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File: 1706317566361.png (641.29 KB, 724x528, unpopular opinoins .png)

No. 1868711

>board rules apply
>no infighting
>for fuck' s sake do NOT reply to bait

No. 1868713

If this one gets deleted, we all know why

No. 1868750

I wonder what’s mentally wrong with mods on 4chan and lolcow to do this work for free

No. 1868756

theyre dudes, thats whats wrong with them

No. 1868776

I like K-pop because I like how equal the horrible treatment is beyond gender. Both genders are equally objectified and treated bad.

No. 1868779

I deleted my spam thread because those other two anons said they had pictures but neither of them made a thread. Guess I should have kept it up. Oh well.

No. 1868793

File: 1706322577040.jpg (6.5 KB, 188x269, ohaguro.jpg)

Ohaguro (tooth black) is nifty, I think it made sense in the context of traditional East Asian beauty standards and it's interesting how it seemed to actually have utilitarian use as a functional dental sealant. If things ever go tits up and mad max I'm gonna dye my teeth black, good dentistry will be hard to find in the apocalypse.

No. 1868798

File: 1706323864843.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1101x1584, 1E486145-4044-422E-9F04-E3E820…)

Maturing is realizing Michael Jackson was actually beautiful as fuck

No. 1868799

What dental purposes does it serve? That's very interesting

No. 1868803

He’s uncanny but beautiful, sweet spot was when he didn’t have many surgeries done and his skin tone was closer to normal.

No. 1868810

presurgery michael was cute. Ayuwoki era? nightmarish.

No. 1868815

People think he wanted to be white but that man was obsessed with anime and having a little anime face

No. 1868817

Cats and cow pics can be used in later threads

No. 1868833

Not one of you people..

He was obsessed with Elizabeth Taylor and wanted to be her.

No. 1868867

More like Diana Ross, he worshiped that woman all his life. He was friends with Elizabeth and she helped him once or twice, though.

No. 1868904

File: 1706332057549.jpg (34.79 KB, 450x357, toothblack.jpg)

tooth blackening was practiced all across Asia at various points and is most strongly associated with Japan but the type practiced in Vietnam is most interesting to me. While the Japanese tooth black needed to be reapplied every few days the kind used in Vietnam lasted a very long time, so it seems like they actually succeeded in developing an effective pre-modern tooth varnish/dental sealant. They're basically protective coatings that help protect against tooth decay and would prevent staining and other sorts of discoloration from other things. From some of what I've read about it the anecdotal evidence suggests it actually worked to maintain the health of the teeth but it's also been studied by Western ethnobotanists and dental researchers and they conclude that it probably was good for oral health.

It looks so weird to us but I suppose we would find it beautiful if we grew up with it or were exposed to it via otherwise beautiful, successful people.

No. 1868908

I forgot the Era of Japan thus was popularized in. Noh Era? It's such a unique look. They also shaved their eyebrows during that era as well.

No. 1868919

When you're painting your face white even regular healthy teeth are going to look really yellow. So I get the logic of painting the teeth black. Its so antithetical to my modern aesthetic sensibilities but I can kind of tilt my head and squint and I can see the appeal, I get what they were going for and what they liked about it. Their teeth must have looked shiny like black lacquered pottery. It's kinda cool, at least I think so. Could see it being taken up in some alt fashions.

No. 1868991

A bit unrelated, but I had a Japanese professor once who told us that the stuff used to blacken your teeth back then was sometimes made of lead. So it was a bit unhealthy to do this long-term but people didn't know that back then.

No. 1869053

File: 1706347862363.jpeg (70.55 KB, 362x500, 51592DAD-5267-4BD9-A08D-39DD24…)

Growing up is realizing that most of our parents didn’t have to struggle financially they were just bad with money or lazy and instead of changing that issue they’d just rather guilt trip their kids and make it seem like it’s our fault they’re broke. These were the food prices in the 90s and they STILL couldn’t afford to feed their kids?

No. 1869156

File: 1706360573257.png (25.1 KB, 776x394, de1064e3e3e422c695991fbde8d7d3…)

man, the strawberries are cheap even with inflation in mind.

No. 1869184

The sharp jawline craze that surged in the past few years is in most cases a yearning for a square face shape (and I think it's beautiful that it's not shat on anymore like in the past).

No. 1869219

File: 1706367086511.jpg (64.31 KB, 1200x675, img_3184.jpg)

It's a bit of column A, bit of column B.
Plenty of people were bad with money then, and plenty still are but in different ways. Yes, boomers are obnoxious for gloating about how good they had it and saying it's all millennials/genz fault for buying too much Starbucks but I can name many things adults of today are doing wrong that isn't the fault of previous generations or economic crisis.

As much as I want to blame it on boomers, traveling back then wasn't as prevalent as it is now and people went on vacation to grandma's house or a local resort in the Catskills if they were really loaded. By car. Lots of things we overconsume now were way too expensive back then, but they were also made to last. Most normies had Folgers coffee at home that they made themselves, had one mid car per family, fewer clothes that they mended and cared for so it lasts longer, one fancy dress, one shampoo, a skincare routine of Pond's cold cream and soap, and eating takeout rarely.
If you lived like that now you'd have more money too, maybe not for a house but certainly to feed yourself. The difference is you are expected to have a skin and haircare routine, curated wardrobe, go to the gym, go on vacation abroad once per year or more, and I don't know any family in my home town that only has one car anymore. Kids and adults have way more things to spend money on now than they used to, as well. Product marketing is everywhere and you're encouraged to buy, buy, buy always. Thanks to social media you're not just keeping up with the Joneses who are your neighbors and friends, now the Joneses are everybody.

My unpopular opinion is that I really hate it when people simplify complicated topics like this one and make it out to be black and white us vs them. Congrats, you have the reasoning of a seven year old.

No. 1869240

The last time TV was good was during early american horror story scream queens era. I miss cable. I feel like things being on TV that you don’t want to watch and being forced to do other things like read a book or clean your house is much healthier for you than being able to just type in exactly what you watch and binge watch it for hours

No. 1869270

Ko chan walked so that Gojo fangirls could run

No. 1869310

He was horrifying. These are shooped.

No. 1869461

File: 1706387031383.jpg (72.61 KB, 735x430, IMG_20240128_004902.jpg)

I don't get what's so beautiful in this "most beautiful boy in the world". I'm not saying he is ugly or anything, but I just go "???" when I see this aesthetic boner for him from people. For me he looks like your unfunny fuckboish classmate who thinks he can rap

No. 1869467

only pedos like him, especially japanese pedos

No. 1869476

File: 1706387729363.gif (9.23 MB, 540x450, 237A1014-62A6-4FDD-8CE4-66F093…)

Mid af he’s very soft looking and soft looking dudes are always hot I think Edward Furlong was the most beautiful man in the world. He had good cheekbones and huge eyes oh my god they don’t make ‘em like this anymore

No. 1869480

No. 1869483

It was mostly pedophiles.

No. 1869486

this boy is gorgeous but boy oh boy did he age like milk

No. 1869487

He was 20 in that movie

No. 1869491

I remember I had such a massive crush on him the first time my father made me watch Terminator with him, he could have seen so hot if the drugs and abuse didn't fuck him up.
what movie?

No. 1869504

File: 1706388682133.png (370.72 KB, 472x649, FjZU3oo.png)

Not being familiar with light eyed blondes does play a huge part, even to this day some tourists bring crowds around them in africa or asia.
but it was beyond his looks, the Japanese really like the 10-15 age range if you hadn’t noticed. Asian countries tend to be significantly more youth obsessed than western ones. He was seen as this fleeting beauty that disappears with age that they obsess over culturally, Bjorn wasn't godly amazingly beautiful, he was just underage. which is their loss cause he was hotter as an actual adult man then an underage boy.

No. 1869506

he looks like he has aids

No. 1869509

In a better world without satanic pedophiles, he's probably just a nice, handsome man whose living his life.

No. 1869516

File: 1706389543223.png (1.54 MB, 1242x1233, 00G0dl0.png)

So I used to think the naive, gullible, easily manipulated leftist trope was an unfair stereotype, but these past few weeks of progressives and liberal straight up allying with bigoted religious zealots and even outright open-fascists just as long as they put an “anti-zionist” coat on it are really making me realize that it's actually fairly accurate, and I'm worried that when this is over, and most of the fascists and religious conservatives will have learned how to effectively 'fool' these types, and what's going to happen to our countries then?

No. 1869520

The anon who posted him is no different than those weirdos who were obsessed with bjorn, same shit different decade.

No. 1869540

> a random woman on lolcow who’s around the same age as that man is exactly the same as Japanese men who draw toddlers and children sexually

No. 1869542

Before and After

No. 1869549

I’m talking about women, not men. I read old shoujo and in one book about Keiko Takemiya there’s an entire section about some euro boy’s choir she and other protofujos were into, not to mention their interest in les amities or whatever the story was called

No. 1869550

I don’t like eunuchs or prepubescent boys! I like grown young men who look like lesbian studs.

No. 1869562

I don't think they're naive and gullible, they probably just mindlessly repeat anything that's popular and considered "good" in their circle to also appear "good", so they don't truly have the values they're expected to have. Most such people may seem ok while their lives are safe and comfortable, they deal with simpler situations and don't have to evaluate something more complicated. When it changes, their true nature rears its ugly head. They don't really care about people and aren't that empathetic to begin with or too shallow and spoiled to take time to learn about the situation, other country, its history, etc., but they're too self-important not to share their dumb opinions based on opinions of uneducated self-proclaimed political experts that seek truth in the conspiracy theories and snippets of propaganda of those who oppose USA (=the root of all evil).

No. 1869640

Women and men with drug addictions and past criminal record should be sterilized and they should get a 5k incentive to do it. Most of them will say yes because they wanna go buy crack.

No. 1869652

File: 1706400101566.jpeg (60 KB, 380x336, 6d3e3974-fd79-47ba-b1ad-768c57…)

I don't really understand the appeal of cruises, tho I understand the appeal of shorter ship trips. But the only difference between going to a cruise or to a resort/park/spa is the increased risk of a horrible accident.

No. 1869659

if that happened I'd become a drug addict and a criminal because I don't want to have kids and I want the money

No. 1869696

So… eunuchs or prebuscent boys

No. 1869701

NTA but can you grandpafuckers disappear already?

No. 1869702

Nta but oh god not you again. There are things other than prepubescent boys and grandpas, jesus christ

No. 1869707

>not you again
Are you schizophrenic, or is this just something you sperg at people about frequently? Nvm, don't answer.

No. 1869708

Neither, but there was an insufferable anon that called people grandpafuckers for not being into 14 year old anime boys basically.

No. 1869716

God you are so creepy

No. 1869729

Praying is bad for you, it's not smart to open your mind to random communication with entities from beyond "god" or otherwise and doing so makes you vulnerable to negative forces

No. 1869730

What's creepy is seeing a woman attracted to men near her own age and starting to fantasize about her with prepubescent boys.

No. 1869736

What’s creepy is that you follow a Chinese artist that draws CP of Edward Furlong and keep posting about him here

No. 1869739

Wtf are you talking about? I didn't know who Edward Furlong was until I saw this thread. Stop projecting your CP fixation.

No. 1869741

No. 1869748

File: 1706408423882.jpeg (249.67 KB, 1680x716, R335wa.jpeg)

I don't get people who go on cruises in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean just to be in the middle of the ocean, but I do think that Viking cruises through European rivers are very cool. I would love to have enough money to take their cruises, though it also seems like every time you'd stop you wouldn't have enough time to savor the locale.

No. 1869841

Most anons here are as dumb as a bag of rocks tbh

No. 1869859

Not unpopular.

No. 1869893

husbands never ever love their wives as much as their wives love them. they aren't physically capable of it. Women are forced to sacrifice so much of ourselves just to be discarded once we're not pretty to look at or able to pop out another baby.

No. 1869899

This is seriously true but women will never accept it unfortunately.

No. 1869922

Moids can't handle truly loving a woman. They resent you if they feel like they "settled" and they resent you if you're actually a good match because then you have an emotional hold over them. Most moids go with the former route because it's easier (at least in the beginning).

No. 1869979

I don't think you should blame Japanese women, they are a product of a fucked up patriarchal society with a pederast history, however, it is fucked up to glorify and praise their cultural perversions.

No. 1869995

File: 1706433868061.png (693.69 KB, 848x456, 1.png)

You live a better life overall if you're not attractive

No. 1870025

Interesting, nonnie. Why do you say that?

No. 1870236

Idk why we can't have punitive justice and restorative justice at the same time. Just lock them in a torture chamber for like a month and then give them the therapy or whatever afterwards

No. 1870248

I’m lowkey jealous of fat women who let themselves go because I know that they’re free, just not counting calories and stepping out in a baggy Walmart Print T shirt and sweats and hair in a bun not giving a fuck

No. 1870253

That comes with a bunch of depression and constantly wishing you had the will to kill yourself at night.

No. 1870257

As a former fat, this is not true kek. Maybe if you're My 600 lb Life obese and can't even wash your own butt, but most fat people are not crying themselves to sleep and suicidal cause they're fat

No. 1870263

i dislike the idea of "sex work", bimbo culture, the constant hypersexualization of women but the truth is that these escorts and thots tend to unironically get the most loyal partners and customers. of they're smart with their choices they'll have men crying at night over them, richfags buying them literally everything and going on expensive trips, actual beautiful men want them etc i know someone like that in real who got two cute twinks fighting over her and she doesn't even bother. if anything it's usually the tradthots, tomboy pick mes and "virginity until marriage" type of girlies that end up with horrible scrotes that don't respect her and wish they had the OF baddie instead

No. 1870264

Nah, fat people do not enjoy food. I’m very thin and live with some fat people, they’ll eat a shit ton of junk and they don’t even feel satisfied and happy about it. On the other hand eating a good wholesome meal completely makes my day, and I can actually appreciate a variety of nutritionally rich and flavoursome ingredients that aren’t grease. There’s a reason why Italians have incredible food and yet are still the thinnest in Europe.

No. 1870291

Free from what? They get negative attention too, obviously not the same kind of attention as good looking, thing women.

No. 1870292

>not giving a fuck

Oh we care. We just don’t really have a choice because we don’t have the knowledge to look better. I would love to be the glamorous cute type but I have no idea how to do hair or makeup.

No. 1870332

I think that any woman in the best position to stand her ground and demand what she needs in a relationship will end up with the best type of guy. It’s true that bimbos will typically end up with a better shake than tradthots, but they usually won’t do better than a woman with old money or a career Stacy, especially as everyone in comparison nears older age.

No. 1870333

>The difference is you are expected to have a skin and haircare routine, curated wardrobe, go to the gym, go on vacation abroad once per year or more
nobody expects me to do any of this.
>I don't know any family in my home town that only has one car anymore
plenty of people in my home town only have one car, or outright don't have any cars.
> Product marketing is everywhere and you're encouraged to buy, buy, buy
who is 'you'? i'm fine personally. plenty of people exist that aren't brand-obsessed and materialistic.

your life is not the blueprint and it's weird to be arrogant over that nona making a fair observation when you're generalizing this hard kek. also lol at the makeup pic. women totally didn't wear makeup back then, beauty scams started in the 2020s. anyway

No. 1870345

i sympathize with you 1000%. i used to blame myself for a lot of my parents failures (and i pitied them and felt bad for them too), until i realized they were…36/45 respectively when they had me. and both of them went to the military, and both of them squandered their gi bill on partying drinking fucking etc. – their twenties were spent on nonsense, basically. none of that is my fault, especially when – as you've posted – everything was so much cheaper back then.

our parents were just lazy stupid retards who made a bunch of poor decisions and can't cope with it

No. 1870377

I think because those women are not emotionally attached. Men get scared or lose interest in real relationships because those take effort and sacrifice. A pretend relationship with some whore makes them able to be more vulnerable because they know it’s not real. He can go pour his heart out to some sugar baby whore because he knows he can get rid of her easily if shit gets too real, he knows this is a job for her and if she ever gets sick or injured he doesn’t have to deal with any of that.

No. 1870401

Most leftists just need to get laid more and forgive their parents lmao same with cancel culture people

No. 1870403

And they usually have crippling drug addictions and terrible, awful, self esteem, with self destructive behavior going on every week. There is nothing glamorous about that lifestyle, they are all fucked in the head

No. 1870404

hard disagree about getting laid because imo the worst types of leftists are the sexpest polyfag degenerates who think being kinky makes you “queer” and criticizing prostitution makes you a puritanical tradthot

No. 1870406

They’re all so ugly tho, it’s like they’re an enclave of goblins every time.

No. 1870427

I do not see sex workers having a great time though? The majority of their clientele are either old, ugly, or horrendously neurotic IF attractive…
No balanced, decent men need to pay for sexual relationships and them's facts. It's merely a numbers game if normie women wind up with shit scrotes cause they are ALL varying degrees of shitty.
Their "trips" are basically men paying the bare minimum to fly them to destinations where they really only get to spend time at the inside of an airport or at a hotel room.

The difference between a sex worker and a career woman is that the latter has the ability to walk away from men with dignity to do her own thing. The former grovels for it and will be disposed of when she no longer pleases men for one reason or another.
Men aren't loyal LOL.

No. 1870429

Yes it’s true pickmes never prosper. Look at Shoe, Pearl, Brittany Venti, etc. sometimes i think they are a lot picker than they say they are. It is weird how moids fall in love with prostitutes though, I’ve never seen of it but I believe it, I don’t think paid whores really even want male attention at the end of the day, idk if they’d consider it winning, a lot of streetwalkers have a father or stepfather who sexually abused them as a child so maybe they never did want to get picked in the first place, they just figured since they were seen as a piece of meat by men at an early age they might as well capitalize off it it, idk the psychology of pickmes but the ven diagram between whore and pickme both have desperate for male attention in the middle like they aren’t mutually exclusive.

No. 1870439

rightcel projection

No. 1870482

Picky eaters are annoying. You’re a grown man/woman complaining about eating vegetables and avoiding things with weird textures? Grow up

No. 1870485

Do you think this about all kinds of picky eating? I have ARFID (aversive/restrictive) and some of the only foods I can eat are vegetables. On the other hand I can’t eat common foods like bread, pasta, rice etc which imo is more of an inconvenience to myself and the people around me.

No. 1870489

It is embarrassing to be a picky eater. I deserve the hate. I’m ashamed that I’ll pretend to eat something and spit it into a napkin. It really is a first world problem. Maybe if my parents didn’t coddle me for this issue I would have been fine, I don’t know. It’s like my body is against me, I like a lot of different flavors, but the range of textures I can eat without a visceral reactions is limited. It will make you angry when you’re hungry and there’s only pickles in the shared fridge. So yea, I should grow up, I hate asking to change the order anyway. I think that a lot of these ARFID cases are due to parents coddling a kid when they’re young because they would let the kid make up the rules about what they should eat. My parents didn’t do that, I would just wait to eat until later. But if they did I could have ended up worse.

No. 1870495

Sometimes food can be perfectly fine and other times certain food makes me throw up involuntarily or gag (bananas could be good one day but then the next day bad. Etc). So sometimes I could be considered picky but usually not.

No. 1870498

File: 1706483550180.jpg (186.18 KB, 803x1146, 20240114_190505.jpg)

I actually like the black hair/dark eyed isekai anime boy look and I despise all the self insertion bs surrounding them that makes it impossible to talk about.
I guess yeah, it's shit taste, but whatever. Seeing a cute lil dude walking around and eating cheese with a floating rabbit is cute to me.

No. 1870505

Afrid is just a result of picky eating being humored in children. Ever wonder why you rarely see people in Asian and African house holds with afrid? Because they either eat or starve

No. 1870508

this one is cute because he has facial expressions, too many self insert mcs are boring because they're too badass to have emotions

No. 1870512

Everyone in my family used to think I was a picky eater, turns out my parents ignored food safety guidelines and made me sick a lot so I just didn't trust food.

No. 1870519

True facts. I roll my eyes so hard when some tiktok-raised zoomer is like “I have aaafffrrriiiddd, you’re not allowed to criticize the fact I eat like a baby” gimme a break

No. 1870523

Another issue is raising children on the blandest food ever so as adults when they’re faced with anything other than plan dry chicken breast sandwiches from McDonald’s or mashed potatoes they can’t handle it

No. 1870527

I know this feel nona. An interesting male character meant to appeal to women? I sleep. A generic cute boy design that loser males self-insert into? Real shit. My taste is beyond fucked but I like what I like, I guess.

No. 1870532

Ayrt, I am from an African household kek, I just chose the starving option. At least the foods I can eat are nutritious, I still eat normal well-balanced meals, I just can’t usually accept other people’s food. Most of my problem is from having the restrictive type of ARFID, so I’m not particularly interested in food and forget to eat.

No. 1870540

Most women don’t like dating younger men because subconsciously they feel their femininity is threatened by it. Most women have a daddy/little girl type of relationship with their partner(or want one)so that dynamic doesn’t really work out too well if the male is the younger one in the relationship.

No. 1870542

i've always thought it was because younger men usually don't have anything to offer an older woman. why would a 30 year old woman want to date some young, broke retard who probably sees her as a hag or a cougar or some kind of fetish?

outside of sex of course but women aren't socialized into prioritizing sex like men are…

No. 1870548

So we're not supposed to think comments like this are by moids and report it? Okay

No. 1870550

Even if you’re a tiny bit older than as man he’s going to act like you’re a cougar. When I was 30 I had 28 year olds asking me if they were too young for me.

No. 1870551

not just money, life experience and maturity too. everything bad and entitled in a 30 year old man is going to be even worse in a 25 year old man. younger than that? 18 - 20? fucking awful because they'll think they know everything already.

men however DESIRE immature, ignorant girls to fuck around with, so they have no issue with dating as young as possible

report it if you really think it's a scrote nona. but do remember what thread this is

No. 1870554

>men mature with age

From my experience they don’t mature. They get worse. If a guy is a man whore who cheats, lies and beats he’s going to get worse as time goes on and he gets better at it. Men aren’t like women, they don’t get more mature with time. The person they’re at when they’re 22 is going to be the person they are at 40.

No. 1870557

sadly I agree. My ex told me openly once that he doesn't want to be a better person. He's happy with how he is. He was cheating and lying again btw (found out later) and abandoned me when our shared pet was declining in health.

This concept is beyond my comprehension. Every single day I want to be better than I was the day before. I can't imagine not wanting to be better than I am right now. Even if I were incredibly rich and famous, I would strive to be better.

No. 1870558

Probably because you as a woman have consequences when you do fucked up shit. Men can lie, cheat and beat their entire life and still have a line of women out the door wanting to marry him. There’s no incentive for them to do better.

No. 1870559

it's a myth that old men are more intelligent and mature by default. massive amounts are broke and behave like manchildren domestically. I don't know why you frame it as the opposite as neuroplasticity is higher in younger men…a 50 year old acting the same as a 20 year old isn't any better, it's often even worse because there is 0 way of it improving ever even if he is in a good social circle. the older bad ones sometimes just have more lies and misdirections up their belt to use on women. even most poorly adjusted older women tend to show more basic cues of maturity and self-sufficiency than the average older man. each time a man doesn't behave like a screeching infant = he's a suave gentleman to a pickme's twisted perception. it's crazy, kek. I wonder if it's some type of just world fallacy type coping mechanism some women use to delude themselves to the fact most men will never, ever change for the better, nor do they want to.
tbh the best way to avoid most of the double standards is just to not have a family nor kids. it's not a perfect fix, but it's much harder for people to actively police you.

No. 1870562

From what I’ve noticed most men aren’t ready to mature or change until they’re old as fuck and have burned every bridge. They need a nurse at that point.

No. 1870566

thongs are the most comfortable underwear

No. 1870568

you're not totally wrong though in that scenario, it's not a matter of truly changing nor maturing and it's good to understand this because consequences aren't a replacement for genuine intrinsic motivation to be a kind, dyadic and prosocial person. they will never be "ready" because they don't want to actually mature. someone I used to know had a nasty father in law that changed his tune when his wife (caregiver) died. but we all know he would have bounced back the second he had more power over someone and the threat of being abandoned wasn't real to him.

No. 1870572

Oh my god me but I eat healthy these days and I like dry salad and unseasoned eggs.

No. 1870573

Older men are rarely smarter, they just have a larger vocabulary and arsenal of manipulative phrases and tactics to hide what a loser they are. Can think of so many 40+ year old men who are airheaded, stupid, and still put all their focus in videogames because it's the only thing they will ever receive parasocial praise for doing in between porn sessions.

No. 1870575

The same tards saying cilantro tastes like soap kek

I will never listen to someone with an autistic palate talk about food or give opinions about it. Cannot trust them or their taste whatsoevee

No. 1870588

uh, aldehyde is found in cilantro, and it's often apart of soap making. some genes make someone much more sensitive to it in small concentrations.

No. 1870604

AYRT, the soap thing is genetic, though. It literally tastes like dish soap to me. Has nothing to do with being picky unless you think it's picky to refuse something that tastes like taking a bite out of a bar of soap. It sucks because some cuisines use it so heavily and I want to enjoy them but I can't. I wonder if the population in countries with heavy cilantro use have a lesser percentage of people with soap gene.

No. 1870607

File: 1706493254862.jpg (88.45 KB, 735x725, 1000002425.jpg)

Disregarded. You are all autistic to me. Science who?

No. 1870609

>I wonder if the population in countries with heavy cilantro use have a lesser percentage of people with soap gene.
I've wondered this too, like if there are Mexican people who have the soap gene

No. 1870611

I also have the soap gene, sorry my tastebuds are better equipped at detecting potential toxins than yours is.

No. 1870636

I guess it depends on how sensitive you are to it. I think it tastes and smells like soap on it own. If it's used as an ingredient, I can't usually taste the soap.

No. 1870646

Do you have foods you dislike? Or do you eat everything? In my experience the people that rage the hardest against picky eaters are picky eaters themselves.

No. 1870682

File: 1706500453930.jpg (9.95 KB, 250x250, 1705621690891.jpg)

by the year 2025 I'm going to start losing empathy for women that have children out of choice (i.e., they could have had a safe abortion) in first world countries and end up struggling and regretting it. by age 14 I had heard from SEVERAL women how difficult child birth/care is and I am suspecting that a huge portion of women literally just do not listen to one another. like, what's happening here? do they think their experience will be the exception?

No. 1870684

Probably, just like all their Nigels are the exceptions, of course.

No. 1870691

I think it's that they do see the exceptions and hope to be one of them. There are always exceptions, and women who just happened to have the universe align them with luck and support through their choices.

No. 1870692

I still think it's cope and centering men way too much. Bringing children into a situation that has a tiny chance of working out is just inhumane and egoistic.

No. 1870867

There's nothing wrong with individualism and not everybody is built to live in a community.

No. 1870873

I'm starting to feel this way too. Scrolling around on r/breakingmom and r/regretfulparents where everyone has 3 highly autistic children with a moid who can't wipe his own ass makes you wonder whether sympathy is what's needed. If we want to preach having control and free will over our lives we need to start exercising it, not just bow down and then complain about it on a forum - your children don't deserve a mother who hates them because she needed validation from 'fulfilling her feminine duty'.

