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File: 1700077287883.jpeg (409.92 KB, 895x523, IMG_7483.jpeg)

No. 1773043

>adhere to site and board rules
>do NOT respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot

previous thread:

No. 1773044

Much cuter threadpic

No. 1773050

File: 1700077500334.jpg (82.56 KB, 736x981, ac263eca7ee05fdfbefc2c64cd2608…)

I love geckos! I used to want one.

No. 1773055

They have such sweet little faces

No. 1773057

No. 1773071

3rd ayrt. Did he watch Adam Neely by any chance? That retarded faggot made an entire video about how classical music is "white supremacist" then changed the title to "racist" or something like that. He also likes jazz but it feels like he only does this because it's made by black people so he does it out of white guilt rather than genuine interest. I say this as a brown myself. If jazz was made by white people and classical music was made by black people I guarantee his stance would be different kek.

No. 1773080

Everyone deserves to be spoiled and pampered if they have hard lives until they have kids. If you are an adult with a shitty life that’s your parents fault but if you bring kids into it that’s on you. I don’t hold childless people to the same standard as people with kids because we are forced here against our will and never subjected anyone to the same fate.

No. 1773083

White men in the US all have butchered dicks, even the Christian ones

No. 1773109

I'm not American, never set a foot in that continent, I thought it was really obvious based on my other posts.

No. 1773127

Wtf tranny gecko

No. 1773132

i hate when people say they deserve this or that, it sounds like a shitty marketing scheme. that's not how life works. it sucks but no one inherently deserves to be spoiled or pampered no matter how shitty their lives are, childless or not

No. 1773140

Doesn't she mean circumcisioned by butchered? Wouldn't only Christian ones typically be?

No. 1773150

yes and also jewish ones too. any burger male with religious parents really

No. 1773165

I don't really get the point of this, because if you just mean self-indulgent behaviour as "spoiling", there's no need to single out people with hard circumstances and if you mean other people waiting on hand and foot for their every wish, then no other adult will agree to do that for you anyway

No. 1773190

I somewhat agree with this. You owe it to yourself though. You shouldn't expect others to do it. If you don't have to worry about feeding an child, and you wanna get a shiney new expensive something (as long as you won't bankrupt yourself), you should get the thing. Go to the spa, take the vacation. Live it tf up because you're right, you didn't ask to exist on this horrible planet and be born to shit parents. You should experience happiness at some point.

No. 1773228

File: 1700084061039.jpg (147.76 KB, 1200x675, Odette.jpg)

Kek, nonna. I hate that trannies made the pastel blue and pink match so triggering for me. I used to love it a lot.

No. 1773259

Using face filters is a proof of immaturity, why would you present a fake image of yourself?

No. 1773261

the women that associate intimacy with having penetrative sex with men mostly because they're used to not getting any real companionship from them in other ways. it's often deprived. of course not all are like that but seeing the amount of women that have sex with men, don't get off (but he always does), and have trouble with getting support and affection from nonfamilial men with it having nothing to do with sex is kind of disturbing in context. also, most of the time what's meant is risky sex that has a chance of getting her pregnant + giving her STDs - yes, even with a condom there's always a risk - almost never anything else. I guess this is the pinnacle of intimacy to some people.

No. 1773318

I agree but for a different reason. I think having sex without intimacy is possible, at least for me, and I can't see the "emotional" part of it at all.

No. 1773320

congrats, you let troons win by associating any pink and blue with them.

No. 1773322

the popular opinions thread is pissing me off more than the unpopular opinions thread. why do we need a whole thread for basic opinions?

No. 1773326

The reason there are so many ugly men in Hollywood now is because they keep hiring British men over Americans. For every Jacob Elordi there are 10 Joseph quinn's. (I know Jacob is Australian further proving my point that British men are ugly-i-fying Hollywood.

No. 1773331

i think it's because in every thread there is at least one instance of people replying to someone's opinion with "that's not an unpopular opinion"

No. 1773333

Lol, no if anything he would whine about how white men were the only group it's still ok to discriminate against.
Plus a lot of bullshit about how easy women have it and how if he was a girl he wouldn't be expected to get a job lmao. I don't think he'll troon out though, he would often go on hours long sperg rants against troons, I mean hours and hours, repeated himself a lot

No. 1773334

It’s not meant to piss anyone off I’m sorry it’s just a space that’s supposed to be agreeable >>1773127
Stop it how dare

No. 1773338

The worst part is the intimacy is all made up in these women's heads anyway. Most moids feel no sentimentality from having PIV sex, unless you find one of the rare ones who is actually kind, gentle, and empathetic. They only enjoy using women's bodies to masturbate into. I know I wouldn't even like the physical sensation of being penetrated, but even if I did, I wouldn't have PIV sex for this reason. Most men don't even want to touch women's pussies or eat them out or give them orgasms/pleasure, they only care about using women's bodies. Might as well just use a dildo instead.

No. 1773383

It seems so desperate, like they think being so close literally is the only way they can feel important to their partner. Whenever any woman has to talk about how penetration is sooooo special and some real way to show love it always reads as a cope for other issues. Especially knowing men will desperately stick their cock into anything and think nothing of it. You can experience a romantic bond with other forms of intimacy or sex that are more comfortable and pleasurable.

No. 1773438

Face filters is just the natural reaction to cameras being overly sharp and emphasizing every flaw, not to mention how different lenses can alter mid face, facial length and width, etc

No. 1773689

I support adjusting lighting/colors (because photos can often look dim) and maybe having a light blur so you don't have every pore outlined in HD or tweaking a small detail that came out awkward, but when it gets to literally redrawing and reshaping your features to clash with reality, that's going too far and comes off as stupid and insecure.

No. 1773791

agree, nona.
I lived my late teens to early 20’s fat, ugly and invisible to everyone, especially men. In my mid 20’s I lost a bunch of weight, my skin cleared up, and I learned how to dress myself and I can say it’s a lot better being attractive. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. “Beautiful” women have more societal power than “ugly” women. There’s more risk, but high risk, high reward.

No. 1773985

I never use filters but whenever I used to post pictures in spaces with men, they'd accuse me of shooping and being fake. I think it's only because I had clear skin because I'm average looking but it's still weird because most women have nice skin irl too, idk. I think incels overestimate the amount of women that photoshop and use that as an excuse to make women feel worse.

No. 1774056

Yeah I agree with this. I miss when everything was shot on film, it was a lot more flattering without being too unrealistic. I'm not talking about vaseline lens Old Hollywood glamor shots either, since I know people will go
>well they edited celebrities back then TOO,
just regular people.

No. 1774079

It's so weird seeing Gen Z girls viciously defend filters, plastic surgery, etc especially since they're the same ones who will complain the next minute about how the internet gave them body dysmorphia, eating disorders, etc. but when someone points out a woman has surgery or is using a filter they're the first ones to cry "SO WHAT HAPPENED TO WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN? I KNEW 5 12 YR OLDS WITH A CUP TITS AND A 12 INCH WAIST REE"

No. 1774129

Plastic surgery isn't a good thing but bullying women for their natural looks and bullying them for having gotten surgery and not being naturally perfect is much more toxic. I'll never understand why some women will bully those who got plastic surgery, not like you guys weren't the ones bullying them before they got it like you did with Kylie Jenner or Bella hadid lmao. At first you'll bully them to feel better about your own looks and when they get plastic surgery and look prettier than you, you'll call them fake to again feel better about your own shortcomings.

No. 1774131

why are you projecting. women who are against plastic surgery scams wont bully women for not looking like photoshopped plastic sex dolls.

No. 1774134

I just found this influencer and thought she looked really pretty, so I followed her only to find out she got a nose job. She was open about it but it's still disappointing how common plastic surgery and nose jobs are among so many younger women.

No. 1774137

The Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure artstyle/character design is so fucking ugly. It genuinely makes me upset to look at. It’s not funny or quirky or creative. Just offensively ugly. I’ve never met anyone who feels the same way and it makes me feel like a crazy person. I don’t understand how so many women love it and find it attractive/aesthetic. I cope by telling myself they were just psyoped into liking it and like the characters for their personalities in spite of how they look.

No. 1774147

i remember when anons were infighting about ugly male characters and some anon who hated bishies recommended jojo characters as a ''good'' alternative to what she considered ''ugly boring bishies''. I still remember her because i burst out laughing. They are so fucking ugly and retarded looking.

No. 1774152

"women against plastic surgery" are the ones who judged kylie when she was a kid and the same hags are still judging her just cause she got lip filler, lmao. Stop being so offended, I'm not projecting, you're mad I pointed out that your type bullies women whether they're natural or not to feel good about themselves. That's why all the posters in subreddits making fun of instagirls are unattractive men and women.

No. 1774153

i dont even know who kylie is

No. 1774154

The anons sperging about women enjoying piv are getting stale. Obviously its ok to not want piv for any number of reasons, but some women orgasm from piv and crave dick once in a while. Ability to orgasm from piv has been correlated to clit size, so I think it's fair to say these extra salty anons give off small clit energy. Again I don't mean no hate, but realize you probably can't relate to some women because your body is different from theirs

No. 1774158

oh god oh no not the heterophobia

No. 1774159

No one is doing this shit aside from baiting men. Report and move on. R9k incels time and time admitted to larping as "blackpill feminists" so they could get away with being misogynistic here, those posts are their doing.
Sure, hag.

