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File: 1507763410839.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 68b095c42b4a39589d1c9e22fb9430…)

No. 208335

Old thread: >>>/ot/204719

/r/hapas and /r/aznidentity thread:

>mod of /r/hapas and poster on /r/aznidentity

>obsessed with white women
>claimed to be a handsome Ivy League grad who moved to China to be with his "wife"
>cheats on his "wife" with an ugly Greek weeb who has a husband
>spams AMWF porn on 4chan and other sites
>pretends to be a black man on lolcow
>calls his detractors butthurt white boys

No. 208342

File: 1507765808341.jpg (602.03 KB, 1938x1240, dont fall for it.jpg)

No. 208343


> A while ago Persephone told me personally that she loved me

> So yes, I love you too P.

Gross. Where the fuck is Kim Du Cuck?

> back when ET said years ago that he was repulsed by blonde albino looking white woman and tried to convince us all that he loves african beauties just to get them as allies and here he is lusting after a plain albino looking blonde chick.

No. 208344

Elliot sure liked blonde women too.

No. 208345

File: 1507767078806.jpg (247.19 KB, 1242x843, IMG_4211.JPG)

No. 208346

we might be getting some posters from aznidentity since they posted about us yesterday


Cool, so a plastic surgery monster that strips for incels is the best they can get

No. 208347

File: 1507767747336.jpg (5.42 KB, 176x176, Kim du cuck.jpg)

Don't talk to me or my wife's boyfriend ever again.

No. 208348

That's the husband?

No. 208350

File: 1507768707393.jpg (164.13 KB, 1080x1350, 68b095c42b4a39589d1c9e22fb9430…)

"AMWF couple tend to be very attractive and healthy"
"With AMWF it's two attractive people with good genes"

No. 208366

The jabs he's going for are so weird to me. Can you actually imagine someone trying to argue a dude is a small dicked loser because he plays DnD on the weekends or some shit? Even in highschool that would have been grasping for straws.

No. 208367

I thought Tendies would disappear from the internet after he got doxxed.


No. 208368

Persephone is back on hapa reddit. hapa user hate her ass they got mad beef on her. This getting juicing

No. 208371

Lulu is Latina and MewlingKitten is Black but ET banned them because they don't like his ugly white girlfriend, kek

No. 208373

genghishalf is a hapa mod he doesn't like her. He even try to ban her for making sock puppet.

No. 208374

Did you guys see this shit


No. 208375


>I have not an inch of regret calling her a sundried potato, a bitch, crusty dried mayo and a feta cube.


Eurasian Housecat is the only dumbass besides Kim Du Cuck who likes Persephone. Anyone who sells their nudes for a dollar is nasty.

No. 208378

File: 1507785408423.png (45.84 KB, 1024x768, F19BB686-4C73-42C8-8EC5-445074…)

No. 208381

I legit recognize this posting style and the cultural touch points it references from 4chan (the weird projection is a big part of it).

No. 208382

>that entire board

Why are there so many subreddits associated with buttblasted Asian dudes specifically in the US?

No. 208383

Lol'ed. Cucked by an ugly WMAF hapa who spends most of his waking hours online.

No. 208384

These arguments are being shilled every day on 4chan. One thing common with them is that behind the keyboard is always an Asian male from one of the subreddits.

No. 208386

They're idiots if they think it's only us who are aware of them. There are also threads about them on kiwifarms and elsewhere. They're infamous in certain sections of the Internet and they're only making Asian men look worse. My impression was initially neutral and indifferent but if r/asianmasculinity etc are any indication, they seem insanely whiny as a group. If that's mainstream Asian American opinion then I'm glad I've steered well clear.

No. 208387

Someone needs to find that screen cap from r/asiantwox where some Asian guy lectures the girls there by telling them their white boyfriends should post "pro Asian male" things on their social media accounts if they want to "be allowed to date Asian girls". Saw the original post screencapped on 4chan before and I laughed so hard.

No. 208389

Who's that?

No. 208391

File: 1507792340880.jpg (41.75 KB, 710x710, jankinoff.jpg)

jankinoff was former forum buddies with spencer was a mod on lookism and jankinoff was a bbc troll who ran alt games

kwoppa is alt by jankinoff/supportlocalsluts/bbctakeover for the purposes to shit on asians he dislikes so much

jankinoff's reddit hapa parody account

the reddit kwoppa account uses alot of lookism terminology, similar syntax, liberal references and his dislike for asians


account open on 12/06/2017


account open on 08/06/2017

jankinoff was true to his word in wanting to take over r/incels, in the form of a self hating alt

he has done this act before with pretending to be different self hating whites on lookism



jankinoff the british cuckold who loves the black dick

No. 208402

Lol at timid beta Tendie boy bullying anybody. He was number 1. most likely an RPG nerd himself. number 2. bullied heavily himself. As a matter of fact didn't he already confess on bodybuilding.com to getting mercilessly bullied?

