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No. 210616

old thread hit limit >>>/ot/202716
Let's scream about anything into the anonymous imageboard abyss and we'll try and help each other out

No. 210620

I just went off my old med last month and switched to a diff one. It makes me feel less anxious, but I get night sweats from hell and I can't seem to stop snacking on junkfood. I'm scared to step on a scale bc I know I've gained weight. Fuuuuck psych meds. I wish I could just get prescribed klonopin again, but America is retarded and I'm a poorfag.

No. 210639

Kind of a repost from the dead thread, but I'm really scared for my relationship and I'm freaking out about it. I can't rant to my close friends because they're all fucking hurting right now. My boyfriend and I are in a pretty shitty place and I've thought about ending things so many times. I thought it would be better for both of us if I did because we're just kind of stuck where we are now and things just… aren't good.

But now three of my previously taken friends have broken up with their boyfriends (it's all been in the same week, it's crazy and idk why this is happening to so many people I know), and I'm so scared of following suit after seeing what that does to a person. I've never been with anyone else and I didn't realize how much I appreciated my boyfriend until everyone around me started leaving theirs. They didn't want to leave, it was basically in each case because they found out that the boyfriend they'd been with for years had betrayed them and cheated on them recently. And I would have never suspected anything looking at those couples. The guys hid it so well and they seemed like they loved their girlfriends so much.

Which is where my fears kick in. What if most guys - fuck, most people - cheat and my boyfriend's one of them, but I'm just blind to it like my friends were? Most of those guys were happy but just wanted to fuck other girls. My boyfriend's got such a shady past with girls as is, and I've caught him in lies before. It's not like he's happy with me right now, either. Am I being stupid? Am I next? This feels like some horrible horror movie.

I know I should just trust my boyfriend and not compare my relationship to my friends', but I can't help it. I'm scared of losing him now, but I'm also scared I'm in a situation just like my friends and being with someone who cheats is worse than being without him to me.

No. 210641

I'm a freelance translator and I did a long last minute job with a 3 hour deadline in the middle of the night because the dude would not. Leave. Me. Alone.

Just one more thing. Just this many words. It's the last time I swear.

And I kept being like "ok" because I'm scared he will leave me bad reviews.

Worst part is that I just started out and i'm like %89 sure I'm completely undercharging. 5000 words with a 3 hour deadline n the middle of the night for $60 of which I get only $48 because of the website taking a %30 cut is ridiculous, right? I should be charging more right?

He keeps going like "please you're really the best one" yeah of course I'm the best one I'm doing hard work for dirt cheap because everyone else has some actual dignity. ugh

I feel like such a spineless dumbass and an anxious turd. I just can't say no. I need the money, but I also need my fucking sanity

Can anyone tell me if I'm actually charging enough? Or am I just a baby and need to suck it up

No. 210642

definitely not charging enough, people at my uni charge $10 per 1000 words for proofreading. dude made you do it in the middle of the night too and since it's last minute and outside of normal "working hours" i think you should be charging him more

No. 210643

I'm out of med school next year and fuck I don't feel ready to take in all the responsibility. I can't even talk with most of the hospitals' staff without sperging out because they're always stressed and don't want to deal with noobs. I'll have to work in the ER until I get into residency and am always afraid I'll fuck everything up because there is where all the bad shit happens, specially in the shithole I live that has no infrastructure. I need to find some young doctor friend and go with him to the ER asap until the routine becomes natural to me but I don't know anyone.

No. 210644

My old paranoia thoughts came back and is getting the best of me, trying to stay fucking calm but this pit in my stomach won’t end

No. 210645

you should be charging about 5 times that tbh anon. plus at least 50% rush fee and unsocial hours fee. Maybe worth looking at signing up with some agencies? Idk what kind of translation you do but I've worked for agencies and if you're good and reliable you should be able to get better paid work from them than from these freelance websites - they're horrible places to get work. Next time stand your ground and demand what you're worth, remember, it's cheap, good and quick and the client can only have two out of the three.

No. 210647

its really tiring hating yourself all of the time. im past the point of depression and confusion. im just angry. shoving pills in my face and going to therapy for 18 years hasnt gotten me very far. having no insurance and only working with state doctors who can only prescribe medication within certain boundries doesnt help. there are only so many times i can try depekote lithiium prozac seroquel vraylar fuck.

i just want a friend to tell me its alright go and get a bottle of liquor and get drunk af and play some video games with. i promise ill make good hangover food in the morning

No. 210654

my depression is really bad. i find myself showering maybe twice a week because i just cant bring myself to do it. i lie in bed or sit on my couch and rarely leave if its not just to my parents or my shitty part time retail job. i would sleep all day if it didnt make me feel so useless. i manage my depression well and i am no longer as manic as i was when i was a teenager. it went from agressive to complete apathy. i dont know which is worse though

No. 210659

I've been lonely and spent all of my time alone all my life, but I think that it's bothering me more than usual, lately.

I always believed that being socially retarded was something I could eventually, if not fix, then maybe work around by rationally observing others and figuring out how they do it. But the thing I'm really shit at, one on one conversation, how to develop a friendship past the "acquaintance" status, I can't observe. I searched for alternatives, but there are no guides on that. It makes sense I guess, the people who can do it don't think someone might need a tutorial, and the people who need it never find out how so they can't help me either.

I think it's bothering me now because I'm no longer optimistic. I'm beginning to accept the fact that I'll never learn. I'll always be part of the group (I'm outgoing and not shy most of the time, I learned how to behave in group situations) but only superficially.

It happens every time. A group is formed by circumstances, we start getting together, everyone starts becoming closer friends and it starts getting tight-knit, and I'm just… left behind. They start sleeping over at each other's places, getting together not as a group but as friends, inviting the others they're closer to… it just leads to them getting even closer and forgetting more and more about me, until I'm no longer even part of the group, and we stop hanging out and talking because they develop their own internal working I can't partake in and it just gets awkward as fuck.

I'm tired of putting in the work only for this to happen, but I'll be completely isolated if I avoid the groups I'm still somewhat part of, and I start losing my sense of reality if I go a few months without talking to anyone outside college or work-related stuff.

No. 210660

File: 1509692695852.png (103.38 KB, 250x251, tumblr_owsuvbselb1rbxdnlo1_250…)

does anyone else get crazy if you can't stalk you SO 24/7? i know that's such a dumb cliche, but goddamn is it satisfying to check up on them. and i don't mean it in the way of calling them or texting them all the time, i do think thats annoying. but i mean more like checking their social media accounts constantly.

back in the day i would check my gfs social media everyday. apperantly she didn't like it and (altough she didn't complain or anything) she deleted most of it once she realized. but i still found her new accounts later. theyre all private though. it drives me CRAZY. cause she has some legit jelousy issues. Where she gets mad whenever I mention other people. But at the same time she doesn't want me to see whatever dumb pic of her food she's posting.

i'm not active on social media (i have no friends IRL or online). but she's popular on both spectrums. so i think she didn't like that i checked her stuff since she couldn't check my social media accounts back (since i dont have any). but still. i miss stalking her profile every other day. i just like knowing how she's doing and how she's feeling. sure, we text everyday, but again i don't like being that annoying gf who is always nagging her via texts and phonecalls. so yeah. i miss seeing her post about the mundane things that she wouldn't mention on our convos. like what song she likes at the moment, what her dinner was, seeing her make a good morning post. it just makes me feel comfy. like we are always together. do i sound like a derranged creepy stalker? I sure do. but hey, i already explained that i'm a loser 24/7

man, I wish I hadn’t found her totally secret “private” accounts. what the fuck do i even want from her.

No. 210662

File: 1509693284886.jpg (14.93 KB, 500x322, ew.jpg)


you sound creepy and possessive as hell tbqh, let your gf breathe

No. 210663


yeah, i have the same issues. i'm almost done with college know, still no friends. i tried many times and nothing. my therapist said he could teach me how to talk to new people or whatever, but it only made me feel emberrased and like a dumb child. how the hell am i 20 years old and have a grown ass man explaining me how to make friends. it made me realize its just not going to happen. i don't care by this point. some of us are just losers for life, anon. i do recommend you therapy though, since us loners have no one to talk to ever, and at least your therapist will listen to you. i don't mind spending money to have someone pretend to care about me. i'd pay five different guys if i could.

No. 210664


i know this, its the vent thread. i wish i wasn't like this, but hey, therapy isn't helping

No. 210665

File: 1509694986544.jpg (28.35 KB, 500x305, tumblr_inline_oxwfwzDRVv1qe0kc…)


>mfw tried to delete this dumb ass post but 37 minutes have passed and the limit is 30

No. 210667

the post may have went over better in the confession thread or something, but hey, you vented. we all have something

No. 210669

You me anon? All my energy goes into acting like a normal, healthy person at work and when I come home I'm just drained and try to retain myself from crying for hours. I haven't been able to get help because it's embarrassing and I'm afraid of the stigma of being a mentally unstable person. I'm having trouble falling asleep (I wake up every time I start dozing off even if I'm tired as hell) and the quality of my sleep is ass. I randomly burst into tears when I'm alone and even picking up stuff I drop on the floor is too much work so my apartment is getting more and more pigsty. I used to be a lot more angry and aggressive but It's just crying and apathy now. And digging myself deeper into the escapism hole. I'm nearing my 30's and I thought I'd have it all made at this point but I'm still lonely and depressed as hell. Been coping with fluctuating depression (manageable to severe) since I was 12 and it feels like it'll be like this forever.

No. 210670

File: 1509709756299.jpg (9.85 KB, 480x270, 22008246_10212951301273340_267…)

You're worth far more than you're currently charging. Like, waaaay more.
Seconding what >>210645 said completely, btw. Also, set boundaries when initially hammering out a… ?contract with someone, too – 'oh you want [x amount of] words? sure, that'll be [price]', then when they go back to you with 'oh just one more thing, just this, just that, please please please' etc, respond with 'well we initially agreed on [x amount of] words at [price], if you want [additional service] that's going to be [additional money, cough it tf up bitch]'. Don't let some shitstain manipulate you into doing free work; it's totally ok to "fire" a bad client and tell them to go get fucked (maybe don't actually, but you have the right to discontinue an engagement with someone when they're being disrespectful). You have my permission (if you need it) to say no when you need to, to preserve your sanity. Work smarter, not harder, fam. Charging what you're actually worth will also give you some room to not pick up the shitty clients/jobs, because you're not constantly scrabbling for the cash. You're worth it <3

(tangential commentary here but ffs i fucking hate dudes who can't take no for an answer, i wanna fling em all off into the sun)

iktf anon. i'm not in the states (where i assume you are) but i'd hit you tf up for that if i was.


something i've learnt in those kinds of situations is that when the group disbands for the day and everyone goes home, most of the others (the people who form bonds fairly quickly) are still socialising, over snap or fb or whatever, whereas once i get home i shut down because i'm all peopled out for the day, then don't really communicate with them much until i see the whole group next. i assume that's probably the reason you're getting a bit left behind too? what i'd suggest is maybe picking a person or two of the group that you'd think you'd get along with easily and make a marked effort to like, hit them up outside of the group being a group, then maybe get a group chat going or something. once you've got that stronger bond with at least one member of the gang it makes preventing being left behind a little easier

but anyway
i got out of the psych ward earlier this week after being in for a fortnight and whilst it wasn't a garbage experience this time around, and i'm on the right meds now (with the correct diagnosis!) i'm kind of.. angry? upset? that i've spent the past three years being fed antidepressants that were basically ruining my life. i feel like (even though rationally i know otherwise) that there was something that i could have/should have been doing to not fuck it up even though the whole 'being prescribed the wrong drugs' thing was completely out of my hands, and had a HUGE impact on me (SSRI/SNRIs and bipolar don't mix, whoda thought). i'm just fat sad and lonely now and really aware of it because the apathetic fog is lifting, and i'm disgusted w/ myself. i was like ~90 kgs (i've always been a fat piece of shit lmao) when i was 17ish and at my worst i got up to ~130 bc i'd just binge eat fucking everything. i'm down to ~115-120 now because i've made an effort to cut the binging in the past ~6 months but looking at myself in the mirror is such a heartbreaking experience, because i'm so ashamed of how far i let this all go. i'm revolting, honestly. idk if it's just acute grief or something but jesus christ it's really raw and hurts like hell deep in my chest and i'm not even sure if i should even bother trying to fix it because at this point i've got the figure of a mother of three in her 40s and even w/ weight loss i'll be left riddled with stretchmarks and gross skin. like what's the point? i'm 21 and i'm already ruined. no one could ever love me, i'm sure. FUCK

No. 210673

Guys I've got my very first therapy appointment today. It's just a general session, I'll probably get referred somewhere else. But I'm so nervous. The wait list was over a month and I don't wanna get put onto yet another wait list. I've struggled with depression and suicidal tendencies and anxiety and self harm and all that kinda stuff since I hit puberty (I'm 20 now btw). I just want a fucking diagnosis and learn whether it's ~just~ depression or if I have more serious disorders too. I wanna get therapy and get meds if possible. I just wanna be BETTER. I'm so fucking nervous. I have no clue what to expect or whether therapy will work for me.

No. 210674

it will be okay anon. you will be nervous and you will forget a few things. if you have still time make a list on a piece of paper and get it with you. one list of the things you want to tell them, another list for questions you have.
good luck.

No. 210676

You have to do what's best for you, anon. My boyfriend travels for work and says that the majority of guys he works with cheat on their girlfriends when they're off at work. I'm not personally worried, though. I'm that confident in him as a person. IF he did and I found out, I would leave because he can't be allowed to think that's something acceptable. Worry about your own mental health and general wellbeing, though. Your friends will get over it and so will you.

No. 210677

I accidentally dropped my phone in the parking lot yesterday. Shattered the screen, so it doesn't work at all now. Upgrading to a new S8 is cheaper than getting a replacement through insurance or repairing the screen, but like, I want MY phone. I've never been this upset over a broken phone and having to get a new one. It just feels like my life is recorded on that thing. Baby pictures of my kid, all of my passwords to important accounts saved so that I don't even remember them anymore, nostalgic conversations. Is this what getting older and becoming more resistant to change feels like?

No. 210678

You may be able to get them back. Did you back then up to your Samsung account? And yeah, when my phone got fucked (some lady slapped it out of my hands in an argument) I felt like my life was over because i didnt back anything up

Good luck! Hoping you get the answers you seek

No. 210679

I have an SD card in it that has a lot of pictures on it, but I don't think any of the older ones are backed up, unless they just automatically saved to the Samsung cloud. It sucks, but when I get the new phone today, I'm 100% going to turn on the auto cloud storage.

No. 210680

If you don't yet, eating healthier and having an exercise routine really does make you feel better in the long run. Especially for yourself. You don't need to be actively trying to attract a partner to feel good about how you look. I'm sorry you've had such a shitty time, but at least you can now experience things in a more normal way and subsequently learn how to deal with life better. Idk, it might not be such helpful advice, but maybe get a gym membership or something. The gym is a good place to go for exercise and gives you something to focus on/look forward to. My gym actually have women's only areas, I'm not sure if that's a common thing or not.

No. 210681

Little update here (cause I don't want to tell anybody IRL) and the session went well, it was just orientation so I didn't really get to ask questions or even really talk about what I think is the issue with me. I've got more appointments booked now and I'm very happy about that. But I'm so nervous about the confrontation with my issues.. like he asked me to keep a schedule of what I do in a day. I do NOT want to do that or share that with anybody.

And, as he was asking questions I wasn't always completely honest and making stuff a bit prettier than the truth which I always do because I don't wanna admit to my problems. (Like I told him I only dropped out of college temporarily when in reality I have no intention of going back…) As he was asking stuff I found myself thinking he must be confused about why I think I'm depressed or whatever since I was smiling and stuff. And then the dude fucking told me that he can "clearly" see I'm a somber person even though I try to hide it with smiles and cheery answers. Anons, I wanted to cry right there, it felt so good to hear from someone that all of this stuff isn't just in my head! I'm crying again thinking about it. I'm so happy he said that. I was so worried of being told "you don't need therapy, you just need a job" like my mom tells me.

And there's another big kicker. He thinks I might be autistic. It never crossed my mind whether this could be a possibility. Does anyone know anyone that gets diagnosed with autism at age 20 or older? What the hell, I didn't see that coming.

No. 210682

fuck, your story so far is really making me want to go get help as well.

No. 210683

it was super nerve wracking for me to even make the appointment, I got waitlisted for over a month :/ But it seems like kinda everyone I know that admits to having mental problems also sees or has seen a therapist / counselor / any kind of professional? So I felt I had to go even just to check it out. The man I talked to was also surprised to hear nobody ever took me to professional help as a kid or teen.

No. 210684

File: 1509724230209.png (117.27 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lqd0rn4wwN1qairg0o1_500…)

Those stupid bots are raiding /cgl/ again. I like to browse /cgl/ and think it can be a good board, i like browsing the threads in the morning sometimes,just check it out in tranquility, but there's no way to do that since a week. They're everywhere. They kill threads by starting new ones (PLS BE MY GF??? WHAT ARE YOUR MEASUREMENTS GULLS? (thinly veiled) FEET/BOOB/… THREAD!,…) that are totally OT.
And they fuck good threads by starting idiotic arguments (lesbians won't ever know that dick is superior,fucking a 14yo is ok if she's consentant,fucking feminists,…)
It's ticking me off so much, just get out already, I wanna go back to browsing in peace.

No. 210688

File: 1509726763235.jpg (12.84 KB, 360x79, Capture.JPG)

Our economy is getting absolutely fucked up and only thing I can do is to watch.

No. 210689

usa or eu? And what makes you think that?

No. 210691


Kinda EU, well our currency is becoming toilet paper tier.

No. 210694

I'm european too but I'm heavily buying dollars, plus I get my paycheck in $$$ so I'm kind of happy about it tbh.

But yeah, euro is going to have some hard times ahead.

No. 210696


We don't use euro, it's Turkish lira. It's losing worth like crazy lately, that pic is what 1 euro and dollar worth in TL.

No. 210697

wow, what's happening ?

No. 210698


Political and security instability after the coup attempt, Erdogan's getting untrustworthy as hell, problems with literally every country and most important USA stopped accepting visa applications from us last month it's been like this since then. All the foreign investors are leaving the country lately, most of my friends are getting laid off from their jobs.

No. 210700

That sounds terrible. If anything it's a cocktail for a disaster.

But Erdogan, that is, his government could be a tad more tactful. Although I understand the reasons behind the arrest of the US consulate employee.

Anyways, shit sucks, I'm really sorry about that. But I got the impression that Turkey was doing really well, you seem to have a thriving economy and a strong market.

Plus my mom is a heavily addicted to turkish soap operas. And I heard that Turkey is one of the biggest exporters of their shows in the world.

No. 210701

>kinda EU

lmao hun no

No. 210704


>But Erdogan, that is, his government could be a tad more tactful

lol they are retarded, you're expecting too much from a bunch of islamists. He's trying to strong arm both US and Russia to seem strong to his voter base while destroying the fucking country.


You can say what you want but Thrace and most of Western Turkey is closer to Balkans in culture than ME. Most of the problems in there caused by migration from East.

No. 210705

im >>210647 anon, ill love you! idgaf about stretch marks and shit. meds have blown my body up and shrunk it too. i promise ill work on my mental health too T_T

No. 210706

>Closer to the Balkans in culture
Yeah, because the Ottoman Empire literally imposed it on us. I disagree, aside from Albania and parts of Bosnia (but Bosnia is a decaying shithole nobody really wants to be associated with anyway) all we have in common is some food and loanwords.

No. 210709

No, not everyone cheats. A lot of people do, but far from it being all men or even most. Just learn to notice red flags. A "shady past with girls" is one of them.

No. 210711

No. 210712

What? Which part of what I said made you butthurt?

No. 210713


Nothing, I just don't want to discuss it anymore.

No. 210714

Then don't, nobody's holding a gun to your head.

No. 210715

this is not a thread about politics. stop shitting up the thread and take it elsewhere.

No. 210719

yeah, cutting out the binging and trying to eat better more consistently has helped, as has getting my PCOS and thyroid meds adjusted so they're effective. i'd get a gym membership and a couple of personal trainer sessions if i wasn't broke but atm i'm just going on walks when i can and doing some body weight exercises and yoga at home, and it's more than enough for me now considering i've basically been bed ridden for the past three years. and i mean idk, i'm not looking to actually attract anyone, but i don't think i'll ever find myself aesthetically pleasing/nice to look at, so i'll need to seek that sort of validation externally, but that's probably something to unpack in therapy i suppose. but thank u anon, i appreciate it

!!! bless u. maybe we could work on it together, haha. do you have discord/skype/etc? i prefer discord but regardless i'd like to add you, if you're cool w/ that, that is.

No. 210722

yea i have discord. im terrible about chatting real time so be easy on me DavidMiscavige #5149

No. 210730

I feel like I'm always getting over some guy because I rarely find someone that I like enough and when I finally do, they don't want to date. They just want to hook up. This most recent guy really hurts because he was the kind of person that I really would have wanted. I tried just being friends with him (with no hook ups or anything) but I couldn't take it, so I told him it wasn't working for me. I never had to end a friendship over having a crush on someone, usually I could just at least put up with it. This guy was different.
I wish I could just be over it now instead of having to wait for time to pass to get over it. Is there any way to make the process go faster? Besides being with other guys, because I'm serious when I say I don't ever find anyone I like enough.

No. 210732

I get it feels terrible to see yourself and hate what you see, but do keep in mind that fitness levels are one of the most easily changed things about how we look. It takes time, but anyone who has a baseline level of health can do it (and even those without it can still do it to some degree). There's no reason you can't look great in the future anon, it just takes work.

Also pretty much everybody has stretch marks and some patches of shitty skin, don't stress over those. People get them from puberty, loads of fitness models (male in particular) get them from lifting, pretty much everyone will have a significant weight increase at some point.

Don't stress over those, because it's one of those things that nobody even notices, let alone cares about in real life.

No. 210735

Im so so tired of being walked all over by the “manager” at my current job. I don’t know what I did for her to despise me so much and try to make my job 1000 times harder. She gives me useless tasks to do that have zero to do with my actual job whenever she sees I’m taking a break and will always nit pick my work ( I.e: telling me I’m not standing right or not smiling enough ). She only really ever talks to me ( or any other female for that matter ) when she wants to show vacation pictures, things she bought, etc. While she does mistreat all other women at work ( maybe she’s threatened ) she specially has it out for me. Maybe she thinks that because I’m younger than her I won’t speak up or tell anyone but I’m getting to the point where enough is enough. In several occasions she’s accused me of neglecting my duties and when she tries to prove it she just ends up embarrassing herself and yelling at me for no reason. Sometimes I do things wrong I will admit that but it’s everyday with her to the point where I don’t have the energy to come into a job I used to kind of enjoy because I know that she’ll be there. Thankfully this is only till I finish med school which isn’t too close but I won’t be stuck here forever.

No. 210741


No. 210746

Teach me about Scientology bb

No. 210747

gimme tha shekels first

No. 210754

I'm so tired of being "alone", I do have friends I guess but a lot of them are broken and drug addicts. These are the people I've been drawn to in the past, I've realized I've done so because I want to "fix" them.

How do I find "normal" people to befriend? I have an easy time making friends online but I'm longing for the closeness (I guess) you get with friends irl, but don't know how to go about it.
I do have aspergers, however I'm not too bad with reading social queues and situations, it's managable. But due to that I kinda have no idea how to make friends outside of school.

Sorry for the ramble.

No. 210755

I'm afraid I can't stand my bf closest female friend.
I've never met her yet but she seems so obnoxious on social media and she's his only girl friend (his best friend's gf to be honest but they're close too).
I check her insta and snap from time to time and no girl appear on there EVER. She literally only has guy friends and her pics are all duck faced. And when it's not selfies, she pose in the most obnoxious, princessy way if that makes sense ?
Like on pics with guys she often has a smug face (think Aly) and takes the most space ever instead of just standing straight like everyone else.

Thing is my bf is a huge nerd and probably has 3 friends who are not family related. I'm afraid she's one of those girls who have to be the queen bee and "own" every guy around her even if she has a bf.
I wish bf had more friends to choose from.

No. 210756

at least your bf tells you who his friends are.

mine said "it's not important" for me to know (wtf???), then later i find out 9/10 of them are female. when i asked him, he said he cut off contact with them because he didn't need them, but then i found him talking to one of the bitches he used to hook up with.

i'd say kill me but i'm already in hell.

i'm really fucking bitter about men with girl friends so you probably shouldn't listen to me, but imo you should break that shit up. he really shouldn't need that chick, idc how many friends he does or doesn't have. what does he get out of their friendship?

No. 210766

It sounds awful anon but I still think it's cool for guys to have girl friends. I have a huge group of friends where I live, we're about 50 give or take and probably half girls and half guys.

I wouldn't mind at all if he had more girl friends cause I trust him, I just don't like her and she's part of the maybe 5 friends he got TOTAL. He can't get rid of her because she's his best friend's girlfriend so he's bound to hang out with her (the couple live together).
Only annoying thing is he gets very defensive of his friends, probably because he has so little.

Your bf sounds plain shady. He shouldn't lie or hide about girls he talks to if he doesn't have any bad intentions.

No. 210767

I used to have this problem, I won’t lie it’s pretty hard to resolve once you’ve left school. I’ve only recently started to make IRL friends in the last few years by taking up hobbies that require group activity (classes, modelling, group gaming like D&D, etc) and actively pursuing/maintaining friendships. So that’s what I’d recommend. I’ve made a few good friends out of it :) and I don’t find social interactions particularly easy.

No. 210768

Yeah your boyfriend just sounds like a shady asshole anon. In a solid trusting relationship it wouldn’t matter if you couldn’t see what he got out of any particular friendship, because it wouldn’t matter either way (obviously excepting getting them into criminal activity etc). I’d split if I were you.

No. 210772

Yeah I've been thinking about looking for some kind of group gaming or book-club. I'm pretty nerdy but my town is small, so not a whole lot of those things.
My only normal friend irl recently introduced me to his very nerdy friends and I think I enjoy being in their company, so will try to hang out with them more too.

No. 210775

…Let me guess anon, is it Upwork? A guy on there wanted a 8k words article in one day, for 10 bucks. Clients on that website are almost always fucking cheap and expect too much for the money they're willing to spend on you, and they also treat you like you should thank them for giving you work lmao
It is kind of a silent rule in the community that beginner-level freelance writers/translators should ask for at least 0,05 per word. Not any less than that. So yes, you should definitely charge more

No. 210786

I wanted to remove a ground-level, rusted and apparently inactive, indoor tap thanks to the impending crawling of my child. After testing the faucets and removing the cap I was satisfied there was no pressure in there. So I got everything I needed together, turned off the mains water, placed towels around the area to protect walls and flooring, and proceeded to start sawing off the pipe…

Now I've been sat here for 90mins watching my house slowly flood. Emergency plumber gave us a 3 hour time slot, the water board told us it would take up to 2 hours for someone to come and turn the water off from the outside, and I've used every piece of fabric in my house trying to soak this water up.

So pissed off and upset. This is going to be so expensive to fix, and it won't be me that pays it because I'm on maternity and poor AF. Seriously thought I'd done my research and knew what I was doing, fucking idiot !!!!

No. 210795

my parents are having a birthday dinner for my older brother, which i was invited to. my mom didn't bother to call me on mine

No. 210803

constantly daydream about having some illness that's the cause for me being fat, since no matter what I fucking do it won't come off. even as a shitty little baby i was a fucking lard piece of shit. i eat almost nothing, not even by choice, and i walk a ton AND go to gym 3 times a week but somehow! 4 lbs in two fucking months lmfaooooooo. it's really fucking confusing because i know i eat so little i have severe deficiencies of goddamn everything but somehow still a fucking pig. It's literally hard to get potassium deficiencies by not eating enough and here I am, still the dumb fat fucking bitch i was yesterday

i wish i was lucky enough to have been born with a body that was at least safe to look at

No. 210810

I feel you, anon, but what's important is that you're healthy, not skinny. You need to get enough nutrition, not starve yourself, and that means protein and vitamins. You need to not exhaust yourself from overworking, too, or work smarter not harder, as that can only hurt your body in the long run.
Working on your mental health can help to, because it seems like you're not doing this because you love yourself. Love yourself for other aspects beyond your body, anon, and be healthy, and then you can start worrying about extra stuff like looking skinny or not.

No. 210811

So here it is, birthday eve alone with my dog, drinking gin & diet tonic (I can't get emotionally drunk, sadly - I'm immune). My boyfriend is not even trying to talk to me or make me feel better about the situation. Too shy and afraid to go anywhere alone in this place after the creepy shit I've been through here. There's a cozy cocktail bar, but what am I going to do there alone? I'll just look desperate and pathetic, which I am, or like I'm asking for dick or another stalker, which I'm not.

My big plan for tomorrow? Having lunch with my dogsitter. I hope I fucking die tonight. (No offense to my dogsitter, she's literally the only person in this town I know well enough to do anything with. She's simple but pleasant enough.)

Maybe my boyfriend is on a plane, which would explain his 3+ hour silence but I am pretty fucking sure that's not the case.

Sorry but I just need a place to put this.

No. 210814

samefag but
I wonder if he forgot completely
(after over 4 years together)

No. 210815

We have the same problem. I count my intake, I used to go to the gym regularly (not anymore because it made no difference). I'm sure people think I stuff myself while no one's watching I'm not even that hungry since I'm used to not eating much.

You have to know the pain of having a brother that eats a lot and is skinny as a skeleton. He often teases me about it, in a friendly way but it sucks. I haven't eaten fast food in ages, I don't drink soda and I eat healthily but my body shows otherwise. I'm chubby, or THICC aka on a lower scale of being fat. I hate my body, I hate my curves and I would want nothing more than to be as slim as some girls I know irl. I hate my matronly figure.

On the good side, it doesn't matter if I eat a lot or not, I'm always the same size just I refuse to do so because I hate stuffing myself.

Anyhow, I feel your pain. I think the only way to lose weight is by combining exercise and total intake of 800 cal max per day, and maybe, JUST maybe there might be some results in 6 months.

p.s. I haven't given up. I started doing some HIIT exercises so if that doesn't help I'll just go for surgery. Fuck this shit.

No. 210817

Venting time! So something that have been getting on my nerves for some time now is how those around me label me. In my friend circle, I'm essentially labeled as the feminine, mature, fashion lover who everyone comes to vent to and dump their problems on. That's perfectly fine, I'm there for them. But whenever I try to share my feelings, they instantly start talking about their problems instead….and as they have labeled me as a fashion lover, they believe that they are smarter than me despite the fact that I do much better than them in our classes, and constantly help them with their homework….it's really annoying how they cannot see past their narrow labels….(emailfagging)

No. 210818

I started dating someone and felt myself falling for them, and then suddenly they straight up won't talk to me. I didn't even get to the point where I told them how I felt, and now I'm heartbroken. I feel so stupid for falling for them, and I want to be done with thinking about them, and crying over them. Why did they have to play me like this

No. 210822

I don't want to bother you with something you probably heard but have you tried counting your calories religiously ? I use my fitness pal and it's pretty awesome to have a scanner to do everything for you. They even give you little indications like "This food has too much sodium!". It's really awesome when you think a certain food or snack is healthy when it's secretly loaded in calories.

It seems weird that you go to the gym but barely lose any weight. Sounds dumb but : do you poop regularly ? I had a lot of constipation issues in the past and started drinking coffee to help me with that. Also heard that diet is 80% of your weight loss, although sport is great, you don't lose thaaat much calories (you could work out for an hour and destroy that with a slice of pie)
I also heard sleeping better helps you lose weight so you might want to look into that.

I always thought I was a lost cause because I could only lose maybe 2kg at a time then pile on 3 more but since I downloaded myfitnesspal I lost 5 in a month (still 10 to go but now it seems much more attainable!). My biggest errors were relying on pre-made sandwiches for lunch and eating too much carbs (curse you delicious, cheese heavy pasta with a side of bread). I also visited the pub a bit too much and alcohol is to be avoided when you try to diet, now I stick to around 200cal worth of drink max.

Unfortunately I think we'll always have to watch what we eat to be around a certain weight but that's life.

No. 210828

>I'm afraid she's one of those girls who have to be the queen bee and "own" every guy around her even if she has a bf.
Has she ever tried to stir the pot with your relationship though? For me that's always the million dollar question, if they respect the boundaries of your relationship does it really matter? If she's trying to get him to prioritize her over you I'd give an entirely different answer.

>i'm really fucking bitter about men with girl friends
The onus is really more on your boyfriend than anything. I have friends of the opposite sex, and it's not a big deal.

I'm not afraid of saying who I'm going to hang out with or who my friends are because there's nothing to hide. The only thing I keep private is personal conversations because sometimes people come to me with personal issues and I feel that would be disrespectful, but my actions are entirely open.

No. 210836

>Has she ever tried to stir the pot with your relationship though?
That's a fair point that's why I try to stay level headed. The only thing I didn't like was her being a tad overly affectionate towards my bf (like saying I love you, weird nicknames etc) but it started before we met and I heard it's something that's not too weird for her.
The other thing would be that I try to talk a bit to his friends through snap or messenger but she never messaged/replied to me. I even designed her a little something for her hobby and she never even thanked me directly (and never bothered using it later on top of that).

You're right that I'd never let it slide if she tried to interjects herself in my couple, but then it'd be more of a problem with my boyfriend drawing boundaries. I would be more understanding if he knew her for years and years, but he actually met her something like last year or so ? That's when I told him the "I love you" talk was bothering me from someone who's not family.

No. 210838

this sounds terrible anon. Update us - is your house still flooding?

Will insurance cover it?

No. 210839

If you don’t eat enough macro-nutrients (protein/carbs/fats) your body goes into famine mode and retains literally anything you eat as fat. If you’re only eating 700kcals a day, for example, you’re going to be retaining the whole lot as fat and so will lose very very slowly. Double that amount and your body will begin to process food correctly again, which should allow you to lose weight. Don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you’re working out a lot it might be that you’re “replacing” the lost fat bulk with gained muscle bulk. Staying hydrated and eating enough fibre is also very important to weight loss! Don’t get too hung up on calories though - it’s far more important to the body that you’re getting the nutrients you need, if you do the calorie requirement will naturally be fulfilled. Good luck anons, you can do this! :)

No. 210840

> It's really awesome when you think a certain food or snack is healthy when it's secretly loaded in calories.
I really want to back up this point.

A lot of people diet but don't seem to understand how fucked up some foods are, admittedly partially because they go out of their way to make it sound like they're not that unhealthy.

No. 210841

I knew I was fucking myself over! Ugh. Idiot. I'm not gonna be a pushover anymore.


It's fiverr actually, but according to your description apparently all of these sites are the same. Sometimes I browse through fiverr and I see artists offering full color sketches for $5, which already is absurd, and when you take into account that fiverr takes $2 from that it's just flat out wrong.

It's the same with translation, people charging 0.01 per word… it makes everyone have to lower their prices a ridiculous amount or they just won't get any work.

No. 210842

>The other thing would be that I try to talk a bit to his friends through snap or messenger but she never messaged/replied to me.
I dunno, I understand you not liking her but shes not being a destructive influence either. I'd just try to ignore her if I was in your position since it's not a hill worth dying on.

No. 210843

Inexplicably the water board called me back and sent an emergency plumber straight to me, for free. They pulled up my front garden to find the stop valve for the water and it’s destroyed the surrounding flooring, but the tap is off and capped. No insurance unfortunately because it’s my fault, but the damage could have been a lot worse had it gone on longer! Just plenty of work for me now fixing the garden and laying new flooring. Thanks for caring anon!

No. 210844

>Seriously thought I'd done my research and knew what I was doing, fucking idiot !!!!
Yeah, half of my fathers work back when he owned his own business was basically fixing peoples mistakes after they watched some DIY projects.

Not to kick you while you're down, but even if one project works out it'll save you money in the long run if you just go to a professional.

No. 210845

High calorie content doesn’t equal unhealthy though. Nuts and seeds are high in calories but they’re super good for your body. Sugar is the worst culprit because it’s lower in calories than fat but has no nutritional value; there’s literally no point in eating it other than it tastes nice, but people genuinely believe that they’re making a sensible diet choice because “low calorie 0% fat!!”

/sage for nutritional rant

No. 210846

It's good to know but checking calories is also good to have an overall view of what you're ingesting. Some food SEEMS very healthy and natural and all that jazz and still packed with calories or have sodium/other added.

I think if you're aware of that, you'll be more inclined to consume it wisely than just think "Oh nice, nuts and almonds are good for you right ? So I might as well replace my chips with a bowl of them"

I also blame deceitful packaging. I love biscuits and snacks with my tea and you'd think some super healthy looking, very bland ones are going to be great for you when they're basically the same as the chocolate ones.
So IMO, a good balance of knowing your calories, exercise and some basic nutrition knowledge can put you in the healthy BMI range easily. It's just plain hard to ignore the sugar cravings at first.

Yeah you're right. I shouldn't get worked up over her even if I plain don't like her, my bf is free to hang out with her but I'll try to make my own friends asap when I move to his state. You made me realize it wasn't such a big deal anon

No. 210848

sorry to hear that babe maybe you could find something to distract yourself tonight? and maybe your boyfriend is just keeping quiet for tomorrow? since it's just the day before your birthday

i completely understand tho that it's absolutely crushing to be alone around your birthday/holidays

No. 210855

Eating a tonne of nuts and seeds just because they're 'healthy' is a terrible idea, the nutrients in them aren't going to save you from the health risks of being overweight. People need to be aware of the calories they're eating so they can control their portions accordingly.