No. 1774160

>posts defending brown men appear
>posts calling women whores for daring to enjoy sex appear
Who let incels loose?

No. 1774161

>Sure, hag.
kek what is this moid insult go back, i genuinely have no fucking idea who kylie is

No. 1774164

The crazy thing is I don’t even like bishies, but they at least aren’t a pain to look at. If I see people post bishies I feel fine and neutral. I’m a lover of many weird and ugly characters, but something about the Jojo characters specifically pisses me off so much. I think part of it is fans treat them like they are bishies. The way they post/talk about them is as if they are conventionally attractive, normal, hot characters and it drives me up the wall. Like am I being mass trolled? I feel like I’m going insane. At least people into other unconventional characters understand that’s what they are and treat them as such. So glad the Jojo fandom isn’t as big as it was a few years ago. I hated having to see it in every anime/geek space.

No. 1774167

are you sure you replied to the right comment because where in earth did i say any of that

No. 1774170

Anons can call gen z all nicknames but we can't call you hags?

No. 1774172

i am 22

No. 1774173

Will keep that in mind, just gets so tiresome

No. 1774174

jojo characters literally look like drag queens, they are an eyesore

No. 1774175

ok misogynist

No. 1774188

Is that true? I have a small clit but I can orgasm from penetration

No. 1774189

i am pretty sure that anon is a moid or extreme newfag who tf cares that much about women not cumming from piv kek

No. 1774206

> I think it's fair to say these extra salty anons give off small clit energy
Some of you really have no right to complain about being called moids, even if you aren't.

No. 1774208

I agree. I dont know know why this is unpopular. Arashi made a living off of women's fashion and the backs of mocking women. His characters are hideous imo and he was also a tracer for a while.

No. 1774222

Creepshow Art drama was boring.

No. 1774224

jojofags are insufferable. I also hate how (some) jojofag women call other women into cute bishies who happen to be underage ''pedos'', but lusting after Jotaro despite him being 17yo is totes okeee

No. 1774225

Honestly I didn't pay attention to it, I just knew it attracted a lot of new users at the time and that she apparently was posting here. I don't think I even cared about Creepshow when she was just a regular artcow..

No. 1774228

I particularly don't mind any of that, but I'm forever bitter that Fujiwara Kaworu got so much shit for basically the same thing.

No. 1774239

Agree. I never followed it but so many anons made a huge deal about it. I tried to get a cliffnote version, but forgot. I just kinda didnt care too much to dive into it.

No. 1774246

I'm tired of pretending that having a big edgy rebellious teen phase isn't a sign of privilege. Every single person I've ever met who had one came decently loving household with accepting/forgiving parents. The fact that so many are able to act out without the threat of being beaten or kicked to the curb is proof of this.

No. 1774251

Wasn’t what made it unique was that her whole post history here was compiled and made public?

No. 1774259

Hate the modern fandom trend of turning any series where two girls have beef or one is bullying the other into a sapphic love story. Or claim that the story has queer subtext. As someone who was bullied and it really affected my self-esteem, I used to feel seen by these stories but nowadays this trope isn't even allowed anymore because it's always twisted into "subtext says the bully actually has a gay crush" or the narrative quickly turns them in best friends. I never had any desire to date my bully, it makes me gag. I want to see actual complex female dynamics that resemble real life relationships. Also I don't have anything against lesbian love stories, I actually enjoy them and I think they have the potential to be written better but I don't like the idea of making the bully a lesbian nor the idea that if two girls are fighting it's because they secretly want to fuck. Same thing applies to male-female or male-male relationships where one of them is a bully. In fiction women aren't even allowed to hate men without being forced by the writer to fall in love with them at the end of the story. Or shit like zutara, a very complex nuanced relationship ruined by shippers. I'm not even gonna mention the amount of enemies-to-lovers I've seen in yaoi.

No. 1774345

File: 1700148895104.jpeg (237.65 KB, 1019x1018, 9DAAF8ED-C87C-4C77-823B-A74132…)

normalize women wanting dick

No. 1774379

I complained about it earlier but mainly because of how romanticized it is with women who often have to write some convoluted comment about penetration being the most magical and intimate act, usually when other types of sexual activities are discussed decentering male pleasure. If you want dick then go for it, I like it too and can orgasm from piv but I’m not going to write a flowery poem about how true love is real and proven by penetrative sex. A lot of women don’t even know there are alternatives so it’s kinda sad.

No. 1774432

He has his art work hanged and being sold as souvenir in the louver so he's probably doing something right.

No. 1774438

File: 1700153230435.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.64 KB, 375x500, my-lonesome-cowboy-1998.jpg)

not a big achievement considering this guy's art also got into museums

No. 1774443

Women and men can't have important and meaningful friendships that stay friendships. Unless both are gay maybe.

No. 1774447

File: 1700153579235.jpg (14.89 KB, 480x360, bbUTszp.jpg)

But is his work in the same museum as the Mona Lisa? I don't think so. Araki always has art galleries to show his art work and always improves and develops his art style with time. His part 1 art style is nothing like parts 7,8, and 9 and the stuff he makes for art galleries and museums. I find it pretty personally and very unique, and I love the colorfullness of it. I also like how the characters look their age most of the time, with old people looking younger being the exception. I'd take it over overdesigned yet plain genshin impact characters. I don't get how can anyone call these "bishies", I'd understand if it was 70s-80s style bishies though like picrel, but that's rarely the case, it's always underage looking or actually underage characters.
>inb4 Jotaro was 17
I was a teenager too when I liked his 17 yo look, and I prefer his part 6 40 yo looks way more.

No. 1774469

>I was a teenager too when I liked his 17 yo look, and I prefer his part 6 40 yo looks way more.
ofcourse a jojo fan is part of the ugly man psyop

No. 1774521

>Sure, hag.
clearly you're either underage, from tiktok, and/or a retard if you think anons itt who are against plastic surgery shit on women who have had no cosmetic procedures. funny that you're accusing others of being incels or moids yet you're the one who keeps saying hag over and over again to try and win an argument kek

No. 1774524

she still didnt answer me who kylie is kek i feel out of the loop

No. 1774540

File: 1700157964538.jpg (150.98 KB, 449x639, tumblr_406db3852e8fa1e5735f5cf…)

He looks more youthful when he's 40 than when he was 17 kek. But it's ok, you can like your genshin impact """bishies""" and I can like my jojo and many other manga/anime/cartoon """roidpigs""". Not the end of the wolrd, just don't pretend you have a 3rd eye and have achieved enlightenment for it lol

No. 1774543

boss baby is a good movie

No. 1774545

gay men love to use the term hag

No. 1774556

kim kardashians little sister

No. 1774565

Popsicles are nasty

No. 1774593

File: 1700160347551.jpeg (142.39 KB, 494x550, 009E80F5-A8C7-46FB-9ACC-E4687A…)

Most people I know look worse with filters, they look like honeybuns with way punched in noses and a Dorito chin.

No. 1774595

Do you really think it’s a gotcha when you will be the same age as the women you call haha one day?

No. 1774601

unless you intend on committing suicide or dying by the time you're considered a hag (can vary from 25 to 40 it seems) you sound stupid doing so when you will reach that age yourself.

No. 1774607

There is no reason for a woman to be living alone with multiple men, especially single ones. Autistic engineering types are unsafe, too. Anyone who encourages women in their lives to do so is not looking out for their wellbeing.

No. 1774667

File: 1700165135731.jpeg (112.16 KB, 554x1200, 2D8F7600-DB5B-4D5A-B071-92BEB7…)

This looks like dogshit. But I guess there are a lot of female horror protagonists with ugly revealing clothes but that’s mostly because the game team is full of moids.

No. 1774670

I refuse to believe anyone leaves the house dressed like this, it looks like a bad costume. Everyone would know they're LARPing at a glance also kek at the too small thigh highs

No. 1774674

KEK that anon was talking about Kylie Jenner

No. 1774683

The socks over thigh highs look ridiculous. The shirt and skirt are ugly. Wtf is that layering? Also wtf is "fatal frame"?

No. 1774685

Fatal Frame is a video game series and the main characters were similar girly clothes.

No. 1774686

File: 1700166181802.jpg (61.11 KB, 616x353, fatal frame.jpg)

No. 1774694

sheer white socks always look so bad and you can always tell they're from amazon too. Yet to see them be pulled off

No. 1774702

This looks better than the picrel in >>1774667

No. 1774778

Plastic surgery is extremely toxic to women. Stop normalizing procedures that kill women

No. 1774784

Gen Z has a really bad case of liberal feminism. They take brainwashed pride in shit that degrades or even kills them, but don't even bother to fix those issues because they like bathing in victimhood anyway.

No. 1774786

Not only that, but it's mainly only other women who don't feel threatened by your appearance who treat you well or with decency, while everyone else shits on you or treats you as less worthy. Attractiveness is a power to be utilized, and that doesn't mean catering to moids, but it sure helps people see you more favorably.

No. 1774805

Are you referring to >>1773261 ? It's not referring to women that actually explicitly get off to such sex, but more the ones that don't yet see it as the main or even only way of experiencing intimacy with a man. Also, a huge number of women that don't get off that way probably just have a shitty partner yet still do it anyway. If anything the ones that are pleasured by it are probably more based than the ones that do it for other reasons.

