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No. 1776699

Let your heart out.Try not to devour.
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No. 1776704

>be me
>get hit on by fat older immigrant moid
>reject him kindly because I feel bad for immigrants
>he tells me I'm only good for my body and I'll forever be unloved
I deserved it for feeling sympathy towards him, kek

No. 1776706

Omg cute thread gif anon!! I love happy death day!!

No. 1776711

File: 1700310376850.gif (71.02 KB, 220x122, Hatephone.gif)

>be me
>avoid using the puter for months and start being a filthy phoneposter
>get on puter, works fine. Even better than the phone
>I should do a system update and bring everything else up to date too
>everything works fine, now the system update
>puter doesn't turn on anymore
>try to repair it and fail
>check store policy regarding warranty and see that yesterday was the last day
This is karma.

No. 1776720

I have a lot of female family members with NPD, and it’s honestly funny to watch them get older because the aging process makes them hate themselves. One of my cousins used to be obsessed with herself and constantly posted selfies on social media, and now she seems to only post a few times a year. She botched herself with surgeries and filler but it obviously just made her look worse, which is sad because she was naturally attractive and could have remained attractive if she had aged gracefully. She was a huge piece of shit too, she loved dating married men. When she was like 25 she went on a vacation with the middle aged married man she was seeing, and posted dozens of pictures of their trip on social media which is how his wife found out. For some reason posting pictures with the married/taken men she was seeing online was something she did repeatedly, I think she got something out of it. It’s interesting because it caused a lot of gossip about her since she was openly admitting to being the other woman, and she was so smug about it too. She’s a botched stripper now which is what she deserves I guess. It’s unfair that I had to be exposed to a narcissist who acted like that when I was a teenager, hearing about and witnessing all of the cheating she participated in kind of ruined my perception of romantic relationships. The panic stricken post about aging in the last thread made me think about all this

No. 1776725

This is the fourth bait about women aging I've read today, please go outside anon.

No. 1776728

When I left my ex he told me I have no real friends except for men who want to fuck me. Btw I have female friends and I am straight.

He's the one who had no real friends except for his exes.
Men's accusations are their confessions.

No. 1776730

I said the bait in the last thread made me think of it, are you retarded? I’m talking about a narcissistic family member of mine, it’s not bait about aging. Narcissists struggle horrifically with the aging process and it’s funny to watch if they’re horrible enough.

No. 1776731

She’s a narcissist, bully, homewrecker etc

No. 1776732


I don't date men and i hate aging and I don't get how it's funny, it's rather sad. And do you think women who claim to not hate aging live a different reality than women who do? Women go through so much shit because of aging I don't get what's the post of writing shit like this to own the "evil vain" women and punish them. Imagine being so mad at women for hating aging that you want to break them down as a punishment

No. 1776733

Work kek

No. 1776736

I already responded to you here >>1776731
You must have narcissistic personality disorder if you’re so offended by my post about a narcissist

No. 1776739

File: 1700313564594.jpg (10.16 KB, 198x255, 1700313466650.jpg)


No. 1776748


No. 1776751

>farmer posts about female narcissist who acts like a cow
>one response accuses her of bait
>second heavily identifies with the narcissist and misses how terrible farmer described her
never change lolcor

No. 1776756

Aging isn't a conspiracy theory, its our reality. If that triggers you, you might want to do some soulsearching before its too late.

No. 1776862

Why do I only have friends with 'friend moms'? They make fun of me because I have normal parents who you know, work and don't ask me about my sex life. If I made a comment about their parents being on welfare their whole lives they'd never let me forget it. Sorry my life is not shitty enough for you, losers.

No. 1776873

People who dont pick up their dog shit while walking their dog deserve a special place in hell.

No. 1776882

The worst part is they're less likely to pick it up if you ask them to kek, was a real study.

No. 1776883

week one of my mom being in the hospital is almost over. caring for my grandma with alzheimer and running the house while working a full time job and being in grad school and running to the hospital every day has brought me to a new low. i am trying so hard, so fucking hard to stay okay for my mom's sake but i'm drained. beyond drained. i can't relax, i can't focus on writing thesis or on work. and no one cares. it all just hurts. i miss my mom.

No. 1776894

Who knew venting about getting a year older would create bait posts, copy pasta, and infighting kek. I guess that’s lolcow.
Agree. It’s inevitable that some women have that fear when you see it being perpetuated in society. Although that lengthy one sounded a lot like bait, using “females” interchangeably with women. And calling everyone disgusting? I’m a lot harsher with myself, I’m not judging anyone else’s appearance and don’t care.

No. 1776906

File: 1700327763507.jpg (99.95 KB, 1300x866, 37737087-stressed-man-with-gun…)

Almost one month sober. Longest I've gone without booze for a while. It's a bittersweet feeling.

No. 1776911

That's awesome! Good luck!

No. 1776940

I have to study but I don't fucking WANT to

No. 1777076

I adopted a kitten and gave it an unpleasant 20 hour drive, as soon as she got there she got sick, she seemed to get better but the vet prescribed antiobiotics, now the antibiotics have caused damage to her nervous system. I am full of guilt and regret. From what I read I'm not sure the damage is reversible and I'm so sad..

No. 1777084

I'm really happy for you nonna. That first month is hell, second and third get easier but not better. After that, it gets both better and easier. You can stay the course.

No. 1777096

I just want someone to hug me, hold me and just make me feel safe and warm for a bit

No. 1777099

My dad is so retarded. My little sister, who's 16, made a mistake with an appointment and instead of trying to guide her properly my dad bullies her, demeans her, and tell her she's stupid, and then throw a massive mantrum as if it was his own mistake??? Wtf? Idk what he's getting stressed for when it has nothing to do with him. Istg despite my sister being a child, my dad is probably the biggest manchild there. And then, being angry, he also had to throw insults at my mom too. God he's so pathetic, he barely acts like a father nor like a husband. And then he wonders why my sister dislikes him. Some men don't deserve to have a children.

No. 1777116

What have I done. I think I just made the worst mistake of my life. I want to die. This shit is exactly why I have no friends. I don't deserve any

No. 1777120

what did you do?

No. 1777121

Had an argument with a friend I really love. Towards the end they said something that made me hurt so I got upset and blocked them. They never deserved this, I just overreacted, I guess I do usually overreact but not like this. I feel so bad about what I've done, I'm afraid I've ruined it all and I don't know what to do. I ruined one of the best friendships I have because I'm a retard who can't act like an adult. I want to die

No. 1777122

i haven't had a crush in YEARS so i keep coming back to my former obsessions who hurt me instead because i'm an autistic idiot. now i remember all the piss poor decision i made and how many great guys i fumbled because i have literally no idea how to make meaningful connections with men i'm romantically attracted to. how the fuck do you mess up so badly and then wonder why does no one wants to date you, you're literally an insecure insufferable narcissistic mentally ill woman

No. 1777124

you didn't ruin anything, just be honest and come clean at her and explain why you overreacted. if she's a good person who cared about your friendship, she'll understand

No. 1777128

Just unblock her and just say sorry and explain the situation. Like this is super fixable anon.

No. 1777132

Don't blame yourself, you had no control over the antibiotics and you couldn't have known it's effects, you are not a vet. Kittens often get sick, there is no way to know it got sick due to the ride. I am sorry for your kitten, hopefully it gets better even if there is some damage.

No. 1777136

Well a 20 hour ride was already pretty cruel in hindsight.. and if she gets permanent damage I'm not sure I can ever forgive myself and not cry when I look at her. Logically I know it's not truly my fault but still.. thank you anon..

No. 1777144

She may still recover just give her a quiet environment to rest and follow the vets instructions, make sure she is hydrated and don’t put her through anything stressful for the time being. I’m sorry nona.

No. 1777149

Cute threadpic

No. 1777162

I think about her all the time even though I know it’s unhealthy. I’ve just never been so mesmerized by a person before. She fundamentally rewired my brain, the first three months straight I’d stay up until 3am every night fantasizing about the way her hips moved and and it’s been a year but I still can’t get her out of my head. I’ve tried to focus on other things, tried to get interested in someone else, tried to force myself to never think about her, but it just doesn’t work. I think about her from the second I wake up to the second I fall asleep, and then she even appears in my dreams while I’m unconscious. If magic love curses existed, this is what a victim of one must feel like. I feel like I’ll never escape this, that she’ll have a grip on me for the rest of my life and I’m cursed to forever chase her in my mind. It hurts all the time

No. 1777177

File: 1700344330739.jpg (94.4 KB, 650x671, 1673327075316.jpg)

I'm writing this shitty fanfic and I'm afraid of posting it because I know it's awful. I mean I'm in my mid 20s and it reads like a 14 year old wrote it. I had fun writing it but it doesn't change the fact that it's so bad. A part of me just wants to say fuck it and post it… I just wish I could be cringe in peace…

No. 1777203

My partner is gonna ruin my history as a renter.
We recently moved into a new town due to work, and as you can expect, we had trouble renting since we didn't know anyone in the city.
We managed to snag a good place that was a little behind on management, but for the price was good. The landlords are an old couple that retired and couldn't take care of the house,so I kinda feel like we have to really take care of the house for them.
The faucet is leaky, the doorknobs are old and don't work properly, the paint is falling from the walls, but I don't mind cause I actually know how to repair all that and I kinda like it, since I grew in a farm and spent all my time doing similar stuff.
The first week we spent here, she got locked in a room because the doorknob was broken, so she kicked it until it gave out. I had to repair that door later. She also dumped soda on the bed by accident, and I had to clean that too.
Then she forgot her keys and got locked out, and had to break a window to get in, because she "didn't want to bother calling the landlords". That's a window that I don't have the skills to repair, and will have to hire someone to do.
Last day she was running down the stairs and fell down. She didn't hurt herself badly, cause she actually grabbed onto a buffet table that was on the landing of the stairs. But she ended up shoving said table down the stairs and now is completely wrecked.
From the looks of it, it was kinda old, don't know how much.
I really don't know what to do, I love her and I am worried about her falling down, but if she keeps wrecking this house we're gonna get kicked out, and god knows who would aceppt us and renters with this history.
I don't even understand how she doesn't get the same stress of living on edge knowing this is someone else's house.
I don't think I have the money to replace all this, and I don't know how to tell my landlord this. I can argue that the table was an accident and we're lucky she wasn't injured, but the window?
I'm so stressed over this I don't know what to do.

No. 1777256

mother loves to claim and bitch and moan about how i apparently don't pay for anything around here when i'm paying the phone and internet bill (and i bought her her newest phone). when i leave i'll cancel both and see how she enjoys that

No. 1777258

If I were in your shoes, I would just say "fuck it" and post it. Some really degenerate shit gets like hundreds of kudos on Ao3. I don't know what you wrote, but I already know it's not among the worst I stumbled across. Even if you don't get a lot or kudos, I wouldn't say that means it's bad.

No. 1777272

Confront her before she does something worse. You seem reasonable and she seems to be very immature to live with someone else, specially in a rented space. I hope everything goes well…

No. 1777277

living at home is hell i can't even jop if i want to. mom's floating around in the hallway now talking to herself and barged into my room randomly like two minutes after i flicked on my vibrator (i accidentally turned the damn thing on to its highest setting and it was loud as fuck)

No. 1777281

Does anyone else feel chronically alienated from their peers? I mean well of course, we're all here on lolcow. But I guess that compared to some anons, I'm normie passing, I have friends, and not only that but friends that share the same interests as me and hold similar opinions as mine and I'm even very close to some of them. But then I force myself with all my strength to go out, and I'm out, having a beer with people I should feel at home with but I dont.
And it's like if not with these people than with who? It's really hard to accept it's a Me problem.

No. 1777293

i really should leave my sister with our crazy controling and histrionic mother and demented and perverted father and go no contact with them all. she doesn't deserved it, far from it, but she is so forgiving of their bullshit while i had to deal with the crazy after she left for college, and when i left for college i still was the one having to deal with it.

like, she supports me (mostly) and she recognizes that they have issues, and she even told me that if i wanted to go no contact i should. but dumb bitch is stretched over thin with her life and job, she would collapse dealing with their bullshit.

i hate them all and i hate myself most of all for dealing with them

No. 1777298

Why can't you post it under a pseudonym? You should definitely share it with the world but you don't have to take ownership of it publicly.

No. 1777303

Cut them off and keep her in your life and DO NOT criticize her for staying close to them but invite her to live in your worry free zone and she will come around. Don’t fight with her though.

No. 1777305

please go no contact kek it's probably going to be excellent for your mental health

No. 1777306

I disagree with the other replies. You know it’s bad and you just wrote it for fun, keep it for yourself. Are you looking for engagement or validation from strangers? If no, then don’t even sweat it. You wrote it, good for you.

No. 1777395

>popular bookstore has a customer favorites list
>most of them are shitty TikTok series made into shitty novels
I fucking hate it here

No. 1777411

male friend who doesn't know what I look like (online) says he imagines me pretty and then goes onto call himself fat with a sad face istg if this goes how it always does

No. 1777413

Hm, I would just tell him to hit the gym if he's gonna cry about it.

No. 1777444

He probably jerks it to your messages if he’s acting pathetically simpy like that

No. 1777448

I was gonna say so was I until I stopped being a lazy fuck but I thought hey, I'll keep that for if he continues to nag me.

I hope not but just to be safe if he does start this kind of messaging up again I'll just send him that Lizzo song about juice

No. 1777454

Encourage him to hit the gym or running trail, ignore his simping and be real with him, be brutal, ignore that he complimented you because why should you care anyway
God that’s so annoying though, I’m sorry.

No. 1777469

I don't know what's wrong with me. Twice this week I forgot to eat. I was getting ready to sleep and realized I didn't eat anything the whole day. Had to make dinner and now I have to stall for at least an hour or more otherwise I'll sleep like shit and get nightmares. I feel like a basket case, I would cry if I wasn't so exhausted right now. I can't tell if I'm depressed or if I forgot how to be a functional human being.

No. 1777477

What’s wrong exactly? Some people get nightmares from sleeping on a full stomach that’s not weird. I guess you should remember to eat but are you sickly or are you ok but weird? Don’t feel down on yourself if you’re not sick from it

No. 1777478

Ao3 let’s you post things anonymously, make things visible only to logged in users, comment limiting options if you don’t want to be bothered.

No. 1777484

Not everything has to be shared.

No. 1777493

It’s just options she could take if she did want to post it. I’ve posted all my cringe anonymously and sometimes for logged in users only and i’ve never had someone go off on me or make fun of me in the comments. But that may vary for anon depending on what she’s writing or her fandoms.

No. 1777501

you fucking DONKEY stop reminding me you're a brainless coomer so i can enjoy objectifying you as a proper man capable of being a good boyfriend

No. 1777514

File: 1700360825069.jpeg (993.11 KB, 750x955, 9F414142-7A60-403A-A812-947C27…)

I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and autism and my father is bipolar. I think I was misdiagnosed but I don’t want to sound like one of those Tik Tok tweens who think that they have DID because of the internet and my therapist has been hesitant to diagnose me with anything else because she “doesn’t like labels” and I’m young.
I go through periods where I experience hallucinations (usually auditory hallucinations like people calling my name when there’s no one around, or hearing voices overlap like static) or have paranoid delusions (for instance, I fully believed that my friend was wiretapping me and recording our conversations so he could use them to blackmail me in the future even though I had no evidence that she was doing this and I only realized that this was a delusion months after the fact). I also have massive identity issues and I change my appearance drastically very often. This manifests itself as varying degrees of gender dysphoria. There are times when I’m ok with my biological sex or even want to look more feminine, and other times when I want to rip my skin off because my dysphoria is so debilitating. My social anxiety has gotten to the point where I’m practically a hermit, but I’m only socially anxious around certain groups of people (for example, I don’t have a fear of old people but I will legitimately have an anxiety attack if I have to walk by a group of teenagers). I rarely dream but when I do they’re usually nightmares that involve being humiliated in some way (either being sexually harassed or being emasculated and reminded that I will never be a man). I start disassociating every time I try to get intimate with someone. This may be related to my dysphoria or maybe it’s just because I’m fucked up from losing my virginity when I was 11. Every time I wake up it feels like my brain vomits out every single bad memory I have and I start mulling over them in my mind constantly to the point where I can’t focus on anything.
I’ve been in talk therapy since I was 7 and taken various different SSRIs but none of them helped (Prozac was the first one they had me on and it helped briefly until it suddenly stopped working and nothing ever helped again). At this point I think EMDR and psychedelics are my only hope but I can’t find a plug

No. 1777515

I hate that my partner wants to watch porn.
It feels like cheating.
I just can't get the feeling to go away no matter how I try to rephrase it in my head, it feels like a betrayal.
I'm going away for 10 days and I just know he's going to have a coom fest and it makes me sick.

No. 1777527

Past months I've been very stressed and busy and developed a bad habit of skipping meals to get things done. Eventually I would forget I was ever hungry if that makes sense. I would eat at some point of course, I would eventually feel hungry again or remember I had to eat, but part of me feels like I've been failing to keep up with normal body functions now.

No. 1777546

No. 1777552

File: 1700362596826.jpg (38.09 KB, 735x704, 7x4anog8nz8a1.jpg)

Sexual abstinence is driving me crazy. I crave someone's touch so badly, I can't take it anymore.

No. 1777557

Dump him!!!!!!!

No. 1777558

Oh, honey… you deserve to be fed and taken care of, prioritize yourself over your work

No. 1777559

Literally every single relationship I've been in has been the same.
He's not currently looking at it but I know he wants to.
Everything is perfection outside of this which is why I'm staying with him.
I uses to think there were men out there that don't do that shit but I honestly no longer believe it. If it's not porn its thirst traps or women in real-life.
Makes me want to pull my hair out

No. 1777564

I'll try nonna, thank you. I think I can sleep without nightmares now. Have a wonderful sunday ♥

No. 1777591

you should still finish it so you get to practice. You don't have to post it if you don't want to but it's good to keep moving forward. I've seen absolute dogshit on A03 get a ton of kudos though so who knows.

No. 1777592

You too, have a beautiful Sunday

No. 1777609

These past few months I keep getting swollen lymph nodes in my armpits and it's so irritating. I'm not even sure what is causing it, it must be my deodorant or how I'm washing myself. I use an exfoliating rag Everytime I shower so I wonder if it's creating abrasions and bacteria is getting in and causing that. They're not even really painful but it's still very annoying and a little worrying.

No. 1777618

Samefag, actually it's mostly been my left armpit having this issue. Hmm..

No. 1777648

File: 1700369226343.jpeg (475.06 KB, 750x759, IMG_4654.jpeg)

Anyone else believe in the primal scream? I have so much internal anger, hurt, grief and turmoil but I live such a normie life and one of my few good traits is no matter how I’m feeling I’m always ready to laugh and smile at home and at work. I need an abyss to yell into but I live in the city.

No. 1777650

File: 1700369302517.jpg (254.8 KB, 1280x1025, tumblr_3a288ce5dcc67213b66a4e0…)

In one of my university courses I missed a single quiz and now my final grade is automatically tanked. I had close to 100% before but now the best case scenario is barely getting a B- if I get 100% on the remaining material, which is unrealistic with several large projects coming up. No matter what I do my grade is ruined,
There's no chance at a make-up quiz or anything either because they outline in red text that they only allow exceptions for documented emergencies and to not bother asking. this is so frustrating, I forgot something 1 time and now the last several months' perfect work is completely trashed. I'm so sick of uni, it's just a repetitive cycle of being isolated while slogging through work I don't want to do.

No. 1777654

How the fuck do i talk to her i want to scream and throw up

No. 1777678

I had a weird tinfoil about my own life. In 2019 I got into a very bad car accident and walked out with no injuries or even a scratch. I have a theory I died in that universe and am now living in a different one. Before the accident I was infertile, and then after I got pregnant instantly. My family treated me differently despite not knowing I totaled my car.

No. 1777682

I wish you had worked harder so you could have gone with me. I know it wasn't your fault you had something pop up but even without that and even with me paying for your deposit I know deep down you wouldn't have saved enough money because you hate working even more than I do. And now everyone I see is taking a trip there and I'm so envious, I want to go too. But I'm in the worst mental and physical health of my life and I don't know if we'll ever get to go together with the way the economy is. I'm so depressed.

No. 1777685

What else did you find is different after the accident?

No. 1777701

File: 1700372765600.jpg (76.5 KB, 1170x1004, 218aabad2743500a68f2714f538055…)

I just had a phisical altercation with my mother, she randomly started screaming at me, making fun of me, insulting me and i kept asking what was happening with her, because she was acting normal today, and i told her we were talking normally earlier on the day and she said we weren't?? I pushed her and she tried to throw some shit at my face and my sister got in the way. Idk what to do in here, i try really hard to love my family but i'd rather be in a better place because i fucking hate this poor ass place and my sometimes normal sometimes off puttingly agressive, autoritharian, seemingly mentally ill, never trying to get better mother.
I've cried so much, so fucking much, i feel so much…emotion so much anger and sadness all at the same time i wish i could beat her to death or something
I want to leave but i'm poor and have no job, no bf, no friends who i could live with, everything sucks, i need to get out and i can't

No. 1777705

Fuck i just thought of the best comeback to a joke but its an hour later FUCK

No. 1777706

Why do I never feel like I belong? Why do I always feel sad and lonely even during and after socializing? Why do I feel so alienated from others? I wish I knew how to stop feeling so lonely.

No. 1777708

This happened to me as well. I just went ahead and asked anyway. This professor was known to be an asshole and also had it highlighted in red on his syllabus. I told him that I valued his class and I care about my grade and any credit at all would be appreciated. Was there a specific reason why you missed it? This is really fucked up, but my friend once said she had a miscarriage because she accidentally missed an exam. Most of the time they won't ask for proof and they will give you time to complete it. Tread lightly with that information though.

No. 1777709

when I went back to the spot of the accident there was a cross there, but my dad told me, even weirder, that it was a creepy uncle who died there that diddled me when I was little. I don't want to seem like main character syndrome but the whole ideal was just weird

No. 1777767

I don’t have words to describe how scared I am of the guy who abused me as a child. The idea of him still having photographs of my teenage self and looking at them every night makes me want to vomit. I wish I could’ve just never existed.

No. 1777770

Sorry for the samefag but I feel like it’s all my fault too. I tried so hard to pander to men and be seen as “sexy” even when I was a kid. It makes me feel like I just brought it upon myself

No. 1777773

I have a hard time sleeping every single night all because of things that I caused due to my own stupidity. I don’t understand why phones and computers are put in front of children. It hurts me that my parents wanted to deal with me so little that they shoved a laptop in front of my face and told me to leave them alone

No. 1777804

I wish I didn't live in such a controlling and privacy free environment. It's a bit better now that my parents started letting me go outside when I was 17 but all of this really stunted me. I wish I could move out, but I don't have any money to do so. I can barely function. I am terrified of the outside world. Even if I had the money to move out, they would oppose of it heavily. I can't believe I'm saying this at age 20+++ but I want to run away from home.

No. 1777820

I really really want to fuck a muscley hot guy. Why why why ugh I just want dick from a statuesque man I wanna lick his abs, I’ve only done it with average men or skinny ones at best.

No. 1777833

File: 1700378359395.jpeg (21.63 KB, 224x225, E1D974FB-47FB-4646-AEE9-175439…)

I’ve been very emotional and mean to myself today. I’m not sure if something hormonal is going on but it’s fucking me up. I was having such a great week too and then this happens? Why does my brain decide to overthink everything right now???

No. 1777843

Wtf I'm so sorry about your friend that's awful. No student should be getting so stressed that it strains her body like that, I hope she is doing better now
I'm thinking that I'll write an email and just own up that I missed it, I really don't have a cool reason besides forgetting so I don't think it'd reflect well if I grasped for excuses. Maybe if I go on about taking responsibility and vowing to be more diligent in the future it'd soften his stance. I'm considering asking for extra credit opportunities instead to beat around the "NOBODY CAN RETAKE QUIZZES UNLESS YOU'RE LITERALLY DYING" thing, any amount of salvaging would help and it'd be his call if he decided it's easier to just offer to let me retake

No. 1777888

Dump him, if he hasn't stopped now he never will. Porn is cheating and you deserve a normal, well adjusted man not a pathetic coomer.

No. 1777917

Porn is cheating, it's terribly sad women have been mass-brainwashed and bullied into thinking it's not.

No. 1777954

Tell him only cucks or gay men watch porn and enjoy seeing other men in sexual situations instead of being with their gfs. I think the only way men drop porn is if they think it makes them a cuck/gay

No. 1778136

My dad calmly asks my sister about her university application and she proceeds to have a violent meltdown (she always lashes out over everything). Dad throws a shoe at her and they get into a gigantic physical fight.
I catch her trying to suicide by swallowing pills and I call my mom. My parents stop her and she runs out the house and both my dad and me try to find her because we live in a dangerous area and its early on the weekend and the streets are super empty.
I walk after her in the sun for two hours in sketchy dangerous neighbourhoods to get her back home for her own safety and she has the audacity to come home and sent me a bunch of rude messages calling me names and saying she hopes I die because I stopped her suicide attempt. I cuss her out for being violent and abusive to me my whole life and she grabs a knife to self-harm, slams at my parents door, and tries to attack me and smash my phone.
My parents get her to calm down and tell me to "be the bigger person because she is autistic" and basically now she is not speaking to me (thank god) and dramatically scowling and leaving the room every time I enter.

No. 1778158

I wish with all my heart people would stop commenting on my body holy shit, I’m in recovery for an eating disorder, I know I gained weight, please don’t tell me about it!

No. 1778182

File: 1700398036508.jpg (38.11 KB, 622x384, 1699493131364.jpg)

>guy does me a massive favor by helping me pack and escape an abuser
>I like him, he loves me, but he's honestly beneath me on many levels and we don't have a future together
>play along because he's fun and the sex is not bad
>also he is my employee
>he calls in the return favor
>his truck is a pos and he is broke
>I have to drive him 9 hours one way for the holidays in what could shape out to be in precarious winter weather
>he wants me to meet his parents for holiday
>his parents promise me a hotel to stay, at least
>jk they reneged on the hotel and apparently his mother doesn't allow him or guests to stay at her house
>his solution is a 24hr larp event where we can "camp" in the fucking winter
>says we are staying in a tent
>tell him fuck no, already pissed his parents lied to get me to agree
>says he got a cabin space with heat
>running water?
>it's at the camp facility
>I don't even have proper larp gear so I will look lame af if the 24hr aspect doesn't make me mentally snap first
And btw yeah I feel I really do owe this guy because my abuser situation was BAD. I hate that it's so far away.

No. 1778185

Oh shit, that fucking sucks. Can you get one of those beds that fit in a car? You can at least sleep in your car.

No. 1778197

Yeah that's true. I'm gonna see if I can get some drugs from my dealer.
This situation will require some drugs.

No. 1778216

I hate how most people follow what's popular and it creates a hivemind. Even online on social media people mainly youth starts acting literally the same. I feel so lost as an individual, it all gives me less chance of ever being understood if people are just a creation of the popular culture and don't have a mind on their own. I fear aging for this reason too, I acquire so much wisdom through aging but it juat pushes me into a deeper hole of being misunderstood and people being cunts to me. People are very ageist, with age CAN come so much experience that start understanding older people cause life isn't easy and all the hate and judgments make it ao much fucking worse. The idea of not being able to relate to people more and more or find people who are into the same things as me makes me feel so bad. I'm outside the hivemind and looking at it from outside scares me ao much, not engaging in it alienates me from people and aging alienates me from young people around which pop culture is centered kek I feel so sabotaged. Humans are weird, get a fucking mind on your own

No. 1778250

You just have to relate to people your own age. I can't relate to the roblox crowd at all but I can talk to my husband about cartoons from our childhood. I think every generation has trouble relating to kids, it just didn't seem to matter until the online Era where you have no idea anyone's age and if you aren't into the same stuff as chronically online kids, it looks like you're an outcast

No. 1778256

>he's honestly beneath me
Inform him about it and post results.

No. 1778258

you don't owe him shit. plenty of women have asked for help from scrotes and they used it to manipulate the woman, which seems like what he's doing. fuck this autistic "favor for favor" shit, he lied to you about the hotel and into meeting his family.

No. 1778294

agree. i see people my age (early 20s) saying retarded shit like 'i wish ___ was trending' and i get pissed off. will they cut your hands off if you get the [not so popular thing]. do we live in mean girls sharia law.

No. 1778314

one of my friends who is a people pleaser triggers me so much. I am a recovering people pleaser/codependent myself highly focused on healing rn and her guilt tripping of me not being a doormat like her sends me into a instant rage. She has also dismissed my struggles few days ago, trying to one up them and nagging me about how I spend my money. My gut feels super off with this friend this time, I don't know why I never noticed her behaviours before. Enforcing boundaries with people is easier said than done.

No. 1778320

I usually invite my family to eat dinner at my place on my birthday that's at the end of november, but my 20 year old niece's best friend died in a pretty bad accident last week so idk if it would be tactful to invite someone for a birthday dinner while they're in the mourning process so I might just skip the dinner all together…

No. 1778335

Anons using the word ‘normies’ gives me such second-hand embarrassment. I’ve been here for years (trying to leave because it is just constant infighting now, but always come back) Using the word ‘normie’ makes you equivalent mind-wise and lingo-wise to 4chan scrotes I’m sorry

No. 1778337

It might just help said mourning person to be invited to dinner/have somethung social to do. But I see what you mean and Id probably be hesitant too. Its so considerate of you to be thinking about her and her wellbeing. Maybe just straight up ask her if she would like to attend something or if she would need more time? With emphasis on that it is important to you that she be there but be there when she is able to? Idk. Sad situation.

No. 1778347

So what alternative do you use? NPCs? Normalfags? Neurotypicals? Sheep? Zombies?

No. 1778353

Weird how she people pleases everyone else yet chooses to shame and bully you.

No. 1778359

Autistic? She's exhibiting violent, antisocial behaviors.
Your parents are idiotic enablers and don't care enough about how this shit impacts you.

No. 1778363

Last week feels too recent, it might turn out awkward so i'd skip it, but it might be different in your culture and family.

