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No. 344853

Laat thread: >>>/ot/331705

No. 344883

my sister suffered from eating disorders growing up and i can't help but feel she is still suffering from that even now. her obsession with health and food is something that really bothers me about her. she judges my family and i as being unhealthy for having red meat in our diet. meanwhile, she suffers from constant constipation even while being on a near-vegan diet with all sorts of bullshit expensive trendy health food. her arms are disturbingly thin and she even got breast implants a while back because her body is so thin. she told us that she's in the "healthiest shape of her life" and that she grew so much muscle that her boobs disappeared which is why she got implants. she is a kind, empathetic person so she's a wonderful sister but i can't help but judge her extreme health obsession. my family and i have wondered if she might be orthorexic but she's vehemently denied the idea that she may be and believes she's perfectly fine.

No. 344960

that really sucks anon and im p sure you know that she will not get help unless she actually wants it. people with eating disorders will make excuses for every little thing.

but that is stupid that she is putting her insecurities on you guys. sort of related but my sister had a huge drug problem, selling and making and stealing. she at least after having to sit in jail and deal with some other awful stuff got her stuff together and apologized for being angry we would let her sit in jail and deal with the legal ramifications.

youre not responsible for her suffering.

No. 345006

Brexit is driving me mad. I'll happily admit that I don't understand every single facet of the argument, but today the govt announced that they will be checking the status of every EU national in the country (3 million people). For the ones who have indefinite leave/permanent residency, the application process is free and is essentially ticking a box. For ones who don't, if they've been here 5 years+ they automatically qualify for settled status and can continue as before. Their kids born in the UK are British citizens and nothing has to change - they can even bring close family members here. If they haven't, they qualify for pre-settled status; bit more limited than settled but still able to stay, children born here have to qualify as British citizens through their other parent or will be automatically qualified for pre-settled also. The rest will be checked out for employment, family ties, criminal record, etc… Which is exactly what a lot of the British public wanted. But there's a ton of people now kicking off because their husband came over from Italy 35 years ago, they have kids here, and they're worried about the future, like why?? Nothing will fucking happen to them, which is obvious if you actually read the application page. So over-dramatic, Remainers seem to live in this fairytale land where millions of people moving around randomly apparently has no effect on society, the economy, the govt, crime rates, employment, school populations… But instead of thinking logically about it, of course all Brexiteers are just racist. Which totally explains why they want immigration from the EU restructuring. This hysterical screeching is really making me lose any sympathy I had. /Rant

No. 345012

Is your sister aware of how bad breast implants are for health, or does she do that weird orthorexic mental gymnastic where if the unhealthy thing is something she wants, she validates her choice regardless of the implications?

No. 345019

I hate that Stan Twitter started using y'all. As a Southerner I don't even think about it when I use it because it's so natural for me, but people on this site just assume I'm some ~woke uwu~ sjw fag from Twitter when I'm not, I don't even use Twitter. It's literally just the dialect of the region I'm from

No. 345023

she is better about not openly judging us nowadays at least but i just get concerned about how illogical some of her choices are. she is completely convinced that she is the healthiest person in the world. it’s honestly a bit infuriating when I think about how illogical her thinking can be.

we have all suggested she probably just needs to consume more calories in her diet instead of getting implants because her body used to look more normal but she just wouldn’t have it since she believes she’s extremely muscular even though her limbs are twiggy. so the latter basically.

No. 345148

>tfw no boyfriend

No. 345159

Shit, I'm in the same boat as you but I can't even blame myself since I wasted too many chances
Men make me nervous as fuck at the point of having little panic attacks when I go out with them. I get paranoid as well
Lately I've been thoughts about being bi as well, life is pretty shit
I'm just scared of ending up alone. I'm 20 now and all my friends are happily dating

No. 345186

I feel like I should be able to reincarnate no problem.
I also feel like my teeth are fucked up beyond repair.
Thank you government.

No. 345293

tfw someone goes out of their way to be an asshole to you

No. 345332

no anon can make me feel bad for sexing the same person for longer than they have been shitposting on the internet. sorry you have never felt the fruition of a good relationship based off of love and understanding. but goddamn these femcels are dragging the site down. dont bitch about strawmanning when you do the same thing. people who love sex shouldnt be your jumping point for your own lack of physical saftey or politics.

No. 345333

I newly started making comments on YT after creating an account after so many years, and I never noticed how much it fucking irks me about the community over “muh mental illness” it’s like fucking gatekeeping. “You don’t have a mental illness? Then shut up. Anything you say is stupid.” And then if I reply, yeah I have x y or z illness, they reply sorry. Like bitch, does making me have a mental illness automatically validate what I say? And do I have to have a fucking resume about all the mental illnesses I have just to say something without enraging someone because “your comment doesn’t look like what someone with depression would say.” Like let me be depressed in my own way without being forced to be outed to fucking strangers about what health problems I have. God I was so tempted to make my own damn video about how people who aren’t x can make a comment about y. It’s like when black people say “well whites can’t say nuffin’ about black people problems!” And then a black person would say the same opinion and then they go “oh! That’s so insightful!” Do you ever go to a cardiologist and say, “well you’re not allowed to talk about heart problems. Who are you to talk about hearts if you’ve never had heart disease?” Like bitch just because you’ve had depression doesn’t make you an expert, and people outside of your own field can have better judgments because they’re not stuck in their own bubble.

No. 345335

that really sucks bb. its stupid that people cant imagine that a widespread issue could manifest in different ways regardless of what mainstream media tells them it should. you matter.

my depression comes from keeping a tidy image and making sure that no insecurities slip. but i guess im wrong because i dont live in squalor and look like im homeless

No. 345346

NTA but same, I work very hard to hide my issues because I don't need the world to know I'm struggling. I sanitize my image a lot. But thanks to tumblr there's now this culture where not only is it ok, but encouraged to let yourself fall to pieces and wallow in your illness and never try to get better because uwu clout uwu

I don't think people should be embarassed about their illness, but that's not the same as showing it off.

No. 345348

File: 1546070436340.jpg (55.88 KB, 492x545, 1e977a97af42080474d04b5eeccaa6…)

I'm pretty proud of the way I've changed my attitude and criticism towards lolcows so that I'm not being nearly as toxic in my judgement about other women as I was a few years ago. Tbh, some threads on pt and snow legitimately disgust me because of the excessive shitting on female bodies. So much that I sometimes wonder if some men aren't slipping in to make such hateful comments, or perhaps the years of internalized misogyny just got to some people. Who knows. Anyway, I know I can't say anything or else I'm a WK so I tend to avoid them.

What really helped me be fairer was thinking about flaws in terms of whether they can be changed tomorrow, next week, in a year(s) time, or never:
Ex If someone has poor hygiene/makeup I'm going to laugh because that's something they could fix by tomorrow or next week if they weren't being stubborn, lazy or ignorant.
Choosing not to mock someone for having saggy breasts or loose skin because it can't be significantly fixed with non-surgical means and surgery isn't something most people can afford. It can't realistically be better by next week or maybe even never.

And I guess the latter scenario bothers me because farmers nitpick the bodily flaws so hard meanwhile the actions and the behavior of the cow are why they're posted here and are way worthier of discussion.


Other vent is that my laptop was performing really slowly so I decided to do a purge to free up some disc space.
I'm talking thousands of saved reaction pics, screencaps that I never deleted, etc. I guess I felt I should keep a lot of it in case I ""needed"" them but the reality is I never click or check them out. What's the point in having something if it's not used?
I felt a bit toxic for having them because a lot of the pictures and caps were saved from 4ch lolcows going several years back including a shitty ex. I feel a lot better, plus now if I die suddenly I won't be nearly as embarrassed for what's left on my laptop for my loved ones to find!

No. 345352

Good for you anon! I definitely agree with that sentiment. Making fun of people on the internet isn't my proudest hobby but I try and avoid attacks that don't relate to personality. Not always, but most of the time

No. 345355

The unpopular opinion thread is just for bitching and banning. I s2g the same people who like to infight get banned just to evade and come back every couple hours to start new shit.
It's the same pattern every time:
>someone posts a controversial opinion which fulfills thread's purpose
>disagreements are reasonable initially
>then the personal attacks and hostility ensue
>a few posters seem to take it too far
>memes are posted
>bans are issued
I think it would be simpler to have an "Argument Containment Thread" than keep up the pretense that an unpopular opinion thread serves a purpose for anything else but fighting.

No. 345377

>And I guess the latter scenario bothers me because farmers nitpick the bodily flaws so hard meanwhile the actions and the behavior of the cow are why they're posted here and are way worthier of discussion.
This. I've never been much into criticizing a cow's appearance unless the cows themselves shit on other peoples' looks on a regular basis (such as shoe and momo), and even then I prefer sticking to discussing the shitty behavior they exhibit. I hate how a metric ton of farmers seem to be more interested in nitpicking saggy tits and crooked teeth for all eternity instead of focusing on the behavior that makes the cow worthy of laughing at. It becomes frustrating how a cow can be a complete sociopath yet anons are more interested in reeing over their nasolabial folds.

I also think it's cowish behavior in itself to tell people to go under the knife to correct flaws in their appearance. If you can't correct it with self-help such as improved hygiene, exercise, eating habits and more fitting clothes, their appearance is not milk. Momokun having shit eating habits and going on food and alcohol binges with no exercise or sleep while lying about working out is something she can improve on, but her "boob vein" isn't worth ten replies of "ewww the return of boob vein-kun lmaoooo".

No. 345402

My period pains are so bad today I can feel it in my fucking calves

No. 345406

These two Russian bitches behind me on the DMV line won't stop talking and no one else is doing this . Only been on line for an hour but they legit have not stopped and they're standing so close to me. I want to punch them in the face . I lost my ID , so I'm trying to get it before end of year

No. 345407

I'm on my period too anon. I'm sorry! Drink some nice hot tea .

No. 345464

Agreed anons, I've been making the effort to act call out boring nitpicks and even report it if it goes too far, and also to make posts that include real milk. Be the change you want to see etc

No. 345474

I recently got into D&D with my boyfriend. I've played 3 games so far, an adventure league and two homebrew. There are a couple of things that put me off, one being that when my bf makes a character, he doesn't actually make a character. He pores over the ability scores and shit for hours, trying to make the most OP combination of multiclass and not even giving the thing a name or personality. Last night, he was like, "I'm finally done! Oh, wait, I need to figure out a background real quick." Proceeds to copy some generic shit… Like, I thought the game was about role-play and getting creative. Having a different personality and doing fun things, not "winning." What the fuck is the point if you have no real character to imagine adventuring with, rather than cold, faceless stats on a page?

No. 345477

I can't enjoy D&D because every person I've played with takes it too seriously all around.
I've seen people get angry and end friendships over it, just seems like it defeats the purpose.

No. 345519

I got invited to a party to possibly participate in a 3some and I'm kind of bummed I didn't go
I feel like it would help to get over my ex to do something so spontaneous

No. 345543

I am upset with myself.
I am upset with you.
I was so close to losing it. I am a different person now. there is no point in destroying you as you have picked me apart. I let myself fall fool to the hands of you.only to grow cold right before your eyes. You can not fuel a passion that you forgot to tend. you can not call me a friend. You lost the right to know my mind. You finally let me in as a last resort. I have no kind words anymore so my silence should've sufficed. You are bitter because I did not fall into a complete trap. You apologize for something that you shouldve owned up to. You arent the person for me and what pisses me off was that for years I fantasized that maybe one day youd allow for me to take care of you. That fantasy has waned. ……….

No. 345545

Sounds like you’re better off not doing something like that. Getting over an ex takes time and sex doesn’t speed that grieving process up. Plus, there’s the possible STIs and the feeling of being used afterwards but I don’t know what your situation was.

No. 345552

anon stop this faggotry

No. 345553

I am listening, please continue

No. 345559

This isn't the poetry open mic thread anon

No. 345560

3somes are gross and over exaggerated by grimy people. Be glad you didn't go.

No. 345564

I have no friends to properly hang out with and that sucks.

My high school friends are from richer families and can afford to blow hundreds on drinks every night, plus they're taking it easy on their workload right now because they can, so they hang out with each other and I'm left out. They like me well enough but I feel like I'm the "extra" member of the group because we just don't have as much in common now. Being broke sucks ass because I'm the only one I know busting my ass to work while my richer friends can't relate

I do have some friends with similar interests but all of them are as broke as I am and live really far from me (like on the outskirts of the city) so coordinating things with them becomes a pain as they just don't follow through with plans I make.

Idk I just feel like I'm constantly auditioning for a part in a friendship group and never making the cut. Of course it's partially my fault for withdrawing into myself with my depressive bouts, but am I supposed to atone for this mistake for the rest of my life? I just want 1 or 2 good friends to do dumb shit with I don't think that's too much to ask

No. 345566

There Isn't much to it. Just someone that I thought was special for 8 years. We talked on and off with no special dialogue in between but, the 5 times we met in person It was emotionally intense for just me it seems. If they ever did feel anything they never let me know leaving me in this grey area for too long. They went on to do things overseas while I slowly reached my goals. they came back this time. I was excited to see them to be a friend for them since i knew they probably had a hard time where they went. they just want to use me cause they haven't gotten laid in a long time. after much hesitation and moving away from them I give in. nothing feels right. I realize I am no longer attached to them . If they even cared just a bit it wouldn't of been this way. They critique everything I've been proud of doing. I know I am no superhuman and I have many caveats but I accomplish a few things I never thought I would…..They see.. I am quiet not really being lively I cant help but glare at this person. they try to buffer the situation. they tellme a bunch of secrets and things…almost breaking down right in front of me I just cant feel anything I feel sad for them but refuse to comfort them as i once did.

so yeah person played me for a long time. I came to my senses. they realize they dont want to lose their connection to me. I dont fall for their game no more. I am really mad at myself and them. I am in this peaceful raging zen. nothing they say or do has an effect. later on they text me "lets not see each other anymore" I reply"agreed" they then reply " sorry I wasnt good for you" "tell them not to apologize" realize the arent for me If they have to apologize for the kind of person they have been now and not then when i was willing to work things out. right now i feel sad but free but angry at the same time I am quite idiotic.

No. 345567


poetic venting is a thing with me. makes me talk less.

No. 345572

How about work friends?
Also I know its difficult with your high school friends being carefree and you not being able but don't let that get to you. if they like you well enough they shouldn't be bothered cause they know your busy and such or at least have some understanding.

No. 345589

pfft poetry
it's shit anon sorry

No. 345595


no worries. I was in-between being dramatic and well what ever I wrote.

No. 345598

You're such a fuckin troll with that grammar lmfao

No. 345601

File: 1546116958243.png (154.08 KB, 500x476, 32434.png)

having a top model's body is my dream since forever and i ALMOST achieved it, like, it was SO CLOSE man
i was 43 kg, my body was starting to be just the way i've always dreamed of but i was hella depressed and my aunt lured me into going to the gym with her, she's one of those healthy fitness persons and shit, so i started going and i was like so depressed at the time i had nothing to do in my life and once i started going to the gym i used it like something to fill my mind with, so i started with the whole - fitness lifestyle - without even noticing that and now, right now in this moment i just fell back into reality and i'm looking myself at the mirror and thinking what the fuck i did with my body
i was really really close to be the petite skinny fashion looking bitch i always wanted to be and now i look like a instathot
good side: i'm healthy now
but i miss my dying skinny body, it was my dream since i was like 14 and i ruined it, i just fucking ruined it because i'm a depressed piece of shit
i'm just so disgusted at my body right now i could kill myself
don't get me wrong, i know this is not healthy and one side of me really wants to get help and clean off my mind all of this ana chan bullshit , but this is way stronger than me and i just don't know what to do, i'm freaking the hell out

No. 345609

similar situation here anon. i dont work out tho

when i was 13-15 i was maintaining anachan tier weight and i'm 20 now and really miss it. i ended up binge eating one summer and gained like 40-50 lbs within a few months. boom, body ruined. stretch marks everywhere that are like half an inch thick, i cover up my body everywhere i go. it wasn't worth it at all.

people say we're supposed to like looking healthy and well but i don't really have a life, i obsess over how much i dislike my appearance now, all the time. no amount of compliments can fix my broken self esteem.

every day i wish i could go back. i gain and lose the same 10 lbs over and over again.

No. 345633

im going on my first tinder date w this rlly cute guy and im worried b/c hes never seen a picture of me w/out the basic snap filter on it

i know it just makes the chin smaller and eyes bigger a smidgen but im still anxious

No. 345634

are you trying to go back to your ana days?

my plan in the moment is relapse, i'm so disgusted with myself that i see no other way out of this situation other than to go back to my eating disorder habits, i'm really pissed right now

i'm also in my 20s so i'm afraid that now i'm too tired for the pro-ana bullshit, i mean.. when you're a dumb teenager you have no responsabilities and your life is just all about yourself so its easier, but now…

No. 345636

anon you aren’t a teenager. if you starve yourself now you’ll be at risk for all other kinds of side effects your body may not be able to bounce back from. you need help for your body dysmorphia. i totally get your urges, i have them to and I haven’t been “small” since I was 11 years old, and I’m not lucky enough to have an instathot body now either. But I know now if I was >100lbs I might have tiny legs and arms but my face would look wrinkled and gross, because I’m a grown woman and not a teenager, we aren’t meant to be that size anymore.

I hope you can learn to like your body atleast a little bit anon.

No. 345640

I spent time with my ex this week and it woke up lots of emotions. We broke up years ago on good terms when he moved away and both have LTR that we’re happy in, but we spoke so easily about how nothing has changed between us and joked about getting back together when we’re old divorcees. We never kissed but held hands and spooned. Now he’s gone again it’s like it never happened because we would never risk our real relationships by texting, but that highlights how inappropriate it was.
I’m disappointment in myself for emotionally cheating and how easily I sucked up to him like a school girl with a crush and I’m angry at how I can’t stop thinking about it. In films it’s romantic when people with history dance for old times sake but in reality I just feel stupid and scared of my boyfriend finding out

No. 345644


don't worry, guys are generally too stupid to care about/notice minor differences like that

good luck anon!

No. 345648

my brother is a drug addict who lies, steals, refuses to go into school, brush his teeth or even take a shower, drinks/drugs himself into a stupor every few weeks, and yet my entire family babies him and constantly coos about how talented and genius he is at me and my sisters expense. for example saying how smart he is compared to us.

No. 345705

So the student server didn't work since summer and now it says I'm not in their database. And it makes me so anxious, I don't want to be kicked out because I happened to email a rant after our exam results last semester. Can't wait for the holidays to be over with so I can phone and ask what the deal is.

No. 345712

i really thought i would never binge again but as soon as my bf was out of the apartment for a week i went insane with excitement over gorging myself. it's not like i restrict myself to a ridiculous amount either. i eat 1300-1600 calories a day normally and eat my fav foods in moderation all the time.

i ordered McDonald's delivery today. 2 mcdoubles, 2 jr. chickens, 6 piece chicken nugget, and a big mac combo. i ate it all in one sitting. feeling a lot of hate and disgust for myself because i still want to graze on leftover appetizers from a christmas party.

i gained 9lbs (on top of my 3lb normal fluctuation) in a week. kill me.

No. 345715

One of my roommates is currently being kicked out of our house and is being just about the worst person about it. She was informed that she had to leave in October but the date that she had to leave by kept getting pushed back. But now that everyone is entirely set on the date (and this is the date that it's been for weeks) she's complaining that she didn't get thirty days notice and that that's somehow illegal. She's not a tenant 'cause she doesn't pay any fucking rent so that doesn't apply to her. Also she got way more than thirty days notice. She also locked herself in her room and then broke the door so that no one could get in. Her parents paid for somewhere for her, her kids, and her dogs to stay for the next month but she's still shouting herself inside out about how we're taking everything from her and she'll have to live out of her car. Honestly I just want her gone and she should have been kicked out in October. I'm sick of her unemployed ass just sitting around the house doing drugs and not taking care of her children or animals. She's been stealing a bunch of my shit as she's been packing but at this point I don't even care I just want her out. She can take all my stuff if she just fucking leaves.

No. 345742

>broke the door
she doesn't have a key or what

No. 345766

call the cops. is she on the lease?

No. 345767

well, did you do this the legal way or did you think telling her 30 days was "official"?

No. 345781

File: 1546140431904.jpg (238.77 KB, 422x640, large.jpg)

I had a really weird disinhibition episode today combined with severe dissociation. I ended up at the ER where they gave me a phenothiazine shot and I went home.

I did something extremely cringy while I had that comedown, I recorded myself saying weird stuff and then recorded myself in the bathroom naked saying some suicidal shit in the mirror and I sent the videos to a friend and my ex. I get the fact that I sometimes feel like I need attention or something but I don't know how the fuck I end up doing extreme shit like this that I regret afterwards when I get out of that weird mental state.
I should go back to sleep, the shot they gave me is making it hard to type or think. I'M THE BIGGEST FUCKING SPERG ON HERE.

No. 345787

you should consider addressing the problem instead of a bandaid when it gets too bad

No. 345800

If you suppose.

On the other hand I am fed up with being everyone's personal psychologist When i can barely handle my personal stuff.

No. 345808

dropped out of high school because of awful mental health and my health has deteriorated horribly in the past year. seeing my family because of the holidays has done nothing but remind me how far i’ve fallen behind. i really wish i’d get the balls to try to kill myself already it’s selfish to exist like this but i’m too retarded to function any other way

No. 345824

She broke the door to the room she's been staying in, making it near impossible to open. Her daughter said she could take a nap without anyone bothering her, which knowing my roommate may very well be true. It was very clearly done so that people could not get into the room.

She is not a tenant. I call her a roommate because she has been living here for so long, but legally she is a guest. We sent her a certified letter over 30 days ago, despite it not being legally required where I live. Two of my other roommates went through an attorney to do this.

Regardless, they have all left and it seems that she won't return to collect the rest of her things until tomorrow and I plan on going out to avoid her.

No. 345829

ooh. i mean, i always try to go back to my ana days but my family just keeps buying food that enables me to binge. been years since i've been underweight clinically or nagged about it by doctors & strangers. i miss it every day. really miss my old body. i keep just gaining and losing and gaining and losing. i need to fucking move out and live alone.

i always manage to get borderline underweight before the holidays or some event fucking ruins it for me, and i cave in.

i fucking hate food. i feel so much better when i'm not eating much or even thinking about food at all. i'm pathetic and can't control myself and i'm stuck at a 20 bmi permenantly. this isn't what i want.

hopefully once i graduate i can buy my own place and finally manage to not get thrown off a lot. it was so much easier when i was in middle school/early HS. things just got so stressful as i had more to worry about. don't worry about being "too old", i used to be a frequent poster of r/proED for 2 years before it was deleted last month, most posters on there were well over 20, many had kids. it's unfortunate, but ed's don't just disappear into thin air once you're an adult. i'm pretty convinced it'll nag me the rest of my life.

No. 345831

>legally she's a guest

where do you live? you can call the cops on her and get her removed.

No. 345833

It's so sad that all imageboards inevitably go to shit like 5 years after their creation

No. 345924

File: 1546162437347.gif (483.17 KB, 243x270, 1485594504907.gif)

Same anon and I dropped out 3/4 years ago, i'm still getting worse

It feels pretty hopeless but we can both do it if we find and hold onto some hope :)

No. 345930

Turns out my ex could have been cheating on me a lot longer then I thought, which has me awake and questioning everything
I feel like absolute garbage

No. 345973

I'm so sickened over what is happening in Syria right now. The Kurds have been abandoned by their ally in the United States and no one cares that the Kurds are going to be genocided by Turkey and that Turkey deems the democratic leftist group who have been the main ones fighting ISIS and liberating cities as fucking terrorists. Turkey soldiers say they are going to behead Kurds, ffs. I seriously hate turkey and Erdogan and I wonder what the end game of the US abandoning them is. It seems they were so close to completely defeating ISIS. Makes me think the powers that B don't want this war to over or for isis to be finished.

I try not to think about it too much but the state of the world is just so so depressing. So much death and suffering all over some bullshit fairytale religions.


No. 345980

Kind of feeling depressed over the fact that the guy I’ve been dating hasn’t messaged me in almost five days and that he still has dating app profiles up. I know that our relationship is still too early to be exclusive and that he’s been out of state for the holidays so he I can’t expect him to message me regularly like he usually does. However, I can’t help but wonder if he has any second thoughts about dating me. I haven’t had the best luck with dating and I’ve only ever been in one relationship that was abusive. I can’t help but wonder if I may be destined to never have a normal, happy long-term relationship.

No. 346047

Hello anon. I have a very similar feeling. I've been with my s/o for a year and a half now but there is still that voice in the back of my head that tells me to dip out because I'm "undeserving" or "meant to be alone". I had a very abusive relationship for 3 years then after that a very emotionally abusive relationship for 5. I believe that feeling comes from my abusers putting me down and making me feel undeserving of anything. It's really hard to put past but I just tell myself they only said those things to control me. They're no longer "in control" of my life and I'm free to do as I please. Just hang in there and stay strong mentally!

No. 346070

I get annoyed when people complain about people but especially women who do not, and don't want, kids. Like they are called selfish-how does that work?!

No. 346098

Disclaimer: this is just my experience with young women I know personally. In their cases, it’s people who had to pop out a tiny human before they realized how to be empathetic, so they assume other people are the same. I don’t think having kids is inherently selfish, but a lot of justification behind having kids is “I wanted _____.”

No. 346218

Thanks for the kind, understanding words anon. A lot of my doubts and fears do probably stem from the abuse I experienced from my ex who made me feel defective, ugly and worthless. In any case, whatever happens with this new guy I’m seeing, I really need to try really hard not to affect my sense of self-worth.

No. 346221

File: 1546190768835.gif (2.71 MB, 350x200, 1541080822078.gif)

I just saw on instagram that someone I know just got married and the first thing I instinctively thought was "can't wait until their divorce". Worse part is that she isn't a bad person or anything and we're cordial to each other. I have no idea why I'm so bitter these days and I need to calm down.

No. 346225

Fuck shitty bosses who dont know how to manage and scream like assholes. Anons, prey for me that I dont fucking explode on this bitch and walk out.

No. 346233

i think that most people who dont want children arent selfish, but the few people sperging about how they dont want children because they think it will make them rich and live in a mansion, or people who screech about children daring to exist in public spaces (even when theyre well behaved) often come across as selfish.

No. 346239

you don't have to worry that you end up alone you're still pretty young! I wish I would've waited till I were 20 before dating anyone.

No. 346244

I think about my first ex a lot. Not because I have any fond feelings but because he abused me in such profound ways that it's tied to how sick of a person I am today. I broke up with him literally 10 years ago, yet today I was struck by all the awful memories of him and his equally abusive family while cuddling my husband. How when he was supposedly drugged out from his wisdom teeth removal he managed to pin me down with inhuman strength and rape me for hours, all the times he coerced me into sex because he convinced me that no one would love me because I was fat/ugly/stupid, how he'd manipulate me with suicide threats because I was "all he had". His family was equally abusive, with his obese mom also calling me fat; his psychotic brother deliberately speeding down a wet road when I was in the car with him because he was enraged about something and crashed us into a light post (luckily no injuries), screaming at me during random disagreements that I was a stupid little piggy, etc. I was literally a size 8-10 while dating this guy, not the skinniest but not a hambeast, but somehow they all knew I grew up with terrible body image and honed in on it with terrifying accuracy. Even after I got the courage to break up with him the torment didn't end, as his new gf would text me telling me I was fat and ugly.

All of this happened a decade ago but it still feels as raw as if it happened a month ago. I tried opening up to a therapist about it years ago but she completely dismissed it when I brought up the abuse and wanted to focus on my weight obsession instead so I never bothered again.

I feel awful that I still dwell on this despite my life being better now and being married to the most loving and supportive man I've ever known. I want to rise above it and put it out of my mind forever but I still hate myself as much as I did when I was with him.

No. 346251

I'm officially ready for kpop to become a banned topic on lolcow.

No. 346311

>I tried opening up to a therapist about it years ago but she completely dismissed it when I brought up the abuse and wanted to focus on my weight obsession instead so I never bothered again.
That’s an extremely shitty therapist you had there. I am so sorry to hear what you went through and I can see how that level of abuse can profoundly affect someone. If it’s something you really want to work on getting over, it may still be worth a shot to find a therapist, especially ones that specialize in domestic violence cases. Not all therapists are as terrible as the one you met and there are therapists out there who are empathetic and helpful.

No. 346312

File: 1546198199694.jpg (21.43 KB, 480x360, IMG_20181114_001937.jpg)

I hate how immature my boyfriend acts sometimea, even if I'm immature too.
When I get cuddly with him, he pushes me away. When I want to kiss him, he bites me (arms, legs, fingers). When I'm walking in front of him, he kicks me. When he says something and I don't hear him and ask him to repeat, he makes fart noises, and then I have to beg him to repeat what I said.
I get stressed and in a bad mood really quickly so he loves to push my buttons to watch me get angry. I told him several times this shit gets me stressed and makes me feel like shit, but he keeps doing it.
The best part? He is more mature than me. When it's time to get serious and get shit done he does it better than me. Fuck.

No. 346315

I can't sleep and I've been googling this past online friendship/relationship I had like over a year ago. The guy spoke less and less until he unfriended me but not blocked me on snap. I became weirdly obsessed with him to the point where every couple of months I would google the only things I knew about him. Nothing ever came up… until tonight. I managed to find his twitter and facebook and now I'm just like obsessing over what could have been. I also spent my night e stalking an older man I like at work. He is married and I would never do anything with him but he's such a family nerdy dad type and I secretly masturbate to his photos and feel awful after.
I'm currently trying to find a dude I had my first crush on…not even to contact but i wanna see what he looks like now.

I am realising I am very sick and sad and need help.

No. 346316

Immature? Anon, I think your boyfriend is a straight dick. If he knows something bothers you and you’ve repeatedly asked him to stop and he STILL does it, he’s a jerk.

No. 346321

It's his first relationship (we're both 20) so it makes it all more difficult. He has a bad habit of speeding while driving, and once I cried in fear while ask him to stop and still he didn't. He was awkwardly smiling like: why are you scared?

No. 346329

Thank you. My GP has been suggesting with every visit that she can recommend a therapist to me so I guess I should take a hint.

No. 346331

>When I want to kiss him, he bites me (arms, legs, fingers).
>When I'm walking in front of him, he kicks me.
>He has a bad habit of speeding while driving, and once I cried in fear while ask him to stop and still he didn't. He was awkwardly smiling like: why are you scared?

are you dating an overgrown toddler? wtf? this guy is going to seriously hurt you one day. this isn't immaturity, this is abusive behavior.

No. 346341

Oh jesus I found his mother and then I found him. I found my childhood crush after years of searching. He has kids and a family and his mother is still a crazy old hippy. Not the type I would have pictured myself with but he's okay.
I can't believe both these men I have stalked for years and am only just finding out tonight their actual profiles. What is happening.

No. 346345

I think just about everybody does stuff like this once in a while so don’t fret too much.

No. 346347

Anon are you dating a 10 year old? Seriously this is weird, ive never heard of this shit. Get rid of him. I doubt he does shit better than you, and even if he did, its nothing to do with you. Find someone better and get over your confidence issues.

No. 346362

Please don’t make excuses for him. The example you just shared shows how awful he is. He’s immature and MEAN. Taunting a partner or doing things to get a rise out of them is MEAN.

No. 346367

File: 1546202329343.jpeg (23.39 KB, 647x474, images.jpeg)

Thank you, anons. I'm not gonna break up with him because I love him, but I was feeling like an ass for getting worked up over this stuff.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the fact I have bruise marks over my arms and legs because of this stupid shit.
Also, kinda ironic when I ask him to hit me while having sex he won't do it because he says he is afraid of hurting me.

No. 346374

I hope you change your mind in the near future and stop wasting your time. He doesn't want to physically hurt you in bed but has no problem emotionally and physically hurting you otherwise. Not only that, but someone who does this annoying baby shit even after asking you to stop because he "enjoys getting a rise out of you" is a huge red flag. There's nothing funny about pissing someone off for funz, especially an S.O. You boyfriend is a fucking weirdo.

No. 346375

I don’t wanna sound patronizing but you’re both only 20. You’re young. You can find someone who treats you right and doesn’t actively try to scare you or make you angry/ignores your boundaries. Sometimes loving someone isn’t enough to make a relationship work.

No. 346402

i hope i move on into the new year forgetting you
i just wanna fuck you over right now though

No. 346423

You do know that someone who loved you wouldn't continue to intentionally hurt you after you asked them to stop, right?

No. 346427

File: 1546208418810.gif (1.23 MB, 245x280, tumblr_oafeolgXtR1qcemd2o2_250…)

Stupid idiot here again to whine some more before I definitely stop posting about it, but just hours after I posted that my boyfriend jokingly threw a box with a hard drive inside it on my face and… right into my eye, which is now red!
Hey farmers, stone me to death I am tired of living!

No. 346433

>probably still not going to break up with him
getting tired of your attention-seeking.

No. 346434

I've known for a couple years now my dad has a foot fetish and I'm still disgusted in him for it lmao the only way I found out was because he was asking me to update an app for him and I saw an app for feet pics needed updating

No. 346435

have fun with that shit

No. 346436

This is the vent thread, not the "let's make major life decisions based on farmers opinions" thread. Either way, I'm grateful for posting about it and feeling better, since I have no one to vent to.

I'm sorry anon. Not computer savy dads should really just stir away from porn apps/websites. Hope it didn't scar you for life, yikes.

No. 346437

breaking up with your abusive manchild boyfriend at age 20 is not a "major life decision" you melodramatic twit.

No. 346445

>he only hits you when it's non consensual
>speeding in car, will probably crash and kill you both, laughs
>not gonna break up

You REALLY can't find better than this?

No. 346448

>feet pics app

There is really an app for everything huh.
There are much worse fetishes he could have anon.

No. 346449

(obviously you don't wanna know about any, but uh just looking on the bright side)

No. 346450

True, he could be like that one anon's dad on /g/ with a father-daughter fetish.
Feet are super harmless, even if you didn't want to think of a parent as a sexual being lol.

No. 346477

>thinking you're going to be with your faggot boyfriend forever when you're only a baby
>I have no one to vent to except a bunch of anonymous strangers online
Wonder why.

No. 346480

you have no right to vent about something you clearly dont want to change. why are you so afraid of being away from this loser

No. 346491

I think anon is being pretty ridiculous about her loser bf but
>you have no right to vent
That's a bit silly too. People vent all the time about shit they can't or won't change.

No. 346565

File: 1546221482252.gif (3.11 MB, 400x224, tenor (1).gif)

Ugh. I got some kind of stomach bug and have been puking my brains out today. My brain has been too foggy for me to do any school work and I hate feeling unproductive…

No. 346575

Is it normal to feel old at 20? Asking for a friend.

No. 346576

File: 1546222588435.jpg (83.18 KB, 800x800, shizukaskirt.jpg)

sigh.. i wish i could buy cute clothes online on international sites but they don't ship to my country and the ones that do are expensive af and i'm broke..

regular clothing stores here are so basic, i'm actually sad after seeing so many cute products

No. 346578

I'm 20 and I feel old, but I know a lot of people think 20 is really young.

