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File: 1480732881950.jpg (45.74 KB, 660x300, 12093.jpg)

No. 119875

Previous thread: >>110532

Keep venting, friends.

No. 119882

File: 1480734766089.jpg (34.81 KB, 599x351, 1480699769719.jpg)

>tfw stomach problems
>tfw sinus infection that just won't go away
>tfw no matter how much I floss, brush or use mouth wash my breath stinks like shit

No. 119884

My mom thinks she has Charles Bonnet syndrome. If you aren't familiar with it, it's a disease where people who are partially blind or have gone blind completely have visual hallucinations related to things they have seen previously. My grandmother was legally blind with severe macular degeneration for the last 40 years of her life and she had Charles Bonnet. She thought she was going mad and some doctors did too until an eye doctor realised what it really was.

My mom told me that she was laying in bed and saw a scene on the wall from a JFK jr documentary she saw last week. Along with Mike Pence who she saw on TV the previous day. She's seeing two of everything as well.

I'm not sure how bad her vision loss is. But I think it's worse than she lets on. This is why she has not been to the eye doctor lately and has chosen to wear broken glasses duct taped together and old contacts that are degenerating. I really wish she would see an eye doctor and get a diagnosis rather than attempt to diagnose herself. She is already physically disabled and refuses to use a mobility scooter even though she really would benefit from one. If her vision gets any worse and she does have Charles Bonnet she is going to fall and hurt herself badly.

I wish there was some way I could convince her to get this stuff checked out properly.

My sister has similar issues with not treating things. She broke her arm a few days before the election. I think it was the 6th of November. She did not go to the hospital. She never got an x-ray or any sort of treatment and used a pair of stretch pants as a sling until an old sling was given to her. So it's been nearly a month and her arm is all crooked and she keeps crying that she's in pain all down her arm and across her shoulders to the other arm. But she still won't go. I told her to just go, explain what a stupid mistake you made and get it over with. Even though it most likely has to be reset it's better than having to deal with a crooked, damaged arm that may never work correctly again.

I don't know what if wrong with people. I get sick I go to the doctor. I had plenty of serious health scares. But I always got the tests and treatments. I didn't sit around complaining and not doing anything.If you aren't going to get your arm looked at stop whining about the pain.

No. 119909

Do you have tonsil stones or dry mouth? Also you might want to use a tongue cleaner.

No. 119912


N'ah it's my stomach and sinus infection. I'm on PPI's and it doesn't do shit for it but at least I won't get that horrible reflux, I tried lots of stuff for the infection but it comes back eventually. I clean my tounge, floss, use mouth wash, mints every fucking thing and yeah I have a dry mouth.

No. 119917

File: 1480741414883.png (152.43 KB, 640x720, EA0ED7DA-9616-429D-BAB1-07DBA7…)

I moved away and left my professional job after I got my bachelors cuz it was in my small hometown.

Now I'm stuck here unemployed and chubbier on top of being the ancient virgin I already was .

No. 119921

Maybe it's time to hit the road and go back to hometown, anon? Sometimes it's actually easier to find jobs in small cities.

And go back home on foot so you can lose the chubbs while you're at it, kek.

No. 119943

Your mom and sister sound like the type of hypochondriacs who are terrified to see doctors, as opposed to the more commonly known type that is constantly harassing doctors with new "symptoms."

source: I am also this type of hypochondriac.

No. 119945

Today someone asked me if I ever went on 4chan because apparently it "seems like I did". What the fuck is this supposed to mean? Do I come off as an autist? Is it my sense of humor? Is it just because I'm not feminine or delicate? I mean, I don't think it was meant to be an insult because he says he used to go on 4chan, too, but I'm still taken aback. Fuck. I know I'm weird as hell but I don't want to be labeled as a 4chan user. I don't even go on 4chan anymore. Fuck. Abort mission.

No. 119946

My fiancées family and our friends keeps calling me too thin and I'm not even that small. It's getting ridiculous, like multiple comments a day.

No. 119974

4chan is honestly very mainstream now.
Lots of people I know use Pepe and say stuff like 'lel' and 'kek' (and my favourite, 'lal') regularly. And these aren't even the weird kids.

No. 119975

>happy with the marks I'm getting for once
>find someone to compare myself to
>get depressed from the envy
I'm not allowed to be happy ever.

No. 119976

Don't beat yourself up over it, you never know what's going on behind closed doors.
Allow yourself to have a social life, getting top marks isn't everything

No. 120019

I don't have anyone to talk to and don't really know what to do about it.

No. 120021

File: 1480811528152.jpg (13.24 KB, 314x527, 14724364_1186273161431365_8920…)

I feel so useless as a human being sometimes. I don't contribute enough to society and I'm a few friends away from becoming a full blown shut in save for my job. I have a boyfriend but he is similarly anti-social. We just sit in this apartment all day, playing with the cat, occasionally cooking a meal, and smoking weed.
I'm pretty sure the weed makes me even more depressed, but it helps with my anxiety and restlessness. In my head, it's like I "lose" either way. I started doing drugs because I hated how I felt being sober. Now I just feel like I'm digging myself a hole. I already know the answer to my problems. I just need to go see a psych or something.

No. 120022


see a therapist m8

No. 120024

Fellow anon w/ anxiety here but imo smoking weed weekly was really helping me out back when I had access to it. I really do feel it legitimately helps people, and in my case, it eased my stress in addition to (ironically to some I suppose) helping me control my binge eating. The stereotype that weed is just for losers or edgy teenagers is really overrated. As if no reasonable adults could benefit from it at all. If it helped you relax and took your mind off things then don't regret it.

But I think what's depressing you is the comedown to reality. The truth is unless you start getting a bit more sociable and out of the house you'll always come back to the depression. Either way the weed isn't the problem.

No. 120028

Not being able to feel anything emotionally is slightly frustrating. I'm not getting any cozy feelings of the holidays, just blankness. All I usually feel is anxiety, panic, and fear.

fug :—–D

Oh well, I will be better one day, that I know, so I'm not too worried about this.

No. 120030

I get the numbness about the holidays. I was so upset last year because I thought the lack of happiness about the holidays was from working retail but I feel worse this time around.

No. 120033

Part of me knows she's slightly emotionally abusive but, I'd never be able to talk about it to someone in real life about it. Mostly because I know I'm not an easy person and I put myself constantly down too. Whenever I try to speak about my problems I feel like I'm going to choke on my words. My hearts feels so heavy and I can't force the words out. How do I get help or explain to a psych or a therapist if I act this way?
It's like the people who put a smile on their face and suffering on the inside. I'm at the point there isn't a smile, there is obvious even on the outside I'm not okay, but I'm sotting there talking to you how things are "getting better" when it's not.

I've been so depressed I hurt physically, I try to talk to my friends but the same thing happens, I choke. I seem to just be being a dick to my boyfriend too because I just replace the sad feeling with anger.

No. 120043

File: 1480822759578.jpg (20.18 KB, 200x200, 1471412507541.jpg)

I was taking pictures of the christmas decorations and new tree I put up. Went to go upload them onto my computer and realized I had taken them with my bf's memory card. There were pictures stored on it from a hike we took w/ friends in 2014. When I was like, actually fit and weighed 80 pounds less than I do now.
Even though I looked like shit in most of the pictures I looked 10 times as good as I do now, sweat and tiredness in all.
Went on Meitu and ever so slightly hit the photos with the liquify and filter tools. I look(ed) so fucking good and I let it all go. Now I don't even have the self-esteem to exercise outside, and it would take me two years if I started tomorrow to get to the point where I was. Part of me doesn't even think it's worth it since I'm so very likely to rebound, just like I did now. This is the most drastic.
>tfw you hurt your own feelings with your inadequacies and poor self-worth

No. 120046

>live with mums asshole 65 year old roommate for twelve years
>mum literally mummys him and hes still always angry
>never buys his own meals, never pays bills, doesn't take care of the house or chores, has no responsibility and basically lives here for free
>quite literally sits in bed on facebook all day jerking off or stalking my mums social media
>has no life or friends and everbody hates him
>thinks its cool to pretend to be a hacker/spy but is clueless about technology
>despite being an old man, acts like an edgy prick of a 14 year old
>gets super angry whenever my mum goes out with her friends
>accuses her of cheating on him with multiple men even though they aren't together and he has actual history of cheating on his wife (my mum hasnt even been with anyone and he's a giant hypocrite)
>tells authority figures that she's his spouse (wtf)
>punches the wall constantly probably for attention
>does it so often that theres a hole in it
>refuses to fix or pay for any of the damages hes done to the house
>has complete meltdowns over nothing and acts like a literal manchild
>obvious insecurity issues, gets jealous of me because i can actually bond with my mum unlike him
>breaks window with a wrench in front of my 3 year old niece
>breaks the doors by kicking them and needlesly slams them
>pours chocolate milkshake on my bedroom carpet in blind rage and screams in my face because my mum asked him to clean the hallway and he's mad that she didnt ask me
>pushes me and throws furniture
>breaks the furniture and walls in the process
>police come over often and always laugh at him
>hear him bitch out loud, slam doors and pound on the wall everyday
>its neverending
>sometimes leaves after her and follows her to her destination when she goes out
>always cusses at her, gives vague answers, or tells her to die
>gets increasingly aggressive as the days go on
Just kill me. Does anyone know if this is some sort of mental illness? I remember stumbling upon a term before that's described symptoms incredibly similar to the way he acts. You'd think he's an abusive, jealous lover but they have never even dated and he's made it clear that he hates her so… why is he obsessive? It's extremely draining being around such negative energy everyday and it's gotten so bad that my brother had to move away. I wish I could remember more insane shit he's done because over the span of 12 years, theres been A LOT so these are just some very recent events.

No. 120047

my parents were swingers and i grew up in a hyper-sexual environment, they let people around me and my sister that they should have never let near two little girls. my mom was an alcoholic and when she didnt want to swing anymore my dad would just get her black out drunk and let whomever do what they wanted to her. my dad is somewhere in between a narcissist and sociopath who gets off from the degradation of other people. hes had sex with most of my moms family (theyre so fucked up dont get me started) most my aunts, quite a few cousins, and pretty much any and all female acquaintances my family has known. he also tried to force himself on a family member, but of course he got away with it because he gets away with everything. it fucks with my head knowing he let men rape my mom when she was blacked out, in my home, where me and my sister slept. i wish i could burn down that damn house with him inside it.

i hate him for what he did. i hate that because of him i thought it was normal for husbands to grab, grope, and kiss women that werent their wives, in front of their wives and children. i've only ever seen women be treated like meat and even though i know my looks dont define me, i feel like if men dont want to fuck me im useless and should die. he scrutinized my weight and appearance growing up and my self-esteem is pretty much non-existent. i have a counselor but idk i just feel like ive plataued, i feel so unresolved about my father. i've cut him out of my life but i know he doesnt care. the only reason he would give a fuck is because it taints this image he wants other people to have of him. i want to ruin him i want to tell people the terrible things hes done, but i dont think anyone would even believe me.

No. 120048

why doesnt your mom kick him out? he seems to be taking a toll on your familys emotional health and if hes not paying bills, cleaning, or contributing to the household in anyway why keep him around?

No. 120051


it's not just the holidays, it's how I feel all the time..

No. 120052

Fuck I woke up really early and realized there is no fucking food left in the fridge, I'm starving and stores won't open until two hours.

No. 120053

Trust me, anon. I know how it feels. My stepfather was a sexual predator and he got away with shit for years. My mom knew he was abusing me and didn't do anything (and i was too depressed/naïve to save myself during those years). The things he did to me have haunted me since I was a teenager and I still suffer from the consequences of that fucking nightmare. He was a pastor and eventually got kicked out of church because people found out he was a cheater, but that wasn't enough. I had to prove i wasn't lying to another pastor who was friends with my mom. I literally spent weeks spying on him until I got a chance to take pictures of him and his favorite whore.

Even if people don't believe you, you should tell them what happened – even if people don't really believe you, they will pay more attention to his behavior and you will sow the seeds in their heads. From what you said you family probably already knows he's a piece of shit anyways.

No. 120055

Both of their names are on it so he cant kick her out and she cant kick him out. We are stuck with him.

No. 120056

i am so sorry he did that to you, and im sorry your mom didnt stop it, you deserve better anon. i hope youre doing okay now, do you see a therapist or talk to anyone about it?

my dad kept his swinger lifestyle underwraps and its stills pretty secretive. hes a major leader in his community. i dont think he even knows that i know everyones he fucked, or tryed to fuck. he would tell everyone im a liar anyway. my mom left him when she sobered up because hes an abusive fuck, but he told everyone in their community it was because she cheated (god the fucking irony because hes literally cheated on her god knows how many times) they all shunned her and they refuse to speak to her now. i cut him out of my life and most people know but he just tells everyone my mom brainwashed me, and plays the victim card so everyone feels bad for him. he always plays the fucking victim card and it fucking kills me.
i am grateful though, he never physically sexually abused me, it was mostly just covert stuff.

No. 120057

can she sell her half or take him to court or something?

No. 120064

I'm just here because I'm suffering with cystitis pain and I'm trying to distract myself.

Please kill me.

No. 120066

I'm sorry, anon. If it's any consolation you're not the only one.

No. 120070

Two years will pass anyway, just try to change course little by little. As each new healthy behavior becomes a habit, add another one on top of it. You can change your patterns permanently if you go slowly.

Here's one to start with: Drink only water, so your calories will only come from things you eat.

No. 120071

You can do it anon, keep a journal or something

No. 120088

File: 1480868477444.jpg (27.25 KB, 166x275, 1448322744055.jpg)

When I was a child I used to be super social, not shy at all and a natural born leader. Then the years of emotive and physical abuse have gotten to me and just three years later I was a completely different person. To add more fire, for this reason I was bullied in my entire teenage years which made it worse.
Now I'm still extroverted and less shy but still it's like I forgot how to be a socially successful, not-shy-at-all type, and it sucks because I know I am (with close friends my true self comes out) but I feel like the only way to come back to my old true self is going to a therapist that will proceed to remove the self loathing out of me, but I'm too poor to afford them. And at the same time I feel like the damage is too deep and I won't be back to my old persona. I hate being defined "shy" or "quiet" so I force myself to speak as much as I can, even saying useless things, even resulting annoying at times. Let it end, somebody un-shy me

No. 120161


I know how it feels, I used to be the same way then I got diddled in the butt and became a loser.

No. 120189

File: 1480957599603.png (682.36 KB, 759x461, cele.png)

I basically just had an argument and lost a friend over this fucking chick. If you don't know her is Celestia Vega, some E-girl.
My friend sent me some screenshots of her twitter basically saying "wtf" because a few months ago she wasn't so all about Sex etc.
I pointed out that the photographer she clearly paid for did an awful job because he didn't fix her hair for the shoot or fix it in photoshop.Stuff like that kinda irks me.

I used to be a cosplayer, i've did countless shoots, I dated togs, help with their shoots, other cosplayers shoots, did some of my own cosplay photography. Plus my Father does Photography. So I feel like I have some say in whether a picture is bad or not.
The conversation quickly turned onto how bad my cosplay pictures are etc and that I need to get my head out of my ass because she's a hot girl.
I haven't did cosplay in about a year now but I still took a lot of pride in the pictures i did have because they were such fun to shoot with my friends. It takes me loads of time and money and a whole lot of confidence for me to even think about doing that kind of stuff. I can take hate from anyone, but when it comes from someone who i considered a friend it really hits home. I just recently lost another friend due to growing apart more or less.
I'm so bad at making friend that when i lose one it seriously hits home.
> mfw an egirl i don't even know just ruined my day.

No. 120269

>6 months ago i was told i had a year until my wisdom teeth would need removal
>yesterday, i wake up with mouth pain and it turns out they need to come out asap
>schedule surgery as soon as i can
>it's 5 days before an event i'm going to that i want to look good for

No. 120270

Came home from my first term at uni (one of the blue-wearing boat-racing ones) a few days ago. There's nothing here for me. Neither fun nor friends nor sex. There are a few people I can get coffee with, but it's all so inane. I miss my hedonistic ivory tower. All that takes my interest here is b/p. This is pretty typical of anyone in my position, I expect, but about half of my next 3 years are going to be spent being home, sad, divorced from my life. It's discouraging. I'm being childish and melodramatic but I don't care; I feel childish and melodramatic.

No. 120271

You're right, you're being childish. I didn't really find actual friends until towards the end of 1st year, sometimes you have to just get out and do as much as possible. Your first year can feel full on but usually none of it matters and actually you will never have so much freedom again, use it to go to as many inane events as possible. Don't like your university societies? Look for other events in the nearest city or societies at other nearby universities. Volunteer for dumb stuff you don't care about. The only thing holding you back from making the most of these three years is you.

No. 120272

I wasn't complaining about uni but home-from-uni. Sorry, probably wasn't so clear, still childish though

No. 120278

Your "friend" sounds like a thirsty beta if he's ready to throw a friend under the bus to praise his online waifu. Don't be sad

No. 120280

File: 1481037190967.png (22.37 KB, 530x444, 1409837285748.png)

>tfw 27 year old khv

How did I let this happen?

No. 120282

I'm sorry but it's not going to happen. When I had my wisdom teeth out the anaesthetic alone took a whole day to wear off. The swelling took a week.

Maybe bear with it for the event, then take them out afterwards?

No. 120287

Yeah mine were pretty impacted and so bad they had to come out asap as well. You aren't gonna have a good time with those teeth gone for a week and I'm sorry. I was dead from surgery for like 2 weeks but everyone is different so maybe you won't do too bad. You could always do what >>120282 suggests because it's suck it up and endure the pain or get them removed before the event.

I would recommend getting the teeth removed though because mine were so bad I didn't want to even try eating for days and I don't encourage that if you're getting to that point of pain.

No. 120292

Take control of your life, anon. Forget about your age and focus on getting things done. There's always time.

No. 120295


I have control but I really have no idea how to deal with opposite sex.

No. 120300

File: 1481053076073.gif (1.96 MB, 245x120, tumblr_n3rutas4e51qdqqiao8_r1_…)

same except 25

I tell myself its because I took forever coming out of the closet and so idk how to date and the lesbian scene is nonexistant where I live… but tbh even these 14 year old bbgays manage to find internet gfs over tumblr or whatever so I really have no excuse except that I suck and will die alone.

No. 120301

I think it was mentioned earlier in this thread (or in the advice thread, sorry I don't remember which one) the existence of a couple dating apps for lesbians. Of course it's way better to find girls IRL, but if the lesbian scene in your area is really nonexistent, that could be a start, anon. I like women myself and i know it sucks when you can find other girls.

No. 120302

You can't*, oops.

No. 120307


I hope you'll find someone, I'm pretty ugly and have no hope. However from my experience homosexual people are much more open to your faults and if you're average you'll be fine otherwise.

No. 120313

I'm getting worse at interacting with people. I used to be quite outgoing and talkative but over the past two years I feel like I calculate how to talk to people in order to get the right reactions, and I feel emotionally detached from my friends or other people. It's like I'm watching somebody else interact with people.

No. 120325

>get big pimple
>be good and don't touch it
>still stuck with big acne scar in the middle of my chin

No. 120329

This guy who I sort of have a school girl crush on is into chubs. I'm skelly af. I don't really need any advice because it's obvious that he'll never find me attractive, just needed to get this off of my chest somewhere.

>tfw is this how the landwhales feel?

No. 120338

But for you it's the exception. For us it's the majority.

No. 120341

Well you're not wrong TBH. Winter doesn't really exist in my hometown but it snows here so all I've done is stay inside and eat.

No. 120343

I can't because in the week after wisdom tooth removal I can't drive and I need to be able to drive after the event because I start work almost immediately after I get back

No. 120357

>work at uni dining hall
>have to deal with people stealing food all the time and its a pain in the ass
>people get mad at me when I start closing the station I work when it's past our closing time
>fucking hate these college kids
>monday nights work a shift with a girl
>Girl is the most immature piece of shit
>Most of the time have to do both her job and my own and can't do anything about it because it's almost impossible to get fired and she has a "disability" so they won't bother
>End of shift, starting to put things away and person comes up trying to take things from the salad bar
>tell them "sorry we're closed now" and all that
>girl reaches over into my serving area, grabs what the dude wanted for him and puts it on his plate
>now I have to go refill that for the next shift and I'm feeling salty about it because it's already late and I want to go home asap
>Next week does the same fucking thing after I already tell the person I can't serve them
>Goes "Oh anon you're so sassy" when I tell to stop doing it
>so done
>Last monday of the quarter
>Last time working this shift with her
>so happy to be done
>and she leaves half way through because she "didnt feel well" (aka her sister didn't want to pick her up from work and she wanted to take the bus home earlyer)
>I'm stuck cleaning up my section and hers now.
>Still finish cleaning quicker then she does
god fucking dammit I hope I never work with her again

No. 120374

Back when I was single I tended to move on quick from guys who weren't into me/thought they were too good for my chub ass. I think you'll be over it soon enough famalam.

No. 120399

It's my birthday, I'm 27 and my life is shit. I'm still 1.5 year from a shitty degree, stuck with a shitty bf for financial reasons.

My mom was the only one wishing me a happy birthday before guilting me for being out of the country for so long.
I don't even have any money to buy myself a little something to pretend someone gives a shit about me.
I wish I could just blow my brains out and end all of this.

No. 120403

File: 1481119191834.jpg (15.45 KB, 320x302, 4fba17c415b31ca2461a36671d014e…)

Happy birthday anon. I'm sorry you're having a bad day, it always sucks to have a shitty birthday. Get yourself some booze and have a party by yourself today, fuck everyone else. Some day you'll reach your goals and be able to do the things you really want to do.

No. 120404

File: 1481119819114.gif (50.08 KB, 350x160, qtbirdie.gif)

You're so adorable! I'm not the one that you responded to, but your response is so nice and free of bile that people usually throw on the internet that I just had to tell you how much your post brightened up my day <3


Happy bday farmer!

No. 120405

Happy Birthday. I'll send good vibes your way.

No. 120407

File: 1481123813496.png (302.51 KB, 393x399, deleteme.png)

Happy Birthday Anon!
Maybe life is not working out right now but 27 is still a perfectly young age, plus being a student means you have a totally acceptable excuse to not have stuff figured out yet

Sorry for misreading, going back home can be pretty boring. It's a good time to do the stuff you ignore during term time though like updating social media, resumes, organizing your harddrive, planning what you want to get out the next term etc.

No. 120408

File: 1481123913220.gif (963.24 KB, 350x197, tumblr_n8dj0ao9yz1qb2u78o1_400…)

Happy Birthday! Have a gif of a cat with a horse friend.

No. 120414

Wow, that's a picture I haven't seen in an incredibly long time.

No. 120434

File: 1481144186557.jpeg (76.68 KB, 640x339, image.jpeg)

Happy birthday!!
27 and only 1.5 years from your degree is great!! There's so many people who just gave up or never bothered as if being older than 25 is ancient and too late. You'll be kicking ass with your degree and hopefully can kick the jerks in your life the fuck out once you're finished.
Good on you for doing it anon, it sounds like you're toughing out some really difficult things and you deserve some credit for that!
I hope you get to enjoy today, and I hope you feel proud of yourself for being as strong as these sorts shitty situations require. You deserve to feel good.
Whats your degree in?

No. 120440

File: 1481146683330.gif (1.02 MB, 520x375, 1421891041214.gif)

I'm so fucking sick of having acne. I've had it for almost three years now and I'm tired of trying to fix it. I feel like a monster compared to everyone else around me who has smooth complexions and I'm jealous they seem to effortlessly have something I can't even hope to have despite all my effort.

No. 120443

File: 1481147696347.jpg (53.07 KB, 960x898, 20808_412359425613758_90055414…)

Happy birthday anon, I'll post some cute pic too.
For what concerns the degree, I have colleagues in my classes that are 27, 28 and such, and have just started, so don't worry, you're still young. Are you talented in something, or just have something you're really passionate with? You could turn it into your job, with a more stable financial situation you'll be able to dump your shitty bf and move on with your life. In this period I'm pretty fucking depressed too, and I know well that when you're depressed you feel numb and lifeless even only to start something, but let's just find the strenght to do the first move because that's the hardest step, and then everything will be better.

I don't know if it's because I'm on pms, but this pic and post made me tear a little

No. 120448

You right. I'll get over it. It's just that this has never happened to me before, so maybe that's why I'm bothered more than usual.

Happy birthday!! :)

No. 120462

File: 1481157230459.jpg (85.21 KB, 640x479, IMG_8173.JPG)

i have no friends or boyfriend and im super depressed with (clearly) no support system.. i try and make friends with random people online to try and hold me over until i could maybe possibly find a way to meet new friends but it doesnt work
this is just my lowest point like a year ago i could get dates and stuff but now im pathetic enough to almost want to try going to r9k to get shitty orbiters so id have someone to talk to
i just want some online friends fuck

No. 120470

why don't you make a friend here?

no offence, but making friends, or worse, a boyfriend from r9k would be an awful idea

No. 120478

File: 1481162464808.jpg (40.1 KB, 640x493, 1481159749442.jpg)

One of my professors decided to end their class early so now I have two essays, two exams and a final project presentation due tomorrow. I have three hours left to finish working on the project for the latter and I'm really annoyed that it's going to be half-assed. Tomorrow's going to be an absolute shitshow.

No. 120480

ive tried making friends here but im no good at it i guess once the initial conversation is done and they dont message me the next day i assume they dont want to talk to me so i dont push it .. i will try harder to keep things going but ive never been one to initiate conversation you know?
and i know that the r9k thing is a mess but thats just how desperate i am because right now only 1 person talks to me and hes very mean and borderline abusive at points

No. 120483

prob doesn't make you feel any better but im in the exact same boat. because im a pathetic loser i read a lot online about how to make online friends or being lonely just to try and convince myself im not the only one (doesn't usually work) and i get SO salty when i read things like "im an adult and have no friends… i'm so lonely… i can only talk to my boyfriend and i don't want to skype my online friends because i don't want to bother them" im like motherfucker i dont even have those. you aren't alone.

i know its not a contest and people can be perfectly lonely even with significant others but damn it makes me feel like an extra special loser when i think about how i can't even date. and i feel so consumed by my depression that i doubt im interesting or fun enough to make new friends or a boyfriend and so reading things about relying on a support system to get better just makes me feel like i never will.

No. 120496

I'm in love with a major turbotaku and I'm a turboslut and I feel like he's never going to like me even though he's told me he likes me. I just feel like I'm not kawaii enough. What do?

No. 120516

i'm male so you probably wouldn't want to be friends with me, but why don't you both contact each other? seems like a perfect fit

No. 120517

I have two guys in love with me and I care for the both of them and I know i'll have to choose eventually but I can't figure out my own feelings and in the process i'm hurting them.

No. 120521

i think your only options are break contact with both of them, or just pick one.

no matter what your choice is, someone is going to get hurt

have you tried looking at the practical (love aside) benefits of dating either of them?

No. 120548

Similar situation, however I have no interest in using skype or kik or any other annoying form of digital contact with people so that pretty much rules out being friends(ly) with most people, as that's all they'll do.
And I flee the moment anyone shows interest in me romantically (or otherwise) so I mean that doesn't help the situation.

Sometimes I'm content with being alone, but there are those other times I really wish I wasn't.

No. 120549

File: 1481225288595.gif (3.69 MB, 800x450, thegrassisgreenerontheothersid…)

I've haven't been a part of the tumblr scene for about three years now and never was huge on social justice but what in the ever living fuck is with self diagnosing?



tl;dr but this shit explains NOTHING.
the entire post is just an excuse to not go to a medical professional because MY FEELINGS MATTER

who in the fuck would want BPD? why romanticize it?
fuck dude, I've been diagnosed both in an impatient setting and at a separate clinic.

I don't want this shit, you can fucking have it, you dumb attention whores.

No. 120563

Hi Katniss

No. 120593

File: 1481260206479.jpg (663.99 KB, 1786x2560, Family-Practice-Stills-7x11-ho…)


Unless all these people are seeing a real life doctor House, they're full of shit. If a doctor isn't doing their job properly and refusing to listen to or treat a patient by claiming "you're a just hysterical woman! lolz" I'm sure they'd get fired.

No. 120600

I find it fucking insulting that they think a medical professional would single them out like that.

I've never felt singled out because of my ethnicity or gender. I've felt angry, sad, upset about being in a supervised professional setting, I think that's a normal part of inpatient. But never, ever, was that ever the fault of staff making me feel uncomfortable.

I know for a fact that if any medical professional acted towards a patient in such a way in the state of California they'd be in big trouble with the patients right advocate.

>The psych field is pretty fucking misogynist. Women especially experience a high rate of psychiatric abuse and neglect. Women are frequently diagnosed with mental illness when they display high levels of emotion, or they are not diagnosed with mental and physical illnesses they do have them because doctors tend not to believe women about being in pain out of claim their symptoms are due to ~*hysteria*~. Women, right?

I really can't think of anything more misogynistic than this "example". Why the fuck would this only be women? Fucking blog post right now but I saw my share of hysterical men and also my share of women that were so reserved and just overall quiet.

Why is everyone on tumblr so adamant about shoving everyone in their own little box?

No. 120635

So, basically, my crazy NPD mother is kicking me out (because I'm a BOOLY) and I have no idea what to do.

No. 120640

I don't know anything personnally but I'm aware there are guides on the internet on what you should do when you're in this kind of situation. Do some research if you have time anon.

No. 120662

Can you stay with a friend for a day or two?
Are there any shelters or social services nearby? If so hit them up for advice.
If you're still in school it may be worth speaking to a counsellor or trusted teacher there, or really anybody from a group you trust. Church, sport club, whatever. The most important thing is to ask for help rather than trying to suck it up and handle this shit alone.
I had a nmum as well and it's fucking horrible. Going no-contact if it's possible is the best advice I can offer tbh.

Try looking up any refuges or social work organisations locally, some charity shops also have assistance programs for people in your situation. Even if all they can do is point you in the direction of appropriate help.
Make sure you have all your documents like birth certificate, ssn, tax file number etc when you leave. Hell, take a bunch of granola bars and a raincoat and shit as well just in case you're stuck sleeping rough for a night or two.

No. 120700

My ex messaged me a couple of days after my birthday and now want to get back in touch after a year of complete silence (save for sending him a birthday message). Pretty sure he's having problem with his gf and needs me as an emotional crutch again.

No. 120707

What the fuck is the problem with some people.
Long story short I'm part of a student organization at uni, and the board recently changed because the previous one was doing literally nothing, not paying bills, making pointless drama, all that shit. Now, the organization has had T-shirts with the logo on it that we'd wear for events and such. Right now it seems former board members have the shirts at their houses. I asked the VP (who I was relatively close to last year… But turns out they're the kind of person who stops giving a shit about you once you stop seeing them every day) if they had some, and they told me "Yeah, why". Dude, because we need them. Then I explained very nicely that we'd like to get them back for events and all, although I shouldn't even have to explain this. I got a "Okay, I'll check" two weeks ago and then nothing. I asked again this week and they didn't even open the message. What are you even doing with these shirts, they're not cute, are you wiping your windows with them?
Just in general, I'm so mad against all the people who were in charge of the organization before. There's also the former secretary, god. I fucking hate him. He treated my boyfriend like shit (won't go into details because long story) and I see him almost every day because we're in the same class, I just wish I could get angry at him once for all but I don't feel comfortable doing that so it'll probably just frustrate me forever. I wonder if I should just do a strongly worded card to tell all of these people that they're the worst.

No. 120709

>student organization at uni
would have guessed high school if it wasn't specified.

No. 120711

Kek yeah I'm realizing I'm acting like a teenager with this. I take trivial things way too much to heart.
I should probably just let go, but every time I tell myself that my thought immediately shift back to the things I'm angry about.

No. 120747

Mfw I check out the gf of my ex and she's a SJW cozying up to Zooey Quinn.
Triple Kek, dodged à bullet on that one.

No. 120770

>Mfw without a picture
>Triple Kek
Is this really the state of lolcow in 2016.

No. 120772

Oh, look, it's the grinch of /b/.

No. 120776

No. 120783

>tfw feel tired all the time
>change diet with more healthy stuff and chuck vitamins
>still tired

What the hell is wrong with me?

No. 120784

not anything close to a doctor but I spoke with a coworker one time who cut all gluten out of his diet and that seemed to work.

No. 120785


Well it's a bit hard because most of my country's cuisine has loads of gluten, maybe I'll try.

No. 120802

I just got home 30 minutes later than I planned because the bus driver took 10 minutes on an already delayed bus to stop in the middle of the journey and do some grocery shopping while I'm sat there alone, locked inside with the lights turned off at 8pm in pitch black.
I thought there was something wrong with the bus, but no, he went and got himself two bags stuffed full of food and ate it while he drove. He completely ignored me and gave no explanation when I did finally get off.
Even if he didn't see me (I was the only passenger), this bus was already delayed for 15 minutes so he doesn't even give a shit about people who could be waiting for the bus further down the line.
And I didn't confront him for some stupid reason.
This is his job, and he could have gotten a break at the end of the bus route if he had time, so why the fuck did he do this in the middle of a journey? I wanted to get home so much earlier.
I've sent an email to the city's bus company to complain, but what the fuck man?

No. 120825

That's stupid as fuck unless you're gluten intolerant. He probably feels better because he can't stuff himself with the same junk now, the gluten has nothing to do with it.

Goddamn I'm so tired of stupid trendy shit like this. Nutrition isn't hard unless you deliberately make it so with shit like this.

No. 120826

It's got nothing to do with wanting to find help, and everything to do with wanting an excuse or more attention.

You can see it in this article when they talk about how they were misdiagnosed or not diagnosed, while ignoring what the whole point of seeing a doctor is, which is for treatment.

You don't need a diagnosis of MDD to recover from it, and a lot of disorders doctors prefer to just treat instead of making a formal diagnosis, keeps it off your records and it can be counterproductive in some cases.

Their reasoning is nothing more than an excuse to try to avoid people calling them out for being attention seeking retards. Look at the whole "a person might be diagnosed with a mental illness but then come out as trans and have that blamed on the mental illness" thing. That's a legitimate concern, a lot of disorders can bring about identity crises, and you should treat the original source instead of pushing them to transition. Anything else would be incredible irresponsible.

Same with the whole "self medication is the only thing we can do to help". Do they not get that self medication can't be prescribed drugs? Sure, you could self medicate with oxy or something, but it doesn't count if a doctor fucking gives you the hormones to transition, that's not self medication at all.

No. 120827

Well yeah, I assume that's why it worked, intolerance to foods can just be that they make you feel kind of shitty sometimes.

I'm lactose intolerant, and that's all I get from it, I feel tired and shitty the next day if I eat it, and a bit of an off stomach the day or so after.

A lot of people have mild intolerances to food, it's not uncommon at all.

And either way, it's worth giving it a shot if your diet's, hydration and sleep are all okay, cut it out for a week or so, see if there's any improvement.

Probably see a doctor first to make sure you're not just deficient in iron or vitamin d or something though.

No. 120828

maybe he was gluten intolerant and just never got tested for it. if its anything like lactose intolerance then there are different levels but it's such a common food staple that if you're not experiencing the severe symptoms you could feasibly live your life without knowing you have it.

No. 120834

It's stupid to cut entire food groups out just because you might not tolerate it well. any sensible person would know that, and would see a doctor about it.

Advising people to radically alter their diet without an actual reason is retarded. You might as well be saying anon also has meat rotting in their colon because some Beatle said so or saying they need to drink some expensive tea to detox.

Your health isn't something to experiment with, damn.

No. 120841

>It's stupid to cut entire food groups out just because you might not tolerate it well.

That's not what I said though, at all? Gluten isn't a food group, and it's not a big deal to avoid it for a week or so to see if it does help. It's a common intolerance, and doctors, if they suspect it's possible do just recommend that you go without it for a bit to see if it changes anything.

>Your health isn't something to experiment with, damn.

I'm not telling them to inject unresearched chemicals or some shit, they're not going to die because they don't eat bread for a week, just chuck in another main source of carbohydrates instead.

This is how doctors do check for common mild intolerances, there's no point scheduling tests when you could just try cutting it out for a bit.

I really don't see why you're so bothered by this, but you should stop acting so uppity about it, because you're just making yourself look silly. I said to see a doctor first, and you just ignored that and decided that gluten was a food group.

No. 120874

Really can't fucking stand myself and the fact that I've pretty much completed the r9k stereotype it's kind of making me really worried, like I'm thinking now wow maybe women really are flawed but then I realise I'm just a bitch.

I thought boyfriend was so fucking cool he seemed so unaffected like he just seemed to float through every situation untouched and unbothered. Until I met his friends, all of them were tradesmen and labourers and I met them at the pub where he was and he just became such a stereotype, like they reminded me of my Dad almost the way they were all behaving just like typical aussies from one of those Facebook videos, I couldn't believe it like this guy I went to his house and seen that he even had Sylvia Plath in his bookcase so I thought he was so different and I just dumped him. Pretty much he took it fine but just gave me the most top to bottom dismantling of my whole character and showed that basically because of the fact that he turned off his brain with some of his oldest friends on some Friday nights I couldn't take that or whatever and it's so fucking true and I feel so shit and want to like beg him back but fuck I just know that's not going to work so I'm just so fucking frustrated trying to maintain what little dignity I have left

No. 120880

Well he's kind of right, that is a fucking stupid reason to break up with someone, everyone has different aspects of their personality that show up in different situations.

That being said, we all do dumb shit sometimes, it's not necessarily a bad thing unless you refuse to learn from it and not do the same thing in the future.

And don't beg him to come back, even if he did, it wouldn't work out, he's going to think you're insanely shallow, which he'd have good reason to. Apologise to him for it if you feel bad, but I don't think you should chase him.

No. 120883

Agreed. Say you're sorry, move on and take away from it the lesson of not being such a shallow bitch. You'll do better next time.

No. 120889


kek sylvia plath what a fucking pleb

No. 120937

My period started the day I got my wisdom teeth out. Fuck my life
I'm sitting on the couch high as shit now watching anime now which I haven't touched since middle school

No. 120967

>in casual Japanese class
>teacher hands out kanji worksheets for homework
>guy beside me jokes that I probably know them all anyway, he sees me doing flashcards before classes and does them with me sometimes
>new guy with Japanese wife snaps at me, saying it's easy for me because I speak Mandarin
>I know simplified Chinese, kanji is closer to traditional so I have to learn most of them anyway
>even if I know the kanji from Mandarin, I still have to learn how to say it in Japanese and its meaning because it's not always the same
>I spend a few hours every day going through flashcards to learn
>teacher asks us if we studied at home as a warm-up speaking exercise
>my fucking face when he says he didn't study at all the past week
How… do you expect to get better then? You have a Japanese wife, a half Japanese kid, are moving to Japan, yet you can't even muster the motivation to study for at least an hour PER week. Even the weebs in the class know more than you. Get it together.

