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File: 1710579341852.jpeg (475.6 KB, 751x660, IMG_8444.jpeg)

No. 1927240

Previous thread >>1914725

Miley Cyrus claims she wasn’t aware of the drama regarding her mother and sister both being romantically involved with an old male >>1914739 >>1914749
Arianna Grande displays thigh gap >>1914866
Blind item about mystery pervert actor >>1914987
Kristen Stewart wears bodysuit to her premiere >>1915026 >>1915028
Cillian Murphy in the running to play next James Bond >>1915032
Sydney Sweeney made “women fuck dogs” joke on snl >>1915445
Sydney Sweeney Hooters snl skit >>1915450
Drake Bell was sexually abused as a child by Nickelodeon predator >>1915370
Olivia Rodrigo performs on tour >>1915524 >>1916077
Lana Del Rey poses with Barry Keoghan >>1916140
Natalie Portman divorces her ugly husband >>1917115
AI hologram of Marilyn Monroe will interact with people using GPT 3.5 >>1917120
Cillian Murphy’s son is now an actor >>1917129
Kim Petras releases new music video >>1917266
Kristen Cavallari and Draya Michelle are dating younger men, which causes expired males and pickmes to seethe >>1917545
Ariana grande on SNL >>1917671
Sydney Sweeney on SNL >>1917754
John Boyega stars in Book of Eli prequel >>1917859 >>1917847
Madonna asks wheelchair-bound fan why they aren’t standing up at her concert >>1918732
Emma Roberts tells Bill Clinton’s armed guard to move out of her way >>1918853
Oscars 2024 >>1919610 >>1919658 >>1919690 >>1919695 >>1919697 >>1919698 >>1919700 >>1919702 >>1919703 >>1919705 >>1919739 >>1919750 >>1919889 >>1919942
>>1920216 >>1920281 >>1920336
>>1920427 >>1920457 >>1920460 >>1920461 >>1920462 >>1920463 >>1920465 >>1920464 >>1920686
Sun Qian wears hip pads >>1920241
Blind item about Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt >>1921219
Oscars blind items >>1921353 >>1921355 >>1921356 >>1921357
Kristen Stewart’s interesting fashion choices >>1922514 >>1925796
Roman Polanski faces civil trial for sexually assaulting a minor >>1923045
Sabrina Carpenter “swooned over” Cillian Murphy at the Oscars, said she would go home with him >>1923147
Marc Anthony has child with a woman 30+ years younger than him >>1924419
Dylan Mulvaney releases song >>1925045
James Marsdan and others show support for Hollywood pedophile >>1925230
Man arrested for masturbating at Kristen Stewart’s Love Lies Bleeding >>1925872
Cillian Murphy shows his dark side >>1925984
Pierce Brosnan fined for illegally entering hot spring >>1926311

No. 1927251

File: 1710580369966.jpg (100.63 KB, 939x1270, 1000003422.jpg)


No. 1927281

File: 1710584350936.jpeg (886.88 KB, 1029x1504, IMG_8449.jpeg)

Sydney Sweeney at the Immaculate premiere

No. 1927285

File: 1710584582383.jpeg (416.96 KB, 965x738, IMG_8450.jpeg)

>Drake Bell is putting Will Friedle and Rider Strong on blast for their prior defense of sex offender Brian Peck … slamming them for what he claims is a lack of an apology.

>The former Nickelodeon star – who recently came forward with sexual abuse allegations against his ex-dialogue coach – called out the "Boy Meets World" alums on Instagram Thursday as fans began suggesting Will and Rider were victims too in all this.

>While some defended that Will and Rider were manipulated by Brian into defending him –remember, they'd each written letters on Peck's behalf in his criminal case from 2004 – Drake wasn't ready to let them off the hook.

>As Drake put it … Will and Rider weren't minors at the time of the case. Apparently, the two TV stars were 27 and 24 when this all happened … and DB claims Brian even told them what he had done when he was enlisting their help.

>Drake also alleged Will never said a word about the letter he wrote for Brian when they worked together on the Disney XD show, "Ultimate Spider-Man," years later.

No. 1927287

File: 1710584723157.jpeg (936.07 KB, 1170x1060, IMG_7331.jpeg)

Last thread was full; Hollywood should be ashamed of themselves for remaking the crow with such a ugly lead character, the bar is literally in hell for casting such an ugly moid to replace Brandon Lee. Literally im so sick of seeing scrawny bloated men with no muscle mass looking like raw rotisserie chicken being passed off as sexy.

No. 1927288

Is she ok? Her eyes look a little funky,

No. 1927289

File: 1710585035190.jpeg (801.35 KB, 1023x1194, IMG_8455.jpeg)

>Geraldine Viswanathan Wants Less Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell Style Rom-Coms

>Geraldine Viswanathan is a big fan of romantic comedies — but she’d like to see more diverse casting in the genre.

>“I definitely have an appetite for rom-coms, and, you know, an appetite for watching people who don’t necessarily look like Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell falling in love,” Viswanathan, 28, said in an interview with The Independent published on Friday, March 15. “I want to revamp that and just see more diversity in these stories.”
>Viswanathan explained that despite progress being made in the industry for more inclusivity, there is still a disconnect.

No. 1927290

File: 1710585088325.jpeg (490.96 KB, 552x669, IMG_8454.jpeg)

This is Geraldine Viswanathan

No. 1927292

I actually think Bill Skarsgard is attractive but definitely not in this role, they made him look ridiculous. They should have cast an attractive metal head type guy instead

No. 1927293

they really think they can hire a guy with a pig noise and get away with it, sickening

No. 1927294

File: 1710585401281.jpeg (478.76 KB, 775x1278, IMG_8390.jpeg)

Kek he made that ugly face on stage too. I wonder if someone on his team told him to act like this to rebrand himself, now that he’s finally getting attention after 20+ years in the industry

No. 1927295

File: 1710585531444.gif (1.08 MB, 300x225, da50216b399692e769f0ea79154673…)

Stop posting this picture they keep calling my man ugly

No. 1927297

File: 1710585650912.gif (2.26 MB, 540x400, 1000003455.gif)

Mogged pennywise

No. 1927300

Unironically, yes. It didn't start until Oppenheimer. He got tired of being called an asshole for not being expressive and didn't like people saying he looked 'bored' so hes trying to show enthusiasm a little too hard. I think he could take it down a notch for sure but I mostly just think he's doing it because he was asked.

No. 1927301

while also praising piggy-boy, they have shit taste.

No. 1927304

File: 1710586069259.gif (9.22 MB, 907x500, 1000003457.gif)

What made his character so appealing was that he wasn't a bitchy little edgefag before, so you don't see him as some tryhard alt cunt.

No. 1927305

I think Bill Skarsgard is attractive but not as attractive as Brandon Lee, he’s just unique looking kek

No. 1927307

File: 1710586218507.jpeg (774.24 KB, 1034x1866, IMG_8391.jpeg)

He still looks like a bored asshole whenever he isn’t making that face

No. 1927308

He was so beautiful. No one will ever come close to his portrayal of Eric Draven.

No. 1927310

File: 1710586265881.gif (1.2 MB, 245x140, 1000003456.gif)

Brandon Lee was really sweet and personable as Eric Draven. The corpsepaint was not indicative or his role or character at all. I cannot imagine Bill Skarsgard being able to play such an admirable person with thar retarded mullet and stupid tattoos.

No. 1927312

That's just his face though, I'm not a stan but I think he's very talented and I imagine he didn't like being perceived as bored when he's working on projects with people he admires.

No. 1927319

Poor Micky kek but this still leaves the question who is the QI cannibal??

No. 1927322

File: 1710586802508.jpg (144.34 KB, 857x1390, 1000003458.jpg)

And these two made incredible villains, delightfully goth.

No. 1927325

The Haitian special

No. 1927329


Michael Wincott was so hot in this role too! Also, the new villains are boring af.(reddit spacing)

No. 1927331

She has bollywood for that

No. 1927332

So she means she wants more brown women with white men so she can self insert? Fuck off and go watch some Bollywood.

No. 1927333

>he’s just unique looking
he's disgusting a woman with his 'unique' features would never be allowed to have a career in hollywood

No. 1927337

What a repulsive little creature.

No. 1927354


Can we stop posting this ugly moid? We get it, he got your panties wet when you were fourteen. He looks like a gigachad.

No. 1927363

Ayrt… He reeked of cigarettes like a lot of actors and actresses do. To me as a non-smoker they’re all walking ashtrays but the worst by far have been Sean Penn and a rando nepo baby. Online Penn is pegged as a waking ashtray but dude is seriously 90% cigarette in real life, it’s insane.

No. 1927370

No one has posted him in an hour and the conversation is over anyways, get over it.

Ive always seen people talk about how James Marsden is snubbed even though he does great character work, now I see why he can only get roles where his costar is a greenscreen puppet.

No. 1927402

File: 1710593358114.jpeg (47.07 KB, 574x534, IMG_6528.jpeg)

Hey foids femanons haha. Can we totally stop posting this chiselled jawd goth Chad? I get it he totally got your panties wet when you were 14 (why does my mind always jump straight to underage girls as soon as anything sexual comes up?) and probably has a fat meaty cock but can we totally stop posting him now? It’s making me want to kill myself because I’m ugly as fuck and no woman will ever desire me sooo annoying haha.(scrotefoiling, infight bait)

No. 1927445

You’re both so annoying and dumb, a woman just talking about having a lack of roles due to racism is enough to make you start seething over her. Anyway, I hope she gets cast in more films, she’s extremely beautiful. I probably would have watched Anyone But You if she had been in it instead

No. 1927457

You mean, OUR man KEK. I agree anonn >>1927310
something about metal head dudes in corpse paint.

>>1927445 Girl theres plenty of roles for brown women like her, How many more recreations of films with a more diverse cast do you need ??? have you not seen what DC. marvel, and Disney have been pumping out the past 10 years? she shouldve auditioned for barbie, she couldve gotten it KEK

No. 1927470

You gotta understand nonnie, one has to be high to get convinced to wear something like that in public
fucking talk to me lookin' ass

No. 1927529

File: 1710604068336.png (366.39 KB, 634x423, IVPOhVn.png)

>Tessa Thompson seen at a Lakers game with Emma Watson's ex, Brandon Green, sparking romance rumors


No. 1927533

Omg time to give the original a rewatch

No. 1927536

File: 1710604666139.jpeg (867.41 KB, 1170x1569, IMG_0478.jpeg)

Cara Delevingne had an accidental house fire. Luckily the firefighters saved her cats, and she's okay.

No. 1927543

POC have been acting extremely entitled. America already puts them on a pedestal, and they want more.(racebaiting)

No. 1927556

>How many more recreations of films with a more diverse cast do you need
NTA but they're talking about romcoms. Using a black woman to create controversy and publicity is not the same thing.

No. 1927582

File: 1710606964130.jpg (154.79 KB, 615x655, fauxmoi(6).jpg)

From FauxMoi

My friend worked as a talent PA on The Oscars, and he overheard this tea from a producer:

Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence's team called the Oscar producers and specifically asked for Jen to introduce Emma Stone because they're "best friends"; the producers tentatively put her down for Emma.

Then, about an hour later, Emma's team called and asked if Jen could NOT introduce Emma, because Jen always turns things into "the Jen show."

Come Oscar night, Sally Field presents for Emma Stone, and Jen Lawrence inexplicably presents for Lily Gladstone despite them having no connection.

No. 1927591

These people really just don't want white people on TV anymore. It's not the 70s everything coming out now has diverse casting including the main characters. But then they're probably just jealous that diversity often equals black in hollywood. I can't imagine the headaches executive producers have these days trying to make everyone happy

Kek you're right deep down they just want a hot white dude in front and the white bitch to get out the way

It's never enough is it? Now we're acting like when poc do get roles it's only for controversy? America is exhausting

No. 1927596

If we're not allowed to have white people can we at least have hot people? So tired of shows picking dumpy boring poc like Simu Liu and Donald Glover(doubleposting racebait)

No. 1927607

>Emma's team called and asked if Jen could NOT introduce Emma, because Jen always turns things into "the Jen show."
I fucking believe it. Jennifer Lawrence has a penchant for making everything about her in some way. Glad Emma's team shot that down asap

No. 1927613

File: 1710608563767.jpeg (136.58 KB, 800x494, IMG_2699.jpeg)

Dalton Gomez's sister said Dalton did not cheat on Ariana in a Facebook post

No. 1927614

Comment not post. My bad

No. 1927623

I could believe the cheating rumors if it came from anyone else but coming from ariana, and the timing of it all feels like ariana's trying to pull a reverse-uno "no u" move since she did the same.

No. 1927626

Anyone else think it’s sinister that Nick made him act alongside someone with the same last name as his sexual abuser? I wouldn’t think anything about it if not for the McCurdy memoir and the parallels between her irl abusive mom and Sam’s abusive mom that almost seem like Nick making fun of her

No. 1927639

I hope every gay male reading this thread gets testicular torsion right in the middle of his discord grooming session(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1927686

Why not just mention who it is you’re talking about? Stupid bitch.(infighting)

No. 1927865

Bill does have muscle mass though, I thought his body looked pretty decent in the trailer

No. 1927868

Emma Stone has frog eyes too and her career in Hollywood is doing just fine

No. 1927896

And yet with those features, Emma Stone looks lovely while the Bork-Bork clown looks repulsive

No. 1927977

File: 1710634217648.jpeg (140.25 KB, 534x800, keke.jpeg)

I just wanted to post this red carpet picture of Keke Palmer because she looks really cute.

No. 1928003

>If he could speak
Is he being silenced?

No. 1928008

File: 1710635506611.jpeg (50.29 KB, 275x275, IMG_0765.jpeg)

Whoever said Barry has the best features out of all of these creatures is unwell. Travis unfortunately is the most fuckable. I tried to rate them in order but I cant….

No. 1928009

Literal who

No. 1928011

Love it, she looks so cute

No. 1928013

These really look like a human evolution chart

No. 1928016

Love it, wish I could pull this off so well! It's adorable

No. 1928020

i find spongebob the best looking out of all of those (hes the closest to my type) but hes also the shittiest person here. i feel like taylors tomato man has some skeletons in his closet but at the moment nothing can beat leaving your wife and newborn for your coworker.

No. 1928025

File: 1710635868490.jpeg (762.57 KB, 1170x1450, IMG_0759.jpeg)

Some people underneath the comments of this photo are saying that the love triangle story is fake, Noah made it up for attention because she’s jealous of Miley’s success? Lmao I don’t really know. Is there any evidence she was ever with Dom?

No. 1928027

God you were so right. Im over this bullshit, it's so transparent. First they claim we can talk about men and that men are supposedly mentioned as equally as women itt, but any time we actually post men instead of women we allegedly shouldn't? You're telling me we are only allowed to sperg about women and call them disabled, we can't bring up anything else involving celebrities and we also aren't allowed to enjoy anything…? Then you catch the ban for pointing out their bluff.

What happened though? I saw that she wasn't even there

No. 1928036

Every single hipster contrarian that I've predicted would talk about how much they loveddd Poor Things did so. People are so predictable. Omg fabulous costumes in a movie about a toddler fucking, wooowowawowowah groundbreaking!

No. 1928041

File: 1710636458926.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x2179, IMG_0758.jpeg)

If I lost my cats I would become homicidal.

Why can’t she ever put hot men in a music video? Only time she did that was music to watch boys to, blue jeans, and born to die. Also national anthem bc I think asap rocky is hot. But it just got worse from there.

I think this affair has been going on a lot longer than we’ve even realized. This is from 2022 and that’s Ariana tagged in the photo. I lost it when I saw he reactivated his Instagram but of course comments are limited.

No. 1928049

I don't understand what's going on with white men nowadays, it never used to be so dire. Idk, but i feel with other groups of men it's not this grim.
Minus the part where they become homo sapiens.(racebaiting)

No. 1928111

File: 1710638828744.jpg (480.67 KB, 1436x2048, -098765.jpg)

the first guy (jesse rutherford) isnt even ugly, i think that was him on halloween or something

No. 1928115

Travis's skin tone is literally "hot dog scalded by the sun on the sidewalk outside"

No. 1928117

all men are trash, don’t lie to yourself anon

No. 1928123

probably one of my favourite looks on her even though others will likely hate it. i love how her hair is styled here and when she goes for very lowkey makeup looks

No. 1928132

no one in their family has actually commented about what the beef is about just a "source close to the family". i think it could be noah planting the story to make her mom look bad and give her a ~troubled sad girl with fucked up family ;(~ to go with her alt girl larp(learn to sage)

No. 1928134

Is it opposite day

No. 1928138

its just my opinion. he looks like a normal guy, unlike spongebob or that pitbull looking fellow from saltburn

No. 1928144

File: 1710639413746.png (1.44 MB, 1882x703, Search-Results.png)

What was he dressed up as? Cause if you search for how he recently looks the pics are kind of similar to that one in the collage

No. 1928147

Emma stone is ugly

No. 1928149

She always looks cute

No. 1928160

i just assumed it was halloween idk but yeah he looks okay, i think it was just the grills and the eyebrows(non-milk posts in celebricows should be saged)

No. 1928163

and his hair..and everything else. sorry nonna but he hit the wall, i think the photo you posted might have been from years ago

No. 1928164

File: 1710640156898.png (2.14 MB, 1323x699, somethingithinkaboutalot.PNG)

this chart is something I think about a lot.Sometimes its FRIGHTENINGLY on the nose, these men need to get their head checked, their eyes say it all. Sorry if it's a little hard to read, but it's very telling.

No. 1928172

KEKK this is amazing

No. 1928174

>post random image composite I saw on Twitter about celeb women's ugly bfs
>it gets reposted 3 more times
>random anon adds in drake for no discernable reason
Kek love the convolution

No. 1928176

Kek I'm dying

No. 1928180

He looks like drake bell ew. Honestly out of all of them I’d probably pick Taylor’s moid because at least he’s 6’5

No. 1928182

Next thread pic for sure kek

No. 1928188

I think many male athletes still look okay. Not Travis kek. But male athletes look about the same as they always have. Some are handsome and some aren't.

In Hollywood, they're all supposed to be handsome. And right now, none of them are. No wonder Taylor had to outsource to sports. I wish she had taken the time to watch a few more sports before picking her man

No. 1928208

Same. I’ve even seen a few women I know making “she’s literally me” jokes, like “I loved Poor Things but I’m disappointed that someone made a biopic about me without my knowledge” etc. Ugh.

No. 1928213

I feel disgusting just thinking about it.

No. 1928215

File: 1710645160082.jpeg (66.25 KB, 300x300, IMG_0777.jpeg)

You guys have no idea how badly I want Ariana and Evan Peters to date. They are honestly honestly perfect for each other he likes crazy bitches (Halsey, Emma Roberts) and I think they would look cute together. I think Evan is cute though. SpongeBob is the real villain through all of this, Ari is already getting her karma through her looks deteriorating and possibly her health/heart, I want to see her dump him, preferably before the wicked movie comes out and Thanksgiving. Can you imagine the media frenzy? It’s what Ethan deserves honestly. I hope afterwards, he shows up to Lily’s doorstep with a bouquet of flowers, trying to win her back and a topless hunk answers the door, holding their baby.

No. 1928220

File: 1710645615370.jpeg (890.29 KB, 2048x2048, 88CF717E-A77B-4803-8195-37BF19…)

These are all couples from romantic comedies (and Spider-Man) from the last 5 years. I don’t know what else she wants

No. 1928227

They probably both had to sign NDAs during the divorce, so I wouldn't be shocked if he isn't allowed to speak publicly about it.
I always assume men with this skintone are lifelong alcoholics with serious anger problems and I've never been wrong

No. 1928232

this would be amazing. Manifesting

No. 1928238

What if they are already dating and all the love songs are actually about him and the break up songs are actually about Ethan. I know I know but wouldn’t that be funny

No. 1928259

Dalton signed an NDA with the divorce and is barred from writing a book or anything about their relationship IIRC

No. 1928289

I don’t care. Most “diverse” casting is corny race swaps and the same rehashed “interracial love” narrative. It’s so cringe and I don’t think Hollywood is capable of doing better

No. 1928293

There has been more than enough poorly written WMIF fiction for her to bite her teeth on

No. 1928332

if she wants to see indians so bad she can go watch bollywood. why don't these people support the tv and movie industries from their countries and not bitch that american tv is not "diverse" enough?(racebait)

No. 1928345

She’s Australian you drooling fucking idiot

No. 1928350

And? It still applies.

No. 1928354

What a relief, I love hearing about animals being safe

No. 1928395

>I am a toddler masturbating with a chicken wing
People's mask where they pretend they care about misogyny and pedophilia immediately slips when they're given fresh content

No. 1928416

File: 1710664165185.jpg (3.51 MB, 3200x4800, 1000003473.jpg)

I wish more men would put more thought into color, tailoring, and textures instead of automatically thinking it's cute to jump to the most garnish stupid mesh nipple shirt and bell bottoms that make them look like an onlyfans grandma. The ugly tablecloth gowns don't really bring anything either, why bother if it doesn't fit. A smokey eye and stupid hair flip is not fashion. I feel like they can do so much more with menswear but they're vacuous and have no creativity so doing the bare minimum trendy thing like Harry Styles for attention is their only trick.

No. 1928419

File: 1710664378432.jpg (41.33 KB, 645x968, 1000003474.jpg)

Not everything has to be a hit but I appreciate any men who tries something different than just standard black tie vs see through pirate shirt or picnic gown.

No. 1928421

I like this look, it looks masculine and very colorful

No. 1928426

File: 1710664950820.jpg (173.75 KB, 550x900, 1000003475.jpg)

He wears it well vs it wearing him, theres multiple textures, it fits properly, and it's a different color besides black. Meanwhile this shit has always been disgusting.

No. 1928440

No. 1928457

Holy shit I hate these.

No. 1928459

This one actually funny cuz Azalea Banks makes an appearance. I won’t post anymore(autism)

No. 1928494

My old guy friend at the time showed me this movie and even the directors interview at the end and this movie was terrible I fell asleep and could t wait for it to end! Brandon lee died in vain imo. What a shit movie

No. 1928495

This is 15 yr old humor how old are you

No. 1928496

You forgot to mention Akira Toriyama dying

No. 1928539

Hate to give a moid credit for anything but this is a really cool outfit and the colors look good on him

No. 1928550

File: 1710675518575.jpeg (787.48 KB, 1170x1360, IMG_0789.jpeg)

lmaooo, I always thought he was a little bitch. Can’t believe ladies thirst over this manlet

No. 1928555

Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This man thinks of himself as a God and probably has a violent outbursts. There is nothing attractive about this, only self-worship. Absolutely repulsive.

No. 1928642

File: 1710682400361.png (6.68 MB, 2048x2048, IMG_3543.png)

we are really going through it

No. 1928648

what is it with moids and gambling? i'm aware that female gambling addicts exist but the vast majority seem to be men. i can't imagine being wealthy and successful and still managing to gamble yourself into financial ruin

No. 1928650

he looks like an animu villian

No. 1928671

For some reason I don't believe this. I know celebs don't make as much as we think, but this man has a ridiculous amount of hits that still are pretty popular

No. 1928714

Samefag but actually
>For some reason
I know why I don't believe it. It's from a twitter account with no source. Honestly I wish anons would stop posting tweets here.

