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File: 1550492075234.jpg (250.29 KB, 1000x1000, plastic-surgery-renee-zellwege…)

No. 375656

Previous thread >>>/ot/196187

No. 375696

File: 1550500598514.jpg (143.19 KB, 704x800, IMG_7648.JPG)

all 'natural' beauty

No. 375697

File: 1550500755923.png (681.81 KB, 859x500, iskra-lawrence-5.png)

have we spoken about this one before? tbh she pisses me off because literally her entire career is about body posi and "normal girls" and "no photoshop" etc etc after getting her ass injected to high heaven. i'd feel 'confident' with no photoshop after thousands in body surgery too

No. 375712

renee's entire face looks so different like it's another person. I can't believe it was just because of the droopy eye.

No. 375728

>that baboon ass

No. 375733

I loved her lemon face wtf happened

No. 375736

yeah, me too. It was like her trademark. But even if it was for health reasons as she stated, it looks like she's done way more.

No. 375748

File: 1550506650237.jpeg (197.63 KB, 450x500, ijroevnrw.jpeg)

Damn, I always thought it was natural since she also has big legs and in certain pics it looks believable.
But the pic you posted…that looks mega fake.

No. 375754

File: 1550507104669.jpg (62.12 KB, 632x667, 0620e32fcc057f0c5a66016d5d6056…)

it looks terrible. idk if she keeps getting it topped up or idk

No. 375764

saw this on YouTube’s trending page and couldn’t get through five minutes without rolling my eyes @ the plastic surgery advocates

the natural beauty campaigners really made a lot of good points about exploitation and beauty standards from what I watched, but the PA advocates just seemed so slimy and fake - they’ve obviously got a vested interest that really skews the issue

at least 90% of the comments were sane, calling out the fact that people are not born with insecurities and talking about dysmorphia in relation to social media culture

No. 375769

>people are not born with insecurities
True, other people commenting on your physical flaws cause the insecurities.

I don't see why the option of not having people comment on your flaws should only be reserved for people born with attractive features. Why is a person born with good features more deserving of not having others' comments cause insecurities than someone who got those features via surgery?

No. 375784

The PA advocates keep equating reconstructive surgery with pure, cosmetic surgery…

No. 375793


I noticed that too - yet none of them comment on the increasing number of purely cosmetic procedures done yearly in the US, the increasing number of botch jobs and illegal procedures being sought out, and the direct ties to the specific marketing and “image” that those in the PA industry specifically manufacture in order to sow insecurities and profit

No. 375801

It makes her look like a midget where if it was normal sized, she would look normal.

No. 376099

File: 1550547505777.jpg (79.16 KB, 780x585, portias.jpg)

portia de rossi looks like an entirely different person. when I saw her on the reboot of arrested development my jaw dropped. she looks very strange now. not sure if she denies it or not

No. 376100

samefag to add, her new face looks like if you told someone to draw a picture of her purely from memory. like it has the essence of her old face but also… so different. the la croix of new faces.

No. 376107

Jesus Christ.
She can so easily afford therapy and she just keeps going on and on allowing the dysmorphia to take over. Felt sorry for her for about a minute after reading her book but damn, woman. Her problems are fixable.
Give it a few years and she’ll be back down to 80 pounds with a fourth face.

No. 376112

That's insane. she was beautiful. She really looks entirely different…

No. 376114

Honestly why do people like big asses? I never understood it especially the surgery ones!

No. 376120

because we're not a straight guy hitting it from the back

No. 376139

Eh, I actually think they're cute because I like the look of a pear shape in general. The REALLY unnatural looking ones (where the girls have stick thin legs lmao) make me uncomfortable though.

No. 376142

It’s a feminine spot to store fat, just like hips and thighs. What’s not to like?

No. 377090

File: 1550712041496.jpeg (132.18 KB, 750x551, 856C008B-24B0-4B5E-A744-BE5BE7…)

Will this fucking epidemic of baboon ass lip fillers ever cease

No. 377092

They're British, right?

No. 377121

God, you can’t even tell what their ethnicities are. I’d say the rest of their face is so much worse than their lips.

No. 377127

File: 1550716068499.jpeg (191.08 KB, 750x959, A1EE8245-BA0C-46A6-9698-1E6B72…)

They’re Swedish. Girl in mid has /snow potential, drug addict who named her son Lucifer and has “misunderstood” in French tattooed on her forehead. Has live-streamed her butt (or tits? Idk) implants on Instagram. Saged for slight OT

No. 377145

Those nose touch ups are pretty obvious and generic too.

No. 377153

File: 1550719868998.jpg (23.83 KB, 500x350, Janet-Jackson-Plastic-Surgery-…)

michael jackson is a classic, it's incredible to me that he tried to claim his hideous transformation was all due to a skin condition

janet is a really unfortunate case to me, i always thought her little cocaine nose looked horrific and she could have been so, so pretty if she hadn't mutilated it. it's always been awful and just gotten worse

No. 377170

File: 1550721417214.jpg (23.59 KB, 350x300, latoya-jackson-before-and-afte…)

Michael, Janet, and La Toya all got botched noses. La Toya's I find especially horrific. It's a shame how they've influenced each other like that.

