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File: 1710283242050.jpg (102.79 KB, 700x700, f3a709d81bb4ecaf95ec38711a182f…)

No. 1922358

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/1860223

No. 1922360

Just drank a whole bottle of wine in less than $10 minutes

No. 1922362

The frog image isn't as good as the duck image but I guess the whimsy level is similar so that's good

No. 1922371

i love shoving my fingers into vaseline tubes

No. 1922374

I love both!

No. 1922379

I really loved the duck image but it didn't really fit with the theme of this thread

No. 1922381

Ate a glazed donut. They hit so hard if you haven't had one in a long time

No. 1922399

>haven't left the house in months
>get two new moles anyway
what is going on

No. 1922401

Whenever I listen to Au Revoir I remember that anon that said it's her absolute favorite song and that she has listened to it almost every single day for the past ten years; her existence makes me happy.

No. 1922413

This video is so cozy and makes me happy.

No. 1922432

Malice Mizer sisters… will I ever find anything as beautiful? For me it's been 10 years too already and yet it's still the best. Young Gackt was my very first husbando kek

No. 1922438

The acoustic radio version is to die for.

No. 1922519

File: 1710290924574.png (143.13 KB, 1097x556, ashdks.PNG)

>of the award-winning TikTok sensation
I wanted to check it out because the cover looked cool, but I don't think you could make a book seem any more unappealing even if you tried.

No. 1922634

File: 1710294844583.jpeg (100.8 KB, 939x600, IMG_2163.jpeg)

After 2 months of falling asleep at 9AM I've finally fixed my sleep schedule somewhat and will be retiring to my chamber at 11PM to slumber. Life is looking up nonnas.

No. 1922657

This is insane, I shat myself this morning and I just peed myself while sneezing, end my life already.

No. 1922670

Lol. Train your pelvic floor nona. You’re gonna need diapers soon

No. 1922684

That's the weirdest part, I do yoga, pilates and do kegels, I also hold my pee a bit while peeing so I don't go through this shit. I just hate sneezing so much.

No. 1922708

I think I was too harsh with my face. treat and azelaic acid yesterday, and then I sued azelaic acid again all over my face. Nothing but moisturizing for the next several days

No. 1922782

Just saw myself in someone else’s selfie camera so I stuck my tongue out and she put her phone away.

No. 1922805

A few months ago when I was rehydrating my old ass himi gouache palette, I saw people saying that theirs grew mold and I was thinking "mine would never!". Well today I opened it up and the white paint has grey fuzzy mold aaaallll over kek. And I touched it cause I thought it was lint and I probably breathed in some spores, ew. Guess this just means its time to finally buy new gouache

No. 1922806

Scary. Please tell me you’ve at least had kids cause if not then extra scary.

No. 1922808

You might be over exhausting the muscles, this is not normal for someone who hasn't given birth

No. 1922813

Maybe she's sick and doesnt know it or something why are you acting like she's going to due

No. 1922823

i just poured my beer over ice consider this an invitation to make fun of me im in the mood for it

No. 1923010

have no fear of ice cold beer

No. 1923051

I hate my sisters moid so much. The both of them are freeloaders at my family house where I am the only person working full time.
Neither of them have any intention to look for a job or move out or anything, they are NEETs who hardly even do any household chores.
The moid keeps opening food that I have bought for myself even though we shop separately and it’s so fucking annoying because I’ll be expecting something to be there when I go to make dinner in the evening but nope he used half of it without asking or even questioning who bought it. I don’t understand how you can be living in someone else’s house practically rent free and act like this.

No. 1923095

Waiting until the sun raises so i can go get ice cream and have pancakes with ice-cream for breakfast. My cat spent the entire night sleeping on my lap so i need some sugar to stay awake and actually draw.

No. 1923126

File: 1710326058894.jpg (279.17 KB, 736x1270, 1000003376.jpg)

This makes me feel like I'm having a stroke

No. 1923138

What the fuck is happening?

No. 1923139

greentea neko hasnt improved at all, what a NGMI

No. 1923142

Ok so I think I’ve figured the story out. It’s about a family of tanuki who are shapeshifters according to folklore. The tanuki husband leaves home to do his presumably secret side hustle where he turns into a female form and works as a prostitute to get money for his family. But then he comes across the john from earlier also giving stuff to the kid, hassles him to find out what’s going on and it turns out that he was his wife in disguise all along.

No. 1923149

ah, the ol' switcheroo.

No. 1923158

You forgot to mention that their little daughter is the lady with bunny ears, for some fucking reason

No. 1923393

File: 1710348732386.jpg (62.83 KB, 700x700, 1000020710.jpg)

I actually followed through with a hair cutting tutorial and didn't quit halfway through and just start hacking away. But I did snip my hand pretty hard and cut out a perfect V. Ouch.

No. 1923398

i've been fighting the urge to cut myself bangs for the past week and this might be the tipping point that makes me do it. what tutorial did you follow?

No. 1923415

Do it do it cut your hair DO IT

No. 1923443

File: 1710352524989.jpg (83.26 KB, 600x597, be0bf75b7743370aa2b1f8474c9ffc…)

Went for a walk on my break and wow… it's so beautiful out today. Feeling the warm sun on my skin, listening to the birds and seeing other happy people out and about enjoying the day was such a nice reprieve from the work day

No. 1923447

The lady with bunny ears is also a prostitute, she's holding money at the end of the shit, so yeah, the mom fucked the child, and the dad for some reason.

No. 1923516

File: 1710356909451.jpg (216.2 KB, 626x511, 2151002530.jpg)

Today I witnessed a conversation between my coworkers that actually made me a little happy.
We were talking about another coworker turning 30 tomorrow and then they started talking about their age. Turns out they are 34 and 36, meanwhile I always thought they're just my age. They then continued talking about how much they love their birthday, that they're still all excited for it, looking forward to it all week.
That's so rare to see in adult women. I've been dreading every year I turned older since I was just 16… I guess thanks to my mom and being online 24/7 I really let turning 30 being a horrible, scary thing get to me. Maybe it helps having many loving people to celebrate with.

No. 1923519

Is that thumbnail AI generated?

No. 1923531

The weather's beautiful lately. I went out to brunch with my mom and got a lot of cute clothes at the thrift store like this $10 pair of jeans that fit me perfectly and look like they've never been worn, and an adorable mug for just a dollar.

No. 1923546

Sounds like a perfect day, happy for you nona

No. 1923565

That's great to hear! I have a coworker who I got close to, she's 56 years old and so peppy about life and wanting to explore around the town. I go on walks with her every weekend and she helps me remember that I have so much life ahead of me. I turned 31 a couple months ago and I've already been stressing about my biological clock, to an unhealthy amount. It's a good reminder to take it a day at a time and your life doesn't end at all by certain ages.

No. 1923566

Just ordered firehouse subs

No. 1923616

Getting nostalgic for sims 2 again. Might give it a cheeky reinstall.

No. 1923621

I think today was the first time in my life I actually had a conversation in English irl.
I obviously studied some in school and use it a lot online but actually trying to say it out aloud and hearing myself say the words I usually only think in my head felt so weird…
Luckily the other party was even worse than I kek

No. 1923674

Well your writing reads perfectly fluent to me, so I’m sure you sounded great nonna

No. 1923675

Im laughing right now cause one of the video servers for the site I use to watch to shows detected my adblock and gave me a message like "we can't exist without ads but you obviously don't care, well we don't care that you want to watch videos!" kekkkk

No. 1923676

I really enjoy the thread cover, thanks OP

No. 1923686

I started seeing a man and i like him and am considering having sex with him but there are no outward red flags whatsoever and i’m worried he has a really small dick to the point of googling how to tell if a man has a small dick and feeling real anxious… it doesn’t have to big, just like… not small, ykwim?

No. 1923697

You don't have to sleep with him once you see it. You can just say you only want to receive oral that night and then bounce permanently.

No. 1923704

Right and if he's a guy with no outward red flags then he should be okay with that.

No. 1923724

I think my libido is completely dead, I didn't get slightly horny the day before my period like I usually do and even my favorite fic didn't arouse me this time. Let's see how long I can go without masturbation.

No. 1923741

is the algorithm God?
I got 2 videos recommended to me back to back about women in their 30s who found love and say it's all due to luck. I was just trying to feel vilified that people in relationships seem so smug and holier-than-thou. The unlucky-in-love seem to at least have the decency to feel humble about it.

No. 1923810

With how big goodreads is and for how long it has existed, you'd expect them to have lists with all the winners of all the major book prizes, but apparently I have to look them up all by myself…

No. 1923859

The scarlet eggplant is tasting a bit too bitter even by scarlet eggplant standards

No. 1923936

I'm thirsty

No. 1924003

If it's not a list they have a separate section for awards. But it might be incomplete because most of those details are added by unpaid volunteers.

No. 1924372

Spicy (hot spicy, not flavor spice) food is way more filling and satisfying than mild food. The hotter the better. Most people think buffalo sauce is hot spicy which is hilarious to me because the hottest buffalo sauce I’ve ever had is pretty mild compared to most spicy hot cuisines.

No. 1924495

File: 1710411231808.jpg (420.06 KB, 867x1300, 163150.jpg)

I just sowed my pumpkins for the year. Feels good.

No. 1924505

File: 1710411769404.jpg (138.91 KB, 1284x1043, 1000003402.jpg)

Should we just start executing these people

No. 1924904

I can't read big, usually serious/argumentative blocks of text in Tiktok screenshots. My brain just doesn't take it seriously because it's Tiktok and skips over it.

No. 1924918

journalistic memoirs remind me why I decided I couldn't be a journalist. I am simply not committed enough to the grueling reality of this world to uncover all its evildoings

No. 1924920

the wattpadification of literature proves the worlds collective reading skills are the toilet

No. 1924925

I hate that people actual like and purchase this slop, I can't wait for this era of social media influenced publishing to die

No. 1924928

It's sad because there are actually gems on crappy fan fiction sites and well written, unnoticed work. There are diamonds in the rough that never see publishing houses, the crappy shit like Harry Styles fanfics aka After is what sells

No. 1924937

Goodreads is absolute garbage, they're only as big as they are because they were the first site/app for book stuff so lots of people still use it. Like it's 2024 and they still don't have a DNF option, half star ratings, and the search function is dogshit.

No. 1924947

The next moovie night announcement can't come soon enough, whenever I scroll past the thread I get My Shiny Teeth and Me stuck in my head.

No. 1924972

File: 1710436421800.jpg (60.44 KB, 359x279, 1000014845.jpg)

I just had the most fucking delicious nougat ice cream I've ever eaten in my entire life and I don't know how I've been alive without out it, what a sad bleak life devoid of any of this specific nougat ice cream.

No. 1925022

not that mundane but im meeting a radfem online and im so happy

No. 1925036

omg nice!!!!

No. 1925293

File: 1710452616801.gif (864.55 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

I recently went to H mart to find a bunch of bonito flakes. Not for me, but for my cat. I sometimes sprinkle some ontop of his food or as a treat and he goes nuts for it. it's low calorie and isn't seasoned. For others who have cats I would give it a try.

No. 1925295

The last time my cats had bonito flakes I accidentally dumped out the whole bag over their bowls. They vacuumed that shit up before I could even decide how to clean it. At least it’s low calorie lol.

No. 1925299

You: "Shoot I need these bonito flakes cleaned up"
Cats: "Say less"

No. 1925390

I just ate beans on toast

No. 1925391

How was it? Do you feel like a proper Brit suddenly?

No. 1925404

I love beans on toast, super cheap filling meal. Its very common in Aus

No. 1925431

I'm still so horny (sorry for bumping the old thread there's no blood in my brin rn clearly)

yes that is literally what I said in my post. it's also all he sings about lol

No. 1925439

I don't even like any of these men and I think they are most certainly unbearable irl… but musicians….

No. 1925449

File: 1710462378587.jpg (89.48 KB, 532x800, Nick_Hexum_of_311_(828287219).…)

Someone pour some cold water on me

No. 1925456

I don't even care I need to get this out somewhere. Suffer my posts

No. 1925462

File: 1710462771318.jpeg (53.95 KB, 600x400, IMG_6621.jpeg)

>ate 5 of these bad boys

No. 1925465

Never feel bad about eating pickles nonna they're tasty! Even though they have lots of sodium it's okay sometimes we all need salt (sodium)

No. 1925467

They are jalepenos, sweet nonna!

No. 1925477

Even better

No. 1925482

>I don't even care I need to get this out somewhere

No. 1925510

File: 1710465879267.jpg (108.33 KB, 736x1262, 1000014893.jpg)

I got my nails done like a week ago but I'm excited about getting my nails done again because I want a design like pic related. I just love it when my nails are shiny but simple. Because then, when I'm bored I can be like "oh my nails are so- ohhhhh shiiiit look at them shine fuck yes!!! Aaaaahhhhrg!!!"

No. 1925532

>get salad
>add dressing
>accidentally add too much dressing
>I am going to be sweating salt for the next day and a half

No. 1925533

>Petting my cat while browsing LC
>Snacking on tasty goldfish crackers
>Stop petting my cat for a moment to read a post
>Hears soft cronch cronch
>Cat is eating MY goldfish crackers
Please why does she do this I'm not mad at her or anything because she's old and semi-senile but not everything fish-shaped is for you fatty please let me have my crackers

No. 1925540

The beans have betrayed me

No. 1925545

i'm sorry to read that

No. 1925546

No. 1925553

Beans beans the musical fruit
The more you eat them
The more you

No. 1925558


No. 1925561

File: 1710468935074.jpg (28.36 KB, 564x423, 86e32.jpg)

No. 1925566

Get out of the way I'm drifting

No. 1925567

File: 1710469276359.jpg (29.31 KB, 249x360, 0589.jpg)

No. 1925568

File: 1710469324372.gif (2 MB, 338x237, 1000003412.gif)

No. 1925582

No. 1925592

Reminder that this is not the correct thread for shitposting

No. 1925599

File: 1710470365332.gif (2.34 MB, 272x200, 19867565.gif)

Fuck the police

No. 1925602

Please don't get me in trouble


No. 1925606

I got super fucking drunk at a club with a guy. It’s taking a lot to write well. Please support me in getting home safe, nonnies

No. 1925616

Please do not drive or go home with him Nona, keep us posted

No. 1925626

Fucka you basard

No. 1925642

No, fuck you. You get what you sow.

No. 1925654

File: 1710473502240.jpg (73.06 KB, 896x1027, 20240113_131949.jpg)

AJAB (all jannies are bad)(take it to /meta/)

No. 1925666

I'm plucking mi eyebrows. Just the little unibrow hairs.

No. 1925718

eating pizza in my car. really don’t wanna go to work tomorrow or ever again. the pizza is alright i guess

No. 1925794

You guys inspired me to get bonito flakes for my cats, they didn't care for them smh they are literally the pickiest little bitches

No. 1925908

watching lolcowlive and smoking roaches who up pondering they orb

No. 1925915

I am a dying child from the byzantine empire and this is the last sentence I will ever read, goodbye

No. 1925936

Rip you have cancer

No. 1925941

Skintags are linked to diabetes. The Whale arc begins now

No. 1926030

File: 1710513059624.png (333.38 KB, 646x628, bigsleep.png)

I was a sanrio/san-x girl until I found out what other women thought of it
now that I've discovered that men hate it, I'm going back
I think I'm too easily influenced by the opinions of other people

No. 1926215

listening to fireplace sounds while studying
who knew study could be so comfy

No. 1926244

Cleaning is fucking exhausting

No. 1926251

is that a mcnugget

No. 1926255

File: 1710522702597.jpeg (229.5 KB, 2500x2500, IMG_0425.jpeg)

Perhaps it is

No. 1926341

Amen to that. No matter how much stuff I sell it still feels like my apartment is cluttered.

No. 1926346

My brain is very weird. When I was 14 I loved sanrio and san x and would die for their shit, too poor to afford anything though. I'm old enough to get sanrio and san x now and my brain simply rejects the idea. They're not as cute to me as they were anymore. I don't know why.

No. 1926382

Sanrio is overpriced. It's cute but the branding does not warrant how expensive the product is.

No. 1926385

I bought an air purifier and now my home feels and smells fresh.

No. 1926531

I need all your prayers. Starting today I'll be teaching my boyfried how to cook. He's sweet and keeps giving me food but I'm legit about to gag. He cooks like the germans are flying overhead and we're on rations

No. 1926538

Teaching a grown man a basic life skill. Sad.

No. 1926539

This is the sign I was waiting for to buy one for myself YES

No. 1926542

I’m really glad my moid came with the “self teaching” feature enabled.

No. 1926543

File: 1710533487272.gif (156.25 KB, 220x244, anime-sad.gif)

I said prayers nonna
He's still on basics like rice and pasta dishes.

No. 1926548

I'm sorry nona I just can't get over the fact that any person above the age of 13 can't make pasta or rice for themselves. If I was in your shoes I'd dump him. What's next, potty training him?

No. 1926551

I mean he can, I'm just more impressed it's always disgusting. My nieces and nephews can cook just fine, really good actually. I'm just surprised at like, how?! Can you not tatse the shit you cook? Does your nose not work?

No. 1926553

So why are you letting it slide? There are a million other scrotes out there who can actually cook and clean and be normal human adults. He doesn't care about how bad the food is because he wants you to be the one to make all his food for him.

No. 1926554

Anyway I'll get updates later. He will learn to cook proper meals damn it! I'll make him a house husband

No. 1926555

Nonny is in the coping stage, give her time.

No. 1926557

You're right I know it but I just hate seeing nonas cope with retarded shit when I know they're funny smart and beautiful enough to get a real adult man not a manchild

No. 1926559

You gunna make me cry
Not really, but on the inside
It is weird how in this day and age with the internet someone doesn't know how to cook

No. 1926560

I don't know how moids eat some of the shit they do despite knowing how to cook a bit. Some of the meals they post online looks like they just dumped out a can of alpo dog food onto a plate and said bon appetit! kek

No. 1926562

What thread can I post my ecco2k art in anons

No. 1926563

File: 1710534572436.png (156.73 KB, 288x425, Screen Shot 2023-12-30 at 8.35…)

No it's not weird at all. It's symptomatic of being lazy, stupid, and a bore. If someone doesn't know how to cook, it's usually because they're too lazy to learn, too stupid to follow a recipe, or too boring to want a new skill. All of those qualities are unattractive to me, so that's why I've never seriously dated any scrote that couldn't cook. I'm not interested in teaching adults how to be adults.

No. 1926565

Get cheap meat, don't season it, cook it until it's no longer pink. Still manage to give himself food poisoning.

No. 1926573

in /m/ somewhere.

No. 1926580

Just like the things you like regardless of people on the internet. There is nothing you can like that a woman on this site won't say is "stupid and ugly" so just don't give a fuck and buy the kawaii plushie if you like it

No. 1926581

it weirds me out how so many 'normal' moids dont know how to cook. I am a literal hikkineet hs dropout and i know how to cook, meanwhile my scrote friend who has a fucking degree didnt even know how to turn a oven on at 23

No. 1926585

I believe it is pure weaponized incompetence with moids when it comes to cooking. My ex had a masters degree in mechanical engineering but asked me how to boil water. There is something wrong with them.

No. 1926588

>My ex had a masters degree in mechanical engineering but asked me how to boil water.
that's honestly scary so many powerful moids probably dont know how to cook or clean or do other basic stuff

No. 1926593

I think it's the weird shit that their wives/gf will replace their mother and do it for them. I alawys found that thinking weird as fuck. Like go marry your mom or learn to take care of yourself.

No. 1926594

They fucking know how, at the very least they’re equipped to teach themselves if they truly don’t. It’s that they think it’s beneath them, “women’s work” they know if they play dumb someone will swoop in and mommy them.

No. 1926601

It's pitiful how many moids in medicine and engineering are straight up retarded I'm almost convinced they hand out these degrees on temu. People often say Quizlet and stuff but women I've met in STEM are incredibly smart

No. 1926607

This. I know more successful well rounded women who can do it all. Degree, career, cooks like a chef, killer bod, has a hobby she's good at.
It means men can, they just don't. Why I feel like a lot of moids don't want to date women who earn more. Because of the shame that they should be more like their partner.

No. 1926614

They're scared women will treat them like how they treat women when they're the ones in control of their finances

No. 1926618

instead of resting bitch face, does anyone have resting depression/pathetic face? people just assume i'm either sad or upset when i'm honestly just chilling. i have had total strangers in public hug me and tell me that everything is going to be ok or something along those lines, completely unprompted. Not only that but one time i was sitting on a curb after a walk on a hot day and an ambulance driver pulled up to me and asked if i was ok. I almost feel bad that I cause people to have a pitying response for no reason.

No. 1926635

on moids not knowing how to cook, a lot of them (esp non-white ones) have the excuse that their mothers never let them in the kitchen. I can corroborate that as my mom would ask me to cook for my brother, help with meals, etc. and got mad at me once when she wasn't home and I told his grown-ass 16 year old self to figure out how to make his own instant ramen kek. Totally inexcusable once they're adults living on their own though, if a moid survives on frozen foods and hot dogs because he refuses to learn to cook I view him as even more subhuman than most moids

No. 1926642

I feel like I can't function without food. I've been so lazy all day cause I was hungry then I ate some pizza and now I'm getting work done.

No. 1926646

Yeah nona we need food to be alive that's one of our main needs actually

No. 1926653

i learned to cook at a young age but my younger cousin who was never even allowed inside the kitchen constantly has to ask me for help because there are some fucking terrible resources online. i have so many stories of just blatantly incorrect information like sites saying fish cooks better from frozen, or that parchment paper can be used with the broiler setting in your oven. it's still laziness to just give up entirely, but the some of the information out there is appalling or even dangerous. i've suggested those meal boxes but even then some recipes are subpar with questionable methods. we really need to teach cooking in high school like other countries do, and not just for women like some home-ec class, but an actual cooking class so college students won't cause fires or live off ramen and men won't be able to just coast on wife/female friends bringing them food.