No. 120968

File: 1481603541321.gif (1.32 MB, 500x375, hotlinepepe.gif)

>tfw no gf

No. 120969

Aww, poor baby… your life must be a living hell :^(

Fuck off, faggot.

No. 120980

File: 1481615970090.png (92.89 KB, 1198x1200, 1443152629803.png)

No. 120981


He actually said something to the same effect…

No. 120983

It's because he has his wife to handle everything once they're in Japan. I live in Japan, and the people with the worst Japanese consistently are male married native English speakers.

No. 120984

Dont do it anon, it's a trap

No. 121080

I fucked my body when I was 20 with anorexia and bulimia.. I was really fat since I was a kid so I grew up with that feeling of wanting to be skinny.. also have depression and anxiety since I was in elementary. Now I discovered I had a tumor behind my ear that needs operation cause it grows with time and it can cause facial paralysis and I'm scared cause if I don't do the surgery it grows and if I do it I can become paralyzed. And nowadays my knee hurts cause I walked too much during a trip and I went to the chiropractic who said I can't excersise anymore (like lifting weights etc running) and wtf I am supposed to do I gained weight and im not like ana chan anymore I just don't want to be fat again (I overeat alot)… so I am so du fucking done with myself!
Sorry for the grammatical mistakes english is not my first language..
Just wanted to vent

No. 121091

>can't exercise for health reasons
>overeats a lot
>doesn't want to get fat
Hmm what a conundrum! I'm sorry i hope you get thru this :^(

No. 121093

I'm in the finals week at my uni and I'm getting stressed just thinking about the chemistry final. I did okay or pretty good on all my other tests but damn am I terrible in chemistry no matter how much I study.

My scholarship might be riding on this test and I'm nervous as hell. It's in less than an hour. Anyone got any tips for remaining calm so I can at least score a passing grade?

No. 121094

Healthy eating habits will be your best friend. Analyze why you overeat so much. Are you bored, or is food some sort of emotional comfort for you? If it's the first one you just need to learn how to stop yourself when you find yourself opening up the fridge. If it's the second one you'll need to find something else that brings you comfort and replace food with that. Btw I would also recommend drinking multiple glasses of water every day, I started doing that a little over a month ago and I cut my snacking down by a ton since then. Hope this helps, and I hope everything works out for you!

No. 121095

I've been in a relationship with someone 35 years older than me for awhile now and things have recently hit rock bottom. He's the love of my life but I've been really struggling mentally. I have no friends aside from him, I also have no family, he can be critical of things I like and has a serious problem taking responsibility for himself. I know people say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but he's a person and not a dog. I hope things get better but I'm so scared I'm going to lose him. We were planning to get married.

No. 121096

If it's in less than an hour there's nothing you can do study-wise, but just try to relax the best you can. Go somewhere quiet and don't think about the test for at least a little bit, just try to turn your brain off if you can, and, I dunno, think about life or something. That usually helps me relax when I'm short on time. Good luck!

No. 121097

Thanks you! That helped a lot actually. I'm heading up to the classroom right now so I hope I do well. I'll just go down with a fight if I fail but I think I might be ok now.

No. 121100

Definitely don't marry him if you are having these doubts. Do you guys live together? You might want to try doing that before jumping into marriage. Really evaluate him and his flaws. Are you able to live with his lack of responsibility/dislike of the things that you like 24/7, 365 days a year?

No. 121107

Is he rich? Imho if he's not at least a multi-millionaire, then just dump him. He sounds like a nasty perv tbh and obv he's not treating you well so no point staying.

No. 121108

she's young and stupid so let her burn.

No. 121118

I think I did ok. It's chemistry so I didn't do amazing but I think I got enough to pass the class and keep my scholarship. I won't have to look at the class ever again so I'll be alright from now on.

No. 121136

same shit every year. it's christmas and i'm extra busy at work (bookkeeping and data management at a small store that EVERYONE is shopping at rn), staying late every day, having to all the xmas shopping for my family, too many xmas visits, parents are divorced so i've got to visit them separately, and every friend wants to chill out, and i just need a goddamn minute to myself. i've also been very sick since like august, so i'm exhausted.
i feel like a jerk, but i'm gonna have to start cancelling on people just so i can get proper night's sleep and have some bloody peace and quiet.

No. 121140

I've finally gotten a proper full-time position at my job (was an intern initially in June, got bumped to temporary full time in July with the same pay, then acquired an actual full time position late October with a mild pay raise–now making $14/hr instead of $10), but I still live with my parents because rent in my area for anything in an okay neighborhood is ~$800/month. Not really anything listed for less but many things listed for more. I don't even live in a large city. We're at about 8500 population wise? Regardless, my mom has given me a 2-week notice that at the start of next year I'm going to have to start paying rent and bills and everything. Now I don't mind paying for insurance, phone, and internet (since I use those), but it just feels weird to pay rent to my own parents and other parents that I've talked to wouldn't even consider having their kid pay rent (bills yes, rent no). Is this a common thing? Like, I have been actively looking for apartments or something but the majority have in their terms that you make about 3x what rent is and I don't make that. I make about $1800/month after taxes and everything (and that's with overtime included) so that doesn't cut it. I have 0 credit score from either living on campus or campus-provided apartments when in college or from living with my parents in general so they're going to more than likely have to cosign any sort of lease with me… and it's just.. it's hard because I don't have any friends that stuck around in my town after they graduated from college and everything so I don't have anyone to split the bills with to make life easier. It's all just blah and I feel stuck where I'm at.

No. 121141

I've rarely heard of parents letting their kids stay rent free once they're an adult or even have a job, whether it was $14/hr or $6/hr. Living with parents is a privilege, not a right.

No. 121142

Honestly? Tell them to fuck off. Your health (mental and physical) is more important.

No. 121143

Its not common at all. Scalping a chunk your income is only going to slow down your savings and increase the time it takes for you to move out. Parents that do this just want spending money to play with, it has nothing to with bills since they got by just fine while you were 17.9 years old.

No. 121151

File: 1481777598046.png (342.9 KB, 600x478, IMG_0738.PNG)


Damn. My mom is a white American boomer and she'd never make me pay rent as long as I was saving money and paying my own bills.

I think if you're a complete slug it's one thing but it's almost impossible to make a decent wage at ages 18-22 nowadays.

No. 121163

it's definitely cultural. there are many traditions out there that have always supported multiple generations living under one roof. i know many people who had grandparents living with them - so does that mean the parents are lazy slobs still living with mom and dad? absolutely not. i don't see any issue as long as you have a job and are responsible for your own bills and amenities. i can understand it if money's tight, the situation is uncomfortable, or space is limited, or something.

>otoh the north american families, particularly middle class ones with a house of their own (rather than an apartment) lean more toward the mentality of "18 and you're on your own".

that's so weird to me. if you own the house why is it a problem? it honestly sounds like NA parents just hate their kids. a lot of these kinds of people tell their kids to hit the road ASAP but then take on student boarders for extra cash.

No. 121168

I would really like to masturbate but my cat is sleeping on my chest and I don't want to be rude.

No. 121176

File: 1481795616542.png (130.37 KB, 500x500, persian_alola_form.png)

Spank your cat while you masturbate so you can both feel really good.

No. 121180

Yeah I know why I do it but it's an habit almost lol… anyway I do have to drinks lot of water more often!
Thank you for the tips and reading!
Haha yeah I'm im a vice circle, thanks for the good wishes

No. 121181

I know everyone already agreed that it is a cultural thing, but i just want to confirm it again: yep, it's a cultural thing lol. Most of my family members are European but we've been in South America for almost twenty years now and staying with your family past age 18 is extremely normal, and it's totally fine if you have a job and pay for your own stuff. It's normal here in the country and my family living overseas doesn't see me as a lazy bum.
My ex boyfriend was American and could never understand how I didn't feel bad for living with my family at age 22. Yes, I had a job and was saving money.

No. 121184

Mid and Southern Europe don't mind that, in northern Europe you're expected to move out at college age. A lot of people move out at 16-19, barely anyone lives with their parents during university.

No. 121186

>Haha yeah I'm im a vice circle, thanks for the good wishes

They were making fun of you, because the solution is insanely obvious.

Don't eat as much if you don't want to get fat.

You don't need to exercise to lose weight.

No. 121220

File: 1481834253288.png (205.42 KB, 1600x1598, image.png)

>Finally get lease signed for house
>Excited because no more apartment bs
>SO loses job
>Call apartment management, extend lease
>Contact realtor to get deposit back
>trying not to cry to not make SO feel bad

DBT don't fail me now! The urge to self harm is too damn high. Might as well use the deposit on some good kush :/

No. 121238

get a job

No. 121242

She might already have one, but her income alone isn't enough to pay for the house?

No. 121252

scandinavian countries do give students a stipend that enables them to support themselves, without debt, to live on their own and go to school. with school being very cheap or maybe free, and allocated student apartments that are much cheaper than regular housing rates. iirc, traditionally, scandinavian countries weren't so drastically different than the rest of Europe with multigenerational households.

the biggest factor for fostering this change is that scandinavian, or similar, societies allows easy transfer from parental home to living on your own, without the majority of hardships any American equivalent would have to face to achieve the same.

No. 121254

As someone who lives in 'Scandinavia' (Finland, but still) it's not always easy, you're expected to work and if you can't find a job you're screwed. They give you like €300 for studying and you can take out a loan but you used to be able to get benefits and now you get nothing because they changed the system. Or you get some shitty amount like €200, which is altogether enough to pay your rent and phone bill and Internet and then you have €100 to sustain yourself until the next month however you can. Of course many people have parents with cushy jobs that help them out but not all do especially if they're minorities and the mother can't work because of lelslam/language barrier. Ive heard it's better in other nordic countries but here you're still expected to get a job at 16 and move out at 18 and if you don't = lol you loser.
To top it off, in many university programmes you just can't work but are still expected to. I regularly pull all nighters and have developed a heart problem because of my irregular sleep and diet but if you miss a lecture that's a point off your final grade in my uni. I'm taking 9 courses and go to class at 9 and come back at 7. If you need to study you have 3 hours and sometimes you have exams for the whole week and they usually just keep piling more stuff onto your already busy schedule. Yet if I say I'm not working atm they tell me I need experience or else I won't be employable.
I'm sure plenty of people have it easier but yeah. I have my last exam tomorrow in fact and it's 4AM and I'm tired and angry.

No. 121285

thanks for your clarification. i was mostly working off info i know from Sweden from a few years ago. how would you say the situation is for people who choose not to go to school? without the gov't studying money, is it still relatively not horrible to try to support yourself at 16 - 18?

No. 121315

If you're unemployed you get benefits for a year or so unless you're physically disabled. Then they start calling you and pushing stuff like unpaid jobs (usually wiping old people's asses and stuff like that) and courses onto you and you have to take them. If you decide to get a summer job or something they won't give you any more money for the rest of the year because you should have enough according to their calculations. If you have rainy day savings they don't give you money until you spend those. Etc etc. Of course there are people who have managed to stay on benefits for longer because people make those decisions individually, not machines. But for the most part they're not as generous as American newspapers would have you believe.

No. 121322

No quite. Let me open up these benefits a bit. There's also other benefits you can get but these are the ones that concern students and unemployed people.

Students get 'Opintotuki' (studying financial aid), which is anything from ~40-336€/month. Lower level students get 250€/month while unistudents get 336€/month. Your parents income effect on the amount you get if you are lower level student and live at home. This whole opintotuki is about to change though so that every student gets 250€/month max.

Students also get 'Asumislisä'(students living financial aid), which is similar to asumistuki but it's way less money (201€/month) and it doesn't grow according to your rent. This is also changing next year so that all students get asumistuki instead of asumislisä. Some stundets will lose their living financial aids because of this.

Then there's 'Asumistuki' (living financial aid), which you get even if you are working IF your income is on the smaller side. The amount is different depending on your income, rent, city you live in etc. It's always about 80% of your rent though.

Then there's 'Opintolaina' (student loan), which is 400€/month for the months you are in school. You can get the whole amount of one semester at one time if you wish so. The goverment backs up these loans and you get 30% of it 'forgiven' if you graduate on time. So not really a bad deal if you are studying something that will employ you.

'Työttömyysraha' (unemployed benefits) is different from 'Toimeentulotuki' (benefits). You get työttömyysraha if you're not working but have an education. If you are under 25 years old and without education, you are not qualified to receive it. There's also million things that effect on the amount and if you can get it.
Toimeentuloki is meant for people who have no other income or money. It's the very last resort. So sure, you need to burn through your savings before getting it because it's for people who have nothing else.

So for example I get 336€ of studying financial aid, 201€ of students living financial aid and I'm also using student loan 300€/month. That gives me 937€ and after my rent I'm left with 460€. And I do not work because that amount is more than enough to live on. Also it's good to know that students get the least amount of money of all. If you live on benefits you get waaaay more.

No. 121338

i'm super ugly and looking in a mirror/camera pisses me off. It feels super unfair lol. I enjoy using lolcow but it's horrible for my self-esteem because anons on here are constantly calling average/pretty girls ugly because they have high-ass standards or something. I'm easily far uglier than a lot of cows that get hate on here. My nose especially is so lopsided I hate it fuck.

No. 121342

File: 1481928363841.png (55.9 KB, 480x680, image.png)

This is correct. I make twice what he does, but rents too damn high. The good news is that his company is taking a look since it seems like bad office politics.

>realtor wants 2x rent

>nothing in lease stipulates fees for termination

No. 121343

€900 is way too little to support yourself unless you eat shitty food for the whole month and never buy clothes or pay the rent.

No. 172195

File: 1481956831474.jpg (28.6 KB, 600x456, 1480816738333.jpg)

>move to a small city to avoid terror attacks
>Suicide bombing an hour ago in a bus

send help

No. 172214


i'm so sorry you have to live with that fear anon. honestly wish you and your family the best.

No. 172215

Where are you from?

No. 172216

omw to protect u

No. 172220

That's what you pay for liberté, égalité and fraternité these days

No. 172221

That's what you pay for liberté, égalité and fraternité these days

No. 172222

That's what you pay for liberté, égalité and fraternité these days

No. 172223

That's what you pay for liberté, égalité and fraternité these days

No. 172229


Well this is like the 30th one this year, think I'm getting used to this.




Don't come, civil war soon.

No. 172271

Just want to vent about my job. Spoiler alert: I work at a call center.

My manager organized a gift exchange for Christmas. I got this neurotic fucking bitch that I really don't care to associate with. She strikes me as a typical ambitious sociopath who's always talking a big game about her 'drive' but is fucking tone deaf to customers and is way too into herself to ever be given a position of power. She's one of those people who thought when she was hired in my group she'd be a manager in months lol. Whenever I talk to her I know she's not actually listening/caring about what I have to say, but is just waiting for the opportune moment to interject to talk about herself. Most of the time she says nothing to me at all. For example, when I walk past her in the halls I say hello and smile but she stares at me blankly and says nothing back. Only ever talks when she wants to intimidate me into giving her my hours. It's really grating, because she so obviously considers me a non-person. She also blinks both eyes like five times in 20-30 seconds when you're having a one-on-one discussion with her.

Anyway, getting back to the exchange deets: her request was gift cards. So I got her a $20 giftcard to Starbucks and put it in a little box. Our manager told us to hand over the gifts whenever (with the deadline being yesterday), but this has resulted in some people getting grinched (like me). I was scheduled in a business meeting/potluck with neurotic girl yesterday so I thought why not give it to her then?

For the potluck I made homemade honeybutter and bought fresh croissants and blueberry muffins. People complimented the honeybutter. Everyone else brought ham, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and green beans. Know what neurotic girl brought? An unheated Stouffer's lasagna. Because she thought that would seriously one-up the other entrees, except for the fact that the microwave to heat that disgusting lasagna was all the way on the other side of the building! After she told everyone her lasagna would be "handmade."

I handed her the box and said "Merry Christmas!", which she proceeded to stuff in her purse while she wrangled out her frozen lasagna from the box. I guess she already knew she got free money and didn't care to open it then out of courtesy. My manager saw this and gave me a look like "Wow, that was bad taste." Being the nice soul our m anager is, she gave us all small candles with our initials printed on them. We all thanked her, but neurotic girl being the kiss ass that she is made a super huge deal. "AWWW U PRINTED OUR NAMES ON THE CANDLES! THANK YOU SO MUCH! THIS IS AWESOME."

Manager looks the neurotic girl right in the face and says "You're welcome. Now did you open anon's present?"
So neurotic girl realizes she's socially cornered and says, "Haha oh I already did! See?" She opens the box, but doesn't realize I left the card inside the envelope which she also didn't open. Dumb broad probably couldn't even guess what dollar amount I put on it, but I wish I had only given her 10 and not 20. She didn't deserve it, and I needed the money. I'm a bit salty.

No. 172278

You've got every right to be salty. I got angry only from reading this. Did you get a gift from her or from another co-worker? What kind of gift did she contribute?

No. 172282

may she die old, hated and alone.

No. 172286

I don't know who I was supposed to get a gift from. My manager could tell us but I don't want to make it seem like I have a vendetta over someone not giving me a gift, bc while it sucks I honestly don't care enough to make myself seem greedy in that way. Next time my manager has a one-on-one with me I'll just nonchalantly say "I never got a gift from the exchange actually." She really likes me, so I'd reckon whoever forgot or willfully didn't get me one would get side eyed by her.

No idea what neurotic bitch got someone else or who she got. At that she wouldn't talk about the person she got the gift for, but just what lengths she went to to get the gift. She turns anything into a story centered about herself.

No. 172368

Sounds lame but lately I've been really wanting someone to slow dance with. To put my head on their chest and feel their warmth. Slowly rocking back and forth in their embrace. It sounds so comfy.


No. 172375

I hate dogs. I hate their stink that infects pretty much everything they're near or come in contact with. They're like a retarded child you need to monitor, maintain and feed constantly. Almost as bad are most dog owners. They somehow believe their dog is precious and so special so every one else should feel the same way. So many owners allow their dogs to run wild off leash and get bitchy when there are consequences or if other people complain. Dogs should be controlled and not even allowed as pets. I seriously hate dogs more than probably any other living thing.

No. 172381

>They're like a retarded child you need to monitor, maintain and feed constantly

In what world is this true? Dogs are fine to just chill in the yard or house as long as you go outside with them sometimes, feed them daily and walk them sometimes (if it's a bigger breed, littler dogs don't need it as much).

Sounds like you hate shitty owners more than dogs, I fucking hate people that are inconsiderate when driving and drive shitty old cars that stink up the whole street, but I don't go on about how cars are the worst thing ever.

No. 172382

t. Mohammed wu

No. 172383

But, let me guess, you have 23 cats because they're just the best animals in the world?

No. 172384

I bet your house smells like cat piss.

No. 172386

I guess you've never met dog owners who refuse to tie their precious mutts up outside.

No. 172390

Who the fuck ties up their dog? You mean having it on a leash?

The only dogs I see off their leash are ones that escape their yards, unless you're on a dog beach or something, they're always walked with a leash.

You're sperging out about something that barely ever happens.

No. 172391

The same meaning applies. Calm down. If you look, irresponsible dog owners are everywhere. They're selfish and only care about themselves and their dogs. It's clear people here are dog lovers. The world would be a better place without them but all the power to you.

No. 172392

Butthurt dog owners can't even hear some truth.

I like dogs and find them cute but they are a hassle. And yes, they are smelly. Even more than cats because cats can groom themselves.

No. 172393

No, it really doesn't.

And I very rarely see anyone who walks their dog without a leash, it's not safe for the dog.

The very few I do are old dogs that just follow their owner and don't hassle anyone at all anyway.

And I really doubt the world would be better without dogs considering how many vital roles they fill in security, law enforcement, the military, medicine, all sorts of shit.

You don't honestly expect anyone to think you're not samefagging do you?

And yes, owning pets comes with certain responsibilities. Dogs don't smell if you fulfill these responsibilities, one of which is washing them.

I'll never understand how some people can have such an irrational anger about dogs, let alone when they're actually just bitching about inconsiderate people.

No. 172411

How is that the dog's fault in any way?

No. 172418

Bitchy dog owner detected.

No. 172422

>They're like a retarded child you need to monitor, maintain and feed constantly.

man you just described my cat. bitches constantly for food and tries to eat my hair ties. my dog just stays curled up in a blanket and doesn't try any stupid shit because she's not a dumbass.

cats dont give a fuck about what you want them to do. you probably live in a ghetto full of irresponsible dog owners, anon.

No. 172428

>anon talks about how the owner is responsible for washing their dog
>"bitchy dog owner detected"

No. 172431

people who own pets are gross. deal with it. they're as messy and destructive as toddlers, except toddlers eventually grow up while you'll be picking up your dog's turds for 15 years

No. 172452

I'm gross.
I have a bit of a thing for collecting food so that I never run out (even though I've never been in a situation where it would). I take my time eating it so that I can savour it, but sometimes I end up having to throw things away.
There's been some things happening these past few months that stressed me out really badly, and because of it my food collection.. got bad.
A month ago, my friend gave me some leftovers from when we had dinner together.
Two months ago, I opened a cute bottle of juice.
There was also unopened rice pudding, cake, apple curd…
And it was all in my room, and I somehow couldn't bring myself to throw it away.
I binned the juice last week, after I heard it fizzing in the night… It wasn't a fizzy drink.
Same with the apple curd.
Today I finally cleaned my room, and there is no gross food here anymore. But those leftovers had turned dark green all over. Luckily they were in a tupperware box that I just threw away too.

I don't know where I'm going with this, but I've just been realising how bad that really was… and breathing all that bad air in at night when I'd come home, just too stressed with other things and avoiding the mould like I avoid my problems.. fuck. I'm so disappointed in myself.
Should I talk to a counsellor?
I need to find a way to fix the problems. Hiding and hoarding food for months isn't the way.

No. 172453

I'm sorry mammy never loved you enough to get you a pet

No. 172456

I think a counselor would be a good idea. Realizing that the behavior isn't normal and fixing it is a good step though, anon.

No. 172457

The fact that you knew it was bad and threw away all of the food is good. Some people recognize a bad habit and can't really bring themselves to do anything about it. Maybe just start collecting non-perishable food items instead? It might be a good start. Talking to a counselor is also a good idea, too.

No. 172459

Don't worry about being gross. Well done for chucking it all out.

Food hoarding can come about for all sorts of reasons - it doesn't necessarily have to be caused by a situation involving food, like near starvation. Kids that had to take care of their own needs and grow up too fast can show signs of food hoarding. Issues with trust, anxiety and lack of control can cause it too. Is there anything like that in your life? Were the things that stressed you out similar to that? It could also be a symptom of an underlying ED or something like OCD.

Speak to a counsellor. They'll be able to get to the root of it and help you cope.

No. 172463


Thank you, I will definitely get in touch with a counsellor.
Non-perishable food sounds like a good idea! That way I wouldn't have to keep looking for more.


What you said explains a lot actually… come to think of it, I've been scared to throw things away all my life. I'd been given very little control and choice over things in childhood, and my situation right now is also about something that I can't control. However much I try to change it, it doesn't work. I feel powerless.
Collecting food gives me so much choice to do whatever I want with. No one can take it from me, it doesn't emotionally blackmail me, it's just food. It gives me comfort and security, control and choice.

Thank you, anon, and other anons. What you said was very kind and helpful. I'll see a counsellor as soon as possible.

No. 172473

I really like math and I'm sorry for anyone who was taught math in an unproductive way or had shitty math teachers has been shamed for not being good at it or has a learning disability or ANY other legitimate reason for having negative feelings toward math. Math is dope and it's only here to help and I got called a "math apologist" (LMAO WHAT) for liking math.

No. 172476

File: 1482115217800.jpg (25.84 KB, 500x376, 02IY4lf.jpg)

I wish math came easily to me. I failed Geometry three times for not doing any homework and I finally got it down in summer school of all places.

I had dreams of becoming an engineer but that's hilarious, Math and Science are my most difficult studies.

Liking Math is probably one of the best things to like. A lot of high paying positions require it.

No. 172481

LOL I'm actually not great at it either anon but when I DO get it I love it. Even when I'm struggling with it I don't like to blame math itself for my difficulties. My older brother literally cringes anytime math comes up and I feel bad for him. He does math all the time without realizing it, it's nothing to be afraid of.

No. 172488

I'm getting floaters in my eye and it's made me realize two things

1) I'm getting old
2) I could be going blind

So now I've been getting unnecessarily angry at everything. I've been acting like a bitch and I want to absolutely kill things. I've been fantasizing about killing and maiming now for at least a week, and I just want to calm down.

No. 172490

Uh I get those sometimes. I thought everyone does and it's normal. Kek

No. 172491

I'm told it's normal, but I don't know. It's black clutter in my field of vision and I hate it.

No. 172492

if they become a visual hindrance and you can afford it, you can have them surgically removed.

No. 172494

It's times like these that I wish I could believe there was a god.

No. 172500

File: 1482122285436.jpg (72.66 KB, 716x960, wakemeup.jpg)

Recently caught up with good friend, she tells me she's studying to be an animator and going to transfer to an art school soon
>excited for her, take the chance to look at her recent art/sketchbook to see how far she's come
>mfw she still draws generic animu
>mfw she hasn't improved at all
I want to give her some honest critique and advice but I'm afraid she'll take it the wrong way

No. 172505

I've had floaters my whole life but they still annoy the shit out of me.

No. 172507

Not venting, but I was told recently by a psyche that I was having a chemical imbalance, and she recommends drugs.

I don't want to take drugs because I'm still not sure that's the problem I'm having. Plus, I don't want to ever get to the point where I feel like I MUST have anti-depressants.

But it's getting pretty bad. Today I lost at a video game and just cried. Not because I lost, but because of how much of a lazy piece of shit human being I am.

I don't want to be a front-page exhibit on /snow/ in a few years, what do I do?

No. 172511

>I don't want to be a front-page exhibit on /snow/ in a few years

secret fear of mine. Which is paranoid because I don't have any personal profiles.

And my honest opinion, if you don't feel like you want antidepressants now you don't have to take them. But from personal experience, they are making me feel slightly better, and that slightly better is good enough for me right now.

No. 172512

Any psych that says "You're having a chemical imbalance" is an idiot, she has no way of actually telling if you do or not. She could say therapy's not effective and that medications could help you with it, but saying it outright is a chemical imbalance is drug peddling bullshit. We don't even know what the baseline of those chemicals should be, let alone being able to confidently say "An imbalance in this particular chemical is what's causing your issues"

If you feel like there's a particular thing that's contributing to you feeling depressed, or a certain thought pattern that keeps coming around in your head, work on treating that in therapy before you jump on medication, because if you aren't already doing therapy and pushing yourself to at least walk a bit every day (I can link a study about the effectiveness of this if you're interested), then you shouldn't go to medication yet, because not only are you not necessarily in need of it, but you won't get the best results from it. Medication is generally supposed to be used alongside therapy, it's not happy pills.

I've never seen anyone on /snow/ who was just a mentally ill person being mentally ill, either, the few threads like that tend to just be full of people saying this isn't interesting and the OP's a shitty person for making fun of someone who's just struggling.

No. 172513

>Any psych that says "You're having a chemical imbalance" is an idiot, she has no way of actually telling if you do or not. She could say therapy's not effective and that medications could help you with it, but saying it outright is a chemical imbalance is drug peddling bullshit. We don't even know what the baseline of those chemicals should be, let alone being able to confidently say "An imbalance in this particular chemical is what's causing your issues"

I don't remember exactly what she said. She just brought it up during a session when I just unloaded by anger I was feeling.

I'm still feeling it now. I've been wrenching my hands together to the point where my tendons hurt. I tried playing a video game, but that just made it worse. I'm here desperately trying to think of other things to keep my mind off of it.

>If you feel like there's a particular thing that's contributing to you feeling depressed, or a certain thought pattern that keeps coming around in your head, work on treating that in therapy before you jump on medication, because if you aren't already doing therapy and pushing yourself to at least walk a bit every day (I can link a study about the effectiveness of this if you're interested), then you shouldn't go to medication yet, because not only are you not necessarily in need of it, but you won't get the best results from it. Medication is generally supposed to be used alongside therapy, it's not happy pills.

That's a very good suggestion. Thank you.

No. 172519

If I'm ever posted on snow or pt I would follow people's advice cuz I think people are generally pretty rational and wise here.

No. 172525

Same. I've been browsing snow/pt long enough to know when anons are being petty for fun and when they're actually discussing what a cow could do to better themselves.

No. 172527

It's possible its chemical imbalance,mouth it's stupid as fuck of any doctor to declare that you hav organic depression without first exploring your moods and history, any trauma, or any of that stuff.
Get a second opinion if you can, and I'd recommend looking for a gp who's worked well with people experiencing depressive episodes as well as a general counsellor.

It's a fuckin awful way to live and I hope you do seek out some help and get it. Good on you for doing something about it now though anon. It's not easy to admit to for everyone and a lot of people feel like they aren't 'depressed enough' to warrant help. Early intervention is excellent, and you're awesome for seeking it.

No. 172530

I think it's pretty easily avoidable to not be posted here altogether granted you don't post everything about yourself to social media to begin with. I think in my teen years and early 20s (15-21) I shared many lolcow tendencies with the cows we love today. However, even back then my Myspace was largely private and for the most part I only ever talked to people I knew. The riskiest thing I ever did was sign up for Stickam, but we know how that website went down–probably for the better.

And for that reason I already put people like you and others at a level above typical cows because at least you're not that stupid. It's pretty hard for online strangers to talk about you forever if you're not producing content for milking.

No. 172539

My younger cousin is high school age and is turning 15/16 while going through a phase where she's all up in everyone else's business.
Whenever I speak to her she's always wanting to rant on about some boy drama, or how other girls are acting like sluts because they cheated on their 3 month relationship or whatever(hahaha sooo srs business).

Like I'm glad she's developing a moral compass, but it also isn't good to be so vocal about labeling other girls things like 'slut' either. It's a great way to make enemies or make it so other girls are equally as judgey against her when she inevitably messes up. Plus I think a lot of this shit about calling other girls her age 'sluts' stems from her being raised in a christian environment. Which is something I relate to as having been raised by catholics. It took me years to be washed clean of the habit of giving a shit about female sex lives.

I want to tell her what I really think but my parents admonished me before for giving similar advice. I'm 25, but my parents don't want me indicating much about sex or educating her because they fear that if she does get into some trouble I would get the black label from her parents for not scaring her about the topic instead.

No. 172540

My partner told me he's infertile today I'll never have a baby we'll never have our own child
Years of dreams are just fucking dead he never said anything and he's known for months and he let me sit there with my fantasy of being a mother like I've had a name picked out for a son for over a year this is agony idk what I have left to live for

No. 172541

Calm your reptilian brain and consider adoption.

No. 172543

Fuck off. Adoption is close to impossible where I live. The standards are insane.

No. 172544

I can understand why it would be hard for you to cope with, but remember that it's going to be hard for him too.

He can likely never have a biological child, no matter what. You can, there's plenty of options even if you stay with him.

That's going to be a huge struggle for him on its own, let alone knowing how much it's going to hurt you to find out, so I think him keeping it to himself for a while makes sense.

That being said, look into adoption if you can (I get standards are high, but check it out still), or there's always options for people considered infertile that make it more possible to conceive, or there's sperm banks if it comes to that, though he might not want to do that.

You should really chill out though, it's not a complete "Sorry it's never going to happen" thing at all in the vast vast majority of cases.

No. 172546

I found out literally this afternoon so I'm pretty worked up. It honestly does feel like I've lost a huge part of my future. Thank you for your response though. You're right about this being hard for him as well, but I'm still bitter that he never told me and only told me about it today because he was in a bad mood. Idk how to support him right now, other than being physically present and telling him I love him. There's no comfort or condolences. We aren't eligible for adoption and Ivf is hundreds of thousands of dollars for a paltry chance. It seems childish to hope for a miracle like ivf and sperm banks are out of the question. Carrying a strangers baby is too much.

No. 172548

I can understand that, and it would seem overwhelming at this point, it's a big thing to deal with for anyone, and you definitely both need to support each other.

I'd say letting him know that you won't let it get between you two would be important, and yeah, just be there for him. It's just as bad for him as it is you, except he's also going to feel like less of a man as a result of it, which can be really devastating to someone.

Apart from that though, remember infertility isn't an absolutely no chance it'll happen thing. It's generally just doctors saying "odds are it won't happen", you meet a certain threshold to be able to be infertile, same as blind people usually can see at least something, it's not just pure darkness to them, and a lot of paraplegics have some very minor ability to move the region.

It's definitely worth talking to a fertility specialist when you guys would otherwise be ready to have kids, because I'm not a doctor, I don't know all of the potential solutions, let alone what could be newer options. Talk to a specialist after you guys are coping a bit better with the concept and are able to look at other options.

Good luck anon, this sort of stuff can be devastating for both partners, I wish the best for you two.

No. 172585

File: 1482170268224.jpg (101.34 KB, 840x820, 1482167206259.jpg)


r.i.p. roachbro

No. 172612

Venting because I need to let this out and I should write it down but I'm much faster at typing.

I failed all my classes this semester because of medical issues. I am sick 80% of the time. I know that makes me sound like a spoonie. But I genuinely feel like I have mono or the flu for 3 out of 4 weeks of the month. I miss so much school because I'm running a fever or coughing up a lung or bleeding in the back of my throat. People don't tend to believe me when I say this. I don't know how to get help.
I take vitamins and supplements and I don't have my tonsils and I exercise 2-3 days a week, I don't eat processed foods. But I am exhausted and sick ALL THE TIME.

I am over anxious to the extreme. I feel terrified constantly. I'm socked with sweat and terrified of making friends or talking to people. I can't focus. I have the worst memory of anyone I know. I have panic attacks usually once or twice a day. It's gotten so horrible that I finally reached out and talked to a therapist. But her sessions are $200 a week. And my dad said he would help me pay for it, but has done nothing but patronize me and guilt trip me for needing help. I can't function. I am barely keeping my part time job and I failed my first semester of college in my entire life. I have broken down completely. I wouldn't ask if I didn't feel like I was falling apart. But he's making me feel like a burden and I probably shouldn't get help because it's so expensive.

I hate how I look and I can feel myself going back to my old eating disordered habits. I hate that I constantly think about how I could lose 20 pounds and be 95 again and I've deluded myself that if I look good again, my problems will go away. I know they won't. But the thought has lodged itself in my brain and won't leave.

I am so depressed, I can't stop thinking about how much I wish I could just disappear. I love my mom and I love my boyfriend and I have a few friends I care about deeply (that don't care about me unless they need something from me,) but I really wish I could just stop doing the whole being alive thing. I hate it so much. I cry everyday because I feel so desperately hopeless and I want to improve myself and I want to be better but I'm just miserable.

I'm sorry for saying all this but I needed to let it out. Thanks, farmers.

No. 172616

weebkebab is this you again

No. 172618

I'm so sick of people who are supposed to be my friends thinking they can step all over me and that their feelings come above mine. I'm sick of allowing them to step all over me just because I'm an insecure twat and don't want to be friendless. They expect me to be the exact way they want and when they say "JUMP" then I should say "How high?" every fucking time.

Yeah maybe I shouldn't have been honest with you about how I was considering staying with my boyfriend through New Year's Eve. That's sure as hell what you wanted right? You wanted me to appease you immediately and agree to your New Year's plans at that moment with no questions asked, right? Well fuck you. I said I was CONSIDERING staying with my boyfriend, not that it was a done deal you imbecile of an alcoholic. I even said within that same hour that "Hey, you're right I do remember us talking about doing something New Year's and I know that holidays are important to you so I don't mind coming back a few days earlier, I'm sure we will have fun so let's continue making plans." but you completely shut down and said "The situation is done, I'm over it, I don't care about it anymore" Even though I knew you were lying and you were OBVIOUSLY fucking mad but I still kept trying to get you to talk to me about it in hopes of figuring something out that would make YOU happy since I put you first. Apparently you expected that I that I be completely free for New Year's right at the moment you propositioned plans just because months prior we talked about doing something for New Year's a few times for several minutes… IN PASSING? You can't fucking sit there and say you're still "petty and bitter over the situation" when I tried my damnedest to put you first and you just ignored me and said "The situation is done and over with, stay with your boyfriend." You hypocritical piece of shit. You can't just blame your personality flaws either. "I'm a selfish and petty person, you know this and I can't help it" FUCK OFF. How are your personality flaws an excuse for how you're acting when my personality flaws are always the first thing you call me out on when I'm acting like a twat? I won't keep letting you get away with this and if that's how our friendship is going to end then so be it. I'm sick of acting like a footstool to assholes who never consider how I feel. I've been burned too much this year. I'm not saying I'm perfect because I'm the absolute farthest thing from it but at least I can own up to my own shitty behavior unlike you.

I'm just so sick of being friends with people who treat me like some kind of dog that should listen to their every command.

and FINALLY I'M SO SICK of being friends with mostly men since I'm too much of an autist to try to befriend women because I'm intimidated by them and think they are much too good for me.

No. 172620

File: 1482180962102.jpg (70.04 KB, 555x740, 1458640482052.jpg)


Not sure if I'm a weeb but I watch anime yeah.

No. 172627

There was another kebab that was a weeb lurking around like a year ago, nm. You guys should be friends, sounds like you would get along

No. 172634


Well might be me, don't think anyone other than me knows this website here.

No. 172781

>been gone all weekend because i can lol
>office manager plunks a tray of merch in front of me while i'm doing super urgent physical inventory for something else
>tells me to tag it and put it out
>like right away
>so i do it
>pricing policy has changed but no one told me this until i was like halfway thru
>i end up having to do this job twice basically while other work goes undone
>you know since no one can communicate at work and stuff
>also dropbox on office manager's computer has been down for days, but she's still been stocking stuff into her computer, so no one knows except her what's been stocked and what hasn't
>basically we all found out about this like
>"hey, has this product you handed me been stocked?"
>"yes anon of course it has"
>"cos i don't see it in my computer…?"
>"oh, dropbox hasn't been working on mine!"
>basically went for days with that problem without telling anyone, but still carried on like normal
>i just can't even

No. 172823

File: 1482257182522.gif (490.01 KB, 500x270, 1453262679-fd7868f00c8b7b4e1ac…)

> Overworked this week and will probably have to take work home.
> Parents are coming to see me for Christmas, haven't seen them in 3 years.
> My husband won't help me with any of the Christmas planning even though he's not working this week. I've been doing all the cooking, decorating, and wrapping.
> He wants me to go to this last minute Christmas party at his cousin's place, even though they all ignore me and I always end up all alone in the corner.
> Been trying to conceive for 6 months now but just got my period.

Fuck all this mess. I usually love Christmas but I'm going crazy this year. Can't wait until I get off work for a drink, especially now that I know I'm not pregnant.

