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File: 1700354553092.png (60.19 KB, 300x300, strobbery.png)

No. 1777377

This is a strobbery, put your brains in the bag!

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/1766249

No. 1777385

File: 1700354967986.jpg (22.35 KB, 600x599, 10_2.jpg)

Say that again you self-pollinating bitch I'll turn you into jam with my bare hands

No. 1777386

File: 1700355020431.gif (95.88 KB, 900x471, israel-name-meaning-baby-boy-h…)

I'm glad I was never born a moid otherwise some retard would have named me Israel.yes Israel is unfortunately a real baby name.

No. 1777388

File: 1700355085892.png (1.03 MB, 1107x1353, Eilish-No-3.png)

I just saw someone with Billie Eilish's new fragrance, and for some reason I really like the bottle. When she first released perfume I didn't care for the bottle design because I dislike the generic woman/woman's body with no head design but for some reason the red color is very nice to me.

No. 1777404

On the contrary I hate her perfume bottles and they don't represent her or her personality at all. They look like Hollister mannequins

No. 1777407

That’s a very mature sensual bottle design I would not have guessed it was a billy eyelish fragrance she’s pushing it, that should be like a Kylie minogue bottle or something billy is like 20 years old which just doesn’t appeal to the demographic that buys sexy mature perfume. Idk I only but scents that are like bamboo-dirt-blood so maybe I’m crazy

No. 1777419

super lazy design looks like they were the only bottles they could find on Temu or some other Asian ecommerce shop

No. 1777421

Right its so weirdly low effort, it looks like an IMVU bottle for a 60 year old woman's fragrance

No. 1777422

Getting a compliment on something you're insecure about feels so weird but great, you know what I mean?

No. 1777425

File: 1700356597678.gif (3.79 MB, 576x1024, 1689182508341055.gif)

Last Christmas I gave you my heart
But the very next day

No. 1777426

Nonna please I ugly laughed

No. 1777428

Yeah I was a bit confused by the design choices when the first perfume released too, I expected something more eccentric or even masculine since she was to tomboyish. Although from what I know from the celebcow thread, I think she's said that baggy style wasn't really her and she just felt uncomfortable with her body, so maybe that's why she chose that design. The actual scents of all the perfumes are very feminine as well, as far as i can tell from the notes. That red one is specifically supposed to be a sexy scent.
I know this is inappropriate since this is a anon board but were you the anon asking for a soil fragrance so you could make a vampire perfume?

No. 1777431

Why. Wham is no laughing matter

No. 1777432

what'd i miss

No. 1777433

Fair point.

No. 1777434


No. 1777435

describe your best friend loosely, like if you had to write a headline about them how would you refer to them

No. 1777436

No I wasn’t that anon lol but I did see that and I support her wholeheartedly I understand

No. 1777437

File: 1700357161682.jpg (183.33 KB, 600x2363, dinner_with_the_kankers_by_vam…)

Random dumb shit, but I'm glad that somebody out there finally made the Kanker sisters' mom into a character because I always wondered what the hell she would look like.

No. 1777438

A grandiosely talented aristocrat

No. 1777440

40 year old CFO solves the financial crisis after killing her drummer boyfriend of five years

No. 1777446

File: 1700357429474.jpeg (34.32 KB, 612x408, IMG_0175.jpeg)

I got bored of the whole chatbot thing. I mean there’s only so many times you can replay the same few scenarios. I need a new fixation. pronto.

No. 1777447

Sad robot dies foaming and screaming, but still feels superior to the bitter end.

No. 1777451

Double d male lesbian confirmed

No. 1777452

No. 1777455

File: 1700357692076.gif (10.64 MB, 640x512, 8eac8dbf8454fa416e35a4051b575c…)

No. 1777459

what'd i miss

No. 1777464

A breeze of cold air continues to exist aggressively

No. 1777475

Doesn’t really sound like your best friend

No. 1777479

I'm unworthy of better friends.

No. 1777481

Omg I can't believe he would say that

No. 1777482

She swallowed a cigarette butt, what will she do next?

No. 1777489

A grandiose ship that isn’t taken care of properly, drifting in the sea without sails, crashing but only sightly getting dented on the outside, it’s constantly getting rotten on the inside, it’s a rot that’s trying to sink the treasures and sightly stops and retreats when a tiny ray of sun touches the dented wood.

No. 1777491

Some anon from the Millinea/Zoomer thread stated that people, including teenagers, are getting uglier with every generation. This video makes that statement a lot more easy to understand.

No. 1777494

Uglier but why?

No. 1777496

File: 1700360108868.jpeg (69.78 KB, 1179x374, IMG_6036.jpeg)

No. 1777504

I have no idea what’s causing it. All these kids look like they’re half downs half normal but you can see the split in the middle of their face

No. 1777511

Why does my HOO HAHH, HOOHAHH disgust you so bad

No. 1777513

I feel like i'm going insane. Not in a bad way but also not in a good way either

No. 1777518

Unironically the chemicals in our food and water, other endocrine disruptors, lack of physical exercise/staying in doors and staring at screens, medication

No. 1777528

I think it's just cause modern fashion sucks tbh

No. 1777530

File: 1700361607725.jpg (178.23 KB, 713x826, Screenshot_20231118_214046_You…)

I dont think a passion for fashion is gonna save him.

No. 1777531

File: 1700361667609.jpeg (279.74 KB, 905x881, 17010439-3B0C-42F1-A941-09C436…)

Diapers at 23 phenotype

No. 1777533

Thanks nona, I've been looking for this cat picture just now

No. 1777534

I’m not talking about the fashion I’m talking about their actual faces and their behavior. Why is everyone autistic and look like they have a circumcised upper lip

No. 1777536

>POV: this thing wants to cum inside you

No. 1777537

is that yungblud

No. 1777538

Ok this is a tinfoil off the cuff but I think rich kids are getting more inbred and stupid looking and getting platforms due to their family wealth

No. 1777539

My stomach was already unsettled and the pic + your post has made me downright nauseous, thank you.

No. 1777540

Blurghfggggg ughhhhh

No. 1777545

Screaming oh ohhhhhhh yelling out shaking it’s too much enough losing it scared movie theater rugrats character Charlotte Pickles Angelica’s mom :: feral excited

No. 1777550

File: 1700362510126.png (450.42 KB, 720x540, Charlotte_pickles.png)

She aged terribly and it's canon.

No. 1777556

Have you ever been in love (HOOHA)

No. 1777560

File: 1700362898855.jpg (27.5 KB, 500x558, ・˚ ☁︎ ˚・.jpg)

He's my best friend, best of all best friends
Do you have a best friend too
It tickles in my tummy, he's so yummy, yummy
Hey, you should get a best friend too

No. 1777561

>it tickles in my tummy, he's so yummy yummy
what the fuck did she mean by this?????

No. 1777562

No. 1777563

good for her i guess

No. 1777565


No. 1777566

File: 1700363196396.jpg (139.6 KB, 556x506, Screenshot_20231111_210804_You…)

Hello baby, can I see a smile
I'm going to a party and its gonna be wild (okay)
Can I come, I am sitting alone
No, friends are never alone (that's right)

No. 1777570

File: 1700363531320.jpeg (403.81 KB, 1170x1164, IMG_7781.jpeg)

Maybe some pretty girls are in your world
Excuse me, I could also be your girl
Lately everyone is making fun
Na na na na na na na na na na na HOOAH

No. 1777571

File: 1700363571626.jpg (216.33 KB, 1024x1024, 1700343400175.jpg)

He's my best friend, best of all best friends
Do you have a best friend too
It tickles in my tummy, he's so yummy, yummy
Hey, you should get a best friend too (my best friend)

No. 1777577

Na na na na na na na na na na na

No. 1777579

File: 1700363791986.jpg (60.78 KB, 588x588, 762403dad163fbc6557824f6ed44b3…)

Aloha baby, let's go to the beach
Yeah, girls in bikini are waiting for me (uh-huh)
But I was hoping for a summer romance
So why can't you take a chance (okay)

No. 1777583

File: 1700363942599.jpeg (509.14 KB, 831x847, IMG_7807.jpeg)

Maybe….some pretty girls are in your world
Excuse me, I could also be your girl
Lately everyone is making fun
Na na na na na, na na na na na na HOOAH

No. 1777584

File: 1700363963257.jpg (296.94 KB, 2048x1365, 14h4f6wew7o51.jpg)

He's my best friend, best of all best friends
Do you have a best friend too
It tickles in my tummy, he's so yummy, yummy
Hey, you should get a best friend too (my best friend)

No. 1777588

File: 1700364134065.jpeg (361.86 KB, 1500x1500, E182609A-B44E-466E-B0A4-302BBA…)

Apples are cute fruits, therefore women with apple body types are cute too, because they resemble a cute fruit. Just look at this cute apple, it’s cute as fuck.

No. 1777589

Na na na na na na na na na na na

No. 1777590

File: 1700364235146.gif (966.33 KB, 498x280, cat-dj.gif)

Maybe some pretty girls are in your world
Excuse me (yeah), I could also be your girl
Lately everyone is making fun
Let's get this party on
Hit me with laser gun

No. 1777598

File: 1700364674315.gif (389.08 KB, 667x1000, IMG_7808.gif)

Ooh woah woah
C'mon boys! HOOHA, HOO HAH
Ooh woah woah
You should get a best friend too

No. 1777599

File: 1700364719578.jpg (145.67 KB, 720x540, 57e8aac43e4e1d03ccd51919afeb61…)

He's my best friend, best of all best friends
Do you have a best friend too
It tickles in my tummy, he's so yummy, yummy
Hey, you should get a best friend too (my best friend)

No. 1777606

File: 1700365023875.jpeg (845.6 KB, 933x948, IMG_7809.jpeg)

HOO HAH, HOOH HA (he's so sweet)
Na na na na na na na na na na na

No. 1777611

Why is eddy built like demon spongebob

No. 1777614

File: 1700365637036.jpg (90.06 KB, 1058x755, N9DAnYetjf0tpCWzC3aP4W0TMmr48R…)

Because the artist is vampiremeerkat and that's just how she draws grown-up Eddy

No. 1777655

File: 1700369680376.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1179x1520, IMG_9506.jpeg)


No. 1777657

File: 1700369994430.jpeg (738.72 KB, 1029x1051, IMG_1564.jpeg)

Picrel is how she looks to me. I did acknowledge what you said, my reply said that her eyes are “too far apart” if she had an attractive face with big eyes then I’m sure I would find her attractive, but all of her features are unattractive and she’s only famous because she comes from a family of billionaires.
She’s a celebrity first of all, you don’t seem to mind anons making fun of Cillian Murphy and Ed Sheeran for being hideous (and you shouldn’t because everyone is entitled to their opinion) but anyway she’s a horrible person who bullied other girls growing up and she’s a compulsive liar and spoiled rich brat, I wish you losers would stop defending her.
I’m a lesbian, I don’t derive self esteem from men “finding me fuckable” what a disgusting and incel tier thing to say to someone. I’m conventionally attractive and I’ve always been called beautiful and received compliments about my appearance my entire life, there’s nothing you can do to change that. I get compared to beautiful women like Isabel Adjani and Marilyn Monroe very often, and told that I’m an 11/10 (which I find funny) and I get more compliments and attention from women than men anyway. I have a few features that are considered unique, which I like, but I’m not going to post a picture of myself on an anonymous image board. It sounds silly to describe how attractive others find me, but it’s just in response to your ridiculous post. Your response just makes you sound jealous and insecure.

No. 1777658

NTAYRT, damn but I gotta respect a woman that finishes what she starts, even if it's an internet quarrel.

No. 1777659

File: 1700370339517.gif (1.65 MB, 498x277, 165436780.gif)

No. 1777660

this is dumbass shit go write essays in unpopular opinions

No. 1777661

We know you can’t

No. 1777662

i love my boyfriend but i think im not sexually attracted to him. he is very handsome and fit and we are the perfect match we are planning on getting married but i just cant get wet for him for some reason, some men i dated in the past would make me go feral eventhough they were uglier. What to do? I will not break up with him

No. 1777663

On imageboards we respond to posts within the same thread, we don’t take the conversation to other random threads. Responding to multiple people in one post is also preferred over making separate posts for each response

No. 1777664

Does anyone else imitate the facial expressions of characters when reading manga or is it just me

No. 1777665

You seriously had to drag this over from the last thread? You just HAD to respond? I don’t believe you’re an 11/10 but I do believe you’re hella retarded

No. 1777667

i get paranoid and scared when i rememeber being assaulted in high school. it was out in the open. what if somebody saw? everybody’s phone has a camera now, what if somebody recorded it. I don’t even know what to think or do because it was so long ago and it’s never ever been brought up to me by anyone else because I never shared that with anyone but i just get scared

No. 1777668

Came from the front page sure this would be in relation to Anya based on this picture. I see I wasn’t wrong.
> I will not break up with him
Limited options, Nona. Limited options.

No. 1777669

whenever I draw a character making a face I often end up imitating that face irl without realizing it

No. 1777672

Have you been sexually attracted to him in the past?

No. 1777673

File: 1700371265829.jpg (15.74 KB, 436x704, 7t5.jpg)

I still think ATJ is pretty no matter what anons say
>but she mean and rich!
I know that, doesn't mean someone can't be pretty. Lots of awful people are attractive, not like I'm paying for their films. Recommend me some pure hearted sloth eyed celebs nonnies.

No. 1777675

I thought possums and skunks were mortal enemies

No. 1777679

I felt I had to respond to this creepy post >>1776917 talking about how I’m definitely not attractive and that the majority of men I encounter want to fuck me and stare at my ass, because that anon sounded like a batshit insane seething incel and it made me extremely uncomfortable. The other anons are stupid for defending some braindead rich bully just because she’s famous

No. 1777681

Anne Hathaway, Olivia Cooke, Amanda Seyfried and Eva Green all have large beautiful eyes and aren’t retarded bullies

No. 1777683

Nta but I agree that how she looks. I also remember someone else she looks like, the guy who played shaggy in the scooby doo 2002 movie.

No. 1777692

File: 1700372140655.jpg (300.49 KB, 1080x1440, 72481_v9_bb.jpg)

Matthew Lillard? KEK now I see it

No. 1777694

File: 1700372232906.png (6.28 KB, 200x200, 0877679.png)

>the guy who played shaggy in the scooby doo 2002 movie.
he cute

No. 1777695

File: 1700372279273.jpeg (532 KB, 1076x1212, IMG_1596.jpeg)

Nonnas, which celebrities do you look the most like? These are my top four, I’ve been told I look like them and got them in my results on the starbyface website

No. 1777696

I can see it kek

No. 1777698

kek i remember i was in a class with a guy named Israel and our prof asked him if he was Jewish, and turns out he has zero relation to Judaism or Jews or the actual place, it's literally just his name. Rough times for that guy nowadays I guess
I'm in the same boat but I've never really been sexually aroused by any guy before. Idk why, I'm not gay since I want to date men and do fall in love and stuff, but I can't see them as sexy. Never ever! I think I'm just retarded

No. 1777702

Sometimes I randomly think about the anon who posted their clay creations and got made fun of for it. I wonder where you are today anon.

No. 1777703

File: 1700372788855.png (1.37 MB, 1080x2404, Screenshot_20231119_004404_Duc…)

none of these ppl are even the same race as me kek. I tried multiple pics and can't get above 30% with someone that looks nothing like me
i've never been told i look like any celeb… it's been a small goal of mine to find at least 1 person who looks plausibly similar but idk how because i live under a rock and only learn celebs against my will, and these photo matches never work for me

No. 1777704

I wish peer pressure was taken more seriously. Everyone is so quick to be like “well I knew better” well nigga you also weren’t there

No. 1777710

wasn't this already asked a couple of threads ago or in some other thread? it had the exact same image of the top right too. anyway none at all

No. 1777715

I’ve asked anons before because I think it’s interesting, I used the same image of Isabelle last time too
Are your selfies in good lighting? My top results are always 60-90% but I’ve gotten women who are different races too

No. 1777718

File: 1700373390126.jpg (57.24 KB, 1036x976, FJ0NOX5WQAAvHYk.jpg)

Ayrt and I kinda agree when he had blonde hair at some point. And I'm not even into piercings but he pulls it off. he's also better looking than ATJ because he has smaller eyes

No. 1777719

milana vayntrub is my literal doppleganger . esp now she's fat. Everytime at&t commercials come on my family likes to point out how uncanny it is

No. 1777720

fucking hot…i want to abuse him

No. 1777723

File: 1700373663916.jpeg (90.12 KB, 979x979, IMG_1553.jpeg)

They do look a lot alike, I agree that he’s more attractive

No. 1777724

File: 1700373699431.jpeg (238.67 KB, 1125x1296, IMG_2791.jpeg)

I’ve been told Nicole Kidman (not really but I love her and we both have big foreheads), Margot Robbie (shitty pickup line, I don’t look like her at all) and Ania Dąbrowska (which was kind of insulting tbh). Star by face is shit and gives me different results on every photo, it used to be Chinese actresses (I’m 100% Slavcel), some randos (Molly C. Quinn, literally every part of our faces is different) and most often Natalia Vodianova (not true but I can dream kek). I don’t think I really look like anyone tbh.

No. 1777725

who's that? shes so cute

No. 1777726

File: 1700373776156.jpg (1.13 MB, 1440x2920, Screenshot_20231119_090137_Sam…)

I already know I'm ugly and hate the way I look but top right was the straw that broke the camel's back. I can see bottom left though to an extent. But none of them look like me. I am rare and racially ambiguous mostly, minus in pictures sometimes where I look goblinish.

No. 1777728

File: 1700373817368.jpg (76.5 KB, 1170x1004, 218aabad2743500a68f2714f538055…)

No. 1777729

File: 1700373826834.jpg (1.04 MB, 1440x2920, Screenshot_20231119_090414_Sam…)

Decided to try the males and this is so fucking funny I can't even be mad at it

No. 1777730

File: 1700373891158.jpg (236.59 KB, 727x1142, Screenshot_20231119_090534_Sam…)

Nvm this is suicide inducing

No. 1777731

File: 1700373950243.jpg (252.27 KB, 708x1095, Screenshot_20231119_090620_Sam…)

No fucking way, this website has something against me, I'm sure.

No. 1777732

File: 1700373960427.png (1.06 MB, 800x691, 1665774949123.png)

nta but i think in that photo it's just the wig that's the problem, when her hair has volume she looks okay

No. 1777734

>top right was the straw that broke the camel's back
Anon I’m sorry but that line made me laugh a bit. If your features look anything remotely similar to the women in your results then I’m sure you’re not ugly at all

No. 1777737

File: 1700374119148.jpeg (723.53 KB, 1040x1033, IMG_1563.jpeg)

She still looks like this portrait of her to me

No. 1777738

Top left (the highest result) is very beautiful tho and unique looking, I’ve always thought that Taissa is very cute too.

