice but I had work, 99% of the time it sucks and I don't feel like talking til I've had an hr or so to relax.

No. 320892

Also use you guys and have since I was a little girl. Is this a Northeast thing? Like NYS, Pennsylvania, Jersey kind of thing? Curious.

No. 320899

People who drive modified old, junky cars that like to rev the engine and be as loud as physically possible annoy me so so much. My gut reaction is to always tell them to calm down, even though I know they can't hear me

No. 320904

My mom basically asks me our equivalent of "are you still alive?" every time I get home.
It throws me for a loop every time and makes me so so so angry.
No, I'm not alive, I'm a reanimated corpse.

No. 320905

So sick of this too, I'm British so "hey y'all" sounds stupid as fuck in our accents
I try to be a good pal to my gender non-conforming friends by asking what they can suggest as an alternative but when they say things like "hey pals/buds/friends" I just want to kill them. Why would I start referring to any collective of people as friends? Again, we're British, that overly familiar shit doesn't fly with normal people no matter what the norm is on tumblr

No. 320906

Overly friendly people in the service industry. I get that they are just trying to be nice but I don't like people commenting on my purchases, I'd buy everything online if I could. I never know how to respond if they get chatty with me, I'd rather they just say their script and give a basic level of politeness.

Not trying to attack OP but I'm not a fan of using gifs as OPs. My eyes are always wandering to it as I type up a reply.

No. 320907

So sick of this too, I'm British so "hey y'all" sounds stupid as fuck in our accents
I try to be a good pal to my gender non-conforming friends by asking what they can suggest as an alternative but when they say things like "hey pals/buds/friends" I just want to kill them. Why would I start referring to any collective of people as friends? Again, we're British, that overly familiar shit doesn't fly with normal people no matter what the norm is on tumblr

No. 320908

My mom basically asks me our equivalent of "are you still alive?" every time I get home.
It throws me for a loop every time and makes me so so so angry.
No, I'm not alive, I'm a reanimated corpse.

No. 320916

No, not at all.

No. 320918

People who spend their youth unkempt, uncaring about fashion/makeup/styling etc who enter their 20s then make a big deal about glowing up and shit but still don't even make an actual effort because looking decent is vain or whatever.

Overly insecure people who try to hide it by being self deprecating. You aren't fooling anyone and it's cringey and sad.

Gender conforming people who, for some reason, feel the need to put their gender conforming pronouns on their bios.

Limp handshakes, especially coming from guys. It's unsettling and instantly makes me think you're some kind of creepy weirdo.

No. 320919

to be fair, a lot of us are in secret shops almost constantly and we have no choice but to pester you and engage in conversation, especially pertaining to certain topics or we risk getting fired basically :/
a lot of people who havent experienced many shops will default to a very obviously fake politeness because they're nervous they're gonna fuck it up

No. 320925

When I was working fast food we just had to read off a script, but I guess retail is different with that sort of stuff. I don't really blame or get mad at employees, it's just something I wish wouldn't happen. They're trying their best.
Retail seems awful for being minimum wage while having to put in more work.

No. 320930

People who post what song they're listening to on IG Stories are annoying. No one cares.
Actually people who spam their stories with dumb shit every hour of the day are annoying and I end up ignoring them or unfollowing. You don't need to share every mundane moment if your life with the world.

No. 320955

Complains about passive aggressiveness to whites and un-ironically agrees with this >>320462 passive aggressive comment.

No. 320956

I’m going to add to this and say people who act like their better because they don’t enjoy places like H&M and other places that sell current fashion.

People who brag about how little they spent in clothes despite not looking put together and gross

No. 321010

Your bizzare smugness about not having any interest in Asian popculture makes you sound like the kind of shithead that bullied the quiet classmate trying to enjoy her manga in peace.
It's just as cringy, especially on fucking lolcow.

No. 321023

I'm not smug about it. I don't bully anyone about it. I don't even care about all these hate threads you guys have for each other's fetishistic hobbies. I was replying to tour retarded assumption that only the other type of Asianboo nerds can dislike you. It's more likely to be normal people. Sorry about the Stacys who bullied your musty weeb ass in school, kek

No. 321024

No shit, but what do normies have to do with anything anyone's talking about? You sound more annoying than any weeb or koreeb whining at each other.

No. 321026

> I don't bully anyone about it
>Sorry about the Stacys who bullied your musty weeb ass in school, kek

So you do not bully weebs but you like when it happens and assume people interested in weeby things are 'musty' and gross. OK
Imagine feeling that pressed about weebs on a website built by weebs to talk shit about weeby cows.
Maybe go back to reddit or something if you are so above anything remotely weeby

No. 321048

LMAO you're a whole ass retard. There was no "smugness" about it, you sound like a korea/weeaboo who is hurt people find you cringe.
> You sound more annoying than any weeb or koreeb whining at each other.
No, they don't.

No. 321049

I have never met a strong weeb who wasn't musty and gross. At most the bearable weebs are going to be into some anime, usually iconic ones, and that's it. Going to a Sailor Moon convention I saw a lot of the worst human specimens of my life.

No. 321055

you deserve to be bullied, weeb-chan

No. 321056

stop sperging already, retard.

No. 321064

all those posts were made by different posters, loser.

No. 321096

>conflating mere dislike/lack of interest with being mad and triggered about it all the time
#1 mistake weebs/kboos in denial make. I think furries are disgusting and have absolutely no interest in their cancerous subculture, so I stay away from it unless something really big gets out, like the Necrozoophile thread. I don't go to the PULL equivalent of FurAffinity daily, lmao.

If you really are a "normal person" who just doesn't enjoy weeby shit, it wouldn't get you so pressed, and you also wouldn't be here. LC was literally made as an offshoot of a board and site for weeaboos. Go make your own board if it's that deep to you.

No. 321100

File: 1541520130935.jpg (48.96 KB, 500x434, 1484081940609.jpg)

>being mad about weebs on a site that was already filled with weebs to begin with
this is like going on /r9k/ and being mad about all the incels on there
it's really strange

No. 321111

Ooh and additionally, people who think they're better or more fashionable bc they wear ultra cheap, low quality garbage from taobao and romwe bc it's "quirky" and different from normie trends.

No. 321112

I am not even a weeb but go off, sperg

No. 321148

This annoys me too. I was once berated by an American for denying my country had anything to do with slavery. Apparently, even though I'm from a European country, just being white means that I somehow contributed to slavery in America and I'm still benefiting from it now, lmao. She then went on to call us rapists. K.

No. 321149


I've been told by two different Americans that I shouldn't speak Spanish because I'm appropriating Latin America.

I am Spanish.

No. 321152

Keep pretending that. Thats why you had to mention it lmfao. Pathetic

No. 321153

Sorry, anon. I don't think they know that mexico speaks spanish because spain conquered mexico so whoever told you that is a tard.

No. 321163

tbh if I was ever really chatty with a customer it was because I was super fucking lonely and craved real human interaction in that moment. there are times when the robot spitting out lines thing gets boring, repetitive, and makes you want to kill yourself because you're a literal npc so you try to spice it up before hanging yourself in the break room. I do understand the times when you just want to get your shit and get out though so I can't fault you on anything you said.

No. 321186

They're most likely only aware of the European countries that had a direct influence on the US thanks to colonization and slavery, and think that Europe is a completely homogeneous continent. There's no excuse for that, you can google the name of any country in the world and have a detailed explanation on everything about it, what a dumbass.

They're the same people who think white Mexicans aren't white of European descendent, but "white passing oppressed POCs uwu"

No. 321187

Don't listen to those fucking idiots. Learning multiple languages is a big advantage to anyone. Spanish is a really widely spoken one as well, so learning it is very helpful.

No. 321196

>They're most likely only aware of the European countries that had a direct influence on the US thanks to colonization and slavery,
Doubtful, because the Spanish has had a huge influence on Western America.

No. 321211

I'm Spanish too and I just hate this whole fucking mindset. Also, Americans of Latino descent who don't speak a word of Spanish but pretend to know everything about Hispanic culture always get on my nerves. I once found a chick who claimed that calling Latinos "Latinos" was a colonial plan to restore the Spanish empire.

No. 321213

File: 1541535777532.png (167.1 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2018-11-06-21-21-31…)

Ah, yes, because all of us Spaniards are secretly conspiring under a basement in Murcia to bring back the Spanish empire while drinking Mexican blood.

No. 321214

Keep telling yourself that all those ebul boolies are just one mean ol' Stacy cunt, stinky.

No. 321218

Which is exactly what I meant. I implied France, the UK, Spain, Portugal, etc. not countries in the Balkans or Scandinavia which were minding their business a bit more. I'm guessing the anon I was replying to (who might be you) isn't from Spain but maybe she is? When I say they're aware of these countries it's that they sort of know some things about them, not that they know these countries' histories or traditions perfectly well.

No. 321247

No, that anon wasn't me. I mean to say that many people barely acknowledge Spanish and especially Portuguese influence. Which are, as you've said, players in US History.

Spain wasn't as influential compared to, say, Britain in terms of colonization and slavery, but had a big influence in Western America in terms of discovery and settlement. It's probably why people act retarded about Latinos and Spanish. Everyone has a pretty good idea of French influence, and no one will tell a French person they're appropriating Haitian culture by speaking French, for ex.

No. 321249

As an American, I can confidently say that most people in my country don't even know Haitians speak creole French.

No. 321250

>one mean ol' Stacy cunt
You wish. You are far too retarded for that, you failed normie kek.
Real Stacys do not hang out at goddamn lolcow as they have better things to do then sperg about weebs.

No. 321256

It annoys me how you bitches will fight about literally anything.

No. 321260

No. 321264

Sorry anon, that made me laugh. How ignorant considering you speak at least two languages fluently and most Americans only speak one. You've got a much more educated view of the world thanks to being exposed to media from all different part of the world and they're still living in their little American bubble.

>think that Europe is a completely homogeneous continent
That's very much a thing and I'll never understand it. Is learning about the rest of the world not part of their education system? I had to learn plenty of American history including wars, politics and geography (as part of us learning about world history). I don't think someone aware of classical studies could ever claim that Europeans have no culture. Like some of my first memories of secondary school were of learning about the Roman culture, Greek architecture, the Medieval period and the Renaissance period, I'm guessing none of that is covered in the US.

I'm guessing the person who had an argument with me did Google my country but hilariously she tried to educate me on it based on a quick browse of the Wikipedia page or something. She dismissed a lot of the suffering my country went through because it didn't fit her view of the world. Sad.

No. 321270

Unfortunately some of these assholes come here just to start fights.

No. 321271

Ah, here's something that annoys me. People who only refer to Mexico when speaking about Latin America as if there aren't dozens of other countries that speak Spanish.

No. 321282

>taking it this personal

No. 321324

I've had an american tell me, a european who's family never left the country, that we're invaders, colonizers and whatnot - meanwhile she's a white hispanic, descendant of the spanish who invaded america and killed the natives. But no, she's sooo oppressed, despite being white passing (she's really just white). She tried to argue that if I were to go to the US I'd still magically have privilege over them, although I'm a foreigner and no native speaker. Yeah, sounds about right…

I really have no idea how americans can argue that the spanish or italians, etc are poc.

No. 321344

I'm pretty sure SJWs/murricans do learn about European culture but can't quite make the connection between the cool shit they read about and the actual living people in europe. Or they think because white americans are white and "cultureless" the same applies to every other society composed of mostly white people. Or both at once, coupled with a serious case of seeing current global society as a neutral background for what they consider authentic cultures (i.e. non-white) which is honestly the thing that annoy me most, the lack of self awareness and the pretense to be neutral. Other cultures get to keep their beliefs and act upon them, they get to exclude people of other cultures if they so choose, but god forbid a white country doesn't want to be inundated with people from a different culture, the absolute bigotry of whites daring to consider themselves deserving of having their own beliefs respected.

No. 321350

File: 1541554834351.jpg (71.3 KB, 640x839, 45139551_2463620577004707_7759…)

I find crap like this on my facebook feed really annoying. I have ended up unfollowing multiple family members because they have a penchant for sharing these snarky quote 'memes' multiple times a day.

No. 321351

File: 1541554872724.jpg (69.46 KB, 640x960, 45176877_2370432752984974_1148…)

Another example.

No. 321378

I've had the exact same dumb argument. Apparently just existing in europe is enough to be at fault for all historical crime.