No. 1774830

They'd rather moids abuse them because they couldn't afford a boob job than to even dare point out other women have to do expensive, dangerous and artificial procedures to fit the ideal now. If you call it out they give you weird underhanded insults like "stop being insecure that you're ugly" like what does that even mean? You want to constantly bring down women who are unable to afford those procedures but also not have the woman being negatively affected by their insults yet it's unacceptable that women who go into debt to avoid being themselves have people point out they actually did have those procedures done and that's it's unfair to compare those women to natural women

No. 1774931

File: 1700177481408.jpg (85.28 KB, 564x400, 9e589b943e2ec7e12c72dba3f538fd…)

I dont like this artist, but it does illustrate something ive noticed in a lot of fiction. For some reason, even women that are supposed to be unnatractive at least look okay, while men that like hideous and grotesque are everywhere in fiction. I think having more unnattractive men be represented in fiction is supposed to lower womens standards, while more attractive female characters increases mens standards

No. 1774940

kek pic reminds me of Franken Fran

No. 1774944

Nothing wrong with being child free and not wanting children, but the term "breeders" reeks of misogyny and is nearly never aimed at men. Obviously there's militant retards from both ends of the spectrum, but I take issue with the term in the same way as spinster. Women are demonised regardless of their choices.

No. 1774962

I thought "breeders" was only used by redditors and some of the anti-natalist edgelords that pass by on here. Is it really getting popular to call moms "breeders"? I hope not.

No. 1774965

I’ve never heard anyone refer to anyone else as a breeder outside in real life

No. 1774966

i don't really get why people used to be so adamant about critizing 50 shades of grey but all the zoomer equivalent YA lit and elevated fanfic like iron widow etc just flies by. media only get criticized on the basis of whether it has "problematic" content or not nowadays with no regard for the actual quality. in other words pop culture never moved past twilight tier stuff in terms of quality. but i think both stuff like 50 shades and iron widow could be "legitimately" good if only the quality improved.

No. 1774967

Ok roidpig grandpa fucker lmao enjoy your dragqueens while i enjoy cute anime men

No. 1774985

I heard it in real life like 12 years ago very regularly. Both men and women, it wasn’t directed at any specific sex in the past it was for couples. Not sure how it’s evolved now I’m not around people like that anymore

No. 1774990

50 shades has sold over 150 million copies. Iron Widow has…. appeared in “The 20 most popular young adult reads of 2021” on goodreads kek
real talk, since social media allows everyone to have their own niche communities that cater to their interests, there’s significantly fewer unifying pieces of media that people from all walks of life can consume and talk about

No. 1775021

File: 1700183044959.webm (2.98 MB, 404x720, Based.webm)

/fit/ likes to post this in order to make fun of the fat friend but I honestly love her.She's a real one.

No. 1775033

File: 1700183736191.png (7.75 KB, 120x120, HM_DS_WPrincess_Happy.png)

This has got to be the first and only instance I've actually seen of a fat friend interrupting a moid's advances to protect another woman. Scrotes like to tell stories about being "so close" to getting a girl to sleep with them, just for the girl's fat friend to show up and pretty much ruin everything for them. I kept seeing these kinds of stories, and I thought they were made up or exaggerated so that scrotes could feel like they're victims about their sex attempts getting shot down. It almost felt like this supposed "fat friend" was like a made-up "boogeyman" that scrotes spread rumors about to justify hating and feeling victimized by female friend groups. But here, I see that those stories don't seem to be entirely made-up, which is hilarious to me because it still serves the scrotes right. I recall being cat-called and flirted at in public when I was just trying to enjoy a good time. If I had a "fat friend" that told the males to fuck off better than I did, I would be grateful.

No. 1775034

File: 1700183767726.jpeg (103.35 KB, 736x1104, Photos from San Francisco's Re…)

I'm straight but I really like how masc women and butches look

No. 1775035

the artist is a coomer, so that checks out. Even in his 'technically nonsexual' art, his coomerisms still jut out

No. 1775036

lmao, you flick your bean to flatties

No. 1775039

Nah it’s just that they think men are people and women are not, it’s a symptom not a cause

No. 1775041

I'll be ur fat friend nonny

No. 1775042

I’m straight but I have to encourage myself to be attracted to men and have to look away when I see women in revealing clothing because I get the urge to touch them sexually I just know that I have some wires crossed. I’m getting better I think, I just need to try.

No. 1775043

Thank you!

No. 1775048

Not a mom but it's so annoying seeing moms get hate for literally everything they do, even just existing. Lolcow mom haters are on the same tier as batshit crazy incels who hate moms because it's solid proof they had sex with a man once

No. 1775050

doesn't this weird 'old vs young anime men' sperging seem tired and manufactured to anyone else? I know nonnies like to rehash stuff like 'blondes vs brunettes' or eye color sperging but this is just tiring. Most 'old men' in anime don't usually even retain the ugly aspects of aging like wrinkles or balding. Is this because of newfags?

No. 1775052

All I said was enjoy the stuff you like while I enjoy the stuff I like, and yet you sperged out about it and got super offended, maybe you're insecure in your taste and that's why you feel the need to attack others'.

No. 1775070

I know, I just prefer dimension. I love seeing shadows and depth on a man. Which is why I prefer 3D to 2D, unless 2D has an interesting style.

I grew up with anime, and I like some stuff. I mostly watch for the action and sakuga

No. 1775112

Most "underage" looking bishies also don't look like real teenagers nor retain typical teenage features, but that doesn't stop anons here from claiming such (which they never did years ago btw)

No. 1775117

kek whenever i enter this thread nowadays i feel like a child in a dysfunctional family walking in on the roidpigs vs bishies screaming match yet again. team bishie all the way

No. 1775124

At least it's a harmless topic. Much prefer it to other subjects of frequent infights

No. 1775134

I wish society could be chaste again

No. 1775138

i said this a million times and will say it again: we need to bring back the hayes code

No. 1775301

We're stricter in the UK but it's useless because US media is so lax.

No. 1775304

Its because roidpig fags are always trying to claim women into high school bishies that dont look like teenagers are pedos and stuff. Liking jojo roidpigs feels like overcompensantion. I will stick to cute anime bishies any day over roidpigs that look like dragqueens.

No. 1775323

Promiscuity is bad for both men and women.

No. 1775336

this has been the dominant opinion pretty much everywhere and still is in the majority of countries to this day.

No. 1775340

Nothing wrong with female weebs. Harmful fun. Moid weebs are beyond saving.

No. 1775342

Agreed, and I'd also add that since online dating isn't going anywhere, it should go back to the 00's era with full profiles and slower message systems. Back then the male-to-female ratio wasn't that bad on these sites. You could use it for hook-ups, but it wasn't as ideal for it as something like Tinder is.
Owners of these apps always want to get more women on since men are their main paypigs, but they have no idea how it got so bad in the first place. Make a profile and swipe like 200 times and count how many men aren't "open to anything, serious but open to casual, casual but open to serious" or "undecided", which all are the same option for thinking they can get sex as home delivery.

No. 1775355

>you'll call them fake to again feel better about your own shortcomings.
Claiming women pointing out women need to do artificial things to achieve there look makes them less than? You sound worse than a moid with a bimbofing fetish

Enforcing plastic surgery to be the regular beauty standard is already having shit affects. I see young women getting breast implants illness since the only acceptable breast now is unnatural, even milder things like lip fillers and stuff are hurting women, not to mention this makes like 80% of women feel like shit about themselves or they end up digging themselves in credit card debt trying to pay for these procedures since they're becoming such a normal beauty ritual, you also have to keep on mind majority of western women are poor which sucks even more.

No. 1775415

scrotes hate it when they can't "flirt" with drunk women. fuck them

No. 1775444

Did you mean "harmless" kek

No. 1775577

Maybe stop being allergic to liking adult men and nobody will think you're weird.

No. 1775584

You realize both the roidpig jojos and bishies are drawings? Neither is an adult man kek

No. 1775588

>liking ugly men isn't weird

No. 1775600

woman on the left has my heart. I miss butch women. Where are they

No. 1775603

It's definitely one or two newfags who constantly bring this topic up, especially when the original discussion had nothing to do with this retarded debate. This is why I mostly stick to husbando threads because there's no infight there.

No. 1775605

2D men aren't real.

No. 1775607

In the trans community

No. 1775610

Why do they even assume the fat friend is the reason he isn't successful? Usually the drunk girl will ask for help and one of her friends will get between her and the creep, it's not like the friend is trying to sabotage him, she's trying to protect her intoxicated friend from a guy her friend isn't into.

No. 1775611

There’s a lot of slut shaming among feminists. Almost all the ‘unique’ risks of casual sex for women easily apply to long-term, monogamous relationships with men as a whole. The orgasm gap, risk of pregnancy, high risk of rape or abuse etc. but a lot of self-proclaimed feminists choose to single out women that are not in monogamous relationships because underneath the facade of feminism, a lot of them share the same socially conservative values as most people. They don’t think sex ican be something pleasurable for women, but something women transactionally reward men with (in exchange for ‘commitment’ usually. As if all women want to deal with men’s personal baggage)

No. 1775615

I guess my unpopular opinion is that i really no longer care if condemning casual sex is slut shaming. There's literally no benefit for it for women, hookup culture is evil and dirty and most of you don't even get any joy from it, yet want others to coddle you for your bad decisions. It's like running into a pit of fire and getting mad that it burns. Idk what you want people to do, take some responsibility and learn self control. Most moids do not care about your pleasure.

