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File: 1720430216049.webp (50.61 KB, 827x686, the-noise-is-part-of-the-fun-v…)

No. 2081586

A thread to discuss the dislike of dogs, their owners and dog culture in general.

Dog lovers, please don't come here to defend your pooch. see this thread >>>/ot/686457

please follow board rules, no infighting, don't reply to bait.
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No. 2081590

File: 1720431356585.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1583, IMG_1651.jpeg)

Another shitbull named Nahla gets smoked courtesy of mandatory spay, these vets truly are doing the lords work. And once again they’re claiming that a fully grown two year old monster is a puppy, lmao. Why do these faggots always give their hideous beasts the same name?

No. 2081592

File: 1720431780342.webp (55.44 KB, 1290x1865, give-me-a-break-v0-tkqdvk27rqa…)

No. 2081593

File: 1720431862168.jpeg (75 KB, 733x1004, IMG_1657.jpeg)

I think the fuck not

No. 2081594

File: 1720431920484.jpeg (92.2 KB, 479x680, IMG_1655.jpeg)

>shitbull as “cancer support dog”

No. 2081600

File: 1720432467825.webp (138.65 KB, 1080x1380, anon-hates-pitbulls-v0-pkil82e…)

Speaking of pitbulls and cancer…

No. 2081602

Oh I would be so livid
3 shitbulls kill 2 miniature ponies

No. 2081605

This is so horrible, poor horseys… I hope the fucking asshole owners at least had to pay a fine. They were so cute.

No. 2081625

>every dog is beautiful
>shows the ugliest dog

No. 2081627

Why is it always that name??

No. 2081640

I love horses and this makes me want to her a gun and seek out every single shitbull on earth. These disgusting creatures need to be eradicated

No. 2081649

Thread pic is retarded because fireworks are useless, annoying and distress/kill many animals, not just dogs. But I get the joke.

Is it common for dogs to bleed out because of spaying? Or is it that the owners can't be bothered to properly care for the dog post op? I've only ever heard of these pitbulls dying during these operations.

All pitbull owners are low iq but especially the motherfuckers who let their children hold these big jacked beasts in an attempt to prove a point (see?? he's so docile even my kid can totally lead him!!) and get an ego boost. I've seen shorts of a little girl made to walk a gigantic bull breed dog by her dad and all the comment going "aww she's already the boss and the dog understands that!", these people really can't get that these dogs are docile only when they want to or if they're forced to by leashes/abuse/prong collars and if they get angry you cannot fucking control them.

No. 2081710

File: 1720442889293.jpeg (469.06 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1650.jpeg)

I will never understand why anyone would want an animal that looks like this

No. 2081732

File: 1720444637672.jpeg (298.88 KB, 750x734, IMG_1619.jpeg)

>first drink of water
it’s probably like the equivalent of westerners getting a tattoo of a chinese word/proverb they think is cool but it ends up really meaning “chicken fried rice” or fried chicken wings or some shit kek

No. 2081755

>cancer support dog
this is new levels of bullshit. surely the last thing a cancer patient (who is likely immunocompromised from chemo) needs is a dirty mutt around them, let alone a fucking shitbull

No. 2081785

He smelt the burnt flesh of a genocided Palestinian baby all the way from Gaza and had to leave to go and find it to gnaw on. I hate pitbulls

No. 2081810

>bled to death
How often does it even happen in neutering operations? I think it just received a special jab it didn't need, then the vet claimed the dog 'bled to death'.

No. 2082012

Good. We need more stories like this. Also, pitnutters all share the same brain parasite they caught from huffing shitbull farts so of course they lack any original thought of their own. It's why their only rebuttal is "IT's tHe OwNeR noT tHe bREeD"

No. 2082017

Kekkkk my sides
>accident happened during internal surgery that is done with sharp knives? No, it must have been a vaccine that insta-killed it on the spot like a lethal injection
Actually probably better than lethal injections since those seem so prone to failure. We need to start giving death row inmates dog vaccinations instead

No. 2082047

Have you ever seen how an animal is put down? It receives a certain jab.

No. 2082051

They’re all called Thor and Nala because the people who get them are low IQ Disney adults.

No. 2082067

Well if its the arabic meaning it would be a name that makes sense as the quran has stories about people going to heaven for giving dogs water.

No. 2082072

Sorry nona you may not know but “the jab” tends to be antivaxxer code and lately that crowd has moved on to not vaxxing their pets for rabies because they’re worried the vaccine will transfer onto them somehow through their pets. Sorry for sperging if you already know this lol

No. 2082119

File: 1720467642929.png (78.23 KB, 683x839, spayfax.png)

>How often does it even happen in neutering operations?


Fatalities from spaying are generally rare. It's rare for pits, too, but they're more likely than other animals to die of bleeding because if they wake up on the table, they'll rip their own bodies apart to maul the surgeon.

No. 2082150

I saw this video and so many people in the comments on ig were defending the dog. It was insane

No. 2082153

If only dogfags felt this way about children.

No. 2082203

Shitty dog with shitty owner, not a surprise. This should be illegal.

The only thing retarded is that response because its clear you dont get the joke which is fine but thats not our problem.

No. 2082208

I think is because of the lion king movie

No. 2082209

This makes me wanna sadface emoji. Poor babies…

No. 2082217

I've always found it weird that the dog people will always try to project this idea that "oh EVERY dog is good there are just some owners that are BAD and that's why some dogs act bad but deep down they're all good dogs" idea. It reads like they see themselves in the dog, and by confirming that every dog is "good" that means they too can be a "good" person, if that makes sense. I've seen this in cases where social misfits will often buy a breed of dog considered bad, e.g., pitbulls or rottweilers, and try to tell everyone how sweet and loving and good it is. Same thing with those people that go crazy online if you say pitbulls are a dangerous breed, it's like their defending their own honour that they for some reason see in the animal. It's weird.

No. 2082218

Not to make it worse but this isnt even the only dog attack on miniture ponies, I really feel for this family as well. Also I doubt its "wild dogs" just some irresponsible owner because it always is.

No. 2082226

This is the craziest part, because if the dogs were bleeding during the operation or in the 3 hours that follow when they're being monitored at the vet, they would be treated and wouldn't die. I think what happens is that the owners get home, their dog is in stitches and a cone, but for some reason the owners take the cone off immediately or let the dog eat its own stitches or rub its wounds in dirty environments, it then becomes infected or the stitches come out too early and it dies. It seems like most of the "botched spay" deaths come from owners with multiple dogs, that the dogs aren't treated well, and that the owner neglects the dogs' health, not the fault of the veterinarian or the clinic that the operation was performed in. It always seems like it's the owners' neglect or wrongdoing that kills the animals post-operation.

No. 2082231

>I've always found it weird that the dog people will always try to project this idea that "oh EVERY dog is good there are just some owners that are BAD and that's why some dogs act bad but deep down they're all good dogs" idea.

Reminded me of this video-the dogs at the show are meant to be the best in their breed not just looks but temperament and looked what happened, in the video it makes out the dogs attacked each other but its clear its the pitbull who decided to attack the husky and look at the comments here they all know whats up. Certain breeds need to go extinct like yesterday.

No. 2082235

Kill all shitbulls. Exterminate them all. Disgusting vermin

No. 2082247

Nta but…
>reads post clearly referencing dog being euthanized
>starts sperging about anitvaxxers
U ok? Jab is the british word for shot.

No. 2082297

Fucking ugly ass piece of shit, this is why everyone in America needs to carry. If you’re being threatened by an off leash shitbull and its owners refuse to intervene you have every right to blow its head off

No. 2082300

Every single one of these repulsive mutts needs to die expeditiously

No. 2082310

File: 1720479481390.jpeg (834.8 KB, 1170x1491, IMG_1660.jpeg)

>the world needs this smile
No the fuck it doesn’t, the world needs all these beasts to be destroyed

No. 2082339

File: 1720482975742.jpg (250.84 KB, 1566x878, poor kitties.jpg)

I'm surprised to hear of this. I am in UK and Im sure this is from USA but this is a surprise after seeing some of the posts from last thread where shelters had kept dangerous dogs alive for 4+ years yet put down healthy cats? I know cats can also be dangerous but this seems overblown?!

No. 2082416

How can they even call this a smile? It's creepy

No. 2082521

Why are pitbull owners so arrogant and insist they are never wrong

pt 2 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnP6QbwgmL0

No. 2082527

what.the.fuck is up with the "music choice" for this video fuck these shelters are hella manipulative

No. 2082528

Put them down please and just give your money to homeless charities for humans or something

No. 2082529

File: 1720500806073.jpeg (186 KB, 733x496, IMG_1642.jpeg)

Just like shitbull and all other pet owners they mindlessly defend the dog as brain rotten conflict avoidance. Take picrel and apply it to dog owners, they are incapable of evaluating the threat of safety of others, it’s what leads a bunch of left tards to defend criminals who rape and abuse women to be rehabilitated for their horrible behavior and actions which are also not coincidentally self-imposed animal lovers

No. 2082532

Or if they’re not left tards they’re racist rightoids who gleefully cheer on the genocide of brown women and children and value animals (especially verminous dogs and cats) above humans. Petfags on both political extremes are low IQ misogynists who should be put down along with the hideous shitbeasts they cape so hard for

No. 2082535

File: 1720501311271.jpeg (242.28 KB, 996x2047, IMG_1662.jpeg)

Ugly as fuck and aggressive, yet they wonder why no one wants to adopt it

No. 2082536

Amen nonny

No. 2082545

>Ugly as fuck and aggressive, yet they wonder why no one wants to adopt it
the same could be said about scrotes

No. 2082558

kek, indeed

No. 2082569

>they'll rip their own bodies apart to maul the surgeon

No. 2082593

>Dog kills woman
>"He was just trying to help"
These pit nutters have stockholm syndrome.

No. 2082615

File: 1720512309077.webp (144.51 KB, 1080x1173, shitbulls-are-not-land-seals-t…)


No. 2082619

File: 1720512636178.jpeg (Spoiler Image,38.05 KB, 450x319, images - 2024-07-09T180953.092…)

Elephant seals perhaps

No. 2082684

I love seals so much and this makes me seethe. It’s even more egregious than “muh velvet hippos”. I hate shitbulls so much it’s insane. There are truly no animals on earth so utterly hideous and useless. They’re an utter scourge and I want to see ever last one of them wiped out forever.

No. 2082686

I know this is supposed to be a general dog hate thread but the way it is 99% us bonding over our vitriolic, visceral hatred of shibbles warms my heart. I mean I hate the majority of dogs but none so much as these dysgenic aberrations and I just want all you blessed nonitas to know that I appreciate you ♥

No. 2082729

Seals are actually cute even with their beady eyes. Pitbulls just look so muscular and weird, you can tell they're like, inbred or mutated.

Nah you're the retard. I said I got it, can you read?

No. 2082936

>woman dumps it in the middle of a regular neighborhood in front of someone’s house
Oh my fucking god it’s a pet, if the dogs in Chernobyl can learn how to survive from the aftermath of a radioactive meltdown then it will be fine, they also stated it was able to find a new home. Nobody would say a damn thing if it was a cat, who are more likely to be dumped and abandoned because cats don’t grovel for human affection like dogs do. Pet lovers disgust me because there’s something insidious about them, why don’t you pick up another news story about humans who are struggling?

No. 2083002

I hate these mutants so much… I wish a swift yet violent eradication to each and every one of them and their descendants. Everything about them elicits disgust in me. And the breeders deserve to be mauled by the horrifically inbred clusters that they keep unleashing into the world. I fear that one day someone's going to inbreed these shitbags into a near unstoppable monstrosity that even guns can't take down, and the world will be overrun with them to the point that they're under no one's control and forming dangerous packs. They're getting close with the XL bullies.

No. 2083215

File: 1720552919340.gif (535.36 KB, 400x213, shitbulls.gif)

i heard a coworker in the office call them nanny dogs, perfect for small children
took all of my restraint to keep myself from saying pic related

No. 2083260

I find the lack of empathy dog lovers have for victims of dog attacks absolutely vile. I remember seeing a video on youtube of a woman who was attacked by dogs owned by her BF and she developed a phobia of dogs because of the incident, rightfully so. All the comments blamed her for what happened to her and had little to say about the owner for owning such monsters in the first place. Nobody should have to be in fear because a dog might maul them to pieces. It's weird how people who love dogs so much will be the first people to hate cats to the point where they fantasise about murdering them despite cats rarely having incidents of almost killing people and being fairly stand offish and upfront about not liking you. You don't see cat lovers doing the same towards dogs even though in a lot of instances, they probably should. I just can't fathom owning an animal that requires training not to rip people to pieces.

No. 2083275

I hate the fake nanny dog meme so much

No. 2083284

Hating cats is associated with misogyny and violence, as cats are seen as feminine animals, while as large dogs are seen as masculine. People who defend big dogs who attack people also don’t bat an eyelash when they rip little toy dogs to shreds. Incidentally when people own a large dog AND toy dogs or cats it’s always a nightmare where the smaller animals are continually chased, tortured and eventually egregiously harmed or even killed, and the owners always act completely dismissive about it until and even after it’s too late. It’s always “haha Daisy is playing! Wow the cats are so feisty” and when it goes wrong they even blame the small, frightened animal for lashing out.

No. 2083287

Did they just ignore every single pitbull mauling on babies/children in the last decade or something??

No. 2083290

Pet people are insane because they treat animals better than human beings. They're walk by a homeless person or a woman in distress, but better film that man feeding a dog. I hate all those 'pet saves' videos so much especially.

No. 2083291

They need to put it down already. Shitbulls should be put down immediately at shelters.

No. 2083371

I think a lot of 'dog lovers' also don't realize that dogs can be way more aggressive with other people than they are with them. Kind of blog-y but when I was younger my mom and aunt would always claim to have been 'attacked' by dogs and sometimes I knew the dog in question from walking around the neighbourhood and I was like 'oh it's a really sweet and friendly dog, you must have misinterpreted it as an attack.' It took a trip with my mom and aunt in adulthood to realize they weren't lying, we kept encountering dogs on the trip and the dogs would be extremely sweet and friendly when I passed by but when my mom/aunt passed by the dogs stuck their tail in between their legs, howled, growled/barked at them, etc. I think it's probably because dogs can 'smell' fear on people but I now just assume anyone who minimizes other people's negative experiences with dogs is 'like me' in the sense that dogs are usually nice to them, wrongly assuming the dogs treat everyone the same.

Of course there's literally no excuse whatsoever to be horrible to dog attack victims, but it doesn't even take being mauled by a dog to have a (rightful) fear of them. You might just be afraid because dogs are generally kind of hostile toward you, and people who are 'good with dogs' will gaslight you to hell and back about it because 'well I never had those experiences!'

Speaking of dog lovers who hate cats, I seriously think it's because cats are harder to control and only warm up to people who respect their boundaries. I met a moid once that my friend brought over to my house who immediately squared up against and looked like he was going to kick the cat I was catsitting for a friend, who was literally just sitting on the floor doing absolutely nothing of note. He started sperging about how 'cats don't do what you tell them to' and 'cats don't show you affection.' Well yeah obviously and that's fine. Whenever a moid gets mad cats don't grovel and follow instructions I assume that he's a misogynist who has the same attitudes toward women.

No. 2083482

File: 1720571738235.jpeg (836.11 KB, 1170x1747, IMG_1665.jpeg)

This is straight up one of the most offensively hideous things I’ve ever seen

No. 2083483

File: 1720571810277.jpeg (1022.81 KB, 1170x1148, IMG_1666.jpeg)

I cannot express how much this uwu-fication of ugly, violent shitbeasts angers me

No. 2083504

They are borderline sociopaths who let their annoying slobbering flea-ridden mutts run all over the place where they’ll bite you and the owner doesn’t say anything or says “sorry!” and carries on with their day like nothing happened. Those are the very people who would own human slaves if they could

No. 2083505

File: 1720573214506.png (9.56 MB, 1610x13698, 2many pitbulls.png)


>Shelters are overrun with pitbulls they are getting desperate to rehome them by trying to get female truck drivers to take them on the road and get businesses and offices to take them as guard dogs

They really need to just get rid of the breed altogether

Anon, you clearly dont get the joke given what you wrote which is fine, you trying to start an infight with this attitude isnt.

No. 2083507

That's well over 3 months. Put her down already

No. 2083515

People get mad at you for deciding to spend a couple hundred to a thousand to get a dog from those puppy mills. That is probably one of the reasons for that

No. 2083530

File: 1720574373359.jpg (339.31 KB, 1575x1038, oh fuck off with that bullshit…)

You're welcome anon, shitbulls are a legitimate issue so its good to see people like you reconise it and not fall for the psyop.