No. 1777739

Nta but Taissa is gorgeous

No. 1777740

I like her elfish features and how she's not sexy but pretty in a high fashion model way. Women will complain about porn star looking actresses with tons of surgery but whenever a woman who's not sexualized gets good roles, you guys lose your minds as well. She's pretty, stop acting like a man who's mad she doesn't look like an overly sexualized pornstar.

No. 1777741

Yeah she looks alright but she doesn't look like me at all. Her face is very square and tall in comparison, I have a heart shaped face with slightly prominent cheekbones. My eyes are deep set almond shaped and upturned so it doesn't look like her eyes either. My nose is a lot narrower than hers as at the bridge but more bulbous at the tip, and my skin is way darker with dark lips that blend too much with my skin so I look lipless. Nothing laser treatments can't solve though.

No. 1777746

File: 1700375060539.jpg (851.15 KB, 1080x2034, Screenshot_20231119_092355.jpg)

I'm mixed middle eastern and these are the results it gave me so I don't think it's trustworthy, don't take that stuff seriously.

No. 1777747

She doesn’t look like a high fashion model, her parents bought her modeling career and the directed of her modeling agency is an old family friend of her parents. She does get sexualized roles where she’s supposed to play attractive characters. If an untalented rich woman gets a career bought for her, she should at least be attractive to make up for the lack of talent. Anya has nothing going for her, and she knows that, which is why she’s a compulsive liar and a bully

No. 1777748

File: 1700375160586.png (275.83 KB, 570x880, Screenshot_20231119_010935_Duc…)

Yeah they're pretty clear photos, definitely not dim and I've tried different shots. But I think I figured out the main issue: my bangs might be confusing the facial recognition? I tried a picture where they're pushed back and I got much better results. Literally everything is listed as being an arbitrary 30-something % for some reason but the best match it gave me imo is Cho Yi-hyun
I am not Korean lol and idk anything about their celebs, I don't have flawless skin and makeup (and photo editing) like them but I can see where some features are similar! Not exact but definitely a better match than the results I was getting before lol

No. 1777750

File: 1700375217140.jpeg (26.02 KB, 500x613, images-2.jpeg)

For reference everyone tells me I look like this celeb, probably because I got the same coloring and a similar facial structure. Again none of the actresses it suggested even look similar to me so yeah.

No. 1777751

Kek I’ve gotten some of the same people, don’t let it get to you. You’re worth more than your looks and stronger features on women are beautiful too even if the majority of the idiot human race can’t see it. I have some “ugly” features and I’ve learned that we just have to accept them for our sanity unless we are willing to get plastic surgery. Personally I’ve always hated the “after” results of nose jobs and I feel sad whenever I see big nosed women getting rid of their heritage through surgery so I will just have to deal with my large schnoz. Life could be worse I guess kek.

No. 1777755

i propose we make beauty standards so high that no one can get in and the whole industry dies out. same with every other industry tbh

No. 1777756

I don’t know who she is but she’s really pretty

No. 1777757

Quit pretending. When compared to other upcoming actresses like Sydney Sweeney she's not sexualized at all and watching her is much more comfortable to most women than watching other actresses who get sexualized but can't do anything because their family isn't rich and they'll lose their career if they protest.
She does have a high fashion look though, her type of alien/otherworldly beauty is common in some runways like Mugler. She's pretty.

No. 1777758

That would be preferable to the plain nepo babies that took over the industry

No. 1777759

File: 1700375495663.jpg (26.36 KB, 338x315, erem-news_import_media_2016_01…)

Anon, I am pure arabian. But I look Indian for some reason. And my parents may or may not be related, so maybe I'm somewhat inbred. Some people told me I look like picrel, I can see it on the left but not on the right (before and after plastic surgery). My sister thinks I look better though kek.

No. 1777763

Tbh she's pretty. I'm partially arabian partially Georgian. I think the app only suggested you those people because they suggest based on your skintone rather than anything else, kek. The ones they suggested to me only had their skin color in common.

No. 1777765

I ruined my own life by falling victim to online grooming as a child. I don’t know why I didn’t just take my phone to my parents. I don’t know why I believed him when he said he liked me. I don’t know how some 30 year old man even found me when I was 16 to begin with.

No. 1777766

She sexualizes herself, taking roles like the Norseman which had nudity and an age gap. She’s also done partial nudity and sex scenes in other roles. From how she acts I think it’s clear that she thinks she’s stunningly beautiful (like most bullies) and you’re caping for her for some reason. Just say your jealous of pretty women and unintimidated by ugly women and go kek

No. 1777768

She's stunningly beautiful
>like most bullies
Did she bully you personally, anon?

No. 1777771

Don't worry, I'm not talking it that seriously. I think it's funny actually. But I still don't like the way I look and I'd prefer to change it with plastic surgery or proper nutrition or anything ever because it's a reflection of the negligent abusive environment I grew up in and still live in, it's all on my body and my face and living with it, seeing it in the mirror everyday pisses me off so much. I'm ready to peel the skin off my face and body if it means I won't look the way I do anymore
I do love strong features though, just not big noses, I prefer straight sharp noses.
>getting rid of their heritage through surgery
That's exactly what I want to do because my heritage is embarrassing if not non-existent kek.

No. 1777774

No, but she made up a sob story about being bullied throughout her childhood, being shoved in lockers and dropping out of school because of it. Then her classmates all said that she’s the one who was a bully, and that everyone hated her because of how mean and snobby she was to everyone. They also said she never dropped out and that their school didn’t even have lockers

No. 1777775

Yeah maybe you're right, since most of the results I got were brown or black.

No. 1777778

Are we still sperging about looks can we find something more interesting

No. 1777779

not involved in this fight but genuine question, why shouldn't ugly women be allowed in movies if ugly men are?

No. 1777781

Do you hate her because you were also bullied? And you're calling women ugly and saying we only like her because we're intimidated by attractive women? Kek.

No. 1777783

Anon admitted she disliked her because that actresses used to be a bully(allegedly) and anon says she's ugly and we're intimidated by actual pretty women(who probably she thinks she is)
It's just a bullied loser saying she's pretty and other girls are ugly to cope.

No. 1777788

File: 1700376341063.jpeg (49.58 KB, 347x417, IMG_0727.jpeg)

Only ugly women claim Anya is attractive because they know they’ll never be pretty and it pains them to see pretty women become successful and famous. They’ll pretend Anya is “stunningly beautiful” because they aren’t intimidated by her appearance or jealous of her. They don’t care about what an awful person she is because they probably bully women and girls who are prettier than them all the time. Picrel is an actual stunningly beautiful woman with striking features who is going to make jealous anons cry when they compare themselves to her

No. 1777789

File: 1700376378409.gif (917.08 KB, 338x208, why-not-both-why-not.gif)

Ntas but why not have pretty actresses AND actors?

No. 1777790

They should be, if they’re talented. Anya had her career bought for her by her parents

No. 1777792

I wasn’t bullied, I just hate bullies

No. 1777793

You're gonna get dogpiled for this but I agree with you

No. 1777794

I hate her because she’s a horrible person

No. 1777799

i think for some stories and settings it's too unrealistic. i mean i know it's fiction but i want to immerse myself a little bit. also i just like seeing variety. i remember people used to mock the movie "she's all that" for casting a beautiful woman as a highschool outcast but now it seems like that's what people want.

No. 1777800

I agree, and I think the women who say ATJ is stunning or whatever look like her (that's not a compliment).

No. 1777802

No I’m definitely intimidated by Anya and still think she’s beautiful but that’s also just me

No. 1777807

File: 1700376881833.jpeg (58.95 KB, 1078x1078, shopping.jpeg)

Looked up pictures of this "Anya" everyone's talking about and holy damn, that woman looks like a fucking barbie doll and I don't mean that in a way that's necessarily good. Like I get that lots of women are youthful looking and cute in the face, but Anya straight up triggers the "uncanny valley" impression. Her face is basically like if you put human skin, eyes, lips, a nose, and some hair over those stereotypical alien heads.

No. 1777808

Personally my features are the complete opposite of hers (small close together eyes) and I think she's attractive. Maybe because it's different from what I'm used to idk.

No. 1777811

I see what you mean. I personally gravitate towards unrealistic perfect worlds with perfect people for escapism, so this is where I come from. If I wanted to see ugly people with shitty lives I'd just turn to real life kek

No. 1777813

File: 1700377374869.jpg (47.61 KB, 275x236, 1660086076302.jpg)

You ain't getting in

No. 1777814

nona, you were a CHILD and despite how people might act like they're enlightened and above it all, literally anyone can fall victim to scumbags when they're in a vulnerable or inexperienced position… like being literally a teenager involves. I'm sorry you went through that but it's 100% that creep's fault and not yours, and him harming you doesn't mean you don't deserve to love yourself

No. 1777822

File: 1700377918345.jpg (118.2 KB, 1500x1125, anyataylorlashmain-adbee1c61a6…)

Like I said, barbie doll crossed with alien head. I think I'm gonna take that anon's word when she said she was conventionally attractive and didn't like Anya. Even average women look more natural in the face than Anya.

No. 1777826

This picture of her is so off putting, she looks like an alien pretending to be a human

No. 1777828

File: 1700378142719.jpg (211.96 KB, 575x755, Picsart_14-08-523.jpg)

makeover makeover
makeover makeover
makeover makeover
for you and meee

No. 1777831

I'm undecided on her because in some pics she looks really pretty but in others she looks downright horrifying. Idk if some pics are edited or just older or whatever. Tbh it's not the bug eyes that are ugly to me (I think I might actually like wide set eyes in a quirky cute kinda way, and I like big eyes) but her hollow cheeks and pointy jaw. Dunno if she had buccal fat removal but it looks like it and I HATE the gaunt sunken decrepit skeleton knife-edge-cheekbones look, round full cheeks are peak even if it means being slightly chub in the face while you're young. Her sharpness is more emphasized in some pics than others which is what leaves me torn on whether she's pretty or scary.

No. 1777836

File: 1700378538515.jpg (569.34 KB, 1500x1125, Picsart_23-1.jpg)

da da da makeover hmm hmm hmm makeover
makeover makeover

No. 1777837

File: 1700378541151.jpeg (744.08 KB, 1020x1062, IMG_1565.jpeg)

She did have buccal fat removal, she looked more normal with big cheeks and dark hair

No. 1777839

No. 1777840

the eyes were further apart in the original that's as close as i can make it kek

No. 1777842

File: 1700378862819.jpeg (214.91 KB, 517x535, IMG_1600.jpeg)

She looks horrifying now, I hate buccal fat removal

No. 1777847

File: 1700379075084.jpeg (23.42 KB, 243x261, 5DEDFE9B-AAA1-4ED4-ABA5-A618CF…)

they STILL talkin bout Ms. Goldfish??

No. 1777848

that is so sad, she looks so much more beautiful and healthy here. I hate buccal fat removal and plastic surgery culture so much nonas we need to lock these surgeons away from women for 1000 years

No. 1777851

She is a foul subject to discuss

No. 1777856

File: 1700379766363.jpg (137.85 KB, 507x535, 755.jpg)

one more makeover!

No. 1777857

Now she looks mormon

No. 1777860

ANON. lol thanks for givin me a laugh before I go to work, she kinda looks like a cross eyed cat now

No. 1777862

where is >>1777777

No. 1777863

lemme try

No. 1777864

oh wtf? Did it get deleted? The blessed post is lost rip

No. 1777866

Trying to cry to get it all out but my lips are chapped as fuck theyre burning!

No. 1777877

File: 1700381362361.jpg (47.31 KB, 564x846, 53ffe2ce6d416ba5dd9492580c4e82…)

Todays my birthday and I ate some cheesecake! someone gifted me some bird plushies from wild republic so I'm pretty happy about it.

No. 1777878

Happy birthday nonny I hope you have a great day with your cheesecake and birds!

No. 1777879

Happy birthday nonna

No. 1777880


No. 1777896

We really do have a lot of November birthdays (mine was a couple days ago). Based November Nonnies.

No. 1777903

File: 1700384352304.jpg (545.4 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20231119_100000_Gal…)

Think I'll ban you forever
Like the mods ban the spergs in the PT threeeaaad
Later's better than ever
Even if you're gone the milk is dryyyyy

No. 1777905

That’s a disgusting image.

No. 1777914

not an anyafag but can someone please tell me how her face looks anything like FAS? having big, far apart eyes isn't even a sign of FAS

No. 1777915

File: 1700385838019.jpg (71.36 KB, 736x1019, 1ab5ef627cdbe0cc5e0b2fc2cc1b98…)

I don't think she's fat, she just looks like a mom

No. 1777927

File: 1700386520531.png (1.7 MB, 1045x863, jb.png)

i hate how braindead my uni work is like how the fuck am i supposed to write a full length essay, (that means five sentences minimum for each paragraph no doubt at least five of those too, including headings and their subheadings) a video powerpoint presentation no less than 10 minhutes long with its report on "introductions and conclusions". i feel like i'm struggling in middle school except i'm second year in uni. honestly wtf even is there to say that could cover all that. i still have to record and finish that damn essay i'm really at a loss because there's really only so much that can be said i'm being stretched out thin and i can barely complain about it because it sounds like the easiest thing in the world and maybe it is and i'm just retarded kek i literally feel like picrelated.
and of course i procrastinated. this is all due tonight and i only just started yesterday. no makeups and if i miss handing in my work my professor's halving my grade. and i'm counting on it because i suck at pretty much every other module. damn. i need to get to working but my brain immediately shuts down i hate these extremely simple things. i would honestly rather write 50 essays and articles on actual topics…

No. 1777951

Why do you keep using this ugly image

She doesn't, theyre just grasping for an explanation since she has unusual looks

No. 1777953

How tf do you jump from Howie to Ludacris

No. 1777956

File: 1700387729744.png (1.43 MB, 1842x921, 569e8262c08a80e3098ba0a2.png)

No. 1777965

File: 1700388058797.png (213.66 KB, 608x960, 1700275507699 (1).png)

Picrel wasn't me, I only used >>1777903 twice and I won't do it again

No. 1777966

File: 1700388135265.png (126.07 KB, 320x240, Abra,_Cyndaquil,_Makuhita_and_…)

Remember that one episode of Pokemon where that super hot girl Lucy had a thing for Brock and it was weird but then at the end it's revealed she had massive yellow fever

No. 1777969

Whats the context of it? It's so bad lol

No. 1777973

File: 1700388315453.gif (64.79 KB, 588x279, NetzSnorlaxS1_1.gif)

I've wanted to say this for the last few years but never had the chance. When I was a little kid I had a crush on Brock and thought he was the tallest and most masculine of the group, and his voice was more manly than the rest. It was not until I became an adult that I realized he is drawn to be ugly by Japanese beauty standard. I hurt for my king. He is beautiful. I do not subscribe to the colorist Japanese standard.

No. 1777975

i don't think there's deeper meaning than it just being funny cause it's bad art of komaeda >>>/m/336282

No. 1778005

File: 1700389412496.jpeg (323.61 KB, 1029x543, IMG_1605.jpeg)

Wide apart eyes, smooth philtrum, thin upper lip, flat mid face, small head (although I think she had her jaw shaved because she used to have a longer face when she was younger, like here >>1777837 ) and she just has nothing behind her eyes, she looks mentally slow

No. 1778031

File: 1700390266131.jpg (70 KB, 803x1000, 71ImRDMy0AL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

guy biting into other guy's neck, would

No. 1778040

File: 1700390585441.jpg (27.47 KB, 480x481, cat101.jpg)

post your oddly aesthetic cat pics, mine is picrel

No. 1778048

File: 1700390849422.jpg (12.17 KB, 236x236, sassy cat.jpg)

sassy cat

No. 1778049

File: 1700390873200.jpg (16.06 KB, 240x240, e1569721-4672-4dbf-8bf2-f23ddc…)

prolly this one

No. 1778053

omg slay, it's giving 90s chick flick bad boy

No. 1778064

File: 1700391336657.jpg (176.79 KB, 1077x1280, FG6mrCgX0AIjZmd.jpeg.jpg)

Here's mine!

No. 1778067

File: 1700391573113.jpg (22.7 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-182496404-612x612.…)

I'm so bored I could scream

No. 1778070

File: 1700391617150.jpg (91.3 KB, 500x500, tumblr_12c0ca05b9f0c1891065641…)

No. 1778072

File: 1700391671759.jpg (120.19 KB, 500x500, tumblr_da360c28864918f27128056…)

okay maybe it's cheating since i ripped this from an ~aesthetics~ blog to begin with, but look they're cute

No. 1778073

i love it, it's serving tourtured trauma character realness

No. 1778076

File: 1700391864726.jpg (104.02 KB, 973x1200, EujCsNQXAAEI3vw.jpg)

look at this dumb dumb

No. 1778082

Wide eyes aren't FAS. Also she has none of these features described, I even think she has a large head for her body. But God forbid one celebrity not have sausage lips

No. 1778085

File: 1700392262466.webm (1.7 MB, 640x800, marjakisse.webm)

No. 1778111

File: 1700393204518.png (532.36 KB, 572x501, 3629.PNG)

No. 1778117

File: 1700393521408.jpg (98.57 KB, 700x525, cat heart.JPG)

No. 1778129

File: 1700394306577.jpg (21.15 KB, 480x360, 95d04a94028f669f4a9e446528760f…)

We all know a man who looks like this now and is still mentally 16 years old

No. 1778143

File: 1700395063817.jpg (45.1 KB, 400x400, silly.jpg)

got the toots real bad I should be getting air (get it)

No. 1778167

File: 1700397450320.jpeg (591.72 KB, 1170x1398, IMG_1609.jpeg)

I don’t like sausage lips either, thin lips can be pretty but hers are bizarre looking

No. 1778171

File: 1700397751789.jpeg (575.59 KB, 842x973, IMG_1611.jpeg)

She should play yzma in the emperor’s new groove live action

No. 1778174

File: 1700397886512.jpeg (456.62 KB, 727x768, IMG_1610.jpeg)

She should play a chihuahua that got transformed into a woman and then became a serial killer

No. 1778179

I'd watch the hell out of that movie

No. 1778187

All this ATJ sperging is making me want to watch The Witch again.

No. 1778189

I love that movie! That was back when she still looked normal and like a random normie woman

No. 1778190

That plot reminds me of those crazy movies from the 2000's. They should make dumb movies like that again.
I wanna rewatch it too

No. 1778196

Is he your husbando? Why does this pic keep getting posted lol

No. 1778200

I'd love to watch these movies

No. 1778264

File: 1700402294024.jpeg (958.11 KB, 1125x968, IMG_7423.jpeg)

No. 1778266

Happy birthday nonnie, can we have some cheesecake too?