No. 210856

Played doki doki literature club
Read petscop reddit
Walked my dog
Felt like shit

He asked if we could skype tomorrow, so that's probably it (i mean, that's the entire extent of my birthday). I accept that it would have been hard for him to travel here, but I thought he might give a shit about how lonely I feel. He blames me for taking this temporary job though. I know now never to expect a token to be thrown my way. I'm not a materialistic person by any means but for fuck's sake do something to make me feel special once in awhile. I literally got nothing from him for 2/4 previous birthdays and 2/4 Christmas celebrations. So I'm the idiot who thinks that this time he will care. God I'm such a shitty basic bitch for wanting this, sorry. If I were different and not such a scared worthless shit, I might actually have friends.

Looking forward to

No. 210857

looking forward to that skype

No. 210860

I've been there, Anon. It makes me really want to share contact info and try to distract you, since that's what helped me through my past birthdays since my parents never remember it and my boyfriend doesn't think birthdays matter.

Vent time:
I can't stop pulling my hair again and I'm really afraid it's going to get out of control again. I'm already seeing a bit of a bald spot in that area and applying castor oil to it religiously and putting sticky notes everywhere to remind me not to touch my hair but it's not working. It's really getting to me because I've already been through this and got over it and thought I was done with it but today proved me wrong.

No. 210862

I've always found it super comforting and flattering that my bf is jealous. He regularly goes through my phone etc. Which is fine bc I have nothing to hide and don't really care. But something else pissed me off and I decided to go through his (which I never do) and turns out he's paranoid that I'm out here talking to other dudes like he's talking too fucktons of other girls on a constant basis and never even so much as mentions me or our relationship to them … But has sent pictures of our 4 month old daughter to them. Ok I guess.

No. 210863

Don't let this pass. Bring it up with him and explain the hypocrisy and your concerns. A lot of cheaters are paranoid and jealous because they don't want their partner to be doing what they're doing themselves.

No. 210864

Spent my saturday trying to be a good daughter by hanging out with my family at some country/hippie concert in the middle of nowhere. I froze my ass off and ate overpriced nachos out of a crappy food truck. The music wasn't horrible, but not fun or worth it for me. Then I had to drive an hour home and it's finally sinking in that I have only so many hours left before I have to go back to my shitty, stressful, aggravating, annoying job and repeat routine until I get my next two-day pittance again.
I feel guilty for thinking it, but I can't help how I feel about "wasting" my last day off of the week on shit like that. I feel angry trying to constantly balance between my much needed recharge/personal time, and forcing myself to go do shit I don't fucking want to do because I'm just as obligated to maintaining relationships.
It's fucking exhausting.


No. 210866

Man I relate to this spiritually. Today I decided to recharge and rest so tomorrow I will panic and become angry at my past self for not using my Saturday to do laundry and get groceries for the week. Fuck.

No. 210868

Same anon. Bf was supposed to help me clean and finally do his mountain of laundry that he had promised me for the past two days. But instead he's passed out on the couch and I don't want to wake him up since even I feel too mentally drained to tackle this shit. In fact, I feel like cooking something to eat because I'm still hungry from the unsavory nachos.

I try doing work throughout the week but it usually puts me in a foul mood if after work I have to spend 1-2 hours on chores like dishes and other cleaning duties. Sometimes I wish I lived alone again because I know my place would stay cleaner for 10x longer and I wouldn't have to worry about picking up dirty dishes, laundry, and other clutter constantly.

No. 210877

I've been having a lot of mental health issues lately, and I feel like my dad is only making it worse. I live with him because I'm going to college and don't have time for a job if I want scholarship money, but I honestly think he's making my mentality worse.
I've had around 10 anxiety attacks/mental breakdowns over the past half year, and have been on the edge of suicide way more than that. My dad was front and center to my first 3, so I figured he would do something, but he never did anything. When he asked if I wanted to see a therapist I said yes, but he told me to go find one. I told him that I didn't want to find out which ones would take my insurance because my insurance is through my mom, who mentally abused me as a child/teen and gives me severe depressive thoughts to even think about, let alone admit I need counseling to. I told him this (he would know this is an issue for me because she abused the heck out of him too), but after that he didn't do anything and just let me rot.
Every day he tries to pretend like he's such hot shit, saying how he's twice the man everyone around him is, and is always making himself judge, jury, and executioner while watching the news, and yet he pretends to be some fucking saint by claiming he's a perfect father.
I have a dentist appointment next week, and I already know my teeth are fucked, and I can already see now that he's going to scream at me because of it (which makes my depression go up by 1 million %). I'm seriously just thinking about ending it all so I don't have to deal with it anymore, I'm really sick of people fucking me over every second of the day. Fuck, he even makes fun of people who commit suicide in front of my face and I want to laugh at the irony because that's probably the way I'll go. I don't see much purpose in living because I fear I'm just going to marry a scumbag like him who pretends to be good, and I can never marry a woman because he would piss on my grave since he hates gay people. Honestly, dying seems fine with me, but I know it's not right.
Should I go to the hospital? Or should I work up the courage to talk to my mom to see a therapist? Or should I just end it? I don't know what to do.

No. 210878

If you already have daddy issues I say be a stripper and GET MONEY BITCH!! Jk

On a real note, go talk to university counselors about this. I spoke to some counselors at my uni and they were actually really fucking helpful. They're grad students and all are trying to work in the mental health field so they have so many resources for you.

No. 210879

I'm a little drunk and angry right now so I hope this comes off as proper sentences instead of a jumbled mess of feelings.

Sometimes I get so upset that people like Momokun have made it big. Like I legitimately cannot stop thinking about how shitty it is that I will never be recognized for anything in my life no matter how hard I keep trying, then I see Momokun parading around with her lying scamming ass and I just get so pissed. Not only at her but at myself. Like there's nothing I can do but hope for some lucky break and even then that's obviously not something to rely on. I'm just so sick of being average at literally anything I do, yet there's Momokun getting attention for being worse than average and a horrible person on top of it. Tits and ass are really that powerful I guess. Or maybe she's just a million times better at marketing herself, I don't know.

No. 210880

Have a very persistent boil in my groin area and it's fucking killing me, guys. I've never had anything so painful. The whole upper half of my leg feels like it's on fire, but there's not much doctors can do about it. Sorry, just had to vent to make me feel a little better..

No. 210881

Thanks anon, lol
I just wish I felt like I didn't have to go to some school counselor rather than my own family, but I'll definitely try that, thank you. (And I will keep stripping in mind in case that doesn't work)

No. 210882

Anon, I really feel for you. I also grew up with a parent who made me mentally ill whilst pretending that they were amazing. I can’t offer any practical advice other than focus on anything that will get you out of his house ASAP, and please don’t kill yourself. You are worth so much more than the way he makes you feel. Please see a counsellor, and try to remember that this situation will not last forever (as hard as that can be when things get tough, I know!).

No. 210883

Nowhere did I say “eat a tonne of nuts and seeds”. I’m just saying that 500kcals of nuts is far better for you than 500kcals of junk food, will actually keep you full, and will benefit your body too. People are far too obsessed with the calorie content of something and ignore its nutrient makeup, when that actually really matters in efficient weight loss.

No. 210884

That's called projection anon !! He's jealous because he's thinking you're doing the same thing he does and knows his intentions aren't good.

Ugh anon I have almost the same problem where I pick at my skin and now my shoulders and legs are awful looking. I stopped months ago and still have spots and scarring. Don't know what to do, I always find an excuse to avoid going to the pool or anything like that but I wonder if it's going to fully go away :( I tried Bio Oil but I don't know if it can do much more

No. 210886

No matter what I do, I cannot make friends. Nobody seems to like me. I'm intolerably shy around new people and cannot leave my bf's side, so I guess I kinda get it, but I never feel like I can go anywhere alone

No. 210893

From what I took from your post, people can't really "like" you if you don't show yourself. I've kinda been in your shoes, but the hardest thing you have to do is to try to open up yourself to others.
Small steps are still steps forward, so don't punish yourself if it doesn't happen as fast as you would imagine.
I still have a hard time going places alone, so when I meet people I try to fix it by maybe asking if they could meet me halfway or something like that.

No. 210896

Everytime I try to make a commitment to change I fall right back on old habits.
I wish I could just snap my fingers and stop being a shut in who's only hobby is obsessively checking internet shit.
Why is it so hard? Even when I'm doing things I actually like I'm only just craving to going back to that the whole time.

No. 210899

friends from another city are currently visiting. im hugely introverted and they kinda only abuse me as a place to sleep kinda. they only arrived yesterday and I cant wait to have time alone. i hate having visitors. they will only leave in a few days.

No. 210900

I've had one of those before anon. And I've given birth, more than once, and I will still say that boil was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. Put hot compresses on it until it pops. I also thought if it's been around long enough doctors could Lance it for you? And they should have put you on some antibiotics or something

No. 210901

I gave birth vaginally, and you're right, this is much worse. When I went, they told me if it doesn't pop on its own, then they'll do lancing/antibiotics, but it's not really at that point yet. No head. I actually got rid of it a week ago by squeezing an Advil liquid gel on it, but it came back yesterday.

No. 210907

IMO there’s only 3 physical features a person will never make “pretty” - poor bone structure, bad skin, and a big nose (as in bumpy/hooked/beaky/asymmetric, not wide nostrils or whatever). I have all 3. Bone structure I can’t change, skin I could have changed if I had started trying sooner, and nose I should have changed years ago. Now I’m stuck in a low-paying job with a child, a house, and other commitments; I should have had rhinoplasty at 18 like I wanted to. Learning to love yourself is great, but I wish I’d acted on how much I hate it sooner. I should have realised that intensity of feeling wouldn’t change.

No. 210909

my boyfriend is unhappy to the point of being at what he describes as the lowest point in his life. he blames me, in large, for taking up his emotional and mental energy and causing a series of events that have negatively impacted his ambitions and his focus.

i never wanted this for him. i never meant to ruin his life by simply existing and being his girlfriend. i knew early on that i would be too much - too unstable, too unreliable, too emotional - for anyone to handle, but he was persistent in being with me. we were happy for a while, but i should have known i could never be a good person, never be what he needed. i should have resisted more, knowing that the kind of person i am and the kind of person he was could never have blended together without negative consequences. i'm not meant for anyone, least of all someone with so bright a future as him.

i want to end this for his sake. he's told me that he wouldn't care or feel anything if the relationship did end, so i know i wouldn't be hurting him; rather, i'd be releasing him from further misery. i can handle whatever pain the breakup brings me knowing that i'm doing what's right for him because i still love him. i have from the beginning and i always will.

but i don't want to leave him when he's telling me he's at an all-time low. when i know and can see and feel that he's not in a good place mentally right now. i might have caused his current state with my past behavior, and i know that every day i'm with him it probably gets worse even when i try to not even speak to him to avoid causing further stress, but i can't just leave him when he's hurting.

i'm stuck: i'm the reason for his current state, but i also can't abandon him while he's like this. i want to let him go so he can be happy again, but i don't want to leave him to be alone when he's so depressed and miserable. i know now that i'll never be able to mend the past and heal him, and i'm not naive enough to believe i have a future with him anymore, but i still refuse to leave him in this state.

i love him, i need to leave him, and i don't know how to help him.

No. 210910

You should leave him, as simple as that.
I don't know why you're feeling so guilty all the time but your bf -according as you said- knew what it would be like to be with you, right? He accepted it and things didn't go as you wished. If you think that much that you're the reason he's miserable, if you're 100% sure you're the problem, why you should be there for him now?

I'm not trying to make you feel worse or anything, actually I'm worried about how you're thinking about yourself right now (I'm sure you're far better than you think you are) but you can't help him if you think you're the reason to his depression. You can't be ''the cure and the disease'' at the same time.

No. 210911

Wtf, anon. Break up with him right now. He's guilting the fuck out of you without taking any step to make this better. No, you're not making his life hell. He's abusing you because he knows you have self-worth issues. He should have walked off himself if he really thought you were making him miserable. Putting that on you is beyond shitty.

No. 210922

what? no. he's either a scumbag dumbass or you're fucking up somebody's life and they need you to gtfo to get better.
break up with him.

No. 210925

If he really was that low, and know it's because of you, he'd dump you ?? What's stopping him ? Are you sure he's not using you as a scapegoat to express all of his woes and demons ?

Are you gonna threaten suicide if he leaves, or be in a dangerous position (homelessness) ? If the answer is no then stop feeling like Satan incarnate, it takes two to make a relationship works but only one to end it.

It's like saying all your troubles come from the fact that your house is on fire but also if you get out you won't be able to watch tv inside. If you were really causing him all that pain then he'll be better off alone, simple as that.

No. 210941

>If he really was that low, and know it's because of you, he'd dump you ?? What's stopping him ?
For all I know she may just have low self esteem, but I've been in this position with someone who was bipolar. While they made me miserable, I felt I was responsible to be there since they had no one else available. In hindsight it was because they pushed everyone else away for the same reasons I eventually had to cut contact.

No. 210948

File: 1510017073673.png (126.56 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_ornogw8nYd1uddy6…)

social awkwardness vent…

>be me at 14

>there’s a pretty girl in class that i like and want to be friends with (i was figuring out i was a lesbian back then).
>tried to talk to her and fail massively. asked her about the book she was reading, and told her she's holding it wrong (she was btw)
>she looks at me with disgust and doesn’t say a word back
>for the entirety of high school this girl ALWAYS gave me the dirtiest looks. she would always point me out to her friends to make fun of me – and she would do it right next to me too. I had to listen to all of them laughing about how weird I was. she would always make fun of me with her friends. this girl is super popular in school. She’s cute (unlike me) so everyone likes her.
>change bus routes to avoid her, run the fuck away whenever i see her during lunch, never talk to anyone who is friends with her (they make fun of me), try to do everything to not see her and her friends
>embarrassed for life

>be me at 20. in university

>my one friend says "Hey anon do you know _______? she says she knows you. you two were in high school together, right?"
>"ehh i dont remember"
>"yeah yeah, she said you asked her about her book? and then you told her she was holding the book wrong? Haha, she said you were so weird and creepy! She doesn't get why i talk to you at all. Man, she really doesn't like you. She thinks you’re weird and gross. Like she reaaally doesn’t like you"
>why does she remember jesus Christ why I literally only talked to her once six years ago please god take me away on this very second.jpg
>"yeah i don’t remember her don’t know what you’re talking about"
>legit holding back tears remembering her and her friends making fun of me to my face multiple times in high school

so, kids, when you do something embarrassing/social awkward… you know how people always say that you're the only who remembers? its bullshit. other people remember. and even six years later, girls will still make fun of you for being autistic in high school. Man, what the fuck. the cringe is real

No. 210951

Consider how little she must have going on in her life if she's making such a mountain out of fucking nothing. Just focus on you, she's the pathetic one if she's still ass pained over you correcting her about a book literally over half a decade ago. I can't even remember the names of the people I had a beef with in Highschool, let alone still caring about it.

No. 210952

Next time make an astonishing look of creeped out and say
"she is remembering that I told her she holds the book wrong once X years ago even when we never talked with each other again?" And make a confused look.
Seriously, if she still spergs about that incident she is the weird one, not you. There was no need to be embarrassed initially anyway. They pick you for bullying because you're easily to pick on. The can smell your shame a mile away. Get new friends.

No. 210955

kids in elementary school are assholes, but the ones who continue to be an asshole in college, especially remembering petty shit like that are worth no ones time. sorry anon, been there too!

No. 210957

File: 1510021113714.jpg (26.34 KB, 275x250, 1509994757175.jpg)

Mein Gott, a similar thing happened to me in middle school too. We were friends for a few good months and then she stopped talking to me completely. I didn't do anything wrong.

I find out later in high school through a friend who used to be close to the bitchy girl and guess what? She thought I was a lesbian and so she stopped talking to me (???). I'm not a lesbian and there's nothing wrong with being one.

Basically, ignore her. She's immature as fuck and I'm sure she's sooo great to be around.

No. 210962

P much this. The older I get, the more and more dumb shit people give me rolls off my back. Why would I want to be friends with a passive aggressive shittalker? Or someone who hasn't let the smallest thing go after years? I have bills and shit.

No. 210965

File: 1510048795372.jpg (146.63 KB, 960x720, 1509546590352-a.jpg)

I finally got the courage to confess love to a guy friend I knew for a while but all I got was an accusation of making a very bad joke.
He is similar to those r9k types so it's not surprising he'd have a hard time believing me.
What an idiot though.

No. 210966

What do you guys do when you're partnered with a shitty person?

I don't mind incompetence. I don't mind having to redo something if I see that the other person put in a genuine effort that just fell short. I don't mind being accomodating if given notice. But this bitch sent me a 8am facebook message to tell me she's been sick during the night and therefore wasn't able to give the documents she was supposed to yesterday(? the day before so what's even that supposed to excuse) and wasn't able to finish another project because she was way too busy (we're just out a holiday week, how can you be too busy to send me a fucking facebook message the day before so I have time to do it myself and to top things off she was bragging to her friends yesterday how she was at Disney the week end before holding up a restaurant past the closure and dancing all alone with her boyfriend to the exit).

God, I'm fucking fuming.

No. 210968

What >>210952 said. She is definitely the weird one if she is still talking about - hell, can even still remember - such a minor conversation. If she’s ever brought up to you again just laugh and say “she’s a freak, I spoke to her once X years ago about a book and she tells everyone she meets how much she hates me for it”. Promise you she’ll never mention it again.

No. 210969

LEAVE HIM. Put it this way: whether it’s him or you, being together is not helping him. End it, don’t speak to him again, you can’t help him. Let him work out what the real problem is (because it isn’t you).

No. 210971

If you're in college e-mail the professor about it. I had that happen during a peer-review essay assignment where I emailed the girl two days after our class and she didn't send me her paper until 1am on the day it was due the week after.

No. 210973

I kind of want to know which book she was reading now

No. 210975

>six years later and the scourned bitch still tells of the person who pointed out she held a book wrong

Oh wow! Insane how someone can have a vendetta and be threatened over something so petty.
She probably thought you were insulting her intelligence, but judging by the way she's held on to this for years, you weren't wrong…

I wish you could post a picture of this "cute" bitch. She sounds like she has a social disorder herself, like anyone who challenges her on anything is on her shit list forever. I'm sure you're not the only one she's made a target of, anon. In fact, had I been your other friend in this situation I would've said something along the lines of "Haha yeah, anon said she held a book wrong like half a decade ago in high school and she's still pissed about it. Pathetic, right?"

No. 210976

File: 1510079024263.jpeg (282.35 KB, 2000x1122, 1-W1Zpv8RMX9oSgZmiMGb-OQ.jpeg)

I dated this aspie guy back in 2010 after he pressured and guilted me into it. He wasn't the person I thought he was and he turned out to be a selfish ass. It was a mistake and I broke it off after a month or so and remained friends with him out of niceness. Since he always complains about being alone even though he drives the majority of people away. I get slightly triggered when I scroll past >>111835 bc it looks like him.

Anyway, he keeps doing this thing where to force me into a conversation he makes a leading statement, where he expects me to probe him about whatever he just said in order to begin the dialogue about himself.
How can I put it…
A normal person might say "You wouldn't believe this but I just got a money offer for work with one of my favorite photographers!" but instead he says "And we've got an offer." Nothing else follows until I respond.
Huh? What? Who? What offer? Offer about what?
It may not seem so bad if he would do this infrequently. But it's EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.
Like I'm a moron and don't realize what he's doing.
He's the type of person who asks "How are you doing?" hoping that you won't have much to say about yourself just so he can jump straight into talking about himself when you predictably ask back–as it goes in polite conversation.

Not to mention when I made the mistake of confiding in him about some of my relationship problems, he actively encouraged me to dump my bf and was weirdly obsessed about it. Not for my sake though, but because he wanted another chance with me and got excited with glee when he thought my four year relationship was ending (it didn't).

He oozes with such self-centeredness that it seeps into his everyday interactions. Every talk is a 'humble'brag, or a pity party. Nobody likes him, and I'm really just keeping my mouth shut out of politeness but even that is getting difficult. And how do you cut someone out of your life of seven years without looking like the bitch when you've silently accommodated their behavior the entire time? As if you were okay with it all when you were just being polite and empathetic? Fuck, I wish there was a button I could press.

No. 210977

I was in an almost exact position and what I did was just suddenly drop all contact. You might think it's cruel, or a bitch move to do but in the end that type of person doesn't care about others and has extremely low levels of empathy.

Every time I have to make a difficult decision I imagine I did it and how it would feel. 99.9% of time my gut feelings are right. So, it's up to you.

You have to ask yourself, is he really a good friend to you? Do you think that time spent with him is better spent else where? Does he drain you of your energy? Do you procrastinate replying to him just because it feels like a huge chore? Those are the few questions that I ask myself when I get the misfortune of being in contact with such people.

No. 210986

i miss the cows like kailyn and buttergolem from when cows weren't horrid shrewd worrying people driven after a weird agenda, just dumb messes. or did we start villainising them increasingly more?

No. 210996

my bf is working between 2 job sites atm and at 930 he messaged me to say he was stopping home “in a bit” for a quick cuddle before he went to the second site. it’s now past 11 and i see him fucking around in some mutual discords instead.

it’s dumb but i’m just disappointed that i got ready for him to stop by almost 2 hours ago only to get basically stood up. lately he’s been saying a lot of things and then doing the opposite. just little things, but it’s annoying. like i asked if he wanted to watch netflix last night and he said he wasn’t in the mood to watch anything, which was fine, except 5 minutes later he’s watching a bunch of youtube videos. just dumb little lies.

No. 210999

I still get quite intense anxiety in the evening, even though that which caused the anxiety to begin with has ended years and years ago (weird childhood because of super stressed mother, bad relationships, an ex who was a manipulative narcissistic asshole, 2 incidents of not very severe psychosis). I've done a shit ton of work throughout the years to better my mental health, but it's still pretty shit at times (not nearly as bad as it was before).
It always happens during the afternoon (or as soon as it's dark outside), and lasts until i go to bed. The same street i see outside my window in the morning suddenly becomes unreal and eerie as my anxiety sets in. The world feels like my nightmares, as if the feeling of them seeps out of my head and taints the rest of the world. I try to talk to people every day (irl, online and on the phone), i see my parents/sister about once a week, i have a boyfriend that i live with every other week (we're planning to move together at the end of the year), and i regularly see mental health proffessionals, but as soon as i'm alone my anxiety and intense feelings of unease takes over.
Every single day that i spend alone i have constant anxiety and i don't even know why anymore.
I take 3 different kinds of medication, and they all make it slighty better, but it feels like i've hit a wall. I'm afraid i'll always be like this, no matter how much better my circumstances get. I'm afraid it's chronic.

I cry all the fucking time. I often cry for hours each day, because of anxiety, intrusive thoughts, stress and depression.
I have a job that i'm pretty fine with, my own appartment, i eat every day, i work out etc… Why the fuck do i still feel this way.

I've had psychosis twice in my life (one drug-related and one that lasted for months because of a single night terror incident), and this feels just like it, except diluted and drawn out.

I know this is gonna sound stupid, but it feels like i'm almost in a parallel world when i'm alone and anxiety sets in, like in Stranger Things except without all the visual stuff in the "upside down". It doesn't look like the intestines of trees are spread out everywhere, but it sure feels like it.
It's like i can "feel" the underside of everything, and it's scary. This has been going on for years and years. Sometimes it gets better for a few months, then it comes back, and it goes back and forth like that ad infinitum.

I don't even know if this is regular anxiety, depression or something else, all i know is that it feels so fucking lonely, and that i haven't met anyone irl that can relate.

No. 211002

I can't believe my university's internet got banned from 4chan. I even have 4chan gold and I can't post. Not that I post there a lot but I need to sell some figurines and I had a good time doing so on /toy/.

No. 211004

If they are Japanese figures you could try selling them on mfc, it's kind of hit or miss sometimes but I paid a couple dollars and was able to sell some of my figs.

No. 211010

I've been waiting weeks for my medical records to be forwarded to a new clinic and run out of my medication in the mean time lol new doctor won't refill without a diagnosis and I don't want to be tested again. I know it's my fault for dragging my feet but wtf why does this process take so long

No. 211011

My Aunt just died. He got diagnosed with brain cancer a month ago and suddenly died last week. He got so bad so quickly. I saw her in the hospital and even slept there to take care and watch over her. It was so scary and horrifying seeing someone dying.

This was the closest person to me in my whole family, I have no one else who I've had such a loving and actual bond with. It's so painful. I never knew things could hurt this bad before.

Also started to kind of see my ex boyfriend. I love him a lot, I've never loved a guy before him and I hope maybe we can date again. Right now we are just hanging out/going on dates/hooking up (it's not "exclusive" but neither of us are with other people). I don't expect him to love me again and but if it doesn't work out I'm going to be so crushed. And with that death, it's all feeling worse at the same time.

Family life sucks at my house. It always has but the older I got the more unbearable it feels. I know people will say, be an adult and leave. But my situation is really complicated and leaves me overwhelmed and stressed out.

I live with my only other sibling, and if I left they would not have anyone to help them out with my abusive parents. My parents take it out mostly on me, since they view me as the black sheep (accusing me of being a prostitute, call me a whore for driving places, tell me I'm ugly and stupid, they are super conservative and crazy).

I also go to a college which my dad cosigns my loans for. If I left school, I would have no cosigner, without that I cannot afford school and if I took off semesters to work to save up for school I would be forced to start paying my loans, which I cannot afford to do. I have medical issues which thankfully are mostly covered by my parents insurance but if I move out they will disown me and I will be removed and have no health care.

Due to my horrible family life and stress I have built up anxiety and depression issues. I've been put in the loony bin x4 times in the past 3 years for these issues. I can't really go out and have fun with anyone since I'm not allowed out past like 7PM (can't break the rules or my parents will kick me out, sucks but oh well) and because I have so much sadness and anxiety from my stress that I can't bring myself to see anyone or be able to have fun. Whenever I have tried to have fun or do my makeup or anything my parents have ruined it by spamming my phone, calling me a stupid whore, telling me I can't go out because I have to clean the floors etc. It really hurts to try really hard and then just have it pulled down from under me.

I feel like maybe this all sounds really juvenile but I'm under so much stress that recently I've been even more suicidal than I ever was in my life. each year the depression seems to get worse but this time I really have come up with more solid ideas in my head about suicide and how I should do it. I've never felt like I should do it this much. I'm trying so hard to keep going but it's so hard when you have nobody.

No. 211015

I'm sorry to hear that, anon. When my grandparents died; it felt like my entire family became different people for several weeks after it happened. Some of the people who didn't care suddenly became unnecessarily greedy. Some of the people who were extraordinarily nice dropped all pretenses of liking me and showed their true colors.

I think some people just deal with loss in different ways, and it results in awful examples from otherwise nice people. Maybe what you can do is go to your ex, just tell him that you need a shoulder to cry on, and use that time to unwind and let him know how you have been feeling. He might be more receptive than you think.

As for suicide, just remember the adage: "This too shall pass". Your feelings are temporary, and your life will go on. Give it a few weeks and see if you can find a way to return to relative normalcy.

No. 211016

Don't spend money on 4chan gold. Spend money on a VPN or a proxy. A good one is swissVPN.

No. 211018

I've been having a problem and I wanted to know if I have just been obsessive. This may sound really petty, but bear with me.

Sometime before the weekend; I was getting in my car, and I lost my tablet. I think I set it on top of the car and maybe drove off.

This has hit me really hard for reasons I cannot quite realize. It's just a tablet, and it's a machine that people replace yearly (I've had this one three or so years). So why was I so upset about losing this one? There are some pictures on it I can't replicate and weren't uploaded, but that's about it.

Either ways it's left me depressed for the last few days and I just want to know; am I overreacting? How do I let go of this stupid piece of machinery that feels like it's left an actual hole on me?

Is this just a sign I may be addicted to something?

No. 211021

im literally pulling my hair out. i get super stressed and start to pull hairs out off my head or my eyebrows. i have to do a dumb emo hair sweep to cover one of my eyebrows, or properly put, the place it used to be. i dont get it.

No. 211022

True story, I used to have a nervous tick where I squeezed my tit. Now one tit is unnaturally bigger than the other.

Consider grinding your teeth or investing in silly putty instead before it becomes something you can't live without.

No. 211024

I've considered mfc but it seems like work. You had to pay money to sell them?

I thought VPNs were blocked by 4chan? Anyways I'm not that desperate to post there other than to sell my figures now.

No. 211026

>grinding teeth

no, this will fuck your jaw up so fast. trust me.

No. 211027

>I used to have a nervous tick where I squeezed my tit. Now one tit is unnaturally bigger than the other.
this actually works? sorry for being off topic but how long were you doing that for?

t. chestlet

No. 211028

File: 1510129362672.png (777.36 KB, 1136x640, 1508735514392.png)

I scratched my eyebrows whenever I was stressed. After a bad bout of exams they were gone and never really grew back right.

No. 211036

Years, I started in middle school and did that until late high school.
Don't actually do that to increase your boob size because it won't increase them evenly. It will make one tit look off-center if you're standing in front of a mirror.

No. 211037

>I thought VPNs were blocked by 4chan
Depends on the VPN you get. Foreign VPNs that you have to pay for are typically not banned because even the most obsessive shitposter over there isn't going to pay money to troll 4chan.
Things that offer free trials, though? Those are all banned.

No. 211039

File: 1510149741641.gif (923.97 KB, 499x333, 1473106042152.gif)

oh god! i guess we can be eyebrow twins of sorts anon, that sucks.

No. 211040

I think it's a normal reaction. I keep electronics until they are on death's door. If I lost or broke one, I'd feel bad about it even if it's time to replace it anyway. I'd probably be hard on myself about breaking it. I have some attachments to certain objects so that could be in play.

Just remember that it's not an important thing. You'll get a new, better one and eventually you won't think about the old one anymore. It just takes time.

I had €800 in cash stolen from me a year ago by movers and I'm still not over it tbh. That little box of carefully collected bills had so much sentimental value for reasons I won't detail here. My tip for everyone: don't trust movers not to go through your things. I was so upset and ashamed that I never followed through with a police report (I knew the police would laugh at me.)

No. 211041

Thanks anon, it helped to read something from someone who understands.

He wrote me a poem. Granted, it was about the dog we adopted together (she lives with me right now since I had to temporarily move). I'm happy he finally wrote me something (we are both writers in a way), but it still feels cheap, since it's about the dog. And that was it.

I guess I'm a bit of a brat.

No. 211043

i lost my mobile phone a few months ago. I was so depressed for several days. one because Im triggered af by using new devices when everything is different and secondly because i thought about how so much bad luck stuff always happens to me.

No. 211046

File: 1510161963193.jpg (186.16 KB, 1300x861, 27550331-Sad-girl-crying-Stock…)

I'm bisexual and lately I've been wanting a girlfriend more than I usually used to (I have a crush and I'm talking to this girl but we're just at the "knowing each other stage" atm). I feel like due to having had experiences with men and none with women I just HAVE to have a gf, I just have to try, and it's bugging me. I even dream about it at night. It's becoming obsessive.
So I'm working on it, wish me good luck

No. 211048

Aderall makes me so horny. It gives me a foot fetish. Now I'm afraid I will be caught staring at people's feet.

No. 211049

In light of the texas shooting a few days ago, I'll repost this list again.

>Men commit the vast majority of crimes, especially violent ones

>Men idolize violence
>Virtually all mass killing and shootings were perpetrated by men
>Men lack any real empathy, except for sometimes other men
>Men are literally wired to view women as merely objects
>Men only desire women to fulfill their sexual needs and bear children
>Men sexually harass and assault women daily
>Countless women are raped and murdered by men every single day
>Men refuse to be held accountable for any of this and are entirely complacent with it when it does not involve them

Go ahead and whine about how it's #NotAllMen if you want. In the end you'll just end up as the next victim with that kind of mentality.

No. 211052

bring that shit back to tumblr. sorry your victim complex affects you so hard that you feel the need to use tragedy to needlessly push your agenda, pretty sure youre capable of doing it without using peoples death to spread #menareallrapist mentality.

No. 211054

Fuck off robot.

No. 211058

Witnessed a mentally disabled person go into a rage and try and break everything in my store while their helper had to restrain them. Still shaken up about it, not sure why I’m so effected. She was screaming and her face was so angry, she tried grabbing at me as I picked up things she know I over to clear a path for her helper to bring her outside… he came back to apologize which was kind, and I understand this happens. Just so scary, and damn I give so much respect to those who work with people who fall into violent rages like that on the daily. Damn

No. 211060

I'm not going to address every point, because it's ridiculous. But I will say that when you post shit like this:

>>Men only desire women to fulfill their sexual needs and bear children

Really it just shows how inexperienced you are with actual relationships and that you may be one to be pitied. Many men have just as much emotional depth and desire for long-term fulfilling relationships as women. I mean how do you account for all the happy nuclear families out there? Even if half of them are secretly resentful of each other, there's still a shit ton of dudes marrying women and starting loving and healthy families. I personally know of at least 10 such people in my immediate social circle and family.

So.. did your daddy not love you enough, or what's the deal here?

No. 211061

I'm sorry to hear that, but I do appreciate the advice. Just hearing that someone else feels the same way I do about electronics makes me feel much better. Thank you!

No. 211066

my bf and i are going through a rough patch lately due to external factors and every time we fight it results in sex. the worst part is that it’s mindblowingly good sex, like better than when we just fuck regularly. like last night we went from fighting and crying to fucking and it was honestly the best sex i’ve ever had with him.

i’m worried it’s going to set a bad precedent or make us associate sex with bad things or whatever. i feel like it’s already happening. i need to stop letting it happen (or encouraging it) but it’s just relieves the tension and we can go to sleep happy…so it’s hard. i hope shit looks up soon.

No. 211067

thats some scary stuff anon, its alright to feel shaken! its kind of awful knowing that you dont know what is going to happen next, the sort of unknown with the rage is what would get to me..

it takes a lot to be in a job like that, caring for mentally ill/disabled people who are lower functioning. the turn-over rate is really high

No. 211073


>secretly resentful of each other

>shit ton of dudes marrying women and starting loving and healthy families

i don't think you've ever seen a healthy relationship and that's sad.

No. 211075

got a crush on my guy friend I met this year but he's in a relationship and I don't think he likes me that way anyway. He's a flirty and sociable person naturally and I'm afraid I misconstrued a lot of "signals" which are him being nice, and he's also a decent person who wouldn't cheat on his girl even tho they are in a ldr currently

and the girl is just portrayed by everyone as little miss perfect like smart and nerdy and kind and always upbeat and it makes me want to throw up, nobody is that perfect c'mon.

so I have to deal with this the hard way and every time my stomach flutters I have to grab that emotion by the balls and drown it before it develops and it's miserable af. When we sit side by side on the couch with zero personal space, when he compliments me and calls me beautiful/adorable/cutie patootie, when he lays his arm over my lap so I stroke his skin with my fingertips, when we chat on skype for hours, it's… just friends

No. 211077

I hate sensitive people so much

No. 211082

Hi guys do you know anywhere or anyway to vent like chat discord or activity where i spend my anger hate and sadness

No. 211086

Thanks anon, I think that was really what scared me the most was the uncertainty. I knew I couldn’t step in so all I could do was watch.
The worker stayed so calm and collected the whole time, I could not be mentally or emotionally (he’ll even physically) strong enough for a job like that, really takes a special kind of person

No. 211087

Call me judgemental and racist but a new flatmate just moved in & she's very fat and seems white trash as fuck so I'm scared she'll start stealing my amazon packages

No. 211089

That's not 'racist'; your gut feeling is usually correct.

Get to know her a bit, but also do what I did when I had flatmates and rent a PO box that will accept tall packages.

No. 211090

i do too

t. oversensitive person

No. 211097

Mfc ads are $5 for a month to $50 for a year, no item limit. I paid the five dollars and sold two $50+ items within one week. It's not bad if you have a lot to sell or items that are sought-after, because users get e-mail alerts when stuff they want to buy is listed for sale.

No. 211105

I feel triggered exactly the same way. I've been calling pawn shops while at work and focusing on other things besides my job. I know it's not healthy but I just have this nagging feeling that if I just look a bit harder, it will turn up. Also because the thought of someone else using it triggers me on some underlying level.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who got absurdly depressed over losing it. My parents just called me weird and told me to buy another, and that just made me feel like shit.

No. 211113

You don't need to be a robot to find some nutter sperging out about how men are evil trite. If anything some robots might agree with you and use it to further some of their arguments lol.

>not sure why I’m so effected.
Pretty natural reaction honestly. Honestly I'm kind of surprised people as low functioning as that arent on a tighter leash.

No. 211116

oh wow I wish good post-fight sex would happen to me. My bf sometimes tries to use sex as a way to make up and I have such an aversion to it when I'm feeling hurt/angry - like don't EVER touch me or smooth over your words with your penis, asshole. I view everything as him being condescending or trying to manipulate me when I'm in that mood.