No. 1928721

File: 1710686378851.jpeg (282.91 KB, 1125x1536, IMG_3544.jpeg)

No. 1928788

That he owes them money doesn't mean that he is bankrupt but that he didn't pay his bills.
1.5 million per night… fckn shoot me.

No. 1928793

He's kind of fallen out of the public eye, he probably picked up the habit at his peak and now he's not making enough to cover it anymore

Mileys isn't bad that's just a bad haircut

No. 1928804

Pls make this the next threadpic kek

No. 1928847

My theory is that the male nervous system is intentionally twitchy for evolutionary reasons. They're designed to enjoy almost dying, because that's what they're made for, getting killed by other moids. So the rush they get from gambling and other high risk activities that males tend to pursue is just their monkey brains telling them to go ahead and kill themselves over the small chance they could "mate" (aka, go ahead and ruin their lives over the chance they could "win" a game, even if they know they more than likely wont, just as most males did not get to breed in antiquity). It's all science ladies. They're designed to be impulsive retarded risk takers. If they weren't they wouldn't have a purpose(derailing)

No. 1928914

he has that kylie jenner stink face
he looks gay like eli roth and max greenfield

No. 1929206

File: 1710713585259.jpeg (120.06 KB, 610x458, IMG_0549.jpeg)

Timmy Chlamydia on the set filming upcoming Bob Dylan biopic

No. 1929207

File: 1710713618073.jpeg (89.82 KB, 610x458, IMG_0550.jpeg)

No. 1929208

File: 1710713850588.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x2041, IMG_0551.jpeg)

Scott Disick looking gaunt, like a haunted Jared Pedo or something

No. 1929209

File: 1710713902525.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1721, IMG_0552.jpeg)

No. 1929212

why are bisexual women like this

No. 1929222

Ngl some of his songs are catchy. But I would believe it. Just look at how many dozens of millions Johnny Depp get's pushed into his ass every year for decades and yet he still manages to always spend it all and be at the verge of brokeness.

He genuinely looks like on of those dying from aids gays a couple decades ago…
Not even surprising after all that partying and sleeping around

No. 1929223

File: 1710714868683.jpeg (284.75 KB, 962x1445, IMG_0556.jpeg)

wtf happened to Christina Aguilera? is she on ozempic?

No. 1929230

File: 1710715346869.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1520, IMG_0558.jpeg)

Depp is sponsored by oligarchs and up to some sleazy behind the scenes venture. I refuse to believe he's making squat from his movies since most of them bombed in the past decade.

No. 1929236

god i love her

No. 1929239

Ethan looks like he’s been dead in a river for a week

No. 1929243

File: 1710716751880.jpeg (Spoiler Image,92.59 KB, 1170x909, IMG_0791.jpeg)

Who wants to see cardi b’s fake ass? Click at your own risk.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929249

He looks like the kind of guy who seems somewhat normal on the surface but secretly leads a double life — one that no one knows of until he's arrested for serial murder — where he goes out to bars and hooks up with men wearing the dresses that his ex girlfriend (his first victim) who he is obsessed with in a transsexual, I-want-to-be-you-way and aggressively stalks left at his place and was too afraid to retrieve
This is art and I revere you for creating such a masterpiece

No. 1929253

File: 1710717258983.jpeg (986.02 KB, 1170x1450, IMG_0792.jpeg)

No. 1929254

File: 1710717300807.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x1444, IMG_0793.jpeg)

No. 1929259

File: 1710717640788.png (512.64 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_0796.png)

No. 1929260

File: 1710717697467.jpeg (98.81 KB, 470x498, IMG_0798.jpeg)

They are both fucking stunning

No. 1929265

do I even want to know the context

No. 1929338

Oh sorry, I try to double check before posting but I still miss things sometimes

No. 1929351

They’re both so beautiful

No. 1929354

angelic ladies

No. 1929373

There's just something so gross and repellant about her and I just can't put a finger on it.

No. 1929375

It’s a post she made, an outfit she wore out in public

No. 1929383

File: 1710731079482.jpeg (97.12 KB, 738x873, IMG_0803.jpeg)

Ethan actually looks okay here.

No. 1929384

File: 1710731651244.jpeg (99.07 KB, 729x559, 1710731079482.jpeg)

Let me fix that for you anon

No. 1929385

No. 1929386

She is single-handedly destroying my interest in this movie and that should be impossible to do
Why did you even post this

No. 1929389

Wow much spicy, very lesbian. This is definitely not pussy repellent and only male serving bihet pickme attire.

No. 1929397

they really couldnt find someone better to play bob dylan? fucking scrawny retard

No. 1929403

Nona pls.. it just focuses more on the SpongeBob pic in the mirror kek

No. 1929451

I know aging is hard, but goddamn. She was super naturally slim in her youth. Once you have kids and get thick, there's no way to go back because it literally changes your body. She still looked good but ultimately couldn't accept it. The neck gives it away, either crash dieting or pills. Praying for ozempic and surgeries to go away at this point.

No. 1929482

File: 1710742459984.jpeg (593.27 KB, 1199x1475, IMG_8502.jpeg)

I’m still surprised that she didn’t become the new it girl instead of sydney sweeney. Zendaya was a given but I don’t get why javob elordi and Sydney became more popular than Alexa

No. 1929483

No he's still ugly af

No. 1929485

for real, she's so pretty

No. 1929486

File: 1710742623229.jpeg (660.36 KB, 1170x773, IMG_8506.jpeg)

Barry Keoghan and Travis Kelce at a Justin Timberlake concert. All three men are fugly.

No. 1929489

How long is Ariana going to hide SpongeBob from the public like are we ever going to see them at a public event together? I often wonder what people would do, because honestly, I would harass him and throw whatever I could at him.

No. 1929491

File: 1710742817469.jpeg (167.28 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_8505.jpeg)

I think it’s kind of funny she got caught lying about her age, and most celebrities do. It’s a stereotype about celebrities for a reason.
And she does have kind of a ‘trashy’ aesthetic but I don’t hate her for it, it’s just how she styles herself. And imo her aesthetic is at least visually appealing rather than just being cheap and gross like other celebrities

No. 1929492

File: 1710742873136.png (262.32 KB, 640x427, PWid9Wj.png)

>Lady Gaga slams transphobic 'degradation' of her photo with Dylan Mulvaney: 'Hatred is violence'

>I hope all women will come together to honor us ALL for International Women’s Day, and may we do that always until THE DAY that all women are celebrated equally."

>Nearly 13 years after releasing the first No. 1-charting song in history to feature the word "transgender" in its lyrics, Lady Gaga has taken a firm stance against transphobic hatred after receiving intense criticism from conservative individuals for posing for a photo with trans celebrity Dylan Mulvaney
>The 37-year-old "Born This Way" singer-songwriter called out the "appalling" feedback she and Mulvaney, 27, received for their recent portrait, which was taken at a Feb. 29 Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals event for its Photomedicine Foundation, but incorrectly spread as a photo taken to mark International Women's Day on March 9.
>"When I see a newspaper reporting on hatred but calling it 'backlash' I feel it is important to clarify that hatred is hatred, and this kind of hatred is violence. 'Backlash' would imply that people who love or respect Dylan and me didn’t like something we did," Gaga wrote Monday on Instagram, referencing Mulvaney resharing the photo on her profile with the caption "Happy international women’s day."
>Gaga continued, telling her followers that there's still "immense work" to be done "to make room for transgender lives to be cherished and upheld by all of us," and that she feels " very protective in this moment, not only of Dylan, but of the trans community who continues to lead the way with their endless grace and inspiration in the face of constant degradation, intolerance, and physical, verbal, and mental violence."
>The upcoming Joker: Folie á Deux actress acknowledged that she doesn't speak for the trans community, but expressed hope that "all women will come together to honor us ALL for International Women’s Day," and to eventually see a day "that all women are celebrated equally" in cultlure.
>"A day where people of all gender identities are celebrated on whichever holiday speaks to them. Because people of all gender identities and races deserve peace and dignity," she added. "May we all come together and be loving, accepting, warm, welcoming. May we all stand and honor the complexity and challenge of trans life—that we do not know, but can seek to understand and have compassion for. I love people too much to allow hatred to be referred to as 'backlash.' People deserve better."
>Though many praised the photo of Gaga and Mulvaney, some took issue with its existence, with one user calling it a "disgrace" that the image had become synonymous with a celebration of International Women's Day.
>Mulvaney rose to viral prominence on TikTok, with her Days of Girlhood video series also generating significant traction online. Her fame led to a high-profile partnership with Bud Light for a social media campaign in support of the alcoholic beverage in 2023, though conservative pushback reportedly led to plummeting sales for the company — whose response to the controversy prompted further scrutiny from LGBTQIA+ community members who alleged the organization didn't do enough to defend Mulvaney at the time.
>Gaga has long supported the queer community through her art and through activism, including during a 2010 public speech titled "The Prime Rib of America," which targeted the military's homophobic "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, and also made a tear-filled speech defending the LGBTQIA+ community following the deadly 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida.

No. 1929495

Her biggest fanbase used to be gay men, did they lose interest and now she has to pander to troons? I don’t get it

No. 1929498

File: 1710743397271.jpeg (574.08 KB, 1029x701, IMG_8511.jpeg)

>Blake Lively jokes about Princess Kate's photoshop controversy for new commercial

> The actress and businesswoman shared a heavily Photoshopped picture of her lying on a sun lounger with lemons falling from the sky.

>"I’m so excited to share this new photo I just took today to announce our 4 new @bettybuzz & @bettybooze products! Now you know why I’ve been MIA. Announcing @bettybuzz MOCKTAILS in the flavors you love from our cocktails. Because you asked,"

No. 1929500

So many people so the "industry age" thing and I firmly believe there was only so much backlash against her out of jealousy.

No. 1929501

File: 1710743979904.jpeg (100.27 KB, 1084x1408, IMG_0807.jpeg)

Lmao anon. I thought the same, but Bob was pretty scrawny.. TimoTAY even has curly hair kek

No. 1929505

It isnt like she's styling herself. More women in the industry are getting pressured and pushed into wearing outfits as skimpy and uncomfortable as possible because it's one of the only thing that does numbers anymore. Dressing like this hasn't ever been a part of her personality or person style at all, it's so transparent.

No. 1929507

is he on tiptoes or wearing heeled boots in that pic kek

No. 1929509

It's just his boots

Peculiar casting choice

No. 1929514

No. 1929517

File: 1710745340339.jpg (325.22 KB, 2048x1670, 1000003485.jpg)

Hhhnnggg so babygirl

No. 1929520

I also think it might be because Alexa Demie is more lowkey and mysterious, while Sidney Sweeney is always on tiktok and ig stories and goes live a lot. Zoomers might care less about celebrities who don’t have a big online presence

No. 1929525

It’s because boobs. Moids drive and determine who is popular, moids are the reason she’s in every film at the moment and going on shows like hot ones, moids are the reason she’s trending on Twitter every day and moids like her because tig bitties. Nobody cares who women like and t hats why the industry is overrrun with ugly faggot men.

No. 1929540

File: 1710747378708.jpg (119.93 KB, 1000x667, mid90s-2018-004-alexa-demie-su…)

Kissing a 13 year old boy and filming a sex scene with them didn't help, that was all over as soon as Euphoria got big.

No. 1929546

Ew I didn’t know about that

No. 1929547

Didnt this also happen in shameless? Did they actually film a sex scene? I thought she just kissed him.

No. 1929562

I agree but they were looking for a reason before this and were delighted to have found one.

No. 1929563

All the responsibility is on Alexa of course for taking the role so she could pay her bills (that makes her a horrible morally bankrupt whore who supports pedophilia according to everyone) instead of shifting the focus onto the man who wrote it and was searching for a woman to cast in it.

No. 1929565

Like who gives a fuck? Isn’t her character like 15 or 16? Oooh no she kissed another underage teenager!

No. 1929568

I looked it up and I think it’s from Mid90s, she was 29 and that boy was 14. It was directed by Jonah Hill who is rumored to go after teenage girls so that explains it
I think it’s weird for an adult to accept a role where she kisses a minor, it doesn’t mean she’s morally bankrupt and supports pedophilia but it’s definitely very weird. Jonah Hill is worse for being the one who directed it though

No. 1929575

File: 1710750837068.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x863, IMG_8519.jpeg)

>Elizabeth Hurley says she felt liberated during sex scene directed by son

> The mother-son duo sat down for an interview with Access Hollywood released Saturday when they were asked how it felt to work on a very intimate scene together as mother and son.

> Hurley stars in "Strictly Confidential," an erotic thriller not only directed but also written by her son. In the flick, EH reportedly wears a lot of skimpy clothing – and, gets hot and heavy with another woman.

> Hurley says that familiarity allowed to her feel more open during those scenes … calling the whole experience liberating – probably a bit of a shock for other people who might be mortified of their child seeing them naked.

> In fact, Hurley says she had such a great time working with Damian that she may just do it again … perhaps a little mother-son bonding via some intense sex scenes.

No. 1929576

Also, the character was seen as bad anyways, it was Jonah Hills fault for directed it to make her seem desirable or something. Men play pedophiles, rapists, cannibals etc all the time and no one jumps on them because they know it's an acting role. It's very suspect that Alexa does what hundreds of actors have done before her and she personally is blamed when she was just doing what she was directed to do and styled how they styled her. She played a real villain, it doesn't make her a pedophile. Very weird witch hunt.

No. 1929577

>mother and gay son drum up publicity so they make more money
Oh how shocking

No. 1929578

aren't on-screen kisses fake? I mean, it's acting. Granted I didn't see the scene nor do I want to.

Yeah, sure, it's weird, but she didn't actually kiss him or have sex with him. Not to mention that there are tons of movies where kids act in racy scenes with adults. I kind of think the outrage should be limited to adults who actually prey on children and let's be honest, that's virtually always a male adult preying on kids, especially in Hollywood.

No. 1929580

Meanwhile, mind you, Emma Stone took the role of a baby in an adult body having toddler sex and everyone is praising her for it.

No. 1929583

I agree, I was just saying I understand that it’s weird, I also think it’s weird when male actors are paired with younger women even if the actress is an adult. She shouldn’t have been witch hunted over it though
Emma Stone is repulsive, she’s only getting praised by pedos

No. 1929586

All the zoomer teen girls were on a HATE TRAIN, they were calling her tons of names, saying she needed to be boycott, referring to her as a pedophile. I don't throw around the "tehe ur jus jealoussss" card often but they were so jealous and spiteful about Alexa Demie that it was wild.

No. 1929587

>only getting praised by pedos
Unfortunately not

No. 1929588

File: 1710751456512.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1567, IMG_8522.jpeg)

Kristen Cavallari with her attractive young 24 year old boyfriend

No. 1929590

he looks like a douche but still good for her.

No. 1929591

File: 1710751537921.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x1437, IMG_8523.jpeg)

And this is her with her ex, he used to be a quarterback but now he’s expired and post wall, she upgraded

No. 1929593

Really? I’ve only seen creeps praise it so far and luckily most people seem to think it’s gross, women generally seem to be appalled by it. Although I’ve seen a lot of autistic women online carrying on about how “literally me” the hypersexual toddler monster is

No. 1929596

File: 1710751912038.mp4 (2.49 MB, 480x256, L9F1y3u.mp4)

>Leaked scene of Ben Affleck and Jlo from her new documentary
I unironically love these two together.

No. 1929611

Can someone post that clip of her scrunching her straight ass hair into a rats nest and saying "this reminds me of when I was 16… running around the block in the bronx… all wild and dreams…"

No. 1929621

File: 1710754295290.jpg (65.05 KB, 481x447, foreign-man-anime.jpg)

They're like the high school jock and the mean cheerleader grew up and got married. I'm sure they're both awful, but they work well together.

No. 1929629

Got caught lying about her age

No. 1929672

This has always been normal in Hollywood.

No. 1929697

A lot of celebrities say they’re like 5-10 years younger than they are, because they’ll get treated better if they pretend to be a young adult at first

No. 1929698

They don't fake kiss anon, they fake having sex
You're not supposed to get caught immediately after your big break, is the problem

No. 1929765

Fuck those stupid assholes. How many of their underage friends are dating 18+ guys and they are absolutely fine with it because he buys them vapes and booze? They pick and choose who to call pedophiles and it usually happens to be women that they’re clearly jealous of.

No. 1929835

This was already posted
I'm not even surprised, she's always pandered to the alphabet as a whole.

No. 1929847

ethan slater would unironically be a good fit

No. 1929861

File: 1710774409257.jpg (78.65 KB, 730x730, ENpHA5SWkAEgxaN.jpg)

should have cast the stranger things kid who actually plays guitar and has a band

No. 1929863

whatever you do don't read /m/'s discussion about it

No. 1929876

File: 1710775481747.jpg (25.79 KB, 1280x720, maxres2.jpg)

I also always wondered about that. The other girls (and troons…) got so popular because of that show and her character/style always seemed to be a viewer favorite, so what happened, she seems to be nowhere?
I can definitely see producers semi-freezing her out if she didn't comply with whatever they wanted and her teen fanbase might be shocked and alienated by somebody over the age of 20 not being a dried up grandma (they could be so naive that they believe she's the only one who was lying). Maybe her team is just shit. I also read some speculations that she doesn't want to be more famous and just make her own weird music, although I doubt that Euphoria set her up for life financially.
To me she's very pretty, her round cheeks are so cute and rare in nowadays Hollywood.

No. 1929909

File: 1710777281353.jpeg (105.61 KB, 700x700, IMG_0661.jpeg)

It's weird because people seemed to like Maddie as a character almost as much as Cassie but Alexa didn't take off. I could see why Maud or Barbie didn't because of how their characters were received, but Alexa?

No. 1929910

File: 1710777416479.jpeg (817.62 KB, 1170x1094, IMG_0662.jpeg)

Noted that Alexa has had some PS done but I think it's subtler compared to Sydney's and enhanced her natural features

No. 1929917

File: 1710777742972.jpeg (882.85 KB, 1170x1746, IMG_6566.jpeg)

She’s been doing a few things. Apparently she’s going to be a voice actress on a show called Fables as well. Also appeared in The Idol. She makes pretty good music as well. Who knows? Maybe she just enjoys living her life and doing her own thing and doesn’t want to be bossed around by a team like zendaya and Sydney.

No. 1929944

Your screenshot makes it worse than I thought… Some side characters in shows nobody ever heard of and being the video vixen for Billie's post wall ex? Damn… This doesn't even sound like passion projects either, more like I take what little I can get. Meanhwile Zendaya, Sydney, the giant and the troon are the most photographed on the red carpet every day.

No. 1930006

Maddie was far more interesting than Cassie. The show ended with hints that she was going to break free from everything tying her down. I don't care how old the actress is, she looked convincingly young to me. Sydney didn't, no hate to her, but she and Jacob really didn't look like HS students at all. Neither did Hunter really but there were other reasons for that.

No. 1930016

Probably because she made out with a kid in mid 90s

No. 1930038

yaoi irl

No. 1930046

Yaoi boys are deemed as attractive though. These are not attractive.

No. 1930074

She doesn’t even look the same

No. 1930080

Actresses wearing full Angelic Pretty/btssb coords would get even more attention and wouldn’t be sexualizing them

No. 1930095

Ugh and I kept meaning to watch the Boys Meet World podcast. Something held me back. Glad I didn't bother

No. 1930137

You just reminded me that he and his band showed up on a Weezer music video, omg i hate it.

No. 1930182

They'd get attention for looking fucking autistic

No. 1930183

Oh how I delusionally hoped for somebody to wear a nice coord during the heavenly bodies met gala… kek

No. 1930199

File: 1710792635912.jpeg (256.74 KB, 750x630, IMG_5259.jpeg)

JoJo Siwa’s rebrand

No. 1930203

Hope she ditches those too tight ponytails, I get a headache just looking at her

No. 1930224

that's a whole different nose for start

No. 1930228

she ditched them ever since she came out, she's been wearing her hair short for a few years now

No. 1930234

File: 1710794432225.jpeg (125.57 KB, 538x876, IMG_0720.jpeg)

Not a lolitafag but would Jenna's outfit from the met a couple years ago count as adjacent? Or is it more victorian? I actually really liked this

No. 1930235

she wants to complain

No. 1930239

second one is the only one that isn't ugly but it's still kind of weird because of her permanent horrible posture and stance

No. 1930253

I think another reason is her age. Gen Z hates anyone over 30. Like it's getting so bad that they're calling millennial women hags lately even if they look very young. Which is whatever (who cares how you look to the younger generation) but it's getting to be very misogynistic and it's worrying in that way. She's gorgeous.

No. 1930302

wtf? At first glance it looks like Megan Fox's weird plastic face. I'm convinced they all go to the same 5 of surgeons for all of this shit

No. 1930303

The reactions to this are honestly making me think if Emma Stone were attractive, anons wouldn't have cared that she played that baby lady. This site is kinda shallow like that.

No. 1930310

Emma Stone IS attractive, I think it's gross, but I think it's more so of, "Well men do it too!!" even though the same things they are using to defend this lady, the same can be said for Emma Stone.
How is one just a victim of men and "men do it too! She's just acting!!" For all we know Emma could be the victim of the exact same system, all ran by disgusting moids. And influenced by disgusting moids.

No. 1930315

She looks like she’s joined the WWE

No. 1930316

I don't know, I sometimes think the easiest answer is the answer, she just didn't click or didn't want to click.
People always ask, "Why isn't this person more famous", no one is promised anything. We eat, we shit, we sleep and we die, thats all thats promised. In the end we are just twirling around in space trying to find our own space. I simply think maybe it wasn't meant to be for her, or maybe she likes it this way. Maybe she didn't want to be a "It girl".
I'm very much into "Eye Science" and when you look into the eyes of some of these women and the man, you can see who "Wants fame" by how dead the eye is.

No. 1930354

I agree. I definitely think they tried to use her character to groom girls with the “i do what i want girl boss baddie” archetype. there was backlash when her main episode aired and they claimed the teenage character she played “was in control” of her statutory rape, then age gate kind of shut her out. I think they pushed Jenna Ortega to take her place considering coquette & dark academia aesthetics are popular. Now they’ve pushed her more in academia core with her latest pedo pandering movie but i think she’ll flop. She has no where near the charisma of alexa demie

No. 1930359

Who do you think wants fame the most and the least?
To me Sydney, has the most unexpressive eyes but tbf she has whites under her eyes and that makes anyone look lifeless. I wanted to say Zendaya and Alexa too, but I think Zendaya is just smizing and Alexa might just look like that. That brunette girl with red lipstick too, but I'm not sure if her eyes are dead or just blank. I think the big girl and Hunter have the most life in their eyes.

No. 1930363

first time I think lorry hill is being absolutely delusional t b h

No. 1930386

File: 1710803932753.jpeg (70.64 KB, 420x561, IMG_0723.jpeg)

It's really hard to tell whether it's just weight loss and styling or PS and BFR. She looks younger in roles where she's styled younger, and without or with minimal makeup like those smoking pap shots which were only from last year

No. 1930404

Benny blanco is the worst on top of everything else he isn’t even talented his music all sounds the same. He’s literally post Malone sans tattoos and he’s brown. THATS IT . Both hideous give us something. When was the last time we got a sexy r and b/ rap guy that wasn’t a total clown .