No. 172852

Maybe it's better for you if you're not pregnant, your husband doesn't exactly sound like a good husband…

No. 172859

anons, i'm seething!!
my father is a bum. he's a compulsive liar and all around shitty, and I say this so brazenly because i don't know the guy. there's no fatherly feeling there because he was never there. that's some background for this.

the reason i'm seething is because my mom said that i should check my credit score, because knowing him, he probably opened something in my name. and lo and behold he opened a mortgage loan in my name in or around December 2015. I was a senior in high school then! i was 17!! don't people do background checks on shit like this?! my credit score doesn't seem effected (affected?) by it, but what the fuck! i knew he was a bum but this…this is low. and he just called me asking for my SSN as if it's sharing a recipe or something equally insignificant. what do i do? should i be worried at all? do i report this as identity theft or what? this is all very knew to me. you know, this christmas break is the worst. i can't wait to fill my time with spring semester classes.

No. 172860

oh and when he called for my SSN i told him that i forget the numbers all the time lol, but he ended up finding it because he mentioned the last 4 digits.

No. 172878

even if he was there for you it'd be unacceptable for him to steal your identity.

No. 172969

If you're going to fail all your classes because of your health, maybe it'd be better to take a semester or a year off and focus purely on health. It's a waste to spend money on school if you can't even attend.

No. 173079

File: 1482420288545.gif (2.71 MB, 515x479, 1474804853460.gif)

This fucking month sucks.
>Boyfriend breaks up with me to fuck around with other girls
>I still live with him
>Crush wants to hang out with me and hints it and it goes WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over my head
>Best friend tries to guilt me into dating him
>My friend/coworker commits suicide
>Everyone is mad at me because I just want space and I'm ignoring them
>Crush is also best friends with our coworker and I'm way to scared to message him about it because he left me on seen for a few days and I really don't want to make him sad.

No. 173102

File: 1482434950848.jpg (128.39 KB, 1920x1080, 5SMl4TY.jpg)

>My nose is big as fuck and I haven't noticed until last year, now I'm obsessing over plastic surgery and it's all I think about, I can't stop looking at it and looking at other people's noses
>Can hardly take pictures of myself without wanting to commit suicide
>Horrible skin problems (acne, eczema) and my foundation never seems to be good enough
>My first real boyfriend treats me like shit and stresses me out, also wants to have sex when I'm not ready, but I feel like if I don't have sex with him he won't stick around long enough
>But I also have severe OCD problems and being in the same room as seminal fluids makes me believe I am pregnant
>Trying to balance hanging out with bf so he doesn't think I'm neglecting him while also trying to raise the puppy that I've always wanted
>Dad is dead
>Brother molested me as a child and now wants back into my life
>My entire dad's side of the family abandoned me when I was 5 because they think I lied about my brother molesting me
>He is an ugly, creepy, literal skinhead
>I'm mentally ill and socially awkward but I can't neglect my priorities
>No access to my savings until April
>Make a complete fool of myself on the internet, realize how idiotic I make myself out to be so I deleted all of my social media, losing all of my internet friends (my only friends) in the process
>Stress eat and think about food a lot, I'm worried I'll get fat eventually
>I use lolcow and cgl, and follow internet drama to ignore the hatred I have for myself
>Used to be a very talented artist, but I got depressed, now I can't draw anymore

I just want to be happy. All I do is play CSGO all day and take care of my dog. And I'm not even good at that.

No. 173106

Dump your shitty bf and block your family out of your life, anon. Focus on walking your dog and doing simple, fun things for a while.

No. 173108

>dad cheated on mom, whole extended family and my dad treated mom like shit (4-5 yrs back)
>currently content with few online friends, class friends, bf, and mom, overall doing well etc.
>extended family and dad keep trying to force their way into my life when I have never liked being around them or ever had a close relationship with any of them
>dad convinced everyone my mom is an evil puppet master 4 years ago and they all still won't stop trying to 'save' me from her when it's quite the opposite
>am a year away from graduating from university and they firmly believe I am unable to think for myself for some reason
>have not seen them irl for years because I don't want to
>they keep stalking me on social media and texting me invites to dinner parties around this time of yr, I ignore and block everything
>dad lectures me monthly about how turning your back on your family is bad, nags me about shit that has no effect on him such as me not working atm
>he told all of them about my personal life and my bf
>he forces me to accept their xmas gifts and nags me for weeks to send them thank you texts as well

I can't wait to cut him out completely.

No. 173158

>customer orders a slice of cake and coffees for her and her friend
>asks when I'm serving it if the other slice will be coming soon
>mfw she only ordered one SLICE, singular
>she starts getting pissy
>mumbles "if I was given a receipt I would have known"
I wasn't annoyed by her attitude until I heard that. No cafe on earth gives out a receipt for every order. You have to ASK for it. I even asked you if you wanted the receipt for your CC payment and you said no. Go fuck yourself.

No. 173170

File: 1482495541518.gif (2.68 MB, 264x192, 1478644430620.gif)

>car less than year old gets totaled
>heater and fridge decide to stop working
>internet now wants to turn on and off
Merry Christmas

No. 173171

What? In ny experience the norm is to always give receipts or ask if the customer would like their receipt. Otherwhise the money might as well be swindled away either then and there by the staff or later on when filling out accounting for the bussiness.

No. 173172

Sorry never mind. I didn't finish reading your post.

No. 173173

A guy told me that the reason men rape is because buying sex is illegal.

What the fuck you fucking retard, if someone cares enough about the law to not buy sex, they aren't going to rape someone which is a lot more illegal. And if someone is okay with raping, they aren't going to care that buying sex is illegal.

Men are just so stupid and I wish I didn't have to hear all their bullshit all the time.

No. 173174

I see your post below, but still, what kind of food establishments are you going to where you're being given/offered a receipt every time? Nobody wants a receipt for a 3$ coffee, and never in my life have I been given/offered one at a food establishment. I only ask if they want one for card payments because it's a 50/50 that they'll ask for one.

No. 173186

Sure, you're right when its such a small sum as 3$. Also very few people need receipts for themselves. I'm just suspicious about employees fiddling with unwanted receipts or what is or isn't registered in sales.

No. 173190

I feel like it is pointless for me to try to get close to people anymore.

I feel too exhausted to embellish on it, but like many I was dealt some pretty bad cards in life, especially the friendship department. Everything from manipulated to sexually abused to being a punching bag to be being a therapist who doesn't exist otherwise to being used for money. Now I am just.. so tired.

I don't trust people anymore. It's like my mind doesn't let me get close. I have my husband and that's it.

I can't ever not be a doormat so I guess it's better if I just accept being lonely as opposed to constantly looking to have a close friend or two and getting hurt in the process. But being this lonely hurts a lot too.

No. 173194

Has anyone had someone do a 180?

There was this guy I fell super hard for. He's cute, tall, artistic, smart, funny and shares similar music tastes with me. We also had really good conversations about anything and we would help each other out.

When my friend committed suicide, he said that he will always be there for me… and that stuck with me.

I, however did tell him I liked him a lot at an inopportune time, when I had broken up with my most recent ex. He told me he felt shitty when i told him this and I agree that I didn't time it right – but that shouldn't have changed who he was?

Last month, he told me he liked me a lot and wanted to try some kind of relationship, just not a serious one. I was fine with that and said we should talk about it irl when he came back from a study term abroad.

Fast forward to now, I don't know what the fuck happened to the sweet guy I used to know. He's become incredibly self-absorbed and selfish. Not like the guy I fell hard for.

I've been trying my damn best to be a nice person, asking him how he is and stuff like that, anything that a friend would do. He hasn't asked me how I am in a long time.

He's just being such a fucking edgelord, saying how he doesn't give a fuck about anything, which is bullshit. Why would someone who doesn't give a shit about anything try to plan "a nice trip together", tell me they like me, or like my super personal post on instagram about the above friend? I just don't get it.

On top of that, it just feels shitty when someone expects the love and care in a friendship without giving any of it back. Instead he takes and takes and takes, and tells me that I think about friendship and relationships as a time vs investment equation? I don't have to put up with your shit if I think you're a shitty friend. He doesn't even KNOW how to be a friend, like asking how they are. Or apologizing when they've been shitty.

I don't know how or why he turned out this way… Do his friends not fucking call him out on his shit, or are they just as shitty as me?

I'm just devastated because the qualitied he had made him an ideal boy (inb4 DONT PUT BOYS ON PEDESTAL – yeah I know) but he turned out to be a cockroach. I want the old him back.

No. 173195

him* not me

No. 173201

File: 1482526878358.png (139.22 KB, 664x696, yY8OOpf.png)

I can't find the Uni thread so I'll just bitch here instead.

>have to take psychology class with online assignments

>professor ends physical class a week early, doesn't tell us why
>tells us in class and by email that there is one chapter left online
>the online lessons in the chapter are not due until December 23rd and 24th
>I know this because I logged in at the beginning of this week to look at the chapters
>logged in today after it had a few hours of maintenance, assignments are closed
>checked their due dates and they were changed from December to November 23rd and 30th
>my grade for the online assignments has dropped from being in the nineties to the eighties

And according to the school website today is the day for final grade submissions by staff.
What the fuck, Prof.

No. 173212

Bruh. you need to take a year out of studying. you're probably sick all the time because you're stressed and depressed. you sound almost exactly like me before i dropped everything and checked myself into the psych ward.
you can't carry on like this, you know this is no way to live and you don't need a therapist to tell you that. tell your parents and boyfriend how honestly horrible your life is right now, and don't let them guilt trip you. you're suffering and it needs to stop.

No. 173217

I saw my asshole ex today for the first time in two years.

He is balding.


No. 173234

My boyfriend likes to smoke weed, and it bothers the fuck out of me because he doesn't do shit but smoke.

No. 173241

Call the cops on him.

No. 173247

>be uni student on scholarship
>scholarship says it will cover literally everything school related
>it's good shit
>they assign me a "mentor"
>she's "my way or no way" about everything
>time to pay for spring semester books
>can't get exact total because bookstore says the books may or may not be used. All depends on what's in stock the day i return to campus after holiday break
>they give me an estimate
>it's about $800 so i let the scholarship people know
>mentor decides they need the EXACT total. Estimate isn't good enough
>refuses to let higher up know to drop money for books into my account because she doesn't like it
>this wasn't a problem the first time. Remaining amount went to school supplies and everyone was fine with it

Fucking kill me. The lady is being difficult as hell. I don't know what her deal is but man she's crazy if she thinks I have $800 just laying around.

No. 173248

Talk to him about quitting or at least getting a job and smoking after work and on weekends. If he wants to stay a neet and won't even do some classes, leave before he sucks you down into his sadness-and-a-sweet-kdr hellhole.

No. 173249

I have and the little shit won't budge. We're both got jobs at this really nice place, I'll talk to him once again about it. Thank you for the advice, anon.

No. 173305

I've never had a good hair cut in my life. I already know by now that whenever I go to a salon, I need to prepare to be disappointed afterwards. I don't know if I'm just picky or what. Yesterday, I got 14 inches cut off, which is fine, it was really damaged and I wanted a fresh start. So, now my hair is about to my jaw line. What is NOT fine is that it's all gapped up and shitty. The woman I went to this time (I go to someone new every time) clearly did not know how to layer very thick hair.

No. 173317

I'm sick of being socially awkward. The only people interested in being my friend are complete obnoxious autists. I just want to hang out with normal people :/

No. 173340

I'm struggling to find a way to tell my best friend that I was abused by my ex (who is good friend). It was a long time ago and my friend is sensitive enough to know I don't like my ex being mentioned, but after so many years I just really need him to know that it wasn't just a bad breakup, I was abused. I need to say that I have panic attacks and that's why I can't be in the same places we used to hang out at in case I see my abuser.
My friend would be really understanding but it seems stupid to send a message out of the blue about it, and when we're hanging out, I'm having a nice enough time that I'm trying not to think about it. I've even said that I have a thing I need to vent about one day but I just can't seem to bring it up, and so lately I feel stressed whenever I see him.
Merry Christmas, I can't sleep because this is all I can think about

No. 173353

Are all the salons totally incompetent or what?
Maybe learn to diy if you can't find a stylist who isn't a retard with a pair of safety scissors like most hairdressers are.

No. 173361

You don't check out the portfolio of the stylists you go to before going to them?

No. 173379

i know. i don't talk to him frequently because he's a pathological liar. it's somehow a fucking feat for him to pay my phone bill and my brother's but he can somehow always be able to light one up during a phone call. if he can afford all that weed, he should be able to afford a damn phone bill. we gave up on child support payments from him years ago. this is the only thing he pays and even that's difficult for him.

aside from that rant, my mother says the questions they ask you when you're checking your credit score is so that they can assure your identity. if that's the case, i'm a fucking idiot. what caused my rant is that he was asking for my SSN to get some sort of monthly stipend since i didn't go to college in the state he served in for the GI Bill. i don't really believe that because he mentioned how he'd get a boost in his disability paycheck. it was never about me, it was about him getting more money for more weed and whatever else he fucking buys instead of helping out my mom or me with my tuition!!

on that note i need a job but i have anaphylaxis like a motherfucker. can't work in the food industry because i'll die, can't work outside because i'll die, and then a desk job could kill me because my main allergy is to some common mold! you know, i ate an apple and had an allergic reaction some months back. haven't eaten apples since. i can't eat shit without my itching and breaking out in hives, or having the food go right through me. i applied for jobs on campus, one specifically i knew we needed, and still no word. i live on campus but it seems i'll have to find work off campus because they're too damn competitive. damn.

No. 173380

Teacher here - depending on your country you can be subsidised 100% for epi pens. I have a little tard with the same problems as you. Fucking grass can kill the little cunt. Regardless I have 3 epi pens in my class med kit and carry one on me at all times. His little bum bag has one too.

You'll be right. :)

No. 173381

>hanging out with family
>everyone is chill
>little second cousins are being really cute and sweet
>ask if I have games on my phone
>make the mistake of giving them my phone
>immediately open one of the two games on my phone
>proceed to spend in-game gems on things I had no intention to buy
>was saving up a long time for something
>brush it off and tell them I need my phone back since it was dying
>they would not let go and were actually fighting each other over the game
>tell them it's my turn to play
>easily impressed when I was playing it since they died instantly most times
>sneak away with my own phone

Kids are crazy about tech these days.

No. 173382

I never give the little suckers my phone. Some girl who's kid I said no to about it once got mad at me for 'being mean to him' and I just pointed out that I paid just over a thousand dollars for the damn thing and not for it to get smashed when it inevitably slips out of her kids grubby little hands.

It is cute how blown away kids can get when you're reasonably good at a video game they can't manage yet.

No. 173400

I made it a point this year to bring my old shitty galaxy phone to holiday events just for the sole fact that there are so many kids who ask to see/play on my phone and i font care if my old shit gets broken

No. 173433

My family is dead and I try not to feel sorry for myself because a lot of people have dead families, but fuck. They say time heals everything and still every christmas gets worse. I really hate my life.

No. 173491

i'm in the US. it's especially difficult because i don't have health insurance, and i'm broke, so i had to cancel the appointment i made because i didn't have $30 for a walk in lmao. I was gonna make them my healthcare provider because they're great; a walk in is as low as $30, and i might get a bigger discount because i'm a student and all. i don't know, this is all new to me, and very stressful.

my mother works in the medical scene although she's in management now. she's got epinephrine vials and syringes. she says that that's what i'll be carrying if acquiring another epi pen isn't an option in the future. so far, we've been getting them after nearly every allergic reaction because it's mandatory i think, and my mother gets some from her work.

No. 173513

I'm really frustrated because I'm having a second tilt table test next month and I feel like I'm going in circles. I feel like they are missing something. The doctor said he will only do the EP study depending on the results of my tilt table. I just want to skip the tilt table and do the EP because he was literally the first doctor in the 8 years I've been struggling with to POTS to go "hmmm maybe it's an electrical issue." I feel like I wasted so much of my life getting all these useless tests when I could've had the EP study years ago. I don't give a fuck if the EP is invasive just fucking figure out what's wrong with me so I can live my life again.

No. 173515

Bitches that preach body positivity and girl gang bs but are actually the cast of mean girls.

No. 173516

File: 1482738069419.png (560.37 KB, 526x595, 1478613995340.png)

>male friends
it's just not worth it, imo
they never do

No. 173517

Shit anon that's a lot to live with. I hope you have a good holiday, and I really hope that you've got someone in your life to support you.

No. 173549

>come back to family home for christmas
>try and help out with cleaning and setting up when I can
>christmas eve, mom gets drunk and has a meltdown
>me and my 3 siblings have christmas dinner alone
>don't feel like I'm at home since all my shit in my room has been rearranged and packed
>plus the general tense atmosphere is making me depressed
>mom shits on me for not helping out or bringing the kind of atmosphere she wants
I just want to get through this one last day and be left alone

No. 173553

My cat is driving me insane lately, he always wants to eat. No matter how much I feed him he always pesters me when I'm eating, I even took him to the vet to see if there is something wrong with him but seems like he's healthy as hell. How the hell am I gonna fix this shit?

No. 173574

Did you get blood drawn or was it just a checkup? Could be hyperthyroidism.

No. 173576

I've been with my boyfriend for a long while and recently he has met my mother and is meeting my dad tomorrow.
I could tell my mum hated him since he is not the guy she 'imagined I would go for' and all the other shallow superficial shit. She told all her and family that he is ugly and fat and all that jazz. It wasn't really fun answering hurtful and offensive questions about him during Christmas when I came home. I do not care that much about it but its still pretty hurtful considering I've stated that I love this guy a lot. And that she is my mum, who is yaknow, supposed to support me and shit.
I wish she would not be such a judgmental bitch,especially with the fact that I accept every single of one of her 'partners' who she swaps around every month or so. I usually do not judge her like that but she just really pissed me off. I am also angry at myself that I let myself feel such negative feelings towards my family.
I hope my dad likes him.

No. 173627


Yeah they did blood tests too, he's just being an ass.

No. 173628

My dog does the same. Healthy but constantly begging for food. My parents have spoiled him with food in the past so he probably figures he can get it from me if he tries enough. Son of a bitch, I give you Blue Mountain three times a day.

No. 173632

>24 years old
>still living at home
>working a dead-end job
>been single for almost 10 years and struggles to make friends
>not actively suicidal but i think about it a lot

i just started cipralex but i feel like i'm faking being a miserable piece of shit so i don't know if i should be on it in the first place. i don't know. i just don't get the point in living. shit always sucks.

i feel like i've got a wicked case of arrested development and i don't have a goddamn clue how to grow up and get happy. w/e.

No. 173635

Fam I promise you that you're not 'not depressed enough' to be trying meds if they can improve your quality of life.
Feeling suicidal isn't a minor thing despite how common it is. You deserve to get support in dealing with having such a low mood and to be able to feel good about things again.

It may take some experimenting with the doctors to find what works for you. Some therapy might be worth looking into as well to help give you the tools to manage the depressed moods as well as help you build up life skills and general adulty shit.
CBT is useful for loads of things, DBT is great if you struggle with emotional lability, and gestalt counselling can be good if you just need to talk it out.
Take care, and try to remember you deserve the same support as anyone else.

No. 173636

Oh hey, I'm the same except I am 25 and don't believe in happy pills. Dont kill yourself tho, k?

No. 173639

I'm talking to a new guy who seems genuinely interested in me, but due to my natural cuntiness, it kind of annoys me :/

My self-esteem is so low that if a guy is interested in dating me, I instantly suspect/assume he's an autist loser with shit taste. It's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy and one that I haven't been able to overcome.

No. 173650

sorry for the samefagging. Man, I need to stop attracting the most socially inept dudes. I asked him for some book recs as a conversation starter and he bombarded me with reddit links like I'm an idiot who can't google.

No. 173651

Damn anon, I'm the exact same, and i could've written your post myself, were even the same age. Wishing you luck.

Sometimes those meds take a couple weeks to kick in so don't give up yet. Im in the same boat, struggling and feeling shitty.

No. 173653


Not even being a cunt, but how the fuck do you even get to your stage? "A guy likes me! Oh no he must be a loser!"

No. 173654

Low self esteem and feeling 'unworthy' of relationships usually.

No. 173655

I'm a recovering chronic depressive, so I know that for a long time I was a genuinely unpleasant person to be around (and who no one in their right mind would date). I'm really not used to men taking a romantic interest in me and I still think that I'm "off" enough that a normal quality guy would stay away.

No. 173664

Anon you replied to here. I want to get angry and argue with you, but literally an hour after making that post I started talking to the friend online to distract myself from thinking about it all and he just drunkenly ranted at me about how nobody cares about the injustices of the world enough. I had to excuse myself because I couldn't take it, I just wanted a nice comfy distraction chat and instead he was making me feel like a bad person. I was so tempted to send him a cap of my post just to make him stop but I didn't want to ruin his Christmas with such a depressing thing but would it have been to hard to drop his rant to talk to me about why I was sad? Maybe girls are just as rubbish at reading friends but I don't remember. I Literally cried myself to sleep.
I hate Christmas.

No. 173669

wtf facebook privacy settings? I thought I set everything in my timeline to private/only me. Someone just liked an obnoxious SJW status I posted like 6 years ago that I forgot I even made. Now they think I'm some raging leftist when really I was just an edgy high schooler. Ughhhh

No. 173672

I promised my boyfriend that I'd stop smoking cigs at the start of the new year. I'm smoking up a goddamn storm right now. I know that they'll kill eventually but they make me calm down and "normal".

The smoking wage gap is real, folks.

but late Merry Christmas to you all.

No. 173674

File: 1482817924627.jpg (21.56 KB, 397x398, 1479228555365.jpg)

I'm probably gonna get called a retard but I can't get into books and I'm pretty sure it's partly because of fanfiction. I want good prose and characters I'm attached to. Long novels sacrifice the former; while short stories sacrifice the latter.

No. 173688

You just need to find a decent novel. There's no reason to think all novels have shitty prose

No. 173690

>You just need to find a decent novel.
But how

No. 173694

What genres do you like?
What themes are you looking for?
Do you want pulp or literature?
Will you read a 900+ pages or do you want something just a little more substantial than a novella?

Honestly other than trying things that seem interesting idk what else there is to do. There's book recommendations everywhere, winner and contender lists for all sorts of literary awards, thousands of forums about books, book clubs, your local librarian. You just look and read the thing. You'll spend forever looking for the one book that seems to suit you perfectly and miss a hundred other ones that were better. Just read and stop reading if it's shitty. Rinse and repeat.

No. 173695

My dad is pretty much nonexistent and might be addicted to pills, that's only speculation though. I'm not really worried about myself because I'm 19 but my sister is 6 and my brother is 15 and it kills me to see them struggling so much without a father figure. I just feel like they're going to have such bad daddy issues when they're older. My brother is maturing and my mom doesn't know how to show him how to be a man, he has low self confidence and it really shows. My sister is always putting on this obviously fake baby act, she always wants to "play baby".

No. 173702

>What genres do you like?
I'm gonna be blunt. Genre fiction is not my cup of tea. This question is what made me wary of recommendations. I've also tried the whole 'answer some questions' thing before with http://www.openingthebook.com/whichbook/ and it didn't work very well.

I'm looking for:
>around or just above YA reading level
>focus on character chemistry and not lore/worldbuilding

In all honesty I'm simply hoping original fiction would scratch that itch I get from withdrawal symptoms of reading those elusive good fanfics. So something with a similar writing style to fanfiction. There I said it.

No. 173703

Wow… that's really rude and judgy of you…
I can see this being awkward af (he could have gave you recs in his own words) but maybe he took time to find reddit links that he agress with? Don't shot him down just because of that.

No. 173706

You're not gonna find anything in YA level. They're usually specifically written to be fast moving and have Mary Sue self insert characters. You're gonna have to settle for adult novels or settle for searching for the one in a million fanfics.

No. 173712

idk anon, it came off patronizing in a way that I guess I didn't reflect in my OP. I've talked to people like that before, not only in a dating context. The kind who think they have to walk you through 1+1=2 because you're not an engineer. I just don't have a good feeling about it.

No. 173713

Fanfiction has given me the same problem. I think it's given me a complex about relationships too, but I can't stop checking Ao3 obsessively. What fandoms are you in? If you can get into some larger ones, the quality of writing does get better IMO.

No. 173716

Dude, story of my life. As a teen I developed waaay idealized notions of what love is like and it took me a long time to unravel that.

The writing really can be top-quality. I couldn't stand the bnfs like Aja but I had to admit her fic was good.

No. 173720

Sounds like you need to get into a series of books if you want to read about recurring characters. Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc. There are a lot of series' out there that aren't as well known as those, of course.

No. 173729

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is very long and has very good prose and interesting characters.

No. 173732

With that attitude you'll never find a book you might like. You also sound kinda dumb saying "genre fiction is not my cup of tea", as all fiction falls in some kinda genre. Not entirely sure what you're looking for but contemporary fiction are usually less focused on time/place.


Can't vouch, but it'll be a start I guess. Knowing what kinds of books you like and how to find them are things that come with time and patience, and reading a whole lot of books.

if you just casually asked for some book reccs, usually what happens is the person will tell you a bit about it and if you actually are interested in the book, reddit links are more acceptable. not only that but spamming links from the outset makes you seem boring (need others to speak for you). OP asked as a conversation starter and this dude basically responded with "you're better off reading reddit than talking to me".

No. 173749

File: 1482874279131.gif (458.99 KB, 384x288, 2357.gif)

My birthday was on the 19th and it was the first time in 8 years that I've received a gift and it was a birthday cake from my father. I was really surprised to get anything at all so I was extremely happy.
My parents are separated so I live with my mother who ignores me like I don't even exist and when I am noticed, she abuses me. She talks down to me and acts as if I'm garbage and all she cares about is her "boyfriends". The day after I receive the cake, I look inside of the fridge and it's gone. I asked my mother what happened to it and she tells me she took the entire cake to her job for her coworkers to eat. Rude!
I feel like utter shit over it and frankly ridiculous being bothered so much by a cake.
I guess it's a little deeper, though. Everyone at work talks about what they got for Christmas and about family gatherings and I don't have any of that but the chance I did get a gift, it was taken from me right by my own parent. While everyone was talking about Christmas, all I could think about was how I didn't get anything for neither my birthday OR Christmas and how I have to deal with my shitty deadbeat mother. It made me feel like such an oddball due to my upbringing and uncontrollable things in my life.

No. 173751

I'm sorry about your shitty b-day and holiday. If you've got terrible family, use the holidays for time off for yourself. I know the media is blasting family time, but some people you need to ghost from your life, blood or not.

P.S.: My b-day was on the 19th too! Happy belated Birthday and belated Christmas. It's not too late to treat yourself for New Years, even if it's just getting out of the house away from your mom.

No. 173753

What an absolute cunt to steal her own child's birthday cake after also ignoring her own goddamn child's birthday. Holy shit anon I am so fucking sorry you're living that mess you deserve so much better.
I'd bake you a replacement cake if I could.
I know it's probably not much but happy birthday, merry Christmas, and a happy new year to you. I hope you can get away from your egg donor soon and find the respect and love you deserve

No. 173754

Yeah, pretty sure you didn't understand what I'm trying to say.

>"genre fiction is not my cup of tea", as all fiction falls in some kinda genre.

Well no shit. Did you at least google what 'genre fiction' means?

I don't want the selling point to be the genre and I don't want genre conventions driving the story instead of the characters, that's all. Whatever genre a book's in I couldn't care less, and recommendations involving this question tend to give this kind of book. This is why I'm wary of it.

I didn't say I want YA. I said I want I want something around the reading level of an average YA book.

No. 173759

Erm that wasn't what I meant. I actually enjoy fanfiction for the prose and narrative style, and how they use them to portray the characters. All else is secondary, romance included. The books I've come across have so far been completely insipid in both aspects. This was why I was so scared of being called retarded. I actually prefer fanfiction over books for their literary merits.

No. 173762

Around the reading level of ya is ya. You're not gonna get quality fiction that's also written at the reading level of 12-17 years old. Go read hunger games and that trash or keep looking for fanfics. You've made it clear you're not interested in assistance with finding books to read since you're shooting down helpful suggestions.

No. 173775

My boyfriend of over four years won't even come see me at my parents house unless we have sex. I'm 24 and have been integrating to be moving in with him, but due to a sudden change in probation officers and not having our house as a current listed residency, I have to stay here because of my curfew until things are fixed. I've been sick and have an outpatient surgery coming up next week, along with the stress of my new probation officer wanting to violate my probation a la breaking curfew (when I was at my house I'm moving into) has made my libido plummet and I'm really not in the mood.. plus period thrown into the mix. I was on the phone with him earlier and he said he wouldn't come over unless there was sexual activity involved and said he has NEEDS and that's 'just how he is' while also putting me down for not being as sexual as I was when I first entered the relationship…

Idk it feels weird to me because I have a long history of being used and abused by anyone trying to get involved with me. I don't want to be around just to satiate someone's sexual needs on every whim. And I'm tired of being made to feel like it's my fault that I can't control my stress or depression which leads to me not being sexual. He said that when he first got into the relationship he could carry all my emotional baggage because there was at least going to be a lot of sex, and now that there's less because of what's happening at the current moment he's left to deal with both and it's nor fair to him.

Though at least now I have a job, am not addicted to drugs and homeless like I was when we first got together. Do you think he misses that vulnerable side of me that just threw myself at him for comfort and a need to be cared for? Should I just suck up what I feel and put out at the risk of hurting my very fragile psyche? I love him and he's the closest person I've been with in any relationship and it feels wrong to end it because of sex. What should I do? Who do I turn to?

No. 173776

He sounds like an ass. If he respected you and cares about your needs he wouldn't expect or demand sex every visit. He'd be happy to spend time with you regardless of getting his dick wet.

No. 173780

What about your father? Is he worse than your mother or…?

No. 173781

Ya I just really don't want to come to terms with the fact I may have spent four years being someone's literal dumping grounds…does it really seem that way from an outsiders perspective?? :/

No. 173783

Different anon, but yes it does. It sounds like he only dates you for sex, rather than your company. You deserve better.

No. 173790

If you've been together for 4 years, sex drive not being what it was in the beginning is normal. He sounds like an absolute ass, who just keeps you around to have sex with. If you're in a bad situation he should be there for you, regardless of whether he gets anything out of it.

No. 173792

People can change a lot in four years. Anon it sounds like you changed for the better and now you are definitely too good for that shit. He should be helping lift you up right now and supporting you. Really those are just the bare minimums of a working relationship IMO and it doesn't seem like you guys have that. Find someone that will help you grow as a person and alleviate the tension in your life.

No. 173808

Same anon here, being blunt, it seems as though he's not interested in your needs and isn't emotionally invested. That doesn't mean I'm anywhere near right he could be really considerate and loving and all that as well.
What you said about having a job and no longer using drugs, no longer being homeless, all of that indicates that you've changed and grown a lot over the last out years and by all means changed for the better. IMO right now it seems that you'd be better off working on yourself and finding a way to learn that you deserve to have someone who is just as interested in what you did today, what your goals and ideas are, and what you need to continue making these positive changes as he is interested in what's between your legs.

The years spent with him aren't wasted years anon. You grew and changed and learned and no doubt had some good times with him. You just might have outgrown each other now. It's okay when that happens. It's okay if you stay with him or leave him as long as the choice is yours and is made in your own best interests.

No. 173893

I really need some advice guys.
I've been in uni for about 2 years now, in our friend group there is this one guy who never comes in with some weird excuse "my car broke down", "hungover","trains were not working in my area" etc
Every month or so myself and one of my friends from the group get a 1000 word (no kidding) inbox from this guy who stays off all the time. He basically says hes sorry for not coming in, he misses us, he's been drinking a lot, and some family issues. We both inbox him back basically saying we're here for him 100% we will help him with the uni work and guide him as much as we can.
He never reads those inbox's until he's ready to send us another 1000 about a month later. He's online all the time, commenting on things, liking things he just refuses to reply to us.
We both got a bit sick of this so we tried to distance ourselves from him and we still got these inboxes, with us replying, no reply etc etc.
My friend who also gets these messages had his father pass away in the summer, and this guy keeps bringing it up saying he know how it feels his father passed away when he was 2 years old etc. It pissed my friend off so much he ended up blocking him because having your father pass away when you're in your 20s in an awful lot more traumatic than when you are 2 years old and he got so sick of him bringing it up and not replying to any of the help he's given.

I found a video his was live commenting on facebook and commented back saying "inbox me back, right now" since earlier that day he sent me another 1000 word woe is me inbox with no reply. He inboxed me back within seconds this time and I told him we needed to talk, we agreed to talk it out on discord. He said he will brb in 2 mins he's just finishing his food.
we waited 4 fucking hours for him to show up, while he was online on facebook ignoring my inboxes once again.
I would have told him to fuck off by now but this guy is suicidal and his Mother was sick in the hospital, along with his drinking problems and possible drug abuse issues.
I got another inbox on Christmas day, 5am. He said his Mother has passed away and he had no one, I inboxed him back but I couldn't say i was there for him 100% anymore because he only talks to me and my other friend when he needs to rant about his life and how sorry he is and then point blank ignores me. I told him he has got 1 more chance to reach out to me and after that im done and he's blocked.

This guy is an amazing friend irl and we have so many laughs and good times when he comes in, he has so many issues going on i want to be there for him as much as i can but I've been pushed to my end.
Any advice would help me massively, i have no idea what to say to this guy anymore.

No. 173900

>prefers fanfiction for literary merit
>YA reading level
>scared of being called retarded

No. 173903

File: 1482937075617.jpg (111.33 KB, 1535x2048, wYBc0Nu.jpg)

My sister keeps needing me to loan her money. It's impossible for me to keep doing this without crippling my finances, but I don't know how to refuse either. The worst part is that she doesn't seem to make any attempts to save money for herself. She keeps getting in trouble because of her luxurious lifestyle, while expecting me to bail her out.

No. 173904

stand up for yourself anon. i was in the same boat with my sister but she was buying drugs instead. i had to tell her no. its hard but absolutely possible. good luck

No. 173914

File: 1482940478207.jpg (6.34 KB, 241x209, download.jpg)

I've got my navel pierced more than 6 months ago. It was healing well and now in the last few days an ugly ass dark bump appeared next to the upper hole. I'm praying that it's not a keloid scar because they suck.

I have to wait until January to see my piercer because I work a 7-3 job.
Apperantly warm tea bags can help so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

No. 173917

Maybe try to call the piercer for advice on your break if you get one? Gl anon!

No. 173981

bump, please i could do with some advice

No. 173990

Offer to help her budget and explain that you can't help her out anymore until she pays you back. You're not a bank, nor a charity.

No. 173993

How are his problems any of your business? You offered to help, that's all you can do. If you're in a project group or something tell the professor, give him bad feedback and cut him off. If not, let him sort it out by himself. There's nothing you can do if he doesn't want help.

No. 173996

his problems aren't my business and i would like it to stay that way tbh, but he keeps putting all of his issues onto me and i really dont know what to do with him at this point, he is a really nice guy which is why im struggling to just ignore his bullshit

No. 174037

File: 1482988998798.jpeg (17.71 KB, 400x400, i3eTxXhf.jpeg)

>Accidentally mention my tumblr blog in a conversation
>My sister "Oh you have one too? Mine is blahblahblah we should follow each other"
>I check hers out
>It's just her complaining about how she hates middle-class/white/straight people despite the fact that she's all of those things

So much secondhand embarrassment lol

No. 174040

i agree with other anon. it really comes down to is the fun times with him worth being used. it seems like he is used to being coddled whenever he needs it without regard to other peoples needs. the answer is really simple, either keep doing everything he wants, or give him the ultimatum of get professional help because youre not going to be the thing that turns him around.
even though you say that his problems arent yours, youre still clinging to them. is it really that nice to make someone so fucking stressed out all the time?

No. 174046

File: 1482993840041.jpg (3.15 KB, 225x225, fb.jpg)

13 year old brother was left home alone with me all day yesterday while my mom worked. i slept the whole time so this was the first time he was left practically by himself for so many hours. apparently had nothing better to do than mess with my tablet pen and now i woke up to find it COMPLETELY destroyed. the pen itself costs $100. woke the whole house in a rage at 1AM and he denied even touching it.

a set of brand new pencils I bought for $40 also went missing about a month ago. i took such care of them that i hadn't even used them yet. literally looked in every single corner of the house and they're not here. suspect he took them to school by accident and doesn't want to admit it.

i ordered something online and the package got misplaced by the retarded mail carrier who apparently put it in the wrong mail box. it was uninsured so i can't file a claim. now i have to buy it all over again and pay extra for a mandatory signature.

and all of this while me being a financial hole.

No. 174047


No. 174089

Convince your parents to buy him his own art supplies so he won't mess with yours. Or lock them in some kind of box he can't break into, and wear the key around your neck lol.

No. 174127

That makes sense anon. I'm tempted to speak to the uni about it since he very rarely comes in. I think of the 3 month semester he's been in 4 times all together. I just don't want to intrude too much, although the uni will have to guide him in the right direction if I bring it up to them.
It's hard to not cling to this guy incase he really does have no one else which is why i was struggling. I'd hate to leave anyone completely alone and depressed but at this point i think its the right thing to do.
Thanks anon.

No. 174134

I'm finally recovering from a several years-long depression and I hate the fact that all of my social skills have completely deteriorated since then.

Thank God I managed to find a job, but i feel like a complete derp potato here because I have trouble communicating shit to my coworkers and boss. I feel like it's slowing me down.

No. 174138

File: 1483029288510.jpg (41.42 KB, 400x306, v.jpg)

I've been dating this guy for almost a year now. It started out really nice and sweet, but lately our relationship has been deteriorating and I really have no idea how to proceed from here. Our sexual drives are just so different (I'm not ready for 'actual sex' anytime soon, he knows), and all he ever wants whenever I go over to his place is to stick his dick in my mouth and release even though he knows that I fucking hate it. He then proceeds to nap or cuddle for a few hours or ignore me for the internet. That was all we did for our first Christmas together, and we didn't even really talk that day before I had to leave. Am I at fault for not satisfying his needs?

He hardly ever surprises me with anything either, and all our dates are just walking around the same places, or meeting up with his friends mid-date and chatting with them while I fifth-wheel. He ignores me for his phone most of the time during meals too. Idk but it makes me feel like I'm not worth any effort at all…

Granted, we're both each others' first relationships, he's serving the army now, and we're both extremely inexperienced. Should I just deal with it? I've opened up to him about this before and he says he realizes that he's been a real cunt but that's how he is all the time, all talk and no action. He's honestly really sweet when he does pay attention to me and I really do love him, but it hurts when I think about how I'm treated too.

No. 174142

>Am I at fault for not satisfying his needs?

It is his fault he doesn't understand yours. Dump him.

No. 174147

I wish I were brave enough for that anon. Breaking up is honestly the last thing I want to do since I don't want to give him extra grief while he's doing his mandatory military service, and he hasn't exactly crossed a line yet. He says he's willing to wait but it feels like he thinks with his dick way too often whenever he gets an erection and I end up having to get him off every time it happens. I don't really blame him for that because, well. Men.

I've been trying to convince myself that it's because he doesn't have any experience dating and thinks that girls are as simple as his bros. Do you think he'll change if I stress how important this is to me? Maybe I'm just a fool for having too much hope, but thank you anon.