Speaking of which here is another trying to pass them off as seals. Its amazing pitnutters proclaim theres nothing wrong with the breed yet they try to call them seals/velvet hippos and shelters try to pawn them off as other breeds. We all know the issue they just dont want to admit it.

No. 2083532

File: 1720574804372.jpg (130.18 KB, 1102x734, yikes.jpg)

You think thats bad, I've seen pitnutters post pics like this one saying this is a "cute smile" and awful channels like the dodo here trying to push this, ugh!

No. 2083538

>smells anon’s little sister playing with barbies through the computer screen
>fresh blood

No. 2083540

I like how they openly admit pitbulls, of all things, are the 'predominant breed' of dogs that exist in America, and somehow don't seem to see a problem with this. Why would a fighting breed that's the worst possible family pet be the most 'predominant breed' of dog in America?

No. 2083541

I hate anyone who tries to dub other animals as dogs. There are so many smooth brains on the animal IG reels I watch calling everything a sky or land puppy. Just shut the fuck up. Shitbulls should be dubbed as what they are, killing machines needing to be put down.

No. 2083543

I hate the dodo so much. I feel like they are filled with misinformation

No. 2083544

Honestly it's bizarre and backwards that after human beings spent hundreds to thousands of years specifically breeding pedigree dogs for different tasks and situations, now people are guilted and shamed for wanting one of the specifically bred types of dogs that is appropriate for their situation. Instead they're supposed to go to a shelter and commit to maybe a decade or more of taking care of an animal that isn't appropriate for their situation and lifestyle because 'dog shopping bad.' This is a thing you'll have in your house for like 8, 12, sometimes even 15 years and you're not even allowed to express preferences? No one would tell you to go to the clothing store and spend 500 dollars on a dress that isn't the kind of dress you want just because 'it's weird and mean to want a dress that isn't on sale. We have all these dresses that no one wants to buy so you should buy that one instead of the one you wanted.'

No. 2083548

I was just thinking the same thing about that, it makes no sense. It’s apart of the insane anti-consumerist shit where they blame everything on the consumer while ignoring the entire business. It’s also because pure-bred dogs are more likely to be unhealthy compared to mixed breed dogs but I don’t really know how true that is.

No. 2083554

But pits are essentially 'purebred' most of the time too. If they really thought mutts were healthier, they would not push spay/neutering on every dog and they would let people breed their mutts for good health. I'm originally from a country where most dog owners I knew had actual medium-sized mutts (like 'literally idk wtf dog breeds this is even related to' level mutts) and actually most of their dogs are healthier and do have good temperaments, but you need to have a 'letting random dogs breed willy nilly' culture for that to happen. Somehow in the US they are like autistic about spay/neutering any non-pedigree dog except pitbulls, so they can't even use that argument.

As a slight aside 'mutt' cats (normal domestic shorthairs/longhairs) are the vast overwhelming majority of all cats available for adoption and purchase, but nonetheless you don't get nearly as severely shamed for buying a purebred cat as you do for buying a purebred dog imo. I have a purebred 'hypoallergenic' cat because my bf is allergic to cats, and no one has really said anything negative about us 'buying' a specific breed in light of his allergies, even though I was always fine with the idea of getting a DSH. I think the insane shaming of people for wanting purebred dogs is directly related to the surplus of pitbulls honestly, like the more unadopted/unadoptable pits there are the more people screech at prospective dog owners for wanting a pedigree dog.

No. 2083556

File: 1720575855585.jpg (100.57 KB, 1067x1690, head-shot-man-scowling-5944806…)

Zomg!!! Look at them smiling at each other! So wholesome! They have the weirdest smile EVER!

No. 2083570

>LOOK at her
>top right photo looks like a sliced open teratoma
No thanks

No. 2083611

File: 1720580151421.jpg (1.36 MB, 1378x4236, killer on the loose.jpg)

When the ban came into affect here (uk) this sotry ran about how half of all xl pitbulls in the country came from a single inbred male but his owner is claiming its owners injecting putbulls with steroids thats making them agressive. Yeah, make of that what you will. Also I mean, calling your dog "killer Kimbo" but then claiming your dog isnt agressive. RRRRRIGHT.

No. 2083615

you're so right. There's definitely a huge overlap between people who feel socially outcast and people who get an unconventional (read: bad) dog. Not only do they want to prove that they can be a "good" person via their dog, but because of the stigma surrounding whatever breed it is, they feel emotionally connected to it in a deeply unhealthy way like you said. They assign their own value as a human to their dog, which is why arguing with them is pointless. God I hate dog people

No. 2083617

Holy shit nonna. Wtf.

No. 2083623

Hippos is probably the most apt thing to call them since hippos are horrific beasts that maul you with little to no provocation. You can be a good length's away from them, and they still charge at humans or any animals. They kill their own young for no reason, and they murder defenseless young animals stuck in the mud just for being in the same vicinity as them. I don't think these shitbull owners have the faintest clue how much they're revealing about their murderhound by calling them "velvet hippos."

No. 2083645

File: 1720582739565.jpeg (642.26 KB, 1170x1293, IMG_1667.jpeg)

This woman is one of the most psychotic animalfaggots I’ve come across on Twitter. She’s a full blown racist, misanthropic MAGAtard. People who value animals above humans are scum. On the plus side, another shitbull got what it deserves

No. 2083647

File: 1720582947449.jpeg (289.98 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1668.jpeg)

Because a hideous shitbull isn’t bad enough in and of itself, this one has a medical issue that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to treat. How fucking mentally ill does one need to be to sign up for this shit?

No. 2083650

why dont they just put her to sleep

No. 2083671

the dodo is absolute dogshit trash

No. 2083672

no matter how many kawaii swirls, flowers and decorations they put on these images, a pitbull is a pitbull. I wish they understood how embarrassing this is. She's 7 and very ill, put her to rest.

No. 2083676

File: 1720587568759.png (403.67 KB, 398x388, pit.png)

where did she get that tutu? from the 5 year old she mauled?
no matter how much they try to kawaiify these beasts it never makes them look cute and approachable.
pitbull heads looking like this is the most disgusting trait of the breed for me.

No. 2083679

"dog shopping" is only bad when people are actively choosing bad breeds, inbreed dogs, or if the dog breed has been getting shittier and more ill with each generation. pugs, pitbulls, rottweilers, even huskies are like this. people getting mad at a family chosing a golden retriever or a samoyed instead of a disgusting pitbull out of a shelter are fucking insane.

No. 2083683

I've also read that the same dog is responsible for a large majority of pitbulls across the world. I wonder if their sudden snap aka go from normal to murder is to do with a bred trait or the fact most of them come from this inbred male?

Also heres a poor Shiba Inu being attacked by a shitbull, poor Shiba.

No. 2083709

this is too humane treatment of shitbulls for me. i think decapitating them with an axe after catching them would be cheaper

No. 2083731

>because dogs can 'smell' fear on people
I hate this bullshit. Maybe it's true in some cases, but whenever dogs acted werid around me (small dogs giving me a wide berth or being scared shitless and running off in panic) coincided with me having a fever or infection and in one case a tachycardia attack.
That's why dogs in public spaces are such a liability. Their perception of the world is schizoid.

No. 2083737

>pure-bred dogs are more likely to be unhealthy compared to mixed breed dogs but I don’t really know how true that is.
It's true, because 'breed purity' comes with a lot of inbreeding. There are even specific illnesses that affect specific breeds, like German Shepherds having hind leg problems.

No. 2083749

>That's why dogs in public spaces are such a liability. Their perception of the world is schizoid.
Kek not the schizo dogs

No. 2083789

>pure-bred dogs are more likely to be unhealthy compared to mixed breed dogs
Kind of a myth. Yes some pure-bred dogs like pugs and pitbulls are awfully inbred for the look but it's also true that good professional breeders screen their dogs for illnesses very frequently and select the ones that have less issues, leading to healthier puppies. On the other hand you have mixed breeds and their dna/health history are a mistery, and they could also have several health issues due to the genes that get passed down from parents that may belong to an unhealthy breed and they can be inbred as well (backyard breeders often make the puppies breed with their parents or siblings because they don't have the means to get other dogs to breed but still want puppies). Working pure-bred dogs tend to be strong and healthiest because they have a job to do.

For example this is true for show line GSs. Working GSs don't have the classic coloration, the slumped back and are selected by breeders to have as little health issues as possible.

No. 2083794

If a pitbull attacked my dog or any other pet I'd strangle the shit out of it or straight up cave its skull in with the nearest heavy/sharp object.

No. 2083806

Those are actually very inbred too, because the stock that makes up most of the samoyed dogs kept as pets originally came from only a few specimen some dude brought from Siberia (where the ancestors of those dogs are used for reindeer herding, but they are genetically more diverse than the 'pure' breed.) Also samoyeds have a fur coat meant to keep them warm in -40 degrees, and what happens when idiots try to keep them in a tiny hot apartment is that they develop a ton of skin problems. Their bark is shrill and insufferable. I honestly think pet dogs should be banned in cities save for actual service dogs.

No. 2083815

I hate it so much. Everything about their hideous heads instinctively make me want to curb stomp them

No. 2083817

File: 1720604535276.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2015, IMG_1669.jpeg)

They can get fucked. I want to a-log pitfaggots so bad

No. 2083818

Me too

No. 2083819

Based nona

No. 2083826

I'm not saying that I love samoyeds, huskies or malamutes and they have no fault (although I've never heard of a samoyed attack) but I would love to put the fuckers who think it's a good idea to have a dog that gladly sleeps in piles of snow in a small house in a 30 degree climate to work outside in the sun in the middle of the summer with three layers of clothes and see how they like it. You can tell these idiots only buy these breeds because they want a wolf-like trendy dog and not because they can afford it.

No. 2083841

honestly as much i doslike dogs what i really hate is dog owners.
if you show any kind of fear or dislike or even just ask them to keep their mutt on a leash they immediately get so hostile and aggressive.
you can even see it in here, there's a bunch of retards perpetually seething at this thread just bc it exists. you're just not allowed to dislike dogs at all or they take it personally. it's wack

No. 2083904

If you say you dislike dogs, they start to scream how you hate animals in general and how you are a psychopath and a very bad person in general. No, I just hate dogs. It doesn't mean I hate every single animal out there if I don't like heckin' pupperinos.

No. 2083923

Is this the moid in here that keeps calling shitbull owners “pitnutters” because of this channel? Kek(scrotefoiling)

No. 2083934

Pitnutter is a common term for the retards who own pitbulls. Not sure who popularized it though

No. 2083936

Yeah, I wonder what it is about dogs that makes a lot of owners treat them like a personality extension or like their own children. No other pet owners get this buttblasted when someone is afraid of their pet. I know it from my own family, they really treat it like a personal insult if someone avoids their dog and seethe about it for days.

No. 2083937

Ohhh ok, got ya

No. 2083938

Are dog hating moids more self-aware and empathetic than regular moids? He was able to understand the emotional motivations of the parents towards the end of the video, or maybe I’m just detecting a scrote’s manipulative genetic trait as “empathy”

No. 2083939

No. 2083940

>No other pet owners get this buttblasted
I know this is the dog hate thread and all, but you obviously haven't been around pet owners if you think this is true.

No. 2083941

I can't watch this as someone who owns a Shiba mix, this is my worst fear and why I carry pepper spray everywhere (also just because I like my skin on my body where it belongs). Shitbulls are literal unstoppable killing machines, anything short of a gun isn't going to be a guaranteed defense but they're too dangerous to casually carry on walks. For fucks sake I just want to be able to go on a walk alone without worrying about being murdered by a man or his bloodsport shitbeast dog

No. 2083948

Dogs aren’t fuzzy adorable animals, most of them were used for hunting food and being guards. Now that we don’t live in a civilization where hunting and scavenging for food is necessary (yet lol), what’s the point of having a dog? They remind me a lot of collectible designer bag, they are status symbols that require you to take care and maintain to avoid law enforcement from taking it away. When you have a bunch of antisocial dysgenic mutant people running around they find other ways to make their neighbors feel uncomfortable and unsafe, it’s like a weapon or a gun you can tote around with virtually no legislation around it

No. 2083954

No, moids who hate animals will almost always try to abuse them, and that abuse will translate into abuse towards humans (women especially). They barely have empathy for their children, and that's only because they carry their genes.

No. 2083959

File: 1720619819482.jpg (22.79 KB, 555x553, images-1.jpg)

>Baby seal uwu
This shit is stupid, they're ugly as fuck no matter how many cutesy words, cute tutus/costumes, and innocent descriptions they use. They're not seals. They're not babies. They're ugly and aggressive.

Honestly, pitbulls are so scrotal, the way retard ass people defend them reminds me of TRAs and troons. "She's just an innofensive trans woman!!Uwu" stfu. I recognize danger where danger is. You can't hide the truth from people's eyes.

No. 2083963

Pitbulls are the ugly bastard trope of dog breeds and you can't convince me otherwise.

No. 2083965

>Found with a face wound
Geee I wonder why. The gay flag gives it an extra flavor of "queerbaiting" as well.

No. 2083974

Only men and dogs will be called 'good boys' after committing murder.

No. 2084127

Same, nonna. I caught myself involuntarily sneering while looking at this abomination as someone passed by kek. I already feel mild dislike or annoyance towards most dogs, but pits don't even register as dogs to me, they're simply abhorrent mutants that don't belong in this world.

No. 2084139

>land seals
land sharks, you mean. Fucking hell. And these are the same freaks that probably try to call sharks sea puppies, posting tiktoks "petting" bull sharks, trying to convince others that just because it hasn't attacked them yet that it's their best friend. Except unlike shitbulls, I actually have a healthy respect and even love for sharks.

No. 2084155

Everything about a dog reminds me so much of men it’s not even funny. Smelly, shit everywhere, overly dependent, bullies, obsessed with food and loyalty, loud. I find dog hating so cathartic because it reminds me of misandry, feels like home!

No. 2084177

Pitbulls are scrotal because scrotes created and bred them in the first place. The worst kind of scrote too, the ones who were alcoholic, deeply misogynistic, that get off to animals fighting like retards and see nothing wrong with tying up female dogs so their selected males can rape them with no issues. They took the absolute worst parts of and animal and made sure to preserve and accentuate those traits.
Big difference from dogs who historically were kept and appreciated by women, which tended to either resemble common middle sized mutts/shepherds, small, cute, non-aggressive dogs that were overall used to human contact, or hounds/sighthounds with elegant forms and a calm personality.

No. 2084234

I want to exterminate that ugly shitbeast so bad

No. 2084237

This rant is absolutely deranged kek

No. 2084243

Men hate animals because they are sociopathic and want to torture them, or narcisistic and can't stand a pet getting more attention than them.

No. 2084252

File: 1720638649976.jpg (85.49 KB, 1258x226, 43.jpg)

I hate the imbeciles who hate on the dog hate thread.

No. 2084254

They cry about it CONSTANTLY both on /meta/ and here in /ot/. The reasons they provide look made up too.

No. 2084256

amazing thread pic and extremely true. i hate dogs and fireworks but its so funny when people moralfag about it hurting their dipshit dog

No. 2084266

File: 1720639647811.jpg (262.08 KB, 1900x1215, fila-brasileiro-i7-524667802.j…)

>They took the absolute worst parts of and animal and made sure to preserve and accentuate those traits.
This, not every dog's history or purpose is the same. This is why I mostly hate dog owners and breeders, I admit I don't hate all dogs (they can be cute and well trained), but pitbulls and other similar aggressive dogs are the exception and one of the worst dog breeds. There's certainly worst dogs out there though, breeds that literally were made to kill and chase slaves like the fila brasileiro. These are banned in a lot of countries or require you to be an owner who knows how to control it because it WILL kill and maul anyone it doesn't have a respect for.
The funny thing is that this thread has multiple people that hate dogs and we all hate them in different degrees and for different reasons. I hate pitbulls because they are ugly, scrotal, and scary. They kill women, children, and much cuter dogs. Them crying about everyone here being a schizo is retarded. They sound like PRAs (pitbull rights activists) whose feefes are hurt because a thread happened to get bumped. Hide the fucking thread.

No. 2084270

good, im glad he got justice

No. 2084272

I own two dogs and I even I don't get the complaints. There are many dog owners and types of dog that deserve to be criticized. People who actually do love dogs will admit this. Keeping big dogs in small apartments is bad, having untrained dogs is bad, expecting other people to deal with dogs that are owned by someone else is bad, aggressive dogs being around children and other animals is bad, having an energetic dog and not exercising it is bad, inbreeding dogs so they conform to moronic breed standards is bad. It's just as awful for the dog as it is other people.