No. 1930408

File: 1710805726328.jpeg (600.74 KB, 1125x1033, IMG_3389.jpeg)

Lol always reminds me when I read on the internet “the kardashian klan sucks the life out of every male” but I mean. Like come on girls you gotta let us in, what’s your secret? I will never feel sorry for any of these men they were garbage before they got sucked into the k-hole.

No. 1930409

Can't wait till he dies from syphilis

No. 1930411

Yeah Kanye, Scott, Travis and Tristian are all trash, plus other men they've dated. The karjenners memetically have terrible taste in dudes

No. 1930413

Oh my God, he is absolutely fucking hagred.

No. 1930427

I'm shocked I just learned about this today, but apparently Buddy Duress (real name Michael Constantine Stathis) died in November of last year at 38 (drug OD). The news broke last month and I didn't find out until today when I happened to re-watch Good Time and looked him up. He was fully Z-List, so it's understandable his death didn't make headlines. When Good Time came out, I really thought he could have been the next big thing. He was homeless and on the run from the cops when the Safdie brothers scouted him for Heaven Knows What, and he was a natural imo. This scene of him in Good Time playing against Robert Pattinson is great, they really exemplify the duality of people stuck in a loop of criminal behavior. Some people don't know how to stop, and some people don't want to.

No. 1930435

Oh my god, Ethan Slater selfposts on lolcow

No. 1930436

also if this would be better suited on /m/ in the movies thread I'll delete and post it over there

No. 1930440

Ummmm there’s some way worse (and actual bad) celebrities out there nonnie and you’re a-logging Scott Disick? Are you okay?

No. 1930441

Everything about Jojo Siwa is so fucking funny

No. 1930443

Hard disagree. My morals about pedophilia will never falter no matter how bored I am of cinema, and I'm one of the anons that bitches about how they need to make movie people hot again

No. 1930445

So how do you explain all the flat chested women or small chested women getting roles? You make no fucking sense.

No. 1930448

Did she actually film sex with a teenager or a kiss which is it.

No. 1930451

This post is so cringe its like it's written in Carrie Bradshaws diary

Well she definitely has a nose job, and her cheeks are completely different. Face-lift is wild though.

No. 1930452

Flat chested women don't always have to have pedophilic undertones and that's really offensive to presume that of flat chested women

No. 1930455

It was meant to be an uncomfortable scene about being coerced by an older girl. She sat on a bed in I think a tanktop and underwear and kissed him and it implied sex. She played a bad person, and any other woman who would have taken the role would do the same. Plenty of men who play rapists in movies and no one cares. The scene was uncomfortable and it wasn't like she was passionately making love to a kid.

No. 1930472

Nonna you missed the series of cringe ass posts of Alexa Demie’s street team saying making out with a child in your mid-late 20s for a role is not that bad and it’s Jonah Hill’s fault actually and she just needed a paycheck and it’s a shame she’s not more famous, she’s so hawt, etc. etc.

No. 1930473

She's such trash. Moid loving bitch.

Good for them! Hope they are happy together.

No. 1930504

She is the weakest actress out of them, that’s all. Her acting in other project also doesn’t look good. I think she would be fine as a mysterious socialite who dabbles in acting/modeling/singing but can’t be really put in any of these categories and people just love her looks, style and personality but I think the hype died off after s2 of Euphoria. I guess she’s too inactive on social media and didn’t really make it so far to be invited to things like MET gala.

No. 1930506

Anon, stop coping. It’s just a less awful photo of a horribly ugly man took in a flattering lighting.

No. 1930512

He’s so fucking repulsive, I don’t even want to be cruel but Selena is insane for this. Him and Miley’s man are the ones I truly don’t get, Spongebob at least has a nice body and it’s very in character for Ariana to be attracted to the theatre kid energy, Barry Keosomething is whatever, straight women go for dudes like him all the time. Still depressing that you can be in the top 5% of the most beautiful women in the world and still date moids like this.

No. 1930518

probably because shes older and has been in the industry longer. hollywood couldnt have the new it girl being someone whose been around the block and is probably too secure in her career to let herself be sexualized in the way that sydney does (not that she wouldnt at all but i get the feeling that she would be much more adamant about refusing nude scenes than sydney is when shes uncomfortable). i do find it interesting though that her character on euphoria seemed to have a much bigger fanbase than cassie and yet shes nowhere to be seen post euphoria and sydney is everywhere.
ive seen tons of girls with bella as their profile picture.

No. 1930521

So many anons keep propping up ugly men just because their bodies aren't fat. When will they learn that face and head matters!

No. 1930534

miley's boyfriend just needs a haircut, the rest need full on facial reconstruction

No. 1930555

for calling himself ugly enough to play an ugly moid? ok

No. 1930570

>Selena is insane for this
>"Levin's work has led to sales of over 500 million album-equivalent units worldwide for artists including Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Halsey, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera, Kesha, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Sia, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Avicii, Selena Gomez, Adam Lambert, Charlie Puth, Keith Urban, OneRepublic, Wiz Khalifa, J Balvin, Kali Uchis, Juice Wrld and SZA.

She literally knows exactly what she's doing lmfao. She's a fat hasbeen and is desperate to secure the bag. Sabrina is obviously using whatshisface for the clout too anyone who thinks she isn't just using him for the Saltburn attention and to get some of those sweet Joker/Nolan/Saltburn connections is just. Like. Please. All of these women have actual attractive men they hook up with bts.

No. 1930573

File: 1710815313496.jpeg (911.31 KB, 1000x1500, 90D979A2-85EE-495E-9DCC-54965F…)

Yeah, I guess he’s not hideous

No. 1930575

I thought Emma stone was ‘attractive in a weird way’ before Poor Things, I always heard people call her ugly and usually defended her. Now I think she’s hideous and pathetic. The entire point of Poor Things was that children like sex and can be addicted to it, that it’s natural for children to like sex, that sex is enlightening somehow and that prostitution is empowering. The movie pushed pedophilia and incest, and it could even be interpreted as saying that retarded women can be preyed on by men because they’ll “like it” and the movie was filled with shots of fugly Emma Stone in whichever sex positions the director wanted to see her in. Literally everything about the movie was misogynistic and pedophilic.

The thing with Alexa Demie on the other hand is gross and weird, but nowhere near the same level. Poor things is about sex benefiting young children and being something they’re naturally inclined towards if no one was there to stop them, and mid 90s just showed a teenage boy being taken advantage of by a gross older teenage girl. Teenage boys are rarely abused irl but prepubescent children and young girls are constantly abused, more than half of all girls experience sexual abuse. Poor Things is trying to rationalize and normalize that while also trying to be jack off fodder for men

No. 1930576

miley is based me with lots of hair are cute and finding one that hasnt been trimmed like a sheep in summer nowadays is really hard

No. 1930583

The more I see staged shit like this the more I believe that nona's >>1923729 prediction.
Seconding this too

No. 1930587

Nta but the majority of actress are attractive, there are very few unattractive women in the industry while males are allowed to look like ogres and still become famous. There are definitely plain famous women but not many genuinely unattractive ones. Out of these attractive women, some are genuinely talented, some are just attractive and charismatic, and some aren’t talented or charismatic, they only have their appearance and are nice to look at on screen for an hour and a half.

All this whining Sydney Sweeney does about how she’s being persecuted simply for being g blonde and having big boobs, is just silly because that’s been the status quo in hollywood since the 50s. There are countless women with big boobs who haven’t been called dumb or downsy, she’s getting called those things for a reason.

There have been plenty of actresses who are called out for not being talented, and it’s because it’s obvious to everyone when a woman is only famous because of her looks + the casting couch. Most actresses have never been called untalented and ‘only famous for her boobs’ because most of them are talented, while she is not. She’s only famous because she shows her implants on screen and makes jokes about teenage girls fucking dogs, she will continue to be called out for being untalented and stupid because that’s what she is(stop)

No. 1930593

None of those women are in the top 5% of most beautiful women in the world though, they were child actors on Disney and got singing careers afterwards because of their connections, that doesn’t translate to them being famous as adults for their appearance

No. 1930606

She's the producer of that pedo movie, so I'm pretty sure she wasn't "forced" to do anything. She said so herself that she wasn't forced when defending the gross sex scenes in HER movie.

No. 1930621

Well didn't know that, she's disgusting

No. 1930675

Actress Jeon Jong Seo pitched for the dodgers the other day, and while she’s obviously stunning, they didn’t even show her pitch since the camera man was busy panning the camera up her legs and butt

No. 1930680

nepotism, sexual transactions between producers and actors/actresses, etc

No. 1930682

she does look like she has down syndrome or some kind of FAS II

No. 1930685

File: 1710827233837.jpeg (644.6 KB, 1170x1163, IMG_0834.jpeg)

Heaven knows what is such a good movie. Really eye opening about heroin addiction. RIP Buddy.

Also, felt you all would love to know that Caitlyn Jenner and Lamar Odom have a sports podcast.

No. 1930695

I know irrelevant, non celebrity people start podcasts all the rime, but who is interested in listening to either of these people? Literally no one cares these two unless they're talking about the relevant Karjenners.

No. 1930701

File: 1710828749362.jpeg (191.01 KB, 1200x900, IMG_8553.jpeg)

She looks like she has mosaic Down syndrome or something, this woman didn’t find out she had it until she was 23 because it can pretty easily go undetected. There are also famous people with FAS, for example Daniel Radcliffe, Jim Carrey, Joaquin Phoenix, and Reese Witherspoon.

No. 1930703

why is everyone doing podcasts now instead of just having taingble talent
Kek she just had that big chipmunk head and didn't notice that she was a fas baby for over 20 years. Magical(sage your shit)

No. 1930704

It’s weird how doctors didn’t notice, or her parents. But she even has similar features to Sydney

No. 1930705

Sydney Does Have The StereoTypicial Bulbous Nose and Too Close Together Eyes

No. 1930711

why are you capitalizing everything kek. but her eyes are far apart if anything.

No. 1930715

File: 1710829884919.jpeg (136.44 KB, 356x457, IMG_8561.jpeg)

I think her eyes are at a normal distance, they’re just downsy looking along with her mouth(stop)

No. 1930721

they're a little too close together for a woman, and the epicanthal folds just exacerbates the retard face(stop)

No. 1930726

>for a woman
new form of troonfoiling dropped

No. 1930728

File: 1710830736397.jpeg (210.43 KB, 4184x2790, IMG_544.jpeg)

Real women look like this obviously

No. 1930733

Can confirm, my eyes are slipping off my face they're so far apart. I'm a real woman

No. 1930736

can confirm, my eyes are in different zipcodes

No. 1930744

Why would they be? The ~top 5% most beautiful women in the world~ are a lot less likely to exploit themselves the way actresses are forced to. They get married to some ogilarch or billionaire and fuck off.

No. 1930746

How come I never see you pathetic retards sperging about how men have mosaic dowmsyndrome? You are such a loser its unreal.

No. 1930753

I want to know what men have mosaic Down syndrome just like I want to know what men are crypto fas because I'm bad at spotting this shit

Also FAS doesn't mean ugly (if she is, Reese Witherspoon isn't for example), it just means you had a shit parent who substance abused while you were baking in the womb(fas derail)

No. 1930754

File: 1710832755072.jpeg (51.81 KB, 634x793, ewieeewwjweew.jpeg)

Oh I'm sorry I didn't know you had such a desire to look at abominations like this.(infighting)

No. 1930755

Reese Witherspoon is not a good example, she's one of those old women with the uncannily infantile face and I hate when that happens.

No. 1930760

Oh but you desire to bitch about women and tinfoil that they're all disabled because you're a miserable weird bitch?(infighting)

No. 1930767

I don’t think a man with mosaic Down syndrome would be able to pass as attractive, it’s less noticeable with female facial features

No. 1930774

I swear to god she's gonna down the trad pipeline.

No. 1930778

File: 1710833843900.gif (1.5 MB, 480x360, IMG_6570.gif)

Any further apart she will need to employ an eye wrangler(stop)

No. 1930782

He is fucking beautiful wow.

No. 1930796

You can't even see half of his face.

No. 1930801

its not tinfoiling if they are obviously downs, nonna. it would be much weirder to act like they aren't noticeably disabled.(ban evading)

No. 1930848

File: 1710836931035.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1720, IMG_8565.jpeg)

On the topic of Alexa Demie, I think it’s odd that Victoria Justice didn’t become more popular. There’s a tinfoil about her turning down Dan Schnider and him tanking her career because of it, which I kind of believe. I think she’s the most attractive out of the former Disney stars and she always seemed more charismatic while acting than the others did

No. 1930858

She was extremely annoying and desperate for attention. Coattail riding whatever Nickelodeon star she can. Doesn't surprise me.

No. 1930862

So Alexa didn’t fuck Sam Levinson and he blacklisted her? I can see that.

No. 1930868

What did she do? I don’t really know anything about her personality
Idk about all that, but I agree with the other anon that maybe Alexa is less likely to be so desperate to degrade herself like sydney

No. 1930870

I think we all sing!
Kek she always gave me the type of Jennifer Lawrence vibe? Like a woman whos just trying as hard as she can to be attractive while also trying to be one of the guys. Thats why shes still cuddly with Schneider

No. 1930872

Every man out of this collage can be a thing of beauty if you take a flattering retouched photo of them with half of their face covered.

No. 1930899

> Thats why shes still cuddly with Schneider
No, she’s one of the ones who have spoken out about him abusing the child stars. She participated in a documentary about him with some of the others who have come out about it

No. 1930907

she's attractive but ariana had wided appeal. looking at all the former disney/nick stars it's obvious a baby face sells better

No. 1930909

I looked up the “I think we can all sing” thing, and Victoria and Arianna said it was taken out of context in the interview. Jeanette McCurdy said that Victoria is one of the nicest people she worked with, and other people have also said that Victoria is really nice and Arianna is a mean girl

No. 1930919

yeah it's cause victoria has a RBF while ariana looks innocent

No. 1930920

You’ll never stop me posting whenever and whatever I want admin so just KYS.(ban evading)

No. 1930921

Most everyone who has ever interacted with Ariana grande in any fashion other than her PR nice girl persona have agreed that she’s a mega bitch and sucks to be around. I’ve also heard she’s actually pretty fugg without her hair/makeup on and she wears particularly unattractive old lady glasses

No. 1930934

she probably wears those thick retard glasses that make your eyes all tiny

No. 1930938

I know anons are split on her but I love this too, nona. Suits her very well too

No. 1930941

File: 1710840217428.jpg (8.09 KB, 225x225, 1000003491.jpg)

She just looks like a completely different person which is fine, but I'm sure that's where all her neuroses stems from. She has enough botox in her forehead to paralyse a horse. But there was a scene (that I can't find anymore) of her in Excuse Me I Love You where she's sitting in a makeup chair without anything on her face yet and it was very jarring, her lips weren't lined so they looked really odd and it was like someone else entirely. I dont see that as a big deal but instead of lying about it she should've just shut up. I guess I also think it's a good thing she stopped the overzealous tanning, she obviously still wears tanner with a gold hue buts it's better than before so she should be proud of herself for that. Obviously her horrible personality likely stems from this bizarre descent into transforming into an object.

No. 1930945

File: 1710840312906.jpeg (1.31 MB, 2058x1170, IMG_0843.jpeg)

Imagine the gorgeous children they would make.

No. 1930947

But her voice was never anything special, she’s still releasing music and it’s very mid. I’ve never seen any people gushing over her role on Victorious despite her being the main character, it was always Ariana or Liz Gillies. Anons will think of any excuse for their fave not succeeding besides them simply not being talented enough.

No. 1930957

I don’t see them being together for PR/music as another anon pointed out, popgirls rarely date the producers they work with and she’s obviously way more famous than him, she wouldn’t need to date him to work with him. Seems like she really was jealous of Taylor’s neanderthal lol.

No. 1930958

I cant believe this thread is full of a dedicated misogynistic sperg calling regular women disabled when there are entire anamorphic rats out here garnering fame and money

No. 1930961

i wish her and justin would just get back together

No. 1930962

File: 1710840988191.jpg (164.16 KB, 1080x1350, 1000003493.jpg)

I miss when Nicki Minaj was a bad bitch, I really do.

Please the amount of candids of Justin we would get and the drama. I dont think that would ever happen tho and Justin would be intravenously sneaking ozempic into her body as she slept.

No. 1930968

im gonna go to nickis concert this year lets see how its gonna be. also i really hope that justin and hailey will get divorced at some point but that manly looking bitch hailey would never let justin go. i truly dislike her because she just tries so hard to be with justin when its obvious that he likes selena more lol(sage your shit )

No. 1930970

I dont think he likes Selena more, I think he likes the selena he dated a decade ago. I doubt he wants anything to do with her now.

No. 1930972

File: 1710841646664.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x2242, IMG_0757.jpeg)

Did anyone watch her SNL skits? I’m curious now after seeing this photo. I only watched the one where she has a red wig on and is singing with that Bowen guy who defended her very recently.
We all know she’s had insatiable baby fever since that cringe “fertile queen” tweet, does she not realize her children are going to look like her old face? Add Ethan’s genes to the mix, and dear god…
Still manifesting she leaves him for Evan. Not sure if Evan is single (Kek I forgot that doesn’t matter) But I really want Ethan’s life ruined. I want his heart, reputation and ego smashed into smithereens. I want him to get ridiculed everywhere he goes. I want him blacklisted from the industry. Wicked press tour is starting and I’m highly curious to see if he’ll be doing any interviews, not sure how small or big his part is.
He’s eventually gonna have to come out of hiding. Especially for red carpet premieres, when the actual movie starts screening, etc. Is it evil that I want everyone to throw shit and boo at him?
One last thought sorry this is all over the place, I just don’t wanna make multiple posts. I read her latest blind about she’s going to be announcing a tour soon but it’s going to be very small because her team doesn’t think she has the stamina to do an 100 show world tour. They are absolutely right, I don’t even think she has the strength or stamina to do 10 shows. with all that dancing, performing, singing and traveling, that’s gotta put an IMMENSE strain on her body. The blind also said if she lost any more weight, she would be dead.
How is she going to make money off this era without touring? Will album sales, streaming, and tv appearances alone be enough? That’s my genuine question to this tidbit, I apologize if it was too long.

No. 1930973

Nta and I haven’t commented on Emma Stone or Alexa Demie but to be honest I do look at Emma poorly for poor things and I don’t care about Alexa kissing a 13 year old. It’s not because Alexa is prettier, it’s because Emma taking part in the potential sexualization of young girls and catering to pedophilic moids who fantasize about little girls and painting a narrative that little girls are not only sexual but wanting to fuck old men is far grosser and more dangerous to women than a hot 20 something woman kissing a little boy. I don’t care if that’s a shit take, that little boy is the only potential victim in that situation and be for real, he’s not a victim, he probably brags about the fact he got to kiss her before she had Euphoria fame. Also I don’t care about moids kek, but you are right this site is really shallow

No. 1930976

File: 1710842122455.jpeg (170.01 KB, 1500x1500, IMG_0846.jpeg)

I am sure they will. Once Justin gets to live in the US legally. Isn’t that why he got married so quick? Because his visa was about to expire?
Honestly, Hailey needs to divorce him, they didn’t sign a prenup so she’ll get a nice settlement and I think she’s beautiful, I also think she is a nicer person than Selena. She would not have a hard time finding someone good looking, rich, who would be good to her.
Hailey needs to divorce him like RIGHT before he can become a citizen, that would be absolutely incredible kek.

No. 1930977

> a dedicated misogynistic sperg
People say that about Sydney Sweeney all over the internet, it’s not just one person in this thread

No. 1930979

She’s not my “fave” I was just wondering why she never went anywhere. I don’t remember what her voice is like but she could have continued acting. I do remember that people weren’t very nice about her because people hated the character she played, which is weird tbh

No. 1930986

It is definitely ageism in hollywood, and she also seems private about her life in general.

No. 1930991

they do this type of shit in korea all the time since baseball is popular over there. why do you think she's wearing those skin tight tights…

No. 1930993

justin bieber doesn't need marriage to become a citizen. he's been in the industry in the usa long enough and on temporary residence long enough that he can just apply for citizenship.

No. 1931000

No. 1931001

I think Emma is beautiful and attractive. But playing that role and the way she justifies it is gross.

No. 1931002

Jesus Christ he's hideous.

No. 1931003

File: 1710845700350.jpeg (668.11 KB, 1170x769, IMG_8578.jpeg)

> Aaron Taylor-Johnson 'formally offered' the chance to play James Bond

> It appears as though the search for the next James Bond is over.

>British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has reportedly been offered the role of a lifetime as the “shaken, not stirred” martini-sipping secret agent, sources told The Sun.
>The “Bullet Train” actor, 33, is expected to sign on the dotted line this week, the outlet adds.
> EON Productions, which makes 007 films, is said to be preparing to start shooting later this year.
>“Bond is Aaron’s job, should he wish to accept it,” an insider told the outlet. “The formal offer is on the table and they are waiting to hear back.”
> Taylor-Johnson, for his part, reportedly underwent a screen test for the Bond franchise in 2022.
>“I find it charming and wonderful that people see me in that role. I take it as a great compliment,” he told reporters last week.

No. 1931004

Nonnie there's so much to reply to in this post but let me tell you 100% agree with what you're saying

No. 1931005

Same tbh.

No. 1931006

File: 1710845863595.png (476.46 KB, 1035x470, 1.png)

I think that scene you're referring to was the no tears left to cry bts part 2. I remember first watching it and being very confused as to why her lips were so pale

No. 1931007

What fertile queen post?

No. 1931008

Yes that.

No. 1931011

Seconding, when did she say that kek

No. 1931013

File: 1710846885117.jpg (72.07 KB, 591x594, ari.jpg)

retarded nitpick
Jenette's book basically mentioned how Dan tried to groom her into drinking alcohol underaged because all the Victorious kids did. Apparently some of the kids who were on the show don't remember filming most of it because they were intoxicated or on who knows what. I feel that Ariana should have said something about Dan because she has the biggest fanbase and reach. Kudos to Victoria for saying something. Jenette also spoke well of Miranda Cosgrove.
Men in baseball wear tight pants too, and the catchers have the most voluptuous cake.
I think it's a combination of her actual skintone and migrated lipfiller, pic rel. https://www.instagram.com/yallneedbutera/p/CBtCQZ2JqAs/?img_index=1

No. 1931016

File: 1710846988829.png (347.21 KB, 676x1366, IMG_0849.png)

Very first celebricows thread, here’s the post and the tweet itself lol the good old days

No. 1931019

Absolutely fucking not. Don’t get me wrong he’s sexy but that’s such a weird casting choice, even if he chopped off his hair. I just cannot picture him in that role.

No. 1931020

lol my bad, I was mainly wondering if singers absolutely had to tour to make money (in that case she’s fucked) or if her album sales and streams would be enough.

No. 1931021

He would be better than Villian Murphy at least

No. 1931022

never seen half hooded eyes before, is that a deformity?

No. 1931023

Plastic surgery.

No. 1931025

Does he beat his chest like donkey Kong and shout “OOOOOH HA OOOOO HA PUSSY MINE” like a caveman while he’s railing her? No seriously, how can she look at him in the face while they’re doing it and get turned on? Imagine his angry ogre face all red and sweaty while he’s hovering over you. I’d have to be on multiple hard drugs.

No. 1931026

Get some glasses.

No. 1931027

Not only is it in the photo, the original post is tagged… are you drunk?