No. 1778368

Was on a call last night with my friend and I can't stop thinking about it, I'm genuinely reconsidering our friendship. She went to the 1975 concert last night and was telling me about how fucking Matty Healy, out of all people, was the 'hottest man on earth' and how she'd drop everything just to be with him. MATTY FUCKING HEALY. I had to suppress a gag. She just went on about how she was just So In Love with him. Not even the worst part. What really made me reevaluate this whole friendship was when she was telling me about a joke he made on stage, something like "I miss when you could make songs about luring women into vans and nobody would give a fuck about it." And she was laughing her ass off. Obviously I was fucking appalled and I told her this straight up thay he was a fucking disgusting man and I don't want to hear it, and she was like "but why? I thought you would like him, you share the same humor." Sure, I guess I have an unconventional/offensive humor. But it was actually insane to me just how she didn't get it. When men say that type of shit I know deep down they fucking mean it. My friend was just like "you wouldn't get it, he's sooo funny lol." Jesus christ.

No. 1778375

Your friend has issues.

No. 1778381

I hate women that treat men like they're women. No he's not the nice kind person you think he is. He is exactly like his friends. He doesn't deserve your empathy. He doesn't deserve you treating him like a king. He doesn't know how to wipe his ass. He'll marry a desperate woman and keep her as a slave as she can't divorce him. He's never carried any mental load of anything in his mind. He's an ugly ass rat and you deserve better than that.

No. 1778382

File: 1700408908716.jpeg (49.98 KB, 567x366, IMG_2918.jpeg)

I wish I could turn back time. I should have stayed home, I should have known better. What a mess. Wanna disappear and die.

No. 1778390

straight women

No. 1778416

same kek and then they have the nerve to get pissed at you for not knowing anything. you're the one who kept me from forming any experiences or gaining any worldly knowledge asshole

No. 1778420

What the actual fuck is wrong with this guy? You don't just spring an overnight LARP event on someone like what? Nonna get out of this 'favor' asap, he's taking advantage of you and there's no reason to be alone with this moid in a waterless cabin in the middle of fucking winter. Holy shit scrotes have no concept of anything.

No. 1778451

It'd make sense if there was a vocal minority of sex workers with narcissistic personality disorder on LC. They're probably all shayfags

No. 1778499

Why am I so stuuuuupid! Gods someone give me some advice. About a year ago I got a referral to see a psychologist but I never made an appointment because I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through with it and I was just terribly anxious about it. They did send me emails asking me to fill out some forms a couple of times throughout the year in order to get me an intake appointment but I honestly thought that was some automated system and that I wasn't bothering anyone by not replying and keeping my options open. About a month ago they sent me an e-mail saying they tried to call me (they have my old phone number so I never got the call) and that they gave me a date for an intake appointment and to fill in some forms, presumably they did so because my referral is running out at the end of the year. Which I kept procrastinating out of sheer anxiety until just now, when I opened that email to find the forms and re-read the whole thing. Turns out I had to call them to confirm my appointment within 24 hours after receivin that email, completely my fault for not reading properly, meaning my appointment I should've had in two days isn't on. I have decided I want to go through with it no matter how anxious I am about it. Do I just call them tomorrow and explain my fuck up and ask for a new appointment even though I've been basically ghosting them for a year? Gods I know I suck

No. 1778505

After I had covid last year I had trouble eating for a while, like my stomach could suddenly just say stop without any previous signs so I got a lot of stomachaches because that literal last bite was too much. Luckily it phased out to only come back every now and then, and I'm currently having one of those phases again. While I don't really mind eating smaller portions for a while my issue is that I get ZERO signals that my stomach decides that enough is enough, so it's a guessing game to not risk those extreme stomachaches because those last two bites of my sandwich was two too many. And it's not like I eat particularly big meals since I tend to keep myself within 1500-1700kcal a day with occasional cheat days. Honestly these stomachaches SUCK because I can barely focus on anything else until it goes away.

No. 1778640

does she know he gets off to racist rape porn?

No. 1778648

He’s a really ugly guy, she needs her eyes checked.

No. 1778649

it's pretty obvious he's lying and using the situation to his advantage which isn't exactly.. ethical.. you're just cruising from one bad guy to another one, drop him.

No. 1778673

Yeah, call them and say, "Hello, I'm interested in making an appointment. I was sent some forms to fill out from a previous referral but my mental health was in a bad place so it never got completed. What's your availability?"
They might be a little annoyed but they're not going to give you shit about it, this kinda things happens constantly with clients.

No. 1778690

File: 1700423457580.gif (1006.68 KB, 500x341, 55r67809e.gif)

the threads i like are dying and the threads i hate are thriving…i don't know where else to go. everywhere is so fucking awful now. i wish oldmin closed down the site like she promised

No. 1778695

what threads

No. 1778725

welp, looks like I'll probably need a new car. I don't have money for one either. my car keeps overheating when driving and last time I took it in to the mechanic they told me the engine is dying and it'll eventually completely go. I'm going to take it back to the mechanic again as a last ditch effort because the car brand I got has a reputation for the cars lasting a long time when taken care of but mine is only at 130,000 miles and is dying even though I've taken good care of it. of course it happens on my break when I was supposed to take a road trip to visit family. I'm cursed with horrible luck

No. 1778727

That phrasing is genuinely helpful, thanks!

No. 1778758

for dying, some threads in /g/ but thinking it over it was always slow. i should've said 'different' maybe. like the 2d and 3d husbando threads. i used to like them but they feel emptier now i dont know why. and while the various x attractions threads are active the feel of it is so rancid now.
same with dumbass shit in /ot/, used to be my favorite but it's so bitter lately and in the thread before that too that i'm starting to hate it. the one /ot/ thread i like is too controversial to say you know the one. every other thread besides like one or two is just bickering. it's one thing if it were just a few threads but the whole site feels tainted, like on every board not just one. it's making me miserable but i can't leave. i just want somewhere to relax. can't even relax irl because of the people i'm surrounded by.

No. 1778836

>the one /ot/ thread i like is too controversial to say you know the one
You shouldn't like that ghetto ass thread, is a containment if you haven't noticed, you seem to think you're posting alongside normal users when it's supposed to contain the spergs that were shitting the site 3 weeks ago

No. 1778843

I think my boyfriend is falling out of love with me. Or at least getting fatigued. Part of me wants to say it's because I'm not attractive anymore, but I was the exact same last year and he was still very loving.
I just don't know.

No. 1778852

File: 1700428213984.jpg (2.7 MB, 2500x1995, 1522823331142.jpg)

I have some shitty fried yellow hair ends I've been trying to grow out for YEARS but my hair just barely grows. It's shoulder-length right now and the bottom half looks horrendous. I'd have to go with something super short and layered to get rid of all the ugly dead hair and I don't trust hairdressers or myself to do it well. I am about to shave my head

No. 1778855

Just dye it dark

No. 1778865

>fried ends
>I've been trying to grow out for YEARS but my hair just barely grows.
Sounds like the ends are so damaged it keeps breaking off, leaves more split ends that travel up and repeat

No. 1778866

It seems like I have to walk on eggshells. And other people can do whatever they want but I get criticized for every little thing I do, I wish it were different. I know don’t compare yourself to others or whatever but fuck I just am really unlikable or something, I clean the most I do everything right but sometimes I slip up and it just gets pointed out the most and I’m like just annoyed at how I am perceived as like idk I just feel like everyone thinks I’m retarded and maybe I am I can’t even describe why I’m sad right

No. 1778877

File: 1700429023582.gif (2.19 MB, 400x400, 2A2CE2D6-3341-44C4-923A-0D17EE…)

Oh my god. Oh my god. I left my locket with a picture of my husbando in it in the bathroom I think someone saw it oh my god im gonna kill myslef why do i have to be retarded in this way . Fuck. This is so embarrassing. My heart is actually racing i hate myself wtf

No. 1778878

The whole concept of revenge porn horrifies me

No. 1778909

That sounds like gallbladder issues. You might have stones or sludge.

No. 1778971

samefag now I'm confused because my car isn't overheating? it looks like it only starts to overheat when I go highway speeds and/or when I drive for longer than like 30 minutes. so I can only use my car for errands and to get to work and back… I wish I had a mechanic friend who knows what they're doing that'd examine it for me

No. 1778983

fuck work i cant take another day crying over mistakes at my minimum wage job

No. 1779021

File: 1700434602322.jpeg (50.77 KB, 720x410, IMG_2430.jpeg)

I can never have my old life back and it hurts so much.

I just want my brother in law to be alive and for my sister to live two hours away and to live in the state I grew up in and love dearly, where all my friends, my support system, and my memories are. I had to move to a new state to support my sister and I made that choice but I’m so homesick it physically aches.

I feel like I’ll never be truly happy again, or as happy as I was until last year. I’m already 33, I’m afraid live just doesn’t get any better and it’s now just a long drag. I have no ambition or hope for the future. I’ve even lost all my creativity and ability to draw and write.

Sorry, watching all my friends back home have Friendsgiving without me hit me so fucking hard. I’ve been crying out of jealously. I want to be there so badly, not hanging out with my sisters moid friends.

No. 1779027

being slow sucks. i just want a normal life, and people are never kind about it either. i keep getting asked random questions that catch me off guard. like "are we saving or losing daylight during daylight savings :)" or "yes! we're in the neighborhood you've lived in for all of your life, but do you know the street name :)" and i just don't know. yeah i can walk and drive it but i dunno street names sorry

i just wish people were kinder to me

No. 1779079

Bad mental day for me.
Saw my husband click an attractive chick's tiktok and went and cried in the shower.
Feel pathetic, wish I didn't eat dinner tonight. Wish I could disappear. Wish my insecurities weren't making me think I'm horrible

No. 1779080

File: 1700436169186.jpg (111.51 KB, 1300x956, suicide-concept-man-pointing-a…)

It's fucking over fuck's sake this is moids' fault as always. God they don't deserve rights.

No. 1779122


No. 1779137

go and click on some hot moid's tiktok, preferably miles younger and with long hair

No. 1779141

I've said that sort of thing to him before and he said he doesnt care and to enjoy it… i want to pull my hair out

No. 1779151

Unhinged I know but I kind of hope I catch the flu this season so I can lose a few pounds kek

No. 1779152

I’m incredibly lucky for my husbands unending grace and forgiveness of my disgusting ass self

No. 1779153

Try the pineapple diet that’s where you only have pineapple for breakfast lunch and dinner. Skinnied me up quick

No. 1779161

i've been struggling with the remnants of a cold for 2 months and finally felt better for maybe a week. now i feel sick again with a scratchy throat and a dry cough. i'm gonna kill myself.

No. 1779166

keep having dreams about some dude I’m trying desperately not to have an all consuming bpdchan crush on… they’re not always sexual dreams but they are always romantic or close in nature (last night I was cuddling him and biting his shoulder etc etc) and I would just like to ask my subconscious wtf is up with choosing this man to be my dream companion like every single night

No. 1779167

My husband is literally starving me and it's miserable. my hair is falling out in clumps and I feel nothing but dizziness and cold. I just want to eat so badly

No. 1779183

If you feel comfortable sharing, is it not an option for you to walk or take transportation to somewhere to get food? Are shelters to far away? Are you in contact with anyone who could stop by and bring you something to eat?

No. 1779187

That's really disrespectful and rude of him to do. He's a grown-ass man and should be doting on you, his wife, not ogling other women/young girls on tiktok of all places. Have you talked to him about this with more details? I hope things work out for you, nona. He shouldn't make you cry.

No. 1779199

I live 20 minutes via car to the nearest gas station and have no money. There's also bears and moose here so walking isn't an option. I don't know anyone here outside of my husband

No. 1779205

Call your friends or family even if they're not local and have them help you formulate an escape plan. I hope you at least have a bank account, if not, work on opening one.

No. 1779231

Yes we've talked about it.
He has pulled back alot of those behaviors so I wouldnt be upset.
I dont think either of us will understand the others side.

No. 1779255

I worry I might be a lesbian because I can't find men physically attractive, imagining having sex with one scares me and the ones I do are vaguely feminine but I really like muscles.

No. 1779265

i hate being sick so fucking much, i got sick last month too, but this time it is worse, puking literally nothing not even bile is one of the most painful things i've done lately.

No. 1779273

I am so abysmally and profoundly retarded in a way that is fascinating even to myself. My stupid ass forgot to cancel an iStock free trial and it fucking charged me $96. Nearly a hundred dollars blown away just like that. I only downloaded 1 fucking photo thoughout my trial, too. My iq is probably in the negatives.

No. 1779275

Is it possible for you to contact the police on your computer??

No. 1779276

The easiest way to know is to try thinking of a woman as you're cumming. If you just can't, youre not. If you can, its a possibility.

No. 1779282

You're not retarded but you probably have executive functioning issues. Try calling them and telling them you forgot to cancel and want a refund, it always works for me

No. 1779285

Get a visa gift card with almost nothing on it for free trials

Also call and dispute the charge with your bank or card issuer

No. 1779289

Girl why haven't you already called your bank and disputed it as fraud

No. 1779294

I can't reach orgasm looking at men, though it's probably cause 99.8% of the porn I do consume only has women as the focus. I've tried forcing myself looking at porn with men as but I can't get off at all. I feel like there's something wrong with me because I should be straight but when it comes to anything sexual men are a zero.

No. 1779299

That doesn't necessarily make you gay on its own because porn specifically straight porn is kind of nasty and terrifying. Female-focused porn doesn't make you gay in of itself either because it's normal to want to visualize your own pleasure and women generally self-insert and enjoy self-inserting as moderately attractive women. Also a lot of straight women watch lesbian porn just because straight porn is so bleak. But all that said, can you get off to women? Not self-inserting, but does the thought of the woman or whatever? Lets get to the bottom of this

No. 1779302

I'm sorry you're going through that despite the talks you've had with him. Maybe it's for the best to gave some sort of detachment from him to lessen the blow.

No. 1779313

God, I'm so thankful I work from home tomorrow and have Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. I have so much I need to do at home, and it's tiring me out.

No. 1779314

File: 1700446659587.png (226.71 KB, 500x384, 154209311667626061.png)

I found out that I weigh 66kg. I'm only 1,50.

No. 1779315


I've talked about that with him too. I've tried it in the past but I always go back to my normal state

No. 1779321

I don't really self-insert at all and I instantly get turned off at the mere presence of a man. It's like I get off to the woman getting off, but I can't stand lesbian porn either because it doesn't feel genuine. So the pornographic content I do consume is art of a woman who looks like she's in genuine pleasure. It doesn't need to involve a second party either. It's not just porn or anything like that, I just can't stand seeing men at all in terms of media like romance or the like. The only thing that makes me believe I am still straight is because I like looking at muscles, male or female but mostly male, not in a sexual way but because it is aesthetically pleasing. I can't seem to find mem attractive, even the attractive ones aren't attractive to me. I hate this cause I don't want to upset my mother or father, and my brother is gay but he's fucking obnoxious so he'd get pissy with me and probably interrogate me.

No. 1779322

Ya, you fat.

No. 1779323

I don't think porn (or taste in 2d characters) has any weight at all on your sexuality especially if you're a virgin

No. 1779337

Can I actually do this? It's just that it's really my fault for forgetting to cancel and I know that subscription programs try to trick you on purpose but I don't really want to act entitled.

No. 1779338

Maybe you are gay then. Its pretty normal to be able to aesthetically appreciate people you arent attracted to sexually. Also, its none of your fey brothers business kek. He can keep his dramatics to himself.

No. 1779339

Is this supposed to be a vent

No. 1779349

We are in a similar boat, nona…

No. 1779357

File: 1700448660321.jpg (65.51 KB, 1200x1180, E1-lgVZVoAAeC_9.jpg)

I want to treat myself to a good cry but I think something is wrong with me. I've just been through a very painful loss that would have sent me spiralling when I was younger. In my late teens/ early twenties I used to be able to feel deeply, grieve and let things out etc. But these days I maybe get upset for 20 seconds then feel nothing. Is this a product of being older and being more practical minded? I have a job to do, I can't just wallow. Or is it years of opiate addiction (I had an accident years ago) calcifying some neural center.

No. 1779361

same nonnie, been doing sober november. i want to smoke weed so bad lol. we got this! proud of you!

No. 1779431

I’m mentally broken in regards to the topics of dating and romantic love, and what sucks even more is that I have no reason for it. I can’t say
>oh well I was abused as a child, that’s why I’m fucked up
>oh, my parents had a horrible relationship, and that’s why I’m fucked up
or anything like that. There’s no reason for me to be this stunted and confused about what comes naturally to most people. I desperately want someone to love, but I can’t imagine ever finding someone that I could. How does that make sense? There’s something broken inside me, this area of my mind is like a fractured piece of glass and I can’t figure out how on earth the pieces go together. The only thing wrong with that metaphor is that I don’t think the pieces were ever together in the first place. I don’t think I ever had the capacity for normalcy inside me.
I’m so deeply lonely that I find it hard to get out of bed. I’m seriously thinking about suicide some time in the next few years. It will take me a while to plan and get access to the means. It’s just too painful to live like this, I really can’t do it for a lifetime.

No. 1779435

make and model? and did you do a tune-up at 100K? a lot of cars need the timing belt/chain redone at that mileage. I assume you've done the basics, like making sure that whoever changes your oil is changing the filter every time.
Depending on the condition you might be able to trade it in for part of the cost of a new one, too. I'm lucky I have gay mechanic friends who are teaching me their knowledge, but honestly I'm sick of this stuff being the domain of males, we need to get together, watch some YouTube vids, learn by doing.

No. 1779444

So i went to a Disney theme park today, i went into the Mickey and Minnie flat ride and being completely honest, I felt weird, maybe it's because i have never seen these version of the character but seeing them acting like a real couple made me realize that i had someone like that at one point in my life but now it's gone and then something unholy came to mind, i started to imagine those versions of Mickey and Minnie FUCKING and while i was grossed out after the fact, i can't lie, i blushed and got all hot and bothered at the thought maybe it's because i saw myself and my ex in them, oh god I'm such a horny mess

No. 1779448


No. 1779476

>on antidepressants for 7 years
>maintain a consistent weight of 105-110 lbs
>come off antidepressants
>125 lbs in only 6 months
I'm literally considering going back on them just so I don't have to miserably diet and exercise to prevent my weight from going higher

No. 1779485

If you cut the damaged dead hair off it’ll grow faster

No. 1779517

I got drunk and cut it… it's like a cheekbone-length wavy bob now. I somehow cut it evenly and I think its cute kek. and no more fried dead hair now yay!!

No. 1779521

File: 1700458495364.jpg (30.35 KB, 244x275, 1664774828979.jpg)

I worry the youngest daughter of a man I heavily despise may attempt suicide later as she grows older. He's divorced and favors the older daughter because she likes the same stuff as him (anime particularly One Piece, possibly DnD but I think she fakes it to please him, the Office, etc). He says the younger daughter "doesn't like anything" but she loves horses, stuffed animals, gymnastics, etc. Anyways he talks to his oldest as if he's a teenager too. They (him and eldest) got on the subject of Harry Potter and which house they all get in. They decide they would be Hufflepuffs and the younger sister would be Slytherin because "she'd do anything to get into the Olympics". This infuriated me because he puts pressure on them to succeed and gets pissy if they break a "promise" even if his daughter made this "promise" at 3 although he isn't as hard on his eldest because like any kid/teen, she changes her mind on what she wants to be which is normal and he's fine with this but harps on the youngest. I worry so much because the sisters don't really get along and him playing favorites really pisses me off. I hope I'm wrong and she instead tells to fuck off and walks away when she turns 18.

No. 1779522

That sound cute anon, I love short bobs especially with wavy hair

No. 1779535

I'm thinking about quitting my government related job and dropping out of uni to start new. I basically live in a bureaucratic dystopia and just started doing this
job because it is very hard to fire you. But it fucking sucks, the pay is kinda bad as well, they are understaffed and I'm getting bullied by my supervisor for not being able to do things perfectly from day 1 on. I'm thinking about kms every day.
At this point I'd rather work at a gas station.

No. 1779541

i just wanted to cut down my internet bill by combining it with my phone but my phone providers equipment doesnt seem to work in my location. my boss also has our store insanely overstaffed tomorrow when i am not even supposed to be working. she wouldnt listen to me and if i dont show up she usually fires no call no shows. this is bullshit im supposed to have my day off tomorrow but we all are basically going to be there proving she did not need everyone.

No. 1779543

>because it is very hard to fire you
hahaha. coming from another nona in a government related job, they can literally fire you for no reason, depending on what state you live in. It just takes one egotistical asshole in power that doesn't like you. they can make your position disappear. anyways, go find another career. you're always gonna be underpaid and make no progression unless you kiss ass to jerks and play shady politics. i'm trying to jump ship too after years of this mess.

No. 1779552

IDK where else to post this since I don't want to blogpost in the MtF thread, but about 2-3 years ago, me and my ex broke up because he trooned out and decided he would "transition". He began skinwalking me. Dyed his hair to match mine, started wearing clothing that resembled my style, began listening to my favorite music genre which he used to claim he hated. Anyways, fast forward to today and he's still doing this shit. I went on instagram and came across old messages and saw his current profile picture. He's still skinwalking me and now he has copied my haircut. What the hell. It's making my stomach sick. I know trannies skinwalk women that are/were in their lives, but I thought he would get over me already and move on. I'm thinking it might be because I'm a goth and you know how MtF like their "types" of women. I hate having a troon ex. I almost changed myself because of him. I want him to stop. He thought about chopping off his dick and I hope he does so he can live miserably with a wound.

No. 1779559

I was watching a jdrama and during an intimate scene, a moid kisses the mc's neck and it made me so uncomfortable because I immediately started thinking of the scrote who sexually assaulted me. Then I learned that microbiome is a thing and that organisms can alter your body and now I just feel disgusted and like he's all over me and I can't get him out.

No. 1779567

I'm trying my best to sneak out, he keeps a close eye on me. I think I'd need to call an ambulance and fake a seizure or something. would they put me in a shelter? I can also possibly be admitted to a mental hospital

No. 1779584

>wake up to some disgusting noise outside
>it’s a builder coughing and hacking up loogies on the ground directly outside my window

When men make that hacking and clearing their throat sound and spit on the ground I actually want to kill them. It’s the most disgusting fucking thing on the planet.

No. 1779613

Months of no contact, and now we're in the same group server… Having mutual friends is a curse; there was some drama in the old server, so everyone's migrated here and he's also in there. A lot of time has passed since we agreed to cut ties, but now's not the time for this to happen (or ever, tbh). When he joined voice chat and started to speak, I felt so anxious and kept quiet. He was drunk and mumbled something about therapy before dipping. I don't know why he brought it up, and he sounded super off. It just felt weird because we amicably ended the friendship because we'd had an emotional affair, he still had feelings for me but needed to fix his marriage and get individual help. So, IMO, if he's still in therapy for his issues, being anywhere near me is bad and joining the VC was especially fucked.

Gonna talk to my therapist about this mess in my next appointment, jfc.

No. 1779627

File: 1700472996329.jpg (201.29 KB, 2000x1000, o-RAT-LIGHT-facebook-202509287…)

i got signed up for an experiment against my will when i was a child it seemed to be a good idea but my whole adolescence was spent on this bullshit i did not even get paid for and not even sure if it is over yet. how were my parents convinced to let me go through this shit? i almost died several times. for a while i cried myself to sleep every night. i never seemed to have genuine friends, did not know how to make any, and all my boyfriends were setups. when i think of starting a family, it's like i have nothing to base it on. retarded and sociopathic relatives. no wealth. negligible savings. last time i stood up against this bullshit i was told it's over but there is no money left for me and i should leave them alone then. fuck this, pay me.

No. 1779633

What type of experiment? That sounds illegal

No. 1779636

File: 1700474573235.gif (1.09 MB, 220x220, F8ITAzDWAAAUihv.gif)

I am genuinely sick from anxiety like literally everyday and it's getting really fucking infuriating. I had a job interview a week ago for a job I'm really excited for, they asked for my references, gave me a time frame and everything and were meant to give me an update today but no update or rejection or anything. I'm being insanely impatient right now but I just can't deal with the anticipation/anxiety any more. I can't sleep because of how stressed out I am about it, even if I get closure in being rejected I'll probably still feel like shit, but at least it would be a bandaid getting ripped off.
I'm just such a nervous wreck that I find it hard to even sleep more than 2-3 hours a night whilst I'm working because I'm so paranoid about work the next day. I can't even enjoy being a NEET because of how paranoid and anxious I am about everything in my life right now, which is the most infuriating part. I have another job interview tomorrow for a job that sucks but will give me an income which is also compounding on existing anxiety. I don't even see an end to this constant stress and anxiety and I feel like just offing myself so I don't have to deal with it. Obviously I was never built for being a real person.

No. 1779647

Stupid bitch takes it personally that I'm angry at her that she dismissed true
acccusations against the world's most obvious and open pedophile! He fucking admits to it time and time again! It's not a matter of sides and I'm shocked she is angry at me, of all people to be angry at! Get out of your ass Anne! I think I have reason to be upset here!

No. 1779657

My family always sided with the predators who sexually assaulted me when I was a child, and now I no longer speak to most of my family but they all still see the people who abused me. If I found out someone was a predator I would never speak to them again, I can’t fathom choosing to be on friendly terms with a rapist. It hurts that they don’t care, it makes me feel worthless.

No. 1779662

another time where im supposed to be helping but idk wtf im going to do. everything is so disorganised and confusing. i hate it. i usually feel like it's my fault but it's not like ive actually had proper guidance. reading blackpilling feminist shit on lolcor is better

No. 1779670

I think the guy I’m smoking weed with is trooning out. He’s into vtubers, femboys and genshin impact, now he eluded to having a frilly pink vtuber girl persona. Yes I do realize I am the one in the wrong here for hanging out with him, but to my defense I am naive and genuinely thought he was joking at first.

No. 1779698

File: 1700481842389.jpg (77.98 KB, 840x776, Fw5gmSMX0AMqMVK.jpg)

Having flashbacks to stupid assholes I've been around. I really wish I had told more people to fuck off many years ago. High chance all of them are just as unpleasant and miserable now as they were back then, so whatever. The worst were males in online communities, so some may even have roped.

No. 1779718

I’ve been depressed lately because of other reasons but it keeps getting so much worse. I hate being who I am and I hate my situation and circumstances and my birth and I hate being a woman. I keep thinking if only I wasn’t born at all, which is something I thought for all my life anyway. But I keep getting more unstable. More fucking unstable and I feel like I want to stab myself or gouge out my eyes or hurt myself physically because that’s the only thing that would make sense for me to do. I’m just a defect, and everything about me is defective, and it’s useless to try. And I hate everybody for telling me that I should try. Because I fucking tried and it made me discover that some people just weren’t meant for this life, and one of those people are me. I remember everybody telling me I was worthless, and ugly, that I looked deformed, and sounded deformed, that girls don’t look or act like me anyway and I spent nearly all my life isolated and alone. But nooooo you have to try!!!!!!! Well I fucking did and I discovered that I shouldn’t have because I was better off not knowing. I thought maybe if I tried to become pretty I would have friends and be lovable. I thought if I fixed my hair and fixed my teeth my body dysmorphia would go away and I’d finally be normal and my own family would stop mocking me for how I look and act and sound and how I’m not fucking enough, so I went to the gym, I got laser, I got braces, I spent hundreds of dollars. None of these things worked; the braces retracted my upper jaw and ruined my lip and my side profile looks deformed and I got even uglier; I discovered that I only lose weight from my bust; and I still didn’t do anything worthwhile. I wish people weren’t so cruel to me when I was a little girl. I wish my own family didn’t allow it and enable it because now I feel the only thing I’m worthy of is death. I wish people didn’t fuck all your worth in how you looked as a woman because I put so much importance on it and it backfired. I just want to set my face on fire. Everything hurts, talking to people hurts because it reminds me they can perceive me and I’m still alive, walking through the streets hurts because people dodge me and it reminds of my physicality and of the fact I’m still alive, even having people look at me in eye feels so fucking draining. And this isn’t new, I’ve always felt like this, always felt worthless, but now it’s so a bit worse because with the weight and braces my body dysmorphia is awful and it’s like I can’t tell what I am anymore

No. 1779726

I’m going to have to drain about 25% of my savings to pay for dental surgery. I have dental insurance, but they’re barely paying for shit (about 10% of total cost). American health insurance is a scam

No. 1779759

File: 1700488879932.jpg (12.11 KB, 275x251, 1677973032030.jpg)

I'm mad at life rn. Had to take a blood test because my body has been acting weird, I usually wouldn't mind but fucking hell Christmas is just around the corner and I don't want to get told I've some crazy shit in holidays, I'm so so pissed. Why couldn't it be on July or something? I don't want to hear I'm fucking diabetic right before the season know for its food and candies it's almost here, I'm so mad I don't even want to hear about the results, I feel like a freak why can't my body act right? Boohoo insulin boo hoo glucose levels STFU I don't want to hear about it no more reeeeee. Fuck my grandpa bitch why did you reproduce knowing damn well you were diabetic??? Fuck everything and everyone

No. 1779761

You should see a doctor about that, swollen lymph nodes (especially on repeat occasions) are a symptom of autoimmune disorders, cancer, infection, etc. It's worth getting checked out

No. 1779771

File: 1700489792722.gif (1.2 MB, 480x317, badbreath.gif)

in today's episode of 'why do moids (…)?', why can't grown moids take care of their personal hygiene? are they extremely unself-aware, don't they have any pride or self-respect? this forty something years old guy has been attending one of my class and everytime he opens his mouth, even if i'm across the room, i feel like picrel. i wish i was exagerating but i've never met someone like that, even homeless people don't make my head turn every time they talk like that.
i almost felt bad to be that bugged about it but last time, almost as if he knew i was insulted by his ghastly body odors, he pulled out a tupperware of some kind of curry made with seemingly exclusively onions, then came back to class without even a sip of water, foodbits in the teeth and everything. i have kept all that to myself because even though this adult moid has no excuses to not brush his teeth in the morning or atleast chew some gum, it feels wrong to tell that to someone and not to his face first. now i really need to vent because at this point i make sure i'm the last one to come into the classroom so i can make sure i'm sitted as far away from him as i can. i would have never thought i'd be in such a situation, i grew up near farms and litteral cow shit but this is too much. has anyone ever had an experience like that with someone that had an unbearable breath?

