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No. 239880

Last thread >>227924

Express your woes and worries below:

No. 239884

i recently tabled my crafts at a con and made a ton of money, but i have no fucking clue how to sell/post online to get a following. i've been looking stuff up and it's all just kind of inane and it's frustrating the fuck out of me.

No. 239890

That sounds super frustrating anon, you must be feeling very lost.
I never sold anything online, but about the following, I've seen some people getting a kickstart in exposure by posting their craft at a subreddit, if you do fandom or niche stuff.
You could also look up on facebook marketing, you can show ads to a very specific public that would be interested in what you have and the first tests would only cost you like 10 bucks.
Good luck, it's awesome you are trying to get your art out there.

No. 239891

thanks anon, i know i was being kind of vague, but like idk this whole, advertising thing is hard, like my stuff sold like hotcakes at the con and it was a real motivator, but selling online is just so different. not to mention the market for what i make is saturated with hastily made crap.

i've considered just renting a mall kiosk off season, since most of it is jewelry/accessories. but idk…i just don't know where to start.

No. 239898

It's ok, I also wouldn't expose myself much, specially about business, here.
There are some guides online, but tbh it seems like you would benefit a lot more from talking with someone irl about figuring out your plans, be it online or at a kiosk, and maybe clearing out your fears on the matter.
Do you know of any craftsman or small business guilds or organizations near you?

No. 240074

I run a side business online where I buy stuff from wholesale suppliers and resell them in small quantities online. If I can do it then you can do it even better. Especially when you produce your own merchandise and there can be nobody else to copy your product or compete with you.

When I started I used the ebay equivalent of our country but eventually I stopped because the fees would eat up 30% of my profit margin. So instead I signed up on national portals where you can post ads for free. Then I set up my ads and wait for people who are interested. I prepare pre-written emails so I can copy paste most of the things I need to write them.

I think you should put your stuff on a similar site. When the ads are free you can just leave them online and they will not bother you even if nobody is buying. On ebay you have listing fees that can be quite high (or at least back in the day they had them).

Good luck!

No. 240076

This guy in my math class who is like 10 years older than me drives me nuts by always trying to prove me wrong. I work pretty fast (we have to work as group) so I tend to help other people because I finish early and he has to debate me on like… every single one of my answers, to which is he generally always wrong. But today he was right and I had overlooked part of a question and he just wouldn't stop rubbing it in my face and saying he "got me". Why are men like this?

No. 240077


Small dick syndrome. I fucking hate “negging.” Sorry you gotta deal with that. He just wants your attention and to get a rise out of you. Don’t feed the beast

No. 240079

Yeah, I just looked at him like he was crazy and continued helping the other people in my group. It's just super annoying. I did worse than him on the test today and he was super happy about that too.

It doesn't help that (I mentioned this in the last vent thread) one of the other guys in my class is creeping on me. My class is small and there's only 4 guys so literally half the guys in my class are driving me nuts. I gotta deal with the stupid comments from one and the stares and being followed by the other. I can't wait until this semester is over.

No. 240094

Anon that sounds rough, I'm cheering you on all the way over here

No. 240098

I was followed through the subway in New york today by one of these old, rent control apt failed artists/writer in their 60s+ ( carrying of all things a chihuahua in a tote bag) because I walked through the door behind him as he was entered the station. BG INFO: that station, Grand Central, is one of the biggest in the city and the doors are literally two feet wide and have a mechanism that makes them slowly drift close instead of slamming. So if someone enters it's fully possible to walk in behind them through the door while maintaining a good foot of distance away from them, which is what I did.

He started yelling sarcastically at me " Thank you sweetie, thank you" as I walked away because….I should have held the open door for him? From the back? As I made distance and thought he was gone, I got in line at a kiosk to buy food and suddenly he was leaning over me and whispered " your're an entitled bitch" in the most malevolent tone possible. I was on my way to a job interview as a hostess and went out of my way to look nice, wear high heels and curl my hair which I truly believe is the real reason he was so enraged.

No. 240104

I got stuck in a group project with a bunch of college students that go off track constantly and are mostly failing our class. It really sucks because I’ve been saddled with doing the bulk of our work every week, and after finally saying no and getting a break this time I realized….if I’m not the one in control they don’t do anything, period. So it feels like I have to act like a domineering bitch for the sake of my own grade.

No. 240107

I hate my bf mother and step dad. He is a fucking snob and she is a gold digger that only married him for the money. They treat me like a piece of shit that's too stupid to understand anything.
His step brother gf is treated like an angel and is praised for everything although she is a picky bitch. We date for 4 years now and I did so much for them but they don’t give a shit and love to humiliate and put me down in front of the whole family. During a family dinner I was so close to cry in front of half his family because his step father thought it was not good that I have no job. I study and try to deal with it somehow but apparently that's not good enough and I’m just a lazy loser.
I’m just not good, smart and polite enough for them. I'm tired of being nice to them.

No. 240116

Welcome to group projects. Have fun shepherding idiots who will leech out of your work ethic and basic organizational skill.

No. 240127

File: 1522968046713.jpg (125.82 KB, 1300x982, 33013346-portrait-stressed-unh…)

I'm working at an ICU unit in a hospital in a very large city. It's influenza season, so a lot of beds are full in the other wards, so we occasionally get less critical patients as well. And this one guy (girl? who knows, s/he's AFAB according to the data) drives me fucking insane because he's been on the ward since three days, is basically healthy and good to go but keeps clogging up a single room b/c his parents are rich. His complaint?
> muh anemia
> muh vitamin B12 deficiencies

And it's clear to every fucking doctor and nurse on the ward he's not that deficient. His levels are fine, he doesn't have spasms or drastically abnormal bloodwork. He's a tiny bit anaemic, but even his B12 levels are a little low, but FINE. But no, it's muh chronic anemia, while he's happily telephoning and smoking and walking around the ward, making a fucking nuisance out of himself. Meanwhile I've seen chronic B12 deficiencies and it's highly myolytic and neurotoxic. Those people are suffering and this munchie/spoonie is doing all that for the lulz. He's fine and every other doctor says it's probably something psychosomatic, but noooooo he has to stay in the fucking ICU ward and disturb some of our VERY VERY VERY SICK PATIENTS, some of which are critically immunosuppressed and don't need him traipsing all over the corridors and spreading his germs. And to top it all off, he constantly rings for the poor nurses to bring him shit because that ICU status apparently means he's too weak to get himself a coffee. The hospital's understaffed, FFS.

I just have zero tolerance for those kinds of people and it pisses me off. If those people were really sick, they wouldn't make such a production out of it.

No. 240138

TMI but my bowel movements are pissing me off, i've been pretty constipated my poop is only tiny balls and it never feels like my bowels completely empty, then sometimes i get diahrrea lite. I drink around 3 bottles of water per day and I think I eat enough fibers I even added psyllium to my oatmeal IDK what else to do, maybe more fats? ahhhhhhhhhhhh

No. 240145

I know there’s social norms that says you HAVE to be around and in contact with step-family but seriously fuck em’, don’t buy into it. Don’t be around them more then absolutely necessary or just avoid them entirely.

No. 240146

Tell the professor while doing a fantastic job on your part of the project. I did that. Everyone else in my group failed the project.

No. 240154

my roommates give me so much anxiety. they are constantly having sex in the kitchen/living room area, the girl leaves her Michael Kors crap all over the floor, they’re both serious slobs. the constant sex makes me scared to go downstairs. the girl ignores me whenever I speak to her. I’ve been here for 3 months and she’s never said a word to me. basically I lock myself in my room and I can’t eat until my boyfriends home so I can ask him to get me some food. I’ve lost 13 pounds within the past 2 months or so. I’m constantly fatigued and my mom has commented on my significant weight loss. I actually enjoy being skinnier even though I’m starting to look a little spoop but I’m really scared of health problems down the line. Im constantly lightheaded and tired. It doesn’t help that we don’t have a lot of money so most of the time we only have bread and orange juice. Idk i don’t have anywhere else to go but I get more and more frustrated with my roommates everyday

No. 240156

Wtf is wrong with them? That's so rude and selfish, in a shared house. You should do some strategic, planned attack. Set up shop in the living room, spread your books and laptop and some clothes around you, put your stuff on the coffee table, put the tv on and SET THE FUCK UP in there for 6+ hours a day. If they start carrying on just turn the tv up, start doing hopscotch in the middle of the floor, start dancing and singing to your favorite music. Set up an easel in there and start painting. Fuck them.

They can fuck off and use their bedroom. You're sharing the house and they're acting like rude lunatics. Beat them at their own game.
Eventually they'll get the message that they're not gonna get this shared space to use for sex while you're hiding out in your room and LITERALLY starving.

Btw another tip you can do right away is buy some food that doesn't go off, and keep that in your room along with some plates, cutlery, a kettle. You can make some food and drink in your room instead of having to work around those fucks.

No. 240163

Anon, why are you letting yourself be the one inconfortable with this situation. Your health is way too important.
Turn the tables on the horny bitch. Make a point of getting food exactly when they are having sex.
Make them unconfortable by cooking fucking macarroni and cheese while they are trying to hook up.
Ask them to move to get some kitchen utensils or something at the fridge.
Ask them while they are kissing to take a look at some half rotten fruit and ask "do you think it's still good to eat?"
Heck, even call your friends and boyfriend to hang out at the same place where the whores have sex, pick a time that will bother them enough that they have to go to the room.
Don't be a victim, and stop this stupid anachan ideation.

No. 240165

Also, if your room mate complains after your agressinve campaing make a point of ignoring her like she did to you.

No. 240167

thank you for the advice! i think i will try to set up in the living room next time they leave. i know i sound like a prude for not just walking past them but i have sexual trauma and I don’t know really think I can handle seeing other people fucking. it’s gross enough hearing her squeal like a pig from the upstairs

No. 240174

File: 1522982176915.jpg (81.13 KB, 507x428, ed8d2dab-bbaf-4b26-b35f-0895cb…)

I wish I had a girlfriend, really I wish I had female friends. I'm a very lonely Lesbian girl, I thought I was Bisexual for the longest time. Realized I am not into men sexually or romantically, my dumb ex would " teach " me into finding his anatomy pleasurable to look at. Well I came to terms that I'm not actually into him, I was simply lonely. Now it's been a while since we've broken up,I don't miss him, but I do miss having someone care for me. Didn't want to ever date a guy, but now I feel like a fake lesbian. I see how other wlw treat girls who've been with a man before. I feel dirty, despite never having a sex life with him. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but the idea of rejection because of that makes me very depressed.

No. 240178


Plenty of lesbians have had sex with men, either because they had to as they were pressured societally, or because they were figuring shit out. And you’re saying you didn’t even do that much, so it’s really not a big deal.

Don’t sweat it, anon. You gotta learn that judgmental bitches who wouldn’t give you a chance because of that aren’t worth your time anyway.

Its like the weird virgin fetish in straight circles. Not everyone buys into it. And most mature adults understand and even expect the opposite. Lesbians aren’t a homogenous group, they’re individuals. Think of it, you’re a lesbian. Would you discount someone romantically because they’d been with a man? Hopefully not lol. Ignore the toxic culture and focus on individual connections. Or just sort your head out with what you’re attracted to before jumping in the lesbo pool, there’s nothing wrong with taking your time.

And enjoy exploring your sexuality. You’re finally free! Good luck :)

No. 240180

Many lesbians in real life don't care that much if a girl has been with a guy, so don't worry too hard about it. It's not uncommon for young lesbians to attempt a relationship with a man due to societal pressure. A lot of the backlash over bisexual women/women that have been with men comes from a place of frustration towards the type of woman that treats being with other women as something 'quirky and hot' but ultimately forgets about it and ends up with a man. Many lesbians (myself included) have had bad experiences with that type and unfortunately some become jaded enough to immediately denounce every woman that's been with a man no matter what. But it's important to remember that they're a vocal minority that you see mostly on the internet and the vast majority of lesbians you'll meet won't judge you for that. Good luck anon, good on you for getting out of an unhappy relationship.

No. 240187

I'm freaking out with anxiety right now.
I fucked up my "calming" diet today, ate a bunch of things that I know make me anxious because I was too lazy to buy the food I needed.
Have a freaking job interview that I actually want in 10h from now, need to sleep, can't stop pacing and eating.
Tryed talking with my dad about the interview and was utterly ignored, he never cares about my work in general and still complains about money, fucking asshole wants to me to live with him until he dies while complaining non stop about what a pain in his poor old ass I am.
Tried to talk about my anxiety, in hopes to diminish it, but was shut down with "But you are ALWAYS feeling like that"
Tried to call my mom, but apparently talking, sexting, with her scammer Indian boyfriend 20 years younger than her is way more important than my anxiety atack and I was told to wait half an hour.
>tfw no friends or other family members to talk with
>tfw my worries and feeligns are systematically shut down my whole life and yet I keep hoping someday they will care about what I feel and tell me shit like "everything will be ok" and hug me, but that's expecting too much
I'm so alone and fat from the stress eating this last month.
I just want someone to hold me and make me feel safe and loved ;_;

No. 240191

Ewwwwwwww if you want lesbians to like you, using that term unironically is a leap in the wrong direction. It's the biggest red flag of a bihet outside of "transwomen are women uwu."

Anyways most lesbians aren't goldstars, let alone goldstars who only date other goldstars. It's really easy to find another one that isn't or one that doesn't give a fuck. Maybe you should spend a little less time on tumblr, hun.

No. 240193

>Maybe you should spend a little less time on tumblr, hun.
You don't have to be an obnoxious judgy bitch about anons worries, bitch-chan.

No. 240195


oh anon, don't be so hard on yourself. start hanging out in gay bars, meet new people. if you're too anxious for that, online dating is a good way to meet new faces. you probably won't meet the right girl on the first try, but making lesbian/bi friends in your area can help you. the dating pool for lesbians isn't all that big, so making friends makes it easier.

it is true that a lot of us lesbians don't date bisexual women. but that doesn't mean all lesbians want girls who've never made eye contact with men before. a lot of them will be cool if you've had ex boyfriends or ex girlfriends or if you considered yourself bisexual for a long time. what matter is now and if you have moved on from that or not. it sounds like you're still hurting from your last relationship so i wouldn't advice dating just now. but making new queer friends can help you a lot. and when you're ready to start dating, you'll know tbh. also keep in mind that tons of gay people don't start dating till they get older. eg while all my straight friends started dating once they were like 13, i didn't get with a woman till i was like 19. and my gf started dating when she was like 14, but didn't get in a gay relationship till she was 20. its super fucking common, i promise. especially in small towns, gay people start dating a lil later and its fine.

focus on yourself, getting over him and making new qt friends. its gonna be worth it. hell, maybe join a sport/facebook group for a hobby in your area/gym/just start going out more and start meeting other people. give it the time you need, anon. but don't get too caught up on your head and on how lonely you are, its bad for you ;-; my gf was pretty much in the same spot as you are right now btw. so that's why i'm giving you this big ass lecture. i believe in you, anon!

also the cake looks delicious

No. 240196

File: 1522988031678.jpg (51.44 KB, 540x405, 05723685-d83d-4fad-bea8-088c55…)

Thank you for the comforting advice kind anons, I am very inexperienced as you could probably tell.
Sorry I didn't know.

No. 240203


>tfw using "bihet" unironically

Calm down there, angry anon.

I second everything that's been said above. You can do it! We're rooting for you and you WILL succeed, inexperienced-chan!

No. 240256

File: 1523009626895.gif (289.44 KB, 275x155, 1517127285908.gif)

I think I have an ear infection. It hurts so bad, I can barely sleep.

It's really scary for me every time I get one as an adult because my ears are permanently fucked up from having really severe ones regularly as a kid. Now whenever I get one, I worry that it's adding more damage even though they're not nearly as extreme as the ones I had back then.

No. 240267

After I finally did the laundry this morning and put it out to dry of course it suddenly pours and I have to do the whole shit again. Goood fuck this.

No. 240274


I am sorry anon. Ear infections suck, I am also traumatized by them. I hope you get better soon.

No. 240282

I want a baby so fuckin badly it’s making me crazy

No. 240286

I’m this anon I really hate complaining but I’m honestly shocked. I woke up this morning to get a tampon and my female roommate hid them. I’ve had it up to here I feel like crying.

No. 240288

I'm sorry you have such shitty parents. try to slowly fade them out of your life, it will make room for people who care for you.

how was your job interview?

No. 240295


> Having sex in the kitchen/living room

> Shared house

This is so fucking gross I nearly gagged. You can't live like that, it's so unhygenic and disgusting. His dried mouldy spunk could literally be on your kitchen counters.

Could you talk to your landlord? Say she's behaving erractically and hostilely towards you? If she doesn't stop after that then I'd even go to your local police station and ask for advice. If she's doing that on purpose then I'd count that as harrassment.

No. 240296

On Monday the new semester will start and i'm so scared…

I initally planed to lose weight to gain some confidence, but didn't manage to. I always wear lose shirts and sit hunched over to hide my rolls, seems like this year will be no different.

I'm so socially stunted that i'll probably end up sitting alone in the backrow again and skip half of my classes completely.
Also, i've never dated before so i don't even dare to sit near a guy, even less talk, in fear of him somehow thinking i'm flirting with him. I know that sounds so irrational, but i can't help it…

I don't even need to be super attractive or popular, i just want to be able to go there without feeling sick out of anxiety.

No. 240297

Same anon, and I have to wait five years at best. When I go out with my bf we can't watch baby clothes without thinking about having our own.

No. 240299

I have come out of a bad breakup and a loss of a family member and I've gained a third of a stone and I feel fucking horrible I can see it on my face

What foods and routines help quickly go back on this?

No. 240307

File: 1523025503176.png (153.83 KB, 1080x732, Screenshot_2018-04-06-16-29-45…)

The crazy vegan in my class is now feeding her dog vegan food from a shop that has recipes on their website on how to make vegan cat food out of….only flour and a wee bit of supplements. Or beans and soy sauce. Sure sounds like a good brand and her dog will definitely not get malnourished.

Like why even get a carnivorous pet, get a bunny or a hamster.

No. 240336

File: 1523032626799.gif (10.74 KB, 241x142, 09CB97D0-D3D6-4C35-8CC1-23E5CF…)

Why is it, that every time. Without fail. Whenever someone needs a favor, I willingly help at their beck and call. But suddenly when the one rare time I need help, crickets. No answer. Ignored.

I fucking hate it. This happens to me all the time. I made friends with a girl in college last semester. We’re the same class this semester but we’re not the same schedule. So we have to call or text more now instead of seeing each other in person like last semester when our schedule was the same.

We split the cost of the book rental and shared it. I went out of my way to scan the entire book just in case we might need it again and we won’t have to pay for it again. Well lo and behold. We did actually need it again for this new class. So she calls me all the time whenever she has an issue with her computer (she’s not tech savvy) , or needs me to print out an entire chapter of the scanned book on paper. I of course don’t mind. But it got to a point where she would insist she needs it last minute. And there would be days where I literally just got home from work and didn’t even have time to change or eat. So she INSISTS to come over and I try to politely ask if it could be tomorrow because I just got home and I have nothing to do tomorrow. So then I’d feel bad and say okay just come. She ended up showing late which pissed me off even more. I thought to not bother to cook because then then she’d show up in the middle of me eating and then my food would get cold. She didn’t even let me know wtf was going on and why she was late. So I had to call her and ask. Turns out she decided to stop at the pharmacy before coming here ???????? And apparently they ran out of her prescription so she was waiting. I got fed up and just grabbed a snack , changed out of my clothes and waited.

When she finally gets here, I have her packet ready and she asks for help on her computer. She says she can’t get into her school email and she forgot her password. Had to show her how to reset it and all this other stuff. ( this has happened multiple times)

She makes promises she doesn’t keep. I appreciate her gratitude to an extent but she always says stuff like “oh hey anon! Can you help me print something? I’ll take you home from work if you need!” (I don’t have a car). And of course she never did. I didn’t bother to bring it up. I had someone picking me up anyway.

Now I can’t get ahold of her. I only wanted to ask her a question regarding the exam. The professor said it would be emailed to us as a take home exam over Easter break. I never received anything. I wanted to ask her if she got it. That’s literally it. That’s the only time I’ve ever asked for something from her. And suddenly my texts are ignored. My calls go to voicemail. She’s online her Facebook but ignores my messages / doesn’t open them.

There’s other instances but my blood is boiling and I just feel so sad and upset that this happens to me. It’s not the first time with other people. I literally want to cry. I feel like such a baby, i hate it.

No. 240388

File: 1523042150536.jpg (45.9 KB, 750x573, 1518042569017.jpg)

im really down that some guy i like found a gf. by the way i have a bf already.
i've liked this guy for awhile way before i met my bf but i guess we were to dumb to figure that out until it was too late.
i love my bf very much and i would never cheat on him. i dont think harboring feelings from unrequited love is even cheating.
it's just lame that we both liked each other and we never got to see what could have been

No. 240403

File: 1523044607970.jpg (28.37 KB, 547x496, how-to-build-muscle-women-back…)

>bf starts crossfit in January again
>gains A LOT of muscle mass and it's really visible
>been going to the gym for 3 years now
>still basically a stick

I just want to be a buff gf :(
I can't eat a lot of food or afford it.
Recently I found out that (normal) pasta makes my face break out so I kind of avoid it, but it's super cheap and has high cals. Jesus I can't wait to start a job again and somehow make myself eat more. If I didn't have this shit ass depression/stress issue I would've reached my goals years ago.

God fucking dammit.

No. 240409

I've been researching and listening to documentaries, watching Leah Remini's show, and a podcast on cults a lot lately and have come to the conclusion that my family has a lot of the red flags of one.
>brainwashing and manipulation
>STRONGLY following every new extremist religion
>anti vaxxers, anti doctor anti hospital. "medicine" is chicken soup and fermented raw milk
>hatred of anyone gay or not our race
>protecting child rapists and pedos
>no school or jobs
>extreme child abuse, i've seen one toddler thrown down the stairs and hit with a belt
>ive had bones broken in a beating in high school (no hospitals)
>living in remote woods of a tiny town
>no outsiders (anyone met after 1990s)
>only the leader is respected
>disrespecting the leader or any men gets you shunned and excommunicated forever
>no women have any amount of power or control. we are just treated like living baby machines and can't leave the house without a man

I obviously want to get out and asked on reddit for advice on leaving but still keeping close enough to protect the kids, but the only thing they could say was "holy shit call the cops right now or you're an abuser too!!" after I explained MULTIPLE TIMES that the cops can't do anything because there is NO evidence. the time that I did call CPS ended all visible forms of abuse and was I shunned (completely ignored, very little food, no electronics or outside contact) for 2 years. I try to stay positive and keep trying but it just feels hopeless at times.

No. 240415

Goddamn Anon, that's horrible. Can you inform us more about the situation? What country or province/state are you living in? And whose kids are you worrying about?

No. 240419

how much protein are you getting? iifym puts me at about the same g of protein as my bodyweight in lbs

No. 240421

How close is the nearest town anon?
Is there a way to check? Maye if you find some kind of shelter there after telling people why you are running an get some help to become indepent you can take legal actions to protect the kids.

No. 240423

Look up intermitent fasting if you have some good willpower to make it.

No. 240428

SoCal. Between the 9 "founder" siblings, one died as a baby, two physically cant have kids, so 6 of them had 50 kids over 25 years. they have as many as possible starting at age 17 (abortions and condoms are never an option). I'm worried about all of them because they dont have any chance to enter society or have a normal life or enjoy the world outside of the internet.

I don't want them to end up like me and the rest of the first batch of kids, in our 20s and mostly still stuck here (only 3 have gotten out and they were all excommunicated, I havent seen them in years). my childhood was one of the worst cases as my mother is vicious and abused me in every way, but my dad (who would break my bones) was excommunicated after cheating 5 years ago. I'm most worried about my younger sisters who live about 50 miles away, and plan to take them once I get out but I feel like by the time I can it's going to be too late.

my town is a 3 miles walk away on a really busy highway. the closest shelters are in LA 30 miles away, but they're notorious for being horribly crowded and dangerous. the law didn't give a shit about me. the CPS respondent laughed on the phone while I was crying and begging for help, the cops were mad I wasted their time, the social worker came in my room, saw me starving with no furniture or electronics and limping on one broken leg that I tied up with socks, and told me to deal with it. Trying to get legal help is useless AND I will never see any of them again after getting excommunicated.