No. 174151

Your inexperience is making you foolish. You've gone so long allowing him to treat you like shit that he probably won't change unless something dramatic happens to make him realize if he actually cares about you.

Sit him down and have a heartfelt talk about it. Tell him what you want from him and ask him what he wants from you, where is the relationship going? Maybe take a break from it to figure yourselves out. Part of gaining experience is making difficult decisions. The fact that you've already started rationalizing his shitty behavior might set a tone for your future relationships. Good luck anon.

No. 174160

What the fuck is wrong with me gulls? Ever since preteen years I've struggled with acne. I've tried diet changes, bc, antibiotics, topicals, lots of water, skincare regimens, and almost accutane but nothing came close to getting rid of my zits. My mom was diagnosed with cystic acne and some other skin condition so I know we have some kind of sensitive skin issue.

The weirdest thing is I haven't showered in like four days (I've been using dry shampoo) but in addition I haven't washed my face at all and my acne is doing well? Like I'm not breaking out or anything which you would think the complete opposite would happen. Like I maybe have a small bump on my nose or near the hairline from some oil, but my face isn't greasy and I don't have new pimples where I would usually get them normally. What the fuck..

No. 174163

Maybe that is a sign you have been washing your face too much? Also don't forget to moisturize it even though it has acne, it needs it. I guess you already know that but it's never too much saying it.

No. 174164

I don't think he'll change anon but if you're going to give him a second chance, set a date for a cut off point. Don't keep deluding yourself with hope forever.
>whenever he gets an erection and I end up having to get him off every time it happens. I don't really blame him for that because, well. Men.
Yeah that's not actually a "lol men" thing, it's a dickhead thing. Tell him to go wank in the shower, it's not ypu responsibility. Maybe I'm projecting but I did the same thing for my first boyfriend too because "it's not like it's much effort and I love him" but actually, after I started seeing someone who wasn't an entitled horndog and respected my boundaries, I found that I suddenly had a sex drive.

>>174160 see a doc or derma again with these new findings? Could be something to do with products or even water itself. Maybe even start a written diary of every variable and how your skin ia that week.

No. 174168

I had a similar thing happen to me.

I've had really bad acne and my lack of selfcontrol caused me to pick on it until it basically became a wound, yuck.I used to "wash" (basically just rinse it with water) 4+ times per day because it was oily. I've stopped doing that and only washed it once/twice per day and put on moisturizer. My skin is now doing 95% better.

No. 174171

Don't let him treat you like this, Anon. You deserve better. Don't worry about him being in the military, you gotta do what's best for you. I say talk to him but if things don't change, just dump him and don't be afraid TO dump him. It's hard to go through your first break up but it's okay, just don't make yourself think that because he's in the military, you can't break up with him because that would be more stress on him. There's no right time to break up with anyone.

No. 174178

Could be. It just sucks being brainwashed into believing that if a person has acne it's because they're washing too little and covering their face with bacon grease. It's too bad because I think I was given a lot of shoddy advice up until the past few years about skincare.

Oh gosh, were you a picker too anon? I think another reason why I'm not breaking out is because I'm picking less and not touching my face.
When I wash my face often I tend to notice a lot of clogged areas because I'm looking into a mirror and really focusing. It drives me crazy. It gets so bad that I could spend an hour easy just squeezing out sebum/keratin strands and squashing pimples. It's so satisfying, it's like heroin. But I haven't done it recently because I've just stopped giving a fuck. Who knows, maybe I'll become a bit less oily once my body readjusts.

No. 174193

I was wondering, how do people get a big following? On Facebook etc. I get that people who are dedicated to something, for example cosplay or art or photography, have nice photos to share and are involved in groups and such so it's not difficult to understand why they could have a lot of likes.
But I noticed that even people that don't do anything special, even neets sometimes, with bad quality pics and not attractive/particularly attractive can have a higher following than the average person and their likes can go from 40-50 at least to 100+ at max.
I'm working for a startup with some friends so I need to understand the mechanism behind this, since we need to promote that and possibly without paying Facebook for advertising.
Any help?

No. 174194

Watch/listen to Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin. Read the growthlab blog (Ramit Sethi's other stuff is brilliant, too). Check out some of Tim Ferriss's talks on this subject.

No. 174205

File: 1483054061643.png (15.08 KB, 300x300, 1482509934135.png)

why am i such a clingy, possessive friend?
i can recognize that my feelings are unhealthy and bothersome, but i don't know how to fight against it. how am i supposed to seem interested in my friends without being so extra about it?

No. 174225

I guess I'll vent here a little? It's really insignificant compared to a bunch of the posts ITT but I guess I want to whine about this event.

I was into this one game 5 years ago or so. I joined a chat that consisted of some players of that game and I was REALLY awkward. I mean, I was so bratty and annoying that I made others feel second-hand embarrassment for me (I was going through my weeb phase back then, I'm so sorry). However, I got familiar with the people there and I grew (quite fast) out of my weeb phase and started getting along really well with a bunch of users. Especially to this one dude. Totally platonic, before you assume stuff.

Two summers ago, because of some technical reasons I couldn't access the chat for a while. So I wrote a message on his wall about this and left it at that.
I came back a few weeks later and he was really active and all, kept talking to everyone and I tried to send him a message to catch up on stuff. He ignored me, saying that he was busy with some school work. Oh well.
Then he kinda stopped talking to me altogether.
Ok? I mean, you do you, dude.

I tried to talk to him about it but he just wouldn't understand, he kept blaming his silence on school work or other stuff he had to do while always being active and online 24/7.

So I took a break. Like, long break. It might sound like I abandoned everything because he wasn't talking to me but actually, the game became so unpopular that no one logged on the chat anymore so he was literally the last person I was talking to on that chat. We were like 3 people frequenting the chat at the time: me, this person and another person whom I deeply hate because they're the walking, breathing, blinking… the EMBODIMENT of the word edgy. And if he's not talking to me anymore then I might as well just leave? I came back a year later and all he had to tell me was that he found my facebook account. Like, I'm being dead serious when I'm saying that he didn't even say hi, he just asked me if my name was X. That was the first time this whole thing pissed me off. Up until that moment, I felt so… meh about it. I didn't really care about the fact that we became distant to each other because that year went so well for me as I had time to focus on my irl friends and exams. But this. This shit pissed me off.
I was going REALLY low profile on that chat, only using my pen name, the only thing that I actually leaked about myself being my home country back in my weeb phase.
But yeah, my facebook account was open at the time and while I have no photos of myself, I still had a looot of cringy shit from 4 or so years ago.

He was like 25 or something like that and he was doing all sorts of petty or immature shit.
If, by any chance, he'll ever read this: FUCK you and I found your facebook profile too, dumbass.

No. 174232

Fellow picker here, have you kicked the habit completely? Im struggling with my face being covered in gross scabs atm, and i really want to stop but i just cant. My skin isnt even that bad its just I pick at the tinest of bumps, which turn into scabs, that i then pick at till they are huge scars. im starting to wonder if its something like dermotillomania. I pull my hair sometimes aswell :(

No. 174233

My mom is manipulative and abusive. Diagnosed by a psychologist as being a compulsive liar manipulator etc.. She left to start a new family, not talking to her kids she already had for a few years.

Comes back and acts like she did nothing wrong, still trying to lie and manipulate, trying to plant memories in my head when I know they didn't happen.
I don't know whether to cut her our of my life or not. She's still the same person she was when she left but apart of me says to just stay in her life because she gave birth to me.

But I can't forgive her for nearly starving children to death and hitting, yelling at them, then abandoning them with randoms when her husband had cancer and was states away from her not letting her kids see him. And cheated on him all while he suffered. (He lived by the way! With a 30% survival rate)

Need advice anons, does the bitch stay or go?

Sometimes she seems genuine but she tends to put on a show alot for people. Anything to get her way.

No. 174242

Anon, that's toxic as fuck. Don't let her do this to you now, she already ruined your childhood. Tell her abusive ass to kick rocks and ignore your retarded caveman instincts to keep her around because "muh blood relative."

No. 174243

I suppose I always worry too about the kids currently that she's raising. I feel bad for them. Thank you for your advice anon. I will tell her I want no contact with her.

No. 174246

I got a comedone extractor so at least if I want to pop or pick at a pimple/blackheads on my face, I'm not introducing as much bacteria via my fingers. Just be sure to sanitize the tool often. I used to have a lot of scabs but these days I just have a few red spots and maybe a couple pock marks that literally nobody irl notices.

My back and the part of my neck under my hair is riddled with scabs though. I still pick at those. My back and shoulders are the ones that get the dermal cysts the most, and the recurring acne happens on the area where my neck and ears meet. I love picking the scabs on my back but it's done a lot of damage, I'm riddled with discolored spot scars. And I just can't care as closely for my back as well as I did with my face. A-At least I can just cover my back with clothes? Right ;-;

No. 174249

This isn't really venting, but it's something I have to get off my chest anonymously because it's too retarded to say to anyone out loud.

When I was young, say 11-15, I was severely bullied at school so I turned to the internet (which wasn't very popular where I lived at the time, and people mostly thought it was useless). Eventually I got into Runescape and became addicted, I spent several long years on that game. I even made some friends through it. Finally quit cold turkey when I turned 15 because my grades were slipping and I'd stay up and avoid showering so I could play longer.

It's kinda sad but I have only the fondest memories of that game. I made a new OldSchool RS account today and everything was exactly the same, there were lots of players, people were as stupid as ever, everything was just as it used to be. All the updates I witnessed all those years ago were there. I was really scared I'd get hooked again since I've just gone through a really stressful period. Except now I don't live in a little town full of toxic, small-minded busybodies and I've done quite well for myself, and I discovered that I don't really want to play it again. It's boring now.

I'd also been dyeing my hair red a lot after I quit and this year I grew out my natural colour that I hated so much. I found that it suits me just fine.

And that made me think: everything's going so well. I used to cut myself back then, begged my dad to let me die, refused to eat, all sorts of things because some little wankers at school called me a dirty knacker every day and threw rocks and icicles at me. I couldn't even speak normally because there was no-one to talk to, I've always sounded like an old textbook. I'm really glad I listened to him when he told me to wait it out.

No. 174251

Keep on shining anon. I'm glad you made it :)

No. 174252

holy shit I played rs for the longest. I wasn't super strong or anything, kind of sucked. I made really good friends too! I feel like it's a lot harder for me to make online friends now, I just kind of suck.

No. 174254

I feel like the internet got a lot more vitriolic now that everybody's using it. I don't remember ever getting shit for being a girl on the internet, or a girl playing RS, or anything of the sort. All the forums I used to visit were more or less 50/50 gender-wise and most people were nice enough. I'm not even exaggerating, I watch my SO play MOBAs all the time and the abuse some girls get is just sad, and then there's tumblr and their ilk. Most RS players were under 18 too, so you can't even blame it on kids being kids.

No. 174255

File: 1483064722165.gif (1.43 MB, 500x287, tk0G68ytSY2UM9S8JUUo_I'm Sorry…)

My best friend is getting on my nerves. She started dating a manchild and asked me what I thought about it. I told her I didn't want to say anything about her relationship because I can be pretty harsh sometimes and she was already aware of what I was going to say anyway.
A few days later she asked me again what I thought about her relationship and I said the same thing.

Then, guess what. She asked me a 3rd time. That annoyed me enough to tell her I knew it wouldn't work out because he's immature, they are very different, she's older and way more experienced (she has an ex husband while her bf is a virgin), etc.
I said what I thought in the most delicate way possible.

Then last week she told me I made her cry. Tf. Why? Bitch, you asked me for my opinion even though you knew it'd hurt you, so fuck off. I told her she wouldn't make me feel bad because I knew I hadn't done anything wrong anyway. I said I wouldn't apologize, I'm not the villain here.

She doesn't even like him in the first place. Months ago she told me she'd never be capable of dating him because she didn't feel anything for him. She always dates the first guy who pays attention to her, especially when she feels lonely, and then starts saying how much she likes him. It's a pattern at this point.

She's been acting like a total cunt lately.
Everything I say is received with disdain.
She turned 25 yesterday and I asked if she had the infamous 25 year old crisis (she's a year older than me) and she said no because she's getting everything she's ever wanted in life… Which is a lie because before all this drama she said she was really sad because her life is currently really bad and she's stuck.

I'm kinda hoping for their break up now. I just want to see her feeling shitty at this point, sadly.

No. 174261

Sounds like she's insecure and just doesn't know how or refuses to end the situation because she's scared of being single. Not surprising, a lot of people in their mid 20s feel pressured to settle and think there's something wrong if they're not in an ideal relationship by then.

I can kinda feel for her (I've been dating a manchild for close to three years but the difference is I like him and have seen improvement in other aspects), but she's gotta make a decision. If she's hunting around for validation and reassurance from friends hoping they'll tell her to stay, then it's not a relationship at that point. It's a denial of reality, especially when she refuses the actual truth and acts like you were the bad guy.

No. 174267


Thanks anons, your views made me realize that I've been rather blind this entire time. I've always assumed this was how relationships went, being inexperienced, and was something I just had to let go and deal with. I've never wanted to come across as materialistic, but thinking of how I've never received anything from him and had never been on a planned date since my birthday 8 months ago sounds a little too unbelievable now that I think of it lol. I'll try to talk it out with him and see how it goes, but I'm more open to breaking up with him if there is still no improvement.

It was refreshing to hear that you've been through exactly how I feel whenever this happens, I've always thought it would have been selfish of me to not help him as his girlfriend. Now I can't believe he even guilt trips me about not being willing to get him off, saying some bullshit fact that men will get accustomed to jacking off with their hand and can never ejaculate by anything else if they do it themselves too often. He also talks about how his friends are all getting some one way or another, and that they think we're weird for not having done it.

No. 174268

Thanks, anon. she's definitely insecure and is fully aware of the reason why she says yes to everyone. unfortunately i don't think i can help her anymore at this point, she's pissed me off.

No. 174272

It might sound silly but try looking up effective positive communication skills. We did a formal sort of course on it in class for social work and the skills are applicable to pretty much every conversation ever.
Effective listening, body language, and I feel statements feel ridiculous and fake at first but once it's more natural I found it improved my relationships all around.

It's hard as hell to try to relearn all this sort of stuff after being unwell for ages but it's totally doable. Good luck anon!

No. 174275

My exs and a few of my guy 'friends' have forbidden fruit syndrome and make stupid attempts to hit on me knowing I've dated my current bf for years now. It just makes me angry, especially when they can't take polite hints like me changing the subject or ignoring their advances.

No. 174276

I'm Scared that my insecurities are driving my boyfriend away from me. I'm terrified of losing him. He just wants me to be myself, but I just want to be absolutely perfect for him, I'm second guessing everything I do and I'm so so scared of him not liking me or leaving me. I sound so pathetic, don't I? I wish I could be less insecure. It's taking away everything I care about.

No. 174287

He's just trying to guilt trip you into having sex with him. I'm not >>174164 but I've also been in a similar situation. He's just using you to masturbate.

No. 174289

Damn that really hit me hard. Remembering how he says he wants to do it because he loves me makes me feel even more angry and disgusted than ever.

No. 174290

dont ever let anyone guilt you or make you feel bad because you did not have sex or that you end up doing something you arent comfortable with. your dignity and sanity are far more important than anything he can give you.

im in a relationship with a recovering sex addict. he said he loved me and every interaction we had seemed to be us leading into sex. and god forbid that i got drunk around him, that was a green light for all the shit he ever wanted to do. fast forward a few years later. he bawwwed saying that when i would get distant he felt lonely and sex was the way he dealt with it. i was in a bad place, going in and out of IP for reasons and when i'd be gone, he would message chicks saying that his girlfriend was in a dry spell and how unfair that was.
sex is a part of relationships, but it shouldnt be the focus if its not supposed to be booty calls. and sure boners happen, but he can make a bigger effort to not make you uncomfortable. the best thing a partner can do in a relationship is absolutely respect boundaries no matter what. there were times with my boyfriend that i honestly felt like it was rape. i hated having sex with him. the way he spoke to me or handled me because i knew exactly how creepy he was.

honestly the only reason im with him still is sticking through therapy so hopefully later in his life he can teach our daughter that that is not how men act. and that there is no excuse in the world that can justify that.

take care of yourself anon

No. 174292

I'm so sorry about what you went through anon, I hope you'll stay strong regardless. Does your boyfriend know about what you're going through and how you feel? Your situation sounds a lot worse than mine considering how I haven't put out for my boyfriend yet, and I really hope things will get better for you soon.

At this point I'm really conflicted about whether he's really an asshole who's just using me to get off, or just a clueless 20 year old who's surrounded by company who normalizes sexual behavior like that. My circle of friends and family are more conservative when it comes to sex, and it feels like we're worlds apart regarding that.

No. 174293

ahh, he may be young but that is in no way an excuse to be like that. have you told him how uncomfortable it makes you when he treats you like that? high sex drives are normal in some people but for it to be the only thing to focus on is unhealthy. there is more to you than a place for him dick. and imo super shitty of him to make you feel like that.

problems are all relative to the person. i let things progress that far. i knew he was a shady asshole but we had a kid together and i had no self esteem. he knew what i was dealing with but still used it against me which is fucked. having kids really does throw a wrench into things. i want to leave. i hate living together and i dont plan on having sex with him anytime soon. but i feel bad because or daughter really does love us both.

No. 174298

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you or anything. I just wanted to put that out there, like I wish someone would have done for me. My ex did a lot of the same things yours does, napping and ignoring me for the internet and making me feel like I was an extra wheel when we hung out with his friends. This isn't a healthy relationship for you.

No. 174313

Don't worry anon I wasn't hurt, it was just an eye-opener for me. I really shouldn't excuse his behavior any longer, thank you for sharing your experience. It's good to hear that you're in a better place now.

No. 174315

Is jealousy healthy? I seem to get a bit jealous thinking about one particular girl my bf is friends with, and it's completely irrational. The last time I talked to her, she seemed to be perfectly happy with her bf at the time, idk if they're still together, and she has made zero signs that she's even interested in my bf in any nonplatonic way. Plus, my bf seems to have absolutely zero nonplatonic interest in her and seems to adore me quite a lot. My bf is/has been a bit of dweeb so doesn't have a lot of female friends, so I guess the ones that he does have kinda put me on notice.

Maybe I just hate myself. Well, not maybe, I do. I guess I'm just expecting a cooler, nicer, prettier bitch will also notice all his great qualities and steal him away from me some day.

No. 174324

Are you me?

No. 174326

I have told him before that the notion of being intimate too early in the relationship makes me uncomfortable and I'm not entirely down to give my body to him just yet, and his response to that is to pull up some forum where both men and women agree with his mindset that sex is an important part of a relationship and that most of them would have put out within a month or so. He says he's ok with waiting but he's always expecting for me to help him get off every time I go over. It's upsetting me that I can count the number of times with a single hand where we don't start anything sexual whenever we meet up, and I'm only just realizing that.

Anon you should probably get help for yourself too. I have no advice to offer since I'm probably too young and inexperienced, but it doesn't sound healthy for yourself and neither for your daughter. Take care, anon.

No. 174339

Hi, are you the anon who has no idea what 'reading level' means and thinks it's synonymous with 'literacy merit'? I might be retarded but at least I'm smarter than you.

No. 174343

Are you the anon asking for YA books and also expecting exceptional prose and character development/interactions?

YA reading level isn't going to have it because YA reading level stuff is simpler. It's never going to have the same level of prose as classical English lit or the kind of in-depth characters you're after. You need to either improve your reading level and find books that will suit your tastes or accept having to trawl through a thousand shitty fanfics to find the one story that fits your particular niche.

No. 174345

>Are you the anon asking for YA books
>>are you the anon who has no idea what 'reading level' means and thinks it's synonymous with 'literacy merit'?
Aaand confirmed. Thank you very much.

No. 174371

clearly he isn't ok with waiting and he is just telling you that to ease your mind. that really is messed up searching around for proof that people should put out asap.

you are helping me. it makes me take a step back and really think about how i have been feeling. i have been so wrapped up in work and stuff that the personal shit takes a backseat.

No. 174442

Good news! Sounds like you're reacting quite normally. Of course you're going to see all other females (regardless of any logicizing) as competition. Just don't let it get to you too much. If you know for a fact neither one of them are interested in the other, don't let it ruin your relationship. You'll probably get over it in time when you get more comfortable with his female friends. Assuming your relationship is a relatively "new one" (you've been dating for less than a year.)

No. 174472

>made a friend at uni
>told we're basically the same person, share many interests, everything is hilarious when together, already have our own mythology and language
>relieved to have met one another because none of our other friends are into drinking as much as us or drugs at all
>not into her and never have been, but adore her platonically
>a few weeks into knowing eachother she starts making out with me a lot when we're drunk
>i go along with it because i'm selfish and slutty and that's what i do
>she hasn't tried anything for a month or two i guess because she realised i just go along with shit
>am aware that i probably caused confusion and hurt
>never talked about it. talk about everything but that
>celebrating new year's with her a few hours away, stuck there until the 2nd because of industrial action
>both planning to roll
>have never tried md, she has
>hype but scared i'm going to decide i love her while rolling and ruin everything
>male love-interest invited me to go stay with him over new year's and would drop everything for me but it's too late

No. 174505

My ex who I have a child with is on and off dating a girl who also has a child. He is super behind on child support, never does anything proactive to spend quality time with our daughter, has no job, doesn't go to school and lives at his grandmas house. His girlfriend is almost always at his grandmas house with him (i drop our daughter off there and his grandma watches her during the day while I work) and she has never once had her child with her. She doesn't have a job either, afaik.

I don't understand how a single mother could choose to be with someone like him? I wish so badly that she would push him to do something with himself or be a better parent, hell, she has a child of her own, they could do family friendly shit together if they wanted. But no, they just couch surf together and sleep all day at his grandmas. If they both were to just get part time job they could scrape together enough for rent and get out of there, but they are just content being losers together.

No. 174510

Wow, that's pitiful and disgusting. Yeah, she clearly does not care to have a better life for herself or her child if she continues to CHOOSE to stay in that situation. I'm assuming he was different when you were dating him? Either way, doesn't sound like they'll ever grow up and you should wash your hands of any worry it might be causing you. He doesn't deserve to be in your daughter's life obviously.

No. 174513

File: 1483120627338.gif (1.56 MB, 500x375, tumblr_n7jlk3igeK1rkdga9o1_500…)

I used to be a part of the ""Facebook community"" for the last 2 years until a girl who was extremely popular on there started harassing me until I left the site for good. Pathetic, I know, but I'm a sensitive person who doesn't like confrontation and she started turning people on me who I knew in real life.

I think about all the things she told me, and the way I portrayed myself on Facebook and realize that I made a huge ass out of myself. I was always making jokes, trying to be funny and cool, etc. But then I remember that this same girl posts pictures of herself carving Facebook people's names into her thighs. That was primarily the reason why she didn't like me; because I thought it was fucked up for her to post something like that and make a joke of it.

I had so many friends on there. The only friends I had, really, until I had to delete my account because she drove me away. Now I'm lonely and I don't talk to anyone. I try to play videogames and chat with people there but I can't make any actual friends. I'm socially awkward in real life, and I prefer to keep friends online.

I don't know what to do. Go back to Facebook, even though I have this feeling that everyone on there hates me. Maybe I could go incognito. Join another community, even though I don't know which to join. How do you guys make friends? I miss mine so much and the greatest times I had were joking around with my friends on Facebook, but those were also the worst times as well, mainly because a lot of guys on there want online relationships and I had to reject a few, and now they for sure hate me.

No. 174519

Move on and quit facebook. Join better sites with people who don't cause drama and actually have intellect.

No. 174523

You sound underage as fuck.

No. 174532

Get a life probably

No. 174533

Maybe you made an ass out of yourself on Facebook. But it sounds like she did too. Fuck her. She probably needed someone to harass so she could feel better about how pathetic she was. Go back to Facebook if you really want to that badly. Although you might want to try sites with less drama as someone suggested.

No. 174544

No, when we were together we had our own place and he was working. He helped with the bills as much as he could (he worked a min wage job) and was around for our daughter by default because they lived in the same house. Towards the end though, he started making a habit of lying to me about whether he went to work, talking to other girls behind my back, and becoming violent while accusing me of cheating. He has mental problems and I could not take it anymore so I chose being a single mother over continuing our relationship since a child was involved. When i left him i told him i would not file for child support until he was on his feet on his own, and he took that as his out by deciding to never get on his feet. After about a year though, I was struggling pretty badly and decided to file and see if that would motivate him to do something with himself. It didn't.

No. 174549

File: 1483132253209.jpg (12.01 KB, 270x270, To-LHIY5.jpg)

Sort of a stupid thing, but I'm too embarrassed to talk about it with friends, so…

I've been in an abusive relationship for the past few years. I have been cheated on, gaslighted, physically abused, talked down to, isolated, etc… I feel like an absolute fucking idiot for even getting into it in the first place, but he was my brother's friend and I thought he was a genuinely good guy. My brother even vetted for him, and he's really protective of me.

I tried breaking up with him multiple times, but I'm quite a passive person and he would hit me or choke me every time… I eventually got too scared to even try anymore and just gave up. He never took me out. He didn't remember my birthday or get me gifts for Valentine's or Christmas. Sex was always on his terms and if I ever tried to initiate it was "weird". He would pull over in parking lots and scream at me in the car if he got angry while driving somewhere. He made me feel like I was a freak and hopeless because I struggle with anorexia, depression, and anxiety. I was genuinely suicidal.

The relationship FINALLY ended when he moved away, thank god.

I've spent the last year in therapy doing my best to identify red flags in relationships and heal.

In the meantime, I've reconnected with an old friend and he's… fucking amazing. We've been seeing each other for about 6 months now and he's been nothing but a sweetheart. He's constantly doing thoughtful things for me and he really makes me feel good about myself. I get butterflies around him STILL and I've known him for years.

… This is fucking terrifying for me. I keep thinking that he's going to leave me because I'm damaged goods, or that he'll turn out like my ex. I'm baselessly paranoid that he only wants me for sex or that he'll start hitting me too, even though I only have reasons to believe the complete opposite. I hate this so much because he's a genuinely great guy that I really want to pursue something with, but I'm insanely guarded and I don't know what to do. I hate talking about my abusive past because I feel like a fucking idiot for being in that relationship in the first place, and also like I'm trying to milk being a victim or something.

Has anyone been through this before? I'm obviously going through this in therapy too, but… I was just curious how other people handled the situation.

No. 174571

This is exactly my life right now, anon. I recently lost a lot of long-time friends to some pretty shitty circumstances and I'm finding it so hard to cope. I've become so numb and unable to socialize with the people that have remained in my life, which I'm sure has just made things worse.

Finding out someone you trusted so much was a horrible manipulator who only wants to throw others under the bus to further their "wellbeing" while others feed into their victim complex is not fun. It scares me how many people could be discussing things I told them in confidence because I am an idiot who trusted them too quickly. I just need to stop trying with people.

Hermit life, here I come.

No. 174575

Rent's due in two days. I have $182. I need $580. ?
I can probably get away with killing myself on NYE, lots of drunks, bound to be some shootings. Just need the right place at right time.

No. 174576

Do some odd jobs for cash?

No. 174588

File: 1483149515270.jpg (2.98 KB, 237x213, images (1).jpg)

Sorry this was a couple of months ago but I haven't really vented about it to anyone.
> pregnant and newlywed
> shotgun wedding but we were going to get married soon anyway
> husband was a virgin before we met
> bad feeling that he'd need to fuck other people eventually
> be on pelvic rest and hormonal so we're not having sex and we fight a lot, I'm having constant dreams about him cheating.
> find out later he bought a backpage escort and also let a guy suck his dick because he catfished him as a girl on craigslist and didn't tell him until he got there so
> btw I find this out on our honeymoon in glorious nippon
> i spend a week of our vacation being afraid of going into preterm labor from stress, threatening divorce, and calling him a degenerate piece of shit while he cries and pukes his brains out out of guilt and begs me to stay
> I decide to stay because getting a divorce after 4 months of marriage is embarrassing, I'm also not financially or emotionally able to be a single mother. Of course, I still love him, too.

Things are better now with counseling. I still feel stupid but I wouldn't have even given him another chance if we weren't already married and about to become parents.

No. 174590

Good lord, anon. I'm so sorry. I know it's easier said than done, especially in your circumstances, but don't stay in the relationship if you're not happy or feel like you can't trust your partner. Save money when you get a chance and leave him if you feel like that will be better for you (and your kid too). People can think whatever they want, but you are your priority.

No. 174608

My dad has become an abusive alcoholic and I have no way to help my mom. I'm living in the US right now, and she's back in Canada. I want to be able to get her down here to stay with my bf and I, but I barely have enough money to live on (in section 8 housing, need foodstamps to keep us fed). Hearing my mom cry like that over the phone and not being able to even just give her a hug is like a knife twisting in my gut. I'm so angry and frustrated and just ugh

No. 174609

don't feel stupid, anon, nobody, not even Nostradamus himself could've predicted shit as disappointing as that. That is some degenerate shit.

Do whatever seems best right now, but I really suggest splitting up with him when you're better off. Being a single mom would probably be more enjoyable than being with someone like that.

when your life is back on track, I'd like to read your book.

No. 174610

Damn anon I just want to hug you :(

No. 174621

Calling someone abusive/abuser simply because they said or did something you don't like is fucking absurd. People like that are part of the reason why no one takes mental illness seriously.

No. 174627

Your ex is a scumbag and never should have hurt you, and, in a sense, he's still hurting you, because the emotional trauma he put you through is still fucking up your life. Don't let him hurt you anymore. It's not easy, I know. Therapy would probably do wonders. But in the meantime, meet that paranoia with anger. Your ex was shit. Don't let him win. Don't let him hurt you. Don't let him stand between you and happiness.

No. 174637

File: 1483173797120.jpg (20.98 KB, 640x331, 32ertrw3.jpg)

>used to have insatiable sexual appetite
>sex drive plummeted over the course of a couple of years for no apparent reason
>horny maybe 5 days a year
>disgusted by sexual things
>usually can't stand even kissing
>totally wouldn't mind
>but I'm in a relationship
>he hates it, but not enough to dump me
>he gets progressively more irritable the longer we go without being intimate
>he starts getting really douchey without meaning to
>I totally deserve it
>wish I could bring myself to break up with him so he could find a normal woman
>hate myself all day erry day

No. 174642

I can sort of relate
>have really low sex drive
>I have a ridiculously tight vagina bc i've never even finger myself before
>bf too big
>bf too thick
>scared of sex and constantly cry myself to sleep bc of it

No. 174669

Think my relationship is falling apart and I don't know what to do about it. By is going into the Air Force in July. We used to talk about getting married once he was done with tech school and what bases we both were interested in staying at. Now it's just where he wants to go and him implying my future separately from his (like "you should take that job at blank so you can be close to your family"). I'm assuming he's going to dump me before he goes to bmt if not sooner.

No. 174676

The reality of leaving for the force is hitting him. He probably feels selfish for talking about you upending your life to follow him around.

Sounds like he heard a bad story about couples who became resentful because of the loneliness and psuedo-single mother lifestyle of a military wife. He's probably being extra extra careful not to pressure you into that life. But he's doing it in the non-subtle, extreme guy way that they do everything else.

I don't think he's gonna break up with you.

No. 174678

Thanks. I hope not, but I don't know. I'm afraid to talk about it with him because it'll be like the millionth time we've gone over it and the last time we did he got upset and I'm getting tired of being insecure about it. I'm just going with the flow and seeing what happens. It's not like I can stop him if he leaves me behind.

No. 174715

Charge your credit card like normal people.

No. 174726

Idk man, just celebrated the new year that is upon us. Was cheering with the mates and bf as you do, but bf has become increasingly annoying the more drunk he got, rude, obnoxious, doesn't give a shit about me. He even went on with his friend before the 00:00 so I had no one to kiss like couples do (silly I know) when the New Years rings in. I told him to calm down a bit atleast with me since I was a bit sick. He gets really annoyed and tells me to stop argue and not be so serious.
Then and there I felt I couldn't do is, so I simply said I'm leaving. And he just said "sure" and I walked alone all the way home.

Am I being unreasonable? Should I step the fuck back? I just wished he'd treat me like an actual gf, or is that something you can't ask of someone when they're drunk? Shit man I don't know what to feel, fuck

No. 174736

File: 1483235122638.jpg (60.3 KB, 640x360, IMG_1015.JPG)

I gave up my awesome job to move to Colorado because I'm a dumb ass.

No. 174737

What did you move to Colorado for, anon?

No. 174738


I'm in Colorado to, everything is hella expensive here

No. 174739

Please don't tell me it was for the legal weed OR getting a better job.

No. 174741

And only getting moreso.

No. 174742

I'm 22 and live at home. I have a job and pay for my own shit, but my parents still expect me to go eat out at restaurants with them whenever they want to. I, personally, don't like eating out too often and am perfectly capable of cooking myself a decent meal. Yet they still expect this, and worse yet, will decide to stay home if I tell them they can go out and enjoy, but I'd prefer to stay home.

Now that I think about it they used to do the same with going to the movies at night. (I don't care for theaters). Now they just go in the afternoon without me. I guess they're still sheltering me from staying at home by myself at night…

No. 174743

Do you live in a dangerous neighborhood? If yes, there's nothing wrong about that.

No. 174744

No. I live around other families and college kids.

If my neighborhood was in anyway dangerous I wouldn't have made the post, tbh.

No. 174746

Wow that's weird. My mum left me home alone from the age of 9 so 22 seems way excessive.
Have you explained that you don't want to buy restaurant meals when you can make good food yourself and are saving?

No. 174758

Why not just go just to spend time with them? I really wish I could go out to dinner with my parents regularly.

No. 174772

File: 1483268168584.png (199.45 KB, 526x500, 285E186F-0382-4DEB-9F33-A43410…)


Nah not the weed. I thought I was too cool for my podunk hometown and assumed that I was so awesome I'd definitely get a great job that paid twice as much because I decided to be an overconfident douche

Man this shit is expensive.

No. 174783

File: 1483273925287.gif (705.57 KB, 300x200, leslie.gif)

welp, it's the first of January. My boyfriend will no longer be buying me cigarettes. I still have the rest of my butts but those will only last a couple of days. I'll be cigarette free soon enough though.

No. 174788

I guess you should've done more research then because the job market is competitive AS FUCK right now. Best not to move somewhere unless you already have a job lined up, tbh. Can you go back to your old job?

No. 174887

I've had a chest infection for the past week and I was prescribed antibiotics that didn't do shit so it came back full-force last night. I get a pain in my chest every time I cough.

Also I can't get rid of my cystitis symptoms, I've been in chronic pain the past few days sitting on the floor of the bathroom and drinking gross cranberry flavoured sachets.

To top it all off, I just got my period a week early and I'm at my bf's house so I have to wait until the morning to get painkillers and tampons. It's 3am here and I'm in so much pain someone please kill me.

No. 174905

File: 1483335500042.jpg (50.28 KB, 542x612, 1483059830063.jpg)

Ah shit i think i led on a friend of mine. I'm not an affectionate person at all but he fell asleep on my lap once after drinking a lot (i'm drunk for every social interaction, but this time he was too), it wasn't intimate or anything as i literally had my arm around my female friend at the same time but he may have misinterpreted it as romantic interest because he's acting weird now.
We have also slept in the same bed some times but always clothed and always with other people (big bed). I've kind of always knew he had a thing for me but tried to ignore it until recently he asked me (over text) if i was into him. I had to do the old "i like you platonically, sorry if i sent the wrong signals" drill. How do i make things not bad from here? I really value him as a friend but i can't satisfy his romantic needs and i know how painful it is to have a crush on a friend. Ugh.

No. 174956

friend thinks I need therapy after panicking after a situation caused by her, leading to a breakdown and cutting my wrist. Haven't done somethingnlikenthat for 3 years.
Meanwhile she's on strong antidepressants, constantly shits on me for simple stuff in the house we live in and posts about wanting to kill herself on the daily.
the fucking irony.

No. 174960

why the hell do you need to be so "touchy"? How hard can it be to keep males - physically - at bay? Goddamn you really are oblivious

No. 174961

Leave at once robot

No. 174966

How is drunkenly letting someone sleep on your lap "touchy"? Get a grip robot.

No. 174976

>How is drunkenly letting someone sleep on your lap "touchy"?
HOW IS IT NOT TOUCHY? I'm not a robot, please just stop

No. 174981

>drunk people do goofy drunk shot that don't cross any sort of line


No. 174984


Lel was she supposed to shove her drunk friend on the floor is something

No. 174985

No. 175003

You don't have a lot of friends, do you?

It's normal interaction between friends, it's not her fault that he's acting weird just because he fell asleep in her lap.

No. 175008

I'm sick of being so petty and immature in my relationship but I can't help it.

I ask a lot of "if" questions to my boyfriend. "If" he's attracted to girls he finds attractive. He says no, just that he acknowledges they're attractive but that he isn't attracted /to/ them. Then last night he said something basically like, if he ever met a girl he could see himself dating if we ever broke up, he would probably stay as far away from as possible.

But it rubbed me the wrong way and I feel so fucking naive. We constantly talk about getting married, about how there's never going to be anyone else, how if he cheated he'd probably kill himself because he'd know he fucked up big time, etc. Like all this stuff that led me to believe that for him, there would never be the possibility of someone else. And for me, there really is no one else but I think for him, he might not take the relationship as seriously. Like "if we ever break up" etc and then immediately saying "we'll never break up". Like…? Stop filling my head with these absolutes if you're not being absolute.

But it's mainly my fault because I ask questions that I don't want to hear the answer to. It's just that he's my first and I'm young so I'm immature and naive and I feel like I'm getting jaded the more things go on.

No. 175009

At least you realize that being young DOES mean that you're immature and naive about relationships. Especially since this is your first. I wish you the best and all, but the chances of you staying with this guy forever are probably pretty slim. Stop taking everything so seriously. Life is not a YA romance novel, but I'm sure you already know that. Just stop bringing up that kind of shit that you don't want to hear about. Easy.

No. 175023

I could have gone to the University of Oxford for fine art if my dad didn't force me to stay in the same city. He didn't want me to move out because it's not allowed in his stupid culture. He said if I got into uni in a different city he'd move the whole family there, which is just impossible, and if I went against him he'd completely disown me.
And now, since September 2016 I've started doing the fine art course in my city, where half the students don't know what a human hand is supposed to look like and the tutors aren't even bothering to teach anatomy or the basic rules of art, and I doubt I'd get anywhere near the same networking potential and intensive experience I could have gotten at a higher up university.
I have all the A grades in the entry requirements, I have a great portfolio, I had everything I needed to get into fucking OXFORD. London. The highest ranked universities in this country.

But I had to lower my ambitions because of my fucking DAD.
Because "oh, well you're good at art so it doesn't matter where you go, you'll still be successful". Could I not have aimed high anyway? There would have been no fucking harm in that.
Then you could have showed off to your stupid friends that your daughter is going to a top university instead of being shamed because she moved out before she got fucking married you backwards prick.