No. 1779783

Embarrassing how almost all the time I get calls from wives/gfs of offenders asking for their stuff, and sometimes the dude is right there but for whatever reason they have to make the call?? Wow

No. 1779797

You might be right, but I don't think I will just cause I'm a hypochondriac and every time I think something is a cause for concern I go to the doctor and it turns out nothing is wrong, so I'm choosing to not be stressed. Plus, is not like they're constantly inflamed. It randomly happens and then they go down and weeks later it may happen again, I think it's been like 2 months since this last happened. The one I have right now is already going down and will probably be gone by tomorrow. I just wouldn't be able to line up an appointment with these things. It's also possible that it's a boil and not my lymph nodes… anyway, if I experience any other symptoms I'll see a doctor. Thank you anon.

No. 1779805

My husband thinks I’m a misandrist and it bothers him sometimes. He legit asked me if I hated all men including him. I’ve had lots of bad experiences with men and he definitely knows this. I’ve also had friends that were guys but I ditched them as I grew up because they are scummy. But yeah it’s ridiculous to assume I hate all men when it’s the exact opposite.

No. 1779807

Why would he marry you if he actually thought you hate all men including him lol moid logic

No. 1779809

Show him the statistics of how many women are murdered just for saying No to a man. Men are fucking idiots. and misandry isnt real

No. 1779823

File: 1700493340238.jpeg (68.77 KB, 640x640, IMG_0947.jpeg)

bf went on a business trip and i was too sick to pick out what i wanted from the grocery delivery he did for me while when he arrived to the other country. i wont complain since he got me a bunch of good and healthy stuff but i just started my period and i want something sweet

No. 1779824

Do another order

No. 1779831

i hate feeling so scared of dumbfuck moids i just wish they would all disappear

No. 1779900

went to a friends house on saturday and after i got there she told me she's sick with laryngitis and now i'm sick. she also told me her close friend who she works with had tested positive for covid but didnt want to stop working, so she gave my friend her positive covid test to pretend it was her own so she could take the week off work and send it in to the government to claim the paid sick days. the worst part is they both work in healthcare.

No. 1779916

I got the timing belt and water pump replaced at just under 100,000 miles. it's an old subaru forester. never had any issues with it until now either. I can't bring it to the mechanic until my next break from work later this year

No. 1779926

Don't they have a lot of problems related to the tranny and head gasket?

No. 1779961

I'm so lonely and tired. I want to have someone to talk to but I'm literally friendless and my family thinks I'm just a dumb retard, so they barely speak to me. I cry randomly sometimes, almost every day I have thoughts of self harm and I just hate being this worthless. I used to think that I didn't need a partner to be happy but now I understand why everyone else seeks one so much. It must be good to have someone who genuinely likes and thinks of you, or someone that takes care of you when you're sick or tired. Friends can't and won't do that for you, and I don't have friends either so it doesn't even fucking matter. I'm just so fucking lonely. I wish there was something that could fill the void but nothing works. All my life I feared that people didn't really love me and it turned out to be true.

No. 1779962

Nta but I don't speak car, what part is that?

No. 1779966

Transmission. The most asshole part of a car to replace.

No. 1779982

Ignore if you don't want solutions, you're just looking to vent, but what actions are you taking to make irl friends?

No. 1779990

The neighbor has once again awoken me at 4am from them dropping their weights.
I just banged on the ceiling and will be expecting them to give me an offering of flowers soon like the last time. Just go to the gym!

No. 1779996

I had issues with the zoom link sent to me by the job recruiter and was a few minutes late getting it to work. Apparently the interviewer got impatient and bailed and I didnt even get a chance to get interviewed. I cried out of frustration because I prepared for this. I'll be on next time a bit earlier because my audio crapped out and they couldnt hear me, but to not even be given a chance feels awful. I just want to eat chips. I wasted my whole morning

No. 1780003

Idiot should at least use mats and not be a piece of shit, waking people up that early.

No. 1780020

File: 1700502191529.png (396.63 KB, 563x486, 1689078081842.png)

I just realized yesterday the reason it is so hard to make friends is because people literally think you can't have friends if you also have a boyfriend/girlfriend; and pretty much every girl my age has a boyfriend. The reasoning this girl gave me is that her boyfriend will feel left out if she hangs out with coworkers. Even though she's also said every weekend he starts partying and drinking at like 7 PM every Friday and Saturday. My other coworker is male and berated me for assuming he hangs out with people, as he has 7 siblings at home, so that negates any reasoning for also having friends. Plus he can't hang out with coworkers as his girlfriend who lives in another state would feel left out. I asked if she hangs out with people, he said 'no' (yeah right). What the fuck? Is this normal? I've never seen this behavior before and they acted like it's universal to date someone and then throw away all friendships for one person. God forbid your significant other feels left out because you hung out with friends, who cares? Especially for women; you're just never going to have girl friends to talk to and relate with because your boyfriend might feel sad? What is going on? So basically I can't be friends with girls who have boyfriends. The only girl who doesn't have a boyfriend just said the other day that she wants to slit a girl's throat because her crush dated another girl instead of her, even though she "did all the emotional labor and can't even reap the rewards" what the fuck is going on around me? No wonder I can't make friends, everyone is already taken by a boyfriend. And you know you can't have both!

No. 1780048

This is something that's happened to me since high school and why getting a social life in my 20s-almost 30s has been so hard. I knew the moment one of my friends gets a boyfriend, I won't see or talk to her again unless they broke up and she needed someone to talk to. It's actually unhealthy, I wouldn't be surprised if this has trapped people into unhealthy/abusive relationships to staying. One friend-of-a-friend broke up with her long time boyfriend and she has no social life now.

No. 1780094

I was always nice and acted chatty, I used to be the one to start conversations but no one ever did the same back. Eventually I took this as a sign that I wasn't really appreaciated and I was even annoying so I stopped. People thought I was just a retard.
Now I'm so far removed from social life that I have no idea how to make friends. Everyone's already involved in their own support group, and you can't just go around the street or to stores to talk to strangers. I live in a shithole so there aren't irl social activities I can do or afford.

No. 1780099

I hate my job so much that I get a little thrill when I make another coworker's job a little harder or if I annoy someone, and I get especially thrilled when I annoy or disappoint a customer. I need another job so fucking bad. Fuck Target.

No. 1780109

what kind of society of stupids are you trapped in? normal people certainly do have friends while still maintaining romantic relationships, though as we get older most people don't make new friends as we already have trouble maintaining our existing relationships.

No. 1780114

Nonna how old are you? No offense but this sounds like something a teenager/early 20something would say. Well-adjusted people in adult relationships are capable of balancing their own social life with their love life. I promise those people are out there.

No. 1780123

It sounds like you put in a lot of effort but it wasn't reciprocated, which sucks because it sounds like you really tried. You know your area far better than I, but is it the type of shithole where it's just garbage to live there, or shithole because it's remote?
NTA, but I agree with her. USA culture revolves around the family unit, and so women prioritize boyfriend attention above all other bonds. Women with a husband and children who routinely make time for female friends are more the exception than the norm.

No. 1780127

with the head gaskets yeah, they tend to leak, but I don't think there's typically transmission issues.

No. 1780135


You guys have bad and immature friends. The only time I didn't hang out with my friends while dating was when I was dating an abusive scrote. Outside of that, it's not that hard to balance romantic and platonic relationships. Some people just put all their eggs in one basket.

No. 1780139

Your constant apologizing fucking pisses me off. Stop apologizing when you don't mean it and it's just a way to make yourself feel better, if you know you fucked up then shut the fuck up and fix the problem. I'm not going to validate you with forgiveness just because you're used to it because apologies don't matter at all, only actions do.

No. 1780151

Fine bitch, I'm not sorry lol.

No. 1780157

File: 1700506413462.png (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, 383872u2hdh392iwn.png)

I haven't watched anime in over 10 years, but small random jujutsu kaisen reels were popping up on my feed and they were pretty wholesome and mostly about these two retards, so I decided to start watching. I didn't really read anything beforehand and just went in blind thinking it would be a little funny, wholesome anime but no. Lesson fucking learned.

No. 1780162

Looks like I won’t be getting a job anytime soon. I don’t have enough money to pay rent for December. I applied for 300 jobs. I got 3 interviews and all of them went the same. Im qualified, dressed professionally and was never late or answered questions weird. They just don’t like the way I look. It always goes like this: they email and call me to set up an interview. The person calling me is happy and upbeat. I get hopeful. Day of interview I meet the same person and I can tell they look disappointed as soon as they see me. At the end of the interview, they cut the interview short and say goodbye without looking at me. Im so sick of this shit. It’s not my fault I look like this… If things don’t look up I’ll hang myself. It’s sucks because I just met a guy who im dating (for a month) and he has no idea im unemployed. I get so annoyed easily at everything. There’s train ticket inspectors everytime im on and I just want to snap at them and scream. Honestly, to summarize my life, it wasn’t worth being born. All the struggle, anxiety, anticipation, failure, celebrations. It wasn’t worth it. I’d rather not be born. The negative outweighs the positives in my life so far (im 29). I don’t have a rich family to fall back on. I come from a family of addicts and failures. Im sure I wasn’t planned, just an oops baby. Im tired of not having security in life. All my life I’ve barely scraped by, at the verge of disaster, I always managed to keep head above water. Im sick of this shit.

No. 1780165

>thought it was wholesome
Oh dear anon. Oh dear. Did you make it to season 2?

No. 1780169

nonnie I’m the same; I don’t know anything about JJK, do you recommend it?

No. 1780177

Can someone give me the tldr

No. 1780178

Nta but if you like hot men go for it. It's one of the few series that mainly has fanservice for women. About the story itself, it's okayish but nothing to write home about imo

No. 1780179

Ultimately, I think it depends on the maturity level and emotional intelligence of the people you get along with. My best friend has a husband, and we always make sure to talk often and hang out when it fits both of our schedules. My other friend is in her first ever relationship, and she's absolutely smitten by the guy and is codependent on him. I talk to her and see her less often despite knowing her for longer. As difficult as it may seem, you have to find people that share similar values and who care to reach out to you.

No. 1780183

Lol yes, it's actually good, consideringI haven'twatched anythingin so long, just not what I expected

No. 1780187

I have to stop using /ot/ because the looks sperging is worse than/ snow/. I wish I never found lc, I'm too mentally weak. Kept trying to ignore those posts but it's so out of hand recently that I want to self harm. It's no wonder people in the world want sameface surgery because that's the only accepted way to be. I don't want to be an individual anymore.

No. 1780195

It's very good if you enjoy supernatural fighting.

No. 1780196

they are literally trannies or faggots, ignore them. They are seething they will never be women and beautiful regardless of bodyshape and face.

No. 1780211

nona if you're dating a guy then what do you mean? i will sound evil but as someone who might be in this situation soon, why not wear a lot of makeup and try to momentarily stacymaxx or something. unless it's a race issue. then i'm sorry

No. 1780215

can't imagine being so obsessed with the sound of your own voice that you have to moan and mumble to yourself loud as fuck when you go into the bathroom to shit

No. 1780217

If you're the same nona who vented about this issue in an earlier thread, wear makeup in a way that will make you look older. Study that. My friend was in a similar position, and the makeup made her look more mature rather than how young she typically looks. Good luck.

No. 1780218

I fucking hate people who do that

No. 1780224

it's so weird. i hate narcs

No. 1780232


No. 1780236

Keeping my fingers crossed you get it, nona!

No. 1780237

What's a state-level job?

No. 1780250

Gonna shit myself so loud I hate being scared

No. 1780256

>You guys have bad and immature friends.
I'm aware.
>Some people just put all their eggs in one basket.
That's the issue, I thought a partner/romantic relationship was supposed to serve a different purpose than platonic friends, but so many people treat it as a replacement.

No. 1780260

File: 1700510174667.gif (2.94 MB, 360x166, scared-ghost.gif)

I'm so sorry, your post reminded me of this video.

No. 1780276

Sometimes I feel sad? Disappointed? (Idk the exact word to describe the feeling) that my ethnic country doesnt have signature dishes or a rich culture. I was about to use the poverty excuse but I still feel like a lot of poor countries still have strong cultural/traditional foods but mine are all just simplified versions of things borrowed from nearby countries. There is nothing like how Vietnam has “Pho” or Finland has Karjalanpaisti. I feel like there’s a lack of identity.

No. 1780289

Does anyone else get extremely obsessed with people they have never met, but are friends of friends or something similar? I have been fantasising about become best friends with one of my boyfriends old friends (whom i don't think he has spoken to in at least two years, probably longer.)
I've written pages on pages of shit in google docs and my journal about it. I also feel a bit deluded that it might actually be possible for me and this person to become friends. Multiple times an hour I catch myself day dreaming about it.

No. 1780296

do you have bpd?

No. 1780302

No. 1780303

Close tab romanienon

No. 1780305

No. 1780309

There's really nothing impressive about being a jack of all trades but master of none. Do you not see that she traces everything? She traces over photos, over 3D models, over existing works, she doesn't have a good grasp on color theory (or anatomy when she has to freestyle it) - none of it is impressive. The other artistic shit she does is remakes if existing works too. How do you not see this?

No. 1780314

Weird format for vent post but whenever I see someone who traces literally anything and everything and can only mimic and copy other people's concepts as opposed to coming up with their own im always amused by the fact that they're 100% of the time convinced they're original innovative creatives with special content to offer when they are incapable of doing anything without copying it from someone else

No. 1780320

since they're not straight up about giving money to me i don't give a shit about leaking it. they say if i talk about it they won't give me anything but where has there ever been proof of getting money TO ME, for ruining my life, wasting years of it, and stalking me possibly to this day? it was first making me believe i was blind and mute and disabled. then abusing me if i was trying to talk and make friends. i was told the way i eat, the way i walk is wrong, while it was correct, they were teaching me how to do it wrong. then they put some identity into it. "you're being treated like this because of your sex and race." while switching the identity around. then some scrote would come in and be nice to me for a while. i've done all sorts of drugs. been made suicidal. had my future child's life threatened. insanity. they're saying i'll have to be poor because we've travelled with my family, that covered all expenses and i have nothing left and should just go leave everyone and live my retarded redacted life. literally my own family talked like this to me. every friend i had was most likely instructed to say shit to me, nothing organic or genuine. when i was suspicious of this i was told off. no matter what i did i was called names and berated for it. if i went to study i was told i'm too stupid for that anyway. if i had a boyfriend they told me he was going to leave, he does not love me. if i was happy for something they called that retarded. if i did something to my appearance they called that ugly. for years i believed everybody hated me for no reason at all, even strangers, that i'm ugly, disgusting, dumb, etc. i was always missing friendships, in withdrawals, unable to do anything. the experiment is something about identity, being trans and mixed race. not bait, when i was experiencing rape (they said was not real) i wanted to become male but they told me then they'd do it in the ass. making everything impossible and almost trying to get me to suicide. the mixed part was seeing "which side" i choose while no side wants me and everything is questionable, unsure. they're waiting to see whether i'd have a child?

No. 1780325

i know and i went to see the doctor several times about possibly having schizophrenia or bipolar and they said i would have to track my fucking moods for bipolar diagnosis but i did not sound schizophrenic to them. i am not on any drugs, illegal or prescribed, i do not believe i am important and i do not believe in supernatural entities nor do i see ghosts or hear voices.

No. 1780326

It's romaninon

No. 1780336

Why does your family think you're dumb?

No. 1780337

File: 1700513847459.jpg (235.71 KB, 757x679, eightfold-path-1337920575.jpg)

i like romanianon, she is relatable. shit happens. i was flewn out to several countries. i know you think i live in a slum and stink and look like schizojak but i lived an interesting life and i don't need to avatarfag. you sound like feds. very fast replies… pay me.

No. 1780346

File: 1700514060247.gif (1.94 MB, 498x498, well.gif)

I just realised that I can never go back to my parents, like, never. Sure, it's been like that for over 10 years now, but the realisation just set in and it's fucking sad. I can't go to my parents if anything really goes to shit in my life or if something happens to be amazing, I can't go to them for any advice, I can't go to them just for a small chat among adults. Just nothing. And no, my parents aren't dead, they are very much alive, sadly, but they never were parents. It was always me being the adult, caring for stuff, doing the emotional labour and after they fucked up really bad, especially my mother, there is nothing left, no trust, no understanding, no feeling that they are worth any communication. So, I have parents, that are alive, but they are dead and it would be so much easier if they were really dead and not just a shell of what a human being should be. Why couldn't I have parents that emotionally act like adults and just know something, not just zombies screaming at everyone and watching stupid shit on TV they won't even remember an hour later.

No. 1780348

You need help very badly.

No. 1780349

It’s an anxiety thing I’m sorry

No. 1780350

I don't know what you're going through nonnie but I wish you health and happiness. I have BD2 and being so paranoid and doubting everything is such an awful feeling, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.. you can get though this

No. 1780351

File: 1700514178310.jpg (160.37 KB, 900x613, 2-lamb-walking-in-field-of-flo…)

they don't. i have asked and they were surprised and asked me why i asked them that. my dad had to say that to me for the experiment. low self-esteem makes for easier manipulation. then they were complimenting me (while i changed nothing) in the new country to make me feel like i belong.

No. 1780354

Hi romanianon, I think there are some better places than lolcow where you can vent. I don't hate you but a lot of other users do.

No. 1780357

I didn't ask you experiment anon, I replied to another post.

No. 1780362

She repeats the same thing every single day, dozens of posts, refuses to seek help, refuses to consider other options, flips out on everyone, and the posts she makes that aren't talking about what a victim she is are racist and weird

No. 1780365

You might be better off in the 'get it off your chest' or vent thread nonnie, good luck

No. 1780370

the experiment was under the supervision of my parents, then under the supervision of a teacher who then asked about me from my boyfriend at a time. when i admitted to a family friend that i was suicidal, they told me it's because of the experiment, and then my mother came in and they told me it was the idea of my father, and is why we came to that country.

No. 1780372

>or vent thread
>is in the vent thread

No. 1780373

Could you post screenshots?

No. 1780375

My mom's food is so fucking bad I ain't even kidding

No. 1780377

Yeah the facebook comments

No. 1780379

That's your fault for having shitty friends

No. 1780384

A friend cancelled our plans and I'm not angry, not that sad but annoyed at myself because I was kinda excited yet careful because it feels like every plan always falls through with people, so I'm just sat here like "it's cool but come the fuck on"

No. 1780386

the sam altman bullshit truly makes me lose faith in humanity. everyone is ignoring that hes a sexual predator and coworkers threatening to quit their jobs like hes some fucking cult leader. the evil ones always prosper

No. 1780388

Kek ok romanianon.

No. 1780394

You cry about how much of a victim you are and expect us to console you when all you do is tell women to kill themselves

No. 1780396

Have you killed that cat yet?

No. 1780401

whatever happened to not calling women whores like you said before? all your replies just proves once again the "false" things anons said were true (as usual). then you wonder why you're the only one hated here

No. 1780409

did you know there are more people talking to you?

No. 1780414

Im early 20s and I relate to this a lot, it seems people in this age group are so self-isolating and closed off

No. 1780433

Yeah I am early 20's. I never dated and don't really have many friends but I can't imagine doing this shit. The friends I do have, from high school, do not do this.
>USA culture revolves around the family unit
I wish I knew this before being born here. My family was never close-knit, and it's small. It seems like American prioritizes family in only the negative ways. Like you need a husband you need kids and you need to move out of the house right now and abandon your parents in a home. Not all families, not mine, but a lot of families that claim to be close seem to be like that. Still I was so taken aback by my coworker saying he doesn't have friends because he has 7 siblings. Who knows, maybe if I had that many siblings I'd just hang out with them, too.

No. 1780480

Streaming services shilling out sex and indecent behavior to kids is sickening. I remember seeing this one netflix movie about this “cam girl” who gets hacked and instead of abandoning the dangerous and exploitative industry altogether she just makes a new fucking account? Don’t even get me started on big mouth, I don’t understand how it’s still en aire. And HBO’s euphoria having that whole monologue about how sending nudes is the love language of teenagers. Why does nobody seem to care about it? How do these shows continue being produced?

No. 1780503

I’ve been reading capeshit for the past few weeks and holy hell, western comics are on average infinitely worse with sexualizing women than anime is. Jfc, no wonder there are so many female anime fans compared to comic fans. Sure there are some anime that are almost complete sexualization but those are easy to avoid. Even the most deranged shounen fans make fun of Bleach and anime like that for writing their female characters like shit and oversexualizing them.

No. 1780508

You are stupid as fuck for lying about me to anyone who would listen to you. Keep crying fake tears and making up things that I've said. Some of those things are way funnier than I could have thought up, actually. None of this will ammount to anything for you. I just want to know what I did that was so heinous that you had to smear me.

No. 1780510

> I remember seeing this one netflix movie about this “cam girl” who gets hacked and instead of abandoning the dangerous and exploitative industry altogether she just makes a new fucking account?
Was that movie CAM?

No. 1780511


No. 1780513

File: 1700520617375.jpg (18.46 KB, 499x380, 11dbde614369a917401fa1738d5e10…)

Bleach has great female characters though, just Orihime is kinda annoying. Rukia is amazing.

No. 1780515

The neighbors came home and instead of dropping weights in the bedroom as per their nightly activites they decided to blast the TV instead. And I know it's on purpose because when they normally watch TV you can hear the faintest tiniest bass muffle instead of turning my ceiling into a Hitachi wand.

No. 1780517

George Floyd trending on twitter. I don’t give a fuck about him. He was a criminal. Held a pregnant woman at gun point and was buried in a gold coffin. Fuck him!! Black scrotes like to use him as an excuse to play the victim card and loot stores during protests

No. 1780520

I hate that as a black woman people expect me to care about him.

No. 1780524

You shouldn’t have to care about that scum bag. He was a criminal and didn’t deserve this status of almost martyrdom he has now

No. 1780525

No. 1780536

Oh. It's you.

No. 1780540

good luck nona i support you.

No. 1780544

I like to cry on barely lit rooms or cars at night, no one can truly see if you are crying or not.

No. 1780545

Why has the term troll devolved into meaning "anyone who disagrees or says something I dislike or doesn't kiss ass" rather than what the term trolling originally referred to? The internet is a joke god I need a new addiction.

No. 1780553

Take a breath, start a hobby, go for a walk in sunshine, open your bedroom window and let fresh air in

No. 1780561

I hate people who resort to semantic or definitional games because they don't have an argument. "Ackshually facts are not always truthful." How did you go from trying to claim that just because someone owned a deplorable manga doesn't mean they read it to debating the semantics of facts not being truthful? Not all facts are truthful; we know that, but that has little to do with the original argument. They always try to use semantic games to justify noxious shit too.

No. 1780695

File: 1700527808474.jpeg (6.11 KB, 259x194, bro.jpeg)

>Be on period after extreme sickness that almost resulted in ER visit
>Bf away on Business trip
>Cave in and ask him to order calzone for me
>He does it and should be simple
>It's currently HELL.
>Guy says he doesn't have the food and that he didn't accept the second order
>He drives to my place and I ask him face to face
>Says he's in contact with Uber and he's gonna try and solve the problem
>Writes to my BF in the chat saying another man's delivering the food as he didn't accept the order
>Order says it's still on the way and I can technically see this man driving off to his house or whatever
>It's been over 1 hour and I could have driven there and back in less than 30.
>As I am writing this
>My order is cancelled.

No. 1780715

Fun update
>Call restaurant directly cause this seems all too fishy
>Guy says the saw the guy eat the order and he just lied to me & Uber
>Says it's cause he gave the order to the other people instead.
Either way, fuck him.
I get mistakes, but jesus christ just write to uber from the start, why add another 45 minutes to this shit show.

No. 1780718

In all fairness there are some anons that have admitted to saying inflammatory shit just to get a rise out of people, which is the classic definition of troll.

No. 1780724

Oh I'm pissed for you, had a guy show up with 1 rice and curry after ordering rice/curry for 5 of us and I gave him shit after he said thats all he was given and I saw him sit in the parking outside of the school two blocks away for like 1 hour. 3 hours later we finally get refunded after arguing with uber and the driver. Resturaunt confirmed he took it and ate it. Idc someone wants to eat it but claim it fell or some shit and don't make me wait hours tf.

No. 1780738

I (mild) hate when I take a nap and return to see a thread jumped up 200 posts. I'll need another nap by the time I finish catching up! Ranting about this because the real shit going on makes me too depressed to vent so please take the silly one instead.

No. 1780744

i wasn't talking about lolcow, i meant on normie sites like twitter and youtube.

No. 1780772

File: 1700531947750.gif (11.31 KB, 220x183, sad-emoji.gif)

Just logged in to my very first Facebook account ever which is 12 years old,I made when I was in 5th grade ,only to not find any pictures of myself facing the camera just pictures of objects and of my hands.I pretended to be another girl (but that's another story) but before I did that I never found any photos I took of myself…I was very depressed and insecure and was so self conscious that i deleted any photos of me entirely im so disappointed and unhappy as well as regretful I was so looking forward and a little anticipated to see some nostalgic pictures of tween-teen me only to not find any.permanently deleted my Facebook account afterwards.

No. 1780777

nonna when i was 19 years old I deleted every single picture of myself so I feel you. I am very insecure as well. now I have no pictures of myself as a teen. oh well

No. 1780783

I don't feel so good after drinking for the past two days, mostly mentally, because i've been in this state many times before and i never learn. And i'm also hungry, but cooking feels like too much right now, guess i'll just put some cheese on bread and microwave it.

No. 1780790

Relatable. I threw out my photo album, i hated my life and people, but there was one picture i should have kept.

No. 1780796

I did the same thing. Every picture I ever took of myself, friends, pets and art from age 12-17 gone forever. I also trashed all of my journals and artwork..I’m really upset about it now that I’m in my 20s. Little did I know I was deleting core memories of my “youth” that id someday miss. I deleted them from a place of low self esteem and cringe during a depressive episode.

No. 1780818

File: 1700535635490.jpg (8.36 KB, 275x222, 1698723538057.jpg)

My mom is retarded. She doesn't understand aging at all. No mom, you're face blind and there is no psyops. She needs to stop consuming certain media because it's making her more retarded than usual. Fuck rumble the most.

No. 1780821

Every possible symptom of sickness in me makes me stressed out because I know I have no money to treat it. I really hope all that I'm feeling. and the small signs I'm seeing will fade away, because I can't afford mentally of financially to deal with anything serious right now.

No. 1780891

one of the ppl in the cluster b thread pic looks like a fat version of my dead sister and i feel like im being haunted every time i visit /snow/

No. 1780902

I hate male eBay sellers so much. They're so fucking condescending when answering questions about an item.

No. 1780904

Sorry for your loss but this is so funny

No. 1780939

when it comes to texting with me and my boyfriend, he tends to leave me several sweet messages throughout the day. this would be fine, right? except once in a while i get really pissed off about something and need to vent, but when i pull up our chat and see one of those messages, i have to stop in my tracks and come up with a similarly sweet message, or else he'll give me grief about it. if he doesn't do it then, he'll hold onto it and use it against me later. i just want to feel my rage, man. i don't have many others i can express myself to. every other time i reply to his damn messages.

i tried to talk to him about it, he told me i have to be romantic "even when i don't feel like it." that's rich coming from him. he doesn't talk or spend time with me when he doesn't want to. one of our longest lasting arguments is that he isn't present enough. he's always said he's a loner and socializing doesn't come naturally to him, and that i have to initiate… everything, pretty much. once in a while he'll concede, but the most he'll do is say, "hey, let's do something together on this other day." i still have to do the legwork when it comes to planning and filling out all the details. it's tiring.

what the fuck do i say to him?

No. 1780950

ty for your sympathy, i think she would have found it funny too (she was also a farmer)

No. 1780960

sometimes I think about posting some really complicated and embarrassing stuff on here that I would really value some jaded wiser nona's opinion on but the thought of some retard anon baiting off of my (or someone else's) troubles is enough for me to go fuck that and just paste whatever I was writing into a text document and close the tab. especially as of late.

No. 1780997

Why didn’t my parents ever brag about me as a kid. Not even bragging about how I was such a good artist when I drew animu or how I was a computer genius because I knew how to install programs for them. I was really shy and awkward as a kid so maybe they didn’t want to embarrass me but it just feels like they were never proud of me. I just find it so cute and sweet when parents are so proud of their kids even when they’re grown.

No. 1781001

File: 1700548101557.jpeg (376.7 KB, 1080x1080, 812D9664-8547-456D-B5DD-3F844C…)

I don’t like the holidays anymore. I don’t like Thanksgiving or Christmas. I just want them to be over. Both just feel like rituals i no longer want to participate in. The turkey hasn’t even hit the table and I’m sick of seeing Christmas everything shoved in my face. It just seems like a cruel reminder that things will never be like they used to be, and now I’m stuck coping in a reality I’m struggling to keep up with.

No. 1781072

He sounds obnoxious, dump him.

No. 1781085

I was getting off the bus today, on my way from work, and this old man who was with a woman, whom I assume was his wife, started to get up his seat at the same time.
I was standing and the bus was crowded, and at some moment, this guy rubbed his dick on the back on hand, while I was holding on the rail.
I don't know what kinda posture did the had to manage to do it, but it was disgusting. I don't even think he was wearing underwear, the sensation is burned into my mind. It was the back of my hand, but I feel like I got a stupidly specific image of it and I fucking hate it.
He got off the bus at the same time as me, and I didn't say anything cause I was scared he lived in the same neighborhood as me or something, and yesterday a neighbor was warning people about a problematic couple that had threatened him with a knife. Wasn't gonna take any chances, so it took everything I had to not start punching him right there and then.
I arrived home, with my hand far apart of my body, as if it was soiled with something.
I just can't shake the feeling of filthiness and disgust, I wish I could cut off my hand.
What's worse is that when I was trying to hug my husband in bed, all I could think about was that, and it made me feel awful.
It took me years to start getting better after my past abuses, and now I'm feeling tainted again thanks to this. I fucking hate men, what the fuck did I even do to deserve this, I was just on the bus back from home. Fuck this shit.
This is why I hate when they argue that old men deserve to be in women only spaces just cause they're old. No, they're just as disgusting and useless as their younger counterparts, and some are even worse cause they know they can get away with it.
I don't know what the fuck to do, I don't have money to go to therapy again, and all I want to do is scream and peel off the skin of my hand.