The guy is a joke. Everything between him and Elliot checks out.

No. 208404

Jankinoff! It is morning in London.
You miss your RuneScape soulhealing sessions.

No. 208406

I was never active in the feminism-related Asian subs, but whenever anything related to Asian women's issues popped up (even if it wasn't political at all) these guys were attracted to it like flies to shit and were constantly trying to make the topic about them and their penises.

And god forbid you mention you have a white boyfriend because these guys will stalk you, send you abusive PMs and so on.

No. 208407

All that soulhealing has turned into sin.
Needs more runescape.

No. 208408

No. 208409

EurasianTiger (the guy you're replying to) thinks you (and everyone in this thread) is this guy:


Who apparently plays/played Runescape a lot and posts on reddit.

No. 208414

Even more hilarious since they think we're all pink boys who are mad at AMWF


No. 208416

File: 1507813513655.jpg (176.39 KB, 960x960, 1491206068988.jpg)

Why don't you go make another thread of your mascot STPeach on 4chan?

No. 208417


Wait what

Tendie’s follower assaults girl and she blames him?

No. 208418

File: 1507813852897.jpg (40.89 KB, 500x369, IMG_4214.JPG)

Hey, Tendies thinks I'm a fellow incel!


> calls themselves Mongoloids

> thinks slavs are top tier

No. 208419

why did you not commit suicide like you planned jankinoff

is that why u needed religion brother

No. 208422

natalie_ng from
EasternSunRising sub reddit? she is @toomuchmochi on twitter.

No. 208423

File: 1507815611468.jpg (16.33 KB, 259x194, IMG_4215.JPG)

they post about that twitch hoe at least twice a day. she's slightly better looking than Persephone

No. 208425

File: 1507817669817.jpg (160.56 KB, 1000x1100, kek.jpg)

do boys even use lolcow? this is a 95% female forum as far as a know (the rest are gay men that like to gossip).

No. 208428


Can we just talk about that reverse tramp stamp for a minute? It looks like a five year old was given a watercolor set.

No. 208429


Or like Medusa’s snakes are escaping out of her underpants.

No. 208431


How many of these grievance subreddits do they need exactly?

No. 208432

File: 1507820398822.gif (473.41 KB, 500x281, eye-roll.gif)

That's true but I think there are more guys in this specific thread who came from /pol/ and other websites just to troll. Can't even discuss flakes and crazy people without guys butting in and spamming the threads.

No. 208433

I wouldn't go as far as saying Persephone is repulsive, but she wouldn't turn heads anywhere in Europe, not even in the poorer Balkan countries. Haven't been to Murka so can't comment there.

She's also on her what, third marriage now?

No. 208434

lol'ing at that pic

waste of good genes though.

No. 208435

Who cares if she gets ugly chubby kids? You don't know how women think.

No. 208436

This is one of the reasons international marriages never appealed to me.

Imagine not being able to see a trace of yourself in your kids, or worse, being in a position where there is conflict between their father and mother's races and they pick their father's side. From where I'm standing America looks like a racial tinderbox ready to explode.

No. 208437

>who cares

most of the world cares, including asian men and women themselves - since both groups think whites are more physically attractive than their own.

No. 208438

If the things Persephone said about Tenda wanting her to kill herself together with him is true, then WHY would she take him back?

No. 208439

>"self-hating, dyed-hair… asian mom"

Most young asian women dye their hair some shade of brunette in my experience. Hardly an indication of self-hatred.

That's the root of all of this bullshit. They're both white-worshipers, so I don't know how they get off to accusing each other of worshiping whites when it's clear that, asian man or asian woman, both would pick an white partner of equal worth above an equal asian partner given the chance.

In fact it's a long established running joke among my community that Asians "want to be white": Whether it's wanting white partners romantically or for marriage, wanting half-white kids, ingratiating themselves into old timey white people stuff like classical music and wine-tasting as much as possible.

From an outsider's perspective it seems to be an issue specific to asians too. In LA there is no other ethnicity that has this gendered hatred of each other like asians do.

No. 208441

>Who cares if she gets ugly chubby kids?
her partner and every non-white who worships whites should care. if they love whites so much they should stay away from breeding with them, not destroying their beauty by having ugly babies with them.

No. 208442

What's annoying as a YT is that they project this shit onto us and make it our problem, when these mental issues are entirely their own. Bluntly put I don't give a shit if they feel inferior, it's not my problem and I'm surprised that so many whites are there ready to asspat, because the more you encourage these types of people, the worse they get.

I mean FFS, most white people don't even find Asians physically attractive anyway, average white dude would say they're too shapeless and childlike and average white girl would say they don't look masculine enough.

