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File: 1505652875966.png (86.09 KB, 755x454, hewantedit.png)

No. 204719

The infamous. Come at me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 204724

File: 1505666949064.jpg (11.08 KB, 200x200, sexy hapa boii.jpg)

It's Eurasian Tiger?
The guy who claims he's so handsome women stop and stare at him in the street.

No. 204725

File: 1505667380752.png (651.79 KB, 1135x541, therealone.png)

Price is right!

No. 204726

>who loves design as much as i love life
no surprise his work is shit if he fucking loathes it

No. 204799

File: 1505711528689.png (288.08 KB, 1242x567, self portait.png)

The famous redpill comics author reveals his inspiration.

Just lol at his narcissism.
Also what kinda name is Tenda?

No. 204818

File: 1505741084019.jpg (400.48 KB, 575x742, chicken.jpg)

A suitable one

No. 204821

File: 1505742351166.png (348.13 KB, 547x479, jddjd.png)

Why did you delete your youtube channel Tenda?
I reuploaded his video so everyone can hear it's the same voice as Eurasian Tiger.


No. 204824

File: 1505750220182.gif (981.61 KB, 280x218, tumblr_m070m4GRX91qha0cy.gif)


It's not just that he's not remotely good looking. He doesn't even look that fucking Asian!

Women don't like you because you're a mouth breather and you look like a whole foot. Not because you look sooooo Asian.

No. 204839

I dunno he looks pretty Asian to me, but you're right, he's ugly af.

Buddy seems to have crazy delusions of grandeur, too. I'd bet that's also turning off women.

No. 204841

File: 1505763500066.png (40.46 KB, 917x411, wifewontputout.PNG)

Even his own wife won't fuck him. The only woman who wants him is Persephone.

No. 204893

>on top of sharing a bathroom, I think there are things that just interfere with how sexually desirable I see her as

How does sharing a bathroom relate to seeing her as less desirable? Did he find out girls actually poop?
Guy sounds and looks like he has a room temp IQ.

No. 204922

File: 1505791643247.png (56.21 KB, 1066x184, shit poo.PNG)

He's one of those men who can't stand the fact that women poop and menstruate

No. 204923

Wow, you aren't kidding!

No. 204928

What an insufferable egomaniac. I love when these RedPill bros get doxxed. They're always nothing like they claim to be. Anyone remember Robert Fisher, who claimed to have a business empire and be a successful musician, really owned 2 stores and played the kazoo in a one man band?

No. 204930

File: 1505794804806.png (104 KB, 872x842, tenda.png)

I did some googling and found pic related as further evidence. But I can't find the referred comments, which makes me think he deleted them.

No. 204931

File: 1505796188578.png (39.75 KB, 636x488, trying to be professional.PNG)

Tenda Spencer aka Eurasian Tiger aka ArtistInStarving
He uses many different pseudonyms, Daniel Oniat, Raymond Herels, John Bettendorf to name a few.

Tenda runs the r/hapas subreddit and hates asian women-white men relationship and has been on a crusade since 2014 to expose these relationships.
He also draws the redpill and blackpill comics

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/EurasianTiger
His hapa blog: https://longingfordeath.wordpress.com/
His lookism account: http://lookism.net/User-Copenhagen

EurasianTiger Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ2ELgRXSxBd5-qnDTAtm3g/
Compare his voice in the ET videos to the video posted in >>204821

In that video he introduces himself as Starving in artist. This is proof Eurasian Tiger and StarvingInArtist is the same guy. The drawing he made in the video is on the Artistinstarving deviantart page and reddit submissions. The original video and youtube channel where the video first was uploaded was deleted around 1 day after this thread was made. Probably because Tenda was nervous about someone connecting the dots.

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ArtistInStarving/
His DeviantArt: https://artistinstarving.deviantart.com/
His twitter: https://twitter.com/tendaspencer

No. 204933

File: 1505797889530.png (245.03 KB, 948x720, mailbox.png)

Another proof that Eurasian Tiger and StarvingInArtist is the same.
In the >>204821 video at 8:58 you can see an email inbox belonging to Eurasian Tiger.
Bonus conversation with Persephone in the bottom right.

No. 204951

I've seen or shall I say "experienced" his youtube account, but I've never heard him mention a Persephone before.

No. 204952

I know what 'redpill' means, but what's 'black pill'?

No. 204957

It's ArtistInStarving (not starvinginartist)
I mixed up the words a few times. Sorry.

No. 204968

File: 1505831457746.jpg (50.79 KB, 660x330, hoy it's dahve from eevblog wi…)

He looks like EEVBlog guy but uglier

No. 205054

File: 1505890214407.png (186.95 KB, 1856x1066, qKdoNp7.png)

Eurasian Tiger posted this picture on his vanity subreddit r/eurasiantiger yesterday. No one knows why.

No. 205059

So people stop laughing about his face and start laughing about this shit instead?

No. 205062

>"my penis is nice and juicy"

No. 205072

File: 1505921844029.jpg (475.05 KB, 640x1136, bBmm5UB.jpg)


Holy shit, I didn't even catch that the first time

>creates entire board for wmaf incels to cry on

>touts the superiority of amwf relationships
>cucks am in amwf relationship

wew lad

No. 205080

File: 1505926450419.png (19.95 KB, 989x173, sohandsome.PNG)

Eurasian tiger had a meltdown on his subreddit. He thinks people want to kill him because of his relationship with Persephone. He thinks his kids are in danger. This is the first time he mentioned he has kids, but it’s probably bullshit since his wife doesn’t have sex with him.
ET keeps complaining about his controlling wife. His wife won’t let him dress nice because that makes him too attractive and all women want to fuck him. He’s very unhappy about being controlled by his wife.

In the thread ET also brags about being rich. If he’s so rich, how come he can’t afford a house with 2 bathrooms?


No. 205104

This whole thread is amazing.
Been following this guy for a while and had an idea Bettendorf was a decoy name.
He's obviously living out fantasies with an online persona he's been crafting for years.
His reddit drama and persephone affair is getting pretty fun atm too.
Think once people start exposing him big time he might An Hero.

No. 205120

The black pill is about giving up, or something like that as I understand. I remember incels criticizing trying to improve your fitness through lifting, because you still won't be Chad™, you're just "coping" for your natural ugliness.

No. 205135

File: 1505975599582.png (303.08 KB, 2444x1364, NcyzUQu.png)

He also posted this at the same time as >>205054

Makes me wonder if posting these was Persephone's idea since she's an attention whore.

No. 205141

>He doesn't even look that fucking Asian!

You know 99.9% of Asians don't look like plastic Korean pop music icons right?

Most of them look pretty similar to him actually.

No. 205147

Dude looks Russian or Kazakh or something.

No. 205193

File: 1506025628153.jpg (853.83 KB, 2328x8000, Xhe3XoV.jpg)

Tenda Spencer wants this pic deleted so I'm posting it here.

No. 205196

lol, these two are going to end up suicide bombing some event with high WMAF participation. They are both so demented and obsessed.
ET has finally found his white woman to give him validation but it turns out she is toxic and is egging on his mental illness lol.
This stuff is absolute gold, where did you get this nugget?

No. 205197

It's hilarious how they think they're alpha or desirable, when that's really only in their own little place on the internet…

No. 205198

Persephone is pretty sub par looks wise. Apparently she was rejected by a Russian and a Greek ex on account of her being, you know, insane.

What a surprise the only men thirsty enough to put up with her shit (clinically neurotic, crazy, making videos about wanting a cuckolding relationship) are Asian men.

A race of bottom feeders.

No. 205199

>A race of bottom feeding white worshippers


No. 205200

her face reminds me of Quasimodo with one eye lower than the other lol.
Her boob job is fucking horrendous as well.
Even if she managed to sort those things her voice goes through me like a dentists drill, literally the most annoying voice and for someone so insane her talking style is mindnumbingly boring. It's extremely difficult to make it past the 10 second mark on her vids.

No. 205201

meant for>>205198

No. 205203

Same story every time with these fucking weebs isn't it? Rejected by their own group and their resentment and self hatred manifests itself in terms of wanting a kawaii azn bf.

It's always funny when their relationships inevitably implode too.

Just ugh. The older I get the more I hate weebs.

No. 205204

Persephoney jumped on the anti fetishization of asian women train and parrots everything ET says yet she fetishizes asian males and Japan because white people in Greece don't stand for her insanity.

No. 205206

Can't speak for Greeks but Asian dudes are very different from what your ordinary Italian or Spanish girl would consider an attractive man.

That's the exact reason she goes on YouTube I'd imagine. Literally no one cares about "having an Asian boyfriend" outside of weeb circles in North America that exist exclusively online anyway.

No. 205233

File: 1506074307654.jpg (178.71 KB, 1024x768, 2007.jpg)

Old pics of Tenda from 2007

No. 205234

File: 1506074328255.jpg (378.38 KB, 1024x768, mole on his right cheek.jpg)

No. 205235

File: 1506074370579.jpg (388.98 KB, 1024x768, weird looking mf.jpg)

No. 205237

File: 1506074419823.jpg (341.28 KB, 1024x768, autism.jpg)

No. 205238

File: 1506074491888.jpg (327.13 KB, 768x1024, before weightloss.jpg)

No. 205239

File: 1506074534478.jpg (261.5 KB, 768x1024, chubby.jpg)

No. 205247

This dude is like a 3/10 at best, can't believe he considers himself a handsome alpha lmao

No. 205249

It's always hilarious when redpill type guys get doxxed, they go on and on about how they're such a handsome alpha when 90% of the time they're not even a 5/10 lol.

No. 205250

File: 1506084591574.jpg (370.14 KB, 768x1024, lookin supreme.jpg)

Here are all the pics of Eurasian Tiger

No. 205265

File: 1506090780700.jpg (7.08 KB, 300x200, chad warden.jpg)


No. 205276

How did you get these unless you're Tenda himself?

Guys, I think he's well aware he isn't a stud, or at least a super stud. I mean it's the internet and trolling is his thing.

No. 205282

>where did you get this nugget?
Tenda posted it on reddit and then deleted it shortly afterwards.

No. 205288


I've been seeing this shit all over reddit, its just leaking to here.

>I think its his white hoe trying to break up his marriage, but I'm not completely sold just yet.

No. 205297

what subreddits did these leak first on?

No. 205300

File: 1506119718830.png (607.26 KB, 812x576, The mole don't lie.png)

No. 205322

I'm feeling a new meme with his quotes next to his actual face coming on

No. 205349

He is like a male Yumi King.

No. 205402

He was doxxed on alt_hapas apparently, maybe that's where the pictures came from as well.

No. 205426

Can we get him fired yo?

No. 205427

But Persephone does seem slutty… just look at her instagram. She says her MIL hates her because she's white but I think its because she's such a thot/crazy.

Relationship with Persephone? Who does Persephone post pictures with on her Instagram? No wonder the MIL hated her ass, ~for being ~*~*~whyte~*~*~~.

No. 205433

File: 1506235588789.png (1.11 MB, 1713x1113, Tenda Spencer is Eurasian Tige…)

Made a compilation of screenshots from the video. The vid is all you need to prove his identity really.

No. 205435

File: 1506236039109.jpg (471.92 KB, 768x1024, wG7Yf5g.jpg)

>"Persephone go on r/Alt_Hapa and tell them how handsome I am"

No. 205444

File: 1506249467014.jpg (581.05 KB, 704x500, PjUXcdK.jpg)

No. 205446

File: 1506251291206.jpg (20.25 KB, 320x320, um.jpg)


Yumi King is actually cute though…

This guy stole a woman from another man?

Btw, anyone know how old this woman, Persephone is? She looks wayyy too old to be posting pics like this one…

No. 205448

No. 205449

She says on this video "ET i am in love with you".

No. 205450

That's her husband? He's a lot more attractive than ET.

No. 205454

File: 1506255728689.jpg (324.07 KB, 1024x768, 5tRTenj.jpg)

No. 205455

File: 1506255772546.jpg (296.14 KB, 1024x768, pgIammW.jpg)

No. 205456

File: 1506255809474.jpg (580.7 KB, 1024x768, dgOvv9w.jpg)

No. 205457

File: 1506255841485.jpg (341.64 KB, 1024x768, 0jlTaEM.jpg)

No. 205458

File: 1506255876164.jpg (514.8 KB, 768x1024, m76sgDq.jpg)

No. 205459

File: 1506255896090.jpg (352.3 KB, 1024x768, 2dWOfkT.jpg)

No. 205460

File: 1506255931075.jpg (314.39 KB, 1024x768, fGJgLdg.jpg)

No. 205461

File: 1506255957267.jpg (362.87 KB, 768x1024, KWO9NFp.jpg)

No. 205462

File: 1506256010912.jpg (398.61 KB, 1024x768, jSCXwYy.jpg)

No. 205463

File: 1506256060556.jpg (385.2 KB, 1024x768, wEwD0DT.jpg)

No. 205464

File: 1506256106430.jpg (599.92 KB, 768x1024, 8IFbYQS.jpg)

No. 205465

File: 1506256139573.jpg (463.3 KB, 768x1024, HIif48G.jpg)

No. 205466

File: 1506256172180.jpg (214.45 KB, 1024x768, mO6doVL.jpg)

No. 205467

File: 1506256190953.jpg (401.73 KB, 1024x768, s1x3CvO.jpg)

No. 205468

File: 1506256251746.jpg (472.05 KB, 1024x768, xP5h9Rt.jpg)

No. 205469

File: 1506256291565.jpg (235.77 KB, 768x1024, BQUk7ID.jpg)

No. 205470

File: 1506256416424.jpg (357.09 KB, 1024x768, g98ffnu.jpg)

No. 205471

File: 1506256451647.jpg (288.77 KB, 1024x768, 38PsTiK.jpg)

No. 205472

File: 1506256507858.jpg (339.68 KB, 768x1024, Q5ZgEez.jpg)

No. 205482


Getting strong Eliott vibes here, how long until he's going on a spree killing?

No. 205484

Anon still hasn't answered the question of how the hell they got all these pictures

No. 205487

File: 1506270196197.jpg (590.82 KB, 666x500, rFthzM1.jpg)

No. 205488

File: 1506270242002.jpg (759.98 KB, 500x666, w2cRwjq.jpg)

No. 205489

File: 1506270279223.jpg (39.62 KB, 722x449, 8xjtz3f.jpg)

No. 205490

File: 1506270310728.jpg (21.57 KB, 622x183, 6zloj0G.jpg)

No. 205491

File: 1506270618241.jpg (671.23 KB, 666x500, MtDDCjj.jpg)

No. 205492

>>I get free shit from men all the time just by standing still. I haven't paid for my own coffee in months.

Please tell me this is Persephone. Everyone involved sound delusional

No. 205493

File: 1506271047635.jpg (379.36 KB, 878x461, H3aLoJf.jpg)

No. 205496

File: 1506271598194.jpg (590.22 KB, 666x500, acPAfCJ.jpg)

No. 205497

File: 1506272257135.jpg (611.92 KB, 666x500, WG7Zh14.jpg)

No. 205498

File: 1506272333199.jpg (106.89 KB, 1440x2560, ao1B5OS.jpg)

No. 205499

>Sucks his cheeks in and bites down in every pic
Somebody is a bit insecure.

No. 205500

File: 1506275484000.png (16.63 KB, 863x204, 9S2PGT5.png)

Nah it’s Lulu_ritsu, one of Persephone and Tenda’s enemies. Lulu was one of the first to reveal that Persephone was using a shitload of sockpuppet accounts on r/hapas to spam her own videos and defend herself.

Unfortunately Tenda managed to get her account banned.

No. 205505

File: 1506285222331.jpg (562.34 KB, 846x425, pUwmxTO.jpg)

No. 205514

File: 1506289521940.png (79.43 KB, 750x1200, IMG_1592.PNG)

Pussy bitch hahahahaha.

No. 205518


Lol do all Eurasian narcissists do that Blue Steel shit? It's like it's encoded in their DNA or something.

No. 205519

What a clusterfuck that whole Asian American subreddit/online "activism" scene is.

Glad I never fell for the Asian guys are cute meme, despite being an insufferable weeb.

AMWF couples are so cringe inducing that they even make Yumi King and her partner look vaguely normal by comparison.

No. 205523

Do you think that he will stop bitching after getting the white pussy he always dreamed of? Because after wrecking an AMWF marriage there is no way he can pass as AMWF advocate anymore. Plus, the WMAF smear campaign is clearly projection of his own marriage with an asian woman that sexually rejects him.

No. 205525

He didn't wreck that marriage between persephone and her cuck. That dude (Kim Du Han) was a thirsty loser who was quite happy to accept his "wife" cheating on him. And unlike PULL believes, he deserves zero sympathy since he quite happily egged on his wife's pathologies towards WMAF couples, Asian women and Eurasian kids.

In short that joke of a marriage was doomed from the start.

The absolute nutjobs in amwf relationships on all sides deserve each other.

No. 205526

File: 1506294605826.jpg (658.22 KB, 500x666, UKqylse.jpg)

When the superincel gets white gf for the first time and needs to brag rolf.

No. 205528

>> 205525
Persephone was known to be whoring on her amwf fb groups many months ago, but the first time she openly stated that she wants another man was with the hapa boy. Which makes me think that he somehow convinced her to break it off with the gook and be with him. That is homewrecking last time i checked. This whole ET romance is really funny, they were both mental already and now they leveled up to mental and in love. It is bound to be a trainwreck.

No. 205529

What does PULL say about all this? Do they side with Kim Du Han?

No. 205530

It is homewrecking, but really it's not as if he homewrecked some decent white family so I don't really care tbh. Like I said the people involved in these pseudo relationships are all gutter tier. There's a reason persephone's Greek and Russian exs both bailed on her not long into a relationship.

The best outcome here is that Tenda is publicly humiliated and commits sudoku, Persephone eventually succumbs to AIDS and Kim Du Cuck goes back to Gookland where he belongs.

No. 205531

Tenda seems quite proud so far, since he is posting her messages where she says she loves him and wants to suck him dry, from his ET account on his vanity subreddit.
How is his wife tolerating his obvious cheating, does she live under a rock?

No. 205532

They hate persephone and rightfully so - but because Kim Du Han isn't white and he's ~azn~, they basically search for ways to exonerate him, even though he has always supported the poisonous things Persephone has said (unsurprisingly he's an Asian man butthurt towards White men, haven't heard that one before). All you need to know is that anyone who seriously contributes to r/hapas or any "amwf community" is a broken human being who needs a lobotomy.

No. 205533

At the very least it's a good insight into how non white men's thirst for white women means they have no concept of standards.

Persephone isn't even hot in Greece. Let alone a place like Scandinavia.

No. 205534

I doubt that Kim really supported her poison, he barely showed up on her videos and it was mostly her and her failed Kylo bf talking shit on their "podcasts".

No. 205535

Yellow fever detected.

No. 205536

Dude, ET is married to an asian woman that wont fuck or even kiss him, compared to that the Russian hoe is hot shit.
It's all relevant.

No. 205537

No. 205539

Misses the point spectacularly. Persephone isn't "problematic" because she "attempts to speak over non white women's voiced" or any sjw claptrap. She's a lunatic because that's par for the course for just about any white woman who openly tags content with "AMWF". They're all terrible. She's just the most egregiously obnoxious and bitchy because she's bitter about past breakups.

No. 205541

She has mentioned being dumped by a Japanese man in the past as well. She seems to have that in common with Tenda, noone wants either of them because they are narcissistic and insane.

No. 205551

He's tapping out lads.
Story might be true but I've learned to doubt everything he says.
Seems suspicious that this happens and the Persephone affair all come out now just as the net was closing in on him.
Also some dude in the replies urging him to 'take out a few Nazis' with a car before he goes.

No. 205554

File: 1506309773269.png (227.48 KB, 977x1905, LOL.png)

Was just about to post this. Capped in case he deletes. He makes a giant TLDR wall of text about why he's quitting the internet, conveniently after being called out lol

No. 205555

He always knew he'd be exposed.
I think this may be part of a contingency plan he had been formulating in this event.
He is careless.impulsive and driven by his ego which is his downfall but he is still obsessively focused on his autistic goal and obviously has at least some planning/cognitive ability.
Otherwise listen out in the news up around Maine and NY for some freak going Elliot Rodger 2.0

No. 205557

File: 1506310377971.png (888.19 KB, 1726x1018, freelancer.png)

No. 205558

I remember something similar to this that he wrote on his blog. He said something to the effect of that he would out himself one day once he reached enough publicity. But maybe he wasn't expecting to be outed like this lol

No. 205559

No. 205560

he probably did the illustrations for the book.
He does fantasy art for a living, yet another ironic twist to his character profile as he always larps as a chad online and makes fun of 'nerds' lol.