No. 1778274

This reminds me nobody ever told me I look like any celebrity, ever. I must be too fucking ugly kek I have a friend who looks like a young Meryl Streep but with a slightly bigger nose. She was my crush in high school

No. 1778286

My grandma used to say I look like Mariska Hargitay and I absolutely do not. I have a big nose and am blonde. If I do that celebrity comparison thing it spits out asians at me even though I'm white

No. 1778303

I guess my very first ex just got dumped because he just sent me a friend request on Facebook and a message that starts with "We haven't talked in ages!…". And holy shit he looks rough, I can just imagine what 10 years did to me that I must be blind to

No. 1778313

File: 1700405507870.jpg (47.6 KB, 640x464, 1898 Man squirting milk from …)

No. 1778344

My mom has told me I look like Paris Hilton before and I have no idea what she’s talking about. I’m not even blonde. I think she was just trying to help me cope with my strong jaw and squinty eye kek

No. 1778349

A rude poster inspired me to write a lenghty composition but I don't know if I should post it anymore. At least, I enjoyed writing it.

No. 1778357

File: 1700407400165.gif (3.85 MB, 498x424, loony-tunes-big-ears.gif)

I'm all ears.

No. 1778362

File: 1700407761356.jpg (66.83 KB, 600x857, not this one tho.jpg)

I'm a "Buys a second edition of the same exact volume because this one says it got printed only 999 times", "Waits two more months because that edition got stickers worth 20c" and "Pays $50 extra because this one still got its original sleeve"-level consoomer but for some reason I never got into figurines. The closest I got was eyeing some real life Shinku and suit case. But I think that's for the best.

No. 1778371

Well…It's a schizo post about Bill Gates and the vaccine program he funded in Africa, Julian Huxley, nanotechnology and obscure studies from the military into non-surgical BCIs. I know it sounds insane but I have sources that I can present to back up my claims.

No. 1778402

File: 1700410215127.gif (1.22 MB, 300x230, 9E0B9CEB-3B0C-439E-89B2-FFACED…)

>get in my car
>wha…wtf is that on the door they look like worms
>mfw it’s my boogies that i flicked
I’m so gross nonnas please help

No. 1778408

Post a volume example

No. 1778411

>Flicking boogers instead of wiping them on a tissue
How old are you, wtf

No. 1778413

this is the part where you start keeping tissues in your car nona that's horrifying

No. 1778414

ewwww wash your car door

No. 1778433

First volume of Kijin Gentoushou

No. 1778439

Does anyone know why the fuck funposting got autosaged again. We didn’t even do anything?

No. 1778442

File: 1700412023272.jpg (91.26 KB, 456x810, 45.jpg)

This thread is making my BDD flare up. Goodbye.

No. 1778450

File: 1700412204222.jpeg (397.12 KB, 1170x1211, IMG_0054.jpeg)

CEO of OpenAI got fired and all I could think looking at his tweets is that he’s a groomer or a sex pest because he’s a 38 year old man yet he types like my college aged Gen Z sister. It makes me think he tries to type like very young people to attract them. Probably hangs out in Discords or something which is where this rubbed off on him. ik it’s a big jump to conclude this but what kind of professional adult types like this on their public account? I would not be surprised if it was part of the reason he was let go.

No. 1778459

Many techbros are creeps who try to make up for all the years of being nerdy losers by trying too hard to be cool.

No. 1778462

I too get offended when people don't start their sentences with the big letter.

No. 1778463

File: 1700412620745.jpeg (760.54 KB, 1179x1273, IMG_6041.jpeg)

Good news for cillianfags who said he got too skinny for Oppenheimer.

No. 1778467

I want to eat good cheese too

No. 1778472

File: 1700412932166.jpeg (827.97 KB, 1170x1884, IMG_0055.jpeg)

Idk if you’re being sarcastic but in this case especially I do think we should be annoyed because he’s a CEO of a Microsoft-backed company. Yet the standards for him were low enough that he types like a terminally online Gen Z despite being a 38 year old male CEO. Meanwhile picrel is his replacement, a woman who is capable of typing correctly on her public professional account.

No. 1778473

Dumb question, but do you think he could be the new Brendan Fraser? A "looker" and popular for now, but later gonna let himself go because of depression and whatnot?

No. 1778474

Yeah it gave me vibes not like he preys on young women but that he goes online in spaces with a lot of young people and given that he’s a man that of course is a recipe for disaster and degeneracy.

No. 1778475

nta but both him and frasser were overrated and ugly at their peak, so yeah

No. 1778502

You couldnt even throw them out the window?

No. 1778504

File: 1700414625196.jpg (142.07 KB, 944x735, lmao.jpg)

I commented on a bad taxidermy page where someone posted this nightmare saying it looks like a ferret.
A beloved dog apparently, feel sad for the poor woman who got that thing back.
Someone who I assume was the owner found the post and called me ugly kek
Made me chuckle cause like.. comeon I know art is subjective but man

No. 1778515

I don't care that much as long as sentences start with big letters and end with punctuation marks.
On an unrelated note, i think that Elon Musk uses instructions that are generated by a powerful AI to further his goals.

No. 1778527

File: 1700415461650.jpg (61.64 KB, 850x400, Ernest Hemingway quote.jpg)

Reminds me of that acorn freak from Ice Age.
Also reminds me of my favorite Hemingway quote.

No. 1778546

File: 1700416626720.jpeg (55.77 KB, 735x708, B6C4ADE0-903F-4409-ABDA-CF38F9…)

>making fun of my husbando for being a virgin
>as if im not also a virgin

No. 1778563

Jesus christ, where's the rest of the pictures?

No. 1778567

They called you ugly? Lol wut

No. 1778572

File: 1700417717594.jpg (261.53 KB, 924x872, oy.jpg)

Lmao theyre all awful
Yeah he replied "you might be uglier I think when compared to other human beings. HAHA"
And kept calling me stupid in different ways for thinking it looks bad lmao

No. 1778573

i am also a virgin and i dream about sexually assaulting him, it's different when you're in love

No. 1778577

Have you ever been in love?

No. 1778578

File: 1700418038703.jpg (12.71 KB, 292x413, b4235f4fa4db46219ec4678a1817f2…)

why do people do this? even if it ends up looking good, which in these cases it obviously didn't. i don't hate taxidermy in general, but a pet? it just seems weird, to each their own i guess. do they display it? i just don't understand.

No. 1778581

I guess they display it if its done well.. I couldnt imagine getting those fucked dogs back lmao

No. 1778583

not sure if there are huskies in siberia but I really want to be in some north asian region looking after huskies rn.

No. 1778585

ngl i wast thinking about it, but i know i'll never do it. Cremation of pets isn't a thing here so i'd have to bury my cat in the garden… but i don't know if i don't move out from here so then she would be in somebody elses garden and they would most likely dig her bones out by accident and threw her in the trash or something. That's just so sad. I also think people just don't display these, they pet them because they miss their fur. The head is creepy though.

No. 1778588

File: 1700418700930.gif (2.79 MB, 498x277, 15D89741-50CA-4353-A592-F50913…)

unfathomably horny virgin solidarity

No. 1778590

I was reading this thread thinking I was on the /meta/ tab and I got so fucking confused kek I'm an idiot

No. 1778592

My ex gf once said that my dad looks like peter griffin and it made me feel a little embarrassed because I look just like a female version of him

No. 1778593

File: 1700418826344.png (69.32 KB, 300x100, banner.png)

This banner is the cutest thing ever, I love it.

No. 1778604

My cat fell asleep on top of me for the first time since he was a kitten and it was so cuddly and nice I also fell asleep, best nap ever

No. 1778612

my cat always tried to sleep on top of me but he's a fat retard so i have to pick him up and move him to the side

No. 1778613

I have met a couple of guys named Isarael, as far as I know neither were Jewish, guess It's just a popular name here on Mexico

No. 1778623

They never delve into the sexuality of my husbando or anything but I like to headcanon him as a virgin because he's canonically a loser with no friends who always gets used and stepped on. Even though he's super hot and huge and has a short temper. The director wants it that way I guess.

No. 1778625

One of my chickens is getting grey feathers, it'll be the end for her soon isn't it? Poor thing I love her

No. 1778629

Yeah any biblical name is popular in mx. Tons of Mateos, Guadalupes, Josephs, and Abrahams. Even the name Jose can be seen as a nod to Joseph or Josias/Josiah from the bible

No. 1778636

lmao I love your fat retarded cat. Mine is only one year old (thus still an adolescent) so he sometimes acts like a cuddlebug for five minutes just to go "oh my god I can't lie down here I got cat things to do" and end up using me as a springboard, so these rare little moments are so sweet

No. 1778650

that's so cute, mine is also a youngling(almost a year) he's always been super cuddly so i am thankfull for that, but his favourite place to sleep is my throat. It was fine when he was a baby the size of a beanie baby but now i feel like he's trying to waterboard me with all his fur.

No. 1778696

Mine does that too, I just learned to accept my fate for his comfort

No. 1778714

I think Brendan is cute still like i’d give him cookies if he asked for them

No. 1778914

Just saw the Hall is the blond one banner kekk I wonder if that nonna is still around

No. 1778935

>wide set NARROW eyes
her eyes are huge. she has normal human lips. please stop looking at fake celebs all day and touch grass

No. 1778937

are people so stupid now they can't tell when a woman is pregnant/postpartum? or they'd rather look that fucking dumb so they don't miss the chance to call a woman fat?

No. 1778995

Herro eburinyan

No. 1778996

File: 1700433433663.jpeg (131.46 KB, 400x581, 244D007F-BB19-48E8-9AE6-EF5DDC…)

The surgery was a success.

No. 1779000

I could swear I saw someone post in the vent thread a few days ago that they were leaving lc and referencing this.

No. 1779015

Who's this? He looks like what I'd imagine to look a humanified elderly persian cat to look like. He also looks a bit like my grandfather.

No. 1779031

Man pregnancy really fucks you up Hannah Louise Poston was so pretty before she got preggo

No. 1779033

this board has been nothing but shitting on women appereances lately, dont troons and faggots get tired of shitting on women they will never be

No. 1779038

File: 1700434956274.gif (3.16 MB, 300x225, 9a86.gif)

No. 1779044

Looks like dr.phil with a hair transplant. very cursed

No. 1779051

Rename these threads to Nitpick Shit

No. 1779060

Are you preggo

No. 1779068

typical faggot projecting when people call him on his bullshit, go to twitter if you want to nitpick women and told you are so funny and right and quirky

No. 1779082

Omg the retarded ancap is winning in Argentina, thanks boludos, I was bored.

No. 1779088

I miss the old dumbass threads so much

No. 1779093

I hate hues so much.

No. 1779095

looking forward to what he's going to do. I just want to order anime figures without 3 million taxes

No. 1779101

How loose is your asshole after taking so many dicks, fag?

No. 1779110

>Faggot projecting about being pregnant
Kek mpreg

No. 1779114

Random subject change, but mpreg is really damn repulsive to me, almost as bad as the "futa" crap that coomers like to play with. Do fujos unironically fuck around with mpreg stuff or is it just a joke?

No. 1779124

its real but its rare. i dont think is as morbid as futanari, most fujos into mpreg i have seen are more into the parenting aspect than the birthing baby out of ass aspect

No. 1779154

History is a circle, space race nuclear arms race international politics dick measuring contest, desperate attempts to reconnect with humanity through obsolete technology, ignored in favor of imaginary ones and not a good thing, retards drugging themselves up and calling it revolution, but they are overbaked in their lives in their own way I think, fake news is real news but with a flourish to make nothing into something, it was a mistake that was a kid that had been there in a while, but it means that the only thing they should be like that is difficult is to make sure that they thought it would ruin the war and war for a long well deserved victory for their own life, and the one that has not been in a good way to get them back in time for their own life and to have their best to be a danger of the universe, global superpower being all-hated then losing everything and becoming beloved, some half-baked belief in a divine power or intangible truth of the universe is the most obvious and simplest simple life but it's retarded and delusional, then the world has become a good one for the first generation in which the nation is in the same scene as least hostile in a way, yet another health craze that's just an disorder or cult, shit, which was a mistake in our lifetime of life and for a few years that the only one way of life was not the best thing ever, the newest innovation is a poison, we pursuit of perfection and eternity, but also likes to have the power and glory in life and for that we can be used in the same scene as a pastime and the pain less than a few days of the day that we are to have to be similar, we can't keep doing this and getting away with it, yet another deranged sicko with infinite replacements, god won't ever make a big comeback. KILL YOURSELF.

No. 1779155

File: 1700439919812.gif (793.16 KB, 498x498, kirby.gif)

I know a self-hating gay guy who is unhealthily into mpreg and he's probably the most mentally unstable person I've ever met

No. 1779168

>hates himself
>wants to have a womb of his own
That faggot sounds about ready for trooning out. Watch your back.

No. 1779184

I had a friend like that and he became a transbian

No. 1779190

File: 1700441359651.jpg (59.21 KB, 735x721, e95a3921de05f9b44b655de9fe369c…)

Don't judge me anons. I've dealt with crazy b.o for most of my life, but I think I've finally found what works for me and I smell so good. It's actually strange to not have to reapply deodorant at any point.

No. 1779192

Beautiful. You should write lyrics.

No. 1779197

What did you do? I need to know. Idk if I even actually stink or if I'm just delusional because no one agrees when I say I stink, I just need the stink-based anxiety to end

No. 1779206

I could pee on you right now and you wouldn't smell good anymore

No. 1779210

he wishes

No. 1779213

I love friendly old people. I was looking through the records at the thrift store a few days ago and this man came up to me telling me about a vinyl conference and that I should come if I like. Just so sweet.

No. 1779214

tbh he seems fairly grossed out by TIMs and will probably kill himself out of sheer womb envy before trooning out

No. 1779215

as I've gotten older I've grown to LOVE how old people will just start a conversation with random strangers, it can be a lot of fun. Wish I could do that.

No. 1779225

Me too, it's so nice and fun to have a random talk with someone you've never seen in your life and old people usually give off this friendly vibe, I love it

No. 1779226

File: 1700442719464.jpg (28.22 KB, 450x450, a99fe04a03c2c4c3694f111a8abe77…)

If people don't say you stink then I wouldn't worry about it anon. Have you asked someone close who will be honest with you, like your parents or close friends?

Anyway, what I do is: before I shower I wipe my armpits with rubbing alcohol, then put coconut oil on them for like 15-30 minutes. Sometimes even an hour if I'm being lazy. Then after I shower I dab my armpits to dry them, wipe them with alcohol again, let them dry completely (i use a mini fan for this) and a thin layer of coconut oil. I wait a few minutes again to let the coconut oil soak in and then I put on arm and hammer deodorant. Not the essentials deodorant, the regular deodorant that has aluminum in it.
IDK why all this works but it's been doing me good. I used to apply deodorant before going to bed because I would get musty, but now I just put on coconut oil before bed. I can also get through a day of sweating and not stink. It's funny, I used to used rubbing alcohol but eventually stopped cause I felt like it stopped working. Idk. Coconut oil is an anti fungal so I've considered that perhaps I had persistent fungal bacteria on my armpits, but this has been a problem since I hit puberty so i don't think so. Anyway I'll stop stank sperging now.

No. 1779257

I have asked people I'm close to, but I'm scared they're lying to protect my feelings because they perceive me as a delicate creature that will instantly die if something hurts my feelings even a little bit. Thank you, though! I will keep your colada armpit secrets in mind from now on.

No. 1779280


No. 1779291

You must have great and tough skin because most people would develop cysts under their arms doing that

No. 1779292


No. 1779295

Thank you.

No. 1779296

Same, it’s so whack lol.

No. 1779297

You have to kill the target of your affections to grow stronger.

No. 1779305

Let's hold hands and cry together anon
If I could travel back in time I would kiss him so hard all the air gets sucked out of his lungs and he dies

No. 1779312

Make Jakey step on a landmine instead.

No. 1779325

File: 1700447138082.jpg (27.42 KB, 735x711, download (4).jpg)

I just saw a pic of Shayna on the front page and I thought we were being raided again

No. 1779329

I just checked, and it really does look like a photo a serial killer would keep.

No. 1779330

No. 1779334

No. 1779336

File: 1700447586361.png (288.39 KB, 962x537, passport bros.png)

We knew men are pathetic, but I genuinely think passport bros are the most embarrassing and pitiful movement I've seen them come up with. Pretty much rebranded sex tourism.

No. 1779340

File: 1700447794471.jpg (57.61 KB, 735x864, aeb3e5ffa22987d66eecb7082f71f1…)

Then when passport bros rightfully get called out on being the creepy rapists they are, they scream "w-well thats what you stupid western feminists get!!!". Then there's the occasional foreign pickme that straight up brags about "stealing" American men away from American women, and how that's "proof" that foreign women are better than American ones….as if our interest in American men isn't dying any way, and like American men are of any value other than to scam kek

No. 1779342

File: 1700447893057.jpg (312.9 KB, 1736x732, 1522423005878.jpg)

one time I went on 4chan's /trv/ board hoping to get vacation ideas, I was so retarded and naive kek

No. 1779355

Is that beetle a wall-puncher?

No. 1779377

Whats a passport bro? I'm from Brazil and everytime I see a gringo tourist guy all alone here I automatically assume he is doing sex tourism or looking for a young desperate girl he can take back to the States or some shithole in Europe. Way too many brazilians think Europe = good, only to end up in a country that is horrible and unable to come back because what a surprise, their trashbag gringo boyfriends are abusive and the country they're stuck hates them.
I've also met way too many brazilian dudes married to japanese or korean women and no one can convince me these retards didn't fall for the asian women are submissive meme

No. 1779382

What was the name of the woman who loves fat men like eggman? I'm sure it's not momokun. I can't remember her name at all.

No. 1779383

I want them to die.

No. 1779386

Uhh, Nemu?

No. 1779389

id love to see a hetalia like show or webcomic but for world religions

No. 1779391

YES! Thank you!

No. 1779404

Forty-five thousand sects of Christianity. They're all siblings and look pretty much the same, but they all violently hate each other.

No. 1779412

you'd have all the abrahamic religions as grandparents, sort of like how the roman empire is in hetalia, and then all their descendants which are various denominations of christianity, islam and judaism & are constantly at eachothers throats.
I'd love to see them tackle protestants vs catholics – catholicism would definitely prance around arrogantly claiming to be the true vision of christianity and getting into occasional spats with eastern orthodoxy, while pretending none of the protestant branches even exist

im getting too many ideas for this help–

No. 1779428

I was watching those walking tour videos, and ended up on this one of India. For some reason I found it so interesting that when people want to walk across the street, they just go (skip to 2:15 for an example. Even at around 10 minutes in the camera man starts walking amongst the cars) No cross walks on anything. I guess since it's so congested and there's so much vehicle and foot traffic, the cars can't go fast enough to hurt anybody anyway.

Anyway, the videos of India made me feel so claustrophobic. I like busy cities but in another video I saw it was so crowded there was barely even any elbow room, it's crazy.