No. 240429

90-110g at 50kg

It wouldn't be an issue at all if I could actually eat. I have a normal appetite when not too stressed or deprrssed, but the smallest shit throws me off and I just can't eat without feeling like I'll throw up

No. 240431

It's awful that no one, that should have legally helped you, did a thing.
I was thinking more on the terms of nonprofits, those might be more reliable, heck even a church if you can find one with a trust worthy community. But I can understand if you want to avoid religious organizations considering your situation.
Do people couch surf near there? It might be a way to at least get some contacts on the outside, even future allies.

Best of luck anon, you are a survivor.

No. 240435

thank you anon. i will research that, i dont have any problem with religions that arent absolutely bananas.

No. 240440

I feel so weird cause I really feel like I'm in love with my BF but he has borderline and I'm just v scared he won't or can't ever really return it for me and it makes me not want to allow myself to love him, but when we're together or when he's being sweet to me it's just this overwhelming feeling or love and it drives me crazy I can't just look into his mind and see if he's feeling it too. I hate that I can't just go with the flow or tone myself back. I hate that I'm venting this here too I just it's just on my mind so much and I don't have anyone I can talk to about it

No. 240479

having borderline doesn't mean they can't love. it just means 9/10 times they don't.

No. 240489

It’s bad atm b cause my SIL I’m pregnant with the first grandchild of the family and I’m pretty close with her and my MIL. We’re all crafty and making itty bitty booties and blankets and I’m a hormonal wreck.

She’s not even happy about it and I keep getting weird because it’s like no no you should spend this time learning about Piaget and nappy changing and basic baby stuff. I’m qualified as a daycare teacher and social worker and acted in the role of my nieces dad because he was a junkie shit, so forgive the humblebrag but I’m great at babies. Ive been with them for 12 years. I resent her for not giving a shit about how to burp a gassy baby or how to offer options to toddlers that don’t become a tantrum. I feel like you should want to know that stuff if you’re having a baby.

No. 240510

i hate my life and i think about killing myself everyday. i know people have it worse and endure much greater hardships, but i just am so malcontent with everything about my life.

i live with my unemployed and depressed boyfriend who does nothing but play video games and sleep all day. i lost most of my friends to live with him and moved thousands of miles away from my family. i’ve gained 80 lbs since starting my relationship with him. it’s my fault but i won’t lie and say his constant rejections of my sexual advances (since four months into our relationship(!)) hasn’t played a part. i just quit my miserable retail job that i only took so i could pay the rent for the both of us. i haven’t been able to get a job relevant to my degree (in a STEM field to boot) because of its weird niche applicability. sometimes i think i love him, and that’s why i stay but… this isn’t the life i want. however, everything will be for naught if i leave him, so i’ll stay like the idiot i am and remain miserable. i keep feeling like the only way out of this stupid position i’ve gotten myself in is to just die. i know i sound like a dramatic teenager, but it is what it is.

i relapsed for the first time in 10+ years and had a self harming episode several months ago. this was after i did some snooping and realized he kept checking up on hot girls’ facebook photos and IGs from his home town. i haven’t self harmed since then, but i keep having intrusive thoughts. i don’t really think about how he looked at their photos anymore, but there is a strange compulsion in the back of the mind to just pick up a kitchen knife and slit my wrists ever since then.

i don’t know why i don’t just have the balls to pick up and leave. i’ve technically done it once before, and we went back to being a long distance relationship for a few months. i ended up coming back, “closing the distance,” just to be in this situation. i do care about him and don’t want to hurt him, so i’ll probably end up just continuing to hurt myself like a fool.

No. 240514

I still think about and have a lot of sex dreams about an ex hook up. We would have super intense bdsm sessions and he would never provide any aftercare for me. He would just finish, call an uber, and send me on my way. It still hurts to think about because I did have feelings for him although I realize now it was only because the intense dynamic of a D/s relationship. I don't know why he's still on my mind because I've been in a committed relationship for 3 years now. He is a piece of shit and I really want to get him out of my head.

No. 240517

Oh anon. Have you tried talking to him? I know it might sound like condescending advice, but my SO was miserable to the point of suicidal two years ago because I was a shit girlfriend for pretty much the same reasons your boyfriend is. He had a very serious meltdown where he made it clear how my shittiness was destroying him, so I got myself mostly together and now he's super happy and we ended up getting married. Sometimes the person just needs a wake up call to how much they're fucking you up.

And if that wake up call doesn't happen… stop wasting your time and drop him before it's too late.

No. 240549

well now you will get banned from lolcow altogether you moron

No. 240554

how about you leave women alone you freak? go back to /r9k/, literally no one wants you here

No. 240559

>hurr durr I'm a dude
No one cares faggot, saged.

No. 240561

Read about complex ptsd anon. Trauma takes time.
Also, fuck that asshole.

No. 240562

Who are you replying to?

No. 240564

File: 1523074207836.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, 084.png)

because girls who think you are a nuisance are all lonely whales kek

No. 240569

File: 1523075125243.gif (1.61 MB, 480x260, heben nigatu laughing GIF-down…)

tfw the only way you can get female attention is by provoking girls on imageboards kek. You must think this website is full of lonely cuties begging to suck on your micro penis

No. 240576

are you retarded? 95% of girls here have a boyfriend (or gf)

No. 240577

For fuck sake, stop feeding the narc.
Report and sage.

No. 240580

>3.5d Male posters: Do not announce your gender or post in a "male here" way. Don't post simply to point out if you're attracted to the subject or not. Nobody cares about your preferences.

No. 240582

just fill sage in email once.. you don't need to write it again

No. 240587

Take the 2009 tier bump it out your hair

No. 240588

eliott rodgers has risen from the dead kek

No. 240592

I wanna sugar mama you whats your discord

No. 240593

I can't believe you guys are engaging it.

No. 240595

I have a question… I've been bullied hardcore from 12 to 15 and now at 19 i get called pretty a lot and have a lovely boyfriend. I still feel fugly though ): Is it possible that your face goes from ugly to pretty in puberty? I also take care of myself much better

No. 240617

>Is it possible that your face goes from ugly to pretty in puberty?

Of course anon. Think about what you're asking ffs. Going through puberty is like when caterpillars go through that weird melting phase in the coccoon before transforming. Your face is under construction and wierd and if you do look cute you're just lucky. Ugliness isn't some inherent quality, just a result of your individual features and how they go together, so when puberty jumbles up and resizes them, of course you can come out prettier or uglier or just different. And despite society's youth obsession, conventional attractive features are based on attractive adults. There are many features that are coveted in adults but would look weird and out of place on a child, making for an ugly kid.

No. 240618

Yes plenty of awkward looking people grow into their face at puberty, I personally only started looking "beautiful" at 23+ yrs old. 0n the other end a lot of very cute childs and teens end up looking dull or weird.

No. 240631

Maybe you're never been ugly and they just said stuff like that to hurt you, anon …

No. 240641

It's not possible. You just stole the body of a deceased model and gonna turn back to your true self at 40.

No. 240656

I can't believe you had to go through that. Utterly disgusting that a social worker and others treated you like that when you were desperate. I'm on the other coast but I do know some people in SoCal…
I assume you're worried about your sisters because they're with your father?

No. 240682

Is it just me or the amount of bitter and hateful people tripled in last two months here?

No. 240684

It's mostly robots trying to stir shit up recently. But I agree somewhat

No. 240719

Shitty patients are the worst. I also work at a clinic and due to it being spring, all the munchie/spoonie patients are blowing up our lines with 1000000 questions and requests so all the drs and staff are incredibly overworked and the time that could be spent on helping patients who actually need help is cut. They also don't want to come in for an appt, but expect to get treated. So sick of these bullshit patients acting like they're dying when they are perfectly healthy or think the rules don't apply to them.

No. 240721

They aren't perfectly healthy though, they are mentally ill. Someone needs to invent a psych ward dressed up as a 'unexplainable conditions' ward

No. 240730

After years and years of my twenties trying to do modeling and acting and not really able to break in a meaningful way, I finally decided to be realistic and accept that while I'm pretty I'm not photogenic and to just keep the good memories, and focus on doing what I'm good at. Then all of a sudden, I gained a little bit of clout in with some friends in nightlife and fashion and I'm getting offered opportunities to model and just recently got asked to play the female lead in a kind of high budget music video.

The problem is I'm old enough to the point where my looks are starting to age, and it shows on camera way more then irl. I have bags under my eyes that look"cute" irl but horrible on camera if the light isn't perfectly even , the beginnings of crows feet around my eyes when I smile, severely flared front teeth because my wisdom teeth are growing out. It kills me to know I actually have good genetics which are finally starting to come out and a great metabolism but I need that shit corrected which isn't even that much cosmetic enhancement. But I can't come close to afford it. My parents think this whole thing is a joke. Even to get my teeth fixed, which is actually a health issue (I get food stuck in my teeth constantly because their so spaced apart) I get a ton of shit for being "stupid" and "not having the right priorities".

No. 240731

Lolcow /ot/ and /g/ used to be so comfy not to long ago, now it's badly stressing me out, especially with all the anon obsessed with their appearance, all the thread bashing beautiful women calling them ugly or disgusting, the man hate too. I should probably step back for a little while.

No. 240732

same, anon. i can detach but its still a bit sad to see a place that used to comfort me decay haha. these days i have most threads here minimised, idk where people find the energy to fight about stupid shit loůl

No. 240734

I've been a neet on and off ever since I turned 16 and i'm 22 now. For the past 3 years I have done absolutely nothing and at this point I don't even know how I would get out of this position I put myself into. At the same time I have everything I need and don't really feel lonely or sad, I just kind of am and every day is the same

No. 240735


Man hate thing came out suddenly too, I mean there was always a robot hate but now it's in every fucking thread.

No. 240739


This is a girl oriented imageboard, one of the kind on the internet and if you read through the man hating thread OP it says it's there for venting about negative experiences with men, it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone hates ALL MEN!!1 I personally had a few struggles at my workplace which is a male dominated field so it's nice to have a dedicated thread to see how I'm not really alone in this. I don't even post there regularly but one would think women should have a place on the internet to vent without men and their handmaidens playing the martyr Olympics.

Out of all things on lolcow, that thread is the least problem that's going on so just minimize it. It certainly doesn't diminish any purported comfiness that you're implying.

What pisses me off to no ends is now there are a bunch of farmers ruining threads by posting in them while being against whatever the idea of the thread was. For example, the losers thread has a bunch of anons with holier than thou attitude and asinine advice like "just use makeup lol". Okay, then don't post at all?

Also, the robot menace can be cured by simply NOT replying to them and banning them on sight.

No. 240745

Why can't we vent without being called handmaiden?

No. 240748

I was obviously referring to handmaidens and robots that go into the man hating thread knowing very well what the OP is about and derail the thread with stale arguments, same thing with the losers thread.

No. 240749

While I agree that a few have mental illness (or could have it and just not be diagnosed yet), the majority of them are not mentally ill and just incredibly entitled and self-important. They also forget to stick to their plan and then get mad that they didn't get the results they wanted.

No. 240765

I went through that exact same spiel not a month ago. I didn't even meet him on 4chan, I met him through a mutual Discord that he is now trying to bully me into leaving. I missed my period for 3 months and lost 5kg due to stress, he called me all sorts of names 'jokingly', would act really shady with his phone and electronics in general, call me his "friend" online, actually said these exact words to me when I had a pregnancy scare and needed to be comforted: "I need to be there to make sure it gets done, but I can't stay to take care of you cause I'm busy (he's a NEET, definitely not busy) and have to go home". Yesterday I saw him post pictures of his dick in 2 separate threads and found him soliciting girls on /soc/ for nudes. Throughout the relationship I've caught him flirting with Asian streamers on Twitch, chatting with some random Korean teenager who was "just a friend" on Snapchat. Whenever I confronted him he called me paranoid, asked if I was PMSing, whenever I told him to treat me better he'd give me the silent treatment, block me and make me apologise and grovel, then "think about it" and leave me hanging. After he broke up he told me how the things I said to him "were very hurtful" (I never said anything that wasn't true) and told me that I'm an adult and I 'chose to be in that relationship so I shouldn't be playing the victim'.
He was an insecure piece of shit through and through, to a point where most of his reddit comments are in the negative as he just can't not be a contrarian asshole for one second.

Anon. Please, please, please drop him. He will continue doing that shit to you because he obviously doesn't have an ounce of remorse in him. He is only ever sorry that he got caught. You keep coming back and he continues to treat you like crap, he can get his rocks off and inflate his ego while also having a steady source of poon so why should he change when he's got it going for him?
Be careful when you date guys on the internet, especially those in 'outcast' communities. At the very least, go on a normie-only diet for a while, talk to some friends, I'd even go so far as to block him and cut off contact without an excuse because he frankly doesn't deserve one. If you want you can drop your discord or a throwaway and we can talk, I'd genuinely like to hear about your experiences.

Sorry for the weird ponctuation btw, I'm ESL and guys like this really butter my baguette.

No. 240782

i feel that way too.

anon i think you misread what anon said, she was saying that anons are more freely talking man-hate in other threads too. like in the anti-kpop thread someone keeps trying to focus the thread on hating men and it's getting fucking annoying. i come here to get away from men i don't want to hear about how much people hate them in every thread.

No. 240789

What? I never noticed how anybody in the kpop thread complains against men, just that old fans fawning over minors is creppy af

No. 240811

nah there were a few anons who did and got dogpiled to stfu. saying shit like "men only want x" and even earlier claiming japan and korea are just 100% pedos and sperging out.

No. 240823

There's a friend of mine who is very attention seeking and fishes for compliments and I want to cut her out of my life but she's well loved by the friends I do want to keep and it's driving me nuts because I have to wait for her to fuck up in front everyone before they'll finally see she's selfish and childish.

No. 240825

File: 1523225789853.png (45.32 KB, 500x343, tired.png)

Fuck off you stinky ex. Finding my Tumblr, liking one of my selfies I posted on there, and then having the audacity to follow me on there as a sick April Fool's joke sickens me. I have you blocked on everywhere for a reason- sure, you have a flourishing stupid Facebook shitposting page and a lot of people are your "fans", but they'll never experience the horrors I went through when I dated you for five years. All of the gaslighting, the verbal abuse, and shitty things you put me through. I'll never fucking forgive you and sure, people fucking love you and people see me as a vile whore but I don't give a shit anymore. Someday people will see the truth of how much of a cold-hearted narcissist you are that only cares about leeching off from others.

Go fuck yourself.

Anyways, I'm just annoyed. I just want to pass my classes this semester, be able to graduate from college and find a decent job and continue my education. I have so much shit I want to do, but my anxiety/depression ghosts from the pasts keep haunting me and I'm fucking tired. I'm fed of life in general overwhelming me. I suffer from anxiety and depression but I have a string of bad luck when it comes to finding decent mental health professionals. Fuck man. I just want to live a comfy life where I can pursue my hobbies. I don't ask for much, but I feel like I am. I'm a mess right now and I just want people to move on, and to forget about me. I just want to pursue what I love. I get it, I was a shitty person but to harass me over months when I'm trying to keep myself private? It's both aggrandizing and tiring. I fear I may be some narcissist too, but I try to reassure myself that I was just a fucking doormat. I don't fucking know anymore I'm tired. I just want some clarity and structure in my life where I feel fulfilled. I just want to live a new life and not be fucking anxious about people judging me for my past when I'm trying hard to grow here.

No. 240829


1) Consider staying off tumblr and facebook. Seeing that seems to make you feel really shitty. Can you unplug for a bit and take a sociala media break?
2) Most people who wonder about being narcissists don't really turn out to be narcissists. Those who always blame others are much more likely. But-
3) If you're worried, go get some professional help. Talk about what you experienced and how you're stressed out/what bothers you.

If your healthcare doesn't cover it:

4) start a document to write down:
X happened
I had Y feelings about it
It might have Z consequences
I could consider doing S about it
*additionally anything that might help. It's not only good for showing it to your therapist, it's also good to write it down so it doesn't spiral through your head. Proverbially get it off your chest.

5) Meditation. Sounds fucking stupid, but try and download an app. There are guided meditations for resolving panic attacks, anxiety and sleeping issues.

You sound like you don't want to be in this situation any more. Those are some of your options.

No. 240831

File: 1523227452040.jpg (596.61 KB, 2048x1365, bgcat4.jpg)

I appreciate the advice, thank you. But how do I stop giving a fuck when these people are trying to annoy me when it finally seems like I'm gaining momentum into trying to have a decent life again? Maybe I'm just being hypersensitive as fuck, but I don't know. I just hope in time they'll get bored and leave me alone.

I agree on the social media stuff, but I pretty much rarely post on it anyways. I just got really aggravated over my ex doing that. But I can see how keeping social media can be a burden on the time being. But for some reason, I just want to keep a Tumblr for when I post my art and stuff like that.

But either way, I'll look into those options.

No. 240841

The best way to stop giving a fuck is to realize your time is better off elsewhere. It doesn't matter what it is, just doing something else and not caring or at least showing that you don't is enough to get you going. Fake it till you make it.

Also as a bonus if these are the types of people who want to see you giving a fuck about them this is a good way to piss them off because all they'll see you doing is basically getting your shit done/doing fine and thats enough to snub'm with.

No. 240842

>on a 13 hour long bus trip because all plane tickets were sold out
>Sleepy as hell and can't sleep because I'm panicking like a mofo from anxiety
>still have 7 hours to hs

No. 240861

File: 1523237454512.jpg (36.31 KB, 500x443, you dont have all the facts I …)

Met a guy a little while ago and we hit it off but we're both pretty shy (and I am a pussy and couldn't tell if he was interested) so nothing much happened. Now I know from mutual friends that he's interested, and recently we've been talking a lot, but there's less than two weeks left until school ends and we both leave for summer jobs in different parts of the country, him without cell service most of the time. Shit hurts, do I go for it anyways?

No. 240868

If you can do long distance/minimal contact then yes. If you can't or be too busy at the time then no.

Basically if you think it won't work out it probably won't. Hope you can manage it tho.

No. 240891

One of my "friend" keep telling people I've never met that I stole 5 euros from him and that I'm a kleptomaniac, Idek wtf is his problem.

No. 240898

The only thing that motivates me is the fantasies I make up in my mind.
The only thing I ever look forward to are the times I can be alone in the house without my bf around so I can listen to music and fantasize about my fav characters from whatever series I'm into at the time.

I love my bf, I really do… but I almost feel like I love my "alone time" more. Like I'd prefer to be in my own ridiculous fantasy world where I can impress the people that I look up to, etc.

No. 240907

Don't discourage him but do not encourage either. This way, if you're both still in the mood you can try again when you're back. But getting into something vague that'll hold you back and maybe fall apart because of limited contact isn't worth it. Who knows, maybe you'll meet someone great at your summer job.

No. 240935

File: 1523279905195.gif (273.17 KB, 368x282, 2387t5230qp8hup4358.gif)

My co-workers always think that my office is a fucking free space for their shit. We have an employee leaving to go to a different company and one of the fuckheads decided to put her going away gift in my office and told everyone to go in there to sign it. He did this while I was out so I've had people coming in and out of my office, even though it's supposed to be locked.

Fuck you guys. I may not get paid as much as you but I have a lot of sensitive financial and HR related documents in my office. Granted, it's all in locked cabinets but I just don't feel comfortable having people coming in and out when I'm not around.

No. 240950

File: 1523291583945.gif (618.85 KB, 499x315, giphy (10).gif)

I got invited to a company dinner as an honor for being a top sales employee. It's coming soon, so I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist for a short antibiotic regimen to clear up my acne. Because who wants to look like shit in front of an international company banquet?

After two days, boom, clear skin. I'm not even washing my face like I usually would and I'm still not breaking out.
I've been on this antibiotic before and the good results lasted only as long as I was taking it. It sucks and makes me angry that I'm gonna go back to shit skin as soon as I stop, since being on antibiotics long term isn't safe.

For now I'm just enjoying the clear skin like how normies must enjoy theirs ie. not having to be as strict about my washing and skin treatments. Feels good to have no unfair consequences!

No. 240967

thanks for the advice anons, you're sweet. I think I'll keep talking with him because I at least enjoy being friends, but hold off pursuing anything romantic just yet. I'll see if we're both still interested by the time september rolls around.

No. 240969

My boyfriend is really pushing my patience to an extreme level.
He gets emotional and spergs out whenever we discuss my past, especially when it's my sexual past (which he usually brings up or gets sulky about).
I refused to tell him the number of people I slept with because I've had boyfriends who eternally tormented with me that information (regardless of how many people it actually was) and just because I don't feel like I need to share that information.
It doesn't bring anything positive to the relationship or make it stronger, and I have no diseases or issues.
Does your partner really have a right to know the extreme specifics about your sexual history? It's not like I haven't talked about my relationships before, so this dogmatic attempt at getting a specific number just seems like another bullshit shaming setup.

No. 240970

Basically it is, its normal to wonder about that for a partner but if you already explained and there is no room for concern then its your biz what you want to share further. He's clearly insecure and rather than face that is trying to gauge a number out of you so he can take that insecurity out on you.

I'd honestly dump him if I were you, this type of behavior isn't likely to change.

No. 240971

Have you asked him WHY it's so important for him to know? What relevance/significance this will have in your relationship? If he can give you a good answer, you can always consider telling him. If not, it ain't any of his business.

No. 240972

I wish I didn't have to do that but I always lie about my sexual past, only because if you admit to having done something they'll feel entitled to it and they will hold your body count over your head. Once I told a guy that I had anal sex before and enjoyed it, a few days laters he tried to stick his dick in my dry butthole without even asking because "I wanted to surprise you since you said you liked it!!!" of course I didn't want to have dry anal sex and I was really turned off, he acted like I didn't saw him as a real man and like I liked my ex better.

No. 240974

Depends on how long they've been together IMO. If it's less than a year, dumping. If it's like four years then I wouldn't say that so hastily since they have history/a life together.

Oh God, that's disgusting, what a dick. I can't imagine what I'd do if my partner pulled that. My first boyfriend did some fucked up shit I was too young to really protest and stuff like that would freak me out so hard. I'm so sorry. Is he out of your life now?

No. 240978

don't know your situation but this is how I felt back when I was at my most depressed. Hang in there anon, I hope you can realize real life has good things to offer too.

No. 240979

Yes he is out of my life now, and as you said I was so young I didn't know how to stand up for myself, I don't think I even realized how wrong it was back then.

No. 240981

I mean yeah, I'd want to know how many girls my boyfriend has been with. I don't want anyone giving me STDs or cheating on me when they get bored just because they have a high libido, and the length of relationships they've been in tells me a lot about them as a romantic partner.
Why not just tell him and dump him if he starts acting out? I mean it's not like it's any different for you now, at least then there'd be a possibility of him shutting up about it.

If a partner wasn't open about it with me I'd see it as a red flag. Both good relationships I've been in were always based on honesty, followed by trust, whereas if you just insist someone trust you from very early on just because you're officially dating, there's nothing to base that trust on. I've had boyfriends get pissy when I asked them what they jack off to (because I wanted to make it better for them in bed, silly me) and say it's none of my business. That kind of behavior is kinda childish and implies you've got something to hide.

No. 240984

She already told him about some of her previous partners and has stated being clean and such. It just sounds to me he's being insecure and will likely hold whatever else she tells him over her head so I'd be really careful to tell him any further.

No. 241006

He pretty much just said because he's my partner and he has a right to know. He completely dodged my question about what the benefit telling him would be (beyond indulging himself in his own satisfaction about his insecurities and view of me).
Pretty much. He knows my past was shitty and I've had abusive boyfriends, so honestly it's hilarious to me that he's really making a big deal out of this, because this is exactly what my exes did. He's already had a hard time dealing with some of the stuff I've told him and considers it slutty behavior, but because he loves me and wants to be with me he says he won't judge me or hold it against me.

