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No. 383856

This topic has been unbanned, so vent about XY's here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, abusive men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-no femcel sperging
-please do not respond to scrotbait
-chill with the handmaiden accusations
Doing so will result in a 3 day ban from /ot/, no appeals.

Previous thread

No. 383881

File: 1551861822041.jpg (79.04 KB, 802x261, emma thompson letter.jpg)

No. 383898

Can we talk about Stephen Molymeme for a second? I hate that punchable creepfuck so much.

No. 383907

notice how men bitch and moan whenever they hear somebody say women can do anything a man can do and they'll start droning on and on with their "facts" about how men are physically stronger than women, as if we all had no idea, and whatever else they can come up with. yet they never feel the need to claim "men can do everything a woman can" because they clearly believe they already can do everything we can do but better somehow. men think the only thing that makes a human being valuable is their ability to overpower another person. they literally cant stop thinking about violence for even a second.

No. 383917

it's genetic, isn't it? I want to believe low test men exist that don't constantly have to surpress the urge to punch walls but they seem to tend to be toxic in other ways instead and even more bitter, due to their insecurity.

look at animals. (we are animals, yeah…) the males are ALWAYS more aggressive in mammal species and only want to fuck and kill.

No. 383926


When will it end?

No. 383927

I'm not really sure what your point regarding that "males mix up DNA for the whole species" is.

That's true as far in that the X chromosome of a male contributes to recombination, yes. But a male's Y chromosome is literally parasitic in nature and only latches on to the X in a desperate attempt to stay alive (with all of it's impressive 27-44 genes…compared to ONE X's 2000+ genes).
The Y chromosome is literally dying because it is inferior, contributes very little if anything (other than coding for more males) to genetic diversity and is full of redundant, repeating strings of DNA because it is unable to truly recombine with an X chromosome (so it tries to recombine/fold on itself to preserve integrity/diversity, something that is literally eliminating genes off of it).

There is enough genetic diversity in ONE X chromosome to populate thousands of years in the future, possibly millions, and women have TWO of them.


This should be required reading for everyone in this thread.

No. 383931

An actually good article on Cracked. I am so frustrated by this.

No. 383938

That article gives you hope for humanity, but the comments take it all away again…

No. 383941

dude, most life, like 99% of it, are unicellular, asexually reproducing bacteria, most lineages of which predate any sexually reproducing life forms by millennia. as >>383927 has so immensly detailed, y chromosomes are literally parasitic scabs on the background of other mammalian chromosomes.
if you are interested in further reading about sex determination by chromosomes, some insects have pretty cool X0 determination systems, gnats use just X chromosomes and the sex of offspring depends on how many are lost during its formation, my fav however is temerature dependant sex determination in reptiles, really shows you how random nature likes to be sometimes.

No. 383944

No. 383946

Some nice facts anon, we are truly the superior sex

No. 383954

>all the "It's just a game" comments
Who wants to bet these same people would be clutching their pearls and going on about how feminism has "gone too far" if a game where you murder men (from rapists and pedophiles to shitty bosses and petty street harassers/drunks) came out?
I honestly don't think something like that would ever exist except to make this very point, though. This is mostly because unlike men, it's not normalized for women to be violent, sociopathic animals, no matter what happens to us.

No. 383961

What does "it's just a game" really mean?
That it's pretend? So these men are just "pretending" to have a desire where they want to rape and kill women or they really do have a desire to rape and kill women but only on "pretend people". It seems like men fall into the latter category, due to their repeated spergouts with respect to games being """censored""".
So I ask of society: do we really want men who actively think about raping and murdering """pretend women""" anyways? Do we want any human in society that desires to rape and kill things, imaginary or not?

You're exactly right that they would say feminists have gone too far because they already say that, lol. That games have been toned down sexually (especially fighting games) and it's all the feminists fault. Because you know, when you're playing games to beat up women characters, they ABSOLUTELY need to have huge breasts and skimpy outfits and be attractive. It wouldn't be the same if they had to take out their hate on "ugly or sickly" looking women.

No. 383967

That guy needs to be on a fucking watchlist, and everyone who plays it

No. 383971

>Steam strictly only bans games that are illegal or intentional 'trolling'. It's unclear whether the game constitutes trolling under Steam's rule.
>While the game is under review, Steam has removed a scene which involved a baby being murdered.

Are you. Fucking kidding me?

Depicting a fictional baby being murdered is not illegal and if they're gonna say they removed it because of "trolling" how the fuck isn't that logic being applied to the entire game?

But obviously the reason is that harming a baby is ~too disturbing~ but raping and murdering women is edgy and cool.

No. 383972

One of the DM comments is "come back to real life abortion is far worse".

This is how little men care about women. They will pull whatever idiocy out of their ass to justify fetishising their rape and murdering.

I wish we lived in a society where saying shit this stupid had you forcibly removed from it.

No. 383973

The game looks fucking awful, like the 3D graphics were made with free assets by a teenager. And it's somehow a VN even though it shows no VN UI and only 3D cutscene-looking things ?

I'll bet you the guy made it in two hours tops just to have a controversy and get retarded teens to give him money. He WANTS it to be banned so he can make a "platform", as he says in the article. He'll likely Kickstart it, get a shit ton of money from edgy men and then run away with it and blame the evil feminists.

No. 383977

I think you're exactly right.
Besides that, rape games aren't even some rare occurrence. Didn't GTA have an option to do that? Anyone remember the controversy around the Japanese game RapeLay?
>Critics of violent imagery in video games, such as British Member of Parliament Keith Vaz, have cited games involving rape as an example of why video game content needs to be more strictly regulated.[4] RapeLay in particular had come to Vaz's attention in 2009, three years after its initial release, as it was sold on Amazon.com, despite not being officially distributed nor supported outside of Japan, and he vowed to bring the issue into the British Parliament to prevent the game from being sold. Amazon subsequently removed the game from its website.[5] Equality Now urged activists to write to Illusion and then-Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso in protest, arguing the game breaches Japan's obligations under the 1985 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.[6] In May 2009, these actions culminated in the restriction of the sale and production of RapeLay by the Ethics Organization of Computer Software (EOCS), an independent Japanese ratings organization for adult games, making it impossible to purchase the game even in Japan.[7]
So, under a UN treaty, this game can legally be restricted. Why did this even make news? Someone should just shoot Steam a message about this and go. Let stupid, misogynistic neckbeards allow themselves to be scammed when this guy makes his "platform" and blame "the feminists" if they want. They deserve to lose all their money.

No. 384012

It's a lazy Ren'py VN that looks like shit and also is incredibly short for being a VN (only around 7k words). Sucks that edgy men eat this no-effort garbage up to be controversial.
>the game looks bad but I'll buy it to make SJWs mad!

No. 384066


>independent thought

>pretending socialization and societal influence don't real

Also, men constantly bitch about divorce rape, bitchy/nagging wives, "ball-and-chain", etc…why can't they admit that they're shitty at choosing partners and incapable of making good decisions for themselves?
>>384052(taking scrot b8)

No. 384076

File: 1551924321310.png (459.46 KB, 406x477, life.PNG)

I hate that a lot of people don't want admit its a problem, teenage girls are so fucked up and the media is not helping them.
I recall JTHM being brought up last thread, and I remembered that Devi didn't forgive Johnny after trying to kill her and told him off. It's great that Vasquez didn't try to romanticize the situation.

"it's just a game!!"
is the worst fucking cop out for this

No. 384097

so we should… stop being mammals?

No. 384098

the y chromosome isn't dying that was a click bait headline. It shed genes but that happens all the time in other genes too.
that article is the second most ridiculous thing i've ever read, the first being another article written by trustyourperceptions as well


i specified animal life

No. 384099

Males:ebul ebin are all submissive whores who want to be raped and beaten by Chad it's nature accept it and we must treat you like second class citizens
Women: men are too violent because of their nature and we don't like it

No. 384100

oh great, the straight men are figuring out that terf is a slur used by other men to incite socially acceptable misogyny.

No. 384101

File: 1551929842069.jpg (10.07 KB, 220x347, 15289079.jpg)

lol i'm the jthm anon! devi is a great character and "i feel sick" is a great comic, vasquez essentially just wrote her like a typical self-insert of his but he clearly has female friends who he was inspired by as well and knows how to write them like fucking human beings. for all the crap he's gotten, yes, he did the unthinkable and gave a woman agency as a male writer. she beats him up and runs and then when he tries to call her to apologize, she tells him to go fuck himself in an incredible speech where she explains that the worst thing he did was make her let good things pass her by because she'd become afraid, and to never talk to her again.

there was an interview where JV said devi was the kind of person he wished he himself could be, and i thought that was great. it really made me respect him as a writer despite all the memes. anyway, back to the topic

No. 384102

They can't even get their shit straight lmao

No. 384103

im not a man… i was just saying that if its true that in mammals its always the case that the males are brutish and violent and rape and hurt the females what do we do? become lizards or something?

No. 384104

fun game: go into any space where people are talking about rape and murder rates

mention the common denominator here is men, because men are the ones committing all the rapes and murders against both men and women

watch the discussion spiral into misogyny because N-NOT ALL MEN

No. 384107

Humans are the most intelligent species to walk the planet, if you can't control your urges like everyone else put yourself in a mental hospital

No. 384109

so then the problem is solved because thats already what happens

i also think its more to do with socialization as opposed to nature stuff. and it cant be true that all mammals are like that although i have been looking up quickly and it does seem that male mammals are aggressive and rape is common among mammals so maybe it is nature

No. 384132

File: 1551935247917.jpg (286.94 KB, 807x1050, bat_women_prison.jpg)

It's infuriating because you know that whenever there appears to be a bias towards a certain race committing crimes, men JUMP at the chance to blame them. And there is nowhere near as much of a disparity between races as there is between men and women. But somehow it's taboo to acknowledge that men are responsible for the vast majority of violent and sex crimes, while women are a small minority. And even when they're in that minority, there's a big chance a man was hurting them first.

No. 384135

From the previous thread here >>383272
I found that thread and people were dog piling the incel on his thinking. He actually believed that he'll be a millionaire at 30-35, grab a 18 year old to have 3 to 4 kids with instead of her having a shitty career and her own life and that women over 30 just don't exist to him. Him and so many others like to talk about being fathers when they just want to force women to be breeding stock. They can't comprehend that being a sperm donor and being a father are two seperate jobs. And that porn ruined adoption and fostering for men since it makes them think they're cucks. All around pathetic

Ryan from the thread couldn't answer someone when they asked what he would do once she hits menopause because he only saw fertility in women as a tool. He claims he will "love" her but for incels, love is just not being abusive that day.

That thread had me laughing tho with others responses

No. 384148

>Ryan from the thread couldn't answer someone when they asked what he would do once she hits menopause because he only saw fertility in women as a tool. He claims he will "love" her but for incels, love is just not being abusive that day

Yep, sadly, despite the Earth getting more and more overpopulated, incels are still fixated on fertility and wanting to force women to pop out babies just for the sake of muh tradition and eggs, it's even funnier when these dudes ain't shit but still think they're king Arthur and should be able to choose any woman they want to have kids with

Hell, even in dangerously overpopulated places like China you see males going out of their way to discuss the eggs of these women and how if they're over 25 their ovaries must be raisins and they should feel ashamed for not clinging onto the first guy they meet and push out 25 babies and crying about how ebul feminism made women, who are already in highly overpopulated areas, not have kids

Careful, comments will give you aids

No. 384152

Every MGTOW/MRA/incels wonderland

No. 384155

File: 1551941432663.png (14.69 KB, 1163x67, ohbitchgetthem.PNG)

The comments are indeed cancer, BUT there are some reasonable people in there
So many men trying to cope and blame feminism kek

No. 384163


This is the kind of reasoning that helps me ignore these losers on the internet. They're typing away and whining at their keyboards while we're out making something of ourselves and they can't stop us. They're just acting out on the internet because it's the only thing they can do.

No. 384199

File: 1551956322026.png (74.11 KB, 820x246, 9999FNNE883D.png)

Can you imagine ruining your own life over not having a big enough dick? Males problems are literally meme-tier. A woman claiming she can't hold a job or have a relationship because of her small breast would be laughed at, but we have to take seriously this kind of retarded shit otherwise scrots will go on murder rampages.

No. 384200

Jesus christ, men are INSANE about women daring not to get married and have kids. They are so angry and spiteful, like complete strangers who've never wronged them deserve to live a life of misery for not following the lifescript.

I don't care about my career, I haven't been rejecting queues of interested men or riding the ~cock carousel~ or doing anything these crazies consider ebil feminism. All I want is to live a comfy stress free life without people assuming I'm miserable and enjoying the idea of me suffering just because I didn't have kids. I guess the silver lining is that every comment I read from a man claiming we're worthless outside of our womb or past 30 is reinforcement that the worst thing I could possibly do is legally bind myself to a man and create a permanent connection between us in the form of a kid. If they think I'm only worth something in my 20s, why the fuck would I want to be with one for the rest of my life?

No. 384201

>girls don't worship/respcet them
the misspelling really shows you his priorities. He doesn't care about affection and respect, he wants to be WORSHIPPED. And what would he give a woman in return ?

An ex friend of mine is like this. Aging, overweight khv NEET who can't talk about anything but video games or how much he hates black people, yet has an elaborate fantasy of finding a "pure" waifu so she can birth him a daughter (not a son, a daughter specifically, probably because he'd feel threatened by a son).
These men feel so entitled to a woman's devotion but have nothing to offer at all, not even basic human things like kindness, understanding or an emotional connection.

No. 384207

File: 1551958196349.jpg (122.47 KB, 1080x477, Screenshot_20190307-052303__01…)

"women are psychopaths and aren't capable of love"

No. 384214

Literally how do men do these things? There are too many stories of murderinvg their wives and babies…women should really be more careful of men in general. They are far more dangerous than we give them credit for. Only that they are all actors and play the role of the gentleman until it comes time for them to skin you or rape and kill your children. I know these are the minority but how many WANT to do this? How often do women do this stuff? Never

No. 384221

No. 384224

This guy has all the symptoms of low T/high estrogen, but of course he's focused on the dick aspect. He just needs more testosterone. He probably feels like shit due to the hormone imbalance. The small dick is a symptom, not the cause

No. 384232

Is this the scrot that keeps coming to our threads and trying to convince us that having a big dick is the key to a good relationship and if our boyfriend's don't have it then evil women will secretly go out their way to try to seek a man with a big dick and any woman who says otherwise is an evil liar woman who is riding the cock carosel?

No. 384248

Maybe I'm not so delicate, but so what. Let men suffer a bit and fuss over trying to be physically ideal to please the opposite sex. How many of us women get breast and butt implants for the male gaze? It's a known fact that more attractive women are more likely to be hired.
Labioplasties to alter genitalia so as to not 'disgust' male partners?
We all know men who reject women for these characteristics or else insults like "roastie" wouldn't be a thing.

Welcome to the rice fields motherfuckers.

No. 384252

idc how men feel. i hope they feel insecure as we do, if not more. i pray for the day. i was literally two weeks away from getting my tits implanted just so i could have better job prospects and be treated better by people and treated like a person that people wouldnt be awful to (and when i saw the plastic surgeon he insisted on putting in 450cc implants [i'm 5'1 and not fat] and he flat out refused to discuss or speak to me at all about putting in smaller implants because "he knew best" "that's what would look right"). fuck men. i hope they wither in insecurity.

No. 384272

I work in a hospital, SO many men have left their wives if they get disfigured, whether it be from having a masectomy due to breast cancer, becoming infertile, car accidents, etc, but never in my life have a seen a woman leave a man for even a remotely similar reason

Men simply aren't capiable of love, I wish more ladies were pink pilled enough to wake up and realize men don't give a shit about you, the second they can get their hands on a nicer pair of tits or prettier face they're gone

No. 384275

I think what makes it worse is that not all men is true. The exceptions who do feel love and are loyal make it easier for the majority of men to have a continuous flow of hopeful victims.

No. 384279

what I don't understand is loving, loyal men who are friends with scumbags.

In high school, a good amount of my friends were men, and we still keep in touch. One of them is incel-tier - whenever anyone asks about hanging out or coming to town, he asks them how they are and then divulges how he is in love with a girl he's spoken to once but he "messed things up." His university literally forbade him from speaking about her or talking to her anymore, so I know that's not the whole story… Then he proceeds to shit on every other girl by calling them ugly whores or stupid bitches, says he can't understand how they have boyfriends when they're so disgusting. He has a history of idealizing women and obsessing over them, then calling them stupid and freakish like every other woman. He calls his own mother an idiot.

Meanwhile, one of my male friends who is polite and seems nice or respectful offers to introduce this guy to his female friends. In fact, several of them do. It's like even if you're friends with a nice guy, you don't matter to him as much as the camaraderie he has with his fellow men - scumbag or not.

No. 384280

what I don't understand is loving, loyal men who are friends with scumbags.

In high school, a good amount of my friends were men, and we still keep in touch. One of them is incel-tier - whenever anyone asks about hanging out or coming to town, he asks them how they are and then divulges how he is in love with a girl he's spoken to once but he "messed things up." His university literally forbade him from speaking about her or talking to her anymore, so I know that's not the whole story… Then he proceeds to shit on every other girl by calling them ugly whores or stupid bitches, says he can't understand how they have boyfriends when they're so disgusting. He has a history of idealizing women and obsessing over them, then calling them stupid and freakish like every other woman. He calls his own mother an idiot.

Meanwhile, one of my male friends who is polite and seems nice or respectful offers to introduce this guy to his female friends. In fact, several of them do. It's like even if you're friends with a nice guy, you don't matter to him as much as the camaraderie he has with his fellow men - scumbag or not.

No. 384282

File: 1551978584977.jpg (77.75 KB, 634x863, 10661430-0-image-m-21_15518952…)

I'm tired.

No. 384283

>Ladies, just use one to two tampons a day! Toxic shock syndrome? What's that?

No. 384291

>extra juicy uterine lining

Oh my god.

No. 384293

Why do men always act like they’ve flexed on the entire female race by when they really know nothing about periods, pregnancy, etc. Lmao

No. 384294

i would mail him a used one

No. 384297

notice how the automatic response is to demonize women for being supposedly frivolous with their money instead of turning to the corporations and governments who do nothing to provide most (excluding women with hysterectomies, don't get periods for whatever medical reason) women with the supplies they absolutely have to have every single month

No. 384300

>female race
Anon, pls

No. 384313

File: 1551985559048.png (323.13 KB, 833x588, haha.png)


Love how one rich scrot dies from plastic surgery and it makes multiple media outlets post articles yet I can never recall seeing anyone give a hoot about the women who've died. (Don't really care too much about this in general honestly I just fucking love this and I don't care if I'm evil for laughing)

No. 384316

No one cares about women especially if the woman was doing something to alter her appearance

No. 384318

That's so ridiculous! Tampons need to be changed more than once a day. It's not about how full it gets, it will still leak out or if you go to the bathroom you generally change it afterwards. Not to mention toxic shock syndrome. It's so infuriating. Not surprising though since men have terrible hygiene and have to be reminded to regularly change their underwear.

No. 384319

it's on multiple news outlets because of the penis surgery part. if this same dude died from like, shitty botox or something it would not gain this much attention.

No. 384325

Many women have died from implant operations, nevermind that many implant varieties have caused cancer.
But hey, muh benis

No. 384327

They hate women who do implicitly because those women would be useless tools passed 40 and hate women who don't follow their narrative explicitly. They just hate women for existing and hate us even more because we don't want them as much as they need us. Not to mention, fertility and being a father only means to reproduce. Nevermind their own fucked fertility problems they most likely have for having shitty diets growing up. They don't actually give a flying fuck about raising children either or else they'd be championing guys who adopt and foster kids that need good homes. Nope. Those guys are cucks. You're only a father of you nut without protection (and force women to be incubators without autonomy) I wonder if they think the guys over at r/childfree are all evil Chads

No. 384328

>Made billions on blood diamonds
>Owed 4 billions in taxes
>Died trying to get a bigger dick

Nothing of value was lost.

