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File: 1699726963337.jpeg (174.53 KB, 828x827, girls did you know that um.jpe…)

No. 1766249

I'm not punk, goth, alternative or whatever, I'm just retarded.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1761552

No. 1766252

Personalityless and retarded

No. 1766253

Just popped a big ass zit now I have a bindi dot scar. Fucking hell.

No. 1766254

I'm in love with a charcoal man

No. 1766257

File: 1699727222490.png (961.55 KB, 948x1035, IMG_7240.png)

baby girl you’re so damn fine tho

No. 1766277

Why’s everyone asleep it’s like 10 am

No. 1766284

File: 1699728311869.jpg (45.96 KB, 632x615, 1552488889545.jpg)

I've had 2 cups of coffee and no food today hmm I wonder why my stomach hurts

No. 1766289

I’m tryna know if I can hit it from behind tho

No. 1766290

i think i saw this post in a dream

No. 1766291

I’m sipping on yew like some fine wine though

No. 1766299

i unironically can't tell which karjenner is Kylie and which is Kendall. i need a diagram

No. 1766306

File: 1699729591297.png (82.63 KB, 162x360, Kinger.png)

Ngl that chess piece is kinda hot

No. 1766312

There is this actor I have a crush on and I'm absolutely obsessed with. He isn't even that famous to begin with but I just really want to be with him and kind of fantasize about it every day. But it will never happen because I'm a nobody, live in a different country and he is like 15 years older than me.

No. 1766320

on one hand i want to say "live your truth queen" on the other hand, i don't understand finding sexual appeal in anything touched by gooseworx, he's so fucking annoying.

No. 1766323

File: 1699731222834.jpg (46.51 KB, 394x500, IMG_8818.jpg)

This one is Kylie. Hope that helps.

No. 1766324

No. But I do relate to him.

No. 1766327

No. 1766383

File: 1699736795163.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.67 KB, 1000x667, Lingerie-Football-League_KIX_1…)

Why can't there be a lingerie league but for men? I want to see athletes in little ass underwear while playing football. Life is fucking unfair.

No. 1766395

Just watch rugby. The sport is similar enough and the players wear tiny shorts.

No. 1766397

Started watching fleabag

No. 1766400

The way some players wear their rugby uniforms is downright slutty

No. 1766430

Embedding error.
True dumbasses, got me doin that wheezy old man laugh

No. 1766444

Sometimes I wish I could be a super popular vtuber because I feel like I could mesh really well with the social stuff. But I know I would quickly lose popularity doing karaoke streams because I would do nothing but sing things like Me Myself and I, Say No Go, Shoop, It's A Shame and other really old rap songs instead of anime or jpop songs because I don't like most anime or jpop songs.

No. 1766460

I've deduced that at least one of the farmers constantly having autistic meltdowns infighting anons over everything, calling everyone "twitterfags" and racebaiting in /ot/ is Finnish (and possibly male) because a poster identical to them dropped the mask in the Finnthread and completely shat it up. I had a slight suspicion about it before due to their posting activity and rhetoric and but now I'm fairly certain about it.

No. 1766464

Interesting. What did they talk about in Finn thread?

No. 1766474

Intriguing. I recall there was a nona who warned the mods of lolcor that would happen after a Finnish imageboard shut down recently.

No. 1766476

Oh, you're absolutely right! She saw it coming.

No. 1766477

File: 1699744278552.jpeg (637.97 KB, 1179x1393, IMG_5795.jpeg)

No. 1766478

The soup my mom is making smells so good I’m hungry

No. 1766480

Guess I'll go read finn thread with the aid of google translate. I am so bored.

No. 1766483

A really strange, autistic meltdown about the cultural classification over Finland and the national epic that focused more on insulting other posters than making any sense. Very similar to the manic infighting everyone has complained about recently.

They didn't shut it down, but they put all the relevant content behind a paywall. Lolcow has been brought up for multiple times as a target of migration over there and it shows in the sharp decline of the thread's quality over the past year.

No. 1766484

Do any of you know hugh jass

No. 1766487

Yeah, that's Mike Hawk's cousin

No. 1766490

That and the fact that the finnish threads move much faster than other regional threads makes me wonder just what percentage of the Finnish population uses LC.

No. 1766491

File: 1699745076410.png (6.61 KB, 1720x67, Finland's shame.png)

Oh come on now. Pretty much confirmed finnish moid. Didn't even try to larp well though.

No. 1766499

I used to talk to a finnish moid that admitted he browsed this site and cc

No. 1766504

God, our website is crawling with pests.

No. 1766519

Samefag, from a quick glance: it's autistic

No. 1766521

I dreamt that I played Mario Kart with Shayna. Anyway I think I'm going to take a break from this website.

No. 1766524

>teenage moids
This makes so much sense now

No. 1766532

We're at work you silly NEET.

No. 1766533

We're sharing our site with Finnish teen boys this is so embarrassing. Mods are useless

No. 1766534

The other day a scrote popped up in the Brazil thread too picking a fight with a post that was like 4 months old

No. 1766540

Aren’t finnish people some of the most autistic like don’t they have the highest autism population

No. 1766542

File: 1699747192655.jpg (16.18 KB, 655x191, tumblr_197ab8e97e3fa53d24dbacc…)

Holy fuck my sides. The way he condescendingly tells her that the moon is a planet and keeps repeating over her as she insists it's a not a planet but a star.

No. 1766543

I enjoy being retarded it helps me laugh easier

No. 1766544

Holy crap, I remember that post but paid no mind to it because I had the impression that there were already many Finnish people here and on other imageboards (I wouldn't actually know, this is just what lolcow says). Is this like in movies when a prophet or scientists try to tell everyone that certain doom is coming but no one listens?

No. 1766547

It's always the loser incel scrotes that are obsessed with race.

No. 1766552

As someone who isn't even european, the nordic people all seem mildly autistic from what I hear, so much that I'd like trying to live among them to see if manage to be mediocrely sociable by their standards albeit my (possibly literal) autism

No. 1766557

>picking a fight with a post that was like 4 months old
I get high and do that sometimes. It's annoying.

No. 1766559

I know someone who moved to Finland from Greece and she said finns are autistic and cold. They also apparently drink a lot.

No. 1766562

File: 1699748177987.jpeg (109.64 KB, 371x352, 979A493C-9D2E-414E-A5B0-FC35B2…)

I only work out cause I wanna delay aging I’m not trying to get the face raisins Morgan freeman has

No. 1766567

I looked briefly through a thread on 4chan about a manga I've been binge reading and I accidentally got spoiled on the ending of the story. I already saw the twist coming but it still sucks…

No. 1766568

My new stim is sniffing my fingers I can’t stop doing it don’t worry I know they’re clean

No. 1766593

File: 1699750231863.png (107.11 KB, 234x293, IMG_7259.png)

Where the hell is everybody

No. 1766596

I was showering

No. 1766598

NVM I looked up who gooseworx was and lost all attraction immediately

No. 1766600

Omg me too, we're so clean

No. 1766606

Found out I have a priest kink
What do I do with this information

No. 1766607

What do you think it stems from

No. 1766609

What kind of priest?

No. 1766611

Watch Fleabag. Convert to Catholicism.

No. 1766612

File: 1699750963709.png (415.67 KB, 722x757, IMG_7258.png)

Dear Lord when I get to heaven, please let me bring my man

No. 1766613

You go become a nun.
In college, my friend got dumped by her boyfriend because he said "he felt the call." He then became a priest.

No. 1766614

What made you realize it?

No. 1766615

I wish I had vocation and could go live as a socially accepted hikikomori NEET

No. 1766625

File: 1699752088966.jpeg (62.56 KB, 406x346, A4AAD93D-8D7A-4EEF-A712-BD6029…)

wearing harry potter merch to my hyper liberal art college classes just to feel something

No. 1766632

Unpopular opinions thread made me remember that one that farmers were fat shaming an illustrated woman from an old soviet propaganda

What's the plan if some weirdo calls you out?

No. 1766644

I literally considered becoming a nun because I was a NEET. I was discouraged because I read about the experience of a 20-something nun who was surrounded by grandmas and she tried to put a positive spin on it but it was so obvious she was just being abused for free labor and barely got to eat. It's a step above prison as far as NEET pursuit goes but I'm glad I didn't bother

No. 1766649

>the one with the rings

No. 1766652

She should be like “Harry Potter was really important to me as a child it helped me through some dark times, I don’t even know why you’re being so mean” and cry

No. 1766660

No. 1766665

They probably do because they’re extremely inbred with poor genetics

No. 1766681

Anyone who thinks that kind of remote and solitary lifestyle is peaceful is crazy. Elderly women are toxic and become OBSESSED with any surrounding younger women around to the point of it being outright abuse regardless of intention. You are forced to do labor for a bunch of old rude bitches and your self esteem is endlessly chipped away. You are no different in a convent of old women than you are with men, except they wont rape you. They will still talk about you like you're an object, critique you, expect the world from you, rob you of basic privacy–but they wont rape you yay I guess? Shit existence

No. 1766684

Yes that is a low tier pastime known as trolling

No. 1766686


No. 1766692

i think the impenetrable confidence that oozes off me would make people scared to call me out but idk i have no plan. just give them the fluoride stare and hope they fuck off because that usually works.

No. 1766696

File: 1699754108175.png (Spoiler Image, 366.96 KB, 526x526, 1699644667153093.png)

Why are newfags so obsessed with the idea of 'personality' on an ANONYMOUS imagenoard? You are showing your age, only teens and really early 20s are obsessed with this idea of sharing their thuper quirkee identity and proving they are NLOGS, so prideful you can't even contain your need for attention on anon kek

No. 1766699

You'll be fine, people like that are scared of confidence it makes them seethe if it's from a regular person and not emanating from their soyboy of the month

No. 1766700

That's it, I'm moving to finland and becoming the socially adjusted one, in the land of the blind etc, plus I love Moomins

No. 1766782

That was not what I was expecting when I unspoilered that

No. 1766802

File: 1699755909039.jpg (228.35 KB, 736x920, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapor…)

I love living vicariously through rich people. Yes, upload more designer shopping haul videos and tours of your expensive ass home! Post a travel vlog of Monaco or Singapore or some shit while you're at it too.

No. 1766863

Had to give her some personality ugu desu

No. 1766898

The walking dead fan nonnies, anyone get annoyed by the oh the reason the zombies in season 1 (I think mostly episode 1). Can pick up rocks and breaK windows,climb, pick up teddy bears (personal items) and try to get into their homes is because they are fresh Zombies and still have some brain activity!" Yet we see people become fresh zombies and retain no kind of memories. They will literally attack their love ones the moment they turn. Maybe I'm wrong and retarded but it makes no sense. I know later there's zombies that climb and pull off helmets but I don't think any explanation was given. The theory that the walkers behave that way because they are fresh is silly and that explains the zombies that can climb doesnt make sense

No. 1766919

Twd logic is the most retarded shit ever anyways, it's got so many plot holes. Like what the fuck do you mean the government with their tanks and guns and military gear lost against a couple of corpses

No. 1766930

Fuck you too then

No. 1766938

Wasn't it explained as strains changing or something. And I think immediately after changing they are overcome with hunger or something. Idk. The also made a mans eyeball pop out and had a pet tiger and negan fucking a woman wearing a skinned zombie so

No. 1766945

And I hate the fucking Tiger, how do a bunch of rotting walkers take a tiger? And both of Glenn's fake deaths are retarded. I also HATE how they have the spin off with Maggie and the bat dude, he literally killed the love of her life.

No. 1766953

File: 1699757863978.gif (3.79 MB, 576x1024, 1689182508341055.gif)


No. 1766954

LMAO nonna

No. 1766962

Is that vinny vinesauce??? Or jerma??

No. 1766964

Neither its just some caked up guy I vibe with

No. 1766972

The fucking tiger threw me off so bad, that thing is going to fucking eat a person in an apocalypse no matter if you 'domesticated' it by saving it. I guess it fits the aesthetic but it literally just pissed me off. Yeah there's corpses walking around eating people so a domesticated tiger shouldn't be a big deal to me but that's so YA shitty writing for them to do.

I don't hate twd btw lol I watch it and read some of the comics. I just like shitting on it.

No. 1766988

They threw that shit in there off the fly and thought we would all be gagged. Bad cgi tiger, just kind of sat there. Like where was it gonna go.

No. 1767010

I watched a 8 hour video about every episode of the show,I used to read the comics in hs, then I watched the show but I checked out when they fake killed Glenn so to actually see what happened I was baffled. I believe there's also a tiger in the comics?
But even knowing that the cgi tiger SUCKED and again, don't laugh Nonas but when I found out about the Maggie and Negan spin off, my fat ass started shaking.
I was confused and pissed. Nothing justifies it.

No. 1767028

To the anon that referred to Logan Lerman as yaaasus count your days

No. 1767029

>my fat ass started shaking
LMAO, but same. It's random as shit. I get the whole enemies to lovers trope but it's so forced, there's no actual tension or any chemistry. I don't know why every show needs to create unnecessary ships. Relationships can be interesting without romance. Also, Neggie sounds like a slur

No. 1767036

It sounds like something that we'd call Negative Nonnies on here and it'd get red texted and everyone would hate it until it finally catches on.
>Neggie you need to get over Regina George's casting

No. 1767067


No. 1767072

File: 1699759905926.jpg (91.06 KB, 1024x1024, 1699490019249.jpg)

is this AI generated? I would guess it is from the font on the newspaper

pic related is from the AI images thread its getting crazy how much some of that shit looks like a real person made it

No. 1767076

Because a real person does do the composite sketches then it gets loaded into the list of options for answers to questions when you ask the AI bot

No. 1767082

Hey girl, did you know that uh

No. 1767182

File: 1699761640766.jpg (797.28 KB, 3024x4032, 1699514218982668.jpg)

Begin boring foodposting

No. 1767194

That's not food, it's drywall

No. 1767199

To each their own. Mind your business.

No. 1767202

File: 1699761974284.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 115.6 KB, 798x450, A7108211-898F-49D5-8B0B-903680…)

Negan was only interesting when Rick was around, they had such an interesting character dynamic yes I just loved the way it was written it was so interesting no other reasons

No. 1767204

Personalityless and retarded

No. 1767218

If you post your damn "food" here, people will comment about it. Try eating something with actual nutrients and crawl out of the wall.

No. 1767219

Watching ufc and everytime I see how buff the girls are it makes me want to workout. I'm such a foodie ahh help

No. 1767226

Wow turn around and die for making me look at this

No. 1767231

NLOG and amazon programmer socks

No. 1767234

Even worse

No. 1767236

File: 1699762181887.jpg (214.38 KB, 1536x2048, 1696391370570525.jpg)

At least I have a wall to crawl out of, BEAST.

No. 1767258

Sorry… hopefully JDM anon doesn’t see it

No. 1767262

What's up with the Melanie's in this thread?

No. 1767263

File: 1699762531526.jpg (22.05 KB, 500x377, mr big.jpg)

Carrie is such a desperate DOD (dumb-over-dick) dummy but I relate to her cause Mr. Big is so charming. I wouldn't have been retarded for him nearly as long as she was though.

No. 1767268

You mean the anon who had a crush on her grandpa

No. 1767269

Theyre all boring. Carrie Bradshaw has done nothing but pave the way for self-narrating females and homos that move to NYC just so they can put NYC as the location in their Twitter bio

No. 1767287

I have not watched the menu but I've watched 4 recaps and a lot of video praising it. I dislike the special girl trope, I dislike that the girl who managed to get out was a prostitute who had those super prostitute powers of understanding exactly what was needed. I hate how the college educated lady and the older lady with the gross husband. Was seen as a bad person who needed to die by the folks who reviewed it. Like the scortes deserved to die but really none of the women there. So many people call them all horrible people.

No. 1767296

Just watch the movie if you're going to spend the same amount of time watching recaps. It was okay but nothing special, I didn't mind her trope. Really the most I can say about it is that it made me crave a burger and fries made on the griddle at home.

No. 1767307

Oh yes the burger was great looking, I did enjoy what I saw (which is why I watched a lot of recaps) but to be fair I'll watch recaps to movie I watched

No. 1767342

I look different every day and it stresses me out

No. 1767355

Mystique is that you?

No. 1767412

not to bring drama to a new thread but how on earth do some anons get so invested in online infights? they're literally there making like 3+ replies within the second over the most menial shit. It's a Saturday night and you just decides to glue your eyes to a lolcow thread spewing nonsense?

No. 1767445

I can swear they bewn fighting over the mean girl sjit for 2 days

No. 1767472

Cause they wanna be right even when they know they’re wrong and sound retarded

No. 1767488

Because they like trolling each other

No. 1767491

wow that’s fucking rude, but you’re not wrong kekk
we as a people are also terminally online.

No. 1767500

My friends didn’t want to hang out tonight so I’m stuck here

No. 1767502

These two things are the only correct choices.

No. 1767519

Call me crazy but I swear it's the same handful of users. I also don't believe the idea "multiple people are disagreeing with you!!" when they're being accused of samefagging because they all disappear and reappear at the same time, they always say that in multiple threads where they're clearly starting shit too. I really wish they'd mod the site to not allow VPNs and then permaban frequent infighters/baiters

No. 1767536

I don’t personally think it’s the same few people samefagging but I do think there’s a group of users who repeatedly infight, and some of them are either trolling for amusement or genuinely manic or something

No. 1767682

No, you're 100% wrong. Both about that, and the other thing, and probably a bunch of other stuff too.

No. 1767769

It's definitely the same dudes, they repost the same spam images and one is an avatarfag.

No. 1767775

File: 1699770187575.jpeg (22.39 KB, 371x342, 7A9654A2-A436-4AA6-8516-7EE594…)

Hello, this is Hugh Jass

No. 1767778

Which images are they using?

No. 1767791

I like when my fingers smell like garlic and onions after cooking, it's oddly comforting.

No. 1767799


No. 1767824

Obviously you don't know Bobby very well

No. 1767852

I just rewatched KoTH, Hank would never allow Bobby to become a furfag degenerate

No. 1767855

I stopped watching twd after the whole eyepatch governor thing because the story became boring and repetitive.

No. 1767862

Hank is a BETA and the episode would end with him saying well, shucks, Bobby. I don't understand it. But I love you son.

No. 1767871

I have to unfortunately disagree. I think Hank would only put his foot down if it was actively hurting Bobby. Now, I don't think Hank would allow Bobby to be a diaperfur with no job or ambition besides coom though. Bobby can be a furfag but he better be a productive member of society too.

No. 1767889

Oh you misunderstand. Bobby is a programmer, he's a furry. He's got money, he's just a degen.

No. 1767891

File: 1699772199132.png (268.07 KB, 499x666, D5A1FEB5-223A-4EAA-8B5E-94AA9F…)

I just don’t think Bobby would ever be into furshit, but he would definitely blindly support furries and troons

No. 1767892

i can't wait until i stop being mentally ill

No. 1767894

I could see Bobby being a bisexuality furry, the kind into weird shit like vore but doesn't have any innate dark desires or secrets. He is an open book, just one that happens to be artistically obsessed with fursuits. Like he seems normal and supports his family but has found his community in the furries.

No. 1767899

Bobby would think furries are weird but harmless.

No. 1767905

I can see that as well, it's not so much that he's a complete degenerate but he has like one or two degenerate fetishes that take a backseat to the more ""purer"" aspects of being a furry like drawing goofy anthros and shit.

No. 1767912

Yeah he's the wholesome furry, not the knot furry. He likes the pure aspects of it.