No. 346579

I don't care if next year is happy/good or not just give me a calm next year ok? Thanks.

No. 346582

If you're buying japanese stuff, maybe try a proxy shipping service like dejapan or tenso. They're cheapish.

No. 346590

no not in the slightest

No. 346591

no? unless you think being a teenager is the peak of existence

No. 346595

>unless you think being a teenager is the peak of existence
Eh, I pretty much do. I don't plan on getting married or having children so there's not much left to do from now on.

No. 346608

>all there is to do in life is get married and have children

Really? Learn, travel, have fun, invent, sing, watch shows+gigs, eat, spend time with family and friends, build a career or business?

No. 346609

File: 1546228195849.png (206.16 KB, 968x733, 1533515717506.png)

LMAO ok, anon. you can do all the fun shit as a teenager and more when you're an adult. learn to cook, eat some great food, fuck and fall in love. hello??

No. 346643

Makes sense. It's probably the influence of internet + a lot of other women around me being influenced by the same thing.

No. 346688

I’m so tired of making fun social commitments when I’m drunk and then immediately regretting them when I’m sober. I’m an avoidant asocial cunt when sober so it makes sense but i wish there was a pill that could enable me to be my nice drunk self always.

No. 346701

Yes it's normal, but you'll realize how retarded it is once you're legitimately old lmao.

No. 346711

File: 1546241372795.jpeg (31.13 KB, 500x375, 8FF03D91-7F40-417E-845F-EA5CBF…)

do something of interest so you don’t end up an antibacterial PTA mon with no life.

Would you like someone to cut your vagina to your anus whilst you tried to push the human equivalent of those creepy screaming plants from Harry Potter?


Ok do something else then with your life

No. 346715

File: 1546241717015.jpeg (110.64 KB, 750x750, 9AD1A1DA-B704-4D7E-A97A-BD8311…)

i keep falling for jobless video game loving neets who show no little/to no affection. i just think part of it is due to my low confidence and how i don't deserve anything slightly better. im a doofus.

No. 346718

File: 1546242703129.jpeg (268.88 KB, 1300x979, 3F8ADF12-2735-43B6-9459-7EFEDE…)

You decide to date unhigenic weebs that are unlikely to change and will ask you to microwave their tendies for them whilst they play video games.

>When/if you get married to one of them you will be expected to do absolutely everything for them whilst they complain that you are putting on weight/boobs not perky enough/ your body didn’t recover from the weight you put on during pregnancy as they sit on their ass scratching their balls playing COD or the flavour of the month.

Grow up or learn how to be a mommy to your future husband

No. 346721

File: 1546243482421.jpg (46.19 KB, 500x481, a7b0c375-d994-4f46-9914-d2ca52…)

Can you calm down?

No. 346723

One of my coworkers passed away last night and it has me questioning a lot. She was super nice and about my age, we talked a lot since our shifts often crossed with each other. Many people are saying it was an overdose and others are saying it was suicide. I keep thinking of how her parents found her body and didn’t even know anything was wrong till we called them to ask if she was coming into work and then they just couldn’t wake her up. I cant imagine how her family feels. It makes me think of when i attempted to kill myself and how my parents would’ve felt. I cant imagine what she was going through that made her do that. She was always quiet but still joyful and always seemed happy. She was even super excited for her plans tonight for new year’s eve. Honestly can’t come to terms with the fact that she’s gone. What has made me the most sad is how everyone seems to be acting totally fine, especially the person who worked last night who received the news and worked closest with her. Everyone seems so unbothered which is so unnatural. I feel like myself and another coworker are the only ones who were truly affected here in the office. What makes me feel worse is that when i think of her I also think of me and how that was almost me and I feel selfish for doing that. I wish i would’ve talked to her more.

No. 346732

File: 1546245427266.png (327.47 KB, 341x333, asdasd.png)

Being a woman who isn't a self-hating tradthot on the right wing is very isolating and I'm left a very misunderstood person on both sides. I just wish I found a community of libertarian radfems just like me to talk about this stuff sometimes

No. 346736

Most radfems are centrists, what are you talking about? They're certainly not leftists.

No. 346742

No. There are a ton of marxist and socialist radfems. The idea of women as an oppressed class is very in line with Marxist theory. Not buying into tranny shit and general misogyny =/= not being leftist

No. 346747

leftists and liberals are different, bby.

No. 346750

So I'm not doing anything crazy for new years tonight. Big surprise. Looking back on my life I never really had. It always got so hyped up then something shitty always happens so I have no good memories of new years. In saying this I realize I am not really a holiday person in general. Christmas has always been either depressing or mediocre and the same goes for Thanksgiving. I find my family to be so fake during these times as well. For example, when I was in my early teens for years my parents would claim that Christmas is a time where family matters. So they would rush opening presents in the morning then quickly drive our entire family to our relatives place who lived 4 hours away. The fucked up thing is one of my cousins raped me and they knew about it. They just let me be exposed to him over and over. My parents are also very religious Christians so they're always telling me I'll burn in hell if I call it xmas or whatever. I've never cared for receiving gifts either. I enjoy giving them but that's it. Same for birthdays and whatever else. Am I just cynical or what.

The only good holiday is Halloween because fuck I love dressing up.

No. 346754

File: 1546249326607.gif (608.26 KB, 500x282, 77464e3093800dbd78401ff619b057…)

I'm so pissed at my parents and them "caring". I'm going out with my ex for nye and they keep making comments like "oh he still didn't find anyone new", "so you're still not over him", "why are you even talking to him", "he's holding you back", "you're running out of time". Like what the fuck? We're still friends, he was never abusive or used me in any way, we simply figured out we're better off being friends, there was no messy breakup and they know all this and yet they keep on shitting on both of us like this.
It's a huge deal when I go out with someone I know I'm safe with but when my brother goes missing for two days or just pisses off somewhere without telling anyone it's no big deal. Like fuck off.
I hate how they're pressuring me to get a new partner and have kids asap, while knowing well it's not affordable. It's not my fault your son is a pos and that you had me on accident, fucking morons.

No. 346757

my bf's sister and brother-in-law are the worst people to be around, jesus christ. we went out to dinner with my bf's family and they both sent back their food, complained the entire time, ordered the most expensive drinks, and talked about the burden of making too much money and needing friends who can keep up with their spending habits all on my bf's grandparent's dime. his grandparents are old and nice and just wanted a goddamn peaceful family dinner but they need to make everything about themselves.

tidbit about the brother-in-law: when we were staying somewhere with a hot tub he complained that the water was too hot and his upper body is sensitive. so he stood waist deep in the tub, lightly splashing himself, talking about how he isn't embarrassed to put himself out there for his sales job (yeah no duh.) he looked like a bathing seal.

thank you for listening

No. 346768

Hey, anon. First, I’m very sorry to hear that you were attacked and that your parents kept putting you in that situation. That’s fucking rough and I hope you’re okay. I’m not doing anything for NYE, either. Didn’t do anything for Christmas because I don’t like it much. Agree with you on Halloween 100%.

No. 346773

I'm doing nothing for NYE too! Best way to spend it, IMO.

No. 346775

This is borderline abusive. Have fun with this loser.

No. 346777

File: 1546258534154.jpg (16.77 KB, 351x344, 1537951986884.jpg)

Damn, I knew there was at least one of you out there.
Having this mash of ideologies certainly does make you an outsider to the outsiders huh?
You can't fit into the right, but you also can't express some of your ideologies to the radfems either.
Feels weird man. I wish there was an avenue where we could talk without getting shit on from both sides.

No. 346780

File: 1546260380158.jpg (44.52 KB, 1200x800, TheLastofUsPartII_PGW_08.0.jpg)

I've been obsessively watching the last of us 2 trailer ever since it came out multiple times per day with this woman in it. I so want to be her and I want to be with her.
And every time I look at myself in the mirror I'm afraid that I will never achieve that dream.

I started lifting among other things and I have a leaner body now, but I hate that I have a large cup size (not a humble brag, I hate my D cups). I still have a clearly womanly body and I'm afraid that I won't achieve the androgynous look that I badly want.

I've settled for a chest binder but I can't stand my thighs and hips. I wish I could stop hating every feminine feature on me but I can't. Why can't I just be happy being me? There are so many people that have it worse than me and I'm just hating my life for being born in this body. It's stupid and pathetic.

No. 346790

File: 1546264183083.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1837, 1BB62185-CFD3-4984-9FA7-2E55E2…)

>I have a twink cute at boyfriend
>he’s smart and nice and likes animals
>he’s really good with housework & other shit most guys are clueless about


He’s a fucking push over
He gets asked out by gay guys 24/17
All his friends are incel assholes

No. 346793

I wish period blood didn't smell so gross. I need to masturbate.

No. 346796

hmm. except for like.. the tiniest subtlety in the face, this pic is a man. are you sure you're not straight?

No. 346799

File: 1546266973696.jpg (48.55 KB, 480x480, 1540868715880.jpg)

I noticed I've been subconsciously leaning towards becoming a bitter christmas cake meme these past couple of months… I'm sort of tempted to fully embrace it these next two days and get shitfaced but I know that's not really a constructive way to go about my problems.
>tfw browsing online and come across a post from an old crush talking about his past relationships
>reading it just reiterates more and more how we never would've worked out, how little i come across his mind, and that i could never compare to his exes

No. 346802


Whenever I'm on my period and feel like I need to masturbate, I do it while taking a shower. At first I clean myself and then do it as I please, with hands or use the massage water jet of the shower head.

No. 346810

File: 1546268755684.gif (1.4 MB, 540x405, 7a92b3f0-c626-437f-b73c-0907fb…)

That's not fucking healthy. STOP looking at old memories and experiences because you're trying to create pointless new ones (fantasizing about how things would have went if you were still together now).
Seriously just block them on whatever social media you're using or better yet, just delete YOUR social media.

You know you should be constructive, so just DO IT.
Read a fucking book, write some fucking journal pages about the future, try to cook or bake something you've never created before (check out HANSE or honeykki for good desert/cake recipes), go hang out with a good friend and foster THAT relationship. I feel like women make a huge mistake in over-investing time and emotional energy into men/their romantic endeavors where instead they should be investing more time into their friends or their own female family.

You can go out and get drunk and wild, but don't do it in the spirit of being sad in regards to an old flame. Do it because you wanna celebrate your own talents and achievements and the relationships you have with the people you love right now.

No. 346815

They clearly refer to her as she in game. Admittedly, her model does look like someone copy-pasted a woman's head on a man's body.
And I can't feel attraction to men, no matter how masculine or feminine they look. Having a penis is an instant deal breaker for me, so I'm definitely not straight.

No. 346822

Exactly! It's frustrating when you have so much to discuss but the left calls you a bigot and the right calls you a roastie without ever even giving you a chance

No. 346826

After a weeks battle with feline HIV and everything we could possibly do, we have to put my cat down in 2 hours. A piece of me is broken and things will never be the same. I can’t begin to tell you how special this cat is, how long he suffered and held out waiting for his forever home, just to finally get it, break out of his shell, and have it cut short. He deserves so much, the kindest most pure sweetest cat in the world. I can’t believe this is happening. I wish We could’ve had years and years more together. I can’t believe this is the end. I love him so much it hurts.

No. 346833

File: 1546272107457.jpeg (132.37 KB, 1022x1363, 9D475FD3-3EC8-4C49-83E7-A77E82…)

>asked for one day off in December at work two months in advance
>got a text message two days before asking if I still needed that day off or not (yes)
>found out later my fellow managers were annoyed about how much work they had to do because I wasn’t there to do it
>we also discussed holidays in October, and no one cared about NYE so I said I would take it off and work Christmas
>the boss manager wrote my name on the calendar with NO PM
>three days ago asked me a loaded question about wanting extra hours this week and used it to schedule me to close on NYE

I know this was done on purpose because they or the assistant manager suddenly made plans for tonight. It aggravates me that I need to ask for a day off weeks in advance and still get flack about it, but they can screw around with the schedule whenever they feel like it.

No. 346866

Cant is different from wont and can. So no, she doesnt have a right to vent about it.

No. 346870

File: 1546277394025.gif (1023.34 KB, 500x374, vroomvroom.gif)

Just found out my dad has a 5 y.o kid that he neglected to tell anyone about. No I'm sorry. He neglected to tell me and my sister about it but apparently everyone on his side of the family already knew. Haha seems like I know shit all about this dude. I'm the same anon from >>340958 and I'm just learning new shit at this point. Wouldn't I want to know if I had a little brother out there? WHY WOULDN'T I WANT TO KNOW THAT. I ~GUESS~ it doesn't really affect my life NOT knowing. But fuck it just shows how secretive he really is. My little sister found out about this yesterday and she's hurt.

No. 346876

I can't believe you came back just to clap with this. It's an imageboard. You have a "right" to post whatever up until it breaks a posting rule. You're being ridiculous and childish.

No. 346879

I'm 20 and even though I know I'm young I keep feeling like time is running out and that I haven't achieved anything and that once I'm over 20 I'll be too old to start doing any of the things I want to do. I feel like everyone else my age or younger has already achieved so much more than me even though that's not true. It's stupid and I don't know how to get over it.

No. 346880

Not that it'll make you feel better, but my dad was a womanizer and similarly I found out I have multiple half siblings besides my bitchy half sister who I went no contact with when I was 13.

I have no earthly clue how many half siblings I may actually have. I haven't talked to my father since I was 13 as well, and my mom can only offer foggy details at best. Clearly she hopped into a marriage with him and didn't know shit about him. My mom kept many secrets from me I think out of embarrassment and not wanting me to pick the same types of losers by the example she set.

It bothers me sometimes, and the only thing I can guarantee is that if I have children I'll do better for a partner so they won't have to deal with such awful situations.

No. 346884

File: 1546281090537.jpg (47.87 KB, 302x352, d86.jpg)

Right when I think my friend who's gotten distant has finally ghosted me, she'll send me a message out of the blue asking me how I am, I'll say fine and ask her how she is, but she won't answer? Or sometimes she'll ignore my questions and say something unrelated then she'll disappear again. This has been going on for nearly 2 months. What is she doing? Is that some contrived way to get me to ghost her instead so she doesn't feel bad? I'm not even messaging her first anymore at this point, so what the hell. I'm confused and a little uncomfortable because of how off those interactions feel. I still care for her and was putting up with this because I thought maybe she was privately struggling with something but I'm fed up. I'll stop answering.

No. 346887

My bff's new year plans didn't work out bc she has shitty friends who cancelled at the last minute and I'm so mad at them, I don't know em so I can't send angry messages but I did order my friend some sushi.
I wish we didn't live so far away from eachothers.

No. 346888

Some people just aren't good with small talk

No. 346889

Nah dude, she was very good at small talk for the 6 years I've known her.

No. 346893

i just cut off my “best friend” for consistently ghosting me over the last 4 months for the sake of my own sanity, so before your self esteem gets fucked the way mine did i suggest you cut the cord and stop replying to her at all

No. 346899

I have to go to a retreat in a couple of days to reconnect with people I met during my summer program. I haven't packed, and I'm kind of dreading flying out tomorrow. I really loved meeting so many sweet people then, except the only problem was they were all mega SJWs, especially on race. Despite being a racial minority myself I felt constantly worried that I was going to slip up and say something "racist". I got tired of hearing all summer how white people were responsible for fucking up everything.

No. 346900

Responding to my last post to say he’s gone now. We just snuggled until he left. Rest In Peace my baby karl. I love him so much.

No. 346941

Honestly thought this was about me for a second.

I'm guilty of doing dumb shit like this to my very patient bestfriend.

We started chatting on mocospace about KHR when we were both 14 and had a lot in common.
We would message each other every other hour daily,tell each other we loved one another,had a shared deviantart account for an obscure crack pairing.
Then when we were 15/16 we moved onto facebook and around this time I was couch surfing and homeless.
I would see on FB that she was surrounded with really cool friends and she was already planning for college and I felt overwhelmed and unworthy to be her friend,like I would just drag her down if I opened up to her and let her know I was going through some dark stuff so I just deleted everything.

Then almost 2 years later I reconnected with a mutual friend of ours on tumblr and we all started talking again and planning to meet up at conventions.I told them about how I was homeless and depressed and didn't want to be a bother and everything was going great and I ghosted them a month after the convention meetup.

I would check up on their blogs a year later and recognize inside jokes and nicknames we gave each other and it all just made me feel like garbage and I didn't even think about contacting them again.
I hate rejection and didn't want either of them to realize how boring and clingy a person I was/am

Maybe your friend is going through something difficult but doesn't want to bother you?

No. 346944

That wasn't even me, but you're the only one who keeps "clapping back" lmao.

No. 346947

The only one childish is your nasty ass boyfriend…seriously do you want to break up with him or not? I don't know why you keep coming in here defending him. Stop complaining if you're not going to do anything but attention seek here. And that was my first time responding to you

No. 346951

Isn't this the kind of shit trans people say?

No. 346957

I don't know why I cut myself when I get angry and drunk. I've had a good life compared to others.

No. 346959

My old best friends have done this. No warning. Just started ghosting me and would randomly reach out for some short, kinda awkward conversations via social media (centered around them, of course—never asked about me.)

Hopefully your situation is different and that I’m just jaded from going through something similar. Twice.

No. 346963


yet you're probably the type to be able to drag a woman and read her for filth but stay with an abusive man i hate women like you

No. 346966

That's rough anon, I hope you're doing okay. There's a lot of stuff I left out because this isn't the memoirs thread, but it's not the same situation. Her life is the best it's been in years, she's been through shit and I've helped her before but it's different this time. She has a really specific way of typing when she's unwell and rereading old chats that's not it, I think I was just holding on hope and convincing myself she was depressed again and eventually she'd reach out and we'd clear it all up. I've already made up my mind to move on, I was just venting because today's weird reply felt like she was mocking me and I got unusually upset.

Sorry to hear that anons. May the coming year bring us new and better friends.

No. 346968

I used to have people I once considered my best friends who out of nowhere started making plans without me in secret. The only way I found out was because I had another best friend once ask me if I was "going to the meetup". Confused, I told her I never knew about any plans. She told me, "Well… you're going now, I invited you to come with me."
That was the last time we both ever hung out with the rest of the group. I remember going to the meetup at a restaurant and the entire time everything felt tense.
Even after all that, I'm glad I still have a best friend. I was afraid she was going to abandon me like the others too. I can't imagine losing the only one I have left. She lives in another state now but we manage to keep in touch and it gives me hope.

No. 347009

I hope you're feeling better after venting and what an ass move if she was actually mocking you.

Also oops my post was 100 percent a memoir as much as it was a vent

No. 347021

this is my first year spending NYE completely alone, i've always gone to a party but couldn't come up with anything this year so i'm just going to watch netflix and eat gnocchi. I feel so pathetic

No. 347037

File: 1546299928292.png (148.24 KB, 1197x506, WAT.PNG)

I guess it really is majority of men on crystalcafe

No. 347060


I spent New Years alone last night (it's already New Years Day here) and I made a nice dinner, took a nice bath and fell asleep early to try and avoid being up for midnight.

I wish we could spend our NYE together, it's my first one alone too.

No. 347062

>i lurk sometimes
>i lurk

No. 347068

I really want to kill myself.
I feel like I wasted my youth (I'm 26), I barely have any friends and nobody has ever loved me and to be fair I have never loved anyone either the last time I had a crush was in middle school. I think this is going to be my last year, I can barely take it anymore. I'm so afraid but at the same time I'm so fucking tired.
I'm thinking about how everyone is out partying and well, living, and I'm here alone in my pyjamas with no lights on listening to fucking K-Pop.
People tell me how I look "cute" and "innocent" because I barely know anything about going out or drinking or you know, real life in general, because all I've done is go to school and go back home and they're right and honestly it pisses me off because I don't want to be like this and I hate myself for it.

No. 347069

If it makes you feel any better I'm not out partying tonight either, I'm actually at work right now lol. You're honestly still young, I don't understand why so many anons here are having midlife crisis's in their 20's. Y'all are suppose to have those kind of thoughts at like 35 or some shit. You aren't even in your 30 yet and you're going to end your life before it actually takes off? So what if you haven't loved anyone >yet<. It's YET not EVER. My mother is in her 40's and she's been with her bf for a few years but before then she was a single mother for a long ass time. If there's hope for her (someone who did not get out much ever, save from going to work,) then there's hope for anyone. You are worthy to be here anon. Please believe that.

No. 347070

Anon, I was miserable at your age too and felt the same way. I know it sounds cheesy to say this but there is still a lot to live for and things can turn around and you can be a lot happier down the line. Don’t let your age or other people’s views define how you feel about yourself. You don’t have to be someone who drinks or goes out clubbing or whatever “going out” means anyways. That shit is overrated and boring as fuck anyways.

No. 347112

Going to uni this year and I'm scared. I'm painfully shy and worried I won't make friends. Going to be living on campus and I'm also going to miss my mum so much because she's my world. She was very ill several years ago and while she's recovered and is a lot better her health isn't the best, so I'm very anxious about being away from her in case something were to happen. I had a nightmare last night about her being dead and it scared me so much I woke up in tears. I know I'm being silly, but venting helps a little.

No. 347119

My new years resolution is to kill myself

No. 347136

i have to keep my mind busy every waking moment or else i think of my dogs face as she suffocated to death in my arms. i was hoping a car would slide and hit me on my way to work.

No. 347151

I know this seems to be a trend in this thread lately but I am in my late 20s and I definitely am afraid of being old.

I think part of the reason is because I never even got to have a point in my life where I was young, healthy and hot. I am very sickly with a couple chronic health issues so most of my 20s were spent in doctor's offices for treatments (the few years I let my dad shuttle me to some quack radio doctor to give me weird vitamin C IVs was a particularly dark time) or in bed sick. I never got to be a skinny, tanned, sexy 20 year old, just a pasty, flabby loser with no social life and no accomplishments.

Now that I'm almost thirty and no longer "young," I feel completely robbed of what were supposed to be the best years of my life. I feel like I would be less resentful of aging if I'd at least gotten to enjoy my youth, but I never did. I have a loving husband and a nice life now aside from my health (which is slowly improving thankfully). But I still wish I'd been able to be the stereotypical 21 year old who goes out and enjoys life with her friends.

No. 347164

I feel like a country yokel speaking to other English speakers because of how drastically my accent deviates from most english accents. And also due to how easily Maori words and colloquial language enters my vocabulary.

Oftentimes I have to repeat myself and it's so shameful.

No. 347167

Do you say fish and chups

No. 347170


yeah I wish all of us lonely girls could spend NYE together lol, I mean new years is always shitty for me so I know im not missing out on much but I guess I just put too much thought into the significance starting a new year by myself, even though I know it's technically bullshit… it's just another night, oh well

No. 347172

W-what. You killed your dog???

No. 347175

I wish the memories of my ex would stop haunting me and set me free. But I'm scared of facing what's ahead in life now and need them to comfort me. Don't want this around in 2019.

No. 347176

i don't think you should come to that conclusion, the dog may have choked.

No. 347183

yeah, no I didnt kill my dog. the vet was coming to put her to sleep at my house but she died before he got here. she was fine a day before Christmas, and the day after Christmas she died. i should have put her to sleep at the vet, but i couldnt do it to her to die away from home. it was also selfish of me to want another evening with her.

No. 347188

Oh thank god. I'm sorry about your doggo anon. I'm sure she was happy to be with you and not in a strange place.

No. 347199

Every time I see a known furry post pictures of their pet, I get really sad for the pet. I don't trust furries to take care of any animal. Typing this here because there's nowhere else to type it. I'm not annoyed, I don't think it's an unpopular opinion, I'm just phobic against furries I guess. Furry-ist. And they're fucking everywhere on the internet I hate it.

No. 347209

after that thread on the furry who tortured multiple dogs to death i give a lot of them the side eye.

No. 347210

don't worry anon. i think that dogs are happier pushing through the pain to be happy. i'm sure it was the best for both of you.

No. 347235

thank you, really. its been a rough holiday.

No. 347244

In your late 20s, you have plenty of time to do things. Most people are stuck in college until they're 24 or even older. Now's the time for you to start exploring and making big choices with no one questioning you. I spent my early to mid 20s suffering severe mental illness. Still am, but it pushes me not to stay in bed all day and so something. Even if it's going to a new little shop 5 minutes away from town, I can do it.

No. 347249

a similar thing happened to me, I held my dog while he was being put to sleep at my house. I read online somewhere that a vet said that pets are often frantically looking around for their owner in their lasts moments before they put them to sleep, so if you are holding them or near them they are at peace in their last moments. i'm sorry about your pup but know she was happy to be with you before she passed away

No. 347259

I don’t trust them either. The fandom is so steeped in sexuality and porn addiction that it causes people to have fucked up fantasies that are enabled by other sick fucks. Plus, some of their well-known members are known dogfuckers and for the most part, they don’t care.

No. 347308

After a furry harassed me by constantly saying sexual things about me and then saying it was my fault for feeling uncomfortable after I asked him to stop, I feel the same way as you.

A lot of them are gross. I don't understand why they try to force their fetish on other people, especially those who are emphatically not okay with it. Makes me feel a bit ill thinking about animals suffering the same thing from them

No. 347335

File: 1546332477515.jpeg (60.04 KB, 1379x791, 2A94D9F2-EF59-4177-BC24-243843…)

Found out my “best friend” at work has been talking bad about me to upper management and other people at work. We recently had an argument because she kept leaving her position to flirt with a guy at work and I got upset and confronted her. We got over it and started talking again even planned to go out and then that day i find out she’s been spewing bad stuff about me since i started working besides her pretty much all while we would go out and go to each other’s houses and such. I’m a very upfront person which a lot of people here take issue with so i’m not new to being disliked but what bothered me so much is how she pretended to be my friend this whole time while bad mouthing me to everyone under the sun. She never gets in trouble either and has gotten some people fired due to one of her parents working in management. Im trying my best to keep my cool but at the same time I really want to slowly tear her down and make her life impossible.

No. 347352

File: 1546334795280.jpg (70.15 KB, 1213x1179, pusheen.jpg)


No. 347358

File: 1546335524340.png (18.22 KB, 512x512, crying.png)

drank like 3l of irn bru at work and had 4 bits of nicotine gum which was a big mistake bc I'm wide awake rn, it never feels like stimulants have an effect on me and then they do lmao

No. 347368

Young women shitting all over older women is the dumbest thing. It's like they don't even realize one day they'll be old too.

No. 347383

theres something wrong with me thats causing me to be constantly nauseous, sometimes vomiting, and have no appetite. my doctor told me for 6 MONTHS it was just anxiety and i lost 40 lbs. i'm now 90 lb at 5'9.

finally they did some further testing after i started turning YELLOW and found some elevated liver enzymes but my liver scan came back normal.

so now i'm just waiting to see a specialist but who knows when the fuck that will be as everywhere is closed due to christmas/new years

i'm tired of feeling like shit. it's affecting my work obviously, i don't have any energy, and it's making my depression even worse. i came close to commiting sudoku last night. i'm literally isolating myself in my tiny house and just crying all the time. i'm neglecting basic hygiene bc i hate showering and having to feel my disgusting body

oh yeah, and my tiny house is owned by my ex who just a couple of weeks ago grabbed me by the neck when we were in the car and slammed my face into the dashboard multiple times lol because we were arguing and i tried to get out of the car when it was moving.

i also have stopped seeing my psych because she told me this would happen and i'm too embarrassed to admit she was right

happy new year everyone lol

No. 347385

The zoosadist thing definitely reminded a lot of people of why the internet hated furries so much.

Dude anon I think you should continue meeting with your psych, your symptoms and history sounds a whole lot of anxiety rooted psychosomatic symptoms.

No. 347418

You sound petty anon, older women are always commenting on how younger women talk or dress like despite supposedly being more mature

No. 347440

nta, but how is she being petty? When I hear young girls commenting on older women as old and therefore ugly, it's petty af. Why do you want to base someone's value, and usually someone that has done nothing wrong to you or is just minding their own business, on something they have no control of?

I know there are nasty people of every gender, age, race, etc. but when I hear young girls saying such things, they usually do it to a nice older lady. I've never understood that even in my teens. Though, tbh it's usually some street trash that says such things, you know, the type of a woman who will only work as a cashier or a waitress until she realises that her looks are long gone and she never did anything with her life or has any meaningful skills except for gossiping and being petty.

No. 347447

Anon, get tested for helicobacter pylori. I had it for 8 fucking years straight and i had the symptoms that you do. Do you sometimes bring up really bitter-tasting foamy stuff as well? Please keep meeting with your psych, too. You don't have to be embarrassed about being human, she's there to help you, so please let her help. Sending strength.

No. 347477

Very tired and read "helicopter pylon" which I'm nearly certain is somebody's WWE signature move

No. 347478

File: 1546355413607.jpg (48.18 KB, 600x450, 1442211071360.jpg)

I found out recently that my dad is still a piece of shit and not the person i thought he was. i've been openly gay all my life (lesbian) and he was okay ( i guess tolerated it… cuz he's hyper christian.) He was fine with me getting married, since i've been with the same woman for 10 years now, but once i mentioned wanting to have a child, he freaked out. He kept saying it wasn't because of his religion, but he would not allow it and i started crying on the phone.

I have a younger sister who was knocked up at 17 and had a kid and everyone praised her, but i want one child in a healthy, happy marriage and my dad hates me for it. My mom passed away unfortunately, but she was nicer than my father in every way.

No. 347488

I hope you're adopting

No. 347490

I don't know how to tell my family that the reason I don't go out is because I feel too ugly to be seen out in public. Even if I did lose weight, I'd need a lot of work to fix my face. It's oddly square, my forehead has some weird ridges that form a frown on my brow, and I have a buttchin. I look like a man from some angles. Also my facial skin is horrible and I don't mean skin tone - it's just overall really dry and old.

My mother will never understand because she's prettier than I ever was or will be. My brother got her looks and I got my fug father's. I hate being ugly.

No. 347503

I'm having a panic attack. I feel like I wasted away the day when it was supposed to be a "new start". I feel like time is running out and I'm unable to make anything better with my life.

Everytime something feels uncertain I start to panick to the point of just being too anxious to be able to do anything and just end up dropping out of anything causing stress.
I've tried treatment but it's not working. I have some prazepam on hand but all I get taking it is being sleepy while still feeling bad.
I'm almost 30. I don't believe anymore that it's just going to get better with age.
I can't deal, anon. I have no idea what to do.

No. 347515

It's really annoying how public transport is (nearly) down when it's new years day.

No. 347518

It's not a new start but things can get better. It just takes time.
The calender, years etc is all just made up. Even the sun rising and setting is different everywhere. In Sweden in the summer it is light until 1am.
It's not even 2019- it is either several years earlier or later since the guy who invented the calender system got Jesus' birthyear wrong.

Just keep working hard on improving your life. There are no time limits to it.

No. 347527

Feeling kind of crappy because my sister and the guy I’m seeing didn’t respond to my new year messages. My sister is so annoyingly flakey at times and it makes me and my entire family feel really shitty that she tends to ignore us or forgets us for some reason. She always say shit like, “I love you so much” but then ignores us.

I keep wondering if the guy I’m dating is getting less interested in me since he was on a long holiday trip. I became out of sight, out of mind for him I guess. Slowly mentally preparing for the possibility of letting him go.

Also, made the mistake of looking at the Instagram page of an ex-friend who made me feel like shit.

Ugh, I’ve just been sitting in bed all morning on the phone stewing in negative thoughts like this because I didn’t sleep so well.

No. 347542

Hey, anon. Time is just a construct and you can press “reset” whenever you want. Most people seem to think that any time in January is a good time for a fresh start, so don’t feel like one day passing by is a waste!

No. 347554

There's no such thing as New Year/New You. Take shit at your own pace. it's why i choose not to go to the gym a week after new years since all the annoying 'new years resolution' people are there instead of doing a lifestyle change.

You have time, but you have to do it when you're able and make a commitment to whatever you want to do.

No. 347555

Nah, not into adoption. Not for children, anyway. I know that sounds shitty and jaded, but i'd rather try to do something with my own genetics and form that bond.

No. 347557

I've messed up a lot of shit in my life, but the biggest thing that affects literally everything I do now is messing up my education (and therefore not getting a career path).

I'm 26 years old, have a degree, but can't even get an interview for a fucking admin position because my degree grade is shit and all my work experience is in retail/hospitality while I was in education. I spent 2 years after graduating drifting around the country doing fuck all so I have a huge gap on my CV and it's proper fucking me up now. So angry at myself for doing a shit degree and not actually ever thinking about how I would earn a living.

No. 347575

update on tinder date
it went so well he deleted his app, he said im just as adorable in person thank god

first day of 2019 and after 8 months of grieving my first ex, ive landed in a new relationship! oh well lol
I hope i dont become a slave to my feelings tho (become boy crazy again) and am able to achieve my own goals this year

No. 347798

My boyfriend who I've been dating since October ruined the night out on new year's eve by abusing me and now I know what I have to do, I'm just very…very sad, exhausted, and dismayed. It's TL;DR but I need this off my chest.

The plan was that we were going to go to my friend's birthday party and then meet up with my second group of friends in the city for dinner plus its version of the ball drop event. We bought flasks beforehand because we're both short on money so we didn't want to pay expensive bar prices, and I assumed like any adult my bf would be able to self-moderate and cut off if he had enough. After that, I was meant to drive back to his place to spend the night.
It was well established to bf that there would be a lot of people around and drinking.

The birthday party was fine. He was being social and didn't claim to have an anxiety attack around people like I've seen him do before. We had a drink and then left the party to head downtown to meet my friends for late dinner at a restaurant. I paid for my bf's cigarettes, bourbon, and dinner. I also drove. I'm a very considerate person and thought I was doing the right thing because his car broke down recently and he didn't have the money. It's the time of year to be selfless and giving so I guess I fell for that line…

The first half of dinner was fine. I ordered beer for everyone. But progressively bf got more and more rowdy, he was slipping sips from the flask before we were even out on the street. At first he was being a funny drunk (we were all a little tipsy and loud), and my friends didn't seem to be having a negative reaction because the atmosphere was generally lighthearted. I thought nothing of it, why hamper the fun?

Then he started to have a random panic attack when he decided there was too many people in the restaurant.
After this point, his attitude got darker. He started to get critical of the things the male friends in my group were saying and was taking innocent things as an affront. He got increasingly paranoid. He kept leaving to wobble outside and have a cigarette. One of my friends tried to be friendly and relate to him about the anxiety but it didn't seem to help. My group could tell things were getting tense and that we had stayed our fair welcome at the restaurant, so we left and walked towards downtown.

The walk was terrible. He grew belligerent and started shouting in the street. Not shouting goofy drunk things or like "Happy New Year!" but "THERE WILL BE BLOOD IN THE FUCKING STREET!" Someone would brush against him and he would scream "DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME!!!" And not just once, but multiple times. It sounded psychotic and it was embarrassing, it was going beyond having too much to drink and more like what the fuck was wrong with him? I tried to get him calm but no reason would be had by him.