No. 377171

File: 1550721738676.png (1.85 MB, 1192x1188, Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 11.0…)

dear god

No. 377173

eugh so disgusting. too bad they grew up in extra racist hollywood of the 90s and were so determined to appear more white

No. 377177

Did he really have vitiligo that wasn't created by skin bleaching? Strange coinky dink that someone so determined to look white had an illness that made him white…

No. 377179

it's always been up in the air but i doubt it. afaik vitiligo never takes up your entire skin like that and you're generally born with it. maybe i'm wrong but it sure as hell doesn't fuck up your nose and bone structure like that

No. 377195

I thought he had patches on his dick because of it and that was why the cops took photos of it. To see if it matched the pattern the kid was describing. Pretty sure he did have it.

No. 377197

I imagine they think people stare at them because they're soo hawwwt with their hideous botched lips

No. 377201

yes, i thought that too, but he was exactly the kind of freak that would dip himself in hydroquinone from head to toe

No. 377204

there's a very fine line between "attractive, full lips" and "got stung by a bee right on the mouth" and this bitch crossed it

No. 377210

Holy shit why do people just accept this and look the other way? Especially with MJ and the skin excuse.

No. 377212

File: 1550727983219.jpg (109.87 KB, 800x800, 8422e06234a40d1baa48f84b10bc03…)

la toya was really pretty. what a shame. but they all got considerably lighter, it seems.

No. 377213

File: 1550728031680.jpg (17.93 KB, 320x309, 7634c59c4786f87bcfc253e37b9e2c…)

it has to be bleach. maybe mj's skin just didn't take the bleach as well as the other girls or something.

No. 377215

I saw an indian girl with badly lightened skin talking to her male friends irl, the skin around the edges of her face was noticably patchy from lightening it. The lighter area was a little pink and raw looking, so it wasn't a natural skin condition causing the patchiness. I would expect the industrial strength lightener they gave MJ caused the patchy skin and vitiligo was the excuse. Every natural vitiligo person I've seen (online) had it from birth.

No. 377219

they look like they're turning into skellies with those horrible noses and weird skin tones

No. 377225

he definitely had vitiligo. it’s very visible on his hands in some photos. apparently he chose to bleach the rest of his skin to match the patches losing pigment? it’s not unheard of back in the day for people to either bleach the rest of their skin or use tanning products or heavy makeup on the light patches to make their skin appear one tone. actually i’d imagine that’s still done in some places. i know a girl who has it on her lips and neck and she chooses to cover it with makeup since hers isn’t widespread.

No. 377232

Not all people with vitiligo immediately got it from birth, most of them have it start spreading when they reach puberty, for instance. I have heard that using certain skin lightening creams can cause it though, dunno how true that is

No. 377248

File: 1550733094638.jpg (39.72 KB, 498x640, mj.jpg)

case closed.
He def bleached later, or did something-

No. 377272

File: 1550741510970.jpg (28.78 KB, 500x300, 3e86b7cb8e6f690e9eab8230ca5085…)

"Plastic surgery? Oh no honey, its jApAnEsE pOtAtOeS that did this to my face"

No. 377274

she was very cute and natural back then. Now she looks 20 years older and somewhat plastic and generic. Miss her freckles, it gave her a youthful beach look

No. 377275

why would she do that to her jawline??? why is everyone getting jawline surgery? it never looks good.

No. 377276

Wtf happened to her? Wasn't she like the sexiest woman a few years ago and celebrated for her perfect face? She must be a hardcore junkie considering her age and the state of her skin..

No. 377320

Her skin under her eyes it's all droopy for all these cheek fillers she is doing. It's a shame, she is really pretty but in a few years all her face will melt down if she insists on looking like red skull.

No. 377334

It's masseter botox, so if she stops getting it her face will return back to normal. Not sure about her eyes though, I hope it's some kind of brow lift and not a blepharoplasty

No. 377527


I've seen plenty of girls like this in Denmark. Also extremely tanned they look like they're doing blackface…. it's hideous

No. 377532

This jaw shaving/botox thing is making people look elderly, not a good look for someone so young

No. 377575

What's wrong with nordic natural beauty (or any other type of natural beauty)? Why are all these girls wanting to look ethnic? Gee, is sad how bad these women fall for the flavor of the month body part.

I'm wondering what's going to happen when all this stuff on them goes out of style.

No. 377615

File: 1550806426871.jpg (Spoiler Image, 358.18 KB, 2028x1522, B.jpg)

The Kim Kardashian effect?? Or The Bogdanoff effect.

You decide.

No. 377616

Shit, forgot to link my reply >>377090

No. 379445

File: 1551147597627.jpg (80.48 KB, 1080x949, 43367918_2214344418837323_7797…)

for fuck's sake

No. 379447

File: 1551147637965.jpg (86.54 KB, 819x1024, 3498ebd370bd22dc110f5d26909ae3…)

this isn't even denied but it makes me wince imagining what these fillers will look like in a few years. they look painful as is

No. 379448

Why do men find this attractive, I get that asses are nice but why is bigger always better for them

No. 379449

because it's blown up to cartoony, fantasy proportions that would never, ever exist in real life. and men who want this in their fuck buddy only care about porn standards.