No. 1781088

Everything tastes like metal and I can't eat I wanna kms

No. 1781100

Why you don't celebrate them? Genuine question

No. 1781108

My contract ends un February but I am a bit worried since no one on my project had heard anything yet if we're getting renewed… The animation industry is so bad right now. I'm sorry to anyone trying to come back or get in. I wish I wasn't stupid and was able to code or something.. and I know I could learn that skill but I actually can't code for shit. The writers strike really fucked all of us

No. 1781121

Software industry is fucked too, people are losing jobs and new hires are down.
The economy worldwide is fucked.

No. 1781123

I hate searching for a job
I hate linkedin
I hate corporate asslicking
I hate how I was underpaid and overworked while excolleagues who weren't as bright earned doube or more
I hate how people with a lower skillset usually get hired because of networking, it fucking sucks
I only want a job because I need money and to save a lot of it, then I'll take a one year break from corporate hell
I hate working so much you have no idea, I'm so sick of the cUlTuRe , give me my fucking paycheck and fuck off, being friendly got me nothing but trouble anyway

No. 1781129

I studied power electronics and I feel like I only got hired because it is a trend to electrify everything because enviroment. Scared of when it will end.

No. 1781137

what does she cook?

No. 1781138

genuinely, what drives someone to work in hr? it can't just be the money, it has to be some sort of power trip craving that makes someone able to play with lives in this way.
i was let go for a misunderstanding after being promoted barely a month prior and i'm still picking up the pieces. i've had time to grieve and i know it's just a job, there's another job, i'll find something better, etc. etc. but i don't know what that is yet and fuck, the missed opportunities will haunt me forever. i was about to do something great and i miss my coworkers being and those feeling comes in waves. i just wish someone on that team talked to me like a human instead of a number when i tried to appeal it, i tried really hard.

No. 1781139

yes, they often love the power trip and even if they didn't go into hr because of that, they get accustomed to it easily. i'm sorry for what happened to you anon, keep your spirits up and i hope you find a better position at a place where you're treated as a person.

No. 1781140

I do celebrate, I’m just at a point in life where it doesn’t bring me any joy and it feels like I’m begrudgingly going through the motions. I miss enjoying it.

No. 1781145

File: 1700564285211.jpeg (208.52 KB, 828x1536, IMG_3932.jpeg)

Why do moids have to be so fucking retarded? Since moving to tokyo I often spend my free days just walking and cycling around doing absolutely nothing but observing. Sometimes I just lay down on the floor in my apartment and stare at the ceiling. My friend and I like to have picnics just so we can lay in the grass and watch clouds. Do they really think women are incapable of enjoying the simple pleasures of live? What the hell happened to them to make them this hostile towards us?

No. 1781151

If males are so happy and better off without women, why are they 4x more likely to kill themselves, and die faster when unmarried?

No. 1781152

>see 10 view video on youtube
>just a girl making some pasta in her kitchen
>oddly relaxing, she's just having fun sharing a comfy moment
>nothing pretentious or obnoxious, very genuine
>see description
for some reason this breaks my heart, she seems so nice but i guess she struggles with womanhood. i used to want to be a boy too. i see tifs all the time but she seems like such a kind lovely person and i hope she is okay

No. 1781160

Just a simple, joyfully happy moid enjoying the simple pleasure of logging onto twitter and posting a lengthy rant about how pathetic it is that women like to do things and go places. lmao

But yeah men genuinely think women have no inner life and can't fathom us being human beings too so they make up this shit based on their incredibly limited perspective and unwarranted arrogance.

No. 1781161

Nailed it.

No. 1781162

It's somehow worse than regular crazy aidens when you go on a blog or whatever of a girl who is totally normal and seems cool, then you see the he/they pronouns. They aren't posting about gendie/political stuff and are just enjoying fandoms or hobbies but they still can't get themselves to admit to being a female (god fucking forbid). It's just so, so insanely sad. Worst is when it's an older woman, I can assume a younger woman is just caught up in a fad but when it's someone with maturity and life experience, it's like fucking hell how much can women collectively loathe themselves?

No. 1781166

File: 1700566431735.jpg (47.32 KB, 540x322, jasuka.jpg)

is it just me or do a large portion of men not laugh at women's jokes unless they're in some kind of sexual relationship? my sample size here is admittedly pretty small but i've noticed that the men i hook up with will generally only gut-laugh at the things i say after we have sex. and it's not like i'm not funny or interesting either, most people i know have/would describe(d) me as both. i was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day and he said "i guess you are pretty quick-witted", as if he'd only just realised.
men also generally do not take me seriously or act as if i don't know what i'm talking about when i am significantly more qualified than they are. i was talking to a moid at a party and trying to explain an embarassingly simple mathematical concept to him, and he kept insisting i (literally in grad school for a maths related discipline) was actually wrong about how it works. a male friend of mine attempted the explanation in essentially the same words as i and it was only then that the guy got it. the moid i was talking to is a friend of my friends who has a tendency to make fun of my voice and make "haha woman" jokes at my expense near every time we are in the same room. is this it for the rest of my life? just having to defer to men with more percieved authority than me? having to capitulate to jokes of casual misogyny in attempt to not be socially ostracised? might as well just kill myself nonas i can't take it anymore

No. 1781175

If your friend lets one of their friend mock you they're not a good friend. I guess that friend laughs at those jokes too. Have you ever mentioned that to them? I would hate being around blatantly misogynistic men and I hope you can stand your ground and avoit that too.

No. 1781190

>As soon as you bring a woman with u, now u have to do something every 5 minutes
>Like going to cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, tourist attractions
>W-we men can find joy in doing nothing, not like those golddiggers!!
Notice how all these activities cost money, Lmao he's broke BROKE All I'm hearing is a bum that cannot even buy a latte let alone take his girl to a nice date, rather convince her to be happy with next to no effort

No. 1781192

I had the opposite impression because I would love to just walk around (safe areas in) cities or visit parks and buildings and stuff, but sometimes I get pushback like "why? no let's go here and do something for once"

No. 1781196

Sometimes it bothers me that so many anons have no reading comprehension or get obvious jokes but then I remember that half the userbase are diagnosed autists so then it makes sense

No. 1781202

There are a good few men who aren't like that, which may also depend on your area. I have had male friends who basically defer to me like a mother or teacher kek, but also encountered a few who just like to argue. They aren't worth my time because I hate arguing or being belittled so I refuse to waste my precious life on them if it can be avoided. Also if my friends don't laugh at my stupid jokes then we are simply incompatible. The point is to have fun together and I love making people laugh.
You deserve better company, nona. I bet you're really cool. Party dude also just sounds like a dick in general, fuck that guy.

No. 1781203

Samefag but I'm not trying to belittle your point. It is indeed an issue that so many men are like this and it is sexism.
We can just deal with it and maximize our own happiness by avoiding them when possible (outside of work and schoolwork).

No. 1781208

if they get "so much joy" from just strolling around why are they even thinking of shit like this? kek he wishes he had a gf to spend time with

No. 1781211

i feel like everytime i introduce some friends to other friends they always end up hitting it off and liking eachother way more than me and have their own group chats and shit, i always feel like such an outsider and a loser. and the thought i always default to is feeling like killing myself honestly. i finally have and am making friends after years of not having any and it just feels pointless, im no ones best friend or favourite, im no one that someone messages everyday or talks to for advice or when needed, im just a literal nobody and it makes me feel so empty and pointless. to top all this shit off, a guy that said he loved me and i was getting close to suddenly pulled away and doesnt message or call back and people have told me to block him for a while which i did while drunk a few days ago. fucking no one cares about me or gives a shit about me, no one fucking loves me or wants to spend time with me, no one gives a fuck, i dont know why i even bother continuing to exist

No. 1781214

i hate how antagonistic lc has become, I don’t understand why it became this way. I feel like I’m talking to zoomers all the time too. I feel lonely even here. This sucks, there really isn’t any other places to go.

No. 1781229

It's finnish male zoomers because their main imageboard shut down, or something like that. Someone might have a screencap of the anon prophesizing this event.

No. 1781240

File: 1700572901067.jpg (13.24 KB, 180x274, 9781032063782.jpg)

My ex hit me up on Facebook because he has seen me on a dating app (I'm pretty sure he's out of my set age range, so I guess he must be agescumming), meaning obviously I'm single and ready to mingle. Not only did he end up ranting to me about his dates and how unsuccesful he was before I even had a change to read his message, he also found in worthwhile to share how his last date told him to fuck off because he put his hand on her ass at the end of a 3-hour date, and how unreasonable this was after her being flirty prior in online messages.
Then he basically told me how he loved me years ago, and how he had fond memories, and that the time we hooked up years after our breakup left him wondering why I didn't contact him after. And I realized how much of a disconnect there is between us. We had zero common interests, had completely different worldviews and I often cried after sex, and yet he thinks I must've had a great time and want to reconnect. I haven't thrown anything in his face as I have emotionally processed all this shit years ago, but being exposed to his complete blindness, that he'd think that I want to date him now and that he thinks I care about him molesting women on dates leaves me feeling slimy, like even this minor interaction makes me less of humanity as a whole.
The worst part is I might have entertained the idea of at least a hookup if he looked nice, but the last time he looked good was 2013.

No. 1781248

Fuckkkkkk. Another UTI. All I did was rub a quick one out. I'd washed my hands an hour beforehand and done nothing but sit on the couch reading in between. You really have to be this sensitive urethra?

No. 1781249

In the weird traditional personality thing of my country (like zodiac but somehow more ridiculous) you'd be classed as the scout who goes ahead and behind of the group, ensuring social cohesion yet always alone at the end. Was treated with respect and viewed as being an "overseer of life and death, understanding the rebirth after death more than any other 'type'".
That said, don't kill yourself kek you would be advised under this school of thought to notice and observe similiar people to yourself (other "scouts") and bring them into your life even if you don't click, because they will bring friends to you, just as you do for others. Good advice tbh

No. 1781250

File: 1700573355098.png (1018.75 KB, 640x620, IMG_3358.png)

I finally did it. I threw away the vape carts and dab pens. I know I’m a few hours I’m gonna regret it but it needed to happen.

No. 1781253

Have you considered weaning yourself down? It's really hard to go cold turkey on nicotine.

No. 1781254

I'll be honest nonna, I only wash my hands if I'm cooking or if I used the toilet, I dont ever wash them before I rub. I dont insert though.
I've only had like 3 UTIs in my whole life

No. 1781255

I also have a sensitive urethra. Taking D-Mannose and drinking marshmallow root tea has really helped future UTIs from occurring (at least for me).

No. 1781257

Nta, was about to recommend the same! Hope op sees

No. 1781260

My approach is to handle them as if they were actual kiddos (it works so far)

No. 1781266

Yeah I’ve been “weaning myself off” for a couple years. It just feels stupid of me to continue inhaling heated metallics.

No. 1781267

I don't insert either, I just think my urinary tract system is being a little bitch. This has only started happening in the last five years, I wonder if I'm deficient in a nutrient that I'm not realizing.
That's a good suggestion and I'm going to try that out. Usually I try to keep really hydrated in my day to day life, and whenever I feel anything coming on, I start taking Azo.

No. 1781270

When i had one of my 3 utis I took some tablets for it, it helped alot.
My last one was 4 years ago, my ex fingered me after patting his cat (i asked him to wash his hands, he said he did) and it was the worst thing I've ever experienced.
He didnt fucking care, I had to beg him to take me to the chemist to get stuff.
It was awful, he fucked around at the shopping center while I was dying. I ended up just spending hours in the bath with warm water because thats all that would help the feeling and was the only way I could pee.
He tried to have sex with me during that time. Unbelievable.
Then said it "came out of nowhere" when I dumped him.

No. 1781279

If they told you it was a head gasket, its probably over. But it could be the thermostat or the radiator, is your car leaking? Is the coolant level going down quickly? A non shit brand car with only 130k miles is weird to be dying like that.

No. 1781285

reeeee I am sick of people asking me for charity for foreign countries or cats or fucking donkeys FUCK OFF

No. 1781288

You tell them a thousand times, and it always "comes out of nowhere." When I was 19 I didn't have money to go to the doctor, so I had a UTI that ended up lasting for like four months. Just constant pain that I would sit with ice packs against my groin to try to numb it. I don't know how I didn't get a kidney infection and die, it just eventually went away on its own.

No. 1781293

weird. I don't get what a moid would enjoy about this site

No. 1781294

Are you on birth control? That gave me constant utis over literally nothing

No. 1781296

Kek just say his hairline looks higher and block him

No. 1781299

holy fuck 4 months!? I'm glad you're ok now you're so so lucky

No. 1781303

i've been getting utis since i was 4 years old and never even had sex. somehow it decreased at 22, idk how

No. 1781319

I listen to videos/movies/podcasts on 1.5-2x speed and now any video thats not that speed sounds like people are purposefully talking so so slow

No. 1781328

Not on birth control, though I've heard my friends also mention that hormonal birth control and pregnancy makes UTIs more common. From what I understand, your urine is more concentrated with sugar and protein if you're pregnant/your body thinks you pregnant.
From what everyone says, I honestly don't know how I didn't die. But then I think about my peasant ancestors who had twelve children and a dirty dicked husband and wonder how they didn't die either.

No. 1781339

So sick of people telling me I look unhealthy because I get pale during the winter, I get it's out of concern but it's so annoying. Also I ended a friendship recently and I heard she has an eating disorder now, I want to contact her but she told me she hates me after I said I didn't want to be friends anymore. I don't even want to talk to her again, I just don't want her to starve herself. I don't know anymore nonnies.

No. 1781352


They're just deluding themselves, I believe men are incapable of enjoying the simpler things, and are always scared of being judged. That's why they have that suicide rate, if they were so happy, we wouldn't have to hear them moaning and bitching about how their suicide rate is so high.
I think they're just jealous because we get joy of simpler things, specially now that the picnics are back. The amount of videos were a men is shitting on a girl for having fun is absurd. They're just trying to convince themselves that they're happier than use cause otherwise they have nothing.

No. 1781375

Men think women don’t have an inner world or monologue or find things funny when they’re alone.

No. 1781380

they get joy from strolling outside so they can follow and stalk local women

No. 1781391

i put my bunny down today. i feel like such a bad mom, she was old and even if she lived through treatment that wouldnt give her much time. she was a little bossy cunt and i already miss her so much

No. 1781403

Um what are you supposed to do in a new city? Are you not supposed to see the museums and tourist attractions? Walking around for 8 hours doing nothing sounds like a fucking hassle and a good way to get robbed

No. 1781407

I’m so sorry. I had to put my dog down back in April and I know there isn’t really anything to take away the pain except time. Just know that you gave her the best life possible and that she was loved for majority of her time on this Earth.

No. 1781414

I don't see how this is supposed to work anymore.

No. 1781457

I wish I could go full no-contact with my mom because she doesn't deserve anything when she talks cold cash shit about everyone who helps her, but she only has me and my grandma. It would be unfair of me to leave all of those issues to my grandma when she is already taking care of so many other things AND she's the one who actually has to live with my mom. God I hate that mentally ill NEET bitch.

No. 1781470

Everytime she talks shit on those who help her just say something like "Why are you talking this way about someone whos done so much to help you? Are you not grateful? Whats wrong with you?"
Literally. Every. Time.
She will eventually stop doing it to you, if your grandma gets in on it she will stop with her too.

No. 1781472

Are all boomers like this or is it just my coworker? She likes to make small talk and talk about the most mundane stuff. I try to be nice and I’ve gotten better about it, but I’m not a chatterbox there to entertain her. She’s always scolding me about how I need to “talk more” and be “more social”.
Anyways, this morning I literally just arrived at work, and here we go again…
>”What’s wrong?”
Nothing, I’m just tired and need some coffee.
>An hour later
>”It hurts my feelings when you don’t talk to me. We don’t need to have a 15-minute conversation.”
I reassure her that I’m not ignoring her or anything. Every day that I come in, I tell her good morning. After lunch, I ask her how it went, even though I couldn’tcare less. I ask about her weekend plans. Idk what more she wants.
>”Okay well I’m telling you it hurts my feelings”
Okay…? Everyone around here knows that I’m a quiet person and no one takes issue with this, they know I’m an introvert. I participate in office small talk and I do make an effort to socialize, but I guess it’s not enough for her? My life is boring, why does she want to know about what I do outside of work. I know she doesn’t got much going on either. Who cares??? I’m here to make money, not make friends.
Then she goes ranting about how I “don’t do anything” and that people always look at her. That’s bullshit. We work supply/inventory in our department and if someone comes up and asks for something, I get up and go get it. Running to the back to get an item gives her the opportunity to chit-chat with whoever is at the window, so I always try to do it. Also, people are looking at her first because she’s the more experienced of us two and has been here longer than I have. Of course people are going to look to you first. I tried to explain this to her but she lives in a different reality I guess, or has no self-awareness, because she kept insisting I “don't do anything”. She makes me annoyed but it’s not worth arguing with her because she refuses to listen to reason.
>”You never like having conversations with anyone.”
I can’t wait to leave this job and her stupid ass.

No. 1781494

You need to reply with "Please respect what I say when I tell you I'm not a chatty person. Your insistence on making me feel bad when I'm already outside of my comfort zone chatting hurts my feelings. Please respect my efforts I'm already extending towards you."

No. 1781499

I feel like I'd have to quit if a coworker cornered me to have a discussion about how they're seriously upset over the lack of meaningless small talk between us. It would be so uncomfortable to continue working with them and forcing myself to make conversation so they aren't pissed. I'd report it to HR or make some boundaries with this woman like >>1781494 said

No. 1781527

She's not a reasonable person, she's too mentally ill. I can already predict the responses I would get if I told her that. I've tried reasoning with her before, I'm kind of over it and don't want to put myself through anything I don't need to so I just gray rock to the best of my ability. I know you mean well though though anon, so thank you.

No. 1781533

I lost all my bookmarks on Firefox (mobile) after installing and reinstalling the app… I had everything synced and my passwords that were also synced were still there after the reinstall.

No. 1781548

Remembered one of the worst nights of life. It started with getting off work and finding out all the buses in my area were cancelled due to rain/possible flooding. Sucks. I was seeing a show that night and needed to rush home to change. I start the trek home up the big ass hill I live and I'm soaking wet immediately. A car stops beside me and says he's a delivery driver for a nearby place and asks if I want a drive up the hill, he doesn't give me any weird vibes but of course I'm going to decline. A few minutes later some guy starts actually harrassing me on the street. Walking close, commenting on my appearance, eventually reaches out and touches my lower back but stops when a group of people turn onto the street and I manage to break away. I shake it off, get ready for the show and book it downtown as quick as I can. The show is great even though my friend bailed and I went alone. After the show I get a text from my bf at the time saying he needs to talk to me asap. We meet up and he dumps me. This devastated me at the time, he was a huge rock for me and even helped me move across the country to get out of my abusive home. We weren't living together though. So I'm on the train home, trying not to cry and some other guy sits beside me and tries to invite me to some party he's going to as there are tears streaming down my face, again I get a fucking rando reaching out to touch me on my shoulder/neck. I just got off at an earlier stop, the train was empty and I didn't want to make anything worse. I get home and find out my roommate's sister was killed accidentally and tragically. She's a mess, I try to keep her calm but she tries to harm herself. I call 911 because I'm scared. She goes off on me and starts threatening my life because she doesn't want the police involved. Her family was out of town and I didn't know how else to help. Our friendship ended that night and she was my best friend at the time. That devastated me too. Idk why these memories are getting to me today. I feel so lousy.

No. 1781561

Tell her you aren't getting paid to talk to her and that her making a big stink of it makes you want to talk to her even less. Then tell your manager about it, document the incident for your records in case anything more comes of it, and go about your day. Screw her.

No. 1781580

You should talk to her about how much you love mowing the yard and other banal activities you look forward to. Autistic button collecting, you feel me?

No. 1781616

Jesus Christ nonny I am so sorry

No. 1781632

Thanks nonnas. I know I have avoidant tendencies, but I have been making an effort to be social and so far no one has had complaints except for her. I used to never do this much small talk. It does make me feel bad being berated like this and walking eggshells around her. People did warn me she was “feisty”, including my boss when I moved to this department, but damn. More like needy. If she throws a fit again, I’ll set my boundaries. I think what makes this situation more awkward is that it’s only us two in this area, with our workspaces right next to each other. I guess she expects us to be besties just because we work together? But I hate sharing my private life, and she believes in stupid politics and is a trumptard, so it would never work. If the situation escalates even after talking to her, then I’ll speak to my boss about it.
Kek, I know you’re joking but this is actually the type of crap she tells me. She asks me about my weekend plans, and my answer is usually “stay at home”, because its true and I don’t think she wants to hear about how I watch movies or play games because she already rants about how lazy and “stuck inside” young people are these days. Then I ask her what she is doing and her answer usually is
>I’m gonna mow the lawn
>I’m gonna go to the grocery store
If it’s a weekday, we ask each other if we got anything to do after work.
>I need to pick up a lottery ticket
>We’re gonna have sandwiches for dinner
Why this is so important for her to share that it makes her upset when I don’t ask, I don’t know. And these answers hardly ever change! I guess I’ll return the favor and elaborate more, say shit like I need to organize my coin collection or clean out my fridge.

No. 1781645

>I’ll return the favor and elaborate more, say shit like I need to organize my coin collection or clean out my fridge
Yep, just as I said. Keep it to the most simple activity. You don't have to be entirely milquetoast, but you should blend in with the walls if you get what I mean. Clean, organize, collect, maybe you can be spicy and say you're going to exercise or do yoga. It ultimately doesn't matter as long as it's believable and doesn't seem offensive.

No. 1781648

Or you could go extreme and make whatever youre going to do seem too good that she cant compete and gets embarrassed that shes trying to talk about her sandwich dinner when you've said you're going to a michelin star restaurant after going and seeing the opera after spending the afternoon skydiving

No. 1781668

I hate anime (though still watch a few) but I cannot understand liking/watching Made in Abyss. The creator is a fucking PEDO and im fucking tired of the excuses people make! Just skimming through the manga and artwork makes me fucking sick.

No. 1781682

Made in Abyss? Like, the anime with the gruesome scene of some half-animal character being forced to watch her friend suffer and melt into a blob thing? I once knew a tranny and he loved that damn show. But apparently it's made by a pedophile? Gee, go figure.

No. 1781687

Ah, thanks for reminding me to check if any new chapters have been released

No. 1781689

the whole anime industry is pedophilic, sorry to burst your bubble

No. 1781704

The manga is still going?

No. 1781710

Yep. There's a reason only creeps and neckbeards are into anime nowadays. Nobody normal likes it anymore because we all grew up or realized where it was headed.

No. 1781711

nta but that’s why I stopped watching anime altogether. I didn’t notice it when I was a weeb teenager, but going into adulthood, it’s hard NOT to notice. Just about every anime has pedophilic qualities. Even “wholesome” anime, disgusting moids will sexualize the kids and eventually the studio will make fan service to cater to them. I can’t watch anime anymore because it is all off putting to me. I don’t really care about nonnas with anime husbandos because moids suck.

No. 1781714

File: 1700590915826.png (147.79 KB, 383x404, FhiP-ktaEAAq1Ki.png)

Guess who dropped her phone in a puddle and now the headphone jack doesn't work? I'm literally gonna cry. I'm such a poorfag and Samsung made it super hard to remove the phone back yourself so I struggled for an hour try to pry the back off so I could dry my phone off aa muxh as I could wuth a towel. And now I did but the headphone jack still seems to be fucked. God why am I so clumsy. Who drops their phone outside when it rains??

No. 1781715

Nonnyyyy it happens to the best of us… I hope your phone will be ok

No. 1781716

>coworker speaks to me about another coworker admitting that he was fired for sexual harassment at his old workplace and informing her that if he "didn't find her so hot, he'd find her annoying"
>struggle a few days about whether or not to say something, eventually do with coworker's permission to higher-up after receiving advice about what to do
>manager is a fucking idiot and doesn't handle the situation properly
>be made to feel like a bad guy and a gossip for bringing it up in the first place

Fuck me, I guess.

No. 1781718

turn it off and put in rice and leave for a week

No. 1781719

No matter what they say, you did the right thing. He's a nuisance.

No. 1781720

Put it in a jar with rice, rice absorbs moisture.

No. 1781724

I can't watch that because I find the art style ATROCIOUS.

No. 1781739

Thanks guys. I am gonna do my best to leave it alone and see if it will dry. Luckily it's Thanksgiving week so no work related calls should happen. At least I hope not.

No. 1781747

I hate Apple Airprint please just fucking work fuck you tim apple

No. 1781750

I know that, and I do try pointing this out to everyone I meet.

No. 1781752

File: 1700592266671.png (521.83 KB, 851x431, torso reference.png)

He's legitimately a lolicon if not a real life pedo. there's a video that is now private (apparently? lol) where he shows off his studio and the child's torso mannequin he uses for reference, complete with child's underwear, child's clothes… people argued this was just an artistic reference, they'll probably do the same thing if he's found to have a massive stash of CP on his computer (which he undoubtedly does)

No. 1781758

File: 1700592601746.jpg (1.29 MB, 1128x3200, image.jpg)

2/2 and it's an open joke in the industry that he's a freak and a pedo as seen here. not that you can't tell that just from reading his manga.

No. 1781762

Yeah, there's no proper release schedule but every few months a new chapter might drop

No. 1781770

witnessed 2 instances of poor patient care today. it's being escalated, but it makes me so angry.

Unrelated: bro, just type in the chat, it's okay. idk why you keep starting and stopping whenever i say something. you know i'm the least intimidating person in the world, so even if we're not talking anymore, i'm not going to start shit or reach out to you.

No. 1781785

Why is this shit so open in Japan? I bring this up and I always get called a racist but why? I mean I know France and Germany is this bad too but not at this level. Why? Like, why is this not at the very least shamed?

No. 1781809

unpopular opinion but i think its worse in france, the states and germany. At least in Japan lolicon is considering an extremely niche subculture of weird otaku nerds, but in America/France/Germany its embraced by normies and the goverment. People consider Leon the Professional, taxi driver, pretty baby, and other pedo american movies to be cult classics. Dont get me started on frech pedo cinema and how it wins international cinema festivals awards or its targetted at normalfags like big mouth.

No. 1781814

File: 1700594243452.gif (439.18 KB, 275x275, 2C39471E-18BB-41F2-AF54-50F394…)

My super shitty ex texted me wanting to catch up even though he barely liked me while we were dating. The ex I’m still in love with still pretends I don’t exist

No. 1781815

>guy is legit pedo
>play it off as quirky tee hee so edgy

I fucking hate animefags

No. 1781818

They give zero fucks about the safety and wellbeing of women and children and then scratch their heads as to why birthrates are plummeting

No. 1781819

Japan only banned child pornography in 2014 after massive OECD pressure. That's why it's accepted, child porn was legal until less than 10 years ago.

No. 1781823

Not having enough money is slowly killing me inside. I can barely pay for my living expenses but I have nothing left for fun extra stuff. What is even the point when my full-time job requires me to work part-time too so there's any purpose? I'm so fucking lonely and want a cat but I'm afraid I can't afford vet and other expenses and to do that I'd need to work even more part-time along with my full-time job and then I'd have no time for a pet.

No. 1781829

File: 1700594521390.png (133.79 KB, 1652x392, gender equality japan ranking …)

Japan is the place where autistic moid reigns and has been that way for centuries. In past their women literally had status of furniture.
They keep falling in gender equality rankings each year, and are at bottom of the list.

Countries where women are more equal: China, Tajikistan, Sierra Leone and a number of other African countries, Muslim countries other than Saudi Arabia.

In a moid hell like that, of course pedos are free to reveal themselves.

No. 1781840

I think it's because it's just socially acceptable (due to past laws that have only recently changes etc.) and all scrotes are universally like that. See those documentaries about Pakistan etc. where adult men rape young boys because their retarded religion prevents women from even walking on streets in public. Most men are natural pedos and absolutely would fuck kids if there was no consequences.

No. 1781858

I remember a discussion here on lolcow mentioning how little children in anime can be depicted naked or nearly naked and there's often a lot of focus on child characters (anons were talking about Ghibli films specifically). I said it felt weird because old men being obsessed with little girls isn't great knowing there's rumors about them being pedos, and someone said it wasn't weird because Japan was just "more open" as a society and didn't mind nudity… I wish I could have pointed out that it's also a country that normalizes pedophilia and as you said, banned cp only 10 years ago.

No. 1781915

File: 1700596708388.jpg (60.15 KB, 512x768, 1682269016638.jpg)

I'm such an idiot. I managed to lose 2 pairs of gloves in the span of a month, one pair being a b-day gift from my best friend.

No. 1781930

File: 1700597068639.jpg (31.2 KB, 735x663, 98888acebe8ebbde6f2243a972e5f1…)

I just had to clean someone else's shit. In the beginning I got some kind of string (pretty sure it was TP soaked in shit water) on my leg from a plunger and grabbed it with the one fucking hand that I didn't have a glove on. I literally wanted to burn my skin off. Anyway, I put undiluted bleach on my hand and leg, and now that I've taken a shower i just sprayed myself with rubbing alcohol. I still feel gross and dirty but what can ya do. Sorry to gross you guys out

No. 1781943

I hate that I'm irritable all the time, I feel like a bitter old hag. I'm blaming the months long chronic pain I've been dealing with but I was miserable before the pain too, I just had good days back then. I hate hearing all the happy families at work, I hate being bothered but at the same time I don't want to be alone. I hate all the people so excited to come into my work and who ask the same stupid questions over and over. Everyone and everything is passing me off, of course I don't snap at anyone because it's not their fault I'm in a bad mood and in pain. I still try to smile but I don't want to hear your story or talk to you… The only person who always makes me feel better is my boyfriend and he can't always stay with me and I imagine I'm not as fun to be around right now. I just want my body to heal already. I can't tolerate being in pain and discomfort anymore, I cry every day because I'm so frustrated with everything.

No. 1781959

maybe a bit unrelated but there’s a tiktok of some girl explaining the differences of child coded characters. I said it’s wrong no matter what and got pushback from likely kids themselves. Idk man I am growing so damn tired, I am so glad I will not be having kids.