No. 1767916

I think it's because other users here know other users are genuinely fooled by bait, whether it be falling for the mob mentality or trying to point out when somethings wrong because some users here are literally stupid enough to change their views because 1 user spammed it hard enough

No. 1767925

no because literally not me sharting yasss slay

No. 1767938

Yasssss rosebud

No. 1767941

The curse put on you worked

No. 1767995

File: 1699773932850.jpg (84.04 KB, 1047x621, queen of blood.jpg)


No. 1768196

i love going out wearing a shirt and tie and jeans and a big jacket. i pull it off so well and the way women look at me and compliment me when i'm dressed that way is so nice, it happens way more than when i'm wearing any other outfit

No. 1768314

I think placentas are so cool for the fact that we can create an entirely new organ at any point in our life. That and the fact we can live with only one kidney.

No. 1768364

Would you eat a placenta? I go back and forth on wether I would or wouldn’t, maybe if it was fresh and cooked into a chili.

No. 1768367

Nta but I don't think I would, it probably tastes metallic and I can't even stand to eat liver.

No. 1768368

I think I have cancer in my pussy. I just found a hard unmoveable lump inside the fatty tissue (to side) of my genitals and I don't know how to feel about it. It's like god is cursing me for schlicking to degenerate yaoi porn.

No. 1768372

Well that’s not very dumbass shit of you

No. 1768373

It could be anything

No. 1768374

If you schlick to yaoi turn back before it's too late.

No. 1768375

File: 1699806816802.png (404.98 KB, 346x502, DUCK.PNG)

I'm trying to get better at amigurumi so I picked up this duck pattern thinking it was going to be quick, this shit kicked my ass. I think I'm fine at crocheting but sewing kills me. Anyway, have this retarded duck. I love her like how a mother would love her daughter. I gave her some eye whites but you can't see them because she has FAS.

No. 1768378

Cutest hydrocephalus baby I've ever seen, good job momanon!

No. 1768389

if it doesn't hurt or anything, its probably just a cyst or something that won't harm you.

No. 1768392

she’s cute nonnie, I’ll be her godmother

No. 1768413

This exact thing gets described in the vagina thread on /g/ fairly regularly. >>>/g/291804 Lots of posts suggest it's a Bartholin's cyst. There are medical treatments for it if it's really bad, they can also go away on their own. One nona suggested turmeric pills: >>>/g/319099

No. 1768447

She doesn't look bad to me at all, she's the cutest thing. She looks like she's waving her hand while running or jumping with her legs like that heh

No. 1768456

File: 1699812390612.jpg (261.32 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_88e6117ceaeb8b91e2dd1cc…)

Read MH-6 substory in WHB rn, and istg so boring!! i was hoping Minhyeok was gonna have to jack off in the middle of class, but nooooooo, just mentions him leaving to jack off in the restroom. Such a cute guy wasted.

No. 1768480

File: 1699813817927.jpg (148.65 KB, 1024x566, 1660997449733546.jpg)

Nonnies, nonnies, nonnies, at IST 8 am tmrw remind me to do my college geometry and drawing homework, pretty pretty pretty please, thank you

No. 1768509

Okay I’ll remidn you I WILL NOT FORGET!!!

No. 1768510

File: 1699815626161.gif (941.4 KB, 496x372, 263BA37F-50AC-4CBA-A70A-2AA913…)

Wait I’ll actually be asleep at that time, someone else has to do it

No. 1768517

Embedding error.
These incense waterfalls are so magical and hypnotizing to me. I don't understand how it works.
I don't think so. Definitely not anyone else's and probably not mine. I know some people turn them into pills to help replenish your nutrients after bitch but I think you can do without honestly.

No. 1768528

File: 1699816639116.png (100.43 KB, 405x534, Nostalgia-Critic_All-Stars.png)

>a shirt and tie and jeans and a big jacket

No. 1768574

yeah i'm the female doug walker

No. 1768604

Did you win?

No. 1768735

File: 1699824556152.jpeg (57.21 KB, 750x750, ED90252E-6CEA-425F-BFD6-80CD92…)

Is there some inedible thing you want to eat? I wanna bite into my chapstick so fuckin bad, candles too I just wanna bite something waxy. So temping

No. 1768745

the smell of dirt right before it rains makes my mouth water, apparently it means vitamin deficiency but idk what vitamin

No. 1768751

i used to have pica pretty bad. i ate paper, glue, dirt and staples. i did want to eat candles, and i ate chapstick more than once.

No. 1768755

And when its over I press rewind tho

No. 1768758

I filmed a video of me mid-purge and a sick part of me longs to show it to another woman

No. 1768762

File: 1699825562544.jpeg (118.71 KB, 735x655, CEB7102B-8801-44FC-A173-C01C73…)

I want to eat pearls and seashells, they’re shiny and pretty like candy. Maybe this is why I love those chocolates that look like seashells.

No. 1768773

They smell way better than they taste. My facewash makes my nose hairs burn off but it tastes pretty good.

No. 1768795

post it here

No. 1768800

File: 1699827127005.jpeg (8.8 KB, 225x225, Chalkchalkchalk.jpeg)

I want to eat school chalk
Years ago i was buying jelly candies that looked like pearls, they were so pretty and shiny too, i loved eating something so beautiful, but then they stopped selling them and it was a tragedy

No. 1768801

i want someone to bite the tip of my nose just nibble on it. just because

No. 1768806

If i was a NEET i’d do it nonna. But then i’d get armchair psychoanalized because women aren’t allowed to be stupid fucked up kek

No. 1768807

I ate mine in hamburger helper and it just tasted like a really thick beef

No. 1768808

Would you recommend it?

No. 1768812

Aw, thanks anons. For some reason I'm very drawn towards crochet ducks so I'm sure she will have a sibling soon (once my hands stop feeling so tense and cramped)

No. 1768875

I saw two guys kiss on TV made me feel some type of way should I start getting into fujo shit

No. 1768878

File: 1699830261155.gif (1.22 MB, 275x275, 16522449077.gif)

I hate being obsessed with an actor it feels lowly and pathetic. Literally no one else is attractive to me. I made a picmix and three moodboards of him, plan on making another soon. I want to bash his head in and tear his flesh off I fucking hate him (not really)

No. 1768882

Finished fleabag last night
I have nothing else to do now,sad

No. 1768883

when you're over him you can google "(actor) controversy" and maybe something will show up that'll make you hate him for real. actors are specifically hired for their good looks tho, don't feel pathetic about it.

No. 1768892

Watch Physical or Ginny and Georgia or Maid (2021)

No. 1768906

the lc fujos are allergic to this

No. 1768916

File: 1699833050148.jpg (85.32 KB, 736x764, b7a8d37a813394febd86dcaca09a6e…)

Attention all members of the dumbass shit forum, I come today with a warning. As you may have noticed, recent discussions relating to various homoerotic manga and anime fans have been overrun by the influx of members belonging to a certain demographic, known as "fujoshis".

Now, before you brush off this issue as something trivial or as a mere harmless pastime, I urge you to consider the negative impact that fujoshis can have on the quality of our discussions.

For those who are unaware, fujoshis are individuals who have a deep and profound appreciation for the beauty of boy's love and the amazing relationships between male characters. Unfortunately, their passion for this particular genre often leads them to hijack discussions, turning every single thread into a heated debate about their favorite ships and anal sex.

Furthermore, the constant bickering and lewd posting not only disrupt the flow of our discussions, but they also create a hostile and unwelcoming environment. This often leads to the loss of longtime members, who have grown tired of the drama and decide to leave in pursuit of a more calm and respectful environment.

So, dear farmers, I imploring you, do not let the fujoshis take over our forum. Let us work together to create a space where all members can discuss their interests freely and without fear of conflict. Let us protect our forum from the invasion of fujoshis and keep it a welcoming place for all who seek civil and respectful discourse.

Let us ensure that our forum remains a safe and enjoyable place where all can share their opinions and engage in meaningful discussions without fear of being overwhelmed by the demands and opinions of fujoshis. Let us unite and stand strong against those who threaten to destroy what we have built together.

Thank you for your attention and I hope that you will take this warning to heart.

No. 1768919

File: 1699833372941.jpeg (38.63 KB, 680x382, IMG_2928.jpeg)

No. 1768922

File: 1699833604443.png (1.97 MB, 1246x1176, Capture d’écran 2023-09-04 à…)

right. only wholesome highbrow heterosexual content allowed from now on

No. 1768923

File: 1699833646034.png (69.32 KB, 319x325, Screenshot (604).png)

No. 1768924

File: 1699833717586.gif (9.55 MB, 638x612, my-reaction-to-that-informatio…)

No. 1768925

They'll tire themselves out.

No. 1768928

I'm gonna pierce my eyes

No. 1768929

Ignore him nonnies go back to having fun

No. 1768936

File: 1699834269237.jpg (84.54 KB, 640x948, fc16fb20-0e15-11ed-bb5d-a376be…)

how do the dolphfags feel about him in he man (1987)

No. 1768938

too much 'roid but he looks okay

No. 1768946

I don’t like the boobs a little too big for me

No. 1768951

File: 1699834620426.jpeg (52.96 KB, 735x784, 5446D34A-45E5-4EA2-A5EE-C88666…)

S-sister?!? who is it

No. 1768964

File: 1699835909131.jpg (29.21 KB, 448x324, 15a.jpg)

His face receives mixed reactions I don't wanna say..uh contains any of these letters in the alphabet
that's the only hint

No. 1768967

File: 1699836033124.mp4 (796.91 KB, 640x640, CatWorkers-1704569119205462425…)


No. 1768977

what am i watching

No. 1768984

File: 1699837316345.gif (3.52 MB, 480x270, 3342C1B1-8E69-4E4B-A6F7-5625A2…)

well I stand with you in solidarity, here’s to obsessing over random men

No. 1768987

Need advice fast. The essay I had to hand in tonight was supposed to be a group work but I didn't get the message notification from my classmates because the system is shitty. I wrote my essay solo. Should I hand it in like that even though it's supposed to be a group work?

No. 1768988

Turn your essay in and tell the Prof it's your own work only

No. 1768992

File: 1699837661604.jpg (183.66 KB, 1152x1337, clink.jpg)

hear hear

No. 1768998


No. 1769000

I eat magnesium carbonate which is pretty similar, it calms my tummy when I get reflux
Apparently they use it in gyms for their hands too?

No. 1769001

CC professor and fellow students that you didn’t get the system message and attach the essay. If you have time ask your classmates but if you don’t have time just send it with everyone cc’d
I’ve never been to college but I’ve been at a job and that’s what I’d do.

No. 1769006

Nonnas, I'm nervous. I'm flying from Yurop to the Burgerland today. It's past 2am and I technically wake up in two hours to take the bus to the airport.
I've picked the skin around my nails bloody from how nervous I am that everything goes well.

No. 1769008

Good idea. Thank you

No. 1769010

Good luck! Wish you the best

No. 1769012

Looks better than any of the two amigurumis I've ever done (which both looked derpy and I can't believe the people I gifted them to didn't say so kek).
Congrats on being so patient with the craft, crocheting tiny cute things with very small sized yarn is definitely a prowess not everyone can thrive at.

No. 1769025

Everything will be alright, you'll be in the bus soon and hopefully you can get some sleep on your flight.

No. 1769030

Cat pantomime. But the other cat doesn't seem impressed

No. 1769032

When I was 12 and into my little pony I had found this cute series of YouTube videos centered around derpy hooves. I loved it so much and thought she did a good job voicing her but then she had a video announcing she was trooning out. I had no idea what that was at the time but I remember leaving a comment on one of the next videos after that asking why she was making her voice deeper and ugly, then I got blocked from commenting anything. Just recently looked the videos up again and they’re still really cute to me. Hate to think about moids hold on mlp at the time tho

No. 1769049

File: 1699839924731.png (705.12 KB, 1280x720, at the movies again.png)

Yagami backwards is I'm a gay

No. 1769081

The way my mind just broke

No. 1769085

File: 1699841303526.jpg (91.22 KB, 700x758, 1699616935877433.jpg)

I like Shayne Gillis (yes I know) and he has this bit about guys with down syndrome are the bros that I think is funny so I got a yt short about guys with downs doing cooking videos together and the channel is called Get Down With Sean and Marley and that channel name is killing me

No. 1769119

I'm a himejoshi so the retardation and moid worship of the other two tribes does not concern me.

No. 1769164

Good luck, I hope you have fun

No. 1769166

File: 1699845219150.jpeg (73.88 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_1044.jpeg)

nonna I could have written these posts about this stupid freak, you have my sympathy

No. 1769195

File: 1699849220401.jpg (71.96 KB, 512x768, Blursed biblically accurate ca…)

Nothing makes me feel stupider than realizing that I turned off whatever alarm(s) I had set and then went back to sleep

No. 1769199

I understand nonna I have a long list of 3DPD I like and sharing them here would get me skinned alive and accused of being apart of the old man psyop.

No. 1769266

File: 1699856827724.gif (2.95 MB, 372x326, foul.gif)

No. 1769270

whats the song name

No. 1769272

omg is that cilly willy?

No. 1769283

geophagia is related to iron deficiency i think

No. 1769301

File: 1699859169527.jpg (417.58 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20231111_223938.jpg)

No. 1769332

File: 1699864658229.jpeg (70.53 KB, 400x300, 28F69536-E241-4F40-BA1E-E1FD0E…)

I had one of these but fucked up horribly and it never grew. CH-CH-CH-CHIA

No. 1769384

Sometimes you guys post the weirdest shit that is only popular among autistic males and I do not like it

No. 1769386

My favorite part about these low effort troll accounts is that there are still probably 100 replies screenshotting the troll pfp with "this you?"

No. 1769417

No. 1769572

File: 1699883570099.jpg (473.27 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20231112_170400.jpg)

No. 1769585

i always get the vibe that isaac secretly hates her, but they still insist on putting them together every time she is hosting.

No. 1769586

Mine was an elephant! She got a fungus and died at the seed stage.

No. 1769590

That's super cool, I wonder what species it is.

No. 1769592

File: 1699884420008.jpg (42.64 KB, 400x533, 1687722269200.jpg)

I watched the new Michael fassbender Netflix movie The Killer and it's funny to me that they made the irredeemable contract killer (beta, loser, wannabe Ryan Gosling in Drive) an asshole who exclusively listens to The Smiths and calls regular people normies

No. 1769605

File: 1699885017839.jpg (161.74 KB, 640x640, 48818723157_df517184d1_z.jpg)

I had a Bob Ross one my grandma got me for shirtmas kek. CH-CH-CH-CHIA

No. 1769607

yeah I missed you all BUT
hope you had a fun and fancy-free funky week my loves
song 4 u, song is good

No. 1769622

File: 1699886705365.jpg (106.19 KB, 750x923, hrh collection.jpg)

autistic queen

No. 1769687

File: 1699892436492.jpg (158.45 KB, 1024x1024, OIG.jpg)

ive been trying to get bing ai to make me meme pictures about isopods

No. 1769688

File: 1699892615342.jpg (115.99 KB, 640x1264, suspiciously-orange-activity-v…)


No. 1769689


No. 1769693

KEK this image is basically a meme itself

No. 1769696

Tag yourself I'm ben do caize

No. 1769697

i'm That monent

No. 1769699

File: 1699893075322.jpg (152.23 KB, 1024x1024, OIG-2.jpg)

here are some more btw

No. 1769700

File: 1699893226442.png (555.54 KB, 672x638, when you relize.png)

i'm when you relize
when you lasel and no one understand you

No. 1769701

Is that an earless rabbit or a ham?

No. 1769702

File: 1699893351419.png (173.08 KB, 1094x666, Capture d’écran 2023-11-13 à…)

i love when sfw manwha can't make their characters straight up have boner so they just :

No. 1769704

>stop kissing me or…i'll go all the way
and then the fl is all naive and don't know what he means UGH what a time to be alive

No. 1769714

File: 1699894204270.jpeg (61.19 KB, 750x585, EFC885F3-7C8E-4678-A0C3-A29EEE…)

when you plertød

No. 1769738

i'm really scared of spiders when i have nothing to prove but if i want people to know i'm cool and fearless i'll let those fuckers crawl on me.

No. 1769746

nta but i thought it was funny. is there some weird context to the pic?

No. 1769748

File: 1699896361158.jpeg (60.51 KB, 625x490, IMG_2799.jpeg)

Imagine keeping this thing as a pet in your house

No. 1769751

i shart on it

No. 1769760

File: 1699896825770.jpeg (163.63 KB, 736x796, IMG_2801.jpeg)

Why nonnie? It’s such a harmless creature

No. 1769775

His name would have to be honey

No. 1769821

Is it just me or is it actually pretty hard to find non-plastic kitchen containers? Like any sort of tupperware, food dispensers, storage is ALL plastic and you actually have to go out of your way look for stuff that's glass.

No. 1769826

Everything's made of plastic. Just look at the direction the material of cheap clothes have gone.

No. 1769835

yeah most stuff is crappy. I started buying stuff in glass jars and just reusing those. instant coffee jars are pretty great for kimchi.
Pyrex was good but now they're making things out of thick cheap glass because they are no longer willing to make the good glass they're known for that's both thin and strong.

No. 1769837

IKEA has good cheap glass ones

No. 1769842

>A review of criminal cases found that 80% of bestiality offenders also sexually abused children.
>There is a close correlation consumption of bestiality pornography and child sexual abuse material.

This is why I'm wary of furfags and bronies.

No. 1769849

i thought this was common sense though

No. 1769858

File: 1699900417142.gif (72.31 KB, 488x498, 001FA87B-784B-4F54-ACCF-F6198B…)

riiiiiiice is niiiiiiiiiiice

No. 1769930

File: 1699902282839.png (28.18 KB, 542x324, rabbits.png)

No. 1769934

Some dumbass kid or something smashed the ceramic dish I use to feed the neighborhood street cats, I found small pieces all over my front yard and the bigger pieces stacked neatly on top of each other near its original spot.

No. 1769946

That's a bummer, I'm sorry that happened. Are you sure it wasn't an adult neighbor mad that you're feeding outdoor cats?

No. 1769957

That could be the case, I didn't see who did it to be honest but I know a person did it. I know I probably shouldn't feed the stray cats but they're so friendly and I feel bad that they're outside kek, there's a small black one with a really fluffy tail and she always rolls over for people, I wish I had space to adopt her

No. 1769962

my mom doesnt know the difference between mhmm and mm-mm

No. 1769969

I’ve played stardew valley for hours today. My period is really heavy so I have been cosy playing

No. 1769991

Put up a camera.

No. 1770003

File: 1699905184576.jpg (149.45 KB, 1012x1280, IMG_20231114_005245_915.jpg)

It makes me mad whenever crystalfags reply to obvious moid posts

No. 1770014

File: 1699905582356.gif (1.72 MB, 640x640, 6DC30C07-6440-4AD2-9CE2-BAB486…)

anyways goodnight nonnas ♥

No. 1770036

PLEASE do not feed stray cats. So bad for so many reasons. Even if you don't care about the local environment they'll attract hordes more and start sleeping under your car and shit, someone I know ran over the stray cat they were feeding because of that.

No. 1770057

Nta but I feed strays I can check under my car and anyways they shouldn’t be out there in the first place! If you (general not you personally) don’t want someone feeding “your” cat, then keep it inside!