No. 321380

Kpop in general but mostly BTS and their shitty stans

No. 321397

People sure love to toot their own horn on facebook. Apparently all of my relatives are the nicest people ever until they're not. What the fuck does that even mean? That you're nice until you decide not to be? Well wowee

No. 321407


It really just depends on where you grew up, tbh. I am from the southern US and it's just a part of the regular speech pattern so it just feels natural for me to type that. The use of 'y'all' and 'all y'all' didn't really get popular until social media became a thing. I still remember going to the northern part of the US to visit family when I was a kid and being made fun of by my cousin's friends for saying "y'all"

I have a great disdain for people who are not from the US that use "y'all". Like… not even ten years ago y'all were making fun of people for using that word and now y'all wanna use it cause it's a popular word to use now?
I am acquaintances with a girl from England whom, not even TWO years ago, would poke fun at me for using "y'all" and now she uses it regularly and it just sounds…wrong. She doesn't even use it properly. It irks me more than it should.

No. 321409

lol'ing at the thought of non-americans saying "y'all." I cringe every time a non-southerner says it.

When I was in college in the northeast so many people made fun of me for my accent, which is not even that strong (people in the south don't think I have an accent at all). One of my professors made fun of me in front of the class for it and told me I sounded like a dumb hick. He told me no one could understand what I was saying and that if I couldn't speak correctly I should drop out of the class

No. 321410

Since I take public transit everyday, here are some of my annoyances.

-When it’s super crowded and people are taking up their seat with their belongings. Like I get if you have a big ass suitcase and you’re going to the airport but I regular bag? Just put it in your lap or on the floor.

People who talk really loud on their phones. Especially if I can still hear them over my headphones. No one wants to hear your conversation. You’re not excused if you’re talking in a different language either.

People who bully others to give up seats. I understand if you’re sick, old, pregnant, or disabled. But just because you are doesn mean you’re excused from basic manners. And besides the person who was sitting there in the first place also might be sick/disabled as well. Just because they look healthy doesn’t mean they are.

No. 321416

i hate how guys can be uglier than a butthole but can still go after girls who are extremely out of their league but if a girl talks about how she likes a guy out her league suddenly she's a bitch who needs to lower her standards or settle. If ugly mcgee can lust after angelina jolie than i can lust after brad pitt LOL

No. 321417

What a fucking asshole. Did you do anything about it?

No. 321418

Omg, anon, I'm so sorry that happened to you! How did the professor think that that was okay? I hope he got fired

I went to my undergrad in Colorado and when people found out that I was from Texas, the first thing they would always say was "But you don't have an accent!" then I would use "y'all" or "Y'all'd've" or "fixin' to" in conversation and the same people would say "Your Texan accent is so weird!! LOL!"

No. 321424

I complained to the English department and he apologized to me. The next semester he started teaching online classes only, and 2 years later left the university altogether. From talking to other people he was apparently a huge prick who mostly picked on girls, and I was the first to bring it up.

What I heard through the rumor mill (so not sure if it's 100% true or not) is that he would intentionally give girls lower grades so that they would go to his office hours to ask why their essay was graded badly and he could hit on them, try to get them to offer sexual favors for a better grade. Good thing i'm too lazy to go to office hours lol.

Some southern slang is a tell for me I guess, like "bless your heart." Some phrases I didn't even know were southernisms, like "egg on," "figure," "hankering," and "uppity." Also my love for hush puppies and sweet tea.

No. 321433

Oh my god. That's disgusting! People like him don't deserve to live. I'm glad he isn't able to prey on other students anymore, though.

Wait…."egg on" is a southernism? That's not a widely used expression? I had no idea!
"Bless your heart" is a huge giveaway for me, but it sometimes leads to huge misunderstandings if the person I'm talking to isn't from the South, haha

No. 321445

I'm from the South without an accent and it shows in my speech patterns and word choice too. I didn't realize most of those were southern things until later either. I get some reactions when I use "plumb forgot", "lord willing", or "none of" too, but some of those are more region specific apparently. People just openly chuckle about it too, I guess it's just too funny and "quaint" or some shit.

No. 321491

>go to mostly male 4chan, full of women-hate
>go to mostly female lolcow or /cgl/, full of women-hate

No. 321495

I dislike the constant infighting but at least anons at lolcow are bitchy and not wishing rape and murder on each other just for being female.

No. 321511

I have to ask, what are they doing?

No. 321517

unless they're cows

No. 321524

To add to the discussion a while ago about women disliking other women/being territorial, I think this problem is much worse when you're mostly into male-oriented hobbies. Especially in the anime/gaming community the girls get really bitchy.
I never have any problem with women being "territorial" outside of those interests, but I think that might also be because I have a clothing style that's weird to normies and don't dress sexy so they might not see me as competition as much. Being non-threatening helps with getting along with other women, fucked up as it may sound.

No. 321530

I'm not sure, normies tend to fight a lot with eachother as well but more often in a passive-agressive or gossipy way (or even backstabbing) so maybe it's just that it's not as much "in your face" that it seems that way.

No. 321560

haha, this is annoying. but you could just, you know, voice it to him. say HEY, leave it on the fucking table will ya. problem solved

No. 321566

i agree with this post, but i chose to just ignore people who feel intimidated by me being quiet and not smiling 24/7. don't feel the need to change except if you desperately want to make new friends

No. 321598

A-logging is a bannable offense here

No. 321625

I think it's truly annoying when people pretend having an ideal, perfect life on social media or inside their friend circle or make their normal, if not shitty relationship look like it's absolute goals, you know, these insta-couples or that insecure friend trying to look like they're more than they really are.

No. 321635

Sometimes the people in the kpop critical thread are just as delusional, tinhatty and spergy as hardcore kpop fans

No. 321647

I'm annoyed that there isn't a new unpopular opinions thread.

No. 321650

imagine thinking there would be only one person who hates weebs. no one likes you

No. 321670

No. 321671

I know it is dumb and I shouldn't care what people like this think anyway but it annoys me to no end when men say that traps/trap fashion is peak femininity and that women don't like to look feminine.

No. 321676

Anti-abortionfags who don't give enough of a shit to either push prevention by making contraceptives widely accessible to reduce need for abortions, or supporting social/children's welfare services for the inevitable amounts of unwanted children born to neglectful parents.

No. 321687

trap ""femininity"" is just a sub fetish. Traps and the degenerate men who are into them exist because of a dependence to porn, which shows women as nothing else but submissive cum loving holes. You may not agree with 'society standards' of femininity (being nurturing, sensible, delicate; having interests in arts or cooking) but traps completely lack them.

No. 321689

The difference is that women't don't have to look/dress feminine to prove they're women. Women always look feminine, you could be wearing a trash bag and people would still know you're a woman

No. 321691

Hetero men who say traps or trannies are better than real women are fucking gay and in denial.
How do they not realize how gay they sound.

No. 321694


Honestly. I've never seen a single man into traps or shemale porn who hasn't eventually graduated to gay porn after a while.

No. 321700

I'm annoyed about people complaining about a lack of new threads while refusing to just make a new one themselves.

No. 321771

they are seriously gay. it's actually pathetic and sad how self hating they are.

No. 321782

Gay men are fucking annoying in general, whether they're in the closet or out

No. 321797

Dated a guy who was into traps, unknown to me until right before we broke up, and it REALLY explained why he had the views on women he did. Everything a woman did, myself included, was not good enough. This was too thin/too fat/too crooked/too straight. You could compare someone with a face and figure exactly to his preference to a mediocre trap and the trap would win 100% of the time for being more of a "real woman."

The excuse I've heard is "It's not gay if you can't see the dick" which is just ???? People who put traps over real women as a fetish are just 100% degenerate scum and I beg anyone to just avoid them completely.

No. 321813

Excuse my ignorance but is a trap a guy in drag?? How the fuck is that more feminine than a woman, these Niggas is gay

No. 321824

Kind of. Traps are just extremely feminine, emasculate looking men that cross dress or look feminine enough that it's hard to tell if they're actually female or not. If you've ever heard the term "careful, it's a trap!" or "confused boner" that's where it comes from

No. 321831

Your second point reminds me of what I’m annoyed about at work.

I have a group of hispanic coworkers and they literally all have extremely loud video chats every time they communicate on the phone, without earphones. I’m not trying to be racist, but it irrates me so much.

No. 321836

That shit only works in anime though. You can spot a man in a dress a mile away.

No. 321837

I'm puerto rican and can confirm a lot of hispanics do this shit. they're usually from other parts of the country though. it's really irritating as fuck and highly inconsiderate. Anyone in general using their phone without headphones can go die.

No. 321838

Agreed 100%!!
I'm so sick of gay men. They're still more privileged than straight or gay women.

No. 321844

File: 1541645447686.png (738.04 KB, 902x590, Felix.png)

it's good enough for people that are into that kind of thing. traps are only ever spoken about in an online sense, guys never think"oh well they probably look shit irl, zomg photoshop and angles", and i dont think the dudes that are into that shit care that much

No. 321848

Men don't seem to realize photoshop exists, that's why costhots can filter and meitu themselves to fuck and they still throw money at them.

No. 321907

hahaha oh yes there's so many of them.
relax anon, you know your life is a lot more interesting and the reason you're not constantly posting pics is probably because you're too busy having fun.

No. 321913

People who pretend to be poorer than they actually are.

Bonus points if they didn't earn the wealth they have by themselves.

I've seen people outright lie about their upbringing to seem poorer, a dude I used to know did this.

He would always say "oh, I'm just really good at saving money!" Meanwhile his parents both have very well paying jobs and he just sits on his ass all day playing league of legends.

No. 321928

it's annoying but i get why they do it. who would want to admit that they're rich?

No. 321946

People acting jealous because they think my parents are super rich.
My parents started from nothing, my mom had to sew my clothes when I was a kid because we couldn't afford to buy them. All other kids had a shitton of toys and computer but we could never afford it.
Now they've worked super hard and still do so they have a bit more and people treat me like I'm some spoiled brat who's always had everything easy for her while I always helped my parents out as well.

No. 321948

Yeah my dad's a millionaire, my ex boyfriend took a date to his mansion once to brag about it and I happened to be up on the balcony was so fucking weird. Essentially from that point his date has been for years directing a tirade of abuse towards me. I'll met new people that will already have assumptions about me if they've met or had mutual friends with this girl it's so weird.

No. 321950

I'm >>321948 and my Dad came from a very poor working class background and made his millions after divorcing my mum. I grew up in a single parent household on benefits, getting free travel to school and lunches. People bullied me at school for not having new clothes every weekend or repeating outfits, for not being able to even afford driving lessons. Was only in my 20s my Dad came back into my life and said he wanted to be there for me. He helped me finance a car (I still have to do the monthly repayments) and was a guarantor for a rented property my wage pays for. People now treat me like a spoilt entitled brat and the amount of people that know me casually that will imply my lifestyle is all paid for by my daddy is so fucking odd

No. 321952

I just saw that Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race got published in my mostly white, europoor country and is hyped as a bestseller. While I bet it's an interesting and informative read to normies that never run into tumblr SJWs, I am mildly annoyed at this American crap being pushed down our throats. We have our own societal issues to solve. Why the fuck it feels like we should care about Americans shitting up their own country and racial relations. I am not a white American, my grandparents did not own any slaves, etc.
And tbh I do not find American look at racism very helpful in regards to other countries besides things you might learn from basic sociology (like microaggression).
I do not fucking care about this lady and her book. If Black (and Chinese, Vietnamese, basically minorities that live here etc.) people wrote about their experiences with racism in my society, I would LOVE to read it though. I am just tired of America pushing their SJW narrative toward the rest of the world. Maybe I would not feel like this had tumblrfags were not trying very hard to treat Europe like second America.

No. 321961

any guy who claims that “traps” are more feminine than women is mentally ill, delusional, and socially stunted.

No. 321979


And gay.

No. 321980

White Americans dont want to fix their problems so they project to Europeans. They forget they're the last western country to give up slavery and give civil rights, but they like to pretend they are social leaders.

No. 322012

I'm annoyed at many animal owners who always gets triggered very easily and are ready to bully and screech YoU aBoOsEr at people who don't overspoil their pets or have minor misinformations or spay/neuter them specially when these people are far away from giving stellar care to their own pets. It looks like they only want a target to project their insecurities or wrongdoings and feel better with themselves.

No. 322018

People who are sensitive to animal deaths in media. They're in the same vein as adults who hate fruits and veggies.