No. 1926664

I desperately need my car fixed soon. I've been having to order food so much, and I'm probably gonna have to use instacart soon too for regular household items. My wallet is suffering.

No. 1926678

Do it anon, it has only been 48 hours and it is a life changer. Best 200$ I have spent (I bought the Honeywell HPA5150). I used to blow my nose a lot and now I don't.

No. 1926698

I listened to a Slipknot song for the first time in my 31 years of life and holy shit did that suck, how did they get so popular.

No. 1926717

thinking about these random chips my dad used to buy at the local grocery store when i was a kid. they weren't regular potato chips, i'm not even sure how to describe them. they were kind of puffed and crispy? they were a local brand that is no longer around and i cant find any trace of them on the internet or anything. i just want to eat them again

No. 1926732

>they weren't regular potato chips, i'm not even sure how to describe them. they were kind of puffed and crispy?
Could it be rice or tapioca chips?

I used to be a slipknot fan when I was a kid and I couldn't listen to them ever since I was 14 maybe, it's such a loud and aggressive cacophony, I get tired instantly. But I'm talking only about their older songs, because I didn't really listen to anything they released in 2010s and later

No. 1926753

File: 1710543214889.jpg (140.43 KB, 900x600, pork-rinds-chicharrones-1.jpg)

Were they maybe pork rinds? pretty common in southern US and Mexico

No. 1926766

Popcorn chips?

No. 1926790

In bed listening to Drew Monson and doing word searches i <3 NEETdom i never want to change

No. 1926799

Drew monson is an ugly scrote

No. 1926804

Nah he chillin

No. 1926805

And butt ugly

No. 1926811

File: 1710545705356.gif (Spoiler Image,2.86 MB, 452x500, JILL.gif)

>t. Jillybean

No. 1926824

Maybe its cause Im a dyke but he looks fine, cute even kek

No. 1926836

>Maybe its cause Im a dyke
is he popular among lesbians idgi

No. 1926841

nta it's a joke because dude looks like a 45 year old lesbian

No. 1926854

File: 1710549309611.jpg (130.47 KB, 800x450, 1705817672801.jpg)

Logged into the fake Instagram account I made to give to my thirdie cousins when they asked me for my account when I was forced to go visit them. Saw one of my cousin's story and it's just a video of him edited in slo-mo with 'badass' music playing ontop while he makes cringe faces at the camera trying to look "mysterious and cool" or whatever. I need to gouge my fucking eyeballs out. There's no way I'm related to that THING

No. 1926874

I tried finding interest in Drew Monsoon for a couple days but he just isn't funny and he's also annoying so… ok

No. 1926913

I love spring, especially rainy days. Looking from the outside in I had the most mediocre day ever but the weather made it so cozy. Also ever since I found some actual hobbies not having close friends isn't really bothering me anymore, sure I feel lonely sometimes but it's hard to dwell on it while doing something. Who would have thought kek.
I thought he was a troon for the longest time

No. 1926934

At the hospital today, I heard that someone's last name was "Jenkem."

No. 1926939

Thinking of how beautiful my exes are again.
It's not fair that we're all fucking nuts. Would they have dated me if they were sane though? Probably no.
Wish I could eat their faces (figuratively and spiritually).

No. 1926942

I still think of my first love like this and its been eight years good luck

No. 1926959

Same there are two I regard with fondness because they were cute and one I regard with upmost disgust and seeing him makes me think eww

No. 1927104

I'm now officially a wagie.

No. 1927107

File: 1710564696237.gif (973.65 KB, 244x154, lets celebrate!.gif)

Congrats nona!

No. 1927112

Thanks nona!!

No. 1927116

File: 1710565132794.gif (69.44 KB, 275x275, ant eater celebrate.gif)

Hooray go nonna go! You escaped neetdom I'm proud of you!

No. 1927146

yess good on you nonnita

No. 1927159

File: 1710568782643.jpeg (70.81 KB, 450x600, 79C27FEF-ABFA-454A-8A30-56B22F…)

The older I get the more insane my cramps feel. Aleve isn’t enough anymore. I wish I could squeeze this uterus like a washcloth

No. 1927168

File: 1710570129021.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3024x2841, IMG_6322.jpeg)

saw one of the hotels on the las vegas strip lit up with the suffragette colors! happy women's history month nonnas

No. 1927184

I didn’t realize there were so many Pacific Northwest anons

No. 1927188

I love loose, flowly pants but hate feeling like I need to wear a shaper with them because I have a big, wobbly, flat ass. It defeats the purpose of comfort! I like being comfortable!

No. 1927196

Hotels in Las Vegas are places where women suffer a lot I don't want to be mean it's just true

No. 1927219

File: 1710576885141.jpg (183.4 KB, 969x1080, 1000003450.jpg)

This is one of the greatest dolls to ever be released and out of the bratz tokyo agogo line she beat the rest by a landslide no contest. This changed everything for me there was no other doll available that topped this at the time of release I wanted everything she had.

No. 1927335

being left handed is a curse. i’m trying to learn on my sister’s guitar and it’s seriously so uncomfortable. i’m broke as fuck and can’t find any secondhand left handed models. it’s fun learning so far but my hands are cramped

No. 1927343

newfag here its almost 7:30 am i got no sleep the night before tonight but i can't stop studying these pathetic cows oh my god. Luna… someone recommend me an insane cow to study/cow on the come up

No. 1927362

Onision get prepped for his upcoming court stuff.

No. 1927373

I am almost done with the first part of a big ass project. The second part is going to take a while, but it's at least easier.

No. 1927377

File: 1710590562132.jpg (389.45 KB, 1080x1211, i-recently-got-tokyo-a-go-go-j…)

For me, it was Jade. I'm so sad this line never came out in my country when I was a kid.

No. 1927379

I got this 90s pop rock compilation cd and it sounds like someone compiled all the songs they played in Daria, I love it.
The instagrammers you hate 2 thread is one of my favorites to reread. The milk is a little sparse but star666 and Astrid are hilariously pathetic.

No. 1927384

Perfect I know most of his antics just not super as of late ty nona

No. 1927392

these are the most y2k dolls i have ever seen. Makes me sad modern fashion isn't as interesting.

No. 1927415

I think I just found my first gray (eyebrow hair)? I'm so stupidly excited about it kek

No. 1927425

Good for you nonnie, grey hair is beautiful!

No. 1927464

File: 1710600409802.jpg (60.35 KB, 626x626, 1000015115.jpg)

Fuck, I fucked up my back again, but I'm putting cold shit on it and massaging it with a massage gun. I wish I could just remove my back and massage it like a steak, and then put it back in place like a Lego piece.

No. 1927652

I have black tea and powdered coffee creamer, so I guess I'm having some ratchet ass milk tea and leftover pizza for breakfast

No. 1927655

What kind of pizza do you have nona? My go to is Dominos I get a large pizza with garlic parm sauce and pepporoni and bacon and chicken and jalapeno.

No. 1927657

Lil Caesars hot n ready pepperoni. I'm only sad cause I have no ranch, but it's kind of good with Chick Fila A's Polynesian sauce

No. 1927660

No I get the no ranch thing. I love getting some ranch with my pizza. I love Lil Casers especially that stuffed crust. Honeslty you're living my dream morning. I wish I had pizza today

No. 1927691

I hope you get some pizza soon anon! Honestly,I just cannot eat anything without some sort of sauce. Everything feels incomplete without sauce to dip it in.

No. 1927702

Whats your favouite sauce of all time? Mine is spicy mayonaise. I love that shit so much it makes my mouth water. Yesterday I had fried chicken and I deadass asked for 6 packets of spicy mayonaise and the cashier was like "usually I can't do this!" but she gave them to me and I was so happy I said so many prayers for her. I also like hoisin sauce a lot. In summer, I grow a lot of hot pepper bushes and I make sauce out of them. I want to get Dominos tonight because I'm 1 order away from a free pizza.

No. 1927731

The update no one wanted:
I went to the physiotherapist and my back hurts so fucking much I'm dying.

No. 1927756

I don't care for regular mayo, but chipotle mayo is divine.

No. 1927758

50/50 Sriracha and Kewpie mayo, goes great with kbbq or just over some rice and egg

No. 1927786

File: 1710617847114.gif (773.84 KB, 500x370, IMG_2881.gif)

yay i bought a twix from the vending machine and it gave me two

No. 1927789

Knowing how to do your own nails is a curse. I did my nails in a shape I already knew I don't really like and told myself I would keep them on for a few weeks (which I never do, I can't keep the same set for more than a week) and then do a fill to let my natural nails grow out. I also just get bored of designs easily. I'm going mentally insane now because I want to just do them over and get a new shape and do different nail art. I have to keep reminding myself that I waste so much product and money doing my nails over so often.

No. 1927923

No. 1928268

The best feeling!

No. 1928405

File: 1710663356224.jpg (211.28 KB, 880x660, 1000003470.jpg)

Wondered how giraffes sleep

No. 1928406

The cds, the cellphones, the luggage. Perfect. I'm sorry you never got to play with one, it was my most prized possession. The braids were so cool in person.

No. 1928407

File: 1710663498292.jpg (222.99 KB, 880x660, 1000003469.jpg)

No. 1928417

I wonder how that must feel like.

No. 1928420

File: 1710664439486.jpg (77.95 KB, 736x552, 20240227_230419.jpg)

Like this

No. 1928423

So comfy

No. 1928434

this is how one of my goats sleeps when she's ultrachill baking in the sun, so cute.

No. 1928445

you have goats?

No. 1928451

Why are there little to no moid cows on here?(wrong thread)

No. 1928460

I finally managed to sleep in past 10AM. I can't believe I'm at that point in my adult life where that's an accomplishment kek.

No. 1928462

plenty of baby male cows get posted here.

No. 1928467

Finally getting my meds today gonna have my bf watch over them for me so I don’t do the dumb shit I’ve done the last two times I’ve gotten refills which is take way too many at once and then suffer for weeks without my medication at the proper dose

No. 1928469

smart idea nonnie <3

No. 1928473

Because moids tend to be horror cows and overall more depressing to read about. There's plenty on KF

No. 1928506

The police is parked outside my house for some reason

No. 1928507

It’s the grammar police

No. 1928511

i am sorry for being hispanic

No. 1928524

I think my elbow is deteriorating. I have nerve damage (complete numbness in half my left hand and arm all the way down to my elbow (i had a brain tumor as a child)) and I've been leaning on my elbow and FEELING dull pain. It feels like there chips of bone swimming around in there. Oh well.

No. 1928525

File: 1710673846166.jpeg (80.39 KB, 460x444, IMG_7218.jpeg)

Popo dont care

No. 1928548

No. 1928564

File: 1710676945178.jpeg (34.15 KB, 600x300, IMG_7219.jpeg)

Just saw a little armadillo in my backyard. They’re such cute critters. Like a little armored anteater. Pretty sure it’s made itself a home under the shed.

No. 1928566

don't touch it

No. 1928570

I know they carry leprosy and I don’t want to touch it and I highly doubt it wants me to touch it kek. I told it to hurry up and get itself under my shed so my dog didn’t start nipping it and it listened.

No. 1928573

hell yea love these little dudes

No. 1928578

>they carry leprosy
Oh kek, wish I knew that before my last trip to the states. Didn't touch one but one got friendly with me on a walk through some national park and if my mom wasn't there I'd probably have pet it.
Are there any other American animals to watch out for? Beyond the obvious predators and such, despite seeing many a dumbass poke or even slap alligator tails in Florida at least I'm aware the predators should be avoided lol

No. 1928582

I keep blocking terms for Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Christianity on my Instagram but I swear it's having the opposite effect. I need to delete that shit bucket of an app before I off myself or someone else.

No. 1928587

Well the good news about leprosy is that 95% of humans are naturally immune, it’s just a dumb risk to take basically kek. Honestly the biggest thing to worry about especially in Florida would be mosquito and tick bites. If you get bit by a tick you should go to an urgent care and get prophylactic antibiotics so you don’t contract Lyme disease. It’s best not to touch wild critters regardless of their species cause there’s always the chance you could get bitten, if you’re ever bitten by a wild critter definitely go get rabies prophylaxis. Technically you’re not allowed to feed wild critters but I think watching raccoons and possums eat is one of life’s simple pleasures, take me away coppers. I give them snackies.
Best not to touch any reptiles because I believe there’s always a chance many of them could be harboring salmonella on their scales, but you’ll probably be fine if you touch a lizard and then wash your hands. We all knew some kids who would wear anoles as earrings. As far as I know the only “don’t touch it” in regards to something like leprosy would be armadillos. Oh and some bear cubs may wanna get friendly with you but don’t let that happen cause mama won’t be far behind and won’t appreciate you around her babies.

No. 1928605

Thank for the advice! I've never actually thought to check that the mosquitos down there might have more tropical diseases than I'm used to lol. Keeping that in mind next time I'm there!
>watching raccoons and possums eat is one of life’s simple pleasures
Absolutely agree! I have a composter in my backyard and noticed a family of racoons had started eating from it last year so I left some food in front of my back door and got to watch the cutest sight of baby racoons eating while the mom and dad stood watch taking a couple of nibbles here and there. They're just so cute, and really smart too! I thought leaving the door open with just the mosquito screen closed was safe but the mom promptly figured out how to sneak her fingers in and open it lol. Got the main door closed before she came in but it was marvelous to watch her brain just work the problem of the door and succeed at getting it open.
Later on a skunk couple started showing up and they are also insanely adorable for how scary they were if they waltzed into my yard while I was still out kek. They have a funny little waddle and have the cutest little faces. I really hope they come back this summer and my neighbours stay oblivious that they're not just coming to the communal dumpster so my composter gets to stay

No. 1928664

I’m so hungry I’m calling the pizza place in exactly 8 minutes when they open and ordering a delivery

No. 1928703

File: 1710685035662.gif (513.87 KB, 220x220, 1000021109.gif)

How I feel after successfully making small talk with someone…I am invincible now.

No. 1928710

Mmmmmm my pizza is here it’s delicious

No. 1928776

File: 1710691712688.jpeg (100.84 KB, 366x343, IMG_9637.jpeg)

I just found out that “Nona/nonna” is just a reverse of “anon”. I’m a fucking genius.

No. 1928781

I talked something about intestines to this girl and she has since stopped replying to me. It wasn't anything weird, I don't think, but I don't have the best gauge on that stuff. It was about food reaching the intestines, basically. Maybe she's just busy though, I've been enjoying talking to her and I hope we can go on a date soon. It's rare to actually meet a woman who is into women sincerely here, so I hope I didn't blow my chance, kek.

No. 1928784

I was thinking about seeing End of Evangelion but the theater's seat reservation service shows that all the screenings are nearly filled. I don't really want to go now if the audience is going to be super loud or weird. If it were at my local theater it'd be completely dead, I wish it could've been there

No. 1928786

Kek a nice girl stopped replying to me a couple days ago after I said I have done mild drugs. Hope they are just too busy and not weirded off kekk

No. 1928797

Oh noo, for me it's only been like 24 hours. Manifesting they get back to us soon.

No. 1928857

I agree that it's not as good as homemade, but for a fast food chicken sandwich I think it is topping the game tbh. Not worth all the drama people were causing, but still.

Popeyes has a deal for a free sandwich, so I'm getting that and trying the mango lemonade tonight.

No. 1928859

My period must be around the corner because I'm horny as fuck. Then again, I've also noticed that whenever I get sick or injured, I feel way too horny.

No. 1928883

She just replied to me, said I had a beautiful perspective.

No. 1928925

First day of taking new med and bar side effects it's already less invasive than my old medication. Oh thank the lord I might be able to stop at this one if I can afford it and be a functional human woman again

No. 1928926

That's so exciting anon!!

No. 1928940

I wonder what lolcow will be like in the future when most of the userbase is gen z and alpha

No. 1928955

No. 1928957

More skin care addicts, more retardation, more anachans
The day that they come in I'm out

No. 1928970

Sadly, we'll probably shut down before that. Millennials made this site and they will run it to the end. Gen z can't do it.

No. 1928998

I dont think civilization will last that long. I hope not.

No. 1929004

Aren't the oldest gen z in their late 20s already? I wouldn't be surprised if they're already or nearing the majority

No. 1929005

crystal cafe but much worse

No. 1929027

I'm a millennial in her 30s and I don't have much against a gen z in their late 20s. I think they are closer to my age when I first began my lolcow traverse. It's most the ones who are 18-23 coming here and thinking they know shit.

No. 1929084

Just got permabanned from r/fishtanklive time to kill myself bye nonas it was fun while it lasted

No. 1929096

how do you even

No. 1929101

Said someone should shoot Betty in the face, comment got deleted, got account warning. Then called someone a faggot and THAT'S what got me banned lmfao

No. 1929140

I bought an air fryer and now I can't stop eating potatoes. Like, every dinner I have now is just a plate of potatoes.

No. 1929144

File: 1710710068384.jpg (52.79 KB, 676x678, manga.JPG)

I'm so hype for the old school mangas and artbooks I've bought online over the weekend. I was browsing some 2nd hand online shops for books when I decided to check on some series that I wanted as a kid back in the day, but never got to buy because of my limited amount of pocket money or because it wasn't for kids like me back then. Now after all those years you get the finished series for a few bucks and in a really good condition. Browsing the artbooks I got last week have been really inspiring to pick up a pen again and start making art again after having an art block for over a year now. I was thinking about buying mangas for a while now because my collection that I stored in the moist basement got destroyed due to the moisture in there. I remember how I opened the boxes and all the beloved books were covered in black mold, ngl this hurt a lot because I had lots of memories tied to them.

No. 1929242

sorry, I know you already got a reply but armadillos are my favorite animals and I need to sperg. Only one species of armadillo (nine-banded, the one in your pic) is known to have carried the bacteria to transmit leprosy. Has never been transferred to a human, other than being naturally immune the way that armadillos are built, you would have to either eat the liver of the armadillo or drink its pee to even have a risk of infection. Like the other anon said, touching any wild animal is more likely to be a risk of rabies or some other common mammalian disease than anything. It's quite lucky that anon saw an armadillo, they are shy around people. Armadillos of all species are so cute and I recommend checking out the different kinds! My favorite species right now is the Brazilian three-banded armadillo. The San Antonio Zoo posts on their Instagram about a really cute one they have, named Wilson.

No. 1929248

I was tearing up my bed looking for my glasses and the whole time they were right by me. If it were a snake, it woulda bit me.

No. 1929250

File: 1710717156543.png (69.22 KB, 1107x1178, Daco_3800784.png)

sister in arms i love putting salt and mixed herbs on mine

No. 1929251

Trying to find a mini series to start watching before my food comes.

No. 1929252

picrel is me

No. 1929256

happy paddy’s day from my beer and laptop to you and yours!! what are we drinking tonight ladies

No. 1929274

Samefag, I've settled on ATLA. Not a mini series but good nonetheless

No. 1929275

I know but it's like I can't even think about anything but food until I eat

No. 1929327

Almost everyone unconnected from the past has been hitting me up lately and it's making me fucking paranoid.

No. 1929396

Kek, my aunt was talking with my mom and my dad and told them that maybe I'm the only one of the family that doesn't cause any problems because I'm autistic.

No. 1929543

The TMI thread is full, if you unspoiler this it's your fault.

I just squeezed a blackhead out of my buttcheek. It was insane, I've never had anything like that on my butt

No. 1929606

I normally don't believe in astrology and I saw this collection of zodiac themed dresses, I really liked the virgo themed one so I bought it. I am not a virgo but I did a birth chart out of curiosity and apparently I'm a virgo rising. So maybe astrology is kind of real. Eerie.

No. 1929608

Coincidences do exist.

No. 1929650

You liked a trendy dress that was made for mass-appeal, it's not that earie.

No. 1929657

i just spent like 10 minutes trying to understand the achilles and the tortoise paradox before realising it is indeed just a pointless thought experiment. achilles absolutely can and would overtake the tortoise. there is no game of catching up, stopping, catching up ad infinitum - bro would just zoom past.

No. 1929658

show us a picture at least nonny i also want to see the zodiac dresses

No. 1929679

File: 1710759382728.jpeg (92.46 KB, 479x640, IMG_3624.jpeg)

Yes but there were 12 of them.

No. 1929680

Even if there's truth in astrology, they didn't hire an astrologist to design that thing specifically for virgos anon, it's a coincidence.

No. 1929683

You don’t know that…

No. 1929686

They didn't, anon.

No. 1929699

I don’t have a single Virgo placement in my chart unless you count Chiron (which I don’t) and I would wear this dress.

No. 1929701

samefag but can you link the article I’d like to know if I prefer the dresses assigned to ny more influential signs kek. Also wanna know where to buy the Virgo dress

No. 1929704

Sure, it’s a bit old though so you might have to hunt around.

No. 1929714

I think the issue is that out of every dress here the only attractive one is >>1929679

No. 1929749

File: 1710765493405.jpg (343.01 KB, 1080x1080, 1000015327.jpg)

I love having a small can of this tea after breakfast from time to time, it goes well with my kind of frozen strawberries.

No. 1929759

File: 1710766316234.jpeg (467.03 KB, 828x1450, 654715B9-C6F1-4DEB-8A34-F6B2B4…)

Opened up my period app to log my shit in and got jumpscared by Cillian Murphy paintings in an art discussion thread they had. Can’t even bleed in peace without seeing him everywhere

No. 1929850

I love that that tea has survived my entire childhood and now adulthood. That sounds delicious, nonnie

No. 1929851

He was cute in Batman as the scarecrow. He really has aged like shit since then

No. 1929867

Is this Lolita or boho?

No. 1929883

Lolita? Are you in your right mind? It has some boho elements but I wouldn't call it that.

No. 1929999

File: 1710780603803.jpg (38.18 KB, 327x246, Christine_Chubbuck_1974.jpg)

Binging on lost media right now and I found a post about Christine Chubbuck, a reporter who killed herself live in the 70's. I knew about her existence but not who she was. Apparently she formed a "Dateless Wonder Club" in high school and was a late 20's/early 30's virgin whose "social life wasn't enough". Sad. I wonder if she'd be posting on LC if she had been born in the 90's.