No. 1770062

i would make love to beethoven until he can hear again

No. 1770064

seriously, why are they so oblivious to maleposting there? every other post is either bait or someone falling for bait

No. 1770070

This happens on lolcow often too though. Even worse, anons will know it's a moid and still reply (e.g. that one anon who was in the mom thread in /g/)

No. 1770072


No. 1770074

File: 1699907447602.jpg (1.51 MB, 3024x4032, jmjzocguxy071.jpg)

If it's someone else's cat it's not a stray…I brought that up because most people don't want to run over and dispose of a smashed cat, not because I'm worried someone's pet might get ran over.
But even if you check they can be hiding in places that are hard to see. After it happened we had three people check under the next car before moving it, felt under the wheels and everything, honked the horn and one still ran out after the car was started.
Also, local environment. Please stop feeding stray cats.

No. 1770077

stray cats are a menace anyway. I hate people who feed them, then they gather in the neighborhood and cause issues to the native environment or have kittens there, causing more issues.

No. 1770104

when the FL in the game that markets itself as unashamedly horny and edgy still manages to make it's FL mild asf, only form of relief i get is certain dialogue options and i pick the more "dominant one" and the male characters respond happily to it.

No. 1770118

File: 1699909026434.jpg (84.14 KB, 1170x1322, 1668861390721.jpg)

i was crying like a bitch and i grabbed my pillow to wipe my tears and i guess it had an ant on it cuz i felt a sting on my eyelid and picked up a mirror to look at it and found a crushed up ant and now that eyelid is all inflamed and shit and stings

No. 1770134

No. 1770172

theres barely any traffic over there, theyll take anything

No. 1770218

File: 1699914500969.jpg (47.41 KB, 735x685, a65c0aec1e809b46308d8e3de99b4e…)

spent 20hrs making something only for it to be the wrong size I am going crazy

No. 1770245

File: 1699915538253.png (282.04 KB, 1128x631, waterwraith problem.png)

Wish I had some tasty ice cream right now. TRADING 1 SLICE CHEESECAKE, 1 BOWL ICE CREAM

No. 1770263

I want to install Linux on my computer because it’s slow af but am too much of a pussy to do so because I fear I may be too retarded the understand techno-jargon

No. 1770267

don't worry, it's not very complicated to install

No. 1770299

I did this on my thinkpad because it was also slow but tbh linux didn't really speed it up at all, I think it must be because it still has a spinning drive and not an SSD
Like other nona said it isn't complicated, you just need a USB drive and to know how to boot from it

No. 1770302

One of my favourite ASMR youtubers started focusing only on fucking spit painting videos which is like the most disgusting thinly veiled scrote fetish there is. She used to be so creative with her work too.

No. 1770303

Start watching asmr for the girls then

No. 1770313

I wanted to talk about the upcoming elections with my dad but he already went to sleep

No. 1770327

no i went to lolcow dumbass can't believe we share dna

No. 1770367

No. 1770368

Where's everyone?

No. 1770373

I was busy today bb

No. 1770374

File: 1699921506620.jpg (72.79 KB, 600x800, 43587_5.jpg)

Waiting for Dumbass Hours to start, do you have the time ma'am?

No. 1770378

File: 1699921788336.jpeg (84.91 KB, 768x768, 93a4a5ca-553e-4807-85f7-6f275a…)

Are the rose toys really all they are cracked up to be? I've been abstaining from toys but I want my first one. I've heard that they're just repackaged satisfyers

No. 1770382

File: 1699921896636.png (969.23 KB, 768x644, F2Zee90ZIRCZod3x.png)

She is scamming queen Riri also known as Suspendas' Thai hooker wife. I find the predator-like faces she makes amusing.

No. 1770383

File: 1699921913302.jpg (172.85 KB, 870x870, tapis-d-allee.jpg)

i'm waiting for you babe

No. 1770412

File: 1699923013030.jpeg (624.79 KB, 750x1155, IMG_2663.jpeg)

i'm getting recommended videos based on lolcow from youtube now. freaky but i no longer care.

No. 1770424

I have a womanizer which is a clitoral suction vibrator similar to the rose toy and tbh it just feels weird and I haven’t orgasmed from it yet kek. I’ve seen a lot of women say good things about the rose toy on social media though, it might just take some getting used to. Btw there’s a sex toy thread on /g/ where you’d probably get better advice on what to buy.

No. 1770429

suction is something you'd either love or hate. you can get a one time use one for like 15 usd which is worth it to see if youd actually want to shell out on getting a good one

No. 1770436

File: 1699923923951.jpg (182.01 KB, 1024x564, 25955333921_112da59486_b.jpg)

Ligia exotica is an underrated isopod in my opinion. They have cute eyes and antennae.

No. 1770440

Parraphine wax treatments do nothing

No. 1770455

Extremely creepy. I feel like a guinea pig being watched every day.

No. 1770519

I haven’t gotten any targeted ads about meat yet even though i’ve typed out meat-kun multiple times. They need to step up their game.

No. 1770566

File: 1699927668277.jpg (38.85 KB, 727x545, 723yzd5179a41.jpg)

It is Dumb Fuck O'Clock, Dumbass Hours start in three quarters of a whole pie.

No. 1770582

seal chan?

No. 1770604

File: 1699928430889.gif (8.73 MB, 640x290, jiggle.gif)


No. 1770609

File: 1699928542365.jpg (99.87 KB, 736x527, 7855373dc1ee1c83f58c13b7b34754…)

Nah I don't think so… maybe??
I like the way you jiggle jiggle

No. 1770661

Hate her immensely, hope you're talking about the cat

No. 1770667

I would not be able to move on with my life if I accidentally killed a cat hiding in my car. That is a nightmare.

No. 1770807

i shitted yes i didnt no i did

No. 1770811

Congratulations on graduating from farting to shidding nonny

No. 1770825

You know I complain about Jerma alot but holyshit is Vinnys impressions and constant "inside jokes" unfunny. Two separate times I've randomly watched a stream where he'd go into some unfunny joke about pop..and solid snake or something? It's so juvenile. Even if he is doing unironically it's annoying. It's like how I randomly got two clip videos of Nothernlion making TRA statements and you can tell he just does it for the pat on the back.
Nobody is bringing I it up, he just does it so he can go on one of hid "rants". Sorry for rambling, I watch a lot of streamers nonas. I'm retarded

No. 1770828

*poop and diapers not pop sorry

No. 1770833

very late reply sorry but this is incredible

No. 1770933

File: 1699937864301.jpeg (194.37 KB, 500x541, IMG_7810.jpeg)

Oh my god I’m in my 30s and I don’t fucking remember anything I learned in college! I studied theater, and history and all kinds of stuff and I can’t remember a fucking thing! What the hell!

No. 1770942

File: 1699938451936.jpeg (130.01 KB, 828x585, A9AFC072-93B8-4D2E-9281-27DF24…)

Why is he so adorable tho

No. 1770950

my pussy is throbbing i need to be abducted by a sexy space alien vampire who bores me to death by talking nonstop about the history of planets then samples my spit and makes me blush

No. 1770952

whats ur job then nonnooz

No. 1770993


No. 1771012


No. 1771030

miserable kek

No. 1771049

Embedding error.
Thanks for getting this stuck in my head again

No. 1771072

File: 1699948848551.jpeg (211.15 KB, 600x400, IMG_7816.jpeg)


No. 1771074

my cat right now

No. 1771084

Samefag. I arrived in Bürgerland and everything went well.
I commuted for almost a full 24 hours on European time, and with no real sleep in 26hours (slept maybe 1 hour on the bus to the airport in the morning and on two of a total of three flights).
My luggage was there at the final destination and I didn't feel so nauseous from take off and landing thanks to my motion sickness pills that I didn't need to throw up.

I am so relieved to finally rest and relax nonnies, thanks for the encouraging words.

No. 1771087

File: 1699952428240.jpeg (102.42 KB, 750x499, 4A67BBBE-EA9F-4FDF-9C7F-7B689A…)

Welcome nonna!!! Flying is one of my biggest fears, u so brave

No. 1771089

File: 1699952647500.gif (3.72 MB, 498x258, IMG_7369.gif)

Haven’t been this sick in years. The hubris, the hubris…

No. 1771111

i tried to see if this video was satirical but it seems like the dude who made it is actually somewhat serious about hating "transport for london". lol

No. 1771127

File: 1699959849586.jpg (20.71 KB, 236x348, 0a1d9b60eedf075b5f99c909c2eb94…)

This is what Frank Sinatra looked like without has shirt on.

No. 1771130

File: 1699960193924.jpeg (349.82 KB, 846x744, IMG_1242.jpeg)

this is what killian murphy looks like without his shirt on

No. 1771132

I'm gonna start calling you murphy-chan

No. 1771135

File: 1699960971269.png (263.7 KB, 389x496, 687B0A1C-895E-4C42-B8EA-1CDF31…)

This is what Hank Hill looks like without his shirt on

No. 1771145

Praying to god DHL doesn't send my package to a pickup point in another town like last time.
Why is he shirtless in front of Cotton tho

No. 1771152

Nevermind his torso, look at those ana-chan legs

No. 1771153

Shit, I meant Frank Sinatra.

No. 1771154

They delivered it to a store a few streets away guess there is a god after all

No. 1771158

File: 1699964208187.jpg (92.92 KB, 1000x1000, Kyphosis-Graphic-3-1-1024x1024…)

No. 1771165

File: 1699964845279.jpg (70.6 KB, 900x1200, 1685607986814.jpg)

Did someone else notice that we haven't gotten any major, worldwide level technological advances this decade? I think that's why we're kind of "stuck" in the 2010s culturally because we're still using technology and social media from back then, at least essentially. I think the powers that be are distracting us with the creation of AI to make us believe there is advance but if you think about it, AI is barely an improvement, why are we still using tactile smartphones and twitter from almost 2 decades ago?

No. 1771166

I have no fear of Canadian geese, they're all bluff and no fighting skills. If one runs up to you you can easily grab it's neck and throw it. But when I'm in public, I can never defend myself against geese because even if they're running up to you and hissing and biting, people always gasp when you slap them and keep walking. It's attacking me! One slap teaches it an lesson, it doesn't kill it for ducks sake.

No. 1771170

File: 1699965566130.gif (334.35 KB, 498x373, B48B6CBF-AE2C-47A1-9C68-596707…)

>for ducks sake
but I thought you were talking about geese

No. 1771174

File: 1699965788483.jpeg (311.44 KB, 1184x1105, BDC3A685-E2B4-44E5-A2B6-930E08…)

just realized I forgot to put the yogurt I bought in the fridge and it’s been out for 24 hours. I’ll give it a taste when I get home i so don’t wanna throw it out, hope I don’t get sick

No. 1771175

anon spoiler this shit

No. 1771176

Let celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey explore his identity you bigot

No. 1771179

Kek this site really is being taken over by normies

No. 1771182

File: 1699967294115.jpg (1.6 MB, 2423x2160, Snapchat-1460492327.jpg)

Not the same thread I posted in yesterday but I've done more on my Christmas gift for my husband

No. 1771183

God, I'm so glad I don't have such intense debilitating autism that I can't detect what's obviously a joke.

No. 1771184

Do you wanna kiss or something, jeez

No. 1771185

!!!whoa what! I only hope he puts in as much effort for your gift nonnie, this is so cool.

No. 1771220

ooh, it's cute!! it's adorable on it's own, but is it inspired by a game your husband likes or is it meant to be a piece paired with a figurine that your husband owns?(asking this bc i thought about Dollightful's relationship where she makes OOAK dolls and her husband makes action figures so they help each other with their respective hobbies)

No. 1771222

Can you date me instead and then just give me that for Christmas

No. 1771224

are you retarded? we can literally spawn hot anime boys with big dicks just by typing some words into a program

No. 1771228

File: 1699970431273.jpeg (61.69 KB, 338x254, 8DDDD3F3-DAF8-42CC-BEB2-C22675…)

It’s a good day to look at ducks ♥

No. 1771229

haha thanks, he bought me a telescope as a gift before so he puts effort into my interests too but doesnt have the time to make me stuff
Its hargrids hut, its just to sit on the bookshelf next to his books. I made him Bilbos hobbit hole last christmas
haha but what would I give my husband?

No. 1771237

File: 1699971128079.gif (1.7 MB, 498x244, leon-kennedy-resident-evil-2.g…)

another day another struggle

No. 1771241

File: 1699971336953.jpeg (276.27 KB, 750x936, E008B0F8-1A87-483C-9688-7DA79D…)

This thing looks like the pillsbury dough boys special needs brother

No. 1771249

I hate this woman and her stupid project. It's so…pandering.

No. 1771253

I don’t know much about her anon what project? I just saw a few of her pics on ig

No. 1771257

analog horror stuff, typical zoomer garbage. It's so annoying that zoomers try to shoehorn boobs into everything.

No. 1771274

I want to do things to Leon in this state.

No. 1771276

It's wild that Zoomers are obsessed with analog horror suddenly. Like, they really have nothing to contribute at all to society. It's all my 22 year old coworker spoke about

No. 1771278

>"the powers that be are distracting us"
you sound like my retarded gen x dad.

No. 1771295

they're still rolling out things they developed 40 years ago, public technology is always behind military technology. don't worry the murderbots, worldwide digital currency and nanomachines are coming. growing wealth disparity means less of the fun things are for you.

No. 1771299

AI doesn't exist. What you're describing is a data laundering scraping and sophisticated stealing from a corporate machine learning algorithm. And no, you're wrong you're just tech illiterate. Picture has improved and computing power is what made not the AI revolution possible but the mass data scraping and harvesting revolution associated with the AI revolution possible. If the average person online is this retarded big data already won lel

No. 1771300

Imagine admitting that your dad is smarter than you on lolcow of all places.
I don't know about this, there have been a lot of advancements in my field each year that make lives better. It hasn't been stagnant at all.
It's so good to be seen.

No. 1771307

You're like those academics who changed the definition of racism, and then got mad when everyone used it the old way. I am a machine learning algorithm, I'm just made out of meat, so all I ever expected of AI was for it to be a machine learning algorithm.

No. 1771311

What are you saying? Machine learning algorithms are dime a dozen have existed for the last ten years or so and control everything we do already on social media platforms. AI as corporations want to shill it is a marketing ploy to distract from their mass scale data laundering and data harvesting under the guise of education. You being retarded and not knowing what AI are and assuming LLMs are any more complex than word association based machine learning algorithms should be made fun of. The abstract concept of intelligence in a machine is faaar off into the future not even a peek of it can be seen now.

No. 1771317

>abstract concept of intelligence in a machine is faaar off into the future
You think it is far off and not current because you assume humans have a soul. We don't. We are an ecological niche controlled by the DNA from a 3.7 billion year lineage. Humans did not spring fully formed and neither does an AI, but it's already passed the threshold of animal intelligence and it still making gains.

No. 1771330

My cat posted this

No. 1771332

analog horror is so lazy. It's literally ideas lazily thrown together into some half assed project that never goes anywhere. It's literally just ideas and zoomers are so retarded they fall in love and form fandoms about it.

No. 1771339

This idiot has an only fans too. I bet this is just a way to market it

No. 1771359

File: 1699978119188.jpg (142.93 KB, 1500x1000, nekonekorisu.jpg)

i finally tackled making stovetop rice and it came out so so good. ngl i am kind of proud of myself. idk why but rice has always been the one thing i've struggled making properly and i never got a chance to ask my grandmother before she died on how she always got rice to cook perfectly for her. she would always make either jasmine or basmati rice and it was always so fluffy and buttery and made the house smell delicious. i realized my biggest mistake in the past was not measuring my water to rice ratio, and not keeping the lid on the pot so that the rice steams.

No. 1771362

File: 1699978514988.jpg (69.4 KB, 976x549, p03bzy5z.jpg)

Only when you see pics of him when he was young, you realize why he was super popular

No. 1771365

File: 1699978880368.jpeg (80.14 KB, 674x269, 5DFC4613-521C-4546-BCCA-2469ED…)


No. 1771367

its been years I feel like

No. 1771369

Proof moids hit the wall at super speed. He was cute.

No. 1771371

Nah, my dad thinks god is real and men are better and smarter than women. He's a fucking retard.

No. 1771372

why does this board has the shittiest taste in men. And i say this as a proud ''unattractive moids you want to fuck'' user.

No. 1771379

>we can literally spawn hot anime boys with big dicks just by typing some words into a program
Link exactly which AI is able to generate dicks to begin with, most barely generate vaginas. Everytime I try to get a naked male it gives him a vagina no matter which AI or prompt I'm using

No. 1771391

File: 1699980210248.jpg (143.94 KB, 1908x1146, 47C69F2F00000578-0-image-a-3_1…)

You sound so pretentious kek
>Yada yada yada picture has improved and computing power is-
Who gives a shit, where are the flying cars and husbandobots?? Those are the impressive advances we need

No. 1771406

I've always wanted a robot husbando and I will be so sad if they don't happen in my lifetime

No. 1771429

File: 1699983033405.jpg (1.17 MB, 2204x2160, Snapchat-839105157-1.jpg)

Update, I made a bsse for it to sit on too

No. 1771434

This is seriously so good!! Is it mainly cardboard? You're so talented.

No. 1771439

is this a cat house or something?

No. 1771440

File: 1699983788675.jpeg (25.98 KB, 420x420, 7CCA23C6-1448-4D8B-B5E0-571F71…)

>Yer a wizard, nonna

No. 1771443

I hate nightmares so fucking much!

No. 1771450

File: 1699984232871.jpg (14.4 KB, 718x504, download (1).jpg)

Wow, amazing! You're working so quick anon, I can't wait to see once it's finished.

There are so many extremely talented anons here. There's an anon in one of the husbando threads that has been making a doll from scratch of her husbando out of I think wire, fabric and clay. I think it's articulated as well.

No. 1771452

she is straight up making a golum, I can't wait until she posts a video of it walking around lmao

No. 1771466

ngl the way that WHB very casually connects its universe with that of Love UnHolyc was cute and i liked it.

No. 1771476

Nah you're right and anons are unimaginative. Idk why everyone's giving you shit. In fact most of these social media sites were popular in the late 2000s even not just the 2010s. How much longer do we have to hear about facebook, instagram, snapchat, and co. Even discord is tiring to hear about now. Besides the social media and smartphones, I wouldn't say anything is culturally similar to the 2010s though. I'm waiting for the day a better type of phone gets made and smartphones become the new garakei.

No. 1771477

White hot boy?

No. 1771479

Yeah the framework and shingles are cardboard, I cut out foam bricks and the base is styrofoam
Nah just a miniature hagrid hut
It feels like its taking so long haha. The fun part is coming up but I also need to cut more foam bricks for the base which I'm not looking forward to it. I havent seen that anon, I should go have a look

No. 1771480

I thought it was because of his music. He looks like a sea creature.

No. 1771483

I made a pack of beef ramen noodles but instead of using the season, I made a pot of coffee and poured the noodles inside. I stirred. Added some cinnomon and I ate it.
This is the best I've felt in fucking years. I went outside and took a deep breath, it smells horrible outside then my period came on. So I showered again and now watching YouTube in my toasty room

No. 1771486

File: 1699986390189.png (109.33 KB, 1277x274, bjorn.PNG)

>I havent seen that anon
Here's one of her posts >>>/g/358035
I honestly completely believe anons are skilled and intelligent enough to make a robo-husbando doll

No. 1771499

File: 1699987742184.jpeg (112.69 KB, 828x643, 38605E5B-87F6-46A5-87B4-2BBDE4…)

the game, nonnie, the game, the kusoge, yk, posted way back in the previous threads, that game, picrel is mostly unrelated btw, just added bc it's funny.