No. 1775616

There really is. As if we’re losing something by fucking — no one ever tells a male that.

No. 1775618

The benefit is having sex which some people enjoy sorry you don’t get that

No. 1775620

Stop replying to the male, retard. He even says "you don't even get anything out of it" and thinks women wanna be coddled when someone hooking up means they just wanna fuck, nothing less or more.

No. 1775621

I don’t like it either but doing that would be retarded.

No. 1775622

Agreed 100%
Sex shouldn’t be something you just endure; and I’m sick of this attitude that you 100% will fall in love or be broken psychologically from casual sex (as if dicks have tbh at much power, come on), that you’re inherently ‘losing something’. I think a lot of neo puritanical feminist objections to porn and prostitution are also because it’s premarital sex not because it hurts women (see all the seething about evil whores).

No. 1775623

I’d prefer to live in a society where you get ghosted by Chad sometimes rather than a society where sex outside of marriage is illegal.

No. 1775627

A lot of people like to victim blame and discriminate against people with different values. So the average woman in a relationship knows she's more likely to get cheated on, beaten, etc. if she's in a monogamous relationship BUT to make herself feel more safe, she picks out exceptions of women being hurt by stranger men(although most femocides are committed by men victims date) and says casual relationships are much more unsafe than what she has with her nigel.

We have to understand that while casual relationships are unsafe, serious relationships can be just as unsafe as casual ones. Most men in longterm relationships abuse their partners whether that be physical or psychological. A lot of men cheat on their long term partners and to still praise long term relationships with men who will cheat on you when you're pregnant/taking care of kids while slutshaming women who either can't or prefer not to have serious relationships, they're acting hypocritical.

They're not feminists though, as you said they're conservatards using "feminism" label to slutshame women and to appeal to men.

No. 1775634

We all know when they say "bishie" they 90% of the time mean shouta. That's what I meant by "being allergic to adult men". They never like a tall anime man with soft features and nice hair who's a young man in his 20s, when there's plenty of them, it's always loli looking manlet genshin impact characters and the such.

No. 1775642

Now you're just straight up lying kek. Go look at the husbando threads and see how many shota manlets there are

No. 1775645

The teen boys that keep talking to James Charles are just clout chasing

No. 1775664

Guess you weren't around last time the "bishie vs. roidpig" discussion happened. I think it was in the art salt thread but I'm not 100%. But some sperg claimed she was sad games didn't have cute male characters like genshin impact did, because she was into shouta, but she insisted on calling them "bishies". I think she got banned eventually, but she wasn't the only one like that iirc. Anons here in general have 2 tastes and no in between, the fugliest nerdiest men on earth whether fictional or real, or the skinniest most anorexic child slave looking men on earth whether fictional or real. But I guess that's autism or something idk.

No. 1775675

Single parent households aren't the best but in the case of a divorce I truly believe girls should stay with their mothers and boys should stay with their fathers. The exception should made if either are abusive and the other isn't.

No. 1775692

>bishies are better! roidpigs are disgusting
>no, roidpigs are better. enjoy your flattie schoolboys pedo heh
enough, now who here is based and enjoys both from time to time?

No. 1775703

Trolls saying men don’t care about women’s pleasure have either not been intimate with a man, or have been extremely out of luck with the moids they’ve encountered (my sincerest condolences to you). A lot of men’s entire self-worth is intrinsically linked with their ability to make women orgasm. A healthy moid’s psyche is dependent on feeling like he is succeeding at life, and getting a woman to cum makes him feel like a manly stud. Yes there are some bad apples out there, but most of the moids I’ve fucked were very preoccupied with me feeling good. Training most moids to please you is easy, all it takes is knowing your own body so you can give him direct orders. If he is selfish you next him (why is this so hard). Sadly a lot of women are too insecure to communicate their own needs. On a tangent I think that’s why a lot of moids are into sex with older women, older women are more seasoned and not afraid to tell a moid how to get her off. Again there are some bad apples out there but generally speaking men are obsessed with feeling like he is a sex guru who can make women cum 6 times in a row

No. 1775712

File: 1700241360330.jpeg (169.38 KB, 900x900, 5AF680E8-7DDF-462C-AA62-A27551…)

I’m sick of this dumbass shit. Look at pic related, it’s all about fucking proportions, now tell me there’s someone in the husbando thread lusting for anything that’s six heads or under. Kirbyanon doesn’t count tbh, she’s strange.
>inb4 It says 16 yrs old!!!
Shut up.

No. 1775721

Basically this. Nonas here whine about shota without even knowing what shota is. Its literally not allowed on lc it doesn't get posted here kek.

No. 1775722

I've only been with men who gave me multiple orgasms daily meanwhile I would barely even touch their dick, and I can totally understand that most of them aren't like that and just want to use women's bodies get off. Sure, there are some moids whose ego is wrapped in making the woman come but most just don't give a fuck as long as they get theirs. Open your eyes to reality instead of thinking your very limited anecdotal experience with men means anything.

No. 1775731

I hate 99% of the music that Tik Tok calls “female manipulator music.” Can’t stand Phoebe Bridgers, Fiona Apple, Clairo, Mitski, etc. Someone said if they heard Mitski’s voice without context they would’ve thought she was a 50 year old white woman who used to be a professional yodeler and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

No. 1775733

File: 1700242305796.png (1.8 MB, 1600x900, IMG_2456.png)

I love being ugly. I always hear my peers ranting about being sexually harassed or catcalled by Scrotes, but i have never dealt with this problem in my 19 years of life. I am pretty much invisible to scotes. I have never been asked out or approached my men and i want to keep it that way. The worst that has happened to be was being called ugly a few times in middle school and being compared to Micheal Jackson(Kek) but i would take that over getting sexually harassed every time i go outside.

No. 1775740

Nah it’s not true. Men wanna feel like they are good at sex, that’s why they hate “starfishing”, they can tell the woman isn’t enjoying herself. Yes the majority are too retarded to be proactive and ask what they can do different (we know men have the communication skills of a 14 y/o), that’s why you gotta tell them

No. 1775742

All these posts make me glad I've committed to wizard-dom. Good luck dealing with retarded moids

No. 1775744

Nah the bad apples outnumber the good. It’s more like you have to shop for good apples, and sometimes you don’t know if they’re good or bad until you take a bite.

No. 1775745

I just saw this video and the comments are unsurprisingly full of dumbass moids calling her a “aggressive bowser hippo” for protecting her obviously drunk friend from predatory moids.

No. 1775747

Same nonna

No. 1775757

Yeah you can't actually know whether you are sexually compatible until you've had sex so it's not without its risks, but from experience at least 90% of guys' ego is directly tied to their ability to sexually please a woman

No. 1775767

nice fucking try scrote, there is research about the orgasm gap

No. 1775774

>Men wanna feel like they are good at sex
That is correct. It is also not the same as actually caring about a woman's pleasure and putting in the effort to get a woman off. The last thing on a man's mind in most cases is how to make a woman cum before he does. They're more invested in appearing good at sex and having control over a woman's vulnerability than actually making her feel good. This is why they fixate on exaggerated facial expressions, insane moaning, and spastic behavior. They think women should react that way from any sort of bodily contact, not from actions women report actually enjoying. Y'know how porn typically revolves around intense jackhammering with no foreplay, and yet women rarely ever cum from penetration alone?

No. 1775776

Did you actually read my post. Men wanna think they are awesome at sex. I'm not saying all men, but oftentimes when a woman can't orgasm it's either because she doesn't know how to get herself off in the first place, and/or is for whatever reason incapable of communicating with her moid how to get her off, or just not sexually attracted to him (sadly common). Yes it's statistically easier for moids to orgasm through piv, but if you are a woman who knows what you enjoy most guys are easy to train because their ego is tied to it

No. 1775778

they want to think they are awesome at sex but it doesnt mean they actually get good at it retard

No. 1775796

This has to be bait.

No. 1775805

I’m mostly into bishonen but I can appreciate a muscular moid if he has other attributes I find attractive. I don’t like when guys look overly muscular though, like their heart is going to explode any minute from steroid abuse.

No. 1775806

Wow. No. I’m so sorry but you are insanely wrong, the percentage is so so so so much lower. Wish it wasn’t the way it is but it is.

No. 1775812

Obviously that’s why porn is like that. That’s also why women shouldn’t mimic those behaviours or fake orgasms, but actually communicate. Let him feel bad until he gets it right.

I’m just speaking from personal experience as someone who had a "slut phase". The majority of guys I slept with were preoccupied with how I was feeling. Disclaimer: I don’t recommend sleeping around, but I truly think majority of guys are insecure about their ability to please women. It wounds their masculinity to think they might be bad at sex. Idk it could be my view is biased because I tend to enjoy sex in the first place, so I'll give you that.

No. 1775827

You need to talk to other women or read the experiences of other women. Like I said, I've always had men cater to me sexually and I was always selfish as fuck so I never had an experience where a man never made me cum. You can't apply your experiences to every woman or even most women.
>I truly think majority of guys are insecure about their ability to please women
It doesn't make a fucking difference because when guys are insecure they don't bother to improve. They just posture and meme themselves into thinking they're better than they actually are. And the actual truth is that most of them just don't give a fuck, they just want to coom. Why do you think "man rolling over after 2 pumps and falling asleep" is a stereotype?