So I admit I'm envious bc something in me just shuts down - but I understand that it seems like it's happening too often. Is there a middle ground? Could you guys have some kind of post-fight cuddling instead of sex, or is the sex like a distraction from the real issues? Sorry if these are dumb questions.

No. 211118

do you not vet the people who live with you?

No. 211121

Everything's so stagnant and empty.

Nothing new happens in my life, I don't meet any new people. I come back from uni, it's late, I'm too tired to do things. If I go out with a friend, we only do the same stuff as always. I wish I could just go to some ukulele classes or shit, but no one wants to go with me. I thought I'm the socially inept one, but I realized many people considered "normal" don't step out from their comfort zones like ever. It's making me angry when I have to almost drag people out of their homes, because they would rather just lay in bed watching TV. I wish someone dragged ME around. I need someone outgoing with whom I would feel challenged, growing.
But yeah. Here I am, spending my life in my room, less creative every day, barely meeting friends because I'm done just wasting time at their houses, but also too anxious and tired and stressed to do stuff alone.

Nothing happens beside bad stuff.

No. 211131


just b urself

No. 211133

>she's fat
Why would she steal your Amazon packages, you ship food to yourself or something?

No. 211152

All I see is an asshole who use other for self gratifying reasons. I bet miss perfect is either doing the same thing to guys or fucking seething whenever he gets too chummy to any girl but can't drop her good gf facade.

What a turd. What he's doing is clearly emotional cheating towards his gf. Are you sure you'd like a bf who seeks validation from other girls when you're there for him, and let them swoon and caress their arm or chat for hours on end and call them gf-ish nicknames ? Can you imagine how that'd feel ?

No. 211164

He sounds vile. Don't know why you'd want to even consider being with him if he behaves like that.

No. 211165

that anon here, i think it’s more normal and healthy to not fuck after fighting, tbh, i wish i had the same sense to say no.

most of the time we’ve already made up before we fuck, so we aren’t really fucking the anger away, just relieving tension and getting in a better mood? the problem is that often we go right back to fighting not even an hour afterwards, and then make up and screw again, and by then it’s bedtime so we sleep. but a lot of times i feel vulnerable and used because i know it won’t last and we will fight again. cuddling would be a less vulnerable spot.

this stuff probably happens 1-2 times a week.

No. 211177

It took me almost 2 weeks to get out of that mindset when my wallet got stolen. I just kept imagining that it would turn up, that the person who took it might have a change of heart and drop it off at a post office or in a mailbox or something and that it would get mailed to me (yeah fucking right). Every day I came home my heart would jump a little checking the mail because I would imagine it being there. And I'd trigger myself by imagining the person going through my wallet, using my stuff, stealing my identity or something. It's a really shitty feeling but it does go away eventually. It just takes time.

No. 211178

File: 1510284405429.jpg (9.67 KB, 400x323, angry_cat1.jpg)

I sprained my ankle over a week ago and it was so bad I couldn't walk on it for a while without intense shooting pains up my leg. It finally started to feel better yesterday, then when I was walking around today it started hurting again. I google searched it and apparently some sprains can take 2+ weeks to heal. I'm annoyed because it hurts so much that I don't like to walk on it unless I absolutely have to, and I haven't been able to exercise or get outside so I feel like shit.

The hypochondriac in me is worried that I might have torn a ligament or done some sort of worse damage to my ankle but I'm too scared and too poor to go to a doctor for xrays or anything. I'm 99% sure it's just a bad sprain but it's been almost a week now with no improvement so the worry nags at me. I was so sure it was getting better too. Augh.

No. 211179

it took a month for me to be able to use my ankle after a sprain without the brace but i had done a number on it.. im not a dr but if its still swollen or super tender or cant move the joint, then it is worth looking into seeing a professional, but pain meds, ice it, and elevate it. other than that there isnt much else to do

No. 211185

I can empathize.

I tried joining the Engineering club at my college, and it's been a bit of a shit show. A lot of talk, but nothing actually done. I've been thinking of taking up dancing classes since it's always been something I wanted to learn, tried meetup which has been a bit of a shit show. Who knew there could be so many vegan food and feminist book clubs in one city?

All you can really do is keep moving forward though. Don't be afraid to try something solo.

No. 211187

It's feeling really hard for me right now because I checked with Google to see if it had been turned on since I lost it, and it hasn't.

So now the question is; where did it go? Did no one find it? Did I lose it someplace that could take weeks for someone to even look there? Is it right under my nose? Is it actually someplace perfectly safe and I'm too dumb to think about it being there?

These questions will genuinely haunt my dreams.

No. 211202

anon, my wallet was stolen and I had the same reaction. I was sure someone would return the wallet without the money or credit cards (I had expensive IDs in there since I'm an expat). Nothing, not even the wallet, ever showed up. I contacted every place I could think of,posted signs, everything. This happened in a city where a lot of stuff supposedly gets returned.

It hurts. It's agonizing. And I'm so sorry. It is better, perhaps, to take steps to get a new one and try to put it out of your mind. I wasn't functional for a week after this happened to me (and it cost me more than a tablet to replace the documents inside, not to mention all the time and emotional energy it cost me).

No. 211208

at least you try, anon. Tbh I would join a feminist book club but there are no such things in my culture as book clubs. I would love if my uni had something like hobby clubs, but every club is related to the major and people are so serious about it, no one even wants to know your name, they would kill me if I was standing on their way to write some shitty monograph for more scholarship points.

I would gladly follow your advice if I wasn't so socially anxious. I can't really get into a group, this is beyond my skills. Some situations, like when I try to introduce myself or join a conversation and people just simply ignore me (because I have no presence), and one person catches that and looks at me awkwardly and then choose to ignore me too, still haunt me at nights lol. Because of stuff like this, trying things solo really just depress me, it's not worth it. Leaves me feeling like shit. I know I can't go through life just clinging to someone more outgoing, but I certainly am the type that needs some help to grow. Would love to grow with someone, together. Eh

No. 211222

>Some situations, like when I try to introduce myself or join a conversation and people just simply ignore me (because I have no presence)
That's why I tend to like projects. I mean yeah, I get how it can be hard to introduce yourself or make small talk. That's why I generally suggest shared interests, you can bond over that and/or a shared goal and actually getting to know the person tends to follow. If the university isn't an option, I'd still suggest meetup.com or facebook events or some shit like that.

One thing that really helped me was taking a sales position actually. Shit job, but I learned how to be able to talk clearly so even if I'm not comfortable with a situation I can communicate my intent much more easily.

No. 211226

I'd be really disappointed if I were you. You should really let him know doing something like that isn't acceptable.

I mean, it's fine that he's not in the mood to watch Netflix, but then he shouldn't be in the mood to watch YouTube videos either. What's the real reason for it?

No. 211228

I have regular suicidal thoughts but would never actually go through with killing myself unfortunately

No. 211230

My first love died over a month ago, even though it has been years, I can't stop thinking about him, missing him.
I keep staring at our last conversation, I dream about him almost every night.

Sometimes it feels like maybe he was my soulmate, our bond was like nothing else. Is this life just punishing me? Realizing I should have fought more for him while I had the chance?

I feel so hopeless.

No. 211234

I hate women that gossip. This is probably a bad place to vent something like that but I have a strong contempt for women that are airheaded, gossipy, social media addicted and too obsessed with materialistic stuff. Oh and whose main hobby is binging shows and reading gossip. At the peril of being called a robot, I can understand why some men would hate women and see them as inferior.
I'd like to add that I'm not one of the guys either.

No. 211235

File: 1510411930136.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)

'I hate women and go to women spaces to tell them, I'm totally not a robot'

No. 211236

I'm sure there are other anons that feel the same way. Also, I never said I hated all women, just those that are into gossip and related activities.

I know a few women that aren't anything like that, but those are rare to find. Especially when you live in a mid-sized town.

No. 211241

We hate you too, faggot. Post dick or gtfo

No. 211245

>pregnant cousin came to visit a couple of weeks ago
>talking about potential names since she hasn't decided yet
>she has a super common last name where we're from (let's say smith)
>she wants a traditional name
>me: "yeah but you also don't really want a name that is too common because there's already like a million jane smiths right, haha"
>she gives birth
>calls daughter 'jane'
>i feel like a twat

No. 211246

way better than Blue Poison Apple Juice North Ivy. Or Ashelleyigh, Baylee Jae or something

No. 211248


hoe why is you here


And again I say, hoe, why is you here

No. 211251

File: 1510435632427.png (93.22 KB, 568x479, 1510362165427.png)

>lolcow refuses to acknowledge the male problem

No. 211273

>drive 2 hours, spend 50 dollars on gas, pack my things,almost get in several wrecks just so I can see my boyfriend
>was planning for a while, now that I have the funds to, and thought he would be happy to see me
>bf has been doing nothing or saying nothing but "I see" or "Wyd" when trying to message him
>tried to see him today and make plans but either completely ignored everything I said and said "I see" and hasn't responded to me since lunch time
>feel bummed I can't see him and wanted to do it tonight since it would be the most convenient
>staying up all night just so I can hopefully get in contact with him

what's wrong with me anons, why do I always put excruciating effort into someone who doesn't even give me the time of day

No. 211275

hi womyn my gr8 existential complaint today is that the tea i'm drinking is terrible no more fruit flavored blends pls

No. 211276

Does he lead a busy lifestyle? Even if he does, he should at least put in a little more effort. It's not that hard to do. You should try communicating your frustration if you haven't already.

No. 211278

He just has a normal 9-5, he hangs with his friends sometimes which I understand, I have my own busy life and its hard to get in contact with him, even if he does open my messages im lucky if he even reads them and responds, since I have explained before and he will just ignore it completely and just say "sup" I've been with this guy for years, I feel like a side hoe rather than a girlfriend and Im working my ass off for him

No. 211284

It's time to break off contact. Either he won't go after you and it was already over or he'll realize he sould be putting in more effort.

No. 211285

File: 1510465997788.png (862.77 KB, 744x1045, Tenko.png)

No. 211286

You drove to visit and he’s ignoring you? Why are you even still dating him? He’s an asshole and he doesn’t give a fuck about you.

No. 211290

Very recently I found out I'm either gay or bi. I have no clue how to meet girls other than tinder/online dating or gay bars (do lesbians even go to them?) and I am not really a clubbing kind of person. A lot of girls either seem out of my league or vapid/boring when I look online.

Also it makes me nervous to try and experiment because lesbians probably doesn't want to be with someone who's "questioning" aka has no idea what they're doing.

No. 211315

As a long-time bisexual woman, meeting women is much like meeting men: be sociable. There are dating apps solely for gay women, lesbians definitely do go to gay bars, and lesbian/bi women exist IRL just like straight men do. I've met at least one in every job I've worked at, every educational facility, every social activity, etc.

You're always going to meet women who will cut and run the minute they find out you're questioning. The trick is to be normal and be honest - get to know them as people (not just aS a potential partner), confirm there is a possibility for romance (ie they are gay/bi and like you in that way), and then work out your own feelings BEFORE you act on it. When you do act on it, they will be doing so knowing that you are entering new territory and that it might not end up in tru luv. People just don't like being used as an experiment with no regards to their feelings. Good luck anon!

No. 211317

I feel like I'll never be satisfied with my life no matter how much money I have, who I have, or where I am. These realizations about myself make me deeply angry rather than sad and I'm unsure of how to deal with it.

No. 211319

Get the mobile app HER
Even if you don't plan on using it for hook ups (i am not either) it gives a decent introduction in the world of bicurious,bisexual,asexual,homosexual women

No. 211321


seriously why are you with him? my fucking cat is more communicative than that, and she doesn't even like me all that much. don't waste your affections on someone who won't give you the time of day. nostalgia is not a good reason to stay with someone.

No. 211327

I haven't done all my work. It's not even monday and I'm already done.
I think I feel an urinary tract infection coming, but I'm not sure. I have only two antibiotic capusles left and I don't know if I should take them now and be sure that I won't be suffering tonight/tommorow or wait and be sure not to waste them because I can afford to see the doctor if I really need them in a week.
I'm sorry for rambling but it's all too much, I'm fucking overwhelmed and I have no idea what to do.

No. 211328

Go and buy a bottle of organic (no sugar) cranberry juice and drink that entire fucker in one go.

Trust me the feeling of a starting UTI will be gone with big pee that follows

No. 211329

Why do you stay with him? What positive thing does he bring to your relationship? You deserve a lot better than that.

No. 211330

anon I agree with
I usually mix mine with water and basically drink the hole thing throughout the day plus like 5 water bottles and feel better by the next day.
UTI's are from the devil,

No. 211339

I just wonder what romanitc love feels like. I'm at the age when most of my peers are already very experienced in that area, but I'm still not. I probably should start to accept my future as an old cat lady but I'm not fully at peace when it comes to that.
Just how does one embrace being alone for the rest of their life?

No. 211341

Why not start putting yourself out there now? Sooner is better than later, or never. You're not doomed.

No. 211347

Do YOU actually care about romance, or are you feeling pressured because you're comparing yourself to everyone else?
If you're okay with being alone and enjoy cats, why change? I'll tell you that romantic relationships comes with a lot of heartbreak and disappointment too, and it's not something you should get yourself involved in unless you truly want it.

No. 211445

i'm 25 and i've always felt this way. i think, if the feeling doesn't come naturally (i'm genuinely completely ok with being alone, don't really think about relationships or want one) then maybe its not what you really want. if you have to force yourself to accept it, then some part of you maybe still wants not to be alone- and you shouldn't deny yourself, it will only make you unhappy!

No. 211454

I don't understand why I don't get very much attention from guys. I used to think I was ugly but I think physically I look pretty fine. I also don't have RBF. Maybe it's just that I have an autism aura.

No way I would date most of the guys who came onto me, but it'd be nice for my self esteem to have some beta orbiters like most girls have. Instead I'm ignored.

No. 211462

24 is such an awkward age because its the only age that spans across two developmental phases, a bridge between adolescence and young adulthood. im standing here at the 40% point so unsure of when to cross. i FEEL like an adult, but adults won't treat me like it. children think i'm an adult, but i can't fill their expectations. my brain is done and stable, but my condition is starting to kill me so im literally running out of time. i know what choices need to be made, finish my degree, start career work, move out, come out, get a gf and a dog, die peacefully in hospice.
i just don't know HOW. i have no one to ask. i love them, but every woman in my entire family has become a miserable babymachine housewife by 20 (except for the 38 year old still in retail) and have always just used a boyfriend or husband for literally everything they have.

No. 211463

>it'd be nice for my self esteem to have some beta orbiters like most girls have. Instead I'm ignored.

>Like most girls have

You sound a bit delusional about how men and women interact and that weirdness is probably only undetectable to you. It might be a good idea for you to pursue some relationships so you can have a standard to compare your ideas to.

No. 211465

A lot of people do stuff that screams "don't talk to me" but are completely unaware of it. If you're frowning, that says don't talk to me. Crossed arms? Body language says leave me alone. Headphones? I'm in my own world, go away. Etc. So who will still talk to someone despite all of those factors? Generally not the sort of people whos company you would want to keep. You say you don't have resting bitch face but I'd still consider other behaviors that have a similar effect.

> it'd be nice for my self esteem to have some beta orbiters like most girls have.

The internet goes out of its way to make this seem like a bigger thing than it really is.

No. 211466

>every woman in my entire family has become a miserable babymachine housewife by 20 (except for the 38 year old still in retail) and have always just used a boyfriend or husband for literally everything they have.

That sounds awful. I hope that's not the future you want for yourself.

No. 211468

The more I read about men and realise all of them except for cougar chasers are pedophiles, the more I want to break up with my boyfriend. He hasn't shown signs of being a pedo, but it feels like I will never feel secure that he isn't, like with all men.

No. 211469

Have you considered locking him in a room with a naked child? It's the only way to be sure.


No. 211470

Don't worry. If he doesn't get his rocks off to little prepubescent girls, I'm sure it's just some other insanely depraved shit. Seriously, don't underestimate how vile men can be.

No. 211471

Not op, but idk, I think I also have a resting bitch face or that I just naturally look stern.
I worked on my body language but the only way to get people to talk me is me going to them and more or less forcing myself in. I have learned to do it these last few years, but it's exhausting.
I wish I was this kind of bubbly girl everyone wants to talk to.

No. 211472

I wish I didn't have to look at myself anymore. If I lived alone I'd definitely get rid of every mirror in the house. Fuck.

No. 211474

Every time this kind of talk comes up, I want to say something and oppose it, but I really can't. If there's something that all the years spent on the internet/imageboards have taught me, it's that non-normie men, regardless of preferred hobby, are all sickfucks. Five years as an undergrad has taught me that normie men aren't much different.
It's always either traps or kids. Men are literally incapable of being sexually healthy.

I'm so fucking lucky my boyfriend is literally autistic and somehow managed to not be fucked up when it comes to this.

No. 211475

That kind of girl doesn't exist. It's normal to make an effort to talk to people. If you could watch those girls you're jealous of 100%, you'll notice that they usually initiate.

It's only when you get to celebrity hot that you start encountering friends and lovers like Pokemon in the tall grass. For the rest of us, just save yourself the worry and talk to people.

No. 211476


Girl, I feel you. My boyfriend is actually sweet but men in general just disgust me.

No. 211479

>implying your boyfriend is some magical exception to the rule

No. 211481

You should probably break up with him since it sounds like you're looking for an excuse to and you aren't very happy.

No. 211483

File: 1510599576099.jpg (78.89 KB, 793x551, Jorge-Garcia-jorge-garcia-2539…)

>being short on money
>cutting your own hair
>doing fine twice so growing confidence
>fuck up really bad third time
>looking like that fat guy from lost now
>only difference is my hair is side parting and that im female.
>Im also fat and no visible neck

No. 211484

Why is life even worth living? People will always hurt you and you'll always be stressed and working and working to buy things to live/make you feel better. I feel like I should just kill myself because eventually I'll get old and I'll be worth nothing. Are life experiences even worth it? I'm jealous and I feel like I'll never be comfortable with myself. I'm 18 and I work as a cashier at a grocery store working 40 hours a week making less than $300 dollars. Working at a job like that has made me realize that people view me as less than them and they just look right through me as if I'm nothing. People in general are terrible and I just feel like I'll never get anywhere and even if I do will it be even worth it?

No. 211486

I did have a serious LTR a few years ago. But talking with guys won't tell me how other girls experience things.

I am interested in a couple of guys, but no one seems to be interested in me, and I don't want to embarrass myself.

It just seems like a lot of girls get asked out a ton and constantly having guys go after them.

I definitely don't wear headphones so that can't be it. Not really sure what else it could be.

>The internet goes out of its way to make this seem like a bigger thing than it really is.

Yeah you're probably right, but I'm constantly reading about how girls are asked out a ton (even to the point of harassment) and I'm here getting nothing. I don't mind approaching guys but it makes me anxious about why it's only me who has to do it all the time.

The thing is, I think I am a bubbly girl, and I love talking with strangers in public. But I also get tired of initiating all the time.

Like I said I don't mind initiating, but I wonder why I have to initiate all the time when in society it's usually the other way around. Most women definitely don't initiate relationships.

No. 211487

We've all fucked up our hair at some point.

Once time I accidentally gave myself a mullet/bull cut thing. It was humiliating. I had no choice but to let it grow out.

No. 211489

Aren't autists more likely to be pedophiles?

No. 211491

How does likelihood matter when for pedophilia in men it's 100% all the time anyway?

No. 211493

to some degree… i would never rely on anyone to hand me an allowance especially not as a 40 year old i can imagine how humiliating it feels. if I can marry a woman I really love as long as she has the kids or we adopt, I wouldn't mind if she had a much bigger income and we did a 30-60 thing and I'd balance it with housewifing and parenting.
but the way my family does it in which a woman is a sex slave, personal chef, housemaid, therapist, shopper, PA, and basically a single mom for allowance… i would kill myself.

No. 211495

Sociologists say its from how much internet porn has completely destroyed what sex is supposed to look like. Even little boys think sex is violently raping teens throat and ass now and theres no way to reverse its effect on humanity. After the hardcore section disappeared its just going to keep getting younger and more brutal.
But autistics without empathy can't get a endorphin rush or an emotion from watching another person. Its usually trains or music or something to "stim".

No. 211498

I feel so hopeless. I just cause trouble and drama for everyone. I'd probably just off myself now if I didn't have a bunch of debt that would fall to my mom.
What's the point.

No. 211502

I've already "put myself out there" though. I don't know why, but for some reason every guy I have chance to get close to, always drops a bomb at me: "women are less intelligent and lazier, but you're not like other women!", "I prefer poly, open relationships", "marriage is basically a lost game for a man, as women make less money". I don't know why, they seemed to be very sweet, down to earth and nice.
Thank you anon, that is a good point! I think I'm more curious than desperate.
Thank you, that's awesome! I think my interest vanishes with time, what about you? Have you always had this mindest?

No. 211503

Maybe women have these desires too, they just don't act on them It's hard for me to comprehend, why exactly we have almost no female pedos if that's something you're born with?

No. 211504

Because women have the concept of being decent human beings

No. 211505

Do you people ever parse this shit out in your head? If the majority of men were pedophiles, wouldn't it follow that society would actually be ok with banging children? Christ almighty.

No. 211506

File: 1510616523768.jpg (146.97 KB, 1280x720, 1503940457334.jpg)

No. 211507

Socialization is certainly a factor, but paraphilias of all kinds are far less common in women. From what I've read it likely has to do with the nature of male vs. female sex drives.

No. 211509

im tired of my friends coming to me when theyre depressed expecting me to help only to ignore me completely when i tell them going thru a depressive episode.
fucking sucks.

No. 211511


Its not fair to him if I view him in that light

No. 211512

>being a pedo is something your born with
uh… no. who said that? incels? it's 100% social conditioning. literally ALL paraphilias are.

No. 211513

File: 1510623851748.jpg (43.63 KB, 593x601, 1506877506145.jpg)

I can't sleep, haven't slept a wink in 4 days. I can't stop the voices in my head, I think I'm going insane.

No. 211514

What are they saying?

No. 211515

File: 1510625114287.jpg (63.58 KB, 630x354, guns_suicide_weapons_mahou_sho…)

>be dating perfect boy on all fronts who is completely compatible with me
>is cagey about sexual shit, is against it because it can be harmful to women, after months of not talking about it we end up getting sexual
>one day he tells me that he's into lolicon and that he's ashamed, me being the daft person that i am i think "whatever, it's just anime"
>bored when he's gone and looking through his old old messages one day (he gave me his passwords and stuff and was cool with it)
>he's talking about how he's only capable of being attracted to childlike to teenage looking girls
>i fit the bill of that, i'm tiny and small-chested
>confronted him about it, swore up and down that he's only dedicated to me, i never mentioned i saw those specific messages
>roleplayed pedophilia with his ex
>can't even think about leaving him because of how perfect he is and how genuine he seems

No. 211516


>no one lives you

>no one would be sad if you were gone
>everyone would be happy if you killed yourself
>you are such a waste of space just kill yourself
>why are you such a fuck up do world a favor and kill yourself

No. 211518

men ain't genuine. My ex bf was perfect at first sight but then I discovered he had some nasty ass fetishes that made me realize some stuff that was kinda odd but not wrong? he was trying to fulfill his fantasies in some shady ways that doesn't count as cheating.
If he isn't upfront at first it's suspicious.

No. 211519

If a guy is upfront about being a lolicon he's not going to end up in a relationship with anybody

No. 211528

Ugh, if a guy is a lolicon he doesn't deserve to be in a relationship with anybody

No. 211529

Whoa wait a second, I think you're taking the memes too seriously. If he's got strange fetish but it's not causing problems, don't go looking for reason to blow up your relationship.

No. 211530

That sounds so goddamn boring and tiring it should make you doze off instead of keeping you awake.

No. 211531


sounds like a typical night to me.



No. 211532

Dude is a pedophile. If I were her, I'd tell him to fuck off to therapy and come back if/when he's less disgusting. No matter how much I loved the guy.

No. 211533

>fuck off to therapy
more like fuck off to a noose, guy shouldn't be alive

No. 211534

It could cause problems down the line. People with weird fetishes tend to act upon them.
If anon is thinking about the long-term: How's this guy going to react as she ages and gets less child-like? Will he cheat with a younger girl?
What if anon, heaven forbid, were to have a child with this person? Would she have to worry about her child being molested?

I wouldn't take it lightly. Either way, anon should just leave as clearly she isn't feeling the same since she found out.
Pedo roleplay and lolicon is weird.

No. 211535

Seems wasteful to torpedo a really compatible relationship based those reasons.

Everyone has to worry about cheating, and molestation isn't rooted in attraction anyway.

No. 211537

I'm divorced and sometimes I get this hateful thought in my head about my ex. Mostly because he acts like the entire thing was my fault when really he was an emotional abusive bastard who cheated on me and left. He calls me a bitch on the internet for having a lawyer who saved from paying him out for deciding to leave. He now calls himself a femisnist while gloating to anyone who will listen about his conquests and critiques the physical attributes of the women he dates. I'm glad I dodged a bullet but I'm also sick that I ever loved someone so cold hearted.

No. 211540

I'm so done living with roommates that have partners. One of my roommates lives next door to my room and she has her boyfriend over almost every single night, so I hear them chatting and laughing at fucking midnight. I have a TV show and my music on and I can STILL hear them. He also takes advantage of our shower every time he is over and always eats here. I don't get why she can't just go to his apartment, especially when it's winding up to finals and everyone has to get work done. I just want them to shut the fuck up so I can focus on finishing this paper.

No. 211541

Anon's bf is a pedo. If that's not a deal breaker for you, I don't know what else to say.

No. 211542

Apparently not, unless anon or the ex is a child herself.

No. 211543

What's with all the pedo posting in every thread lately?

No. 211545

? I hope you know that pedos can fuck adult women just fine.

No. 211546

>we buy shit we dont need with money we dont have to impress people we dont like
ever thought about joining a farm and growing your own food and stuff?

No. 211549

That anon hasn't given much details on the role play with his ex, and it could something as small as "call me onii-chans". So it's not warranted to call him a pedophile until anon clears it up since she hasn't mentioned anything involving children period.

She's his type and apparently they are pretty good together. It's silly to consider his attraction to her as a fault in the relationship.

No. 211550

Ikr? But after a long break from tumblr I came back and it's suddenly full of people claiming they are pedophilies but they deserve to be alive and loved, blah blah hugs for all my pedo ppl who haven't hurt a child, etc. Like wtf? Is this a fucking trend know? A new cool mental illness to have?
So I would say, it's just a response to a problem emerging in the interwbez, even if people are not fully aware of it

No. 211551

sorry for all the typos, I guess I'm too angry about it to write properly

No. 211552

Ntayrt but I agree. People are really losing touch on the internet and have no grip on reality anymore.

No. 211554

Me and my first boyfriend used to role play/fantasise about some abhorrent things, neither of us have ever wanted to take it to IRL. I’m sure nearly everyone on this site has fantasised about a scenario that wouldn’t excite them if it really happened. The fact he’s so cagey and disgusted by it is actually a good thing - he knows it’s wrong and actually far less likely to act on it.

Doesn’t mean that what >>211534 said isn’t a point though. Yeah sure everyone is at risk of being cheated on and molestation often has no correlation with attraction, but do you want it on your mind if it’s a fantasy you can’t indulge?

No. 211555

There’s growing evidence that organic paedophilia (“true” attraction) is a sexual orientation. Taking it to bare bones biology, any adult sexual attraction that isn’t to an opposite-sex adult is atypical because it’s impossible to reproduce, which is basically what defines a paraphilia. Homosexuality used to be described as a paraphilia for this reason.

Also to point out that society as a whole tends to call anyone who likes people under the age of consent a paedophile, when biologically speaking as long as said person can reproduce they’re no longer biologically a child. Not a fully-formed adult for sure, and still fucking weird because of personality etc, but it’s not the same as being attracted to a 3 year old or something.

/sage for having studied this and wanting to contribute faxxxx

No. 211556

File: 1510680004661.png (23.87 KB, 313x312, 1409936583491.png)

One of my exs is orbiting me pretty bad.
On Halloween he sent me a drunk fb recording telling me how pathetic he is and how much he misses me. I didn't respond.
Then last week he took a screencap of my relationship status on my fb that says "It's complicated with bf" and asked me (pretty aggressively) what that meant. I explained to him the truth, that my bf and I got on some rough ground and I had changed it last year. I simply forgot to change it back and we're not planning on breaking up. Relationships are kinda complicated anyway? Not that we depend on fb to define how our relationship is. My bf has lived with me for three years and we get along fine.

I explained all that to him, and he ignored me until last night just to PM me another 'Miss you.' I've been politely deflecting and being honest with how I feel, but I'm starting to get resentful.
Truth is, I don't think he even "misses" me. I think he just wants me to reciprocate attention and wouldn't give two shits about me otherwise. He probably only sends me this shit when he's drunk or high anyway. And who knows how many other girls he PMs saying the same shit, hoping one of them responds.
I'm like a supply, and I felt that way when we dated back in freakin' 2010 too. Things were always about his needs and his damage, which is why I left.
Idk why he even thinks that if he had a chance, that it would work out. He lives like two states away from me in abject poverty. None of it is logical.

No. 211568

The guy at my new job I've had a crush from when I started (couple of weeks) stopped me to talk and asked why I don't talk to him, I said I'm just a bit shy (note: I only talk to a few people with more than a good morning here so far). He then casually made fun of my glasses as well as how I'm probably scared of him. I just found really weird and esp since how I'd played it out in my head. I don't talk to any guys that aren't my best friends from childhood. I honestly can't tell if he was trying to be funny or rude.

No. 211571

Why do guys always think they can fuck my chronic depresion away? It's been coming and going my whole life, resisted to all the ADs, neuroleptics and talk with experts in their fields thrown at it.
Except if you have a magic dick able to cure mental ilness, it's not going to happen. I'll still be on my depression schedule because it's not how that shit work.

No. 211572

It's real petty but someone I was mutuals with on Twitter softblocked and unfollowed me and it's bugging me to death. I haven't posted anything offensive and I mostly just retweet art so I just want to know what I did wrong after we had a lot of friendly conversations and I thought we were friends.

I know this is so petty I don't want to vent about it anywhere else.

No. 211574

i feel like my friends aren't really my friends anymore. i try to arrange group get-togethers and keep in touch but everyone always flakes and doesn't seem to really bother.

i think part of it is that they're all coupled up and i'm single. we were such good friends that it hurts a bit that they've dropped out of the friendship just because they're getting some dick.

the single thing is bothering me too. it seems like every person i meet who shows some interest has already shagged my sister (small ruralish community).
my last relationship was way back in 2012 but it was abusive, and since then i've freaked out on anyone who tried to get closer and pushed them away. even though i want nothing more than a close relationship again. feel like an idiot.
i am quite ugly and lumpy so it's not like i have an infinite resource of men to push away either, but i don't know how to stop.
i've sort of willingly let myself get led on in an online "relationship" with a guy and it's shady as hell, but i think i carry on with it knowing it's fucky because it's easier than dealing with intimacy issues.

thanks for letting me rant anyway lolcow

No. 211575

>we have almost no female pedos

Obviously you don't remember all those creepy middle aged female superfans of Justin Bieber back when he was like 13.

Or what about all the pedo female fans of Finn Wolfhard on Instagram? Hell, all the boys of Stranger Things gets it to a degree.

I'm also guessing you've never heard of Butterfly Kisses?

Only an idiot would think there are no female pedos. It's just that society is more tolerant of them because they're considered not dangerous.

No. 211577

Having said that, I do believe that male pedos are a more threatening and consistent problem in today's oversexualized society.

No. 211578

i feel you anon, i don't know if it's worth it either. just constant fear and tiredness and nothing worthwhile to balance it out. we are like battery animals but with the illusion of choice.
honestly i just started working at a card shop and i'm eyeing those massive canisters of helium we use for balloons and thinking about exit bags near-constantly on my shifts.

sorry i don't have anything uplifting to say, i can only empathise. the anon who asked about the farm might be onto something, maybe we both need a radical lifestyle change.

No. 211580

They say that the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is 2 weeks! It's sort of true.
I just fucked up my fringe thanks to a tremour when trimming and cut it super short to balance it all out, it was heinous (I'm a fatty too so extra heinous). But it actually only took a couple of weeks and a trip to the hairdresser before it was fine again. You'll be okay, it can only get better from hereon out!
Try not to focus too hard on it - easier said than done. Do your makeup extra nice or dress in a way that makes you feel good while you wait.

No. 211587

>it seems like every person i meet who shows some interest has already shagged my sister (small ruralish community).
As funny as I think that is, have you considered moving or something? I can empathize with losing touch of your friends as they start dating someone, I'm not even half as close as I used to be to my best friend now that they finally have a good boyfriend. While I'm glad she seems to have finally found something healthy, I struggle balancing the fact we rarely hang out now against respecting the fact she has so little time and energy left juggling everything.

>i've sort of willingly let myself get led on in an online "relationship" with a guy and it's shady as hell, but i think i carry on with it knowing it's fucky because it's easier than dealing with intimacy issues.

Yeah I'm not even going to go so far as to say you should close yourself to making close relationships long distance, but if you feel like the person is fibbing about who they are or are hiding something you should really back off.

No. 211602


I'm going to regret asking, but:

>Butterfly Kisses?

No. 211603

File: 1510728212582.jpg (28.57 KB, 640x480, 1463137905420.jpg)

Basically the female equivalent to NAMBLA.

Some of the quotes I've seen from that website are rather disturbing. Lots of people happy about the fact daddy is out of the picture now so they can have a "consensual" sexual relationship with their daughter.

No. 211604

My friend gave away something of mine and informed me afterwards that she did it. I am upset as fuck, because she has done this a lot. She did not have the courtesy to ASK me can she sell/give MY things away. Instead she did it and then informed me and apologised for it. It was clearly a "easier to apologise than to get permission" -situation. She has been getting upset randomly over shit and has been hostile for the last month. This was the last straw and I am on full avoidance mode of her. The problem with her, is that she does things and apologises with a grand gesture but re-does it again and again. If confronted, she play as the victim.

She is either a good friend or borderline embodied to deal with and I am not sure can I deal with it much longer. It's hard to deal with her, since I am pretty sure she has borderline, but she goes out of her way to act out her borderline towards me. I have gotten guilt tripped by crying MULTIPLE times, targeted with her inability to control her inappropriate anger, her being paranoid towards me, her emotionally tripping me over things with her mood episodes. When the "shit will go down mode" hits, she attempts to get people around her to gang up on the person she is feeling threatened by.

I have avoided her for a bit now and it is just so much easier, but I know I am a bitch for it.

No. 211607

Just cut contact, I've had a similar experience with a bipolar friend projecting all of their pet issues onto me because I VAGUELY resembled her pet issues. Don't try to justify your actions or argue with them. Cluster B people live in their own reality, after a while they begin to even believe their own lies.

No. 211608

No. 211610

Blessed be your soul if you have no idea what NAMBLA is either.

No. 211615

I'm lucky enough to live in a Slavic shithole where stuff like that is usually met with numerous beatings, but the fact that it unironically exists somewhere in the first world is just ??? to me

No. 211617

I'm fucking done with myself and life in general. I think I need to go to therapy and I feel like a fucking looser, I don't like to ask for help and I'm a lonely person in general but that has brought me more problems in my life, it's like a copying mechanism to avoid shit that I don't want to deal to.
I'm going through a rough stage in my mental sanity for a series of external and internal problems that have accumulated since last year. I didn't realize that I was avoiding my problems again until my S.O. was trying to break up with me because I'm like a fucking shell with my emotions when I have problems.

No. 211620

As someone who can completely sympathise and identify with this - change then, anon. I did and I haven’t regretted it for a second, it’s improved my life immeasurably. It’s a long hard process, but if you’re really truly done you’ve only got 2 choices… change or an hero. (Change is definitely better.)

No. 211627

I feel like I'm becoming a bad person by everyone else's standards. I wish my friends would realize that I ain't shit and cut me off tbh. I'm better off alone because I can't hurt anyone that way.

No. 211631

Someone crashed into my car, offered to pay £600 for the car, a few days later I asked for the money and they don't have it.

Don't offer to pay for things you can't afford you stupid arsehole.

No. 211633

always take insurance info and always call the cops. every time. even if they beg you not to because they already got into too many wrecks, they’re good for the money, etc etc. some old faggot hit me, admitted blame at the scene in front of the cop, then blamed it on me when reported to insurance. it was still ruled their fault anyway because they’re retarded.

anyway the moral is people are shitty and lie.

No. 211636

anon if u get their reg you can report it to your insurance

No. 211640

Thank you anon. I really needed to read that

No. 211641

pedophilia is not a natural condition, its a disgusting paraphilia that one is socialized into. straight men have a high proclivity to pedophila because they are all socialized to think teen girls are the most valuable sexiest age a woman can ever possibly be. we're ALL socialized that way, but straight men attach that message to sex and in a porn culture, they will always ride out the high from "brutal teen sex" and develop a higher and higher pleasure threshold until its underage.

No. 211642

It's not that surprising to me sadly. People start humoring a lot of stupid shit when they have too much free time. Reminds me of some of the debauchery Romans engaged in.

No. 211643

This attempt to attach pedophilia to pornography is overblown to say the least. Pornography is more readily available than ever, yet pedophilia has its strongest stigma ever. According to this logic it should be going the opposite.

