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File: 1453339179411.jpg (34.4 KB, 1440x720, reddit.jpg)

No. 61125

Not sure how this thread will go, but I thought we could discuss lolcows found on reddit.

Post deets, stories, screencaps etc.

No. 61130

Anyone remember that 30-year-old virgin woman who worked at Wal-Mart? She would post endlessly about her crush on her boss but would ignore anyone who gave her advice to ask him out. She got banned from r/relationships because she kept posting about her problem. I can't remember what her username was but she made several different usernames for ban circumvention and there were Subreddit Drama threads on her.

No. 61134

File: 1453340129827.jpg (314.95 KB, 1280x960, 5x3TfOV.jpg)

I lurk /r/okcupid sometimes and this creepy fat bitch is ALWAYS posting there and hitting on people. Honestly if she wasn't a woman she probably would've been banned for being a creep.

She's not really a lolcow but I'm so annoyed with her.

No. 61154

who's going to mention hawaii guy? Should I talk about hawaii guy?

No. 61155

this is the biggest trainwreck i've seen on reddit, and that's saying a lot


link to her username?

No. 61157

the hawaii guy


"he's especially triggered by Hawaii. Shark attacks on Hawaiian tourists make him absolutely giddy. And if you see turtles in Hawaii, kindly consider suicide. So why the hate for people who go to Hawaii? Because their trip embodies what he can not achieve.
Here's where it gets scary. This pent up frustration and envy manifests itself in violent psychotic fantasies. Are you affluent? Then go die you cunt. This may be one of the scarier posts I've ever seen on reddit."

No. 61158

File: 1453345818745.jpg (778.89 KB, 2916x1944, 1451002404180.jpg)

not really a lolcow, but there's definitely something off about her


she's really quite talented, and isn't too much of an attention whore but… something ain't right

No. 61159

>Are you affluent? Then go die you cunt.

his new account is probably a mod of /r/sandersforpresident

No. 61161

Seems like a redpiller's wet dream.

No. 61162

File: 1453347603463.jpg (215.24 KB, 960x572, 1451000266029.jpg)

you jelly?

No. 61163

/pol/ pls

No. 61164


With these images I feel like the 50's was easier on women. You're a woman? Good be a housewife, stay remotely fit, look pretty, and take care your children.
You're a woman in 2016? Exercise everyday until you're under 120 pounds and be higher than 5"5 (and wear heels), also don't forget to show off your body even though we're trying to show off modesty for some reason

No. 61165

No. 61166

You're delusional.

No. 61170

Oh, yes, the 50's were so easy! Just like the sitcoms! You live and die a housewife regardless of your own desires, your husband could beat the shit out of you and rape you all he wants, and there were little to no ways to protect you because you were nothing but a second-rate citizen in the eyes of the law!

Man, those were the times!

No. 61171



Since I'm obsessed with this woman, let me give you a quick overview

>28, never has had a real job despite graduating from college

>Lives at home with crazy BPD mother but refuses to move out
>Is a virgin and has never had a boyfriend
>Ugly as fuck as has bad acne and a botched nose job
>Socially retarded
>Is into DD/lg
>Only attracted to hot intellectual hipster dudes despite having none of the same qualities

No. 61177


>You're delusional

Daily reminder having a sentiment different from most people doesn't make you delusional, faggot.

Yeah, it was. Women's bodies weren't on displayed 24/7 and we weren't pressured to sexualize ourselves. Also, our modesty and womanhood was more revered.
Superior times tbqh

No. 61184

>Daily reminder having a sentiment different from most people doesn't make you delusional, faggot.
I'm saying you're wrong and retarded, therefore delusional.

No. 61190

I definitely get that vibe too.

No. 61192


Don't believe those facebook circlejerks about what women looked like in the 50s. Women were expected to be thin, as thin as the ideal is now. The average weight of men and women was much lower.

No. 61199

>Also, our modesty and womanhood was more revered.
lmao women don't talk like this. Obvious male is obvious.

Take your Madonna-whore complex and mommy issues elsewhere, perhaps /r9k/ or ISIS.

No. 61218

just checking if i can my country isn't banned

No. 61223

File: 1453363996248.jpg (250.63 KB, 912x300, 1443933486368.jpg)

You jelly.

No. 61299

I think she is very talented and i'm actually quite jealous. I too want to live the 50's housewife fantasy, but in 2016 of course.

No. 61303

Slightly OT but I'd love to see a post for ember in /r/quityourbullshit

No. 61343

I remember her! I was around for all that. Heres a SRD thread with a few links, and links to previous threads on her. She was creepy as hell.