No. 208443

>because the more you encourage these types of people, the worse they get.

Especially the men. Men are already entitled to begin with regardless of race. Asian men are especially used to being their family's pride and joy, so it increases that sense of entitlement even more. Then on top of all of that having someone say "all your grievances that you've come up with in your head are true and there's nothing about you that you need to change!" would turn anyone into a horrible person.

No. 208444

>They're both white-worshipers
Yup, it's obvious to outsiders but they're in so much denial, it's not even funny.

Both the male aznidentity crowd and Asian American feminists want to continue dating white men / have success with white women but still want to label themselves as proud Asian American advocates while accusing the other gender of being self hating white worshippers and blaming them for their own respective issues. Their lack of self-awareness is incredible. Both of them are so convinced they're absolutely in the right and the other gender is in the wrong. They actually deserve each other lol.

No. 208449

Anyone who has spent time with AAs in LA knows this. I can't emphasize enough how hanging out with Koreans and Chinese here gives you insights into just how widespread these really dysfunctional ideas they have about race and dating and each other (other Asian males/females) actually are.

And then when they're called out on it they just blame white people for somehow gaslighting each and every one of them. It's bullshit. Even among my community, even though European features are highly prized, there's nothing like the same level of hostility between men and women for dating out.

No. 208453

Is it equally spread between the guys and girls though? It seems like Asian women don't actually care who Asian men date.

No. 208454


Wow that’s not even funny that is just depressing and sad. Did he really inspire a guy to rape a girl?!

No. 208458

You know what's hilarious? Most of the girls calling out ET and /r/AZ are probably white women


She's attention seeking and stupid

No. 208460

I've never seen Asian Tumblrinas and SJWs bitch about seeing Asian men with white girlfriends in public but every second topic from these Asian subreddits is about how Asian women are "race traitors" who date out too much lol.

No. 208464

Anyone else enjoy watching him flail around madly taking wild stabs in the dark about who we are?

Continue Tenda. It's actually quite entertaining.

No. 208465

Lookism turned into a piece of shit after I stopped becoming a moderator.

No. 208466

I think it's a function of his white-worship, he finds it difficult to believe that white women could ever dislike him (despite his endless posts over the past decade complaining about how no woman wants him), so anyone who finds his crazy as fuck behavior to be, you know, crazy - is either a white man or an asian woman.

It's a coping mechanism of sorts, mixed in with a bit of madonna/whore shit for good measure. White women are the altruistic madonnas, and asian women the wicked whores.

No. 208467

Hi Jankinoff.
Past dinner time in London for you.

No. 208468

Yes, that's right my redditor friend. It's all this guy from lookism. No one else thinks you're a pathological, manic and attention-whoring fuck up. Only him.

No. 208469

File: 1507833278114.jpg (349.31 KB, 768x1024, blue_steel.jpg)

Is Tenda actually here in the thread?

No. 208470

That’s because you AND your alts left

No. 208471

I would assume so. Is anyone else ITT intimately familiar with "lookism"? It seems to be a red pill or MGTOW forum of some kind. Reading the old thread it seems like Tenda was a mod there, hence:


Is probably him.


No. 208473

File: 1507833525382.jpg (261.5 KB, 768x1024, 3e62453982f2a901e308d3cb9b70ae…)

Is Jackinoff only on lookism and reddit? Why would he post in this thread? I think it's just Tenda.

No. 208474


I don’t even know what lookism is for…. is it like a stormfront?

No. 208476

From what I can glean, the guy accusing everyone of being Jackinoff is Tenda, they used to run lookism together, or one of them founded it or something?

I have no idea who Jackinoff is, but the fact he has caused Tenda this much buttrage makes me want to track him down and invite him to this thread tbh.

No. 208477

Seems to be a forum where judgemental incels whine about facial features and Chads?

Anway, I hope the mods ban the off-topic trolls. This thread isn't about Jackingoff nor a stupid incel forum.

No. 208479

File: 1507833770487.jpg (261.92 KB, 1600x1003, laughing.jpg)

>"I'm an 8/10 probably. Girls always look at me."
>This picture

No. 208480

Yeah, he has mentioned lolcow in the past a couple of times on reddit. Someone posted the caps in the other thread.

No. 208481


So r/incels but website form?

There’s too many pockets of weird shit to keep track of. I have a hard enough time keeping track of regular social media outlets as it is!

No. 208483

I think lookism is related to sluthate, that place Elliot Rogers used to post at.

No. 208484

File: 1507834125008.jpg (324.07 KB, 1024x768, 5tRTenj.jpg)

Tenda tell us about that time you ate a white girl's stinky pussy

No. 208485


How many hapas users are spamming this thread, or is it tenda and his mistress?