No. 211644

this. so many guys who are like "what do you mean you're depressed? don't i make you happy??? :(((((" like just fuck off.

No. 211645

>it hurts a bit that they've dropped out of the friendship just because they're getting some dick.

this is adulthood. most adults wind up settling down with a partner and that's who they spend the vast majority of their time with, not friends. and when they actually create a family, there is even less time for friends (outside of like your kid's friend's parents etc).

i notice people seem to really struggle breaking the "bros before hoes" mentality in young adulthood but your friends just aren't that important as you get older. that isn't to say you shouldn't have friends, but don't expect them to want to hang out when they have a family and other obligations.

No. 211646

oh my god this happens all the fucking time.
it's not even that, though. it's the general "get over it" attitude that pisses me off.

"hey yeah I know that you feel like a slug that wants to be buried and forgotten, but yeah just get over yourself. let me rattle off some things that I think you're doing wrong."

No. 211647

this, also don't expect them to have any hobbies beyond extreme normie shit.

I'm talking about things like going to a club replaced with watching football because their husbands watch it. Or getting coffee being replaced with shopping for clothes for their kids.

basically having a kid is the most normie thing you can do and it will boil the personality out of you.

No. 211655

(Saged because it's pretty petty compared to everyone else's problems.)

For some reason, this month just isn't my month. I've been turning in assignments late, and fucking up left and right. I did my Persuasive speech last minute and made an ass out of my self in front of everyone and cried. I thought I had to together, but I keep slipping up and going back to my bad habits. I want to change, but I don't know how. I'm 2017% done with this, honestly.

Also I threw out my pitcher of black tea. I think that's part of the problem. I'm dropping the sugary and caffeinated drinks for awhile.

No. 211656

File: 1510807584553.jpg (32.5 KB, 640x360, 36746283.jpg)

Ugh I didn't even sage correctly. Fucking hell.

No. 211657

Are you maintaining a schedule?

I have a self made calendar that I use to track all of my assignments and personal errands I need to take care of and I keep it next to my monitor so I frequently look at it even unintentionally. I would probably have a lot of late assignments otherwise.

No. 211663

That's a good start, another good start would be to consider exercise in the morning.

No. 211673

Let me just start by saying that I don't even wear makeup but I find the gleeful joy over the #makeapp #haggening on Twitter and discussions related to it on imageboards, /g/ mainly, disgusting.
As soon as anything puts women in a remotely bad position, men will do their best to vilify women as much as they can. I was at least hoping /g/ would be spared from that but they have 2 ongoing threads.

But the amount of energy they put into degrading women with whatever tools they have at hand is vomit inducing. Men really don't see women as humans. Nothing new, I know but I never thought they hated women this much, which such passion. No matter what, they will find a fault in a woman and throw insults at her. And then they ask why women apply makeup in a world where a woman is primarily judged for her looks.

Though I wish women didn't overreact to that app either. It just made matters worse.

No. 211674

>Though I wish women didn't overreact to that app either.
Honestly I can't really stress enough how much of this is probably motivated by that. If people had just ignored it I firmly believe people would have just passed it over as if it was just another dumb snapchat filter. One of the oldest rules of the internet is don't feed the troll, but all these articles complaining about nice guys^tm using the app and all that shit did exactly that.

No. 211675


I was in a group chat and some tard posted a picture of a girl who's picture had gone through the makeapp, and it did a fucking terrible job. Of course, pointing that out made me a jealous bitter womyn for some reason, even though it only removed makeup from one of her eyes, her chest (there was no makeup there) and fucked up her hair color.

Men are so desperate to shit on women it's almost comical.

No. 211676

File: 1510834919044.png (260.99 KB, 1039x559, 1503710738010.png)

It was my 21st Birthday yesterday, and even though i'm blessed enough to have people wish me happy birthday online, i have no irl friends. I went out for my birthday meal with my bf and his best friend. Even the guys gf couldn't make it.

It honestly makes me feel worthless. I'm in my 3rd year of uni, working, and i don't have any friends to invite to something like a birthday meal. My uni course is a sausage fest and my job is the same but they're double my age. Ever since i left secondary school (high school) i'm just been…alone. I am blessed with a loving boyfriend who spoiled silly but i've never had the luxury of having the typical "student" life. People say this is the time where you have the most friends, and if thats true i'd hate to see myself in 10 years. It's just so depressing

No. 211681

>People say this is the time where you have the most friends

Consider the source of that information before you feel bad about it.

No. 211683

I had a schedule, but I threw it away because it didn't work. Or I couldn't make it work. I want to make another schedule, But I'm scared that I may not stick to it.

Same here except that I'm in community college.

No. 211684

I dont want to come out to my family, but I feel pressured by my girlfriend. I dont feel like its even necessary to even tell anyone who isnt in your romantic interest that youre gay. sucks 2 suck

No. 211685

Lmao. I had such a bad falling out with my scumbag highschool friends before I turned 21 that I celebrated it with my parents at a restaurant bc I had no one else I wanted to hang with. The "friends" wanted me to rent a party bus so they could booze on my dollar on my own damn birthday.

I'm 26 now and have a few irl friends who are wayyy better than my old ones. Having no friends at 21 is not an indicator about future friendships. In fact, I'd argue your 20s is actually the time when you sort out who you want to be friends with.

No. 211686

Tbh, I think it IS important that your family know. You're in a romantic relationship, and I'm sure your gf feels somewhat degraded when you lie (by ommission or otherwise) to your family about that fact.

No. 211690

This is a boundary like any other boundary. If she doesn't respect it, kick her ass to the curb and find a new gf.

No. 211691

I see what you mean anon, and it's kinda comforting seeing your outlook on it. I just truly don't see myself making any friends as i get older since it'll get harder and harder. I'm considering working from home also which i know isn't really good if i want to meet people. I just know that every job i get will be a sausage fest due to what I do and I just don't find myself connecting with guys as much as i can with other Women. There is the chance a small amount of women would also work as said places but in very, very small numbers. All I really want is to have 1 or 2 girl friends to connect with.

No. 211693

Have you looked into coworking spaces? They're all the rage where I live (France)

No. 211694

tbh i've never heard of them! Although doing a quick google it looks like it's the kinda thing i'm looking for if a start my own work!
Thank you so much anon <3

No. 211699

M8 I’m in the same boat. My 22nd birthday was spent completely alone because my bf worked and my best friend lives hours away. Anytime I make new friends they’re quick to drop me because I’m so fucking awful at checking in and texting and replying to posts on facebook/Instagram etc. I’m good in person and can talk for hours, but I rarely see these people outside of work or courses because I’m too drained after hours to hangout.
My bf is wonderful and honestly my best friend, and his guy friends are wonderful too. His friends out more effort into our personal friendship than my own friends. I think I prefe them because Its not expected of me to have to text them all the time because they’re my bfs friends, so it’s easier for me…..but some nights you just want a girl friend to hangout with or go grab a bite to eat with. Only 2 of them have gfs, the one is fairly recent, and the other I can’t stand lmao. My mom only ever had 1 friend because she couldn’t stand any of hers so i know my destiny is pretty much written in the stars

Sorry for rambling lmao, I just can never really talk about this shit

No. 211701

I've decided to stop speaking to male best friend. I've known here for quite some time now– he lives a very different life from mine but we always had a good relationship. He's a sex worker and is now 'squatting' (baguettefag here so I'm not sure if that's how you say it in English. By 'squatting' I mean that he lives illegally in a place with other people). He has a bachelor's degree but doesn't want to go back to uni and is now 25. We used to have deep conversations and have fun together but now he has become quite mean. Last time I saw him with my bf (who's straight) he told him straight guys are boring and vapid. Then my bf went to the toilets and he told me he had no respect for me. He has changed since I got with my bf as for him being in a relationship is stupid…etc. I've always respected him, never judged him (for what he does, for the life he lives) and he's now openly judging me for everything I do. I've felt sad for months cause I thought my life sucked. I'm sick of him and how he makes me feel about myself but I don't know if I'm overreacting or not

No. 211704

I'm fucking sick of hearing politics everywhere, like all of a sudden everyone became a fucking master of politics. /pol/ especially fucking destroyed all the fun in 4chan with their buzzwords and shitty memes, you literally can't have a single fun thread without these autists bursting in with their shitty opinions.

No. 211706

Agreed. It's like they've infected every other board.

No. 211708

I feel bad reading about Lil Peep's death, not because I was a fan or anything, but for the stupidest reason - I feel like my life is too fucking boring. I know it's really dumb, but I feel jealous of people in some regards like Lil Peep or Kurt Cobain because it seems like people in their scene had fun times and got to hang around. I know their friends weren't real, but I feel like if I vanished off the face of the earth, no one at university would know other than my roommates (because they live with me.) I know I have a brighter future ahead of me than ODing on heroin but it just feels really hard. I was feeling great at the beginning of the semester but things haven't ended up where I hoped they would be.

I've fantasized about being like Phillip K Dick and just hosting a bunch of drug addicts inside my house, because it seems interesting and people would keep me company. Ackkkk.

No. 211713

i always say being gay is completely normal and fine and that i'm bisexual myself but i think… i think i'm actually a lesbian. and i desperately wish i wasn't…

No. 211716

that's pretty abstract but i'm sorta with you. not wanting to die or anything, but they did seem like a scene with interesting times

No. 211719

File: 1510867083415.jpg (62.12 KB, 540x304, jabba and leia.jpg)

I live at home while I go to school and I'm fed up with it.

I'm sick of my mother's addiction. You name it and she's addicted to it - food, meth, alcohol, smoking, 50 different kind of pills. It's horrible!

She does nothing but lay on her fat ass in bed all day, commanding me to clean the house, which is full of HER messes.

Literally everyone in the house either works, goes to school, or both. We leave the house looking clean in the morning only to find it a fucking mess when we get home because she gets drunk and stumbles around doing god knows what. And then she has the nerve to tell me I'm fat and lazy. Bitch I take care of the house AND go to school. She just sits around all day like Jabba the Hutt and I feel like poor princess leia.

It wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't verbally and physically abusive. The worst part is that when she tries to get tough with me, I will fight her back, and I'm stronger than her. So when she starts losing, she'll run out into the neighborhood screaming for someone to call the police like a common redneck. She's done this so much that the neighbors have learned to ignore her and the police no longer come when she calls.

Oh, and the candle on top of the shit cake? THIS IS MY HOUSE! I bought it with MY OWN MONEY. But my sister, who helped chipped in refuses to let me kick her out. She complains about our mother constantly, but is under some kind of Stockholm syndrome where she starts to feel bad for my mom if I even bring up the possibility of kicking her out. She's all "We can't put her out on the streets!" I think it would be GOOD for her to suffer a bit and realize how great she's got it here. She's got all the food she can eat, her own room and bathroom, and she does NOTHING. All I want is for that fat old closet dyke coalburner to learn how to shut her god damned mouth.

No. 211721

Sorry, I’ve actually conducted research studies on self-admitted paedophiles and most of them had either never watched porn or had minimal interest in it (exceptionally less so than the average male). Women also put themselves forward for this study, some of male ones were bisexual, and most of them were also sexually attracted to adults (up to age 60). All of them professed to realising this attraction at the onset of puberty. It seems the empirical evidence doesn’t agree with your point, which sounds rather more like a feminist agenda against porn rather than a logical conclusion. (Not that I agree with porn, just saying.)

No. 211722

Agree to buy your sister out or something and kick your mum the fuck out. Jfc she sounds horrendous. I have the Stockholm Syndrome thing with my mum/sister so I know the frustration anon. But I’m in totally agreement with you, she sounds like she needs some consequences ASAP.

No. 211723

I actually also understand this, and I honestly think it’s the reason many people get into the party scene (whatever they see that as). But your life can still be exciting, you just have to work a bit harder than popping xans and being miserable all the time.

No. 211724

I'm actually going to just ditch the house once I'm done with school and get a new job. My mother destroys houses very quickly.

She's been through approximately 7 houses since I was born. She thoroughly destroyed every single one.

Here's some common ways she destroys houses:

She refuses to potty train her dogs/doesn't let them outside so they shit and piss all over the carpet. Who has to clean it up? Not her lazy ass. She will watch her dog shit, call me over and demand that I pick it up. Which I do because it's disgusting and I can't stand the idea of it being there. If I don't, she will walk away and leave it there. One time I went on strike for a month, and the entire living room was filled with shit. She didn't even care, other than to complain that the house smells like piss.

She gets drunk and falls into shelves, walls, whatever and breaks them.

She gets angry and throws knives at the walls.

She insists on pushing her bed up against her bedroom wall and rubs her dirty black feet all over them while she sleeps.

She breaks EVERYTHING. I don't know how. She broke the oven as soon as we moved in, and the stove recently stopped working. But that's okay, because she lives off of ice cream, peanut butter (like, plain peanut butter. She eats it BY THE JAR), and microwaved top ramen anyway.

She smokes weed and meth in her room, it now smells like chemicals and dirty pussy.

She floods the bathroom regularly when she showers.

I don't know how she does it, but she pisses and bleeds into the toilet and manages to miss. The floor around her toilet is covered in piss and old period blood. She's going through menopause right now, so it's REALLY old period blood.

She leaves crumbs everywhere and attracts ants.

The rare occasion that she cooks, she always flicks the wooden spoon around, splattering the kitchen with whatever gross shit she's making for her burnt out alcoholic taste buds.

I recently posted a rant about my pedophile uncle, but at this point I almost wonder if I would rather trade him for her. They're both shitty people with too much redneck blood in them.

No. 211725

Btw, if you're wondering how I got the money for the house, a member of my family died while on the job, and I was his life insurance beneficiary. I feel like an idiot, he would be disappointed in me for caving in and letting my mom live with me.

No. 211727

it's honestly nice to hear someone the same age and in the same boat as me. I'm also really bad at keeping up with people online. I'd rather text "wanna hang" and talk irl. Talking online is a pain and you can never get real emotion across which is the kind of connection i want.

No. 211729

You honestly sound like you need to move far away from your family. Like I’m sorry you’ve landed such a shitty mum, anon. My family are pretty mental, but that really takes the cake! I don’t think he’d be disappointed though; no one likes the idea of abandoning a parent, no matter how crap they are.

No. 211732

I don't know, I think that your close family should know. You will feel better after you do it, so you won't have to carry the weight of lying and hiding anymore

No. 211734

I hate to be like this but I'm scared that no matter what any guy I love/marry/am in a relationship will cheat because men are not able to commit and won't be happy with only one partner. I'm scared of this and I'm scared that my boyfriend (who I want to marry someday) will eventually get either bored of me or just cheat on me.

No. 211735

>sister helped chipped in
What do you mean? If her name isn't on the deed or any other legal documents to the house she has no say in who stays or goes. Are you the sole owner?

No. 211736

Not necessarily. Men cheat as much as women do and whether they will or won't really depends on a lot of things. In many cases you can usually tell straight away from their personality, history, behaviour, habits, circle of friends etc…

No. 211746

How does your mom afford to get new houses?

That sucks you have to deal with this anon :(

No. 211748

File: 1510884177323.jpg (81.22 KB, 640x640, anger.jpg)

I'm planning on it. I've only got 5 months of school left. I've talked with my councilor and she's got a job ready for me in another town once I've graduated. Thank you, Julia!

Her name is on the deed. I was like, 5,000 dollars short of the down payment so she helped me.

We have a very big family, so it's a big (6 bedroom) house. But we're not rich people. It took my life savings to afford this place.

I don't understand my sister's relationship with our mother. My mother takes about 60% of her income. Like literally, she just tells my sister "Give me $200, I want to have fun at the casino." And she'll do it. My sister has even complained to me that most of her money goes to our mom, but she won't listen to me when I tell her to cut her off. She's too afraid of confrontation with my mother. There are times where my sister is crying because my mother is screaming at her, scratching her face telling her that she's a fat whore and she's gonna tell her boyfriend about the way she's treating her. And when I come to defend her (because I love her despite her shortcomings), my sister looks at me with utter venom and tells me to shut the fuck up, and that I need to mind my own fucking business, and that I'm a nosy cunt. WTF?!!! She's my little sister, so it's not like she's trying to protect me from our mother or something.

She's an excellent con artist. She constantly begs the rest of our family for money and they give it to her. Keep in mind our family is big, but poor. She spends all day on facebook looking for family members that we either haven't seen in years, or have never even met to ask for money. She's a hypochondriac and always has some excuse. It used to be cancer. Now it's Macular Degeneration.

No. 211749

Also, sorry for my sloppy writing. She and I got into another fight. This one was about how I shouldn't miss school because I'm sick right now. I needed to get a little drunk.

No. 211761

I'd spent all of my life in uni and just come to the realisation that I might not be able to complete my degree.

I couldn't get a thing published, I've worked on this fucking paper for forever and the referee absolutely hated it. Now I basically need to produce new results in two weeks and rewrite the entire thing. I also have collaborators on my ass demanding for results and I don't have the gut to tell them all my previous results are potentially wrong.

It fucking eats my soul to see all my peers getting papers out and shit. I wish I don't have a family so I can just fucking end it right now. Fuck

No. 211764

This is going to sound extremely petty and nothing, but I just can't read 4chan anymore.
I don't know if the site has been overrun by a legion of robots, but every single post and every single thread is just the same now. Everything feels like a re-run. Every post I see now is something that has been repeated a thousand times and is repeated a thousand times more on things that should be new and interest information. It's like the entire site has been overrun with bots re-posting things said years ago.

I know the correct response is 'welcome to five years ago', but 4chan had been a big part of my life. I had been lurking on and off for almost 12 years. I was in high school when I first started browsing /b/ and the various lolcow threads there.
What next?

No. 211767

I feel the same. I don't know if it's just me maturing and getting tired of the bullshit, or if the shitposting is just getting worse. It's almost like 4chan's decent userbase aged out, and all that's left are aggressive and volatile spergs.

No. 211769

File: 1510901108189.gif (55.16 KB, 511x579, 1507924983053.gif)

What boards do you go to? I would consider stuff like /v/ or /b/ a lost cause pretty much, but there are still select generals on /vg/ I like, or more niche boards like /k/, /diy/, or /out/.

No. 211771

You just have to bite the bullet anon. Do absolutely everything you can, be honest with all your collaborators, and if it doesn’t end well work out what your next step is. I fucked up uni really badly - managed to finish but got awful results - and 2 years later I’m still trying to sort it out. I’m sorry I can’t provide a magic wand solution but you’re not alone in how you’re feeling. Good luck anon!

No. 211775

you have to publish papers pre master degree? oh lordy
in what kind of studies is this the case?

No. 211778

i feel the exact same, except with like… most of the internet. idk, maybe forums aren't what they used to be anymore, or maybe we're just maturing lol

No. 211779


Reddit scare, 2016 elections, gamergate, tranny invasion absolutely killed 4chan for me. There are no original content since you will get branded for being "leddit" for anything you create, /Pol/ autists showing their shitty opinions on everyone's throats, trap shit on every fucking board. It's fucking unbearable.

No. 211797

Yep, on top of the rise of /pol/ and robots spilling everywhere from r9k and fit, there is no sense of community anymore. The hostility isn't witty or clever either, people seem to do it for the sake of it.

No. 211807

/v/, sadly. I quit going to /b/ years ago. My favorite generals in /vg/ died out, and /tg/ went from being one of the best boards to a picture-perfect replica of /v/ in just a few years time.
>i feel the exact same, except with like… most of the internet.
This is basically why I didn't leave 4chan for years.
>There are no original content since you will get branded for being "leddit" for anything you create, /Pol/ autists showing their shitty opinions on everyone's throats, trap shit on every fucking board. It's fucking unbearable.
This pisses me off, too.
>The hostility isn't witty or clever either, people seem to do it for the sake of it.
And that, to me, just feels tiring. It's tiring now entering a thread that might have something I like just to see hundreds of posts arguing over nothing.

It's like all the worst of /b/'s teenagers never grew up and just became bigger teenagers.

No. 211854

My infatuation with a fictional character is ruining my long term relationship. It's stupid but I can't push the feeling I have aside and my boyfriend is not ok with it. It feels like we're on the edge of breaking up over this although we already planned moving in soon and marriage. I feel pathetic.
I know I'll hate myself if this ruins our relationship but I still can't manage to throw away my stupid fictional feelings. Besides him it's the only other thing I have to brighten my day.

No. 211861

File: 1510977335503.png (342.63 KB, 357x430, maga.png)

We just had to pull this xmas card at work. I'm just baffled as to how our US corporate didn't realize this card would make people mad.

Corporate just makes me wonder if our company is run by kangaroos and dingos

No. 211862

What are you possibly doing to make your boyfriend mad at you? I can understand if you choose not to interact with him in favor of the fictional character, but if he's just mad that you're passionate about something to a normal degree then your bf is being selfish.

No. 211872

My friend obsessed over fictional characters to the point where she won’t date men who are not exactly like that character. Is it that you’re comparing ur bf to this character, or does he feel inferior/jealous?
Why do you think you have such love for his character? Could it be that something is lacking in your currently relationship that’s causing you to cling to this, or maybe something in your life you’re not yet settled with? It’s crazy that a love for a character should ruin a serious relationship, so I’m curious just how deep this runs?

No. 211882

>if he's just mad that you're passionate about something to a normal degree then your bf is being selfish.
>Besides him it's the only other thing I have to brighten my day.
It pretty much already precludes the notion that it could be a normal interest. I guess you could say I have various "crushes" on fictional characters, but they're hardly one of the few bright spots in my day.

No. 211884

I don't think I can get a boyfriend. I am late '20s. I was scared of men. now I want one but feel its too late.

No. 211888

I'm also in my late 20s and I never had a bf. I was also scared of men but I partly still am. I'm conflicted because of the interaction with men while pretending to be a guy on the internet lead me to believe that men don't really love women, they just want to have sex. Statistically, they are more likely to cheat or turn abusive. I get lonely too often now and I even have fits of crying late at night because I don't want to die alone but I don't want to get hurt either.

No. 211889

>Statistically, they are more likely to cheat
I mean, kind of? But the difference is a few percentage points. You're making it sound like women are all faithful and men are at high risk when the difference is like 22% male versus 20% female have cheated. I understand being afraid of risks but at some point you need to get a grasp on it and learn to move forward, because the alternative is to get nothing taken care of.

No. 211890

I don't compare him nor ignore him in favor to the character, I just like the character to a pretty extreme degree. I don't publicly declare my love for the character besides being a huge fan but he knows that I have an obsession and my room has a lot of merchandise.

I don't know if its anything lacking in my life that causes it but I have my fair share of problems I guess. Practically my only friend is my boyfriend so in my spare time I like to admire this character and watch his moments again and look at fanart.

No. 211891

I can relate. At this point I'm just weirded out by men, with few exceptions. When a guy does something good, show sensitivity and kindness, I'm shocked. Sounds ridiculous, I know. It's like sometimes I forget they're human too. But man around me are so stupid, maybe I do have high expectations but on the other hand I'm sure I won't date below my league (however arrogant this may sound…). And I know my type exists, like I just want an intelligent man who reads, loves animals, is sensitive and good-natured. Is this really too much to ask? It's not like I have nothing to offer, too.
I don't know, I find it depressing that maybe someday I will settle for some jerk because of frustration and loneliness. I see so many wonderful women around me dating scumbags or just ugly shallow idiots. Do wholesome men even exist???

No. 211892

>Is this really too much to ask?
On its face, not really. Fairly reasonable desires. But if you forget men are people and think they're all stupid, yeah probably. My friend is dating a good guy and I can't imagine them ever dating if she carried that mentality.

No. 211896

I keep going full bpdtard on my bf and i really hate myself for it. i’ve been through dbt and thought i had a good handle on it but i’m so suspicious of my bf and feel awful about myself 24/7.

it’s not really out of nowhere, 2 months ago he did some pretty awful shit (not cheating but something else) and it totally destroyed my trust in him. he’s been trying REALLY hard to make up for it since but he still does some sketchy shit or says it to his friends. but i can’t tell if that’s actually happening or i’m just so borderline over him that i’m making shit up.

i should just dump him. i know rebuilding trust isnt overnight but i feel absolutely insane and suicidal, can’t sleep at night, etc. i know these feelings would go away once he wasn’t in my life.

No. 211897

Maybe you are right, but I'm not hateful or anything. It's not like I approach every guy thinking they're all stupid. That was just an observation of my circles. I don't even have a good example from my friends, like you do. All my girlfriends are dating awful guys. Not like abusing tier, but definitely problematic and if they asked for an advice on relationships thread, lolcow would say DUMP. lol.
I know my mentality is warped. But what can I do? Alt right trends and men on internet ganging up on women and feminism doesn't help tbh.

No. 211900

What’s been going on that makes you think he will leave you for this obsession with the character?
Is it like a juvenile character? Maybe you just have an obsessive type personality, like my friend she will cling to one character for years at a time and literally be ALL about them till the next obsessions comes along, and there is nothing wrong with that. Granted sometimes it’s annoying when I don’t really care at the time what they did in episode 200 but because she’s my best friend I will listen and get excited with her because it’s what makes her happy. I’d hope that’s what your boyfriend can do for you as well, but obviously I’m not sure on the whole situation. Maybe just explain to him how you feel and ask why it bothers him so much?

No. 211902

I have a obsessive type personality, your friend sounds a lot like me. I have always been like this including before I met him but it seems to have recently sparked something in him. He really dislikes it and I think it might be sparking some kind of jealous feelings.
I've tried explaining but he won't accept it because he doesn't like how it makes him feel. I never knew before now but I can't let it go. He said we might have to break up if I can't change, it bothers him that much and it has lead to some heated arguments.

No. 211904

I drank far too much tequila last night. Obviously, I'm extremely hungover this morning. Like, feeling like death warmed over and nauseous as fuck. Idk how to deal and I'm kind of mad at myself for going too far.

No. 211905

I'm really insecure about my bf two timing behind my back.

Now, he doesn't seem like the type at all, is kind of spergy and introverted, has given me access to all his electronics and is online 90% of the time as soon as he gets home from uni but that's not what worries me.
He's a huge gamer and really into the whole twitch/streamer culture, joins a lot of discords and likes adding people, etc. He doesn't stream himself and from what I've seen doesn't really share much with his online friends, but before he met me he used to chat with some Asian girls and acted sorta playful with them (not quite flirting but close), and we live in different towns so I really don't know what goes on when I'm not around.

He knows I'm not okay with camgirls, sexting, flirting etc at all and I don't think he'd do anything but we haven't been dating long and for all I know it could just be a facade. It's driving me crazy, I like him a lot but it's giving me a lot of anxiety.

No. 211906

Drink as much water as you can, even if you're not thristy at all, it'll help to hidrate your body and maybe you'll feel better.

Lately I feel like I've been losing my patience. And it's not when something ''hard'' happens, it can happen even when some small things bother me. For example, my friend is writing a story which I read daily because she's writing atm. She asks me for my opinion and I really like it, which I don't really like it's how she always has to tell me what's going to happen next. I even told her that I don't like spoilers and I prefer to wait but she just doesn't care. Which leads me to feel her as nuisance. I know it's silly, I already talked with her about it but I just can't stop the feeling.

Another friend of mine talks non-stop about a music band which she loves. I like the band, I just don't like being spammed everyday, all the time. If it's now my first friend with her story, it's the other one with her music, if not there's always someone doing almost nothing but bothering me anyway.

I think that's because my life has been hard. Lost both parents at 17, living alone since that age, having no familiar support and currently in a job which I don't like because I haven't found a job related with my studies (I finished my college degree just five months ago).
Sometimes I wish my life was as exciting as before, I'm only 24 years old and I know people thinks I'm not living my life at its fullest. What they can't understand is that I'd give anything to have my old life back, there isn't a day when I don't want my parents back. Just a few years ago my worries were the same that all of my friends have now and it just hurts SO much to know that everything's for me and that I can't do anything to change it.

For example, a few weeks ago two friends were talking about living together in a rented house. I have my own house (because of what happened with my parents and me being the only child) and when people tell me I'm ''lucky'' because of it, I feel so much bitterness that I can't express it with words.

People around me can't comprehend why I don't like partying at Christmas (for example), I don't like going out because I know that not even one family member is expecting to see me the next day at the dinner table, I don't like to think that nobody cares if I'm safe at home even if it's 5 o'clock in the morning. Some years ago I had it all, lunches and dinners with my close-relatives which lasted for hours, presents with a meaning, having to cancel plans with my friend to be with my family and now I have…None of it.

No. 211907

Tell him what you told us, except calling him a sperg you can leave that out. You might get a response that makes you feel less nervous. It's better than saying nothing and being secretly paranoid.

No. 211908

Yeah, it's like no matter where you go, it's always /pol/. I used to check /tv/ but nowadays it's all robot tier sperging, infighting and nitpicking - it's funny to see men being more nitpicky than any farmer on here tbh. (Small example: Gal Gadot is ugly according to them).
Here that kind of stuff gets you banned, there mods are nowhere to be found. LC>>>>>4chan

No. 211909

I actually did, several times. He just says he doesn't know how else to prove it to me that he's not doing anything shady, says it hurts him that I think of him as such and is getting a little tired of having to explain himself every week. Which I kinda get.

I just can't help being anxious, it does go away after a few months since I had the same thing with my previous relationship, but still sucks to go through it again.

No. 211914

wew, are you me? i have the same exact issue with my boyfriend, right down to him getting tired of having to prove he’s not unfaithful.

…this is not helping my paranoia lol

No. 211918

Unless you're a eurofag anon, I think you're good

No. 211919

Another one bites the dust ;_;

No. 211921

File: 1511027938376.jpg (35.92 KB, 550x339, lolno (1).jpg)

I hate how there's nothing I can realistically do to make the brat that lives above my apartment to stop running and jumping loudly for hours at a time between 7am-10pm.
I've lived next to a train, I've lived with drug-addicted business majors, and I've lived in college dorms–none of them can compare to how obnoxious this kid is.

It happens every fucking day, almost like the kid has no toys or anything else to occupy his playtime besides run from one side of the apartment to the other. It's not so much the noise as it is the vibrations and rattling of shit in my apartment. Earplugs won't solve that.
And the bitch mother is too lazy to take her little shit outside, to the playground a literal 50 yards away, to work off some energy. Snow and weather aren't excuses because we're southern, the weather is brisk at worst during the day right now.
Worse still is that they're constantly home because the mother is a useless leech and the kid doesn't go to school for an illegal reason I'm sure.

They pretend they don't speak English, and magically when they get the message that maybe they're being too loud, say "Oh well, you know how kids are." YEAH YOU STUPID BITCH, I KNOW KIDS ARE KIDS BUT YOU'RE THE ADULT WHO SHOULD TELL THEM TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE.
I've talked to apartment management, but of course they're toothless and just send lease "warnings" that obviously have gone ignored.

Like it's not my fault their broke ass can't afford a house so the kid can be a shitlord 24/7. I don't do dancing exercise in my apartment because I know how loud it could be for the people downstairs. I don't clean after certain hours because I know the noise could wake people.
I just want to hire someone to stomp loudly outside their door late at night just so they can know how it is to live with constant annoyance. Not every legitimate grievance against someone's kid is some bitter old cat lady who wants to quash someone's childhood funsies. I just want the parents to be reasonable about their brat. Even my friends and bf who've experienced the stomping agree.

No. 211922

Maybe you could slip a tip to your local child protection services about your legitimate concerns for about this kid not going to school.

No. 211923

I agree with >>211922, calling CPS came to mind too.

No. 211924

I love your calculating and efficient minds, anons. What a splendid idea!

No. 211925

that’s shit, hope that cps tip works out because i’d have no clue what to do otherwise.

someone in my building has been playing loud ass bass music in my building since 5 am and i want to scream. i don’t know how someone hasnt asked them to stop yet (why at 5am????), if i could figure out where it was coming from id fucking year down their door myself but i’m not sure what floor it is. how are people so fucking inconsiderate?

No. 211926

I don't know how legal things work in your country but we (other neighbours & me) had the same problem with a woman whose dogs wouldn't stop barking for HOURS. She had three little dogs who couldn't stand being without her (i.e. when she was working) so they barked all the time, from 10/11 am to 6/7 pm.
Even in summer, when she had holidays, the dogs were barking at 3 or 4 am. It was insufferable.
So we decided to fill a police report. When the dogs were barking non-stop, we also called the police so they could see what we were saying was true, and some neighbour even recorded videos and audios for hours, just in case she denied it.
They gave her a fine and warned her about having to lose their dogs if she wasn't capable of controlling them. I know it's more difficult with children and all but maybe a warning sign will be the start of changes for them? Idk

No. 211927

This just sounds like a really weird situation, like why would your bf even care? Does he not have stuff that he likes? Does he not watch football every week or his favorite tv show? Honestly, I wouldn't feel bad about it if he left you over something as petty and dumb as that, if he thinks that he needs to be jealous over somebody who legit does not exist. This isn't your fault, anon.
But, at the same time, if he brings up legitimate concerns (like you become annoying about it and only talk about that all the time), then listen to him. Just don't think this is all your fault and don't be down about people who only want you to care about them them them all the time and nothing else. Not worth your time.

No. 211928

who are you refering to ?

No. 211929

is that sarcasm

No. 211930


Malcolm young

No. 211941

File: 1511044583660.png (324.69 KB, 480x716, 1510970657304.png)


Yep, internet is dead.

No. 211942

There's big difference between an interest in something or hobby and an actual infatuation with a character.

No. 211944

I don't get how your boyfriend could be really put off by that. Not only is it fictional and you won't ever meet them, but if it is really your highlight of the day, why should he care so much ?

No. 211946

>Alt right trends and men on internet ganging up on women and feminism doesn't help tbh.
Then take a break from the internet. Honestly I would say most people in the world are boring, but not bad. But still with a significant sprinkling of really interesting people all around. The internet would have you believe all men are rapists in wait and women are just hypergamous whores waiting to divorce rape you.

No. 211948

This is some really good advice anon, thank you. I don't really bring it up to him at all now I know he hates it but he just knows about it. He gets most often frustrated about it when he sees the merchandise but pretending I don't own it when he visits would feel dishonest.

No. 211950

Same, especially on /cgl/
there's always someone posting bait threads/responses, like can we please just ban them already

No. 211953

Stupid venting but hey, felt the need. Met a guy who's just like me (mental issues and cultural background included) and I liked very much speaking to him. He told me very often he loved me but I didn't felt it as something very serious as it is very early.
I saw him randomly today at a convention and was excited to see him, just said hi and went back to my friends, hoping to bump into him again later to have a discussion. He left the convention early without saying bye, just a text saying "I already left :x" and I was bitter he haven't said anything but whatever.
I saw he met another girl who looks like she has some of the same problems he has, and seemed right of the bat interested, and he left a caption on an other picture saying "I'm happy to have known you, sorry." and I feel like it's about me and he's switching girls because I wasn't as responsive regarding to his "I love you" and such.

I feel used, not even being sure this is about me. I have issues managing my emotions and I'm so bitter about the fact that it could be, in fact, about me.

No. 211954

He sounds autistic and insincere. What con, btw?

No. 211955

>mfw I still browse /v/
It could be way worse for one of the most popular boards. /tv/ and /b/ are complete shit, but the smaller boards are still kinda fun, or maybe it's just that I'm too used to them.

No. 211956

>I feel used, not even being sure this is about me.
Used how? You shut him down, no shame in that. But then he moved on to a woman who was actually receptive in the way he wanted. The guy clearly has issues but this is about a clear case of cause and effect as it gets.

No. 211957

I agree with the other anon in that it won’t be worth being upset over if he was to leave you over something like that. You said that this character sometimes feels like all you have besides your bf, can’t he see why that’s part of why you cling to them? People sometimes cling to things that help them through tough situations. I’m the anon with the friend who’s similar to you, and her recent obsession is really what brought her through her depression, so how Can I not be excited with her when she finds happiness in getting new merch or makes me watch the movie 10000th time. Because of her obsession I grew my interest in the series and have such a love for all the characters. Hell, your bf should be happy that you’re easy to shop for - I imagine anything related to what you’re into is a perfect gift!
It’s upsetting that he feels frustrated with you, but anon I hope you don’t take it personally. It’s part of who you are, it’s what makes you you. If he can’t accept that, if he can’t try and embrace that, if he can’t be happy with what makes you happy - than he’s not the one for you. It hurts like hell I know, but anyone who is legit going to breakup over something like that especially after your efforts at explaining to him, doesn’t deserve you

No. 211958

I understand what it’s like anon, but the biggest and most important part in a relationship especially long distance is trust. If you really have no other reason to suspect he’s cheating besides how he used to talk to Asian girls back in the day than you’re probably good.
Imagine if he was in your position constantly asking you if you’re cheating and implying you don’t believe him, it can hurt. Trust him anon, and if he is doing things that make you feel uncomfortable maybe ask for those boundaries, like tel me how you know the people you’re adding or who you’re talking to. My bf and I struggled a while with trust because of my anxiety and past relationship hurts too, and so he agreed to boundaries that might’ve seemed ridiculous at first but he knew it’d help me feel better. Our trust grew from then on out and has really helped me. It’s worth a shot if you’re unable to just be vulnerable and trust

No. 211959

File: 1511052507227.png (13.22 KB, 426x364, gn4c.png)

Just a reoccurring vent

>promise myself I will do such and such when off from work with free time

>do none of the things I promised myself
>lounge about and binge tv/eat junk
>tell myself it will be different next week
>it never is

god I hate my lazy ass sometimes, I really need to get in shape, the only I did was order clothes and tidy.