No. 2084281

Very interesting how they want to frame this thread as if everyone here is some idiot who is going to go their way and harm dogs, some psychopath/schizo/autist/scrote whatever word of choice they want, or just some "crazy cat lady", there's so many different anons here, most comments are simply talking about how pit owners are insane but they want to make us look like the insane ones in their complaints. I must admit I hate comments like these >>2083709 but can you really blame them when these dogs kill people?

No. 2084285

File: 1720640807397.jpg (238.48 KB, 1562x1272, Untitled.jpg)

>"Pitbulls, aka land seals, aka velvet hippos, are sweet and gentle in nature, its all about how they are raised, I would trust mine with my babies!"

>Meanwhile, shitbull kills own pups. I also read a story some time ago about a litter of pitbulls eating the runt and the owner came back to find just its severed head.

True, I also hate fireworks but yes this was just a funny joke that some nonna decided to get her knickers in a twist about lol

No. 2084292

I dont think this thread is even close to the most mentally ill thread on this website lol

No. 2084302

>velbet hipbbos
my dad was chased by a hippo in rural south africa, hippos arent peaceful either

No. 2084305

Funny how I said several times that I get that it's a joke (still wanted to say it because I know there's a firework fag lurking the thread) but you still fixate on that one thing I said among other things like an autist kek did you choose the thread pic of something? You sound like you took it personally, sorry I offended you sweetheart.(infighting)

No. 2084307

File: 1720642252606.jpeg (Spoiler Image,4.57 KB, 202x249, images.jpeg)

For anyone interested the reason this pitbull has a "wierd smile" is because this is how they usually look when they "smile" (spoilered for nightmare fuel you were warned) off with the whole breed I say!

No. 2084319

she killed her own babies wtf. we jail women who do this

No. 2084321

I mean basically all animals will eat their own babies though, cats do it a lot, nature sucks

No. 2084338

Dogs don't normally eat their young, its not in their nature to do so. Wolves don't eat their young either. Shows how messed up shitbulls are, a complete abomination

No. 2084351

okay then

No. 2084428

>knowing what fate awaits them
these dogfags is2g, more likely explanation is the animal was neurotic and not leash trained kek

No. 2084443

imo, the main problem with dog "shopping" is people buying from backyard breeders, which are the scourge of the earth and are why there are so many deformed fucking pits on this fag planet. if people exclusively bought from FCI registered breeders, even if they were buying messed up modern breeds, i guarantee the world would be a better place. imo owning a dog should require a license too, certainly breeding should require licensing and certification

No. 2084483

backyard breeders also breed based on trends, for a period byb huskies and gsheps were common, labs before that, various "cutsie" maltese/poodle/unknown little white dog with shit in its eyes mixes, random designer "crossbreeds" now like doodle crosses… but also, in my opinion, pit bulls. and i think they think that pit bulls are a trendy pet because there are a lot of them around, without realising that the VAST majority (saw some stats recently about kc registered pit bull puppies in my opinion all pit bull breeders are backyard breeders inherently because the "breed" doesnt actually have a recognised pedigree and no kennel club worth shit registers them vs. shelter intake pit bulls, the latter DWARFED the former) are shelter "adoptions". so they churn out more fucking pit bulls that inevitably end up abandoned and left to clog the shelters. and as more pit bulls clog the shelters, the more the shelters need to run pit bull PR to get people to take them off their hands because so many shelters refuse to euthanise because "kill shelter" is a dirty label. and the more pit bull pr there is, the more retards chose to "adopt" so they can feel smug about something. and the more retards adopt, the more pit breeders think the breed is trending.

also on the topic of pure breed health, it is a myth that pure bred animals universally have a worse constitution than mutts. its not even necessarily true that working line breeds are always the healthiest animals, plenty of dedicated companion/show line breeders do extensive health testing before crossing a pair in order to get the healthiest litter possible. your average joe doesnt know what health testing is or to expect a breeder to provide genetic history, though. and there certainly are some outdated breed standards that push breeders towards dysgenic traits, like that extreme sloped back in g shepherds.

No. 2084714

That face is pure evil

No. 2084715

How? Please tell us the story nonna

No. 2084717

>knowing what fate awaits them
They're so fucking cringe and edgy

No. 2084719

nta but hippos are well known to be aggressive and very dangerous to humans. I think if there is an apt comparison for shitbulls then hippos are pretty close. The big difference is that hippos developed this behavior naturally and shitbulls were specifically bred to be that way.

No. 2084735

Yes I already know that, I need to know how nonna's father was chased by a hippo

No. 2084812

I’m a scuba diver and marine enthusiast and I really love sharks, they’re magnificent creatures. They’re the opposite of shitbulls, design wise. Sharks are nature’s engineering at its finest, shitbulls are a man made monstrosity that needs to be eliminated

No. 2084829

>crazy cat lady
There are a few farmers here who hate cats too, myself included, but I don’t wish harm on cats. I absolutely wish death on shitbulls though, because they are a scourge and there is no reason for them to exist. Cats are suitable pets, shitbulls are not. They are a violent liability. I don’t see a-logging over any other breed of dog, because we all know that even if we hate other dogs they don’t pose the inherent threat that shitbulls do.

No. 2084905

Yeah I think you hit the nail on the head re: why pitbulls are overtaking all other dog breeds, and I also think that there probably are a lot of people using them as fighting dogs still, just hiding it better so I suspect some are also bred for that purpose. Pitbull defenders will literally claim that they're not worse than other breeds by saying 'they only cause most dog attacks because they are most of the dogs in the US' but somehow this doesn't alarm them and it doesn't occur to them that that's very strange. Why would the most controversial dog breed wanted by the fewest people also be overwhelmingly the most common dog breed?

No. 2084922

that face says "and I'd do it again"

No. 2084930

There are times that male lions will kill a rival lion’s cubs to try and get a lioness to mate with him and have his DNA be raised instead. Animals will also sometimes kill their newborns if they sense sickness/disease that the babies will not survive so it is not worth trying to raise them from a survival standpoint. But, in general, mammals raise their young until they are old enough to go out on their own. I NEVER hear about it happening with dogs in any other breed as often as with pits. Pits seem to eat their own litters out of their instinct to kill other dogs. Pits have so many natural, normal instincts removed from them in order to be good fighting dogs that the desire to kill overrides any instincts for survival.

No. 2084933

One of my coworkers dogs recently had to have a c-section because apparently she was too little to give birth to her puppies, and she wouldn't let any of them feed off her and then killed all of them overnight? What a fucking psycho

No. 2084936

>Pits seem to eat their own litters out of their instinct to kill other dogs. Pits have so many natural, normal instincts removed from them in order to be good fighting dogs that the desire to kill overrides any instincts for survival.

No. 2084938

If these dogs start roaming free and reproducing it'll be a problem

No. 2084950

They already are where I live (suburban/rural-ish area in California). Once in a while some loose dogs will just roam around, usually pits, that are either dumped or abandoned or jumped/dug under the fence from their homes and band together in a small "pack" and just roam freely for a few days or weeks. It's terrifying and I always hear about random, off-leash pitbulls running up to people's dogs or kids. A little girl was attacked by a random off-leash pit near by neighborhood a few years ago. I used to want to buy a home here and have a dog of my own, but I'm genuinely worried about taking it outside on walks, or even going outside with my future kids in fear of one of these things running up to us out of nowhere.

No. 2084953

Is the gov doing anything about it??

No. 2084966

>cats do it a lot
[citation needed]

>pitbulls make 82.5% of euthanised dogs
I'm betting most shelters are 90-97% pitbulls (or pittbull mixes) though, so the rate needs to be higher.

No. 2084969

I'm not trying to tell you to stop hating dogs; I'm stating that it's a pretty common knowledge that mammals and other animals will eat their babies, I'm sorry

No. 2084971

>various "cutsie" maltese/poodle/unknown little white dog with shit in its eyes mixes
My paternal grandmother and aunts all loved this kind of perpetually dirty little dog in the eighties and nineties.
The dog knew some things just aren't meant to be. I hope she got spayed afterward.

No. 2084978

>The dog knew some things just aren't meant to be
Kek I feel so bad laughing at this

No. 2085039

Same, but it's also true for many of these absolute abominations. Some of the sickest dog breeds can't even mate without assistance due to their anatomy, let alone give birth. If morons weren't purposefully producing them, they'd go extinct on their own. This means that every time you see an English bulldog or a frenchie or some other type of cruel mockery of the nature's beauty, it exists solely because someone decided to actively bring it into this world.

No. 2085045

File: 1720686599090.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1968, IMG_1676.jpeg)

One less shitbull shitting up the planet

No. 2085046

File: 1720686673128.png (526.36 KB, 460x654, IMG_1677.png)

I hate this kawaii faggotry so much it’s insane

No. 2085051

File: 1720686888396.jpeg (847.65 KB, 1170x1629, IMG_1678.jpeg)

>tense, nervous and flinches
I’m sure this disgusting fugly beast will make a great pet

No. 2085052

>Itty bitty pitty darling uwu
Oh my god this is the worst

No. 2085053

That face is scary as fuck

No. 2085054

literally Jeff the killer

No. 2085095

>Those posters make me ashamed of owning a cat
kek! What is this retardation, absolute unhinged moralfag

No. 2085112

Lol, and its still going on over there. The best one was the one that said this thread is race baiting kek.

No. 2085137

File: 1720693608823.jpg (80.42 KB, 1000x519, dog.jpg)

Why would ANYONE want a nervous killing beast? To sic it on rival drug dealers? To commit 'homicide by dog'?

No. 2085143

Just carry a knife. I have one meant for stabbing and couldn't care less about aggressive dogs now that I know how to use it.

No. 2085167

But wouldn't that put you in jail?

No. 2085174

Killing a dog trying to maul you isn't a crime. It might be different in the Western cuck world, but even if you had to choose between spending a night in jail or months in a wheelchair the choice seems obvious.

No. 2085175

How the fuck is hating pitbulls = racebaiting? Are pitbulls humans now?

No. 2085178

Wouldn't carrying the knife be a problem in the first place?

No. 2085212

No cop cares about knives unless it's expensive and he's jealous. Plus you can always hide it somewhere.

No. 2085221

And its pretty common knowledge dogs arent among animals where its normal for them to cannibalise their young. Humans sometimes eat their own babies too, but it sure as hell isn't normal. Shitbulls kill instinct overrides its maternal one.

No. 2085225

Based mom pit bull culling her species

No. 2085371

I like dogs in general so I don’t use this thread typically but I also hate shitbulls, which shouldn’t even be considered dog hate because it’s the normal and rational thing to think. It’s called having a survival instinct.

No. 2085606

Looks straight up demonic.

No. 2085613

>gives dozens of examples of shitty doggs mauling and killing
>"not all dogs"
Dog fags have zero cognitive thinking

No. 2085623

pitbull are honorary niggas didn’t you know nonny

No. 2085701

File: 1720730797454.jpg (39.07 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

detroit also has a huge stray dog problem

No. 2085725

Bullets flying and shitbulls running around. Just drop an H-bomb on Detroit already

No. 2085736

File: 1720733223658.jpeg (169.87 KB, 845x1200, IMG_1681.jpeg)

How the fuck is it even legal to advertise a shitbeast for adoption after “bite incident”? It should have had its head blown off on the spot

No. 2085737

File: 1720733387442.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x2075, IMG_1682.jpeg)

>cloud/baby seal hybrid
I hate these faggots

No. 2085738

This stuff is so boring it’s not even worth posting here

No. 2085741

File: 1720733530985.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x2137, IMG_1683.jpeg)

>adopted and returned
>”incident” with toy
Clearly an aggressive creature that isn’t fit for adoption, just fucking exterminate it

No. 2085752

i’ve always wondered if the people itt hate dogs that much or if it’s just intense exaggeration(derailing)

No. 2085755

Considering the last three pics were all posted by the same anon, I’m pretty sure it’s the same handful of anons who really hate dogs, probably with ASPD, that use this thread(derailing)

No. 2085774

you people are the reason this thread exist. yoy can dislike dogs without having aspd. but dogfags always act like you can't possibly dislike or fear dogs unless you're a headcase. not everyone has to like dogs, fuck off

No. 2085849

Kill all shitbulls(a-logging)

No. 2085989

File: 1720752856482.jpeg (161.42 KB, 844x1199, IMG_1684.jpeg)

Do you think that the people who come up with the retarded captions for these ads actually believe what they’re writing? I don’t know how anyone can look at this ugly beast with demonic eyes that trigger fight or flight in anyone with a functioning brain and describe it as a “smiling face that puts you in a good mood”

No. 2085997

How is hating a breed of dog antisocial? I love dogs except for shitbulls because they kill other dogs and small children. Are you ok?

No. 2085999

>fearful dog with bite incident

No. 2086016

File: 1720754833528.png (425.75 KB, 438x578, christ.png)


No. 2086119

I genuinely think you've got to be actively surpressing and ignoring your subconcious survival insincts to like pitbulls. These dogs should absolutely be setting off alarm bells when you see them.

No. 2086131

Jesus fucking god these photos are insane

No. 2086155

demonic retard shitbeasts that not even satan himself would have as a pet. it’s only thought (if it even has any to begin with) is food and attacking little kids

No. 2086168

File: 1720767281595.jpg (309.24 KB, 900x586, bbc.jpg)

'Oh no no no no no! I'd rather live in a world where beasts are free to maul innocent humans than dirty my own hands with doing the necessary!'

>The owner of an animal shelter says she is concerned about new legislation that will ban the rehoming of XL bully dogs in Northern Ireland.

>Karen Matthews, from Almost Home Animal Centre, says her team work to "rescue, not destroy" animals. "The last thing I want is to have a centre full of XL Bullies and having to make that choice [to destroy]," she added.
>Selling, gifting, exchanging or breeding from an XL Bully dog is banned and rescue centres will also no longer be able to accept an XL Bully dog.

No. 2086180

File: 1720769610801.jpg (189.74 KB, 1080x945, 1000003930.jpg)

This was under the article you linked and I was unfortunate enough to see the video and it was surreal despite it even being blurred. Even though she was a pitnutter I would not wish that on her or my worst enemy they were relentless and she really loved those dogs.

No. 2086188

Ok so my mum is a vet I asked her. It can happen in all dogs but it is more common in pit bulls and bulllies. Part of this is because their ovaries are higher up near their kidneys part of this is that it’s suspected they might be in a class of dogs with clotting diseases. For example greyhounds have a clotting disease called fibrinolytic syndrome so have to be given a drug called tranexamic acid to stop them bleeding out but a possible root for pit bulls and bullies clotting problems aren’t known. Apparently there is a reluctance to research it as the groups who control vets ie bsava (here in the Uk) do not want to deter people from getting dogs spayed (the current law here is slaying and neutering illegal dogs over putting them down)

No. 2086191

File: 1720771105037.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x2004, IMG_8402.jpeg)

Check out the comments on this video
(It won’t let me embed and embedding TikTok’s never works anyway)

No. 2086192

File: 1720771154690.jpeg (128.79 KB, 1170x452, IMG_8401.jpeg)

This is why I’m glad when the owner themselves get mauled. This cunt >>2086180
Deserved it and I hope she suffered every minute

No. 2086194

File: 1720771211832.jpeg (439.57 KB, 1170x1364, IMG_8403.jpeg)

No. 2086203

File: 1720772031716.webp (181.08 KB, 2997x2567, IMG_8404.webp)

>just look at that smiling face puts you in a good mood

No. 2086204

oh my fucking god that poor baby

No. 2086210

File: 1720773139837.jpeg (829.47 KB, 1170x2036, IMG_1686.jpeg)

Imagine booking into what you think will be a nice, peaceful holiday cottage and some inbred trash in the cottage next door have brought their ugly, stinking, barking shitbeast with them

No. 2086224

That account is a shitbull breeder, he needs to be a-logged along with the monstrosities he is bringing into the world

No. 2086225

File: 1720774585425.jpeg (209.49 KB, 1170x665, IMG_1687.jpeg)

This faggot likes his own illiterate comments too, real big brain energy

No. 2086251

They can't even type shit, what the hell. Why are they so illiterate?

No. 2086254

KEK for real though

No. 2086257

That's interesting.