No. 384359

I'm listening to the podcast about the disappearence of Susan Powell.
her fatherinlaw was a fucking disgusting pedo who was absolutely obsessed with her, going as far to delude himself she was putting on a front when she told him multiple times she hated him and wanted him to stop. it makes me sick. why do men get so fucking obsessed with women who dont want them? they get so ooey gooey sentimental creepy romantic but at the same time are full blown sex addicts. what is wrong with their god damned brains?

No. 384360

Should have happened a few decades ago tbqh.

No. 384377

>Lamora Williams' family said she struggled most of her life with mental issues and may have been dealing with postpartum at the time of the incident.


>The family of a Charlotte mom who police said killed her children before jumping from a bridge says they believe she was in an abusive relationship for years and felt she "had no way out."

also this one is from literally last year, women commit horrific crimes oh so frequently, right?

while you generally can see what the fuck was going on in crimes some by women, not that it excuses them but you know, it's rarely just for the fun of it if you will. horrific shit done by men on the daily, such as >>384207 ,which btw i struggled finding the proper source for as googling "russian man rapes kills 6 year old" gives too many results, is just horrific shit with no possible train of thought besides "uga buga rape kill"(taking scrot b8)

No. 384378

Or when men do similar, people jump through hoops to blame any woman involved, when a woman does something bad it's proof all women are evil

No. 384384

You ever notice how men have forum after forum dedicated to hating women which almost never see female posts, but we can’t have a single thread on a single website without a butthurt scrot showing up every dozen posts to sob about how angry he is that some women dare not to worship him?

Can you imagine being so desperate and pathetic?

No. 384390

It's funny because, at best, their 'proof' is often evidence of a lack of support for mothers with post partum depression, or suffering from abuse. It's a very serious issue which I wouldn't want to gloss over or excuse, but incels using it as a 'gotcha' is pathetic. Women are statistically more likely to kill their children when they are newborns, but overwhelmingly it's men who kill their entire families out of jealousy and spite once they're older.

Their cherry picked articles can't argue against statistics, they can't even argue against a casual visit to any news site - where you'll see non stop violence and rape committed by men, often against their partners.

No. 384404

I'm the Anon usually posting screencaps of articles of men doing horrible shit

Thing is I don't go looking for them- I literally scroll through world news every morning and men do this shit worldwide on the daily, no matter their age, location or social class. One American man strangling his wife, another in India raping a child, etc. and those are just the published ones. As another said, even if you Google the headline you'll find dozens of recent stories.

The same incels harping on about black crime statistics suddenly go "not all men" when it comes to the male problem- despite it being much more statistically damning

No. 384415

the other day a male i know was watching YouTube videos and started complaining about how some guys in the comments criticised the streamer's looks, and started going on about how weird it was for them to do that. and then he started telling me to imagine some random person came up and started telling me how i'd "look better." and im just so amazed at how self unaware these people are. an average day on social media as a woman you get at least one comment a day criticising your appearance by some dude who looks like he stinks like onions and pubes. yet a some dumb twitch streamer gets called out for his stringy beard and its suddenly just uncalled for and outrageous. k then.

No. 384418

File: 1552023844270.png (300.16 KB, 1145x738, wtff.png)

No. 384429

Men love screaming about how all women are weak and get butthurt easily but turn around and do shit like these

If males were put through even half the shit they've put women through, guarantee you'd see shit-slinging fests in the street this very minute, literally all through high school males were freely allowed to insult girls appearances however they wanted, even if the girl was just sitting there being quiet, but hell broke loose the second a girl dare say anything about a male

Reminds me of when a group of guys relentlessly attacked me for my appearance in the middle of class when I hadn't said a word to them, but got butthurt because I was making fun of features "he couldn't help because he was born that way"

No. 384447

Why are you angry at him? How was he self-unaware? For all you know he would have also people who criticised women's appearances on social media equally as petty.

No. 384453

Men are incapable of loving women in the context of a romantic relationship, sadly men can only feel lust and that fizzles out very quickly and even marriage is pragmatic to them.

No. 384458

He obviously couldn’t imagine someone coming up to her and telling her how she can look prettier, which is something that happens to women all the time. It just shows that men don’t know half the shit that women experience.

No. 384459

>He obviously couldn’t imagine someone coming up to her and telling her
That might be so, but she reacted as if what she went through justified someone else going through the same thing.

No. 384466

Literally nowhere in her post does she say that. Are you male?

No. 384468

>yet a some dumb twitch streamer gets called out for his stringy beard and its suddenly just uncalled for and outrageous
It was uncalled for in both instances, whatever the gender of the person at the receiving end of it.
>Are you male?
What made you think so?

No. 384469

I think one of the chief differences between the sexes is a major lack of selfawareness. I believe that's a large part of why women drink the Kool aid about ourselves that men give us. Like, when a guy tells us girls are more dramatic, those who haven't spent adequate time around males just assume it's true. Then those of us with male friends laugh at that concept since the male solution to pretty much any and all conflict is "just fight them".

On so many occasions I have heard males straight up say "girls are so dramatic, why can't you just fight and get it over with instead?" Take a moment to appreciate the irony of being told your gender is the dramatic one by the people suggesting you physically fight someone. Last time I heard this was in the context of a girl simply not liking me. She hasn't even done anything yet, I didn't even know she didn't like me until one of the males present in this conversation told me.

Which brings me to another point. Males gossip a lot, yet once again we're the gender known for it. I'd say women gossip a little more in my experience, but hardly enough of a difference for it to be seen as a female thing.

No. 384470

Are we reading the same greentext? She never said at all they deserve it, she is just making the point that when a guy is called out for some trivial part of his appearance men clutch their pearls, whereas women get this shit all the time.

And I assume you're male because anyone lurking in this thread who gets that takeaway from this story most likely is. Only a male lurker would be acting so oversensitive on behalf of the guy while ignoring her point entirely.

No. 384471

File: 1552043119680.jpg (74.87 KB, 400x541, BZuf1rq0txwo1400.jpg)

I agree completely. Men gossip too, but for some reason they refuse to believe they do and only women do it.
It's bizarre when you really think about it.

Happy Women's Day for the US folk

No. 384474

It's International Women's Day…everywhere.

No. 384477

File: 1552045550500.gif (1.66 MB, 400x219, 3Eubh1re6nxeo1_400.gif)

FUCK, I knew I should've doubled checked
Oh well, hooray for all Women

No. 384482

File: 1552047875869.png (52.32 KB, 1195x222, 93U0FJ93FJ9F3.png)


And males still try to deny they're obsessed with controlling our bodies (mainly our wombs).

No. 384485

File: 1552048514501.jpg (22.42 KB, 300x300, upset.jpg)

too late anon, now we know how you really feel about us non-americans

No. 384488

File: 1552049552385.jpg (36.12 KB, 736x431, 0c76f7852ca1448b19d04cfd29998f…)

No. 384489

exactly what im saying. people criticising women for their appearance is a normal everyday occurrence and no one bats an eye. in fact men probably just agree with the uncalled for comments about our appearance and say its "rational" or something. yet a beard gets insulted in a youtube comment and suddenly you have men coming to some epiphany and jumping to defend the guy.

No. 384494

File: 1552050592271.png (31.19 KB, 1280x142, 69ac53ce-1833-41dd-b38d-3c2ccc…)

People who fall prey to extreme plastic surgery like this are so fucking sad.
You think that having you know, billions of dollars might soothe your ego, but apparently not.
Good riddance.

No. 384504

>On so many occasions I have heard males straight up say "girls are so dramatic, why can't you just fight and get it over with instead?" Take a moment to appreciate the irony of being told your gender is the dramatic one by the people suggesting you physically fight someone.

I once saw a discussion where some guys were gloating about how men aren't dramatic or petty, because if they have a disagreement they just fight it out and punch each other, and sometimes even wave knives around, but it's okay though because after that everything's cool and they're best buddies again! And they were shitting on women for being petty and overreacting over everything, because "you say one wrong thing and she won't talk to you for two weeks". Like jesus, I'd honestly just rather have someone ignore me for months instead of trying to fucking STAB me!

They weren't even talking about any major, serious disagreements, just some playground insults. Imagine beating the shit out of someone because they said some "ur mom gay lol"-tier stuff and seriously believing you're not being dramatic or petty.

No. 384505

Women who marry and live with men are so stupid and selfish. No girl should have to live in fear of being sexually violated by a male in the household and potentially witnessing her mom shooting him to death.(femcel bait)

No. 384509

can't believe this is real, sounds like a fucking caricature kek, good fucking riddance

No. 384512

>knows nothing about periods
>looks up common knowledge period facts solely to patronize women
>adds basic math in a sad attempt to make his argument sound intelligent

Typical male.

No. 384513

Men's mental health is taken seriously and when it comes to women, it's like people want to believe women aren't capiable of having anything less than perfect mental health at all times

Seriously, a man can pull the "my high school girlfriend cheated on me and I got bullied" card and he will be supported and people will feel empathy for him if he suffers through depression, self harm or other mental health issues, a woman gets cheated on, bullied, raped, abused, suffering through depression? "Just forgive and get over it reee starving kids in Africa stupid special snowflake wahmen"

Same with emotional abuse, if a woman claims to be emotionally abused, people go out of their way to claim she wasn't abused and she is making it up, a man can claim to be emotionally abused (and there's no doubt about it even if their version of emotional abuse is not having dinner on the table), in that case emotional abuse is "just as bad as physical" and people will go on about how there needs to be more awareness for "abused men", of course "if the roles were reversed!", People justifying whatever happens to the woman, etc

And want to know the best part about this? You can't speak up about any of these issues even if you put the evidence in everyone's face, people will claim "poor men have to deal with this all the time" provide no evidence, screech about how women have life on easy mode, all of course with no legit evidence

Being a man is life on easy mode, you get to have your cake and eat it, women can't do either

No. 384514

Nobody will ever look at things from a logical standpoint, no matter what it is men are always right and women are always wrong to people

No. 384516

An unborn child is a person, to remove such a person from a pregnant woman's womb, when her life isn't in danger by continuing the pregnancy, is murder.
Sperm cells are not comparable to an unborn child.

No. 384517

*By removing the person from the womb, I mean killing the unborn child, obviously caesarean section is not an act of murder and it doesn't harm the child.

No. 384519

Men do a lot of things they complain and stereotype women for doing.

Gossip, two-facedness, passive aggression, being unwilling to confront people about problems, vocal fry, liking shopping, the list goes on. But it's cool when men do it because they're so chill, bro!

No. 384520

One way is murder, the other isn't even if it's the exact same thing for different reasons, got it

Anyway, sorry if it hurts your feefees, but this world is overpopulated, we do not need more children in the world, I'd rather them get removed from unwanted parents as a fetus before they can even feel anything other have any sense of conciousness, than to be born, populate this overpopulated planet, and be born to parents who for whatever reason don't want or can't have a child

Go get stuck in China's traffic and come back to see if you'll still rant to everyone about how women should be forced to have a baby just because the idea of a stranger killing a fetus hurts your feelings

Not to mention the fact women who are in situations such as living with abusive parents or an abusive husband, will literally be put in danger if they announce their pregnancy and some even put themselves in danger to induce a miscarriage instead of having a safe abortion, but most pro-life folk are sheltered whites who can't be asked to put themselves in the shoes of anyone but themselves(derailing)

No. 384522

When you hear men talking casually when they don't think women can hear, they talk exactly like women do amongst themselves. Then they clam up in front of us in fear we might learn something about them

No. 384526

>One way is murder, the other isn't even if it's the exact same thing for different reasons, got it
It's not the same thing, caesarean sections don't kill children, abortions do. That's a very clear difference.
>but this world is overpopulated, we do not need more children in the world, I'd rather them get removed from unwanted parents as a fetus before they can even feel anything other have any sense of conciousness, than to be born, populate this overpopulated planet,
That is no excuse. If a murder started murdering people and stated overpopulation as their reasoning, that murderer would still be committing evil acts and deserve to be executed as punishment. Why do you believe that the life of an unborn child is worth less than an adult?
>Go get stuck in China's traffic and come back to see if you'll still rant to everyone about how women should be forced to have a baby just because the idea of a stranger killing a fetus hurts your feelings
Murder is evil, no matter the time, place or situation.
Not to mention the fact women who are in situations such as living with abusive parents or an abusive husband, will literally be put in danger if they announce their pregnancy and some even put themselves in danger to induce a miscarriage instead of having a safe abortion
That is also no excuse. Murder is never justified.(same male as below)

No. 384527

*than an adult's?
Not to mention the fact women who are in situations such as living with abusive parents or an abusive husband, will literally be put in danger if they announce their pregnancy and some even put themselves in danger to induce a miscarriage instead of having a safe abortion(male)

No. 384528

Yeah, no. Forcing a woman to continue a pregnancy from rape, a controlling partner fucking with her contraception, an unstable home life or abusive relationship, etc. etc.

A fetus in the first term has no cognitive function and about as many cells as toe and fingernail clippings. Women have bodily autonomy and plenty of reasons for not wanting OR being able to give birth at that exact moment. Ultimately, it is OUR choice.(derailing)

No. 384547

>comparing aborting unwanted fetuses with no conciousness, cognitive functions, or thoughts as population control to a murder murdering people for the reason of population control

Go on, tell me what you remember as a fetus if a fetus is essentially a human being

No. 384549

>my father beats me, he has pulled a gun on me before and will literally try to kill me if I was pregnant, I have to abort my fetus


No. 384555

I had no idea westerners didn't make such a big deal out of women's day because of commie fear. I'm so tired of all the "what about muh men" today.

No. 384578

Man babies who shit on women while claiming to be shit on is a world wide thing, even in Saudi Arabia and pakistan there's MRAs, it's pathetic

No. 384581

One of my most hated things about this bullshit stereotyping of "women are drama" is the women who also play into it. Those women who say "I only get along with men, women are so dramatic and annoying!"

Are you fucking kidding me lol. Men are so petty over the dumbest things. Just look at them or their buddy/gf wrong and they'll straight up attack you. Many men have literally killed (or attempted to kill) others just for looking at them cross.

Men have one reason they are friends with women–the prospect of sex. Yeah a few men are cool and gay men are obviously excluded but this is the fucking truth. I cannot even count the number of times I thought I had a good friend and as soon as I turned them down they didn't want to be my friend anymore. It hurts so bad when someone you've been spending time with for months or even years suddenly asks you out/hits on you and you politely decline, and then boom…you've lost what you thought was a good friend. One of my male "friends" I had for years actually tried to fucking rape me when I was passed out drunk and stoned. I woke up on his couch because he was unbuttoning my pants. I told him to stop and passed back out and woke up to him doing it AGAIN! Thank goodness he agreed to take me home after that.

Men will keep their mouths shut on the bullshit their female friends spew in order to stay on their good side and hopefully increase the chances of having sex. That's why male friends are less drama to their female friends. Other women aren't going to put up with your bullshit because they don't have ulterior motives and most women feel comfortable calling each other out. Which is why I love women because I feel we can openly discuss issues we have with each other. Yeah it might be uncomfortable or heated at times but I do appreciate when my female friends call me out when I'm being dumb or something. This is one way you grow as an adult human and one reason (of the many reasons) I believe females mature much more quickly than males.

That's another thing I notice men do not do. I've seen many people talking about why the heck good men are still friends with assholes. Men seem to be incapable of calling each other out, even among close friends. Maybe it's because they are emotionally retarded or maybe it's because they can barely handle the shallow statements like "lol ur mom gay" without throwing fists or pulling out weapons. I think it's a combination of both.

No. 384588

Males absolutely are the biggest drama queen they can't handle anything not going their way, Iast week my bf's roommate cornered me and talked AT me for at least 3 hours (from 2 PM until my bf left work and arrived only then I could escape the "conversation) he had a meltdown over my boyfriend not leaving enough orange juice for him in the fridge and obviously he came to me to bitch about it. Not to racebait but he's a big muslim guy and after 1h30 of listening to him saying he was about to go crazy because he didn't feel respected "in his own house" I started to get seriously worried for my safety.

No. 384591

They always insist once they fight the beef is over, but in no instance where I've known men to fist fight has that ever been the case. The conflict always just gets worse after that. It's like they live in a fairytale world.

No. 384594

I've always been friends with mostly guys and can confirm this is mostly true. I've noticed there's quite the contrast in how my guy friends treat me vs a girl they're trying to bang. With me, they treat me hardly any different than their male friends. They'll point out annoying shit I do, complain to me about their problems, bitch about people they hate just like you do with your friends. When they want a girl, they completely change into these perfect chill bros and treat her like a ~totally chill cool girl who's sooo interesting and different~. NLOGs eat that shit right up.

If you're friends with a lot of guys and seriously try to tell me men are far less dramatic, chances are they're after sex.

No. 384596

My husband works in a male-dominated field and there is so, so much petty drama goes on at his job, way more than any job I've ever had. And the thing is, you can't confront anyone about their issues because at best, you hurt their feelings and they they don't get any work done all day and at worst, they just might shoot the place up.

Can you imagine putting up with a toxic coworker for years because you're afraid they'll actually murder you? And there's more than just one guy like that?

No. 384597

Yep, I noticed this when I hang out with male groups vs female groups

Men will throw shit flinging fests over literally nothing, there's outrageous amounts of rumors and conspiracy theories amoung co workers, they'll start drama revolving around any female co worker then blame the co worker for the drama they started

No. 384651

What happens when men don't take 'No' for an answer. She was even nice to him, even though it was obvious she wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM. And, don't even get me started on the frigging hotel. Apparently, now women can't even find sanctuary there.

No. 384695

File: 1552094638506.png (1.5 MB, 2780x1477, Untitled34.png)

Death to scrots

No. 384700

If only people focused on this more than "she TOLD him to turn on the lights though she's emotionally abusive and provoked him!"

No. 384701

Men don't need drama boards because everything that comes out their mouth is dramatic

Looks like scrot also doesn't understand what the definition of being dramatic means

No. 384712

Yea, because calling out and discussing disgusting behaviors in online influencers is so much more dramatic than an imageboard dedicated to men crying themselves to sleep and blaming everything else besides their actions for their shitty lives. I have never seen men call each other out or give each other constructive criticism in any male only communities, it's just them circle jerking and power tripping or creating the most retarded excuses for their mistakes and enabling their shitty behaviors. Men just have incredibly fragile egos and even if they are the self proclaimed rational gender they'll create drama and become aggressive towards anything that threatens their ego.

No. 384714

If men didn't partake in drama you'd think they'd spend less energy sperging about women's day and breast cancer charities

No. 384723

LC is one of the only imageboards worth being on because of the lack of scrots. Yes there is a lot of "gossip" but MOST of it is justified and accurate. Yes sometimes people are harsh but damn, if you've spent any time here you know these cows deserve it. This site actually has very constructive conversations. It's not just women sperging about the most random things.

Look at 4chan for example, which I just Googled, has 70% male users as of October 2018. 4chan is fucking cancer and has gotten people seriously hurt. Funny that a place dominated by males leads to harm of people!