No. 61368

That fucking last line.

That said, different anon but indeed I am fucking jelly. Does this woman have no flaws? I love the stepford vibes she gives off and wish I had a fraction of the talent she possesses.

No. 61370

legitimate personal concern/self-assessment to open a discussion on how a specific aesthetic lifestyle can cause uneasiness. art initiating a conversation about different perspectives.
diarrhea mouth buzzwords. personal freedom and expression is really a leash tethered to male desires and expectations.

No. 61371

lol butthurt much?

No. 61389

There is honestly nothing wrong with what this woman does, and I think the people making a big deal on Reddit are silly.

I only think it is dumb when some /pol/tards use this woman as a campaign against "degeneracy," or when women say they want to go back to the 50's and think it is going to be like "I Love Lucy," or some shit.

Otherwise, true feminism is the right to choose what lifestyle you want. So it isn't "problematic" if one woman has the right of choice and chooses to be a housewife.

>personal freedom and expression is really a leash tethered to male desires and expectations
It is Reddit, afterall. No freedom of expression is desirable there, as whatever they don't like gets downvoted to oblivion and hidden.

It is one of the most heavily-moderated sites, despite being male-dominated. So perhaps male desires and expectations aren't 100% what you believe them to be.

No. 61426

File: 1453406666083.jpg (41.21 KB, 388x600, d0d6922d01ad6ebdf738a11650b7a1…)

Yes, the 50's were so easy! You were expected to take care of your children completely alone, with 0 help from your husband. You were expected to look model pretty even when you were just staying home. You had to cook all meals, clean everything, give birth to lots and lots of babies, and have no education.

Meanwhile your husband was likely a lazy drunk who slept with other women and was able to hit or rape you with no repercussions.

Oh, and you had no income for yourself and divorce was frowned upon.

What a fun and free time!

No. 61448

Just marry someone who won't beat and rape you? It's not that hard. Despite tumblr-logic, most men aren't misogynistic rape-machines. Is it easier today, where both parents (if you're lucky) pretty much have to work in order to even support one child? Where mothers are separated from their children at such a young age, just so they can pay the bills and afford daycare? I don't know what is so anti-feminist about wanting to be a mother. Isn't that basically the most female thing that one can do?

No. 61452

I honestly hate women who want to glamorize the 1950s like it was a good time for women. ugh

No. 61454

Why can't a woman value things such as modesty and femininity? I don't want to attract unwanted attention with my body. Are you revoking my female license?
Is it not misogynistic for you to tell women what they can and can't think?

No. 61455

No, I agree. this bitch is problematic in depicting a lifestyle of cleaning, cooking, raising children while being thin and waify and wearing makeup 20 hours a day to be a glamorous one. Back in those days women were baby machines with no education who were beat by their husbands on a daily basis.
Ohhh, so kira kira

No. 61456

No woman thinks like this. go away robot

No. 61461

So you are revoking my female license. Should I post tits to prove that I am a woman? Cause that's something a ~real~ liberated woman with self-respect would do.
Grow the fuck up. There are women out there like me who see nothing degrading about being a mother or traditional values.

No. 61466

No, retard. Nobody gives a fuck if a woman wants to be a stay-at-home mom and cater to her husband in today's world. It is only bullshit when people glamorize the 50's like it was some magical, perfect time that is the pinnacle of femininity and womanhood, when women largely didn't have a choice in how they could live or represent themselves. Today you can choose to do whatever you want, whereas back then you had no other option.

Now back to whatever shithole you spawned from.

No. 61471

I'm not saying that the 50's were perfect, or even good. I'm just saying that women today don't have much of a choice with the economic climate these days. Back then it was actually possible for the woman to stay at home and the husband was able to provide for his wife and children. So the options are work, work+kids, or maybe marry-into-money+kids versus back then being a home-keeper was a viable option.

No. 61474

Good for you, I guess? Do you want a medal for being a traditionalist?

You have a right to post your beliefs, and others have right to react whatever way they want. People can call your definition of femininty retarded if they feel like it or not. Being a woman, or a robot pretending to be a woman, doesn't exempt you from criticism or disagreement.

No. 61479

Opinions are opinions. You can think what you want about me;I'm delusional, stuck in the past, wrong side of history, yadda yadda yadda; I've heard it all before. I just think it's silly to immediately dismiss me as a male, just because my opinions don't line up with yours.