Why couldn't I have just, for once in my life, stood up for myself and done it?
Because I'm a fucking coward.

No. 175025

Ain't nothin stopping you from following your dreams anon. If you really want it you will stop at nothing to get it.

No. 175027

I agree that a counselor would be a good idea. You did a good job of recognizing the problem and throwing it all out.

Growing up, my father ended up being the responsible adult in the house when he was in middle and high school. His parents got divorced, and his mother was always zonked out on pills, so he was responsible for groceries and the like.
He would always buy a lot of food (non-perishable, though) so our basement had industrial shelves full of food. He would generally buy large amounts when it was on sale, especially when my sister and I were younger and money was really tight, but even now, the shelves are full whenever I go visit my parents. It wasn't really much of a problem, as it all did get eaten eventually, but it was definitely a result of his upbringing. He grew up not always having food around, and he wasn't going to let that happen again. He also was incredibly anxious about running out of toilet paper or toothpaste, whereas we all were fine making do with kleenex and baking soda for a day or two.

No. 175036

Honestly, I was given SSRI's and didn't have normal feelings for years, so I understand being hesitant. While I recognize that psych meds are useful for some people, I think they are over-used. Have you ever gotten a blood test for nutrient deficiencies or thyroid hormone irregularities? If not, see if you can; sometimes that's the problem. It is also normal for women to be more emotional in general than men, though that doesn't men that what your experiencing is necessarily normal.

Is she keeping those thoughts mostly to herself, and venting to you, or is she saying these things publicly in a way that is unacceptable? It might be good for her to write in a journal if she's having trouble keeping her thoughts to herself.

See a fertility doctor, perhaps? This is obviously something important to you, and it seems like he knew that and was having difficulty telling you. There might be things he can do to help his fertility.

You should report it, because if you don't, you will be held liable for the mortgage. I'm sorry that happened to you; it's shitty.

Complain to the school, as they probably can dig up a record or the changes. If you have contact information for anyone else in the class, get in touch with them, as they are probably in the same boat.

See if you can talk to him in person.

>I end up having to get him off every time it happens. I don't really blame him for that because, well. Men.
Men can have sex drives AND be considerate; don't let him trick you into thinking otherwise.

No. 175040

You're not a coward in my opinion, you're just in between a rock and a hard place.

You either better yourself and go to the uni you dream of or have a family. It seems like those are the only choices you've been presented.

I really wish some cultures weren't like this, it seems like it's not a display of love. But I never grew up in a predicament such as this one so I'll keep my interjection brief.

At the end of it all it's entirely your decision. There are resources for people who have been disowned by family. But I really wish you all the best with whatever you choose.

but going to the University of Oxford would be pretty cool

No. 175065

I wrote a longer reply but fuck it. Anyway, I study that thing at that place, if you can believe it, and I think I'd get myself disowned for it but I really hope it doesn't come down to that for you. If that's what you want I wish you all the courage you could need, but I also wanted to say that it's no sure thing you'd get in no matter what, and it's also not a very technical or traditional art school (although it can be if you make it). If you believe me and have any questions then I'll say what I can.

No. 175078

I used to say that to myself a lot. I'll be more determined, thank you.

Yeah, I guess it's either one or the other. I tried to convince him but nothing worked. And I agree, this kind of restriction doesn't feel like love at all.
Thank you for your kind words anon.

That's a coincidence.. I'll go with believing you. How long have you been there?
One of my issues with the course in my city is that they don't have the traditional, technical sort of teaching I expected. No anatomy lessons, no traditional drawing and painting tutorials, less learning and development of actual skills. It's more about contemporary art and video and performance, but feels wishy washy and not as serious as I thought it would be… what is Oxford like in comparison?
Thank you for your advice.

No. 175089

I'd rather not give my year in the interest of privacy since it's such a small cohort at about 30 per year.
I got that impression of your concerns, and that's what I'd like to clarify: anatomy is taught in first year, however the students can react to the teaching however they like. Correct representational drawing/painting is not a point of emphasis unless you make it one in your practice, however you will be in the minority and strongly challenged. We all are, whatever we do, it's no bad thing. It's just not a traditional pedagogical education so much as a space for possibilities. Probably not as different to your school as you'd imagine despite the anatomy, I think.
Look at some past degree show material when you have the time, it's all online. Have you done a foundation course?

No. 175134

I'm drunk and I actually feel bad for Laineybot right now because it must suck to have your husband eye every vagina that enters their house.

oh well, I'll be sober tomorrow.

No. 175155

I feel bad for Lainey because her husband is Onision.

No. 175156

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow and am in denial about the fact that I should really get to bed so that I won't be exhausted tomorrow.

No. 175172

I've heard he loves her deep down though.

No. 175176

Is it too late for you to go? Because, seriously, fuck him. Do what's best for you.

No. 175206

I was talking to a guy for a really long time, and I thought we were in a relationship, but one day he just ends up talking about how much he loves this other girl and is how they are in a relationship. I just feel so fucking played. He told me all this shit like "I love you" "I want to be with you always" "Please, don't ever leave me" "I can't wait until you can move in with me", doesn't that sound at least a little bit like we were together? When I yelled at him over it he was just like "I don't remember ever asking you to be my gf". I feel so fucking stupid for this shit, why didn't I see this shit coming? He was way out of my league and all my emotional issues probably pissed them off.. I actually did see this coming and voiced my insecurities to him, but he said "Don't worry babe, I'll never leave you". Like what kind of fucking bullshit is that? He clearly was talking to this other girl while he was talking to me since you don't just suddenly get into a relationship with someone you don't know, so then that makes me think, how many other fucking girls was he talking to? I wanted to stir up some shit by posting screenshots of all the shit he was telling me literally 2 days before they got together, about how much he loved me and wish he could fuck me, show how much of an asshole he is. Eventually I was just like, you know, "Its not worth it though, I'll just block you on ever platform and never speak to you again" and then he got mad over me wanting to block him and never talk to him after pulling that kind of shit on me?? Its like he didn't even understand why I was so upset too!! I'm just so fucking upset right now, and disappointed, not so much at him as much as myself for falling for his bullshit. I can't sleep right, because I'm just so fucking mad at him. I've probably slept only 3 hours just last night. He's the only one I felt like I could be myself with, the only one I felt really cared, and he literally just proved every insecurity I have when it comes to my relationships right. I don't know what the hell to do right now, I have no one to fall back on, no friends of my own (they were all his friends that I also hung out with), my family abandoned me long ago, all I have is my cat and my dog. Just fuck my entire fucking life.

No. 175217

Just block him. Dude sounds like a player. I've had a sorta similar thing happen to me a few months ago - he was inviting me to spend thanksgiving with me, telling me he loved me, etc etc - and I even finally made the mistake of sleeping with the guy and after that he pretty much ghosted me and when he finally talked to me a couple days later he said he wasn't ready for a relationship or some bullshit. It gutted me so hard. Like you it played right into every insecurity I ever had and I felt so used and then he threw a fit when I blocked him everywhere.

It took a little while to get over being upset but it'll pass anon. Just block that guy and don't look back, he's an asshole and you deserve better.

No. 175219

File: 1483457352595.jpg (102.89 KB, 655x627, chad always wins.jpg)

>tfw chad always wins

No. 175220

Thanks anon, it really does suck that that happened to you. I did end up blocking him because it was just gonna hurt me to see all the pics of them together, hanging out, and his text posts being like "I love her <3". The worst part is all his friends act like he's the greatest person in the world, and are saying shit like "he really is a great guy and ill fight anyone who tries to ruin what they have". Anyways, it feels good to just get it off my chest.

No. 175221

Sorry that you managed to meet such a sociopath. Honestly the best thing you can do is just cut them entirely out of your life, if they were that much of an ass to string you along like that before then I doubt that they will have any problem pulling you back in next time they want to, and it will just end up the same. You're better off without. If you do chose to 'expose' him be prepared to be painted as the crazy stalker to any other girls, it's entirely up to you if you want to risk any of that hassle. There are other guys and friends out there waiting for you, he's gross.
Focus on you and your pets for now, I hope they are well.

>>175078 I really recommend you do look at the actual courses, costs and maybe think about your plans for what to do with it. Similar to >>175089 says, it's important to get the facts. I've been to a similarly rated UK artschool and given how little was actually taught at it, I probably wouldn't have gone if the fees were what the fees are now and knowing how discouraged traditional representational art was in the school. If you have a fire in your belly to go then you should go, you can apply for student loan etc and pull out at the last minute, but make sure that you do the research.

No. 175246

File: 1483467458189.png (309.92 KB, 1454x993, 1463847861001.png)

One of the best friends I ever had for years got brainwashed by this stupid /pol/-alt right bullshit during the elections and had to cut her off completely, she just became so twisted and cringey in a matter of weeks reading the daily stormer, "liking" Jew conspiracies on social media, collecting nazi images, posting retarded Pepes and anime shit with Trump hats everywhere.

The most bizarre thing is that she comes from an extremely abusive and neglectful ultra-conservative family that she actually ran away from, she was brutally beaten up and raped by white men for years, she had a few scary encounters with aggressive black guys but nothing happened at all, most of her friends were non-white, so how the fuck this white-power shit got into her considering her life experiences is beyond me, I don't miss her at all I just feel angry and disappointed that someone I knew for so long became such a low-life so fast.

No. 175249

Regardless of her anecdotal experiences, black men are more likely to rape on average. Perhaps she's going by statistics rather than what happened to her.

I think the number one reason young people move right is they just get tired of the endless anti white stuff you see online. White privilege, the end of white people, the idea we're all bland and cultureless, the glee with which many of you(?) talk about us becoming minorities in Europe and America etc.

We're human and have natural tribal impulses too. The more you push us and demand we behave to standards you'd never hold your own people to, the more people will move over to the right.

No. 175252

File: 1483472551246.jpg (130.53 KB, 1112x2048, 1481591653001.jpg)

No. 175258

>People like you are why Trump won

I have never said this.

The US is just balkanizing along racial lines, as all non-authoritarian multiracial states eventually do.

You'd be blind not to see how acceptable it has become to insult, demean and even cheer on the demise of white people in general over the past 10-15 years or so. Far be it from "bringing people together", the internet has exposed our differences even more.

No. 175263

Most rape statistics are intraracially based, not interracial. Keep that tinfoil hat/KKK hood on, though.
sage for off-topic

No. 175274

I know my bf is emotionally abusing me and I can't deny it anymore.
I know I need to break up with him and its hard to bring myself to do it. He's isolated me from all my old friends and I'd pretty much just sit in my apartment alone all day when he's gone.
I used to be social and confident before this relationship. Now I'm almost scared to walk out the front door.
It just feels like I'm carrying this huge weight and I don't know how to drop it without fucking everyting up.

No. 175278

Does anyone have dysthymic disorder? I've been depressed all of my life and I was wonder about talking to my psychiatrist about it and my therapist suggested that it might be a possibility. I just want to hear from people first hand about their experience.

No. 175287

Something similar happened to me. There was this guy I used to talk to every day, who has told me a lot of romantic stuff for a long time. One day I mentioned the word "relationship" and he goes like "…Wait, we're in a relationship???" and then goes on saying that I took it the wrong way, that we lived too far from each other (literally 100 km lmao), that he wasn't ready… I was only 16 so too young and dumb to do something about that, but if you have the chance to ruin him, do it. I really don't think that guys who do this shit are stupid, they know exactly what they're doing so they need their ass exposed.

No. 175288

Have you tried an abuse hotline? They are always really good at helping you figure things out. It's always scary right when you start, but as you keep going it'll get easier.

No. 175295

Dudes definitely do this shit on purpose. Whether it's for sex, comfort, or plain old attention, it's on purpose. Then when shit gets too real they back peddle. (Or you were just their back burner option until someone more "preferable" came along.)

No. 175301

File: 1483492856382.png (136.62 KB, 256x263, 6456456.png)

I've gotten really friendly with a particular older Uber driver and he wanted to introduce me to his son because he said we have a lot in common and he thought we might get along well.

I thought cool a new friend, but now his son is all up in my shit, trying to low key get with me, even though he knows I have a boyfriend. It's laughable (not to mention fucking gross) that he thinks I want to be with a thirsty manlet who's got 10 years on me. Uh no.

No. 175318

Dude, I feel you. My coworkers once tried to set me up with a (3rd world) manlet who was having visa issues and needed a US citizen to marry him. Even though I already had a boyfriend at the time. And now I'm trying to wiggle my way out of a date with an autist who my friend for some reason gave my freakin number. I'm everyones go-to bitch for setting up their freak friends/coworkers lol.

No. 175319

I honestly pity you. That must fucking suck. I'm not sure I could even bring myself to confront faggots like that/make it clear that there's going to be nothing between me and them

No. 175323

File: 1483507663064.jpg (3.23 KB, 120x125, 1475227851615s.jpg)

I overheard two of my coworkers (who I thought I got along with really well) talking shit about me and didn't say anything when they saw me standing behind them to place in an order. It sucks that after years of therapy and self help books, the feeling of gaining back my self esteem and becoming pretty bubbly and extroverted felt strange but good… but now I just want to crawl back in my shell and never speak again. Feels bad.

No. 175324

What did they say?

No. 175351

I relate to this, anon. If I may tell my own story in response: I recently lost friends because they all decided they had it with me after deciding I was trash and talking about me behind my back for… god knows how long. They were people in the know about my mental state as well, which made things 10x worse because I thought I could trust them so I let my guard down always. Lord knows how much fodder I unknowingly gave them over the years. Very scary to think about and it also makes me want to crawl back into my shell and never speak again.

I know it's hard, but keep your chin up. You deserve more than this and you've done well to get where you are.

No. 175359

>I thought I could trust them so I let my guard down always. Lord knows how much fodder I unknowingly gave them over the years
And this is why my mum always told me you never talk about your mental illness in front of others, no matter how much you trust them, unless they're blood (and even then it depends).

The same thing happened to me in secondary school, I felt like I belonged at first and then I started noticing them avoiding me. I kept telling myself I was paranoid until I found out they'd been making fun of my panic disorder and assburgers (which was at its peak at the time, I don't really have panic attacks anymore and I try to fit in as much as I can) and calling me names behind my back.

If you need to tell someone you're feeling ill, just say you've stomach issues or something, NEVER give them fodder to disparage you like that. I don't get people who broadcast their personal issues online, it never ends well. I'd rather people think I'm some weirdo than 'not right in the head'.

No. 175372

Venting about a weird thing that just happened at work, because I have no work friends and am stuck alone for another 7 hours

A man I've never seen before had been wandering around with his phone, coming in and out of the revolving door all morning. Eventually when it was empty he came up and blurted "do you remember me, I used to sit and write?". I suddenly remembered a co-worker said last month a man had asked when I would be back to work and for my phone number, but that he had never actually spoken to me and he was leaving the company that week. I realized this must be the guy and panicked, so like an idiot I just gave my vacant customer service smile and said "…did you?". He quickly turned and left! I was busy with customers but internally worrying I had dealt with it wrong, panicking about crazy incels thanks to this site.
Later he rushed back in and apologised for running off, saying that he gets nervous around me for some reason and finished up with "I like you, like a boy likes a girl", which i a bit weird for a grown man to say imho. I managed much better this time by saying thank you, that I had a boyfriend but also that I know how it is to get anxious around people so well done for having the courage to come in, and also to have a nice day. Fortunately my work phone started ringing and then he ran off again. So glad I got that 2nd chance and it is flattering, but I'm a bit weirded out because I really haven't seen him before and he has clearly come into his ex-workplace and waited about all morning to talk, and that makes me uneasy about walking home through the dark empty site tonight. But at the same time it's silly to imagine that just because someone is a bit weird that they will be a stalker.

tl;dr a awkward stranger just confessed to me and I hope I dealt with it right, because this site has me worried about frail men egos

No. 175374

Am a man with a frail man ego. I think you handled it great, honestly. Much more graciously than most people would have.

No. 175378

Some girl applied to get financial support from our town, but she lives in Austria…the amount we give is around 700, which is only 100€, her parents are filthy rich (you have to put in your family income when you apply, so I know) so what the fuck?
If she ranks highest she'll get the money that someone else could really use. Fucking bitch. We have no power over this and it's pissing me off.

No. 175380

In that case, how would you best advise rejecting someone without saying "I have a boyfriend"? I never know if "Thank you but I'm not interested" is too harsh or what, but I'd rather not have to lie.

No. 175384

Sounds a bit like a creep. Glad he left you alone.
You honestly don't need to explain yourself to anyone, especially people like these

It's not too harsh, it not like you said "fuck off". People need to learn how to handle rejection

No. 175386


Yet you still swallowed him cum.
Makes one think.

No. 175387

I don't know how the system works in Croatia since I'm a kebab remover, but they wouldn't have got filthy rich through honest work that's for damn sure.

Save, invest and hope for the best is my advice, nothing you can do about it now unless you can report her somewhere. And even then her family probably has enough clout to not have to worry about those things and/or can bribe a judge or officer to turn a blind eye. Can't hurt to try though, similar things happen here and I can't stand it.

No. 175389

The parents are doctors/lawyers or some shit. All the documents are legal.

I'm going through the applications and ranking the students, I'm not a student myself.

She does qualify by the "gifted students" criteria, so by law if she ranks 1-3 she has to get the money. It's more of a moral issue than anything. Really sucks to see students whos income is like 800 per month while hers is 5k+

But sadly there's nothing we can do so I'm salty af

No. 175391

A month ago I discovered a piece of paper with 2 escort websites written down on the top of my dad's folder. I'm a chicken shit and didn't confront him about it. I just wrote him a note on the paper saying that I saw it and talked to my psychiatrist about it.

Cut to now, I was showering upstairs a few minutes ago and thought I heard porn/dialogue playing. I chalked it up to being the neighbours and went to my room to sleep. Then loud pop music starts playing from a phone/tablet downstairs. My dad is the only one downstairs, and he doesn't listen to music at all. My mind immediately jumps to that he's doing something suspicious. I almost brushed it off as me being silly but I go downstairs to check anyway. He's staring at his laptop's desktop screen looking fucking suspicious. It's awkward. When he gets up to get a drink I check his internet browser and he has the Twitter of a local escort up. He was probably watching one of her videos.

I wasn't sure if he was cheating the first time and I'm still not sure if he is. Why is he only looking up local escorts? Literally in our fucking city. That's really fucking specific if he just wants porn to watch. I don't know what to do, I don't know the nature of my parents' relationship and I frankly don't want to know. I just hate cheaters.

Actually, I think he is seeing them. I remember finding escort details in his wallet a while ago for a city he was in for business. He wasn't the one that wrote them though.

Sorry for the rambling, this kind of thing never happens in our family and I'm freaking out. I feel like I can't trust him at all anymore

No. 175416

Maybe it's kind of a stupid question, but why are you so obsessed over your father's private life? You're an adult (I assume.) Not a child that a divorce could effect your whole lifestyle negatively.

No. 175519

Because most normal people care about more than just themselves, anon?
>It doesn't affect me so who cares
This is such a juvenile way of going through life.

And if anon cares about her mother, I'm sure she doesn't want her to get fucked over like this

No. 175520


Or Anons parents have an open relationship. Could become Pandora's box.

If not, burn the cheater, recommend mom gets std screenings.

No. 175543

I live in a student accomodation - top floor great views. The accommodation itself is well, just meh and i plan on not living here again because they cut corners on everything. A prime example is the person below me.
This girl slams every door, window, and object in her room. Knocks on her desk, slams the wardrobe doors, jumps around. I know this isn't just a "thin wall" thing because i lived here last year and the worst you'd hear is a bit of music. It actually takes an awful lot for someone to hear what you're doing if you're not in the same flat as them.
I've complained because she stays up until 3am playing music, normally half of some pop song then half of some old rock song, never a full song. This is during exam times and assignment hand in times too, not just holidays. She stomps her feet so loud that I can hear it in my room which is above hers.
I stomp back as a "can you stfu" thing and she never stops. What really pushed me over the edge was her bannging on her roof, my floor, at 5am, you could hear it was a palm of her hand on the roof kind of sound, also the fact she smokes weed out of her window which is against her contract and just illegal where i live. I don't care if people smoke outside but i can't have my window open because of this ( i have some pretty bad breathing issues)
So i complained to the office, it has to be 3-4 times now about her. They've said they spoken to her about the noise and the weed. She never stopped. I complain again "yeah we'll speak to her again and email her" - doesn't stop.
At this point i don't want to be the person who is complaining so much at the office because I feel like i'm just an old lady whining about stuff a student shouldnt.
She went away for the holidays while i stayed here no noise, nothing. I slept in and had the time of my life. From what i can hear she came back yesterday full guns blazing and i'm not prepared for the lack of sleep again. It's going to start to affect my studies soon.
I have no idea what else i can do tbh.

No. 175545

if you really want it to stop and weed is in fact illegal where you live, maybe you can try to call the cops on her? Maybe a noise complaint after the legal time where you should be quiet? If your campus isn't doing anything to help maybe that's an option?

No. 175554

i've thought of it but if i did they would have to go through the office and make a statement or something there. I really don't want to be that person who stopped everyone's day at work just for 1 person smoking weed

No. 175557

To be fair, her flatmates and downstairs neighbours and the people in the office in your halls probably aren't thrilled with this person either. I would just go for it if I were you.

No. 175558

Getting mad at him because he's infertile isn't going to help him nor you. He's probably already humiliated about the fact he'll most likely never have a biological child, and you spazzing out about your "dead fantasy" is only going to make you look extremely selfish and unempathetic

No. 175560

Cut her some slack. Sounds like she already had talks with him about having kids yet he was never honest about him being infertile and just led her on about it all this time. If having kids is that important, she might feel like she just wasted all this time with someone who can't even give her any.

Personally, regardless of whether he feels humiliated or not, I think it was selfish not to tell her as soon as shit started getting serious between them. There's nothing wrong with wanting to date people who's life plans are the same as yours, and I know I'd feel a little cheated if that happened to me.

No. 175561

I fucking hate myself so much that it interferes with my daily life. I lost almost 30 pounds over the course of the last few years without much effort, but I'm more depressed and disgusted with myself than I've ever been. Especially because at 5'3 and 125lb I'm still not anywhere close to being slim, or even average. I'm still as pudgy as ever, just wearing smaller sizes. My face and body look so deformed to me when I look in the mirror that I often spend hours (anywhere from 45min to 3, even 4 hours) crying as I re-apply makeup and style the same sections of hair and change my outfit over and over and over, which only ends when I'm late for class or someone arrives to pick me up.

This is what I see in the mirror: Since my legs are so short, my thighs bulge out like a bodybuilder's but it's all fat. My calves seem okay but it only emphasizes how fat my thighs are. It wouldn't be that bad if they bulged at the hip and gave me an hourglass figure, but instead they bulge evenly from my knees to my hips so it just makes me look completely shapeless. Even though my stomach fat doesn't bulge out and my waist is relatively small it's not enough to contrast with the rest and give me any shape. My upper arms are similarly thick and bulge-y. I feel like I've never seen somebody with such an ugly body, even obese girls seem to have an hourglass shape. My neck looks fat and I can't wear chokers or delicate little necklaces because of it especially coupled with my moon face. My nose is gigantic and it looks lumpy from the front, and even worse from the side since it extends far out and slopes down. My nostrils are big, too. My huge, lumpy jaw extends really far out and cancels out what would have been pretty nice cheekbones (which is an observation I am only able to make because my mom has them too). I'm paranoid that it's gotten worse because I've been making myself throw up on and off for the past 5 or 6 months and I heard that bloats your jaw/face. I really don't know how to check because no matter who I ask, they won't tell me if my face looks chunkier than normal.

Which brings me to what feels like the worst part: everybody seems to think I'm moderately to very attractive. I know at this point it all sounds cancelled out because there's other people out there who have real trouble finding work and love and clothing in their sizes because of unfortunate looks or illnesses/deformities. It's just unbearably heartbreaking to have to feel this way all the time, especially when I've had an easy time dating and even get hit on/complimented semi regularly. It makes me feel guilty and sad when someone compliments me–so much that I quit my last job because I found out the boss hired me because his wife told him my looks would bring in customers. I want to see what others see when they look at me, I just want to know what I really look like. It hurts so much to look in the mirror every day and looking at myself in photos is so far out of the question that it probably seems like a phobia to other people since I have to constantly beg them not to take photos with me in them or at least not show them to me. In high school I started avoiding reflective surfaces, there was a hallway with a huge fish tank embedded into the wall and I'd even be late to classes just so I wouldn't have to walk by it. Now I have to constantly look down when I walk outside because I might see myself on a bus or building window. I avoid social media because I'm afraid of seeing my own icon or coming across a candid picture of me posted my by mom. Every time I tell myself I'm going to get over it and start taking selfies, I end up looking at them for so long that they seem deformed and I delete them. Like when you repeat a word so much that it doesn't seem like a real word anymore.

I feel helpless. I'm crying as I write this. I've tried everything, including one or two sessions of therapy. I put effort into my style and take such good care of my skin/hair/nails but it doesn't help. I'm working on losing another 20 pounds but I can't get plastic surgery because I'm still a student depending on my parents and furthermore I'm afraid that this is in my head and I'll only get worse if I change my face. I'm constantly crying and dissociating and damaging my relationships with friends and family and ruining outings because of this.

Every night I want to commit suicide, and I've planned it out a few times and attempted once. I end up getting embarrassed in the end because vanity would be such a stupid reason to end my life and inconvenience everyone who'd have to deal with my body and funeral and whatnot.

No. 175562

Bro that was ages ago and it was a personal reaction literally less than an hour after being told. I never said any of those things to him, it's why they were posted here on an anon trash site.
I was upset because we'd discussed kids frequently since he'd found out and he never even hinted that it wasn't possible. It's pretty normal to be hurt by something like that. I ranted here instead of to him in order to make sure he wouldn't feel humiliated or guilty because he doesn't deserve that. Can you really not see how it would have felt like a betrayal immediately after being told?

No. 175564

>>Which brings me to what feels like the worst part: everybody seems to think I'm moderately to very attractive.

What a humble-brag…
I really sympathized with you until you throw this little info in. People who can't talk about being ugly without hinting that others don't think so are attention seekers and nothing more.

If I was told I'm "very attractive" while thinking I'm ugly I would assume people are making fun of me or pity me. I would never mention it anywhere because I would feel so embarrassed.

No. 175566

I think I'm kind of shocked at your reply, I really didn't mean to come off that way. I did mention I'm aware that I don't have real problems on top of describing in detail how my perception of myself is distorted. I'm confused. I don't understand who I'm seeing attention from if this is anonymous…I just wanted to see if anybody else shares this experience and has a suggestion on how to alleviate it. I just feel embarrassed now.

No. 175567

This was meant to be a reply to >>175564

No. 175568

My friend is experiencing the same thing and I have no idea how to help her. No matter how much evidence you present, even if she believes you or whoever, she doesn't even see the same thing you see when you look at her.

Unfortunately I have no idea what to do about it either. She does a lot of therapy and as far as I know it hasn't helped her with regards to this issue.

No. 175570

>What is BDD

No. 175571

>>I just wanted to see if anybody else shares this experience

Are you for real? Go on any forum for women/girls and you will find users complaining about this kind of thing.

Here you go: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_dysmorphic_disorder

You wrote you feel guilty because it's shallow but that doesn't make it any less shallow. If you don't like yourself stop thinking about yourself so much and devote your life to helping others.

>>I quit my last job because I found out the boss hired me because his wife told him my looks would bring in customers. I want to see what others see when they look at me, I just want to know what I really look like.

Spoken like a person who truly believes they're ugly. God, you sound so fucking self-absorbed. You only aspire to be the beautiful-girl-who-can't-see-the-her-own beauty trope.

I'll stop replying now because I know I'm being mean and I don't want to damage your ~ fragile ~ ego any further.

No. 175573

File: 1483573764859.jpg (1.44 MB, 3341x2208, 1483573240778.jpg)

I'm going to sound like a bitch, but I'm really tired of getting hit on by guys shorter than me or the same height, and I'm especially angry since one of the guys I was talking to lied about his height. He had told me he was 6'1" and I met him in person and he was 5'10" Like, I might not have been too bothered with it, but the fact that he lied like that is pretty telling.

I'm 5'8" and it makes me feel really uncomfortable when guys are around the same height as me, and it's just my taste, but somehow I'm vilified for it and placed into the same category as the bitches in this picture.

No. 175574

Does anybody have any form of Obamacare and is able to get anti anxiety medication? The clinic that I go to doesn't supply anti anxieties because of risk of "substance abuse".

It just sucks because all of the antidepressants that double as an anti anxiety seem to not work for me and I'm starting to self medicate. I just want to know will it ever be possible to get anti anxieties with this garbage insurance?

No. 175576

i'm not american, but were you asking for benzos? most doctors are really strict about those.

i've been using propranolol for my anxiety and it's been helping.

No. 175577

it's understandable. if men can make the point that they want girls shorter than them, women can have the same requirements. And I'll never get why people lie on the first date. 3 inches is noticeable, you know?

and I know this is just a pic you found, but jesus, calling someone a "fuck boi" just because they don't meet your height requirements? Jesus.

No. 175578

Funny because I just linked it in my post.
Most people with BDD I encountered don't brag about how their boss thinks their looks will bring in customers or how most people say they're very attractive. They go on and on about how ugly they really are and list prove for that instead of for how pretty they are.
They memorize every little thing that might prove they're monsters even if it's completely irrational. Like someone not sitting next to them on the subway. Must be because they look horrific. Strangely OP didn't mention a single event like that so I guess her perception of reality is fine since she finds it so easy to accept others think she's pretty. People with BDD on the other hand tend to forget about compliments or twist reality in a way that allows them to brush of positive experiences as lies, cruel jokes and so on.

No. 175581

the "cruel joke" part is what always makes me sad. :(

No. 175583

"Im not looking for a relationship" is another option if you really are intent on softening the blow - just make sure it's the truth because Murphy's Law is a thing and it'll get real awkward if he sees you out with a dude who you're actually interested in.

No. 175585

What's with a lot white liberals these days with their borderline self hatred? It's kind of sad and weird to hear a lot white folks from my community college shitting on white culture/stereotypes as if they're not white themselves. I'm not even white and I it uncomfortable to see these guys shit on themselves.

No. 175586

I…do twist reality. It does feel like a cruel joke. You're literally just describing what I described in different wording. I mentioned what other people think of me to illustrate a point, not to brag about how I fully accept that everyone thinks I'm so totally beautiful but I'm too special and broken to see it. You sound like a robot going on about easymode.

I'll stop replying now as well, since I now see this is a misunderstanding.

No. 175587

I don't think I've ever sounded as self absorbed as I do now, but I'm pretty sure this is because these people are not thinking for themselves but are doing what is told is "right."

As retarded as it looks and sounds, who wants to be on the wrong side of history? They equate themselves to the protesters of the 1960's.

No. 175589

You should reply to people who are trying to help though. I guess that's what you meant anyway but I just wanted to be clear that I'm not going to drag this any further.
If this his how you feel then I'm sorry. People saying stuff like "I'm sooo ugly. Everyone says I'm pretty but I just can't see it" tick me off because they use the pain of people who feel truly ugly to get their ego stroked.

I'm not a robot though. /g really needs to come back. Everyone gets accused of being a robot these days…

No. 175592

Agreed. Also, I get really bad secondhand embarrassment for the people who basically apologize to me for being white while assuming my everyday life must be a struggle against the cishetwhite man. I'm not white either and holy pixiteri it's cringeworthy

Not only that, they will get their asses roasted if they disagree openly. It's a given on US college campuses.

No. 175593

My maladaptive daydreaming is completely out of hand. I've built entire backstories to several imaginary characters in my head, who are based on people I know in real life. I feel bad about that because it's actually really creepy of me, but then again, the characters I've made up are very far removed from reality.

No. 175594

Is your friend's name happened to be Emily Youcis?

No. 175599

File: 1483580324289.gif (1.06 MB, 322x336, 1482062440974.gif)

>me and boyfriend are still broken up
>I've been avoiding that one friend
>crush sends me a lot of lewd anime pics
>he keeps telling me to hang out with him
>when I try to make plans he goes MIA
Whats happening

No. 175646

File: 1483601989639.jpg (79.54 KB, 716x716, brand-716x716.jpg)

just had a frustrating experience
>log in to server with one other person
>seems normal at first
>sends friend request
>sure why not
>starts ordering me around
>clearly has no idea what to do except the basics
>is clingy when we should split up to gather shit
>suddenly asks to call me
>"haha sorry my mic doesn't work"
>keeps fumbling around till we die
>try again
>"anon, I would really like to cell you"
>say I'm dealing w/ lag
>really bad lag
>drop my shit
>"Sorry got to go"
>check his profile to see if I can subtly unfriend him
>7 friends

Normally I don't randomly friend people but I had just befriended some cool people, so I just went with the flow and now I'm stuck with a clingy load in the future. He is getting blocked if he ask to call me again.

No. 175647

I just want any medication that's specifically for anxiety, but since most of them are addictive, my stupid druggie clinic doesn't provide anything.

No. 175649

That kill me to admit it, but I think I love girl with issue, that why i lurk here.
I feel so miserable about it.

No. 175653

I hate the new boards. I miss girl talk. I hate that gross incel boys are spamming up both of the new boards. I hate that boys aren't banned from posting and that their stupid threads aren't removed.

No. 175654

Same anon. Same. I hate that all my threads I watched on g are stupid to find and gone. Fuck this.

No. 175655


Me too. Why can't we have just one goddamn board on the internet just for girls, why does everything have to pander to robots. ROBOTTO PIGGU GO HOOMU

No. 175656

Because by not welcoming them into our hearts we're uwu opressing the poor babbus. Quick girls, let's show them our tits before they gtfo, or something.

I don't mind men on the rest of the site, but I want /g/ back too

No. 175658

Like, it's not even that I don't like men or anything. But I have to talk to them all the time in my normal life and fuck me, sometimes I just wanna talk about shoes and make up and bitch about celebrities that are trashy.

I just want my /g/ back, Admin!

No. 175659

File: 1483611588939.jpg (11.19 KB, 207x243, feel.jpg)

The following is all true, I don't care if you believe me or not, I'm posting and going to bed.

That feel when you're going down on a guy and you let out a girly poo-toot. You start to giggle at the thought of this and the head motion of giggling makes you gag on his cock and the tip of it hits the "Vomit NOW" button in the back of your throat so you puke all over him. He jumps away somehow causing your head to fall down and smack painfully into the frame of the chair. Then the contractions of vomiting make it very clear you're very soon going to lose bladder control and eject several pints of processed lager into your knickers. So you try to jump up and run to the toilet but you slip on the puddle of puke and fall down into it bruising your ass on the floor. And then you piss yourself in a mewling, battered, vomit covered heap on the floor infront of the guy

I only just got back home from after showering at his and borrowing some clothes and helping him clean the floor.

Seriously how does this shit even happen to me? Why does it always happens to me? Why is my life so irredeemably shite and awful?

No. 175660


I don't have a problem with men either. Hell, I wouldn't mind if it was semi-normal men who came here to talk. I just can't stand the gross incel men who just shitpost about their gross penis or why no women want to date them bc of bbc, or something similarly stupid.

No. 175668

Maybe I'm not looking hard enough but I haven't seen many of these "gross incel men". Some robots, definitely, but it isn't that bad.
I want /g/ back too though.

No. 175670


There have been plenty of threads with "rate my cock", or "women r whores", and shitting up treads with stupid bait, in /ot/. Just look at the post a bit above your, with the female wojak.

No. 175686

>female wojak
Also, that's an ancient kc-tire pasta posted by an actual female around 3 or 4 years ago I think.
She also posted other equally embarrassing stories about going /pol/ to the max in public and going down on a guy because he invited her to a michelin-starred restaurant.
She seemed like a pretty fun girl if not for the assburgers.

No. 175687

I'm starting to believe that more and more as the years go by. Its not even like he ever acted like an asshole otherwise though, there was no indication that he was using me. He acted exactly how a good boyfriend would, until he pulled that shit on me. I probably was just something for him to mess with until some other girl came along too.. She was way more attractive than me, too. I hate myself.
I'm just really upset right now. I'd rather not get involved with any of his bullshit anymore. I think next time I'm gonna wait even longer to get really serious with a guy. He ended up being just like every other guy I've ever been with. I swear this shit is gonna turn me into a man-hating feminazi.

No. 175693

I hope you realise they only do it because you appear to be of the same social status as those losers to them.

No. 175705

Hi Bernd/Bernadette :3
How are you liking your stay here?

No. 175733

Same. I just don't like short guys, it's personal taste. Too bad my area is full of them

No. 175734

(This isn't even a vent, just rambling, but it took me four hours to write so I'm posting it anyway)

I drink ~3,500 calories worth of alcohol daily,

I don't go to university, I don't have a job. I don't cook or clean the apartment. I don't do laundry or any other tasks. I rarely shower, shave, or brush my teeth. I never leave the apartment except for my morning walk – bagel shop, liquor store. I force myself to eat a bagel sandwich every day so that I don't die, and it passes the time until the liquor store opens. Then I go home and drink. I lay in a stupour staring ay the ceiling until I'm tipsy, then read and write on my phone. My boyfriend comes home; we drink and watch films. He goes to sleep. If there is beer left, I stay up to finish it. On the weekends, we leave once – drive to get beer and fast food. Drive back. Then we drink the beer and watch more films.

I'm dead when I'm not drunk. I can't form any thoughts and I can't write. It has taken me four hours to write this imageboard post so far. I can't do anything. It's this oppressive misery and anxiety. Like I'm cut off from everything around me. I am fat and ugly, unreliable and useless. I black out and pass out often. The brain fog and anhedonia only goes away when I drink. I've started having horrible sleep; I lay half awake with racing thoughts that form pictures in my eyes, endless dreams within dreams, I can't tell what is real. I must be severely depressed, but I can still have fun when I drink sometimes, although there are days like today when it will just get worse.

Right now I'm sitting on the toilet typing on my phone because I had to piss and I cannot find the motivation to pull up my pants and get up.

No. 175736

You and your boyfriend remind me of one of my friend's parents.
His mom died a decade and a half ago because of cirrhosis(he was ~10, his sister ~15) and his dad died a couple of years ago from a heart attack. Seeing his father sober was almost physically painful.

No. 175737

I know it's going to be incredibly difficult, but please please please get medical attention, I'm worried about you and your poor liver.

No. 175740

How can someone like you get a boyfriend to support you but not me? ):

No. 175746

For short term you could do some uppers to help get you up and doing shit

No. 175748

I'm sorry that this is your life, but thank you for convincing me to stop binge drinking.

No. 175749

>recommending drugs to a person this bad at handling addictions.
It's like you want her to die, kek.
Binge drinking is the only way I can enjoy alcohol(I know no moderation when it comes to drugs generally).
I just try to not do it often and usually remain barely tipsy when I go out these days.
The bad thing about binge drinking is having to endure worse and worse hangovers as you age.