No. 205562

No. 205563

I have actually bought it and i am reading it, surprisingly its really good.

No. 205567

lol what made you buy it?
Is it ethical to fund this mans insane shitposting lifestyle?

No. 205573

The wife is submissive for da white co- oh wait.

No. 205575

The Japanese guy leaked her nudes to her Russian ex, yeah.

There's a bunch of videos about her ex relationships, and posts too, not sure if she's deleted any of that stuff. The only people who come away looking normal are her Greek and Russian ex-boyfriends, who both dumped her.

>"amwf community"

These exist? Lol.

No. 205577

Just search the hashtag #amwf on Instagram. Most #wmaf are people(Asian males) hating on it.

No. 205578

>Most #wmaf are people(Asian males) hating on it.

Why do they care so much? I don't get it. It's not like there's significant immigration into Asian countries.

No. 205579

Same thing as incels: they can't get women so are salty when women can sleep with men easily so shame them for skin what they want. Sour grapes and petty jealousy.

No. 205580

I wonder how Persephone will react if this is true. Is she gonna go live in Maine with Tenda's schizo brother too?

She seems completley obsessed with Tenda. But like she said in her new video, Tenda doesn't believe she's actually in love with him. He thinks Persephone is just trying to use him and take advantage of him.

No. 205596

File: 1506341130360.jpg (207.81 KB, 913x641, v2JUrHh.jpg)

No. 205602

They care because they live in America and see Asian-American women dating white men all the time. Makes them really salty and hateful. They could just move to Asia where bottom tier-looking men also get some pussy. Idk why they stay in America if they hate "wmaf couples" and the dating scene supposedly discriminates against them.

No. 205605

Yeah that's what I get, they already have countries where they are 99.9% of the population and non-Koreans/Chinese have next to no institutional or legal rights. Why not just move there? It's sort of the same with America and Europe. I get why Europeans are pissed off with mass immigration, because that's their actual homelands, but America has always been a land of immigration.

You can't expect to move to a place like America and not have at least some mixing basically. Asian men honestly seem like giant babies sometimes.

No. 205609

Persephone hasn't hijacked his post yet, very strange. I was expecting some new drama.

No. 205611

Life might actually be shittier for these guys in Asian countries though, as Asian Americans. Because they look Asian, if they break any social codes or speak oddly, they will be ostracized by a lot of people (many people in Asian countries have a difficult time grasping the concept of "Asian American" or "Asian _____(insert another non-Asian country here)).

Even though foreigners in general have few rights unless they gain permanent residency or dual citizenship (depending on the country), at least obviously non-Asian foreigners are expected to not speak the language perfectly, to not follow all social order etc. Basically if you are a native English speaker and learn even 1 sentence in the local language you will be praised if you aren't Asian (race). If you are a native English speaker but look similar to the locals, you'll be seen as a weirdo if you forget even 1 sentence. Plus, these guys are weird anyway. It's hard to imagine them having an easier time in an Asian country…

No. 205618

Whoever made this is a genius. lol.
I really hope tenda sees it.
The steam would be spewing out of his ears.

No. 205621

It looks to me that he either
A) Has no wife
B) Wanted an excuse to stop posting and made up/exaggerates a story
C) Wanted an excuse to leave his wife after the Persegate scandal

No. 205630

No wife, I can almost guarantee it.

No. 205639

What about the r/deadbedroom posts then, where he whines that his wife won't fuck him?
LMAO that was hilarious.

No. 205646

File: 1506377497319.png (218.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170925-180606.png)

No. 205647

File: 1506377556508.png (217.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170925-180932.png)

Looks like the schizo brother

No. 205648

Normally I'd have some sympathy for doxed people but this asshole has been harassing Asian women in relationships with White men for years and years. He deserves this and worse.

No. 205650

File: 1506378741457.png (235.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170925-183038.png)

This kind of checks out with him saying his mother died.

No. 205654

No. 205657

>One of the girls at Acadia kept referring to me as "Zeet". I don't know if this was supposed to be a play on or a mockery of my nickname "T" - or perhaps also a reference to the zit-like mole on my forehead. I don't know if she was a staff member or patient. She was a little cute, but I held her hands and they felt rough and manly, leading me to think she was a transsexual.

>She says to me "You belong in Chi-na, on the trading floor, because you're mentally fast". I think back, "Yeah, I know". I had been thinking precisely that myself (I'm half Chinese and half White). But how did they know what I had been thinking?

>Several days pass, and the participants in this plot will not tell me what date it is, and they start playing games with me about what date it is. I try to tell the date from the expiration dates on the milk cartons I get with my meals. A male staff member comes by my room and takes my temperature by holding the thermometer in the air, leading me to think that since such advanced technology is being used, dozens of years must have already passed. I sheepishly ask what year it is. The girl who called me "Zeet" asks me, "How was your first 40 days?", a reference to the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert. Shortly later, however, I figure out that at that point only about 8-9 days had passed since this incident began.

>Because they were using exotic techniques to mess with my body and my brain, including messing with my body temperature, I wonder if they suspect me of being a terrorist. I think that depressing a person's body temperature in this manner is one of what are euphemistically referred to as "enhanced interrogation" techniques. I consider making some phone calls and telling people that something September 11-related is going on at Acadia in order to grab their attention and make them listen to me, but I decide against it

No. 205659



No. 205660

He must have no wife, otherwise where is her information?

No. 205664

WOW, I've never read anything like this. The brother does seem pretty quick-witted but genuinely paranoid/crazy. How unfortunate.

No. 205668

File: 1506383474332.png (149.29 KB, 1649x1038, no gay marriages.png)

I guess he was right about the dad being an extreme right wing Christian.

No. 205670


No. 205671

"Another female physician comes to inject me with something and is wearing perfect makeup and clothes as if it was one of the greatest moments in her life."

What a savage sheeeeeet! On a another level than EurasianTiger

No. 205675

I don't think there is a wife…

No. 205683

File: 1506386552129.png (159.38 KB, 1529x1050, avngingandbright.png)

Tenda also went by avngingandbright. There's probably some funny stuff that can be dug up by searching it in google. Here is a post from 2009 where he glorifies white women.

No. 205686

File: 1506387323873.png (292.97 KB, 1746x2185, couchsurfing.png)

No. 205687

IS THAT YOU TENDA? I highly doubt anyone could get this unless you're the original doxxer/ET.

No. 205690

No, I just put "avngingandbright" in google and got a lot of results.

No. 205693

If you put the same username everywhere, you arent so bright.

No. 205694

O my bad it's linked to his actual name. Wtf? Sloppy work on his part.

No. 205696

You should try it sometime. It's fascinating going down the rabbit hole.

No. 205697



Mom didn't commit suicide. She died from terminal illness.

No. 205699


I found his fb. It says he's single and it doesn't say that he lives in China, but that he lives in a different country. I won't link to it here. Y'all are smart I think you'll find it sooner or later.

No. 205700


This just keeps getting more and more fucked up.

No. 205701

So he is single? Doesn't he say that he married traditionally beautiful Chinese woman on his blog?

No. 205703

Who knows. If he has dual citizenship in the other country he lives in someone might be able to dig or not dig up marriage records there.

No. 205704

This. Why isn't this thread on /pt/? This is some Worse than Margo tier shit going on.

No. 205706



No. 205708

I don't remember him saying she killed herself, that she had cancer or something. He really said that she killed herself? That's fucked up.

No. 205709

Where is Persephone? She is silent which is strange.

No. 205710

Can someone make a meme about him taking photos of "good looking" kids?


No. 205712

File: 1506393183538.png (869.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1129.PNG)

Even though she "loves" Asian men, she still prefers the half white kid, roflllllllll.

No. 205713

I think I know which one you're talking about. I don't believe it though. I think he still lives in NYC metro area. Maybe he lived in China at some point. He doesn't live in Australia.

No. 205715

File: 1506394129752.png (70.77 KB, 1400x984, baleeted.png)

She's hiding

No. 205722

File: 1506403996138.jpg (60.84 KB, 1024x574, ClsDh1jUgAAazbM.jpg)


If this is ET's brother, this definitely confirms his claims of his brother being a threat to himself and others


No. 205726

ET is in no position to lecture others with his family being a clusterfuck of mentally ill racists and his own dead beadroom wmaf marriage. Everything that comes out of this guy's mouth is projection.

No. 205727

Why would anyone prefer him? Kim Du Cuck looks much more attractive and sane in comparison to "avngingandbright". Probably Persephone is hiding out of embarassment atm or could even have changed her mind about him, since all he do is -once again- lying and whining.

No. 205728

File: 1506410069752.jpg (777.85 KB, 500x666, L6CSd3V.jpg)

No. 205729

Why doesn't someone forward this shit to her dad? I'd be surprised, knowing a few Greek people, if her dad was cool with her behaving like a whore online and talking about how great non-white men were. Southeastern Europeans are notoriously racist about this kind of thing. Few of them would want their daughters dating some Chinese dude.

No. 205731

Neither of them are attractive. You think Kim Du Cuck looks "much more attractive" to you because you probably have yellow fever.

No. 205732

I find it hilariously ironic that for all his defense of Asian men, he ended up cucking one of them.

>No ET, you are the sexpat!

No. 205734

(Not to defend Asian men btw, the only people worse than Tendies are the /r/aznidentity, /r/asianmasculinity, nextshark reading, Eddie Huang watching crowd).

No. 205736

File: 1506416004760.png (9.15 KB, 255x173, hmm.png)

who is John Bettendorf then?

No. 205737

>A race of bottom feeders.

god this is so true. both the men and women are pathetic. both self hating white worshipping trash.

No. 205738

John Bettendorf is obviously one of the many fake names he goes by, i can't believe you are still falling for that.

No. 205739

File: 1506417736443.png (14.02 KB, 476x284, snitch.PNG)

No. 205740

File: 1506417752877.jpg (78.33 KB, 225x225, Jl21yuX.jpg)

No. 205741

File: 1506418027227.jpg (614.31 KB, 666x500, pwrVn9Z.jpg)

No. 205742

yeah but its illegal to register a domain with false registrant details

No. 205744

>> 205742
It was illegal to connect alt/hapa mod ArtfulLounger with his real info and doxx his sister but ET did it. He is just getting a taste of his own medicine.

No. 205745

This is a part from one of their podcasts where he comments on her big tits.

No. 205746

No. 205747

File: 1506419025743.jpg (591.3 KB, 666x500, JgvoQgv.jpg)

No. 205748

File: 1506419978180.jpg (234.69 KB, 1944x1262, bMN0P3t.jpg)

This is an image board. You can post the picture directly

No. 205749

so where did this information first come from?? who discovered?

No. 205750

File: 1506420430159.jpg (25.79 KB, 737x423, aMGMnK7.jpg)

This is from the comments under the drawing he made. He didn't think about "that". How many months has "that" been going on?

No. 205751

File: 1506420762830.jpg (586.65 KB, 500x666, hlSmIMi.jpg)

No. 205752

File: 1506421094793.png (23.59 KB, 478x266, mommy.PNG)

Will Tenda finally get to cummy in mummy?

No. 205753

Seems like it. They are a match made in hell.

No. 205754

Why don't asian men just get the message that white women don't find them physically attractive? They're just too fundamentally different to western beauty standards for anyone other than outlying examples to be considered attractive.

I don't mean this in a harsh way either, I'm just saying you'll never change an entire race's beauty standards.

No. 205755

Just read about this.

What an utter cunt ET is. Artfullounger seems like a decent guy too, and he went after his sister of all people. Fucking coward.

Can the government please just shut down and imprison anyone involved in "Asian American activism" pls?

No. 205756

So you are saying that she chose the russian looking hapa boy because he is whiter?
He doesn't look Asian to me at all, this whole "women reject me because i look Asian" baloney is just him not accepting that his personality sucks. But now that he found his bottom of the barrel white girl who wants him, i am curious to see if his self esteem issues will improve. They are both insane, no wonder noone stays with them.

No. 205757

>russian looking

Please don't insult Russians.

>"women reject me because i look Asian"

It is partly his personality, but all women have a preference for their own group on the whole. It sounds shitty to say but women who have a powerful preference for Asian men tend to be… abnormal. Just look at /pt/.

No. 205758

>It is partly his personality, but all women have a preference for their own group on the whole
not asian women according to r/hapas.
i dont know if im going to get bashed here for saying this but asian women do seem to be white worshipping and self hating of their own appearance. their outmarriage rates is something extraordinary.

No. 205759

I just realized Tenda's father is such a huge weeaboo he gave his sons Japanese names even though they're half Chinese.

No. 205760

>not asian women according to r/hapas.

Maybe there's truth to this, but isn't it the same with Asian men? Most of them seem to have insane levels of white fever.

No. 205761

The hypocricy though, he created an entire subreddit to expose fetish WMAF couples when he himself is a white worshipper who openly cheats with Persephone. He only wants her because she is the white breast feeding mother archetype he feels deprived from.

No. 205762

I find non-white male white worship weird. Do we really seem that much "kinder" than their own women? I can point ET in the direction of several white girls in my family who have made jokes about asian men's appearance, penis size etc in the past.

No. 205763

hahahahaha this holy nice notice

yeah they are equally white worshipping i guess. but the difference is asian women get white men because they can fit into a beauty standard of being "small" and "feminine" but asian men cannot fit into the white standard of masculine beauty.

No. 205764

Don't they usually say that about white girls who are already dating asian men? Because they're actively ignoring those negative stereotypes about being feminine, having a small dick etc to date someone they genuinely like and won't get a status boost out of. I do see the logic to it tbh but it depends on context, obviously amongst weeb circles that's not gonna be the case.

No. 205767

>to date someone they genuinely like and won't get a status boost out of.

Yeah but if you look at AMWF tags, the girls involved do feel like they're getting a status boost in the sense they're dating someone generally considered undesirable, and as a result they have a "holier than thou" mentality about it all. In fact that's Persephone's whole schtick to begin with, and it's something other WFs in such relationships do as well.

>obviously amongst weeb circles that's not gonna be the case.

Tbh outside of those same "weeb circles" Asian men aren't going to have much luck to begin with.

My advice would be to ask other Asian girls out. 90% of these men don't even seem to bother considering women of their race as viable romantic partners to begin with so it just… baffles me that they have the audacity to complain about it in the first place.

Purely on large numbers and averages, there's never going to be a point in history where White women prefer Asian men to White men.

No. 205768

Maybe not a "status boost", on second thoughts but they feel morally superior to other White women because they're dating men who most White women don't find attractive. Remember that fat weeb who went to Japan and started randomly kissing Japanese guys to "prove" that Asian men were attractive? That's the sort of attitude I'm referring to.

Also, what's the deal with people in IR relationships always presuming to speak for everyone in their group?

>"We Asian men feel like this."

>"We White women love Asian men!"


No. 205769

>> 205768
It's because they are all attention whores. They emphasize so much on the interracial part, which pretty much turns them into a fetish couple and they feed off the attention this is giving them. Persephone is clearly a narcissist and i think it is very possible that she is just exploiting Tenda, because she saw through his white women obsession and overal desperation and neediness. I don't believe that there is any white woman that would actually be interested in Tenda. She must be playing with him. How long until his Asian wife divorces him? Or is she bottom of the barrel like him to the point that she tolerates him cheating in fron of the entire world?

No. 205770

>Also, what's the deal with people in IR relationships always presuming to speak for everyone in their group?

It's a coping mechanism. A lot of people in interracial relationships feel uneasy about them on some gut level, especially women because they're the ones who are going to have to have the mixed kids who will be fundamentally different to them and may or may not have identity issues.

So it's a way of normalizing their own behavior in relation to others. It's easier to believe "hey, I'm not just a statistical anomaly whose family will always be a bit different and odd! All the women like me love asian men, it's totally normal!" than it is to come to terms with the fact your own children will have no resemblance to you and won't identify with your own group.

There's one group of people who blacken all interracial relationships and that's needless and unfair, but there's another group of people who pretend whatever pairing happens to flatter them the most is all smiles and roses and it's just like dating and having kids with a white guy, which is bullshit.

These relationships are significantly more difficult to maintain than relationships with someone of your own racial background.

No. 205771

>These relationships are significantly more difficult to maintain than relationships with someone of your own racial background.
The successful marriages of Tenda and Percy prove you so right lol. Their cheating proves that it doesn't matter if it is WMAF or AMWF, because at the end of the day, if the participants are bottom of the barrel, the marriage will be a joke anyway.
Both Tenda and Persephone are 2/10 at best, in both looks and personality.

No. 205772

Most of the white girl with the asian dude couples that I've seen consist of the ungliest people that I've ever seen from both parties.

No. 205773

It's just statistics. Everything from divorce rates to domestic violence rates are much higher among interracially married partners. Everyone thinks they'll be the exception to the rule, but in my experience cultural differences are more than accents and what entertainment you enjoy, even second and third generation Asian Americans are culturally very different to White Americans, let alone the ones who aren't naturalized Americans.

No. 205774

Good example of this is the in-laws btw. Imagine having in-laws who you have nothing in common with to the point they don't even celebrate the same holidays you and your family do.

No. 205775

I came here from a link on 8pol

Are you really all white females dissing interracial dating or have I been lied to?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 205776

Fuck off robot. Just because we don't like chinks doesn't mean we like you.

No. 205779

File: 1506428708784.jpg (304.14 KB, 1009x931, IMG_1185.JPG)

I don't want you to like me. Just make lots of beautiful white babies and it's good.

No. 205780

>that picture

But Brazilian guys can be hot if they're mostly white anon.

No. 205783

File: 1506429898321.jpg (63.27 KB, 619x553, RvfxYPa.jpg)

Someone is angry.

No. 205784

Like I said, if you want to fuck with her, dox her and mail this shit to her dad.

She'll get disowned. I guarantee it.

No. 205785

someone found Tenma with only half a face and a voice Im sure someone out there can find Persephone with her full face and all the info out there about here.

No. 205787

Or mail it to her husband?

No. 205788

Her hubby is basically a willing cuckold at this point, he's well aware she's into "open relationships" and all that jazz.

No. 205789

File: 1506431105877.png (13.44 KB, 862x118, kim.png)

He didn't seem so happy about it a few months ago

No. 205790

File: 1506431136781.png (7.75 KB, 690x95, angry husband.png)

No. 205801

lol, that's what he gets for being a thirsty toady for a bitch like persephone.

Back to being an incel, Kim Du Cuck. I'm sure you'll occupy your time with lots of League and Dota!

No. 205806

I dont believe she is in love with ET, her goal is to get attention and she is using that pathetic incel. As for him, it's clearly white pussy thirst, when you never got it, you end up being effed, beggars cannot be choosers.

No. 205807

Maybe that's why he is hiding and faking illnesses, deep down he is ashamed that he got played by her. He got doxxed for nothing, since he clearly cant meet her from his mom's basement (or his parents/caretakers don't allow him) and he needs to fabricate some drama and hide until the whole thing gets forgotten. Isn't it strange that the same day she made that video about him, he remembered that he is retiring from reddit? lol

No. 205808

Persephony is the ugliest and fakest WW i have ever seen, she looks like a 40 year old russian hooker who has those hideous tits to draw attention away from her gigantic nose.
And she is clearly just exploiting vulnerable desperate losers, like the gook boy and the hapa boy, because that's all she can get.

No. 205809

File: 1506434804436.jpg (62.38 KB, 600x650, RvmFuKe.jpg)

A little something from her troll times on fb ;)))

No. 205810

She used to post nudes with Kim Du Cuck having his hands all over her, i wonder if the hapa boy is aware of all that. Probably not.

No. 205811

They are both cucks, ET is clearly too beta to make a decisive move and Kim is too beta to dump her. On her video she mentions that they still live together.
Clash of betas rofl.

No. 205813

I believe that Kim will win, objectively speaking he is way more attractive than ET, is she fucking blind?

No. 205815

Agreed. Asian men are awesome. BTS are cool and having an ironic weeb twitter account is the shit.

No. 205820

No. 205822

Of course he is posting. He faked all that family drama to avoid being asked about his cheating with persephone.

No. 205823

Was it really cheating though? Most of what I saw was pretty one-sided.

No. 205824

He admits to sexual exchange with another woman.

No. 205825

Do you actually believe the delusional bullshit from r/aznidentity? Not every woman cares about status or negative stereotypes about other races and it doesn't make them a saint or a better person, like r/az posters claim, when they date a man who happens to be Asian. Blogposting isn't allowed but I'm speaking from personal experience.

No. 205827

He also claims to be married with kids.