No. 211962

Are you depressed anon?

No. 211965

Make small changes every day! Start with making your bed, that always helps.

Anyway here's my little vent for the day: exams are coming up soon, and everyone's retreated back into their rooms to study. I've got no one to hang out with or talk with, so I'm feeling a little lonely. I've started talking to a friend studying overseas but understandably, he can't entertain me all the time.

It's hard being an extrovert sometimes.

No. 211966

Could be. Art to Play, Nantes, France !

Sure, but I think I feel this way because I gave my trust too easily and opened myself to someone who probably just was there to "have me" so I feel used, but by my own mistake.

No. 211969


being introvert is pretty good for that, hang out with friends and chill to relax

I've been doing small changes but its tough, trying to find a good work out routine for lazy fatasses

No. 211970

Creepy, but I asked because I'm from France too and I too was at a con, and your English sounded very French to me… And I met a guy who types in a similar fashion… Sorry to ask, but what cultural background ? I really don't like where this is going

No. 211993

I fucking hate men

No. 211998

File: 1511068089904.gif (1.26 MB, 244x224, 9373637383111.gif)

No. 212003

Something happen anon?

No. 212007

Fucking me too. Watching the new h3h3 video and boyfriends getting a fucking boner to clothed bouncing titties like a 13 year old and making dumbass comments about how DISTRACTING it is. We didnt even finish it cuz he was getting so horny over it. I wound up blowing him because my insecure ass didn’t want him jerking off in the shower thinking about other women.

I swear I’m just going to start dating girls.

No. 212008

0/10 bait.

No. 212012

I wish. This is my life, fam. I'm fucking pathetic.

No. 212013

This sounds kinda dumb, but I am afraid, that my mother hates me. Since I can remember, she always favoured my younger brother - he is the one who gets promised a car if he manages to graduate hs - i was expected to graduate with good grades so no one did anything. I managed to go to university now but I have problems socializing with others since I grew up pretty sheltered and never had much experience in making friends. I think my mother hates me, because I don't resemble her at all ( she is super outgoing and I am not) and she might see my dad's older sister in me whom she dearly hates (My aunt suffers from a mental illness that runs in my dad’s family & also hates my parents) I'm trying to have somewhat of a relationship with my own brother so the story doesn't repeat itself, but it's really hard due to favorism. I also had problems with bullying in middle school - I tried to tell my mum but she just shrugged it off and told me to have more self-confidence. But how does one do that? When I try to tell her my problems she kinda tries to compete with me like „Uhh my life is sooo much harder“ . I just don't know what to do anymore, since I will have to live with them for the next 2 years (it's cheaper) until I graduate from uni.

No. 212014

If this seriously isn’t bait, leave him jfc. The whole thing just sounds sad. Save your blowjobs for a guy who deserves them.

No. 212016

File: 1511085570862.gif (45.57 KB, 278x234, 1507949328103.gif)

Her sandwich doesn't even look that good

At least its better than that Spiderman, Elsa bullshit from a bit ago.

No. 212017

I know what you mean, leave him while you can, I once dated a guy like that who would obsess over other women like that, if he can't even control himself to clothed bouncing tits god knows what he will do if he sees almost nude girls in public dancing and shit, better to be insecure and alone than insecure and letting some asshole take advantage of you, men like this keep existing because they know they can still get what they want even after acting like a piece of shit, men are trash

No. 212025

Cultural background as in we have the same origins and fucked up family type situation.

What makes you upset ?

No. 212026

I meant what cultural background in particular
I'm upset because I met a guy yesterday who matches your description to a T, his dad is ex-Yugoslavian and he has been acting really strange to me lately. So I'm worried that it is him.

No. 212029

Nah, wrong country hahaha, don't worry. He might be weird but then again, how many regular people can you meet at a convention ?

No. 212030

I don't know how you can still date someone like that anon. Have you ever talked to him about how it hurts your self-esteem and feelings when he makes comments about other tits?
He sounds kind of autismo. This is like a girl telling her bf how turned on she is by someone's pants bulge. It's weird and it appears to be crossing a boundary.

No. 212033

Why can't I be a well adjusted person? Why can't I just relax and get back to my work instead of falling back into depression every time it gets a little hard?

I'm worried I'm going to chuck away what I've spent a year to rebuild. I do it every time. It's my very last chance at a degree and I feel like procratinating and crying instead of putting in work. I fucking hate myself.

No. 212036

And why didn't you block him?

No. 212037

I feel so incredible old even tho I know I'm not.
I recently joined a dance group and most girls in there are around 18 or so. Anyways what is it with younger people (especially around that age) using English in a group chat as if it's their native language?
I'm a eurofag and while everyone has to learn English here (which is great I mean I study that language) it's definetly not all around us like e.g in Sweden where people seem to not dub their Foreign tv shows (correct me if I'm wrong heard that from a friend who is living there).
It's just super weird when that start writing in English I don't even understand the purpose of it. I mean yeah there are some phrases in English that are suited better but same for my native language. Idk I think it just comes of as overly pretentious.

Maybe that't only a thing with weebs tho.

No. 212040

If this is serious I would dump his ass. Sounds like you're dating a 13 year old boy or at least someone with a mentality of one.

No. 212043

Not sure what state you are in, but this is actually against the law. It's a clause about peaceful enjoyment of your property, so even if it's not during quiet hours, excessive noise is illegal.

That being said, you have 2 things you can do:

1. Document (send an email) to your LL during every single time you hear the kid. If you hear them at 7am, 7:30am, 8am, 8:05am, 10am… EVERY time. Send a message to your LL or at least document it. This is crucial. After a certain amount of time, your LL is supposed to issue a warning. If they don't, you can show your LL the clause about excessive noise and the right to peacefully enjoy your home.

Another option, which might work better in your case, is once you can determine the kid is of age to be in school, report them to the cops. Frame it as, you have been hearing a lot of excessive noise from the apt since (insert start date) and you are getting concerned since the school year already started. You are worried for the child's safety.

If the kid is old enough to be in school, just keep calling the police when you hear them home during school hours. The cops will most likely scare them into keeping the kid under control.

Source: I did option 1 and the family got evicted.

No. 212044

Stop wasting your time crying and hating yourself then? I have bipolar disorder and finishing my degree was the hardest fucking time of my life, but I did it. You either want it or you don't. In the nicest possible way, stop being a little bitch. Go see a medical professional, sort your shit out, get your fucking degree. Good luck.

No. 212045

As someone with borderline and bipolar… cut her off. You're not a bitch for it. There's help available for people with mental health problems, if she chooses not to get it then she has to deal with the consequences. You haven't signed a contract saying you'll deal with her shit just because she's ill, you're not married to her anon.

She'll get better one day and understand why you did it. Or she won't, and she'll add you to the endless list of people who "abandoned" her for "no reason". Your life will go on regardless. Treat yo'self.

No. 212046

Sites like MFC, Chaturbate, ManyVids, etc etc make me feel physically sick. (Tbh porn as a whole is fucking disgusting.) How are there so many women out there willing to embarrass themselves, in such a permanent way, for like $3?! How do people think sex work (in that manifestation) is empowering? "Oh yah, I spent the last 3 years filming myself bouncing on a rubber tentacle whilst wearing cat ears over my greasy hair, so that neckbeards can chuck pocket change at me and wank whilst browsing boards dedicated to how pathetic women are!" Just the look in their eyes makes my skin crawl. None of them look sexy, or aroused. How does anyone get off to it?!

TL;DR I'm pleased that women's lib happened because sexual freedom, but holy shit am I disappointed at what it's ended up in.

No. 212047

You're aware that most of the
women doing this don't find it empowering and do it because it's pretty much the only thing they can get money from, right? It's more comfy than outright on the street prostitution. Only a minority of people truly do it by choice.
The cow do it because they are stupid and don't think about the consequences but the rest just don't care because it pays and they wouldn't get a job anyway.

No. 212048

As someone who used to do FSSW I absolutely refuse to believe that most of the women doing it are doing so because they can’t earn money any other way. More like they can’t be assed to try, as it’s easier to sit in their house masturbating - and less uncomfortable than FSSW, as you say.

No. 212049

Minute per minute it's more profitable than fast food work. Having worked at McDs, Wendys, and a few retail shops, I'd say it's less demeaning too.

No. 212053

>I'd say it's less demeaning too.
Ntayrt- I've thought about this a lot and I really don't think so.
On a decent day ie. The team does a good job and one gets no shitty customers, there's really nothing undignified about working retail or fast food. They're just doing a service for money in exchange like most humans on earth do.
In fact, many people respect service workers because they assume that it does take a great deal of patience and responsibility.
It only becomes demeaning when working class rube customers decide to use their little sliver of power over service workers to act shitty. Or if a power-tripping management decides to make things harder for the workers. Yet not every retail or fast food job deals with those problems on the daily. These jobs really only suck when the people you're dealing with suck.

I can't think of many dignified things about being a sex worker other than being your own "boss" (sometimes) and setting your own hours. Most cam hosting sites still take their cut of your money. Sex workers put up with a lot of disrespect and trolling. It's also stressful to keep up appearance and to look a certain way or risk losing their clientele, and even then they're nitpicked and objectified for it.

Idk, like another anon said, it seems like most people in sex work are doing it because they don't have a choice. And the ones who went into it willingly are just ignorant and don't think of consequences.

No. 212058

If you can get good at it you can earn a living where you're your own boss. But you have to know what you're doing because a lot more goes into it than just bouncing your tits on camera, and unfortunately those looking for a quick buck can put themselves in danger or even not get paid because they don't know which services to use.

No. 212059

Is that seriously the benchmark of living now though? Do what is most profitable, even if it’s humiliating? Do the people here who support that think highly of “reality tv celebrities” also, who will do anything for a spread in a gossip rag (pay cheque)?

No. 212061

I think they’re more the people I’m talking about than successful hard-working SWs, who put time and energy into their career. So many half-assed bored-looking average girls who risk their whole future for (sometimes quite literally) nothing in return. Makes me cringe imagining putting myself on show sexually and having not one fucking person give a shit (or a dollar, in this case).

No. 212065

I am honestly so fucking tired of people coddling and giving asspats to people who walk into stupid situations willingly. If you make a mistake, that is understandable to a degree. But if you look at everything going on around you and make a STUPID choice that people tell you not to, you do not have the right to cry and moan about it when you proved everyone right.

No. 212072

Thanks for the advice anon, it really helps me. I think you're right. I'll be devastated if I lose him over it but I can't give up part of me like that.

No. 212104

Someone on my facebook made a post complaining about how guys are constantly trying to "be friends" with her and bothering her for dates. Or they are trying to friend request her she's rejected them.

But why doesn't that ever happen to me?

I don't really get it. I don't think she is that much more attractive than me. For one thing, she is pretty chubby. Is it because she doesn't wear glasses or she is white? Is it because I'm just a huge shut in or what?

Apparently girls my age are getting asked out all the time. Not me.

I don't think I'm ugly. It must be because I exude autism or something.

Not to say I would really date most of the guys here (because when I look at tinder, this area is full of Christian guys who are obsessed with hunting, fishing and sports), but it's made me feel pretty unattractive at times. I'm also pretty bored and lonely so it would be nice to have people trying to interact with me. Also I could use people like that for money lol.

No. 212108

>Also I could use people like that for money lol.
Truly it is a mystery why people do not seek your company.

No. 212116

Are you a robot? What's wrong with making a couple of bucks off of thirsty dudes?

It's not like this girl is all rainbows and sunshine. She is always complaining on fb about her PCOS.

Most of the time guys just hang out with who they think is hottest regardless of their characters.

No. 212117

Not a robot but a farmer, I've never dated anyone for money. Some guys do indeed have standards.

But yes, it's probably the obvious autism.

No. 212118

You might need therapy anon if you ever wanna form meaningful relationships with the opposite sex

No. 212119

>Most of the time guys just hang out with who they think is hottest regardless of their characters.
O oracle, please share your other insights into the mysterious ways of men.

No. 212124

From these two posts, I'm guessing that you can't hide your personality flaws enough so boys avoid you.

No. 212135

you sound insecure, and i'm gonna assume right there thats why no one is asking you out.
that, or considering the fact youre not really looking to date them anyways, it's probably they don't sense interest. maybe also lose the "i'm better than these people" attitude and you'll catch urself a date!
(assuming this isn't bait)

No. 212144

I bought this beautiful second hand cashmere and wool coat, but getting it dry cleaned might end up costing more than what I paid for it. It looks brand new, doesn't smell like anything and has no stain. The second hand shop is also in a "good" area of my city, so no risk of a dirty piss hobo having tried it on.

Still I feel really icky about not having it dry cleaned.

No. 212150

i mean, i'd think that you wouldn't want to give into the stereotype robots make for women (not to mention create more butthurt robots by way of 'proving them right') but you sound jelly as fuck of others, anon.

No. 212151

Just get it dry cleaned, you'll feel much better. I get all my clothes 2ndhand and while sometimes it's hard to justify paying $20+ on something that cost me $5, it makes it feel shiny, new and most of all, mine.

No. 212153

Well I guess so. But it goes both ways. I never get cat called either. I feel pretty safe walking around the streets around the city at night. But obviously these cat callers are avoiding me because of my bad personality.

I've also worked retail and even working at a board game store I never got bothered by the customers. So yeah I'm sure the girl I'm talking about would love to trade places with me if she is so bothered by guys harassing her.

Well yeah I am "jelly". Duh. But I assume it's robots because look at the free stuff from guys thread at /g/ and it's full of robots raging. So yeah when some one is complaining I feel inclined to think they are a robot.

LOL ok. Way to play armchair psychologist. My best friend is a guy. I hope you are just trolling.

No. 212154

Your best friend doesn't want to fuck you though lol.

Also, robots aren't the only people who think that gold digging is dumb.

No. 212155

>I never get cat called either.
>But obviously these cat callers are avoiding me because of my bad personality.
> it goes both ways

So…you're ugly and shitty, got it (as if it wasn't apparent by your attitude here)

Seriously, you're like that one really unbearable girl who complains that all her fat and ugly and shitty friends have bfs or are engaged, when in reality, you are the fat, ugly, shitty friend.

No. 212156

File: 1511203456392.jpg (33.53 KB, 480x480, C-nVTuCXgAAMx2u.jpg)

Im trying to book something nice for my best friend, her bf and me to do as a joint Christmas gift but I can't think of anything. Was going to book a cat cafe but right before giving my card details I remembered shes allergic to cats kek. Its not that bad but it want her to have the full ~experience~ without getting a rash or whatever plus we can go anytime. I want to do something unique and special, that's like a one-time thing (the cafe is always there plus we talked about going before so it won't be as much as a surprise) but its just so hard to find things that are 1)not crazy expensive and 2) not fully booked already. I thought about a play or dinner show but you have to pay those upfront; I can't afford that right now and everything is gonna be booked up by the time I can pay, which is why a nice meal was a good idea but I feel like we've been to most places in my city already. We've already been to most galleries and museums too plus they always have the same displays. Google only gives experiences for couples even though I said 3 people in the search…

Its really stressing me out a lot and I don't know why. I just want to do something fun and memorable, surely there must be something, I mean I live in a major city ffs but I frequent the same places so Im sure im missing something really cool

No. 212157

Look for a Christmas tree festival, those are usually cheap and hosted by horticultural clubs. It's basically a showing of a bunch of cute decorated trees and those mini villages set up, usually they have snacks and gifts for sale too. I'm going to one with some friends, and it seems like a cute, sweet but thoughtful kind of event.

No. 212158

The results you get in real life speak for themselves.

No. 212159

How do you start applying yourself to things? I want to become a 3D character designer for video games and things and I hope to create my own video games someday but I always feel like I'll never be good enough so I just never put myself to it. I feel like I don't know where I'm going in life and I don't even clean my room and I don't know how to feel like any of it is actually worth doing. How do I know that I'm worth it how do I get back into life and become a functional adult/human again?

No. 212160

What does my weight have to do with it? o_0

And not being catcalled means I'm ugly and shitty now? That is a newsbreaker

>Your best friend doesn't want to fuck you though lol.
What does that mean? A lot of guys will fuck about everything. There's almost literally no girls who are unfuckable.

Yeah I know. There's a good chance I will be a spinster.

The video game industry is a horrible place to work in general, especially if you have a lack of motivation.

No. 212161

Not the anon you're replying to, however I've been reading your replies and you seem to flip-flop on a lot of things you've said.

>A lot of guys will fuck about everything. There's almost literally no girls who are unfuckable.

Then why is not getting catcalled or hit on such an issue for you if you consider that something guys just do to try to get their dicks wet?
Do you actually want guys to like you or not?

>But obviously these cat callers are avoiding me because of my bad personality.

You kinda implied here that the lack thereof can't be because of your personality, but rather how you look. So what do you look like?
>What does my weight have to do with it? o_0
Well you know that looks must be relevant because you can't understand how your chubby, 'not-so-attractive' friend somehow gets the guys.

So what do you think your physical problems are? Assuming guys can fuck anyone and personality and behavior don't matter as much.

No. 212163

it means that it doesn't matter if you are friends with a male, you're not getting the male attention you crave from him. you aren't attractive to men, that's why the only men in your life are friends.

No. 212164

all of this, thank you anon. i don't get what she's saying.

>guys aren't into me but they're interested in literally everything but me, but that has nothing to do with me being shit or ugly, it's them, but btw they don't care about personality or looks and will fuck anything, but they won't give me attention

wtf does that mean?

No. 212175

I guess not


>Then why is not getting catcalled or hit on such an issue for you if you consider that something guys just do to try to get their dicks wet?

>Do you actually want guys to like you or not?
You think catcalling is a sign that a guy likes you? I just don't get much attention from guys. Personally I would take the level of attention my fb friend gets and maybe she would switch places with me if getting attention bothers her so much. That's all.

>You kinda implied here that the lack thereof can't be because of your personality, but rather how you look. So what do you look like?

I look pretty average.

>So what do you think your physical problems are? Assuming guys can fuck anyone and personality and behavior don't matter as much.

I think I look average. The thing that comes to mind is probably that I have a weird gait/body posture that makes me look autistic.

I guess not lol.

I already said in my first post I give off an autistic aura. That's all. It's not a "shitty" personality or looks.

Are you trying to imply I'm wrong by saying guys do have high standards for casual sex?

No. 212176

>You think catcalling is a sign that a guy likes you?
By "like" I meant "be into you." Enough for you to get hit on or noticed by guys in public. Guys have to 'like' how you look to generally be first interested in you.
You know your autism influences your self-awareness to the point that it affects how you present yourself. Yet you're putting down your friend for being fat as if it's her fault that she doesn't have autism and guys can look past her weight.

Just work on being more self-aware and don't treat guys like tools for attention/money and you should start seeing results. Really.

No. 212177

Aw that sounds cute, thanks anon! I actually just managed to scored super cheap tickets to a play we were really interested earlier in the year! Glad I found it now, only 3 together cheap seats left, cant wait!

No. 212178

meant to reply to >>212157 !

No. 212181

>By "like" I meant "be into you." Enough for you to get hit on or noticed by guys in public. Guys have to 'like' how you look to generally be first interested in you.

Catcallers don't target women who they find attractive. They target women who they think won't respond, or who they think they'll get a funny reaction out of or women wearing something that grabs attention (Like a buggy, so they say "Hey mamma! You've got a sexy baby!" or something equally as disturbing). Catcalling and other forms of abuse are never because a man is genuinely interested in you as a person, he just sees you as a good target for le funny joek.

No. 212189

File: 1511221404872.png (106.91 KB, 492x395, Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 5.41…)

>By "like" I meant "be into you." Enough for you to get hit on or noticed by guys in public. Guys have to 'like' how you look to generally be first interested in you.
Thanks for the tip.

>You know your autism influences your self-awareness to the point that it affects how you present yourself. Yet you're putting down your friend for being fat as if it's her fault that she doesn't have autism and guys can look past her weight.

I don't understand where I was putting down my "friend". This is a girl I barely know and she posted a rant on facebook for the world to see. Pic related. Not really sure where people are getting she is my friend from.

>Just work on being more self-aware and don't treat guys like tools for attention/money and you should start seeing results. Really.


Weirdly enough this reminds me how I don't get the random Indian men adding me on facebook that most women get either. Weird.

No. 212196

the fact that you are jealous of this is an embarrassment to the vagina.

No. 212197

Then maybe you should be lecturing anon about that, as she believes public displays like that are a sign that she is attractive. Just like how she observes this other fb person of hers getting hit on and being jealous of it.

You're being stubborn.
>I didn't say she was my friend
You said someone on your facebook which means you have her as a friend on your feed.
Maybe you should have just said you're getting jealous over someone you barely know just to have cleared that up for us. But that doesn't seem any better, does it?

That caption isn't even something to be jealous of. That's fucking annoying to have to deal with and you're salty because you've never personally had to deal with it. Ugh, just move on girl and unfollow this one on fb if what she rants about bothers you.

No. 212199

this, anon sounds like a fucking cunt to be 'jealous' of that. wtf.

No. 212200

Yeah, I was picturing a girl boasting about leading on men and being all "DONT HIT ON ME SILLY BOYS," but really this post is just talking about creepy ass dudes.
Anon is truly autistic.

No. 212204

I never said it was attractive to be catcalled, and I wasn't complaining.

Yeah I guess I am :^)


The few times I did get harassed while traveling, I didn't complain about it online. So you're wrong.

Calm down.

No. 212205

just stop vicky, you sound ugly and full of yourself

No. 212210

Are you 5?

No. 212213

You literally brought up being catcalled tho >>212153. I don't even think you know what you're saying anymore. Probably can't even keep track of all the things you have a problem with.

No. 212214

>So yeah when some one is complaining I feel inclined to think they are a robot.
I'm not complaining. If you want some weird sugar baby dynamic, you do you. But as I pointed out, most people arent really into that and your attitude will seep into other aspects of life.

If this is a threshold for being a robot in your mind you really have some shit to work on.

No. 212216

im just here for the shitshow but i also want u to know ur weird as fuck girl. you genuinely do not sound psychologically healthy. go to therapy or smth!

No. 212235

Ok so my ex who raped me last new years eve fuckimg calls me to complain about his currwnt gf and how he wants to break up with her cause hes so done mean while telling me he misses me and pretty much saying hed get back with me in a second if id take him back but om with a real good guy, myself. I give him the courage to break up witu her and he does but one apology and they're back, im not sure why but it boils my blood i said be deserves happiness but deep down i want to break him into a million pieces, i have fantasies of just ending him…i dont know why i torture myself by still dealing with him i feel like the worlds biggest idiot. And i feel like letting his girlfriend know hes scum

No. 212236

Just block him

No. 212237

Yeah ive tried, hell call my house too

No. 212238

If he raped you, cut him out of your life completely and immediately.

No. 212239

>Ok so my ex who raped me last new years eve fuckimg calls me to complain about his currwnt gf
This website reads like a parody at times.

No. 212253

Those damn Staicies are stealing our bois!!!!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 212257

I think I'm the only fucking person on Earth getting rejected from a job while signing a fucking contract. I just can't do this anymore, HR was a fucking mistake.

No. 212260

my partner makes fun of my depression all the time.

No. 212265

I'm sick to all hell of talking about trans people. I'm tired of the discourse, I'm tired of it being the fucking oppression olympics.

I'm sick of the fact that today, in two separate places about two different things (and one was lolcow so if you're that person fuck off), I had to read the same bullshit, "You know trans women have it worse than cis women, right?" Fuck you, m8. I'm not just some statistic you found on the internet. The repeated abuse, rape and sexual assault I've experienced in my life suddenly doesn't fucking matter to you people in favour of some theoretical trans person, for the sake of your argument. Everything awful that's ever happened to me because of my biology is ignored in an instant because "well, technically, in theory, trans people have it worse". I don't care who has it worse, it's all fucking terrible, stop pitting what happened to me against the bad things that can happen to someone else. Stop acting like you know what a person's been through because of internet numbers and simply assuming they're one of the lucky ones.

No. 212272

Yeah, The oppresshun point Olympics is really fucking pathetic. I've been biting my tongue (because I feel like I've never heard someone say this shit irl; maybe I just have reasonable people in my life and work?), but it's so tiring to see it posted on the internet all the time.

No. 212275

the concept of privilege applied to real humans does this all the fucking time. it's sick. i am tired of people using that as if it has an objective basis to put other's down. "oh white privilege dictates you can't be racist to white people, so don't worry anon, blacks beating up whites who live in a white neighborhood aren't racist, and that stuff just doesn't happen" or "women need to stand aside and let "transwomen" get sympathy, because even though they've been judged as men until now, they're judged as one of us now" no, fuck off.

No. 212276

the concept of privilege applied to real humans does this all the fucking time. it's sick. i am tired of people using that as if it has an objective basis to put other's down. "oh white privilege dictates you can't be racist to white people, so don't worry anon, blacks beating up whites who live in a white neighborhood aren't racist, and that stuff just doesn't happen" or "women need to stand aside and let "transwomen" get sympathy, because even though they've been judged as men until now, they're judged as one of us now" no, fuck off.

No. 212279

File: 1511292753126.jpg (39.87 KB, 576x472, 1511021285453.jpg)

Sometimes I'm envious of cows and homemakers whose bfs/husbands provide for them while they get to pursue their hobbies. Like Suzy and Yumi.
I'm not jealous of how they're demeaned and the kinds of men they're forced to be with in exchange, I just mean how nice it is to not have to work a job AND not be expected to perform domestic labor on top.

I feel so unappreciated for the work I do, and I have had no energy leftover to do things that interest me for the past two years. I get so bitter that I think "equal" relationships were a mistake, bc I'm still the only one who cooks, cleans, and keeps house. I just have a job now too. Men simply aren't being raised or taught how to do these things despite how 'progressive' society is. Once they're grown it's impossible to instill these habits, as in my bf's case. If I want something done I have to ask or nag, like a mom to a teen. Often I don't bother bc bf half asses the jobs and I often redo them. I've tried teaching him but nothing sticks. I don't recall the last time a dinner was made just for me.
I go to work at a job I hate, and then come home to even more work. If I don't work enough to pay the bills, bf gets indignant. I'm depressed and anxious.

I've often thought of moving back with my parents so I won't be dogged about finances and be around my mom who is also spotless–my mom is a narc so this is saying something about my desperation here.
Or moving to a rural area by myself so rent can be cheap and I won't have to clean as much bc I won't be picking up after someone else constantly.

I feel like I'm approaching a breaking point. For now I'm staying in the situation for an unrelated reason, but come next summer I may be out for good if I don't suicide first.

No. 212280

Your bf sounds like a retard. Not having been taught how to clean up while growing up is not an excuse.

No. 212281

DUMP HIM. plenty of men out there that cook and clean, jfc

No. 212284

you sound like me anon. my boyfriend never picks shit up after himself then he gets pissed at me because I'm not cleaning, but he doesn't realize I clean up after myself THEN AND THERE because I don't want a huge fucking mess. Whenever I cook, I used to make enough for the two of us. When he does, he runs to the store and gets something for himself rather than the both of us and get's upset when I ask for some of it. Because of this, I stopped cleaning up after him (thus, him getting pissed when he has to do it) and I cook for myself. If he's not going to treat me like we're not just roommates, then I'm not going to either.
I'm also moving back in with my dad soon because of this too. I am halfway packed but with work and a broken down car it takes a miracle to be able to find a day to move shit. But even with half of it packed up and moved, I am already super relieved. I think that if you're still having these issues by summertime, you should do the same. It's not fair to you to do all of the work. And he might even learn to not be a lazy fucking slob if you leave.

No. 212306

>all my friends are making 10+ an hour
>can't even get a min wage job that pays enough to survive after applying and applying to different jobs
what do I do anons? I'm tired of living in my damn car, I'm trying my best to get a job, everyone thinks I'm some lazy fuck I am applying to several places each day and I can barely even get a fucking call back, even fucking fastfood places won't even give me their time, why do I not have luck with jobs?

No. 212308

Get some of those more successful friends to check your resume and give you tips. Also check if there's not a reference in your resume that they might be calling and getting bad reviews from. My friend had a place he used to work at where he got into some fights with the boss in his resume, and didn't get any callbacks, but after he took it off he found a job immediately.

No. 212312

I have good references and my resume has already been checked, the one real job I did have made me so poor I could barely afford to eat with the hours they gave me despite me begging for more hours, I was then fired for crying when i broke down because I saw my schedule and it pissed me off after working there for 3 weeks since I was barely even left with 5 dollars after paying for gas and insurance and small cheap meals

No. 212315

Well maybe don't cry at work next time lol

No. 212316

it was one time and it was my first job, I'm 18, ever since I was 16 I've been looking for places like fast food and local stores, the thing is most places here don't hire unless you're 21 and have had 10 yrs of experience somehow just for a damn cashier job, the only reason why I got it is because I BSed about using a cash register before, it was stressful for me because it's not something I usually do, and my family is poor hence the entire reason I need a job so badly is to help support my family, I tried really hard not to but it just kept coming out, I told them I was fine and it wouldn't happen again but they said not to talk to them "for the next 6 months", I was also going through a lot with other personal stuff that week

No. 212335

ntayrt i've cried at almost every job i've had tbh. only once i was sent home but it was because they were worried about my mental health and wanted me to call it a day lol - your boss must've just been heartless, or maybe was it another reason you got fired?
Practice interviewing, get someone to review your resume, and dress as nice as you can. i understand if you don't have much money but presentation really does matter. Ask to speak to the manager directly, tell them a bit about yourself while you're handing in your resume and call places back that were actively hiring to see if they had a chance to review your resume. Be as smiley and pleasant as possible, try not to be nervous or discouraged - just fake confidence. Tell the people you're really interested in their business, or something, just bullshit your way into it basically.
If all else fails try factory work, theyre usually almost always hiring (through temp agencies sometimes so look into that too) and it's a quick way to make good money. It sucks, but it's a start

No. 212338

>I feel so unappreciated for the work I do, and I have had no energy leftover to do things that interest me for the past two years. I get so bitter that I think "equal" relationships were a mistake, bc I'm still the only one who cooks, cleans, and keeps house.
Then don't, people still need to eat and he'll figure it out. Honestly I have the impression most people are entering adult hood with a disturbing lack of life skills. I've seen far too many people almost seem to brag about how they're incompetent at basic tasks.

The fact is I hate cleaning e.g. vacuuming so I tend to take care of the meals and dishes for instance instead. Try figuring out a division of labor that works for you specifically, or move on if that's not a possibility.

No. 212339

I honestly would prefer working in a factory than a cashier tbh, mostly because I use to work in a clothing store where old people shopped a lot, a factory doesn't seem bad but factories here have high ass standards for some reason and want someone who has years of experience and went to university to put fucking chocolate in a box or whatever

No. 212340

no wonder no one will hire you.

No. 212341

you seem really annoying and that's probably why you got fired. no, people don't need someone with 500 years of experience and a masters degree. you're probably are why you're not getting hired.

No. 212342

for crying uncontrollably one time because I was dealing with personal stuff so it's an entire representation of my character? good to hear, being sad for one day when bad things happen in your life is an entire representation of my character, annoying and unemployable apparently!

No. 212351

I'm not trying to try to kick you while you're down but yeah, that's really not acceptable behavior at most work places. You have emotions, that's understandable but you need to be able to sort your shit out on your own time. Something else is clearly going on if you can't even land a McJob.

No. 212352

Meh, pick your battles wisely with some of these responses anon.
I often get really dumb replies to my vents too, but that's because people want to minimize answers to complicated issues. I don't respond to the majority of them.

Unemployment is a complicated situation with a lot of variables. I'm really sorry that you got upset at work like that. I've been on the verge of breakdown at my jobs too yet I've had some very understanding managers who would've never hurt or terminated me for it.

It's a matter of time. All I can say is that I hope you keep pushing forward and you start getting callbacks soon. Nobody should have to go hungry and live out of a car.

No. 212363

I have this strange sensation that I want to go 'home'.
But here's the thing, I am home. I'm home right now.

But it doesn't feel like home. It feels like I've lost my home, and I want to go back to it.

Is there a word for this?

No. 212367

I don't know if there is a word for it but I feel it too.

No. 212368

There’s a girl in my social circle. She’s better than me in every way.

She’s been there for longer than me. She’s incredibly thin, incredibly attractive, good dresser, very popular on social media, and everyone loves her; or wants to. She’s tall, tan, blonde and from a good enough family to be stable, but difficult enough to be interesting. She does well in life but is still vulnerable. And everyone loves her.

She dislikes me because she believes I started a rumor about her last year. I am more of a social pariah than I ever was because she controls how everyone views each other.

And me? I’m short, pale, ugly, nerdy, and my life is a mess. I try very hard but don’t often succeed. My obscure and intellectual interests make me come off as pretentious, not likeable. I’m awkward in an awful way, not in a quirky-cute way. I used to think I knew what I was about. But now I’m stuck. I don’t know if I should try to be more like her or try to be more like something else. I usually just end up being myself, someone who no one really likes.

I hate myself for not being her. I’m a loser. She’s so popular and so loved, and I’m a stupid nobody that tries in too many things and doesn’t really excel in any of them.

I’m spiraling into my eating disorder again because I want to be thin like her. But even that won’t make me any better.

How do you live without jealousy? How do you accept you’re a shitty nobody? How do you accept that people think you’re a bad person because of a lie that continues to make its rounds despite being untrue?

I’m so pathetic.

No. 212372

File: 1511334467957.jpg (132.37 KB, 1280x720, i9LmXp1qa94xto2_1280.jpg)

I really just want to lose weight, it really sucks ass being a fatty chan
I've lost weight before but steadily gained it back. It's brutal and frustrating but I really want to lose all the weight this time.
Exercise isn't really a problem for me but I'm struggling with how I deal with food, how do people discipline themselves to not eat junk?
I hate myself for giving into temptation almost every time goddammit

No. 212373

Anon, I really feel you, about all of this. I felt the same way a few years ago. I had a friend who was really good at everything I wanted to be, like drawing comics, having stories to tell that I thought were amazing, a family that had rich culture and was close knit, like I never had, and she was thin and pretty and got good grades. Everything.
But you'll get to a point where you realize that there really is no difference between you and her, and that you could have everything she has if you try hard enough to do it (minus the family structure of course). You can dress well if you learn what to wear. You can get a social media presence if you learn what to post and when to post it. You can get people to really love you, as long as you're open with them and love them back.
Even if you can't be 'tall' and naturally blond/tan, that doesn't mean anything about who you are as a person. Having arbitrary things like skin color or hair color doesn't say shit about who you are, just that you are lucky. Nothing more.
Being nerdy or having weird interests doesn't mean anything if you find people that are like you and share your interests, and being awkward is understandable as long as you're honest with others and tell them it's because of anxiety or depression (which I assume you have from this post). You don't need to change yourself, you need to invest in becoming a person that you think is like her, that you think is valuable, that you think other people will love/want to be around.
The only person who is standing in your way, who is calling you a nobody, is yourself. The only person who is comparing yourself to others is yourself (and petty bitches that you shouldn't even be friends with). The people who are calling you a rumor-spreader are liars who don't deserve your time of day if they don't trust you enough to listen to you. Invest your time in people who can trust you more than people you hope to be around just because they're popular.
You're only pathetic if you keep telling yourself that and give up trying to be better. Don't do it, anon, love yourself and put in the effort to be what she is, even if it's in small little ways.

No. 212374

You just gotta hate yourself more than you love food, anon.

No. 212385

youre having probably a genetically insuline resistance, meaning you gain weight easily on a carbohydrate diet.
try eating more proteine and fats. cut out carbohydrates after 2 pm entirely until breakfast of the next day.
if you dont want to go keto, your breakfast can be high in carbohydrates, your lunch should be moderate in carbohydrates and as I said after lunch (no later than 1pm) no more carbohydrates for the day. stop dringing soda, even if it is sugarfree diet version.
try not to eat industrialized sugar (white sugar) or convenience food as they often add sugar of some sorts to that. try cooking your meals from scratch. Eat plenty of vegetables. Add some nuts to your died.

as you start to cut out sugar and carbohydrates for the evening you will notice that you have way less urge to stuff your face with garbage, because your blood sugar will improve.
If you have a sweet tooth there is plenty of sugar replacement available in the web as stevia, erythritol and or xylitol.

No. 212386

>You just gotta hate yourself more than you love food, anon.

they just gotta love themselfs more than they love food.

No. 212388

Not that anon, but I'm pretty sure I have that. I don't eat junk food, or drink soda. But even with moderate exercise, I'm chubby and I can't stand myself. I do have sweet tooth and once I did keto which melted my pounds away but I love carbs so much. But as another anon said, I have to love myself more.

No. 212403

It fucks me up when I think about making life choices that years down the line I could be thinking "that was the right thing to do" or "I ruined my own life"

No. 212463

she just started her job. stop giving her so much sympathy. this idiot is only 18 and complaining that no one will hire her. no shit they won't, places don't want immature children working for them.

No. 212465

it's likely you were fired for way more than just crying. you do seem annoying and intolerable. people aren't turning you down because of your age or lack of experience, so it is likely your personality. you are giving off pretty bad vibes right now so i wouldn't doubt you do at interviews too.