No. 175750

It's alright. :3

No. 175751

Oh it is bad advice but I am morbidly curious to see what happens

No. 175828

You'll need a day to recover. Skip the event. My condolences, anon. That's a frustrating situation.

No. 175829

Have you tried carrying a bag that is not a purse?

No. 175830

Yes, but Obamacare isn't really the reason. If you ask for them, you won't get them. Unless you need Valium for a flight. For some reason, doctors give that to people really often.

No. 175836

I'm not getting them because my clinic doesn't allow anti anxiety prescriptions. I also have GED, but alright.

No. 175837

So I just quit my job. I've been a stripper for half the year and I can't stomach it anymore. I'm a broke student and it's break so I'm not getting any help from the govt.
I just came clean to my Dad who I've been lying to about my job because I need him to bail out my ass and pay my rent while I find a real job.
I feel like an idiot for not saving any money and I'm reaping what I sow.
Hopefully my parents are ok about this because I need emotional support right now as well as fiscal.
I feel like I've made the right decision though. It's not for me.

No. 175840

You made some dumb mistakes but it seems like you're ready to grow from them. January is a hard time to find retail/waitress work but if your parents can support you for now, it will eventually work out if you keep applying for everything you can find.
Good luck with your fam, anon. Tell us stripper stories when you feel better!

No. 175842

Thank you sweet anon.

No. 175883

I think I'm a curse to my family. Everytime I come back home for winter break something bad happens. My grandma died for the first one, dad got in to jail because of debts in second and now dad slipped and hit his head and is in hospital now.

No. 175886

I can't pay for doctor's appointments or medication anymore, and I have severe social anxiety. I was starting treatment and my family and I just don't have the money.
Somewhat related, advice to anyone wanting to take a break from school/work due to anxiety: don't do it. It only gets harder the longer you are away from the world.

No. 175887

Why did I buy so much anime merch two years ago. I still like those characters but this shit is all useless and not even that pretty to look at. And being a hoarder I don't know how I could ever get rid of it.

No. 175892

I think I might have fucked up what paragraphs I pasted where in this post

I hate it when people like that have kids. You have no business drinking heavily, smoking, doing drugs if you ever want kids. I would kill myself if I ever got pregnant and couldn't have an abortion.

I'll be okay :^)
Really though, I hate doctors, and I don't want to give them my information. I'm not going to have a record with my name on it saying I'm an alcoholic or have anything wrong with me at all. Call it paranoia, but I want to keep everything to myself and have no one know anything about me (unless I choose to shout it into the anonymous internet void). And my health is fine for now. I know that eventually I will die.
I'll probably get a job though. I don't actually need to work, but I used to work in sales just for something to do when my boyfriend is working. It might seem like a weird job for someone as antisocial as me, but I get a huge kick out of making money in a commission system; your skills and personality make your money, you can't kick back and be complacent. I would drink whiskey mixed with coffee in one of those contigo cups and no one ever noticed.

I do find that I often wake up naked and covered in bruises and bite marks, recalling none of it. Now that I think about it, it's actually kind of weird that I never actually remember having sex.

Easy. He will never see me when I'm just staring blankly at the wall sipping vodka out of the bottle. He sees a fun and agreeable person who relaxes with a few beers in the evening. I don't talk about my feelz.

Drinking makes me become who I used to be before debilitating depression / depersonalisation / brain fog / anhedonia ruined me, and that person is interesting and charismatic. There's a trope about how drunks start needing alcohol to feel normal because addiction is bad kiddos. I think that is incorrect and instead refers to the phenomenon of people becoming horrifically depressed and then drinking to make the horrific depression go away, thus returning them to their previous state. I believe that is the case for me.

The downside is that when you are not drunk, the depression, etc. seems worse due to the contrast. This is easily rectified by drinking all the time :^)

The point I'm making is that I have mental issues that make life not worth living, and slowly drinking myself to death lets me have some fun with it, it doesn't matter I will die from the alcohol because I would have otherwise killed myself by now.

Most people that binge drink don't become alcoholic shutins. If 'binge drinking' just means drinking to get drunk I have no idea what other reason you would drink for besides. Maybe it is for women in lifetime films who drink a glass of wine and get drunk

I'll make any other replies shorter and less narcissistic rambling, I promise

No. 175895

>I do find that I often wake up naked and covered in bruises and bite marks, recalling none of it. Now that I think about it, it's actually kind of weird that I never actually remember having sex.
That's fucked up.

No. 175910


Seems like your bf dates you bc you are an easy girl for him to rape. Fuck, please think about getting help.

No. 175912

Yeah, I phrased that really creepily. I was thinking that it just sounded funny, like I was being molested by vampires in my sleep or something, but that is a weird and lame joke.

I don't consider having sex when drunk to be rape. Especially when in the blurry recollections I sometimes get I'm acting randy as hell and often initiate. I also have a precedent for fucking my friends when I'm blackout drunk. It's always when my boyfriend has been drinking heavily too; people get horny when they drink, and we're in a fucking relationship, I would laugh in a girl's face if she told me she was 'raped' by her boyfriend after she initiated sex on a night when they'd both been drinking since noon and she was totally into it. He has also stopped immediately every time I have asked him to throughout our relationship and is always worried that he's hurting me in ways I wouldn't like.

I don't mean to go off on you guys because I really did phrase that weirdly and without context. But I don't want even anonymous internet girls to assume something like that

No. 175915

I am sooo looking forward to the day when I can finally grocery shop again. I really want some bagels and chocolate chip cookies. And saltines or oyster crackers or something. Pretzels too. And some big bags of frozen fruit.
I've been living off of plain pasta, sunflower seeds, canned coconut milk, and some frozen Amy's burritos and canned soups, all that I got before I ran out of money. I don't know why it's so hard for me to find a job. Even the jobs posted in the facebook groups where people are like "they'll hire anybody", if my application isn't ignored, then I get a standard rejection letter. But the people who are serial job quitters, constantly asking if the companies "drop", are getting hired again and again. I mean I'm willing to put up with all sorts of bullshit without complaint, so I guess it's their loss they didn't want me.

I just want to have some food again.

No. 175916

I keep getting banned on forums for my harsh language and strong opinions. Even on 4chan. Wtf

No. 175917


Nah, I still stand by what I said, its still fucked up even if you are in a relationship. And even if you get horny, you are blackout drunk girl, and it is messed up that your bf takes advantage of that.

No. 175922

That's fine for you, but I don't see it that way at all.

No. 175930

I'm in the middle of a manic/elevated episode. I've been diagnosed with an array of psychological illnesses, most prominently borderline personality disorder. This is so cringy and embarrassing that I'm afraid to tell my current bf who doesn't really believe these sorts of things exist. I can't talk to my family because they bounce between relief that I'm not hospitalized/cringe at my mental state/and extreme worry. All of this makes me mad with grief over the loss of my SO who died a couple years ago.

Tldr; I'm a giant woman baby who can't cope with trivial mental illness issues that I've have forever and should be a pro at dealing with and feel forever alone.

No. 175940

I feel u so hard anon. I just want a full fruit bowl again idc that it's petty.

No. 175941

why are you in a relationship with someone who believes a disorder you have doesnt exist. he seems like a dickhole brushing off major health problems. guess cancer doesnt exist

No. 175982

Am I the only one who comes here to vent and doesn't click the new reply button but feel better anyway?

No. 175989

Nah, I do that too. Just wrote a lengthy paragraph about the evils of pumpkin spice lattes and Dr Who but found it too retarded to even post anonymously

No. 176005

You can't stay with someone who doesn't believe your mental illness isn't real. Or rather, you can, but it's going to inevitably implode and considering you have bpd it's going to implode spectacularly.

I can't imagine having a partner who wasn't supportive of me through my bpd bullshit. Even through the worst times where I probably didn't deserve a third of his understanding and kindness. He helped me get therapy and which ultimately put us on a far better (and less volatile) path.

Seriously, that's a big red flag if someone doesn't "believe" in mental disorders. This isn't the 1900's. I'm sorry for the loss of your old SO and I know how it feels to be consumed by shitty feelings. It sounds like you need a real support system.

No. 176023

Banned from cgl for no apparent reason?

No. 176027

I just sold a pair of new shoes I had laying around on craigslist. I had them for $25, the girl had the $25 in her hand, we exchanged the goods and then I look in my hand and there was only the $20. Gypsies. I mean whatever, very rude, it's only five bucks right, but I could really desperately have used that five.
I've sold from cl and offerup and fb and whatnot a lot before, first time anyone pulled a trick on me.

No. 176028

>Watch make up tutorials on Youtube
>See the perfect highlighter
>Search it on Google: it's from Sephora
>Costs 40$
Why the fuck is Sephora stuff so expensive and why I'm so poor

No. 176029

I feel you on that one anon :(
Esp because this stuff isn't available in my country and some brands charge more for shipping than the product

No. 176047

I'm so fucking over this whole bullshit body positivity thing. I won't go or your fucking back rolls and I don't want to see your cellulitey ass all over Instagram.

Nipples aren't edgy or feminist, neither is your tacky cheap lingerie or ugly body paint. Fat isn't the latest fucking fashion accessory, and it's disgusting to celebrate the fact that you're gonna die at age 52 because you dedicated your youth to the pizza and cake trend on tumblr.

I'm so over fatties spreading lies about how calories work and telling anybody who wants to better themselves that it's impossible. What kind of sick, sad waste has to drag someone else down just because they couldn't stick to not destroying themselves for more than a few days?

The entire HAES/body positivity thing is attention seeking bullshit. Everyone doing it is taking part in the millionth ''totally not sexualised look at my tits in this lingerie" trend and it's embarrassing.

No. 176063

Hey friend might I introduce you to fatpeoplehate on Voat?

No. 176067



No. 176068

Been there but voat is just reddit for people bitter about reddit mods tbh. It's not even hatred so much as disbelief.
It's alarming that anyone is as ignorant and sick as HAES campaigners so knowing that that's now the basic standard is depressing.
It wasn't enough for them to make sure that regular women have to shop in the kids section now they have to scream about how it's literally impossible to be normal because muh pseudoscience. (Never mind the insanely insulting shit like 'looks like a 12 year old boy/"REAL WIMMUN XY/under a size 4 is anorexic')
I'm genuinely scared that the current generation of children will be the last to know how to eat, and be the last generation with a fit and healthy portion of the population.

No. 176071

LEL LOL Fuck you anon.

My vent post is for this anon, fuck you, really, I hope your teeth get slapped out when you say dumbass shit like that one day.


No. 176072

Went to d&d tonight, which my bf didn't want me to for some reason (we didn't have plans, he's visiting family several hours away atm), and had an awkward moment there where two dudes were hitting on my character and I told them I wasn't comfortable rping it. When my bf texted me asking how it was I told him what happened and he just sent me the ":T" face over and over and then left me on read went I said "What?"

I didn't think it was a big deal, it was definitely awkward and kind of uncomfortable but we managed to settle it no harm no foul, and I still had fun tonight, but I guess he's mad at me for it? Dunno what I'm supposed to do.

I'm just going to tell him I love him and go to bed and hope he gets over it I guess. Our relationship is still kind of new (like 2-3 months) and we're still figuring each other out but he does shit like this and I'm like ???????????

No. 176074

If you told him that it was making you uncomfortable and was still acting jealous and shit, dump his ass because it's only going to get worse. You didn't do anything wrong at all. He's just immature and insecure as fuck.

No. 176076

Maybe he didn't want you to go because he's aware there's creepy dudes there who want to fuck your dnd character?

No. 176077

Your bf us mad at YOU for that? Yeah, end it with him. Hes not only a dick, but insecure and illogical. Gross.

No. 176078

Wait did he actually tell you he was angry or are you just assuming that based on the ":T" face?
Because to me it doesn't sound like he's super upset, more like he's just bummed out about it and expects you to respond with something more than "What?" which makes it sound like you're kind of okay with it.

Talk to him about it, that isn't proper communication, that's playing stupid mind games and pouting on both sides. This isn't anything that can't be resolved by talking.

You both sound very young and inexperienced, and so are people like >>176074 yelling 'dump him!' whenever things aren't going perfectly smoothly.

No. 176086


Listen to this anon ya dingus. He knew what would happen if you went, and you went and what he was worried about happened.

Now you should be doing what you want to do anyway, even if he spelled it out to before you went tbqh you should always do what you really want to do, but it's clear that he's feeling like shit when you ask him "What?" you're pretending like you don't know what's wrong – he's obviously insecure and you could perhaps have provided a little more reassurance, or not it's up to you, but if your question is why is he mad it's because he knew you'd be hit on by creeps and you were and you may not seem to care.

No. 176194

File: 1483946073021.jpg (32.33 KB, 528x528, IMG_1833.JPG)

The only times im energetic and sort of positive is when im on a double dose of morphine acting pain meds.
I cant get anxiety meds unless i become some neet who lives on benefits and goes to a psyche every third day, i have documented sleep disorders and i still cant get sleep meds that arent anti histamines of seroquel and that shit does nothing to me.
I work better on a day to day basis when my body has numbed out abit or if im stoned but i have to be in a mood to smoke while morphine is just pop two pills, wait an hour and there you go.

Im so mad there are people in my life/around me who dont work, havent even finished high school and are in their twenties, lives on benefits and parental money yet they get fucktonnes of pain meds and anxiety meds simply cause their life revolves around going to a psyche and then complaining about said payche and doing nothing but live a vicarious life as a victim.

Im sick of how as long as youre in your 20's and function adequately you can forget about any help in regards to meds or support even tho its fucking killing you while the tumblr browsing, con going, money wasting, drama whoring , self pitying neets who treat mental illness like a lifestyle just get to hang out all day and cry yet they ask for praise doing basic shit like going to an appointment.

Sorry for the boat of negativity its just been pestering me for actual years at this point and while im glad im holding down a job and got my own place everyday is a constant barrage of shitty struggles and because i dont post it all over social media like a twat people think im fine and fucken dandy while my doctor patronizes me, refuses to aknowledge symptoms and keeps mentioning therapy…nobody says you can talk away cancer what the fuck makes you think i can talk away shit like exhaustion and severe insomnia fucking cunt.

No. 176210

I feel you, it's just the grown up version of how in school only the completely lowest achievers get any support. I've lost a best friend over this so I'm going to vent about that

I try to be a good person and support my friends who clearly have worse situations than me, but my childhood friend now lives the life of vidya, netflix, weed, social drinking and depression facebook memes all whilst claiming neetbux for anxiety. I understood that she couldn't manage an actual job and has a serious problem but when I was pushing her to go for daily walks or to at least maintain a blog, so she told everyone apart from me about how I was denying her illness. I try to stay in touch but we just can't see eye to eye when she talks about all of the latest things she's watched or played, whilst all I can talk about is bills and work and how no doctor will ever give me adderall because i'm not a ten year old boy. I'm not saying neets need to be miserable all the time, but it's too fucking much.

No. 176244

My friend of 4 years and I had a falling out.
Its a long story but basically he would ditch and ignore me for days on end (when i needed uni project advice help) just so he could try to lose his virginity.
It hurt cutting him off but after he had a party in our kitchen (we live in the same student accom/apartment) without inviting me it was the final straw for me.
So i cut him off, 100%. He would still inbox me on fb saying "oh i have leftovers have them if you want" Since I used to cook for him all the time he thinks leaving half eaten food for me is the same as saying Sorry. I'm the kind of person that when someone says sorry, i can forgive and forget and get over whatever happened.
Today was our first day back at uni after the holiday, i havent spoken to him since. We sit together and he moved seats saying his computer wasn't working, when it was. I don't really care since I want nothing to do with him, he eventually had to move back since where he moved to, that computer wasn't working.

I completely ignored his entire existence, not even looking in his direction, no time of day or mention of anything to do with him. This was advice from some of you anons in the Uni thread. I'm normally fine with doing this to people who have hurt me but today I kinda felt sorry for him, he didn't walk out with our group of friends and didn't really speak to anyone when i got into class. As much as i hate the guy now we were friends for so long and I Don't want him to not talk to anyone else, i know they dont care if we don't like each other anymore.
I refuse to speak to this guy because all he's done to me honestly left me heartbroken since we were so close (we never dated or anything). I just dont know what do to anymore.

No. 176247

Seems like the solution for you guys is to give up and become the lowest common denominator.

No. 176248

Is he the guy who used you to get laid and lived with you and stuff? Don't talk to him. At all. He'll come around if he does, if he doesn't you don't need him. He's selfish af.

No. 176249

Yeah thats him, i couldn't find my other post in the thread so i didn't link it. Thanks anon, i think im too good for anyone who treats me like shit. A part of me just feels sorry for him since he looks so pathetic.

No. 176252

Today my bf found out his spergy brother's stash of lesbian Naruto fanfiction and I'm not allowed to tell anyone, it's killing me.
Said brother also can't chew with his mouth closed and he's always sat next to me at the dinner table when we're at his parents'. I feel extremely uncomfortable in his presence and I'm not allowed to do anything about it because he's 'a nice boy'.

No. 176253

>found out
found* my brain's all over the place today

No. 176258

I told him yesterday morning that I was sorry if he was upset about it and understood where he was coming from if he was and if he wanted to talk about it I was 100% willing to do it. He blew me off completely, went out drinking, and only showed any interest in me when he was horny late at night. I was just like "good talk, night," and went to bed.

For the record, I'm 25, been in a few long term relationships, he's 21 and only had 1 relationship where the girl wound up cheating on him. He does this shit where he gets closed off and inaccessible, especially lately, where the affection is rarely reciprocated anymore. Just feels like he resents the fuck out of me since the honeymoon period ended, though idk why. I'm pretty over it to be honest. Tired of trying to invest in a relationship that feels totally one-sided.

No. 176273

Honestly, dating younger guys tends to be like that. It sucks.

No. 176289

Five years ago I finally moved out of my parents' house and started renting a room from my grandfather, starting about a year after he was widowed.

He has a bunch of old person habits that get on my nerves, but I figure it's his house and I have no right to complain. One frustrating thing is that he's always in a hurry - if he says we're going to church in half an hour he actually means we're leaving in five minutes.

I was pretty well adjusted to life here, then a friend of his intentionally introduced him to a semi-senile old woman who was looking to remarry. For about a year he was going out dancing and drinking with her and saying "I'm not going to marry her" even though it was obvious from the start that she was dead-set on marrying him.

One day he came home late from drinking night sad, saying he'd looked into prenuptial agreements and found them too expensive so he couldn't marry her now. I breathed a sigh of relief but of course I held my tongue.

Either a week or a month later, he announced that he was marrying her after all and (for some reason) this meant I had to move out of his house. He gave me three months to do this in, and right now I'm on a month four extension - I've only been able to find one apartment within three cities that I can afford and my application to go there has been met with setback after setback. If it fails I won't be able to keep my job and everything I've worked towards goes to crap.

He retired from work at a place he'd been for multiple decades, a stable factory job, around the time I was born about 30 years ago. So far as I know he owned this very house for a good 30 years before that but I'm probably overestimating there. I don't think he at all understands the difficulty of the task and deadline he set before me.

In a way I can't wait to move out, but if this apartment's landlord rejects my application I don't have a plan B.

Living truly alone will be a great step up for an introverted assburger like myself.

No. 176294

Wow how dare he enjoy his final years with some company instead of making sure he always had a room to rent to his sperglord grandchild. Jfc you cannot be older than 18 and still think you're being hard done by here. landlords and rental agencies dont give you near 3 months notice.

you've got it exceptionally easy.

No. 176302

Who cares? Dude has porn, most guys have porn saved somewhere at some point. How do you even know he wrote it?

And getting upset that he sits next to you at the table when you're at his house? How is that even a problem?

He's not your brother, it doesn't sound like he's done anything particularly bad (bad table manners is hardly a big deal), why would you want to spread shit about him?

Don't particularly like the word, but don't be a bitch.

No. 176307

I don't like him, plain and simple. He has (literal) aspergers and acts weird.

No. 176309

I have to say, it doesn't make you look better to use "He has a mental illness" as a reason why you're not a bitch.

Leave the guy alone, you don't have to like him, but gossiping and trying to make his social life harder than it already is is just a fucking shitty thing to do, and I absolutely guarantee that your boyfriend and his family would see it the same way.

I have to say, you sound a lot worse than the kid that jerks off to fanfics and dares to sit near you at his own house.

No. 176310

I know, I just don't care. Literally don't give two shits about my bf or his shitty family.

No. 176311

Well then break up with him, but seriously, every post you're making just makes you look like a worse person.

Don't drag the dude along if you don't care about him, and don't pick on his mentally ill brother for fucks sake. You don't have to care about them, but you should care about being a half decent human being.

No. 176312

No. 176313

I'm 19, and me and my ex-fiance (21) just broke up after a relationship of more than 5 years. We are both autistic, which caused a lot of problems with communication. Plus we both haven't had a great past, I personally have a nasty case of PTSD which complicates things even more.

After a stupid fight about a stupid game a month ago, I hurt him by continuing nagging him. Eventually he told me that I couldn't ever come to him with problems. So I did what was logical, and talk with other people. Apparently he didn't mean it, but he only told me so just yesterday.
For a month we barely talked, we didn't do anything fun anymore. Plus I couldn't talk to him about anything anymore. I started talking to other people more, and I got too friendly with 1 person after me and my ex had a talk about maybe breaking up. I sent a lot of digital hugs, and well that made my ex feel like I had cheated on him. So he almost left me on the spot.

After that we kept talking about breaking up, and how to move on for about a week. I kept bringing stuff up, because something just didn't feel right. After an entire week of awkward and painful conversations, he finally admitted something. Before he had told me that he didn't believe in apologizing or saying sorry after a fight. He made me feel like a manipulative monster for months for asking to say sorry or at least tell me when he doesn't actually mean something. Then all of the sudden he promised that he could change, that from now on, he would tell me when he didn't mean something and that he apologized. I told him that I wasn't sure I could forgive him for (unintentionally) manipulating me that way.

Then I said I couldn't sleep next to him for another night, he thought I meant I hated him very badly. Which wasn't true, I just meant that if he wanted to leave, he had to leave now, and not wait another day. So he packed up his stuff, put it into his car. And then just before we left we found out about this another miscommunication. We were both crying, and clinging to each other. I threw up from crying (into the toilet). He wouldn't leave if I could promise him that I could forgive him. But I can't look into the future, so I was honest and told him I just don't know.

At first he said he didn't want any contact and that the break up would be permanent. We still have some contact, but our facebook relationship statuses are changed. Plus he apparently sees us getting together when we were so young as a mistake, which hurts.

I love him with all my heart, he was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I just lost the only good thing that happened to me. But he sees it as a mistake. It just hurts so much. I still love him, and I probably will forever. He also still loves me as well, but he says we first need to become responsible adults before we can ever get back together. I'm worried that he'll find someone much better than me in the meantime. I know I've done fucked up shit as well, and that he can get better.

No. 176314

don't worry, pretty sure lost cause.

No. 176315

You don't have to like the kid. It's his house,his dinner table, his porn you're going through.
Maybe stop being an insufferable bitch and treat the kid like a human instead of acting like you're somehow better than him for not having a developmental disorder. You sound way spergier than his naruto porn tbh.

No. 176317

if you read the posts above, you'll realize that you're trying to reason with a rock. for whatever reason, that anon feels justified being a cunt.

No. 176321

File: 1484054288906.jpg (3.97 MB, 3120x4160, 2017-01-07 10.22.29.jpg)

I want to go out but it's been snowing like crazy for the last two days, it's almost coming up to my thighs now.

No. 176329

Landlords/rental agencies usually have lease agreements so anon would know well in advance when they'd have to move (when their lease ends). That said, it sounds kind of weird it's taking so long for them to process the application.

No. 176334

Eh, everyone watches porn. Also you said it was lesbian stuff, I would've understood if it was some sketchy stuff like loli or bestiality. You sound very young…

No. 176353


Probably has assburgers too

No. 176354


Probably has assburgers too

No. 176355

My boyfriend is addicted to porn and I just want to be like those girls so I feel better about myself.
We still have lots of sex but I feel inadequate..

No. 176358

either dump him or work on your self esteem

No. 176359

Uh go to the gym and stop having sex with him for a bit until you get super fit. And also tell him to cut down on the porn

No. 176363

Lol what the fuck do you mean ex fiancée when you're 19?
You're a kid, you and your partner aren't ready for marriage.

No. 176364

They probably have no references or rental history, and are applying for a property wanted by multiple people. The agency won't rent to a raging autistic kid if they can avoid it so anons probably gonna stay in grandads spare room until the poor guys new wife leaves him.

No. 176366

>I still love him, and I probably will forever

i can tell you that no, you wont. wait a year and you will see that your feelings for him will be probably gone by then.
youre really young and sound a lot like my younger self. i can already tell that you will probably go back to him but honestly…youre a kid, chill.

>I'm worried that he'll find someone much better than me in the meantime.

also hit the gym and you will feel better about yourself. from the post you dont sound like youre a bad person at all. working out will help you with feeling sad

No. 176367

Well, how addicted to it is he? Is he neglecting your sex lives, or does he just jerk off like a normal person but a bit more frequently?

Because if it's the first, definitely talk to him, but if it's the second, recognise that it's really possible it's your own insecurities rather than anything he's doing wrong, and that it is on you to deal with that mostly.

Everyone's going to feel inadequate if you compare yourself to porn stars, even porn stars would, there's a hell of a lot of camera work and tricks going on in any sort of professional porn.

Don't dump him, people just jump to that immediately whenever anyone talks about any sort of relationship issue for some reason. You should break up when someone's done something so shitty you can't bear to be with them anymore, if it just generally makes you both unhappy, or if you have no feelings. Not every time there's an issue.

No. 176369

Why stay with a guy that has an addiction that makes YOU feel inadequate?? Jesus.

No. 176388


He jerks off like at least twice a day, and then we have sex at least twice a day, when he's here (we don't live together). I know that is fact.
I don't know, I have a nice body but it's more the degrading sexual acts these women do I could never compete with. I used to do all sorts of degenerate stuff like let myself get beaten up and pissed on just to please him, now I'm over that and we still have nice, normal sex, but I feel like there's something missing in the equation for him. He's got a mental problem with having healthy sex. Issues,basically.

I should just dump the degenerate, but I do still love him.

No. 176389

>let myself get beaten up and pissed on just to please him

y i k e s

girl love yourself. don't be with someone who you aren't sexually compatible with and who isn't capable of being satisfied without putting his nasty piss all over a woman. you can do better.

No. 176391

I don't know what to do.
I'm an ex-stripper and I am relieved to be out of that life. The massive heels that cause back pain, the creepy customers, the customers that try to force their fingers into you, the judgement you get from everyone… when all you are is just a sexy dancer. No sexual acts, sure, nudity, suggestion, but you get all this shit laid on you constantly like you're an awful person and not just a young girl trying to take advantage of a lot of money.

I come from a working class background and having that much money per week was amazing. I could suddenly do whatever I wanted to and that made me happy.

But I hated lying to people. My boyfriend didn't like it, and my parents were scared. I quit, and realized it had just made me hate men a lot more than I used to. But I met so many amazing people there, other strippers and customers and I learnt so much about myself and money and independence.

I was too stupid to save enough money, and now I'm stuck with getting my old minimum wage job to support me while I study. Somehow that's not enough for me. I'm too spoilt with this money. I only feel like a valuable person when my nails are done and I have money in the bank. Not having that excess money is terrifying me, enough to apply to a erotic massage place, but I don't want to do things out of fear anymore but I feel stuck.

Should I just embrace the life of a sex worker or get the fuck out anons? I'm just a greedy person and I'm scared.

No. 176395

Well in that case, yeah, if he's pressuring you into doing degrading shit that you don't really want to, or you feel it's an actual addiction he's struggling with, talk to him.

I wasn't sure if you were just one of those people that gets insecure their SO watches porn at all or not, but yeah, you have a point.

That being said, if you love him, try to get him to do therapy, explain how it impacts you and your relationship, and if he won't, then yeah, probably leave the situation.

No. 176396

I'm a recovered porn addict and am helping my husband through it now. There's so much lying, scheming, and arguing that I am weary. I'd drop the guy like a hot potato unless he's genuinely looking to help himself. Even if he is, I wouldn't blame anyone who decided to walk away from a situation like that. It's emotionally taxing. Especially if you're insecure as fuck (I am).

If it's not a literal addiction, I can't think of anything helpful to add. >>176367 covered the insecurity thing already.

No. 176398

I reread my post and I sound bitter as fuck. I don't want to bring you down. I just wanted to be honest about the difficulty of helping someone through a real porn addiction. I'd only go through it for "the one", someone who's best for me in every other aspect.

sage for samefag

No. 176407

No thank you anons this has helped a lot

No. 176444

File: 1484114106569.jpg (52.18 KB, 378x504, 1467667409535.jpg)

i got arrested again for something stupid and impulsive i did again.
maybe its my bipolar, maybe its the growing cyst in my brain. maybe i need to quit making excuses for myself.
i'm sick of the dehumanizing experience that is jail. had i not been lucky enough to get bailed out, i'd still be there.
i fucked up and will now probably lose the best job i've had and possibly ruined my life.
i'm not looking for sympathy. i know i brought all of this on myself. i'm just ashamed.
there was a search to identify me with my picture up. my own "friends" turned me in for the chance of a reward. my only hope is that i didn't actually do what i'm being accused of. i just need to talk to a fucking lawyer.
had to cut and dye my hair because i'm too scared to go outside and get recognized.
why to i keep fucking my life up when things seem to be going well for me?
i'm scum and whatever happens to me in court, i deserve.

No. 176448

Why don't you stop being a criminal scum and do things right and stop blaming whatever disorder you have for once.

No. 176453

If your bipolar is so bad you're committing crimes and getting incarcerated you need to be in inpatient care. You're clearly not in a state where you can be responsible for your own care, so you need to let someone else take the wheel.

No. 176454

I second this anon. Unmediated bipolar can be a real fucking bitch.

No. 176464

File: 1484126321874.png (181.4 KB, 501x445, _.png)

>i got arrested again for something
>never telling us what it was
ever goddamn time

No. 176520

I am such a negative person and I hate it. How do I stop? Reading chans for a start I guess.

No. 176524

Stop going on chans. Stop going on the internet. Find a hobby. Go outside. Don't argue with people. Restrain overly negative thoughts. Worked for me

No. 176545

File: 1484176385314.jpg (183.2 KB, 1050x550, 08MELANCHOLY1-facebookJumbo.jp…)

I probably had a blog worthy post, but now that I went over it in my head I'm having trouble writing it down. :/

Long story short-ish (and ignoring some forgotten details)
>I have a phobia of being forgotten
>I'm shit at communicating myself to others
>combined these led to my phobia becoming a reality
>cue depression
>it makes things worse and causes more issues
>finally start to work through it
>things going my way (contact old friends and family, stable job, find second job w/ assurance they need help, tell people about issues)
>cue life (schedules make it hard to hang out, job doesn't call me in much, no call back from second job, now that I'm showing improvement everyone ignores my complainants)

I just want someone I can talk to about this, who won't shove away my issues with superficial advice and accept how stupid, insecure, and pathetic I can be without much judgement. I would do the same for them.

We all know how difficult that is to find in reality. It's hard to find someone to trust, respect, and care about. This entire post started because I read a story about the mc being forgotten. I get emotional every time I read stories like this.

No. 176547

That's really good advice and it works. Follow it, anon. Surprisingly (or not) the internet tends to make most of us unhappy because of social media. And everyone knows imageboards are cesspools.

No. 176555

I suggested this to someone else further up in the thread; look up effective communication skills and brush up. Learning stuff like 'I feel' statements and assertiveness feels cheesy and dumb at first but it legitimately works.
I thought it was the most pansy, stupid bullshit at first but it helped so much.

No. 176575

File: 1484192430327.gif (698.11 KB, 225x180, Imshit.gif)

I know that there are kids out there who are being neglected and not properly cared for but neither my friend or I can do anything about it because it's out of state and we also don't know the person's address. It just feels so hopeless when you know that things are probably not going to get better.

Both parents are mildly mentally incapacitated so they're complete morons. I have never seen a greater case for eugenics. And the grandparents live with them but they just don't have a clue either. The kids seem to always be starving so one of the children crawled to the dog food and started eating it the mother just yelled at them to stop. My friend had to go over and pick the child up and feed them. One time the middle child was eating poop from their diaper and she didn't give a shit either.

I would love to report them but I don't know what to do. Please don't be too mad at me farmers.

No. 176577

Google their states child protective services and report your concerns for the children's wellbeing. The number should be on their website, and you should be able to make the report anonymously to prevent any possible backlash. Then it's up to them to investigate and either introduce some assistance or remove the children.
You're acting in the best interests of kids, it's the right thing to do.

No. 176578

In this case, medication may not be the answer. You'll almost definitely need behavioural therapy of some sort. Is there any way you can get a different therapist? You need counselling from someone who takes you seriously, especially since binge eating disorder can lead to death untreated.

No. 176582

thank you anon. we'll try to report with out the address at first but if that doesn't work we'll get it somehow.

No. 176585

If you have a name and a general location such as a state, it can be fairly easy to track down an address to use for the reports. Check online address books, cross reference with things like social media to make sure you've got the right ones, and can move forward from there.

No. 176587

File: 1484200748884.jpg (278.33 KB, 535x1024, gustav_klimt_27_music_lithogra…)

It's been a little over a year since i last visited (couldn't handle the r9k autism fest at that time). Looks like the farm's stagnating just as much as the rest of the net but you still have core users so that's good. Have a nice day.

No. 176623

I'm the only one at work who didn't get paid because they fucked something up. I gave them my card, account number, basically all the shit they needed and somehow they fucked up.

Good thing I still have about a week left until my first doctor appt., but I've got a shit ton of stuff to buy that I need. Some of it is urgent but eh…guess I'll live.

No. 176629

Damn anon, not sure if you're in the US but they legally can't not pay you for work you've done. If they couldn't transfer the funds electronically they should've issued a check. Be sure to raise some hell with HR because they could get sued.

No. 176643

Their office is literally 2 meters from ours so I don't want to get into conflicts. Not sure how they fucked up, sure is annoying but I'm way too tired and depressed to parade around lol Part of me honestly doesn't care.

I'll pay them a visit tomorrow morning. Wonder how they'll pin this on me. I also have to buy hair shampoo, looks like I'm running out of everything.

No. 176651

I wish shit wasn't so inactive. It's like only social media and a few group of forums are active

No. 176654

Found out that a fucking degenerate I know, that some years ago used to hit on me, is currently hitting on middle schoolers (he's 21 this year) and used to hit on my little sister since she was 13 and he was 18. Also found out that another degenerate from my town did hit on my sister when she was 15 and he was 25, and told her that "age is just a number" and "you're so mature for your age!"
I'm so mad. Like, they are fucking pedos but in my country the age of consent is at 14 so it's not illegal for a 25, 30, 35 etc. guy to flirt with a girl of 14 and above.
I told my sister to let me know if they contact her again, I could dm them, but still… Hell, that's disgusting. People who lay/try to lay their filthy hands on children should fucking die.
Yes, I'm mad.

No. 176657

File: 1484242305654.jpg (24.56 KB, 500x283, CqUD8QZUsAAenOx.jpg)

I'm the only one on my family that wants to graduate Uni and is actively searching for a job eventhough i have an adult sibling, which is terrifying while thinking about the future and what is expected of me.
We have an income from a working memeber of my family and incomes from the goverment for those who stopped working, but once it stops, i'm pretty sure my sibling expects me to maintain them and their NEET lifestyle because they refuse to get a job or study. I've assured them i will do no such thing, because i don't want to be their babysitter once our parents/relatives die, hoping that that would make them want to get a job and not be a future leech of my income. But they believe that i will not be capable of doing such thing and letting them become homeless, so they continue with their shit lifestyle.
Where i'm from there are no NEETbux, so that's not even an option to get me out of this.
I just wish they didn't rely solely on me for the future, and i am so scared i will have to take care of my family/possible children and also a fucking NEET.
I've talked with my parents about it, and they agree that i shouldn't be a provider for them, but we are just not sure what to do anymore and i cannot stop fearing what will become of us if all our incomes and savings end before i am able to graduate and get a good paying job since i am, at the moment, the only future this family has.

No. 176670

That's hard. Is there any way you can move out? If you put distance between you and your siblings and they realize they can't count on you, they might start getting their shit together.

No. 176671

Wtf kind of place do you live in where the age of consent is 14?

No. 176681

Italy, but the age of consent set at 14 is pretty common in Europe. Like in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Estonia…

No. 176686

I've considered it quite a bit, however, i don't have enough funds at the moment to do so without having to rely on my parents to pay for everything. It would also imply changing my current school, so it's a bit difficult and i'm kinda reluctant of doing anything drastic because of them and then it biting my ass in the process.
I'm considering saving up and joining an exchange student program to see if it helps the situation by, as you said, putting distance between us. Though i don't really think it'll do much since whenever i mentioned me moving out after/during uni they still think i could help them financially from a distance. It appears i'm just fucked whatever i do because of em unless they decide to stop being a lazy leech or realize that i will let them rot unless they move their ass.

No. 176725

I'm kind of bummed I can't share my weight-loss progress at work when others mention theirs because no one wants to hear about a skinny person losing weight. Like, I can still have body issues despite being small, and I'm back down to my 'happy weight range' (which is between 100-105 because that's when my face looks less bloated), right? I've gotten back to 104.5 from 108 in a month by cutting out any sort of dessert at dinner and drinking vodka/diet sparkling cranberry juice instead of beer (I tend to drink darker beers, so this has probably helped a lot calorie-wise)… but I feel a lot more confident with myself again so I guess that's definitely a plus, right?

No. 176734

Sorry to hear that, anon. Congrats on your success nonetheless! Feeling more confident in yourself is definitely a plus.

No. 176736

Thank you so much <3
I appreciate it more than you think.

No. 176761

File: 1484286561632.jpg (105.47 KB, 1170x923, af2.jpg)

I just reached one of those points in life where you have no friends because old friendships just dry up to the point they disappear and I feel really depressed and crippled inside, I wish I had someone to talk to just about anything, just someone to keep me company for a few minutes every few days or so but making new friends is so complicated, it's hit or miss with more than a couple of people and I find the whole process mentally exhausting.

No. 176811

I was forced to go to a convention for a pyramid scheme nutritional company for the weekend and I've been surrounded by fat housewives and facebook/Instagram obsessed "marketers" that make video blogs every ten minutes. The sibling that brought me keeps trying to get me to convert and believes the company will make them a millionaire.

It kind of sucks and I feel like the only normie here.

No. 176841

I've been considering taking up a 5 year law programme overseas since I'm too stupid to enter locally, but the thought of only coming back home twice a year, not being with my parents for 5 long years, and them being 60 by the time I graduate (if everything goes well) makes me so upset. It makes me want to just take up a local private degree that I have 0 interest in instead. I'm scared that an LDR with my boyfriend will eventually wear out over time. I feel like it'll all be lost time with my loved ones, and I worry a lot about not being able to land a job after graduation and being stuck with student loans till I'm 50. I don't know if I can ever move on with life.

