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No. 188561

>tfw the nicest guy
>tfw polite
>tfw girls don't realize i'm a gentleman
What am I doing wrong?
this is the /b/ of lolcow, right?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 188563


Quit being a lazy, whiny piece of shit and then maybe you can get a girl. Go kill yourself you motherfucker.

No. 188567

How would you get you?

No. 188571


just b urself

No. 188574

But girls say I'm gross :(((

No. 188581

Did they say why? Elaborate anon.

No. 188582

His problem was that his botox and behavior made him seem gay. No wonder women didn't take him seriously.

No. 188583

They said I was too nice. I'm handsome. I'm almost beautiful. I wear Gucci. It can't be me. They're finding reasons to not date me. Women are stupid.

No. 188591


This is an Elliot Rodger thread, isn't it?

No. 188592


>have money

>have famous parents
>instead of going after girls in your league get obsessed about blonde bimbos
>[autism intensifies]
>kill yourself after killing a bunch of nerdy guys

He deserved every bit of what he gone through.

No. 188594

Ever read his manifesto? Apparently a lot of his virginrage comes from witnessing and hearing his sister being fucked by Chad. Really screwed with his head. He probably wanted to fuck her and was mad she was being plowed by someone better than him. From that day forth he tried so hard to be that Chad but just couldn't get it right…

No. 188596


He was just fucked up in the head. I have a sister that got engaged two months ago and I'm happy as fuck for her. Dude she engaged to is chill as fuck, I really like him. Seriously, I just don't understand other men sometimes.

No. 188597

ur wearing black people "luxury" thats why. get some real luxury

No. 188608

That had nothing to do with it. It enraged me and made me want to kill her, I mean why did she deserve to lose her virginity before me? She deserves to die.
But I did everything right. I traded pokemon cards. I learned how to ollie. Women lie. They don't want a charming man with a nice car who dresses well. They want a stupid slob who wears tracksuits and wifebeaters just because he's good at baseball. Look at the sunset. It's beautiful. And yet I don't get to experience it with a tall blonde woman. I own a BMW.

No. 188617

u have to act autistic and quiet like adam lanza for smol points then u will get tumblr puzzi at least (after u die of course cuz thats when they notice u)

No. 188618

Most of the guys who use "nice" as an adjective to explain their selves are the most whiny, ugly shitlords I have ever met.

No. 188621

So you admit you don't want a nice guy? Great. Then why am I wearing brand-name shirts? Why am I practicing my kickflips and dyeing my hair? Why did I quit WoW? I should torture you to death.

No. 188634

Moved to >>>/sty/3391.

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