No. 2086596

File: 1720804725975.png (324.37 KB, 820x1130, 1719027813264247.png)

i think it is one of three reasons people get them

1. they get them because people are scared of them, it is a power thing, they think it makes them powerful to have a scary dog, they dont realise they are at risk themselves

2. poor self esteem, they identify with the dog being an outcast breed and imprint themselves onto to them like how people do with brands etc

3. stupidity, the genuinely believe the nanny dog, velevet hippo memes

No. 2086609

No. 2086616

Based. Dogs are filthy invasive creatures who only care about food and themselves. I hate all dog owners and the way they bend backwards so much to prove the value of their domesticated mutts. I also think a lot of pet owners are unhygienic too and this probability increases the more pets they own, that house basically becomes a landfill

No. 2086651

Thank god. It’s also insidious that they know these dogs are dangerous to have around infants and smaller children which is why they empathized 13+ children in the household. I hate these people so much

No. 2086675

File: 1720807076077.png (20.8 KB, 238x329, Screenshot 2024-07-12 105646.p…)

kek why get a retarded "pet" like this if this is even true

No. 2086696

>It's never the dog's fault
It is the fault of whoever bred it and sold it though

No. 2086705

File: 1720808795164.webp (8.05 KB, 310x465, 0_AHP_CHP_26609JPG.webp)

I remember them begging people not to share that video att. I only saw vids of her dragging this unit of a dog up onto it's hind legs and getting it to dance with her. Her socials were everything you'd expect to see before what went down. Painfully gloating about em and bitching about anyone who doesn't adore the breeds.

No. 2086710

Where are you finding the video of it? I can't find it anywhere

No. 2086728

Pitfaggots are as ugly as their dogs (inside and out), so I guess they can relate. I don't feel a whit of pity and I agree with >2086192. There was no salvation from the pitcult for this one. If she had survived, she'd likely say it was just an "accident" and live to be mauled another day. Anyone who willingly brings these disgusting mutants (XL Bullies in particular) into their homes knows exactly what they're getting into, they just think it won't happen to them. They're like hybristophiles or those women who thirst over "handsome" murderers. They think they can fix them and they're attracted to the element of danger. They're fine when it's someone else's pet, child, or grandma as long as they have this big, ugly, menacing shitbeast to parade around.

No. 2086774

they just wanted to play

No. 2086781

It's fucking dystopian that there is a website like that.

No. 2086818

It used to be a subreddit.

No. 2086824

Insane that people complain about the thread and everyone on it 'having ASPD' when this is the typical 'pitbull lover' personality type, literally victim blaming a little girl for almost getting killed and having her face permanently damaged by her 'family pet.'

No. 2086931

File: 1720822323642.jpg (256.75 KB, 1080x1840, Screenshot_20240713-080922_Fac…)

I'm happy it's becoming more normie to reject ugly abominations

No. 2086932

File: 1720822429716.jpg (236.71 KB, 1080x1988, Screenshot_20240713-080950_Fac…)

No. 2086937

I'm glad it killed her and not a stranger or strangers child.

No. 2086942

It’s literally brainless and retarded. >>2086774
did anybody save the link that was deleted? what was it?

No. 2086943

this is just sad. the dog can barely breathe or move.
the video is pretty blurry and not that interesting, she is being attacked by two shitbulls in the backyard and one pulls her arm off

No. 2086946

It was only a matter of time after liveleak went down tbh. Also some of those sites require to pay to watch that garbage, it’s pathetic.

No. 2086950

WTF?? How are they that strong enough to pull off someone’s arm?

No. 2086968

Nonna, they were bred to hold bulls in place (hense the name pitbull) it shoudnt be a shock they they can pull people apart-and that was just normal pitbulls. XL's are a newer bigger version of the dog and she had two of them.

No. 2086972

>I'm happy it's becoming more normie to reject ugly abominations

I apply this to both men and pets lol

No. 2087024

kekk, legit. What an actual shithole.

No. 2087026

Based northern Ireland for once.

No. 2087027

Kek, based

No. 2087039

File: 1720828024762.jpeg (149.74 KB, 1170x462, IMG_1689.jpeg)

kek, this comment. based dad.

No. 2087043

this thread focuses on shitbulls but ALL dog owners are like that. if you say you're afraid of dogs or got mauled they immdiately say it's your fault and there's something wrong with you
even fucking bichon oners get mad when you don't want to get jumped on by their heckin' precious pupperino uwu

No. 2087051

File: 1720829879508.jpeg (81.17 KB, 1000x750, IMG_1700.jpeg)

This thread is so cozy to use, reminds me of a casual /snow/ thread about shitbeasts. Maybe someone can make a general cow thread for insane pet lovers and shitbull enthusiasts if it doesn’t exist already, it would be so fun because the internet is sprawling with so many of these fanatic nutters
>inb4 no soyjaks even though they’re hilarious

No. 2087053

Boymoms, tradfags, libfems, single moms who cape for their abusive baby daddies while having tattoos and prison reformists all overlap into the same dog defending circlejerk. The only reasonable camp that wants shitbeasts gone is the tradfags except they still worship all other dogs despite them being just as hideous and useless as bully dogs just seen as more docile and cuter to the general public and it fits into their picket fence agenda.

No. 2087212

File: 1720844351908.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1754, IMG_1696.jpeg)

>more than half a year in shelter
Imagine if those resources went to women in need, like the homeless, those fleeing domestic violence, rape survivors, etc. I hate this culture that prioritises these useless fugly aggressive mutants so much it’s insane

No. 2087215

I don't know how they can be so insane as to prioritize the life of a dog over the life and wellness of their child. Imagine having to live with the injuries caused by the dog your parents decided was above you for the rest of your life. This should be considered abuse

No. 2087216

File: 1720844427908.jpeg (272.47 KB, 1213x1773, IMG_1694.jpeg)

They choose the most deranged pictures, like what the fuck is this hideous thing

No. 2087217

My body hurts just looking at it

No. 2087222

>First pic
This is how Brandy will maul you and destroy all your belongings
>Second pic
This is how accomplished Brandy will feel right after doing so

No. 2087223

Back when that incident first occurred there was a twitter account that posted the same clip there were people in the comments calling the little girl ugly and saying that she looked like Chucky from Child’s Play and that being mauled by a dog was an improvement to her face because she was so hideous to begin with, dogfaggots are fucking subhuman. I’ll see if I can find it.

No. 2087224

That tongue is disgustingly large

No. 2087226

It’s so fucking rancid, I hope that disgusting creature chokes on it

No. 2087227

Holy shit how can they say that about a literal child?? That's insane

No. 2087228

It's always the cute flowers and lettering on the ugliest of pitbulls

No. 2087230

File: 1720845099327.jpeg (822.83 KB, 1170x1528, IMG_1697.jpeg)

Raising 7000 dollars for this ugly shitbull, animal “activists” are fucking cancer

No. 2087232

File: 1720845255457.jpeg (313.45 KB, 1535x2048, IMG_1695.jpeg)

And the uwu kawaii costumes, look how hideous this satanic looking thing is

No. 2087234

File: 1720845314468.jpeg (133.23 KB, 800x534, IMG_4540.jpeg)

not trying to start shit but i hate how many picutres of dogs get posted in here, especially shitbulls. i might be biased bc i have cynophobia but i dont' see the point of posting dog pics over and over here, shitbulls are ugly and freakish, we all know that. im not coming in the dog hate thread to look at pictures of dogs.(this isnt tumblr)

No. 2087266

Just further proving my point, the real psychopaths are the people that defend these dogs when they maul people including blameless children. I do find some of the more hateful posts in this thread a bit much and I don't actually dislike dogs (just pits and the average dog owner, plus I think dogs are for the farm basically) but even so I think it's far more 'humane' to dislike dogs as long as you're not personally abusing them than to treat actual human beings this way in favor of a dangerous animal. The fact there are real people out there gloating about this toddler girl's injuries and saying she deserved it or will 'learn her lesson' now is just too grotesque for me to even want to think about, and mirrors the way women and children are treated in society when they're victimized by men.

No. 2087267

Damn, I could live half a year off 7k and feed myself, imagine how much that kind of money could do for someone like a woman escaping domestic abuse.

No. 2087272

File: 1720850875928.jpeg (925.01 KB, 1170x1669, IMG_1701.jpeg)

They truly choose the most psychotic photos of these shitbeasts to advertise them
>names this aggressively ugly mutt “Hottie”
I instinctively want to curb stomp it

No. 2087302

>The fact there are real people out there gloating about this toddler girl's injuries and saying she deserved it or will 'learn her lesson' now is just too grotesque for me to even want to think about, and mirrors the way women and children are treated in society when they're victimized by men.
It shows how a lot of these "empathetic" animal people aren't actually more empathetic, they're actually less empathetic AND too broken to connect to other humans, and also in denial about it.
IKR? And the 7k is just for 2 medical procedures, and doesn't include any of the other money the dog has eaten up over the past 1+ year. And you see these people very often harass normal people because they don't go to ludicrous extremes for animals, especially stray animals that don't even belong to them. Don't you dare admit that your 5 year old hamster was feeling terminally legarthic and you let it just expire peacefully in its cage overnight. No, you should have rushed it to the emergency vet and racked up a $400 bill for humane hamster euthanasia, you monster who should never own a pet again. Also, I'm posting this across all my social media so other 40 year old women can brigade your accounts, because that's the real empathetic way to deal with a person whose hamster just died.

No. 2087305

how is it legal for stuff like this to be posted online

No. 2087309

Why shouldn't it be legal? You must be super young not to remember when footage like that was played over news, only barely censored. I remember watching some politician's sex tape with him having a threesome (also barely censored) on the evening news too decades ago.(derailing)

No. 2087310

Nta but what? What the fuck is even the point of watching people die. It literally does damage to your psyche. It's exploiting as fuck.Just because the news did it doesn't make it ok.

No. 2087311

A sex tape isn’t remotely the same thing as watching someone die take your meds

No. 2087313

i recall seeing shit like that on TV, and once again, i don't understand how or why it should be legal for content like this to be shown to the public. same with the sex tape you mentioned. none of these things should be available on TV or online

No. 2087315

Videos of people dying has been a widely available internet staple for decades.

No. 2087319

That doesn’t make it right. Child marriage has also been a staple in some cultures for decades, does that make it okay? Are you acting dense on purpose? People’s deaths shouldn’t be online to view on demand

No. 2087320

nta but just because its "been an internet staple" still doesnt discount the fact that it shouldn't be available. snuff footage is illegal in the US(derailing)

No. 2087324

So? that still doesn’t make it ok. If you’ve ever been to a gore site the comments are always filled with complete slop. Even back then people used gore videos to bait and shock people. As much as I miss old internet I sure as hell don’t miss the amount of awful videos that would get posted in places that weren’t heavily moderated.

No. 2087332

Hope you get mauled by a dog and end up in someone's gore video collection

No. 2087342

Honestly the mainstream news should be showing the footage of pit bull attacks because people need to understand what these shitbeasts are capable of/inclined to and petition their governments to have them completely banned. Not half assed shit like the UK, a total ban with every living specimen euthanised

No. 2087348

File: 1720858160282.jpeg (889.21 KB, 1170x1683, IMG_1699.jpeg)

>imagine this smile every day
Really making a compelling case in favour of having it exterminated, kek

No. 2087350

I never said that agreed with it, I simply said that videos of people dying are widely available, which is true and that it has been a part of the internet for decades, which is also true. Death videos were more prolific during the extreme edge phase of the internet in the mid 2000s.

No. 2087355

File: 1720858584779.jpeg (923.89 KB, 1170x1965, IMG_1702.jpeg)

“The correlation between the overcrowding of the shelter, (including the amount of euthanasia), to the failure of KC Pet Project animal control to enforce the mandatory spay and neuter of pit bulls in KCMO for the past three years is undeniable,” Chain of Hope director Kate Quigley wrote on Facebook. The organization works in Kansas City’s urban core to rescue abused and neglected pets.

KC Pet Project vigorously disagrees.

“We recognize people may believe mandatory spay/neuter laws will compel more people to sterilize their pets and thus, fewer pets will be born, and fewer unwanted pets will end up in shelters,” Fugate said. “But this has been proven in communities across the country to be untrue.”

And this is why they need to be eradicated. Full article for anyone who wants to read it: https://www.kcur.org/news/2024-07-11/kansas-city-animal-control-kc-pet-project-dangerous-dogs

No. 2087358

idk if you misunderstood the original post but it wasnt asking if its true that you can find gore videos online. it was asking how its legal, which it isnt. so..we don't really need a faces of death history lesson anon(derailing)

No. 2087360

It's legal in the US. Videos of people dying are widely shared on twitter and other social media sites.

No. 2087363

its illegal to share videos of someone dying/being harmed that you don't have the rights to, which random reddit users and twitter accounts absolutely don't kek(derailing)

No. 2087367

I like both animals and people, and I have an animal (cat, which I chose specifically because it's low risk and appropriate for my lifestyle and wouldn't hurt anyone or anything since I keep it indoors) which I would do a lot for since it's the animal I chose to take responsibility for. I wouldn't take on the responsibility if I intended to ask other people to keep my cat alive with donations instead of helping actual human beings.

However real 'empathy' should always put other human beings first. It requires theory of mind to understand that other human beings are real and have their own thoughts and feelings that are complex and you may not always like but they are just as important to themselves as you are to you. An actually empathetic person would realize that this girl will likely grow up insecure and possibly bullied and possibly rejected from certain jobs because she may have permanent obvious scars on her face that make people mistreat her, that she will likely have lifelong trauma and fear of dogs, that her parents put her in this situation so she will likely grow up mistrustful of and feeling neglected by her family, and that she might be able to read some of these comments back one day and realize that other human beings who should have been horrified at what happened to her instead thought she 'deserved it' for being randomly attacked by an animal bred to be violent. It's easier to 'empathize' with dogs because you don't actually see them as on your level and you don't actually have to think about their pain like you have to think about human pain, which is why low-empathy psychopaths always prefer them and 'empathize' with them over people.

No. 2087376

I agree nona, and thank you for being a responsible cat owner and keeping it indoors. People who are mentally/emotionally stable have empathy for both humans and animals but can differentiate between the two and prioritise accordingly. I’ve been vegan since childhood because I love animals in general but people who value them above humans are genuinely unhinged. Case in point: the proliferation of aggressive, racist conservatards who sit on twitter sperging about how much they hate anyone who isn’t white and calling for the extermination of all chinese people because some of them eat cats and dogs while bleating about shelters “murdering” shitbulls that no one wants to adopt because they’ve got a history of biting kids and killing other pets. It’s completely deranged.

No. 2087386

That thing HAS to have SOMETHING.

No. 2087387

For real

No. 2087388

It looks possessed is actually making me super uncomfortable

No. 2087389

A demon inside
Same, not sure how to articulate it but it reminds me of those creepypasta games where the main monster is supposed to be "happy" but the mouth is all fucked up

No. 2087390

Exactly, give it to someone who actually needs it like an actual cancer patient or a family in need

No. 2087392

File: 1720862526375.jpg (82.91 KB, 703x683, 5656546888.jpg)

their mouths are so ugly, i can kind of understand finding the upper part of the face cute but that gaping mouth ruins it holy shit. though i guess it helps this dog has a relatively large eyes for a pitbull and they're not those freaky vampire or aryan eyes

No. 2087397

This is super scary nonny why you do this

No. 2087411

File: 1720865639997.webp (8.98 KB, 360x271, BAA62538-65B6-4587-ACD7-BC95C6…)

No. 2087417

What a fucking retard, he could’ve blown apart his daughter by accident. Men never know how to deal with situations, only instant ego gratification. A mother would’ve carefully separated them with a knife. Covering your daughter head to toe in her pet‘s blood is psychopathic. He should’ve done her a favour and blown his brains own brains out, too.

No. 2087457

So the “hawk tuah” girl has made a tonne of money for reasons I don’t understand and chose to make a huge donation to some putrid mutts and ugly ass mangy felines, and is demanding someone adopt this hideous shitbull that doesn’t like cats (quelle surprise). When she could have been using her 15 minutes and spare change to help women in need. Fuck this shit.

No. 2087504

>horrible dye job
>disgusting shitbull mix to top it all off
i can smell the fish all the way from here

No. 2087505

I agree with this. Moralfags think people dying is unacceptable. The horror, people dying! We all die

No. 2087506

Pitbull fags have to have brain worms.