No. 1870889

I agree. I want children so badly I’m willing to be a single mother. My want for children has absolutely nothing to do with a male or societal expectations. I couldn’t care less about them. That’s how I know I should have children and if I do I’m not going to act like a victim of a choice I made.

No. 1870891

The main women who complain about how hard their life is because they’re pretty are always average looking or even ugly but they have a delusional self image and just assume everything bad that happens to them is because they’re beautiful

No. 1870897

I agree. They think every time someone dislikes them or doesn’t get along with them, they’re jealous.

No. 1870898

It’s so funny because they do it even when men are rude to them “oh it’s because he knows he can’t date me. That’s why he’s rude”

No. 1870900

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt may have been a coomer anime but the quality of it's character design, animation and OST shit on anything produced by the western animation industry in the ten years previous to it's creation and in the ten years since it's creation. It was parody that succeeded in being better than the real thing.

No. 1870901

Nta but even people who claim they really want kids are kind of delulu. No you want cute babies and toddlers. You don’t want to deal with the real shit you’re going to be faced with in the teen years.(integrate)

No. 1870908

moids are not rude to pretty women kek they're rude to them because they don't find them attractive

No. 1870916

I do. I like teens as well. And children. Even if they are difficult. I’ve worked with teens as an adult and I get along with them. I remember being a difficult teen myself and I’m prepared to put up with all the shit I put my parents through. Adolescence is a difficult time for the adolescent AND the people around them but it’s a necessary step before adulthood.

No. 1870917

Men neg pretty women

No. 1870918

This just isn’t true, I’m sorry. I work with a very beautiful woman and a lot of men come in and treat her like she’s stupid when she clearly isn’t. She isn’t some plastic bimbo either, just a very pretty woman. She looks like young Monica Belluchi.

No. 1870920

They probably treat her like she’s stupid because she has a weak personality type. Any woman ugly or hot is gonna get treated like that if she acts meek and retarded.

No. 1870921

If she had a strong personality type they’d still treat her life shit and complain about her being rude. It doesn’t make a difference. I find it interesting that you jump from “pretty women are NEVER treated like shit” to “they treat her like shit because she’s weak!” Because you know you’re wrong and completely lacking nuance. You sound like those scrotes who insist women live life on easy mode. No, beautiful women still deal with sexism.

No. 1870925

They’re treated like shit because they’re human and all humans will eventually have bad experiences with other humans. They aren’t treated badly because they’re pretty and you have no idea if those people wouldn’t go and act like that towards a ugly or average woman.

No. 1870926

I didn’t say they’re treated like shit for being pretty did i? They’re treated like shit for being women was my point.

No. 1870930

Ok but the argument here is pretty women being treated badly because of their looks and I don’t agree with it. Sometimes it’s not even sexism either especially in a customer service setting because those people come in and talk to everyone like they’re stupid regardless of gender or looks.

No. 1870933

This is what you said if you can remember.
>moids are NOT rude to pretty women.

No. 1870934

I can’t recall saying it because I didn’t say it. Rule one of anonymous posting is to stop assuming everyone is the same person kek

No. 1870935

Ok well you need to say nta or nayrt or something, because naturally people are going to assume aren’t they? I replied to that post and then you replied to my reply.

No. 1870937

It’s sad that because zoomers lack common sense we have to announce we aren’t the same person when it should be obvious. It wasn’t like this 5 years ago kek

No. 1870941

I’m a young millennial (95) and yes they did. Nta and nayrt have always been said a lot around here and still are if you pay attention. It’s the same in other anonymous spaces. If you sound exactly like the person someone’s replying to it’s only natural they will assume.

No. 1870942

It comes off as pathetic if you’re a woman of a certain age still trying to be slutty sexy(45+). Like Madonna for example is cringe still trying to wear whore clothes and twerking with early 20s girls. At that age you should lean more into sensual mature sexy(dita von tesse for example)and not trashy slut sexy like most young girls try to do.

No. 1870947

You should never give money to homeless people because they are using it for alcohol or drugs. In America unemployed people get food stamps etc so they’re getting food for free obviously.

No. 1870948

But anon that alcoholic will get the shakes if you don’t give them a tenner at least!! How heartless and cruel can you be!? Do you realise smackheads can DIE from withdrawals?!!! Classist SCUM.

No. 1870951

I don’t even think them dying would be a bad thing. I’m tired of them shitting everywhere, sleeping on the side walks and leaving trash all over. I wouldn’t mind them if they could at least not be a disgusting eyesore.

No. 1870956

>In America unemployed people get food stamps etc so they’re getting food for free obviously.
No offense but you're ignorant if you think all homeless people are getting food stamps kek. I don't think even most are on food stamps, and you can't even apply for them if you don't have an address.

No. 1870957

I know everyone kisses Trisha paytas ass but I don’t like her. She is everything combined I don’t like! Spoiled, picky eater(will eat the skin off fried and just throw the rest away. She just throws perfectly good food in the trash for no reason), wasteful, rude, entitled, privileged(says moms who work aren’t full time moms and have it easier than her) etc etc.

No. 1870958

File: 1706528526230.jpeg (559.49 KB, 1284x1478, AE895D37-0EB4-4A9C-85FB-ACD6A4…)

You don’t need an address to get food stamps. Most of them definitely have food stamps which is why they get uppity if you try to buy them food instead of giving them cash.

No. 1870961

I think that depends on the state but regardless, it still is not as easy as people think to get government assistance. Even homeless, they will turn you down for any small reason. I don't deny that a lot of homeless people ask for money for intoxicants but most of them are not receiving stamps.

No. 1870963

From my experience it was pretty easy to get them and I didn’t even need them because I was employed and I had a home. All I had to do was fill out a form and they sent me the card a week later. They didn’t even ask that many questions. So I know if I can get them easily it’s damn easy for them to get them and most druggies I know have food stamps and a home they can go to. They want to be on the street.

No. 1870997

>I didn’t even need them because I was employed and I had a home
lmfao what? then why did you apply for them?

No. 1871008

Moids are rude to attractive women that won't fuck them. The main motivation for men to be kind to women is the possibility of obtaining sex. If that's not going to happen, men will be rude to women no matter how attractive they are.

No. 1871013

>No, beautiful women still deal with sexism.
I never see attractive people complain about how being beautiful is difficult it’s always average or ugly people speaking on their behalf.

No. 1871020

Are you saying conventionally good looking women don't suffer sexism?

No. 1871033

My husband once bought a bag full of groceries for a homeless man begging for food.
He gave him the groceries, went and did something else and then walked past the area the homeless man was.
Bag and food still there, homeless man had moved on.
None of the food was touched.
Thats the last time he ever gave anything to a homeless person.

The only homeless people I've encountered are ones screaming to themselves, and I'm not going to approach them to give them something.

No. 1871034

I'm going to have many children and will not regret it or struggle.
Although I would abort if there was any medical issues, like down syndrome etc.
Its a shame autism isnt testable.

No. 1871035

honestly same, i'm also losing empathy for women that date and marry moids too. it's like they live in denial of what the reality of being in a relationship with a scrote is like just so they can hear a hollow "i love you" once every fortnight kek

just looked this up and literally the first few posts are proof we're never making it out of the trenches
>having multiple kids with an addict
>moid asking her how to make mac & cheese
>scared that her husband is going to leave her after 20+ years of marriage because he keeps trying to force sex on her
>found out husband who was a recovered drunk is now into cocaine
>husband of 13 years admits he cheated
>"I hate being a mother, I'm exhausted, depressed, don't look or feel good, constantly have kids demanding my attention. I don't have time to even to process anything because all I do is cook, clean, and look after the kids"
>husband who works from home wants his wife to be "more present" after making her look after their child night and day while he does nothing to help
like how the fuck can anyone with more than 2 IQ points see how common this type of behaviour with men is once you get married or have kids and still think to themselves "sign me up!"

No. 1871040

I can't believe she eats the skin and throws away the chicken that's literally cartman tier

No. 1871045

Kek imagine getting upset that someone didn’t take your precious charity

No. 1871049

He said he was hungry, so my husband asked what he liked and bought it.
Just a lesson learnt.

No. 1871051

Somebody posted their fat cat in a discord server I'm in and it looks so miserable and in pain it made me almost cry. People that overfeed their animals are just as bad as people that beat them

No. 1871057

Fuck that dead pedo but Janet has always been strikingly beautiful to me and they did look a lot alike

No. 1871072

She also buys Chinese food and only eats the tiny chicken pieces because she doesn’t like the big pieces and then throws the rest of the meal in the trash. She’s extremely wasteful, I wonder what kind of mentality her kid is gonna have.

No. 1871077

Random but adding onto that, people who mistreat their animals by putting predators and prey together, then going 'aww, look how cute. they love each other and get along.' When you can see the prey has stress and anxiety. You cant even report animal abuse half the time on IG, but it happens so much. I hate it

No. 1871081

Every actual pretty woman seems to enjoy the experiences of being hot(to an obnoxious level). It’s always uglies and average women caked in makeup screeching about how their life is so hard because everyone’s too jealous of them.

No. 1871107

I hate this idea that as soon as a woman hits 30 we need to be mentors for younger women and move out of the spot light to make room for them. This Megan vs nicki situation reminds me of that, everyone’s saying she should be mature and a mentor to the younger rappers but no one expects that out of male rappers, they can shit on each other and not help each other and that’s fine. I get she’s being a crazy pick me coke whore but people are acting like she’s this elderly woman when she’s only 41 and looks the same age as the rap girls she’s arguing with lol

No. 1871109

Nonny… he looks like an actual corpse

No. 1871110

I agree so hard with you. People act like as soon as women reach 30, they obtain scholary knowledge and it should be passed down and guided. I was 27 when I worked at starbucks and so many people there 22 and under looked up to me. It was weird. I understand looking up to your seniors, but women really do get this burden, but men dont. They get to be whatever age they want, collecting star wars and marvel toys, (the 'fun' dad) while women have to be the ones who guide everyone. Not every woman wants that damn role.

No. 1871114

I cant get over this job nose making him look like skeletor. He's so gross.

No. 1871116

AI art is Art

No. 1871130

Using Nicki for your example is so dumb because Nicki is a pickme who screwed over older women in the rap industry but i know you don't care about that. Nicki stole her seniors (Lil Kims) whole aesthetic and acted shady towards her for a long time which lead to the whole Lil Kim VS Nicki feud and Nicki fans back then all attacked Lil Kim and called her old but now that Nicki is older they want me to show sympathy for her age? No fuck that, Nicki wanted older women out of the spotlight so she could be the only in the spotlight so I feel no sympathy for her getting called old because it's what she deserves after how her and her fans treated Lil Kim.

No. 1871199

Speaking of Nicki Minaj, I always thought she was trashy af and made shitty music, I never got the weird worship she had during the previous decade.

No. 1871212

I was so excited to open up dumbass shit this morning and see what my fellow retarded women have to say. Why are you trying to silence us? Fuck you mod(take it to meta)

No. 1871254

You’ve gotta be one sick mf to experience wage slavery and being broke and want to have kids so they can grow up to experience the same thing

No. 1871260

Just take the food retard

No. 1871270

I don't think pixielocks has bpd. From diving into her life ridiculing the DID claims, her life is just too perfect and she doesn't even seem like she's been depressed for one day of her life, let alone empty from being depressed so long. I think she's just a shallow, spoiled rotten substance abuser. I could believe tinfoils of maybe NPD but even then, she'd have to have gotten it from someone in her family because her family itself is just too supporting and normal. She's been allowed to do everything and they emotionally support all her endeavors while paying for her opportunities. Jill can't even think of one real bad traumatic event to milk(there is a thread for 'real opinions about cows')

No. 1871274

True, I feel like if she did have something traumatic happened to her she would at least allude to it often for often attention, she loves talking about her mental health so publicly, so why not trauma?

No. 1871282

nona that is not an unpopular opinion, half of anons think she's just a spoiled stoner

No. 1871390

admitting I'm an autist is more embarrassing than admitting I have adhd

admitting I'm bipolar is less embarrassing than admitting to having bpd

none of these things are good but I hate blathering about my alphabet of problems in a world where self diagnosed retards list it in their social media bios, I just want to pass as a normal, non fucked up human being

No. 1871395

You could try not talking about it because no one cares. Problem solved.(infighting)

No. 1871408

why are you admitting it here if its embarrassing? this is the unpopular opinoins thread not vent retard

No. 1871417

Because its probably unpopular in general to say autism is more stigmatizing than adhd nowadays when everyone and their mother on social media is LARPing as autists

No. 1871426

Stop typing like a reddit space retard.

No. 1871430

autism is a lot more embarrassing than adhd i think that’s why everyone is saying they have it now kek, they want a pass to be cringe

No. 1871497

brie cheese is criminally gross. and no i dont have toddler tastebuds no im not a picky eater i absolutely love all cheeses especially soft cheeses but i just cant handle how it smells

No. 1871500

overrated cheese imo.

No. 1871512

Lifts up right leg, farts for fifteen full seconds

No. 1871519

its anti-art which is a type of art yes

No. 1871524

>how it smells
I think you've just been exposed to over-ripe brie.
Try to find newer brie, they are harder while still soft and have a very soft taste and smell.Good for cooking pasta and stuff if you can't stomach it cold.

No. 1871526

I don't mind the taste but I hate the rind. I don't know if you're supposed to eat it or what, if it's actually a rind at all, but I don't like it.

No. 1871536

File: 1706575763783.jpeg (44.74 KB, 950x720, onision-e1631582049507-9870616…)

as cringe as zoomers get, as a gen x-er, there are multiple reasons i am jealous of their generation. i was suffering in illness and loneliness and could hardly find anything online. and now we have got:
>discord servers, niche groups, voice chats, simps
>easy name changes on discord upon embarrassment
>groupchats for any theme or topic in the world
>multiple personality disorder acceptance
>creepy youtubers get called out
>attention whoring acceptance
>anime becoming mainstream
i would have loved being a teenager during covid-19. even the pedos predating on this generation are nicer, like, you mean to say you get discord nitro for saying meow on vc, while my groomer called me, an anorexic autist, too fat?

No. 1871537

Johnny Depp tier attempts at shady comebacks are never funny sorry to say grandma

No. 1871568

Eh idk. I guess i count as a zoomer but but i was born in 1996, but even with all the discord groups and opportunities to make online friends, i still failed to fit in with anyone. I've been on the internet for decades and i've never made any proper friends or anything. It kind of depends, it wasn't until i started talking to people from here on discord that i had success which was within the past 2-3 years.

No. 1871577

>even the pedos predating on this generation are nicer, like, you mean to say you get discord nitro for saying meow on vc, while my groomer called me, an anorexic autist, too fat?
What the fuck? If this was supposed to be a joke it wasn't funny. Autism shone through blindingly.

No. 1871579

there's been a big trend on tiktok that's like "POV the girl best friend that secretly wants your man gets humbled" and it just feels like it feeds into bpd delusions. and it doesn't even adress the problem which is that your bf is assumingly clinging onto a female "best friend" only as a potential love interest and now that he has another source of sex and love or whatever in his life he can just discard this "best friend" that obviously didn't matter at all to him in the first place. like don't they understand that the man is the toxic user in that situation and that the girl best friend can be rightfully hurt?

No. 1871582

I used to work with fancy cheeses. Eat the rind if you want have but don't force yourself if you don't enjoy it. Look for bries called double cream or triple cream, like Fromage d'affinois, St. Angel, or Delice de Bourgogne. They taste more desserty and are nice on brownie brittle or chocolate crackers. When I would put samples out customers would rarely eat the rind , don't worry if it's not your thing

No. 1871585

I never liked musicals. Seems weird to be in the middle of a story then break out into song. I didn't know hazbin hotel would be one and even worse half the songs are just dialogue with a beat. At least the Disney Renaissance animation period had songs that advanced the story like lion King and hunchback.

No. 1871596

Validating weird masturbatory delusions of women who are too retarded to see men for what they are

No. 1871614

There's definitely women who get off on the idea of taking someones man, so much that they'll do it to bottom of barrel moids just because they like the ego boost of stealing someone's partner. I think women should just get their man to stop entertaining women who are put to get their relationship instead of making memes or something about them

No. 1871675

why was janis so obsessed with regina. like really girl your life was ruined because they called you gay? why not just prove them wrong by getting a boyfriend? and to be honest it is kinda gay the way she was deadset on making her uglier and fatter. like it feels like something a gay man would do to a woman. especially holding the grudge for what was it like 3 years? if a girl planned some kind of psychotic revenge plot like that to a popular stacy zoomer girl, that kid would get 51/50'd and cancelled by everyone in her hometown

No. 1871686

Actually it was just a movie. A fun one! Janis got a man. Did you not watch the point of the entire movie?

No. 1871688

Groceries companies realized they could jack up the prices during the pandemic and make us pay for it. Some items are up 100% from 2020 alone. Shit world

No. 1871690

Sharper/blockier features look better on modern cameras with the 40mm lenses

No. 1871695

That's the entire point, that she's just as much of an asshole as Regina except she's not popular.

No. 1871696

I feel gross if I talk to a younger guy. I grew up with younger brothers and I used to hang out with them and their friends. I can’t see guys younger than me in a sexual way and the time I did, I felt gross. Sorry

No. 1871698

I hate annoying bitches that try to rate the morale of characters that are obviously meant to be flawed, so stupid

No. 1871700

I miss thickline animation. Modern animation look like Rick & Morty clones with that ugly round thin line nonsense

No. 1871702

Bad example with nicki, but yeah. Most men are getting into their stride at 30 but women are supposed to be “retired”. I lived a sheltered life and I’m only getting into the swing of life. I don’t want to be told to give that up just for a bunch of stifling social rules

No. 1871703

It was a different time period. Being openly gay meant ridicule if not actual violence

No. 1871706

yeah because hating someone who outed you as gay or lied to your entire school you were gay and everyone believed because you're the popular queen is the same as doing everything regina did kek I'm not surprised to see people defending regina george on lc tho

No. 1871712

The retarded TikTok zoomers be like “errm Janis gave me the ick because she was a homophobe and also a fatphobe and all Regina did was serve cunt, Regina was just divine feminine y2k bimbo”

No. 1871715

unironically have seen some regina george aesthetic post before somewhere in pinterest so this is not out of character for zoomies. they never got to experience bullying at school so they think it must be a nothingburger.

No. 1871720

It's a MOVIE based off a FICTIONAL BOOK for teens you fucking dumbass

No. 1871722

low iq take, people are allowed to discuss the morality of fictional characters, especially when they are supposed to reflect real life examples like mean girls is.

No. 1871750

Reminds of all the stans of Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada, they clearly never had to deal with an abusive boss.

No. 1871779

Did… did you watch the movie? She ends up dating Kevin G. Also like other anons mention, back in that time you'd be ostracized for being a lesbian.

No. 1871801

it's ridiculous to act like these are people in control of their actions and not narrative devices. they don't have any agency outside of what the author makes them do, they don't have a morality of their own
i've had abusive workplaces and i like miranda's character in the movies. because she's not real, she's just a character meant to be simultaneously horrible and fun to watch. just like i can think darth vader is a cool villain without condoning murder by laser sword. because they're stories

No. 1871819

Anyone who doesn’t understand Janis was a bully or was never bullied

No. 1871833

Ramen and sushi are so mid. They don't taste that good and the only reason it's popular is because people chimp out over anything japanese.

No. 1871841

I know you're incapable of understanding nuance because of your autism but narratives that happen in fiction often mirror things that happen in real life and it's fine to discuss those, fun even. the fact you can't discuss the morality of fictional characters without going "B-BUT THEY ARE NOT REAL" is actually really sad and I feel bad for you.

No. 1871845

Shut the fuck up, sashimi is the superior way of serving salmon
Isn't that the opposite of autism?

No. 1871847

>anon shits on one fictional character
>that’s ok
>another shits on another fictional character
>”u guys are so dumb they’re not real!1!1!1”
Are you stupid? You can like both of them and if you do then good for you, but the whole discourse started because anons were defending one character while calling another one psychotic.

So every fictional author that has ever existed and written a story based on their personal experiences is autistic now?

Tbh I can agree on ramen, noodles suck ass in general. But sushi is just fish, it tastes good.

No. 1871851

Anon's post was in reply to someone liking a villain meant they never had to deal with the type of person the villain is, which is just not true.

No. 1871855

they replied to two different people, silly.

No. 1871867

I'd much prefer double scallop aburi

No. 1871906

Agreed. Salmon sashimi> sushi. As long as they're fresh cuz I've also had some half frozen ice still encrusted in it and it was yikes
But overall the yummiest to me when it comes to Japanese foods is katsu curry. Katsu curry is so underrated.

No. 1872150

Or I'm just not someone who would obsess over a person who bullied me

No. 1872152

Oh my fucking god. Did my post say that? No. Milennials are so fucking annoying I'll post it again for you so you can reread it:
>why was janis so obsessed with regina. like really girl your life was ruined because they called you gay? why not just prove them wrong by getting a boyfriend? and to be honest it is kinda gay the way she was deadset on making her uglier and fatter. like it feels like something a gay man would do to a woman. especially holding the grudge for what was it like 3 years? if a girl planned some kind of psychotic revenge plot like that to a popular stacy zoomer girl, that kid would get 51/50'd and cancelled by everyone in her hometown
It has nothing to be with being fat or gay or fucking anything it has to do with being a weird stalker who forced her only other friend to pretend to be regina's friend just so she could get access to her personally and sabotage her? It never made any sense to me because it seems like a Boomer fantasy about what teenagers act like now

No. 1872167

File: 1706639311103.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1131x1947, 46F39ACB-52C2-4C38-BA5D-529AAF…)

Women who dress and look 100% like women but want to be called him/he make less sense to me than troons. You go through all this work with your hair and clothes to look traditionally female but you want to be called a man….this category of human is more mentally ill and annoying than troons.

No. 1872182

>zoomies never got to experience bullying at school so they think it must be a nothingburger.
Some of you guys talk about zoomers like incels talk about stacy, kek

No. 1872186

File: 1706640316109.jpeg (409.22 KB, 1170x1631, IMG_7680.jpeg)

Nta. Here’s the history of Janis and Regina’s relationship from the Mean Girls wiki. I’m unsure of what you’re trying to say with your og post.

No. 1872192

>it is kinda gay the way she was deadset on making her uglier and fatter. like it feels like something a gay man would do to a woman
NTA, but this doesn't make sense. A gay man isn't attracted to women, so how would a woman acting like a gay man seem like a lesbian?

No. 1872198

Hips dips are cute and hot. I feel like they emphasize both the hips and the musculature of the thigh in a way that's very feminine and nice looking. Never understood why they're hated so much.

No. 1872205

My sentence did not say ‘regina is acting like a gay man acting like a lesbian’, I said she’s acting hateful and sabotogingly towards Regina the way that gay men do towards all women

No. 1872207

I was bullied in high school I’m not a zoomer I just never got the point of mean girls it always felt like an annoying try hard movie

No. 1872211

>they never got to experience bullying at school so they think it must be a nothingburger
It's just that the things and reasons zoomers could get bullied for changed compared to what millennials and every other generation could get bullied for (depending on where they live). That doesn't mean that zoomers never experienced bullying.

No. 1872212

Anons who dog on Erin Moriarty for having surgery sound extremely scrotal that I'm kind of thinking they actually are moids. Imagine being so entitled to a stranger's body that you have a meltdown at the thought of a grown woman doing something to her own damn self for whatever reason as if she personally owes you an apology. You sound like gross moids on the Boys subreddit piling on her because she makes their peepee hard a bit less now.
Not even surprised she did it to be honest. She's been suffering from Skyler White syndrome since the show started and had her looks picked apart because the show's fans are mostly edgy rightoid tards.

No. 1872213

If it was already exhausting enough dealing with attention addicts in real life (I don't like to use ''whore''), seeing them on the internet 24/7 is one million times worse. I refuse to have social media and engage with these people.

No. 1872219

You said "it is kinda gay". It just made no sense lol, that's not gay behavior for a woman

No. 1872222

I said it’s gay male behavior and women can act like gay males, just like how women can act like scrotes

No. 1872231

i'm not the one who was talking about mean girls, idc about these characters. sorry about the confusion, i should have added "nayrt".
i just find it weird to talk about characters like they're whole people with built in morality sytems and all.
and my point was that some characters are designed to be cool or memorable even when they do morally bad things (hence the vader example). so i don't think liking a psychotic villain reflects in your morality when the character is specifcally meant to impress on the audience.

No. 1872237

It's just not gay, sorry

No. 1872243

>gay males aren’t hateful towards women
I wish I lived in the world you live in

No. 1872249

I think you have reading problems, women being mean and sabotaging each other will never be a "gay male thing", and it's not gay to do, so calling a woman a lesbian or "kinda gay" over it is dumb. Women are humans too, we can be nasty, deal with it.

No. 1872253

I understand women are humans too however she was acting like a hateful gay man in the movie, and it is especially faggody, scrotish, and annoying to act hateful towards other women irl if you disagree that’s fine but it’s also not a massive deal for me to state that fact

No. 1872263

Prefacing this with I'm not a vegan, but people hate vegans because they make them feel guilty.
Vegans will always be the ones more morally correct always.

No. 1872267

Agreed, and I'm also not vegan.

No. 1872277

Nta but saying women who act in bad ways are acting like men is dehumanizing. Women are people and and people do fucked up shit. We aren’t all maternal sweet hearts who just wanna shart out babies and be kind to everyone. Some women are just fucking mean and it has nothing to do with internalized sexism because they treat everyone regardless of gender like shit.

No. 1872280

I think this is totally true of people who are animal lovers but aren't vegan. However, i feel like the tide has turned on them since a lot of backlash nowadays are from people who were vegan and quit because of health issues, but there's probably still the guilt of not being able to figure out how to make the diet work for them.

No. 1872286

I feel like you have to be a mega retard to have health issues while being vegan. Even when I was doing poverty level veganism I was healthier than all the meat eaters around me.

No. 1872310

I think it depends on genetics. I used to think like you do btw, until I met current nigel. He lacks an enzyme to metabolize fructose and it's considered a normal genetic variant. Maybe he could technically be vegan because there are some veggies that are low enough in fructose that he might be able to eat them by themselves, but his diet would be severely restricted. He loves veggies, grains etc. btw and will usually have them with other food even if he ends up with nausea and digestive issues half the time like your typical moid would.

No. 1872323

So it’s dehumanizing for me to say Janis was acting like Andy Cohen but it’s perfectly fine when a poster here says something that’s disagreed with and everyone calls her a scrote?

No. 1872325

>it’s dehumanizing to say women who act in bad ways are acting like men
then it’s time for us all to really cut out the

No. 1872335

I totally understand all of that, however that doesn’t acknowledge all the women here who accuse each other of being men the moment one of us says something the other doesn’t like. Why is it perfectly acceptable to do that? Is that not also borne from the subconscious belief that all women are supposed to be gentle and maternal?