No. 379459

imo there is nothing worse than this. giant lips instantly ruin a face
I will never understand this shit

No. 380061

This is soooo stupid looking. I highly doubt most men find this attractive, and I bet 99% of people (men and women both) talk mad shit about her babboon ass the second she leaves the room.

No. 380512

this is the most unattractive shit. these women seriously need to love themselves. fucking gross

No. 380653

File: 1551329252700.jpg (105.37 KB, 1021x580, Beyonce-nose-job-2.jpg)

beyonce stans and their plastic surgery denial never ceases to amaze me

they're literally on michael jackson levels of denial

No. 380658

who would even?

No. 380662

beyonce fans dont operate on the same IQ level as the average person so

No. 380665


No. 380666


No. 380667

I never realized how botched her nose looked.

No. 380668

File: 1551330608153.jpg (38.54 KB, 500x569, f0140680099d73f0b32e9fdce2c0a0…)

i mean…yes? its literally the same kind of mentality that mj and kpop fans have when its beyond obvious beyonce has had a ton of stuff done, but because she takes "natural" photos for instagram with a ton of filters and obvious photoshop, her fans genuinely will claim shes had nothing done even though she looks like a completely different person

No. 381402

It could just be different lighting, given that the darker photos are in sunlight but the lighter photos are flash photography. Plus going out in the sun more still makes a difference.


I understand the pressure for these women to supress ageing but I don't understand why they change their features so much that they go from having a recognisable look to being some bland generic face. Their face is part of their brand and yet if they don't botch it they just end up… forgettable. Especially Renee Zellweger in the OP.

No. 382035

OT but holy crap she's wearing a lot of concealer in the right picture.

No. 382210

You guys keep saying mj fans deny it but…I've never heard of this like ever? Like it's well known that after that thing blew up in his face while going the Pepsi commerical he got addicted to plastic surgery and looked really scary before he died like I've never seen a mass amount of people say otherwise. He suffered from anorexia and then there's videos of his performing on YouTube too where you can see his vitiligo and how they tried to hide it with his clothes but it'll flash from time to time.
But he's never not been an example of what plastic surgery addiction can make a person look like ever since I could remember

No. 382726

File: 1551574020224.jpg (23.77 KB, 306x430, pixee.jpg)

Whenever I see Pixee's Insta posts I feel bad for 5 seconds before I don't feel bad for her. She basically got every kind of plastic surgery procedure imaginable done and she kept going and going like her life didn't matter. When she went on Botched the doctors thought she came to see them because of the loss of feeling in her chin when she was actually she went there for more plastic surgery. The docs were surprised that she didn't care about the nerve damage from the jaw shave. After appearing on the show she went to the Middle east again to get more work done and this time she wasn't as lucky. Something went wrong (negligence on the doctor's part) and she slipped into a coma, now Pixee is brain damaged. The second she woke up her manager flew her back to the US to milk her mentally ill brain damaged ass some more. Pixee's family caught wind of this and finally brought her back to Sweden after trying for a few months, she now spends her days at home in bed, her parents got her a puppy to keep her company and she doesn't post selfies or glamour shots anymore.

No. 382755

Yeah i've honestly only seen a few fans in straight up denial about it when lurking some forums, it doesn't seem to be the majority. It seems to be the more mature fans correcting them and making them see reality. And yeah many people don't really know mj also had issues with food and eating that worsened his self-image, ever since he was a teen i'm pretty sure.

No. 382831

How do you know about the stuff with her parents and the puppy? I tried finding stuff to read online but couldn't. It sounds really interesting though so do share more if you have it (potentially some links as well)

No. 382870

Having been through BDD myself, I feel terrible for the people who have it. It's an awful mental condition that makes your life impossible and many therapists can't treat it for shit. I imagine it's possibly even worse for people who actually have money for plastic surgery, because they're more likely to not do their research properly in the heat of the moment and end up at the mercy of shit surgeons only interested in milking as much money as they can from them, encouraging them to get more and more PS.
It's sad that nobody could help this woman.

No. 382976

I've followed her instagram for years now. When she disappeared one of her friends made an instagram informing everyone about the brain damage, what the doctor did to her and how her manager tried taking advantage of her. All of her insta story are of her with the dog in bed and sometimes she'll go out with it for a walk. To add to this she's probably going to go blind in a few years from her eye implants

No. 383016

I heard she has memory loss alongside brain damage. Good for her that she has a loving family. That disgusting manager should be ashamed.

>To add to this she's probably going to go blind in a few years from her eye implants

How do you know that? I know eye implant surgery is dangerous but Pixee seemed to be okay after everything healed properly. Or can eye implants suddenly cause inflammation at any time? I am just asking.