No. 1781965

There was this gig I really really really wanted to go to but didn't want to go alone because men. My boyfriends brother ended up giving him a spare ticket to go. Day of I make an impulse decision when I find out I love the opening band too so I buy a seated ticket in the row in front of where my boyfriend would be sat so I'd be in eyeline of somebody I know and can feel safe without intruding.
My boyfriend gives his brother a heads up and liteally says 'is it cool if she comes pres, its fine if not she can get there herself'. His brother then tells him to just go with me then and starts ignoring him. At this point I'd already bought a ticket and my boyfriend was pissed at his brother so got one in the seat next to me.
We get there and his brothers given the spare ticket to somebody else but we just keep our distance. As soon as my boyfriend goes to the bar and leaves me alone, his brother comes over and tells me its not my fault but my boyfriends and how he went about it, I tried to explain that it was my idea but he cut me off and explains that he knows what he did. I just tell him he never actually communicated his problem and it didn't have to escalate this much and he starts shouting at me as drunk men do, and I start shouting back at him. My boyfriend comes back and me and his brother are arguing so he seperates us and his brother starts shouting at him instead calling him 'sneaky' and telling him its his fault. He grabs my boyfriend by the collar and starts telling him to punch him, which my boyfriend refused and came and sat back down. I try to get up and go to the toilet and his brother grabs my arm and once again tries to reiterate its not my fault, which pissed me off because I've just watched him try to fight my boyfriend and if its anyones fault, its MINE so I say 'fuck you' and try to pull my arm away, he starts saying 'oh so thats how it is' and trying to get in my face until his friend pulled his arm off me.
I'm so confused as to how this escalated so much. Yeah, I can see its a bit annoying I was there, but I was sat separately on a different row and not directly in front of them and I was happy to be by myself and out of the way. Am I retarded or is this man overreacting?

No. 1781982

Ewwwwwwww I'm so sorry this happened to you I couldn't even finish your post, I hope you're doing ok after that

No. 1781983

I was surprised China beats them in gender equality, but then I remembered that even shitholes like CCCP Russia at least gave women an honest shot at getting valuable degrees and actually allow them to use them, even if they ended up overworked from FT work, child-raising and all kind of communal services. They at least managed to keep some dignity for their hard work. Japan seems more like the passive agressive type of shithole that lets women get medical degrees but then refuses to employ them because they should be wives.

No. 1781984

File: 1700599078384.jpg (27.03 KB, 640x480, images.jpg)

I'm very fucking sad because after graduating from college in the pandemic, 3 years later I got no real work qualifications, didn't want to immediately get a job plus the pandemic made me lose friends and it made me depressed, now I feel fucking useless, besides some odd small time jobs I've been jobless all this time and I've done nothing to improve my portfolio, I'm lost honestly, I know things can get better but where do I even start??? I need some words of encouragement honestly

No. 1781987

Can you post the whole list if possible please? I want to check the placement of my country

No. 1781992

I learned many years ago that Japan was a hellscape for women. My wife who works in stem went there on a business trip and she told me the women were shocked she was able to become a boss of her IT department because that wouldnt be a thing in Japan.

No. 1781993

It is never too late to start from scratch, some pathways are just more prudent than others after a while. I worked with a woman who went and became a veterinarian at 50 after thirty years of being an accountant. What's your degree in, and do you want to use it?

No. 1782005

I worry about what will happen to me when I get older. I'm single, don't want to have children and I'm not close to any relatives. I have siblings and nieces, but they are like strangers to me. I hope I'm healthy enough to take care of myself because I don't have money to pay a nurse.

No. 1782008

I'm in the same boat and have a very good chance of going homeless some day. No family.

No. 1782009

>if its anybodys fault its MINE
No it’s not

No. 1782011

you can focus on saving money for retirement while you're still young.

No. 1782028

I plan on killing myself honestly, I don’t want to be aburden to anyone

No. 1782037

I have a degree in graphic design, but don't want to work as one. I have plenty of other options with this degree, but honestly I have choice paralysis and the indecisiveness is not helping me

No. 1782047

>Marie the Doll
>Don’t Deliver Us From Evil
I watched the first French movie because it was getting hyped on Tumblr as being “aesthetic” and I knew nothing from it other than gifs. Big mistake. It was disturbing and the main character grooms an even younger girl at the end of the movie. Then I look at the directors other work and it’s more of the same vile shit. I started being more cautious about French movies after that because as you said a lot of “cult classics” contained pedophilia.
That’s disgusting.
Anime fags will do anything to justify the pedophilia in their favorite shows. They love to say “it’s just drawings”. No, the people drawing that shit are real pedophiles that stare at children, like the mangaka mentioned. No well-adjusted person draws minors naked and in underwear.
Really jumping through hoops there. This is just another reiteration of “well ackshually that’s a 1000 year old character that just looks like a kid!” Either they’ll grow out of this thinking when they’re older, or become pedophiles. She may look back someday and be embarrassed of herself.

No. 1782063

I'm confused, why is your bf mad? because you went to the same event as him?

No. 1782068

File: 1700602874657.jpeg (327 KB, 1920x1400, IMG_2422.jpeg)

i am so fucking retarded. i’m literally retarded. i’m failing and i had to drop several classes. i don’t know how i became like this. i used to score 90s and even 100s in high school. now i’m lucky if i even get a C grade. i keep making simple mistakes. i think i’m like this because of a learning disability but i don’t have the funds for treatment. i don’t even know why university is so pushed. i just wish i could get a decent job and live my adult life already… but you need a degree for fucking everything my brain can’t handle this now i’m cutting myself and crying alone in my room as it it’s going to fix my problems like a retard

No. 1782070

File: 1700603006526.jpg (479.67 KB, 1080x1570, Screenshot_20231121_224404.jpg)


>Japan seems more like the passive agressive type of shithole that lets women get medical degrees

Not even that

No. 1782075

no wonder so many japanese artists i follow are starting to transition

No. 1782083

I dont even understand how Japan gets worshipped by so many weeaboos across America AND Europe when Japan has so much bullshit like this clogged up. They have to be 100% focused on just the "glamor", which reminds me on how retarded they really are.

No. 1782084

I have no advice nonna, but I just wanna say university kicked my ass too. I failed several classes but I did graduate at the end. If your current university is too tough, maybe you could switch to an easier public or community college. That's what I did for some classes. There's no shame in finding university harder than high school. It's especially harder than grade school.

No. 1782086

It’s the same with kpop and South Korea even though the politics and plastic surgery and culture there are trash. The public transport is nice though, I’m jealous of that.

No. 1782099


Because east asian cultures love preserving face and appearing great. As a tourist you will see clean cities, great public transporation, good customer service, polite and introvert society…but then you find out that children getting molested on public transportation is a common thing

No. 1782100

Both Japan and Korea are horrible for women, but when you point this out to weeaboos, they get defensive. "NOT ALL OF JAPAN." I hate those videos where they say Japan is so safe, you can fall asleep on the street, but you know they dont extend that courtesy to women, which is why they have women only hotels and train lines. In Korea, they still have a huge issue with drugging drinks and cameras in bathrooms and bars.

No. 1782103

I remember when this article came out and all the japanophiles were silent about it.

No. 1782121

"muh anime". simple as that

No. 1782124

I'm so worried I wont be able to get pregnant. I just want to fast forward to like a month before I'm due to give birth.
Husband has said to wait until March to see if it happens, if it doesnt we will go get checked for issues.
I want a baby so badly I'm terrified it wont happen, apart from my husband its the only thing I've ever actually wanted in life.

No. 1782130

Sending lots of love and strength your way nonnie, my one friend tried for 4 years with his wife but they did it!!

No. 1782135

I hope it wouldnt take that long, I thought I was pregnant this month as my period was 8 days late but alas, it came.
I'm hoping in 4 years time I've already got 3 kids haha

No. 1782158

I watched Leon the Professional as a kid and didn't perceive anything sexual in it, it felt like an unusual friendship or father-daughter relationship, one needs to have a dirty mind to find it dirty, i wouldn't compare it to Pretty Baby, actual child prostitution happened in that one.

No. 1782178

Nta but the original script for the movie involved a sex scene between Leon and Matilda.

No. 1782179


My bf wasnt mad, his brother was mad

No. 1782182

>one needs to have a dirty mind to find it dirty
You need to rewatch it as an adult then. The little girl propositions Leon for sex and he turns her down.

No. 1782190

I'm so behind in work for this class I'm not going to pass… I tried to drop out weeks ago but it was already too late and I'm so far behind emailing the professor will be pointless. I'm so sick of college, I hate what I'm studying and regret choosing it because it's so FUCKING BORING and the job market is getting worse, I've always been terrible at school. I want to quit so bad but I've already sunk 2 years and lots of money into it and I'm already older than when "normal" people graduate and I just want a job that doesn't involve customer service so I don't fucking kill myself

No. 1782196

I’m the same but that’s because I was a kid. I watched it later and I was like “oh. I see.” lol

No. 1782204

I had to wipe old lady butts as part of my patient care training.

Now i'm conflicted, i liked that movie, especially the part where she grabs the gun and starts shooting randomly out of the window.

No. 1782211

File: 1700608961728.jpg (57.89 KB, 1200x900, 154475-4.jpg)

I think I posted in one of the previous threads, but I couldn't find my original post.
Anyways, last week I ranted about being picked on by 2 classmates. It's ridiculous because I'm in grad school and we're all in our mid 20s. The drama has to do with a guy, whom I have nothing to do with (Long story short, I used to be friends with Bully 1, but she started dating our other friend's ex like… within days of them breaking up. So I drifted apart with her and she became Bully 1.)
Anyways, I got fed up. I sent a super respectful text to Bully 1, calling out her behavior. She denied it at first, but then stopped arguing and agreed to be more respectful. I think I scared her by saying 'our classmates' were telling me about her whispering behind my back and shit kek. It was actually just one friend who was feeding me info.
Anyways sorry if this story doesn't make sense. But I'm proud of myself for standing up for myself. Now Bully 1 and Bully 2 are tripping over themselves to be nice to me. I think they're afraid I'll go to the school faculty. If I hear another peep about them whispering behind my back, I will.

No. 1782217

She was undeniably cool but it was still a pedo movie. I liked her when I was a kid too, she was an inspiration to be honest but I was an innocent

No. 1782219

NTA, but are you serious?! She's like 12. that's disgusting

No. 1782220

thank you, i feel a bit better after crying and hugging my plushies as corny as it sounds
good luck to you fellow university nonna, we will survive somehow…

No. 1782221

Makes sense to choose Natalie portman, since she supported pedos growing up.

No. 1782222

> I'm so far behind emailing the professor will be pointless.
No you're not. I once emailed my professor two weeks before the semester ended having done zero work and asked him for an extension and he gave it. You have no idea how under paid and over worked they are. Ask politely and you shall receive.

No. 1782225

don't talk to me through the bathroom door!!! I wanna pee and scroll in peace!!

No. 1782227

Well the director is a literal pedophile if you didn't know.

No. 1782229


No. 1782231

I didn't. that's awful. How did he even think to try to write in a sex scene? Like, how did he think that was ever gonna get greenlit??

No. 1782248

because regardless of americans coping, america is one of the biggest pro pedophilia nations

No. 1782258

my abusive stepdad showed me this movie as part of his grooming process when i was a little girl, that should tell you something

No. 1782270

She was a kid, they can’t see the future so whatever she did later has no bearing on them picking her for the role.

No. 1782283

Yup. Hollywood is pedowood for a reason.

No. 1782284

Aw shit I’m sorry nona. I have a similar story but it was a book I’ve never been able to find called the Progidal Daughter or something like that, and also telling me about the 8-yr-old (?) bride in the Quran on my 8th (?) birthday (can’t actually remember her age or my age)
He’s fucking dead now though serves him right his head was found 1/4 mile from his body eaten by animals and decayed I hope it was painful

No. 1782347

I fucking hate that the fetishes and desires of moids aren't shamed. Fucking degen moids masturbate to rape and misogyny. I found a moid-run blog that made me fucking sick. Fuck this "no kink-shaming" bullshit that degenerates come up with to defend their repulsive desires. They should be shamed. They should be shamed relentlessly. It's the only way they'll ever learn

No. 1782370

File: 1700615022231.png (133.29 KB, 2204x328, Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 5.02.…)

Faggots not take a jabs at women/make misogynistic remarks when women have nothing to do with the conversation challenge…. they always fail. I've never viewed gay men as allies to women but they've been pissing me off more lately. Like shut the fuck up.

No. 1782395

Was he murdered? Or did animals kill him?

No. 1782411

No idea. Half my family thinks people killed him (good, he was doing his usual bullshit with some kid in town apparently) and half my family thinks he just had an accident in the woods on his ATV (also good, hope he crawled for help and didn’t get it)

No. 1782415

File: 1700617706019.jpg (405 KB, 1024x1024, embroidered tapestry of unicor…)

I love happy endings.

No. 1782432

File: 1700618926974.jpeg (133.23 KB, 518x800, IMG_6087.jpeg)

My thoughts exactly, thank you.

No. 1782466

File: 1700621134016.png (195.9 KB, 703x560, ugly.png)

Okay WHY THE FUCK am I this fucking ridiculous?? My triggers for feeling like an ugly, frumpy and fat mess is so sensitive and unnecessary but probably says a lot about my true nature that I don't wanna acknowledge but I guess also makes sense with how insecure I am. I'm attending university and I was hanging out with the other girls in class that started complaining about how some of the guys have hit on them or they've been flirting over text just to learn that most of them are fucking married so it's DEFINITELY not the kind of attention you want (and who the fuck tries to hook up with classmates on the first fucking term and does not expect it to end up messy??? retards) but I guess the situation sort of threw me emotionally back to two past situation:

1. Used to have a friend circle that would make these small gestures that let you be fully aware that you are not attractive. This was a behavior that started slowly when they started to get some attention online for their aesthetics and cosplays, so they slowly started to be fairly dismissive to us that didn't follow any of their set aesthetics or weren't skinny enough (I'm normal weight and bmi). Sometimes they would barely even acknowledge you being there, but they would still invite you along but you'd always end up realizing you are just there as "the ugly friend" and enjoying getting free drinks except for me. I know it sounds like paranoid shit talk, but I wasn't the only one realizing this pattern and feeling really hurt by it. There were moments when I could be out and a person ordering would check what drink each and every one of us at the table wants to order and deliberately skip me, and when called out on would eye me up and down and go "oh". I DID check with a couple I was closer with if I had done anything to create this situation and they would just shrug and go "no, not that we can think of".

2. One of my closer friends from that circle and I went on a two-week trip a few years ago, and almost every day she would get hit on and if I tried to chime in just to mark that I'm fucking here too the guys would just roll their eyes or visibly sigh and, again, not acknowledging me. I would tell my friend that I felt very hurt by these interactions and she would go "oh nooo, gosh you should have said something! I'll make sure to invite you into the conversation next time" just for the same scenario to repeat sometimes a couple of times every day.

It is not that I want any of these men's attention, they absolutely fucking disgust me. But it's about being treated like shit or feeling even a little bit left out because I'm not pretty enough that triggers me and makes me hate myself - not only physically but also that I even had any sort of selfish passing thought that triggers it, I already grew up with an ex-model mom that would tell me I wasn't good enough in every way when it comes to looks but still had moments where she would kinda go "well, at least you got a pretty face. I get a lot of praise for that face of yours" so I guess I'm not all that ugly but can't see it, which periodically throws me off to even dress well and just go around in oversize sweaters and a beanie to hide myself so I admit I sometimes DO look a bit frumpy even with makeup on. But I get thrown into hating myself to the point to crying and unable to sleep at night or even look myself in the mirror without feeling disgust to the point my actual stomach almost turns the moment I even have as much as a passing "hm, guess I'm not pretty enough" thought, could even be me looking off in a piece of clothing that sets it off.

No. 1782468

File: 1700621339285.jpeg (893.72 KB, 2115x3007, The Global Gender Gap Index 20…)

No. 1782470

I wish my dad would be happier about my pregnancy. He's got this really intense doomer mindset, where he thinks the world is constantly falling apart. I think he watches too much news, he constantly thinks it's the end of the world. He said when Trump first got elected there would be marauding bands of raiders in the streets. He said it was important I get out of America and go to some foreign country. Now he's saying if Trump gets elected it'll be the end of democracy and we'll be under some fascist rule and has also said when the nukes start flying he'll just jump off a bridge. I'm not political at all so he just looks hyperbolic and crazy to me. I love him of course but he let's this mindset paint stuff and everytime I bring up the birth he gets very awkward and distant and sometimes sad, I went into a false labor and was off to the hospital, and when he talked to my husband before leaving he sounded grim, it literally sounded like he thought I was going to get major heart surgury with a bad prognosis. It kinda bums me out. I'm not mad at him but just mad at the news for giving him such a bad outlook

No. 1782476

I'm sorry you have to go through this, especially at a time like a pregnancy. He should get excited to see his grandchild soon and should realize how insensitive he's being. My mom is the same way, I don't plan on getting pregnant but when I was talking to her about how excited I was for a good friend's pregnancy she scoffed and went "just WHY would you want to have children when the world goes to hell? I'm happy I won't live enough to see the worst of it". As if we don't already know the world is pretty fucky right now, but we know how to fucking lighten up. I fucking hate the doomer boomer mentality because hey, while you are going to die soon the rest of us are still going to be here so no need to instill fear like this and then wonder why so many of us are a bit unstable. I really hope your dad lightens up and sees the world from a bit more positive angle and hope once your child is born! I wish you all the luck on your future as a mom and congrats!

No. 1782491

cartilage in my left ear has been aching for days and google is no help. i keep getting results for inflamed and infected cartilage when i have no redness and no swelling. literally feel like a crazy person when i try to describe my health issue and only get obtuse results. similarly i have tried to find resources about what causes red spots on my legs after i havent shaved in a while and every fucking result is about razor burn. i see a military dr and they are the absolute worst to talk to so i dont feel like i can ask them anything

No. 1782492

Whenever i casually see my face on a store mirror or something, i just want to kill myself so bad.

No. 1782505

File: 1700623730474.gif (371.18 KB, 362x300, usagyuuun-usagyuuun_sticker.gi…)

Thank for the encouragement Nonna, wish these boomers would learn to lighten up or at least reign it in for a moment!

No. 1782552

I was at the gym this morning, early before work. I don’t normally go at that time and man it was so cursed. I sat down on this machine and directly in my line of site was this girl looking straight at me and didn’t look away when I glanced up. She then walked right past me looking the entire time as she walked past. Totally unsettling. I then went to another machine, once again I looked up and she’s still gawking, looking like children of the corn. It was so bizarre. It wasn’t a friendly stare, no smile. Wtf nonnies. I got out of there asap.

No. 1782553

Relatable, same nona.

No. 1782555

Samefag, just remembered the time I actually got scouted by a small modelling company while I was waiting for said friend I went on the trip with (she turned up while I was twisting and turning because I was uncomfortable and pretty sure I was being punked) and she was visibly annoyed and snappy the whole time we hung out. That was one of those moments where I started to question if I had the “ugly friend” status in the circle or if I was reading too much into it creating a pattern that wasn’t there, but it got gradually more obvious as time went by and was pretty much cemented after our trip. I think it all kinda bothered her because she would proudly translate how passer-by’s would comment to each other wondering if she was a model or there for the fashion week.

No. 1782564

I don’t want to go home for the holidays. I don’t want to bring my boyfriend around my alcoholic two-faced family. I don’t know if I want to meet his either. But I realize this about all my relationships — I really don’t like the idea of integrating someone new into mine or having to integrate into theirs. It’s all so stressful. I almost wish I was single and had no family so that I could spend the holidays just relaxing and playing video games or something.

No. 1782565

File: 1700626471254.jpg (79.92 KB, 564x1002, 1699382501022.jpg)

I didn't mean to but I just went completely 200% with chewing my friend out for being a coomer and made everyone uncomfortable. Nowadays I feel so resentful of them but I don't have any other friends to ditch them for and it makes me feel stuck.

No. 1782568

What did you say to them?

No. 1782586

I called him an addict who supports an industry that's built on rape/coersion/drug abuse and warps people into viewing women as products. He got sad and said that it's hurting his feelings that I'm acting like he's some trafficking supporter but I doubled down and basically said it's not an insult because it's true, which caused a stir with my other friends who aren't coomers but want to keep the peace. Idk what to do now, they're not mad but are all kinda concerned about me because I guess I seemed unhinged, I made it awkward for everyone

No. 1782589

File: 1700627478453.gif (114.04 KB, 200x200, MDrP.gif)

Damn, here come the random childhood memories flooding in as I lie in bed. I miss the joy of making new friends and how easy it was to strike up a conversation with random people on forums and MMOs. Logging into MSN (God, who else misses it?) and talking to a group of friends from a forum we all met on was really fun for me back then. Well, the forum is no longer operational and has closed down some years back. I don't know where most of those friends are aside from two guys I don't care about. I'm not close with them. Everything is different in the worst possible way. I dislike discord and discord groups despite using it to message friends one-on-one. It's all so insipid. Regardless of how my message may come across right now, I'm thankful for the friends I do have in my life and how I'm able to communicate with them online or off. My mind is just wandering, thinking about the past. I need to sleep.

No. 1782594

No it isn’t, most men are pedophiles regardless at about equal rates in every country, but some countries are openly pedophilic. Other countries have lower age of consent laws or none at all, legally allow teenagers to work as prostitutes, allow child pornography, and men are open and unashamed about being pedophiles. While America has as many pedophiles as every other country (and they all have pedophiles because that’s just how men are) it absolutely isn’t “one of the biggest pro pedophilia countries” you’re probably just an inbred European coping with how pedophilic your own country is

No. 1782600

lmao good on you nonna

No. 1782609

After going through that one popular thread on Reddit about the USPS Santa letters, i thought about how one coworker mentioned to me recently if I will be celebrating Christmas. I thought this was a weird question, duh?? I said yeah I do Christmas every year, what do you mean? And apparently it’s because last year I mentioned that I wasn’t giving gifts. The fuck? Christmas isn’t supposed to be about presents, right? (I’m not religious but I still like the holiday). I can’t believe she said that. I just chuckled nervously like I always do and she went on that in her family they will be giving presents only to the kids, but mentioned their kids are all adults already. Ok??
I feel like the whole presents thing is messed up. At best they should be for kids only. I hear all the time about how parents save up money or put stuff on layaway to afford them. Now, my parents never did this, and I am grateful honestly that they didn’t. Not that they suck lol, but it was a combo of not having enough money and we already had enough toys that we got from garage sales (back when they were cheap and awesome). Sometimes my mom did sign up for those Salvation Army things and I would get stuffed animals that I really loved so that was a good experience, also when I was older, a teen, we signed up from a church we were going to at the time and I got books, they werent my type lol, i got gossip girl and twilight, but I still read them, my fault for not specifying the genre.
Anyway, all this text I know! i hate this whole presents things. You don’t need to give a gift. Don’t waste your time and money for some toy that they probably won’t even use more than once, or some expensive ass thing.
Maybe I’m this way also because I remember asling my mom about what they did for the holiday and she said she would write notes to, the three kings? (Lol idk), and also santa about their wishlist. She was living in a no electricy having all adobe house in mexico in a at the time hidden ass village with poor parents lol she wasn’t getting anything. When she told me that I wanted to break down crying. She said she would think to herself why they never received anything if she had been good and all. This is fucking messed up.
I’m sorry for the whol e incoherent rant

No. 1782615

File: 1700629343409.jpg (69.35 KB, 1079x601, rpbpcbqetjt51.jpg)

>grow up an overweight, acne-ridden, annoying, and awkward weeb (later, fujo) circa mid-2000’s, in a middle-of-nowhere town
>scan favorite panels of manga, print them, and proudly display them in outside transparent sleeve of 3-ring binder
>wear fruits basket backpack, have upperclassmen boys in school yell “what the fuck is a fruits basket” at you in hallways, throw stuff at you
>was so ostracized in school i wasn’t able to do group projects because no one would have me in their group
>ate lunch in a bathroom stall or corner of the library or teacher’s room
>never have bf or gf
>literally get shoved in lockers
>always yearn for a group of friends to hang out with after school like you read about in books or see in movies or watch on tv
>had no siblings
>no neighbors even close to my age
>couldn’t walk or ride bike places because we lived on the side of a dangerous highway
>last to learn to drive because late birthday
>forever stuck in a hellish household with autistic dad and bpd mom
>eat my feelings
>undiagnosed adhd, so failed high school
>at age 22, finally get adhd meds
>lose weight
>since I’m eating less fat and sugar, skin clears up
>am now able to function, move out of parents home to the closest big city
>do stuff related to dream career during the day, work at a hip bar at night
>make a bunch of cool friends that I always dreamed of having
>going out every night, having sex with men and women, living my life, not wanting to die
>covid hits
>d&d group becomes my pandemic bubble
>neglect all other friendships and put all my energy into this group of around 7-8 other people
>finally have the group of friends I always dreamed of
>we give each other tattoos, have potlucks, watch movies, have beers by the river, go on roadtrips, throw birthday parties for each other, have “Friendsgiving”, help me move apartments, go skinny dipping, etc.
>romanticize and idealize the fuck out of them
>I get both too clingy and too cold because disorganized attachment style
>car gets stolen
>get sexually assaulted by two different moid-friends
>major career derailment
>new medication
>have multiple emotional meltdowns in a 6-month time span
>friend group is overwhelmed by me being crazy
>friend group has a meeting without me where all of them, but one, decide not to be my friend anymore
>no closure, no heads up, basically got ghosted by the people I thought loved me the most in this world
>the “but one” tells me about the fact that the meeting took place, but no specifics about what was said at the meeting
>am hurt and resentful that he doesn’t condone them ghosting me nor tell me their reasons
>he’s mad that I’m resentful
>friend-breaks-up with me at my favorite coffee shop
>am all alone…

All that happened a year ago. I’m fine now. I’ve made new friends, although I’m not as close as I was with them. I don’t want to kms or anything, but I’m still heartbroken. I miss them. I miss them so much. I think about them every single day. I thought they were my found family. I’m an idiot.

No. 1782616

File: 1700629567991.jpeg (51.91 KB, 567x366, IMG_9711.jpeg)

Literally have 0 dollars in my bank account and I’m praying my bank doesn’t close my account if anything else gets withdrawn and I go into the negatives. My paycheck isn’t hitting my account until the first fuuuuuuck

No. 1782625

Mint!! Good taste nonna. Threads of Fate holds such a special place for me. My dad picked it out while out at work, he used to do construction and would go to the garage sales. He said he picked this one up because he thought me and my brother would like it, that it had a nice look. He didn’t know any English or anything. And we did play it, together taking turns. Maybe it’s a little sad to be nostalgic for video games but I just love it.

No. 1782647

Policing masturbation isn't always easy.

No. 1782655

those posts are about PORN dummy. you can jack off without watching rape on tape

No. 1782659

Thank you, officer!

No. 1782666

File: 1700631690987.jpg (78.27 KB, 1000x708, Stages-of-Bald-1-e161468857362…)

No. 1782699

Japan being safe is biggest meme ever. It is safe for MEN but as a woman I got stalked and assaulted there multiple times in span of one year while it never happened in my eastern european country. And god forbid something terrible happens such as rape, police will not do anything about it while it will leave you traumatized for life. They are not far off from places like India.

No. 1782703

Just found a girl I used to be obsessed with on Tumblr's house and it's so beautiful. I used to want to be her (still kind of do because my life is shit and I come from a trash family) and I'm experiencing those feelings all over again. I knew her house was big because it had three stories but jesus christ looking at it from the outside is different. It's basically a mansion and the architecture is beautiful. Funny enough this is one of those tumblrinas who romanticizes the white trash aesthetic like southern USA, motels, trailer parks, etc. And no I'm not talking about Ginger kek.

No. 1782706

ayrt, i got triggered at that guy because he's constantly making pornsick comments about women nowadays and really ramping it up. Any time everyone plays a game or watches something and a woman shows up, he flips his retard switch and goes caveman mode with "hurgj glurg woman sexye" comments. He was always coomer-adjacent but he used to be able to keep it to himself and behave normally about the topic of women, now he's constantly parroting porn cliches and mentioning that he likes porn and jerking it and acts like this is all normal and nbd

No. 1782732

I hate how retarded you are. Fuck you. Absolutely disgusting. I wish I wasn't so fucking nice to you sometimes because I regret my actions prior to things like this and I realize what a grand mistake I made

No. 1782738

Just caught myself thinking the pros to having a boyfriend could outweigh the cons. But I don’t know they really don’t, there’s no male that has all the good traits like being smart and not being a coomer, while also being handsome enough (and i don’t really have good taste to begin with) and would also help you with money or giving you a place to live. I would actually trust a guy less if he offered to help me with that, it’s so easy for them to trap you if you live with them. I’ve been reading old old craigslists posts from scrotes of their lists of requirements for a GF and I think i’m going to write my own, and everytime I feel myself going soft I will look at it again.

No. 1782739

Forgive me for not knowing how to green text kek but he quite literally IS a trafficking supporter? He's having orgasms over the content being made from trafficking victims. Sure he may not sit there and say "I love when women are sex trafficked!" but he is sitting there consuming and getting off to the products made from sex trafficking

No. 1782743

samefag but also honestly fuck men for trying to act like a victim when they are the ones doing despicable shit. Oh boo hoo you jerk off to women being raped, poor little innocent boy is the victim for happily ignoring the facts about porn as long as he can coom and now you are the meanie for forcing him to confront this. Fuck him nonna

No. 1782773

why can't moids ever take responsibility for their own behavior?

No. 1782774

the men who go "abloobloo now I feel bad" upon being called out for any abusive behavior are genuinely dangerous manipulators

No. 1782811

That's such a sweet story! I'm glad I could also find a ToF fan. It's a unique game, for sure. It's good to hold a fondness over a few of them, don't you think?

No. 1782815

>Forgive me for not knowing how to green text
Literally just put a
In front of your text, dumbass

No. 1782822

Absolutely pathetic. Who calls this rape chimp a "friend". You can't police rapists and rape celebrators into being "good men" uwu.

No. 1782843

File: 1700651019641.jpg (177.62 KB, 794x652, il_794xN.2129361314_fvpv-40757…)

everytime this season reminds me of my failures and laziness because i want to do projects for christmas sales and for gifting my family and friends and yet i fail to complete them everytime FUCK

No. 1782849

Well, it was early morning. Who knows who you'll run into. You should have smiled and gone over to here with a wide-eyed look, asking if something was the matter. Maybe she felt embarrassed and couldn't work out with you there kek.

