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No. 1837807

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1730346

No. 1837853

The web mobile version is so annoying to deal with. And using "desktop mode" doesn't help either, I can't post an image because the image button and "markdown mode" button are overlapping each other. What a retarded unresponsive design.

No. 1837891

Web mobile version stopped scrolling for me ever since they changed the UI. Is anyone having the same problem? I have to switch to desktop to even get it to work on my phone

I'm not redownloading the shitty mobile app with all its ads kek

No. 1837893

Got permabanned from telling a woman that if she's fat, she should lose weight…when she was complaining that she doesn't like to be fat.
Reddit is one of the worst things to ever happen to the internet and I've seen my fair share of shit from back in the day.

No. 1837942

kek this seems typical. It's better to not use reddit at all considering the userbase over there.

No. 1837949

How did you say it though? Cause there's a difference between 'If you're fat look into approachable diets and beginner exercise routines that fit into your schedule to lose weight" or going full tilt and saying "Oink oink piggish bitch maybe put down the the fucking fork piggly wiggy you disguting lazy fat cow you're fucking disgusting"

No. 1837974

File: 1704316073322.jpeg (19.41 KB, 236x236, IMG_2269.jpeg)

>Oink oink piggish bitch maybe put down the the fucking fork piggly wiggy

No. 1837976

I've basically stopped using Reddit on my phone completely. I liked using the old desktop UI on my phone instead of the mobile UI but now you can't access the old desktop UI, only the new desktop UI and it is fucking awful. It used to be a go-to timewaster website when work was slow and it only took a few days for it to fall from my rotation.

Can't wait for it to go Public, I'm sure that will be the last push needed to kill the site for good.

No. 1837983

nta but there are several subreddits where you're not allowed to suggest changes to diet/exercise unless the person explicitly asks for tips, or where those topics are just completely off limits. Reasons range from not being "body positive," "concern trolling," or because fat people ostensibly have zero choice in being fat.
I've seen women vent about how being morbidly obese is making them miserable and the replies will be like "here's this indie clothing brand that will find a circus tent to turn into a custom made dress for you, maybe that will help boost your confidence ♥"

No. 1837987

I used to use Reddit a lot but then one of my moid friends guessed my account and posted it on WhatsApp. I deleted it but it still keeps your comments up. So fucking stupid. I didn't even have any irl identifying info on my account but they posted in "This sounds like X" and they figured out it was me. He's such a weird creep.
I used to mostly comment on my countries subreddit to keep up with news. I went back a couple days ago and it's the worst most whiny place on the internet. No fun posts allowed, go to casualX for anything slightly light-hearted and on there its jokes repeated that were cliched in 2010. Glad I'm out of that place. Besides Instagram and here I'm so done with social media.

No. 1838028

NTA but if it was so easy for fat people to just not eat and get skinnier, they would all be skinny. We learnt in med school that especially for women (different fat distribution and body makeup from men) it's almost impossible to lose weight once you get very overweight. Skinny people wouldn't understand how it feels to be in a head of a fat person, saying that as a skinny person. What's easy for one person is really difficult for another.

No. 1838033

NTA but I don't understand your post, they didn't say that losing weight is easy. But if you burn more calories than that you eat you will lose weight. It's more a mental barrier people need to overcome to actually try and change there diet and eat less. Food these days cqn be addicting, like fast food and lots of sweets.

No. 1838045

Also nta and her point is that telling somebody to lose weight is absolutely useless. That other woman already knew she's fat and we all know the motive behind telling some stranger to lose weight. Especially of they later come here to brag about their ban.

No. 1838056

It's not even hard to tell that you're probably br*zilian. You're always risking it talking about something personal or giving opinions you have shared with other people, no matter where.(learn2integrate)

No. 1838059

Unfortunately not, I'd love that weather. Think west Europe, less than 10m people. I posted a bit in a subreddit about my industry in my country that women don't typically work in so that probably made it hyper obvious.
Honestly I've pretty much given it away with that.

No. 1838062

i've lost and gain weight multiple times in my life so i am not ignorant or new to it. I've been atletic and fit and know what it takes.

Last couple years though have been impossible. I work out harder, eat less and less and still gain weight. On top of that every physician refuses to even test me and just tell me "just don't be fat lol". People think i am lying and that i am a lazy slob who is secretly eating mcdonalds or worse, that i am just so retarded that i can't cound my calories right and think a three minute walk is exercise. But i had been working harder than ever before and seeing no results.

Well turned out i do have tyroid issues and need further testing to see whats fucking me up exactly. Some people really do get all the shit without deserving it but it also makes me dislike the HAES degenerates more because their horrible lifestyle is what makes people react like this to anyone with legit issues, its like a boy cried wolf situation, the one time is true no one will believe you

No. 1838068

Fatties acting like it’s impossible to lose weight even though people can and do is so funny to me. Especially the rhetoric that women can’t. If a woman has had kids then I’m much more understanding but to be frank it’s healthier for women to be thinner most of the time due to low muscle mass. You can act like the HAES shit is true and that you were just born in a “”bigger body”” kek but you’ll be much happier if you can live life at a normal size. Stop acting like it’s impossible. You’re just discouraging others because you don’t have the ability to do so. And yes, if fat people just didn’t eat they would get skinny, duh.

No. 1838073

You're just wasting your time and you know it. You're not giving advice, you just like writing posts with lots of "fatties" in it.

No. 1838076

Sorry? Is this referring to a personalityfag? Because I know there is one twitter-using one that likes to tell anons they “sound fat”. If not though; no I’m not giving advice, all the advice is out there and there are tons of resources literally created for the sole purpose of helping people lose weight. I’m not here for that. I’m giving my opinion. And I really dislike fat people with sob stories about how it’s impossible to lose weight, saying oh you can’t expect them to even though they’re clearly incredible unhappy with themselves and would enjoy life much more if they just fucking did it. This is the sort of misinfo that is spread in “body positivity” spaces that keeps people these down.

No. 1838082

Maybe women are telling the truth that losing weight is difficult especially when we age.

What you're saying has contributed nothing to solving the issue. Are you just here to cause infight? Cause you're speaking with authority over the facts that someone learned in medical school while waxing poetic about haes which nobody brought up except you. Stop arguing from emotion.

No. 1838087

We're finding out that all of our food and water sources have been contaminated with endocrine-disruptuing forever chemicals that have the double whammy of bioaccumulating inside fat cells.
My guess is that in another couple decades, after enough long-term studies have been performed, that there will be massive scandal from food and pharma mega conglomerates who knew they were poisoning people for profit all along.
This shit is not normal, and too many people have been psyop'd into believing the narrative that large cross-culture populations trending towards obesity have all gotten that way from moralistic failings. Yeah, bullshit.
Just wait and see.

No. 1838093

Fat distribution changes as you age too which makes weight loss tricky. As you age where you gain weight first and where you lose weight first will change. Maybe you looked great at a BMI of 21 at age 21. But then at age 40 your fat distribution has changed and you look bad at that same BMI and need to get down to a BMI of 19 to look good because your body now preferentially stores fat (be it visceral or subcutaneous) around your midsection.

No. 1838095

My country has 4 mil people and I found multiple acquaintances posting on reddit by sheer accident. It's really easy especially if they mention the town they're from, some identifiable info like an event that happened to them or their workplace. I only ever comment very vaguely on reddit, and have one account for my countries subreddit and the other for random hobby shit if I ever find myself wanting to help somebody.

No. 1838098

>Yeah, bullshit.
I agree with you about chemicals in the food, there's cancer everywhere, but i've traveled to the United States and seen how americans shop and order food and its very easy to see why fat people are fat.

No. 1838099

BMI 21 or 19, it’s still healthier than overweight. I don’t understand what you’re even trying to say anyway since men naturally store more fat in their abdominal area due to androgenic hormones.

No. 1838102

But it's not just the US anymore, sadly.

No. 1838103

22 is a healthy weight but women can still feel they look 'fat' just due to changes in where fat is stored. This gets magnified once people are actually overweight, because even when they lose they may feel discouraged not seeing good progress.

I think weight loss just has to be more complicated than what you eat. I live with other people, we work from home and I see what they eat and they eat about the same as me but are overweight. I think there are differences in things like body temperature or even stuff like unconscious fidgeting that end up affecting our metabolisms so even if two people eat the same amount they have different outcomes.

No. 1838105

Why is there a new thread when the old thread has space for 100 more replies

No. 1838107

Ok? Even if that were true, the solution to being overweight is STILL to lose weight… What are you disagreeing with?

No. 1838110

losing weight is more difficult for women for a number of different reasons, but it definitely isn’t “nearly impossible” kek, that sounds like the type of cope that would be posted on Reddit

No. 1838113

Yeah if I ever go back to pseudo anonymous websites like that again, I'm going to seed a bunch of fake data like different hair colours or town names. If someone can stumble upon you that easily I'm worried about what someone dedicated can do.

No. 1838129

Honestly if is if you are at deathfat level. No one comes down from that by normal means.

It would be like a decade worth of effort with nonstop diet and training without quitting or relapsing and asking that from a deathfat? , might as well be over.

I think parents who let their kids get fat are child abusers, all those kids will be fatbrained for life, they are set up for failure. Even the ones who make it and loose weight as adults will have a million self esteem issues and personality disorders from growing up obese and they tend to gain the weight back eventually

No. 1838201

The HAES activists have won and are hard at work to ruin the internet and real life. It’s much easier to drag everyone down to your level than to workout. I fucking hate fat activists

No. 1838223

File: 1704329628153.png (979.36 KB, 719x899, 8mjwaf2oajw31.png)

It seems like companies overcorrected from all the ana marketing they did back in the 90s and 00s. There's got to be a middle ground somewhere between pic related. As a former fatty being fat is terrible. IMMO we should have pictures of people suffering with health conditions on anything with excessive sugar like we do for cigarettes in my country.

No. 1838232

if i had to see Tammy Slaton's legs every time I bought a Dr Pepper i probably would quit sugar altogether so you're onto something there

No. 1838237

I wonder how they did that because as >>1838223 said we went from one extreme to another. And while I saw HAES activism evolving for like a decade on tumblr I thought at first that people just thought being rude to moderately fat people was, well, rude and that companies just wanted to show moderately fat, normal looking models in their ads as opposed to pretending you could be morbidly obese and beautiful or healthy.

No. 1838245

because consoomerist blobs are good for the GDP and Big Pharma profits. Companies would rather pander to fatties which statistically is most of the population anyways

No. 1838273

What does any of this have to do with Reddit? Other than you lot acting as autistic as redditors.

No. 1838278

My mom is one of those "perma-fat" people, she cannot get rid of her weight because she's already middle aged and has hypothyroidism, she has tried everything in the book, no results, because she's essentially going against her own metabolism which is very, very slow nowadays. Her case is very particular, I really doubt even 70% of fat people are being affected by rare hormonal diseases, most are fat because they've bad habits and diets, hell, everyone else in my family is fat, I used to be fat, and we were fat because we ate way too much. I don't understand the need for a sob story, everyone knows what's up

No. 1838339

The site already died when they got rid of API crawlers and loaded the app with aids levels of advertising. I just hope that if they do go public that Apartheid Clyde doesn't buy it. He'll kill it faster than he killed twitter

No. 1838342

I hope he does buy it actually. I hope he kills every last social media platform in existence with his retardation so we can return to the old Internet and normies fuck off because it's too hard for them to use

No. 1838348

But if you get rid of the rest of the internet, the imageboards become mainstream. I don't think yall want this.

No. 1838349

if people wanted to return to the old internet it would have happened already. Forums weren't killed , they were abandoned, you can host forums if you want, they'll remain abandoned.

Normies are not leaving twitter, in fact no one is leaving none of these centralized hubs of bullshit. If reddit dies then Reddit 2.0 will show up. I say this as someone who wished every big tech company got genocided but i am under no illusions, that Musk is killing twitter is a major cope, in fact the western internet will soon look much closer to the chinese one were everything is centralized on Wechat. Decentralization won't happen

No. 1838355

4chan has been 4reddit for years, its already over. You know its past over when even tiktokers and normie tier youtubers are using wojaks and pepe edits. I'd say at this point imageboards are more influenced by normie social media than the other way around, how many times you enter an altchan and they are discussing twitter screencaps?

No. 1838378

I don't disagree that it's the case with a lot of people, but women in particular often get overlooked for hormonal and thyroid disorders that can make you fatigued, have a large appetite and hold onto fat easier. I have PCOS and was skinny fat but couldn't lose an extra 10-20 lbs to save my life, once I went on medication I could workout without feeling like I was going to pass out and the weight fell right off of me

No. 1838424

i was close to becoming an Ana-chan out of desperation and no one would believe me, they though i was just a moron who ate candy all day because i don't know better but my metabolism was the main issue fucking me over.

I wonder how many people die believing they are the issue, feeling like shit for being fat then getting terribly sick for going so long untreated. Its a small minority of the people who are fat but its real

No. 1838427

>Forums weren't killed , they were abandoned
people like the narrative of big tech companies killing forums but tech companies didn't force anyone to move their community to facebook and discord. Running a forum takes time and dedication so admins decided to move the site to social media but the userbases where haply to oblige instead of asking if someone else could take over

No. 1838449

it's just old.reddit.com. this is also how you can view restricted content without an account/without the app.

No. 1838560

sad but true, or they end up damaging their health even more

Anna Nicole Smith was a good example of this - she had to literally starve holocaust-style and do a bunch of illegal drugs to be Playboy to get fit,and it still caught up to her when she got older and wasn't even discovered until the autopsy she had a thyroid issue. i would even guess if she had proper treatment for her thyroid she would have probably been alive today

No. 1838640

I can tell you're young and confident you'll stay slim forever with the same foods and lifestyle. I was too until I started feeling like I was starving randomly even at night.

No. 1838648

it is straight up this simple, however if you burn more calories than you eat you will also feel hungry, and most fat cunts cannot tolerate the slightest discomfort for the sake of a longer-term, abstracted goal. people are poisoned by immediate gratification, fatties are obviously particularly plagued by this.

No. 1838649

i do agree that all the food is poison (literally) and making it millions of times harder to be healthy in general but also at a healthy weight tho.

No. 1838658

I have multiple accounts for different things too. I hate the thought of people looking through my post history - whether they find personal information or not

No. 1838660

Im sure she knows she's fat, but anon said she was complaining about it. Is it not logical then to suggest a solution which is to lose weight?
>we all know the motive behind telling some stranger to lose weight
What does this even mean, most people that give advice to lose weight by excercising or changing your diet come from a place of understanding. It's different ofcourse if you just say "haha fatty just lose weight lel", but i dont see the problem by giving honest advice?

PCOS really sucks, when you are already a lighter weight it become more difficult to lose weight. I'm glad you found the cause and are on medication that helps you.

No. 1838665

Isn’t PCOS literally alleviated at least somewhat by losing weight? That is what doctors suggest you to do…
You’re hilarious. If I miraculously become a starving monster that craves to devour thousands of calories and become fat I would simply ignore the urge because I have… drumroll… self control! The same thing I use to not eat sugar or drink alcohol because there is literally no good reason to. And my body thanks me for it. None of the people in my non-American family became fat after the age of 40 so clearly we’re doing just fine.

No. 1838676

OK we get it you feel superior because of your body. I'm skinny too and since I've had periods of time in which I lost appetite and literally couldn't eat without feeling sick, I have empathy for people on the opposite side of the spectrum. You sound like you don't have much else going for you than being thin, certainly not with that personality. I don't know any mentally healthy and achieved person that needs to put other people's bodies down and put themselves on pedestal, it's frankly embarrassing. I hope you grow up one day.

No. 1838683

What on earth are you yapping about. It’s putting down bodies to assert that weight loss is possible for everybody? The anon I was replying to was pretty condescending in saying “oh you must be young, you’ll be fat when you’re older” because she genuinely can’t accept that it’s not out of your control to be healthy, hence why I explained why that’s blasphemous for me in particular. 70% of the US doesn’t have hypothyroidism. Why does any conversation on this topic devolve into people like you accusing others of just being arrogant skinny people when it’s just being harsh about the truth instead of sugarcoating it. It’s like you’re either HAES or the devil.

This conversation started because an anon said it’s literally impossible to lose weight for women, my arguments are stemming from that.(derailing)

No. 1838747

Can we please post shitty reddit moids and quit sperging about weight? Make another thread if you really need to be heard on the topic.

No. 1838750

>are you yapping about
nta but go back retarded zoomer

No. 1838753

Sorry? How is “yapping” zoomer talk? Regardless, I’m done with responding on this topic now. I don’t even get how this became a discussion.

No. 1838757

>I'm skinny too
KEK I seriously doubt that.

No. 1838762

She's simply saying the truth, statistically most people with excess weight are like that because of bad habits + bad diet, not rare hormonal disorders, it is a lack of selfcontrol for most, because food can become addicting. Your natural lack of appetite or satiety cannot be compared to a learned, harmful habit to eat more than needed

No. 1838786

nta the word "yapping" has become a zoomer meme word online. idk why that anon assumed you're a zoomer though because they only use it in joke contexts, not when they're being serious

No. 1838814

I have never heard anyone using it until recently.

No. 1838850

Ironically I think it’s >>1838750
Who’s spending too much time on tiktok watching zoomers make their dumb videos.

No. 1838875

no one even said fatties with bad habits aren't the vast majority but there's still a minority of people with legit fucked up metabolism and health issues and if you are unlucky enough to be dealt that hand you'd end up killing yourself with extreme diets and exercise routines and still look bloated and get called a fattie mcfattie. At this point i hope it happens to you since you are so obtuse(infighting)

No. 1838923

wow this thread is offtopic right now. anyway i can't post screenshots because it was on the subreddit for my town, but someone in my neigbourhood was trapping pet cats and sending them to the pound. this person knew they had owners and didn't try to contact them or anything, just straight to the pound because they didn't like cats in their garden. one person wasn't even able to get their cat back. i made a post warning that this was happening. in the original post i was very careful to specify that i didn't agree with keeping cats outdoors, that i supported the animal shelter, and that this was just a warning for people to be careful because the person trapping doesn't care if it's an outdoor cat or an indoor cat that got loose, they're sending them all to the pound. which btw will euthanize animals if the board finds that they are too sick/are unadoptable. virtually all of the responses were:
>Well cats shouldn't be outside anyway!
yes very true, which is why i pointed it out in the original post.
>Why do you hate animal shelters??
i don't.
>The SPCA doesn't put down animals!
yes they do, like all public shelters.
>They can just get their pets back!
no, not if it's adopted before you can find it or if it has health issues and is put down, and someone has already lost a cat because of this.
>Well if your cat is outdoors it deserves to be trapped!
jesus christ what kind of nightmare neighbour redditors must be. trapping pets and sending them to the pound is like, cartoon villain behaviour. are you going to tie a woman to the train tracks and twirl your mustache next? just talk to your fucking neighbours like a normal person or learn to cope with animals existing sometimes. one person was bragging that they had trapped multiple cats themselves and done the same thing to 'save them' from being hit by cars. idk maybe this person lives next to a mega highway, but if there are enough surviving cats you can do that 7 or 8 times… probably not. and when someone asked them if they knew whether the shelter put down animals, they said they hadn't checked. it reminded me why i stopped using reddit, no one has any reading comprehension and the moral grandstanders are the worst on the internet.

No. 1838926

Uh, no, sounds like normal person behavior to me to send an animal to the pound if it's in your yard. Nice of you to warn people but catfags that let their cats run loose don't really give a shit they do it assuming their cat will get in a fight/squashed/etc and they just buy a new one

No. 1838931

found le redditor

No. 1838935

>sounds like normal person behavior
thought you were about to make a sarcastic joke but you're serious? God damn lol

No. 1838937

hope he gets sued and raped to death(alogging)

No. 1838938

Right? Smells like illiterate, musty old ballsacks in here.

You're doing the right thing. Cat hate spergs will always sperg. Note how they didn't read what you said and tried to derail your thread to complain about cats being outdoors (which I agree is wrong - if one of them tries it with me, it's just another example lmao). If someone comes across a cat and makes no effort to find the owner before resorting to the pound (especially if said cat literally has a collar or any other identification), 9 times out of 10, it's a retard doing it out of malice.

No. 1838939

Not everyone has the means to harbor a random bum's cat that's why the pound exists

No. 1838941

if you dont want cats in your yard just shoo them away. Cats can usually find their way home by themselves. Sending them to the pound is just giving yourself unnecessary work

No. 1838949

No one has to "harbor" them. That doesn't even make sense. Would you also capture every wild animal and send it to a wildlife rescue because you were worried you didn't have the means to support them?

No. 1838951

I avoid tiktok like the plague but I've seen adhd zoomers use this as a "sassy comeback" when someone dared to write a genuine response to a discussion.

No. 1838953

They are living where they belong cats are trespassing

No. 1838954

Leave cats alone, take Shaniqua's kids(racebaiting)

No. 1838958

File: 1704388171722.jpg (33.91 KB, 252x316, 1668616260996.jpg)

>haha so true bro inhales fuck those cats amirite

No. 1838967

You just keep proving anon right kek. Literally just ask your neighbors, I did the same when what I believed was a stray cat and found the owner within 30 minutes. You can also bring it to a vet to scan it for chips, they do it for free.

No. 1839039

I fucking hope you are baiting

No. 1839092

Don't wish illness on people, fatass

No. 1839165

You need to get a grip then and stop obsessing about zoomers. You’re starting to sound mentally ill.

No. 1839179

I agree with you, but I wouldn't even go through the trouble of a pound. I just ignore any furred animal I see as I find them distasteful.

No. 1839247

File: 1704401273225.png (67.47 KB, 883x609, Screenshot 2024-01-04 204855.p…)

Not hate but this has to be the funniest copypasta that I've seen in a while

No. 1839277

> the transmen, the transwomen (and the transchildren too)
that got me

No. 1839296

File: 1704403659649.jpeg (3.1 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_1474.jpeg)

There's a wandering cat in my neighborhood (not picrel but looks similar). He's a good boi. Knows how to avoid the street, sometimes comes up for pets, properly collared and goes home at end of day. Everyone knows he belongs to a neighbor so nobody would ever be braindead enough to send him to the pound.

Leave them cats alone

No. 1839300

Why do these idiots think using Joanne, her name, is some kind of own?

No. 1839335

Love the idea that an animal can trespass.

No. 1839339

File: 1704405561361.png (927.34 KB, 1080x5003, 1000000094.png)

The covid cautious community is my new lurk, it's amazing for spotting perpetual victims with a penchant for virtue signaling. Excuse the shit quality of the screenshot, but imagine travelling to Europe and the only thing you bring back is this novella of a post complaining about how some Brit made fun of your mask and you couldn't take the banter.

No. 1839392

No, you're shitting up the board with your lingo so either integrate or go back to twitter/tiktok.(retarded infight)

No. 1839401

You’re literally seeing “zoomer lingo” in places where it clearly isn’t because you’re that obsessive and delusional. We get it, you’re an aging millennial. Aren’t we all.(retarded infight)

No. 1839417

>we are covid cautious people and we make other people mask
if he is covid cautious why did he travel in the first place
>In London there were huge crowds
no shit? its a big city people live there. Does this guy seriously think that London is an amusement park and the only people in there are tourists?
>everyone is coughing and sneezing with something…
Almost everyone gets a cold during winter time. I do agree that people who dont cover their nose when they sneeze are gross but did this californian really not take the weather and season into consideration before traveling to a country with a colder climate?
>young maskers prefer surgical masks, unclear if they're just protecting orthers or don't know those aren't very good at protecting the wearer
I'm not from england france or belgium but different countries made different statements of what masks to wear. The board of health in my country said surgical masks where most effective. I'm not a doctor so i cant confirm it but every country had different rules and ways to deal with covid. you would think a covid conscious he would had researched these countries rules so he knew what to expect
>you had to choose between getting covid inside or lung cancer outside
ok i think smoking is disgusting and i live somewhere where most public smoking is banned too so i kinda sympathize with him here kek. But when in Rome do as the Romans do. You just need to suck it up and get used to smokers when you travel to other countries. Besides traveling to another continent with the intention of never being inside a cafe and restaurant is stupid.
>unlike the US there was no visible campaigns to get vaccinated
Again I can't speak for the countries he visited but due to different factors my country managed to deal with covid quickly and vaccinate most citizens. There was some minor ads at the beginning of winter that encouraged elder and disabled citizens to get the vaccine again. Otherwise no one talks about it anymore and the covid restrictions where lifted forever ago.
Why did he even travel in the first place if he spend the whole time worrying about covid? Isnt i a luxury for americans to go to europe? And he went there just to… be paranoid? I get being cautious if you have a disability that puts you in risk, or if you are old, or if you live in a poor country that doesnt have the capacities to take care of several sick people but otherwise spending your whole life worrying about getting sick is sad

No. 1839446

It's weird that they didn't just travel around a single country vs. going to multiple places. They went to see Christmas markets in countries without the best (stereotypical as well as niche) Christmas markets: German-speaking countries. Not like you'd find a ton of masks here, but people are somewhat considerate if you choose to wear one because there were laws about masks for quite a while. The UK and France were not known to be compliant at all, so why go there if covid is a big deal?

I am leaving some room for understanding here since I had to be careful not to contract covid before a needed surgery this fall, and my grandmother got covid and died in November, so yeah, I know what it means to be cautious. But I don't take winter trips across multiple countries and then whine about it. Just go in summer so you can be outside more, then. Or stick to one country. Weird.

No. 1839463

this is so fucking funny plz post moar

No. 1839481

>Isn’t PCOS literally alleviated at least somewhat by losing weight? That is what doctors suggest you to do…

don't be dense anon, obgyns also tell women with endo to get pregnant even though endo literally makes it difficult to get pregnant, and they throw women with any sort of gynecological issue on birth control which actually makes PCOS and endo worse. Education about obgyns are often so archaic and have very little studies, as the Anna Nicole Smith reference, you shouldn't have to go on extreme diets that make you dizzy and hungry all the time when if doctors actually prescribed the correct fucking medication for once women with those issues wouldn't need to go on 2014 tumblr anorexia diets to lose 10 lbs

also what part of "medication made it to where I could lose weight without literally starving" do you not understand?

No. 1839493

having pregnancy recommended as a "cure" for my endometriosis was quite the mindfuck, since it doesn't cure anything and i don't want a child. Imagine having a kid you never wanted and endo, I'd find a rope immediately

No. 1839502

Some of them recommend it for heavy periods too. I wasn't even sixteen when my pcp (a grown ass woman, not even some shitty moid!) said that to me. Mind boggling. The medical profession doesn't know shit about women's health, everything is lose weight this, get pregnant that. What's this? All your problems weren't solved by losing weight or having a baby? Better try birth control or antidepressants. No no no, you don't have legitimate medical issues, you just aren't trying hard enough! Makes me sick.