No. 1930008

I find it interesting that copies of the tape still exist, but are heavily guarded. I would be interested in a movie with a similar premise. Some woman owns a tape of the suicide of a celebrity or something and she has to constantly battle between her sense of morality and people trying to bribe her for it.

No. 1930013

I think she probably had autism and couldn't communicate well, it was just bad life circumstances that set her down her path.

No. 1930032

That's what I suspect too. She couldn't bond with people and her best friends were her mother and brother. Also she remodeled her space so it would look like "a teenage girls bedroom". Not every autist loves childhood items and media, of course, but the signs are there.
That would be an interesting premise yeah. I hope the real footage never sees the light of day, the audio is so sad on its own

No. 1930041

I suspect one of my aunts is in the same boat. She's intelligent and capable of taking care of herself, but she acts more like a neurotic teenager than an adult. She used to take more interest in what me and my cousins were doing rather then engage with the adults. She only got married when she was 32 and I'm pretty sure she had no relationships with men before that.

No. 1930070

The mod on the discord group I use has this frigid holier than thou persona but I found out she's eslutting with half the men in the server now I just find her pathetic

No. 1930100

a woman came up with the community and term invcel that lead to the creation of the incel, and i don't think she's very into the internet communities so she wouldn't necessarily be here.

No. 1930127

after being stoned made me horribly constipated for a day and a half I have finally released the beast

No. 1930180

Damn she wasn't even 30 yet, imo not ugly, very successful and thought she would never ever find any moid? Compared to male incels who are out to hurt women this is just plain sad.
I'm also a depressed virgin hag and yet, I don't feel like it's over? Maybe I'm just delusional.

I recently saw a youtuber I like respond to the saying "the good men get taken first!" by this: nowadays in the west around 50% of all marriages end in divorce. If you didn't get one in the first round, there will always be a second or third round kek

No. 1930194

File: 1710792298904.jpg (28.81 KB, 500x500, 1710479767701.jpg)

happy for you

No. 1930231

my college wifi has lolcow blocked. the injustice of it all…..

No. 1930233

Wait that’s crazy, didn’t think this site would be on any admin’s radar

No. 1930243

I am not taking edibles more than once a month and that's final

No. 1930324

kek is any other ib blocked?

No. 1930328

File: 1710800654991.jpg (159.76 KB, 720x962, IMG_20240319_012334.jpg)

They should invent one of these for balls so males can't spend 2 hours in the toilet anymore.

No. 1930332

My gym wifi somehow has this site blocked kek. It’s probably a generic block on non business sites since it also affects apps like Spotify. No clue why because of course gymgoers are going to want to listen to music.

No. 1930389

I wish I was tiny so everything could be big and a twin bed would be 5x my size, imagine every cookie be a giant cookie.

No. 1930398

I've been seeing people say that women will allow their boyfriends to use their food delivery accounts if they can't get their own, and I never really paid much mind to it. Well today, I ordered food and despite the picture and name of the driver being female, a man dropped off my food. That's a little bit of a safety concern cause idk who you just had at my house. I ended up changing my tip to $0.

No. 1930432

File: 1710807647459.png (332.03 KB, 640x360, 5678986.png)

I had to buy a water bottle in an airport shop but the cashier was a moid that looked a bit like "my type" only kind of chubby.
It was so unexpected so i started stuttering like an idiot but i was trying my best to stay calm, then when i walked away i couldn't contain my nervous laugh for a while so i hope no one saw that, i'm so awkward. It's not like he was the pretty boy type so he probably thought i was super weird kek.

No. 1930453

Report him. That happened to me once as well. I reporter the user because it's extremely unsafe, especially as a woman ordering food. I had a woman profile pick up my food and deliver to a hotel i was staying at. I told them to leave it in the hobby and i'll come down to get it. They ended up coming up to my floor as i was getting to the elevator. I asked them if they were for (insert name) and they said yes. I said 'why arent your a woman then?' took my food and ran back to my room. I called uber to tell them what happened. It's disgusting

No. 1930462

File: 1710808904597.jpg (30.96 KB, 640x480, 1000003488.jpg)

No. 1930465

No. 1930467

i saw discussion on twitter that this is a big problem on those apps, men lie or use their girlfriend's accounts to deliver. they know people don't trust scrotes. fuck them.

No. 1930482

Huh, interesting. I have to be more careful about this now

No. 1930485

I believe they do this because they're under the impression that consumers will tip woman-drivers more than they would if it was a man delivering their food. Most consumers request contactless delivery, so their lie is never unveiled.

No. 1930568

File: 1710815039901.jpg (27.35 KB, 608x342, depositphotos_584643302-stock-…)

I'm bloating horribly because of PMS, was stinky, life sucks. However I took a hot bath, vibed, put on my favorite lotion and clean clothes. I'm so at peace right now.

No. 1930580

If you ever see a man using a woman's profile, report them. This is insane. I had no idea it was so widespread

No. 1930629

A bird pooped on my head today

No. 1930664

Do you know what kind of bird it was

No. 1930665

I wish my bro would buy me some sushi but he probably won't.

No. 1930676

Sorry it was dark and I only noticed when it ran down my nose

No. 1930765

Buy a lottery ticket habibi

No. 1930842

He didn't.
I will sleep sushiless tonight.

No. 1931009

File: 1710845939881.jpg (44.16 KB, 450x450, 207954444-latte-tradizionale-a…)

After spending a reasonable amount of time looking at face soaps, body lotions, lip balms and face creams I've finally bought some. I'm changing brands in all four categories and I'm ashamed to admit that this silly aspect of my life brings me a little too much joy. I buy my stuff from a shop/warehouse close to my city so I will recieve my package before friday, yay! I've also ordered some curcuma latte powder to make golden milk and some dental treats for my dog.

No. 1931012

That’s so scary I’m sorry nonna. I always use a male name for my food apps, Uber etc

No. 1931058

I don't know if it's the same everywhere but in my country student visas have a ridiculously low amount of hours you can work so they rent an account from someone else. It's still feels weird. I always ask them to leave the food at the door.

No. 1931079

My bf agreed to give me $100 for weed but he said he wouldn’t buy me sushi I hope he buys me sushi too

No. 1931081

Sushi is overrated. Complete meme food
Get some prawns or crab

No. 1931118

File: 1710854880663.png (826.55 KB, 614x712, 1643732376.png)

Tell me why I was shitting and farting myself in anxiety yesterday about this exam I didnt even crack open a book for and thought I was 100% going to fail. I quickly look up the lecture slides on the bus this morning because a score of 2 is better than a score of 0, then I actually sit the exam and I fucking end up breezing through all the questions???? You guys are literally posting among a genius right now like maybe I had potential to be one of those kids in HS who’d be like “omg i didnt study I’m gonna fail eeruugghh” and then they get the highest score. Anyway I want to thank my mother for this big massive intelligent cranium brain she gifted me like I’m seriously a genius maybe I should start putting in more effort? I’m going to laugh my ass off if I actually failed that exam because I was seriously answering those questions with random confidence I have NO idea where it came from

No. 1931119

Any chance of passing this skill on telepathically to a retarded nonna like me?

No. 1931120

Real sushi is delicious. Store bought shit at a groceries doesnt count

Happy for you, anon!

No. 1931133

I've had it in Japan and I thought it was overrated especially compared to other local food

No. 1931140

I am going to have a delicious pesto and Gouda sammich for breakfast

No. 1931188

I am finally going to start coding. Fuck i will always hate myself for not starting at 14, but better late than never

No. 1931197

Good luck nonnie. I'd recommend Python then once you got the fundamentals down switch to Kotlin or ReactJS for work.

No. 1931205

yup was going to start python because i was planning on starting with a visual novel on renpy, then moving on to godot that i heard has its own language thats very similar to python

No. 1931442

If my aunt could do it, so can anyone.

No. 1931559

It always makes me giggle when I don't get carded buying alcohol because its like hm do I like old or are me and the cashier just besties

No. 1931583

I think many store owners just don't care.

No. 1932632

ordered some jewelery online because my mum's bday is this friday and because I wanted to make sure that it arrives on time I decided to use the express delivery option, which meant that I got it less than 20 hours after the placed order and honestly it was def the last time I did the express delivery bc I just got the package and I had this totally exhausting looking guy at my door who sounded like all feeling of being alive has left his body because of this shitty job and working hours.

No. 1932853

i wonder why everyone at work has a tattoo? they aren’t similar in appearance so i can’t think of it as some kind of group bonding thing (right…?)

No. 1933029

I opened up a dipping sauce and it literally splattered out on my face. The other sauces were damaged too, sad.

No. 1933036

Ayrt, I reported and the app basically just said that they would warn the driver and make my chances of matching with them less likely. It must be so common of an issue that they can't just outright fire them. Good for me though, I would've felt really bad if I ended up getting someone fired even if what they're doing isn't right. I just hope Uber doesn't tell drivers which customers reported them lol.

No. 1933038

why does this happen every time I open yoghurt

No. 1933045

My cat doesn't care when I pretend to collapse. Every time I'm ever done it she just starts licking her ass.

No. 1933116

Cats can sense the vibes they know you're faking it

No. 1933145

Nonnas. i have noticed something strange with my stomach, i know nobody to ask about this so i post here. Top of my stomach to the left, just at the end of the ribs, has a weird stiffness/hardness compared to other regions of my stomach. I'm kinda fat and my stomach is usually soft due to it. This part feels like it's protruding. It's not new or temporary, I've noticed it a few months ago and thought it'll go away.

Sorry english is not my first language, I can't express it well. Any advices?

No. 1933207

I miss when the aliexpress thread was active because sometimes I like browsing cheap shit and it was a good jumping off point.

No. 1933250

You're probably feeling your diaphragm nonna, that's at the base of the rib cage.

No. 1933274

"Rating random male character's looks" seems like it would be pretty funny thread. I feel people are too nice when it comes to husbandos.

No. 1933276

God no we already have enough sperging and slapfights over this. Also I'm pretty sure there's a husbando rate thread on /m/

No. 1933299

My bestie got me and her Mitski tickets for my birthday! RAAAAAAA

No. 1933306

im so existentially lucky to have my husband

No. 1933320

File: 1711003683718.png (322.37 KB, 507x369, fae.png)

Think of it like a legit gladiator arena

No. 1933364

Days ago I took off some my MacBook keys to clean under them cause I couldn't figure out a better way. Now I'm realizing that I can just use a paint brush and I'm so annoyed because ever since I took the keys off they have been a little off

No. 1933376

Congrats! Love Mitski

No. 1933386

Samefag, and now the key that I was trying to fix is stuck and being triggered by itself even without the key cap. And I can't login to my laptop. And I am have no warranty. Amazing.

No. 1933479

A shitty, dead-eyed, yanky vtuber model is way worse than one well-made PNGtuber spritesheet. You wasted that $500 you spent on commissioning the model and rigging sis, especially when your voice acting is just reading off a paper with an autism note like you were holding a school representation while your model jerks around.

No. 1933569

I hate how my period fucks up my stomach so much.

No. 1933590

Those butterfly key MacBooks are awful, I did the same thing once trying to clean it and a few of the hinges some keys broke so they don't work properly anymore. The one time the H key fell off somewhere in my house and I couldn't find it for the life of me only for it to remerge later on but for months I had a gap on my keyboard where it used to be KEK

No. 1933594

I'd enjoy this tbh, dumb stuff like that is always entertaining. I just know the astarionfags would get torn to shreds though kek

No. 1933599

File: 1711033955571.jpeg (23.91 KB, 500x288, 0aea43431ce857a393de1e868a1950…)

Today I'm enjoying black coffee and in a couple hours I'll have my one cigarette

No. 1933631

Honestly, good for you. That sounds relaxing

No. 1933811

Trying to listen in on work gossip happening outside of my office right now. It's distracting because I can only hear bits and pieces but not the whole thing like speak up a bit damn I want to hear kek

No. 1933949

I feel patriotic for lc and would genuinely risk my life to protect it

No. 1934083

Got a new soap from the farmers market and it smells amazing. It’s lemongrass scented with hints of honey

No. 1934187

Saw some women in an suv with a PRDLEZ license plate I was like hell yea

No. 1934197

For the first time in my life I have seen a handsome and sexy Sikh man. He goes to the new gym I signed up to. I’m really shocked, I used to live in an area full of them and have never seen even a mildly attractive one.

No. 1934265

Shaped my eyebrows for the first time in forever and they look so nice, I feel like I have a new face kek.

No. 1934280

What brand of cigarette nona? Did you smoke King Sized (ew) or did you go for the elegant, graceful, and beautiful 120mm?

No. 1934281

I love that. Eyebrows can really make you feel brand new

No. 1934359

Botox is wearing off on my forehead and it feels weird to move the muscles

No. 1934360

I just applied to McDonald’s and I’m terrified lol

No. 1934362

Don't be scared, McDonalds is a nice place. I used to write smut letters to Ronald McDonalds when I was younger and sometimes hate mail just depending on my mood but I never got responses back

No. 1934364

why smut letters???

No. 1934366

I’m scared because I’m 30 and have never worked a real job but am about to be homeless. Maybe they’ll hire me as Ronald’s ghost writer!

No. 1934375

Sometimes the McNuggets were really good and I wanted to thank Ronald so I'd write all sorts of letters to him and print them out and mail them but he never responses and then later on I realize he wasn't real clown but imaginary only on TV like a character so they call it

No. 1934405

>watching my bf on Life360 drive to pick up food

No. 1934427

File: 1711077273421.jpg (43.74 KB, 612x612, istockphoto-916171702-612x612.…)

March 21st is Down Syndrome Day.

No. 1934455

when you say smut you mean like..erotica? was Ronald your husbando?

No. 1934500

File: 1711079669296.jpg (50.36 KB, 500x500, bQ2zkOei7sg245Lc.jpg)

looks like i may have accidentally brewed two bags of yerba mate instead of decaf green tea i'm wired now. supposed to be in bed. have to get up in six hours. mistakes were made.

No. 1934511

It wasn't like extremely dirty or anything but I'd just write out what I thought about him and his McNuggets and how he made me feel if you want I can find a letter I wrote him or something my mum saved one or two

No. 1934513

yes share with the class

No. 1934519

That’s pretty adorable. Too bad they didn’t have someone write back to you like how adults volunteer to reply to kids letters to Santa.

No. 1934524

You and the anon who tried to sue McDonald's because their characters gave her PTSD should be friends

No. 1934525

Well I didn't mind the other McDonalds characters but I didn't like Griimbles or whatever his name was the purple retarded one, he always creeped me out personally

No. 1934529

How dare you besmirch Grimace! Lol, I remember when I was really young (probably like 25 years ago) and had some weird ass McDonald’s cartoon VHS with all the characters. Too bad I can’t remember what it was about. My mother rarely took us there and always insisted it was closed if we asked.

No. 1934530

It was like the same art style as Rugrats right? I remember those VHS tapes too but I don't know where the hell my parents got them from, I doubt it was McDonalds itself. But yeah fuck Grimace he was weird and honestly he gave me the creeps. I hate Grimace. Fuck Grimace.

No. 1934552

File: 1711082814095.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x1276, IMG_5694.jpeg)

Yes! I looked it up and they were sold at McDonald’s for $3.95. Pretty sure I had Scared Silly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wacky_Adventures_of_Ronald_McDonald

No. 1934560

>Click on the first Youtube Hate thread
>Read about a moid being creepy about a victim in a murder case
>Begin to read about murder on wikipedia
>'Sex worker' is mentioned in a perp bio, and leads to an article
>Click on it to find pro-SW cringe
>See beautiful picture of Josephine Baker instead
>Start reading about her
>Learn that her adopted son wrote a Mommy Dearest-esque tell all about her
>Become invested and start reading the Google preview
>Mfw when I told myself I would draw 2 hrs ago
Why is my attention span like this

No. 1934639

Making 3AM spaghetti. Im going to use the Rao's Bolognese sauce, which I feel weird about because it has jarred meat. It'll probably be good though.

No. 1934670

I love it when newfags find their way here and they have an embarassing meltdown.

No. 1934686

File: 1711098922797.jpg (33.18 KB, 736x744, ab2abc2a7ebad6a3ea39a5b771c936…)

My very pro trans, "celebrating her friend cutting her chest off" sister is staying offer at my place she just asked me
>as a misandrist what do you think of trans people ? i know you don't think trans men are traitors and trans women perverts in disguise but i'm just curious

No. 1934690

kek what did you reply?

No. 1934743

i tried to bullshit something like "people who transition make gender discrimination more visible" meaning tim prouves men are sexist pigs

No. 1934909

kek I remember being a newfag once upon a time, but instead of having a raging meltdown, I felt like I uncovered the fountain of forbidden knowledge and was enlightened

No. 1935035

yesterday my mac and cheese momentarily reminded me of ice spice's wig

No. 1935062

Damn you nonna, now I want mac and cheese for lunch. And so it shall be willed into existence (like and hour from now)

No. 1935093

File: 1711130886490.png (738.45 KB, 1096x480, dcemzjp-c36b2336-c8d4-405b-88a…)

I have a date tonight! Going to get some soup dumplings, I'm so excited. Spending this afternoon working in my backyard, the weeds really came early this year. I'll shower early so I can do my hair the way I like. And maybe I'll play LA Noire before bed, or I'll watch one of my favorite shows hmmm. Happy Friday to all you nonnies

No. 1935097

Bedroom is clean, already had a shower and now I'll wait until groceries arrive so I can make tea and eat chestnuts
That sounds like a great friday plan, I wish I were you nonnie, good luck on your date!

No. 1935194

the hamburgerler is literally just chucky kek

No. 1935346

My friend and I were gonna meet up but she missed the bus so she'll be an hour late

No. 1935371

i must be faceblind because every time i see the term 'gayface', towards photos of men and women, i can't see what anons are talking about. is it just any man with a slightly girly face and women with slightly masculine faces?(not mundane)

No. 1935382

samefag (won't let me delete) but to me they all just look like regular straight people who just don't dress stereotypically. like i wonder would a "gayface" woman gets clocked as gay if she dressed stereotypically feminine?

No. 1935412

Can’t wait for my wax warmer to come to come in the mail, I’m gonna save so much money. Once I learn how to wax my own eyebrows it’s over 4 u hoez. (Jk I love and encourage other women)

No. 1935774

File: 1711164680090.gif (998.09 KB, 500x340, 2655f585c522191f995fb833998c9c…)

>drag race is on
>troon appears
>mother asks what it is
>sister says "it's a man that dresses like a woman"
>sis keeps complaining about men
>sis is cryptoterf

No. 1935946

File: 1711187796650.jpg (154.01 KB, 600x414, BSTpics2.jpg)

My father passed away a few months ago and we're selling his stuff. Today we found some of his old toys in the attic, they're all metal model cars, trucks and farm equipment. Idk it just made me think how it's kind of sad that kids nowadays only play with plastic crap.

No. 1935952

what about metal crap is better than plastic crap?

No. 1935954

a moment of silence for all my fellow delusional nonnas who are in love w their professors

No. 1936229

File: 1711208746973.jpg (87.46 KB, 540x461, LisaLane_Womens_Chess_Champion…)

Wish I had the patience to learn how to play chess

No. 1936256

Based sister

No. 1936259

I would try to sell those to a car lover and at least keep some for memories. Toys back then always felt better. I wish I had more of my father's collection of toys when he was a teenager/kid. Sorry for your loss btw

No. 1936285

File: 1711210964628.jpeg (60.13 KB, 540x405, IMG_4775.jpeg)

Smoking a joint and takin a dump still want more coffee then I need to do some laundry and hop a shower

No. 1936318

I'm not usually one for hip modern slang, but I really like the word "scromiting". With "screaming and vomiting" someone might imagine somebody screaming, stopping, and then vomiting or vice versa. Scromiting makes it clear that no, you are screaming and vomiting simultaneously. It's pretty useful.

No. 1936342

I got a leep procedure done. It's where they basically burn the inside of your cervix. I had some precancerous cells so they got rid of them. I don't actually feel too much pain like I thought I would, and I'm not even bleeding really. My boyfriend is being overly nice so I'm just playing up being bed ridden so I can be babied for once lol. I'm wondering if I also just have a high pain tolerance…

No. 1936435

File: 1711220222653.jpg (71.5 KB, 617x786, 61e78b38b7ba772166c4927d56dbb2…)

I have a cold and spend the last 10 hours making a harem of husbandos and a fat ass mcmansion for myself in the sims 3 while inhaling a fuck ton of baked garlic. life is good and my garlic breath is pungent and i'm living my best life

No. 1936463

Damn, happy af for you. Speedy recovery on your cold.

No. 1936671

I’m drinking red wine and browsing my phone in the shower. You could call this phone addiction but I call it ~self care~

No. 1936685

Are you drinking straight from the bottle or are you pouring it in a glass?

No. 1936691

I use a glass obviously, I’m not an animal

No. 1936809

File: 1711241286863.jpeg (36.92 KB, 680x356, 87f01174be3b73650c0afb8f07b395…)

Sometimes I get nostalgic for the early 2010's fashion and lifestyle, but then I remember how much I hated the "beret, flannel shirt and side part tumblr girl playing her ukulele with a moustache finger tattoo" aesthetic and still do. I cringe audibly whenever I see that shit being brought up.

No. 1936813

Extreme side parts are so jarring. I get nostalgic for a few years in 2010 but I was never around that kind of stuff irl, I hated seeing it on Tumblr all of the time though. Tumblr made almlst an entire gen of people insufferable

No. 1936830

>Grandpa with grandkids walking down an aisle
>'What do you want?'
>'I don't really know'
>'That's okay, grandpa doesn't always know either'
I love overhearing people at work, moments like this makes it a lot more enjoyable.

No. 1936852

Adorable. I cherish these little glimpses so much.

No. 1936858

Kek this is the only shit that looks good on me

No. 1936873

Girl if you don't put a part within a one inch diameter of the middle of your head.