No. 1771505

Am I the only one who feels like the scent of the soap you use while showering doesn't actually matter? It'll literally be gone after you get dressed. That's why I only care about how my lotions, sprays and perfumes smell, those will actually be on all day.

No. 1771508

Soap is for cleaning not smelling.

No. 1771510

Wait no it is for smelling but it’s not for perfuming

No. 1771511

I now use non-scented soap for skin reasons and I get compliments on my smell anyway because of my hair so like if you have nice shampoo or perfume like soap smell is irrelevant.

No. 1771513

but it's so pleasant when the soap smells nice. It just makes the showering time better and relaxing

No. 1771515

>You think it is far off and not current because you assume humans have a soul. We don't. We are an ecological niche controlled by the DNA from a 3.7 billion year lineage. Humans did not spring fully formed and neither does an AI, but it's already passed the threshold of animal intelligence and it still making gains.

No retard, I think it's far off because LLMs are word association game generating, machine learning algorithms. This site is depressingly retarded lately and it's not surprising that whenever you bring up anything computing related accusations of tranny by association comes up with you tech illiterate morons. Once again, I said machine learning algorithms are nothing new because they aren't. That's not intelligence, it's a game of guessing and probability by gradience not comparable to human evolution, but you are also a retard for thinking human evolution is a linear process of improvement, when it could hardly even be called specialized when much of human genome is made up of ncRNAs. I also find it funny that retards shilling AI didn't realise the entire reason it exists now as a marketing ploy is from an advancement in storage, cloud computing, wealth disparity, and computing power that the original poster claimed there were no advancements since 2010 uwu. Regardless evolution and anything in molecular biology is not comparable to something that is man made, this is outside of your depth don't add information theory and molecular biology to your poor discussion. It's as simple as if you take the data sets away from LLMs they cease playing their word and guess by association games. Go shill and celebrate your corporate consoomer plagiarism algorithm somewhere else. What kind of random projecting loser mentions a soul when talking about machine learning algorithms? Scifi techbro brainrot. I also would think that this site being female dominated would be more critical of fucked up exploitative, largely male made and female exploitative technology but apparently not. Once again, being tech illiterate is not grounds for the knowledge for you to speak on this topic. This is too dumb even for discussing dumbshit.

Will you still shill for AIs when the disappointing reality of corporations lies are used to justify deciding your insurance premiums? And to steal your art, steal your photos, scrape and steal your medical documents and private information and are used (poorly) in predicting false correlations of scientific data because most of society are tech and science illiterate retards despite pushing for technocracy and technocrats like yourself who don't think anything about "AI" beyond it's super advanced because future sci fi.

No. 1771521

File: 1699988917146.jpg (82.59 KB, 1500x1500, 71xpTC3E42L._SL1500_.jpg)

True, but there are body washes and I feel like those focus on scent more

No. 1771523

It's not like you're wrong but what's the point in getting so mad about it. The layperson doesn't understand a damn about programming or algorithms, as you can see on this website or anywhere else. Really that's been obvious since everyone lost their shit about IBM Watson over a decade ago, even then all the normal people were like oooh machines will be people soon! It's just not within the scope of most people's education.

No. 1771531

File: 1699989883990.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.88 KB, 474x1000, satisfyer.jpg)

Thanks anons! I forgot about the sex toy thread honestly. Haven't ordered yet but I've decided to get the satisfyer curvy 2+. I downloaded the app and now I'm excited because of all the possibilities kek. There's a mode where you can have the toy go to the beat of a song, and another where you can listen to a story and have the toy go along with it.

No. 1771534

When I was in middle school and watched Chappie for the first time, I fell so in love with him that I almost schizo'd myself into imagining he was real. I would literally pretend I was holding his hand all the time and would talk to him. I wanted to become a computer scientist and engineer in order to make him irl. Do you think I can still do it

No. 1771553

>machine learning algorithms
Yeah, just like every other form of life. How are you not getting this? I didn't bother reading the rest because if you're too autistic to understand the simple point that all brains are is complex processing machines, you're too autistic for your opinion to be worth anything.

No. 1771575

Is the male posting thread here now? lol

No. 1771588

It’s so pretty outside aw

No. 1771590

>There's a mode where you can have the toy go to the beat of a song

No. 1771606

File: 1699994472275.jpg (172.48 KB, 1200x800, FhJFlvfXwAAPO3Z.jpg)

It's just ai

No. 1771614

File: 1699995154820.jpeg (21.32 KB, 426x357, DDCB5FC5-DF2D-4C85-80B7-23248F…)

you what now
This is so amazing, I would love to be good enough to sculpt my special guy but it’s so daunting just to get started

No. 1771669

File: 1699997472465.jpg (663.33 KB, 986x1024, retouch_2023111417263845.jpg)

I edited him again kek

No. 1771678

That was such a wild story kek, tbh once you find the steady rhythm that's buried in all that shit it's not so bad but I would be losing it cracking up if this came on while I was trying to get down with my man. I wonder what was on the playlist after this, Yakety Sax maybe?

No. 1771683

File: 1699998574698.jpg (19.13 KB, 265x275, 1699993168825.jpg)

Original pic

No. 1771698

I just looked up the chocolate commercial I was named after. My mum saw it when she was pregnant with me and got randomly inspired by super generic tv spot. For a long time I thought that I was named after a song that was pretty popular around the time I was born but once I've looked up the release date of it and it was long after I was born.

No. 1771724


No. 1771727

File: 1700001372938.gif (3.58 MB, 501x529, chaching.gif)

No. 1771728

I just saw a video of some frog legs being cooked at a hot pot, and it was so freaky. The legs were jumping back when they touched the hot soup. It's obviously just muscle contractions/nerves but it's so crazy how it was moving as if the frog was still alive.

No. 1771734

File: 1700001863673.jpg (568.12 KB, 1284x1009, Advertedbaby.jpg)

No. 1771738

File: 1700002234628.gif (2.42 MB, 200x200, 8D2A0D2E-8A8E-4E40-BBDF-04B8AB…)


No. 1771739


No. 1771741

File: 1700002508881.jpg (14.99 KB, 359x359, yLW9ZwCY_400x400.jpg)

>tfw sex pest american gets sued by korean stacy

No. 1771745

Oh? Spill the details.

No. 1771746

spill? you can't just write that and not share

No. 1771750

File: 1700003198078.gif (3.75 MB, 640x456, 62ACCFEF-925F-4788-BC85-681913…)

No. 1771753

File: 1700003403425.png (294.33 KB, 328x377, keQD8CxlMTd1pQuk.png)

Pic rel is a 22 year old american streamer (featured on Super Nanny) called Slightly Homeless who travels around Asia looking for sex. He very often flirts with underage girls and almost went to prison in Nepal for it. This Korean streamer called Bongbong is going to sue him for recording her.

No. 1771755

File: 1700003536711.gif (5.88 MB, 640x360, supernanny-you-guys-are-in-a-c…)

> featured on Super Nanny

No. 1771757

Featured on Super Nanny?

No. 1771758

He looks like he's actually missing a chromosome.

No. 1771762

Yes this is the episode. He was already sexually harrassing women as a 6 year old.

No. 1771767

File: 1700004829676.jpeg (38.17 KB, 747x701, 1648344235751.jpeg)

>sexually harassing women as young as six
>grew up to be a pedophilic yellow fevered touristing sex pest passport bro
Holy fucking shit, is it genetic or something? This is so bleak.

No. 1771770

Love the hair and love the slutty outfit (never watched the movie)

No. 1771773

It could be that or some kind of brain abnormality that caused him to be this way.

No. 1771774

I wish someone killed him to spare women from his bullshit. if your kid starts acting like that as 6, you should be legally allowed to end their lives.

No. 1771775

dragon age

No. 1771785

I wish we had an IRL degenerates thread but I doubt people would be interested

No. 1771788

You can make a "creepy irl encounters" thread, we have one for online ones.

No. 1771790

Peak male form. I miss it.

No. 1771791

I am interested actually, please make it

No. 1771793

File: 1700006519766.png (258.85 KB, 720x816, IMG_20231114_180158.png)


No. 1771796

File: 1700006572610.png (243 KB, 720x732, IMG_20231114_180305.png)


No. 1771799

File: 1700006659926.png (208.18 KB, 720x678, IMG_20231114_180421.png)


No. 1771801

I like the new banners. Ooooo

No. 1771806

I feel like while most AI art has beautiful rendering, the anatomy is still really poor. The longer you look at an image, the worse it starts to seem. I have nothing against AI art, and I've tried to edit some AI just to see if I could learn something from it, but most of the anatomy will have something severely wrong with it. Especially body proportions. I've seen some AI images get posted that look beautiful at first, and then you look closely at it, and it will be a guy with forearms as short as a t-rex.

No. 1771811

osmosis jones is free on youtube with ads and i got to the pill character some farmer was obsessed with and it's such an experience to witness. i love women.

No. 1771816

>I also would think that this site being female dominated would be more critical of fucked up exploitative, largely male made and female exploitative
We have anons who are genuine stalkers or cyberstalkers and don’t think about the consequences of sharing how they do it. It’s not surprising at all. We have at least 3 self defense threads, 2 of which are years old and all of them are small. Other than that, there’s no general threads on the reality that as women we have the least privacy and will always be unsafe in this world.

The average woman just believes it’s paranoid fear mongering. I’ve been telling my friends and family for years to use social media as privately as possible and even now they don’t listen and just think i’m fear mongering. Even the most basic shit like not having your profile be public and named FirstNameLastName with 100 photos of themselves, photos in every room in their house, the outside of their own and worst of all pictures of children they won’t listen to. My own parents didn’t even respect my wishes to keep photos of me off of Facebook when I become more privacy aware as a teen.

No. 1771823

File: 1700008760456.jpeg (2.02 MB, 1170x1666, IMG_7424.jpeg)

How are we feeling today ladies, more north korea or south korea?

No. 1771833

File: 1700009441182.jpg (149.06 KB, 932x525, flowerhead.jpg)

I just saw it and it still looks really good.Especially the music. Bill Murray is so disgusting though

No. 1771836

Ohh is it your first time watching? How exciting, maybe I’ll watch it later for the nostalgia

No. 1771838

And another one because I love her

No. 1771845

File: 1700010410989.png (2.6 MB, 1200x1200, me.png)

I'm feeling more arbys today, fyi.

No. 1771855

The best way to cope is to not cope.

Make everyone else have to cope with your presence.

No. 1771857

wow no way, are you gaslighting or gangstalking me or whatever, that was lunch today. were you the cute checkout girl nonny, be honest

No. 1771860

Think about how incredible and unique autistic women are compared to males. It's a good start, go from there and then focus on your uniqueness.

No. 1771862

File: 1700012141224.jpg (21.15 KB, 480x360, 95d04a94028f669f4a9e446528760f…)

Remember this stupid motherfucka? Just too damn old for all that bullshit

No. 1771863

Ewww this "if you can't handle me at my worst" ass facebook alcoholic mom post

No. 1771866

This is so impressive! She's very talented and has a huge voice. Thanks for posting this and exposing me to her, anon.

No. 1771873

It probably copied that from shitty artists with poor anatomy since it obviously traces over already existing images and mashes them together depending on the prompt.

No. 1771876

File: 1700013063806.jpeg (135.62 KB, 750x755, 9BDD77E2-4E3E-4451-8EE8-483BB8…)

Why is he in the villains wiki he is a CHILD and he loves to dance

No. 1771879

He belongs at the bottom of a river

No. 1771904

File: 1700014651534.jpg (363 KB, 1471x2048, gettyimages-1793289022-2048x20…)

You guys think Barry Manilow looks like a cartoon character too right?

No. 1771912

No. 1771913

nta but they're right, autists trying to pretend to be normal are always so transparent

No. 1771925

the music choices are great but it has so many gross out moments and the female animated characters are all so sexualized, i won't watch it again.

yes it's my first time! thanks for the cute video.

No. 1771940

He looks like Pixyteri

No. 1771945

I always confuse him with Rod Stewart (evil)

No. 1771991

Post link please

No. 1772018


No. 1772057

''men age like wine''
men at 22 >>1771753

No. 1772096

Samefag again.
Had the chilliest morning afternoon and evening. It was great.

And on the way back home, we got into an accident and drove into the rear of another person's car and got a ride to the nearest 7/11 in the back of a Police car.

… I wish I was making that stuff up.

No. 1772291

men are so fucking fugly. how can people even touch one??

No. 1772380

File: 1700032966458.gif (2.33 MB, 498x280, asobi-asobi-asobase.gif)

becoming religious again just to pray for him to end up penniless and Bongbong wins

No. 1772384

File: 1700033130665.png (119.42 KB, 1725x1248, Y_Chromosome.png)

>brain abnormality
or a genetic abnormality

No. 1772387

Why are you always posting this character?

No. 1772416

It's so alien the way they try to mimic other people especially when complimenting/lovebombing and they just look scary kek

No. 1772417

at the copa, copacabana, the hottest spot north of Havana, at the copa, copacabana, music and passion were always the fashion at the copaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
I miss these kinds of old songs that tell stories. He does kind of look like a Who from Whoville

No. 1772441

Not mad per se just upset to see the overall reaction here about LLMs and the wider scope of "AI". Its quite upsetting to see other women blindly endorsing this deplorable crap and turning a blind eye to it, its grim. Its sad to see no one has any tech literacy, its sad to see a culture that's more hellbent on male worship than becoming edified and female solidarity. I hardly ever see discussions about tech here period, which is concerning in itself seeing as how it affects us all. I hardly ever see provocative discussion anymore on topics and anything in depth other than maybe the art thread, the quality of posts has plummeted. But at the same time, I see countless stories of people here being taking advantage of, venting their stories of being fucked over, being blackmailed, being victims of idiotic harmful behavior or engaging in it themselves like >>1771816 anon mentions. However the most common response here rather bleakly is the female socialized "I'm too stupid to know but I'm going to ostracize you because female wrong think" behavior that seems to rule this site now. >>1771391 >>1771307 >>1771553 and genuine schizoid spiritual tech illiteracy like >>1771553 which lends to stereotypes of women being retarded, overly spiritual, and tech illiterate. It genuinely feels like crabs in a bucket mentality combined with childish infantilism. I understand that all anons are different but I can't see these people as victims simultaneously if they are willingly retarded.

No. 1772461

She self inserts

No. 1772497

i miss pre-elon grimes so much it hurts. i can't even read her thread. i miss her lame lying dorky ass when she was just an artsy musician and not whatever this is

No. 1772537

File: 1700045646701.gif (1.97 MB, 498x278, 74B13476-9158-42D7-8E58-58AA73…)

Dancing the pain away, wooo yeah !

No. 1772567

File: 1700046893273.gif (990.33 KB, 500x310, IMG_7374.gif)

Wish I could. My fever is slowly killing me.

No. 1772583

File: 1700047754470.gif (1.19 MB, 498x417, B04C5073-A2DB-4E5B-A7E0-16DC3C…)

We will dance together soon nonna, hope you feel better

No. 1772584

His name is Drix, philistine.

No. 1772585

File: 1700047974700.png (198.43 KB, 339x489, d'arce.png)

idk anything about this game i'm not apart of that scene in general but. i am attracted to her

No. 1772590

File: 1700048471037.jpeg (90.58 KB, 750x560, E26B7ABD-BC32-400F-85FF-CB2206…)

lol sorry this is who I immediately thought of. What’s the game, what do you like about her?

No. 1772591

What a blast from the past.

No. 1772592

File: 1700048780252.jpg (58.91 KB, 1023x703, depositphotos_29591035-stock-p…)

is there anything more disgusting than men with full lips like that

No. 1772594

the game is fear and hunger and i haven't played it, probably not going to either kek i just have a thing for female knights especially ones with short hair, that's all. i saw someone refer to her as a girlfailure and it made me more attracted to her but that's where my knowledge ends kek

No. 1772597

File: 1700049387803.jpg (76.18 KB, 640x448, IMG_9245.jpg)

This looks cool as hell. Is girlfailure a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t keep up with internet slang at all

No. 1772599

god i feel like such a zoomer right now i'm embarrassed but yeah it's a "good" thing like, a term of endearment

No. 1772600

i saw this and from the thumbnail was hoping for a cute vintage fashionista boy to follow but noooooooo, yet another TiF that looks like a 12 yr old boy with a broccoli head.

No. 1772604

File: 1700050047518.jpg (200.15 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9247.JPG)

lol don’t be embarrassed, lolcow is pretty much the only social media site I come to so I’m just not exposed to whatever’s going on in the rest of the internet. Hope this is acceptable, it’s hard to find ones with really short hair i think female knights are really hot too

No. 1772636

>i saw this and from the thumbnail was hoping for a cute vintage fashionista boy to follow
cute men with feminine hobbies dont exist outside of anime

No. 1772637

File: 1700054400097.jpg (134.98 KB, 500x375, 1563122637005.jpg)

No. 1772639

File: 1700054707534.png (46.01 KB, 144x357, tired banana.png)

it pains me to know i will never have a cute bf with a personality that goes beyond playing vidya and listening to the shittiest music imaginable. I wish alt men with interesting fashion choices were real.

No. 1772640

Is being jealous to others because they're a couple of years younger than you irrational?

No. 1772641

No. 1772648

File: 1700055351758.gif (979.86 KB, 500x212, FEAA7061-E422-4E23-B49B-487224…)

Just rewatched and damn, everything looked so good. I really hate the state of modern animation

No. 1772651

i too miss the days when even a movie with robbie willians puking all over had salvagable animation

No. 1772745

Post link to YouTube

No. 1772760

File: 1700062897949.jpg (498.28 KB, 1276x1726, george foreman.jpg)

The concept of juniors are proof that men are so narcissistic. The grill guy George Foreman has 5 sons and all of them are named George Foreman.

No. 1772761

There'll be this podcast event in my country, there'll be a bunch of podcasters recording for several hours and I guess you can go there and watch it for real. And I just don't know how anyone could stand that, it sounds so insanely boring, most podcasts are already boring as they are, I'd kill myself.

No. 1772762

Kek that's so stupid but kinda funny, I don't feel bad for the sons because men suck

No. 1772763

Are those his sons in the pic?

No. 1772765

No. 1772770

you think that's bad, almost all my male relatives are endlessly given variations of some ancestral name generations going back generations.

No. 1772771

Enjoy the grossness. I kinda hate Bill Murray bc it seems like the most annoying gen x’ers are always obsessed with him
Men are completely neurotic about ‘muh legacy’, it’s so pathetic

No. 1772784

Caught my first temp ban yesterday and I didn't realize being confronted with a screenshot of my crime before I'm allowed to continue posting would be so funny KEK sorry jannies, i'll play nice from now on

No. 1772785

File: 1700064392995.jpeg (33.82 KB, 306x305, 3699B6E6-EE80-46E5-A20A-FF56EA…)

if you asked me as a kid who the cutest cartoon animal is i would've said scrat

No. 1772787

his face is literally dick and balls

No. 1772788

Post it for proof, what did you do?

No. 1772789

Scrat is illegal now, google it

No. 1772792

Today feels good I hope you all have a good happy day queens

No. 1772803

The Iron Giant is also on youtube free with ads right now.