No. 1931032

File: 1710848214891.jpg (151.91 KB, 1284x1718, 1000003495.jpg)

Surely the check isn't that good..

Deleted my L. What are you talking about.

No. 1931033

File: 1710848243862.jpg (Spoiler Image,168.75 KB, 1284x1712, 1000003496.jpg)

Theres no way she's getting enough money for this.

No. 1931046


No. 1931049

The downfall of the haute couture/fashion industry for women in a nutshell. Jesus H Christ..

No. 1931051

I have to ask if Bianca Censori last name is triggering kanye to make a meme of her never being censored either way she's not doing a great job of being Ye's muse his music is fucking shite since Donda. A breakup album about Kim is better than that Vultures shit he's released god I'm pissed

No. 1931057

wtf are you on about? I never said anything about sexual undertones. Whoever I replied to was saying Sydney gets her rules because she has big boobs. That’s why I mentioned women that don’t have big boobs. You don’t need big boobs to get roles

No. 1931060

He looks like a dead horse that has fallen into a lake and now its corpse is all swollen up

No. 1931070

>What are you talking about.
the fuck? Why are you asking me what I’m talking about? I replied to your post when it was still there / not deleted. Is this your way of acting like it never happened and implying I’m talking to myself, or are you actually retarded?(infighting)

No. 1931071

Why would she do that on purpose? Why not get the rest of her eyelid skin snipped off? It’s like she’s trying to look as deformed as possible because she’s trying to be some eccentric model now.

No. 1931073

This looks so mentally ill, is she even allowed in stores with half her bum out? What is Kanye thinking when he picks her outfits? Does she pick them? So many questions, I love the older woman scowling in the background kek

No. 1931077

No. 1931083

Her and Pete Davidson were so embarrassing together but kind of cute, miss them honestly.

No. 1931093

File: 1710852183083.jpg (119.9 KB, 658x691, Screenshot 2024-03-19 054534.j…)

Bianca looks like a carbon copy of Kim and it's deliberate skinwalking on ye's part. Amber Rose was the best muse because of MBDTF.

No. 1931105

Was that album about Amber?

No. 1931116

it felt like such a brilliant troll at the time, but I didn't know anything about her then except that she had convinced most of the world she was latina. Simpler times, I do miss them. At least no kids were involved in that trainwreck.

No. 1931135

It's still entirely believable, if it wasn't her I'm sure someone else did that to him.

No. 1931147

File: 1710858039304.jpeg (161.62 KB, 1170x1323, IMG_8595.jpeg)

Amanda Byrnes had a secret twitter account while she was under a conservatorship, she posted pictures of her drivers license for proof that it was her. She accused John Travolta of sexual assault in a series of tweets

No. 1931150

File: 1710858095153.png (186.18 KB, 640x699, IMG_8594.png)

She also talked about her parents stealing millions of dollars from her and controlling her social media

No. 1931191

Fucking hell why is this so accurate.

No. 1931194

it's well known that john travolta has an history of allegedly sexually harassing male masseuses

No. 1931247

>also i really hope that justin and hailey will get divorced at some point but that manly looking bitch hailey would never let justin go. i truly dislike her because she just tries so hard to be with justin when its obvious that he likes selena more lol
Kek why does this sound like an underage shipper. When's the last time Justin even made contact with Selena?

No. 1931250

Wrestling arc PLEASE

No. 1931252

Right?? Kek she legitimately could excel at it, she’s taller and she tends toward lean muscle, plus she danced her whole life so she’s an athlete and a performer, this would be an IDEAL career move lmao

No. 1931260

NTA never cared for Selena nor Hailey, but Haileys obsession with Justin and how she obtained the moid from constant fan behavior was weird. I'm sure most nonas would agree she's "based" for that, imo it just comes off pathetic. The way Justin was about Selena when he was a kid, is the way Hailey was/still is about Justin. I doubt she would ever divorce him, and Justin seems happy enough. Still funny to see Selena seethe though while she's dating manlet missing chromosome André the Giant.

No. 1931270

its because no matter how much of a sleeze jb tries to make himself look, go into retiremenr, etc, at the end of the day he is still justin bieber and he's still pretty attractive. he will ALWAYS be very famous. meanwhile selena is washed up, bitter, people mainly remember her for her disney channel past meanwhile jb has succesfully rebranded himself multiple times. when she was dating jb it was the most attention she got literally ever. the closest she came to that again was when she dated the weeknd. it must suck to only be relevant because of the moid you're currently dating. she is an alcoholic and a mean girl, she never stopped trying to make hailey bieber's life hell tbh.

No. 1931302

She and Pete should've stayed together they're equally embarrassing

No. 1931337

O-O-OZEMPIC! No but really he looks like an actual crackhead. Didn't he have to go to rehab for cocaine at some point? He's definitely on something.

No. 1931343

for some reason I cannot in a million years imagine those two having sex

No. 1931345

File: 1710872959486.jpeg (592.1 KB, 1170x788, IMG_0844.jpeg)

I really hope playboy never makes a comeback because everything that the former playmates and girls next door say about it makes it sound repulsive

No. 1931347

File: 1710873137740.jpeg (165.46 KB, 1170x550, IMG_0846.jpeg)

I wonder if he showered after that

No. 1931350

File: 1710873289965.jpeg (872.21 KB, 1170x1449, IMG_0847.jpeg)

If he's on drugs the Kardashians are already doing damage control and saying it's ozempic
>Fans feared his appearance was a result of an undisclosed illness or drug use, but sources have told DailyMail.com that he has been using Ozempic in a desperate bid to get rid of his 'dad bod.'
>'He is not ill and isn’t doing hardcore drugs,' an insider said. 'Kourtney would never allow Scott to spend so much time with their kids if he was in the throes of an addiction.

No. 1931353

File: 1710873472112.jpeg (910.76 KB, 1170x1647, IMG_0848.jpeg)

I wish Tom Cruise would fall down…

No. 1931356

Looks more dead than Laura Palmer

No. 1931357

File: 1710873667288.jpeg (844.68 KB, 1170x1238, IMG_0849.jpeg)

Meanwhile with the guy who should've fallen off the Empire State Building…

No. 1931363

File: 1710873845935.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1271, IMG_0850.jpeg)

Nonna has charted kek

No. 1931377

I’ll never understand why people without diabetes take that shit. It can seriously fuck up your GI system even after you’re off it. I don’t want to hear celebrities bitching in a few years about how they can only eat a limited number of foods without puking because I won’t feel bad for them.
IT’S BYNES. There is no ‘R’ in her name. Your posts are always identifiable because of this.
I saw his band open for The Used in like 2005 and he looked so tiny and twinky on stage.

No. 1931395

File: 1710875170837.jpg (153.41 KB, 400x585, 2611275890_c24cd94dc5_o.jpg)

Be careful what you wish for.
It wouldn't but she would unironically look good in gothic lolita.

No. 1931406

I like it, she looks cute

No. 1931415

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has no charisma, I've thought so ever since Kick Ass came out. James Bond is supposed to be the most charming spy of them all. It's a bad fit.

Agree with this though, better than Cillian.

No. 1931423

File: 1710876224010.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1746, IMG_0851.jpeg)

>Amid rumours the British actor, 33, has all but signed a deal to follow in Daniel Craig's footsteps as 007, he has spoken out in a new interview with Rolling Stone UK, insisting he won't be a part of the 'pop culture studio film' machine.
>In a cover shoot to promote his latest role in Sony's next Marvel film Kraven the Hunter, Aaron muses on the direction his stellar career is heading after two decades on the big screen.
>Asked directly about the reports that he is in talks to be Bond, the actor coyly replies that he 'can only really talk about the things I'm going to show and tell,' before tellingly adding:
>'I don't feel like I need to have a future drawn out for me. I feel like, whatever's drawn out for me, I can fuckin' do better.'
>While he hasn't been cast as Bond, Aaron has taken on the lead in another big budget action franchise.
>But the actor insists he can find the nuances in any character, even in Kraven - a big-game hunter whose singular goal in life is to beat Spider-Man.

No. 1931448

File: 1710877445830.jpeg (765.44 KB, 1170x1744, IMG_0856.jpeg)

>Jabbari, in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday in New York federal court, brings claims for battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, malicious prosecution and defamation, which arises from Majors denying that he abused the professional dancer and movement coach leading up to and after his conviction. She accuses Majors of subjecting her to a “pattern of pervasive domestic abuse that began in 2021 and extended through 2023,” detailing several instances of alleged physical violence.
>According to the suit, on Sept. 20, 2022, after an earlier largely verbal fight, Majors “pushed Grace so hard that it bruised her backside,” “picked Grace up in the air and threw her against the hood of her car” and “brought Grace back into their house and held his hands around her neck, stating that he wanted to kill her, and that he was going to kill her. Majors then started hitting Grace’s head against the marble floor while strangling her until she felt she could no longer breathe.”
>Jabbari says she later wanted to seek medical treatment for this incident, but alleges she was dissuaded by Majors, who said via text, “They will ask you questions, and as I don’t think you actually protect us, it could lead to an investigation even if you do lie and they suspect something.”
>The texts about the alleged incident came up as part of Majors’ criminal trial (though any alleged incident preceding it was not discussed). Jurors were instructed to view this and past instances of alleged abuse as background information, rather than evidence of propensity to commit a crime. While many of the incidents in the civil suit were alluded to by Jabbari as part of the criminal trial, she was largely only able to speak to the alleged emotional abuse surrounding them, rather than any claims of physical violence.
>Tuesday’s suit sheds light on some of the alleged physical abuse, which escalated in August 2022 when the pair moved in together in London.
>“In September 2022, Majors again became upset and began verbally assaulting Grace while chasing her around the home,” states the complaint. “When he was finally able to corner her on the bed, Majors raised his fist over her as she cowered, protecting her face with her hands. On this occasion, Majors did not physically strike Grace; he obtained control over himself and left the property as Grace locked herself in a bedroom for safety.”
>In January 2023, Jabbari disclosed the abuse to Majors’ management team, which allegedly responded by relaying the message to the actor. According to the complaint, Majors was “furious at Grace for betraying him and telling a member of his team that he had physically assaulted her.”
>In the new suit, Jabbari echoes comments made during the criminal trial about Majors behavior after the alleged incidents. “Majors would threaten suicide in response to Grace’s attempts to understand why Majors became physically violent with her in the aftermath and to manipulate Grace away from going to the hospital or reporting the violence to authorities,” the suit reads.

No. 1931457

Didn’t this happen when they considered Michael B. Jordan for the role also? Michael didn’t want the role I remember because he did not want his career to be defined by the role nor did he think he was ready.

No. 1931463

Dude rn your career is defined by people non-stop shitting on your wife, I have zero idea what work you have…

No. 1931470

She was my favorite character back when I was watching Victorious as a kid. I wanted her to succeed so bad and I hated Jade and Cat for being annoying kek. I also hated Beck and wanted her to end up with Adrian because they cared about each other and their duets were very nice. I was shocked when I grew up and discovered Ariana was the most popular one while Victoria Justice was underrated. She has the best timber out of all the 3 actresses imo. Liz sounds kinda generic while Ariana is straight up annoying. Side note, I was thinking about this a few hours ago while preparing my breakfast so it's funny that I open this thread and see this post first thing kek. Now I'm gonna listen to "make it shine" since I woke up with it stuck in my head.

No. 1931475

>We all know she’s had insatiable baby fever
Honestly I disagree, I don't think she ever wants kids. Same for Taylor, Selena and so on, and I respect them for that. They clearly only want to expand their career and there's nothing wrong with that, way better than earlier female celebrities who had them because you should as a women. For example Cher's kids are very fucked up or rn Paris clearly feels zero for the babies.

No. 1931487

I wanted Gillian Anderson. rip to my fantasies of the first female Bond.

No. 1931489

How is she allowed to walk around like this? The poor old woman in the background witnesses this is the cherry on the shitcake

No. 1931519

File: 1710881240991.jpg (1.37 MB, 2000x3000, Tumblr_l_825311847844004.jpg)

Sydney Sweeney stuns by putting her tits away for like a second(please stop sperging about sydney sweeney)

No. 1931526

This is a pretty dress but I don't think it flatters her tbh. Also, this pic is kinda awkward because can tell she called the paps kek. The posing and clear angle makes this look like a phot you could see in a magazine.

No. 1931536

You’re nasty and defending an adult making out with a child because you think she’s hot and the kid is “lucky.” pedo wk. If you had the displeasure of seeing the movie, you would know it’s not some cute little peck on the cheek and any grown adult person should feel nasty doing what she did with a child actor who very much looked like a kid. If she was a moid, no one would be defending this. I’m not jealous and bitter, I’m older than her and regularly get carded but I’m not lurking around middle schools trying to make out with children because they would totally enjoy it so much. Anyone who thinks that way is sick in the head.

No. 1931565

Most pap shots, including some of the blurry pics, aren't authentic. There were tons of laws put in place to tame the paparazzis in the 00s. Ever since then it's mostly been celebs papping themselves or their management paying paps to hide in the bushes and photograph their clients.(learn to sage)

No. 1931568

They were together during that time and she was his muse, she recently said she wishes she got credit for the album. I'm not sure if she helped write some songs but apparently her voice is in some tracks. Apparently Amber also has the same birthday as Kim K.

No. 1931596

ok so without seeing the movie: is it actual making out or acting where they fake it? I just watched The VVitch and a grown woman "makes out" with a kid but it's obviously fake and not really on his mouth. Is this incident with Alexa any different from the countless fake acted sexual scenes other minors have participated in? Why do I need to watch the movie to find out why people are foaming at the mouth? Because I don't want to see it but people are being so fucking vague and referring to it as if she literally had sex with him

No. 1931628

the bitterness of the caption kek

No. 1931652

She was at least 26 kissing on a 11 year old, it’s disgusting period even if there are allegedly countless examples of sexual contact with minors all over film history. Why are you defending this?

No. 1931678

File: 1710889396177.jpeg (307.57 KB, 2000x1333, IMG_0853.jpeg)

Trisha Paytas for rolling stone.(take it to /snow/)

No. 1931679

Damn you guys are still talking about this…

No. 1931682

I'm not defending it but I also know that acting isn't real, Jesus. Once you see fake kissing it's really obvious it isn't an actual kiss, it's like on the side of the face, but thanks again for not even saying if it's a real kiss or not. Yeah to me it makes a difference if it's a simulated kiss or not, it should make a difference to you too. People aren't pedos or predators for acting and simulating intimacy for a movie, they are fucking acting. I say this as someone who hates sex scenes in movies and avoids exploitative gross shit like Poor Things. Blame the people who write and direct questionable content. But I assure you, actresses are not getting off by faking a kiss with an underaged male for a scene.

No. 1931685

Dan Schneider on that Ozempic
For context he did an interview with Hollywood reporter about the abuse allegations

No. 1931792

Why are you moving goalposts? It’s not about getting off, it’s about having enough sense as a grown adult to not simulate sexual activity with a child. On film for profit. There’s a reason you can’t find the scene easily by a simple google search because it’s gross as hell to make out with children and that type of content tends to not stay online on normal channels. Alexa Demie is pretty and she also made out with a kid for a John Hill movie who was literally 11 and it’s weird as hell that people like you need to do mental gymnastics to give her a pass for that because she’s like soooo pretty omg it’s kind of based ~it’s just simulated~ I hope you stay away from kids irl

No. 1931800

This is a lovely dress and I think it looks very nice on her.

No. 1931801

File: 1710899694873.jpg (147.6 KB, 1089x946, url(2)~2.jpg)

>I want more diversity in stories
Yet the dude she was paired with in Broken Hearts Gallery was a conventionally attractive white guy (not that I'm complaining, I adore Dacre.)

No. 1931808

The hobo in the background really completes the look

No. 1931831

It was a typo, I didn’t even notice, and I’ve never made a post about her before

No. 1931833

>conventionally attractive
the bar is so low nowadays

No. 1931836

Nta but this is the celebricows thread, where we make fun of celebrities. This is not the celebrity worship thread.

No. 1931839

I’m glad she got in rolling stone but why did she pose like that in her underwear, how embarrassing for her

No. 1931840

Love her but wtf lol

No. 1931847

this is the only type of couple allowed in western media now(racebaiting)

No. 1931852

File: 1710903812319.jpg (221.31 KB, 1581x1054, 1000003507.jpg)

She was trying to recreate Britney's cover

No. 1931853

this guy is ugly nona please

No. 1931854

ariana and dalton are officially divorced.
i wonder how long till ethan's divorce is finalized and then maybe they will walk around in public with no shame?
> Ariana had to cough up a single lump sum payment of $1,250,000 to Dalton and split the sale of their L.A. home. She will also throw Dalton $25,000 for his lawyers’ fees.

couples who sign prenups vs couples who do not is very interesting to me. i really don't understand what a prenup is or the purpose of it, is it just whoever makes more money has to pay the other?


No. 1931856

lmao im pretty sure that's not a hobo.. it's just cold where she is? he looks pretty clean to me and has nice clothes.

No. 1931858

LOL he said "im pretty sure i owe a lot of people a big apology" nah loser you need a pretty big JAIL sentence

No. 1931859

she looks a bit downsy yet she still mogs all of us
I don’t think there’s a single relevant actor right now that isn’t ugly as fuck. Please bring back handsome famous moids I beg

No. 1931862

File: 1710904789643.png (43.3 KB, 882x235, Screenshot 2024-03-19 231925.p…)


This got debunked. I found it hard to believe in was in debt in the first place even if he has been inactive for a bit. He can afford to be on a hiatus and it seems like MGM was giving him spending money anyways.
Reposting so the mods don't get on my tits for no screencap.

No. 1931864

She mogs you, you mean? Don’t compare random innocent anons to that downsy looking glorified pornstar(sperg)

No. 1931865

like her or not she’s one of the most lusted after women right now and she mogs you too

No. 1931867

Because she made jokes about teenage girls fucking dogs, made a weird incestuous joke about her dad saying she has the best tits in hollywood, dresses as a schoolgirl in roles, and had affair rumors with an old man and is engaged to an old man. These are all pickme behavior and men love that she keeps degrading herself. She also has the biggest implants in Hollywood which gives her notoriety. Most of the losers ‘lusting’ after her think her face is ugly and just comment about her boobs being hot, she doesn’t mog anyone

No. 1931882

File: 1710906461328.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x1582, IMG_2812.jpeg)

It’s so funny she’s supposed to be 14 in madam web. The whore looked 33 in children’s clothes.

No. 1931885

i will take this over hollywood exposing children to pedos

No. 1931886

File: 1710906617662.jpeg (52.53 KB, 437x701, IMG_3637.jpeg)

t.(sage your shit)

No. 1931889

File: 1710906934127.jpeg (Spoiler Image,361.8 KB, 1284x659, IMG_2813.jpeg)

Or bimbos could stop taking sexualized kids roles all together and eliminate the genre completely. She’s supposed to be playing a character who is 16 here btw

No. 1931891

File: 1710907201149.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1400, IMG_4371.jpeg)

She looked cool in the spiderwoman suit and the strawberry blonde suits her. Why are no famous women strawberry blonde anymore
I was glad to find out he isn’t playing bond but then they mention that he’s doing another boring capeshit movie, with sony. it’s gonna be absolute shit

No. 1931892

i mean shes being overly catty but why make the character 14 if youre gonna cast a 26 year old woman? why not make her 17 if she needs to be a highschooler? it changes nothing about the story and its so weird to me when we are presented people in their mid to late 20s as 14/15/16 year olds when they dont even look young for their age
i do agree with this but there are plenty of actresses who can convincingly pass as teenagers so i dont understand why they dont use one of them or just age the character up it really breaks immersion im also really sick of shows and movies doing this so they can have extremely sexual plotlines with teenage characters

No. 1931893

Pedowood will literally never stop doing that as long as its run by moids. At least this way they are exploting real kids.

No. 1931894

She’s looked old and the wig was dry

No. 1931895

It can stop if stage moms stopped offering their daughters up to wolves and grown women stoped taking child porn roles

No. 1931896

Hollywood doing its best to push the most degenerate 7th layer of hell filth onto us in hopes to titillate and desensitize the public to further degeneracy. Sick people at the top. I want everyone involved in this situation including the article author put up against a wall

No. 1931897

If she looks too old, then how will it attract pedos? Just call her an old ugly hag and be done with it, no need to pretend it’s about morals.

No. 1931901

why would you want a teenage character to be played by an actress that looks underage? that only feeds into pedos delusions. Their underage wifus being played by women that look 30yo+ is funny as fuck. Reminds me of mighty murphin powerangers and how they tried to pass 25yos as teens

No. 1931904

File: 1710907569872.jpeg (981.83 KB, 1030x1540, IMG_2815.jpeg)


She is the definition of a butter face. Guys like her because of her implants and women like her because they think they have a shot being ugly.(sperg)

No. 1931907

She's hardly disfigured, she's got a boob job and a symmetrical face they can glam up on camera

No. 1931909

File: 1710907831401.jpeg (423.35 KB, 1026x633, IMG_2816.jpeg)

She’s not disfigured but she’s ugly. I’m tired of pretending she’s hot just because moids like her huge tits. Any movie her tits aren’t out scrotes throw a fit and that’s for a reason.

No. 1931911

Who am I allowed to like?

No. 1931914

i dont want these kinds of plotlines for teenage characters at all. i want normal shows for teenagers to watch because this riverdale euphoria shit is disturbing to me and was even when i was a teenager myself, but as far as i know madame web wasnt even sexual so im not sure how thats supposed to play into her role in that movie.

No. 1931919

The people saying she's pretty and Ice Spice is ugly are funny to me because they look like they have the same disorder.(sperg)

No. 1931925

File: 1710909384497.jpeg (397.86 KB, 1029x608, IMG_2817.jpeg)

Probably because the ugly white girls can see themselves in Sydney and are hyped to see a uggo getting scrote attention for once, even if it’s for the wrong reasons…most scrotes don’t even like her face.(racebait)

No. 1931929

holy shit, i thought a farmhand told us to stop sperging about sydney's looks
you retarded fucking bitches, stop

No. 1931935

literally a video about Dan Schneider (ACTUAL MILK) has been posted yet anons want to discuss how ugly sydney is and post 100 pictures of her. just repeating the same shit on loop for like 20 threads now. im literally reading the same shit that's in every single thread. you guys are pathetic and misogynistic and miserable

No. 1931936

Are you a homely and upset seeing a fellow uggo being made fun of? It’s ok(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1931938

Pedophilia isn't milk for everybody

No. 1931939

If you think this is racy, you guys have never watched Skins UK and it shows. This thread is full of autistic wastes of space. I can’t even count how many warnings we’ve had now about splurging about Sydneys looks and why she’s famous. You retards simply cannot help yourself and it’s sad. I bet you’re all fat and ugly as fuck and no one wants to fuck you.(infighting)

No. 1931942

I don’t remember skins the uk version having hardcore sex scenes and up close dick shots

No. 1931944

Ayrt, you’re misinterpreting what I said and I don’t care what a sperg thinks about my opinion anyway, cry about it(infighting)

No. 1931946

I’m not the one that’s gonna be getting banned. We were told not to sperg about her looks how many different ways can the same shit be said? Over and over and fucking over again.