No. 384732

File: 1552100847257.png (131.71 KB, 500x477, when-i-hear-the-phrase-men-don…)

No. 384741

File: 1552104685338.jpeg (154.66 KB, 640x906, FEA8FE7C-FEF0-4CB9-B0CE-22EFA5…)


Speaking of men doing dumb shit in the news (no killing, just plain idiocy)

Piercer thinks it’s ok to corner women while giving them piercings so he can sperg about politics and be creepy and invasive. Closed shop amidst “rabid social justice outcry” when many accounts of him being openly racist and sexist surfaced. Claims people are much too sensitive to handle his bizarre sense of humor which he uses to mock the current political state of America… totally believable amirite

Taking a look at his piercing shops Yelp and Facebook reviews yields much interesting feedback. People fighting back against his inappropriate and unprofessional behavior towards female clients is obviously a social justice witch hunt, huh

No. 384752

And we have rules against stalking, revenge porn, contacting family members, etc

4channers will put random underage girls addresses to creeps who are known for being murderous for no reason and put them in danger just because they saw her tits or whatever, they see no issue with revenge porn and some even go out their way to defend it, males have straight up admitted to sexually abusing family members and beating their girlfriends and the posts aren't even deleted or if they are chances are the only thing that will happen is a small ban and not you know,reported to law enforcement

Here a woman admits to slapping her boyfriend once out of rage, this entire imageboard goes mad, if you admit to doing anything bad to your signficant other you'll be attacked relentlessly, revenge porn results in a ban, contacting family members or posting addresses gets quickly removed and banned

With us, even if we do have issues with cow or hate them with a passion, we aren't trying to literally get them murdered or violate them unlike 4chan dudes who have no problem for no apparent reason

No. 384755

Why is it anytime racists and sexists are forced to pay consequences for their actions everyone is quick to cry witch-hunt and claiming everyone is oversensitive? Until the sexism was against men and racism against whites, then it's justified and "if the roles were reversed"

No. 384772

Incase you forgot the patheticness of men, to the point where they cry male oppression over military haircuts, let's take a look at these comments

>Men have overall made all the rules of the military, including that of women not being required to shave their heads, just to turn around and cry about it

>Erase religious beliefs that go against cutting hair just to cry muh male oppression
>Invalidate women wanting equality because women don't go out their way to make all women have their head shaved, because clearly there's no in-between or any other way and if you don't believe exactly that you must not want equality
>Some comments even decide to cry about the male suicide rate over fucking haircuts, ignoring how many are murder suicides
>Call women ugly and manly feminists if they shave their hair, but if they don't they're evil women causing men to kill themselves

Tell me against how men aren't dramatic

No. 384777

Oh absolutely, I used to visit an ex-bf who happened to live with some co-workers of mine (all male) and all they would do after work is get high and gossip about everyone at work. I learned way more about other peoples personal shit and drama than I ever wanted to know.

No. 384779

Daily dose of man and handmaiden hating

No. 384786

We had to read a similar text to this in a social studies class in my country. How uwu boys are sooo oppressed and can't make it into university anymore because of eeevil girls being smarter and able to behave and adapt. Guess what - the prof that forced us to read the shitty text was a male. I think it should be more talked about how decades ago women weren't even allowed to go to college and now managed to surpass men academically.

No. 384788

Imagine if a study was done that showed opposite results and women reacted how men are reacting to the study, we would never hear the end up "suck it up ebin should've been smarter this is why you belong in the kitchen men are Superior"

They want to be victims but also Superior,this isn't exactly making men look good, how will they redeem themselves

No. 384821

iirc the last time I really looked into this it came down to income. Boys from well off families did just fine and on pace with their predecessors. It was boys from poor backgrounds who were faring poorly.

No. 384825

Warning: this one will ultimately kill your faith in humanity.
From reddit: this guy slapped a girl on the ear during sex, and he did it so hard that she's now permanently deaf from one ear.
>She went to a doctor and said she had "fallen over" when they asked how it happened, we stopped talking a while after that and she got a boyfriend. Fast forward one year and I messaged her to ask how her ear was. She still can't hear out of it and apparently it can't be fixed :( . She was lovely about it all and said it wasn't my fault and that I shouldn't feel guilty which did make me feel a little better.
The comments are 99% in his favor, joking about it, saying he dindu nuffin wrong because "she asked for it", and that "she can live with it". Some of these comments are coming from women, too. This is probably the worst:
>Similar happened to me. Sadly I wasn’t getting laid and the guy who hit me was an abusive asshole. Anyways. I got a bit of a chuckle from the title. Wasn’t expecting it to be sex haha. I’ve learned to live with it and she will too haha. The hearing in my right ear is really good now. But music in confined spaces like in the car still freaks me out a bit cause sometimes I hear things in songs I’ve never heard before. And I am! Married to a great man, we have 2 kids, lots of pets, and we just bought a house! Plus side for you tho was the sex was good haha.
Another comment, this time from a man.
>Jesus. I once dislocated a girl's jaw from a similar situation, I felt horrible about it, but she told me not to worry. Now I feel less bad at least, ha.
Although in the original post OP seemed almost remorseful, in the comments he replied "Cry me a fucking river" when someone commented on how fucked up it was.
Has the world completely gone crazy? In which realm is it acceptable to make someone permanently disabled and laugh about it? I hate men.

No. 384827

He claims he feels awful about it but he writes about it on a subreddit for sharing your "ridiculously stupid", "cool", "funny" fuck-ups. The guy just wanted to stealth brag about having rough sex.

I'd be curious to see what the comments would be to a similar story with the genders switched around, too. Would everyone be so amused by a woman disabling a man for life, or would they immediately label it abuse ?

No. 384828

I'm not going to argue whether the story is true or not but the responses are disgusting. The most sane ones are being downvoted into oblivion.

Once again, men show their true colors of shit.

No. 384835

They would kill us during sex if they thought they could get away with it. An anon wrote in another thread that her boyfriend just recently broke her femur, getting injured by pleasuring them is just fine

No. 384846

Tbh I don't even buy his narrative about "accidentally" hitting her in the ear. It's not like she's aware of the reddit post to give her version of events anyway.
My guess is his horny animalistic brain walloped her upside the head out of impulse. Even if he's telling the truth about her asking him to hit harder, how could he indulge that knowing she had a terrible day and clearly wasn't in a good mental headspace? It would make any empathetic person extremely uncomfortable–which he even admits to, but carries on anyway. Sure.

Fucking imagine!
A woman has a stressful day at work and gets into an argument with her shitty ex, and what does she ease herself with? Some knuckle-dragging tard off Tinder to come fuck her roughly, beat her up, and then make her deaf. She lies for his ass at the doctor by pretending the battery was just "a fall." Poor thing blames herself for this shit, but even that's probably a cope because at this point the fucker can't be made accountable, and judging by the comments, society endorses his shit.

No. 384847

It blows my mind how so many retards in the comments are yelling "B-BUT SHE GAVE HER CONSEEEENT!!1"
So what, if someone comes up to you asking to be killed, do you kill them? Good job explaining that to the police

No. 384866

Imagine if a woman made her boyfriend deaf during sex by slapping him, we would never hear the end of
>Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you can hit him, I wish he would have beaten you
>Reee evil feminists
>You should feel ashamed of yourself and pay for all the damage you caused him, you crippled his life forever! bless his heart

Why are men allowed to still get empathy even if they are less than perfect? And why do women have to be pure sheltered fairies who never had any sinful thought even cross her mind in order to MAYBE get emparh if something terrible happens to her? Someone please explain

No. 384873

File: 1552155925205.png (147.45 KB, 1250x576, Screens.png)

>I didn't really hit her in the ear, because I still ended up making contact with her cheek!
Can't even keep his story straight. I guess it's by magic that she ended up deaf in one ear, right?
I like how he says it was a fuck up on "both their parts", but one of them is permanently injured with nothing to show for it, and the other has a lolsofunny story that earned them 20k upvotes and Reddit gold. Society is wild.

No. 384874

File: 1552156302077.png (24.41 KB, 746x180, TIFU by slapping a girl so har…)

This guy has cognitive dissonance. First he says he feels bad for the woman he permanently injured, then he replies like this when people hold him accountable.
Thank goodness the woman didn't ask him to choke her, he would've fucking killed her. I hope this story is fake

No. 384876

>You permanently damaged someone

Umm, how does this guy live? God forbid he ever have a normal job or education, his boss will critize him and he will bitch about "cry me a river!"

But after all he's a man and men don't have to be accountable for their actions, they'll scream and cry simply for stating the facts

>Blaming male suicide on haircuts
Only men.

No. 384986

Imagine reactions to a reversal like "I was giving a guy a footjob, he asked me to go hard on his nuts and I accidentally crushed them. Now he's infertile". They'd roast the woman for it, and even more for not being empathetic enough about it


>They just skate through the system because its practically illegal to fail them

Hey, hook up me up with this free, unfailable university, sounds dreamy. Anyway

>woman doesnt do anything

Useless. Fuck her.
>woman goes to uni
Forcing men out of school. Fuck her.
>woman works high level position
Only here because shes a woman. Fuck her.
>woman works low level position
Useless. Fuck her.

Lmao nothing a woman does is ever gonna be good enough(responding to scrotb8)

No. 384987

begone scrot(responding to scrotb8)

No. 384989

We get it, you suck at school and wanna blame your gender
Keep crying scrot(responding to scrotb8)

No. 384997

File: 1552178772132.gif (662.53 KB, 400x240, 4jDTCJ1rmfekuo1_400.gif)

Bless you for this image anon.

No. 385002

What is this from?

No. 385003

File: 1552180992637.jpg (63.7 KB, 540x663, vHmRX1rxkrbvo1_540.jpg)

Litchi Hikari Club I think

No. 385005

I don't know about the USA but I don't know where the fuck these supposed scholarships for girls are or why they would be necessary. In my country
>do final exams under a student number, with no name or gender attached to it
>final marks are publicized under your name for anyone to see
>the mark itself is used to determine which uni courses you can get into

Obviously, girls score very well in these exams because we generally do well in school. This is not guesswork, this is something you can read for yourself in the newspaper or online. I'm confused as to how this process could possibly result in women getting unfair advantages, when we have the ability to see who scored what and which degrees that allows entry into. Men really have to make shit up just to feel like victims, huh? Guess hundreds of years literally banning women from education wasn't enough!

No. 385006

The lychee hikari club gag anime

No. 385037

In the US universities are pretty secretive about how they choose students. There are your marks but many also want things like a personal statement, recommendations letters, volunteering/job/club experience, etc that they take into account an unknown amount.
The excuse I hear about women getting an unfair advantage is
>teachers prefer girls and give them special attention! They ignore boys so they do worse
But there is little evidence of this, if anything it is the other way around.

No. 385093

There are scholarships for being female but there's also scholarships for everything from literally every heritage you can have, to having blue eyes, being short, having glasses, etc

But of course, it's women who get blasted as having some sort of easy as pie life and they're all evil privileged women who never had to work a day in their life but somehow suck at everything, because of this and not anyone else who gets scholarships for similar reasons

No. 385103


Male humour, everyone. This is the same guy who throat fucks these girls until they puke. Sounds like he's doing a shitty Bill Burr (who I also dislike) impression, and of course the evil fucks in the comments think it's hilarious. I hope every man who thinks this is funny gets fucking shot. As if we needed more evidence that men are demons who get off on suffering.

No. 385108

File: 1552227629939.png (39.83 KB, 1078x246, gg.png)

He's a "great guy".

No. 385111

What the fuck this is awful

No. 385113

File: 1552228934283.png (592.77 KB, 820x549, degenerate male.PNG)


I'm pretty sure this is the man in those videos

No. 385114

Wears a trilby
Of fucking course

No. 385116

Of course it's a morbidly obese chinless bastard behind it. Lmao.
Of course he hates women.

No. 385117

>Tryna talk some sense into them

While ramming his cock down their throat. Wow, makes sooo much sense!

No. 385118

Cause everyone knows the best way to "talk sense" into someone is to call them stupid and ridicule them before coercing them into violent and degrading sex acts.

No. 385119


These women literally signed up for this. They are getting paid for things they agreed to do. I’m not following the train of logic here. Sure, it looks super fucking scummy. It sounds super fucking scummy. But I cannot imagine that auditioning or applying for “FACIAL ABUSE” videos, is something where they’re caught off guard when dicks fly at them.

Sorry, but I blame the women who agree to do this shit. They’re not held at gunpoint here.

No. 385122

You have no idea how porn producers prey on drugged up broke women if you think they clearly explain everything that's gonna happen to them

No. 385123

Nta but I don't really buy that women signing up for abuse do so because they purposefully reject reasonable opportunities for better employment, and they landed on this because it's something they love and want to participate in.
These are obviously people doing what they can for money, and it's a shame that there are people out there who throw ethics to the curb just because there was an exchange of money. Just because they're paid doesn't make the situation right.

No. 385126

There was just a case like last year of a woman getting coerced into doing that kind of porn because she felt too terrified to say no. Look up Leigh raven

No. 385128

The jokes write themselves.

No. 385129


I feel like the video evidence of women before them should absolutly clue them in. I 100% agree that this is shitty. They’re preying in vulnerable women.

But WHY after seeing these videos of women before them would they agree? Why would they seek this out?

No. 385130

>This network of sites contains content to suit multiple varieties of racism and misogyny. Here is one piece of an account from a desperate Latina mother, trying to earn money for her family, who survived shooting a film for the “Latina Throats” website:
>“I was a victim of this website. They tell you that they won't abuse you. They start very nice, taking their time. They said, "You're just going to do a little porn, get paid and get out." No, that's not the truth.
>I didn't know it was in a warehouse. The lady didn't tell me where I was going. And once I got there and begged them to stop, and told them I wanted to leave, they just beat me up more.”
So, no, not all of them know exactly what they're agreeing to.

No. 385131

>I blame the women
>What is manipulation, drugging, and preying on desperate women
Ok scrot

No. 385132

You have to be straight up retarded to agree to do porn- or ANY job and not check what sort of porn you’re doing, what the company is affiliated with, who the people fucking you are, etc.

It’s asinine to think there’s absolutely to validity to claim that people are responsible for their actions.

No. 385133

>Uhh women don't get lied to about the actual kind of work they're doing before they get into porn? There isn't a system of porn stars pretending to love their job and feel liberated or anything. Women don't get drugged, misled and coerced into shit they didn't agree to by seedy producers. That doesn't happen? Should've just done more research lol
Now that's retarded.

No. 385134

"PeOple aRe reSPonsIble 4 ThEir actIOns, REEEEE!"

Except when it comes to holding abusers accountable for their abuses, that needn't count because they gave their victims some money which certainly absolves them from taking advantage of their victim's disadvantages. After all. /s

No. 385135

Nah, explain how going to a production company that owns Latina abuse, facial abuse, ghetto gaggers- watching their videos, and throwing a quick google search isn’t going to throw up red flags as to what you’re doing.

I’m dead ass curious why we’re so hell bent on treating women like smol, weak, ignorant children who can’t type in google to check and see what sort of work they’re embarking on.

Not every fucking porn star is drugged and manipulated. Some just make stupid fucking choices.

No. 385137

Some of these people genuinely seem to think these same porn companies don't go under different names and subsidiaries for employment, or lie about applicants doing "gentle" scenes and not the rough stuff.
They're just determined to absolve shitty men. If a man ever does anything bad, it becomes "Both people were in the wrong!" at worst. Disgusting and pathetic.

No. 385138

What? Who on earth said men were not shitty?

I’m asking a very direct question. You know the names in advance of people in your scene, what company, what sites in scheduled to be put on- how is it possible to be mislead beyond blind ignorance?

Enough pretending every woman with a shitty circumstance is a goddamn victim.

No. 385139

I don't even understand why this tartlet itt keeps frothing over us apparently "not answering the question" when we've already explained how and why certain women make these choices?
It's been typed in plain english lmao, must really want us to engage.

No. 385140

>Why would they seek this out?
Maybe because the other alternatives are to get raped by homeless men as a homeless woman, or maybe get trafficked and have to do even worse prostitution? Most get groomed when young or promised something else anyway.

No. 385141

The accepted lie is that sites like that are all about consent and will never ignore boundaries and everyone signs a waiver before and after and it's all 100% consensual. Anyone who comes out and says this isn't true gets smeared to hell and back. I can't blame a woman for falling for the lie when it's been so widely spread.

No. 385142

This, but also most homeless men did it to themselves and they probably enjoy it too. They need to kill themselves more.

No. 385144

So, all women in abuse porn are homeless, drugged up, coerced, raped and tricked by the boogey man?

No. 385145

What especially irritates me about this one is that they're ignoring people pointing out that they're being lied to and having the work given in-contract misrepresented with "No, they know what they're getting into, they're given all the info!". No…they weren't. We've been saying this repeatedly, kek.

No. 385146

>tricked by the boogey man

No, by this ugly fat shit with some dollars >>385113. It's been established.

No. 385147

Yeah it's pretty clear they just wanna shitpost and argue. Look at that poster even twist what we're saying as if we're actually secret anti-women who want to believe every woman is incapable of decisions and is weak.
No, we just realize the porn industry is deceptive, toxic, and inherently dangerous even with alleged "consent."

No. 385164

Just stop talking, you obviously are very ignorant about the porn industry, I advice doing research and watching documentaries and coming back

No. 385190

the only way to concretely stop people from making stupid choices is to remove the choice which is stupid. we might not be able to stop women from making choices we don't approve of, but we can't stop evil men from preying on those kind of women. the men who own, run, participate and film those videos are the real enemy and we are wasting our time pointing fingers at the women. this thread isn't the "debate the bad choices of women" thread, its for being critical of men and how they treat women and how they insidiously wield powder.

No. 385201

All pornography that films real people is degenerate and should be banned.

No. 385206

>smol, weak, ignorant children who can’t type in google to check and see what sort of work they’re embarking on.
Even if this WERE true, does being dumb mean you deserve abuse and rape? Does it make you feel better to know women are getting violated because they aren't the sharpest tool in the shed? Is being naive such a heinous crime, even though it hurts nobody but themselves?

Of course, they aren't just stupid. They are poor, uneducated, desperate, drug addicted, groomed, and expertly mislead by men whose job it is to put women in situations where they are uncomfortable for men's pleasure. But it blows my fucking mind that a man's empathy ends when a woman makes a bad choice for herself. As if the consequences are remotely equivalent to not being savvy enough to google a company.

No. 385211

Considering how many literal porn subgenres are centred around a woman being tricked into sex (casting couch, fake taxi driver, massage turns sexual) never mind the rape subgenres (lesbian needs to learn how she loves dick! Plus all incest ones) it seems spectacularly dumb to pretend all porn is consensual

Most porn plots in fact are about being surprised or tricked, so few are about a woman seeking sex intentionally. Wow, unbelievable that some of the actual actors could have been misled and trafficked into it! Crazy!
Might be why normie guys are so rapey now, it's their sex ed

No. 385235

Currently in Vegas now, it's amazing how much money is made off of sexualizing women. I've already seen a couple of prostitutes who were likely tricked into the profession who have made it clear that they hate it and only do it out of desperation, even though the whole industry is 'legal' here. You can tell it's the same as black market prostitution in other places, except more rampant and detrimental to desperate women who are abused into it.

Even women serving at casinos as waitresses have barely any clothes on and their tits out. Like everywhere in the US, clubs' policies are 'women get in free' since apparently tits and ass are a necessity to a club. Tbh I'd rather pay along with men so I could feel like a human instead of an object for men's pleasure.

Luckily I hate clubs and am not going out but everything that I've seen on the strip is obviously the result of corporations run by men. There's buses driving around constantly with women's tits censored by a bar advertising "GIRLS FOR THE NIGHT" or w/e, like there's young boys walking around obviously and being exposed to this shit.

I've seen some male strip shows on advertisements but when pointing those out, it's met with laughs by the people of the group whereas the same people insist on going to female strip shows because it's a 'necessity' in Vegas. Disgusting.

No. 385244

vegas sounds like literally the most depressing place in the first world.

No. 385248

>get a new part time job
>small shop with all female staff
>everyone is nice and respectful
>everyone does their job, workplace isn't overly strict though
>actually look forward to work now
It's just food service but it's really nice. At the other jobs I've had it's always been men who shit-talked me behind my back and hit on me during work.