No. 208486

File: 1507834229697.jpg (83.32 KB, 1132x505, 11feb10e6f57cf0dc29b42f66049a9…)

Probably Tenda himself.

No. 208487

I've only ever lurked, I'm following the little feud ITT by ctrl-f'ing from the previous thread and googling. I'm an actual lolcow poster and not a transplant from these places though.

No. 208489


He reminds me of that scene from 40 year old virgin where Steve Carell says boobs are like bags of sand

No. 208491

Maybe this guy is some sort of false flag to make Tenda look retarded?

No. 208496

Just use the report function, no need to announce it.

No. 208498

Tenda never been near white pussy. Why do you think he acts so sex-starved towards it? The guy realizes that he doesn't want to die white pussy-virgin, has to resort to Persephone LOL.

No. 208499

Whatever you say Jankinoff.
You were always an odd one.
Always going about how you were digusted with White women.
I mean you are a Brit!
Remember you used to keep talking about how you found god who cured your sins.

No. 208500

>I mean you are a Brit!

Persephone manages to make British girls look good looking.

No. 208501

We both know where you stand with White women. I don't believe you even like them very much, so lets not pretend you can even tell the finer points about them.

No. 208502

I'm not your old forum buddy Tenda. Believe it or not more than one person follows this drama. If you're so concerned that these threads are being gamed by a single individual, then you can ask the mods in /meta/ to investigate.

>the finer points about them.

>finer points

Reverse tramp stamps of dubious design quality, a face that looks like a corpse and someone coming up on their third divorce are not "finer points". Persephone is not physically attractive to most Greek men or even European men.

It's cool you're "in love" with her now, but that doesn't change the fact she's an undesirable woman, physically and in terms of her succession of failed marriages.

No. 208504

You don't know Lookism forum well enough, if you did you will know about the catfishing, trolling and doxing.
Jankinoff was always an A grade asswipe who had always had a word about how crap White women were.

No. 208505

His control is slipping and his acting out to try to maintain it is so painfully obvious

No. 208506

File: 1507836474774.jpg (308.12 KB, 1200x675, serbianvolleyballteam02.jpg)

I really hope him and Purse-phone (why does she even pronounce it like that? It's not correct Greek pronunciation) get married and he moves over there.

If he thought Anglo society was 'bad' when it comes to 'cultural insensitivity to asian men', just wait until he meets southern europeans…

No. 208507

Nothing changes.
What is funny, you would even call those females sluts and go on about rants how shitty White women are.

No. 208508

Remember Jankinoff.
You had your fair share of posts on Lookism trolling Slavic guys.

No. 208509


Holy shit you actually have some sort of autism/tourettes.

No. 208510

File: 1507837069514.jpg (Spoiler Image, 273.79 KB, 800x1132, bizarre_incest_fantasy.jpg)

I think it's Persephone egging him on to be more 'alpha'

No. 208511

Tendies really thinks we're some British incel.

Since you're experiencing some sanity slippage, go ahead and delete your account. Don't you have a mentally ill brother and a dying daddy to tend to?

No. 208512

File: 1507837462226.jpg (112.54 KB, 686x356, ETIncel.jpg)

seems like the aznidentity and hapa creeps are here. Don't get drawn into their boring race debates. Focus on the lolcows.

In other news, Tendas reddit asain male supremacy gang get called out bigtime by a mod on the main asian american subreddit:

Their whole troll network is being exposed lol.

No. 208513

You have been trolling every known race and religion from the day you first started. Go to sleep, it is night time in London. What is the deal with the recent Islam thing? You are going to get heat in London for that stuff.

No. 208515

File: 1507837807795.gif (34.49 KB, 420x315, popcorn.gif)

I only skimmed the whole post but did they really harrass her just because her boyfriend is white? lmao

No. 208516

Soooo many mods of other subreddits allying up with her too. The clock is ticking. Karma is a bitch.

No. 208517

Yep, looks like its been going on for over a year. These fucks really have no employment or social lives at all lol.

No. 208518

Yeah it’s pretty much that. The post is full of her links to screenshots of her being harassed like crazy for 3 whole years.

No. 208519

Eurasian Kitty is having a tantrum. Hey Tendies, how is your wife doing? Does she know you are cheating on her?

He really is pathetic. He thinks we're all Jackinoff lmfao

No. 208520

There’s no wife lolol.

I have a long-winded theory about this. Maybe I’ll post it later.

No. 208524

Tenda get off the internet and jump on a plane to Greece before your camgirl changes her mind about wanting to be with you for the 9th time.

No. 208525

File: 1507838233102.png (55.12 KB, 877x551, npd.png)

Tenda stop shitting up the thread and go masturbate to your own reflection

No. 208526

Go outside, Tendies!