No. 1782866

Whenever I vent on 4chan I get accused of baiting but if I post on here I get people nitpicking my vent posts. I think I just irritate people kek

No. 1782879

My dad is a hollow homonculous his brain fried from years of weed and alcohol abuse he just bleats out shit he reads from facebook or things my mom puts in his head. I thought it was unusual he talked about something other than his bird feeder, and was nagging me about fixing up my place before I sell it. I'm like why do you care you haven't visited me since I moved in a decade ago and it's fine? He wouldn't stop harping on me and was like well have your bf come fix some stuff what does he even do for you? In a really pissy tone. I'm like woah I don't think this conversation is productive right now and just walked away from him. Turns out my mom had been ranting about my doorknob being loose to him after visiting me and nagging him to come help me fix it (never asked for this or wanted this and I'm going to have maintenance fix my fucking backdoor doorknob I've just been extremely busy and that's #20 on my priority list). It's just funny to me my dad is literally just a robot he has no og thoughts he was only saying that shit to me because he felt annoyed my mom was asking him to do shit for me. He's literally so pointless he's never given me a bit of advice or help in any way in any area ever. Boys, on my own, my car on my own, bullies on my own. I grow boobs and need a bra he makes fun of me. Fuck him. If mom dies first he better hope my brothers remember he exists because I won't bother

No. 1782880

She is so fucking down the pipeline it's not even funny…Down to questioning everything she says in a hushed voice, like my feminism coated in artificial gender bullshit sweeteners is some grand taboo radfem conspiracy and she is the villain for questioning it. No, she is never going to be a man and her boyfriend will never be a woman. He will drag her down to thailand for dick chop before he'll ever love her for her and not a body he can see himself through with comparisons. But I'm not going to help, I'll watch from the sidelines because I'm not going to handle the meth overuse and her sexual and generational trauma. I tried once, when she was my best friend and I'll never do it again. It hurts though to see her like this. Very deeply, when I'm spiraling like today especially.

No. 1782901

how do you find friends like that? i'm older than you but still never had a productive group of close friends. closest i got to having a friend group was drinking together after exam season in college

No. 1782924

File: 1700660150554.jpg (38.35 KB, 720x585, 50obh9.jpg)

I'm too nervous about my blood test results reeeee I've been stressing all day but I just want everything to turn out okay

No. 1782926

Are you the nonnie worried about a diabetes diagnosis? Type 1 guesses? I hope everything is alright. Whatever the results are, you're living in a good moment in history to have such condition under control.

No. 1782934

Thanks nonnie

No. 1782964

File: 1700663779674.jpg (351.33 KB, 960x720, why why why.jpg)

>be a normie lesbian living in a homophobic country
>learn English in the hopes of at least getting a friend that you can be conformable talking with or best case scenario a long distance relationship
>be also into artz, cartoons and fashion doll collecting
>any lesbian and bi girl on the eng internet that has the same interests as you is a political obsess not like other girls egg shell walker that wouldn't stop complaining about being white for 2 seconds
fucking end me i just want a girl friend i can draw and watch cartoons with, am i asking for to much

No. 1782969

kek it’s ok nonny
I’ve been accused of being a moid before and it was so insulting
also some nona on /g/ bullied me once and I think about her all the time

No. 1782970

I'm sorry nonnie, but I cant stop laughing at this. Feels like a plot of a horror movie. Glad you're okay. I keep hearing about how weird early morning gyms are

No. 1782971

I lost a lot of my friends out of high school for calling out their extremely sexist views on women. I dont even feel bad because one of them still follows me on fb and he's a straight up massive right winger incel now. I call out people who watch porn and are okay are anti women laws (such as abortion, etc) I dont even feel bad about it now

No. 1782975

Men are so inferior

No. 1782978

Every time I hear some idiot sprout bs how Japan is so safe, I want to punch them in the face. SA is so high there and women are literally bullied out of making police reports and considered bothersome. The ones that do get no justice and their rapists walk free. Junko Furata being the biggest example of Japan not giving a shit about women, even when they have mountains of evidence to put men in prison. I honestly hate when people say Japanese society is so advanced when they still believe heavily in gender roles and dont let women advance ever.

No. 1782984

Loyal/Attractive/Has Money
Pick two from this list

No. 1783014

honestly, I have no clue how I lucked into that, which makes me ever more bummed bc even if I wanted to replicate that, I wouldn’t know how to. I’m pretty sure it was a pre-established friend group and I just wormed my way into it. It helps that we met while working in the service industry, so there was a major case of Peter Pan syndrome and arrested development. That, plus there being a period of time during covid we were all not working, yet collecting unemployment, so we had a lot of free time to hang out.
One of my friends who wasn’t in the group, but observed us at parties, actually described it as basically a clique, but of people in their late 20’s.
I think it was a lot of right place, right time, unfortunately.

No. 1783026

same anon, they were all either gendies (enbies for the clout) or TRAs and had some connection to the local music scene in the past. I feel like that’s worth mentioning, because I think there’s an aspect of prioritizing community over, say, career or making a family that makes it easier to find people to have that sort of friendship with, idk.

No. 1783038

I also lost my long time friend group due to me being fucking crazy. I have BPD and was sexually assaulted as well. I've got new friends too but it's really embarrassing not having a primary friend group outside of school, all my friends have better friends and I don't have anyone to out with on New Years etc like ppl do with their closest friends.

No. 1783044

i want to be someone else. life isn’t cutting me any slack. just letting me rot slowly

No. 1783055

A "poor" man was on an episode of a show in my country to get pity about how he was stuck in the Philippines and the government wont help him home….but the host neglected to mention that he has 6 seperate convictions of child molestation. Yeah. Obviously that surfaced, but people had donated 400k to him before that.

But the worst part is so many still support him and say its in the past and he needs a fresh start. People with KIDS, are supporting a child molester. Honestly my country is a haven for child molestation, this guy didnt even face any punishment even after being convicted. People who rape babies get just get a few months in jail. And the average joe thinks every pedophile is rehabilitated after being in jail for max a year and they shouldnt face any social judgement. Fuck me.

No. 1783067

The only moid I respect made me sad today. We were all having lunch and discussing something I can't be bothered to remember until a boyfriend of a friend of mine made some innocent joke about this guy being way too liberal for his own good which made everyone (other than myself) laugh. When I pressed the boyfriend for an explanation, the guy interjected and said it was just a harmless jibe at him being pro-suicide. This resulted in the both of us getting into an mini-argument (I say mini-argument but it was just me getting extremely flustered for no reason). The discussion ended with him saying that as long as he has no outstanding debts or dependents, he's free to do whatever he chooses to with his body and that includes self-homicide. I don't know why his remark elicited such a strong emotional reaction. I am normally very composed but after hearing him say something like that I felt an indescribable sadness.

No. 1783074

File: 1700669050076.jpeg (137.61 KB, 314x944, A0310DBC-82E4-4C14-AB46-242D6C…)

SAYRT, kek I have BPD too, nona. It’s tough out there… The friend group were suuuuch advocates for mental health, until they encountered the one that makes you unlikable as opposed to “just” anxious/depressed.

Feel you on the NYE thing. Holidays that aren’t about family have been pretty hard. I hope we can find new friend groups to do stuff with.

No. 1783094

I wish that too, and recovery on the BPD so we aren't so crazy kek. I'm already a bit better than I was years ago when I was younger, but it's still a struggle.

No. 1783104

That's disgusting. Why cant we as a society agree that men involved with children should get an automatic death sentence? there's no redeeming that shit. Let me run for president.

No. 1783176

File: 1700674208266.jpg (83.04 KB, 933x691, DYD42AcV4AAHyNZ.jpg)

Update to say I got no diabetes!! Apparently, I just have a shitty diet with lots of carbs cuz I'm poor but it's fixable (this happened to my sister too two years ago so we know how to roll this time), every other value besides that was optimal which makes me happy too. I'm so glad omg

No. 1783183

I really want to see more pinkpill for successful and attractive women who are dating in their 30s and 40s.
"Nurse with a purse" is a word I keep seeing being brought up. It's basically when older men who didn't take care of themselves and didn't foster meaningful relationships (aka the ones who hit 'the wall') seek out single women who were cautious with their relationships and finances in order to lovebomb them into a co-dependent relationship. Older men seek the younger adult woman because she will be in adequate shape to care for them in the geriatric phase of their rotting lives.

Men brainwash us in our teens and 20s into thinking 'the wall' is coming for conscientious women when in fact the opposite is true. The wall comes for men because they wanted to be playboys or persnickety incels seeking their dime waifu, and then they panic when they are older because they are in bad health and cannot afford a single income living as a cashier–nevermind pulling women on a half-functioning chode and a bald head and a beer gut.

Meanwhile I'm never for lack of dating prospects and men openly admit I can have anybody. It's not because I'm a 10/10, but because I look youthful since I took care of myself and have money because I chose career and not to reproduce with liabilities. I have fun.
Men drool over women like me not because they truly know & love us, but because we are a purse and a means to an end and a trophy.
Vile beasts.

No. 1783192

Yay! Congrats

No. 1783195

im happy for you anon, i wish you the best in life

No. 1783201

Congrats nonnie!! So glad you're not diabetic!! I wish you a healthy and long life!

No. 1783204

I have a phobia for old whites women. They are so fucking evil it’s insane.(racebait)

No. 1783210


No. 1783227

I spend every other week trying not to kill myself over my biology and sexuality, I feel so unhappy with being a woman. I'm not gonna snap but I need insane amount of copium to deal with this gender issue especially because unfortunately I am not asexual. When men describe sex it sounds like heaven, love and power meanwhile when women do it sounds like hell, burdening sensations and empathetic servitude, I can't imagine having to suck dick for the rest of my life holy shit, I would kill myself if I engaged in something unequal as heterosexuality but I am hetero but my emotional needs aren't aligned with what it can give me and it fucks me up severely, femininity is the biggest nauseating burden in my life, it never feels good for me. Fml, the bitterness is so strong that I call women inferior and retarded due to my own lack of enjoyment of womanhood and the ecstasy I feel at the thought of not being female anymore and finally being relived. Now, let's back to dissociating, isolating and avoiding reality as a cope kek going strong like 5th or maybe even 10th year of my mental health issues

No. 1783256

I relate to this so much anon, I hate that straight relationships are such a shit deal for women. Like it's just universally accepted that women will be forced into performing sex acts just to please their moid otherwise if they say no he'll have a tantrum and get physical or start being manipulative if he doesn't get to use his wife/girlfriend like a masturbatory aid. Not to mention all of the other shit they expect women to do for them in relationships while only giving back 0.0001% of the effort. It makes feel like I'm dying on the inside when I think about it too much, I'd rather rope than live like that tbh.

No. 1783258

let me guess yo mama white, get your lightskin fag ass out of here(infighting)

No. 1783267

This is obviously an extremely first-world problem so I am not in any way comparing this to the genuine mental/physical/general life problems people talk about in this thread. But I am honestly torn. If you're a decently attractive woman, should you use it to your advantage and end up with a rich man who will take care of you and allow you so many luxuries you otherwise couldn't have attained? Bonus if he is whipped. I am in this situation and while I don't really feel strongly about him emotionally, the idea of living that way for the rest of my life is so appealing. There also is no age gap so there is no weird age dynamics. However, there's always the chance that I'll feel absolutely soulless and unfulfilled in the relationship and wish I had ended up with someone I truly loved. Is love more important than money? With how the world has been, part of me is more attracted to financial stability rn. I also grew up poor as shit and now have a man who makes more money than I'll ever see in my lifetime + a wealthy family chasing after me. I literally don't know what is better at this point. Men have always disappointed me deeply in relationships and seem to always just want to use women for sex. Should women just say fuck it and use them back at this point? I'm truly at my limit for my capacity to deal with shitty men at this point.

No. 1783270

File: 1700679106946.png (451.44 KB, 446x595, 1614083052982.png)

Womanhood =/= femeninity, stop being a NLOG, enjoy life being a GNC hetero woman, it really isn't that hard

No. 1783277

same anon, same. I mostly struggle with accepting my biology. I will never be a strong as a man, there are things i cant do by myself (camping alone) because i just fear being an easy prey.

No. 1783284

Well you don't have to let your retardation affect other women.

No. 1783294

Just wanna get it off my chest that my sister unironically refers to herself as a “looksmaxxer” and talks about how much smarter and prettier she thinks she is than randos we come across in public. Of course she thinks she’s so much better than me too, and doesn’t even try to hide it. My entire family is vain af. I used to feel like shit about myself, but now I think being slightly uglier and less stylish is a great trade off for not having to be like them. I think I’m happier than them, too.

No. 1783301

Why does being attractive mean that you have to prostitute yourself?
>Should women just say fuck it and use them back at this point?
Oh yeah, I'm sure the men who pay for hot women to be their on-demand sex slave for life sure feel used.

No. 1783303

Older nonny advice: If a man can give you an easy af life it's worth it to me as long as he treats you well and you tolerate him well. The fiery love some moids create is short lasting and mostly a high/illusion. Ask any woman in prison for a long time: most of them are there because they assisted a moid they loved kek.

We chase the idealized true love but there is usually a rollercoaster of emotional ups and (usually) downs that gets us hooked, but when we get older you realize it's actually rarer to find someone willing to invest a lot into you to have a safe and comfortable life together. And I stress that I don't condone tolerating abuse or BS for this, I myself told a guy making 300k to fuck off after he did that. But rather if you have a decent, unassuming guy willing and able to invest and make your life permanently easy, many dont realize the long term benefits and peace it can bring, which is a form of love and caring in itself.

No. 1783304

Purely anecdotal, but my aunt married for money and never had to work a day more afterwards and has lived a life of leisure and luxury. But she never really seemed that happy and apparently was jealous of my mother who married for love (to a poor man). Growing up and visiting her home as a little girl, I always felt even then their relationship was rather 'cold' compared to my parents and even my cousins didn't seem as happy in spite of having all kinds of goodies and toys we didn't get. Her marriage 30+ years on today is a total farce. They basically stay married because it'd be more of an annoyance to divorce than to just live separate lives together.

No. 1783308

>finally get a phonecall after applying to at least 30 different jobs
>never had this problem before, always used to get hired in 1 day in previous years
>they tell me on the phone that my shift would end at 5:30pm max
>also we want you to drive 2 hours away
How would I get off at 5:30? I have a life and do sports at night and kind of can't miss it kek. Do employers really expect people to devote their entire life to a single job? I have shit to do and don't just come home after a job to sit on my ass eating potato chips only to wake up in the morning, go to work, and repeat. I don't understand why it's expected that adults should not have hobbies or a life outside of work. Some people have lives.

No. 1783309

I feel like I have a glass wall in front of my brain or something. Like I witness everything but don't absorb anything and make no connections between things.

No. 1783315

I'm the kind of person that prefers to take the path of least resistance when it comes to any sort of hint of potential drama. I make sure to communicate my feelings while patiently listening to the other part and meeting them where they are at all costs, if I'm the one that did something wrong I own up to it so the other person can't get to me if they try to start something. I will always try to be the bigger person in so many situations because I can't bother with any possible escalation from the other party so I do what I can to put a lid on it ASAP even if it means I sometimes go "losing" out of it, so I have a reputation as being a very level-headed and reasonable person. What everyone don't know is that I don't like being this person, I also want to stomp my feet and be visibly upset when someone hurts me, I want to tell everyone that something is unfair and I want more. I want to be honest and straight up tell someone how much they fucking hurt me and what I think about it all. I want to be openly angry and say everything I'm actually thinking. I want to act like a selfish child just as much as they actually do but some-fucking-one has to be the adult in the room at all times.

No. 1783319

She's so pathetic. Always questioning my relationship, what I do or I don’t do. Please, you didn’t last for more than three months with anyone. Don’t judge me nor my partner, we’re still together for a reason.

No. 1783320

The normalization of making everything about sex and fetishes and porn is so fucking annoying and it's literally everywhere. I was just scrolling through the "Saw" tag on Tumblr (No I'm not a tumblr user I just go there for pictures, not fandom related I just like nighttime photography and horror movies) and the majority of it is people drawing the characters fucking, trooning out all the male cast and calling them lesbians, amputee fetish porn of the dude who cut off his foot. Why can't anybody be normal anymore? Why can't people just keep their weird fetish shit to obscure websites or their mind. I just wanted a cool photo of Amanda in the reverse bear trap to print for my final girl collage. Fuck everything

No. 1783323

It has to be faggots, it has to be, the amount of posts saying that the gimp doctor is "serving cunt" makes me think it's faggots. Samefag

No. 1783371

The amount of twitterfags in Lucinda’s thread that talk about how much they want to see her dead makes me sad to be honest.
I’m not normally one to think disliking someone automatically means they’re jealous but I think in this case it’s true. Most of them are ana larpers who wished they were as sick as her but just her existing makes them seethe for whatever reason. It’s insane to me.
Not trying to whiteknight but Lucinda just makes me really sad in general.

No. 1783401

File: 1700687128434.jpeg (386.31 KB, 750x859, IMG_0350.jpeg)

No. 1783404


No. 1783408


No. 1783432

>i live in a small town and pick up a job as a workshop assistant
>my boss (who was in the middle of divorcing his wife) and my mother begin dating
>whatevs i guess
>he already treats me like a stepchild and tells me shit like "you will inherit the workshop because my other kids arent interested in this trade"
>i try to be happy for them both, but feel uncomfortable
>theyre acting like teenagers
>tell mom to stop going so fast with it, but she doesnt listen
>suprise suprise
>scrote boss reconciles with his wife, because theyre expecting grandkids and begin playing family again
>he expects my mom to be ok with being a side piece
>his "ex" wife demands i stop working for him and calls my mother a homewrecker whore (despite them initiating the divorce before he even met my mother)
>mom also demands i stop working for him (understandable, i guess)
i lost my job and got caught in the middle of soap opera ass drama. im leaving out a lot of comical detail, but it would be too long to explain.
thankfully i freelance on the side and picked up some new skills there, huh.
its less the job im venting about, more the awkwardness of the situation. i feel gross, like a stepping stone for a scrote to get to a woman (i was the excuse for him to show up at our house and hang around my mother). i also feel embarrassed for how my mother let herself be played like that, and angry that she didnt listen when i told her to be careful. im also a crossfire casualty of his "ex" wife's bullshit. she's a total cow in her own right. theyre both worth each other.

No. 1783469

File: 1700689850691.gif (588.37 KB, 200x200, nmnjn.gif)

No. 1783481

Started my period the day before thanksgiving fml. Mine are debilitating and the second day is always worst for me so I'm going to be miserable even if I successfully function without passing out in the kitchen. Extra sucks because this is the first time I get to cook and was so excited but this is really going to fuck everything up. I just want to cry but I'm too done to do it, it's Grandma's and my first thanksgiving by ourselves and I just wanted to make it special for us. I'd like to beat my body senseless for refusing to get in line just once in its stupid existence but that won't solve anything. Please pray for me or send good vibes nonnas, all I want is to get through tomorrow so Grandma can have a fun thanksgiving.

No. 1783491

Oh shit, be careful! Get you mom's phone and block him and the wife on every platform she has. I guarantee that he, the wife, and probably the rest of the family are going to get drunk and start shit around the holidays.

No. 1783575

I feel so torn between wanting to be with my family and wanting to move to a different country because my seasonal depression is through the roof. It has always been bad since I became an adult but each year it get's worse, starting in spring I already dread summer ending because I know that I'll be useless all fall and winter.

I moved from my small boring hometown to a huge city thinking life would be more exciting here but I hate it too. Today I ran for errands and driving through endless streets of insanely ugly grey blocks of cheap housing with the grey sky and icy wind, people hanging around on bus stops and vast parking lots with their hoods up, looking empty, just smoking… it looked like some bleak doomer documentary about some soviet ghost town, except this is a super expensive supposedly beautiful city..? I really don't know what to do, sometimes I feel like there's no place on this earth for me to be happy.

No. 1783629

I wanted to post a sad smiley face but I’d get banned

No. 1783654

Just suddenly thought about how my parents yelled and beat me for being a picky eater as a child. My sister told me she still remembers seeing those incidents when she was little and finds them scarring.

No. 1783713

he's not dangerous or malicious (though his wife kind of is). he's just a pussy whipped scrote with no will of his own. my mother obviously avoids him now because he hurt her feewies, and his wife thankfully fucked off from us, because she "won" the nonexistent competition she had with my mother.
things are calm now, but they did get crazy before but i won't go into details.
it just baffles me how grown-ass adult people can be this childish. all three of them.

No. 1783725

Thanks painkillers and keep vitamins on you to help. It sucks, but keeping busy and hope you can get through the day.

No. 1783765


No. 1783768

Happiness is found within yourself not in the place you live in

No. 1783785

File: 1700699274827.jpg (1017.59 KB, 2000x1270, leonannoyed.jpg)

I hate that men find any excuse to hate on women. There's this shitty video online where a guy is going down an escalator holding a PS5 and a guy is going up with his girlfriend holding a sephora bag and the caption is 'PS5 OR SEPHORA?' like wtf is that even? And ofc all the comments are like PS5 is worth more than a woman. i wish these men would fuck each other because they obviously hate women. Not to mention all the cute couples I see where the husband and wife game together. Why do they act like gaming is such a default male hobby? I own a ps5 and my wife and I game together. it isnt a unicorn mystery.

No. 1783802

File: 1700699810648.gif (959.8 KB, 280x217, IMG_4754.gif)

I hate those too but tbf they’re usually made by loser autists or teen boys. Also it’s so wild how moids always make these posts while women just carry on with their own hobbies kek

No. 1783819

yeah, these are the same men who complain about not having a girlfriend and think they are owed sex when they think women are boring and stupid. It's weird to me men who think women dont have hobbies outside of makeup.

No. 1783833

moids fall for clickbait easier than anyone and claim to be enlightened. Manosphere shorts and vids just relay the same info over and over and get max engagement from angsty incel teens

No. 1783836

Tiktok has ruined an entire generation

No. 1783855

I'm no Leonfag, but that's a nice face.

No. 1783857

the PS5 sucks anyways, but i would trade several moids for a jaguar in perfect state

No. 1783860

Never interacting with a BPD girl online or IRL. These bitches are too self-absorbed, can't think of other people properly.

No. 1783883

Have you tried vitimin d pills? My husband used to get awful seasonal depression, he went in for some bloodwork one time and turns out he was massively low on vitimin d. Got on supplements and he perked up, said it was a huge relief.

No. 1783886

Starter a hike with my husband and his friend.
I was feeling sick in the car and when we got to the hike it's straight up a mountain with no flat ground.
Felt sicker the more I went so I've turned around now I'm sitting on the grass waiting for them.

The friend started talking about how his on again off again girlfriend has said she wants to do threescore with him and he's asking our advice on it..
Now I'm sitting here worried they're both lamenting on how much they both want to fuck other women, which is incredibly off putting if that's the case.

No. 1783894

you should think about finding a new husband

No. 1783901

I love my husband and I'd like to think he wouldn't say that, but when men get together I know the type of shit they talk about.
The fact the friend brought it up in general is pretty gross to me honestly.
Idk if it was a humble brag to my husband or what, idk bro just seems like alot of drama just so you can cum in some other person

No. 1783911

Moids are psychopathic sub human creatures. I have no sympathy for their rising loneliness and suicide rates. They have everything in the world catered to them as soon as they exit the womb and they use that privilege to abuse every woman close to them. It horrifies me to think about the amount of moids that are actually rapists and never realize it themselves because they've convinced themselves somehow that they deserved access to someone else's body.
There's at least 3 moids I can name that fall into that category and i dont even know that many people.

No. 1783928

sometimes it depends on how easily persuaded. My husband is friends with a neighbor who is sort of messy. Basically neighbor gets around and has feelings for an ex he cant let go of while dating around and my husband gives him pretty good advice to cut off others and stick with one girl. I also went through his phone once and saw he blew off and ignored a female coworker who kept asking him about her "low cut top" for work so I guess if his reactions are sort of suspicious you can go with that. although I don't thinking asking for threesomes with women he seems to be casual with is necessarily bad as long as if he isn't playing them or something

No. 1784037

I have no advice except for just tell your husband you do not like that talk in front of you but you might need more electrolytes nonnie, I find electrolyte packets are better for hikes/running but you may know that already

No. 1784108

Day, idk, who even knows, probably 300+ in a row, of wanting to die. I keep searching for things to give me motivation to live but either i can't find any, or i get into something and it turns out to be morally corrupt behind the scenes. Doctors keep telling me to get ECT, fuck no. But that's where I'm at– medical professionals are all telling me "yeah idk, go get your brain electrocuted, it's not like you have anything to lose"
In the shower I stand around and wonder how long I will make it before I kill myself. I really don't know, all I know is that it seems like an inevitability.

No. 1784114

I understand how you feel, I wish I could give you a hug. I hope things get better for you in the future

No. 1784116

My sweat suddenly smells like vinegar, can't figure out. I don't think I have diabetes and I've been eating more carbs than I should honestly, so I don't think it's keto. Strange

No. 1784117

I just know that if I leave, you wouldn't let me come back. I'm terrified of that. I don't want to leave you.

No. 1784120

My BO changes smell when there's a weirdly high amount of a certain mineral in the water. My city announced high levels of chromium in the water months after me and my husband started smelling strongly of onions

No. 1784130

I ate so badly today and I feel so ashamed. I hate myself, why can't I stop being a fatass

No. 1784162

File: 1700713087096.jpg (172.13 KB, 1500x1125, simple-smoked-turkey-FT-RECIPE…)

thank you anon. you too. I want to hope that some day this will change, and I will want to live. Because it's really hard to live when you want to die. I'm American and tomorrow is Thanksgiving, it will be a long day of mingling with relatives and doing cooking chores that I hate even on a good day, all while pretending to be a happy, mentally normal grandkid/niece/cousin. It feels particularly eerie and hollow to smile and have warm conversation with people and be looking right into their eyes while inside you are keenly aware that your behavior is 100% fake, and they will never know. It makes me think, how much of the world around me is fake just like I am, and I am none the wiser?

No. 1784183

How many times am I going to pay over $600 dollars to see a ballet show only for disrespectful, trashy people to bring their 12 yo kids and let them talk the entire time, steal seats, and put their feet up on other peoples chairs? I really wish retarded parents would keep their little shits at home instead of bringing them to these sorts of events where etiquette is still regarded highly. Your gen alpha ipad babies do not care about this stuff so why pay for them to go? All they want and know is their iphone and apps. So unless you have your kid actually enrolled in ballet classes and know they will be seriously interested during a show and shut the fuck up while watching, do not bring your kids to see an ancient dance. I'm so sick of parents letting their kids do whatever they want. They should be embarrassed.

No. 1784184

Your problems aren't real problems.

No. 1784185

Kek what about my post made you upset?

No. 1784187

here we go…

No. 1784189

Oh you're that retarded baiter that shitposts across the site daily. I'm disengaging kek.

No. 1784196

literally what? ok sure yeah you're right 100% kek if it'll make you be quiet. ah schizos.

No. 1784197

You spending $600 on something doesn't guarantee good quality. Sometimes, expensive things are worse

No. 1784200

You spent $600 repeatedly to listen to kids talk, you played yourself.

No. 1784208

That's the average cost of a ballet show. They've always been expensive but you think people in the audience would be more respectful and discipline their kids or leave them at home. Just can't have that nowadays with the elsa farts on spiderman's face youtube generation.


No. 1784213

You chose to do it. Spend your money on something else then.

No. 1784215

I will be. Just thought I'd support the arts.

No. 1784225

Sounds more like you were trying to get a casual brag in about how you dropped six hundred per show. We get it.(pointless infight)

No. 1784230

Cool b8

No. 1784235

Nta but you're acting like anon chose to have her experience spoiled..

No. 1784238

It's some anon who baits people like this everyday. Just ignore it lel

No. 1784249

I don't enjoy living, it's so boring and pointless. Everyday I'm forced to go my stupid meaningless job to deal with annoying people, then I have to force myself to take a shower and eat something and spend the rest of the day browing the internet. Getting a hobby won't change the fact I'm alone and worthless.

No. 1784252

You're the one baiting here since you started a fight for no reason

No. 1784257

that sucks anon, if they can pay 600 usd to go see ballet they can easily pay a babysitter. We should be able to bully retarded parents.

No. 1784268

It’s crazy how social media breeds arrogance. So many confuse pompousness with confidence. Like babe people don’t hate you because you’re just such a beautiful and confident person. They hate you because you’re an asshole.

No. 1784274

Same, it's really the overwhelming boredom of life that makes me want to end it. So much work just to do the bare minimum to keep yourself fed and clothed and housed and for what? It's all boring. At a certain point I step back and think, I'm putting all this work in to live, and living isn't giving me any pleasure whatsoever, so isn't this trade off not worth it at all? Why keep funneling work into something that does nothing for you but create another day to do more work in?

No. 1784349

me and my family are now unable to eat thanksgiving and regular meals unless people actually show up. for the past few days multiple people have made appointments at my salon, which means I need to spend time and money setting everything up, pay the babysitter, etc. and then they don't even show up. Money wasted, time wasted, etc. its gotten so bad this week i blew on the money i was supposed to use on a baby sitter that now me and my family wont even afford thanksgiving. People are so fucking selfish I swear and my salon doesn't allow cancellations

No. 1784490

nta but how was the original venter starting a fight? i'm confused

No. 1784520

My piece of shit 45 y/o brother is up to his shady bullshit again. Long story short, he tried to get one of his retarded friends to weasel their way into my life. That creepy bastard has always been obsessed with me and hates the fact that I'm the closest child to our mother, that she trusts me the most, and that I remind her not to go soft and forget the theft, scams, lying, and abuse he subjected her to for decades. I don't know what his aim is, but this is the kind of thing he does: Selfishly involve me in whatever scam he's brewing so it looks more legitimate to our parents.

What's actually pissing me off, though, is that I need to let my mother know he's up to something and that she needs to make sure to secure her valuables, medicine, weapons, and money. However, she's so burned out from work and exhausted by him still living here 6 months into a two-month stay that I think she'll just emotionally shut down from stress like she has in the past.