No. 385252

>While ramming his cock down their throat. Wow, makes sooo much sense!
He's a camera guy I think.

No. 385260

File: 1552263624580.jpg (393.95 KB, 720x1227, 20190310_201848.jpg)

A few of the comments are, "uwu maybe the poor man has postpartum depwession" instead of just assuming he's a neglectful asshole.
Men are useless.

No. 385266

OF COURSE he fucking guilted her into keeping it. Only to dump all of the responsibility onto her. I get so exasperated when I see female friends cleaning up after their boyfriends and shit like that. They never appreciate either. They straight up start to expect it. I will never ever play mommy for a grown ass man.

And postpartum depression?? I knew Reddit dudes were dumb but that is ridiculous

No. 385268

Oh my goodness! Not only does she need to tattle to anyone who listens that he's feckless, she needs to also break up and find a better partner for her child. The guy is literally choosing games over his own offspring. He's a defected person and having his child was an unfortunate, permanent mistake.

This is why I've sworn to stay away from men too involved in their fantasies like video games. Fuck that shit. Even if there was no child you know this asshole would still be playing vidya than focusing on their relationship, I'm not sold on this being a "sudden" problem.

No. 385272

Most fathers seem to be lazy and shitty like that though, if it's not video games it's sports, or hanging out with friends, or work, anything to get out of 'women's work' like raising their child.

No. 385275

File: 1552265368342.jpg (210.08 KB, 1440x980, gxwkpv4d0al21.jpg)

No. 385277

File: 1552265422898.jpg (200.97 KB, 828x1792, bv7bp68z94l21.jpg)

No. 385279

File: 1552265623174.jpg (90.32 KB, 750x1003, kuve8ocyn0l21.jpg)

This was posted on r/iamatotalpieceofshit because she "ruined his life"

No. 385280

File: 1552265683685.png (199.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-10-21-14-17…)


The comments are pretty much what i expected

No. 385281

Male murderers and rapists get more empathy than naive women, but men still insist they're oppressed

No. 385289

Here's what comes up when you Google 12 year old girl. "I thought she was 19" my ass. Even if she looked older than 12, there's no doubt in my mind that he knew her age was questionable but just didn't care.

Wow. Imagine defending a grown man for fucking a twelve year old. I don't care if she looked mature for her age. That's the same bullshit excuse people would use to justify dudes being predatory towards me when I was a preteen "early bloomer". I would tell these creeps my real age and guess what. They didn't give a shit.

Anyone who tries to shift the blame of creepy adult men onto literal children because of their body type or that they've been groomed to behave hypersexually at a young age is disgusting and a pedo sympathizer, if not a pedophile themselves.

No. 385291

File: 1552267950300.png (1.06 MB, 1073x1732, Screenshot_20190310-202252~2.p…)

Sorry forgot to attach pic

No. 385294

Men:men aren't hiveminds
Also men:ALL men would leave you because of x

No. 385295

File: 1552268464679.jpeg (61.4 KB, 581x773, 581.jpeg)

It really depends on the girl
The girl in the picture just turned 13 when the photo was taken

No. 385311

tbf there are 12 year olds like that melodyoficial13 but those girls have all been groomed to begin with

No. 385312

Okay, this retardation needs to stop. I am 4'8, petite and flat-chested and I know that excuse is absolute bullshit. Even if a 12 year old has been professionally styled you can still tell they're fucking 12 from how they carry themselves and talk. Saying there's a chance that literal children could turn out to maybe be adults just emboldens sick fucks to go after younger girls and say they didn't know.

Above still applies. The styling is mature but she looks young enough that a man should feel nervous taking her home.

No. 385314

i looked older for my age when i was young. being tall and developed for a tween and bad styling contributed to that, but i guarantee one conversation would be would prove that i was actually 12. what can a 27 year old and a 12 year old even reasonably converse about? her voice, her mannerisms would give away her age immediately no matter how "mature" she acted. these men just don't care.

No. 385332

There alot here. And I want to believe this is fake and yet..

Throw them all away in a fire. The pedophile and the defenders, the whole lot. Disgusting

I hope the victim lives a good safe life.

No. 385337

File: 1552276243362.png (156.56 KB, 1024x495, PJWe8Fq.png)


I'm ESL and this is what i get… i hate that this exists, and why is it the first thing that comes up? I'm relieved i was fat around that age because the only unwanted attention i experienced was, thankfully, bullying

No. 385338

File: 1552276319876.png (71.08 KB, 1024x495, tXj4W9f.png)


For contrast

No. 385349

File: 1552277993813.jpg (63.73 KB, 640x841, e038475d-8b91-40e7-a5e7-4ed66a…)

Ha ha, no.
So many more girls are looking older and older through makeup and wearing adult clothing and posing.
These poor girls are being groomed by society from day one.

No. 385383

9 periods per year??
its 12 what is he talking about

No. 385387

There's a difference between playing the role of someone being tricked and being actually tricked. You might think it's fucked, but it's important to state the difference. Agree with you on the second part, though. There's a disturbing lack of women being proactive in who she has sex with. (And, if she does it proves she's a 'whore'. Yawn.)

No. 385388

Is this a parody? Wtf?!

No. 385397

Fire him into the sun

No. 385410

Lmaoooooo oh the delicious bruised ego this guy has, this is more comical than anything, you can hear the shattered cracks of his fragile ego in every sentence.

No. 385418

>allow guy to pay
>"Gold-digging whore, pay for your own meals. What happened to gender equality??"
>offer to pay
>"WTF, are you saying we don't have enough money?? Stop making men feel like shit"
What do they want?

No. 385443

does anyone in these threads date a man? what is he like? is it difficult? i feel like it's nearly impossible for me to date because i'm so jaded and aware of all this shit, i don't give men a chance. but sadly i am straight.

No. 385456

Yeah I don't think dating these modern porn sick men is a good idea. Not that men ever treated women as humans, but we have porn to deal with now too. Don't think for even a second that it's your fault for 'not giving them a chance'. Chances are you'll end up unhappy, abused, with an unwanted pregnancy or murdered. Even if they pretend to be nice and treat you like a human being at the beginning, it's just that, pretending, that's why we have memes like nice guy or courting.

I say just always keep men at arm's length if you desire their company. There's also romance novels for women by women if you're into that. Some women amass 'beta orbiters' too; I used to think they were evil and deserved the hate they get for it, but taking a second look at it now, they're actually quite clever and end up way better than women who date, so there's that.

No. 385459

i'm just lonely. i want a relationship but i feel like i can't connect with men. but i'm not into women sexually. i wish i was.

No. 385461

File: 1552317800737.jpg (323.5 KB, 1080x1265, IMG_20190311_172126.jpg)

So this was posted on a Facebook page

No. 385462

File: 1552317860958.jpg (122.62 KB, 971x806, IMG_20190311_172156.jpg)


And this is one of the comments with the most upvotes.
Sage for same fagging

No. 385467

File: 1552318244252.jpg (239.6 KB, 1080x1522, IMG_20190311_172208.jpg)

And these are the disgusting replies posted by men because a woman spoke the truth regarding men that buy services from prostitutes and even the comments from women are like "uhh ur ebill feminazi im not like this stop opressing men". It's sad how manipulated and brainwashed women are and we're still under their control and the whole female eliberation thing is just a meme because we're still being pointed at and made fun of only for existing and wanting to speak about our issues and about social issues created by men in general, if it doesn't benefit men anymore it becomes and issue. I'm fucking sad feminism has become a joke and something to be made fun of.
But poor men, they have to seek services from a woman that's under continuous distress for selling her body, that probably had a shitty life and was abused beforehand BECAUSE IT WAS HER CHOICE. Kill all scrots.

No. 385474

I've been dating a man for three years. He's pretty great but that's because he's very repulsed by society (it might be autism, another disorder or just his personality, not sure) and doesn't want to connect with people other than his family and me, so he doesn't do all the male posturing and entitlement.

I understand that he's not perfect, though. The main reason our relationship works is because we're both very introverted people and put all of our social effort into one another (which works for us, wouldn't for some other people).

I've dated a man as well as a butch lesbian before who were more sociable and they were both rotten by male (and pseudo male) socialisation, spending their time belittling me and trying to pressure me into sex.

No. 385479

i have spoken about my partner before but without him i would not be with a male. he is very sweet and mostly childlike and fragile. he is easily scared and is very sensitive. he doesn't care to speak to people and is pretty antisocial, not because he is terrible at socializing, but just because doesn't get anything out of it, and he very much enjoys our pretty insular life that we've created just for ourselves

. he is not pornsick at all and even before we dated, he stopped using porn because he didn't want to, and it's something we both are not okay with. i'm just so glad that for the yrs he did use porn it didn't desensitize him. funny enough, as our bond grew closer throughout the years, the easier he cums, which is completely unlike every other male, and i was always so terrified of him becoming desensitized to me and the loving, 'vanilla' sex life we have, but the exact opposite happened. like, just seeing me partially clothed and telling him how much we belong together makes him cum without stimulation. it's crazy and i got crazy lucky. when we were first dating and when we were much less emotionally connected, it was more difficult for him to cum (but still easy), which is exactly the opposite of what i expected, especially since the 'pink pill' type studies (which i do believe are generally true), find the opposite to be the case for most men. my difficulties with him are partially of my own doing, but also because i've been traumatized by males and i have/had a really hard time trusting that he wasn't trash and it affected our relationship. that's the thing about even finding a male that's genuinely decent - you can't come home to a person that you feel is so basically perfect when everyone else out there is so fucking horrible, and not be terrified all of the time that they're hiding it or will become that way. it's very difficult for me in that respect and has caused literally every single problem we've had, and it's unfortunate because the paranoia and mistrust wasn't his fault.

without someone like this, imo, at best, they are only worth the few crumbs they can throw us by complimenting us and giving us the praise and appreciation that we're denied irl in every other part of our lives. they also psychotically compartmentalize. that's why you see so many 'nice' men that do treat their daughters fairly well, or their mothers, but get off on the abuse of other women or excuse the abuse of other women, so it's very risky being with males. it is unfortunate that we aren't gay. it's scary being with men and being vulnerable with them, and even when you have a good guy, it's just scary knowing he can be corrupted. i worry about that all of the time.

No. 385487

I couldn't care less about how easily your bf cums but I agree that
> he is not pornsick at all
is an important aspect of men who aren't scrots. I've always thought antiporn ideas to be puritanical and at odds with free speech, but I'm starting to realise how the difference between men that casually watch hentai and porn and those that never do is like night and day. It really does teach them to objectify us even futher, but I feel like this will never be taken seriously as an idea because it DOES sound backwards and also I like male contraceptives, men just aren't interested in hearing these possibilities

No. 385491

My bf is very receptive to feminist issues, I have shared some pretty provocative thoughts with him (for the average scrot at least) and it sparked some very interesting conversations.
Also he went from watching a LOT of porn to being completely turned off by it which I think is great and he got genuinely upset when I explained to him how the porn industry take advantage of vulnerable women and that even amateur porn isn't safe because we can't know how it's been produced.

No. 385496

I want a cute cuck who listens to what I say too

No. 385498

(I'm not a scrot, this was not sarcasm unfortunately - I am generally afraid of how easily men put on an Oscar award winning performance around me)

No. 385500

>I couldn't care less about how easily your bf cums but I agree that
i understand but this plays into the whole 'not being pornsick', and increasingly desensitized. men who are pornsick or just are entitled and desensitized have a difficult time cumming and it's incredibly discouraging and makes you feel very inadequate. the sexual hedonic treadmill for so many men is insane to the point where they can't cum without jerking it for an hour to their girlfriend anally fisting themselves, or just have a difficult time cumming at all. i think it's very notable because the expectation for me was for him to become very very very desensitized to loving, affectionate things very quickly, especially when we're told CONSTANTLY that men only value novelty, and men are told that's how it should be, that they shouldn't value what they have and should place high importance on novelty. i don't even think that's biologically true, necessarily. i really feel like it's men just conditioning other men to believe this absolute bullshit that novelty is the most arousing.

No. 385506

>comes to female imageboard to whine and type up novels about how women only care about dick size with no legit evidence no exceptions

Yeah buddy it's your dick size that makes women run from you, nevermind many micropenised men have had relationships, are married, with kids, etc. Must be your dick size why women don't like your bitchy ass huh

No. 385507

I do. I'm bisexual and honestly never had good relationships, not even friendships, with men; it was always being used and abused. I thought I'd end up dating only women.

I met him about 10 months ago and he's just so different, he never objectified me in any way, he always listens, never once mansplained, he's respectful, just very sweet all in all. He has no issue with showing he is an emotional person unlike most men that act like emotions are girl cooties.

I think he's like this due in big part to being raised by women. He never really had any male "role models" so he was never exposed to the idea that women are inferior in any way.

If I hadn't met him I probably would have never dated a man, I hate the idea of having the responsibility of "deconstructing his masculinity" I'm no one's manic pixie dream girl npc.

No. 385509

also if dick is sooooo necessary to pleasure women in any meaningful capacity, how do lesbians exist and not just off themselves upon the realisation? oh nvm, lesbians don't exist, how could i forget /s

No. 385511

Did no one tell the scrot yet that most women can't even orgasm from PiV and prefer clitoral simulation ?

Related to the ongoing discussion about porn ruining men's vision of women and sex, as well, porn also fucking destroys men's vision of themselves (see the self-hating scrot above). I don't understand why they continue to consume something that gives them disdain for their partner and makes them feel ashamed of their genitals ; they might not give a shit about the former, but surely they know they'd be happier if they didn't constantly compare themselves to carefully selected porn actors. Why do they hurt themselves like this ?

No. 385514

yeah like i'm a straight girl and a gigantic dick is definitely not all i am looking for, i'm sure most straight girls feel the same. i would never fuck someone just because they have a huge dick, i'm not looking for a walking dildo. it is a plus but it's not a must. i'd rather be with someone with an average sized dick and who actually puts on some effort to make both of us feel good rather than some 9 incher fratboy. i don't even care about penetration that much, i'm more into clit focused stuff.

No. 385521

i'm living in turkey and the way men on social media are losing their shit over the sexual slogans used in the women's march (which were only a small amount of the signs) is hilarious. their cries are like "omg is this equality? i can't believe feminists are doing this. if i was walking around holding a sign about my sexual liberation i would get attacked!!" as if their sexuality is oppressed in a muslim society. they get offended over any woman acknowledging the normal female anatomy and i wish i was joking. muslim men are fucking hypocrites.

No. 385526

Pretty sure it's the same scrot who came in and ranted about how clit orgasms don't feel good and all women must only ever want big penises no exceptions

No. 385534

Sadly unsurprising news, because he's a known scumbag, but a bunch of recordings of Tucker Carlson from Fox News have surfaced with him saying a shitload of misogynistic shit. Among them, "women are primitive", he defends statutory rape, and he thinks that Michael Vick should "be executed" while a statutory rapist should "walk free". Because dogs have more value than women, naturally.

Of course, the retarded right has been pulling out the "these comments are a decade old why did you dig this up?" shit, while simultaneously posting a video of Bill Maher making disgusting comments…. from 1998. Perhaps both men are pieces of shit? I know, that's really hard for a lot of people stuck in stupid left/right politics to admit. Of course, in the end, nothing will come of this, because Fox News don't give a shit, just like most people don't give a shit about sexism.

Anyway, video with audio linked, you can check out the comments if you want to lose braincells. Link with a transcript too.


No. 385539

File: 1552327289642.jpeg (15.64 KB, 400x400, images.jpeg)

Can any med or art fags relate to this? I'm getting tired of female anatomy being shown as a skinny woman with perfect perky tits, tiny waist, skinny shoulders and arms, big butt, flat stomach, wide hips and perfect innie vagina but in male anatomy drawings, it looks a lot more like an average man's body

Obviously I get it's more for teaching but why are anatomy figures that are specfically for teaching also made to look "perfect"? It's very annoying because anatomy figures are supposed to look average and if that's considered average to men then wtf do they consider attractive? And it also worries me that some girls might think they're deformed or have something wrong with them because they don't look exactly like that

No. 385543

Question to the thread: do we theorize that sad dick man is a devoted troll or autistic?
He's been at it for months.

No. 385546

the existence of an insecure and lesbophobic man obsessed with his tiny dick is hilarious lol. who thinks about dick sizes that much? dude must be a closeted fag.

No. 385553

Tbh I do think a bigger dick is nicer than a small one. Idk why I would have to lie to soothe scrots feelings, they sure don't lie about what they don't like regarding OUR anatomy.
Being eaten out > PIV thought.

No. 385555

I think these dick-size obsessed incels are confusing women with themselves. It's okay if you want your prostate jackhammered by a huge dick, you are born that way. Conversion therapy has been proven not to work, my friend. Try to accept yourself and your testosterone-lacking dick, stop projecting on women. I'm sure you'll find a top with a hentai dick one day. Stay safe, little gay brother.

No. 385556

michael vick should be executed tho. and wow, shocker, bill has always literally always been open about being a misogynistic horndog piece of shit but to his credit i don't think he's out here laughing at women being choked for being 'sassy'

No. 385563

I doubt anything will come of this because his audience most likely either doesn’t care or agrees with those comments, and the people who care already didn’t like him and wouldn’t have worked with him anyway. Last year a rapper in my country made the news because he’d made comments about how women who go out after dark without male escorts are whores and bring it upon themselves if they get assaulted. There was some twitter outrage for a few days and then things went back to normal. The people who called for a boycott didn’t listen to his music in the first place and the people who did most likely agreed with him, considering he was your typical misogynistic “bitches and whores” rapper. I’m not sure why anyone was surprised by his comments in the first place.

No. 385566

I agree, Michael Vick and Bill Maher are both pieces of shit, as is Tucker Carlson. I just love the outrage over someone on the left "digging up old shit", while they shoot back with an even older video of Bill Maher. It's totally unsurprising, yet it makes me shake my head every time. What a fucking joke.

No. 385597

Men are obsessed with PIV and thus, when they perceive they are going to be unable to "freely access" it (either through self labeled incelism, women having control over reproductive rights, insecurity about dick size etc.) they chimp out in all manner of ways, but usually through violent entitlement (rape, sexual harassment, domination and controlling bodies).

PIV being the primary sex act (and thus pregnancy and subjugation) is probably one of the touchiest and hardest subject for most women to grapple with. A significant amount of heterosexual women don't even orgasm at all during sex 35% (compared to only 5% of men) and the ones that do almost exclusively have to have oral/non-PIV genital stimulation instead of PIV alone.
(No fulltext available, sorry).

PIV is not in the interest for women, even though many are satisfied with it or it "feels good". There are too many risks for the sexual pleasure it brings, when there are many more sex acts that are safer and bring more orgasms to women, like >>385509 basically said. Lesbians have far greater amounts of orgasms, shouldn't we take the fucking hint?

No. 385604

You just described my husband and I’m pregnant with our first child, so make of that what you will.(responding to scrotb8)

No. 385605

I'd fuck dick sperg's cute butt with a strap on and give him an amazing prostate orgasm that makes him forget that he even has a dick tbh.

No. 385617

You're far too nice, anon.

No. 385632

I, for one, do not completely disagree with dick sperg's assessment of the importance of size and anons shouldn't be so quick to deny it on behalf of all women. We aren't a hivemind and there's nothing to defend if we do have preferences - men actively cultivate insecurity in women to make us competitive and eager to please, what's wrong with some of us having some standards of our own? Tiny dicks repulse me, sorry.

No. 385657

My thoughts exactly anon.

I'm supposed to accept that some men just like bigger or smaller tits, yet how fucking dare I have a preference to avoid micro penises and pencil dicks? People treat women like size queens of we dare say it.

No. 385677

Lmao you sound like my small dicked bf, he sperged about breast enhancement because of a TV commercial and I was just dying to say because you can't enlarge your cock.