No. 2087509

I actually agree with this. People defending shitbulls have never seen have bad it can be with their mauling and attacks

No. 2087510

It's always these type of pick me bitches that never help other women. just disgusting animals associated with moids and killing

No. 2087574

File: 1720886335852.png (4.22 MB, 1304x8211, FireShot Capture 003 - Ian Pri…)

It was posted on twitter by an anti-pitbull group. They also posted the video of Ian Price mauling which lead to the XXL bully ban (along with the Manchester video) here as people were shocked by it. I also saw that-it was 2 dogs going at him ripping off his skin while 3 guys were using wheelbarrows to try to get the dogs to stop attacking while protecting themselves (yes, it looked as daft as it sounds) that poor man never stood a chance.
There had been a spate of killings of people and even children by XL bullies but nothing was ever done until that video got released online. Since her video was also released there is now talk of banning the breed in Ireland. While I agree im think gore videos in general are terrible its fucking sad that these videos had to be released for a ban to be put in place. Seeing how brutal these dogs can be has woken a lot of people up to how dangerous they are.

>(still wanted to say it because I know there's a firework fag lurking the thread)
Gotta be the most desperate excuse to start an infight i've ever seen on this site kek

TBF the pics are showing the propaganda around these dogs and how these awful shelters are about telling the truth about these abominations to the unsuspecting public. I feel for you nonna but these posts are relevant.

No. 2087580

For the nonna who made a comment about how they think pitnutter owners look like yes, you are correct just look at this video and their signs especially the mispellings kek

No. 2087615

>Van Nuys
Hell no… I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of demon this thing is if someone in the valley, where they love pit bulls, RETURNED it

No. 2087781

I wish the absolute worst on these psychotic, stinking mutts. Perhaps someday there will be mass culling events for them like how they do for invasive species in New Zealand.

No. 2087798

Hell no the upper part is also creepy as hell

No. 2087799

I legit dislike her at this point if I'm honest. The meme is so forced.

No. 2087812

File: 1720900367385.jpg (29.95 KB, 554x554, images-1.jpg)

Nonnas this is a serious question. Could you please link sources and articles about why letting a pitbull roam free is a bad idea so I can give them to someone? There's no laws in my country about pitbulls or dangerous breeds. I don't think they will believe me otherwise.

No. 2087815

They look like demons. I am not even super religious, but I truly believe these dogs belong in hell

No. 2087816

What are you talking about? Nobody ever said “dying is unacceptable”, nobody is trying to reject that death is apart of life. But videos of people dying don’t need to be on the internet. You’re ignoring the actual point that’s being made.(derailing)

No. 2087818

Mod how the fuck was this detailing kek? The conversation at hand was the video of a girl being mauled to death by a dog and how it’s extremely inappropriate for that to be online at all

No. 2087822

They shouldn't be uploaded on lolcow period. They're not helping the claim that posters in this thread are psychotic. I have a tolerance to videos like those and yet it disgusts me that someone had to post it twice to prove a point. We don't need to see a woman rolling and bleeding on the ground as two dogs attack her to know that pitbulls are dangerous breeds that kill women and should be banned. We can imagine the extent of the pain her and her loved ones went through without having to witness her dying in a horrible way. It's disrespectful and unnecessary.

No. 2087828

I honestly hate any woman who prioritizes helping dogs over other human beings, like other women and children.

No. 2087830

They always look like killing machines to me.

No. 2087832

Anyone who says shit like this about children should be on a watchlist. Horrible

No. 2087847

This is the only pitbull I love.
Oh well

No. 2087859

You posted the same exact thing with slightly differently colored pitbulls 6 times before.

No. 2087905

Been sites like that around for a long time. Usually a mix of morbid curiosity and then.. men who get off to it. Vids involving women or girls are generally viewed more and the comments are different

On there, just watching pitbull attack vids theres a contrast between men being mauled by something so 'unstoppable' They get that these things don't give up. As soon as it's a small woman they bitch about her not fighting it off well enough because they totally could. Male logic

No. 2087922

No. 2087927

We can let him roam free. He’s got some bangers like hotel room. Keep him on a short leash though.

No. 2087937

This is why everyone got annoyed with that comedian in the other thread. He did the right thing for the kids, which is the bare minimum when you’re a parent anyway, in the most violent, traumatising way possible.

No. 2087942

File: 1720907369120.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.11 KB, 1100x618, frill-snake_wide-a4402492bf763…)

Looks like an actual fucking frilled shark but more scary, I could actually run into a shitbeast and get killed in the street

No. 2088701

File: 1720925557629.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1898, IMG_1704.jpeg)

Brandy wont be mauling anything, rest in piss

No. 2089053

Check the sidebar on https://old.reddit.com/r/BanPitBulls/. They have a lot of resources linked there.

No. 2089287

Ban on XL Bullies in Ireland. If current owners don't comply, their dogs will be taken away and euthanised.

Win for the shitbull haters.

Of course there's some delulu bitch claiming it's the environment not the dogs responsible for attacks but still!

No. 2089302

And just like the UK it’s going to amount to sweet fuck all because they won’t be able to enforce it. The only solution is to round up all these abominations and kill them. It shouldn’t even be open to debate

No. 2089342

File: 1720957653027.jpg (532.25 KB, 2077x1194, dogsandmoidsareuseless.jpg)

AAnnnddd of course its a shitbull. Like his sign was already laughable but you really trying to pretend shitbulls are greater than people? Top fucking kek.

No. 2089376

I can see the headlines already if it's enforced. Placing my prediction,

Man in (name rough area) with (insert crazy number of previous convictions) attacks neighbors with machete after unlicensed dogs confiscated.

No. 2089428

File: 1720963836586.mp4 (3.51 MB, 406x720, RDT_20240714_160606.mp4)

Enough about pitbulls, let's shame Huskies. Who the fuck would want to listen to this 24/7? The normal dog is just laying there peacefully.

No. 2089431

They should be illegal to own in any country that doesn't have permafrost and uses them as working dogs

No. 2089436

Imo it's cruel to own working dog breeds and force them to live like normal pets because there's no way those huskies are getting enough stimulation.

No. 2089439

You can just tell by the interior these dogs are owned by people who got them for the aesthetics. I don't have huskies but god damn they're nearly exclusively owned by people who don't have lifestyles that fit those dogs.

No. 2089441

hate* not have

No. 2089455

Huskies will literally hear the faintest siren-like sound and they'll go off for hours in unison. They're such high maintenance dogs and almost no one can/wants to afford the lifestyle that they need. They shed SO much fucking fur that everything the owner owns will be covered in fur. They're big and want to move and run 24/7. They have a high prey drive and don't go well with other small animals, they also tend to be aggressive despite all the omg so funny doggo goes awoo videos people like to make. They overheat easily because of the three layers of coat they have. High mantenance and aggressive dogs like huskies, malamutes, tibetan mastiffs, akitas, caucasian shepherds, pitbulls, cane corsos and similar breeds should be banned or require some papers that show that the owners have space and the capability to handle training these dogs. No regular person in some suburban home or city apartment can live with these dogs.

No. 2089463

They're sweet dogs that thrive best when they do what they're bred to do and live in environments they're suited for. I don't see any dog sleds or heavy snowfall most of the year in Florida, getting a husky in those temperatures and having it cramped in a condo is animal cruelty.

I don't get why people who live in apartments or other tightly packed spaces get breeds known to be yappy and shrill like Chihuahuas or Pomeranians. I get that they're small, but they're still guard dogs that belong out in the yard. Whenever open my own front door to go in or out, my neighbor's pom screeches and barks. The thing sounds like it has chronic heart attacks ffs.

No. 2089479

in parts of australia feral dogs (largely with plenty of pit heritage) are interbreeding with dingos…

No. 2089497

Thinking about this girl I met who brought her husky to a cosplay event. We live in a city that’s like 6 months of 80-100 degrees F humid swamp summer. Concrete jungle where everyone lives in apartments, no yards at all. Just torture. The dogs name was Cloud Inuyasha of course.

No. 2089543

>roommate leaves home for 5 hours
>dog howls and yaps the entire 5 hours she's gone
>i have to do remote work on the weekends
>fucking texts me that I can't leave for 20 minutes to get my WALLET AND GLASSES that I left in the gym because the dog is freaking out
I'm never letting this happen again. Why are all dog owners so fucking retarded

No. 2089544

>A dingo ate my family! My entire extended family!

No. 2089572

Samefag. While I'm ranting, her dog has brought fleas into the house, which caused me to spend nearly $200 on a vet visit + oral flea medication, flea treatments, and carpet powder to protect my cat. This was necessary because I actually care about my cat. It’s concerning that, despite her strong attachment to her dog, she has allowed it to develop attachment issues and doesn't seem to care that it's ridden with fleas. However this is 100% consistent with dog owner's fuck up logic. The brains of dog nutters need to be clinically studied.

No. 2089576

I have two working dogs. They aren't specifically bred as working dogs, I got them from a rescue centre. They prefer being outside, doing their jobs to being inside. They can come inside whenever they want and the only time they do is in bad weather or if it's freezing. I can only imagine the hell that actual working dog breeds go through when they're shut in an apartment all day.

No. 2089580

Agree, they have been reports of them dying in India due to heat.

No. 2089602

File: 1720973320179.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 2573x2097, cat victims.jpg)

Thankfully never had a cat killed by a dog but I would be both sad and livid if this ever happened to me (spoilered for dead cat, no gore just sad) and it wasnt until recently finding out how often this happens.

No. 2089630

People are going hungry and you decide to go and waste food on your over pampered mutts. Bread and meat those pets don’t deserve. I fucking hate human beings

No. 2089635

Dog's shouldn't be eating bread. Why are some dog owners so retarded?

No. 2089642

Poisoning your dog for the lulz

No. 2089644

that's a shark? it looks more like giantnosorous eel.

No. 2090035

Trust me that shark is more beautiful and serves way more of a purpose than pitbulls do

No. 2090045

File: 1720989046725.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x1640, IMG_1713.jpeg)

Funny how they don’t say what happened with the smaller dogs and claim this thing is kill listed because it has pneumonia, these retards are incapable of being honest

No. 2090051

Dog fags are smooth brained.

Husky owners are the most annoying dog owners ever. Shitbull owners are violent retards, but husky owners swear they are the goodest boys, when all they do is run and scream 24/7.

No. 2090053

The dogs over people types need to live in the wild with dogs and see how much they like it. Like, my guy, you need to interact with people for shit like food, gas, etc. If you hate people so much, move out of the homes they built for other people and live in the street with your shit dog.

No. 2090074

No. 2090082

>Cloud Inuyasha

No. 2090200

>The dogs name was Cloud Inuyasha of course
Average husky / wolfdog owner be like

No. 2090213

>Forced blue to interact with 2 small dogs, blue gave warnings, but owner continue
This is so vague on purpose, what happened there? It makes it sound as if the owner was rubbing the dogs on the pitbull's face when most likely it got rowdy just because the other two dogs were hanging around

No. 2090235

File: 1720998979593.png (413 KB, 720x1234, bulls.png)

>Nonna, they were bred to hold bulls in place (hence the name pitbull) it shoudnt be a shock they they can pull people apart

This is why people need to understand not all dogs are bred to be sweet and caring companions, just as how some dogs are meant to have a more active lifestyle and not meant to live inside an apartment, and how some dog breeds need a certain type of climate because their undercoat will make them overheat. I swear to God, most people who say they "love dogs" or "love animals" don't actually care about them, they care about their super duper special snowflake "connection" to animals without actually stopping for a moment to understand why saving pitbulls as a breed from extinction is not going to give them the recognition they think they deserve, it's narcissistic really. Once bull bating died down so did the Old English Bulldog (not to be confused with the current one) and nobody really misses it. It was bred with the purpose of being bait in a blood "sport". There's no need to have as many pitbulls as there are in the world.

No. 2090314

The same way that any YT video with a woman crying or whining in the thumbnail will get thousands of views and men just insulting the woman, regardless of what the woman actually says. it could be something they would agree with from a man, but WOMAN BAD. The male loneliness epidemic is a total mystery, btw.

No. 2090328

Somebody higher up at the shelter probably forbid spending $$$ on veterinary care for violent dogs that don't have any hope of adoption, and ordered it put down.

No. 2090965

File: 1721033819963.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1668, IMG_1720.jpeg)

Gives food to a homeless only for him to give it to his shitbull, males and dogs were a mistake

No. 2090971

File: 1721034978028.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1788x4098, avoidable.jpeg)

Saw this awful story yesterday and it isnt the first time dogs and their idiot owners have wrecked havoc with no considerations to others

>males and dogs were a mistake
Based and true take

No. 2090985

I'm fucking upset and angry and sad this is absolutely barbaric, unhinged, cruel, insidious and demonic. Dead to all these malevolent beasts, those poor little penguins deserved to still be alive right now.

No. 2090995

I'm pissed af. I love penguins so much. They are gentle and mate for life. There is no end to this violence until we put all the dogs down

No. 2091031

They mate for life indeed, in fact male penguins will mate with the corpses of female penguins and even their severed heads. They mate with objects too. Males are always males I guess.

No. 2091040

The idea that these types of war hogs cohabitate with humans in modern times is fucking insane

No. 2091065

File: 1721044736740.jpg (159.11 KB, 800x596, 69785-4-1-4am1868mccabe-79209-…)

Not only were they used in bull-baiting, but also in rat-baiting (pitbulls are terriers after all) and that's where the "pit" in pitbull comes from. They would put a dog in the middle of a literal pit and chuck a lot of rats or small rodents inside and the dog would have to kill them as fast as possible. These kinds of pits were also used in dog on dog fights. Nanny dog my ass.

No. 2091066

File: 1721044897730.png (1.1 MB, 833x580, Rat-baiting_graham_street.png)

No. 2091069

having a pitbull as a homeless person kinda makes sense thought because then the other homeless freaks aren't going to fuck with you

No. 2091070

Jesus… Even the penguins had to let me down.

Only men could come up with shit like that. What a fucked up species. I wish they and their shitbulls would just fucking kill each other to extinction.

No. 2091231

Homeless or not, shitbull owners clearly lack a survival instinct. Shitbulls haven't an ounce of loyalty, they only care if their worthless fat asses get fed and they'll gladly make a meal out of children or other small animals, even their own pups. Helping a homeless shitbull owner is a waste of resources, i'd rather have them spend the spare cash they scrounged up on booze than for them to waste any efforts keeping a shitbeast alive.

No. 2091427

File: 1721067562906.png (16.54 MB, 1954x12969, FireShot Capture 006 - Furious…)

Not sure if anyone knows about this story or if any UK nonnas remember it warning, attached article shows the dog attack on the seal
TL dr version
>Seal pup washes up near Hammersmith bridge in london, delighting local workers with his sunbathing and funny antics
>People start coming from further away to see him
>Affectionatly name him Freddie after Freddie Mercury as people find him entertaining
>Remember this being on the national news and there were plans to make childrens books about him
>After 3 weeks some stupid bitch with an agressive off lead dog comes along, her stupid little shit of a dog goes for Freddie and rips his flipper, breaking bones
>It takes 4 people, including owner to pry the yappy little shit off the seal
>When they do she promply leaves the scene with her yappy little shitty dog
>People are upset especially all those who saw this dog maul the seal, including kids
>News say they are looking for the owner, several animal charities also appeal
>Its discovered she is a millionairre QC, so police say there will be no charges
>Animal charities and the general public are upset
I'm so fucking mad dog owners get away with this shit the little fucker and its owner deserve a good stomping

No. 2091430

File: 1721067618330.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.46 MB, 1930x5560, seal2.jpg)

pt 2 of article

No. 2091433

File: 1721067922345.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.71 MB, 1930x5885, seal 3.jpg)

pt 3 of article

No. 2091533

oh my gid i remeber this story. the poor baby seal was so adorable and playful. and this piece of shit with her mutt killed it. i hate dogs so much.

No. 2091771

This isn't even a shitbull, just a regular random dog. All dogs are murderers on standby, waiting for the opportunity to kill and maim. Death to all of them.

No. 2092154

>"Forced" to interact with two other dogs
How the fuck is it supposed to operate in society then? It can't even control it's killing urges in a peaceful place.

No. 2092165

People who refer to their dogs as their "child" are mentally ill.

No. 2092176

The seal was so adorable! This is really upsetting. I hate selfish dog owners so much.

No. 2092216

This makes me want to cry, seals are one of my favourite animals. I fucking hate disgusting stinking mutts and their owners so fucking much

No. 2092220

I would have kicked the ugly piece of shit mongrel’s head in on the spot had I been there

No. 2092363

The demonic beast didn't think twice before mauling the poor thing, I'm super fucking upset

No. 2092521

File: 1721112680938.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1350, IMG_1721.jpeg)

The brain rot is terminal

No. 2092586

I hate their mouths

No. 2092611

File: 1721123011475.jpeg (871.92 KB, 1170x1916, IMG_1726.jpeg)

No. 2092622

>"They do not address the root causes of dog-related incidents which include irresponsible dog ownership, cruelty, lack of education and training on responsible dog ownership, and inadequate enforcement of existing regulations.
They have no intention of addressing that anyway and its already been proven time and time again this particular breed is born for agression so yes, the only real way to address these attacks is to make the breed go extinct.