No. 212475

You're being unnecessarily angry. Empathizing with people isn't condoning what happened, the fact is it did though and being mean won't change that. Shoo, bitter betsy.

No. 212479

not that anon, but i agree with them. they should be a bit more gentle, but tbh, the OP sounds kind of a mess, and not just because she is jobless, she needs more than people just patting her on the head.

No. 212489

Agreed too, I tried to help anon and she gave an excuse why that won’t work. It’s frustraiting, but OP needs to realize it’s that attitude that keeps her from getting jobs. I understand being pessimistic given the situation, but my god if you don’t give yourself a chance no one else will. If your friends can get jobs, you can too. It’s really not that hard, go to a temp agency, they can set u up with some good money making shit and will search for jobs for you sometimes. Good luck anon, but change your attitude

No. 212490

Nobody patted her on the head.

No. 212491

Agreed too, I tried to help anon and she gave an excuse why that won’t work. It’s frustraiting, but OP needs to realize it’s that attitude that keeps her from getting jobs. I understand being pessimistic given the situation, but my god if you don’t give yourself a chance no one else will. If your friends can get jobs, you can too. It’s really not that hard, go to a temp agency, they can set u up with some good money making shit and will search for jobs for you sometimes. Good luck anon, but change your attitude

No. 212558

The girl that OP's talking about who was humblebragging about being asked for dates by guys on facebook wasn't exactly secure or hiding her personality flaws either. I don't get why you're all placing the blame on lack of personality and insecurity when the subject sounds she has those exact same issues yet doesn't have OP's problem.

Honestly these posts just sound like you all have a chip on your shoulder or something.

No. 212563

What other conclusion can be drawn?

No. 212565

My parents were alcoholics. They wanted to keep it secret, even if the whole family knew it, so I couldn't tell anyone. That got me raised thinking that something in my life was not right, that I was not enough for anything or anyone (I lived this situation since I was 7 to 19). When I was 14 years old, my parents divorced (and not in a friendly way), which led to all my friends / classmates knowing exactly what was happening in my house. I was alone, I don't mean that they did not speak to me in the same way, I mean they never spoke to me again. I was completely and absolutely alone, only with my mother, who died five years later.

Now, in my twenties, I find myself with another group of friends and in a relationship of more than two years.
With my friends, I need constant approval. It is not that they take advantage of me, but that I feel ALL the time the need to know that they are fine with me (that they are not angry with me, etc.), which makes them burdened because I am too attached. Even with people who have treated me worse than shit, I prefer to keep the good things they have, although I know they would not do it for me, because I am afraid of being left alone again.

And my relationship … Well, it's abusive and I'm aware of it. I've never loved anyone like I've loved my boyfriend, never. And it destroys me. He has never hit me, but his psychological abuse is almost a daily thing. When we are well, I am sure he is the love of my life: he treats me better than anyone has ever treated me, he gives me balance and security and I really imagine a life with him.
But when we argue … Ugh, it's the worst in the world. I have never suffered like this. Not even my parents or any family member has insulted me or shouted at me like he does. I know that I have a lot of problems and that I am not perfect, but sometimes I feel that I will never be enough for him. Even if it was, even if I kept changing for him (as I have done, unfortunately), I feel that there is always going to be something that is going to screw everything up.

The worst of this situation is that even knowing everything I know, even knowing that I deserve something better, even knowing that surely there is someone who would love me and adore me for who I am, without conditions or the need to change, I can not stop loving him and believe everything he has told me, in a certain way.
My head tells me that he may be right, that I am useless, that I am the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone and that no one would have me to be in their lives. After all, he knows all my problems and so on and I don't want or feel ready to start the process of knowing someone again.
And I hate myself for it. I hate myself for not knowing how to value myself enough, for having endured the first shouts, for not seeing all the signs and still having fallen in love with him, I hate myself because if my life really had value for me it would not depend on him, nor on my friends, or anyone who crosses my path.
I have lived so convinced since I was little that everything I do can be wrong and make everything so bad, that now I can't live without fear. I can't stand the idea of losing the people I love, I actually have panic attacks every time I think about it. Even when I went to therapy for these things, the advice is the same as I could find on the internet, I have to value myself, I have to know how to accept myself.

The truth is that without the people around me, I would not have anything left. I would have to start from zero again. And I know what that means, I know how it hurts, I know how lonely I felt and how I thought I would never, ever, want to go over it again.
I can not stop thinking that perhaps I am better with my mother, that in a few years nobody would remember me either, that I will simply be another memory. I hate that my head tells me that death seems a better solution than a life full of panic and fear, it is exhausting.

No. 212566

I can't offer any advice but you're not alone, anon. Psychological damage from childhood really does mess you up for relationships.

No. 212567

If you can't draw a conclusion that makes sense, how about you just draw none?

No. 212569

So then why did you say this?

>Honestly these posts just sound like you all have a chip on your shoulder or something.

What are you basing this on?

No. 212571

Anon who replied before back to give a less vague comment. I suffered childhood abuse and my situation sounds a lot like yours. The good times are like heaven but the bad times are soul crushing and cruel. I don't want to go it alone and I find it hard to find my own value, I hope we both can find the strength to do what is best for us.

No. 212575

Some of the recent posts here: please leave your boyfriends/completely cut out the toxic guys in your lives. Please. It’s painful reading about hard-working adult women who are being pissed on by angry pathetic manbabies, to the point where they’re romanticising being a kept woman. You’re better than this jfc.

I also agree with the comments regarding trans people, MtF in particular. I have lost any sympathy I had for the trans community as a whole, as well as anyone who leaps to its defence in the face of “well actually I was forced into being a woman, they chose this oppreshun??” Like fuck off SJW Sally, I don’t want to share this with someone who actively reduces my life experience to eyebrows and boobs.

No. 212577

>cut out the toxic guys in your lives
but then I'd have to cut out every man I know

No. 212586

Do it, men are trash lmao

No. 212599

Lolwat? How is your question even related to my last post?

No. 212610

I'm suggesting that you maybe take your own advice and fuck off instead dismissing all the other replies as having a chip on the shoulder.

No. 212611

i feel like the entire internet is absolutely infested with nazis and it's really scary to me. they have entire communities where they jerk each other off about about their nazi redpill nonsense along with weapon manuals and DIYs and like, most of these fools are impotent but eventually some of them will cause real harm. i don't go looking for their shit but sometimes i inevitably run into it and it always makes me so upset. feels like you can't run away from it

(i'm just venting, not looking for a political debate and i'm not gonna engage in it so if you're a triggered nazi don't bother)

No. 212613

Sad if you genuinely think that’s true, the men in my life are awesome. Hence my sympathy for how many women apparently can’t say the same.

No. 212615

i hope one day women as a whole will realize men are collectively garbage and become lesbians, leaving them with their limp dick brojobs. i say this as a straight-in-practice girl who seriously just wants to brute force her way into being gay so she never has to deal with another shitty guy again.

the only decent guy i ever dated was asexual. he would fuck me because he loved getting me off, not because he wanted to get his wiener wet. i wish all men were like that, then they’d be infinitely less shit since they’d managed to use their brain for once.

i know i sound like an insane radfem but fuck

No. 212616

>i hope one day women as a whole will realize men are collectively garbage and become lesbians
I wonder how actual gays feel about this political lesbianism shit

No. 212631

File: 1511494519713.gif (500.65 KB, 480x319, 5c3.gif)

>plan to go to a fancy restaurant for thanksgiving
>real excited, theres going to be an all-you-can-eat buffet with tons of delicious and expensive food
>nothing can ruin this
>thanksgiving day comes
>wake up at 8 a.m. and see mum's been drinking
>ask why she's drinking so early
>"its a holiday, why not?"
>alarms go off in my head, but i wasnt prepared for the shitstorm that was about to happen
>once she starts drinking, she doesnt stop
>when she's drunk, she gets loud, angry, and cant even speak
>its 3 p.m. and time to leave to go to the restaurant
>she was at least on her 9th glass of alcohol by then
>we get in car to leave
>she gets into road rages and fights nonstop along the way with multiple people
>shes driving like a dickhead
>pretends like shes going to hit other cars at 90mph and dangerously swerves in between tight-knit cars on the express way
>swerves off the road a few times because shes so drunk and almost crashes us into the wall that divides the lanes
>pass every single car along the way and arrive half an hour early before our reservation time
>we sit on the chairs in the entrance in front of the front desk
>it's packed, at least 50 people standing in the entrance alone, waiting to be seated
>mum starts shit talking everyone like the drunken, alcoholic piece of shit she is
>with each passing minute, she gets louder and louder and wonders why she's getting dirty looks
>can't believe this is happening god kill me
>she starts talking to me specifically
>"take a good look at all the motherfuckers that are too lazy to cook on thanksgiving" (yet shes there with me)
>"every single person here is a fat, lazy skank" (she's overweight herself from all the fucking drinking)
>"ugh look at her, she looks like a tranny man"
>"no one here is even a true american, it's all dirty foreigners. they need to go back to their own country. they dont celebrate thanksgiving thats why theyre all here instead of at home cooking!" (bullshit, theres plenty of white americans around and even the so called "foreigners" were speaking english)
>people are staring and laughing at her
>theyre looking at me too
>feel like utter shit because they probably think i'm as bigoted as her since im her daughter
>i get more and more embarrassed and feel like running out of the place, but i dont bc theres really nowhere to go and its cold af out
>the hostesses start letting people scheduled later than us, get seated before us, for some reason
>more and more people that were scheduled 15 minutes after us are being seated right as they walk into the door
>mum notices and gets really pissed off at this point
>"if they dont seat us, im going to give them hell and call the manager"
>mum's boyfriend is there with us, says some shit to try and calm her down
>mum SCREAMS, "if they don't seat us, i'm going to raise hell like a NIGGER, motherfucker!!!"
>"fuck that bitch (the hostess) and her giant unicorn mole on her forehead!"
>everyone is listening to this shit and all the hostesses can't stop looking at us
>holy fuck just shoot me
>one of the hostesses is black and hears her say nigger
>black hostess says "ma'am, you will be seated when we have a table available for you."
>mum is still talking shit about anyone who walks passed us
>i'm so upset and humiliated, i start crying a few minutes after the nigger thing, trying to fight off the feeling but muh social anxiety is triggered to the max
>she chose to act like this on a holiday
>keep listening to her seethe hatred, bigotry, and misery
>it's actually really scary listening to my own mother speak this way while everyone else is out trying to have a good time with their family and be normal
>the cheery christmas music playing in the restaurant isn't helping
>reminds me of how dysfunctional my family and entire life is
>tears won't stop flowing
>the black hostess looks at me and notices
>i cant even fucking look her in the eyes anymore, i feel bad for her bc of what my mother said
>she glances at me again and just calls our number and our names right away
>not sure if that was coincidence or not but im glad to get away from all the people in the entrance
>have to walk through the restaurant to be seated with visible tears and smeared mascara all over my face while everyone does a double take wondering wth is wrong
>takes me a good 20 minutes to be okay enough to get up and walk around to grab myself a plate of food after her bf's awkward attempts to make me feel better
>used to go to this restaurant frequently throughout the years
>will never be able to go again bc everyone will remember the time my mum spewed racial slurs and threw around insults like an animal

I'm honestly just hoping no one recorded that shit to throw on the internet. I know public freak out recordings can easily go viral but even more so when racial slurs are involved. I'd hate to have my face be defamed just because I was associated with her and my anonymity taken away.

I feel like utter shit over it, anons. I just hope your Thanksgivings were quadrillion times better than mine was.

No. 212632

as an actual gay, I think it's bittersweet

No. 212633

Same, I was anti feminist for 3 years, being part of the community made me realize how much we actually need feminism, they claim how they're actually for equality and the feminists aren't, but act completely sexist and clearly look for any reason to hate women and if you say something like "hey maybe women shouldn't get treated like shit" they'll scream keep crying feminists and say men are the oppressed ones

No. 212634

>drunk mother driving on a holiday
Anon, are you a minor? I would've called the cops and told them her plate number. She put you in danger, but also other families as well.
Sorry to hear about everything else, but this is really disconcerting.

No. 212640

>I'm tired of people saying they want better, but crawling back to the same softbois all like "he's secretly very sweet! I can change him!"
Honestly I feel like these people are staying because of such low expectations, but at the same time I also believe that low expectations are a self fulfilling prophecy. If you accept shitty behavior when a person is actually decent you assume it is an act, and you begin to tolerate behavior you really shouldn't.

Like no wonder some of these girls have a bit of a man hating chip on their shoulder when they stay with a cheater, a lot of guys have the same problem but in both cases they just need to learn to move the fuck on and actually learn to respect themselves.

No. 212641

Christ anon, this is when you start seriously considering going no contact with a parent. Also never let yourself ride with a drunk driver again, that's a really quick way to get yourself hurt if not crippled. To echo what the other person said, consider calling the cops if they insist on driving in that situation.

Makes me appreciate how my holiday had 0 conflict even if I felt a bit awkward at times.

No. 212643

Wow anon. If you’re a minor, talk to someone. If you’re not, get far away from your mum and never speak to her again. Some parents are so toxic (including my own mum). I’m sure no one thought you were like her though, it’s hard to hide when you’re disgusted by someone’s behaviour - if that’s any consolation. Sorry that happened to you anon!

No. 212649

I am in a foreign country across the world, I don't have any friends that I can hang out with, nobody wants to employ me because of limitations of my working visa, my friends in my home country are difficult to keep up with because of time zones.

I spend everyday alone, without saying a single word except from when I talk to my parents on skype.

I am also quickly running out of money.

I am so depressed and alone that I have become numb. Im lost

No. 212651

I am not a minor, promise. I am 20 years old and couldn't get my license because of my medical condition. My mum was the only person able to drive us and she knew that, so if she really cared about my safety or feelings, she wouldn't have drank all day beforehand or acted like she did.

Trust me, I've wanted to get away from her for a very long time now. She was never kind to me either and always abused me physically, emotionally, financially, and psychologically. After yesterday's antics, I won't be going in a car or anywhere with her in general. I've been waiting my entire life for the day I am able to leave her for good. Thank you, anons. I did not think to call the cops since at this point, the drunk driving has always been a casual occurring thing for me and I will keep it in mind if she ever tries to force me. And thank you for the consolation, >>212643 I really needed to hear that.

No. 212652

This is really dumb but I have never told anyone about this and it really bothers me.

I have always been overweight. I was a chubby kid and now I am an overweight adult (I'm 23 years old if it matters). Around a year ago I started losing weight in the healthy way (for the first time of my life). I started going to the gym and eating healthy food, and now after everything I've finally lost around 8kg and am soon in the 'normal weight' category (I'm 170cm and now weigh around 75kg).

I always thought becoming skinnier would make me happier since it's something I've always wanted. I've absolutely loathed my body ever since I can remember, but even though I kinda know I've done a lot of good work to lose 8kg, I still am not happy with my body. Whenever I look into the mirror I still see myself as a fat person.

It's come to the point my body is all I can think about. I am especially obsessed with my stomach and how big it is. I am constantly stressing over whether I've gained weight or not and spend a lot of time just staring at myself in the mirror, looking at my body (and still, especially my stomach) and thinking about how fat and ugly I am. I don't own a scale or measuring tape, so I can only stare at myself in the mirror.

No. 212655

I don't think a scale and a measuring tape would improve your hangup, because then you'd just be focusing your negative thinking on numbers.
This sounds like a mental image problem that you should probably be discussing with a therapist, anon. If you hate yourself, then you'll hate no matter how skinny you go.

No. 212657

Where are you, anon?

No. 212658

East coast, Australia

No. 212666

Please don’t feel alone in this anon. So many people have crappy dysfunctional families and awful parents, it’s just awful luck for you that your mum chose to air this in public. Make it a priority to get away from her, you don’t need that in your life. Glad I could be of small comfort.

No. 212671

No solutions to offer but I feel the same. I lost 7 kg so far from eating healthy (and I hate to admit it but skipping dinner when I had too much at lunch) and walking everyday.

I notice the difference when I'm clothed but naked I just see the same old bloted stomach so I'm wondering if I was literally blind to it 7kg heavier ?
I've never been an anachan but I feel like I've started picking up dumb tricks like eating unfuriatingly slow when my grandmas force me to eat sugary stuff like homemade pies and cakes.
Everyday I think about walking and I start to be a bit pissed when I can't sometimes.

My gf says I look really good now that I'm at a lower weight than when we met but I can't see what she sees. I still have 10 kg to go so anyway kudos to you for losing those 8kg, I know how slow and hellish this can be !
I've done a lot of things in my life and losing weight/getting over that sugary addiction is one of the hardest, it's really no joke.

No. 212674

I'll chat on skype if you need someone. I'm also away from my home as an expat, and I don't speak to anyone either.

No. 212711

This is pretty literally my situation, and I'm also in Australia on a working holiday. If you have discord I'll talk to you.

No. 212717

hit me up on discord please, ( urmamasofat
#5637 )

No. 212722

your friend requests are blocked, friendo.

No. 212728

sorry, it should be fixed now

No. 212730

np, sent

No. 212736

I stopped taking birth control this year and proceeded to gain 5kg. I feel like trash, my stomach is just always bloated and I have clothes that are harder to wear (esp. skirts and pants). Still at a healthy BMI (20.5), but god I hate this so much.

No. 212737

I have a small chest and I want to kill myself because of it. Men hate it and they hate me because of my flat chest, I know because I've been told straight to my face that my flat chest is hideous and that I need to get a boob job. Not just by one guy, but several. From complete strangers to partners. I grew bigger boobs for like a month before they dissappeared again, and it was, no lie, the happiest month of my life. I will never afford a boob job, and even if I get one, men will probably still be repused by me, bc I'm faking it.

Whats even the point of living if 50% of the population views you as deformed and hideous.

No. 212740

Maybe I really should try talking to a therapist. All I really want is to learn to really love myself and my body, but it seems like no matter how much weight I'll lose I'll probably never be completely happy with it. Thank you!

It just makes me feel relieved to know I'm not the only one in this situation. I've also skipped dinner a few times, but everything I've done has really been an improvement to my previous diets (not eating at all or eating everything).

I feel the exact same way you do!! Some of my clothes do feel loose now, and I know there is a difference in my body especially when I'm wearing my training clothes. But naked I'm just as bloated and fat as I was before.

It's been really hard and I guess I should just be happy that I've come this far, I just hate not seeing the results in myself.
You've done a great job as well, and I'm sure you'll get those 10kg off as well!

No. 212741

Anon is this bait or is this really how you think? I’ve got tiny as fuck boobs, and like you grew some larger ones and lost them again. An ex told me to get a boob job.
But never did I feel like I was hated for it.
People can be assholes, but for god sakes they’re just tits. Wear a double push up, gain some weight, go on birth control if you haven’t already. Or just learn to accept ur boobs.

No. 212742

Are you a cowtits girl trolling? Flat chest got popular late 2000s in internet culture and everything derived from that will have flat lovers in it.

If you're posting here, it's impossible that your circle of friends doesn't overlap with derivative communities.

No. 212743

I'm on birth control, gaining weight didn't do anything either, I don't gain weight in my upper body at all.

And no I'm not trolling. Men have straight up walked up to me and told me my tits were too flat. Almost every single fucking day someone tells me I'm unattractive for having a flat chest. I wish I was joking and I wish it was just playful banter, but it isn't.

No. 212744

Jfc where do you live? Are you still in school or something? I got teased at school for having a flat chest but I’ve never had complete strangers walk up to me just to tell me my tits are small.

No. 212745

samefag but if it’s really that bad go see a doctor. You might have micromastia or something.

No. 212746

I'm 20 and going to uni, so I suppose I'm still in school. Figured myself that it would probably get better after high school, but if anything it got worse since I'm older and thus its expected that I have a more "mature" body.

There is nothing physically wrong with my body, I have breast tissue, but very little. That +no fat gain=tiny tits.

No. 212756

File: 1511629756080.gif (461.9 KB, 127x139, tumblr_inline_n0lc04P8kU1qdtk1…)

>asks friend a few months ago if she would go with me on a concert which is on Monday

>friend says yes
>reminds friend yesterday about the coming up concert
>friend just wrote me: What concert?

w h a t

I don't know how many times we spoke about this concert and now she is all ??? and giving me the vibe that she does not want to go?

No. 212758

it’s about that fucking time again, where someone in my building plays shitty bass music at 4-5am for no fucking reason. I have no idea what floor or unit they’re on, i suspect a floor beneath me, but I can’t tell.

it’s against the law to be this fucking loud but this happens several times a week for at least an hour and i’m so confused??? why this early? how do the people next to them not call the cops or give a shit? it wakes me up without fail every time and i know i’m not anywhere near them. i would be slamming cops on speed dial so fast.

No. 212759

How many times did you talk about the concert in the months since you initially brought up the idea? I mean if she legitimately forgot…

No. 212760


We spoke about it every time we talked about our concert plans for this year and last time we talked about it was two weeks ago?

I mentioned quite a lot and we wrote about it and such and that's why I was so surprised about her question.

Since my post here I messaged her again and she said "I thought you wanted to sell those tickets?" and I'm still like ??? why? I never wanted to sell those because it's an american band that rarely comes to europe and I just need to see them because I love them so much.

Idk I really hope I will find somebody to go there because it's quite a bit far away from me and going home late at night isn't that much fun here since I had very bad experiences going by train at night when alone as a girl :(

No. 212764

my little sister came home from university for a bit this week and it was great, because she's fun and like my best friend.
i've spent months trying to fix up her room in the family home because it was really gross - she got depressed after she broke up with her boyfriend this summer and it turned into an episode of hoarders. i had it freshly painted and cleaned with a new bed and stuff for her ready for her.
she came back and seemed happy with it and settled in, then came and begged for some money because she's irresponsible with her student loans. i said no initially because she has a bit of a drinking problem and last time i lent her money she immediately got trollied and i never saw the cash again.
but then she said she was going to get her phone cut off and stuff so i lent her £50 to sort herself out and get some food in for when she went back home.

later that same day she goes out and buys fifty quid's worth of liquor and lambrini and gets monumentally wankered alone in her room. pisses and vomits all over her new bed.

she left for uni yesterday and i checked to see how she'd left the room and i found
>half a mcdonald's cup of rancid strawberry milkshake topped with a massive hairball she'd collected
>two empty lambrini bottles and a tipped over bottle of white lightning stinking up the room
>a massive mysterious grease stain on the new paintwork i spent ages doing
>vomit and piss stains just left on the bed and carpet

feel so angry and upset that she's like this. i know it's stupid but i just try to look after her and make sure she's safe and happy and she pisses it away because she doesn't realise the lengths people go to for her. our dad died and our mum is living in los angeles right now so i feel responsible for her but i don't know how to keep this up

No. 212765

That sucks what happened and how she trashed the new room you got for her. You're a good person, you got a big heart and I hope your sister realizes that she is lucky to have you. Take comfort in the fact that college students are generally irresponsible and still growing and learning, they're almost adults but not quite adults yet. I was a spoiled bratty jackass in my college years too and I'm not proud of it. Hopefully she grows up soon.

You should also confront her and tell her about what you have done for her, and see what she says.

Also, maybe don't put all your efforts into helping her again or spending money on her, after how she's treated you.

No. 212766

She sounds like a high-functioning alcoholic.
Replace alcohol with heroin and her behavior is no different than an addict's.
She lied to you about her bills so you'd be guilted to give money.
Instead of using the money to spend towards living essentials like food, she spent it on her drug of choice.
She used the room you worked hard on as a place to get drunk (high) and use as a comedown (crash).

This has addiction written all over it. Someone should help her before it becomes a major problem. Like getting DUIs and evictions.

No. 212769

My grandma is a fucking attention seeking narcissist and I can't say anything because she's fucking old. Right now she's faking a back pain and making these wounded animal noises so we pay attention to her. I know this sounds bad, but I swear she's faking it. She does it all the time and then when my mom comes to check on her or we call 911 because she says shes dying, the minute they get here and everyone's paying attention to her she suddenly feels magically better and is not dying anymore. Every time they examine her and do tests everything says she's completely healthy. When my mom was on the phone with someone my grandma doesn't like, she started yelling and crying that her legs are numb and shit. My mom hung up and immediately went to sit with her and massage her legs she was fine. Every time I hear her I feel like puncturing my own eardrums.

No. 212771

thank you anon, that's really kind of you to say. it's been a tearful old day but that helps.
i think when she is back for christmas i might sit her down and have a word, like you say - though am not expecting anything beyond a tantrum. :') maybe in time it will sink in.

thanks anon. yeah, i understand what she is, it's just hard to say outright. that's how our dad died actually, his liver gave out at 47. so it's kind of traumatic to see it happen again - i've hosted family "interventions" with our grandparents and uncle, and done reading up on it and i know she's sick, but it's so hard not to take this personally. you see glimpses of the cute fun kid she is beneath it so it's hard to separate her addict behaviour from who she is, do you know what i mean?

i've urged her to see a doctor - she was taken into hospital with alcohol poisoning aged only 19 during her first year of uni and it stopped my heart when i heard. then she broke her wrist in six places falling over drunk. even then, doctors won't help me with her because i'm just her sister, and she won't go under her own steam. when i try to push her she just runs away back to university - she's a student in wales while we're based in england so often we don't know what's going on.

at a loss as to how to help. if you have any suggestions anon i'd be grateful, you seem really knowledgeable about this!

No. 212783

Different anon - I’m sorry to say this, but as your sister is a legal adult there’s not a lot you can actually do, other than not enable her or pretend like you don’t notice her behaviour. My family had to go through this when I was an addict; eventually I lost nearly everything and sorted myself out, I hope your sister does the same (but a lot quicker than I did).

No. 212789

well, that will be the 31th and 32th people who I cared about, tried my best for, then ghosted me (not relationship wise, this includes friends, jobs, family, etc)

I'm going crazy anons, I have their address, keys and code, I don't know what to do I'm scared for myself and I'm scared I'm going to lose control I'm so fucking tired of this, why do people think it's fun and hilarious to convince me they care then walk away, even a fucking 2 word message would give me a better grip on my sanity, I want to scratch my fucking eyes out I dont know what to do anymore

No. 212795

Jesus. What happened?

No. 212815

I recently realised how ridiculously childish and unfair to women most late 90s/00s RnB is, and it’s ruining my enjoyment of the songs. Y

No. 212816

Reach out. Since you have a definitive count of the times this has happened, do something to change it? Seek your own closure. Talk to these people. This doesn't happen 32 fucking times by mistake.

No. 212824

due to the nature of this cow who has had it out for me ever since I tried to grow apart as friends from her, I feel like my relationship is in jeopardy. She has gone out of her way on many occasions to make my life miserable - even crossing into illegal actions territory - so sabotaging my healthy relationship isn't below her. I've cut her out of my life as much as I can but my close friends believe that she's not a bad person due to her reaching out and apologising to them (she has no friends anymore so she has to substitute). Said friends are now dating my boyfriend's friends and I feel like I can't escape this shit, and that the end of my relationship is inevitable.

No. 212836

We've hosted a few friends since moving to a different country, but usually for 2-6 days and most of them would use as a hub and would travel to other cities/countries. We have a friend coming next month who will be staying nearly 15 days–that's during Christmas and New Years–who doesn't want to travel anywhere else unless we are accompanying her.

I like this girl, obviously, but I feel like I'm going to get a little sick of her after two straight weeks without any breathers. I've tried to gently push her into going on a day trip alone or going somewhere for a couple of days without us (she wants to go to some major cities that are 7+ hours away, and I have no interest in doing that) so she can get the most out of her trip but she's "too afraid" to travel alone.

It's absolutely my fault for just making an assumption, but I'm kind of annoyed that she's tethering herself to us the whole time she's going to be here. I'm happy to host her and I'm genuinely excited to have someone over for Christmas, but our flat is REALLY small and not having time to myself makes me extremely antsy and irritable. So. Not looking forward to my Christmas break.

No. 212837

Looks like my ex is ghosting me. Never answered my message saying I was thinking about him, and nothing for 5 days. I'm not surprised, but damn, feels bad.
Maybe it's a sign it's time to move on.

No. 212849

why would you even message him that?

No. 212850

I was high and kind of desperate, I guess. :/

No. 212851

It's definitely a sign to move on. He's not interested, and you two broke up for a reason. You owe it to yourself to move on and get past this.

No. 212861

I have a small chest and similar feelings. So many times I have cried wishing they would grow. It's hard when popular culture REALLY pushes boobs as the one most important trait in women but the guys who care so much about that aren't the ones that are worth knowing anyway.

No. 212872

I feel like a piece of shit for being hurt and upset by this. My best friend had surgery a while back, and has to go to the hospital twice a week. She's needed this surgery for a few years now and I'm extremely happy for her that she finally had it. For about a year now, she would not seem to even try and respond to messages I send. This wasn't the case before, we would try and talk every week. Every message or call she would send to me about anything, I made sure to respond. I talk to her around her schedule since I know that her health is very important and multiple hospital visits is draining and awful. But I feel like she is slowly losing interest in me. Its not like we don't anything in common anymore, we talk for hours at a time. And its fine if she wants to gain more independence now without having to worry about her health, I honestly hope she does. But it seems she doesn't even attempt an effort to even respond or try and talk to me anymore. Not even to just humor me with a "lol", nothing. Anytime she would be interesting in something, she would talk about it for hours with me, even if I didn't understand anything, but I would listen and try and be involved. Has never done the same for me, and only sits in awkward silence and it makes me feel stupid for even talking. She done this before though, and won't talk to me for nearly two months and then suddenly comes back. When I ask her if she's been alright, she nonchalantly just say she's been hanging around. I know recently that her treatments have lessened and she has a lot more free time now (told me herself). Its been almost a month now since we've talked though. I feel such a selfish disgusting person for letting my own petty loneliness dictate my feelings, even though she has more important shit to worry about. But im virtually friendless myself and I don't think I could ever find another friend like her, online or real life.

No. 212879

File: 1511747354040.jpg (1.94 KB, 106x125, 1492306624820s.jpg)

I've had a pretty intense depressive episode going on for about a month, and it all turned into one big emotional breakdown while at my parents house last night. They were very supportive and suggested that I should try and set up an appointment to see my therapist; the problem is that I haven't spoken to her in a year. I one day felt like I didn't need to go and just stopped taking my meds and never went back. I still have her email but I'm scared she'll be upset with me or not take me back as a patient. I don't even know what to tell her at all, it just feels like too much at this point.

No. 212880

Unfortunately that is true for most media. It's just something you kind of have to block out so that you can still enjoy things, as irritating as it can be. The world loves to shit on women for some reason. Such is life.

No. 212884

This is everywhere and heavy.

I need to break up with my boyfriend so bad, but I really don't feel like I'll find someone else. I know that's normal but it's rare for me to find someone I get along with so well and I have extremely low self-esteem. I've only liked about 5 guys my whole life. With where I'm living right now, I know I won't find anyone else like him but he treats me like such shit. He goes days without talking to me and blows me off all the time while I would do anything for him and I'm having trouble accepting that he really doesn't care. He ditched me on Thanksgiving. I think there's another girl. Or he just really cares that little. Neither is good. And I've been in a depressive state just dangling on to the end of our relationship letting him barely talk to me (let alone see me) but I just can't break up with him.
My depression is horrible right now so I just lay in bed all day and have nothing to occupy my time. I gave up on therapy after seeing my (actually really good) therapist 3x a week for a year. I swear therapy just doesn't work for me. I've seen at least 30 different therapists/counselors. I can't identify my thoughts or emotions. I can't do anything remotely painful and take the easy way out, whatever that may be. I gave up on my multiple psychiatrists too. I'm bipolar II and depressed (not as bad as it used to be but still pretty bad).
I've tried almost every medication except a couple, one benzo in particular leaving me with a nasty addiction. On top of the one to heroin I already had at the time. I have about a year off heroin but still struggle with the Xanax. I just can't put it down and I can't get enough. I've taken a whole bottle of bars in 2 days before. But now I have to ration them out because I'm sick if I don't take them daily. I can't go to rehab to get off of them because they don't do a slow taper which I've found is the only thing that works for me. But I always feel like shit anyway unless I take a handful, that's the only time I feel okay.
I can't get a job because I have very visible track marks. I'm hopefully getting surgery on them but in the meantime I'm screwed. I try putting makeup on them but it doesn't really cover it. I just want to put heroin behind me.
I know people probably think I'm just making excuses for myself and being lazy but the easiest and most comfortable thing for me to do right now is just lay in the dark alone hoping for a text from him, so that's what I'll continue to do. I hate my life. And to think my mental health is way better than it was a few months ago. Sorry this got pretty dark.

No. 212922

>I can't get a job because I have very visible track marks.
Can't you just wear a long sleeved shirt? I'm not sure if you're trying to find a career or just an entry level position to get started, but some places would allow that e.g. Home Depot.

No. 212923

anon, i can't help u with the drug shit.
but u say you know ur bf treats u like shit, u know u need to dump him but u wont. then u say ur therapist is really good but doesn't work for u. i think it's just because ur not doing what u need to do for urself, not taking the advice of ur "really good" therapist. shit is hard, and its going to get hard before it can get better. thats how it always is. ur gonna live in total despair unless u actually take action and do something about this. dump the dude. focus on yourself focus on getting off the drugs, focus on getting a job. that dude is a piece of shit, and no one is worth constantly feeling like shit over.

No. 212926

the thing I've learned about therapists: it's just a job to them. they're not going to be any more upset at you than your dentist would be for not seeing them.

No. 212927

I've had a problem recently in that an online sub-community I frequent is dying. Mostly because the moderators of the community intentionally sabotaged it.

It didn't hurt anyone, no one was harmed by it existing. In fact the parent community is now much worse off without it.

How do I move on? Just accept that the thing I liked is now gone and I'll never get it back?

No. 212928

They're on my hands too. I do wear long sleeves but it's hard to remember to keep them pulled up all the way.

I think you're right, thank you.

No. 212930

My friend called me today and told me about how a pimp caught and made her sell herself and choked her if she didnt (she's been sold into trafficking before)
She is allowed to go out during the day but gets locked in a room and forced to sell herself at night, I can't drive to get her until I get paid and i keep trying to get her to go to the police and she keeps getting paranoid and saying that she will get killed if she snitches. What do I do? I wanna help her but I can't until I get paid Thursday

No. 212931

Send an anonymous tip?

No. 212932

How much money could you possibly need, enough for a tank of petrol? Your friend is in danger and being raped repeatedly over the course of several days and you can't even borrow money or sell something to go help her? Why don't you go to the police for her?

I'm genuinely confused as to how you can react to a friend being trafficked by sitting on your ass and asking lolcow what to do.

No. 212933

yeah, this × a decillion. wtf anon?

No. 212941

at the very least call her family.

No. 212950

I just need to dump this to get this off my mind hopefully.

I had an incident yesterday. I was driving down a (normally very busy) expressway, in the very far left lane. A car with an old couple inside was coming out of a lot on the other side, and crossed about 4-5 lanes at once, trying to get into mine. The issue is they didn’t see me at all, if I hadn’t swerved into the median they would have hit me. I avoided the accident but still honked at them for that. And then they started following me. They followed me to a restaurant I was going to meet my boyfriend at. We pulled into the lot and they parked right next to me, got out, and started aggressively knocking on my window. I only lowered it a bit because I was extremely scared, I have anxiety issues. Then the old husband (about 60) began screaming at me, accusing me of almost hitting them. He kept yelling that I came out of nowhere and then demanded to see my license because he didn’t believe I had one. It became such a huge scene, random bystanders were asking if I needed help, and if I wanted them to call the police for me. My boyfriend saw him pull up beside me, and he came over and diffused the situation. I was so shaken from this I could barely eat and mostly just sobbed in the restaurant. Oh and the old couple followed us into there too.

I’ve made a report to the police about it, the operator was very kind and understanding. I just still can’t believe people like this exist. They went so far as to follow me and harass me after almost hitting me. I realize that it’s over and done with now, but it’s very hard for me to cope with stuff like this. Just needed to get this out.

No. 212954

thankfully you're safe anon! hope you feel better
i've had experience with bad drivers nearly hitting into me and some shadow you after and it's extremely unnerving. it's happened to me twice when i was doing long distance driving so i just kept going until they eventually turned off.

glad you reported it to the police

No. 212955

I'm the only person she told though.she knows its me and im scared if I do tell they're gonna hurt her or me

75$ to get to the city she is in, I tried asking my parents for it but they're poor to and I don't want to ask my other family members because they're trying to pay off medical bills and don't need me on top of it. Evem so, my roommate when I do get back hates my friend and thinks she's hood or whatever so I don't know if he will let her stay there which is another thing because I need to find a place for her to stay

She doesnt keep contact with her family, I don't know who any of them are

No. 212956

Thank you anon ;___; this response means a lot, I appreciate it.

It took me so long to get the courage to drive, like I said I have a lot of anxiety issues and I thought I finally conquered driving but now I feel so crushed. I have a long commute to work, and basically had a panic attack the entire time. I know I’m probably overreacting, everyone I know is telling me to just let it go. Hoping I can get over this soon.

No. 212967


They sound like absolute lunatics anon, imagine if you hadn't been meeting your boyfriend - would they have followed you straight to your house? Good thing you told the police, that's really aggressive shitty behaviour.