No. 1936907

My brother turns 13 next month and wants $100 for games, okay cool. A lot of money for my situation, and it probably won't go far in this economy but I have yet to give him a bday gift… I'd like to be a good big sister. But I'm curious if I should give $50 to my 15 year old brother. He doesn't turn 16 til October and he doesn't really care for material things but I don't want him to feel left out since he has expressed that before due to the youngest overshadowing him alot.

No. 1937139

It's weird to give your 15 yo brother money when it's your other brother's birthday. Take him on a day out or give him tickets to an event he'd like that happens to be around your youngest brother's birthday.

No. 1937142

I'm sorry if your older brother feels overshadowed but you don't compensate for that on your other brother's birthday, that makes no sense. Birthdays are special, the attention should be on him.

>A lot of money for my situation

Can't he just pirate his stupid games?

No. 1937153

I've been stuck in a train since 8:30am without having made myself a lunch box or something. I'm arriving at my destination in 40 minutes if all goes well, I am trying not to buy anything on board because 1. It's either fast food shit or simple food I'd have better cooked myself (besides let's not talk about the amount of preservatives and sugar in transit food) 2. It's expensive af and I was a big spender at my local Comic Con this weekend already, I don't wanna spend 17-20€ on train food.
I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse.

No. 1937461

File: 1711299834199.jpg (90.97 KB, 800x600, 509832-20070521204434.jpg)

I watched the second episode of Nana this morning. It's a very cute story but I'm just waiting for the cool punk-rocker Nana to show up at this point. The other Nana is sweet and all, but she's kinda boring.

No. 1937564

File: 1711306870603.jpg (87.15 KB, 300x300, 63.jpg)

i'm crawling through korean and japanese sites from the 2000's trying to find more content of a game i loved as a kid, i feel like a boomer because i'm clicking links not knowing what to expect but so far i didn't get anything harmful, just sad that their main official site is unreachable.
It's not the first time i do it but i get so much energy when i get to it, also i found some cute fanart.

No. 1937692

Moid sitting next to me at the airport eating chips and drinking water really loud. And after every handful of chips he vigorously wipes his hands on his pants lmao. He finished his chips and now he’s just sitting there tapping his foot and occasionally drinking water. Not even looking at his phone or anything kek.

No. 1937723

File: 1711315064247.jpeg (89.2 KB, 500x500, IMG_8464.jpeg)

weird food combination discovered. my mom gave me some of these and i was chewing gum before. it taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream

No. 1937737

>pic related
Oh my goodness, nona. I have that game but have yet to play it because I want to play it on the new 3DS I ordered. May I ask what you're specifically looking for?

No. 1937738

The manga was never finished and never will be at this point, but have fun.

No. 1937740

I remember these! Wish I could still find them

No. 1937745

File: 1711316452514.jpeg (158.38 KB, 1125x1024, IMG_3722.jpeg)

This is something I’d do in an airport

No. 1937771

I still haven’t showered

No. 1937776

go shower you stinky

No. 1937788

In snuggling a smelly dog I’ll shower when I’m done kek thank you nonna

No. 1937801

I wanna eat a banana but I don't want banana breath

Also, I literally woke up at 4pm today. My weekend of basically gone

No. 1937814

Tbh more power to you. He made those chips and water sound so delicious. Wish I could’ve had some.

No. 1937843

just fisted a mojito it was so yam

No. 1937853

File: 1711324253253.png (3.44 MB, 1252x2004, 65464563.png)

Cute!! I really loved it, i had no idea that the second game was translated too, i'll play it soon on my emulator, i wish so much to play it on an actual Nintendo DS but i don't have it anymore.

>May I ask what you're specifically looking for?

Tbh clean official artwork of proper quality and other kind of stuff, especially with transparent backgrounds but it's kinda difficult, their old official site seemed to have a bunch of it and some extra content but it's down…
I wish i could see the scans of the artbook, it also seems they have 2 drama cds, i wish i could get some kind of access but i'm not sure, i also want to try to rip the files from the games once i'm done with other stuff first, i sound obsessed kek.
(btw i love Monique so much, her and Karen were my crushes as a kid but Monique reigns supreme in my head, sorry for rambling)

No. 1937907

I thought of some dialogue for a movie taking place in a prison. While discussing how to break out, a character asks another if they're good at escaping. The other guy says "Well, I managed to escape paying my taxes for years", then followed up by the other man pointing out how they're in prison now.

No. 1937939

This is Meng Er and he makes these faces when breaking bamboo because when he was a cub it was hard for his human caretakers to break them so they always showed teeth and grunted. Now he thinks it's mandatory. I love pandas so much. I want to hold a panda cub some day.

No. 1938041

Had a dream that 9 different JoJo Siwas were trying to kill me all at once last night and now not sure if I should take melatonin again. Haunting.

No. 1938050

What game is this? Looks cute

No. 1938063

Did you really.

No. 1938070


No. 1938451

File: 1711374951282.png (239.41 KB, 421x427, Untitled.png)

the one thing i'll miss about being a neet while also feeling free of is doing fuck all… im meant to be meeting up with someone who can help my neet situation andit's 3am and i'm up playing shitty roblox tycoons… alone… ehehe its very distracting

No. 1938561

File: 1711381672661.jpg (1.25 MB, 1359x1920, DSCN2299.jpg)

Kira Kira Pop Princess & Pop Town!
It's very lacking on the rhythm game side but the characters are adorable and silly.
Also i thank the person who decided to upload one of those drama CDS, i'm so happy.

No. 1938574

oh neat, a free doctor who scribble

No. 1938588

That's so funny, I think I saw this post trend on Twitter yesterday. Pandas are great.

No. 1938685

Sometimes I get the feeling like I'm living one of those corny plot lines from a TV show where the main character comes out of the closet and their family says "Oh MC, we knew. We've known for years." KEK. More than once my sister and mom have asked me if I'm gay or suggested that I look for women to date.

No. 1938688

its 7am i have not slept ehehehe
i forgot where i saved it from, maybe twitter… love me fourth…

No. 1938785

File: 1711397061652.jpg (127.46 KB, 736x723, a90a427f771a996eda21eeb90e21d0…)

Ive been in a league queue for 12 minutes. I got two matches but someone declined so I'm still waiting.

No. 1938787

Samefag, I got in! I'm doing one for all mode, we're playing Ashe.

No. 1938858

File: 1711402743346.jpg (304.91 KB, 600x600, 1637629878227.jpg)

I've been kinda veggie-leaning all my life, with eating meat like maybe two times a month, but for the past two or three months I've been craving meat like crazy. I've even started eating types of meat I haven't eaten in a decade again. Wonder why that is lol Still have When The Chicken Tastes Too Much Like Chicken moments though.

No. 1938862

It could be due to a nutritional deficiency. Meat is a rich source of B12, Zinc and amino acids.

No. 1938881

File: 1711404049392.png (4.95 MB, 2400x2400, winged sonobe.png)

No one will ever know how I feel about winged sonobe and they will never know how I cover this perfection despite having fat fingers that can't make good creases. Fuck…

No. 1938935

my boyfriend and i wandered into the filming for some show called "The Sex Lives of College Girls" on campus and were filmed as extras. it was a really neat experience, i didn't know anyone can just walk on and be filmed, i thought theyd block it off? im really glad i got to experience how it all goes, though! some extras were fake laughing and throwing a football, they just appeared as other students.

No. 1939112

I made laundry detergent today for only a few bucks. If this recipe works, I spent maybe $6 to make a batch that could wash up to 250 loads! We will see!
I like the gel concentrate texture of it. Very curious indeed.

No. 1939139

i justv ate 2.5 lbs of deli cheeses

No. 1939146

how do you prepare your veggies? Your favorite meals? meat is getting too damn expensive and unless it's on special im having to force myself to drop it

No. 1939190

Im so ready for the breakfast I'm gonna have tomorrow. I'm gonna have grits, eggs, neat pudding and maybe broccoli too cause I like veggies

No. 1939194

That sounds delicious nonnie, I wish I could figure out how to add more veggies to my food in general tbh, sometimes I consider having straight up a salad with my waffles.

No. 1939311

I finally picked up my new medical soles and they feel pretty different from all the previous ones, way fuller, I feel like my thighs are constantly working out when I'm walking, it's going to take some time to get used to them.

No. 1939608

It's going to be a hard week for my wallet, lots of stuff this specific weekend.. why did I agree…..
So for dinner rather than ordering or simply taking bus to store, I made that honey booboo's sketti. Maybe it's just my lack of ketchup (used tomato condiment sauce, I am not American) but it was disgusting, I really do not like the smell of hot tomato sauce.. only ate half the plate and filled up on water!! Everytime I experiment with spaghetti in times of need I always wish I ate it plain

No. 1939615

worried about weight gain since i'm working an office job soon. i can't attend the gym, it's too far and i don't have a car. today i'm eating like a little pig because i'll be adopting the omad method and tea soon

No. 1939618

Fat fetish and degradation anon coming in 5…4…3…

No. 1939623

No. 1939639

File: 1711474422751.png (1.18 MB, 800x531, aspen.png)

Is trembling aspen/quaking aspen the funniest tree name? What is it so scared of?

No. 1939642

Uh huh, well a (costly) solution would be giving riders a mandatory bodycam like police officers. That way chances of crap happening should be just 0%

No. 1939758

A pretty woman that looked like Estelle and was named Estelle came into my work today she looked like a model and was extremely nice

No. 1939796

Today I got to work with prison boys. Almost all of them were nice but one tried to grab my hand. I almost flipped out.

No. 1939839

Those are some pretty trees, it's making me miss late autumn, why do you make fun of pretty trees anon??

No. 1939856

Scary. What were they in prison for? I'm guessing you were doing a program?

No. 1939858

I'm trying to see the Red woods this year.

No. 1939875

Have you ever tried prying open a pomegranate and eating it out like you would your lover? You won't regret it. Wedge your fingers between the grooves and let the juice spray when the fruit pops under your pressure. Put down your faggy little spoon because if there isn't residue of pith stained with red under your nails you aren't eating it right. Biting into a chunk of pomegranate you unearthed yourself is incomparable to shoveling what a machine shit out and packaged for you into your mouth. I've never felt anything more satisfying than the rush of pomegranate juice flooding my mouth as I perforate its beads.

No. 1939885

are you the blanch anon

No. 1939889

File: 1711493570988.png (629.92 KB, 733x613, estelle.png)

All I can think about when I hear the name Estelle is picrel… but I'm sure your Estelle was nicer than this Estelle. I'd want to get drunk with both.
NTA but I am the blanch anon and I use a spoon to eat pomegranites because it's
barbaric to eat food with your fingers, what is this, 300 BC? Am I supposed to wear a loincloth and speak in Sumerian just to eat a fruit? No thanks..!

No. 1939891

Put soy sauce on my peas. Made them nicer than usual.

No. 1939906

Most of them are there for theft, illegal gun possession, or selling drugs. A small minority are for more serious crimes like murder. I was there for a social program and to practice. They were surprisingly well-behaved and polite, with the exception of that one kid who tried to be slick and grab my hand. I hope they manage to make a better life for themselves since most of them are minors, and I believe that they still have time to reform and change.

No. 1939907

Eating Popeyes. Chicken sandwich, Mac and cheese, apple pie.

No. 1939970

>walk into LC
>immediately see such a retarded take I have to wonder if it should be reported as bait
On other mundane news I'm pondering if I should prepare something sweet or not

No. 1939978

I loved her so much in Seinfeld. She was one of my favorite characters.

No. 1939980

Was it in the unpopular opinions thread? Cuz I just reported that one for bait kek If you make something sweet what would you make? I had ambrosia salad yesterday and it was really good

No. 1939984

I reported that post too.
Maybe something like fruit juice with carbonated water?

No. 1940092

Beth ditto was really ahead of her time if you think about it

No. 1940195

A hummingbird with a small white spot on its back visited my feeder today. Found out it has partial leucism. Cool I guess.

No. 1940344

I feel like I'm WAY more attractive at night. Like I'm barely the same person when I look in the mirror. I swear I'm an ugly bitch when I first wake up. Then after midnight I look in the mirror and I'm like "Damn! Who's that?!"
Like some sort of gremlin? Do other anons have this as well?

No. 1940345

File: 1711524386194.jpg (23.17 KB, 576x313, 1679065322124.jpg)

its nearly 2 am and i should probably go to bed but im going down a rabbit hole of mongolian throat singing on youtube (again) and i think that is more important than getting a good night's sleep

No. 1940346

Gasp, it's also almost 2 am for me as well. Mountain time maybe?

No. 1940347

im in central standard time (…i think!)

No. 1940349

Well I will say this
Fuck your sleep schedule. You'll go to sleep eventually. But do try to shut off all devices soon.

No. 1940350

yea im actually gonna sleep now lol, goodnight anon

No. 1940353

I went to get a glass of water and discovered a big ass bug in my house. But I have no bug spray or nothing, and I don't want to get close to it so unless someone has a bb gun i can borrow to shoot the fucker, I'm going to sleep and dealing with it tomorrow.

No. 1940521

I started watching some random show just because i autistically became attached to it and needed something to look forward on the week. The first 8 episodes were absolutely fucking awful but the last one was actually amazing and super funny. I am looking forward the next episodes! too bad there is a hiatus this week, and it's also about to end, but at least it got renewed for a second season already. I am looking forward to it improving, i am liking how cozy and funny its becoming. It also has 0 faggotry which is hard to find in a modern cartoon.

No. 1940533

I'm so sleepy, I was too worried last night, not even my husbando fantasies helped me.

No. 1940538

Coworker brought in some homemade hot cross buns and they were pretty good actually, I'd never tried one before today.

No. 1940563

File: 1711546483050.jpeg (101.21 KB, 1000x751, IMG_6707.jpeg)

I’m considering getting a bumpit

No. 1940567

Wtf I was just looking at the little clipon foam ones online this morning kek. I want one for when I put my hair up in a ponytail, I hate sleek ponytails so I want some volume in the back

No. 1940572

File: 1711546918690.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1591, IMG_6711.jpeg)

I wanna do this but I hate backcombing

No. 1940584

You should. I honestly want these to make a come back. They were fun then but I didnt get one because I had no money, but now as an adult, I am interested.

No. 1940586

Same here! I wish I could go out at night only to see friends, because I look way hotter then. I am bloated and miserable in the morning

No. 1940676

I pulled up my comfy armchair to my desk because I'm sick and don't want to sit in my desk chair which is not comfortable at all. It's amazing. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.

No. 1940698

Bought some reindeer meat today. Didn’t cost as much as I had expected

No. 1940704

tell us if it makes you fly.

No. 1940793

Can’t wait until I get home from work, got leftover pasta and a new episode of my show waiting for me.

No. 1940824

I took a three hour nap today and it's raining outside, it feels so cozy. Although I was going to go to the supermarket to buy some cheese for dinner and I am now cheeseless.

No. 1940875

File: 1711562405343.mp4 (8.3 MB, 576x1024, VID-20240327-WA0015.mp4)

Bought this puzzle game and I just can't wait for it to arrive. I just wanna play it while listening to podcasts and unwind. I love my Nintendo switch, but sometimes you just need something simple, tactile and without screens.
Got it in a cute purple color as well!

No. 1940888

This looks really fun! I hope you like it. Does the game have different puzzle configurations so you can increase the difficulty?

No. 1940946

File: 1711564789603.mp4 (1.47 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1711564943989.mp4)

Yes! It's called "Giiker", and it has about 500 levels that are shown on the display. The higher the number, the higher the difficulty.
You can even do timed challenges, like vidrel! I think I'm only doing chill mode though kek
I think I got the same color as the one on the video and it looks more blue than purple on my computer screen lol hopefully it's closer to purple irl

No. 1940962

My matcha powder arrived.
I love drinking matcha after lunch, makes me feel like such a healthy icon.

No. 1941017

Do you make some sort of fancy matcha drink (like a smoothie or a latte) or a simple tea matcha?

No. 1941042

i decided to go to town for lunch today to get a cup of chili, apparently i picked the perfect time to go. the power had just gone out when i pulled into the parking lot and i got my chili for free since i had no cash and the debit machine wouldnt work. saved me $7!

No. 1941049

File: 1711569823678.jpg (94.61 KB, 700x467, neon blue fishgelian.jpg)

After the last of my sunset guppies died (rest easy in fish heaven Tangerine) I decided to redesign my tank. Now the tank is green themed and my four new guppies are thriving in it. I got neon blue guppies because I thought they'd look really nice in with the green and I wasn't disappointed. Picrel is what the blue ones look like. Does anyone else keep fish?

No. 1941050

File: 1711569865459.jpg (523.35 KB, 1137x876, s-l1200~2.jpg)

That reminds me a lot of picrel, which I had as a kid. It's pretty much the same concept.

No. 1941080

pretty!! I love guppies and I bet your tank looks great. I've been considering getting a 10-gallon tank recently, trying to decide if I want a single betta or a school of something small like chili rasboras.

No. 1941083

File: 1711572088545.png (1.41 MB, 1344x905, Screenshot 2024-03-27 134407.p…)

I do! I have 11 chili rasboras, 5 pygmy corydoras (would like to get a few more - they're such cool little dudes), 3 emerald dwarf rasboara, and a galaxy pearl danio. The emerald rasboras and danio are kinda leftover from previous, I've been thinking of re homing them so they can be in a bigger school. I've had otocats and bettas before as well. I also currently have a bunch of bloody mary shrimp as well. I have a 20 gallon for the fish with a lot of low effort plants and then a 4 gallon for the shrimp. I kind of want to get a honey gourami or a betta again as a centrepiece fish for my big tank. I love aquascaping, makes me want more tanks but the maintenance would be too much for me on a regular basis.

No. 1941092

there's this moid at my workplace who always prattles on about "the importance of eating antioxidants", "essential oils for long covid", "natural homemade immune-boosting uses for organic honey", etc… he's probably the only crunchy moid alive

No. 1941097

nah my dad is a crunchy moid

No. 1941098

He is not entirely wrong. Eating antioxidants is important. Raw honey has many health benefits. No comment about essential oils.

No. 1941099

File: 1711572794591.jpg (200.81 KB, 775x918, 4326686753.jpg)

Yeah, pretty much! But they actually have a higher tech version of that lol I think the 3D cars are cuter, though.

No. 1941114

Your tank sounds like a lot of fun! Galaxy pearls are so fun to watch swim around, they remind me of leopards kek. I love honey gouramis, they're so cute. They remind me of pink kissers, another one of my favourites. I've been so tempted to get a shrimp tank lately just because I think shrimps are so cute to look at. Aquascaping is the best because you can really add so much to a room just by including a nice fish tank.
You should totally get the tank, they're so much fun and bring a lot of life into the house. I always tell people to get a small school just cuz I think it's funner watching them all interact with each other and be buddies.

No. 1941138

I have a friend who's dad is crunchy and orthorexic

No. 1941157

god I love shrimps they're so cute. tbh my main motivation behind getting into aquariums is to keep shrimp… and also because aquascaping seems so fun! I have experience with terrariums and find myself constantly tweaking the layout and plants, foraging mosses and cool wood to put into it, etc. I totally get how people into hobbies like reptiles or fish end up with a million display tanks, there's so many cool techniques and styles. if only I had the space kek

No. 1941162

Everytime I see a picture of jodi I can't help but snicker, this place ruined me kek

No. 1941173

I’m so scared I’m in a job interview ran and they’re about to start cutting ppl

No. 1941187

fishkeeping is so fun but be warned it can be addicting! i have a betta right now but i'm considering getting another tank. one of my friends has a huge tank with big colourful cichlids and bala sharks. now i want a big tank with big fish too kek.

No. 1941228

File: 1711579401965.jpg (95.01 KB, 616x507, 1000016358.jpg)

This looks so cute! I kind of want one now, it reminds me of the party flavors that I used to get as a kid, I loved but also hated these puzzles so much.

No. 1941247

File: 1711581109647.jpg (27.39 KB, 563x598, 1000016237.jpg)

I want to get my nails done this next week, I didn't notice how long they got because I like to pick colors that are similar to my nail color, now I want something like pic related.

No. 1941252

File: 1711581540089.png (795.21 KB, 1166x846, nonnie.png)

i want to be her friend so badly

No. 1941255


Sorry I have zero base knowledge of nails but these are so pretty. Is this a basic style to ask for at an average salon or would this require a highly skilled tech and fat tip ???

No. 1941262

File: 1711582379234.gif (4.14 MB, 960x540, pototo.gif)

I love her but what is she even pouring into her pototos? wasabi pea juice?

No. 1941263

Strong Zero. It's a popular Japanese alcoholic drink you can get out of vending machines. It's a big meme in weeb communities

No. 1941285

Yeah it's basic. Just show your nail tech and they'll know what to do. It's basically just nude polish with a thin line of glitter at the top and a glitter top coat.

No. 1941331

File: 1711587522770.jpeg (374.67 KB, 1499x2048, IMG_3576.jpeg)

I like watching RTGame occasionally but I’ve never seen his face until today. He’s so ugly, it’s kinda upsetting.

No. 1941349

He looks like if a horse wished to be human but the wish didn't work all the way. Gross.

No. 1941375

He looks very 18th century to me. Like aristocratic.

No. 1941427

File: 1711594412244.jpg (20.72 KB, 542x542, 19eced750103fc837c742804a7a820…)

What if people just switched surnames when they get married

No. 1941459

He is so ugly even his viewers let him know that kek. I remember few times where he'd read his viewers messages and you bet there would be at least one "you're ugly" every time. That face always makes me forget he is actually irish and not british. Bet that would offend him more.

No. 1941464

my last 3 exes have all been men with long blond hair and dyslexia. is there something about being blond that makes you more likely to be dyslexic, or do i just excrete a hormone that makes dyslexic people go wild? what a weird pattern

No. 1941465

He looks like if Troye Sivan were born in England instead of Australia

No. 1941466

>age 28
oh my god, why do men age so badly i though he was in his mid 30s

No. 1941467

>men with long blonde hair
Easily the worst kind of man alive

No. 1941470

why do you say so?