No. 322019

"Muh poor furbabbies!!" God, they're so annoying. People will see a dog die in a movie and will riot.

No. 322022

I don't see how it's any different from not wanting to sit through a long, graphic rape scene or a torture scene in a film. Some people enjoy sitting through rape or torture scenes, other people just don't. I just don't like seeing dogs die on screen and if I know a film has a dog in it, I won't watch it.

No. 322023

How the FUCK do you not see the difference between those things? My god, animalfags are completely brain dead.

No. 322026

Brief scene of dog dying is somehow comparable to graphic rape or torture to them.

No. 322029

Are you seriously even comparing the two?? A graphic rape scene to a dog getting shot in a movie?? One obviously affects people way more and normalizes violence against women, while the other… doesn't.

wow, please question your life choices.

No. 322032

Worse than that, that anon equated it to long scenes of humans being graphically raped or tortured. I'm tempted to cap the post and post it in the dog hate thread.

No. 322033

>Some people enjoy sitting through rape or torture scenes,

Those people are called psychopaths and should be removed from society.

No. 322035

when people assume that being an adult automatically means hating things you liked as a child, or suddenly liking things you didn't like before. your choices don't make you a fucking adult, your ability to make your own money and pay your rent does. the only people i've ever known to bitch about people making "adult" choices, were toxic and immature as fuck.

No. 322038

File: 1541691030699.jpeg (106.37 KB, 960x960, 6863D3F9-2C2E-4481-B145-95948D…)

Probably not a lot of white ppl that can relate but people who go on about “muh black hair” and talk about how people are literally persecuted at school and their jobs for going natural are full of shit sometimes and have probably either never actually seen it happen or work in some kind of service industry that requires them to pull their hair back and keep it out of the way and they see that as some kind of “opression” because they cant show off all of the work they put into their hair. A lot of its attention seeky.

And this is coming from somebody who has 4A kinky hair and has left it natural since high school. Nobody cares about your hair as much as you think they do, and the people who cant stfu about that shit are the people who spend hours prepping and upkeeping their hair to the point that its a fucking lifestyle for them. (The same can be said about skincare/makeup/fitness and I know it can be a hobby for some people, but talking about it 24/7 and interjecting it into conversations makes me secretly hate you)

Also people are always reaching when some white dude has dreads talking about “oh if it was a black man they would have made him cut that shit off” like come on seeing some rando white boy with stanky ass dreads i tend to think lesser of him than if a black man had dreads (probably because of the association with gross hippies)

No. 322040

File: 1541691411382.jpeg (104.3 KB, 440x635, 9A1AD5D2-49A0-450A-B81B-527846…)

Grown adults who put way too much effort into criticizing kids shows and films. Rage reviewers 25+ years old who feel the need to tell you why some direct to dvd disney sequel isn’t entertaining to them.

Adults who act like some buzzfeed level quiz on pottermore that sorted them rings true. People who say things like “As a Ravenclaw ….” unironically.

People who make cartoon conspiracies/people who believe them to be true.

No. 322041

rich people that say money doesn't matter
no, tyler, you would not give up the trust fund your family inevitably has for you and the thousands they send u each month just for a true friend. fuck off with that shit

No. 322042

The general bitchiness of farmers, honestly. Some of you need to keep your awful opinions to yourselves.

No. 322043

Anyone who says money doesn't matter annoys me to death. I would love to have a better paying job so i can actually buy the material things i love. I'm gonna die eventually, so let me be happy, barbara.

No. 322047

I get salty when people just say South or North or whatever in their posts but don't specify their country… Lol who am I kidding, it's Americans that do it,euros always specify because we know USA rules the western internet.
Your post completely changes context without it, not attacking >>321424 in any way but to use an example, Hush Puppies is an old lady brand of shoe in the UK and sweet tea is a thing there so at first I just assumed anon meant near London when they said South.
This is an international board, but I feel like Americas forget that.

This. The internet is so full of "white people can't be racist etc" stuff and it's like, do you want to tell the Irish and the Polish about that or should I? I can follow the nitpicky logic that when it's white-on-white hate we're meant to call it just descrimination or nationalism instead but all does is paint a picture that entitlement to sjw support has tiers based on colour
Yes I have a stick up my ass about America taking over everything today ok

No. 322056

Americans are the majority on this website. We shouldn't have to go out of our ways to clarify shit for you whiny eurofags, damn.

No. 322058

Fine, but don't expect us to give a fuck about whatever amerifat issue you are sperging about.

No. 322062

>literally just asking you type US after North or South
>going out of your way
No stereotype of being lazy to see here folks!

No. 322064

We don't! No one is asking you to care or to reply to that shit.

No. 322067

Cool, not my experience as someone who has 4c hair. Just because you dont experience it doesnt negate the fact others do.

No. 322070


What annoys me is when people go after a non-black person for having dreadlocks or braids because "It's something associated with black people so it's appropriation" but when you point out lots of people dye their hair blonde suddenly it's "But blonde hair isn't exclusive to white people."

And braids aren't exclusive to black people, but they are most COMMON on black people, just as blonde hair is most common on white people, whether jealous people want to admit it or not.

No. 322080

In college I had a bunch of people joking about being "poor students" but once they knew I was disadvantaged enough to be granted a scholarship they were jealous or at the very least very judgmental. I'm talking about people from the other side of my country who had their own flat, food, clothes and driver licence paid by their parents, sometimes their years abroad, who were healthy, working and earning more than minimum wage. I'd rather have people showing off how rich they or their family are, it's annoying but at least it's straight forward. That scholarship was the highest available for me btw, and it still wasn't enough for me to even move to another flat so I couldn't even study were I wanted at all, but I'm still grateful, if it weren't for that I would have never studied after getting my high school diploma.

No. 322081

Well said. I feel like all these people picked it up from black of gay Twitter or something. But if someone actually from a region like the South or Appalachia uses y'all, you know word we've used for generations, it gets derided. Sometimes transplants pick it up when they move to Southern states, but that's different, that's just a thing that happens when people move to different places with a different accent/regional dialect.
It originally started as a 4chan meme about guys dressed up like women who actually looked feminine, or at least feminine by the standards of 4chan. Then you find out they have a dick and "It's a trap!" It seems like the term has broadened more over the years though. I actually heard a 15 year old girl use the term trap at a con recently, referring to a tranny. It was very odd hearing that word in real life.

No. 322083

Not that it concerns me directly but I think whether you can get in trouble for having natural hair or not at work depends on the job from what I've heard? I've read a long thread on twitter once about a luxury shop that was asking its employee to wear a wig or relax her hair or they's fire her, and they refused to hire a woman who had an afro at the job interview. She's the one who posted the thread so whether it's true or not is up to debate, but I went to that shop once a few months ago and it's totally believable to me.

No. 322086

I'm not trying to compare them. I'm just saying that both make certain people uncomfortable. I don't watch films to get depressed so I wouldn't watch ones about teens getting cancer either. Dogs dying doesn't make you sad or uncomfortable, that's fine but it doesn't mean that people who do find it uncomfortable are stupid or need to be forced to be exposed to that kind of media.

You'd be surprised how many action films contain scenes like that and my dad and brothers don't even seem to mind when they're on. I have to leave the room.

No. 322088

The irony because the rest of the world has to cater to dumb Americans all the fucking time. I see people online always providing American measurements in brackets and converting currency into dollars.

No. 322090

If you follow the conversation, you'd obviously see it's people from the Southern US talking to one another. You sound more self-absorbed than the Americans you whine about.

No. 322107

Boohoo. If you're so upset about it, why don't you just get born here next time? Better luck to you on your next dice roll, nigga.

No. 322109

>Thinking anyone actually WANTS to be born in America
Thanks, I'll enjoy my freedom to move to any of 28 countries at will, free healthcare and free higher education xoxoxo

No. 322119

>they called me dumb, they must be jealous
Did your mom help you write that post?

No. 322122


Exactly, but don't bother trying to reason with dog haters. They most likely enjoy seeing dogs die in movies

No. 322124

Lol @ the black and white thought process of
>If you don't outright refuse to watch a movie with a scene of a dog dying in it, that must mean dogs dying doesn't make you sad or uncomfortable! Or it must mean you enjoy it, you sick fuck!

You're a grown woman, not a toddler. It would be different if it was a graphic rape, murder, or torture scene, but it isn't. It's just a fucking dog that most likely died off-screen anyways. It's not stupid to feel sad or uncomfortable while watching an animal die in a movie, but it is stupid to refuse to watch any media that contains animal death just because it upsets you. I honestly don't understand how you two made it this far in life when you get triggered that easily. This embarassing childishness is what makes you people so annoying.

No. 322128

This is even more annoying in european countries where those hairstyles aren't associated with black americans/black people. Before tumblr I never had any idea that braids would be associated with black people, or even dreadlocks.

No. 322129

American martyrism is fucking annoying. You know, when you mention that perhaps internet is sometimes too us centric and all the amerifats start REEEEEEing like wounded animals and throw tantrums

No. 322131

Jesus christ, go back to your dog hating containment thread. You're the one that's triggered here. You derail every thread talking about how childish and pathetic people who like dogs are. I don't avoid movies with violence towards animals but I understand if you don't want to see that. Why does it matter so much to you?

No. 322133

>You derail every thread talking about how childish and pathetic people who like dogs are.
No, I don't do that, anon. I've never done that before today. Clearly there are a lot of people who are sick of your shit on this site.

No. 322134

I think Guy Tang is an annoying faggot but he gets a pass because he's considered so good with hair. I can't stand him.

No. 322135

I'm tired of seeing those "fucking white women" tweets because of voting in Texas, especially when it's tweeted by white women

No. 322137

I would say there's something wrong with your dad and brother, but they're men. Sad

No. 322138

Christ, you're embarrassing. I don't understand people who dislike horror films but I wouldn't force them to sit through a horror film and call them a "toddler" for getting uncomfortable but that's probably because I'm not fucking autistic. The only person with black and white thinking is yourself because you think that because dogs dying doesn't make you uncomfortable, it shouldn't make anyone else uncomfortable, cringe. It's a little thing called "empathy". Also imagine getting this worked up over someone not enjoying the same media as you. Hope you get your diagnosis soon xxxx

No. 322139

Writing things like
>Yes, Karen!
>No, Becky
while "sassily calling people out" is beyond obnoxious. Sadly, it's no longer even only tumblr doing that, but nearly every other site that's out there as well.

No. 322140

It's dumb af. Especially since braids and dreads have been around since the Scottish and Celtic era. It has nothing to do with black people but since black Americans are so loud, they want to associate all blacks with a certain hairstyle.

No. 322142


It's infuriating, particularly when white women who aren't even American are expected to answer for something they had nothing to do with.

Or when white men start talking about how white women are the devil and white women are to blame for Trump. Stop trying to dodge responsibility.

No. 322143

It's all over Twitter too. And you dare call out their bullshit, then you get called a racist??

No. 322145

>Before tumblr I never had any idea that braids would be associated with black people, or even dreadlocks.
When I was growing up, it was common for girls to get braids in their hair on holidays abroad. It was also common for hippie types to have dreadlocks. To think that those people would now be berated for "cultural appropriation" now is fucking bizarre to me.

No. 322175

I said I was just taking it for an example of a post that at first glance I can't place anon, I don't think I sound self absorbed for explaining a gripe that affects me often on this site in a gripe thread, but you do you

No. 322178

>people don't like seeing dogs being killed
oh the humanity. they're ruining the world. how will we go on. truly subhuman.

No. 322181

Semi-related is nicknaming the women calling cops on other people, like BBQ Becky and Permit Patty. In a lot of situations the people calling the cops are overreacting and are probably racist, but calling them these nicknames makes me cringe.

I'm pretty blunt and will confront someone who is doing something rude or disrespectful in public but I'm worried that if I do say something to someone who is non-white they'll start recording me and say I'm being racist.

No. 322189

If you're not actually being racist and/or overreacting, nothing will happen as a result of you being filmed.
I saw a video of some Latino guy filming a white woman who told him off at a dog park because his dog wasn't fixed and was harassing other dogs. He was laughing like a retard and saying shit like "You're gonna be the next one!!!". Since she actually had a good reason and didn't call the police or 911 for anything trivial, it didn't go viral. No one doxxed her, and literally nothing happened to her.
All the people in the viral videos were actually being shitty, racist and wasting the police's time because they basically wanted to "put those coloureds in their place". As long as that's not you, nothing will happen. If that is you, on the other hand…Yeah, be careful, and maybe look at your life.