His wife is actually a cum filled dakimakura, he's been living in his mother's basement all along?

No. 208527

If Tenda impregnates Persephone while she's still married to Kim Du Cuck will Kim be financially obligated to support the child?

No. 208528

File: 1507838403480.gif (5.62 MB, 320x240, pvXCtP5.gif)

>I had a lot given to me in life. Looks, intelligence, a sharp mind

No. 208530

Hmmmm that’s a good question! What does Greek Law say?

No. 208531

Whats wrong Tendies? Does your wife not exist?

No. 208532

He exists. He came buckets all over her ass last night didn’t he?


No. 208533

File: 1507839183000.png (31.95 KB, 1083x631, Tendie and Friends.png)

this nigga actually thinks that women would get jealous over him hahahaha

No. 208534

That picture made me laugh.

And fucking hell, that link. This is what happens when you let men into female only spaces. Do Asian women even have any spaces of their own where they can discuss their issues, or do dickless Asian dudes just try to co-opt them all?

No. 208535

He encourages trolling and inspired an incel to sexually assault someone. I doubt he’s going to let women have a safe space.

No. 208536

File: 1507839604191.png (68.82 KB, 857x653, b9c689c3ce41403ec4ff8c9842c79c…)

Yeah, it's a common thing. There's a whole imgur full of these sorts of abusive comments they gang-up on random asian women online with.

>tfw you used to think asian dudes were chill

No. 208537

Tenda thinks we're his old forum buddy. I bet there are people from Reddit on here, especially from hapas.

No. 208538

I've mentioned this on /g/ in the past but I had a similar experience with a Chinese guy I dated for a briefly some years ago. Never slept with him, but whenever we were out he'd get angry whenever he saw white men with Asian women. Visibly angry. After like the… fifth time this happened at a food court, I broke up with him as I couldn't see a future with a guy that unhinged.

No. 208539


the REAL reason why asian dudes don’t get chicks!

No. 208541

File: 1507840068401.jpg (45.52 KB, 1024x470, lol.jpg)

Let's not be too charitable here, they're generally ugly and effeminate too.

No. 208542

Asian American reddit has probably turned any proper asians who have seen it into yellow genocide campaigners.

No. 208543

ET loves talking about how WMAF hapas are ugly serial killers and AMWF hapas are gorgeous supermodels.

Both are vaguely Asian looking with a Neanderthal brow, thin lips, and weak chin from their white side. Sad.

No. 208544


I was trying to find a picture of a hot asian guy to put here but then I realized how right you were.

No. 208545

File: 1507840511400.png (22.15 KB, 1040x172, jeez.PNG)

>When you're so crazy you think you're "at war" with the women of your race
>When your idea of gender relations has been so warped by your sexlessness that you make /pol/ look like advocates for women's rights

This isn't all asian men, mind. Their standard argument is if they don't represent Asian Americans, then how do they have such high sub-counts?

But that ignores the fact that ethnic grievance politics is attractive to losers by default. People living comfy middle class professional lives with families simply aren't going to be overthinking how their Asianness relates to everything from how they lost that DOTA game to why they're a 30 year old virgin in the first place, so ethnic-related subs aren't going to hold an appeal in the first place.

That said there do seem to be more of these people proportionally among asian men than other races. Racist white men exist, but we tend to be at the top of their totem pole.

No. 208546

File: 1507840519579.jpg (28.63 KB, 480x640, 543143_3621928085736_831815643…)

What is it with hapas and Narcissism?

No. 208547

File: 1507840579547.jpeg (59.78 KB, 490x656, 46FB506F-290F-4F92-9C0D-A01173…)

Who knew that the 9/10 “god” with astonishingly good looks was an angry birds character

No. 208549

Don't try and segue this into a discussion about hapas, Tenda.

Whenever a hapa exists who doesn't conform to your own expectations of failure, you attack him. Case in point piling on TerryTV because he's popular with Korean girls.


See Tenda, it has nothing to do with your hapa-ness, your parents were just of low genetic quality to begin with, whereas Terry's were actually good looking. Hence why he can sexpat with the best white Chads in South Korea while you have to resort to bottom of the barrel Greek girls that not even Greek guys want.

No. 208550

File: 1507840859527.jpeg (49.79 KB, 480x360, 29E619F8-2F74-4358-B400-0C09AC…)

Whenever a hapa exists who doesn't conform to Tendie’s own expectations of failure, god kills a kitten.

No. 208551

Wasn't there that other NEET hapa who got his gf stolen by a white dude that they attacked?

I remember him looking really nerdy and his past relationship seemed to have ended badly, but he had a whole history with nothing but Japanese women which enraged the fuck out of them.