Reading this over just makes his behaviour seem more and more manipulative, lol.

Fuck it just makes me so mad. I'm just tired of being judged or evaluated to his standards which are clearly different than mine (he was a virgin/is much younger than me). I'm not saying I should never be judged for my actions, but it's shit in the past that I can't do anything about anymore; why isn't there more of a focus on the present relationship and actions…

No. 241007

I know some people don't like hearing it but if you really can't get him to back off or even able to have a conversation without it turning circular then you really should consider breaking up.

No. 241010

File: 1523305495144.jpg (28.51 KB, 512x288, image-3.jpg)

Yeah, it's a definite possibility.
He basically said because I couldn't tell him something "this small" he couldn't trust me, and subsequently blocked me on the apps we use to communicate.

I dunno, it's just a weird situation right now. I'm going to graduate soon and I sold my car/all of my possessions to go and live with him in about a month. I feel kind of cheated he hasn't been able to let this kind of shit go after everything I've done for the relationship lol.

Sorry for multiposting. Here's hoping to a positive outcome to this LOL

No. 241023


Since he's younger I'm assuming he's had less sexual partners? The fact that you were "slutty" with abusive partners could make him insecure of being potentially abusive or demanding or just uncomfortable in general

No. 241035

I'm biologically female but I can't stand the shame I feel in my "boyish" body to the extent where I feel like I'm feeling something similar to what MtF trans must feel. I WANT to look female on the outside, I want to have curves and feminine features and noticeable breasts. My face is somewhere between androgynous and female but my body feels like a prepubescent female or a 12 year old boy. It drives me to terrible, dark thoughts knowing that puberty has passed and there is probably no hope for me. I feel anger and jealousy when I see women with womanly, feminine bodies to the point where I can't even look at them without getting upset. My thoughts are occupied with this feeling almost 24/7.

No. 241037

get some human growth hormone and estrogen like AV stars do in Japan, then you'll be plenty busty

No. 241039

>subsequently blocked me
>sold my car/all my possessions to go and live with him in a month

It's not looking good Anon. >>240972
>surprise anal sex
I think you have more than enough reason to withhold the information considering how your exes have behaved. If current guy cares about you, why does it matter?

No. 241042

different anon. JAV girls take estrogen? doesn't taking estrogen when you don't need it cause problems.

No. 241044

they take it with HGH so it makes their bodies seem like they're going through puberty again

No. 241048

Wtf, don't do that anon.>>241035
Taking growth hormones and estrogen increases the risk of cancer in the future.
Try some exercizing, the type that shapes the body, and please don't take any crazy prostitute/trans meds.

No. 241050

HGH doesn't actually increase risks of cancer, just taking estrogen alone does. HGH and estrogen are safe and only illegal in america because of the shitty plastic surgery culture here.

No. 241056

Yeah, because risking some more aesthetical fat right now is totally worth having cancerous tits tomorrow.

No. 241061

After coming across a fellow employee's paystubs, I learned that he made $1 more/hour than I do for being in the same position, despite me having more responsibilities, more drive, and more common sense (he's literally been told to ask me questions about shit instead of someone higher up because there's a 90% I have a solution/rationale for it, despite him being there longer).

Unfortunately, how I came across this information was when I stayed over at his apartment with a group of people. Majority of them went out for a liquor run, said coworker got sick and was sleeping in his room, and a girl I just met stayed back and during that time, we were looking for where he kept his PS4 games because we couldn't get anything to load on his console… so we were looking through every cabinet/drawer/whatever to try and find them. One of the drawers I opened was one his girlfriend made of basically every finiancial thing in their life for the past 3+ years, including his paystubs. Fast forward to the morning where I wake up hours before everyone else who stayed over, and I couldn't contain myself and looked through the drawer and found this shit.

So I'm pissed that I know he made more than me in my current position and pissed at myself that the only way I can say anything about this to HR is because I was a nosey Nancy. And don't get me started on the fact he now makes $4/hr more than me with even less responsiblity. He has to be micromanaged by his superiors to get things done and has zero initiative to pick up slack when we're down a person. He'll literally come find me or my manager and say "Hey, we're low on X." instead of taking the same amount of time to just prepare whatever it is himself.

No. 241062

Sue, anon. If you can collect proof that he has been told to ask you for directions, even better.

No. 241063

We have quarterly employee interviews with HR coming up in the next month, so I'm really tempted to bring it up at during that meeting.

No. 241064


If he's been there longer, it makes sense he makes a fraction more. That's usually how it works. Rather than addressing the confidential information you shouldn't know, address his lack of work ethic and his distracting your work. Be tactful but make yourself heard about how he comes to you for a lot of basic shit.

No. 241065

I'm pretty sure this person reads my friend's discord messages and other things when she's not around but I haven't been able to prove it. I feel like she's doing something sneaky but there's no way I can think of finding evidence that doesn't end up making me the bad guy.

I know she's manipulative but I just want to find a way to protect myself and friends somehow.

No. 241067

He was making the $1/hr more when he was first hired on. I made sure to look the dates on the stubs. We have the same educational backgrounds (BS in related science fields, but I come from one with a stronger math background which, incidentally, is something he frequently comes to me to check on, because he's messed up things in the past because he isn't as proficient)

I am really bad at being tactful because I'm mostly a blunt person. I can work around some things, but I have a really hard time with lying.

No. 241068

A lot of time people get paid more at the same company despite doing less. I've heard that the best solution to this problem is to try to get hired somewhere else where you can renegotiate your salary.

No. 241069

Which is why I'm currently looking for other jobs since I now have over a year of experience in the field outside of graduating. I almost had luck at another place (they raved about my resume and the owner liked my interview and personality, but they opted to promote internally instead rip).

No. 241070

she can't sue because that person negotiated higher pay in their job interview and she didn't. She needs to ask for a raise, without saying anything about other people being paid higher

No. 241071

Seconding this, I read an article not too long ago that basically said company loyalty is dead because you're guaranteed to be paid less if you stick with a single one. As opposed to finding a new job every few years and negotiating your pay raise subtly when you switch, and go with the highest pay you had last as the start negotiation.

No. 241072

this. anon is just pissed cause it's a dude. i started making $5 more than my peers at a job before cause i negotiated it up, but i didn't realize it till a coworker and i were talking about pay and she got super salty at me. people need to start doing more for themselves instead of complaining about others doing so.

No. 241073

I actually already asked for raise last year when I got signed off on training for one of our major tests and was told that raises are mainly done at the start of the year… guess what didn't happen when January rolled around lol.

It sucks because I started on as an internship through the college I graduated from and got moved up. And with internships you were only allowed to be paid x amount to begin with.


I really do ask about any chance I get with HR. We get inconsistent bonuses, which are nice, but I would rather have a solid financial situation to build off of than hit-or-miss shit.

…is it bad to throw this fact the my coworker is a minority in the fact that he's a minority in both race AND gender? Would that have anything to do with it?

No. 241075

>he is a minority in gender
how can that be? unless… anon if your coworker is some kind of transbomination i suggest you call the whole thing off because your company is paying them more solely due to blackmail by the current climate

No. 241076

I'm in this weird situation where my mildly drunken rants get responded to, but they also give good advice. So thanks you guys! <3
(and I mean this in a sincere way. The advice my parents gave was basically to be confrontational about the situation because they've heard me complain about said coworker not stepping up in the past and hey— you guys have, too. I'm just hella salty because I really do try to be the best employee I can be. He's always 10-30 minutes late while I'm there 5+ minutes before the work day starts.

He's latino/male. I'm white/female. There's only one other latinx on the workforce and 2 other guys in our building. Like, I know the gender thing is surprising because where we work is a STEM-related field, but outside of the VP and our head mechanic/maintenance worker, he's the only other guy.
(I hope you don't think this is a quick reply; I had been typing up my other post when you responded lol)

No. 241078

Like, I really do appreciate all of the advice I'm getting on this thread and I hope that maybe other farmers could get use from it as well <3

No. 241122

File: 1523381314789.jpg (42.01 KB, 279x144, 511527252728263738.jpg)

Apparently, me using using or eating my sisters' stuff is bad, but them borrowing my stuff without my permission, destroying it and deleting stuff that I paid REAL MONEY for is ok. I didn't sync any of the apps I paid money for (like a dumbass). So I lost 51 dollars because my sister dropped her phone in the toliet. It's not your tablet, it's not "our" tablet. It's our grandmother's and I just happen to use it. I never said it was mine. And you aren't entitled to shit. Fuck you hoe give me my fucking money back.

My little sister put a virus or some shit on my laptop and it was SO SLOW that I could barely use it. What the fuck type of website are you going on for this to happen? I only go on like 10 sites max nowadays and I'm mostly on Youtube. I'm spending time trying to clean it instead of doing my work.

My little brother is a cunt who made me late to class because he let our puppies loose and one got stolen the day before because of him.

Thanks guys.

No. 241124

Sounds like they're being brats. DW, soon you'll be able to leave and live by yourself. At that age they won't listen to any reason, especially if their sibling tells them.

No. 241126

you need to be 18+ to use this website.

No. 241127

Holy shit anon. I know how you feel, I have three sisters and two of them wouldn't stop breaking, stealing and damaging my stuff for years. I lost so much money because of them. They kind of stopped being reckless with my things that they're not even allowed to touch because I decided to remind them everyday that they should give me back my money or replace my consoles (among other things) and it legit offended them.

No. 241133

I'm 19 years old you fucking retard.

No. 241135

well you sound 12. go bitch somewhere else about how your sister fucked with your shit on your grandma's property. it's your own damn fault.

No. 241136

also, you clearly didn't buy your own shit so fucking sit down.

No. 241142

File: 1523386913823.jpg (19.5 KB, 480x363, DAHP4sGVoAIp7Ed.jpg)

Nigger this is the fucking VENT thread, where the fuck else do you want her to go?
Fuck off with your shitty backseat modding.

No. 241143

Not that anon but
>not nigga
How very edgy of you anon.

No. 241146

File: 1523387723058.gif (139.48 KB, 390x339, 1523194884187.gif)

>>241135 >>241136

So it's ok to gatekeep someone else's property and take people's stuff while getting mad at others for doing the same thing. Got it. Thank you for your helpful advice. I really learned alot from this.


And by the way everything I have I bought it with money I earned. You're making alot of assumptions about me you look like an idiot trying to defend someone you don't even know.

My sister has beaten me and called me autistic and verbally abused me everyother day after coming back from college. I had to jump through hoops to earn a scholarship while she just got it for having a high GPA and she thinks that she deserves everything everyone else has because she grew graduated from college. She haven't been through shit. She thinks that she had suffered because someone said something nasty to her. She never had to work to get what you had. Someone GAVE her a $3000 a month job and she quit it just to hang out with some hood nigga that didn't want her. She can't take opinions and berates anyone who gives her the slightest bit of critism. She takes about wanting me to "grow up" and "live and the real world" honey people kissing your fucking ass isn't realistic and people aren't going to bow down to you just because you exist.

I'm the fucking bad guy because I was calling her out for being a hypocrite and an asshole?

"You sound like you're 12"

And you sound like a cunt. Good bye.

No. 241147


No. 241149

* she never had to work to get what she had.

I messed up left left and right. I hate having big hands and fingers.

No. 241153

File: 1523388483334.jpg (68.47 KB, 720x720, 1515565281705.jpg)

Does anyone else find the concept of moving on unfortunate? That all the time you've spent with someone, all the memories, the connections you've built, all the feelings you've associated with a person could be undone and forgotten in just a matter of time? That you'll become nothing but a forgotten memory? And that the only thing you have to remember someone is increasingly unreliable, stale memories? It's so sad.

No. 241158

That's not moving on, that's hiding and running away from your past. I get if they delete your photos out of respect for their new SO but if they straight up pretend you never happened that's either guilt or them hiding something.

Besides, moving on isn't just that, it's also a learning experience, and you get to keep all the things they taught you, showed you, places they took you, gifts they gave you etc.

No. 241161

yeah when you've actually moved on you CAN look back at the good memories fondly and recognize what the person meant to you without wishing you were back together. If it hurts to even remember the positive aspects you haven't moved on yet.

No. 241162

Anon, I'm talking about how imperfect our minds are in general (not exclusively talking about break ups) and how tragic it is that time can easily undo so many things. I don't see how that's "hiding or running away" from anything but it seems like a hard fact of life that I'm trying to come to terms with.

>Besides, moving on isn't just that, it's also a learning experience, and you get to keep all the things they taught you, showed you, places they took you, gifts they gave you etc.

Definitely. I'm still trying to figure out and understand what exactly I've learned myself these past couple of months but I can't put it into concise words yet. Maybe I am running away from in-depth reflection because it hurts.

No. 241163

come back when you grow up.

No. 241164

>dat wall of text
Jesus anon, get a hold of yourself.

No. 241166

>my sister got a scholarship cause she had good grades
>but i'm a fucking mess so i had to try really hard

lmao anon stop being so fucking salty. go work on your grades instead of bitching about nothing.

No. 241174


So wait, you're upset because your sister was using something that's not even yours? I mean I get the laptop thing but the tablet, you say it's not even yours, and why are you spending $ on a game when you clearly should buy your own things?

Not even going to touch the 2nd post…You seriously sound just as bad as you're making her seem.

No. 241179

>I'm still trying to figure out and understand what exactly I've learned myself these past couple of months but I can't put it into concise words yet. Maybe I am running away from in-depth reflection because it hurts.
You might still be healing, despite however many months later. And you don't just "get" it all right away either. I still sometimes happen upon realizations of how much I've grown from my even my first ex because situations present themselves in time.

>imperfect our minds are in general (not exclusively talking about break ups) and how tragic it is that time can easily undo so many things

Eventually forgetting the details of something isn't an imperfect process imo. For every good thing that it hurts to forget details of, there's a thousand bad, annoying, and inconsequential things that we would also vividly remember. No matter how much I loved a person or relationship, I wouldn't want it's memory to be a constant shadow over my life either.

No. 241325

I've been diagnosed with anxiety but wondering if I have some kind of paranoid issue or if it is just part of having anxiety. Today I've been awake for 3 hours and already worried about the possibility of my phone never turning back on when it ran out of charge, concerned that I have cancer for little to no reason and convincing myself someone has tried to push a bomb through my letterbox and refusing to touch the mail. These things all worried me to the point where I had to get back into bed and try to clear myself of all thoughts to forget. I'm aware that all of this is insane and I feel like it has to be something deeper than anxiety.

No. 241361

I have to go to a job fair tomorrow and honestly I'm depressed as shit and don't want to. I've been looking for a job for almost 5 months now and had like 10 interviews and testings. I'm tired of getting rejected or not getting an answer.

I hope I'll be able to shake off that bad feeling so I don't end up sitting outside like a loser

No. 241364

How do you make friends ffs? Before I used the interest guys had in me but I've been in a relationship for a long and realize how shitty this is.
I go to class but I rarely meet new people and have no idea how to. I feel fucking lonely and like a failure.

No. 241368

Have you asked a professional? I have severe anxiety and I don't get paranoid about stuff that have a really low chance of happening.

No. 241386

File: 1523466686820.jpg (24.67 KB, 640x368, itis.jpg)

My Japanese snack/gacha order came in the mail yesterday.

I binge ate all my snacks.
Three different squid snacks, three different fried/dried snacks, some Meltykiss chocolates, a curry, soy jerky, one bad melon pan, a Cheeza bag, and a couple candy kits.

Only the half eaten box of Meltykiss, a curry, a candy box, and a Cheeza remain.

No. 241391

Can I be your tomodachi so you share the snaku with me? It'll help you halve your binge intake :3

No. 241408

The tomato I was planting on my balcony fell off.
Sorry I couldn't protect you.

RIP tomato plant 04/01/18 - 04/11/18

No. 241413

>Only the half eaten box of Meltykiss, a curry, a candy box, and a Cheeza remain.
I'm glad you added this bit, I thought you had eaten the curry straight for a second.

You sound cool, anon, would pool snacks and binge together/10.

No. 241471

It's probably anxiety. It really manifests in different ways for different people. And paranoid people people usually don't question if they're paranoid too much. That being said, you'd be doing yourself a disservice to not bring up your thoughts about this to whoever diagnosed you, or whoever you're seeing for help.

No. 241475

I feel like the stupidest person alive. I'm aware that I'm in an unhealthy relationship where I'm neglected, insulted, constantly being spited, feelings disregarded or made fun of, made to feel uncared for and I cry over it every day yet I stay.

Once I packed up the shreds of self love I had and discarded my feelings for him completely and left. He pestered me constantly until I believed he really must care and returned and now things are worse than ever on a daily basis and I'm stuck here mentally because I developed feelings again.

Why is it so hard? Why can't I leave? I ask myself these questions every day and the same happy, old memories replay in my head. Nothing like how it is today.

No. 241477

File: 1523483360765.jpg (68.44 KB, 413x413, 2752.jpg)

>having a jolly good time playing games with oneitis
>he mentions anything even vaguely related to his own crushes or exes
>instantly spiral from feeling a sense of contentment or even happiness into a full on suicidal episode that leaves me crying and ruminating on how much of a disgusting failure I am until at least 4 AM
every fucking time

No. 241482

File: 1523485295460.jpg (138.65 KB, 333x493, me later.jpg)

Anytime, anons! If teleportation were real I'd suck in my fat rolls just so you'd both have some space on my sofa to partake in the greasy chinese delivery binge I'm bout to have as well <3

No. 241485

got a call from my dr after some ultrasounds on my thyroid and remaining ovary. said she needed to see me asap to discuss the results. i can't deal with having cancer for the second time… this is so fucking tiring. i feel so sick thinking about it.

No. 241486

File: 1523487054354.png (451.46 KB, 1136x640, 1506761438722.png)

>tfw know that feel
Goddamn it hurts. I recommend you find someone else to crush on so you don't prolong your suffering any further.

No. 241488

My allergies are killing me, and I feel like it's going to fuck up my finals. Is there anything I can do? I've already tried taking claritin.

No. 241490


If you’re suicidal cause a guy doesn’t romantically like you, you need therapy anon. That’s not normal or healthy.

No. 241497

Air purifier helped me a lot

No. 241499


Been there, done that. The guy I was in love with felt the need to tell me how much of a hero he is for 'censoring himself' in order to spare my feelings. He still felt the need to tell me that some random girl met on OKCupid is hot as a first thing about her.
Taking into account he was a thirsty AF bedbound NEET (due to permanent illness), I wonder how he is doing.
We have ended our friendship on a bad note, as I was going crazy with how he was treating me (I love you! I mean, as a friend… but I would like to fuck you, no attachments necessary… and also fuck every other girl who will let me…I will use you to vent about that hawt OKCupid thot that does not give a fuck about my loneliness and uses me emotionally). He ended up cutting all contact with me as the friendship went toxic. Note that he dropped me only once he found a suitable replacement. lol
While thanks to him first treating me like shit and than losing him, I found my bf… it was cruel how he cut me off knowing that I was full-blown suicidal at the moment.

Some people have different priorities than you, anon. It might not be healthy, but if you are lonely as fuck and have been for your whole life it hurts like a bitch when the thing you want the most might never be yours. Some people need to love and be loved (romantically) to be truly happy. If you are already low and depressed (which anon probably is), a reminder of your loneliness in form of rejection is like a bullet wound.

No. 241525


>Some people have different priorities than you, anon. It might not be healthy, but if you are lonely as fuck and have been for your whole life it hurts like a bitch when the thing you want the most might never be yours. Some people need to love and be loved (romantically) to be truly happy. If you are already low and depressed (which anon probably is), a reminder of your loneliness in form of rejection is like a bullet wound.

I'm not trying to judge OP. But it is really not healthy to rely on romantic love that much, to the point of feeling suicidal without it. I get that it hurts, but its scary and dangerous to be that wrapped up in one person.

I can't really relate to the loneliness aspect because I was in a relationship from 14 to 21. But I definitely get being so wrapped up in a person you feel as though you can't breathe without them. After that relationship ended, I focused on my self and self-improvement, I made a shit ton of friends, and tbh I felt really free. I subscribe to the cliche "you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else." My relationship wasn't as healthy or fulfilling as it could have been because neither of us had learned to be happy on our own or to love ourselves first. I don't feel lonely being single, now, I feel independent and liberated. I get everyone is different, but its always good to re-frame your situation and to find human connections outside of that one romantic obsession.

I don't say "get therapy" as an insult, I genuinely think that you should get professional help if another person has the power to make you seriously consider suicide.

Also check out "limerence." Reading other people's experiences and how they cope with that intense form of love/lust can be helpful.

No. 241531

(I excuse in advance for my shitty english, not a native)

Since I was 8, I knew this friends, let's call her Vanessa.
Vanessa and I grew in the same little town in the countryside, aways from our country's capital and shared (and still share!) common interests.
We didn't have friends outside of us two.
Eight years ago I knew people online and we talked and talked and talked until five years ago, they moved in our capital.
I decided to risk it, one day, and tried to met them.
They're my friends now and I love them very much!! And they love me! When I'm with them I feel so happy and I cannot describe my feelings but they're really the best.

Back to Vanessa, when I go to the capital to meet my friends, she throws a issy fit because "YOU NEVER INVITE ME!!"
I don't invite her because

1) I know she's a socially awkward mess who just greets people and stays on her phone
2) She would drag me time from time to speak only to me because "I'm shy!!" and honestly I don't need that kind of stress.

When I told her I lost my virginity, that thing became a fucking race and since then she ALWAYS says that she cannot stand being a virgin at 22.
I told her "The friends that you have online, just meet them! They're not far! They're in the same city as mine! Maybe you'll find your future boyfriend in them :)"
"B-but I'm shy ;_;"
Ok then…

A couple years later, I found my boyfriend (before I had some love-problems so i never got with no one, only sexual relationships) and she became livid with rage because
"….You just go out and met people?"
Ok then x2
(Keep in mind, I'm shy too, but sometimes I suck up my shyness to try to have relationships)

I really want her to get a normal life with friends and maybe a boyfriend too, so we can relate better to our "adult life" but at the same time I'm fucking mad because I don't want and can't babysit her.

Talk to people, met up, download tinder, jesus christ.

No. 241535

I have a feeling your friend is a closeted, or in denial, lesbian that's harboring a secret crush on you for years anon.
Good luck remaining friends with that one.

No. 241537

File: 1523505003664.jpg (22.42 KB, 333x499, 41CC5AAtNLL._SX331_BO1,204,203…)

I know the term limerence and have experienced it in the past. However 'loving yourself' is not an answer to everyone. I was feeling like a piece of shit when I was alone despite ~loving myself~, meeting friends and the like. It just felt like the most important part of my life is tragically missing. I was not even pining on a specific person.
Yes, it's not healthy to get wrapped up in another person before you know who you are and what you want, but some people DO need happy romantic relationship to flourish.
I'm so tired of current culture pushing the 'alone you should feel as happy as with a loving partner!' bullshit (understood literally). No matter how much you accept yourself (a much better term than love, IMHO), we are wired to need companionship.
It's like… yes, you can still have fun, play video games and go shopping, but imagine how amazing all that would be if you had someone to share it with. Someone to hug you once you come home and interested in hearing how your day went.

Pick related made me feel so validated about my priorities.
I recommend this book, it's very helpful in finding someone right for you and accepting yourself.

No. 241542

Shit, anon. I hope you'll be okay. Stay strong and go that doc appointment asap. Maybe it's nothing too worrying but the sooner you find out the better.

No. 241545

Slavs are fucking trash

No. 241546

File: 1523509997927.png (150.25 KB, 1506x622, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.4…)

I've been channeling a lot of my energy into making hats recently, since I lost my job and have had a ton of free time. I posted a story on insta showing my work in progress and a guy who ghosted me after I spent almost 1k to travel to see him for New Years texted me this out of nowhere. Learning millinery has been keeping me occupied when I'm at a very low point in my life and I'm so upset that someone who mistreated me would criticize this creative outlet.