No. 1839535

PCOS anon here, I had to cycle through like 6 different obgyns to actually prescribe me something other than birth control, I wasn't even overweight (skinny-fat) but to lose a bit of bloat took literal starvation. It's baffling to me how many other medications can fix pcos or endo but doctors are so tunnel visioned and the "just lose weight fat ass" people make it worse

No. 1839626

what medications can fix pcos/endo? i neeeeeeeed to look them up so i can ask my doctor about them, i suffer from both

No. 1839701

PCOS - metformin and spiro
Endo -laproscopies and oralissa
Laproscopies for both really. If your doctor never even mentioned a laparoscopy and you have BOTH you need to find a new doctor

No. 1839773

I agree that they should be offering you proper medication because that is their job, but let’s not pretend that PCOS is not often induced or at least worsened by obesity or excess weight. They’re not saying this for no reason.

No. 1839780

File: 1704442351172.png (458.98 KB, 1080x834, 1000000126.png)

No. 1839800

He lost at "we thought Christmas markets would be low tourist season!!".

No. 1839804

> I wasn't even overweight (skinny-fat) but to lose a bit of bloat took literal starvation
There's some very vocal women online who are like 400 pound range and claim that they should only weigh 100 based on what they eat. That their pcos alone has put 300 plus pounds on them. People like that are why hearing 'pcos so can't lose weight' causes high scepticism now. They take something with a bit of legitimacy to it and then stretch the limits of what people will buy.

Like any condition where the most vocal ones are taking it to an extreme, they cause pushback for anyone else who shares a condition with them.

No. 1839929

Jesus christ I masked in 2021 and took the vaccines with boosters but this is just ridiculous, it's like these people made an entire identity out of masking. If you're a hypochondriac then wear a mask I guess but requiring even house guests to wear one and only eating on park benches or in a private room in fear of infection sounds like you need professional help.

No. 1839956

People will post things like “my mom just died after battling cancer for 5 months” and redditors in the comments will reply “play Tetris asap” holy fuck
If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just click on any post on /trueoffmychest

No. 1840015

Is there any way to wipe your account completely? comments and everything? I think there used to be a way but ever since the APII change I fear for the worse

No. 1840037

You can delete your comments individually and then delete your account

No. 1840042

Kek I know what they're referring to but that's such an autistic thing to say to someone grieving.

No. 1840045

Laproscopy for PCOS sounds kinda crazy to me. You must have had it really bad if you think that’s necessary.

No. 1840195

One thing I find funny about these communities is that they'll talk about how nooo we don't want to use these restrictions forever it's just while it's important! Even though everyone already knows that covid is never going to go away. So by their own logic they do want to keep all restrictions forever.
I've also noticed two distinct types. There's the first one like in these posts that are very sniffing their own farts on how much better and smarter they are, and then there's those that are legitimately very mentally ill getting told their delusions are valid. There's a concerning amount of posts where even the slightest push back from a therapist is seen as why you shouldn't go to them anymore and instead go to a approved one (one of the subs has a list).

No. 1840200

I was subbed to a lot of band/music subreddits since majority of old school forums have long died off. In the past couple of years there seem to have been influxes of people that literally don't know how to listen to music. Half of new daily threads are "I'm new to this artist, how do I get into them? what should I listen to?". What sort of retardation prevents people from opening spotify and hitting play, instead making reddit threads to ask for "any tips?"?

No. 1840213

I never said I couldn't lose weight, it was just difficult and would have to starve to lose it
it's worsened but it just seems off telling someone whos struggling to lose the last bit of weight they're just not trying hard enough and don't need medication. if they're death fat then yeah, but most women who want to lose fat but aren't technically overweight or obese get overlooked because of that attitude
laparoscopy removes cysts and can help with pain and hormone balancing

No. 1840215

NTA but eating disorders also get overlooked a lot and many obese women probably qualify for one, so telling them to just have more willpower doesn't help at all.

No. 1840216

it's a lot of people who use COVID as a scapegoat to be avoidant. they'll happily go party or shopping in crowded stores but suddenly develop the "you're literally killing grandma" mindset when they're asked to do something they don't want. As soon as the pandemic started I knew narcs were going to do exactly that

No. 1840233

These people are addicted to control.

No. 1840238

Book subreddits have this too. "Should I read this book?" or "What book do I start with?".

No. 1840277

lol I’ve seen this

No. 1840294

Could be wrong but I always thought it's attentionwhoring, like "look at me, being interested in YOUR favorite artist/genre, aren't you glad, aren't you honored?"

No. 1840309

i feel like it's the desire to optimize their listening experience,to listen to the best songs of the band, to know the songs everyone likes about them. It's like asking what are the best Christopher Nolan movies to watch to get a sense of his style and filmography

No. 1840330

That's what greatest hits albums and "this is ___" playlists on spotify are made for though. As well as the abundance of playlists curated by listeners. I don't see why every new listener needs a personally curated playlist.
There's definitely an attention seeking element in there, it amazes me how some people need to be spoonfed music.
You don't even need to search for book ratings, they're right there when googling the title, no browsing needed even. A lot of subs are becoming near unreadable due to the daily floods of new member threads. It's not even hard to filter out.

No. 1847771

> You don't even need to search for book ratings, they're right there when googling the title
And who cares what the ratings are? If a book interests you, just read it! Read reviews after if you want different perspectives. These people are seeking out validation and permission on things that don’t need that.

No. 1847779

File: 1704954936756.jpeg (241.16 KB, 1170x515, IMG_4942.jpeg)

Comments are what you’d expect. Most are removed. Someone brought up the question of how “gay for pay” (doing homosexual acts for money as a heterosexual) on the male side could be considered consensual and they pulled the “umm well actually that’s not unlike most wage labor…” card. As if lifting boxes in a warehouse can be compared to sexual exploitation. This is why I never talk about philosophy being part of my double major; some men always try to shit stir because they think they’re the smartest in the room and will pull a “gotcha!”

No. 1847781

They think about nothing else. They want your body to be so devalued that acts of intimacy are as cheap and as desensitized as possible for their personal consumption. How empty and retarded do you have to be that all you want to talk about is porn.

No. 1847784

>Are there any moral arguments against porn movies?(not moral arguments regarding women)
Have had this interaction multiple times before, man talks about the morality of porn but anything related to harming women is dismissed as not a real/relevant argument. Happened both with men who are against porn and those who support it. Extremely grim experience that genuinely affected my worldview

No. 1847787

Here’s my moral argument for him: you’re a loser who has to watch other people have sex on a screen

No. 1847800

just looking at their debased lives of porn addiction would be enough argument for most people that it is not a healthy mentality or lifestyle choice but Libertarian manchildren can't really conceive of any system of ethics that goes beyond pure hedonism.

>Normal person: heroin is bad for you, keep heroin away from children

> Reddit walks in: "Well achshually…" tips fedora it feels good and morals BAD so heroin GOOD. Edit: thanks for the gold kind strangers

No. 1847806

> just looking at their debased lives of porn addiction would be enough argument for most people that it is not a healthy mentality or lifestyle choice
Reddit OP’s account history is video games, religion bad, anime, and a bunch of really specific weird shit regarding porn and nudity in movies. Like look in the mirror bro. The jokes write themselves.

No. 1847821

The uber redditor.

In reddit its either bots or real users who behave exactly as if they were bots.

No. 1847825

my favorite is r/fuckcars people who hate cars and think you should drive your children and elderly relatives in a bycicle cart but they still think its essential to order from ubereats every single day and get their amazon packages on time.

No. 1847848

I understand more if it’s a book, since it takes longer to read a book than listen to a song, and you likely have to pay for it unless you can borrow a copy. But how long does a song take to listen to? Usually 3 - 6 minutes. Come the fuck on.

No. 1847878

Men really think they're doing something whenever they play this game. As if they're cornering people into admitting actually no its perfectly moral if.. you just disregard all those important morals

No. 1848015

Wait is it the guy who constantly goes on rants about how female actresses don't want to be nude in movies anymore and are being convinced by feminists that they're 'too good' for it? Or are there multiple guys on reddit who are weird about nudity in movies.

No. 1849308

File: 1705050766328.png (415.05 KB, 535x680, GDlSoeDWgAAjHmH.png)

talking of porn addiction. I can't imagine living with a man who watches porn, let alone one who's willing to destroy his perfect life for it

No. 1850054

Why do scrotoids write these paragraphs out with specific attention to detail about how their lives are ~so ruined~? Is it also part of their self sabotage kink/terminal coom addiction? Reddit scrotes come across as exceptionally unhinged.

No. 1852934

File: 1705188736853.png (202.24 KB, 800x1262, LongScreenshot_20240114-002033…)

It gets even worse once you check out the pickme's account.


No. 1853003

>to have my life ruined
ie to ruin my life
>that my wife was unwilling to do
ie she rightfully wouldn’t let me degrade her so I paid to degrade another woman
>a nightmare that I am now living every day
ie some stupid coomer shit I did to myself

God I hope she gets free of this disgusting leech.

No. 1853028

File: 1705195443714.jpeg (402.12 KB, 1125x2103, IMG_0164.jpeg)

please I want to be able to not look at gross old ugly men in my women subs?!

No. 1853029

File: 1705195522253.jpeg (Spoiler Image,135.81 KB, 498x1280, IMG_0163.jpeg)

samefag, open with caution

No. 1853030

fuck, I hate trannies so m uch.

No. 1853034

Women with rape fantasies are pornsick or using unhealthy coping mechanisms. I really doubt this many normie women have rape fantasies no matter how hard pickmes try and push the narrative.

No. 1853038


No. 1853041


No. 1853042

What women have are closer to ravishment fantasies than rape fantasies because by definition it's not rape if you want it. The ones with actual rape fantasies are men.

No. 1853046

Whenever this slop gets peddled out with such a matter-of-fact tone, it makes me seethe. It's always the naturalistic fallacy with these people. What a lazy argument. Prostitution has been done since the beginning of time, every woman has rape fantasies, men naturally are attracted to young women, therefore all of these things are good. I don't care if most women have rape fantasies. Every adult woman could have a rape fantasy and I still wouldn't care because that's irrelevant to the fact that it's bad for women. Once this fact is acknowledged, we can debate origin (which we all know stems from existing in a misogynist society, with rapey, boundary pushing "love" storylines promoted by degenerate rapey Hollywood males as the gold standard for romance)

No. 1853068

Trannies never suprise me. He looks like an old restaurant owner or something wtf.

No. 1853072

File: 1705197849115.png (7.74 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_3373.png)

Accidentally came across this sub when searching for izzzyizz. Not using langangue that does anything but praise trannies for breathing is bannable but not saying nasty shit about random women. Do men even watch her videos for the content? Or is it just the coom?

No. 1853080

A woman's "rape fantasies" are not and never will be actual rape. In their fantasies, they control who it is, how much force they use, when they start, when they stop. No woman truly fantasizes about rape, only men fantasize about the idea that women secretly want to be raped.

No. 1853327

Exactly, any sort of female "rape" fantasy is day and night levels different to scrote rape fantasies. The common sort of female fantasy frequently coined as a "rape" fantasy is not portrayed as being violent or degrading, with no sort of real force or fear. The reason the woman often says "no" (but notably has no sort of fighting back) is because that's supposed to be the shame get of jail free card for the sexually repressed women who fantasize about this sort of thing. The purpose is supposed to make her feel like since she said no, her getting to have enjoyable sex doesn't make her a slut. There's also a component of wanting to feel wanted. Retarded men will pretend like soooo many women fantasize about and want to get raped, when in reality its not women being kinky or disgusting, its women making narrative loopholes in their fantasies to override the bad feelings they've been socially conditioned to feel about sex. Ideally they should become conscious of this and overcome it, but its still dumb to act like the fantasy is something its not

No. 1853433

holy shit the monopoly man sure has fallen from grace

No. 1853641

no wonder shes trooning out

No. 1853679

not doing a very good job, she is the most affeminate looking woman in the universe.

No. 1854830

File: 1705276854845.png (310.54 KB, 1919x918, ozempic.png)

The ozempic subreddits (/r/ozempic and /r/ozempicforweightloss) has some humorous posts from entitled people who are using the drug to become "skinny." For those who are unaware, there is a significant shortage of the medication due to the surge in people using it out of vanity.
I'm really sick of the normalization of transhumanism. I won't have any sympathy for these idiots who get sick because they sourced their ozempic from a dodgy medspa. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/ozempic-semaglutide-fda-warning-compound-drug-1234766348/

No. 1854835

File: 1705277043026.jpg (298.91 KB, 715x1109, ozempic.jpg)

They should be careful. There are many people reporting bad side effects from it.

No. 1854837

Jesus christ that's fucked. I hope she doesn't see those posts. I hate men.

No. 1854852

Alot of people where I am were managing to get the government to pay for it before they realized just how bad the shortage was getting. And telling all their friends to run to the doc and get it for free! Costs a thousand a pop, the upset stomach gets too much for them after a few grand has already been spent and they come off it only to swiftly regain every pound back.

I still feel bad for anyone perma fucked up by it but I'm sick of people being surprise pikachu faced because the drug known for giving you the runs gave you the runs after you begged for it and gladly let someone else pay the bill.

No. 1854877

“Petite” and meanwhile the moid in question is built like despicable me gru

No. 1854878

That's weird, I thought the idea was that you can't poop. Some lady I know couldn't poop for 10 days. I actually have to watch out and make sure I can poop at least once every 2 days or I will bloat and feel like a water balloon full of shit.

No. 1854895

How are people without diabetes getting this? Are they paying out the ass or is it with insurance? My mom is morbidly obese and has diabetes and insurance won't pay for it

No. 1854897

Watching youtubers share their OZ experiences, the strong theme was constipation at first (during the this is great stage, everyone should try this) followed by a world of diarrhea that leaves you housebound. Then they quit and people in the comments are like oh no I just started this at your recommendation.

No. 1854948

Depends. A lot of insurances are wising up and only paying for it if it's for diabetes and will even say specifically that they NEVER cover it for weight loss. I had a patient try and get their ozempic but the diagnosis on their prescription literally translated to "morbid obesity due to excess calories" lol which their insurance did not cover. Unfortunately there's still a few insurances that will pay for it for weight loss, usually the doctor has to do a prior authorization though. A lot of patients also pay with manufacturer coupons that can bring it down to only 25 bucks a pop. I have had a few that paid out of pocket for it, they're that desperate.

No. 1855028

>After speaking with her doctor, West went to a weight loss clinic that had partnered with a compound pharmacy. Now, she spends only $100 a month for a maintenance-level dosage.

No. 1855147

File: 1705298114061.png (341.32 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4377.png)

I love r/zerocovidcommunity

No. 1855210

File: 1705301015694.png (680.5 KB, 750x1087, 9781B9CE-F4A5-4D7C-8B04-150575…)

In my soul I just cannot believe this to be real. Seems like something a Redditor would make up about his quirky girlfriend

No. 1855229

I want to believe this is real. That lady sounds like a riot to be around. Shame it's probably made up for updoots.

No. 1855252

Why do Reddit couples always have a 10-year age gap with an older man? Like I swear every time I see these relationship posts it's always "36M" and "26F" or "38M" and "23F". I never see posts with the man being 5 years older tops unless they're both in their 40s or older.

No. 1855283

It's probably gonna stay that way until it's fully proven, as of now it's still an experimental medicine, its side effects are not well known

No. 1855289

Jesus Christ. These people are going to wear masks for the rest of their lives

No. 1855296

Absolutely fucking heinous, she's fully clothed in all her videos, only shows her body from shoulders up, puts on intentionally unflattering excessive clown makeup, identifies as a themlet, makes content about old media mostly for women yet still gets disgusting scrotoids going like this. There's no way for women to escape being objectified. Scrotes must be eradicated.

No. 1855351

i cannot for the life of me understand why these people don't just get on stimulants if they want to be skinny. it would be so much easier to either fake your way to an ADHD diagnosis or find someone in your life who has one, and acquire stimulants that way. and to my knowledge there's rarely shortages of those meds.
>For those who are unaware, there is a significant shortage of the medication due to the surge in people using it out of vanity.
ot rant but in my country, some medical companies have left the program that allows prescribed medications to be state-subsidized, and cheaper to patients, so they can sell ozempic at market prices to pharmacies make bigger profits. pharmacies who purchase from these companies can also set prices on these medications themselves, since they're not covered by the cost ceiling, to increase their own profits. hence only the people who are able to pay very high prices will have access to ozempic during shortages, not necessarily diabetics/people who need it the most. it's easy to get angry at the people with no beetus who hog these meds for vain reasons but it's actually the companies and govs' fault for allowing it to happen. arguably blame can also be attributed to doctors who prescribe this to non diabetics.

No. 1855354

I have noticed this too, especially if they are a poly/threesome/bdsm couple. And every time the woman is older it turns out to be a TIM dating a TIF.

No. 1855379

>and to my knowledge there's rarely shortages of those meds
I don't know what country you're in, but in USA they've now put so many people on stimulants that there's always major shortages every single year as they artificially throttle the supply in an attempt to forcefully wean a percentage of the people off the medications. That's why you'll start to see people getting real desperate around October, as the year's supply of adderall like drugs starts to run out.

No. 1855404

Stimulants frequently have shortages and are not good for your health.

No. 1855408

i did not know that. i assumed because they're so many variants there would be less shortages, whereas with ozempic it's a new drug and not many others like it, if any at all, afaik.
ozempic is clearly not good for your health either, and i don't think people who take it for unnecessary weight loss give a fuck anyway

No. 1855445

Lol who wants to be wanted by a rapist/moid? brainrot. Any woman with "rape fantasies" is a retard; period. Reddit always solidifies what's fucked up and dysfunctional about men and het women. Het women are mentally fucked in the head >>1852934 actively policing each other for objecting to moid rape fetishes then coping that ackshually its a "ravishment" fantasy >>1853042 as if their rape definitions are any different. Men will always have an inherent power imbalance over women and that is the source of the fetish, not this retarded liberal feminist idea of ravishment/controlled "non-con". You cannot by definition control rape. >>1853080 >>1853327 Muddying definitions is not conducive to womens safety. Its not fair that all women are painted by the same brush because of this retarded logic. Conceding that most women want to be raped is not a win and will only damage women further.

An anon wrote about "feeling bad" for the cuckqueen woman who she cheating with a moid on ala intrasexual competition on some misc /ot/ thread not that long ago. Its purely for attention and oneupmanship. Remember that this is an anonymous forum like Reddit so the only purpose is personal gratification. To signal to others (in this case other women) that they are more powerful. Women memeing about desirability and ravishment shit are no different. Men confess to cheating for the exact same reason; because its a fetish, its humiliating for the cheatee, and its oneupmanship/intrasexual signalling that they're more superior than the cheatee and other men. The only difference is women pretend to moralfag about themselves cuckqueening other het women because het women police other women through the guise of "slut shaming" for the sake of men. Men generally don't police slut shaming or cheating because they don't care about women or any woman's opinion on cheating. Cuckqueening is always powerful for a woman, its prime intrasexual behavior hence why homewrecker shit is fetishized by both genders but pretended by women to be negative. Women don't police their ranks unless its to uphold the coddling of men, and the collective reputation of women as men perceive it. Women don't police each other if it hurts other women and girls hence the morons saying a rape fetish is actually "ravishment" when the heavily down voted post in that same Reddit thread had the right idea "please don't tell me its taboo so women won't express it". Retards here attempting to disguise rape fetishists as ravishment are making the same point as raeynad and the rest of these pickme retards. Moral fagging on mens behalf is intrasexual competition in women so most anons shrugged off the anon cheating with some moid and pitied the cuckqueen as the pathetic cuckqueen she was made by the cheating anon. Everyone pretends they hate men while secretly fucking other women over by projecting that we want to raped by men. Look at the replies to that comment thread attempting to characteristic rape as a "ravishment fantasy". As much as a echo chamber this site can be, this is truly harmful.

I don't think you've got the right idea. Firstly you're wrong; the naturalistic fallacy doesn't extend to behavior practiced by humans like fucking prostitution or rape fantasies. Rape is something male animals do regularly but no female animals are having "rape fantasies". Also if rape fetishises in women are biological then what do you do? No amount of "debate" will change this shit. What more is there to be discussed here? No one even here on this site wants to discuss it lets be honest; its grounds for wrong think even here too where freespeech is supposed to be greater protected and extended to women. I don't disagree with your observations; obviously you're right that society is misogynistic, that pedowood and the fetish of power imbalance of women and men are touted by het society as love and romance, but just bringing up these obvious observations is not the be all end all to that discussion. Many women refuse to see it in the first place let alone coming up with solutions to this. Whats more women aren't allowed to criticize each other about this shit since they will police each other into conformity status quo that happens to always appease men. Women come up with excuses for rape fetishes like "ravishment", wanting to be "desired" (I'd think wanting to be desired would be related to respect kek but apparently its being overpowered and fucking raped). That is what actually needs to be discussed imo, the coming up with elaborate excuses to defend these moronic women. Instead we should be decrying this stupid shit for what it is.

No. 1855457

>It's not a rape fantasy because unlike in rape it's a woman in control of the situation deciding who she's having consensual sex with and the power dynamic being based on her being so desirable and attractive as a person that the other person can't control themselves
Blackpill schizos at it again

No. 1855466

Do you ever shut the fuck up? You vicious schizo

No. 1855476

YWN be manifestochan. You lack her quick wit, her intellect and most importantly, her acute empathy and understanding of the world around her. You’re just a hamfisted moron bleating out your sexual frustration into the void.

No. 1855477

Keep replying, that’ll teach ‘em.

No. 1855537

how are stimulants not good for your health? just done abuse them

No. 1855543

File: 1705331438245.png (33.03 KB, 690x483, longtermstimmeds.PNG)

Most adhd meds are amphetamines or methylphenidates, you can take those as directed and still have health issues because you're taking what is practically prescription meth. Heart and blood pressure problems are most common and a reason even diagnosed adhders sometimes have to go off their meds

No. 1855549

eh well its a trade off worth having a better quality of life. and there are plenty of people who have been on the same low dose for years and avoid as much stress/caffeine as possible. and dont take them everyday lol.

No. 1855559

Legit question, have you known anyone who has a better qol on adhd meds? I've met over a dozen (early diagnosed so less likely to be tiktok fakers) adhders and it's literally impossible to tell when any of them have had their meds because they're just as hyper, distracted, and insufferable with or without them. Would love to know if there's anything to that or if I've just had the misfortune of only encountering treatment-resistant speds.

No. 1855580

>Posted by u/HunterSchafer69

No. 1855586

sorry if i came off as too defensive! i have been on a lower dose for 6 years now (so i guess im not in the sample pool you mention) for binge eating and adhd. i was morbidly obese at 16 years old due to ptsd and doctors kept throwing me onto antidepressants and not tackling the issue.

i dont agree with this approach for most children but its what saved my life and eventually allowed me to be healthier now. i can even stick to normal calories on days i skip it, and as i became of age i was able to get therapy i still go to etc.

i do plan to get off one day, but it saved me as i was already pre diabetic at age 16 and going to suffer heart problems if i kept that up anyway. im very chatty and hyper but vyvanse allows me to ground myself and focus far better, personally. i can complete online assignments and get an average amount of work done. but ive also learned to discipline myself and skip it and do mostly okay.

again i plan to get off of it in a couple of yearsso i cant speak for long long term people. just that it certainly helped me. my only concerns would be the heart issues as you mentioned but ive really taken ahold of those with yoga/VERY limited caffeine, no other substances, exercise.

i know a lot of people who take stimulants also vape or smoke which just increases their risk, too

No. 1855600

Oh nonny no you're good, you don't come off defensive at all and I hope I didn't come off as trying to fight. I just genuinely didn't know anyone who functions on adhd meds and wanted to hear about other experiences and hope my perspective isn't accurate. I'm glad you're doing okay with your meds and I'm extra glad they stopped trying to put you on antidepressants! Hate that they put minors on antidepressants at all without ever trying to help their life issues, but that's a rant for another thread.

No. 1855916

Because it's a made up story, so this moid is probably coping about balding by pretending he could still snag a quirky, dorky, cute 20something gf. And because moids are bottomless pits of greed, he has something to complain about even in his made up fantasy.

No. 1855999

File: 1705354352358.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x2171, IMG_8550.jpeg)

women on reddit have no standards

No. 1856014

>i know a lot of people who take stimulants also vape or smoke which just increases their risk, too
i tried to search for this but couldn't find anything specific, do you have more info?

No. 1856073

nicotine increases heart rate

No. 1856188

>go on for first time in months
>quickly find a thread whining about food inflation
>the "grocery haul" the OP posted is filled to the brim with expensive processed crap that not even good for you
>point out that they're spending close to 4x more money than necessary
>everyone dogpiles me for supposedly only eating rice and beans because I assume nobody on Reddit knows how to cook
I've come to the conclusion that users of that site choose their own suffering. Fuck em.

No. 1856204

Wtf I just opened it then opened pinterest and was met with a moid on the right in some magazine cover saying "I'm not just the token irish hunk". Is LC haunted? And dude needs to lose weight to say the least

No. 1856206

>slowly transitioning
Can't even put in the effort to shave the mustache. Fuck outta here.

No. 1856216

No, they are bad, especially if you don't have adhd to begin with. What do you think they do to the brain of someone without adhd? it's already not amazing for people with adhd since you can develop resistance towards them, actually destroying your focus. That's why i don't even take them despite having adhd.
You can read my post above, but stimulants shouldn't be the end all be all for adhd. I've taken them and i don't really like them. Imo, they are only helpful if you are in education because of how long you need to focus for and the abnormal amount of attention you need held onto boring shit. Really, the best way to deal with adhd is to have a lifestyle works around it, everything down to how you organise things and what job you end up doing.

No. 1856240

File: 1705370024000.jpeg (137.04 KB, 669x377, IMG_6964.jpeg)

From a thread on how girls and women outperform males at all levels of education. Men are genuinely so fucking delusional and stupid it makes you wonder how they survive the day to day world. The entire history of humans is dominated by men’s achievements and accomplishments, men’s wars, men’s inventions, men’s theories, men’s literature… but as soon as schooling skews towards women it’s the poor widdle men we should all be catering to.

No. 1856283

All they had to do was shut the fuck up and pay attention when the teacher was talking. Sick of people acting like K-12 was like getting a doctorate in theoretical physics or some shit.

No. 1856317

omg the whole "schools are tuned for girls" is such infuriating bullshit that tradcons and MRAs cry about all the time. For thousands of years women were banned from education because societies believed girls/women were too stupid for school. Now in modern age, not only we realized that's false but women are better at education. Not much has changed for centuries - sit the fuck down, pay attention, get your shit done, and prove it you learned. But now that women out perform men in school, now "men/boys are left behind" BOOHOO. God i'm so fucking tired of these literally stupid males whining because they're fucking stupid and lazy in schools but as usual it's womens "fault". boo fucking hoo.

No. 1856337

I also hate hearing shit like "why didn't they teach us real stuff in school like taxes?" Uhhhhhh because you wouldn't have paid attention to that either you fucking retard. You think someone who can't even prove they can solve for x is going to be taught accounting?

No. 1856424

Go to any Nando's restaurant in Bongland or Ireland and you'll see a pair of these cheeky lads.

No. 1856460

File: 1705379562789.jpeg (862.09 KB, 1284x1654, IMG_2074.jpeg)

This is so pathetic. Not a single thought for the women who are trafficked and raped on camera. Hate these stupid pickmes.