No. 205828

No. 205830

Ugh I can't handle listening to that. What she saying?

No. 205831

Someone from a country bordering Greece has been calling Persephone.

She mentions lolcow. She’s been reading posts here about doxxing her and contacting her dad. If that happens, she will go to the police.

Also she doesn't care if you contact her family since they already knows she's a slut.

Persephone and Tenda have become closer despite everything that’s been happening the last few days.

Kim and Persephone are living together but they are not together romantically anymore.

Kim has nowhere to go since he cut ties with his family and is stuck in a foreign country where he doesn’t speak the language. Persephone is letting him live in her house for now.

No. 205835

He looks Russian to me too

How old is this woman exactly…why is she posting nudes online?

I like how this guy doesn't show his gf/wife's face kek.

He also looks way too old to be even taking these kinds of pics, like Persephone

No. 205840

She has mentioned being close in age with ET in the past. How old is he?

No. 205842

File: 1506449063333.jpg (23.25 KB, 639x236, E1cEKZh.jpg)

Elaire made a video about ET being doxxed and the latest Persescandal.
Persephone attacks pilleater the moment he appears lol.

No. 205847

>Blogposting isn't allowed but I'm speaking from personal experience.

lol yeah, you're on a weeb spinoff site, with a huge population of weebs, but you're totally not like the other women who date asian men, even though a huge majority of them just happen to coincidentally be obsessed with anime, kpop and other lowest common denominator entertainment for social malcontents.

You're completely different to all that, amirite?

No. 205848

>If that happens, she will go to the police.

IRL Southern European here. I cannot put conceptualize the negative number of fucks the Greek cops would give about some lunatic girl complaining about internet posts bullying her and her asian cuck. Greek 4chan is called "trafficlag.gr", if anyone is interested.(no one cares about your imageboard)

No. 205849

Persephone, I'm Serbian and I can speak Greek. If your family finds out about your pornographic social media, your strange obsession with Asian men, your complete lack of shame and your internet notoriety (including your complete posting history) it isn't going to end well for you. Probably best you stop doing this shit now, quit while you're ahead.

Greece is a small country, the town where you live even smaller. People will know and people will talk. It isn't America where weird girls stripping obsessing over some ugly κινεζου is accepted by people's families. You'll be even more of an outcast than you currently are with nobody to turn to.

Like I said, this isn't a threat, it's just an accurate reading of the future if you continue down this path. Everyone thinks they'll be the one who gets away with it, but you won't, and Greece not being America or Western Europe, I don't think you want this permanent stain on your reputation, unless you're even more trashy than I assumed.

No. 205851

I lol'ed so hard at the

>"In one hour I'm going to be at the cyber-crime department here to report your acts."

You could only fool someone unfamiliar with that part of the world with that. I'd be surprised if there even was a "cyber-crime department" in Thessalonica, the police in a lot of Southern European countries attitude towards anything other than serious crime is basically "sort it out yourselves, don't involve us".

Still, shows that the troll who threatened her hit a raw nerve. She genuinely doesn't want her family finding out about this shit, and for good reason.

No. 205852

Every European country is obliged to have one, i have no idea if they would take her seriously, probably not.

No. 205853

File: 1506451645223.png (145.13 KB, 989x253, gonna call the internet police…)

Looks like you made her angry lol

No. 205854

Also the:

>"We Greeks blah blah blah" jingoism

If you're proud to be Greek, stop dating ugly gooks and disparaging your own men. You're persona non grata among Greeks who are actually proud of their ethnic background for this reason, you self-hating, k-drama watching womanchild. You think any kid you have with an Asian male is going to be accepted as Greek or even European?

No. 205855

Dude, she says Tenda is the most handsome man she has ever seen, she is clearly delusional enough to think that if she had kids with him they would be accepted universally.

No. 205856

They wouldn't. The police here get pissed off if you go to them about family disputes that turned violent (events that would be called domestic violence elsewhere). Mean comments on the internet wouldn't even merit a report. Especially if that means the police have to liase with some other Balkan country and do a joint investigation I mean I'm just lol'ing imagining that actually happening in the first place.

No. 205857

File: 1506452001688.jpg (134 KB, 500x500, topkek.jpg)

Both she and her beloved Tenda are nobodies and noone would care. Add the fact that they are both notorious trolls and i doubt that if the hypothetical investigation ever took place they wouldn't also be guilty for harassment and doxxing, wasn't it last week that Tenda harassed ArtfulLounger's sister and doxxed her on reddit?
They are sucha trainwreck.

No. 205858

Wow she really doesn't understand the repercussions of her own actions.

No. 205859

>wasn't it last week that Tenda harassed ArtfulLounger's sister and doxxed her on reddit?

Fucked up if true. Not even man enough to go after the man himself.

No. 205860

She wants to meet the 2/10 lunatic with the mask who rages online and searches for his dead mom,she is a total nutjob like him.

No. 205862

They're made for each other. #romanceofthecentury

No. 205863

File: 1506452480165.jpg (681.53 KB, 666x500, J5rKJhQ.jpg)

The textbook definition of an alpha male chad.
Persephony has serious brain damage to want that thing.

No. 205864

No. 205865

Can you imagine them hooking up irl? I bet it would be explosive, the amount of drama they generate together is unprecendented and looks like things just started to heat up.

No. 205866

Please don't make me gag.

No. 205867


No. 205868

Are Persephone and Kim Du Han actually married or is he just her LTR, or former LTR?

No. 205869

Dunno, but i am sure he will air all her dirty laundry once the hapa boy and her start fucking and Kim becomes enraged by being cucked of the hypocrite of the century.
Preorder your pop corn everyone.

No. 205870

I can't even imagine how messed up their kid would turn out. Both Tenda and Persephone are AMWF supremacists. The kid would have delusions of grandeur worse than Tenda himself.

No. 205871

And don't forget your vomit bags.

No. 205872

Idk what's worse, the fact that he thinks he is the most handsome man on earth or the fact that she agrees with him? I am sure they would treat their kid like the 8th wonder of the world, despite the obvious square head and overal schizophreny that is going to be passed down from both sides.

No. 205873

not to mention the longest midface ever

No. 205874

The kid would just get bullied. No one thinks Asians are cool or good looking in these parts of Europe outside of extreme-minded people like her with issues and Persephone knows it deep down.

One of the few things Greek police are strict about is illegal immigration/visa overstayal/those kinds of things. If he doesn't have a spousal visa, and he has no language skills, no job, no work visa or no student visa, then all it takes to get his ass kicked back to Korea is a call to the police department.

How does that sound Persephone? You wouldn't be facilitating an illegal immigrant would you?

No. 205876

What don't you understand about projection? Furthermore, I am certain that white weebshits who move to Japan/Korea/Asia racemix at a 95%+ rate because well there isn't anything else. More white people in white countries, well… I think it's obvious what will happen. They are just salty that white women arent attracted to them.

No. 205877

And of course, it isn't the parents fault for bringing them over, nope not the father's fault at all.

No. 205880

They're married. They're not in love anymore but still living together. Persephone doesn't want to divorce Kim because then he would get kicked out of Greece.

Also because other Greeks would think she's a whore for getting divorced 3 times.

No. 205881

>i dont know if im going to get bashed here for saying this but asian women do seem to be white worshipping and self hating of their own appearance. their outmarriage rates is something extraordinary.

Both asian men and asian women would choose an equivalent white woman/white man respectively over an asian woman/asian man. You just see it less often with asian men because they just aren't that attractive to white women on average, and even then something like 25% of Asian men in America marry White women, which isn't insignificant at all.

Instead of obsessing about which sex is the more "treacherous" (ridiculous to begin with), how about asian men try and put asian women first for a change? For all their shit, these asian subreddits miss the fundamental point that white men and women generally prefer each other as long term partners.

No. 205882

>Persephone doesn't want to divorce Kim because then he would get kicked out of Greece.

Why does he want to stay in a country where he speaks none of the language, has no friends, cannot communicate with the locals, has no job, no future etc?

Is he really that much of a loser? He emigrate to Greece of all places for a 2/10 white girl? And these are the same people call white men racial fetishists…?

No. 205883

In all fairness I'd give her a 6/10 on looks alone.

Her plus her personality makes her a 2/10 though.

No. 205884

>I'd give her a 6/10 on looks alone.


She's nothing special in the Balkans, trust me.

No. 205885

>white men and white women prefer each other

Only in white countries but that's due to the fact they are the majority of the population ; where those stats come from. Try taking stats from Asian countries and watch white supremacists have a shitfit and then start to question origins of the statistics because whoopsie; it didn't suit their agenda.

Basic shit.

No. 205886

Yeah well I was feeling generous and anywhere in the 5-6 range is below average and nothing special on my scale.

No. 205887

Kim has doesn't have much to go back to in Korea. Persephone forced him to burn all bridges with his family. He uprooted his whole life to move to some shitty southern European country so he could be with his wife.

Then Persephone goes and stabs him in the back by having an affair with a mentally ill hapa.

No. 205889

I don't know whether to feel bad for him or laugh. Tbh he's got the worst deal of it all. He's going to have to do the walk of shame back home,

No. 205890

I exaggerated to see how he'd react and he got really upset lmao.

He is a loser and now persewhore keeps messaging me and avoiding answers.

Can her stalker call her parents and record it for us? Just murder her too if you can

No. 205891

>Only in white countries but that's due to the fact they are the majority of the population

It's actually deeper than that. If you look at cohabitation rates for example, whites should be cohabiting with non-white partners at far greater rates than they currently do, if you're taking population proportionality into effect.

Preference for the ingroup is a universal thing. Not sure why you think whites alone wouldn't have it?

>Try taking stats from Asian countries and watch white supremacists have a shitfit and then start to question origins of the statistics because whoopsie; it didn't suit their agenda.

What's this rant about? Nobody said anything about asian countries, just that most white people would prefer to have a white partner for LTR and marriage.

No. 205892

holy shit what site/app is that?

No. 205893

More of x = x is more likely to be included. If you take statistics of WW from Asian countries into "long term partner" crap, you'll find… woah most of them are mating with Asian males. Same with any other country, Middle East as well.

What's so hard to understand?

No. 205895

File: 1506455103370.png (85.09 KB, 847x569, Things arent cool.png)

I think Kim is upset about their marriage falling apart.

Persephone on the other hand is already ready to jump on the next dick.

No. 205896

There aren't significant numbers of Whites in permanent residence in any Asian country, hence sexpatting.

Asian men are physically undesirable to most white women, there are studies that control for this.

Also sup Tenda.

No. 205897

Fag deserves it for gleefully going along with Persephone's twisted agenda in the first place. Don't pull a PULL and try and exonerate him just because he's azn.

No. 205898

We are talking about statistical inaccuracies, which you are ignoring because it fits what you want.

>there aren't any etc

… excuses. You know that if you're a white person in Asia, the Middle East or anywhere that isn't "the west" you are more likely to racemix, due to the fact there aren't that many white people in the first place.

No. 205899

Except even in fucking Brazil of all places, whites overwhelmingly date and marry other whites.

No. 205901

Where the stats at boi?

No. 205902

File: 1506455765428.png (92.09 KB, 500x436, the-international-symbol-for-w…)


>english language post

>on a greek language website

No. 205904


82% of White Brazilian women marry White Brazilian men, despite Whites making up 47% of the population.

The Japanese population of Brazil, for what its worth, doesn't even exist anymore as a coherent ethnic group, they've been interbred with other races that much.

No. 205907

Cool non English link bro.

No. 205908

File: 1506456146971.jpeg (22.02 KB, 398x500, 9a6.jpeg)

Great news.

I heard on a discord I'm a part of that people are keeping an eye on any potential future employers he may have and have prepped a dossier with posting histories, particularly shitty comments, racial abuse, pictures etc to send to them in the event he gets employed by anyone reputable.

Normally I wouldn't sympathize with measures this extreme but he's done enough to deserve it imo.

Next up is the rest of the Asian American subreddits apparently. I can't wait.

No. 205910

>Source about intermarriage in Brazil is in Portuguese
>Is surprised about this

Nice coping mechanism Tenda. The truth is indeed grim for Asian men.

No. 205911

lol that's amazing. I hope the same happens to Persephone. Someone should email the news about this white supremacist alt-right elliot rodger wannabe.

No. 205912

I don't think you should post this in case he wants to do things to avoid that happening and stuff and you can't give him the comeupperance he deserves.

No. 205913

>he wants to do things to avoid that happening

There's nothing he can do short of changing his name entirely, and even that will be discovered eventually.

He wanted internet-wide fame, now he's going to have to deal with people like 8ch /b/ stalking him for at least the next half decade.

No. 205914

Any other countries? Or is it just Brazil where they already have a high mixed race population from centuries ago where they can just classify themselves as white?

No. 205915

That shouldn't be necessary. Most employers google their potential employees these days.

No. 205916

Omg make it happen. People can report to he FBI right? Has he said anything like wanting to kill Trump?

No. 205917

>Or is it just Brazil where they already have a high mixed race population from centuries ago where they can just classify themselves as white?

Even in terms of self-identification, the majority of Brazil is non-white (52%).

Like I said, the truth is grim for Asian men and necessitates fantasies about maternal white savior figures. I can understand why this is more comforting than reality :ʌ)

No. 205918

>self identification
Well there's your problem.

Sorry you don't have any other country since you're wrong.

No. 205919

>Well there's your problem.

There's no problem. Just 47% of the population marries into each other's group over 80% of the time.

If mixing were purely about population proportions, you'd expect "White" Brazilians to marry "Black" Brazilians at about 6 times the rate they do.

If mixing were purely about population, Asian women wouldn't outmarry more than Asian men in every single Western country in the world :ʌ)

No. 205922

File: 1506457383028.png (16.44 KB, 586x297, natalityfiles.PNG)

>where did I say it's purely about population?

Right here.

>that's due to the fact they are the majority of the population

The thing is it doesn't even apply to the US. 90% of births to non-Hispanic white women came from non-hispanic white men, despite non-hispanic whites making up just <70% of the population.

Not everyone outmarries at the rate asian women do, my hideously ugly friend.

No. 205924

No one cares. Take this shit to /r/asianmasculinity or whatever hole you guys crawled out of.

No. 205925

If you weren't going to say it I was.

No. 205927

There are people from 8chan here now, they're Autistic retards.

No. 205930

>Why not try other countries where they are less than 20%?

Go for it. You can try Kazakhstan for example where there's a Russian population numbering exactly 20% of the population, feel free to look into the statistics since they completely disprove your point lol.

>but could be considered at a very high 47%

Just two posts earlier you were mocking the idea that Brazilians had a substantial white population. Now you're claiming they're a white country?

What a slippery customer you are Tenda.

No. 205932

How did we ever become a ground zero for people from /r/asianmasculinity anyway?

No. 205933

>Yeah I'm using your example that YOU believe to show why you're wrong,

You asked me to provide you an example of a non-white country where whites still marry each other more than they marry non-whites. I gave it to you. Then you mocked the idea Brazil had a white population at all, now you've accepted it, but you claim it's an exception to the rule and asked me:

>Why not try other countries where they are less than 20%?

This "20%" standard is a goalpost shift from your previous standard. So what countries are you specifically referring to here Tenda?

They think you like them because you're loosely linked to things like an interest in anime. It's sort of like how creepy asian guys will swarm any white woman on OKC who says she likes anime.

No. 205934

File: 1506458803110.png (85.83 KB, 1095x619, no china.png)

No. 205935

File: 1506458944481.gif (986.82 KB, 500x277, tea_spitting.gif)

>They think you like them because you're loosely linked to things like an interest in anime.

Jokes on them. I haven't watched anime in years, the stuff is boring compared to a good book.

He's in his THIRTIES and he's still doing this?

No. 205936

has anyone found out persephone's full name?

No. 205938

File: 1506459073027.png (766.36 KB, 1919x2500, 1501623674649[1].png)

not surprised so many hapas have mental issues, pic very related.

No. 205939

It is "being worked on" apparently. Someone claimed to have contact with one of her non-Asian exs, not sure how true that is.

No. 205940

how hard could it be? When she got married didn't she acquire her husband's surname?

No. 205941

File: 1506459306780.png (1.79 MB, 845x858, someuglyguyifoundon4chan.PNG)


No. 205942

I hope Tenda takes solace in the fact he did successfully manipulate people into believing what he believes.

No. 205943

I bet it's Tenda's minions trying to deflect the conversation

No. 205944

Honestly I'd rather be Yumi King's bf than the Asian dude with the yellow hair, between the two of them. Yumi is fucking weird but she's way out of that guy's league. Same with Anna Akana and her ginger bf.

No. 205945

I think Yumi and her bf are in the same league. Fucking weird the both of them.

No. 205946


He's actually right here in this thread. The thread chain above with the autistic argument about interracial marriage was almost certainly him vs. a /pol/tard.


There's just something really obvious about his style of posting: using the term "boi" for example, and ebonics in general. When he wants to act tough he pretends to be black.

But most tellingly, the sort of topical arguments he gets bogged down in are - paradoxically - attempts to "prove" that non-Asian women desire Asian men in large numbers. It's something he's particularly obsessed with. Well, that and BBC porn if the reddit leaks are anything to go by.

I'm not sure why he always does this since a big part of his act on reddit was always talking about how asian men are generally dealt a hard hand by the powers that be (the white man, the jews etc).

No. 205947

>When he wants to act tough he pretends to be black.

I thought I was the only one who had noticed this. It's some weird thing I've noticed among Asians in general (especially the ones on the more PROBLEMATIC subreddits), whenever they want to be the tuff dawg they start LARPing as a black dude. Hence all the "Uncle Chan", "woke asians" and "mastah" stuff.

One of the funniest things is watching how quickly any "black/asian" alliance on reddit fizzles out as soon as an example of a black guy with an asian girlfriend is posted, or whenever some news story about a Korean store clerk being beaten up and robbed comes up. Then it's all "fucking niggers!" this and "asians are always victims of them!" that.

Yumi's boyfriend is clearly punching above his weight with her.

No. 205948

I'm not Tendies, you can ask a mod. I at least deleted some of my posts.

And no, I was not saying anything about Asian men being desirable at all, just the legibility of the statistics. In general, they are really autistic about whites being pure(even though they can't get them themselves).

No. 205949

File: 1506460804158.png (18.13 KB, 901x180, asshole.PNG)

No. 205951

>In general, they are really autistic about whites being pure(even though they can't get them themselves).

Who, Asians?

No. 205954

The autistic pol/8chan posters obsessed with race sometimes they overlap with incels and we know just how hot those guys are. Have you seen them at protests and etc? I know some and they're straight up ugly. Although there are maybe a few okay ones, but the ugliness is more common.

No. 205956

Anyone else feel some pity for Persephone?

She's obviously mentally ill. Not excusing what she has done by any means but it's obvious to me, as someone who has dealt with mentally ill partners and family members in the past, she's a miserable and unhappy person deep down. You could see that in the video she just posted, her voice cracks at certain points and she talks about how EurasianTiger is a far kinder person than she is. It seemed like she was really shaken up.

I wish she'd get some sort of professional help. Staying away from the internet for a year would help that girl so much. Persephone, forget about these online relationships or fungible online activism causes you pick up, try to phase these things out of your life if you can. Do you want to be 40 years old and have nothing but internet usage and skeevy online hookups to look back on over the past 2 decades?

No. 205958

This site makes fun of anorexics, autistic people, and other mentally ill people, do you feel sorry for everyone on pt and snow?

No. 205959

Yes it's sad that he's wasting his life on shitposting and crying about being biracial. So we know that he went to Columbia, got a BA in arts, and his art doesn't look bad at all. What a waste.

No. 205960

I just wish her stalker would find her, rape her, kill her and be smart enough to remember recording it all for us.

No. 205962


Does anyone else think this sounds eerily like that attempt by that other lolcow to get a thread about her deleted by making a death threat against herself?

No. 205963

Yeah that post was really random. Plus this is a Tenda thread.

No. 205964

Persephone doesn't have a "stalker". She basically thinks everyone on PULL, here and elsewhere who makes fun of her is all one person, and that this one person got hold of her phone number and started calling her.

She fails to realize she's an e-celeb now. She has a level of notoriety that makes these things common.

You can't reason with Persephone, she genuinely believes people are jealous of her relationship with ET.

Yes. It's too over the top and ridiculously violent, sounds like an attempt to muddy the water and then call in the mods. Nobody actually hates Persephone, they just pity her or laugh at her.

No. 205965

don't know about that, just got here from reddit. That stupid whore posted a screenshot to this place and now everyone on /hapas, /alt_hapas /CCJ2, and other subreddits know ET's true name, phone number, etc.