No. 241548

What a dirtbag, that guy types like he's a mentally chalenged robot.
You deserve way better anon, just block the dick, no need to read dumb shit when you are already feeling blue.

No. 241549

Also, keep learning millinery.
I'm sure you'll be making amazing hats in no time and also get an awesome new job.

No. 241550

What the fuck? Why are you allowing this bastard to talk to you? He would've been outta my life after $1000 of my dollars went down the tube.

Despite what your hats are/aren't, this is a classic case of negging. I'd ignore him from now on.

No. 241551

File: 1523511010823.png (108.89 KB, 1492x226, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.5…)

Ty! I definitely plan to keep at it, it's just sooo discouraging to have someone outright say to stop (not that he knows anything about millinery anyway)

I was in love with him for a long time so I let him walk all over me but I stopped talking to him in January and unfollowed him on everything. He also said he would pay for half the trip and he never did of course. Also right on the nose with the negging thing, he sent me this and I never replied.

No. 241552

Yeah nah, ghost his ass. The audacity of this guy to screw you out of money and then backhand you like that. Wow.

No. 241557

That's how abusers get you, anon. They always love you until they have you back, then you're just their toy again. I wish I had some advice to give you, but I'm stuck in a very very similar situation with my own mother and idk how to get out either, since she stole all of my money, ruined my credit and caused me to lose my job. Sadly there are barely resources for single mothers and abused women out there, much less help for women who just need a new place to go and don't have the finances to just take off by themselves and have everything they need. There's a huge gray area when it comes to abuse and most of society want to simply ignore anyone who isn't being actually beaten or stolen from.

No. 241558

Literally an awful piece of shit, this guy

Actively terrible, deserves to be abandoned in a dark cave somewhere. Ghosting you is shit, but to come back with this pathetic negging?

No. 241559

yeah I blocked his number after this. He kept spam texting my name before this too.

No. 241561

File: 1523518153861.png (845.28 KB, 1492x988, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 3.28…)

oops dropped my pic

No. 241562

Wtf he seems socially retarded.

No. 241563

It’s amazing to me that a grown man thinks acting like a retard who can’t spell and has no reading comprehension is gonna get his dick wet??

I wish there was a site where girls everywhere could upload screenshots of convos with guys like this to laugh at all in one place.

No. 241566

/r/creepyPMs is full of gems like that, bitter guys acting like dumbasses, piss poor attempt at negging and sometimes plain old abuse.

No. 241574

how old is this guy

No. 241582

I keep getting night time depression spells and ended up cutting again, I don't even know why, my life has improved a lot, any other anon has these issues as well?

No. 241586

Me. I wish I had advice but even though I'm in a good spot right now I feel terminally sad and cutting is the only thing that breaks it up for awhile.

No. 241593

I'm in the same boat but I stopped cutting and switched it for benzos, fuck.

No. 241596

I've got that feeling too but time from time she developed two crushes on internet boys, which one was already with someone (and she called his girlfriend "a total whore" because for one time that she gets a crush, he's with someone) and now with a gay person, which she cries everyday.

No. 241597

NIanon here and we recently had a highly public rape trial involving rugby players and two of their mates and a 19 year old girl. The trial was bullshit. The boys got aquitted even when they all had conflicting stories and had endeavoured to hide evidence by deleting whatsapp texts and one of them wiping his phone. The girl had a fractured elbow and lacerations to her vagina from the act.

The men defending the boys and demanding criminal action against the girl is ridiculous and I can't stand reading the shite anymore from them. I don't understand how the men don't see anything abhorrent about the male behaviour.

It's literally so vile and toxic here at the moment, more so than usual.

No. 241610

And so are you for stereotyping a wide group of people because of some bad apples that you met (I assume).
Plenty of slavic people are incredibly brave, talented and hard-working people that challenge themselves to rise above shit situation in their countries. It's sad to see you shit on so many great people because of some bad experience. One person, two or even three people are not representative of a nationality, not to mention an ethnic group.

No. 241640

>Fat ugly fuck at uni
>On his 9th fucking year
>Uses every fucking drug available
>For some reason he has girls with him everytime I see him
>Beats his girlfriends too
>For some reason every girl in department chases after him

Jesus Christ what the fuck is wrong with this world?

No. 241641

I feel lonely and useless. I suck at everything and I feel like my clinical depression is taking over again.
No wonder nobody likes me, I'm the worst even when I try my best.
I wish I could die painlessly.

No. 241643

Because you don't need to be a good person to have women (or men) chasing after you.

No. 241644

24 and from a different country than me. He sent me a twitter DM this morning apologizing lol

No. 241646

File: 1523553781276.jpg (83.98 KB, 700x836, aRex2rj_700b.jpg)

Hate us cause you aint us

No. 241648

Ngl if you hadn't said you spent New Years with him I would've thought it was my ex. Is he into the whole Twitch culture? That place harbours a lot of manchildren

No. 241661

Last 3 weeks:
>12 people move into main house, making 25 total (mostly kids under 10)
>have to give up my room
>Atheletes foot, body dirt, piss all over my bathroom and shower even though I clean daily due to OCD
>the elders diapers changed in my bed (where they physically can't move from) and it smells faintly of fecal matter permanently
>kids break my only goddamn laptop and free my hamster 3. Times.
>Can't sleep because they scream and play constantly from 3pm to 3am and never leave the house
>Have to do 1000% more heavy chores or else the house is absolutely disgusting because I'm literally the only one here who isn't extremely lazy and complicit in the filth piles
>I filled 2 10 gallon bags with garbage in one day
>My part of the food/bills go from 100 a month to 300. can't pay phone bill or bus pass or vegan food
>dairy and meat is making me extremely sick so I just eat rice and bread
At least sleeping on the floor is helping my scoliosis I guess….

No. 241665

I'm 18 just in case I need to say it. Just finished a call with my teacher…In the program that I'm in for homeschooling you have to do Discussion Based Assessments, which is basically where you call your teacher and they ask you questions on the lesson.

I studied and wrote down notes, etc and I felt somewhat prepared, this was my first time doing this with this particular teacher so I wasn't sure what was gonna happen but when I called her she seemed annoyed.I have pretty bad anxiety so I was sweating really bad and struggling to remember my notes. During the whole thing she would make comments about how she wasn't going to hold my hand through the whole thing and stuff, when I was just taking a minute to remember the answers. With a written test, I at least don't have someone waiting on me for every single answer like these. My other teacher who I had done these with had been a lot nicer, and I'm not looking forward to doing more of these with this one. I know it may seem small but this subject seems really hard to me so I just don't feel as confident in it right now….I will try and prepare even better next time, I suppose. Maybe, if anything these assessments will force me to get more comfortable talking on the phone. But for now, I'm just going to spend the weekend over-analyzing this stupid interaction for no god damn reason….

No. 241666

Dear god anon. Run.

No. 241670

Anon you need to do something, are you the only one who want to escape? Can you try to get some of the abuse on camera so you'll have something to show the cops?

No. 241677

>almost 23
>think about going to college
>look at my old grades
>the majority are Ds and only one A & B
>see the price
>think about all the posts and threads about suffering college students
>remember how shit my mental health was back then

Uuuh yea. I feel like I'm running out of time but at the same time I'm worried I won't have a clue what I'm even studying since I graduated HS like 4 years ago… and I'm terrified of my mental health going down. Then again there are a lot of pros to it…. damn.

No. 241681

My socially retarded self is going on a tinder date after so long..

No. 241695

File: 1523570544271.png (209.61 KB, 540x420, 4xw7yrh9baa01.png)

I'm from a small town in a very rural area of Europe.
Today in Uni was the third time i ever encountered a tranny.
At first i thought it's just an ugly girl, but no, it was a dude. He had red nails together with red tumblr glasses, the typical mtf hair style with bangs and he wore some neon hoodie that was way too tight (i could even see the outline of an extremely ill-fitting bra underneah). Together with the studded belt he wore, it made im look like some 13-year-old from the Myspace days.

If he just looked like that it wouldn't have been much of a problem, but of course i tranny can't behave like a normal human being. All the time he was speaking in some whiny childlike voice pouting and all, complaining to boys (in a flirting manner) that he raised his hand first, that it's too difficult for him, that's he's sooo tired etc. - shortly, he acted like some dizzy anime character would.

And the worst is, the biggest nerds in my class, the ones who don't even talk to girls and probably prefer 2D over 3D like him. That just confirms that many men respect even some sicko who badly disguises himself as women, more than actual girls…

No. 241697

Could you take some classes at a local community college to ease yourself back into schooling? It wouldn't put you in thousands of dollars of debt and you could try out different courses and see what you like, without risking too much.
Also, I wouldn't worry too much about your high school experience. College and high school are night and day, and I'm sure you've grown a lot since then. It's even possible that going might improve your mental health, instead of bringing it down. I don't know your life so I can't say, obviously, but maybe forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, and learning new stuff that interests you could bring some spice into your life.

No. 241698

File: 1523571061155.jpeg (72.45 KB, 460x459, FCA8F09F-E2E8-4872-8E27-2F819E…)

>I feel like I'm running out of time

Home girl, you are not running out of time. A TON of people don’t begin college until their late 20’s. You’d be shocked.
Also, I have a bachelors and work at a damn grocery store. University is a huge financial commitment (assuming you live in the US) and doesn’t always guarantee your success in a field. And as far as your grades in high school, I wouldn’t worry too much if you’re serious about college. I was also a D average student, but I think it was more environmental— university classes are more focused and engaging, without the social pressures/distractions of high school.

whether you choose to go or not, don’t ever feel like it’s too late to change your mind.

No. 241699

I slept over at my boyfriend for 3 days (it was the first time I ever slept over at a partner's place ever.) and these were the most amazing 3 days. Finally gone from my parents, into a warm and loving home. I'm back again at my parents today and I feel like shit. I miss my boyfriend and I really don't want to live with them anymore. I want to move out, but I really don't know how to tell them. A week ago, I had a conversation with my mom about how convenient it was to still be living at home. But now, I really feel intense need for my personal space. My parents are classic helicopter parents and they try to watch every move I make. I just want to leave.

No. 241701

File: 1523572039331.png (27.11 KB, 691x653, 54ye5kto9coz.png)

STEM subjects are so painfully uninteresting and unenjoyable. I want to fucking die.

No. 241702

Move out.

Just change your major.

No. 241703


There’s a woman at my school in her thirties with a kid and she’s excelling like crazy. She’s not obsessed with boys, she’s got her shit together, she’s confident and experienced in the work force. She’s running like two clubs and a slam poetry thing.

Honestly, there’s a lot of benefits to waiting for the college experience. Being a dumb teenager surrounded by other dumb teenagers and copious drinks/drugs is not exactly great for health or education.

Everyone has a different pace and a different life. Do whatever is right for you, not what you think you’re supposed to do.

No. 241706

do something you like, anon. it's kind of weird you find literally all science and math uninteresting, that's like hating all colors or something.

No. 241709

File: 1523573584564.jpg (13.93 KB, 236x288, 740e1bab7379462abe895ac14ef751…)

I'm so jealous of this one girl in my class.
She looks like a western version of Yoona and is so popular.
Even though she never wears makeup her skin looks so bright and her eyes so big. She never wears extremely stylish clothes, yet still looks cute because she's tall and skinny.
Whenever she enters the room some friends of hers will immediately yell at her, saying that they kept a seat free for her. She's always smiling happily and seems so kind, that i can't even hate her.

On the other hand when i enter the room and try to find a space to sit, i often get "Oh, sorry, but my friend will come later, i still need this seat for her" etc…

I know that she's also popluar for her personality, but i can't help but think that if you're ugly people won't even give you the chance to show whether you might also be nice…

No. 241721

Seriously don't sacrifice your happiness for external validation. Idk what your motivations are of course, but I'll just say there are plenty of other lucrative careers out there, and muh more women in STEM means jack shit unless it's women who are genuinely interested and motivated, and those women DO exist, so you don't need to force it. Working hard and persevering during tough times doesn't mean forcing your entire interest and motivation.

No. 241722

it bugs me that's there's two goddamn snowflakes that carry my name, and I think I have some sort of pride in being named Bailey but I have no idea why, it's just a name

Baylee doesn't bug me as much because despite being annoying she's harmless, it's really Tea's Bailey that puts me on fucking edge, she's terrifying

And she's adopting the name Bailey, it's not her birth name. That makes it even weirder for me. It's not ~exotic~ or some generic weird spelling of a boy's name. I mean sure it's gender-neutral, but it's definitely girl-leaning.

Someone tell me to knock it off this really shouldn't bother me

No. 241723

>anyone who isn't me is weird xD
Those two analogies aren't at all comparable and made zero sense. After reading that retardation, I highly doubt you're actually in STEM yourself unless you're doing biolomeme.

Anon might be interested in the arts and society rather than a bunch of boring bullshit that isn't fully developed nor understood. Grow up.

No. 241728

uh no, chem, but whatever. anon sounds like her idea of stem comes from hs, yours too tbh.


sorry about your autism

No. 241731

I know this is an old post but the misandry threads have been around for over two years
>>>/ot/21625 was the first one

No. 241732

Gonna be honest I don't even like Bailey as a name.

No. 241736

It's okay anon. Taylor Nicole Dean and I have the same first/middle name. People have showed me her before like "Omg you have the same name!!1!" Like… Taylor and Nicole are two of the most basic white girl names especially from the 90's. (And I'm guessing she was probably named after the singer Taylor Dayne like I was.)

No. 241746

I've been trying to leave for years, but no one else old enough has the means or sanity to come with, so I'm going to be on my own until one of my friends need a roommate.My student loans and grants will be dispersed May, but I definitely can't go anywhere until then.

The child abuse is a lot less brutal since 7 years ago when I started to call the CPS which really scared all the adults, but the cops thought I was a huge annnoying waste of time, the social worker told me to stop being an irrational teen, the corespondent kept laughing "that isn't abuse." My broken bones that I set by tying up socks and crawling around the house for months and only being 80 lbs from the starvation and heavy cleaning weren't enough evidence, so the small spankings and invisible abuse the kids get now aren't anywhere nearly enough. The pedophile is usually in the side house now.

The adults have money, power, and a lot of social respect, so this needs to be taken down slowly and internally. finishing up college and escaping on GOOD terms is the best possible way for me to really help the little kids.

No. 241748

I thought it was just a surname but murica gonna murica I guess

No. 241771

I can respect that. I don't know how it became a first name in the first place – I was told there was a lawyer TV show with a Bailey as a character but nothing comes up via googling so idk

lmao oh no I'm so sorry. At least noone has shown me other people with my name. LOTS of pets, though. Lots of pets..

No. 241773

>And the worst is, the biggest nerds in my class, the ones who don't even talk to girls and probably prefer 2D over 3D like him.
Maybe they're just shy around girls?

No. 241774

I actually really like the name Bailey, so apologies on behalf of people like me and your mom for naming you. It's a cool name

No. 241784

Aw thank you, my mom thought it was a totally awesome name so I think it's pretty neato too?

I just wanted to complain about idiots besmirching the good name of Bailey. On behalf of non-surname-Baileys (phonetic spellings included), I apologize for them being cows.

No. 241794

I've been wanting to break up with my boyfriend since at least feb but I can't because I know he will lose it and say horrible things to me and about me to all of our mutual friends. He also knows a lot of personal information about me.

He isn't the worst person I've dated but his is so shallow, self-absorbed and into himself half the time I feel like our time together is just him doing what he would do alone but with an audience. He expects me to travel to his house every single time we see each other ( we live 40 min by train) using the excuse that he works full time and I don't and I can afford to waste the 2 hours and he can't. When we have sex he always, without fail, complains that I do not talk enough even though I explained to him multiple times I find all sex talk cringy. He says that it makes him feel good to get "feedback" which knowing him as well I do now, I am convinced is really covert way of saying he wants to be praised. His insecurity about money, looks, prestige ect and complementary pettyness and vindictiveness is exhausting to deal with and makes any kind of constructive criticism basically impossible.

He refuses to let me post photos of him on any social media because he claims he doesnt want drama with his "unstable" ex, which I could understand, cause I do know she does hate him intensely and has cyberstalked him, but they broke up in fucking september. Enough is fucking enough. I know for a fact after he broke up with her he talked shit about her to every single one of his friends so I'm sure he will do the same thing to me.

If it wasn't about that I would long be done with this bullshit.

No. 241795

does he have any redeeming qualities?

No. 241801


He can be fun guy to spend time with and we do like basically the same stuff. He also makes a point to stay in contact all the time even its just sending a meme which is really nice because I live kinda far from most of our social group and half the time they don't even bother to invite me anywhere.

No. 241810

He also has a stable income, that's the best part. :3

No. 241815

File: 1523611736313.jpg (94.51 KB, 736x769, A_997e3e_5839269.jpg)

Anon, if it helps, imagine "sharing" your name with this individual…

No. 241818

I had a crazy nightmare where I could see on my phone some sort of live feed of my ex with his gf. They were really happy and I was gutted but couldn't stop watching.
I'm still upset hours after waking up, feeling all nauseous and sad.
Maybe I should stop talking to him, it's probably my mind telling me this is not healthy. But then again, I would have no friends.

No. 241819

I just realized how disconnected I am from the outside world as a hardcore shut-in and it's weird, it's like being an alien almost.

No. 241839

File: 1523621192058.png (60.11 KB, 1113x769, 1514070805033.png)

According to /meta/ this is lolcow's userbase.

Yet if you go to /g/ most girls being critizised for having bad makeup, looking ugly and old or being overrated are white (same for men).
Most cows also happen to be white, and some black, but you rarely ever see anything about Asians (besides the Anti-Kpop thread).

Does this mean that lolcow is full of Asians bashing Whites and Blacks?

No. 241840

whatever automated guess algo this uses is guaranteed to be wildly off. Do a real survey

No. 241843

I have a hard time believing most of lolcow userbase has children and is in a $150k+ household.

No. 241850

Yeah, I'm not buying it either. I'm betting a large part of the lolcow userbase is low-middle class, early to 20's white weebs.

No. 241855

I'd say probably because there aren't many Asian cows for some reason. Most online attention whores are white. Even if you go on 4chan the most common attention whores are white.

No. 241858

>only white people can be evil attention whores

No. 241863

>Yumi King
>Emzotic (?)
>Pick your Twitch titty streamer
>Kim Dao
Probably others I'm missing but that's quite a large representation still

No. 241869


Look at the blue part, not the gray part. The blue part represents lolcow users.

No. 241878

Instagram makes me so envious. It's not that I actually believe girls live perfect aesthetic lives, I know it's all for show, but damn I wish I even had the ability to make my life look that good.

No. 241884

I've been putting off going to the hairdresser for month and my hair is way too long now. It's an unkempt mess but I still can bring myself to go. I just want the most basic of haircut but the idea of having to look for a new hairdresser and having to endure them trying to be nice and making conversation turns me into a nervous wreck.
It's so stupid.

No. 241893

do you live in or near a large city? i solved this issue by going to a nice asian hairdresser, make sure you have a photo though. language barrier makes them not talk to you.

No. 241907

Whenever I mention my envy of certain girls on IG people always say ~but anon it's so exaggerated ~. Maybe some things are, but you can't fake shit like trips to Paris or Chanel hauls.

No. 241922

anon have you heard of tagthesponsor?

No. 241925

It's who pays for those trips that they don't tell you about… For a reason.

No. 241936


I saw tagthesponsor linked on /Snow and it opened my eyes, bless that person and the guy who made the site. It's incredibly obvious now I "know" but I guess we want to think the best scenario was what happened (people hiring these women just to model)

No. 241948

Dude, glad you opened your eyes. Instahoes, even really pretty ones are a dime a dozen. They do some fucking nasty shit to keep up the appearances.
I honestly think they would live better lives by being by the book escorts. Fewer pretty pictures by the beach for sure but also no beastiality or scat.

No. 241955

I've noticed even when things are improved I still sometimes fall back on depression habits. I'd say if this was a common thing you did before then you can either change it up with some self-care bedtime stuffs or check to make sure you aren't holding something in before you go to bed that would have you fall back into that habit. (Like if you're stressed or angry or unhappy about something, a journal can help here too actually)

No. 242023

>get really anxious and nervous around people, not just the shy kind, I feel physical pain when around way too many people
>because of this when I go out I try going at times where not many people are out
>wake up early to go grocery shopping
>store is fucking crowded, people can't seem to keep their eyes to themselves, no one has manners or decency of others
>well whatever.jpg
>finish shopping
>want to go to park
>find obsecure empty chain park in the middle of nowhere
>head there
>fucking crowded again with little boys who cant keep their eyes to themselves
I hate myself

No. 242031

>can't seem to keep their eyes to themselves
What the fuck does this mean anon?
You feel people are staring at you?

No. 242072

Yeah, but its not so much what I feel, it happens so much wherever I go even other people have pointed it out before .-.

No. 242115

My insomnia has been unbearable lately, I haven't gotten proper sleep in 2+ weeks and it's affecting my work and my relationship. I went to the dr yesterday and got put on 15mg Remeron.

I took half last night, slept 14 hours, and I'm SO groggy. I don't know if it's because of the meds or sleeping so much. It's nice to finally have gotten some sleep I guess.

No. 242214

File: 1523677951890.png (1.15 KB, 251x46, dpP61smqf0x_400.png)

>tfw high libido
>bf has a heart condition so he can't really keep up
It's frustrating because we love eachother a lot but most of the time I feel unsatisfied after sex
I've been considering getting a dildo but he's kinda of against it because he thinks it'll replace him which is fucking stupid
I just want to get off gdi

No. 242232

they make these dildos for ldr couples that your bf can control with his smartphone.

No. 242335

File: 1523683247692.png (1.22 KB, 72x72, LAL1un7g15_75sq.png)

oh wow
I'll look into that

No. 242344

I'm mad at my young self for letting my family hype me up for being a good artist
I used to just trace or copy draw picture I saw then color them
I have no real style of my own and I think my actual art is horrible

Depresses me when they ask if I still draw or show me old art….it was all a sham and I never did anything with it

No. 242369

tracing is ng but copy-drawing is how you gain skill, but i'm assuming you pretended they were OC. still, i show off some of my stuff from hs that is literally just copied anime.

No. 242402

i dont belong anywhere i dont think. ive had the same friends for almost 15 years now and theyre slowly including me less and less. no one at work gives a shit about me, which is fine. i only have one online friend anymore, but we only talk once every month or so. i make my mom sad because of how sick i am and i think ive lowkey disappointed her. she would never ever say that to me though. my life is trash and most days i fantasize about just fucking killing myself but no one would be around to take care of my cat so i guess i'll hold off until something happens to him.

No. 242429

File: 1523691016726.jpeg (30.8 KB, 378x395, image.jpeg)

currently trying to grow as an artist, I have my own original style and have been posting what I draw everyday for 3 days in a row I've had my insta account for half a year and barely hit 100 followers, my art isn't even bad it's pretty good, I see other people who draw shitty traces and they get a bunch of followers. I'm frustrated, and I wish I could get more exposure

No. 242435

>bf and i go out on a nice date at an italian place
>he talks all night about how he can't wait to get home and play games together and watch anime
>he asks if we can stay up all night
>am tired but excited about a comfy night at home
>order espresso at around 11pm for both of us
>we watch some youtube videos and he lies down and says his eyes hurt
>uses a heated eye pad for a few
>caffeine does not effect the boy passes out almost instantly
>mfw 9am and i got no bloody sleep

Fuck man. I just want death to take me now.

No. 242453

Why are my friends so unreliable holy shit

No. 242455

Same but different art medium pretty much just got to not compare and keep doing art that you enjoy envy will eat you alive

No. 242492

I can't stand one of my closest friends.

She always challenges me, loves to argue. I feel like sometimes she just pretends to have a different opinion to quarrel with me.

She's probably, like, physically incapable of saying she's in the wrong. Even when it's clear she is, or I outright say - I don't care, it doesn't matter, whatever - she'll talk talk talk in circles until I have to fucking mute her, because it tires me or the negativity impacts me mentally.