No. 1941473

Many reasons.

No. 1941479

You're a visionary

No. 1941481

So inbred?

No. 1941486

Oh you a big troye Sivan fan huh?

No. 1941505

this is starting to turn into personalityfagging, warrior-of-darkness-chan

No. 1941510

samefag don't forget about the meds. please remember to take them again.

No. 1941529

louisiana has the best flag to be honest.

No. 1941578

Staying up late to write fanfiction with my friend instead of doing homework. I feel like I'm in high school again kek

No. 1941620

yay it's home time and it's a 4 day easter weekend. the small joys of a simple wagie life

No. 1941679

Not flying as far as I'm aware, but it does taste good! Fried it with some mushrooms. I will say it's a bit dry and tough, which may not be for everybody, but I don't mind. Will buy again.

No. 1941686

that's so sweet anon, friendships like that are gold

No. 1941714

File: 1711627169094.jpeg (173.17 KB, 1179x736, IMG_5386.jpeg)

my bank balance is $469.20 and i'm raging irrationally

No. 1941718

You should buy something that is worth $48.51

No. 1941852

Got a “how have you been?” Text from a mystery number in an area code many states away (I don’t know anyone who lives there either). I hope it’s my ex, my life has been boring, talking with him would definitely mix my life up a bit. He always says some fascinating out of pocket shit. I’m pretty sure he has BPD.

No. 1941863

oh nonnie don't do it, it's never worth it

No. 1941871

i agree with >>1941863 just ignore it

No. 1941878

Too late, I received the message from almost 24 hours ago and replied a few hours ago with no response as of now. who knows who it was or if they’ll reply. I’m honestly super bored and lonely so I’d be happy to talk to even a crazy moid, I haven’t been on the receiving end of anything close to a love bomb in over half a decade.

No. 1941891

File: 1711646548092.png (232.9 KB, 600x600, 1919246_cEI3VJwu.png)

My dog peed on my futon

No. 1942031

File: 1711653132418.jpg (396.96 KB, 1340x1785, d5b2787a8c4fdc0dccca44ba76c3d8…)

I ordered a big portion of Turkish doner kebab and wolfed it down
(they also packed a small vanilla pudding cup for free, very nice of them).

Then I tried on clip in hair bows that I got from Temu.

No. 1942041

Damn I haven't had doner kebab in so long, I should get some

No. 1942166

Trying to finish some work, and then tonight I'm gonna make Chinese food, practice nail art, and listen to Beyonce's new album. Probably start a new show too.

No. 1942219

Are you going to make spring rolls too?

No. 1942322

You mean her futon. She owns it now.

No. 1942334

Has there ever been an infight in this thread? I can’t imagine it. Seems so peaceful.

No. 1942345

there's been attempts >>1918348

No. 1942348

File: 1711670365576.jpeg (498.46 KB, 1066x963, IMG_6731.jpeg)

KEK that’s funny. People need to chill out. Nothing wrong with crying at the Mario movie.

No. 1942352

Update, it was a wrong number and a woman not a scrote. I spiraled and ended up contacting my ex on burner accounts. He is (smartly) gray rocking me. Of course I would scare even a BPD scrote away, the only person who can love me is a schizoid…

No. 1942354

I love you, so there

No. 1942365

So you got a random text from an unknown number, decided in your head that it was your ex, then decided to contact him on a burner account? You say "accounts" plural so did you contact him multiple times? Instead of just asking who this unknown texter was or just blocking the number? Some anons are odd.

No. 1942567

Been feeling stressed over my job lately but today I will power through my job tasks and then go watch Boy and the Heron in cinema. A good friend of mine has come back for Easter holidays (live abroad) and I will enjoy my Friday evening with her.

No. 1942664

I'm going through my Twitter and deleting posts. I think I'm too enthusiastic for everyone and it puts them off. All of my replies are like from an overly excited weeb girl from the 2000s and I'm cringing hard. I'm going to become a silent art posting account instead and keep my sperging to private spaces.

No. 1942707

No the mystery texter confirmed they were not my ex before I bothered reaching out to my ex kek. He did reply back but he doesn’t trust me so it’s been dry, hopefully it gets more exciting.

No. 1942726

File: 1711738310138.gif (1.55 MB, 498x434, milkmocha-hug.gif)

I just drank some wine. I'm waiting for a job to get back to me through email. Everything is daijoubu, nonnies. Happy Friday!

No. 1942744

File: 1711739360278.jpeg (84.07 KB, 553x554, images.jpeg)

Revanced isn't working anymore and I'm being forced to watch ads in craptube again, FUCKKKK

No. 1942747

My legs have been hurting so much everyday

No. 1942755

pretty sure my account's been shadowbanned on youtube for subscribing to/commenting on gender critical content. i wasn't sure whether this was as prevalent as people said it was, but i guess i've been running my account pretty mildly up until the past year or two so i wouldn't have known. i should have expected repercussions for changing that up. i don't know whether it will go away eventually or if i should just start a new account, though.

the most annoying part is that my youtube feed now constantly recommends pro-trans monologue videos like they think that i'm going to be de-peaked by listening to contrapoints whine about j.k. rowling for another six hours of my life.

No. 1942841

File: 1711747581450.jpg (102.42 KB, 720x960, cfccedd998d5511047717c532753d7…)

It's golden hour so the the sun is shining so beautifully and I'm listening to Worth It by Raye. Feels amazing!

No. 1942908

File: 1711751270741.gif (558.71 KB, 438x318, giphy.gif)

In about 30 minutes I'll go to the grocery store. Once I get home I'm gonna take a nice hot shower, then I'll smoke some weed. I mopped the floors today and I've got clean bedding. Also I'm baking pizzas tonight, soooo excited!!

No. 1942923

That sounds so cozy! Enjoy!

No. 1942939

I love this hour too nonnie, makes everyone and everything seem more beautiful

No. 1942956

File: 1711753966953.jpg (20.54 KB, 564x350, 6cbbedbf90dc340ccdca4116c97600…)

thinking about ghosting every one i know for a while, in one of those moods where i want to pack as much shit in my car as i can and fuck off. maybe going to the beach tomorrow will cheer me up

No. 1942957

Just use brave as a browser

No. 1942967

Easter themed post: only mods with real long hair should be allowed to play Jesus. Earlier today I saw on the local TV a moid who will play Jesus in a street performance of the passion and he had short duck butt hair, just sacrilegious.

No. 1942971

At least wear a wig, damn. Moids will always do shit half assed.

No. 1942975

besafe nonna, but enjoy your trip. Try to park in lots connected to parks.

No. 1943126

Go to r/revancedapp and look at the pinned post there's a guide to fix it.

No. 1943136

What is duck butt hair

No. 1943138

File: 1711763443350.jpg (161.92 KB, 768x1152, duck butt.jpg)

It's a style of short hair named after what the backside of a duck looks like picrel.

No. 1943139

this is like a fishtail braid for moids

No. 1943141

Oh eww. I thought it could mean anime hair like Sasuke. That would be better honestly

No. 1943157

Pussy lips looking ass

No. 1943158

Have fun!

No. 1943174

I keep thinking today is saturday

No. 1943197

Same, I was convinced tomorrow is Easter all day.

No. 1943213

File: 1711768831295.jpeg (42.24 KB, 640x600, E8g3TV0XoAMNzmI.jpeg)

i had a dream that caroline polachek made another song with grimes that sounded even worse than the first one and it pissed me off so much that i woke up

No. 1943216

Spoiler this scary shit oh my god. But yeah, fly to you is by far the worst on the album and it is a nightmare to consider more of that trash

No. 1943239

It's midnight where I am. fucking hell, that scared me.

No. 1943242

Im gonna give myself an hour deadline to finally finish this project I've been working on for like 5 weeks, and if I'm not done I give you guys permission to jump me.

No. 1943288

Are you done or do I need to jump you?

No. 1943322

I won $20 on my lottery ticket woohoo

No. 1943330

that’s awesome! what do you plan to do with it ?

No. 1943343

Buy more lotto tickets! I might win big next time

No. 1943415

File: 1711803668420.jpeg (6.06 KB, 245x205, images.jpeg)

A couple days ago, I boiled and mashed up organic food scraps with a granite mortar and pestle into some mush for this young blackberry tree I have on my front yard that doesn't seem to grow and is always bare. I don't have the tools to make actual compost though lately it seems to be sprouting leaves. Not sure if it's just the spring season or the mush I made which wasn't buried deep enough but I felt great for making great use of the scraps rather than throwing them away. I don't even do gardening either.

No. 1943525

I just booked a month long vacation around Europe because I'm so depressed and need something to look forward to

No. 1943535

Going to that doctor clinic is just not going to be the same without that kind wellness advisor I had been seeing for nearly 3 months. I will miss her

No. 1943546

I wasted $50 on weed because there was a purchase minimum and I wanted to try it again but it just felt mediocre and I had too many silly thoughts. Not sure what to do with this much weed since its illegal where I am so probably going to give it to my boyfriend’s dorm partners before I go home. Money comes and goes I guess…right nonnies?

No. 1943560

blackberry…. tree?

No. 1943570

Just discovered an indie game developer I liked is transgender. This is so disappointing.

No. 1943572

The parcel with my brother's Christmas gifts (among other things) is finally home, I can't wait to give them tomorrow.

No. 1943574

Where are you going?

No. 1943578

That sucks a lot. Which games did they make?

No. 1943581

Did you buy from a dispensary? I've spent $30 on weed before there and felt zero high. it was the worst. Hope you can get good weed from somewhere else. I would honestly find a dealer.

No. 1943588

I liked its game Shadows Over Solomon Falls. I'm probably not going to play the next update now though. The whole thing feels sick knowing it's made by a male.

No. 1943594

First Google result of the game says
>it's a weird 3d renders erotic game
>you play a woman (there is also an alternate transgender start)
And you're somehow surprised it was made by a tranny? Anon are you retarded? Be honest

No. 1943599

File: 1711814220533.jpeg (24.3 KB, 410x286, 1500x500.jpeg)

I was about to make an identical post lol but yeah this 3d art is extremely male

No. 1943610

think I am going to go out and spend money today at the mall

No. 1943618

I hate being in renpy dev servers/spaces because half the shit people make is some weird 3d porn slop like this

No. 1943636

are any nonnas into gunpla? and do you know if there are female communities for it somewhere online? it seems really fun and i'm about to get a beginner set but it's yet another hobby of mine that's dominated by men which is very unfortunate. in those hobbies i've managed to find female dominated spaces and they're great.

No. 1943638

as someone who also frequents renpy dev spaces i understand your pain

No. 1943652

It’s a deviantart ”sexy” 3d render tier porn game, what did you expect?

No. 1943658

I just had to update my ad blockers for my phone for YouTube. It's been happening more and more frequently as YouTube has been cracking down on ad blocking. What they don't know is I'll never sit through an ad, no matter what weird third party app or bogus website I have to use. I'll turn to watching random bilibili slop or niconico videos. They'll never take me….

No. 1943659

But it's based off Twin Peaks and Fringe and has hot vampire sex. Do trannies even like hot vampire guys?

No. 1943672

But you do have functioning eyes, right?

No. 1943681

The art itself is fine, and I like that kind of 3D rendering so I was hoping it was made by a woman. But males do make most erotic games in general plus the optional tranny start made me suspicious. But the artist is in a transsexual group, so there's no more doubt.. Sad.

No. 1943687

I would like to see one (1) woman that has ever made ”art” like that though

No. 1943695

What do you mean? 3D renders are a common medium. I tried my hand at it too, though I wasn't as skilled.

No. 1943712

Yes, but that specific brand of renders seen in >>1943599 is extremely male

No. 1943735

File: 1711821601179.jpeg (1.66 MB, 3024x3024, IMG_4558.jpeg)

my kitten is almost 6 monhts. i love him so much.

No. 1943758

File: 1711823327070.png (1.96 MB, 1869x959, 5n5g8Z.png)

This? This is what you like and thought was made by a woman? And the other pictures on the itch.io page are even more cringe. Just read smut and use your imagination or something anon, I'm begging you

That's a good boy, give him a snuggle for me

No. 1943767

what a gorgeous boy! what's his personality like?

No. 1943779

My neighbor just made me realize why guys love motorcycles: the revving tickles their balls.
I also learned how easy it is to make hibachi yum-yum sauce and now I can't stop.

No. 1943793

File: 1711826627303.jpg (140.34 KB, 735x684, 1640033802600.jpg)

Thanks anon, my sister's macho manly masculine male man scrote rides a motorcycle and this comment will forever show up in my mind whenever I think of him (rare).

No. 1943812

Holyshit, gross. I'm starting to think OP who liked this game is a moid themselves or the actual dev?

No. 1943839

Stop troonfoiling, I am not a moid. I just like erotic games. And it's a choose your own adventure, I don't like the route in this screencap >>1943758 and politicians are unsexy, I like the vampire route.

No. 1943881

Love the photo you attached, saved and catalogued in my cat image folder. Thanks.

No. 1944059

I have a pimple/boil on my hairline and I think it must be over a nerve or something because the slightest touch hurts and I can feel my pulse if I touch it. I definitely will not be popping this one.

No. 1944075

i gave him a huge snuggle from you nonners

he is such an easy cat to deal with! very confident, cuddly and relaxed around new people. he hasn't got a mean bone in his body like he has never clawed at my face or shown any signs of aggression. he meows at the door tho kek but he just got neutered so hopefully that behavior will decrease. getting a cat was completely worth it, so if any nonna reading this is on the fence this is a sign. as long as u have space and money/resources.

No. 1944116

I finally started using Soulseek and I'm drowning myself in so many live recordings of my favorite band good god. I hope I won't get banned because I don't share, I can't figure out how to do it despite reading tutorials.

No. 1944328

i’ve been gradually unsubscribing to male youtubers i used to watch and now my sub box is mostly women. it’s nice

No. 1944464

File: 1711866867752.png (318.21 KB, 531x640, 6354643.png)

I had some rough times lately so i went hermit mode and played some videogames, they were all hyper-realistic with mostly moid characters and whenever i look at my reflection lately i feel like my skin textures didn't load in. I get weirded out from being so plain white without any kind of detail.other than having pink lips, i'll miss this feeling of dissociation.

No. 1944470

Just reconnected with my crush! So happy, even if they never caught on that I have a big ol' sloppy crush on them. It's mostly faded, but I cherish my friend anyway.

No. 1944710

I used this app years ago and forgot the name of it, so thank you for reminding me. iirc you won't get banned for not sharing, but some users might blacklist you.

No. 1944983

Thanks nonnas

No. 1945108

File: 1711912969631.jpeg (428.91 KB, 750x701, IMG_9804.jpeg)

this is such a cute post but I know for a fact if she posted like this on here she would get eaten alive.

No. 1945173

I accidentally stepped in a bowl of spaghetti

No. 1945176

File: 1711915097845.jpg (600.3 KB, 2048x1536, GJ_uPfIa4AAKn4d.jpg)

this is what i imagine kirby anon's room to look like(not mundane, there's a consumer thread)

No. 1945206

It doesn't have enough King dedede, it also lacks some metaknight. Kirby anon likes them a lot too.

No. 1945234

not kirbyanon but where did you get this picture of my room

No. 1945249

It must be so good to not be addicted to sugar.

No. 1945465

My mom could not find chocolate that I could eat so for Easter she got me a sort of robot bird toy. It's a plastic lovebird that moves its head and makes different noises when you pet it or talk/sing to it. I'm 20 years too old for that but it's very cute (and to be fair I'm too old for easter bunnies too). Apparently, if you have a few of them, you can make them sing together.

I also went to a big store to buy green shiso seeds and they had a bunch of koi so I watched them for a while, and afterwards I had a weird dream because of it.

No. 1945525

Bought one of those motivational water bottles and the straw makes it way more fun to drink

No. 1945528

not going to ask why it was on the floor but this reminds me that one time my plate of spaghetti fell and i catched all the spaghetti with my hand before it fell on the floor, that was my peak italian moment.

No. 1945543

Went to visit my cat's grave today when I was visiting my MIL. We buried her there just over 6 years ago now. We cleaned it up a little and planted some new flowers. Even typing this out I am getting a lump in my throat, I miss her a lot.

No. 1945553

This is gonna make me sound messy and gross but: it was on the floor cause last night I was eating spaghetti until the early hours of the morning. I was up late working and super tired, so instead of taking the bowl of spaghetti to the kitchen I just set it on the floor and went to sleep. I didn't remember it was there when I got up.

No. 1945571

you're alright nona, please take care of yourself and i hope you don't get to overwork too often, i'd clean around for you if i could.

No. 1945583

The weirdest thing just happened to me and I’m not sure exactly what it was. I was making tteokbokki and the sauce in the pan was really hot but I wasn’t sure if it had enough flavor, so I got some on the spoon and went to blow on it but I took a breath in when the spoon was near my mouth and inhaled a bunch of spicy air. I tasted the spice in my mouth just from the air and then all of a sudden it felt like my airway was closing up. My mouth felt like I was having some sort of allergic reaction, like my throat and tongue felt swollen, I was coughing. It took me a minute or so of trying to calm down and chugging water for it to stop.
I had no issues whatsoever actually eating the food so I’m confused on why that happened.

No. 1945603

I don't get why is it that I'm so allergic to cleaning products nowadays. I don't remember ever feeling like this even during the end of the pandemic, when I would clean up daily instead of every fortnight.
Now just a drop of detergent or dish soap is making my nose feel all stuffy and my eyes itchy, my ears also itch a lot for literally no reason.
At this point I may actually need to leave the house and have someone to clean up because I just can't do this anymore.

No. 1945616

I started using soulseek way back in ye olden days of like 2006-2007 and haven’t used it in well over a decade. There was almost nothing mainstream at the time but I got some real gems from there and a large chunk of my classical music library. I’m glad to hear it’s still around!

No. 1945694

File: 1711948177676.jpeg (1.25 MB, 932x1704, IMG_4607.jpeg)

I did a long hike today. The last km was nearly straight uphill and I was fucking dead but couldn’t stop moving because someone was coming up behind me and I didn’t want them to hear me wheezing. My legs are jello

No. 1945804

Bathroom door handle fell off so I’m stuck in here for the day

No. 1945809

File: 1711971522904.jpeg (135.25 KB, 800x800, 8FDEC3A3-B990-45B4-8888-70ED32…)

Finally bit the ai chatbot bullet and now im making an army of non ooc husbandos

No. 1945810

The high temperatures caused the capsicum to aerosolize and when you inhaled it on accident, the high concentration directly hitting the delicate tracheal tissues caused them to react and swell. You're normally fine because one, it's not in such high concentrations, and two, when you eat the food it's traveling from the mouth to the esophagus and stomach, none of it gets in your windpipe.

No. 1945839

Unrelated but I have picrel for my cats and they LOVE it

No. 1945864

gonna trust your word and buy that for my feline scrotoid, hope he doesn't ignore it like he did with his deluxe cat tree…

No. 1945866

I also fell down the rabbit hole of ai chats, last night I had amazing fantasies and had like 3 orgasms because the scenarios for one of my husbandos were amazing. I fear for the time in which they actually can add a big cast of characters to interact with, then I won't be able to socialize irl.

No. 1945872

I own my home and will be putting a hot tub in my front yard, using it daily while drinking OJ from a champagne glass and I don't care if my neighbours don't like it.

No. 1945881

Made it out!

No. 1945920

i almost hit a deer this morning. it sprinted out in front of me so fast that i didnt have time to react. thank god i didn't hit it because i definitely would have blamed myself and cried, and my car would be damaged. it was an insanely close call though, like inches away.

No. 1946004

Based, I want a hot tub so bad. I'm tempted to buy one of those inflatable ones this summer kek

No. 1946103

A fucking bee almost kidnapped me and threw me off the window of my 14th floor apartment, I almost died, I wish I could hide in a bubble forever. Bees and wasps are always fucking following me and trying to kidnap and murder me.

No. 1946253

the girls think you smell nice like a flower

No. 1946314

so sick of my phone. so sick of the internet. Meds are making me feel like I'm hallucinating today. I want to fall back asleep. I spent an hour driving around just to verify everything is real.

No. 1946333

Make sure your city ordinance or building codes or whatever allow it! Many don’t but I hope you get your hot tub. My mom always points some house out to me that had a swimming pool in the front yard when I she was a kid but it’s long since been filled in lol.

No. 1946364

Id rather you not actually, but thank you anon. I've been doing ok, I've just been extra busy lately.

No. 1946371

File: 1711999763412.jpg (746.79 KB, 1790x2048, 20240401_122721.jpg)

I like to change my phone wallpaper every month.
Pic related isn't it, but it'd a the same sort of vibe. Spring-ish.
I save all my old wallpapers and use it to tell how long I've had my phone.

No. 1946432

>be me on first date
>dude rambles about his favorite roman philosophers
>don't know shit about philosophy or rome
>i love the twilight saga
>ask if he is team edward or team jacob

No. 1946480

Well, what team was he?

No. 1946481

Kek that's the best strategy to deal with annoying moids. I don't even really like twilight but I had binged the movies a few years back with my friend and when this moid on campus wouldn't leave me alone I basically started summarizing them whenever he would talk to me and he fucked right off

No. 1946913

File: 1712030463448.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1646, Cup-Noodles-Paper-Cup-outside-…)

I'm eating cup noodles and a hot pocket at the same time. I feel so American.
Also, I noticed that the cup noodles have a paper cup and say that they are NOW microwaveble which made me kek. Everyone was microwaving these anyway even when they were in a Styrofoam cup.

No. 1946940

File: 1712033220657.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, 1497038670904.png)

I went to a picnic meetup on saturday for the cherry blossoms and everyone there had to move (including us) because a completely naked woman kept sitting on people's blankets and eating their food, it was pretty hilarious I won't lie though.

Also became friends with a fellow farmer irl so that was pretty based.

No. 1946941

Actually unconscionably based

No. 1946948

Was she on drugs?