No. 1872336

Yeah, Not all women are nice. Women are people and most people are mean. Saying that a woman who is mean is acting male comes from a place of subconsciously feeling all women are maternal. I’ve done some mean shit in my time and I don’t consider it acting male, I’m just mean kek I don’t like anyone male or female.

No. 1872339

nta but I don’t think you wanna say this nonna kek, the trannies are going to copy and paste that then respond with it whenever they’re called out now

No. 1872340

I believe that women here who accuse women of being men do subconsciously have this belief and I think they do it because they have a false hope that there are people in this world they can depend on. I don’t accuse anons of being men when they act like assholes so that’s not me.

No. 1872341

Compared to vegetarians who are nowadays seen as "out" or hypocrites, vegan food diets cause more ecological imbalance on a worldwide scale because vegan nowadays isn't just eating veggies like in the 80s. Vegan grown crops are being sprayed with pesticides to all hells because the moment an animal/insect gets in contact with the crop, it isn't considered vegan and can't be labeled as such on the market. Same if a wild animal gets into the field and ruins the crops. The owners of those lands kill wild animals if they eat or are about to eat those crops. Tell me that's against animal cruelty. There are also crops, like quinoa that used to be cheap produced crops that were grown in reasonable measure and fed to animals in Latin America that have risen in price because of the Western consoomers that crop owners switch to mono culture. Which is a bad ripple effect for the neighboring communities that might have bought fresh veggies at this producer's farm, the availability of other veggies goes down (and the communities' health goes down), the soil doesn't get more nutrients from mono-culture either and of course for the people who used to get quinoa for their pet birds for cheap, now the price has doubled because either the local producer only exports his quinoa to North America/Europe anymore and doesn't sell locally or he sells to outrageous prices. Everyone that is at least a bit curious about the world knows about how avocado mono culture has ruined the original importing countries and the quality of the produce. I don't eat quinoa really, but I'm willing to bet that the quality issue will come soon too.
Let's not talk about the cheaply produced vegan meat substitutes made out of leftovers tofu that they dry up and mix up with cheap chemicals and salt that cost maybe 1,80-2€ in production but that they sell vegans for 4-6€. The biggest scam in the food industry in the 21st century as far as I'm concerned. Vegans are the butt of the joke despite their very morally noble values, the economy has seen them for what they are, cash cows with blinds on.

No. 1872346

All of this is bad, but not even a fraction as bad as the meat/dairy industries.
>the moment an animal/insect gets in contact with the crop, it isn't considered vegan
This is blatantly false, have you never heard of insect-mediated pollination v

No. 1872347

>Vegan grown crops are being sprayed with pesticides to all hells because the moment an animal/insect gets in contact with the crop, it isn't considered vegan
Quit being retarded, vegetables are always considered vegan

No. 1872350

Anyone who has a narc mother knows women can also be equally mean and they aren’t doing it because they’re sexist or whatever they are just mentally ill. Anons who have this belief that women are all sweet hearts who support each other are just delusional.

No. 1872353

File: 1706652283247.png (483.9 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240130-225432.png)

You're talking permaculture methods, which is not what producers for big brands use in 90% of the cases for "vegan" products that are going to be sold in big grocery stores where all the products have to have a certain look (which is called calibrating). Picrel is from a blogger's site that can at least be face that truth. There's also a 2018 research In field death in plant agriculture I could link. Not all the wild animal death in agriculture is done maliciously but fact is, it happens still. And mono culture (like quinoa, like avocado) won't help solve a thing.
As far as my other points go, the consequences of it those vegan foods that are produced, they're far more impactful, including for the farmers who get exploited by the food industries (because they're sharks when it comes to negociating prices with farmers), in the end the people who used to get their veggies locally, maybe will have to resort to get cheap fast food instead. It's a lose lose situation.

No. 1872355

I HATE that Asperger's isn't called Asperger's anymore and now it's just "oN tHe AuTiSm sPeCtRuM". I'm very certain that I'm aspie and the idea of it is embarrassing to me in the first place, so it was important to me that there was a differentiation between people like me, who just seem like awkward weirdos to outsiders vs. the absolutely retarded, nonverbal, drooling, screeching autistic kids. Fuck.

No. 1872358

I see a lot of folks irrationally hate vegans and always found it weird. I'm not even vegan
I agree, ofc all they can come up with is that "it just feels better to be a he" like okay? if it was making you that uncomfortable to be called a woman you wouldn't go out of your way to present as a woman

No. 1872362

…still significantly less impactful in all of those ways than the meat and dairy industries…go vegan

No. 1872369

If local population can't have access to fresh veggies from their local farm, because he's selling out quinoa or avocado to the rich in SoCal, instead that they have to go get fast food like McDonald's or the like because that is there and available, that's pretty much a loss though.

No. 1872379

Michelle Obama does not look like a man at all

No. 1872387

Kek you're like the reverse Chris-Chan, he hated being associated with aspies because he thought autists were superior. I get it though, my sister was diagnosed with Asperger's back when it was still a thing and she feels exactly the same as you about muddling the two diagnoses.

No. 1872398

I swear that I need to type this out at least once a month.
Veganism not better for the environment than animal agriculture. Both can equally bad. The issue is not if it's livestock or crops, it's that agriculture on an industrial scale is hugely damaging to the environment regardless of which foodstuff is being farmed.


The three main ingredients for artificial fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Industrial scale nitrogen production uses fractional distillation, this requires heat which is usually achieved by burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels don't just release CO2, they also release aromatic hydrocarbons into the atmosphere such as benzene, toluene and xylene, all of which are known human carcinogens. Excess nitrogen in rivers is toxic to aquatic life and when it makes in way into the oceans it causes algal blooms that deplete oxygen levels and cause dead zones. Dead zones are areas of the ocean where the oxygen levels are too low to support aquatic life. A good example of this is the Mississippi and the Gulf Coast.

Phosphorus is obtained from phosphorite and potassium is obtained from potash both of which are open pit mined. This causes destruction of natural habitats and environmental degradation. It also leads to long term environmental issues such as acid mine drainage. Acid mine drainage contaminates rivers with heavy metals, killing fish and injuring birds. Heavy metals are also carnogenic, teratogenic and neurotoxic.

>pesticides and herbicides

These are highly toxic chemicals manufactured from petrochemicals. Obtaining oil is hugely damaging to the environment and it can also cause environmental disasters such as oil spills from drilling platforms or tankers. The industrial production of petrochemicals also releases aromatic hydrocarbons into atmosphere. Again aromatic hydrocarbons are carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic. Once sprayed into crops pesticides and herbicides contaminate the environment. This causes the death of insects and animals. The toxic effects can also cause birth defects and cancer in both humans and animals. It runs off fields and then contaminates ground water used for drinking and kills fish in rivers. Atrazine one of the main pesticides used in the US, is banned in the EU because it is known to cause cancer. Glyphosate is a suspected human carcinogen and a suspected endocrine disruptor. Pesticides and herbicides that were banned decades ago due to their toxicity are still found in human breast milk and fat tissue.

>monocropping and cash cropping

This is an extremely destructive agricultural practice that causes soil degradation. As the nutrients in the soil are depleted and increasing amount of artificial fertilizer is required to keep growing crops. The crops grown also have a lesser nutritional value due to the lack of nutrients in the soil. Natural landscapes such forests are cut down to intensively grow crops that are in demand. Examples of this are canola and soy.

Please tell me how any of this is better for the environment than a cow eating grass in a field.

No. 1872434

Agreed, it's a scrote take. I've only ever seen men joke about this

No. 1872438

Ice spice has such amazing beats for all her songs. This song would be such an amazing song with someone who could rap.

No. 1872453

Genuinely unpopular opinion: mansplaining is kinda a bs term and 99% of the time used to describe some autist who infodumps everyone, men and women, or just some slightly socially maladroit guy.

Also one of the many irrelevant hills libfems choose to die on over and over again for whatever reason.

No. 1872459

Mansplaining is real. One time a guy told me to stop pulling his head up when he was trying to eat me out because I was “taking him off of where he needs to be and then it won’t feel good” … he was licking my pee hole

No. 1872460

I think it is real but a lot of the time it's clearly just used as a cop-out to not continue engaging someone in a discussion or debate and I don't think it's a good look for women.

No. 1872464

That's not even condescension though. It's just an attempt to save face.

Gendered condescension does of course exist but I just feel like the term is used to describe "awkward man explaining something passionately". The autist rambling about how much he loved writing in LISP isn't doing so to condescend in my experience, he's just a chronic monologuer. Spending a lot of nights out at the pub taught me this is something men do to each other all the fucking time. There's usually one guy among a group who just never stops fucking monologuing.

No. 1872467

A lady like Michelle Obama (and many other women with a build like hers) only looks ‘masculine’ when scrotes choose to compare to hyperfeminine women, she’s taller and carries more of a muscular looking build; but when she’s standing next to Obama or her constituents she looks 100% XX. She’s graceful and very beautiful, just a tall diva kek

No. 1872468

He wasn’t saving face though. He was serious and tried to go back to licking my pee hole until I laughed at him. Anyway you clearly never worked in a really male dominated field. The new grads always mansplain and try to argue with me, and when I insist they’re wrong they demand academic papers proving my point and then when I prove myself correct they try to flip it as they were right or partly right. but they always shut up and listen to other scrotes.

No. 1872472

I took CS and I'm a SWE. I studied and worked with these men all the time. There's a cohort that condescend specifically to women, and a much larger cohort that condescend specifically to anyone who they feel isn't as intelligent, and then an even larger cohort who just like yapping on and on about their favourite language, IDE, text editor whatever to whoever will listen.

My point isn't that it's not applicable per se, but that 99% of the time it's not applicable.

No. 1872476

Lol this is somewhat unrelated but I love how more traditional pubs tend to have a regular guy who always holds court and rambles semi-coherently. It's fun to go to them as a younger person because without a doubt the guy will notice you and direct his ramblings towards you. Amicable banter, feeling like you're living in a song of The Fall and some sort of Mark E. Smith character's ranting at you. All of my strangest but most interesting conversations have been in northern english pubs with somewhat insane and rambling middle-aged men.

No. 1872481

I love those guys. They are the sort of person who start telling a story and finish it six hours later after about 500 tangents along the way.

No. 1872486

Exactly, nothing better than being part of the impromptu pub ted talk with a pint of bitter

No. 1872488

Except she didn’t do it “for herself” she had BDD and she did it because she was insecure about her round face which was way more beautiful than the handsome squidward look.

No. 1872494

I hate seeing jokes like that, I’m tall and broad shouldered and bulky and I used to wish I was 5’1 and narrow shouldered because I saw women like that be called men. Any guy who says it is more than likely a fat weak Manlet

No. 1872503

I think a lot of people misuse the term but it is real and definitely happens. Been playing a certain videogame 20 years of my life and I have a male friend who also plays. He tried to explain to me how the combat system works. Like… yes, I know, I've been playing this game since I was 7 years old. You don't need to randomly in-depth explain it to me buddy.

No. 1872514

On boards, it’s fine, but when someone says “kek” in real life I immediately lose all respect for them. Even more if it’s a man.

No. 1872531

Wait people actually say kek irl? You've met multiple of them?

No. 1872546

vegans know shit about agroecological production

No. 1872557

>>1872531 >>1872514
I do oops

No. 1872567

Do they say the letters or make the sound? Or are they like video game villains going ke-ke-ke-ke?

No. 1872586

kek is pronounced like keke? now I feel really retarded oh goodness

No. 1872588

I get so scared that one day I'm going to accidentally say kek, lol or lmao out loud.

No. 1872596

one time i accidentally included it in a text to my husband

No. 1872598

I say lmao all of the time.

No. 1872609

I think it sometimes that’s why you should type hahahaha occasionally

No. 1872625

going comando is better than a thong tbh

No. 1872626

I get scared I'll write kek in a text to someone. I have actually stopped myself from doing it multiple times by proof reading my texts before I sent them, changing kek to lol.

No. 1872630

It's not about the environment, even if they claim it is, it's primarily about saving animals. Even that's dumb because a lot of vegans will have pets that they have no choice but to feed animal products to, which seems some what counter productive.

No. 1872643

I frequent /snow/ but I've found that things are getting drier and drier over there because lolcows as a whole are starting to go extinct due to the fact that being a frequently online, obsessively self poasting, oversharing wannabe influencer who behaves in grotesque and incomprehensibly is basically considered normie behavior now. I stopped using instagram back in 2019 when it was starting to reach the boiling point, but with tiktok now I guarantee zoomers have no qualm with broadcasting their confidently addicted, unsanitary, vulgar, poorly styled, attention seeking ways. The average cow candidate in 2016 is just the average college student in 2024.

No. 1872656

I agree but i'm entertained by them nontheless

No. 1872657

Porn doesn’t turn men into anything they aren’t already.

No. 1872661

ok but i got discharge

No. 1872818

i agree but i think having access to porn has the potential to make them even worse which is why they should be deprived of it entirely. an impossible dream, i know

No. 1873027

I like working in an open plan office

No. 1873032

u a real freak for that 1

No. 1873036

Reported for using unpopular opinions as a loophole for posting inexcusable ragebait JK Anon, I kinda like it too, it helps me focus better than when I'm left in a vacuum of unaccountability and endless distractions

No. 1873107

Halle Berry would have been a great Catwoman if it wasn't that stupid movie.

No. 1873147

I don’t think corporal punishment is inhumane in a unique way that prison isn’t, if given the choice of 5 years in prison or 100 lashes I would pick 100 lashes and I think it would genuinely be more humane to have that as a possibility

No. 1873149

And then public whippings would come back into style and me and the girlies could go watch the local druggie twink get 100 lashes.

No. 1873158

One can only dream.

No. 1873163

100 lashes sounds insufferable. Jesus only got 39

No. 1873171

Why'd they skimp out on the last lash

No. 1873215

Very based and hot. You guys really understand me on a deep level

No. 1873221

My nation had actually televised public floggings. It's not pretty to look at; in fact, it's inhumane. The Islamists would later pick it up and use it to justify punishments for women wearing veils or men not having beards.

No. 1873247

But what if it was sexy moids

No. 1873262

Spot on why cow culture is dead actually, like many anons pointed out before - the main quality of a cow was oversharing their life online which was seen as embarrassing in the 2010s. Now it's basically a norm.

No. 1873267

True, and I think her voice is good actually, kinda icy. It's her flow which is shit and the goofy 'i'm a thick baddie jealous bitches be hating' schtick gets old.

No. 1873274

NTA but I thought she was canonically lesbian all along. I hate it then, she should be gay.

No. 1873279

I hope this website is still allowed to exist 2-3 years from now when there are no cows period

No. 1873283

I think general /snow/ threads like mtf/ftm and tradthots are still funny so that’s probably the future of cow threads

No. 1873299

I hope so too and I don't understand why farmhands insist so much on the point of this site being farming when I don't feel like it's the case anymore. The most popular /snow/ threads generate plenty of problems (MtF/FtM turning into vent space for ovarit mums, constant racebaiting in tradthots), /pt/ has only a few cows and doesn't feel like it used to and everybody constantly complains about /w/.

No. 1873311

i actually feel really bad for pixyteri and her threads bring me a sense of despair. i don't know why nonas are so hard on her sometimes. she seems to have some sort of somatosensory disorder that causes her to hallucinate frightening or worrisome bodily sensations and as a result has an overwhelming fear of death/illness. i know she's very immature and sometimes combative but i think she is legitimately debilitated by her condition.

No. 1873394

Female characters in FMA are way too overhyped.
Yes they're better than most women in shonen but people make them out to be as complex as your average side male character in shonen, they're not.

No. 1873395

we need a straight up facts thread

No. 1873410

Izumi is a fantastic character, and I refuse to let anyone talk shit about her.
She's my favorite, so I'm a bit bias. I really love her character a lot. Plus, it's nice to have a woman writing shonen for once. I didn't really enjoy demon slayer that much.

No. 1873412

The guys aren't that deep either tbh.

No. 1873415

>as complex as your average side male character in shonen
This isn't exactly a high bar

No. 1873422

File: 1706746089886.jpg (156.56 KB, 2304x1296, 1700090143108151.jpg)

Those "anti-racist" books you see on display in public libraries are horrifically vile, most people wouldn't know because they just walk past them. They're at least everywhere here and have been proliferating over the last three years. I think I'm quite literally the only person to read them where I am since they've been put on the shelf.

There's nothing more cynical, morbid or miserable than these texts. It's all utter ingratitude, and all the writers seem to be the same sort of selfish, horrible people with a superiority complex and a fragile ego. I think white supremacists would actually be gleeful if white people actually bothered to pick these books up for a read instead of walking past them, because you get the idea that racial conflict will never end and it's better to separate. That's how bad these books are.

No. 1873457

What are your problems?

No. 1873501

Periods are gross.
No one should feel ashamed about their natural bodily functions, but they are still bodily functions. Some women go too far with publicizing gross details about their menses in the name of 'normalization'. I don't want to hear about the blood clots coming out of your vagina any more than I want to hear a moid talk about the fat turd log he pushed out of his ass.

No. 1873506

You have clearly never seen someone whipped… Even a single lash can break the skin. You would be dead before they got to 100.
I'm happy for you that you don't realize this though.

No. 1873508

Truth. I can't wait for zoomers to become the new millenials & to finally realize how fucking embarrassing it is to film yourself lipsynching and tik tok dancing.
They are all so cheugy before their time.

No. 1873509

Can we redtext this word please

No. 1873511

Maybe it's just because i'm a Germanic nutrition autist but i like when people go into detail about their bowel movements because then i can judge their diet and health status

No. 1873515

I got cheugy mixed up with hygge in my head and was so confused for a second.

No. 1873517

I love hell week and I wish it happened every month

No. 1873526

The jannies are so overbearing that it barely makes a difference anyway.

No. 1873528

how can you criticize zoomers while using the word cheugy lmfao

No. 1873531

Not unpopular.

No. 1873532

my stool slides out really fast in one big solid but not dry tube every morning what does that day about me

No. 1873536

I've had a 5 day stretch of not shitting this month and it got me spooked enough to start drinking 2 tbsps mineral oil before bed every night, and the bowel movements have sort of normalized to once per day now. Should I cut sugar?

No. 1873557

regular morning shits is usually an indicator of good GI health, especially if it comes out as one discrete turd. maybe add more fiber to solidify it

In general I think limiting sugar intake is a good idea if it's coming from processed foods instead of fruits or other whole foods. You might want to look at your fiber intake, but also being underweight/under-eating can stop you up. Regular exercise also contributes to more regular bowel movements.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor

No. 1873561

I know I'm gonna catch flack for this but idc: I think dildos are just as gross as those fake vag things for moids (I forgot what they're called). I have never used one & I don't want to. The thought makes me cringe. Why would I want plastic inside of me? Why would I want to fuck an object? Are your hands really not enough? It also grosses me out how open some women are about showing them off & discussing their new turbo vibe ultra-ribbed dragon dick-o-matic 4000. I don't want to know what inanimate objects you fuck.

No. 1873562

dildos seem dangerous. i feel like a glass one would break in me, a plastic one would carry bacteria or irritate my insides, yeuch. no thanks!

No. 1873571

Agree, but I think penises are hideous in general and can't imagine owning an object that emulates one. I feel like the women who do never learned how to properly masturbate with their hands/clit because if they did they would realize owning a big oil industry plastic dick is superfluous and a health hazard. We all know about microplastics, why stick a giant plastic thing into your membranous vagina after probably not cleaning it properly

No. 1873573

samefag but i'd like to see a study of vaginal microbiomes in women who use dildos vs those who don't because i bet that on average the former would have really fucked up ratios of bacterial species compared to the latter

No. 1873574

plastic can harbor bacteria if it's porous like thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and most of those "fake skin" dildos. nonporous plastics like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) are safe as long as they're sanitized before use and don't have any fillers. medical grade/platinum cure silicone is safe because it isn't porous. unfortunately sex toys are an unregulated industry so a seller can claim something is made out of something it isn't and most users aren't going to do a flame test on the $50+ fake dick they bought just to make sure the seller didn't lie to them. sorry for long material sperg.

No. 1873575

I wonder if there are women who have given themselves STI's like vaginosis or vaginitis from using penetrative sex toys

No. 1873581

since the vagina is self cleaning after like 24 hours wouldn't things be back to normal? bacteria would stay on the dildo unless ultra sanitized

No. 1873583

Wtf dildos are so easy to clean u guys.

No. 1873584

I don't understand where the whole 'zoomers look way older' thing is coming from? I think a lot of it has to do with styling rather than actually looking bad. A lot of the zoomers I see in real life look completely normal and using influencers as examples isn't really fair.

No. 1873586

If my dildo kills me soon at least I’ll die happily knowing I fucked the shit out of my dildo more than any real dick could ever deserve

No. 1873593

it might depend on how regularly they use it but who knows, i know i'm not about to put together a dildo health research paper so i can have the perfect lolcow comment, but more power to the rest of you

No. 1873594

>bacteria would stay on the dildo unless ultra sanitized
You really just need to wash it with soap and water. You can boil it for a few minutes if you want it extra sanitized though.

No. 1873595

>bacteria would stay on the dildo unless ultra sanitized
If you really believe this I cannot imagine how dirty you think underwear is

No. 1873597

I feel like its a little difficult to thoroughly clean a porous plastic one, a glass one could be a different story. However there are a lot of lazy ladies in the world

No. 1873599

I'm 21 and I look kind of old because I aged myself with bonerattlers disease for years, a lot of my constituents look a little more mature than our age as well because of smoking, lack of moisturizing, dehydration, etc

No. 1873602

File: 1706761889734.png (Spoiler Image, 569.1 KB, 1012x848, 578888875638798.png)

Porous plastic/jelly dildos can't be cleaned, full stop. They're not safe and shouldn't be used (or sold but companies are immoral and sell them anyway). Dildos behind spoiler.

No. 1873605

I think it is a combo of a few things. First being the resurgence of smoking/vaping nicotine. That alone does a huge number on your skin & how old you look. Secondly, a lot of the zoomer trends that are en-vogue (e-girl, manic pixie dream alt girl etc) are very juvenile and only really look good on teens. When you see a grown adult woman with orbital hollows that are accentuated by e-girl blush, and a large adult face shape accentuated by teenybopper pigtail-type hairstyles, it comes off very jarring. I think that zoomers saw how dated hairstyles were making women look older before their time (ex. the Golden Girls' hair). But they went too far in the opposite direction. It also ages you to wear childish hairstyles and clothing when you are clearly an adult woman (cough cough Shayna).
I also think that our perception of their rapid ageing has something to do with overuse of both filters and fillers. Fillers age you prematurely for obvious reasons. And filters make it so that these young people who are growing into their adult faces would rather hide that for as long as possible than embrace the change. So they post mega-filtered pictures and videos trying to re-capture how they looked in their teens until it becomes impossible to hide the discrepancy between their posted pictures and reality. Instead of seeing them grow into their adult faces, it seems like a jarring change that happens all at once.
That's just my hypothesis anyway.

No. 1873613

File: 1706763909922.jpg (143.18 KB, 736x981, 2780d1fd88e64d3538b3b113c3fcb5…)

If you're someone with a round face, you should be wearing big, round glasses instead of rectangular ones like what is commonly recommended. Round glasses are far more flattering on soft features.
i feel like someone is going to be stupid and ask me if picrel is a selfie. I just grabbed it from Pinterest

No. 1873622

this is unpopular for a reason, round glasses on round faces highlight the roundness even more it always stick out like a sore thumb to me.

No. 1873630

NTA but I like this large style of glasses on everyone. I also like round faces though, so 'highlighting the roundness' is not a bad thing to me. I think a round face is cute. Idk why hollywood is so obsessed with removing all the fat in their faces to look like Skeletor nowadays. Moids do look better with defined bone structure, but I think a round face on a woman is adorable.

No. 1873657

I've heard several women getting UTIs from letting their unwashed moid fuck them raw. however I've never heard of a single woman getting UTIs from their dildos since we have control over the hygiene of that, but telling a dirty scrotoid to wash their dick is useless, especially if they're mutilated since they think not having a foreskin means they don't need to wash their dick ever.

No. 1873663

there was a post in the vent thread today talking about getting UTIs from moids. walking biohazards, the lot of them.

No. 1873719

>Are your hands really not enough
For penetration no, I never managed to get myself off with just my fingers in that way, and ain't no way I'm ever having sex with a moid.

No. 1873724

The majority of lost media the internet is obsessed with is really boring and dumb. Do you really need to find an old commercial for a ds game. Is it really so important it needs to be preserved?

No. 1873735

I hate gaming I’d rather read a book.

No. 1873736

Theres a rise in utterly repressed and sexually traumatized nonnas who won’t stfu about their “opinions” (aka warped perception) on sexual topics. I do not subscribe to some moids being “nigels”, they’re all moids and can at any point show their ugly side but the way some nonnas talk about sex, even just masturbation, points to such a deep and inherently misogynistic self hatred and they have the audacity to project it unto other women. Just be an asexual prude by yourself but do not sweep the rest of womankind under your disfigured comb cause you can’t view things without a severely distorted lens. (I have never wanted to tell a woman that they have clearly never been loved even by themselves, but in those instances it takes everything in me not to tell them exactly that. Idc if you don’t like xyz and never want to do it, but the views these nonnas have they project unto other women and thats where I start having an issue because they are no better than a moid pearl clutching over his own asinine puritanical views)(infight bait)

No. 1873748

Theres a rise in utterly degenerate and overly sexual nonnas who won’t stfu about their “opinions” (aka warped perception) on sexual topics. The way some nonnas talk about sex, even just masturbation, points to such a deep and inherently moid-like porn-fueled obsession, and they have the audacity to project it unto other women. Just be a sex-crazed horndog and fuck your dragon dildo by yourself, but do not sweep the rest of womankind under your disfigured comb cause you can’t view things without a severely distorted lens.(infight bait)

No. 1873751

I have the tmi thread hidden and I still can't escape some stupid bitch talking in graphic detail about her clit and masturbating or whatever in the vent thread. Nobody cares to allocate their spergs to where they belong they just want us to see them being horny and retarded.

No. 1873753

This is lame because you didn't even make it the same length as the other post. Half-assed.

No. 1873759

Yw for deleting the many lines of useless run-on filler because nonna is incapable of stating a direct point.

No. 1873770

I like to check the lost media wiki once every few months to see if something really interesting has been found (like the first GY!BE demo or fragments of the Cleopatra movie) but seeing that 99% percent of the found stuff is shit like Nickelodeon intermissions is really disheartening, death footage like Steve Irwin shouldn't be there either.

No. 1873787

For all their whining about "sluts" and le decline of le west, men don't actually care about whether or not a woman is promiscuous when it comes to dating and marriage PROVIDED that the woman in question is attractive. Every attractive woman I know that slept around, or even slept around and regularly cheated, is now happily married in some cases with children.