Then he started manhandling me. He would randomly grab me by the head and constantly try to lean on/into me. He was annoying me because he was smudging off my makeup and ruining my hair. I was partially sweating from carrying a quarter of his weight as we walked (did I mention I was in heels?) I kept asking him to stop but he was too drunk to remember my admonishments or give a fuck. The more I rejected this "affection" the more dejected he became. So much that he started to shout at me. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT WHEN YOU TAKE ME OUT DRINKING IN PUBLIC!!!" My friends at this point thought it was just the alcohol, but it was getting very personal. I'd never been in public with him before when he was drunk like this. In fact, I had "expected" him to be a fucking adult and not act like a teenager drinking for the first time.

He kept shouting, and shouting, and shouting.
We arrived in line for some bar my friends wanted to be in for the ball drop, but bf wouldn't stop escalating even in the line. It was $15 entrance fee per person.
I don't remember every single thing he screamed in my ear, but I know that I yelled for him to leave me alone finally. He walked away, so affronted that I dare tell him to piss off for treating me poorly. My hand was in a fist, I wanted to punch him across the face so fucking badly. I had tears in my eyes. I don't care how drunk someone is, there's something wrong with their head to treat someone like that! That's when my friends knew this guy was being a mega douche and greatly upsetting me.
He came back when we were about to go inside.

He berated me so much that I was on the verge of crying as I handed my card and ID to the bouncer. I couldn't look the bouncer in the eye, and the bouncer had seen how shitfaced and awful bf was being to me. Even the fucking bouncer felt sorry for me.
As he gave me my ID and card back we proceeded down the hall and bf said some shit to me that made me scream back "LEAVE ME ALONE I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG TO YOU."
I rushed inside behind my friends.

It was twenty minutes before midnight, and I had a thousand yard stare into the ceiling of the place because I couldn't fucking believe this shit was happening. I was surrounded by friends, and seemingly had all these wonderful pictures already posted to social media but I felt so fucking alone and upset. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, I tried not to make a huge scene or be upset. My friends felt really sorry for me.

My phone lit up and it was my bf calling/texting me. Through the noise I gathered he had exited the bar and the bouncer, "the motherfucker," wasn't letting him back inside because of how shitfaced he was. My friends told me he was being toxic and that I shouldn't respond. Bf wanted me to come out because he was having a panic attack again.
Tbh, it wasn't that he guilted me, but I feared he would cause trouble for others outside if I didn't come out. I paid $30 for nothing.

As I exited the bar the bouncer saw me and was clearly concerned. He told me the reason why my bf had been kicked out, which I completely understood and agreed with.
It was a punch in the gut.
When he saw me he fell onto me and started to yell at me for "abandoning" him and started to ugly yell/cry into my shoulder. He kept saying how it was my fault for bringing him out there. I had a depressed expression on my face and strangers all around were giving me looks like "Oh shit, you poor woman." He wasn't calming down.
I spent midnight outside alone, with drunk bf as everyone cheered the new year. I wanted to disappear into the earth.

A street musician, about our age, came by and saw I was distressed and tried to deescalate the situation. He was an angel. He talked to me a bit about himself and we stood around to watch him play. Bf temporarily calmed himself as he found something to do, that is, dance like an idiot. People were filing past as the festivities were over, and I prepped to say goodbye to the musician and add him on facebook.
Turns out, he lived in the same area I did. Bf then gripped my shoulder hard and I could feel him getting angry. As we walked away, he snidely said "So what, is that your fucking new bf now?" It was ridiculous and my patience had run up.

I told him frankly that my feet hurt and all I wanted to do was find my car and take him home. He got angry. He shouted "YOUR FEET HURT?! WHAT ABOUT MY FEET I WORK 8 GODDAMN HOURS!" No, he hadn't worked that day. No, he never worked eight hours in heels. No, he wasn't thinking about how I'd worked 8 hours with tired feet before. None of it had anything to do with the fact that tonight I was the one in heels, with tired feet, with a drunk, and I was just trying to go home.
He got belligerent again as we walked. Except this time he would block my path. I kept telling him to get out of my way. He refused. He wanted to "talk," and by "talk" proceed to scream at me about fucking nonsense because he was a stupid ass drunkard.
He was scaring me and making me uncomfortable. He grabbed my arm and kept impeding my walk.
"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" I screamed. I called him a fucking kook, since he was skulking around me like a predator. He was causing such a scene with me. Complete strangers from apartment balconies were shouting down "HEY LEAVE HER ALONE!" People from cars were shouting at him to leave me the fuck alone.

I finally made it to my car and got him in it.
Looking back, I should have left him downtown, but I'm not that kind of person. I knew somehow that would only make me the villain even more.
Even though none of it was my fault.
I'm a female, shit is always the woman's fault even when it's not. I didn't want to do anything that anyone could throw at my face later, I wanted this douchebag unequivocally in the wrong.
He shouted at me the entire ride back. I kept asking him to not yell at me, but he wouldn't stop. He just kept on, and on, and on. Whenever I tried to get a word in, he would simply talk over me or shout higher. It was hard for me to concentrate on the road, I decided it was better to be silent. Then, he started to yell at me for being quiet because "THAT'S WHAT MY FUCKING EXES HAD DONE BEFORE THEY LEFT!!1!!" By the time I got to his house to drop him off I was crying hysterically. I told him I was never coming back because of the way he treated me, and that I was going inside to get my stuff.
He proceeded to grab me in my car. I screamed at him to let go, I said no, to get out. He restrained me in the car for what seemed like minutes.

I finally broke free and leaned on my car door sobbing hysterically. He was yelling at me so loudly that neighbors upstairs and from nextdoor came outside. They thought he was battering me based on the commotion and my disheveled appearance. I walked inside to get my things and he broke down on his knees begging me back. Although I knew it was just manipulation, I said to him "You can't honestly expect me to stay here after what you've done?!"
I went back outside to my car and a group of people had gathered, I was still crying and holding my face because it hurt. He said he wanted his cigarettes out of my car, which I allowed him to get. Except when he got to my car he kept asking for me to get in it and wouldn't leave. I pointed my finger and shouted for him to get the fuck out of my car! The neighbors told him to get the fuck out of my car. After several shouts he finally did it, and then I left.

I drove home so flustered I forgot to consider how much gas I had left in my car. During the car ride he called me three separate times to rant and rave. I told him he had ruined new year's and that I would call him if and when I would be ready to talk. He hung up. I made it home with 10 miles of gas to spare at 3am. I couldn't bear to tell my family what happened. I BS'd about how I'd had a great time.
What made it extra painful was that I knew because he was drunk, he wouldn't remember the half of how he abused me ergo feel no remorse.

I was right. He called me today to tell me everything was my fault. Remember how I said everything is a woman's fault no matter what? He said, and I quote: "Did you know you almost got strangers and my neighbors to kill me last night? My neighbors confronted me after you left for 2 hours! You caused me to have a panic attack downtown. You brought me out there! It's your fault! You didn't even care that I got kicked out by that bouncer when all I wanted to do was be with you!"
I told him to shut the fuck up for five minutes and I explained what had actually gone down. Whether he pretended to or not, he acted shocked when I told him.
"…So are you coming back to me today?"
I told him fuck no. I had no gas in my car and I was deeply uncomfortable by him. Why on earth would I do that? Again, I told him I'd call him if and when I was ready but today I wanted peace.
He acted like an entitled brat at that but I didn't care, evidently he had no problem breaking my boundaries so I didn't have a problem squashing his balls. My family overheard everything he did to me and he's on their shitlist now too.

He got his friend to call me and "apologize on his behalf." I understand the friend has good intentions, and told me a bit more about him (apparently has oppositional defiance disorder, etc.) but I don't care.
I'm not his punching bag.
I'm not his psychologist.
I'm not his parents.
I wanted an equal partner to enjoy my holiday with and instead I got stuck with a literal drunk teenager who only cared about his own feelings.
Once again, I've wasted my time, effort, and money on someone who turned out to be a selfish ass and I'm extremely upset by it when at my age I just want a sane partner who can handle their emotions.
I'm so angry and sad and now I have to start all over, and who knows, this may happen to me again with someone else. I'm losing so much trust and faith in people because being a kind person isn't getting me anywhere.

No. 347800

Deleting the app after one date sounds a bit uh…possessive? Have you been talking long? But I'm happy for you Anon, hope it goes well

No. 347802

choose better boyfriends

No. 347803

File: 1546394997011.jpeg (8.92 KB, 225x225, captain obvious.jpeg)

No. 347804

Oh look, the poster causing infighting in the unpopular opinions thread has decided to contribute their quality posts on this thread too.

No. 347808

You have the patience of a saint anon. You sound like a VERY good person and you absolutely did the right thing all through the night. The sheer number of strangers who witnessed and stood up for you speaks wonders. I hope he enjoyed his bender at your expense, and his new single status.

No. 347809

nta but how? deleting the app doesn't delete the account. he can just reinstall if it doesn't work. if he doesn't want to talk to more girls at one time, it's a positive for anon.

No. 347814

He sounds like an absolute psycho with an insane amount of baggage. You've only been with him since Oct, dump him.

No. 347830

Am I the only one that looks worse in Spanx? I'm meeting my bf for dinner at a nice place tonight and decided I would try out a new Spanx bodysuit I got recently to go under a dress, thinking it would smooth out my pooch. All it did was make me look fatter, it's like it distributed all my fat from my pooch to my waist and just made me fridge shaped and hid all my curves. I actually look better in the dress without it shapewise (but then my pooch still shows up). Maybe I got the wrong size…?

No. 347833

Too tight, go a size up.

No. 347834

I'll try that, thanks.

No. 347836

If you're already thin or only skinnyfat, shape wear is unflattering. A pair of tights will keep your legs firm and pull you in at the waist a bit by honestly all this compression and shape wear nonsense does nothing to help long-term self esteem issues and is probably giving everyone digestive problems

No. 347838

I feel like it only looks good if you have a bit of a gut because it'll migrate the fat away from your stomach. If your fat distribution is thighs/hips/fupa it just pushes the fat up to your stomach and GIVES you a gut.

No. 347840

I wanted to say just this too! It's really reassuring that so many strangers paid attention, OP must have nerves of steel to have done all of that.
Hopefully she never has to do it again

No. 347870

shapewear is good for smoothing but most the time it's unflattering, especially Spanx that are just the shorts

I low-key like the Victorian waist training look and wish it would be more normalized to wear, minus the extremeness, I'm literally only able to be attracted to a woman's body if her waist is small

No. 347872

You managed to prove her point

Imagine if a woman did something like this to her boyfriend. That shit would be all over the news right now and all of the internet would be crucifying her, I just wanna wait for the one day a man gets abused by a woman and gets told to choose better girlfriends unironically, but it will never happen, since as you proved, it's always the woman's fault, never men's

No. 347878

Stupidest problem to vent about but I made a post about feathered dinosaurs on the Unpopular Opinions thread and realized I somehow fucked up writing the post in that thread. Seriously? “Slumbering” instead of “lumbering” and “feathers” instead of “feathered”? Bleh.

No. 347883

Anon please break it off with him. I struggled with a maniac like him for 3 years and the only thing I got out of it was learning to not let myself be mistreated anymore. You've been with him for 3 months and you can cut that short. As women we will ALWAYS be blamed and you can't help that, so you may as well make the decision to ignore the shit talk and choose a happy life. Now you will also be able to recognize warning signs from future men. Not all men are as shit as the others thankfully. Sending love and hugs.

No. 347897

I have an internship interview and I feel like blowing it out randomly because I feel so stresed.
I have nobody to talk to me off the ledge. My bf is at the end of his rope. Hell, I dropped out of therapy almost 2 years ago. It's not even like I can waltz back in there to get someone to help me.
I feel backed in a corner. I know it would be best to just end it but I don't know how.
I'm sorry to vent so regurlarly about it, anon. You must be sick of it too.

No. 347901

I don't know what it's like to live with your anxiety anon, but please try not to blow this internship interview on purpose. As much of a bitch your anxiety is being now, if you end up not doing well in the interview and not getting another opportunity you'll feel worse later.

No. 347932

Applying for video game companies as an artist and I just want to give up. I hate my portfolio and feel like it's so lifeless. I hate my art. I hate that I'm nearing my 30s but there are people 10 years younger who can draw way better. I hate that I feel like my passion is never going to take me anywhere.
I tried just pursuing games as a hobby but I have no time in between work and studying to get past entry level work and not working on games depresses me like no other.
I can't network for shit and just feel so hopeless

No. 347945

Theres no point trying to make it your main income because unless you have other assets they can work with ie programming, 3D modelling, rendering, texturing and what have you theres not much use for you.
Maybe if you were decently known online it would be easier to get work, but not something you can live off of still without having to manage alot of other subcontracted stuff around it to make a viable ends meet.
Im happy I took art as an elective while sticking to programming as my core education because a resume / portfolio combo like that always gets you reeled into projects way quicker than just applying for artists positions (especially since anybody can be replaced or switched at the drop of hat, i mean christ in this day you can find artists that p much draw identical to one another that have never seen each others work cause they both derive their tastes from the same nerd shit)

However dont give up, you probably have some modicum of talent and learning new things arent that difficult so just keep expanding yourself. You would be surprised what jobs just land in your lap the more you just get to know people through trying new things etc,

No. 347962

There are red flags everywhere. I wish the best for your anon, but this aint your guy. Sorry about that experience. Happy new year.

No. 347970

I printed out a picture of a guy from work (we don't even follow each other lols) and put it on my board. Im pretty sure he has a girlfriend and I'll never be with him ever but I'm going to lose weight for him. He will be the reason I will do what I'm gonna do. when I wake up In the morning I'll be reminded.

we're hitting new levels of pathetic autist, folks.

No. 347977

that is pretty bad, but whatever helps you, anon.just don't get obsessed with him.

No. 347998

>just don't get obsessed with him
too late. its ok though I ignore him.

No. 348011

Throw it out, anon. You're only making those obssesive thought stronger with a visual reminder. You're literally working out your neural pathways into thinking more and more about that guy.

No. 348059

The popularity of 13-17 year old tiktok girls makes me feel like absolute shit, especially bonbibonkers or however the fuck you spell her name. I'll never have guys obsess over me like all her orbiters do. I'm only 20 and I feel like an old disgusting hag because I'm not a 14 year old girl (I know this shit is crazy though, it's a result of a pornsick culture. I shouldn't feel this way). Chans have always worshiped awkward teen girls, but within the last 5 years or so, even your average guy has turned into hebephile. Once you're over 17, you're basically deemed a roastie hag. Thrown out like garbage. Tons of my guy friends follow 15 year old tiktok girls and have the audacity to complain about being single, pisses me off to no end

Also those memes of google searching "how old is __" and getting an underage search result bother me. I guess it's trendy and cool to be a pedoph- I mean lolicon now.

The only reason I haven't killed myself yet is because youth rejuvenating technology may be accessible to the public in our lifetime. It probably won't be available until 2060 but I can wait.

No. 348060

File: 1546453736536.jpg (100.99 KB, 740x429, WCCFthelastofuspart2.jpg)

Hey anon, you're not alone. I'm doing the same thing but for a video game character which is waaaaaay more pathetic.

We're going to make it sis.

No. 348063

Normal men don't want to fuck 13 year olds, anon. It seems like it's common because you're on the internet, probably in fandom-dominated spaces, and those spaces attract men with severe mental health and social issues. And what do men with severe mental health and social issues find attractive? Non-threatening children who aren't confident or intelligent enough to recognize them for what they are.

This sounds mean but I mean it in a loving way: Go outside.

No. 348071

This, her irl friends sound like they're also robot types lol, not normfags.
Normies fap to indtathots, which isn't great but better than underage.

No. 348072

I want her to wrap her thighs around my head. I want her to spoon me with her big muscly arms. I can't stop thinking about her. She's my first thought in the morning and the last thought when I go to sleep masturbating
why is she so perfect?

No. 348089

Have you ever thought of developing skills, hobbies or meaningful relationships that go beyond discussing sex and romance?
You can do all of those without being pretty, popular or having "youth".

No. 348109

This is the only solution. Male attention and being sexually attractive are impossible to sustain long term, and yes men are utter fucking pedos so you really need to develop self esteem and a life outside their opinions.

No. 348114

guys on the internet reflect what average men think and want

No. 348131

I hate that I inherited all of my mother's bad personality features, I hate that I forgive her everytime and that we have a codependant relationship and that, as soon as I forgive her she starts with her bullshit again. I hate that I can't even properly complain to people because she's genuinly a good person who loves me so much and would die for me but she's also downright abusive sometimes.

No. 348134

Depends on which men, anon. Plenty men aren't on the internet or are just on normie sites like facebook and insta. Your average joe doesnt go on imageboards and isnt a weeb.

No. 348136

ok? a normie isn't less likely to be into teens than a weeb is
the original anon should find hobbies instead of crying because of worthless men

No. 348173

I'm so fucking pissed off at myself. I procrastinated on my thesis for the whole semester and basically didn't contact my adviser at all and now that all this shit is actually due I'm fucked. Anything I actually bothered to write is worthless according to my adviser. He's being nitpicky because he's pissed that I haven't been doing the work I should've been doing, but he's also not wrong. My shit sucks. The main premise of my thesis isn't good enough and I've known this for a month and still haven't done anything more than half-ass some research. Why the fuck didn't I just do the fucking work? I'm gonna have a meeting with my adviser and I've no idea what I'm even gonna tell him. I've been feeling like shit about putting off writing it for months but I don't why I can't just do it. It's like every time I think about writing my thesis I get paralyzed, I can't sleep and I barely eat. I've never had anything like this happen before and I don't know what to do. I don't have anyone who can help me either. Fuck.

No. 348174

if your sample is 4chan then no

No. 348179

>a normie isn't less likely to be into teens

uuuuuh right. sorry about your political lesbianism then, eh?

No. 348180

anon you seriously need to get off the internet and meet better men. all men are shitty, but even i have never met a man who is openly lusting over 15 year olds and tiktok girls. you and a majority of the farmers here need to find better, normie men and stop going after neets who think like this and poison your minds

No. 348187

I doubt most men even know what tiktok is.
Doesn't it have the reputation of being pedo-central? I wonder why anon would be so interested in appealing to a place like that.

No. 348188

My bfs friend said im old at 27(hes 25 with a 17 year old asian gf). It is sad that are some men like this BUT on the brightside most men like this are 4chan weebs, future trannys and mras so youre lucky not to be dating them anyway.

No. 348195

If it is any consolation the most popular tiktok girl NyanNyan is like 19 or 20. And even then, it's not like most guys follow tiktok girls especially not the ones that are actually a catch. It sounds like you are friends with autistic from 4chan, but to normie men the "peak" seems to be 20-24 if there even is one.

No. 348200

i've been on and off obsessed with a friend of mine for like almost a decade and right now it especially hurts and i just want it to stop but it never gets better

No. 348203

>hes 25 with a 17 year old asian gf
Sounds like a shitstorm a-brewing. You know this guy has to be a manchild and that girl is going to ditch him or cheat on him once she realizes she can do better.

No. 348213

i have a flight to catch in 4 hours and i'm afraid fo going to sleep bc i'm prone to oversleeping but also slept only 5 hours today so i should…

No. 348217

Ugh, that’s sounds like a guy that would absolutely date lower if it was legal to. He sounds like a fucking creep with little more than two brain cells and huge control issues

No. 348220

By "old" he means unable to be lured by manipulative predatory tactics in the same way a naive teenage girl would be. Not literal age, because…
When HE reaches 27, in a whopping two year's time, then he himself will no longer consider it old because then it would mean he's old used goods too. The goalposts will change and he will push his bracket of "old" to suit his own narrative. Don't take what he says seriously.

No. 348230

>Pretending it's about how they look

It's their age which is why men are attracted to them, you really think a woman who looks exactly like those tictok girls except if she's in her 20s will get as much attention? Not to mention pedos who run around fucking ugly girls just because they're young, similar to yellow fevers who date hideous Asian girls just so they can say they have an Asian girlfriend, even though not long ago men would never shut up about how ugly they are and how they don't date Asians, or black dudes who date fat white women just to say they have a thicc white girl, even if the fat is distruted horribly

Men are idiots

No. 348248


Thought i was going out with a guy, i mean we went to cinema dates, late dinners at mcdonalds, sent heart emojis.
Was just waiting for him to make it all official, we were going to spend christmas together.
I forced myself to have sex with him just to make him happy.
Guy dumped me on christmas and say he would never date me.
I never want to be touched by someone again.

No. 348252

File: 1546481753049.gif (859.82 KB, 380x230, BackMiniatureDachshund-max-1mb…)

I'm really paranoid about getting pregnant even though I have an IUD and the past few weeks I've had some spotting, really tender breasts, and I've been ridiculously tired.

I'm really terrified and have no money for an abortion

No. 348302

File: 1546487380383.jpg (41.76 KB, 681x525, DS_sxTzWsAIVgSj.jpg)

My best friend of what would've been 3 years now no longer wishes to be friends with me. I feel like I should be happy I'm not with some fake bitch like her anymore, but on the other hand it still hurts. I told her practically everything about myself, but I feel like what hurts the worst is that she couldn't even tell me directly. She went behind my back to say she wasn't my friend anymore, and that I was toxic. I wish she had at least told me what stuff I did was toxic. I've just been crying in bed for days, I feel so embarrassed and betrayed when she probably isn't feeling the same right now. Not to mention I'm still on good terms with everyone else in the friend group that we share, they even asked where I've been because I've avoided talking to anyone in fear that I'll make things awkward.

I wish I had learned the lesson that there isn't true friends sooner. I just want everything to be alright again, even if it's only been a few days.

No. 348307

You're probably not pregnant. If you're that freaked out about becoming pregnant on an IUD (or any kind of birth control really) then don't let men ejaculate inside of you. Get a pregnancy test to check just in case.

Plus if you became pregnant on the IUD there might be some kind of coverage for a medical abortion due to it being very dangerous to be pregnant with an IUD.

No. 348310

Creepy braindead guys who are attracted to snotty children don't like you because you are a young woman (still a child to most people's eyes at 20)

Do you really want attention from guys who fap to child rape? Really anon?

No. 348313

File: 1546490815065.jpg (52.56 KB, 750x557, 1526541393483.jpg)

update: waiting at the gate feeling like death
somehow misinterpreted the time I'm at the end (no sense of time and it's a transfer flight over 2 time zones) and it's like in 7 hours essentialy, hope i can sleep on the planes some ;-;
why can't we just teleport smh it's 2019

No. 348321

File: 1546492255550.jpg (122.82 KB, 900x620, 1544031778158.jpg)

I hate how the sexualization of children is so normalized amung otaku, especially males. I don't even mean the teenage idols, or seeing teens in general as the ideal but how literally having child waifus is totally normal or if you think it's creepy you're a just seen as "jealous" or "too normie".

No. 348330

my boyfriend has been really depressed lately and he started cutting again. i feel useless because i cant do anything about it and he doesnt want to go to a doctor or anything so i just do my best to make him feel better but its fucking hard and i dont even know what to do at this point.

No. 348348

Im confused, the 16-17 year olds look more like 20-23 year olds

No. 348350

I’m sorry you’re going through that, anon. It’s always hard watching someone you love go through depression and self harm. Maybe you could sit down with him and talk? You could tell him that you really care about him, that you’re concerned, that watching him hurt like this hurts you and that you think it’d be a really good idea for him to seek medical help, and that you’re there for him but you want to see him get better. I was in a similar situation as you before but with a friend, and my therapist told me that sometimes someone deep in depression and suicidal thoughts might find it really hard to realize that their actions and words have an impact on people other than themselves, and that telling them that we care and are hurt/worried by their actions can lead to them thinking about actually stopping and wanting to get better because it no longer affects only them. Please remember to take care of yourself too. I’m wishing you the best!

No. 348359

mental health officers came to my fucking house today cos I kept missing their calls, don't know why they were no caller ID, so could never call back..anyway they come to the fucking house while I'm at work and told my family their worried about my mental health and that my doctor sent them now my dad thinks I'm going to off myself when I'm fucking not and I just wanted to fix some problems privately now everyone knows and its pissed me off.

No. 348364

I miss mac miller.

No. 348398

Talk him into getting therapy or break up because lmao your relationship is gonna turn abusive real quick if hes already slashing his wrists around the house refusing to get help.
Sick people even when they don't want too, bleed that toxic shit out to the rest at some point if not already. Besides you're not supposed to be in a relationship to be a babysitter cause your SO can't handle existing.

No. 348409

this lol. went through the same shit with my ex. i told him either he get therapy and actually try what the therapist suggested or i'd dump him. he made a bunch of empty promises and never came through so i left him. now i'm with someone who values me more than his depression card.

dont waste your time if he wont help himself, no matter how much you love him, if he's just going to hurt you. if he actually starts going to therapy, support the hell out of him, but if he continues to refuse help, then fuck him.

No. 348482

We're having less and less sex with my boyfriend as time goes on and it's making me feel emotionally disconnected to him. His libido is naturally lower than mine (he used to jerk off 1-3 times per month before we started going out and even then it was mostly to relieve some pressure), so I can't really help it. I'm not a nympho, I don't have a stronge urge to have sex when I'm single and can easily just rely on masturbation if I want to get off, but I want to have sex with him because it intensifies my love for him so much, it makes me feel connected to him, it makes me feel wanted and loved.

I also have a hard time dealing with feelings of rejection and abandonment and him not wanting to have sex makes me feel like he doesn't want to have sex with me especially. So I'm starting to have pretty strong feelings of self-hatred, I feel like I'm doing something wrong, I'm anxious, I'm paranoid he finds me disgusting and is going to leave me, and when I feel like that I always have a very strong need to revenge the person causing me pain, even if I don't want to. I'm already noticing that I'm being really mean and cold to him when these emotions take over me.

I don't like being this way. I love him so much and he's perfect in every other aspect. It's stupid to feel like this over something like sex, I can't force him, and he is cuddly and makes me feel loved in other ways, I just wish I could adapt to this and feel as comfortable with him as I have in the past.

No. 348490

I don't get how you can feel like a hag at 20. You are fresh out of high school, you still have your baby fat [depending on your genetics + bone structure you can have this well into your 40s, I've seen it] and your youthful, tight skin. You blossomed fully into a young woman. I think you are just ugly.

No. 348494

Anime and pedophilic males trying to convince women they have to be uwu fertile 10 yr olds forever or else they hit the wall, I've even seen mgtows claim the wall is at 19 and list "denial of the wall" as one of their reasons for hating women

Why they are this obsessed with women aging is beyond me, they scream more about walls than Donald Trump, seeing a mgtow forum is like looking at a mental patient group chat

No. 348498

Basically agree with >>348494
Too much time on imageboards absorbing what neckbeard lolicons and pedophilic mgtow and bots have to say seeps into your head after a while.
Regardless, I personally can't miss the past since I was a frumplet at my "peak" of 14.

No. 348516

Why are men so shit at writing ug.
I hooked up with the best friend of a friebd of mine and at first I thought that I'll never hear anything again from him.
We did get along quite well but we only met like two times.
Anyways since he is friends with mt friends I expected to maybe see him once a year.
The day after I arrived home he wrote me a little bit and we flirted.
Now I'll be at his place soon again bc I wanted to do smth with friends and I needed a place to crash.
He was cool with me sleeping at his place.
We haven't really talked to each other until a few days back when he suddenly wrote me.
We flirted again and just talked a lil bit in general but he is so shit at keeping conversations going.
I enjoy writing with him but this is so frustrating.
Is almost every guy like that or what is going on.

Pretty sure we'll have sex again which is great I'm just afraid that I'll catch feeling after a while.

No. 348528

I always thought people like that were actually pretty cute as children/teens. I've always been ugly and awkward and browsing imageboards rly let me know just how ugly and awkward I was. But, every year is another improvement and I look way better at 24 than I did at 14, so I don't feel like aging is that big of a deal…

No. 348529

I also have an IUD and I spot/get tired during ovulation. No tender breasts but I'm breastfeeding so that could hide it. Get a pregnancy test, don't torture yourself worrying.

No. 348532

I've been with my boyfriend for almost four years and he's done a lot of shit over the past few years that make me so angry and I've never told anyone, I feel like I'm at my breaking point right now and I want to find a way out but he's also very suicidal and I'm afraid that if I ended things then it would be the final straw for him. I still love him very much but I'm tired of the way he treats me. There are so many things I want to get off my chest but here's a selection of the shit he's done:

>Yelled at me in a very public, very crowded park after I told him I didn't want to go up to a couple of strangers who were rolling a blunt and ask if we could smoke weed with them, yelled at me when I started crying and asking him to lower his voice saying that "I was embarrassed of him", continues to yell at me while walking back to our car and as we're leaving the city, gets even more upset that I'm curled up in a ball sobbing, tells me I hold him back to which I was so hurt at that point that I tell him to go fuck himself. He immediately pulls over while we're on the freeway and tells me to get out, at which point I start having an anxiety attack. He starts driving again while I'm hyperventilating and the rest of the trip he's silent. When we get home I stay in the car, on the phone with my mom trying to calm myself down, he doesn't apologize until around an hour later.

>Find out from one of his friends of a party they had where they ended up playing a "dirty truth or dare" where he ended up stripping naked. He never told me of this party or the game, and then got upset at me for being upset. "Your idea of fun and my idea of fun are two different things" yet if the roles were reversed I know things would be different

>I struggle with pretty bad social anxiety, this sometimes comes out when we're going out. Despite this, I've worked very hard over to overcome it and know that it doesn't affect me nearly as much as it did when we first started dating. However, there are still some instances where my anxiety is too much, to combat this my boyfriend has always said to tell me when things are too much and we can leave no problem. Except for the fact that when it was a problem, he'd almost always get mad at me which would inevitably bring back the whole "you're holding me back" spiel. I can understand if I became anxious every time we went out, but it's not like that at all.

>Puts in very little effort when it comes to birthdays/holidays, he on the other hand loves gifts so I try very hard to make things special for him. I once overheard him talking on the phone with his grandma that my birthday was coming up, she was sending him some money to take me out for dinner. That never happened. Instead, he blew a large portion of that money on weed. He'll play up my birthday/holidays saying he wants to treat me and make it special but more often then not gets me nothing and then sulks about it saying that he feels bad. This past Christmas was no exception, we were laying in bed and I couldn't get it off my mind and I started crying. When he asked what was wrong, I told him that I was just disappointed, that I didn't want him to feel bad but I had given him ideas to help when he said he didn't know what to get me and that it wasn't the amount of money that mattered at all but the thought that counted. He became angry, told me "thanks I already felt bad enough about it" even though I had never complained about it previously and started yelling at me. I had another anxiety attack and he went into the bedroom next door to "take a nap" but apparently tried to kill himself. He comes out to tell me he's suicidal and just attempted to choke himself with a tie but it was hard to respond because I was still hyperventilating. He eventually tries to help me calm me down but I have to talk him out of his suicidal thoughts for the rest of the day.

>Frequently feels like his life is going nowhere, cites old instances of my anxiety to continue the point that "I hold him back". This is confusing because every time he says that I hold him back he always takes it back when he cools down, but then brings it back up when he's mad again. He says he "doesn't actually know". The problem? He wants to get up and move somewhere far away, with me. He has no money saved up, no connections and a car thats old and has its fair share of problems. I'm in school. I tell him that I want to move, but after I finish school later this year. "What am I supposed to do for a year?"

>I'm sad, he's horny. He starts trying to fuck me but I tell him that I don't want to, he continues taking my clothes off because "Yes you do, you do want to". I say our safeword, he stops for a second saying that we don't have to, but then starts back up again. I start crying and repeatedly say the safeword, he stops but is poking me with his erection as he tries to calm me down. I get up and he asks if I can help him jack off.

He's very loving most of the time but it's gotten to a point where I'm legitimately terrified to get him upset because he's very explosive when he gets mad. A lot of yelling, throwing things around, slamming doors, driving erratically. I have to mentally prepare to bring things up with him because it almost always is guaranteed to start a fight. He knows he has toxic traits and has tried to work through them but he said it's hard and there's a lot of times he doesn't want to try because it's hard work. He also said that he can't help how mad he gets because that's just how he is and he feels like he can't properly express that because of how scared and sad I get when it happens.

No. 348538

I just got home from the most awkward interview of my life. I was interviewed by two older men, one the standard chatty pleasant corporate type, and the other a former cop who grilled me on my ability to lift 50 lbs consistently despite me stating over and over that I weight lift 4 times a week as a workout on top of moving 200-400lb appliances by myself at my current job all day everyday. Then he asked me how old I was, if I was married and had kids. I'm shocked that a COP would be so inappropriate. If I'm passed up for this position (which I'm not sure I even want now), I'm filing a formal complaint for discrimination.

No. 348539

Anon, he sounds like a jerkwad and honestly his survival isn't your responsibility, especially if he's mistreating you. This isn't even a gender thing, if you were a guy with such a gf I'd say the same. Just what does he even do for you at all? Words of affirmation? He lies to you, disrespects your boundaries, and doesn't even put effort into birthday gifts.

And regarding his anger and mental health issues, he should be getting help and working through it himself. As an adult he's making a choice to spiral and if you need to escape for your own health I don't blame you.

No. 348540

What kind of job is this, anon?

No. 348541

I hate hate hate that Pachelbel's Canon in D is associated with weddings. It's such a beautiful piece and it just had to be overused in a disgusting event like weddings.

No. 348543

Needs more cowbell imo.

No. 348545

warehouse job with better hours/benefits/pay than the retail warehouse job i'm working currently.

No. 348559

Yikes anon. It's not your job to be somebodies "reason to not kill themselves" it's usually bullshit anyways and is abusive af regardless.

No. 348560

>>348532 Anon, he sounds like my ex. And I felt bad for him when we were together but realized I was only hurting myself more by staying in the toxic relationship. You need to take care of you, he's an adult and not your responsibility. You should NOT have to walk on eggshells around your partner in a healthy relationship no matter how "loving" he seems. If and when you end it, make sure to keep a strict no contact rule because these types always try to suck you back in.

No. 348565

anon, it's a shitty court dance song originally.

No. 348575

> it's a shitty court dance song
> song

It's not shitty and fyi it's a composition, not a song.

Discussing music with illiterate philistines is a huge mistake.

No. 348578

File: 1546545410398.jpeg (90.62 KB, 372x530, A25CBCEC-C017-4A43-BCBB-119273…)

How’s it look up there anon?

No. 348582

it is shitty. it had to be slowed down to even sound good. stop being so pedantic, you didn't even call it the full title, so who cares if someone called it a song.

No. 348622

>Discussing music with illiterate philistines is a huge mistake.
ahahaha you need to get that Canon-in-D out of your ass before discussing anything, you coconut

No. 348690

I want to make friends with other girls, but whenever I go out, only men talk to me.
I have some internet friends, but I'm so painfully lonely when they're not around. I listen to music alone and pretend it's cool being a loner and that I don't like anyone anyway, but it's just fucking sad.

No. 348693

fuck getting ghosted sucks, like just text me and say you're not interested

No. 348695

Group fitness or yoga class. Only women, and most are fine with striking up a conversation with another lady.