That’s perfectly fine but none of these posts about Sydney are milk either. Just repeating the same words and sentences that have been posted hundreds of times. Ignoring farmhands. Nobody gives a fuck what you guys think about a blonde celebrity with big boobs when you have to repeat it a million times. It’s like you want to convince us and that’s why you’re repeating it. You have nothing better to do the same insults for multiple threads. You guys have the IQ of a 12-year-old on Xbox live.

No. 1931948

Isla Fisher is strawberry blonde and she looks like a goddess

No. 1931949

>im not the one who is gonna get banned

Just go tattle on me then and stop whining about it

No. 1931951

Might wanna watch it again. There’s seven seasons and the nudity and sexuality increasingly gets worse, but it’s still an amazing and shows how teenagers actually act. Some of you need to stop the pearl clutching. There are actual pedos and abusers in Hollywood.

No. 1931954

It attracts men who like teenage girls and young women in their 20s, the type of men who groom 13 year olds online but still have their adult girlfriend wear schoolgirl skirts or do ddlg. Pedowood is always trying to cross boundaries with pedophilia specifically with teenagers

No. 1931955

That’s the thing, I don’t need to “tattle”. You miserable fuck. No one loves you or wants to fuck you and that’s why you’re jealous and taking it out on a celebrity who has done nothing to you, when there are plenty of other celebrities who have not done worse but even female celebrities who have done the same but everyone wants to have an autistic fixation on this one celebrity and it’s getting on everybody’s fucking nerves, I am not the only one complaining right now.

No. 1931956

>There are actual pedos and abusers in Hollywood.
Like Sam Levinson, director of Euphoria. Why defend him?

No. 1931957

Her face looks like a monkey and her body is fridge shaped

No. 1931958

I didn't do anything like that or post anything "hundreds of times", chill out. Celebrities' looks get talked about sometimes, it's not that deep.

No. 1931959

We’ve discussed Dan Schneider and his victims at length, just scroll up.
These threads exist to make fun of celebrities, that includes their appearances, style, and persona.

No. 1931960

File: 1710910829429.jpeg (Spoiler Image,112.94 KB, 800x800, IMG_2820.jpeg)

Euphoria is for sure more degenerate than skins. The last season of euphoria was just 97% Sydney Sweeney getting her back blown out with no other plot lines.

No. 1931961

>im ugly and i want you to stop making fun of other ugly blondes because i look like her


No. 1931962

I watched Skins as a kid and loved it, while it showed how teenagers act and had inappropriate elements, it never had soft core porn. They weren’t sexualizing teenagers in it like euphoria and almost all of Sydney’s roles do
Any dumb actress who sexualizes teenagers to get ahead is going to be looked down on by other women, fucking get over it. Any actress who ONLY does retarded porn scenes is going to be looked down on. No one is pearl clutching, we’re allowed to have standards and morals

No. 1931963

Ew I genuinely hate her

No. 1931964

I’m not part of the Sydney sperging but I can’t watch Dan Schneider videos he creeps me out too much and it gives me anxiety, sorry nonna

No. 1931968

I don't understand why she just doesn't do playboy or something? like no hate or anything, it's just weird how everything she is involved in immediately turns into porn. Even celebrities that turned themselves into walking pairs of boobs like Kat Dennings were never this bad(sperg)

No. 1931971

good thing she caters to white pedos or else she would've been ripped apart for having no ass and hips. Moids truly do find attractive whatever they're told too. There's so many actresses with nicer bodies and faces that get swept under the rug because their boobs weren't being shoved in moids faces(sperg)

No. 1931975

ive seen skins i even liked it as a teen but i still dont think teenagers should be watching this stuff maybe im just an old prude now and while i do think skins handled these topics way better than euphoria its hard for a teenager not to romanticize and i dont think its right to have kids acting this stuff out

No. 1931980

Skins is a classic especially as a bong anon, but I haven't been the same since I learned it was created by a father and son duo. Also Levinson is one of those scrotes who'd be an open nonce in a hot second if it was legal.

No. 1931982

As someone who was in high school when Euphoria came out yeah I can confirm that it actually did change how kids behaved. Everyone already found it glamorous to do drugs and drink but party culture and the oversexualisation of almost every single encounter you have with every classmate or coworker you meet just exploded in the most annoying possible way. My classmates did porn when they turned freshly 18 because it made them feel famous and special, then they'd go right home to smoke weed and huff wood glue to try and fall asleep in time to wake up early for school. This was some tumblresque aesthetic Euphoria inspired life they thought was just so tantalizing. I know it sounds pathetic, but its real kek. Thats how pathetic little kids act when they see salacious content directed towards them, they feel jealous. Like they're living the wrong life. So then they put themselves in danger trying to replicate fiction.

No. 1931991

Disliking a celebrity isn’t jealousy, you’re so immature. I’m NTAYRT but we’ve stated why she’s gross many times, and yet there’s always some drooling idiot screaming about how we hate her because she’s blonde with implants. Then we say, no, there are a lot of blondes with big boobs in the industry, no one cares about that, this is why we hate her- and then some bozo says ‘oh so you hate blondes with big boobs and your jealous?’
It’s exhausting to see you single digit iq idiots defend her and refuse to comprehend why she’s so repulsive(sperg)

No. 1931996

File: 1710915213123.jpeg (36.69 KB, 302x405, IMG_8605.jpeg)

It’s funny if you compare her to someone like Christina Hendricks, because she’s known for having a curvy hourglass figure but I’ve never heard anyone say “oh she’s only famous because she has big boobs”, because she’s a talented actress and that isn’t a complaint made about women who have actual talent, it’s made about casting couch girls.
She’s very pretty but she’s also very talented and was amazing as Joan Holloway in Mad Men. She’s famous because she can act and has charisma, her looks just add to that.

She’s also been subjected to a lot of attention from creeps and she’s been strongly objectified throughout her career, but she’s the victim of objectification and misogyny in Hollywood.

But Sydney Sweeney isn’t the victim of objectification, she keeps doing and saying the most degrading things possible to get attention, she’s intentionally degrading herself. She isn’t a victim, she’s no different from OF losers.

No. 1931998

I don't know nothing about this woman but what an absolute humiliation ritual to be forced out into the public like this.

No. 1932007

You are too young to be here.

No. 1932010

The documentary Quiet on Set is what you should be watching instead of the Dan apology video, but it's fucked up too. Just finished the Brian Peck episode where they interview Drake Bell. it's brutal

No. 1932011

nta but its been 5 years since the show came out

No. 1932014

KEK prophetic!

No. 1932015

I'm 23 do I need to be 30 or something

No. 1932026

All for saying they look alike, lol

No. 1932031

File: 1710921984896.jpg (4.39 MB, 4396x5767, url(2)~3.jpg)

You're entitled to your wrong opinions. Nonas call pickrel ugly, but then turn around and simp for inbreds likes Paul Dano and corpses like Brad Dourif.

No. 1932032

John Boyega apparently.

No. 1932034

>if you don't like x you must like y!
Anon all three are ugly. I don't think danofags nor douriffags even post ITT.

No. 1932035

Hollywood men are ugly, get over it

No. 1932040

Name some men you don't think are ugly, anons.
>inb4 the anons I'm replying to are lesbians, in which case they aren't entitled to opinions on this in the first place

No. 1932042

Only boyegachan likes him, everyone else thinks he looks like a big back fertility statue

No. 1932043

Cary Elwes in the princess bride specifically, and old hollywood actors like Gregory Peck and Alain Delon

No. 1932044

The ones before 1999

No. 1932045

File: 1710923191153.jpeg (107.89 KB, 900x750, IMG_8615.jpeg)

Anon this creature is hideous and depressing to look at

No. 1932047

another victim of the McDonald's logo hairline (also why do men keep growing pube staches)

No. 1932048

File: 1710923443232.png (211.99 KB, 485x438, 0_0JlR_M8nnTj4aJHm.png)

The dad from to kill a mockingbird? This motherfucker? What are you, 70? Do you hold moids to lower standards just because they were popular back when it was legal to rape your spouse, beat your kids, and hate pollocks?

No. 1932049

You do realize that's a costume, right?

No. 1932050

I was talking about his face not this clothes

No. 1932053

File: 1710923771584.gif (490.39 KB, 500x320, DE635376-7533-4131-B4ED-6CF268…)

He was attractive when he was young, and your seething post is just silly btw

No. 1932056

ntayrt but in terms of looks the men back then at least had classical features and were clean shaven. the stranger things guy on the other hand..looks like a doughy hipster AND looks older than his age on top of that

No. 1932057

I heard that the trendy vegan/keto/whatever diets celebrities go on (especially to lose weight for roles) is bad for their hair. Especially ones who do boomerang diets (losing weight for a role, then letting themselves go between projects, then dieting again.) Malnutrition can exacerbate hair loss.

He's handsome for sure but it's not exactly fair to compare that to any modern actor/actress because the film is super low quality. Film today is so high fidelity that you can see every wrinkle and pore on everyone's faces. Grainy black and white film is equivalent to heavy filters imo.

No. 1932059

It seems to me like handsomeness was more required for a male actor being famous 50+ years ago than it is today. These days it seems like having connections or a good agent can compensate for appearances. That said it could just be survivorship bias; we only remember the really attractive guys from the 60s and not the dumpier ones that were probably more common.

No. 1932065

File: 1710924698645.jpg (65.46 KB, 563x703, 1699048596419.jpg)

Samefag here's a random modern-ish(? idk who this is) example I stole from /g/, but I still stand by what I said

No. 1932068

Is that Anthony Kiedis? If it is, he looks like complete shit now.

No. 1932069

Does anyone know what show she’s talking about?

No. 1932070

I figured it out now it's Nuno Bettencourt. You gave me a heart attack nonna I was almost about to delete my post.

No. 1932072

You're autistic as fuck I won't lie.

I think people are under the impression that Justin secretly wants Selena but the likely truth is that he still jerks it to her from a decade ago and has no attraction to her now, sorry to say. He strikes as the type to nearly bully her to suicide for her weight kek.

No. 1932073

File: 1710925504561.png (2.89 MB, 2048x1536, 1000003504.png)

Why does this asshole do this

No. 1932075

I’d rather fuck his old ass than Timothee chalamet or Tom Holland. At least he’s actually handsome.

No. 1932076


No. 1932077

File: 1710925606835.jpg (129.25 KB, 818x1024, 1000003507.jpg)

Why are there multiple instances of this asshole doing this

No. 1932078

File: 1710925629656.jpg (54.8 KB, 634x808, 1000003506.jpg)

No. 1932079

File: 1710925783846.gif (2.64 MB, 320x568, 1000003508.gif)

For as long as I live, Jared Leto will always have a hater.

5'9 is an inch below the usual requirements it isnt like hes Napolean

No. 1932080

Last one but hes so annoying

No. 1932085

Nowhere does it say 'do not climb', because no one apart from a very autistic child would attempt to. Desperate attempt at attention seeking, being such a big narcissist must be exhausting

No. 1932087

You dont have to pretend to like her but calling her a whore, sperging about her, and saying she has down syndrome is very weird and also extremely telling about you instead.

Are you jealous or something? Why does it matter if she isn't a model? Most actors and actresses are not. You sound like a man, normally women aren't so delusional about the looks of other women unless they feel they were entitled to their spot instead. No one is forcing you to watch her movies. Calling her an ugly whore reeks of incel. Why is there an excuse to degrade and belittle women when they're "ugly white women" only? You're deranged kek

No. 1932090

File: 1710927126976.jpeg (983.18 KB, 1170x1701, IMG_8626.jpeg)

> Sydney Sweeney isn’t too torn up about Madame Web flopping at the box office because her investment in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe has already paid off

>She went on to say that “story” isn’t the deciding factor when it comes to choosing scripts; her choices are also based on “strategic business decisions.” In the case of Madame Web, she explained, “Because I did that, I was able to sell Anyone But You. I was able to get Barbarella.”

> While Sweeney was not a producer on the Spider-Man spinoff, she — and her production company Fifty-Fifty Films — were part of the effort to get Anyone But You to screens.

> In the meantime, Sweeney is approaching the release of her nun-based horror film Immaculate, and set to executive produce a new Barbarella film for Sony Pictures, where she will also star as the titular space adventurer

Sydney Sweeney was able to start her own production company after making Madam Webb, and all of her latest movies- Anyone But You, Immaculate, Barbarella- were produced by her company.

No. 1932091

This is just confirmation bias. It was required for there to be beautiful actresses about 90% of the time, and the only exceptions were deliberately old or ugly women for a storyline as a side character. In popular romance films, the lead was more attractive as a man, but I the majority of media all of the men were fat and old while they women had to be thin and at least moderately beautiful. This is reflected in a lot of popular television shows and most movies, the ones that are still popular are so because they are stylistically more beautiful and glamorous. The rest of media was like Perry Mason–fat old men, beautiful thin younger women.

No. 1932094

File: 1710927601176.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1037x1933, IMG_8627.jpeg)

Monica Bellucci’s daughter was on the cover of Dior, she’s becoming very popular in the modeling industry

No. 1932099

Definitely cashing in on nepo connections but not as egregiously untalented as some nepo babies.

No. 1932102

Nta but modern films are so filtered and low-light that you can’t see shit anyway. Every film era has its tricks.

No. 1932103

She has scenes and movies where she’s giving blow jobs and masturbating and moaning on carnival rides in public. I don’t think she gives a shit about being degraded and belittled. She’s rich and doesn’t give two shits about being called an ugly whore by some random online when she goes home and rolls around in her cash with her scrote who is 20 years older than her.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1932104

Has she been in any other films other than those four recently? Or has she just been cast in these lead roles because she’s producing the films herself?

No. 1932105

I don’t like nepo babies or anything but she’s pretty enough to be a model imo, unlike most nepos
They used to have all kinds of tricks to make old hollywood stars look better on film definitely, but modern film do the same thing only now they use literal filters like on social media. They also do things like editing the colors to make their coloring more vivid

No. 1932107

God. Can you just go to the 2X board or something. You've been infighting with everyone for hours over this.

No. 1932108

There are multiple anons talking about it

No. 1932109

I can post whatever I want when I want. Stop trying to control shit and just report and stfu(ban evading)

No. 1932127

>remaking Barbarella in the 2020s
God truly is dead, we’re having a 60s and 70s sexploitation film renaissance complete with extra misogyny and I hate it.

No. 1932132

Probably going to be full nudity and the male love interest will be in his 50s

No. 1932135

File: 1710933327173.jpeg (55.57 KB, 612x431, IMG_8633.jpeg)

Of course this is the film she chose to remake simply so she can cast herself

No. 1932142

The hospital staff will throw the baby in the incinerator thinking it's the placenta.

No. 1932144

And I am sure that people will see them as "empowering vintage films" and they will rejoice in them even though the 60s were a completely different time

No. 1932145

There's plenty of people online calling this guy ugly, trust me.

No. 1932174

i never said it a celebrity worship thread but hmm thanks for the reminder

No. 1932206

File: 1710938768586.jpeg (371.81 KB, 1170x915, IMG_8647.jpeg)

Madisyn Shipman made a post voicing support for Dan Schneider

No. 1932208

File: 1710938955471.jpeg (52.44 KB, 495x619, IMG_8649.jpeg)

She became a playboy bunny after leaving Nickelodeon so this stance isn’t surprising

No. 1932217

The Dune 2 cast has been filming responses to tiktok comments as part of their press tour

No. 1932218

I think the Dan Schneider discussions belong in the Child Abuse in Media thread.

No. 1932240

Matthew Lawrence, who was a child actor, is talking about producers amd executives and the casting couch. Some of the men who were targeted are Terry Crews, Elijah Woods, Corey Feldman and Brandon Fraser. He said that he didn’t want to do that which led to him losing a role to James Marsdan, who supported Dan Schneider recently.

No. 1932267

If Brenda Song replaced her something to do with the Sprouse twins probably.

No. 1932271

File: 1710944276940.jpeg (172.9 KB, 1125x1155, IMG_2511.jpeg)

>Elijah Wood
I remember he was interviewed a few years ago and confirmed that he was preyed on as a child star but his mom protected him. He later denied having any first hand experiences but I think that was him trying to cover his own ass from getting black listed

No. 1932276

Sorry to post another tik tok but the cast of Ned’s Declassified went on live and mocked the situation.

No. 1932278

I can’t help but like Zendaya, she’s so cute. “I like Target!” lol

No. 1932287

"awwwwww" they're so lost kek

No. 1932290

so I guess this confirms what I already assumed, everyone in Hollywood but the directors and producers have been sexually assaulted and molested

No. 1932295

he does acknowledge that women are subjected more into this abuse but then says society isn't ready to hear about men being abuse victims but they totes believe women when they come out? Fuck off moid

No. 1932306

I’ve always found her very likeable. She’d be in my dream blunt rotation probably.

No. 1932313

File: 1710947877562.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1415, IMG_8656.jpeg)

Kanye said she sent him a verse for their new song, then changed her mind and told him he can’t use it

No. 1932360

File: 1710950324043.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x1936, IMG_2824.jpeg)

Bethany frankel looking more like a ghoul everyday

No. 1932375

1. The song is mid. Nicki’s verse is better than Kanye’s, she out did him on his own song.
2. Kanye is a petty bitch. He wants to ignite Nicki’s coke rage towards Ice Spice because Nicki would not allow him to release the original song.
3. Female rap is just rap moids pitting women against each other for “Who’s the top objectified bitch?” I feel genuinely bad for lil Kim because her early raps were written by Biggie Smalls to appeal to degen men. “I can suck a coke can through a straw” was all his idea.

No. 1932381

File: 1710951384363.jpeg (145.63 KB, 634x594, IMG_0902.jpeg)

Megan Fox reveals the PS procedures she's had done

No. 1932387

She could’ve aged gracefully into a beautiful woman. All she needed was a little Botox here and there but now she’s gonna look botched. Megan fox has been hot all her life and once she loses it because of all these surgeries she’s going to go ape shit.

No. 1932389

File: 1710951660361.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1859, IMG_0905.jpeg)

>The 51-year-old is now a major star these days on The Masked Singer but before finding TV fame, the pinup was a nude model for Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine.
>And this week the blonde bombshell dished on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen about what it was really like at the famed Playboy mansion back in the early 1990s.
>'There was still so much sex going on with like gross celebrities in the grotto area, stuff like that,' the wife of singer Donnie Wahlberg revealed.
>'I went to the parties, so I got to see a lot of that action,' she continued, before being asked whether there was a 'sexy vibe' at those events.
>'Unfortunately, they would invite like… for every 20 guys, there was one girl. The guys were just in heaven. But also, the guys were also 70 years old.
>'There was only hot women and the ugliest dudes. They were like really, really old. It was like Viagra central.'

Ew. I hope Playboy never makes a comeback

No. 1932391

File: 1710951811043.jpeg (922.9 KB, 1158x1142, IMG_0906.jpeg)

>Lola, 52, who had the small supporting role of Rada in the film, shared her unpleasant experience of working with the actor 20 years after shooting the movie.
>The actress claimed the Donnie Brasco star, 60, called her a 'fg idiot' and told her to 'shut the f*k up' as she spoke about the alleged incident in a recently resurfaced clip from the Powerful Truth Angels podcast.
>According to Lola the trouble started after director Ted Demme instructed her to 'burst out laughing' after one of Johnny's lines, but the actor didn't take kindly to the gesture.
>However, a representative for Depp denied the claims, and told Variety the actor 'always prioritizes good working relationships with cast and crew and this recounting differs greatly from the recollection of other members on set at the time.'

No. 1932394

File: 1710951949781.jpeg (649.07 KB, 1170x1000, IMG_0907.jpeg)

eiza got a shitton of surgery I don't know why she's bragging

No. 1932403

Unfortunately, it's pretty well known at this point that the Playboy mansion was basically just a really fancy brothel. Lots of issues with rape, drug abuse, quid pro quos, etc. No one was sad when Hugh Hefner died. Playboy is going to wither up and die because it's softcore print-media that costs money in an age when there's terabytes of free porn on the internet.

No. 1932406

honestly even after getting a lot of surgery she still isnt that pretty, theres tons of prettier women without plastic surgery(sage your shit)

No. 1932419

The buccal fat removal trend is so stupid. I've yet to see someone who looks better after having it done.

No. 1932503

what a weird fucking thing to say.

No. 1932509

File: 1710957428196.jpg (82.28 KB, 719x875, Screenshot_20240320-135747_Chr…)

No. 1932514

From my knowledge, Christina has exclusively played adults/older women? The obsession with youth has made this not even possible. Actresses back in the day could be famous and continue getting roles throughout their entire 20s-50s and it would be no big deal. Now the obsession with women "expiring" at 30 and glamorizing teen hood basically ruined all that. It's way harder for female actresses to have careers now and it seems like they can only peak for 5 years then everyone forgets them. Just look what happened with Anya Taylor Joy

No. 1932541

kek I love how he's like a couple feet in the air and people are surrounding him like "what's this retard up to"

No. 1932644

File: 1710963833745.jpg (118.07 KB, 942x623, Eminem-50-Cent-honoree-Dr.-Dre…)

Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg attend the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony for Dr. Dre

No. 1932675

what happened to anya taylor joy

No. 1932704

probably just her going crazy with plastic surgeries and maybe they think her roles are dwindling and sure shes not in everything like she was a few years ago but shes doing just fine

No. 1932801

nothing, she was just on top for a couple of years then downfell when she "aged out". The peak of fame for women in Hollywood now only lasts less than 5 years

No. 1932875

While it is annoying, probabilistic the more chances he has to fall the more possible it will become an actual outcome.
Because it is the only thing I asked myself, why tf doesn't he fall?!

No. 1932910

Sure but she’s the same age as Zendaya and Sydney

No. 1932952

What exactly does a facelift do

No. 1932968

This is a weird thing to claim, she is often brought up as only having tits and not much talent to back it up.

No. 1933011

File: 1710980665381.jpeg (696.05 KB, 1284x1110, IMG_2827.jpeg)

Since everyone has been on the topic of the nick drama. Liz is 30 and she started dating her husband when she was 16 and he was 36 and then married him at 18. I wonder if she ever feels threatened by him working around teenage girls or if she’s in on it now because he still works with children.

No. 1933018

I am so tired of all hollywood men having that disgusting unkept beard, ew.

No. 1933020

i genuinely wonder what him as a 36 year old saw in a 16 year old lol. correct replies only. hard mode: nothing to do with her body.(sage your shit)

No. 1933022

Neither anons but Skeet Ulrich in Scream and Kris Lemche in Ginger Snaps, no man since then has ever appeared attractive to me

No. 1933026

For me it's 90s dicaprio, river phoenix, 80s johnny depp. Hollywood doesnt make pretty boys anymore it's all moids that look like they are part of a podcast.

No. 1933028

She shouldn’t be threatened, she should be scheming along side them to poison him to death and take all his money and donate it to women centred charities. I can have sympathy for a groomed teenager but once you get to 25 odd and you haven’t started to see sense then I assume they’re fully brainwashed and a danger to young women themselves.

No. 1933032

His earring is a red flag in itself.

No. 1933033

File: 1710981975016.jpg (123.65 KB, 1078x934, jared leto.jpg)

Same, what a detestable faggot.

No. 1933034

Impeccable taste nonna. Alain Delon is both pretty and masculine, which is something I go crazy for and it’s why I like Aaron Taylor Johnson.