In many, many cases men in their 30s will be dating or married to an average looking woman who didn't sleep around and STILL be pining after some party girl who was promiscuous who they had a fling with in their 20s. Not just lusting, but fantasizing about some scenario where they rekindle this romantic flame and elope together or whatever.

This is exactly what happened with my ex. He'd seethe about sluts despite sleeping with lots of them when he was younger, yet he'd bitch in WhatsApp group chats about how he wished he could have married one of them and how amazing they were.

In my experience, provided she's pretty, men absolutely love sluts and they live romantically and sexually rent free in their heads for literally their entire fucking lives.

No. 1873816

It kind of depends. Men like a challenge so they’re always going to want something else regardless of who they’re in a relationship with. They’re never going to be satisfied with just one woman because they have too many options unlike women, plus on top of that men don’t see women as human so they feel we are disposable or easily replaced so they never grow those close bonds with us.

No. 1873819

I don't think it's about the "challenge". I think on some gut level they just like women who exhibit cluster b tendencies. Although I'll admit if a woman is too BPD then they seem to just use her for sex.

I think more generally men fantasize about being this tragic lover with flames from the past. Even the man I'm currently seeing has pictures of his ex from a decade ago on his phone: she was a rave girlie and an absolute headcase according to him, but he still follows her on insta.

No. 1873823

File: 1706784875572.png (750.98 KB, 858x610, Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 2.56.…)

>they have too many options unlike women

No. 1873826

From what I’ve experienced men are bored by stability in relationships. They need drama to enjoy relationships so I think even if they had the prettiest girl ever they’re still going to desire something else if she doesn’t excite them by causing drama. Most of them can’t do a normal life of just coming home to their gf everyday having dinner, going to work and having date nights on the weekend.

No. 1873829

Men have more options? Kek. What world do you live in anon? Dick is abundant and low value. Any woman, no matter how ugly, can find a male to simp for her. We just don't want the vast majority of them. Men spend literal years swiping on dating apps every single day & will still only get a single match.
It's precisely why men get cucked when they try to browbeat their gfs into open relationships. They think they'll be swimming in pussy when really they're home alone every night. Meanwhile their gf has a lineup of men waiting for their chance to date her.
To say that men have more options is just delusional.

No. 1873830

It’s true. I see at least 4 attractive women a day and I probably see an attractive man about once a year….men just have more to pick from than women so it makes their desire to cheat even higher most likely.

No. 1873832

No, it's not true. They have the illusion of choice. No moid walks outside and lands every single woman he thinks is attractive.

No. 1873835

File: 1706785550188.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x1341, FD82AEB7-F293-476B-B320-BFF9B7…)

As someone who is actually ugly the meme that men will simp for any woman is false. From what I’ve noticed women will simp for the worst looking men as long as he has cash or is nice. When was the last time you’ve seen a man on Adriana Lima level of attractive with an ugly woman? It rarely happens.

No. 1873838

Is this edited? What the fuck is wrong with him.

No. 1873839

Oh, I see what you're getting at. You mean they have more GOOD options. Options that they're not actually good enough themselves to achieve, but that they delude themselves into thinking they have a shot with. That makes more sense.

No. 1873840

True but if he’s got cash or is a charismatic he has a higher chance with those women than an ugly woman has going around asking men out(I know because I’ve tried, because I thought men didn’t ask me out because they were just shy nope….they just weren’t interested). For men Eventually one of the 20 or 30 pretty women he asks out will eventually say yes because the odds are in their favor because there are just more attractive women for them to take a chance with. Unlike in my situation the rare attractive guys I see are most likely gonna say no kek

No. 1873841

KEK pickmes book all the surgery appointments in the world to end up with moids that fucking ugly? horseface stacy and her twinkoid keep on winning.

No. 1873842

My experience is your typical white average man might not have as many options as your typical white average woman but he certainly has far more than the moidsphere online would like you to believe. It's astonishing how many completely unremarkable men have options. My younger cousin literally has four or five women he's chatting to at any one moment (without any of them knowing about each other). They're all pretty, and they're all people he has actually met up with.

Don't ask me how or why but average men have options if they actually put themselves out there.

No. 1873844

It's not drama. You're thinking they want to argue constantly and then have hot makeup sex. They don't. They just like the fact most slutty girls are "fun": like going out until the early hours of the morning, like doing drugs, like doing crazy stuff together etc. That's what they pine for (with an attractive woman of course, average or ugly ones are invisible to moids).

No. 1873845

>but what about muh 1%
He would still simp for most women if he weren't with her. She is the exception to the rule, not him. Besides that, supermodels and actresses have crazy self esteem issues that stem from basing their entire life and livelihood around being perceived as attractive. Many of them will date down intentionally because they feel some security in thinking that at least one aspect of their life wouldn't crash and burn if they were to become ugly. There aren't many moid career paths that hinge exclusively on attractiveness in that way.
Celebrities aren't a good representation of normie dating rules.

No. 1873847

Fat women are delusional. My flatmate is in her room crying because a dude she strung along and catfished for a month eventually met up with her, realized she was 300lbs and told her, in actually quite nice terms, he was upset and felt lied to (she pretended to be thin, not just less fat than she was but waif thin).

One of only a few cases where I genuinely sympathize with the moid. I'm aware male catfishers exist, but it seems more common for fat women to pretend to be thin on dating apps than it does for fat men. More generally it's just an incredibly vile and shitty thing to do to someone, wasting their time to that degree.

No. 1873848

File: 1706786477895.jpg (12.89 KB, 512x288, b20e8782952c2e3610881ae4c8b060…)

It smells in here

No. 1873849

Oh men do the exact same thing, I'd say it's about equal, but the difference is men do it to try to get a cheap fuck in and women do it thinking the man will emotionally love them or something

No. 1873851

Not to be crude about your cousin nonnie but that's because he hasn't hit the wall yet. Young men have a much, much bigger dating pool than men past the age of 25-30ish. Twenty five is around the age when their options take a nosedive, as they become much uglier & start balding. By the time they reach the age when they're finally ready to settle down & marry (read: they realize that they've aged out of riding the cunt carousel) they have become so hideous that their options dwindle down to 0.

No. 1873852

Oh and the guy was genuinely attractive. Tall and thin. I met him when he came to see her, he was a perfect gentleman despite having been treated like shit. Got hold of his number and am genuinely considering texting him lol.

No. 1873853

I’m always jealous of men in the dating world. All they have to do is pretend not to be boring as fuck and know how to talk and women and they will have like 5 or 6 options at a time. But for me as an average/ugly woman talking to men is like pulling teeth and I’m lucky if I can find one decent looking man to see me once a week and even then the conversations are so dry and low effort, you have to deal with them ghosting then popping up 3 months later etc

No. 1873855

Men are more likely to hatfish. Beware when a moid only has pictures of him wearing hats. That fucker is bald under there.

No. 1873856

File: 1706786745762.png (735.27 KB, 680x680, 1341810919328.png)

>they have too many options unlike women
This isn't true. Women always have options, only unlike men women have standards.

No. 1873858

We have options of course but men have more good options. I know I could easily have a bf but I don’t count those men as options(criminals, homeless men, fats or uglies, pedos). Are the guys I want going to date me? Nope.

No. 1873862

I saw 4chan moids claiming Pam from the office when she was younger was their idea of what an 'average man's' looksmatch was. Idk how true that is.

No. 1873865

File: 1706787384878.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x1435, 7A60AC28-39F5-4E98-B3F0-6A3DCD…)

No he actually looks like that

No. 1873867

>Women always have options
Speak for yourself kek.

No. 1873869

File: 1706787878638.png (464.82 KB, 720x736, q2l7eqgmzhd61.png)

No. 1873870

Men are allowed to be so ugly I never want to hear them complain about anything wtf is this creature. Send him back to his cave

No. 1873871

he has two eyes yet still looks like a cyclops

No. 1873872

He looks like he has an intellectual disability.

No. 1873873

amazing, saved

No. 1873877

For some of them it’s even earlier than 25 these days, zoomers aren’t aging well

No. 1873881

Is this why a lot of farmers date asian guys? I've never been into them personally as I like at least some… gruffness I guess.

No. 1873889

Unless you are living in solitary confinement or are a straight woman living in a lesbian commune, you have options. Men will have a sexual relationship with a hole in the wall or a raw chicken.

No. 1873891

A man willing to pump and dump you but won’t take you out in public isn’t really what I’d consider an option.

No. 1873894

He had the physiognomy of a newspaper sunday strip character

No. 1873895

So you have options but you don't consider them because they do not meet your standards.

No. 1873897

Options for men and options for women are a totally different thing. Yes, as a woman most of us can get sex easily but that doesn’t mean that’s a dating option. A man willing to cum in you and then block you the next day isn’t a dating option kek most men will fuck anything but actually have pretty high standards for who they’d claim as a gf or wife.

No. 1873905

>Men will have a sexual relationship with a hole in the wall or a raw chicken
Damn what an amazing moid I'm missing out, truly it feels great to be told your only options are bottom of the barrel 4chan coomers.

No. 1873909

Idk why people even say this when women complain about wanting a bf because all I hear is “you’re not good enough for a decent man but you still have rapists and coomers as an option”. Yes I know I can go get a porn addict from 4chan who would probably fuck his own mom if she let him, to have sex with me but I can’t get an actual real relationship.

No. 1873911

To be blunt nonna, this is the natural order of things. Unfortunately it is necessary for some women to be alone if we want to stamp out the inferior genes of males who are unfit to be husbands and fathers (which is most of them). It will become less necessary over time. We are trying to undo millennia of men polluting the gene pool with their violent, rapist, pedophilic and just plain ugly traits. That's what men enslaving women through marriage has gotten us. The worst of them have multiplied, and now they fester as a blight on humanity.
Women selecting our mates is the only morally acceptable form of eugenics that humans have. We will eventually make men into something worthwhile. And at that point, the majority of men will be worthy of a partner. But to achieve that goal, some of us must be alone.

No. 1873913

No. 1873923

I'm one of the AYRT and I didn't plan on having children in the first place, I just want to know what being in a romantic relationship feels like at least once, but at least I got pinkpilled here and I don't miss it that much.

No. 1873932

Bless you sweet nonnie. I hope that you find that.

No. 1874020

Everyone is gay to some degree just like all animals are omnivores, labels like bisexuality are useless, you align to the sexuality you dominantly like

No. 1874022

Go tell that to my homophobic dad and my lesbophobic mom lmao.

No. 1874026

This is biologically not true
Men value monogamy HIGHLY in women they date, because their paternity is uncertain unlike women

No. 1874030

Some of the most homophobic people I’ve met were closet gays

No. 1874038

gendie homophobia or conversion therapy rhetoric? pick one!

No. 1874040

>just like all animals are omnivores
I don't understand the comparison you are trying to make here. Yeah I suppose a koala or something will eventually eat an insect mixed with eucalyptus leaves, but how does that relate to humans having homosexual sex?

No. 1874042

Probably, yeah. Asian guys (generally) age more gracefully than white dudes. “Black don’t crack and Asian don’t raisin,” as they say.

No. 1874054

men are not rational agents and evopsych is often bullshit to reinforce male supremacy

No. 1874058

I can def see it but I just find them ugly to begin with so whether or not the age better makes no difference.

No. 1874061

Does anyone else get the vibe that these types of Youtubers keep trying to have their cake and eat it too? Im not one of those people who think you’re a misogynist if you criticise beauty culture, but you gotta admit it’s kind of jarring to see her go ‘omg I can’t believe she gave herself a double chin and made herself look FAT and UGLY’ like at 0:33 while also trying to profit of body positivity by saying ‘actually double chins are beautiful and completely natural’.

No. 1874062

they’re all the virtue signalling libfem type. like girl we all know you think ugly people exist and fatties are gross, stop pretending

No. 1874064

You can use rinds to make soups

No. 1874066

She’s the biggest grifter out of these libfem YouTubers criticizing 'toxic beauty standards'. She brings absolutely nothing new to the table, just parrots common Reddit arguments with clickbait titles, at least the Breadtube Lite girls pretend they read something intellectual. Also before she went into this gossipy social critique she was your standard beauty guru caking her face, so I don’t believe she’s authentic at all, she was just smart enough to change her content when beauty community died.

No. 1874068

File: 1706807242813.jpeg (91.32 KB, 1125x323, IMG_3306.jpeg)

So much for muh 'body positivity love urself'.

No. 1874072

Ironically it's women who value monogamy in a partner. Women are far more likely to be viscerally disgusted by promiscuous men to the point of no longer desiring them. Men will just lust even harder if they realize a hot woman is also easy.

No. 1874074

Happens absolutely nowhere lmao

No. 1874076

Why do moids always do this cope where they pretend they're some sort of Newton or Tesla who don't congenitally lust after sexually alluring, sexually presenting, sexually easy women?

You're not some ascetic monk sitting at the top of a column. You're a porn addict who compulsively watches rage bait on tiktok and YouTube shorts.

No. 1874084

They may fuck woman like this and then sperg about how easy she was and how she doesn’t respect herself, rides a dick carousel etc. They probably won’t get into relationship with her unless she’s undeniably attractive. They may lust harder because they think she’s realistically available to them while also hating her.

No. 1874088

her original nose was so beautiful. I always wished my hook was a little more pronounced like hers. Some women don’t know how blessed they are

No. 1874094

File: 1706810004543.jpeg (279.75 KB, 640x986, IMG_5279.jpeg)

Cillian Murphy is a huge fat slut and he’s obsessed with sleeping with as many of his zoomer fans as he possibly can, they all post evidences of it on tiktok. In this video he kept staring at a zoomer woman who is one of his rabid fans, and I’ve seen worse ones involving him winking and smiling whorishly at them and hugging them. I’m sorry but I hope his wife Yvonne abuses him behind closed doors.

No. 1874096

he’s also a transvestite i think we touched on that before but it got glazed over

No. 1874101

He certainly seems mentally ill enough.

No. 1874106

File: 1706810958249.jpeg (704.4 KB, 1170x1056, IMG_5281.jpeg)

He and his wife seemed to have such a cute relationship because they’ve been together since their early twenties, but in reality he’s had affairs with like 10 of his costars in the past, and all these random young women, and Robert Downey jr

No. 1874115

Well periods may be gross but they’re gross like boogers not shit, doofus

No. 1874125

Yeah, they’ll talk all that shit and then turn around and cheat on their more wholesome wives and girlfriends with the exact type of women they claim to hate. Same if they say they would never date girls of a certain race or weight, but then they cheat with that type.

No. 1874126

Women have been shamed for centuries about their periods. I remember growing up and other kids thought it was weird that i would openly say I wasnt feeling good because I was on my period and cramping. My mother taught me to never be shamed. I know women who freak out and hide their pads or tampons because men shouldnt see . I dont know if youre talking about specific granola women who use their period as art, but periods are not gross. it's moid-tier to think women should hide them like it's some kind of witchcraft, when it is a natural thing that happens to every single women in existence. The lack of knowledge of periods is extremely shameful.

or the doctors that dont take women's period pain seriously. Men dont want to talk about periods, but will happily talk about the violence porn they watch or how they want to do anal with women irl. Periods should be spoken about more because they ARE natural and women should know more about it. I've heard the ignorance shit from both sides about mensuration and it's extremely sad to witness.

No. 1874130

A popular opinion in the unpopular opinion thread, what a surprise.

No. 1874131

File: 1706812353492.jpeg (114.24 KB, 364x423, 31D06EB5-77F1-42A1-B068-C50319…)

I can’t get over how goofy his face is, sometimes I hear about the halo effect and how everyone thinks pretty people are just the best how they have a better time finding a job and I wish I were like gorgeous with a tiny ski slope nose and huge eyes and big lips and clear skin and luscious long hair good facial harmony whatever and so I can date an actual sexy man who’s ripped with a pretty face and cute hair like Leon Kennedy. but then I see pretty women and their boyfriends are always actually ogres, they’re not even loyal too. They still act fuckboyish like their pretty counterparts. They are just letting that cockroach put his penis inside your beautifully slender perfect body that you exfoliate and shave and work out to achieve. I knew this girl who was literally so gorgeous and her boyfriend was shorter than her and she was like 5’4” everyone was in love with her but she got with a midget swag fag who cheated on her. Guess I better start investing early like ATJ’s wife (kidding)

No. 1874135

Just because a man is willing to fuck someone doesn’t mean he’s attracted to them or likes them. He might truly find fat women unattractive but men have a “hole is a hole” mentality when they start getting horny.

No. 1874137

Everyone is wrong about cucumbers, them shits should be sautéed, who the fuck decided raw in salads was the only way to go

No. 1874138

Beauty is for women is a class signifier because it’s expensive to be beautiful

No. 1874153

I do feel like white men are very loyal to white women despite their butthurt.

No. 1874158

I just want them to get older because so much of their fucking identity is simply being young and they're going to have the world's worst identity crisis when Gen A come of age.

No. 1874161


Dildos feel like they could set unrealistic expectations in terms of size and girth.

No. 1874162

Who cares about unrealistic expectations for male genitals though?

No. 1874171

>i feel like a glass one would break in me
This makes no sense. Are you worried about getting shards of glass in your mouth everytime you take a sip from a glass too? How would it break anyway, it only touches soft tissue even if you're rough with it.

No. 1874177

I think Jodi is pretty cringe tbh, she was so obsessed with that scrote. Aileen is way better.

No. 1874179

Oh my god his face is so horrifying what the fuck i hope i won't see him in my nightmares
So you're pro-dildos, is that what you're saying?

No. 1874181

for me, its the roidqueen killer sally

No. 1874186

I thought this was Charlie Sheen

No. 1874188

Based I love dildos now

No. 1874196

a name like rufus should be considered child abuse

No. 1874198

Men in hollywood are sluts, quelle surprise

No. 1874201

interesting you mention, poor women who are beautiful often get overseen in their communities or they get pressured to follow "the way" and then end up ruining their beauty, usually by getting fat then dropping out of their careers to live in a broken house with an ugly poor man. And then you see a lot of average to ugly women leveling up via plastic surgery and makeup. Most people won't ever admit but people prefer a naturally ugly woman who spent lots of money artificially altering her appearance to level up than a poor beautiful woman without makeup, fancy clothes, etc

No. 1874230

Trolling white men by saying you like black men is fun if you're white. I don't actually like black men but the reactions and whining is hilarious and affirming in a way that they adore us to that extent.(racebait)

No. 1874232

Nah I disagree, those women level up because they're rich and have connections so they have a massive advantage over poor women who have no connections. But occasionally a poor/average but gorgeous woman makes it big because she's naturally gorgeous.

No. 1874237

What a dumb way of thinking. It actually make them want to date non-white women even more. They’re always looking for excuses to do so.

No. 1874238

do that but say asian men instead, the whining will be even more hilarious especially if you specifically say kpop moids

No. 1874250

japan is the best country in the world and i can't wait to move there. hmmm… sushi everyday and hot japanese moids in my dms, clean streets and no fat people, just a dream.. the usa truly failed hard…

No. 1874251


No. 1874253

its the sad truth…

No. 1874254

They have a lot of good things going there but their working culture, sexual harassment and openly pedo preferences aren't it for me

No. 1874258

lol no. are you a boomerchan?

No. 1874259

i mean thats pretty much every country minus the work culture maybe but the positives outweigh the negatives by a mile so i don't really care

No. 1874266

This isn’t racebait this is lighthearted fun kek

No. 1874269

their suicide rate says otherwise but enjoy pursing your weeb fantasy, nonna

No. 1874277

Anon, have you traveled there and considered your budget and all of the legal requirements you need to fulfill to move to Japan? I mean, I think about these things when I think about moving out of my third world country and in the end it's a pain in the ass to do all of the paperwork to go anywhere even for touristic reasons.
So yeah, I'm honestly assuming you're not even tanned, that you may have lots of money to live in Japan and that you have been there before.
It's just that the sole idea of traveling to Asia gives me anxiety because of the racism, I can't even begin to imagine living there.

No. 1874287

I’m far from being a Japan worshipping weeb but I wouldn’t worry too much about racism. Japanese people are among the least violent on Earth and they like to keep to themselves anyways. Nothing bad will happen to you.

No. 1874435

Going to japan only makes sense to me if you’re super pretty, thin and won’t have to work. I can’t understand why you would want to enter Japanese work culture.

No. 1874457

File: 1706834316514.png (2.38 MB, 1170x1452, eh .png)

Gabbriette really does not have a face for modeling. And slapping a bunch of makeup on it doesn’t really make anything more appealing on camera.

No. 1874458

Japan's suicide rate isn't actually that high. And I agree it would be a nice place to spend a few months. That said I wouldn't want to live there permanently.

>Great food

Learn to cook yourself.
True. Hate the crime and fat people here.
>Muh aesthetics
You'll be living in a tiny apartment that makes NYC studios look large.
>Muh job
Japanese salaries are stupidly low especially if you live in the US and the career opportunities are non existent outside of highly specialized roles like certain kinds of chemical engineering and display engineering.
>Muh Japanese husbandos
Ask yourself why nobody outside of places like this or other chans finds Asian men attractive. You have been memed into a racial fetish by self aggrandizing media.

No. 1874476

Anyway my unpopular opinions kinda ties into this:

1. Venus was doomed the moment her mother and her decided they needed to stay in Japan for whatever reason.
2. That Manaki dude was always a weird pedophilic creep and the constant WK'ing of him, even to this day, was/is weird.

Genuinely don't understand no. 2. He started following her when she was 13 (and trying to look like she was pre pubescent) and LC is generally good with calling out pedos. Manaki had a hardened group of fangirls who defended him and saw him as a victim on here.

No. 1874481

File: 1706835456489.jpeg (975.69 KB, 1024x1478, 6FB1062E-E600-4D01-A424-B1A9B9…)

Women don’t like Asian men because they don’t wanna be with someone prettier than them

No. 1874484

I always get aznidentity/asianmasculinity vibes from these posts.

No. 1874488

Pls spoil this next time, it's ugly

No. 1874492

Black women need to sit down and listen(racebait)

No. 1874496

File: 1706836044095.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1284x1778, FAF87AA4-DFDD-4AE6-8A67-8E4816…)

People always wanna hate on weeaboos for liking Asian men as if women in America are dating good looking guys

No. 1874499

so fucking true nonna(encouraging racebaiting)

No. 1874500

File: 1706836165279.jpg (301.7 KB, 2300x1850, 1000009077.jpg)

This barely looks Asian or human, like a badly done doll of an Aiden's OC. Pic related is the average Japanese moid.
I just don't get what's with the race obsession in general, of course hot people are going to look hot regardless of where that person was born at or the color palette of that person kek.

No. 1874501

At least they’re not fat and have heads full of hair

No. 1874502

I thought this was that one cow who acts and has a podcast, I don't remember her name right now

No. 1874504

Didn't know EurasianTiger still posted here.

No. 1874510

>I just don't get what's with the race obsession in general
I get the impression men come here to race war, like: "hey fellow girls I know we all hate moids but don't you think [x race] are actually the best moids regardless?"

I single out Asians because it's almost always the aznidentity crowd and they've been caught doing it elsewhere.

No. 1874515

I think they're the only race group of men nowadays that are making an effort in how they looks more or less. Not japanese though probably.
It absolutely is the case, don't even doubt it. They're baiting.

No. 1874521

File: 1706836787377.png (245.29 KB, 1080x971, Screenshot_20240201-192158~2.p…)

Asexuality is just glorified celibacy.

No. 1874522

I mean not even Korean women want to marry Korean men. I'll trust their judgement above that of yellow fever nonnas tbqh

No. 1874532

If I were prettier I’d date East Asian men but I don’t fit their beauty standards

No. 1874533

Kek you're right, bleak.

No. 1874535

Had a cute younger Japanese moid who wanted to pay for me to move to Japan and marry me and have me be his gaijin princess but I didn’t feel worthy and ghosted after months. Hope he found his gaijin princess kek

No. 1874541

>If I were prettier I'd date East Asian men
I too remember all the prettiest high school and college stacies wanting nothing more than to move to Seoul, live in a 10 square foot apartment, teach at a hagwon for $15,000 a year and date Korean men nonna. It was the dream of all beautiful ingenues where I'm from.

No. 1874545

Kek at the sarcasm

No. 1874549

Most based post here and actually unpopular.(encouraging racebaiting)

No. 1874553

I know You’re being sarcastic but I like the skinny pretty boy twink look and most men Get bullied out of that look or they age out. When I went to Korea and Japan I saw a lot of men who go for that look but I don’t fit their standard of beauty so there’s no way they’re gonna date me.

No. 1874555

Even Korean women have been posting tiktoks saying not to date Korean men. Like yeah move to a country the size of Indiana with a beauty standard so predatory that women regularly kill themselves and domestic violence is so normalized that you can barely go a single kdrama without seeing a man beating a woman used as a plot device at least once. You can't even use a toilet without being filmed. If youre black, you will be treated poorly behind your back and even in front of you. If you're Asian, you will be looked down on for not being Korean and called a prostitute. If you're white and thin, they'll call you a white horse and a slut and act like you're an easy hamburger fleshlight to fuck and then you'll be forgotten. Totally goalz.

No. 1874558

east asian moids are surprisingly desperate. I was always told the same shit about how they must have super high standards, you just be underweight, 4'9, ghostly pale, etc but no I still pulled a lot of asians despite not fitting that description at all

No. 1874559

Thin eyebrows don't suit her. I do like her darkly inclined aesthetic, but she needs to stop shaving her eyebrows.

No. 1874560

All young women like that look. Moving to Korea to try to be turned out by men with more than half their jawline shaved off and their remaining mandible held together by twine is insane. You'd have to be committed but even then the odds of the actual men you think are uwu aegyo cinnamon woll husbando uwu will not date you unless you are just as surged out and stringent to the beauty standard.

No. 1874561

I’m 5’7, Indian, acne and over 150 I stand no shot but that’s ok. Nothing wrong with being realistic.

No. 1874563

Baby they aren't desperate for fucking whatever is thrown their way, theyre just opportunists. Just because they fuck you doesn't mean they humanize you, intend to date you, or see you as anything more than a novelty. That said I encourage all people to follow their dreams but you should know what your dreams really entail kek

No. 1874566

Assuming you're white and not fat they absolutely will date you. It's weird you think Asian moids have higher standards than elsewhere. There are Eastern European girls on weibo and douyin who are considered totally unremarkable in the country I grew up in (another Eastern European one) who still have millions of followers on there. All they have to do is point an over exposed and Chinese dudes start calling them Goddess.

If anything East Asian men have lower standards for white women than other men do. The whole "Asian women love average white men" thing works wrt Asian men loving average white women too. Although in China I noticed they have this weird cope where they invent a story where us Slavs are half Asian which is why they find us so attractive.

No. 1874569

Stop assuming I’m not white and not fat. I’m both those things and I knew very well the kind of men I’m attracted to would not date me and that’s fine.

No. 1874573

I wish I were in position to snub Japan and South Korea, but I'm from a shithole full of men who are not only violent but also fatter.

No. 1874574

I would pick being fat over having acne. With being fat you at least have a chance to change. With acne you just gotta keep spending tons of money until you figure out what’s wrong and you might never figure it out.