I have a shallow clit so his dick is ideal I had a fiancé previous that had a large dick but was shit in bed in all aspects and would sigh and become frustrated if I couldn't cum by his feable attempts.

My bf is good at everything because idk maybe he learnt to over compensate since you men are so fixated on tools.

Women that would mutilate their genitals for the perceived increase in pleasure for their hetero partner is frowned upon by the majority. Breast augmentation can be for various reasons. Stay mad dickweed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 385703

File: 1552349476555.jpg (108.28 KB, 607x716, BRltyJ.jpg)

Anyone else loving the tears over the success of Captain Marvel? So many whiny grown ass men complaining for the dumbest reasons, trying to review bomb the movie and create negativity around it. I wasn't planning on watching it but now I'm tempted.

No. 385722

Kek I feel like anon who posted that probably works at Marvel

No. 385730

the last time man baby tears made me see a movie out of spite, it was mad max: fury road which ended up becoming one of my favorite movies.

No. 385734

I'm Brie Larson myself. Buy my movie.

>she doesn't smile in the trailers
>she wants more women on the press conference
>she's an open feminist
Bunch of whiny neckbeards

No. 385753

Can a female publicly speak against prostitution and against troons without putting herself in danger of being attacked by libfems and scrots?

No. 385754

Prostitution is one of those things you'll get attacked by both the far left and the far right on

Left because muh sex for money is empowerment, right because the only reason a woman may not like prostitution is because she's an evil woman who hates competition or whatever

No. 385756

I don't mean attacked as in someone having a different opinion, but as in being threatened or doxxed or stuff that literally puts you in danger. We all know troons and scrots are crazy and are willing to tear you to pieces if you have a different opinion.(taking scrot b8)

No. 385762

Wow, are you just being deliberately obtuse or what? Have you not heard or read about the people who have been noplatformed/deplatformed simply for expressing traditional feminist beliefs? There has also been physical violence and intimidation at feminist events.(taking scrot b8)

No. 385764

You're talking to a scrot anon, don't give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are ignorant rather than deliberately obtuse and happy to ignore the many incidences of what you're talking about.

No. 385768

Julie Bindel, Meghan Murphy, Linda Bellos, etc. have all been deplatformed at some point for their views on trans politics. It's takes zero effort to do a google search for information on deplatformed feminists. I don't know why you're arguin when it's clear that you absolutely no knowledge on this topic at all.
>I haven't heard about that thing that never happens.
>Translation: I don't want to acknowledge facts that go against my beliefs so it isn't true!!11!!
Not an argument.

No. 385773

>Muh censorship
Sorry you can't run around screaming in the streets about how women are evil and should all be put on human breeding farms without receiving backlash, thought we were over this "censorship is the world's evil but not people saying fucked up shit" meme(taking scrot b8)

No. 385775

Technically anon they have the right to say whatever dumb shit they please if we're talking about the U.S. What scrots can't handle is the repercussions of their words and actions.

No. 385777

>Bindel was scheduled by the Social Justice LLC to speak about her book, “The Pimping of Prostitution: Abolishing the Sex Worker Myth” on Nov. 8. Bindel, a self-described radical feminist, is co-founder of the law reform group, Justice for Women. The group opposes violence against women and helps women who have been prosecuted for killing violent male partners.
>Early on the scheduled day of her talk, Bindel said she received a call rescinding the invitation. Kris Sloan, associate professor of education and director of the Social Justice LLC, confirmed that it was ultimately his decision to cancel Bindel’s appearance.
So Bindel was going to talk about her book dealing with prostitution and violence against women and St. Edward's University deplatformed her because she doesn't lick tranny ass, which is completely unrelated to the topic of discussion.

>Linda Bellos became the most recent feminist whose invitation to speak was withdrawn for raising questions about the direction in which modern-day gender politics is heading. Bellos, who is responsible for establishing Black History Month in Britain, was uninvited by the Beard Society, a “gender and feminist group” within Cambridge University.

>During her address to Peterhouse College, Bellos told organisers she planned to publicly question “some of the trans politics … which seems to assert the power of those who were previously designated male to tell lesbians, and especially lesbian feminists, what to say and what to think”. In response, a representative of the Beard Society responded: “I’m sorry but we’ve decided not to host you. I too believe in freedom of expression, however Peterhouse is as much a home as it is a college. The welfare of our students in this instance has to come first.”
The list goes on…

Why do people insist on arguing about shit that they're so plainly fucking ignorant about? Just admit that you're wrong lmao.

>Sorry you can't run around screaming in the streets about how women are evil and should all be put on human breeding farms without receiving backlash
Who even denies them that right? Men never stop screeching about women on every forum they're on and space they occupy. r/incels only got banned after years of inciting violence and advising men to rape women.

No. 385801


What do farmers think about this? Personally I don't buy into it tbh, but it's interesting how fast people are to believe it and use it as some #MGTOW life lesson, praise him for it, but the anon from the confession thread who admitted to fucking a bunch of women's husband's and boyfriend's gets slammed repeatedly and gets the finger pointed at her, but in the Reddit thread people point the finger at the women

Basically internet logic is
Man fucks woman he knew was married = woman's fault
Woman fucks man she knew was married = also women's fault

I don't understand why men are never held accountable for their actions

No. 385810

>The guy is crying. Hard. Not even looking at me, but instead at his wife, naked, kneeling on a yoga mat in the studio he helped build for her.

How the fuck does he know this couple's backstory? I don't buy that this women just casually told him before having sex "btw this yoga studio was build by my pure hearted kind innocent husband tee-hee, now let's fuck!". This just read like bad fiction to me.

No. 385817

That's what I was thinking, a lot of what he said is missing details and not going together

Also what woman has long venting conversations to their side-guy about their husband?

Or bragging about how they "fuck everywhere" like the beach and gym, grown ass adults, unless it was a private beach or gym it would be impossible to do so and get away with it

Another shady detail is claiming he's met all these women at Ikea, home depo, restaurants, bookstores, etc, somehow magically knew they were married and picked them up, how would that even be possible in a place like a restaurant? Who even picks up someone in a store? It's an odd occurrence sure but I doubt this dude just has married women chase him everywhere he goes like he claims

And finally, MGTOWs are known for claiming to be the side-dude, this isn't the first time I've seen some clearly incel larping as some don-jon who's fucking all the husband's wives in town

No. 385823

>totally not made-up story

No. 385878

How do we fix incels, MGTOWs, MRA's , and the like? Obviously we have to deal with them in everyday life, but how do we stop their fucking autism?

No. 385885

Ignore them. They sperg for attention. Don’t give them the time of day, don’t indulge their bullshit and move on.

No. 386032

why do men have to insert their sexual fantasies into everything. it feels like i cant even watch a youtube video by a male without hearing about the trendy "big titty goth gf" shit like fuck off

No. 386036

This looks like something you'd find in a how to draw manga guide. If you are serious about art, these kind of tutorials are shit since they don't teach anything about anatomy or view it as a 3d object. I wouldn't take this seriously anon.

No. 386167

Not entirely related but males always make such a huge, enormous deal about their wives or gfs cheating on them, it's unreal. They act like a woman cheating on them is an offense equal to murdering their best friend. I saw some of them agreeing once that "men fear [getting cheated on] as much as women fear rape]. I see videos online of males getting "revenge" on the women who cheated on them and publicly humiliating them by posting videos of it, and everyone in the comments agrees that she deserves the worst things in the world to happen to her because of this unforgivable sin she's committed. Getting cheated on really sucks, but it's not the end of the world. Males just act like it is because they see women as property and think having her fuck someone else is like getting robbed.

No. 386173

And then of course if women feel extremely hurt over being cheated on it's because obviously they weren't doing enough for their partners like cooking their dinner, or we just have to accept the fact that males want to fuck everyone at any opportunity.
Women aren't allowed to feel deeply betrayed over cheating.

No. 386187

Usually scrots say that if a woman gets cheated on, it's the woman's fault for choosing someone who must clearly be a sexy bad boy Chad. They have it in their heads that as long as a girl dates the 'right' man - one older and significantly less attractive than them, they will never get cheated on or treated badly in any way. But if they date someone age and looks appropriate, they deserve to be treated badly for having the audacity to think a guy could like someone who isn't way better looking than him.

The mental gymnastics these psychos go through to brainwash women into dating down is amazing. They stop at nothing to secure themselves a hot, young, desperately insecure waifu.

No. 386192

The best part is they're the ones doing most of the cheating, some of the most ugliest, short, low-t guys ended up cheating on me where high-t, tall, handsome men were really appreciative of me and were loyal to me

No. 386194

We can't really win no matter who we choose to date.
>reject a guy
>get murdered/stalked/verbally or physically assaulted
>date a guy
>be to blame if he ever wrongs you in any way
>leave a guy
>get murdered/stalked/verbally or physically assaulted

So really, the only way for us to be free of blame is to be fucking psychic and know exactly which men are likely to hurt us despite the fact that the men who are best at abuse are also the best at hiding their true nature. I mean, the fact that all the 'nice guys' who hate women for dating assholes are the most violently misogynistic people around should say something…

No. 386200

I've always dated way uglier guys due to my bad self esteem, and every single one of those ugly mf cheated and abused me. My very handsome bf however, is loyal and treats me like a princess.

No. 386205

Handsome men 99% of the time end up being better people than any other ugly ''nice guy'. We should absolutely stick to dating sweet chads, they are kinder, more intelligent, and obviously they have better genes that should be preserved and passed on to the next generation.

No. 386215

ugly manlets suffer from npd and always blame the world for their shitty personality. no one has to tolerate their fuckery out of pity.

No. 386234

Plot Twist: Men who are uglier are the ones with the extremely low self esteem, so when someone out of their league dates them they receive an ego boost and suddenly think they can act like they're better than you including but not limited to abusing the fuck out of you.
They managed to snag you so they "could have anybody" now amirite. Ugh.

No. 386236

Do you think it would be different for cute manlets? Or is the Napoleon complex always there?

No. 386237

cute manlets are probably still sore about being short but probably escape developing the worst character traits

No. 386240

Her post doesn't sound made up but exaggerated. In reality, guys cheat regardless of how attractive or unattractive they are. The manosphere would you like to believe that only "Chads" and bad boys betray their girlfriends but that's obviously bullshit if you just take a look around you.

No. 386306


Because rape is about sexual desire and not power and dominance over a deemed inferior person they see as an object. Holy fuck.

No. 386307

This happenens a lot in America too, but you aren't allowed to speak up about it or else you're an evil feminist roastie oppressing men

No. 386330


No. 386442

File: 1552522817895.jpg (137.38 KB, 675x1200, D1aZsDmW0AAgd0N.jpg)

In the news in Ireland today:

Read the comments for bonus scrot bullshit.


>THE HEAD OF UCD’s computer science department has issued an apology after an email was forwarded to students asking them to help develop a sexual consent application.

>An email sent to students this afternoon stated that the correspondence was sent in error.

>The original email which was forwarded to all students by asked the computer science department to help develop an app which would record sexual consent between two people prior to any activity taking place.
>The email stated that the app could stop “life destroying legal ramifications” which arise in cases of sexual assault and rape.
>The initial email was allegedly sent by a student.
>It cited an “ever growing fear for men to be sued post intercourse”.
>The email, which has been shared widely on social media, read: “With your help we can fight the ever growing fear for men to be sued post intercourse due to consent not being recorded/denied/retracted the life destroying legal ramifications that follow – as well as allowing for a clear opportunity if the other, for instance female, does not wish to continue in the act – and leaves out the lack of communication which is responsible for the destruction of thousands of lives each year.”
>This afternoon, an email was sent by head of UCD Pádraig Cunningham to those in computer science students which stated it should not have been forwarded to students.
>The email reads: “An email you received on Monday, March 11, 2019 with the subject heading “Fwd: Urgent” was not reviewed and approved by the UCD School of Computer Science before it was forwarded to our students.
>“The School emailing lists should not have been used to circulate this email. It was issued in error. Please disregard the email.
>“On behalf of the School, I would like to sincerely apologise to the students who have received this email and for the offense it has caused.
>“The School of Computer Science will review and improve its approval process for all proposed emails to be sent to students on our lists to ensure that this can not happen again.”

No. 386447

>The female
>Poor oppressed men are so scared!

Again with "men and females", again with ignoring the amount of assaults that happen on campus to focus on "poor oppressed men!" gender segregated society when

No. 386448

Men being so scared of "false accusations" is so fucking scary. They know damn well they don't care about enthusiastic consent, they want to cover their asses when they pressure, nag and cajole reluctant women into fucking them, if not outright raping them. They all relate to rapists because the idea of sexual restraint is foreign to them- their fears could be completely erased by just not having sex, but noooo, they need to feel safe to fuck any woman they ever get the chance to, regardless of how into it she is. Just abstaining is beyond their comprehension.

No. 386452

Everytime a man obsesses over "false" accusations you just know it's real ones that he is scared of.

No. 386465

Anyone: Men are oppressed and scared because all women are evil and lying about rape, all rape accusations are a lie
Women: WTF
Anyone:evil women!!! You're so mad over not being able to lie about rape than you are to prevent rape!!!

No. 386469

The issue isn't the app, it's how obsessed people are with trying to claim all women are lying about rape, the wording (ie how they referred to men as men and women as females, obvious it's not that bad before you gaslight, but it raises the red flags that this is bias)

Instead of making it neutral and saying something like "maybe men are raping maybe women are lying but to make sure neither happens here's this app", they just started clinging to "FEMALES are LIARS and poor men are terrified of those evil women always lying about rape" despite fale accusations being only 1% of accusations if even that while actual rape victims get accused of lying way more but no one cares about them, only men

No. 386473

The app concept is fucking creepy, consent isn’t a one time thing it can be revoked at any time. It could also be used to pressure girls to sign for and “consent” to something without being able to think it through “quickly verify your consent” bc men are Neanderthals that cant use their words or read body language and have to resort to turning something that should be looked for and talked about into an autistic electronic cop out.

No. 386547

You could give consent, then he reveals what he really wants to do to you/does it, but because you consented to thing 1 you can't complain about thing 2. It's have to be consent to each act for a fixed time, and at that point you should just admit you don't trust men and throw in the towel.

I think it's a good idea just so you get a list of what he plans to do to you, maybe if that was sent before you are in the same room as them so there's no forced politeness/fear of refusal.

No. 386590

Yeah sounds a bit like porn contracts. No wonder they're on board with such a thing. Once a woman consents once he can do all sorts of different acts even if she says no, because she initially consented? What?

No. 386644

The some way men always unnecessarily complicate the concept of consent is some of the most autistic shit I've ever witnessed. If you're not a fucking asshole who constantly crosses boundaries it is no problem. If she expresses disinterest and says any variations of "no" then don't. If she said stop then fucking stop. If she seems hesitant or uncomfortable don't pressure her. It's that easy.

No. 386648

anon you’re talking about a species so retarded that they’re all either actually autistic or so socially inept that they can’t even recognize other people’s faces

and the thing is, they could change - just look at the autistic woman discourse. they learn social cues, but even “normal” men refuse to learn. it’s funny that the “logical” sex is so fucking brain dead and useless when it comes to basic human interaction.

I would seriously rather talk to a brick wall than any man, because the wall could at least read me better.

No. 386650

That's the key here with many men, they refuse to learn. It serves them better to pretend not understanding consent.

No. 386732

whenever you have a group of women, everyone is so drastically different and unique from each other you just feel like knowing everyone's stories and wishing you had all the time in the world to just talk about life with everyone. a group of men is always the same: some bald guy in slacks looking stern, some dude in a baseball hat with the state team talking about sports, some beer belly in a greasy shirt, etc. you always expect to see them and they're always talking about some bland, vapid bullshit.

No. 386735

You're giving them the benefit of the doubt by assuming they are ignorant to women's reactions, rather than actively ignoring them. They just just want to fuck and don't care how we feel about it or whether or not we actually want it. If they were in the habit of making sure a woman seems legitimately enthusiastic about sex, they wouldn't have all these fears about being falsely accused.

No. 386753


consent is much more complicated than “no means no” anon, contrary to what scrotes think. the problem is not women not saying no when it comes to rape, it’s the lack of boundaries and rapey, entitled attitudes of men who believe their dicks to be superior to our comfort. to just say “say no when you mean no” is insanely reductive of real situations faced by real people - when you’re actually in that situation, with social pressure and where you’re forced into a sense of obligation, things become a lot messier. Body language, expressions, tone of voice, and reactions are all very much a part of social interaction, and consent is not black and white. To minimize it to such is insane and smells like scroteposting tbh.

No. 386766

IA. I feel like I can discuss consent and sexual situations with most women and they instantly GET it, whereas men always throw in some what ifs and some what thens.

It's funny how they all understand social cues and body language when the woman WANTS sex, but when she's sending off signals that boundaries are being crossed and that she's not comfortable, they're blind, deaf and dumb.

And if they're ever truly not sure, all they have to do is say, "hey, is this okay?" and see what the answer is. I don't understand why they act like it's some complex minefield of false rape accusations.

They act like consent is the most difficult concept to grasp when they have the option of either learning social cues or just learning how to fucking communicate. It's not hard.

No. 386774

> It's funny how they all understand social cues and body language when the woman WANTS sex

Do they, though? I've seen tons of oblivious dudes.

> a group of men is always the same: some bald guy in slacks looking stern, some dude in a baseball hat with the state team talking about sports, some beer belly in a greasy shirt, etc. you always expect to see them and they're always talking about some bland, vapid bullshit.

now you're just talking shit. This is literally something incels over at /r9k/ would say, but about women.

No. 386783

Reading the rape scandal stuff in the kpop critical thread makes me depressed. No matter the culture, no matter the industry, no matter the subject, men are terrible. Just cancel men already.

No. 386792

im convinced they can't tell when we want it either. there were multiple dudes i can recall trying to take on a date in my late teens/early 20s and either they couldn't tell at all i was interested or it could just be that they felt entitled to some Beverly hills blonde 10/10 despite being completely average, fat, and usually some boring video game addict.

No. 386804

File: 1552611516645.jpeg (313.25 KB, 1121x1397, 1552592261874.jpeg)

knowing this scandal is just the tip of the ice berg is so upsetting.

No. 386816

Is this about that kpop member caught in the club and forcing women to be prostitutes? I've only heard a few things about it so I'll look into it more. But honestly it doesn't surprise me kpop will be defended and made excuses for.. The hard fans are fucked up and twisted. Women are fighting back against spycams in private bathrooms and changing rooms there too still unfortunately

No. 386822

Why are women fucked anywhere on the map for birth control?
>Abstain from sex, you're a worthless piece of shit who doesn't care about men's needs
>Abstain from relationships, lol get shamed lonely have
>Use birth control, evil Western or westernized roastie sterilizing herself and killing babies
>Use condoms, evil roastie who doesn't care about the man's pleasure
>Get pregnant and left, evil single mom whore

I don't understand, why, in societies eyes, women are always losing

No. 386823

here's the video the caps are from.

No. 386831

File: 1552618833714.png (16.81 KB, 642x166, oZGApdh.png)

No. 386832

File: 1552618865702.png (20.08 KB, 648x154, 1Dbmao1.png)

No. 386833

File: 1552619203648.png (8.17 KB, 490x87, bw1zqtO.png)

No. 386837


I live in this country as an young adult woman. I know full well if that ever were to happen to me, i would only have the option to hang myself.

Imagine if this was what the state did to a child who still goes to elementary school, what would they do to someone like me? Most of my family and society at large would shame me for looking for an abortion, even saying that i made up being assaulted to get an easy out.