If lulu triggered et's final meltdown, Persephone pulled the trigger of his death

No. 205966

Tenda seems to genuinely enjoy art. On his art accounts he is happy, positive and encouraging.
He needs to stop with the hapa shit and focus on his art.
Much better for his mental health.

No. 205967

Something I'm curious about. How did Persephone ever get involved in the whole AMWF shilling shitposting? I know it started on subreddits like /r/aznidentity and what have you, but how did she get involved? It seems like a really random thing for a white woman to care about.

If you're telling the truth then fine, but try to keep implication of violence out of it.

If you want some satisfaction, just sit back and watch the slow-motion trainwreck that is her and his life.

No. 205968

Idk, I'm suspecting that someone who either knows Tenda (or is him) is posting these pictures. Anon has been asked several times where they're finding these pictures of him and they've never responded.

No. 205969

File: 1506462235024.jpg (948.56 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_1394.JPG)

I think she's just an extremely insecure woman who used Asian men for validation and you know of course they gave it to her. I mean check out her amazing fans.

No. 205970

>How did Persephone ever get involved in the whole AMWF shilling shitposting?

Japanese ex or Kim Du Han whining about his lack of dating options. Combine this with the fact Persephone seems to exhibit Cluster B traits, particularly histrionic ones in that she needs to be the center of attention.

While neckbeards exaggerate the degree to which women "invade" male-only spaces, there's a grain of truth to the fact some histrionic women use these lonely men as ways to receive attention and, as a result, feel secure and positive about themselves. That's basically what she did. Plus she gets to feel like a righteous person in the process (standing up against the ebul whyte man).

No. 205971

Someone linked one of her videos where she parrots ET's rants, many users kept saying how much of a "goddess" she was and to make her the subreddit's mascot.
Then Lulu_ritsu made a post denouncing all the white worshipping, specifically called out the persephone videos and then Persephone herself made an account pretending to be someone else insulting lulu and saying she was jealous of her "perfect life" of some shit.

Lulu and smoky from r/hapas summarized the beginning of the persephone adventure here https://archive.li/LOumc

No. 205973

Fucking hell that is creepy.

Cindo18 is a middle aged man with fucking grandchildren ffs!

And the other dude posts shit like this, while also being middle aged.


No. 205974

You can find more stuff itt: >>>/ot/195991

No. 205975

I'll read it later, I honestly feel physically sick from going through those two instas.

No. 205979

lol'ing at the picture of him the OP's pic with the polo shirt on and the pose


No. 205980

What if it's his brother and he pissed him off so the brother is airing the dirty laundry out

No. 205981

I hope I can find info on the wife if she exists. So far found nothing. Maybe because marriage took place outside of US, so any records would be in Hong Kong or somewhere.

No. 205982

I don't think he's married.

No. 205983

I don't think it was ET because now if you try to look at his blog there's no access and it's private. The brother sounds like he has too many of his own mental issues to bother with this kind of thing.

No. 205984

No I mean like what if the brother doxxed him.

No. 205985

Lol thissss one guy I know considers himself "average". He looks like a goblin that couldn't breathe correctly.

No. 205986

what if his father doxxed him because he is dying and this gives his son a reason to retreat back home into hiding

No. 205987

To me it sounds like ET has done the classic thing of mixing up truth and lie together in his online persona. It's actually very common, since maintaining an online persona crafted from nothing requires enormous time investments and constant reference to backstory to make sure you don't slip up.

Here he's just taken parts of his own life as template and just invented things on top of that.

No. 205988

It's possible that he did, but again it sounds like he's too busy being out of touch with reality to bother with this sort of stuff. I started reading that document the brother wrote about his mental hospital stay and it shows you just how truly out of touch with reality he is, it's wild. He basically said he worked overnight stocking shelves in a Walmart and then one day he felt something was wrong and he thought he was the Antichrist, thought he accidentally triggered an apocalypse and killed millions of people, and went back to Walmart to tell his boss to have him arrested for triggering a false apocalypse. Then the cops were called on him and he thought the cops were doing mind control on him and took him to a mental hospital. A guy like that sounds like he's dealing with a lot of his own problems then going on an image board to dox his brother.

No. 205989

This sounds like a legit psychotic episode.

No. 205990

Holy shit

No. 205991

It was in during his Hospital stay he kept thinking the staff were performing psychological torture on him as well as some of the patients, like by telepathically sending messages to his brain and making his body feel hot pokers. He also kept saying that he exercised the right to refuse medication for his episodes and that the same thing subsequently happened when he was sent back to another hospital months later and kept refusing medication.

No. 205992

He was sane enough to document that and post it online at some point and he's probably sane enough to post pictures on the internet.

No. 205993

I doubt it's the brother. ET talks shit about his brother saying he used to be good looking but is now fat and a "typical wmaf kid". Long before this came out. Who cares who released it anyway?

No. 205994

Don't know why you're being snarky. I'm not defending these Asian lunatics and their delusional opinions.

But he posted about his dead bedroom marriage on Reddit as starvingartist. Why would he lie about having a wife on his artist, non-hapa related account? Maybe his wife lives in China or something.

No. 205995

Where's that? I've never seen that.

Sidenote, if he's in China he's got a WeChat. I'm not going to bother looking on my personal account.

No. 205997


It's here >>204841, but he has deleted the post. He mentions that his wife is from a traditional culture (Chinese wife?) and talking to a woman online who sounds a lot like Persephone.

No. 206002


Wow okay I just read through his Reddit account. Eh. Maybe he is married. Who knows. So weird how such a positive person has such a dark side like that.

No. 206005

File: 1506468531816.png (36.29 KB, 1065x268, Untitled.png)

Seems so. I thought he wasn't married either, but he could be. Here he talks about why he married a Chinese woman. Also the thread title lol

No. 206006

Is there a program that skims through a reddit users posts? I'd love it if he threatened things against Trump the FBI could get involved.

No. 206007

Reddit only indexes like 1000 posts.

Boolean strings in google is your best bet.

You probably have to manually search.
There's this magical thing called Ctrl+F.
Have fun with that. I highly doubt you're going to get what you're looking for.

No. 206008

>I get hit on a lot


No. 206013

File: 1506478718460.jpg (635.77 KB, 666x500, ClEL7om.jpg)

No. 206023

and even then "hispanic" isnt actually a race a portion of those married by non-hispanic whites could be hispanic whites.

No. 206033

Wait he knows that in Chinese culture it's fairly common for the men to have affairs or even second wives in different cities right?!??!? Like there's movies about this shit…. like really popular remakes of American movies about guys trying to get to their mistresses and the wives know and will willingly turn a blind eye….

No. 206034

She probably doesn't care since "she supports open relationships".

No. 206035

Calm your autism and go fap.

No. 206037

Yeah I don't get the American thing in treating "Hispanic" as a race.

Over half of Hispanics in America are White, which is to say they're significantly more European than Native (80% or more).

OT: I get some of the anger about immigration btw, but immigration from East Asia is far more dangerous to America in the long-run than from Latin/South America.

No. 206042


ET just made her a mod on his r/tigermom sub. He has become her slave officially.

No. 206043

>>No. 206042
White pussy power can get you very far seems. We all know that he only wants her because she is white and he is willing to overlook her obvious psychopathy, narcissism and overal 2/10 looks.

No. 206044

File: 1506504808692.jpg (742.53 KB, 500x666, BUNrN3p.jpg)


No. 206045

Yeah but… honestly that's quite normal? Beta losers do this all the time, they are desperate after all.

No. 206046

File: 1506504942912.png (7.6 KB, 875x89, relationship based on sex.PNG)

Tenda doesn't care that she's a psycho. All he wants is a woman who will suck his dick

No. 206047

I find his hypocricy hilarious, after all those years of defending asian men and white women, he helped break an amwf marriage and goes to such extreme lengths in order to keep his white whore (because he loves whores according to his own posts) happy. Zero concept of shame for our hapa boy.

No. 206048

>> 206046
She has said on chats that he posted on his vanity subreddit, that she wants to suck him dry. It's hilarious that he is so happy and excited about it. Can someone find the post>

No. 206049

It's this one >>205054

No. 206050

And this guy is married and bragging about her wanting to suck his dick? At first i was sure that he doesn't have a wife, because cmon who would want to marry him (besides Percy who escapted from a mental asylum). Then i saw the posts he made on r/deadbedroom where you could see that his marriage is pure misery and thats why he talks trash about Asian women (doesnt even get handjobs from his wife). But after seeing this sexting i doubt she exists or that she is still with him. What woman would tolerate her husband posting his own cheating on reddit for everyone to see?

No. 206051

We shouldnt be too hard on him guys, after so many years he found his white mommy and he will do anything to get to suck on her big tits because he is an old baby.

No. 206052

Again, there's no need to white knight Kim Du Han, the guy is also a fuckup and a hypocrite, just a slightly less lulzy one than Tendies.

No. 206053

btw, will this really be Persephone's THIRD divorce?

No. 206055

Kim is another beta gook, but at least he doesn't post sjw like Tenda who thinks he is God's gift to women.

No. 206056

Because he can barely speak English. He still embodies /r/asianmasculinity in human form, no need to have any sympathy for him.

No. 206057

>> 206053
I think so and it is crazy that Tenda can't see that he is being trapped by a female predator.

No. 206059

ET wants to be trapped between those thighs i am sure of it, the thirst is real here.

No. 206062

>after so many years he found his white mommy

Maybe that's why Persephone calls herself 'Mother of tigers'

No. 206063

>> 206062
Maybe? She has embraced her new role as the white busted breastfeeding mother for this thirsty mentally ill hapa.Even her new channel is named mother of tigers p.
They do deserve each other.

No. 206066

File: 1506511626440.jpg (601.97 KB, 500x666, W5BzByY.jpg)

No. 206068

File: 1506511732413.jpg (366.38 KB, 888x379, JQ2QCWF.jpg)

No. 206070

>> 206063
How fucked up must you be to say that you want to duck dry a mentally ill hapa who has repeatedly admitted that he wants a white mother because he grew up motherless?
She is perverted.

No. 206071

he seriously looks like a turkroach or someone from central asia. would fit right in in uzbekistan etc.

No. 206072

All those rants about being rejected for looking asian were his own schizophreny and inability to accept that women don't want to play mommy and little hapa boy with him and they end up dumping him. He doesn't have Asian features at all. Hopefully now his white mommy will keep him occupied with her big white tits and he won't be shitposting as much, since he has after all "retired".

No. 206074

File: 1506512587220.jpg (58.79 KB, 685x385, hussein-khavari.jpg)

he looks exactly like an afghani that was notorious for killing/raping a few girls in austria. he could probably sneak into europe and pretend to be an afghani and get asylum lol.

No. 206075

>> 206074
I am sure Persephonie would love to get raped by his alpha eurasian cock.

No. 206076

I think Persephone keeps Kim around so she can get money from him.

No. 206077

Definitely. She is known on fb for never working and getting money out of her ex husbands.

No. 206084

That Afghani was a real subhuman. Glad to hear that AfD did so well recently.

No. 206088

I feel bad for his wife and kids. I'm pretty sure they are Asian and not white either…yet this guy is posting "you're gorgeous" on photos of a half naked woman.


>>i pull some hot chicks and I think you are very attractive

Persephone literally just showing her ass
>>2,449 following

No. 206089

>>Over half of Hispanics in America are White, which is to say they're significantly more European than Native (80% or more).

Highly doubt that

No. 206090

She's gotten 3 guys to marry her….?

No. 206091

This is so beyond creepy

No. 206092

>>when the afghani looks more asian than the hafu who is obsessed with looking asian.

No. 206093

>> 206090
She must be a female psychopath and predator manipulating them because neither her looks nor her personality explain why those men married her. The hapa boy stood no chance. Still confused about why would she want him though, i mean he has neither looks nor money otherwise he would afford a two bedroom home for his wife who actually poops and menstruates and disgusts him.

No. 206094

The gook is fucking unemployed, what money does he have?

No. 206095

Doubt it all you want, asian boi.

No. 206096

Maybe he comes from a wealthy family, Persephone wouldn't marry someone if they got no many, eastern europeans are notorious gold diggers.

No. 206097

File: 1506518382607.png (71.16 KB, 894x563, cuck.png)

He claims to work as a freelancer audio transcriber. Probably doesn't make much money, I agree.

From this video description

No. 206105

She's got either narcissism or she's histrionic or she has some kind of fame complex.

She sees a group of people who feel marginalized and she threw herself right in the middle of it, and she makes fake accounts to sympathize with her and create drama. Her Asian husband didn't get her as much attention as she wanted so now she's going for the king of the marginalized group, who broadcasts and also enjoys being in the spotlight.

And even now, she's throwing herself in the middle of everything and interjecting herself into everything, trying to call her "fans" and sensationalize everything happening to her, and she's still not getting the praise and attention she wants so she keeps pushing further, even telling everyone on Reddit where the goldmine of personal details ended up. Calling her an e-celebrity is a complete joke. If the number of followers and subscribers she has makes her a celebrity, then my cat's instagram page is more famous than her.

So what. You're a less-than-average-looking blonde white girl and you fuck asian guys. Who fucking cares.

What was that quote she has? "Not attractive enough to fuck white guys so she fucks asian guys?"
She definitely fits the bill for that.

No. 206106

File: 1506525019144.png (300.64 KB, 1000x768, lol.png)

I tried to turn him into a chad on facetune but still looks like a turkroach. I think the right image is how he imagines himself in the mirror. A photoshop wizrad could do better.

No. 206108

>freelancer audio transcriber

Not even enough to make rent then, pure monkey work. Not even copy-editing.

No. 206109

>eastern europeans are notorious gold diggers.

Yeah, for other Europeans. But when it comes to non-Europeans, no amount of money is enough to make up for the fact its a mixed relationship.

No. 206110

She's an "e-celebrity" in the same way the one girl who goes to your local GamesWorkshop is, if that makes any sense. Her audience is really specific and small, but they're totally enraptured with her all the same.

No. 206111

File: 1506527113907.png (304.86 KB, 1000x666, moderu.png)

moderu materiaru

No. 206114

File: 1506528733708.jpg (146.66 KB, 960x720, IMG_7937.JPG)

Is this him or the brother?

No. 206116

link?? i cant find on fb.

No. 206117

Found it in a different image board and they said they found it on FB.

No. 206118

>> 206117
Which image board was that?

No. 206124

Probably /cow/ I saw it there too.

No. 206127

File: 1506535331675.jpg (213.19 KB, 2514x1437, z.jpg)

ok i found his family tree from an online obituary. it looks like his father had a chink brother and sister, but im guessing they were adopted because they look pure asian from fb accounts.

it makes me think he lied about having no strong asian male figure growing up because his japanese adopted uncle Tadashi seems like a normal/social person from his fb.

No. 206128

I don't think he had one growing up because it sounds like he was in NYC and his uncle was in a different state.

No. 206144

File: 1506544650019.jpg (308.76 KB, 1000x768, qqq.jpg)

Fixed the eyebrows on the after. Men look better with furrowed eyebrows not high arched like women.

With some surgery he could potentially become attractive. A lateral canthoplasty to extend his short eyes and shape them upwards. A nose job to fix his bulbous tip. Fillers for his hollow temples. And a proper eyebrow grooming.

No. 206145

*but still not white hahahahah

sorry Tenda

No. 206146

We have seen all his family, but where is the Chinese wife? Does anyone have her social media? I bet she is hideous, thats why he is hiding her.

No. 206147

If she's in china then you're going to have to go through Chinese social media.

No. 206148

I dont speak chinese though, anyone else who does and has found her?

No. 206149

File: 1506546169060.jpg (237.19 KB, 1004x678, 1.jpg)

oh anon, there is no "wife".

No. 206151

>> 206149
Then what were those posts on r/deadbedroom that he made from his artistinstarving account complaining that his wife wont fuck him and she dresses non sexual?

No. 206152

For all his talk about how handsome he supposedly is in China, I expected a face like Daniel Henney's, not something this plain and unremarkable.

No. 206154

File: 1506546669991.png (192.64 KB, 1756x781, hmmm.png)

ok so i found this in google cache. maybe youre right.

>I've been talking to another woman online, that is amazed that my wife seems completely asexual towards me, given my looks.

does he really think hes so handsome hahahahahahahahaha.

No. 206155


No. 206156

We all know who that other woman is.

No. 206157

Yeah, i want to know too, who is the supreme asian lady who dares to reject the most handsome man on the planet?

No. 206158

Don't generalize, she did try to give him a handjob but he lost interest.
Anyway, whats the deal with her, where are her social media?

No. 206159

maybe /pol/ can help
im sure someone there can navigate chinese social media
i know they are pissed off at tenda for spamming AMWF porn on the board. they already know about him and dont like him.

No. 206160

>> 206159
Can you forward the link mate? Or forward the request to them?
Lets see that mysterious waifu that he keeps hidden all those years.

No. 206162

Behind the great firewall.

Everything is wechat. You don't need Chinese to use it.

No. 206167


The people on /cow/ are saying they found it here.

Something fishy is going on. Is Tenda doxxing himself?

No. 206168

Where is the wechat? did you find hers?

No. 206170

>> 206167
Why do you think that Tenda is doxxing himself?

No. 206172

wtf are you talking about the people on /cow/ said they found it on FB

No. 206173

>> 206172
Does his wife has a fb? or a wechat? whats her name?

No. 206174

File: 1506551458506.png (27.96 KB, 907x385, wife.png)

ET says his wife uses an app called Palfish

No. 206175

>> 206174
What's her name or profile though? We cant find her just from the app, thats like saying she had fb. More info is needed.

No. 206176

Fucking a this guy either burned a lot of bridges or wasn't a likable person. I can't pinpoint a cluster of friends anywhere.

No. 206177

Pinpoint them where? did you find his wechat?

No. 206178


where did they say they found them on facebook?

No. 206180

I don't want to talk too much about my methods because he's most likely reading this but I'm not on wechat I have one and I'd risk doxing myself if I went that route

No. 206182

>> 206180
Just show us the wifie who wont give him a handjob so we can laugh at her 1/10 face. because who else would marry Tenda ya know.

No. 206183

Sookyung and Tadashi were absolutely adopted. No Asian in their right mind (though..) would give one child a Korean and the other a Japanese first name. Plus, as you said, they don't look mixed at all.

No. 206184

You would never know he is a r/Hapas. These are actually quality children's books.

No. 206185

So all his stories check out and he was telling the truth about everything all along?

No. 206189

Is his dad Richard Spencer?

No. 206190

For someone who hates WMAF so much he sure has a ton of FB friends in WMAF.

No. 206192

Maybe he's just friends with them to be a creeper give jooci stories to his sub.

No. 206193

hahaha pretty good but i would've made his neck thicker. he does have a nice jaw shape. its like his only real chad feature.

No. 206198

Honestly I do believe a lot of the stories that he tells about his family like how his dad is a religious nut. He wrote a lot as an editor on some websites with a Christian theme. He also wrote about his schizophrenic brother which seems to be true if you read all that shit he wrote about his Hospital stay. He mentioned his brother was a couple of years older which is also true. Also what kind of guy names their kid a Japanese name when they're not even Japanese. I think I found the dad's Facebook and what I could see publicly were mostly of Christian art. I think I even saw art of German soldiers I wasn't quite sure but that kind of stood out to me it was really weird and I remember he said his dad is a holocaust denier.

No. 206202


Found that photo of tenma people

No. 206204

How is Tenda's wife tolerating his cheating and shitposting about Asian women? She must be a really ugly chick to tolerate a loser with zero respect for her race. Also she must be a 2/10 at best, otherwise why hasn't he ever featured her on his channel?

No. 206205

We should find her and make fun of him. He has been harassing WMAF couples for years, let's give him a taste of his own medicine!

No. 206206

>> 206205
I have a theory: Obviously he has been having his white camwhore for months. Wife founds out and divorces him, so he has to go back to the redneck town he crawled out from. Fakes daddy's illness to cover up the embarassment.

No. 206207

Maybe his wife is turning a blind eye to all of this. It is common in Chinese marriages for the wife to tolerate the mistresses. After all he has said on his artistinstarving alt that she refuses to have sex with him and won't put up an effort, gained weight etc. Maybe she has agreed on him to get that white puss he always wanted.

No. 206208

What if she didnt though and she has no idea that her hubby is jerking off at a white 2/10 gold digging trash who blesses him with her nudes?

No. 206209

If she gets to find out and divorces Tendie that would be hilarious. Who is she btw? Haven't seen anything about her. He doesn't have any pictures with her?