No. 1775834

Perhaps becoming such an expert can be detrimental to objectivity of your data.

No. 1775852

I hate that it's expected of women to spend lots of money on beauty treatments on the reg. You're expected to spend like thousands monthly on these things like hair, nails, eyelashes just being the milder part, nevermind how common injections and surgery is now. The worst part is a lot of these are extremely overpriced as if inflation wasn't killing us and you're not even allowed to question why women working at McDonald's have 2k worth of extensions, $200 eyelashes, 100$ nails and that's just the start. I assume that's also why those things are so expensive now since it seems like a good proportion of women are doing it

No. 1775860

I just stopped doing all those things. Was never good at performing femininity anyway. I'm still doing ok at life, managed to save up for an apartment with money I saved when I stopped caring so much about consumer beauty products, got a bf, feel like I'm more genuinely me. Back when I wore make-up I was always afraid to show my bare face to a guy, but now what they see is what they get and I don't have to think about it. I'm not a looker and somehow I still get dates. I'm anti consoomer in general, but especially the beauty industry harms women dis-proportionally. I wish more women would stop caring so much. I have girlfriends who are poor yet shell out on make-up and skincare.

No. 1775863

>it's expected
Nobody is holding a gun to your head, don't push responsibility onto someone else. Don't fall for corporate greed fueled mass hysteria.

No. 1775866

Oh here we go again. It sucks that we can't even talk about beauty standards on this site anymore. Every discussion is so stifled and over-policed.

No. 1775870

Tell me about it

No. 1775874

nta but to be fair you are posting in the unpopular opinions thread aka infight thread (i don't think your opinion is that unpopular either?)

No. 1775877

>you're not even allowed to question why women working at McDonald's have 2k worth of extensions, $200 eyelashes, 100$ nails and that's just the start
beauty products are advertised to women as a luxury and soothing product, as a means of expressing yourself and your femininity. working a shit job, it makes sense even with the low pay to buy into that pursuit of a fantasy self or way to feel you're treating yourself. drug store makeup isn't that pricy, and if you can do beauty rituals (like nails) yourself it's not as expensive either. these women will struggle to save up to buy a house or go on expensive vacations, so beauty products becomes a way to treat themselves. it's also addictive in that once you see yourself like this, going back to normal seems boring or embarrassing. like women who call their bare nails "naked", or don't feel clean unless they shave their legs. it is strange how other anti-beauty women struggle to understand this and i suggest watching and listening more to other women.

No. 1775893

They can do what they want. You shouldnʼt “question” them because youʼre not their boss and you donʼt have any authority. Is it a bad decision to spend that much on makeup? Maybe, but itʼs also not your business.

No. 1775905

NTAYRT but unless there's some cosmetology degree or career involved, I'm 100% going to side eye someone if they're spending thousands of dollars on makeup. Boss or not kek

No. 1775906

Retarded, ugly old moid malding at women for liking attractive men. Your kind do this with movies and TV shows too. You will never convince us you and your wrinkled, fat, undesirable body are handsome and that we're wrong for wanting males with toned, slim bodies, full heads of hair, and decent faces. Now fuck off.

No. 1775913

File: 1700251614445.jpeg (369.5 KB, 1284x1578, 5E87C41E-654B-4FE5-AC19-64620E…)

I get grooming is a thing but I wonder what is going through young girls minds that make them fall in love with old men despite the smell and appearance. What’s up with you being like 17 and actually attracted to a 50 year old?

No. 1775918

mental illness duh

No. 1775925

I mean Woody Allen's "relationship" is Soon-Yi is maybe the most extreme and most blatant case of it, the fact his entire family is against him says something. his own son(who might not actually be his son) thinks he's a rapist.

No. 1775926

File: 1700251944034.jpeg (17.43 KB, 201x251, IMG_1775.jpeg)

big boys, itty bitty boys
Mississippi boys, inner city boys
I like the pretty boys with the bow tie
Get your nails did, let it blow dry
I like a big beard, I like a clean face
I don't discriminate, come and get a taste

No. 1775932

Funny how you see "adult" and think "fat, old, balding". I bet your husbando is horrendous and plain.

No. 1775939

I dont pay much attention to Lizzo, but I gotta ask: did Lizzo really make that song to "empower" men? And did men ever care?

No. 1775941

Asians are immune to old man smell and looks as long as the old man is white(racebait)

No. 1775943

File: 1700252436680.jpeg (403.83 KB, 1179x1085, IMG_5966.jpeg)

If you are interested in this topic might I suggest Cronenberg films because he really gets into it sometimes, but of course he’s a man so he only gets partway there and leaves out the female perspective, even in his old age with all his experience he can’t get all the way there but the films are interesting anyway

No. 1775945

You literally equate bishonen (which are typically adult males) to shota. Imagine claiming hot adult men are children to cope with your ugliness. I don't have to bet a thing here, it's clear what's happening. You will never be anyone's husbando, seethe.

No. 1775949

don't bother arguing, people just have some problem with weebs here even though it's a fucking imageboard. what did they expect?

No. 1775950

I disagree. There is way more pressure for women to engage in casual sex with strangers today than there is anything to do with monogamous relationships. Women always being blamed for whatever happened to them so taking proactive safety measures is seen as anti-woman.

No. 1775955

She's a minority woman with a white man, she might be mixed and that might be her grandfather or she could be someone trying to get by by dating him out of necessity. A lot of western men will date vulnerable non-western women because they know the women have to depend on them.

No. 1775957

Some male streamer made a version about girls in video games and anime he cooms to. That's about it AFAIK.

No. 1775958

Nail polish is like 1 euro and a mascara, a blush, one lipgloss and one concealer is enough to last you a 6 months/year and barely cost more than 30 euros total.
I hate how some nlogs make it seem like your average woman is spending thousands for her looks when she obviously isn't, lmao. I don't even know anyone who gets fake nails at a salon or buys expensive makeup products etc. Aside from a few older women who have super good economic status - I'm talking about well known doctors and lawyers etc.

No. 1775959

Oh christ almighty men are so autistic. I wish I never clicked on that video. Thanks a lot, anon.

No. 1775961

I feel this man is gonna be revealed to be grooming children on his discord.

No. 1775968

You already posted this take elsewhere, take a break from baiting for once

No. 1775977

It's sad that they even need training at all, they're grown men.

No. 1775979

File: 1700254240686.jpeg (363.49 KB, 1908x1146, 81E83E82-B3B7-464A-84BD-47EAC0…)

She’s his step daughter and they started banging when she was 18 I think and her mom is rich so it wasn’t for money. You zoomers don’t know woody Allen?

No. 1775981

Only know him by name but if that's the case it sounds like she was groomed/possibly raped as a minor. I feel sorry for her and her mother, terrible situation for both of them.

No. 1775982

And this is why I really fucking hate stepfathers.

No. 1775990

because all women are made completely equal in how they prefer to get off

No. 1775993

He requested the next girl they adopt to be blonde if he wanted him in the kids life and I’m not sure why that wasn’t a red flag for her

No. 1775996

Another bizarre thing is that his "son" was the one who blew the lid on Weinstein.

No. 1776005

File: 1700256116561.jpeg (40.58 KB, 371x480, 3EA17072-2761-414B-8C88-345E64…)

The 1940s was the best decade for fashion.

No. 1776010

the "love" is stockholm syndrome, knowing nothing else, and dependence.
she probably knows it's weird but would do anything to please him, including bring him girls and women to sexually abuse him. other women commit this crime (helping their partners abuse women and girls) regularly.

No. 1776018

File: 1700256822415.jpg (47.38 KB, 825x555, MosesFarrow.jpg)

Since this is the unpopular opinion thread… I think Woody Allen is a degenerate scrote who groomed and then fucked his step-daughter, Soon-Yi, but I don't think he molested Dylan Farrow.

By all accounts, Mia Farrow was a bpd-chan and a terrible mother to her non-white children.


This is an account by one of her adopted sons, Moses.

>It pains me to recall instances in which I witnessed siblings, some blind or physically disabled, dragged down a flight of stairs to be thrown into a bedroom or a closet, then having the door locked from the outside. She even shut my brother Thaddeus, paraplegic from polio, in an outdoor shed overnight as punishment for a minor transgression.

Two of her other non-white adopted children ended up killing themselves.

I think she was so disgusted and enraged that Woody fucked her daughter that she decided to ruin his life by coming up with the Dylan Farrow thing.

I don't blame her, tbh. If my husband fucked my daughter, I would try to ruin his life also.

No. 1776020

>I don't blame her, tbh.
Is this bait? She was also a child abuser lmao

No. 1776029

>Two of her other non-white adopted children ended up killing themselves.
this is so heart breaking. I hate that hollywood can do whatever the fuck they want and get away with it. Men and women in hollywood are all evil

No. 1776030

Would you not try to destroy the life of the scrote who cheated on you with your daughter? The general public already decided they didn't care about him dating Soon-Yi. There was no retribution.

I don't condone the child abuse, obviously, but I think Woody Allen knew she was unhinged and decided to fuck around with her daughter anyways. What did he expect? That she would just let it go?