No. 61483

It still is a viable option. You've got to marry someone with a decent paying job who wants a stay at home wife. Why do you think this is unobtainable today? It's not impossible, but honestly if you think it is you probably aren't hanging out with people in the social class you want to be in. If you are serious and are a woman, I strongly urge you to get some nice church clothes and begin attending church at one of the "rich" churches in town. There's your best chance at finding someone well off enough and with traditional values to support you and your dream.

No. 61486

>So the options are work, work+kids, or maybe marry-into-money+kids
That is still a lot better than becoming a home-keeper being the only option, which is unfair to the many women who want a choice.

It is a bit selfish to think of only yourself, and how the economy disrupts your own opportunities of being a comfy housewife, when many other women may not want that lifestyle.

No. 61487


You're not me but it's nice to see someone who thinks like me I guess :-D

No. 61491

Just what makes you think I was strictly talking about beatings and rape? Holy shit you're a fucking moron.


No. 61493

Robots pls go back to your containment thread

No. 61494

>true feminism is the right to choose what lifestyle you want
Do you also believe hijabs are genuinely empowering?

No. 61495

No, I don't. I think Islam as a whole is fucked. But I don't give a fuck if a woman wants to wear one as long as it is her choice, and she is not going to get beaten or stoned to death because she didn't wear one.

No. 61496

lol, sounds like they do. I hate anyone who thinks hijabs are so kawaii and empowering to womenz.

No. 61497

Agreed so much.

No. 61500

>But I don't give a fuck if a woman wants to wear one as long as it is her choice, and she is not going to get beaten or stoned to death because she didn't wear one.
So, yes?

No. 61510

So. Anyone else have any reddit lolcows they would like to share?

No. 61515

No. What I am trying to say is while I disagree with their use and think thy are pointless, I don't care if that is what the people themselves want to wear. The same like I think half the shit I see most people wearing outside is stupid, but they can all wear what they want. As long as no law says they should be punished if they did or didn't wear something.

These are my own opinions, though. I don't expect everyone to agree.

No. 61517


No. 61522

Well, it's not really a choice in places where it is expected. Women will and do get harassed and raped for not wearing one, so when women from there move to more modern places, they may expect to be abused if they don't. Particularly by the men from their culture

No. 61525

>I don't care if that is what the people themselves want to wear
So, yes?

No. 61537


- gonewilder/reddit-amateur-porn star
- panty-selling entrepreneur
- Several of her past accounts have been shadowbanned, for either/and vote manipulation or inappropriate self-promotion (spamming).

Enjoy the hilarity.


No. 61540

laurelai and thepinkmask. well all of the trannies, really. maybe not so much anymore but definitely back in 2010-2012

No. 61543

because all those deaths from popping pills was made up just for good tv/movies

No. 61544

File: 1453426200802.gif (22.58 KB, 255x255, 1413522542823.gif)

No. 61546

>I don't know what is so anti-feminist about wanting to be a mother. Isn't that basically the most female thing that one can do?

not all women can have babies, you transphobic, able-uterused shitlord

No. 61553

pls delete this

No. 61554

Fuck u

No. 61559

>panty-selling entrepreneur

that just grosses me the fuck out. what sick fuck buys crusty worn panties?

No. 61561

Lots of dudes. There's even a subreddit for it /r/pantyselling

They usually go for $35 each

No. 61562

File: 1453429457581.jpg (1.02 MB, 3007x3013, jT5Hxiq.jpg)

>Does this woman have no flaws?

everything of hers that I've seen online references "my parents' house" and "my brother" or "my parents"

never "my apartment" or "my house," nor "my boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife"

No. 61564

that's fucking vile

and I say this as a heterosexual man (don't flirt with me, s-silly girls)

No. 61567

>guy here btw XD

but yeah i'm a guy too and think it's disgusting. i don't get the appeal. but i also don't blame anyone who sells to them. if some guy gay offered to pay me money for dirty clothes i can see no reason why not to, if i could do it anonymously.

No. 61580

Artists aren't known to have enough income to support themselves.

No. 61594

I'm really curious to know who her husband is and what he looks like. Any pics of him?
Also how old is she?

No. 61602

File: 1453436673097.jpg (533.38 KB, 1839x2523, 2zRZrgj.jpg)

I dunno what's going on in this thread but…this is a man, right? That's a man's face.
Look at the thigh on the bottom left here >>61158
no fat deposits in hip/thigh like estrogen would do - and despite this, the calves are thick and muscular. Foot size way above female average. Boobs are variable size in every pic. Shoulders like bishounen >>61223

Femme gays do love hollywood glamor. Trans love hyper-girly shit and would dedicate this much time to tons of selfies, editing, making outfits, just for attention on reddit.