No. 322196

People who hate dogs and won't shut up about it are annoying to me. Not liking them, or being more of a cat person is fine (I love both cats and dogs, personally). It's just the anti-dog spergs who make everything into a conversation about how all dogs ever should be muzzled at all times, how it's "always" an emergency if a dog is in a public space (even a trained one), how pitbulls should all be euthanized, how your home is automatically dirty if you own an indoor dog, how there's nothing wrong with poisoning your neighbor's dog if it barks too much. Putrid shit like that.
I have the dog hate thread hidden, but the mere fact that there's multiple people who can hate one species of animal so much that they need a designated thread to frequent is just off-putting to me.

No. 322198

The braids that have been in African history for since what we call "pre-history" to protect our hair and the braids you guys are thinking about are two different things. In fact our braids are damaging to non-afro texture hair. Speaking of which it annoys me when people talk about things as a fact when they have zero knowledge of the subject and I mean that a cross the board. The virtue signaling on Tumblr is exhausting.

No. 322202

I'm seeing pushback against those tweets by other people, at least. But yeah, I'm fucking sick of seeing them too.

No. 322207

File: 1541715321725.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

Being barked at and being expected to act as of you love dogs every single day, every single place you go vs. people hating dogs in one thread on a small anonymous board on the internet…

Your problems are nil, anon.
Unironically pic related. Switch of the computer, go outside and join the other doggo-loving portion of society - which is probably around 99,9%.

No. 322209

>sperging out this hard over a post in a thread that wasn't even directed at you expressing annoyance at an objectively annoying group in an "annoying thread"
You should take Tyler's advice yourself, anon. Contrary to what your psychosis tells you, no one cares if you love dogs IRL. Just don't be a dick and you will face no problems, lmao.

No. 322210

I'm pretty lots of people care, which is why the number of dogs being allowed in most places are rising. Not same anon, but i work near a cafe and see a couple eat there all the time. they sit outside, but their dog is on the chair eating food from the table.

Also, in my store we dont allow dogs, but people with 'emotional companions' come in all the time. I wont make anymore dog related posts since we have threads for that, but the other anon >>322207
is right. the dog love culture, esp in america is really bad. It doesn't even matter if you are hurt by a dog, people expect you to love them and it's annoying.

No. 322224

Where are you going where you feel this societal pressure to profess your love to dogs? Are people are shoving snarling dogs in your face and shouting "love my dog or else." Who is monitoring whether you love dogs or not? Where the fuck are you going where there are dogs every single place you go? I have a very hard time believing that there are dogs at every corner, seeking you out to bark at you and make you tell them you love them. How is a dog sitting at a cafe you work near ruining your whole entire life? If a dog is misbehaving outside at a table next to you that's one thing (in this situation, most well-adjusted non-autistic people would either ask them to control their dog or ask the staff to talk to them), it's another if it's just sitting there doing nothing to harm you. I truly want to know how every single day, you manage to find yourselves in situations in which you have to act like you love dogs. If someone said to me "yeah I don't like dogs" I would not give a single fuck

No. 322229

Thank you.

No. 322250

As an introvert, I hate how much one-upping there is with introverts. Okay, I get it, you're more recluse than me and never go outside, which means I'm not an introvert to your standards.

No. 322253

OOF, I feel this anon.
I've recently been able to manage my social anxiety/avoidant tendencies a bit better and have made a comfy amount of friends. But I feel as if I've lost my introversion somehow since, oh no, I'm talking to three outside entities regularly instead of just my mom. Not a real introvert!

It is weird, though. I wonder why this elitism cropped up.

No. 322254

Fine, I'll give you some examples:
>walk somewhere, person with dog passes by, dog comes to me, sniffs me, tries to jump up my leg etc
>my face and me backing off clearly shows that I don't like it, yet owner of course coos at how cute their little doggo is and says that exact sentence: "He only wants to play!" also "He doesn't bite, he's really nice!"
You can deny it all you want, but you know exactly that this happens constantly. If I'm scared, disgusted, whatever, if I voice my discontent when the owner should get it away/off from me. Yet the owners always insist that they're harmless and friendly, completely ignoring me, so yes, I do think that counts as expecting me to like them.
I'm allergic, yet people give a shit about that, because "Really? haha Oh come on…" "No anon, he's really clean!". Pushing your dogs onto unwilling people and trying to force them to show affection towards it, is expecting people to at least act as if they also like dogs. Even straight out saying that I hate them doesn't matter, because then they try to convince me of their dogs cuteness. There's literally not a single thing they allow as an excuse; no matter what, you simple have to keep up with their dogs harrassing you. When it comes to peoples furbabies a "No" suddenly no longer means "No".
I remember my mother having to carry my crying and scared younger brother countless of times, yet dog owners just laugh it off instead of taming their animal.

The supermarket there I work and shop at has two large signs "No dogs allowed", yet somehow not a single dog owner seems to be able to read. When I work there I have to sell bread - of course touching it with my bare hands - yet so many people carry their dogs, so right before handing me the money, the same hand that is now touching mine was on their dog's ass. That's so disgusting. But fuck all hygenie standards and consent for the sake of your - excuse me, your dog's feelings…

No. 322264

People often say things like Pet him! to strangers. Imo that sounds very much like expecting (or even demanding) you to love it

No. 322275

>walk somewhere, person with dog passes by, dog comes to me, sniffs me, tries to jump up my leg etc
>my face and me backing off clearly shows that I don't like it, yet owner of course coos at how cute their little doggo is and says that exact sentence: "He only wants to play!" also "He doesn't bite, he's really nice!"

So you literally just walk away. It's not that hard to do. You aren't obligated to stop. Sounds like you need to grow a backbone and learn to stand up for yourself.

And I hate to break it to you but all cash is disgusting; it all has human feces, cocaine, and staph on it. If you work there, why not just say "sorry, dogs are not allowed here"? I give zero fucks about dogs ~feelings~ if you don't like them, I just think you're fucking stupid is all.

Just say no thank you? All of this to me sounds like you guys not being able to stand up for yourselves. Do you do everything everyone tells you to do - is this an autist thing? Genuine question.

No. 322279

You're completely missing the point. It's not about being able to say no and walking away, it's the expectation that random people don't mind being jumped on and scratched or want to interact. It's unpleasant and annoying and dog owners should just suck less, teach their dog to suck less, and mind their own business instead of letting them run up to random people.

No. 322284

Just give up, there's no point in arguing with a bitch this dumb. She's been at it all day and still hasn't made a single decent point.

No. 322285

Oh my god anon YES
I’m so sick of all those grown ass people reviewing kids shows. Like who gives a shit what some random adult stranger on the internet thinks about Steven Universe or about whatever popular cartoon out there. it’s just a fucking cartoon. I once saw a vid recommended to me on YT that was an hour long about why a certain popular cartoon was “bad”, like who the fuck has that kind of time to put it into something so worthless.Cartoon/series/movie reviews are just trash most of the time imo

No. 322288

>It is weird, though. I wonder why this elitism cropped up.

I first saw it on Tumblr, of course. Usually it gets posted alongside lots of posts about how extroverts are like this, introverts are like this, and how "exhausting" extroverts are, etc. I always found it a bit weird, I consider myself fairly introverted, but I've also had plenty of times where I've gotten out and partied and gotten loud.

No. 322298

if your baby is screaming/running around unsupervised in public and you don't do anything to soothe/calm them or corral them you're both a shitty parent and a shitty person

not even childfree, just an irritated retail worker

No. 322306

I feel you as a fellow retail worker. This pregnant bitch was in my shop a few days ago. Both of her kids (looked about 4 and 5) were running around with no shoes. Completely bare foot in a store where there is debry and glass on the floor.

i can't with these people

No. 322575

more of a LC thing, but i hate people who sperg about cows not adopting animals. animals from shelters more often than not require lots of extra love and care. usually you they need monitoring for a while after you get them home to make sure they're not sick or injured (which many shelters overlook) and are adjusting well, especially if they have traumatic backgrounds. why the fuck would people want someone like momokun or whoever to have that kind of responsibility? these people shouldn't be getting pets in the first place, let alone pets that are stressed and underfed.

No. 322579

I hate it when people think saying "I'm attractive" in response to a post like "lol all of you are ugly" is bragging. It's like idiots who think saying "i'm a girl" is bragging or trying to get attention. I swear it's projecting and insecurity on their part but they won't ever admit it

No. 322615

Idk if you're talking about buying pets versus rescuing, versus not getting pets at all (I dont follow momokun), but not all rescued animals are traumatized and neglected. Not to mention there are plenty of purebred dog rescues, with puppies even, which is why a lot of people don't adopt from shelters/rescues. I got my purebred golden retriever from a golden rescue when he was a puppy and he was fine, didn't take any more work than a normal puppy. A lot of purebred dogs actually have more health and behavioral issues, especially ones you buy from pet shops. It varies by dog. None of the cows discussed on this site should be getting pets to begin with, though.

No. 322623

I’m a long-term resident abroad and I’m sooo over the expat communities here, online and IRL. People complain about everything (I’m hypocritical kek) and make the biggest deal about trivial crap.

There was a thread on one recently where people were talking about how being asked where they’re from is “stressful” because they absolutely HAVE to give long-winded answers like, “I was born in Michigan, raised in Chicago, lived in NYC for a year before I moved to San Francisco…” and can’t just say, “I’m American”’ like a normal person. And when anyone tried to tell them they COULD give short answers, they insisted that they couldn’t and said everyone was being “mean” for saying so. JFC. How do hypersensitive people even survive outside of their home countries?

No. 322649

Kek is it in asia anon? Asia expats are hyper sensitive. I live in an asian county too and some girl on a facebook group wrote a whole post about how some waiter never took her order and “ignored her for being foreign” when it’s the norm here that the customers call over the staff to order. They also “swore they took the native people next to me’s orders and they didnt call them over!!”

Followed by comments telling other people to stop bullying her for telling her why they didnt take her fucking order in the first place.

No. 322678

I hate this channel, the girl running it is annoying as fuck and has an obvious eating disorder. There's tons of bone lords in the comments/subscribed to her and
she deletes any comments not kissing her ass/pointing out her ED.
Pisses me off that these kinds of videos can reach people and encourage them to develop shit eating habits

No. 322684

agreed. she's a huge liar and honestly kind of stupid. i remember watching a video of her explaining how she doesn't have an eating disorder but she's subscribed to a ton of 'ed channels'. moralfag but even if you didn't have an ed, why would you be fine with 100% of your audience being disordered women watching your videos for inspiration to harm themselves? youtube really isn't the place for this type behavior.

(i'm not sure if this is the right thread to post her in, though)

No. 322688

Speaking of YouTubers we hate, I can't stand Brittney Grey. She always comes off as so rude and assholish in her videos.

No. 322727

>microwavable meat and potato pie
>drinks from a dirty coffee cup
>""burrito"" bowl is boring chopped veg with a dollop of premade guac to tie it together
>listing vitamins and discount beano as food like anyone cares

These people must be so fucking depressed.

No. 322789

File: 1541817738982.png (2.71 MB, 1604x882, a1355eaac4964a1000887f6875f3fa…)

Semi related to things we find annoying, but does anyone have involuntary physiological responses when they get extremely annoyed?
When I hear something really irritating (repetitive noises, chewing, sneezing, someone talking in an annoying voice etc.) my vulva starts twitching. It's like a reflexive response. It's not sexual at all, it's just really weird.

No. 322798

Haha omg I thought I was the only one. I get this randomly when I feel kind of like "surprise irritated" at something, it's hard to explain what triggers it but it's very strange. There's definitely no arousal it's just a muscle response.

No. 322824

I get that with my nipples. They get hard when I'm anxious or worried. It's really weird and uncomfortable.

No. 322831

wew I thought I was just a weirdo. especially when I get suddenly mad or frustrated it happens too. I had no idea what it meant.

No. 322834

lol yep has happened since i was very young that my vag will almost feel as if its contracting or "pulsing" when i am in rage mode
glad to know its not just me

No. 322864

File: 1541837596637.gif (1.52 MB, 500x374, 0000.gif)

My mom won't stop bringing up how I should marry rich.
Ever since I broke up with my long-term, ungrateful bastard bf she won't let me hear the end of it. (Except this relationship ended not because he lived paycheck to paycheck; but because he didn't appreciate me and I felt wholly unloved and taken advantage of).
It's really annoying, is pissing me off, and makes me absolutely disgusted because I think she's a sicko for what she says sometimes.
Ftr, I am the same anon who brought this up in the vent thread about a week ago. Aka the last time I spent a weekend at her household. Aka when she gives me these dated, gross lectures absolutely fit for a debutant living in the 1920s. But not for me.