No. 1779445

Write a fic and send it our way

No. 1779471

I think i developed a body swap fetish

No. 1779479

You can't just say this and not elaborate

No. 1779525

File: 1700458683043.jpeg (287.4 KB, 828x1511, IMG_3910.jpeg)

I’ve been told I look like Amanda Seyfried and even Margot Robbie (!!!!) before but never believed it, guess the Amanda comparison is somewhat true. Huh. I feel better about my face right now, thank you nonna. It’s been a rough past week so I needed a little boost !

No. 1779539

You must be so beautiful

No. 1779549

File: 1700461062254.jpg (683.61 KB, 1079x796, Screenshot_20231120_011531_Red…)

Asked google why rabbits poop so much and ended up with this picture. Got me laughing like a retard. This is exactly why I felt discouraged from getting a pet rabbit when I was a kid; they keep shitting everywhere KEK

No. 1779553

Kek that’s a shame because they’re so cute. I have heard that if they’re fixed they poop a lot less tho

No. 1779554

diaper them

No. 1779560

No. 1779582

I will never ever understand why moids like obsessing over the fantasy where American women are begging for them back kek. American women HATE American moids. If they didn't run around raping children I'd be paying their plane tickets myself

No. 1779588

What do japanese/korean women see in brazilian men anyway? They just seem like two very distinct cultures

No. 1779602

kek I do a similar thing with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash wiped on my armpits. works instantly too not just pre-shower. esp if you need a quick wipe-down: it stays effective and alcohol just evaporates

No. 1779609

If you smell rancid and like rotten food you shouldn't be allowed on public transport

No. 1779610

Maybe because Japanese guys are useless, which is because of the culture of work going first, your own interests second, and third comes your family.

No. 1779614

Recently saw a case where they removed all lights and signs from a four way road (sorry for esl) and the number of car accident went down by half despite number of cars rising. The explanation was that when there are no rules to automatically follow, everyone is more aware of their surroundings and pay attention to what's going on to decide what to do.

No. 1779620

Embarrassing moment today: opened up my webbrowser in front of others and saw that I've forgotten to close lc and there was a giant cow pic kek. Luckily I don't think they know what this site is. Has that happened to you nonas?

No. 1779621

I'm so relieved it was a literal cow pic and not something nswf from snow or g BTW.

No. 1779634

No but I said 'kek' out loud once. I really need to take a break from here kek

No. 1779635

File: 1700474355600.jpeg (623.68 KB, 1170x1043, IMG_1664.jpeg)

This website gives me different results depending on the lighting and whether my hair is up or down, I think my top two are accurate

No. 1779638

File: 1700475051187.gif (3.41 MB, 241x240, giphy.gif)

Nonas please recommend some animated tales or kids shows from your country. English dub or sub, doesn't matter.

No. 1779640

I'm alone at the office and I'm lazy so I'm not doing anything right now. What do?

No. 1779643

File: 1700476283955.png (39.86 KB, 800x424, IMG_8815.png)

they were dead all along and you can't change my mind

No. 1779649

File: 1700477272551.jpg (80.54 KB, 1170x945, nick-fuentes-anti-lgbtq-americ…)

There's an alternative timeline where Nick Fuentes is openly a gay twink dating his boyfriend instead of being a bitter closeted conservative grifter making being a """young zoomer ironic catboy""" his identity in a room filled with middle aged men he tries to suck up to to fix his daddy issues.

No. 1779653

Is that the australian guy?

No. 1779663

Think of any dumb sounding generic male name and it’s definitely been uttered aloud with a Japanese honorific, either by a weeb or the real deal. Nigel-san, Jared-kun, Nelson-sama…

No. 1779707

I've tried hydrogen peroxide and it didn't work for me tbh. The reason I use alcohol and coconut oil before my shower is because if you really have funk issues sometimes you can get out of the shower and still have a green cloud coming from your armpits. Yes even with antibacterial soap. The pre-treatment is a must for me.
I do think my body in general is tough kek, it's like I won the genetic lottery on everything BUT my armpits. I exfoliate my entire body everyday and have been doing so for years. I could probably use straight salicylic acid or one of those other skincare chemicals on myself for days and not get burned or anything.

No. 1779710

You can stop doing all of that and just use benzoyl peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is too weak. Coconut oil is super comodogenic so im suprised you haven't had issue or clogs.

No. 1779713

What makes you think I haven't tried that nonna?

No. 1779720

File: 1700484448431.jpg (94.01 KB, 645x400, YEAH READING YEAH.jpg)


No. 1779721

File: 1700484710681.gif (1.52 MB, 498x371, F03F0A2B-67A6-432A-A2EA-3996AE…)

me after completing the most basic human functions

No. 1779730

File: 1700485728236.png (210.42 KB, 1144x1464, IMG_1261.png)

I used to have fun rping but now I feel so cringe I have to switch tabs every message.

No. 1779733

Jem and the Holograms! Some episodes are real dumb with how they handle love plot lines or drama but the songs are nice.

No. 1779734

I’m mildly interested in rping but like what exactly do you even do? I would also be cringing endlessly I get so embarrassed

No. 1779747

What do you mean exactly, nonna? Like scenarios and such? It’s really up to you

No. 1779760

Yeah idk, you really just playin pretend with someone? Do you always stay in character? Where do you even find someone to do that with?

No. 1779763

this show, it's about the reincarnations of deities and demons from Hinduism in a modern setting, i liked this show, it didn't feel as cringe as the other shows airing. the artstyle was mindblowing to me as a kid bc compared to other shows, it wasn't nearly as repulsive. vidrel is an english dubbing, but english subbing would've been better, the words flow so awkwardly.

No. 1779764

samefag, don't watch if accents are cringe to you, the english dubbing was done by the original VAs.

No. 1779770

File: 1700489694670.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x2156, IMG_4262.jpeg)

If this is the beauty standard of today then I don’t want it. All I see is a fat girl with liposuction.

No. 1779772

Really pretty (imo) miniseries from the 70s that my parents used to put on for me on VHS when I was a kid. The owner of the studio and screenwriter is a famous Czech puppeteer and illustrator.

No. 1779774

File: 1700489960391.jpg (87.9 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

dare i say, shota material.

No. 1779775

a face only a pedophile could love

No. 1779777

File: 1700490253111.jpg (41.88 KB, 564x1195, anisia.jpg)

She has a nice shape, this was the beauty standard in Europe ages ago. I prefer a more toned body like picrel

No. 1779782

did she actually have one? It is kind of hard for me to tell if someone has had a subtle surgery

No. 1779784

That dress is incredibly unflattering, to be fair

No. 1779786

The picture you posted is heavily edited.

No. 1779789

She looks good, idk what you guys are on

No. 1779790

only a moid could think that's real

No. 1779791

she's just hangry, nonny

No. 1779792

who the fuck cares about women's bodies this much? get a hobby

No. 1779795

i hope this is a shitpost lol

No. 1779802

It seems like everyday someones talking about womens bodies. Its all so tiring, find a new topic. We all know its the same people doing it

No. 1779806

yeah, cant believe they threw such a hissy fit over fujos just to switch the conversation to womens bodies and obssesing over celebs like faggots from twitter

No. 1779808

I cant decide if its moids or if its ananonnas trying to needle other women.
Either way its gotten old fast. I'll take the fujos back.

No. 1779810

celebricows refugees are a cancer i wish they would get sent to snow instead of shitting /ot/

No. 1779812

What % of posters here are trannies do you think?

No. 1779813

i think there are tons of ftms

No. 1779816

File: 1700493010120.jpg (112.27 KB, 640x810, 204ef88a9d81739b3c23749673a27e…)

Man, some anons sure do keep a lot of tabs on this thread for people who supposedly don't like it and don't want to use it anymore

No. 1779817

I dont like the women body shit, I like the rest of it

No. 1779820

i think there's more mtf tranny lurkers than posters, trying to gain material for their method acting.

No. 1779821

its sad to see this thread invaded by trannies, mods are fucking retards for letting a thread were all the types of anons from this site could hangout to the speds playpen to larp as regina george

No. 1779841

I have an hour before my job interview (on zoom,) should I play more Plants vs Zombies?

No. 1779842

i welcome my sisters even if they are not cis-ters

No. 1779843

why not, so long as you have at least 10 mins to mentally prepare left

No. 1779848

Why do you think that? Not that I necessarily disagree, I just didn't think there would be much difference between them and all the other autists.

No. 1779849

File: 1700494777122.jpg (84.77 KB, 563x565, cry.jpg)

I saw a picture of a celebrity I like, and now I'm painfully horny but simultaneously not in the mood to masturbate.

No. 1779850

They should just fuck off tbh, it actually proves that they created "that" thread out of spite. They can't seem to get us out of their mouths even though we barely mention them
Back to your shithole

No. 1779851

Don't ever say this shit ever again even as a joke

No. 1779858

File: 1700495043884.gif (156.33 KB, 246x325, get the rope.gif)

just a friendly reminder

No. 1779862

I'd believe this too. There is too many schizoposting, doomposting and self-hate over being female/ female characteristics to be normal, most women don't like their bodies but there's a a limit. Some posts genuinely sound like they would actually kill themselves if they were to live another day as a woman

No. 1779863

No. 1779864


No. 1779865

>it actually proves that they created "that" thread out of spite
nta but what thread?

No. 1779866

No. 1779868

Look in the catalog for fun posting thread

No. 1779869

I cant tell if youre talking about the weirdos posting womens bodies or fujo posters

No. 1779871

Male hands typed this. You'll never have a skinny gf, time to ropemaxx bro

No. 1779872

I ain't name-dropping them, I don't want them to spam porn again, specially because there's rape and shota at their thread
You know damn well

No. 1779873

Where do you buy that hydrogen peroxide mouthwash? Any good brands?

No. 1779874

I assume youre talking about fujo posters then

No. 1779878

File: 1700495744824.jpg (386.46 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_9746.jpg)

Um excuse you all, there is far too much shit and not enough dumbass. Don’t make me tell Dr. Philip

No. 1779880

ill rip that mustach off his smug face

No. 1779881

I honestly love the fun posting thread when it comes to silly or creative anons, however, the yaoi rape shota shit is very fucking creepy. I'm not talking about meat kun or normal yaoi with adult guys, it's the weird yaoi shota rape that is killing it for me, it's not okay. I have a high tolerance to stupid shit, but I genuinely think that's just very fucking gross. Some of it is unspoilered too.

No. 1779885

hes sexy with long hair

No. 1779887

Why does the little cat I'm taking care of touch my hand with her paw when I pet her? It made me scared so I ran away and she sat down and put her paws beneath her a la cat loaf, is that her way of apologizing and showing me she won't stick her paw out again? Because she NEVER sits down when I'm petting her.

No. 1779890

I agree, and honestly sometimes I think the people who post that stuff just post it to get a rise out of other people.

No. 1779891

File: 1700496361712.jpeg (42.34 KB, 600x445, 76D7289D-5EA9-47DB-ADC1-DC6E36…)

That’s what you get for being a traitor

No. 1779894

dr. philip serving looks with that 30" middle part lace front fantasy wig

No. 1779895

File: 1700496782844.jpg (132.77 KB, 1300x1050, 82776555-international-group-o…)

Picrel just me and the REAL dumbasses on a Monday morning, luv u

No. 1779899

When attempting to bond, cats tend to mirror whoever they're bonding with. So you were touching her with your hand, so she reached out and touched you with her hand. You then moved away and asked for space, so she sat down to show you that she was harmless and not going to intrude unless you wanted to interact.
Some cats will use their paw to stop your hand from petting them, but they will also show you with the rest of their body language that they don't want to be petted. They'll be stiff and the paw will be pushing against your hand as your hand moves towards their body. If you want to see if she wants to be petted, try again by cupping your hand and petting down her back or upper side. She should lean into your hand or purr after a few moments if she wants you to continue.

No. 1779903

File: 1700497182318.jpg (322.31 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_9884.jpg)


No. 1779907

File: 1700498021884.jpg (82.33 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

I saw a zoomer mother wearing one of these but with gangsta SpongeBob.

No. 1779910

All the porn they spammed weeks ago was also unspoilered so everyone could see it too, they just want attention by posting their folders why are you so surprised they would pull the same stunts over and over again? I don't understand how you didn't see this coming Kek

No. 1779911

That yaoi wasn't shota rape though.

No. 1779912

>zoomer mother
Horrifying thought. How retarded is this next crop of kids gonna be

No. 1779913

God, zoomer parents are going to be the worst moralist, narcissistic, attention starved pieces of crap and will trans their kids

No. 1779917

Sometimes I think "kek" when daydreaming, hope I never say it out loud.

No. 1779918

File: 1700498801465.png (233.1 KB, 492x483, IMG_7272.png)

I wish it was more busy right now everyone go over to funposting

No. 1779919

Acacia Brinleys kids are already a prime example for how genuinely retarded this next generation is gonna turn out. They’re essentially gonna be invalids.

No. 1779922

File: 1700498946561.png (822.38 KB, 1125x1207, Untitled.png)

Having met them, pretty retarded. For most of human history, the average person didn't want to actually raise a child but they had no choice. Now, they still don't want to do the hard work of raising a child, but they have them anyway so they throw them in front of an ipad and call it a day. Then they're delusional about their kid being a "genius" because their 18 month old can navigate an iphone to turn on the youtube app, but can't actually talk beyond a one word sentence and only knows 20 words.

No. 1779923

Nona I do it with bots I could never do it with a real person that’d be the death of me.

No. 1779925

The autistic IVF babies of the Zoomer generation were less retarded than the current crop of elementary schoolers, if that puts it into perspective for any of us

No. 1779927

I'm just saying they're scalating. First it was a guy giving blowjob, then a guy shitting meat, then amputee fetish art, then a guy blowing a bug(?, now they posting shota and some dude raping a guy. It gets progressively worse because that's the damn point. Supposedly these are all falseflags and everyone posting trash got banned yet it keeps happening again and again

No. 1779931

When was the last time that happened though because for the last few days all of the content has been spoilered, the way that it was requested to be? It’s not like it’s assaulting your eyes on the front page, cyberpolice chan

No. 1779932

The "next crop" is gen alpha and some of them are being raised by millennials.

No. 1779933

I'm not against that thread at all but the reactionary stuff is getting pretty old and annoying. I try to ignore and focus on the real fun posts though.

No. 1779934

Why do you guys keep advertising that thread here if you dislike the anons here so much

No. 1779936

Millennials are not really having kids though, and some of them are smarter than just giving kids a tablet

No. 1779937

Because we like it, you dumbass

No. 1779941

File: 1700499573136.jpg (117.05 KB, 540x686, european robin.jpg)

We fucked up kids' brains with the covid isolation and mandatory masking. They lost something and parents don't have the will or time to resocialize them correctly. Sorry zoomers and under, the millenials caught the last train out and even a bunch of us got left behind. You're even more fucked.

No. 1779943

File: 1700499688313.jpeg (68.79 KB, 933x674, CF8F49A5-0E2A-4617-BD28-5E0737…)

nonnie don’t even bother responding to them, they complained about the fujo shitposting thread being in /g/ because it’s such a sloooooow board and in every dumbass thread since funposting got made they come in here telling anons to go to there instead, like they just need constant attention. Let them suffer.

No. 1779944

File: 1700499693863.jpeg (607.41 KB, 1989x2047, 1688605292059.jpeg)

What is your favourite Lolcow memory?

No. 1779945

why the fuck am I so aggressive. I feel like am moid brained sometimes… this is what spending your teenage years on scrotechan does to a nona

No. 1779946

We don’t dislike any of you I’m just sad that it’s getting autosaged for no reason

No. 1779947

Ambrose vs Lucinda

No. 1779948

Mine is the creativity that happened during the bunker era, and the creation of 2X-tan.

No. 1779950

The thread is fine, it's the weird over the top fetish art (meat kun is fine and he's funny. It's the insect porn, rape beating and the shota shit that makes it gross)

No. 1779951

Best thing you can do as a zoomer? Just erase your digital footprint. Even if nothing bad has happened just erase it anyways. It’s not necessary. You can save photos in your camera roll instead of posting them online.

No. 1779954

But yaoi style art only gets posted like once a day and almost no one interacts with it. Also nobody who actually utilizes the thread daily was posting the insect and rape stuff

No. 1779956

File: 1700500134723.jpg (68.88 KB, 640x463, 1652416529225.jpg)

Oh shut up about that thread already.

No. 1779958

Do you really think we can't just go to the catalog and check, miss gaslight gatekeep girlboss?

No. 1779959

Honestly, outside of the Internet I do not think there is as huge of a difference between millennials and zoomers as lolcow and social media would lead you to believe. It's also kind of funny seeing anons criticize zoomers for their gender shit knowing millennials heralded the whole thing and now we have to deal with it.

No. 1779964

that one moid that started posting and it took a while for mods to ban him so nonnas just had fun fucking around with him while he was listing off random names he'd supposedly gotten from being an expert hacker n shit, another strong contender is that Dex the namefagging furfag, she'd posted with her email address and so we came across her shitty deviantart under that email.

No. 1779965

the "ritard" post reveal

No. 1779967

Just fuck off already, y'all pathetic for even trying to promote your thread here when you hate everyone itt, have some dignity

No. 1779969

♥ ♥ ♥ made my heart jump up to see this get reposted, I was too upset when I finally came back to dumbass shit and saw what was happening but peace has been restored (kind of), maybe I will make a second edition.

No. 1779970

Some socio-/psychologist researchers consider to be COVID's effect so devastating that they cut Gen Alpha as early as 2019 and categorize Generation COVID their own thing because they expect they actually theorize that their behaviour will differ so much from anyone not going through their formative years during the lockdown.

No. 1779972

Honestly, that's realistic

No. 1779976

I never really understood the phrase/joke "how many (blank)s does it take to screw in a lightbulb?". Changing a lightbulb is not hard, it shouldn't take more than one unless you need someone to hold the light cover.

No. 1779977

File: 1700500958222.jpg (110.61 KB, 700x698, 1652179487410.jpg)

Please do, nonatella!
Yeah, that was epic.

No. 1779978

Although a person can easily say, oh I was born in year so and so and that makes me a such and such, I think the lines are a little more blurred and that a more accurate test is how you grew up because different geographical regions move at different paces. So millennials would have grown up with a computer room and only gotten a personal computer in late teens or as a college gift, while zoomers had unsupervised access to a computer from a much younger age.
I can't tell if you don't actually understand the joke, or this is just shitposting to the max.

No. 1779981

i agree
millenials sperging about zoomers on lolcor = exact same as zoomies, but with aging anxiety

No. 1779984

I've only been here for like 3 years and in terms of memorable stuff
>borzois and adam driver as memes
>the townhall meeting leading to movie nights and tunes tuesdays (roughly ~100 by this time)
>new shayna admin
>bunker threads and the creation of /2x/-tan
>Blaine and soyjak party
>paki anon, finn anon and romanian anon
>those journalists looking to 'research femcel communities'

I never really used to cow boards and my memory is a little fuzzy

No. 1779986

just to clarify I misread that as 'memorable stuff'. the blaine/soyjak party stuff isn't a fond memory, just something memorable

No. 1779988

bunker generals and creepshow post reveal

No. 1779989

I mean yeah, you can go check the most recent thread rn. No bug porn and all the yaoi stuff is spoilered

No. 1779992

why would I hate anyone on lolcow I don’t know any of you I think you’re maybe overthinking my inviting you to the thread

No. 1779997

Target and Walgreens, I get the crest kind. I keep a small spray bottle in my purse for breath and emergency armpits.