No. 1874575

at the time, I was manic af and planned on ghosting them anyway. To my surprise some of them did try to continue a "real" relationship but I don't want it, and I don't care. They're walking dildos to me

No. 1874576

Im actually not surprised that your indian since kpop and kdramas are really popular there, but you have to realize that there is a difference between entertainment and how it actually is in that country. Korean men are not like those kpop idols who have fake manifactured personalitys and inages so they can likeable. Other anons habe already mentioned other things weong with living there but no one mentioned the horrible justice system and how corrupt the law is. A guy could kill you there and he would only get like 2 years in prison. Its a corrupt country with overworked suicidal people and creepy low-quality men. Life is not kdrama.

No. 1874577

I don't think farmers understands how normalized plastic surgery is in South Korea. There's some surveys that state 30-50% of the entire 20-35 male population has had at least one op. If you like that look, that's cool, but don't pretend Koreans are some sort of genetically elfen race superior to the rest of us. The typical Korean face is rectangle shaped and they have the highest incidence of epicanthic folds in East Asia outside of Mongolia.

No. 1874578

Yeah I know men regardless of how they look suck. If I was pretty I’d just have a harem of different cute Korean guys that I cheat on and have nothing serious with but have them pay for all our dates and shoot the shit with me.

No. 1874581

>uwu aegyo cinnamon woll husbando
This made me lol. What is it with Asians and this obsessive saccharine stuff? It comes across as just so over the top and fake.

No. 1874582

Yeah but you understand that they literally would never do that for you, right? It literally would not happen

No. 1874583

>Korean men get plastic surgery

Why is a scrote putting effort into his looks a bad thing? If you’re ugly and you can afford to fix it I’m not hating on that.

No. 1874586

They wouldn’t know they’re doing anything because I’d be cheating on them

No. 1874588

File: 1706839212034.jpg (593.68 KB, 1536x2542, 2023-09-12-ACE-101-sparklemaia…)

You'd think asexuality would mean celibacy, but every ace 101 includes something about "no, we totally do enjoy having sex! It's just a myth that asexuals don't like sex!"

No. 1874589

Men typically look better with plastic surgery as they're usually uglier. Most women are already good looking and don't need it like moids do

No. 1874590

madison beer is 10/10 stacy, why tf is she dating that gollum

No. 1874592

Did you miss the part where I said "if you're into that [the fake plastic look] that's fine, but don't try to pretend Koreans are some genetically elfen race", you know, like pretty much every single kboo under the sun does? (Constant delusional denial of k-celebs plastic surgery).

No. 1874593

It is over the top and fake. They need to grow tf up instead of puffing out their cheeks and bullying their youth to suicide. Asians are the most racist group of people alive they need to be put in the frying pan for a bit theyre being given too much leeway recently due to kpop and anime kek

Just as long as you understand that they expect the exact same from you and no less.(racebait)

No. 1874599

There's a difference between putting effort into your appearance and insane shit like jaw shaving surgery being commonplace.

No. 1874600

File: 1706839618053.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1284x1577, 5B2282A6-FE48-4F15-9820-245091…)

Yeah I know theyd expect the same from me which is why I said I’d never waste my time trying to get one because I’m too broke to even try to get to that level. If I was one of those kawaii type gaijin white girls like pic related or K-pop looking Asian girls i would for sure be dating plastic K-pop tier Asian men with no shame.

No. 1874604

Ngl, there are a lot of white girls with faces worth being jealous of Indian nonna, but the one you posted is sitting behind at least 30 filters every time she posts a picture. Surely you can see this from the very picture you posted…?

No. 1874610

Not that anon but i know ahout this influencer and she does look like that but there is something off about her when looking at her in videos. She has also gotten a lot of plastic surgery which she has admitted herself.

No. 1874612

The girl she posted is German and does technically look that for real now, she moved to Korea and got plastic surgery

No. 1874630

And reminds me of a white version of wonyoung. Big ass head with a lot of surgery but cute.

No. 1874651

File: 1706842522594.jpeg (196.39 KB, 903x971, 016B2C4F-2C88-4BDF-850D-1F85A8…)

I don’t understand the women who get into relationships with men who are known abusers. I don’t even feel bad for them honestly because they must be aware he’s going to beat them too if he’s beat every other ex.

No. 1874652

Anon theyre just taking a picture together, they're not dating

No. 1874660

Words don't mean anything anymore

No. 1874694

I find septums on men absolutely repulsive. I don't feel that way with women with them

No. 1874699

This evening on unpopular opinions:racebait.!

No. 1874708

Spicy straights are a plague to humanity.

No. 1874714

I don’t understand why people still talk about Azelia banks because all she does is talk shit and make no music or has any work…she’s pathetic really

No. 1874724

She sort of looks like Olivia Hussey if Olivia Hussey wasn't a real person.

No. 1874725

don’t slander my bipolar wife like this

No. 1874746

I hate to be that person but you're right, a moid having rumors against him should be enough to make any woman run for the hills even if he pulls the "my exes are all crazy" card. Too many women don't learn that men don't get bad reps out of nowhere there is almost always a reason

No. 1874763

I’m glad hellweek is happening and the first thing on the chopping block was all the chat threads. Seeing all the newfags in meta scream and complain about not wanting to lurk or follow rules but specifically stating they’re just here to “have fun!!!” which for them means racebaiting and infighting til the cows come home is great to see. Finally confirming that the newfags in most of these threads do not care at all about what this board was made for and are just looking to be annoying attention whores in what is the most padded room at the asylum

No. 1874772

Probably because what this board was originally made for is a phenomenon of internet personalities that isn't as prevalant as it used to be. Lolcow is what, ten years old almost? Times are changing some of us wanna have a fucking good time in a space away from moids instead of obsessing over random people whom of which we don't know and have no reason to be keeping up with.

No. 1874796

> some of us wanna have a fucking good time in a space away from moids
the time for that was over years ago, the site is infested with twittertards with 5 second attentionspans and pickme tendencies, and most importantly larping moids

No. 1874799

Well according to cerbmin, the new policy is 'everyone is female until they verbatim admit theyre a male' so you may want to take it up with him and his staffs lack of ability to moderate. Also, yeah. Its the internet. There are gonna be retards. If you're aversed to that I'd recommend logging off

No. 1874816

truth is less desirable women are more likely to be harrassed and assaulted. as for the more desirable women yes pretty privilege actually protects them sometimes because they're not an easy target. they're also less likely to be treated like shit by others, people are more respectful and well behaved around them. there is NO such curse as being too pretty

No. 1874821

i mustve been ugly as shit as a child then

No. 1874822

I’m sorry but I don’t believe women who say being pretty is awful ‘cause girls are mean to you. I for one am an average Becky and I’m overly nice to pretty girls because I am a victim of the halo effect

No. 1874826

This is because men feel like they're less likely to be believed and find them vulnerable, perfect targets. They think more is at risk if they choose more beautiful targets since people will empathize with them more.

No. 1874827

You know that's not what she's saying. Truth is any little girl in a vulnerable situation is more likely to be taken advantage of. Poverty, shyness, disability, whatever. I think anon is just pointing out that men love to hide behind the "but she's not even pretty" strawman to hide when they abuse one.

No. 1874835

you know this is bullshit because pretty girls tend to be the most popular with other girls. they all want to be friends with them lol unless she acts like an actual stuck up bitch, but if she looks "kind" the other girls will seek her attention

No. 1874852

I have seen some studies in the past where most men subconsciously avoid women who are "out of their league" and opt for more average women because they're approachable and they think they actually have a chance with them, which makes them seem more attractive. "I could get sex from this person" is subconsciously more attractive than "that will never ever happen". So I don't think what you're saying is completely wrong. Men will and do of course harass any woman though. I also think there absolutely are men who are more willing to hurt "ugly" women because they see them as having less value.

No. 1874873

Homebodies are really boring and usually don't have anything interesting to say. Usually they're just people with unresolved social anxiety or lazy people. They always say how interesting their home lives are, yet they never have interesting hobbies or anything to discuss. I understand if you live in the middle of nowhere, but why would you stay home all the time if you live in a city?

No. 1874941

I agree with the statement with 100% homebodies. If they don't have a hobby they do at home, which there are plenty of (gardening, crochet, sewing, cooking, etc.).
But some are 50% homebodies and 50% adventurous, then I can't agree with that statement, cuz taking trips, doing things in your free time makes you find good topics of conversation.

No. 1875202

it seems like nonnas keep bringing up bi men and how they’re undateable/unfuckable because of insecurity. I get it though, having a bi man leave you for a moid would be so embarrassing

No. 1875252

im sorry i apologize i was making a shitty joke kek wrong time

No. 1875273

I wouldn’t trust to date a man because cheating is just easier with men because all men are sluts and I don’t wanna risk getting aids

No. 1875275

This honestly

No. 1875278

my opinion is that this site is going to be the exact same after hellweek as it was before

No. 1875293

Of course it is. Have you never experienced a hell week before? This ain’t the first one and they do them like a few times a year.

No. 1875294

No. 1875297

This. The amount of women who got STDS from cheating men is really bad. I forgot which famous women got syphilis from her cheating scumbag husband Franz joseph

No. 1875303

its not my first hellweek, I'm mostly surprised by the posters that are so glad its hellweek because there hasn't been any increase in bans, hasnt been less infighting, etc.

No. 1875305

And I really don’t think them shutting down dumbass shit did hell week any favors. It just pissed everyone off more kek

No. 1875340

I agree.

No. 1875427

I have similar opinions but it's more focused on the class issue + I think anyone who willingly proceeds to have children knowing that the child has birth defects, disabilities, or has been impacted by substance use is immoral, cruel and selfish. (Obviously excluding scenarios where the woman was forced to carry to term).

No. 1875430

People who are minorities/disadvantaged groups(women, midgets and retards) and have kids but have no money to cushion their blow are cruel. Most of the worse sexism, racism and ableism is experienced by poor people and I think having money makes life easier. If you have kids knowing you’re from a disadvantaged group and you’re broke you’re a selfish asshole.

No. 1875451

Hybristrophilia isn't complex, hybristrophiles are just turned on by men that kill people, that's it. That is all there is to it.

Hybristrophiles should feel more shame for their sexuality. I don't know they can all admit to having such disgusting sexual preferences. Every third party I've been to has had some loud, outspoken woman going on about Bundy.

No. 1875463

what kind of people are you hanging out with?

No. 1875473

Kek probably normie women, get real, anon

No. 1875484

What did you or other people there say?

No. 1875486

your hybristophag friends would get so wet for Varg

No. 1875516

I always thought it was just an NLOG thing in combination with low empathy and narcissistic traits. At least I have such acquaintances. And I'm sure in these cases exactly it's not sexual.

No. 1875524

Nah that's some NLOG shit.

No. 1875568

how the fuck was gravity falls even on air? actual worst show of all time next to the sopranos

No. 1875587

I would actually fight you over this opinion irl

No. 1875588

whenever i'm yelled at, flirted with, or threatened on the steerts; its always by a black guy. I dont see latinos in person that much anymore though, interestingly enough

No. 1875589

Brown/north african scrotes are 1000xxxxx worse than white/asian scrotes and are the lowest human form if you can even call them human.

Welp i got tired of being harassed by scrotes every day for simply existing and walking in the street i live in north africa btw i decided to start wearing the hijab (i don't believe clothing is to blame nor am i religious just wanted to get some fucking peace)
and guess what lol i STILL got harassed by 3 different scrotes when i went outside downtown.(racebait)

No. 1875601

I kinda get why that post was redtexted but at the same time it's implying that the anon is potentially racist against herself so I'm a but confused.

No. 1875612

Racebaiters can do it obviously, but i think this nonna might be real.

No. 1875628

AYRT, most homebodies' hobbies are limited to: watching TV, playing video games, complaining about having to go outside, and watching paint dry.

No. 1875682

File: 1706926411129.png (2.6 MB, 1280x1028, 265362F9-A0A0-4E14-A100-F13175…)

Everyone is racist by nature. Whether you like it or not, but white people are the ones that get hated on for it. Arabs willingly move to my European country and look down upon white people, like why fucking bother coming to a white continent then? But they’re allowed to do it because they’re not white. As humans, it is in our nature to think differently of people who look differently from us; this comes from our tribal and defensive instincts we have, the fear of people who appeared different from out tribes. Anyway besides the point everyone has that one ethnicity of people you find annoying as fuck and whether you admit it or not it’s true. For me that would be Indians and Arabs. Rude, annoying as fuck, and the men are all mega perverts. Obviously you get the odd anomaly like with anything, but all I’m saying is everyone is a little racist.(racebait)

No. 1875686

so true queen(encouraging racebaiting (again))

No. 1875692

are we not allowed to make posts about race period?

No. 1875693

Was this post not sarcasm?

No. 1875698

No we are not

No. 1875703

Then why does lolcow say they're free speach friendly if I'm not allowed to say I think black girls are hot

No. 1875707

You know damn well you can say that.

No. 1875709

File: 1706929318432.jpg (606.78 KB, 1900x2048, Fq8xLPiXoAEjk75.jpg_large.jpg)

I don't like makeup (other than eyeliner kek) but Pat McGrath's looks are really beautiful.

No. 1875713

anyone still malding about trannies on both sides is just a useful idiot at this point

No. 1875714

Because this is actually artistic instead of just trying to make them look like insta models

No. 1875730

This is what women’s makeup would look like if they were “actually doing it for themselves” and “it’s just for fun/creativity” like so many say it is. The outrage at the Sephora thing just proves to me that deep down everyone subconsciously knows that the fixation women have on their appearance is abnormal and unhealthy when they see young girls harm themselves repeating the same “liberating” thing the older women they look up to are doing.
Anyway I also love these looks, I wish stuff like this was more popular.

No. 1875734

>This is what women’s makeup would look like if they were “actually doing it for themselves” and “it’s just for fun/creativity”
Anon, that's editorial/runway makeup. It's just not practical to glue feathers or paint flowers and bedazzled eyebrows on your face everyday to go to work at the office

No. 1875739

If you were doing makeup for fun and creativity you wouldn't wear it every day and certainly not at the office. That'd be like bringing an easel to the office kek

No. 1875740

Don’t be dense, I’m talking about the makeup not the feathers and women don’t only go to work, in fact I would argue as to why a woman would need to wear basic makeup to work anyway?

No. 1875745

The feathers are a part of that makeup look.

No. 1875748

These are so cool. I love how bottom-middle's eyeshadow matches her jewels, if I saw a lady walking around with that sort of getup I'd think she's stylish and well put-together.

No. 1875751

Staying with your high school sweetheart is cringe. Nobody should want to be with the person they dated between ages 14-18 forever.

No. 1875756

I agree with your general premise nonnie. But where I disagree is when people take that to the other extreme and say that women are solely wearing makeup to look sexy for men.
The 'trying to look sexy' critique only applies to things like big eyelashes, or the type of makeup that changes your facial features. A lot of women just wear makeup to make their skin look better. Some of us have acne & healing scars that can look really jarring if left uncovered. We are just trying to pass as 'normal', not sexy. There is surely something to be said for accepting your face the way that it is. But when it comes to acne & other temporary skin issues, it is only sensible to me that most people would prefer to hide when the state of their skin when it makes them look/feel abnormal.
Also, moids who say that type of thing fail to realize how deep bodily insecurities get. Even women who wear full facepaint every day are usually just doing it to quiet their own terrible self esteem because they conflate their worth with their appearance, rather than worrying about moids finding them sexy.

No. 1875757

File: 1706932519080.jpg (349.97 KB, 1652x2478, MixCollage-26-Jan-2024-03-19-P…)

Me too. She recently did a porcelain doll look which was so beautiful. It went viral and it's nice seeing women doing their versions of it, it's so fun.

No. 1875759

>This This is what women’s makeup would look like if they were “actually doing it for themselves”
Makeup referenced is runway looks designed to appeal to fashion consumers with the purpose of selling more clothing and generating more hype/profit.

No. 1875761

nta but if i had the time or energy i wish i could do my makeup like this just to walk to the gorcery store kek. Ladies, do it for the lazy women like myself!!

No. 1875767

scream queens was tv genuis but s2 is awful and needs to be erased.

No. 1875770

Lolcow is getting boring. Same topics and bait getting reposted every five days.

No. 1875772

scream queens was ryan murphys best work. Better than glee or ahs could've ever dreamed of being.

No. 1875773

So true. I was engaged to the guy that took my virginity and ended it at 23. Its 10 years on now and I can honestly say I cringe at all of the memories and am so happy I did not marry him or have to deal with his family or him anymore. I still have old school friends that mention that relationship to me as some type of goals (sometimes feels like they're trying to make me feel bad) but I do not envy anyone I know that stuck with their boyfriend/girlfriend from school. Literally all of them I know had periods of infidelity, they just don't seem to know how to break up with someone cause they haven't done it before. It's fucking awesome.

No. 1875774

Hellweek will do that to ya

No. 1875781

Based nonnie, same.
Not only do people change drastically from teen to early adulthood, but so many men will just stagnate and do nothing with their lives when they reach their 20s if they know they have a stable girlfriend who will enable them to waste their lives on vidya/weed/dead end jobs. The moid you date in high school will hardly ever try to better themselves when you're still dating because from their perspective, they've got everything they want. Males have ZERO ambition to improve themselves when partnered.

No. 1875784

Literally what happened to my moid. He was a few years ahead in school, was too lazy to complete an application to uni he could have got in. My last year of highschool he would show up every lunchtime and go with me and my friends to a supermarket. He got a shit telecommunications job and ran me down for going to uni I ended up dropping out and started working in an office. Long story short we started renting together and before we had reached a year living together he was unemployed and would go to his mums when I was at work and come home for me coming home so I would then tend to him. That motherfucker thought I was always going to be the 16 year old with a massive crush on him because he had gay long hair. You can't sustain a relationship on that. Maybe other men aren't such lovers and smart people grow together but I tend to think the probability that teenagers such as myself make stupid af decisions when they're young and have to spend their 20s doing what competent people thought about doing approaching the end of highschool. Does this make sense

No. 1875788

ehlers danlos isnt real and if it is the majority of young people who think they have it actually dont

No. 1875794

You make full sense, and I am glad that you got away from that lecherous failure-to-launch. I hope that you achieve everything you want in life nonna.

No. 1875795

Thank you! I went back to school and got my masters I think that's why the period with him is thankfully such a small fuzzy memory. I've done more than what he'll probably achieve in his working life in 5 years.

No. 1875797

>Arabs willingly move to my European country and look down upon white people

I don't think white people realize how Europhilic much of the non-white world is. There's probably more people in the third world that idolize and look up to white people than hate them.(racebaiting)

No. 1875802

omg YES nona I hear you. I find them revolting on men. Women, it can be super cute ofc. But men? NO.

No. 1875816

File: 1706936595750.gif (6.44 MB, 480x286, IMG_5584.GIF)

For me going to lolcow is like going clubbing

No. 1875826

File: 1706937884075.gif (1.82 MB, 498x331, yo her moves are sick!!!.gif)

Trust me nonnie I feel the same way.

No. 1875837

File: 1706938979480.png (994.94 KB, 1200x1017, 8FD738FF-AA93-443D-A1F6-680D80…)

This is me, but sometimes I forget I was made fun of for how I look and that I’m concealing my flaws and I get carried away and I feel like I’m actually hot, no harm I just wish I wasn’t bullied

No. 1875839

Fuck those bullies. You look great! What shade of lipstick are you using in the pic?

No. 1875847

All fujoshis are potential transmen.

No. 1875848

Most yes best lolcow example is Kaya kek . But. The minority are homebodies because they have a taxing service job. They have topics of conversation with situations at work and they use their time at home to recuperate from the madness that is dealing with people. Cuz people be fucking crazy nowadays.

No. 1875852

So true queen

No. 1875860

Gentrification discourse has been (ironically) gentrified by people that would get “pushed out of their community” in any state.
>Omg im losing my community to rich flyover state yokels!
No, you’re losing your “community” because you’re 25+ and trying to live off a part-time grocery bagger salary. The med student from Arkansas has earned their spot, even if she calls the cops on the oh-so sacred cultural act of blasting music at 3am.

No. 1875868

Because some persons, for whatever reason, need to hit a wall to learn.
It's sad but no one can interfere in process of individual growth.

No. 1875882

I find a lot of Aya Takanos artwork to be loli adjacent if not full on lolicon and I don't like it. Esp the paintings with shirtless adolescent looking girls, but ig she gets a pass from all the pinterest addicts

No. 1875895

So true, it’s the inverse to a straight man getting into Yuri becoming a TiM. Homophobia, fetishization and entitlement/ predatory behavior

No. 1875904

It's not sexual though

No. 1875941

People who don't know how to drive or don't have their complete driver's license by the time they're 19 are juvenile losers. Even if they don't own a car, don't plan on driving in the future, or live in a public transit paradise. Driving is an important life skill. At my old workplace, 5/8 people didn't have even their learner's permit and we were all above the age of 22. Those same people all begged to carpool but never paid for gas, spent 1/3rd of their check on Uber, or were constantly late for their shifts because of public transit.

No. 1875952

I have my license but I never drive because I use public transportation, it's a bit useless for me and at this point I don't even if I still know how to operate a car since I haven't driven since 2015.

No. 1876001

So if you spend 2000 euros and don't get your license within a year of it being possible you're a juvenile loser?

No. 1876018

I use public transport, it's cheaper and during rush hour it'ssomehow way faster and more reliable than having a car. I'm not spending 2000€ to get a driver licence I'm not using just to then forget how to drive from the lack of practice. I agree with you for people who live in places where getting a driver licence doesn't cost a lot of money and where it's necessary to have a car to go anywhere but I'd never move to a place like this to begin with

No. 1876019

I genuinely think a woman being into shota rape incest guro is less degenerate than a man liking tits

No. 1876021

That is the most burger thing I've read all day and I just read the post about mormons believing Bigfoot is Cain.

No. 1876024

Yes. Living in Europe immediately makes you not just a juvenile loser, but retarded as well. It's something in your water supply. I'm sorry you had to find out this way.(infighting bait)

No. 1876026

>I just read the post about mormons believing Bigfoot is Cain.
I refuse to believe Mormons are real.

No. 1876030

File: 1706970316934.jpeg (502.26 KB, 1241x1524, IMG_1561.jpeg)

Oh mein gott!! Dein Noneuropean uses dein automobile!! Hardy har har! In Hergen Dergen Europa we all usein dein Perfektion publikhin transportich every dag! Ich will never usen dein automobile, I limit mein self to the city for mein whole lifen! Never minden dein Fakt Europa hassen more automobiles than North America! Ich bin ein retard!

No. 1876031

I don’t think most women nowadays really want kids or a bf that much, I think they’re just bored because they have nothing else to do because they have no money. For most humans there’s really nothing else to do other than have kids and babies because nothing fun is affordable, so we need to fill in the time with relationship and kid drama before we die.

No. 1876033

>it's cheaper and during rush hour it'ssomehow way faster and more reliable
I wish that were true for me. My commute by bus and train is 2,5 hours from station to station compared to 50 minutes by car door to door. And it's more expensive and far more unreliable too. I live on the country side though.

No. 1876035

To be fair half those people driving shouldn’t be. The amount of times I’ve nearly been run over by some dipshit on their phone/ignoring road rules/just straight up not looking is monumental. It happens literally everyday.
Driving should be treated like a privilege and the moment you endanger someone’s life it should be removed. You can’t walk back killing someone with your car. And it’s no one demographic; old/young, rich/poor, male/female, they’re all potentially morons with a moving missile and they don’t care.
I long for the day where cars are banned and streets returned to their old world use of walking paths, naturally in this world any violent action a women takes against a man is considered self defense so women may still participate safely in society. Or some sort of standard model car gets issued that are programmed to stop at cross sections regardless of what the troglodyte driving wants to do.

No. 1876038

I do traffic control and hate drivers, so I take transit. I've Literally seen people stop and then drive into our hole/ditch like ?? It's also too expensive to drive where I live lol

No. 1876047

I think there should be more absentee mothers. I feel like one of the reasons moids will have sex and impregnate women willy nilly is because they don't have the fear of responsibility for another life. If the amount of absentee mothers came to the level of absentee fathers I would like to beleive that men would be a bit more cautious.

No. 1876059

Nah. They should be thrown into hard labor camps if they refuse to, at the very least, monetary provide for their child. If they don’t like it I hear abstinence is a brilliant form of birth control with 100% success rate. It has to be painful for them to opt out or they’ll keep doing it because there’s no physical blow back on them, if they’re given harsh physical permanent consequences maybe they’ll be more considerate of the plight of women.
Men who abandon their children aren’t capable of empathy/compassion for women otherwise they’d have stayed, so they’ll just see the rise of absentee mothers as confirmation they’re doing the right thing and that women are actually worse.

No. 1876061

I knew a guy back in high school who failed his learner's permit test (the written one not the driving one) THREE TIMES. I don't know if he ever passed it. Like how does someone even fail the burger test? It's impossibly easy to study for and the one in my state is multiple choice it's almost impossible to fail.

No. 1876067

No joke, when I sat mine it was open book and people still failed.

No. 1876068

I have a co-worker who failed his license three times in a row, this is definitely proof some people are just not made for driving.

No. 1876077

Unpopular opinion but women who have kids(unless they were raped) have just as much responsibility as the dad and I don’t feel bad for single moms. They knew Leon who works part time at the gas station and collects cans so he can buy cheap vodka was not going to be a good dad before you let him bust a nut in them.

No. 1876084

Samefag also with the kind men women let single mom them…the dad is doing the kids a favor by not being there because he could stay and be a child molester or abusive. I was happier when my dad LEFT and never came back.

No. 1876085

>open book learner's permit test
>still failed
I wish people like that had an identifier on their ID card so normal people know not to waste time on them.

No. 1876089

Enforced vasectomy after the first missed child support payment. No exceptions.

No. 1876092

I'm 100% sure that would actually end up increasing the number of absent fathers.

No. 1876102

i think nonas who play into beauty culture or have nigels shouldn’t speak on feminism or critique other women for their “scrotal” interests or imply other women are potential ftms for doing whatever they’re doing. work on yourself first loser

No. 1876109

tbh i wish we could just let women enjoy things. like it's okay to critique interests, but i hate when those critiques become value judgments on the women who enjoy them. whether a lady enjoys lipstick or fighting games doesn't tell me anything about her feminist consciousness or if she personally supports women.

No. 1876110

Ngl I stop listening as soon as a boyfriend or a husband is mentioned.

No. 1876112

It's actually safer to ride a motorcycle in EU than it is to drive a car in US. That's how awful US licensing system is.
US driving licenses shouldn't be valid in EU at all, they don't even differentiate between automatics and manuals.

No. 1876115

>shouldn’t speak on feminism
This is retarded. The majority of proto-feminists in the enlightenment and the majority of the first wave feminists were married. Without married women, there would be no feminism. Feminism affects all women, so all women should be allowed to take part. Gate keeping to this extent will make feminism more politically irrelevant then it already is. Women are 50% of the population, yet we are unable to unite and advocate for our own interests.