I can't vent without her giving me unsolicited advice and she's so condescending about it always.

When I tell her she hurt me, she says "I thought you appreciate honesty", which is a quite primitive attempt at manipulation.

She often shames me that I don't want to "explain my stance" (which would lead to, surprise, endless circles of how wrong I am and how right she is) and just tell her to google something (for some reason this pisses her off the most lol), but who am I to do free research for her? She thinks she's entitled to explanations about every little opinion of mine, or even a joke (she doesn't get 3/4 of my jokes and I have to constantly demystify them or mention I'm not serious/I'm sarcastic, it's cringey as hell).

Sometimes we go weeks without arguing and then it happens and it's as vicious and, in the end, unresolved, as always. And then I promise to myself to never vent/tell her anything again… then we're fine, I forget about it and confide in her and… yes, you guessed right.

Jesus, I typed this all out and now I wonder why am I even friend with her? I must be really fucking lonely.

No. 242493

My bf is feeling insecure about a fling I had before meeting him. The guy was a typical "normie" into partying and drugs and I guess my bf doesn't like the idea of me being into guys like that. Idk what to do, our relationship is good and I don't want this bs to end it.

No. 242494

Tell him to get over it. You can't go back in time and remove the fling. So whats the point of being jealous of something in the past

No. 242508

i cant stand the thought of my boyfriend even having a female in his peripheral vision, let alone talk/chill with one no matter how ugly, not single or not straight they are. i don't have any abandonment or daddy issues, i'm not insecure about my looks or personality, i've never gotten cheated on or picked second. i'm 21 and i've been with my current bf for 3 and a half years, and i have had this problem ever since i was 13-14 (when i got into my first relationship which lasted also around 4 years). i've been getting different kinds of therapy (on and off) for this alongside my actual diagnosis for 6 years now, and no its not a personality disorder. no therapy has helped even though i really dedicated so much of my energy into getting rid of this problem. its ruining my life, when my boyfriend says he wants to watch TV or youtube or something i get sick to my stomach thinking that he is definitely seeing other females and my only objective then is to obstruct him somehow. when he adds a girl on facebook i can't stop obsessing over it for weeks. i would never admit this to him but inside its eating me alive and physically hurting. its really confusing because i've never been envious or jealous of anyone, ive always been happy with what i have and happy for other people. i've never had terrible experiences with girls. all my other issues i was able to stabilize but not this one. its really fucking with me and i'm losing hope that i will ever get better in this department. i feel like ive wasted so much time in therapy trying to find a root of this problem and couldn't even get close to an answer for 6 years. i also tried letting it go and distracting myself but after a month or two of getting better, it just comes back with triple strength.

No. 242510

I used to trace when I was in middle school and would get compliments when I'd color it because people would think I'm a good artist
I just find it hard to find a style when my art is just me redrawing some anime character

No. 242515

Maybe you have trust issues and/or afraid of getting hurt?

I know I still, sort of do and I felt the same for a long time until I finally realized that he's not being shady behind my back

No. 242522

>i feel like ive wasted so much time in therapy trying to find a root of this problem and couldn't even get close to an answer for 6 years
>Maybe you have trust issues and/or afraid of getting hurt?

smacks head doyyy! why in six years didn't the therapist think of THAT?

for fucks sake lmao

No. 242523

Sounds like a lack of trust, whether it's being caused by him (consciously or not) or your inner thoughts.
I had it with my first LT boyfriend (4.5 years) and it went away when I started trusting him more. With my second serious boyfriend it never went away because he was constantly spurring it on by hiding shit, keeping secrets and getting angry when I asked him about certain female friends. My gut feeling ended up being right on the money, even though I don't think he cheated whilst we were together, I just got suddenly dumped and found out he was being a slut not two days later.

Is your bf doing anything remotely suspicious? How does he respond when you talk to him about it? Have you tried? It could help.

No. 242532

Gee, sorry for trying to help and you not mentioning that part, won't happen again

No. 242546

I (who mocked you) am not the OP but the therapy line is a quote from their post

No. 242562

File: 1523730264515.png (1.01 MB, 1155x662, Q04B2EZ[1].png)

>be gyaru
>gaijin gal groups dead
>friend tells me there's active gal thread on /cgl/
>check it out
>it's shit /cgl/ is shit
>cringe off the site

I really just belong here with you guys. ILY guys.

No. 242563

I feel that, I've since stopped browsing cgl for quite some time. That place is a cesspit.

No. 242564

Is anybody else genuinely scared because of the attacks on Syria?

No. 242566

Russia won't do anything. As high tensioned as it is, as of right now it's a one-off strike so I doubt much will escalate unless something happens otherwise. Like Assad doing another round of chemical attacks.

No. 242569

Yeah, there's been random terrorist attacks in my country since the attacks on Syria and the ISIS shit first started, and for some reason our brilliant government decided to get involved, again. We also get fucktonnes of Syrian (and other assorted) refugees begging in the metro and harassing locals, and SJWs are pushing to open up the borders even more, and Germany is pressuring us to accept even more and even posting sympathetic news articles about European-born Jihadis who "mistakenly" found themselves in Syria (like… how do you 'mistakenly' choose to join a terrorist organisation?).

I'm frankly fed up and am just praying that my town won't become the next Super-U hostage situation.

No. 242572

I legit came to this thread to ask the same thing anon kek. The fact that it’s out of my hands and that there is nothing anyone can really do besides sit and wait is what gets me the most.

No. 242575

It's not like our government asked us Germans before if we're okay with this…

I'm just scared because France and Britain act like Trump's obedient little lap dogs. Europe is so small, if Russia really took revenge, we could also get hit or if they and America clash, it most likely also happens in the middle, over Europe.

Hopefully Putin is more sensible than Trump and doesn't risk WW3…

No. 242576

I'm afraid there are going to be more terrorist attack in my country, I live in a big city and we haven't had any "real" attack, I'm getting paranoid.

No. 242578

>tfw have to move to Paris for work in a few months
>tfw work at an airport
light a candle for me anons

No. 242605

File: 1523739017671.jpg (15.42 KB, 275x275, 1441976849228.jpg)

>I just lost my third phone yesterday.
>I can't afford a new one and I really don't want to dig up my go-phone from the 7th grade.

No. 242608

how quickly have you gone through these phones?

No. 242636

File: 1523741801859.jpg (1.54 MB, 2880x3840, IMG_1359.JPG)

I'm sad I'll probably never live in a huge house and will have to settle in a basic neighbor hood for the rest of my life

I love searching for million dollar homes and seeing how beautiful they are, I have such extreme house envy

No. 242642

Same anon. House envy sucks.
Where I live, you have to be wealthy just to afford a dumb suburban house.

No. 242664

What fucking morality police sperglords rolled through here lately where we can't even have threads without a fucking argument happening?

No. 242666

One of them is a multiple offender, but idk who the other ones are. They've been in our midst and are rearing their ugly heads, or perhaps summerfags coming early. Who knows.

No. 242704

IKTF, I always regret looking up expensive real estate. There's a house going for 2.2 mil nearby me and they have a dance studio. I'm so jealous.

That said, in reality I actually would hate to live in a big house. I live in a 2 storey place at the moment and even that annoys me. I kind of want all my stuff in one room so I don't have to walk far to access anything.

No. 242709

i miscarried last year and i've been trying to get pregnant over and over and i just took a test and it was negative again. i don't know what's wrong with me, anons.

No. 242711

File: 1523749631136.jpg (82.17 KB, 480x681, 9ffc6e008ccd9137f8fe250a0291ba…)

I feel like cutting myself again after about 5 years of being clean and not doing it and it makes me feel stupid and edgy as if I were a teenager again. As an adult I should have my shit together, right? I feel so numb and nihilistic all the fucking time since I don't have friends or even family or anything to do and I get jealous of my coworkers when they talk about what they're doing after work which I know is petty and unhealthy and straight up miserable.

How can I help myself? I feel like such a shitty person and I always have thoughts in my head telling me to kill myself, nobody will ever love me, i'm unsalvageable garbage, how much i hate myself, comparing my life to others' etc. and it's scary. I'm afraid of myself when I hear those thoughts because I always have vivid images of hanging myself and I get stuck in intense thought about the dying process as I'm hanging full-suspension in my daydream. I was thinking of trying therapy again even though it didn't work 5 years ago. Maybe it could help now since I am not a child anymore though and can understand my thoughts/illnesses better. Life for me is like being stuck in a never ending void, there's just nothing memorable going on whatsoever and the only thing on my mind lately is self destruction.

No. 242714

File: 1523750657612.jpg (18.37 KB, 500x375, 30706022_430886053992074_30693…)

I know this is nothing new, but I am so tired of men invading women's spaces and lives all the time. Both regular men and "transwomen". Like, fuck. Just let us live in peace. That's all we want.

No. 242716

File: 1523751140229.jpg (426.84 KB, 1118x960, B347e732-6d5e-4bf1-9911-c7ad9d…)


I think it's a robot larping as a girl.
I've seen in multiple threads this anon say something like "no wonder robots hate us farmers are cringe."

When did any of us start giving a fuck about robots? Pretty sure 1. They hate us by default on the basis of being women who won't fuck them and 2. They've raided our board for years and they already think we're ~bitchy female website~ so that didn't start yesterday or even last week.

The weird lolicon post in the unpopular opinion thread?
This person showing up in information gathering threads to insult farmers like the loser, beauty standard, and karma thread?

This is either a robot or one severely new and autistic girl.

No. 242718

Why does it seem our bipoplar depressions synched like periods? I noticed that myself as well as so many others are getting depressed out of nowhere, despite my life being better than it ever was before now

No. 242719

>The weird lolicon post in the unpopular opinion thread?
This person showing up in information gathering threads to insult farmers like the loser, beauty standard, and karma thread?
I've been noticing this for the past few months as well, I passed it off as just the mental state of people here but holy shit, maybe its a bot obsessed with instigating infighting against each other?

No. 242720

Samefag but id also like to add mods called out an anon in the surgery(?) thread for starting several infights with random people for no reason

No. 242726

I won't disagree that farmers are trash, but to insinuate we're worse than robots is laughable. On the trash scale, we're like a 7, robots are an 11.

No. 242727

There's also the confirmed robot invasions that are so common in the man-hating threads

No. 242728

Where do I find a qt gamer bf who will love and cherish me forever?
Tinder is shit, and so are most other dating apps.

Asking for a friend, of course.

No. 242730

Gamer guys are losers, don't date one.

No. 242732

Ok but I still want a girlfriend-free boy to be my sweetheart

No. 242741

Also the anon who randomly pops in to say
When nobody's been fighting for awhile or that telling them to shut up isn't the same kind of infight bitching with an air of superiority added on.
I might just take a break until these asshats leave.

No. 242744

File: 1523758505332.jpg (154.99 KB, 600x906, 57af4ae4-a367-4af0-972f-d5498f…)

Shouldn't be hard to find one unless you're a tranny or normie… Just go on tumblr. The least repulsive ones usually play rhythm games and Persona or some other relatively-mainstream weeb games. They still probably won't love you since they're gamers.

pic unrelated, touken ranbu just has some very nice figures

No. 242745

File: 1523758534956.jpg (53.61 KB, 650x296, touken-ranbu-09.jpg)

No. 242753

File: 1523759578270.jpg (77.57 KB, 355x369, 849382.jpg)

My significant other went out to hang out with his friends and I really wanted him to stay with me and just sort of chill for the night, since I don't like to be alone in the evening, because I've been dealing with suicidal thoughts and panic attacks. He didn't know I felt this way but knows of my issues, and I got so mad at him and we had a huge argument. Besides this, he's always been so nice and understanding, unlike all of my other exes. It feels like I'm forcing myself to hate him for no real reason, and I fucking hate it.

No. 242759

Hmm, maybe what I need is a husbando.

No. 242769

was gonna post in the weight loss thread but

I think I might kill myself over this. I'm starting to really think there's no way out of being fat. Exercise is really my only option (large variety of unmedicated health problems that limit diet options & fucks my metabolism, and no health insurance. yahoo) and I've been walking 6-7 hours on the days I don't have class w/ pokemon go for a little under 3 months now and I've only lost 11 fucking lbs.

Am I supposed to just live like this through college? This is my only and last chance to form lasting relationships and nobody wants to be friends with a pig. I made it 6 years without self-harming but I fucked that last month. I keep trying to make myself puke after I do eat too but I'm a coward. I hate being a virgin, I hate being alone, I have literally not a single friend and my family is shitty and distant. I won't be passable by the time I graduate, if I ever even make it there at all. Fuck lol I just don't wanna do it anymore I can't even look at myself in the mirror without having to go fuck my legs up

No. 242771

Are you obese enough to qualify for bariatric surgery? If not, I don't think you can really say you're at the point of hopeless fatness.

No. 242773

Samefag. Didn't mean to sound harsh btw. I know what it's like to struggle with weight and mental illness. Weight comes off slow if not any at all and I know how frustrating it is.
All I meant is that you really shouldn't consider suicide if there are options to get help if you really are that fat.

No. 242775

File: 1523762513533.jpg (188.52 KB, 1280x887, qt.jpg)

I highly recommend TKRB for that. Dozens of lovely male thots, it is very satisfying to forge a sword men.

No. 242776

Idk this is probably not what you wanna hear but w/e. Just eat less calories. People always want to exercise forever trying to burn off the calories that they could've just avoided in the first place. Exercising off calories takes a long time and is not as effectiveas merely having a lower calorie diet. I'm surpised by the amount of people who resort to exercise for wieght loss. Sure it can help, but not much if you're not burning a lot. Exercise for your physical and mental health. Diet (with exercise for a boost) if you want to really loose weight. Or you can just be like me and become bulimic, and then poor lol.

No. 242780

i went to the mall today and i wore a black camisole and black shorts with a fishnet top and normal fishnets and my black boots i usually wear goth fashion so it was nothing new but i lost 170 pounds recently and i bought myself a new wig because i'm bald so i was really nervous about how i looked but still felt pretty the entire time i was at the mall everyone was staring at me like couldn't even take their eyes off of me..they were whispering and pointing and my sister caught this table of girls laughing and taking pictures everyone kept looking at me..i got a few compliments but other than that it was just weird looks everyone staring even when i caught them they'd look away then look back again and again..i left the mall crying it was such a terrible feeling i don't know what i did..i was thinking maybe it was my piercings since i have a few (both nostrils a vertical labret my medusa and my ears completed) but i don't even know if it was that..i also assumed maybe it was just..funny for some people to see a black girl in goth fashion because i don't go out often in my town and shit and i don't ever see anyone else really dressing like me..it just really really sucked i'm still really sad about it..just needed to let it all out

No. 242781

Does walking really burn that many calories? There is a website/youtube channel called "fitness blender" that has a ton of free workout videos that I use daily. On the website you can sort by difficulty level, time, equipment, targeted area, etc. (If you want a workout plan/program then you have to pay, but I think the free videos are more than enough to get in shape.) I think these types of workouts are a more efficient way to exercise while also building strength and flexibility. If you're concerned about the difficult level, the level 1 videos are really easy, and even just trying will burn calories. Not trying to shill, I just found it a lot easier to start exercising myself by following along a with a video each day. Good luck anon.

No. 242783


>This is my only and last chance to form lasting relationships and nobody wants to be friends with a pig.

Wrong on both accounts. My dad’s best friend is a coworker he’s had for ten years. My mum’s best friend of over two decades is someone she used to work for. You meet people after college and there’s better odds of them being people you will get along with based on interests/chosen fields. Also, people generally don’t make friendships based on the weight of the other person. I’ve been heavier and I’ve been lighter and I was able to make friends equally at either weight. The fattest person I know is also the one with the most friends.

Friendship is about putting yourself out there, joining clubs (how I met most of my current friends), being personable in classes and on the street. People want to hang out with others who make them feel good. Be kind, be open, be positive. If those things are too difficult because of your mental health right now, then please please seek professional help. I did in high school and honestly it changed my entire world. I went from being an awkward shut in playing Fable 3 all weekend in high school to being unable to fit all my friends into one weekend in college.

It’s not too late, it’s not your weight, and it’s not impossible. I believe in you. Trust me, you’re not the only overweight person in America.

Would you rather die friendless, alone, young, and overweight now… or work on improving yourself and die happy, old, healthy, and after you’ve achieved something? The only permanent way you could fuck up right now is if you do kill yourself. Your weight isn’t permanent, your social life isn’t permanent, but death is. Don’t give up.

Pick up a hobby. Read a book, sketch a picture, watch a movie and then watch an analysis on YouTube, go to the park or a local creek/river, go to a farmers market, an art museum, join a club at your college (I met my two best friends at a club), join a fitness class at your campus or local gym, act like a tourist and sightsee wherever you live, volunteer at an animal shelter, lean to play a musical instrument, make sure your room is spotless, go to a thrift store and get new furniture and then renovate it… live your life! Along the way, friends will come. Don’t focus on your weight obsessively, instead just count your calories and be patient.

And please, get professional help. Your campus should have resources for you. You’re paying for them in student fees, take advantage of them.

Good luck, anon. I believe in you.

No. 242785

I was having a really horrible day so I ordered a pizza to try and make myself feel better, it was an hour and a half wait, turned into 2 hours, turned into 3, and finally 4 hours later it showed up. I called a bunch of times to ask about my order because I didn't want to make food and then have it show up and nobody was helpful and I got really frustrated. I ended up yelling at the delivery guy (who was pretty old, like 50ish) and now I feel like a piece of shit. Sorry this post is pretty stupid I just feel really guilty about it (the pizza was cold and shitty tho)

No. 242795

I’m sorry anon, that sucks. People are stupid. Dress how you want, you probably looked like a badass.

No. 242796


Also congrats on the weight loss, that’s a huge accomplishment.

sorry for samefagging

No. 242797

Well yeah people tend to stare if you're in fishnets and have a bunch of metal in your ears and face. Do you not normally dress this way? The more you go out this way, the less you'll care what ppl think. You said you felt pretty, so just fuck em!

Also how did you lose 170 lbs? That's an amazing accomplishment, you should feel proud!

No. 242801

I do normally dress this way I always have on fishnets but the stares and comments were more than usual today..it made me sadder I guess because I have a lot of past trauma with bullying and it just brought it all back to me..I usually feel more confident just the wig I felt like I would look more normal than I usually do and I'd be able to be like other women that have really nice hair instead of being bald but it didn't help

also! just a lot of exercise and changing my diet..I gained it all from depression after a suicide attempt but I started with walking then running and I got this like..fitness app (it's has like seven minute workouts and shit) and that helped a lot as well..it was mostly fruits and veggies for a year

No. 242804

Maybe not the right thread but I had unprotected sex with this guy, i'm not on BC but i dont get my period either. Should I take plan b?

No. 242807

Yes. How long has it been since you've fucked? If it's been more than 48 hours you might even need a double dose.

No. 242812

Fuck, around 24 hours. We did it 4 times, 3 times pull and pray once he came in me,

No. 242814

Yeah anon you need to get a plan b asap
(Make sure to watch out for the ones that have weight limits)

No. 242815

You don't wanna push this past 72 hours anon. In fact, I'd say by that time your odds start getting pretty fucked. And it sucks to pay out for those pills only for them to not work and get stuck with a pregnancy anyway. Take care of yourself.

No. 242819

There's no pharmacies open rn so I guess I'll have to wait fuck. My doctor said I'm likely not ingesting enough calories for my body to bear a child (but idk how true that is, im at a healthy weight for my height) and I was too drunk to care :(

No. 242838

Bloody VCAL kids, they still piss me off. Although you can tell who they are just walking down the street. I had to do exam prep with them running and yelling through the study rooms, ask the teachers to do something “they have as much right to be there as VCE kids do”.

No. 242852

File: 1523787351368.jpg (12.72 KB, 400x465, 23915675_1138376006293045_4678…)

I hate what cosplay has become in the past few years with Pateron.
I've been cosplaying for fun, since i was 14 years old (i'm 21 now). Cosplay used to be something i was proud of (even when i looked like shit) because The characters i cosplayed always meant so much to me.

What triggered me to rant is an old "friend" wants to do lewd/nude modeling for patreon. ONLY in cosplay. She's a shit-tier cosplayer and got about 10k followers from cloning and harassing jnig in to following and unfollowing her.

When people figure out i cosplay the FIRST thing said to me is;
>oh, so you have sex in cosplay?
>do you have a patreon?
>so you do lewds?
>do you do ~sexy~ cosplay? thats kinky

no, i don't. Nothing is wrong with doing lewds or sexy cosplay in general but thots these days use cosplay as their excuse because they're just ~ugu nerds~

I know the community has evolved and will always have jnig sexy clones but this new patreon theme is really driving me out of my passion to dress up like a freak for a few weekends a year.

I'm sorry for this woe-is-me post but this just pisses me off so much. I wish people like Kamui cosplay and the like would get more money/recognition for putting real time, effort, and money into clean impressive builds and not cunts like MomoKun.

No. 242855

What is VCAL and VCE?

No. 242862

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning and Victorian Certificate of Education. Straya.

I mean the vcal kids do have the same right to be there..if they’re really a disturbance get some headphones or go study in the library. Dickheads will always be dickheads and no teacher is gonna try and shush a group of dumbasses who only respond by being more obnoxious.
Tbh it seems more like you just don’t like vcal kids because they aren’t doing vce as well.

You’re better off learning to deal with an annoyance than getting judgy over them. You’ll do better in uni and work if you don’t get cut up over it.

No. 242868

I'm trying to somehow motivate myself to start driving again. I had my license for 3 years now, but never sat behind our family car because it operated completely differently than the one I was using in driving school.

One of my biggest issues is that I tend to go into "auto pilot mode" when I'm under a lot of stress, and that's not a good thing for driving, not to mention I'm suicidal and having access to a car kind of makes it easier. I could just drive of a bridge or some shit on a bad day.

I wish I had someone who would sit down with me and teach me, but one of my parents doesn't drive and the other is a nervous wreck and a nightmare to be around. No friends either and the only person who could do it would be my bf, but he works fulltime and live 2 hours away.

I'm planning to go back to driving school. Last time what really killed my confidence was that my instructor was actually slowing/speeding up the car without telling, so I thought I was doing alright, only to find out I wasn't and they were actually doing it all for me, which just made me more self conscious.

Man this sucks.

No. 242869

I didn't know instructors had the ability to speed up or slow down the car. I thought the only thing they could do is brake…

Good luck anyway anon. Driving school is the only place I got any meaningful driving experience.

No. 242880

Trannies are 10x worse than men. Holy shit those fuckers are so crazy and deranged.

No. 242882

Try Sublingual Immunotherapy. Allergies are awful and can seriously make life hell.

No. 242883

Maybe you could try driving on Sunday mornings with your non-driving parent? It's what I did when I finally bought a car 1.5 year after having obtained my driving license. I felt much more relaxed driving when there was no one on the streets and with my mom next to me so I didn't feel alone even though she doesn't drive.

No. 242888

Not really a vent but I live with my dad at the moment and the man is a control freak. He needs to touch everything WHEN he wants it and is fucking incapable of throwing anything out, giving something to charity or respecting others boundaries.
Just now I noticed one of my books was in his huge, mostly unread, bookshelf and commented about it with him.
As I exited the kitchen he followed me into my room, his bookshelf and a lot of his stuff is in my room because of his hoarding habits, asked me to show where the book was. I picked the book and then, without asking, he went to grab it from my hand because he "just wanted to take a look".
I pulled the book back because I'm done with his bullshit, he does this pulling from your hands without permission or refusing to let go of things like a toddler or dog a lot, and said he could take a look later after I came back.
He kept insisting, saying I'm neurotic, that he wanted to look now, jumping around to try to grab it from me, as we are of the same height.
A lot of time that would annoy the fuck out of me and I'd give in or feel awful about his insults, the ass even used the fact I commented I was looking for a therapist to "stab" me with "You should tell your therapist about these insane things you do" and acted like I'm the crazy one while running after the book and raising his voice, but this time I had none of that.
It was glorious, I couldn't stop laughing at that crazy little man acting all hurt he couldn't just take what he wanted when he wanted. Trully pathetic, now he won't even look at me because "muh hurt feelings", I can't believe I was afraid of this little bitch.