Pic related must be a labor of many hours of processing, and yet…

No. 61603

File: 1453436956679.jpg (376.17 KB, 2175x2175, 1451007919919.jpg)

if it's a dude, this is the most impressive tuck job I've ever seen, photoshop notwithstanding

No. 61604

File: 1453437076933.jpg (29.33 KB, 214x392, The_Stepford_Husbands.jpg)

Becoming a housewife is a dumb as fuck choice though, and a lazy one. Looks aren't forever and by the time most of these women get into her 40's-50's they're crusty and plastic faced. Their husband has bought a dozen other pretty 20 year old whores because he only married them for their looks and homecooked cakes in the first place and now hes bored. Add eventual divorce into it and they've wasted their life acting as a maid. Aim higher. It's pretty retarded how the epitome of womanhood is still being a stepford wife aka a gold digger.

That being said, kudos to this bitch for developing her art talent. She mostly got famous for being pretty but there's some nice use of color in her instagram.

No. 61606

File: 1453437261955.jpg (2.23 MB, 4169x3425, CJkFg8z.jpg)

Tucking can get very convincing, depending on penis size. But I'd bet on photoshop. Clearly very skilled.

Looks at the forearms, the hand/finger size, the feet, that THUMB. Holy shit. Is it just me or is the neck a little blurry?

No. 61607

File: 1453437267026.png (646.01 KB, 826x1269, CHMf.png)

Facebook yields a little more information

No. 61611

I…really think you're reaching hard for milk, there. There's nothing about her hand/feet size that's unnaturally disproportionate for a woman, I'm pretty sure she's just tall. There are plenty of naturally-born females with large feet or long fingers.

No. 61612

File: 1453438035835.jpg (323.28 KB, 2424x2424, bYXi3qQ.jpg)

Well, "she" (pending) works and lives in the right area to be strong independent and trans. Many drag queens are fantastic stylists since they have to excel at makeup, hair, fashion, modeling, even moving right. They have to be ultra-feminine in order to impersonate.

No. 61613

File: 1453438439568.png (4.06 MB, 2272x729, idunnomayne.png)

Yeah, maybe the chans have just made me paranoid. But the face tho. Even if it's just a tall woman, isn't the face kind of off? And this is WITH make-up, shoop, styling.

No. 61614

File: 1453438942606.jpg (213.06 KB, 1000x518, break1.jpg)

well either this lingerie store in Alabama had a trans photographer/model, or she's biologically female:


No. 61615

what is it that you see as being so 'masculine' about her face? it's longer than average, true, but I'm not understanding why you think that indicates that she must be a transvestite or something…
obv. she's skilled in photoshop, so anything I could point out about her body shape or facial structure, you could deflect by saying 'but she must have shooped it', but idk, until we see better evidence than your opinion, I don't think you're going to convince anyone.

No. 61616

File: 1453439601948.png (885.14 KB, 934x571, CHMa.png)

No. 61618

File: 1453439750523.jpg (531.16 KB, 1995x2489, 3e7ENfK.jpg)

Lingerie looks good post-op.
You really don't see this face as masculine? Yeah, maybe she's not trans, but she looks MTF.

But if no one else is seeing it, then alright.

No. 61628

File: 1453441952916.jpg (575.21 KB, 1635x965, 8208144160_cc086ff8f4_o.jpg)


No. 61637

Any girl who doesn't haven't a cute roundish babyface with large doe eyes and tiny button nose is seen as masculine.

No. 61644

MTFs tend not to have breasts like that from HRT alone, she looks like a normal woman to me.

No. 61656

File: 1453444276407.jpg (2.69 MB, 3898x2324, 8426432952_3e7879ecde_o.jpg)

more "evidence"

No. 61657

File: 1453444373272.jpg (1.12 MB, 2882x1440, 8425338821_a1f2f7d869_o.jpg)

No. 61661

File: 1453444744635.jpg (3.31 MB, 2538x1980, 7539921974_f40dabe7d5_o.jpg)

No. 61675

Her hands look like they're feminine enough for a woman. I think she just contours her cheekbones way too much.

No. 61731

I was going to say no, but something about this person puts me off and makes me agree with you. They just look like post op trans girls I've seen, particularly that face.

I got a more angular face for a girl, but theirs is just too strong. Men do have a legitimately different facial structure from girls. You might want to look it up to see if you can spot some differences, although Photoshop might make it hard.