No. 206210

Dude, obviously there isnt a wife. He is a virgin living at his parent's basement. What kind of married man would proudly post his sexual conversations with another married woman?

No. 206211

Kek. Maybe Persie is the first white girl to actually talk to him, so he is proud and excited for that milestone.

No. 206212

Also the first one to send him nudes. He is too desperate to see that she is a whore and does that professionally, he is even ignoring the harem of men she blatantly keeps on social media and talk about on her terrible videos. Tenda is too beta and will always be.

No. 206213

I believe he has a wife because of the deadbedroom post where he complains for being unwanted.

No. 206214

Persephone is an ugly predator and liar. It so obvious that she doesn't love him and her video was a gigantic clickbait in order to give her the thing she craves the most: attention.
Only someone like Tenda, a married incel with no experience with women would fall for an average (at best) mentally ill white girl. She still lives with her husband. Do you really think they don't fuck? Tenda is being cucked by Kim who is way more attractive than a weird looking, hair receding eurasian psycho.
As for his wife…something must be really wrong with her if she stays.

No. 206215

No it's possible. Arrange marriages are pretty common with Asians.

No. 206216

Stop white-knighting that ugly Korean, yellow fever-chan.

They're both assholes.

No. 206217

Ping the dossier over to them. Ruin his reputation with anyone vaguely close to him.

No. 206218

i noticed this. even his adoptive aunt sookyoung seems to be in an WMAF (she has a young half asian girl pictures on her fb)

No. 206219

yeah his jaw is decently shaped. its the only part of his face i didnt fix. rest of his face is messed up though.

since his mothers family is apparently sooooo rich (do you guys remember hearing him say many times on r/hapas his mother comes from a rich family) getting plastic surgery should be no prob.

No. 206222

That's his aunt by marriage to his adopted Japanese uncle.

No. 206223

I don't know if I'm capable of crossing that line.

No. 206227

File: 1506597351649.png (413.05 KB, 1036x1122, giraffeboy.png)

No. 206228

He posted a picture of his penis before, does no one have that picture? It was like, literally 1cm.

No. 206229

File: 1506602109966.png (383.51 KB, 1094x472, tiny.png)

No. 206232


No. 206233

Wtf…I would almost say spoiler that shit but it just looks like the tip of a thumb. Reminds me of those games you play with toddlers saying you go their nose.

No. 206235

google reverse image search says this is not his penor

**but probably an accurate representation

No. 206238

You just google image searched a penis.

No. 206242

Does anyone have like a page of highlights of his antics?

No. 206247

someone needs to make an ED page for him

No. 206252

They look mixed to me, especially Tadashi, but I completely agree otherwise. Makes no sense one child would have a Korean name and another a Japanese name unless the parents were a Korean and Japanese couple (which they aren't).

No. 206253

Good job on the eyebrows. Now I want to get my eyebrows done, seeing what a difference getting them shaped can make.

No. 206255

Actually, anon google reverse image searched a penis

No. 206263

Yeah can someone do this

No. 206264

Is anyone on PalFish looking for her?

No. 206271

So he's not in this group on FB but a very large percentage of his FB friends are.


No. 206276

>> 206271
How do you know his fb friends? There is a Tenda Shi fb account, but the friend list is private. Does he have a second one?

No. 206277

I am really curious to see what bottom of the barrel asian woman he married.

No. 206278

File: 1506626232815.jpg (21.91 KB, 672x672, vewep.jpg)

whos gonna do it

No. 206279

Whoever finds her info and face, post them. We are all curious.

No. 206281

It's not hard. That account is him.

I've located 3 people trying to track him down on various places on the internet and those people are friends with that FB account you mentioned. Some are friends with tenma's deleted account. Some people wrote public posts on FB with his full name and they are friends with that specific account.

If you compare those people's friends lists, which are public, and do a quick comparison to see how many FB friends those random people have in common you can learn a lot.

No. 206282

File: 1506626735678.png (164.04 KB, 1597x331, tenda-is-mad.png)

someone is going crazy on /pol/ spamming AMWF in every thread like this one.
Tenda must be mad. Now that he abandoned his website and r/hapas he can spend all day everyday spamming 4chan.

No. 206290

Is he talking about Emma Watson? Because her "Asian" ex was a WMAF hapa, William Adamowicz.

I've seen that spammer before and he constantly changes his tune. I also don't believe he's Tenda, he's just some autist from /r/asianmasculinity (redundant, I realize).

No. 206291

I noticed they did the same with Joseph Schooling. Trying to pretend he's a full-blooded Asian with a blonde girlfriend even though he's WMAF and wants to become a naturalized US citizen because Singapore has treated him and his family so shittily in the past.

Also it's interesting that this effectively reveals that Tenda != the AMWF spammer on 4chan/elsewhere. That doesn't actually surprise me. Tenda's obsession with white women was always born more of mommy issue pedestalization than racial nationalism and Sinocentric jingoism, as it is with r/aznidentity, r/asianmasculinity etc members.

No. 206293

Not impressive, but he looks -okay- to me in some number of pictures, like an average (4 to 6/10) guy. However, all his pictures where the camera flash is on, he looks like a mutant (1 or 2/10). My eyes aren't burned out from seeing him, but he's delusional to think he's a chad.

No. 206294

He looks like he got stuck in that awkward stage when you're a teenager and you haven't grown into your features yet.

No. 206298

He looks like a kid with a good jawline: straight up weird and looks out of place.

No. 206315

I think I have a potential lead on the wife but the trail goes extremely cold. It's a user on PalFish.

No. 206325

Let's check that out. Post it!

No. 206326

How did you find that? Does it have a picture? I dont know shit about PalFish

No. 206328

I have two leads but they're going nowhere. If you download the app and sign up you can search the teacher bios. One theory is that he's in Brisbane like his FB says. There's a girl who went to the same college he did and teaches at University of Queensland. Then there's another theory that he's in Beijing like he says. There's 2-3 girls that could be plausible for that one too. The Queensland one has me the most intrigued right now.

Words I've been searching:
澳洲 (Australia)

No. 206331

I forgot to add that the girls of interest are actually pretty cute. Actually most of the women there are decent looking. Maybe she deleted her account.

No. 206338

Whoever writes his ED article needs to introduce him as Tenda "Tendie" Spencer

No. 206348

I was thinking bar"tenda"

No. 206354

File: 1506665447260.png (127.21 KB, 1433x782, tenda.png)

Found a random Chinese website information about Tendie Spencer:

>Columbia '08 grad: degree in art history and a minor in archeology

>Member of Phi Beta Kappa (Fei Tao Fei Society?)

>Attended National Art School, New York Special High School (one of the five elite schools of La Guardia Art High School)

>He has worked at the Academic Office of Columbia University - is responsible for postdoctoral applications

(english translation in image)

No. 206357

Dude can I just say what a waste of an Ivy League education I sit across from the leaders of my company and they all come from prestigious schools like his and he wastes all that opportunity and the little black book that comes with it on such terrible things. If I had half the opportunity he had I would have done things so much more conducive to improving the quality of life of people and I feel like he wasted it on making hapas and Asian men look like bitter fools.

No. 206358

this reads as some kind of weird meme magic situation to me
>"Tendie" Spencer
>AMWF supremacist
>Women of all races lusting after his superior afghani beauty
>Grad of one of Americas top colleges

I think I might send in a story tip to Daily Stormer. I think this is the kind of strangely amusing story they would pick up.

No. 206367

File: 1506676493496.png (140.56 KB, 1453x985, tendies.png)

so he actually does seem to live in Australia (or did at least in the past)


No. 206369

Brisbane? Its no wonder why he feels so inadequate.

No. 206370

File: 1506677243515.png (24.48 KB, 645x411, conrad.png)

his middle name is conrad

No. 206373

Guess this was him, it's got nothing though.


No. 206374

Creepy asian men goes White women.
Creepy White men goes asian women.

No. 206375

One can't do better, the other thinks they are God's gift to mankind.

No. 206376


No. 206377

>uploaded 3 minutes ago
>1 view

hi persephone!

No. 206378

I post this as Persephone anon, because i wont just sit back and kill myself like he wants me to. Watch.

No. 206379

Ive only watched 5 minutes of the video but if you are getting to the point that he has "doxxed" himself it could be true.

I reckon either he posted his own personal information/photos himself or someone who personally knows him and recognised his half face from his youtube videos.

There was literally no link to his online identity and his real name/face. And where the hell did those old photos come from? Its all pretty dodgy IMO. Is he planning to shoot up a school or something :s….

No. 206382

Γιατί μισείς να είσαι ελληνικός;

No. 206383

File: 1506693492054.png (173.32 KB, 1500x433, qq.png)

>he was a handsome child

fucking delusional hahahhahaha
levels of elliot rodger delusional hahahahahhaha

No. 206386

Wow if this is true then you should be trying to get him help not try to get views out of it how pathetic can you be

No. 206389

Holy shit
Brooklyn anons don't go to school/work tomorrow

No. 206392

Someone turn the video over to law enforcement.

No. 206400


No. 206401

How can his wife not know what he is doing and that he is having an affair? How pathetic can she be?

No. 206402

Did anyone find her social media accounts? Let's forward the bomb to her.

No. 206403

His wife is a 1/10 to marry someone like him and tolerate his cheating.

No. 206404

>> 206403
She doesnt have any self respect since she is married in a dead bedroom. Or should i say skeletonized one? It seems he and his wife are the WMAF couple he hates so much. Talking about projection.

No. 206405

That further proves the belief that he is doxxing himself and sharing everyone's info but hers. Cheap and desperate famewhore.

No. 206406

Lol clearly you haven't met many Asian women. They don't give a damn if they're cheated on provided they're supported financially.

No. 206409

If he wants the white girl he has to divorce though, Percy seems the bitchy type, i dont think she will be satisfied with the mistress role for long.

No. 206410

Does jerking off online at MotherOfTigersP (ROFL at the name) even count as cheating?
Although his hand is about to fall off at this point.

No. 206414

If he doesnt get together with Perse now he is a true incel. She even said she would consider being with him in his tiny town if he treated her nicely. Mah ninja ET you found the one mentally ill white girl who wants ya, dont miss the chance.

No. 206415

File: 1506709023752.png (63.63 KB, 641x596, hamoura.png)

Looks like the greek hamoura is angry at him, this autistic romance is so funny, i do want to see him apologise and try to win her over, after all she is the only one who ever wanted his eurasian ass.

No. 206417

>> 206415
Nah, looks like he is about to get dumped.

No. 206418

>I can be in love with someone and call them out on their bullshit same time.

No. 206420

Maybe he gets a hard on when his white mommy scolds him lmao.

No. 206422

Dude, he doesnt have the balls to go fuck her, did you forget his eternal cock size complex?

No. 206426

i think she is also playing "mind games" with him telling him she loves him like… seriously come on…

maybe some american should email a hospital and tell them to do a welfare check on tendie spencer. if what persephone says is true it seems like he is getting ready to do something - leaving reddit, exposing his face - signs of someone tying up loose ends to say goodbye to the world?

No. 206428

Persephone actually seemed somewhat well-spoken and astute in that most recent video.

It surprised me. She's a crazy, mentally deranged bitch but I don't think she's necessarily stupid. It's a shame too, because it shows how race-fetishes can literally fuck up your entire life (as if we didn't know that already from /pt/, but this just reinforces it).

Remember that next time you're pining over some Korean oppa.

No. 206431

>> 206428
I noticed the same and his behavior (asking to commit suicide together, threatening to kill her etc) is definitely disturbing and abusive. We need to send the video to his relatives.

No. 206434

She seemed to be treating him with admiration and she dumped the gook boy for him, therefore it's unlikely for all of this to be just smoke and mirrors. But our favorite hapa boy has a way of turning even the most deranged girl on youtube away, its a talent.

No. 206444

Is he hiding now? I dont see any responses to her video.

No. 206446

He really fucked up this time, the more i look at it the more it seems that she is right about him pretending to be a stalker and doxxing himself. Truly pathetic.

No. 206447

He underestimated her probably.

No. 206449

File: 1506717378892.jpg (293.45 KB, 693x400, tendies-hit-the-floor.jpg)

artistic rendition if he were actually >handsome

No. 206451

File: 1506717685536.gif (104.62 KB, 304x350, tendies-hit-the-floor.gif)

and a gif for contrast

i wonder if he has lived his whole life under the impression he is a beautiful man. he is an artist grad from Columbia right? shouldnt he be trained to know beauty when he sees it? lmao.

No. 206455

He is narcissistic and stupid. And it seems that the only WW who wanted him is repulsed by him now.

No. 206462

File: 1506720681989.jpg (284.54 KB, 952x1232, compare.jpg)

These two fucking lunatics deserve each other, but it was an interesting vid from the drama point of view. She does make her case about the pics being posted by ET himself.

What does he look like in profile? Why is the length of his face so varied between pics? Look at the shadows. He actually has a recessed chin. His jaw is wide but weak, and he has a large overbite I think. The selfie angles and expressions are all highly rehearsed to hide this.

No. 206482

Are you a fan of Daily Stormer?

No. 206495

He hasn't posted anything, seems that Persephone is right about him doxxing himself, especially the photos from his youth were very suspicious.

No. 206496

ugh i fucking called it. no one could explain where the images came from. people from here saying they got them from /cow/ and people from /cow/ said they got them from here.

No. 206497

>> 206496
She mentions on her video that she offered to go to the cybercrime department and he kept dismissing and saying no. It is very unexpected from him and strange, considering the fact that he went ballistic against even the slightest criticism.
Everything points out to him doxxing himself.

No. 206498

If he doesnt act fast, she will soon want nothing to with him (if she doesnt already) and he will be stuck in IncelLand forever.
King of Betas.

No. 206499

not too familiar with this drama but why would tendies doxx himself? is he trying to steer his wife into divorce? does he realize he just fucked up work prospects from fucking himself over on google searches?

if elliot rodger and chief areola had a son…

No. 206501

just a pro tip anon, you can click the post number of the person you want to reply to and it'll automatically be copied to the comment field

No. 206512

His dad is terminally ill and he went back to his small hometown where according to Persephone he doesnt have privacy to write and make videos and he wants to kill himself, so he decided to "go down with a bang" according to her. ER wannabe.

No. 206514

Are we really believing her fucked up ass?

No. 206515

Originally i didn't, but if you look at the posts on this thread, many of the things she mentions do match, plus ET himself made a post saying "my life is over" about going back to his dad's home. I don't think she is lying about this.

No. 206516

Tenda fits the profile of the passive beta man who acts macho online, but in fact is controlled by women (and secretly loves it). I can't imagine him asking her for a divorce, but maybe he does things the roundabout way by "accidentally" getting caught so that she is the one to decide to leave. Another indicator is that he worships Percy, who is objectively a bitchy controlling narcissist.

No. 206517

Why was OP banned?

No. 206532

>she offered to go to the cybercrime department

Does that even exist?

Shouldn't we all be in cyberjail then?

No. 206535

>> 206532
It does exist, but it is for serious cases like posting revenge porn, not P and ET's drama, i doubt anyone will care.

No. 206536

>> 206535
Its hilarious that they both act as if they are top tier celebrities.

No. 206539

I thought cyber crime only gets involved if people were inciting violence against someone, which nobody here has done so far as far as I'm aware.

No. 206544

Depends on the case, if someone receives threats against their life, then it does get involved, Persephone is acting overdramatic as usual.

No. 206547

I'm 99.9999% sure that Chanel LV person on her yt channel is just her having a conversation with herself trying to get more people to comment. Either that or it's tendie and they're in on it together.

No. 206554

Why are you so sure it is either her or him? And why are they doing that, talking to themselves, it sounds so stupid.

No. 206560

Sentence and grammatical structure patterns.

No. 206561

Looks like Tendie to me.

No. 206563

Especially because most people who can't be bothered to spell or capitalize usually can't be bothered to punctuate properly. The dumbed down message but with all of the hapas and alt-right vocabulary; it feels forced.

No. 206579

File: 1506830402579.jpg (169.23 KB, 844x991, n3PrfE9.jpg)

Clearly connected to another White weirdo named BBCTakeover/Jankinoff on Lookism.

Eurasian Tiger and that mentally ill White guy both share a love for BBC.

No. 206583

terry spencer is still online on reddit.still post as terry . persephone said terry isn't online because his Chinese family is watching him.

No. 206586

File: 1506835265867.png (561.13 KB, 1036x1122, giraffeboy.png)


now to sit back and wonder what is tendies masterplan for doxxing himself.

No. 206588

I thought she said she blocked him. ??‍♀️

Further proof that this a load of bullshit.

No. 206592

File: 1506844457165.jpg (7.33 KB, 393x61, ouou.jpg)


Looks like that Eurasian Tiger's weirdo friend calls himself Legalize Rape on youtube and keeps posting White hating comments to the Eurasian Tiger channel.


These people are serious creeps always talking about bbc just look at the Legalize Rape channel.

No. 206593

Even if she did block him it never lasts, they fight all the time and then get back together.In the past she had made a video announcing she is going no contact with him and the next day they made a shared channel. They are both bossy narcissists, so its bound to be explosive.

No. 206594

Her latest video description:
>To ET: I have blocked you on google hangouts, if u ever want to hear from me again you know what to do, otherwise dont even bother recycling the same 10 year old vomit with maggots, aint nobody got time for that.

Apparently Tendie did what he was told because white pussy power.

No. 206595

LOL she mad for real. I wonder what did he do to make her furious.

No. 206596

Vomit with maggots? Yikes. How does she even come up with such disgusting shit?

No. 206597

She just looks in the mirror.

No. 206599

ET wrote in one of his posts on his blog, that once he kept his own vomit in the room until it got maggots, i think this is what she is referring to.

No. 206600

Tenda needs serious mental help. And she wants to go meet him after knowing this?

No. 206605

He posted on suicidewatch on his main Reddit account and then deleted the post but it still shows up on google, so maybe the suicide thing is true.

No. 206607

I believe that everything Persephone said is true, otherwise he would be mad and denying it. He is silent about all of that, which is very unusual for someone so dramatic and excessive. But asking her to commit suicide together? Someone doesn't have all the mummins in the valley.

No. 206608

Maybe he doesn't comment because he is too busy jerking off at her nudes, after all it's the first time ever a white girl sends him any.

No. 206609

>Maybe he doesn't comment because he is too busy jerking off at her nudes, after all it's the first time ever a white girl sends him any.

Lol true dat

No. 206610

File: 1506870925268.jpg (527.93 KB, 1134x1918, IMG_7957.JPG)

Merry Christmas

No. 206611

File: 1506870966890.jpg (120.54 KB, 620x418, IMG_7954.JPG)

No. 206612

File: 1506871051627.jpg (522.74 KB, 1120x1895, IMG_7956.JPG)

No. 206613

File: 1506871167095.jpg (154.67 KB, 1000x267, IMG_7953.JPG)

Bonus comics at that weibo account.

No. 206614

Is the guy with the green shirt Tendie?

No. 206615

File: 1506871402669.jpg (607.15 KB, 666x500, HP7sxFB.jpg)

He is doin it wrong

No. 206616

Circa ~5 years ago.

No. 206617

Where is his wife? So many pictures and she is nowhere to be found.

No. 206618

mouth breather face

No. 206619

How do I find it on google?

No. 206620


No. 206622

It took days just to figure out how to use weibo and I don't even know how to read any Chinese this isn't easy and after I do this one I have to go to the other china websites and figure those out too if only someone knew chinese

No. 206623

File: 1506874154424.png (15.63 KB, 913x206, sw.PNG)

Thanks. I found the post in the google cache

No. 206625

Any Chinese anons here? >>206622 is working hard & needs your help

No. 206629

File: 1506878256919.jpg (41.91 KB, 540x360, 1.jpg)

astor&ivy has a facebook page too with some pictures of Tenda from 2011

No. 206630

File: 1506878270263.jpg (74.21 KB, 720x479, 2.jpg)

No. 206631

File: 1506878282426.jpg (62.06 KB, 479x720, 3.jpg)

No. 206632

File: 1506878303478.jpg (76.24 KB, 720x542, 4.jpg)

No. 206633

That one sitting next to him there could be the wife.

No. 206635

It's not I investigated that. She's married to a local.

No. 206636

The happiest I've ever seen him.

No. 206639

File: 1506881254778.png (46.83 KB, 650x434, 0dac5b68632bdf8ec47e88b0e8baa2…)

No. 206640

File: 1506881268778.png (95.96 KB, 474x393, 2.png)

No. 206641

I need help rounding up every detail that's known about her. I'm going of such a small amount of information that it's really hard.