Anyhow, as soon as start my new job I'm out of here.

No. 242896

i have health problems that make me really skinny and i’ve always wanted to a have sexy curvy body, so when people make comments about my weight it hurts. People seem to think it’s okay to make comments because they aren’t calling me fat, so it must not be insulting, right? I recently ran into a girl i grew up with, she was my best friend for a long time in childhood. She was out shopping with her mom and I stopped to say hi. They were looking at me really weird and I didn’t know why until later that night when she messaged me on facebook straight up asking if i had an eating disorder and if i was okay, saying she and her mo were really worried. It really fucked with my head. I mean, if I was really fat and she messaged me saying “hey you look really obese and i’m worried about your health, are you okay?” that would be really awful so why is it okay to do the reverse? I hate looking like this, i’m even ashamed to be naked in front of my boyfriend.

No. 242898

Idk if this is help but my boyfriend has ocd and has to touch things sometimes. I didn't understand it for a while until he told me he has ocd and it made me patient with him.

No. 242902

Oh anon, I have no sympathy left in me.
I legit didn't have a room growing up because it was more important to hoard stuff inside his "office", I couldn't touch my kid magazines and could only read them if he was the one reading for me, got all my cards oppened while I was travelling wihout asking me first and blocked the access to a bunch of my old toys and books.

No. 242905

anon it sounds like he has a fucking problem, but it's not worth it to hate him for it. he should have been told to get help, but it's like not something he's actively doing in an enjoyable way because it's obvious disordered behavior.

No. 242907

>obvious mental issues
>anon being a baby about it and calling her dad crazy


No. 242909

Lost one every year (all in Spring too).

No. 242910

I think I have body image issues. I know a lot of people focus and hate on one part of their body but my thing is I don't feel I look the same day to day. One day I will look at myself in the mirror and my nose will look gigantic, the next it will look "normal" (I don't know which one is true lmao). I have days where I see myself with manly shoulders and no hips and other were I only see huge hips and a skinny upper body, sometimes I see someone who look normal and even beautiful but most of the time I only have a disgusting image of myself in the mirror and it can fuck up my whole day. It's really distressing and I don't know if there is anything I can do about it. The weirdest thing is it does it to picture too, I have a pic of me and my friends on the wall and depending of the day my face doesn't look the same to me…

No. 242911

Anon, I lived with him for almost 25 years.
I know he has a problem, but he refuses to go therapy and it's not my role as the daughter to be his counselor, trust me I tried that in my teens.
Besides he was an emotionally abusive fuck up and probably closeted narcisist.
I don't hate him, but I don't have to give up ownership of my things, brake my bounderies, that I'm still building, because "poor sick old man". He always acted like the victm, called me crazy and the "biggest mistake in his life, a literal devil that makes poor dad suffer, poor old man should just kill myself because awful daughter" while acting like I was his personal feelings toilet and shit talking my mother to me all the time.
I'll not back down or act like a child anymore. I deserve respect.

No. 242916

Try growing up with someone with mental issues to see how much you like it then.
I also have a lot of mental issues, partially caused by his emotional abuse, but I don't define my whole being by them or expect to be treated like disabled, he is not at all, because of them.
I don't buy the "respecting your parents even if they are jerks that don't respect you because they are your parents" meme.

No. 242917

Lmao, oh wow.

Anon I feel bad that you have such a manbaby for a dad, but at the same time I can't stop thinking of all the ways I'd mess with him. Like putting everything in 'wrong' spots, hiding stuff underneath hoard piles, etc.
But meh, I think it's ridiculous that he threatened you over your own book. Is there no way you can move out of that house?

No. 242922

File: 1523818430834.jpg (11.55 KB, 236x234, 334523453.jpg)

I swore into the army literally the day before the attacks on Syria fml. I only have two friends and I put off telling them about my enlistment and now I'm afraid to tell them at all, particularly one of them. He's honestly kind of a "weak" person, in that he's very easily swayed by echo chambers – he went from being openly misogynistic and saying "nigger" whenever he thought he could get away with it (he's white) to being super liberal and identifying as non-binary within a couple years because he stopped using 4chan and his new friend group is very liberal and many of them identify as non-binary/trans. (I don't call him "weak" as an insult, he's been struggling with his mental health lately and I know it's easy when you're not mentally healthy to mistake echo chambers for support systems).

Because of this, he's gotten really swept up in anti-military sentiments after the attacks. Completely understandable and I don't hate him for having certain beliefs but it was still shitty seeing him liking posts on twitter that explicitly said that anyone who joins the military for any reason hates brown people and loves the death of innocents.

I don't regret joining (yet, who doesn't regret joining a little once they're in lol) and I don't feel guilty about it because I know I'm not doing it out of blind nationalism or because I love war or whatever (plus my job will involve lab work and medicine). I'm just trying to get my life in order. I wanted to tell the two of them so they'd at least know why I can't contact them for a bit (we only talk online because we live in different cities now) but now I'm thinking I should just shut up, ship out, and worry about his feelings later.

I know I should suck it up and just tell him (because honestly if he flips out and just ignores everything he knows about me in favor of stereotypes he read on twitter, not to mention if people like me weren't volunteering it's his ass that would be drafted…do I really want to be friends with someone like that?) but I've known him since middle school so it's tough and I'm losing sleep over it anyway.

No. 242924

You don't have to tell him anything, and frankly, his opinion on it would be his own even if you did. It's not your problem if he couldn't mentally deal. Smarter SJWs know that people join the military to help pay for school, housing, etc. and it has nothing to do with hating the darkies.

No. 242927

Just tell him what you told us. If you weren't going on your own he would be drafted instead.

No. 242958

I've just left my brand new phone in the train.

No. 242987

File: 1523832211079.jpeg (78.41 KB, 500x493, D9DC2651-DE9B-4C63-9D95-EE5D82…)

Excuse my first world autism, but do y’all ever get like legit intensely depressed, like there’s a gaping hole in your heart because your 2d husbando will never exist in real life?

No. 242991

File: 1523832671353.gif (874.87 KB, 250x200, 200.gif)

Today is my birthday and I spend it with just my mom and my sister, it was nice but I wish i had people other then my family to be with. I feel like a fcking loser but im too anxious to talk and make new friendship even tho I desperately want to.

No. 243001

I really hate being a cry baby…I cry way too much over small things, and I can't control it, not matter what I do I just end up bawling. Once it starts I can't stop. Many times in high school I would end up crying during presentations and would have to excuse myself to bathroom to calm myself down, might be related to my anxiety or something I'm not sure. It makes me even more upset when people tell me to just stop or get thicker skin, almost like they think I WANT to be crying over these things, It makes me so frustrated. I wish I couldn't cry at all.

No. 243006

It's completely fine to feel and express yuor emotions in your own way anon. You are not a crying baby, some people are naturally more sensitive than the averege and that's ok.
If some situations are too overwelming for you maybe you could try some mindfulness exercises when faced with those situations and tell the people close to you how much you feel hurt when they call you crybaby or imply there's something wrong with you.

No. 243010

I feel u anon. I uncontrollably cry when frustrated, angry, really tired, or really scared. Got to a point where I just excuse myself, explain my eyes cry even when the rest of me in uninvolved, and carry on while dabbing my stupid eyes with a hanky. Weird thing is when I’m genuinely devastated or sad I’m not a crier. The tears won’t come when it’s appropriate, only when debating or telling my dumb dog to stop scream-barking at the neighbour.

No. 243011

>bf asks for pics of my outfit
>send them
>"why do you think you're fat?"
>he acts like it completely didn't just happen and ignores my message when I ask him when I said that
that's… so weird, I never said I was fat nor did I make any comments on my body at all, that's so confusing, maybe im overreading it though, should I be worried?

No. 243019

I spent my birthday alone, and I try not to discuss it with others. I don't want anyone to feel compelled to celebrate it.

No. 243029

Cynical me says he has a girl on the side and mixed you guys up. Cause why wouldn't he just explain himself?

No. 243030

Thats what I thought as well but I don't wanna be crazy gf and accuse him of cheating straight up over that, I also thought either
A)he thinks im fat "but actually likes it" or whatever
B)some weird way of negging
C)some weird teen novel savior complex fantasy of "saving me from insecurities"
Its so little but just… Odd, and then i bring up and he completely ignores it and acts like it didnt happen, its so weird

No. 243035

If I were you I'd hound him about it until he told me lol

No. 243037

Agree with other anon, we can speculate all we want here but only he holds the truth!

No. 243038

A question about venting

How and where does one vent without looking like a moaning piece of shit? I was locked up in a psychiatric ward a few weeks ago and found that most people in my position, more so the women, define themselves and talk about nothing but their health issues. It was there that I realized how infuriating venting can be when done wrong and now I have a distaste for any form of venting at all in real life even though I instinctively need to do it from time to time.

I'm really worried I'm going to do something stupid through either desperation or rage. I will be locked away for a long time for any misbehavior next time but as it currently stands I am having trouble regulating my emotions. Some of my family have cut me off in a dramatic way because I'm basically in the 'too hard to deal with pile', which cut me up pretty bad, but I did lash out at them in moments of intense weakness so it is justified I guess. I honestly don't believe I have the necessary abilities to regulate my emotions at this point of time, and with my brother saying he will wait outside and smash me over the head with a baseball bat the next time I upset mum, has me a bit concerned I am running towards a drama I can't avoid. I have expressed that I am willing to not talk to my mother anymore but the rest of the family is 'oh no man, no, your mum is sick and you can't just abruptly cut her off like that'.

Some of my family is doing a lot for me with covering my mortgage while I'm unwell. And my brother is checking up on me. I'm definitely a risk to myself and others but I can't bring myself to return to the ward because I don't trust that modern psychiatry and mental health services have progressed much beyond One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and Lobotomies, I don't want to become a statistic that is lives in a semi conscious state due to whatever substances they force into me. During my brief stint there a nurse was always on my back trying to get me to take anti-anxiety pills, I can't bring myself to trust them.

No. 243040

Try calling to suicide prevention hotlines and other emotional support ones when you really need someone to talk to. They have people trained to help you or just listen to you if you say you just need to vent and have no one else to talk to.
Best of luck anon.

No. 243048

I went to see a Star Wars live concert today but I couldn't stop thinking the whole time about how I feel like the Last Jedi ruined the series for me. I tell myself I can always enjoy the originals but I cannot stop being a sperg.

Thanks for the tip anon. I think I'm doing better but I'm so behind on my work.

No. 243052

File: 1523850756684.jpg (1.33 MB, 1440x1080, 1523831591598.jpg)

I have exams in 2.5 hours, have not slept all night and now my ex is sending me messages at 5AM REEEing about something I said on the internet that wasn't even about him and the fact that I saw his dick online and crying about how I hurt his feefees by saying that he didn't care about me (he himself said I loved him a lot more than he loved me and refused to hold hands with me, amongst some other awful shite).
He seems to be getting increasingly buttmad and has resorted to sending me SMS messages after getting blocked. He is the one who dumped me, he is the one who wanted to be alone, yet he is now also the one bothering me and acting like a manbaby.

I finally got over him for the most part yet here he is being a twat, making things worse and acting like I was the one who did him dirty. Why are men so dumb Jesus please give me an answer.

Sorry if I come off as super negative and sorry if I've already ranted about him too much but this guy just can't drop it and I'm tired.

No. 243056

god girl fuck him focus on your exams you live beyond his reach now

No. 243057

lol don’t you love when you post something and then you get some screeching manchild assuming it was all about him when it wasn’t?

No. 243064

I’ve found a formula.

XYZ is upsetting to me because ABC. I am doing this about it but it feels overwhelming. Ask for advice if pertinent.

The key difference between bitching and moaning or just venting is mainly what is being done about it. The worst moaners are always presenting themselves as victims of cruel circumstance/people and aren’t doing shit to improve the situation.

No. 243112

>tfw you call suicide prevention lifeline one time and the lady was new af and made me feel worse and made the call extremely uncomfortable
There's incompetent dipshits everywhere.

No. 243117

File: 1523881739272.jpg (57.46 KB, 640x360, 85422b95a928e12658e85858d36b8b…)

I miss my friends a lot… but when i see them they don't give a fuck about me, their personalities and interests changed a lot since we entered college (not in a bad way), they're bored when I sit with them but I can't ditch them and find new friends because they are very nice and we've been together for so long, I also don't want to change myself just to please them.

No. 243127

I had a similar experience.

It wasn't so much that my lady was incompetent or new, she just had nothing for me. It was kind of like talking into a wall, I don't remember her saying anything. Lol.

That's fine for some people I guess. But if I wanted to shout into a void, I would just post anonymously here about it. I remember putting down the phone feeling less suicidal because all I could think about was "is this really how that hotline works?" Lmao.

No. 243129

I love my boyfriend, but I'm afraid he will string me along without realizing that I don't want to wait forever to get married and start a family. I know this is something he also wants, but I don't think he's as concerned about timing, because his fertility isn't going to nosedive within ten years.

No. 243132


Yes it will. Idk why there's this prevalent misconception that men stay young, healthy, and fertile forever. They don't.


>The volume of a man’s semen and sperm motility (the ability of sperm to move towards an egg) decrease continually between the ages of 20 and 80.

>Children with fathers aged 40 or older are more than five times as likely to have an autism spectrum disorder than children fathered by men aged under 30.

No. 243142

Men who are obsessed with fertility are a redflag, and theres higher chances of birth defects as the men get older, don't listen to revenge fantasy tier shit

No. 243159

>bf: I HATE being constantly on my phone and carrying it around ugh also sorry I don't use my phone at the gym
>also bf: is almost always on whatsapp but doesn't bother to respond to my messages on the other app

Sure thing…guess it depends who's messaging him (:

No. 243190

File: 1523900860232.jpg (27.19 KB, 634x483, 28377537_10209986616655414_490…)

I had a nightmare last night and it left me with a serious question I've been asking myself since I was a child: what will I do when my parents will die?
I'm not even very close with them, my mom has NPD and is abusive and my dad lives with his new gf and we see each other twice a month or so, and yet the thought of their death makes me cry and seems such an impossible thing to overcome. I had an orphan girl in my class, and I was seriously wondering how did she overcome that. It just seems impossible to me.
When my grandma died 2 years ago I was devastated, and I still am whenever I think of it. The thought of not seeing/hearing from someone you love again in this life is too hard… I think I could even kill myself when the time comes. Same if something had to happen to my sibling. Why do living beings have to die?

No. 243207

The book "The five invitations" is pretty good in discussing grief and preparing for death in general, other than that dunno how you feel. Call me edgy but I've been kind of hoping, not sure why, my parents die for a while tbh.

No. 243241

File: 1523907570459.jpg (59.22 KB, 600x471, 1480272624792.jpg)

>working in a group of around 9 people.
>they send me useless information that was based purely on copy and paste and some incoherent bs.

>I end up doing everything, I did 20 pages.

>They get angry at me for not taking into consideration what they send me

>called me rude for calling them incoherent through a fucking text message

>one of them is extremely disrespectful and has zero manners in a daily basis, she is stuck up in her annoying 17yo psycho punk girl uwu

>one of them literally wrote a fat paragraph ranting about it

>next morning they don't say nothing to me

>some of them ignore me and glare at me in class

people are sickening. I hate myself for actually feeling bad when I did nothing wrong, I did them a FAVOR and yet I'm the bad guy. fuck off

No. 243247

Paying money just to be able to fucking see sucks.

No. 243248

Cheers to that, girl.

No. 243252

Word. Especially when you're short-sighted and the glasses you need make you look like a fucking cartoon with beady eyes.

No. 243266

File: 1523912213146.jpg (108.96 KB, 720x308, where we're going we don't nee…)

>Going places where you need eyes to see
Lmao get on my level

No. 243269

I always found it weird that in my country (don't know if it's the same everywhere) glasses, the frames and the lenses, are expensive even though they're a necessity for many people, and not even fully reimbursed. Saying this as someone with a perfect eyesight, when I learned it wasn't always reimbursed I was shocked.

No. 243278

>not even fully reimbursed
lmao, in my country glasses are never reimbursed. You pay or no eyesight for you.
And people still say "socialism" is ruining this shithole, kek

No. 243280

File: 1523914618644.png (128.82 KB, 500x397, might-look-fly-but-i-want-to-d…)

>parents are going into pension soon, which means our already small income will be cut in half and they'll depend on me
>can't find a job that pays more than minimum wage bc no college degree and only a year of experience
>can't get into college because my parents won't be able to finance me, employers avoid (future) students like the plague + unstable job market, "student jobs" don't pay enough to support both family and school
>realizing I'll stay in this shit and dying town forever, possibly ending up homeless once my parents die and if I don't find an okay paying job

>have no friends and connections because retard me thought I'll be dead before I turn 18 (nope, I'm 22 now)

>ltr/ldr is falling apart because bf had "high expectations" and is now barely talking to me instead of doing fucking anything to help (actually posted it on /g/), I'm just waiting for him to leave

>can't afford therapy anymore

Well…shit. My anxiety is probably making some situations seem worse than they are but I have no fucking idea what to do anymore. I'm so stressed I haven't eaten properly in a week and I can't fall asleep before 5am, waking up at 8am. I'm stuck in a fucking rut and I just want to fucking die.
If I could at least get out of this town, but I can't leave my parents behind, no matter how shitty they were. Or if I could make friends, but the majority of my peers are mostly out of town/country already (since it's a tiny place).
I also had high hopes for this fucking relationship… the ONLY thing he has/had to do is pay some fucking attention to me. That's literally IT, it's the simple motivation I need. But no, despite me telling him that over and over again he still chooses to ignore me and barely talk to me.I suppose he's over it already, considering he doesn't know how he feels after the break we had. Fucking hell…

No. 243283

Wth, you're only 22, yet your parents already retire and want you to support them?!
Even if they had you when they were already 40, they're still not old enough to do that…

No. 243287

They both have physically demanding jobs and have been working them for years, can't blame them for wanting to leave. And me supporting them was kind of always a thing, ever since I started to work, so I'm kind of used to it?
Tbh I'm not really sure what to say

No. 243308

But how old are they?

No. 243311

I hate it when you spend a lot of time and effort on a paper and it comes back with a bad grade. I don't want to sound entitled but it's really annoying that this happened to me when I put more work into a paper and it came back with a meh grade than some paper I worked less on. I even spent a lot of time talking to my friend who graduated with a major in the subject to see if the paper would be ok.

The prof even wrote in the comments "the conclusion should have been xyz instead" but that was the entire point of my paper. I feel like the professor thought I wrote the opposite of the point of my paper because he assumes because I have certain beliefs, I couldn't believe that xyz would be true. It's like if I told the professor I was Republican which meant I could never be for gun control. Really frustrating. I'm going to talk to my professor tomorrow but it would suck if he misread my paper.

No. 243312

This is why I studied engineering. Fuck betting your grade on how somebody else interprets what you write. Just give me boring equations with a single correct answer all day.
I know what it's like, this song is pretty much me IRL these days

No. 243319


I can promise you he skimmed it and read the conclusion. Definitely take it in and ask them for more feedback. Don’t explicitly ask for a regrade but ask them for more assistant and guidance. They’ll usually bump it up in my experience if you’re polite enough and persistent.

No. 243326

Nah I'm actually 100% confident he didn't just skim it and read the conclusion because the prof actually left me a bunch of comments throughout the entire paper. He also does regrades for the class normally.

It's just that I have a lot of other stuff due and I didn't want the extra work.

No. 243327

Father is 60 and mother 59

No. 243329

Happy late birthday Anon!

I spent my birthday two days ago alone too, mostly because I had schoolwork to do, but I don't see it as anything special. Celebrate when you want to, no need to put importance on specific days!

No. 243332

I hate struggling with mental illness in a town inhabited by mostly old people. None of the doctors care and there are little to no resources. I just want some fucking help.

No. 243333

I have the sane issue, it's like an automatic response to any stressors and I can't control it, similarly to blushing or the like. no idea how to control it, just hoping I'll grow out if it kek

No. 243338

I thought girlschannel was just another girl's forum where people could trade tips and stories but I actually visited it today for the first time and holy shit it's rife with shitposting.

No. 243358

So my cat has a tumor on her tongue that can't be removed and I have to prepare myself for when I'll have to put her to sleep since she is soon going to be unable to eat. I'm very sad about it, she is the best cat.

No. 243367

Retiring at (or even before) 60 is an insane luxury, that nearly nobody can afford.
You really need to talk to them, they should at least be able to go for 5 more years until you're a bit older and more stable.
You're at an age there your parents still should be supporting you - not the other way around.

No. 243376

I've connected with a girl recently and we became really good friends. She just got rejected (by a female professor who was leaving lol) so I thought maybe she was trying to rebound when she started flirting with me. I'm pretty straight but she keeps wanting to sit really close to me when we're alone and finds excuses to touch me. Why does this always happen to me? A previous girl friend crushed on me before, too. I really like this person as a friend so I'm so scared she's going to make things too weird and we'll end up hating each other.

No. 243378

Guess it's worth trying to talk to them and see how that'll go, thanks

No. 243381

I’m sorry anon, that’s a horrible thing to go through. As an owner of an elderly cat, I can relate.

No. 243383

Im sorry for your loss anon, hopefully your kitties last days will be as happy as they can

No. 243405

>trying to find the song that often plays in our gym
>no lyrics tho
>browse around for like an hour on youtube
>click randomly on a video because I was getting bored
>found the song, turns out it was Darude - Sandstorm


No. 243413

the company I work for went bankrupt and was bought out by liquidators so I'm out of a job in a few months. It was a shitty retail job but I've put a few years into it and loved my coworkers. I don't want to look for a new job, I hate being new and I was so comfortable. I'm not too upset, but I just wish I could have gone to school (even though with my sister going, I doubt we could have afforded it) instead of being stuck with shitty dead end jobs.
At least I'll get my 500 dollars of retirement I had saved up there.

No. 243435

File: 1524007780610.png (290.07 KB, 491x452, wheresmygravel.png)

Some teen smartmouthed at me today "Who the FUCK are you?", which got me pondering on how to answer that question. The definition I decided upon was simply me in the context of my environment, having nothing to do with my likes or dislikes, my hobbies, my work, my life. After so many jobs, so many hours volunteering, so much time spent at the guitar, I still can't answer that question.

If I wasn't philosophically opposed, suicide would look a lot more appealing.

No. 243440

File: 1524009471592.jpg (152.4 KB, 750x738, tumblr_p5wr1kONpO1wjb9bro2_128…)

Having this realization doesn't need to be depressing. Ego doesn't exist independently, it's just an approximation of countless unique concepts and feelings and ideas, but it exists functionally and dependently, so you have the potential to mold it and dress it up or abandon it at will.

Most Buddhist sects focus on this concept and perfecting it as a vehicle to liberation instead of a depressing thing.

No. 243442

In which context did they ask you that?

No. 243452

File: 1524018095009.png (95.4 KB, 731x228, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 9.01…)

I've been doing pretty good lately recovering from years of self hatred related to misogyny/hating myself for being a woman but then I read this and allowed it to ruin all my progress.

I've wanted to write/direct my entire life. It's all I've ever wanted to do and all I've ever fucking cared about. The fact that people will just see me and see A WOMAN and think that this all that I have to offer makes me want to fucking kill myself. Why is the world like this? Why are women so hated and belittled?

I know it's my problem if I let this bother me. But it does fucking bother me, and as much as punish myself physically for being 'weak' it STILL bothers me and I can't stop that. It may seem like I'm overreacting and I probably am but that comment is just one comment on top of millions of other people saying shit similar or worse than this and I don't see a silver lining here. I've tried to find one. And I don't see a single fucking point in trying at anything at all anymore. Shit like this is never ending and I'm so fucking TIRED. I wish I could finally get the courage to blow my fucking head off.

I mean how many times are you supposed to hear that you're dumb and worthless and deficient and have nothing to offer the world before you finally get the hint and fucking take yourself out? How long can someone actually be expected to cope with that?