No. 1856466


No. 1856638

>also hate hearing shit like "why didn't they teach us real stuff in school like taxes?" Uhhhhhh because you wouldn't have paid attention to that either you fucking retard.

No. 1856660

Nobody was worried about school pandering to one gender until girls started outperforming boys in recent decades kek. Every study out there proves that the boys' decline in their academic performance is due to them being video game addicted hedonistic ragetards who think reading and studying is "faggy" but sure yeah it's because evil feminist teachers giving girls better grades just to spite men and schools being built to oppress boys for not giving them gold star stickers every time they manage to sit through a class.

No. 1856666

When I had facebook, someone I knew (some old 40s something karen I had worked with) put a post up with a photo of what she went to buy at the store and complained it cost $150.
Since it was a small town with 1 store I used the grocery store app to put the items in a cart to see how much it added up to really. $60.
I guess she left out of the pict the cigarettes' I know she chain smokes.
All of that food was just packets of chips, child puddings and just other processed junk. Not one bit of veg or fruit.

No. 1856686

Raging pickme and cope kek

No. 1856687

Good luck always being second best to a trafficked teen (which he totally swears he's not into it just popped up he was looking for '34 year old average girl with stretchmarks having respectable sex with her husband' he swears!!!) and living with a man who sees women as objects and respects them as such.

No. 1856822

This made me kek

No. 1856996

Why do reddit women always have to make these grandstanding posts sucking off men. Is it men disguised as women? I've seen like 6 posts that are this type of thing on varying topics

No. 1857002

I had a friend who believed the "college is built for women's learning style thats why men perform worse" and when I pointed out women couldn't even go for college for the longest time he had nothing to say besides "it's based on obedience and repeating back information , that's why women do better". Then wtf is men's learning style? Hands on? If that's the case how do you propose to teach a lecture hall of 300 students hands on learning about biology, and then wouldn't the women perform worse? They just need to cope anyway they can and complain about men not being treated with favoritism and then provide no solution for the problem

No. 1857066

I've noticed a lot of women on reddit thirst over this joe alwyn dude now that he's broken up with taylor swift… but why? He is the blandest looking motherfucker I've ever seen and I could not even name you a single one of his movies. I swear nobody gave a shit about him before they split.

No. 1857099

He looks like somebody who would make manosphere videos.

No. 1857109

I just couldn't make it through reading the whole thing, posts like this make me want to attack the OP like a feral hog

No. 1857116

I think they’re ok looking but the bar is in hell, kek. Compare it to any 'two pretty girl best friends' post.

A lot of them feel sympathy for him because of how obsessed her fans were with calling him jobless and nitpicking him because he broke up with their muh queen. But tbh after I read some of her lyrics about him I kinda get what the fuss is about.

No. 1857146

Not to mention they have no respect for authority figures in school (who are mostly women, coincidentally). But sure, it’s the schools’ fault for not giving boys 5 recess breaks in between lessons as MRAs and tradtards like to suggest. It’s because boys are energetic , not because they lack any sort of patience or discipline, right?
Even if there were schools tailored specifically for this “learning style”, boys would still perform poorly. They do worse in single-sex learning environments because they can’t leech off of girls. The only way I could see boys improving is by sending them all to strict military boarding schools where they can’t play fortnite or watch tiktok.

No. 1857157

Just deleted my account. Used to browse r/collapse and r/aboringdystopia and i cant deal with how pathetic reddit doomers are. Not that everything is fine, but their lives revolve around doom scrolling and being miserable

No. 1857162

I've come to completely hate doomers. If they believed what they said then suicide would be objectively the best possible move and more reassuring and staying alive. Every time somebody starts replying to every comment in a chain with doomer shit I have to ask why they are posting online instead of getting drunk and ending it.

No. 1857168

Agreed lol. I fully believe in a lot of things going to shit because of climate change but I think they WANT things to go wrong, they want everyone else to be miserable and depressed as them

No. 1857179

I feel the same way about preppers. They act like they're just "being prepared" but you can tell a ton of them fetishize being right and are waiting for whatever event justifies going out and killing their neighbor.

No. 1857188

I completely fucking despise them because all they REALLY want to do is give up, so they can eternally wallow in self indulgent hedonism like a pig in shit AND feel self righteous about it at the same time. They never have to be critical of themselves or their behaviour and habits, never have ambition, never help anyone else out and never achieve shit AND they can also look down upon and sneer at others who actually do something with their fucking lives. “Look at them wasting their time working hard and developing skills and helping the less fortunate! Don’t they know it’s all meaningless and we are all gonna die hurrr durrr! I’m so much smarter than them!” They can all go to hell I swear.

No. 1857195

>They never have to be critical of themselves or their behaviour and habits, never have ambition, never help anyone else out and never achieve shit
I feel this and Reddit is the absolute worse about this regardless of board. They want to blame [corporation] for something but still consume whatever [corporation puts out]. When challenged on it they say it's not the individuals job to correct an entities issues, which is true, but they conveniently forgot that no entity is going to change if you reward them for bad behavior. Like, I swear the average Redditor thinks McDonalds makes shitty fast food and plastic toys out of the goodness of its heart instead of because its profitable and moron normies buy it.

No. 1857198

He’s right. Men aren’t built for learning, they’re built for manual labour, killing each other and ejaculating.

No. 1857207

>it's not the individuals job to correct an entities issues
How convenient. That way they get to bawwww about capitalism and climate change to their hearts content whilst still reaping the benefits. Screeching about nestle while stuffing kitkats into their gob, because sticking to your principles is just too much work and ~ uwu not their circus not their monkeys ~. They should be blackpill doomers about how hopelessly worthless THEY are because that’s more accurate.

No. 1857214

Antiwork really exposed me to how pathetic reddit users are. It was constantly doing numbers for shit like "my boss fired me for not showing up for 5 days" or "my boss wouldn't give me some completely unreasonable demand". I'm really surprised it didn't completely collapse when this interview with a mod aired on fox news.

No. 1857217

A movie acted by who, ma'am?
>Hurr durr that trafficked porn star who was abused as a child and turned to porn because it was the only thing she knew is totally fictional and I don't care that my husband is watching it so ofc it's totally morally ethical and you're all prudes and puritans and soooo vanilla for being against the normalized widespread abuse of women!!
She needs a brutal fucking reality check.

No. 1857218

Didn’t it turn out that guy was a rapist tranny or something? Am I thinking of some other Reddit mod?

No. 1857221

Reddit does not seem to understand that no rational politician is going to regulate something that is popular. You absolutely need to communicate that you think something as shit and you wouldn't mess up the reelection campaign of somebody who takes care of it. USDA and poor farming practices is the main sore spot for me. Retards just don't seem to grasp that the less these products sell, the less money there is, the less political influence there is, the more your local officials can get away with.

No. 1857227

>That way they get to bawwww about capitalism and climate change to their hearts content whilst still reaping the benefits.
Reddit wants a less exploitative industrial society or even degrowth but also wants to be as rich as their parents were. A contradiction if I ever saw one.

No. 1857231

File: 1705438109274.jpeg (267.52 KB, 2048x607, 21Mi9rK.jpeg)

TL;DR his GF felt uncomfortable having sex. He kept jacking off in bed to her while she was asleep. Makes the whole thing about woo is me, I'm such a victim.
Also yes, very tranny. I'd imagine she felt he'd go all buffalo bill if she tried to dump him.

No. 1857232

based, will comment this next time i see a reddit scrote complaining

No. 1857235

File: 1705438311979.jpg (711.82 KB, 1077x1662, n2p1hFd.jpg)

Was also in grooming queer teens

No. 1857236

File: 1705438392229.png (397.29 KB, 960x628, 1703122441996.png)

reddit is the most amazing controlled opposition you could ask for because no matter the issue redditors will always turn it into a retarded laughinstock and make it unpalatable.Don't forget how redditors just about killed the atheism movement simply by being cringe.

It doesn't matter your belief system, the best think you could hope for is for your opposition to be redditors.

No. 1857239

>"Looking forward" to masturbating

No. 1857242

Imagine making your whole raison d'etre about something you don't do. I don't like basketball, I don't organise marches about how great non like basketball is, don't create forums about how basketball players are idiots, spend time circle jerking about how we're better than basketball fans. It's so fucking retarded

No. 1857263

there's gotta be at least one subreddit where they hate basketball and blame the sport existing as the reason their life suckjs. Something about how fans are assholes for paying for tickets instead of giving that money to redditors so they can pay rent and wishing a totalitarian government to ban basketball in the name of science . Its exactly the reddit thing to do

No. 1857268

This is especially disgusting to read because you can tell it’s some greasy teenage boy.

No. 1857295

Sounds like you take more issue with his dismissal of religion than his enthusiasm for women being raped and abused on film… I would say it's more like he doesn't like basketball but he does love seeing the players being violated for his sexual pleasure, and he's relieved he doesn't enjoy basketball enough to have any moral compunctions about it

No. 1857308

File: 1705441225265.jpeg (59.13 KB, 960x896, e4GXs2n.jpeg)

look at you twisting every word i said just to be mad

No. 1857323

>jerk off all day every day
This is disgusting. Makes me sick. Either he’s a student that has no responsibilities outside of school yet, or a jobless loser that thinks this is somehow a flex. If that’s all you live for that’s pathetic. Maybe he’ll troon out from consuming too much porn, get his dick cut off, and lose all hope in life because he can’t reach the coom anymore.

No. 1857324

Yeah true. I was raised in a pretty secularised country so I don't really get how toxic religion can be first hand.

No. 1857331

wut, how is she being edgy lol

No. 1857346

Yeah sure I just thought it was weird to jump on something normal (being an atheist and talking about it) instead of something offensive and horrible (being smug over your lack of guilt regarding rape on tape).

No. 1857393

Just ignore her.

No. 1857397

File: 1705444080803.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x2211, IMG_2082.jpeg)

OP is also into polyamory and is apparently trying to enter a relationship with a guy that is chasing 20-year-old girls. Didn’t post everything because it’s all retarded. Real pickme loser.

No. 1857408

File: 1705444339062.jpeg (124.94 KB, 700x695, IMG_5364.jpeg)

>let’s call him badger
You mean Brandon Mayhew?

No. 1857545

>”His lifestyle actually match better with that age category”
>they’re 10-15 years younger than he is
Eww. Major cope. I hate people that think old men are better with younger women.

No. 1857723

Talking about him doing BDSM in a fucking subreddit for teens? How did he not get banned after that

No. 1858058

Everyone comes out of the woodwork to scream about how "men made everything" and then push female inventions under the rug. Yet he's mad moids don't get worshipped more than they're already being worshipped? Funny how when women fail men use it as a reason to oppress us, when men fail it's because we should've changed the whole system to cater towards them

No. 1858280

File: 1705473586428.png (334.27 KB, 661x618, Screenshot.png)

what >>1857116 said, I really didn't care much about him initially, but seeing swifites trying to go through insane mental gymnastics and go out of their way to portray him as a bad person got me to actually sympathize with him. Just a few weeks ago, he made a pro-Palestine post, and this was a few hours before Taylor's birthday, the swifties concluded that this was a nefarious plot by him to overshadow her birthday. There's a weird childishness to it, like they keep calling him 'jobless' as if it means anything. the weird thing he hasn't even mentioned Taylor since the break-up. and yet they are still obsessing over him.

No. 1858429

File: 1705483749127.jpg (466.62 KB, 966x2571, Screenshot_20240117-092817.jpg)

there's a retarded e-thot calling people slurs in an attempt to get them to look at her instagram in r/handwriting of all places

No. 1858435

This is some end level negging

No. 1858555

Isn't this empathchan? I think I remember there being a thread on her.

No. 1858558

File: 1705500096089.png (202.8 KB, 486x578, Untitled.png)

absolutely pathetic moid fantasy story

No. 1858569

idk if you’ve ever been on the r/collapse discord server, but this is exactly what they’re like. They’re all into polyshit, cooming, constantly talking about how autism makes them superior while also talking about how it makes them miserable and lonely.

No. 1858583

The reason why this is fake is because if this was true, he wouldn't be grateful enough to write like this about his wife. %90 of women cook and clean daily for their bfs but the men still complain on reddit about not getting enough xyz, the only boasting stories they post are about their imaginary gfs that belong to their favorite porn category of the week.

No. 1858587

Terminally straight women are cucks with no respect for themselves and are proud to flaunt their humiliation to other straight women.

Don't apologise, you said nothing "edgy" you spoke the truth. And besides if you did say anything edgy, calling someone edgy is not a counter argument to anything nor a proper response. Maybe the AYRT could self analyze why they found your accurate post "edgy".

No. 1858591

I've never been on the discord, but that doesnt surprise me considering every time someone posted an article about studies on lonliness (which, too loose of a fit for that subreddit) ALL the comments were them saying how they had no friends, romantic relationships, or family relationships.

No. 1858597

Poly relationships are cringy. Imagine a bunch of autistic ugly fatties fighting for each other's attention and boiling with jealousy yet still trying to fuck other people on the side because they secretly don't find their partners attractive enough

No. 1858598

OK I've never read the empathchan threads but I took a look at it just now and yes it's her kek. Wild that I encountered a cow randomly on reddit

No. 1858600

poly people are the people who were nerdy late bloomers growing up so now they feel the need to compensate and make sure everything knows they fuck by having multiple casual relationships and/or being into weird kinks

No. 1858605

She admits to falling in love with fictional characters which kind of already makes her a literal schizophrenic. Imagine thinking your unhealthy feelings towards non-existent men is the same as your partner consuming videos of women that were probably trafficked.

No. 1859369

File: 1705539955815.jpeg (Spoiler Image,327.09 KB, 827x1645, 205952AA-2EBC-461C-AF65-F9BCA8…)

Spoilered for tranny in a bikini. Gotta love how that commenter is feigning ignorance while you can clearly see that Dylan troon is built like a goddamn lincoln log. This subreddit is probably catnip to TRAs though considering yuri is in the title.

No. 1859470

how dare they compare a skinny rectangular troon to a woman with one of the most famous hourglass figures of all time

No. 1859513

No cap because the post was nuked but gotta love when the “old men marrying teenage girls has never been the norm” backed with actual data comment has over a hundred downvotes.

No. 1859602

File: 1705551208600.jpg (48.92 KB, 886x752, 3n6sm4eq5raa1.jpg)

>read no cap like this
I need to purge my mind

No. 1859663

Women have to start pushing back against the male "free spirit" bullshit. These scrotes are just scamming single women for wife work, then flitting off like Peter Pan when it's their turn to provide something. They don't need time or space to figure things out. They aren't exploring life or growing. They're just greedy, lazy, selfish shitbags. They all have a million pipe dreams to hang over your head like the sword of Damocles, yet they will still be the same worthless scrotes in 10 or 20 years.

No. 1859696

File: 1705562681759.jpeg (214.31 KB, 756x773, IMG_1859.jpeg)


No. 1859699

It's convenient that he leaves out that his very existence contributes to many of those problems listed.

No. 1859700

moids really will just type out any word salad then hit "post" huh

No. 1859726

wait he's admitting it's better to be a man. I thought men were actually the oppressed ones according to most of reddit?

No. 1859745

Reading this wondering whether my tits are 'full length' yet or not.

No. 1859767

Why are they so obsessed with piss. Like if a species that shitted standing up came to earth would they be like wow my natural superior!!!

No. 1859769

I was gonna say this dude mentioned piss a bunch of times, he probably has a fetish. I could make a list of 50 advantages to being a man and none of them would involve urine or urinating.

No. 1859780

File: 1705574280377.jpeg (519.94 KB, 1170x1452, IMG_1980.jpeg)

Such a weird mentality

No. 1859782

I don’t know, being 7 years old and just assuming they look like you is the most normal reason for mentally race swapping characters I’ve seen. Unless they went back and read it again it would probably be stuck in their memory that way.

No. 1859786

So all of them admit even at a young age they were perfectly happy and able to imagine the character as whatever they wanted without any forced "representation", yet that's somehow an argument FOR representation? All they did was prove that it wasn't necessary, and also that white people writing white as the default is natural as that's typically what's around them - just like the asian person said.(racebaiting)

No. 1859828

Even when males try to empathize, they really have no idea.

No. 1859846

men cannot imagine anything worse than not pissing everywhere, it's their magnum opus

No. 1859875

He also mentioned bras 4 times. What a creep.

No. 1859912

why is that weird? did you imagine book characters to be diverse if you weren't told what they look like? were you the most wokest kid imaginable who didn't see color?

No. 1859929

this unlocked a memory from a few years ago when i was still friends with a lot of woke (obviously begendered) people. i had made a joke about how it took me by surprise that a character was black and that i kept forgetting about it because it was only mentioned once. they were blasting me to hell and back and reeing about how problematic and toxic and racist i was because "there are so many obvious signs!!!" the character was a black american boy and apparently i, a white european from germany, should be highly aware of black american boy culture? obviously we have black people in germany too, but they are a tiny minority compared to all the muslims and viets who live here.

No. 1859938

>obvious anglo name
>green eyed
I'm sorry for being a bitch, but is it normal for 7 yo kids to be this slow? Good for them I guess, cause I was always aware people who looked like me were not the ones being represented 90% of the time

No. 1859944

>the hook-on bras are a pain in the ass, according to some women. Good.
Damn freak. It’s obvious he’s a misogynist, but he outright says he approves women feeling discomfort. The pee thing is even weirder, definitely sounds like a weird fetish with how many times he’s mentioning it.
First reading this I thought OP was a greasy teenage boy, but more than likely it’s some balding incel.

No. 1859965

He got fear of rape and pregnancy right, forgot to mention those are caused by males. Rest is misogynistic stereotypes (and his piss fetish). They really dont see us human.

No. 1860367

women wouldnt be an oppressed class if they could pee standing up

No. 1860443

File: 1705624604708.jpg (33.47 KB, 337x500, 51QZwNuO5kL.jpg)

I don't think I've ever paid attention to a description of character appearance unless it was plot relevant like they were missing an arm or something. I would build my own mental character design based on initial narration and go from there. The book I'm reading now there was a narrative thought about racism and I assumed the MC was black. 30 pages later I learned she was a freckled redhead but I still picture her as black unless I very purposely remind myself.
I think the craziest case of this was when I was a kid and assumed Holly from Artemis Fowl had a big fucking nose and looked like a gargoyle like pic related which was fucking retarded I know.

No. 1860480

late but
>m32 been together 12 years
>met when they were 22

Either his math is wrong or they met two years after they got together??? Bit suss if you ask me

No. 1860481

>Having to worry about whether he’s “The One” when you get married
Really telling on themselves aren’t they

No. 1860513

Women can pee while standing, or at least I can, idk if my anatomy is fucked but you just need to part the labia and sort of pinch/aim the urethra opening, making sure to sorta "forcefully" push out the pee. Sorry if that's tmi but if you do it like that, you can aim past your feet. Now after saying that, why would I want to pee into bottles or pee on a wall? That's gross. Men are so fucking retarded they don't even know that peeing standing up all the time causes problems later in their life like not being able to fully empty their bladder kek.

No. 1860560

File: 1705633560195.jpg (19.71 KB, 474x358, th-2744669274.jpg)

The actual face I made while picturing grabbing my urethra opening, just pee sitting down jfl

No. 1860889

I agree with some of the other anons, I don't think this is weird. It's really normal for white people to imagine all characters as white, because that's how they see themselves, so it would be normal that someone asian or black would do something similar. Also re >>1859938 it's not exactly "slow" when you consider a lot of asian kids take on anglo names when living in western countries to feel more naturalised. Seems like nonnies just want a reason to be mad.

No. 1860943

Yeah same I can pee standing up no problem and it's easy to control the flow. It's just less sanitary the same way moids are unsanitary when they pee standing up and their pee splashes from a high place. Men should pee sitting down too and actually a lot of them do.

No. 1861013

Did he get drunk and post this or something? I can't imagine a grown ass man who makes an entire essay about being superior over bras (?) and peeing

No. 1861021

He's right about the bras though kek I fucking hate bras

No. 1861050

agreed, or when people bring up animals in nature having sex as soon as they hit maturity even though animals repeatedly die when reproducing too young or face other health issues because of it

No. 1861055

I would go homicidal

No. 1861058

I'm guilty of doing that a few times LOL. It makes me chuckle when I do it idc if my partner doesnt find it funny.
I only really say "feed me" though

No. 1861077

Also coupled with the fact animals age 10x faster than us.

No. 1861080

File: 1705665645084.jpg (53.15 KB, 640x758, 1000006937.jpg)

God I hope this is fake

No. 1861084

You have political brainrot. Take a break from the internet.

No. 1861085

This is retardation, narcissism, cope and solipsism rolled into one. The identity of characters is generally described in stories isn't it? Their appearence and names, the place they're born and live in, their culture etc. Coping that xyz character is actually me is just pure delusion. As far as representation goes there's nothing stopping any group of people from writing a story about any other group of people, including their own. There's nothing stopping them from writing a Percy Jackson adjacent fantasy novel about their own unique characters that they made, that reflects their vision. This is a non issue. Hollywood crap is not superior to any homebrew story you've made yourself just because it sells more. If you're judging the merit of a work by the eyes on it in terms of popularity I'd question why even care about representation in genuity in the first place? It was never about representation in that case just merit and attention.

No. 1861089

IKR. But I'm glad every time one is honest. If only women could all stop believing in invisible magic pixie dust.

No. 1861090

I mean it's better than him doing something sexual she wouldn't be able to consent to.

No. 1861094

Lol i was seeing if someone else pointed this out too. So many times he mentions pissing, like dude there are even worse things than that.

No. 1861095

Even if this wasn't some pathetic fiction he should be castrated for that username alone

No. 1861096

This is peak coomer atheist fedora tipping redditor behavior lol. And the upvotes lmao. The jokes write themselves.

No. 1861112

Most animals shit standing up.

No. 1861116

I use reddit for some mindless scrolling time through the day ocassionally, but only through a browser. For some reason the site just sucks worse than it ever has, performance wise. Taking forever to load, back button goes back 5 pages or does nothing, touch a post to see the next pic juuuust right or several new windows open, constant prompts to download the app. Nearly unusable. Lots of stuff to complain about reddit as a whole but ill admit to scrolling when I have my morning coffee. I have no account and refuse to curate one ever again. I think I may be done with the site as a whole. Its so frustrating to use.

No. 1861126

you sound psychotic, quit malding about 7 year olds

No. 1861131

Same. I've been reading "You Should Quit Reddit" and it sums up everything I think about the site (and the web as a whole at this point beyond slow moving forums like this one).

No. 1861166

File: 1705681570983.jpg (304.22 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240119_171603_Gal…)

I already posted this in the webtoon thread but I hate how on reddit on any female community males have to invade and make it all about themselves.

>hehehe I'm a male, I'm not weird for being here ladies?

And those posts get hundreds of likes and women in the comments yes queening that male.

Meanwhile in male communities the small minority of women get send daily death threats, rape threats, told to leave the community and go back in the kitchen.


No. 1861168

i hate those mangas so fucking much, the protagonists always have gigantic titties and look like disney princesses so that moid is not NLOB for liking it, it's that the creators are just pickmes

No. 1861179

There are a ton of moids in the comments too, it's like a cockroach infestation. Kek one of the moids even talked about how he prefers otome isekai than shounen because of the romance. Which is definitely him showing what a creep he is because most OI's are dark romance or abusive in some ways. Also how can a man even relate to the abuse the female Mc is going through in those stories unless he is getting off.

No. 1861224

Otome isekai is a shitty genre filled with abuse made for pickmes so I'm not surprised that they are hypothetically dicksucking these male readers who are attention seeking for upvotes and praise.

No. 1861226

Even more than the abusive male leads, it's the way that the female leads treat the other female characters with so much disgust that really drives the pickme-ism home. The main villain is a woman in like 90% of these stories.

No. 1861242

Kek this is my favorite cope. You just KNOW that if women performed worse than men, they would use that as an argument to prove that women "aren't as smart as men". But when women actually perform better, they need to find another excuse for their mediocrity kekkk

Besides, isn't every type of learning based on repetition? My brother-in-law is currently training to become an electrician, and he still has to attend classes with a teacher explaining stuff. When he's out there cutting wires and whatnot, he's repeating the gestures he's learned.

No. 1861246

>I hate how on reddit on any female community males have to invade and make it all about themselves
Ohhhh this is a huge problem on Reddit, and it's in all the hobbies/interests subs where women (and some gay men) tend to gather. I visit the subreddit for Lana Del Reys music and every fucking week there's a post from some pick-me moid begging for validation that it's okay for him to DARE to like what he obviously considers "silly girl fag music" as a serious straight male. It's so offensive to everyone in whatever community it is who build up that hobby or fan base. Like not only are you not the majority here and you're showing up late trying to claim it as your own, you're implying that it's shameful to like what we like and that it's somehow embarrassing or weird for you to like something women like. They're so insecure and un-self aware and everyone always ass-kisses. Thankfully at least in the Lana sub people have started telling those men they're being retarded and that anyone can like any music.

No. 1861250

scrote invasions happen on pop culture chat and fauxmoi regularly to the point where half the posts are locked to approved users only because their posts make the top homepage and are swarmed by men whose opinion nobody asked for

No. 1861253

I really like fauxmoi's b-list system. I think more female-majority subs should adopt it

No. 1861260

>she proceeded to message me
at first i thought he meant they were texting each other but he's just retarded and meant massage.

No. 1861292

File: 1705693788656.jpeg (720.57 KB, 1060x705, IMG_0131.jpeg)

They live in fantasy versions of the past that only existed on TV. Because they never grew up though, they never realized none of those were real in the first place.

Oh god, yes I hate it and it leads into the Brony mentality thing of “oh it’s a real thing that actually matters now that i, scrote, am into it”. As if whatever they had been interested in had never actually mattered before, to anyone.

But women and fags are often afterthoughts or not human in their eyes, so to them, in their minds, they were the first people to truly give a shit even if that’s factually incorrect.

Anyway reminder an adult MLP fandom existed before bronies/G4 and it was mostly adult female collectors of the toys, usually of G1 ponies.

No. 1861323

I was there before it was implemented and it was much smaller. The sub blew up around the Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial and the abuse that the sub dealt with at the hands of incels was so great it prompted them to start the b-list system. It's a real shame that it's one of the few women dominated spaces on Reddit without an infestation of pickmes and gross moids and has to put up such barriers in the first place.

No. 1861350

definitely fake, women don't beg for moids to do stuff that they're into since it's extremely easy to find men who are into anything. Idk what moids like to convince everyone women want their dick so badly

No. 1861366

Based, MLP was a Fandom for women and girls, I still have a huge trunk of the old school ponies in my closet. I was obsessed with them. Moids are disgusting and love to ruin innocent things for girls. (Also the new pony designs are ugly as fuck, as a zoomer my ponies were all G3 but the G1-G3 designs are all adorable, then they made them look like Bratz doll mutants which only made it easier for men to make porn of them)

No. 1861391

File: 1705698900445.jpeg (744.76 KB, 1036x809, IMG_0139.jpeg)

People hating on G3 is a red flag to me honestly, like I remember when I was a kid so many bronies doing that and I even bought into it even though I was literally a zoomer who had grown up on G3 up until that point lol.