No. 206645

I hope u get to find her, i am so curious to see what kind of bottom of the barrel asian woman he married that is so bitter and bashes her entire race for years non-stop.

No. 206646

The type that won't fuck him like his mommy didnt fuck his daddy.

No. 206647

File: 1506883941741.png (474.51 KB, 640x544, 069a8d0307c204005e75fac0624f06…)

in 2009 He made racist drawing cartoons on vnl and vvn forum is a white nationalist websites it most hardcore neo-nazi websites.

No. 206648

File: 1506883968418.png (104.83 KB, 306x285, 6bf73679b4df631dd0aa3802fa96dc…)

No. 206649

>> 206647
Are those still up?
do you have the link?

No. 206652

I don't know . I screen shoot the pictures from ET video. google the image you may found them.

No. 206654

File: 1506886220060.png (8.72 KB, 767x195, cartoons.png)


Tenda has admitted several times that those are his drawings.

No. 206655

you know little Chinese

No. 206657

There few of his drawing like that. He was on neo-Nazi phase 3 year from 2009 to 2011.

No. 206661

File: 1506890902254.gif (46.74 KB, 186x186, 1506890604395.gif)

doing gods work you are anon. like i suspected, he has a receded jaw and an underbite. He probably thinks he can hide it from front facing pictures because his jaw is wide.

interesting theory about multiple personality disorder. he really needs help, whatever he has.

No. 206665

File: 1506892368461.png (22.67 KB, 566x505, the chad profile.png)

I knew it would be bad, but not like that.

No. 206666

He refuse to get help. ET is sychotic bipolar mentally ill narcissist compulsive liar. When something trigger him he lose his mind.I think only the ugliest and most bitter/pyschopathic hapas are part of that subreddit.

No. 206668

2010 on Stormfront HalfAsianTruthTeller goes on a confess on reveal himself to people. The thread is I'm Half Chinese and I Agree with EVERYTHING: READ ME!


No. 206672

Lol he does kinda look Russian though I can see where people would get that.

No. 206674

He look like Gennady Golovkin but much whiter as fuck and skinny tall.

No. 206675

Hello Tenda,

How are you? I hope everything is well. Please don't do anything crazy, it would be a waste of your talents.


A fan

No. 206676

why are you fan of that douch?

No. 206677

What's the username on vvn? Is this the doxxer posting or is there a connection to the ET stuff? Or is this Tenda?

No. 206678

You can't be serious right?

No. 206679

What's the connection then?

No. 206680

I think he's in this thread but a lot of these random forums that he's on and being posted here is general knowledge.

No. 206681

You can't be serious right?
read the thread. Why are you fan of him?

No. 206682

Doubt it. Where has Tenda ever said he was on vvn or shared those drawings?

No. 206684

Dude serious ?
I seen him post on different sub reddit with his different username and and his well know name (Eurasian tiger/eurasian writer). Why are you playing dum?

No. 206685

I'm too lazy to pull it up but it's out there he even posted his username on Reddit if you search for it in the archived stuff websites

No. 206686

Ya he was proud and said he was kind of a big deal there until he exposed that he's not white

No. 206687

Shit my bad lol. He shared all his online life's history wtf?

No. 206688

Not enough to find the wifey.

No. 206689

Great, the doxx legitimises everything Tenda said by confirming his unbelievable stories about his family. His message will be 10X stronger than before. The tiger has been UNLEASHED.

No. 206690

The queen of snakes unleashed him.

No. 206692

He really looks like a psycho Golovkin. He makes Golovkin look like a smiley beta bitch.

No. 206693

genghishalf hapa mod is @r_Hapas from twitter

No. 206694


99% of r/hapas is ET and the other 1% is full blood Asians.

No. 206695

genghishalf is hapa user on hapa reddit hes a mod on hapa reddit .He twitter is @r_Hapas

No. 206696

Thankful to witness one of the greatest trolls of this generation; his time online was lived to the fullest.

No. 206697

I hit the jackpot :D
I got a something

No. 206698

that half breed is going down and make sure that hapa reddit has cancer

No. 206700

What did you find

No. 206701

He has six hapa children by two different hapa women. This is getting INSANE!

No. 206702

STFU PIX NOW!!!!!!!!

No. 206703

are you breaking my balls?
are you fore real?
what a deadbeat

No. 206704

Where's the proof I call bullshit

No. 206708

do any you guys know if VLN is Neo nazi site?ET said something about that.

No. 206709

get ready you guys

No. 206710

File: 1506905649172.gif (770.29 KB, 245x245, 1502669453685.gif)

What the fuck?
It looks like he photoshopped himself in all of these.
And how the fuck can he shit on Elliot Rodger when he behaves exactly like him in these photos?

No. 206711

His drawing collection from 2009 when He made racist drawing cartoons on vnl and vvn forum.A white nationalist websites it most hardcore neo-nazi websites.



No. 206712

If you don't deliver this will be the biggest let-down ever.

No. 206713

Look at my post see it

No. 206714

That's nothing new that was posted at the beginning of this thread. Where are the 6 kids?

No. 206715

if he did had 6 kids how did he manage to have time ? I mean spend lot of times online . I find it hard to believes

No. 206716


This anon said it:

No. 206723

Wow 4 hours later and no proof. Tenda are you trying to throw us off the trail?

No. 206725

omg is that the Varg from youtube who all the paganfaggots on /pol/ worship giving him shit in those comments? lmao!
Is this real life?
Also someone make an account there and cap his oldest posts, want to study his mental state when he made an account there and I don't wanna get put on a list.

No. 206727

What do you mean put on a list

No. 206730

Well I presume signing up to a WN forum gets you put on a alphabet agency list somewhere.

No. 206731

I see. when you finishiing his history. list the important thing that stand off.

No. 206735

No. 206739

On Saturday Sept 16, 2017 Eurasian Tiger release a video on his YouTube channel . The video is called How to Trigger Hypocritical White men with Asian girlfriends (Classic ET Video)


on Sunday the 17 of September Eurasian tiger came out on /pol/ - Politically Incorrect made a statement about a pictures of him. He denies that not him.


He even came to alt_hapa and try to call out alt_hapa and try blame that sub reddit .He think atl_ hapa is behind the attack.

He had 4 day. He wasn’t worry because people didn’t get pictures up his face up close.He play it off .

He face got reveal online on Friday, 22

at that time he was caught off and knew something happen was off .He went online again and knew he was screw.
On the weekend he two day. He realize time was up for him.He made his final decision

He release his last thread on September 24, 2007 on Sunday night : title of thread
Sooooo my life is officially over (not because of doxx attempts) so I'm going gonna retire from /r/hapas


No. 206741

File: 1506930168020.png (47.38 KB, 750x337, 70uRJUkwQ9GeyaNO2T4tqw.png)

On Saturday Sept 16, 2017 Eurasian Tiger release a video on his YouTube channel . The video is called How to Trigger Hypocritical White men with Asian girlfriends (Classic ET Video)

No. 206742

File: 1506930253866.jpg (1.49 MB, 2520x921, 1505653236139.jpg)

On Saturday Sept 16, 2017 Eurasian Tiger release a video on his YouTube channel . The video is called How to Trigger Hypocritical White men with Asian girlfriends (Classic ET Video)

The evidence pictures that is proof

No. 206743

In his videos he's mentioned his kids before, and in one, one of this kids burst through the door while he was making it.

No. 206744

Ah, cheers. That's really fucking sad.
Ah, fuck no. I don't want him to commit suicide, I want him to get the therapy, that he so desperately needs. Him and his acolytes.

No. 206761

No. 206764

File: 1506951889913.jpg (152.46 KB, 1280x720, SPLC-Intelligence-Files-Groups…)

A parallel to eurasian writer aka eurasian tiger.

Bbctakeover aka jankinoff aka supportlocalsluts uses bbc to promote black and white couples.

Early 30's yr old, white male, british born, former white supremacist on stormfront, turned male feminist, wealthy stock market investing parents from white italian and irish stock, born again catholic, husband to a black female, may or may not have a half black child.

Hates orientals but worships a future white and black race united as the new biracial master race, will align with any individual or group [muslim males] that supports whites mixing with blacks and attacking the white race in promotion of a biracial white and black master race.

Promotes bbc in extreme measures, willing to use psyop tacits from his psychology background.

Alleged claims to have mafia and gang connections.

Uses red pill, incel and pua forums to subvert topics on a long term basis using alts in promotion of male feminist oriented topics with a heavy left marxist foundation.

Will conspire with other local british and europe based individuals who come from well to do families with the same principles on attacking any conservative, traditional white or pro white values.

Very much a like to eurasiantiger with both having shared parallel purposes, known long internet histories, common male feminist values and common social niche connections with the use of bbc as a tool against the white race in promotion of race mixing, both are in the same age range and have used lookism, reddpill, reddit, different chans for attacking white males.

No. 206765

File: 1506951974394.jpg (244.79 KB, 688x688, RWsP2LZ.jpg)

I been watch ET since started his first youtube channel around May of last year. I remember everything what he said on his youtube channel.

ET get high on AMWF because it make feel good. for it doesn't matter.

No. 206766

File: 1506952038332.png (20.83 KB, 911x256, poorkids.png)

Hopefully none of his 3/4 Asian kids are girls if this is how he thinks about Asian women.

No. 206768

File: 1506953678906.png (448.39 KB, 1046x478, 11e5404f012ef3f5057c148632b4d0…)

No. 206770

Hasn't it been cleared up that they were just roommates and this chick wasn't even in the country when he snapped?

No. 206772

File: 1506956034954.png (39.5 KB, 555x331, 0fdb6154d35059082d679ad6144c90…)

No. 206773

Looks like tendie's posting now

No. 206774

File: 1506956236605.jpg (35.96 KB, 570x570, EQObkFr.jpg)

self portrait?

No. 206775

What you mean?

No. 206776

File: 1506956356623.jpg (10.5 KB, 303x213, Danley-and-Wife.jpg)

another messed up hapa kid for life, no?

No. 206777

Is this the event from last night?

hapa reddit over projection family issues to their agenda. Every race got some bad apple .they blame women fault because guy happen does some crazy shit. she couldn't read the sign. nothing do with race.

No. 206778

are we graced with the presence of Tenda or are you just one of his disciples?

No. 206779

Why does this have to be a wmaf thing?

A man is an incel and marries a foreign woman thinking things will get better.

They have kids and don't realize that many asian women stop putting out after they're done having kids.

Incel is unhappy with his sexless marriage on top of everything else in the world he's unhappy with because masking his problems with pussy was only temporary and it didn't work anyway.

Hmmm sounds like someone we all know.

No. 206780

stop reading stop hapa reddit.
That place no back up agurmenet or no sense of logice. most of theory are flaw.it bunch of snowflakes.

No. 206781

Not reading it. I'm saying that someone who snaps like that has been suffering from mental illness for a long time and his choice of wife has very little to do with it

No. 206783

I don't see any chicken tenders on TV but I see an old sexpat's carnage and body count. You are fucking insane to take sides with a lefty loon who had gone postal.
Fuck tenders, he is a bitch but no fucking way will I take the bullshit view of giving some old fucker a free pass. That old fucker killed. That old fuck's last partner some dog face ethnic bitch. Period.

God you fucking pussies don't help the White cause.

No. 206784

Hi tenda.

No. 206786


Fuck off you White cuck.

When some half gook makes too much sense, you close your fucking ears.

I want my WHITE RACE to stay fucking true and noble not dogged on by some 3rd class brown ugly fuck machine breeding half nasty gooks.

You fucking cucks belong on lolcow for life.

Fuck even 8/pol/ makes more fucking sense.


No. 206788

The guy looks more slav than asian.

No. 206790

File: 1506959530007.png (14.66 KB, 624x85, rCZxJ63TSFmOnuWeffuVjw.png)

on the subreddit Live event: Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shootings.

Sept 2 on a Monday.
1 hour ago ET post he be off on the forum.He talk about the tragic event from last night. He keep mention Elliot Rodger.

No. 206791

File: 1506959925245.png (8.37 KB, 444x67, ufTBTYNoQLWfqMTKrHlQzQ.png)

He know that hes finish he doesn't have enough time .

No. 206792

Wow someone is triggered

No. 206793

I know right. dude trying to be cockblock toward othe white male want to bang asian chick. Let people have sex.

No. 206794

He wants to cockblock because he is a married incel and his asian wife wont give him any sex.
He is jealous.

No. 206795

For fuck’s sake. Literally.

Now can we go back to finding tendie’s wife? I just need to see this chick.

No. 206796

I gave up. He hid her exceptionally well. If she was an Asian beauty he would have shown her in one of his videos. The only logical assumption is that she is a dog.

No. 206797

She must be a 1/10 after all who would marry him?

No. 206798

Where’s the vid where the child ran into the room?

No. 206799

He has no kids, Persephonie said it on r/eurasiantiger.

No. 206802


Lol she’s the least credible source ever, she’ll say anything to get a comment, upvote, like, or even a dick wagging in her direction.

No. 206803

why the fuck are you here ?
shove your stupid crap away.

No. 206804

Let send letter to his former company he used to work with in the past. Let ruin his fucking career that P.O.S .His ass is going down. He get public shame.

No. 206805

get the alt right to make video about him so he become a laughing laughing stock.

No. 206807

We don’t even need to do that. An FB message would suffice and I know exactly who to send it to but I’m not going to do it

No. 206808

Just report them but mods are slow today.

No. 206809

what you mean by that?

No. 206813

I’m not going to compromise myself to send it. It’s not that important to me. I’m just nosey as fuck.

I figured out some people who would have interesting opinions about it if they ever found out

No. 206815


I know he's not a model, but he looks a lot better in photos taken by other people. Guy must be mentally ill to upload selfies of him that look worse than every pic other people took of him at these events…

No. 206816

I'm pretty sure that's the girlfriend.

No. 206817

I like how the after looks Indian and the Asian girl looks black lol

No. 206818


LOL you perma-incel cuck.


Learn the 14 words you silly cucks.


Time to embrace White power.

8/pol/ is the light.



No. 206819

What girlfriend?Persephonie the psycho?

No. 206820

bro he try to lift weight but he fail.He had list on his blog . He even try muscle Power Protein but he throw up.I try remember what he wrote. He did try had military haircut to look more masculine. He said that he used to bully asian men in college.

No. 206821

He mean the Asian women in the pictures.

No. 206827

my father bearded red-haired British-German father. blue eyed, glasses wearing, skinny tall around 6 feet and 3 inches.

Thing i did during my years.

I denied I was Asian for almost ten years and identified as Italian or Russian.

Cut my hair very short to retain its light color, up until two years ago; my hair becomes more brown when short, very, very dark at longer lengths and when wet
I would avoid looking at myself in the mirror after taking a shower

I did not look in the mirror for a three year period between 2012 and 2015

Gained sixty pounds in a summer to look less Asian – lost seventy pounds in one summer three years later, to again, look less Asian, based on different comments

I used to believe my mother gave birth via immaculate conception or divine intervention and that God ordained me to be white to fulfill a plan for divinated white supremacy

I would fantasize about using a razor blade to cut and deepen my eyes

I believe God had chosen me for my looks and I bought lottery tickets expecting to win, like Rodger.

I would vomit profusely after developing body dysmorphia as an attempt to cover up my Asian appearance; my vomit was colored unusually due to the large amount of supplements I was taking to maintain a weight that I thought would cover my Asian appearance

Plagued by nightmares for twenty five years about my mother crashing our car into a body of water before drowning. Dreams have ceased since writing this blog.
I screamed at an AMWW couple out of anger, after seeing one in a bar, again, like Rodger.

I would smack an Asian student in the face in an attempt to dominate him

I made fun of a popular Asian student at my school anonymously and hurt his reputation to cover my own insecurity

I would sing fake Chinese songs in an attempt to impress my friends

I would write long winded emails to my father about how I though blue eyed and blond haired people were angels – after which he never bothered correcting me

I posted profusely on very hardcore Neo Nazi forums

I was a prolific author of insanely racist Neo Nazi cartoons

I had befriended a violent neo Nazi who went over my Facebook and criticized me for having too many friends of color and too many Asian female friends – my cousins.

On seeing a photograph where I looked Asian, I would immediately delete it and go into a dark depression

I never looked at photographs of my parents – either because I was ashamed of the fact that I was half Asian, or because WMAF made me subconsciously uncomfortable (likely the latter)

To this day I have not taken a photo since 2012 out of fear of looking too Asian.

More if I can remember. My fear is my pain will eventually dissipate and I’ll forget. I need to continue triggering myself to the point that I can effectively keep producing material that will help people


No. 206828

File: 1506975787553.png (723.14 KB, 551x958, withnbspmarilou-danley.png)





No. 206832


Jesus Christ go get help. Nobody deserves to feel that way. Stop using the internet for therapy

No. 206837

File: 1506977054427.png (124.59 KB, 819x533, 3ee.png)






No. 206838

Documenting your mental illness and spewing how much you hate white men and asian women doesn't help anyone.
Your life mission is nothing but selfish narcissism, creating a cult for your own ego fueled by young incels in order to direct your own hate and feed off the energy of confused young men and you have the audacity to claim it's a support group. Your only power in life is through your concocted alter ego online where you try to make a whole demographic pay for your own inability to get over your past. Biggest fucking beta in the history of the internet! Your autism is archived for eternity for any descendants you might have to swell with pride as they read you crying in post after post and spamming bbc porn everywhere. I hope someone pins all your posts to your gravestone.

No. 206839

we need an online index of these characters that use porn on incel forums to push interracial mixing.
Their psychological profiles are fascinating.

No. 206841

He’s so insecure that he can’t even handle who he actually is and has resorted to this escapist persona because there he thinks people actually like him. He’s been doing this over a decade, he’s probably trained his neuropathways down this pattern of hatred and deplorable behavior so much that he cannot even find enjoyment in real life. meanwhile he pushes his own wife away into a dead bedroom because he’s not mentally available in real life and his natural reaction is to blame her. Same for his family and friends and eventually his kids if they exist, and then he’s going to pass this unhealthy behavior onto them, because we all know children learn by watching.

What a sad existence. I hope you change your ways before your children become you and grow up to hate you in the same way you hate yourself and your father.

No. 206845

I just had an ah-ha moment thanks to your post! I think i might know where we can find some information about the wife. I’ll explain later. If I find anything new I’ll let you know what I find!

No. 206848

File: 1506979565004.jpg (40.9 KB, 351x359, idk.jpg)

What the fuck happened to this thread?

No. 206850

/pol/ happened

No. 206853

If you find her let us know

No. 206863

I didn’t find her but I am learning so much! This detour was definitely worth it!

No. 206864

File: 1506985307494.png (19.52 KB, 773x413, white girl.png)

Tenda's embarrassments from sluthate.com. His name there is Leebyunghun

No. 206865

File: 1506985327456.png (335.08 KB, 751x784, what.png)

No. 206866

I think I know exactly which Indian girl he’s talking about, and I might have an idea about the blonde too.

No. 206868

LOL I've seen him shittalking Indians as 'currycels' on psl forums before. Literally all of his hatred for other guys and whole races comes from sexual jealousy! what a cuck!
Why are hapas so jealous of other males?
Plenty of losers don't go as crazy as these faggots when they get rejected.
Elliot Rodger(PBUH) was the exact same…

No. 206870

>white girls but they said they didn't like asian guys
He looks 0% Asian though. He looks more like a Turkroach (sorry not sorry). Is this really Tenda's account?

No. 206872

Yeah someone was going around posting all of his alts on all of the different websites he goes to and this was one of the screenames

No. 206873

File: 1506986501866.png (10.67 KB, 794x286, uglywife.png)

Yep it's him. He's quite well known in the PSL-sphere.

No. 206874

File: 1506986754288.png (367.13 KB, 1309x544, 6dcc8d9fc6135711c1d2d04f87ae9f…)

No. 206880

If he’s posting around in the English forums he’s bound to be posting in Chinese forums. Anybody have any experience in Chinese or willing to try? We could search baidu for stuff like 为什么混血儿是不好 and 不高兴的混血儿 and see what pops up but it’s going to take a lot of google translate

No. 206883


I know a buddies of my know Chinese. He from oversea. He know lots of Asia stuff

No. 206884

sign up on learning app so you get Asian person.