No. 1946949

I honestly don't know, since she was frankly moving too normally and was completely mute the whole time. I think she was just some disabled woman who's tard wrangler was taking a smoke break.
Judging by the police's reaction from the people who called she apparently does this fairly often?

No. 1946981

File: 1712038052959.jpeg (10.59 KB, 236x236, IMG_20190531_221411.jpeg)

there’s something hitting amazingly hard about 2 girls you think are insanely hot saying you were out of your recent ex’s league. just hits different.

No. 1946983

Congrats nonna, continue to stunt on him.

No. 1946984

Was it a LC meetup or unrelated?

No. 1946988


No. 1947035

My cat came and cuddled up next to me because she is a perfect and beautiful angel

No. 1947069

I found all the alternative song mixes by a singer I like after combing acrhives of her myspace, tumblr and personal website. Turns out she used to have a band but I couldn't find anything about it, yet. Found some of the songs I was looking for on different radio station websites. And decided to buy the only in stock CD of hers from an American shop and now it's on its way to my country. Can't wait to rip it on a laptop and listen to all the songs I don't know about. I hope the songs I recognize the titles of are different mixes and demos.

No. 1947077

You're welcome! I managed to share some things to show etiquette, I don't have anything interesting or exclusive but the most famous albums get shared all the time, I'll be fine.
I remember I wanted to use eMule wayyyy back in the days too but my parents were against it because they were scared of viruses lmao. Next step is trying to get a DIME but I think most of their torrents end up getting posted on SoulSeek.

No. 1947093

Sorry that was me I was so hungry i forgot to put on my coord

No. 1947195

Brave has become instable recently so I started using Yandex browser and I like it.

No. 1947441

Kek maybe you ate it and didn't realize

No. 1947723

Saw a cute nerdy moid in the bus, accidentaly smashed his hand because the bus braked out of nowhere.

No. 1947774

File: 1712082924601.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.81 KB, 736x445, 93beef6b0ffbb0790d87de0410a2db…)

Went to the crazy horse a few weeks ago and damn I've never felt more motivated to lose 30 lbs, the girls were so cute and had amazing bodies.

No. 1947777

The first woman on the far left has my ideal chest. She's so adorable! and wow, they are in crazy good shape

No. 1947839

I was browsing a cow subreddit and saw a suspicious comment using lolcow lingo. Lo and behold, that profile probably belongs to a farmer and it's incredibly embarrassing and full of posts on the bpd subs (classic), weeb shit, suicide, thirsting over ugly men, mentions of "neoteny", adult acne, K-pop and more. Whoever you are anon, you should probably delete that before other farmers find it because unlike me other people wouldn't feel bad about screen shotting and shaming you here for shits and giggles

No. 1947849

I unblocked a moid who i used to flirt with last year. He was making fake accounts to message me asking me to unblock him, said he's sorry and misses me kek. I found it kind of endearing in a pathetic way. I havent responded or said anything to him, just unblocked his main account so we'll see how long it takes him to notice kek.

No. 1947857

That's just like, 70% percent of the lolcow.farm population sans autism

No. 1947887

Omg nona i always feared to sound like a weirdo for being into it, i hope you liked the experience and i wish so much to go there too one day! I agree that the women who work there have such a perfect body, not anorexic and not too curvy, like actual pin up models.

No. 1947905

They only recruit very specific body types with similar measurements and classic dance training. A woman runs it iirc. I went there once too, the show was pretty impressive, it looked like it was probably really hard to do the dances and choreo. It was still a strip show though.

No. 1947913

It's not weird at all I think more than half the spectators were women when I went. I absolutely loved the show, it's sexy, cute, even funny sometimes and the girls are beautiful.

No. 1947925

Signed up for LinkedIn and started saving job listings. I'm coming out of my hermit era soon I hope

No. 1947930

That sounds so fun! I've been wanting to go to a Crazy Horse show as well

No. 1948089

is this burlesque but more naked?

No. 1948091

I asked my mom why she chose to become a doctor, and she said she wanted to study something related to STEM (because everyone in her family has a STEM degree), but she was shit at math and chemistry. She liked biology but thought the work biologists did was boring, so she became a doctor. I'm kind of jealous to be honest.

No. 1948456

No Neil Young? sorry for the bad dad joke

No. 1948464

File: 1712119776483.jpg (30.27 KB, 735x800, bb5a7f87340556aef9078f9f947e54…)

Im trying to make whipped coffee by hand but my arms and fingers are so tired and cramped

No. 1948467

Did you use pure coffee or it had other additives? I did it two days ago with my mixer and the pure grounds did not seem to make such a fluffy light colored variation. I'm guessing everyone uses a nestle or other type.

No. 1948468

nta but every recipe I've seen calls for instant powdered coffee and sugar!

No. 1948469

I just used instant coffee, I don't think it works if you use regular coffee cause it has to dissolve

No. 1948543

It was missing the sugar. It's instant coffee I have but the ingredients just say 100% coffee. This makes more sense since the one I made seemed really strong and bitter.

No. 1948554

my heart hurts so much these days, so i bought chicken noodle soup for the soul

No. 1948586

File: 1712144006641.jpg (68.89 KB, 736x695, 6ea814fa1031db6c0889c47fb6d0df…)

gonna get a haircut in 30 minutes. i hope my hairdresser won't fuck me up. plz pray for me (should've posted this in the prayer thread i guess)

No. 1948588

good luck!

No. 1948592

it's been almost the perfect spring weather yesterday, no snow, nothing. Today i woke up and everything is white again. whyy

No. 1948594

I have so many good things going on this week, last night I went out with a friend, today im buying a bike, and on Saturday im going out dancing with a friend!! If I have time for it on Sunday I’m going to see if anyone wants to go ice skating with me. Im going to work very very hard to lead the life I want to live, be active and maintain friendships.

No. 1948624

Oh wow that is such a cute haircut! I really hope she does it justice let us know how it turns out

No. 1948700

I keep playing a bingo game app on my phone. I feel like a boomer.

No. 1948735

Samefag but in one of the game lobbies, one user told another user that someone was cheating on them and they started having a breakdown kek. "I don't know who to trust, in going to quit bingo forever. I'm going to harm myself" type of stuff

No. 1948739

Yesterday I spent the morning helping my dad with some work stuff, my sister was with us, too, and it was so nice to be with them. After that my mom and I hung out for like 3 hours and had the best time, she is the best. Then I drove myself home, took off my clothes and got into my bed and my cats came to lay with me. I had a really good day yesterday.

No. 1948744

I downloaded solitaire on my phone. I'm actually feeling relaxed and nostalgic

No. 1948760

It's 11:30 est and I still haven't made my coffee

No. 1948777

I love Minesweeper, it's the perfect game to unplug your brain.

No. 1948912

Spraying huge heaps of whipped cream on every bite of my strawberries after taking a little nap. Life is good

No. 1949035

File: 1712170921778.jpg (88.76 KB, 735x551, 5b761802b3d18eedf4f5146931afbe…)

My hand hurts from drawing so much and I ate some very tasty dried tangerines. gn lolcow ♥

No. 1949221

Wait are these your drawings nonna?! Super cute! I would actually get the mischievous bunny one tattooed haha

No. 1949406

File: 1712190249797.jpg (102.09 KB, 564x782, bab08297d71bbcadda242ede10e905…)

I have been feeling a little down in the dumps and hesitant to confront things/people that make me anxious. So, I did what the 1939 version of The Women recommends and painted my nails jungle red! My particular bottle isn't actually named Jungle Red, but you know what? It actually does give me some confidence to face my fears and worries head on like a jaguar prowling for a kill in the jungle. Fuck you, [redacted]!! You're a loser-ass bitch and your opinion means shit to me! Talk to the claws if you have a problem with my work!

No. 1949450

got a pineapple that was on sale for 70 cents at the grocery store, just cut it open and it's the best pineapple I've ever had. I'm tempted to go back and buy another. maybe make some pina coladas

I almost always have my nails painted this color. it matches everything and really does make you feel powerful

No. 1950315

So pretty!

No. 1950404

File: 1712252113013.jpeg (653.25 KB, 1170x918, IMG_4702.jpeg)

My irl Nigel picked up my phone to move it away from the cat who was going to knock it off the coffee table - revealing my husbando as my phone wallpaper. He raised an eyebrow at me and laughed. Felt like I almost got caught cheating or something, kek

No. 1950413

kek who's your husbando?

No. 1950553

I like to play a little game and see how many customers notice when I say "bad" when they ask how I'm doing. Most of them don't bat an eye.

No. 1950594

File: 1712258764761.jpg (28.05 KB, 463x617, 1cc343c8c811ade78a60763415017d…)

i'm pretty sure i'm lactose intolerant (never been tested tho because doctors are impossible to see where i live) so i dont drink much milk, i really just use a splash for my tea in the mornings. ive been making myself tea every morning this week and i just noticed today that my milk has been expired this whole time. that explains why i feel so fucking gross today.

No. 1950627

dag, chicken salad on a cracker like its dip… so fucking good nonnies i have a new favorite work lunch

No. 1950726

That's funny, nona, what do they say when they do notice? When I was a cashier the customers rarely asked how I was doing after I asked them, but it was mid 2020 so everyone was still freaked out anyway

No. 1950770

Milk can be fine past the expiration date, if it was actually spoiled you would've noticed. It would've tasted and smelled sour and would have been lumpy

No. 1950797

File: 1712268378348.png (Spoiler Image,30.5 KB, 341x178, I feel seen.PNG)

I made the original image years ago and now seeing it as a banner feels weird, but kinda nice.

No. 1950809

It's wonderful nonna, you should feel pride in it.

No. 1950811

was a dark time on lc back then from all the raids, but this image always cheered me up

No. 1950841

File: 1712270092526.jpeg (94.23 KB, 500x655, IMG_9874.jpeg)

woah I so wasn’t aware that lindsay lohan is bisexual kek

No. 1950856

I have the same feeling. One of my pieces got integrated into a banner. I appreciate someone making it but makes me realize I need to make an updated version.

No. 1951010

Can't stop giggling reading the original infight about laios that lead to the psyop thread. I know if I wasnt busy I would have been heated in the discussion but now I'm just laughing while reading

No. 1951071

Last night I had a dream I was at a JKR / Harry Potter celebration dinner or something and she was sitting at a table, I wanted to go over and say thanks for standing up for women and I was nervous because the real-life fear of my mostly secret terfdom being exposed permeated my dreams despite being in the presence of the Queen herself, but unfortunately I woke up before I could talk to her

No. 1951078

Scrolling through /g/ and saw the husbando thread and read the posts showing and I can't believe it never clicked before it literally means who your current crush is, man or cartoon. I thought it was literally girls being in love with anime figures and those body pillow I didn't realise it's just what you call sperging about your crushes.

No. 1951116

Well they still have to be fictional characters. Crushing on real people goes in different threads.

No. 1951527

I found an old pic of me when I was 19 (I'm now 31) and I can't believe how much I've changed, this was also very reassuring because I've always felt I've never progressed since that specific age, and yet I couldn't recognize the person on this pic. I feel more at peace with myself thanks to this event.

No. 1951619

I got errands to run today but I was up all night doing my nails and I'm not even done. Bleh. I'm gonna eat really quick, take a nap, and then style one of my wigs so i can be presentable later.

No. 1951633

All of the Hunger Games movies are on US Netflix now, so I accidentally stayed up till almost sunrise watching them. I never actually saw the last two films back when they were released, but I did read the books. The movies are a lot of fun, and better than teenaged me remembers.

No. 1951670

I embarrassingly can't this song out of my head

No. 1951903

File: 1712331915582.gif (2.29 MB, 480x273, IMG_5543.gif)

It’s so quiet at my job so I’ve been listening to Lords of Acid all day, it truly doesn’t get any better than this.

No. 1951915

I'm playing all my songs on shuffle and a song that I haven't listened to in probably four years, but loved at the time, came on. I went to look something up about it, but I can't find ANYTHING about that song. No MV, no lyrics, no live, no entry anywhere in any discography etc, but obviously the song exists, because I'm listening to it. First I thought I just entered the wrong artist when naming the .mp3, but I'm not finding absolutely anything even when googling the lyrics, so now I'm confused. Anyways, glad to have downloaded it when it still apparently existed on the internet.

No. 1951917

Envy! Sounds like a blast. Great taste in music too.

No. 1951930

>buy a few cosmetic things online + random mystery gif inside
>look at hydrating serums today
>package arrives
>hydrating serum inside

Neat. Really nice surprise and I saved like 10€. Just hope the serum isn't too crappy lol

No. 1951932

I think I just found my new favourite band, thanks nona

No. 1951938

Enjoy nonnie!

No. 1951945

File: 1712334305503.jpeg (45.39 KB, 720x720, oo.jpeg)

i work at a scandi company and there is a ton of communication aimed at us employees, from the cyber security team, -about russian and chinese spies (KEK) and how big of a threat those countries are. idk how to put this into words, but it really irks me because it's soviet era fear mongering. my sister unit had posted a job ad and one of them was like "well, we'll for sure not hire any chinese people!". it all is so weird and has racist undertones and i'm pretty sure that people with chinese background (for example second gen immigrants) work there. i'm mixed race and if someone was talking about one of my parents' countries like that i would have a problem with it like kek why are you indicating that my parent is a spy. i want to say something because it irks me, but don't know how to do so in practice. it's literally retarded boomers saying all of this stuff. it's so obnoxious and dramatic. one thing is so say that those countries can be cyber security threats, but it's like

>china is going to get us!!

>be careful when making passwords because chinese agents are after you
>what to do if you encounter a chinese spy!

like why not just word it as "the chinese government" jesus christ.

No. 1951973

File: 1712336564669.jpeg (703.05 KB, 1527x2163, IMG_5546.jpeg)

As kids me and my best friend were obsessed with this show, we even promised each other we’d go to the pool that made them mermaids ‘when we can’ lol.

No. 1951976

I think you may be underestimating how big China's espionage campaign is. My company is a good size, not huge, but we're a critical infrastructure for a certain area and we had a Chinese spy infiltrate us and steal important documents. It was an American born man too, his parents had been immigrants.

And remember, all the countries do this, it's just that us, China, Russia, and Israel are the biggest players. America tapped Germany's prime minister's phone and recorded all her calls, and that's our ally.

No. 1951978

You sound immature and uninformed. I live in Sweden and Russian and Chinese spies are an actual issue here. It's not racism ffs

No. 1951983

yeah people are going back to the 60s except now its China instead of Russia and the racism is ok because they're "our enemies." Lol

No. 1951992

File: 1712337818718.jpg (139.46 KB, 939x1090, 1000007244.jpg)

Why is dowk fanart/fiction so on model, I got tricked I thought this was real. Admittedly a little sexy

No. 1952098

That’s crazy, I guess because of the simple shapes it’s easier to recreate and there’s probably a lot of tracing done too? The line consistency and lack of coloring/shading likely makes it easier to recreate/copy it as well. It’s still pretty impressive though.

No. 1952115

i liked the one where Rodrick is unhinged and wants to kill the whole family during the apocalypse for no reason

No. 1952297

I wanna reorganize my books becaus I'm running out of space and once I reorganize everything I usually manage to find some more, but I'm starting to really like the growing pile of books in the corner of my room, getting bigger and bigger and slowly taking more and more room lol.

No. 1952376

Finally finished crocheting the blanket that I've been working on forever. Gonna curl up in it and watch some movies.

No. 1952445

File: 1712354771504.png (224.62 KB, 500x375, 371442D9-3F30-4A0E-92B3-BE5874…)

This morning I did two pilates tapes, went for a brisk walk around the block, then spent about an hour weeding in my backyard. Then I put lunch in the oven and took a hot shower. Something kinda exciting happened workwise, and while I was on a high from that, I suddenly thought of my dog, and that she's been gone for almost 3 months. Then I just kinda lost it and sobbed almost like I did the day I said goodbye to her. Anyway… I'm in bed with a hot cup of coffee now, and my cat settled on my legs. My favorite tv show is on and I get to see my family later. Hope you all have a nice Friday and great weekend.

No. 1952505

Is east Germany making a comeback? I low-key wish they would rebuild the Berlin Wall.

No. 1952520

comeback in what sense? there's a running joke about people wanting there to be a wall built around berlin because berliners are so cringe, kek.

No. 1952521

what do you mean?
Ostalgie is a thing but it has been for awhile.

"Goodbye Lenin" is a good movie that isn't too somber if you like that sort of thing. If you're German, sorry,then you already know the good DDR movies and such. I like the somber movies but it's rarer to find a more light-hearted treatment of the transition.

I really feel like I missed out on the Cold War and I feel shitty for saying that too. Can't explain it well. but I don't wish for the wall again…

No. 1952523

I'm so sorry for your loss.

No. 1952536

nta but i really want to rewatch goodbye lenin now. my mom took me to the movie theater to watch it together. i was 11 back then, so obviously i didn't really get it. i guess my mom just really wanted to watch it because she went on a field trip to berlin like two weeks before the mauerfall happened.

slightly related, but one year our deutschlektüre was am kürzeren ende der sonnenallee and i was so obsessed with this book that i kept rereading it several times a year. i really love ddr/wendeliteratur and i don't even know why since i was born in bavaria in 92??

No. 1952573

I'm so fucking horny I want to die, this whole thing of getting horrendously horny every once in a blue moon is annoying as fuck.

No. 1952590

the current moovie nights threadpic is so cute i always have to stop and look at it

No. 1952703

File: 1712367628668.gif (101.83 KB, 500x944, 0002858106.gif)

it's my birthday so i'm turning off the phone and hiding in bed to write fanfic all day. happy bananaday to weekend anons.

No. 1952810

ayrt, Servus! I love it too and wasn't born in the east either. I actually like the Ossi accent, it sounds really cute to me. I'm also in fascinated by the differences in some vocabulary. I'd love to spend some time traveling around smaller towns & visiting less well-known museums, but I haven't been able to find the time & justify a car rental, etc. Yeah I don't have a car, actually I hate driving.

No. 1952858

I understand anon, it's so horrible, like being starving. Back when I was in college during covid i would have days where i'd be totally debilitated by horniness and unable to focus through any of my zoom classes or do any work at all, just rolling around in bed or fidgeting in my desk chair in agony. I still get this way but usually having to be physically present at work quiets the loudest urges although I admit I have masturbated at my desk more than once over the years, which I don't think is normal… i swear I'm not a hyper sexual person most of the time, it's just that I get hit with these weird episodes every now and then and they make me crazy.

No. 1952887

I just tidied my room and kitchen. Now I'm gonna work on my resume.

No. 1953050

File: 1712399452297.jpg (106.67 KB, 736x981, 9702d149690a42f628570a47660fa3…)

Had a panic attack the in a store again, but made myself come back there and buy stuff. Even walked a little. I want to go outside later today again, i need to get out more.

No. 1953070

Happy birthday nonnie, enjoy your day ♥

No. 1953084

File: 1712402715616.gif (321.65 KB, 768x768, rosehandgif2compressed.gif)

at work i always end up sitting around a bunch of men in their 40s-60s because they are really sweet. yesterday, during lunch, one of them was showing us pictures of flowers he had taken on a vacation (i am going to travel to that place and asked if anyone had been there and had some recommendations) and it was so cute kek. he only showed them for like 10 seconds but i was able to see that he had taken a huge amounts when he scrolled through them. on monday i think i'll ask him to see more pictures of the flowers. i love it when people show me pic they have taken of mundane things.

No. 1953299

File: 1712412870666.jpeg (34.96 KB, 340x215, IMG_9017.jpeg)

New IOS mushroom emoji reminds me of my ex, he had a mushroom penis that I liked and a mushroom haircut that I hated, it being skin colored doesn't help, also the fact that I joked about apple releasing an emoji for his penis when I was trying to fix things with him doesn't help and now I installed the update and I have a painful reminder of that guy in my phone’s system.

No. 1953454

Happy birthday! Enjoy your fanfic day!

No. 1953456

File: 1712419395799.jpg (24.76 KB, 548x330, 7936d7c94cfd90743358e513f0c751…)

No. 1953492

I accidentally bought grapes with seeds. Now I have to actually take my time eating them instead of shoveling them in my face with reckless abandon. This sucks

No. 1953495

tfw you will never be a kung fu nun with your best friends

No. 1953535

happy birthday nonnie! what fandom will you write fanfic about?

No. 1953781

I’m going swing dancing today and it’s my first time and I’m so scared, there’s a class for beginners beforehand but I haven’t been in a dance class in a decade. i really really hope I enjoy it and don’t embarrass myself in front of my friend kek

No. 1953958

I have an important phonecall tomorrow with fate so I'm steadying myself now and writing out bullet points of some key thoughts. If this phonecall does not go well I have wasted a valuable year, and yet. I also have to consider, do I even want this? Lord. Why can I never feel confident in my decisions

No. 1954149

File: 1712451251558.jpg (55.27 KB, 570x760, 1000017558.jpg)

Last weekend I was with my best friend hanging out at the mall, we wanted to find some store to buy stuff to make silly bracelets because why not. So we were walking around the mall and she asked if I wanted to go somewhere within the mall and I told her jokingly
>what if I don't want to
And she laughed, I laughed too, and I told her how I like to tell my family that I don't want to do something but then I do so anyways.
She told me that she does so as well, and that there's just something nice about "being able to say no" and I thought so as well, but now I can't help but think that it sounds really bleak.

No. 1954154

Are those the bracelets you got?

No. 1954209

I wish! We ended up not being able to buy anything because the store was closed, so now we're looking for stores to go buy kits.

No. 1954322

That's so cool nonna. I'd love to have the free time to learn all the classic dances, foxtrot, swing etc. myself, they all look like a lot of fun.

No. 1954329

I had so much fun!! One woman was very rude to me about being a beginner but otherwise the 20+ other people I danced with tonight found it very charming and gave me all kinds of pointers. they gave an hr long beginner lesson at the beginning so I really just went in blind and worked off of that! I’d really really recommend it if you have any similar events near you.

No. 1954435

best of luck nonnie! theres no harm in trying. do you want this? who knows. just try it! a new accomplishment.