G3 was not bad at all, some of the lines were a bit fugly but whatever, that’s pretty much the case with every toy line, even G1 Monster High had some huge stinkers. In fact, as someone who grew up with G3 and G4 I’ll go as far as to say G4 toys are actually some of the very worst of the franchise. Even as a kid I didn’t like them very much, and I was still buying toys and dolls at that point. They were so much uglier, so much smaller, so little detail compared to earlier releases. I don’t even mind the G4 designs but they don’t translate well to playline figures at all.

No. 1861462

i see the same in doll collecting subs, bonus points if theyre tims. like i dont give a fuck, integrate in the discussions already going on or leave. unfortunately handmaidens are always there to tell them theyre uwu sooo valid and speshul and welcome even though men could always freely post.

No. 1861530

It's usually moids who beg women to participate in these things. Also why would any woman want to participate in a kink that they can't remember? Makes no sense

No. 1861773

File: 1705727713138.jpeg (262.26 KB, 1125x1696, 46B142F7-B518-4C02-A124-C2B220…)

No. 1861837

I don't understand how casual sex is good for women at all? unless you're exclusively a good dick-down by actual hunks then throwing them in the dust after getting their simp buxx, but that's not reality for most of those women. They're just fucking around uggos and getting STDs and UTIs and having meh sex because they don't like sex as much as they like male attention

No. 1861863

It’s not bad or good inherently.

No. 1861864

File: 1705731028244.jpeg (391.56 KB, 1170x749, IMG_6892.jpeg)

I'm having war flashbacks to some crazy likely lying user who claimed she had sex with 100+ partners and never risked contracting hiv once

No. 1861897

It's bad because most moids are bad at sex

No. 1861904

That applies to any kind of sex with moids not just casual

No. 1861906

That's true but its extra bad when they don't even have to pretend to give a shit about you.

No. 1862029

File: 1705755486553.jpeg (63.11 KB, 1170x412, IMG_8290.jpeg)

Eat hot chip and lie

No. 1862039

Nice counterpoint to an argument of fair representation. Catty brainrot.

No. 1862042

It's Empath-chan, so that retard got tired of begging attention from low life 4chan retards now she begs from Reddit ones? Pathetic kek

No. 1862045

nta but is “catty” the only adjective you know?

No. 1862340

proof she didn't die kek

No. 1862441

where does he live where this is reality? kek men get babied all the time by women and this is the only time in place ever where more women are financially supporting men than ever before and yet they believe they're ATM dildos

No. 1862443

This seems believable tbh. lots of BPD women bed every man that walks their way and don't catch anything. Weirdly enough those getting STDs are typically women getting cheated on by their partners, its unfair and a fucked world

No. 1862465

File: 1705791777617.jpeg (857.19 KB, 666x4096, 3547CF53-1F1A-4F85-8087-C0E7B3…)

No. 1862471

It's so annoying to see handmaidens self-flagellating just for the sake of tranny feelings. Like grow up

No. 1862610

File: 1705800823392.jpeg (679.69 KB, 1284x2211, IMG_2164.jpeg)

Another pickme moron.
>other industries treat people horribly
And? That doesn’t make watching porn acceptable, dumbass.
She’s also okay with her scrote following other girl’s thirst instagrams. Pathetic.

No. 1862616

File: 1705801134156.jpeg (590.79 KB, 1284x2224, IMG_2166.jpeg)

Same OP. Wth.

No. 1862648

Maybe this is just a personal thing, but following personal thirst trap instagrams would be even worse to me than some porn. If I had a boyfriend, and if that boyfriend followed specific accounts it would fuck with me so hard. Yeah, I wouldn't want him watching porn either but when they follow specific accounts it makes you feel like they have some kind of specific fetish they're trying to fulfill, or they are really interested in one other specific kind of woman. It feels way more parasocial too.

No. 1862708

Seems she’s trying to convince other women to let their boyfriends/husbands watch the “zit-popping porn” she makes.
It’s super weird to be following personal instagrams, especially if they’re known minors or trying to imitate teens. Gross.

No. 1862714

File: 1705806597990.jpeg (79.12 KB, 640x443, IMG_3521.jpeg)

It’s what i deserve for venting on Reddit but i fucking hate how autistic they are. You can say something like “I hate going to Walmart” and the responses will be like “You are so classist and racist” “Well back in the Middle Ages there was no walmart because everyone had the black plague and was starving.”

No. 1862721

It's the same on twitter really but reddit infuriates me because when I scroll down to the comments there will be whole comment threads that have 600+ replies each and its like… how big of an annoying loser do you have to be to get so far into a 600 paragraph long discussion to reply to these random little microposts omg it makes me so unreasonably mad

No. 1862729

Exactly. Most redditors are probably privileged enough to do something to help work towards solving these issues but don’t want to because they are unwilling to make sacrifices. It is not that hard to buy everything second hand, not be a consoomer or eat less meat.

No. 1862731

They are also so fucking hard to read because of the weird format. I deadass cannot tell where the micro thread begins or ends.

No. 1862737

It really is so infuriating. It used to have relevant answers at the top, now you have to scroll through the most STUPID and pointless, hysterically long interactions to find something of vague relevance. Another one of my peeves is when they think repeating different variations of the exact same joke over and over and over like excessively is still funny. Horrible crowd.

No. 1862962

At least it's nice to see quick proof that she's just acting stupid for financial reasons. There's no way anybody who has dated a bunch of porn users didn't get bombarded with requests to role play porn movies and reenact whole scenes and stupid positions. That's why women flip anti-porn, it's very noticeable in a shitty relationship. You don't even have to catch them using it to know conclusively that they have.

No. 1864756

File: 1705963514567.jpg (289.76 KB, 720x1023, Screenshot_20240122_234144_Red…)

Not only are the comments believing this completely made up bullshit, they all keep going on about how the hypothetical creepy dad raised her well and how she did a good job standing up for him. Sorry but that's a weird age gap and people especially high schoolers are going to comment on it. Either way it sounds like a made up fantasy to me

No. 1864810

Assuming she's in HS how on earth would randoms even know who her dad is dating? This seems fake like a moid trying to remove stigma, especially how she considers calling dating someone half his age a "win" as if age is a good enough determination of a partner, most girls would feel creeped out by their father dating someone young because it raises potential of conflicts starting between the partner + child + makes the dad seem dangerous to bring her friends around

No. 1865209

File: 1706004801201.png (256.85 KB, 1092x850, 2024-01-23 111109.png)

hate men so much!!!!

No. 1865244

No 16 year old girl writes about herself like this lol.

No. 1865315

Some scrote on the vaginismus sub and other women's health subs fakes being a female doctor to try and trick people into sending vagina pictures. From other comments in this thread it seems like they've done this a LOT and also have a fetish for any kind of vaginal trauma. This worries me a lot because it's pretty common to see minors in these subs asking for help, and a scumbag like this is taking advantage of them. Here are the threads discussing it if anyone wants to read all of it

No. 1865316

File: 1706017432985.jpg (248.05 KB, 1125x510, ew.jpg)

Apparently and to no one’s surprise, he is a frequent poster on porn subreddits. I’m loath to imagine where these photos are ending up. It makes me sick to consider that he’s likely circulating them. Pleading with women to be smarter and protect their online safety.

No. 1865317

File: 1706017492959.png (270.67 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20240123-133635.png)

Sorry forgot the image

No. 1865322

>I'm well endowed
suuure. this woman needs to dump his ass so bad and then work through her issues, if she really wants to, on her own. he's only adding to the problem by being a sex pest.

No. 1865331

>I'm pestering my gf for sex and procedures that are highly painful for her and now she doesn't get aroused anymore after having to repeat it again and again, how can this be happening??
Even animals show a higher EQ than this literal retard.

No. 1865340

>is in enough pain from her condition that she can only use 2/4 dilators
>"she won't dilate on my penis and refuses to do anal and other retarded kinks i have from being a porn addict!"
god i hope he fucking chokes—him talking about her just laying there obviously not enjoying it while he uses her is disgusting

No. 1865454

This is why you don't send pictures of yourself to randos on Reddit unless they're confirmed female and you've been talking to them for awhile. Even then, be cautious

No. 1865510

File: 1706037121070.png (140.24 KB, 1143x794, 1a5a99317b9035808d2f60eb073c1c…)

No. 1865515

File: 1706037311607.png (81.39 KB, 1131x413, d982ede50d59d888104b5f9a01a9df…)

No. 1867238

This whole thing is nonsensical. What kind of 16 year old boy gets "bullied" by girls at school? And what sort of incel shit was he running his mouth about that got him slapped back to reality by another man? Because he wouldn't be reacting that way to a woman. He definitely said something so fucking dumb that other men called him out and now he's butthurt.

No. 1867591

File: 1706207631721.png (141.09 KB, 1148x445, “Its-never-okay-to-hit-a-woman…)

Another man itching to hit women

No. 1867602

The only boys I remember at school who got bullied by girls were bullied for being fucking creepy. Like relentlessly asking girls out, getting hard ons, pretending to be gay to make friends and just being a genuine autist creep. There was one kid we used to bully because he used to literally masturbate in class.

No. 1867609

Men will literally hear anything that mildly favors women and start frothing at the mouth about how women are privileged. They're so pathetic.

No. 1867838

File: 1706224929519.jpeg (345.21 KB, 1125x2322, IMG_0460.jpeg)

fucking disgusting, I hate men

No. 1868040

File: 1706248296288.jpeg (433.7 KB, 1179x1113, IMG_3192.jpeg)

What is with all the posts about hitting women recently? There was another wildly popular one on the frontpage yesterday too

No. 1868156

>I’ve never dated a guy who didn’t have a porn stash
Could you be any more pathetic? Also how much of a coomer your bf needs to be to have Instagram feed FULL of boobs?

No. 1868357

The ultimate problem I have with the treatment plan for vaginismus is the assumption that a woman isn't having real sex unless she's being penetrated and that her inability to want/have penetration means she's broken. Men defined sex as dick goes into vagina and they're literally too retarded to enjoy the experience without that. Blog but my Nigel is the only accepting to this I'm aware of, the first 4 months we were intimate I never did anything to him at all and he just ate me out and was happy with it. Even now most times we are intimate it is non-penetrative and we are happy with it. I dont know how women can be with men who have proven they only see giving them pleasure as a temporary obstacle to getting to stick their dick inside them. This disgusting moid should be more than happy with his blow jobs and excited humping because that's her natural desire for him, but no he got greedy and now his sex life is ruined forever

No. 1868364

Reminds me of how anytime a woman brings up equal rights and feminism, men go 'i have the right to hit you now because equal rights.' Like, how is that the first thing you bring up? Violence??

No. 1868460

Reminds me of a comment I recently saw on IG where a moid said seeing women getting shot in shows or movies was “cathartic”. Lots of people called him out for being unhinged but he argued that it was “equality” that women experience violence too. I hate these braindead moids that think punching women is “equality”. The answer is no violence at all.
They’re being obtuse and want any excuse to be violent towards a woman because of their extreme misogyny. They twist the sentiment and think it somehow gives them a pass. Says a lot about them.

No. 1868664

File: 1706314885496.png (217.47 KB, 1080x1002, cringe.png)

No. 1868889

He's going to cheat soon, break up, then be neurotic about how none of his later girlfriends are virgins. Then he'll age out of the dating pool at 35 and rage about it.

No. 1869413

File: 1706384008382.png (430.8 KB, 1544x1294, Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 1.35.…)

No. 1869423

File: 1706384989403.jpg (26.63 KB, 540x284, 1631646443949.jpg)

>cat hater
Hope she breaks up with him. Very based of her to stand her ground

No. 1869432

They’re so pathetic, I know short retards who got with women much more attractive than them. Straight women have low standards, you have to be extra retarded to not have any interested in you.

No. 1869454

File: 1706386613437.jpeg (188.66 KB, 1284x1165, image0.jpeg)

>Femicide happens in my country
>Redditor posts this in response of condolences post
Guy has comments/posts in r/philosophy, r/antinalism, and whatever cringy subreddit there is.

No. 1869464

> Dating for coming up on one year
They could be having this same argument over a hamster instead and I'd still have faith that it'd outlive this relationship

No. 1869465

>I can't count how many times I've been scratched or bitten by a cat for no other reason than I dared to go near it.
Love when y-chromos tell on themselves. This guy is announcing to the internet that he doesn't read or respect social signals.

No. 1869477

File: 1706387757594.jpg (56.4 KB, 500x321, 9eb9687adbf56823483cdbaaaf5271…)

Yeah, that says so much about him as a person. Cats do not usually randomly attack humans.
>No. We're a package deal
Excellent response. A scrote trying to make you part with a beloved pet is a red flag. What's next, cann't hang out with this and that friend because they annoy him?

No. 1869513

Reddit is full of men who.. 11 blissful months into dating the most amazing woman they've ever met have no qualms about asking them to uproot their life, give up pets, decade long friendships, family members. Fully aware they'd never do the same for her. Even that 'one in a million' woman during the height of the honeymoon phase gets that bs. They really think they're the great prize to gamble everything on after a few short months of getting on alright all while not even cohabitating yet or commiting. They're a joke when they run to cry about their gf showing early signs of having a backbone.

No. 1869531

this is the type of guy to start frothing at the mouth when someone says "bless you" after a sneeze kek. Praying that he overcomes his terminal reddititis!

No. 1869596

Cats need very little training and are nowhere near as destructive as dogs. If he's getting scratched and bitten by cats at all, let alone frequently, he's deliberately being an asshole to the cat and getting mad when there are consequences. I hope his girlfriend doesn't budge and dumps his ass.
Also this is the sort of retard who gets massive dogs as a power move and pisses them off badly enough to get mauled. Here's hoping he gets treated by dogs the same way he gets treated by cats.

No. 1869624

Imagine if it was the woman asking him to give up his dog. Would be called the most evil bitch on earth.

No. 1869625

I clocked this as Canadian so fast. I stg idk what's in the water over there

No. 1870021

moids are gross but
huh? she's always been open and honest about having implants and fillers and such. Don't moids claim they hate all that?

No. 1870093

She should have left the first time he made his dislike for cats, and specifically her cat, clear. Men who hate cats are red flags.

No. 1870213

File: 1706465426722.png (115.73 KB, 1123x618, fuckingredditor001.png)

why are redditor moids like this? The gf didn't even say that he wasn't doing enough. it just sounds like she wants him to make her little gifts once in a while or cook with him and yet the comments are full of other dumbass scrotes telling him this is a sign that he's dating an abusive demanding bitch and needs to leave. I hope she finds a nice dude that isn't socially retarded and can make her chocolate strawberries without bitching someday.

No. 1870224

File: 1706466152162.png (99.66 KB, 1110x658, strawberrydilemma.png)

(2/2) realized I cropped out the sub name but it's r/ADHD, which is a circlejerk of lazy fucks patting each other on the back for refusing to change and develop better habits, because to acknowledge that this would probably improve their lives and relationships better than switching from medication to medication would be OMG ABLEIST.

No. 1870226

File: 1706466224171.jpg (310.5 KB, 1249x1089, kek.jpg)

kek moids think life's not worth living if you're not having sex

No. 1870233

File: 1706466690115.jpg (335.99 KB, 1265x1285, 41percentyourself.jpg)

From the same guy, I bet he'll troon out in no time. I hope he does, so he can 41% himself just fine
>any cooking task is difficult for me
But I tought cooking was a woman-thing to do, and don't wimmin live life on easy mode? just cooking and chilling at home while man go out to work and die at war

No. 1870234

Immediately getting defensive and paranoid instead of just taking his gf at face value. Men always whine that women don't communicate well and his gf is literally giving him examples of easy ways to please and all he can do is get petulant and paranoid. "I'm broke" isn't the copout scrotes think it is effort and thoughtfulness is free so is not being a whiny little faggot

No. 1870239

How did the chocolate covered strawberries comment get 6 upvotes? "Fuck her for calling that a small thing" its two ingredients, can he not make cereal? If you're that fucking incompetent you're probably mentally challenged

No. 1870240

Hilarious how moids suddenly learn some therapy terms and then weaponize it to blame it on women

No. 1870243

File: 1706467156795.png (74.34 KB, 1020x358, 24551000.png)

it gets better.
I'm struggling to see how making strawberries with chocolate (something I could do in elementary school) isn't the same level of complicated as going to the store to buy a card or flowers. You could just slap some nutella on them on a plate for fuck's sake

No. 1870259

>chocolate covered strawberries
>this cooking task is difficult!
literally so easy, melt chocolate and just don't fucking burn it, put strawberries on a stick and dip em, and leave to cool and solidify, barely have to stand for 5 minutes in the kitchen, she's not asking for some neat stellar presentation with a pink heart box with a white ribbon and 100 of them, it's not fucking berries and cream only at Wimbledon, it's not a Birkin bag, just one display of affection to prove to her that you love her enough to walk three steps inside the kitchen, but no, its just too much!

No. 1870262

Tbh this is why you don't date young scrotes or at least do not take them seriously if you do so.
It's like squeezing blood from a stone.
Young women want little boys to be thoughtful and conscientious in the domicile but in truth they can only serve for the occasional good time (a concert, a meal–sporadically). The only option is to not date committed and spin several of them at once to maximize your fun, then pick your favorite (or don't…) once you graduate. It's a form of vetting. Men expect women to be the choosers, and so you are implicitly agreeing to low standards when you choose to saddle yourself to an undeserving scrote who thinks making fruit confectionaries is akin to fascism.

Maybe scrotes will learn to not subscribe to the fake fairytale bullshit that women will continue to be disney princess doormats for giving half their paychecks and no receiving no effort.
Abandon men.

No. 1870436

They’re retarded and can’t tell when a woman has had plastic surgery
>any cooking task is difficult for me to execute
So you’re useless. These “adhd” (lazy) moids can’t do anything. I have adhd and have never had a problem with cooking/baking simple foods. It doesn’t require any skill or even much concentration. God, scrotes are worthless.

No. 1870442

File: 1706477932802.png (93.96 KB, 957x356, Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 4.40.…)

Looked through his post history, and…yep. Troonout imminent indeed.

No. 1870446

File: 1706478149327.png (81.2 KB, 957x315, Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 4.43.…)

No. 1870448

File: 1706478469914.png (133.31 KB, 957x520, Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 4.42.…)

Also, kek

No. 1870466

lol I hadn't seen those. Just more proof that trans rights are men's rights, no wonder so many "cis" men are pro troons

No. 1870661

File: 1706498474821.png (751.44 KB, 1590x1820, regret.png)

I was into lurking subreddits like r/regretfulparents and r/breakingmom for a while, and it's pretty depressing over there. Some of these people are just trapped in awful situations that I truly do pity, but others… eugh. Picrel really stuck with me in particular. Imagine being so thoroughly miserable with yourself that you cope by fantasizing about your friend being raped (I'm almost positive that's the "really really terrible" thing she's talking about) and then being forced to carry her rapist's child to term just because you are THAT jealous of her. Insane.

No. 1870676

I wonder why, if she has always hated her children this much, she has four of them? Like why did she just keep having them if she hates being a mother so much? This is a genuine question because I don’t get it at all, she even lists out the options she had to prevent this and yet she took none of them. I can sympathize with her misery but I just don’t understand why she kept having them if they make her so miserable.

No. 1870697

Wow, I've never seen a person verbalize being so painfully miserable by admission of their own choices while trying to bill themselves as victims
I hope this is some scrote larp.

No. 1870718

Legit sounds like someone who got meme'd into being a tradwife

No. 1870749

Damn those kids don't deserve any of that. Wonder if there's any hope for people like this, or is it a lifelong path of hate? Like how will she be when they're old enough to take care of themselves and not 'be touching her with their sticky fingers'. I feel like after horrible baby experience number one I'd learn my lesson and not have 2,3 and 4.

No. 1870800

File: 1706512962112.jpeg (371.22 KB, 719x1087, dyingalone.jpeg)

If you thought you don't hate scrotes enough today, get prepared to scroll.
In some ways, I'm just glad that men have degenerated so far so fast, because it just means that women can finally move on. It's crazy how within basically 20 years scrotes threw out the whole concept of marriage, and now they're throwing a shitfit about the loneliness epidemic as they shrivel up alone.

No. 1870816

Probably a new development. Probably a very unhinged person who swings through extreme outlooks and thoughts, and through the internet adopted this way of thinking recently and previously wasn't exposed to it so never considered it.

No. 1870852

Exactly what I was thinking, 4 children is veering on tradfag territory anyway, unless you're on board with that lifestyle you should have known from the start it was too much. Also I feel bad for the childless friend, if only she knew all the horrible things OP is thinking about her…

No. 1870885

Reminds me of one time i was at the beach in a comfy rock alcove and an extremely grumpy woman with 4 loud hyper kids came over and instructed them to all sit around me, and said “she’ll leave eventually!” So I just lit up a joint, and she gathered them all up to leave and scowled at me as she walked away lmao. Parents totally resent childless people their own age, it’s so funny. Especially moids. I see a lot of moids out with all the kids and they scowl at me because I’m a woman and I’m not doing any child labour and he is and that’s a crime against nature. I’m not even some bitter childfree person, I like children and I want to have them someday. But some parents are such entitled assholes who obviously hate kids and only had them to feel fulfilled and seem to resent childless people for THEIR bad decision.

No. 1870892

Wow, this woman has a scrote level of rage at other innocent people. And kids don't have to be filthy bastards from hell, some of that is her fault for letting them get that way.

No. 1870924

kek I like doing the same to my dyke neighbour, she started dating some used goods with a kid and she always scowls at me when I'm relaxing on my porch and she has to go to work only to come back to look after some moid's kid. seems like a waste of being gay to waste your time looking after someone's little adhdlet because she's the only woman that will look at you. I miss summer where I can a big comfy stretch as she's rushing around looking after another woman's kid(autistic blog derail)

No. 1871021

>used goods
did you get your vocabulary from a sexist 1980s movie?

No. 1871027

I hate muh ADHD self-diagnosers and especially men using it as an excuse to be lazy shitheads. I struggled with mine my whole life since I didn't get diagnosed until early adulthood (I'm a thirdie who moved to Canada). I and everyone else thought I was just mentally behind but I've never not been able to cook basic easy meals, clean and keep my home decently tidy even if it did take more time and effort. Literal actual retards can do this. I hate that the internet has made information about mental issues more accessible and, instead of being more understanding, some people just weaponize it to excuse their own shitty behavior and whine.

ADHD isn't a (wo)manchild disorder. If anything I'm better organized than most of my peers just with shittier results to show for, and I used to be irritable and emotional until I got on meds.

>She's gaslighting you to think chocolate covered strawberries is a small thing

It is and that poor girl could do so much better. I bet she'd even be happy with ugly mealy beaten up strawberries and melted Hershey's just for the effort, but he just doesn't want to improve because he doesn't think she's worth it. It's not ADHD. I hate males.

No. 1871048

>So I just lit up a joint, and she gathered them all up to leave and scowled at me as she walked away lmao
Based. That's your little alcove, and you can enjoy it as long as you'd like.

No. 1871083

>lit a joint and chilled until they left
Based af, stacey behavior.

No. 1871087

I go on those subs a lot as someone who wants kids but also won’t have one until my 30s, and the common thread is almost always young parents and/or way too many kids.

Literally the first 5 posts I can see right now, one has twins and then had another kid (is 2 not enough??) and tried for a FOURTH, one is a teen mom to an autistic child and then had two more kids with autism, and again, another teen mother with 3 children. I feel like so much of the regret could’ve been avoided by stopping after the first or second child?? Nothing wrong with having more than two children if you WANT THEM and can provide for them (and obviously situations change, like job loss or death of a partner), but I doubt the teen mothers who went on to have 3 kids were ever in a financially stable place after that first kid.

No. 1871100

>one is a teen mom to an autistic child and then had two more kids with autism
It's bad solidarity, but I get schadenfreude when families have one autistic child, then try again in hopes of getting normal children only to get more autists. Like tbh people shouldn't have more children if one of them is retarded anyway because that one kid is going to take up most of their time and resources and it's not fair to the younger siblings. And autism is genetic so idk what these people are thinking, if they're thinking.

No. 1871349

File: 1706560005518.png (122.68 KB, 1510x364, positivity.png)

You might be right. She does say in her only reply that she "used to be such a positive person", although she doesn't specify whether that was before all the kids or not.

No. 1871388

The pathetic thing is that he's 19, he's old enough to be an adult. But he's still got that small child mindset that everyone automatically loves him just for existing. So he's putting friction burns on his girlfriend's vagina every day, but only taking her on a real date every three weeks. Pathetic and lazy.
They should be ashamed. They only make more because they know that somebody else will take care of them, and the government will be obligated to support them. There's some family with 5 or 8 autistic kids, just way too fucking many, that occasionally used to show up on the news for stupid "aw shucks" segments. If it was all on the parents they would close up shop after 1.

No. 1871466

i shared this in another thread where reditt and the harrasment of women came up and i thought i would share it here as well

my friend once posted a picture of her face in a makeup sub, she recieved a message from a scrote saying 'i cant stop cumming to your pic' and attatched was her picture printed out that he had ejaculated on with his penis vissible

No. 1871474

>There's some family with 5 or 8 autistic kids
I feel so bad for all those kids wtf. Autism makes normal sibling relationships hard enough, now imagine when one of them has a stim that sets off the other's sensory issues. Fuck that noise. The government should have offered them money to get sterilized five kids ago.
>the government will be obligated to support them
Hate when parents think like this. Disability is a shit system that fucks up the lives of people on it. It's never something a parent should wish for their child.

No. 1871510

I once posted a few pics to one of the makeup or rating or am I ugly subs and I purposely used a burner and turned off all ability for any scrotes to message me, then deleted the account. feels like the only way to go about it, if you want actual advice, use burners, turn all messaging off, fucking delete when done

No. 1871515

Agree. And genuinely I do feel bad for her, because as someone with very few maternal desires and a low tolerance for much of what goes along with children, this sounds like my absolute worst nightmare. But my sympathy wears thin at the end because I think that wishing an unwanted pregnancy upon another woman, especially a friend of many years, is particularly vile. Granted, maybe my interpretation that she meant via rape is just me being uncharitable, but… I don't think so. With how unhinged the rest of the post is, I think that if she meant "sometimes I wish her condom would break" or "sometimes I wish she'd forget to take her BC" she would've just said that instead.

No. 1871665

You're upset your neighbor is dating a woman with a child?

No. 1871729

Kek thank you. I wouldn’t of minded sharing the alcove as I really don’t mind kids, it’s just she instructed her children to basically irritate me until I left in the smuggest way possible and that really pissed me off.

No. 1872140

File: 1706637495222.jpg (188.6 KB, 758x1096, its fine if its your kink.jpg)

When someone posts an article about strangulation during sex as domestic violence, redditors bend over backward to defend their kink. No, it's actually totally okay if you're a BDSM educated adult! Every girlfriend I ever had loved it and wanted me to do it! It's perfectly safe if you just squeeze the artery and only partly squeeze the trachea! We are very responsible!