No. 348762

i cant seem to get over my ex and it hurts so much because there's not a single moment where i'm not thinking about him. it's been two months since we broke up and im still not over it because i love him so much. i seriously just want to die so i can stop thinking about it, i'm in so much pain i can't even describe it. it hurts

No. 348768

File: 1546565496651.jpg (91.57 KB, 486x960, 1541524373967.jpg)

came home on my lunch break to find my two year old cat laying in the middle of the floor and meowing loudly in pain. i rushed him into the emergency vet and they told me he had a clot in his back legs. nothing much they could do about it as it would be a recurring thing and just become increasingly painful for him until it eventually killed him. Of course i opted to have him put down but goddamn I didn't anticipate it being so painful. i stayed with him for upwards of an hour after he passed, until his body started getting cold. i feel so stupid crying this much over him but i loved him so much. he was the first cat that i'd raised from a kitten. i even bottle fed him when we first got him. i dont know what else to say here. I just really miss my cat.

No. 348778

I remember being the one with my cat at the vet when she was put down. I'm sure your cat was appreciative of you being with them at the end and being the one to end the pain. Sorry for your loss

No. 348786

Stop talking to the guys and start talking to the girls. It's really not hard to avoid or ignore men lmao. Women don't want to be around THAT girl who only talks to the dudes but takes no initiative to start a conversation with a woman. It's a lot easier than talking to a guy anyway, idk why you're having a problem.

No. 348801

Sorry for your loss, anon.
I don't know the feeling of loosing an pet but just thinking about my own cat dying makes tears come to my eyes so I can't imagine how painful it is for that to actually happen.
I'm glad he got to spend his years with someone who cared so much, he's quite lucky. Be well, anon.

No. 348805

I have had exactly the same experience anon; it's the worst near the start, when you don't really know if it's you, them, or another factor. I also felt very insecure, frustrated etc, but as time went on, I realised it wasn't my fault at all, and its likely the case with you too.

Some factors to consider:
>men can't cum as much as women
>if he's the dominant one, he's likely doing most of the work, so he can't be bothered "exercising" even if he is a bit horny
>he may not think its all that important to you

The last one is usually the main cause, especially if you're too afraid to bring it up. The stereotype is that women never want sex, and its always the men pushing for it. He may even think he's doing you a favour by not trying for sex when he's horny.
Try to bring up the issue in a nonconfrontational way. Just tell him how you feel, and ask how he feels about it. If he loves you he will be willing to hear you out.

No. 348814

No. 348817

It's never easy, anon. You did the right thing being there with him until the end, and you were the last touch he knew which is an amazing thing for you to give. When we put my childhood dog down, we had them come to the house to do it because we couldn't imagine letting her go alone with a veterinarian. Sorry for your loss–I know it's not an consolation, but when you're ready and healed, think of getting another cat. Your buddy would have wanted you to give another cat a chance of life like you did him.

No. 348822

File: 1546576359980.jpg (93.5 KB, 803x717, 1539169760354.jpg)

I feel like my dentist is ignoring the cavity thats starting to form in one my molars so that it gets worse and i have to come back for more expensive treatment. I can see the discoloration but he says its not a problem.
I spend all day in front of a computer screen and i think its affecting my eyesight but i'm worried that if i go to an optician regardless of whether or not theres actually anything wrong with my eyes they'll tell me i'm actually pretty much blind and make me buy glasses needlessly
and i know i'm depressed but i'm sick of the massive circle jerk around depression and i feel like its seriousness in a lot of cases has been massively overblown to make us buy drugs for it

No. 348830

This, and the special snowflakes play along, nowadays everyone has something wrong with them, carelessly buying expensive and useless medications,which give us side effects making us buy even more medication

It's always depression and anxiety too, psychologists fucked the meaning of depression to the point where normal angsty teens are running around shoving their ~major depression~ diagonsis in front of everyone, it makes people who actually have depression seem undermined, or when it gets to people's minds and someone who may just be shy just started magically having ~severe social anxiety~ after a diagonsis, I've literally only met a handful of people who haven't had some sort of diagonsis

No. 348864

File: 1546584105798.jpg (23.68 KB, 700x464, syringe-and-sugarcubes.jpg)

The post-holiday sugar addiction is real.


No. 348870

File: 1546589304346.jpeg (267.54 KB, 1200x1200, B9482F8A-6354-4BCD-A322-7B8599…)

So my boyfriend is a fan of Cloud9 Sneaky and his cosplays. I know I shouldn’t be jealous or upset over it, but when I hear him talk about how good the cosplays look and how Sneaky looks “good” it really gets under my skin. It makes me feel like shit. Almost like he’d pick this costhot over me. Ugh… I know this is ridiculous but for fucks sake it drives me insane…

No. 348871

Losing a pet is never easy, anon. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure your cat was glad to have you there, and that you gave him a great life.

No. 348873

Is that her? She’s not that pretty

No. 348874

File: 1546591781678.jpeg (168.31 KB, 1800x1200, 47CCDB49-D903-4822-8D43-D9818B…)

Yeah. She’s a he. His name is Sneaky, he’s a cross-player. Here’s a “better” picture.

No. 348875

>that photoshopped pic
She looks like a man in candids wtf

No. 348876

LMao your boyfriend is dumb as fuck I’m sorry. Sure the photoshop looks passable, but damn that irl photo. Plus implants are fucking stupid for men. Ugh.

No. 348877

They’re fake prosthetic boobs the dude uses for cosplay but still. It’s so ridiculous, and it drives me up a wall that he’d even consider becoming a patreon supporter of this guy.

No. 348880

>he's considering becoming a patreon supporter for this guy
Ew… Why are you still dating your embarrassing, gay boyfriend? Guys like him are trash.

No. 348881

File: 1546594925652.png (2.16 MB, 1864x1256, 1543436027343.png)

Dump your fucking boyfriend. Maybe he should consider donating to the fucking relationship if he wants to save it

No. 348889

File: 1546597519954.jpg (43.19 KB, 446x367, rylfxiD.jpg)

I've been so close to suicide several times over the past year and I'm not handling life at all.

I've told my family and everyone repetitively that somethings got to change, that eventually I'm going to hang myself after a bad day and there will be no coming back. They're all worried sick about it, ringing me up and checking up on me. But at the other end, whenever I try and pack up my life and take time off through selling my house and downgrading on my expenses, they come out of the woodwork and shame me for 'throwing everything away' and 'giving up'.

I feel so stuck and just hate everything! I think about just getting in my car and driving away all the time…But I just can't do it, and I can't get a handle on my head and I'm barely making enough to cover my mortgage. I really do think I'm going to die, because I have a near foolproof suicide plan that is simple and gets around my survival instincts(set up a chair under a tree, make sure it's on uneven ground, hang a noose around my neck tight and drink back a full bottle of vodka with QuickEaze. Eventually you'll get so trashed you'll lose balance and hang yourself).

All it will take is ONE miserable day for me to snap and do it, and I fucking know it, and I've told them all, my mum was in tears just hours ago as I tried to explain it. But at the same time it's too much to put up with them shaming me, to watch all my assets be sold off, to see everything I've struggled for disappear.

I've been incarcerated twice over the past year for failed attempts, one was where I broke into a vet in order to steal their euthanizing agent, the second was when they seen me building up the courage to jump from a building. I'm forced to borrow money from them to keep on living, because some days I'm just too far gone to even function at work. I hate it, I hate everything, I wish I could fucking travel back in time and tell my 18 year old self to be a fucking NEET.

No. 348890

Same anon, I just threw away anything processed/sugar packed and have some grapes and bananas as the only sugar in my kitchen
All I can think about is making a loaf of banana bread though
It’ll get easier within like 3 days though, just gotta stay strong

No. 348891

This relationship is abusive and you need to leave him. Saying no to sex and him undressing you saying "yes you do want it" is rape. Please anon, leave this asshole. He won't kill himself, he just uses it to keep you under control, and it's working perfectly. Love yourself because this guy never ever will.

No. 348893

Agree please leave him :(

No. 348898

File: 1546599251272.jpeg (522.74 KB, 2048x1536, F790EEB8-87CF-4DE1-A9F3-E9EDE9…)

He’s ugly lmao

No. 348899

File: 1546599278375.jpeg (315.28 KB, 1536x2048, 4FF8B6B0-C5F0-4678-B49E-316215…)

No. 348904

He's extremely abusive. Sounds like a lot of my ex who stalks me.

He would do the exact same shit, always spin it around on how I'm the devil herself and he's trying his best. I was always making him feel bad and misunderstanding his efforts in his narrative.

I can guarantee your social anxiety will get 80% better after you dump him. I have a mental illness and was stressing a lot, but when I dumped him most of the symptoms of my mental illness cleared up and I stopped stressing.

Dump him, your life will improve a lot and you are NOT responsible for him and his well being, he is responsible for himself. He will not get better as long as you are with him and you enable him by putting up with it.

No. 348911

Holy shit anon, why are you even dating a guy who likes "traps"? Dump him, especially if he donates to Sneaky on patreon.

No. 348916

I just saw this come across on my youtube and I have to laugh/vent.

straight women reeeeeeeee

>YA HOES FISHY! bitch, cunt, dicksuckers, GORL! >copying womens fashion

>create a whole sub culture dedicated to mocking straight women (drag)

Gay men are the ultimate victims. Even worse than straight men.

No. 348917

They hate us because men tend to hate women and theyre jealous of our looks and the fact straight men wont fuck them

No. 348918

>Frequently feels like his life is going nowhere, cites old instances of my anxiety to continue the point that "I hold him back". This is confusing because every time he says that I hold him back he always takes it back when he cools down, but then brings it back up when he's mad again. He says he "doesn't actually know".
If he thinks you "hold him back", set him free and let's see how well his half-baked plan to move with no money, connections or a well-functioning car goes for him. It's not your problem.
>I'm sad, he's horny. He starts trying to fuck me but I tell him that I don't want to, he continues taking my clothes off because "Yes you do, you do want to". I say our safeword, he stops for a second saying that we don't have to, but then starts back up again. I start crying and repeatedly say the safeword, he stops but is poking me with his erection as he tries to calm me down. I get up and he asks if I can help him jack off.
This is approaching rape. He thinks what you want is irrelevant as long as he is horny. Your feelings do not matter to him. I cannot stress this enough.
>He also said that he can't help how mad he gets because that's just how he is
Then you shouldn't have him in your life.
>and he feels like he can't properly express that because of how scared and sad I get when it happens.
This is outright victim blaming.
Anon, the truth is, he is holding you back from living life without being yelled at, emotionally abused, frightened and sexually harassed. Leave, or suffer more.

No. 348919

Imagine leading such a charmed life that your biggest problem is women trying to be friendly and calling you "girlfriend" in an attempt to bond.

No. 348921

"I said you call me Mr Robinson or you don't call me at all and she said OK I'm sorry and next time she sees me she says hi Mr Robinson."

This is his adult neighbor he's talking about, not some twelve year old kid he babysits or whatever. Creepy.

No. 348922

>You would be mad if I walked into your home and said "Hey dicksucker!". THAT PART.
So, calling people "Miss Thing" and "girlfriend" casually is on par with calling people "dicksucker" casually? Exactly how degenerate is this subculture, lmao?

No. 348924

I think he's full of shit for making a huge fuss like he's being disrespected, but I don't see what's so creepy about wanting to be called your actual name with the typical "Mr/Mrs"?

No. 348925

I don't know where you're from but in American culture it's kinda weird to demand your adult neighbors address you like that instead of just using your first name. It's one thing if they're kids or if you're in a position of authority over them, but he's not.

No. 348928

>don't call us girlfriend! uh huh! straight women listen up!
This gay boy in high school would always go on about how disgusting vagina's are, call us canned tuna, always mocking us for no reason. I got tired of it one day and called him a fucking faggot. Of course he cried homophobia and I was the one who got in trouble.

No. 348929

I'm not American, yeah. I wasn't aware that neighbors are so close in the US, people where I'm from typically just call eachother "Mr"/"Mrs [name]" if they're not actually friends in some way. TIL.

No. 348930

I guess it's not so much closeness as the perception that if you're referring to someone as Mr/Mrs Surname you're referring to them as an authority. So you'd call your teacher that, or a customer if you're in retail or customer service, and your boss might want you to call them that (probably not though), but your neighbor telling you to call him that would be perceived as basically the same as if he said "I am better than you."

No. 348935

Why do straight women like drag queens so much? I don't understand it.

No. 348947

They don't. ~Gay~ special tumblr kids do.

No. 348948

I am in an LDR and my bf and I talk everyday. Our relationship is pretty good but he tends to contradict things he says in messages on the phone when we talk, when I brought it up he said trust him and that what he said he means. I have gotten to the point though where I am very confused and do not believe him because he will keep doing it. The things that are contradicted are important life decisions like moving and careers. He got easily bothered by it and said he isn't going to discuss it anymore. Maybe I am thinking too much into it. I do tend to over worry but that was my first time bringing it up to discuss seriously so I don't understand why he'd get so sensitive so easily and fast. He never finishes discussions that are say serious that he is bothered by. If he decides we don't talk about it then we don't. What he says goes basically. He's my first serious boyfriend and I have never really dealt with things like this.

No. 348950

Does anyone else get mad when they don't get their period the morning of the due day? I get like period anxiety lol feel like screaming hurry up up my pussy. Anyway I don't have a lot going on today I'm bored.

No. 348952

I dunno, I've seen and heard too much shit about straight women stanning drag queens, having them perform at functions like weddings or bachelorette parties, being some of their biggest fans at bars/clubs, all the excitement over RuPaul's Drag Race, etc. This was before the explosion of Tumblrinas, even. The whole "fag hag" thing is weird, too. Just….why?
I know men are into it because they themselves are gay/bi tranny chasers, but your regular straight girl who has absolutely nothing to do with gay culture? I don't get it. What is the appeal of ugly, rude old men in heavy makeup and tacky outfits who call you, themselves and eachother "fish", "bitch", "dicksucker", "hoe", etc? How is that inspiring?

No. 348956

Your instincts are telling you something doesn't match, trust me, if you feel he is being off, it means he is! Always, always trust yourself to put two and two together. He avoids talking about future plans? It means he doesn’t have any or he doesn’t see you two together in a long run!

No. 348961

My brother hates me and doesn't even hide it anymore. When I was a kid he'd always find a way to bother me, normal in siblings but those sibling fights have grown to him trying to ruin my relationship since the moment he knew I was dating someone. Since he knew i got a permanent contract at my job he's been verbally attacking about me dropping out (which I haven't. I used to get bad grades due to depression plus i didnt have money and always gave excuses to friends because i couldnt meet up.) Next year Im moving to another country with my boyfriend and going to study again. Now he's saying I've ruined my future and that if i got mediocre grades studying in my first language I'm going to fail in english which makes no sense because i got a good grade at Advanced exam Lol living under the same roof is impossible and he refuses to take his medication which makes it even worse. I'm too tired of this and I feel like I'm falling into the dark deep hole of depression again. I had a savings goal and planned to work until summer then move but I'm thinking about leaving earlier.

No. 348999

Stop watching shitty seasonal anime and stop hanging around men who watch shitty moe anime. No one else is into this shit except nasty dudes who are absolutely obsessed with japan for all the wrong reasons.

No. 349011

I'm failing my young son cause i can't even protect him from my dickhead stepdad feeding him really really old yogurt when i was away for one minute and then my stepdad throwing a violent pissy tantrum at me for making him throw it away

I deserve to die

No. 349013

anon you sound incredibly stressed, please reach out for help from a trusted source, you owe it to yourself

No. 349037

I'm bisexual and I hate drag but I'm what you would call a "fag hag" although it kinda happened just by chance. My best friend is gay and he dated a lot of guys so I know all his exes and we're all friends together. I'm also an art student, so a lot of gay guys around me in general.

Now, don't kid yourself, gay guys are just as homophobic as straight guys, but my best friend is legit the least mysoginistic/sexist guy I have ever met and I can't help but to link it to his homosexuality.

sage for blog

No. 349042

I lost 2 people in my life in the past months and my borderline is acting up because I have all these extremely negative thoughts about how I'll never meet good people again or people I can be comfortable with and I just wanna die.

No. 349071

I called my mom and she just started talking about section 8 or me getting an apartment i can't afford while i crumpled on the floor crying that my car is broken and i can't drive it more than 20 miles and can't take it on highways because of my kids dad. he got away with not being liable for it by threatening to take me to court to argue i was liable for his $10,000 debt i didn't even know about and i was already running up a huge bill i couldn't afford with my lawyer because of his drama.

Only reason I'm not thousands in debt over the battle to get him to pay the correct child support is because my lawyer was such a good dude he ate 75% of the cost and only billed me for 25%.

I have no one close by that really genuinely cares and can do anything. People are getting sick of being a sympathetic ear because the drama is non stop between the shit my step dad and ex pull.

My kid deserves so much better than an obviously ill fitting, not meant for this world piece of garbage that can never get it together to protect him from those things.

But i don't know who will protect and love him like i do if i die.

No. 349090

I think I just got my first uti, great.

No. 349096

Hate to sound reductive in what sounds like an obviously complex situation–but consider that other people are being the garbage ones and not you.

I think you could potentially teach your son a very important lesson in resilience and resolve if you managed to roll with these punches. Your son will be an adult one day himself, and he might also have to deal with the same reality you are, that is, being surrounded by predatory persons.
Protect him when he's young and vulnerable yes, but as he grows older he will not be so ignorant of what's happening around him. Sheltering kids can harm them all the same.

You sound like a very caring parent, and I think it would do more damage to your son if you weren't around for him in the bigger picture. Just my 2 cents.

No. 349102

You are right and i needed that…i know objectively i have to let the impulse pass and be resilient but I've been doing it for months and i think i just hit a limit

I don't know what to do though everyone irl is pretty unsympathetic and doing their own thing. I have no one to turn to that would show me anything compassionate which i need.

My mom is just at her limit and when she is she can't fake sympathy anymore and lashes out. I just don't know where else i can get any relief.

No. 349104

go to the doctor please, utis can potentially become very serious. hope you recover soon!

No. 349109

This is going to sound fucking psycho but I'm a college student who has been applying for internships for literally 3 semesters straight and haven't gotten a single response back and I think I'm being blackballed. My ex boyfriend works in the same field as me and I think he's been spreading rumors about me. I have an almost perfect GPA, loads of experience, tons of pertinent skills for these positions but I don't even get so much as a rejection letter back. I've even had very good high up connections from within companies recommend me for positions and still haven't heard back. Every time I mention this to my parents or friends they say that I sound tin foil-y but I don't know why else I wouldn't even be getting interviews for these positions

No. 349163

I have a friend who will not shut up about herself being a linguistics major. I totally understand how cool it is to learn new languages, but it's clear she's just a weeb who's only interested in Japanese and being a teacher's pet. She flaunts around the fact that she knows more Japanese than the average American. Also, she loves to go into edgy mode and start tweeting in Japanese when she's "depressed" or trying to smack talk "normies". It's so annoying, but I like her when she doesn't do that stuff.

No. 349204

File: 1546645846703.jpg (75.25 KB, 440x660, 1448386690134.jpg)

Fuck, anon. I'm trying but it's so hard. I do all the things you said to a degree, and I've been trying extra to focus on other things whenever these negative feelings come up. So far I've been a lot more productive but the moments where all I want to do is lay down and relax, I catch myself reflecting on these past relationships (if you can even call them that) and it's such a bad spiral. It's something I've been struggling with for well over a year now and I feel so incompetent that I'm still having trouble letting go and moving on. I've tried nurturing my friendships, seeking new ones, but in the end I'm still all alone. My efforts are fruitless and only leave me more hurt. I want to keep trying but I don't know if I can anymore. Maybe I'm not trying as hard as I could still but sustaining the effort and will while fighting the urge to give-up is difficult.

No. 349304

File: 1546656314462.jpg (238.23 KB, 986x1000, 71535266_p0_master1200.jpg)

Am I weird for thinking my bf is a cuck when he says he doesn't care if I show my cleavage to strangers on the internet for money? Like those camwhoring gamers who dress like sluts and pretend to play games. I know it's not like showing my nudes but it bothers me that he's not annoyed by the idea. Thinking that he's ok with that gives me huge cuck vibes and it weirds me out a lot (and it gets me dry af).
I've asked this in other places, but I haven't gotten many replies yet and I need people's opinions.

No. 349307

Some men get off on their women 'showing off' to other guys knowing at the end of the day you won't actually put out for them.

I still think it's gross because it does reduce you as an object for a man's narcissism and ego. A man who respects you and the relationship wouldn't stand for it imo.

No. 349316

you're probably the type that likes when guys tell you that you can't hang out with guys. it's not uncommon but it's still weird.

No. 349317

It does sound like you are being blackballed. Try the same internships in another state or town as an experiment. If you get callbacks/replies there's your proof. You may need to actually move to another state or at least town if he's really done this.

No. 349318

How is being a control freak not wanting their partner around the opposite sex the same as a guy who wouldn't be comfortable with his gf giving away cleavage shots to strangers for money?

No. 349320

If it gets you dry af that he allows you to have agency just don't show your tits off to strangers online. Problem solved

No. 349321

It sounds like the money troubles are overwhelming you. Selling the house and getting spare money seems to be a solution, life is not supposed to be hell. It kinds sounds like they want? Your money? And that's why they are averse to you selling.
I don't know the full story, but prioritize YOURSELF. You can have a happy life. Maybe away from these people, maybe living in a way that is more affordable for you.

No. 349365

My hair has been thinning for the last couple of years now and I'm beginning to think it's because of my vitamin d deficiency I have/had.

I really want to go to doctor and get a blood test to check all my levels for things but I'm nervous.

I doubt the damage to my hair can be repaired even though I really want it to be.

No. 349393

It's bizarre that you think it's so black and white, those twitch zoomers giving money to twitch thots aren't a realistic threat to any relationship, and he's probably just happy you're bringing in money doing something so easy.

I personally would be more concerned with a guy that was driven insecure about a twitch zoomer seeing his girlfriend's cleavage, than your boyfriend, that's more 'cuck' (or at least irrationally paranoid about being a cuck) in my eyes.

No. 349448

I hate my mother. I know you are supposed to love your parents but my mother is an abusing narcissist. No matter what I do it's always wrong even the slightest little things. I try to help her in the household because she mourns about how much work it is and no one helps her and no matter what I do it's always the wrong way. This has been since forever and it's get worse and worse. Either way I do the wrong things with my time and life or the way I do it is wrong.
Sadly I can't leave. Not really. I was raised with the feeling I'm worthless and just a slave to be used. Every day is like running the gauntlet.
To other people she is nice as heck and in front of others always tells them how proud she is of me. She completely ruined my trust in anyone and anything.
The way my parents interact with each other is freaking terrible. She tells him on every occassion how dumb he is and is always passive aggressive to us.
I just don't understand why. It could be so nice and all the trouble is so useless! I don't understand how anyone can be that way. It seems like a waste of energy and nerve to me.
I know she probably hates herself more than she hates us.

I just want to be left alone.

(sorry, new user - long time lurker. If I did anything wrong, tell me)

No. 349452

I actually think I'm not good in relationships. Or at least right now. I think I'm not responsible enough to care for someone else while I'm going through mental issues. It's not a bad thing, I'm just happy I'm realizing this. I legit just wanna sleep with some nice people every now and then and care about myself.

No. 349457

in my exp. it means he doesn't feel sexually possessive of you because most of his sexuality is tied up in porn. he is probably relieved when it's finished with you so he can get back to his porn

No. 349488

That is the weirdest take I've ever heard. He's not overly possessive so he has a porn problem.

It's not like she's fixing to be a camgirl. I can't imagine any man who feels secure in his relationship being upset that their gf is wearing low cut tops while streaming video games.

No. 349493

sex posi, 'only personality matters' freaks fuck off. you are probably one of the dead-bed lezzies. It's not about 'secure in a relationship'. If the thought of anything between your partner and someone other than you (going either way) fills you with anything except stomach rending rage, you're not in love. You're just in a comfortable convenience

No. 349496

Anon, your partner isn’t your possession. You shouldn’t feel enraged if those around them find them attractive, what are you gonna do, make them uggo on purpose? I can understand a twang of possessiveness but it shouldn’t fill you with rage, that is so unhealthy and is what often leads to people mistreating their partners because they begin to instead view them as their belonging. Learn how to step back and give your other half the love they deserve, anon, because suffocating them isn’t it

No. 349497

Anon, I have a narc mom as well. It would be best to minimize all contact with her. You can still visit, but your quality of life will improve if you move out and don't fall for her narc traps when you do move out. She'll do anything to have you come back.
My narc mom emptied out my wallets without my realizing because she always had an excuse to "borrow" money. My best friend helped me see this wasn't normal. Things have been very good since I moved out, I don't feel trapped anymore.

No. 349499

you keep talking all this bullshit about actions ('it's not like she's not actually camming yet') because you don't fucking understand that OP is upset that he doesn't FEEL the possessiveness. He's supposed to FEEL it and then control it you silly bint. If he doesn't feel it it's because he doesn't care because he's a) a cuck b)pornsick (same thing) c)not in love with her

No. 349500

That was my first post and didn’t at any point bring up camming, for all OP knows he does feel a bit of possessiveness he just doesn’t chimp out like a total mongoloid over it because he has his jealousy in check

No. 349511

I kind of agree. It's possible that he knows that despite his feelings, it's her body and she can do what she wants.
A guy can't really win in this case.
>say something
>"ugh what a possessive freak. it's only a hypothetical and he's already mad?? her body her choice"
>say nothing
>"wtf? he's a cuck and doesn't really love her"

No. 349526

it's simple
some women prefer a man who is more possessive, some don't, it's not some weird ebul ebin conspiracy theory so that men "never win"

if streamer anon wants a possessive man that's on her, if another anon wants a more lax and open man, that's her option, neither anons represent all women. Women are not a hivemind.

No. 349533

I meant that farmers would bitch either way, but thank you for the sanctimonious "Women are not a hivemind" post, as if a woman needs to be reminded lmao.

No. 349540

I have a similar problem. My bf gets off to the thought of me being admired/hit on by other guys and me lightly flirting with them while he's sad and alone at home, jacking off to it. What's worse, it's his ultimate turn on recently and my ultimate turn off. Nothing gets me dryer, and I see him as a huge cuck with no self respect.

No. 349544

Your boyfriend has no respect for YOU either.
He sees you as an object to complete his desires/fantasy instead of a whole human partner. Has he never thought that his fetish might be incredibly disturbing and degrading to you?
I fucking hate the ridiculousness of male fetishes.

No. 349557

You are on a recruiter blacklist. Happened to me too after a jealous male classmate with connections told his brother (who is connected to one of the largest employers in my city, a company that makes billions), a lie about me being an illegal immigrant or something.

Use a different name on resume, nickname if you have one.

No. 349565

im legitimately scared of my brother. hes violent, aggressive, and hes attacked me multiple times in the last 6 months. he punched me in the head multiple times today, started smasging up stuff, and threatened to burn down the house. and yet my entire extended family reees at me when i dont want to be around him when hes drunk for being "unsupportive" and constantly talk about what a "kind, intelligent, sensitive" young man he is.

No. 349580

You look legit psychotic. What you're describing isnt love, it's unhealthy possessive jealousy. And I say this as a "sex negative" radfem.

Could you document the abuse and go to the police ?

No. 349589

Anon, report him to the police. You don't have to protect him, or your family, when they clearly don't care about you.

No. 349601

hes already had the police called on him by multiple people, but they cant really do anything to him because hes 17. the most they could do is put him in a cell for a night and/or send him to the mental hospital for a while, but they will let him out if he and my mom sign some papers. its happened before.

i wish there was some kind of system where people could be put into a closed ward without their consent if theyre a danger to themselves and others. i think thats what they do in america right?

No. 349606

Try to take records of the abuse, like writing things down, taking photos, filming etc if you can, anon mentioned this to give to the police but maybe it needs to go to your parents. I know they are trying to protect their darling son but how long can they ignore physical violence? Try to move out asap as well.

No. 349611

hes assaulted my parents, especially my mom, before as well but my mom just writes it off as "muh poor baby is just depressed and going through a phase uwu". my dad actually moved out because he couldnt take it anymore, i havent spoken to him properly in about 2 months. my mom was standing about 2 cm away from me when he attacked me today. they know its happening. my extended family prefer my brother to me anyway, he spent more time with them as a child, i had a great aunt calling me rude this christmas because i didnt want o kiss her when i was a child when my brother did so clearly my brother is a sweet innocent little angel. i tried filming it once, but he just got even angrier. i just try to get out of the house as fast as possible when hes angry/drugged up/drunk.

No. 349635

File: 1546723672258.png (145.54 KB, 600x423, tumblr_pi7cxqbCrz1rr5qhqo1_640…)

I hate furries and I sincerely believe they should not be allowed to have children, be around children or have anything to do with children, ever.

No. 349648

>>348302 the same thing happened to me this summer. I wish I could hug you because I know how much it fucking sucks anon. (I actually met someone that looked exactly like my ex best friend at a party and my boyfriend noticed I got physically uncomfortable). I'm still getting over it, but it's a lot better than it was almost half a year ago. The best thing you can do is delete any pictures you guys have together, unfriend/unfollow on social media. Block her so you don't lurk on her profile and so she can't do the same.

No. 349684

File: 1546731625834.jpg (42.11 KB, 272x272, 1521353027458.jpg)

My boyfriend is depressed as fuck and super stressed and I feel so worthless. Nothing I do makes him feel better (and if it does, it doesn't last long) and I just don't know what to do. He's so distant and empty and I can't do anything to change it.
And when he's depressed, I'm depressed. I hide it pretty well but when he feels like shit I feel it too.
Sometimes I just think I should give up on having a relationship and live my life alone.

No. 349695

Furries should be rounded up and put into asylums until they stop being zoophilic creeps. There is nothing good or benign about them. Keeping anyone like that away from children is the only acceptable thing to do.

No. 349702

can't you take up the contact with your dad and live at his place for awhile?

No. 349715

Anon, keep a reminder to yourself that you're not his therapist and remind him of that as well. If it's taking a toll on your relationship, tell him he should seek help as this will improve the quality of both of your lives.

No. 349729

I MAde camping reservations 6 months ago for my winter national park trip but the government shut down is fucking everything up. Not only that, tons of National parks are getting trashed. People fucking suck.

No. 349732

Incoming salt I just wanted to vent out.
I've been drawing for a while, pretty happy with what I accomplished but… I get hella salty when I see artists who draw like a 10 year old have the same following as mine or more. I'm just like
'wtf? How?"
I feel shitty because I tell everyone "haha yeah they are super talented" but in my own private thoughts I'm just baffled to all hell. Or worse, I meet someone who thinks skill is equal to the amount of followers you have. I'm fine now, just wanted to say it out loud for once

No. 349746

God im so sexually repressed that i feel like a slut for dry humping

>virgin / 20

No. 349748

anon the key to attaining a large following is being in a big active fandom and drawing comics and ship fanart

enjoy yourself anon im 20 and a virgin i wish i had someone to dry hump lmao

No. 349749

i understand how you feel anon, dry humping is fun, don't be hard on yourself

No. 349750

I don't feel hate for this kind of stuff, maybe i should. I do a lot editorial stuff under tight deadlines and when things aren't looking as good as they could be, in the back of my mind part of me is saying its ok because i've seen people get away with a lot worse, but really all i'm doing in that moment is lowering my own standards for myself and not trying as hard as i could

No. 349970

I don't know if this belongs in the confession thread
but my grandma has come over because she thinks I have work tomorrow but I quit a couple of weeks ago and I haven't told her. She's so proud of me I can see it in her face. But I couldn't handle the workload/stress and the less than 5hrs sleep every day. I can't find a new teaching job rn, it was my first job as well. I am such a disappointment.

No. 350032

I hate my job and my boss is an incompetent piece of shit. He's been here nearly 15 years and close to retirement. He never listens and is condescending. I am looking for a new job currently, but I'm just tired and want to quit, even though I know it might be a bad idea now.

No. 350040

I think she'd be more happy to see you working a job that you enjoy. She probably assumed the job is treating you right.
If I had a family member tell me they want to quit a job, I can only assume they're being overwhelmed.

No. 350106

I think I broke my nose when I was a teenager. Idk because it never bled but it hurt for like a year afterwards. Now my nose has a bump in it where it used to be cute and sloped. I didn't't even notice for a long time bc I don't check my silhouette often or anything. It bugs me but I'd never in a million years surgically or otherwise alter it. I wish I could just snap my fingers and fix it.

No. 350113

My sister is a flaky piece of shit and sucks at replying to messages. I don’t get what goes on in her brain and I hate how she always seems to prioritize her friends over her family.

No. 350119

Posted this on the impossible crush thread, but anyway, I like a guy so much but we live in different coasts in different countries (he is American, I am Canadian). It's killing me because the distance makes anything pretty impossible and I don't even know if he likes me back. FUCK JUST FUCKING END ME

No. 350128

File: 1546814553852.png (124.96 KB, 275x267, 1504111006630.png)

I feel like my bf is responsible for assassinating my character and it pisses me off how he doesn't give me credit for the times I've helped him out majorly or how I'm a person he wants to be with. Because doing so would call for him owning up to his mistakes, taking a bruise to his male ego, and asserting that his parents are incorrect in their assessment of me.

He turns around and tells me all the nasty, unfounded shit his parents have said about me and it really hurts my feelings because what they say isn't who I am at all and they don't really know me. I've asked him why he doesn't ever stand up for me and he says that "his parents aren't ones to be corrected." So he just allows this, I guess. It makes me feel that he's spineless, and furthermore, doesn't really care as long as it doesn't rock the boat of his own image.
As much as my bf has fucked me over at times, I've always wanted my family and friends to like him–can't understand what kind of person wouldn't want this for their partner.
Obviously, I don't trust his parents at all now and I no longer really value their opinions because of the unfounded things they've said. But it's too late for the things that have already happened, and now I'm anxious to deal with strangers who've got all the wrong ideas about me which, if I continue this relationship, will not make things easy in the future. It's like walking on constant eggshells.
Worst of all they act nice to my face, so if I say something they have a problem with they never politely tell me. They wait until I'm gone to turn over to my bf and say their piece.

Ex. I have an incredibly strained relationship with my narcissistic mom and it doesn't help that I've been living at home temporarily. Apparently bf's mom didn't like how I made a joke about my house feeling like a nursing home due to the sterile decor and the fact that my mom is in her 60s and is starting to exhibit senile behaviors. Bf told me she said I had threatened to "Put my mom in a nursing home," and for that reason I was an "angry" person.
When I said how she was twisting my words and clearly misremembering what I'd actually said, bf said his mom "never lies." Implying I do. I don't ever want to say anything to her again regarding my own life because I have no idea what kind of unfair judgements she'll cook up next. She's one of those assholes who can't conceptualize how not everyone has a great relationship with their parents and how that's not always the child's fault.

Ex. Bf acted out and was extremely aggressive to me over the holidays to the point where I was crying and dropped him off at his apartment. I was considering ending the relationship. He freaked out, and in a drunken panic, decided to unload by calling every single friend who would listen to his tirade and his family about how I was "abandoning" him among other things. All I said when I dropped him off was that I needed a day and I would call him when I was ready. He didn't even remember all the fucked up shit he said and did to me because he was so drunk. So when he ranted to everyone his narrative was that he was the victim bc he legitimately believed that.
He later apologized when I told him all the fucked shit he did to me, but of course, didn't go back to correct the story to everyone he ranted to because that would mean he would have to own up and be embarrassed by his actions.
He told me what his mom said when he cried to her, how "he could have anybody" and "don't even answer her call" (even though he's the one who wound up calling me early). I'm sure he's not telling me the worst of the stuff she said because for all she knew from his perspective I was some thundercunt who was ending the relationship for no good reason.