No. 1776038

I lost all sympathy when she drove her other kids to suicide

No. 1776042

ayrt, I don't think she's a sympathetic figure, in general, but I feel for her on this one specific issue. it is fucked up that she convinced dylan that her father molested her, though.
Ok tbh nvm, I changed my mind kek. I got so caught up in the revenge on a scrote that I didn't think too deeply about the other people involved.

No. 1776046

I'm not a scrote, but I come from the perspective that most women do not have enough backbone to resist pressure from men to do things they feel uncomfortable with. Heck, a lot of you even allow men you barely know to emotionally abuse you for months before finally having enough. They constantly whine about awful sexual encounters with hookups and i don't understand how any feminist is supposed to fix negative experiences as a result to willingly putting yourself in a vulnerable situation with a man you don't know. I don't believe in coddling for any circumstance because it doesn't work. Just empowers you to be stupid again.

No. 1776051

I was just talking about having sex for fun not getting abused like you’re talking about

No. 1776077

You're not American, this doesn't apply to you or people you know. I definitely see it frequently in America

No. 1776087

"Shounen" literally means teenage boy or young boy in general kek. What you're referring to is ikemen. I'm a woman you retard. This whole discussion started because some retard with a shit taste can't handle the stylistic detailed art style of jojo and is shocked women find tall masculine fit men with long hair and androgynous looks attractive.

No. 1776088

you did post this in the unpopular opinions after all. personally it's my least favorite, same with the 80s when it comes to the 20th century only that one is better imo because it's fun and innovative and that's an important factor for me in determining the quality of a decade. i'm really curious as to why you think so, what makes this decade the best for fashion in your opinion ?

No. 1776115

This. The libfems defending it are the same ones cheering on women for doing sex work for survival. We judge them because it needs to be normalized for women to NOT spend so much on their appearance, or if you want to express yourself at least do it at home/try to grow out your natural hair and nails instead of getting artificial ones

No. 1776165

He is obviously jewish.

No. 1776225

>This whole discussion started because some retard with a shit taste can't handle the stylistic detailed art style of jojo
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

No. 1776235

Sucks that even mild criticism of beauty standards for women, and the expectation that women spend time and money on make-up, shaving and getting their nails done, upsets some women. They immediately get on the defensive and act like because you criticised make-up you are also criticising them personally, and just say that you’re poor/jealous/controlling/a nlog. I hate how that term has been misused to mean any woman that doesn’t like ‘feminine’ things as opposed to women that throw other women under the bus for male attention.
It’s sad how many of them tie their personal identity so heavily with beauty regimens.

No. 1776254

File: 1700270957237.jpeg (227.72 KB, 540x771, D76409AD-9B33-4587-9799-074E33…)

It looks so glamorous but simple and mature

No. 1776255

Liking JoJo’s style is the shit taste

No. 1776263

It's not criticism of beauty standards, most of the time, because you don't criticize rich women. You only go after working class people and you're using this as a pretext. Feminism was just an afterthought for you.

No. 1776267

But this is about art style and character design….not plot. Plus the plot is very easy to follow as long as a person can read/watch properly. The gest of it is fate is unchangeable and you can either accept it and move on or try to fight it back, which is what Dio, Diavolo and Pucci were trying to do. With Pucci succeeding. Part 7 and 8 carry on with that theme but in a different way with more acceptance than fighting back, where fighting back leads to tragedy.

No. 1776268

You must be 18 or older to post here

No. 1776273

>not liking ugly men makes you underage
nta but kek i'm not a bishiefag and even i think it's ugly

No. 1776274

I think everyone looks better hairless from the eyelashes down, men and women. I wish men had the same pressure put on them for hair removal. I want to live in a beautiful, smooth society. Weren’t some ancient cultures like that? And weren’t some human populations pretty hairless naturally before hairy genes were mixed in?

No. 1776280

>eyelashes down
People look weird lashless, stupid and weird opinion

No. 1776281

Btw this is misogynistic and we are mammals. Get over it.

No. 1776286

I dont even understand what's meant by "until the hairy genes got mixed in". So at some point, humans were naturally hairless except for their head hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes? Like really? Kek

No. 1776287

No I mean excluding lashes. I guess I should say from the nose down? Basically all hair gone except lashes, brows, head.

No. 1776289

From the eyelashes down means she’d still keep the hair on the eyelashes, no?

No. 1776294

I could be wrong, but I think some groups like native americans were pretty hairless except for genitals and armpits until European admixture, particularly Spanish. You’ll see old pics of indigenous men without any facial or chest hair.

No. 1776295

File: 1700272855547.jpg (183.85 KB, 666x1000, medium-popoint12906-anime-jojo…)

It does make you sound underage when seeing an adult man makes you uncomfy and you can only find the extremely soft smooth 16 yo characters attractive. It's the taste of a teenager rather than an adult woman. Just saying.

No. 1776299

Isn't that a result of living in humid environments, making the body not needing hair and not growing it anymore? While colder/dryer environments needed hair to deal with cold/dryness and sands.

No. 1776300

If that's true, then they at least still had pubic hair. But now I'm curious, why were the europeans so hairy all over their bodies if the males went bald enough to wear wigs all the fucking time?

No. 1776301

Please just shut up already and stop calling people underaged or pedophiles because they don't like your husbando. Grow a thicker skin

No. 1776304

Jojo doesn’t have a monopoly on adult male characters the hell. You can be an adult woman into adult male characters and still hate the way Jojo looks kek

No. 1776305


No. 1776306

Shut up, it's not our fault you want to fuck drag queens

No. 1776309

it doesn't have to be a teenager, just not ugly. you're acting like jojo characters are the only adult characters that exist

No. 1776310

how did drag queens even come up did i lurk this incorrectly

No. 1776313

Because they look like drag queens

No. 1776314

Aren't the Jojo cast like 16, or is that just Jotaro?

No. 1776315

Stop avatarfagging with jojo.

No. 1776316

She would need to say nose down or something. Eyelashes down implies the lashes as well.

No. 1776317

How old are you? Let me guess, 19? Hair is so yucky wucky!

No. 1776319

Body hair is only gross on men

No. 1776334

they look like regular anime’s

No. 1776337

Holy based. I hate hairy men.

No. 1776340

For me, it's second best after 1950s
>inb4 tradthot

No. 1776360

What's so ugly about Gyro, Johnny, Diavolo or Abbachio? There are tons of attractive jojo characters. And I bring teenagers up because people who hate jojo's art style (or anything detailed and realistic in general) are always only attracted to extreme neoteny in character designs and are always attracted to underage looking or actually underage characters. One anon posted a picture of what the proportions of anime characters look like depending on age, and the ironic part is they all have the same face whether they're adult or a teenager. And yet they look hideous because of the uncanny neoteny.

There are 9 parts to jojo, anon. With more characters than just jotaro and his friends kek. He was 17 in part 3, and he died at 40 in part 6.

No. 1776372

Go back to /g/

No. 1776376

i don't know any of these fuckers names i just hate their duck lips, costumes, and makeup. it's like a gaggle of cillian murphys.

No. 1776390

>big fish lips
>shark-like noses always with nonsensical black shading in the middle
>heavy brow ridges
>lipstick and eye makeup
>worst, most nonsensical for the sake if being nonsensical fits I have ever laid eyes on, look like someone was trying to do an intentionally bad parody of high fashion

I’ve never read/watched Jojo, but I’ve also never read/watched Golden Kamuy either. So I can say without bias that both have a cast of big, adult, masculine, muscular men, but one has (imo) eyesore characters and one has characters that are relatively nice to look at. It’s not a matter of detail/realism either, because the Resident Evil guys and even Metal Gear guys are fine to look at and they are way more hyper-realistic. It’s totally fine you and other women like the look of Jojo, and I understand it would piss you off if you love it and people shit on it, but women not liking it doesn’t mean they are pedos or hate adult men, masculinity, detail or whatever.

No. 1776411

No. 1776413

when we criticize rich women for being fake you get jumped at by libfems (even though they're nowhere to be found when healthy women are getting called fat and ugly). even in the 2000s it was like there was a separate standard for poor women and then rich women who can afford time and money to work on their appearance, everyone understood that. Now it's like there's an overlap of poor women, who are the majority mind you, who are pressured into getting dangerous procedures and frequent treatments like extensions and nails. It's not fair because those women will get compared to girls who'd rather spend their money on education or a house and a lot of those women end up in relationships with abusive moids who are comparing her to women who get those procedures or her self esteem just drops dramatically and a lot of shitty things come from that

No. 1776470

Things will be okay

No. 1776471

Finally, a true unpopular opinion

No. 1776488

Half of your criticisms are either things that are good actually or things that existed in earlier parts. People act like Araki's style never changed past part 3 or something. Just look up the jojo magazine or the gallery art he makes to see his improvement and how so much better his designs look now. Besides, the "nonsensical fits" are inspired by high fashion and are that way on purpose, it's part of the appeal. The lips aren't even big kek, but I guess anime doesn't have lips in general so an art style where they actually do have lips looks jarring at first.

>but women not liking it doesn’t mean they are pedos or hate adult men, masculinity, detail or whatever.

I said that because the anons I encountered who hates the style so much were genshitfags.