No. 2092624

They know if they address the root cause it will lead to shitbull genocide because is in their nature to maim

No. 2092625

People de-animalize pets so much, forgetting they are subject to the same instincts as other animals, simply because we’ve molded them into our homes and lifestyles. But they’re not accessories to our lives, they’re animals in their own right descended from actual predators. So when cats are allowed to run free they decimate bird populations for food and sport, and in turn are harmed by other animals in their surroundings; when dogs run around off leash, they chase down and kill chipmunks, rabbits, cats, basically any other animal that’s perceived as prey or a threat capable of fighting, as long as their prey drive and/or territorialism are intact (there’s definitely a portion of dogs that have lost a lot of it, but most have these qualities). Humans are so into the idea of all these de-animalized mascot animals, they’d also be horrified if this seal grew up to bite someone like seals will absolutely sometimes do to people who get too close, but it’s not a plushie or cartoon.

No. 2092635

You are absolutely correct, people think we can bend nature to our will and it always comes back to bite us in the ass. Sometimes literally.

No. 2092638

If you’re relying on the general ignorant public needing extensive training courses and behavioral acumen to avoid their pet eating the neighbor’s toddler, it’s not a good pet for the public. But even “responsible” dog owners see their pits suddenly bite people, because dogs bite sometimes. It’s a reality of dogs, even if you don’t constantly neglect the dog’s boundaries and feelings for years on end like most owners are shown to do due to the false idea that dogs unconditionally love us, always desire human contact and affection, love hugs, and love people in general (all wrong and lead to them being chronically stressed, which in turn creates more biting incidents). And for people in the small minority who really believe they can handle a large, dangerous animal—why is it so important to integrate them into the public?
As an extreme example, if you go to large animal sanctuaries where lions and tigers are rescued from being kept in homes and mauling people, the staff doesn’t advocate for ”educated” people keeping them at home, they advocate for people stopping them from being pets because they maul people and eat kids so frequently.

No. 2092642


Ban is a ban - no further explanations needed. Why put in taxpayers money into investigations anyway? These are fucking dogs!

No. 2092653

>They would put a dog in the middle of a literal pit and chuck a lot of rats or small rodents inside and the dog would have to kill them as fast as possible.
That makes a lot of sense now
>These kinds of pits were also used in dog on dog fights. Nanny dog my ass.
Where did the nanny shit come from anyway?

No. 2092656

That mouth literally looks like raw meat with blood and it's making me nauseous

No. 2092659

I'm legit upset at this, it's making me want to cry.

No. 2092660

Same could be said about men

No. 2092679

>If you’re relying on the general ignorant public needing extensive training courses and behavioral acumen to avoid their pet eating the neighbor’s toddler, it’s not a good pet for the public.
Don't forget the constant gaslighting, manipulation, and forced pity antics they have to use on people so they accept their shitty dog breed into their homes.

I don't understand why people defend pitbulls with their lives, what's the psychology and brain rot behind it? Someone try to explain it to me. It's just a dog and it's not even cute, it's one of the ugliest breeds. I would understand if they were to ban someone cute and fluffy, then ok, people will get mad. But fucking ugly ass pitbulls? How do you delude yourself into thinking this is a cause worth defending. They kill people and they're ok with that?

No. 2092687

Usually the people that defend pitbulls are even more useless than a fucking pitbull. They don't contribute to society and think a pitbull that's been breed to be overpowered as fuck is an underdog in the world and needs protections. Like the way that make a lifestyle of living on benefits will defend their lifestyle of hurting no one and not being a strain on social services. Basically they know that at a fundamental level if the dog doesn't deserve life when it's probably more productive than its shitty owners then their own lifestyles are probably questionable. I'm calling them tramps

No. 2092708

I think it's egoism and the need to be special and the chosen one. Especially the women who take shitbulls in any version. They think that they can make a beast into a nanny or whatever velvet hippo bullshit (ironically, hippos are DEADLY animals) like they can make a bad boy be the Prince Charming to them. Because they are SO SPECIAL.
For men, they generally use them as an extension of their masculinity. It's like with cars and other stuff - they want to appear bigger and get more respect through that. Some degenerates just keep them for dog fights or because they know these dogs won't hesitate to kill anyone they incite them to attack.
It's aesthetics and narcissism. Nothing new under the sun.
People value their image more than anything. They identify through possessions, dogs are just another item. And NPCs who get these dogs, are too retarded to separate themselves from them or have some serious unresolved issues. So any attack on their dogs they take as an attack on themselves.

No. 2092717

I think whoever said it's a self esteem issue is right. They think they identify with the dogs because they're ugly outcasts, but they're projecting human thoughts and emotions on a stupid, violent animal. The pitbull never got bullied in middle school, it doesn't know it's a social outcast, it can't even comprehend such a thing.

No. 2092733

>Especially the women who take shitbulls in any version. They think that they can make a beast into a nanny or whatever
That's how women are psyoped into accepting "fragile sensitive men that are actually good and nice inside" into their lives
>The pitbull never got bullied in middle school, it doesn't know it's a social outcast, it can't even comprehend such a thing.
It's stupid on their part to humanize them like this when human society is totally different to the instincts and nature of dogs

No. 2092744

These dog butters remind me of a certain group people that love to defend other unsavory people endlessly. I’m tired of it.(vague racebaiting)

No. 2092746

Can you not be vague?

No. 2092750

I hope you mean TRAs and troons or else you would be the unsavory one.

No. 2092886

>other unsavory people

No. 2092916

Yeah it is accurate to say that men are the primary group responsible for breeding insanely strong and aggressive fighting dogs, and women are the primary group taught we have to protect everyone, even if they attack and kill us and our children. For every macho dudebro who loves pitbulls because they’re muscular and terrifying, there’s a woman working to try to train them into being adoptable into a home so that they can live, because they didn’t ask to be born into their situation. Women make up most charity workers, which includes at animal shelters, which is great, but it’s a lot of cleaning up problems invented by men, and that includes dealing with the effects of dog fighting and how men have created a type of dog that is frequently doomed to violent self-destruction. It definitely contributes to efforts against phasing out the breed to avoid these tragedies altogether in the future—that “everyone can be saved” attitude that also coddles abusers.

No. 2093080

>that “everyone can be saved” attitude that also coddles abusers
This attitude brings so many problems to society in general, I guess they believe a dog is more innocent/in need than a child therefore why they don't mind when a dog snacks on them.

No. 2093142

Every time I see a photo of these beasts with their mouths open it gives me the biggest jump scare kek. It looks like gore.

No. 2093157

same. they look so gross. i hate all dogs but there's something about their tiny eyes and huge maws and tongues that makes pitbulls so much more repulsive.
it's almost always the same person posting them too if you look at the filenames

No. 2093225

To the twats in the other thread lurking this one and trying to get it removed from the site.
There are genuine reasons for people to hate dogs. Personally I have no issue with well behaved dogs and owners who are responsible and stop their dogs harming others but sadly there are bad owners and dangerous dogs out there and most posters in this thread take issue with that. You have your thread, stop trying to get this one banned.

No. 2093232

I'm not as aware of those retards as you but they can literally hide this thread, no one thinks the same about one specific topic even in this thread, but going out of one's way to squash any sentiment that 1 isn't shoved in your face, 2 doesn't affect you in real time or ever and 3 you can EASILY avoid it is total brain damage behavior.

No. 2093235

It literally shows how unhinged you have to be to cape for pitbulls. Most in here isn't even about dogs in general, just about shitbulls. They prove us right with their actions kek.

No. 2093291

speak for yourself, some of us hate all dogs and their owners. some of you forget this is the dog hate thread not the shitbull general thread.
it's just a constant with dog owners that they can't tolerate anyone even slightly disliking their dog.
it's the same irl, if you so much as back away from someone's dog they get extremely offended. many of them even bexome aggressive, they insult you and i've even had peole deliberately move their dog closer on purpose. even if you have a legitimate phibia they just act like you insulted them personally.
never seen other pet owners act half as bad as your average dogfag.

No. 2093337

>some of you forget this is the dog hate thread not the shitbull general thread.
Exactly, just cause shitbulls are more blood thirsty than the standard mutt doesn't mean the rest of them aren't. Death to all dogs.

No. 2093372

Late but this is more proof that they see dogs as accessories, this facade that they're better for liking these beasts is disturbing and disgusting

No. 2093384

File: 1721173031097.png (392.53 KB, 720x1263, Screenshot_20240716-163521-620…)

This time a husky murdered a 2 months old baby. Wonder what excuses are the dogfags going to muster.

No. 2093393

I mean sure, I bet you have pretty hair and a cool hobby

No. 2093397


No. 2093399

No problem bb muah

No. 2093409

honestly this is why im never easy around dogs. the second you back aaway all dog owner retards go "BUT HE'S FRIENDLY!!!!" like family dogs aren't a large percentage of maulings.
dogs are animals, they have animal instincts, they're unpredictable.
i wouldn't dislike them half as much if their retard owners hadn't turned what could have bern a uselful working animal into insufferable loud aggressive retards and then insisted on shoving them in everyone's faces

No. 2093601

I think I mentioned it in the last thread, I live next door to a dog park and a few weeks back I was walking to the shops and some retard with a Staffordshire terrier (ie a kind of shitbull) had their shitbeast off leash and it ran up to me, I just pointed and said “get!” and the thing’s owner looked at me like she wanted to kill me. I have no obligation to tolerate your ugly mutt getting in my personal space, lady. Keep it leashed. I also hate it when I’m on a video call with work and my colleagues insist on having their stupid dogs on camera and everyone coos over them. They do it with their ugly cats too but people seem to be less retarded about cats than they are dogs. One colleague had a miniature greyhound thing and it’s so fucking hideous it’s unreal. It’s also super neurotic, it’s always shaking and squirming, I hate being forced to look at it. Fucked if I’m going to pretend that it’s cute. Dogfaggots have no concept of boundaries.

No. 2093614

>Attacked in crib
Hm what excuse dog lovers can make on how the baby antagonized the dog? I guess the crying triggered the dog to jump up and into the crib eh? I wish dogs would just maul their owners and not innocent people who have nothing to do with their dog.
Just read he was sleeping. Truly what excuse then?

No. 2093617

Kek the janny is so racist for assuming what I was trying to say. How would you even know what I was implying??? Come on now tranjans

No. 2093619

I mean yeah them, but also nahhh lol
Them too but there’s a group of men that are like shitbulls but human and stand in front of convenient stores all day intimidating anybody who tries to go inside.(racebait)

No. 2093637

File: 1721185846172.jpeg (134.05 KB, 650x925, IMG_1730.jpeg)

>calling an animal “hunky and handsome”
These people are genuinely deranged

No. 2093638

Bottom pic looks like John Travolta

No. 2093687

File: 1721188688565.gif (346.73 KB, 400x170, IMG_8958.gif)

No. 2093693

They did not fucking name a “cancer support dog” Kemo. These people are so fucked in the head.

No. 2093719

File: 1721189821567.jpeg (830.7 KB, 1170x3746, IMG_8961.jpeg)

There’s a retard on Reddit that boasts about having his boxer off leash everywhere. The dog quite obviously has hip dysplasia and being off leash is putting the dog in danger but you can’t tell him that; he goes into childish YoU’rE jUsT jEaLoUs rants whenever called out. Vaguely alludes to beating the mutt as well. Waiting for the day he posts that it’s dead because it Kamikazed itself into a car or just drops because he won’t get it checked out at the vet.

No. 2093723

>when you make your dog your whole personality

No. 2093730

Fuck anyone who ever has their dog off leash in public, seriously. There's no excuse.

No. 2093731

File: 1721190143023.jpeg (1005.98 KB, 1170x1784, IMG_8962.jpeg)

I hate to samefag but he posted this today… “completely neutral” yet his dog is staring down the leashed dog before the leashed one even saw him. Pathetic. That dog is going to kill something/get itself killed and its retard owner will put the blame on everyone else.

No. 2093741

File: 1721190662218.webp (60.44 KB, 640x809, IMG_8967.webp)

He looks exactly the type. Giving microdick energy.

No. 2093747

I was about to post a photo of him. Typical shitty dog owner phenotype.
Happy to see even dog lovers in the comments shitting on this joker.

No. 2093751

Btw he has trained this dog using a shock collar.

No. 2093833

>but they can literally hide this thread
Exactly, they were told this in /meta/ but still request it being banned

Nonna, I pretty much said that in general, Im confused as to why you are arguing with me like I didnt just say that?

No. 2093860

What a shit human. Though honestly that doesn't surprise me… He's a classic example of what I said about men using dogs as an extension of their masculinity. It's literally the type of man I had in mind. And the women taking these types of dogs usually end up coupled or ex-coupled with these men. So you can see the shitty cycle. They're all pathological in some way.
That made me think about all these dog training shows and shit where sometimes rightfully, the owners end up getting blamed for the dog that lacks discipline, and some of the cases of working with behaviourists are successful but then you get pathochans like this guy who "trained" his dog using violence.
I don't like dogs generally, but I don't condone animal abuse. It's only retarded people that resort to it. Like, if you don't want to have to train your pet, don't fucking get one! What's so fucking hard?
Most dogs won't behave anyway. Being dragged by a leashed dog is one of the shittiest thing honestly. And I know some will just walk normally, but these are usually the smaller, decorative dogs.

I wanted to post this video of a Great Dane dragging a woman across the street but for some reason lolcow doesn't let me, so here's a link https://www.tiktok.com/@underrated.simpsons/video/7391587882802171168?_r=1&_t=8o4IzBF0nR3

All the comments saying
>hehe haha so funny lolz
>who is walking who hehehehehe

Yea, like I find all the retarded husbando 4chan coomer type posting repulsive but I don't go to the mods asking to get them exterminated. I just hid the threads kek. They can stfu. Another example of dog brainrot dogs are their personality shit. They feel attacked KEK. Cope bitches.

No. 2093945

File: 1721220763530.jpeg (894.46 KB, 2643x1901, IMG_9015.jpeg)

I’m not one to stalk Reddit accounts but I couldn’t look away from his. He loves to write paragraph long rants about leashed dogs that are “reactive” and how bad their owners are, meanwhile his last dog had to be put down (behavioral euthanasia) because it was “reactive”. What does that say about him as an owner since he puts bad dog behavior 100% on owners? Of course he paints his situation as vague “tragic circumstances” and “completely devastating series of events”. That dog no doubt bit/killed something and this new one is fast tracking to do the same. He won’t even get this one neutered! But sure, everyone else with concerns is just ~jealous~.

No. 2094018

File: 1721224351728.jpeg (449.54 KB, 1170x1396, IMG_9020.jpeg)

>allowing staff to pet him, tolerant of all handling
Umm, that isn’t true. Picrel is his actual description.
>is not allowing handlers to remove him from his kennel for walks or interactions. He has escalated to hard barking, growling, lunging, and snapping at staff and their leads when they attempt to leash him.
Why do they lie?!? That is SO dangerous.

No. 2094027

I wonder why he was a fucking stray…

So they are putting a potential owner in danger and dump the responsibility to reform an adult dog's behaviour on them. So they can and will both be attacked by a dog and pay shitton of money on professional dog behaviourist. Insanity.

Someone should persecute these shelters for putting potential new owners at risk. This shit can't be legal.

No. 2094113

File: 1721231221235.jpg (413.43 KB, 1188x1852, be honest.jpg)

Poked around a little and found that none of these people are being forthright with why these dogs are kill listed when it comes to behavioral problems. All of them are some form of "handsome, sweet, wriggly, no kids, needs so much love." It's deceptive and yes, very dangerous.

No. 2094154

File: 1721232558616.jpg (262.26 KB, 1070x1714, another one .jpg)

>One on one in play yard at shelter, he is a cuddlebug
>Jam displays extreme reactions to handlers even outside the kennel
They claim to be animal activists but are putting the dogs and other humans in avoidable high risk situations. If the handlers who specialize in this and work with reactive dogs constantly can't help, who truly can? If a dog is in pain, ill, frustrated, anxious, and stressed all the time, wouldn't euthanasia be the humane thing to do? Especially when they sit at these pounds for months? Activists my ass.

No. 2094191

Why do gay moid couples always own the most annoying dogs?