Ex. Bf always complains to me about how his parents never visit him. He claims they're racists, and because he lives in a rundown black neighborhood they won't come. It's true I've never seen them make an effort, but they get hurt if he doesn't go see them. I've been driving him out to them to visit recently because his car is out of commission. On our last visit they were mentioning how their new employment was really close by to my bf's place so I made an innocent comment "Oh that's great! Now you can go see him now." Bf later told me they took extreme offense to this because they felt called out.

I could give others examples about how I've objectively helped my bf out and how he never gave me credit in front of his parents, but those examples above are the absolute worst of how I've been getting crucified over stupid things.
I understand that Mama Bears™ have the natural instinct to stan for their offspring, but I don't want a second mom who secretly resents me and will blame me for her son's shortcomings while never crediting me for all the nice stuff I've done for him.
I don't want another familial enemy.

I told him if they talk shit behind my back, I don't want to hear about it again unless it's how he told them it's not true. My relationship feels so spoilt now and I'm not sure if I even want this anymore. It's fucked up.

No. 350140

He's already said negative things about you to his parents, there is no fixing that once done. They will always have suspicions about you even if you act like a saint (in their eyes) for the rest of your relationship. Even if he grows a backbone and tries to stand up for you now, they will just think you're manipulating him. The damage has already been done unfortunately.

No. 350144

File: 1546816513489.gif (678.64 KB, 840x473, HelpfulNauticalLhasaapso-max-1…)

There are so many red flags here I don't even know where to begin. I'm just going to assume you're relatively young in which case you have many options. Why waste time on this crazy person if the end game would be that for a mother in law.

I would end it asap and give a simple reason that you don't feel you're compatible. Don't mention his family. Just please move on from this mess, there's no way it's not going to get worse.

No. 350146

File: 1546816620250.png (687.27 KB, 1044x774, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.png)

you're bf sounds like a spoiled asshole with bpd. dump him stat.
I know that's a stereotypical response but there are so many red flags anon.
homeboy don't trust you at all (based on the facts that he's willing to bend over backwards to believe his parents over you.)
he's an ungrateful asshole and you should run toots.

No. 350191

I'm sick and tired of the concept "appropriate time and place" being overshadowed by MUH SELF-EXRESSION because people want to wear fursuits to funerals and dinner plate-tier, clearly infected nasty-ass lip and ear gauges to formal weddings. Not every minute of your life needs to be focused exclusively on you and your "style", sometimes you need to take a second to wrench your head out of your ass and read the fucking atmosphere for once.

Fuck you Stephen, no one wants to see you try to stuff globs of chewed biscuit back in your mouth after it fell out of the crater in your face, you nasty fuck.

No. 350193

I half agree with you, but I’m not sure what you expect Stephen to do? Do you want him to put jewelry in his lip hole or just let that shit flap in the wind? Or maybe he could surgically close it before your family events? Idg this rant

No. 350197

Sorry anon, I was mostly frustrated at seeing food dribble.

Not sure if this is normal because I mostly see these for ears, but I have other friends with lip gauges and they usually keep flesh colored plugs around for more formal events and everyone is cool with it, or they at least run it by the bride and groom beforehand to see if their gauges are okay. From what I understand, this dude didn't run shit by anyone and showed up looking like a swiss cheese asshole.

No. 350204

File: 1546823006957.png (683.88 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-01-06-16-51-08…)

I wish I could browse Bestgore without the ultra cringey woman-hating narrative latched onto every single post and every single comment. It all reads like out-of-touch unfunny boomers mixed with 4chan teenagers, and the whiney eagerness to screech "s-see women are violent too!" is so transparent when 99% of the content is male on male violence. I can't even go near videos that feature women because it's all so much more cringey to read. Too bad the manhate threads are ruined or I'd have so much content for it.

I'm probably a pot calling the kettle black here for consuming the same content these morons are, but god, can't they write /one/ article without their creepy biases.

No. 350206

Lol the mental image made me laugh but I guess I'll never really understand this mindset. It's not hurting anyone but him so why care?

No. 350208

>I'm probably a pot calling the kettle black here for consuming the same content these morons

Well at least you acknowledge it. I'd suggest staying the fuck away from that kind of content because it usually attracts the worst types of men.

No. 350210

Did the manhate threads get nuked?

No. 350211


It's the idea that just because you have decided that it doesn't hurt someone, doesn't mean that it isn't actually hurtful. Yeah sometimes peoples reactions are inappropriately dickish when you're just walking down the sidewalk, but there are times when it's a good idea to take a step back and exercise some consideration toward others and certain events before you show up to a funeral in a rainbow fox fursuit with no prior warning and piss off the mourning family. Basically just exercising some level of self-awareness.

No. 350212

File: 1546824842066.png (546.83 KB, 500x488, Slowpoke.png)

No. 350214

my ex’s sister is a costhot in the vegas scene and apparently she has invited momokun over to their house before all the sexual assault shit came out and I can’t stop thinking about how I probably sat on the same ass couch as moo

shocking to me that she even fit through the front door but aight

she really has been alienated by everyone and she absolutely deserves it but I kinda wish ppl in the community didn’t plug their ears and go LALALALALALA after harassing kbbq off of social media, lying about lipo to sell that tea, multiple cases of art theft etc. just because she touts herself as a thicc body positive goddess (despite being none of those things)

But then again what do i know, I haven’t been to a con in a year and a half and i don’t even live in Vegas anymore lmfao

No. 350217

to add on: i knew a lot of weebs in high school and most of them didn’t even know who she was until after the drama last year. BUT i can think of one thot in particular that i knew semi personally who still praised her despite being aware of some previous actions

also I know someone asked in the thread and she’s about 5’2, I had the displeasure of meeting her myself at one point and even snapped a pic kek

No. 350228

not her but come on, not everyone stays here 24/7 like you do so it's ok to ask questions sometimes

No. 350242

How do you know when some fucker has alzheimer's or something?

This dude cannot for the life of him figure out why some of the silverware is dirty and why some isn't and why there are cups he recognizes from yesterday put in today even though the load is different and obviously not clean. He still proceeded to put shit away.

We explained we unloaded the dishwasher, i began to reload it, and some dishes we just washed got used again. He refused to believe it. He couldn't wrap his head around it. He refused to believe either me or anyone else did dishes.

Then after all that he refuses to believe it but reloads the stuff he took out or best he can and just throws random stuff in.

Then loudly complains about 1 dish i forgot to scrub and left for the morning and he took care of. Because i was busy doing every other dish and loading it up.

I can't even with this old fart sometimes. He forgets shit 24/7 and has weird reasoning and all this other shit. Always been a narc but this new bullshittery is unreal.

No. 350281

File: 1546850178799.jpg (340.26 KB, 1500x1806, NG.M.01111.jpg)

Even though I'm doing all the things I thought was unimaginable to me a few years ago (going out, making friends, travelling, etc.), I still feel sad most of the time and can't stop suicidal thoughts from reoccurring.
I recently stopped taking antidepressants (I was on fluoxetine), which might be the cause of this getting slightly worse, but I don't want to start taking them again, I hate the concept of having to depend on some medication in order to function properly. For clarification I had these thoughts even when I was on them, only difference was that I had no random crying fits.
The other thing is that I can't stop comparing myself to others. Every person my age is already getting married, having kids and the fact that I'm not makes me feel like there is something wrong with me. Although deep inside I know that even if I had their lives and was getting married, etc. that wouldn't stop me from feeling worthless inside. I feel like I could have everything in the world and I would still feel like a miserable, worthless piece of trash.

No. 350307

Thank you, Anon. I go away for a week and it's no longer on the front page. Unfair that the terfs still have their thread. Perhaps it will be reinstated later, under a modified name.

No. 350318

i'm an idiot for picking up beer on a monday night. I know once I have one I can't stop. sobriety fail.

No. 350321

Eww are you a troon sympathizer? Anyways it is fair because the GC thread hasn't caused any problems or sparked raids, it doesn't require extra attention. The anons there aren't as autistic as the ones in the man hate thread either.

No. 350431

I shouldn't have answered the phone. My grandma called me and told me she hoped to see me before she died.
I feel awful. I'm a terrible person who hasn't seen her family in like 7 years because I don't drive and I'm too anxious to go by train.
My day was awful. I have an exam tomorrow I'm not ready for.
It's just too fucking much. I'm an adult bawling because I can't handle responsability and it's pathetic.

No. 350451

This tbh.

No. 350459

I'm starting to think my crippling self-esteem concerning my body has strayed into BDD territory because I cannot look in the mirror or take photos at all. I burst into tears if I'm forced to or someone takes a picture of me. At Christmas my bfs family was trying to take pictures and I fucking lost it and hid in the bathroom for an hour. If I catch a glimpse of myself somehow it ruins my entire day and I have to cancel any appointments or obligations I have. My closet has mirrored doors and I have sheets hanging over them (tried to remove the doors but my bf got mad). I removed the bathroom mirror so my bf has to use a tiny mirror to shave that he hides when not using. I just fucking can't stand myself, I'm fucking grotesque.

I guess I could ask my therapist about it but it's not like she hasn't tried to help my self esteem issues before and it hasn't worked. I literally cannot see anything to salvage about my appearance, there is nothing to work with, so why bother? I've been like this since I was a teenager and it's only gotten worse. I know I am taking it too far and that there are people just as ugly as me who live normal lives and accept their appearance but I just can't no matter how hard I try.

No. 350528

One of my "closest" long-distance friends of several years just confessed to me that they're actually a man. Not even trans or something like that, just a man pretending to be a woman online for the long-haul.

It's stupid but I'm so confused I want to cry. I spent so many hundreds of hours of my life talking to them and confiding in them, and they weren't even a real person all this time.

I usually prefer to write instead of voice/video chat so I never really thought much of it. It's just how our friendship was. We had a lot of the same interests and "she" always encouraged me when I was feeling like shit, and gave me someone to rant to who'd actually listen. I talked about so many personal things with "her" over the years accepting the lie that they were les.

If he was trans I might have understood (maybe) but he basically admitted he's perfectly happy being a man and he just pretends to be a woman online because it gets him off. Fucking disgusting. He had so many different fake accounts across multiple websites dating back like, a decade, and I never questioned it.

I know I'm fucking stupid but I feel sick to my stomach. A close friend I genuinely cared about and invested my emotions in doesn't really exist. Everything I learned about them over the years was an intricate web of lies and made-up stories.

I don't know if I want to cut them out of my life. I don't have many friends left and I already feel isolated.

No. 350536

It's ok anon, you're not the worst human in existence or you wouldn't even be caring.
Tonight you need to eat probably, do a little revision of the test even if it's just thinking about what is likely to be on it, and sleep.
After the test, we can help you work out a battle plan for that train journey and whatever else is attached to it. Right now, just the test and your own health matter, just eat, set your alarms and get your stuff ready for tomorrow, and sleep.

No. 350537

It's not stupid to feel hurt and betrayed. You poured your heart out only to be some weirdo's fap material. I personally would cut them off after that.

No. 350559

First of all, anon, you have a boyfriend. A boyfriend who brings you to meet his family. Objectively that means atleast one person finds you attractive.

You need therapy. There is no other way around it, your extreme body issues have been allowed to ester to a point where you're now actively missing out on life. I hope you get the help you need, anon.

No. 350562

Thanks anon :) I'm hoping to tell her soon. Hope you're having a lovely day.

No. 350565

Oh shut up. You have a boyfriend.

No. 350570

I'm happy that Trump got elected and is causing America to implode.

The hypocrisy of "reee Russians hacked our election waah" when they have actively rigged elections in almost every country on earth to suit their needs.

I hope he cuts pay from the military to build that stupid wall and I hope a civil war breaks out. It's what they deserve.

I can't wait til they're no longer the dominant superpower so they can stop acting like they're number one when in reality they're worse than a majority of third world countries

>be american

>go to school
>get shot
>go to hospital
>get billed $500,000
>greatest country in the world.

No. 350574

you know ugly people can date too, right?

No. 350582

How does her having a boyfriend have anything to do with her body dysphoria? Mental illnesses are irrational at their core, hence why even people with their lives together and seemingly everything in the world can end up with chronic depression or bipolar with extreme manic/depressive episodes. The whole idea of body dysphoria is that what you see isn’t what’s actually there - she’s seeing herself as hideous when we can safely assume from her having a boyfriend that she’s not. Whether or not she has a boyfriend has nothing to do with her irrational mental state, it’ll happen regardless to people.

Anon, you need to keep talking to your therapist and trust her - what is the fucking point of paying someone to help you if you don’t actually let them help you. And if you don’t trust her enough to help you, then perhaps you need to find a therapist. But my point is that. You. Need. Help.

Hope the best for you, genuine mental illness is awful and draining

No. 350630

Actually in my pov people with mental issues tend to rely on other to feel better so they get bfs or gfs

Meanwhile I literally can't get one until I go to a psychologist due to anxiety and panic issues, my mind is that fucked up

No. 350631

I was really into this guy who was clearly into me, even though I was just leading him on and not actually interested but I felt really good about myself. Now he's suddenly ignoring me so I've grown bitter about him and I can't keep from thinking about the situation.
The plot twist is that I have a boyfriend that I normally tell everything to, and I keep nearly slipping up and saying something about how I hate when people suddenly change their character. Nothing was ever going to happen, he always knew I had a boyfriend so he must have just realised it wasn't going to work and so stopped being nice in any way. To suddenly be so obsessed with him like this is pathetic. I hate myself, I thought my self worth was better than this.

No. 350640

What did you need him for anyway? Extra validation? Get some self-love girl.
No offense, but it's kinda on you and I think you realize. Of course he was bound to leave eventually when he realized it was all about how he made you feel and that it was never going to be reciprocated. All men leave when they realize they have no chance, even the most pathetic beta orbiters.

No. 350641

Sounds like this one's mostly on you.
He moved on and is probably trying to forget about you, you should try to do the same. It wasn't healthy for either of you.

No. 350668

When I speak to my bf about ANY group of people (in this case, trannies) that I dislike, he's always playing the defensive for them, and ends up being sarcastic to me in defense of them, and ends conversations like that. Like, "Sure", "Right", etc. Is it me or is this unnecessarily rude? Am I allowed to be upset about this? Because, honestly, it really hurts my feelings.

For example, I said that they all have NPD (they do, obviously), and I told him about Blanchard's typology. He basically ended up telling me I'm cherry picking, that the typology probably isn't representative of anything, that they're just mentally ill and suffering, and that the NPD violent troons aren't representative of male troons.

I would think it's suspect and that he's a chaser if he didn't do this shit to over LITERALLY ANY group of people I complain about.

Anyways, so he then responds to me with a dismissive 'Right', and that's it, after I've said that you must have NPD to demand everyone cater to your every whim with the threat of suicide hanging over their heads.

Am I allowed to be upset at this? I'm honestly tired of being spoken to with disdain and sarcasm when I'm complaining about a group of people because he needs to preach about how "they're not all like that!!".

Do you want to date them, or me? Like, what the fuck. Disagree with me all you want, but why do you have to be sarcastic and rude about it?

Am I allowed to be upset about this? Why is everyone else important enough to treat me dismissively over it? I don't treat him like this over shit I disagree with him on

No. 350671

You know he can be your boyfriend without agreeing with every single thing you say right?
He’s probably bored of the topic and sick of it being brought up, hence the bored and dismissive responses.

No. 350676

He doesn't need to agree with me. If you just bothered to read my post, I literally said "disagree with me all you want". i just don't want to be treated dismissively and be given sarcastic answers simply because he doesn't agree with me.

I don't mind him disagreeing at all. What I mind is the sarcasm when it isn't called for, just because he thinks my opinion is too "extreme". Weird how you automatically fault me with bringing up trannies and assume I take issue with him disagreeing, when I literally said I don't, and he was the one who brought up trannies, but ok.

No. 350677

File: 1546924494869.jpg (6.68 KB, 206x326, gondola.jpg)

I have a crush on one of my fwbs and I wish I didn't. I just think he's super cute, like he's at least 8/10 by my standards. I know I don't have the desire to ~date~ him, i just think about him a lot and I feel like I can't get enough of him physically.

I'll give it about a month before I'm in too deep and pining for him.

No. 350679

Not really defending trannies but I would get sarcastic too if my BF expressed an opinion I personally thought was extreme or morally reprehensible. I think most people would.

No. 350683

He doesn't think it's morally reprehensible, he just needs to be a moderate about everything and thinks I'm not being sensible. It has nothing to do with morality. He's just obsessed with taking a middle of the road approach to all people, but not all groups of people actually fit that.

And I'm just casually talking to him. I'm not chiseling a publicly palatable speech here. I don't feel that everything I say about needs to be interjected with "BUT THEY'RE NOT ALL LIKE THAT!!!!" and then be treated dismissively over it. He literally does the "BUT NOT ALL MEN!" bullshit about everyone, especially men, though he isn't an MRA. It's annoying. I'm not allowed to generalize about anything, and if I do, I'm treated with disdain for it. That's dumb.

No. 350686

In that case, that does sound annoying. Sorry for misunderstanding.
Even if he actually disagrees with you on those things there's a time (and doesn't just like arguing for the sake of it) there's a time place for when it's actually worth bringing it up. Doing it over everyday things or casual conversation sounds like a fucking pain.

No. 350692

It sounds like he doesn't value your opinion anon. Like he's not even respecting you enough to debate it. Just 'no'.

No. 350693

>one of my fwbs

No. 350704

Thank you! Exactly. Your response really makes me feel better. Like, if you're THAT annoyed or upset by my opinion that you're willing to upset me by rudely dismissing me like that, at least go all out and make a debate out of it. I can't debate for shit, but that's not the point. He just 'knows' I'm wrong and that he's right because my opinion is too extreme.

And he really hurt me very recently by telling me that talking to me is "a fucking chore" because I committed the grievous crime of missing him, which he knows I'm still really upset about (and yet he hasn't apologized for it), so I'm sure he had to have known I would be further upset by him dismissing me just to defend some group of people that he doesn't have any personal stake in. It's just rude, imo. I don't answer anyone I disagree with like this. If I don't care enough about the issue to formally make my case, why should I upset someone with a snarky answer?

Thank you. I agree. It just feels very much like he prefers to be 'right' over not making me feel dismissed and dejected, but even worse, because he doesn't even make a case for why I'm actually wrong. I just 'feel' wrong to him because it's an 'extreme' opinion and he thinks the law of averages dictates that these are just the few crazy people that end up standing out.

No. 350716

I'm not a momokun fan by any means, I like to pop into her thread now and then to laugh at her retarded antics but the anons in the thread seem almost more cringey than her. See Onision, he is someone that is fully deserving of all the hate he gets and then some but even the anons in tbe Onision thread don't hate him as much as the anons in the momokun thread hate her.

No. 350727

right? i somewhat follow those threads and bitches are all jelly of her life and i'm like bitch, give up. not all of us are foaming at the mouth.

No. 350728

A lot of the posters in that thread seem to be other [less successful] costhots

No. 350745

pure jealousy. no one is jealous of onion because he's a broke fugly retard in a half a million dollars worth of debt in the process of digging himself a very deep grave.

weebs and costhots are MAD jealous of mariah because she has money and gets to go to japan and buy expensive anime figures and shit.

No. 350752

File: 1546941509759.gif (2.01 MB, 275x202, 1541993087909.gif)

This person betrayed you. Cut them off immediately.
How could you continue anything with this person and trust their character?
This person does not respect you and he's literally telling you it. It's one thing to disagree but to tell you that simply communicating with him painful is fucked up. If your boyfriend can't handle debate and doesn't seem to be doing any actual research on the topics (thus having absolute trash information and stating incorrect things) I wouldn't bother to converse with him at all.
Like, what do you get out of this? What knowledge or insight do you get from being with this guy and having these dumbass conversations? How is this enriching your life at all?

No. 350770

I feel so stuck and shitty. I went home over the christmas break and holy shit. My younger brother is a lazy ass tard who is tearing my parents' marriage apart with his abysmal grades. He's in his last fucking year and he is the only person I've ever known to fail classes during this important time. My parents (and I) were hoping for him to wake up and at least get decent grades so he can do trades or maybe even evening school. But at this rate he'll bomb school completely. I'm off to uni in another state and can't hold his hand, my father has given up already and my mom is just kinda… there? Idk. I have no idea how to fix this. And on top of all that he's gay - our dad is going to rip him apart if he ever outs himself.
My father already talks about kicking him out this september. He is fucking 15. He doesn't understand how dire this situation is. Any anons here who were completely shit at school and maybe did wake up last minute? Any study tips? I'm truly hopeless kek, I'll take anything at this point.

No. 350777

I had a really bad mental breakdown yesterday. I've been dealing with crippling anxiety and panic for a few weeks, complete with severe dissociation that lasts practically all day to the point where my mind tries to escape the present and makes me have existential thoughts. Yesterday was so bad, I sat in a parking lot crying for a half hour because I couldn't handle feeling like an alien anymore. I'm so afraid of feeling like this all the time, I feel like I'm going to disappear. I've been trying to get therapy, but my work's insurance company is extremely slow with everything so I have to suffer until they give me my information. I just want this feeling to go away. I don't want to die, I want to continue to live without feeling dizzy and confused.

No. 350782

File: 1546948841900.jpg (38.03 KB, 540x420, uCsVL0pa6B8.jpg)

I'm scared of dying alone. I want a suicide pact. Even if the person survives and steals my identity, I don't give a shit I just want someone to hold my hand while I die.

No. 350788

Why does he need good grades to do a trade? Dropping out at 16 and doing an apprenticeship is the norm for the many, many boys who suck at school where I live. Maybe it depends on the country but I find it hard to believe he's the only one failing and he's fucked for life because of it.

No. 350804

not op but if theyre in the US then you need a high school diploma to do literally anything, including getting into trade school.

No. 350826

I just love how as soon the man hate thread goes back up we’re immediately bombarded with scrot posting.

No. 350828

It's pretty funny seeing them trying to get a response from anyone and just being ignored though.

No. 350831

Having that thread up just invites the toxicity and raids, why are we even entertaining the thread. I’d much rather man hate peppered throughout the threads than have one dedicated thread that dickheads flock to to post their gore and mysgony, because whenever they get bored of that they do it in all the other threads.

No. 350833

Because other anons complain and ree about "femcels" when man-hate isn't contained to one thread.

No. 350837

same. that's how it's always been on lc despite what the anons who bitch about "le man hating femcels leaking out of their containment thread!!!" say. that thread is really depressing anyways, idk how anyone can read it.

No. 350918

Do you have the opportunity to interact with other people? Maybe your anxiety makes socialising hard but for me, just asking a person a dumb question about literally anything keeps me there. As does touching everything around me, hitting my feet off the ground to hear the sounds and vigorously rubbing surrounding objects like a true crazy person.
Therapy is definitely the long-term goal but being around others and focusing on something other than yourself with them sounds really helpful. Being around friends helps, but if you don't have many and you can afford a class then that's great, but if not, perhaps look into community events and check normie things like Facebook to see if there are any irl communities or events for things you're interested in.

The best solution is to have a caring, healthy marriage with at least two kids that love and respect you, so that when you're on your death bed in old age at least one will manage to make it there to hold your hand. It's no small task but building a life can be broken down into steps. Good luck anon.

No. 350920

I can recognize your posting style from miles away. Please go and kys, disgusting freak.

No. 350962

Anon link their other posts. Why are they a freak?

No. 350965

I wish they'd stop locking the man hate thread. Nobody even engaged with the male posters this time and it still got locked.

No. 350968

I think it's because we didn't have permission to start a new one.
Also suspect a man may have started this one, but that's just a hunch.

No. 350970

just more proof we're nothing like r9k like handmaidens like screeching about

isn't it funny how woman-hate roams the internet freely, all the way from 4chan to youtube, twitter, reddit, even instagram and tumblr to an extent. and we are expected to just suck it up and anyone who says otherwise is oppressing men, but 1 man-hating thread on a mostly female, unknown image board? get locked a million times for no reasons reeee

I just wish men got a taste of their own medicine for once

No. 350972

The male poster WAS there right from the beginning of the thread, so he may have started it (believable) or he may just lead such a sad life that he was waiting for one to be started (also believable).

No. 350975

it's because the mods don't permaban them

No. 350976

they probably do but it's not too hard to ban evade.

No. 350979

they don't, another anon pointed out the scrot has a habit of leaving for 24 hours then magically coming back, it's been like this for almost a year now, the same scrot

not to mention the fact scrot posts and even gore and abuse footage will stay up for 8+ hours straight, but magically mods are able to come out of the woods and ban us in miliseconds if we have 1 or 2 posts disagreeing with each other

No. 350985

There is something seriously strange about the moderation lately. I know we're getting a new admin, but are the moderators not communicating with one another? How can one mod allow the thread but another closes it? Don't they have a group to discuss such things?

No. 350993

A robot started a bait thread shortly before the new manhate one was made, could have been the same person kek

No. 351001

I used to peruse an imageboard (not 4chan!) through which I discovered lolcow, for which I'm grateful because finding a women centered site on the internet is really tough. But some of those anons had this sick fixation on anything related to women. We're talking here about guys in their late 20s, 30s, 40s having fantasies of engaging with young schoolgirls here and getting a thrill from having replies and making other anons here upset. Forward a few years and every time there's a raid, there's a high chance that some idiot made a thread there trying to "bring sense" into us or even calling for a raid. They like stirring trouble aka race-baiting and shitposting.

But those people are sick. Even sicker than r9ks. Not only is CP allowed there, but if you protest against it, you get banned. There are often mind disturbing women-hate threads that never get locked with lots of gore and porn dumping of women being treated in the most violent way and the users there encourage it.

These men lurk here so often but still think of themselves highly, giving patronizing advice on what they think is the best life for us aka getting married and pumping out kids even if they are in most cases neet or barely take care of themselves. I could go on and on but in short, they have this disturbing obsession with this site and spend an unhealthy amount of time here and other sites dealing with women's issues.

No. 351004

The gender critic thread makes me loose faith in the future of humanity and makes it look impossible to find cute girls to date because they are all gone because troons. I know this sounds kind of over-dramatic but it really depresses me, specially to see how lesbians are beint treated in today's ~super open and liberal~ society. Fuck that, fuck everything.

No. 351007

I am so tired of fat activist types bitching about stores that only have very small sizes. I don't throw a tantrum when a new Lane Bryant opens up, so what's the problem with Brandy Melville? All I wanted to do was find the model's measurements for fit but I had to wade through pages of "think pieces" about how toxic it is and that people should boycott them. If you can't stand to see clothes that are too small for you and that wrecks your self esteem then get some help. I'm not an ana chan and I'm very glad that place size women have a lot of options now but I hate that "body positive activists" turn around and call women my size "tiny children with weird hips". How the hell is that body positive?

I hate the idea that it's easy for small adult women to buy clothes too. I only have two pairs of pants that I bought years ago because no matter how many stores I go in none of them fit. They are wearing out and I have no other option than to pay for a tailor to get something not just flattering but wearable at all. I'm not even that small, I don't even know how actually petite women find clothes at all. Vanity sizing is out of control and it only seems to be getting worse. Many mainstream stores I've gone in stores don't even make anything smaller than a 4 anymore. I feel like just wearing homemade Mennonite dresses or something, maybe they have the right idea lol

No. 351012

Is it 8chan?

No. 351014

I wonder if the farmhands/mods straight up just can't be bothered with all the traffic. The scrote infestation has gotten worse, and they'd probably need a thread-specific janitor to keep it in check at this point.

On the other hand, now it looks like they're not even deleting male posts, just sticking the cute little robot pixel under them like in the early days when the site was slower/smaller. Why, I have no idea. Only a robot would really take issue with their worthless, sometimes disgusting (eg, rape, gore) posts being removed. I hope they have a good reason for this change of heart (like evidence for future reference?).

Also, if the whole thread as a concept is really "banned until further notice" (in a farmhand's words), screeching about "femcels" whenever anyone says anything even slightly not-nice about men should definitely be hampered in the vent, unpopular opinions, annoying, etc threads. Like it or not, farmers don't exactly worship men. This was never a space for them, neither was it created to be male-friendly (and they certainly don't afford us any of that respect on their sites), so I don't see why that should be an issue. As long as the response to anyone saying "My boyfriend argued with me today" isn't automatically "Dump him, all men are trash who must die", it should be fine.

No. 351018

Nope. It's ex Krautchan and now Kohlchan.

No. 351019

I hope the new admin sets up shop quick. My sis and I applied for mod positions ages ago and neither of us has heard back. I would have been fine modding the man hate thread, it warrants it.

No. 351023

I hope the new admin gets rid of the thread permanently so you fuckers can fuck off somewhere else. Not only are you annoying as fuck, bringing it up in every other thread, but you bring shitty robots to the site more often. It wasn't nearly as bad before you guys kept making the threads and acting entitled.

No. 351024

Sounds like your own personal problem. Guess you'll just have to deal with it.

No. 351025

Farmers post manhate in vent/unpopular opinions thread
Farmers make a manhate thread to contain it

Pick one.

No. 351026

the vanity sizing really is out of control. i'm personally still stuck wearing junior's clothes because apparently carrying a true woman's 0 is too much to ask for. i get that business-wise it makes sense to cater to mid-sized demographics because they're doing most of the buying, but you'd think that making smaller clothes would also be considered good business sense because it uses less material. i don't know, but i feel you, it's super frustrating.

No. 351027

I've been vanity sized out of multiple stores. It's fucking annoying. I'm not even particularly slim, I'm at the high end of the healthy BMI range.

No. 351029

>Stop posting what I don't like!
This isn't "Anon's Personal Farm", lmao. Find a new website if you're so pressed about it.

No. 351032

Same with women who have high waist to hip ratios and small ribcages as well, even children's sizes don't carry below a 30 band size, most Americans are fat with no hip to waist ratio so it makes sense their clothes are huge with no hip to waist defintion. I miss when women strived to be healthy and not overweight fatties who think having a stomach bigger than their ass and tits combined means they're thicc, America needs to fix their obesity problem instead of fetishizing it

No. 351038

File: 1546979684575.jpeg (204.66 KB, 1242x1833, 4CC3FB95-46A4-4759-9BD3-196921…)

Felt perfectly fine this morning but the second I get to work I end up getting one of the most painful UTIs I’ve ever experienced. Took some AZO and tried to indure through the pain but an hour later I stand up and ended up pissing myself?? I managed to make an excuse to go home, but oh god I’m so embarrassed anons pls kill me

No. 351039

im so fucking over everything. I wanted to post in the man-hate thread about something objectively vile some men are doing but the TOPIC is banned! One of the only place on the internet that is supposed to be female populated + that isnt a PC hugbox banned the topic of exhasperation with men.

I can't anymore. I just wanted to vent about one particular thing for which men are faulty and now I cant even do that. The Man Hate thread was raided by robots but NO ONE was taking their baits, no one was responding to them and the thread still got locked. Male/Tranny on the modteam confirmed.

No. 351041

Post it here, anon. If you get banned, we'll know for sure something (or someone) is up in the moderation team.

No. 351042

why don't you just do it here, dummy? man hate isn't a banned topic

No. 351048

I'm 5'6 at 94 lbs(yes I'm an ana chab get over it) and I don't have issues finding clothes in america. I wonder just how small these people claiming they can't find clothes are…are you like 40lb midgets?

No. 351049


Idk guys, the Farmhand legit said "its a banned TOPIC". But whatever.

I guess I'm just PMS-ing hard and cant deal with this dude who's supposed to be working with me (and a couple other girls) on a group project for uni. He hasnt been answering our messages and calls for two weeks while we were working and now he wants to incorporate his bit on the movie Tangerine in the group project. Something I have very explicitly opposed since day 1 because Tangerine is sexist as fuck and barely fits the subject we're working on (reenactment in independant cinema). The group project is due tomorrow and he refuses to change anything, laughs at my arguments and the two other girls are being super polite and nice to him.

On top of that, this leftist fb group I'm in that's pro prison abolition is suddenly finding 1000 reasons why it's "reactionnary" to hang/torture rapists like R Kelley.

No. 351050

It's so insanely unfair. We literally can't have anywhere to talk about men without men ruining it, and mods are making US suffer for it rather than just actively modding and deleting male posts. I only caught the start of that thread yesterday but it's obvious a man created it solely to start shitting on us, the spergy misogyny started the instant it was made. Why are we punished for it?

Can we at least have a feminism thread? Or specifically a radfem thread? The manhate thread was never just used to hate men, it existed to talk about all the ways in which men hate women. Same thing really, we hate men for murdering and abusing us, and they do those things because they hate women.

No. 351053

Has putting it in /g/ been brought up? Maleposters are banned there, aren't they?

No. 351054

Male posters are supposed to be banned sitewide…

No. 351061

>>348538 Samefag, I got the job!

No. 351062

Congrats, anon!

No. 351063

File: 1546982216491.png (93.07 KB, 1252x798, Screenshot_2019-01-08-15-14-13…)

no they didn't… they said they exact opposite of that. you guys need to drop the martyr act.

No. 351064

I assume she's talking about the thread created yesterday, not the one before that

No. 351065

Take your head out of your ass and look at the farmhand's post on the thread made today >>350961.

No. 351070

she probably meant thread topic, not topic as in all man hate will get you banned.

I hate men too and posted quite a bit in the first two or three man hate threads but I don't understand why it's so hard for some anons to go 5 seconds without reeing about them.

No. 351071

I can go without reeing about them, what I can't tolerate is mods silencing other women in one of the few spaces we have to discuss very real problems we face with men.

No. 351073

Are you talking about the shitposters in that thread or people talking about the thread being banned?

No. 351074

find another site.

No. 351075

I'm thinking about just living in my car. Tired of spending every dime on bills and being controlled by jobs.

No. 351079

This. You guys are the issue. You bring more incel traffic, you shit up other threads by constantly bitching about "evil men" whenever men are brought up, you circle jerk over caps of the literal worst people, despite them not being the norm, and then you reee about men silencing you. Well, I have news for you, the rest of us on the site aren't men, we're your fellow anons that want you out.

No. 351081

Seconding this shit. If you want a place to screech about men then make your own site or find another one

No. 351084

Anons should be allowed to talk shit about men in vent and unpopular opinions threads at least, since they're there for vents and unpopular opinions.
That's all I got.

No. 351087

I’m so bored by man hating posts I wish they had their containment thread back. Most of it’s just harmless bitching but there’s always one mental patient who gets angry at women for not man hating and that’s retarded.

Maybe it should be put to a vote in meta?

No. 351090

Truly sad. Not a single man would consider or advocate for shutting down women hate threads, no women invade men's sites to ruin it for them, yet here you are coming to their defense and trying to get women to stop talking about our experiences. As always we're punished for male behaviour, and we're always the ones making concessions and being quiet just to avoid backlash.

I don't like trashy nitpicky /snow/ threads but I don't demand they get shut down to remove bitchy ana chans or nasolabial fold spergs or whoever I don't like, if you don't like the threads you can just avoid them. And mods can do their jobs to get rid of incels.