No. 176851

It'll take a lot of money and paperwork, tuition notwithstanding. There may be some issues with residence permits/visas. You won't be allowed to apply for financial aid since you're not a citizen. On top of that, depending on where you go your degree might end up being useless in your home country, unless it's an Ivy college or the likes of Oxbridge or similar institutions. Why not just study hard and try to apply locally?

No. 176855

There definitely will be financial issues for myself, which is a large part of me having second thoughts about this route. I graduated with a diploma albeit with a shitty GPA since I hated what I studied so much but was too pussy to transfer out halfway through, and it just seems laughable and a waste of time to redo another 3-year diploma or taking A levels for 2 years instead. Only the top tier students in this country will be given seats into a law programme in our local universities, and realistically I have absolutely no chance against them.

Venting here really cleared my mind a little and it seems that taking a private university degree would be a better choice, though it's not exactly a path that I'm interested in. It's just not realistic to pursue a career in law for me.

No. 176856

File: 1484330173391.jpg (44.03 KB, 491x468, 0-.jpg)

I think I lowkey hate my bf. He lied about himself on multiple things that are important to me and then waited until we were already 'locked in' to admit them. I'm extremely tempted to break up with him but I'm too awkward to do so. At the same time I don't want him to break up with me or vice versa as this is my first stable relationship and I love the feeling of someone at least pretending to care about me for the first time ever.
He probably hates me too. He doesn't seem that interested to make any plans to spend some time with me in person- he much prefers texting, which would be alright if we didn't do it for max 1 hour a day because he's busy with um…I don't know. Whenever I bring this up with him he just gives me the standard "I'm sorry" followed by "I love you <3". Most of the time I feel like I've been tossed to the side like a toy waiting for him to want me again. I've been so close to breaking up with him so many times but he just tends to make me feel guilty for it because I don't want to break any hearts. He is a sweet guy despite all of this.
We even have been pretty secured on the idea of marriage for quite some time now. It seems like a comfy idea but I just don't want him to treat me like how I'm treated now, which seems inevitable at this point.

No. 176858

you say that this is your first "stable" relationship but from how you describe it it doesn't really sound stable at all. if you aren't happy with him you should break up with him. you shouldn't be feeling like you "lowkey hate" your significant other, you should feel happy and safe with them.

lying isn't something that just goes away. if he's going to lie to you about things that are important to you what else is he going to lie to you about? it doesn't sound like you're very happy anon and you should go out there and find someone who does make you happy. the awkwardness and sadness that comes with a breakup will quickly go away and you'll find youreslf better off with someone you don't lowkey hate.

No. 176866

File: 1484340401018.jpg (46.5 KB, 548x690, 1455119314684.jpg)


Wow I know I'm late but this is actually similar to my situation in some ways…oh boy where do I even begin?
First off I'm so happy there's a thread like this so I can finally get this out.
We'll I'd just recently broken up with my bf of two years. He was my best friend and there were so many things I loved about him..and also so many things that just made my blood boil, there were even a few times before the big breakup where I would explain to him that because of my mental health issues that I didn't think we were compatible, but when I spent time with him, he was just so tender and looked at me with so much love, not only that but we had amazing conversations..so fast forward to new years eve we're spending time in his kitchen, cooking and I'm slightly bent over the sink, washing dishes. He comes over and grabs my ass, nothing big but then asks if we could fuck, I tell him I'm on one of the last days of my period and so I say no I don't feel like it and he persists, asking me if we can have anal, I say no, he keeps asking and I keep saying no then out of nowhere he holds me in place as I'm still turned around and pulls down my pants, proceeding to thrust in my butt, having full on anal with me, mind you I hadn't had anal in months so it was excruciatingly painful. Immediately I start screaming, telling him to stop and get out of me, I had to eventually start punching his chest like an ape just to get him to back off, he saw me crying, hurt, in distress and he has the bright idea to try and diffuse the situation with jokes and laughing in my face in disbelief that I'm crying, layer that night he continued pestering for sexual favors, even seeming angry with me when I said no.
After that night I felt so confused and hurt, I didn't know what to say or think or feel, and then I searched about my particular situation to see if I could find similar stories, and if I was right to feel how I did and I realized that there were things he was doing that were abusive and I didn't even know it, like coercing me to have sex and making me feel guilty, minimizing my pain and making it seem like I'm making a big deal out of nothing. .not only that, but he had taken it upon himself to fuck me in my sleep, KNOWING FULL WELL that I actually have trauma from sexual abuse (my mom's ex bf would touch me in my sleep when I was a teenager and really wasted on pills) and woke up to him fucking me I almost had a panic attack, for a couple days, almost a week or so I was really struggling with calling him my rapist? Because I know for a fact his intention wasn't to hurt me..he's just a selfish pig sometimes, and even through all that pain, and getting drunk till I puke and stoned to oblivion just to cope with being raped by the guy who was supposed to be my husband..I still love him and i miss my best friend so much. was I right to leave him? Should I just worry about myself and move on?

No. 176867

You were absolutely right to dump that asshole. He raped you. There is nothing that he can do or say to make up for that. Good fucking riddance.

No. 176869

As much as you wish it weren't so, he abused you and it's great that you were able to get rid of him. Do you want to keep being raped and violated by this monster? Whether his intention was to cause you pain or not, that's exactly what he did and good on you for not tolerating it anymore after you've already explained to him many times. I hope he gets raped in the asshole one day. You can always find someone better, anon. Don't settle for some abusive bullshit like that.

No. 176870

hun, you had every right to leave him.
you had every right to leave him even if he didn't rape you. Which he did and I'm sorry for that…

It sounds likes he's raped you multiple times…most likely more than the two times you're aware of. I don't know where you live but I'd try to brings charges against him…I don't really know what that might do for you but it would help bring attention to the monster that he is and maybe help other women. Maybe if you have a sex offenders registry he could be put on that.

It's understandable that you still love him but please, never go back. Just please.

I hope you're doing okay right now.

No. 176880

File: 1484350468592.jpg (199.93 KB, 1186x782, 44e14119d737aa68cc494fc2c9431b…)

My body isn't super terrible but I hate how oddly proportioned it is.

I've rugby shoulders, violin hips, skinny arms and a combination of tiny ankles/shins + thunder thighs so my legs look like literal chicken legs. I'm also a short, small B cup with flat feet (so I can't wear heels higher than 5cm/2in, if that). Before anyone calls me fat, I'm a competitive swimmer.

Everything I wear always sits so awkwardly on my body. There's always some wardrobe malfunction because of my weird proportions, be it VPL, wrinkly crotch, jeans popping, tight shoulders, gaping waistband or just things being too long and not sitting in the right place. If I buy a pair of trousers in a bigger size they're too big, but if I get them in 'my size' they always look like skinny jeans no matter the actual cut.

I haven't any money so I can't just keep buying, tailoring and tossing clothes, I barely own anything as is and I'm about to start an internship where the dress code is business professional. If I'm having such a hard time finding casual clothes I can't even imagine what a pain suit shopping will be like. I don't even know where to buy a suit since people only recommend US retailers on the internet.

I've always worn hand me downs and my mother dressed me until I was 10 after which she completely gave up on me and never taught me how to do the most basic things. I've had to learn how to wash my clothes and dress myself on the internet which led to a lot of trial and error.

It's been an uphill battle since I was 17, I'm now 24 and I still don't know how things are supposed to fit and how to combine outfits. I don't wanna give up but I'm tired of endless shopping for clothes that always end up stretching out or not fitting. I just want to look fucking decent, jfc.

No. 176904

>I don't know where you live but I'd try to brings charges against him…I don't really know what that might do for you but it would help bring attention to the monster that he is and maybe help other women. Maybe if you have a sex offenders registry he could be put on that.

Don't be ridiculous, if she wants to press charges she could, but I really doubt she needs some random online stranger to stick up for her.

Dude's a complete prick, sure, there's no other way to see it that way, but acting like a whiteknight isn't going to change that.

That being said, to >>176866 it's absolutely normal to still have some feelings. Abuse doesn't make you care less, it makes you care in unhealthy obsessive ways, and you were with him for two years and only broke up what, a week or so ago?

It took me a good 6 months to feel like I was emotionally over a relationship (abusive, but not the same as yours obviously), but it does get better over that time. Don't feel bad if you're still feeling shit a month from now, but absolutely don't go back. It'll just drag it out, and when it doesn't work out (which it won't), you'll just be hurting again).

You made the right choice to leave.

No. 176905

Suits are generally way easier than clothes, it's a lot easier to get a suit tailored to fit your proportions because you know it's a long term purchase, you're not going to need a new suit every year or so, whereas t shirts and jeans and stuff tend to wear out, and you have a lot of them.

Invest in getting someone to professionally adjust it for you if it's a work thing, it makes a huge difference in how you look in it, and it's not that expensive long term, you only need it done once as long as you don't change your body shape significantly.

No. 176907

there was nothing wrong with what I said, but you be you.

No. 176909

I didn't say there was anything wrong with it, if she wants to press charges, she should, but it's ridiculous to try to pressure her to do it. Pressing charges is just going to drag it out for her and make her feel terrible for likely years, instead of just moving on, getting that the guy has no real respect for boundaries and being okay at the end of a few months or so.

That being said, I did misread your post a bit, it came across like you were saying you personally wanted to press charges, but I think you're instead just trying to convince her to do so.

At this point it's almost definitely too late to press charges unless she has some sort of evidence of him admitting it or a video or something, because there's not going to be any evidence. Even if it was the day after, it would be next to impossible to prove, because a lot of the main things we use for rape convictions where there isn't some sort of admission of wrongdoing on his behalf in text or audio form are really easy to deny, especially if they have a history of that particular form of sex.

Don't just react and try to punish the guy, think about the actual consequences of a case like this, especially one that has a high change of not succeeding.

No. 176912

it was just a gut reaction because he sounds like the type of degenerate to be a serial rapist.

I honestly don't want to pressure her to do anything. I don't want her to go through this garbage if she doesn't want to. I'm aware of what women have to go through just to get some sort of legal justice.

In all honesty I probably shouldn't of told her that but I was absolutely revolted by what I read and I felt bad for her. For some reason in my mind it didn't seem that that much time has passed, but it has almost been two weeks….

No. 176933

I had a chinese guy move into my student accommodation flat about 3 days ago. I didn't know he was chinese, man/woman until last night since he never introduced himself.
I slept at my boyfriend's lastnight and came back to my kitchen 100% trashed yesterday night. He had used every pot and pan, litreally burned to the stove, burnt rice from his big fancy rice cooker stuck and mounded up into the only "usable" pan of mine now, although it's impossible to get all the rice out. His rice cooker was left on overnight and there was a bag over the fire alarm. Super safe. Raw meat and veggies just everywhere, they also stole ALL of my chopsticks. I can tell this guy is loaded due to his £500 rice cooker what is probably unusable after 1 use since it's horribly burned. I knocked on his door and told him to clean his shit up, his english is pretty good so he was very apologetic, called his friend to help him and ran all the broken pots and pans (with holes in them) under cold water and left them on the drying rack. He knocked on my door 20mins later and said "it's not all clean but we did our best" and went out. Me and my bf went to check and nothing had changed it's still a complete mess. So, monday im going to the office and getting him moved out and for him to pay door all of my damaged and stolen goods.
You can tell this is a kind of mess that he's used to making and not just a 1 time thing due the the amount of trash everywhere.
My question is, why the fuck do they not have common sense, at all? you move into an accommodation 3 days ago, don't know the people and trash their stuff without thinking of cleaning up? My boyfriend is english born chinese and his explanation was since they're so rich they have never had anyone to tell them they actually need to clean up after themselves and no one tells them off.
I have zero tolerance for this shit. I can post some pictures if anyone is interested, since i took some as proof for the manager, i have other issues here too and this pushed me over the edge i'm hoping to terminate my contract and move elsewhere if possible.

No. 176935

Possibly, but without knowing the situation exactly with a lot more detail at least, it's hard to say.

There's a fine line between waking your partner up with a sexual act and sexual assault or rape for example, and in that case he could just be thoughtless. There's simply no way to know.

I understand why you'd feel like he should be charged, he's a fucking terrible human being, but I just think that at this point, she's better moving on, because pursuing legal action is just going to make her miserable long term most likely.

It's not the systems fault, don't get me wrong, there's standards to maintain in how we hand out convictions, if you lower those, you make the whole court system less valid, but it is just kind of the reality here.

No. 176936

OP here, this might sound hypocritical coming from me, but i'm glad that you did the right thing of leaving him. I suppose I can sort of understand how you feel towards him to an extent if you feel that our situations are similar.

I really can't be sure that this is exactly how you feel, but I'm guessing that you're unsure about whether or not he's doing these things maliciously on purpose because he's a shit human being, or if he's just deprived because you're unwilling to give in to him sexually and that you're obliged to do so because you're his partner. It was wrong of him to force himself onto you and essentially rape you multiple times. He should have made sure that you're consenting, regardless of whether or not you're his girlfriend. You're not making a big deal out of nothing, you have every right to protect yourself and your body.

I understand that this would be a difficult relationship to move on from, considering how you see him as your best friend and potential husband. I understand that he has been an important person in your life for years, and it may be easy from an outsider's pov to just cut off all ties with him, but not so for yourself. However, by raping you he has definitely crossed the line. He disrespected you, and refused to change even though he knows of your past and after you've tried talking things out with him. You did the right thing by leaving him, anon, please don't ever doubt yourself about that. If he did love and care about you, he wouldn't have dismissed your feelings and hurt you this way. I'm sorry about what you went through, I wish you the best in recovering and moving on.

In my case, I'm still with my boyfriend. We had a long talk, and he was extremely apologetic about his behaviour and suggested for us to not go over each other's places to ensure nothing like that ever happens again. We hung out at his place recently for the first time since our talk, and he's made sure not to touch me inappropriately nor make me uncomfortable in any way, and I really appreciate that. I can only hope that things will go uphill from here.

No. 176943

pic please!

No. 176947

File: 1484408840423.jpg (47.73 KB, 973x973, kitchen.jpg)

This is the best pics i have on my laptop right now, i can share more later when i write the email to the manager. If i could i'd post the video of it all since it showcases the best of it. Keep in mind, that cooker hob was perfect before they moved in since they asked me to clean the kitchen for the new tenant, so me being me. I went all out cleaning since I don't think it's not fair for someone to live in a strangers mess. don't know why i bothered tbh

No. 177934

I really fucking hate rich assholes and women who put make up on their 5 year olds.

No. 177937

Yeah they're nasty af. Same as pageant parents. A child should never be a prop for the parents shitty hobby.

No. 177966

Without getting into too much detail, mom died a month ago, I'm sad as fuck, a bit traumatized from the situation surrounding her death, and my whole grip on mortality and purpose has been thrown into a fuckfest. I've been pretty much drinking every day since.

I wish I could just drink and drink as much as a I want instead of having to deal with all the emotions and thoughts I'm having. If I leave my mind sober and/or undistracted for too long I start to get overwhelmed.

I don't want this to be the low part of my life that leads to alcoholism. But it feels so much fucking easier, I'm emotionaly weak as fuck.

No. 177978

I have a friend who's going to die from cancer because the prison system gives zero fucks about inmates. His liver's failing, he's in pain, and his mother is a wreck. I want to see him before it's too late, but it's not going to happen because I have to fly back home to help my mother deal with my alcoholic (and now verbally abusive) dad who had a stroke. I've been self medicating because I can't handle all of this. I can't do anything to fix any of this and I hate it.

No. 177982

Hey anon, I was in the same situation as you late last year and want to give you some advice that I hope will help you or at least give you a little push towards getting better.

Seriously stop drinking right now because it's not worth it. I went through the same thing and ended up drinking so much every day that I wound up hallucinating and was in and out of the ER with seizures that were at least partly due to drinking (also partly due to stress).

It might numb the pain now, but it won't in the long run. All of my drinking definitely dulled the horrible emotions I felt at the time, but now that I'm sober, they've started to slowly come back and now I have no choice but to face them. It hurts to think about and is scary to suddenly face mortality head on, but you can do it.

Get rid of the alcohol and get yourself into therapy or AA or whatever recovery option you think is best/is available. I'm sure people have already said the whole "it gets better" spiel to you, but it's true, even if it's annoying to hear. It does get better, the pain lessens, those out of control feelings about death and purpose disappear to. You just have to give it time.

No. 178018

Ran into an acquaintance from high school. In five years he managed to go from ripped to skinny twink and I'm disgusted. He looks happy so oh well

No. 178230

I'm going to get married in a year and I love my SO and really want to get married to him.
But I hate all the stuff that comes with it, I don't want a huge party with my family. Most of them are jerks who make me feel awkward and insecure and I don't want to spend the day that's supposed to be about my SO and me entertaining people I don't like. And I don't want to spend all our hard-earned money (that we can defenitely use for house improvements and such) on a party for ungrateful people. If we'd do a small party for just our parents and grandparents we'd never hear the end of it…
And still, I do want to have a party for our friends, with them we have fun and they'd even be happy with a hamburger by figure of speech.
I just want to get drunk with my SO in my wedding dress.

No. 178261

If you tell this to your guy, he will breathe the biggest sigh of relief.

No. 178264

>If we'd do a small party for just our parents and grandparents we'd never hear the end of it…
They'd give you shit either way, and besides it's not their wedding.

No. 178270

I will not be able to sleep

No. 178273

That sounds crazy. I hope your aunt is okay.

No. 178274

Is everything okay? I'm wishing you well…

No. 178304

>dude's a complete prick
>history of that particular form of sex
>guy has no real respect for boundaries
>could just be thoughtless
Can't you jut type rapist? R-A-P-I-S-T?
I'm not one for tumblr buzzwords but I don't care for the way you're minimizing what was done to her.
>there's standards to maintain in how we hand out convictions, if you lower those etc
It IS her decision to decide to press charges but honestly you're coming across as an incel right now. Would you be happier if the rapist asshole gave her her a bushel of hay to smooth over the inconvenience?
Fucking hell.

No. 178305

>I'm not one for tumblr buzzwords but I don't care for the way you're minimizing what was done to her.

Please don't quote me out of context, I wasn't talking about the last situation when I said he was just thoughtless, and the history of that form of sex was talking about why a rape conviction would be stupid hard to get.

And she minimised it first, not me. I avoided the term because it's not going to help her in anyway to inflate that in her own mind, keeping it where it is at the moment is healthiest to her recovery.

>It IS her decision to decide to press charges but honestly you're coming across as an incel right now.

Yeah, because by not wanting someone to drag out a terrible breakup into a lengthy legal drama that's going to cause huge emotional trauma to her and stop her being able to recover from what happened to her (don't know the situation well enough to call it rape, though if it's exactly like she put it, last situation sounds like rape) and likely won't even result in him being convicted of anything due to the lack of evidence supporting her, I'm an incel? Because I didn't just react with "yeah he raped you that's so terrible take him to court over it" and instead took the time to think about what the best result in that situation would be for her, I must be some woman hating moron?

Fuck off retard, you can't just accuse everyone who disagrees with you of being some boogieman from another site.

No. 178449

I stopped taking you seriously when you used "incel" as an insult.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 178591

I wish my co-worker would stop listening to Beyonce, Leon Lewis and hip-hop altogether. At least in the office. She lost her headphones and instead of buying new ones she plays the music on speaker and it's annoying af. I've tried to counter it with my own music but she just turns off mine lol. Hope she gets new headphones soon.

No. 178604

How can you say that? Beyoncé is da woke kween who #slays and anyone who says otherwise is raycis /s*

I hate people who aggressively push their own tastes in music/books/films onto others and get offended when you tell them you hate it

*I don't actually know what the hip new lingo is nor what any of that shit means, sorry

No. 178605

>There's a fine line between waking your partner up with a sexual act and sexual assault or rape for example
He anally raped her and laughed at her when she cried. Do you have brain problems? Holy fuck.

No. 178606

Fuck your context, regardless of if you meant to come across as a woman hater or not, you still did.
There's no shame in taking direction or admitting that you phrased something badly but instead you're shifting the blame from yourself, in just the same gross way that you shifted the blame from him in your previous messages. Gross.

I'm sorry that you believe being likened to a tribe of typically pro-rape misogynists isn't an insult suited to someone typing like… well, one of those.

No. 178612

i've had a massive crush on a guy for a month now. whenever i know he will be somewhere i dress to impress.

i didn't have anything important to do today, just pay a bill, so i left the house just to do that and come back right away. you know when you are feeling lazy and you dress the first shitty thing you see in front of you? and someone tells you to not do that because you may find an ex or someone you like while you're out?
yeah, that's what happened lol. i had my hair up in a horrible bun, zero make up and i was looking like a slob. we only talked for 2 min but it was enough to make me feel like total shit.

my best friend is a male and said males like that because they get to see you without any "paint" on your face. ughh kill me, that makes me feel even worse because i think i look ghostly pale and eyebrowless without makeup.

No. 178613

not saying i don't let my boyfriends and girlfriends see me without makeup on. i obviously do, but i dont like when that happens until we're at least a bit close since my self esteem is low

No. 178721

I've had 3 "friends", in different times of my life, not knowing about eachother, tell me they "don't have time to see me" (like ever again) even though they were all jobless, didn't go to school or have many other friends. And surprisingly, all complained about having empty lonely lives. That's pretty damn hard to not take personally!

No. 178767

My bf is leaving for basic in 3 weeks, we thought it was going to be in June but at meps his job got switched so now it's in Feb. I'm trying to put on a brave face and make the most of it because I know he's really happy to be going but it was like a sucker punch because I thought we had more time. I know a lot of couples break up at this point and I'm terrified. He hasn't alluded to doing that but I'm not naive enough to think it won't be really hard on both of us.

No. 178858

Coworker was supposed to have a free day today, which meant that I'd be finally alone and would be able to tidy up our office a bit. Now she's coming back in because our boss needs something, which means she'll be pissed the entire day and I'll have to listen to her bitch and moan, sigh.

No. 178909


I thought shit like that only happened on bad television shows.

Anon, is your life being filmed before a live studio audience?

No. 178928

I'm just really tired of seeing pro Trump memes and statuses and shit on my Facebook. I live in the deep south, so… I don't approve of crazy SJWs protesting and crying and stuff, but I truly resent Trump being elected president. I hated Hillary just as much and wouldn't have been happy either way, I guess.

No. 178936

my boyfriend is ignoring me over a small mistake i did ingame with him and he argued to me about it and its seriously such a small thing but he's gone 1 whole day without talking to me and its not the first time it happens
makes me feel so shitty but i love him so much i keep putting up with it but i just dont understand why these small things become such a big deal when he always tells me it's not my fault hes like this etc

No. 178946

One of my mutuals is so obsessed with a Korean idol and tweets shit like "I love ____ so much" everyday and constantly puts said idol on the pedestal, it's really uncomfortable to watch. Her most recent was how she gets upset that she loves him so much that I can't help but be slightly worried. I don't want to be an armchair psychiatrist but this doesn't seem normal..

No. 178947

That sounds incredibly petty. How old is he?

No. 178950

I wonder if you'll like it better in San Francisco.
Just about every other person here thinks the sky is falling and we are literally in 1930's Nazi Germany.

No. 178954

we're both 18, im his first gf and ive dated other boys before him but im not surprised he's sometimes immature
so i'm trying rly hard not to be too hard on him when he's like this but its happening so often now its gettin on my nerves tbh

No. 178958

Have a talk with him. Ask him if he truly cares about you or the relationship since something so insignificant is enough to hinder communication between the both of you. If he still throws a hissy fit or is unhappy that you feel this way, ditch him. 18 is young, but hopefully he'll grow up and learn from this. He's taking your patience for granted, anon.

No. 178960

I had a bf who did shit like this all the time when I was 18, in my mid-20's now. One time I jokingly called him bad during a game and he tardraged and kicked me out of (his mom's) house. Obviously we broke up and I'd never date a manchild like that again.

You should definitely have a conversation with him because he needs to grow the fuck up. 18 is old enough to know better than to cold shoulder your gf over a fucking video game.

No. 178963

Sit down and have a conversation about it. It's extremely immature of him, especially since it's just a game.

No. 179014

My parents are controlling, manipulative and abusive and I feel like they don't have any empathy and don't care about anyone but each other. I was hospitalized 4 years ago because I was suicidal (and still am) and they didn't really care, they went on vacation for a week like 2 days after I was put in a mental ward. I told my therapist about all the shit they pull and we had a 2 on 2 conversation (my parents + me and the therapist) but after I was discharged my parents grouped up against me, twisting the words of my therapist so that I'm always at fault.
I eventually stopped taking my anti depressants and stopped seeing my therapist because I just couldn't be bothered to do it; after being discharged I felt worse than ever before because most of the problems I had/have are caused by my environment/how people treat me and my parents are extremely toxic to be around. They never understood depression, they never bothered to educate themselves about it and they thought as long as I was on meds I was going to be fine.
When I was still living with them they would regularly call me downstairs to the living room to interrogate me (I used to lie a lot because of my anxiety + depression I forgot or procrastinated a lot of chores and then I got scared of them getting mad so I lied) and I can't deal with aggressive confrontation, it always makes me cry and then my parents would yell and call me names which just made everything worse.
2 years ago I was able to move out but I'm financially dependant on them and I really wish I wasn't. I wanted to get a job for a long time so I could just get away from them slowly but my depression just keeps getting worse and I barely have the motivation to do anything. They keep emotionally blackmailing me and being extremely childish and passive-aggressive and I can't deal with it.
Nowadays every little thing makes me have a breakdown or an anxiety attack and I really hate it. Also I can't seek any professional help until at least July because of certain circumstances. My mind is everywhere and I'm just a goddamn mess and I wish there was anything I could do to feel better.

No. 179053

File: 1485035241301.jpg (63.06 KB, 450x562, 1455921563412.jpg)

I'll greentext because its easier

>be friends with this girl for my entire life

>practically her family is my family and vice versa
>grow up hang out, go to school,college,uni etc
>she gets a job abroad and gets a bf, dont speak with her for a few months off and on
>I'm secretly going through depression and a failed suicide attempt but no one knows
>turns out her bf was abusing her. shit like beating her up, rape or at least forced.
>she breaks it off after months of this, comes back home
>after not really seeing/speaking for months I head over because.
>we chat, she breaks down, chat some more
>months pass, try to hang out but I tend to self isolate/depression and friends coming back full force
>she becomes more drawn in, rarely does anything, slowly becomes a shutin besides her job
>talk to her folks and shes getting worse and worse

Not really sure what to do

A tldr: is bad shit happened to childhood friend and I dont really know what to do

I want to help but the other part of me just wants to fuck off and die.

>I just wanna watch the new season of bojack or rick and morty when its out and play KH3.

like I want to help but I really just want to be alone as well most of the time.

No. 179060

I have a pretty major binge drinking issue like I regularly blackout and make poor decisions and have like actually hurt myself while drunk but I'm scared to stop drinking because my social life basically depends on it. I'm not addicted to drinking or anything (I can go months without a drink) but I have a hard time controlling myself when I start esp when I'm already drunk or high. I've ended so many friendships because I'm embarrassed by my drinking even though people tell me I'm a fun drunk (I'm pretty social but that often translates into over-sharing and being slutty). I don't want to stop drinking entirely because I have fun if I just get tipsy and I genuinely enjoy the taste of alcohol but I also don't really want to be known as That Drunk Girl

basically I want to have my vodka and drink it too :/

No. 179062

As someone who went through a very similar situation, i think my advice on this is pretty solid: focus on yourself first. Be "selfish" for a while. Go see a therapist, a psychiatrist. Take meds if necessary. Start working out. You know, heal yourself first.
You will probably waste your little energy on helping your friend, especially if she's not really open and talkative. Not to mention it dealing with her depression can bring you down even more. Some people seem immune to that type of interaction, but most aren't. If I had received this advice a few years ago I'd have saved myself from a ton of pain.

After that you can think of what you can do to help her.

No. 179063

Mention that*
Sorry about the typos

No. 179072

Yeah I understand what you're getting at.

I'm stuck in that weird crossroads where by getting it treated and acknowledged makes it seem 'real' that what I've just been doing now which was basically living with it.

its tough because I care for her and want to help her, even anyone in general but this depression or whatever it is, anxiety or whatever.

it makes me just want to do nothing at times, not even die just sort of fade out. And I dont like the idea of placing my problems on others so its tough to deal with this alone.

thanks for the advice I'll take it to heart, I'm trying to find a gym thats 24/7 so I can go late, I'm not good around crowds.

No. 179098

You're welcome! I understand you want to help her now that she's in a complicated situation emotionally, but it will be a lot easier to do that if you take care of yourself first.

About the gym, I'm sure you will find one if you look hard enough. But while you don't, you can start at home. Cardio 3x a week is a good start (you can find good cardio on YouTube, look for Body Project beginner cardio or fitness blender and just do them in your bedroom/living room).

Good luck!

No. 179111

File: 1485062726712.jpg (67.71 KB, 750x538, qNpA4qQ.jpg)

Is it bad to live with your parents even if you pay 'rent' of about $1000/month? The house is 3500+ square feet and has several empty bedrooms, and 2 of them have their own full bathroom.

No. 179119

I'm having a problem where I'm occasionally having spastic fits in the back of my mind demanding me to kill myself for relatively minor/stupid things I've done. It's come to the point where it's developed into a sort-of voice in the back of my consciousness. That voice sounds like some dickhead who yelled at me in a video game a few months back. As petty as that sounds, I'm pretty much against playing video games at all because of him.

Even now I'll feel pretty good and then it will start right up. 'Yeah, but remember the time you did THIS? You should kill yourself. That ledge looks high enough to do the trick'.

What the fuck is wrong with me and why has this manifested from an experience with a VIDEO GAME? I get yelled at all the time in places where it actually matters and it doesn't bother me, but oh fuck this guy in a really bad video game called me a stupid bitch who knows nothing guess it's time to become suicidal.

No. 179122

I don't think it's bad to live with your parents, especially if you make your own money and pay rent. That's respectable. I mean, the $1k rent for just a room sounds astronomically high to me but I din't know the details. I suppose it depends on how much support your parents provide. If they're paying all your bills (clothes, food, gas, entertainment, school) then perhaps it could be rationalized. It might even be a great deal.

It just sounds high to me because: My parents' monthly mortgage payment on their 2500 square ft home is roughly $1k. They charge my adult sister $350 a month to cover a room, food, and car/medical insurance. She uses what's in the house as she pleases but buys her own clothes and whatnot. If they were hard assess I could see them charging more, but they prefer to not ask too much as she not only doesn't get much privacy but also has to obey their house rules.

No. 179127

I live at home and my dad only charges me around $290 a month because I commute to my uni and the gas expense really ads up, plus I have full responsibility of the two cats we have and I make dinner most nights. Your house sounds much bigger than my parents' though. You sound fine, you're not mooching or anything.

No. 179131

Sounds fine to me, you're even paying rent. But I come from a culture where living with your parents isn't something to be ashamed of.

Anon, I think it's time to see a therapist. That sounds awful.

No. 179139

>paying rent for living with your folks
How can they charge their own blood for living with them? My brother lives with our parents and he's in his 30s, he'll inherit the family home and repay them by taking care of them when they're old. I get the family salas ('ranch') because I live abroad. How is living with your parents anything to be embarrassed by, how could anyone even think of it as 'mooching'? Where are your parents gonna go when they get old and there's nobody to take care of them?

No. 179141

900-1200 is about what a small/studio apartment rents for in my area. I just figure that if I'm going to be paying that hefty wad of cash for an itty bitty apartment anyway, I'd rather give my parents more of a financial cushion instead for about the same sized room and a much nicer bathroom.

No. 179142

My sister used to work at a dead end fast food job and was giving my mom about $700 a month for a small bedroom, and my mom constantly asked for more. Family does that type of shit when money becomes an issue.

No. 179143

I think the same way, anon. But well, I'm not American and that type of thing seems pretty common there. I live with my mom but I have a job and pay for my phone, internet, etc. Still, I would feel bad to charge my own kids like that too; having them repay you for taking care of you when you're older seems a lot better to me.

No. 179172

>I think the same way, anon. But well, I'm not American and that type of thing seems pretty common there.

The results speak for themselves.

No. 179191

I live with my parents in a 7400 sq. ft. home in SoCal and they ask for $500. With $1K you can rent a studio and I'd move out if I were you, man.

No. 179225

Oh god this happened to me too, I was earlier going "oh well that's not too bad"-
Until I sludged onto my friends hot friend, who Ive drooled since the first time I saw him, at the gym while sweaty, no makeup and baggy old gym clothes on. I looked like a hot mess and he just gave me a surprised look and walked away.


No. 179236

>Letting your grown kids live and eat in your home for free forever just shows that either the parents don't respect themselves or that the 'kids' are pathetic infantile adult babies.
culture differences, anon

No. 179240

>Your life doesn't end when you have kids, you don't have to be enslaved to them forever.

i mean it's different if you make a decent amount and just choose to stay at home. what about cases like >>179142 where parents asking for money is actually detrimental if the adult child wants to move out?

most of the time kids don't stay at home because they want to.

No. 179241

File: 1485130260757.jpg (48.4 KB, 543x960, 16105707_1072133786243211_6018…)

How do you finally discard the desire for validation from your parents?

No. 179258

Maybe some Indian anons can shed light/correct me on this: every single Indian guy I've met (IRL) is a sleazy creep. Not the Western-born ones, I mean the ones from India.

I spend time with educated groups, so it's not like I hang out in bad crowds. I guess they are so repressed that they think when a woman talks to them out of politeness, it means they can be pushy with asking for contact info, names of your female friends, etc. I am so sick of it I now basically avoid talking to young South Asian men if I don't have to. Yes it is discriminatory, I am that biased against them now.

No. 179268

when I was in Canada, I was strictly only cat called by Indian men. I hadn't experienced such unabashed behavior since high school. It was really awful, and every time it happened I became really self conscious. I can't say whether or not those men were born there or in India, but they lacked an understanding of human decency.
I was also with my boyfriend, clearly noticeable that we were in a relationship (his arm around me or holding hands) and that didn't say them in the slightest.

I can't say all Indian men are that way, but I think they believe they're some sort of Casanova who can sway any woman.

No. 179271

Ugh that's disgusting anon. People can be so shameless.

>I think they believe they're some sort of Casanova who can sway any woman

I guess it's part of the "western women are easy" thing? Yes, they are more casual about sex, but that doesn't mean standards are so low that girls will bend over for a sleazeball with a goofy accent and 90s style gelled hair who won't leave them the hell alone. I swear they all have that gross gelled back hair.

No. 179279

>Goes out state for art school

>inb4 art school meme I'm full ride

>Male dominated major

>roommates are all male so can't even have the "I guess I'll hangout with you since you're my roommate" if they were female

>Meet a girl online on a different forum

>She gets distracted but her friend see us interacting on the forum so he gets my contact so me and her can get to know each other

>tries to contain happiness on having an actual fucking girl to vent and talk to, possible friendship

>girl brings me into call with them

>girl shows red flags for certified snowflake but ignores because I miss having a female to talk to

>during our discussion I find out the guy lives incredibly close to where I live, we shit talk our areas together

>girl gets upset and says "oh you two are meant to be"

>she just leaves call

>apparently they are dating

>not wanting to lose her I call her explaining I want nothing to do with him, he sounded a bit young anyway

>she confirms he's fucking 17 and she's 25!!!!

>barfs a bit

>overlooks it and says I'm not interested at all and I'm only here for her

>she's like "show me a picture of her face"

>not being dumb I say no basically and says I'll send you mind if she sends me yours

>she doesn't send it but continues to ask for mine

I just wanted a fucking friend like why would she think I'm here to steal her underage boyfriend when all I wanted was to be friends with her.

No. 179281


Sounds like she's insecure as all hell, probably saw how you two where clicking and got upset. Best to just give up on her anon

No. 179283

Looks like you lucked out not making friends with a psycho child fucking bitch.

No. 179287

I'd rather be alone honestly.

No. 179303

India has high groping rates, look up 'eve teasing'. Bollywood films always show the hero persistently harassing a girl until they 'win her over'.
Having a problem with sleazy brown guys at work too but it's probably my fault for being polite to them when I live in a racist white area, so treating someone politely probably = flirting

Just adding that whilst focusing on you is good, don't ignore your childhood friend completely until you feel 'fixed', if you put it off like that it will just endlessly be 'one more month and I'll be good enough to be there for her'. It'll never happen.
Yes, focus on you and take time for yourself and put being her counselor on hold, but still send her texts and stuff in the meantime about normal things. Simply asking what she's eaten that day or saying if you saw a dog while you were out is better than ignoring a friend in need completely.

Give up on that, there will be at least one girl in a class or in a society/club or lunch hall that you can try to talk to instead

No. 179315

>Bollywood films always show the hero persistently harassing a girl until they 'win her over'.

I cant watch any movies any more because I can't unsee this behavior. If the princess is not into him at the start of the movie, killing a few dragons and saving the kingdom wont change anything.

A hero who just finds a different girl would probably some revolutionary film masterpiece now.

No. 179316

>A hero who just finds a different girl would probably some revolutionary film masterpiece now.

probably be*

Also, now that I think about it, that just makes her a gold digging bitch if she only likes him after becoming a hero.

No. 179322

This but Turkish for me.
I always try to not sound racist but it's at the point i give up because it's exclusively the turkish guys (in my area at least) who harass me on almost a daily basis.
the city i live in is full of students from other countries so there's people from everywhere.
I live on a main road and there's 1 section of the road that all Turkish food, stores, hairdressers etc are. I HAVE to walk past it to get to uni and the stares i can ignore but the comments infuriate me.
One dude walked past me with his friend staring intensely at my legs (i always wear stockings or black tights if i wear skirts) and when they got just past me they shouted "hey baby you want some sex?" - being me i called them a "filthy cunts" and walked on. This happens all the time. I'm dreading summer when i start to pull out the cute skirts since they seem to love it so much.
They crowd around outside their shops etc, smoking just harassing anything with a pair of tits that walks past. Even when I am with my bf (i'm white and he's Chinese) they've said "oh she needs a big dick and not a chinese one". my bf is shy so i don't expect him to say anything but when i do everybody around you looks at me as if i'm racist..
I don't even see myself attractive enough for people to do this to me either, I just assume is a culture thing and most of them sexulise any white girl, taken or not.

No. 179330

Gross…they have such sad existences. I'm thankful my "harassment" is limited to desperate (and repressed) Indians trying to make friendly with me bc their IT jobs won't land them a green card. Sorry to hear that anon, is moving away from that neighborhood an option?

No. 179334

I'm moving to a different area soon since i'm in student accommodation right now. I'm looking for a place just away from the main road where they like to gather so i don't have to walk past it everyday

No. 179350

I think I'm being bit by bedbugs. I noticed a red bump on my nose Friday after he came over and Saturday after I came back from my boyfriends house I noticed two more bumps. (On my arm) I don't think I got bit Sunday and I haven't noticed anything new today, but I changed my bedsheets just in case.