No. 383088

She looks the same. She just got older. Don’t get this meme.
Yes many women who had plastic surgery deny it but there’s also an obnoxious group of people inventing deadly procedures that just are not possible. Had this thread been made in 2007 and was this a youtube video OP probs would point out she even changed her eye colour, lmao!

No. 383094

Yes, when you get older your eyes mysteriously become less hooded and you lose your epicanthal fold, only to mysteriously revert when people start pointing out how you look like a different person. A typical symptom of aging.

No. 383188

Proof? What procedure did she do to make it non-permanent? Botox? Can botox even do this? And also, aging can very much actually do what you said.

No. 383190

Also this gotta be most stupid post I‘ve ever read regarding plastic surgery arguments but I somehow missed it…epicanthal folds? Really? Do you even know what epicanthal folds are? How can you even make judgements regarden plastic surgery if you do not know? Stop talking already jesus.

No. 383196

In order to not develop glaucoma you need to use novocaine drops every few hours a day, it’s a miserable existence because you can’t see the sun or any light filled places without pain.

Optometrist appointments are necessary because of the damage that was made to the cornea.

No. 383243


90% of the who get the implants end up develop issues a few years later, it doesn't matter if they use the eyedrops or not

No. 383247

File: 1551716144344.jpeg (36.3 KB, 650x1000, 9178a6c71070093434a74bd52359c2…)


OP pic is from 2014. Here she is at the Oscars last month.

No. 383261

It was probably a brow lift. The filler got reabsorbed to the body, she didn't get it back and her eyelids went back to natural.

No. 383392

File: 1551744633171.jpg (44.1 KB, 267x345, eyebag.jpg)

I wanna get eyebag injections then I see this

No. 383395

can you achieve upper blepharoplasty-esque results with botox? Because the op pic looks like she had more room created around her eyes, which dragged her brows down.

I've wanted an upper blepharoplasty for years but my brows are similarly low on my forehead and I've read about this being a possibilty and that someone in that situation would also need a browlift.

No. 383405

Wow she looks much better here

No. 383450

her eyes are definitely a signature part of her look, whatever she had done to them before just made her look like a generic middle aged lady. now she looks like herself again.

No. 383547

>I wanna get eyebag injections

No. 385168

her surgeon pulled things too much and it finally relaxed. mom does a big lift every eight to ten years and for the first year or so she looks freakish and not like herself. then it settles and she looks like mom again. tbh it's creepy.

No. 385640

File: 1552340090821.jpg (311.87 KB, 2234x695, brie larson.jpg)

I hate Brie Larson's new look she looks so different now

No. 385649

anon, it's called aging… she lost her babyfat

No. 385653

sometimes women age in the span of 10 years, anon. her face is thinner and more mature. she was 19/20 when she filmed scott pilgrim.

No. 385697

to me it looks like she got her eyelids done

No. 385812

Idk she still looks fine to me. More mature, yeah definitely, but not worse

No. 389021

Male sexual preference has gone off the rails:


There are species of beetle where the males prefer to mate with discarded beer bottles than females, because the beer bottles happen to have exaggerated versions of traits beetles find attractive. We're seeing the same thing today when it comes to beauty standards. Women are supposed to be perfectly made up with exaggerated eyes and lips, unhealthily thin waist but huge ass and thighs (can only be achieved with surgery for 99% of women), and down for all kinds of messed up sexual acts men have been programmed into liking by porn overstimulation.

No. 389104

Why aren't women affected by this? Is it because we're "less visual?" Or because we can appreciate a broad spectrum of things?

God men are such fucking retards in some aspects. Things like this remind me to never even consider involving myself with them

No. 389117

Reminds me of these… I think they were fleas or something? Ticks? Something along those lines. The female has a toughened carapace thing that is penetrated by the males and eventually some males adopted the carapace because they were getting fucked by the other retarded ticks or whatever who accidentally mistake them for female. Like their desperate retardation caused a gay reproductive adaptation and those males that are mistaken for being female survive because they're mistaken for being female and it results in less effective reproduction. It's like males meme themselves into becoming completely reproductively retarded despite the frantically desperate desire to reproduce. It's hilarious, but sad for us, really, that we should be attracted to such a supremely retarded subset of people

No. 389130

I think there is just something fundamentally wrong with men's brains.

Like how whenever you see someone with an absolutely broken sexuality, some insane fetish that defies all sanity, it's 99.9% of the time a man. It's men who are getting off to clowns popping giant balloons or cartoon pony dickgirls or people shitting into cakes and then feeding it to their pets. Women usually just don't go wrong to such an extent.

No. 389137

>There are species of beetle where the males prefer to mate with discarded beer bottles than females, because the beer bottles happen to have exaggerated versions of traits beetles find attractive.
This got me curious so I searched and found this on the subject:

It's quite interesting:
>I study sex differences theory, Darwinian sexual selection, and one of the clear glaring patterns about animals is that there are a number of examples of males making mating errors. Females never — I've never heard an example of a female making an error. So here's a male making a clear mating error and the theory behind it is that sperm's cheap. Males can afford to, once in a while, you know, basically make a mistake. Females no, because reproduction is much more expensive for females.