No. 1876132

I just don't give a fuck when women complain about other women having "problematic" tastes when their husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers, male acquaintances/friends, favorite male celebrities/husbandos, etc literally watch porn and/or have even worse interests. I can't bring myself to care at all, kek.

No. 1876147

You're both right. No one holds moids to these standards and they're out there doing actual depraved shit while it feels like we police each other over every little thing.

No. 1876168

Yes i am and it's sad that one of the only "feminist" forums that allow shitting on males won't let me vent out my frustrations with my misogynistic country and thinks i'm "racist" for speaking out you're not any better than the people here who tell me that it's my fault of getting harrassed. If you don't believe me come to Morocco and take a walk in the street you will have PTSD from the harrassment.

No. 1876177

Right. I’m supposed to listen to someone preaching about women not being “girls girls” yet she dates guys who are friends with rapists, make fun of women of other races etc. come back and preach when you take off those five layers of makeup and break up with your bf.

No. 1876188

What about people that grew up in a small town with a petty DMV tyrant who just fails everyone for the most arbitrary reasons, like identifying a hazard but not saying it was a garbage truck?

I knew people that failed their license test five times and there was absolutely nothing wrong with their driving. People started having to go 100km to the city for testing because this person was just that nasty and corrupt. They all passed in the city, but all failed here.

I only bothered going for mine when this guy retired (I heard rumors he was at risk of being assaulted).

No. 1876207

Yes, it's so fucking annoying kek They can come back and moralfag about women's interests after they successfully stopped maled doing the worse. But we all know they'd never even try to control apes like this, because that's impossible. They go full force on women.
Kek i just stop taking them as seriously
I'm so sorry, nonna. I wish mods would stop banning anons who're just venting about their experiences like this. Real racebaiters usually don't single out only men of certain races/ethnicities.

No. 1876213

tbh i want more het married women learning feminism because then there's a chance they demand better from their nigels or leave them when they're too shitty to improve. that probably won't happen if they're gatekept and surrounded by scrote propaganda

No. 1876224

Nta but if a person wants things to change for themselves they’re going to want it regardless if someone tells them they think they’re lame for wearing makeup or not. If that’s enough to scare them away from being feminists then they were never going to go anywhere with it anyway.

No. 1876231

i'm not referring to makeup though? both my comment and the post i responded to are referring to where the op said that married women shouldn't speak on feminism. if we gatekeep those women from getting involved in feminism because they're married or have boyfriends, then they're probably not going to expect better from (or leave) their nigels because they aren't as exposed to feminist points that affect them like division of labor or male weaponized incompetence. those women are more likely to be exposed to reddit-tier mra talking points instead

No. 1876243

As much as I hate moids, this take is retarded

No. 1876250

The only sane takes here.

No. 1876252

People enjoy partaking in little pleasures and hobbies everyday, wild concept I know. Fashion and makeup can be utilitarian but they can be fun too. It all depends on how you view it ad how conscious you are of your own choices and what lies beneath them. Besides that, we all have some kind of little daily rituals that keep us going and brings some enjoyment to our boring everyday lives.

No. 1876254

>The majority of proto-feminists in the enlightenment and the majority of the first wave feminists
cool, do you think these women who couldn't own their own bank account, property, or vote, etc. had a choice in being married? i'm not saying nigel-bound women shouldn't be included either, i'm just saying you can't throw stones in glass houses. you cannot insist someone is being "un-feminist" for enjoying some fictional shit when you're caping for your nigel irl. everything you say about feminism sounds hollow when i know you can't do something so basic as separatism and not shaving. turn your critique inward and stfu.

>No one holds moids to these standards
what standards? sticking to your political chops? if so yes, moids absolutely do. see incels (most incels are actually separatist!) and the mra movement, both of which are extremely successful, you have young girls romanticizing the idea of an incel now.

No. 1876256

red scare is actually kind of funny

No. 1876277

Anna was occasionally funny in earlier episodes.

No. 1876279

Only liked by incels

No. 1876282

As far as I'm concerned refusing to fuck/marry/procreate with men is the ultimate feminist act with the most significant societal pushback, so my choice to do that lets me be lenient on myself for other things. Okay so I'm too insecure to stop shaving or wearing a little makeup or dieting, but I can't cope with both being seen as a spinster AND ugly. I'm not that thick skinned, I have to be attractive enough that people know I'm a spinster by choice.

No. 1876288

Typical retarded libfem rhetoric. Your choices don’t exist in a vaccum and ultimately your intention doesn’t matter but their outcome. It’s the logic of self-proclaimed bimbos who think they empower themselves because they’re 'self-aware' or whatever bullshit they think of the moment, they’re still reducing themselves to retarded misogynistic stereotype.

No. 1876302

Feminists should act a certain way. Feminists who don’t act this way are wrong. Feminists who are wrong are deserving of ire and shunning.
Stupid girls and their romanticizing of incels! Why would a young girl who can’t fit in with other girls her own age, is treated poorly, and feels unloved seek the attention of manipulative abusers who spend their whole time trading grooming tactics? It’s a fucking mystery.
My favorite was also; stfu!
Separatism will only grow as a movement if it’s an option for ALL women, not just the ones who don’t shave, are celibate, have never heard of lipgloss, etc.

No. 1876311

i adore children but i dont believe anyone should be having them. i think it is incredibly selfish and immoral, especially in this day and age.

No. 1876312

yeah this whole baby boom we're having in the last year isn't because anyone really wants to be or feels prepared to be a parent; they just wanna join in on a trend kek

No. 1876316

its frustrating when so many of those people are unfit to have children as well. i dont wish bad upon mothers but its hard to not pity them or judge their ignorance. i feel a bit sad when someone announces they are having a baby…i just cannot comprehend having a child beyond ones own selfish reasons. why bring them into a world of guaranteed suffering? why not adopt a pet or care for some other cause? hell, you can adopt children even, but i know that is a very difficult process too.

as much as i love children i could never have one.

No. 1876320

That's not choice feminism. I'm completely aware of what influences me and that I don't cover up zits for the artistic expression of it all. Makeup is antifeminist at its core. I've no delusions about that. But all of my actions in life don't have to align with radical feminism. I am not aiming to be the Most Moral Feminist tm out there, I want to have fun. A woman wearing glitter shadow because she likes it and foundation because she doesn't like her acne is not anywhere near as harmful as what men do to us every single day of our lives. It's very western to focus so hard on relatively minor issues, and proclaim every woman who dares enjoy traditionally feminine hobbies an antifeminist.

Women in Afghanistan have professed sadness over beauty salons getting closed down by the Taliban, are they antifeminist scum too?

No. 1876331

I really like so-called "flawed" feminists. They usually have more nuanced takes than ideologically pure separatists and aren't as likely to shun young women who are just getting into feminism.

No. 1876333

Since we are on the topic of makeup, I don’t understand women who say they use makeup to cover up acne. Makeup doesn’t cover up acne it just makes it look cakey and flakey….if you have acne you’d be better off not using it at all. Makeup in reality is for people who already have clear skin and just want to make themselves prettier. Makeup should only be worn by people who have nice skin already, if you have acne it looks nasty.

No. 1876336

It helps with discoloration though. My unpopular opinion is that acne can look good on pretty people, it gives this unique 'flawed' look, kinda like scars.

No. 1876338

It helps with discoloration but if you have raised pimples with with puss and are cystic just take it of me and focus on fixing the acne issue because the makeup is probably making it worse anyway

No. 1876344

I have read that makeup doesn’t really play much of a role in it since acne is mostly genetic but I could be wrong. Anyways it looks better from distance and people are cruel towards girls with severe acne, I’m not surprised they try to cover it up (not that I think they should).

No. 1876348

Yeah from a distance but when i get up close the first response I always have is “oily cake face gross”. I have bad acne and I’d rather just be bare faced. I like makeup but I’m not going to go around looking oily and nasty with sludge on my face.

No. 1876349

Kek i remember a jokingly made haiku, i remembered a small part forever, it was "Pimples on her face,
Like sakura on snow". I thought it was hilarious, and now i think of sakura on snow every time people talk about acne.

No. 1876352

It takes out the redness so its not as noticeable. I have no issue with poor women who use it to try and cover it up.

No. 1876353

>so it’s not noticeable

It’s noticeable

No. 1876355

>deliberately missing the "as" I put between not and noticeable

No. 1876356

As an acne haver from my experience it’s still very noticeable and if someone’s an asshole they’re going to always point it out and say “it’s all that makeup you wear. That’s why you have acne”.

No. 1876359

Yes, but not as noticeable as red inflamed splotches all over the face. If its one colour it doesnt draw the eye as much. Obviously face to face it will be noticeable regardless.

No. 1876361

I guess if your goal is to hide your acne from people who are 40 feet away but anyone within 10 feet are gonna see it and those are the people who are going to point out your acne. It’s a waste for time putting it on severe acne.

No. 1876366

nta but I'd rather have skin colored lumps on my face than angry,red/yellow/green cysts. with a good moisturizer and good concealer it doesn't have to be dry and caked on.

No. 1876371

As >>1876366 said, Id rather skin coloured bumps then red angry different coloured skin all over the face. Its not a waste of time if they feel better about it themselves. I've never seen anyone point out acne.

No. 1876373

If assholes are going to point out acne anyway, why shouldn't she do what she wants with her face?

No. 1876383

samenonnie, this came off judgey, I don't care whether people cover their acne or not but for myself i just prefer not seeing puss filled lumps and bumps every time i look in the mirror. acne should be normalized and accepted.

No. 1876391

Isn't the makeup going to worsen the inflammation?

No. 1876392

Only if you shove concealer into literal gaping wounds but you shouldn't pick at your acne anyway. Best case scenario is that cysts stay closed and heal without getting punctured.

No. 1876410

Makeup also makes acne worse. When I was a teenager there were girls who get acne once, try to cover it with makeup and then had constant acne because foundation would clog their pores and now allow their skin to heal.

No. 1876416

I'm not going to say it's some societal-wide truth but I used to be spergy about being anti-makeup and now it gives me a little boost of confidence when I wear it because I left a controlling abusive bf who forbade it (even though I was already uninterested) and had a meltdown because I incidentally tried some while doing a cultural activity with my mom. I don't mind not wearing it and I think I wear so little that people usually wouldn't notice the difference, I mostly just like to slightly emphasize aegyo sal. It's really the prep process that makes me feel like I'm investing time in myself and getting hyped up to go out. I still hate the expectation that's pinned on girls from a young age and the idea of it being necessary to be beautiful/professional/etc. but I no longer see it as an inherent wrong.

No. 1876431

>It's really the prep process that makes me feel like I'm investing time in myself and getting hyped up to go out.
Advertising works the most on people who think they're immune. Congrats on buying what makeup companies want you to think that that slathering shit on your face is self-care and builds hype.

No. 1876433

lighten up gestapo

No. 1876438

>nonna gets confidence boost from makeup because she left a shitheel moid who forbade it. enjoys it for herself and doesn't think that it should be expected for women and girls
>"lawl congrats on falling for makeup advertisements"
you have no nuance

No. 1876441

wow anon fuck your ex bf I’m glad you got something positive out of it. I hate men who go on about makeup constantly. I find it annoying how a woman being ‘extra’, glamorous or ‘attention seeking’ is the worst thing ever to some men because women should be humble and silent.

No. 1876454

>but I no longer see it as an inherent wrong.
Same. When it comes to makeup I don't think it is inherently feminist or anti-feminist to wear it.

No. 1876458

it's how you get the libfems who focus on choice as empowering.
both the trad patriarchal norms of associating makeup with promiscuity/vanity and so is the "it's all a choice" stuff that minimizes how the beauty industry functions.

No. 1876463

>nonna gets confidence boost from makeup
Even though the previous anon is a bit harsh, she's right. That's just sad, we shouldn't be dependent on products in this way.

No. 1876464

No one in this thread is minimizing anything though. No one said it's empowering. A lot of hardcore millenial woke choice feminists in the wild are still delulu but I'm pretty certain most women on lolcow are fairly aware of the issues in the beauty industry. Also how is this different than consuming literally anything else with a less then great impact on the self, the environment and people who produce it?
Cute socks make me feel better on shitty days, does that mean I'm dependent on a product?(learn2integrate)

No. 1876465

Except it is. Makeup is mostly made by companies run by men, sold in drugstores owned by men and made of ingredients obtained by slave/child labor. Most makeup products and trends are supposed to cover up traits deemed as unattractive or imitate the attractive ones, further pushing the beauty standard. Most advertisements still include almost only women and maybe one token man. The feeling of 'investing in yourself' is capitalist bs since you’re not doing anything that improves you in any way. Like what about it is not unfeminist.

No. 1876468

It’s not a feminist choice but it’s also not anti feminist. It’s not like you’re actively campaigning against women’s rights by wearing it. Idk why we all get bogged down in arguing about makeup and other superficial things (no pun intended) rather than actual issues.

No. 1876469

Your food, snacks, coffee, tea, electronics, clothing, hobby supplies, phone, home decor and furniture and basically everything else both necessary and unnecessary for daily life is made by harmful corporations that are exploiting you or someone else in one way or another.

No. 1876474

I literally put most arguments why it inherently stands against feminist values and ideas.

Literally never thought of it before. The point is to consume less of meaningless shit and limit unnecessary consumption when you have the possibility to do so. You can’t live without food or a phone, but you can live without an eyeshadow palette.

No. 1876475

Nta but this is a shit argument

No. 1876476

Nevermind. You're right, plaster your face with makeup because it is part of the average women's hygiene and good for you. It makes you feel beautiful and empowered right? Much better than your ugly natural hag face. Don't question it, buy more, maybe invest in more expensive brands too now that you're at it. Oh, you have skin problems now and feel even uglier without makeup? Don't worry, we have just the right products for you to "fix" that too!

No. 1876479

Because it's easier to argue about superficial things and feel superior about our personal choices. Discussing real issues and supporting women even when we disagree with their lifestyle choices is hard.

No. 1876481

You can also live like a monk, in an empty house with only necessities, nothing horrible and unnecessary that brings you pleasure but somehow I doubt you do. You don't need hobbies technically either. Are you vegan? Do you only consoom the bare minimum of items you need to survive?
There is a middle ground. No one in this thread, not once has said any of the things you've mentioned. Women can be self aware! Who knew.

No. 1876489

Things that you buy and consume have a value and you can participate in considerate consumption without being a monk. Hobbies either give you a skill or you can create art with them, so yes, they’re valuable, also for psychological reasons. Stop being dense.

No. 1876494

You are literally retarded.

No. 1876495

>Hobbies either give you a skill or you can create art with them
nta but makeup fits both of these criteria though? Some people even make careers out of it

No. 1876498

Makeup like this Path McGrath runaway pic some nonna put here can be art (or maybe some full face paints), but most women do basic makeup to beautify themselves, maybe some rainbow cut crease if they’re feeling crazy. Most of these looks were done a hundred times before and have rather low artistic value. And the skill it gives you is not really useful.

No. 1876499

how do you make "art" with makeup?

No. 1876504

see >>1875709 and >>1875757
outside of runway modeling, stage makeup is also necessary in most live action performances so you can more clearly see an actor's facial features from a distance. literally the only time i wore makeup was when i did theater, you'll have a full face on even if you're playing a character who isn't wearing any because otherwise your features will wash out in the spotlight

No. 1876511

Wanting to look pretty is not pick me because everyone likes pretty women more, including women.

No. 1876515

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 1876517

adhering to standards pushed by moids and upheld by most of society would be considered pickme when you realize that if you don’t follow normie protocol of putting on make up, dieting, or consuming fashion, you get ostracized or treated terribly.

No. 1876518

I wish this was ingrained into men so I don’t have to see another ugly one again

No. 1876519

dont your get tired of posting the same opinion over and over

No. 1876520

Pretty ≠ adhering to societal standards

No. 1876521


No. 1876524

no that's exactly what it means

>Feminists should act a certain way.
yes. the movement will never ever EVER gain traction in a major way if women can't gain a backbone. you see how far tranny shit has gotten? you think they got that far by allowing their detractors a single foothold on them? no, trannies screamed "TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN" until their throats bled despite all of reality proving them wrong and now trans women get to meet the president.
>Feminists who don’t act this way are wrong.
>Feminists who are wrong are deserving of ire and shunning
>Stupid girls and their romanticizing of incels!
rest of your post is just stupid. get a spine

No. 1876527

I think the only wrong reason to make yourself pretty or wear makeup is for others. If you're putting on makeup, selecting a cute outfit, or wearing heels and the choice or thought process of doing those things have zero involvement of moids then you're fine.

No. 1876528

define pretty

No. 1876529

What if I want to look pretty for other women nonnie? what do you think?

No. 1876532

Unironically I think that's alright.

No. 1876533

I think all the yelling at each other over wearing makeup or shaving or whatever is worse because it creates division. our biggest problem is lack of solidarity.

No. 1876534

Everything >>1876465 said will still be true.

No. 1876535

Nta but you can use this dumb argument for every single systematic issue. It's the same reason why libfems are such doormats, because everything needs to be soft and gentle and inclusive and it leads to the mindset of "we should only criticize things that don't question my way of living/issues are only issues as long as they don't involve my own behavior". As you can see on the nonna a few posts above who was critical of makeup usage until she herself used it as a poor substitute to feel better. Then suddenly any critical thought goes out of the window and it's actually fine.

No. 1876537

It is but I would prefer women wear makeup and stuff to look pretty for themselves and other women rather than men. I feel that's lesser of the two evils.

No. 1876538

truth. idc whether a woman wants to paint her face or shave her legs, i'd rather talk to her about how porn is teaching a new crop of moids to choke women or how female-only spaces are getting shut down over "transphobia", and she's more likely to listen to me about those subjects if i'm not ranting at her about how her personal grooming habits (which don't affect me enough to care) are not feminist enough

No. 1876539

It doesn’t matter. Anything that’s not pursuing political power is irrelevant, calling some imegaboard user a retard for wearing makeup isn’t helpful, not because it’s not nice but because it’s a distraction. We need to focus outward.

No. 1876541

having kids with a scrote and then breaking up with them sounds like hell to me. Like imagine having the worse bf ever and you have to talk to him forever because you’re his baby momma. I love being childless because when a man traumatizes me I can just block him and pretend like he never existed.

No. 1876543

The mindset behind it is part of the problem hence why it has such a reaction on here. Nevermind this is just a very cheap way to stop discussion. If it doesn't matter, why are you here?

No. 1876545

Okay define what is pretty in your society and how is it maintained? Because there are beautiful women who maintain themselves from what I used as examples and then theres women with amazing bone structure and genes who don’t need to change themselves at all to be considered attractive.

No. 1876548

Why do you associate makeup with being pretty?

No. 1876550

Because honestly I think there’s a lot more pressing issues for women than wearing makeup.

No. 1876554

It's a symptom of deeper issues and downplaying them whenever it's convenient for oneself is spineless, like the other nonna said.

No. 1876555

It might not be as big of an issue as the porn industry or troonism but it still is one. Women who don't adhere to beauty standards face harassment. I always got treated worse at my old job when I didn't spend an hour doing my makeup. Women get called disgusting and unhygienic when they don't shave, meanwhile men can look like apes and nobody cares.

No. 1876557

I bake, cook, tend to my outdoor garden and indoor plants, read, play videogames, have a really active dog, do pilates, have chickens, draw, sculpt, work on home improvement projects. I just would rather spend my time at my house and outdoor areas that I've decorated to my tastes and made my peak comfortable happy place, doing any of the above activities with my boyfriend, than go out to be in a crowded area with strangers paying money to do things I don't really enjoy.
I live very close to a major city and even still, what is there to do that I would even enjoy? Shopping? I don't like to buy things I don't really need. The park? I have a huge outdoor space. Restaurants? I prefer my own cooking. Clubs and bars are a hard no. My boyfriend doesn't like loud music so any music venues are a hard no. I like going to the lake to be by the water, but if I had a pond so I could attract ducks then I wouldn't even go to the lake.

No. 1876558

I'm a 33 year old girl and I have decided Ice Spice is adorable. Her new song is a bop. I love the music video. She was born the 1 January 2000 has good astrology placements. I needed a new music girlie to get into and I'm here for Ice Spice. She is the antithesis of Lil Nas X and i think that should be celebrated. When she shakes her ass she's making a comment on masculinity. I could go on more

No. 1876559

I don’t wear makeup so it’s not really convenient for me personally. I think standards of behavior are way worse than standards of appearance.

No. 1876560

I actually feel intimidated by women who don't wear makeup or shave. They are completely comfortable in their skin. I'm not intimidated in a bad way though, but it makes me feel self-conscious about shaving when I should just not give a fuck, like they do.

No. 1876561

Nta but you're being an ass because anon is obviously referring to the fact that makeup can enhance features and conceal minor flaws and complexion issues. So yeah it can make someone look better.

No. 1876562

File: 1707007873295.jpg (110.66 KB, 759x1124, James_Thornhill_Portrait_of_Si…)

Don't know if this counts as an opinion or tinfoil, but social media and cultural appropriation discourse ruined the historical costuming hobby/community. Can't talk about sewing a banyan without preceding with a giant ass lecture about how colonialism is wrong, or god forbid you want to make a haori if you aren't visibly Asian enough (or any other garment outside Western Europe and America, not trying to single out Japan). The hobby used to be full of cultural curiosity and loving research into past peoples but now everyone's so convinced they have to stay in their lane that you just get the same "safe" time periods and outfits rehashed over and over.

No. 1876563

Mijita. Specifically the Tonkatruck remix ft. Rico Nasty, and then also her song Temporary Love.
The Tonkatruck music video changed my life.

No. 1876565

File: 1707008126118.jpg (12.75 KB, 250x250, 1645170216571.jpg)

Where the hell do you people come from? Go away

No. 1876566

>33 year old girl
I don't care what celebrities you like, but you are a WOMAN. Not a girl.

No. 1876568

Where do y’all live where most people wear makeup and shit? I’m from Detroit and no one does it here lol we are poor fags

No. 1876569

I was trying to be cute about being in my 30s fangirling over Ice Spice

No. 1876570

Team sexxy red

No. 1876572

I came from smoking a blunt and watching this video

No. 1876573

You are a woman
>when she shakes her ass she's making a comment on masculinity
Go on

No. 1876575

This is like if a bot was fed tiktoks, a bit of twitterfag stan tweets, and pink news articles

No. 1876576

is it really an unpopular opinion when shes a multibillionaire popstar? its more of an unpopular opinion to say she sucks

No. 1876579

Men are so pathetic and they'll fuck their lives up lasting over a fatass like think about. They go mental for your literal shithole. She can make 400 bands by just doing her little dance. Men are a joke. Women can play male roles and make it work and still play up their femininity too.

No. 1876581

>femininity is when ass shaking for moids
i get TIFs now

No. 1876587

Tons and tons of women, especially Gen Z women, are just as pornbrained as men and I'm tired of the UwU poor babby treatment they got on here. They almost always are responsible for meme'ing clueless dudes into choking women randomly in bed.

No. 1876588

For Ice Spice it’s the opposite, the moment she got famous people were making fun of her hair, body, stage presence, and became a meme at one point too when she went to perform with Taylor Swift and everyone noticed her trying not to twerk. She still seems sweet so I’m sure fangirls think that’s cute and support her

No. 1876590

>th-those whores MADE me do degenerate things!!!

No. 1876593

There was a really interesting controversy in 2015 at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. They were showcasing Monet's Japanonisme paintings and letting patrons try on a replica of one of the kimonos he painted. A group of 3rd and 4th generation immigrants came to protest the event as an example of "cultural appropriation" but then that group was met by 1st gen immigrants straight from Japan basically telling the kids "this is just cultural sharing it's not that deep you're acting dumb." It was interesting seeing how the two groups argued.

No. 1876594

>assuming that moids old enough to have sex are clueless about porn trends
If I kek any harder my sides will burst

No. 1876600

smells like recycled bait from the reddit thread

No. 1876601

I find gen z take on choking strange I noticed my gen z coworkers have mentioned choking a few times when they talk about sex. Funny the generation obsessed with vapes prefers less oxygen during sex too. I find men are easily turned on if you willingly get on top and ride them but maybe gen z smoking and eating habits make that position too laborious so they decided choking and bdsm such as being hit and tied up is peak eroticism when truly I feel like they're all terribly unfit and unable to perform.

No. 1876605

It's nasty, Gen Z sexuality I mean. They have a pathological obsession with their dads too. Like genuinely incestuous how much they seem to want to be reminded of their fathers during sex (daddy). The moids are obsessed with mothers too. My older brother always used to joke Gen Z girls come to you "ready to eat ass at the age of 18" which is gross as fuck but also kind of funny.

No. 1876610

>They almost always are responsible for meme'ing clueless dudes into choking women randomly in bed.
care to expand upon this kek

No. 1876615

The secret is they're mostly lying to keep up appearances of being cool girls. Actual choking during sex isn't nearly as common as these girls would have you believe. It's more of a hand placed lightly on the throat sort of thing.
Not that I'm saying this is a bad thing at all, just clarifying it's mostly a larp.

No. 1876625

This one gen z at my work did the rounds with the men in the factory and I had the pleasure of hearing them talk about it. One took photos of the aftermath to his back. Looked like he had been in a bear attack but was her fingernails. He seemed embarrassed and said the only parts she moved during sex were her arms to scratch his back while she starfished. This story enticed more guys to sleep with her. Some people's sex lives are depressing to think about.

No. 1876629

File: 1707011049678.jpg (38.8 KB, 640x480, tumblr_cce1e99847d3ff53784802a…)

>33 year old girl
>she has good atrology placements
>when she shakes her ass she's making a comment on masculinity

>33 years old

No. 1876633

>the only parts she moved during sex were her arms to scratch his back while she starfished
Good for her

No. 1876634

She literally has Down syndrome. Get a hobby retard

No. 1876635

I don't even care about stating it openly: they seem to want to fuck their dads

No. 1876638

Lol, he said it hurt to shower and I thought good

No. 1876639

>eating a man’s ass

Vomit inducing wtf is wrong with them

No. 1876641

It's so disgusting. they're all old man fuckers, but will openly hate on any woman about to turn 30.

No. 1876642

They seem terrible at sex. Don't know why millennial men like them

No. 1876643

Why do some people seem to think calling your partner daddy is a new thing? I've always heard older women call their man daddy, it even shows up in old Hollywood films sometimes. It's gross, but at least in America it's always been around.

No. 1876647

Cause they're younger and men assume that means they're naive. Every man that thinks like that I pray they get put in their place by a gen z girlie like Ice Spice

No. 1876649

File: 1707011543766.jpg (87.35 KB, 736x736, 4d76a53241a884d7890c5be1e53828…)

>Ice spice has down syndrome
I wish she did that would be based. It would really mean downies can do anything.