Some of you might think a mother tells her daughter to hunt for richies out of some sort of good intention, but there's so many reasons why her rambling comes off as cold and uncaring:
Just today we were out antique shopping with my aunt for shits and giggles. A bald, unattractive man in scrubs who appears to be in his late 30s exits one of the shops. Mom turns to me, she says,
>"See anon? That's the type of guy you should be going after."
>"What for? Just because he's in scrubs? Are you serious?"
>"He probably has money."
>"So? He's ugly and not my type."
>"But people grow to love each other anon!"
I eyeroll at her, my aunt cracks up because she thinks this is a huge joke when my mom is being dead ass serious. We continue walking. Further up the street. Out pops these two early 20s dudebros who look like they're interning at the local mayoral building. One looks like a goofball because his suit isn't tailored and clearly has no good sense for how he looks.
>"What about those boys? Hm, anon?"
>"Mom, they look like they're still in college and didn't get mommy to dress them today."
>"They have something going for them, like money! You won't be happy being with someone with a spoon and an apron."
By "spoon and an apron" she's referring to the guy I told her I was interested in going steady with, who works in a kitchen. Heaven forbid.

Of course there's nothing to indicate that the baldy in scrubs nor the frumpsuit boy had any kind of money or status based on their appearances. It's all bullshit she makes up in her mind! Anything to prove I'm some ignorant young dumbshit who hasn't wisened up to the view that I have to slob some suited man's knob to eek out a comfortable life for myself.

She's so hypocritical too.
I have advanced degrees, and admittedly, while I don't have a great career now I can reasonably assume I may have something secured in the future.
She always tells me "Don't rely financially on a man," but then nitpicks any guy I find interest in who doesn't slaughter the bank with his riches. Well, if I'm to be so financially independent, what does it fucking matter what my partner's income is so long as he contributes and isn't a user? Rich men can be tight asses and ungrateful dicks too.But I guess I'd turn a blind eye to those abuses because money???

Secondly, she has no credibility. If I'm to use her words against her, then she's made the "mistake" of marrying out of love not once, not twice, but THREE times. Not even my stepdad, whom I love dearly, is a rich man. He's an idiot with money, probably the worst of the bunch.
Yet she stays with him. Why? Because he's not a prick. Because he contributes by having other skills. Because he was great to me even though I'm not his biological child.
For as much as she bitches about the financial situation, she'll never leave him and she knows damn well why.

Lastly, no rich boy is gonna fuck with me.
It was a great point some anons brought up in the vent thread: Those rich boys are gonna marry within their social class because even they have mommies who are also telling them the same shit about not marrying down. And I'm not bombshell hot enough to be a trophy wife, so I can't screw my way into a hoity-toity living situation either. Not that I'd want to without being actually attracted and in love to begin with.

I have a mind to call her out on every single thing I've just typed out. Yet because she's a loud-mouthed, stubborn blowhard she'll just talk over and argue against me until she smugly stonewalls me. She's never gonna respect my beliefs. She'll believe she's right no matter what, and the second she gets wind of any kind of strife related to finances (as if it doesn't happen in every relationship), it will only serve as affirmation to her confirmation bias that she's a smart old bitch and I'm just a foolish widdle girl.

I. will. not. win. this,
I'm so angry.

No. 322884

Tell her to stop hounding you or you won't spend time with her anymore.

No. 322891

I really, really wish the obviously underage people sperging about cosplayers face taping being racist on /snow/ would be banned for life. You could fault someone for being a toxic, manipulative and lying cancer lump on the community but face taping is the bit that gets attention. Literally achieving slimmer face and thinner eyes for a more anime look is genocide now? Please fuck right off.

No. 322916

The worst bit of this: She is so out of touch with how men are these days. It sounds like your stepdad is one of the better men.

Most women are either splitting or completely supporting the man. Rich men even still want the woman's money, house, time. The idea of being a trophy wife is so unattainable in 2018.

Never mind dating itself, which is full of timewasters and fuckboys.
If you find a kind man you like, go for him. Money matters are irrelevant. Just try not to get into a position where you support him. The issue is opposite to what your mom keeps talking about.

No. 322945

If you're talking about Knite, she obviously tapes her eyes to appear slimmer. Momokun does the same thing. Don't tape your face to give yourself asian features if you aren't asian–doesn't matter if you're a cosplayer or not.

No. 322950

>"Don't rely financially on a man,"
>"He probably has money."
Is your mom…okay? She sounds like a narc.

Tell her Gordon Ramsay is a fucking millionaire with his spoon and apron. Just ignore anything your mom says and get away from her for a while if you can because not only does she have no idea what she's talking about, but she's fucking rude and doesn't have your best interests in mind. My mom says the same thing to me all the time to find a rich man but my mom is without a doubt, 100% abusive and a greedy bitch. I'd much rather have a mom who tells me she'll support me and whoever I happen to fall in love with if it's right, rich or poor.

No. 322962

> hi, i'm a 40 year old white nerd and today I'll tell you all about how authors of a cartoon marketed toward pre-teen girls are complete trash compared Kubrick.

No. 322964

Thanks I prefer free college, 25 days paid vacation, 1 full year of paid maternity leave.

No. 322969

> So you literally just walk away
I can't the dog follows me. And dog owners constantly illegally walk their dogs without a leash.

Besides, even if I manage to escape the situation, it doesn't change the fact that I was harassed and that I have to make concessions because of dogs some other people bought. They are quite literally reducing my freedom with their choices.

Also saying that you can walk away is like saying to someone who complains about being groped in a nightclub, "well you can always stay home".

No. 323020

Please leave

No. 323097

Kek thought it was just me

No. 323102

>comparing a dog touching you to being harassed and groped
jesus fucking christ

No. 323116

It the same in that you can prevent both things by subverting your life in order to deal with other people's bullshit. Just because it's not the same level of problematic, doesn't mean that the things are not in essence the same. In both cases people inflict harassment on me. It's not the same level but it's the same kind of thing. And yes, loose dogs are a form of harassment.

No. 323129

Where the fuck are you living where you are constantly harassed by dogs and their owners demanding you to pet them? (side note - they probably think that you want to but you are too shy to ask OR they are trying to comfort YOU in a really misguided way - 'pet it so you will see it does not bite and there is no reason for you to be afraid').
Here it does not happen at all, dog owners are minding their own business and probably don't want some random people befriending their dogs, for the pets safety. After all, it's easier to steal a dog, or break into a house if a dog trusts every idiot willing to pet them. I would love to pet some dogs but I would have to ask the owner and I do not do it as I know it might be harmful to the dog.
Is the 'obnoxious dog owner' some amerifat meme or what???

No. 323135

>anons taking the bait of that psychotic anti dog-chan who derails every single thread in /ot/ sperging out about how much she hates dogs and how the world has her on a violent witch hunt for not liking dogs instead of just ignoring her autistic screeching
THIS is the thing that annoys me

No. 323147

seeing as there are so many posts in the (hidden by me, yes) anti-dog thread I assumed that there is more than one person that hates dogs…
It seemed like a lot of anons were arguing that ~they are forced to love dogs outside of save haven of lolcow dot com~.
Though tbh now that you mention it I am not sure why they are sperging here and not in their containment thread.

No. 323149

you can scapegoat one imaginary anon all you want, but the truth is there are a lot of anons who don't like dogs on here. and let's not forget all the derailing itt started when an exceptionally retarded dogfag got triggered by this post >>322018, which didn't mention dogs at all.

No. 323162

Someone created a dog love thread for dog people and the thread was clogged with psychotic screeching about how the thread is made just to piss off anti-dog people and to pressure them into liking dogs/shame them for not liking dogs/whatever. It's just better to ignore that crazy sperg. There most likely is more than one anon who doesn't like dogs, yes, but there's some really unhinged anon who tries to derail literally every thread periodically with their obsessive dog hate. They even posted about hating seeing-eye/helper dogs, there's simply no point in taking their bait.

No. 323182

File: 1541880131709.jpg (23.85 KB, 632x272, jxhrl5sq7gx11.jpg)

>Someone created a dog love thread for dog people and the thread was clogged with psychotic screeching
You mean the same thread in which you had a good laugh about one of your precious puppers killing a cat?

Trust me anon, there are many of us who absolutely hate dogs. I'm sure there are some you know personally who hate (your) furbabies as well.
But go on, keep trying to convince yourself that nobody could ever not like them…

No. 323343

I can't really say that because after I split with my ex I moved my shit into their guest bedroom because I'm not in a position to afford living by myself. I try to make myself scarce as much as possible. I stay weekdays at my friends/the new guy's place for work so I don't have to commute as far away. Number one, to not wear out my welcome. Number two, so I won't have to be around her as much as humanly possible.
I care about her but I know she treats me toxic-like. The things she says and admits to are so hurtful, but she'll never change.

She's extremely out of touch, and I don't get the impression that she's ever had a clue about men.
She simply got lucky running into my stepdad, although she says horrible and critical things about him to me a lot.
I wish she wouldn't.
I wish she could just be happy for the comfortable life she's carved out for herself in older age. But nah.

Just to give a brief outline of her previous marriages (bear in mind she only confessed these disturbing details to me within the past couple years):
>1st marriage
She was 21 and she married one of her college professors, an opera director who was 39. She claims he was in complete financial control. She was married 7 years before she was confronted by one of his mistresses and was told he was cheating on her. Apparently, he divorced her after admitting it.
>2nd marriage
To my biological father when she was around 30. Their marriage lasted a solid 2 years before his serial cheating and him beating her forced her hand to divorce him. I'm especially bitter she kept his physical abuse a secret because I was forced to see this man throughout my childhood where he would routinely neglect me. If the courts knew, if I knew, I might not have had to endure this heartbreak.

Maybe my mom is just projecting and is worried I'll make the same shit decisions. I'm not sure, but it's very hard for me to take any romantic advice she has seriously. She even confessed last week that she feels she might be bipolar. I didn't want to hear it. What child of a mentally fucked parent wouldn't be angry that they didn't get help if they suspected they had a problem…

She IS a major narc. I've posted certain situations in r/raisedbynarcissists a few years ago and many people confirmed.
None of my exes have ever liked my mother because of how critical and how obsessed with status and appearances she is (hence the rich man lectures all the time and being blown away by superficial appearances like scrubs or a suit lmao). You can either believe every single man I've ever dated was a monstrous manbaby like my recent ex, or that maybe my mom is the root of the problem sometimes.
Shit, I've barely begun figuring out what I want and who I am because my entire identity up until my mid-20s was based around her expectations of me. Bringing home a guy is like going into a job interview; I know 9 times out of 10 my mom will say she won't like who I'm into and to not get cozy because "There's better out there." Yeah, who though! And of course it always feels like a high key insult to me, because ha-ha, once again I picked a shitty guy because I have such shitty taste and don't know how to play in my own shitty life~

I haven't brought home "spoon and apron" man yet, because I know she won't like him. The second he tells her he doesn't have a college degree and has a beater car she'll immediately dismiss my seriousness and bring up how I should ditch him every time. Which echoes what she says about my current stepdad, because whenever he fucks up in her eyes she prattles about "trading him in for a new model."

The worst in this is, nobody sees this shit about my mom. Well, except for my exes I guess.
To most people my mom is a polite, well-meaning lady with a work ethic who–at worst–is a bit opinionated.

Can anyone tell me what it's like to have a mother who's got healthy emotions and personality? I want to know what it's like.

No. 323349

Please keep your garbage in your thread thanks

No. 323355

They're not living anywhere where that happens frequently. They're just blowing shit out of proportion to justify their gross, sadistic tendencies toward dogs.
Dog haters are mentally ill, defective humans. That's why I don't even bother engaging with them. They can't be convinced to see sense, they're just hateful and sick.
Normal people don't spend inordinate amounts of time complaining about domestic animals they don't like. They just ignore them, and maybe have the occasional irritated rant if the animal accosts them or they have to babysit it. Dog hate anons on Lolcow? They obsess over them to the point that they need a containment thread. It's insane.

No. 323360

why don't you practice what you preach and go cry about ~dog haters~ in your thread?