No. 1772824

File: 1700066857820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.48 KB, 1024x577, tumblr_c7922a1303dd9ef9e1971b0…)

My computer keeps telling me I have no storage/disk space. I haven't even downloaded anything really. Maybe this is a sign I need to finally clear out my Sims CC folder and delete all those games I don't play

No. 1772905

I've honestly never been able to dislike Venus Angelic like other anons have because I feel for her too hard with her mom. From what I understand she's never had a life that was purely her own. I don't check on her often but when I do I always hope that she's getting better and kicking her alcoholism .

No. 1772906

that is so messed up

No. 1772910

You better scan your computer as well in case you got a virus.

No. 1772924

I wish I took a screenshot of the page but I got redtexted and banned for bait. I wasn't even trying to bait either, just sharing my thoughts on another anon's post. Apparently my opinion was too unpopular for the unpopular opinions thread KEK

No. 1772966

Your post was true though kek. Mods are sensitive faggots.

No. 1772992

I'm still baffled as to why someone who enjoyed The Last of Us as a game would be interested in watching the story again as a TV show. I also hate the rising trend of just making a video game character look like the actor doing the voice and motion capture for them. I'm so tired of seeing celebrity faces everywhere, especially in video games where they have the freedom to design a character and create more immersion by not making you stare at a celebrity throughout the story. Everything needs to be made into a movie or TV show nowadays, and it feels like more and more people are just creating stuff with that goal in mind. Nothing gets to stand on its own these days and it's so boring.

No. 1772997

it was a fun game imo, but it also came out in 2013. Things from back then wouldnt resonate with today. Also, the worst part are meeting people who ONLY seen the hbo tv series. I am starting to become such a gate keeping bitch because it used to be fun to make friends based on hobbies and now everything and their mother is a live action series, so you can't tell who genuinely likes something anymore or played/read the original source.
I still stand by my feeling Pedro pascal is an ugly old faggot and shouldnt have been Joel. he is not my Joel.

No. 1773001

I must be old because I can't see what about that game wouldn't resonate with people today. I haven't seen the TV show, obviously, so I don't know if they made any changes, but that just makes the whole thing even more stupid.

No. 1773004

You're 100 percent right. Videogames used to be his own form of storytelling medium and now a lot of newer games and AAA companies make games just to be made into movies. Someone commented about The Callisto Protocol that it felt like a movie more than an actual game. They weren't wrong.

No. 1773006

No, you're not old. lol I think i worded it wrong. I kind of meant that playing the game felt immersive and it doesn't make sense to watch it as a tv series. Both Bill and Ellie being gay characters was just a background thing, but in the show they make such a massive huge deal about it, which was extremely annoying. I say this as a lesbian myself. I just feel like something stories are better told as games.
Also, people started acting really annoying since the show came out after the pandemic and kept comparing it.

No. 1773008

Don't watch the show. They dedicated an entire episode about Bill and his gay romance instead of making it about Joel trying to get a car battery and dealing with traps and isolationism.

No. 1773011

Oh kek, thanks for explaining. That makes a lot of sense, I should have figured.

No. 1773028

>I'm still baffled as to why someone who enjoyed The Last of Us as a game would be interested in watching the story again as a TV show.

most of the people i've seen who are watching the show haven't even played the games or only played the first one and never picked it up again. they're usually average people who aren't that into gaming but have some nominal interest in nerd shit.

>Everything needs to be made into a movie or TV show nowadays, and it feels like more and more people are just creating stuff with that goal in mind.

it's a weird mixture of hollywood running out of ideas and producers discovering that video games are more than just call of dookie and world of warcraft. you know, some of them actually have STORIES! lol not trying to be overly dramatic but it's much easier to import a video game story into a tv show or movie with an already established fan base, than it is to develop an entirely new universe and not know if it is going to make 50 billion dollars in two days of opening.

No. 1773038

File: 1700077141060.jpeg (61.69 KB, 600x805, 5DDBB7FA-B8AC-48CB-B6A2-879A9C…)

Me using every ounce of willpower I have not to scream along to The Cranberries when they play at the grocery store

No. 1773049

Use something like WizTree to find out what's taking up the most space and delete accordingly.

No. 1773056

please don't tell me it's the retarded race arguments because that's outright not true

No. 1773065

In my tiny area people randomly sing a lot, to songs on the radio or walking alone, and of course in the pub. When I travelled the comparative silence of modern cities is baffling juxtaposed to their bustle.

No. 1773113

File: 1700080132576.jpg (11.31 KB, 300x256, 236e17a73d0ae54a7fa423ee156c3d…)

I can't believe men got dick and balls, like, they got a bunch of stuff just casually hanging between their legs wtf that's so freaky, and they gotta grab it every time they want to pee or jack off…in fact, I can't also believe men can experience orgasms, it doesn't compute to me, they're so braindead how are they able to feel anything at all?

I can't believe my husbando got dicks and balls as well, like, he got a dick?! And BALLS?!! oh my god anons…

No. 1773120

I can deal with the wiener but the balls, god I hate the balls

No. 1773126

They look so stupid and ugly. get rid of them.

No. 1773134

File: 1700081047486.jpg (124.51 KB, 1500x1125, __opt__aboutcom__coeus__resour…)

KEK dick and balls are so ugly, especially flaccid dicks shit looks like one of those weird clams

No. 1773136

the weiner is the worst and ugliest part imo. it looks like a creepy alien worm especially when it moves. balls are just silly and cause the most physical pain for scrotes so those should stay.

No. 1773139

I hated the second game because of that tranny that kills Joel (well watching YouTubers play it kek) so I am not watching season 2

No. 1773148

File: 1700081437565.jpeg (9.08 KB, 167x163, 3391AE71-C415-46C9-9E86-5B99AB…)

Thanks so much for posting this anon. No really, thank you, because I truly needed this visual aid.

No. 1773151

I want to report your post, but can you at least fucking spoiler it. I hate dicks so much

No. 1773152

Anon that's a clam

No. 1773154

Exposed organs are weak af, which is why women are stronger by default.

No. 1773162

Wait but what about clits? Or does the hood make them an un-exposed organ

No. 1773166

yeah “grow a pair” is the dumbest saying ever. You want me to grow something that’s extremely sensitive and getting even just tapped on it would make me fall to my knees in pain? No thanks

No. 1773167

KEK sorry guys, in hindsight I probably should've spoilered that pic

No. 1773169

File: 1700081875362.jpg (60.3 KB, 988x556, abby.JPG)

Abby is not a tranny, there is a trans person somewhere in the game, but this is just a buff woman. Let's not call a woman a man just because she's not dainty and soft, shall we?

No. 1773171

It’s all good no hate nonnie

No. 1773174

That’s a tranny

No. 1773175

Well now you're just baiting. I'm leaving this thread before it explodes.

No. 1773176

How did she get so built during an apocalypse? She's still ugly af and looks like a male character model pretending to be a woman.

No. 1773184

When you rode the bus to school, how short was it? I'd think someone surviving an apocalypse would either be ripped or frail as fuck

No. 1773185

Dont get mad anon pointed out that ugly ass tranny character.

No. 1773188

It's harder for women to gain muscle. It's a real question, especially considering Ellie is nowhere near that, nor Marlene, nor Tess.

No. 1773191

Clearly she has a natural hormonal disorder that makes her ripped don’t be ableist nonny

No. 1773193


It's really not that hard for women to bulk up to the point she is at tbh. Just eat and lift shit.

No. 1773194

I don't get why you had to be so hostile. Roid rage

No. 1773195

>not having a secret stash of Fit Women Whey Power Protein Plus Stacy Edition (c) during the apocalypse
youre not gonna make it

No. 1773197

I need to stash whey chocolate protein in my bag right now.

No. 1773201

File: 1700083086868.jpeg (4.31 KB, 216x233, me reacting to you.jpeg)

protien powder stash > tampon stash

I'm going to freebleed while caving in zombie skulls

No. 1773204

No. 1773205

This is the LC content I want to see

No. 1773206

File: 1700083224808.jpeg (421.72 KB, 889x1182, IMG_7485.jpeg)

Someone needs a mimosa join me for a drink nonnie

No. 1773209

I am missing both ingredients. Can I have soda water with pomegranate juice and gin?

No. 1773238

Watching YouTube Christmas guides and this one lady got her teenage daughter a necklace with what the stars looked like on the day the teen got with her boyfriend and on the back a quote alluding to it being the work of god. Is it just me or is that kinda insane

No. 1773244

I thought you were going to say she got the day her daughter was born and I thought it was kind of cute. But that is way weirder

No. 1773250

Sounds like one of those fundie moms who secretly want their daughter to get teen pregnant

No. 1773254

Why would a fundie mother want her daughter to get teen pregnant, that's horrible.

No. 1773257

They want grandbabby and usually the girl marries him right away

No. 1773260

Well that's horrifying.

No. 1773268

File: 1700086199928.jpeg (131.76 KB, 1200x675, ACB3FF47-F017-4A9B-989D-EA31AC…)

Place your bets nonnas, who’s next

No. 1773280

I hope the other two scrotes

No. 1773302

Only semi related why does Jennifer Aniston look like she's on hgh now

No. 1773309


No. 1773313

Anons are actually like she looks like a body builder, she just has kinda muscular arms

No. 1773315

Stop being passive aggressive, dont you mean the general public? They're mostly being facetious because they hate the character

No. 1773316

Idk that sounds sweet to me. I'm not sure what the issue would be

No. 1773319

I'm not being passive aggressive kek.
>dont you mean the general public
I'm talking about the discussion on here..

No. 1773325

Old post but FYI I've done this to extend the life of 2 different elderly laptops, they worked (not very well, but functional) for 4-5 years past the obsolescence point of the original OS. If you can figure out how to download, install, and boot Linux on a USB drive then you can use it. I would recommend Ubuntu, it's very easy to pick up and use without too much hassle. You can even boot it without installing to give it a test drive before making the commitment. However, it must be mentioned that depending on your computer's hardware, you will probably have to jump through some hoops to get everything working smoothly. For example, one of the laptops I mentioned previously had issues with Ubuntu recognizing the built-in wifi card and I had to use my phone to look up, download, and transfer to install the drivers to get it to work. I have some experience with basic programming so I was able to play around with installing drivers and software packages but that can definitely be a learning curve. Fortunately the community is very helpful and almost every problem you might encounter has a Linux nerd posting a seemingly magical solution on Quora or Reddit or StackOverflow if you look. Good luck and have fun nonnie!

No. 1773329

Absolutely madame

No. 1773330

Probably Matt Leblanc? Cause he’s one of the oldest

No. 1773339

seconding this anon, my main pc is a 10+ year old laptop running Kubuntu. It's functionally pretty close to windows and for the most part you can ignore the command line

No. 1773340

I'm watching old Love Island, it's the season with Molly Mae and Tommy Fury. Lucie is ridiculous for being torn between Joe and Tommy. That's all. Tommy all the way.

No. 1773346

since tech anons are awake can someone pls answer >>1757866

No. 1773369

I've been dreading my doctor's appointment this week so hard and they just called me to reschedule for like December. I feel so relieved and happy it's like I've been reborn

No. 1773374

Men always die first. Coin toss between the two remaining men. I feel like Jennifer Aniston will live to 100.

No. 1773382

File: 1700092891099.jpeg (473.83 KB, 1050x1551, no-hard-feelings-poster.jpeg)

I do think this is the kind of cringe we need in stupid comedies again but I can only handle the cringe in short doses so I keep having to pause it and take a break

No. 1773384

File: 1700093034024.gif (114.23 KB, 240x404, tumblr_4ee3512193b2d1f1c1d212b…)

Getting money from stranger men online for nothing in return truly used to be so pathetically easy. God I wish it was still that way.

No. 1773387

Where did you come from, where did you go?
Where did you come from, fuuuujo?
She came to thread like a midwinter storm
She rode through the posts, so stupid and wrong
Her pics were her tools and boy love was her gun
But all she had come for was having some fun
If it hadn't been for fuuuujo,
I'd been banned long time ago
Where did you come from, where did you go?
Where did you come from, fuuuujo?
She brought disaster wherever she went,
Shit posting before you could hit send,
Farmers all hit report so mods would know
And left only me 'cause of fuuuujo,
If it hadn't been for fuuuujo,
I'd been banned long time ago
Where did you come from, where did you go?
Where did you come from, fuuuujo?

No. 1773395

stretching out fujo doesn't match the syllables of the song, it's not flowing well. it should be fujo-jojojo tbh

No. 1773412

File: 1700095336100.jpg (389.56 KB, 1179x984, RDT_20231116_01331363308956954…)

I've been laughing at this for 5 minutes. So what, she was jerking him off while he was dying or what? KEK

No. 1773414

Nah WTF is this

No. 1773417

That really is what it sounds like.
>she was unsuccessful
Do you think she just carried it in her hands or did she think beforehand to take some container with her?

No. 1773418

Why would she most concerned about preserving his specimen instead of flagging down help

No. 1773423

They zap them in the ass to induce ejaculation.

No. 1773428

Why are mental hospital names back in the day so brutal kek? Now it's like "happywood lake hospital" back then it's like "crazy lunatic asylum for insane girls"

No. 1773429

File: 1700096806553.png (377.99 KB, 468x445, 7654345.PNG)

No. 1773433

wasn't there some tiktoker or youtuber who did something similar when her husband sodoku'd

No. 1773435

currently resting at bad bitch sanctuary

No. 1773454

All of their names were like Religious Society of Friends Home for the Mentally Enfeebled.

No. 1773456

Yeah Peachyymaddi (he killed himself in front of her)

No. 1773457

Omg the Welcome to Picking Myself Up Off the Pavement psycho

No. 1773465

Lisa Kudrow's nose is endlessly fascinating to me

No. 1773476

i’m sad how
slow funposting is now that it’s on autosage

No. 1773477

Is this a haiku?

No. 1773478

No. 1773479

Watched the youtube video about sweet pool that some nonnie linked somewhere here, and am I retarded or does it not have any feminist narrative at the slightest? It's just a horro game about parasites that cause pregnancy and brith in men, because ooooh man pregs scary. But the gay romance makes me think it's someone's yaoi mpreg fetish. I'd watch it/play it and take it at face value, but the jump to conclusions that it's feminist or "progressive" according to the tif who made the video just because it had cults ruining lives is retarded af. The creator(s) of the game probably added cults because uhhhh ummm cult spooky, not to make some profound commentary. Not saying horror can't be used for profound commentary, but in the particular case of this game it's just horror tropes but gay, and it seems that anon and the video tif creator are trying to ascribe what they want to see into the game.

No. 1773484

I know it was just a redundant thread but it was so much more interesting

No. 1773486

There's no feminist subtext lmao It's just horror, it's made by the BL branch of the company that made Saya no Uta, they're somehow similar in the atmosphere. The whole idea of parasites not being able to go into women "because they have a womb" is very telling that it's just for gay sex. I liked the game, but there's no deep meaning, and it has a lot of plotholes kek Where can i find the video?

No. 1773496

Here you go. The video creator claimed there would be spoilers but I couldn't understand the story at all from this video alone kek. She also takes the game and silly 2000s yaoi mpreg gorey horror too seriously.

No. 1773501

File: 1700103880951.gif (2.75 MB, 634x640, jack-sparrow-kiss-me.gif)

Need some recs for non-sexual movies with crazy sexual tension like Pirates of the Caribbean and Batman Returns. Please and thank you.

No. 1773503

It's a bit retarded. I'm sure the creators weren't putting in this subtext kek
"Just as Sweet Pool makes incredible critiques of the way patriarchy, misogyny, reproductive rights, and LGBT-phobia intersect within society it stumbles to some degree in its critiques of rape culture. It's incredibly powerful as an alelgory." what is she talking about?? Absolute KEK. They were not "critiquing" anything, it's a body horror BL for horny women. Thanks for the video, was hilarious.

No. 1773505

>Johnny Depp
Spoiler that shit

No. 1773507

gross ass addict man

No. 1773508

Nothing sexy about this. Imagine having to be that close to Depp’s rotten teeth, she’s probably exhaling ’sexily’ so she doesn’t need to smell him.

No. 1773513

File: 1700104905364.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, it's never that serious.png)

No. 1773515

Don’t be so dramatic, it’s just that his existence is a violation against humanity.

No. 1773516

You'll live

No. 1773517

probably some Jane Austen movies like Persuasion and maybe Emma? also check out the french 2014 version of beauty and the beast. the main actor is fuggo but hes a beast most of the time and its very sex tension heavy b4 they kiss

No. 1773519

File: 1700105472536.jpeg (678.76 KB, 828x1054, 1693846044393.jpeg)

No. 1773521

Seconding Emma! Rogue One is a personal favorite for scenes like that.

No. 1773525

Thank you! Haven't seen any of these.

No. 1773530

File: 1700106019472.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 40.63 KB, 710x432, IMG_7376.jpeg)

Where are his sexy teefs?

No. 1773543

File: 1700106338979.png (769.16 KB, 1060x424, image (2).png)

I HATE when a product has ugly or lackluster packaging because it's marketed towards men. It sucks when it's stuff like deodorant and razors cause those are sometimes better than the female products (although arm and hammer isn't marketed towards men necessarily, I just included it because I've been thinking about it). Why can't men have our eye for things that are visually appealing?

No. 1773544

Funposting is not dead we just got autosaged come hang out

No. 1773545

he always looked so stupid with that bandana

No. 1773552

>why can’t men have our eye for things that are visually appealing?
this isn’t a space for men fucking leave

No. 1773554

Anon are you illiterate?

No. 1773556

No I read it and the end when it said “our” sounded like he was referring to males

No. 1773557

Because they think it's unecessary and mock us for our pretty decorated designs. They deserve what they get.

No. 1773558

That was my post. "Our" is referring to women. As in women have a better eye for stuff that looks nice. Idk how misunderstood it that bad because it doesn't even make sense if "our" was referring to men.

No. 1773561

It sounded more like it was posing the question why can’t men have things that are more visually appealing not why can’t men have style which they never will that’s just life

No. 1773564

how did you copy and paste that whole sentence and still misread it? genuinely impressed.

No. 1773567

File: 1700107524375.gif (1.66 MB, 220x224, EC777CD5-0209-420C-9098-5CD8BE…)


No. 1773568

>Home for the Mentally Enfeebled.
Kek. My home.

No. 1773569

File: 1700107798782.jpg (252.69 KB, 1470x1470, HUGSELE1_01.jpg)

*OUR home

No. 1773577

I didn’t misread it i just read it and assumed the our meant he was assuming to men

No. 1773579

File: 1700108523360.jpg (59.4 KB, 349x466, IMG_9368.jpg)

He’s totally balding, right? This man has not been spotted without a bandana for 50 years SHOW US THE HAIRLINE BRET

No. 1773580

he’s wearing like 4 belami hair extwnsions

No. 1773582

what do you do when you're both tired and hungry

No. 1773584

I think anon is just ESL

No. 1773587

I’m sorry I’m a native english speaker i’m just drunk ignore me

No. 1773597

File: 1700109418361.jpeg (53.13 KB, 735x671, 76B0BFDE-DF06-40BB-BC9D-7D9CE1…)

I’m gonna start playing Chulip, wish me luck I’ve heard it’s difficult.

No. 1773654

File: 1700113310307.jpeg (75.06 KB, 640x480, 1571FB99-D299-423D-B138-36758A…)

Godspeed nonna, heard its so weird with its hints and translation that the instruction manuals for the physical copy was just a walk through. Its still a cute game though, hope you have fun!