>DR: These beetles were being dragged off the bottles by predatory ants that were on the ground. And so some of the more attractive bottles had bits and pieces of many beetles on the ground.

> LLM: Does this beer bottle attraction pose a real problem for the beetles?

>DG: So at least one conservation biology textbook has referred to our research as a classic case of an "evolutionary trap," in the sense that the male beetles have evolved over millions of years to prefer the largest brown female they can find, because bigger females have more eggs. And along come humans, chucking beer bottles out, and this stimulus has completely disrupted their [mating behavior].

No. 389154

>So here's a male making a clear mating error and the theory behind it is that sperm's cheap. Males can afford to, once in a while, you know, basically make a mistake. Females no, because reproduction is much more expensive for females.
In an article that the finders of the beetle thing were in (I cba to find it now), they said these beetles were literally dying of exhaustion while trying to mate with these bottles and it was "very sad" for them to watch and that it's a serious, serious existential threat to them, so I think it's less that males can "afford to make a mistake" and more that they just tend to be more retarded.

No. 389231

No one said anything about who deserves what.

No. 389331

Female animals might not make mating mistakes like males, but they do fall victim to “evolutionary traps” when it comes to caregiving. This is because of supernormal stimuli as stated in:
>supernormal stimuli are exaggerated versions of stimuli to which animals respond more intensely than to normal stimuli.

Female birds of many different species have been observed to prefer fake eggs that are larger and more colorful than the real eggs they laid. It’s just sort of a fault in evolution that is becoming more common due to human interference.

No. 390104

File: 1553377799632.png (79.81 KB, 495x700, supernormal-6.png)

No. 401387

File: 1555985001698.jpg (122.59 KB, 677x494, extrememakeover.jpg)

Why is it that when an asian gets surgery to change their race no one cares but when a white person (the brazilian guy for example) gets surgery to change their race, everyone gets all pissed and cry cultural appropriation?

This Japanese dude wanted to look white he got eyelid surgery, a nose implant and bone implant on his forehead to make his the eye sockets appear deeper. Thoughts?

No. 401413

Going to go out on a limb here and say there are probably many Japanese who would frown upon this. Though generally they hold their tongue.

No. 401418

People that defend it are in denial about this shit or are severely visually retarded, as in they can't process how these traits they get through PS are caucasian features.

Reminds me of artwork that is ripped off but unless you do one of those shitty 50% opacity overlays and it matches exactly, people will call it not a copy.

No. 401425

Lol tf he looks like some generic brown guy on the right. Absolute shame.

No. 401427

He looked cute before and now he looks like a middle eastern person

No. 401428

File: 1555992303081.jpg (681.55 KB, 1287x960, kr 1.jpg)

Goddamit Korea

No. 401430

File: 1555992526992.png (129.52 KB, 668x393, kr ps.png)

Koreans are pretty talented at making their people look naturally beautiful. It's sad when you think about all the work they had to get done at such a young age for a shot at fame. These two had their whole faces worked on as teenagers and their parents were totally fine with it

No. 401436

>Koreans are very talented at photoshop

They sure are.

No. 401450

File: 1555996898471.jpg (17.26 KB, 320x320, 5.jpg)

No. 401465

Not denying surgery, I just meant that the after pic is shopped to death. Can you find a more candid pic to compare?

>look naturally beautiful
In what world? I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look like that naturally.

No. 401481

nta but here's a video. her nosejob is one of the best i've ever seen. no idea what else she had done to her face but she still looks like a normal human being after all the work she had done. i think that's what anon meant by "naturally beautiful"

No. 401490

File: 1556012383122.jpg (44.39 KB, 849x426, kissie_stor7.jpg)

LMAO this reminds me of this chick, who was somewhat popular (infamous) in my country many years ago.

No. 401509

what the fuck he looks decently handsome before, and ugly as hell after, that's really sad

No. 401544

These people should publically say the name of their surgeon, I mean such work deserves recognition

No. 401555

They look natural, I wouldn't have they got suspected ps

No. 401557

>those lopsided eyes, ears, and crooked nose that even plastic surgery and photoshop can't fix
That is horrifically unfortunate.

No. 401562

why does everyone who gets these race changing surgeries end up looking so ugly and uncanny valley, even when they looked relatively good before. they never end up looking right.

No. 401568

calm down bdd chan

No. 401589

Because you can’t change your race, anon. Physical form has its limits.

No. 402101

File: 1556127443963.jpg (122.85 KB, 1600x1067, Xiahn-Nishi-19.jpg)

What happened to Xiahn Nishi? He was everywhere not too long ago

No. 402166

Bc no one cares about Asian people. We have cows all over this site who yellowface but no one really cares in the ethical or moral way like they do when it comes to black or white people

No. 402189

Do you really think that? Yellowfacing cows routinely get made fun of for doing that here.