No. 351092

File: 1546983660238.png (148.83 KB, 1033x800, YA AINT SLICK RICK.png)

>we're your fellow anons

No. 351095

It's not "fair", saying that because x does y, we should get to do x makes you seem retarded. Womanhate threads are perpetrated by retards, and manhate threads are as well.

No. 351096

Where do you shop anon? Not being bitchy, I genuinely need some suggestions. I'm the OP and my big issue is proportions, mostly for pants. I have wider spaced hips but a small waist and wider thighs. When I do find small stuff it tends to be leggings or very tight skinny jeans but I can't find regular, work appropriate pants anymore. Kids and most juniors stuff is out because of my hip proportions and adult pants that hot my hips right are weird and baggy at the top because they're designed for someone with a bit of belly. J Crew's sizing is the worst for this. I don't know who they think they're kidding with their "00s".
5'3" 100 lbs so I'm also between petite length and regular length, but that's a generally easy hem fix.

No. 351097

sort of both. it's not like the thread won't be back within the next month or two, just like the last time it went on hiatus. all this whining is annoying.

No. 351099

Poor thing. Mods would ban us if we weren't regular users. You're so paranoid and obsessed with manhate shit you can't fathom that not all of us are that nuts?

No. 351100

Is there any point in it at all?
Clearly, times have changed so much that man-hate is now banned permanently and if most farmers here are against a man-hate thread, then we can't impose ourselves. We should really consider making our own place with our own rules. No trannies, no guys, no handmaidens.

No. 351101

File: 1546984077124.jpg (11.55 KB, 228x221, 2f663bc29cc47b3e35686cc8898f2a…)

No. 351102

File: 1546984086340.jpg (712.66 KB, 1440x2871, Screenshot_20190108-164803_You…)

I agree with but at the same time I think the man hate thread is fair because it's women hate all over the internet. Like if we go on any website there is tons of women hate topics,even if a man doesn't hate women he doesn't care or feel the need to say "not all women" but everyone rushes to mens defense I think the question we need to be asking is why is making fun of women or bashing women so normalized? I can't even go in YouTube without seeing comments shitting on women

No. 351103

>>If you don't like the threads you can just avoid them.
I'm so tired of this stupid argument you deranged girls keep saying. WE CAN'T AVOID IT BECAUSE EVEN WHEN THE THREAD WAS HERE IT YALL STILL FOUND YOUR WAY TO EVERY OTHER THREAD AND SHIT IT UP. You guys are cancer and just as annoying as the men you complain about. Find another place

No. 351105

>anons who don't enjoy our constant negativity are handmaidens

this fucking meme, every time. you know you can hate men without wanting to discuss it with mentally ill people on a shitty drama site, right?

No. 351106

Holy shit no one said anything about it being permabanned, you overdramatic bitch.

No. 351107

>not a single man
>this is what manhate anons really think

No. 351108

tl;dr triggered

No. 351110

NTA, but where and when has this happened? Can you show examples?

No. 351111

gj guys, this is really going to prove to the mods that you're mentally stable and deserve your thread back!

No. 351114

NTA but it's happening now, ITT, retard. it also happens regardless in the unpopular opinion thread, in the stupid shit thread, on the relationship advice thread, confessions thread, it even derails some cow's threads that aren't related (like moo's).

No. 351115

>Bragging shitposter can dish it out but can't take it
You need to stop pretending mr salty, you use the same phrases in all your posts yet pretend to be different anons, you're not very bright.

No. 351117

I shop at forever 21, anywhere in the mall and that I can afford. I buy bras from the Juniors section at walmart(I'm a 32a). There's really no where I have an issue finding clothes a….xs-medium fits me well and for shirts I like a loose fit so I go for small-medium. Maybe because I'm taller it's easier for me to find clothes despite being at a low weight.

No. 351119

are you unwell?

No. 351122

Yeah you also try to use that tactic despite being the one dragging the topic to other threads to get the heat off yourself. You aint slick.

No. 351123


exactly like
>>351071 said. I actually rarely contribute to the man-hate thread but it's nice knowing it's there just in case. It's not about reeeing about men nonstop it's about being free to ree about men

Speak for yourself. You and other nonfeminists arent the only one here. Plenty of anons here want to be able to sperg about this shit. If you're tired of the "femcels" why don't you leave ?

No. 351124

This thread was only shit up because of this sperging >>351063
It was civil up til then. It seems the "anti man hate" anons are far more vitriolic, insulting, OTT and spiteful in this particular case. You're even insulting me now when I haven't said shit to you. I haven't seen man hate mess up the threads you've mentioned, either, can you post screencaps, links or even descriptions of instances?

No. 351125

File: 1546984660566.gif (2.97 MB, 700x393, clap.gif)

No. 351126

this site isn't a "femcel" site. it's a drama site, you should feel lucky these off topic boards even exist. this isn't your site.

No. 351127

ntayrt but I'd also like to add ASOS they carry size UK 2 which I think is US 00 and they have a lot to choose from.

No. 351129

>>If you're tired of the 'femcels' why dont you leave
Because this isn't a femcel site?????

No. 351130

no one is insulting you. infact, you guys are insulting everyone who disagrees with you calling us men and samefags.

No. 351131

They are, they sperged all over /meta/ too, and I do not think its many tbh, it appears at most to be about 2, if that.

No. 351132

> you know you can hate men without wanting to discuss it
Just this isn't about "omg I hate men so much ugh". It's about issues that are specific to relations with men and it can happen in work and social environment. Since so few men and women give a shit about these issues, it's nice to have a corner to vent about it.

And I don't get why it's a problem now when it wasn't a problem when it started.

You can hide the thread, but we can't post in it. I don't even post there often but it's nice having it when I need to vent. Because god forbid if I vented about a guy here, I'd be told to stop being a man-hater.

No. 351133

thank you. i am so sick of these anons assuming that this site doesn't allow men because it intends for the site to be filled with anti-male shit.

No. 351134

>no one is insulting you.


>NTA but it's happening now, ITT, retard.

I haven't called anyone a man or samefag. I'm just asking for some evidence to back up claims.

No. 351135

>And I don't get why it's a problem now when it wasn't a problem when it started.
Because it appears angry incels found the site and decided to invade it and spammed nasty shit.

No. 351138

NTA, but it's a problem because of the people who are ruining the site. also your example is not what the issue is. the issue is when anons barge into other conversations with their unnecessary opinions. people vent about men all the time, but when i want to say something about how my bf that day is doing something annoying, i don't want to be bombed by shitty anons reeing about how i'm a handmaiden.

if you are that tilted by someone saying retard then please leave.

No. 351139

Its because they are projecting anon.

No. 351140

>pointing out an insult
Maybe you're the one who should leave, considering you couldn't even read, but still got aggressive and accusatory. Still eagerly waiting for concrete examples of misandry destroying Lolcow.

No. 351141

(ayrt) I would agree if this wasn't temporary. The man hate thread is not permabanned. It will be back soon and clearly the topic itself isn't banned.

No. 351142

find me a single thread on whole 4chan defending women.
inb4 "they're a fringe society, imageboards dont represent real life"! newsflash, we're also fringe and an imageboard.

That's such a bad argument. Have you seen the spergs in ANY other thread of this fucking website? The vendettas on snow, the nitpicking, the ariana sperging… None of that is "mentally healthy" yet it's still here.

i mean it's happening right now ITT because the manhate thread is locked.

No. 351145

I don't care and won't ponder whether it's indeed incels or trannies or just women that seem to have zero empathy towards other women who just need to get something off their chests. This is like the nth time we're having a conversation about femcels (a derogatory term that is vague and I hate using), about man-hate being bad on an imageboard for women. Even if the thread isn't permabanned, even if we get to have a new one, this site is showing a change in its userbase that frankly, I don't like and if I'm in the minority then I will leave and find a new place. No point in fighting against the windmills.

No. 351146

WOuld like to add now just 4chan, but 8chan and other imageboards in general.
I mean its was funny on topics not even relating men and women they would find any excuse to bash women-especially the DC movie threads on /tv/ there's so much salt lol.

No. 351147

I guarantee that man-hate anons are the same anons who claim they only browse /ot/ and /g/.

I also agree with other anons. The site isn't women only because we wanted a space to openly discuss men or women only issues, it's because it was filled to the gills with /cgl/ and SR attention whores that would derail threads by ogling the cows. I'm willing to bet most man-hate anons haven't even been using the site long enough to know that. We even used to have threads to discuss men on /ot/ that weren't full of the toxic userbase that uses them now!

sage for oldfag rambling. You idiots are just pissing me off with all of your bickering and attempts to "reclaim" a site over something that was never intended in the first place.

No. 351149

>The vendettas on snow, the nitpicking, the ariana sperging… None of that is "mentally healthy" yet it's still here

Anon, those things all banned and deleted and threads autosaged and locked constantly. You and your userbase isn't somehow getting singled out, you're being ridiculous.

No. 351152

I've been here since the migration from Stamina Rose, and I appreciate the man hate threads, but nice strawman. I don't think I'm the only one, either.

No. 351154

that isn't what strawmanning is…

No. 351155

Dont worry anon, that anon sperges alot and uses the same strawmans like the /g/ and /ot/ argument, are you paranoid, shitposting etc to make themselves sound legit. I'm with you.

No. 351156

NTA but please don't accuse people of samefag to try to prove your point, it just makes us look stupid. Accusing people of samefagging is paranoid behavior, and it's not a valid rebuttal.

No. 351157

>making up a profile of anonymous users who frequent a thread you don't like to snark about and argue with/about/against, your only source being your imagination
Sounds strawman-ish to me.

No. 351158

Welp, someones mad. And you manage to make yourself look stupid all on your own, you certainly do not need anyone elses help. Oh and look, using the same line you say you do not use, yep, you really convinced me anon.

No. 351160

No. 351161

For fucks sake, there's no need to argue with people telling you to chill.

No. 351162

I had worn F21 as a teenager and the fit was decent but the quality wasn't good. I might give them a shot again to try since I just need something to get through the spring at least. Most of the stores in my mall had one or two 2s that I could practically stand inside or just skin tight skinny jeans. I was told by the cashier in Land's End that they only ever get two 2s with each shipment because they don't sell enough to bother.

I'll try ASOS too, since they have free returns in the US. I like that they have the model's heights on there too, that's helpful.

Thanks guys!

No. 351163

yea so in the name of the origins of the site, we should also make Shoe mod again, right ?
I know why maleposting is banned but that doesnt change the fact that it is now supposed to be an all female board.
The old threads were mostly shit and even when men weren't whorefagging you could still see that they were male and they made shit posts. There are a ton of places where you can shitpost about cows alongside male users.

No. 351164

Maybe take your own argument and "chill", except thats not what you're doing anyway. But ok, stay mad hunty.

No. 351167

I'm convinced this idiot is a man trying to make the """femcels""" look bad. Please just ignore them.

No. 351168

It's sort of hard to interact with others, I live in a rural area and work night shifts. I know my living situation makes it worse, I've been trying very hard to find a job in a bigger city. I know it'll help me greatly, but in the meantime it's unbearable. The only place I can go to socialize is grocery stores and restaurants. I wish I had my best friend with me but she moved to a different state. A lot of people I used to be friends with have finally ditched this town.
I'm making it my goal this year to get one step closer to making the move, my boyfriend has been doing pretty bad too.

No. 351169

Are you ESL? Anon is clearly a different anon, there's no reason for you to be this aggressive, no one is fighting here.

No. 351170

File: 1546986631079.gif (366.02 KB, 267x200, popcorn.gif)

>watching you goofy bitches argue when i have no horse in this race

No. 351172

they're even eating themselves from the inside. one anon is arguing with people who seem to be in agreement with her. fuck it's always funny to watch this shit!

No. 351173

There's that projection again.

Maybe address that to the anons who are trying to start an argument about my comments then.

No. 351175


No. 351176

the sun might be setting on the era of great lolcows, but farmers will always be good for a laugh

No. 351178

What is even going on anymore?

No. 351179

You are the aggressor, no one is trying to argue with you, you're just being overzealous to the point where all of your posts seem like you're doing it to make people on your side of the conversation look bad. If your attitude is genuine, it's the wrong stance to take. Accusing everyone who doesn't agree with your specific style of posting of being the same anon is really silly.

No. 351180

With forever 21 it depends on the fabric if it's gonna last. Go for thick sturdy fabrics. Avoid things that streth.

No. 351182


No. 351183

How am I being agressive? I've seen other anons get dogpiled in this thread and told to shut up and go. And please do not straw man my arguments too, I did not say that.

No. 351184

some sperg is sperging out and either betraying her team or she's too stupid to realize that she's arguing with them

No. 351188


No. 351189

now who's being passive agressive

No. 351190

I HATE how overly sexualized Bayonetta is. I'm replaying it and it makes me so sad because it's still like, the best hack and slash out there, but I can't stomach the unnecessary objectification, and even if this wasn't a feminist issue, I would NOT EVER like to see a male video game character sexualized and objectified like this. Like, half of the fucking game is dedicated to tit shots and body oogling and stuff. It's just a waste of time, and all of her moves are centered around her body/are sexual, which makes just trying to complete the game a nightmare itself. It's not even just cut scenes. It's literally everything. And when I try to see if people agree, everyone out there is like "it's not objectification or overly sexualized at all! she ENJOYS her sexuality, that's what makes her so feminist!! that's how sh demonstrates POWER! one of her designers WAS A WOMAN!!!". It's so infuriating. Like, deny more subtle objectification, sure, but this is COMPLETELY undeniable.

Like, I'm just trying to beat the crap out of foes. I'm so tired of everything being so pornified. I just wish everything was basically family friendly. This shit really makes me want to vote with the Christian right almost. I just want like basically all sexual shit censored and done away with in all media.

No. 351192

bayonetta is like the last character this should apply to. her entire character is based around the fact that she's a femdom. agree or not, the whole story revolves around her slutty attitude. it's justified to me because it's not ashamed to be sexing her up like that. characters like B2 bother me much much more because their sexualization has fuck all to do with the rest of the game, but the creator goes out of his way to give it all these dumb and edgy and deep reasons that are bullshit excuses.

No. 351194

Yeah if there was a male counterpart I wouldn't have an issue but yeah, a lot of the defensive arguments is bullshit. I wish people were just honest about it.

No. 351195

Bayonetta is hot tho

No. 351197


We heard you the first 3 times

No. 351198

real question, does >>351189 really think everyone else ITT is only one anon? is she like a bot or something? all her replies are really off to me. i'm really legitimately curious.

No. 351199

Clearly you didn't hear it enough

No. 351201

Ah yes I am a male because I find a female character hot.

No. 351202

>bayonetta is like the last character this should apply to. her entire character is based around the fact that she's a femdom. agree or not, the whole story revolves around her slutty attitude.
>buying male excuses like this
Please, anon. She is the perfect example of unnecessary objectification. She can be a strong femdom type without literally half of the game, including literally all of her fucking moves, being porny shit. The sexualized shots and zoom ins and cinematics that are just pure ogling take up so much fucking time it isn't even funny. She can be strong and domineering without THIS much of the game dedicated to it. You and >>351195 sound male. Bayonetta isn't even necessarily a slut, and I think a woman wouldn't call her 'slutty'. She's 'seductive', but there's no indication given that she's actually super promiscuous or anything. Seriously, the story line would not suffer, AT ALL, if it was toned down by literally 95%.

Just because a woman "uses her sexuality" doesn't mean it's actually empowering. The fact that she's attractive doesn't actually kill her foes, like, you realize this, right? The 'taunts' are stupid and unnecessary anyways and it'd be fine without the taunt moves. Keep the excuses and the porn out of video games.

No. 351204

nta but they deleted the other post to reply to the OP's updated post, it's a courtesy, not spam.

No. 351205

Either a male or a bithot with shit taste lol

No. 351206

dumbfuck, no, you sound male because males always feel the need to let everyone know how hot they think women are, and will repost the same dumb bullshit about how they want to fuck said woman or how hot they think said woman is, despite no one asking, over and over again, as you did, when no one cared literally any time you said it.

No. 351207

Nah you're fine

No. 351208

Hmm…good point anon.

No. 351209

I said it twice calm down lol and as >>351204 said that's why I did it. That male-hate thread needs to come back holy shit

No. 351211

>I just want like basically all sexual shit censored and done away with in all media
Are you one of the ace anons?
You went into this knowing she's a sexual character lmao, no one is holding you captive to play Bayonetta. Agree it's dumb your friends (?) are arguing it's not and denying reality though lmao.
Also would be all for objectified men in media, although I doubt they'd be the kind I'm into…

No. 351213

i never said i think she's empowering, i just think that her character and the game are about her being porny. porny shit can be in video games, some men and even women find it fun every once in a while. i don't think all media needs to be conscious.

No. 351214


Anon thats not me, not everyone here is one person.

No. 351215

agree. plus, bayonetta is basically DMC and the men in DMC are sexed up to hell, media just doesn't really understand what women want sexual because of all that "women aren't as into physical stimuli' BS.

No. 351216

nta but they didn't accuse you of being anyone?

No. 351217

No they are not, they should be naked to even the playing field tbh.

No. 351222

i just fucking said that they're not lewded in the same way because media incorrectly thinks that women don't like lewd naked men.

No. 351224

File: 1546988770199.jpg (76.82 KB, 768x1024, yuffie-kingdom2.jpg)

There's a ton of female video game characters that aren't sexed up to hell for male audiences. We can focus on them instead with positivity of giving the sexed up characters recognition.
I'll start; Yuffie Kisaragi is the best girl.

No. 351228

Rikku was like that in X, and then they threw that all away in x-2.

No. 351229

but anon her stomach is showing, too lewd!

No. 351231

Huh? I linked the correct people

No. 351232

wow, not even close. they really are nowhere near as sexed up. are you kidding me? they're SLIGHTLY sexed up so you think they're 'sexed up to hell'. replay both bayonetta games and DMC and you'll see that half of the fucking games are purely sexual shit. it's sexual to an unparalleled degree and does nothing for the storyline, it's just a waste of time. i don't want naked men in my video games. i want to play video games. i don't want to look at naked anyone while i'm just trying to kill shit.

there are no games that i've found have the same fighting style. the game would be better without the sexual shit. idek why you guys are so invested in defending what couldve been a 10/10 game if it wasn't turned into nearly a glorified interactive softcore porno. the unnecessary sexual shit detracts from otherwise great media. it does not add to movies or games to me. it detracts. it's a detraction from the storyline and is purely a waste of time. if i wanted to watch porn, i would watch porn.

No. 351233

they were responding to what >>351206 said and using my post >>351204 which was saying they only reposted a few times to link to the OP post after OP edited it. what's not to get?

No. 351236

Holy shit Anon just take out the fucking disc and play another fucking video game. Simple. Easy.

No. 351237

cause the game isn't fucking for you. it wasn't "turned into" anything. this is like bitching about senran kagura or something. you being upset about part of the game you don't like, means you don't really like that game, you like the play style, find a different game and let people play what they like.

No. 351241

anon sounds like the type who would buy yaoi and complain there are gay men in it but then go on about how she really likes it because the story and art style are good.

No. 351246

Take a chill pill bro, its not that deep.

No. 351247

that's not even remotely similar. the entire game is about killing angels, but is side-tracked by unnecessary sexualization. that's a poor comparison.

right, it was made for people who feel they need all their media infused with porn to keep their attention, and that's the general trend women's characters do take in video games and most popular media. why you feel the need to defend this is beyond my comprehension. i'd prefer most media stand on its own. again, porn should be in porn. video games should be video games.

No. 351249

maybe tell that to "triggered by sex" anon who's writing books on how the creator needs to cater explicitly to her.

i personally like bayonetta and the creator, who is a bit of a creep is also really hilarious about her character as well. he once got really upset that people were drawing porn of her and mischaracterizing her personality and said he hated seeing her drawn being submissive to men.

No. 351251

Dude, this is the vent thread, like, what do you expect happens here. Maybe take your own advice and not be so triggered or at least, don't bitch about people bitching in the vent thread. She can vent, you can vent, its all good.

No. 351252

i'm not, i said one thing about her and moved on to my own feelings. it's not a big deal. if anything the other anon is making it a big deal by acting kind of whack about "porn".

No. 351257

Dude like I said, its the vent thread, lets not point fingers.

No. 351259

>let's not point fingers
if the shoe fits~ maybe she should lighten up.

No. 351260

Maybe you should read thread titles.

No. 351261

so you're denying that the sexualization and objectification of women's characters in video games is unnecessary and a problem in general? the most neoliberal bullshit thing to do is to try to say "let's just sexualize everything and objectify everyone" and add pointless porny bullshit to everything. the solution isn't to start objectifying men, it's to curb the objectification of women because objectification, by definition, is dehumanizing.

No. 351262

NTA but she isn't the one who needs to lighten up. >>351255 is being straight up retarded. And so are you. If you don't want people to challenge your posts, post in a diary.

No. 351263

i really like bayonetta

No. 351264

i literally don't care.

No. 351266

Yes this is an issue, but there are literally thousands of female video game characters who aren't sexualized, even in the same games. This is why I didn't get the whole Xenoblade bunny girl outrage because the rest of the game's female characters didn't look like that. On top of that, she was designed by a woman.

No. 351268

this. vent thread or not, you can't just post something and cry "uwu no bully" if someone says something to you. especially if you are actively arguing your point with them. people who do that are just venting for validation and getting mad when they get the opposite, otherwise they'd post their vent and move on.

No. 351270

Oh, a shit stirrer I see. And, play tell, how am I being retarded? Please challenge my posts, I never said anywhere not to, so you can knock off that attempt at a knock at me.

No. 351272

the game was clearly presenting as porny bullshit from the beginning. why are you playing the game? why did you buy it? why are you supporting the over-sexualisation of women in games?

No. 351273

And where exactly did I say uwu no bully?

No. 351274

nta but she obviously meant "you" as in "posters", she's not stirring shit, you're just misinterpreting the point of the thread.

>play tell

it's pray tell, i guess you're ESL which is why you think she's talking to you, but native speakers get it.

she's saying no one ITT should post if they expect people not to comment on it, referring to the crazy anon who continues to reee about us not thinking bayonetta is lecherous porn.

No. 351275

>thinking women can't objectify women, especially on behalf of men, because it's their literal job and pays them far better
this is really brainlet tier bullshit you guys are perpetuating.

No. 351276

are you autistic too? no one is accusing you of literally saying stuff.

nta, but i think the point is more that some women can be into sexualized women.

No. 351277

Ok I made a grammatical error.
>she's saying no one ITT should post if they expect people not to comment on it
Ok, what has that to do with my comments?

No. 351279

for the millionth time, there is no other hack and slash i have played that compares to the gameplay. i enjoy the game, otherwise. i think we're very lucky that more games haven't taken the bayonetta model, because it was a bad precedent. i can't think of any other games that are this bad in terms of pornified ridiculousness. i didn't buy it at all. i first played it with an ex like 10 years ago and he left it with me along with a number of his old games. soz you didn't get your 'gotcha'.

No. 351280

everything >>351260 >>351257

lol i'm all set with replying to you now, come back when you can into english.

No. 351282

>nta, but i think the point is more that some women can be into sexualized women.
i understand that, but that doesn't make it okay. greenlighting anything that a woman desires just because they're not a man doesn't mean it isn't wholesale unhealthy or not great for women.

No. 351284

"and so are you">>351262

Again I do not diagree, you are arguing with people on your own side but ok.

No. 351286

it doesn't make it not okay either. but we can agree to disagree

sexualization isn't a big deal to me and honestly i really value some sexualization in media. i hate that it oversaturates the market, but that's my only issue. some women value that personality type and really think bayonetta is cool while being hot and sexy and fucking shit up. think what you want but that's my and others opinions. and the only one trying to change other's opinions is >>351279. it sucks that this game has something she doesn't like in it, and it sucks that there aren't other games she feels can live up to it, but she's not going to change any opinions no matter how strongly hers are.

i'm not trying to argue with you, you're just overly defensive despite not grasping the situation. i think that the anon called you retarded because the only person you seemed to be defending was the girl who is clearly upset that we don't agree with her. i just don't really want to argue with you, i just hate when people assume that the thread isn't going to be filled with people voicing their opinions.

No. 351289

Anon, women aren't a hivemind of innocence. You make it seem like every woman in the industry is only there to be a man's slave. There are women who like to see other women sexually. The gaming industry in Japan is more diverse than the West will ever be in years. A lot of successful people in the video game industry are women, mostly doing design and music, but there's a lot of female programmers, directors, company leads. Lurk more into your video game history.

No. 351291

All I said this was a vent thread and everyone can vent including the other poster, but then i'm called a retard? ok. Maybe you should stop assuming things then and attacking people agreeing with you if you say you do not want an argument because that makes you look triggered. Anyway i'm out.

No. 351292

sorry for OT, but i just wanted to reply with a cool story that has to do with this.

composer yoko shimomura, the famed composer for all the kingdom hearts OSTs and SF2 original OST was basically laughed at and shunned for wanting to be a video game composer after she graduated college. but look at where she got! she's now the composer for one of the most popular game series.

just thought i'd share. sage for japanese vidya autism.

No. 351294

nta but you are 100% a retard. lmao.

No. 351295

no one is talking about being feminist but you, stop putting words in our mouths. you sound like those feminists who bitch at women for wanting to be homemakers.

No. 351296

once again, just because 'a woman does it' doesn't make it beyond criticism. what are you guys not getting here? a woman objectifying a woman is not feminist. it's not healthy for women. what you're saying is, "i'm fine with women being objectified so long as a woman does it, and i want to defend this". that's fine, but that's what you're saying. some miners will defend to the death their right to breathe in coal dust all day – does that mean we should remove black lung labor protections for them because they REALLY don't want to follow bothersome labor protections and save their lungs and pretend it isn't retarded, just bc "muh personal choice"? like, just because some women "want" to objectify other women doesn't mean that's healthy. what you're really saying is 'personal choice' and their personal desire to be complicit in the objectification of women is more important than the overall welfare of women.

No. 351297

>women shouldn't like stuff they like just in case it negatively affects others

sounds awfully similar to what men think…

No. 351299

…women are dying because of Bayonetta's ass?
>inb4 sexualiation causes rapes
tbh if all sexualization was of dommes this wouldn't be the issue. I do dislike creepy sexualization of women in media, like in many anime where the girls are clearly uncomfortable (and underage).

No. 351301

If you want to suppress yourself and walk on eggshells all the time to make sure you don't like something that men like, good for you. I'm not about that life. I like Bayonetta, I like old Lara Croft and I like smutty unrealistic lesbian porn. I'm not going to allow you or men or anyone to shame me out of it just because it's not "helpful to the cause" or whatever. You do you, and I'll do me. If you want to be feminist and be extremely mindful of your stance, terrific, more power to you, but I don't really care about it.

No. 351302

It kind of disturbs me that anon would compare sexualization in media with protective laws against proven deadly carcinogens.

No. 351305

right? it would have made more sense if she just compared it to alcohol. alcohol is really harmful but our society is seeped in it so no one cares.

No. 351306

>says the shitposting retard

No. 351309

Play killer 7

No. 351311

that wasn't the comparison, and you're being intellectually dishonest. you know full well that the comparison was that people will prioritize 'agency' and ignore the deleterious effects of many things. plenty of other parallels can be drawn without bringing carcinogens into it. it's not so crazy of a comparison considering the point that i was making was that no matter how high the stakes are, there are plenty of people that will fight against safeguards meant to protect them so long as they can retain 'agency', so of course people will deny the harmful effects that popular media has on people. they think it's harmless.

No. 351312

Bayonetta? The witch from hell who summons demons with her magic hair and slaughters angels with a vast array of weaponry including but not limited to the guns attached to her fucking stilettos? Why is the sexualization of a grossly exaggerated female form a bigger deal than the glorification of violent systematic slaughter of angelic entities? I find this incredibly problematic.

The entire game is stupid and ridiculously over-the-top, but that's a big part of what makes it so fucking fun.

No. 351316

but the issue is that you were comparing something high stakes with something that doesn't have any proven stakes at all. it seems off to people who aren't you because you place a lot of weight on the issue you're arguing, but honestly that gross difference in potential outcomes just makes the stance you're defending seem negligible at best. like i said, comparing it to alcohol is more apt. people want agency, sure, but they want agency within the context of a valued authority opinion, hence why laborers don't fight against protective labor laws, but they would fight the idea of a law pushed by someone who they don't deem an expert enough to decide something is safe or not.

No. 351320

God bless her, I love her so much. Yoko Shimomura is such an inspiration to me. People will laugh in her face and she'll show off her skill. I loved her work in the Punisher arcade game. I love the fact her work is really diverse as well.
Maybe OT but I'm really glad one of the main composers in the later Yakuza games are women. I think for the 6th game there were 3 compared to one man.

No. 351330

File: 1546994202791.jpg (57.15 KB, 960x517, Making-of-Lara-Croft-GO.jpg)

i get wanting to tone down lara croft a little, but i hate how pretty much all modern iterations threw out almost everything that defined her original look. They couldn't even give her a turquoise tank top. I hate how they swapped out her duel handguns for a bow and arrow too.

No. 351331

Because only cult-like christian religious nuts would take the slaughtering of alien looking angels in a video game seriously.

No. 351335

I get so jealous of other women that that jealousy turns into being weirdly aroused and wanting to fuck them. I hate them so much that the hate turns into a mixture of lust/jealousy. Idgi because I'm not a lesbo.

No. 351344

>not a lesbo
Bisexuality Does Not Exist

No. 351346

bayonetta is a lesbian anyway anon, that's enough to put most men off.

No. 351351

I'm not bisexual either. I cant imagine being in a relationship with a woman. I only feel this way about women who are above me in status, looks and education. I never feel this way about women equal to me.

No. 351352

File: 1546995856411.jpg (51.07 KB, 720x709, d08c36ab3c0ea1d63daec94e4bce66…)

I need someone to hold me over the internet.

I'm smoking weed at bf's buddy's house, and the friend has a girlfriend. These people are older than us, but bf likes them because he sees the male as a mentor.
Anyway I'm talking to the lady and she starts showing me her makeup. It's bad but I'm polite, I don't squash people over shit they're passionate about. She was showing me how she disguised her black eye with purple eyeshadow this evening. I assumed she just had uneven makeup, but I said I was impressed–not doing it to be fake, just felt bad to be mean.

I tried shifting subject because idk if the eye bruise was going to set off a touchy subject, so I asked her if she wanted to see a picture of my goth makeup?
She said yeah. So I pulled up my Facebook and show her my profile pic with the full face o slap.

She's breathless. She runs over to her man and says "LOOK AT THIS MAKEUP! THIS WAS ANON WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER!"
…I took that pic for a concert over the summer. I stabbed myself internally.
It occurred to me that my makeup and photos make me look beautiful when irl I look haggard. I meekly mentioned how I'd done the look over the summer, and she tried to soften it by saying "Oh, no, it's just–your chin."

I want to be a ghost right now. So I'm one of those people that people make fun of behind their back about how they look like shit. Jeeeesus. Like I admit I've blurred my skin and changed a color tone, but god damn it's not like I liquified myself into a princessu.
RIP I'm hideous.

No. 351353

she sounds mad jelly my dude. you'd think the weed would chill her ass out.

No. 351355

I wouldn't take the woman who is gettong beat by her man but just puts makeup on it and goes to a party TOO seriously. She obviously has issues. Being rude to you when you were polite about her shitty makeup, too!

No. 351356

More than not, however I have some views that would make them screams that I'm transphobic~, I guess that's why I may browse the terfs thread but here I'd be seen as too liberal. True, I guess it's like the level of hate Chrissie gets talking about colorism (an internal issue), rather than Cynthia G talking about white supremacy (an external issue) on black YouTube. If it ever comes back perhaps they should do as suggested and call in the mysogyny general, maybe that will cut down on the robots.

No. 351360

Also I just reread and your CURRENT profile pic is obviously not from when you were "younger". This anon got it >>351353

No. 351373

And the award for the most stupid comment in this thread (which is really saying something) goes to you.

No. 351390

Would appreciate it if every opinion disagreeing with someone wasn't reported as a male.

No. 351404

This cheered me up…lmao.

No. 351434

Lmao i bet its the man-hating chans

No. 351446

>just ghosted me

what do you mean? how long ago was this?

No. 351454

(reposting because im retarded and deleted the original post) a guy friend of mine for like two years just ghosted me because i told him im still dating my boyfriend and im just sad tbh. we became friends because he was friends with my friend who died, and supported each other a lot throughout the grief (never anything sexual). but he just straight ghosted me. i really thought he was my friend. sucks. he even had a girlfriend and everything. am i reading too much into it? idk.

a week ago. is that too song to consider ghosting? he would always reply right away pretty much, within an hour or a few.

No. 351463

it may be too early. do you have other friends who are in contact with him?

No. 351473

File: 1547014149626.jpg (121.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Today is a shitshow for me, Christ. I always feel like a failure (for going to community college and not being able to drive - family problems and failures). I'm pressured by my parents to succeed, I'm always going to be grateful for what they've sacrificed for me and my siblings.

I was yelled at by my mother, to the point where I broke down crying and I'm 20 (on break from CC, disabled brother, emotional sister). I'm fucking alone. Academic rigors and my mental issues stagger me, I don't have no one to talk me… I'm alone and depressed. I work during school, took night courses this semester (9-5) – I feel like a burden. I don't know how anons strive and pick themselves up after being a failure like me, I feel so much pressure and anxiety. I'm privileged to have a decent family life and a nice childhood, don't get me wrong. The imposer syndrome is real and I feel super inadequate compared to my peers (I'm eldest and being the burden here).
I'm fucking exhausted, I'm only 20. I come from a Hispanic upbringing, the focus on pressures to succeed and academic excellence is strong.

I hope the anons reading this know that their not alone and seek help, unlike my situation (unfortunately). Thanks for reading and I'm pretty ambivalent about my life for now (I know that I'd likely move-on from this but I'm succumbing to my doubts and past).

If you have any experience like me, I hope you reply. I feel isolated and the motivation isn't there (counseling helped but only for a moment).

/sage for blogpost

No. 351477

The human world does suck

No. 351497

nope, we don’t really have any crossover friends besides the one who died.

No. 351516

I don't have an impressive waist to hip ratio, but I relate really hard with the no band size under 30 part. It sucks barely being able to find a 28 band and having to cope with "sister sizes" or order online from other countries and run the very high risk of the order not fitting.