No. 323366

How about both sides go cry I. Their respective containment threads instead of rekindling an argument that was boring and petty the first time around?

No. 323488

Girls calling themselves petite despite being a completely normal weight are so annoying. Fitting into a size small doesn't mean you're skinny, you're just short. After hitting a certain age being short no longer makes you look like a child or very young either, it just means you're a very short adult woman.
Being fat and therefore having a round face also doesn't make you look youthful, so stop bragging.
And those two things often seem to go hand in hand: I know so many short and overweight women who can't stop talking about how cute and childlike everybody (supposedly…) calls them.

No. 323491

Idk why people brag about being petite when it’s shitty anyway. Nothing fits, people freely comment,everyone is stronger than you even with strength exercise, can’t reach your own cupboards, gyno says might need a ceasarean because being the size of an 11 year old means you can’t carry well.

Someone thinking you’re cute and childlike is hardly a prize. Why do people wanna be small?

No. 323496

it's sadistic to just talk about disliking dogs? lmao wtf is wrong with you

No. 323498

Haha, agreed, anon. On that note, very obese women who calls themselves thicc are absolutely delusional.

No. 323500

I hate when people try to claim I’m not a real woman because I’m thin and have small tits. Despite the fact I’ve given birth and have periods, I don’t know how much woman I need to be. Just because I don’t have huge tits and a big ass doesn’t mean I’m a man or a child.

No. 323503

who the fuck even says stuff like that to someone? sounds like someone just being a dick and looking for anything possible to insult.

No. 323505

Why do you care so much, serious question?

Whenever I see farmers complaining about other people "bragging" it just reeks insecurity tbh.

No. 323514

Dont even bother to give anyone who says that bullshit the time of the day. Legit all you have to do to be a 'real' woman is be born a woman and have xx chromosomes. that's it.

No. 323515

People who squeeze politics into everything are annoying as fuck. I know someone who can't stay one second without screeching something about communism or anything like this and probably sympathizes with nazism. Fucking gross.

No. 323517

The funniest ones are those who compare politics with books or cartoons tbh

No. 323520

Because I'm tired of short women being smug in front of me about fitting into smaller sizes than I do, just because I happen to be tall - meanwhile they're fat and I'm not. That's nothing they should be proud of.
Also, women in their 20s and 30s (who also look their age) going on and on about how everybody thinks they're a child but then they act shocked when people guess their age correctly.

No. 323525

I hate to say this but short women usually are annoying as fuck with their constant smol bean bragging. I notice this behavior is even worse in gamer girls and weeaboos.

No. 323534

ive noticed its never the healthy weight short women saying shit like this either, its always some insecure obese girl who thinks that her being short automatically makes her more uwu feminine than everyone else

No. 323539

What a weird jab at short obese girls because they def don't call themselves petite lmao.

Go check out the Sh0e thread on snow and get a load of the type of broad who actually does this.

No. 323543

ive only ever seen short obese girls pull this shit irl

No. 323552

Just lurk a bit more on lc and you'll see a lot of them.

No. 323555

Literally who?

No. 323572

I find it annoying how no one can give me legitimate reasons why being trans racial is less legitimate than being transgender and I hate how people go after whites for wanting to look more asian or black

No. 323584

Nobody can give a legit reason why anyone should take it seriously, and they’re the ones who have the burden of proof.
Nobody has to disprove the existence of magic to recognise its silly to carry a wand around.

No. 323587

No one can give proof that being trans gender is real either but everyone blindly believes that

No. 323593

>I hate how people go after whites for wanting to look more asian or black

No. 323594

Preaching to the terf choir my friend.

No. 323608

i hate youtubers who whine about being broke. like wow i can't believe dropping out of college to be internet famous didn't work out… boo hoo

No. 323620

Agreed. I also hate how they bitch about being "silenced" or "deplatformed" for making edgy content when in reality they aren't, they just aren't getting paid to do it anymore.

No. 323722

The anons in the Momokun thread and any thread that Japan comes up annoy me so much. They act as if Japan is some super strict country that once you step foot in one wrong move will have you shunned. You can't say anything either because automatically you're a weeb as well as derailing
But like Japan doesn't accept cards? Akihabara of all places? Come on. Akihabara is a goddamn tourist trap now and most main shops allow cards.
No one gives a shit what foreigners do unless you're physically harming someone. Even then most people will try to ignore and not get involved if they can. The most that'll happen to Momokun is she'll be stared at for being obnoxious and MAYBE maybe some grumpy old person will yell at her.
Other than that, anons expecting some huge blowup every 5 posts are just annoying and overly optimistic.

No. 323863

Could you name the things that annoy you about a person, what they talk/do?

I don't really have anybody that likes me. I tried going out of my way and being overly nice, but I'm too shy to do that. So I thought knowing what to avoid doing or saying might make me less unlikeable. I don't talk a lot, so I guess my actions and the rare things I say somehow must be off-putting.

No. 323895

This comes up in all of the Japan/Korea threads. Theres always anons who go on about life/rules in this country and its always the same random shit that gets posted on every travel website and what every vlogger posted vids about 10 years ago.

No. 323914

i mean sure moo's going to be annoying, but fucking logan paul was there. he had to film literal dead people to get backlash. of course moo will be harshly judged on the inside, and people will talk shit about her to friends and loved ones later, but that's probably it. she's a tourist with money, which is a huge part of japan's income.

plus japan is strict on the locals, not so much foreigners, who they've come to expect this level of stupidity from.

No. 323955

As an anon with AVPD, not being engaging and not putting yourself out there is what might make people dislike you - not starting conversation on your own and showing interest in others might make you seem boring and/ or stuck up to others.
TBH I am aware of that but dunno how to change, so please don't feel attacked by me, I am a huge fuckup myself.

No. 323967

Yeah seriously, they think everyone will point and stare at the "fat gaijin" there and Momo will constantly make a fool of herself just by being there. In reality everyone will mind their own business and pay no mind to her, it's not like they don't see white tourists daily there. Jesus christ.

As for the card/cash thing, you're absolutely able to pay with a credit card in multiple places in Tokyo, especially Akihabara, Shibuya and Harajuku which are the worst tourist traps in the city and the places she will most likely visit. I don't know why anons are being so fucking spergy about it. Japan isn't some mystical eastern country with North Korean tier rules, they're always extremely understanding of foreigners not knowing the customs. I doubt she'll go into Logan Paul mode anyway, she's a pussy IRL.

No. 324036

I guess I should engage more, but on the other hand I also strongly feel like I annoy others. I just don't know why or how.

No. 324045

If you're talking about anons then you can't "see" it because we can't actually each other. I could be pretending to be someone I'm not very easily because I can't prove anything but I don't have to. If you see someone here saying they're skinny or they're fat you can't even know if that's true in the first place so who gives a shit.

No. 324048

True shit here. I’m tall and short women hated me at my last job a lot. The one short girl couldn’t believe we had the same shoe size and my hands were a bit smaller. Kek.

No. 324082

The tall women here who keep complaining about short girls in nearly every thread always sound super insecure and jealous. Short girls don't "brag" about how small they are, people can already see it lmao and it's not their fault that you're so insecure you take anything they say as bragging. I've only ever seen tall women and men being obsessed with short girls and nonstop talking about how small they are. Get over yourselves.

No. 324095

i'm 175cm but it kind of sounds to me like you just have weird tiny hands. tiny hands are gross and stubby.

No. 324097


Nta, but are you new to life or something? A looooot of short woman brag at how smol uwu they are. Shoe, that Mikan bitch that's friends with Venus, that girl that used to shoop herself when she was an Asian girl, weebs in general, but it isn't limited to them

No. 324102

My husband's friend's girlfriend always brings about her height every time I see her. She's about 5'3 (and ~165lbs) and I am 5'7. She will always make comments like 'I'm such a midget haha.' 'I have to wear high heels to look normal' 'You probably couldn't see me if I stood behind you' 'I look like a child next to you' etc etc. How am I meant to even respond to that? I don't care. And she's not even petite, she is out of shape and looks pregnant due to her fat placement.

No. 324103

Most small women and men I know, have napoleon complex.

No. 324109

That is some weird ass bragging, those are things I smugly think to myself about short women while being grateful for my height.

No. 324116

Yeah it does come off like bragging and not insecurity because of the smugness in her voice when she makes comments. She's a very socially aggressive person and will brag about other shit all the time like how she's so educated for having a business degree and (knowing I didn't complete my degree) said a man had to be a pedophile in order to find a woman without a university qualification attractive.

No. 324123

She sounds like a toxic friend (of a friend)

Also irony in bragging about how "childlike" she is then implying that tall anon is a child for not having a degree
Which is it, Becky?

No. 324140

Haha yeah, her arguments are just kind of incoherent. Despite how much she apparently values women having a tertiary education, she also calls herself an 'anti-feminist' so I don't know if all her reasoning at this point is just her 'coping' and trying to find a way to make herself look the best in every situation. I agree she is toxic though, and I make an effort to avoid her but her boyfriend is a close friend of my husband's so I haven't been able to just cut her off completely without likely jeopardizing my husband's friendship. She really has a tight leash around her boyfriend and doesn't like him seeing anyone without her present.

No. 324158

I've met 3 people in the past year with this personality and I hate it.
Every time you mention ANYTHING, they find a way to say "Omg I'm so into that! I know all about it!" or pretend they've been doing it for years.

Casually mention in friend group how I want to go hiking soon
"omg i would go hiking every day the past 9 years from my woodland house barefoot it was amazing"

Someone mentioning a hobby they've undertaken recently,
"ive been doing that for like 7 years its so fun omg i know all about it"

Mention something extremely fucking vague, like studying Gaelic in free time,
"thats crazy ive been studying it too!!!"
bonus points won by quizzing on simple vocab and them not being able to answer anything and saying they're learning soooo many languages at once they get them mixed up ~uwu~

Just make a fucking personality that isn't cobbled together from bullshit you have no idea about and bits from nerd culture. It's fine to say you don't know about something but want to learn. Just fucking stop being an annoying parasite that makes it all about them at every fucking turn.

No. 324161


Short women never stfu about how being short is a “curse” but if they could magically trade places with a tall bitch they never would. They love being uwu petite.

On that note, even if you’re 5 foot tall, if you’re fat I just can’t see you as ”smoll” or tiny.

.t 5’4” average bitch

No. 324162

Sometimes i wish I could make every smol bean who humble brags about being short wake up one day 6’1 and I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see their reaction

No. 324166

What the hell even qualifies as average or tall?
I'd say you're on the short side. I'm 5'3 and nobody thinks I'm the average height.

Average to me is 5'6. When other women bitch about being tall I presume they're 5'11 or taller. You know, heights where it actually becomes problematic. Likewise, I assume when adults bitch about being short they're bordering 5' or less, when shit actually starts to become a problem.

No. 324167

Do you think ugly people don't fuck? Because I may have some bad news.
Also, beauty is subjective, they obviously don't mean that everyone finds them ugly but that they're objectively ugly. I'm attracted to some objectively ugly men but they're obviously not ugly to me.

No. 324169

I’m 5’6 and even I get treated like a giant beast woman by shorties.

No. 324173

File: 1542077882577.gif (1.73 MB, 500x250, tumblr_nrrglrT0CX1rk4nywo1_500…)

Kek sorry anon, obv that's an average height and they may be snorting some heavy bean dust to think that's tall.

No. 324193

Depends on where you live. 5ft4in is average in the US.

No. 324198

Plz I just want to reach my cupboards, do it.

No. 324211

Why do tall girls complain so much about small girls?

No. 324213

because a lot of short girls are annoying as fuck.

>inb4 t. string bean

I'm 5'3"

No. 324214

If you were a tall girl who has been around short shoeonhead/gamer girl weeb types then you would understand our pain and annoyance

No. 324220

I just moved into a new complex and my next door neighbours dogs bark nonstop. The last 3 hours one of them has barked every 4-10 seconds (I started counting). Apparently my building manager is going to make them get rid of the dogs soon, thank god. I work from home and it's so fucking disruptive.

No. 324233

Nah they’re fine hands. She just had large hands for a small girl. Makes sense mine would be a bit smaller. Also I’m 175 too

No. 324253

not really, in my experience. it's average sized women larping as short women who do this

but none of those women are actually short. it's literally A-L-W-A-Y-S average sized girls pretending to be short.