No. 2094226

I hate everything about these living mistakes. Their blocky buttcrack heads, disgustingly long tongues, beady serial killer eyes, bloody red rashy mouths, stinking diseased coats, the way they whip their tails as they maul, the fake "uWu im jus a poor doggo" whale eye that they sometimes do that tricks morons into thinking they have an ounce of conscience or empathy to them, their roided out chests… Someone should make them an enemy in a survival horror game, no need to gussy them up because they're already actual monsters, and smashing their ugly skulls in like ripe melons would be so satisfying.

No. 2094253

Based. I lurk several anti-shitbull subreddits and the cucks there are always saying stuff like "I don't hate the dogs themselves, theyre not evil they're just bred this way, it's not their fault they're like this" or "I feel sorry for the pits too, it would be a miserable existence stuck in a shelter", nigga please. These things may not be human with free will, but they 100% get joy and pleasure out of the pain and torture of other living things and they love it. As far as I'm concerned this DOES make them evil, regardless of why they're evil, and I do not care if they are in pain or miserable. Seeing them get shot by cops and euthanized in shelters or locked in cells for years being shitty is satisfying, it's literally the same feeling I get thinking about pedophiles getting beaten in prison (who people also argue deserve sympathy because "its not their fault they're like that"). I'm not a weirdo who wants to torture them or something, but if they're suffering in the above ways then good. I don't care

No. 2094266

my neighbors recently got one of those shitty little white mutts and let it yap and yap all fucking evening. they actively encourage it to bark and laugh at it. cant even enjoy my summer evening in my backyard im getting fed up with these assholes and their retarded mutt, my house is dog free for a reason. ive taken to blasting my music louder as close to our shared fence as i can but still they let that fucking thing go crazy. suggestions on how i can get my neighbors back pls

No. 2094288

Get a fucking life kek(infighting)

No. 2094290

A stray.
Another stray.

I knew someone who had one of these dogs and it refused to be on the leash and would just run away no matter what. These mutts run away from their owners and they let them, because they give up on trying to handle them. These dogs will just jump on you unprovoked.

Make a noise complaint. Even better if the dog barks after the curfew. Keep making complaints. They will take him away eventually or at least fine the neighbour.

No. 2094347

LOL same! They are not normal dogs, they were explicitly created for bloodsport, they haven't a shred of empathy, so therefore there's no reason to pity their existence. They are inherently bad dogs, there is no chance for them to turn around with any amount of training, it is just how they are. They do not love anything other than food. It might be different if it was how you trained them as pit nuts love to claim, because then that would mean somewhere in there they have the capability to be good natured if given the resources and a chance. Instead, they only get multiple chances to continue causing severe fatal damage and trauma to the survivors and their loved ones. Euthanize them all and clear up the space and resources in the shelters for animals that can actually be rehabilitated and make good companions. If pitnuts actually gave a damn, they'd realize that it's the most kind option for all.

No. 2094443

Who was in the wrong here?

No. 2094553

>Euthanize them all and clear up the space and resources in the shelters for animals that can actually be rehabilitated and make good companions. If pitnuts actually gave a damn, they'd realize that it's the most kind option for all.
The worst part is that it IS the kindest option because IT'S A FUCKING FIGHTING DOG. The chances of a shitbull being adopted by a shitstain who wants to breed it to death and/or make it maul other dogs to death is extremely high. Do these pitnutters really think that Princess Pibbles is going to get adopted by a kind and loving family after she ate three kids and a grandpa? This is the kind of dog that gets adopted by micropenised moids with shaved heads and tattoos up their assholes. These moids relish the thought of a dangerous dog obeying them, and love getting to kill things that don't. It's not a good life for the shitbull. Just fucking euthanise those creatures the second they get surrendered or 'found as a stray' and give these dogs a kind and dignified death instead of letting them be adopted out and mauled to death.

No. 2094570

Absolutely based nonitas, this is word for word how I feel about these ugly, violent aberrations, I’m so glad I’m not alone in my unbridled hatred of shitbulls and how much I enjoy seeing them get what they deserve ♥

No. 2094575

Once the dog started attacking, that's it, she had every right to protect her property by killing his dog. He should have had better control of his property if he didn't want it to get euthanized for threatening the life of her property.
>oh she should've tried to help separate them more
That was a big strong dog vs a tiny corgi. One wrong bite one more moment could've meant permanant injury or death for the corgi. That woman acted quickly to save her dog. She was lawful and in the right. Doesn't matter that she ran afterwards. That's adrenaline. She was still right.

No. 2094606

She was right to run too, i'd be scared of the psychotic owner. She did everything right, absolutely everything right. I wish she could shot the owner too, he wouldn't give a fuck if her dog died, useless scrotum. "She should've tried to eparate them!!!, what a fucking retarded take, it wouldn't work.

No. 2094664

Report them to your local animal control center or police. I did the same with the dogs of the corner mechanical workshop and they fined his ass twice cause he didn't take it seriously. He would also let his 3 dogs free roam out without supervision and would annoy the other dogs in the neighborhood, so it was a daily yap fest.

No. 2094682

File: 1721264540767.jpeg (1011.88 KB, 1170x2100, IMG_1734.jpeg)

I was scrolling /ot/ and these were on the front page, imagine being this much of a retarded pick me

No. 2094696

Kek you can feel the overcompensation

No. 2094699

His wailing is hilarious

No. 2094728

>The haters can fuck off to their containment thread
We been literally here the whole time? No one goes to their thread to fuck shit up, we also don't rally to lock down their thread. What are they on?

No. 2094731

File: 1721267691043.jpeg (85.9 KB, 828x603, IMG_1737.jpeg)

>uwu sweetest bbygirl nanny dog baby seal velvet hippo heckin’ mlem mlem pupperino
>when it looks like this

No. 2094733

She was so based for this

No. 2094741

File: 1721268364597.png (140.32 KB, 720x614, Screenshot_20240717-190151-958…)

This may be an unpopular opinion but it is very accurate to call shitbulls "velvet hippos".

No. 2094757

I hate doodles. My SIL refuses to get their doodle neutered and he terrorizes our dog by attempting to mate with her. Our SIL insists on bringing him over all the time. I've asked my SIL to keep him inside or away from our dog, but she says we're being overdramatic by keeping him apart from our dog. Like, our dog has had slipped discs before, she's susceptible to them despite being young and we want to avoid that being an issue. He's a lot bigger than our dog and he mounts her roughly. I'm pretty sure they aren't neutering the doodle because my SIL and her husband think it will make their dog less manly or some bullshit. It's like their female dog is spayed. I despise irresponsible dog owners with a passion. I hate doodles, shitbulls, pugs, and any of these retarded overbred mongrels.

No. 2094915

File: 1721281925571.jpeg (14.33 KB, 472x650, images (4).jpeg)

All I can see

No. 2095381

>mistaking boats for predators
>an animal with hardly any large predator that can do any damage to them
Yeah and the harmless baby gazelle stuck in the mud was a total threat! Hippos are brainless as shitbulls. No need to sugar coat it, sciencefocus.

No. 2095391

the idea of western dog owners treating dog owners treating their dogs "better than humans" gets tossed around a lot, but in my experience most don't take care of their dog very well at all despite seeming to be socially attached to it. they will seem to be smothering their dog with affection, yet their dog is stinky/has matted hair/has sha'carri richardson nails, they don't take it for walks, they feed it cheap unhealthy food, let the dog be overweight, not getting it vet care, not bothering to give it the bare minimum training, etc. meanwhile, it seems like other pet owners, particularly those who own animals like fish, rodents, and reptiles, are the ones who go over the top. i find the common dog owner mindset of roleplaying(?) being very attached to your animal while not actually taking care of it to be very obscure and stunted.

No. 2095468

You hit the nail on the head nonny, the delusion and narcissism of the average dog owner knows no bounds. They gloat about muh precious fur baby while simultaneously neglecting its every need from basic nutrition to general excersice, it explains why they go out of their way to kill their owners or their children.

No. 2095627

Is insane how blood thirsty they are

No. 2095722

Those are "dog lovers". They claim to love dog, but they just slap on human traits to the dogs and ignore the actual fact that the animal is a dog. They believe the dog understands the "love" that they feel while forgetting that it takes a lot more than love to raise a dog that is passable for being well behaved. This is why a lot of them are hurt by the shitbull rhetoric, they liken it to racism when it's a totally different concept. "Dog people" on the other hand understand that dogs are animals first and foremost and should be treated as such.

No. 2095737

These are the nigel defenders. These are boymoms

No. 2095809

If you let your own dog play with a shitbull you deserve to get mauled instead of your innocent pet you're irresponsibly putting in danger. Hope anon knows she's a shitty owner! Enjoy your vet bills you neglectful bitch kek hope it's worth it for you to feel like an extra nice and tolerant Good Girl TM

No. 2095825

If the owner wanted his dog safe he had a duty to keep it enclosed. That was his responsibility and he failed. Totally his fault and he has no one to blame but himself. Rest in piss!

No. 2095879

These people are emotionally dependant of their dogs, and because of that they don't see them as living beings worthy of respect, but just as emotional crutches. It's also not a surprise to know that they have troubles relating and forming relationships with other people too.

No. 2095890

They will learn in time. Sadly it'll either be their child or their pet that pays the price for such deliberate blindness.
I don't even hate dogs in general, just shit breeds that continue to kill.

No. 2095945


No. 2095957

These are the pickmes who'll defend a rapist in court, blame women and children for the violence inflicted upon them and blame YOU if their shitbull bites you

No. 2095959

Hope the hypothermia was worth it

No. 2096598

Speaking of which here is a story about a homeless man's pitbull mauling a woman, link because page has video that I cannot embed


No. 2096602

They're in the same vein as people who really like babies, but don't take care of the baby when it becomes a toddler or child. They just want the company, they don't actually like or care about their animals well being.

No. 2096641

Owning a dog should be illegal

No. 2096856

File: 1721439633551.jpg (357.72 KB, 1080x1233, 1000004125.jpg)

Listen, I don't know a lot about dogs but I know that ain't no labrador kek

No. 2096922

Shitbull eyes always look like theyre looking in 2 different directions

No. 2096925

File: 1721447027649.jpeg (815.16 KB, 1170x811, IMG_1751.jpeg)

>handsome boy
This is legit one of the fugliest fucking piece of shit shitbulls I’ve ever seen, lmao

No. 2096926

KEK it’s so hideous

No. 2096930

Is this going to double as the hippo hate thread now?

No. 2096938

As much as I dislike these pet owners, it's schizo behavior to act like all of the behaviors you dislike come from the exact same people. In my experience, "boymoms" and people who view their dogs as "furbabies" tend to be different people, because one group has kids and the other doesn't. Fucking duh. It's like saying that everyone who takes their shoes off on airplanes is also a communist.

No. 2096944

You're making a different cognitive error, assuming that these groups don't overlap when they are traits that could belong to the same person. Having pets and children aren't mutually exclusive.

No. 2096962

Eeewwww how are they so ugly??

No. 2096965

do you spend your spare time looking up picrtures of pitbulls or what? you're always making the same posts
these groups definitely overlap, that's usually how babies and toddlers end up getting mauled by family dogs. look at all the social media posts itt where people pose their baby with big ass dangerous dogs.

No. 2096976

Literally what are you talking about? All those groups overlap, retards with dogs who maul and kill adults and children can fall in tons of categories, not my fault more often than not it is these specific retards.

No. 2096994

>do you spend your spare time looking up picrtures of pitbulls or what? you're always making the same posts
Kekkk leave the autistic pitbullposter alone

No. 2096995

KEK what??? The gaslighting continues

No. 2096997

Post different "picrtures" yourself then

No. 2096999

>no cats/small animals
The absolute state of shibbles.

No. 2097000

Sure why not

No. 2097003

File: 1721455614031.png (918.6 KB, 720x1231, almond.png)

He should be renamed to mauler the ugly motherfucker

No. 2097006

This is so creepy nonny I feel like it is trying to steal my soul

No. 2097035

I have a personal cow that's a shitbull breeder and she's the epitome of shitbull owner retardation and hypocrisy. She complains about outdoor cats threatening wildlife while bragging about her shitbeast catching rabbits and almost catching birds. She vaguely threatened a neighbour's cat by saying they better hope it doesn't get into her yard or the surrounding yards or it won't get back alive then complained about having to worry about it because of irresponsible owners. If they're irresponsible for it getting into others' yards, what's she for knowing her shitbull can not only breach the surrounding yards but is a threat to them? Of course she thinks it doesn't reflect badly on her for her violent shitbeast being ready to maul at any moment. The victim blaming mentality and lack of self awareness of shitbull lovers is insane but you have to jump through hoops to defend those things.

No. 2097043

File: 1721463116854.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.31 KB, 661x356, good luck pitbull pussy juice.…)

Pitbull breeders are so fucking gross.
Not embedding because the thumbnail is very NSFW.

In vid
>Guy jacks off a heaving shitbull male
>Camera guy exclaims "oooh, daaaamn!" as it thrusts and cums into the collection pouch
>Barehanded rubs a female pitbull between her engorged, overbred pussy and her asshole while he injects the freshly collected semen
>Holds her in a position to prevent her
>Keeps rubbing her so that she doesn't want to escape
>Reinserts the insemination tube with a suspicious amount of in-and-out motion
>"shoot that air in there"
>pitbull gets bored/overstimulated/whatever and tries to leave
>he sticks his thumb in her vagina
>"you feel her clenching on your thumb, you know she's taking it in. you wanna do that for at least 30 minutes."

I won't pretend to know anything about artificial insemination, but this can't be correct.

Drinking game: Click through videos uploaded this channel and by various commenters' pitbull channels, and drink every time you see obvious animal abuse or animal aggression. Take a shot every time animal abuse is evident just from the thumbnail.

No. 2097055

I’ve never seen people get this mad when a cop shoots a human, but when it’s a loose shitbull that was shot to save another dog everyone is calling for the cop’s firing, humans are fucking doomed

No. 2097061

File: 1721465077301.jpg (19.93 KB, 525x385, 20240720_014404.jpg)

Why did I read that

No. 2097069

File: 1721466398480.jpeg (24.84 KB, 360x245, IMG_0643.jpeg)

Nonna why…

No. 2097076

Next time can you spoil the text too please, I wish I didnt read this shit

No. 2097162

File: 1721476462664.jpg (11.81 KB, 500x392, images-1.jpg)

Wtf did I just read……..

No. 2097165

File: 1721476573286.gif (299.45 KB, 220x163, cat-meme-face-cat-meme.gif)

wtf nona

No. 2097269

ew wtf do you seek out this shit or what? why would you post this

No. 2097319

You must have searched for whatever the fuck that video is and because that isn’t degenerate enough then gone to the effort of typing out whatever the fuck this deranged greentext is, please seek help

No. 2097323

File: 1721488243760.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x1708, IMG_1754.jpeg)

Back to the autistic picture posting, here’s some more mental illness spotted on twitter, the way pitfags humanise (sometimes to the point of sexualising) their ugly mutts is absolutely unhinged

No. 2097324

File: 1721488391359.jpeg (260.45 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_1755.jpeg)

Of fucking course they’re not specifying why this thing can no longer live with other dogs

No. 2097334

File: 1721489418010.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1470, IMG_1756.jpeg)

Since when was a shitbull a “cattle dog”? The lies and minimising of aggression just gets more egregious

No. 2097357

Shitbeast lovers have terrible grammar, they have to appeal to the lowest common denominator of ghetto ass low IQ trogs who can’t be bothered to read more than 3-5 sentences and capitalize every word in sentences when they post on social media. Just euthanize it already

No. 2097360

File: 1721491347264.jpg (273.05 KB, 1480x1200, 1721432356206.jpg)

Ok so I got redtext for putting this in the "wrong thread" (I put it in the bad parenting thread because personally, only a neglectful parent would allow a puppy to chew 5 fingers off an infant) but i'll put it here as I guess its the right one?

No. 2097361

How were you not banned for this? Something I will truly not understand kekkk

No. 2097369

Lmao I think they banned you because the dogfags are on overdrive "looking out" for uwu dog hate also they better had put that beast down, absolutely horrifying

No. 2097375

Nonnies I just got the biggest jumpscare from scrolling through ot (I won't screenshot because I don't wanna get banned) but this photo of a demon bearing it's teeth made me think it was one of you trolling hard posting something so ugly so the weirdos would comment "BABY GURL SO CUTE" but maybe it wasn't bait and they're truly that retarded KEK

No. 2097382

File: 1721492578403.jpg (1.07 MB, 2181x2168, coworkers-cat-mauled-by-a-resc…)

>tl:dr version
>Get dog for free because shelter is desperate to get rid of this dog
>Doesnt make it clear if the shelter told them it was a boxer/bulldog mix or they assumed it was
>Bring it home, their cat hisses and or/swipes at it
>Dog kills cat in front of whole family, oldest child and wife are a mess
>They had to get tetnus shots from the fight
>Animal control had to take the dog away
I swear people need to do their research but also these shelters are being shitty because I've heard too many stories of dogs that are clearly pitbulls (like this one) being adopted out as another breed.