No. 1773669

File: 1700113781030.png (391.14 KB, 530x318, walkthrough_wf_intro.png)

2nd day in a row where I was out and about and spontaneously felt a gush of wetness like I was getting my period, and got anxious, only to find that it was just a random sudden huge wave of discharge for no reason?? Why

No. 1773673


No. 1773685

I know she is kind of a minor cow, but I like Dr.Dray's videos. I think she's been looking healthier lately, I hope she can eventually recover from her ED.

No. 1773700

Check for an infection, or maybe it's an hormonal imbalance?

No. 1773703

File: 1700114588961.png (78.7 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20231116_010344_Clu…)

oh true

No. 1773705

You're dumb

No. 1773842

File: 1700118778319.jpeg (162.29 KB, 636x1000, DD8D6813-7B64-46B0-BF62-922A83…)

These books are so precious, anyone else read them? Would just stare at the covers and redraw them all the time, the illustrations are magical.

No. 1773846

File: 1700118868004.jpeg (100.46 KB, 634x1000, 35939A59-E057-40E3-A49E-1CFC93…)

Just too cute, I miss this stuff sm

No. 1773856

my gran had a few, i definitely remember having a unicorn and a cat one. wish i kept em

No. 1773881

Is that Jim Morrison?

No. 1773896

shut up you’re fucking dumb faggot

No. 1773897

File: 1700120544143.gif (2.07 MB, 360x322, 7C950B49-5D3E-491C-96B8-43771B…)

Why do any of you sage your posts here. COWARDS

No. 1773900

cause they’re scared

No. 1773906

i’m gonna call my attorney

No. 1773911

Oh my god this just unlocked a long lost memory for me. I remember reading these with my friend and her older sister and I completely forgot about them for decades until just now, holy shit

No. 1773914

I don’t want to draw attention to myself

No. 1773918

File: 1700121147283.jpeg (53.03 KB, 480x463, 7B60D3BB-D12E-45FF-B57C-1D56D7…)

No. 1773919

File: 1700121244167.gif (174.09 KB, 500x500, IMG_7397.gif)

Dont summon the devil

No. 1773927

File: 1700121550167.gif (499.44 KB, 500x500, 079FCBBF-26AB-433B-A5EF-3B860D…)

I still think about basketball cats every day

No. 1773934

What moron at Formula 1 put the track right through the gutters of Vegas? And then made it a late night race? You're going to wake the Koval crackheads (and Tupac)!!!

No. 1773967

be wary i’ve been to fucking zimbabwe you stupid little PIMP. GET AWAY FROM HERE.

No. 1773978

File: 1700124604234.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.49 KB, 1024x947, 20231113_054651.jpg)

Ai not so bad

No. 1773980

Think you just can't read

No. 1773982

tehe isn’t he 5’5

No. 1773998

File: 1700125159707.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.78 KB, 1024x947, 20231113_054654.jpg)

Yes. You think I need him to be 5'10? Think again, feeble minded becky

No. 1774011

No pls i’m on your side i’ve loved him since the hunger games, I wish i could have a man shorter than me that doesn’t have any complexes about it

No. 1774076

nta but even 5'10 is manlet status nona please

No. 1774078

My brother's nickname is the equivalent of "big guy" and he's only 5'10 as well, granted we live in an asian country.

No. 1774107

No. 1774253

That actor was such a good choice for Peeta tbh. He's exactly how I pictured him in the books. And they had so many bts about his intense work outs to get those muscles.

No. 1774317

I’ve been reading a lot of research papers for work lately and so many of them are riddled with grammar issues and typos. Wtf I thought academics were supposed to be smart

No. 1774318

Bought a nice amp for 3 bucks because I had accumulated so much credit selling things online yay

No. 1774319

Wow what the hell, these look so realistic. I wouldn't be surprised if AI photoshoots become a thing and celebs just get paid for their likeness being used instead of showing up on set. also I understand the jhutch love, I had the biggest crush on him growing up and still find him cute even though he's short and I'm 5'10" kek

No. 1774324

I vaped my weed pen through my nose and it resulted in an amazing high, but then I got sinus inflammation and thickened mucus for 24 hours. 8/10, would occasionally do it again in the future.

No. 1774327

I legit sneezed just from reading this post

No. 1774337

Kek yeah she's looking way too deep into it. You're welcome though.
In general I've been avoiding anything people claim is "deep" because it always never is, it's just them giving it meanings they want to see. evangilion is a big example of this. It's just try hard fake deep borderline hentai but everyone pretends it's about something they can't even agree on what.

No. 1774341

I think the design has something to do with proper grip and such

No. 1774367

nayrt, I’ll shamefully admit I’ve never actually watched Evangelion but mean to, but it’s so extremely and consistently hyped I just keep putting it off. not in the mood for disappointment. another “deep” thing I put off watching was The Matrix until sometime in college when the guy I was dating wanted to watch it. He thought it was mind blowing or whatever, and I was actually embarrassed that I hadn’t seen it before. So we watched it. And I wasn’t impressed. Told him it was just some basic Friedrich Nietzsche ass shit, and a toe deep reading of it, too. So when he introduced me to his parents he told on me to his dad who apparently also loved The Matrix. “Dad can you believe she thought The Matrix was boring?”

No. 1774400

File: 1700151423840.gif (387.01 KB, 220x127, hold up.GIF)

they’re called movies…..because…they move…………….

No. 1774401

Kek men always think thoughts that women have but are so mundane that we recognize them as universal are sooooo deeeep. I heard someone say once that men are able to fall asleep so fast because they aren’t capable of reflection and that shit is truth

No. 1774407

I just found out that my coworker who insults me constantly and throws things at me used to date a crusty gamer tranny.

No. 1774408

Kek oh nonnie.

No. 1774415

Just took a dump so big it made me dizzy.

No. 1774422

There’s like a .0001% chance she browses here so I’ll share that one time my sister took a dump that was so big she was crying, made me hold her hand and wanted me to call 911

No. 1774424

No. 1774427

do not read this spoiler i have been traumatized

No. 1774446

I fantasise about murdering men who reject me. I’m so scrote brained.

No. 1774448

Bless her heart

No. 1774449

men tend to reject based on arbitrary shit like you not texting him enough or wearing your hair in a way he doesn't like, i support you

No. 1774450

I just can’t face the humiliation of rejection. Like he thinks I’m that insignificant? Well I’ll be pretty significant when he’s dying on the floor looking up at his killer which is fucking ME.

No. 1774457

File: 1700154354010.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1999, IMG_7909.jpeg)

This hit me in the gut, kek. I’d kill to be a Live, Laugh, Love person at this point, what’s their secret? I just assume people like this have supportive, emotionally mature parents or something

No. 1774460

Every time i see those stories about women getting kicked off flights for wearing revealing outfits, my first thought is always HOW ARE THEY NOT COLD???? I always wear something warm for the plane. The worst part is that these women in question are almost always thin who are usually more susceptible to feeling cold.

No. 1774462

>supportive, emotionally mature parents or something
That and just really good luck with no physical or mental illnesses. I'd kill myself if it would mean i have the 10% chance to be one of these people tbh.

No. 1774466

love to see more gender nonconforming women!

No. 1774467

I get so mad when I see people like this because they truly have no idea what it's like.

No. 1774468

File: 1700154906680.jpeg (160.08 KB, 647x854, IMG_3130.jpeg)

Kek ok but girl no one is buying that you totally only wore this because it was hot, ain’t no way in fuck that’s comfy in heat or plane

No. 1774471

“go take a shower” no i drank all the water sorry

No. 1774475

I’d put myself in a fucking SAW trap to be like her.

No. 1774477

Yeah we can laugh at turbo normies for being boring but they are happier every day than we will ever be.

No. 1774480

that corset top is so confusing because the cups aren't at her boobs???

No. 1774481

Idk live laugh love girls are the same ones who end up on breakingmom. Maybe if I could be one while being single forever but that’s not real

No. 1774482

This reminded me that I wanted to post an unpopular opinion: I hate the terms normie and NPC. Whenever someone uses it I feel like they're coping.

No. 1774483

It is 100 % a cope

No. 1774485

Some homeless guy got called an NPC and like stabbed a kid for it. I’d react the same way ngl

No. 1774490

moids are all NPCs to me kek

No. 1774491

He looks like a sickly Edwardian boy.

No. 1774493

All I want is to be well adjusted and not a socially awkward miserable reclusive anxious freak. I’d do anything to live laugh love. ANYTHING.

No. 1774497

I thought this too but then I met some normie NPCs and it shook me to the core. I like to imagine that they are just super good at faking the highlight reel or something but idk… these are people who have social media, but only surface level like Facebook and insta to share stuff with family or high school/college old friends. They’ve seen all the mainstream movies but they have no opinion or thoughts on them other than “I liked it!”. They seem unbothered by oppression though some of them may own a feminism mug. They have one of two aesthetics, live laugh love farmhouse glam chic or modern contemporary trendy, or for guys they all have the navy and black or beige. If you be like “yo you ever worry about [insert topic that’s obviously worrisome and not even uncommon]” they look at you like they’re trying to asses whether they should call 911 and have you committed for suicidal ideation and slowly say “…no, I’ve never thought about that”

No. 1774510

He looks like he has rickets.

No. 1774533

Ayrt, it is disappointing. Watch monter or Babylon (2019 anime based on a novel) instead. Eva according to fans has a zillion meanings, it's about relationships and their importance, which isn't even a hot take or unpopular opinion so how is that deep? Then some said it's anti-weeb/anti-otaku commentary so they'd stop watching anime and go have a real life instead. But it clearly didn't work because it's one of THE weebiest/otaku-est anime ever. Then some faggot wrote a blog post about how it's a rewriting of the bible and retelling of the stories in more modern ways with the ending making Shinji and Asuka the new Adam and Eve. Which I think is actually an accurate explanation but it's still boring and doesn't live up to the hype. The message according to this blog post is "life good death bad" wow how profound and totally new take. I watched it when I was very depressed and suicidal and it legitimately, no joke, made me fall asleep instead. It also had tons of sexual scenes and pedo shit it's very upsetting to look at.
Monster on the other hand has an interesting narrative about child abuse and it's consequences but in a bigger political scale that poses danger to the world. The people who debate that it's about nihilism and existentialism are kinda wrong imo. While nihilism is brought up, it's more a consequence of trauma and child abuse breaking someone's mind and making them indifferent to life or even seeking death. Won't spoil anymore though in case you didn't watch it.
Babylon is about a woman who infiltrates the government of a guinea pig Japanese state to pose a suicide law, which in her opinion will make people happier if every suicidal person either got their problems solved by the government or got assisted death if their problems are unsolvable, and the main character publi persecutor tries to stop her because he thinks she's wrong. It's very interesting and thrilling and the characters have legitimate discussions with so many different points of views and isn't afraid to say anything and doesn't try to be subtle, which imo is a better approach for stuff like this. The author is obviously biased towards living despite hardships over suicide but it's still a good watch.

No. 1774544

Question: do you think the male "nature" (violence, etc) is mutable or inmutable?

No. 1774546

Seething rn because I found out that my crush is married

No. 1774548

> If you be like “yo you ever worry about [insert topic that’s obviously worrisome and not even uncommon]” they look at you like they’re trying to asses whether they should call 911 and have you committed for suicidal ideation and slowly say “…no, I’ve never thought about that”
I don't understand these people. How do they just ignore everything around them?

No. 1774549

immutable, no matter what environment they’re living in they’re always going to be predatory. Even out in the wild with no food or water they still find ways to rape

No. 1774552

File: 1700158745979.jpg (1.31 MB, 2146x1563, MTXX_MH20231117_034845089.jpg)

I put my biblically accurate angel up today!

No. 1774553

Why does the bird kind of look like a jewish star

No. 1774555

Did you make that? Very cool nonna

No. 1774557

It's a biblically accurate angel
I did for last Christmas, thank you!

No. 1774558

damn girl the body’s not even cold yet and you already got your Christmas decorations up. I did listen to this today, I don’t care what time of year it is this is a good fuckin song

No. 1774559

A local TIF went missing, and while they used nonbinary and he/whatever pronouns in the missing poster, they also put her real name and that's she's assigned female at birth.
Makes me wonder is it transphobic to do that? Just wondering if other TIFs go missing, should they say they are a TIF or a mentally ill moid at birth?

No. 1774560


No. 1774562

transphobia isn’t real

No. 1774563

how do i explain to a tif why the tra explanation of womanhood having "many different forms"/"how a woman is defined depends on the woman" is bogus

No. 1774564

Just had the weirdest nightmare ever and it felt like it lasted forever. I'm grateful that Cillian Murphy will never have to reckon with the version of himself that occasionally appears in my nightmares…

No. 1774567

yeah a woman is defined by having XX chromosomes, not by your personality kekk

No. 1774568

Having urges can't be avoided. But choosing not to act on these urges is possible for everyone.

No. 1774570

I love Christmas!!!

No. 1774571

File: 1700159635889.jpeg (3.55 MB, 3024x3272, CF1A7AC0-D91A-4007-B517-8E1CA5…)

I love the mushroom ornaments! Also love another diy decorating nona. I try to make up a different then every year for my trees based on what I have on hand. These are some elk antlers someone I know was getting rid of and a fake jaw thing that I used to wear over my Covid mask. Didn’t turn out how I envisioned but still like it.

No. 1774573

Different *theme

No. 1774579

love the new banners heheheh

No. 1774580

File: 1700159889792.jpeg (34.18 KB, 480x480, 1606286497959.jpeg)

This is literally how I'm built but with bigger boobs…

No. 1774596

Looks great!

No. 1774598

being kind of a mannish looking woman is tough i get accused of being detrans often because i have a bobble head

No. 1774599

What did nightmare cillian do?

No. 1774600

Are you a professional bodybuilder?
I’m not being sassy I’m sincerely interested.

No. 1774603

File: 1700160960538.png (245.95 KB, 1280x1280, 1280px-Major_levels_of_linguis…)

All words depend on the way the person defines them. This is called "pragmatics". That's just how language works. But when most people use "woman" they mean adult human female, they mean someone with certain reproductive organs and chromosomes. The word is tied to a concept, an idea, an image etc (this is called "semantics"). You can't use a word without first defining it, or you can but nobody will know wtf you mean. You can't change biology, but you can change language and when we say woman or man we are talking about a biological concept not a linguistic concept. You can say that something colored blue is actually green and something colored green is actually blue, but in order to do so you have to change the definition of what blue and green even is. And it doesn't deny the fact that what you called blue and what you called green are still different from one another and they still have certain traits. Language however is very powerful and influences the way people imagine things. TIFS and TIMS are trying to change the meaning of words to accommodate them and many of them aren't even aware of doing so because they're individuals but as a group that's what's happening. It's like when you throw one domino, if only one falls it's not that noticeable, if many fall you can see it.
Instead of saying woman you can just make up a new word, say gejaak and say the definition of gejaak is adult human female, while change the definition of woman to mean whatever you want it to be. She might not be a woman, as she defies it, but she's still a gejaak.

No. 1774617

File: 1700161898021.jpg (56.97 KB, 1024x632, abby_anderson___the_last_of_us…)

Kek no. I don't look like that right now but when I was in the army I was bulky like that bc I was eating a TON and working out every day. Also tbf I just looked at her full in-game model and she is bulkier than I thought, she does look unrealistic. Not in that women can't look like that, but they are usually dedicated athletes and not apocalypse survivors.

No. 1774618

File: 1700161903048.png (945.18 KB, 1417x788, nb.png)

i'm watching this documentary about a woman who had deep fake porn made of her and others, and while they were talking about one possible perpetrator having "strange online activity", i suddenly got jumpscared by the cover of a nicole dollanganger album kek

No. 1774621

sounds interesting but I know it’s just gonna make me feel like shit

No. 1774623

File: 1700162231209.png (54.7 KB, 300x100, EB92B97D-004A-4553-838B-355934…)

CAKE PRINCE!! Would a dog boy banner be too much? I kinda want one

No. 1774624

File: 1700162267167.png (106.14 KB, 266x374, Joel_in_The_Last_of_Us.png)

I still don't get the choice to cast him, he looks like nothing Joel, there are tons of men in Hollywood who could realistically have played him.

No. 1774625

Lisa and Jen will live forever.

No. 1774626

I'm pretty sure He was a minor though, that might actually get the site into some legal trouble.

No. 1774627

No. 1774628

Nayrt but seconded, Monster is very good, especially if you don't like anime or manga in general. I have my own thoughts on the core message (as everyone who reads it does kek), but even when I find myself not 100% on board with the author I'm having a great time regardless. Not spoiling for any nonas who might wanna read or watch it though, it's better the less you know about the story.

No. 1774629

File: 1700162683028.jpeg (37.49 KB, 1080x608, BBF3678A-BF18-41DE-BE69-B018DF…)

it’s okay we can use this

No. 1774631

who tf cares, as long as it works. I use men's razors half the time because of the pink tax.

No. 1774634

I support you.

No. 1774638

File: 1700163131146.png (195.45 KB, 320x461, G457BCM.png)

Mind you the creator literally stated he added in Christian symbolism cause they looked cool and he just added references without thinking much about it.
>"Because Christianity is an uncommon religion in Japan we thought it would be mysterious. None of the staff who worked on Eva are Christians. There is no actual Christian meaning to the show, we just thought the visual symbols of Christianity look cool. If we had known the show would get distributed in the US and Europe we might have rethought that choice."

No. 1774643

I love this trend so freakin much.

No. 1774654

Are you GigaStacy?

No. 1774656

Ayrt and you're totally right. I forgot about that. So at the end of the day it's a vapid fake deep borderline hentai. But "aesthetic" so it fools retards into liking it.

No. 1774660

NAYRT but when I was in hs my weeb friends were all passing around Evangelion DVDs and there was an unofficial guidebook for understanding all the religious bs. It’s pretty funny looking back because some Christian weeb probably thought NGE was super deep with all the terms/symbolism when they wrote it

No. 1774672

Wonder if she joined the 41 percent club.

No. 1774675

This is so cool! So many people are celebrating creepmas instead of straight up xmas and it makes me so happy to see how creative they are.

No. 1774678

>muh diversity
Joel in game is from Texas and has an accent too. They massacred his character because Neil druckmann personally hates him.

No. 1774680

Don't worry, he isn't a minor. He was like 20 or 21 when that stage was recorded.

No. 1774681

I don’t think so, unless he was like 13 years old, I doubt it would be a problem.

No. 1774684

>project due in 1 hour
>just about to add the last part and finish it
>internet goes out literally the exact second I click to start doing it
>now unable to finish it
rrrgg gg jggjhghfxahkhhss

No. 1774689

I love the new banners so much I sat just refreshing OT to look at them and grinning. Farmers are so creative. My fav is Jill's leg making the L in Lolcow

No. 1774696

just finished it. you're right. they find the moid, but he doesn't even get arrested.

No. 1774706

File: 1700166878534.jpeg (691.48 KB, 1107x2208, 14B93B37-8D9D-4435-B3FB-3D7329…)

I adore the seething, malding and whining over this Korean comic called “The princess’ jewelry box” It’s just so funny.
The story goes too quickly though, I wish there was a full novel instead of just the comic, so I could read all of the details, because it makes you think that shit will hit the fan which is why the beginning of the tale goes too fast.
It’s annoying how you just can’t write anything because if your main character is a woman, then it’s scrutinized to hell and back, this Korean comic is basically Nu:Carnival but with a straight girl who is sincere because she admits she just wants to fuck and have power.
Plus I’m honestly glad that it doesn’t seem to be a reincarnation story, I like them but I still like to see a character that’s just the way she is because she is affected by what’s happening in her life, and not because of some traumatic past life.
Like, seeing people as characters from a story is a bit awkward, specially when the main character happens to know about these other characters from the story and their stories, it makes things less mysterious to some extent because then you have her narrating everything and breaking the fourth wall. It makes the relationships with the characters very awkward too, because in the end, the main character gains an avatar that changes her completely, and it’s just not my thing tbh most of the time.
I still like those types of stories because the plots are interesting though, and I love it when characters break the fourth wall all of the time, but it’s also nice to have stories that are just characters being themselves and living in the world they were born at.