I'm just hoping it was just like a random ass bug or something lmao

No. 179353

Get it treated now. Dont take no for an answer. Anon, I've seen people lose their minds from paranoia of these things. My mother sleeps in garbage bags like a hobo in a house that has no furniture except a few lawn chairs that she pushes together to make a bed and a single table made of glass.

Your sanity is at risk if you let yourself even entertain the idea of them in your home. Get the biggest baddest treatment you can get before you lose your mind.

And fuck, now that you mentioned it, I need help. How do I deal with my mother? She's literally hallucinating them now, and it we get in massive fights when I try to calm her down. We had the house treated 4 times–six week programs each time. They are fucking gone but I can't convince her and she's starting to drive me crazy too.

No. 179356


Well, fuck.

No. 179370

I'm 3 years into college and I haven't made any friends here. It's a small school in a small, Midwestern town, and it feels like a prison sentence. I could have transferred some time ago but I don't see much point now.

I used to attempt suicide every semester or so, but it's been over a year now without that. I tried therapy and antidepressants for several years and I don't really have faith in either for different reasons.

No. 179376

File: 1485220050607.jpg (38.67 KB, 443x332, IMG_1192.JPG)

Move if you possibly can. Treat every single item you own either way, and treat every surface in your home if you have to stay there.

Bedbugs are nigh impossible to eliminate and drive people literally insane. pic related since it's bedbugs gone untreated.

No. 179377

If possible, find out what counselling services are available locally. Unless she's a risk of harming herself or others through action or negligence she's gonna have to be the one to make any help happen.

The best you can do is validate that bedbugs can cause genuine trauma, and encourage her to seek help and support.
It's really hard to see a loved one going through psychotic symptoms, and it can feel like you're not helping by not forcing some sort of intervention but providing support is the most you can do until she accepts help or is no longer deemed capable of making decisions in her best interest.

It may be best for you both if you're able to relocate her to a new place with a guarantee of no prior bedbug infestations and give it a precautionary treatment as well. Is she able to accept that there's no bugs for any period of time or is she consistent in that belief?

No. 179387

I told my mom that I got bit and we've been comparing my bites to bedbug ones. No dice so far.. I'm going to see my school nurse to ask if she thinks it's bedbugs, then my doctor.

Right now I'm inspecting my bed, and searching for ways to treat it since I can't really just pack up and leave. Hopefully we can get an exterminator since we're in an apartment (in New York…Bedbug capital) but I'm seriously hoping this isn't the case rn.

If it is I'm going to be so pissed at my boyfriend since I haven't had any problems before he came over and i went to his place, even though he told me he hasn't had any bug problems

No. 179394


No1curr but luckily enough I've found no signs of those little devil's being here, and my bites are two ones in different areas of my arm instead of the same place like most of the ones I've seen online. BUT, I'm still going to the nurse, and probably my doctor.

Also, since I'm a poorfag, I'm going to have to do the cheapo way and buy one of those self inspection things and the bug traps you put at the bottom of beds for now. I get paid Thursday and if I get bit more I guess me and my mom will have to pool cash to get an exterminator.

Fuck this really sucks.

No. 179395

Nah dude I'm glad there's no sign of the little fuckers so far. If cheap works do it. No shame in not blowing money. Hope the bites are from something else.

No. 179396


I was kind of worried people would be mad at me for not taking it seriously but I honestly don't think we could afford an exterminator ;-;

I already have the raid bedbug spray in mind and I think I'll leave work early tomorrow to try and find it. It's better than nothing and I'd rather treat it cheaply and as soon as possible than wait.

No. 179397

Definitely get the sticky traps. That will at least help you confirm if you have bed bugs, but keep in mind even if nothing comes up you may still have them, the population might just be really small. A population of less than 100 can be hard to detect, even for professionals.

If you can find them, climb up protectors for the legs of your bed are good. They'll keep the begs from climbing up onto the bed if they're not already in there. Strip the bed completely and check with a flashlight for any holes in the mattress or box spring. Push the bed away from the wall or any furniture that bugs could use to climb up.

Also, look up tenants rights where you live and see what they say about bed bugs. Where I live, the landlord is responsible for the cost of extermination, and I think it's similar in NYC. If that's the case your landlord will be the one to pay for extermination, not you. But in that case you must report the bed bugs as soon as you're fairly certain you have them and if professionals come you need to make sure you follow all their instructions or you could be held liable to pay for the extermination. If you do what they say though you'll be fine.

If you really hate yourself, set your alarm for any time from 2-4 am and inspect the bed at that time. They are most active st night when you are in deep sleep. That's how I caught mine…

No. 179399

Hey it's not your fault you can't just up and move or get in an exterminator. Don't feel bad for that fam. I couldn't afford to do either rn tbh.
You're not being a dickhead about it, no sweat.

No. 179400

Didn't see this as I was writing my big reply, but seriously be careful with so called "cheap" options. The most these things do is scatter the bugs into other areas until they feel it's safe to come back.

One cheap way though is diatomaceous earth. You'll still need an exterminator, but I would put this down if you suspect you have bed bugs but have seen no actual signs or after extermination is over. Put it around all the edges of the room, around the holes of outlets, around pipes, any holes leading into your house, etc. you can also put a layer around the bed. This stuff basically destroys their exoskeleton, but it's not instantaneous and at not a solution to a full blown infestation, but it can be of help if you just have a few stragglers.

No. 179401

Agreed with the other anon on counseling. It helped me so much when going through my own bout with bed bugs. People don't realize the phychological toll that bed bugs can take on you. It makes you feel like a prisoner in your own home because not only are you at the mercy of these things at your most vulnerable (when sleeping) but no one wants to be near you because of the stigma and you don't want to pass it on, so it can be really isolating. Even if she won't go to counseling, try to get her out of the house. She may be afraid to pick up bed bugs again but try to get her or little by little.

Also, if you can put down detection traps and stuff it may help her feel more secure. That way she can check them and physically see that nothing has come back. It's hard when you think he bugs could just be out there lurking with no tangible proof either way.

No. 179402


Thanks for the advice. I looked into it and it seems like we should be covered, so that's one less thing to worry about. As I've said before, I don't see any evidence of them being here at all, so far. But I'm still going to get at least the traps and the things that go on the legs of the bed.

Anons who have had this issue, can you tell me what your bites where like at first? Like I've said before I have three, two on my arm. One is on my wrist and the other is at the back of my fore-arm. Bicep area I'd say. And the one on my nose. From what I've seen online they tend to bite in the same areas, is this true?

No. 179428

a week ago i hooked up with this dude and we used handcuffs and my wrists were pretty bruised (pls don't lecture me about the sex i have i already know it's gross/degenerate lol) and then one of them was numb for a couple days after and now there's this weird mark and the skin is a little puckered and my wrist hurts and is still numb in some places :/ should i see a dr (i have healthcare so it's nbd just awkward bc my dr is an old jewish guy who's known me forever) or just wait it out and hope it gets better?

sorry this is disjointed i'm a lil stoned rn

No. 179429


What kind of cuffs did he use? Maybe you're allergic to them? Or he had them on too tight and you're really bruised.

No. 179430


just metal ones from a sex store but they were probably too tight

i just remembered that i carried around a twine bag the day after (leftovers from a hipster brunch place) so maybe i'm also reacting to that?

No. 179431

sorry for samefag i replied to the wrong comment lol

No. 179432

If your hand is numb, maybe you irritated a nerve somehow. You should go to the doctor if it doesn't start feeling better soon.

No. 179435

I saw a side of my mother recently that really disturbed me.
My grandparents on my fathers side passed away, and we're left with their house full of their stuff. Immediately, most of the family except for my father's side started having fights over it. That was kind of expected, but what was even weirder about it is that suddenly Mom decided that she needed some stuff. I don't know why, because she wasn't related to them. Soon, she started fighting with the rest of my family for stuff. After having some very venomous arguments with my cousins, she got a bag full of antique silverware. It's now sitting in my attic where I'm sure it will sit for years until she passes away.

When I asked why, she told me that she deserved to have some stuff, too. She's normally a very calm, well-tempered person. Her demeanor completely changed when she caught wind of those trinkets. What happened? I'm scared and a little confused. She fought with every girl in the family except for me over some junk in a velvet bag. I can't even call my cousins now, because they're that mad at my mother. Does anyone know what prompted this complete change in her personality?

No. 179436

Sounds like there might be something deeper between your mother and your dad's side of the family, and the silverware issue just let it reveal itself. That's the only thing I can think of besides your mom having a spontaneous episode.

No. 179437

That's not really uncommon, believe it or not. People do crazy shit when people die and money/possessions are involved. Seemingly kind and caring people can turn into huge assholes if they think they can get their share when someone passes.

No. 179438

My grandparents are in their mid-80s and my dad has been vehemently telling them to donate everything they own to charity when they die for this very reason.

No. 179439

That's something that I don't think has ever come up that I know of.

That's just terrifying. I hope I never become that way.

I wish they did this.

No. 179452

I just want to get my period today so I can know that I'm not fucking pregnant. Right now I'm sick and have fever, looked it up and guess what - "it is a possible sing of pregnancy".

Why is almost e v e r y t h i n g a fucking sign of pregnancy? Sneezing often - pregnant, fever - pregnant, peed a bit more than usual? - pregnant, skin falling off? well maybe you're fucking pregnant.

God this sucks.

No. 179460

We happen to be moving next week. We aren't taking anything at all. Nothing. We'll buy new clothing at a dollar store and we bought a gym membership to shower before we walk into a new apartment.

>Is she able to accept that there's no bugs for any period of time or is she consistent in that belief?

Unfortunately, I don't know. She calls me to come running to see the ones she's "found" and when it's nothing she actually tells me

">They disappear whenever you come look."

She says that and doesn't realize how crazy that sounds. To her they are already supernatural monsters with personal malice towards her.

I don't think I can get her into counseling because she was once forced into it for something completely unrelated, and lawyered up to sue the person responsible to death. She probably will never ever go to a psychological doctor again because she doesn't trust them.

I think I'm fucked.

>but no one wants to be near you because of the stigma and you don't want to pass it on, so it can be really isolating. Even if she won't go to counseling, try to get her out of the house. She may be afraid to pick up bed bugs again but try to get her or little by little.

Yeah the stigma was the worst. Our cunt landlord blamed us for bringing them. I know that's not true since I found them on the first day. An exterminator confirmed that this apartment could not be newly infested.

As for going out of the house, I know it's good for her but I don't think either of us will ever be comfortable sitting anywhere in a public place again. All the things that used to be fun, like movies and vacations are ruined. Everything is "they probably have bugs there" now.

I hate our landlord so much. She had to have known. I don't want to write publicly what I wish I could do to her for ruining our lives.

No. 179463

I want to echo the other anon about that spray. It's a lie and does not work. You can't get the chemicals needed to kill these guys so easily as a regular person.

On top of everything else, these horrible creatures have to be nearly invincible too. A regular cheap exterminator won't don't anything to them. I know that first hand because our cunt landlord got the cheapest one she could get and they came back STRONGER. We had to get a dedicated bedbug firm to come and nuke the place with powerful poisons and heat steamers.

No. 179464

File: 1485253487319.jpg (10.72 KB, 289x364, nun.JPG)

Change your ways, anon. Let Jesus into your heart and know that He is with you.

No. 179466

What exactly does this have to do with my rant lol?

No. 179467

Pregnancy fears fucking sucks. I've been there and know how you feel. Try not to stress yourself out over the possibility or you might get phantom pregnancy symptoms that will freak you out even more.

No. 179471

Truth is: I'd really like to have kid, just not yet. I'm too young (21) and financially not even close to stable. Otherwise if I were pregnant I'd keep it.

I'm not too bothered by the possibility of being pregnant because if I'd need an abortion I can pay for it. What really sucks is that I'd had to tell this to my bf and possibly parents. My parents are close to their 60s and really want grandchildren, it would suck to break their hearts like that. But I guess it's better that way rather than being completely broke without a real future.

No. 179484

I'm supporting my mother, also my brother but he's a less of an expense.

I shouldn't feel this way but I hate my mother for locking me in this madhouse. I had dreams and ambitions but instead she said she was out of money and that I needed to help.
It was supposed to be temporary and I should have had finally gathered enough cash to find my own place and started anew. But litterally all my money goes into utilities, food, gas(I don't even drive a car, its hers) and her fat dog.

I feel like a horrible person, maybe I am. I hate her for guilt tripping me all the time, I hate her useless small fat dog, I think I even hate trump because she supports him. I hate how instead of actually looking for a job she just spends the whole day arguing with people on the internet over useless shit. I hate her for always putting my brother as a priority and I have to bring money and help with house chores.
My brother is great, I love him to bits and he understands the situation but I just want out of this nightmare.

She spends immense amounts of money everytime although we barely eat half of it, she also cooks meals for her stupid dog 3 times per day, she went on some cruise and then she payed for some pricey courses that she never applied. But hey- as long as she has an idiot like me, I guess it doesn't matter.

I had a great job offer and rejected it, but now I won't do it anymore. Fuck her, fuck my mother I hope she rots. Fuck her stupid financial decisions and chaos she brings.

No. 179487

Anon, other anon responded to you in a really empathetic way and rather than thanking them or empathizing with them back, you just launched into dumping more?
I hope you aren't pregnant, you'd be a terrible mother if you're like this irl.

No. 179489

from an outsiders perspective, this is a valid complaint.

if it was on purpose or unintentional, I don't know, but your mother did kind of lock you down in that house, especially since you don't have your own car. Also spending your money like it's her own kind of irked me.

I honestly have never been in a situation like this so I have no first hand experience, but it'd be nice if you could let your mom down someday and do what you want to do, you know? It's your life, you have a right to do that. I just wouldn't want you to wake up one day and feel like you've wasted time trying to fix your mom who sounds like she can't solely be fixed by you.

No. 179499

It's about what you and your SO want. If others don't like it, they can get married and have their own wedding the way they want it.

No. 179500

If you have healthcare you should definitely get it checked out. It's probably not difficult to fix, but neglecting the problem could make it get worse.

No. 179502

I get a fever before my period so maybe it's that.

No. 179507

File: 1485277790505.gif (1006.27 KB, 500x333, Utena Anthy.gif)

Shit went down just one hour ago. Please, tell me I'm an idiot if necessary.

>Madly in love with a really close friend

>She decides she's not a butch lesbian anymore and starts seeing a guy
>Guy is an older asshole who lies to her, treats her like an idiot and eventually dumps her
>I tell her I like her. She reminds me that she's "almost straight" now, so I have no chance
>We're both depressed and she suffers from a chronic illness. I keep talking to her despite feeling burnened because she can only talk about:
>1) depression 2) sadness 3) her chronic illness
>I eventually tell her I feel burdened sometimes but that I like her way too much to let that stop me from being in her life
>Dumps me "for our best" so I won't have to "suffer" because of her
>Beg her not to do that; start feeling worse
>Dumps me anyway

Fast forward 6 months

>Me and my then SO break up

>I'm very private person so I don't tell anyone the details because it was a particularly embarrassing breakup
>During past 6 months: a process to better myself: started working out, don't need antidepressants as before, decided to learn how to control my emotions to avoid freaking out unnecessarily like always
>She starts talking to me, I don't even remember why
>Super happy that she's back
>I tell her about my breakup – but i tell her what I told everyone
>Life goes on. I eventually and casually tell her about my breakup (the whole, complete story)
>She gets mad because I "lied" (read: didn't give her the details the first time)
>I get mad because it's my life and I can choose what I want to share or not and "lie" to protect my life if I want to
>She tells me I'm hiding my emotions, controlling my feelings way too much and says we need to go our separate paths
>Tell her hasta la vista and pretend not to care that much even though I'm heartbroken

Maybe deep down I still love her? Because I feeling super miserable right now. It sucks to be thrown away by someone you just wanna be close friends with again.

The first time she dumped me I managed to create some really beautiful art fueled by what I felt for her, and that got me relatively famous in the scene I'm in (despite my Utena GIF, no, it's not Tumblr related). But now I don't even know how to feel, and feel uninspired. Just sad and bitter.

No. 179508

Also, ignore my typos, etc. I had to type that really fast because I'm crying like a fucking baby

No. 179512

She didn't do anything wrong, calm down.

No. 179517


Get the sand out of your vagina

No. 179521

You're not going to like what I say but, it's time for you to find someone else. I can tell if you do manage to get her back, you two will continue to have these same issues. Realize you are only hurting yourself & this emotional bondage you have with her is unhealthy. Breakups are supposed to make you feel miserable, very rarely they don't. Let time help you realize you are better off with someone else.

No. 179538

what is with people attacking each other in this thread? fuck off somewhere else.

No. 179542

File: 1485294653091.jpg (8.26 KB, 240x193, 1484924927036.jpg)

Last week, I went on a Tinder coffee date with a cool guy and I thought it went well. He told me to add him on facebook, and later I messages him if he wanted to grab coffee again next week (this week now). He said he was busy and wasn't too sure of his schedule and that he would let me know. It's been one week and seems like he's just ghosting instead. Why do guys do this shit.

No. 179544

because they're bitches

No. 179548

Don't be sad, there are plenty of fishes in the sea. You'll get another Tinder date soon.

No. 179550

Honestly I'm not sad about it.. I would rather have people tell me they're not interested instead so they don't waste my time.
Yeah I have way too many Tinder dates. Oops. Thanks anon!

No. 179551

more guys stuck in their stupid routine and not wanting to 'rock the boat'.
if he's not acting on you now then it's probably because he's not interested or he's too shy to step up. either of those things are relationship poison and you should go on another date with someone else.

No. 179553

he's probably a procrastinator or another hippy dickhead who only uses his facebook once a month.

No. 179554

Facebook is almost completely a waste of time.

No. 179555

unless you tell someone that you're going to message/meet them on facebook, then you better have an amazing excuse as to why you didn't meet that person.

No. 179556

That doesn't change that it's better to avoid Facebook than spend two hours a day on it.

No. 179557

Goddamn this.
Facebook is a waste of time and an excuse to not socialise properly. Sure it's great to keep in touch with people far away but so are letters and phone calls. There's no need whatsoever to use facebook more frequently than a few times a month if you insist on having it.

No. 179558

>Sure it's great to keep in touch with people far away but so are letters and phone calls.
Monetary cost comes with both of those. Also time zones. And though I personally prefer email compared any other form of communication, it's practically a dead method that no one wants to use anymore.

No. 179560

>I would rather have people tell me they're not interested instead so they don't waste my time.
Lol, that never happens. Guys never tell you they're not interested anymore

No. 179564

Internet use costs money as well so…?
besides, the majority of Facebook users aren't using it for contacting people. They're using it to seek attention, show off, and spread fake news and misinformation.

No sensible person has reason to use Facebook daily.

No. 179568

Thank you, anon. I feel a lot better now that a few hours have passed. No, I really agree with you. Of course it makes me sad but I know I gotta move on somehow.

No. 179573

When I was 13 years old I met a man in a chatroom. He was 24. I was ugly and never got attention from boys my age, typical. For 3 years we had a sort of online ''relationship'', even though none of us ever wanted to admit it. He was very handsome. He made me feel beautiful even though he never complimented my appearance. In fact he would slowly over time make snarky remarks about my appearance. He made me cut contact with all my online friends. He would ask for nudes. I never sent any. He would very carefully mention meeting up, hinting that we could run away together. I'm trying to type more details but I'm actually shaking and it makes me feel so stupid. It's been over 5 years and this is the first time I've managed to type it out.

Girls get raped and abused and they are so strong. But I can't get over this little thing. Even though he didn't do anything physically he has destroyed my confidence completely even though it's been 7 years. I see his face everywhere and everytime I leave the house I am terrified of meeting him. I feel like such a slut for having liked the attention. I would have done everything for him. A part of me loves him because he's the closest thing I've ever had to a relationship.

If any of you have had a similar ''relationship'', please share.

No. 179583

Something similar happened to me, anon. He'd talk about wanting to meet me in real life and live with me and described or hinted at all these sexual scenarios that make me kinda queasy to think about now. He was ridiculously clingy/territorial, too, and tried pretty hard to manipulate me.
Luckily for me, he lived in an entirely different country so I'm sure I'll never meet him or even see him in passing. In hindsight, I just kind of went along with things because I was a lonely kid and had no friends. I didn't "love" him.
Please don't blame yourself for shit. That person was pure garbage, though I'm sure you know that already.

No. 179586

Anon, you were only 13. I did similar things at that age on the internet due to low self esteem and insane insecurity, where I lied about my age and tried to get internet boyfriends who were older than me. I remember bragging to my IRL friend (when I was around 11, or 12) that I have an 18 year old boyfriend online. No one specifically targeted me, but this continued until I was mid-high school. When I was 16 I exchanged nudes with a completely pretentious asshole off tumblr who was 23 because I had no self-respect and was desperate for attention during a different time.

I felt the same way as you did before, just guilty, stupid, and like I was dirty, but you have to realize that it is NOT your fault you were manipulated by a man twice your age when you could barely think for yourself and were a literal child. I feel like a lot of girls go through this if they get too deeply involved with the internet at a young age (just look at the DDLG communities online, it's depressing). I think it has something to do with young girls finding it cool to be with an older guy (vice versa for boys), at least this was the reasoning for me.

Are you able to see a therapist of some sort for this issue?

No. 179587

difficult* not different

No. 179590

When I was maybe 14 or 15 i met a guy online. Not really sure how since it's been almost a decade. He said he was 19, I think. Anyway, we became "friends" and sexted a lot but I never sent any nudes because 1- I knew it was wrong and 2- i felt too embarrassed and self conscious.
We talked on and off for maybe a year. I even introduced him to one of my irl friends who was 1 year older than me.
I remember I told him i loved him and he said that's something you don't say to people and that he'd never tell anyone he loved them unless he really meant it. That made me sad and destroyed my crush on him. Phew.
I remember he was super into loli. I was a tween weeb back then so i didn't think that was weird at all, god I was so fucking naive.

I remember he tried to convince me that he liked to "catch predators" online. He explained it to me but i don't remember what he said. Now that I think about it i guess he was trying to make me think he wasn't one lol. Which is absolutely hilarious because that had never crossed my mind back then.

We stopped talking for a while and one day that irl friend I mentioned earlier asked me how old he was. We talked and I found out he had lied to her about his age, things just didn't make sense.

Eventually I connected the dots: he never showed a pic, only old pics from his childhood, he lied about his age and was preying on me. We both blocked and deleted him.

This is the first time i ever typed this too. I'm sure i could add more details but I can't remember any now.
Well, i remember his name and I was pretty sure it was his real name because he had a deviant art account with said name but I'm too scared to google and revisit those memories.

No. 179591

Correction: i was 13 or 14

No. 179613

Thank you for your understanding! It means so much.
I can't talk about this with anyone. I don't even have friends anymore, but that's not what's bothering me.

She also blames me for my brothers failures while it's her that promotes his slouchy behaviour.

And those times when she's in posession of cash it's her money, but when it comes to my credit card, it's ours.

Before she at least used to pretend she felt bad about it, now she just takes and takes.
I want to travel too, I want to take a break. I want to do some courses as well. I want to buy new clothes. I can't even buy a book.

In all honesty I don't see myself breaking free. I care about my brother too much. We've been through so much together and I can't leave him behind.

It's not that black and white. My mom has a good side and she did raise me after all. I just find her demands now too selfish. And I can't even get a breathing room anymore, she always checks what I'm doing when I'm home. I'm 27yo, I shouldn't be living at my mothers place and I shouldn't feel like a teenager. I stay up till 3 am in the morning so I can finally have some peace.

Not to mention when she has a bad day, you get home and she's all emotional about something I didn't do.

No. 179619

also my uncle, that is my mothers brother, was unemployed and came to our house, it was supposed to be temporary but he prolonged his stay. It's overcrowded at home, less privacy, my uncle's an idiot and a jerk and our bills are much higher without my uncle contributing much. I feel like I'm suffocating and it's all hopeless. I'm sorry for the very long rant but this has been going for a few years now and no person to talk to. 4am and few hours of sleep before work but atleast I got you guys.

No. 179638

To me it's pretty clear that you're going to have to be that hard bitch that nobody likes, do you want your own life back badly enough to do that?
Since you can't bring yourself to walk away, you need to lay down the law instead. Change your pin number, do not give your mother your card ever again, try to open a secret savings account only for you. From now on you will either pay your fair share directly into any accounts for bills, or for household costs put money into an envelope on the kitchen table with a budgeting diary to write where that money is being used. Once it's used then it's gone until the next month. Look up family budgeting techniques for ideas. Keep a chore rota on the wall that includes your uncle and even your brother.
She will probably scream at you for being a nazi, or guilt trip you for choosing money over your own family or something, but ignore her selfish bullshit. She might even encourage your brother to hate you if he's young but in the long run, it will be better for him to see a responsible role model. Maybe encourage him to get a paper round or something so he can treat himself.

Lay down an ultimatum e.g. you will reduce your contribution in x time, you will move out in x time. Give your uncle x amount of time to find his feet before he has to start contributing x amount.

Don't bail her out if she spends the budget on stupid stuff, even when she fucks up, let her get hit with fines or let the fridge go empty or she won't ever take you seriously. (You can always take your brother out for food privately).

No. 179640

Thank you for replying. It's very interesting to read your experiences with similar creeps. It's strange to read how these men all use similar grooming techniques, it makes me see him less like a man and more like just a ''predator''. I'll save this thread so I can read it whenever I start obsessing about this again. I appreciate your insight.

No. 179668

I low key hate the fact that Messenger and Viber have "secret" messaging options. It seems useless to the average user?

No. 179688

Theres too many dd/lg related threads on here.
Just keep it under one thing or y'know dont bring it up at all its so fucking disgusting.

No. 179689

>avg age of my office is like 50
>no friends here
>there is literally only one guy who is my age
>he is always running around busy
>I am scheming all sorts of ways to get his attention/talk to him

Goddamnit I just want some work friends.

No. 179691

I'm literally in the same boat as you. Except there are two people in question and I work on the other side of the hall and never see them unless I make an excuse to go to their department or the kitchen.

Ask him if he wants to hang out before/after work for tea/coffee? Maybe if you get to know him better he'll want to hang out more too

No. 179692

Doesn't it suck? Actually we did connect on LinkedIn (the only reason he knows who I am) and have chatted a bit, we do have stuff in common. Everything has been cordial but again, he is crazy busy and barely responds to email/phone when it comes to work matters.

Let me know how it goes for you anon. This is a huge issue lol.

No. 179694

File: 1485374134477.gif (1.86 MB, 367x367, tumblr_inline_ok10i2R4ze1shxy7…)

I have this exact same issue. Everyone who works here is a middle-aged mom. All they talk about is their kids' hockey tournaments. And then they accuse me of being quiet, but I never know what to talk about with them :/

No. 179703

Ask them about their kids and make conversation that way. Soccer moms can literally talk about their kids all day long. (I sit next to one and she is nice but she tells you EVERYTHING about her kids. I swear the office will be the first to know after her 12 yo daughter starts getting periods)

No. 179711

Thank you farmer, I'll do my best.
Being a bitch doesn't seem so bad anymore.
It's not going to be easy and I do care about my mother. I do owe her in that regard but it's more difficult than I thought pulling the line between being a good member of the family and the money piñata.

No. 179712

Not the farmer you're replying yo, but fight Anon! You can do it.

No. 179729

I feel like I'm wasting my youth not partying except I have no idea how to get a social circle to do it again. I feel like most of my social life revolves around Magic the Gathering, which is ok but not really conducive to my goal, and I have no idea how to break into a social group as an adult.

Before people say partying doesn't really make you happy, I guess so, but I think it's a ton of fun anyways. I think there's a ton of other stuff I need to work on, but I hate feeling like a social failure and wasting the only time I can do this sort of thing.

Anyone, any advice?

No. 179732

This isn't a relationship problem, but it is a paranoia problem.
I have a camera out by the driveway, and twice now it's been torn down by a neighbor hood kid so he could stalk around my yard.
I have pictures of the little shit as he was in the act of doing it. Police proceeded to be like "can't do anything lol"
I think he's just wandering around the neighborhood looking for shit to break, and that was an easy target. At the same time, it fucking terrifies me that he decided he needed to destroy the cameras I use to see if strangers are coming into the yard twice and then proceeded to do something in the yard before leaving on two occasions.

Should I just chill out or start throwing money at professional security companies?

No. 179733

honestly, unless you just really love the taste of alcohol: partying is for suckers.
I've started dancing as a hobby, as lame as that sounds. You meet hot guys and they get to throw you around like a ragdoll. It may just be my kinks, but there is no downside to it.

No. 179734

Ok???? This is exactly what I didn't want to hear. I like partying, wish I could do more of it, and I can't figure out how to do so. I don't care if you like partying or not. I don't care if you like it or not.

It's not like I even want to go out every night. Once every other week would be fine with me.

No. 179735

Oh, my mistake.

No. 179739

Befriend people who don't spend their lives in basements playing games?
Go to a club, talk to someone in class who isn't a total weeb or social cripple.
Talk to the people at work who talk about their huge weekend.

No. 179740

I went to the club a few weeks ago. I'm not really sure how you're supposed to make friends there, unless you want to go out with a guy you meet at the club. Which I don't.

I'm not in school right now, and I'm a nanny. So I don't really think that will help me party.

The other place I work is at the Magic store. My boss there actually seems to drink a lot but I don't think he is interested in inviting me. lol

No. 179742

Seriously, drunk girls in the bathroom are usually friendly as shit. Even better if they're on biccies.
Start a conversation with someone, talk to customers. Ask them how their weekend was and when someone pipes up about a great club or party show some interest. Ask about the local nightlife in towns you visit, whatever. You have to make the effort though, nobody's gonna just drag you along to the party scene.

No. 179743

>how old is he?
About 15-16.
Sad thing is, I don't know if his parents care at all because they're toothless rednecks. They let him wander around the neighborhood with a .22 rifle. I'm worried about telling them because I don't want them to know that I have incriminating evidence on their son in the off-chance they do something crazy.
Again, the cops told us today that the only way to really get their help is if he's caught, red-handed in our yard. Even then it depends on why he's there. Pictures aren't enough (I have two close-up pictures of his face with zits and moles on it when he picked the camera up to stomp on it).

No. 179778

Kid sounds like a school shooter waiting to happen. If the cops won't help I'd get professional security. Even if no one can legally put the fear of God into the little cunt you will have peace of mind.

No. 179793

I might be completely wrong but maybe use social apps? Like tinder and shit. I know it's not what they're for but if you're young you're bound to end up on somebody who knows there's a party somewhere and you can go with them, and lose them there if you don't feel them too much.
Maybe specify it in your profile. Could use Yik Yak too I guess.

No. 179801

Idk if you actually meant that I repory back or not but here it is lol

Since the entire floor shares a kitchen I waited for them there and just asked them if they want to hang out at x place in the office. They looked at me a bit funny but went along with it. We kind if decided to keep meeting like that from time to time because why not.

It feels weird but I guess I partially achieved what I wanted? I still don't see them often during the day but it's a start

No. 179803


Anon just wants to party.


Are you around college aged/ have anyone you're cool with that's college aged? If so, just get closer with them so you can go to the college parties. Also, if you drive or have a radio sometimes stations announce when they're throwing a party at a club.

I'd also say hang around with the functional druggie crew, they know how to have a good time and usually know where parties are happening

No. 179826


Hello, it's me again.

I found out what the kid was doing on my property.
He hung part of a deer skeleton at the corner of my fenceline with zip-ties. Hung outside of the fence.

Is it time to leave town yet?

No. 179827

jesus christ anon

No. 179828

Is he old enough for a kick in the nuts and a cheeky "he snuck up on me, officer, I acted in reasonable self defense"?

No. 179833

File: 1485478902150.jpg (54.38 KB, 600x464, e36.jpg)

I've always lived in a small house with my mom, but in February my uncle started to live with us because he divorced his wife (my aunt). They always had problems and I don't ask for details because it's a sensitive topic, but he has a restraining order, and my aunt had to sue him for domestic violence, so he had come to live here as last resort so he wouldn't have any problems with justice.
Everything was fine, the first months I was wary because of that, and I'm not used to live with other person. Also when my cousins came over it was a mess because it's a small house and I'm not used to many people being here either, so it was pretty stressful. But somehow we could make it okay.
But in December his car stopped working, he was fired off his work and didn't even bothered to find another, and was feeling ill. He's diabetic as long I can remember and doesn't like to hospitals or medicine in general. He eats whatever he wants and doesn't follow a diet. A insulin should last one week, but he makes it long two or three weeks, applying less than he should so he doesn't has to go to for more. When he doesn't has anymore, he goes to a pharmacy and fights everyone because they tell him that he needs to go to an hospital first for the recipe.
All he does is watch TV and he doesn't even helps with chores. I told my mother that if he was going to be a parasite he shouldn't live here, but she just said "anon please don't say that, he's my brother".
The pain was so strong that my mother, his daughter and my grandmother (who lives overseas) convinced him to go to an hospital last week. It turns out he has two tumors and kidney stones, and that's all. He doesn't want to know anything else. Today my mother and his daughter went without his knowledge to make appointments for a tomography, when he realized he went batshit insane. He started to scream a lot, insulted them, and said that if the tumor is cancer he'll kill himself and my aunt. It was so scary. He has a gun, my mother told me she's going to hide it, but still. The police won't do anything, and the economy is crippled here so we can't even buy or even rent another place to live.
The appointment is the next Monday. My grandmother doesn't knows anything yet, he doesn't wants to tell anyone and forbids us to do it. To be honest, I never cared about him, I just want the peaceful life I had before. I'm worried for my mom, my cousins, my aunt and my grandma. I used to think it was kinda selfish, because I'm just thinking about myself and my mom but since I was a kid it has always been this way. Now I realized that he doesn't even deserve sympathy or all the support my mom gives to him. I just want him to go away or just die. But I'm so scared of the tomography results because I don't know how is he going to react. It's not my problem, but I'm worried, I don't know how this is going to end.

No. 179835

Maybe, but I'm a tiny girl and he's a teenager. I don't want to turn this into a rape.

No. 179836

Also police came by, said "Nothing we can do :^)" and promptly left.
I'm going to get two guys I know from the gym to come over with me to his parents house and I'm going to show them the pictures I have. At the very least, I want the parents spooked that I might sue. Any other ideas?

No. 179841

I've recently started hanging around a couple people that go to a pretty decent tech research university in my city. It's making me feel bad about myself in different ways than usual, because they're so intelligent and will go on to do great things, while I've done nothing with my life, had been a neet for a long time/also at present, and don't make use of my brain at all. I'm not stupid by any means, but I literally don't do anything. When I occasionally make attempts to, like free online courses, I get bored very quickly, even if I understand everything.

I wish I could get my life together, so then I can get some structure going on and stop hating myself for stupid reasons, especially ones I can change.

No. 179842

Get a rottweiler or pitbull. Train it to be aggressive with strangers on your property. Great alarm system, creeper deterrent, and loving friend. Triple win!

No. 179843

what an obnoxious bitch, I can see why you have no friends

No. 179844

Dude this is me rn. I'm working and going back to school soon after being a NEET for 5+ years and I am so behind my social group.

No. 179845

I would do this if there wasn't already a dog there who wasn't a goofy, playful animal who loves to sniff strangers instead of barking at them.

No. 179846

Seen my ex-girlfriend for the first time in a long time yesterday at a party. We were together for 7 years and it's been about 6 months since we last spoke so I know neither of us has come close to completing the process.

She sat with me and my friends and fit right in with every one exactly the way she used to, at one point my favourite song came on and I remember thinking that like fuck I literally couldn't have imagined a more perfect moment.

Later on we took a moment to ourselves where we both wept uncontrollably for like an hour because I've taken a job elsewhere and she's going to the military.

I know that this is just a normal and healthy part of life but man today I am so sad.

No. 179847

Why would you tell someone that's complaining about wanting to do more of something that their interest is not worth it? I specifically asked people not to tell me that partying isn't worth it. I'm actually going out later to meet a friend so whatevs.


I'm not looking for more hobbies right now. I just want to party.

I work at a Magic store, lol. But I do think asking more people about their weekends is a good idea since I work on Mondays.

Although the good thing is that I only have to make one good friend, and I think things would be easier from there.

I actually did meet someone at the store who invited me to a couple of parties, but I hated him and I had to drive back home lol. But now that I live by myself I guess I can sleep over at someone else house.

I really liked it when I visited a friend at his college. We went out once on Saturday, and then hit the bars for the next three nights. I just want to do things like that more often.

No. 179849

If you get it as a puppy it will learn to be okay with the other dog! All in the training my friend.

No. 179872

The only person I talk to is my boyfriend lol

I have friends but I talk to them like once or twice a month. It sucks because I never really had a lot of friends. Everyone fell apart when we went to different colleges. Im a game designer and in most of my classes, Im either the only girl or there's one other girl but she's always surrounded by guys. The dudes in my class are neckbeards or guys who confuses my friendship as dates which is so annoying lol. The rare ones that are nice I eventually stop talking to them once the semester is over.
I wish I had more female gamer friends or even just friends that I could gossip with or go shopping. I only play one mmo and it's dying so not a lot of people know about it…but it's the only one I will play. I wish I could befriend some farmers but honestly, Im embarrassed that Im on this site even though I love the gossip lol

No. 179893

If suicide is so bad why is the thought of it the only thing that makes me happy?

No. 179901

Same anon. I go to work, sleep, and talk to my boyfriend and that's about it. I love my boyfriend and all, but it's frustrating when he's the only person I communicate with on a daily basis besides family. I have a few friends from highschool, but ever since they enrolled in uni, I've felt an extreme distance from them. Never really had much of a social life but the lack of one has really been eating at me for a while now.

Have any farmers actually unveiled themselves and formed friendships with one another? Personally I'm too paranoid about revealing my identity to someone on here. I'm very reserved about my opinions on other social media platforms because I absolutely fear confrontation/rejection so tbh I've been a real messy bitch during my time here.

No. 179907

File: 1485507508099.png (460.71 KB, 600x725, 1462687957408.png)

I was walking with a girl from my class and she was telling me about how her father died last May from a long illness.
Before we went our separate ways I hugged her and told her how she didn't deserve that and she seemed like a nice person.
lmao, now I feel awkward because of the social retard that I am if I did the wrong thing for a girl I barely knew.

No. 179909

God luck anon! It's going to be hard and sometimes it isn't going to work out, but come back here when you need us and we'll try to support you.

We /x/ now
But seriously, if you know his parents aren't going to do anything, then you need to bring your stuff to the police again. Re-frame it as harassment/stalking, say you feel personally threatened, demand to see another officer or maybe even a female officer, make them take prints if it looks like your camera has ever been actually handled. I don't really know what varies between each State but the police need to at least log it and be more reassuring.

Bless you sweet anon, just pretend it was a normal thing to do. Confidence is always the key.