No. 208552

File: 1507841047259.png (85.63 KB, 924x872, IMG_4218.PNG)

Tenda hates Terry because hes actually attractive, fit, and popular with women despite being WMAF. Hes so jealous, its funny to see

No. 208553

I know he has daddy issues, but does he also have mental issues?

No. 208554

File: 1507841358731.gif (860.95 KB, 498x278, F4F13993-655F-48AD-8FCF-F3AABA…)


He makes terry tv look like a supermodel and underneath that mask he looks like that freaky looking guy from the goonies

No. 208555

God he is such an unpleasant, odious person.

This is why being sympathetic to these people gets you nowhere. Same with the full Asian guys who harass women who won't date them. The more you asspat, the more shameless they become.

Terry could be popular with any group of women because he's good looking. That's what this comes down to. Tenda isn't attractive by western or asian standards, and a lot of asian guys are not attractive by western standards either.

Honestly I'm tired of pulling punches here, why is there an expectation on us that we can't have physical preferences but men can be completely merciless about how we look while looking like an emaciated League of Legends addict?

I'm not a harsh person but I'm tired of asspatting men who just use the emotional support to become crueler and more entitled.

No. 208556

He has delusions of grandeur. Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Tendie called Terry a sexpat for working in Korea when he moved to China to find a "wife" to cum on lololol

No. 208557

Terry tv is actually cute. I’d consider going on a date with him.

No. 208558

>Honestly I'm tired of pulling punches here, why is there an expectation on us that we can't have physical preferences but men can be completely merciless about how we look while looking like an emaciated League of Legends addict?

These men are called 直男癌 (straight man cancer) or 猥琐男 (ugly faced dude) in Chinese. They get mad AF if you say women should date men on the basis of looks and physical chemistry because they know they have none.

No. 208560


>Terry is a small-framed boy

>He feeds off of naive, underaged Weaboos
>I'm a damn near 30 year old man and I look better than this fucking kid 10 years younger than me even though I haven't touched a weight since 2009.
>TerryTV is just an average looking, average sized, average talented, average voiced, average average average little boy
>He probably pops pills
>his banal personality and panned voice, and frame by frame dearth of facial expressions.

I can imagine Tenda with tears in his eyes as he writes this

No. 208561

You want to feel bad…… want to…..

Then you start laughing.

No. 208564

Keep telling yourself that, you average average average little man.

No. 208565

Hi Tenda

No. 208567

>Jankinoff and friends

I thought it was just Jankinoff alone, now it's his friends too?

No. 208569

Curse you Jankinoff! CURSE YOU!

If it weren't for you Asian men would all be as popular as Chris Hemsworth!

No. 208570

Trick question. Incels don't have friends.

No. 208574

Literal Sexpats

No. 208575

Where’s the anon putting tendas face on cartoons? We need a new meme of tenda jacking off to jackinoff. He’s more obsessed with this guy than he is with Percy

No. 208576

Just report these posts and don't engage. Mods don't seem to be active though.

No. 208578

In a warzone like Ukraine no less.

Pretty sure by their own standards Ukrainian men are well within their rights to beat them half to death for doing this.

No. 208579

Will do.

No. 208581

File: 1507843315695.png (85.73 KB, 750x773, IMG_4219.PNG)

ET and aznidentity will drool over any white woman who gives them attention.

Notice how AMWF always includes Slavs. They have to resort to mail order brides lolol

No. 208582

Couple of Korean students got beaten to death in Russia's Far East some years back for getting drunk and mouthing off about Russian women. Look it up.

Russians don't fuck around with this shit.

No. 208583

Honestly, all of aznidentity should move to Japan, pretend to be Japanese hosts and get laid by foreign girls who end up being gossiped about on lolcow. Problem solved.

No. 208584

They don’t have the looks for that. Not even by eastern standards

No. 208585

Host clubs actually have standards, believe it or not. And there aren't enough foreign girls visiting hosts to satisfy the demand even if they were accepted.

No. 208586

Imagine an AMWF child between Tenda and Kanadajin. Elliott Rodger 2.0.

No. 208588

Kanadajin's mental illness is focusing on pretending to be a muslim now, she's moved on from yellow bois.

No. 208589

Who is kanadajin

No. 208590

File: 1507844005190.png (123.54 KB, 358x272, 139604568.png)

Non-lolcow user detected.

No. 208592

Why do asian guys always scowl and look passive aggressive?

No. 208593

File: 1507844138524.gif (836.69 KB, 498x268, 5BF18E42-A8D1-4A68-A561-A1951F…)

You got me

No. 208598

This is just Tendie pretending that several lookism incels frequent this thread by using easily google-able lookism language. Mods, why aren't you doing anything?

No. 208599

Will posting in /meta/ help?

No. 208601

lol all the photos he's using are 2+ years old. Nice try!

No. 208606

> 3.5d Male posters: Do not announce your gender or post in a "male here" way.