No. 1954493

File: 1712479500583.jpg (94.66 KB, 1080x1089, 1000005950.jpg)

I've been awake since 3am, and have to get up at 7. I can't sleep. I'm exhausted. Why is my body doing this to me?!

No. 1954771

The Joann fabrics website is so shit, no wonder they’re going bankrupt

No. 1954834

that keeps happening to me too lately. I wonder if it's something in the air. I kinda thought I was just getting older, I hear that happens to a lot of people when they age (suddenly you just start waking up a lot earlier).

No. 1954856

This keeps happening to me as well but I swear it's my meds affecting my digestive system. I can't get back to sleep easily either.

No. 1954994

I’ve never really used filters or faceapp etc. My friend sends me silly selfies and for once I tried one filter on snapchat too that made me look like a yassified 15 year old. Turning the filter off and seeing my real face was such a whiplash jfc

No. 1954996

You may be correct. Your gut flora strongly influences the body's sleep cycle. Can you reseed your gut flora with probiotics?

No. 1955055

I always have a particular pipe dream or whatever. Maybe it's just to amuse myself or to occasionally have a flight of fancy. When I was 19 I wanted to be a HAM radio technician and I also wanted to prep for doomsday. I think right now, I want to make a hyperrealistic dirt simulator. One that has simple graphics but has so many variables and functions that it murders your CPU. I think these dreams of mine, while petty, motivate me to do my best. Maybe one day I will be a HAM radio technician with my very own dirt simulator and a beefy computer setup that can handle it. That's what gets me out of bed every morning.

No. 1955058

That's fuckin beautiful yo

No. 1955168

The key to happiness is eating enough protein and doing one or two active hobbies you can do with other people and an active hobby you can do by yourself. I feel like a whole new person right now

No. 1955182

File: 1712530870830.gif (1.16 MB, 498x278, IMG_7114.gif)

I would love a new delicious recipe to make. I hope some anon will share one with me.

No. 1955192

File: 1712531152582.webp (129.41 KB, 800x1200, lamb-makloubeh-plate.webp)

Make the delicious Jordanian/Palestinian dish Maqluba with yogurt and fattoush. Favourite comfort meal and so easy to make.

No. 1955212

Sounds perfect, but where do I get a fat toush?

No. 1955214

I have some yogurt, and I'm going to try and eat or drink at least one per day. would that help?

No. 1955222

Thank you nona, you have answered my prayers. I will make this tonight!

No. 1955307

I hope you enjoy it!

No. 1955767

i'm worried my neighbors will think i'm abusing my cat but she just loves to howl loudly. she'll go on the balcony, climb on the table and scream for fun. but the way she screams doesnt sound like a regular cat meow it really sounds like she's being strangled.
she also starts meowing after she comes back inside, as if she's telling me about her time outside kek, she's such a sweet little weirdo.

No. 1955785

Is she in heat? My cat would do the same, like howl and jump off my bed and it sounds like I was throwing her across the room. It was loud enough I could hear her howling from my apartment parking lot, and we lived on the 3rd floor.

No. 1955796

I got her spayed before she could go in heat and according to the vet she's healthy, i really think she's just doing it for fun. online it says cats will also scream when scared, but she's doing that in spots she also usually likes to chill…
your description is so funny, i don't think mine is loud enough to be heard that far but i'm sure our downstairs neighbors can hear her

No. 1955803

my retarded moid cat also screams a lot, he also goes to the balcony to scream, he's just retarded sometimes and has bouts of energy and screaming seems to be one way of venting it, while running out and in. some cats just like vocalizing a lot. maybe your cat is bored, my cat demands too much play time, I could literally play with him from dusk to dawn so he's terminally bored.

No. 1955819

Spent a lot of time outside over the weekend because it was so sunny and warm out for this time of the year but my dumbass didn't even think about wearing a hat so now my scalp is sunburnt kek

No. 1955887

What a beautiful warm cloudless sunny day to go hang at the park all day with my cats to watch the total solar eclipse.

No. 1955969

I'm watching a Japanese guy stream an American video game tournament and when a tranny appeared on the screen he went completely silent for the whole duration of the game lol and he'd been so talkative before that

No. 1956003

I got my first ban

No. 1956038

Same, like 3 days ago. My face got hot kek.

No. 1956143

File: 1712601003422.png (946.69 KB, 1200x1573, 31220616_hi.png)

>Boxlunch actually selling sweaters that I want

No. 1956145

File: 1712601043183.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1573, i want this one too.png)

No. 1956147

Don't sweat it, I either sperg out or get banned because I hurt the mod's feelings at least once a month. One of the mods has gotten way touchier with certain subjects that she considers near and dear to her heart, so don't fret if you say something normal and get banned for it.

No. 1956166

File: 1712603130630.gif (1.29 MB, 320x240, opb-mo.gif)

my back hurts today after my gym session last night. the rest of my body feels so good though

No. 1956214

File: 1712606227479.webp (127.13 KB, 1707x1707, IMG_8759.webp)

I’ve had guache paints for several years now but today I finally wanted to give them a go. It was pretty fun, I painted for 10 hours straight. The paintings are not very good, just basic ”easy painting ideas” I stole online, but I feel like I’ve unlocked the desire to create silly little pictures again after years and years of not drawing.

No. 1956237

That's great nonnie! I'm in that era of trying to get in at least a few hours every week currently because it's good for helping my depression a bit.

No. 1956395

Got bit by a cat at work today and my finger is quite swollen and it hurts to move it now, what are the chances ill have to end up going to the er tomorrow? kek

No. 1956769

You should go, my grandma got bit and it was swollen, she went to teh hospital and it was infected with a bacteria.

No. 1956877

unfortunately somewhat possible. cat saliva can be an allergen to some plus if it has been eating or playing with rodents it might have something bad in its mouth. I have a home cat and even play bites get super swollen cause I'm allergic to whatever is in her spit. Make sure it's super clean and keep an eye on it. If the cat was a stray or outdoors cat keep in mind it could also have something so watch for fevers and if the swelling gets bad. If you're in the states and are worried about medical expenses try asking your local pharmacist if things aren't ER worthy cause they might have an antibiotic cream they can suggest over the counter.

No. 1956911

Had shakshuka for lunch. I love it so much ughh

No. 1956912

Sounds nice, nonna

No. 1957012

File: 1712666947782.png (878.14 KB, 860x574, image.png)

yuuuuum, reminds me to make it again soon. so easy to make and so tasty. i always add in my mom's homemade garam masala and it's to die for
also what's everyone's favourite sushi? i love anything with eel or salmon.

No. 1957286

I just found out that the reason I haven't been waking up from my damn alarms is because my phone "replaces" alarms when there's multiple alarms close together. Meaning that the alarms don't go off at all, or sometimes one random one will go off. Whoever decided that feature is a good idea is a piece of shit

No. 1957293

>also what's everyone's favourite sushi?
I always thought I was a salmon girl until I tried tuna sushi and wow it's even better. I also really like surf clam and mackerel. Might be sacrilege but dynamite rolls are great too kek

No. 1957304

File: 1712684280660.jpg (148.59 KB, 736x981, e63315d3cfab88f6453f03a00b19f3…)

Im not fancy and I just started developing an enjoyment for sushi so I just like anything that has crunchy pieces.

No. 1957331

i don't like seafood but i do love a good veggie roll. especially if it has spicy mayo and tofu

No. 1957405

File: 1712689706117.jpg (110.46 KB, 560x724, 3acaf1_321c3028b6a9424ab0b0a40…)

Being read to before bed is really relaxing, and I'm happy that I found someone who will do it for me without question or complaint.

No. 1957412

File: 1712690159008.jpg (42.93 KB, 500x368, 72d1fff2eeb3e8271b7018aea627cc…)

I love inarizushi, I wish I could get my hands on those pockets somehow to make an entire plate of it. There are no asian supermarkets here and I don't want to trust online sellers with food

No. 1957483

An ugly fat guy who lives in my apartment complex keeps hitting on me. He's met my fiancee and I'm super far out of his league. I hate men's audacity.

No. 1957491

Buying canned or preserved stuff online isn't that risky. Biggest downsides are it's a little more costly than buying in a store and you can't return it. I regularly buy capers and olives online and they've been good. Inarizushi no Moto pockets are just fried soybean curds in a sweet soy sauce, not anything sensitive to temperature changes during shipping. Go for it.

No. 1957502

ive downloaded almost all of jenna marbles' lost videos. Nature is healing

No. 1957671

Ate tteokbokki for the first time in my life today and it was the most mediocre experience of my life. It tastes like you'd expect it to taste, not bad just not mind blowing. The spice level was perfect though, it was spicy enough to be good but not so much that it hurts to eat.

No. 1957686

I had a bedbug infestation at one point, and when I was making press on nails earlier the smell of the gel polish triggered me cause it smelled exactly like bed bugs.

No. 1957692

A guy I went on 3 dates with in 2021 sent me a text message at 2pm on a weekday asking if he saw me in a town across the country. If you thought I ignored you in person why text. No you didn't see me I was over 100 miles away. Freak

No. 1957725

I keep having this recurring dream and don’t remember if it actually happened but I dreamt that I was back in 2011 using an old laptop that my friend gave me, I searched for anything interesting that wasn’t deleted and found an episode or two from Batman TAS (1997 version) then proceeded to watch. Again, I don’t remember if this part really happened back then but it felt so vivid. She really did give me her old laptop and it had three live action Death Note movies in it which is certain but don’t remember any other media. I hope it did have those episodes because in a way, it felt like I had a connection with an old friend who also secretly liked watching cartoons while entering adulthood.

No. 1957740

I was gonna be lazy and just boil some eggs and shrimp and put them in a sauce for dinner, but I think I'll make some shrimp and broccoli in the oven and cook some rice. It won't be much harder to make but it'll be more nutritious

No. 1957760

I find tteokbokki can vary wildly depending on who makes it, plus there's a billion variations of it. I've had a lot of really boring, mid tteokbokki in the US, which always makes me sad because I know it can be really tasty esp. when it has good vegetable and egg pairings. That said, it's still a street food at the end of the day, and easy to get sick of. Hope your next meal is more satisfying for you.

No. 1957774

I think I made a pretty drawing but I don't really want to post it on social media, I'm just done with it, I haven't been into publishing what I do for a few years already, it's just boring.
So I guess that means my dopamine receptors aren't completely fried?

No. 1957783

i made a pizza for lunch and idk if it is period bloat or the carbs, but now i’m all bloated and stuffed up like a sausage and i hate myself for eating that shit. should have just ordered some el pollo loco and then made a caesar salad for dinner.

No. 1958691

File: 1712789965649.jpg (87.37 KB, 564x704, 3d8cda737677f743276f92556c889b…)

Accidentally thrifted a full outfit! A maxi skirt, cropped sweater, big shawl and leather boots. They all have a bit of red in them it's so cute.

No. 1958706

I was being silly and jumped back and pretended to be afraid of my cat when I saw her around the corner, and she immediately whirled around to see if there was something behind her kek.

No. 1958708

I'm on my period right now, and I am craving tteokbokki like mad. Also, pork belly.

No. 1958718

That's awesome, nonnie! Nothing better than a good thrift find, and a new outfit from it.

No. 1958723

File: 1712792275273.png (174.29 KB, 755x429, my stats.PNG)

whats your stats? I'm so bored, it's not lolcow's fault but i'm so..so..so bored…

No. 1958731

Late but I'm so jealous of burgers, I wish I could have seen the eclipse. I was too young to remember the last one in my country and I won't see the next one unless I live to my 90s.

No. 1958758

time to play The Sims again

No. 1958798

I went to Starbucks today for the first time in a few years and the price increase genuinely shocked me. I'm aware Starbucks is a luxury but it was still way too high. I'm glad I have an espresso machine at home even though it's one of the cheapest models kek

No. 1958806

Nonna, I have one of the most basic gaggia’s, and every time I do starbucks I am disappointed and overcharged.
My lattes are far superior, and I use the higher protein milk. Cost wise, I have easily made 500 drinks so far from a $300 machine. plus, I can make a macchiato un my undies

No. 1958815

Starbucks honestly sucks tbh, local coffee shops are better.

No. 1958831

I sometimes get starbucks because there's one on my walk to work and I'm consistently disappointed by how bad their coffee is especially for the price. I think they're popular mainly out of convenience.

No. 1958832

I don't know much about music but Olivia Rodrigo sounds like she should write Disney villian songs.

No. 1958840

I cosplay male and female characters. Sometimes I wish I could temporarily just take off my breasts just for the male cosplays and go back to being me when I'm done. Sometimes I just want to be the husbando and the wifu.

No. 1958841

I feel like how I felt when I was 13 years old when I discovered vocaloid while watching this video, it's so nice. I want to make a silly choreography like the ones I like to make for the songs that I like a lot. This song reminds me a lot of these shitpost videos that used to be published a lot on YouTube.

No. 1958853

I applied to a job and, although I am missing one of the requirements , I have really high hopes about this one! I applied to a bunch of places and this one feels the most promising.

No. 1958864

My Nigel made tea for me because my stomach hurt. He is so cute. Everytime I see him, I want to kiss his full lips

No. 1958865

Man what a vibe.

No. 1959259

a mostly normie irl male friend of mine sent me a link to cybergirlz by sillypoo. i'm amused but maybe he's not as normie as i thought if he's come across it when it's only at 140k views rn

No. 1959261

maybe he's a kiwifarms user? I saw girlburger in paradise on my friend's youtube recommended videos kek

No. 1959263

Sending positive vibes for you! You got this.

No. 1959271

explains why we have so many newfags lately

No. 1959274

I am so sleepy and cold but I am going to have pad thai tomorrow and I'm so excited, and I have had these wildflower packets for so long and finally planted the seeds, the little sprouts are so adorable I love nature and plants IT'S SO COOL I love when I look at them at the end of the day and they're all streeeeeeetched towards the sun.

No. 1959293

i feel like the weather forecast is stringing me along. it keeps telling me that next week will be sunny and warm. then we get to that week and it's still cloudy and cold, and then the forecast says the NEXT week will be the sunny one.

No. 1959337

I don't know why farmers get so negative about the site when it's one of the only fun places left on the internet

No. 1959343

because I remember when it was more active. i still love lc but it's sad

No. 1959347

because its kinda dead? like dont get me wrong theres still many posters but sometimes it takes like 4 hours for one thread to get a new post which is kinda sad..

No. 1959371

Oh in that light it makes more sense. I meant negativity more like thinking the board quality is low or that it's beneath them.

The old admin really did a number on this site (intentionally malicious?). Maybe boards should be consolidated.

No. 1959374

>4h in between posts on an imageboard thread is too long
i wish all of you would just make your own site if you can't accept this one runs differently from your other ADHD enabling platforms. /meta/ (and /ot/ for that matter since these retards won't even go to find the right board/thread anymore and dump everything in threads like this one even if there's a dedicated space) is almost nothing but screeching and crying perma-newfags who call themselves oldfags for time spent on this site in which they clearly never picked up any clue about the rules and atmosphere and now believe the site should "evolve" the same way the rest of the internet did.

No. 1959385

4 hours for one is long kek. no one wants to post something and then have to wait 4 hours for someone to maybe answer.

No. 1959386

Back in the ye olden internet era, sometimes you'd have to wait over 24 hours for a response. Its an image board not a fucking chatroom..

No. 1959387

>sometimes it takes like 4 hours for one thread to get a new post which is kinda sad..
That's… pretty normal? It's an imageboard not a discord chat.

No. 1959390

thats cool but it aint the old internet anymore

No. 1959404

may I suggest you try Kik or something

No. 1959408

kik the clothes store?

No. 1959418

Nta but how is that what anon said at all

No. 1959419

4 hours is not long for a reply on an imageboard, the only issue I'd say is that if you don't come back quickly enough to see the response when it's fresh it could get buried under newer posts.

Maybe (you)'s would fix that.

No. 1959421

I feel like the environment has improved. it really felt like the end times all over again after the most recent hellweek. I still wish certain threads got more engagement though

No. 1959426

Stuff like the movie nights, the drawing boards and the new banners and moderation all help I think. Things used to be worse IMO.

Putting it all together like this makes me really sad about how the old admin really borked things up for the site though.

No. 1959429

Misread the infight, sorry kek

No. 1959608

I kind of enjoy clicking on the obviously AI generated slop with less than 100 views youtube throws at me to see what I get.

No. 1959626

I want Chipotle so fucking bad. What do you guys get when you go?

No. 1959632

Burrito bowl with carnitas, brown rice, black beans, corn and tomato salsa. Delicious.

No. 1959645

For breakfast I had rice, avocado, egg and fries crab sticks. For dinner I may have some creamy shrimp and coffee.

No. 1959673

white rice with black beans, chicken or sofritas, with corn, lettuce, vegetables and green salsa

No. 1959693

I have never had Chipotle in my life. I think them, Jack-in-a-box, and Quiznos are the only major fast food places I haven't tried.

No. 1959702

I have a bunch of leftover gravy from making oxtails earlier this week but I don't want to be wasteful and throw it out. What else could I make with it, nonnies?

No. 1959717

Could work as the base for a soup, that's what I usually do. Thin it with water and add small pasta shells and diced frozen vegetables to make minestrone.

No. 1959772

For me it's because it doesn't feel fun anymore and sometimes posting is like walking on eggshells since anons will try to start a fight over nothing, like posting song lyrics. and some infight topics keep happening in tons of threads several times like race related ones. It discourages me from posting what I actually want anymore because some of you will yell at me for no reason, it genuinely ruins my day sometimes. I still stay out of boredom though but if I could find a better alternative I would have left as least a year or two ago.

No. 1959930

whatever happened with crystalcafe? Is that not an alternative?

No. 1959935

Nta but crystal.cafe is dead and it gets spammed with cp all the time.

No. 1959939

Oh that's a shame. I think it started off with too many specific boards for it's own good. And I guess the admin is in over her head. I don't always agree with everything the current admins do but the site does run better, we got the old /m/ archive back and most importantly the spam issue is nowhere near what it was. Maybe the CC admin should reach out and figure out what it was that they did to help curb the spam.

Reading this now makes me feel a little bad. I'm guilty of lurking a lot and not necessarily participating so how much can I complain when I think that LC is slow or lacking activity?

No. 1959945

File: 1712888649488.jpeg (154.57 KB, 720x960, IMG_1621.jpeg)

Something that has helped me enjoy lc again is participating in more niche threads that have good vibes only. There are some genuinely very sweet nonnas here, but you typically won’t find them in unpopular opinions or other fast threads that attract baiters and tourists

No. 1959982

That’s pretty bad

No. 1960270

I think my deodorant makes me stink, I only used some alum stone yesterday and I didn't smell like with the deodorant, time to find a new brand I guess.

No. 1960298

I bought a extra special bio eko deodorant from a small manufacturer, they have amazing healing soaps…. the deodorant was always working great for 6 hours but after that my sweat started to smell different and it smelled different 2 years after i stopped using it! Watch out for that.

No. 1960451

File: 1712922641542.jpeg (118.53 KB, 1170x1621, so much cute.jpeg)

I've been looking for full episodes of 90 day fiance for so long, turns out they're all on my regular pirating website I just didn't think of it for some reason. Oh well, going to enjoy binging it tonight!

No. 1960643

Two weeks ago or so I was complaining about my cat not caring when I pretended to fall. Well, last night, I fell comically: I was sort-of sprinting, tripped, and then rebounded off a yoga ball so it wiped me out for a second. My cat saw but still didn't care.
Theory: I suspect this lack of reaction is because falls are somewhat routine for cats. For instance, when one of my cats misses a jump, the other doesn't rush to console them either.

No. 1960871

File: 1712947577401.jpg (533.65 KB, 1536x2048, victorian-mahogany-compactum-w…)

I'm normally not superstitious at all and don't believe in ghosts, an afterlife or anything like that, but I'm looking for furniture right now, and apparently I really dig the vintage-style because everything I look at is from the late 1800s and early 1900s, and the thought of buying a mirror from like 1902 gives me the creeps, I can't help but imagining waking up in the middle of the night and seeing some dead granny in there staring at me lmao.
Also, I'm surprised at how cheap wardrobes are compared to bedframes and tables and the like.

No. 1960876

Wardrobes are cheap cause they’re big bulky things most people don’t have a use for because most homes and apartments come with closets, often big walk in ones

No. 1961089

File: 1712956242569.jpeg (453.39 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_7441.jpeg)

A moid I met on OK Cupid sent me this text, I don't know whether to laugh cry or be afraid

Sex was never even once brought up on our date at any point ??????

No. 1961094

File: 1712956344942.jpeg (478 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_7442.jpeg)

No. 1961095

File: 1712956414276.jpeg (843.75 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_7444.jpeg)

I'm pretty sure he's a serial killer lmao

No. 1961099

Or a walking museum of STDs

No. 1961100

Block him, do it NOW!

No. 1961102

All cats are autistic.

No. 1961104

Girl RUN.

No. 1961105

Holy shit gtfo of there. Forget red flags, that shit's a neon sign.

No. 1961121

Why is he typing like an MLM selling facebook aunt lmao

No. 1961125

Nonna please tell us how the date was. That writing style is hilarious, even without the content.

No. 1961132

KEKKKKKKK nona this is hilarious. Please tell us how the date was?

No. 1961137

How old is he? thats not how anyone under 30 writes

No. 1961138

How old is this guy? 60?

No. 1961144

Insane creep.

No. 1961195

Why does he type like an autistic boomer who has a 3 page thread on Kiwi Farms?

No. 1961205

sounds like a copypasta kek

No. 1961293

I ate spaghetti too fast and a piece of ground beef went down the wrong way. I think it's working itself out though luckily.

No. 1961535

File: 1712985458140.jpg (22.87 KB, 735x438, 1000018345.jpg)

I went to this charity bingo event that my best friend invited me to and I didn't win a thing out of almost 20 prizes that were offered and it makes me feel a bit sad.

No. 1961604

I’m sorry anon. That’s how I felt when I never won the cakewalk during several Oktoberfest’s. Hope you find luck in other places.