No. 1774708

Can you not make a hotspot with your phone using your data and connect your computer to it?

No. 1774710

File: 1700167051691.gif (572.5 KB, 406x152, click.gif)

i love picrel

No. 1774713

You can’t get into a found macbook without the password right the only option is to factory reset it

No. 1774726

Just saw the bunker banner. The nostalgia! So glad the site is in better hands now.
>a straight girl who is sincere because she admits she just wants to fuck and have power

No. 1774761

It still looks fairly bland and also why does every korean series seem to devolve int "power fantasy for some reason.

No. 1774772

File: 1700170352520.png (74.18 KB, 300x100, 20.png)

Whoever made Harvest Moon the new banners, thank you.

No. 1774777

There are so many cute and wholesome actual cow banners now, it's melting my heart.

No. 1774781

agree nonna! being cute and wholesome is exactly what lolcow.farm is about! btw what does the url mean?

No. 1774783

I remember the first time this happened to me, I finally felt "comfortable" in a group of girls that I made friends with in high school. One time we were just casually talking about life and I said something like "Hey, I know none of us really talk about it out loud at all, but do you ever think about [something about mortality or anxiety or something, I dont remember]" and I clearly remember one girl glanced with just her eyes to the other girls to left, and to the right of her, and went "Ummmm…NO?" and another girl went "uh, AWKward." and everyone laughed. I was so fucking embarrassed.

No. 1774785

So far the plot is nice, nothing too crazy but not too basic either, I mean, I can’t blame them, living in Korea must suck ass if all they can write is power fantasies.

No. 1774791

i've never heard babylon before that sounds so cool, thank you for the rec!

No. 1774794

I've always read this and believe it in 99% of cases, especially when there are random crosses.

But when it comes to a few things, all of a Jewish origin actually, it is clear to me that someone on the team at least skimmed a book about Kabbala. The Angels all have names appropriate to their encounter and not stemming from sheer chance. And in Eva there are a few repeated mentions of the Doors of Guf, which seem like just the usual technobabble, but more or less corresponds exactly to a Kabbalistic concept of the same name as a "storage room of souls." In Kabbala, these are all unborn souls and in Eva they are mentioned in the context of Rei's clones and how they had to recycle the same soul since the Chamber of Guf was empty, i.e. they had no unborn souls to give her but her own.

Not that the Chamber of Guf is actually important in Eva, but that's just one example of someone working on Eva clearly having done a little bit of research and appropriately applying in the context of their cartoon.

Sorry if I sound like a sperg. I know nearly all the religious symbolism is just to look cool, as per the quote, but there are a few pieces of genuinely interesting mystical ideas applied to Eva that I think is part of why it has had such a resilient fanbase.

No. 1774824

File: 1700172783956.jpg (111.11 KB, 640x640, sheep !!.jpg)

Being complimented and hit on kind of changed my perception of myself. I used to feel that I was below average and wanted surgery (I still do on my breasts, but will likely never choose to get it), but then I started receiving more compliments from women and and now I feel beautiful even when I'm not getting any or as many compliments. It made me realize that I was never really ugly but just not living up to my full potential. It's the best when you get complimented by a woman, because usually they point out something specific so I get to share details like "Oh yeah I'm wearing x and I got it from y!" and sometimes it sparks a little conversation.

No. 1774829

Samefag but
>It made me realize that I was never really ugly but just not living up to my full potential.
I think this is also the case for a lot of "ugly" women. Ugly men are usually genuinely ugly but a lot of ugly women could look a lot better by taking care/changing of their appearance, or just by not even caring that they're ugly and living life anyway.

No. 1774832

Getting complimented by a random woman is worth 1000x as much as compliments from any man. I don’t know if this is a common opinion though. Compliments from men are too loaded and they often act offended if you’re not gushing afterwards which is so annoying. Even if I don’t agree with what a woman complimented me on I really appreciate the compliment.

No. 1774837

anyone else pretend to have really important convos in public sometimes? i just get so tired being a jobless NEET with a useless degree i hate (cs) it’s fun to pretend i’m a business person arguing about stocks or calling my friend

No. 1774838

I was just thinking about this last night. Compliments and criticism from women hits harder than when it coming from men, because women are a lot more attentive and articulate about what exactly makes a particular person attractive, intelligent, ugly, stupid, and everything beyond and in-between. Women, even and especially lolcow, can analyze another person down to a science. When you ask a man why he thinks another person is XYZ, it's always some form of "uuuh idk they just are".

No. 1774839

**phone convos i should’ve specified

No. 1774842

he says that because he doesn’t care to answer the question imo not because he is a man and women are just capable of some wellspring of emotional depth. women give so many fake compliments too

No. 1774848

Women have been taught from birth to care about the way things look and to pay attention to all the little things that make something attractive, so when a woman calls something/someone beautiful that's because it really is. Women can also flatter someone without actually wanting any further relationship with them.

No. 1774849

They do give polite or fake compliments of course but it’s not as loaded as when a man does it so I like it more.
I feel mostly equal about criticism regardless of sex. I will stew and ruminate but not take it personally unless it was constructive.

No. 1774850

Not in my experience. Even the smartest guys I met gave answers that were rather half-done in comparison to even the most dense women I've known.

No. 1774851

all the time nona

No. 1774858

Today a man said, with total confidence that children aren't worried or even that aware of their looks before the age of 12, I bursted out laughing, moids are retarded

No. 1774863

Anon who complained about Eva originally, and I see what you mean. I don't care enough about that symbolism because the way it was applied to the story made no sense to me mixed with what actually happens in the plot. But I see what you mean. I enjoy the religious/new age sound of the music personally and I'm happy they incorporated it into it.

No. 1774866

You can improve your breast shape and look by working out your chest muscles. Depending on their size, they may get perkier. That aside, I don't trust compliments of anyone, even my friends, because they only say that stuff to be nice to me and to be polite. I know what I look like and I don't like it, and they always only compliment me when I mention I don't like the way I look either irl or in a photo, so it seems insincere to me.

No. 1774867

File: 1700174583723.jpg (5.16 MB, 3024x4032, MTXX_MH20231117_093901383.jpg)

My friends, I miscalculated how big this train was that I bought for Christmas for my husband (kinda go along with my hagrid hut I'm making).
It's huge. Idfk where I can put it. Look how big the track is

No. 1774870

I love cake prince

No. 1774884

Is that just the carpet pattern or do you need to vacuum

No. 1774891

All the haye JK Rowling gets for being "twanphobic" makes me wanna purchase all her books and the movies legally and read/watch them to spite the troons. And it's not even my thing.

No. 1774893

It makes me want to get into Harry Potter hardcore. Also she's gorgeous…

No. 1774899

I don't think there is such a thing as too big for toy trains. Make it go around yule tree.

No. 1774900

>yule tree

No. 1774901

try out her detective books, the ones with the pen name! hp was never my thing but the crime books are fun

No. 1774907

Mom: I saw some people at the mall today that had autistic looking eyes like you and your dad
Me: what did they look like?
Mom: oh, i cant tell you. Youre gonna take something out of it that you shouldnt be.

No. 1774912

>autistic looking eyes
this is cracking me up nona what did she mean by this?

No. 1774917

Kek was wondering if I was the only one who hates them

No. 1774927

File: 1700177368187.jpg (2.77 MB, 4032x3024, 20231117_091701.jpg)

It's the old carpet, I vaccumed today. It's a weird blue colour that looks darker depending on which way it was pushed. Probably the same carpet that was put in when it was built in the 70s lol
I more meant that there is literally no floorspace for it lol it was meant to go on here

No. 1774930

Idk, she says she notices that mildly autistic people have a slight “stare” in their eyes and that she notices it in me and my dad (we’re both autistic).

No. 1774932

Does a hamster live in there?

No. 1774935

Only 1 mouse, the rest have died off. This one though seems to be very spry. We don't want her to die but at the same time once she does die we're getting rid of the tank. I'm worried she's lonely but don't want to get another only for one to die again and we go in circles

No. 1774942

Rereading this back makes me sound autistic.
I don't think I'm autistic.
I might he autistic.

No. 1774946

ah yes, the dead behind the eyes, autismo beams

No. 1774948

Oh that's actually interesting! Thanks for the suggestion.

No. 1774950

File: 1700178732898.jpg (75.68 KB, 602x776, sharkstare.jpg)

Is that what people also call the "shark stare"?

No. 1774951

File: 1700178787779.jpg (2.13 MB, 1486x2339, 9780751549256.jpg)

if you do decide to read one of these, let us anons know!

No. 1774952

it's this and they usually have kinda protruding eyes for some reason and they're weirdly level with the ears

No. 1774960

I make myself look dead behind the eyes accidentally because

No. 1774968

File: 1700179654867.png (216.33 KB, 607x508, data image.PNG)

I hope the original "Hall is the blond one" poster has a good day. I realize now as I'm typing this post, I have the appropriate banner too, how fortuitous.

No. 1774973

Idk about autistic but you type like you just drank a bunch of coffee

No. 1774975

Yeah. Like him kinda but less severe

No. 1774980

I'm laying in bed trying to sleep

No. 1774982

Could be tired then. Idk.

No. 1774984

looks like a great enclosure for a lil mousey friend, im sure shes happy as a little mouse can be

No. 1774989

I know that feeling I have an ikea detolf hamster cage and I keep buying hamsters even though it stresses me the fuck out and I always am afraid it will escape. I like the cage though it's classy

No. 1774997

Thank you, I made most of the wooden stuff/rope stuff

No. 1774999

No. 1775001

Thank you, I made most of the wooden stuff/rope stuff

No. 1775017

i’m suspicious of all of you

No. 1775019

File: 1700182798708.jpg (80 KB, 736x553, 173e9d786c95f4a783266765b876d1…)

I'm gonna pee in the pool

No. 1775026

No. 1775027

Go for it

No. 1775029

File: 1700183555837.jpg (108.21 KB, 736x552, 173e9d786c95f4a783266765b876d1…)

No. 1775030

File: 1700183613140.gif (2.38 MB, 640x344, IMG_5939.gif)

No. 1775045

File: 1700184741201.jpeg (713.97 KB, 1170x1367, IMG_7635.jpeg)

Posts like this make me sick. It takes a woman 2 full years to wholly recover from pregnancy and giving birth and all this hypersexual lunatic can say is
>wahhh it’s not fair to the moid who already got to have sex and didn’t have to grow a child or give birth!!
Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up about how often you think a woman should have sex right after giving birth you ugly cunt

No. 1775049

File: 1700184956756.jpg (218.47 KB, 1000x1500, blade-runner.jpg)

Yeah, Blade Runner is set in 2019, but there are no flying cars, robots that are indistinguishable from humans or hoverboards. Its probably harder for zoomers to notice, but we aren't exactly living up to promise, technological advancement is stagnating. I think that culture is kinda dying too. Where did all the money and creativity of 20th century go? Something isn't right.

No. 1775053

>"to the marriage"
We all know what she really wanted to say, she just used the word "marriage" to make it sound less fucked up.

No. 1775071

The timeline of technologic advancement in blade runner was not reasonable, retard

No. 1775077

What is reasonable then, fart sniffer?

No. 1775083

File: 1700186609630.png (610.47 KB, 678x811, 90260339d69e106c6bec222ebec43d…)

Played Animal Crossing out of boredom and I kept laughing like a retard at this squirrel. She looks high as hell and shameless about it.

No. 1775085

>I understand having grace the first 6 weeks
I want to fucking alog. 6 weeks is the absolute bare minimum, it is medically unsafe to go at it before 6 weeks, 6 weeks means that after 6 weeks it's technically probably safe, it doesn't mean that after 6 weeks she's 100% fine and just a bitchy nag for saying no. Doctors really need to start telling people 6 months.

No. 1775086

Countries make it harder to have children and to live as mothers, but wonder why less women want to have kids. everyone hates moms.

No. 1775100

But who will pay taxes and die in wars then? Think of the future!

No. 1775102

I'm not in any way implying that a woman should be participating in sexual acts post partum before she's ready or doing them just to appease a scrote but I hate how PIV is the only form of valid sex to so many people. Like you can do other things with your partner that are just as satisfying. Why is PIV the be-all end-all it pisses me off

No. 1775129

Imagine saying “uh why are you not having sex with your husband” to a woman who had to have other surgical interventions that make recovering from giving birth harder, like a healing episiotomy wound that can take 3 years to stop causing discomfort? Or a Cesarean birth?

No. 1775145

File: 1700190513947.jpg (14.01 KB, 680x564, 20230827_203740.jpg)

bing ai won't stop giving the art im trying to make of my husbando facial hair even though ive specified in multiple ways that i don't want the image generated with a beard or stubble

No. 1775147

Wow, that sucks. One potential solution is learning to draw. kek

No. 1775150

kek i can draw myself, i was curious and wanted to play around with it to see what i can get to spit out

No. 1775161

It doesn't understand the word no or other negatives so if you are putting 'no stubble' 'no beard' you're making it worse.
I have the opposite problem, it's never giving him enough beard when I use anime styles.

No. 1775167

maybe "clean shaven" plus mustache or w.e will work?

No. 1775172

Currently reading the SCUM manifesto but taking a break every few pages to watch videos of Para Para dancing. I think I have brain damage.

No. 1775191

File: 1700193423564.jpeg (170.6 KB, 640x640, 37B7E03B-4F32-4049-98D4-842676…)

I love this cow pic so much

No. 1775195

Nonny what the fuck lol it’s not that long

No. 1775197

I just suddenly remembered that I watched an episode of this gal para para jdrama that I think featured one of the morning musume girls and while for shows I understand it being choreographed but I wonder how people did para para out there in the “scene” like was it choreographed or improvised arm flailing

No. 1775213

File: 1700195243197.jpg (199.49 KB, 1000x667, 1000_F_278180311_4IAYqZFPbp7xx…)

Nta but some of us don't read ok. I have to take pic related breaks every 2 pages when I have to read stuff for work (I'm a lawyer)

No. 1775216

Out of curiosity, what kind of cases do you get?

No. 1775219

It's honestly not even my breast shape or size, but my huge areolas. We need areola laser removal, like tattoos. I bet one of those plastic surgery capitals like Turkey or South Korea are already on it kek.
>they always only compliment me when I mention I don't like the way I look either irl or in a photo
That's understandable, I hate when people do that too. When you say you don't like something and they're like "omg noooo, I love it! You're so pretty!" When otherwise they would've never said anything

No. 1775220


No. 1775221

Well that makes sense because legal stuff is absolutely packed and mind numbing but you have to take note of every fucking word in case it has a legal use

No. 1775223

Samefag but I think an anon actualyl told me that we are on the brink of areola laser removal technology

No. 1775225

Sounds boring and tedious ngl I get why you have to take breaks

No. 1775226

SCUM manifesto requires 100% brainpower ON and a solemn reflection period after reading

No. 1775227

kekkkkkk idk i find it really hard to focus reading on the computer, i usually buy physical copies of books for this reason

No. 1775229

Nta but I have the same issue anon. I cannot at all focus on e-books, I need to read words on actual paper. Something about the light of the screen plus the fact that it's so easy to start doing something else on you're computer or phone. I think that's also why I avoid pirating books, plus I think it's nice to actually own something you're reading. I make an exception for fanfiction of course though kek.

No. 1775230


No. 1775233

SCUM manifesto is also funny and entertaining though

No. 1775234

Same lol it's very easy to get distracted while reading on electronic devices.

No. 1775239

How do you feel about those paper-y displays?

No. 1775245

They can be nice but I still get distracted.

No. 1775261

I usually hate wish fulfillment anime but I found this one where the mc has the same name as me and gets with a dude exactly my type and gets a shit ton of revenge but it's so corny. It's so low quality I don't even care I'm obsessed I needed this right now

No. 1775262

Maybe medical tattooing to make the radius of the areola smaller by coloring it with a color matching the skin? But I don't think they do medical tattooing for non-medical emergency reasons.

No. 1775265

Men are such giant fucking stupid babies I just got banned off of Faggit for saying I hate men in a thread about the worst thing everyone's seen in porn under a comment about a woman being raped by men and tortured with fish in her anus while she screamed and cried. I fucking hate men

No. 1775266

bless you for saying what needed to be said

No. 1775267

Thank you sister I'm frankly mad at how upset this made me. God I fucking hate men

No. 1775269

wow!! I just noticed all the amazing new banners! I’m so happy to see all the great banners that have been made finally up.

No. 1775277

File: 1700200319336.jpg (88.86 KB, 640x426, aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)

gave myself a hematoma bump on my buttcheek from slamming against the counter corner, pls pray for my bruised ass

No. 1775279

jesus are you okay nonnie

No. 1775282

i feel fucking psychotic i hate being able to think i wish i could stop remembering random things that dont maaterlike why the fuck is tehstrawberry shortcake movie on my mind

No. 1775294

strawberry shortcake is fucking awesome i miss the doll smell so bad

No. 1775295

Sometimes I wish I was afflicted with autism or ADHD so I can be funny because the funniest people I've met always have either of those conditions.

No. 1775298

im okay, just got a nasty bruise on my fanny. hurts to sit

No. 1775306

File: 1700202965314.png (577.1 KB, 570x585, DEBBAC0F-18D2-4AE5-B90D-0304A5…)

2016 MUAs pairing super warm eyeshadow with dead greiege lips was wild

No. 1775307

I know it’s tired but pick me ass bitch.

No. 1775311

File: 1700203399979.png (628.71 KB, 676x807, 5F7C3038-7B66-4A2E-8B5F-6F1F35…)

>i wish i could stop remembering random things that dont matter
>strawberry shortcake
the hell you say

No. 1775320

>one girl glanced with just her eyes to the other girls to left, and to the right of her
I know exactly what you mean. Fucking normies, I hate them (also I want to be them)

No. 1775325

File: 1700204829222.png (487.83 KB, 643x438, 25773438-5E4B-4601-8218-DC118F…)

me and my nonnas if we were lambs

No. 1775327

nayrt but how come people can’t be weirdos anymore. I’ve also been a weirdo my life but these days everyone is an autist. Am I an autist? Someone asked me that recently. Sure I mask or whatever as in trying not to bring my weirdness too blatantly forward. But idk how would you feel if people grew hair in their mouth? I asked this once and the girl never looked at me the same.

No. 1775329

now this is the strawberry i grew up with. i remember renting those movies or episodes when they were available.

No. 1775330

>how would you feel if people grew hair in their mouth
I’d be disgusted and I’d pity them. Imagine how awful that would be?

No. 1775331

It really would be. Imagine the dried up phlegm too in the hairy bits.

No. 1775332

it's what they call anyone who hasn't been strip mined to the bone by mass culture. don't worry about it.

No. 1775335

We evolved to grow hair in our mouth or you wake up one day and it’s there? The feeling would be awful

No. 1775346

Either way you’re going to be throwing up hairballs like a cat.