No. 1776496

women are most attractive from 35-40. Women my own age (24) don't do much for me but a 38 year old woman? yes please. so sexy to me for some reason

No. 1776510

I like the 40s look, I think I would wear it with a shorter hemline. I just like the sharp tailoring, without being too excessive, which is why I prefer it to 50s stuff

No. 1776512

even on ovarit, the women there will cry and scream about being judged for makeup. I grew up with women who would rather die in fore than leave the house without a wig. This insane behavior, her fear of being seen by other sin her natural state. We need to criticize this even more

No. 1776517

I want men to be hairer

No. 1776521

nonnie you're killing me

No. 1776525

I've noticed fake radfems act like criticising beauty standards is just libfem bs. They regularly make body hair jokes about libfem but if you look at the amount of money women spend on make up, hair removal and skincare it is ridiculous.
And the fact most teenage girls on tiktok idolise supermodels is just sad. If you criticise this they'll say you are being sexists to a feminine industry but models are literally the cashiers of the modeling industry, why don't they ever idolise the marketing people in fashion who make more?

No. 1776527

Experience and she is comfortable in her body

No. 1776541

She should have said everything beneath the eyelashes

No. 1776544

I agree

No. 1776550

Why the shorter hemline?

No. 1776554

Mr.Bean fucking sucks.

No. 1776558

Hetero sex is useless as a woman, your body can serve men but not you and you have to train yourself mentally to receive stimulation through training yourself to submit. Woman pleasure is psychological and comes from being desired and from the moid being pleased, women have to surrender to receive "pleasure". It's a psychological burden but I don't expect the cockwhores ro be self aware enough of their own mental state as they tend to not have this type of intelligence. Plus female orgasm feels shit because of how internal and psychological it is, while men directly get an orgasm from piv easily. Also once a girl said to me that she orgasms everytime she pees so I also don't expect other women to be sentient enough to recognize a real orgasm. But anyway having sex as a woman also has a time limit as you get a hag body quickly in your life kek. No benefit but retarded people don't care about consequences of actions. If it was good I would be having it. I smell a cool girl attitude here aka women who wanna act like men and think het sex can be cool as a woman as it is as a man. I am not servile and don't like the idea of engaging in something that pleases men this much but not me and something in which I have to be soft, servile and vulnerable, it's just not my gender role, it's feminine male serving prostitute flesh(stop posting this bait)

No. 1776565

I’ve always love the look of mini skirts. Like that style is more common in the 80s

No. 1776570

No. 1776576

>But anyway having sex as a woman also has a time limit as you get a hag body quickly in your life kek.
That's why you eat other womens vulvas out nonna. And involve yourself in clit stimulation.

>No benefit but retarded people don't care about consequences of actions. If it was good I would be having it.

Are you not retarded as your only barometer is if it was good? kek

>I smell a cool girl attitude here aka women who wanna act like men and think het sex can be cool as a woman as it is as a man. I am not servile and don't like the idea of engaging in something that pleases men this much but not me and something in which I have to be soft, servile and vulnerable, it's just not my gender role, it's feminine male serving prostitute flesh

And we return back to eating pussy. I agree with most of what you say but the misogynistic "hag" bit christ almighty that's some deeply socialized misogyny. Also "cockwhores" and how you're nlog because if its (piv sex) good you'll engage in the humiliation you're criticizing those same low intelligence cool girl het women for, kek

No. 1776577

I was on board with your comment until I read
No need to say that

No. 1776580

>no need to say that
Women never beating the retarded allegations cause imagine policing other women intellect like this and believing that saying that is bad or inaccurate. Following dumb human made moral standards and "this wrong" "this right". PS. They are cock whores, like? Vulgar words are used to describe things with bad gross vibe often

No. 1776582

college fucking sucks and is a waste of money 98% of the time

No. 1776583

Why do you talk like a neanderthal? kek
>Women never beating the retarded allegations cause imagine policing other women intellect like this

No. 1776585

>you don't criticize rich women. You only go after working class people and you're using this as a pretext. Feminism was just an afterthought for you.
Where have I made a distinction between rich and poor women in my >>1776235 post? I am speaking in general about a reaction I’ve noticed that some women have when make-up is criticised.

No. 1776586

Women wouldn't be offended by being called cock whores(which they are, women even participate in the most vile filthy porn and suck dicks daily) if they weren't that. Why make other face the consequences of you being fucked by moids? It's your fault that hetero dating is your identity as if you're one with it. Making other women face the consequences of you being a cum guzzler by creating dumb moral standards(stop posting this bait)

No. 1776588

>your body can serve men but not you
do you just not masturbate or something
>sentient enough to recognize a real orgasm
it's something even rats experience it has nothing to do with sentience
>female orgasm feels shit because of how psychological it is
the female orgasm is a physical sensation with objective markers for meeting it
>having sex as a woman has a time limit
you're going to be really upset when you find out how much sex people have in nursing homes lmao

No. 1776612

File: 1700297493612.png (5.89 KB, 326x92, non.png)

NTA aka cockwhore anon but mothers are not the eternal bastions of light. If I had a dollar for the number of times I've seen this same comment littered across this board, you mother worshipping weirdo.

They don't eat women out, or masturbate it seems.

>you're going to be really upset when you find out how much sex people have in nursing homes lmao

topkek. picrel unrelated just funny shit

No. 1776618

I mean yeah mothers are humans like anyone else, it's just retarded to act this way about women who have sex when it's just a part of life, and the reason 99% of us exist. Sorry if it came off fundie.

No. 1776640

No1curr you're only capable of pulling shit moids, likely because you have a shit personality to accompany it.

No. 1776644

Women have higher sex drives and stronger orgasms, it should be all about female pleasure and worship

No. 1776649

> 1776644
Women can't be worshipped in sex, all they can be is whores and suck dick
Even reproduction is about the me ejaculating and female is the receptive one in hetsex. All it offers a woman is being submissive and like in porn. Women in heterosex care about male pleasure more than their own because their own sexuality is about being a receiver of male sexuality literally all they can do is service dick, perform femininity to be more desired, be a cock sucking succubus whore aka servicing men again, seducing men aka serving men again.. No room for anything else. Even porn about female pleasure is impossible to conceive for a reason. Female pleasure is just male pleasure so it's like psychological. Having a dick in your mouth as a woman is not "being worshipped" kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1776653

ok now you're just trolling. there's entire fetishes about only servicing the woman.(responding to bait)

No. 1776654

File: 1700303654935.jpg (38.47 KB, 735x616, 973f3b689f1de35ad807890f40974e…)

What the hell is going on itt dog

No. 1776660

I don't even agree with anon but that's a terrible argument

No. 1776661

blah blah blah oo oo aa aa pbbfftt (blows raspberry at you)

No. 1776668

The presentation of the food changes the flavor, idc if people keep on calling me crazy, but brown M&Ms taste better than other color of M&Ms, Guylian’s seashell chocolates are the only Guylian’s chocolates that taste good, round cakes are tastier than square cakes, actually, round things taste miles better than anything that’s spiky or square because the corners aren’t flavorful.

No. 1776671

why? anon said there's no porn about female pleasure but there literally are entire categories for it (regardless of your feelings on porn or its ethics).

No. 1776672

anon have you just maybe never been eaten out?

No. 1776677

fucking kek

No. 1776688

Because a fetish in itself is sexual attraction to something that isn't inherently sexual, you're basically saying anon's right.

No. 1776691

eating out and servicing a woman is inherently sexual though so it's "people are turned on by" if you want to get hung up on technicalities.

No. 1776700

Just had my husband get me off. Kek cry about it

No. 1776705

If you continue replying to males I'll cry. Like literally, so many man admitted they're the ones making posts calling anons cockwhores and obsessively posting about bjs, please stoop

No. 1776726

File: 1700312939377.jpg (2.46 MB, 3464x3464, Coquette.jpg)

I try not to hate too much on fat women, but the coquette/girly/dolly/balletcore style just does not look good on them. Like squeezing into unflattering shein clothes that are too small and colours that make them look like uncooked christmas hams doesn't really do them any favours kek. For once I'll say that this style only looks good on relatively thin women

No. 1776727

Nobody cares you barely sentient pet for men go lick men asses somewhere else

No. 1776734

i think it looks bad on everyone or only looks ok in smaller doses, i.e. just a couple of 'cutesy' accents per outfit. i think it's always tryhard and corny, but yes, it's more obvious with this woman since she's not flattered by the clothes at all.

No. 1776740

All clothes are literally made with skinny women in mind unless it’s made by a brand that actually makes clothes that are plus size and flattering. So it’s not that big of a discovery to see that some style that’s trendy isn’t flattering at all for fat women.

No. 1776744

File: 1700314024779.jpg (160.1 KB, 736x1109, 2204bfbc7480911048b4869c901898…)

I don't prefer seeing any fashion style/aesthetic in "understated" doses. I love it when people go all in without fear.

No. 1776746

File: 1700314225636.png (3.75 MB, 1284x2778, 17DE593C-9CB6-4994-A6B0-B72CFF…)

Men with money want to date really pretty and glamorous women but they will always have some kind of hate, bitterness and lack of value towards them from the men they date because those men are still dealing with the baggage of being rejected by those women when they were broke and that’s why they get treated 10x worse than normal women

No. 1776749

How is that an unpopular opinion?