No. 206885

We need phrases like “moved to Beijing in 2010” and stuff like “mixed blood peoples difficulties” but in Chinese and we need whoever looks to know enough details about him to know that it’s him

No. 206886


No. 206887

File: 1506989117163.jpg (28.74 KB, 450x450, 1500518903074.jpg)

ayy lmao

No. 206890

P: I dont know his wife and wont even bother,if she was pretty he wouldnt be hiding her. If you want to keep posting about him and have fun keep it up, i just came here to make clear that i have nothing to do with him anymore.
I am personally ashamed to even have said hi to him.And no, its not because he is eurasian, i know plenty good eurasian people both male and female, its because he has the ugliest personality on the planet.
But my revenge is that i write this and u can screenshot it, and he can never get to say shit about white women again, because i was serious about him and wasnt playing games and he fucked up because do you want the honest truth?
1) he is too coward to tell his wife the truth and she is the typical asian woman who sees him cheating and she is too sloth to do anything.
2) he is too coward to tell his+her family that he wants a divorce because he says they will disapprove and disown him
3) he is too coward to be in a real life relationship with me
He is saying things to purposely hurt me and after i tried to set boundaries nothing ever changes.
I dont regret telling how i felt because it was the truth and at the end of the day i dont fool anyone. I have had bad boyfriends and good boyfriends but he is the biggest most passive and indecisive coward you can ever imagine, he is literally afraid of his 90 year old granny and an 80 iq old maid unshaven cunt who is too disgusted to even touch his cock.
So ET if you read this, i dont hate you.
Enjoy your life masturbating at blacked.com and crying in the shower.
I have way more balls than you ever will. After the things you told me today, you are worthy as much as dog shit under my shoes would worth and thats who will u remain.

No. 206893

File: 1506989960067.gif (863.91 KB, 160x270, 1465332766759.gif)

Tenda rejected by YET ANOTHER white woman!
Good going numbnuts, enjoy incel life for the coming decades.
She even offered herself straight up and his big internet balls shriveled up inside him in seconds when shit got real. lmao.
What a fucking omega!
Tenda should never sully the name of Elliot Rodger again, ER had watermelon ball compared to this pathetic eunuch cuck!

No. 206894

is his mothers asian family really extremely rich? he always bragged about that.

No. 206895

Prove you are Persephone. Take a pic addressing us here at lolcow that proves it is you.

No. 206896

Yes they are. You should see the rock on his cousin’s fiancés finger.

No. 206899

>> 206895
I deleted my channel and i am gone. Thats all the proof you need.

No. 206902

No, it really isn't. Anybody could have noticed you deleted your channel and came over here pretending to be you.

No. 206904

His uncle went to the same Ivy League school, probably by riding on his uncles good graces

No. 206905

she delete her reddit acount 4 min ago. she delete her youtube channel. This is legit.

No. 206906

Hey persephone, are you going to start another channel sometime?
I hope you learn to read people better in future, Eurasian Tiger is one of the most crazy dysfunctional people online, not exactly good boyfriend material.

No. 206908

what kind stupid kind guy fuck up . Miss out on a opportunity .Women who try give you a chance. A women like PERSEPHON is one of the life time. This women alpha. I rather take a alpa than a ugly ass old maid.

No. 206911

Hi Persephone

No. 206912

Seriously Lmfao

No. 206913

God, I love this thread. So good.

No. 206917

No, i am not going to start another channel. I dont want that freak to ever find me or stalk me. I have better things to do than give chances to an incel too scared to be a man.
I honestly believe he will "hide" all his cheating from his wife and she will pretend she didnt know.
I am certain at this point that his goal was to make me kill myself because he hates white women and he wants to take out his anger about his shitty failed life on someone and i was the only one who was there and he doesnt have the balls to confront his asian trash family or white trash family so he did it the cowards way: he took it out on me.
But i wont die for anyone, especially a human garbage. All he says about other people is in fact about him. He hates wmaf because he and his wife are the failed sexless, loveless wmaf otherwise why does a married man have a blog called longing for death?
I was married twice and none of my husbands ever posted depressive cancerous shit like that day in an day out. Nice marriage.
I had so many things i could post that could burn him from dick pictures to sex chats to whole collection of photos taken the last months. But i deleted all of them weeks ago and wont play his game.
I dont doxx people and today is the last time i ever bothered with him. I wont give him the satisfaction that a white woman was so upset at him that doxxed him.
He is the most ungrateful person i have ever met, a true poisonous snake paying back kindness with evilness.
I wont pretend i am a victim since so many people warned me and i still wanted to try. But he is mind blowingly lame.
At the end of the day he is just inferior to other men. Because i made it 100% clear that i wanted to try being with him and he didnt have the balls to put any effort. Any other man would have given it a try, thats why he gets cucked by white and indian men and bitching about it on the posts i read earlier here. Because those men dare to actually be with a woman.
ET if you read this, dare to try to find me and kill me like u threatened me so many times. But oh wait your granny doesnt let you do shit and your adorable wifie will be upset.

No. 206919

I really want to see the wife now.

No. 206920

File: 1506993561047.gif (1.76 MB, 219x186, Kim-jong-un.gif.0c48d8f925e266…)

lol Persephone I used to think you were annoying and attention seeking but this whole saga has completely changed my opinion of you!(I still hope this isn't a big troll plan by ET)
Excellent analysis of ET tho. He wants to act hardcore on the internet but he can't dp it irl because his granny says no. lmao.

No. 206922

I did the math on this shit bro.
terry Spencer is marry for 7 year.He had marriage problem and his wife is asexual. He been incel for 4 year. He been incel from 2017 to 2013.His marriage started around 2010.

No. 206924

File: 1506994747906.png (33.57 KB, 420x294, e0e0bc73ead6f70c6faf2c14955e25…)

why are roasties so insane?

such a sperging porcupine bitch.

No. 206929

File: 1506996631660.png (675.86 KB, 723x544, FStngCiFT6CtaO9_jrFd7pIpDqMbsf…)

Hapa sub reddit forum a fucking cancer . Fuck them. Look how they attack disable half Asian women.

No. 206933

cripples and 1/10s troll r/hapas by managing to get partners. justlol.

No. 206974

File: 1507002673481.gif (625.42 KB, 399x299, 5EACB619-6836-445A-80EA-AE61E2…)

@ this entire thread

No. 206981



lemme double check this shit and I will get back to y’all

No. 206986

File: 1507005975471.png (905.85 KB, 1346x543, ad457ffa34402017814cf26e4e022b…)

His drawing collection from 2009 when He made racist drawing cartoons on vnl and vvn forum.

No. 206987

Okay false alarm …. it was an ex roommate…. but this places his wedding date closer to late 2011 or early 2012.

No. 206995

He doesn't want a relationship with you because all you are good for is fucking and dumping you whore.

No. 206997

ducking is that you?

No. 207005

Well, um it definitely reads like a threat.

No. 207006

I wouldn't want them to produce an heirs. Imagine the children

No. 207008

Let us not advocate for murder, even if we think she's a twit.

No. 207009

Never thought the thread would end up this big.

No. 207035

He would probably have less issues if he was uzbeki. (Or Kazakh).

No. 207040

Honestly I’ve seen uglier hapa guys than him with plenty of emotional baggage who ended up getting together with decent looking blondes.

His issues with women run deeper than looks.

No. 207043

I think it's best to keep his wife out of this clusterfuck. She's be getting enough grief from him, and what's her face.

No. 207046


I been following ET follow over 3 year . You can tell something was off.

No. 207048

Eurasian tiger talk about his relationship he know that he has fuck up personality Behavior. I gree his agree with women are more deep than he look. it odd that lie about looking full asian . it mostly half asian males who look asian tend have probable with look.

No. 207062






No. 207063

Persephone dumped him lmao

No. 207064

Hi Tenda.

No. 207068

i think its one of his multiple personalities

eurasiantiger hates afwm and promotes bbc and interracial for whites

his other half tendies is still a WN and secretly promotes 1488

No. 207083

Im deleting this in 15 minutes.

No. 207089

Deleted the FB stuff. If an anon was smart they archived it.

No. 207094


Don’t worry someone did.

No. 207098

did what?

No. 207099

No. 207104

Come to me, sweet robot-chan. I will give hugs and (you)s.

No. 207106

If by that you mean your right hand

No. 207107


No. 207109

Got to find that Asian wife.

No. 207110

I feel like I’m the only one on it D:

I’m getting really close tho

No. 207111

I have contact alright community they going to know about ET about his fake ass.

No. 207113


No. 207115

What the hell happened to the thread?

No. 207116

His wife must be extremely ugly. What kind of person doesnt have any social media in this time and day? Also she must have zero career since u couldnt even find a linkedin.

No. 207117

They probably do but they’re in china.

No. 207118


His roommate when he moved to china.

No. 207120

Lots of trolls and deleted posts

No. 207121

I save the post

No. 207122

those troll must be from R / hapa

No. 207125

File: 1507061865088.jpeg (42.33 KB, 600x357, 390EC094-FAF5-4BF4-BC8D-13FEDA…)

Half this thread lol

No. 207140

File: 1507067893087.png (422.03 KB, 600x445, meme.png)

Persephone to Tenda be like :
(since weeaboo etc)

No. 207142

File: 1507068502929.jpg (642.4 KB, 500x666, GkEOqwl.jpg)

Tendie is the biggest loser on earth. He even managed to make the only white girl who was mentally ill enough to want him, ditch him for real.

No. 207143

And even his Asian wife won't fuck him rofl.

No. 207145

his married to his wife for 7 year . 4 year of the 7 year marriage he been incel. The only thing make him get hard is watching BBC porn.

No. 207146

Do you have any pictures of the wife?

or any more pics of Tenda?

No. 207147

How many times are you going to say this without proof?

No. 207150

post something irrelevant. Add something to contribute on here.

No. 207151

Tendie posted that large collection of photos himself. Did he doxx himself? Likely not. But you can almost be sure that the large collection of photos was posted by the tiger himself after the doxx.

No. 207152

scroll up and started reading the post.

No. 207153


I don’t post lies and bullshit. I have social media posts pointing to him being single as late as early 2012, so show me the wedding pictures if he got married in 2010.

No. 207154

Persephone said he was married for 7 year

No. 207155


Hi persephone.

No. 207157


i'm not her

No. 207159

File: 1507077549420.png (157.21 KB, 1324x541, 377b1321332713762485a57d69025b…)

No. 207161

File: 1507078370887.png (231.1 KB, 750x683, IMG_7969.PNG)

Looks like tenda finally got white pussy to like him at some point….. but even then he left that behind too.

It says something about him moving out in 2011 and leaving his cat behind. Maybe getting married and moving in with his wife?

No. 207163

File: 1507081076078.jpg (533.36 KB, 666x500, ajWZKcV.jpg)

No. 207164

tendie is back posting again on r/hapas.
Over dramatic faggot. He's an attention seeking, hystrionic that's gonna be back posting everyday after his 'final farewell' post a few days ago…lol.

No. 207165

>> 207164
When you are shameless and brainless you dont even realize how bad you look when u act like that.

No. 207167

No. 207168

Please find us the wife.

No. 207169

There is no wife! Why would there be a wife? If Tendie lied about his looks, then he's lying about a wife. These are perfectly correlated. Why do you think he's spent TENS OF THOUSANDS of hours on incel forums for virgins?

No. 207170

Because his wife refuses to have sex with him.

No. 207171

Tendies life is like the movie 'the Sixth sense' but the ghost of the man he was talking to all along is a 2/10 asian wife he made up in his head because he knew 3/10s wouldn't date his mentally ill ass and his false reality had to be somewhat realistic.

No. 207172

He's a troll. Obviously if he posted that it would be a riot. There's no wife, and I actually suspect he's gay like that guy in the imgur album he's with.

No. 207181


fuck him going around bragging about vegas that he predicted it and being all excited what a sick person

No. 207183

if you look at the sub reddit those people are sick. people who praise him for that. people from that sub reddit try make the tragic event about WMAF. fuck them

No. 207184


everyone who is close to him should know what a sick dare i say monster he is but he doesnt deserve to be called a monster hes just a sad puny little freak thats ten times uglier on the inside than he is on the outside and thats already saying alot

No. 207186

These incels hallucinate WMAF couples laughing and mocking them when they bang their knee on the coffee table.

No. 207188

File: 1507097757318.jpeg (59.78 KB, 490x656, 347DAAD7-916C-4DBB-9709-450094…)

Somebody make this a meme. Lol.

No. 207189

He looks okay here.

No. 207190


At first I didn’t think it was him because of that.

No. 207191

File: 1507097991520.jpeg (58.89 KB, 466x1042, FA648956-8450-4484-832F-BFEB18…)

No. 207192

File: 1507098060766.jpg (75.93 KB, 720x540, 1470247_orig.jpg)




No. 207193

File: 1507098146587.png (577.89 KB, 818x460, 26Qf0o9.png)


No. 207194

File: 1507098241360.jpg (253.36 KB, 1080x1350, 17438577_1874935652752155_3106…)


No. 207217

This is a weird doxx in that you had an anon making lots of outrageous claims about having a far right white dad, being prominent in China, going to Ivy league, looking mostly white but identifying with Asians, having a brother in an insane asylum. And everyone including lolcow was calling him a liar for it. And then he gets doxxed and all his stories are "exposed" as being true.

No. 207219

So you think he lied to the Greek goddess about being married to a bottom of the barrel wife?

Tenda probably "doxxed" himself. He finally decided to show us his 11/10 handsome Eurasian face. He wants us to feel pity for his poor upbringing and being bound to an old ugly chink wife in a sexless marriage when he deserves so much better. Poor Tendie.

No. 207225

I think I found the wife. I just need pictures for proof. If she is the wife then she might have moved to new york with him a couple years ago? Or they’re still in Beijing. Not sure.

I’d give her a 5-6/10 on the attractive scale if this is her.

No. 207233

>> 207225
Post all the info about her.

No. 207240


I don’t want to post it unless I’m certain I would feel bad if I was wrong but this person checks all the boxes off.

She was on PalFish when tenda was posting about it and she posts relatively affectionately about things he did etc.

I need proof before I post her. Either a wedding picture or something we’re they are both wearing rings which is also tough because some Chinese women don’t wear wedding rings and the ones who do will sometimes put them on their middle finger instead of their ring finger and the other cultural complexities go on from there.

It’s also hard because everyone that’s from her generation is an only child for the most part and they all call their friends brother and sister which was misleading so I kept clicking on her “brother’s” profile only to realize that he wasn’t related to her, etc etc etc.

This is a lot harder than snooping around on the internet for people in the states, guys.

No. 207243

Cmon man, post her, noone will blame you if its not her. And if she posts affectionately about him, then it must be her, who else would be asian and doing that

No. 207245

Hello, Tendie. NO WIFE PEOPLE. THERE IS NO WIFE. Most likely a homosexual and I don't mean that as an insult.

No. 207248

There’s actually some people in this world who post nice things on the internet about him, believe it or not.

By people I mean plural. Multiple people. I know I was shocked too.

No. 207249

people= his multiple personalities

No. 207250

Oh shit yeah you’re right. They seem to like the Facade he wears when he leaves the keyboard.

No. 207251


No. 207252

Like I said I’m working on it lolol

No. 207253

>> 207252
Roger that, but dont keep us waiting too long

No. 207255

Then help me bruh I’ve posted enough information to get you going

No. 207259

How is that enough information? How can you find someone on palfish? I need more specific things.

No. 207261

Use the search function. All of these websites have a search function. Don’t bother with PalFish there’s not enough there to get you going.

Everything you need to get started is located in this photograph. >>207188

You have to sign up for either a QQ or a wechat to get access to these sites.

No. 207262

PS I know I’m getting close because all the BBC spam that ensued within minutes of posting the pic.

No. 207264

Hello, Tendie. NO WIFE PEOPLE. THERE IS NO WIFE. Most likely a homosexual and I don't mean that as an insult.

No. 207265

File: 1507140319205.jpg (32.47 KB, 504x377, invisible.jpg)









WAW1.4: How Men Cope With Not Being Goodlooking








No. 207267

^^^^^ case and point.

No. 207273

So Tenda is part of your crew?
Your crew runs the FACEandLMS youtube channel is that right?

No. 207275

I will wait for someone who uses wechat to post, cant bother downloading all those social media on my phone just for tendie and his wife.

No. 207276

I dont speak Chinese, cant help you.

No. 207281

try hellotalk app get a Chinese person to help you.

No. 207283

File: 1507145409554.jpg (565.32 KB, 1399x1690, Charles Osgood.jpg)

I will not recommend any further harm be done upon our friend Tenda by any anon in this thread.

Our friend has informed us of what has been happening in the past two weeks.

We have very prominent contacts in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Tenda is a good man.

We are willing and able to provide Tenda with support to the fullest extent possible with powerful representation if required.

One of our many projects includes the infamous channel know as:

I will strongly suggest the link not to be removed.

Provocation will not be viewed in a favourable light.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 207286

Start a gofundme to help him meet Persephone, that's the only white puss he could possibly ever get. Bros help with hoes.

No. 207287

>> 207286
You haven't solved the problem of him heroically exiting the basement he has been locked up all those years.

No. 207288

Sidepunching his way out, i am sure he can do it if it means fucking a white girl (even though she is a 3/10, but good enough for him i guess)

No. 207289

Didn't she dump him a few days ago? Or was that shitposting?

No. 207290

Possible, but you never know with them, we are talking about the girl who called him the most handsome guy is the world on alt/hapas, she is totally cray cray.

No. 207291

I don't get it either, Kim is X10 more attractive than this russian chybby psycho.

No. 207294

I second that.

No. 207295

I think Peresphone never was in love with tenda, she used him to get the attention she craves, since it's obvious that he is desperate.

No. 207296

Guess who’s back up and posting

No. 207310

Eurasians tiger?

No. 207312

Yes, our Tendie is back!

No. 207324

Oh the narcissism never fails to amaze me

No. 207330

EurasianTiger the hapa and his army of ASIANS have gone on an offensive. They're going to go 10x harder than ever before. WMAF will not go unpunished!

No. 207334

Tendie what do you think of this?

No. 207337

why you post that?
that shit is stupid bro

No. 207341

Those guys need to do an episode on Tendas face.
That brutal blackpill would smash all of his false looks confidence cope in front of him forever. lol.

No. 207346

File: 1507157955825.jpeg (33.97 KB, 720x405, 84B908CA-7749-4523-82BC-1F8479…)

I think this might be the wife.

No. 207353

poor woman.
I guess she does prove Tendies point, asian women will date any weird mentally fucked incel.

No. 207356

Hi Tendie! No wife ma peeps. Ma peeps, there is no wifey. I can't believe people actually think there's a wife.

No. 207361

File: 1507159374018.png (164.01 KB, 998x258, sluthate_episodic2.png)

You were warned.






No. 207364

File: 1507160041273.png (969.77 KB, 972x970, Lk5unFG.png)

Thank you brother for this opportunity to make all these cuckold white subhumans learn the meaning to be browned turds on the grounds


No. 207365

lmao your the T*rk bbc poster from /pol/ aren't you? It all makes sense now…

No. 207375

You clearly don't understand the culture.

Arranged marriages are common, and when you have no skill to hold your own ground in life how are you supposed to leave?

No. 207377

Six children has Tenda by two different hapa women. One is his cousin (arranged marriage) and the other a mentally ill hapa from the hood where he grew up. Three of the children are "bastards" and could be mistaken for black children.

No. 207378

is arranged marriages are common still a thing in china?

No. 207380

File: 1507165888745.png (93.71 KB, 1267x704, wtflol.png)

breaking news: Tenda and Granny are fighting, Tenda is sure it's because his Granny is jealous of his handsome recessed mandible. Stay tuned for more autism at 10…

No. 207384


I can’t even

No. 207385

It’s common-ish

No. 207389

File: 1507169035363.png (317.01 KB, 1026x540, 3cd847b06676f0a577644b829fdb64…)

No. 207398

Pilleater talks to Eurasian Writer
Published on May 22, 2017

1. 2:19 the cause of me moving to china .I had to deal with such extreme racism from people I thought I were dear freinds to me.
2. 2:49 He mention (tyger) said that hes not related to him and that him.
(tyger) from PUAhate/Sluthate.
It ironic he felt need to tell hes not tyger that is very suspicious.
3. 10:22 : for long He didn't want to date asian women. I score none Asian women who are very attractive women. He talk about the women race. He date white, Indian, black,
(tyger) date White women and Indian women, Anyone.

4. 10:38 He said his father is famous racist person

No. 207417

>> 207398
Is Fritz Spencer famous?

No. 207419

What's her name? where did you get this from?
she is so ugly!

No. 207421


I realized she’s not the wife. I found her wedding pictures. Apparently Chinese brides will wear red dresses and I didn’t know that so when I saw pictures of her in a red dress I didn’t think anything of it but when I was combing through her stuff I realized it was wedding pictures. The husband wasn’t tenda.

No. 207424

He said that his father make Westboro Baptist Church like amateur.