No. 402347

How many yellowface cows do we have? All I know is that Kiko girl and himeahri and her thread is either inactive or autosaged

No. 402349

You can go on /w/ and see for yourself…

No. 403899

so males are retarded caveman sexual deviants and females just really want to care for things

god i hate men. i needed this reminder to avoid them forever

No. 403981

are u one of those pullfags who thinks a non asian girl wearing straight eyebrows, winged eyeliner and liptint = yellowface? there are very few examples on this site of actual yellowface lol

No. 404555

Kiko and himeahri claimed to be part Japanese is that not yellow facing? Himeahri still tries to Photoshop herself to look ~hafu~. Are you another transracial supporter?

No. 404564

wait a minute


I know the paper doesn't talk about this but it makes me wonder if female animals can experience 'cuteness' the way humans experience cuteness towards their babies (and other baby animals).

No. 404582

pullfag out
like most threads on /w/, nobody gives a shit. stick to PULL

No. 404594

thats literally 2 out of the probably several hundred cows that have been featured on this site lmao

theyre not exactly all over the site

No. 404616

Photoshopping oneself to look like an animu character isnt yellow facing

No. 407488

File: 1557205862601.gif (638.9 KB, 245x245, thuo3_250.gif)

Uh huh. Are you mad at how much Chris Evans has changed from that highly stylized comic book movie too? Imagine putting a picture of Lucas Lee next to a regular pic of Chris Evans and whining about how different they look in a Plastic Surgery thread lmao

No. 408645

File: 1557497865593.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2048x1849, D1D2E514-00DA-423D-BB34-A01975…)

I find it hilarious these midlife crisis wt slags pump so much shit into their lips it accumulates into a mustache.

No. 408646

I don't understand the appeal of giant lips.

No. 408650


No. 408731

File: 1557518855942.jpg (527.43 KB, 695x900, 59b6262593a8618870205288027e4a…)

Women's sexuality is actually less plastic than men's. Research says that women generally cannot be conditioned by orgasms to the same extent as men.

Some hypothesize that it also has to do with male sexuality being more reliant on associative learning. Men are also universally more entitled and expect their fantasies to become reality right this moment.

Another hypothesis is that women simply don't have the social or economic power to pursue their own version of supernormal stimuli or enforce men's compliance with unrealistic standards. To put it simply, we aren't rich enough so we settle for a beer bellied dad bod instead of demanding that men look like twinks from Final Fantasy. Of course we rationalize it by forcing ourselves to focus on personality rather than looks.

No. 408760

>Of course we rationalize it by forcing ourselves to focus on personality rather than looks.
I don't think it's a rationalization. From women I talk to, it seems more the resignation that you'll be single forever waiting around for the right personality on a smoking hot guy. Seems women are more willing to compromise with looks for compatibility, whereas men will do the opposite.

No. 408767

File: 1557532978512.jpg (113.22 KB, 634x910, 23FBE9C700000578-2871886.jpg)

ayrt here!

>we aren't rich enough

Might be true, although age gap sugar mama relationships don't seem as common among rich/famous women as they are with their male equivalents.

I think we just search for partnership more than males do (generally, always exceptions of course). And this is coming from a high-sex-drive bitch, but even as a billionaire I'd rather a friendly husband who enjoys my company to a model. He'd have to meet some bare minimums of course, but nothing obscene and I'd never trade him out.

You're probably also correct that orgasms condition us less sexually (again, in general). The average normie male has an interest in weird, uncanny proportions but even a high libido woman probably won't train herself to only get off to MONSTER MUSCLES and GIANT COCK or something. I like petit men but haven't memed myself into micro fetishism.

That said, I recall seeing a post about supernormal stimulus somewhere else on here in regards to women and got me thinking more about this issue and that we're into it in a different way. The anecdote was about female birds seeking the BIGGEST EGG, and I thought that could mirror how human women like to mother animals, or the select few who get into reborn baby dolls, or who get obsessed with collecting kawaii shit. Dog and cat moms are a cultural phenomenon whether we want to admit it or not. Animals are like eternal babies (helpless, rely on you for food, not cognitively developed, etc.). Furbabies.

Funny how women get picked on for that but men are okay masturbating themselves into only liking beach ball tiddies and sausage lips. Really makes you think!!!

No. 409605

File: 1557770267519.jpg (179.15 KB, 758x1054, safer_sephiroth_by_radiuszero_…)


Another thing about supernatural stimuli in a sexual context is that men's exaggerated ideal is hyperfeminine, with all female sexual characteristics being taken to their extreme.

Women too have their completely unrealistic (as in no real life man looks like that barring extreme surgery) ideal for men. But instead the masculine characteristics are extremely minimized, leaving only those that allow us to identify the subject as male. They have no body hair, no facial hair, no male pattern hairline, no facial virilization, no enormous dicks or enormous muscles. Literally every character that was designed to appeal to women is like this. Also, boy bands etc. It seems that all women enjoy this up until a certain age, then just capitulate to the idea that it doesn't exist.

It's like masculinity isn't naturally attractive to straight women or something.