No. 1784537

Retarded vent but I'm a night owl and have to take sleeping meds to be on time for morning stuff. My job is a night one so it never matters normally but I hate that most of the world operates on waking up at 5-8am and closing by 7-9pm. All my doctor appointments have to be before work and the sleeping meds in my system shortly after I just got off work. Even the family gathering tomorrow I'm expected to be there by noon even if it doesn't start until 3pm which is bullshit. Thought I could sleep in on my day off but that's not happening due to getting ready, bringing my dessert, driving.

No. 1784699

it's probably the baiter trying to bait again kek

No. 1784901

I'm so tired I don't want to go to thanksgiving tomorrow

No. 1784909

Paranoia is spiraling help. Keep giving into it by trying to see a pattern in every and anticipating the next sign. But in my case the paranoia might be rational, I just don’t know how to explain it to anybody. I barely do anything anymore except for obsess over how to regain control over my life.

No. 1784977

I ruined my circadian rhythm by working till 3am two days in a row and i haven't taken my anti anxiety pills because i woke up too late for them, so i decided to just skip one day. Every paranoia came crashing down on me at once and i am up at 4am after lying down for hours and i cannot sleep.

No. 1785051

File: 1700735632328.jpeg (25.47 KB, 555x552, IMG_4631.jpeg)

Everywhere I go I’m a joke to everyone around me. Maybe I won’t be an outcast loser in the next life.

No. 1785052

You won't. There is no next life. You had one chance and you blew it

No. 1785063

Don’t ever get optimum wifi especially if you live in an inner city they will literally shut
Your internet off for the entire day if they see a cloud or the blows a little too hard. I ducking hate them and they have a gridlock so I can’t change to Verizon. Like I work from home! Yesterday I had to use my phone as a hotspot! Who is paying for that!? The bitch on the phone is gonna be like “your account is in delinquency thats why you don’t have internet” no bitch I don’t have internet because there is an outage don’t get cute with me! I literally called them
TO pay my bill because I knew it was just past due and then the message gon tell me
There’s no internet for 24 hrs. I was like “if I pay my bill rn will I have internet?” “No because there is an outage” like girl I’m not
Paying this bill if you can’t even give me the service I pay for fuck you! Then they try to transfer you to a “tech” who says the same shit if not worse cuz he says it with a pompous attitude like “we don’t know when the internet will be back up but give me your number so I can call you when it’s on” like who tf does that help!? I hope the whole place burns down along with fedexes

No. 1785073


How do you know nona? (Also let me be delusional)

No. 1785118

It's so weird when an ex you don't even talk to suddenly blocks you and delete the chat for both of you. I would sometimes look for certain things in that chat so that's how I noticed. What's the point in these dramatic gestures? I bet he feels like he's been victimized by me or something and it's pretty annoying, considering that we broke up because of his florid apathy. I realize I wasn't a perfect gf and we talked about it, I acknowledged my mistakes and apologized. He thinks he's flawless and I'm a demon. Classic.
Oh, and it wasn't even me who stopped talking in the first place. We were on friendly terms and he suddenly stopped initiating convos and gave me short and delayed answers, so naturally I stopped texting him, too. So what's the fucking problem? I was expected to ask for explanation, crawling on my knees or what? I don't get it.

No. 1785124

nona is still alive though she has time to change

No. 1785144

His new gf is making him block and delete all conversations with exes I bet. I've had the same happen to me many many times.

No. 1785164

File: 1700748953475.jpeg (Spoiler Image,595.68 KB, 606x1664, IMG_1759.jpeg)

I have been demonized and attacked for simply speaking the truth… Other anons were sharing similar sentiments months before I ever joined in. I said the exact same things they had already said, along with sharing my personal knowledge of the creature, which is that she’s a pickme, a deviant, mean to other women, narcissistic, and possibly an industry plant or a casting couch servant. Why these opinions are considered obsessive hatred or misogyny, I couldn’t tell you. She’s the actual misogynist, but no one cares because there are too many simple minded pickmes who relate to her here. Picrel is proof that I’m not the first to notice that there’s something hateful about her.

No. 1785186

File: 1700750538344.jpeg (60.26 KB, 694x748, IMG_7113.jpeg)

>youtube has ads coming out the ass if you don’t have premium
>durr hurr pay us almost $15 for ad free
>Hurr durr we see you’re using an ad blocker and those are not allowed!!

Fuck right off you greedy ass website

No. 1785190

I switched to uBlock Origin to avoid that shit because my previous blocker wasn't getting updated quickly enough. Seriously what is the goal here? Do they think they can just squeeze out more and more money each year? It has to end somewhere

No. 1785199

I think they do genuinely believe it. Most normies are so compliant with ads being plastered over everything so it makes sense

No. 1785201

I had ublock origin and shit didn't work for me

No. 1785205

it's not the opinion, it's sheer obsession and retardation over a single person. the weaponized autism is not a good vibe.

No. 1785207

I guy I know had his gf leave him and tbh I'm a bit sad for the guy because he's completely heartbroken and he also invested like 100k on a business with her dad. But at the same time he was a coomer and she was 18 and he was like 25 when they met. He also has anger issues and still holds a grudge against his ex gf 3 years later because she didn't like to have sex with him.
This girl is out of his league and she kinda fucked up her academic career because of him, and he tried to isolate her from her friends. I'm glad she left him, I wish I had her insta or something so I could tell her she did the right thing.

No. 1785210

Have you tried this? It's been working for me, it stopped once but I just had to update the settings

No. 1785211

Use the Brave browser. I switched to it and love it.

No. 1785216

>It's sheer obsession and retardation over a single person
Where do you think you are?

No. 1785240

It's quite possible, I heard he started seeing someone around the time it all started. But why deleting everything for both people? Just delete for yourself. It's not that I'm dying without that history but it just looks like dumb dramatic gesture.

No. 1785250

How is it obsessive or retarded?

No. 1785266

my friend sounds like a cat in heat whenever she speaks to her bf and it’s so gross

No. 1785276

I'm using waterfox and some random ad blocker for youtube, haven't seen any ads.

No. 1785288

do you have an automatic charging fee for a missed appointment if not called in before so and so time?

No. 1785296

charge a cancellation fee…

No. 1785321

My sister hasn't spoken to me since 2020 despite us living in the same house and I can't help but think it's got to do with politics. To summarize it nicely she's got the belief system of the average Twitter user. I don't speak to her about it though and regardless of her or my beliefs I still treat her with kindness because she's my only sister. I wish she felt the same.
Otherwise I have no idea what I've done to upset her and she onky responds in grunts or "OK" if I try to talk to her.
Use Invidious and yt-dlp, keep track of your subscriptions with an RSS feed. Fuck google

No. 1785337

Doing some studying on my lunch break at work and noticed that in this medical textbook the external parts of the male reproductive system are all fully defined and explained in detail meanwhile the external parts of the female reproductive system are all lumped under "vulva" with no further information. This is pathetic, no wonder women's healthcare and sexual education is such a joke.

No. 1785340

If you act like a cunt about how people's accent affects how they say words like library or mart, I immediately peg you as a low IQ failure. Yes individual people can pronounce words wrong, but if an entire geographical area pronounces it wrong, then they're not pronouncing it wrong, the word has just deviated within that region. Get over it.

No. 1785342

Seeing a gynecologist in an hour and I'm freaking out. I have on and off vaginismus and a really bad experience with gynos in general and I always have a full blown panic attack beforehand. Pray for me nonnas

No. 1785344

File: 1700758740245.jpg (35.79 KB, 382x384, tumblr_8df1970f871e069f2b655bd…)

I'm in desperate need of normal friends, I swear.
I only have 2 online friends, one of them refuses to tell me her name, what career she is studying or anything at all about her private life… which would be fine, but we have been talking for a year and a half now, and I would like to know at least what her real name is, like wtf. Also, her priorities are so weird, cause I kinda know where she lives in my country, but I don't know her name? It's stupid.
We also barely talk about anything other than a videogame we both play… and I haven't played it in a long time so… it's not like we really have anything to talk about… She also strikes me as right-leaning, which is meh.
The other friend is someone I met a few weeks ago. I also met her on Discord because we both play the same mobile game. But it seems she is the type to go MIA every week because ~*muh depression*~ and I fucking hate that. I already experienced that type of behaviour a few years ago, when I met a girl online that would ghost me for weeks and then suddenly return and answer all my message in bulk, talk to me normally for a few days and then bam, gone.
>inb4 noo you are so cruel and insensitive
Girl, I have depression too, and I don't go around spamming people and then disappearing and basically ignoring everyone when I'm having one of my shitty episodes. At least I make an effort to not ghost people I care about. Life hack: talking to them can even improve your mood and make you stop thinking about how numb you feel.
Anyway, I just want someone I can talk from time to time and be friends with and share stupid things about my day!!!!! I also wish I had art friends, cause I'm in desperate need of someone I can share my art with and someone that can push me forward or inspire me or idk… but the art community is filled with trannies and woke SJW uggh.
I would go to the friend finder thread or something, but I don't trust lolcow to find friends, I don't wanna doxx myself.
It's a hard life!

No. 1785367

I need to write a report about a book. I've read the book and all the bibliography suggested to use. But I don't want to write. I haven't writen on my diary for months either. I have some sort of block I can't overcome.

No. 1785374

Oh, I had that same issue with getting ghosted for weeks at a time. Then I heard some mutual friends talk about that behaviour and how they got a response the day before while I was still waiting and it made me want to stop talking to all of them. I get it on some level because I also sometimes feel too overwhelmed to message for a few days, but I don't want friends that make me feel useless or less important than others. They all have a lot more friends than I do, so I should be happy that they find any time at all, but it's not enough for me. I think I should give up on ever finding friends online. I don't really want to talk to anyone and I don't like seeing anyone interact with others, I get way too jealous. I need someone who has no one else and gets just as insane as me kek art friends are also difficult to find because no one seems to have the same interests as me or draws as much, so I end up feeling like I'm being pushy and annoying them. I hope you can find a nice group though anon

No. 1785392

Sorry that happened to you, anon… I get the jealous feeling. Thank you for your words, I also hope we both find someone we can vibe with eventually!!

No. 1785405

File: 1700762039371.jpg (35.71 KB, 479x300, nw8LfpD.jpg)

I downloaded Stardew Valley wishing I can get back to the days I first played it but I didn't remember how it really was. I felt so stressed out trying to do everything at once and wondered why I even liked the game. Then I opened my old save and I got hit by the fact that I lost all my creativity and drive to do things just for the sake of being happy when I see it. I used to design my house so beautifully, now I never even paid attention to that and my house looks ugly and all over the place. I laid out pathings and made things look homey and natural in my farm and now I was just rushing everything and everything looked unruly and ugly. Back then I maxed only things I like doing like farming and and bees and didn't do much for things I don't like. Now I try to max everything and stress myself out. I had a very cozy home and even had kids, was married to Leah whom I had "fancied" while playing the game and I was very happy while dating her and getting married. I was so happy about being able to have same sex marriage. I was close with every character. I forgot kids were even a thing in the game. In the current save I didn't even name my animals properly but in the old save I picked names from characters I liked that fit those animals. I named my kids cutely, I picked clothes carefully. I prepared gifts for my wife. And I still found things to do with the farm like I was in the middle of placing tree seeds around in a pretty shape. I put so much thought into everything and I can see now how I enjoyed the game so much. It's so heartbreaking to see what the death of my old self looks like. I lost all my love for life but I didn't have a reference to how bad depression hit me till now. I mourn the girl I was, I miss her so much.

No. 1785409

Anon as someone who was into Puyo/Madou Monogatari, western Puyo fans are either psychotic teenagers or cancel-happy autismos. I met maybe two normal people who were into Puyo ever. You're not going to find a friend in that sphere if you are mostly normal.

No. 1785412

>we have been talking for a year and a half now
Have you actually ever heard "her" voice?

No. 1785422

i have online friends of 5+ years who dont know my real name, you gotta make more friends who care less about their privacy

No. 1785438

Ah, i forgot to say pic unrel, i posted the picture cause I thought it was cute, but thanks for the advice, since I was thinking about getting into Puyo, now I know it's best to avoid the fandom.
I knew someone was gonna mention this, and yes, I have, lel. I actually thought once that maybe she was a tranny or a man larping and that's why she is so secretive, but she has sent me a few videos of her cats where she talks and it was clearly a female voice. Plus, her hobbies and interests are very female leaning.
Oh yeah, I know it's a me problem, that's why I said I need new friends haha.

No. 1785447

I have an art server I have a few people posting in if you want to join, I want more arty friends also

No. 1785474

Every now and then I think about how my Mom told me that she would've had me even if she knew I would have the several health conditions that makes me have a uncomfortable to completely painful existence. I know it's wrong, but to me it just felt so selfish to hear her say that. Is it? It feels like the only way I can truly take my life into my own hands is by killing myself.

No. 1785498

Today’s thanksgiving and my family is incredibly dysfunctional so I’m just sitting in my car at a walking trail parking lot because there’s no where else to go. My parents have been screaming all morning and it’s not worth being around. I could call my sister but she’s with her in-laws and it just makes me feel more ashamed that I don’t have my own place or friends I could be with.

No. 1785518

>thinking about my rapist on thanksgiving
Double stab.

No. 1785529

Firefox and ublock origin works for me. It doesn't work on other browsers though.
Late but sending prayers that everything went OK!

No. 1785571

I hope your day improves

No. 1785603

>family visiting
>everyone asking me why i don't have a job yet when i went away to my big fancy city to my big fancy college and got my big fancy cs degree
>everyone basically going "oh nona just wants to lay up in her room and enjoy herself~" and treating me like i'm a lazy retard
hell on earth. i won't work the warehouse or retail again unless i have to kill yourselves NOW

No. 1785612

Can you join her in laws?

No. 1785613

File: 1700770054706.gif (17.05 KB, 220x246, cat-live-cat-reaction.gif)

>see cute butch woman on a local business social media page
>find her ig
>they/them in bio
>pictures of her with a vial of testosterone
>navel gazing posts about hating her breasts
nonas i hate this world sometimes

No. 1785615

Make a little voodoo doll of your rapist and convince him to become a TIM. For bonus points manifest him getting an infection from dilating with a turkey bone.
(Sending all the love and hugs your way, nonita, you never deserved that and you'll watch him get destroyed someday)

No. 1785624

Or just not advise anon to do things that force her to think more about her rapist ~for teh lulz~? Wtf is wrong with you.

No. 1785640

Everyone at work has been asking what I'm doing for Thanksgiving and I have to be the awkward person that says probably nothing. I guess I could just lie but I don't like to even if it's inconsequential. I hate the holidays. I'm a bitter scrooge that gets envious seeing or hearing about others spending the time with their loved ones. My family is broken and nothing will fix it. I wish I could experience holidays like other people. I want it so badly.

No. 1785643

yesterday when i was on the flight back to my home country, an american male was flirting with me, and ended up kissing me on the cheek without my consent. i told the flight attendants and everything was dealt with but holy shit i was so disgusted. not only that but he was MARRIED, had a wedding band on which the flight attendant also noticed. i hate men so much!!!

No. 1785655

Did they move your seat?

No. 1785657

jfc, someone needs to save the masc women and lesbians. I'm so tired of this circus

No. 1785661

I hope he was arrested for being a sex pest.

No. 1785677

it's very sad especially when these women are straight. butchering yourself for a yaoi fantasy that will never come to be ffs

No. 1785690

all of this happened when we were waiting to board, he boarded before me and that's when i told the flight attendant what happened. he also did want to switch seats and sit next to me, i begged the flight attendants to not let anyone change seats next to me or to have me be moved.
i think he got put on a no fly list

No. 1785691

American men are disgusting, not even American women want them. I hope he got kicked off the plane and his money taken.

No. 1785702

he must have been like 50+ years old. he said his daughter was around my age… i really hate men. it gets worse the more i think about it

No. 1785828

Come on over nonna. I am cooking and youre welcome to join

No. 1785836

You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you just lie and say you're eating with family. I don't celebrate and that's what I have to do.

No. 1785851

better alone than with a shit family

No. 1785885

Ew moids are filthy

No. 1785953

I wish I was able to have the time and resources to pursue my hobbies - not having to worry about work, money, cleaning, cooking, taxes, etc. lately I've been having nightmares about my job even though it's not super stressful and I get a decent amount of time off every year - but I still don't have much free time during my average work week and I don't make much money so there's not a lot I can do with my time off (like my income is too small for traveling or buying myself things I'd need for hobbies). I'm wondering what the likelihood is to make a decent amount of income if I create some indie games and have a small slow fashion brand that I make clothes/accessories for during my long work breaks. maybe also making youtube videos too. I daydream about either having a successful indie game (maybe a pixel game like stardew valley or undertale, possibly some otome games) or my clothing becoming popular enough for me to afford traveling and other hobbies.

No. 1785965

I hope the Irish burn all the immigrant housing to the ground. fuck migrant scrotes

No. 1785968

that scum migrant who stabbed those children deserves to be thrown into the angry mob and let them stomp him to death

No. 1786011

I'm so afraid to ask what happened

No. 1786024

Why do I keep looking at his fucking social media!! I already know he doesn't care about me and that he has so many other, better friends. Fuck. Why is everyone but me able to move on and have fun. Why am I always left out. I don't know how much more I can take. I don't want to befriend people anymore because I'll inevitably get into this stupid self-destructive mood again and I'll ruin everything. I should be glad that these people silently leave the room instead of allowing me to lash out at them but I don't want to just claw at my own arms anymore. But that's just how I feel right now because I'm upset. I don't want to hurt anyone, I wouldn't even be like this if they hadn't reminded me of how little I matter. Every time we talk I need to remind myself that we aren't friends, or at least not what I consider friends. I can handle the casual chatting until I see that it's just me who's treated that way. I don't know what's wrong with me, I feel like a completely different person whenever this happens

No. 1786034

File: 1700781190062.jpg (77.93 KB, 436x413, f5a.jpg)

>Your storage is almost full
>Pay us MONTHLY to get more storage!!

Fuck google. Why would I ever do this.

Based anon responses

No. 1786035

When talking with online friends, I mainly stick with messaging rather than talking via voice chat. I've always preferred casually texting, as that's just the way I am. However, when I hear about others having fun in voice chat and all, I feel a bit left out. It feels strange to admit that. My life is busier now, but I like the thought of having a friend to call and play games with occasionally.

No. 1786039

If you ghost people, expect them to do the same back to you, how is that so hard for some people to understand? Don’t be upset when you can’t try to crawl back into their lives.

No. 1786062

Thanksgiving just ended for my family. I get sad and frustrated when I go to family functions because I know my causes think I'm stand-offish and cold. Well, I do act that way, but it's only because I'm around my father. My dad is someone that likes to talk over everyone, and if you are talking to him, he just waits for you to finish talking so he can start talking about what he likes (with little regard to what you were saying before). I don't think my dad is a terrible person and I don't think he is purposefully like this but it is soooo frustrating. Every time I try to say something about me, he will try to bring something up else about me, and speak over me. He does this to everyone to be fair, but I think it's hard because I think my other family are just crawling in their skin, waiting for this dude to get done talking and it's so frustrating and embarrassing. IDK. Aliso he is mostly deaf so he shouts everything he has to say because he can't hear himself. Ugh.

No. 1786123

I think having a friend with BPD during a really self destructive time in my life is putting me in danger. I used to be a totally different person and felt comfortable being honest with her about my issues, now I’m scared that she goes around telling other people about me because after I got help and became more normal, we stopped talking. But she still messaged me obsessively. I’m scared that if I go outside someone will recognize me because she’s been shittalking me to my whole city, even though realistically I know that’s not humanly possible because there’s like 5 million people living here. I hate feeling paranoid.

No. 1786280

File: 1700799140197.png (235.78 KB, 368x469, cat.png)

I'm half-ghosting my friends right now and I feel bad about it but I don't have the energy to pretend to be normal for our voice calls. Plus there's some new people in the group and I'm sure they're cool but I really hate new people kek. I'm still active over text but it's not the same

No. 1786301

I feel bad saying no all the time and making up excuses so I just ignore texts. Don’t know what’s worse but ugh.

No. 1786309

That's what i expect when i ghost someone, i expect to be hated, but narcissists just don't get a clue and there is no way to use that to my advantage, they're like black holes.

No. 1786318

File: 1700800905232.jpg (18.93 KB, 360x328, download (7).jpg)

I ate so much sugar today

No. 1786334

I don't think I'll ever be good in art or drawing. It's a pipe dream at this point. I barely have time when I come home from work. Even if I pick it up again (which I have done on and off so many times before), I will just fail once again.

No. 1786345

Does it matter if you’re not “good” at it nona? If you can’t learn to do something well, learn to enjoy doing it badly. I sing worse than Enrique Iglesias but still do it all the time.

No. 1786352

I hate knowing a lot of people/being half friends with them around Christmas because it puts me always in this situation where I'm obligated to give everyone a gift even if I don't like them or know they won't appreciate it as much as I'd like them to (sounds selfish I know), because I don't want to seem like I don't like them and pland a budding seed of dislike for me in them. I don't want my friend's friends who I'm half-friends with to notice how much of a 'better' , or more 'thoughtful' present that I got for my friends that I genuinely like more. In my inner friend group which I've been with for a long, long time, I honestly don't want to get gifts for two people but I feel obligated to because we're close. I want to just get gifts for people I like and not deplete my money on getting gifts for so many people.

No. 1786390

File: 1700805625442.jpg (25.17 KB, 563x619, cat.jpg)

my dad and oldest brother got into a screaming match at thanksgiving dinner its so fucking pathetic

why are men so goddamn embarassing like just eat the fucking turkey so we can go our separate ways we all fucking hate each other anyway why do we do this every year AHHH

No. 1786423

almost every year i get invited to a friends thanksgiving because they feel bad almost all my immediate family is dead. they give me tons of food to take home cause im not doing well financially so im having one meal a day. but every year afterwards i cry because i still miss the family i used to have and it still feels awkward being around someone elses family dynamic. i cant help but sit there wishing my parents were still around. im greatful for all the food i just got but also sad thinking about the holidays.

No. 1786426

aw i'm sorry anon i'm sure the holiday seasons aren't easy for you. don't really have anything useful to say but just wanted to let you know that i'm thinking about you and wishing you well

No. 1786428

They've projected their testerical and overl emotional behaviour on to women since the beginning of time.

No. 1786435

File: 1700808887863.jpeg (378.51 KB, 750x739, IMG_4686.jpeg)

I will see her tonight. I’m glad I’ve got this almost obsessive crush on her so I can forget about my other more tragic and embarrassing crush.

No. 1786447

I'll turn 24 in like a month and a half.
College graduate, no job, no boyfriend, living with parents.
I'm a fat Fuck virgin who can't drive, too much of a whinny bitch to do anything about it.

No. 1786464

Why did the universe hate me enough to give me 5 brothers. What did I do to deserve this. They’re the loudest people on earth and I’m lucky if I get a full plate of food because they fucking eat everything

No. 1786465

God this place is so bad for your brain in the weirdest way. Even when the posts are milquetoast I still feel psyopped

No. 1786466

File: 1700812015705.png (1.21 MB, 828x1792, IMG_4328.png)

>overthink every aspect of my relationship right before I go to sleep
>has been happening these last few days despite nothing actually worth worrying about happens

Why does my brain do this to me I just want to sleep. Stop being so fucking insecure and go to sleep . I don’t need this REEEE

No. 1786497

i can never telll where these noises come from. there are elements to them that suggest it’s something crawling around on the outside of the house but i dunno i also feel like they’re coming from inside the wall or right under my bed

why is it always 3am regardless

No. 1786499

and why isn’t there a noise that can drive away pests? we have nukes and air drones but no good noise repellent? please it just seems weird

No. 1786517

Hard to sleep when I keep coughing, holy shit I need to sleep to get it over with and as soon as I lie down I can’t breathe and keep coughing this is so annoying my eye is puffy too

No. 1786520

You're trying to act like a boyfriend for women. Stop burping without muting it you stupid fuck

No. 1786535

File: 1700823820198.jpg (33.76 KB, 563x418, 91f54b1bbff920aeda9290292296f5…)

It's now been over 1700000000000 seconds since the 1st of January 1970. When I started browsing 4chan file names started with 11. Kill me.

No. 1786540

whats the anime? looks gorgeous

No. 1786543

I romanticize the 70s a lot nonny, what about you

No. 1786549

When you really ghost a narc they do seethe. But if you contact them in the end it doesn't work because that's what they expect from you. When they don't get what they've expected they feel like they've lost control. Although later they'll rewrite the narrative to feel like a winner anyways because they're delulu. Fuck them.

No. 1786550

File: 1700826781139.gif (4.75 MB, 640x584, rip-juice-cry.gif)

Same nona. I hope it gets better soon

No. 1786552


No. 1786556

Ghosting a guy because he called me multiple times, even my mom doesn't do that. If I don't pick up I don't want to fucking talk to you. And if I don't respond to your text don't call me. You have given me the ick. Very pushy probably would've ended up beating me to death one night or something

No. 1786573

I'm still not over my brother calling me a "parasite" and my mom telling me to go "get fucked",in the sex kind of way, thinking that it would have solved my depression when it was at its worst and when I didn't have a job 5 years ago. The physical and verbal abuse wasn't anything new but that time it stuck to me badly because I was in such a dark place.

No. 1786584

File: 1700831932911.gif (851.25 KB, 245x245, IMG_7450.gif)

I’ll manifest good things for u nonnies. I’ll start by sacrificing some useless moids.

No. 1786592

An immigrant stabbed 3 little kids and two women outside of a primary school

No. 1786624

Seriously, why does that happen? I know moids are retarded and all that, but what makes a person wake up one day and think
>today I will stab some children
Like why? How? Those who hurt children in any way should get killed on sight.

No. 1786626

File: 1700836146073.jpg (4.84 KB, 140x141, OqAFDmn.jpg)

pmsing so hard i want someone to cuddle with and cry on their chest. i learned the online guy ive been crushing on is tall but idk what his face looks like. i want him but im ugly. i want to hug him. i want to die

No. 1786628

""PTSD"" (only ever the men)

No. 1786658

>Have a friend who has a girlfriend
>She refers to her as "my girlfriend"
>…But will still use they/them pronouns for her
Do these people seriously not see the glaring contradiction in this? Are they incapable of putting 1+1 together? I swear every day that passes I get closer to insanity

No. 1786752

File: 1700845463918.jpg (45.36 KB, 736x516, Tumblr_l_85111251993885.jpg)

We ended things. I keep switching between feeling relief to feeling miserable. Yes, i was being mistreated for a year and a half, but we had fun times. I dont know if I'll ever find genuine love again. I think most men are terrible, and traditional dating is dead. I know everyone says that being single is better than being with someone, but i want to feel loved one day. I just dont know if that's possible anymore because men really dont love women. I wanna cry

No. 1786782

yesterday my boss asked me to go for lunch today because i had said that i've never seen the sushi robot irl before and he said "we'll go there for lunch one day" i dont wanna go, it feels uncomfortable because i know it will just be him and i but i dont know how to say no. i hope to god he forgets

No. 1786791

A certain person groomed a bunch of 12-14 year olds and one of the victims tried to kill themselves from all the bullying they got when the groomer denied it and attacked the victims. Just makes me sick to see this person is going around online unpunished and has a pretty big following.

No. 1786813

You ever have to interact with so ugly that it hurts to look at them? That’s the type of ugly I am. I legitimately feel guilty for people having to look at my face when I interact with them.
>Inb4 “anon I’m sure you’re not THAT ugly!”
please don’t, not only are you wrong but it just hurts worse to hear that. I don’t even wish I was pretty, I wish I could be average. Or even a little below average. Unremarkable would be amazing.
I have jowls despite being normal weight, I’m working on getting to be underweight to see if that at least helps minimize the jowlyness. For everything else wrong with my face, there is no solution.
I’m literally the ugliest personal in my entire extended family, by far. I can tell people actively pity me. I would look at home on an inbred Amish farm. Being an absolute unarguable genetic failure is probably one of the worst feelings ever. It’s like you’re not even supposed to exist and nature is designed to filter you out if the gene pool like a mistake

No. 1786814

Moids are naturally violent and repulsive but the ones from third world shitholes are extra likely to act on it because they think women who get raped should be punished instead of the men. I’m so sorry that happened anon

No. 1786815

Has he been creepy in any way? I've been invited to lunch by every boss I've ever had and it's always an opportunity to kiss ass and gets me in their good graces. But if he's been creepy in any other way, I would say try to put it off.

No. 1786839

You try ketamine yet? It's legal through a doctor in the states. Also, only EMDR therapy actually works.

No. 1786866

he's definitely made comments to me that i've found creepy, like alluding to calling me attractive and making sly digs at my bf but then i question if it's just me overthinking or being dramatic. we've gone for a one on one lunch before but that was because he was giving me a performance review so there was a reason. this time it's just for no reason and it feels weird to me idk

No. 1786890

I keep making excuses because i dont want to go to my friend's houses. I dont wanna see their totally normal families, it makes me so fucking jealous. Last time i went uninvited and they were eating delicious food and it was so comfy. Whenever my friends come they see my family screaming at eachother.

No. 1787020

Trust your gut. I agree with the other nona I’ve been out to lunch bosses to be sociable / kiss ass as she said, but not if they were creepy and not if it wasn’t a work expense at least. Different cultures vary but it should not be a mandatory thing and you are dreading it and his comments you described are inappropriate.

No. 1787050

Punish him. Name him.

No. 1787152

File: 1700868352814.jpeg (35.85 KB, 750x643, IMG_2622.jpeg)

I’ve been talking to a guy I met on tinder for about 8 days straight every night. We ended up moving our chats from tinder onto Snapchat. I really like him and I could tell he liked me too. We’d text and send voice messages. He would initiate convos in the beginning, then we both started talking to each other frequency about what our ideal date would look like. We talked about playing games online together, after I come back home from the holidays, since he recently installed WiFi at his house. Anyways, about a day and a half ago, I noticed he hasn’t responded to a message I sent him earlier or opened his Snapchat app. I miss him already. I checked his tinder profile and it’s not there anymore. At first, I freaked out, because I though he might be ghosting me, but I remembered you can deactivate you account temporarily. Maybe he’s just caught up with life or his wifi is bugging, but I miss our conversations and hearing his voice. I’m not as panicked as I was the first night, but I just hopes he’s ok. If he doesn’t think anything between us would work, I’m ok with that too. I just wish in that hypothetical situation he’d message me first.