By the way 50kg = 110lbs

No. 386839

>Use birth control, evil Western or westernized roastie sterilizing herself and killing babies
I always see this in threads but where I am in birth control is so normal that a man hating birth control is almost like an antivaxer, and I can't imagine how they got to their decision. Here so many teen girls get advised to go on it for excuse reasons like helping acne, it's so normal and the only reason people really talk about the pill is to debate how the cavalier prescription of it may have affected generations of women's mental health, but even from women that have bad experiences it's still seen as better to freely have the option than not. It's the same in many European countries, and some american cities, but why is the USA so behind on this as a whole?
I understand that there's a lot of right wing types in power that somehow think nationally free contraception will bring about slut-ageddon, or that it means less profit would be made by big pharma, but wouldn't they prefer to lower the abortion and unwanted pregnancy rate? Don't they want to spend less on supporting the mothers they hate so much? It's insane!

All of the other points in your list are the same here though, in fact men just expect not to have to use a condom because they expect you to be on the pill, it's shit being a woman anywhere

No. 386852

I heard that the baby passed away from respiratory issues? It was in danger from the moment it was born and anti choicers still chant "protect both lives"

God that poor girl, only 11. I hope she's at least alright..

No. 386877


The baby died in 8M, ironic enough..

The girl last time i heard was in 1 in 1 surveillance at the hospital because she tried to kill herself twice

A periodist said pro-choice is hypocrital because, "that little baby is also a female child so if you want to protect women, she also has rights, she is as much of a woman as you are". So yeah, this country is a shithole. I wish i could emigrate to the US. Also i hate men

No. 386890

I hate how so many men are praying on mentally ill women and they think they are giving those women a privilege when they are just manipulating them into sex and free ego boosts.

No. 386891

And the only 2 medics that helped her by doing an emergency c-section (the rest of the medical staff refused to do anything) are now being tried for murder.

That's a fucking lie, she begged for them to remove the "thing that old guy put inside" her. Her name should have never been divulged either. Argentina hates women.

No. 386893

Yeah, UCD could really learn about consent. The absolute state of it.

No. 386911

> Argentina hates women.

There are a number of countries that hate women more than people expect. South Korea and Argentina being some of them

No. 386957

Another day, another psycho man murdering innocent people including women and children.

No. 386975

i don't understand the "if she breathes she's a thot" meme. is it making fun of neckbeards who hate women? or is it a "joke" with sincerity said by misogynists? i see a lot of women parroting it and i never understood what its intention is. to make misogynists feel bad, or to be misogynistic in a "funny" way?

idk. i'm old.

No. 386978

The latter. It's a "funny epic misogynist meem xd"

No. 387001

I hope you leave too anon
Then let that country burn in a fire.

The team that barely saved the rape victims life is being tried for murder.. because the fetus that didn't have a chance in hell to live expectedly died. meanwhile other Healthcare professionals stood around and did jack shit while the suicidal 11 yr old rape victim suffered in agony are innocent "pro lifers"
Christ. I hope they all suffer somehow. You can never be a good catholic prolifer ever if you just did nothing while a child was tortured under your "care"

No. 387009

What's with incels obsession with bashing Western women for doing things a lot of eastern women do too?

No. 387011

Haha, this.

When I interned in a manufacturing plant two of the men there had imported their wives. One was from Guatemala and the other was from Thailand. Both are places that are lorded as having "traditional" women.

During lunch breaks they would both lament about how horrible their wives were, and how things had changed so much from when they first came over. Both women were severely depressed (no shit) and the men complained that they were heavy drinkers. Both wives would go out with their friends clubbing/drinking but then when it came to household chores/spending time with the spouse(which I imagine meant sex) they would be too tired or depressed. Also one asked me if I wanted his wife's old clothing, as he complained that she had gained 40lbs and could not wear them anymore. It occurred to me that these are the exact same things that incels cry about in regard to western women. They idealize these cultures with "submissive, docile" women who they believe will be their sex-mother and yield to their every desire.

I loved how they had specifically selected these women for a specific purpose and are now getting their due justice. I hope the women get to a point where they can support themselves and leave those disgusting fat slobs who think they're saviors.

No. 387012

It's a cope. They tell themselves western women are "ruined" because of feminism and it's why no woman wants them, but far away in the eastern land there are plenty of beautiful women who can't wait to suck their dick and cook for them.

No. 387021

What can be done against men to stop the suffering of women by their hands?

No. 387040

Horny men trying to pretend they aren't horny by hating women, calling them thots and egirls and whores and whatever else always reminds me about how in the middle ages they'd call women "temptress"

No. 387077

Are we going to talk about the alt-right 8chan memer who shot 49 people in mosques in New Zealand today?

No. 387080

If you're the same anon who asked this in /meta/, no. Obviously, no one wants to talk about it or we would be already. Violent males committing terrible crimes are nothing new.

No. 387082

Why would I post this shit in meta lmao

No. 387091

File: 1552685448815.jpg (196.85 KB, 540x1417, 1552682853996.jpg)

No. 387092

Men really be thinking they're kings and shit

No. 387096

Not that anon but that guy really is highlighting how retarded males are. Killing actual people with their memes handy for laughs and calling it "trolling" It's like more males are becoming more austitic and taking everything that's been written on chan boards as gospel

No. 387099

hate crimes

No. 387101

? Its so contradictory, he wants someone that practices religion that drinks and has premarital sex.

No. 387116



>-Has lots of clothes


No. 387122


We're talking about it on the vent thread

No. 387130

Oh no anon he wants someone to fuck him fast but only him, these dudes live in a fantasy world where they hate sluts or the idea of a woman sleeping with anyone else but them but also want women to sleep with them fast as soon as they meet, that's why they hate women so much, the only way they'll be able to achieve this fantasy is if the girl lies, men are simple minded and comforted by lies

Also applied to plastic surgery, sexual pleasure, intelligence, etc

No. 387222

I know it gets brought up kind of often but I fucking hate how men to think its ok and just a normal thing to go after much younger girls. When I was still in high school this one guy who was in a few of my classes told me how he got invited to his girlfriends birthday party, I looked at the invitation and she was turning 15. We were seniors. He said it was "ok because they haven't done anything sexual" when I called him out for it. He also loved to bring up politics and would constantly try to "debate" me.

Another guy I went to school with was recently arrested for stat. rape and even after we all graduated he would still go back to the high school to hit on the 9th graders. Going after freshmen girls wasn't even out of the ordinary for guys to do either, I can't speak for other countries but American high schools seem to be notorious for senior guys to go after freshmen girls specifically because of their age + naivety (just for reference, freshmen in the US are usually 14/15, seniors are usually 17/18).

Don't even get me started on the amount of gross old men who me and the other younger girls at work have to deal with. I've had men comment on my body in front of their wives, dudes in the fitting rooms trying on pants with clearly no underwear underneath asking me if I thought they were too tight (we are predominantly female staffed and there's very rarely a male coworker to watch the men's fitting rooms), I've only worked in retail for 2 years and I already have so many stories of men who come through where I work being annoying at best and downright terrible pieces of shit at worst.

No. 387226

File: 1552708937428.jpg (71.57 KB, 634x634, leonardodavinci.jpg)

Reminds me of this graph that has been passed around lately.

No. 387235

File: 1552709982855.png (165.68 KB, 640x1025, IMG_5155.PNG)

Was this posted already? The thread isn't loading properly for me.


Apparently the day this was found the website was also taken down, this is disgusting also to the fact they someone(people) have an entire database on these women which includes their full names, addresses, work place, and phone number along with any sort of social media they might have and weather they are ready for "breeding", things like this piss me off when people don't take women's issues seriously and wave it off when they aren't being treated as cattle.

No. 387243

I hate this so much. About a month after my ex and I broke up, we were supposed to stay friends, but ab
out a month later he told me he had started dating a 16 year old girl. He was fucking 23. Obviously, I ended our friendship and called him out on it. His excuse was literally that he "didn't believe her when she told him she was 16 and assumed she was older" (??? I know. Makes absolutely no sense.) All of his friends think it's gross too but none of them will say anything about it, I really don't get it. I mostly feel really bad for this teenage girl, from what I know she does some pretty hard drugs (like coke) and has slept with dozens of people, and now she's basically being taken advantage of by an adult man. They really are the worst.

No. 387246

Wasn't China a testing ground for social credit systems? Like how good you are of a person, the higher your score is and the nicer of life you will have.. So long as you abide and behave. It sounded like it came straight out of Netflix's Black Mirror. Doesn't surprise me they'd collect fertility info on women too

No. 387253

Glad you bailed anon, that's disgusting. Hopefully the girl eventually realizes how fucked that situation is and gets out of there (and gets help along the way too). Sadly though it seems like the trend is girls who are in those kinds of relationships don't realize how messed up it was until they're older and have the mental maturity to see why it was messed up. Its all fucked and it makes me so mad.

No. 387258

I'm really glad about the shooting though. Muslims are the biggest misogynists and they should all be killed, both men and women. The end part when he goes pop pop on the girl crying help was the best thing I saw in ages. Fuck mudslimes and whoever sympathises.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 387348


"But but innocent poor men never nitpick! Only evil women bring down other women! Men don't care!"

No. 387375

>Bloggy handmaiden shit
My bf treats me amazingly, he’s very caring and supportive without enabling. He’s kind and polite to everyone even though he‘s a bit of a misanthrope. He has good and loving relationship with his single mother. But lately he thinks I’m sexist and distances from me. I’m having to censor myself whenever we discuss current events and related topics. He doesn’t get mad at or attack me for expressing radfemmy views or anything. But for some reason no matter what I say, he takes it as a personal attack when I condemn men. He can’t understand how the way men hate women is entirely different from the way women hate men. He is incapable of empathizing with women unless it’s obviously fucked up shit like rape. He utterly rejects the fact that even all the evil narc bpd bitches in the world will never surmount even a fraction of suffering men unleash upon everyone.
His favorite cop outs are
>”I hate everyone equally”
>”I have never had that happen to me/witness that happen so I neither agree or disagree” about simple-to-imagine shit like men making child birth about them
>”I personally wouldn’t do x so you can’t say that men do x”
>”There are shitty women too/women Could theoretically do that too” when talking about the fucking NZ shooting today…wtf
>”Not all men”
I’m truly realizing that no matter what, men will never be able to empathize with women. Even the sweet ones that eat your ass and treat you like a queen. They will always think our disdain and mistrust are unjustified no matter how many examples you throw at them. I’m afraid that I’ll have to keep my fucking mouth shut or I’ll inadvertently push him even further into the wrong team. This is such a bitter feeling. Yes all fucking men. I love him more than anything, it’s so sobering to finally know that there will always be this fundamental gap between us. I despair anons.

No. 387424

I've been thinking about exactly the same thing recently. My bf is almost exactly as you describe yours, he's great and I love him but we've been having arguments whenever I bring up my views, even though I try to phrase everything in a very diplomatic way. He goes as far as to get defensive when I bring up the times I've been sexually harrassed by men, making it into a debate when all I want is to share my painful experiences and get support from someone I love.

The only thing we can do is either accept this or not date men, unfortunately. They'll never fully acknowledge how oppressed women are, even when they call themselves feminists and call out some forms of oppression. Men do not want to ever relinquish the power they have over us.

No. 387490

The last guy I was interested in used to call me sexist and I honestly don't give a fuck. You should do a better job of pointing out his shitty ass arguments.
>women Could theoretically do that too
But do they though? That's the point. We live in reality where men commit the supermajority of violent crimes, not the land of make believe.

No. 387502

I'm so sorry anon…I can't believe his ego was more important than your pain, the person he loves. I also notice that men would express support and agreement to a woman he likes in private but he can't care about general women who are not in the room and will never speak about these issues with other men. You can't trust those who are only 'woke' when alone. Thank god I'm bi.
I keep saying this but it falls on deaf ear every time. 'Could' does not mean 'would' at all. They'd grasp at the 0.0001% instant bhad wahmen happened and truly believe that we are same as them. Not to mention criminal women were almost always severely abused. Men however can become a mass murderer just by hanging out on the internet.

No. 387514

i'm sorry you have to deal with that. i'm grateful my boyfriend isn't like that, but unfortunately the only reason why he understands is because he has been raped before. they truly don't know unless they had it happened to them firsthand.

No. 387623

What do farmers think about this?


Drama between hetpartnered radfems and Pink pilled radfems

No. 387630

B-but anon! Here's a wikipedia link to that one deranged, psychotic female killer from the 1970's! What do you have to say to that?!! Women are just as bad!!!11

No. 387662

>This femcel shit is becoming tired and obnoxious. Sorry we all can’t be isolationist lesbians. Sorry us heterosexual women form relationships with men and like, love them and stuff
I'll have to agree with this poster. This femcel shit is just cringy.

No. 387663

Why did you post this here instead of the radfem thread? It's OT

No. 387671

>criminal women were almost always severely abused. Men however can become a mass murderer just by hanging out on the internet.
This always stuck out to me when I was going through my true crime phase. Lone female perpetrators, incredibly rare as they are, were practically always severely physically and sexually abused in the past, usually by their own family. Lone male perpetrators were usually said to be emotionally abused, but often in a way that sounds relatively minor. I don't want to downplay the seriousness of emotional abuse but they would cite stuff like “he was adopted”, ”his mother was emotionally distant", "his father was disappointed that he wasn't good at sports" or "kids at school teased him for being chubby” i.e. things that a lot of people, especially girls, go through without ever becoming violent in return. My mother and her sisters had a childhood very similar to that of John Wayne Gacy, with a father who'd beat them and told them they were useless on a daily basis. He'd sabotage their homework because he said they'd never amount to anything anyway so there was no point in them doing well in school. It left a lot of emotional scars but all of them grew up to be functional members of society and loving mothers who've never harmed a fly. Yet with Gacy people point at his childhood as if him becoming a serial sex murderer was inevitable. People are always quick to say that "different people react differently to abuse!" but somehow nobody ever acknowledges how the only people who react to
>son, I am disappoint
with wanton violence are exclusively MEN. Why are we considered the emotionally fragile sex again?

No. 387691

File: 1552837152193.png (193.94 KB, 1137x274, Untitled.png)

Reminder that men are just as catty, gossipy and bitchy as women despite men constantly claiming women all "hate" each other and that "men are more chill with each other".

No. 387692

>Why are we considered the emotionally fragile sex again?
Projection. Someone needs to write a book specifically focused on men's projection of their undesireable traits onto women. It clears up so many misunderstandings and brings to light just how pathetic men are. Maybe I'll give it a try myself.

No. 387713

Men are retarded. That is all.

No. 387745

Men are dramatic as fuck, this male co-worker keeps trying to claim he's being abused by teenage girl co-workers because he keeps starting rumors about them and getting confronted, not even the first time I've seen a man claim to get abused at work for something not even remotely close to abuse.

No. 387776

Why are men so babied in society? This behavior is considered emotional abuse, evil, and deserving of being cheated on, but men do this all the time and no one bats an eye or if they do they're an evil SJW

The worst thing she said in this video was calling his blackheads gross but men will straight up bash the shit out of their girlfriends bodies and no one cares

No. 387777

Like 80% of the stuff she's saying is just playing around with him. Jesus, are people really that thin skinned? Me and my bf talk like this to each other and when other people are around all the time.

No. 387779

He's just playing the victim while he's the actual bully for starting rumors. What a fucking baby. Don't start shit if you don't like confrontation.

No. 387781

>men: women don't get the BANTZ
>also men: if your gf playfully teases you IT IS ABUSE
The pimple thing may have been a bit too far, but why not just let her know it hurt his feelings? And why cheat when you can just leave? That part is eternally dumb.

No. 387782

It's not a pertinent response at all though. Nobody is saying you have to be a lesbian or live alone forever, they're saying your wonderful kind bf has no place in radfem discussions and they aren't going to stop discussing the dangers of relationships for his sake. Not my nigel is a real thing and women in relationships should have a little self awareness before defending their bf or bringing him up when, as an individual, he's not relevant to radfem politics.

No. 387784

it's not about being femcel, we're just not interested in hearing about how unique and special your boyfriend is. i'm sure he's great, but tell someone who cares.

No. 387805

If he's not relevant to the situation, sure, he shouldn't be the topic of discussion. Now if you're gonna talk about other people's personal relationships like you know better than them, you can't expect them to sit quiet while you do it.

No. 387814

If you hate muslim women why do you even care if the religion is misogynistic? They're the only ones being oppressed by it. You're just a psychopath.

No. 387822

>Now if you're gonna talk about other people's personal relationships like you know better than them
I'm tired of people on the Internet telling me that all our experiences aren’t actually how we perceive them and that they know the men we know better than we do is condescending and dismissive tone

No. 387853

Because they're trying to force that shit onto western countries?

No. 388002

Men are always quicker to defend POC against racism than they are to defend women against sexism.

Even Maddox, back in the day, wrote that he would never make articles about hating "black people" while he continued to say horrible things about women constantly.

Even non-white women are faster to defend their entire race than they are to defend their entire gender.

Passive, casual hatred of women and designating them as the lowest rung in society will never go away. It is ingrained in us and will be for as long as men are allowed to be in power.

No. 388045

I've had these beliefs for a while now, but it is 100% true.
The in-group preference for race will always be stronger than the in-group preference of sex.

When crimes and murders occur, tons of women (even fucking "radical feminists", whatever the fuck that term means anymore) will always defend their race, rather than condemn the man. Everything is always about race, when it's so fucking clear that it's about sex. Men of any race are a fucking cancer upon the world and it is honestly shocking to me that any woman would defend a man or have sympathy just because they have the same race.
What difference does it make as a woman, if you're getting murdered by a black man or a white man? You're still getting murdered by the parasites of the world.

Until a greater force makes men submit, women will never get true support from anyone.

No. 388102

My boyfriend agrees with my radfem views, anon–they're out there! Other guys are just blind to the truth and will end up showing their misogyny when they inevitably treat you as lesser than them.

No. 388132

Reminder men have no issue with the fact over 98% of murders, rapes, child molestations, animal abuse cases, are done by men but women wanting to be spanked is evil and sinister and proof men should have the right to rape them

No. 388141

A suspect in the Utrecht shooting has been apprehended. He’s a 37-year old man with a history of violent crime involving firearms who is currently being prosecuted for rape. They’re still calling it a potential terrorist attack and many people assume it must be religious since he’s a Turkish Muslim but I’m starting to think he may just be yet another angry scrot who decided to take his issues with women out on random strangers. I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if his ex or a member of her family was on that tram.

No. 388157

This is just ridiculous, sorry anons.
>ever defending non-white women from racism
You realize when men of any race say things like "black/brown people", they mean "black/brown men", not black/brown women, right?
The reason many WoC don't call themselves feminists is because they experience a lot of racism and shittiness from white women, too, so they don't expect any good to come of allying themselves with them.

With them, it's a "the devil you know" sort of thing. They'd rather deal with normalized male abuse and gaslighting because they're used to that, and think they can "at least handle that", than tread the waters of abuse and gaslighting from women who have the social power/privilege to simultaneously be leaders of the group and be seen as victims if any problems arise. It's not as if historically, white feminists came to the unconditional defense of WoC on the banner of them all being women and stood up for them. It was pretty much always all about themselves, and often, they literally sold out to white supremacy and threw non-white women under the bus for personal gain, so a lot of WoC just don't trust the whole movement.

I personally still think it's wrong, because IMO, even with cultural differences, I'll always share more in common with a woman of another race than I do with a man of my race, but I do understand their trepidation. It doesn't come from nowhere.

No. 388171

Why do super misogynistic men even get in relationships?
Wouldn't it be easier to just have casual sex?
I know some men who hate women but still date them. I don't get it.