No. 410050

Damn.. that's so true. Personally i've never been into super 'masculine' considered features (like body hair/ super bulky muscles). I wonder why this is, any biological reasoning behind it lol

No. 410075

I don't really agree with this theory (I know plenty of women who like manly hairy men, it seems more like it's just fallen out of fashion in the same way that Reubenesque women were once sexually popular) but you could argue that these youthful characteristics are appealing on a man because of how sperm quality degrades with the age of a man. A younger man will be more sexually and physically verile, possibly less compromised with disease and has longer lifespan to support your offspring.
All of the gross arguments that men use for why they're only attracted to neotenous blow up dolls could be used by women too, but men have managed to construct a system that makes their balding yet hairy asses exempt from the same logic through financial and social convention.

No. 410077

I've been called a lesbian for saying this, but women just look better than men. It's the truth. There are women who do like masculine men, but I think that's because women have more varied tastes in general (and tbh, I feel like those types are far, far more of a minority than men like to tell themselves, lmao).
Femininity has always been more aesthetically pleasing than masculinity.
Men with feminine features will always look better than men with masculine features.
The only ones who will honestly, truly disagree with this at its core are most likely ugly, neanderthal-looking, wrinkly old men trying to cope.

No. 410088

This is such a chaotic analysis that it must have been written by a lesbian.
The picture is just animefied (hence unrealistic) young man. Basically women like glamourous neoteny but will always choose man's personality or usefullness over looks.

No. 410089

Whoever called you gay was right.

No. 410119

i'm bi, heavily lesbian leaning, and i've always appreciated a manlier looking man over a femboi. femininity looks weird on men, imo.

No. 410138

File: 1557888435080.png (861.44 KB, 820x501, Untitled.png)

yes they do. most mammals have the same sort of "babyish" features that human babies do (large eyes, small face, possibly round head), and it makes their mothers feel extra maternal instinct.

No. 410139

this is only true in east asian countries lmao, the majority of western women want a strong stereotypically masculine man, not some pretty boy.

i'm also bi and i hate feminine males, they're a complete turnoff

No. 410145

File: 1557889799680.png (3.95 MB, 1918x1280, masculinity.png)

>this is only true in east asian countries

Uh..no? Boybands exist in America, boy bands existed in America first before kpop. Hello? The Beatles? The Rolling Stones? The Jackson 5? Hanson? The Backsteet Boys? NSYNC? One Direction? Justin Bieber? I can list a million more. Leo Dicaprio and River Phoenix were sex symbols for tons of teenaged women, even Fabio, while muscular, was hardly extremely masculine with his long flowing hair and gentle face.

Women in America like their soft, flower boys too, just because it isn't kpop doesn't mean we all liked rugged masculine men

No. 410156

unrelated but manly men cooking dinner in a sweater is a really cute look

No. 410161

you literally said that "every male character marketed to women is feminized" and that just isn't true

also while boybands were huge they aren't anymore aside from kpop, and were more geared toward prepubescent/teen girls, not adult women

don't be dense to die on this dumb hill

No. 410170

File: 1557894352815.png (1.02 MB, 774x1040, gu.png)

Not really. I do have bi leanings (maybe I just favor androgyny because it's like a perfect 50/50 split between male and female?), but it's not exactly "gay" to notice that pic related is more pleasing to the eye than >>410145, lol.

No. 410182

>you said

no, i am not that anon and i don't agree with them that every male character is feminized but to pretend that soft boys is only some ideal in east asia is dumb

No. 410185

both your guy and Jackman are ugly (they kinda look similiar lol) but jackman is old on that pic so thats to be expected

No. 410186

not any of those anons, but you linked two separate posters. also sage your off-topic arguments please and thank you.

No. 410187

>that guy is ugly
nta and I'm not attracted to him in the least, but he does look aesthetically pleasing and I can see why women would find him pretty.
"Ugly" feels like you're exaggerating.

No. 410190

artsy session photo of young jackman would look as much aestheticaly "pleasing"

No. 410193

File: 1557897761210.png (957.71 KB, 890x750, rip young johnny depp.png)

>looks similar
I'm not one to cape for males, even handsome ones, but that just doesn't sound realistic.
It's okay if you like beefcakes, but it's not the male standard of beauty. It being considered as such is just men's way of trying to circumvent that they, just like women, lose their beauty as their youth fades. At least women take care of their skin and are just naturally more beautiful, though, lmao.
Pic related is a particularly good example, if you compare him to how he looks nowadays.

No. 410194

well yeah hes old now
old men are not attractive

No. 410195

Youthful people often look more androgynous and feminine.

No. 410197

he doesnt look androgynous nor feminine and youth is nongender thing

No. 410214

you can find jackman ugly and thats fine but i used that photo as a famous example of the type of "masculinity" women are attracted too, which isn't all hat masculine by male standards.

No. 410226

reply was for other anon

males dont have standards, they consider everything thats ugly and easly attainable as masculine

No. 410268

Yall don't understand what I'm trying to say. Yes, women who like masculine men exist. But they're all very average/attainable looking. Nothing about Hugh Jackman is impossible to achieve. He's a properly virilized male and looks like billions of other ordinary blokes.

When women go for unrealistic/fantasy crushes, they simply look as unmale as possible while men's unrealistic crushes look hyperfeminized. I wonder why.