No. 1933035

She’s been with him for 12 years so I assume she helps him groom/molest girls or she’s the type to be jealous of them. Hopefully they don’t have kids.

No. 1933041

File: 1710982953866.jpeg (424.24 KB, 1728x1042, B5D810C7-1863-45F5-A4D5-B62610…)

These two are surprisingly still together. Avan Jogia has said he doesn’t look back on his years at Nickelodeon fondly but nothing specific.

No. 1933043

he looks so dirty now

No. 1933044

I believe Avan has said that he doesn't even remember most of his time on the set because he was usually drunk or hungover. From what the Victorious cast has said it sounds like there was a lot of partying allowed (and I believe Jeanette Mccurdy said Dan Schneider teased her for not wanting to drink alcohol on set because the Victorious cast was always doing it)

No. 1933046

hes not that important

No. 1933051

She should sue whoever did her nose. It looks terrible.

No. 1933054

You’ll enjoy this.

No. 1933056

Thank you, it was very enjoyable.

No. 1933057

Same, I’ve always really liked Zendaya she seems so sweet and approachable.

No. 1933064

Same fag also she did an interview and said her first bf was 18 and she was 14. She considers him a little boy. I guess it makes sense that she considers 18 a child since she was dating men in their 40s at that age so she’s probably never really dated men under 35. She doesn’t seem to recognize that 14 and 18 is an inappropriate age gap.

No. 1933083

Women who are like this are fucking insufferable.

No. 1933092

The funniest part about her situation is She also always tries to make it seem like she was the one who went after her husband at 16 or 15 and it was totally her who groomed him not the other way around. She’s still brain washed after all these years.

No. 1933096

File: 1710987333090.png (326.57 KB, 640x436, arig.png)

cant believe how much work she got done and how different she was as a person regardless of age…she has some deep issues

No. 1933099

File: 1710987802807.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1525, IMG_0863.jpeg)

They are making a Sims movie and I’m actually pretty excited for it even if it’s terrible I’m definitely going to watch it #Simmer4Life

No. 1933120

im also excited lmao i liked barbie too

No. 1933122

yawn barbie 2, how exciting. Reminds me to when the lego movie came out and all the clones tried to dick ride it's sucess while failing miserably.

No. 1933123

Stupid bitch with no career groveling at an abusers feet because she's desperate for connections and attention. No surprise there.

No. 1933130

File: 1710989487008.jpg (212.64 KB, 634x1024, 1000003510.jpg)

Joey Lawrence had major 100 yard stare in this. It's such a taboo thing to talk about. I like the Lawrence brothers, I can't imagine what they've experienced.

No. 1933134

Nicki called her and threatened the last scrap of her career, told her to go back to rapping about shids n farts

No. 1933147

Yeah, I imagine when youve been groomed from such a young age, the older men around you seem so much more put together and gentlemeny, when they're actually just incredibly good at manipulating and using you and saying exactly what you want to hear.

No. 1933154

I’ve never seen anyone say that

No. 1933157

In this they openly hint at drinking alcohol. Also, it’s weird that he made Victoria change her shirt (but not the rest of them) and then made such a huge deal about it. It’s so uncomfortable

No. 1933160

Ariana grabbing on him like that while everyone else is standing six feet apart from eachother lolol

No. 1933162

This show used to be a big part of my childhood, and now I feel bad about wanting to rewtach it for nostalgia.

No. 1933164

Omg what a fucking alcoholic piece of shit, I love Lola so much. I can’t wait until he’s too walled to get roles and drinks the rest of his money, fucking cunt.

No. 1933166

same. it really sucks and it and icarly are the reason when i have kids ill only be able to let them watch shows ive already seen and deem appropriate.

No. 1933191

There’s also this weirdness (I can’t find the clip by itself but it’s just a few seconds at the beginning)

No. 1933195

File: 1710993638439.mp4 (5.26 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_733742851656216092…)

Here's the MP4 because I can

No. 1933196

File: 1710993745320.mp4 (9.27 MB, Snaptik.app_734849087999843050…)

No. 1933198

Too late, he did get blacklisted and now can only get voice acting roles in video games

No. 1933202

>Sims movie
>They all drown in the pool

No. 1933210

File: 1710995192574.jpeg (704.52 KB, 1170x864, IMG_0867.jpeg)

Lmaoooo. I hope they do the Pleasantview story line, like Bella disappearing and Don Lothario reluctantly marrying Cassandra, meanwhile he’s still sleeping with the Caliente sisters.

No. 1933214

that'd be so fun, i love the sims 2 characters. but they'll probably do a "human gets sucked into the game" plot, which would work with a videogame in the fantasy/sci-fi genre…

No. 1933215

I found my soul mate. Kek

No. 1933219

Oh, there's definitely going to be a tranny in it…

No. 1933221

I hope there's a weird alien baby like imagine if they actually nail it and make a fun sims comedy movie

No. 1933223

File: 1710995891567.jpg (28.28 KB, 491x625, images-1.jpg)

They need to be true to the sims experience and add weird customs

No. 1933224

I hope they don’t try to force some weird social issue down our throat with this… but you know they probably will

No. 1933241

They just said you're not entitled to opinions on men's looks if you're gay.

No. 1933243

delighted to see she fully inherited monica's energy unlike celebs like kate moss, clint eastwood, jude law, etc with their mediocre talentless spawn.

No. 1933258

Thanks nonnie

No. 1933294

gorgeous lady

No. 1933295

File: 1711001899092.jpeg (218.84 KB, 1170x789, IMG_8671.jpeg)

Amanda Bynes says that she had an abortion at 13 after being impregnated by her abuser, and her father abused her too

No. 1933296

File: 1711001968526.jpeg (181.67 KB, 973x1200, IMG_8665.jpeg)

She looks a lot like Monica too

No. 1933298

Shes absolutely beautiful, she's definitely gonna make waves if she feels like it but I hope she has chill life

No. 1933315

File: 1711003395147.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1226, IMG_8672.jpeg)

> The Fall Guy star Aaron Taylor-Johnson couldn’t be happier in his marriage to wife Sam Taylor-Johnson, despite what critics have to say about their age gap.

> The star, who is rumored to be the next James Bond, lives on a farm in Somerset, England, with his wife, with whom he shares “four gorgeous daughters.”

> Aaron sang his partner’s praises in the candid interview, calling her “a great filmmaker and a wonderful storyteller.”

>Along with Nowhere Boy, the couple worked together on the 2019 film A Million Little Pieces. “There’s a protectiveness that I feel; I think it’s really difficult,” he admitted of their onscreen collaborations. “There’s also part of me that feels like if something didn’t work, I’m the one that’s responsible.”

>For her part, Sam has noted in the past that she shared a “connection” with her now-husband when they worked on their first movie together, telling the U.K.’s Sunday Times in 2017, “He was very intense and absolutely mind made-up [about us dating]”.

>“I literally found my soulmate,” she gushed at the time. “I feel so blessed: every day I wake up happy. We spend every minute of the day together.”

No. 1933318

File: 1711003598708.jpeg (994.28 KB, 1170x1950, IMG_8673.jpeg)

What a morbidly obese retard

No. 1933319

I'm so tired of this ugly ass moid getting shilled everywhere. His looks are MID GRADE. Im sorry but I cannot hold my true feelings back anymore, he's not hot and I've but my tongue everytime I saw someone sperg about his looks.

No. 1933321

File: 1711003864845.jpeg (131.35 KB, 364x426, IMG_8674.jpeg)

No. 1933322

File: 1711003929302.jpeg (82.2 KB, 735x898, IMG_8676.jpeg)

Not even when he was young? Before he hit the wall

No. 1933323

Awww, despite the shorts looking like a diaper, she's in some pretty normal clothes! For once she doesn't look like a deer caught in headlights. Good for her.

No. 1933324

File: 1711003969434.jpeg (625.13 KB, 795x880, IMG_8675.jpeg)

They aren’t shorts it’s more like underwear

No. 1933325

He looks homosexual. If you look at that picture and thinks he likes women idk what to say, sorry.

No. 1933327

Aww (sad aw this time). Why is Kanye always putting her in kitten heels? Kim didn't wear those and I thought he was making her a Kim clone.

No. 1933328

horsefaced stacy never stops winning

No. 1933329

File: 1711004169608.jpeg (1.08 MB, 978x1669, IMG_8677.jpeg)

Azealia Banks criticized Beyoncé’s ‘cowboy Carter’ era and said she’s cosplaying as a white

No. 1933330

Oh come on, Atticus Finch was hot and he was one of my first crushes too

No. 1933331

Kek I wander what she did in a past life to be gifted like this

No. 1933332

Homosexuals can be attractive anon, that alone doesn’t make him an ugly

No. 1933335

Kitten heels are trendy right now

No. 1933337

Yes but as a woman, I am not sexually attracted to him because I sense that homosexuality. And even besides that he still was not that hot. Definitely not enough for him to be shilled so hard. And it's funny how you never see people complimenting his acting, only his subpar looks.

No. 1933339

I sense some homosexuality too tbh. I can’t comment on his acting because I haven’t seen much of it, but I think he used to be pretty attractive and I enjoy that he’s the boy toy of that woman

No. 1933340

she has some nerve calling anyone else a pickme after defending chris brown

No. 1933341

No. 1933343

File: 1711004960436.jpeg (833.08 KB, 1170x779, IMG_8679.jpeg)

> J.K. Rowling threatens ‘Harry Potter’ fan page with lawsuit for claims she has an estranged daughter and grandchild

> The Harry Potter author quarreled with Wizarding News, a 22-year-old fan site, on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday. Wizarding News had posted claims that Rowling has an estranged daughter and grandchild, which the author swiftly disputed. “This is untrue in all respects, as I suspect they already know,” she wrote in a post. “Lying about my kids is a new low, even by this website’s subterranean standards.”

>"Your vendetta against me is causing collateral damage to innocent people,” she continued. “If legal action is the only way to protect them, I will take it.”

> The fan account had posted, “Reminder that JK Rowling’s eldest daughter (the one with whom she was famously pregnant while writing Harry Potter) changed her last name to literally get away from Rowling, and moved to Portugal.” In another post, they said, “Did you know? JK Rowling is a grandmother. Have any of you ever seen her talk about grandchildren?”

>In a follow-up post, Rowling explained why Wizarding News’ claims were false. “I've done everything I can to keep my children out of the public eye,” she wrote. “My eldest daughter doesn't owe you or anyone else details of her private life. However, for the avoidance of doubt: 1. Contrary to your claims, we are very close and last talked an hour ago. We discussed your posts, which have angered and distressed her. 2. Contrary to your claims, she doesn't live in Portugal. 3. Contrary to your claims, she has no children. 4. The young mother whose photograph and personal details you published is not my daughter and has no relation to me whatsoever.”

No. 1933344

Coping with what? Not finding a male attractive? That's not something I need to cope with, I actually think it's perfectly fine.

No. 1933345

No. 1933347

unpopular opinion, but i don't consider this woman a victim. kanye is not a master manipulator or the ruler of hollywood, he's a schizophrenic porn addict and a joke. she's not some third world woman coming from a meth den, she has a family safety net she can return to and can do pretty much anything. instead, she chooses to do exhibitionist pickme play.

No. 1933349

shes beautiful i wish she didnt act like a bdsm tumblrina

No. 1933350

I agree… I feel less sympathy everytime I see her. These people are disgusting.

No. 1933355

Same, I remember I was annoyed seeing her advertised everywhere in EVERYthing for a while a few years back, but gosh darn it, I couldn’t actually come up with one reason to dislike her. She just seems down to earth and genuine, and I like that she and Tom Holland seem to just kind of chill and live lowkey lives together

No. 1933358

god you guys say this about any male who's not completely ugly

No. 1933359

No. Men can be attractive and not have gay face. But he isn't one of them.

No. 1933360

it's because this thread is full of gay men. they only want to leave barry keoghan for straight women lol

No. 1933362

Anon are you slow? If I was gay and thought he looked gay, I would be pretending he's the male Aphrodite like everyone else does. And Barry Keoghan is an ugly man getting shilled as hot too. Sorry I'm immune to the propaganda.

No. 1933365

i'm saying atj was hot and you want to claim him and only leave ugly moids like barry

No. 1933366

Why would I want to claim an ugly? I wasn't telling anyone else to find him ugly either or fighting with anons who think he's hot (besides to defend my right to call an ugly moid ugly), all I said is that he's ugly.(sperging)

No. 1933368

cope in cabaña

No. 1933372

As funny as I think Azealia is, she literally has a whole song about thirsting for white men and wanting to be what they like. That's not an issue of course, but she's just so often a big hypocrite. I think she can be right, but she says things in a matter-of-fact way so people are convinced that she's preaching the gospel and has such a different way of thinking when that's not always the case.

No. 1933388

File: 1711011972270.jpeg (116.84 KB, 605x600, IMG_8694.jpeg)

Dan Schneider is also rumored to have fathered Jaime Lynn Spears’s child when she was 16 and on Zoey 101

No. 1933391

Not to derail from this objectively beautiful girl, but she did do something to her lips right? Do natural lips look like this?
I'm asking because I wanna have similar lips one day and they do look kinda fake but not in that typical "lip filler" way

No. 1933398

the red line above her upper lip tells me that yes, she's had work done

No. 1933402

File: 1711016331710.jpeg (144.01 KB, 714x931, IMG_2953.jpeg)

Her lips look like her mom’s so it’s hard to tell, she might have gotten filler to look more like her or something

No. 1933413

I will always feel sad for what Amanda Bynes went through. You know he feels relieved she went schizo so his secrets won't come out.

No. 1933414

File: 1711018207165.gif (9.86 MB, 540x400, tumblr_a20960df4f9567af1f0c49a…)

I am not interested in his face

No. 1933415

Yeah his body is fucking insane.

No. 1933417

Shes right. Her teased country song also sounded horribly cliche, like it was satire. Love her but how boring and low effort those lyrics were, she just shoved whatever country themed words she could in at once. It was like it was written by chat gpt, disgraceful when you're so talented and have such a big team.

No. 1933418

Black country would be good. Even Lil Nas X made a song as a joke and it's the only reason he has a career. Im really hoping the album is less manufactured and weirdly boring.

No. 1933420

File: 1711018905524.gif (5.64 MB, 480x480, 1000003513.gif)

Idk even years ago you could tell he was gonna age bad and his forehead was already receding. But he has blue eyes and is jacked and that's really all it takes for people to worship men. I myself don't care that he's butters I just want to see it full-mast.

No. 1933426

I hope he at least has a bigger dick than Tom hardy. He was my last celeb crush and I watched bronson and his tiny todger just broke my heart.

No. 1933434

File: 1711020003286.gif (Spoiler Image,6.61 MB, 366x438, 1000003514.gif)

He does.

No. 1933437

File: 1711020302355.jpg (101.44 KB, 720x971, 1000003515.jpg)

MTS played wap at Paris Hiltons birthday party and Rebel Wilson was randomly standing next to her

No. 1933439

File: 1711020792861.jpg (579.7 KB, 1638x2048, 1000003516.jpg)

Oh my god

No. 1933444

the ratchet racist is at it again

No. 1933452

I've actually been looking forward to her song being put on YouTube so I can hear just how horrible it is once and

No. 1933460

she looks retarded, modern celebrities are so boring nowadays who even reads about her?

No. 1933463

Holy shit…I need to see it hard. If I don’t see it hard in at least one movie throughout my miserable life I will commit terrorism. They will have to pry me off horse face with a crowbar. I NEED THAT DICK NONNIES!!!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1933480

File: 1711025895155.jpeg (153.7 KB, 857x839, ariana1.jpeg)

No. 1933481

File: 1711026305647.jpeg (305.95 KB, 1139x1087, ariana2.jpeg)

No. 1933484

Hair looks awful, botched face expression, jacket looks frumpy and and the lighting is bad.

No. 1933505

ok I will admit I used to be a fan of her music and I was excited at first when I heard they were making Wicked into a movie. But this is terrible they never should have cast her. She's too known with her weird signature look, she looks like Ariana Grande in dress up. It's impossible to see her as her character. I really feel like she is going to ruin the movie.

No. 1933509

I know Dove cameron is also botched but I think she would have made a better Glinda.

No. 1933517

Ironically, she looks quite stumpy and pudgey-faced, at least to her own standard, in this set. No sign of the coveted ~uwu sm0lest, most fragile bean of them all~ KEK she must be seething

No. 1933555

Maybe 3 faces ago.

No. 1933582

the editing on this pic is embarrassing. What an atrocity.

No. 1933588

Unpopular opinion but I think she looks cute here - BUT she doesn’t look like “Glinda” to me, it just looks like an Ariana Grande promo pic. There’s no way to unsee her as herself, she just can’t camouflage herself into a role.

No. 1933621

so i don't know anything about Wicked i just know that it's supposed to be a musical spin-off or prequel to the wizard of us movie universe (because the real OZ written universe is a really messed up and weird place that's actually very underrated and should be in more movies) but wasn't the wicked witch supposed to be the main character? why didn't ariana played her instead of the good witch?

No. 1933627

Because Ariana specifically wanted to play the “pretty” sister who sings about being popular and better than everyone else and has the male characters in the show fawn over her, kek

No. 1933629

I really dislike AB and I don't find her funny, interesting or anything she says of any importance. She talks so much shit then plays the victim. She also tends to focus all her anger mainly on women, even when she's mad at a scrote (Wildin' out dude) she brings up his baby mothers death, all because this boldest biggest mouth person on IG, started crying because someone mocked her to her face during a segment of a show that was about mocking people.
I truly have grown to depise her and the cult of retards who act like she's saying anything, above what you can read on LSA any given day.

No. 1933635

She's so boring

No. 1933639

She looks less autistic here, but I will say that her eyes have that odd SZA like "not crossed eyed, but looks crossed eyed" vibes. Best I've seen her look even if she looks like a very sick version of that girl from Suite Life of Zach and Codine.

No. 1933654

File: 1711036654722.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1152x1270, 39AA07A4-7ED2-4BEE-85EA-6DC07C…)

Fucking kek if true.

No. 1933662

She looks terrified lol
Not the confident, high and mighty Galinda Upland of the Upper Uplands you would expect
Literally the only part in the musical she looks like she'll be able to pull off is manipulative, fame and power-hungry opportunist "Glinda the 'Good'" when she starts working with the Wizard. And even then I'm worried she'll restrain herself for her image.
Act 1 takes place before Dorothy shows up and about halfway through act 2 the tornado happens which brings Dorothy but she's not a part of the show at all (scenes will take place right after she's left for example). The musical is designed so basically you could watch the original movie and the musical together and it will recontextualize why things happen while not changing anything or stepping on the toes of what actually did happen in the original movie. It's an important part of the show that most of these Wicked imitations fail at because they always end up going "well actually everything you saw was made up" like what Maleficent did which feels like a cheap shortcut. The books are different in the same way the oz books are different from the movie too coincidently, but the musical hits all the main beats of the first book. The inception of the story is basically the line "only bad witches are ugly", assumes it's a lie, and goes from there.
I honestly don't know why Ariana went for Glinda cause she's on the wrong side of the story for most of the show and only redeems herself at the absolute end of the tale when everyone has set out to kill the "wicked witch". She knows the show, maybe she's deeper than she looks? Or on the flip side she just wants to be in Wicked and wants the prettier clothes and the ability to show off her "real" face instead of covering it in green. Though at the same time, Elphaba is a gruff and angry character who slowly goes insane through act 2 as a bit of an insane activist so idk. Ariana really would fit Galinda if she lets herself be a reformed meangirl who lapses when power is presented to her much better than an angry activist fighting for Animal rights through extreme measures

No. 1933679

She looks very cute I'm ngl.

No. 1933683

Its because they're both pickmes who try to look like uWu innocent cute girls.
It's so sad to see Ariana like this. she's got the dead eyed stare of someone who was touched as a child but internalized it into thinking she must always be desired and desirable as an adult.

No. 1933723

That looks like badly applied makeup to me. Or like she licked her upper lip too much lol. But there isn't really that plump or lumpiness of filled lips if you zoom in

No. 1933733

It looks AI generated.

I actually like the jacket, but everything else looks like shit, Ariana included.

No. 1933785

This looks like someone's AI generated DnD character, a lawful good cleric named Princess Prosciutto

No. 1933786

kek i was about to say the 2nd pic looks AI generated and i saw another anon say the same thing. lately a lot of the professional shoots of her look like they are heavily edited to make her appear healthier. but in that 2nd pic the dress doesn't even look real and her waist just looks incredibly abnormal. that dress is serving folded deli meat

No. 1933788

I can't with the fuckboi eyebrows and forehead furrowing.

No. 1933789

I hope she does sue them, tras are so relentless and will never stop surprising me with how low they can stoop

This is so funny… like, they are going to the Cheesecake Factory of all places kek

No. 1933791

samefag… when i posted and then saw nona above me >>1933785 >Princess Prosciutto
i KEK'd

No. 1933820

Some time ago I asked myself the same question and searched pics of her when she was younger (child/teen) and she had the same lips.
If you look closer into that specific pic you can see a darker "rim" around her upper lip, it looks like bronzer applied to give the impression of fuller lips, or it's just overlined.
She is lucky having got the best features of her parents, if you consider who her dad is.

No. 1933831

Why is everyone suddenly hating eyebrows?>>1933480
No joke, I thought this was some Japanese celebrity until I enlarged the picture.

No. 1933840

Apparently, she's talking about Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventure

No. 1933873

It's not going to work for everyone, not sure that makes him a retard though. He was clearly making a joke about how it didn't work for him

No. 1933876

File: 1711049613320.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1170x2081, IMG_4386.jpeg)

he was beautiful

No. 1933893

I find the overwhelming majority of celebrities having multiple kids so damn annoying, like this moid and his much older wife. Let's be real, most celebrities are too self involved and mentally ill to be good parents hence why we see celebrity kids who are weird or have issues. But literally every single one of them is like "herp derp better have MULTIPLE children for no reason at all!" I was admiring Paris for her child free life but nope, she had to get a surrogate to pop out a couple of kids. I'm sure Seth Rogan is hated here but I enjoy his comments on his and his wife's decision to be child free. It's such a refreshing opinion. I also admire Chelsea Handler but she's not married so it's a little different. Dolly Parton and her husband remain the pinnacle of cool child free by choice couples. Wish we'd see more.

No. 1933894

I’m so jealous of her like imagine finding a handsome young scrote who is intensely devoted to you and your art

No. 1933913

I'm confused at why the Dixie Chicks would be jealous of Beyonce beyond the most general jealously of being that rich and culurally relevant. It's like if I was a jazz pianist jealous of Eminem's rap career. I was never gonna have a rap career, I play jazz piano.

No. 1933917

File: 1711050870792.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x1134, IMG_4390.jpeg)

She really would, I remember watching her Disney channel show growing up and she can do that squeaky high pitched thing like Christine chenoweth. She’s also been in hairspray, that descendants thing and is in some musical show right now. She’s pretty botched but her old face from her Disney days was adorable and perfect for Glinda

No. 1933934

Absolutely disgusting. Why is he always dressed up as trashbag?

No. 1933935

File: 1711051326157.gif (1.99 MB, 268x368, IMG_4391.gif)

speaking of, I used to think she was one of the prettiest women ever but now her face just looks painful. Yes she still had some work done then but she didn’t look like a creepy rubber doll at that point. Her and that erin actress from the boys just make me sad with the way they botched their already perfect faces

No. 1933946

wtf is that real? are dicks really like gummy worms attached to the groin?