No. 1872451

File: 1706659134935.png (22.72 KB, 761x291, reddit_undertale.png)

No. 1872782

File: 1706697804415.jpg (Spoiler Image,325.76 KB, 1549x1152, 1000002466.jpg)

TW PORN and I tried to make it slightly less shocking to the senses, but this atrocity is a zoom-in on a gooncaves post, which i wont link because it gives the user attention. Do these men not realize they look like serial killers with this shit? Could you imagine dating a man and finding out he owns this months into a relationship?(TW: Ban)

No. 1872783

File: 1706698004799.webp (Spoiler Image,704.24 KB, 3024x4032, 1000002467.jpg)

TW PORN another freakish, homunculic monstrosity. Dude said that's his girlfriends bra. We need labor camps.

No. 1872811

Besides the posters with special needs kids, most of these people are bad parents, straight up. “I wish my child was dead and I never spend time with her and never hug her or tell her I love her…why is she so awful??” like damn idk maybe it’s because you’re a hateful bitch

No. 1872825

This is like a cautionary tale, never fuck moids because you could end up pregnant and believing that you definitely want to have children. She seems a lot like how I imagine my friend's mother and father surely feel like, but at least they had a tard monster so it's kind of reasonable.
I feel bad for the kids, they just were born because she decided she wanted them as if her sure misery with her first child wasn't enough because let's be honest, I'm sure she was already miserable with the first one.
Now whatever she does is going to fuck up those kids' lives forever because giving them up will fuck up their lives, still taking care of them while obviously resenting them is fucking up their lives and there's nothing that could be done.

No. 1872837

I want to scream at them to get a life. Once they become a person people actually want to be around, the opportunity for a meaningful relationship might come about. They just seem insufferable

No. 1872851

Is it common for Reddit to give "warnings for hate" for the most innocuous comments? Got a warning for one comment of comparing the DSM to the ICD, and saying that the DSM is outdated with its classification of personality disorders. So, hate against whom…? The DSM?

No. 1872854

Likely AI. I got banned once for 7 days for quoting an insult, appealed it and got out of the ban. I’m permabanned now though because I was being transphobic on my side account so they b& my main

No. 1872892

File: 1706712908753.jpeg (55.24 KB, 640x480, IMG_0637.jpeg)

This is autistic of me but because I’ve been through it myself, sometimes I look through a woman’s boyfriend’s/husband’s following list and check if I see porn stars or a ton of random influencer women. I checked an ex’s following list right after we broke up and found out then he was following all sorts of porn stars and random women and I had so much secondhand embarrassment that I decided to pretend we never dated at all. Ik it isn’t the woman’s fault but I can’t help but feel like it’s somehow public humiliation for the female partner. Men used to get mad at me for following picrel and beg me to unfollow him KEK. I don’t even follow a ton of male models, just this one guy, and I don’t masturbate to his pictures or anything like that but I feel like the moids I dated assumed that’s why I follow him and projected onto me. But I would never be with a scrote with a following list full of porn stars and random women ever again (or any scrote in general).

No. 1872902

File: 1706714280775.png (110.67 KB, 743x525, aitah.png)

Just a reminder nonas, men only care about you up until you won't have sex with them. Husband lies and cheats for 13 years with three different women but of course he's the victim of this all because his wife won't let him coercively rape her. He also left out the part about telling his wife "if you don't fuck me I'm getting sex elsewhere". Who would want to have sex with a man that threatens to cheat if you don't put out? Also admits he lied to their therapist about their relationship and claims the therapy didn't work for them. Scrotes, not even once.

No. 1872971

very true that scrotes start to chimp out once you refuse to be an on-demand emotional support fleshlight, but this post is obvious redpill loser fan fiction, like most shit in "amithexyz" subs. WOMEN BE WHORES AMIRITE??

No. 1872974

>my wife just started to treat me like she hates me for totally no reason at all!!
>we went to therapy but I won't say what for
>I don't want another man to raise my children but fucking other women is fine because my wife doesn't want sex for no reason at all!!
>oh wait it's not because of the lack of sex, I just don't love her anymore lol

No. 1872976

File: 1706718664484.png (62.25 KB, 668x301, Screenshot_20240131-173219.png)

Replying twice but jfc what are these comments

No. 1873002

>this is the least I can do for him
wow, most men at least have the decency to keep their affairs under wraps until after their cancer-riddled wife dies!

No. 1873022

This is so fucked, I’m never getting married ever

No. 1873023

lol i love the last one: “you don’t CHOKE the person but wait you need to slightly choke to tighten the blood flow my ex wife loved it but i didn’t !” what a fool. these moids act like they don’t know why all these pickmes are into choking. it’s because of porn brainwashed scrotes convincing girls “choking will make you cum”. you know what else makes girls cum? focusing on the women’s needs while fucking and not just your own. and eating them out.

No. 1873024

It's really pathetic and enraging how we're raised to cater to men's WANTS this way. He's not going to be harmed in any way if he has to keep in in his pants at fucking 60. Meanwhile, I'm sure she was cleaning shit up and cooking decent meals even while struggling with cancer.

No. 1873030

It's getting harder for me to consider myself a feminist when you see other women saying "letting him cheat on me because I have cancer is the least I could do!". Like what the fuck. Imagine if the roles were reversed and she was out getting nookie from some other guy while her husband was sick with cancer—he'd probably kill her or file for divorce.

I love that they pretend like all the women they've been with are soooo into pain and BDSM shit but they themselves totally don't like it! Such bs—if you didn't like it, you wouldn't do it to her. They just care too much about cooming to object

No. 1873063

Nta but I’m Gen Z and every guy I’ve dated has a story of a female ex who was into choking and how they sometimes did it reluctantly. In one case this was a lie or exaggerated because that ex would later try to strangle me during sex despite me telling him no and voicing my hatred for it. But I don’t think the others lied about it given my sex life with them and how it never came up, because i think their sex lives were genuinely terrible before and I questioned wtf were the standards of the women they were with. When we first had sex they had a distorted view of how sex is supposed to go (maybe some fondling but no oral, then jackhammering) and most of the guys I’ve dated had no experience of how to eat a woman out—the explanation was that their exes never asked for it and/or didn’t like oral. I view it somewhat as women collectively needing to be selfish enough in the bedroom to create a fulfilling sex life for themselves, free of misogynistic kinks and the lack of pleasure for the woman. I know normie women who claim to not be “vanilla” and proclaim how they’re into choking and other BDSM-lite stuff and I think these women have probably been influenced by pornsick trends and are possibly desperate to be freaky (but apparently not freaky enough to be actually wet down there) so the moid will stay. I know it’s hard to believe that some women do actually ask to be harmed and doing unpleasurable things but looking at r/antipornography, there’s a lot of women sharing how the younger generation of women and girls can be pornsick as well (just not as bad as moids) and many of them say they developed unpleasurable and painful kinks from porn consumption at a young age.
I’m not trying to excuse moids “reluctantly” doing this either but I also think that there are pickmes who claim to love this crap and a whole generation of young women raised on internet porn who have even more horrid standards of what to expect in their sex lives. Although many times these exes are just fictional women that a moid creates to triangulate and coerce you into sexual acts you don’t want to do. You can tell if they’re lying because like my one ex, their pornsickness and violent tendencies will eventually reveal themselves when they try to strangle you during sex after claiming to not really care for it.

No. 1873120

Pretty much how the average moid see's a woman. Honestly surprised they included the nose.

No. 1873145

>i had a wife into this
average choking experience

No. 1873160

That’s the funny part, that you even felt the need to clarify that you didn’t mastirbate to him. Like men do this shit openly, if he has a following full of ethots and porn stars it’s only fair for you to do the same thing. Honestly more women should do this and say it’s just a fantasy teehee when confronted.

No. 1873162

I hope she doesn't marry him. People who hate cats just because they don't "show enough affection" 100% seem like the type of people to get frustrated and shake a baby. Random hatred of innocent creatures who don't behave exactly how you want them to is a huge red flag.

No. 1873180

I've told incels to kill themselves and not gotten banned, but I've gotten bans from subs for infighting and dumber reasons than infighting

No. 1873200

It makes me wonder what Reddit would say if a concerned moid wrote a AITA post about his girlfriend/wife following male pornstars and underwear models and how embarrassing/sad it is for him because he doesn’t look like those guys. Would they actually empathize with the author because he’s a moid and the guilty party is a woman? I wanna know but I don’t think fake posts as part of social experiments are allowed here.

No. 1873232

you should do it

No. 1873236

You and I both know they would side with the hypothetical moid and say that the girlfriend is evil.

No. 1873241

You can do it because most of Reddit is creative writing exercises anyway.

No. 1873255

How many reddit stories nowadays do you think are actually ChatGPT-generated?

No. 1873288

File: 1706735149894.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x2148, IMG_7901.jpeg)

Reddit has an overwhelming amount of bots and astroturfing. Someone pointed out that the r/movies sub is restrictive about who posts and that a bulk of the posts appear to be coming from the same users, one who is suspected to be a studio pay pig. There are some very good rundowns on Reddit about the presence of karma bots who'll takeover accounts or create new ones solely for the purpose of karma farming- whether it be vote manipulation, astroturfing, trolling, reposting, usually with the intent to accumulate enough karma to sell the account or profit off clicks, or just spread outrage. Very eye opening and very creepy. It's gotten worse since sub moderators can't use third party crawlers to detect and ban bots like they used to

Picrel from Karmabotkillers explains a little about karma farming and bots

No. 1873342

Nonna please, 99% of top stories on this sub are fake and made on throwaway accounts because of some bullshit excuse. Please do it btw.

No. 1873348

when you do it, add something about how he brought it up with her and then she said do i ask you questions about the porn you watch, he said no, and then she told him to shut up about it then.

No. 1873442

This makes me wonder, how come so much of her rage is directed at the kids (and at her innocent friend), and so little of it at the man that got her pregnant with those kids? Her children didn't ask to be born, but the man has certainly played a more than active part in her ending up in her current situation. Seems like he should be the real target of her anger.

No. 1873717

what is with age gaps on reddit, every user seems to have at least 8 years of difference with their partner

No. 1874550

File: 1706837982766.png (279.92 KB, 1780x1149, r:unitedkingdom.png)


what a shitshow thread thats still going. Another 'boohoo what about the men!'. Of course gen z will hate feminism and womens rights since they didn't live in the eras of pre-feminism. The whole "men are getting left behind' rhetoric is so pathetic, they can't help or save themselves. Andrew Tate and the redpill rhetoric hasn't helped or improved anything, if anything men just still falling into a black hole kek.
Men just don't have any kind of positive unifying factor to help them. Women have and will group up and collectively help/support each other. Womens shelters, women's rights, scholarships, female related cancer charities, etc etc were set up and found by women FOR women. Then these dumb moids will cry "why is there no x for men???". Because y'all don't give a fuck about each other, can't even do emotional support for each other in friendships. All they do is whine online but have 0 motivation to actually support each other in real life.
And the whole "feminism is for men too because of the patriarchy hurts men too!" fuck off it isn't, their problems aren't our problems. God they they can't help themselves nor each other but will blame feminism for their downfall and loneliness.

No. 1874744

alwaysright12 is indeed right. I always see "feminists believe this!!" from anti-fems more than I've seen feminists ever speak about shit. It's become a curse word at this point

MRA shit is appealing to men because it puts down women while also trying to give the appearance they're being oppressed. Like how they abandon their kids, claim their baby mama is alienating them and then try to put out the "men are oppressed" appearance while not doing shit for their kids and leaving the burden of childcare and finances to baby mama

No. 1875096

Are women supposed to care about these headlines? What are we even supposed to do? It seems like it’s warning women to not be feminists so humanity doesn’t die out but the general female experience is still so bad (and even worsening if you consider the erosion of women’s rights) that women will still encounter reminders that they’re oppressed on the basis of sex anyways. And even disregarding obvious rights being taken away, there’s so many little mundane things that you can’t unsee in the world where men are favored. It’s the Allegory of the Cave.
Scrotes also have no idea how good they have it generally when it comes to women as a class because women have seldom revolted and gotten violent in our pursuits for our rights. In 2024, there’s still a massive population of women who coddle and center men; I would say that pickme women outnumber the women who aren’t, and I do consider consider libfems and tranny panderers as part of that. I have to laugh actually because the “feminist” arguments moids know of and despise is liberal feminism, which is coincidentally the type which coddles men and repeats that bullshit “feminism is for everyone! Patriarchy hurts men too!” Can you imagine their reaction to radical feminism and female separatism? They have no idea how extreme feminists can get and how much we can actually openly despise them.

No. 1875149

This thread made me so fucking angry. I saw so many claims that women are doing better in education because men are oppressed, even though even in countries that discourage feminism like Japan women still do better in education. They really think the world bows down to women and gives them everything. They think we all get premium mental health and dating lives and go through no issues at all. You can tell they don't know any women.

No. 1875152

A mans finger always points to a woman when he's looking to blame
Basically moid logic is
Women fail at something - women's fault
Men fail at something - also women's fault

I see this same outlook on relationships, if men dump women they will look for any reason to blame women, when women dump men they use divorce initiation as a reason why women are bad

No. 1875153

>Womens shelters, women's rights, scholarships, female related cancer charities, etc etc were set up and found by women FOR women.
One of the few things that gives me hope is that the more & earlier women get burned out on sexual relationships with scrotes, the more of a chance they will spend their time on other women. Just NOT supporting a scrote is a charitable act towards other women. It levels the playing field when these scrotes don't have a secret fairy godmother doing 80 hours of work a week in the background. No free hooker, no free maid, no free catering service, no free cheerleader, no free taxi service, no free bank of small cash loans. And women can now see all these guys failing spectacularly now that there are fewer women willing to pull their lives along like an ox pulls a plow.

No. 1875167

If you look through that thread you will even see someone complain about how women can get scholarships for being a woman but they don't. Then form a mens scholarship if you want it so bad??? Holy shit they are so useless. And then they follow retarded roided up hypemen who in effect do nothing for them except tell them the most watered down black-and-white caveman-tier philosophy. Moids inadequacies are all self-inflicted. I fucked up at school but I don't start blaming everyone around me for this. Someone tell these "men" to get some responsibility.

No. 1875172

File: 1706892353341.jpeg (237.19 KB, 1170x1500, IMG_8081.jpeg)

“Able to transition peacefully” in this context meaning: their 14 year old is living in a group home with a shaved head and a chest binder after becoming convinced she’s a troon cause of Reddit. Kek

No. 1875226

File: 1706894138626.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1860, IMG_0645.jpeg)

Nta but that reminds me how Japanese universities were caught discriminating against women so that they didn’t have too many female students (picrel). It’s so ironic how women excel academically in some of the roughest countries for feminism. Like for instance, I think women in some Middle Eastern countries have thrived academically when restrictions to education and work are lifted. A lot of female doctors and academics that I know are Middle Eastern.
I’ve heard that the free domestic labor at work is partially why men can move up so quickly in work whereas women have all that shit to do when they get home. If more men are single and unmarried then you’re right. However, I’m a woman who lives at home and I notice that when men live at home with their parents, everything is taken care of for them whereas I for women who live with their parents, we’re expected to do our own laundry and other chores. Most men get shamed into eventually moving out though (if they’re capable of feeling shame).

No. 1875832

I just saw a video on reddit of a woman letting her husband pop a zit on her labia and his fucking nails were black underneath with dirt and grime. average redditor marriage

No. 1875905

Late reply, but you don't always know it's autism until years later depending on the severity. Unless you have a large age gap between kids, it's not out of the question you'll have more kids by the time you even find out the first one has it.

No. 1875962

Men are such retarded rape apes. I can't believe we share this Earth with these subhumans

No. 1876585

File: 1707009207133.png (266.05 KB, 1500x300, Illustration2.png)

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks about the end of curiousity and intellectual discussion in art and literature because of the fear of having different opinions, getting denied an interview for a children's book because she said trans women are trans women and that her life was heavily influenced by her biology
her article gets posted on r/TRUElit

No. 1877303

File: 1707070624521.jpeg (261.39 KB, 1179x766, IMG_4976.jpeg)

No. 1877307

File: 1707071101541.jpg (680.33 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20240204-102450_Red…)

Imagine creating a little boy, made of your own flesh and blood. You made him perfectly, he was made in your image as your body designed him. You love him so much you literally get his birth commemorated on your skin with the name you chose for him. Then he grows up and destroys everything you made jfl. Reminder to always abort your fetus if it's a son!

No. 1877323

What the fuck is that tattoo though. Why is her belly on the level of her boobs

No. 1877331


No. 1877333

Anon… I think it's the baby's head, unless she has a weird hairy belly.
NTA but I think "Henry" just trooned out.

No. 1877335

nta but considering "child's dead name", It's easy to assume her son trooned out(or she trooned him out if he's a minor) and now she wants to remove the tatto she had with his old name.

No. 1877349

File: 1707073255463.png (66.32 KB, 1052x561, CAPTURE.png)

and looked up the account, apparently her kid is five years old, so this seems to a case of a mom trooning out her kid for attention and social clout.

No. 1877352

Makes sense. That tatt is such a boymom thing to do. She pushed masculinity on him so hard that the moment he saw mommy paint her nails and wanted to play too she must have decided he could only be a girl

No. 1877439

So even worse than I originally thought, sheesh

No. 1877445

tr00ning out a 5 year old? holyfuck-america is doomed

No. 1877448

Oh but nonnas at least she has quit imbibing the devils lettuce, mom of the year for that. In reality r/leaves has more annoying users than the most braindead of the stoner subs. I’ve seen some seriously ridiculous (and ableist) claims from that cesspool.

No. 1879148

File: 1707212096972.jpg (202.58 KB, 873x759, Screenshot_20240206_093409_Fir…)

No. 1879161

That makes no sense. The more breast tissue someone has the natural they look. Redditors swear up and down they can tell a boob job by second nature but want to protect like shoving plastic bags under virtually no fat and glands will make them look just like a womans? I swear people's opinions just revolve around how they want women to feel at the time

No. 1879169

>There's some small differences you might be able to pick out if you know what to look for
Men are retarded, truly. If you know what to look for? You mean, if I know what one fucking looks like? Also as a side note, men constantly calling a vulva a vagina will never not make me laugh. Men don't even know which body part they are talking about.

No. 1879175

bigger market

No. 1879184

You cut the screenshot right where he says he had the procedure himself and then describes how he can "self lubricate" kek.

No. 1879205

File: 1707218449570.png (221.77 KB, 1278x944, ywnbaw.png)

Holy shit you weren't lying KEK >>1879148

No. 1879273

I laughed too. This from the sex who doesn’t know where the clit is.

No. 1879351

File: 1707227995088.png (31.13 KB, 735x468, Screenshot 2024-02-06 060156.p…)

No. 1880218

a waste of oxygen

No. 1880391

File: 1707301883466.png (375.13 KB, 828x628, FaDoAII.png)

actually peak reddit.

No. 1880558

No. 1880758

Jesus christ.

No. 1880833

File: 1707331586308.png (46.34 KB, 968x397, CAPTURE.png)

I got banned from r/fourthwavewomen for critiquing a feminist author, and then I got permanently suspended from Reddit due to "violations of Reddit's content policy"

No. 1880838

Well, what was the critique?

No. 1880851

It's since been deleted and removed, but all I did was criticize Gloria Steinem.

No. 1880889

File: 1707336140018.png (332.29 KB, 1377x650, btt63fc.png)

need to check something

No. 1880894

it's even weirder if you remember the early days of reddit, when people would go on extreme hateful rants about their black neighbors and how they want to live in an all-white nation state.

No. 1880901

Gross men got herded into modern liberal politics thanks to tranny fetishes and the guys who think communism means the government will support them being unemployed and playing video games all day.

No. 1880903

there was also a significat migration from tumblr and then later twitter after elon took-over

No. 1880956

File: 1707339956935.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.47 KB, 320x232, subreddits Small.jpeg)

It's crazy how different reddit is these days. It's very sanitized
compared to a decade ago. It's probably the demographics changing but there were so much degenerate shit allowed there that you couldn't imagine would be on there now.

No. 1880968

What was r/___ ? With all else I'm sure I'll regret asking, but still curious

No. 1880971

Ayrt but I honestly have no idea

No. 1880974

Were you actually on reddit in the early days? The early days being before subreddits were created?

No. 1881012

File: 1707343768990.jpg (141.47 KB, 1079x553, Screenshot_20240207_190550_Red…)

Nothing new that hasn't happened in a hundred lesbian subs already, but I love a good ole men forcing their way into lesbian communities, then bitching about how "terfy" it is. I'm actually amazed this still happens because I was under the impression reddit had successfully repelled all real women and lesbians and all the female/lesbian subs were tranny circle jerks, I'm pleasantly surprised there's enough lesbians left to significantly downvote them. They're also claiming it's a targeted brigade from another transphobic site but I couldn't find anything. Mods are going insane deleting nearly every single comment lmao.

No. 1881013

"Have you ever met a transwomen irl?" yes, they're men. In fact, it's more insulting because they are men pretending to be women. badly.

No. 1881015

This is horrifying. Why cant men just admit they hate women and leave us alone?

No. 1881062

What subreddit is this?

No. 1881074

File: 1707350107416.png (121.14 KB, 779x771, Screenshot 2024-02-07 155630.p…)

remember: men are funnier than women

No. 1881079

thats just reddit humor. Half of the caps in the funny cap thread are this painfully unfunny and tryhard too.

No. 1881169

File: 1707355923186.jpg (139.41 KB, 1080x1156, Screenshot_20240207_202925_Chr…)

I hate Indian scrotes so much. They are the absolute worst on this planet

No. 1881183


No. 1881304

File: 1707369240032.png (82.9 KB, 1172x521, CAPTURE.png)

And it's now permanent. From what I understand, all I have to do is be reported three times. If my posts are deemed offensive enough, I'll be banned. I've had this account for 7 years now. I survived the rise and downfall of r/GC, and now it's gone because I critiqued a feminist author on an allegedly feminist subreddit, also my backup accounts are also suspended (they were using the same IP). Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of misogynists with blatant hatred, hiding behind irony or just saying it's about "privileged bitch karens"

No. 1881308

agree and it’s why i don’t go in that thread, hate quirky nerds

No. 1881350

I still prefer the previous name for r/hydrohomies and was always disappointed they changed it

No. 1881353

Just make a new account it’s really not that big of a deal I’ve nuked accounts with 100s of thousands of (non farmed) karma. Fuck the Reddit mods.

No. 1881388

r/mtf is the perfect peaking tool. The amount of cis handmaidens I've peaked from just showing them posts on that subreddit is insane. I don't even have to do anything or SAY anything 'transphobic' (barf). I'll wait for the handmaiden to say something like 'gender doesnt equal sex' and then I can go 'WELL AKSHULLY all these brave, brave transbians have shown us that sex is a spectrum, take a look at all these schizo posts on this wonderful forum' and they usually just go silent. A few weeks later they'll usually get in touch and try to peak ME kek. People love to feel morally superior, so when you correct them with absolute garbage it makes their heads spin.

No. 1881392

My thoughts exactly. The trannies I've seen irl looked and acted like porn-sick men. Good to see some women downvote and comment against this tard.

No. 1881493

File: 1707396288784.jpeg (175.72 KB, 1194x867, kNRmSFX.jpeg)

I was lurking the plastic surgery subreddit and came across a dude who had gotten jawline and cheek implants by Barry Eppley (famous in incel circles). I lowkey feel bad for him because this is not an improvement and that surgeon's fee is quite high.

No. 1881494

Not like he was a looker but he was definitely less bad before.

No. 1881496

File: 1707396445661.jpg (61.82 KB, 640x671, aykakrx5txq91.jpg)

He look so weird now

No. 1881507

Yeah, aged ten years overnight.

No. 1881508

Let the dude live his dream of being a Habsburg

No. 1881519

The main problem with this imo is that it makes him look older than he did before. He is not bad, if he put some effort into his clothes and maintaining his skin it would set him apart from most men for a lot less money, plus he would age better. Then again, what women find attractive and what men find attractive are two different things.

No. 1881526

But nonnie, skincare and not being a disgusting waste of space slob are woman things! Men can't do things like those, even using manly skincare is for women, because only women are vapid and superficial unlike men who totally never get surgery to improve their looks.
Seriously though, men will never put a single cream on their faces nor wash their bodies, eat like shit and sleep in the same sheets for months and then they wonder why they feel like shit and look like shit.
I hope men's suicide statistics show higher numbers this year because how can a whole half of the worldwide population be this fucking retarded.

No. 1881873

File: 1707423959076.png (286.66 KB, 1439x625, uRrtQ4X.png)

r/PlasticSurgery user overlap

No. 1882059

Now he has that uncanny cgi meathead look like Leib Schriver.

No. 1882062

No. 1882072

gigakek at the rest of this dude's photos

No. 1882079

kek all that pain and money for an uncanny jaw and he got rated mostly 5s. And that one commenter that said his hypermasculine jaw is more appealing to men kek. Typical incel obsessed with female validation and approval.

No. 1882098

File: 1707436208928.png (184.02 KB, 317x392, Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 6.51.…)

Live action handsome squidward

No. 1882100


No. 1882104

He put down all that money to end up looking like a battered kneecap, jesus

No. 1882106

anal retentiveness personified

No. 1882112

Human Joe Swanson

No. 1882140

its like he took whatever thing zac efron nowadays takes

No. 1882523

all my backup accounts have been delete though, it still hurts to see, sure I never used them that often but I made actual friends that I still keep contact with on those accounts, it still hurts to see.

No. 1882530

All that work done and still no lips.

No. 1882570

File: 1707471844039.jpeg (490.31 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_1933.jpeg)

Reddit mods are the biggest trolls because they pose as caring custodians who are protecting their communities.

This is the most discompassionate AND pedantic interaction I have ever had with another 'human being'.

Sorry that the tragedy of MY father killing himself is too much for YOU. I was addressing someone's suggestion, so how can that be considered trauma dumping?

These people can't possibly have day jobs.

No. 1882578

>You should take time off
>I can't
>Read your contract and understand why
Is this a bot responding to you or do media users have that bad of brainrot?

No. 1882583

Pretty sure it's a real user

No. 1882599

It almost sounds like something an ESL HR agent would tell you because of how out of touch and off color it was

No. 1882777

Josef Fritzl-looking coomer

No. 1882848

File: 1707499697396.jpeg (224.99 KB, 664x990, 704F2F4E-8817-400A-BA8E-085C85…)

Crossposting from the consoomerism thread. The whole shtick with these cups is that they’re overlayed with softcore anime porn. I can’t believe how active this subreddit is. This moid in particular just can’t understand why his girlfriend isn’t a fan of him collecting and displaying them. Also the “girl collector” chiming in is a tranny. I hate moids so much.