No. 1779998

The journalist even wrote an article mentioning lc afterwards (we begged her not to), saying that we denied being a femcel site but "used femcel lingo." Whatever that is.

No. 1780001

We already told you to fuck off countless times

No. 1780002

I’m not posting anything bad so…no

No. 1780006

I remember some spooky handed poster fighting off claims of being a tranny, the dynamics were pretty unhinged. I honestly do not care for any lolcor "inboard drama" that goes on for more than a single thread, especially since some anons desperately want to be cows and I don't get why people feed into that type of attentionwhoring

No. 1780009

Shut up minimod

No. 1780012

Yeah that Kate Tiffany or whatever, she was retarded

No. 1780013

I'm pretty sure "moid" could be taken as femcel lingo as it's the reserval of the incel "femoid". Calling a scrote a scrote is also pretty common. So for anyone who accidentally went down a rabbithole and ended up here, it could be taken that way.

No. 1780014

It's still retarded to assume we're femcels though

No. 1780015

File: 1700502122967.jpeg (38.07 KB, 680x511, fuck u.jpeg)

what y’all doin

No. 1780016

File: 1700502121650.gif (1.67 MB, 320x240, E0256FFC-8838-44EB-8E0A-88969D…)

Do you think country superstar Faith Hill would leave her husband, country superstar Tim McGraw for me, someone who is not a country superstar

No. 1780019

There were 2 of them weren't there? The Asian who anons thought was blaine, the one besides Kaitlyn. I don't remember her name so idk if she wrote her little article (I doubt she had much to write as her thread was full of posts either clowning her or 2d men)

No. 1780021

>soyjak party
i just remembered that one nonna that had a thing for this neo nazi that she thought had attractive hands and it was traced back to soyjack party and that guy was acting as "dominant" to the other users and the nonna admitted to being one of them

No. 1780022

I don't remember that second journalist

No. 1780024

Yes I do go scoop her up nonnita

No. 1780027

Honestly idk how any of you can remember that fondly, I dipped out when that shit happened because of the raids.

No. 1780028

I thought the second one was just baiting, not a real journalist.

No. 1780029

sorry i didn't realize i was listing off weird shit that happened, my bad

No. 1780033

Ooh I see. Thanks! She does walk around me in circles and meow, purr and knead when she wants pets, so that's why I was petting her. She stops eating to get pets then goes back to eating, it's a routine for her. She also rubs herself on walls and stairs when I assume she wants to be pet. Now I feel bad for running away lol. I love cats but I'm as cowardly as them. A match made in hell.

No. 1780036

>those journalists looking to 'research femcel communities'
I'd completely forgotten about her. She was so weird. Everyone kept telling her that we weren't femcels, that we're just autists and weirdos, but she refused to believe us. I don't even think the term femcel should be used, because men will sleep with literally anything, so a woman never has to be involuntarily celibate. There should be a different word for women who can't get a worthwhile boyfriend.

No. 1780038

I literally have no idea what the soyjak party is, what year did that happen? I used to go through periods of completely forgetting lolcow exists

No. 1780046

I cleaned the house and am now putting off taking donations to the thrift store. I hate leaving my house so much when I live in the city. I wish I lived in somewhere with public transportation.

No. 1780049

>Minimods, normalfags, cyberpolice-chan
You're very clockable, but I think that's the point, right?

No. 1780055

I think she was just spiteful that she got nae-nae'd on in the thread she made.

No. 1780059

It probably comes off more extremist than intended to people who aren't used to it. A bit like with how ib culture uses -fag in terms like newfag, many outsiders view it as specifically and aggressively homophobic but almost nobody ever means it like that. I get along very well with men in my life but I use those terms sometimes because it's just the cultural lingo. Some nonas are more extreme but it's silly to claim everyone is the exact same, there are plenty of posts where nonas describe having a bf or husband, and we have the nigel thread and such.
My bf stumbled across some offsite woman saying "scrote" once and it genuinely made him feel crushed lmao

No. 1780065

>My bf stumbled across some offsite woman saying "scrote" once and it genuinely made him feel crushed lmao
excellent, describe it more

No. 1780067

What did she expect, waltzing into an anonymous site she had done no research on and accusing the women here of being femcels? Prim politeness?

No. 1780070

does anyone have a link to that article? iirc there were at least 2 instances or researchers trying to study lolcow. Was the second one ever made?

No. 1780073

>it genuinely made him feel crushed
Serves him right for being such an oversensitive scrote. Moids woudn't survive a day as women.

No. 1780076

Here the one by Kaitlyn Tiffany. I don't think the second one was ever made.

No. 1780082

>genuinely made him feel crushed lmao
Lol, lmao even. I get that though. You have a view of the world and then one day find out that a group of people hate you strongly and it kinda hurts your feelings.

No. 1780084

Wow, this dumb writer really has no idea the difference between women who want their own spaces away from men and violent men who cant take no for an answer.

No. 1780085

This article is even worse than I remembered.
>But thinking of them as a unified group with specific political goals is less useful than thinking of them as overlooked individuals who are now being swept around the web, sometimes letting their insecurities and resentments lead them into unproductive conversations.
How dares she shit on shitposting kek

No. 1780086

Your boyfriend is a giant loser btw!

No. 1780087

Exactly. I'm supposed to feel bad about that. Boo hoo

No. 1780102

when that animal abuser got doxxed and v& in the necrozoo furfag thread. and lolcor bebe

No. 1780107

What was lolcor bebe?

No. 1780113

oh good scrote is working, let's work on more slurs for men nonnies

No. 1780166

Instead of using male and female, because TIMs keep calling themselves females, I say women and prostate havers.

No. 1780173

I saw a mom call her son a scrote on /g/ and it made me chuckle quite a bit

No. 1780186

Nothing can be as wonderful as that anon's story of her boyfriend's mom telling him that if she knew she was having a boy, she probably would've aborted him. Lol based boyfriend's mom.

No. 1780209

i wish i could cum by getting my pussy ate but it doesnt really do much for me tbh

No. 1780212

does anyone know how feasible this actually is? Like can you find out sex early enough to abort? I'd kinda like to be a mom one day but the idea of giving birth to a scrote is gonna make me stay permavirgin

No. 1780221

Around the world abortion limits differ from like 10 to 22 weeks, 10 or 12 weeks is definitely too soon to tell. So it depends on your local laws.

No. 1780234

Some countries obsessed with having sons have forced post-first trimester abortions, but then again, I don't know how safe that is, since in those countries it's usually the husband making the call to terminate girls, and I doubt they give much of a shit about their wives possibly suffering life-long complications.
I don't know what the ethical limits of sex selection via IVF are, but I also assume it could really end up costing a lot, since you always have a chance of getting a "shit" batch of zygotes that all end up male.

No. 1780249

File: 1700509789522.jpg (90.1 KB, 640x640, 1700498069331.jpg)

Need a male version of this ASAP

No. 1780254

The first one is very male as it is.

No. 1780263

You can dump any man that owns pants

No. 1780264

I was about to post this!

No. 1780266

Jesus Fucking Christ I actually read the whole thing. I don't think a woman that doesn't do/have any of those things even exists.

No. 1780267

how is prangent formed

No. 1780268

Am I pargant?
Am i gregnant?
Am i pegnate?? Help!?
Is there a possibly that i'm pegrent?
Am I pergegnant or am I okay?
Could I be pregonate?
How do I know if I'M prengan?
Can i be prregnant????
Can u get pregante…?
Can u bleed while u are pergert?
Can u down a 20 foot waterslide pegnat?
How can I get my gf pragnet?
What happen when get pergenat?
How can a nineyear old get prangnet?
Will my get pragnan?
What is the best time to sex to be come pregnart
Does any one know how many teens get bregant a year????
Are these systoms of being pregarnt?
Girlfriend aint had period since she got pregat?
Is it possible having sex to a 8 months fregnant?
If a women has starch masks on her body does that mean she has been pargnet before.?
My circle is normal,but yet i till dont get peegnant,wat can i use.?
Has anybody got pergnut by just precum while using birth control?
Did most you women FEEL pgrenant before find out?
I am praganant last 5 week so can i start sex?
Dangerops prangent sex? will it hurt baby top of his head?
Me and my boyfriend are trying to get prefnat and j havent took my birth control in 12 days?
38+2 weeks pregananant?
I think my dog is pregernet???
Can i get prengt if he had a comdom on?
How long can u go being prognant to get an abortian?
I think I'm pretnet with my 14th Child?

No. 1780270

beat me to it

No. 1780272

>Am i gregnant?
Is this what happens when you eat too many Gregg's sausage rolls?

No. 1780274

File: 1700510953461.gif (492.19 KB, 498x498, frog-angry.gif)

REEEEE I hate seeing people write shitty out-of-character yandere fics about my husbando. Thank god for the block button.

No. 1780279

File: 1700511318657.gif (1.05 MB, 480x270, danny-gonzalez-attack.gif)

No. 1780286

How do you distract yourself from being scared

No. 1780292

I sing the sailor moon theme song in my head, it's like a mantra that wards off evil. When I was a child I repeated the lord's prayer but somewhere along the way it changed to the sailor moon theme song….

No. 1780340

I knew this was parody once it said “wants less than 12 children” and “owns pants”

No. 1780374

File: 1700514690168.jpg (53.42 KB, 640x1136, 20231111_002242.jpg)

I'm actually very supportive of women grifting using twitch (as long as their audience isn't mainly children) and fully support the fact that they all use that annoying fake baby voice– but Pokimane annoys me for some reason? She's the only female twitch streamer who I at default don't like. I dont go out of my way to think about her but I avoid her content. Does she have a reputation that im forgetting or something? I usually don't dislike women like this.

No. 1780404

I love c.ai roleplay where you pick the ones that males have clearly made to play out a sexy female bully or cuck thing because if you go off script at all the characters who are supposed to be dominant are like oh god ok I give up sorry geez and then they go about their day. It's so funny to see AI react to someone who isn't playing along with the prompt.

No. 1780405

I think it's because pokeman is fairly obtainable/low effort compared to other female streamers

No. 1780411

Nah I don't project that kind of thing, maybe it's because she seems extremely disingenuous. A majority of female streamers have a fake persona and thats fair but hers is extremely OTT to the point its ridiculous and watching her keep the switch on when other people are having normal conversations seems exhausting. I feel like if she just acted like herself and dropped the fake cadence and showed her real bitchy attitude I wouldn't even think about it.

No. 1780500

It’s stupid but I pretend in my mind that my heart is racing and I feel like i’m going to die because i’m with my husbandos in an in universe dangerous situation.

No. 1780502

Johnson and Johnson traumatized me, I don't even use baby powder from other brands anymore. I wouldn't even buy Johnson and Johnson soap.

No. 1780507

I keep meaning to watch The One Percent (documentary about the wealth gap that a young Johnson & Johnson heir made)

No. 1780534

mecklenburg should belong to poland tbh

No. 1780557

File: 1700522922619.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 2904x2544, 20231120_182857.jpg)

Anytime i accidentally see something from inflatable furry Twitter I yell like what is this

No. 1780560

Is that a pool float or a sex toy?

No. 1780575

Uhhh both?

No. 1780581

Look at the state of him. Ugh

No. 1780614

Cut them some slack, they are on the brink of not being alive at all

No. 1780617

only older women read these magazines still

No. 1780620

his eyes are so teeny that it almost looks shooped

No. 1780698

I want to kill myself so I'm going to go cut my bangs really short with dull scissors. ama

No. 1780702

You're gonna look retarded and regret it and cry harder afterwards just drink some water and take a nap or something

No. 1780708

I need something else to be upset about, something fixable… like hair

No. 1780710

traffic control nonnie, guy straight up hit me with his car when i asked him to put on his turn signal and then put on his hazards lmafo i want to die

No. 1780717

A good thing to do before deactivating any accounts is to remove any retweets/tweets/replies/likes because they can still be seen by other users after you’re deactivated sometimes

No. 1780720

How short

No. 1780721

Just had the most fucking delicious sandwich. Life is good again and god loves us and wants us to be happy.

No. 1780722

idk yet it will be a surprise to even myself

No. 1780729

girl wtf? did u get his info? kill him

No. 1780732

File: 1700529601555.jpg (29.85 KB, 719x719, me.jpg)

Don't call me schizo, but does anyone else feel like anons try to summon some of our personalityfags to cause drama? I'm not gonna name any in particular cause it'll distract from the point, but I've seen this happen with multiple anons where anons will try to summon personalityfags by posting about them, or they will notice a personalityfag's post and start trying to call them out for being a particular anon. It's usually done with the intent of triggering them into an infight, which is why I notice it. It's more annoying than the actual anons they're talking about, imo.

No. 1780733

Yeah I’ve noticed this a lot lately. Like blatantly naming them in hopes that they’ll be lurking the thread and will respond. It’s really pathetic

No. 1780737

They are the closest thing I have to friends

No. 1780740

You’re not crazy you just have eyes

No. 1780745

when I was 11 my friend showed me this song and triple baka in math class one day and that was my introduction to vocaloid/weeb culture. very nostalgic

No. 1780751

It’s the 2nd to the last thursday of November so the actual day changes yearly

No. 1780754

Why does thanksgiving keep changing dates this year? First it was the 18th, then the 21st, now it's the 23rd

No. 1780788

it waxes and wanes like the moon, you have to synch up with the lunar turkey thursday energy and it'll make sense

No. 1780805

It falls on my birthday this year.

No. 1780809

Update, I did it. Unfortunately it actually looks good so it didn't work as a distraction. next time I will try it blindfolded just to feel something other than wanting to die

No. 1780816

Why do you guys even have thanksgiving? What do you have to be thankful for? Housing crisis? Troonacy? Your dumb decrepit politicians? Salmonella?

No. 1780817

No we grateful for food obviously we’re the fattest country

No. 1780822

Wow rude.

No. 1780823

Some of us have friends and family that we like, anon.

No. 1780825

File: 1700535976641.jpg (1.59 MB, 2400x1800, 1351c8cdaeb1dd389d78996262a818…)

Whenever I watch a Real Housewives show, I always wonder how the other rich people who live in their neighborhood must think. Like, there's no way the snooty old money people in Potomac don't think these women are trashy.

No. 1780828

I'm sure they do think those women are trashy. Who wouldn't?

No. 1780834

File: 1700536594486.png (61.57 KB, 179x223, IMG_7868.png)

Hey nonnies can we all send each other good vibes right now I’ve felt really anxious lately and I’ve noticed others feeling that way too so I just hope everyone feels good and is protected

No. 1780835

Absolutely. Sending good vibes your way.

No. 1780836

I know things will work out for you lovely nonnie

No. 1780840

File: 1700536946495.jpg (250.58 KB, 750x900, angels-message-george-hillyard…)

I'm sharing all my calm and positive energy with you anon, may peaceful times come your way soon.

No. 1780844

File: 1700537435412.jpg (59.03 KB, 638x620, tumblr_e607848ba08c41d2571ed2c…)

No. 1780877

Everyday I fight the urge to cut all my hair off and just wear wigs

No. 1780878

No. 1780881

Samefag, actually it's not an urgent but just a strong desire

No. 1780884

fuckin blast from the past nonna thank u for this

No. 1780885

File: 1700540926045.jpg (126.63 KB, 1200x1200, Sweet-Potato-Noodles-3-1.jpg)

I want more sweet potato glass noodles

No. 1780886

I watched a robot pinocchio movie and it was fuckin shit fuck you spielberg

No. 1780887

Robot pinocchio? that sounds like hell

No. 1780888

Kubrick handed it to Spielberg. Wonder what it could have been if Kubrick did it instead?

No. 1780889

I think there was also a CGI one, but the one I watched was live action.
I don't really like Kubrick movies either honestly. Kubrick was the one who wanted to include the overly saccharine scenes at the end though so I guess you can blame that on him.

No. 1780892

File: 1700541433155.jpg (27.71 KB, 265x375, Pinocchio_3000.jpg)

CGI one btw, this movie looks fucking horrifying.

No. 1780896

Lol sounds like a thing he'd do

No. 1780913

half of his movies ive seen are shit even tho ppl praise them. dont watch close encounters of the 3rd kind, huge waste of time. it sucks that AI has such an interesting premise, but terrible execution. not one single scene plays out in a way that is satisfying to watch

No. 1780915

I have a weird type of issue where I google the meaning of every weird feeling I have. Itchy knuckles? “Itchy knuckles spiritual meaning” on google. Bump inside cheek? “Bump inner cheek spiritual meaning”

No. 1780920

KEK I have autism like this too. There's always an answer as well.

No. 1780923

And all the different answers just make me feel worse and more retarded. I need to cut this out kek

No. 1780924

File: 1700542946182.gif (537.37 KB, 278x498, IMG_7871.gif)

I hope you’re all completely safe and that every single desire you have comes into fruition

No. 1780926

Right?! Favorite are the sites that give you both "fortune" and "misfortune" meanings to confuse you in one go.

No. 1780928

File: 1700543118846.jpg (202.46 KB, 730x1024, gettyimages-72142454-1024x1024…)

Aly & AJ are still so fucking cool to me. Their styling and promotion was so different from the other Disney stars.

No. 1780935

I really liked them as a kid

No. 1780959

File: 1700544489452.jpg (38 KB, 300x400, s-l400.jpg)

No fucking way, I loved their song in that corny Disney movie Twitches. I even had that dumb music-playing toothbrush and it played Ally & AJ when I brushed my teeth.

No. 1781016

it's funny seeing posts like these after all the shit that happened ITT earlier. lolcur is making my vibes worse, i should leave.

No. 1781031

Why is all brazilian art like 'poorly drawn porn of family guy characters'

No. 1781034

File: 1700551546801.jpg (28.6 KB, 351x351, ausfarmers.jpg)

real shitposting hours start now

No. 1781041

Makes me want to play the Bratz games

No. 1781074

I'm not in a good state nonnies

No. 1781081

File: 1700554985794.jpg (26.77 KB, 370x750, doctor-cow-stress-toy.jpg)

On the topic of calming vibes, I'm currently undergoing medical treatment again for my massive health issues and is giving me some scary side effects. Could I have some healing vibes nonas?

No. 1781084

File: 1700555460413.jpg (172.07 KB, 1024x1024, gwsnona.jpg)

healing vibes incoming

No. 1781086

File: 1700555633097.jpg (217.84 KB, 1024x1024, soup for nona.jpg)

samefag I made you soup

No. 1781087

Aww nona, what a nice pic!