You're right about trannies eating up disgustingly hyper feminine thing. They always like portraying women like, well, what a man probably thinks a stereotypical woman looks and acts like. They seem to do this.

No. 61771

The face gives it away, 100% male

No. 61782

>and a lazy one
It didn't used to be. Housework without technology was physically exhausting. Men got paid for much less workload than women back then.

No. 61783

Dudes who like the smell of pusy sweat and imagine girls wearing them

No. 61785

File: 1453456393261.jpg (195.36 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_nu5w6jT5pQ1uzrij5o1_128…)

We're assuming if she were a tranny that she'd be far along enough into her transition to get implants. Very few keep their home-grown ones as is.
Hyperbole. There's a difference between having more mature features and looking like a dude.

No. 61786

Do those tits look fake to you? Sure as fuck doesn't to me.

No. 61788

File: 1453456817364.png (713.89 KB, 976x585, 2inchnipples.png)

…Really? There's a lot of shoop going on. The underbust here is very linear and has been sharpened. The light of one nipple is bleeding into the background. And the cleavage is Kota-tier bad. Even the thigh is squiggly for some reason.

Fake or not, there's a lot of editing on top. Not every boob job ends up looking like inflation fetish.

No. 61790

>Not every boob job ends up looking like inflation fetish.
The ones on trannies tend to, no?

I can think of exactly one case and that is she never had a boob job and her chest is digitally enlarged in all of her photos.

No. 61793

Yeah the porn star ones tend to want bolt-ons. They do the fetish look. But if you want to hide your trans power level, you would want more natural boobs.


These are not perfect spheres, and very decent. With clothes they'd look fine.

No. 61795

The point, I think, is that the argument about her breasts is irrelevant either way because Photoshop. The only reason it was brought up in the first place is because someone said they wouldn't look like that from just hrt. If they did look wonky from a boob job they could be made to look human with ps. The damning proof is in the face.

No. 61796

File: 1453459422563.jpg (31.34 KB, 480x640, Kikibra.jpg)

Kiki for ex has sharper more angular features, but while she looks like a girl without "cute features", she doesn't look like a man. I'll look over photos on photoshop tomorrow if this thread is still active.

MTFs definitely have a weird caricature view on being a woman, and I notice many love the 50's.

She actually said, "Since I was little I viewed 1950's America as a perfect and safe place? And I've always been in love with that feminine ideal from that time period?"

(I added the ? because she intones the sentences as questions. Every trans youtuber I've seen talks like that.)

No. 61799

she looks like a normal woman here. I think what makes her unsettling is that she shoops out her freckles/face and goes too far into the uncanny valley, and given that she appears taller and thinner than average leads to her looking a bit manly

No. 61807

Could you stop spamming this thread? No one thinks she's a tranny.

No. 61895

I don't watch vids of trans youtubers. It's interesting that you've noticed a pattern of upspeak. It makes sense since upspeak is considered a more feminine inflection.

No. 61896

I think they're interesting but I agree I don't think it needs to flood the thread. Maybe make a general sleuthing thread, anon? We already have a trans thread, but we're not sure if they are biologically female or not.

They're honestly a cow to me based on how much they idolize being a glammed up 1950's housewife and hyper-feminine things. I feel like regardless of gender, they're full of shit and are posting it on reddit to get Redpill neckbeard love.

If you find enough milk, just make a snow thread about him/her/it.

No. 61900

Her face is very angular and defined. It's not the most feminine, gentle face, so i can see why people are thinking it could be a tranny or something.

But her body just looks way too feminine to be the case. And her boobs seem normal to me.

No. 62153

File: 1453522166583.jpg (3.39 MB, 2282x3381, 12918392355_60444ba7e5_o.jpg)

we cosplay nao

No. 62164

lol why does she always try to claim every popular icons and cult icons

its cringeworthy as fuck

No. 62179

File: 1453523598294.jpg (13.95 MB, 5861x3376, 12918541023_cbdf4d6f9d_o.jpg)

No. 62180

idk if they are trans, but the whole romanticization of retro hyper-femininity reminds me of Lana Del Rey levels of contrived bullshit. Gays and trans love her too.

No. 62184

It's so lame when people do this stuff.

No. 62249

There may be something off about Christine but damn if she isn't crazy talented.

No. 62275

Yeah, she's good at photoshop.

No. 62278

And painting. And cakes.

I love her talent but I wish she'd use it for something that doesn't romanticize the '50s.