No. 2097391

This is horrifying. How was this mutt not put down? These people are insane

No. 2097396

File: 1721493073484.jpg (57.48 KB, 504x668, shop dont adopt.jpg)

I'm just posting this here before the article, tell me nonna's even from the blurry pic here is anyone fooled that this is a pointer?

No. 2097398

File: 1721493177749.jpg (Spoiler Image,411.07 KB, 1948x1470, this is why you dont trust she…)

Ok so they admit its a mix, can you guess the dog they say this "pointer" is mixed with?

No. 2097402

Are they lying because they're catching on no one wanting a shitbull kek?

No. 2097414

Yes. This video is old but they say that dogs that mistakenly got labelled as pits were not being adopted and were with them the longest. Clearly the shelters caught on and now are mislabelling pits as other breeds to get them out. This is why the "shop dont adopt" movement is picking up speed a lot of these shelters dont give a shit about peoples safety being misleading like this.

No. 2097417

Kek holy shit this is criminal behavior

No. 2097476

looks like a skinwalker in the vague shape of a dog

No. 2097484

>"The cat did something to him"
The same way toddlers and infants in cribs "did something" to cause the attack. Poor cat. Idiots all around. They already had a pet, they didn't need to get a "boy pet" for their scrotlet, he could just learn to fucking deal.

No. 2097708

>an American Staffordshire terrier, not a pit bull
That breed of ugly mutt is still a type of pit bull, I know I’ve said it before but keeping these worthless, putrid things alive is such a disgusting drain on money and resources

No. 2097712

kek I saw the pic you’re talking about, anyone who thinks these stinking mutts are cute has brain worms

No. 2097713

Look at its stupid ugly face, I’d have blown its head off on the spot

No. 2097715

These monstrosities are so irredeemably hideous even as puppies, the only correct response in this situation would have been to snap its neck, that poor baby

No. 2097738

I think you may be right nonna, which is ironic because I clearly blamed the parents in that thread-just goes to show dogfags are their own worst enemy!

They said because it was a puppy it could not be held accountable for its actions, however I was shocked to find articles of pits killing adults and not being put down but adopted back out. I dont know the law but im confused as to why that would be legal.

I think the parents should have had the child taken away too.

No. 2097822

Or taking them out to an abandoned field or lot and permanently disposing of them, rather than bringing them back to shelters to be unloaded onto another unsuspecting victim. When will we, as a society, get our collective shit together and realize that the only cure for these grotesque wastes of space is removing them from existence entirely? Someone should start a class action lawsuit against the pit advocate cult who're definitely in bed with the BYBers because their deliberate efforts to spread misinformation have cost countless lives and gotten us into this mess. The breeders deserve life in prison.

No. 2097931

Where do I began with this, that was absolutely horrific I'm appalled

No. 2097932

Our neighbor has a staffy named Rocky. One bedroom apartment in a city btw.
When my husband first moved in, the dog had pushed its way behind him into our apartment and went straight for the cat food bowl.
Thank god it was too retarded to notice our cat.
No recall, neighbor doesn't put him on a leash at all. Often hear him screaming ROCKY ROCKY disappearing down the street.
Tried to convince my husband to let the dog "meet" the cat to see what happens. Husband said thats not happening. Neighbor got mad. Braindead dog owners.

No. 2097934

>We were terrified he would get the baby next
Take the infant into another room?
Dont get a rejected shitbull 6 year old dog for free to bring home to the house with a cat and infant?
I wish the father was mauled instead of the innocent cat.
OH and the dog was leashed when he met the cat, but still somehow killed the cat? HUH?

No. 2097943

File: 1721536275060.png (46.83 KB, 360x474, 1684695764340.png)

>the cat must've nipped him or something
court dismissed, it was the cats fault it got disemboweled. This pupper is still a certified good boy.

No. 2097977

File: 1721539286338.jpg (65.96 KB, 900x500, Brwon-Dog-and-Black-Dog-Smilin…)

So american bullies and pitbulls are different breeds? I thought they were the same

No. 2097980

It doesn't look like one at all. The shelter should be held accountable for this shit. Wtf

No. 2098003

Goodness they're both hideous

No. 2098006

File: 1721543707554.jpg (58.75 KB, 760x466, American-Bulldog-vs-Boxer-side…)

I also thought bulldogs and boxers were similar

No. 2098012

I wouldn't trust any random dog labelled as one of these to not be at least 50% shitbull.

No. 2098018

File: 1721544963806.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x2314, IMG_1758.jpeg)

The “cruel law” in question is forcing these repugnant shitbeasts to wear a muzzle in public, pitnutters are so fucking unhinged


No. 2098025

File: 1721545667738.jpeg (95.42 KB, 638x903, IMG_1759.jpeg)

Once again they’re calling a fully grown shitbull a puppy and not specifying what the “behavioural issues…” are. As another nona said, there needs to be a class action against these motherfuckers

No. 2098030

ALL dogs should be required to wear a muzzel in public

No. 2098032

It literally looks like a fucking shark I'm legit uncomfortable.

No. 2098034

I was just going to say the same thing, all mutts with no exception

No. 2098035

>the love of a gentle family
>he comes with some behavioural issues

It's so ridiculously reckless of shelters to promote this beast as a family dog. Traumatised pitbulls are a completely lost cause.

I'm afraid of big dogs, especially those who are bred to maul people, but I cannot stand little designer dogs running around yapping without a leash. Where I live dogs must be kept in leashes during the spring and summer, whenever I walk past and owner and see a dog without a leash running around I casually remind them of this and they always get offended. It's crazy. And it's mainly shitbull owners or people with the tiniest and most rabid designer dogs that get the angriest. Kek the nonnas in these threads have strengthened my resolve to keep calling them out. I wish it was mandatory to wear a leash all year around, and even though most dog owners already do this because we live in a city, there are always someone bound to be completely retarded.

No. 2098036

Samefag, all pitbulls are a lost cause but the traumatised ones especially so.

No. 2098150

File: 1721564840280.jpeg (95.57 KB, 570x247, IMG_1834.jpeg)

I would find behavior like this on reddit. Dog sycophants and autists should be banned from the internet altogether.

No. 2098157

I made an online friend here off of friend finder who I got along with super well and she terminated our friendship because I felt bad for a lady who got her face mauled off, and insisted I was a horrible person.

It's sort of remind me of the tiger king type of feverish devotion to a deadly animal, like the one worker who was proud to get their arm ripped off by a tiger. At least big cats have controlled laws and don't walk around off leash kek. I wonder if they'd ever be able to argue how not being allowed to privatley own a even a bobcat is for general public safety, but dangerous breeds of dogs are perfectly fine and arr marketed to live in family homes.

>inb4 ""training""

No one trains their dogs truly, every dog I see is pulling their owner and walking them.

No. 2098160

Pitbulls are so fucking scrote coded. Angry and violent. Any pain and trauma inflicted on everyone else is the fault of someone else triggering them. Cats (female coded) are the one at fault even though it's 3 times smaller and was defensive for a obvious reason. I would have took a sledgehammer to it's face if some disgusting dog attacked my cat. But of course people have a tendency to value dogs more than cats. Just like we do with scrotes.

No. 2098164

That’s crazy, full on mental illness kek. You should have asked her if it would be acceptable for her shitbeast to attack her boyfriend or husband hell even her child if she had one, it would be complete silence because those male worship camps overlap. Dogfags are just as degenerate as psychopaths who test on animals before they start on humans.

No. 2098172

If you have a family with small children and animals, STOP GETTING AGGRESSIVE BREEDS. Get a fucking golden retriever. Not a fucking husky, known for being neurotic and randomly killing peoples other pets. I swear to god people don't know shit about the dogs they take in. How do you get a husky and not know the risks? I hate dog owners casue so many of them are like this.

No. 2098179

Someone mentioned in meta about being banned for posting a pitbull chewing 5 fingers from a baby in the bad parenting thread, I bet this retard was the one who reported it to jannies to get the ban

No. 2098209

They report you if they don’t personally agree with you, it’s so fucking annoying

No. 2098217

how about don't get a dog in a house with small kids. it's not just pitbulls who bite kids #yesALLdogs

No. 2098321

File: 1721575580170.jpg (286.48 KB, 1080x1742, Screenshot_20240722-012125_Fac…)

Seeing overweight animals in general makes me seething mad, but dogs that already have breathing issues being morbidly obese is even more disturbing.
In the video the stupid bitch is saying "the vet said I can't give you any more donuts. I can't give you a donut, you have to diet".
Then you have fat people in the comments saying to give that baby a donut.
What the fuck is wrong with people??

No. 2098324

File: 1721575801216.jpg (462.57 KB, 1076x1896, Screenshot_20240722-012754_Fac…)

Samefagging but I checked her other videos and she dresses this ugly creature up in costumes. Seeing women protecting their maternal craving for children onto dogs is creepy as fuck.

No. 2098342

File: 1721577080952.webp (1 MB, 2203x2938, pTNiN1yyly8NeDIyeeSac3dk7eKic7…)

>What the fuck is wrong with people??
Everything Nonna, everything.

>women protecting their maternal craving for children onto dogs is creepy as fuck
I think the same. The entire trend of treating pets as the lower-tier commitment type of children is making me sick. I get it, it's expensive to have a child these days, it's impossible to buy a house, but treating pets as a substitute is just insanity. It's also reeking of some kind of psychopathy, because the pet can't refuse or protest you projecting on them. It's just sick on so many levels the more you think about it. Weirdly parasocial behaviour.
When I see people putting pugs in strollers and dresses, getting them dog-sitters… I just can't. Wtf.

No. 2098361

They always deny this but that is absolutely spot on kek

No. 2098386

His videos are hilarious, I’m so sorry kek

No. 2098443

I love you common sense nonny

No. 2098448

>No one trains their dogs truly, every dog I see is pulling their owner and walking them.
Completely true, I fucking hate it here

No. 2098453

This is creepy, deranged behavior.

No. 2098454

Literally get a hamster or something small like that, not a stupid fucking massive dog like a retarded piss colored retriver, even Chihuahuas are dangerous

No. 2098455

Agree with you 100 percent. It doesnt even hurt them. it stops the barking and a potential attack. No one should be against it.

No. 2098456

kek is that a wig on the first vid?

No. 2098460

Can we stop this 'get a hamster' bullshit when it comes to getting pets for children? Hamsters are not toys. I am sick of hearing stories of them needlessly dying in less than a year because some child threw them or flushed them down a toilet. OT, but that just boils my broccoli. No kid needs a pet.

No. 2098464

File: 1721583307847.png (54.02 KB, 837x295, 1539016254071.png)

Shelters truly are terrible for lying and misleading potential adopters about the background and history of the dog.
I would never trust a shelter to accurately report history/behavior. Most of the money they make is from the exchange of animals, so having them come back and forth is allowing them to "double dip".

No. 2098468

File: 1721583528313.png (93.31 KB, 842x488, 1539016443609.png)

No. 2098469

File: 1721583559050.png (144.71 KB, 843x742, 1539016734905.png)

No. 2098470

File: 1721583648036.png (97.17 KB, 837x489, 1539195625401.png)

No. 2098472

File: 1721583682345.png (128.97 KB, 844x675, 1539195783922.png)

No. 2098476

File: 1721583743399.png (72.02 KB, 836x404, 1539196061032.png)

No. 2098483

At least the hamster won't disembowel the child but I do agree that no child needs a pet

No. 2098512

I am never allowing my family to get more dogs. Genuinely tired of trying to clean piss and shit every single fucking morning.

No. 2098632

The reason you didn't post this in the vent thread is because the dogfags where gonna report you kek?

No. 2098662

Did I read that correctly? The notes state that this dog is probably better off euthanised and yet the adopters came in to get the paperwork done?

No. 2098678

Why do dog owners dye their dogs ridiculous colors? Is this some kind of humiliation ritual for the dog or something?

No. 2098752

File: 1721593795063.jpg (49.13 KB, 859x138, pitparent.jpg)

>Accuses people who posts in these threads of sperging on other threads
>Meanwhile this idiots have been sperging all over /meta/ screaming this thread needs to be banned

Im starting to believe that these dog owners really have maggots for brains because what the hell is this kek

No. 2098765

"Pit bull" is not a breed, it's a breed type, like "shepherd". Encompasses a bunch of breeds including: Bully XL, Bull Arab, American Bulldog, American Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and other deformed "breeds" like microbullies and exotic bullies. Even boxers and french bulldogs are pit bull type. Many of those listed "breeds" aren't even recognised by (real) kennel clubs or the FCI (the largest breed registry), theyre just inbred mixmeat mutts with staffordshire terrier/american pbt/bull-and-terrier ancestry and retention of the very worst of those breed traits.
>No one trains their dogs truly, every dog I see is pulling their owner and walking them.
absolutely true. I honestly think this has to do with the real hardline anti-negative reinforcement trend dogfags have fallen for. Obviously mindlessly beating an animal is a retarded scrote move, but anyone I have known who has worked in dog training (in scent, k9, or livestock contexts) used a mixture of negative and positive reinforcement from a very early age. Working dogs aren't exactly "sociable" but they at least have a sense of decorum and boundaries in public (except sheepdogs ime who tend to just treat you like another sheep which is very annoying).

No. 2098782

>Even boxers and french bulldogs are pit bull type.
This is a lie spread by pitbull advocates. Literally no one thought or said this before 2010. It's just a way for pitmommies to camouflage their shit beast's murder statistics by lumping them in with dogs with lower murder rates.

No. 2098801

jesus, it takes killing "a couple" or "several" cats for shelters to cave and euth these fucking monsters.
im open to that, but imo it's a fair call as french bulldogs are descended from english bull-and-terriers (like all pitbull types) and boxers are even more closely related being directly descended from british bulldogs (precursor to staffies). boxers i have known have had similar shitty neurotic temperaments. obviously french bulldogs have lower bite rates and are less harmful, but im sure microbullies and exotic bullies are similar, it's just lucky theyre so small and fucked up.

No. 2098825

File: 1721595415083.webp (Spoiler Image,106.37 KB, 1080x1002, the-kind-of-warnings-necessary…)

And to think dog owners love it when dogs lick their faces…

No. 2098911

File: 1721598162663.jpg (306.81 KB, 1894x1127, triggered idiot.jpg)

Nonna this is the reply-this retard is sperging out at me because im not someone else despite the fact she replied to my posts and there is a lot of projections

This is truly eye opening, did not know dog owners could be this retarded or so easily triggered.

No. 2098922

Humans can get various diseases from dogs, but they can't get canine parvo.

No. 2098997

Yep pretty much, nona.

No. 2099078

KEK I understand

No. 2099087

Hmm we need to criticize dogfaggots more

No. 2099132

I guarantee that's why the son wanted one. The small penis crisis starts as soon as they realize there are two sexes. If the shelter had been full of miniature poodles the cat would still be alive today.
It's telling that the author of these had to directly call out idiotic fosters/volunteers in half of them.

No. 2099154

File: 1721609704688.jpeg (438.92 KB, 1170x758, IMG_1762.jpeg)

Especially when they post shit like this, but we’re the unhinged ones(dragging infights )

No. 2099174

I'm a pitbull hater but I see where she's coming from tbh. We do have some unhinged anons here like >>2097043 I hope nobody ever posts shit like this again kek

No. 2099184

Anon, please read the context of what she is replying to, she's being completely retarded and spergy in this case.

No. 2099198

Saying that no one cares about a shitbull eating a little baby’s fingers is actually psychotic

No. 2099200

So we just takes thing out of context? I was saying i was never fucking talking about her stupid post about the pitbull eating the babies fingers. I never replied to it, i dont give a fuck about her complaint over her post. But sure, go ahead and act like I’m literally talking about the news story and not her getting mad that I replied to a different post complaining they got banned.

No. 2099211

MTE but sadly its typical which is why dogs get a bad rap, theres plenty of examples of dogfags saying their shitbulls are "sweet and gentle" after the've mauled some poor cat/child/old person.

No. 2099278

Zero empathy for the human baby who's life got stunted because a low value animal maimed him

No. 2099281

NTA but go back to your dog fucker thread, retard.

No. 2099397

Based nonna.

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