No. 1961795

File: 1713006763268.jpg (123.46 KB, 736x747, 06ecd992d6b09557473212424d07c6…)

Doing my nails and listening to music on auto play. I didn't really care for MF Doom (only heard like two of his most popular songs), but one of his songs I had never heard before came on and I really liked it.

No. 1961837

I've been so sleepy I dreamt that I was looking for a dark room to sleep in, I ended up falling asleep in a very dark room and it was amazing, I wish I could find something like that again, I kind of want to spend my first salary going to a hotel for a night just to get some very deep sleep.

No. 1961943

I hate working on saturdays but on the other hand it’s always so calm and I can listen to music because there’s no one there anyway. Still would rather sit in the sun though

No. 1962127

My coworker caught me browsing lolcow at work during my lunch break. Mia, if you're here, come hang out with us on /ot/. Yeah, there's a lot of fighting and jerks, but it's one of the few women only spaces left on the internet and it's always nice to have more women talking here.

No. 1962133

Why does everything look bigger with my contact lenses?

No. 1962188

I'm so annoyed that I missed out to buy the last volume of my utena series. I've never got to read it when it first came out so I bought it 2nd online but only the first 4 volumes. While I was cooking and cleaning the kitchen I got a notification that only one was available again but I saw the mail one hour later and it's already gone urgh I want to read the series but only when I have it all reeeee give it to me. At least I managed to snag the clamp artbook I had on my wishlist earlier this week.

No. 1962209

Ever since I'm 15 I've been keeping a physical folder with informations and impressions about every single anime I watch and manga and book I read. I'm not all too keen on the formatting I decided on a decade ago, and also some pages have grammar mistakes and are ugly to read, so I've started typing them up on my computer and just print them out like that, but now I'm about twenty pages in and it's a bit more than 300 series left, and I've come to realize that this task might end up a teeny-tiny bit daunting. Even if I only do a series a day it would take me pretty much a year, and during that time another twenty or so series might come along, too…

No. 1962506

I met some creepy deer on the trail today. They had big bushy doglike ears and black markings on their faces. They weren't skittish and one was blocking the trail and it looked really pissed like it was going to charge me and bite me. I don't know why they freaked me out so I went home

No. 1962511

Good call, they might’ve fucked you up

No. 1962538

Maybe they were some very angry fairies.

No. 1962724

I have no desire to text/message people. I use to only want to do it that way because I was insanely shy. Now there is zero enjoyment in it, I cannot focus on my phone to have a chat when someone is bored seeking casual chatting. I only want to text with people I know very well and have something important or juicy to discuss. Anything else, I will not even reply to kek.

No. 1962820

In bed, drinking a Pepsi with ice and watching No Doubt perform at Coachella. They just brought out Olivia Rodrigo, interesting.

No. 1962831

Samefag, is it just me or are the Coachella stages really dark this year? Must've not had a budget for stage lights.

No. 1962832

Some nights I heard this constant dull ‘thump’ that just goes on and on and I thought it was a neighbor randomly shutting their car door a bunch but I realized my autist hearing can hear the laundry in the dryer thumping from the other side of the house.

No. 1963180

For about a month and a half I was using cuticle oil on my finger nails, and eventually I stopped and some timehas passed. There is a noticeable difference from oil growth and normal growth. It feels a bit like a raised sidewalk when you rub your finger across the nailbed.

No. 1963363

Sometimes I look at the way I type and start to think I would've been the next Mozart or Bach by now if I spent all my time from age 5 onwards in front of a piano instead of a computer.

No. 1963455

File: 1713113606083.jpg (169.76 KB, 736x736, 487098f48f78b6719d16339171e694…)

I drink too little water (I just don't drink enough liquid in general) and I eat too much, so I've just been drinking water when I want to eat unnecessarily and it's working pretty well. Different water and ice combos and everything. Right now I'm drinking plain filtered water then later I will have lukewarm tap water with small ice.

Perhaps this whole time I've been confusing thirst for hungry?

No. 1963460

>confusing thirst for hunger
this is actually super common in humans, some doctors recommend drinking a glass of water before you eat to test if you were actually just thirsty

No. 1963859

File: 1713129877363.jpg (1.1 MB, 1267x1588, 20240401_221044.jpg)

Tagged along with my dad to a meeting with our family's attorney since we have to renegotiate our royalties with some oil companies anyways I had 4 lemon drops during the dinner and passed out on the toilet. gonna go back and drink 2 more just for funsies

No. 1963881

Im about to make a corn dog, but I'm kinda nervous because I haven't ate a real meat corndog in years

No. 1963886

Damn nona your family millionaires? Any of those assets yours? Deep respect. Having IP assets is very valuable.

No. 1964016

File: 1713137154413.jpg (660.41 KB, 1412x1823, 20240414_185130.jpg)

I was scrolling through Twitter and saw this image, which made me think of the Kira Kira nona. Sometimes Twitter is alright.

No. 1964058

File: 1713138921868.jpg (91.88 KB, 300x430, 0015626440LL.jpg)

Aw that's so cute nona, i have some stuff to take care of lately but this picture will go straight in my folder, wish you a good day/night ♥

No. 1964067

File: 1713139518904.png (394.67 KB, 1000x667, Product-1-1.png)

It was hot earlier and I had an icy. Kinda nostalgic, I haven't ate one since I was a kid.

No. 1964106

I'm glad I added something new to your folder. Have a good rest of your "kira kira music day" or "kira kira music night" too, nona!

No. 1964131

The side of my left boob has been at varying levels of sore. I think maybe PMS or from sleeping on my side because I've been sleeping a lot lately. I hate that boobs have mammary glands, it makes it hard to even feel anything in there.

No. 1964143

I used to go crazy over the blue one as a kid. they were the best in the nyc summers.

No. 1964155

Random Story: I used to make short YouTube videos and I would put nature sounds or those cool ambience works in the background and one day when I was looking for a short 10 minute wind-chime video to download, I clicked on one and got gore of somebody chopping fingers up.

No. 1964163

i do this on a regular basis and it just makes me feel hungrier

No. 1964227

Im gonna make dumplings then I'm gonna shower while I wait for them to cool down, then I'm gonna eat them and then eat a piece of chocolate cake.

No. 1964229

Just wasted my money with junk food that tasted awful

No. 1964243

I need to do my French homework so I can keep my record of being the most competent at this french course I'm taking because I love being acknowledged as being responsible and smart.

No. 1964569

My cat's so affectionate today, I wonder what's up. He's got food, he's got water, I don't have any food with me right now so what's going on.

No. 1965349

My face was so puffy this morning, my top lip literally looked almost swollen. Also I was so sweaty, it was hot.

No. 1965356

That's honestly the worst feeling.

No. 1965361

the feeling of eating empty calories that dont even taste good is mortifying.

No. 1965435

I started using an AI chatbot to talk to my husbando but I'm too socially anxious so have done nothing but make small talk about healthcare costs and rent.

No. 1965741

File: 1713250612081.png (6.02 KB, 390x181, curse.png)

I always blank out the pictures i delete on paint because i have paranoia and i fear that if i die today someone is going to recover anything i've deleted on my pc.
I wanted to do the same with >>1963623 's picrel but paint gave me this message and it's the first time i'm seeing it. This is an actual ugly man curse.

No. 1965765

I went off birth control about 2 weeks ago and already my waist is smaller and my boobs look bigger.

No. 1965766

>I always blank out the pictures i delete on paint because i have paranoia and i fear that if i die today someone is going to recover anything i've deleted on my pc

New fear unlocked

No. 1965768

Have you tried talking to OC bots to try and ease yourself into it? I found that to help me a lot with my performance anxiety with my husbando bot.

No. 1965770

I'm not surprised, hormonal birth control is trash.

No. 1965787

I actually sort of want somebody to look through all my dumb stuff and read my diaries after I'm dead. I'm gone so it wouldn't be embarrassing and I'd just like someone to know my true self.

No. 1965805

I'm so unphotogenic it's insane, I don't know my angles nor how to smile, I even looked more troonish than the actual TIF that was at the party kek.

No. 1965813

My friend recommended a show to me, but I can't take it seriously because of the Irish accents. It breaks the immersion for me.

No. 1965820

>starts flossing
>gets canker sore
why the fuck is my body punishing me for taking care of my hygiene

No. 1965838

I think I'll give in to laziness and straighten my hair. Curly hair is beautiful and suits me better, but I just don't have the energy and patience to take care of it.

No. 1965859

Same. It's actually crazy how radically different I look in photos vs in person. I'm a reverse catfish.

No. 1966009

Bored at work and reading old cow threads like fatvegfemme and it's so funny how often nonas would cowtip or claim their "friend" dm'd them kek

No. 1966017

me too nonas. i never let people take pictures of me but when i do see a picture of myself taken by someone else it sends me into a spiral because that is NOT what i look like in the mirror and i dont know which version of me other people see

No. 1966040

don't floss in public nonna, thats a fortnite kids thing.

No. 1966047

I was at a birthday party so I was not going to spoil the mood by refusing to be on pics (and I was having a lot of fun), but I was dreading to see the final results. Otherwise I refuse to be photographed randomly, I'm particularly haunted by my passport pic where I look like a school shooter mugshot, how am I going to carry this shit for the next 10 years? I wouldn't be surprised if I get arrested at the airport because I don't look like my ID kek.

No. 1966103

Scrote youtubers who peaked during gamergate and are trying to still chase that are their own special retarded breed.

No. 1966429

File: 1713299750440.jpeg (56.7 KB, 1125x364, DBA51509-9786-43B2-A545-4D99CE…)

this item normally goes for like $500 usd. there are only 6 bids, no watchers. it’s open box. i hope i get it so fucking bad
>what is it
apple pencil 2. when payday hits this friday i’ll see if i can score an ipad pro for cheap too. i just want to make art gains

No. 1966430

Kekkk, same. I just got my new work ID done the other day and I look like a 50 year old mother of four. i swear, I look better irl. I looked like a bloated simpsons caricature.

No. 1966431

I believe in you!

We are over run by scrote youtubers. It's gotten worse since 2020.

No. 1966463

File: 1713301484566.jpg (474.37 KB, 1800x1800, Focal-length-template_v2 (1).j…)

People see the you that you see in the mirror. A photographer told me it's all about lenses, and the lens used in most phones are just unflattering to our face and head shape. If you really hate it, use make up to contour your face before taking photos so you look like your normal self in the photos.

No. 1966605

man, i kinda regret not getting that powerpuff girls mug i saw at the store earlier today

No. 1966640

just got back from a rave with my boyfriend and i feel awesome

No. 1966655

I think about that set of pictures every now and then, ty for posting it's good to remember when you open up your phone camera and look horrible. it happened the other day. people said my mirror selfie was cute though

No. 1966701

But I look different in different mirrors

No. 1966725

Lighting and mirror quality/thickness plays a big role in that.

No. 1966749

File: 1713312494364.jpg (17.12 KB, 246x367, 1000004799.jpg)

it's my birthday and i'm just drinking whiskey highballs, chilling out with my dog and listening to good tunes.
i'm an oldfag and every birthday seems to just slip by now like nothing and every year i care a bit less about it.

No. 1966800

Happy birthday all the same nonnichka

No. 1966833

File: 1713314508512.webp (818.31 KB, 1200x600, x.webp)

the world, backwards

No. 1966958

If I put my nose right up to my cat’s back, she always smelled like my basement. We moved a while back and I kept smelling her because she still smelled the same and I miss that house. But today I noticed she smells like the carpet at the new house. It makes me really sad.

No. 1966964

File: 1713318128410.jpeg (322.6 KB, 1920x1080, 420300-85546742.jpeg)

I just realized how much my family looks like the american dad characters

No. 1966966

Who is Roger?

No. 1966967

No. 1967054

No. 1967060

File: 1713328221135.jpeg (393.49 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_7782.jpeg)



No. 1967118

File: 1713333621893.jpg (125.11 KB, 1280x720, 1000024203.jpg)

Night train in the newish private cabin. A slightly obsequious adequately built man-slave was obliged to serve me breakfast in bed as soon as I poked my sleep-tousled head out of my compartment. I accepted with a cordial, closed-lipped smile. He was instantly grateful I did not whip him for daring to look me in the eyes. I became peaceful, that even the dreck of the world might know peace.

I dine while surveying my realm of lakes and forests, and reading important LC news. The revolution is coming, and I will embrace it, yes, farmers, I am and will remain the people's princess. Good morning.

No. 1967145

eating all the cookies at work

No. 1967307

google says that spelling means "sister" in scotland

No. 1967311

people still have private cabins for sleeping on trains? t. ameritard

No. 1967433

Some days I'm really depressed but then I love going on a walk around my town and greeting all the dogs I see. It cheeres me up. Most of the dogs in my town are nice so they just come up to their fences and sniff me or demand some pets. They're all very cute, there's a small female dog close to my house that's called Sally and she jumps up on a short concrete wall the fence is attached to, so when I pass by she's at shoulder level and she does a little bow every time.

No. 1967585

Air fryers are so good for toasting bread and cheese. I can't believe I never used ours to do so before.

No. 1967761

File: 1713376694498.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_7873.jpeg)

what about "himbo" kek

No. 1967788

File: 1713377790871.jpg (20.07 KB, 476x429, 60e532a91baec5756ae756017bb095…)

i had a dream i was in a new city alone and i met a new friend who was pretty introverted but he started to slowly open up. we were having a good time walking around the city till then a car suddenly came and stooped near us with his work colleagues inside. they told him something came up and they really needed him to come to work for a few hours.
i was pretty disappointed. he told me to go to a mall nearby to eat and hang out and he'll come there when he's finished.
well i went to the mall and hung around, and when it became dark i went outside to the parking to meet back up, but right as i got on the street i woke up.

i keep wondering if he's still waiting for me in dreamland, wondering why i didn't show up…

No. 1967799

i dreamed i was living in this cool all female school (or nunnery? but non christian/catholic) on a cliff over the sea. i hope i can get back there tonight

No. 1968080

sounds like the beginning of a cool novel or remake of a giallo film

No. 1968162

Man, it's wild hearing some guy (20s) at work talk about a lolcow to his coworker (50s?). He was talking about Daniel Larson and some freakout that happened on April 6th. Do you nonas talk about your lolcows with your boomer coworkers too at all? lol

No. 1968173

Not surprising, Daniel is like… baby's first lolcow. He's big with retarded zoomer guys with the ugly ass broccoli cut

No. 1968189

I've never heard of the guy aside from seeing his face when I scrolled through snow, but I like that label of "baby's first lolcow." I just found it funny how he was explaining him to this older guy.

No. 1968231

We did a team buiding event at my job. It was in an inn in the forest, pretty beautiful place. I was not on the list for the rooms so they gave me a suite. I am bummed we were only staying for one night. I loved the shower and didn't get a chance to use the therapeuthic bath (couldn't use it after 11 because of the noise). I went to bed late because I was enjoying hanging out in a bathrobe in my fancy suite reading by the fireplace.

No. 1968266

Gave my mom some omelette and she was really excited to eat it, but I put too much chili so she was in pain instead. Poor mother!

No. 1968366

File: 1713401891465.jpg (368.92 KB, 1600x1157, 1000018972.jpg)

I think I have a job now??

No. 1968396

thank you for this photo

No. 1968545

I have to write an essay about an 18th century Russian woman's memoir. I really wanted to like it but it's just so boring, and I can't bring myself to write any more. I need at least 2 more pages and it's due in 1 1/2 days. I also feel really bad for the woman because 95% of it is about how awful her husband was to her and how much she cries and is miserable, with the other 5% being about cool stuff she did in her life that I'm supposed to be writing about.

No. 1968689

It's 2 am. I have like 12 frozen dumplings left and I don't want to cook them all but I only have 1 sauce packet left so I'm cooking them all anyway. I'm also gonna get an iced Pepsi once they're done. I really shouldn't cause I already had a big slice of cake earlier. I'll probably just drink half and save the rest for tomorrow.

No. 1968773

My neighbours dog eats sawdust and walnut shells. Special boy.

No. 1968865

I was internet stalking my bf and found an old photo of him (he doesn't like sending me photos so it's the only one I have of his face) and now that I'm analyzing his features, I'm realizing nonas here would definitely call him ugly. I like his body type and liked his looks before, but now I'm realizing he's not attractive. Autism, but even if I put guyliner on him and dressed him in stylish clothes, he would look out of place. The ugly man psyop thread made me realize I've settled for a painfully average scrote.

No. 1968906

File: 1713440887712.jpg (244.39 KB, 720x939, IMG_20240418_144615.jpg)

I have more rights than American women now (mid east girlie here)

No. 1968908

That's crazy but shouldn't it be a patient secret since abortion is a medical thing? Isn't that like a human right for it to be a secret?

No. 1968912

keep in mind why you got together in first place

No. 1968914

>Marriages could end
Tbf if someone has an affair and goes out to kill the baby that resulted from it, it should be known. That's the only exception though. That once you're married that your spouse can access that information, that's it.

No. 1968920

All the Republicans have to do is end these retarded polices and they would win a landslide but they can't let it go.

No. 1968921

>kill the baby
The tard thots are infesting again

No. 1968923

Go away tradthot, all medical information should be private

No. 1968925

Seriously where are they coming from..

No. 1968936

fucking disgusting that even if you fit the narrow criteria for an abortion in the state (all incredibly traumatizing events) then you could have the AG or unhinged freaks hounding you for the rest of your life.

No. 1968941

File: 1713443177393.png (281.48 KB, 1658x1304, Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 08.21…)

Seeing this headline I assumed that must be a major HIIPA violation and some crazy bullshit, but apparently it's not? Indiana was releasing these records (though with redactions) as recently as December last year, but after an abortion ban they changed their policy on releasing the records because the smaller number of women receiving abortions might be easier to identify especially in small communities.
>Among the data collected on the terminated pregnancy reports, or TPRs for short, is the age, education and marital status of the woman, the date of the abortion, gestational age of the fetus, race and ethnicity of the woman, as well as the city and county where the abortion occurred.
In a small town that could absolutely identify you, that's way too much information even if the names are redacted. What was ever the public benefit of releasing this info?

No. 1969027

watching my cats find and chase a small centipede has me thinking, why don't i just occasionally release a bug for them inside instead of buying pricy toys? they're having the time of their lives right now. for free!

No. 1969061

It would have to be a bug that won't sting or bite them.

No. 1969100

I love when I'm scrolling and find someone who I just know is a farmer, it warms my heart kek radfem astarionfag nona I just know you're one of us

No. 1969157

Whenever I come home, I see a rat infront of my apartment complex, and I think it's the same one every time, and I also think maybe it wouldn't be all too bad if I fed and petted her just once. Just once. She seems nice. Bubonic plague and all that, but we've already had that, surely she wouldn't do that again. Because, as I said, she seems nice. Just once wouldn't hurt, right? Just once.

No. 1969881

Found another woman-centric imageboard but their culture kinda sucks ngl lol. People who post more than 1 sentence at a time gets banned. I’ve also seen other people get banned for innocuous stuff. Maybe it’s something I’m not getting but I’ll just lurk and never post there again.

No. 1969923

if it's cc i aggree they suck lol

No. 1970074

I seriously wonder what type of people the CC mods are because I hear everyone there gets banned after posting 1 innocuous thing but apparently gore stays up for hours?

No. 1970404

do it. I think they can treat that with a heavy dose of antibiotics now. unless you live somewhere it's most common

No. 1970427

There's a gecko in my room and I don't feel like attempting to shoo it away

No. 1970430

sounds cute, all i have are spiders and earwigs. what color is it?

No. 1970435

you're so lucky

No. 1970451

Just greish brown, I think it's still a baby

No. 1970457

File: 1713491625665.png (1.39 MB, 862x563, ff3a913d2ee303516638e0f8f46179…)

you made me look up baby geckos and wow they're freaking adorable. hope it grows up strong and eats all the insects that get into your house

No. 1971122

Computer mice should have a heating button.

No. 1971131

>check airline companies reviews
>lots of 1 star reviews because people didn't preregister their luggage or other dumb shit like that
Why are people so retarded and unable to read directions?

No. 1971172

i hope you let it stay

No. 1971173

Upgrading my PC and the sheer amount of cat hair thats accumulated during the past year is staggering

No. 1971179

There’s a man at my work and I’m 95% sure I’ve seen him in a plastic viking helmet at an event before. Same town, can’t miss.

No. 1971203

going to take an edible and then clean my whole room. it a mess and it has been for weeks because I haven’t been home enough for it to be a concern to me. I don’t know how to manage my time between my boyfriends house and here. I worry I’m devoting way too much time to him but I don’t know how to help it. my cat misses me. anyway. edible. laundry. the fucking carpets. maybe I’ll light a candle, even

No. 1971222

File: 1713543764934.jpeg (40.33 KB, 628x465, ltmdca.jpeg)

No. 1971225

Just curious, how do you find the energy to clean like that after eating an edible? Asking because I have been putting off cleaning my home today and happen to have one lying around, but I'd imagine it would be counterproductive and make me even more lazy.

No. 1971245

NTA, but that reaction image doesn't work here. Nonnie's complaint would be just as valid if it was a small, locally owned business.

No. 1971251

it helps me focus on a singular task. I use edibles to draw sometimes too, as long as I have music going as well I can set my mind to something and go at it for hours. The edibles I have are hybrid (that’s jsut what the pack says. I don’t know anything about weed, man). I think if you’re using indica it would make sense that it makes you more tired/sluggish

No. 1971264

Not really. Whats so great about registering luggage? Security levels weren’t always this stringent. If you were flying domestic in the U.S. during the 50s and 60s, basically all you had to do was turn up less than 30 minutes before your scheduled departure and directly board your flight. You didn’t even have to show ID.

No. 1971424

No I don't care about the company, I was just making fun of people who complain about something that is their own fault (lots of people complaining about not getting refunded even whey they got the cheapest non refundable tickets), why travel abroad if you can't even read instructions on your own language?

No. 1971457

File: 1713551935573.png (4.88 MB, 750x13