No. 207425

you guys find a post of (tyger) from PUAhate/Sluthate. saying he fuck black chick.

I think he fucking lie about fucking a black chick.

No. 207427





I figured out his chinese name. Excitement to ensue.

No. 207428

File: 1507183712108.png (104.71 KB, 550x324, 3cd847b06676f0a577644b829fdb64…)

He started his nazi phrase at 2009 to 2011.
He around 33 year.

No. 207430

File: 1507184812144.png (215.86 KB, 2134x1004, 5KFfmj8.png)

Tyger talking to Elliot Rodger

No. 207434

Isn't it weird how there's always some AMWF poster on /r/hapas ready to immediately respond to him, to affirm his prejudices and to confirm that they, as an AMWF child never faced any of these difficulties and grew up with a completely blissful home life? It's almost as if these posters are just sockpuppet foils created for rhetorical purposes.

Not to mention that a good chunk of the /r/hapas userbase comes directly from /r/asianmasculinity and /r/aznidentity.

No. 207441

>It's almost as if these posters are just sockpuppet foils created for rhetorical purposes.
He sockpuppets everywhere. PSL forums, Youtube, reddit, the Beijinger. It's part of his long term propaganda strategy to make it appear that there is widespread support for his autistic theories. A classic psychological trick to create an illusion of consensus online, making the lurker more susceptible to his ideas.

No. 207444

I'm surprised anyone falls for it, it's just so blatant. If he were a bit more tactful he'd do stuff like work in sockpuppets with dissenting ideas on tangential topics that also, or end up necessarily agreeing with him on his main points.

But every sock is verbatim:

>"yeah I'm an AMWF girl who only dates asian guys because they're awesome and white guys are creepy and white guys into WMAF are creepy and my parents were awesome and my dad was an alpha male who was head of a Fortune 500 company who had 50 white girlfriends before he turned 12 and taught me the value of Chinese/"Asian" culture and my mother loved me a lot and was a part time VS model and oh I also support all of China's claims in the South China Sea btw"

I'm amazed anyone falls for it. It's a shame Ribbit superadmins virtually never check for samefaggotry.

No. 207445

Amazing he went to Columbia and pissed his life away doing this.

No. 207446

I know this isn't his wife but didn't you say >>207225 she was 5-6/10? Seriously?

You've been here for a week, learn how to quote.

No. 207452

tyger had heating debate cause Elliot Rodger get so trigger of amwf. tyger is know to spam lost of AMWF shit on the incel forum. that why Terry is proud of creaturing a masterpiece.

No. 207455

I just saw the psychological profile of the Las Vegas guy and it’s scarily similar to tendas online persona.

No. 207461

Yeah she looks better with makeup on and I’m not really attracted to women so I really just don’t pay that much attention to it unless the girl is straight bangin and I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I’m not really helping myself here lol

No. 207462

1/2 asian white supremacist…..kek

No. 207464

I never thought about that .
Dam you got me on that one :)

No. 207465

He’s a living chapelle show skit.

No. 207474

Still no wife? what the heck, how ugly is she? do people see her once and die because of her ugliness?

No. 207475

I don’t think there’s a wife unless she’s even more insecure than he is.

I’ve been looking for two or three days.

On the upside I think I’m kinda sorta learning how to read chinese!

No. 207476

somone his dad pictures.
chinese language sentences arent easy to translate but words are easier

No. 207477

I don’t get how people write it it’s so crazy to look at

No. 207487

You stupid FUCKS. There is no wife! HE DIVORCED HIS HAPA COUSIN WHO HE HAS THREE KIDS WITH. He has another three children with a hapa from his ghetto who look black but are Asian.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 207490

how do you know his divorced?

No. 207495

Pix or it didn’t happen

No. 207497

he doesnt have 6 kids, obviously there is tendie trolling on the thread.

No. 207500

Hide yo kids
Hide yo wife
And hide yo husbands

No. 207536

That's the point. I want to inflict as much emotional pain on as many people as I can, the same emotional pain I experienced when I was denied for my race - the same thing my mother willingly contributed to.
He's referring to an incident where a woman turned him down for being asian 8 years prior. By the time he made this post he was already marrired.

2015 post. The date back from 2007 event when he was 23 year old.


No. 207537

File: 1507265945670.png (23.11 KB, 692x92, IRfJEASURr6ldkJ9KFYj8w.png)

He confesses to committing tax fraud

No. 207538

File: 1507266111130.png (6.66 KB, 691x35, fe-a04AJTHuRSNW9P8OUJQ.png)

No. 207539

File: 1507266290943.png (51.5 KB, 682x281, d9uaVeWfQtiR9UUzzZBFOQ.png)

ere is an example of his father's racism in this link, it also touches on his own white supremacist beliefs. They discuss the historical links between white supremacy and orientalism. I'll include a quote that illustrates how recently he identified as a white supremicist. Note that stuffeurasianslike was opened in 2011. In such a short span of time he went from being a white supremacist to hating white men and asian women.


No. 207540

HalfAsianTruthTeller 04-05-2010, 02:49 PM thread Observations on stormfront.org
There is one thing he loves. White people and white pride.


No. 207541

File: 1507266485289.png (39.48 KB, 767x292, 1JHKsh3tQ2m349FprB-JOg.png)

bodybuilding.com join in Join Date: Jul 2013 username is Johnn yMangoes
thread Thread: Ask a former 60lb anorexic anything VOMIT


No. 207542

File: 1507266555484.png (32.64 KB, 690x136, 4-F5e9NxT7CofX7e6Qu33Q.png)

No. 207543

File: 1507266639616.png (230.26 KB, 677x431, 5.png)

One of his hobbies is writing suicide notes, September 2, 2014 My Final Letter

No. 207544

Tenda actually thinks he's making a difference, completely unaware of the human condition. I seriously PITY, and feel SORRY for this guy. He should worry about himself and his brother instead of concerning himself with issues that EVERYONE is familiar with. That's the problem with high verbal IQ without logic.

No. 207549


I sincerely hope that he’s on a list somewhere and someone in the government is watching his every move and will be ready to act the second he takes his little internet hobby to IRL-land and do something stupid trying to get on the news.

Those girls probably didn’t even reject him because he was asian it was probably because he’s an autistic creep who doesn’t know how to manage his condition in social situations and was trying not to take no for an answer until they felt like they had to say something hurtful.

The only person that could fall in love with someone like him is more insecure than him and someone who he thinks he can easily manipulate. What’s her face is a prime example. If he’s married, which I entirely and highly doubt at this point, his wife is naive and has very low self esteem and willingly has no idea about tendie’s internet life.

No. 207553

Is the person on /pol/ claiming to be tenda and using his name actually tenda or is it someone else?

He needs to be banned from the internet.

No. 207575

File: 1507296892125.jpg (3.76 KB, 172x160, 71c9704.jpg)

>grown men ranting about their pathetic mommy issues

No. 207578

He is though, people literally believe the shit he's been spouting.

No. 207583

You mean his sockpuppet accounts and the sockpuppet accounts of his ten r/hapas followers.

No. 207584

Don't forget Persephone's sockpuppets.

No. 207604

$10 says they’re still talking

No. 207608

>> 207604
Why you think so?She is gone ever since those posts where she calls him out.

No. 207628

Highly doubt it

No. 207659


I’m still on the wife hunt guys but I’m in search of new leads. The tree branch I hopped on wasn’t fruitful :(

No. 207663

There's no wife. Stop wasting your time. And hi Tendie!

No. 207680

I vote that she dumped him for good. Especially after taking a good look at him.
Too bad Tenda.

No. 207684

Is Persephony the doxxer?
Who payed her 6 months of income? Tendie?
Lol maybe she got tired of watching him jerking off at her camwhoring videos and found herself a BBC.

No. 207685

After Tendie's 4 inched, she needed to make up for it.

No. 207689

I vote that it’s not the size that’s the problem, it’s the narcissistic peen pilot that’s too busy trying to please himself to please a woman during the handful of times he’s been laid

No. 207724

He's not even Asian, you stupid troll.

No. 207741

File: 1507400923140.png (85.98 KB, 575x545, IMG_3159.PNG)

Wish I never started this thread. I'm addicted to this milk.
IMO there is and was never a wife. I don't think he's simply too delusional to see how less than average he looks. Dude lies too much about everything just to keep this weird narrative going.
Also, is that his real name? Why does he use his parents surnames in a hyphenated way, while his brother has a "J" middle initial (according to people searching sites)? If their parents bothered enough to give them similar first names, why wouldn't they make the rest congruent?

No. 207774


Also he’s the type that if he actually have a wife, Facebook would KNOW he has a wife.

No. 207778

I don't know either why he uses his mother's maiden name. Especially since he hates her so much.
Tenda's middle name is Conrad btw.

No. 207805

File: 1507457141492.jpg (83.67 KB, 720x960, jankinoff gf.jpg)

Go Get A Life You BBC Cucks

stop being racist jankinoff, your 1st gf u posted on puahate was nothing to look at

u lost your virginity to that subhuman female

bbctakeover aka supportlocalsluts aka jankinoff was a virgin at 23

u sinful bbc worshipping cuck english man(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 207811

File: 1507465924557.jpg (519.56 KB, 1500x1500, the supreme cuck.jpg)

No. 207812


No. 207814

File: 1507469938082.gif (1.91 MB, 331x197, d91.gif)

keep em coming anon

No. 207817

So I’m going to crawl that DB of JSON blocks and see what u/artistinstarving had up on his personal Reddit account before he started deleting comments.

No. 207819

File: 1507476122234.jpg (228.98 KB, 930x1362, npd in action.jpg)

No. 207820

This is what gets me:

In 2014/2015 posts he talks about his wife like she’s an object. The narcissistic manor in which he refers to him like his possession is absolutely ridiculous.

In 2016 she’s more of a prop that he uses for content.

In 2017, she’s still a prop, but he barely talks about her at all unless it’s to project about his super active sex life…. meanwhile he’s posting on his main u/artistinstarving account in r/deadbedrooms saying that she’s not attractive to him anymore and she’s a prude in bed……….and then he posts in r/suicidewatch about wanting to end it because his wife doesn’t love him is mom is dead his brother is mentally ill and his dad has a brain tumor. But as u/eurasiantiger he’s talking about cumming on his wife’s ass and shit.

Why would someone post in deadbedrooms on their main if they didn’t have a wife or GF.

No. 207821

File: 1507476227765.jpg (406.37 KB, 982x1600, cuckpillcomics.jpg)

Another edit of one of his dumb webcomics. They all make so much more sense like this.

No. 207877

Jankinoff/SupportLocalSluts/BBCTakeover is likely to be a very dangerous British man and is seemly able to compartmentalize himself.

He seems to go into a fit of violent tirade against Trump supporters and people with conservative values.

Some might say he could be as dangerous as Stephen Paddock in turns of being able to snap.

No. 207881

Jankinoff aka BBCtakeover, personally I find your white liberal fetishization of the black man disgusting, you are the closeted racists types that view African men as walking penises. It's repulsive and they actually do more harm than good for race relations, you also hold the Black man to a unrealistic standard that can cause people to lash out against Black people. White liberal fetishization of African men is just as responsible for the turmoil that they face as black men with white racism is and thats a fact.

It amuses me how you think that just because you are a self confessed leftist you can immediately fetishize black men…What a strange jump to make, it makes me wonder what skeletons are lurking in your closet… My theory is that openly racist white men also fetishize African men and they are just what happens when the racist liberals step out of their closets and so far nobody has been capable of proving me wrong. Get over yourself.

No. 207899

Please post your findings here. I wanna know what those deleted r/deadbedroom posts said.

No. 207903

Nothing good. :/

I might have not done it right.

No. 207918

Those are already posted in this thread somewhere btw

No. 207921

Persephone is nowhere to be found, seems that she dumped him for good.

No. 207924

ET gets dumped makes half-truth post on r/deadbedroom searching for "extramarital fun"

No. 207925

How do you know this is ET

No. 207929


I don’t think it’s him. There’s a pic he posted where you can see his thumb in one of his dick pics. (Btw Jesus Christ that guy looks so gross) This guy has short fat and stubby fingers and his nail beds look damaged as if from hard labor or something.

Tenda is a graphic artist. Look above at the pumpkin carving pictures and the picture of him in the restaurant where you can see his hand and thumb. His hands are slender and almost feminine with nice nail beds.

Unless you have very convincing proof that this account is him I don’t believe you.

No. 207930

Why hasnt still anyone found the wife?

No. 207932


At this point, unless I want to take measures that would compromise my anonymity, I’ve searched all I could and at times I felt like I was the only one looking.

At this point I’ve joined the “he has no wife” camp.

No. 207945

Then why isnt he dating Persephone?
I think she is the only one who is mental enough to find him attractive.

No. 207946

She was posting in here about it earlier.

No. 207954

What did she post?

No. 207959

Bro go look for it I’m not your personal google.

No. 207962

he talking bad about Daniel hide in my room youtuber.

No. 207973

He isnt with her because she left him. It's not up to him lmao. All women leave him.

No. 208011

No. 208012

File: 1507611704991.png (83.67 KB, 832x656, screenshot1.png)

No. 208013

File: 1507611719372.png (70.92 KB, 838x672, screenshot2.png)

No. 208014

Most autistic love letter in the history of mankind.
Still credits for him for trying to win her back though.

No. 208019

Youtube has shut down his channel because he broken the rules on hated speech. He got kick off youtube 3 times.

No. 208027

File: 1507626186160.jpg (98.24 KB, 641x261, Untitled3.jpg)

Tyger and EurasianTiger are both the same. I don't know why he denies it. I guess it's because it's his longest standing identity yet, it gives him hope and a reason to go on to be able to LARP as an Asian male supremacist.

By the way, here he is as "Tyger" the spammer on /int/ saying stuff about white crimes against minorities, and coincidentally on his Liveleak account on page 3 I found that he has similar videos uploaded.


No. 208028

File: 1507626269349.jpg (146.41 KB, 838x508, Untitled23.jpg)

Good, I reported him for making these comments earlier, calling for white genocide.

No. 208029

Isn't it strange that he made this post saying he loves Persephone?
Doesn't he have a wife?

No. 208032

>> No. 208029
Dude obviously there isn't no wife.
He must be trying to make Persephone come back to him.

No. 208033

Lol I have the exact same pic in my troll folder. I just rechecked the date just to be sure, and sure enough, it's from June 8 2014. Tenda saved the same pic from a /pol/ and posted it elsewhere a day later. For some reason he edited it out though and put some red paint on it to make it impossible to reverse search.

No. 208034

I have heard that Tyga was paying blond girls to make fansigns of him. Was Tenda doing that?
Is he paying peresphone too?

No. 208035

why is he so fixated on baldness?

No. 208036

>> 208035
Cause he is getting bald lol.

No. 208037

Because he is balding himself from the temples. You could tell already from the 6 year old pics but it must have progressed since then.

No. 208039

File: 1507633224307.jpg (33.07 KB, 480x480, 17881055_405100913204659_30949…)

Going bald and not being able to grow a beard is pretty bad. No wonder ET was so jealous of TerryTV, Terry is better looking and can actually grow facial hair.

No. 208040

He hates any WMAF hapa who isn't a fuckup. TerryTV became hated by the Asian subreddits like asianmasculinity because he's popular with Korean girls and went against their narrative of WMAF producing undesirable children. So much for that "Asians are more accepting of hapas" bullshit.

No. 208044

This. He just hates successful people.

Terry just seems like a genuinely all round nice guy and doesn't seem to have the problems that Tendies made up and attributed to hapas.

No. 208047

Haven't you read the posts Perse allegedly made? Summary: He's a cowardly loser with an ugly personality and she wants to have nothing to do with him anymore.


No. 208051


Why do you think he’s got an Ivy League education but is in love with a dumb camwhore? He likes to feel powerful over people.

I’m quite sure his “wife” if he has one, is too smart to fall for his bullshit and he doesn’t like that.

He wants a blonde bimbo who is so mentally unstable that she will objectify herself for him and shut up and do as she’s to and be willingly manipulated.

The one thing he’s never had is the ability to get any girl he wants and he associates this ability with power. He has wanted power and the ability that comes with it for so long that he’s objectified women entirely and thinks about them like they’re objects.

No. 208052

His channel got taken down

No. 208054

Funny thing is the whole "my career/education should entitle me to attractive women" is a more Asian attitude than a Western one.

In fact mentally he seems far more Asian than Western in general.

No. 208055

File: 1507643709047.gif (965.66 KB, 381x216, 1478997539755.gif)

Good luck promoting anti-WMAF on a platform which is situated in Silicon Valley. Lol probably half the mods are married to Asian women.

No. 208059

Hmmm I’d argue that it’s also a western one, after all, for the longest time the only reason women got into Ivy League was so they could trophy wife for a rich husband, and Ivy League dating still holds those overtones.

No. 208060

Westerners unironically care more about looks and "personality" than East Asians do when picking a partner. Whether or not this is a good thing depends on where you're standing. It's a major cause of resentment among a lot of Asian Americans though since they've been raised with the idea that getting a good job means you get lots of female attention, which, if you're a black-haired, greasy-faced manlet who can't socialize properly, isn't actually true.

No. 208061

one of those hapa freak back up ET video by having a back up channel of having his video. I report it for hate speech toward interracial.

Eurasian Millienial


Celeste Ng


No. 208063

>Celeste Ng

I wonder how many of these "Asian girls who support anti-WMAF" are actually ET himself, and how many are /r/aznidentity males instead.

No. 208064

There only few females are on that sub reddit. the azn sub reddit is toxic sexist guys who complain about women dating out. it all about sexual frustration.

No. 208067

I would challenge that but I’m too lazy to bother. That attitude is definitely present in western culture; maybe not as present as it is in asian cultures but I know a few Ivy alums and they’ve told me that this attitude is absolutely a problem. They went to Ivy League so they want 200k out the gate, very little actual work, and they want hot women to fall all over them because they’ve been groomed by this exclusive and prestigious club that tells them the world is theirs and they’ll be damned if it isn’t so when they graduate.

No. 208068

Also reported!

No. 208070


No way I believe this drivel. Tenda can only love himself.

No. 208073

I just had an epiphany so I guess I’m back at it again

No. 208094

Looks like some stock image repo profile pic too lmao. Asian women don't give a shit about their "struggle" and never have. When they're not on cope mode they realize this hence why so much or the Asian subs content is just hate of Asian women.

No. 208113

File: 1507660762355.png (3.73 KB, 393x80, look who's back.png)

Looks like Tenda's love letter worked. Persephone took him back.

No. 208122

>she made a video telling the world that she was in love with me
>it felt like something celebrities would do
>some people are simply interlocked and destined to find each other

Shit, I didn't even see this much romance-related cringe in middle school. Wot they smoking?

No. 208125

I feel like this was a rouse.

No. 208126

They think they’re celebrities.


You’re killing me.

No. 208128

Has anyone ever attempted to compile a list of all his alt Reddit accounts?

No. 208133

>some people are simply interlocked and destined to find each other.

He seems to have a very romantic view of love.
This is what happens when you were unpopular during your school years.
It's so funny that the BBC "notorious" hapa, writes love letters to his gf.
Autistic romance of the century. And now that she took his eurasian ass back, i predict new beef coming up soon.

No. 208135

This is what happens when you meet someone who feeds your narcissistic supply

No. 208136

His lifelong dream was to find a white girl with big tits to be his mommy.
Deprived people become extreme, in a similar way that someone starving themselves to lose weight ends up eating even the ice cubes from the fridge.
Plus they have so much in common: both psychos, both hate WMAF, both sociopaths, both attention whores…match made in hell lmao.

No. 208137

The winter upcoming OST of this drama is going to be intense.
Grab your popcorn everyone!

No. 208138

She’ll get bored of his lack of skills in the bedroom

No. 208139


I second that.
IF he ever dares to meet her.

No. 208143

EurasianTiger Humble Brags On /r/Incels Describes Himself As A "High IQ Eurasian Chad"


ET try prove he not incel by talking like middle schoolers talk about sex.


My wife’s family takes care of me, probably because I am a foreigner and I love their daughter very much; she is a virgin and believes in true love


No. 208144

rofl at all them lolcows being closet stormfrontcels

some hapa gook made you all into goofs

muh social justice warriors

No. 208145

File: 1507680532090.gif (4.19 MB, 500x281, B7BBFB23-FA9F-4E29-8C68-4C1465…)


What tenda and persephone think they look like

No. 208146

File: 1507680566529.gif (1.59 MB, 320x181, FD1AC9FC-2723-4C3B-B36C-5A2265…)


What tenda and persephone actually look like