No. 1933951

I still they should have hired a more twinky looking guy to play Dave, but glasses and curly nerdy hair looked so good on him…

No. 1933957

File: 1711051985350.jpeg (833.01 KB, 1170x725, 9C3B5620-0D81-4A69-9C53-A69D12…)

SpongeBob looks haggard as hell

No. 1933969

the style of dress makes her look short and stout.

No. 1933977

this looks… so bad lol

No. 1934005

yeesh, ariana looks like she's holding her breath and trying to suck in as much bones as possible

No. 1934013

The actress for Nessa looks super cute. It's going to be hilarious watching her play a woman infatuated with spongebob kek. Though I didn't realize who'd they'd gotten to play Fiyero, I don't think he suits the role. Doesn't look like a guy who'd skip school to dance, not enough of a totally brainless hot guy dancer coasting through life imo. We'll see how he dances and acts but I'm not a fan at all personally unless he softens up on screen. Also they need to style Elphie to look younger, the actress looks young herself so I think it's how they've contoured the green that gives her a bit too much of a mature look for a girl fresh into university like Galinda is supposed to be.
Also odd nitpick but I hate the costume choices for most of the promos. They never give them a cohesive look from the same scene. If this is supposed to be a shot stylised to look like them at shiz university, they should all be in the school uniform outfits. I'm tired of seeing Ariana in this dress and with the boring basic witch looks for Elphaba when both characters should have so many more costumes, especially since they're clearly padding out act 1 to shit. Makes me worried they cheapened out on outfits since costume designers are unionized and Broadway outfits are known for being very elaborate and detail oriented.

No. 1934019

My guess is, dudes shouldn't move like that unless he wants to strain some ligaments. This can't be healthy.

No. 1934043

i never want to see anything like this ever again. disturbing

No. 1934047

That's literally disgusting, wtf.

No. 1934066

File: 1711055133846.png (1.5 MB, 1273x700, My sims casting.PNG)

I really think the story should focus on what happened with Bella Goth/Mort/Caliente's/Don and why she disappeared. I'm really excited for this.

No. 1934070

is this a joke? All of those ideas are horrible

No. 1934074

Using the Sims 4 models is so paint licker coded

No. 1934112

ice spice as Eliza pancakes??? lmfao

No. 1934115

File: 1711056978288.png (265.52 KB, 304x530, S4PE_Bob.png)

Cast Drake as Bob Pancakes. If you know you know.

No. 1934117

Off topic but what is this image from?

No. 1934128

correct me if I'm wrong, but I think she's wearing circle lenses, and that's adding to this weird dead-eye look. I know she has worn them in the past

No. 1934132

Schmigadoon, its a funny show if you like musicals.

No. 1934288

She isn't cross eyed.

I unironically love watching men miserable. Yes Scott, just 5 more pounds and she will love you. Just 5 more.

No. 1934294

File: 1711066646418.jpg (45.92 KB, 600x800, 1000003521.jpg)

Hes just a guy. Male syndey sweeney.

No. 1934296

Every time I see him I cannot take him seriously he looks so crazy

No. 1934339

I guess it’s good that Michael Keaton came back to play Beetlejuice instead of Timothée Chalamet or some shit.

No. 1934341

He's so great. When I was a little kid I actually thought it was Keifer Sutherland and didn't believe it was batman kek, he's cool

No. 1934343

i remember first hearing about him getting on board for beetlejuice 2 wayy back in 2016, so cool to see this become reality

No. 1934357

File: 1711070888891.jpg (433.39 KB, 1242x1424, 1000003522.jpg)

Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't he always ignored this issue until conveniently after finding out a docu was being made?

No. 1934361

I'm excited for The Sims too I'm ok with them making movies based on toys I heard this is going to be a thing and Micro Machines and other stuff are getting films.

Imo Barbie was really well done, I wouldn't mind the same director doing The Sims and The Sims is such a good franchise too there's lore and everyone knows the concept. I hope the heart bed is in it.

No. 1934363

The same director (Greta Gerwig) will not be doing the Sims movie. I don't think that automatically means she can't be involved, but she is re-adapting the Narnia books for Netflix movies right now.

The Sims heart bed is so iconic and I know if Barbie's dream house sets were so good this can be too

No. 1934373

File: 1711072068368.jpg (908.44 KB, 904x2086, 1000006893.jpg)

I hope they put some of the iconic original builds from sims 1. The second neighbourhood circle house was such a vibe.

No. 1934376

I hope she reconsiders the face lift.
Pretty sure he's already screwed up his acting career at this point for being a drunk.
I've always felt like Dan Schneider would heavily project himself onto him and was envious of his looks in a creepy way.

No. 1934377

File: 1711072535223.jpg (198.97 KB, 720x930, 1000003524.jpg)

Starting to understand the autism allegations

No. 1934390

Seems more like perfectionism than autism. There’s plenty of people exactly like that in performing arts and music.

No. 1934401

i'd watch. make the goth kids all haggard.

No. 1934408

This sounds normal to me, it's not like she's 2 hours early. If you take a job opportunity seriously, you'll probably be there earlier than you need to.

No. 1934410

File: 1711076241711.jpeg (853.56 KB, 1170x1672, IMG_0880.jpeg)

Not sure why my post got deleted but ANYWAYS, I beg of Lana to steal him away from horse girl. Also this report is wrong, I checked and he followed her, she doesn’t follow back. Tbh we know he’s not in the Bond movie, there have been rumors since forever that Lana would do a song for the movie but I honestly think he’s just gonna be in a music video for her. Lasso CUNTRY era incoming. I could picture him
In a cowboy hat
but I really hope he followed her because they’re fucking…

No. 1934416

Do you have a weird cucking fetish or is this bait? i dont know which one is more pathetic(derailing)

No. 1934417

pls, why are sims 3 and 4 sims so ugly. sims 2 they looked the bet
what's your idea then? enlighten us

No. 1934418

omg his ballsack is HUGE also and idk how i feel about that
listen… he just needs one night with me… or Lana… or Ariana… or all of of us… and he will leave Sam. I promise you

No. 1934422

why is it so hard for you to believe that he loves her?(derailing)

No. 1934429

>paint licker coded

No. 1934436

NTA but I dont like his wife either and also hope Lana is banging him

No. 1934439

Beckys hate to see a girlboss winning.

No. 1934445

Kek big agree. And the retarded expression he makes in every picture is so annoying.
>inb4 you're jealous
Never heard of him until anons here started sperging about him and his wife who could easily pass as his cousin, because they look similar.
He looks like he sucks his cheeks in to fake having hollow cheeks, and purses his lips for….idk he thinks it looks good or something. And he probably also squints his eyes, it's so goofy. His potato nose doesn't help either.

No. 1934446

not bait? I thought it was interesting, why did he follow her? And I'm not the only one on here who wants him to leave his prehistoric wife
I was joking about the me / Aaron / Lana / Ariana orgy
But I thought cucking meant you like to watch your partner get fucked by other people?
anyways, I was just saying I want them to get together, I want some sense knocked into that man's head, he's wasting his potential on partner that will be in a group home on dialysis before he even hits his prime
I don't think groomers (men or women) is winning.

No. 1934447

>or Ariana
That pairing wouldn't even make sense come on now

No. 1934448

There’s a global shortage of attractive men. Is it any wonder that the girls are fighting?

No. 1934449

she groomed him when he was a minor. they met when aaron was 17 acting for one of her films. he loves her like any victim "loves" their abuser to cope lol he'd probably go insane if he didn't convince himself everything isn't fine.

No. 1934450

Sam, log off and go put on your cpap.
I know I know. I think Lana is more his type (older), but Ariana is a professional homewrecker, might as well use her powers for a good cause(hi cow)

No. 1934451

Listen just stop your virtue signalling. It is not the same as liz Gilles pedo husband. Men and women are not the same. She did not groom him, he pursued her. You hate her because you want a piece of that dick, just admit it.

No. 1934453

it's absolutely the same.
>he persued her
omg were you there on set or something?

this is my last reply about this.

No. 1934454

his prime ended decades ago kek

No. 1934456

They’ve both said it in interviews numerous times. It is not and never will be the same. I’m not going to explain it to a retarded zoomer with a black and white world view.

No. 1934457

>I don't think groomers (men or women) is winning.
how is she a groomer? he can leave at any time, he's a hulking moid and she's a frail old woman.

No. 1934458

>decades ago
He’s like 30 odd anon, you mean his prime ended at 15?

No. 1934460

His wife is undeniably crusty

No. 1934462

nta but he's 30? dearl lord he aged like shit. Hope horseface stacy exchanges him for non post-wall model.

No. 1934463

You know you don't have to hide that your arw one those losers with a hate-boner for his wife
who has delusions about him picking you.
>he's wasting his potential on partner that will be in a group home on dialysis before he even hits his prime
This is such a weird comment to make, why do you care about his sex life or his partner. Sounds like you want to use Lana as a self insert kek.
They didn't start dating until he was in his 20's. If the majority of hollywood men date younger girls and the general public does NOT care then why am i supposed to pretend that she is a groomer for dating a guy in his 20's.

Lol i just know how that anon probably looks like since ive clicked on the profiles of women who were obssesed with ATJ and wanted him to leave his wife, and they were ugly and many of them were obese too.

No. 1934466

The age gap isn't the most disturbing part for me, it's the fact his wife is ugly as fuck and looks like a man. She looks like Paula Yates but even manlier and uglier.

No. 1934469

I just know for a fact that your face looks like a monkeys asshole, he is never going to pick you.

No. 1934470

Pretty women are too busy dating fay uggos and wearing their shit stained underwear.

No. 1934471

Listen we get it you were hurt by the redpill nonsense, no need to make yourself into a female parallel and spout nonsense. Saying “his prime ended decades ago” about a person clearly in their 30s is retarded and you sound like a pedo.

No. 1934472

This all sounds like cope from you

No. 1934473

however old he was when he used to look better, idk >>1933322. and in that other historical looking movie

No. 1934474

>Kek big agree
I knew I couldn't be the only one. Anons were acting like I was literally committing a crime just for saying I don't personally find him attractive.

No. 1934475

See this and stfu >>1934469

No. 1934476

men start going bald at 25-30, he's past his prime

No. 1934477

Cranky cranky, is this his wife typing?(hi cow)

No. 1934478

This coming from the vendetta sperg who is hoping that he gets with Lana/Ariana. Kek shut up tard.

No. 1934480

shouldn't that be a good thing? it makes him more attainable than if he went for a supermodel looking woman

No. 1934481

I dont actually care either way but its funny to see how worked up you are about it kek

No. 1934484

>nursing home before he hits his prime.
When is this prime supposed to be, his 60’s?

No. 1934487

Ok? he’s not going bald. If you really think that humans who live 80 years have a 5 year window of being attractive then you’re just as retarded as redpill scrotes who think women are fertile from 16-25 only and that their eggs mass seppuku the second they hit 30.

No. 1934488

Yeah of course he wouldn't pick me, I look like a woman and not an old tranny so I'm clearly not his type lol. And I don't care if this mediocre moid would "pick me" either, but it's an undeniable fact his wife is UGLY AS FUCK.(derailing)

No. 1934490

Okay ngl you are actually starting to sound like a moid, you sound two seconds away from talking about the wall or "roasties".(scrotefoiling)

No. 1934491

Stress less, don't take everything so seriously

No. 1934494

>i dont care
Ummm….anon you are malding in the replies and derailling this thread. I wouldnt exactly call that unbothered…

No. 1934495

You've confused me with someone else, I'm not the one writing paragraphs either way(derailing)

No. 1934496

> he's wasting his potential on partner that will be in a group home on dialysis before he even hits his prime
1) men are in their prime in their 20s, women are in their prime in their 20s-40s because we age better. He’s long past his prime, get over it.
2) all these misogynistic comments about his wife’s age are just you shooting yourself in the foot. This level of thinking is why men say women hit the wall at 21, always cheat on their wives with teenage girls and young women, and leave their wives for 18 year olds. The majority of famous males date and marry young starlets and models who are decades younger than them.
As soon as you’re over 30 your male romantic partners will view you as worthless and “prehistoric” like you view ATJ’s wife. They may date you but they’ll cheat on you will young women and make fun of how old you are with them. The way you feel about her is how everyone will feel about you soon, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ll deserve it too, because you’re a misogynistic shitheel

No. 1934497

Except testosterone ages you. Women dont start going bald when they become 25. Men invented ''the wall'' when they are the only ones that go through the wall. Men past their 30s start balding, get fatter, their sperm decays, their balls sag, they start experiencing erectyle dysfunction symptoms, etc.

No. 1934498

The global shortage of hot men is causing absolute carnage in this thread. ATJ is like a crate of soggy cucumber sandwiches in a famine. He’s not great but we are all FIGHTING for a piece.

No. 1934499

nta look I'm the one who originally said >>1934454 and >>1934473 and had no idea how old he was then and now (i thought he was older which is why i used "decades"), the point is he's not attractive to me now. pretend I said "years ago" or something

No. 1934501

I'm not fighting for a piece, I just said his wife is undeniably crusty kek

No. 1934502

Projection, I can tell you’re ugly by how you’re talking about that poor woman
No, you’re the one who sounds like that, you’re literally saying that about his wife you piece of trash

No. 1934503

I dont even find him attractive i just support horseface stacy because even if her scrote is nothing to brag about, she still mog the scrotes of all famous, young, rich pretty women. Women need to raise their standars, sam is a stacy for not settling down.

No. 1934504

Exactly this
It’s ok nonnie, I thought he was older too. Men hit the wall so early that they can be mistaken for middle aged even in their 20s. I thought he was like 45 and his wife was a few years older

No. 1934506

Kek based. She is a stacy. Even if she does look horsey.

No. 1934509

File: 1711080069731.jpg (7.33 KB, 225x225, 1000000099.jpg)

Women absolutely age better, if we didn't, moids wouldn't have entire accounts to dedicating to convincing us we do. Women's bodies mature way more and fat distribution gets more flattering as we age, especially since we experience lower stress after our young adult years. You're more likely to learn to style yourself better since a lot of young women will jump on trends over timeless and flattering looks, you're more calm, mature and well spoken. I've even seen pickmes themselves admit they didn't start getting attractive until their late 20s kek

No. 1934514

You’re 100% right but celebs aren’t a reliable example to use because they all get work done. Even the flawless Monica Belucci.

No. 1934517

Also remember that most moids have a milf fetish, meanwhile only fat tifs and terminally online pickme women like shayna like 'dilfs'.

No. 1934520

True but I definitely know a lot of women who look great as they age unless they have traumatic life events. I was friends with a lady who was pushing 50 and was even addicted to meth for a few years who was drop dead gorgeous and funny. She showed me pics of her when she was younger before previous to children and I was expecting an absolute bombshell but she was actually frumpy, kinda chubby, had fried 80s perm and looked way more attractive now. She still has had young moids simp over her everytime we go out, not even the first woman I knew that looked way better when they got older either, even with no plastic surgery or intense treatments

No. 1934568

sam will be 60 in three years and Taylor will be 36. 20's-50's are considered man's "prime" in hollywood right?
the fact that is wife is gonna die 23 years (their age gap) before him is disturbing.
she's nearing the age where it will be hard to care for her youngest daughters.
eventually, taylor will leave her to give his two youngest daughters a "stepmom", and there is no doubt in my mind he will have even more children with said woman.
all of this is inevitable, they might as well rip the bandaid off and break up now. instead, she's at the end of her life and he's waiting until she passes so he doesn't look like an asshole and can look like a sad mourning widower. it's all gonna happen, and when it does, remember i called it.

No. 1934573

jesus christ 60 or nearing 60 isn't the end of your life

No. 1934574

Screenshoting this to see if it comes true

No. 1934575

I hope she leaves him for a hotter younger scrote and he an hero's

No. 1934581

I bet Grandma doesn't allow him to kiss other females in movies as to not get threatened he fall for a young fresh hottie, that's why he's always in stupid action thrillers.

No. 1934585

based if true

No. 1934588

your're bitching at the wrong anon and you have been for the past hour. that post was me, and i only made two posts about this tonight. furthering my point that i'm not the only one who feels this way. you guys think you're ganging up on one person "vendetta sperging" and it's funny as fuck. also, you clearly can't read, i said the ari / lana thing was a joke.
this thread never ceases to entertain me looool

No. 1934589

i’m one of the retards who thinks he’s still attractive and I hope so too

No. 1934591

once again bitching at an innocent anon for not agreeing with you
again, just to be clear, this >>1934410 and this are my posts >>1934418
no one's bothered, theres multiple women in here who feel similiar. and other anon was right, it is funny that people defending the groomer are getting all worked up(derailing)

No. 1934598

I still stand by his wife being crusty lmao. Idk why it made that nona seethe

No. 1934606

People never talk this way about 57 year old scrotes Jesus fucking Christ. You are gonna have a fucking aneurysm the first time you notice crows feet.

No. 1934610

He's going to leave her for a man and give his daughters a stepdad because he's gay.

No. 1934623

File: 1711090351338.jpeg (103.94 KB, 524x261, IMG_8938.jpeg)

Completely agree, and Marilyn is another good example. In these two pictures she’s in her mid 20s and late 30s, and she looks pretty much the same.
Men on the other hand start looking like completely different people in their 30s, it’s incredible how quickly they age.

No. 1934625

That’s true but most celebrities are also addicts (the drinking and cocaine stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason) and many of them are older than they say they are

No. 1934626

Never in my life have I seen anyone say any of this about old men who date young women, which is very common in hollywood.
I hope so too

No. 1934630

File: 1711090993650.jpeg (246.81 KB, 1169x1357, IMG_6601.jpeg)

Anons acting like she needs end of life palliative care kek. She’s possibly not even started the menopause yet. This is honestly what they see when they look at them together.

No. 1934649

>she's at the end of her life and he's waiting until she passes
Jesus Christ nona, lmao. For reference Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Pamela Anderson were all born in 1967 too. You make it sound like she’s a 90 year old Alzheimer’s patient on her deathbed in a nursing home kek. Also it seems like Aaron Taylor Johnson genuinely loves her and he’s probably just into older women, it’s not that hard to believe

No. 1934650

Late reply but I don’t think it has anything to do with her age, it came out that her parents are billionaires and her mom’s side of the family were wealthy British people who colonized Africa, which scandalized her fans. She was known for having been a model before she ‘broke into the acting industry’ but the director of her modeling agency is a family friend. The people she went to school with also came out about how her entire rags to riches ‘homeless as a teenager’ backstory was made up, and that she used to be a bully and everyone always hated her, so it’s just that a lot of her fans stopped liking her. She also had buccal fat removal and lost weight which made her look ghoulish.

No. 1934651

They’ve both said in interviews that he was the one who pursued her, when she was married at the time. I don’t know why anons find it so hard to believe that he is attracted to her and loves her, they’ve been together for quite a while.(Atj sperging)

No. 1934655

Agreed. We all cringe that these famous zoomer actresses are dating horrible-looking greasy goblins, meanwhile Sam goes home to a younger, muscular actor who takes care of his body, seems to worship the ground she walks on, and always defends her and their relationship in interviews. Based as hell.(Atj sperging)

No. 1934656

Yeah like he’s gonna have to wait 30 fucking years before she even starts to die so that theory makes no sense. Not a very affective black widow strategy.(Atj sperging)

No. 1934657

Can't believe they yassified the wicked withc of the west. Not even villain women can be ugly anymore.

No. 1934660

YWNBAH (You Will Never Be Alex Honnold)

No. 1934661

I can’t make a joke at a fat man’s expense now?

No. 1934664

I think it’ll be about them realizing they’re in a simulation and leaving it somehow, because in one of the games the scientists discover that they’re sims. Or it could be about the disappearance/time travel plot

No. 1934667

I hate when moids try to do the whole ~omg male anorexia so sad uwu~ bullshit, like shut up you fag, no one cares if your skinny and women on average don’t want noodley looking men. Stop trying to victimize yourself, fucking faggot

No. 1934668

Only men can be ugly nowadays, that's why they hired spongebob.

No. 1934671

Nah fuck you I love it when evil women are hot.

No. 1934673

Some of you sound so underage.

No. 1934676

I bet I’m older than you(infighting)

No. 1934694

File: 1711100840655.jpeg (597.39 KB, 1170x861, IMG_8975.jpeg)

Kanye posted a video of his wife laying on this bed, she didn’t move or say anything but Kanye could be heard breathing heavily throughout the video

No. 1934697

File: 1711101053626.jpeg (454.47 KB, 1170x1123, IMG_8977.jpeg)

Thoughts? I’ve never heard of this person

No. 1934698

I’m convinced they’re just AI generating celebs now because what the fuck is that name? He looks like a drug addled faggot.

No. 1934700

he was in perks of being a wallflower with Ezra back in 2012.
he doesn't look bad for a moid in his 30s at all

No. 1934701

File: 1711101468550.jpeg (1.12 MB, 966x1497, IMG_8978.jpeg)

Joey King attends the premiere of her new show ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’ with her old husband, name unknown.

No. 1934704

Her dress looks like chewed up dried bubblegum and her husband looks like a foot

No. 1934705

I want a bed like that so bad kek, I didn’t even know beds could be that big omg

No. 1934706

File: 1711101964277.jpeg (570.54 KB, 864x648, IMG_8981.jpeg)

> Cillian Murphy 'Definitely' in 'Peaky Blinders' Movie — Filming This Year

> “He definitely is returning for it,”Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight told a local Birmingham, U.K., outlet on Wednesday

>“The film, I know exactly what it’s about. And I know what two stories it’s going to tell,” he told Esquire in February 2022. “What will happen after that, I want that to depend on the film. For all we know somebody is going to pop out — I think I know who it’s going to be.”

> “I have always said that if Knight delivers a script that I know he can deliver, because he is such a phenomenal writer, I’ll be there,” Murphy said. “If we want to watch 50-year-old Tommy Shelby, I will be there. Let’s do it.”

No. 1934707

File: 1711102291998.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1001x1252, IMG_8983.jpeg)

> Eiza González Says She Has 'Sort of Given Up' on Dating: 'Not Looking Anymore'

> As González, 34, appeared on the recent cover of InStyle Now, the actress admitted she has "sort of given up" on dating. “I’m not looking anymore," she told the outlet.

> “And the older I get, it's harder for me because I don't play around," she said. "I go in and I give it all. I am not going to half-a– anything.” 

> González — who in recent years has been linked to NBA player Ben Simmons and actors like Jason Momoa, Timothée Chalamet, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Duhamel — is "dying to have kids" and that she tends to "fall in love so deep and it takes me so much to get over."
> The Ambulance actress also noted in the piece that she will not date anybody who is not in therapy. She also discussed how her lifestyle may prove detrimental to dating other entertainment industry figures, as she travels often for work, and said that actors who she might date are "never going to take a back step for me."

No. 1934708

It’s for their orgies, which I’m sure are grotesque

No. 1934709

The only thing that fat pig needs to steal is a bottle of ozempic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1934711

File: 1711102789941.jpeg (779.75 KB, 1170x1481, IMG_8987.jpeg)

> Susan Sarandon believes Hollywood hasn’t fully reckoned with the #MeToo movement.