> 3.5d Male posters: Do not announce your gender or post in a "male here" way.

> 3.5d Male posters: Do not announce your gender or post in a "male here" way.


No. 208607

Tenda sure is upset. Where are the mods?

No. 208609


Okay I’m reading the kanadajin thread right now.

I’m learning so much!!!!!

No. 208611

File: 1507845944360.png (32.01 KB, 752x221, oV9sPfnKQwyKadQ7lVP1ew.png)

No. 208612

Just like the western men they complain about.

No. 208613

File: 1507845981988.jpg (24.27 KB, 480x479, rhapas on suicide watch.jpg)

He's trying squirm his way out of this by any means necessary. Too bad when his head hits the pillow tonight there is going to be nobody else but him and his thoughts.

No. 208615

Yeah, speaking of that, isn't it strange how he's now shitposting 24/7 in the US and supposedly still married?


No. 208617

Does this dumbass not know what reverse image searching is?

It's not too late, Tendies!

No. 208619

That guy would steal your "wife" from you like the dude who stole Hiding in My Room's gf's. On top of this he would also make her cum and horny. Lol Tendie is a sexless shit.

No. 208620

File: 1507846509954.jpg (17.19 KB, 405x289, facepalm.jpg)

Tenda really thinks only guys/incels would talk shit about him on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 208623

At least he moved from posting about incels to posting relatively hot guys’ pictures.

No. 208625

Someone posted Tenda's pictures on lookism and they rated him 0/10 (lol) so he's angry now.

No. 208626

File: 1507846794377.png (87.1 KB, 374x396, nice and juicy and healthy.png)

i came buckets

No. 208627


He can’t handle the truth

No. 208629




No. 208631

report tenda the spammer folks.

No. 208632

File: 1507847133651.png (27.44 KB, 745x182, -QyoSvmET3eVLUG_eN2vtg.png)

ET rather have black child than white asian child.

No. 208635

Tenda Lung-Spencer, stop posting pictures of all these inbred looking niggas

No. 208636

File: 1507847555525.png (761.99 KB, 1280x1100, vnolTFu.png)

No. 208639

File: 1507847833269.jpeg (147.69 KB, 960x640, B664D31A-036F-4F00-A6A5-AD7A65…)


No. 208640

File: 1507847849118.jpg (103.93 KB, 770x646, IMG_4220.JPG)

>Asian father abandoned him
>drug dealer
>murdered Versace and at least four other people

No. 208641

wtf, he's actually hot.

No. 208644


Hey! It works!

No. 208646

File: 1507848059210.webm (217.04 KB, 640x360, black son.webm)

Here's audio proof of that too. It's just so unbelievable a person would say such a thing while being (allegedly) married to a Chinese woman. The narcissism of wanting to show off a child as some kind of virtue signalling is so insane. Shows how monstrous he is - far, far worse than either of parents (allegedly) were.

No. 208648

File: 1507848113845.jpg (61.57 KB, 338x227, IMG_4221.JPG)

>had white wife and hapa children
>chokes wife, bashes her head against the ground
>probably abuses his own children

No. 208649


There’s no wife.

He’s still a virgin.

Last night he claimed he lost his virginity to a black girl whose father died on 9/11

No. 208650

Is he a new yorker?

No. 208651

LMAO, why is this so specific?

No. 208653

I get the impression he's an unreliable narrator regarding what his parents were like. There are a number of reasons I feel this way, but I'll give you two clear ones:

1) He's extremely sensitive. He mentioned being triggered by one of his old grandparents "racism" upon his return to his home state, since she said if he was looking for work, perhaps he should try being a waiter in an asian restaurant. Now this is a bit ridiculous (and kind of funny), but it's the sort of thing you should expect from older people and doesn't sound like it was malicious in any way. In spite of this, Tenda reacted to it furiously. Raging about what a racist his grandmother was. This tells me that by extension, other claims of "racism" he makes are dubious at best.

2) His claims about his mother. Didn't his mother die when he was a kid? How could he have been privy to all of this close knowledge about how "self-hating" she was if this was the case?

No. 208654

File: 1507848407593.png (715.4 KB, 944x752, crazyamwfhapa.PNG)

How about this dude?

No. 208655


Not even once.

No. 208657

File: 1507848616624.png (161.84 KB, 655x537, rip betty.png)

Tenda Spencer's mother died in 2000. Tenda would've been around 15 at the time.
According to him the "self-hating" was dying her hair and marrying a racist white man.

No. 208658

EurasianTiger is even admitting that he's been banning Asian men who have a preference for Asian women.


No. 208660

File: 1507848758716.jpg (63.94 KB, 640x532, IMG_4222.JPG)

30+ year old loser who thinks Ukraine was in Africa marries a 17 year old Ukrainian girl

so alpha, so superior

No. 208662

The guy honestly seems like he has NPD. No bullshit.