No. 1781094

I love this picture. I love that you are giving her a whole, massive pot of soup instead of a regular bowl kek

No. 1781097

File: 1700556418063.jpg (249.9 KB, 1024x1024, here's what you missed.jpg)

me too kek, the prompt was "brings chicken soup". also didn't add the nanna (or nonna, if you will) in the bg but I like to think she's nona's nonna who bought the soup and she came along to the hospital because she's so proud of her recipe

No. 1781110

lolcow is brainwashing me into thinking overalls are the cutest item of clothing in existence, I think I'll buy some

No. 1781112

I was always so hateful of ai but I think this converted me, it’s too cute

No. 1781116

cant sleep and have shit to do tomorrow oh no

No. 1781120

Me too, I feel your pain.

No. 1781122

File: 1700558793686.jpeg (74.96 KB, 750x750, 1641679378197.jpeg)

Therapy tomorrow yeah

No. 1781148

Is your therapist attractive at least?

No. 1781163

File: 1700566170426.png (532.28 KB, 468x816, vftt.png)

content is getting too niche I feel it. Or they grab the rattiest most faded plastic commemorative cup hiding in there and make me feel embarrassed

No. 1781204

And Aly is so beautiful

No. 1781209

Isn't that the opposite of niche? I feel like everyone has experienced this on either side

No. 1781221

My friend asked me, if God demanded I name a material and he would instantly replace everything plastic with it, but I only have three seconds to answer, what am I choosing? I blurted out topsoil because we've depleted the earth of it so badly and I figured it would do the least amount of damage as all the plastic in the ocean was instantly converted. And she pointed out that pacemakers exist. And I'd considered that, and also I'd just fucked the entire world and every hospital but I had limited time so people got what they got, and she told me I should have picked wood.
Well la de dah Miss I Had More Than Three Seconds To Think About It.

No. 1781276

No. 1781280

are wooden pacemakers supposed to be better? What a weird question kek
I think maybe the best option would be one of those newfangled patented bioplastics that are basically like plastic, but biodegradable and not as toxic, that simply don't get used as much because they're more expensive

No. 1781281

File: 1700575012771.jpg (96.59 KB, 700x729, 1600550677491.jpg)

I saw a woman with the most beautiful shade of red natural hair the other day. Just a spun sunset of locks crowning her head. It's crazy how there isn't a single color of hair that isn't beautiful in its own way.

No. 1781283

Wood would be better than topsoil, kek.

No. 1781284

garlic bread
I think black gingers have some of the prettiest hair, it’s such a deep dark red color it’s crazy

No. 1781289

spit more about the glory of her glistening hair and shit nona, so poetic and cute keep it going

No. 1781334

She set you up, you can't replace everything plastic with something else without there being a big consequence no matter what you replace. Honestly kind of shitty to be like but muh pacemakers because like well those people are dead no matter what in this scenario why even ask if that's the attitude.

No. 1781335

No. 1781344

I've managed to lose 10 pounds in the past few months because all I do is eat less and drink caffeine enough to the point where I aimlessly briskpace around my house listening to high energy music like an autist. I am mostly imagining scenarios to draw or something while I do. Idk why I'm retarded but I'm glad its helping kek

No. 1781345

She crested the hill of the street, the flame of her hair catching my eye as it floated above smokiness of her jacket. I lowered my eyes and peeked at her from under my lashes as she walked by, captured by the ethereal way she walked and gestured to her friend. Her skin was as pale as the underside of a moth's wing, and she seemed unreal as she threw her head back in laughter, her hair a bloom of crimson against the squalid storefronts.

No. 1781346

you are literally me instead i dont lose weight, sadly

No. 1781348

It was all in good fun, we're always asking each other stupid questions like that. The other day I demanded to know what pine tree she thought was the most stoic and which one would be the most fun at parties.
That was a thought, but I was also worried about it shattering and injuring even more people as things made out of plastic suddenly broke under the weight of being glass as well as all the cars.

No. 1781349

nta but can you do this with dark brown hair too pls and thank you

No. 1781385

No. 1781394

Your cute hospital pics cheered me up a lot, thank you ♥
That's beautiful, nona.

No. 1781402

I couldn't decide if her hair held the colors of an aged cognac, all hidden depth and aged flavors flitting across my tongue, or if the sunlight transformed it into something wilder and free like the walnut coats of mustangs running across the plains. She looked up from her book and I dropped my eyes and blushed, hoping that this out of place dryad hadn't caught me being rude. But what better place for a wood spirit that a book store? The collected efforts of a million trees straining towards the warmth of the sun concentrated into a realm of knowledge that anyone could travel to. I pretended to browse as she lowered her head again, the curtain of mink smoothly sliding forward to hide her face.

No. 1781405

>has to take very important 6 hour long uni law exam
>didn't study
>feel bad about my very serious procrastination problem
>i will probably fail and have to drop out
>gets the results
>i somehow passed with an average grade like it's not even bad
>am i a law genius?
>do i have unlimited brain power?
>is the professor stupid?

No. 1781425

Trust yourself more nonny

No. 1781429

I had a really vivid dream that a girl I used to be friends with made a thread about me on /snow/ in an attempt to get my attention and it worked and she just immediately apologized and we went to my house to smoke. It was really interesting kek

No. 1781437

Everytime I look at my naked body with glasses, I get so shocked in a good and bad way. My hips are crazy but I'm so faaaaaaattt. I can't wait until I completely drop all of this weight and I have my dream body. The bone structure there.

No. 1781454

Congrats on passing your exam!

No. 1781480

I just realized I didn't see any posts about International Scrote Day (Nov 19th) this year when usually the internet is pure cancer on that day. The Earth is healing.

No. 1781505


No. 1781511

File: 1700583564910.gif (409.43 KB, 250x188, 1409625624160.gif)

Sadly the movie thread in /m/ is a bit dead so I'm reposting this here:

Korean embassy in my country is showing a few projections later in the month, which one of these do you think is most worth a watch? I've read "Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982" already and wouldn't mind seeing it in movie form, but if any of these are more worth it I'll watch them instead:

Escape From Mogadishu (2021)
Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 (2019)
Life is Beautiful (2022)
Little Forest (2018)

No. 1781519

lol what in the hell is this gif. I love it
>international scrote day
Ew. We should all share/retweet/reblog nothing but crime statistics on that shitty day

No. 1781574

Enjoy nonnacita

No. 1781595

Just watched moral oral and it was really scary to me.

No. 1781607

thank you for this beauty

No. 1781634

File: 1700586958050.png (90.63 KB, 257x227, amazon.PNG)

The poorly translated instructions on Amazon products that were made in China are like fucking riddles

No. 1781635

I love it but it's so dark

No. 1781659

I’ve never heard of international men’s day that sounds retarded

No. 1781660

Probably because it doesnt exist. I never heard of that shit either

No. 1781662

I think it must be a recent invention because they wanted to own women for having our own day too. Men are retarded

No. 1781663

Everyday is men’s day already kekk

No. 1781676

It's something they tried hard to force into existence for a few years. Also remember No Nut November? I haven't heard of it in a while either. Maybe it was too difficult to not watch porn for 30 days.

No. 1781693

♥ nonnies of this board, a message ♥
I really appreciate you all. And this space.
Here I am allowed to be retarded. Here I can be edgy and crude and inappropriate. Here I can be a weirdo.
The spaces that aren’t completely normalfag are very scrote tier. Reddit meme subs are ‘balls this’ mean, repetitive, coomer stuff, where no discourse is allowed and progressive misogyny thrives. Although I have not been here much as of late, I must still say that I appreciate you all, and this space, to all you unlikeable, hairy, outspoken women, Obrigada

No. 1781694

I love you too nonnie

No. 1781695

The porn industry rebranded self control and No Nut November as a gateway to right wing extremism so it got dropped or became hidden.

No. 1781698

I appreciate this space too. And we appreciate you, nonnie

No. 1781730

File: 1700591449079.jpg (56.4 KB, 500x321, 9eb9687adbf56823483cdbaaaf5271…)

Same, sis.

No. 1781731

Thank you for the sweet message nonny

No. 1781733


No. 1781735

Wtf is no nut november? Why don't moids have an imagination so they can just cum to their thoughts instead of getting cucked by some guy on a screen or shitty 70s-tier skits

No. 1781738

it's just a meme so all month they can comment under porn "oooh you made me lose no nut november" even though we all know moids have no discipline and would die if they stopped cooming

No. 1781745

File: 1700591975558.jpg (22.73 KB, 559x350, lmao.jpg)

I had a sexy dream where I masturbated alone in my bed, then I woke up in my bed. The only time I've orgasmed in a dream, too. I was meant to be a femcel 4evar fr.

No. 1781746

It's when a man abstains from masturbating for the month of November to reset his dopamine receptors, wean himself off porn, and encourage him to do something about his life instead of pacifying himself about his situation with masturbation.

No. 1781789

File: 1700593617564.jpg (75.57 KB, 570x712, helen.jpg)

I refuse to do this site thing as several people in my life have told me I look like Helen Mirren and I won't acknowledge anything else kek.

No. 1781910

File: 1700596529711.jpg (Spoiler Image,156.49 KB, 1024x1024, dragon plane.jpg)

Asked bing AI to create me a cutesy picture of a dragon being used in place of an airplane and instead was given this inappropriate image. That's ten Hail Marys for you tonight Bing.

No. 1781916

She looks like what Bella Hadid could have looked like if she didn't get plastic surgery.

No. 1781920


No. 1781927

I didn't mind her request. It's just the shitposting thread after all. I hoped she liked the one I wrote for brown hair though.

No. 1781928

didnt read, thought this was real until I realized thats way to small to be a commercial airliner

No. 1781935

That's nice of you but it's not going to change my mind about the other anon being cringe and a little desperate.

No. 1781938

I can be desperate for you too, nonny, but you'll have to fix that attitude

No. 1781941

You didn't read my post correctly.

No. 1781974

File: 1700598591948.jpg (322.44 KB, 1024x1024, stained glass battle dragon 6.…)

Just to clarify, that other person (>>1781938) wasn't me (who is writing the little blurbs).

No. 1781995

Tell me I shouldn't make cute mushroom Christmas tree ornaments

No. 1782000

You should and you must!!

No. 1782001

The more I come here the more I want to kms

No. 1782002

That's the devil talking. You should make cute little mushroom ornaments.

No. 1782003

Gotcha. There's some sperg who keeps doing that to confuse people. It's so lame.

No. 1782004


No. 1782018

This is the opposite of what I needed to hear

No. 1782020

I told my mom I was buying some dumbbells for myself for Christmas, she asked how heavy, and when I told her they're adjustable up to like 25 kg, she told me I don't need to be a man. That I should get a husband so he can do the heavy lifting. I guess she thinks I'll somehow bicep curl 25 kilos anytime soon.

No. 1782021

That's the same dumb ass logic people think if a woman lifts weights she'll become the hulk. That's not how it works. I guess it's your fault for not wanting to be submissive and lithe. sorry but your mom annoys me with her response, as if women are too retarded to do shit on their own.

No. 1782025

That's so bleak.

No. 1782032

She's usually not this close-minded, but she suddenly regressed like 50 years socially and treated moving furniture around like it was the mysthical domain of The Men kek. When I told her I need to be fitter to take care of them and carry around their elderly dog, she went silent real fast. How would it be better if I had to beg some compulsory husband to please help them out instead of just being able to come over and do it.

No. 1782038

Omg please do

No. 1782041

I watch a lot of youtube and always unsubscribe and block the moment a youtuber announces their or their spouses pregnancy because from now on their content will revolve about being a parent which is just fucking boring and I don't want to see that. I had to let go of a bunch of people who once were very entertaining creators.

No. 1782044

Who? Besides PewDiePie

No. 1782046

Marzia is pregnant??

No. 1782048

I do this with people who suddenly get a dog too. Like now their dog will involved in every single stream or video they do and it's annoying. RIP steve the seagull

No. 1782050

She's already given birth

No. 1782060

opposite. I love when I see youtubes I grew up with grow into parents

No. 1782067

Wow, i really haven't been paying attention. The last drama I kept up with was her weird overpriced ceramic pots, and PDP moving to Japan.

No. 1782077

Kek nona

No. 1782081

wikihow art

No. 1782088

File: 1700603695767.png (25.18 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_6078.png)

Is turkey more yin or more yang? Same question for ham.

No. 1782089

Dang, he moved to Japan? I don't really know much about pewdiepie, but it seems weird considering I don't think him or his wife speak Japanese? Or I assume they don't speak Japanese…

No. 1782091

The country?

No. 1782092

how weird would it be to re-root a monster high doll's head with locks of my own hair that i've had laying around? decided to dip my toes into doll customization during a creative block for calico critter outfits a while back, but i forgot about the dolls when that went away and now i've found this hair.

No. 1782093

Turkey is yin Ham is yang because a lot of turkeys are either wild hunted or pasture raised where on the flip side ham is factory farmed.

No. 1782094

turkey is yang but i'm not sure about ham. my family usually eats fried chicken around the holidays and fried chicken is also yang.

No. 1782096

It's what all the influencers are doing now, which is weird. They're probably living on a work visa too.

No. 1782105

I googled and got this:
>Yin is cold and wet, yang is hot and dry.
I feel like ham is cold and wet, turkey is hot and dry
the meat

No. 1782111

But aren’t both cooked for holiday dinners? I guess that depends on the preference

No. 1782115

I think it would be interesting

No. 1782119

I'll bite what's your avatar?

No. 1782122

ham gets cold so fast especially when there's no bone

No. 1782127

File: 1700605610630.jpg (59.81 KB, 512x700, 292ed91bf9e7902e2524ff668c414b…)

Whats your nlog power level? I like women's sumo wrestling

No. 1782134

Substitute teacher telling 8 year olds about how they can’t kick their legs because it’ll make her ADHD act up

No. 1782207

I'm working from home tomorrow but I don't want to, I'll just take long breaks and play ACNH a little bit in front of the computer.

No. 1782238

Oh shit!!!! Sumo wrestling was the reason I got fat because I was a retarded kid and thought that eating butter out of the container would make me stronger like them. Then someone told me sumo wrestlers were only male but my child obesity stuck with me into my adulthood kek. I feel so happy that female sumo wrestlers exist. Take that, patriarchy!

No. 1782246

I keep forgetting I made the spoiler image for CC. I don't know what I was thinking because the color scheme is ugly kek. A naked molerat skin toned peach and bright green.

No. 1782251

Congratulations for being iconic

No. 1782253

i like the colot scheme

No. 1782257

30 years ago first graders could get their fingers beaten with a ruler for that.

No. 1782288

Sumo is interesting because they are still athletic and have muscle mass yet at their size aren't metabolically obese (the absence of any metabolic disorder and cardiovascular disease). There was a documentary on fat cells on Netflix and the sumos had much more brown fat, and much different fat distribution compared to when they retired and stopped training. It's like if you wanted to go full bearmode as a human.

No. 1782308

Nonny, thank you so much for real, this makes me so happy to see, if you have more to share (thoughts, videos etc) please do!

No. 1782310

Samefag I need to go bearmode, please please share more this is making my evening!

No. 1782321

Iconic really

No. 1782325

Some places they still do that but you probably don't want to live in those places

No. 1782335

There’s this girl I follow on instagram who had this gorgeous boyfriend and she was constantly hyping him up online about how amazing of a boyfriend he was but they very obviously just broke up and now she’s posting about how she lowered her standards for him and I can’t help but wonder what happened. I baseline don’t trust moids in but she also seems like kind of a sperg and got him a t-shirt that was just her face plastered all over it. I wanna know what’s going through these peoples heads when they pivot so hard kek. My guess is that he cheated but she’s been vagueposting a lot but hasn’t said anything about that so?

No. 1782344

You actually have a better chance of enjoying trying sumo outside of Japan. Its very frowned upon for women to want to do it, and traditionalists consider it abhorrent. There's competitions outside of Japan too and they don't get the same negative attention. Not all of them are big either, it's just a form of wrestling at the end of the day.

No. 1782352

thank you. Please tell me, are you really really into it?

No. 1782425

Better lose that boyfriend before I fist him

No. 1782427

File: 1700618652674.jpg (27.18 KB, 550x550, yes.jpg)

Everything is just better at night. Don't have to wake up early so I can stay up till whenever. Online window shopping, stupid movies, night drives, life is just better at night.

No. 1782428

Use him as a boxing glove to fight off the grieving girlfriend.

No. 1782429

File: 1700618792796.jpg (139.37 KB, 1280x720, 113.jpg)

No. 1782431

I ate too much pasta and ice cream and now my belly is plump for you nonnies !

No. 1782440

why would i want your plump belly

No. 1782447

Ewwww… Post pics

No. 1782448

Dont be rude. be grateful

No. 1782449

Based. Even cooking and eating feels better at night.

No. 1782453

no i only accept flat stomachs

No. 1782454

Don't be anachan

No. 1782458

No. 1782459

Please say yes I want to know if you genuinely love it like I do

No. 1782461

For us? We asked for this?

No. 1782463

You don't ask an offer

No. 1782472

Thanks I’m gonna go listen to that song 50 fucking times now

No. 1782485

B12’ll make ya feel alrite and alert

No. 1782487

This reminds me of those asians who do the fat belly tiktok filters

No. 1782521

I have made them, I'm waiting for them to air dry so I can paint

No. 1782560

You wish nona but I already pooped it out and now it's slimmed down. Oops!

Thanks for having my back cutie

No. 1782585

let's hear about the boyz

No. 1782630

I got a 'bowl' at a chain brand salad place and it had chickpeas and they were so disgustingly dry but I mixed the bowl beforehand so now I have to deal with it and I can't ignore it. It's just so dry. Balls of dust dry. Yuck.

No. 1782650

Unsoaked solid chickpeas are a choking hazard that’s rude of them

No. 1782712

File: 1700639879360.png (172.54 KB, 1080x225, what.PNG)

there's so much to unpack here

No. 1782722

everyday is international male worship day, pointless.

Males masturbating to torture was once "no shave November" Iirc where men would grow beards to help raise money for prostate cancer.

"The porn industry" didn't do shit but monetize the torture and rape of children and women. The porn industry didn't change male biology, delusion. Also the entire internet sans a few outliers like Tumblr that have less than 10% male userbase are "gate ways into right wing extremism".

No. 1782763

File: 1700644790269.jpeg (794.59 KB, 1015x1718, IMG_1705.jpeg)

This person has been crying and lying in meta for days about the discussion of whether or not Anya Taylor Joy is attractive, as if everyone can’t scroll up and see exactly what was said. I saw the conversation while it was happening and while it was an annoying discussion, no one said anything like this.