No. 410312

>Y'all don't understand what I'm trying to say

>writes another vague paragraph which makes 0 points

Remember we are anonymous, I have no idea what prior posts were yours itt but I definitely have no idea what you're trying to say based on this one. Everyone prefers femininity? I think people prefer cleanliness and youth. Good genes, no disease. Clear skin. Men with those traits can look feminine since "manliness" is centred around being rough and dirty looking. So…what's your point Anon?

No. 410318

File: 1557923542407.jpg (256.41 KB, 1500x1145, XWWYx9G.jpg)

you… realize there's billions of humans on this planet and not everyone would prefer your pic over hugh jackman

or either of them


for instance, the arab standard of male attractiveness is this. women like a man with a full beard to accentuate his masculinity. arabic men don't manscape to attract women. again. stop being dense. this is a very stupid hill to die on.

No. 410319

File: 1557923680900.jpg (92.81 KB, 617x858, 898e4fd4cd94c4966f211cc39f2ef8…)

>When women go for unrealistic/fantasy crushes, they simply look as unmale as possible

you didn't even try

No. 410321

Not that anon, but Thor is very pretty. Part of his appeal is that he has a mixture of a very beautiful/feminine face and a 'masc' body.

No. 410324

File: 1557924506297.jpg (104.06 KB, 1280x720, DragChris.jpg)

Uh… His face really isn't very feminine.

No. 410341

>feminine face
You blind? He doesn't look feminine at all.

No. 410483

I'm saying that when wen resort to fantasy, their fantasy men are not ultramanly. When men resort to fantasy, their fantasy women ARE hyperfeminine. Literally 0 women in the world like bald synthol bodybuilders (or whatever the masculine equivalent of a silicone bimbo would be). They might settle for one, but it's not their fantasy ideal.

What is there to understand lmao

No. 410484


No. 410485

IMO he would if he wasn't ripped. He has feminine eyes.

No. 410486

How the fuck is he unrealistic lmfao literally everything on him is pretty average/achievable

Also he's a superhero designed for men to project on, try again

No. 410501

Arab women don't have a say in this or any matter culturally lmao

No. 410504

I'm sorry anon, "wen" cracked me up.
The two genders: Men and Wen.

No. 410518

Oh loool.
Are you the same "bi" woman that is spouting that bullshit everywhere or are all bisexual women on this site closeted lesbians?
Because it's always a bisexual post, always.

No. 410534

If it is she's made progress from finding no men attractive at all.

No. 425517

File: 1561345863035.png (821.54 KB, 961x517, pony.png)

Pony talks about finally getting eyelid surgery when it's pretty clear that her eyelid was the result of a botched job from years ago. Pony is talented and likable but why does she have to play this facade of being all natural like resident snowflake, Michelle Phan when it's pretty clear that she's plastic from head to toe? Influencers and celebs don't have to disclose their plastic surgeries but for the love of god just don't pretend and claim you're all natural and make vids and shit telling ppl to love themselves

No. 425523

File: 1561348207112.jpg (77.58 KB, 612x612, 8029286357_c0f81b617f_z.jpg)

She looked like a different person before she became Pony (was known as ulzzang Park Hye Min). She had had a good amount of surgery to make her look like she does now.

No. 425572

she was pretty cute before she went overboard with the ps

No. 425677

What, does this gangnam unnie really claim she's natural? Lmao

No. 425854

File: 1561414364401.jpg (35.48 KB, 634x341, 327ABE7700000578-3505530-image…)

Did she chop half of her nose off?

No. 425918

Pony's nose job looks so bad. Her I FINALLY GOT EYELID SURGERY vid totally changed my view of her. I hate it whenever YouTubers try to come off as relatable and honest with these vids when they're really not.

No. 426002

I really liked pony at some point.Back in 2014-2015 she looked pretty nice regardless the amount of surgeries she had till that time.After that she went extremely overboard and especially her nose looks freaky.She is talented and all but she should have stopped back then

No. 426093

I've genuinely never heard anyone go on about "facial swelling in the morning" other than Koreans (mainly heard it from idols and beauty youtubers), they seem to blame everything on it. Is it a legit thing that happens to people or do they just use it as a cover up for getting surgery?

No. 426201

There's a bit of swelling in the morning from the fluids leveling out while lying down for 8 hours. Think of how your feet swell in the evening if you've been standing all day.

Koreans obsess over it bc they're afraid of having large faces.

No. 426230

I white and notice it on myself, sometimes I feel like it makes me look like a totally different person, but doubtful anyone else would notice so it’s prob exaggerated in my mind those days

No. 426388

Ahh thanks, well that makes sense. I'm sure it happens to me/people around me but it's nothing I've ever noticed. Once again it's probably moreso the Korean beauty standards playing a part than it being an actual problem.

No. 427867

I think facial swelling is more prominent on people who have fillers or jaw shave surgery

No. 428196

i remember when i was really into kpop and kbeauty, seeing in many videos where idols/youtubers would complain about waking up with a swollen face because of eating instant noodles/something salty the night before. i didnt even know that was a thing either until i heard koreans mention it.

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