No. 1876651

I'm incredibly ashamed to admit this was me at one point in time. It's a phase one will typically grow out of

No. 1876653

She looks so pretty in this interview

No. 1876654

If it's okay to ask nona, why did you and what made you stop? No judgment, just curious

No. 1876656

Wow she is kinda downsy looking

No. 1876659

I unironically believe having eyebrows like vidrel would completely change her look and soften out around her eyes. I think she's pretty and people are mean kek.

No. 1876660

This is going to sound incredibly retarded but I think it was honestly because I didn't have a dad so the term "daddy" was only ever sexual/romantic to me since I've never used it towards any actual father figure or anything similar. It felt nice in a weird way to use it on older boyfriends who looked after me and cared for me. I imagine it's the same with women who have fathers but have poor relationships with their fathers, since they aren't close with them so the term is less associated with an actual parent.
I stopped because I just had the realization that it's so creepy and weird for men to be okay with it, since most likely they will be actual fathers at some point and any man sexualizing that word feels like he can't be trusted. It felt like I was unintentionally contributing to a culture that normalizes grooming and taking advantage of young girls, especially as I got older (maybe 21 or so).

No. 1876661

If you admire celebrities, you’re retarded. They don’t even know you exist

No. 1876662

this reads so baity kek

No. 1876665

Eh. If it makes you feel better you're on LC. None of us have good relationships with our dads. Assuming we have one at all.

No. 1876676

I don't want anyone to know I exist. I'm basically a female gollum and have been obsessing over one character/celebrity/whoever since I was 11. She can curse my entire bloodline and feed me One Day Blindness Soup and I would be like yeah I deserve that, thanks

No. 1876677

File: 1707012636634.jpg (308.35 KB, 1280x831, me u & the chickens.jpg)

>"Homebodies aren't boring! Look at me for example!"
>Proceeds to list the most boring activities imaginable like: feeding oneself, watering plants, making ones house look nicer, hating on music because nigel's precious little ears are sensitive, owning birds with peanut-sized brains.
>Can't think of anything to do in a major city besides shopping, eating, and clubbing.
I'm not trying to be a hater but I just wouldn't invite someone like you to parties because you sound boring (like all homebodies are.) What are you gonna talk about? How many eggs Henrietta the hen laid today? Your latest strategy to keep the slugs off of your tomato plants?
>What is there to do [in the city] that I would even enjoy?
Maybe you'd enjoy sculpting with others in a studio, or taking a pilates class, or going to music venues with actual friends instead of your boyfriend. There's a million and one activities to do in major cities that would engage you and improve your social life. If you're happiest throwing chicken feed out into your yard, playing video games on your couch with your moid, and scheming to abduct some poor defenseless ducks for your pond, more power to you: but, don't pipe up and get offended when someone calls you boring.

No. 1876681

You're right I just imagined it, she should lighten them a bit and sculpt them

No. 1876682

I do find that meme funny, but it also gives some serious NLOG vibes too, sorry.

No. 1876685

I wouldn't go to your party but I would still invite you to eat homemade focaccia in my sunroom with me and fill you in on the new tea (my extremely wealthy neighbors have been drunkenly fighting, police were recently called to their McMansion, there's a lot we have to catch up on nona).
We just have wildly different interests, paying a stupid amount of money to be drunk in a club where my shoes stick to the floor, just to spend my night having ugly moids breathe too close to me and drunkenly slur about bitcoin? Hell. If I could go out with only women somewhere relatively lowkey that would be fine, but that's not really an option for most places.

No. 1876686

No, they've just been bombarded with sneakily placed pedoshit early on.

No. 1876688

Moids like everything, especially vulnerable women which zoomers are unfortunately.

No. 1876698

I for one would absolutely love to know nonna's latest strategy for keeping slugs off of her tomato plants. Hornworms are bad enough, I don't want to see what mayhem slugs will cause!

No. 1876704

Raising chickens seems very rewarding, I dunno why you are pretending otherwise

No. 1876709

not their dads just a father figure

No. 1876723

File: 1707014943411.jpg (305.37 KB, 1000x1000, plant protection.jpg)

NTA. I'd rather play football (as in soccer) with my chickens than attend a party. Being around chickens is more intellectually stimulating than being around the average person. Poultry are more complex than you realise.

I've had success with pic rel. It works well for any plant that grows upright, not so much for pepper plants as the leaves hang lower to the ground.

No. 1876728

I was being cheeky, but honest to god bless you nonna. I am so glad to learn a non-salt way to discourage slugs when I start gardening. Wishing your chickens extra happiness!

No. 1876729

Yeah I'm so not like other girls, I looks at notes don't own chickens… and like karaoke? Yeah that makes me sooo different and special… I don't know how you misconstrued my point so bad nonnie but I think you're projecting a bit. Even in the meme I'm still there showing up and listening to the rural anon read her literature like a good (albeit overdressed) friend would. Sometimes two women aren't alike and they can discuss their differences without retards screeching NLOG this NLOG that. You found the meme funny so shut up and move on.
Your "new tea" is gossiping about your "extremely wealthy" neighbours in their "McMansion…" Girl how about we go to a new art exhibit and you can talk to me about the sculptures we see from the perspective of a sculptor herself, and then afterwards we can go to a cocktail lounge where the staff actually cleans the floor & they don't over-serve and discuss the new friends we met in our outdoor pilates/yoga class, or maybe go to the theatre and listen to a symphony (if you like music but don't like how loud concerts are)? I'd even help you abduct any ducks we saw afterwards because I trust you'd give them a good home on your huge plot of land in the countryside where the extremely wealthy reside. I just don't believe that there's no "lowkey" places/activities in the major city you live by that you wouldn't enjoy. Maybe you don't enjoy activities aimed towards a younger crowd like clubbing or concerts, but older/more reserved people can have fun at loads of different places too once they outgrow the club scene. Again not to be a hater I just find sitting at home dull when I could be experiencing a hundred new things with my friends instead, that's why I think homebodies are boring which was what my original post in our unpopular opinion board was all about.
I didn't say it wasn't rewarding, you just made that up in your own head like some sort of schizo. I just believe the topic of farm animals would make for really dull one-sided conversation at my dinner party that would bore my guests. I'd still appreciate the fresh eggs and incorporate them and the focaccia into the meal, but I'd probably try to steer the conversation more towards her drawings or sculptures because at least that can make for an engaging conversation between multiple persons.
>Poultry are more complex than you realize.
Vidrel. Sorry I prefer the company of real life girls that can speak and pose a fair challenge at football instead of hens that can only cluck at me and lose at football.

No. 1876733

You are clearly underestimating the appeal of chickens

No. 1876734

You sound like the type of person who can't sit alone with their thoughts or enjoy their own company without going insane.

No. 1876736

Chickens have their favourite people, their favourite activities, they hunt pests and are a capable of learning. You will never understand the joy of adopting a group of former barn hens and seeing them play outside for the first time in their lives.

No. 1876746

so, you're open to hanging out with women you find lazy/boring and think of yourself as a good friend for doing so even though you'd complain about how boring they are to strangers and find their company inferior to women more like you? that isn't being a good friend whatever that is.

No. 1876764

File: 1707018507408.jpg (309.64 KB, 1280x831, i didn't think my opinion woul…)

I've edited my original meme to appeal to the masses. (I accidentally forgot to upload the meme with my comment whoops)
>Enjoys hanging out with or without friends outside my home.
>"You must be insane!"
Kek. Never change socially-inept autistic nonnies, never change.
It might surprise you but I've owned and cared for chickens in the past. A rundown of chickens: You feed them, they play outside, they lay eggs, you eat them. Such an invigorating and interesting topic of conversation that I summed up in 12 words, wow.
Again, I'm happy that you love your hens and I wish you'd get a domestic duck (growing up we had an ancona) because fresh blue duck eggs are delicious, but "hunting pests" is not a selling point for interest in chickens. You can only converse for so long (perhaps 5 minutes at most) about the type of grubs your hen pecks at. No matter what you say about chickens, I will always be more interested in talking to human beings. I shouldn't have to elaborate on the reasons why I feel that way.
Basing all of those assumptions on a meme I edited in under 2 minutes is totally accurate. You should go into psychology nonnie, you're obviously great at reading people. Maybe we can go out for coffee sometime so I can fantasize about karaoke and complain to strangers about you, my greatest friend & closest ally who understands me better than I understand myself.

No. 1876770

i see your point but honestly as someone who enjoys museums, concerts and theatre, i spend a lot of time at home bc going out in this city (big tourist-y yuro capital) is expensive and i'm not made of money.
and ngl i'll probably have more to talk about with a homebody who spends their time reading good books than someone who goes clubbing all the time

No. 1876778

>my original meme
You made that? Why

No. 1876793

File: 1707020753854.png (46.97 KB, 738x296, im a dictionary now apparently…)

>going out in this city … is expensive
Open DuckDuckGo and search "free [or inexpensive] things to do in [city name] in [current month & year]" and be amazed at the multitude of results you find. I don't know about other large European capital cities, but Berlin for example has a website you can find free activities to do every month (www.gratis-in-berlin.de) or even websites dedicated to new low-cost (sometimes free) art exhibits (www.indexberlin.com), sometimes complimentary alcohol is served at these events as well. I found both of those websites in less than 5 minutes by web search. I assume similar resources exist for every major European city, or at least the capital cities. I don't think of money (or lack thereof) as a good excuse to sequester yourself. If you feel like you have to spend a lot of money to have fun or engage with your hobbies/interests, I think you just haven't done your due diligence which I referred to in my original post when I said "homebodies are … lazy people." You say that you like museums, art galleries, and concerts but have you ever actually gone out and tried to find a way to engage in those activities without spending money, or do you just use the lack of funds as a crutch to justify your boring lifestyle and refusal to engage with the wider community in which you live?
>I'll probably have more to talk about with a homebody who spends their time reading "good" books
So then start a book club with a few friends and alternate meeting places. If you love your home so much you can even take turns hosting the book club at different members houses. Also, people that go clubbing can also enjoy literature. They're not mutually exclusive hobbies.
Picrel. "I've edited my original meme" in the sense that I edited the first pic (the "original") that I posted. I can't tell if you're being obtuse on purpose or because you don't know what the word "original" means. I made both because it made me laugh and they help illustrate my point of view. Sorry that you hate fun and don't like when people post images on an imageboard.

No. 1876796

I think she's making fun of you

No. 1876797

Idk if being boring or sequestering yourself is really something you need an ‘excuse’ for

No. 1876805

You're funny nonna

No. 1876806

I think social media is going to be done by 2030. People are just going to get over it because at that point it will have existed for basically 30 years. The novelty will wear off. Sure google will still exist, online magazines and journalists will definitely continue to post, both personal and anonymous blogs will probably pop back off again, but I think the general consensus is beginning to be that apps like twitter are not only superfluous but unsafe. Meta will go bankrupt. youtube will likely continue to function but the attention seeking vlog/lifestyle channels are going to be considered more unsightly and less profitable, less desirable for brands to offer sponsorships to. I also think streaming services are going to ouroboros all the way back into cable/live television, kind of how its already starting to with sling and pluto.

No. 1876809

My definiton of what I consider attractive changes every second and depends on what situation I'm seeing someone in. Thinking a woman is beautiful isn't really required to have a pre decided set of duties she needs to adhere to like wearing makeup or doing her hair kek…
How? Have you never thought that a woman was beautiful who also wouldn't have necessarily been considered perfect by societal standards?

No. 1876811

File: 1707022055528.jpg (55.65 KB, 1125x1059, me after this whole angry home…)

You're right. Nobody needs an excuse to be boring. It's just annoying when people pretend that they lead boring lives because of some imaginary constraint like money rather than their lack of imagination, drive, or will to socialize. It's okay to be boring, I never said it wasn't. I just don't feel the need to preserve homebodies' feelings by lying and pretending that they don't lead boring lives. If that offends them because they aren't secure in their boringness, so be it. It's why I posted in the unpopular opinions thread. I just didn't foresee my post striking such a nerve with a lot anons, which was short-sighted on my end.

No. 1876813

I hope you're right. Mainstream social media mucked up most of my hobbies, I'd love a retvrn to blogs and interest-based forums.

No. 1876814

Celebrity will be destroyed. Women will be depressed and often in hiding because of ai porn and dehumanizing, instant sexualization. Society near collapse more than ever. It will be Korean beauty standard leaking overseas and the surged up vs The Poors like montagues and capulates

No. 1876815

I'm hoping that by that point making AI porn using likenesses of real individuals will be criminalized; at least in the developed world. Theres no valid reason why it shouldn't be.

No. 1876819

Your post reminds me of that one moid on youtube that cannot stop malding about American and Arabian city planning and talks how perfect it is in the Netherlands and other similar cities/countries. Yes, yes, we fucking get it, you've moved to the greenest, crunchiest, not affected by evil corpos, best place ever. We got it the first 5 videos you made

No. 1876820

The Taylor deepfakes have apparently incited legislators to action here in burgerland. Shame it's taken this long but it's a start.

No. 1876822

Samefag, but I also feel like by 30 the anti-porn party will have at least expanded, if not made some changes to porn accessibility. By then I am praying that lawmakers will, at bare minimum, be capable of comprehending why it is never necessary for neither a child nor an adult to be able to find graphic porn on google; websites such as Heavy R and Xvideos will be banned, and more jobs in online moderation will be created in order to block other websites that are attempted to be made with similar themes.

No. 1876826

That's exactly the tone I was going for! I hate that moid. My friends and I sometimes manifest death on him by group-imagining him and his bicycle crushed under the weight of the buses he loves to sperg about in every video.

No. 1876851

I remember when he shat on my home city and I just rolled my eyes.
>Hurr durr stroads! Your buses suck! I can't walk! wHaT a cUrSed CiTy! Muh Netherlands!!
Sorry we don't have a good lightrail, bus, or a fucking subway system, but the city is at sea level so we couldn't fucking make a subway even if we wanted to in the first place.

>manifest death on him by group-imagining him and his bicycle crushed under the weight of the buses he loves to sperg about in every video.

Dangerously based.

No. 1876857

thank you for the lesson. in return, let me introduce you to the concept of quality over quantity. why would i expend my time and energy perpetually chasing enternainment at all costs, just for the sake of being outside the home?
i'd rather go out less and save up for box seats at the opera than go to any old show just because it's cheap. much like i'd rather go to a good restaurant once in a while than gorge myself on cheap stuff every day.
going out isn't an end in itself. i can enjoy the best of my city's cultural scene while also going on walks by myself or sitting home with a book. because i don't dread being in my own company. i don't need to be chasing stimulation endlessly.
and no i'm not a kraut, thank god.
>if you enjoy reading why not start a book club?
because i can read a book without needing extrenal validation.

No. 1876867

>hurr durr stroads!
sorry im kind of retarded and this made me laugh

No. 1876868

>"Quality over quantity!"
>Assumes everything that isn't expensive is shit, in the process highlighting her elitist beliefs & worship of currency.
Okay nonnie sorry I didn't realize you were so high-brow. Enjoy the opera (why does it have to be box-seats unless you go out to the opera solely to LARP being rich? kek): say "hey" to the other elitist recluses while you're there. Maybe you can socialize (I know, scary) with them and figure out what restaurant is the most expensive place to dine in your city so you can go their on your yearly outing.
>"Going out isn't an end in itself … I don't chase stimulation!"
>Describes going to good restaurants, the opera, walks, all things that happen outside as a result of going out, as things that she enjoys.
I don't think leaving the home is "chasing stimulation," I think sequestering yourself inside your home is actually a symptom of "social anxiety" (again something I mentioned in my original post) because homebodies seem to be afraid of, or uncomfortable with, any stimulation outside your comfort zone, or maybe in your case "delusions of grandeur" and a sense of being better than everyone else around you.
>"I don't dread being in my own company"
So I'm talking about homebodies, not loners. Please read my posts over again and see where I ever mentioned being alone. (Hint: it's nowhere) If you're a loner that's cool too, I assume most schizos like you are loners because they misinterpret things others say and make up words in their head to get offended like you obviously have in regards to my posts.
>Views book clubs as existing just for the members to receive external validation.
Yeah, women only socialize with others around a shared interest to receive validation. That totally makes sense. How could I ever have believed otherwise before? Thank you for your intriguing lesson on how to be boring and pompous.
For all the other anons curious on how to make the most of group-imagination as a method of manifestation: on a large piece of paper work together with your friends to illustrate the scene of the cyclist moid getting crushed under the bus (or whatever thing you're trying to manifest) then study the completed illustration for a while and use the memory of the illustration as the basis for your group-imagining. If you skip the picture step, you'll all end up imagining different scenes and it will make the manifestation less powerful and less likely to work. The group manifestation also works best after drinking some red wine (not white wine, which blocks your thetan levels). All the best, hope you can all join my friends and I in our journey to destroy the hurr durr stroad scrote.(infighting)

No. 1876874

Kek I've seen that YouTuber shit on my city too and go on and on about stroads. Doesn't research the footage to realize the area he's showing is just businesses or fast food/auto repair/etc and not a gathering hub to be barefoot with your dogs and kumbayah. or that the streetcar exists, along with 4 mile long river adjacent parks for cycling. Cars are also manufactured here and cheaper gas than most places so biking 18 miles to work isn't gonna be intuitive or hygge or whatever unless he wants to invest the entirety of Netherlands GDP into ripping up my city to rebuild it.

No. 1876875

>thetan levels
kek holy shit girl that's scientology are you for real

No. 1876879

>going to the club
>sculpting, painting, bunch of other hobbies
Yeah you're the boring one in this scenerio.

No. 1876882

>homebody sperg is a scientologist
This explains so much

No. 1876884

File: 1707029295448.jpg (1.04 MB, 1242x1509, my idol.jpg)

The fact that I only mentioned going to the club once in all of my posts, in an obvious tongue-in-cheek response image to chickenonnie's assumption that clubbing is something I'd be interested in (because if you don't wanna stay at home every day all day you must be some kind of club hopping alcoholic party freak, duhhh), and that's the only thing you and other homebody anons can harp on because you hate clubbing with your whole entire hearts and don't wanna admit to themselves that homebodies are boring no-lifers 95% of the time is laughable.
If you can't read sarcasm over the internet or take a lighthearted joke that's on you girl. I don't know what to tell you.
>Makes one joke about Scientology to highlight how silly my group manifestation activities are
>"Scientologists have infiltrated lolcow!!! Farmers, to arms! We must fight for Lord Xenu!"

No. 1876885

God, you're such a retarded sperg. Get lost.

No. 1876887

No, none of us can discern your wack jokes. Learn2integrate.

No. 1876888

Personally I think hobbies/interests/activities are totally irrelevant when it comes to how interesting or boring a person is. Charismatic, funny people remain so even when they have mundane lives. People who do interesting things with their lives don't automatically become entertaining or good storytellers etc.

But my real unpopular opinion is that since I'm boring myself, I don't necessarily prefer being friends with interesting people. I've had some female friends who were just so witty and clever and hilarious that it was exhausting trying to match their energy and make them laugh as much as they make me laugh, or I'd feel like I couldn't keep up and become even more shy in response. I'm naturally quiet and not on their level socially so it's draining no matter how much I like them as people. But I always get along well with slightly basic normie girls.

No. 1876892

Yeah, I'm the sperg, not the ladies that would prefer to hang out with chickens rather than other women. Gotcha. Cope harder retard.
(Read the first sentence of this post in a sarcastic tone, with specific emphasis on the word "I'm" that I've italicized for your convenience. Then, read the second sentence in an somewhat-exasperated but still sarcastic tone. Read the third line in a mean angry tone, like the tone people usually take in response to your retardation. Then, after you're done reading all three sentences, imagine me sticking up my middle fingers towards you and trying to claw at your chicken-like face like a rabid chimpanzee while screaming and foaming at the mouth.)
>I'm boring myself.
Thank God there is someone itt with a sense of self not clouded by schizophrenic delusions. I honestly love you nonna, seriously I do. I would drink so much red wine and manifest death on whomever you wanted just to make you happy. You understand yourself so perfectly that I'm sure you're a joy to be around and most likely act as a beacon of light in this dotard-infested world, and that's why you attract interesting people, like moths to a flame. Don't become more shy because you feel like you can't keep up, the witty charismatic people of the world need someone kind and sweet and real like yourself to bounce their humour and wit off. I'd try my best to be witty just to make you laugh.(unhinged derailing & infighting across multiple threads)

No. 1876895

Jfc, I don't care about this site being radfem central (and I don't want it to be tbh) but what is it with influx of dense libfems.

>I want to have fun

Yeah we know, it comes up in every feminist discussion, about minor issues and major issues like female separatism. Expecting any woman to go out of her comfort zone if she does something antifeminist is absolutely unimaginable. At the on the day makeup may be a relatively minor issue, it's about rhetoric you use.

>Women in Afghanistan have professed sadness over beauty salons getting closed down by the Taliban, are they antifeminist scum too?

Not even gonna respond to that because it's fucking stupid.

No. 1876897

You are the one writing multi-paragraph responses to every post and screeching about anons being schizos, so yes, you're a sperg. Unfunny and repetitive at that.(infighting)

No. 1876898

>the witty charismatic people of the world need someone kind and sweet and real like yourself to bounce their humour and wit off. I'd try my best to be witty just to make you laugh.
kekk thanks anon I appreciate you pausing the infight to give me a confidence boost

No. 1876904

>pausing the infight
Don't even worry about it nonna I don't consider it an in-fight, more like a collection of sad losers that take my ability to write more than a dozen words as a personal attack on their smooth brains that struggle with literacy, instead of recognizing the true passion for our opinions that beautiful soulful wonderful women like yourself and I exhibit. I stand by what I said to you, I really think the world of you because so many people can't admit their inner truth to themselves, unlike you. It's like you've self-actualized and seen past the illusion of ego, and honestly I'd want to be your friend even if you took your time to come up with witty humorous comments. I'd always laugh at them even if they weren't funny, just because I support you and I want you to feel good and secure in yourself and because I love you. I don't know you but I can tell you're wise beyond your years, just from that single comment you made, so I know I'd be intrigued by your opinions and thoughts on any subject matter. You probably have a really nice smile too that exudes warmth. I'm gonna say prayers for you tonight and if you want to, just let me know what you want my friends and I to group manifest for you, next time I see them for wine nights I'll bring it up and we'll spend considerable amount of mental energy to make sure that it comes to be.

No. 1876905

>yeah im the sperg
Just a smidge

No. 1876908

>homebodies seem to be afraid of, or uncomfortable with, any stimulation outside your comfort zone

NTA but I work a job 40hrs/week that takes me out of my comfort zone helping the geriatrics, the "no fucking idea what to do with myself" who visit my city (I work in the tourism and hospitality industry) as well as the locals who are just as demanding. No joke, those profiles make up 70% of my days at work. We have "Freaky Friday", "Freaky Thursday", even "Freaky week(s)" at my workplace, and we have to bite down the bullet if our work day was awful. After having to bear that bullshit for 40 hours, sometimes 50, I need to be far away from living breathing people, because I can't deal with their shit anymore. I had to help and serve them and prioritize them, granted for a salary, but after I leave my workplace I need "me" time to process the bullshit and return to work without feeling burnt out. And sometimes that means being at home, finally removing my shoes, socks and that goddamn uncomfortable bra and lay on the couch either with a crochet project or with my Switch lite. Or just resting.
But sometimes I'll do something out of the house, I'll spend time with my tandem partner, go for a walk or go to a museum, a music venue or sport event with other people around. But I will 100% shut them off of my brain and just focus on the performance, because the human interaction saturation is real. I don't think it's outrageous to want to recharge your batteries after dealing with people and being out of one's comfort zone for what is a majority of the week and counterbalance by not seeing people and being in one's comfort zone as a homebody or whatever else, especially if you are working with people on the regular.

No. 1876925

My socialism is gonna show, but on the discourse about make-up, I think you need to understand your enemy in order to combat it. While I care about women's issues, I sometimes feel like current discourse about feminism conflates and obscures an overarching problem, which is capitalism. While make-up, plastic surgery etc. is anti feminist, I don't think it was created as a conspiracy to oppress women. The effects are however oppressive to women (socially and echonomically) and increasingly men, and consumerism also negatively impact the environment and countries in which the products are created, workers there etc.

Porn is similar. Porn colonizes the female body in order to profit from it. It wasn't created specifically to oppress women, capitalists don't give a shit as long as they make money. It exists because it's ridiculously profitable. While women are the main victims of porn, moids are made into braindead consoomers. It seems like porn exploits an already existing malfunction within scrote sexuality/psyche. It's a women's issue, but its existense is oppressive to moids as well. They're cucked by tech companies.

I think discussing women's issues is important, but I simultaneously think some of the discourse deflects attention away from issues that affect all of us except the 1%. A lot of current discourse seems desgined to divide and conquer the plebs. I know moids are always gonna want to exploit women, but at the same time I think it's useful to separate issues such as female genital mutilation and forced marriages, with other issues that are essentially a result of capitalistic/imperialistic echonomy. I know some feminists have said capitalism is essensially patriarcal, but in a lot of cases I still think it's usefull to treat capitalism as its own problem.

No. 1876932

I don't think it's outrageous to recharge your social battery either. It sounds like you work in Hell with demons or at least demon-adjacent entities (old people.) Do you think if you didn't work so many hours per week, or had a different job outside of the service industry, that you'd spend more time going for walks, visiting museums, music venues or sporting events? It seems like you have interests outside of the home, but you just don't have time or energy to engage with those activities because of your stressful job. You're what I define as a homebody-by-circumstance, not a homebody-by-choice. That's a totally different ballpark honestly.

No. 1876942

I would at least attempt to get more regularity in my outings and workout routine as well, cuz I currently can't hold a regular schedule of whatever hobby I have for the life of me. Nowadays I just take advantage of the fact that we have two more days off when we work weekends (the 50 hours) to go do a long weekend outside of my city or catch up on chores I vacuum cleaned my place yesterday for the first time in 2024 kek, and that we have some moments of peace at work (like 10-15 minutes where nobody wants anything from us) to make plans for traveling and or free time. And I do have a perk with the job, sometimes we get invited to cultural relevant events, for example we got invited by the zoo to see their night lights show on Thursday free of charge, and we can go to some museums for free with our work ID, which is ticking the business and leisure boxes off.

No. 1877121

Ordering food is one of the most fat-backed, broke begging bitch behaviors you can engage in.
>"h-hey man, can i send you some money in exchange for food?"
You sound like a crack addict. I go to someone's place and find out they're into ordering out, I immediately lose respect for them.

No. 1877125

Do you make exceptions for work and injury/illness? At one point I was doing 12hrs/6 days a week and commuting 2.5hrs, I was gone for nearly 15 hours and still had to sleep. Or do you feel that way in general?

No. 1877128

I can agree with you, Uber Eats and Doordash and all the related apps are such money sinks. How do you feel about pizza though? I feel like that's one food that's always ordered for delivery.

No. 1877140

Things like injury, sickness and heavy work are usually an exception for me. At least then, it has an actual reason behind it rather than laziness/greed. Doubly so if they order healthy meals, rather than the usual greasy fast food garbage.