>The Oscar winner joined fellow actors Mira Sorvino and Geena Davis for a panel event Sunday in Hartford, Connecticut, where she spoke candidly about disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein

> In 2020, Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison for committing a criminal sex act against a production assistant and for raping an aspiring actor in a hotel. In 2023, he was sentenced to an additional 16 years for the rape and sexual assault of an actor and model in a hotel.

>The often outspoken Sarandon said on Sunday that in the wake of the Weinstein scandal, those who’ve enabled abusers continue to work in show business.

>“I don’t think we’ve done the cleanup afterwards that we should be doing,” she said. “I don’t think people talk enough about the people who facilitated the Harvey Weinsteins of the world that are still functioning that are equally responsible.”

>Sarandon added that these industry insiders remain employed even though they “knew when they were sending people to a hotel” or “didn’t pay attention when someone complained.”

>Sarandon also noted that “it’s very confusing to be, you know, a young girl” in Hollywood and realize that executives are “checking on your viability according to how sexy you are.”

> “You know that right? You do know that there’s something going on,” she said. “They call it a chemistry thing or whatever they want to call it. But that is part of what you’re bringing to the table.”

No. 1934712

Kek stop. I love Lana she’s not a pig.

No. 1934713

>she’s not a pig

Sure looks like one with a bad 1970s wig

No. 1934714

File: 1711103170112.jpeg (375 KB, 515x571, IMG_8988.jpeg)

>Sydney Sweeney's everyone's new favorite it girl in Hollywood –  but for anyone who's forgotten, she's engaged … something she made loud and clear this week with her fiancé.

> The actress was out and about in NYC Thursday, walking hand-in-hand with Jonathan Davino – to whom she's been engaged for about 2 years now, and dated even longer going all the way back to 2018.

> Sydney's blown up over the past year as an A-list star, and she continues to turn heads at just about every event she shows up to – for good reason, too, as she's absolutely gorgeous and is probably one of the biggest blonde bombshell actresses we've seen in a long time.

> Remember, there was a lot of speculation last year that something might've been going on between her and her costar Glen Powell … but she and Jon weathered the storm, and they're going strong. He even accompanied her to the Oscars a couple weeks ago.

> Another fun fact … they're in business together – she and Jon co-produce projects under her production company, Fifty-Fifty Films … so, they're obviously very tight and in lockstep.

>Unclear how exactly they first hooked up … but Jon's been in the picture pretty much all throughout Sydney's meteoric rise in Hollywood.

No. 1934715

It’s funny that op wants him paired with Lana who is 9 years older than him. That’s how shit he’s aged because she’s confusing him with a 40 year old.

No. 1934716

Lana is 38, and he’s 33.

No. 1934717

So her boyfriend bought her career in other words? He started her production company which she has used to make films for herself to star in, and he’s probably paying for all her PR articles since she’s always in headlines lately

No. 1934719

No wonder she’s being pushed as hot despite looking strange. Her bf is literally paying for the media to push this narrative. She was complaining a few years ago about not making enough money because she wasn’t being casted in anything after euphoria and crying because people were calling her a butter face. She literally has to have her scrote pay to put her in movies.(sydney sweeney sperging)

No. 1934721

your post is teeming with bitterness and envy kekk

No. 1934724

I remember some interview she did talking about how she wants to be a mom and always saw herself as a young mother like under 25 or something and so she would want them soon (can’t be bothered to find it now but maybe later) and it’s like…sure you do, with the fiance you love and adore so much kek. She’s not gonna even marry this guy I bet. I know she’s the cause of so much infighting but I guess if she can get a scrote to finance you playing Hollywood elite then more power to her. yes I know selling your body to a moid is still selling your body to a moid even with fancy packaging

No. 1934725

File: 1711104136873.jpeg (839.49 KB, 985x1095, IMG_8991.jpeg)

> Sydney Sweeney Is Considered The Odds-On Favorite To Become The Next Bond Girl

> The Anyone But You and Euphoria actress is the odds-on favorite to get a ridiculous name like Kissy Suzuki, Pussy Galore, or Holly Goodhead in the next James Bond movie. Instant Casinos has Sydney Sweeney at 5/2, followed by Jenna Ortega (11/2), Lilly Collins (13/2), Millie Bobby Brown (13/2), and Zoey Deutch (8/1)

> I know you’re all wondering: but who will play Money Penny??? Claire Foy currently has the best odds (4/1), then Emilia Clarke (6/1), Lily James (13/2), and Jessica Henwick (9/1)

No. 1934726

She looks like an alpaca eating straw or something, why the bleached eyebrows, why the inch of roots showing, just why to everything in this photo

No. 1934728

I wonder if that’s why her main fanbase is conservative males? It almost sounds like a weird trad larp, only because she clearly doesn’t actually want that

No. 1934729

>they're both pickmes who try to look like uWu innocent cute girls.
how does this apply to sza? kek

No. 1934730

File: 1711104613440.jpeg (49.74 KB, 350x622, IMG_8993.jpeg)

I’m sorry but I don’t like any of these options for a Bond girl. I think Camille Belle would be a good fit, but I’m not sure if they would cast an actress in her 30s (despite Bond being middle aged)

No. 1934731

>she groomed him when he was a minor. they met when aaron was 17 acting for one of her films.
this is a lie, he was 18. you're so creepy for obsessing over this man as a minor kek

No. 1934732

Absolutely joking, I am not diagnosing a celebrity as autistic I think its a ridiculous meme and i was being sarcastic.

Hope you get off that app a little more and become a better less bird brained retard

No. 1934737

He looks 50 years old im so tired of this

No. 1934739

Oh ew, I wanted it for lounging and so my cat can take the middle of the bed like he always does but without hogging all the space

No. 1934742

He didn’t age that bad tbh still has some of the baby face features that made him popular for a minute. Good skin genes for sure.

No. 1934744

this is an odd thing to care about, especially as a woman

No. 1934755

She's right! I'm starting to see moids pick up the Drake Bell stuff on fb now so maybe we'll get #metoo retconned now the boys can have someone to stand up for.

No. 1934762

Not to derail, but on the topic of actresses aging out of the industry at 25- a male was just whining to me the other day about how women lose their looks faster than men and at their most attractive at like 18-21. This is just silly because women age more slowly than men and don’t look drastically different with age as long as they take care of themselves.

He brought up Marilyn Monroe and for some reason seemed to think that she died at a much younger age than she did, and that she acted in her early 20s and lost popularity in her late 20s. It’s obviously far from reality but he brought up this movie specifically and claimed she was “18 or 19 in it” when she was actually 28. He brought up another movie where she was in her 30s and again, he thought she was much younger in it. They can’t even tell how old women are, they just assume that attractive women are young

No. 1934769

File: 1711109729341.jpeg (757.14 KB, 1155x2304, E7001CF3-D99B-4D2C-953F-FE70B3…)

He had her in this the other day. Looks cozy atleast kek

No. 1934770

Men delude themselves because they can cover themselves in hair. Can't even see their flaws because they're covered in hair so that to them means they aren't there, they have no object permanence.

No. 1934773

Men don't age quickly, they go through development slowly. The wall is actually what an adult man looks like, look into newer understandings of puberty.(sage your shit)

No. 1934774

never realized how short he was.

No. 1934777

File: 1711110642047.jpeg (979.11 KB, 1170x1426, IMG_9004.jpeg)

American Psycho is allegedly being remade and people want this hideous man to play Patrick Bateman

No. 1934779

I watched the trailer as soon as it came out. Still worried about this though, I’m likely going to see it but I haven’t liked anything Burton has done in well over a decade (with the exception of Big Eyes which was fine) but he used to be one of my favorites, I love Ed Wood (he got the only Bill Murray performance I can tolerate because he plays a crazy troon) and Beetlejuice so mayybe this will restore him to former glory? Doubt it though, the screenwriters being the team who did Wednesday gives me pause

No. 1934781

Can you explain what you mean by this

No. 1934786

im guessing you have no idea about the musical. matt smith has already played patrick bateman

No. 1934787

Male bodies finish developing in their mid/late 20s. The sparse hair, the thickening belly, the skin texture looking fucked etc are all adult male traits. The young androgynous men people simp for are usually just not done growing kek I think the moids describe it as "Second puberty" but really it's the continuation of the initial changes.

No. 1934790

His brow ridge being natural sunglasses chills me every time

No. 1934792

Was just about to say this. I wonder if there's discussion about it because of the recent musical themed versions of movies like Mean Girls coming to theaters. It would be interesting to know if they're considering the theatre version or just a straight remake.

No. 1934795

They’re literally remaking films that were made barely 2 decades ago. I’m sick of it. Remake The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. Do Franz Kafkas Metamorphosis. Do Hamlet but with Alvin and the Chipmunks.

No. 1934797

I desperately want someone like him to play Patrick Bateman. It's the only way retarded libfems and zoomers who knew him as Doctor Who manage to do any critical thinking. And it's going to make so many moids seethe.

No. 1934801

Can you imagine this dried up old raisin doing Batemans skincare routine? Far too unrealistic.

No. 1934806

I had no idea there was a musical, I just thought he was remarkably ugly. Other suggestions for the role included Jacob Elordi, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Penn Badgley, Finn Wittrock and Sebastian Stan

No. 1934807

I had a crush on kanye until I found out we were the same height. Then I thought we could just be creative partners and I'll just be the yes woman, but my dreams are altogether crushed because he's too mental even for me now.

No. 1934842

That doesn't really make sense for the character at all.

No. 1934846

The color and pattern might look better on another person; these color shades are super unflattering on her.

No. 1934849

File: 1711115881224.jpg (76.76 KB, 760x800, 5ceb0a7d536ab15b20be43b349b041…)

pffffft, nonniieeeee thank you for pinpointing why this photoshoot is so goofy I love you

No. 1934869

I dont know why but i feel sad seeing people now forget about the horrible things Drake Bell has done or forgive him just because of Brian Peck.

Drake Bell sexually assaulted a teenage fan he was grooming since she was 12.

His ex Melissa (who was also a minor when he startwd dating her) also alleged to drake being abusive towards her and beating her.

No. 1934873

I feel like one of the reasons he moved to Mexico is because it’s easy access to child escorts there. Now he manipulated everyone into feeling bad for him he will get back good in Hollywood and get into positions of power so he can do the same thing that was done to him to girls.

No. 1934878

He was even CHARGED for assaulting that teenage girl and got a extremely light sentence of only doing community work and going to therapy. The world is unfair, i can't believe people are now coddling this shitty moid.

Alao i forgot to mention but his ex also alleged that there were more underage girls he abused.

No. 1934881

I think he knew people would support him because he dropped a song when the doc was released.

No. 1934883

Jenna and Millie still look very much like young teenagers, absolutely no one in their right senses would think of them as Bond girls (and the recent ones were 30+ anyways). I hate pedo males.

No. 1934885

File: 1711119244463.jpeg (614.71 KB, 1284x2219, IMG_2837.jpeg)

Anyone with half a brain can see he’s being manipulative with the pouting and looking like a sad innocent puppy in all his recent TikTok’s. The idiots are eating it up like fresh fried chicken and ironically it’s mostly women kek

No. 1934887

Samefag also they’re harassing Josh right now because he doesn’t want to be friends with Drake and didn’t invite him to his wedding

No. 1934890

Fuck off, retarded twitterfag.

No. 1934891

File: 1711119723330.jpg (123.58 KB, 1423x588, Screenshot 2024-03-22 155813.j…)

Anons i looked at the comments of this video and people have already started victim shaming/blaming this girl in the comments also you can see that all the disgusting comments calling this girl names are all recent after Drake accused Brian Peck.
It seems like this is what he wanted to happen, he knows that his newfound defenders will now go and attack his victims or blame it on his past.

No. 1934893

It sucks he got raped but at the same time I’m not stupid. I know he’s using this situation to get his career back on track and excuse his perverted behavior kek

No. 1934900

I feel bad that shit happened to him, no one deserves that, but I didn't forget what a creep he is. He needs jail time and intensive therapy

No. 1934904

>intensive therapy

Idk why people say this as if this would help him not be a pedo

No. 1934917

I, for one encourage body shaming of moids. They’ve became too comfortable with the “women love dad bods!” pickme shit from 10 years ago and they’re all fatasses now.

No. 1934933

> how is she going to make money
Ariana is set for life from her perfumes alone, she’ll be more than fine. Actually her perfume line has likely reached the level of popularity to rival Britney’s perfumes back in the day.

No. 1934973

>random woman says she doesnt want to see hypersexualized women with ugly man kinda pairings
>every bitch makes it about racebait as if sydney sweeney doesn't have more porn scenes than your average pornstar
You guys are retarded.(replying to a week old post to infight)

No. 1934985

Don't support Josh either. He criticized Jeanette and did not support any of these people until after the docu began production, and definitely only to get ahead of its release.

No. 1934989

They should not be platforming him other than to speak out about the abuse. He should not get roles, a career, etc. Im hoping people don't give him more than that small amount of breadth.

No. 1935017

The bottom left picture is all you need to know Sydney has implants. Just compare the overly rounded implant shaped cleavage to how natural large breasts fall to the sides when you’re on your back. No one gets circular cleavage with natural breast tissue while lying back with no pressure on the breasts. It makes me sad that scrotes think this woman insist this woman is natural and compare normal female bodies to women who have the best plastic surgery money can buy, but I suppose that’s how it’s always been. I wonder what her body looked like before the implants because they do actually fit her frame pretty nicely. Ik I sound like a scrote but she would have hardly the same success without the implants. She owes her career to that plastic surgeon.(sydney sperging)

No. 1935019

I'm not forgetting. he's a piece of shit. I want to see the even bigger piece of shit, Dan Schneider, to go down. So it's like a necessary evil

No. 1935072

Yeah, why does it even matter that she’s ugly? Retards in this thread act like it’s a crime for a woman that they find unattractive to live a happy and successful life kek. I hope they stay together or she finds a younger hotter scrote just to make them seethe more

No. 1935089

this looks worse than some of the community theater productions I've been involved with kek

No. 1935098

>that actors who she might date are "never going to take a back step for me."/

She's right. Most men in general will never temporarily set aside their goals or career for a woman, or "take a step back" for even as short as 6 months to a year while they have a pregnant wife or baby at home, let alone actors. Think of the unearned, self-righteous confidence of the average ugly moid and then imagine the narcissism ramped up 500%, and that's your average actor/musician/performer scrote. Bleak.

No. 1935118

She looks like PnP in this which is actually really sad cus she wasn't unfortunate looking before surgeries like PnP was. It doesn't matter if an insecure women who gets surgery is ugly or pretty, they all end up morphing into the same thing

No. 1935295

File: 1711136757441.png (587.36 KB, 1170x947, IMG_7581.png)

I just want another huge metoo wave to counteract the male victim propaganda that abuser Hollywood moids have been trying to impose upon us from Johnny Depp to Jonah hill to any other shitbag who's been blatantly caught using alts, paid shills and bot accounts

No. 1935332

I feel like the only reason people are so upset about this is because it’s a fag who raped a boy so it triggers their homophobia. If it was a girl in the same situation it wouldn’t have even been made to be this big of a deal.

No. 1935352

you think that dinosaur is still having periods at 57? bless your heart. she is absolutely in menopause, meaning her sex drive will go down. if 60 isnt old enough for you guys how about 70? cradle robber will be 70 and taylor will be 45, cute you guys think he's gonna stay with her literal wrinkly ass
and yes moids get bashed for this too, i was bashing al pacino like crazy, and liz gillies husband. its all fucking gross. she could be his mom. it's fucking distubring but everyone's like omg based!!!

what kristin cavallari is doing is different because she is in her late 30's but looks like she's in her late 20's, and they arent having babies or getting married. just having great sex. what is sex with horse grandma like? she's gonna eventually go into cardiac arrest next time they do it, she might wanna get herself a heart monitor(ATJ sperging)

No. 1935359

people don't normally live to 90 anymore nonna, usually its 80, which she is 12-13 years away from. the older and more frail she gets, the more he's gonna break up with her. won't be able to have sex without her breaking a hip. that pussy gonna be dry as a sahara desert due to menopause. senior people having sex is fucking vomit inducing. everything from her ass to her titties will be wrinkly, he's just as gross for this(retard)

No. 1935362

Give it rest you autistic retard. You already got called out for derailling. No one cares about your one-sided love for ATJ. Find a hobby and stop seething, thanks.(Atj fighting)

No. 1935384

I think its weird if you can't like to 90 but could somehow live to 80? Thats like living to be 10 but not living to be 20

No. 1935415

File: 1711140959024.jpg (228.39 KB, 1600x1067, 94e9fca1-c4c7-4268-9bcc-2ae198…)

Beetlejuice is my favorite movie in the world and this looks like absolute CGI shit. Practical effects are always better and they still never fucking use them. Winona can't act anymore, Ortega is just permanent Wednesday. At least there's Catherine and Michael. But this is going to fucking suck.

No. 1935444

penn would do well in the role but hes a bit old for it. i dont think an old man should play patrick bateman because it doesnt fit the character at all.

No. 1935450

the way he lumbers about is so funny

No. 1935458

I think Timothy chamoler or whatever the hell his name is would be cute as Patrick

No. 1935477

I don't know, people are asking Amanda Bynes to make a statement thinking Schneider assaulted her so they do at least temporarily care about a woman, who knows if it'll last? She probably won't make a statement, she's evidently super traumatized from her Nickelodeon days and wants to live quietly

No. 1935514

idk for people that have been abused i think they need to recognize that what they are doing is the same as what was done to them. im not sure if that can really change anything but i want to believe that some people can change for good and become disgusted with their crimes against children.

No. 1935534

File: 1711146543191.png (131.57 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_3564.png)

God, with all the recent talk about Spongebob I was convinced for a minute that you meant Patrick Star. Back on the topic I don’t agree, he’s too ugly to play Bateman and has rat body with zero muscle, Bale was in his physical prime when he took this role. I’m not even sure if there’s any young actor as attractive and conventional as him. My guess is that they’re gonna take Elordi since he’s tall, in a good shape and already played a psychopath before (although he’s ugly too).

No. 1935542

File: 1711146984286.jpeg (293.55 KB, 1599x1193, IMG_3565.jpeg)

Half of them are geriatric (especially almost 50-year-old plastic surgery patient Cillian Murphy) or plain ugly (Penn Badgley and Tom Holland, lmao). We’re in the gutter.

No. 1935557

Sydney's greasy balding post-wall moid is 14 years older than her, has been dating her since she was 21 and will die 20 years before her since moids' life expectacy is 6 years shorter than ours.
Yet nobody is enraged, nobody sees her as a victim (rather the opposite), nobody is endlessly shitting up the thread for her. Hm…(ATJ/sydney sperging)

No. 1935563

I think she's supposed to be being thrust into, not just lying on her back.

No. 1935581

File: 1711148995551.jpg (182.69 KB, 636x382, 82786741-0-image-a-51_17111323…)

I'm convinced that despite being in the public for decades, receiving extensive media training and having handlers tend to them 24/7 most celebrities have negative EQ… They're all grown, they knew she had surgery and nevertheless decided that posting this was a great idea. All rumors were horrible for her, whether it's "only" cheating/divorce or her already being dead. There was no scenario light-hearted enough to joke about. For a normal person this insane need for attention is incomprehensible.
Blake Lively is already groveling now but this will definitely be a hit to her already failing career.

No. 1935584

Of course women who are always conditioned to coddle moids like children and give them free emotional support and therapy would be all over this trying their hardest to heal his trauma with some tiktok comments

No. 1935638

I’m so fucking tired of Jenna Ortega. She’s so damn one note and just an excuse for producers and creepy moids to project their goth underaged waif fantasies onto and it’s so transparent and stupid. Maybe I’m extra bitter because a Wednesday/Xfinity billboard near me JUST got taken down but I’m a triggered by her resting pouty brat face. This remake looks so cringe.

No. 1935666

If she even was losing popularity, it was only because the image of an ideal woman was beginning to change into something extremely different in the 60s, not because she was aging. Another example is Ava Gardner, who in the 50s started to lose popularity, she was just okay, but not because she was was suddenly "old" - she was only 4 years older than Marilyn - it was because she didn't represent the ideal anymore and the fashion of the time worked against her beauty. Marilyn too didn't become super popular in 40s either, when she was younger, she turned 24 in 1950 and became popular later in 1950s. Back in the day they dreaded the age of 40, not fucking 25. Nowadays it must be even later, Nathalie Portman is still rocking it.

No. 1935671

I mean considering the context
These people are regularly around people who change their features/bodies more than I change my sims characters in cas. To them someone getting surgery could be, getting a nose job, a BBL, removing fat from their cheeks, a dick extension/Dickoplasy (Drake), weight loss surgeries, lipo, face lifts, lip lifts whatever. So of course someone like Kim K or Andy Cohen (whose job is pumping his face full of shit and talking to women who also pump their faces during shit) don't even think "Surgery" is a big deal. Not to mention they probably think, "Kate is getting a nose job and they are trying to cover it up!" because thats some shit Kim would do.
>Making jokes about abuse
Again, these people are retarded, they only care about that shit when it's them or they can profit.
Plus, I think because it's Kate, the princess, they think it's cool to make fun of someone who is basically a political figure. When they get the chance to be assholes or make distasteful jokes agaisnt someone they dehumanized for some reason they WILL do it.

No. 1935694

File: 1711157001384.jpeg (745.94 KB, 1039x1417, IMG_2843.jpeg)

People saying Bianca is being exploited are so silly because she dressed like that even before she knew Kanye lol. This is her pre meeting Kanye west

No. 1935697

>nobody is endlessly shitting up the thread for her
Scroll up

No. 1935698

Wasn't this her when she was already working for Kanye? She used to work for Yeezy iirc.

No. 1935703

was she dressing like this at Cheesecake factory? And she's clearly uncomfortable in some of the videos, covering herself.

No. 1935709

jenna and millie are barely into their twenties, yuck

i think ana de armas was in her 30s in the last bond film?

No. 1935731

>Sydney Sweeney followed by Jenna Ortega
Wow, it really is a men’s franchise, so the betting options are literally whoever is sexually popular with creepy old men at any given time. Top considerations both favoured for portraying sexualized teen fantasies: awkward hypersexual and student-teacher sex scenes. It’s even enough for those nostalgia bums just to have watched MBB grow up on Stranger Things. Vomit, going downhill. If Sydney’s already making her own Barbarella film, she must be gunning for this to build a bombshell image.

No. 1935739

…she is also a celebrity? They’re all celebrities making empty jokes about another celebrity. Blake Lively is making fun of a national organization trying to pass obvious AI off as real. What’s the moral issue there? Why on earth would you come to this thread, on this website to cry on her behalf?
What strange understanding of these people do you have? They are also surrounded by those that would get surgery and definitely are people that would cover anything up.

No. 1935755

I just randomly remembered back in 2017 when there was that terrorist attack at Ariana Grande's concert in the UK. How fucking wild wtf.(sage your shit)

No. 1935757

Nta but Blake Lively is cringe, anyone besties with Taylor Swift is the embodiment of a fake.

No. 1935758

and it happened a little while after she said she wished her fans would die. welp be careful what you wish for

No. 1935838


No. 1935873

Oh no, shitty celebrities don’t care about another shit celeb who is even more irrationally rich than them thanks to marrying into family of British inbreds in which all kinds of pathology are common.

No. 1935985