No. 351518

i lied to my bf at the very beginning of our relationship while still dealing with my abusive family and very serious financial issues (family and i very near homelessness), mental health and body issues, etc. i spoke to guys that i didn't even like, to feel cared for and to be given positive attention because all my life i'd been bombarded with abuse and negativity from my family, and from everyone else, practically. the only people that treated me kind of nice were ones that were attracted to me, so it felt comforting, especially while still dealing with constant abuse, even if i wasn't attracted to them. i never liked these guys romantically or sexually. i really needed affection and positive attention during the time, but i felt very pressured to be somewhat sexual with these guys.

i guess this is an extra sensitive issue because i turned him down to just talk to guys for attention, because he was promising me too much, like, things i felt were too good to be true, and he said them too fast and promised too much, and i also felt he was very selfish, at the time. for someone that has been through a lot of trauma and feels cursed/chronically unlucky, someone coming to you, when both of you are very young, and quickly promising you the world and to save you almost feels cruel, because you know it's not going to happen, even if he had good intentions and truly meant it, we were both very young and i was positive he didn't know what he was promising me and how cruel it can feel to have someone tell you things you never thought were possible for your life and promise you them and them expect you to trust it for no reason.

i lied about things in relation to these guys because he assumes that i liked these guys so much, and that i genuinely wanted to be sexual with them, when i didn't, and now he thinks i am some kind of evil villain that manipulates to no end, and just lies constantly. i spoke to a lot of guys, but i truly was not attracted to them, and i didn't sleep around. the worst thing i did was show one guy a typically non sexual part of my body that he asked to see, and one other guy, my breasts. i have spoken about sexual things with guys, but i really wasn't into them, and would typically cut off conversation when they wanted me to show more and more, or when they wanted me to have phone sex or masturbate with them or something. i just really needed any kind of positive attention at the time. he acts like i'm a huge slut and that i've slept with or shown like a million guys my body or have done things with a million guys.

i lied about things because i was very, very insecure and afraid of his judgement, and his assumptions, and now i can't escape it. even inconsequential things, EVERYTHING, he refuses believe, many years on.

the thing that bothers me is that if you want to repair a relationship, you have to TRY to believe your partner in order to regain trust in them. he refuses to TRY. everything i tell him is automatically assumed to be a lie. because i told him this at the beginning of our relationship, it has tainted everything else in the relationship. four years on and he assumes everything is the same. it hurts me so much. he assumes like, all flirting means you want to fuck the person you were flirting with or are attracted to them. it did feel comforting flirting and stuff to feel desired, but it had nothing to do with attraction, but he refuses to believe that this kind of stuff can be motivated by anything but attraction, and he offers me no leeway in, you know, reasons why i might have lied to prevent him assuming too much, especially when he doesn't particularly understand me and especially when he has never been through the things i've been through and he doesn't understand how it's difficult just trying to cope with lifelong abuse and a barrage of other terrible crap life throws at you.

No. 351528

it sounds like your feelings of inferiority turn into a need to dominate your competition. if you can't knock these women down or change them so they're beneath you, you need to dominate them in some way. the most common and most primal form of dominance is sexual, so it makes sense. i'm going to take a wild guess and say you don't feel like this with men because, if they're superior to you, you're attracted to them and you see them as a viable partner rather than someone to compete with.

No. 351529

I'm sorry but I don't think relationship is salvable. He doesn't trust you in the slightest, and you have given him enough reason not to trust you. He is going to be resentful towards you the rest of your relationship. He might even start flirting with other women at some point because of the resentment and to get back at you. You practically started this arms race, in your own relationship. I understand why you did it, but you should understand that this means your relationship has a death sentence hanging over its head and all you're doing is postponing it.

No. 351530

This is a really random vent but here it goes

The way call-out culture and holding people responsible for something online is just so unbalanced.
For example you have basically whatever people are mad at PewdiePie for. Now I don't give a shit, just taking him as an example because him mentioned in any kind of discussion is a guaranteed shitstorm because of how big he is.

The thing is, I WISH they could put even an ounce of that energy of disliking or even hating him into going against "influencers" who've done a fuckton of awful shit and only get a slap on the wrist and are forgotten about otherwise. Even though these also have massive followings.

I'm aware this is some autistic af rant but it just annoys me to no end to see people battling what feels like against the wrong kind of cancer on the internet.

No. 351541

thank you for the response. i don't know if i phrased it right, but i never cheated on him or anything, and i didnt talk to or flirt with these people during the relationship, i did these things waaaaaaaaaaaaay before we dated, just saying. i agree with you, but i don't think this should be the way it is. all i did was lie a few times about how i spoke to these guys because he refuses to believe that i wasn't like crazy for them. i think that it should be salvageable but he obviously doesnt think its worth it.

the criticism against pewdiepie was legitimate though. i agree that people need to not just focus on just pewdiepie. they definitely call out so many people that are flying under the radar, but personally, i think the big fuss about pdp was fair. what he did was very dumb, and especially dumb considering he has such a large platform and such a large, very young following, and that he had that disney deal and did that really just cements in my mind that he is a huge dumbass

No. 351544

i get what you mean kinda. i know there's people who publicly hate pewdiepie not because they actually hate him, but it's trendy to make it known you hate him. constantly. especially in those uwu gamer circles. meanwhile there's a lot of other people who get away with doing just as bad shit, definitely not as popular as pewdiepie, but have a bigger influential impact in these circles.

No. 351548

Does anyone else think the world is getting to extreme? Especially the divide between men and women? All men I've spoken to hold some degree of misogynistic beliefs and are proud of them thanks to men like Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro and h3h3 legitimising their beliefs. All women I've spoken to have embraced SJWism at some level and I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around them. I'd expand more on it but it would be boring to read and you guys probably know exactly what I'm talking about anyway. I know some people are going to be like "ugh, get some better friends" but these are just normal people I see in my everyday life. The men are family and colleagues and the women I've known for many years and are only expressing these views now or they seemed "normal" when I first met them but slowly start bringing up more extreme views the more we talk.

I'm actually so sick of it. I hate not being able to have a conversation at lunch time without feeling really depressed and like I'm genuinely hated for being born a woman. I hate scrolling through my Facebook feed and people sharing these "If you don't think this is racist/ableist, unfollow me NOW" posts. Will this kind of extremism end soon?

No. 351555

Yeah, I've vented about it before but I'm really tired of gender war bullshit. Maybe it's because I was younger at the timebut I swear it was more equal and less ridiculous in the early 2000s and even 2010-13.

I just want to get a bf with similar opinions to me (equal opportunity, judge individuals) and shut myself away from it all. It's tiring.

No. 351559

>I swear it was more equal and less ridiculous in the early 2000s and even 2010-13
Yeah I feel the same. Especially because I first discovered feminism in the early 2000s and people were discussing real issues that women faced like the pay gap, sexual assault, domestic violence, oppressive practices in other countries etc. Now I feel that if I brought these things up men would take offence or I'd be accused of being a radfem because I'm not including transwomen or I'd be racist because I'm not respecting people's culture. I even remember more men getting involved in the conversation and being open, now it's just "Yeah but what about the perspective of the man???" Men especially will take literally any arbitrary comment and act like it's a personal attack on them.

I somehow managed to hit the jackpot and found a guy who shares all my views. What spurred me to make the post is that he was complaining about the gender war this morning. I'd say find a guy who has more female friends than male friends because they tend to be more sympathetic and are probably more open to listening to your problems, rather than dismissing them as "SJW garbage". I don't think my bf knew of all the shit women face until he met me and now he talks about how shit all his male friends are lol. We constantly talk about moving to an island where none of this exists and just surrounding ourselves with dogs instead of people. That would be my ultimate goal in life.

No. 351560

I've been growing out my bangs after having the same ones for my entire life. Finally they're long enough to go in my pony tail. then I looked in the mirror and realised…I have a fucking threehead. I look like a mutant without bangs because my forehead is so fucking small.

Needless to say I'll be getting my bangs cut again…and I was so excited to be free of styling them too. thems the breaks.

No. 351565

Very minor vent but I don't understand why people on the 1200isplenty reddit feel the need to post their nasty looking microwave meals

No. 351566

checked it out after reading your post and man, are those some vile looking meals jfc, only 3 or so on the hot page look edible

No. 351573

I had to stop going there because barely any of the food is good. No, I don’t care that you can dump a bag of shredded cheese on a zucchini or eat an entire tub of “dessert hummus” because it’s under 300 cals. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the people who post have eating disorders

No. 351576

File: 1547039156558.jpg (75.54 KB, 1078x291, Screenshot_20190109-150531_Chr…)

samefag but i hope this is trolling lol

No. 351582

Kek I had the same sort of issue but in reverse (fivehead) after having bangs since second grade. Sucks d00d.

No. 351589

I am so fucking angry at anime fans.

>why are you such a puritan, you need to be sex positive

>literally all doujinshi and popular porn art include some form of humiliation or injury
>200 characters in a game, more than half of that is sexy women and they start throwing tantrums when 2mm of breast gets censored on ONE character
>join any discord and they'll have a NSFW channel with 99% of porn being girls
>people who are openly lolicons and smug about it

Anime isn't a thing in my country so I mostly interact with fans online, but no matter what I do I keep seeing predatory creeps. I quit a lot of websites, stick to twitter and only get news from Japanese blogs, recently joined a discord for rare translations- and boom, people whining pedobait art will get censored. It's only evil censorship when it's about their fapbait.

A part of me hopes that this is just online, but the amount of people who think that's ok is disgusting. Thinking that you shouldn't share what you fap to on every possible social platform and that porn with violence is creepy doesn't make me a stuck up SJW-boogeyman.

No. 351647

>cute guy asks for directions at uni
>give bad directions

No. 351653

Whenever I meet a fan who's into lolicon I play dumb and get them to explain it to me. Then I say, still playing the oblivious normie, "You mean… drawings of little kids having sex?????? :("

Never had a single person not get either very sheepish or hilariously defensive at that point.

No. 351667

File: 1547052167009.png (518.74 KB, 516x384, ftghjikol.PNG)

i gained six pounds during the holidays. i was LITERALLY trying to lose six pounds before the holidays started… but then those christmas dinners and new years… boi

and today i have to head back to work looking like this

No. 351669

Don't worry anon, more than half of that is probably just water weight.

No. 351674

Oh dude, I saw someone trying to defend ahegao as sex positive the other day and said you’re shaming people if you don’t like hentai. Fuckin’ wild.

No. 351677

>A part of me hopes that this is just online, but the amount of people who think that's ok is disgusting.

It is disgusting and it's worth remembering that among these "it's just fantasy, not real kids" lolicons are actual predators. There was a case in my country where a man who was into pedo manga also was arrested for raping his young daughter. He was active on anime forums - in fact, I used to post one the same one as him! - and had a creepy interest in little anime girls and would write some really sexist shit too. But both of those things are so common among male anime fans so no one seemed to care.

No. 351683


i want to believe so! thank you i'll continue chugging water. its truly fucked cause one morning i had suddenly gained ten pounds. the very next day it was actually only four pounds. and today its six. like, i don't know whats happening lmao. i think i'll stop weighing myself for a few days.

No. 351688

I'm never going to have a boyfriend and I don't know why. I see uglier women or women on my level often partnered up but it's fucking impossible for me.
I'm a piece of shit. I don't even know why I'm even staying alive. Every choice I'm making is for the sake of some hypothetical partner but I'm never going to get one so what's the point?

No. 351698

This is sad. Everyone reading your comment can see why you don't have a partner

No. 351701

No. 351712

"Oh anon, just keep trying to graduate even though hate your major and everything related to it. Not everyone gets to study what they want! But please hurry, you're getting old and you're wasting everyone's time and money"

"Oh anon, why are you so sad all the time? You have food and a house and 2-3 people who care about you. Why are you so selfish? Cheer up, gawd"

"Omg anon, you're a drag to be with. Just go do literally everything we tell you not to and be happy for a change lol And when that fails, please come back so we can tell you 'i told you so' haha"

Sometimes it feels like I just can't win.

No. 351714

File: 1547057626676.jpg (25.95 KB, 620x800, if-you-cant-love-yourself-how-…)


i used to be like this before therapy and treatment. anon you reek of desperation and people IRL will see it and stay away. change your attitude, if you can't, get some help for this self esteem issues you have. the world doesn't owe you anything or anyone. if you want things to change, change yourself first.

cue rupaul's quote

No. 351752

I feel similar in that I do think callout culture tends to be picky and choosey-i'm not aware of any recent pewdiepie controversies only the ones from a few months ago-are these the ones you are referring to?

No. 351758

Generation z is retarded and needs to be exterminated.

No. 351764

I'm a millennial, and supposing you are one too, don't you think that only because they make you feel old?
If that's not the case, or if you are one of them, why do you think they should be exterminated?

No. 351778

I wish people would stop comparing Black Mirror with The Twilight Zone. BM isn't even half as good.

No. 351820

I honestly do not get the fuss over black mirror and like you say, twilight zone is better.

No. 351837

i hate how if you're mixed with black you'll get shit for your identity no matter what. mixed black but have a nonblack mom? you're a colonizer and product of a fetish. mixed with black and claim to be black? you have privilege, you're taking up space. mixed with black but don't claim it? you're ashamed and racist.

all of this would be fine if mixed people could claim to be mixed but all i ever see online now are a bunch of tragic mulattos talking about how they hate being mixed and wish they were full black or whatever. its so stupid.

No. 351933

I'd opened a diary Twitter a few weeks ago to log down my daily activities. If I talked to my crush that day, I'd write about it, name included. Out of stupidity, I hadn't realized that my account wasn't private for a good two weeks, after mentioning him a few times already. Statistically, I know there's almost no way he could've found it, but the anxiety that he might have is killing me. He has a super unique name, so a simple name search would've had me in the top several search results. I think what freaks me out more is the fact that it's so blatantly traceable back to me. Like, one look at the account and it's so obvious it's mine. Again, I know the chances are super low that he saw anything (who even looks themself up on Twitter?), but his radio silence on Twitter is having me grinding my teeth. I'm just hoping to god he comes back to message me like he saw nothin'. Sigh.

No. 351935

Depending on your follows and stuff, your secret account can be a suggested account to people who follow your real one. Just change the page around a bit so it looks like a completely different account and not connected to you, and change the username. If he did see it, the change will make him think he was imagining it/being paranoid

No. 351939

I've seen mixed people attacked online for the exact reasons you said. It's really sad and pathetic that people feel the need to attack everyone they see for some imagined slight.

Also technically all babies are the result of a fetish, since sexual arousal is a requirement to breed. Just blonde hair and boobs is a more generic fetish, but it's still one.

Tl;dr people are idiots

No. 351943

Make choices to be healthy and happy, to make money, hone your skills and have better relationships with family and friends.

Men are all wildly different and have their own obsessions, so there is no "right" way to perfect yourself for them. Just be your best self and if something happens, it happens. Just don't be suckered in by lovebombers and narcissists, which is likely if you don't love yourself, see other anon >>351714

No. 351949

holy shit anon are you me

No. 351951


I’ve had that happen to me. After a while you get to a point where you stop caring. I had a college professor (who was neither white or black lel) trying to tell me I wasn’t ‘black’ enough or whatever and that being mixed was something to be ashamed of. That’s when I stopped caring. People will always find something to hate about you, to diminish you or make you feel lesser than them. Your identity is yours and no one has the right to tell you who you are and what your place is on this earth. Everyone is ‘mixed’ in someway. You literally have to go to some deep untouched jungle tribe to find people who haven’t married much outside of their gene pool, and those people are dying out and disappearing. I know it’s hard but don’t let people destroy you.

No. 351960

Having a vagina is so annoying sometimes. I get paranoid about yeast infections and other stuff all the time and because it's an internal organ, it's difficult to assess if there really is something wrong.

I have weird-smelling discharge but it's not weirdly colored nor does it itch or burn or anything. Just… a weird smell. I don't know what it could even be because as far as I know if it was anything, there would be other symptoms.

But now my paranoid ass needs to schedule an appointment with obgyn to make sure. Why.

No. 351963

It's because of the one drop rule. In a sane world, mixed people would just be seen/described as mixed, but because they were passed off as black for so long, now there are autists who are determined to keep it that way and "claim" them because they think it makes their race look better or something. The issue is, they still want to "fight" other aspects of racism at the same time, so they either end up treating mixed people like shit internally, or pathologically worshiping them and fetishizing them like creeps. Everyone else is tired of it.
>mixed, but look mostly black with darker skin
>can't ever acknowledge being mixed or you are "self-hating" and "anti-black"
>mixed, but look mostly like your other race
>must still always acknowledge being black above all else or else you're "self-hating" and "anti-black"
I honestly feel like whenever I point this out, I get ree'd at by white people who don't want to accept mixed people as part of them and feel weirdly threatened by the notion that there's a difference between "biracial, with black" and "mostly black, with maybe one white/other non-black grandparent or great grandparent somewhere" (funny how they're allowed to differentiate themselves from mixed people, but black people aren't), or black people who really, really want to force mixed people to be one of them whilst also being uncomfortable, resentful or downright gross and dehumanizing to/about them.

No. 351968

people always get so weird whenever I point out some half white biracial person is, in fact, part white.

tho tbh I do it partly to troll whenever said half white biracial goes on one of those "i hate white people" tirades.

No. 351976

Weird how? It's probably something in your diet. As long as the odor isn't fishy/foul, you should be all right.

No. 352009

I’m too chicken to go look for a new therapist but my anxiety is ruining my life. I thought I could push through but I feel like I’m failing at everything. I don’t know how I’m going to get through the semester

No. 352010

losing weight when you have PCOS is so hard FUCK

No. 352012

Oh God anon I feel you. Exercise doesn't do shit unless you plan to do it 2 times longer than anybody else. The only thing you can do is cut back on eating, which is already ridiculous.
I eat around 1300 calories a day and I can't lose ANY weight unless it's under 1000.

No. 352015

same issue sis. I jog 1 hr every other day and it doesn't do shit (but at least it's good for my heart, i guess). I have to starve myself to shed even a few pounds. i cut out breakfast a few months ago and shed 7lbs then plateaued already. i only have a little thing of greek yogurt for lunch and then my dinners are typically chicken breast or salmon with veggies, but now I'm going to have to cut one of those out too. I told my endocrinologist awhile ago I'm really struggling and showed him my food diary so he put me on something similar to adderall for a few months to suppress appetite, but it didn't do shit because i already eat so little. i don't know how much more food i can cut out before i become accidentally ana. someone cure this piece of shit disease already. my dr told me i'd lose weight on metformin but all it does is make me shit my brains out and nothing else. fuck.

No. 352016

I… Wasted 30 minutes arguing with a guy yesterday, decided to check his profile and turns out it's a neckbeard older than me, who regularly posts about lolicon and defiling girls, full on alt-right politics obsessed incel. I feel so dumb for not digging through his profile before. Oh well, stuff happens, I'll learn from my mistakes.

No. 352026

I have the same issue but keto/low carb + exercise helps. And i mean under 50/70g low carb

No. 352027

Before you cut more food out, you should try and switch your meals around first. meat & vegs for breakfast, youghurt thing for lunch, then nothing for dinner

No. 352056

This is a stupid vent but BEING A FAKEBOI DOESNT MAKE YOU A TRAP. I'm tired of seeing female cosplayers trying to claim "he/him" "I'm a trap uwu"

It's not that I'm offended by it, it's just the stupidest shit. A biological female cannot be a trap(well neither can a biological 3D male but you know what I mean)

No. 352061

Tbf lots of fakebois are traps in that they cosplay anime boys and the bulk of their followers are preteen weebs, too dumb to notice they're women. See gehe and maya.

No. 352208

Blizzard throwing out a backstory about Soldier 76 being gay is hilarious. My feed is full of gullible fools ~literally crying tears of joy~ because of gay representation without even considering the fact that Overwatch has been on a steep downhill due to the rising popularity of Fortnite and they had to come up with something to grab people back. And of course they did this by scraping the bottom of the barrel of emergency publicity stunts.
>Hey guys by the way this character a ton of fangirls ship with other guys is actually gay— oh wait the fanboys, I mean bisexual!
>Yeah he's always been gay, we totally planned him to be! It's not a last-minute shoehorned fact we made for more exposure!
>But don't worry homophobic male gamers, he only HAD a boyfriend in the past, but now being single he's not having icky gay sex with anyone! You can still pick him as your character!
Literally pulling a Voltron. I'm busting my sides laughing at all these production studio throwing their nets around recently, desperately trying to rake in the gay audience that sees right through their pandering bullshit and the straighties not seeing the issue with it.
>"He's gay, what more could you spoiled babies want?"

No. 352251

before i left my old job, i spent a bunch of time with my boss outside of work and i wound up developing feelings for him. it's been almost a year since we last talked, but i STILL have a fat crush on him. it's so stupid and ridiculous, but i don't know how to make it go away. most days i don't even think about him, but then i'll randomly remember something we did or something he said to me, and it's googly heart-eyes all over again. it's so DUMB.

No. 352292

I'm really pissed with my mother rn. I'm spending my summer vacations at home and my mom keeps calling me lazy bc I've been sleeping and waking up late, things I'm only doing to spend only the minimum amount of time with her. Plus I've been struggling with depression lately and he refuses to believe I am depressed and just tells me I just wanna get away with not doing things. (I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety 12 and had psychotic depression about two years ago and she still refuses to believe I am depressed) I've noticed some patterns on our relationship beyond that like she not respecting my feelings, or wanting to live my relationships and I'ts tiring me out so much. She also keepstelling me I am not deserving of love and That is harming my relationship greatly. Please someone just tell me everything will be okay.

No. 352297

I finally lost the 40 pounds I gained but it doesn't feel like a victory. I tried on my old pants and everything is saggy around my thighs and butt. I'm the same weight I was when I first bought the pants so it just confirmed the fear that I lost the weight and muscle I had in my butt and thighs. I know I can fix it through exercising and weight lifting but…ugh. I just wish I could go back in time and not let myself go in the first place.

No. 352344

It's gonna be alright, anon. Speaking from experience here! Unsuportive family makes depression 10x worse than it already is, but look at how much crap you've survived - you can definitely go through this too. You're not alone!

No. 352403

Why dont men have the mental capacity to think about making relationships with women past fucking and making you their gf? Like whats wrong with just being friends? Im sick of men who are totally cool prior to ignoring me and treating me like shit when they realize im not interested. Its not even just a few, its all of them.

No. 352409

sounds like you just have bad luck. i have two or 3 really good male friends that have never been into me.

No. 352411

I just feel so alone, when my boyfriend leaves to do stuff with his friends or I'm just alone I have no one I really care about. I mean like I don't have any friends I can randomly message or do things with, the connection isn't there with the people I am friendly with. I got out of a horribly bad and controlling friendship with the only friend I had for years last year since then I've felt so alone. I know I should just fill my time with a hobby but I just can't find enjoyment in anything at all. All my old hobbies were tied to my friend and I just don't get any enjoyment out of them. At this point I just scroll through different forums and social media and wait for my boyfriend to be finished with whatever he's doing so I can spend time with him, it's really depressing.

No. 352420

do you want to be friends? i'm in that situation too. if you have discord i'd love to chat during those times.

No. 352421

I'm 19, I have a job but I don't make enough to live on my own, so I still live with my parents and just take care of my bills (phone, car, my groceries, ect.) The only thing I don't have to pitch in with is house payments.
I found out from my brother today that my parents stopped paying the house payments and the house might get forclosed.
I'm just so mad and stressed, they should've talked to me about it. I live there to, if they loose the house then I'm homeless too.
I can't even talk to them about it because I'm not supposed to know, and It just cause a big fight if I do bring it up.

On top of that my parents drinking has been getting worse and they're constantly fighting and generally becoming more and more miserable. A few weeks ago my dad even had his gun out and was threatening to shoot either himself or my mom.
I'm scared if they really do lose the house one of them actually will kill themselves.

I'm just tired and stressed out, I feel like I'm trapped in a burning house and I can do nothing about it.

No. 352423

That'd be nice, I have a discord I'm just not too sure how I'd let you know it over here without ruining my privacy.

No. 352425

here's a temp email (in field), you can email me your info.

No. 352429

ahhh I appreciate it but im pretty new to the site. I don't know how to use temp email or where in field is. Im sorry to be so annoying.

No. 352432

oh sorry!


just send me an email to that email address with your discord name.

No. 352438

Idk wtf it is but I never look good in dresses. I've tried all sorts of cuts and nothing fits. Idk if it's a mental thing or I just somehow have a really shitty body type. Which doesn't make sense since I've seen women of all shapes and sizes look good in a dress but it just doesn't seem to work for me.

No. 352439

how so?

No. 352457

are you short? most petite girls look swamped or just plain formless in 99% of dresses imo. i'm 5' and i personally look like garbage in anything but thigh-length dresses.

No. 352503

Yeah, I'm 5'. I'm also pear shaped with a short torso so everything that's supposed to be flattering on pears (cinched in waist) just bunches up around my chest making me look 1000x frumpier.

I did find something that actually fit pretty well but naturally it only came in the shittiest, most unflattering pattern and no other colors.

No. 352524

i'm pear shaped with a short torso too. you should wear dresses that are tight/well fitted on the upper body.

No. 352531

My mother will never take my problems seriously, even considering I was anorexic and on meds during my teens and grew up, because according to her she thought everything would be perfect for me since I was born with a white skin and obviously I'm just ungrateful because I never experienced what she did and thus all my issues are way smaller and unimportant.
Yet whenever I tell her it makes me feel uncomfortable when she talks shit about other people, usually women, for being white, how they are pasty and boring or how they will get old and dried up fast, she acts like I'm crazy and offending her on purpose for not wanting to hear her negative ramblings.

No. 352565

It’s hard when you have parents who minimalize the things you go through. I moved away a long time ago, but when I had to live with my father he constantly belittled me for the things that he felt bitter about. It’ll get better anon, don’t let her hang ups bring you down.

No. 352573

fakebois and troons ruined a lot of words for me. like i'll see someone use a certain word and like clockwork, the person saying it is a genderspecial. i fucking hate seeing the word goblin.

No. 352588

Yeah. It's that simple but for some reason most of the dresses I see have some kind of band around the waist that fucks up my silhouette. Idk about you, but any kind of seam at the waist just doesn't fit my natural waistline. And if they don't have a seam, it's like totally shapeless or bodycon. Bodycons fit, but I'm trying to find a dress for a wedding…

I was gonna complain some more, but I found that ugly dress online in a better pattern so !!! It looks really bad on the models though, I guess that's a reason why this kinda style isn't super popular?

No. 352609

Have you tried looking for either empire waisted or drop waisted ones? Definitely would be easier to find online than in a brick and mortar store because trends, but they might sit the way you want them to.

No. 352656

I work at Walmart and I spend most of my overnight shift contemplating how much I actually need the money with managers constantly shouting at us to work faster and getting upset when us coworkers come up with a plan to get a task done more efficiently that isn't standard procedure (e.g. 6'5" coworker straightens the top shelves of an aisle while 5' me does the bottom instead of me getting a ladder and him stooping down on separate aisles, we can work twice as fast doing aisles together).

Today was my last straw. I was working in foods taking go-backs collected after facing several aisles. My stomach got hot and started to burn and I realized a container of Raid was leaking. I'm hazmat trained from a former job and know how to clean up a chemical spill, so I did because poison and food definitely don't mix. It took me about 30 min to contain and clean up the spill and surrounding area and do all the paperwork for the spill and contaminated food and get myself cleaned up. The entire time I was getting paged to go back to aisles I had already finished straightening but taking care of the chemicals\contaminated food and getting it off me was more important. When I found my manager and let her know what happened she yelled at me for not just staying in the aisle, ignoring the spill and moving on to other aisles. I have a rash on my stomach now where the chemical leaked through my clothing. I'm supposed to go to work tonight but there is no way. They preach about safety all day long but don't give one shit about it when something actually happens. I'm turning in my vest and badge and resignation to HR tomorrow.

No. 352660

Same, anon. I try not to let it get to me. I've also been dying my own hair for nearly 15 years now (hair dresser now as job) but special snowflakes ruined that shit too. they all look the same.

No. 352661

Ugh, i'm glad you're okay anon. I work a job where they pull similar shit. Pretend they care about safety, but when I am bringing up actual efficiently, i'm ignored or shouted at.

I hope you find a better job. I don't shop at Walmart and I dont agree with how they treat their workers. it's awful

No. 352662

Thanks anon, luckily I have another one lined up that will actually make use of my skill set. I've just been waiting for a security clearance to go through before getting a start date.

No. 352678

I'm so afraid of failing, and I'm not even in school yet! I've failed before and had a psychotic break. I don't want it to happen again. I love learning and school otherwise.

No. 352713

I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. I had to go to bed and set my alarm early because I'm working an early shift but I just lay there the whole time, and then at 3am my boyfriend just climbed into bed and fell asleep straight away. And now my alarms are going off and I just want to die.
Today I'm working with the supermodel that got the job I was aiming for too, so that will be great when I'm stumbling around looking like a zombie. Fuck I'm so angry.

No. 352729

To pass the time during my 1 week ban I tried to find other online communities to waste my time in.

I started posting elsewhere and this guy started PMing me and we’ve been talking & fuck I like him… like a lot.. but he strikes me as a little crazy. I don’t want to waste my time E-dating a guy in another country I will never meet. I’m so fucking gullible and weak that I buy into all the shit he says to me.

No. 352731

Was it an imageboard

No. 352732

File: 1547197804887.jpg (13.52 KB, 168x156, 1535925834734.jpg)

Anon you know better.
Just block him and move on.

No. 352739

I have 5 different friends who are either on T or are going to be taking it within similar social circles…. it's really disconcerting and I already know one person who regretted taking T. I hate that I'm not allowed to say anything.

No. 352741

No, it was on r*ddit
You’re right. I’d fr the biggest idiot on the planet if I continue to talk to this guy

No. 352742

I have my first job interview in a few hours. Don't particularly feel nervous or anything, but I'm unsure if that's a good or bad thing? My family will support me even if I don't get the job, but I'm going to try my best.

Gonna be spending time w/ my crush later, so I'm mostly looking forward to that once the interview is over, lmao.

No. 352745

Wrong. Can't go wrong with a nice a-line sundress.

No. 352747

File: 1547200905119.jpg (29.02 KB, 481x524, Chj9xqfW0AASQ5m.jpg)

I have to make an appointment with a dermatologist, dentist and now gyno but I hate calling. Been putting it off for two weeks now so today is the day

No. 352757

o shit, you just reminded me that I have to make a few phone calls myself

No. 352758

anon you should try and talk to your friends anyway, testosterone is irreversible, some women do have periods come back but after taking T you should prepare for the worst in terms of how youve damaged your body, though in genderspecial circles the first thing youre taught is that only your REAL FRIENDS would accept you and not question you and anyone else is a TRANSPHOBIC BIGOT, you should try to show them some experiences heres a good story from 4thwavenow https://4thwavenow.com/2018/01/18/i-hated-her-guts-at-the-time-a-trans-desister-and-her-mom-tell-their-story/ you should also show them stories from detransitioners and gender non conforming women its hard to feel normal when majority of media dont show women like you leading you to think maybe you were meant to be a man after all.
majority of ftms are women who dont conform to stereotypes in various ways like personality, clothing style, sexuality and more. some women also believe that they can escape the pain of their sexual trauma by becoming male and its their fault because they were female they were hurt (not true). its a dangerous mindset. you can also make sure your friends think very carefully and read every single side effect on T. im sorry your friends are like this anon, i hope they grow out of it soon and make peace with their bodies.

No. 352760

Oh I'm aware which is why I'm so concerned. I've already tried to gently talk about the effects of T with one of them who is more reasonable… the others would probably just brand me as a terf. I know one of them is a self hating lesbian… it's sad and I don't want to see them destroy their bodies… idk tho….

Thanks tho

No. 352763

File: 1547202849487.jpg (38.49 KB, 640x480, 5d6a7b2f-3105-404d-8c75-584152…)

Good luck anon, i also dread making calls but it does feel good not having to postpone it anymore once you've done it

No. 352764

sorry anon i linked the wrong story https://4thwavenow.com/2016/12/17/a-mums-voyage-through-transtopia-helps-her-daughter-desist/
its about a young lesbian and her mother trying to help her come to terms with that, the other link is not bad either

No. 352772

I'll check it out thanks anon

No. 352889

i was watching some filthy frank videos and i can't help but think about the old days and feel sad. i'm happy that he's doing what he wants now but i miss his channel. i kinda wish he came back one day

No. 352936

File: 1547239754905.jpg (51.22 KB, 706x401, 1406483436732.jpg)

Adults who rage and get angry over games disgust me. I can kind of understand when it's a kid or a teenager because they don't yet have a good grip on their emotions, but as an adult, they have options instead of automatically losing their shit over something virtually retarded.

I had to take a break from playing a nostalgic MMO because some asshat got pissed and started namecalling because I crashed and slew one enemy at a popular grind spot. I got the loot that I came for, but the entire time this bro was at my character sarcastically saying how "omg liek taking 5evurrr nuuub" because my low archery skill was taking a longer time to kill the enemy. Same combat skill as the bro too. I didn't say anything back, just did a few sarcastic emotes because what a fucking tweaker. What makes it extra retarded is that this person likely crashed the person before them, and would have crashed anybody else on any other server because the spot is too busy and popular. I world hopped bunches and people are always there, so it just becomes a game of trying to grab what one can–but of course people have to take it so damn personally because heaven forbid the pixels aren't reserved specifically for their character at all times!
There's children who are better at the concept of letting someone else have a turn.

No. 352937

Do you have any friends that might be interested in getting an apartment? If not, it might be worthwhile to check out sites like craigslist, I know they have specific sections for people that already have some sort of housing situation and are looking for roommates. I know craigslist has a bad rep but there can be some really good finds and it'd certainly be much cheaper than living on your own. My heart goes out to you anon, I hope things get better soon.

No. 352957

File: 1547244160000.png (9.46 KB, 306x306, 1517019002443.png)

Saged for autism but Resident Evil 2 looks like absolute dog shit and I hate that I'm so torn up about it. The thing is that Resident Evil has been a near and dear franchise for me for over a decade with Resident Evil 2 being my favorite of the classic titles, and it feels like the remake is absolutely shitting on its legacy. That's not even going into the colossal disappointment that was Resident Evil 7 which shouldn't have been a numbered title in the first place.

Undoubtedly, though, the positive reception is going to give them incentive for a Resident Evil 3 remake. Sometimes it feels like I've been playing a different series when people go on to praise the new era of Resident Evil games.

No. 352977

>Resident Evil 7

I loved this game but it felt like a completely separate horror game. It didn't feel like it belonged in the RE universe.

No. 352986

I thank God, I'm a mixed British person, so I don't have to deal with any of that shit. It's annoying enough having to read that shit on the internet, hate to have to go through it IRL. Fortunately, Black Brits aren't as anal about race.

No. 352987

You go on Lipstick Alley, too Sis?

No. 352996


No. 353018

Blizzard forcing LGBT shit where it doesn't belong, ugh. Tumblr's eating up the news that Soldier 76 is 'gay' now.

I'm gay myself but this is super forced and the fans are delusional about just welcoming this with open arms, come on. Using gayness to make your character interesting is disgusting!
/Sage for blogpost

No. 353030

Yes! I can't agree enough. I thought the Tracer reveal was ok because it fit her character. But Soldier 76? It's like they just tried to pick a "super masculine male fantasy" character to make gay. And of course if you don't sit well with the reveal you're a homophobic gamergator reee

No. 353031

Just googled the news, there's an article saying, "Yes, he's gay, but it's not enough." Of course.

No. 353036

Ugh I had something like this happen to me in Warframe… Gamers can be so obnoxious

No. 353067

i feel ruined by being aware of gender issues and the inherent sexism of men, and of life

i can't even date or feel comfortable having sex with a man because i just feel objectified and like in the end i'm little more than a hole that that man can also tolerate being around

i think men are incapable of love

i really wish i was a lesbian but i can't find women attractive on the same level

No. 353068

I feel similarly and have decided on celibacy but it's actually pretty freeing, rather than fruitlessly searching for a decent man I can just focus on myself and not suffer the disappointment or drama of sex/relationships.