No. 1782765

Why do anons care so much if other anons say if women are attractive? I've seen an anon curse out multiple people because anons agreed emrata was pretty kek. I'm convinced its women who are in abusive relationships and they target celebrities their man thinks are hot

No. 1782769

I’m not sure, I don’t understand why people get offended about someone else’s opinion on whether someone is attractive or unattractive, I don’t see why it should even matter really. But in that conversation anons were talking about which unattractive celebrities need makeovers, which brought anons defending the celebrities who were mentioned, it wasn’t what the anon in meta is claiming happened

No. 1782777

I started a web developer program at uni 3 months ago, and now that I've gotten closer to my classmates and gotten over my surprise that there are ZERO trannies or gendies I realized that pretty much everyone are really attractive??? I expected there to be some neckbeardy types or something but everyone hits the gym regularly and have real hobbies. This class is also apparently unusually young according to the teachers and course leader, they usually have at least some that are 50+ but no one in my class is over 34.

No. 1782780

That’s cause it’s web dev, heh

No. 1782790

>follow r/embroidery
>moid posts machine embroidery made with someone elses artwork
>gets called talented
I wish old school forums were still active I hate sharing hobby spaces with men

No. 1782794

I hate when moids invade female hobbies and get praised for the bare minimum when it's literally the opposite for women getting into male hobbies. we should gatekeep them just the way they gatekeep us.

No. 1782800

not that weird, Dollightful rerooted a doll's head with her husbands hair i think

No. 1782801

Because it's web dev, the field most career changers get into cause it pays better than their previous one.

No. 1782804

iirc she used his hair for the paintbrush. but it's also not weird, a lot of victorian (I think?) dolls would be given to little girls made with their own hair.
if anything it's more odd to use synthetic fibres. you do you nona. it's free hair you grew yourself and could give it more meaning unless you do the voodoo so

No. 1782806

Samefag but semi-related, in my city there's so many private schools targeting women who want to learn to "become a coder". First of all, phrasing it like that is a massive red flag and second of all, most of these are a scam promising cushy "coder" wfh jobs but teaching nothing.

No. 1782817

ayrt, in that vidrel, she uses it for the paintbrush, but she says that she used his hair before for his doll(as in, a doll made to represent him). so, it's possible ig.
only problem that >>1782092 nona could face is if the amount of hair she cuts ends up shorter than intended, but that's if she's plugging it and not making wefts out of it.

No. 1782878

>Brother tells me about cool speedrun made by "a girl"
>I look it up
>Off voice with valley girl accent
>Mildly obese body
>It's a troon
Of course. Every day I am surprised by men's inability to clock a man in a dress doing a voice. You'd think the sex obsessed with sex and female form would know how to identify an actual female, but no. They're so retarded.

No. 1782902

I think I'm gonna start exclusively buying Jr and kids meals when I get fast food, cause it's cheaper and still enough to make me full. The portions are supposed to be smaller but honestly sometimes that shit is like a regular meal. I got a chicken jr from Burger King and it was literally a regular chicken sandwich. In fact, I also got a regular burger alongside it and it was smaller than the chicken jr.

No. 1782949

thats why they had to make it legal for men to kill troons ''rape by deception'' because they are too retarded to tell

No. 1782991

As males are the sex that will fuck anything that moves, anything looks all the same to them.

No. 1783003

File: 1700665865339.jpg (14.76 KB, 692x607, 1647643853255.jpg)

why do i always get stressed when i engage in longer online discussions
why do i have to be so retarded

No. 1783072

So men get 1 free kill if they get raped but women can't. Men really live life on ez mode

No. 1783075

Are you in America? I hear the serving sizes there is huge even for a regular person so JR meals are probably the right portion

No. 1783076

File: 1700669255164.png (319.02 KB, 493x369, 53902012-05FF-4BAB-8A62-828DAD…)

lolcow awards???? Everyone nominate me for best poster please

No. 1783081

Have they dried yet? Can we see them?

No. 1783082

That happens to everyone unfortunately, please don't blame yourself

No. 1783083

I wonder if we'll have them this year

No. 1783085

Yeah check meta silly goose

No. 1783086

I've heard American portions are huge due to hospitality

No. 1783087

have you seen the massive red text at the top of your page lol

No. 1783089

Sorry lol just noticed now

No. 1783091

Are you talking about that black kid with the dragon ball character on the main page? I thought it was super weird that he would be able to do that high level of embroidery so well that it looks machine made but I just scrolled past.

No. 1783093

This shit happens so much, it's so dumb

No. 1783095

How come when you set a baby down, their legs always do the opposite of what you want them to do? If you try to get them to stand they're legs go flimsy and if you try to get them to sit they straighten out their legs

No. 1783096

Call your brother out on this and make him feel like shit for not being able to tell a woman from a man. I would rag on him for hours.

No. 1783099

It's huge because our food is cheap quality tbh

No. 1783101

File: 1700670246163.jpg (42.71 KB, 750x750, sunglass cat.jpg)

I was trying to hide my dirty ass hair with a headwrap and got a compliment from my psych lol

No. 1783103

babies are full of evil. Don’t trust them.

No. 1783106

They're still trying to figure out their own bones. Babies are silly

No. 1783107

Honestly? This year has been a blur!
Can we post a few of the best moments?
I actually don't even remember if bunker threads were this year or last year

No. 1783113

yeah that's the post. I don't get the point of people posting machine embroidery there at all, they're also usually sneaky about it until someone asks directly.

No. 1783116

thank you both for the feedback! yeah so I've been cutting my own hair for a long time and whenever I'm chopping off a sizable lock, there's this urge to keep it for some reason. like "oh I could use this somehow", like how i kept all my teeth in a little drawer when they fell out

No. 1783123

Is anyone here a mom I have a question that I can’t find an answer to on google it’s not about babies

No. 1783137

>whenever I'm chopping off a sizable lock, there's this urge to keep it for some reason
i feel you, when i was a teen, i really wanted bangs, so i obviously cut them myself, but it would obviously be a long length of hair that i wasn't used to seeing cut off, so i couldn't throw the chunk away/part with it, so i'd put a clip on the chunks and keep them in this accordion folder my parents bought me to keep my art in, and didn't think about it again until i had to organize and keep my college assignments that i opened up the folder again and found my locks of hair. have i thrown them away? nope. still there in that accordion folder, idk, compared to my hair now, the hair i had when i was a teen was really pretty and silky and dark, so it just feels like a waste to throw away such nice hair.

No. 1783152

File: 1700672816407.png (343.49 KB, 602x703, h dsdffvd.png)

What the fuck.

No. 1783157

his girlfriend is an actual whore who has a sextape and likes and rts porn on twitter, i will take the siscon route over that

No. 1783161

Fátima Florez (his girlfriend, they're not married) is the new first lady. Idk where you got this about his sister being first lady from nona, maybe since they're not married they can't officially call her that yet.

No. 1783167

My family never wants to eat out anywhere except pasta places. It's so boring!!! Yeah pasta is good but I've never had pasta at a restaurant that tastes any better than what I make at home

No. 1783170

File: 1700674039500.jpg (27.44 KB, 316x316, brother.jpg)

This reminds me of the fact that the "founding father and mother" of Pakistan were brother and sister. This isn't from some ancient tale, this happened in the 40s. Our founding father had a failed relationship with every woman in his life except his sister, who always stood by his side. His sister never married and supported her brother in everything. In school when I was growing up, during the tail end of the dictatorship, we referred to them as the "father and mother of our nation". However, that has now since disappeared

No. 1783172

>so i'd put a clip on the chunks and keep them in this accordion folder
I thought this meant like you’d flip the long hair up to make fake bangs not actually save the hair in a folder

No. 1783173

A guy once told me in high school that no one would ever want to go out with me because of my ugly boxer's nose. I don't think it is that bad, the tip of my nose is just on the wide side and asymmetrical but sometimes I still think about what he said and feel bad.

No. 1783174

File: 1700674141256.jpg (73.3 KB, 736x706, c7vtwaqft0b51.jpg)

tfw you have been going to the gym regularly lately and watch what you eat without seeing any change in the mirror nor feeling any different but the first thing your friend tells you when you meet up is "yooo is it just me or is your waist looking more snatched since last time??"

No. 1783185

Don't worry nonna, you could be the world's ugliest person and you'd still be worthy of respect. Plus, that guy is definitely going to get a gross beer gut and go bald, tis the fate of all mid men.

No. 1783188

There are quite a few moms on here, ask away.

No. 1783191

That's the best feeling. Happy for you!

No. 1783197

I bet you look great even if you haven't noticed the changes in yourself yet. Proud of you nonna!

No. 1783200

I feel awful when a family is fat, like the mom, the dad and the kid(s)
Like what prompts an entire family to just be so obese? I keep getting an influencer popping up on my youtube who walks around disney all day but he'll still huge. I dont get how that's possible

No. 1783207

probably bc if a fat person is surrounded by other fat people, they don't realize their abnormality until later, like, a fat kid in a family of fit people will realize what's wrong with them and their family would also push them to be healthier.

No. 1783216

I've been curbing my social anxiety by reminding myself that people aren't gonna kill me for talking to them or calling them. It's been working pretty well.

No. 1783219

File: 1700676579599.png (370.41 KB, 559x680, cat_face.png)

I feel so cringe I might convulse

No. 1783239

if they are in America, it makes perfect sense. we are being poisoned constantly from basically all angles, but especially from our food. Not only that, most of the food we eat in the US, even fruits and vegetables, are completely devoid of nutritional value. For many obese people losing weight becomes difficult because of this. Their entire endochrine system is damaged, so things a normal person would do to lose weight are much less effective. It takes medical intervention.

No. 1783240

File: 1700677922554.jpg (104.34 KB, 1080x1079, 1589174898485.jpg)

I put you inside this bottle to contain your cringe, calm down or I'll shake it

No. 1783242

File: 1700678079340.jpg (87.02 KB, 660x660, f3d1c22bc1e30ade706dcf080447c5…)

I actually do this

No. 1783245

You can walk around all day and if you don't track calories it can all be undone. I took a walk earlier in the cold and it's already undone by one Kinder Bueno. Such is life.

No. 1783247

My nipple is so itchy and tender help

No. 1783253

File: 1700678501079.gif (2.89 MB, 640x466, fushigi-magic.gif)

Fushigi balls used to seem so cool but looking at it now, this literally looks like someone playing with a regular ass ball

No. 1783259

>"Hey anon, it's your birthday soon! What do you wish for?"
>Money, help refurnishing the kitchen, new drapes, games, books, cat food…
>"Hehe I dunnoooooo I don't think I want anything really"

No. 1783263

I think the reason anime characters always have bangs is not just because Japanese think they're cute… but because they have no defining facial anatomy between characters. Sameface eggheads

No. 1783264

completely forgot about these things

No. 1783269

Aren't they just regular balls, except they maybe have some extra weight to them? It was such a scam lmao really showed that you could sell anything in the early 2000's as long as you made it look RADICAL and I love it

No. 1783271

File: 1700679119219.jpg (138.27 KB, 716x895, 22e.jpg)

what a revelation.

No. 1783272

File: 1700679157057.jpg (100.79 KB, 718x736, d9c19bf884c92f59a9c3147bf26d3a…)

He looks like he'd enjoy being a court jester/rennaisance thespian in a past life. He looks like he'd go "Oeoooo" in a flamboyant accent if he saw a good deal at whole foods.

No. 1783276

Cicero looking low-key hot from this angle with that little pout….

No. 1783283

What can we do? scratch it?

No. 1783285

File: 1700679823784.jpg (81.42 KB, 736x890, 90136072f801a23404a553ef43751c…)

He looks zesty

No. 1783292

dam hot cicero is almost making me act up but then I remember what he sounds like and I'm 100% sure cries after sex

No. 1783312

File: 1700681856718.jpg (644.3 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20231119_204120_Gal…)

I have a final med school exam 2 days before Christmas. Festively dying.

No. 1783313

Cicero walked so Astarion could prance

No. 1783329

Took a walk outside at night and a mosquito bit me on my nibble. Fun.

No. 1783331

What game? I don't play video games anymore so i don't recognize it.

No. 1783334

File: 1700683282961.gif (2.7 MB, 444x250, loco.gif)

i feel like there's a curse at my college, that if your batchmates, your college mates like it, your teachers will probably not approve or like. it's happened to me, i've seen it happen to others, i've even ended up doing this to someone else, i genuinely liked her design and was hyping her up and then comes back to say it wasn't approved, from then on i just say "it's good","it's nice", and else, to avoid screwing over someone else.

No. 1783336

Lesbian mosquito wants you for your body and O positive blood.

No. 1783342

I have made and painted my mushroom ornaments. Waiting for them to dry so I can string them

No. 1783345

Skyrim, it's 12 years old now nona

No. 1783346

File: 1700684119430.jpg (38.52 KB, 326x504, BeewomanInSkullman.jpg)

Let's go hot mosquito lady is into me. I know picrel is a bee

No. 1783348

Too bad Cicero isn't this hot without mods

No. 1783351

I had a slinky for like 5 minutes and I was so happy, such a happy 5 minutes but I got allergies and had to leave for a second to get them under control and when I came back the slinky was gone wherethe fuck has the slinky gone i was so happy

No. 1783354

Modding skyrim males is as imperative as modding Sims males. Even my dragurs are buff.

No. 1783357

We are begging for pics.

No. 1783358

File: 1700684846316.jpg (38.01 KB, 412x409, 4fea0fc0ff2aca9c13e0cc8ae935df…)

>this kills the ornaments

No. 1783361

Thanks! Never got into oblivion or skyrim or any of that

No. 1783366

File: 1700685321686.png (926.2 KB, 1382x862, Screen Shot 2023-11-22 at 12.3…)


No. 1783374

They aren't that great lol but I'll post once it's dry
I'm sure my cat will also try to eat them like she did the Styrofoam I was crafting with

No. 1783376

File: 1700686031926.gif (1003.38 KB, 374x374, 670c14b3c522f5c29b2fc5c2397789…)


No. 1783379

File: 1700686306092.png (258.86 KB, 1348x701, the-best-america.png)

McDonald's (Fuck yeah!)
Walmart (Fuck yeah!)
The Gap (Fuck yeah!)
Baseball (Fuck yeah!)
NFL (Fuck yeah!)
Rock and roll (Fuck yeah!)
The Internet (Fuck yeah!)
Slavery (Fuck yeah!)

No. 1783386

I laughed so hard the first time I heard this whole song.
and you just hear one "fuck yeah" in the distance.

No. 1783388

I get you, I even go one step further and do it if they have a bf/husband.
The older I get, the more marriage/pregnancy/kids pisses me off or downright "triggers" me and so at least online I want to stay away from those type of women who center their life around being a wife/mom.

No. 1783392

lmao I felt this way when I saw that Maxmoefoe got married

No. 1783395

this commercial had me in a chokehold as a kid.

No. 1783398

I am literally so out of the mid 2000s loops. Holyshit.

No. 1783407

File: 1700687248153.gif (34 KB, 400x277, lol.gif)

He would never say this

No. 1783411

File: 1700687291955.jpg (104.63 KB, 550x772, 90e9f3c5877bcb4cc1580a8686cdfa…)


No. 1783413

File: 1700687505451.jpg (670.13 KB, 1536x2048, 20231120_182210.jpg)

And what if I find hasan piker attractive when he doesnt speak? What will you do? Be mad? Shame me? I don't care.

No. 1783414

We don't care either, anon.

No. 1783415

women with terrible taste in men are dime a dozen. Try being attracted to a hot man, now thats NLOG.

No. 1783417

whats hamas got to do with it

No. 1783418

File: 1700687763458.jpg (30.22 KB, 460x453, 1622588966144.jpg)

No. 1783420

please don’t tell me this is your example of a hot man

No. 1783422

Man what the fuck I just awoke from a nightmare that my little cousin had been murdered so the NCMEC (national center for missing and exploited children) was on my mind and Cillian Murphy was riding the same shuttle bus and I was thinking about eating him so as we got out I joked to him there should be a National Center for Missing and Exploited Cillians and he just looked at me and walked away.

No. 1783423

Why does everything have to be about nlogism and pickmeism with some of you, do you not know any other words

No. 1783424

Their examples of hot men are paul dano and super old high contrast pics for ants of "androgynous long haired male model" in the pinterest search tab

No. 1783428

At this point I don’t think I’m pretending to be cringe I am actually cringe.

No. 1783431

not even danofags think he's hot, his appeal is being so ugly and ''attainable'' low self steem women feel comfortable

No. 1783442

File: 1700688973415.jpeg (44.4 KB, 540x815, received_1464043904159127.jpeg)

No. 1783447

I don’t think you read her post correctly

No. 1783449

I didnt and this is my formal apology to said post.

No. 1783450

File: 1700689418867.jpeg (582.58 KB, 1000x666, wine-and-cheese-tasting-bread-…)

wine good?

No. 1783452

Well goddamn, most mature lolcow user I’ve seen in weeks. Good day, nonna

No. 1783453

Don't you love when a newfag (non-insult) isn't making any sense and making lore guesses and bizarrely incorrect approximations really loudly while insinuating theyre an oldfag? They're always really aggressive about it too its hard to tell if they're a man or a mentally ill zoomer with a lot of pent up hormones

No. 1783454

I like being fat I don’t care if everyone else thinks it’s gross

No. 1783456

Christians so schizofreenic

No. 1783457

File: 1700689586701.jpeg (77.4 KB, 731x900, gumball.jpeg)

No. 1783460

Just be disgusted?

No. 1783461

I can’t get enough of these animations kekk

No. 1783462

Never thought I'd see a character from a children's cartoon casually calling someone a faggot, but here I am.

No. 1783463

I love eavesdropping on randoms in public
currently an old moid sitting near me is telling someone a story about how his daughter was getting bullied badly by her unhinged roommate who also had ocd, so when he was helping her move away to escape, he slightly shifted all the furniture before they left

No. 1783464

File: 1700689688915.jpg (46.16 KB, 735x897, 20231119_220830.jpg)

I am an attacked minority for loving hairy dark eyed men with hog bodies

No. 1783466


No. 1783467

Yeah, I'll burn down your house

No. 1783470

File: 1700689853825.jpg (129.59 KB, 750x422, tumblr_b535a1ed0eb892a820ae58c…)

Tag where you're sitting, I'm at table 9 cause I'll go anywhere Brigitte goes. Pauline too but I'm not turning my back on her. 4 would also be a good pick

No. 1783472

Bouncing from table to table to see my different GFs obviously

No. 1783473

4 4 4 my sad weirdo women, my people

No. 1783478

Made my bed for the first time in forever, used to have a habit of doing it every morning but kinda dropped it after I started studying because of lack of energy for these sort of small things. Just when I was done spreading out the bedspread my cat jumped into my bed and just. wouldn't. budge. And he laid there for a couple of hours, so I guess he missed it and I now have to get back into the habit for his sake.

No. 1783479

i don't know almost any of these but table 6 are my squad for sure

No. 1783480

Can I go eat in the restroom?

No. 1783483

Yes but one of the girlies at table 3 will come bully you

No. 1783484

This kind of oppression is horrifying.

No. 1783486

Table 1 immediately

No. 1783487

Loveee May and Carrie but im not sure who the third is?