No. 324256

They might be short, but they're certainly not small in weight. That's what they don't get and what's so annoying about it: just being short alone doesn't make you a petite fairylike loli, your weight also matters. Women who're really short and skinny know that it sucks and don't bring it up constantly. Those stumpy, average or even overweight short women try to make up for their lack of a nice figure by overplaying the uwu so cute and sm0l thing.
Even a chubby short women might fit into a size extra small, but that doesn't mean she's petite. Yet somehow many seem to be proud of that or consider it bragworthy.

It's they same when they bring up their "shockingly low" weight: omg I weigh less than 50kg hehe - but in reality that's completely fine and average since you're just 150cm…

No. 324261

That's true but I rarely even see all these uwu lolis even being short. They're typically like 5'4 and for whatever reason think they're sooo tiny

No. 324268

My own self annoys the fuck out of me

No. 324274


I FEEL YOU. My neighbors in my apartment complex have had a dog for 3 months. That motherbarker goes at it 10 hours a damn day while they are at work. I live with my dad and asked him what to do, and he said “well, anon, it’s just a puppy. It’ll grow up.” Naw. That dog is lonely. Still doing the same shit from 8 AM to 6 PM just maybe 10 mins every hour instead of 10 straight hours until it’s too hoarse to bark. Drives me insane. It even does it on WEEKENDS.

Apartment people: get a damn cat

No. 324275

My annoyance? When I’m trying to relax and read or draw and my bladder needs to piss. Fuck off

No. 324276

At the very least hire someone to walk your fucking dog during the day.

No. 324279


Same experience here. All the actually petite women I know don't bring it up and don't care about it. It's the women who are like 5'5" and overweight who constantly brag about being uwu petite smol fairies.

No. 324293

It's rather dumb than annoying or both lol, but when people just start a relationship and go live together. You haven't always met the love of your life in 6 years of relationship, let alone 3 months to go live together specially when you're both around 18 or 19 and only one pays all the bills or even bother in having a job, kek.

No. 324433

Yeah the ones that go uwu im so smool teehee are the shoeonhead types that are between average and a bit above height and they are insecure about being a bit taller because of their own shitty standars. I'm short as shit and man do i wish i was taller, clothes look like shit lmao. Don't lump as all dwarves into this uwu bullcrap

No. 324441

People who can't contain their anger and get annoyed or even triggered easily over the smallest things. It ends up that I'm the one who have to contain my anger towards them.

No. 324444

No. 324445

In my opinion that's abusive to the dog… they should at the very least be coming home at lunch. And if it's a puppy it should be let outside every 2ish hours. Like >>324276 said there's no excuse, so many apps now like wag and rover where they can come and walk your dog for you. God it fucking annoys me when people get dogs but don't take good care of them and think they can leave them alone for hours and hours like cats. My dog is almost 2 and I still feel bad leaving her alone for more than a couple hours lol

No. 324519

File: 1542140793582.png (440.62 KB, 800x600, timetoendit.png)

I'm a total womanlet and that'd be a dream tbh. As a little girl I always wanted to be tall but I got fucked by genetics. I genuinely feel like I look deformed some days because I'm so short.

No. 324536

I hate my new coworker

She's a 60 year old woman who acts intoxicated all the time, has a vast knowledge of pills, is a wet rag and doesn't own up to mistakes.
The most annoying thing is that she asks questions for shit she should know already (has worked this position for 40 years) and gets nitpicky whenever someone more successful at said job does it.

I, and some other coworkers, told the manager of our department about her recent shenanigans. Ever since, she's been complaining that our small work room is full of "drama" and people are "bitching about her" for shit she does out of spite. She pries into people's business as well. She stared at me for 5 hours, during two of our work days together, and refused to help us other coworkers because I ruined her day.

I never ask her questions because she doesn't know shit about her job. When IT came to fix my problem the other day she walked infront of the IT dude. I straight up told her to leave it to him because he is doing his job. That she "is not helping". She got mad. I could care less as I have 0 patience for this woman. Same woman doesn't even know how to minimize a screen. I don't get it.

No. 325441

yea seriously… The only short women I've seen bragging about being smol were either tumblrfags and short anachans.

Otherwise, short women don't care or make depreciating humor or in most cases compliment tall women "I wish i was tall like you" but genuine compliments, not passive aggressive jeaous shit.

No. 325442


My best friend is about 5'1" or something and she never brings up how short he is because everyone brings it up before she can open her mouth. I've seen her rolling her eyes before when yet another man says some cringy shit about how she's sOoOoOoO tiny.

No. 325495

God I hate when people ramble on about dreams they've had, it's boring as fuck to listen and how the hell am I even supposed to react to that nonsense? I don't mind if it's like just one sentence and something amusing but I just want to punch everyone that tells them like they're 300 page epic fantasy tales

No. 325823

i'd be so fucking hot if this happened, please let it happen

No. 325947

just say "everybody"

No. 325949

litcherally just say "everyone"
"hey everyone"
not that hard?

No. 325953

I disagree, I love hearing about other people's dreams. I'm into psychoanalysis in general so i guess it makes sens though

No. 326012

I fucking hate it when people think you are jealous of someone if you hate on them. Same goes for cunts that defend celebrities you dislike with the comeback 'well she/he is more famous andvrelevant than you'll ever be!'
Got into a full blown argument about Danielle Bregoli the other day. Got retorts like 'she's got more followers' or 'you only hate her because it's popular to'

No you fucking dimwit, I hate her because she looks like a rat with a too tight ponytail, who got famous for being a cunt and her music is trash.
It's even worse with celebs like Ariana because everyone just argues that you are just jelly, even though I have no urge to look like a baby prostitute reject bratz doll.

No. 326627

File: 1542494689080.jpg (22.09 KB, 200x229, 1541527709045.jpg)

When my dad says ready to rock and roll every time we're about to do something

People who are deaf af and need you to repeat things to them like 4 times at 500 decibels

Loud eaters and people who walk too slow on the street but won't get out the way

Manspreading. Yeah I know this is a generic one but your ballsack isn't massive enough to warrant spreading your legs like you're giving birth fuck off

No. 326632

>When my dad says ready to rock and roll every time we're about to do something

No. 326634

Calling everyone and everything ''unfortunate''. Just say it, U-G-L-Y. She looks UGLY.

No. 326636

Is your dad Dante from Devil may cry?

No. 326640

Recently my friend group has added a new edition while I was away at my internship. It wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that they are all into fashion, makeup and just overall how they appear to the world and she is the opposite in everyway.

Yesterday we were all going to a party, and nobody told this pour girl to dress up. Since they all gathered at my house I offered to do her makeup and even through she was too big for most of my clothes, I could at least acessorize her a bit and let her borrow some heels. One of the girls I'm not really close to in the group told me not to, when I responded why she simply said.

"She makes us look better". I really hate when average or below average girls try to get someone to look worse them then, like it only makes you look better by so much.Why is it even a fucking thing

No. 326641

Recently my friend group has added a new edition while I was away at my internship. It wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that they are all into fashion, makeup and just overall how they appear to the world and she is the opposite in everyway.

Yesterday we were all going to a party, and nobody told this pour girl to dress up. Since they all gathered at my house I offered to do her makeup and even through she was too big for most of my clothes, I could at least acessorize her a bit and let her borrow some heels. One of the girls I'm not really close to in the group told me not to, when I responded why she simply said.

"She makes us look better". I really hate when average or below average girls try to get someone to look worse them then, like it only makes you look better by so much.Why is it even a fucking thing

No. 326643

File: 1542495722530.jpg (43.7 KB, 400x553, 3c64b4081f011e3d3b306bf3f8b684…)

Recently my friend group has added a new edition while I was away at my internship. It wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that they are all into fashion, makeup and just overall how they appear to the world and she is the opposite in everyway.

Yesterday we were all going to a party, and nobody told this pour girl to dress up. Since they all gathered at my house I offered to do her makeup and even through she was too big for most of my clothes, I could at least acessorize her a bit and let her borrow some heels. One of the girls I'm not really close to in the group told me not to, when I responded why she simply said.

"She makes us look better". I really hate when average or below average girls try to get someone to look worse them then, like it only makes you look better by so much.Why is it even a fucking thing

No. 326644

File: 1542495737677.png (49.34 KB, 528x440, 1446904889561.png)

Man, I wish

No. 326645

My friend group I'm in due to my bestfriend liking them added a new girl while I was interning aboard.

Yesterday we were all getting ready at my house and nobody told this poor girl to dress up. I felt bad so I started doing her makeup at let her borrow my accessories since she doesn't fit into my clothes. A girl stops me because "she is suppose to make us look good"

Why do below average or average girls always do this shit. Like having an "ugly" person stand next to you will only make you look so good.

No. 326646

This, especially when they try really hard to engage you. Honestly makes me jealous because clearly no one ever told them ''I don't care''

No. 326647

>When my dad says ready to rock and roll every time we're about to do something
I'm sorry but that sounds hilarious.

To add one of my own: people who don't know how to use a fucking escalator/stairs/sidewalk. If you want to walk slow as fuck or stand on the escalator that's great, but stay to one side so people can pass, if you're in a group stand behind each other, you can still talk. It's not hard.

No. 326656

File: 1542497267069.gif (164.7 KB, 398x400, jesus-glitter-graphics-jesus-3…)

>When my dad says ready to rock and roll every time we're about to do something

I laughed out loud oh my god anon that is so cute, the Jack Frost image makes it even better
My dad recently learned how to send gifs and now he sends them all the time, he sent me a sparkly Jesus christ gif last night at 3am with no context. He has also started saying "YAAASS".

No. 326658

that's horrible. please tell her or something. she needs to get away from this friend group and so do you. these people sound so mean…

No. 326661

Aww that made me chuckle irl.
Nice aesthetics anon dad.

No. 326689

All the sperging in the redraw thread is driving me up a wall. Nobody cares that you don't like the redraw, shut the fuck up unless there's a glaring issue (fucked up hands/feet etc) like I'm not even an artist and the amount of autism in that thread from the like, 2 people sperging all over the place makes me want to fucking shoot myself

No. 326691

n..not an artist? Excuse me but how dare you go to that thread?

No. 326693

because clearly if you don't draw professionally you are legally disallowed from viewing redraws /s

(dont worry ik you're joking)

No. 326699

right? and i don't think many of the people that post are saying "wow, my art is SO much better". if there's a glaring flaw in the original art, they can fix that but still have other minor issues that don't make the piece look great. the purpose is to fix certain flaws, not to say "my art is a million times better", right?

No. 326703

ntayrt, but yeah. I've posted there and its not "wow im so much better" so much as "i tried to fix the issues i saw with this" and they sperg out because you don't adhere to the original style/put more effort in/etc it's so dumb

No. 326757

every time someone replies "hi azealia!!!!" or accuses someone who calls her entertaining of being her in the celebrity thread I want to scream, it's so annoying

>inb4 "hi azealia!"

No. 326761

cool dude

No. 326763

same for every fucking thread in pt or snow.
anytime anyone says anything remotely positive, or calls out some stupid bullshit people are spouting someone replies "hi_____"

I get that this is a drama site.
but soo many threads you have to hate circlejerk or you're not welcome

No. 326768

i thought it was bannanble but i can't find that rule, maybe that was just in one thread

No. 326795

>t. those two butthurt drawfags who got their drawing laughed at
At least try to be less transparent with this salt

No. 326898

Genuinely curious, what kind of reaction did you expect? If you fix one issue and create another it's not really an improvement, and just comes across as you overestimating your skill level. Make an art general or actual crit thread if you don't want to get nitpicked.

No. 326962

A guy I recently befriended does this sing-songy "pa-pa-ba-daaa!" noise every ten minutes and it makes me want to strangle him.

No. 326964

i've never posted any art in that thread, so no.

well, again, i've never posted art. i'm not so retarded that i need to see a piece improved upon by a million percent. if there's one glaring flaw and it's improved upon and there are one or two other minor flaws, i don't think it's complete shit. people can be good at one thing and improve it so it's still a net improvement, but still not be amazing artists. you guys are super black and white.