No. 353081

i feel lonely, myself. at least sometimes. i feel like i have missed out a lot because i have never in my life felt any kind of romantic love for someone. i've had boyfriends but i've never had good sex or felt like i was in love with them. i want to feel that someday but i'm far too angry inside and i don't think therapy would help because in order to not be angry i'd have to turn my brain off. sometimes i wish i was just ignorant to all of this.

No. 353102

I don't think being ignorant would help because you'd still be confronted with reality and be disappointed.

No. 353109

i love lolcow. some farmers say the funniest, cutest and sweetest stuff I've ever seen.

No. 353110

Romance is a tool used by men in order to have access to sex and female bodies 24/7. How many men would continue their relationships with their female partners if they couldn't have sex with them whenever and wherever they wanted?
Romance is not real in a modern sense.
Who is directing all of the romcoms we're supposed to emulate?
Who owns Hallmark?
What companies profit from Valentine's Day and who owns them?
Who is profiting from all of this ~sexual empowerment~?
Who is profiting when they make women overwhelmingly desire heterosexual relationships?
Who is profiting when society dismisses and discourages women only communities?

Your body is trying to help you understand something. Romance and love with men is an illusion. Your anger shouldn't be directed towards the loss you feel from not finding it, but from being deceived about the impossible nature of loving men fully.

Spend your time making female friends and relationships and getting in women's communities.

No. 353111

My sister comes out to my extremely Muslim mom as a trans man. This obviously ends up badly. I tell my sister that it wasn't a good idea to come out and that she's turning 18 soon so she can just keep hush until she moves out and does her own thing. She takes my advice and shuts up about the trans thing for a while and things go back to normal for a while.

Around a month later, she tells my mom that she is trans again and demands to be taken to a therapist. My mom doesn't take this well and my sister starts screaming insults at my mom and throwing furniture around. My mom then confiscates her phone but ultimately agrees to let my sister go to a therapist which calms down my sister.

After a while, my sister says she wants her phone back but my mom says no. My sister grabs a knife and says she will kill herself (keep in mind that my sister threatens suicide like all the time over everything). My mom takes the knife from her so my sister grabs my mom's pills (my mom has several illnesses) and runs away saying she will swallow them to kill herself.

My mom manages to catch her and take the pills away. A violent fight ensues and I attempt to pull my mom away for my sister. My mom tells my sister to go to her room which my sister refuses and the fight starts over again.

My mom literally drags my sister to her bedroom and locks her there. But then she hears my sister open a window so she runs back inside. Our window is way too fucking small for any human to get out off so my sister is just screaming "HELP! HELP!" out the window. My mom closes the window and runs out of the room because she left something frying the kitchen and tells me to stay with my sister because my sister grabbed a tie and is threatening to strangle herself.

Once my mom leaves, my sister starts hitting me so my mom comes back again. My mom accidentally shuts the door behind herself which traps us all in the room because the bedroom's door has a malfunction so you can only open it from outside but not inside. We'd usually manage to open it by turning the key in the keyhole but my mom left the key outside when she was trying to lock my sister in the room earlier.

My mom starts freaking out because she left something frying in the kitchen and there could be a house fire. All of our phones are outside and there is nobody else in the house. She tries to unlock the door using various objects in the room but no luck.

I start having a full blown panic attack because I'm claustrophobic as fuck. This is made worst by my sister is still crying and screaming in the background because of the whole trans thing. Eventually, my mom unlocks the door with a clothes hanger and we all get out.

Am I the asshole for hating my sister?

No. 353115

no, your sister sounds like an attention seeking psycho that looks to start trouble because she is bored and not getting enough attention, honestly, which is typical of "trans" anythings. anyone attracted to that ideology (aside from abused women) are men similar to your sister, but with more porny shit, or girls/women similar to your sister. honestly, i'd be worried just living near her for fear she starts more shit or starts a fire deliberately just to extort money out of your family for T or something.

No. 353117

ily anon

No. 353119

jesus christ you can't post anything without femcels spawning nowadays

No. 353125

>meet guy off okc
>both from nearby countries that have huge banter while living in a giant city
>hit it off AMAZINGLY
>drunkingly have sex on the first date
>things work out ok
>few weeks pass where we're seeing each other 4/5 times a week
>a lot of talking about our kinda extreme areas we grew up in and the similarities and how it helped isolate our families etc
>lots of great sex
>always goes down on me
>one evening he is feeling ill and can't meet up
>hasnt been active on whatsapp since (been 3 weeks)
>fucker seems to have ghosted me and I cant make head nor tail of it.

No. 353130

you sure he's not dead anon?

No. 353148

Are you suggesting someone choose to be gay anon?

No. 353155

last night I was out with my best friends and boyfriend, who don’t often get to hang out all together. I was crying earlier in the day because bf got super anxious and disassociated about it, but he decided to come, ultimately.

on our way back we were just trying to find a cab. my memory is patchy, but he was on the edge of a bridge threatening to jump, and I think this happened multiple times. one of my friends was walking him and I was shouting and screaming and wailing with my best best friend. I tried to run away, I tried to hold him to the ground, I had the worst night of my life, possibly, and I feel traumatised.

now what

No. 353160

is your boyfriend okay? do you know where he is? if anything tell him how affected by this you are and he needs to seek help.

No. 353161

The only point of that anons post that I can see you misunderstanding is
>Spend your time making female friends and relationships and getting in women's communities.

She’s clearly not suggesting that being gay is something you can choose, she’s stating that female companionship and friendship is where women should focus their efforts
In a way I agree, women should focus more on other women and make female communities very tight knit again. We should have eachothers backs as we can better understand each other since we have many of the same struggles (both biological and social) and at risk of generalising there are many female majority hobbies and interests that women could easily bond over

No. 353162

oh, I should clarify. he’s asleep next to me currently, we came home together just me and him eventually. by this time it was very early, we had sobered up mostly, and I was still in shock. he kept asking if I hated him; I don’t, of course. he kept apologising and just saying it looked ‘tempting’. he promised me pizza today. I vocalised my feelings quite well, I think.

for context both of us are on ssri’s, I’m in therapy and he is not. I wish he would go but I can’t for the life of me sway him. we are also both at university an hour away from eachother, so we visit on weekends. I recently finally persuaded him to stop binge drinking alone bc he hears shit sometimes.

I just feel at a loss.

No. 353165

File: 1547299334045.jpg (55.99 KB, 540x538, 93769131-ba50-4582-a89f-c7fc5e…)

Ugh. Are polilez radfems schizo or something?

No. 353166

I left him a voicemail the other day and his phone rang so????

No. 353168

No. Like >>353161 said, I'm saying women need to spend less energy and time in their romantic male relationships and more on their female friendships and relationships, like I said at the bottom of the fucking post.

Does sexuality consume your life that much that you seriously think I'm saying "become" a lesbian? Don't you have any other fucking friends or hobbies?

I mean jesus, look at this thread. The suffering that results from having a romantic male partner is staggering. Instead of worrying about where, what or why a partner is doing something (because they can't show you respect or communication) you could investing more effort into your female friendships or literally any hobby.

I wanted to respond to anon about her feelings of loneliness and offer some alternatives to going back into a relationship.

No. 353170

It sounded exactly like the political lesbian spergs from tumblr who say that being straight is a conscious choice, and because of statements like
>>Who is profiting when they make women overwhelmingly desire heterosexual relationships?

No. 353181

Dw Anon, you're right, it's just typical lolcow strawmans, blowing everything you can possibly say out of proportion

Unless you can name a quote that anon said, word from word, that proves she believes straightness is a choice, then you're just a screeching moron, at least TRY to actually debunk it or come up with actual reasons outside "you sound like people who I think sound crazy xD"

No. 353188

Dw Anon, you're right uwu. TIL wgtows are just as bad as mgtows.

No. 353192

I have no idea why you're being attacked. I don't hate men but I'm not oblivious to their nature. I see more long-term relationships being torn apart because of the guy cheating despite all the screeching by the mgtow and the mra that it's the women that do it.

> women hide it better etc.

What's so bad about thinking that maybe you don't need a romantic relationship at all? What if you are completely happy on focusing on other things like investing in your skills and your well being?

I don't think that there's an evil plan behind the romcoms but I do believe that the idea of love is a modern product and that they make women specifically more self conscious if they're single.
I mean, you wouldn't want to become one of those pathetic, smelly, sad cat ladies amirite?

No. 353193

what does dw stand for?

No. 353198

I know hence why I used that popular stereotype of a cat lady to illustrate my point. A bachelor and a spinster are always depicted as polar opposites. A bachelor is a hot guy and takes what he wants. A spinster is ugly in personality/looks or both and is bitter because no one ever wanted her.

It sucks but there are also a lot of girls and women that reinforce those stereotypes by calling a single woman cat lady or a feminazi.
Case in point, anons calling someone a femcel for saying that it's better to invest in yourself than pursue a relationship you may not even want.

No. 353199

I want to follow whatever social media you have, anon. It's a pity these boards are anon

No. 353200

the "femcel" strawman reeing is out of this world hyperbolic. you'd think these 'femcels' were kidnapping female children and trying to indoctrinate them into lesbianism w the way people who aren't even expressing an extreme view, just literally offering advice, are vilifed. everyone else is allowed to give their advice, but the minute someone says 'focus more on your female relationships in your life and independence, and focus less on men', they're a political lesbian nutjob. literally like the premise of Frozen is now political lesbianism, kek

No. 353201

My sympathies that you have this hellspawn as a sister. Holy shit.

No. 353203

don't worry

No. 353204


No. 353206

Anyone who thinks female friendship = INSTANT LESBIAN is a huge handmaiden themselves. It's a male opinion that there is no friendship without SEX which is also why men watch so much incest porn, as they cannot understand the concept of love and compassion without SEX

Focusing on your female friendships is wonderful advice, and does not involve any sex despite what men and male-brained women seem to think

No. 353216

I'll forgo heterosexual relationships until I find a man that is willing to cape for me the way handmaidens cape for the male sex.

No. 353221

File: 1547308028911.jpeg (56.42 KB, 380x363, 33A24564-9654-457B-B548-3335EA…)

I’m applying for the best art university of my country, and I’m shitting myself while I put together my portfolio. I don’t feel like I’m good enough to get in and my pieces are mediocre at best, and they have only graduate classes of 30 so it’s competetive. And if by some miracle I manage to get in I’m going to feel like an utter imposter because of my lack of skill
Doesn’t feel good

No. 353264

I have been friends with this one guy for years now. We have both struggled with mental health issues during this time and I have supported him a lot. I am working hard on staying mentally healthy, while he is always in some gloomy distant mood now. These days I feel like we don't really have that much in common and when he calls me I almost sigh knowing that 1) most of the convo will be about him and his issues 2) He will often drone on about OMG deep subjects he loves but that I have expressed that I have no real interest in. I do like him but he also has bad social skills and it's so tiresome to constantly be the one who has to smooth it over.

No. 353265

My sister-in-law isn't really intelligent and she does dumb shit like steal $1,200 from my bro for chin fillers and just being all around airheaded and annoying. My bro got her knocked up and married her after a year of dating. That's another story tho. Sil is a sweet girl despite being an annoying basket case but I had a bad feeling about the marriage initially and I was right basically.

My sister-in-law's bff is a stupid bitch. She tried to be smart during my sil's bachelorette party by being like "Yeah I'm like totally able to see what people are thinking. Like they think I can't tell but I really always can tell." Like bitch I know you can tell I'm not ecstatic you're not slick.

A little backstory: the day I found out my bro got her pregnant I was in shock. I was in a deep depression in particular on that day and when I found out (on the drive over to his house) I was really quiet and sad bc I knew I was losing my bro as we had been. Sil became upset, I heard her yelling at my bro, "WELL SHE DOESN'T SEEM EXCITED!!!" and freaking out so I swallowed my pride and opened up to comfort and congratulate her. Her mother eas on the way and she 2as nervous to tell her so we sat on the curb together talking about her feelings about the pregnancy till her mom pulled up. Anyway my point is that she probably told her bff about my reaction and bff went into protection mode and probably doesn't see me very favorably. That's where I think it all began.

Mind you I was not being a cunt on bachelorette night. I brought all my nail polish to this and we could all painted our nails; I also brought snacks and was in high spirits. I was terrified for my bro but I'm not gonna be petty and passive agressive on another girl's wedding eve, you know? Like I said sil is a sweet girl ultimately.

Then a few months later my bf and I were leaving my bro's house after celebrating my nephew's bday with sil's family. We awkwardly gave hugs to sil's family and my own to be inclusive and polite, plus we all felt some connection thru being there for my new nephew. This bitch has the gall to be like ""What, no hug for me, [my bf]?" as we were walking out. Mind you she is married with a child. I cringe so hard bc he awkwardly turned around to give her a hug and slammed his knee into the couch while moving toward her and she had a shit-eating grin like she was glad he was awkwardly fumbling bc she's ~hot~. She's decent I guess but she's also cake faced, bump-it wearing basic bitch.

Feels good to write this all out and it feels like way less of a "thing" now that I see it in writing but I'm still wary of this bitch. I'm a super recluse so I'm not used to dealing with petty bitches. It sticks in my craw and these little ass incidents happened so long ago but still get me in some type of mood when I think back on them. My bro almost broke up with sil recently bc she stole that money and she left the beautiful home he bought for them to stay at her bff's for 2 weeks to talk shit on my bro bc he wouldn't freely give her money (that he doesn't have but she is child-like and literlly doesn't understand that) then she was forced to live with her mother again and she came crawling back once she realized my bro gave her everything and she was being retarded. He's retarded too now in my book. It sucks. Lol I thought they were through so I unloaded my real feeling about her to my bro–"She's stupid and annoying and I knew the marriage would fail," but now they're back together lol awkkk. Lesson learned for that one kek.

I'm going to want to delete and edit this like 500 times I'm sure but I'm not going to!!! Dammit. Ty for the vent farmers

No. 353270

I wish I could jump on board without a doubt with radfem-all-men-are-the-same anons, but I've been ruined by the fact that there's one (1) man in my life who is decent. My stepfather is extremely loyal to my (sick) mother and emotionally supportive of her in every way he can be. They met later in life, she's older by 9 years, and he gave up his old career/life in another (also first world, he's not fleeing lol) country just to move in and live with her. He has no social life outside of our family and spends his free time working on promoting writers/creators from all over the world who document their struggles. He even gave up (casually) drinking since my mother is anti-alcohol.

This experience has given me a fucking STUPID bit of hope that there are more men like this out there when I'd rather be forfeiting relations with all men like anons on here. It's the one emotional block stopping me. Even my own biofather was extreme garbage and everything wrong with men, but here we are.
Happy for my mom regardless, she deserves a good man after what she's been through.

No. 353283

I'm really ugly and masculine-looking. I am tall and muscular and pretty chubby. I will never ever feel like a cute delicate woman, nobody will ever be able to make me feel dainty and precious. Men will never see me as attractive.
It doesn't help that I'm a fucking shut in and my only feminine role model is from a book. I try to emulate her but it's just laughable. She was written by a man too so obviously she's not realistic.
I wish I was some fine-boned 5'3" fairy with doe eyes rather than a Scandi mountain monster like Nikki Tutorials. Even when I was skinny I was still never small thanks to my bone structure. I had a BMI of 13 at 20 at the peak of my ED and still couldn't fit into anything smaller than a UK size 10. I'm making a choice not to diet anymore cos ultimately being chubby is more bearable than the prospect of relapse but am sad I'll never be a cute hot woman.

No. 353284

I know no one here will believe me but my bf of 8 years (met at 20 years old so not even old) is a good man like this. So is his father. They are out there anon!

No. 353302

I'm forfeiting relationships but I still know there are good men out there. I just think the chance of finding (and actually attracting) one is statistically low, so I'm not gonna get my hopes up or actively pursue it. If I happen to come across a guy who convinces me he's decent, great, but I just can't be bothered with all the duds I'd find if I was searching for him.

No. 353303

My step dad is a good dude too and I'm really happy that my mom found him and is in both of our lives because he's a highly positive influence. He's taught me so much about how to act and improve in my career that my confidence has gone through the roof which has completely changed the calibre of guy that I attract now.

No. 353319

i'm the anon you replied to. like i said… i really wish i could be a lesbian. i just can't. i don't feel any sexual or romantic attraction to women in the way i do to men, unfortunately. i have no male friends but i have incredibly close, wonderful female friends who make my life worth living, but i just can't see myself in a relationship with a woman.

proof that sexuality is not a choice i guess.

No. 353322

same anon and i see you didn't mean "become a lesbian" or anything but to anyone who thought that might be it. yeah. maybe i'm just asexual?

anyway i'm very satisfied with my female friends, i just wish i could experience romantic love. the stuff that makes people write songs and make movies and things like that.

No. 353325

The men I see online are disgusting, the guys that went to school with me were openly racist and sexist, lots of those I met had issues with body hygiene. Now online again I see "feminist" men that talk over women and worse.

I still believe there are good men, I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years and am incredibly happy. But I hate the current low standards for men and people not being willing to call them out on shitty behaviour, because they treat it as a big joke.

Trust your intuition, we often pick up subtle cues and mannerisms that rub us the wrong way but aren't obvious. And try to meet somebody through a shared interest, that helps I'd say.

No. 353327

can someone pls explain this handmaiden thing? i've been under a rock for a while

i get that it's referencing handmaid's tale but i missed out on the meme

No. 353354

I know its very ayyenyion baity to talk about committing suicide online…like lol jusy shut up and kill youself, right?

But not really. I think during this month or the next i am going to go through with committing suicide. I feel so stupid, crying as i type this because i still have strong fears of not knowing what is after death. I believe know they must ho SOMEWHERE. I've died twice during medical operations and it wasn't peaceful or calm. It was like impending fucking doom and like my deceased friends were yhere both yimes trying to tell me something very urgent, but i was revived bofh those times and never got the message they were so desperately trying to tell me.

Ive tried talking to people i know about it and how i still feel signs they are trying to speak to me through them, but you'd be surprisedat the cold responses people will give you to this and how it's apparently just PTSD from the operations and their deaths, but i dunno man….i just wanna leave here. I am not fully a human anymore. Im a 26 year old with too many disabilitys to take care of myself physically or financially, my partner who i live with makes fun of me for this and calling me a dreg of society, starting shoving me and choked me two days ago. This all happened after i started standing up for myself and pointing out how he was treating me was wrong..gets even more agressive and pushing me onto the floor while saying oh suck it up a barely pushed you…thats not the point. It hurts my feelings. And i can't leave. My familys health insurance just ended and he will be paying for mine and because i have a lot of thinga im always ending up at the doctors or psychiatrists for, i would be a fool to not take the offer. I have nowhere else to go and i have no way to pay as I'm having trouble getting my disablity processed.

Speaking of family, my parents cast me out from their home after they snooped through my brothers phone and found out i had an abortion so i had to go back to my now partner fhat i mentioned earlier who i had just broken up with because he wanted sex right after my abortion and it hurt and i said no and he kicked me out at that time. So getting back together was weird. And has currently gotten to the point where he is so cruel in what he says and does that i know he does not love me and is just using me constantly for blowjobs and sex, he made me cut off all my friends because I'm bisexual, my family won't speak to me, i don't leave my house because im scared to go outside. I'm too ugly and everyone is always staring at my body covered with huge scars. I miss my friends that passed away terribly. Especially mason. I miss you buddy. I hope i will have the strength to pull through with my plan this time so we can see each other again

No. 353355

definitely, there's men like your stepfather out there. they're pretty rare, so appreciate their presence as long as you can.

my boyfriend is sort of similar, he gave up smoking cigarettes because of me. i have trauma where the smell of cigarettes can give me a terrifying flashback and when i told him this, he immediately threw out the rest of his pack of smokes.
not even just a man being truly loyal to a woman, but treating women in general like we aren't different. i have a cousin like this, never makes a "lol women!" joke. he hangs out with women and men equally, there's no romantic feelings drama or anything.
also to note, my boyfriend is completely straight and my cousin is bisexual. i know some anons probably think to find men like this you have to look for bi/gay men in general, but i think doing that is just going to upset you more.

No. 353356

Sorry to doublepost, but as i finally got around to sipping my espresso i neglected while typing that post, it had become cold. If anything is a sign, this is it hahah

No. 353363

>Staying with a guy who is violent and making you feel suicidal because he is paying your medical

Move to Canada, or the UK Anon, I'm sure your medical care can be done much cheaper elsewhere without being abused for the pleasure.

No. 353366

Do not stay with that guy for long at any cost. Most men that choke their partners end up killing them. Is there any shelter or something you could ask for help?

No. 353367

Also your parents are assholes and I hate that they kicked you out, back to this even bigger asshole.

No. 353376

I'm on felony probation for another three years. I have a 7-7 curfew and can't even leave the city lol

I know. Which is just one of the many reasons to end it. I'm literally out of options and without my medical stuff if i end up on the streets I'll end up dead sooner ir later. The only place i want to leave is this planet anways. Humans hurt and they hurt uou bad. At the core of your being. No remorse

I know right there was a reason i didnt want them to find out but they stick their noses where it doesnt belong constantly and i can't stand it. My brother cried because they found out through his phone and he was 16 and knew how traumatizing that was for me. That's how it runs when were born into a baptist family. They don't care when you date a girl almost 4 years but kick you out over what was literally a clump of cells at the time

No. 353387

File: 1547331140849.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.47 KB, 1273x863, hypocrite.jpg)

I agree, took me a while to realise why the male feminist thing was a meme-hes an example. This pedo quite happily bashes lady gaga and gets rounds of applause and yet brags about doing…well just read it.

No. 353444

i'm not worried i just want to know

No. 353467

The misunderstanding was already quoted but go off. A question isn’t an attack just because you immediately got angry about it.

No. 353476

I was going through some instagram pages of old school classmates and found my main bully from primary and middle school. I can't lie, it makes me somewhat mad that she is living a good life while mine's basically shit.

She was the biggest bitch and everybody followed her because she had adult older brothers and sisters who spoiled her ass and went to school to make a fuss when she wasn't "happy". I can't blame everything in my life on her and we were kids at the time but what she did to me had a big impact on how I grew up and how I became. I used to be pretty extroverted but all those years made me become a person with barely any self-esteem (and the fact that I had a huge overbite and glasses helped), and so afraid to fuck up with people that I can't maintain any friendship. I basically have no personality.

No. 353491

how is this an example of a male feminist?

No. 353506

ive been having suicidal thoughts ever since losing my dogs and i dont know how i can live the rest of my life losing my other pets.
i keep picturing the dead ones faces' and thinking ill never see them again and its really too much to bear.

No. 353508

Since my boyfriend broke up with me and blocked me on social media I started stalking him on Tumblr from another account and I'm pretty sure he's gotten over me and made a girlfriend judging from the stuff he reblogs. I can't really get over him because while I was with him I could actually feel happiness again. I ended up self-harming today. I can't continue like this I'm a fucking adult but I feel emotionally broken all the time.

I really wanna die. I don't believe in happiness anymore. I'm always under a state of continuous stress and worry and I cannot focus on anything at all. It's always the same, it's been the fucking same for such a long time.
I'm a NEET now and I just dropped out of college in my first year. I tried a lot of meds and some of them worked for a while, I also went to therapy but I'm still the same. My diagnosis was never made clear to me, I was diagnosed with BPD and GAD initially but when I was last admitted to the mental ward they changed my diagnosis to Chronic Depression and GAD.The medical system is shit and I don't even have an insurance anymore because I'm a NEET. I feel overwhelmed by everything. I just want to die or live in the past during the good times I have. I don't even understand how people function on a daily basis without getting overwhelmed when there are so many things happening at once. I have been staying in bed for the past 2 weeks and barely eating and I have dropped 8kgs.Everything I think about is death but I'm too afraid to jump off the building I live in. I will starve until my organs fail.

No. 353509

Its not, its an example of the type of hypocrisy that you can expect from male feminists. I dont think he is a male feminist but this is an example of how male feminists act online

No. 353511

File: 1547353277634.gif (2.16 MB, 306x300, GRUVJBGC_o.gif)

sound research

No. 353512

male detected, begone y-chromosome

No. 353513

MTE he sounds triggered kek

No. 353529

i have conflicting feelings about my ex. i'm happy to be out of what was an extremely toxic relationship that was going nowhere, but i also can't deny that i'm angry he was able to move on so quickly. not because i wanted to get back with him, i just find it insulting that he could get over me so soon. maybe it's the narcissist in me that can't fathom how someone could replace ME, but i get so mad when i think about him dating again within weeks of our breakup, and now having a new girlfriend who's replaced me in every way like i never even existed. it's almost like, "hey, i have to carry all this trauma… i CAN'T move on because i'm too busy fixing the damage our relationship did to my mental health, why do YOU get to be happy and move on when i'm miserable?" but then i feel happy for him and i'm glad that he was able to find happiness again. i also have thoughts like, "that should be me he's doing x with …but i'm so, so glad it's not." it's so odd feeling jealous and simultaneously relieved or angry and happy in the same instant. i just want him out of my fucking head.

No. 353530

i have conflicting feelings about my ex. i'm happy to be out of what was an extremely toxic relationship that was going nowhere, but i also can't deny that i'm angry he was able to move on so quickly. not because i wanted to get back with him, i just find it insulting that he could get over me so soon. maybe it's the narcissist in me that can't fathom how someone could replace ME, but i get so mad when i think about him dating again within weeks of our breakup, and now having a new girlfriend who's replaced me in every way like i never even existed. it's almost like, "hey, i have to carry all this trauma… i CAN'T move on because i'm too busy fixing the damage our relationship did to my mental health, why do YOU get to be happy and move on when i'm miserable?" but then i feel happy for him and i'm glad that he was able to find happiness again. i also have thoughts like, "that should be me he's doing x with …but i'm so, so glad it's not." it's so odd feeling jealous and simultaneously relieved or angry and happy in the same instant. i just want him out of my fucking head.

No. 353531

i have conflicting feelings about my ex. i'm happy to be out of what was an extremely toxic relationship that was going nowhere, but i also can't deny that i'm angry he was able to move on so quickly. not because i wanted to get back with him, i just find it insulting that he could get over me so soon. maybe it's the narcissist in me that can't fathom how someone could replace ME, but i get so mad when i think about him dating again within weeks of our breakup, and now having a new girlfriend who's replaced me in every way like i never even existed. it's almost like, "hey, i have to carry all this trauma… i CAN'T move on because i'm too busy fixing the damage our relationship did to my mental health, why do YOU get to be happy and move on when i'm miserable?" but then i feel happy for him and i'm glad that he was able to find happiness again. i also have thoughts like, "that should be me he's doing x with …but i'm so, so glad it's not." it's so odd feeling jealous and simultaneously relieved or angry and happy in the same instant. i just want him out of my fucking head.

No. 353536

I know this feel anon.

For me it stems from the fact that I usually try to save and hang on to a relationship, because hello I care and I get invested even if I think the guy is being a jackass.
Yet the way some men move on so quickly makes me think they jump ship as soon as things get uncomfortable, unlike how women are conditioned to forgive and excuse men plus sacrifice our emotional well being for them all the time. Also they probably don't work on what made them shitty in the short time before they hop into someone else's life and continue with the same shitty behavior.

It bothers me because I know most women are genuinely reflective and considerate when they deliberate the end of a relationship, but it's not necessarily the case for men.

No. 353556

You can live knowing you have them years of love and comfort and happiness. You gave your pets a lifetime of love and warmth and comfort and they would have loved you in return. They had an entire lifetime of happiness with you and that’s such a wonderful gift. Most people don’t get that. I’d imagine your pain is enormous and I’m so sorry you’re feeling that anon. I hope you can rest easy knowing that every day your pet spent with you was probably a wonderful day for them.

No. 353574

nayrt but goddamn that was beautiful and made me tear up a bit. there is goodness on this forum. grateful for you.

No. 353576

I’m an asshole mostly but losing a pet hurts so much and that animal probably woke up everyday happy and warm and with a full belly and anon giving that to an animal is nicer than anything. Pets should live disease-free forever.

No. 353586

File: 1547370964835.png (319.96 KB, 540x388, 022094.png)

I know some anons here don't like LSA since some people from there started cropping up here without even trying to fit in, so I'm not expecting sympathy, I just need to vent. I personally only started using LSA semi-recently, but I've been a farmer since Lolcow began. This still made me sad, though. I know there are a handful of /pol/ spergs and LARPing robots here who will probably get a kick out of this, too, but I can't be arsed to care. I just wonder how many of them might have come from LSA, on top of the ones who come here because /r9k/ keeps talking about us.

It's just been revealed that one of Lipstick Alley's mods may be a male /pol/tard. And I mean actual /pol/, as in people found an archived thread from 2018 where the person admits to what they've been up to, laughs about how easy it is to infiltrate black forums because the mods are typically useless and won't police themselves, and asks for some help to pass down his account to other /pol/tards, not some "The hacker known as 4chan" nonsense. They claim to be a mod on three different sites (LSA being one) and that they've been posting under a fake identity for each one for at least 6 hours a day every day for 3 years. He outright said he was trying to "subvert the forum" using mod powers. A year back, it was revealed that David Duke, grand wizard of the KKK, lurked LSA, and it caused a bit of a shitstorm. A user made a thread about it, and the admin (Condi) replied to it, denying any white supremacist presence. In the end, she said she "felt neutral" about David Duke. This is already kind of weird, because LSA is a forum mostly targeted at black women. It's like the admin of a site for Jewish women saying she "feels neutral" about Adolf Hitler, or like if the admin on LC said she "felt neutral" about those two women who were murdered and beheaded by men in Morocco.

A thread was made about the mod issue yesterday, demanding answers about how how this could happen, how modding even works and what would be done about it. No moderators were named, attacked or harassed, but a lot of us were shocked and wanted answers. Instead of addressing it, the admin (or a mod) locked it without comment, in stark contrast to how the David Duke thread was handled. This thread made it to 3 pages of users speculating and waiting for an answer before getting shut down.

I always felt like LSA was off, and it wouldn't even be the first time someone there was "exposed" (though it was never someone on the moderation team) but this was still a hard pill to swallow. You'd think the worst of it was celebrities and their shills lurking, monitoring things and paying the site to make certain things "go away", or information getting sold. The fact that they were retarded, incompetent or possibly malicious enough to let some mentally ill /pol/tard become a mod is wild. I know (or hope) that no matter how bad Lolcow gets, they'd at least never let a fucking /pol/tard male catfishing with three different identities become a mod, then censor discussion and go silent when anons want an explanation.

It feels like soon, there really will be no safe place for women to speak freely online. Certain men just can't resist invading any "girl's club" they find, doubly so if any racial elements are involved. It's like ants to sugar. I hope at least Lolcow and CC will continue to exist without being compromised, no matter how much we may fight or bitch about moderator decisions.

No. 353599

Meanwhile when one of us says there are male mods on lolcow, everyone shoots us down. Shutting down the manhate thread twice over nothing screams "male" to me.

No. 353605

Wasn’t it shut down because it was constantly fed bait?

No. 353609

They shut down man hating threads a total of 10 times, out of those 10 times, only 1 or 2 did they legitimately shut them down because of bait

Man hating threads were some of our most popular and loved threads here, it was a way for anons to escape especially due to all the misogyny that runs through the internet and the rest of the planet (and the fact people still deny blantant misogyny even happens despite hoards of evidence or treat it like a non-issue), if lolcow loses traffic because of this, they deserve it

Gaslight all you want, the fact that it started with leaving male posts up,including gore and rape videos, for several hours straight, only banning spergy violent males for 24 hours, but other anons for weeks simply for disagreeing with other anons, just to later ban the threads and topic all together for no reason at all, screams male, and there's definitely shady shit going on with the mods

No. 353611

samefagging without saging, incessantly, does not a popular thread make
I am oh so skeptical. If anything it's been the most divisive, toxic and absurd thread on /ot/.

The mods do not ban males for 24 hours, it's been repeatedly stated that they ban them permenantly.
The man-hating threads have been getting locked because there are not enough hands to moderate and referee that shitshow.

Are you so unhinged that you can't wait a couple of weeks patiently for the admin transition to take place? Is posting meme images from random males twitters and facebooks to get off to outrage and victimhood so important to you?

Wait until the mods say it's okay to make the thread. Take your grievances to /meta/. Accussing the farmhands and mods of being male is one thing, why don't you apply for a janitor/mod then?

No. 353613

You caught us anon! Clearly no other woman on the face of the planet would ever have an issue with pure perfect men, all the man hating threads are samefags

>If anything it's been the most divisive, toxic and absurd thread

Oh, besides the threads that openly talk about wanting to abuse animals, the amount of race baiting threads here, thinspo threads, clearly the one thread that allowed women to vent about their issues with men, was ebul crazy wahmen huh, the entire internet is a woman hating thread but God forbid we ever have a man hating thread

>The mods do not ban males for 24 hours, it's been repeatedly stated that they ban them permenantly.

They stated it once over a year ago, and the same exact scrot has a habit of leaving for 24 hours and coming back, it's been this way for MONTHS, if he was ban invading there would be no need to do that, but I guess I'm just an evil unhinged man hating woman what do I know

>Are you so unhinged that you can't wait a couple of weeks patiently for the admin transition to take place?

That makes literally no sense at all, especially since mods just left it at banning man hating band not a mod transition like you claim, I'm assuming you're American because they're the type to snap at anyone who demands change for better just to wonder why everything falls to shit when they rely on everything to fix itself

>Wait until the mods say it's okay to make the thread. Take your grievances to /meta/.

That's the thing, no one knows if mods will ever say it's okay again, you drew this conclusion from literally nowhere especially since mods have a habit of banning topics and never reallowing them, hell even the Lilly thread is banned and it's been 2 years, although you'll probably be happy us ebul crazy wahmen aren't calling pure innocent men out ever

Also this is a vent thread, therefore I'm allowed to vent, don't like it then leave, don't like people insisting change instead of just "waiting for it" and wondering why it never happens, leave, your whole philiosphy is a joke, do you have a lot of participation awards?

>Accussing the farmhands and mods of being male is one thing, why don't you apply for a janitor/mod then?

I have, several anons have and several of them haven't heard back, but magically they can have all these mods who defends men to no ends, hmmm

No. 353619

File: 1547380785746.jpg (33.45 KB, 499x366, 1KCjU9HYHS8.jpg)

I said some shit to my wife without really remembering what I've said that hurt her so deep. I have experienced psychosis so lapses in time are frequent for me if I'm angry or agitated.
It was the day before our 5 anniversary which I wanted to surprise her.
Since then she blocked me on social media almost everywhere and refuses to talk elsewhere (we live separately for now)
I've been crying for two days straight, she's the one, the love of my life. My actual fucking soulmate.
I promised myself that if she ever officially break up with me, I would kill myself. She's the only thing good about my life.
And I fucked it up and I don't even remember what I said to her.
I'm in so much pain.

Now I just wait. Cry and wait.

No. 353621

And at the same time I think it would be best to brea