No. 388173

Ego boost, and they don't give a flying fuck if they hurt somebody by being in a relationship with people they hate, even misandrist women don't go out of their way to be in relationships with unassuming naive men

And of course these dudes avoid actual masochistic women who are begging for abuse because "it's not as fun if she's okay with it :c"

No. 388182

sorry in advance if this comes off as racebaiting, i don't believe it's a genuine defense against racism though. every time i see a white man talk about racism against non-whites it just sounds like they want to seem righteous. it's more of a competition on who can pity non-whites more than the other.
and this is coming from a non-white woman. white men love to talk about racism between each other like it's just a hobby and not something somebody actually experiences. i see it all the time on social media, all of those political twitter funnymen just spend their entire time online posting screenshots of nobodies posting racist shit and trying to make ajoke out of it.

No. 388191

My point was that when white men defend against racism, they are inherently thinking mostly about the men of color and grouping women in as an afterthought. They hate all women regardless of race. They will stand up against racism because men are included in the entirety of a race.

No. 388257

File: 1552977402789.jpg (85.26 KB, 640x880, 2b9.jpg)

Hey scrots, must be nice to be able to openly express your mental health and seek help without being accused of being an attention whore

Must be nice to be able to have health problems without being accused of faking it for attention

Must be nice, as a child, to be able to get sick and get proper health care without being accused of pretending to be sick for attention

Must be nice to have pains and have it be taken seriously

Also, where the fuck did this "every issue women have with their health is for attention until it's deadly" shit come from?

No. 388258

Nobody accuses men of being attention whores over complaining about any of those things because it would make no sense. Because a man wouldn't get any attention for those things. Only a woman would.

And if you're so angry about being doubted maybe stop lying so much.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 388259

>men don't get attention for being sick
So what the medical field only treats women now

No. 388265

You were the one who was just complaining that they apparently only treat men.

No. 388269

Medfag here, I'll just vent about issues in the field pertaining to be gender

>If you are young and female and choose to do anything other than nursing, phlebotomy, CNA, or typical female things, you will NOT be taken seriously

>Proven wage gaps in the medical field, but you can't speak about it or else you'll be bombarded with "wage gaps is a myth you evil feminist just work harder"
>Men in the medical field either are pervy or have massive victim complexes, we all remember that scrot from the other thread who was a nurse and claimed the head nurse tried raping him because she said you must be new here and claimed he was being abused because nurses called him kiddo and asked if he wants kids. It's super common in the medical field, especially with claiming abuse,why do men like claiming abuse so much?
>Pervy doctor's make me sick, the type that always just "happen" to prescribe women breast exams or cervix exams, there's even a name for it called TUBES, male pediatricians are sick fucks too a lot of the time
>Male doctors over or under diagonsing women a lot, I've seen male doctors accuse a 12 yr old girl of having syphilis because of hives, which mind you, hives and syphilis look VERY different, or the type to brush off women's symptoms, especially young women, as faking it for attention
>Shadiness male ObGyns have when it comes to birth control
>High standards for women in the medical field, seriously, I've seen women get removed on their first day of rotations if they don't walk in perfect but males have more room to fuck up and be passed on as "oh it's okay we'll help you"

No. 388271

Show me where I said word from word, "they only treat men"

No. 388272

Show me word for word where I said they only treat women.

No. 388273

I never accused you of saying that, you claimed men don't get attention if they're sick or have mental health issues
>Because a man wouldn't get any attention for those things. Only a woman would.
In response to my post about how women and girls are always accused of faking issues for attention when it comes to their health, you claimed men don't get attention for being sick, in which, obviously, anyone who literally just steps outside can see that's bullshit

No. 388275

Not getting attention obviously doesn't mean being refused treatment. It means a man doesn't get sympathy and support from everyone the way a woman does. A man who complains about something will usually be met with "man up, pussy".

No. 388276


>Women risk getting left when they are deadly ill when they can no longer cling to the "she's faking it for attention" excuse

>Men get babied
>Many women have fantasies and are more than happy to care for sick men
>Men get babied
>When men are sick every woman around them dedicates their time and money to care for him, this rarely happens to women
>When men have any sort of mental issue, they're quickly helped, a woman trying to kill herself on multiple occasions isn't convincing enough to be real

No. 388277

>Everyone says man up pussy to men :(

Can you provide proof? So far I've seen enough proof that actually goes against it


Not to mention the "man-flu" thing, if men were truly constantly told to man up like you claim, most men wouldn't act like they're dying over colds

No. 388279


>Women have a lot more trouble than men do in getting pain taken seriously, whatever the cause. For example, a study found that women who go to the emergency room because of abdominal pain – not related to pregnancy or a known injury – were less likely to get pain meds or opiates and waited longer to get the meds. And a report called “The Girl Who Cried Pain” found that women are not only less likely to receive aggressive treatment when diagnosed with pain, they’re also more likely to have their pain dismissed as “emotional” or “not real.”

Where is all this attention you speak of

No. 388282

Women get soOoOo much sympathy!! Must be thanks to acting hysterical all the time!

>Women are more likely to seek treatment for chronic pain, but are also more likely to be inadequately treated by health-care providers, who, at least initially, discount women’s verbal pain reports and attribute more import to biological pain contributors than emotional or psychological pain contributors

>While women have a higher prevalence of chronic pain syndromes and diseases associated with chronic pain than men, and women are biologically more sensitive to pain than men and respond differently to certain analgesics, women’s pain reports are taken less seriously than men’s, and women receive less aggressive treatment than men for their pain.
>Although women have more coping mechanisms to deal with pain, this may contribute to a general perception that they can put up with more pain and that their pain does not need to be taken as seriously.
>Although women more frequently report pain to a health-care provider, they are more likely to have their pain reports discounted as “emotional” or “psychogenic” and, therefore, “not real.”
>Women, being socialized to attend more to their physical appearance, are more likely than men to have health-care providers assume they are not in pain if they look more physically attractive.
>Men with chronic pain are more likely to delay seeking treatment, but generally receive a more aggressive response by health-care providers once they enter the health-care system.
> However, a recent finding that women are offered surgery less often in every age group studied for carotid endarterectomy suggests that factors beyond age and surgical risk may influence whether physicians offer this surgical option to women
> women with stroke were significantly less likely than men to be prescribed statins or ACE inhibitors and were significantly less likely to be discharged receiving combination antiplatelet therapy
> women with stroke have longer waiting times after they arrive in the emergency department and receive less aggressive treatment and therapeutic workup following their admission.24,26,27 One recent study found that women had 11% longer door-to-doctor times and 15% longer door-to-image times as men.
>Results showed that 42% of physicians recommended TJA to the male but not the female patient, whereas 8% of physicians recommended TJA for the female but not the male patient
>The “attitude study” revealed that despite the exact same clinical patient data except for gender in both hypothetical cases, physicians generally considered the male patient to be at higher risk and prescribed aspirin (91% for the male vs 77% for female, P<.01) and lipid-lowering medications (67% for male vs 54% for female, P<.07) more often for the male patient
>women with ACS and obstructive CAD received less aggressive evidence-based drug therapies for secondary prevention than men, with women less likely to receive aspirin, statins, and β-blockers at discharge.
>researchers44 found that all aspects of received care were higher for men than for women: risk factor recording was 8% higher, secondary prevention 9% higher, cardiac investigation 10% higher, and revascularization 13% higher in men
>women had both a lower probability of being registered on the waiting list (OR, 0.69; 95% CI, 0.62–0.78) and a longer duration between starting dialysis and being registered (OR, 0.89; 95% CI, 0.84–0.95) than men.
>Gomez et al48 found that significantly fewer women who were severely injured (Injury Severity Score >15) were directed to a trauma center by either emergency medical service (EMS) personnel or by physicians working in nontrauma facilities compared to men with comparable injury severity.
>EMS staff were less likely to transport severely injured women than men from the field to a trauma center (33% of women vs 41% of men; P<.0001; adjusted OR, 0.88; 95% CI, 0.81–0.97). Similarly, when severely injured patients were taken to nontrauma facilities, physicians there were less likely to transfer severely injured women to trauma centers compared with men

No. 388285

Some of these are annoying sure but not "abuse! Worthy of being cheated on!". Just comes to show how much people coddle and baby men. Given people are constantly trying to find "proof" of women being evil, so it's no surprise people used a woman being slightly annoying to her boyfriend as proof women are evil and deserving of being cheated on

No. 388325

"Men going their own way"? More like "Men bitching about women because they won't coddle them through their insufferable behavior and lack of any real good points or use".
On another note, I will never stop finding this "THE WALL" cope pathetic. Men will swear we turn into hags at 30, but keep "older women/MILF" at the top of most searched porn term with the sheer power of their cocks.

No. 388381

I honestly wouldn't mind MGTOW at all (so many men seriously need to learn how to be independent adults without having their moms, girlfriends or wives to take care of everything for them, they'd be living in their own shit eating only microwave dinners if it wasn't for the "mommies" in their lives) if they actually went THEIR OWN WAY, minded their own business and left us the fuck alone. Instead they shit out these videos, whining and nitpicking at every little thing women do.

No. 388390

>Muslim man
>Angry scrot

Same thing, anon

No. 388423

Reminds me of a documentary about Korean feminists and MRAs where one of the men in the MRA group didn't have a job but was supported by his wife who worked and cooked for him. Wish I could find it again.

No. 388545

i mentioned the differences in divorce rates to a male coworker of mine about a week ago and he immediately responded with with a "its biological because we need to reproduce so men wouldnt find a sick woman attractive" argument which was the single most retarded interpretation i could have imagined.

No. 388564

Why do men start screaming about biology as an excuse to treat women horribly? If they want to live like animals that's on them but at least don't spew out shit they don't understand

No. 388573

By that logic women should divorce men because they are no longer effective providers.
Dumb. It's just admitting to having the emotional intelligence of a chimp. Ooga booga grug want fuck

No. 388579

Men like to use biology as an excuse to act like animals but then get offended when women treat them with the same distrust that they use on an aggressive pit bull

No. 388601

>visit r/MGTOW
>90% is just bitching about women
"Going their own way"

No. 388611

File: 1553056139538.jpg (16.97 KB, 236x236, an0izwgq04n21.jpg)

Man to another man: be a real man
MGTOW:it's teh women's personal ebul agenda trying to control us

It's almost laughable how paranoid mgtow is about women, it's like how the alt-right /pol/tards are towards Jews

No. 388619

File: 1553060834502.png (106.56 KB, 1653x393, The Manipulated Man.PNG)

>>388611(ban evading scrot)

No. 388621

Is this a scrot or a fellow anon posting good man-hating content?

I'm not surprised, Esther Villar was the ultimate handmaiden, who, mind you, was crying about feminism even in the 60s and 70s when men could easily beat women for no reason and get into little or no trouble for it, but since she was an upper-class white woman who's daddy paid her way through anything, it is again, no surprise to see why she can easily talk about how feminism isn't needed and women are evil and so on

Also, isn't ironic handmaidens always talk about how us evil women are manipulating men while manipulating men themselves by going out of their way to prove how they aren't like those evil gold diggers and they're smart and kind?

No. 388622


This is pretty much "hmm this book didn't shit on women enough than it already did what to do"

No. 388624

>women want careers and independence
>reeeeeeee stupid feminazi roasties, how dare they take jobs from men and care about things other than their looks and popping out babies!
>women seek resources from men
>reeeeeee stupid golddigging roasties, they don't have enough sympathy for the plight of men!

Holy fuck you cannot make this shit up. When will men and their handmaids stop contradicting themselves? Are we supposed to be tradthots who earn ourselves a rich man by being feminine, attractive and young, or is that us refusing to give up our 'comfortable' position in society? Feminism is literally women trying to give up their comfortable position in the household (or not so comfy, because what a husband giveth, he taketh away when you get too old) but nope, anything we do is wrong and bad because we are inherently wrong and bad by virtue of our reproductive power.

No. 388625

Looks like it was the former kek. I love it when scrotes contribute on-topic shit by accident.

No. 388629

I don't see anywhere we vouched for women and claimed to stand with them no matter what, I don't know you scrots are so simple-minded you believe calling men and handmaidens out on their bullshit somehow means we vouch for all women to exceptions

As for her claiming to get death threats even though it would be merely impossible to do in her time and place, it is nothing new 2nd wave handmaidens claiming death threats, or even better Erin claiming feminists killed her very alive dog whom she didn't even see get injured

Explain to me how, in a tech-lacking time and place like Europe in the 1960-1970s, would a crazy feminist be able to find Villars address, phone number, or any possible way to contact her? Or what did feminists just walk up to her and say they were gonna kill her and walk away? Sounds legit huh. I swear you would believe anything people claim feminists do is bad(taking scrot b8)

No. 388630

No. 388633

>nowhere did we say "believe all women who claim to be victimized", make it clear since day one that's not the case
>Ask how TF would feminists find the address of a woman claiming to receive death threats, in a time and place people had trouble finding their own address half the time in mailing systems
>Some dumb shit about how people get angry at the truth

By that logic, people who get angry at rape accusations, must mean the rape accusations is true huh, or does it only apply when you want it to
congrats, you played yourself
Scrot logic

No. 388634

don't forget they also get real fucking mad at these threads lmao

No. 388637

I wonder how they even came up with that tbh, that sounds like something a 1st grader would say

No. 388640

Maybe if you'd stop twisting my words and explain to me how they would, but you're a scrot, and you have to over dramatize anything and everything that comes your way

So go on,explain to me how all these feminists found her address and ways to contact her when most people in the 70s couldn't even contact themselves lmao

Also can I get legit proof outside claims? Or are you gonna be like that MGTOW and whine about entitled female nature because someone asked for proof?

No. 388641

File: 1553069626604.jpg (73.04 KB, 635x1200, RK7NmWP_d.jpg)

also MRAs:calls male rape survivor a cuck

No. 388642

Men really don't care about male rape victims, at all. At best, they will use them for argument's sake, then go back to emasculating, mocking and dismissing them.
They only care about false rape accusations. I wonder why that is?

No. 388645

Any adult woman claiming to be raped is a false accusations to them, I've seen MRAs still trying to push a false rape accusation accusation, after the man admitted it. You'd be surprised the things people will go through to accuse women of lying

They also conveniently ignore the amount of men that give false rape and abuse accusations, because if they did it would be a lot of their own people, like that MRA who claimed he was raped because a nurse stood in the doorway and asked how old he was, but the people who screamed their damn heads off about how false accusations are the devil, worse than rape and should be punishable by death, never spoke up about this, or the majority of men reporting things like "not having a hot meal" abuse, as proved in the other threads, wonder why



Calm down, it was a question. Also do you know anything about the 70s? Phonebooks had mostly business addresses in it, not random people. And if you really believe a post office would just up and give randos people's addresses back in the day you're dead wrong, she is also European and it may hurt your feefees but I doubt evil feminists went and brought plane and train tickets to harass a random author when most feminists haven't even heard of her

I can literally tell you feminists all carpool to do drive bys and you'd believe me

No. 388648

How can men look at violent crime all around, sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual depravity like pedo and bestiality and still say that it's women who are inherently predisposed to doing that? Imagine the mental gymnastics needed to get to that level.

No. 388650

>They give you their address
>They deliver it for you
>You deliver it yourself
From what I've heard post offices rules are to never give random strangers people's addresses if they simply ask for it, I'm not denying post offices don't deliver, but in order to deliver you would need said addresses and post office policy is to never give out addresses, if you really think you can just go up to a post office and get randos addresses that easily back in the day you're delusional

That being said, the only other way would be if they had already known her address or workplace in which they would have to be in the same area as her, which is already narrowing it down to a very very very unlikely chance this even happened, smack that on top of how unpopular her book was and volia, if for some reason she did get a death threat, it wasn't some constant inpour of death threats like you are trying to impose, it was probably just one woman telling her to fuck off, also I will ask again for legit proof of all these supposed death threats

Hell I know I'd at least have a picture or put it on the news if I had all these death threat letters from feminists

No. 388662

When a boy or man gets raped by a man, other men mock him for being gay, weak, etc.
When a boy or man gets raped by a woman who is deemed attractive, other men call him lucky and mock him for complaining.
When a boy or man gets raped by a woman who is deemed unattractive, other men mock him for being weak and gay while simultaneously bringing up the woman at any possible opportunity as irrefutable proof that women are just as violent as men.
The only men who other men sympathise with are those who are accused of rape.

No. 388695

You described the sad truth anon.

No. 388730

File: 1553101239350.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.22 KB, 1096x302, pooryou.jpg)

>sex is a duty
>try to get her horny and get myself laid
>she fell asleep before giving me a chance to have fun :(

Men like this are so creepy and gross.

No. 388737

Don't men like this know they suck in bed and that's why nobody wants to fuck them? This dude sounds like he wants to just jackhammer her for an hour just for the heck of it, and of course when you plan sex and try to make it seem like a duty it's gonna fucking suck and nobody will want to fuck you, Jesus. Sex is best when it occurs naturally and isn't forced, literally anyone who gives a shit about having good sex knows this

No. 388738

File: 1553102954432.gif (483.56 KB, 500x188, Laughing-animated-girl-laughin…)

>Slaves to women's personal agenda

No. 388739

by "getting her horny" he means touching her inappropriately when she's busy with things like scrubbing grease off the pans because he refuses to help and making disgusting comments all night about her body.

No. 388749

I see this shit is a universal experience.

No. 388783

>she fell asleep right away

He acts like this was an intentional slight against him. I don't know many people that can fall asleep by just deciding to fall asleep. The woman was clearly fucking tired.

>Now, should I start to play the same game?

Imagine realising that your partner doesn't seem to enjoy intimacy, believing that they might actively be avoiding it and then asking whether you should be petty and play games instead of questioning what might have caused the rift and how to work together to fix it.

A normal, well-adjusted partner would ask how to open the lines of communication.

No. 388789

No. 388794

Woman fucks woman's husband, feels bad, doesn't tell anyone = evil whore, part of the problem
Man fucks man's wife and sends him the tapes = not his fault, wife is evil

No. 388812

9/10 times this kind of "bed death" happens is because the woman feels like she has become her partner's mother. I can guarantee you this guy totally slacks in the relationship and not only isn't truly supporting her, but adding even more shit to her life to deal with.
No wonder she just wants to fucking sleep.

No. 388833

I found this article about the way many things are designed for the body of the average caucasian man and how that affects women. It made me question a lot of things that are built into our lives in a way I had never thought about, and not even just obvious things like how shelves are always too high up

>When a woman is involved in a car crash, she is 47% more likely to be seriously injured, 71% more likely to be moderately injured and 17% more likely to die.

>When launched, Siri could find you viagra and prostitutes but not recognize abortion or rape related queries
>dust and hazard masks, or emergency service protection gear, don't fit most women properly
>Simply changing all signs for toilets into gender neutral increases queues for women most

No. 388858

File: 1553128304794.jpg (Spoiler Image, 271.94 KB, 1314x456, gross.jpg)

Spoiler just in case. I know "not all male gynecologists" but they never fail to weird me out. No matter how professional they come off as I can't help but wonder why they chose to that field and then I read stuff like this, and know that sometimes we are well within our rights to feel creeped out by men in that field or at the very least, just not comfortable with a male gyno.

No. 388881

Comments are basically:
>10% "does the wife even know her boyfriend is doing this"
>20% beat/murder the boyfriend
>70% the wife is a horrible piece of shit and deserves to be blasted on pornhub, regardless of if she's aware the boyfriend is sending these to him or not.

No. 388883

The fact that the US didn't even bother to use a female crash test dummy until 2011 is so fucking depressing. 2011 and we're still treated like the "other"; unworthy of normal safety protocol…

No. 388949

File: 1553156947406.png (93.79 KB, 819x371, ToxicRetard.png)

Toxic femininity is women getting upset when he thinks there's nothing to be upset about, also it's not wanting to date bald manlets.
Btw it's just as bad as toxic masculinity which consist in bullying weaker sensitive men, raping and beating women and childrens, going to war for retarded reasons, and a lot more.