Pizza is almost the worst tbh, only rivalled by burgers etc. It's so common to get it delivered, but it's nothing but a fucking meme and almost never even that good. It's something reserved for parties where people will be too drunk to care about how the food tastes, anyway.

No. 1877146

I regularly use Doordash but for groceries, because I can't drive. I wish there was a better way because I feel gross being reliant on them

No. 1877159

>"h-hey man, can i send you some money in exchange for food?"
What are you talking about? You pay for the food and you (or someone or something) pays for the transport

No. 1877174

I genuinely can’t understand why me as a 33 year old can’t date a 21 year old. Me and my bf have so much in common we both watch the same shows growing up, Victorious, icarly etc and we both like TikTok and we both make the same shitty wage because we are both wage slaves. When women say they can’t connect with younger men I don’t get it! Me and him are literally on the same level of intelligence and he actually might be less brain dead than me. I think abusive scrotes gave age gap relationships a bad rep, they aren’t that bad.

No. 1877182

It's not your fault. Dont feel bad. I cant drive either and the public transportation in my area is non existent. Like maybe a bus will come ever 40 mins? It doesnt run on sundays for some reason. America is built on forcing people to drive or get cars. it's bullshit. This is why so many other places laugh at us. I have to uber to get my groceries and stock up like a crazy person or i dont eat for a week

No. 1877187

I used to order food regularly, then I got broke and naturally stopped doing it and I agree with you kek. It was a retard behaviour.

I don't care for age gap relationships with older women unless it's pedo or bordering on it. Age gap relationships with scrotes are automatically gorss because scrotes are inherently depraved but women aren't, so they may do as they please.

No. 1877190

Doesn't Walmart and the other big supermarkets do delivery? I'm in the UK all the supermarkets do delivery, there's even online only supermarkets like Ocado. You order direct from the supermarket's website and then they will deliver it in a van for a £1 delivery fee.

Ignore it and be happy. I know two couples with a 20 year age difference with the woman being older and both couples have been together for a decade or more.

No. 1877195

I'm personally not interested in dating people significantly younger or older than me but I don't care if a woman has a younger partner.

No. 1877196

thats exactly what confused me about this kek

No. 1877240

Correct just like a lady having dildos is not nearly as creepy as a man having fleshlight

No. 1877253

File: 1707067508008.png (1021.71 KB, 810x1172, yoko ono - Google Search 2024-…)

yoko ono is based

>but she destoryed lennon's marriage

Cynthia was being beaten up and mistreated by that moid anyway, just too much of a doormat to break it off

>but she broke off beatles


No. 1877262

preach. she did nothing wrong except date that ugly moid in the first place

No. 1877293

File: 1707069774665.jpg (61.63 KB, 480x360, 1000009455.jpg)

Were the Beatles even that good that people are still seething about Yoko ono? I honestly haven't gone out of my way to listen to any of the Beatles songs, even when it got suddenly popular with teenagers when I was a kid, I just never truly cared about them.

No. 1877301

if its not the car companies fault when someone uses one of their cars in a drunk driving incident, and its not the gun manufacturer's fault when some moid shoots up a school, then it is NOT social media's fault when some depressed teen kills themselves while scrolling thru edgy posts on the internet. parents rally to get these sites shut down because of all the guilt they feel over their child not trusting them enough to share their issues/not monitoring their child's activity/not noticing the warning signs in their child's behavior, its nothing but a cope. i understand the sandy hook parents looking for someone to blame since that autist lanza took himself out, but if the parents of suicide victims are looking for someone to blame it sure as hell shouldn't be facebook

No. 1877313

She was cute

No. 1877318

File: 1707071980920.jpg (8.26 KB, 300x168, sassy-daisy.jpg)

People who bring babies and toddlers to disneyworld are the worst. it's cool if your kid is old enough to walk and talk/handle themselves in the park, but when i see people bringing babies that are 3 months to 3 years to disney, that is insane to me. I'm sick of seeing all the massive amount of strollers there too
I even went to a haunt last year and someone was denied going into all the houses we saw because they had a literal baby carried in their arms. like wtf did you think was gonna happen? Stay home

No. 1877325

File: 1707072280114.jpg (320.13 KB, 1080x1439, hes-so-real-hu-yetao-v0-5t65op…)

i've noticed lc radfems (and radfems in general, honestly) have such intense hatred of and disgust for highly feminine men, saying it veers into "tranny-ism" and i don't really understand it. do you want them to troon out? do you think only women can be feminine/it's intrinsic to womanhood and so any femme guy is just wanting to "be better" than women? is gender stupid and anyone can do anything they want, or are there are rigid ideas on what males and females can look like? make up your minds

No. 1877336

Weren't the Beatles on verge of breaking up without Yoko and constantly infighting among themselves?

No. 1877338

Those aren’t radfems, they are trad leaning pink pillers. You can’t be a radfem and also say “Barbie is only for girls! No scrotes allowed”, you literally just can not.

No. 1877343

I think Lindsay Ellis came back from the dead recently with a video about Yoko (debunking myths about her). I stopped watching her because of boring troon shit but I would actually watch this one… if it was for free.

No. 1877364

radfems think of femininity in general as a social construct tha's part of female oppression. it's taking a bunch of stuff that's restrictive (eg very tight clothing, skirts, shapewear) or harmful (unrealistic body ideals, high heels, etc), or expensive and time-consuming; and telling women they must do it. that's one of the most basic tenets of gender critical feminism.
so some see it as a mockery when scrotes go for the kind of huyperfemininity that's forced on women.
of course you also have a bunch of trads on here that call themselves radfems and jsut take it as an excuse to shit on gays and gnc people lol

No. 1877366

My husband is a diehard beatles fan and he said it's mostly infighting with creative decisions. John Lennon wouldn't have been successful in his solo career without her. She wrote Imagine and he wouldn't give her writing credits until after he died.

No. 1877367

They are retards addicted to gender norms/conformity. Many of them date fat, ugly balding scrotes both for lack of options and because it makes them feel pretty and delicate, so men with long, full heads of hair and fit/slim bodies (for example) feel like some kind of fucked up competition to them and they cry "troon" out of rage. Sometimes, they try to gaslight the women dating those men by insisting he'll troon out, too.
This is without any sort of actual femininity, so you can imagine andro or femme men get them livid. They're also some of the same people who want to date significantly older males in some dd/lg bullshit fantasy, harp on about how "natural" this porn/oppression induced fetish is, and attack other women for dating younger men (even if they're closer to their own age than they are to their "daddies"). A lot of "radfems" on the internet turn out to be failed tradthots, sadly.

No. 1877368

what >>1877338 said. there are plenty of tranny haters on this site that wouldnt even call themselves feminists, let alone radfems

No. 1877369

>such intense hatred for feminine men…do you want them to troon out?
No I'd like for them to behave appropriately and act more like well adjusted men

No. 1877377

Most real redheads (and a few blondes) have no business calling their skin "fair" or "white" because they're naturally pink, even without a tan. They're as colorful as tan skin, just not in the brown range.

No. 1877381

if white ppl weren't called "white" ppl would use pink instead 100%

No. 1877383

I like androgynous/feminine presenting men, but not the usual nowadays ones like you posted. The reason for that is simply experience. Technically everybody should dress however they want and it shouldn't be connected to your sexuality at all, but those super flaming gays are never not extremely catty if not downright cruel towards women. And you can't be an old sexist and expect me to respect you cosplaying as society's "ideal woman".
Your pic is a typical talentless idol moid who empties fangirl pockets by acting like an uwu omega, yeah I don't like him, so what?

No. 1877387

a lot of these hsts fags or femboy types are revolting sexists and creeps, people going on about how feminine they are when they're still scrotes and have sexist views of women is irritating. there is overlap between agp traits and hsts types in their fetishization of women.

No. 1877388

well duh, no skin is literally pigment-free/white unless it's affected by albinism, it's just descriptive. Most black people aren't literally black either but a shade of brown, no?

No. 1877389

Mega unpopular opinion but it didn't occur to you guys that there's people that simply like those aesthetics? it don't gotta be so negative all the time, not everyone's going to like the same things, some people regardless of sex like pinky stuff and skirts, if they're a good person then i don't mind

No. 1877392

Feminine men or faggots? Because most guys think washing your facial with a cleanser is feminine. I dont care if guys are gnc and want to take care of themselves. The problems is guys always end up as faggots and trannies on the way because someone praised them once. They're also invasion of women spaces just as much as trannies and think they are one of the girls. They also like to be worshipped by 'straight' men who think they are better than real women.

Bringing literal newborn babies into any amusement park should be illegal.

No. 1877394

I used to think that as well. I don't think there's anything in here wrong with men wanting to wear makeup and dresses, but time and time again it's been proven that their desire to do this almost exclusively comes from a place of degeneracy, misogyny, or jealousy. The type of men who crossdress just because they like fashion and looking cute is basically confined to fiction. They don't exist.

No. 1877395

And the babies never seem to have a good time, either.

No. 1877399

I feel so bad for them. They're probably sunburnt and hunger, as well as over-stimulated. Parents love to forgot about sensitive babies ears are. Everything is still forming. Way to give your kid hearing damage as such a young age.

No. 1877413

those poor babies always look so overstimulated and stressed
you're right on that, men acting normal about feminine styles is a fairy tale
This is her PR team that's for sure, this song flopped horribly specially because tiktok just took her singles outta their platform, she's done

No. 1877421

Nta, it's true, but they often do not have the fairest non-albino skintones either, they're just light, but would assume they're fair because of their other features. Anon probably means strong visible pinkish tone.
Kek yeah you're probably right, if not pinks then maybe silvers or similar.

No. 1877425

I used to think like this but then I asked myself if these men would really be into skirts, pinks, make-up and dresses if those things weren't associated with women, and honestly the answer is no, they wouldn't. Men (western at least, other cultures may be different) love skirts and pinky stuff BECAUSE they're associated with women, and they want to invade and ruin that thing that currently belongs to women (even if they forced them on women). It's a fetish to them, they like taking what's not theirs. And because they like to take those things that are associated with women, at some point they start acting like faggots because dress = woman, if I have dress then that makes me a woman too. It's all part of their retarded way to see the world and their need to have "feminine" and "masculine" behaviour/tastes that have no basis in reality. In reality "feminine" is everything that women naturally have, and "masculine" is everything men naturally have, and dresses and liking pink aren't something either of them have.
But anyway, if say suddenly ties became an exclusively feminine accessory all those agps and hsts would be tripping over themselves to wear ties, because their taste doesn't come from genuinely liking something, it comes from the fact that that something is a "woman" thing.

No. 1877429

Agree with you so hard. What's -really- stopping men aside from wanting to invade a woman's dressing room, locker, and make her feel extremely uncomfortable?
How many men DEMEND women praise them because they learned a basic makeup tutorial online? It's all so exhausting. I will side eye any men trying to wear a skirt and crocked ass eyeliner because he's also 'fem'

No. 1877451

I used to think like this but out of the dozen or so "feminine men" I've known throughout my life, literally only one has ever acted normal about it and not like a degenerate weirdo getting off on humiliation and taboo. The sad truth is that for every male who genuinely doesn't care about gendered garments and just wants to wear something they like regardless of which store section it came from, there are countless misogynists co-opting these exact same things for their own sexual gratification. These days "good" men (inb4 no such thing as a good moid) don't wear femme stuff in public or post such things to social media because they don't want to make women uncomfortable or impose themselves like trannies and other perverts do.

No. 1877487

File: 1707082597422.jpg (121.4 KB, 1280x720, 869941539_n.jpg)

I understand why anons link stuff but it's better to download content to post because then the creator can just delete them and they're gone forever.

No. 1877493

>love skirts and pinky stuff BECAUSE they're associated with women
Which is crazy because 100+ years ago, it was the color for boys. From Wikipedia (lol I know): "In the 1920s, some groups had described pink as a masculine color, an equivalent to red, which was considered for men but lighter for boys."

No. 1877504

I read once that pink was also for moids because it was the color left by the blood after the clothes were washed.

No. 1877523

what do you mean likes the aesthetics? Of cross dressing? When a man feels that way thats called being a transvestite, nonna.

No. 1877532

all this thread is proving to me that yes, you think pink and glitter equal female. too lazy to effortpost beyond that, get help and read some theory

No. 1877535

I don't care if I think glitter and pink equal female because they are effeminate in my mind and most other womens too. However theres a pretty noticable difference between some guy wearing a pink hoodie or pink Adidas, and some faggy fag fruit going as far as crossdressing and wearing a skirt or wearing glittery makeup.

No. 1877642

I don’t understand why women will date older men but won’t be friends with women significantly older

No. 1877648

Stripping is a good job. I kind of wish I was pretty enough to be a stripper. I always wanted to be a stripper even as a kid. It seems fun to make fast money and have baddie friends. I don’t get the hate strippers get.

No. 1877657

File: 1707096086409.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 18.61 KB, 225x225, D6AC5432-C750-47B1-9F8F-3818E5…)

It should be ok to “body shame” people with BBLs it looks obvious and disgusting and no women with naturally big asses and hips don’t look gross. I mean the bolted on diaper is nasty. You can literally tell them apart. And it’s embarrassing. Imagine risking your life to suck the fat out of your stomach and inject it in your ass.

No. 1877658

I hate it. Literally the reason why both TiFs and TiMs troon out in the first place, because of dumbass ideas like this. Why is everyone enforcing this awful shit when sex should have nothing to do with how you want to present yourself? Moids can like pink, it’s a fucking colour and to be frank I prefer it over gross testosterone-worshipping gymbro types, they’re cancerous. It’s got nothing to do with being a woman and if you genuinely think that you gotta look deep within yourself.

No. 1877663

Usually the type of woman who dates older men is the same type to see older women as competition. It's retarded because they're missing out on cool friends.

No. 1877667

I think a lot of them have to pay debts to the club and can get treated badly but I agree that they’re not really bad people. When it comes to prostitution/stripping/ethots I mostly just feel bad for them.

No. 1877668

The most chillest women I’ve met were 50+ with deep ass voices cause they smoke coharettes

No. 1877681

God those women are the best. I know a few ladies who are tough as nails and hilarious because they give zero fucks.

No. 1877693

Are you not able to tell the difference between just liking the color pink and being a crossdresser?

No. 1877734

Love them. They've seen it all and don't give a shit. I have a friend who I took to see a Marvel movie when she turned 50 and she told a group of teens to (kindly)fuck off when they wouldn't stop using their phone on theater. Kek. I think she is the coolest person I know.

No. 1877739

Disgusting. I have no respect for any woman who gets a BBL.

No. 1877812

File: 1707103430900.jpg (42.73 KB, 740x380, IM RIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS.jpg)

Dresses are onesies, but for adults.

No. 1877816

I thought jumpers/rompers were onesies for adults.

No. 1877817

But we do have onesies though

No. 1877819

its not a onesie if its skirted

No. 1877871

File: 1707105994277.png (1.51 MB, 1084x1083, 1000009487.png)

Thigh high socks/boots used to be the ultimate anachan accessory because only anachans could wear them, but now that anyone can wear them, they stopped being cool.

No. 1877893

this song goes hard

No. 1877920

Men acting as caricatures of what they perceive women to be will never sit right with me, tranny or otherwise. Catty gay men who think they're "one of the girls" because they like mimosas more than beer and getting their nails done are never going to relate to my experiences as a woman. Femininity IS intrinsic to women, that doesn't mean all women have to be feminine but it does mean that true femininity cannot be replicated by men, and so 99% of the time it just is a gross misrepresentation. Men want to wear makeup, say pink is their favorite color, wear slutty cheap clothing, and watch reality tv and then claim that they're feminine. Radfems aren't the ones claiming those things as femininity, they are.
Men can abstain from performing traditional masculinity in a million different ways and still not be larping as women. Look at eboys for example. The cute jewlery, painted nails, makeup, soft aesthetics. The eboys are managing to be "feminine" in a way that doesn't come across as skinwalking their sisters and mothers.

No. 1877974

it feels really backwards tbh, to me femininity is just a bunch of stereotypes and aesthetics that have 0% of anything to do with being female. a non-tim guy liking pink, wearing makeup, wearing skirts and shaving himself hairless is just wanting to be feminine, not a woman, because women are not inherently feminine.

like me…never shaved in my life and i've never worn makeup. i tend to wear really shapeless grunge-type clothing too bc it's comfy to me – and sometimes i outright purchase things from the male clothing side because i do like the idea of seeming more "masculine". but am i trying to be male? am i thinking "gee, i'm totes one of the boys rn >:)?" maybe, sometimes, in a purely humorous sense but nah not seriously(no emoticons, learn2integrate)

No. 1878019

Emotionally absent dads are 50% the daughter's fault. We were all tryhard edgy weeb teens here who rebuffed our dads whenever he tried to do stuff with us. My only hope at this stage of my life is that I can repair the relationship I should have had with him if I wasn't such a sad internet addicted retard.

No. 1878021

never been a fan of the "thicc" trend but weirdly enough thigh emphasizing things are one of the few things I think look better on bigger girls than skinnier. Thigh highs on super skinny legs just give me twitter tranny PTSD

No. 1878022

unless he actually is emotionally absent and there are no advances to rebuff

No. 1878025

I'm talking about emotionally absent autist dads who do genuinely try now and again, get rebuffed, then end up feeling depressed.

No. 1878026

time to get off MGTOW youtube anon

No. 1878028

Vidrel has to be Vivzie’s inspiration

No. 1878029

maybe it was your fault in your case but mine just told me unprompted that I'd die alone and homeless

No. 1878051

No. 1878058

An adult parent should be able to handle teens being retarded. It's expected from mothers, so I don't think your dad should get special treatment.

No. 1878062

I never fully understood that either, but I do suspect it's old abusive scrotes messing up the idea of what a relationship with an age gap can be like. The more I live, the more I think that once you hit adulthood (not 18, but I'm thinking at least 20), age becomes just a number and whenever people talk about couples with a big age gap not having anything in common, I wonder why age seems to be a factor here and not hobbies, jobs, or other groups people can be socialized into.

No. 1878215

Weird specification you made here. What about emotionally absent mothers? What about tryhard edgy sons? Or does this only apply to really common neglectful dynamic between fathers and daughters?
Maybe we should expect adult men to be able to remain respectful, considerate adults to the literal children they choose to have, rather than passing the blame to children who are developmentally expected to exhibit edgy emotionally distance behavior. I'm not saying certain kids can't be difficult to deal with, but by willingly having a child that's what you agree to. Not "wah my teen daughter was cold to me, now I'll be a shit father forever out of spite". Don't have children if you can't be the adult in that relationship.

No. 1878223

An adult parent should step into the role and be ready for anything. How is it the daughter's fault? Are they too 'difficult' to deal with? No, the man is a grown man and his retarded decisions are all his own.

No. 1878231

Sorry but no. Being a tryhard edgelord is normal teenager behavior and any parent who can't handle that shouldn't be a parent. If your dad is somehow still butthurt over you being an edgy teenager, it's 100% on him and he needs to get over himself. It's perfectly normal for teens to not want to hang out with their parents because adolescence is literally the developmental period where children push boundaries and seek independence to prepare for adulthood. Parents who take that personally to the point where they're standoffish with their adult daughters have forgotten what it's like to be teenagers and probably lack empathy.

No. 1878233

Beyoncé fans try to cope by saying Beyonce is just with her husband for image but I believe Beyonce truly loves jay z. I mean she’s been with him since she was 17 and he was 30 so there’s no way she’s not extremely attached.

No. 1878251

Why do you guys get on here and project so hard? Idk if your dad can't get over you being an edgy weirdo teen he should have used a condom.

No. 1878264

I mean, she was groomed by him, either way she doesn’t 'truly' love him. I feel sad for her, she’s always doing too much to sold the power couple image (like I recently saw the Partition mv in full and it was so cringe, especially considering that he cheated on her the same year).

No. 1878265

Bad bait lol

No. 1878348

not an excuse, unless the parent is a retarded 20something they should understand how stupid and volatile human beings with LITERALLY underdeveloped brains are. my unpopular opinion wrt this is that there should be way more restrictions on who can and can't have a child, my mom told me that she was the only person out of all her siblings to NOT beat me when i was a baby and didn't understand how to use the potty. everyone else apparently whipped their infants with switches until they got potty-trained. completely inhumane and insane behavior that led to a lot of fuck-ups

No. 1878387

FtMs are worse than MtFs. MtFs are 80% shut in NEETs that waddle around the house watching videos on their phone or moderating internet forums. Either that, or they're some middle aged pervert who keeps to his own perverted circles in a STEM field or construction work. I never really have to interact with either, and they don't ever seem to step out beyond their circle.

FtMs actually annoy and gross me out more viscerally. And not only are they functional enough to be in society around me, they always seem to shoehorn themselves into areas and bloviate their clear-cut cognitive dissonance at full volume.

No. 1878393

What peak pickmeism (and bad bait) looks like

No. 1878398

How many FtM are in political fields advocating for unhinged misogynistic and pedo laws?

No. 1878408

When you've been ignored and/or your problems were trivialized for the most part of your life, it's no wonder you won't respond positively to the attempts to connect (often done in the immature, egocentric way). Should anyone be more mature than their parents while being literal children/teens? Ideally, parents should try better at communication and building trust. You can't be a bigger person at this age, it's not healthy dynamic when your parent is emotionally dependent on you and not the other way around. When you're older, surely you can understand and forgive, and have a good relationship with your parents. I know I'm never going to be emotionally close with my dad but I'm totally ok with it now. I know he just can't talk about certain stuff and is very stoic but it doesn't mean he doesn't love me.

No. 1878415

just a tip
look up the sex offender rates

No. 1878432

There's been a lot of shitty bait lately. Y'all good? What's giving you brain damage?

No. 1878435

File: 1707161179891.png (581.11 KB, 668x475, tranny.png)

kek bait or not How many ftms have even murdered people, 1? There's so many accounts of Mtfs murdering people, you'd have to live under a rock not to know.

No. 1878437

I regret to tell you that I work in stem and never made the connection to why I've saw more of them in my work than anywhere else in life and they're all wankers that constantly use the access to the female only areas (changing room/locker room) to be overly touchy feely with us under the guise of just being one of the girls. One also consistently wears fucking tights as leggings and I just pray for a chemical spill but also I'm a health and safety officer and I don't want to be hassled by them.

No. 1878466

same, they have such a small perspective about the world

I don't think it is a matter of fun more like a matter of poorly managed emotional dependence. Something like the humans in brave new world of Huxley: they couldn't stand being alone.

No. 1878469

Not trying to racebait but I dont believe that theres anything inherently wrong about a culture that makes it necessary to be "enriched" via multiculturalism (exception on heavily women-hating ones) so everytime someone mentions the "cultural enrichment" of big cities I just roll my eyes

No. 1878506

I don't hate all FtMs, but I hate the edgy category of FtM. They usually pass very well and speak in a vulgar way, hate (other) women, are angry, and try to imitate the worst type of men (MRA incels).

No. 1878519

>They usually pass very well
Kek, no they don't. I've clocked so many it's ridiculous, and they always react the same way.

No. 1878524

I remember when my elderly father told me in tears about all the things he regretted and wished he could have done and said. I asked him why he had never told me these things before or opened up like this and he said "I thought it would have made you lose respect for me. I didn't want to be a bother, I'm your dad."

Honestly fuck anyone who says male socialization isn't toxic as fuck. Especially radfems who try to blame everything on genes.

No. 1878527

I've never met a passing ftm sorry

No. 1878530

I’ve never heard the term “cultural enrichment” before so perhaps I’m misunderstanding but I think interacting with people from other cultures is beneficial not because their culture might be “better” than your own but because it exposes you to different perspectives and expands your worldview and knowledge
agreed but ftms on t still pass better than mtfs, so I could see how one might pass to the untrained eye kek

No. 1878531

Men seem to live genuinely unhappy, emotionless, miserable lives and I don't mean that insultingly. I feel sorry for them. Really sorry. And I wish there was some way women as a whole could help them.

No. 1878533

Sound like a you problem, I don't think I'm even 0.0001% at fault for it when mine was such a piece of shit he'd call my sisters and I whores and told us if we were raped we would deserve it as soon as we started primary school, and he would beat us up just for existing. Yet I've seen many, many people saying the same thing you just posted despite knowing everything so clearly it's not an unpopular opinion at all. And in the case of fathers who are just a bit emotionally distant, they're the grown adults in that scenario. They need to get their shit together before having kids and raising them.

No. 1878534

what radfem is saying male degeneracy stems from genes and not male socialization? >>1878531
personally, I hate when moids and handmaidens expect women to solve men’s problems

No. 1878536

What is this bootlicking lmao. Maybe I would consider it if they didn’t make women’s lives hell, but also males are such a boring species to care about.

No. 1878537

No one says it isn’t toxic just that shit shouldn’t be pushed onto women and children as a consequence for not being a moid. Fathers also bitch and moan about regretting shit when they’re the ones who don’t put in any effort all while pushing actual responsibilities to their wives/girlfriends/baby mommas to rear their kids and maintain a stable home and/or income. You fell for your dad’s sympathy trap and blame it on the boogeymen radfems when you can easily google statistics and see who really suffers from toxic males

No. 1878541

No. 1878542

NTA, it is an unpopular opinion, but you sure can see it in some radfem circlers. And tbh, when you realize that male violence is present in every society and every corner of Earth, it makes some sense.

No. 1878543

Don't take the bait, just ignore

No. 1878545

Yeah I won't argue with you about this. There are good, loving, kind, decent men and they're fucked by how male socialization works. There are manbabies and testerical men but there's also just lonely, kind men who genuinely wish they could open up to someone. These include fathers, single men, married men etc.

I'm more bitching about how men feel they should never open up about their feeling or "show weakness".

No. 1878550

kek, they're all self hating retards. and not a single one passes.

No. 1878551

I agree with you. She releases too many songs about how she wants to fuck him even after his ugly, geriatric ass cheated on her and humiliated her in front of the whole planet not that long ago. He's hideous and has a hideous voice so the whole "power couple" thing they try to do is ridiculous. I can't feel too bad for her, she chooses to stay with him despite being fully able to divorce and live her best life with anyone else.

No. 1878552

Farmers are dialed the fuck in on the tranny clocking, but the average normie is fooled easily. I've been friends with FTMs who passed without exemption, worked in hospitality and never once got female-pronouned, even I was shocked by how effective transitioning was. Of course that's the minority but then again those quiet, well-passing, non-"activist" troons just blend in much better in general than other gendies do.

No. 1878554

Anyone remember which tinfoil thread had the old canned study on how most moids carry “warrior” genes and it showed how they lacked empathy and had adrenaline issues so they were always violent. Even without that shit moids always want to control what they perceive as weak, it practically helps run prisons because the inmates do it to themselves

No. 1878567

Every time I listen to a Beyonce song about sex, I remember the man she's referring to in the song is Jay Z and just can't take it seriously.
I'm really curious about what their marriage is like. Did it go back to normal after she forgave his infidelity? Or is it super strained?