No. 212999

it's scary to happen, and spooks you that people would follow you. one agro driver was a male with his wife and the wife was filming me on her mobile too, and they were the ones driving like lunatics. very bizarre.

just always drive safe and watch out for yourself on the road and be aware of how others are driving. i hope you feel better driving soon, sometimes if people are tailgating me i flick my rear view mirror up so i dont have them in my eye site and just rely on my wing mirrors til they get the hint. the amount of weirdos on the road is alarming, but i've found that mirror trick is effective as you're basically saying 'look i don't want to interact or look at you' but always be safe!

No. 213004

Shit like this makes me want to invest in a good dash cam. Sorry to hear that, they were obviously in the wrong, and judging by the fact even bystanders came out to help you only proves how much of an asshole those two were. It was smart to file a police report; you can never be too sure with people like that. Hope you feel better.

No. 213006

Sounds like grandpa needs to lose his own license…permanently.

No. 213017

I want 2018 to be the year I get out of my crazy ass relationship
Every day I just want to kill myself when I wake up because I hate everything and everyone I associate with
My job is just horrible, no one does their own work and I'm always getting a new asshole ripped. I try so hard and work my ass off to only be the one to get in trouble

I work with my significant other which makes life more miserable
They treat me like shit at work and at home when we get into an argument.
I'm always being snapped at

I just want to move away, transfer to another store then maybe find another job down there
Then eventually a new place and just move on with my life

No. 213020

Anons really what is the point. Why do we stress, and try so hard to get people to fucking be happy when it means we have to be miserable as fuck. I’m feeling like there’s no point anymore. I’m a burden on my bf, my family. I have no friends. My job just fucked me over, and I’m tired of fighting just to have the same things happen.

No. 213048

old people are fucking retarded. they should just lose their license at 60.

No. 213055

File: 1511855596233.jpg (87.75 KB, 900x600, 1474990147685.jpg)

I'm feeling like I really want to break up with this guy I've been seeing. He's too fucking emotional, and I'm seeing him being prone to extreme anger over dumb shit (i.e. video games and his job)

He's constantly, literally just grinning at me. When I say something like, "What's up?" He just says "I like looking at you" and dumb cutesy bullshit.
Guy has no personality. I have to start any conversations we have or else I'd be better off staring at my wall, guy gives me nothing to work with and only seems to have a cringy sense of observational humor.
I feel like if it break it off with him he'd start crying and sobbing in front of me.. Then go into his car and start punching the interior loud enough for me to hear.
He's younger than me and I should have known how risky that would be in the first place. Guy's way to immature for me. The fuck do I do here? I feel bad rejecting him but I can't keep this going any longer.

No. 213056

Oh man this is my first time here okay um, I have some things I wanna get off my chest. Here goes.

I always feel like I'm not good in the art field I'm pursuing. I know that practice and working hard really help with confidence and getting better but…it's really difficult for me? It's not that I'm lazy or anything, I will use every second I have to draw whenever I'm not working on homework or going to school, it's just that I'm always bombarded with people who tell me that I will never be good enough in this field – no matter how much I practice. There's so much pressure on me to be great, none of my family members want me to pursue art for various reasons:
I am the first born.
I am the first to go to college.
I am the first one that didn't have a child before 20.
I am the only person in my entire family that is pursuing art as a career.
I'm so very sure they expected me to become a brilliant doctor, a lawyer, a translator, a CEO – but I chose art instead.

It's difficult when you don't have family members that understand that a digital artist relies on their devices for work. It's difficult when they don't understand what it means to do commissions and they just feel it's free money and not work at all. It's difficult when you're trying to practice your craft and all you hear is "you're not doing anything important come help me with this mundane thing".
I look at people who have support from their family and I'm envious. I look at people who are gifted tablets, cintiqs, sketchbooks, mechanical pencils and art pens with envy.
I wish I could do commissions but I just don't feel like I'll ever be at that level. I was told "You really think your art is that special? Do you think it's better than anyone else's? Dream on. There are tons of people better than you" in various ways so many times and it's pushed my self esteem in my art so low that some days I don't even post what I've drawn. Or I just wont draw for months.
I was given multiple opportunities in college to show my sketchbook to professional artists in the industry I want to get into, but every time I chickened out because I heard those words "you're not good enough" revolving around in my head.
I practice, yes. I study, yes. But finding the motivation to pick up a pencil or tablet pen is getting more difficult to do.

I just wish I had a more supportive family that doesn't make snide comments about me wanting to go into the art field.

What can I do to keep motivated? Am I being a baby? Gosh I don't even know anymore. Forgive me for this vent.

No. 213057

I've had a similar issue with one of my exes. They just got so overbearing – even going so far as to plan our wedding and send me an engagement ring.

I really think you should talk this out with him and if you can't come to a truce – just break up with him. It might hurt for a little while but he'll get over it eventually.

Don't stay in a toxic relationship if you just aren't happy, good things don't come out of it for either you or him.

No. 213065

>The fuck do I do here? I feel bad rejecting him but I can't keep this going any longer.
Reject him. Reason it out. Is there an alternative here? There is no future for the relationship, you don't like the guy. There's no sin in that.

I mean so what if he gets emotional after you break up? Yes, getting dumped SUCKS. But that's part of life, and everyone needs to learn to be able to move forward.

No. 213066

>I just still can’t believe people like this exist.
Oh man its horrible what people do on the road.

I remember one time my father and I were driving in a separate vehicle than my mother on the way home, ours was his gargantuan truck he uses for his construction business while my mother was driving in a small car. Some dipshit decided to try to play chicken with my mother and nearly ran her off the road a few times, naturally my father was incensed by this and used his much larger vehicle as a barrier between the dipshit and my mother. Then the dipshit tried to start screaming at him once we reached a red light, as if she was the victim in this situation. I will never understand these peoples thought process.

I'm going to echo what the other anon said and get a dash cam, better to have it and never need it than the inverse.

No. 213069

Most people don't know what it feels like to be passionate about anything but TV shows and video games. Your family won't understand you so just ignore them.

You have to post art every day though. Even if it's bad. Because what you produce daily is your real level, and your polished, over-rendered "complete" works are just a lie rooted in your ego.

Accept your true skill level and most of your anxieties will disappear. This is usually where you abandon your old profile and old followers so that their presence doesn't put that stress and pressure on you again.

Don't delete your old work though, those fans still loved your fake self, so at least respect them enough to let them have access to the work they followed you for. Even if the relationship was based on a lie, this is just a good, amicable break-up with your old fanbase.

Make a new account and start fresh. Be honest and post every single day.

No. 213077

Before feminism you could have just been a housewife, and you wouldn't have arguments about money, because you're husband would make enough with his income alone, with only a high-school diploma.

Do you feel liberated in your minimum wage wagecuck job?

You're going into probably over $30,000 of debt for something you won't make money with. Your family was trying to stop you from ruining your life, but it's already too late.

I almost feel bad for feminists with $50,000 of student loan debt and useless toilet paper degrees, working at Walmart. Your life is completely ruined. You'd have been much better off not going to college, and drawing porn for donations on patreon.

At least then you'd have a positive net worth, instead you're in a massive hole of debt.

No. 213078

Please don't feed the robot, thanks.

No. 213079

>you're husband


No. 213080

Just a typo, I know the difference between your and you're. Is that your only comment?

No. 213081

Well, as expected of one of these specimens kek

Ugh something similar happened to a friend when driving to work. Dude felt like making RL into an action movie or something. But in this case, guy bumped her car and he was the one making all the fuss. Like, fuck, entitled narcissism to the top. Some people shouldn’t drive cars, ever.

No. 213088

>Before feminism you could have just been a housewife

God I hate people who say that. No it's not feminism, it's the economy. People can literally still be and are stay at home wives, but it is no longer that feasible for the middle class.

No. 213089

just so u know, femunism isn't why girls won't date you :^)

No. 213090

Feminism is the reason the economy is bad.

Women almost doubled the workforce, thus lowering wages. Allowing women to vote allowed third-world immigration, multiplying the labor supply, which lowers wages and working conditions. Single mothers raise criminals at an alarming rate, this is a drain on tax money because we have to pay for their housing and food in jail, extra police enforcement, time in court, medical bills, property they stole, welfare programs, etc.

Pretty much everything bad in society can partially be blamed on feminism. General moral decay, the economy, suicide rates, crime, everything.

That's because I have no money.

If I had money girls would be fighting over me. That's one good thing from feminism, since the economy is ruined, if you are a guy with money, you can make females your literal slave since most of them are so desperate for money.

No. 213092

…. How do people like you exist?

No. 213094

right, that's why shitty countries that treat women like cattle are so wealthy…oh wait.

No. 213096

Yes, and let me continue.

>if you are a guy with money, you can make females your literal slave since most of them are so desperate for money

But that guy can't actually marry or have kids with them, because then the government makes him the slave when she divorces.

Dumb bitches, this is why no guy wants to marry or have kids with you, but they'll gladly keep you around for just sex.

That's because of racial IQ.

No. 213098

>lil retard is back and raving about womminz again

No. 213102

Im sorry youre ugly,sexist, poor and lack a basic understanding of economics but cant you sperg out on r9k or something?

No. 213103

feminist with an economics degree working in finance.

women joining the work force is beneficial to the global economy, as are economic migrants.

also the most profitable resource in the world is an educated women.
also women working slave labour vastly out weigh men in those jobs in third world country.

women make up most of the global working population. women in management are out competing males at the moment.

all these loser men are a drain on our resources. won't take menial jobs; don't do top jobs as well as women. and you cunts don't even have fluctuating hormones to blame, you're just all enntitled wankers

god bless.

No. 213104

and women are doing this while raising kids, being the natural nurturers and teachers of the coming generations and most men can't even take out a bin when asked!

get your priorities sorted dudes, you literally do fuck all but wank and complain.

No. 213106

File: 1511896143078.jpg (212.15 KB, 1218x1015, 1511380884398.jpg)

>men don't take menial jobs

No. 213110

>all these loser men are a drain on our resources. won't take menial jobs
Did you get your degree at a community college? Pretty sure my garbage man has a dick.

No. 213112

Really weird since she could have just said men are too stupid and dumb for more complicated jobs, but instead she just posted something blatantly incorrect.

No. 213115

I mean that would be pretty stupid too though, engineering is a sausage fest for instance. I can't really respect going full retard because of some other retard.

No. 213116

Men clearly do want to marry and have kids with women. Isn’t that why you’re such a hateful retard in the first place? If you were busy fucking your wife you wouldn’t be posting here; an image board full of people who think you’re a joke.

No. 213118

>I can't really respect going full retard because of some other retard.


No. 213122

lmao nice samefagging dickweed. did a lady trigger you!?

No. 213123

Always glad to see more quality posting.

No. 213127

>I d-don't have money b-but if I did girls would be fighting over me… y-yes, that's why I don't have a gf… t-that's why, I'm sure of it…

No. 213130

They all tell themselves that. All robots think they’re special and a gift to women, when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Continue to blame all of your problems on feminism, my friend. Women and men alike will continue to surpass you because they take initiative, work their asses off, and don’t blame big bad feminism for their problems. It’s not your funds, it’s you. It’s not anybody else’s problem that you can’t adjust.

No. 213131

wow, it's like, you can hate robots/incels/general idiots, without being a man-hater. also, you can hate women who are idiots, without being a robot. did you learn something new?

No. 213132

wow, it's like, you can hate robots/incels/general idiots, without being a man-hater. also, you can hate women who are idiots, without being a robot. did you learn something new?

No. 213134

Art vent anon here just wanting to clarify – I haven't taken out any student loans and am not in debt? I'm doing two degrees, one for fine arts and one for Business marketing.
But thank you for the anecdote I suppose.

No. 213135

Thank you very much anon! I see what you mean. And I've actually started anew many times for just that reason. Sometimes it was because the followers I had were brought from my ex's fan base so I didn't feel like they enjoyed my art because it was good (which it was far from).
You're very kind and I wish you all the best!

No. 213137

my family asked me to come celebrate my 21th birthday for the weekend even though i had a very busy and important exam week(i live in my own apartment close to my university but an hour away from my parents).so i went,and i told my flatmate to focus on studying and dont plan a birthday party for me(we always plan for each other between our close friend group).
So i went to my parents,on saturday my father bought a cake,gave it to me and said "give this to our next door neighbour,say happy late b-days!" i didn't get what the hell it was and our neighbour wasn't at home anyways,so we kinda awkwardly put the cake in the fridge and didn't eat it.on sunday i studied all day long and waited a suprise but at the end of the day my father came and said lets go i'll drop you home.neither my mom or dad celebrate my birthday,they didn't even mention it.
on monday(actual birthday date) the only person celebrated my birthday was my bf,and 3 people on facebook.that's all.not even my flatmate said anything,not even anybody in our frind circle wished my happy birthday.or my brother.dad later that night send a message celebrating my birthday.it's been days over this stuff (and exams are over too)but honestly i have been feeling so damn sad ever since then.my birthday was one of the most important days in my life and i cant believe my friends which i all helped to make a birthday party even made handcrafted presents,my own fucking family,literally noone remembered or care to say happy b-day.i feel so mad and broken at the same time.

No. 213138

Welcome to adulthood where birthdays are crappy and nobody really cares.
You'll get used to it in a few years.

No. 213144

Isn't that too harsh?

No. 213146

No, in fact it's not harsh enough.

No. 213147

nope, I saying men who are lolicons is the very least I would do to them if it was up to me
if it was up to me I'd chop their dicks off and make them bleed to death (edgy, I know)

but honestly, if a guy is a pedophile he doesn't deserve relationships, or to even be around kids

No. 213148

Traps are the best. I'm sorry, but this is just how men work. Deal with it.

No. 213149

You're fantasizing about murder because somebody likes cartoons.

No. 213152

yes and those "cartoons" are naked little girls that are drawn for pedos to fap to, talk about word manipulation, since apparently child porn made for pedos to fap to is just a cartoon whats next? are the blue and red lights in your mirror just a lights? is prison just a cell? come on anon you can't be that stupid

No. 213153

think you're talking to a male pedo. lets not feed the dicks girls

No. 213154

Oh, you're one of those people who can't distinguish between cartoons and humans.

No. 213155

probably, reminds me of my pedo ass ex

yes because liking naked cartoon little girls is a big difference between like actual naked little girls, are you retarded? most pedophiles who fap to loli are most likely fantasizing about children, its as dumb as saying "oh you are sexually attracted to anime characters with big boobs therefore you may or may not be attracted to big boobs in real life!!!"

you get turned on by naked little girls for a reason, and that reason being you're a pedo,whether they're cartoon or not, your preference in cartoons show what you're into

No. 213156

why am I even trying to fight someone who thinks it's okay and 100% not pedo at all for men to like cartoons of naked little girls, it's common sense whether they're animated or not

No. 213157

I’m 27 and I feel like it’s too late for me to make anything of myself. I’ve tried and failed at school so many times. I went to college for 4 years and could’ve gotten a degree in that time but there’s absolutely nothing I wanted to do. I’ve dropped out of beauty school twice. I tried to do online college and quit that too.

There’s just literally nothing I can think of that I want to do. Nothing. I just work shit ass retail jobs (luckily my partner actually has a real job, otherwise i’d certainly be homeless on minimum wage). I should at least KNOW what I want to do by now, being almost 30, but I don’t.

No. 213158

also lolicon was MADE specifically for pedos to fap to, miss me with that bullshit

No. 213159

There is a pretty big difference yeah. You can call me retarded all you want but trying to say that anime and reality are equal just doesn't work.

I make pretty good college money drawing such characters as a hobby and get harassing anon messages like yours all the time. There's an awful lot of violent threats too. That seems to go along with the mental illness of being unable to distinguish between cartoons and reality.

Seek help. You seem like you're more likely to hurt someone than I am, and I produce the stuff that you're spitting mad about.

No. 213160

Oh you poor, innocent little pedophile!

I hope your death is long and painful. Go the fuck to hell.

No. 213161

27 isn't too old for anything. Don't think that you've missed your opportunity to follow your dreams.

You could start learning how to draw in your free time, for example. Its never too late for that.

Think about it like this, if someone told you you were told old to do something, and you believed them and gave up, you would be throwing away the next 50 years of your life over a much smaller delay.

No. 213162

I'm preemptively sorry for the little girl you'll rape one day. Please kill yourself before that happens.

No. 213163

We know the difference between cartoon characters and reality but when you fap to something that was literally made for pedophiles to fap to, which is naked little girls, then you're baffled and shocked when people dare think someone who faps to little girls naked is a pedophile

I have yet to see someone who is into loli that wasn't a pedophile, in fact many pedophiles use loli as an outlet, and in japan they had the idea that loli would help pedos cope and now the child molestation rate is highest it's ever been and you're SHOCKED that someone gets mad at people who want to molest little girls and promotes the thing that has been shown to lead to higher child molestation rates? kill yourself, you deserve getting harassed and violent threats, if you seriously can't decode just why in the world someone doesn't like some pervert who draws little girls naked for pedos to fap to, you should do the world a favor and kys

No. 213164

Mate you draw little girls naked for pedophiles to fap to and YOU are the one telling people to get help for thinking you're disgusting? ha, now just why would someone find pedophilia gross? Its not like child molestation can mentally damage someone a million times more than someone giving you what you deserve for promoting pedophilia. Oh wait..

No. 213168

Okay so tell me, what are drawings of naked little girls in sexual situations for? Go on tell me

And also, drawing an obvious child then just slapping on them that they're of age doesn't make it less gross or less obvious that you're a pedophile, idgaf about the art style,naked children that is catered for grown pedo men to fap to is still repulsive

No. 213169

That's not what it's made for.

If you're going to draw anime or jrpg characters at all, 99.9% of subjects will technically be lolis. That seems like a nitpick, but the difference between a character like Yoko Littener and Konata Izumi (who is actually of age) is just a difference in proportions or the style.

It's very hard to get worked up over the morality of loli/shota art when just using Ctrl-T to adjust the eye size can take 5 years off a character for example.

The line between loli art and regular art is pretty arbitrary and unique to every individual too. I can get ripped for drawing which makes me more apathetic to the distinction. When I can get ripped for drawing Illya from F/SN but some RWBY porn gets a pass, it makes the whole anti-loli thing seem silly

No. 213170

bf's mom has officially decided she hates me and isn't "holding back" anymore. I've tried so hard to please her, it's never been enough. she just doesn't like me and how im quiet and other nit picky things (how when i wash my face i get water on the soap???)
they're currently having a big discussion about me. im terrified where it's going to lead. she's never said anything to me btw, always indirect or through him.

I just need to vent here because my anxiety is going fucking crazy. they've been talking for a while.

No. 213171

>I can get ripped for drawing characters that actually are of age which makes me more apathetic to the distinction

Please excuse my typos.

No. 213172

Yes anti-naked little girls for pedos to fap to is soooo silly and crazy clearly anyone who thinks people drawing little girls naked or in sexual situations is gross is nothing but a crazy psychopath who doesn't know what youre talking about

I dont give a shit about your excuses, you're still drawing little girls naked and it is still for pedophiles to fap to, and if you dont understand why its repulsive then kill yourself, as I said before, when japans loli became popular, their child molestation rate "magically" became higher than ever, do you think it has nothing to do with each other? Right

No. 213173

Drawing characters that are clearly supposed to be small children, then slapping on them that theyre of age, doesnt make it less obvious what you're doing

No. 213174

It's made for people to masturbate, I don't dispute that, that's my goal. But it doesn't make them pedophiles that's where I take issue.

>And also, drawing an obvious child then just slapping on them that they're of age doesn't make it less gross or less obvious that you're a pedophile, idgaf about the art style,naked children that is catered for grown pedo men to fap to is still repulsive

I make it a point to not slap an "this character is 18+" on my work because it feels like I'm giving in to the bullies in that case.

It's ok if you think my art is gross and disgusting, but why take the extra step of harshly judging the people who do like it? Why not just leave it at "I don't like this" without making false statements about others?

No. 213175

>Masturbating to children doesn't make you a pedophile, stupid!!
Fuck off and kill yourself.

No. 213176

>Yes anti-naked little girls for pedos to fap to is soooo silly and crazy clearly anyone who thinks people drawing little girls naked or in sexual situations is gross is nothing but a crazy psychopath who doesn't know what youre talking about

Disliking loli does not make anyone a psychopath. Going a step beyond and threatening artists with death because you don't like a jpg, does make a person pretty crazy though. Ditto for wanting to kill everyone who enjoys that kind of art.

No. 213177

They aren't children. They are cartoons. That's what makes it silly.

It's ok to just have an opinion on the art but it's dumb to bring that false moral element into it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213179

>It's made for people to masturbate, I don't dispute that, that's my goal. But it doesn't make them pedophiles that's where I take issue.

yes apparantly nowadays fapping to naked children isn't pedophilia but because it's a cartoon it's okay despite there being proof that as loli increases so does child molestation, but totally not the same thing

>I make it a point to not slap an "this character is 18+" on my work because it feels like I'm giving in to the bullies in that case.

yes because pedophilia is one thing but lying is another kek

>It's ok if you think my art is gross and disgusting, but why take the extra step of harshly judging the people who do like it? Why not just leave it at "I don't like this" without making false statements about others?

maybe because people have traumatic experiences with child molestation and find the things that encourage it repulsive? what false statements are we making exactly? that people who fap to cartoon children naked are pedophiles because they are?
whats next, if men fap to male anime characters then claim to be straight it makes sense right because its a cartoon? how dumb do you think we are?


>Going a step beyond and threatening artists with death because you don't like a jpg

nope, if that "jpg" is of a naked little girl who was literally made for grown men to fap to, you deserve death threats, me and millions of other people would take some crazy psychopath who wants pedos to die over a pedophile in denial anyday

>Ditto for wanting to kill everyone who enjoys that kind of art.

and that "kind art" are photos of naked children in sexual situations, just like how tons of pedophiles in hollywood photograph naked children and slap the label art on it to make it legal, it's still naked children clearly made for the purpose of sexual reasons

again, are "straight" men who fap to naked anime men still straight? no? but according to you I can fantasize about sucking big anime titties and eating anime pussy and claim to be straight but its okay since its a cartoon correct? it doesn't matter if it's art or whatever, it's still made for the purpose of pleasing pedophiles no matter how much you claim anyone who thinks men fapping to naked cartoon little girls is a liar and spreading "false moral element"

No. 213181

I want to appeal this ban through the proper channels but I post on mobile so I can't. I'm a long time poster here and there's no reason for this just because I have a dissenting opinion.

No. 213182

awe the poor pedo bawby got banned for being a pedophile in denial, cry my a river on the way to prison honey and claim that's it's 100% just your dissenting opinion and has nothing to do with the fact you encourage pedophilia and enable pedophiles under the awe that it's okay because it's a drawing

No. 213184

My boyfriend's coming home in a few weeks.

The thought of being intimate with him again in any way repulses me, and the thought of being intimate with any other man repulses me as well. I get emotional when I see pictures of women kissing one another, and my thought process is generally along the lines of "god I wish that were me." However, I find fictional men and male celebrities fairly attractive.

I'm struggling with my sexuality. I don't know what to do.

No. 213186

fictional men can be atttractive when real men aren't bc that's it, they aren't real. they are written in a compelling way, we see them from all sides early on and no real life person will ever be like that.

i suggest you look into the phenomenon of compulsory heterosexuality bc it sounds like what you are going through. or if that's not it, maybe your relationship isn't that healthy and that's what's putting you off men. either way hang in there anon, i went through a similar thing albeit in my late teen years, it can be confusing as hell. no matter what side you end up on, it will all work out!

No. 213187

Considering that you still find fictional men/celebrities attractive, and the fact that such things are removed from your reality and idealized, you are likely looking at relationships and intimacy between women and idealizing them in a similar way, perhaps imagining they wouldn't struggle with the same things a heterosexual couple would, maybe things that you are currently struggling with in your own relationship. I can't say anything about your actual sexuality, since that is for you to decide, but I felt that that was something important that could be interpreted from your post.

No. 213193

How is your argument any different than the early 2000s moral panic over Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

It matters very much that my drawings are just drawings, you can't just dismiss away the fact that anime is not real and then call me a pedophile for my drawings any more than you could call those kids car thieves for playing GTA

No. 213194

one is just based on fun video games
another is based on sexual fucking attraction
would you call a guy straight that faps to male anime characters and goes out of their way to see anime dicks but claims to be straight, call him straight just because "drawings are drawings" no? it's almost like he's sexually attracted to men whether they're drawings or not?


"A pedophile is sexually attracted to young children.

A lolicon is sexually attracted to depictions of young children."

so yes, lolicons are pedophiles, you're a pedophile, and creepy, there's a difference between animating a high speed chase vs fapping to naked little girls that are drawings

you are, by definition, a pedophile, any lolicon, is by definition, a pedophile

No. 213195

if lolicons and pedophiles aren't the same thing then explain why that lolicon translates to pedophile?
also explain why that the CSA rate in japan rose along with the lolicon popularity, it's almost as if sexualizing children, even if it's "just a cartoon"… hurts them?

No. 213196

>one is just based on fun video games
>another is based on sexual fucking attraction

And both are based in fantasy. You still have to jump over this hurdle before you try to talk about anything else.

Are you a murderer for fantasizing about killing artists like me?

No. 213197

because one is a fun video game, and there is no correlation between gta and violence

are you going to tell me pretty much

thats as dumb as saying "oh I only like big tits in anime I hate them in real life"

It's fucking retarded, you draw something you're sexually attracted as an ideal of attraction, just like how ancient artists would draw women they're sexually attracted to, most of the time if people are attracted to something in drawings, 99.9999999999999999% of the time it is what they're attracted to in real life so why does it apply to everyone except it magically doesn't apply to lolicons?

and yep, I fantasize about killing pedophiles, call me a murderer, but at least I'm not gonna go out and claim how I have 100% no murderous tendencies at all

No. 213199

Did you isolate the popularity of lolis as the only factor in CSA rate? How does it compare to countries where loli isn't popular?

Of course you didn't bother to research it at all, and just spout bullshit. We went down this road back in 2002 with Vice City.

But aside from that, guess what? As an artist, it's not my responsibility to worry about that anyway. It doesn't change if I draw a loli, Mohammed, or guro.

No. 213200

also, a lot of people who are really into GTA, assuming they don't do it just to pass time or hang out with friends or whatever, a lot of them would be up for a crazy car chase if they didn't get in trouble for it, ask around, if I go up to a GTA player and say "hey if you didn't get trouble and could act out GTA irl would you do it?" most of them would say yes, just like how most lolicons would rape little girls if they didnt get in trouble, but thats the thing, with pedo culture floating around thanks to trashy pedos like you who help in the normalization of pedophilia, pedophiles when they do get caught in the act, they can easily play the ~poor mentally ill man~ card, and get to therapy instead of having their asses raped by tyrone in prison, even if they do go to prison it's not for a long time, hell the guy who raped his adoptive daughter, got her pregnant, and slammed her in a mirror got 14 yrs, jared from subway got 1 year for each child he raped, if someone played out GTA irl, they would go to jail for life as well as having to pay massive fines, and some people who are into gta wouldn't even know where to start to a gta mission irl, where as pedophiles easily have access to children

No. 213201

>Did you isolate the popularity of lolis as the only factor in CSA rate?

yes because the popularity of lolis, drawings of child porn, and the rising CSA totes have NOTHING to do with each other

>But aside from that, guess what? As an artist, it's not my responsibility to worry about that anyway. It doesn't change if I draw a loli, Mohammed, or guro.

"I don't care if you call me a pedophile for sexualizing little girls and drawing them naked, and selling them to pedos, now look at the paragraphs I write playing victims when someone gives me what all pedophiles deserve!!!!"

No. 213202

Well, I won't call you a murderer, even if you embrace the label.

>thats as dumb as saying "oh I only like big tits in anime I hate them in real life

One of my favorite anime is about terrorism. I don't like terrorists in real life. I draw rape all the time, I'm literally drawing it right now, and I don't like raping people either. I can even draw furries and not want to fuck animals. It's not that hard for normal people to separate fantasy and reality.

It seems like you're not playing with a full deck of cards though, so which is why I suggested that you seek help.

No. 213203

>One of my favorite anime is about terrorism. I don't like terrorists in real life.

well no shit, it's an interesting plot, there's a difference between being interested in something vs finding little girls sexually attractive

>e. I draw rape all the time, I'm literally drawing it right now,

so then you have rape fantasies, and you are into the idea of acting out rape with a consenting partner, assuming you're drawing it because that's what you're into and not to cater to rapists

with rape fantasies, people can find a consenting partner to act it out with, thats fine, they're adults, however, lolicon centers around the idea of fantasizing about fucking little girls, which children can't consent and of course is disgusting traumatic, and everything else, people who have rape fantasies are into the idea of raping someone whether it be a consensual roleplay and some people into rape fantasies are into actual rape, it's the sad truth

now that we got that covered, no none-pedophilic people go around and saying "hey I wonder what it's like to fuck a little girl" no? whether it's fantasy or not it's pedophilia, because small children 100% cannot consent and any sexual act will 99% of the time damage them later in life

No. 213204

I am a victim of unwarranted harassment yes.This is a vent thread so that is on topic.

And I do care if I'm called a pedophile. Not specifically by you, since we've established that you're not well. But I'm concerned by that label towards artists like me that in general. Since Western artists don't have any place as open as Pixiv to post their works anymore thanks to the ignorance you and others like you perpetuate.

No. 213205

"I can even draw furries and not want to fuck animals"

thats because you cater to beastiality lovers/and or furries, but you may or may not want to fuck animals yourself, however there has been a fair share of furries fucking animals so wym

the way "animals" are depicted in drawings are very human like though so it would be easy to believe that furries just wanna fuck people in sexy furry costumes rather than actual animals, however, lolis, when they're depicted, they're depicted as actual children, naked children in sexual situations and people are getting turned on by that, and if you don't think thats pedophilia then its YOU that needs help, not me

No. 213206

>"I am a victim of unwarranted harassment yes.This is a vent thread so that is on topic."

and you deserve every second of it and more, children dont want to be sexualized, parents dont want sick fucks running around drawing little girls naked being molested (unless they're pedophiles themselves) no one wants that, the only people who want it are pedophiles and pedo enablers, so yes, you deserve to get harassed, vent all you want, but I will just keep telling you that you deserve it

> But I'm concerned by that label towards artists like me that in general. Since Western artists don't have any place as open as Pixiv to post their works anymore thanks to the ignorance you and others like you perpetuate.

oh no just why in the world would someone thinks someone who draws naked little girls, sometimes in sexual situations, pedophiles? they must be soooo ignorant huh

No. 213208

You keep using words like children and people to describe something that I made in Clip Studio Paint. No matter how many times you try to sneak that through, it won't fly.

Establish that anime=real first, then we maybe your other nonsense will be relevant.

No. 213209

anime children are still children dumbass, no they're not real life children, but they're clearly supposed to emulate children

it's like if someone drew timmy turner, is he not a child because he's a cartoon? no, cartoons like so are supposed to emulate real life, it's not about "sneaking it through"

if you find timmy turner sexually attractive, you are creepy, and a pedophile, I don't believe for a second that "OH IM JUST ATTRACTED TO ANIME CHILDREN BUT NOT CHILDREN IN REAL LIFE I PROMISE!!!!"

people develop cartoon crushes for a reason, and 100% of the time, those cartoon crushes will mimic what that person likes in real life
example, girl grows up having a crush on danny phantom, it is most likely she is attracted to guys like what danny phantom has (skinny,dark hair, blue eyes, etc)

if someone is SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO A CARTOON OF A CHILD then it not only translates what they like in real life, but shows they have no shame in being fucking creepy, sexualizing children, as well as just being okay with them being attracted to a child even if its a cartoon, and trying to write it off as not pedophilia

No. 213210

"its okay to be sexually attracted to a child as long as if the child is a cartoon but that doesn't mean you're a pedophile"

you are sexually attracted to a child that is a cartoon, you are by definition, a pedophile, get over it and stop being in denial

No. 213211

>people develop cartoon crushes for a reason, and 100% of the time, those cartoon crushes will mimic what that person likes in real life

You're just making things up at 100 miles per hour. The link between fantasy preferences and real life preferences doesn't hold up. Everyone wants to get raped and gangbanged by some huge dudes in their head but how many are putting out Craigslist ads to set up their gangbang? This keeps coming back to you projecting your inability to distinguish fantasy and reality on to other people.

No. 213213

They aren't making it up. The same way someone finds something attractive in someone irl, they can find it attractive in cartoon characters that feature these traits.

No. 213214

>100% of the time, those cartoon crushes will mimic what that person likes in real life

This is false.

No. 213215

Prove it.

No. 213216

Undertale fandom. How many girls dug up skeletons to fuck?

No. 213217

Maybe they like bald men? A smile? Short men? Men with a sense of humor? A man with a tragic backstory?
Try again.

No. 213218

That's not how this works.

No. 213219

Ah I see, you're the expert on cartoon crushes and have obviously studied vigorously on the link between humans and their attraction towards fictional characters.
Forgive me for my egregious error, my sincerest apologies.

No. 213220

Yes it is
Think of the reason WHY they're a cartoon crush, is because that cartoon has something they're attracted to

Some girls liked the skeleton because they had a tragic backstory or he was dark and edgy, just like how pedophiles are attracted to lolis because they like little girls, try again

No. 213221

Umm yes if you fantasize about getting gang banged then you fantasize about getting gang banged, maybe you're up for it irl maybe not

Lolicons fantasize about sex with little girls therefore they're pedophiles, what you are doing is just trying to completely dismiss it and say "THEYRE NO PEDOPHILE ITS JUST A FANTASY" as if they don't want to fuck kids, like how people who want to get gang banged

No. 213222

>Ah I see, you're the expert on cartoon crushes and have obviously studied vigorously on the link between humans and their attraction towards fictional characters.

You probably shouldn't have made that 100% claim if you weren't an expert yourself. But then again, if you had such qualifications, I wouldn't have to convince you that anime isn't real.

No. 213223

I wasn't the anon that made the comment, sorry. I merely agreed with them. Although I do not agree they should have written 100% of the time as nothing is truly a perfect 100 unless you interview every single person that lives on this planet.

Anime is technically real. It is a thing that exists, it is a thing people make – the concepts, characters etc. are not however.

No. 213224

No one is saying anime is real Mr.Pedo, they're saying being attracted to little girls and wanting to fuck children is pedophilia, if these people weren't pedophiles at all then they wouldn't be sexually attracted to children in any concept, real or fictional characters, just like if a man claimed to be straight then jerked it to naked anime men, drew naked gay anime sex, brought gay anime porn, but claimed he was straight because its just a fantasy, do the rules apply there or do they only apply when you wanna get away with being a pedo?

No. 213225

Anime girls are not equivalent to real girls which is why the pedophile label doesn't apply.

No. 213226

To be fair lolis often have adult features and proportions but are drawn very short. I wouldn't be so quick to call someone who likes that a pedo, because as a matter lf fact no children look like that. If they have more child-like proportions it's a different story.

No. 213227

They may not be real but there is attraction for a reason, people are sexually attracted to lolis because they're little girls, therefore they're pedophiles
Anime and reality are heavily intertwined, hence cosplay has become a huge part of peoples sex life, hence cosplay porn, people rping as anime characters sexually, so yes, it translates into real life

Have you ever seen a loli before? Theres a difference between just short women and characters that are clearly drawn to be 10 and under, completely flat chest, no hips, chubby arms, some of these "loli" drawings I've seen are actual toddlers, one loli drawing even showed a fucking fetus with a vibrator on it, they look nothing like grown women, no matter how child like a woman looks no child-like adult will ever look under 10 unless they have a disorder like mia petite

No. 213228

>No one is saying anime is real Mr.Pedo, they're saying being attracted to little girls and wanting to fuck children is pedophilia, if these people weren't pedophiles at all then they wouldn't be sexually attracted to children in any concept,

Anime girls are not even in the same dimension of children in concept. That's why the label is wrong.

I draw mostly women but I still consider myself straight. I can separate reality from fiction just fine.

No. 213230

But anime girls are based off of real girls. It is common knowledge that animation is the Illusion of life, anime girl designs don't just appear out of thin air – they're based off of real girls and traits the artist likes themselves or what they know their fans will enjoy or what's popular nowadays.

Are we talking about anime girls in general or lolis because I thought this was a discussion of pedophilia brought on by an anon's insatiable desire to draw lolis with the notion that it is alright because it is "fantasy".

No. 213231

Wow theyre not in the same dimension so men can fantsize about molesting little girls in anime world -despite the fact a lot of hentaifantasies translate to real life and people want anime to be real life a lot- but its okay because magically theyre 100% not a pedophile in real life

>I draw "women" but i consider myself straight

Like I said, you cater to pedophiles who want to fuck little girls. You're equally as repulsive and shouldn't be allowed around children.

No. 213232

> Theres a difference between just short women and characters that are clearly drawn to be 10 and under, completely flat chest, no hips, chubby arms
That's my point, but people still use the word loli to describe stuff like "oppai loli"

No. 213233

All fantasy has it's roots in real life if you stetch far enough. The stretch from a fantasy anime girl to a real one is way too far for the pedophila label.

And yes it's alright because it's fantasy that's way out of bounds from pedophila.