I know I'm opening myself up for incessant ridicule here but I just need to get this out. Because I really don't see the fucking point in continuing on with anything. I just want to sit on my ass and read books and watch movies so I can stop thinking about who and what I am and how the real world is forever. And I probably fucking will, and I'll accomplish nothing, and I'll be forever sad and miserable a failure, and I'll have no one but myself to blame. I'll have nothing but the kind of sentiments in pic related floating around in my head for eternity. I can't go back to a time when I saw myself as a capable human being and not just some inferior animal who shouldn't even try because I'll never be good anyway. Now I just see myself the way men like that see me and it hurts so fucking much and I can't break out of it. I'm stuck like this forever and I'm going to ruin my fucking life.

And at the end of the day it doesn't matter why. Nobody fucking cares. And it's no excuse, regardless of how much it fucking hurts and how much it makes me feel like I'm getting buried underneath this shit and there's no avoiding it.

No. 243460

This guy I really like and who really likes me used to be a manwhore and it makes me feel really weird because I was a KHHV

No. 243461

I kind of understand, I work in a majority male area and I worry that when I make a mistake or say something stupid out of nervousness the first thing my coworkers will think is "stupid woman". I wish I never had to deal with men, I avoid them as much as possible in my personal time.

No. 243475

First of all: why is this affecting you? Is he right? We you going to write and direct a movie about babies, clothes and gossip? I imagine the answer is "no".

But let's say that's exactly what you want to do: so what? Have you seen the amount of complete shit movies men make every year? And even then: why must a film about such subjects be bad? Because things related to womanhood are seen as inherently inferior, even though they objectively are not?

Third: fuck, girl, how fucking low is your self esteem? I used to echo and believe a lot of misogynistic shit back in my /b/tard days, but that was because I was a shut-in NEET who didn't believe sne'd ever amount to much, and "they're right, it's because I'm a woman" is a great excuse to feel sorry for yourself and stop trying. It isn't true, though.

Last of all: guy is a fucking pleb. Most men who say this kind of thing are. I'm a language-literature major, and I once believed the plebs that said that only males write good literature and all women writers were Stephanie-Meyer-Marian-Keys level YA chick lit bullshit. That academics were all males because women couldn't into science. But when I actually started studying it beyond a high school level, I found out there's a shit ton of good female authors. Great female linguists. Most of my professors are women. It's the same thing in pretty much every area: women aren't given as much mainstream attention because they're women. It doesn't change the fact that these women are great, and their work is great, and their contributions are real, and people who actually care about such subjects DO value them and their work.

Don't let a fucking pleb who thinks he knows the first thing about film making because his ex gf once forced him to watch Lars Von Trier discourage you. Actually, from the examples he gave, I'm 100% sure he never even watched a non-Hollywood movie.

No. 243491

As someone dating an ex-slut, I feel weird as well. It makes me anxious as hell whenever I think about their past partners or how they've just had way more sex than me, and I basically went up to having missionary sex and that's it. I'm disappointed because I feel like I'm missing out on the "sexual discovery" part of the relationship where you find yourself sexually. For my girlfriend, it's basically good as long as she gets off; she's interested in doing things to fit my kinks, but it's really hard to figure out my kinks when I date someone who's been through literally all of it from her exes.

At the same time if you're young, just be faintly afraid of getting played or dealing with someone who used sex to cope with other mental issues.

No. 243492


> women aren't given as much mainstream attention because they're women. It doesn't change the fact that these women are great, and their work is great, and their contributions are real, and people who actually care about such subjects DO value them and their work.

You sound jaded because "good" female authors can't become famous intrinsically based on their gender; this is just wrong. Like, people value their work and they may write well, but that doesn't make their material more relatable or evoke emotion to the masses. Like it's the goal of publishers to publish shit that people will buy and read. And the reality is that men don't relate to women, they don't understand a lot of the emotional plight and burden and simple shit even like having a period.

>and people who actually care about such subjects DO value them and their work.

lol obviously not since every srs female writer is a nobody or beating dead horses

No. 243494

File: 1524039203031.jpg (89.76 KB, 728x546, me.jpg)

I have a great boyfriend but his sex drive is way way lower than mine. I went to hang out with him tonight and even though I brought up that I wanted some action he declined, and while I was understanding towards him I was a little miffed internally because I completely shaved from the neck down and wore a particularly sexy outfit in an effort to woo him.

I ditched the two vibrators I previously owned at the beginning of this relationship. After my frustration tonight, I decided it was time to get a new one. I high tailed it to the nearest 24 hr sex shop, only to see that everything was massively overpriced. I thought it best to suck it up and just get one, it'd all be worth it in the end. I got one for ~$35 and anxiously headed home.

Well I got home and it absolutely will not turn on. I've tried putting the batteries in every way imaginable, trying different kinds of batteries, the works. Nothing. I don't really like using toys that have no vibration so it was a complete waste, the $35 I paid for it as well as having to suffer through a seedy adult store.

I know it's far from tragedy but man am I annoyed lol

No. 243508

>The weird lolicon post in the unpopular opinion thread?

No. 243510

Female pedophiles are just as disgusting if not more, I don't get why some girls think its cute to like child porn, especially considering most the fanbase are fat white trash

No. 243514

I don't think it's cute to like it or being a girl makes anything more/less okay, and I don't like actual childporn by my own definition of it (which is surely different from yours).

Let's stop this conversation before the thread gets derailed.

No. 243515

>naked children being sexualized isn't child porn because its drawn a certain way but depictions of children getting molested is totally hot!
Okay whatever you say,see if anyone agrees

No. 243532

I mean, you're speaking of the best seller market there when I'm clearly referring to real literature. And by their work I mean academic women. You'd be hard pressed to find people who would refrain from reading or referencing a good paper just because a woman wrote it. You sound like you're still in high school.

No. 243543

File: 1524056572260.jpeg (310.86 KB, 1110x1625, F5A4A65A-6404-49B8-ACAF-26143E…)

I honestly just want to start my own pop up maid cafe.

I work as a professional illustrator so I can easily design the logo and art, I can design/sew the costumes or coworkers from past jobs who could(or good places to buy costumes), could easily get my sister to make me a couple of baked goods to sell at the event (as she studied in Paris)

I just simply do have any friends who would want to be part of it and honestly it just sucks. I know I could make a quality maid cafe but I just don’t know anyone willing to join or where to start to find people.

And the people I do find are either shady as hell(pass workers from arcane cafe) or just too young.

No. 243546

If you can't take this basic level of criticism then you're never going to succeed as a writer.

No. 243548

I wish I could join. Sounds like fun, anon! You could put up hiring posters in your area and see how many people respond. Ask friends of friends, get the word around, and good luck!

No. 243553

This is the kind of thing I would love to be part of. One of my ideal jobs actually. I'm sure it won't be hard to find people who are willing.

No. 243564

How much and who you have to pay to get data erased from institutions like politicians?

No. 243570

high school robot begone

No. 243574

Thanks for the response anon….and to get it out of the way, yes I have low self esteem and I admit that and I have been working on it. I feel less suicidal today so I will try to explain why this bothers me.

I don't know this guy or what he knows about film, it was a conversation in a thread I was in but was not said to me. It's affecting me because I see things like this all the time, constantly reminding me that the entire world thinks I'm inferior or somehow incapable of thinking about anything but vapid shit because women are dumb, worthless, only for sex, only for babies. As someone who wants MORE than that, much more, it hurts to be reduced to that and it feels as though it's CONSTANT. I mean, this is tame compared to the shit I read and hear about women every single day. This:
>Because things related to womanhood are seen as inherently inferior
is pretty much my point. And it can't be changed. I will always be seen as lesser than regardless of what I do. I feel like EVERYONE thinks this way and simply humors women and lets us think that the world doesn't hate us or see us as trash. I feel like the punchline of a joke, constantly. And I'm tired of being seen this way, and I'm tired of getting angry and being sad when it's completely out of my control. I acknowledged as much. But I can't help it, I'm so sick of seeing men say 'well women are like this and like this and like this' and 'women are only intellectually or emotionally capable of X.' I really can't handle the fact that the world sees me that way, before I've evened opened my mouth. It's useless to agonize about shit being unfair, but it's fucking unfair. I'm tired of automatically being viewed as deficient or less capable.

And it doesn't matter how much people prove them wrong. It doesn't matter how many female directors make strides, or how many women are incredible authors. This idea of women being some worthless mistake who is just a deficient male will never go away. This shit will NEVER end. I'm barely 21 years into it and I'm so fucking sick and tired of it. I don't WANT to be seen or treated this way based on something I can't control. It has nothing to do with me, as a person, but still, that's what everyone sees first and foremost. A woman. And therefore, they see someone who has nothing to offer but sex/cooking/cleaning. Someone who is intellectually incapable. Someone who's main goal in life is to sit on her fucking ass waiting for some man to PICK ME so that I can fulfill the one thing that women are seen as decent at and pop out a bunch of babies that I don't even want because ~that's all women are for.~

You're right, I won't succeed as a writer. But this was not a personal criticism of me or my work, which is the fucking point. It's just being written off based on something I can't control by at least half of the population. And how many times do I really have to express that this particular sentiment is one fucking brick in a million mile long wall of similar or worse sentiments.

No. 243586

You sound like you have some anxiety problem and are extremely insecure. There's a lot of successful women out there and they worked hard to be where they are, not complain online.

Female directors are less common but there are a lot a lot of female editors. Tarantino's main editor has been a woman. (Until she died) But a lot of talented people, male or female don't succeed in the film industry because it's so competitive.

No. 243598

This is a vent thread, which is why I vented. I thought the purpose was for 'complaining.' I work very hard but my point is that it doesn't matter, because people still see me as just a WOMAN and therefore inferior and have nothing to offer the industry or the world in general. BECAUSE they're women. I'm just tired of seeing this shit everywhere and I just want it to stop. I'm so so so fucking tired of it and there's nothing I can do about it because I can't fucking change being a woman and I can't hide it and everyone can fucking see it. Read his fucking post again. It feels like fucking SHIT to be written off and reduced to 'children and clothes and gossip about coworkers'? And people constantly saying men are superior in everyway and women are only good at having babies and serving men. Who the fuck wants to go through life constantly being reminded of that?

Sally Menke was literally mentioned in that post he is responding to, along with a lot of female directors. And men STILL think that way about women. Even when they are presented with successful women who have contributed to the industry, somehow those women's successes don't count and women are STILL seen as incubators and fucktoys to them. Women are STILL seen as incapable of doing anything good and making great art even when they do. The point is it doesn't fucking matter what I do, at the end of the day I'm still a woman and people see that and automatically have this idea of me being an inferior piece of worthless fucking trash that is lower than an animal and should just give up and go back to the fucking kitchen and do the only job I'm worth doing.

I've already mentioned I have low self esteem and I'm trying to work on it but is it really any wonder why I have low self esteem when I constantly am inundated with ideas that I'm inferior and worthless because of circumstances of my birth that I can't control? If I could control it obviously I would have been a fucking man, why do I deserve to be punished for not having that choice? Why the fuck do women have to be shat on constantly even when they do good things or are good people? All because they're women. Why is "woman" something so fucking terrible that it's the most undesirable and reprehensible thing to be? Why?

I wasn't born thinking this way about myself and my gender, it was fucking beaten into my head my entire life. And it never fucking ends.

It doesn't even matter. I regret writing the post and I regret writing this post and sorry for everyone that read it.

No. 243601

I'm really fucking mad at myself. I'm pretty sure I completely failed my interview for a simple retail job. I should have told her what she wanted to hear instead of the truth. Fuck me

No. 243602

Diff anon, here. I completely understand how you feel because I have days where I feel the same. Although, I think men treat great women as more like exceptions to the rule. Not that they "don't count," more like they're a rare/lucky exception. It still sucks either way, but that's my view.

No. 243603

I skimmed this post because TL;DR but this person who wrote that screenshot is a retard or a troll. Sophia Coppola for example is very acclaimed.

No. 243604

Thanks, I knew there would be someone who knew what I meant. But even when women are the 'exceptions' they are still seen as worse than men, even if the men haven't done half of the good work she has done. Women are seen by default as inferior and worthless. And it hurts and it fucking sucks and I'm personally at my breaking point with it.

No. 243605

Yeah i also wanted to chime in and say that I don't agree with what you're saying conceptually, but I feel this way all the fucking time. I'm so fucking sensitive to misogyny and it makes me hate myself and feel disconnected from my body.
You probably already know what you have to do. You have to get away from ideas like "if i could choose i'd be a man!!!" and get angrier. Get angry at the masses who think you should be punished for something you can't control and accept the fact of women in all their forms, not just the ones who have proved themselves in a losing game. You know believing these people is bullshit so you have to stick with that conviction and stop asking yourself 'but what if they're right?' They're no more right than you and they never will be because it's just their stupid opinions.

It's so much easier said than done and I hate that in order to not hate myself I have to be stubborn and intense with my views. I'm sweet and sensitive and I don't feel like fighting, but that's how it is on this bitch of an earth

No. 243608

if you dont believe in yourself first nobody is going to take you seriously.

No. 243610

People alreayd don't take me seriously for the reasons I stated, so who the fuck cares how I feel about myself? Nobody.

Thanks I know that's what I have to do too and I try really hard to but sometimes it gets too much and I feel like I'm back to square one with how depressed I get about it. I feel just like you, I'm sensitive and quiet by default and I don't want to have to be FORCING myself to stop feeling things. It's very hard to do and it doesn't come naturally to me. But I guess 'fake it til you make it' applies here, but I don't think I'll ever make it.

But I will stop shitting up the thread with my 'complaining' because it doesn't matter in the first place. And I guess people who are hurt by misogyny and feel hopeless about it are worse than actual misogynists.

No. 243612

you sound like you want attention btw

No. 243613

No. What did I do that is different from anyone else that's so wrong? It's a vent thread so I vented like everybody else has, and I'm not sure why it's a problem. I thought that's what this thread was for. I thought it was a place to talk about anything that is bothering you, so I posted it here. Of course I wanted people to talk to about it, I have nobody to open up to in real life. I mean I guess yeah I want attention in the sense that I want someone to talk to. But whatever I won't post anything again, it was a mistake.

No. 243614

>who the fuck cares how I feel about myself? Nobody.

Uh yeah, that's kind of the fucking point. SELF-confidence and SELF-reliance. The only thing that matters when you're alone and when you die. In an extreme case, believing in yourself lets you keep your sanity when literally everyone hates you and is against you, but luckily, there are plenty of women on your side, and even some men.

>And I guess people who are hurt by misogyny and feel hopeless about it are worse than actual misogynists.

That's just ridiculous. You're doing it again. You're basically saying "what if they're right?!" and what if you're the stupid and crazy one and the people that hate you are reasonable. It's not true. It's reasonable to be hurt by people that say things intended to hurt you. The women who aren't affected by it at all might just not be that sensitive or they might have not been exposed to as much hate or they're naturally more tough and confident but whatever it is it doesn't matter. It's still ok to feel the way you do, but you need to work hard to save your life.

No. 243621

>This is a vent thread, which is why I vented. I thought the purpose was for 'complaining.'
Sure it's good to vent but you are going on for way too long. That's a sign that you are not venting but you have some deeper rooted issues.

> I work very hard but my point is that it doesn't matter, because people still see me as just a WOMAN and therefore inferior and have nothing to offer the industry or the world in general. BECAUSE they're women.

This is BS. There are plenty of successful women. My mom is the breadwinner in the house and she is very successful. I have a friend from high school who is super airheaded and feminine but she has an ibanking career, and I have another friend who is doing the same. Idk those are just some anecdotes but there's plenty of well-off women these days.

>I'm just tired of seeing this shit everywhere and I just want it to stop. I'm so so so fucking tired of it and there's nothing I can do about it because I can't fucking change being a woman and I can't hide it and everyone can fucking see it.

Maybe you need to see a professional

>Read his fucking post again. It feels like fucking SHIT to be written off and reduced to 'children and clothes and gossip about coworkers'? And people constantly saying men are superior in everyway and women are only good at having babies and serving men. Who the fuck wants to go through life constantly being reminded of that?

Who cares? I don't care what random men or women on the internet have to say. A lot of people in the US think that because I am a racial minority I can't do xyz but I don't give a shit. You're overreacting to random internet comments and that's not good. You sound like an incel who say "nothing i do in life matters because i'm ugly". Or some BLM person who constantly complains about race.

If you are so worried about your gender you can go to some women's oriented fellowship.

>The point is it doesn't fucking matter what I do, at the end of the day I'm still a woman and people see that and automatically have this idea of me being an inferior piece of worthless fucking trash that is lower than an animal and should just give up and go back to the fucking kitchen and do the only job I'm worth doing.

You're overreacting

>I've already mentioned I have low self esteem and I'm trying to work on it but is it really any wonder why I have low self esteem when I constantly am inundated with ideas that I'm inferior and worthless because of circumstances of my birth that I can't control?

You sound like you have more than low self esteem. Maybe a personality disorder

>It doesn't even matter. I regret writing the post and I regret writing this post and sorry for everyone that read it.

No you're not sorry. Stop lying and be honest.

I really doubt you were going to accomplish anything in life regardless of your gender so who cares.

No. 243623

Why are you so fucking mean about it? in a vent thread? what did i actually do wrong here? I said I would stop posting go away and I promise I will but why is
>I really doubt you were going to accomplish anything in life regardless of your gender so who cares.
even necessary? Please explain what I've said that warrants that. You could have just not replied or reported me so that I will get banned and then you don't have to read it anymore instead of saying something like that. I really don't understand and why I'm specifically so much worse than anybody else in the thread.

No. 243624

>Why are you so fucking mean about it? in a vent thread? what did i actually do wrong here? I said I would stop posting go away and I promise I will but why is
You are taking this way too personally. I am really annoyed by people who think it's impossible for them to succeed in life because of their race/gender/looks/etc. You are acting really emotionally manipulative and passive aggressive just because I decided to criticize you. I even gave you some advice. At least you could try to work on your own before deciding that it's impossible for you to succeed.

No. 243627

File: 1524084702377.jpg (180.65 KB, 900x1200, b1044d2492138150fa5f5350e588ee…)

I hate my race.

If i never learned English or had no internet access i probably wouldn't have turned out to be the self-hating wee- and koreaboo i am today…

It really affects me in how i see every single piece of my body: i'll never be as tiny and thin as them, my hair is way too frizzy, my facial bone structure makes me look old and manly in comparison and i've gotten absolutely crazy about skin care and no tanning (but still no results…)

Is there anybody who feels/felt the same? Any tips on how to get over this?

I know that many idols get plastic surgery, photoshop etc, but it's really affecting my confidence so much and whenever i see an asian girl i instantly admire her, no matter how often i try to convince myself that she's actually just average, there's nothing special about her…ugh

No. 243628

Why would I not take it personally when you said I won't accomplish anything in life regardless of gender? How is that not personal? How should I take that?

I didn't mean to be passive aggressive so I'm sorry, and I'm sorry for pissing you off, I truly am. An I don't want to annoy you further but I do want to defend myself because I just feel like I never personally attacked anybody in this thread, I was trying to vent about my own problems because I have nowhere else to do it like I mentioned. I took it personally when you said I was attention seeking when all I was doing was what everyone else in this thread has done which is vent about what was bothering me. How is that any more attention seeking than anybody else? I just don't get why I was singled out and now you are just saying mean shit for no reason.

And I think I made it clear in my post that I already know what you said is true, I'm worthless and won't accomplish anything, so it just seems like kicking someone when they're down and I would understand why you would do that if it were a different thread with a specific topic and I started complaining about something tangentially related but I got the impression this thread was more anything goes and anything that is bothering you is fair game.

No. 243631

What the fuck, anon? You sound so unwell and I feel sorry for you. You need to focus your energy and desires on something healthier and realistic. Focus on your hobbies or try new things and see what you enjoy doing.

Here's an idea for you too: the things you mentioned that you hate about yourself, have nothing to do with race so you can spare yourself the heartbreak.
I'm sure you look fine no matter your race and are overly self conscious with weeby photoshopped beauty standards.

No. 243632

nta, but just because this is a vent thread doesn't mean that no one will reply to you, especially if you just come here to beat yourself up. and i think what anon was saying is that you'd have a shit attitude whether you were a woman or man or anything.

No. 243633

>Why would I not take it personally when you said I won't accomplish anything in life regardless of gender? How is that not personal? How should I take that?
Sorry dude, I don't know very much about you. If you really are capable then it doesn't matter what I say. You've just been displaying a poor attitude in your post that's not conducive to success. You're also posting on a board where people nitpick all the time and you expect to be immune to that? lol

>I didn't mean to be passive aggressive so I'm sorry, and I'm sorry for pissing you off, I truly am. An I don't want to annoy you further but I do want to defend myself because I just feel like I never personally attacked anybody in this thread, I was trying to vent about my own problems because I have nowhere else to do it like I mentioned.

I feel bad for you now because it's clear you have some problems and no friends. You are letting your insecurities and anxieties get in the way of you achieving anything.

> I'm worthless and won't accomplish anything, so it just seems like kicking someone when they're down and I would understand why you would do that if it were a different thread with a specific topic and I started complaining about something tangentially related but I got the impression this thread was more anything goes and anything that is bothering you is fair game.

You're continuing to be passive aggressive again. I'm not saying you are worthless, you just seem to have a lot of problems and a bad attitude.

Of course anything people want to vent about is fair game but there's no rule from criticizing anyone's posts.

Yeah that's what I meant to say.

No. 243639

File: 1524086593029.jpg (93.8 KB, 985x656, the-ethnic-origins-of-be-7e8a6…)

You need help. And I'm not saying that in a rude way. Please find someone to talk to, a therapist or something. I don't know which race you are and how old you are, but in some ways I can relate. I'm about 12.5% ethnically mixed, and even though its little I got the dark genes.. which makes me more hairy and darker than others around me. A few years ago I hated this (being hairy lol), and I don't particularly like it now. But that's just how it is, and I have learned to live with it.

Please realise that you're not Korean/Japanese and you'll never be. Find women of your own ethnicity to look up to as well. It's fine for you to admire these Asian models, but you also need someone similar to you that you can relate to.
I agree with >>243631 also remember that looks really aren't everything, you should spend your time develpoing your skills, interests, and again admire someone that you're more similar to.

No. 243640

Yeah that sounds super unhealthy. It seems like you have a low self esteem and use this Asian idealization as an outlet for your insecurities.

I think you should "unplug" a bit from this world you've created for yourself. Unfollow any idols on social media, etc. I recommend looking at girls who are the same race as you, and observe the features they have. Maybe they're not cutesy and pale like Korean girls, but I'm sure they have their own unique qualities that make them beautiful in a different way.

You just have to accept yourself the way you are, which sounds cheesy as fuck but I don't know how else to say it. Like >>243631 said, focus on yourself and what you like to do, not what you feel pressured to become.

The internet can very easily become a weird echo chamber and warp your ideals. The thing is, though, nobody in real life cares about these Asian beauty standards except for you (I'm assuming you live in your native country and not in Japan/Korea). Nobody is looking at you and thinking, "Ugh, her face is so old and manly." Yeah, maybe it is in comparison to a baby-faced Korean idol, but in real world scenarios, you probably look like a normal girl, especially when compared to girls of your ethnic background.

No. 243664

Why blame it on race? Women of all races are petite with feminine bone structures all the time, pinning it soley on race rather than insecurity is ridiculous

For your insecurity, I'd say stay off of 4chan, they think any woman that doesnt look like an ultra feminine but somehow curvy kpop idol "looks masculine" realize beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and differences between masculine and feminine, hell some of the most famous models are often coined as masculine and yet they're making millions just for looking pretty, i bet you're not even bad looking, just fucked from 4chan

No. 243665

I'm really mad at myself. I wish I could restart my life.

I've completely lost the will to do anything - going out, drawing, studying, working out etc. all of which I know will screw me over soon cuz I'm already feeling guilty for not pursuing art but ending up at one of the hardest colleges which might not work out cuz I have this one exam which might expell me.