No. 208664

Anyways, this normie slut wants you to shut up and go back to Reddit

You're pathetic, Tenda

No. 208667

It's interesting how ET/aznidentity types because are aware enough that Asian guys are low on womens attractiveness/desirability scale they like to use muslim and black men to attack whites.

No. 208669

He sounds mentally ill.

No. 208674

Imagine being so devoid of masculinity you have to vicariously LARP as a black man.

No. 208678

That's why tenda spammed alot of black interracial porn on 4chan his "revenge" against white guys who supposedly cucked him, pathetic doesn't even begin to describe.

No. 208680

Okay y’all.

Theory time.

Tenda has no wife.

Maybe someone can help find a timestamp for me but the period between this post(the last post he made before he “got on the plane):


And this post(the first post he made after the dox:


Was roughly 17 hours. At the time I was tracking two theories: 1.) he was in Beijing as he stated and 2.) he was in Brisbane, as his Facebook profile states.

I looked at the travel time to his small hometown from both, and also assessed the theory that he could have landed in Boston and drove, which would have taken 3 hours. The flights from Beijing to his hometown and the flights from Brisbane to his hometown were roughly 24 hours long, as he stated, WITH two flight connections and layovers. The problem is, that by the time he made the post, it sounded as if he had been in his hometown for at the very least, 6 hours or so. This is long enough to get somewhat settled and see enough family to gather complaints to write about and pretend that he was unaware of the whole trump kneeling scandal. When he posted, the plane to his hometown had landed roughly an hour or two earlier than his posting time.

I only have found proof of him living in china, or at the very least BEING in china, between late 2010 until 2014.

I think he moved to china, he had trouble dating, and then he went back home to Maine and started freelancing and NEETing. He left his profile saying he lived in china until he had some friends from Columbia try to get in touch with him for a trip and then he probably made some bullshit up about being in Brisbane, a city large enough to be impressive, but far enough from Sydney to where ex classmates wouldn’t bother going there to see him.

Of course my flight theory could be wrong if he bought in-flight WiFi. At the same time, things like transit to and from the airport weren’t mentioned in his post. I know from first hand that the Beijing airport is at least an hour away from anywhere expats like to live in Beijing so there’s that too, plus checking in, customs, luggage, etc. the journey as a whole just takes longer.

I think he lied about being in Brisbane to is IRL friends and lied about being in Beijing to his online audience. He’s been in Maine, wifeless, this whole time.

He merely posted that son story, post-doxing, so that if by chance, some person In Maine were to have seen the doxing and then see him in real life, that person wouldn’t be able to call him out.

I also have theories about his /u/artistinstarving main Reddit account posting in r/deadbedrooms and r/suicidewatch

Theory 1: he’s gotten bored of trolling hapas, incels, and white supremacy boards and was testing the waters out to see if he had trolling possibilities there

Theory 2: he wanted Percy to feel bad for him and planted the posts. If this were true he would have “accidentally” given her his main Reddit account, either by showing off his deviantart or by some other way, and if she went through it, she would have seen he was having “marital issues” and he would gain sympathy points with her.

In closing, there is no wife, he made up traveling to save embarrassment and has been living in Maine for 2-3 years, and he posted in deadbedrooms to either get sympathy or to test the waters.

And also why the fuck would sharing a bathroom make you less attracted to your wife? Fucking stupid.

No. 208681

Posting random pics of incels and trying to make it look like only males were gossiping about him, pretending to be a racist black/muslim man… What's next?

No. 208683

You sound very racist.

What is wrong with a couple of Muslim gents?

No. 208689

If you want the timestamp for the reddit posts just put the mouse cursor where it says "posted 18 days ago" and a text box will come up with the exact date and time it was posted.

No. 208693

No. 208696


tried to reverse-image-search to no effect, who are these people and what's the story here?

No. 208698

Li Yang. He's a famous English teacher in China that got exposed for beating his ex-wife.

No. 208702

You done, Tenda?

No. 208703


Mods where u at

No. 208707

Tenda. Your camwhore called.

She wants her idiot back.

No. 208708

Her accent is so grating. One of the most unpleasant sounds in the universe.

No. 208709

At first I thought she was Russian. I couldn’t stand listening to her for more than 15 seconds though

No. 208712

He worked for redmonkeyapps located where Brisbane is. Whether it was completely remote idk but probably not.

No. 208713



No. 208715


He did their artwork and was hired through his freelance profile. It totally could have been remote. I’ll jump down the rabbithole though

No. 208720


This low key reads like a schizophrenic talking with himself.

No. 208722

Anytime I see language like that my mind instantly reads it in a southern accent

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