No. 1882851

File: 1707499787276.jpeg (Spoiler Image,262.44 KB, 827x1699, 2743C70E-431E-4216-BD64-67D6EC…)

Samefag, here’s a lovely example of the types of designs these losers are obsessed with

No. 1882853

File: 1707499859932.jpg (1.28 MB, 2662x3037, moids-are-not-humans-low-value…)

>Women's sexual selection is fuckin destructive bc that means I won't get laid
>Men who do not have sex are being oppressed by evil women, when will society start caring about men's mental health issues and legalize rape???
>Of course we will experience a high level of male aggression. Not every male will just sit quietly.
>The only way to stop males from committing terrifying violent crimes is by giving women zero rights and making gays illegal, so women are forced to marry men. When women marry men, men can rape women legally, so men are not violent anymore and society works properly.
>Feminism made it illegal for men to rape women, so feminism is to blame that men can't have sex anymore, which makes men violent, so it's women's fault that men will start mass killing and raping women in the future.
(Don't they do that already?)
>Women having the right to choose the men they will have sex with or not is bad, no wonder most religions had to basically enslave them to create a civilized society
Okay ladies, it's time to hit the gym and start learning martial arts and self-defense as much as we can. We should also start considering getting a gun. Seriously, gun control is for men. Every woman should be allowed to carry a gun with them 24/7.

No. 1882904

this is an extremely gay and retarded rip off of an old soulful greentext

No. 1882940

always interesting how fast they will complain about how easy women have it in the dating market, then quickly switch it up and claim lots of women will be unable to find partners

No. 1882969

I mean, what he says is only true in the context of regions of Africa where polygamy was/is incredibly common. However, in the majority of the world, monogamy was the standard. Most people lived and died within their small communities. Furthermore, his issues are self-inflicted. I'm not denying that short guys have it rough, but he could find some other trait to make himself more likable to somebody. I'm willing to bet that there were women who might be interested in him but they don't meet his standards.

No. 1882993

it's only Muh biology when it's in their favour.

No. 1882998

Comparing r/foreveralone and r/foreveralonewomen really shows how unhinged men are when they don't have woman in their lives to act as their personal bangmaid. There isn't a single call to violence, no demanding the government hand them a husband to rape, no threats, etc. despite some women there being in their 40's and not having had a single relationship with a male. Most of them don't even care about sex, they just want to be loved. Scrotes on the other hand act like life isn't worth living if they don't get sex and commit mass killings over it. Fucking scary, I can only hope that they join the male suicide statistics kek

No. 1883024

File: 1707511324804.png (533.49 KB, 1078x855, QC2dcHb.png)


No. 1883036

Shocked. I thought men were cool now with their sex dolls and sex bots and vr porn and ai gfs? I swore they were singing from the rooftops that 'women bring nothing to the table' anyway and they're living it up with their tech solutions.

No. 1883140

Plastic surgery subreddits house the most pathetic people.

No. 1883142

I hate how desensitized I am to these takes. It doesn't even make me mad anymore, I just feel a shallow sense of pity for their mental disability. I hope these guys just seethe indoors and online and don't harm any actual women. They are so obsessed with passing on the same shitty genes that prevent them from getting laid in the first place. Plus, shitty, ugly moids get gfs and wives all the time. There must be something really wrong with them at that point.
>why won't women have sex with and marry unattractive, friendless losers with violent rape fantasies

No. 1883183

IKR? The kindest thing for humanity is that severely antisocial, dysfunctional, unsuccessful in life people DON'T breed. If somebody can replace career advancement with vidyagame points, and relationships with a plastic fuck doll, they get what they deserve. I can't fathom being this fucked up and wanting to make more fucked up, or ugly, or dumb, dysfunctional children to continue the suffering.

No. 1883246

File: 1707529712838.jpg (250.94 KB, 701x873, Screenshot 2024-02-09 194744.j…)

No. 1883247

At no point do they wonder if it’s fair to produce an ugly retarded son who will doubtless have the same problems. Just make sure to reproduce that’s all that matters. Moid psychology is something else.

No. 1883255

>it still hurts to see.
It does. Sorry that happened to you. Make another account and try to get insta or whatever accounts from your friends.

No. 1883256

>natural selection is becoming stricter because women have a choice
>I still want to get picked
>I go on the internet and endlessly whine, bitch and seethe about the ones who should pick me instead of working on myself to fit into the selection criteria for the women I want
I genuinely don't understand moids.

No. 1883269

idk why families are always happy to defend pedophiles. I'm so glad my family would happily beat the shit out of any pedo involved

No. 1883270

really makes you think about how dysgenic arranged marriage and enforced monogamy really were. no woman naturally wants to reproduce with a disgusting beta you have to coerce her financially.

No. 1883273

I like how they even post proof in that thread that most men aren’t supposed to reproduce. Anyway for any moids lurking, since you love biology so much, humanity will continue just fine if only a few select moids reproduce. It’s bad for you individually, not for the species.

No. 1883275

>I knew this Chinese girl but she was actually Thai, and a man
Lmaooo you can't make this up. Men are retarded

No. 1883281

You are 100 percent right. Women are so calm compared to men. Women literally want a loving companion and spouse, but men treat women like objects. They hate women so much, yet they won't leave them the fuck alone. Men are complaining about a loneliness epidemic, but make zero effort to change.

No. 1883291

File: 1707533571132.jpeg (869.38 KB, 1125x1828, IMG_5749.jpeg)

I hope this fucker’s future ex-wife doesn’t hesitate and takes him to the cleaners! Also kek @ him posting dm’s implying “see? These cowards are being mean to me, I know I’m right!”


No. 1883311

fake or not the comments are awful, reddit really loves their male victims. the dm section is so funny too.

No. 1883321

I love how you can tell the reply is from a tranny even without having to check the icon. Truly a Reddit moment.

No. 1883457

File: 1707544974387.png (201.81 KB, 768x1209, wrte4.png)

vaush fans coping that their idol is a degen by going "um sweetie, why do you care about what he watches in the first place, your the real pervert"

No. 1883496

r/cuteguyswithcats, the audacity of men, women would never post themselves in a cutegirlswithcats subreddit looking like these creatures

No. 1883589

I was not prepared for the sheer retardedness of that comment section. Like the people claiming that his wife raped him because she lied about using birth control and that it’s the same as a man secretly removing a condom.

No. 1883804

File: 1707581036046.png (32.3 KB, 1028x257, troon.png)

they love to attention whore at any given chance.

No. 1884851

i only know about bad things from this guy, like screenshots where he talks about raping women on their husbands corpses and wanting the age of consent lowered

one of my uni lecturers shared a video of his to a fb nature group im in and i think he had no idea how bad of a person he is

No. 1884899

Men are such morons. i swear.

No. 1885859

File: 1707749866510.jpeg (585.25 KB, 828x1108, IMG_0369.jpeg)

comment section is exactly what you would expect. these moids are so offended by the very notion that they should “get help” for their pedophilic urges

No. 1885864

No. 1885883

Not siding with the pedos but she's a weeb kek i dont understand pedos who are against loli/shota but still consume anime. Anime is like 90% pedoshit.

No. 1885909

There's more than enough anime/manga that doesn't have pedoshit that you can enjoy it and never encounter it.

No. 1885911

There's a difference between shounen romance or whatever the fuck and straight up liking loli and shota porn, you do realize this right?

No. 1885912

Exactly. They draw the line at lolicon and shotacon, but still indulge in the 90% of anime that sexualizes teenagers. Pedophiles, hebephiles, ephebophiles. All disgusting.

No. 1885914

Literally nothing but uggos, i fucking hate men so much.

No. 1885947

Every fucking guy on this sub looks identical
>receding hairline if not bald
>bad skin and wrinkles
>square glasses
>generally unkempt looking
>0.03 seconds away from making the soyjack face
it's like the came out of factory somewhere kek

No. 1885989

File: 1707759685486.png (328.52 KB, 1080x611, 05GCDim.png)

No. 1886006

what does this mean? I’m not a gay moid

No. 1886010

If I see my boy watching winx club instead of touching grass, no more tv for a month. Actually, change that, a year.

No. 1886016

i really don't get why people go on reddit anymore and try to say anything that goes against the hivemind or why people even care so much what the average redditor thinks. they're all a bunch of below average in every way, loser degenerates living on breadcrumbs and tears, the kind of person that if you saw them in real life you would instantly know they were a dumbass faggot and would accordingly avoid. for a bunch of retards who claim that they're soooooo intellectual and openminded, especially in comparison to the average person, any little deviance from their rigidly accepted set of beliefs sets them off. any sort of contrarian opinion is like telling them that they're stupid and their mother doesn't love them…all facts which are true but most people are too polite to say anything. i see so many anons even here who go into this betacuck shithole to try to debate about women's rights or get into a discussion with these freaks on topics usually around sex and gender issues; they predictably get instapermabanned and/or dogpiled and all i can think is…what do you expect from these cowards? for them to admit that they're wrong? change their mind? change yours? have a reasonable rational discussion that doesn't devolve into whining, butthurts and mental gymnastics to justify their immorality? it's such a waste of time to try to have any sort of conversation with these fools unless you want to stroke their tiny, fragile egos and tell them how special they are for being le cool white guy who posts on reddit.

sorry for the rant, i'm in a bad mood.

No. 1886031

Is there more context for this? Also your icon is visible.

No. 1886036

I think he is a stereotypical fag or tranny and angry that other gay moids like more masculine men. Comparable to "why wont women like nice guys like me only jerks." Scrotes cant handle that someone is not attracted to them.

No. 1886044

This is like saying 90% of American films endorse violence. I understand not liking anime, but this is just retarded. There's nothing hypocritical about enjoying normie-tier shonen anime and disliking loli/shotashit.

No. 1886077

I agree with you but also reddit is legitimately one of the most popular social media websites currently, so there are not many alternatives. I remember when reddit was way more associated with neckbeard/incel types than it is now (early 2010s). I used it briefly after leaving tumblr, but I had enough after the troons took over all the lesbian spaces and r/gc was banned. even so, all of my ultra-normie irl friends regularly browse certain subreddits like r/AITA and like r/thebachelor. there definitely are normie reddit users. I think the biggest issue is that the mods are all trannies and neckbeards, so women’s voices are regularly silenced.

No. 1886537

File: 1707805438783.jpg (62.39 KB, 604x628, Tumblr_l_10876639637619~2.jpg)

Saw picrel and immediately thought of the sort of shit that gets posted ITT kek

No. 1886729

>This is like saying 90% of American films endorse violence. I understand not liking anime, but this is just retarded.
Violence is justified in many circumstances. Pedofilia and pedo situations aren't. Trash argument.

No. 1888529

File: 1707953817594.png (435.62 KB, 1080x1734, 1000008070.png)

No. 1888531

I dont understand how the baby got crabs

No. 1888540

File: 1707954279744.png (498.8 KB, 1080x2629, 1000008073.png)

She says that the baby got it from the bed she shares with her husband. One of the comments bring up that the husband might be raping the children which is possible since he already seems to be abusive and a drunk.

No. 1888600

>Well like an idiot I tried to stay and make it work
I have no sympathy for her. Women this retarded and willing to be doormats almost always end up a problem for other innocent people, such as her baby.

No. 1888715

Based. And the fact that she quickly dismissed the possibility of sexual assault said a lot about her in my opinion. If I were in her shoes that would have been the first thing that would have crossed my mind

No. 1888735

>Violence is justified
The fuck does that have to do with anything? My point was that it's dumb to say that 90% of any country's output is one thing. It doesn't matter what it is, I just used violence as an example, I could have said "90% of American films have shitty pop music in them," as a wrong generalization. Your personal feelings on violence or pop songs or whatever are irrelevant, you absolute retard.

No. 1888752

Dumbass was cosleeping with the baby in the parents' bed. She's lucky her disgusting scrote didn't roll over on the baby and crush it in his sleep. Also her post history implies she got pregnant with this loser after finding out that he was a cheater and a meth head. Trailer trash retard, figures these are the type of people popping out tons of kids.

No. 1889020

jesus christ, what a post history. the husband was also fucking dudes through grindr. also a john, the crabs came from a prostitute. OD'd on seroquel like a bippie retard when she broke up with him.
the incontinent teenager (husbands daughter) is trooning out too. another red alarm for sexual abuse.

No. 1889169

File: 1708001608705.jpeg (505.66 KB, 1170x2103, IMG_0824.jpeg)

This pedophile that I messaged to fuck off and die is reporting me for that singular message and I keep getting warnings about it. I blocked him so the reports will stop but it isn’t working and somehow Reddit keeps giving me new warnings for the same message. I can’t report anything to get him permanently deleted because he removed everything off of his account after I messaged him and called him out for being a pedophile and ironically in the Christianity subreddit while he was also posting on the same account about wanting to trade pictures of little girls.
He really deleted everything before I could get him permanently banned, I’m so fucking pissed.

No. 1889177

>predictably, he didn’t kill himself
the wording just made me kek

No. 1889278

File: 1708012404598.jpg (117.18 KB, 848x227, ugh.jpg)

>do the bare minimum on Valentine's Day
>ZOMG men! I see you I love you let me suck your dick you're so impressive
>2.5k updoots
I hate this website

No. 1889283

there was even a front page post from a man bragging about specifically NOT doing anything special for his partner on valentines day. because he definitely already shows his love and gratitude for her in every other day of the year. and of course a ton of men chiming in to say they're the same. lmao.

No. 1889461

even if he deleted his posts reddit would still have them, report him to reddit, tell them what he had been posting and they will be able to see them

No. 1889525

Reddit won't do shit, they let literal CP (along with nonconsensual porn and creepshots and stuff like that) stay up.

No. 1890033

File: 1708053877249.jpeg (57.43 KB, 720x539, received_398843006024427.jpeg)

Low hanging fruit but why live like this?

No. 1890411

File: 1708089898743.png (55.04 KB, 937x470, 876578.PNG)

>he doesn't know why he did it
Because he's a sick freak and he thought he would get away with it. 14 is old enough to know better.

No. 1890415

File: 1708090493265.jpg (407.91 KB, 1466x1122, Untitled.jpg)

Reddit moids have the thinnest of skin. It doesn't matter how polite women are they lose it.

No. 1890416

Why am I not surprised retards are trying to make it seem like the boy was actually the real victim in all this because he could've been an SA victim too. Hope he ropes once he realizes he's getting charged kek

No. 1890419

File: 1708090660460.jpg (303.17 KB, 1486x1290, Untitled2.jpg)

No. 1890422

Women aren't allowed to have preferences don't you know that? The only men we're supposed to like are the fat, bald and ugly ones—the "good guys". If we don't settle for them and wait for our ideal man, we'll just end up as old lonely cat ladies because these good guys will be spoiled for choice with a fresh crop of 18 year old super models dying to get with them

No. 1890707

Idk what she or her son expected to happen

No. 1890720

He's definitely sexually abusing them. Crabs from bed sharing? Highly unlikely unless he's rubbing his dick all over the bed before his family sleeps in it

No. 1890902

File: 1708120364582.jpeg (246.72 KB, 750x972, IMG_4095.jpeg)

Why are vegan haters so retarded and cowish kek

No. 1890904

>scientific articles
a scientist could say that the sky is actually black and these cucks would believe it

No. 1890931

File: 1708122966155.png (870.22 KB, 810x1996, r-dykeconversionpoll.png)

r/dykeconversion's demographics are 80% men and troons. What a surprise!:

No. 1890938

Talking about men and trannies as if trannies aren't just men in a hard wig.

No. 1890945

That's the point, nonna

No. 1890981

I’m sure all of the self-identified “women” are really just tranny larpers too. No women fantasize about moids raping lesbians, except for possibly a pornsick, t-poisoned, self-hating pooner

No. 1891002

I absolutely hate how everything that was agreed as "bad" is somehow totally fine if it's for men to get off. Domestic violence? Bad. Domestic violence against women but filmed? No problem then. Racism? Bad. Racism in porn? So progressive. Homophobia and gay conversion? Bad. Homophobia and gay conversion as a "kink" for "lesbians"? uwu don's shame me uwu.

No. 1891019

File: 1708133986246.jpg (267.33 KB, 810x1413, Screenshot_20240216-163329_Boo…)

Oh, I made the meme. It wasn't part of the post. Sorry for being snarky >>1890938
Here's the original without the meme

No. 1891099

I'd bet that 21% women is probably made up of a lot of mtfs thinking "I've transitioned for a whole 6 months, I'm a real woman now" or some other bunch of men realizing "shit this looks bad" and deliberately screwing with the results. Degenerate women exist but I'd bet it's not really 21% of that sub.
Men are so degen to their core that even a 14 year old is already doing this shit.

No. 1891361

File: 1708166478715.png (486.34 KB, 960x561, QMeNqPd.png)

>imagine this insecure schizoid being your teacher.

No. 1891365

i don't see anything wrong with this. they even said at the end they're just ranting. are you ok anon?

No. 1891369

File: 1708167979108.png (301.66 KB, 1177x1450, JEBAgT.png)

samefag, sometimes you come across an account that reveals partially everything about a person. This guy is honestly so pathetic, I can't even make fun of him. He is an autistic English teacher who is into Yu-Gi-Oh, with failed dreams of moving to Asia but teaches in Philadelphia and is getting into martial arts.

No. 1891373

tbh you are the pathetic one. being a traditional brick and mortar teacher fucking sucks, especially in the usa. teachers are overworked, underpaid, typically very under-educated coming out of university, and very unmotivated. he's not saying anything i haven't seen hundreds of other teachers say, man or woman.

No. 1891375

Yeah, the 'women' on their were born with a penis 100%.

No. 1891396

what about the FTMs?

No. 1891401

File: 1708171756755.png (77.78 KB, 1394x469, CAPTURE.png)

He's an autistic nerd, so what? Going through his profile, he doesn't seem like a perverted Incel NEET like most and appears to be striving to be a good teacher who actually cares for his students, also there's nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself with fitness or martial-arts.

No. 1891412

Nta but why are you defending some retarded male from reddit? He says he’s a teacher but can’t write well in English and has been shit on by his peers

No. 1891414

nta, because the original poster seems like a vendetta-chan? he's not saying anything outrageous or gross, and you will get shit on in that profession by peers no matter what because most teachers on average are crazy. it's just funny that something so harmless made that anon post him in the first place.

No. 1891417

Nta but he seems harmless and he's not milky so why post him?

No. 1891857

File: 1708204801237.jpeg (420.38 KB, 828x1050, IMG_0470.jpeg)

FUCKING KEK. Men are the ones refusing to date and marry? Delusional

No. 1891868


Moid's ideal woman is a bang maid with no inner life. More at 11

No. 1891871

And are the men who refuse to date and marry in a room with us right now?

No. 1891879

File: 1708206121324.png (152.31 KB, 885x485, Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 4.42.…)

What a comment!
>I REALISE more men commit su!c!d£s, which is what feminism is for. Which is something I strive for too. More the reason to ditch the patriarchal expectation, I literally don’t care what’s going on with your penis.
Accidentally based.

No. 1891885

Male loneliness epidemic is 100% their own fault

No. 1891890

Men fucked around and are now just finding out kek.

No. 1892336

red & purple pill subreddits are my guilty pleasure. I love reading about these lonely loser scrotes whine and cry about the dating world, pick apart and over analyze women's psych, likes, dislikes, etc. Collectively agonize and grieve that they're unwanted, can't stand the singleness, blah blah. They hate women but desperately want female attention and validation. And then they come up with male cope fantasies that ONE day women will be miserable like them, when women turn 30 they'll instantly become ugly, etc. It's such an interesting little hopeless subculture kek

No. 1892402

His description of an ideal woman: someone who has lower standards so she won't judge me too harshly and doesn't live better than me so I won't feel inferior. Perfect if she will be financially dependent on me. Pathetic af

No. 1892582

Doesn't India have one of the biggest gender gaps worldwide? Why would they try to make things worse for themselves, lmao.

No. 1893099

Don't worry anons that's just the teacher sperg, she pops in every couple of threads or so to relentlessly shit on teachers for no reason.

No. 1893298

There are plenty of loser women in the world. Lots of female neets & failures. But those women rarely want someome as miserable as them (at the very least at frist) or are the dreaded "single moms" because guess what, an adult woman working on a dead end job whose only personality is ""Nice"" is neither an exceptional chooser in life or that smart. Low value moids want all the "good" parts of a low intelligence women but none of the negatives. Must be a day that ends on Y.

No. 1893488

I went to find the post and am honestly dismayed at how many comments defending there are.
Somewhat related, has anyone else noticed an uptick of straight up misogynistic tropes that wouldn't be out of place in the 50s being highly upvoted or on the front page lately? Like yes, reddit has always hated women but I feel like I'm seeing more and more unironic misogyny.

No. 1893523

Ugh the modern women only have jobs, degrees, a social life, inheresting personalities to offer incel coomer basement dwellers, stupid ladies amirite

No. 1893524

Men are either "the loneliest they have ever been and killing themselves over it", or they "are refusing to date and marry". Which is it? Both of these cannot be true at the same time.

No. 1893531

Funny, they have it backwards. That's the ideal man.

No. 1893738

Love when they actually admit what they are. Watch if a woman said this shit "MISANDRY". I hate men so much.

No. 1893758

Reddit was straight up known as a pedophile site 2010 and older.

No. 1893763

This is why you should never have a male babysitter. Even the child moids have watched so much violent porn they're ready to molest another child.

No. 1893766

>Somewhat related, has anyone else noticed an uptick of straight up misogynistic tropes that wouldn't be out of place in the 50s being highly upvoted or on the front page lately? Like yes, reddit has always hated women but I feel like I'm seeing more and more unironic misogyny.
Yes but the whole internet in general. Obviously it always existed but it was never as extreme. You'd get "make me a sandwich" shit but not "women shouldn't be able to vote and should be inslaved and married off at 14" that people unironically say. Rightoids will say this shot on YouTube with millions of views. It's bleak. Idk how I'd survive without this site because society gaslights women so much about this shit if you even try to discuss it.

No. 1893772

>you're post wall roastie no men will love, we only like 16-25 year olds
Also men:
>Reee women have too high standards they give men zero chances reeee

No. 1893774

I don't understand why people hire babysitters at all, you would think that just glancing at the news would let you know that you can't trust anyone with a child, specially not some retarded ass teenager. Like what do you even do if the child get in an accident at home? How can a retarded 14 years old react to a baby having diarrhea, puking or getting hurt?
The parents of the 9 years old girl are retarded for even considering letting that moid in their house unsupervised, but I hope they fuck up the life of the minimoid by putting him in the sex offenders registry or whatever public registry there is for younger moids being predators.

No. 1893899

File: 1708362236732.png (176.23 KB, 1119x919, misogyny online.png)

You know it's bad when bottom of the barrel 4chan scrotes think it's weird

No. 1893929

Damn some actual self reflection from 4chan scrotes.

No. 1893941

File: 1708365016440.jpeg (423.87 KB, 828x808, IMG_0530.jpeg)

This subreddit appeared on my feed and it’s a cesspool of “how dare women cause a generation of male virgins, why don’t women want us” and, simultaneously, “women are AKSHUALLY sexual predators” with the worst “scientific” survey ever conducted cited. If only these incel redditors ever stepped outside for once, they would realize women do not catcall men on the streets, women do not grope men and boys on public transport, women do not bring date rape drugs to the bar. How ridiculous

No. 1893947

>"As a woman who collects Waifu Cups and GSupps"
>Looks at name
>Looks at icon
>Tranny flag
Every time.

No. 1893957

if only this were true

No. 1894300

File: 1708388122599.jpeg (168.25 KB, 750x1113, IMG_4528.jpeg)

There was an article about how a pornstar commited suicide at 36.Someone commented how the porn industry is terrible for women, and of fucking course scrotes had to come out in force crying about how hard they have it, way harder than women in an industry that abuses them and spits them back out into a world where they practically have no future due to a simple google search.

>”male pornstars suffer in the industry too! Just look at louis theroux!”

>”construction and mining indurstries have higher rates of suicide though!”
>”ignorant comment! Stupid opinion!”


No. 1894316

I knew a British moid who would (quite obviously) lead on random women, try to hide the fact he lead them on, and randomly go cold on them while claiming it was the woman that was creepy, he even would send screenshots to other women and pull the "see men can be victims of sexual harassment too" card but didn't bother to delete multiple messages were he was clearly doing the persuing

No. 1894326

Most redditors strike me as the type of person who would jack off to disgusting degrading porn and then play it for laughs, like Efuck users. Don't even get me started on that God forsaken website that gets MILLIONS of views humiliating women and pornstars "owning" them and making fun of them if they cry, get mad or quit during filming. It's fucking bleak

No. 1894410

the ai art is so unserious. what did they put, "white man looking pathetic"?

No. 1894425

>male pornstars suffer in the industry too
How? Serious question. That's an argument they put up? Are they forced to take drugs, abused, objectified, and ruined for what they do? Oh no, poor wittle men. They have to penetrate and/or beat up a woman. That must really hurt the man! Fucking hell.

No. 1894474

They say dumbass shit about how hard it is to keep a boner and how men are “objectified” or disregarded as just being the penis proxy for the viewer. It reads as projection and that men want to be sluts for other men because they’d love the sex and attention. They can’t fathom that it’s not an ideal situation. Also goes in line with the “women live easy mode” opinions.

No. 1894627

Not to mention the amount of women forced into the industry by their abusive boyfriends only to be robbed of their entire income by them. Off the top of my head I can name Linda Lovelace, Dorothy Stratton and Jenna Jameson. I cannot even think of a notorious male pornstar who was exploited and abused in the same way.

No. 1894650

"sad chad thinking about trauma"

No. 1895059

File: 1708446008452.jpg (478.94 KB, 1080x1159, Screenshot_20240220-110405_Boo…)

Jannies working OT scrubbing any opinion not expressing total outrage over this on all the UK main subs. I know the censorship has always been bad, but it's gotten so much worse recently, especially on the bigger discussion/news subs. And it's gotten so fast too. I've been calling it instajannying. If you don't get to any remotely controversial post or comment chain on one of the bigger subs within an hour, expect to see a slew of [removed] comments. If you even get to the post before it's removed, locked, and further sanitized.

Yet people still keep participating there. I don't fucking understand it. With the small subs, maybe. But any bigger discussion sub is staffed with a team of terminally online powermods that immediately censor or ban you for wrongthink. You can't have any real discussion about anything remotely controversial except on small niche subs, and even then you have to skirt around their prohibitive TOS.

No. 1895163

Men are increasingly abandoning traditional social media and building communities elsewhere. Women are too apathetic, we allow ourselves to be censored. Ovarit, Spinster, none of these communities got off the ground properly. We could do more.

No. 1895295

Communities should mostly be self-moderating. Mods jobs should be to deal with spam and trolls. Not censor conversations. I had issues with Ovarit's moderation when I was there. Trigger-happy mods. Hell, I was even banned from circles I never participated in. The same shit reddit jannies pull. Just let communities self-moderate within reason.

No. 1895353

probably not, but when women are beaten and trafficked in the industry moids immediately come in arms blazing about how it's what she should've expected

No. 1895358

Absolutely, it's always funny how fast Reddit mods are to shut down anything that calls out trannies or the jab or some stupid shit, even permabanning people but moids can post blatantly sexist and rapey stuff with no consequences. Don't even get me started on how many mom subreddits were being raided by pedos writing out their sick fantasies and the best mods could do is "just ignore them" just somehow manage to permaban anyone who uses my WiFi because I said it's more socially acceptable for trannies to get plastic surgery than cis women

No. 1896059

He's so fucking dumb that he gives away the real meaning behind their doublespeak. He says men don't care about these things, but then that they care so much about it that it drives them away. If they didn't care, it wouldn't make them avoid women. And he's retarded anyway, because the same men who say this also run away from women who don't have money. They will NOT be happy with a poor working class woman, or marry her. They think of those women as parasites, even if the woman never asks for money or gifts, and somehow still has more in savings at the end of the month.