No. 1775348

I’m the retarded far right one

No. 1775361

File: 1700209059211.jpeg (450.4 KB, 1170x619, IMG_7979.jpeg)

You know, I never really thought about it before but the idea of a prophet fucking nailed to a cross-shaped block of wood by his hands and hanging there as a method of torture is one of the most metal things I’ve ever heard of

No. 1775367

I’m thinking evolved. What would the function even be. I’m sorry I broight this up, I huess I know now why she thought I was gross kek

No. 1775372

>what would the function be
Similar to nose hairs? Idk but you’re not like an irredeemable freak for asking weird things, being a live laugh love normie would be better than what I am now but they seem so empty it’s scary

No. 1775373

>I'm a lawyer
That sucks kek. Horrible field to work in.

No. 1775375

I ran out of soap so i used shampoo to clean my armpit hair and it smells like strawberry now

No. 1775376

File: 1700210268549.jpeg (735.83 KB, 1170x1106, IMG_7980.jpeg)

Oh hell no

No. 1775377

If Elon gets us nuked I will be very upset

No. 1775379

this nigga has major gamer hunch

No. 1775382

That would not be optimum

No. 1775385

Some asshole cat bit my cat

No. 1775395

File: 1700212421135.jpeg (41.91 KB, 434x530, IMG_1254.jpeg)

James Sunderland? Certified cutie

No. 1775399

File: 1700213345553.gif (3.66 MB, 640x360, piero.gif)

I hate my country, the only good thing to come out of it is my 3DPD husbando.

No. 1775400

Pedro Pascal is literally Spanish though, he has the same skin-tone.

No. 1775401

could you link it by any chance, that sounds hilarious.

No. 1775405

Aw thank you nona! I strive to be outside the norm and go with whatever speaks to me. It’s encouraging that there are their creative nonas out there and also one who enjoy my oddness.

No. 1775412

He didnt like the train, he said it was too big lol oh well I'll use it for the Christmas tree when we move and for future kids

No. 1775413

You can tell whos marriage would fall apart if the wife got sick and couldnt fuck.
Good luck with that Brittany.
Lets be real though, we all know shed forgive her husband for cheating on her, cause yknow, she just didnt put out enough so its totally fine!11

No. 1775417

i remember this manhwa being talked about somewhere on LC and a nonna attached a yt video of some male giving his worthless "critique" on it, and all his cocksuckers in the comments agreed with him obviously, i wanted to call him a retarded scrotumite in his comments but resisted. all of them keep making an issue out of the dark skinned male character having a dog collar, when it means fucking nothing

No. 1775419

i don't really mind the word lolcow having to be in the banner somewhere, but i thought the rule was that the banner mentioning lolcow was good enough, but now they have to have the complete url?

No. 1775420

>living in Korea must suck ass if all they can write is power fantasies
obvs it does, they have to purposefully make stuff appealing to women otherwise they'll see the country for what it is and leave.

No. 1775423

i hate handmaidens, that's why we cant have shit. Men get thousands of anime where they get reincarnated as super OP chads with magical powers and a harem of big titty anime girls, and we get 50 shades…

No. 1775430

oh yes, it's so unfair to sleep deprived women who are struggling to care for their babies while the scrote is 90% chance being useless. people really do still see marriage as a contract for women to get raped.

No. 1775431

i hate when they act like they're soooooooooo morally superior for opposing a complete non-issue when what they're actually doing is just going for low-hanging fruit, the amount of women into male "abuse" is miniscule to the amount of men into female abuse so it's less effort bitching out those women than it is bitching out those men, you don't see these faghags in the comments of PH under videos of rapeplay/raceplay/barely legal garbage, you don't find them in the comments of the most degenerate posts of the most degenerate subreddits, they'll cuss out some weeb influencer for supposed yellow facing and "fetishism", but when have they tried that shit for the raceplay degens in WMAF or WFAM? you don't find them in the comments of degen hentai that calls dark/tan-skinned women to be born-whores, nooooo, let's just harass this Korean web author for "racism", let's make assumptions of this Korean web author for "fetishizing" gay men and hurting those pwoor men, it's half the effort and twice the moral glory!!

No. 1775432

that's because female abuse is in every single piece of media. We have sadly grown accustomed to women in media being nothing but male eye-candy, so when moids and handmaidens see the opposite they shit and moan and claim opression points by the evil feminazis!! when i start working on my games i am going to make all the females ugly/old and the male characters are all going to be ethereal bishies no older than 20.

No. 1775463

autists don't even understand humor so that's not possible

No. 1775481

I love this guy and his aminals

No. 1775492

Look at my lawyer dawg she can’t read more than 2 pages at a time. I’m going to jail.

No. 1775503

she’s very good!

No. 1775536

File: 1700228687067.jpeg (42.29 KB, 680x440, 3CAC9728-17EF-4B17-AB99-4E1871…)

Working the holidays is fucking hell, where is my government mandated man slave that will eat me out every morning and every night

No. 1775576

Yeah, I know sci-fi movies aren't realistic but I'm late millennial and grew up enamoured by them, when I watch them now I'm like "well we kinda have that now… in a way" when AI concepts come up or "ugh I wish we didn't have that now" when dystopian concepts come up or "well you can tell what time this movie came out" if it's obviously dated in a certain way. I find it fun to compare these movies to what we do have/don't have now.

I'm with you nona, I wish I could draw or get myself to write because this is what I'd be doing too

No. 1775582

Kek i just discovered this channel the other day and I also love it, I love how chaotic it gets

No. 1775583

File: 1700233573372.png (495.98 KB, 519x398, 80RzLli.png)

Do you think this is a shitpost or genuine?

No. 1775585

KEK has to be a shitpost

No. 1775591

I want to believe it’s genuine

No. 1775594

That meme reminds me of the genuinely pro-christian, pro-gun, anti-abortion tards around my city, and I knew a few that will blame dead children before blaming guns for violence. So I feel like this meme could've been made unironically by a christcuck and gunfag.

No. 1775629

There are some fuckin crazy ass christians out there, I believe it’s genuine

No. 1775637

File: 1700237662515.jpeg (50.11 KB, 400x300, FF8AB2BF-87E2-4B02-A151-3CB120…)

Sally is my #1 favorite villager, I guess she does look a little baked yeah

No. 1775640

Love her

No. 1775648

Ntas and slightly off topic but something that annoys me with sci-fi movies is the sheer misconceptions and misinformation when it comes to anything scientific. Everything is always quantum physics and warm holes kek. And the way they use "positive energy" and "negative energy" and how they "mix together to be balanced and become dangerous when separated" as if that's a legitimate thing or how it works. When all things are mostly waves and 2 opposing waves cancel each other and there won't be any "energy" anymore. It drives me insane and I'm not even a scientist. It's especially super annoying when the character talking is supposed to be a genius. How hard is it to hire some scientist to fact check the script?

No. 1775649

have we become filter feeders with a mouthful of baleen? what do we catch nonna, give us the spec-evo breakdown kek

No. 1775654


No. 1775657

I'm so fucking irrationally angry RAR RAR FUCK THE BURGER KING HE AINT SHIT

No. 1775676

File: 1700239899999.jpeg (52.42 KB, 817x493, C21E922E-9BD2-451F-BAFF-7EEE90…)

damn baby come back to bed

No. 1775684

>warm holes

No. 1775707

That's what I get for typing without my glasses. I meant worm holes.

No. 1775715

>over 2k videos in my watch later playlist
>scrolling youtube marking more to “watch later”
>rarely ever actually watch videos
>see a video recommend on home
>cool topic, get really excited to watch
>go to mark as watch later
>it was suggested from my watch later playlist

No. 1775720

elon has his servants iron out his gamer dent

No. 1775723

File: 1700241815461.jpeg (244.42 KB, 1280x719, 3C84C822-4A34-4263-BDD9-6BCAFD…)

I do the same exact shit. What’s wrong with us nonna

No. 1775724

kek i do the same thing, i must have hundreds of videos saved to watch later. couldn't tell you why i never go back and watch stuff from there though

No. 1775746

I don't watch as much youtube as I used to and my watch later list has deleted videos in it now kek

No. 1775755

File: 1700243739932.jpg (70.08 KB, 576x576, Wendy_2.jpg)


No. 1775762

Nonnies who have had sex with a man what we’re the bullet-point high and low points of sex with the guys?
>guy 1. Pro: willing to be performative and slutty, con: could not be genuine or playful, couldn’t tell if I came, he definitely thought sex should be like a porno
>guy #2 pro: ate pussy like a champ, called me out on faking an orgasm lol con: disgusting ballsack, unwilling to continue after first round
>guy #3 pro: followed directions, con: was just bad at everything anyway, disappointing
>#4 pro: physically perfect, beautiful size and proportions, intensely invested in making me cum multiple times con: can not enter without help, just seemed to have a fundamental lack of understanding vaginal anatomy, can’t eat pussy for shit
Sorry to be graphic this stupid shit is just occupying my mind today

No. 1775766

Sorry meant to post the remix that version is inferior

No. 1775770

>good song with good instrumentals and nice female vocals
>males listen to it
>all bc of a shitty tranny/crossdresser meme and bc it's a supposedly "feminine" song.

No. 1775771

>can not enter without help
lmao why is this a thing for some guys? ive been with a well-traveled reformed manwhore and homeboy still had issues unless he was looking right at it

No. 1775773

File: 1700244968527.jpg (34.38 KB, 780x438, James.jpg)

They made him uglier in the remake smh but since it's still in development maybe it will change? They probably aged him up because of the emotional stress he's under.

No. 1775777


No. 1775780

wtf this better not be the final version. I want James to be cute like Leon in the RE4 remake. They better not do this shit to us

No. 1775782

>They probably aged him up because of the emotional stress he's under.
but they never do that to female characters.

No. 1775783

I'd let him fluff my pillow.

No. 1775785

Yeah they do

No. 1775787

Please give me some examples. I'm actually curious because I never see women looking haggard like this. James better be the pretty boy I want in the final version. I doubt it will be as good as the OG PS2 copy regardless.

No. 1775788

he's not lazy in the bedroom. i know they always want us to think this, but he just might be dumb

No. 1775789

I remember watching American Pie or some similar stupid sex comedy movie and there was a scene with women talking about sex and one of them brought this up (like “it’s a fact that guys can’t get it in without your help” like it was a disappointing truth she was telling her fellow girlies) and I thought it was fake and for comedy but holy shit it was so true

No. 1775792

unfortunately this wont do anything to stop the girlies who draw him as a twink getting boned by pyramid head

No. 1775793

File: 1700245559753.gif (2.56 MB, 322x178, 1448776146644.gif)

Saw my ex today. He's even fatter than he used to be and he's balding pretty fast too. Has a bald spot at the top of his head and his hair is receding. And he's only 26. Feels good

No. 1775798

File: 1700245719973.jpeg (44.15 KB, 960x540, 1687913832371.jpeg)


No. 1775800

You’ve never seen a woman looking more haggard anon?

No. 1775813

nta but give examples kek

No. 1775817

File: 1700246441981.jpg (7.29 KB, 235x202, ba71cd4273207ea9e09a4b3475db9e…)

it's just not fair, nonas, not fair. at least we have pretty boy Leon

No. 1775825

File: 1700246931209.gif (3.78 MB, 480x270, 78c.gif)


No. 1775837

>heat up pan on gas stove to make toast in the morning
>was in a hurry so I turned the heat to its highest setting so the pan heats up faster
>slathered butter on pan
>immediately started catching on fire
HOLY SHIT. I didn't know cooking can be this dangerous. It did triggered the fire alarm, waking up my neighbours but dear god… I won't be so lucky this time.

No. 1775838

My stalker ex was balding at 20.
People kept sending me updates of shit he was saying and that included a few photos of him now.
Fatter and properly balding now, hairline to the crown of his head.
I like to think evil people rot from the inside out.

No. 1775873

there's that john and kate plus 8 hair again. i don't see the appeal

No. 1775875

You dont

No. 1775901

auto saging threads only slows them down because it makes you not wanna return to the site kek

No. 1775904

Ten years ago this music video was one of my favorite things on the web because it NEVER failed to crack me up with how cringey it is, it still makes me laugh. Rich weebs are way too hilarious sometimes kek

No. 1775907

god her tongue piercing makes me so uncomfortable

No. 1775911

Why because it’s way too long? It looks like a starter piercing (too long to accommodate swelling when you first get it, some people never get a proper length bar afterwards)

No. 1775917

File: 1700251682151.gif (228.6 KB, 498x361, IMG_5965.gif)

No. 1775923

i mean it

No. 1775928

File: 1700251980690.gif (498.4 KB, 500x400, 35CDDF57-77FC-4202-A6A6-C50383…)

Yeah it’s because of the length it looks weird, thanks for learnin me something new nonna

No. 1775937

Comparing Leon to James in any possible way is insane to me.

No. 1775942

>it’s a fact that guys can’t get it in without your help
HOLY SHIT KEK yes it's fucking true they're so fucking retarded omfg

No. 1775946

Bite him back

No. 1775948

Real life sex is just nothing like porn. In porn men seem so confident and competent but irl the can't do shit, I'm anti porn anyway but yeah from what I remember from my addiction days… That shit is so different

No. 1775964

File: 1700253526787.mp4 (4.35 MB, 1280x720, me during WWIII.mp4)

WHEN will WW3 finally start, I want men to get mass drafted already. I swear all the refugee moids severely fucked with the gender ratio in my country, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT GRAAAAAAH

No. 1775976

I bet you all 50 bucks I could ruin your day with one video

No. 1775978

Try me

No. 1775980

wtf is the point of toe hair? why did my body decide that exactly 4 short hairs on my big toe knuckle and a single hair on the one next to it is necessary? itd make more sense if there was more but there's not

No. 1775987

No. 1775991

why does he look so familiar

No. 1775992

Lmao were boys really like that eleven years ago? God damn. I’m so glad I wasn’t a teen in the 2010s

No. 1776036

I hate Aliexpress!! I was about to buy some cute stickers but it won't let me, I literally can't input an address because they don't have my shitty village as an option. What the fuck

No. 1776039

File: 1700257703356.jpg (171.29 KB, 1439x1362, tumblr_41d137c251b2458d0cbdcaf…)

It did have my old address saved. I will get the stickers

No. 1776054

File: 1700258329775.png (13.93 MB, 3464x3464, 16D6A65A-414C-4470-9959-6AA770…)

I couldn’t watch this, thank you, you ruined my day successfully, here’s your 50 bucks.

No. 1776055

You will get the stickers!!!!!!

No. 1776070

Average ai chat bot reply

No. 1776092

He looks like Gaston’s dick

No. 1776103

guy looks like young yandev im not clicking

No. 1776158


No. 1776201

Today I had a really funny thought that made me think "this would make nonnies in the dumbass shit thread laugh" but I forgot about it

No. 1776204

No. 1776206

Justin Timberlake.
I can't believe there are anons who haven't seen this video kek

No. 1776208

As a Britbong I have no idea what age Americans mean when they're talking about middle schoolers. Wtf is middle school

No. 1776210

Not an American but at least in my country middle school is like ages 13-15

No. 1776211

Middle school is the schooling kids go to once they're past the age of ten, but not old enough to be in high school yet. The ages include 11, 12, and 13 but kids can be held back of course so there's gonna be the spare 14 year olds.

No. 1776212

It's the school after elementary school and before high school. It's grades 6-8 which is ages 10-13.

No. 1776213

well this post made me smile because it was cute so you're halfway there

No. 1776214

Apparently it means you have good circulation

No. 1776215

File: 1700269164907.jpg (199.46 KB, 800x800, 1lsdkfuhsdjfhskdjfhsdcat1.jpg)

I'd like to extend a big lolcow dot farm thank you to the doctor who prescribed me these pain pills. They are very nice and I love you. Purr… purr…

No. 1776216

Sounds retarded

We have preschool ages 3 - 4 that's basically a creche parents drop their kids at for a couple of hours then primary school, you turn 5 in p1 and in p7 you did a transfer test for highschool. You turn 12 in First year of highschool. Do your GCSEs at 16, can leave government schooling or continue your A Levels for 2 more years and graduate.

No. 1776217

Fellow britbong and I think it means late primary school/early secondary school in our terms

No. 1776219

Yeeeaaahh Burgerland doesn't do it like that kek

No. 1776223

Sometimes I forget most people don't stay in the same school

No. 1776231

Nta but it's standard in America for kids to start preschool at 3-4 if the parents decide to enroll them in one. They can start before 3 depending on the parents and preschool. Then you go to kindergarten (which, unlike preschool, is a requirement) and then elementary school. What you're describing doesn't actually sound that different imo.

No. 1776232

Sounds like a massive hassle for parents to enroll their kids into 3 different schools. Preschool wasn't a full year and usually a blessing to most parents of younger kids but can't imagine how annoying having to resettle a 10 year old into a new school for it to happen again in 3 years.

No. 1776236

Agreed. I'm glad I went to a private school and didn't have to switch schools every 3 years.

No. 1776237

Wait do amweicans have
Middle school
High school

Is there like a tax incentive somewhere for schools to profit off so much bullshit what is America

No. 1776239

>having to resettle a 10 year old into a new school for it to happen again in 3 years
In America you can go to elementary, middle and high school at the same school. Also kids are kids and they can adapt so it's not a big deal for them to go from preschool to kindergarten to elementary.

No. 1776242

Idk why but I always assumed they're all separate buildings. In UK year 8-10 is considered junior school and senior school is years 11-14. Some highschools only do year 8-12.

No. 1776243

Plus a lot of kindergartens are sections inside of an elementary school, so when five year olds move up to the first grade, it's not always them moving to a different building.

No. 1776246

I think thinking they're actually different schools is where the confusion is coming from kek. Most of the time, elementary, middle, and high school are just categories to differentiate grades and age ranges. Here people move up in grades with their peers so you can see the same people from elementary to high school. Pre-school is what is separate from all of that

No. 1776247

You do realize most Americans go to school in one town/district, when I was a kid my elementary and middle schools were literally next to each other and the high school was a 15 minute drive away

No. 1776248

nta but that depends on where you live, in my town those are all separate

No. 1776271

File: 1700271973120.jpeg (50.58 KB, 1300x1076, cool.jpeg)

this is me in 2023.

No. 1776276

Um hell yeah

No. 1776279

In 2004 this was a cool guy who was mildly annoying to be around when he was drunk at a party. In 2023 this is a non binary in Brooklyn upcharging by 600% on depop weaponizing social justice but only against people he does not like

No. 1776320

Found a trail of some blood leading into the cat tower. Not a ton but enough that it seems like one of my cats may be injured. I checked them both and nada. Checked toes, mouths, bellies, necks, backs, legs nothing to indicate an injury or scab. Both are going to the bathroom like normal. A mouse is out of the question. Idk. Guess I'm glad they seem ok..

No. 1776321

I think they just finished their little snack before you got to them

No. 1776330

>smack my bitch up
worst song of the whole album

No. 1776370

I very rarely listen to Red Scare but when I do I’m always reminded of how retarted they are kek

No. 1776380

Nonnies I think I am insane, I got Umeboshi paste to make a recipe and I tried it plain abs it was so good that I ate the whole tube

I’m so dehydrated right now

No. 1776384

That’s how they make umeboshi, you eat the umeboshi starter paste. And then you become the umeboshi.

No. 1776386

it was nice knowing you nonnies please don’t eat me

No. 1776389

File: 1700277045901.png (2.49 MB, 1322x1920, Animorphs_21_The_Threat_ebook_…)

Anon is going to umemorph