I've tried opening up to several people, but they all just told me to snap out of it and do what I need to. Then all got mad at me when I didn't magically cheer up.

No. 243669

but anon didn't even mention 4chan. also asians look in general younger because of the recessed nose bridge which is more common among asians than others.

No. 243672

Ah my bad, I'm just too use to seeing "WHITE ROASTIES ARE JEALOUS OF ASIANS" meme, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what made them think that or some other cancerous yellow fever corner of the internet

> also asians look in general younger because of the recessed nose bridge

Eh, subjective, I don't think they necessarily look younger on average (naturally at least), nose doesn't really affect how old you look unless you have a huge with honker, even then girls with ethinic noses can still look p young

No. 243673

File: 1524100875124.jpg (122.04 KB, 553x509, comic-book-i-feel-nothing-numb…)

I think I somehow fucked up my ability to feel things like a normal person does. I obviously experience feelings, I just… don't seem to experience them very well, if that makes any sense.

I was a lonely, awkward kid, so I spent my entire childhood reading, watching movies, cartoons, whatever form of media I could get my hands on, and I think that might have been the issue. When I read romance novels I felt so many emotions, like it was actually me who was going through everything. Sad stories made me feel real heartache and would leave me sad for weeks. Doesn't matter the genre, I always felt something. I made up my mind and became a social butterfly expecting to go through all those things by myself… but I felt nothing? Love was boring, I did develop feelings for the guys but I swear I feel more watching a romance movie that actually going through it. Sad stuff doesn't really affect me. My family is ok but I don't feel any form of deep connection or love towards them, nor to my friends. I don't know what's wrong with me, I almost completely stopped consuming any sort of media in hopes that my issue was that I was "addicted" (wtf) to it like people addicted to porn, but it didn't work. It's not that I'm depressed or want to kill myself or anything, it's just that this life is incredibly boring when you're like this.

No. 243687

i mean the nose definitely does, the reason is because babies and young children have a recessed bridge as well, i'm not pulling this out of nowhere. asians also tend to have thicker skin so they look more youthful without makeup, especially with japan's natural makeup trend and the namida bukuro trend makes it worse.

No. 243688

They also tend to wear a fringe because they tend to have fiveheads.

No. 243692

That concept is called neoteny.

No. 243693

File: 1524108025406.jpeg (33.43 KB, 640x646, C9395E37-5CCA-40CD-AE64-48EE88…)

I’ve had 5 anxiety attacks over the last three days, along with paranoia (mainly health related), loss of appetite and insomnia. This behavior isn’t normal for me these days, I’ve just been under incredible stress this week. I have a bad habit of pressing my tongue against the roof of my mouth when I’m stressed. Last night I did it so hard I felt a pop and suddenly I could breathe clearer and my whole face felt like it shifted, I also had some broken blood vessels on the roof of my mouth. I went to the ER this morning (no primary care in place), and I was told I shifted my sinuses a bit, I’m in no danger and it should be okay. Some general sinus/allergy problems are probably going to happen because it’s related to my sinus. The thing is though I’m still feeling a lot of anxiety about this and am paranoid I broke something or it’s more serious and the doctor didn’t know what he was talking about or something. I acknowledge that I’m probably just being paranoid, but if any anons have any input or kind words I’d appreciate it. I’m purposely not googling it to avoid triggering myself right now so I’m at a loss of how to change what im thinking it is.

im setting up an appointment to start therapy again tommorow. I’m feel like I’m driving my boyfriend crazy by being paranoid so im trying to not talk to him about it anymore. I’m so scared I’m dying or broke something in my face or something. Right now I’m just having post nasal drip and relatively tame sinus pressure/pain, along with feeling like my voice sounds weird

No. 243696

I thought thinner skin = more youthful? Imo the average everyday asian doesn't exactly look younger or more neotany than any other race, then again I see them all the time where I live vs someone who doesn't see them as often or only sees them on the internet would probably think so

No. 243697

Yes, thank you. There are quite a few studies that cite east asians, Japanese specifically as neotenous looking in general.

No. 243699

I also see them all the time where I live as well and I don't really agree. Also thicker skin gives a more youthful look because it hides bluing from veins etc.

No. 243700

There are studies for all kinds of crazy stuff from curvier women being more intelligent next minute theyre saying women with smaller breasts make better grades, I don't really trust studies that revolve around looks since its so easily manipulated

Depends, if its china town vs downtown south korea where tons of surgery happens then its easy to disagree, i mean im not saying they look haggard or hideous, I just dont think they're all ugu baby faces everyone makes them out to be

No. 243719

Sometimes I don't know if im a fucked up unlikable human being or i just have shitty luck, i honestly don't know how I haven't killed myself yet, the only thing that's stopping me is my boyfriend

No. 243723

Got a respiratory infection for 6th time in three months fml

No. 243726

Guys with alopecia are fucking hot to me UGHHH I don't know what is it

No. 243735


>liking balding dudes

Way to ruin your future son's life

No. 243738

I feel like I’m wasting my youth. There’s so much beauty and happiness to experience in this world and I’m still a total sack of shit. I mean I could get out there and finally do something but I don’t know if I just have issues within myself that I still need to fix/deal with, or maybe I am just a lazy bitch who makes up these stupid excuses for being so unmotivated and dull. I am never getting anywhere in life.

No. 243739

>maybe I am just a lazy bitch
Calling yourself that makes you seem like you have issues within yourself.
I have traveled quite a bit and seen a lot of beauty. But I still feel empty and unhappy. Once you manage to go out and see what you want to see you'll soon figure out if its an issue within yourself or not.

No. 243740

men inherit their tendency to bald from their mother’s father so no

No. 243743

Either way I'd just like to fuck one, it's not that deep.

No. 243756

You're retarded.

No. 243758


What do you like about them anyways? They look so sleazy.

No. 243762

about guys with alopecia? idk i think its because ive met quite a few of them in my life and they were all nice, well dressed/rocked the totally bald look with confidence etc.

No. 243782

File: 1524150947982.jpg (28.81 KB, 480x360, rhotijwsdefdws.jpg)

I used to love this website a few years ago, visited every day and loved having a community of like minded women in /g/ and /b///ot/ but holy shit it's turning to an actual pile of steaming cancer and it's actually sad see it go down like this since i spent a big chunk of my (late)teenage years chatting with anons on these boards.

The threads reek of underage people, everyone seems to infight for fucking the tiniest most minute thing for hours, everyone resorts to calling everyone a fatty if they are not ana-chans or vice versa, it's full of pedophiles and shit, people here sound fucking mental and super underage at times (like killing yourself over eye colors or not having an underweight bmi), if anyone is not an edgy cunt or disagrees about this board culture at it's current state anons resorts to go back to "x" or no1curr instead of trying to have a civil discussion about it, petty nitpicking about everything, no one is willing to listen to anyone and everyone seems to only like to complain, etc.

I cannot even remember the last time i saw a thread that did not derail for the most petulant bullshit into everyone calling each other names like this is some kinda high-school cafeteria or some shit.

This went from a chan full of picking apart shit and cattiness contained on the gossip boards while simultaneously being able to communicate bluntly with one another in non gossip boards (which i enjoyed) like fucking adults to a board full of edgy underage sounding people projecting their insecurities on everyone and reeeing about everything at any chance they get.

This whole board basically turning into a bunch of /manure/ tier posts and i'm sad to see it get to this state as an oldfag.

>inb4 go back to cc or no1curr

No. 243786

Agreed, I miss how it was a few years ago, even in pt and snow people have to infight, then again the internet was just better in general pre 2016

No. 243787


I'm not saying I necessarily agree with you, but what would you suggest for changing the current mood?
I can cede that derailing and infighting seems to be a major problem, but even in the early Kiki/Tumblr/Yukapon threads we had people shitting up the threads. I think the vent threads/relationship advice are generally good and that it's actually mellowed out a bit in ot/g.

No. 243798

File: 1524152600542.jpg (20.75 KB, 500x500, 98Njefjkjfà9.jpg)

Agreed, the average farmer insanity has reached unbearable levels. Some Anons are so insecure it's painful.
ex :
>The one who said she wanted to off herself because of her small breast
>The one who regularly vent about how much she hate being a woman because she KNOWS that nobody will ever take her seriously and everyone think she is worthless
>The one who said being anorexic skinny is the most beautiful body type and the ONLY elegant one and anything else is vulgar.

No. 243804

I agree too, I think the main issue is that people are stewing in bitterness and it's becoming cancer because of that. Like I'm almost sure most of these anons are literally only spending their time here or on other chan boards, obsessing about shit they hate and making themselves feel worse. Like all these people >>243798 mentions, are stuck in this chan board bubble. And we have so many threads geared towards self-deprecation or bitterness. Vent threads are fine, but the hate threads and loser thread and this new 'beauty trend' thread, just stop. The first rule of growing up and loving yourself is to fucking realize that other's opinions of you are basically meaningless and to care about your own true feelings, but if you're stuck on a site being fed shit like EVERYONE HATES FUCKING WOMEN 100% or telling you GIRLS WITH SMALL BREASTS ARE FUCKING WORTHLESS, how the fuck can you do that? And the worst thing is that these people don't want to be told wrong, they want validation for their insecurities. It almost makes me sick to come here… (but then i go to crystal cafe and it's worse).

No. 243826

What board is /b

No. 243840

Apparently this cosplay photographer that I've known forever is having a problem with his reputation again.
Basically people are accusing him of being a creep, and extrapolating word of mouth rumors like saying he's a child predator too.

Obviously certain rumors I don't believe, but I 100% believe he had been creepy towards the wrong person and now they have it out for him. He's a pretty bad autist and doesn't strike me as socially intelligent. Like he can't read people properly and his interactions are inappropriate. Maybe because he presents as a normal (albeit ugly) guy, people are shocked when he behaves how he does.

Even when he would chat with me, he'd make these really offhanded, sexually-charged comments and jokes. Of course I knew better, because the truth is he's too beta/autismo to ever act upon them. Yet other women don't know that. Nor do they have to! He shouldn't be making these comments to people when he doesn't have that kind of relationship with them.

Anyway, he's completely stuck in this victim mentality now because of how far this other party has taken the shit talking on social media. And I'd hate to sound harsh but he kinda deserves it for not laying low and just maintaining professionalism with his clients.

I can't say anything though. He's already giving me a list of 'suspects' on his fb and they're according to these trivial slights. He's practically behaving like a cow.

No. 243892

>but if you're stuck on a site being fed shit like EVERYONE HATES FUCKING WOMEN 100% or telling you GIRLS WITH SMALL BREASTS ARE FUCKING WORTHLESS, how the fuck can you do that?
I totally agree. That's why I got frustrated with the farmer who complained about the former. I think people need to get outside more and realize things are different outside of the internet and their heads.

No. 243898

>The one who said being anorexic skinny is the most beautiful body type and the ONLY elegant one and anything else is vulgar.
Except that anon only said skinny, not anorexic skinny and then a bunch of blatantly insecure people attacked her. The rest of the examples you listed are fucked up though.

No. 243900

that was me, I did say anorexic-skinny.

No. 243915

I wanna kill my fucking dad. He convinced me growing up that my mom was the abusive one so I hated her and I regret that so much. Now I'm in college two/three hours away and he treats my little brother like shit. I love my brother so much, I'd do literally fucking anything for him, he's such a good kid and my dad treats him like he's the biggest mistake he's ever made. I can't even be there for him because my dad shuts off his phone when he's mad.

It makes me feel so fucking guilty because I want to love my dad and I do but I hate him so much. He's very clearly mentally ill (was literally diagnosed bipolar but refuses to believe it) and when you just let him do whatever he wants he's actually a good dad. But then he does these unbelievably cruel things to my brother, he expects so much more from him than he did from me (because he's projecting onto him my guess) and the guilt is so much

I feel like the only way I can actually reach him is to do something really drastic. I can't stand seeing him hurt my brother and treating him like shit. I wish my brother could go live with our mom it's not fair that he has to live like this he deserves so much better I don't know what I can do

No. 243917

File: 1524181024340.jpg (47.2 KB, 597x424, endoftheroad.jpg)

I feel stupid for taking nearly 4 years to complete my CC courses despite my good GPA (like that even matters). I resent my parents because they set me back by forcing me to be homeschooled and never actually being taught anything. Being this old and barely getting started on my education embarrasses me and I want to cry.

No. 243924

File: 1524181879723.jpg (36.54 KB, 539x412, 9098098.jpg)

if it's any consolation I went to public school my whole life and made it to university at 17 and then failed out of my major because I'm retarded so at least you have a good GPA!

it's really easy to play the comparison game and feel like you're stuck playing catch up though, i feel you on that one.

No. 243946

My uni has been on strike for about 2 months now and it's not looking like it's ending soon. Now I'm hearing they might cancel the entire summer semester. If that happens then I suddenly can't get a few credits I need to take courses next year and to do a co op. The other local uni stopped accepting transfers and there is absolutely no way I can afford to go to a uni in another town. The uncertainty of the whole situation is really starting to make me depressed and I feel like my whole life is just crumbling apart.

No. 243961

File: 1524193503412.png (984.11 KB, 1242x2208, 37F64D4E-7AF0-42B7-A02C-AE6E34…)

I’m convinced my mom might actually be a narcissist. I always knew she had an incredibly toxic personality but never thought it might be an actual disorder until I lurked the Margo thread for the first time. Only found out was gaslighting was a few days ago and to my surprise, my mom attempted to gaslight me earlier today. Pic related.

For context, we were having a heated conversation about a recent fight I had with her and my sister that started with my mom talking shit about my cousin’s weight, saying she thinks he’s bulimic because he’s “so dangerously thin” (implying 6’2” and 160 lbs is anywhere near sickly). She constantly talks negatively about other people’s weight, fat or skinny, because she’s always been insecure about her body and feels the need to put down people who are fatter or thinner than her to feel better. I did a dumb thing by telling her his weight was none of her business and that he’s fine, which led to her throwing a string of uncalled for, incredibly hurtful insults at me because any kind of criticism drives her insane no matter how minor it is. Then she put all the blame on me because in her eyes I was the aggressor for criticizing her, so in our text conversation I tried telling her she acted like an asshole and I was tired of taking the blame.

In the text you can see she tried convincing me that I’m the one who talks about people’s weight first, not her, and that I don’t realize I do it (all absolute bullshit). Last I saw her I overheard her discussing how fat her best friend had supposedly gotten over the past year to her cousins in a different room than me, which I overhear her do all the time, so I know she’s full of shit. She also brought my insecurity with my own weight into it as “proof” that it’s all me bringing up weight issues, because I mentioned to her a few times that I’m trying to lose weight.

I’m kinda devastated right now thinking that my mom is probably a narc, it would make so much sense because of what a horrible, manipulative person she is. She’s always tried to put the blame on me for everything whilst pretending she’s a loving mother who only wants to “help me” not be the worthless fuckup she’s always painted me to be. And for the longest time I believed her. Smh.

No. 243962

Also wow, sorry for the extreme tl;dr.

No. 243963

Try reading "The emotionally absent mother" anon. She probably does what she does because she doesn't know any other way other than projecting on you. My mother does a similar thing regarding others appearance and weight too, she never understands why that kind of converssation makes me unconfortable.

No. 243968

File: 1524195974770.jpg (93.4 KB, 600x430, 1484736674086.jpg)

Are you in France? I only have a semester to complete and I'm supposed to have an internship for that so I'm fine (well no, but that's because I don't have an internship) but some friends are in the same situation. It's fucked up, I hope it'll work out and you'll pass your exams on time.

No. 243971

File: 1524198676062.jpg (52.46 KB, 680x284, 5bb.jpg)

I think she's from Canada, I have a Canadian friend in the same situation (also I'm French and that's the first thing I asked as well lmao).

My vent:
I have an internship left to complete as well, but absolutely nobody will have me because I lack experience due to studying abroad for a long time in a non-English speaking country. I was so close to getting an internship at Citibank but they blew me off at the last stage and I'm sad.
Right now my parents are trying to find me something abroad through the Lizardman Diaspora Network (tm) but I'm scared nothing will come up.

Fuck, I'm a good student, why does nobody want to hire me? Been applying since January and nothing.

No. 243986

There is nothing sadder and more entertaining than an ugly girls trash talking a pretty one without realizing that everyone can see how jealous she is. I thought it only happened in shitty movies .

No. 243988

It's the same shit in Canada too? Isn't it even worse since tuition is super expensive like in the UK and the USA? Damn, imagine paying thousands of dollars for litterally nothing.

Also I know I shouldn't say that but it's nice seeing I'm not the only one who can't get an internship. In my case I'm too poor to leave my city for an internship and there's almost no opportunity where I am, and mine is supposed to be long so it's a paid one and no employer wants to spend money. Even though they look for students who already have years of professional experience. Go figure.

Worst part is that I'm a good student too and I'm ready to work hard and all that, meanwhile a lot of people in my course got really interesting internships and they do a horrible job (their words, not mine) and want to stop because they don't have enough free time to party.

No. 244021

>anon is talking about literal evolutionary science
>you start mentioning bs about "looks"

what the fuck get out of this conversation. lmao.

No. 244037

Feeling very anxious about meeting up with someone who wants to repair a relationship that was crummy and took a lot to get over when it was done.
Plan on telling the person that it would not be in my best interest to let them back into my life.
Extreme anxiety about their possible reaction.
Must get it over with because it would be better to do in a controlled situation than one where they can ambush me.
I never wanted a weekend to end as much as this one.

No. 244043

lol i'd just ghost them

No. 244049

How do you girls feel about targeted misogyny from men of your own race?

I realize a lot of you are thick skinned enough to brush it off, but it honestly affects me quite a bit because asian men bashing asian women is very common online considering men have fragile egos and interracial dating is common for asian americans.

At this point I'd outright say I despise asian men though not all are like that but I feel a deep resentment towards them collectively.

No. 244051

File: 1524250748411.gif (416.13 KB, 500x350, 766a25de69e36c91d06726ba3113b2…)

I am really glad I got my IUD, but this heavier period bullshit is so annoying. I am on my 4th day bleeding like it's my first. Also, I am way more bloated than usual and it's particularly bad when I am currently trying to keep track and lose weight.

No. 244052

I'm asian I can relate. I just hate other asian guys. They hold us to such ridiculous standards and they are just losers or neets themselves. That's probably why so many of the asian guys I know are still virgins. They all expect us to be perfect and not even have a single flaw or wrinkle when they have acne or don't even work. I can't deal with them so I don't.

No. 244053

Men of all races
1)hate women of their own race
2)think women of their race give as much of a shit about interracial couples as much as they do so go out of their way to glorify women of another race, then when they realize no one gives a shit they scream about how women of their race are all cheating filthy ugly fake whores and how women of x race are cool, classy, loyal, traditional, attractive, etc, then when people get upset they scream about how "UR ALL JELLY UR GETTING REPLACED AND CUCKED!!!" When they don't realize its not interracial dating is not the problem its how they put false ideas in their head about different races and treat women of their race badly over their own delusions
3) Even after all this time they spent ranting about how awful women of their own race are and how they want nothing to do with them, they get pissed when women of their race date outside their race, like if you think theyre so awful and like x race so much then why the fuck do you care? It just is major hypocrisy and makes it sound like they dont even like x race and are just pretending to like them for their revenge fantasies when in reality no one gives a shit

Its not just with white guys either, I've seen it a lot with black, latino, asian and arab men who fetishize white women, white men who fetishize asian, latin arab and black women

No. 244055

I'm a black girl (with a white boyfriend) and this is so true, lmao. There's a subset of black guys who bash black women all day and talk about how other women are better, but then lose their temper if black women dare to date interracially. They make such disgusting comments, too.
It's funny how this sort of psychosis seems so innate to men, across all races/cultures.

No. 244058

It really does, im white and like racially ambiguous looking guys, I've dated asian and hispanic guys before and they'll bash women of their own race so much, one even told me about how all his brothers and dad would date and marry white women then get mad if they brought home women of their own race but next minute whine about their sisters dating white guys

No. 244060

my boyfriend just found out that the only father figure he's ever had died yesterday and i have no idea what to do. he texted me from work freaking out, and then his mom texted me and basically said that she's glad he has me because he is going to need me and that she's very worried about him, and i am similarly very very worried. he used to have a pretty bad drinking problem before we started dating and throughout our relationship he has developed a much healthier relationship with alcohol but i'm scared he's going to relapse after this. my boyfriend never met his dad and this man was the closest he ever got to having a dad and he died with no warning, no chance to say goodbye. he had seen him the day before he passed and had no idea he would never see him again.

i just feel so, so horrible. i know he is in agony, emotionally, and i feel like i can't do anything to help. like i keep trying to think of ways to make him feel better when he gets home from work but the only thing i've thought of is getting his favorite candy and rolling a blunt to hand him at the door but that's like… that's like shit that i do for my friends when they lose their jobs or get dumped, y'know? that doesn't feel like appropriate or enough for the love of my life basically losing his father. i've never experienced this kind of loss though, and i just want to be there for him but i have no clue the best way to be there for him and take care of him and help him.

i'm very sad about his passing as well, for different reasons, and i feel like i have to keep that to myself because i know my boyfriend can't handle consoling me right now which is completely understandable, but this is such a heavy, awful feeling and i don't have anyone in real life i can talk to right now and i'm just very scared and sad and having The Worst 4/20 Ever lmao

No. 244069

My bf got into these generic stupid moe anime and ever since it has driving me up the wall, I fear he will never drop this phase. He is wasting stupid amounts of money on figures of high school teenagers and he listens to shitty weeb music and talks about it all of the time. One particular character he basically acts like its his "waifu", a sexualised high school girl no less. The behaviour is as cringe as being a brony (who ironically he makes fun of) or worse in my eyes and he wasn't like this when we met. It feels like I can't say anything but this is going to drive me up the wall, I don't want to lose him over this.

No. 244071

Show him abby brown's thread and ask him if that's what he wants to turn himself into, because if it is you'll be gone.

No. 244072

I got nexaplanon (the arm implant) and Ive been bleeding for a solid two weeks
and im still spotting

My Vent/Rant:
My first boyfriend said he was bisexual before we got together, and now he says he might be asexual.
Which is fine i guess because vaginal intercourse isn't the most appealing thing to a virgin like me BUT FOR FUCKS SAKE why didn't he come to this conclusion before I got a hormonal rod jammed up my arm thats been making me bleed forever.

Also have been meticulously planning my first time w him, including buying a dildo to pop my own cherry beforehand. IT WAS ALL FOR NOUGHT

Im also just hurt that despite how cute i am, he's not sexually attracted to me. Makes me feel pretty unattractive. He says he likes looking at my face, but my boobs are just a soft pillow to him. Feels bad man

No. 244073

if it makes you feel any better anon, one time a boy decided he was asexual after hooking up with me once but then continued to sleep with me and didn't tell me he was asexual because he "felt bad" kek

No. 244074

I don't know what I want for my love/sex life.
On one hand I would love to live a cute romance without sex for a while (multiple month of flirting would be awesome, I've never done that), on the other I wish I could meet a cute guy and have sex with him on the same day. I have a difficult time waiting… I always want to go right to the sex, and I'm not sure I would get anything out of waiting for it.

No. 244076

Well on the plus side you are prepared for the next 3 years to lose your virginity.

And two weeks isn't forever, at least not compared to the 3-6 months it is normal to constantly bleed/spot :')

No. 244079

>nexaplanon making you bleed

I wish there was a better explanation for why this happens to some and not others. I've had this since 2013, on my second implant now and I didn't bleed once, except some spotting towards the end life of my last one.

My biggest issue is that it's much harder for me to lose weight, I've gained a ridiculous amount and I don't remember it being such a chore until I went on this bc specifically. I've read articles of women gaining upwards of 100 pounds on it. It's been a great bc, but this aspect of it makes me anxious.

Anyway, I relate a bit to you anon because me and my bf aren't fucking hardly at all. We're in the 4th year of living together and I'm honestly tired of putting my health on the line for something I'm not getting use from.

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