No. 1896066

Just to add, this is half of why I gave up dating. I got looked down on and talked down to for years, because I have dyscalculia, so college was impossible, but men want you to have at least a 4-year degree. Even men who say shit like this, even men who dropped out of college, they still expect you to have at least a 4 year degree. 2 year or a certification might as well be a GED. I know, I've been there.

No. 1896311

You're right, men absolutely do care. If men just wanted submissive pretty girls they would go wife shopping at domestic violence shelters and look for women who are happy to have a safe place to live. They're probably the one putting women in those shelters though.

No. 1897201

Men are like vampires. They target bright and vibrant individuals and suck them dry. That’s why they love teenage girls and virgins so much.

No. 1897661

File: 1708622667938.png (469.83 KB, 1584x1380, screenaddiction.png)

These parenting subs could fill up a thread all by themselves. Anyway, here's the kind of emotional regulation you can expect when you let screens raise your kids.

No. 1897668

These same parents will get so mad if you suggest hours of screen time a day so they shut up maybe isn't for the best. Yea they might be annoying but kids need to learn to cope with boredom and not being pacified all the time

No. 1897670

Huh wonder where dad is

No. 1897684

i looked up that thread because i was curious and she is actually in the process of detoxing her kids from tablet use. she posted an update two days later and apparently her kids are doing better now after three days of no tablets.

No. 1897700

Hmm I wonder whose job it is to make their own children behave?
>lets her kids bully her into giving them what they want
>no consequences for bad behavior, just cries and tries to reason with a fucking toddler?
>children want "tablet time" at 4 and 6, implying they're used to having a tablet shoved in front of them to shut them up
The kids both screaming they don't love her is telling me it's learned behavior they're using to bully her into getting what they want. Where did they learn that from? And again, why isn't she giving them any consequences for that kind of behavior? Kids need firm rules to know you're reliable and they're safe with you, they don't get that from crying and muh anxiety. I hate this retard omg.

No. 1897751

Every time someone posts about their horrible kids I check for 4 things- single mom, teen mom, autistic kids, or more than 2 kids? Looked in her post history and the 6 year old is autistic and she has 3 kids. At least one in five of these people who make these posts have autistic kids, and Im sure autism is something inherent & immutable once a kid is born, but other than severe cases I can’t help to think that these kids wouldn’t be such tards if they weren’t handed tablets.
My cousin has severe autism and was nonverbal until he was 10, but his parents always took him everywhere and talked to him even before he responded, and was always taught emotional regulation/punished like a regular kid. Tablet parents aren’t even doing that with their “regular” kids, what chance does an autistic kid have nowadays.

No. 1897773

reddit parenting sub outside of pedo trolls, is full of people who had kids just to have them or they were falling for alt-right trad memes but didn't actually think for a second how they plan to raise a child. A lot of women on reddit were pickmes during their time, so have low standards and just went for any moid they could because ~they weren't gold diggers chasing after CHAD like other girls~ and are shocked screen-addicted dorks with no career make bad fathers. then dads on reddit are their clueless husbands probably trying to hookup with teens anytime they can

No. 1897811

>A lot of women on reddit were pickmes during their time
Most still are, they never learn. On almost all mainstream subs you can find comments made by 30-something or older pickmes humblebragging (lying) about looking 15, having big tits, checking out women together with their husband because they're such cool girls, insisting women are meanie gold digging whores, and if they were OP's wifey they'd totally suck his dick every day. When you go into their post history, they're either trailer trash, single moms, fat and ugly, poly, or all of the above.

No. 1897816

They’re accusing her of not loving them.

No. 1897842

I’ve noticed this too with women complaining about their shit porn addict husbands. They are shocked he continues exhibiting shitty male behavior when there’s zero consequence for him. A lot of them lament the fairytale picket fence white bread perfect family life they wanted and think they’re owed because they do everything right in the middle class happiness playbook. Bonus points for them saying “I love him too much I can’t just leave” after he constantly cheats or betrays her trust with no care.

No. 1897859

I really couldn't tell you what is going on with kids anymore. Even my own friends with kids, and who don't shove tablets down their throats, have kids who aren't the best behaved. I have to believe it's overly permissive parenting, but in the end it just makes me kiss the ground I walk on that I don't have any myself.

No. 1897865

I know, I can read. What's the point of your comment?

No. 1897898

Based. No sympathy, anyone with low enough IQ to raise their kids like this deserves the pain, plus for the 4 and 6 year old the developmental damage of Tablet Raising is already permanent. They can learn to behave but probably their concentration and reading skills will be stalled forever. Pretty sure if your parents don't un-fuck your shit before 6 or 7 you can never recover those skills fully.

No. 1897904

You're correct and I wonder where it comes from. I don't have a single friend who would participate in these types of forums. They'd barely move past Facebook.

No. 1898041

Honestly good for her then, because that is far more effort than most tablet parents are ever willing to go through. Hopefully it won't be too late for her kids to get better, but I do worry, especially since the six-year-old little boy already has a phone…
Which, sidenote, is it really customary nowadays for six-year-olds to have smartphones? Is that actually a thing? I really hope not, but I get the feeling I'm going to be disappointed.

No. 1898099

TV/tablet in infancy causes diagnosed autism in boys. Somebody actually did one complete study on it. Heavy TV used resulted in 38% higher risk of autism.
I think this is probably why males have such different symptoms from females, and a higher rate of diagnosis. When a male develops such a high level of sociopathic solipsism that his mental development is completely impaired, that gets grouped in with whatever causes biological autism. And the two aren't necessarily linked, but coddling parents will cause the first kind of "autism" to form in boys with biological issues.

No. 1898433

File: 1708670401906.jpeg (622.41 KB, 1066x1131, IMG_6154.jpeg)

>the kids both screaming they don’t love her
I wasn’t sure that you could.

No. 1898533

File: 1708680027139.jpeg (892.34 KB, 1125x1799, IMG_5756.jpeg)

Scrote divorces wife because she won’t fuck him anymore and when she inevitably does, the sex will be ‘subpar’ so he’s jumping ship.


No. 1898538

Glad she's escaped, now he and his hand can have the relationship they deserve.

No. 1898573

>He is my type of therapist, no BS kind of guy. Calls you out on your BS and then accurately explains what's going on.
This is not the role of a therapist. What a retard. He just found a scrotoid agreeing with him and decided that he would rather dump his wife and young child rather than compromise on sex. Men are fucking hopeless.

No. 1898576

But men are the ones moderating reddit, even the female subs. If anything it's women leaving…

No. 1898626

Again, what is the point of your comment? Yes, they are accusing her of not loving them, that is literally what they are saying, but they had to learn to say that from someone?

No. 1898627

File: 1708691035468.jpg (Spoiler Image,274.65 KB, 1080x2581, 1000008681.jpg)

Forgot to spoiler

No. 1898644

Fuck moids for their sex pest tourism and fuck them for supporting the abuse of women. I can only hope they die alone and don't subject their depravity onto another woman.

No. 1898645

Pretty much par for the course. Moids are so controlled by their dicks that they’ll throw away a healthy marriage and family just because the sex slowed down. It’s really pathetic they can have an amazing partner but if she won’t suck his dick as much as he wants then it’s hopeless because that’s the main draw for him. And on the other side, women put up with so much retarded manchild bullshit and incompetence it’s insane. Imagine birthing children for a man and he breaks up because you won’t fuck him to his hearts desire anymore.

No. 1898677

Exactly, that's why they talk about women being "ruined" by other men. They know what they are, they just want to be the ones to ruin them.

No. 1898708

JFC. One of the comments says he previously made a post elsewhere about having a twins. That he went back and deleted after it got called out. This really exemplifies how men will lie by omission as hard as they possibly can, while women will "to be fair" their own stories to death.
Notice how every episode of Dateline is about a "life of the party" girl, or a girl who would treat anyone like her best friend.

No. 1898871

how low do you have to be to not only abuse women but complain about the appearance to others of said women you're abusing? i swear

No. 1898966

He doesn't care because she's already had twins from his sperm. Her job is to be bangmaid incubator, and she's only done half of it. This is a common problem, he has a selfish and unhealthy mindset. He's unlikely to find happiness anytime soon.

No. 1899090

Right like really, with all that, the first thing he had to mention as a preface is “keep in mind these impoverished women doing horrible painful things are not to my aesthetic liking.” Any excuse to dehumanize a woman being exploited for not performing to the male gaze. He’d definitely have more pity if the woman was attractive instead of treating it like some quirky never again story for updoots

No. 1899144

pity? if the women were attractive, this degenerate 100% would've paid to rape them afterwards.

No. 1900777

File: 1708836191304.jpg (153.52 KB, 640x1150, not-oop-how-can-i-get-my-wife-…)

No. 1900778

File: 1708836269696.jpg (142.99 KB, 640x934, not-oop-how-can-i-get-my-wife-…)

No. 1901293

File: 1708887658393.jpg (670.71 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20240225-125939_Red…)

Funny how he mentions none of his parenting efforts or how he treats her. I'd be willing to bet money he 100% deserves it, of course the comments were all boo hooing about muh male domestic abuse kek. We should be abusing them more, long live the Stacy uprising

No. 1901303

The fact that only 2 comments I could find called this what it was (spousal rape) is proof we live in a rape culture. This woman does not want to fuck this man and never has, the sex has been shit their entire relationship and is now actively torturous, and he is still pushing and forcing it on her to the point where she is having to develop a fucking system just to get herself aroused enough for it to not hurt when he makes her have sex. Honestly forced sex is so normal for women within marriage we don't even know how to name it when it happens. She's being routinely raped and hurt sexually and not only does no one call it that, but she actively tries to accommodate her situation because she thinks sex with him is required. And his nonstop badgering her isn't called out for being coercive and rapey, just for being ungrateful for her efforts and whiney. Fuck our society kek

No. 1901401

File: 1708893137833.jpg (22.17 KB, 500x299, 37178583_2050957858309820_1588…)

>Just had a baby and has severe physical issues from the birth
>Actively caring for the child while trying to recover
>Husband won't leave her alone for sex and has to develop a system where she can be fucking left alone

I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Her husband sounds so fucking annoying.

No. 1901421

File: 1708894456833.jpg (15.32 KB, 320x242, d900217f-f80a-45cc-8502-4e6c60…)

I tinfoil that autism is over diagnosed with kids these days I'm saying this as someone with an autism diagnosis I have noticed many parents online doesn't do anything to raise or discipline their kids. when the kids start causing trouble the parents don't wanna admit that its because of their own failure as parents so they start looking for a doctor who will diagnose their kids with autism. Not saying that autism is a fake diagnosis because it isnt but it's interesting how every bratty kid now has autism specially since some of their out-of-order behavior aren't even autism symptoms it's stuff that every kid does until their parents tells them to stop doing it.

No. 1901440

I totally agree. Also I feel like a lot of irresponsible parents want an autistic child for social brownie points because autism is trendy nowadays (same for trans children), everyone's self diagnosing themselves because it's quirky.

No. 1901579

File: 1708902776550.jpeg (46.55 KB, 524x524, IMG_4093.jpeg)

Sage for rant but I fucking hate how redditors always need to bring up irrelevant details about themselves in any topic. I am passionate about urban planning and i posted something recently about Infill development and one retard said something along the lines of “I AM A INTROVERTED DUDE WITH AUTISM I HATE PEOPLE AND WANT TO LIVE IN THE WOODS” like omfg no one cares what does that have to do with infill development??? Did you even read what i had to say? This being Reddit, it was one of the top comments with more redditors and trannies adding their own super funny joke about being socially retarded. This is one example out of plenty. They always find a way to tell everyone they are autistic/introverted/depressed/transgender/etc. The derailling on Reddit is worse than the tradthot thread.

No. 1901713

He probably is a bad dad. I bet the biting sarcastic remarks are because he doesn't pull his weight with the 3 year old, or worse just ignores her. Then the fake flinching, as if the physical threat of a woman could be anywhere similar to that of a man against a woman. I have tried to punch my husband as hard as I could before because we wanted to see if I could even hurt him and I couldn't. She shouldn't scratch him but it's no battered woman

No. 1901983

File: 1708927988080.jpeg (963.71 KB, 1125x1795, IMG_5768.jpeg)


Congratulations asshole, now you have blood on your hands.

No. 1902093

Provided this isnt jackoff masturbait, he purposely did this and is getting off on the idea of her being killed in Iran full stop

No. 1902101

Is this real though? Would a family traditional enough to do honor killings, let their daughter study overseas and date a (presumably) American in the first place? It sounds fake to me but the again I don't know much about Muslim families.

No. 1902143

It's Reddit so likely to be fake anyway, but even if her parents are semiliberal, the extended family might not be.

No. 1902270

He clarified in the comments that she didn’t even cheat on him, she was raped. She was blackout drunk at a party and got raped… Idk, this is just screaming racist incel masturbait fantasy. It’s just too much to be believable

No. 1902276

File: 1708946791887.jpeg (296.55 KB, 1170x1063, IMG_2427.jpeg)

It’s fake af.
The comments are funny tho

No. 1902406

File: 1708955453262.png (115.7 KB, 703x790, kill yourself.PNG)

I can't do this shit no more

No. 1902417

File: 1708955991096.png (357.45 KB, 1169x1312, Screenshot 2024-02-26 144923.p…)

r/redpillwomen might be one of the most depressing places on the internet

No. 1902433

>autist is too autistic to accept he just has autism
Yeah checks out. Double lol that his mom revealed this after he got rid of his balls.

No. 1902441

Why is every man she dates a left wing polyfag or a right wing Andrew tate fag? I'm her same age and it's still commonplace to find good-looking men with average politics or who are apolitical. These extreme dating patterns and the fact that she's on RPW means she probably has a trauma history that she's looking to heal with these freakish dynamics. I hope she snaps out of it soon.

No. 1902443

Wow, a tranny with autism. More news at 11.

No. 1902575

File: 1708965203172.jpeg (239.39 KB, 814x913, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-vxKZ…)

moid writes creepy fanfiction about getting raped by his stepdaughter. fakest porn shit you can imagine. all comments are supporting OP unironically. the story is so clearly a fetish its disgusting to read.

No. 1902576

she's also freaking out about turning 25 at 23. i thought she was going to say she was 35 or something the way she is acting. she should spend time working on herself and enjoy her 20's instead of chasing after relationships. i also get the vibe she may have some issues she isn't addressing.

No. 1902920

whats with reddit moids clearly SAing women and then claiming it was actually the woman SAing them? not even the first time I've seen a story similar to that

No. 1903283

This seems like a vindictive fetish story he wrote to vent about his wife not giving him all the sex he wants so he creates some fantasy situation where the daughter has sex with him but oh wait he’s not responsible he’s being taken advantage of so you can’t possibly call him a creep because he’s so sad and poor traumatized man we need to focus on the forgotten male victims! Also why did he need everyone’s sexual backstory before telling his weird reverse rape experience. And I have no way of knowing but if you’re that drunk to the point of passing out would you still be erect and able to ejaculate? Only guys on Reddit are so regularly forced into penetrative sex by a woman while they’re powerless somehow, probably the same moids on the men’s rights sub who unironically say female on male rape is the most common and this is their proof they wrote with one hand.

No. 1903630

You know whose brilliant idea it was to move to another country where they have no family. And now that they have a child she can't just leave him and go home.

No. 1903676

File: 1709039464378.png (147.44 KB, 1357x184, d2JW85S.png)

noooo, how dare the younger generations wants stability and not porn and degen shit everywhere.

No. 1903678

That screenshot doesn’t mention porn or degenerate things though. (sex scenes in movies maybe, I guess) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with gentle parenting, and trads are retarded

No. 1903698

kek this is so fake, it sounds like the plotline in a porn he watched

No. 1904203

File: 1709066131149.png (21.97 KB, 812x201, 34242153324.png)

literally cant even go onto the most innocuous subreddits without moids shitting it up. even if it is fake, everyone in the thread is joking about it, so gross.

No. 1904205

>a few
>300 prostitutes

No. 1904209

300 prostitutes???

No. 1904214

trad women are just gen z coping with the price of living, it's not that they're struggling to find a job and affordable way to live they're just ~trad wives~. anytime you hear a story of any trad influencer it's always "i got out of college, couldn't find a job and kept getting fired so I figured gods plan was being a trad wife"

No. 1904939

File: 1709112687321.jpg (849.09 KB, 1080x2081, Screenshot_20240228_103143.jpg)

Try to guess if the retards can stay on topic. Someone said that "most people who knows about JKR will assume you share her views" kek they really think the internet is real life. I just feel sorry for the OP

No. 1904941

poor OP she got a horrible tattoo and on top of that is getting dragged into a retarded terminally online tranny fight.

No. 1904981

it is a bad tattoo though, It looks more like weird runic letter.

No. 1904989

>These parenting subs could fill up a thread all by themselves.
I would actually love to see a parent thread where we bitch about shitty parenting kek

No. 1904993

This is 100% true. I know someone who has an absolute brat for a kid and she is constantly looking for ADHD/autism diagnoses to excuse his rotten behaviour. He ended up getting an unrelated diagnosis for his ticks and as soon as that happened she used it to excuse all of his horrible behaviour, despite the fact he was addicted to youtube and tablets and would throw meltdowns/tantrums when he didn't get his own way. On a broader scale, it seems rare to encounter young parents who don't think their children have some sort of 'tism/ADHD. Like gee, it has to be that, and not the constant screen time and diets filled with refined sugar and ultra-processed food that is what is making Timmy act out of control. Sorry for the rant but it really bothers me, and is one of the reason I won't ever have kids because I don't want some woke retard trying to diagnose my kid just because it has a tantrum at some point.

No. 1905004

Lately youtubers that talk about tattoo stuff were covering harry potter tattoo/tran drama and I was like isn't this old news? But there's a new rush of trannies on tiktok who're covered in HP tatts to this day saying they're gonna get them covered or lasered off and anyone else who has them shall be judged! They're a bit late to the party but ok

No. 1906399

Has anyone ever posted their pics on Reddit subs such as r/amiugly r/rateme etc? How did it go?

No. 1906408

>post your face online
>in the era of AI and deepfakes
>to REDDITORS no less

No. 1906415

I'm hoping no one here has. Those subs are just a circlejerk for moids who look like an IRL soyjack meme that think rating a pretty woman a "3/10 MAX" or saying she's "mid" is them getting revenge on all the Stacy's they grew up with not wanting to fuck them kek

No. 1906418

I haven't posted on there but those subs give me the creeps. Most commentors are men who get off to trash talking women's appearances and those subs gives them a "safe environment" where they can so it. I don't get women who post their selfies on there they know that there are not getting any compliments so why do it?

No. 1906437


No. 1906439

>will assume you share her views
That women are women? But yeah it's wild this stupid tranny shit is still going on. Aren't people bored of going after JKR yet with zero proof she said anything?

No. 1906466

why would anyone do this??? don't do it nonna

No. 1906553

amiugly told me my makeup skills were shit. Most of the comments were shockingly complimentary considering how turbo my body dysmorphia is and how ugly I think I am. There was some gross comments buried in a sea of constructive ones. It inspired me to improve, I'm never going to be a MUA but I have gotten better. I gave particular gripes about how I felt my lips were small, my nose was too raised, or my skin was bumpy and only a few commenters declared I was truly uggo

I took the precaution to turn off my DM's so I didn't get any dick pics or harassed. I wouldn't recommend anyone do it regardless. funnily enough no one irl had ever told me my makeup skills were bad but I do live in a midsize southern town kek

No. 1906556

If you've ever used Facebook Instagram or Snapchat your face is already in the pockets of huge corporations and if your social media is or was ever public men can also steal from there. It's unavoidable unless you've never shown your face online at all, and most of us have nona

No. 1906580

NTA, but corpos having pics of your face on a private Instagram with a limited number of people sucks but it's still not the same as posting it on Redditshit for any scrote on the planet to easily download. just don't do it nonnies

I hate Reddit so much, I hate knowing that nearly every person who interacts with me there is a stupid redditard. I hate that I "have" to use it because they killed forums and because the cows I follow there don't have active threads here. Fuck you Reddit. I'm really close to deleting my account (again).

No. 1906586

I posted in amiuglybrutallyhonest and my dms were filled with men telling me I was beautiful, stunning, etc, but all the comments on the post were backhanded or highly critical, which was fine as it’s what I asked for, but anyone saying I look pretty got downvoted. Then when I went on some of the profiles of men who called me ugly, they where calling much uglier women than me pretty and beautiful. Like there was this one girl with tiny, close together eyes, a beak nose and a recessed chin and one of the guys who called me below average said “you look like you could be a model”. So do they lie to ugly girls that they’re beautiful as well? Or do they lie in the inbox and tell the truth on the post? Every scrote has an agenda and you can’t trust anything they say.

No. 1906624

File: 1709227455453.png (238.78 KB, 616x589, Screenshot_20240229-120842.png)

They're so committed to this specific fanfiction of porn plot transcriptions with tacked on men's activism at the end. Is constantly writing these things actually moving to anyone normal?

No. 1906632

You know this idiot would have gotten DNA proof immediately and ghosted her (if she was real.) Male fanfiction sucks

No. 1906637

>She wouldn't accept it. She turned up to my office and we had sex on a desk
KEK acting like she chained him to his cubicle and had her way with him or something. These moids are such bad liars

No. 1906677

I know it's not an unusual way of phrasing it but given the whole context I laughed at
> she had gotten herself pregnant by another man
Omg she forced him to ejaculate in her too. Kept getting herself pregnant.

No. 1906680

>a women I dated
I feel like I constantly see specifically retarded MRAs spelling woman as women, and I can't figure out if it's just because they clearly are stupid or if they spell it that way on purpose for some reason.

No. 1906717

Noticed it lately too and my theory so far is that its men who are so used to giving out about women in general that it either auto changes to women or their fingers are that conditioned. Been driving me nuts in youtube comments too. I mean you don't see a whole lot of say "I met a men today" all over the place.

No. 1906791

>So do they lie to ugly girls that they’re beautiful as well? Or do they lie in the inbox and tell the truth on the post? Every scrote has an agenda and you can’t trust anything they say.
Probably an admixture. I'm surprised how few comments I got actually calling me ugly. Some of the commenters were women and not scrotes, and actually gave me decent advice about modding the shadow for my eye shape. As I said I'm bad at following tutorials, it's tedious, do it for fun, not glamor usually. I've got the kind of dysmorphia that turns me off being photographed, that's how bad it is, there's almost no third person candids of me from the last decade.

Why do scrotes having an opinion on makeup in the first place though? Last time I checked they don't know squat about it.

No. 1906800

Fake, adult males can't be pressured into sex by women. He got hard and came inside her, he wanted it 100%.

No. 1906907

File: 1709249785661.png (307.61 KB, 721x700, Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 6.38.…)


No. 1906920

Hate scrotes

No. 1906923

These poor babies have women raping them in the work place, this is the gynocracy in action

No. 1906975

>I have been into stoicism
>all up in his feelings about Marcus Aurelius getting cheated on
The jokes write themselves. Also, Aurelius didn't create Stoicism so him being "cucked" or w/e has no bearing on the philosophy as a whole. I'd bet good money this guy just watched a few videos about Stoicism on YouTube and never read a single book on the topic like most moids who have been infecting it lately.

No. 1907075

this reminds me of when I checked a thread of moids complaining about how they got wrongly accused of being creepy towards their daughters or their wife having PPD. I actually got blocked by a moid on reddit because he kept questioning why his wife was so depressed and I pointed out his entire profile consisted of him trying to hook up with teen girls in his city daily. and another one blocked me when he was questioning why people found him creepy towards his daughter and I pointed out he was a frequent visitor of r/realincestconfessions with a focus on DMing users for "private stories" about daddy daughter stuff

No. 1907080

Reddit has some of the most Internet incompetent moids around. Some moid tried to pick apart a comment I made about creeps and started going on about the patriarchy and women are degenerate whores meanwhile his comment history was full of him rating other men's cocks and a thread about him having a small cock and worried his girlfriend looks at porn. Homeboy is allegedly straight and seeking out photos of other men's cocks.

No. 1907101

I posted on r/roastme and r/amiugly when I was 16. I had short blue hair at the time so roast me was the usual dyke and sjw insults, I was disappointed at their lack of creativity. On am I ugly I got a couple of humblebragging accusations and was told to get bangs kek. I regret doing it though because now those pictures are out there forever, in the hands of redditors even

No. 1907151

Wow, i guess they found the one space on reddit that actually still has real women and didn't like that. It's not him denying that he has autism, there's still a chance he probably doesn't even have it regardless of the stereotypes about tims. This is primarily about him invading a space used by women to be vulnerable and candid about their personal experiences by trying to seem unthreatening and finding a way to relate with them as a tactic to force them to feed into his agp fetish. 99% of this post is more about him talking about being a troon rather than autism itself, expecting everyone to give him attention and headpats. It's a shame because this is one of the few subreddits that are actually still good, i hope this doesn't become a trend.

No. 1907274

>comment history was full of him rating other men's cocks and a thread about him having a small cock and worried his girlfriend looks at porn. Homeboy is allegedly straight and seeking out photos of other men's cocks.
Kek that's hilarious anon. Idk why moids are stupid enough to think we won't check their post history when they post degenerate ass shit. Or those moids who larp left and right and forget to delete their post history about how one post they're a doctor, then a college girl cheating on her boyfriend, the they claim to be a sigma male business owner, etc all while changing their race/gender/age every other post

No. 1907323

File: 1709279191099.jpg (277.05 KB, 720x1280, 1000003079.jpg)

Oh he did not want to pay for that birthday dinner at all

No. 1907523

The lecture he posted as a “disclaimer” was so condescending and retarded.

No. 1907729

The usual, I'm gonna just act normal and then blindside you with a break up right before I have to spend money on you for your bday/xmas/anniversary/valentines

No. 1907807

>Focus on work and taking care of my parents
What kind of retarded excuse is this? Sounds to me like he just wanted to be an STD farm or something and just chose the bottom of the barrel. I also wonder if moids choose the weirdest ways to dump women to try to bait them into begging for him back and then get upset when it doesn't work

As far as paying goes where do people even find these assholes? Even low and narc moids I met were WANTING to pay for dinner

No. 1908047

How tf would he get pressured and forced into having sex at WORK just because she was there kek like literally how? Without any context it sounds retarded, you can just fucking walk away. Pornbrain to think this makes any sense, men make up the stupidest false stories to demonstrate how women are sooooo scary and evil and it’s never even half as bad than what the average woman has dealt with.