No. 326968

Late af but Y’ALL is literally just how southerners say you all with a country drawl I imagine its spread is because the internet and typing yall is shorter than you all. it’s neither new or some bullshit “inclusitivity” y’all think it is

No. 326977

I hate dog People and frankly all of american's attitude about dogs. It's socially acceptable to hate cats and children but if you hate dogs you might as well be a facist pedophile school shooter.
I find dogs cute just as much as they are cute. Doesn't mean I want to own one. No, I'm Not Allergic. Sure your dogs must be the most well trained well behaved cinnamon buns. Still doesn't mean I want your dog to fucking get in my personal space and home. No I don't want to pet sit your fucking angel of a dog. Your home fucking stinks, I can always tell that you own a dog. Get the fuck out of my cat-person face.
I don't even wanna get started on the whole "I'm not a vegan/vegetarian but eating dogs is somehow more morally wrong than eating other animals cuz dawgs r sho smert n lawyal" hypocritical high horse. Like literally domesticated dogs have not been contributing to the ecosystem or essential to human's survival in hundreds of years outside of validating your need for unconditional love and feeling of superiority but ok.

No. 326978

lmao this again
you have a whole thread for this shit

No. 326980

O really? Please redirect. Btw you don't have to engage with my rant otherwise.

No. 326982

Some threads are just so exhausting. I hide most of them because I can't deal with the constant nitpicking and infighting.

No. 326991

I will not search the fucking catalog for you.

No. 326997

K then I'll continue to rage here per the thread topic: dog ppl sux

No. 327000

imagine being this lazy and entitled

No. 327035

female wizardchans who refuse to realize they have reached that level.

No. 327043

and what makes a woman a female wizardchan?

No. 327044

please control yourself and redirect your mental illness to the designated containment thread.

No. 327050

oh look, it's the easily triggered dogfag who calls everyone who doesn't suck dog dick mentally ill

No. 327066

I'm never having kids, all men are pedophiles

No. 327071

No. 327072

the spells

No. 327085

ntayt but nobody would be getting triggered if you guys kept your shit where it belongs instead of letting it spill especially cause some newfag can't be bothered to search threads

No. 327088

Nta but who’s expected to know that there’s a dog hate thread?? Maybe they don’t use /ot/ often. People just see a bitching thread and come to bitch. Don’t interact with a post it’ll sooner get burried but you triggered dogfags always have to incite a sperg tho.

No. 327090

Every time I go to a cat-owning person's home, I end up leaving covered in cat hair. I like cats, but I'm mildly allergic so I don't go out of my way to pet or hold them, but without fail I somehow get their hairs on my clothes.

I think it would be nice of them to offer a lint roller to their guests.

No. 327093

Have you even read their post? They refused to use catalog even after being informed that there is a better place to talk shit about dogs. Stop defending this insufferable cunt just cause both of you have a hate boner for dogs. Or do you google things for morons too?

And sorry, but dogfags are really not the ones sperging on this website kek

No. 327117

File: 1542615797135.jpg (269.27 KB, 1080x1029, 20181104_005904.jpg)

People who have never worked a day of hospitality or retail in their fucking lives and think its alright to treat staff like shit. I swear the rudest people would have a fucking breakdown if they were forced to work a day and be treated how they treat others.

No. 327119

>And sorry, but dogfags are really not the ones sperging on this website kek
Nta but are you joking? You must be a dogfag if you can say that with a straight face. Wipe the peanut butter off your crotch and face the facts.

No. 327120

People who get rid of animals who love them and depend on them for no other reason than to get a new animal. So much ew.

No, I don't think it's "a funny story" that you abandoned your cockatoo with basically a total stranger and it's now stress-plucking it's feathers out just so you could adopt a former puppy mill bitch and pretend to be noble on Instagram/FB, Susan.

No. 327122

2bh that OP wasn't even hating on dogs. They were hating on insufferable dog people. There's a difference. Why is it socially acceptable to dislike any animal except for dogs though? I wonder…

No. 327125

File: 1542618766957.jpg (12.7 KB, 480x480, IMG_20180929_145404.jpg)

When anons make multiple posts on lc by accident, then don't delete the extra posts.

No. 327126

File: 1542619212435.png (640.05 KB, 945x574, mean girls.png)

Are your friends stereotypes from a 90/00s teen movie?

No. 327139

it's not really their fault though. they aren't "accidentally" triple posting, the site is busted and does it. i often post and then fuck off when it starts lagging out, which is when it winds up posting a bunch, and the delete timer is up before i come back to check.

No. 327246

Ew you’re so gross

No. 327250

Why the fuck is everyone on the site so fucking keen on being divided. All the pro and anti threads on /ot/ especially. Do we really need those? You can have opinions without being an extremist. What I hate most is anons who have that "with us or against us mentality about opinions. Not hating something, doesn't mean you love it and that's always the first place anons go when someone criticizes them. I swear most anons are just being contrarian on purpose at this point.

No. 327305

I agree. You can't say anything without people reeeeeeing and automatically lumping you as extreme if you have even a slight disagreement. Then having extreme views themselves.

Sorry for the autistic long vent but I found it annoying and I feel like it fits your example.

I offhanded mentioned some shit about tattoos related to a cow's post. I put my foot in my mouth I guess when I used a bunch of deadbeats I used to know as an example. All of a sudden there was crazies acting like I'd said everyone with tattoos is scum and calling me classist. I didn't wanna infight, but I was trying to explain there's a stigma about tattooed people being trashy because the cow in question had said that dudes prefer tattooed women. I said it's more of a niche. One anon actually agreed that yeah it is, hence the reason it's called 'alternative'.
Then the crazy person after that comment just went full mental.
I was called a conservative and a fascist and I'm definitely not any of those things.
Something else that annoyed me is like, I get my post could have come across as judgmental towards alternative types but

1- I was just trying to make a point about certain stereotypes of them and the stigma. I threw in some personal distaste for mouth piercings which came off rude, but I honestly am a pretty open minded person.

2- The thread, hell, the entire site is based around kind of poking fun at trainwrecks. Some of these cows come from or are in low socio-economic homes or broke and it's normally free game, but there are all these holier than thou anons on their high horses acting like I'm the tattoo nazi who apparently hates poor people.

Anyway yeah, I hate the extremist mentality here sometimes.

No. 327313

I'm so embarrassed to see my little sister who worked only a few days in retail before finding something else treat people working in retail like they're retarded. When I tell her to calm the fuck down she tells me that it's normal and they should be faster or less stupid like she knows what she's talking about. Meanwhile me and our older sister worked in retail for over a year with some of the worst customers we've seen in our entire life before finding another job and we never treat others like this. I don't know why she acts like she has a stick up her ass and she should be worshiped all the same in H&M and in Louis Vuitton.

No. 327316

Those are definitely the anons I'm talking about. It's like all of them are fine joining in on the shit talking until it hits too close to home then suddenly they become a pure saint and you are a literal nazi who wants everything they love to be destroyed.

No. 327328

Yeah exactly. Sometimes I feel like people forget what site they are actually on.

No. 327336

File: 1542653995353.jpg (37.57 KB, 700x500, fuW641L.jpg)

People who make "well-meaning" comments about self-love and self-acceptance under makeup videos and IG posts just sound annoying and condescending. What's the point in telling random IG girls who wear coloured contacts, contour the shit out of their features or change them in other exaggerated ways that "it's sooo sad they aren't happy with their natural features" and "they should love themselves and their natural face more"? If it makes them happy to change their features, it's rude in a roundabout way and preachy to tell them what they should or shouldn't do to their own faces.

The irony is that many people who preach this form of full self-acceptance wear noticeable makeup and dyed hair in their own pictures too, even though there's hardly any difference between some eyeshadow/eyeliner and putting on a pair of grey contacts. Why is the first one acceptable but the other one is criticized and considered as a lack of self-acceptance? They're just being hypocrites.

No. 327401

Adding to this, it's weird how some people will be chill with something with one cow and it's different for another. I have a theory it's because they see themselves in the cow and get defensive.
Another longwinded example sorry-

People (like everyone basically) always laugh at Shreg's shitty anime posters and used to tease his badly furnished manchild home, however once after pointing out that Raven's house was immaturely furnished for someone of her age,(stranger things posters, huge amounts of toys) I got replies like:
'you fussy loser'
'let people fucking furnish the place they want.'
'It's not better homes and gardens'

Like automatically they assume I am a judgemental suburban housewife with no scrap of nostalgic items anywhere in my house. I wasn't hating on people for having childish/nostalgic/pop culture themes in their houses, I have a few things like that around my own house, it was more about someone her age, jobless and married to a child still buying figurines and posters and shit when she literally doesn't have the money for it.

Like sure, be 40 years old and have an anime/whatever fandom themed house, good for you, but I wouldn't be criticising a person like that if they were nice or paid for their own lifestyle. If you are an adult and wanna be eccentric, if you work for your lifestyle and don't act snowflakey when it comes to your aesthetic, live however you want. I'm criticising the cows, and people get butthurt and think I'm generalising or talking about them when I am talking about people who value their aesthetics over being practical. I had to dye my hair back to a natural colour when I moved jobs (I did) and I know a girl who refuses to take any job because 3 workplaces so far have told her she can't have her facial piercings. This same girl complains about not being hired. Yet complaining about this behaviour triggers people.

I get being maybe pissed off about me if you think it's derailing, but report it or just say 'yo that's kind of offtopic' instead of just screeching that I'm insulting everyone's home decor/fashion choices in a playful bitchy comment meant to be directed at the cow.

Anyway, I'm sorry if this should have gone in the vent thread but it IS annoying so I wasn't sure. I'm going to stop sperging now though, sorry!

No. 327488

At restaurants where you order your food at a counter and then wait for them to call out your order (like Starbucks), there are those people who don't listen for their order and the food/drink just sits on the counter. Then the workers have to continue to call out the order because the person who ordered it isn't paying attention and won't come grab their food. You paid for it, so why are you not listening for them to tell you its ready? Do you not actually want the food? Why can't you just take out your earbuds for a couple minutes to listen for your order to be ready?

No. 327490

People walk away and get distracted looking at the shit around them, talking to people around them, or on their phones. It's fucking stupid and I don't understand it either. They're too relaxed instead of paying attention to the worker or either think they're better than the worker (old people) and continue to ignore them in favour of talking to the other customer standing next to them.

No. 327535

Some people just space out or are easily distracted. I agree it's annoying but it's not on purpose I guess. I work at a place like that and if no one answers after 2-3 times I'll just put it aside and try again a few minutes later. Their loss.

No. 327575

People who see you drawing something irl and they try to relate it to themselves like you made it for them or something. They ask if you want to give your drawing up for their fridge. They ask you 1000 questions on drawing something for them for free. You tell them you don't care but they still speed off with this notion that you do in fact care. Please FUCK off.

No. 327582

The "dommes" here are cringey as hell for the same reason that male doms are, and they always have to randomly interject with their fantasies in discussion, as if anyone was dying to hear about their weird fixation with control and power dynamics.

No. 327585

I have posted. I usually don't expect a reaction. Or if I do, I usually expect them to point out something I missed. Not just shit all over me and sperg out because I didn't stay close to the original style of the piece.

No. 327586

People love interrupting artists, unlike writers who are usually left alone.
The other day I was sitting in a public place and concentrating hard on painting from life there when this woman comes up and starts going "Oh I paint too but not that kinda thing ugh no only fun abstract btw let me randomly talk about what I did today" - she went on for quite a while after I stopped responding.

Reminder that artists need to concentrate to work and probably don't want to give their work for free to a stranger.

No. 327907

People who go on and on about how they get carded at bars and mistaken for being underaged are annoying as fuck. Every single person who has said this to me always looks their age or older, it’s like they’re trying to convince me it’s really bizarre.

No. 327920

This is seriously annoying. I’m okay with people complimenting my work or just asking questions about art or about my process but I draw the line at requests. People who ask me to draw them are the worst. I draw from life for practice not to please people.

No. 327934

Reddit humour. Every once in a while I try to browse one reddit but I swear every top comment on a post is some dad-joke/pun that’s upvoted like shit for no reason

No. 327937

omg, it's true. I dont understand that logic when the employees have to card or they can get fired or worse. Vain people are so dumb

No. 327940

Some places even have signs that say you get carded unless you're "40 or older". So congrats, you were carded because you don't look middle aged yet, not because you're so young and smol uwuwu

No. 327942

File: 1542770196464.jpeg (38.74 KB, 583x546, 68FA77F7-4676-4FBF-810D-70C7D8…)

Sometimes people will rub their hands or move their hands in a way that makes me irrationally angry. I don’t know why it triggers me so much.

Also when the person sitting behind you in class puts their feet in the book holder under you seat. Especially if they’re a chronic foot jiggler and it makes your ass feels like it’s vibrating the entire class period. I thought once I entered college I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore, but I was unfortunately wrong.

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