No. 1783488

>attacked minority
again, most women have horrendous taste and hype the ugliest of men. You are not special.

No. 1783492

i only recognize like 3 of these

No. 1783493

She’s from the movie Raw, I don’t remember her being super awkward or weird so idk why she’s there

No. 1783494

Justine from Raw

No. 1783499

just go on /g/ you baby

No. 1783501

Yeah some of the groups don't really mix well, like Sidney and Maxine is a really weird combo

No. 1783502

Kek it was sarcasm

No. 1783505

Wait… is that the one where she eats people, fucks her homosexual roommate, and then eats him?

No. 1783506

Kek, yes

No. 1783509

I'd be too fucking scared to sit ar her table wtf

No. 1783519

File: 1700691006092.jpg (103.84 KB, 1600x899, David.jpg)

I'm not a David Duchovny fan but he was absolutely attractive when he was young.

No. 1783524

he's always been ugly

No. 1783525

File: 1700691218646.jpeg (267.56 KB, 2048x2048, 3EC37A5F-680A-402F-B53B-1133F0…)

No. 1783529

He’s cute but I just recently watched Kalifornia where he’s the biggest most oblivious retard I was actually rooting for Brad Pitt to kill him.

No. 1783531

I went on 4chan for the first time in years and although it's the only place I can talk about my niche hobbies I don't think I can tolerate this community anymore. It is so very moid central. The point of anonymous imageboards is that the identity of the poster shouldn't matter but it still is so obvious when youre reading a post from the male perspective, and I'm not interested in hearing about men's worthless opinions. I don't know how I was able to browse there for so long, maybe I really have grown up.

No. 1783532

Its like reading autism concentrated into little soundbytes over and over, and their threads are so boring and redundant.

No. 1783534

ntayrt but what do you consider hot? these discussions are always silly cause no one ever posts what an actual hot man is supposed to look like or the rare time an example is posted no one can agree on it kek

No. 1783535

every single one of their threads is just retards regurgitating whatever the talking points they have are and trying to get as many (You)s as possible. Barely any actual discussion left on the site. I hope lolcow never goes down because even despite a lot of the garbage posted here, it's still usable for the most part

No. 1783536

i grew bored of it too because moids always take the bait so 80% of threads are /pol/ bait about american politics now. I only use /ic/ to check for artbooks and courses now.

No. 1783537

They only ever get passionate about racism, The Jews ("they"), politics, and coom. Even the way they troll is embarrassingly disgusting, it's just edgy racism and rape copypasta.

No. 1783548

At table 7, trauma bonding about our mothers with Thomasin and Nina

No. 1783555

…I think I'm okay with that.

No. 1783557

I know the woman hate on there is rampant but the weirdest thing to me is all of the tranny shilling on there now. I still go to the /tv/ and /co/ boards but it's still at least 50% tranny shit and pedos.

No. 1783558

i like titanic era dicaprio, young miguel bose and river phoenix(i am glad he died being attractive).
>these discussions are always silly cause no one ever posts what an actual hot man is supposed to look like or the rare time an example is posted no one can agree on it kek
i do agree with this. It's why i never call any moid hot, i just say ''i like x and y''. But it's objectively true most women have terrible taste(i probably have terrible taste to women who like post wall men) that's why liking some ugly celebrity doesnt make you special, you are more likely to find women lusting after 3/10 youtubers than actual models kek.

No. 1783560

>tranny shilling
Which is so weird. I even heard they do the "respect da pronouns" shit now. I guess they really did all troon out. Pitiful and gross.

No. 1783561

4, I'd get along with Carrie too well.

No. 1783562

Kept scratching my screen for a moment thinking there was something on it, turns out it's a mole on his face.

No. 1783564

I remember the "Traps aren't gay" and femboy memes on /b/ in 2010 and I assumed it was mostly self-deprecating jokes, I guess I was wrong

No. 1783565

File: 1700693255074.jpg (56.71 KB, 735x531, 934538114e93a8b30656190bcc9bf2…)

I'm in so deep he's all I think about

No. 1783566

Tranny jannies isn't even a tinfoil on 4chan, they really are all trannies

No. 1783567

They do whatever gets them off so it doesn’t surprise me

No. 1783572

Why do so many worthless men troon out. Do their parents not raise them right?

No. 1783581

They can't get girlfriends or get laid so they end up trying to skin walk the women they want and think women will trust them now that they're dressed feminine

No. 1783585

It’s an easy way to gain attention, both sexually and socially, so it appeals to lonely men who ache for some kind of notoriety even if it’s being known for predatory behavior

No. 1783590

The most ironic thing about 4chan is how they claim trannies originate from feminism and not majorly from their sissy ass website and discord servers, the most anti-feminist places on the internet

No. 1783591


in literally every other sentence in like the last 8 thread I’ve lurked. Who pissed in her cornflakes…

No. 1783592

shut up newfaggg

No. 1783593

No. 1783597

File: 1700695281035.gif (5.44 MB, 281x498, mewfag.gif)


No. 1783600

You refer to the term like its only being used by one anon which I guarantee it isnt. Touchy?

No. 1783601

There's definitely a major divide in those who transition because of 4chan and those who don't.

No. 1783602

it makes me laugh when people get so angry at getting called newfag or gets pissed at anons being ''mean''.

No. 1783605

her is a general term i don’t think it’s just one person i think it’s being overused by actual newfags who are just upset kek

No. 1783606

Oh great

No. 1783607

I now have no shame about thinking Mulder is cute after seeing your list.

No. 1783608

File: 1700695612904.gif (149.81 KB, 200x150, 8e4e20b8a8c04045550d9fe2bcb87c…)


No. 1783610

I think being unnecessarily disrespectful or over reacting to random posts is a little dumb though like why not just scroll

No. 1783611

File: 1700695692408.jpg (3.87 KB, 225x225, Untitled.jpg)


No. 1783612

nobody likes hostile responses to normal posts though, that's one of the many reasons some old posters started leaving because it makes it impossible to have a discussion

No. 1783614

i mean if you like post wall men that look a touchy uncle, sure he's cute

No. 1783615

File: 1700695778883.gif (683.57 KB, 415x498, mew-two.gif)

To this DAYY it pisses me off that they made his coochie like that

No. 1783617

I'm actually playing Pokemon stadium right now and maining Mew.

No. 1783618

File: 1700695808822.gif (5.34 MB, 640x628, saturnius-cat.gif)

wild mewfag

No. 1783619

Unironically newfag behavior. And then instead of acclimating they turn around and call everyone a newfag like it's a slur even when it doesn't make sense because they think it's cathartic or something

No. 1783620

what counts as hostile to you? because this is a board that bullies autistic and mentally ill women, i dont think a true oldfag is going to be pissed at meanie comments on the internet

No. 1783621

Nta but you like retarded looking moids

No. 1783623

Oh for Christake it's a board OF autistic and mentally ill women get a grip

No. 1783626

My uncles never touched me so I'm not afraid of 33 year old Davy boy.

No. 1783627

all moids are retarded

No. 1783628

Arent you the one that only likes actors when they were 19 in the 90s and nothing else? Kek

No. 1783630

Wait holy shit kiwifarms is back?

No. 1783631

Some look more retarded than others

No. 1783632

have you ever used snow? they have hundreds of threads making fun of anachans on brink of a cardiac arrest and you are acting as if oldfags would care about mean comments on the internet

No. 1783633

Kek was gonna reply to her about how her taste is shit but didn't feel like being asked about who I find hot and having to list them. Because I prefer fictional men and I only find a small number of male celebrities hot and I forgot all their names. It would've been awkward.

No. 1783634

>why’s everyone being overly mean lately

No. 1783635

Yeah, the tail color starting from the crotch looks pretty weird.

No. 1783636

nah, i am pretty sure there are more women who like attractive men and not grandpas lol. I am still in my early 20s i find 30yos creepy.

No. 1783637

This is right though. The most aggressive and hostile posts (peppered with off attempts at pretending to be an actual longtime imageboard poster) reek of newfag who is abusing their first time experience of anonymity to go apeshit and try too hard to be bully. Once you've been on for a long time you just stop caring entirely and I can't think of any exceptions except uber mentally ill Chris chan types that prefer other domains.

No. 1783638

Hope you're kicking ass

No. 1783639

There’s a big difference between commentary on a thread subject (someone who’s usually posting their issues on social media for the whole purpose of being paid attention to) and being rude in response to random anonymous posts on /ot/

No. 1783640

File: 1700696145279.jpeg (259.65 KB, 667x1000, 8047FCF1-40EA-4566-8EC7-6986EC…)

SILENCE. All of you are possessors of autism and poor taste in men. Resume shitposting immediately

No. 1783641

Oh, I mean fine for liking guys your age but most guys your age are tren goblins with broccoli cuts so. Also I think he's ugly too but im not going to try to control what other people are attracted to or refer to slim men with full heads of hair and decent skin as post-wall

No. 1783642

again, what counts as being rude? because i have seen anons calling obvious jokes ''rude''.

No. 1783643

30yo is post wall in a man anon, no shame in liking grandpas but dont pretend they arent post wall. At that age a moid should be starting a family.

No. 1783644

File: 1700696310388.gif (209.23 KB, 242x188, spongebob-worship.gif)

No. 1783645

Like when funposting anons ask why the thread is autosaged and everyone immediately responds with “shut the fuck up you’re lucky it’s not deleted” kek!!

No. 1783648

edgy responses to vent posts, any kind of infight that happens from benign topics. one random example off the top of my head is when some anon got pissy at some other anon for eating ricecakes for several posts and started accusing her of an ed for some reason? with the vent threads there's too many to even list, but usually making assumptions and creating whole fanfics out of a post, some instances of attacking anons who were victims of assault for not making the correct decisions, etc

No. 1783649

Why is it in autosage tho?

No. 1783652

Oh my goodness, I wanna kiss his little bald temple

No. 1783655

For no reason at all at this point. And whenever anyone asks why it’s autosaged in /meta/, minimods just go apeshit. Not even farmhands.

No. 1783656

File: 1700696563345.gif (2.51 MB, 498x258, tenor.gif)

Loud ass drones. Perish, propaganda.

No. 1783657

Oh yeah, that i agree with. I have seen anons cry about posting something retarded then calling everyone a meanie when they make fun of their posts(thinking of that girl that though she was so quirky and a racoon for picking up trash, for example)

No. 1783658

I like it when anons randomly presume posts in the get it off your chest thread are about them

No. 1783659

Yeah that's fat girl insecurity. I've seen a couple anons admit to being morbidly obese so it wouldn't surprise me if they're bullying anons who restrict just to feel something. So pointless.

No. 1783660

lol of course it’s the funposters coming in here to start a fight again, fuck off already go cry in your knockoff thread

No. 1783661

That was one of the worst posts I've ever seen, which thread again?

No. 1783662

i sometimes make vague posts after i read an infight to see if they respond lol

No. 1783663

I only use it for the rare female-centric (true) threads, but there's still one which is infected with gay moids (/twst/) and I wish they would all die

No. 1783664

>Oh you’re having a conversation and I don’t like the topic? You’re infighting
Wow hormones running high today

No. 1783666

>30 year olds are grandpas
You are less than a decade away from being 30 yourself. Zoomer self hatred and obsession with youth is so bizarre, I wonder if a lot of you are going to have actual meltdowns when you hit 26.

No. 1783667

Well, now you just further fueled their paranoia

No. 1783670

No. 1783671

30 year old grandpa sounds like the title of a horror movie

No. 1783672

File: 1700696868180.png (22.9 KB, 2460x196, but i am a creep i am weirdo i…)

genuine second hand embarassment: the post >>1714657

No. 1783673

Loser behavior ngl

No. 1783674

Nta but I don't think those things are necessarily mutually exclusive, I've been on the scumbags thread for 7 years and I still don't like seeing unnecessarily rude or hostile replies in /ot/ threads made for casual conversation. There's a time and place for everything

No. 1783676

You little shit kek

No. 1783677

nah because women age like fine wine and men age like milk. 30yos are grandpas, they start getting bald, have wrinkles, smell weird, etc.

No. 1783678

teh internet is serious bussinnes gentlewomen, you must not make fun of people who waste several hours a day fighting a possible troon

No. 1783679

That post feels like a joke and nothing serious though. Just like the McDonald's tinfoil

No. 1783680

eh ive seen worse on here

No. 1783681

she got mad at it when people called her post cringe she was 100% unironic

No. 1783682

File: 1700697065344.jpg (72.06 KB, 548x768, f341f76fec8c31cf35bf40ef95f6c7…)

I googled who the fuck River Phoenix was and I was thinking he reminded me of someone, I just realised who it was, I won't say who, but I do not think rhe anon who mentioned him would like the comparison. But it's an apt comparison.

No. 1783683

Wait, she was serious then? God, then that IS cringe. What the hell kek

No. 1783684

ew he’s ugly

No. 1783685

Mcdonalds tinfoil was genuine, you can't take that away from me.

No. 1783686

I'm past thirty and even I can tell that she doesn't literally mean that thirty is grandpas.

No. 1783687

>defending expired moids
touchy today

No. 1783688

Sorry but what was the mcdonalds tinfoil? I'm curious and I was absent from ot for a few months. It's fine if you don't want to spoonfeed I know nonnies hate that

No. 1783689

yeah this board can be quite retarded sometimes. Imagine if moids got this defensive when another moid calls 30yo women post wall.

No. 1783690

that he died

No. 1783692

you choose the worst possible photo on purpose. Even at his worst he still looks miles better than the grandpas that get shilled nowadays like pedro pascal.

No. 1783694

Some anon made a post about being paranoid about the company of McDonald's being out to get her because of the scary mascots. She thought the Grimace shake was like a death toll that McDonald's was on the hunt for her, and that they tried baiting her with free fries in her area.

No. 1783695

That who died? Ronald Mcdonald? Is he even real

No. 1783696

Aww man, that makes me kinda sad tbh she sounds unwell

No. 1783697

Yes and yes

No. 1783698

she was joking anon, c'mon how retarded are you. That was some prime quality caps thread bait.

No. 1783699

I finally made it to the airport, I'm so fuckin sweaty, my panties are soaked and I'm all sticky, this is the last time I ever trust my Uber driver, she was Still pretty cute.

No. 1783700

I didn't cry or get upset about you posting how much you hated me. Though the girl who took secret pictures of men's was the only other interesting person in that thread.
Lol. Girl, I'm on an image board, I have terrible news for you if you think I'm unaware of how others view me.
No, I actually followed a raccoon that day during my walk in the forest. They're definitely mixing up the story/anons involved though, because at no point did I get mad or even upset. Several people did defend me, so maybe they thought it was all me replying.

No. 1783701

I’m scared of mascots too I’d run away if I saw grimace irl

No. 1783702

That was a troll. Come on.

No. 1783703

He looks like Harry styles mixed with the creepy dude from stranger things

No. 1783704

I guess very retarded cause I believed it

No. 1783705

File: 1700697725789.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x815, IMG_7944.jpeg)


No. 1783706

>i didnt get upset or anything i-i swear
>proceeds to mass reply to express how totally not upset she was
anon, let it go. We have all taken an L here once or twice, it's an anonymous site, jut move on. Your post was extremely fucking cringe, but we have all made at least one cringe post here.

No. 1783707

Did I say it wasnt?

No. 1783708

That isn't the point. Zoomers need genuine help because I promise you, if you're a woman over 25 they view you the exact same way.

No. 1783709

File: 1700697810253.gif (3.36 MB, 498x280, omg-shes-here.gif)

No. 1783710

Oh it was real. She made multiple posts over the span of a month sperging about how we are all normies pushing the "real weird women" out and that they had no place to go

No. 1783711

That is too much for me. I would become visually overstimulated every morning I walked in there.

No. 1783712

Shut up

No. 1783714

Oh jesuis! A heckin racoonerino! A trash puppy!

No. 1783715

Lesbian kitchen

No. 1783716

i dont care about the opinion of insecure men lol

No. 1783717

>you choose the worst possible photo on purpose
Lol, no I didn't

No. 1783718

I'm talking about zoomer women. They're worse.

No. 1783720

You're wearing rose colored glasses hes just a rat with thick hair

No. 1783721

Give us the worst you can find

No. 1783723

he looks like he'd be in a ska band

No. 1783724

>If you respond it means you were upset
. . . doesn't that mean that you're super butthurt because you responded?

No. 1783727

he basically was that’s how he died

No. 1783730

Nta but I'm curious, how old are you?

No. 1783731

Hell no. this is a kitchen with someone who has zero taste. Dont come here to insult lesbians for no reason. My kitchen is clean and neat.

No. 1783732

File: 1700698152596.jpg (43.97 KB, 500x375, 604639a948b72e13203f56d2c44221…)

i miss maximalist houses i need 70s wall paper and pastel pink bathrooms

No. 1783733

don’t answer that nonnie it’s a trick question

No. 1783736

Nah this has an odor

No. 1783737

Kek no it isn't I'm just curious!!

No. 1783739

i dont care about the opinion of insecure women who spend thousands dollars on make up/clothes/cosmetic surgery to end up with men that look like the rat from flushed away

No. 1783740

Hell yeah sister.

No. 1783741

I'm pregnant nonnies

No. 1783742

a pleasant odor

No. 1783744

Those chairs are so cute

No. 1783747

File: 1700698364757.jpg (86.65 KB, 800x450, riverfnfnf_widelg.jpg)

I dunno, this maybe?

No. 1783748

File: 1700698374674.mp4 (6.57 MB, 556x1080, depression house.mp4)

its comfy. are you the type of people that turn cozy houses into 70s science fiction torture chambers?

No. 1783750

File: 1700698407425.jpg (50.6 KB, 523x617, cats.jpg)

UUUgghhhh I hate when I wake up and anons are fighting. I'm too foggy brained to keep up with this right now.

No. 1783751

Thank you for looking out for me. I owe you a debt of honor.

No. 1783752

Is this good news nonnette

No. 1783753

Is this good news for you?

No. 1783755

This one looks more 70's in the before tho?

No. 1783756


No. 1783757

Man, what the fuck is that side profile?

No. 1783758

woah that pupil is fucking blown

No. 1783759

i am sorry for you, hope you recover

No. 1783760

River was beautiful in motion. I remember him in My Own Private Idaho and The Last crusade. I wish he lived instead of his moid brother Joaquin.

No. 1783761

River was known to be a big target for pedos in hollywood who kept him high on drugs all the time. It's the reason he died from an overdose.

No. 1783762

I don't know I lied

No. 1783763

Tl;dr, two girls are really mad that weird women are found on the autistic women board, nonnies fighting over what is attractive in men and whether men over thirty are grandpas, and then some interesting kitchens

No. 1783764

File: 1700698716345.gif (2.48 MB, 480x270, IMG_7951.gif)

I didn’t know calling men ugly was considered fighting now. What is happening…

No. 1783767

you have never seen a single 70s kitchen they werent depression white