No. 1908932

File: 1709373778565.jpg (350.98 KB, 1080x1095, 1709297531524.jpg)

No. 1908948

the fact that they let bpd moids roam around children is scary enough on it‘s own now he‘s also an anarchist sex pest troon? them poor children

No. 1908957

>losing MY relationship to a student
that just makes it sound like he had them as a personal target…
i wish someone with hacker skills could find out where he works and show his posts that literally say "show up to my preschool with those on my hip" this is clearly a derranged man who shouldn't work around kids

No. 1909136

Says in multiple posts that he's in lansing michigan

> guns in my purse hehe

> knives
> 'my kids' ..meaning the pre-k kids
> self harm
> muh bdsm lifestyle
> my biology is closer to a ciswoman than a cisman cause hrt, educate yourself
> more guns but under my dress this time
> do I need stitches for this stab wound on my wrist? I totally did it on accident despite me having a whole tattoo about slitting my wrists

He's real comfortable oversharing shit while every other post is about the kids.

No. 1911360

File: 1709565828613.png (290.2 KB, 990x1180, Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 15.23…)

And of course, everyone in the comments is coddling the creep. Bet he used photos of his girlfriend's friends.

No. 1911364

File: 1709566043560.png (63.51 KB, 1122x258, Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 15.29…)

I hate men.

No. 1911388

The fact this is the first time a parents has even raised an issue with a tranny undressing their kids just makes me sad at how toothless parents became just in a decade.

No. 1911397

Nasty scrote. His girlfriend doesn't deserve this. Fuck the people that are coddling him too and talking about those being the future. In the future, I sure hope more women will tale care in posting less photos of themselves online and not being friends with these pornsick freaks. "Muh OCD" Fuck off.

No. 1911431

If reddit had any morality he would be alogged into oblivion.

No. 1911474

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE fucking despicable scrotes how can they be so disgusting FUCK throwing himself a self-pity party when he should just kill himself and be done with it! the world would be a better place I’ll take my ban for a-logging but I seriously can’t help it FUCK THIS

No. 1911477

Moids are so comfortable involving nonconsenting people into their degeneracy. I can’t think of a better example of the mindset someone has to objectify women than treating them like a skin for your deepfake porn creations because “who cares, it make pp hard”. Only compounded by the fact most redditors are already the lowest of the low tier of men, pedos, rapists, and their sympathizers. Braindead subhumans.

No. 1911689

File: 1709585530127.jpg (33.56 KB, 712x232, Screenshot 2024-03-04 124632.j…)

Most of the top comments were like this. OP posted a screenshot of an article titled "Kentucky Senator Argues That 'Child Sex Dolls' Are Beneficial To 'Minor Attracted People' In Disturbing Judicial Committee Statement"

That's not how this works. Sexual abusers get off on the violation. Either they would be uninterested in the doll because it's not a real person they can violate, or they would just use it for practice. I'm so tired of reddit's endless sympathy for pedos and rapists.

No. 1911704

>Sexual abusers get off on the violation
Exactly, it's all about the thrill of knowing they're brutalizing an unwilling person or child. These retarded moids act like pedos and rapists don't know how to masturbate and don't already own sex toys/dolls. A doll isn't going to cry or fight back so it's never going to be enough for them, if anything it will just make them want the real thing more which is why they should all be locked up and/or euthanized

No. 1911752

File: 1709590629619.png (171.81 KB, 1156x858, Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 22.13…)

Does anyone else think this is a fake victim fantasy? Kek

No. 1911771

The odds of this being true are so slim, women who do this kind of stuff would have a history of other psychotic behaviours and men don't realise that because it doesn't fit their own victim narratives and also they purposely seek out such women. So to answer question, i feel like the part about the child abuse could probably be true at the very least because it's just too specific.

No. 1911776

Definitely fiction but kinda hot

No. 1911812

We need laws against these scrotes. They are just incapable of being human. This should count as revenge porn. Scrotes will think twice if they risk jail time.

No. 1911813

The rate of men that are genuine pedophiles is going up I think thinks to porn addiction and this "its just a fantasy" embrace to furthering degeneracy. I clicked on some random profile I saw in a tiktok comment section and every video was about lolis, all those videos comments were filled with people with loli enthusiasts accounts with similar videos. Was a whole rabbithole. You have pedo men trying to normalize it and then other pedo men feeling emboldened by the normalization, echo chamber until they're giggling over cunny memes and thinking it's totally normal to be sexually warped. They all pull the "it's just a cartoon! It doesn't hurt anyone!" But we all know it extends into real life and how they view young children they come across. The brain truly can't separate it like that, they spend all day reinforcing the sex -> little girl bridge and pretend like it's not the first pathway their mind will go down now. Reddit pedos thinly veiled justifications

No. 1911815

This is the fakest story I've read in a while. Men are so pathetic

No. 1911821

So what if you can't bring opposite sex kids to the toilet anymore. Less work + if that is what makes parent and child more comfortable then I guess that's the way it is. "Losing relationship with this student" you can form a solid relationship with a student still that is not predicated by taking them to the bathroom. I'm surprised there's not more comments saying "get over it" cause this just seems like such a non-issue

No. 1911826

He's been with his girlfriend a year yet hasn't told her that he loves her yet??

No. 1911830

how TF does a woman riding a man EVER cause bruising on his crotch?

No. 1911832

I hope these guys wake up one day to find out that someone deepfaked them into a violent gay porn video

No. 1911836

even better, an embarrassingly gross fetish video or something incriminating. Scrotes don’t get nearly as much flack for being in normal vanilla porn videos as women do, it would have to be something truly life ruining.

No. 1911871

Seconded. You can find so much of it on absolutely every single social media platform, not to mention IRL… it really is so infuriating sometimes, would be great to have a place to yell about it

No. 1911875

>another fake ass reddit story where a woman baby trapped a man by "raping" him
kek they need to come up with some new material this is like the third story ive seen in less than a week with this plot

No. 1911887

Why do redditors always start a sentence with "I mean"? I check out after someone does that.

No. 1911956

I really wish these retards would understand that just because something is a lesser evil, doesn't mean it's good. Child sex dolls might cause less direct harm compared to actually assaulting a real child, but it should be obvious to any normal person that enabling pedophilia in ANY WAY is harmful and unethical. But let's be real though, people who bring up this "well better X than Y" argument are most likely just trying to inch closer towards normalizing pedophilia. They're trying to make things like loli drawings/AI CP/child sex dolls seem more palatable and harmless by hiding behind "well at least it's not as bad as actually raping a child!"

No. 1911980

delete your selfies
free access to your face can now be easily made into porn
men have ruined social media

this used to be a celebrity problem, then it become a streamer/youtuber/ig famous problem, but it's been quietly happening to very normal women for a while despite it not being well known

No. 1912168

File: 1709630590506.jpg (890.53 KB, 1179x1469, 1000003184.jpg)

No. 1912170

Men are a.) Pedophiles and b.) Incapable of not sexualizing everything. Men sexualize the mundane, the biological, the innocent, literally anything and its always grotesque. I need someone to find the like seven paragraph long post where a guy was digging through his gfs drawers when she wasn't home and found the "scat panty" drawer "hidden" and he spent ages debating on how to confront her and support her "scat fetish" when they were fucking period panties

No. 1912180

Most moids nowadays can't even hold an erection or get off in a timely manner and they want to convince us it's perfectly normal to hold an erection and cum during supposedly an extremely traumatic moment. This is what happens when women let grown men identify as rape victims

No. 1912221

>they want to convince us it's perfectly normal to hold an erection and cum during supposedly an extremely traumatic moment
but nonna don't you know 99% of women orgasm during rape, according to completely credible science?? kek

No. 1912223

They added the element of bruising as edivence of rape just because it's common with female victims, but it makes zero sense for a man if all his limbs were restrained. And if even only his legs are free, a 65-110 kg muscle ape won't be able to be held down against his will.
Also the pettiest nitpick on this fake story, but that is not how you count the present value of money.

No. 1912359

i stopped using social media after my parents divorced and my narc father used to stalk me online. people always give me shit for not having my face and name plastered everywhere, but now i am lowkey grateful that i am private. stuff like this bothers me, though i know realistically someone can take a pic of you in public and still use it for a deepfake.

No. 1912442

Kek that’s hilarious, they really want to believe we’re just as degenerate as them

No. 1912463

>But let's be real though, people who bring up this "well better X than Y" argument are most likely just trying to inch closer towards normalizing pedophilia.
This is literally all it has ever been about, ever since the campaign to convince everyone that being a pedo is just like any other mental illness.

No. 1912637

I know someone where a reddit account was posting deep fake porn on a bunch of porn subs and the account had her real name. She didn't even know anyone who would have had a vindication against her to do it, it's fucked up. She got it taken down luckily. It's literally just as bad as revenge porn but they don't even have to have porn of you to do it

No. 1912861

do deepfakes only need 1 good clear selfie or photo of the face to work realistically well? Or do they need a few photos? I've heard it's gotten ridiculously easier compared to years ago but i dunno how easy

No. 1913302

It's manipulation. They figure out what will guilt trip a woman, so that they get to feel like good guys, even though it's all a lie. And so the GF will look like a demanding, controlling, total bitch if she complains. One of my exes would do this all the fucking time while he was cheating, and the only time I ever questioned WTF was going on was when he said he had to drive all day to pick up his mom's income tax papers at a house that they moved out of years ago, and drive all day the next day to bring those back home to file. Dude what. I didn't get that he was driving to another city to cheat yet. He could have just said he had a light fever that weekend. But he liked to lie and pretend he was doing things for his mom, or friends who had an emergency.

No. 1913312

File: 1709730305499.jpg (65.4 KB, 811x450, 7lri4a0k9ac31.jpg)

The kind of argument moids use to justify jacking off to lolicon, AI CP, and child sex dolls to "tame their pedophilia" and to "stop them from harming kids IRL" reminds me of the argument moids use where they take porn and try to make it seem like this "heroic content" that's stopping them from going out and raping the first twenty women they see everyday….as if the porn industry doesn't come with moral issues on its own. Scrotes always want to justify keeping their detrimental sex fantasies with the argument that it's at least better than hurting anyone IRL. But why can't they just not hurt people, and quit enabling their own fantasies at the same time by not being rapists, AND not jacking off to content that enables their animalistic sense of sexuality? Why can't males just fucking be normal? Maybe it has to do with that shriveled up, crusty and defected chromosome they have next to their first, perfect, and X-shaped one.

No. 1913329

They need a LOT of material to make anything that looks even vaguely like the intended target

No. 1913703

I am honestly considering making deep fake zoophilia porn of these scotes that were dumb enough to post their face and legal name online. Vanilla porn would me more of a reward for them, but zoophilia would be life ruining.

No. 1913705

Men are such fucking animals that you need to give them videos of children being raped to keep them from raping children(they still often do it anyway).

No. 1913749

it pisses me off so much that men only started caring about the negative effects of porn once they realized it gives them erectile disfunction

No. 1913804

File: 1709760666269.png (Spoiler Image,386.43 KB, 669x321, Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 4.18.…)

No they don't, there are programs and websites like Nudify (and DeepNude for video) that only need one image. This is because they remove the clothes from the original image instead of pasting the target's face into a porn.

(I censored the before-and-after to hide the woman's face (it's a stock image but still) and the explicit porn content)

The days of needing many images are over, scrotes found out that it's easier to undress an existing image than it is to put a face into a porn. Truly no woman is safe, apps like StarryAi (AI image generating and editing app) can even do it from a phone with the right prompting, no need for fancy GPUs or gigabytes of RAM anymore.

No. 1913806

Oh well yeah it’s always been pretty easy to create static images like this, but for a video to look realistic they need celeb-tier amount of material.

No. 1913812

one static image can still ruin lives.

No. 1913816

This is just going to force more women to troon out, it's so scary

No. 1913823

I hate this so god damn much. It makes me furious

No. 1913825

If your concern about the epidemic of making fake porn of innocent women is them trooning out you need to rethink your priorities

No. 1913837

That’s not a deepfake and that sort of “nude” edit has been possible since the creation of photo editing software

No. 1913839

Don't forget FaceApp banned its face swapping option after so many moids were using it to make revenge porn

No. 1913842

Hopefully this happens enough that people realize it’s fake and no longer life ruining/enough that legislation actually does something

No. 1913906

File: 1709767177678.png (446.81 KB, 854x610, Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 6.18.…)

Yeah but they didn't have the ability to do it with the click of a button from any device, and undress any image, most of fake nude content was was made by photoshopping a face onto a body. Now you can remove clothes from the same image. How are you going to deny it's your nude when it's a photo in your room?

Also, deepNude and the apps/programs that use it, like RoopCam, can make videos with only one image.

No. 1913921

Why do you think women troon out? to escape the absolute shit that is being a woman, the sexualization, humilliation, degradation, etc is what creates tifs

No. 1913933

>how are you going to deny it’s your nude
By explaining that it was made using this technology? (not trying to downplay it)

No. 1913997

More men than ever are going to be doing this for money. I know a man who isn't even attracted to women that does these requests on the side for cash. They don't care.

No. 1913999

What a retarded lie

No. 1914036

File: 1709773786277.jpg (903.79 KB, 1080x1840, Male defect.jpg)

Love when they are honest about what they are

No. 1914045

keking at the y chromosome defect humans.

No. 1914054

They really aren't fully human and they literally admit it themselves.

No. 1914076

File: 1709775364044.jpg (267.49 KB, 1170x1617, 1000003195.jpg)

Men's creative fiction always tells so much about them and what really goes on in their head. Do they not understand its obvious what they say is fake?

No. 1914100

Yeah I had a guy who had some pics of me make a deepfake porn and it looked literally nothing like me. Not even a vague resemblance. He was a piece of shit but it gave me peace of mind knowing these programs are garbage tier.

No. 1914110

moids did the same thing to me and wasn't accurate in the slightest. my boobs are way uglier than that, and they're bigger! it was gross they made me look like a double a cup teenager though because the picture they stole my chest was compressed by the top I wore

No. 1914275

today i found out that r/forcedbreedingg and r/rapeandsexfantasies exists.

yet feminism subs stay banned

No. 1914278

remember r/incest? half the site was and is creepy moid coomershit

No. 1914305

will never forget the amount of times moids have posted something along the lines of "I'm not a creep towards my daughter you're just weird" just for it to be revealed they're incest subreddit posters

No. 1914312

Years ago I found like around 100-150 sub's in which women posts themselves and sustain these subreddits and gave up on feminism because they literally call themselves cum dumpsters, cum sluts, cocksuckers and caption their pics "do you like my 19yo tight asshole daddy" "can I drain your balls daddy" "do you like tiny blonde teens?" "Teen at your service daddy" "paint me with your cum!" And when you go to their accs it's 100% just women engaging in these subreddits I forgot most of them but: r/2000sgirls r/assholegonewild r/cumsluts r/couplesgonewild r/18_19 r/degradethispig r/tinytits r/fauxbait r/asiamgonewild
And more, if you search terms like "cum dumpster" with the safe search turned off then it can be easily found or go to the accounts that post in the name subreddits you can find more and more and more and more and more and… kek

No. 1914331

Look in the news stories that fuck with you thread and there's a quote from a guy's reddit account about how we are all mistrusting Karens that try to make men feel bad and he raped and killed his gfs 13 year old

No. 1914488

Funny how them threating women as rape objects is the reason that makes their partners seek closeness with and switch to the male friends. (Even if the "friend" is the same at least he puts effort in the beginning.)

No. 1914505

File: 1709818431994.png (175.42 KB, 792x1325, 1709664251965.png)

No. 1914604

lots of words to say “I’m obsessed with JK Rowling and have a huge Madonna whore complex”

No. 1914650

>adds moms into her stories
>ShEs ObsEsSeD wItH mOms

No. 1914679

It's a story about children… of course their parents are going to play a large role in the story. They really do reach for any little thing and spin it to sound sinister.

No. 1914686

This tard doesn’t realize most of the characters mentioned are flat and there for usually only one scene in each book. Do they want an entire fleshed out arc that focuses on madam pomfrey with character development? This poster basically just admitted to hating mothers kek. Jk rowling is a mom herself, she isn’t pushing a narrative that all good women have kids, and the villains would expectantly end up in azkaban in the end so how would they even have children. Also it’s a children’s book, and kids love seeing their favourite characters get married and have kids (or at least I did), because it’s a classic fiction happy ending. Rowling writes amazing female characters and not many children’s books have as many positive female characters so this post just gave me a newfound appreciation for jk rowling and harry potter again

No. 1914703

>guys, she's obsessed with moms, but male characters do not get the same treatment!!!
>any female character cares about a kid
>"motherly figure, mother substitute"
>Hagrid, Lupin
>"uncle energy"
Maybe OP's missing a mother figure from their life

No. 1914926

This is slightly OT but It's pretty common knowledge at this point that Ted used porn as a scapegoat when interviewed before his death, I wouldn't really use him as an argument against porn tbh. He was just looking for an out, a big bad to make people sympathise with him. There's no denying the negative affects of porn on men but Bundy had way more going on than a porn addiction.

No. 1915712

You've seen nothing yet. There's a Coomer sub called r/Herpespics that pretends to be a ""medical"" subreddit but once you look at the comments and the mods' post history…..it's filled to the brim with Coom

No. 1915884

Yeah it was mentioned in the fandom thread too that the OP interpreting any woman being caring in some way as being "motherly" (while the male characters are just "uncle energy") so there's a clear personal bias there. People look into her work so much in such a bad faith that it's hard to take any criticism of the Harry Potter series seriously now.

No. 1916057

One time I clicked on a user and they were posting in subs called "fuckingfascists" and "MAGAporn". I can't remember the names verbatim but really you get the jist…

No. 1916079

What goes through some handmaidens minds to post on those subs about rape and how much they want to be raped??? Sometimes with a pic of their faces and naked bodies. I hope with all my heart these are stolen pictures, because as bad as it sounds that'd be the best scenario here, but Reddit is infested with OF shit nowadays all from women trying to sell themselves to those turds, so who fucking knows. What makes a person think they should indulge in this fantasy, and if you do have this "kink" why'd you tell the whole internet with your body or even face attached to it? You're not afraid some moid you know irl will see it and try to break into your home or something? what if you end up being raped and people use your post to invalidate you and your pain? I avoid going down these rabbit holes nowadays because seeing stuff like this always brings me down and makes me feel concerned about for these stupid women

No. 1916082

Harry Potter is not very well written anyway, it's nor made to be scrutinized and analyzed like that.

No. 1916103

No it's literally a children's book. The names are weird as fuck looking back at it though

No. 1916187

Even as a kid I thought the punny names were dumb.

No. 1916272

Also, almost all straight women in JKR's generation had children, or had tried. And little kids would just assume that all adult women were somebody's mom.

No. 1916907

File: 1709940477013.png (241.09 KB, 1014x1207, Screenshot_20240308-170210~2.p…)

"even if the mangaka is a pedophile Kenshin is a good manga and he is worthy of respect for that achievement"
Soo they're excusing and praising a pedo now??
>Personally,I don't care about the mangaka's fetishes and creepy tastes
What a disgusting retard

No. 1916918

oh but ask them their opinion on jkr

No. 1916951

This is such a weird thing to notice, that none of the villains are mothers. I don't think any of them are fathers either? I feel like this guy has a bad relationship with his mother, I'd bet money on it

No. 1916961

kek I love this post.

No. 1917013

I dont know either anon but I’d love to know the answer if a former pickme can tell us kek. I feel like a bit of an alien sometimes, I don’t even understand why normie women post bikini pictures online when deepfakes and disgusting scrotes are literally right there. Why do so many women never consider the risk of these things?

No. 1917074

that being said, I wonder how many are bots/ AI generated? I've seen more breast implants, BBLs, photoshop etc from "normie women on reddit" than I've seen on professional porn stars and strippers. I don't even have an explanation for that either

No. 1917479

File: 1709987508035.jpg (Spoiler Image,836.15 KB, 1080x7453, 024011847.jpg)

There are worse subreddits which is crazy, how can there be worse things than these rape kinks?! like r/ahegaogirls, i sacrificed myself for these screenshots and went to hell. Yet people will still say that sex or sucking dicks is not degrading or violent. They make me think that I'm not a woman or like they are animals or like I'm slowly finding out that other women are not sentient and I'm living in a fucking matrix and men are chimps too of course or I don't know what. Sexuality is so insanely sado-maso and my brain is making me less of an animal than 99% of people. Female sexuality makes me feel so dizzy like I'm gonna pass out and I already accepted death. This is the mentality of any girl/woman I socialized with since I was 12, in online spaces or irl and I'm in endless shock that they are capable of engaging in sexuality especially in ways like this? Who are these people?!

No. 1917481

Need an expert to explain how it's possible to be this different from other women and unable to comprehend how are they capable of having sex, gross kinks, gross acts. Is this a nurodivergent vs neurotypical women fight?

No. 1917582

A lot of women really think that men are worth something, deserve effort, and their attention is worth anything. When I was younger. I really thought that equal or judgement free or "healthy" sex was possible, but men ruined that for me. Just avoiding men is a blessing that previous generations gave to me, even if they couldn't have it themselves.

No. 1918018

File: 1710026442772.png (274.03 KB, 351x505, 1691618943690765.png)

no one reads my posts before replying and downvotes all my questions

No. 1918570

that ahegao shit is so viscerally, physically repulsive that anyone nutting to it should be put down like a lame horse because there's no way you can come back to a healthy human sexuality from that. the women posting these pictures are needless to say severely mentally ill.

No. 1918694

File: 1710064256132.jpg (2.66 MB, 1080x7259, Screenshot_20240310_105150.jpg)

60 fucking 5

No. 1918698

File: 1710064392067.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x3166, Screenshot_20240310_105515.jpg)

To be fair it seems the upvotes come from male lurkers because comments are quite reasonable and against op

No. 1918705

He was 23 when the dumb bitch was born. Good luck raising a special needs kid born from geriatric pedo cum

No. 1918750

Def left his wife who had his first 4 kids for someone 2 years older than his eldest child

No. 1918760

This kind of posts really do convince me that pregnancy is some form of brainwashing.

No. 1918773

File: 1710067973567.jpg (1.3 MB, 1080x3570, Screenshot_20240310_115512.jpg)

No. 1918774

Why tf do women get with old, worthless misogynistic moids?

No. 1918776

99 % of those women are advertising their only fans accounts and rest so severely insecure they do anything for male attention. Still pathetic but no I dont believe any woman gets sexual pleasure for twisting their face like that. And not very many women would do that even for the moids, maybe try interacting with some irl.

No. 1918781

idk why this is even in here she's right

No. 1918787

Maybe because if she knows she could get any guy, why be with 15 years older porn addict? And why make the effort to dress for him etc. I hope it is a scrote bait, the way it desribes the body kinda sounds like it.

No. 1918789

>i am super hot you guyzz i swear
>dates a guy whos 15 years older
kek what a gay fucking larp

No. 1919071

>I brush my teeth!
WOW she's going the whole 9 yards

No. 1919078

low self-esteem
why do anons keep asking this question like they aren't intimately familiar with the answer?

No. 1919488

They're all retarded the 6th is probably a tranny and the last one really needs to clean her dirty ass tounge

No. 1920695

File: 1710176418220.gif (2.09 MB, 300x223, IMG_1302.gif)

Only redditors need alone time. Only redditors are introverted. Only redditors are anything but disabled. Only redditors are INFJ. Only redditors are nihilist. Only redditors can't help the environment. Only redditors can't get a job. Only redditors get annoyed with other people. Only redditors are smart. Only redditors know how to solve the worlds problems. Only redditors know women. Only redditors know what a girly orgasm feels like. Only redditors can predict the future.

No. 1920711

File: 1710177458264.jpeg (200.72 KB, 573x584, IMG_8400.jpeg)

Redditors love to front as if they’re completely judicious, unemotional, intelligent (re: archetypically “masculine”) but invariably they always show themselves to be gullible and quick to their emotions. r/facepalm and similar subreddits are filled with this obvious ragebait nonsense as an autist for Japanese history I have my own opinions on this topic

No. 1920745

Love when the oh so smart INTJ sigmas click on the obvious ragebait article that gets earns per click

No. 1920757

I'd still rather them armchair-rebel against the 8-hour workday and landlords or whatever than see "TIFU because sexy sexed the wife" and obvious creative writing ragebaits about cheating

No. 1920791

File: 1710181499286.jpeg (866.26 KB, 1179x1915, IMG_2428.jpeg)

>video game policies
>movie policies

No. 1920793

She is. Even supermodels get cheated on. Men want variety and as many women as possible. You can't win no matter how sexy you are.

No. 1920797

The Waifu Suppression Act litiming bust size and oppressing men everywhere

No. 1920817

This is retarded anyways, men will go for misandrists because they have humiliation fetishes or think their magical cocks can change her. Men will chase anything.

No. 1920820

Because it’s unnecessary to make a weird humblebrag and list off all your desirable traits to tell women who are in emotional turmoil that even though their bodies aren’t as hot as hers that it’s not their faults their husbands make them feel like shit. It can easily be said without the paragraphs of self-congratulatory prose and it’s a mantra everyone already says there, that it doesn’t matter what you look like, you could look exactly like his favorite porn star dream girl and he’d still watch porn, cheat, and neglect the relationship.
Also I browse that sub often and notice a bunch of the women in there talk about blowing their shitty porn addict boyfriends every fucking day in some hopes it’ll cause him to show affection? It’s fucking BLEAK, I’ll never know why some women are blinded by “love” so much they become pathetic servants to their obviously uninterested partners.

No. 1920852

She's right but at the same time she enables a worthless old porn addict

No. 1920865

>pepe pfp

No. 1920920

File: 1710192225274.png (114.32 KB, 1420x585, tr_.png)

No. 1920922

I’ve been perma IP banned on Reddit for transphobia but before I was I had a completely innocuous comment get hundreds of downvotes without a single comment explaining what people disagreed with. It was something along the lines of “biopics sure are popular this year” (early/mid 2023) on a movie sub and it got 250 downvotes before I deleted it. That still pisses me off because what did I say wrong?

No. 1920939

Once I got to the second sentence, I braced myself because it could only go downhill from there. Boy, did it go downhill quickly. I hope she has already peaked by now because there is no good reason to stand by a tranny with every addiction under the sun. Fucking hell, is there no winning for some women? Reddit is cancerous as usual.

No. 1920950

Maybe you were marked using the shinigami eyes app and they saw you were a nono person and downvoted you accordingly

No. 1920966

I really don't get that app

No. 1920981

If >>1920950 is right, congratulations anon, you made it.

No. 1921003

wtf, reddit is wild. they can just permaban you for no reason?

No. 1921005

So she's staying with a porn addicted male because…?

No. 1921017

retard losers will go through your post history and downvote every single comment. I can't stand this shit website anymore but back when I used it even my posts unrelated to trannies would hit a steady -20 kek

No. 1921162

Sounds like she has kids and women are brainwashed into trying to fix what is irrevocably and fundamentally broken.

No. 1921220

File: 1710209448002.png (362.68 KB, 537x478, total whiny moid death.png)

I agree. Censoring men showing skin while female characters are allowed to be scantily and wear bikini armors is misandry. Why are women allowed to be half naked while men are forced into covering like some reverse Hijabi? seems a bit misandrist to me. Feminists are just scared of sexy men because they hate men and they love women so they want to censor sexy men in videogames. We must stop this madness and censorship.