No. 1787166

My desire to keep a job and my compulsion to let assholes know they ain’t shit keep coming into conflict

No. 1787169

I feel like a cat splashed with a bucket of water whenever someone my age talks about her child. We were born this millenium.

No. 1787188

File: 1700869840938.jpg (69.62 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,…)

i have been spending all my free time doom scrolling

No. 1787210

File: 1700870482886.jpeg (73.55 KB, 1200x829, 1690443617694.jpeg)

my brother just learned today he's having another boy. i doubt they'll have a 3rd so i will forever have 2 nephews and 0 nieces. fuckin sad about it nonnies

No. 1787236

to continue, the other thing that bothers me about this is that I am unable to look cool no matter what I'm wearing. I try hard to dress cool, but it always looks absolutely stupid on me because I am short and ugly. Things that would make other people look cool, just make me look like someone dressed up a special needs person. I've literally gotten comments like that before, by the way. people assuming I'm special needs because of the way I look. I had a nightmare that it happened again last night which is I guess why I'm spiraling so hard today.

No. 1787284

My 18yr old cousin is asking for a rolex for Christmas. It's awkward for everyone that knows her father was in prison and is heavily in debt. Which she sadly doesn't. But no she's just so happy with all her super rich friends, since she too gets what she wants and all. This is a hell of their own making and I love it. Should've just told her. Should've just been honest. Nah, you created a fucking monster. Have fun.

No. 1787321

Husband: have you thought about what you want for Christmas?

Hmm… I think I want a new bag

"What you already have two bags, what do you need a bag for?"

OK I want this dress

"No no, no more clothes until we get rid off some of the old stuff"

OK I want a sewing machine

"A SEWING MACHINE? how are you gonna have time for sewing? Where do we even have a spot for one of those"

Why even ask at this point!! Just frustraiting cause he always hounds me to pick something and then fights whatever I pick I don't get it

No. 1787358

I'm 25. I mean, I've been called weird too as a kid, but I don't think I'm that weird, these days if people think I'm weird I think they'd say I'm friendly-weird, no one has a problem with me that I know of. But that's a completely separate issue. I don't mind being weird, if I am indeed weird, but it does bother me that I'm offensively ugly. Like I said, I don't even wish to be pretty, I just wish I could be forgettable average. I'm the type of ugly where you walk away thinking,
>"my god, poor girl. Glad I am not her, idk how she copes."

No. 1787451

Ugh that sucks so much. Sending you a faraway hug. Nephews arr garbage

No. 1787469

A rare happy vent, because my thanksgiving holiday was actually pretty nice. I was expecting some kind of drama or passive aggression but it all was fairly pleasant. Still tiring but it gives me hope for future years.

No. 1787471

Start a Google doc spreadsheet and drop all the things you'd want, likk him and he can use that whenever you have a birthday etc

No. 1787492

File: 1700881714964.jpeg (434.86 KB, 1179x972, IMG_0680.jpeg)

men claim that they are the "providers"

yet all they do is take from us

No. 1787527

ditched work today and going to find out if my boss throws a shit fit over it on my scheduling even if it was a legitimate reason.

No. 1787562

I mean, as long as you weren't a no call,no show, I don't see an issue.

No. 1787580

she treats me like shit even if i have the most hours and constantly get called in to cover someone whos faking being sick for one day. i help train, make things better than old coworkers, but it doesnt matter cause my socialization is retarded.

No. 1787609

>go 2 dickstraction's place w/ my dog
>shares it with two bachelor dudes, their dog, and a pickme
>so it's filthy there as a baseline
>but whatever, as long as everyone is fun idgaf
>bring my mushrooms to share, order food and some free shit for the roommates who are more than happy to mooch from me
>be the cool fucking friendo
>my dog is getting along fine with their dog and they are playing together
>show the men where the dog's leash is just in case
>I had to go outside for my boba tea cause DD driver couldn't find their apartment
>dickstration comes with me to be an idiot thinking he can track down a DD car that he did not even know make and model of
>gone 20 minutes
>come back to chaos
>my dog took a royal excited dump all over one bachelor dude's floor pile surrounded in trash and filth (excuse me, his "bed")
>it's because when I went outside–after they had dosed my drugs and ate my food–they all went back to their rooms to game and not hang out with us anymore
>they left my dog alone, with one making the grave miscalculation of leaving his door open
>dickstraction tells me he will clean it up
>I sit on couch with my tea and my dog on the lead for a timeout while dickstraction cleans
>all the men visibly shook that my ass isn't getting up to 'make better' their squalor nor profusely apologize after none of them helped my dog after I was cool to them
>left because it didn't matter what I had done for them up to that point, just that my dog had done something to 'sour' their fucking vibe and they were acting annoyed at me

I don't even care except for the fact that for all that effort and money spent I didn't get to have any fun and then I get treated like the asshole because my dog had an accident that any one of them could have stepped in to help with.
I'm never hanging out with them again. The joke of the entire thing is that the dude's room is now the cleanest it has been in a year!
Fairweather fakeass clowns.

No. 1787612

You are disgusting clean up after your nasty ass dog

No. 1787613

Uhhhh… you’re mad that a bunch of people who aren’t even your friends didn’t clean up your dog’s (by your admission) messy shit it took in their own house while you and your fuckbuddy left it alone unsupervised to chase down a boba tea delivery? Rhetorical question, I already know the answer is yes, I’m just sort of marveling at this.

No. 1787614

Thanks for translating her post I only got about half of that but it was enough to visualize some supreme white trash

No. 1787615

The dog shit just adds to the feng shui of dirty moids.

Go clean your room.

No. 1787616

Kek I forgot to add the part where she has her fuckbuddy clean up her own dogs shit while she sips boba on the couch. I’m almost sympathizing with a moid, that’s how trashy her behavior was. This is gold.

No. 1787617

What's your poison because I know you didn't make this post sober

No. 1787618

I was thinking the same thing kekkk what is this. She must be very pretty for her pet moid to tolerate these crazy ass antics.

No. 1787619

Lol, why are you nonners so upset?

For the record: No, I do not care that my dog shit in some man's squalor. I get to come home to a clean room and bedsheets LOL.

No. 1787621

Please tell us more

No. 1787622

Sorry we aren't upset we just think it's funny how nasty you are

No. 1787624

File: 1700893306314.jpg (16.13 KB, 200x160, 200px-Chris5.jpg)

>you mean your dog shit in their dirty house?
>and your fuck buddy cleaned it??

No. 1787626

How old is your fuckbuddy

No. 1787629

No. 1787632

I feel like it’s always the weirdest women who drag their dogs with them everywhere. I had a young boss insisted on keeping her giant untrained dog in our tiny closet sized office and acted this same way this anon did when me and my 60 year old grandmother of 3 coworker didn’t drop everything to clean up after it and chase it down when it escaped all the time. To be honest I’ve started avoiding people who take their dogs to unnecessary places and/or don’t monitor it because it always belies some sort of mental instability or personality disorder of some sort from my experience… case in point.

No. 1787633

File: 1700893783402.jpg (36.07 KB, 680x500, edcbe3701b9f21139142518dde76a5…)

>itt moids with smelly rooms and floor mattresses

No. 1787634

>c-crazy dog karens amirite, fellow nonnettes?

No. 1787635

Some anons really don't even have to tell you they are autistic. I love that dogshit-girl doesn't understand that the general situation she's in is kind of trashy like yeah girlboss moment I guess but at the cost of what lol

No. 1787639

The trashy situation got left behind about 40 miles southeast of me.
Reading the full context of the post is important.
I would be very upset and apologetic if my dog would have shit at one of my girlfriend's houses as they are clean and do not take advantage, fwiw.

I do not care about shitty, unclean moids and their selective memory of what filth level is acceptable for them. Neither should you.

No. 1787643

Why were you even there in the first place if they are so dirty and gross

No. 1787646

>40 miles
Ok she’s an American but who’s surprised. Also fucking 40 miles??? Kek

No. 1787647

To party, anon

No. 1787648

>she drove 40 minutes for a dirty fuckbuddy
hooooo I can't stop laughing

No. 1787651

File: 1700894415374.jpg (57.67 KB, 1001x1001, scrote-mens-short-sleeve-round…)

>autismo stanning for dirty moids
>autismo taking seriously blatant hyperbole

No. 1787652

I liked the part where her dog shits in his house and she watches him clean it. Got not sex either. Womp womp.

No. 1787653

you don't say "about" in a hyperbole you silly goose don't pull the I was just pretending to be retarded now because you're embarrassed

No. 1787657

File: 1700894624823.jpeg (10.27 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg)

Take me to your picrel room so I can calm down, anonkun

No. 1787658

Ya just know his dick smells like cheese and onions. Nonna have some respect and fuck clean men KEK

No. 1787660

Oh man she’s really having an episode now. It kind of blows my mind that she was so sure we’d “get it” and then this is her unhinged reaction to us being like “uh wtf” kek. Some people, man. You can’t make this up.

No. 1787661

File: 1700894725068.jpg (147.6 KB, 1024x702, 20231009_005519.jpg)

House in question

No. 1787662

Post your room.

No. 1787664

KEK I don't like that some of us here apparently say this to men irl and do drugs with them that they paid for

No. 1787666

>a man with a messy room made these duplicate posts

No. 1787667

No. 1787671


No. 1787672

ah shit she found me, its your fault dogshit poster

No. 1787673

Stop doing the Blair witch dirty, her basement looks like a PALACE compared to the bed my dog shit in!

No. 1787674

Kek anon take a step back and evaluate how you’re coming across right now, are you on something or is this just how you are sober?
Nona stoppppp kekekekkkk

No. 1787676

It was a BED????? I missed that omfg this just keeps getting better, I love this story so much

No. 1787677

Feminism is when your dog shits at your fuckbuddies house and you don't clean it up

No. 1787678

Don't care, didn't clean kek

No. 1787679

How close was it to the pillow nonna

No. 1787680

On his bed, anon.

No. 1787681

File: 1700895119366.jpg (150.13 KB, 1169x1949, 1697004079891914.jpg)

No. 1787683

I think this one is real tbh I feel like I’ve met people like her before. It has too many stupid details

No. 1787684

Lol well did ya want me to clean it for them like???

It was one of the roommate's "beds" which was just a mattress on the floor around some trash idk.
I didn't go upstairs to clean it so I did not look. Hope some of the shit got into the pillows!

No. 1787686

Stop trying to ruin it bitch I want her to be real

No. 1787688

Yall already ruined it by caring about gross ass men wtf!

No. 1787689

Liars add detail. You guys lack so much daily stimulation that you're getting excited over a fake story about dogshit.

No. 1787690

Omg we get it you watched Mindhunter once and now you can read us all like books

No. 1787691

My tinfoil is this is dogshitchan backpedaling really hard because she’s clearly embarrassed now. Don’t worry dogshitchan I will always believe in you.

No. 1787693

Shes gonna get some crazu utis if she keeps sleeping with that dude

No. 1787695

Maybe you're embarassed because you had an autist overreaction to a story about literal dog shit in a moid's gross bed.

No. 1787698

No way… Tinfoil confirmed. I can’t believe it. This is too good.

No. 1787699

Why are you so obsessed with giving randomn obvious bait identities? Are you underage?

No. 1787701

Omg, faggot confirmed.

No. 1787702

You're really uncomfortable to interact with because you genuinely converse like a clueless, naive 14 year old and have no business being on here.

No. 1787707

Omg we get it you're a minor

No. 1787708

I wonder who the only person is who would get this upset at people not believing the story was fake… no, it couldn’t be!

No. 1787709

Bait or no bait I know there's an american girl on here who is 300lbs and drove 40 minutes to meet her 45 year old tinder hookup with 3 roommates in a dirty ass house. It's kittycatmae(trying to start drama in vent thread)

No. 1787710

Don’t worry her dog will continue cockblocking him with turd piles and she shall be safe

No. 1787712

Omg we get it you're a minor

No. 1787713


No. 1787714

Who? Details or gtfo

No. 1787717


No. 1787718

You love me

No. 1787719

You'd have to be an actual retard to fall for that bait.

No. 1787720

Quit asking about the moidposter's waifu. Ugh.

No. 1787721

What was it baiting people to do exactly? Laugh at it? Ok…

No. 1787722

If it was bait, then why is this anon so triggered about the comparison? Just kidding, no one really thinks it was bait, I’m just poking fun at you.

No. 1787723

Male moment.

No. 1787724

This makes me sad this is reality for the many

No. 1787726

And she cleans up the animal feces too.

No. 1787727

Idgi, this some sort of schizo thing?

No. 1787730

I wish everyone on lolcow could just get along

No. 1787731

It's a you're too buttblasted to quit replying to it thing…

No. 1787732

Nta but I knew one girl who did the same sorts of things. People really live this way unfortunately and they’re among us even here

No. 1787734

Yeah and they actually fuck the men right on the beds next to the pet crap too!(bait)

No. 1787735

But I like you.. seriously

No. 1787736

You're autistic, male, or underage–maybe all 3–and there are multiple anons itt, please commit

No. 1787737

Nona no one is mad but dog poo girl samefagging all over the place and scrotefoiling, go back read and enjoy the show. I don’t even hate dog poo girl, she’s just fun to observe.

No. 1787738


No. 1787739

I was a weird hypersexual kid in high school, I should’ve been thrown in the gulag for it. I should’ve been sentenced like 463292739 years and a fine of 3628272 yen

No. 1787740

>there are multiple anons itt
Good, now say it back to urself pls

No. 1787741

Shut the fuck up faggot go back to recording your experimental album

No. 1787742

Stop being a party pooper.

No. 1787743

what the hell is dog poo girl?

No. 1787744

I promise you women say fuck and talk about sex and I am so sorry you were home-schooled. You didn't deserve that and it wasn't your fault

No. 1787746

Cant we all just get along?

No. 1787747

Backread, and not even that far, anon. To the greentext.

No. 1787748

Anon needs to clarify if this is different than dogshitchan.
I'm confused and can't keep the plots together.

No. 1787749

That's the anon that personalityfags and is obsessed with giving random posts identity.

No. 1787751

Bdm tssss

No. 1787752

I feel really bad about how I behaved before my brain was fully developed but unfortunately my behavior was immortalized electronically so I think I’m going to have to get euthanized.

No. 1787754

Just don't look lol

No. 1787755

I’ve deleted all of my own traces of it however I have no idea who could’ve saved what of me

No. 1787757

Anons, is this how all mushroom people are? I wanted to get into that sort of thing but now I’m scared.

No. 1787759

So? Who cares? What's the worst they could do with it?

No. 1787761

Nah I grew mushies for a bit and I'm not like this at all. I keep my house very clean

No. 1787762

Show it to my parents, show it to my husband, bring it back to me and command some kind of ransom for me to not allow it to get out. I know it sounds like I’m making myself sound more important than I actually am and I’m definitely not an important person at all

No. 1787765

Is your real name tied to it? Because if not just gaslight them if they were to do that lol

No. 1787766

I don’t remember anymore kek I just know it’s better for me to stay in hiding and not piss anyone off

No. 1787768

Glad I was an insane teenager the correct way with 600 different names and none of them mine

No. 1787773

that's when you claim you were framed by someone who you had a high school feud with, you're overthinking.

No. 1787779

Lmao you're here every night during this hour, shut up and let your husband know you're so bored with the dead bedroom that you argue with anons over dog shit on a knockoff basket weaving forum for mean girls.

No. 1787780

I'm sure her and her husband have a great sex life. dont be rude

No. 1787781

I'm sorry professor, but I must not tell lies.

No. 1787783

I believe they have a fulfilling and wonderful sexual relationship

No. 1787791

File: 1700899142722.gif (1.69 MB, 318x180, nichijou-mio.gif)

former friend posted the plot of her comic and it's incredibly similar to my comic i'm currently writing (almost finished thumbing out and figuring out the details of the story). I just got the rejection email from the publisher and now this…
I doubt the actual vibe and story will be all that similar but the set up is the same…I was still friends with her when she was brainstorming, but none of what matches my story were mentioned (other than it's a gay romance), so I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but I just know she's going to think I've been ~inspired~ by her.

No. 1787792

2 in 1 complaint, my phone has a feature where you can have password-locked folders. I use it to keep pics of me and my bf separate from my other pics bc I consider them private and don't want them showing up when I show other pics to people, but they added an annoying useless "feature" where every time you restart the phone, you get an annoying persistent notification urging you to unlock the folder that can't be dismissed unless you comply.
So I went online looking for solutions and saw a bunch of reddit moids whining that now it's going to look obvious that they're hiding their porn. One guy blamed the phone for ruining his relationship because the notification caused him to accidentally unlock it in front of his gf, revealing a stash of nudes from his ex. Because it's the phone's fault that he had that stored, right?
hate coomers and manwhores so much…

No. 1787799

>notification caused him to accidentally unlock it in front of his gf, revealing a stash of nudes from his ex
OH MAN I would see red if this happened to me
Thats really annoying, do you have any progress documents showing when you started to draw it or soemthing?

No. 1787812

I miss hanging out with her but I know I'm at fault because I ghosted her first. She was pretty draining tbh. I get that you can't always be fine and dandy but her depression got the best of her and she was sad, angry and resentful all the time. It made me distance from her because I felt like my own mental health was in danger because of my worries about her, I never felt enough.
Still, I miss her sometimes. I could talk with her about anything and everything and we shared the same interests so it was funny. I know I’m guilty for not telling her too but how could I do it? “I’m sorry but every time I talk to you I feel like I’m not helping at all?” “I’m sorry but the time we spend together feels like a drag to me because I’m constantly trying to cheer you up?” I told her many times she should seek help, I even tried everything that I could do to get her better and nothing was working, there was always some excuse….

No. 1787821

File: 1700901716258.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.95 KB, 941x687, j6KfzOD.jpg)

A friend on twitter put this shit onto my tl and I was going to reply complaining about pedos but she was calling it hot…. it's time to delete my account and never interact with people again

No. 1787824

Bf passed out drunk while his computer was still on and so I looked. Absolutely sick to my stomach and feel like I don’t know him anymore. Things have been horrible and I knew he’s a liar and two faced but I’m still kind of shocked and sickened. I need to get him out of my life asap but I’m in a foreign country with him right now so I can’t just walk home. Utterly repulsed and just need him to drop dead.

No. 1787825

If it's porn, then why porn is so shocking to women but having sex which is basically the same sex acts, isn't?(scrote-tier bait)

No. 1787829

Me and my bf are long distance and I hate the sexual side of things so much when we're not together irl. I'm attracted to him but I don't even know how to respond when he sends dick pics, largely because they all look the same, but I have the same problem with responding to any sexual conversation. It feels so awkward, I don't know what to say other than repeat the same few basic phrases over and over and I become very concious of it. Things at the start of the relationship were fine because everything was new, but quickly I began to struggle with this. I thought that meeting would fix things but if anything it made them worse, because now I have the knowledge of how much better real sex is. I love him but I don't know how long I will be able to keep up with this for.

No. 1787833

What was it nona? I'm anti porn so I'll understand if it's just that that has turned your stomach
Yeah so he's engaging in sex stuff not with his gf

No. 1787834

Ldrs are pretty memey if you have no plan in place to move there in a reasonable time frame

No. 1787835

What did you see?

Are you daft? Because porn is looking at OTHER women while in a relationship.

No. 1787836

>I love him but I don't know how long I will be able to keep up with this for.
Well do you have a time frame in mind? LDRs without a set time frame to close the gap aren't wise.

No. 1787837

Worse than just porn it was tons of camwhores and types of porn that he pretended to hate and pretended to be strongly against (not kid stuff or cp at least but still just a huge fraud and betrayal) and this bitch even has folders of camwhores or girls with their names on them and has like 7 different accounts like on cam sites and forums etc just endless and it’s pathetic. And then when we fought about it he told me I drove him back to porn usage bc I didn’t fuck him for 2 weeks lol. What a wonderful relationship

No. 1787840

Before I get jumped on the reason why I didn’t fuck him for 2 weeks was because I previously caught him on chaturbate and was so sick of feeling like a cucky idiot but now I have seen that it’s not just an occasional look at one site it’s pure degeneracy

No. 1787842

Oh yeah put a fork on it that relationship is done.
My husband used to have folders like that but I told him going into the relationship that shit needs to be deleted and never done again.

No. 1787844

File: 1700903643017.jpeg (17.43 KB, 415x739, images - 2023-11-25T201433.320…)

That shit is so much worse than him jerking off to production porn. I'd never recover, I would get the biggest ick and my pussy would suck up inside me like homer

No. 1787845

Did he delete them?

No. 1787847

Yes I watched him do it, and the 2 times I snooped he's kept them gone

No. 1787849

Yeah this is exactly how I’m feeling. It is worse actually. My stomach is FUCKING SICKENED

No. 1787851

You know you need to get rid of him.
Him blaming it on you is pathetic scrote behaviour, can't even stand on his own two feet about the reason behind it, has to be your own fault. No accountability, he will never change.

No. 1787858

He's currently in uni so the plan is 3 years, as he is not yet able to support us both financially. The current plan is meeting twice a year, at least 3 weeks at a time (can't really do any more often as he's in the US and I'm in Europe, so flights are incredibly expensive). I can manage the distance in that sense and I am willing to wait, it's just the sexual stuff that I struggle with. I wish we could just not do any of it online and just keep it to when we meet. Admittedly my sex drive has dropped since I stopped masturbating, but I feel good for stopping and the prospect of starting again fills me with so much guilt. Although I'm not into it, the sexual conversation is manageable enough as long as it isn't "sexting", but luckily he's not into that anyway. My main gripes are just sending pictures and doing stuff in video call. Often I just cannot bring myself to, and he misinterprets this as lack of attraction and gets upset. We've been together for over a year already, but lately it has just been getting worse. He's also met my family, they all really like him, and he is the person I want to spend my life with, especially since we took eachothers virginity (well, I was abused as a child, but he is my first real experience). I just don't see myself getting over this.

No. 1787862

Leave. There are absolutely no redeeming traits that can excuse this. The only regret that will come from it is that you hadn't left sooner.

No. 1787874

Got woken up by a stupid rentoid just to get paid half the rent, it wasn't even noon yet, getting tired from his shit.

No. 1787877

Based gonna dedicate another month of paying no rent to this post

No. 1787883

Tbh, it's a very predictable moid behavior, this is why I will never date. And I can see male point of view very easily so being aware of it 24/7 and always knowing what men think and being able to predict their behaviors and understand their nature and sexual urges to the core makes me unable to ever be naive enough to date them, I would die inside while knowing how he perceives me. And ofc they lie cause it's easy like they can say shit to keep access to you and women will believe cause shy wouldn't they believe especially cause sexual attraction = romantic attraction so romantic gestures from men are just sexual so not that genuine or monogamous. And tbh, most normie woman are ok with this kind of shit, maybe dating isn't for every woman, you must be very forgiving to m accept it.

No. 1787885

I think something like this can possibly backfire in the future cause moids are moids and they will feel unsatisfied if you can't be a hoe for them

No. 1787886

File: 1700907777354.jpg (21.06 KB, 275x144, 1667799870404.jpg)

I got a letter from the cancer society thing saying my pap was abnormal.I am slightly freaking out but I also feel like its probably fine. I know for a fact when I did my test I was positive for BV. About a week before I had a tooth taken out and was on antibiotics. I fucking hate antibiotics because my pH levels always go fucking mad and I ALWAYS get BV on antibiotics, it's so irritating. My doctor also called to just ask if I had bad symptoms but I couldn't tell honestly. I'm sure it's just that causing the abnormality but I'm spacing out a lot. What if I can't have kids? What if I actually have cancer? My boyfriend at least comforted me with saying that it's not a relationship breaker if I can't have his kids, that it would be sad if we had to do it another way.

I think I feel extra upset because I worked on my mental health for a long fucking time, dealing with ptsd and whatever trauma happened to me, only to have it all spat on. I recently started feeling human, happy and content. Fuckkk meee

No. 1787887

Hey cheer up sister, we all had to go through the one narc moid who claims to not watch porn, who you naively believe because he's such a thoughtful woman respecter. You won't find a guy with enough self discipline and respect for women to not watch porn, it's just not in their nature.

No. 1787889

After dating a semi intelligent narcissist I kind of just appreciate having a dumb as rocks fwb. Men smart enough to answer "no" to whether or not they watch porn are fed-minded and they will psychologically abuse you, if not physically. Himbo men are the enlightened malemonkey, because they accept their nature and present their pathetic flaws to you with no intent to manipulate or control you. They're also too stupid to do so but still it's refreshing

No. 1787891

Found out my 3 yr old niece has been diagnosed with autism/aspergers. She's a high energy kid that looks normal to me so I'm heartbroken for her and the parents. I don't even know what to say anymore

No. 1787907

I hate life, specifically adult life. I hate all the cheating, stupid degeneracy, drugs, non monogamy, alcohol and other retarded shit humans do no I'm tired of hearing human retarded stories about cheating, drugs parties sex degenerate moids you suck, degenerate moids your friends suck degenerate things moids did to y'all degenerate parties gang bangs polygamy retarded junkie stories. I can't even cope with spirituality since all the degenerates are into it too and dress their retarded philosophy on life or experiences into some pseudo deep writings and words no idgaf about the dumb whore stripper you met who you think is an angel because she's so obedient and moving no I dont give a fuck about how some random degenerate moid that turned you and your friend life upside down told you you're special so now you think you're spirituality chosen no I don't give a fuck about your thoughts you have when you do shrooms no I don't give a fuck about your getting fucked by your husband best friend no I don't give a fuck about your parents polygamous relationship no stop being so unaware of your husband nature he wants to gang rape you with his friends like on this recent reddit post on twox no I don't give a fuck about your past drug addiction no I don't give a fuck about how your co worker is a milf that's getting fucked by young men no I don't give a fuck about your pseudo spiritual insights no I don't give a fuck about your filth prostitute past idgaf about your degenerate dick sucking ass eating roommates idgaf about how you think you're so psychic and awakened idgaf abt how your ex moid misses you shut the fuck up endless degeneracy. How am I supposed to find myself in it all? And don't tell me life can be different cause it literally can't.

No. 1787909

My bf is showing controlling tendencies. I don't like how he thinks he can tell me shit like "next time don't say that out loud" then a moment later he admits he's overreacting and unfairly comparing my reaction to another person he knows. I went into fawn mode and was trying to keep it light and laugh it off but he hurt my feelings acting like I'm some sort of kook or bpd for.. getting a little annoyed for a few seconds that I couldn't find something? I'm thinking he's a good time charlie sort of dude where any negativity makes him wanna just run. Well I'm a real living human being that's an unrealistic expectation

No. 1787916

Perhaps you're being too collectivist, isn't spirituality supposed to be a solo journey or something, if others are doing it in a way that's disagreeable to you, it still shouldn't have any impact on you, just stop hanging around with disagreeable people.

No. 1787920

File: 1700913662704.gif (1.99 MB, 282x208, one of us.gif)

No. 1787933

I really do despise men who are ugly, have no job, never had a stable relationship they didn't trash by mistreating the girl, live at home, get everything taken care of for them and then go on the internet and judge what women do/how they behave. Your opinion on anyone is worth less than shit because you are worth less than shit. If I could tie a gigantic vacuum to every moid ass and suck out their overinflated undeserved egos, I would eradicate migraines overnight

No. 1787948

becoming disgusted at myself for being weak enough to donate to charity when confronted in grocery store trying to buy my shit today because I couldn't hear her properly. It was only $10 worth of raffle tickets btw. Hope she gets tortured in hell for all eternity. I need to become less approachable because with my efforts to deautismise myself its obvious that ive become a fucking socialisation target. Need to wrap bandages around my head and overact like im deaf and attractively retarded. You know what you can buy with ten dollars? A whole raw chicken. A whole chicken can feed me for two days. fuck you woolworths beggar, fuck woolworths, fuck those kids and fuck me. SHITWORLD

No. 1787962

File: 1700919048340.gif (6.95 MB, 498x498, IMG_3075.gif)

My only friend is austitic like me. Even though it’s nice to be fundamentally similar to another person, it’s so damn frustrating trying to interact with her. I know our style of texting involves me text dumping and waiting a week for her to respond to them en masse, but it makes it difficult to actually plan days where we can hang out. I’ve told her that it makes it seem like she’s uninterested in hanging out, even though I acknowledge that she probably has other stuff going on, so maybe this can get resolved? Though it probably makes me look needy

No. 1787985

>but it makes it difficult to actually plan days where we can hang out. I
I don't know autism logic so maybe this is stupid to you but can't you just call her directly if you want to make plans?

No. 1787987

Honestly this close _ to killing myself

No. 1787994

Woke up extra angry, I was already angry before waking up, I hate being alive, there's nothing worth in this fucking life to keep me here and everything is fucking annoying me, seriously considering trying to kill myself on a whim.

No. 1787998

>I'm thinking he's a good time charlie sort of dude where any negativity makes him wanna just run. Well I'm a real living human being that's an unrealistic expectation
I know exactly what you mean.

No. 1787999

Reminds me of this guy I dated who told me I can't be a mom until I fix my "unstable moods", meaning me getting irritated with him not cleaning up after himself

No. 1788002

File: 1700922608005.jpeg (141.29 KB, 366x391, 9C684760-74B6-4DD7-A415-A04ADE…)

It’s been like what a month now? And my Nigel has completely disappeared and it’s all my fault. Our last interaction was over text this September.

>he told me he had to go do something with his dad and he would be right back

>I fall asleep and the next morning I see he has left me on read and not added onto the conversation we were having last night
>not that out of character for him, especially when he is weirded out/upset by something I said, whatever
>send him some good morning texts and all that and he just leaves me on read again w/out responding.
>this continues for the next, like, two days until he just doesn’t open our messages at all
>check gc we are in, he hasn’t been active there either, has not posted on social media etc
>assume he’ll never come back, and if he does it won’t be for many months, he has had these “breaks” from everyone and everyone before
>three weeks after this realization I send him a short paragraph about how I feel like that is the case and it’s fine if it is, I say I miss him and anticipate his return, turn off my phone and don’t use it until the next night
>check messages only to find he SAW IT!
>calculate the time he saw it was in the same hour I sent the message!!
>excitedly message him, no response at all
>weeks pass by after I send a couple more messages, still no response
>figure out that he probably missclicked the notification he got from me that he was intentionally trying to avoid, explains why he opened i