No. 62288

File: 1453541790682.jpg (8.38 MB, 3170x2536, 14400583724_6c0c1f379d_o.jpg)

hardly any of her actual work is "le mid-20th-century nostalgia"

it's mostly weird sort of creepy shit

No. 62323

>hardly any of her actual work is "le mid-20th-century nostalgia"
Are you kidding me with this shit right now? I looked through her top posts, it's nothing but.

But nice cherrypicking, asshat.

No. 62402


She's an artisan in like eight categories. I don't buy it. Plus, no progress pics/anything, despite posting everything as 'I made.."? BS

No. 62476

She posts plenty of progress photos of her house decorating and baked goods. Is she required to post in progress photos of her photography too?

After looking her up, I expected way more 50s nostalgia pictures, but most of it is just creepy photography and baking.

No. 62485

Lazy like >>61426 says I guess.
Why does everyone have such a low opinion of men? Like they can't marry for love?

No. 62486

Just a few very select, artistically beautiful shots. I don't buy that she does this all herself, her husband or family must be involved in her creations. Either that or she's stupid, rich, and thinks this is a good use of time and money.

No. 62742


This post is pretty lolcow-worthy imo.

> Loser virgin woman is frenemies with hipster queen bee

> Queen bee ignores loser's requests to meet up
> Loser is butthurt at everything queen bee says
> Loser is obviously jealous of queen bee

It's so high school but these people are almost in their 30s omg

No. 62965

No. 63222

he seems awfully normal

No. 63605

No. 63671

Lol its the same person mentioned in >>61130
She keeps making new accounts. What a fucking loser

No. 65408

that's hilarious

No. 66356

"love" dies down, anon. Imo, marriage only is a meaningful choice to me if you really really need and trust eachother. It's practically a life contract on you standing another person until one of the two die. And back in the antiquity, not even that, it was just taking away a woman from her home and making her a glorified servant of the family of the man. No education, not even reading or writing in most of cases, you were born to make non-bastardized children and serve.

Marriage is truly a corrupted, rotten concept.

No. 67062

This trainwreck sent me a huge wall of text

>I'm pretty sure she had good explanations and counterarguments for why she couldn't follow the advice. She's unemployed, living with an abusive mother in NYC. It's really hard to live independently in NYC even with a real career. Regardless, depression and learned helplessness from childhood abuse is a very real thing. If you've never experienced abuse, you would not understand so maybe try to be empathetic?

>Yeah, I'm pretty mentally ill, thanks for shaming me about it. I have been to 4 different therapists already and I am currently on SSRIs.

>I am actually attractive, I make money off being a sugar baby ($2500 last month), but I'm attractive thanks to surgery. Actually I'm kind of a troll, but not a malicious one. I haven't been entirely honest about my life story. I had jaw surgery at 19 for an underbite as well as corrective jaw surgery at almost 24 and then a round of plastic surgery procedures when I was 24 and just recently I got a round of fillers.

>I grew up with a jaw deformity though and I was also raised in an immigrant household to an abusive BPD mother. I had a really tough childhood and I was FA for much of my youth. I didn't start getting male attention until I healed from my corrective jaw surgery. I had really bad experiences with men and people that were exacerbated by my trust issues from childhood abuse. I used to be ugly and FA and it fucked me up mentally but I'm actually hot now.

>You know the first thread I made about the attractive blonde girl that was getting hit on by ugly guys? I wrote that from an outside perspective but I'm actually that hot blonde girl. A lot of my posts are stories about the past or based on observing the romantic lives of my friends. I get attention and validation thanks to my looks but I still suffer emotionally because I know what's it's like to be FA and it's depressing to know how much looks matter in life, especially if you're a woman. That's why I sympathize so much with vcardthrow1. She's what I would have been had I not had corrective jaw surgery and had I not been born with a tall, slender body (I'm 5'8", not 5'6"). Genetics and upbringing determine so much of your life and I find that really harrowing.

>I went from being completely FA/unloved to having 15-20 suitors at once and I'm not very social. I'm addicted to validation/attention from the opposite sex and I feel FA again if I don't get attention for like 2-3 days. I'm permanently scarred from my FA youth and I always wonder what could have been had I got my surgery earlier. I'm also addicted to feeling sorry for myself and get a weird rush from reading FA stories and reliving the pain, humiliation and loneliness of my youth. I know it's so fucked up but it's like an addiction. I grew up used to negative emotions so I'm not sure what to do with my current romantic opportunities. I feel like I'm doomed to forever feel FA. Learned helplessness I guess.


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