No. 388984

File: 1553167854530.jpg (87.27 KB, 700x740, lpxsg77jxxm21.jpg)

Why do hoteps keep trying to force the idea that women's periods are caused by diets

No. 388985

>just starve yourself to make your period stop
I guess ana-chans are peak femininity after all.

No. 388986

It's a commonly known fact that malnutrition/starvation can cause women to not get their periods.

Why we should aspire to do this instead of just letting our bodies perform its natural functions is beyond me.

No. 388988

"Periods are disgusting and wrong, how can we blame women for them?"

No. 389015

There's nothing to respond to these with other than "toxic femininity isn't real just like reverse racism isn't real". Only toxic masculinity is real.

Men do the "you did something wrong and I'm going to be withdrawn and bitchy" thing just the same.

No. 389016

Who the fuck even goes to a male gyno? I don't know any women who do. I remember looking for one and seeing all women at this one clinic, and one male on his own. I asked all my friends and coworkers if they'd ever go to a male gyno because I found it so weird. They said hell no.

No. 389022

They didn't have a choice though, he was substituting their regular one.
But I agree, idk how they get regular patients (maybe women who are just too shy to make a request for a female doctor?).

No. 389028

I do a captioning gig and one show that gets submitted for captioning is some late night public TV "comedy" show with male presenters.

EVERY single joke revolves around them being uneducated, slow and rude. You get jokes about them not understanding books, thinking Hamlet is about pigs, being talked through baking a pie by a competent female baker but making fart noises all throughout, and it's played off as endearing and funny. In one episode, one of the guys talks to a woman who runs a women's shelter and as she talks about abused women, all he responds is "Guys, smash the like button!"

I understand that it's just one stupid show and they're putting on a persona, but this "man is stupid, childish, irresponsible and that makes him loveable" trope is so common. No wonder men feel no need to improve themselves when media tells them this is endearing.

No. 389036

The thing about police stab vests coming up short on women because of a lack of breast space really freaked me out. Women are always being pressured away from the police force or emergency rescue services because they just can't hack it or whatever, but this is putting those that try at risk if they do
I've never even heard of this before, surely there should be some kind of petition to make police forces have to use a woman-shaped stab vest?

No. 389038

I went to one because he was my mom's gyno for years. He was never creepy or anything, I just always felt rushed when I had to go. Any issue I had, he'd talk fast about it then run off to the next patient. I felt more like a number. Same with the (different) male OB that I had when I was pregnant. The couple of times I had to see him were so rushed in comparison to the female nurse practitioners that I would see at in between appointments. Now, I do have a female gyno, and while she does seem to try to get me in and out quickly, I feel like she cares about my well-being at least.

No. 389110

Same, my gyno puts you on birth control or gives you a hysterectomy for any vagina issue instead of helping, when I was diagonsed with PCOS he just threw me on birth control and called it a day didn't even explain to me any diets or metformin or anything, my female gyno explained to me options instead of assuming I just want to be on birth control instead of fixing the issue

No. 389114

File: 1553190896642.jpg (115.99 KB, 640x480, 1553190630694.JPG)

No. 389210

he sounds like he belongs in a cave. He has no fucking idea what the hell he's talking about

No. 389212

wow, fuck this cunt. I enjoy eating and being nourished. I deal with my period like every other woman because it's how our bodies are built.

No. 389226

Almost every other ape/monkey menstruates.

No. 389233

Don't you see anon? The monkeys body is polluted, their fault for eating anything other than fruit and water!

I wonder what these "women are polluting their bodies by not starving them" dudes usually eat

No. 389244

it's the high fluoride monkey diet

No. 389299

File: 1553209690585.png (175.63 KB, 825x825, 5441545.png)

No. 389302

No. 389304

Why do people equate toxic feminity with toxic women and toxic masculinity with toxic men? That's not what it means. The toxicity comes from the expectations placed on people by society. You can be affected by either of those things without it making you yourself toxic to other people.

I'm tired of people thinking toxic feminity is bitchy women and toxic masculinity is violent men. They might be under the influence of the toxic society but reducing it to something so simple ignores the complexity of the issue.


You don't understand the concept of toxic feminity. Toxic feminity would be more like women being expected to be subserviant to violent and domineering men, while toxic masculinity would be like men being told they have to be violent and physically aggressive to be a real man.(taking scrot b8)

No. 389305

>About 1,600 people have been secretly filmed in motel rooms in South Korea, with the footage live-streamed online for paying customers to watch, police said Wednesday.
>Two men have been arrested and another pair investigated in connection with the scandal, which involved 42 rooms in 30 accommodations in 10 cities around the country. Police said there was no indication the businesses were complicit in the scheme.
>"There was a similar case in the past where illegal cameras were (secretly installed) and were consistently and secretly watched, but this is the first time the police caught where videos were broadcast live on the internet," police said.
>South Korea has a serious problem with spy cameras and illicit filming. In 2017, more than 6,400 cases of illegal filming were reported to police, compared to around 2,400 in 2012.
>Last year, tens of thousands of women took to the streets of Seoul and other cities to protest against the practice and demand action, under the slogan "My Life is Not Your Porn."
I remember an anon or two from a few past threads saying men in East Asian countries are better or something.
Men always find ways to be complete trash, all over the world.

No. 389309

File: 1553211590619.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 137593505136.jpg)

>that pedo sympathy in the comments
Fucking awful.
This sort of thing is usually the end point of porn addiction (like "David" said). Men are all dangerously close to being pedophiles, almost to the point that we may as well already consider them as such.
And they wonder why women are preferred for custody (in cases where it's not agreed upon anyway).

No. 389313

File: 1553212314939.png (392.57 KB, 1600x1182, wk.png)

How many of these people made those posts because they themselves watch CP, I wonder? How many of them were caught by people in their lives, then used this same "It's a mental disability! I'm a victim who needs help!" logic and pleas for empathy to talk themselves out of being reported?
Look at this fuckhead who insists "David" dindu nuffin and just needs help. Just stop watching porn, fuckhead.
>He didn’t commit assault (except maybe on OP), so if he’s registered as a sex offender it should only be because of what he did with her
He can barely even accept that this guy committed assault, period. I'm feeling so much disappointment and hatred right now.

No. 389321

I read this yesterday + the follow up and I was thoroughly disgusted to the point of nausea. I was so glad when I read she turned him in to police though.

>Everyone has flaws
Holy SHIT being a pedophile is more than just an uwu personality flaw
>Being in jail and labelled as a predator can make someone depressed :(
Dude just say care more about not hurting a pedophiles feelings than you do about the victims of their crimes (if he cares about them at all, and I'm not convinced this guy does)

I'm so fucking done with the amount of men who will bend over backwards to defend pedophiles. If you feel disappointment anon you've already placed too much faith in men not to eventually say something like this.

No. 389324

>Guy gets off to children getting molested
>Poor victim! He needs help!
>Woman gets raped and murdered and wasn't an innocent sheltered virginal fairy
>she was a thot no sympathy

>Society is so HARD on men!

No. 389346

this guy is either a pedo or two steps from being pedos. all men can be memed into anything – children, car mufflers, etc. their sexuality is so profoundly paraphilic and it doesn't matter how harmful or disgusting it is. that's why we need to never accept their 'evo psych' psychosis. they can get off to pus-filled boils if they've been memed into it. nothing evolutionary about it.

No. 389404

It’s a bit embarrassing how some of the anons here are blowing up on these reddit comments as if those comments explicitly said that pedophilia is a-okay.(responding to scrotb8)

No. 389630

Something is seriously wrong with our society when people are more sympathetic to a grown adult man who gets off to and thinks about abusing children than the actual children themselves. Having an emotional response (AKA normal human sympathy) is 'irrational'. Cut every pedophiles dick off and hang them on a cross in the desert, hows that for irrational you pedo sympathizing weirdos.

No. 389690

Lmao this, male sexuality is laughable and sinister at the same time, just look at how many dudes made fun of goth girls back in the day now everyone wants a goth gf, or how they chased blonde white girls and called women of color ugly now all dudes want an Asian, Latina, or mixed gf and the very white girls they were chasing are now ugly whores to them, men literally cannot think for themselves

No. 389708

This is so fucking true. Goth used to be a massive turn off for guys, even ones who were fucking goth themselves sometimes. Now even normies talk about how bad they want a goth girlfriend.

No. 389731

Men: why are women such whores? I wish more women stayed virgins
Also men:a stranger woman chooses to not have sex?? What a bitch! You're ruining yourself!


No. 389733

You people take memes way too seriously.

No. 389735

File: 1553282753706.jpg (151.93 KB, 500x1419, fn0ymneagfn21.jpg)

No. 389736


Didn’t make it past the first couple sentences.

Women: “hmmm, I think I would like a man who knows how to do his own laundry”


No. 389739

I, for one, can't wait to be a 'semi insane spinster in a house full of cats', sounds about a million times better than being with a psycho like that. Or any man who thinks it's better to have no standards and settle for someone you don't like/aren't attracted to/doesn't treat you well rather than be alone. That's a great way to end up a single mother.

The fear mongering from men about women who choose to stay single or childless is so transparent. It's a strategy to maximize their dating pool of desperate, insecure 20 year olds who think their only option is to lower their standards to rock bottom or be a pathetic cat lady, and minimize the risk of having to date a 30+ year old woman - the fucking horror. There's no other logical reason for them being so rabid over complete strangers they couldn't feasibly date.

No. 389740

>That's a great way to end up a single mother.
Forgot to mention, nothing against single mothers but men hate and blame them just as much/even more so than childless women. So men basically want us to marry men we don't even want, and then make the marriage work no matter how bad it gets.

No. 389741

>7 billion people
>Worrying about the birth rate

Go live in an overpopulated island and see if you wanna sperg about there not being enough people

No. 389743

>implying the low birth rate is because women have too high of standards and not because they're trying to be financially responsible and not spawn children they can't afford
>implying waiting for a quality father instead of spawning with just anyone is a bad thing
>implying you're alone because women have impossible standards and not because you're trying to date far above your tier

No. 389744

>Goth used to be a massive turn off for guys, even ones who were fucking goth
Not to sound petty but I never understood that about males, they go for only one or two types of women, and of course it's not the women who are like them, look at how many emo and goth dudes chased typical Stacie's, men have no concept of league's

No. 389752

It's not like that in my experience… alt guys go for alt stacies. They still aim upwards in looks but men are arrogant, they think their taste is the best and see a woman who likes what he likes as superior.

I'm not saying they aren't attracted to normie stacies but it isn't with exclusivity. I bet loads of them are bitter they can't get her and have sour grapes over it, so they call them bimbos and sluts etc.

No. 389753

Women DO have rock bottom standards though. They may rate most men low on dating apps, but I see below average guys regularly with gfs. Women value looks a bit less and security (emotional nowadays since we're self reliant) and humour more.

I have heard of women preferring a higher earning man but rarely hear it as a requirement. Do men who say these things even interact with women?

No. 389795

No they just screech about dating apps all day in hopes of women just dropping everything to chase shitty men

No. 389808

At a place I used to work, I was hired on at the same time as a guy my age. He was hired as a supervisor while I was an inventory stocker. At first we were on good terms as we learned the job together, but then he started getting moody some days and stopped being social. All of our interactions became strictly task oriented which was fine I guess. Management tended to have no idea what the staff below them really did, so they piled on an impossible amount of tasks every night in order to keep everyone busy. But supervisor guy started enforcing everything by following me around and criticizing everything I did. I was told to sweep floors, so I do a pass with what time I have before facing. He comes back to confront me saying "it doesnt look like you swept at all. I can see dirt here etc" well duh, customers dont just stop walking through.

Anyway, in addition to that the guy had a weird temper where he'd get mad if the printer got jammed and would bunch or kick it. Which kinda put me on edge with his silence.

One day, one of my coworkers suggest we all order a pizza, so I ask which staff want some and call it in, leaving it in the break room when I arrive. Oh and he said he didnt want any.

Supervisor guy berates me for taking the 60 seconds to call, but then drops it. When I later go on my break, he storms in and says "you cant be eating when youre not on your break, I know you came in here and got pizza " I was like "No, I literally just got in here"
>he opens the pizza box showing two slices missing
"Then why are there pieces missing"
I told him it mustve been someone else because it wasnt me. Later another staff member tells him they came in on THEIR break to grab some. I was baffled that he rooted through a pizza that wasnt even his just in hopes of having something to scold me for.

There were also some times where he came into the staff room to check if I was in the bathroom and timed me. Then later told me exactly how long I had been in there.

I began hating being on any shift with him for how much of jerk he was to me. He'd leave everyone else alone. Then on Canada day I called in sick since I really didnt want to be around him and friends wanted to spend the day together.

The next shift I have, hes off shift and comes to the cash to be rung through. I act normal, and he confronts me about being sick, saying he doesnt believe me. Then says I shit you not "everyone here is super pissed off at you now and you're on their shitlists because you didnt come to work"

I finished the awkward transaction and felt like shit. Knowing I'd have to work with him again tomorrow, I called in announcing my resignation, that I couldnt take working with him anymore.

A few weeks later, he quit and moved away. Go figure

No. 389809

Were you the only female working there?

No. 389813

Wtf he sounds like a cartoon villain.

No. 389819

Damn I was hoping you'd at least tell him to fuck off after you left that place. But he quit too and moved.. wow. The fuck was his damage

No. 389828

Sorry if this belongs in the general vent thread. And I probably sound like an EXPONENTIALLY more pathetic version of that one anon who wants to die for being a woman into film so keep that in mind.

I've kind of based all of my life's motivation and emotional stability on attaining and supporting/loving a male partner and now don't know what to do.

Over the past year I've gradually swallowed the pink pill and it's absolutely killing me. The fact that the average male has pedophilic tendencies, is prone to cheating, can't form emotional bonds, is a porn addict, and wants to strangle and beat women haunts me daily. Sometimes I can repress the thoughts and see a man in real life and perhaps even pursue him, but at the end of the day the truth is always there and rears its head in some way.

It makes me violently angry some days, and others it makes me want to harm myself or end my life. I get little enjoyment out of most things and am currently putting myself through a degree I don't really care about in order to get a well paid job exclusively to spoil my fantasy future husband. Everything I do is with the idea of this hypothetical future in mind; from exercise, to dress, to my major life decisions. The plan to find a nice boy to settle down with and adopt a bunch of animals keeps me going when I feel like absolute shit most days.

But my slow realization of reality from reading articles, posts, and from interacting with men my age has ruined everything. I don't see much point in anything and want to die. I can distract myself during the day with schoolwork, exercise, and media consumption, but it's always there when a gap opens up for me to think over it.

I just feel purposeless now I guess. I get marginally more enjoyment out of things than I did when I was constantly suicidal and numb in high school, but life isn't good and probably won't improve.

Thanks if you read my sperg out, I just wanted to put this somewhere I guess.

No. 389843

Yes men can be shitty but if you think about hurting yourself over it, you need therapy. If you feel like your life is suddenly meaningless because you feel like you won't ever find a man, then you need therapy.

Also there are still a decent amount of women like us that end up in happy relationships with men, if straight/bi radfems can find a man they think is genuinely good so can you anon. You're allowed to want those things, just don't make it your life's mission.

No. 389849

I don't know, apparently he had multiple concussions though, so maybe that's part of it. I talked to management about the way he was acting at one point and they were just like "well supervising is very stressful! And he has a lot on his plate!"
"Cool can I switch shifts back to the other supervisor I used to work with?"
"No dear! Our company policy is that we all have to get along etc so you cant change it"
>go to other store manager and ask if I can have it changed
"Oh anon, I cant. Other store manager specifically told me not to change any of your shifts so youll have to go through her"
It sucked

No. 389850

I think you need to take a break from reading this stuff if it’s affecting you that badly.

No. 389876

I'm not sure how to say this in a nicer way but I don't think you should be dating even if you did find the perfect man. Centering your whole life on a romantic partner completely is just setting yourself up for misery, regardless of if that partner is male.

No. 389901

File: 1553322031919.jpg (103.77 KB, 750x1334, 16jroue41ln21.jpg)

About a 16 years old girl violated by six men

No. 389907

this, anon obviously needs to work on herself first so fantasizing about a dreamy boy wouldn't be her only source of joy.

No. 389932

Men compare themselves to animals so often when it serves them (no responsibility for their actions), but at any other time they seem to believe they're the pinnacle of creation.

No. 389937

>we are like sharks, you should have known
>expects to be treated as superior to women

No. 389947

>I mean yeah they're [rapists] to blame too.. BUT!
It pains them to blame rapists for rape, especially when they're male so much.

No. 389954

Men when women do something bad to a man: men are human too, we have feelings, women can be evil therefore should take full blame no matter what the man had done, stop dodging blame of women
Men when other men do something bad to a woman: what do you expect? Men are like sharks, you deserve it

No. 389996

My sister and her husband came for a visit with their baby. It has been a month since she was born and my sister's husband hasn't changed a single diaper because "changing the diaper on a girl makes me feel like a rapist". He said it while laughing.

I cannot understand how my sister could marry and have a baby with this loser. There hasn't been a single time we've met where he hasn't made some racist or sexist joke, then getting upset when we don't laugh at him and calling us "humourless cows" for telling him to shut up.

I wish she would just leave him.

No. 390001

Wtf don’t think I would want that creep around my kid anyway

No. 390055

…you so know that different people can have different opinions, right?

No. 390060

idk, a man who feels like changing a baby's nappy is equivalent to rape and laughs about it is pretty disgusting for other reasons. the problem isnt that hes avoiding children lmao.

No. 390061

Sounds like you've got an Oniontier creep on your hands

No. 390068

Daily reminder that the robot who is currently starting shit has spammed scat, gore, and child porn across multiple threads. Please ignore him.

No. 390071

>"these people are criticizing men doing scummy shit"
>"so let's just go and further prove their point like the genius i am!"

No. 390080

>women who dont shave are disgusting and unhygienic
>women who have short hair are ugly and mannish
>overweight women are undateable disgusting whales

also men:
>reeee how dare stupid roasties have height preferences??!

No. 390081

not to wk these retards but tbf those are all things we can change, whereas the height thing isn't something they can change. however, their preferences for bodyhair and hair length, etc, are similarly shallow and hypocritical, so it still doesn't make them look good or reasonable, or any less vapid

No. 390082

I'm honestly baffled that he has the time and energy to sit in this thread and a few others, spam his scat and type up entire paragraphs everyday. How the hell is that helping his point at all ? All he's doing is proving us right by embodying exactly the sort of behaviour we criticise in men, and he doesn't even have the self-awareness to understand that.

No. 390083

most of the people i've seen that get offended over women's height preferences are insecure manlets lmao

No. 390093

File: 1553375765222.jpeg (71.9 KB, 634x679, 2A209A50-C678-43D8-ABB0-06C790…)

This supposed scrote writes a lot like a woman

No. 390127

Isn't this kind of unhealthy for the baby? I'm sure she's off t but there's no way her hormones are completely normal.

No. 390134

In my experience it's usually white manlets who are the most angry and bitter, maybe blacks too but idk. I'm Mexican and used to seeing short/average men so height isn't much of a preference for me. I tried dating a white manlet once and he was resentful towards tall people and obviously insecure on the topic of height because I'm taller than him. Annoying.

No. 390135

File: 1553382730205.jpg (105.23 KB, 540x695, oqFPwan.jpg)

No. 390138

bitching about half of the population on reddit certainly is ~advancing our culture~

No. 390144

I just read a surprisingly critical article about S&M normalization
>I suggest to Sarah that, by engaging in rough sex, gay men and straight women might be fetishizing their own oppression, be that homophobia or misogyny. "I would agree," she says. "I think the key factor is the fetishizing of male domination. But with heterosexual rough sex [where men are dom tops], that’s not at all subversive. By degrading women, men are just playing a hyper-realized version of the position they actually occupy."


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