No. 213234

"Japanese slang for younger girls with abnormally large breasts for their age, often featured in lolicon."

oh so it's still little girls, just with big boobs, so it's still pedophilia and sexualizing little girls

exactly, no one who is mentally stable and ~totally not a pedophile~ wakes up one day and says "hey I'm going to look at naked cartoon girls and fantasize about them and fap to them but it's okay because it's a cartoon"

as you said, they don't come from nowhere, just like no one wakes up and says "hey I wanna watch animes about rape and fap to them"

No. 213235

So fantasizing about little girls naked and raping them ISN'T pedophilia because it is "fantasy" and not happening right at that very moment?
That's what you're saying, you know that right?

No. 213236

"All fantasy has it's roots in real life if you stetch far enough. The stretch from a fantasy anime girl to a real one is way too far for the pedophila label."

HA so fapping to little girls is okay if it's anime right?

anime is a fucking porn section for fucks sake, there is an industry made to translate it into real life with cosplay, makeup, plastic surgery, people trying to be as "anime-esque" as possible, so no, it's not some crazy huge stretch that people who want to fuck anime children most likely want to fuck children in real life to, why else would someone want to fuck anime children? go on, I'll wait

No. 213237

The amount of translation you would have to do to translate loli into real life would also destroy all the a lot of other media in the process.

Lolis are a whole graphically represented dimension further away from real life than videogames. You can't reach that far with your pedophile label without catching the bulk of offensive media material in your thoughtcrime net.

No. 213238

Okay, then why would someone want to fuck cartoon children? go on, tell me, I'm waiting

No. 213239

I assumed you have a reasonably bounded definition of pedophila. I'm starting to see that may be a mistake.

If I drew a dot on a page and labeled it "loli" would you consider that pedophila? If no,then you are capable of setting reasonable boundaries, so don't pretend to be unable to here.

No. 213240

>If I drew a dot on a page and labeled it "loli" would you consider that pedophila? If no,then you are capable of setting reasonable boundaries, so don't pretend to be unable to here

No, but you're drawing naked little girls, cartoon or not, people calling you a pedophile for fapping to naked little girls who are cartoon is completely different than calling a dot on a page loli, people are calling you a pedophile because you're sexually attracted to fucking little girls, which is the very definition of pedophilia

also, I'm still waiting, why would someone be attracted to anime children but magically aren't attracted to children irl?

No. 213241

That was not what I was addressing. I was merely countering the use of the word fantasy.

>And yes it's alright because it's fantasy that's way out of bounds from pedophila.

I said nothing about lolitas.
So answer me again, is everything alright if it is seen in a fantastical light? If someone fantasizes about a young person in that way, it's alright, isn't it? I mean, it's just fantasy right? How about writing a story in which your self insert is raping children to which you explicitly described as children? That's fictional right? Not pedophilia? You wouldn't be concerned reading such a thing would you?

No. 213243

File: 1511941766477.png (11.61 KB, 511x182, 20171129_014750.png)

If you can say no, then you are capable of distinguishing the difference between a drawing and a real object, despite whatever concept I try to attach to it.

Your inability to do so with regular loli drawings is just because you find the art distasteful and you want to use morality to censor it.

No. 213245

Yeah fucking moral fags how they don't want to see children get sexualized which has been shown to hurt them and encourage pedophilic behavior

i will ask, for the 3rd or 4th time, why would someone be sexually attracted to a cartoon of a naked child?

No. 213247

File: 1511947629442.jpg (37.05 KB, 500x279, tumblr_lmum8cig4B1qelbmqo1_500…)



Why do degenerates like blaming people's morality when people draw a line between what is healthy and unhealthy?

Have you ever thought that people find your fetish disgusting because it harms people directly or indirectly and it's not healthy for you, the people you may engage with and society, not because people are prude or moralists?

No. 213248

File: 1511947956941.gif (1.16 MB, 460x243, giphy.gif)

what is happening
this is the vent thread

No. 213252

Idk I guess admins are being lazy and haven't gotten around to banning the pedo shitting up the thread or the pedo is ban evading. Either way, this thread needs clean up.

No. 213255

Obviously this paedo-enabler needed to vent their sadness at choosing to do something that most people find reprehensible.

I don’t personally think that lolicon makes you a paedo, but it does bring up the huge question of why the fuck you would ever WANT to draw shit like that… so it certainly points to appropriate boundary issues and/or the need to be a massive edgelord.

Paedo-anon, do you get pleasure out of satisfying incel neckbeards or something? Or do you personally enjoy the aesthetics of “fantasy cartoon” rape of children?

No. 213261

File: 1511960521458.png (297.76 KB, 500x628, 3fD44Gv.png)

Of course. I would do with those opinions what I do with most opinions.

However, usually just calling my art disgusting isn't enough for the unbalanced. This whole conversation started with the idea that I should be murdered over a drawing. That obviously brings a new element into the discussion since I'm essentially dealing with an aniconic Jihadist who isn't satisfied with just disliking my thing.

But I should've said "morality" since I didn't mean to imply that anon had any sense of right or wrong. That kind of goes out the window when you want to kill or harrass someone over art.

No. 213266

You realize your harmless "art" normalizes something people suffer in real life, that is, pedophilia. You don't deserve to die but you sure deserve a hell of a beating if you think it's okay to normalize and fetishize something so nasty and that traumatizes millions each year.

No. 213270

That argument has already been used everywhere in every era on every offensive subject since Columbine and before. Artists are always absolved of that blame eventually.

Until history repeats itself on this issue, I'll just loudly protest the idea that I deserve to be a victim of violence.

No. 213272

I'm not that anon, but please don't blame 'media' for normalizing shit. And if you're going to, why not blame mainstream media, fucking shit like family guy has the kid making out with their dog 'for a joke' but ran with it for most of the show. THAT is affecting people much more than obscure porn.

No. 213273

>but it does bring up the huge question of why the fuck you would ever WANT to draw shit like that
Furries are notorious cash cows, figure weebs can't be all that much different.

No. 213276

your "art" is naked children
and it's purely for sexual reasons, it's not like people print it then hang it up or whatever, people who are into loli, are in it for sexual reasons, you are drawing naked children, for sexual reasons and then claiming it's not pedophilia because fantasizing about fucking little girls is different between ACTUALLY fucking little girls as if they both weren't repulsive and then act like you're some victim when people think it's gross?

CSA victims, find it fucking repulsive
children don't want some creep drawing pics of them naked
parents, the good ones at least don't want their kids to be sexualized, no one fucking likes that shit, any normal person thinks it's repulsive except for pedophiles and pedophile enablers

No. 213277

what point are you making exactly?
It's already been shown that as the popularity of loli rises, so does the child molestation rate

not just in japan, but there was even loli/ddlg/furry artist who was arrested for molesting his little sister, you think the fact he drew little girls being molested for "fantasy" reasons and him actually going on to molest his sister have absolutely nothing to do with each other?

even on 4chin. where this shit is popular, there are literal threads where guys brag about molesting a younger family member or whatever, you think it has NOTHING to do with each other that people who fap to drawings of little girls naked end up actually being attracted to fucking children? right

No. 213278

well I have yet to see people laugh at a kid making out with a dog, actually end up molesting a dog, yet there's tons and tons of people who like "obscure porn that totally isn't affecting people", end up actually being pedophiles and molesting children

No. 213280

Don't fucking try to excuse gross shit like that 'as a joke' it's dangerous.

No. 213281

where did I say a kid making out with a dog is a joke? I'm just stating my observations, people see a cartoon of a kid making out with a dog and find it gross but think of it as funny in a shocking way, yet people fap to naked little girls because well, they're attracted to little girls, and all pedophiles are dangerous until proven otherwise, even after mental health evaluations I still have my doubts, now tell me, what makes people laughing at a kid making out with a dog, or calling it gross, the exact same thing as people being sexually attracted to cartoons of naked little girls?

No. 213282

it's all about the way people view it you psychopath, unless people are seeing a kid make out with a dog and thinking "that's hot I wanna fap to that" then your entire point is invalid

No. 213283


>It's already been shown that as the popularity of loli rises, so does the child molestation rate.

Compare the CSA rise in Japan to those in other countries and show your work on how you isolated loli as a statistically significant contributing factor.

No. 213294

we are not talking about the countries, we are talking about japan

do you seriously believe the fact that CSA in japan is highest it's ever been ever since the sexualization of children and loli has been there, has NOTHING to do with each other? quit making excuses

No. 213295

Without peer reviewed data, your conclusion is just an assumption. I'm sorry if you consider that to be an excuse.

The fact that you don't even want to consider other countries as a control statistics shows that you're not interested in finding out if loli actually causes CSA. You have your conclusion already and you just want it accepted.

That's not good enough to tell an artist they shouldn't draw something, sorry.

No. 213296

I don't include other countries unless they have popularity of loli there, countries with high child molestation rates tend to have always had high molestation rates, where as japan hasn't, so exactly why has the CSA rate skyrocketed in japan if it totally has nothing to do with loli? it sounds like you're just denying obvious

No. 213299

It doesn't matter what the base rate is, you're interested in comparing the change in rate. You have to use other countries to even see if Japan's CSA rose at statistically relevant greater rate. Then you need to do a study inside Japan and isolate loli. It's a lot of hard work, but that's the burden you take on by making the affirmative claim that

>It's already been shown that as the popularity of loli rises, so does the child molestation rate.

The obvious you say I'm denying is just as empirically verified as the obvious evils of rock music, violent movies and violent games. Each one was obviously bad in its own decade of increased popularity, and we all laugh at the ignorance of those panicked "moral" warnings in hindsight today.

No. 213304

okay, then why else would japans child molestation rate skyrocket and it just "happens" to be a coincidence that sexualization of children there happens to

>The obvious you say I'm denying is just as empirically verified as the obvious evils of rock music, violent movies and violent games. Each one was obviously bad in its own decade of increased popularity, and we all laugh at the ignorance of those panicked "moral" warnings in hindsight today.

people can like rock music, video games and horror movies without being evil, a lot of the time people do it for entertainment purposes, people find horror movies interesting and decode killers, rock music isn't really that evil all the time just loud, with video games, again, it is for entertainment reasons

however, people draw naked little girls for SEXUAL reasons, are you gonna tell me that people just draw them because they find naked little girls interesting to look at?? No, it won't be just some silly little thing we all laugh at the crazy paranoid fucks daring to think people who fap to drawings of naked little girls, are pedophiles

No. 213306

If those violent movies and video games were made for people to fap to, then you'd have a point, people like those things because they find the stories interesting and like the action of it, people like looking at drawings of naked little girls because they're pedophiles

also what exactly are you trying to prove? if you're trying to completely deny the fact people fantasize about fucking cartoon children, which makes them pedophiles, then you're wrong, sexual attraction is very different then just being interested in a horror film

tomb raider, for example, do you really think the hoards of people fapping over lara croft totally wouldn't be attracted to a woman that looked like her irl because it's just a fantasy? you're an idiot

also, if it is "just a fantasy"
out of all the things people can roleplay/fantasize about, in video games it includes action packed adventures of being in the mafia, going on high speed chases, becoming rich pimps, etc, out of anything, these people just "happen" to fantasize about fucking children in the anime world but it totally doesn't make them a pedophile? miss me with that bullshit

No. 213308

>okay, then why else would japans child molestation rate skyrocket and it just "happens" to be a coincidence that sexualization of children there happens to

Why not find a peer-reviewed study that says there's a significant link, instead of asking me?

No. 213310

yes because clearly fucking scholars are going to be worried about if drawings of naked little girls becoming popular, and the rate of child molestation rising in japan, if they have anything to do with each other



are you going to convince me something that was literally made for pedophiles isn't pedophilic? you're insane

No. 213311

That's exactly what I would expect scholars would be interested in. More importantly, if a there is no data available to you, what is the source of your confidence that this is true?

>It's already been shown that as the popularity of loli rises, so does the child molestation rate.

I could just as easily tie the increase in CSA to a rise in right wing populism and my conclusion would be just as valid as yours–which is not valid enough for anyone to be expected to change their behavior.

No. 213314

you don't need 10 pages of scientific evidence to prove that people who fap to drawings of naked little girls are pedophiles

> could just as easily tie the increase in CSA to a rise in right wing populism

okay, but if the child molestation rate was low, the right wing populism rised like child molestation maybe you'd have a point, the thing is right wing and child molestation aren't related, one has to do with sexual attraction and sexual acts vs politics, with loli vs csa rate it's children being sexualized vs the child molestation rate rising, so yes, it does relate and yes lolicons are pedophiles

No. 213316

I mean, believe it's true, or just be in denial, I don't care, but to act like sexualization of children, and animated child porn has no effect and don't influence pedophiles or feed pedophilic tendencies at all is just ridiculous

No. 213317

Please make all this shit a thread of it own

No. 213318

You can't even produce one sentence of proof, which should be pretty easy if everything is so obvious.

Or maybe you just have an opinion on loli art and you think pretending to have evidence that ties it to real CSA will make your voice louder.

No. 213321

Okay, then you provide proof that people can be attracted to little girls in cartoons but magically not in real life, there is none, because scientists aren't going to go into in dept research over fucking neckbeard pedo porn, but that doesn't make it untrue

example, if a mall starts turning up the temperature colder, and thus more people start buying warm drinks, then it's safe to assume that cold temperatures make people want to eat or drink warm things, correct?

now apply this to loli, now the loli is rising, which are depictions of child porn and children in sexual acts, it will enable pedophile tendencies, and with that you've seen the CSA rate rise, it will be safe to assume that loli has a lot to do with the CSA rate rising, and then idiots like you who are pedos in denial come in screaming how you have no proof there it's 100% not true at all and lolicons aren't pedophiles etc

>Or maybe you just have an opinion on loli art and you think pretending to have evidence that ties it to real CSA will make your voice louder

yes, my "opinion" on loli art, aka an opinion shared by anyone who isn't a pedo or pedo enabler, it should tell you something if the only people who are okay with loli are pedophiles and their enablers.

No. 213324

please stop engaging the pedophile. he does not deserve a platform and shouldn't be here, and the fact that he is and people are entertaining him is making me and probably a lot of other farmers very uncomfortable.

No. 213328

It’s not fucking illegal to be a furry though. It is illegal to molest kids. If you think cashing in on something so repugnant is a good idea you deserve all the hatred you’re getting.

No. 213329

weh, go somewhere else then. this type of discussion has its merits, if anything, it's worth it just to see into the mind of this kind of person.

No. 213331


Sorry that I have the audacity to ask you to back up your affirmative claim that loli and CSA are statically linked with actual fucking statistics.

>yes, my "opinion" on loli art, aka an opinion shared by anyone who isn't a pedo or pedo enabler, it should tell you something if the only people who are okay with loli are pedophiles and their enablers.

At least you stopped pretending that your position is rooted in anything but your own worthless circular opinion.

No. 213335

he's obviously being disingenuous, though. he claims people who get off on depictions of children in sexual situations is somehow completely different from getting off on real children in sexual situations.

No. 213337

>Sorry that I have the audacity to ask you to back up your affirmative claim that loli and CSA are statically linked with actual fucking statistics.

no, you're a dumbass who acts like something that is obviously connected needs fucking scientific novels about how they're connected and not just see "ooo in japan, now that popularity of loli increased, so does CSA, but it has nothing to do with each other"

>At least you stopped pretending that your position is rooted in anything but your own worthless circular opinion.

yeah fuck me how dare I think children shouldn't get sexualized, drawn naked, then shown to pedophiles

>your own worthless circular opinion.

yep, because everyone except for me is A-OK with little girls being drawn naked in sexual situations and sold to pedophiles, but it's okay because it's a drawing right? what's next, are child molestation novels that are made for pedos to read and fap to okay since its "just fantasy", right?

No. 213338



A lot of people seem to think this, and I hate to say but he might -kind- of be right? I personally like anime females but am not bi(I don't like loli) so I kind of get it? Also, that's literally what furry is. All furries aren't into bestiality, but they like a drawn, humanoid form of it.

Still, regardless of whether -some- people don't like real life children, people who do also like drawn shit, which is why it's a problem. All lolicons might not like real children, but all pedos like lolicon.

Like sure, accepting that someone likes loli but doesn't like real children is fine, but that doesn't change the fact that actual pedos use it and feel it's normalized/justified.

Now please don't everyone fucking jump off the handle at me, I'm just trying to say that like other fetishes, especially drawing related, there's always a possibility that it does not translate into real life, and we do need to acknowledge that. But we do not need to let people continue pursuing their fetish to create openings for real people to get hurt.

No. 213339

>what's next, are child molestation novels that are made for pedos to read and fap to okay since its "just fantasy", right?

They literally are though, do you live under a rock?

No. 213341

>They literally are though, do you live under a rock?

but the people who read them are still pedophiles, what pedo anon is saying that lolicons aren't pedophiles yet they literally are, whether these hypothetical novels actually exist or not, I don't know and I don't want to know, but this anon is saying that people who have pedophilic fantasies aren't pedophiles because its a fantasy, when it's the literal definition of pedophile

all pedophiles have pedophilic fantasies, thats what makes them pedophiles

anyway, I think it's disgusting and should be illegal because it feeds peoples pedophilic tendencies and/or makes their desire for children grow even stronger if it hadn't before, thus most likely, they are going to commit an act of pedophilia at a given chance

No. 213342

> I personally like anime females but am not bi

I mean do you like to look at them or do you go out of your way to buy naked anime lesbian porn, then fap and fantasize about sucking anime titties and stuff

>, that's literally what furry is. All furries aren't into bestiality, but they like a drawn, humanoid form of it.

thats why its believable when a furry says they arent into beastiality, where as lolis are drawn as literal children, some are even toddlers

> All lolicons might not like real children, but all pedos like lolicon.

okay so let me put it this way, anyone who is sexually attracted to lolis, are pedophiles, most people who like lolis, are pedophiles

anyway, why would someone be attracted to naked anime children anyway? as the other anon said, these attractions don't appear out of thin air, people who "100% aren't pedophiles at all" don't go and look at naked anime children and think it's hot

>I'm just trying to say that like other fetishes, especially drawing related, there's always a possibility that it does not translate into real life, and we do need to acknowledge that

okay, so exactly, why is someone going to be sexually attracted to a drawing and 100% not into it in real life, there's furry conventions for a reason, because furrys, while they may not want to fuck animals, they want to fuck animal costume people or whatever, lolis are shown as literal children, and literal children exist as well as the growing CSA problem and a lot of lolicons are pedophiles, if not all

No. 213345

Also, I'd like to ad, no one only has fantasies with the intent to just fap to it for the rest of their life, a lot of the "fantasy anime" are cosplayed and roleplayed for a reason, with furries, mermaid, witch animes, or whatever the fuck people are into, people can just simply wear a costume and get some props and act out the fantasy, lolicon is different because with lolicon… it's actual fucking children, it's not like someone can just cosplay as a loli unless they have some mia petite level condition, or unless they're an actual fucking child, so it would be child molestation, which is why loli is different from any other anime fetish

No. 213346

Loli-drawing anon, I'm not interested in taking part in the loli/cp debate.we could just go to /a/ for that
However please remember to keep checking on whether you feel it's worth for you to draw what you do. I used to draw lewd commissions too and originally stopped drawing flat characters because I didn't want to fall foul of obscenity laws or risk it ever becoming a problem in my real life. I probably wouldn't be convinced if a teacher was found to draw flat characters and said they weren't actually a pedophile, so by that logic it made sense to just avoid ever being in that position myself. Even of I felt that I wasn't ethically doing anytime wrong, it wasn't worth the risk. My frequent fans that used to compliment my work dropped me instantly. I later did the same for violent commissions. Now I'm not used to seeing that art anymore, I'm uncomfortable seeing it altogether and wouldn't want to draw that stuff anymore. I still feel like drawings are an ethical gray area, but it's not worth defending the pedophiles hiding in that gray.

Of course you have your own reasons for needing money and how you can actually make it, but it's worth thinking about.

No. 213347

That's what I meant, I like them sexually.

I feel like a lot of lolicon's attracting has more to do with anime and other weird issues than it does being attracted to literal kids. I also think that anime porn in general does really messed up things to people.

Also, I've stumbled upon loli-porn and while some of it is fucking gross 'dirty old man' shit, some of it is tame, just like standard anime porn, so it's probably hard to draw the line.

I'd be interested in hearing what you'd like to say about DDLG then as well tbh.

>no one only has fantasies with the intent to just fap to it for the rest of their life

Okay, I'm convinced you're just arguing for the sake of it at this point because that is definitely not true at all. I am not going to share but some of the things I read and get off to are really messed up and I would NOT want to experience or make others experience them in real life.

No. 213348

it's not like someone can just cosplay as a loli unless they have some mia petite level condition

It's literally called DDLG or ageplay. Plus roleplay has nothing to do with being attracted to real children. Pedos literally are attracted to children's bodies,

No. 213350

>That's what I meant, I like them sexually.
then you are not straight, you are attracted to the female form, and therefore, not straight

>I feel like a lot of lolicon's attracting has more to do with anime and other weird issues than it does being attracted to literal kids.

what so are people going to go and be sexually attracted to drawings of kids just because they like anime or whatever? wanting to fuck female anime characters, like legit getting hard or wet over the idea of having intercourse with the characters

>Also, I've stumbled upon loli-porn and while some of it is fucking gross 'dirty old man' shit, some of it is tame

I think there should be a line drawn when people draw naked little kids for sexual reasons.

>Okay, I'm convinced you're just arguing for the sake of it at this point because that is definitely not true at all. I am not going to share but some of the things I read and get off to are really messed up and I would NOT want to experience or make others experience them in real life.

then you aren't actually attracted to them if you wouldn't do it in real life, what are you some edge lord who faps to gore thinking they're some edgy dark mysterious person when in reality you're only doing it for other than sexual reasons
if you are not willing to do it in real life or enjoy it in real life, then you aren't actually into it

No. 213351

>t's literally called DDLG or ageplay.
yes, child molestation roleplay, but I'm saying no grown person can mimic a literal childs body

> Plus roleplay has nothing to do with being attracted to real children.

it is if you're getting off on your partner acting like a child

>Pedos literally are attracted to children's bodies,

so… lolicons, keep in mind ddlg and lolicons are heavily intertwined, in fact a lot of ddlgers/ageplayers will post loli on their blogs, ageplay literally means acting like a child in a sexual situation (unless it's for age regression therapy) and lolis, well they're actual children being drawn naked, so of course they're heavily intertwined, they're both communities of pedophiles who are slowly trying to normalize pedophilia

No. 213352

Are you a fucking moron? Holy shit you are worse than lolicon-anon. Have you literally never heard of people who get off to stuff in only fantasy, like dudes who want to chop off their dicks? You've got to be trolling or else you are just being an idiot trying to defend your position which is being dismantled.

No. 213353

>then you are not straight, you are attracted to the female form, and therefore, not straight
shit does this mean traps aren't actually gay?

No. 213354

>Are you a fucking moron? Holy shit you are worse than lolicon-anon. Have you literally never heard of people who get off to stuff in only fantasy, like dudes who want to chop off their dicks?

yes, those are pretentious edgelords, if you do not want to do it in real life, then you aren't actually up for it, I use to be one myself, even came to the idea of some fucked up things, and yet here I am, since I actually know the difference between sexual attraction vs just getting off on the idea of being an edgelord and then assume anyone who thinks if you aren't gonna do it in real life then you don't actually want it, is a troll

Imagine being so disgusting you think a pedophile is better than someone who knows that if you aren't up for a fantasy irl then you probably aren't even into the fantasy in the first place, it's a psychology thing

No. 213355

not even that anon, but man you are dense as fuck, you sound like the edgelord here, what the fuck.


you know people who get off to tentacle porn, if they're not fucking octopuses, they aren't actually getting off to it.

do you have like high-level autism?

No. 213357

If they're attracted to dicks, then they are not straight, however if they just are attracted to the femininess of a trap and don't want anything to do with the dick then they're straight

No. 213358

you're beyond edgy anon, keep it coming!

No. 213360

>you know people who get off to tentacle porn, if they're not fucking octopuses, they aren't actually getting off to it.

nope, but unless they're up for a simulation of tentacles, like what they do in theatre, then they're not actually into it, say what you want, I actually know psychology

also most people like tentacles for the bondage part of it, rather than an actual octopus

No. 213361

>i actually know psychology
this is better than the previous argument, anon.

holy shit i am dying

No. 213362

the human mind is a complicated thing, sometimes people will like something for aesthetic reasons and then confuse the emotion for sexual attraction

IE I bet the "I LOVE ANIME TIDDIES BUT IM A STR8 GRL" anon, was only attracted to anime women aesthetically rather than sexually, if they were attracted to them sexually then they would want to fuck women in real life

No. 213363

I cannot budge from the idea that my art is separated from reality by an infinite gulf. And those of you pushing back seem just as entrenched in thinking that I'm some sort of monster.

We just see the characters differently.

No. 213364

now just why would anyone think someone who draws little girls naked and sells the pictures to pedo, think you're a monsters? hmmm

No. 213365

I'm chronically suicidal with ptsd and nothing helps. my brain is useless its almost impossible for me to envision a task and then do it. i organize my day around showering. i don't do anything else. I'm freelance and have been living at home bc i genuinely want to die. i did ketamine therapy and now i think I'm trying tms but i just want to hold my head underwater. the illness takes its toll on me, used to manifest as agoraphobia now its extreme body dysmorphia. don't recognize my own face.

unless i take adderal i don't do anything, they i take fistfulls of atavan cause i wanna be out of control and i just don't care. my whole life was diligently maintenencing my illness and i just don't car, i have no family or friends minus one best friend across the country.

I'm trying to move back there from my childhood home but my dad is gas lighting me and telling me in not "well enough" and i "came here for treatment" when he completely failed to help me get any. i know thats blaming him, but up until recently i would literally stare at a wall.

i self harm now too when is completely beyond humiliating. i do it bc i like bleeding onto the floor and pretending my breath is going to go out.

a man took advantage of me when i was drunk ended up on the phone with me trying to confront him over half a year ago and it ended up in me attempting suicide, not blaming him, but it spiraled into some nonsense i don't deserve. having ptsd and then having people liberally throw salt in your wounds for making th mistake of trusting someone is so fucked up from that alone really i just want to die the first time i tried to i was 11 and honestly it has all just been a giant mistake people are so fucking heartless

nothing is worth it. he just keep trying to get more and more public """""revenge""""" on me which i don't understand because i didn't do anything. i pretend it doesn't hurts because i know how he's just a small abused little bitch boy but his behavior right now is torture psychologically. he knows i have ptsd from rape. he himself is about 40 now.

i probably wrote too much but legit I'm so over this and i really need help i never said anything i just take pills and self harm and trash my life no matter how much talent i have bc i don't want to give it to anyone i can't stand another second alive

has anyone experienced or seen this what did they do don't say psych ward because that never helped thanks I'm sorry this made no sense i hate myself

No. 213366

dude, if you read the main argument here, they're obviously a well polished psychologist and not an edgy-tryhard at all.

>mfw it's less cringy to agree with you than her

No. 213367

No. 213368

this is just pathetic at this point anon, stop.

No. 213369

I'm not pretending to be anything, like said, say what you want, but it is a fact people will often confuse aesthetic appeal with sexual attraction, which I believe a lot of people do, and to differentiate those emotions, I believe if someone is up for it irl, then they are into, if they aren't then they aren't actually into, so edgy right?

No. 213370

yes, how pathetic, talking about how the human mind words and explaining how people will confuse aesthetic attractions for sexual attractions, so hilarious and cringey and edgy

No. 213371

no but the irony is that you are using the same logic that >>213338 used. you can't say that people who like lolicon but don't harm children are pedos if you say that people who like fetishes don't actually like them if they don't do it in real life, what are you on?

No. 213372

If you are sexually attracted to drawings of naked children, assuming you're aren't confusing it for sexual attraction then you are a pedophile

if you are aesthetically attracted to loli for whatever reason then you're just disgusting, it's the emotions that people have trouble making distinctions between, but to be safe, I will continue to defend all lolicons are pedophiles because as I said, some people who do have aesthetic attractions can sometimes, in rare cases act on them,IE never allow lolicons are children

No. 213373

>then you are not straight, you are attracted to the female form, and therefore, not straight

You can't say that and:

>then you aren't actually attracted to them if you wouldn't do it in real life

Also, this invalidates your point that people who like looking at loli are pedos if they don't act it out.

No. 213374

File: 1511989208037.jpg (42.87 KB, 960x811, 1510792369020.jpg)

>loli hentai
I can't be the only one who doesn't give a shit about this trash and wants to see more anons venting about their life troubles again.

No. 213375

No anon, you can't pick and choose this shit. If you're 'into psychology' like you say, you'd know that pedos aren't all monsters who want to hurt children and some of them are simply mentally off and need help. You're just cherry picking shit to try to invalidate other people's points, but it is continually making you look less creditable. Please quit before you are too far behind.

No. 213376

sure, I contradicted myself, whatever, but the anon I mentioned, if she is just attracted to anime women, then she is just attracted to them aesthetically if she wouldn't fuck a woman irl and is probably confusing aesthetic attraction for sexual

No. 213377

I don't understand your thinking process. What exactly do you think art is? drawings are symbols. Collections of lines that our brains can interpret as depictions of things that exist in reality, or combinations of those things that look like they could exist in reality. the style doesn't matter - as long as you're not drawing abstract lines, you're drawing symbols that stand for something. Art is meant to evoke emotions, the emotions that you feel about the things the symbols you drew stand for. If someone is sexually attracted and derives sexual pleasure from your art that's depicting symbols the viewer interprets in their brain as naked little girls in sexual situations, it is because they are attracted to little girls in a sexual way, and that makes them pedophiles. refusing to acknowledge that is burying your head in the sand.

No. 213378

>your point that people who like looking at loli are pedos if they don't act it out.

people can claim how they wont actually molest children or they aren't actually attracted to children but I'll sure as hell have trouble believing someone who is only aesthetically attracted to little kids naked isn't a pedophile

No. 213380

seriously this. and can the fucking psych101 ~i understand the universe now~ anon shut the hell up and off themselves already. it was funny at first but it's pretentious babble at this point. if you want to debate this shit take it to another thread, unless it's a secret cry for help.

No. 213381

> If you're 'into psychology' like you say, you'd know that pedos aren't all monsters who want to hurt children and some of them are simply mentally off and need help.

you can know psychology and still have opinions, while not all pedophiles may not be monsters, I still think they should all be put to death, I dont care if you think im cherry picking, I dont care if you think im "not creditable" despite the fact I know what I;m talking about, stop assuming everything that is confusing to you isnt credible

No. 213382

no shit, but >>213376 is literally claiming that EVERY OTHER FETISH IN THE WORLD needs to be acted out to be sexual or it's not, but pedo is the exception somehow. even if all lolicon are pedos, anon's argument is weak as fuck.

No. 213383


I agree 100%

No. 213384

are you gonna come up with an actual defense or just cry?

No. 213386

this is my first post in this thread related to this, you're fucking annoying and you're not even arguing your point since the conversation ended posts ago.

No. 213387

No I'm not saying all fetishes need to be acted out, in fact I prefer lolicon to actually not be acted out, but I consider it dangerous because, as I said, while people confuse aesthetic attraction for sexual attraction a lot, some people are even willing to do things for aesthetic reasons or because they believe they're sexually attracted to it when they're not, and thats the problem, no I'm not saying all lolicons are going to molest every child they see, but they sure are at risk for it and imo should not be around children

No. 213388

I don't care how much you posted, idc if you think im annoying, idc if you think im arguing, I'm just stating what I think needs to happen, whether you believe pedophiles are poor little mentally ill babies who need help, or not

No. 213389

re-read my post.
>, but pedo is the exception somehow. even if all lolicon are pedos, anon's argument is weak as fuck.

which you said >>213350
>then you aren't actually attracted to them if you wouldn't do it in real life

god, you are so pretentious and think you are confusing people with your ~vast knowledge~ when you are clearly just trying to defend your point from all sides, even though you end up making contradictory statements that end up invalidating it. you're pathetic.

we get that you hate pedos, that's great, everyone should. we get that you wantairing on the side of caution with lolicons, that's great, no one wants children to get hurt.
your poor attempts to explain your stance on this with psychology are the problem. you don't sound smart or anything, you just sound pathetic. say your opinion and leave.

No. 213390

>whether you believe pedophiles are poor little mentally ill babies who need help, or not

you realize that if you were actually part of the psychological community, this stigma against them actually causes them to not seek help and then harm children right? wtf is wrong with you?

No. 213391

what contradictory statement did I make exactly? I clearly said even though lolicons may mistake aesthetic attraction for sexual attraction to, i didnt say it applied everywhere except for loli, but my point still stands because while people can mistake aesthetic attraction for sexual, the ones with just aesthetic attraction may still act on it, idc if you think its dumb, pathetic or pretentious, or whatever, calm down

No. 213392

Why are you still replying to them? Stop derailing and take it to a new thread. Be the bigger person.

No. 213394

I never claimed to be part of the psychological community, in fact I actually don't want anything to do with pedo empathizers

>this stigma against them actually causes them to not seek help and then harm children right? wtf is wrong with you?

I think all pedos should either be killed or in a facility far far away from anyone or anything, no matter how much they can pretend how they will never hurt kids, a lot of the time they will snap, and you never know when that is, the best thing to do is drown them all or keep them in their own little prison island far away from everyone, i dont care if the stigma hurts their feelings, if anything it just makes them more likely to play victim when they do molest kids

No. 213395

File: 1511990348556.jpg (206.74 KB, 1273x717, Excalibur_Reaction[1].jpg)

>mfw the slightly amusing argument passed it's sweet spot into pure cringe and now makes me feel like i'm losing brain cells.

No. 213396

Can we like, make a new vent thread and quarantine this one?

No. 213397

Anon, it's over, no one cares, go home.

No. 213399

Nah stay with him. You are both equally retarded and pathetic. You sound like an idiot too.

No. 213400

>replies to something
>anons its over who cares go home

unless it was you who I'm replying to, then just ignore it instead of going out of your way to tell me how you don't care, if it was you then don't make replies and expect me not to reply just because it makes you feel better, you don't get your cake and eat it

No. 213402

this is what autism looks like.

No. 213405

yes, how autistic, point out you don't get to pick and choose who replies and who doesn't

also sage your shit

No. 213411

calm down, why are you so mad?

No. 213412

literally no one is saying that, you derailing autist.

No. 213415

I'm not

>"no on cares, go home"
>"unless it was you who I'm replying to, then just ignore it instead of going out of your way to tell me how you don't care, if it was you then don't make replies and expect me not to reply just because it makes you feel better, you don't get your cake and eat it"
>yes because telling people they can't pick and choose who replies and who doesn't is autistic

also, how tf am I derailing simply for replying, don't like derailing? simple, don't reply to me and I won't reply back, as I said, you don't magically get the entitlement to derail and I don't

No. 213417

also, sage your shit, obvious samefag, what are you from r9k or some shit? if so that would explain a lot

No. 213423

Made a new thread guys just post here. It will be better for everyone's sanity. >>>/ot/213421

No. 213425

Oh my god. I am not that anon (believe it or not) but you are becoming unbearable with your need to reply to trolls. Why not take your own advice? Get the chip off your shoulder, and while you're at it, you should consider that while sage doesn't 'bump' a thread it doesn't stop it from being derailed.

I'm only commenting this because I am abandoning the mess you guys made.

No. 213426

why are you preaching at them to sage - this is /pt/ nobody fucking cares

No. 213428


/ot/, but your point still stands. This anon is grating on me something fierce. Moving to new thread.

No. 213429

so both of you just "happen" to be replying within the same minute, sprouting out the same bullshit, both just happens to be unsaging? right

>Why not take your own advice?

because I'm not the one telling people not to reply and to go home, then complaining when they reply, I simply know if I don't want people to reply then I won't reply, and I never claimed not to want people not to reply, you wouldn't text someone if you didn't want to talk to them right?

>sage doesn't 'bump' a thread it doesn't stop it from being derailed.

where did I claim sage stopped threads from being derailed? oh right, nowhere, but whos the one complaining about derailing while adding to the derailing, it's like rolling in dog shit then crying that it stinks

>why are you preaching at them to sage - this is /pt/ nobody fucking cares

actually a lot of people care about saging on each board, newfag, your cover is nice though, did you and this ~totally different person~ happen to reply at the same time to?

No. 213430

I did sage you newfag.

No. 213431

>she thinks only one person thinks she is nuts

Oh god anon, you are precious.

No. 213434

Shit I meant to put isn't /pt/

Also cool now you and I are the same person as >>213429 is beyond autistic and can't comprehend that nobody on this board agrees with them.

No. 213435

"oh we just all happen to be replying within the same minute, 3 different times, with the same opinions, totally two different people though"

like damn, at least try to hide the fact you're samefagging

"I did sage you newfag."

where did I say you didn't in that comment?

No. 213436

no, I'm saying people don't just "happen" to post at the same time, within the same minute, with the exact same, blunt, bullshit, they didn't even do this once either, are you gonna tell me they just "happened" to reply within the same minute, each time they replied but totally not a new fag?

No. 213437

>where did I say you didn't in that comment?

>both just happens to be unsaging?

I'm >>213425 btw. You're like nuts.

Yep, we're the same, so the same we can comment literally at the same time.

You realize, it makes less sense for people to be commenting at the same time, right? No?

No. 213438

Haha you're insane!

And on shit just saw >>213437 post their comment calling you nuts - guess I am them also??

No. 213439

There are multiple different people ITT who disagree with you, retard lol. Comi