No. 1776750

I've seen plenty of big girls who can pull off this style but like you said most of them are trying to fit into low quality shein clothes too small for them and some cuts that do not flatter their body shape. girl in your picrel has an apple shape, left fit doesn't work because of the pants (don't fit an apple body), mid left doesn't work because she's stretching out that shitty thin fabric blouse to all hell(wrong size plus low qualiy fabric) and mid right doesn't work because of mix of the other two offenses specifically around the chest area it is obvious that overall babydoll thing is made for women with small boobs. last outfit is actually quite cute imo, It's not perfect but at least it doesn't make her look as much of a fridge like in outfit 1 and 3.
Also specifically this, Usually plus size clothes aren't really being tailored to plus size proportions, they just make the clothes bigger which is how you end up with T-shirts for fat people having a huge neckline.

No. 1776754

Because a lot of women and men say women like that will get treated better(especially black people) but in reality those men were probably better towards the women they were dating in the hood

No. 1776759

Probably better to date men who come from old money

No. 1776762

I noticed men form old money don’t really marry super glamorous women they fuck them on th side

No. 1776763

Deep down even the delusional money hungry moids wish their wife loved them for who they are, not for their money kek i guess that's just a basic human instinct
Men from old money date women from old money who prefer a more natural look cause it's "classy" and in their circles too much glamour comes across as tacky

No. 1776768

No. 1776780

Wouldn't 40s top with miniskirt basically be 80s businesswoman?

No. 1776892

Agreed. I have a theory that this whole thing is being pushed by former (?) female bullies who have either discovered themselves same sex attracted (kek) and/or simply want to assuage the guilt they might feel for what they did in the past. If you push the narrative that a bully might simply be "struggling" themselves and "don't know how to express their feewings" it theoretically makes the situation more gray to an observer plus oppression points. It's disgusting

No. 1776896

While I think all the zoomer newspeak like unalive or k-word is retarded I think sewer slide is very funny, I can see myself using it in a sarcastic way like an hero.

No. 1776900

Yeah, because they want to fuck bimbos but would never let them near their fortune as an equal, so they marry women in their social circle and cheat on them instead, with the bimbos, men are vile.

No. 1776904

Her legs are just weird. The 2nd and 4th photo look cute though. I'd personally rather fat girls wear this than 90s workout clothes or something

No. 1776905

No. 1776921

I hate that the zoomer word for girly aesthetic shit now is "coquette". It sounds like something some slimy old-timey guy was probably calling women. Like I feel like no one in the west was ever a fan of the name of lolita fashion being "lolita" but zoomies decide to call everything girly "coquette"? I hate it

No. 1776932

Adding to your opinion: I hate people using that word and "softcore" to describe women that happen to look cute in completely normal clothes. Zoomers found some and invented all these terms, but can't even use them correctly.

No. 1776941

I bet he has deleted draft for this video mentioning lolis

No. 1776962

Originally coquette just means somebody who takes care of themselves to attract people of the opposite sex (it's used for moids as well), how the zoomer nymphet wannabes decided to use this word I have no idea.

No. 1776985

i thought they used that name because they wanted it to be like nymphette fashion (which took inspiration from the book lolita and how Dolores dressed + ldr songs) but without the sexual aspects, or so they say

No. 1776999

you are a complete cuck if you feel some sort of allegiance and pride for the football team of a college you got rejected from. people think because the college is located in the state, it represents them, even if the college told them to go fuck off. i realize this is a socially inept and bitchy take and people just want to root for the same team their community does, but i'm still right. it's off my chest now.

No. 1777103

I love Christmas

No. 1777113

What gets me is when footballtards start chanting "USA USA" at rivaling team that's from America. Like, we already know this is America, dipshits.

No. 1777117

don't do this- they're giant man children.
I know one in my personal life who is 40, multimillion dollar trust fund, and does nothing, I mean NOTHING but play video games and go to death metal concerts. He's got a lot of health problems from chain-smoking weed and never exercising once in his life. his family bought him an 800K house which he just rots in by himself, chases half his age BPD Chans he meets at the metal shows and then is surprised pikachu when they're psycho alcoholics who suicide bait. He's never getting married and if he does his army of trust fund management lawyers will ensure she never gets one red cent. the women in his own social class left him behind years ago. I repeat do not go for "old money" these guys have never had to do anything in their lives and their giant safety nets produce the most entitled man children you will ever have the misfortune to meet

No. 1777138

Christmas is such a happy time for me, I also enjoy the shopping for gifts and preparing meals with my family. Then again, I guess we have quite peaceful moments because our family is quite small.

No. 1777150

Just because I can’t stand Taylor Swift in my fucking face 24/7 or don’t think she’s such a “girl boss” doesn’t make me or other women a “pick me” Her music is shit. She’s shit. Stop licking her kohls kash asshole.

No. 1777154

I still don't understand why people worship her as if she's their goddess. I just don't get what's special about her and why is she so worthy of so much praise. I mean even beyonce doesn't get this much adoration, and she's been a fixed music icon for much longer

No. 1777206

Didn't she date some ugly British faggot who patted himself on the back for watching racist, violent porn? And people are saying you're a pickme if you don't like Taylor Swift?
Not liking a woman who was fine with dating a straight up degenerate doesn't make anyone a pickme, idk wtf her stans are on.

No. 1777211

Yep. She also worked with an abusive movie director once.

No. 1777226

Her music is so fucking bland, granted I'm not a pop music afficionado but I can hear that Lady Gaga or Madonna is catchy but there's nothing with Taylor Swift. Same with Lana Del Rey, sounds like the cult of personality correlates with how boring the music is.

No. 1777312

Has Taylor bland swift even collaborated with any other main pop girlie ice spice does not count

No. 1777319

Pick me doesn’t even mean anything anymore, if someone disagrees with you and you’re a woman, you’re a pick me

No. 1777331

this and the fact that people keep using it as a feminist-sounding way of bullying a woman who steps out of line for a gender stereotype/expectation. Like the
>oh you don't use makeup? ok pickme lol you must be sooo much better than the rest of us
attitude I've seen multiple times that gets directed at women who aren't putting down women who do use makeup at all, just personally not being into it. Yeah I know it's a misuse of what the original intent of the term is but it seriously dilutes the meaning when the misuses are becoming a large portion of the usage

No. 1777344

it got ruined by libfems who just try to silence women for questioning the increasingly impossible beauty standards

No. 1777360

Correct me if I'm being retarded, but isn't impressing others (especially the opposite sex) one of the core purposes of makeup? Wouldn't not wanting to wear makeup all the time make a woman less pickmeish because she's not going above and beyond to look good for strangers?

No. 1777362

That used to be what NLOG means but they’ve blended now

No. 1777365

>feminist-sounding way of bullying a woman who steps out of line
You worded it so well.

No. 1777366

I know it's overused but they're projecting. I wouldn't care but it especially sucks now since they'll jump through hoops to defend women being as artificial as possible but do literally nothing to help natural women being hurt by the standard they enforced. It's just moids with a bimbo fetish watered down

No. 1777487

Being a woman who doesn’t get much male attention sucks. It sucks being the filler woman scrotes talk to while they dream aboit Stacie’s from instagram or the woman scrotes go to to cry about their Stacie’s ignoring them. I want to be the stacy men are crying about and ignoring all their side girls for just for one text back.

No. 1777488

Fuck them scrotes they don’t matter.

No. 1777495

What a fucked up thing to say.

No. 1777498

I think for a lot of women it's less about impressing men, and more about medicating your low self esteem/being afraid to subvert society's unrealistic expectations by going bare-faced. It can also be a fun confidence boost to try different looks even if you're not going anywhere. I think women are multifaceted enough for men to not be the core reasoning behind wanting to be beautiful. That being said i don't think it's healthy or realistic in most cases.

No. 1777574

Mentally ill/autistic women attract mentally ill moids.

No. 1777581

And then go online and pose as experts on relationships.

No. 1777582

ntayrt, but what’s fucked up about a straight woman wanting to be desired and considered attractive?
we’re told our entire lives that being “hot” is the most important thing a woman can be. you don’t just get pinkpilled and completely erase society’s programming. external validation is addicting, and it’s extremely common for women to want that.

No. 1777586

Pretty much. I mean no offense to them but moids are predators and take advantage of them. Women need to work on themselves and get into a healthily place before they date.

No. 1777587

You are one of them.

No. 1777593

I'm straight but can't relate to this at all but maybe because I find most men ugly idk.

No. 1777595

Was one of them. Your point being?

No. 1777600

>you don’t just get pinkpilled and completely erase society’s programming.
But you can actually

No. 1777601

You still are. You should take your own advice.

No. 1777603

I'm straight too but you guys embarrass me so much sometime. Men are actual apes you aren't getting anything of worth from them. Give up and move on already

No. 1777604

I'm not interested in fighting with you, just wanted to share an unpopular opinion.

No. 1777605

We're not fighting. Your insight was on point.

No. 1777610

I agree with you.

No. 1777612

Move on to what?

No. 1777615

Move on from centering you life around other people what kind of question is this?? Do you have no goal, no hopes and dreams of your own?

No. 1777616

I agree with this so hard, because I got turned down from the college in my hometown, and the only reason my family lived in that miserable shit hole is because my grandfather moved there to work for the university. And last year their charity department kept spamming my cell phone trying to get donations every month. I didn't even get to go there, and they were begging me for money. Fuckers.

No. 1777619

My personal hopes and dreams only make sense if i can share them with someone, if i can't do that it feels like coping.

No. 1777620

That's what friends and family are for

No. 1777621

And predators. That's why I root for the bpd women when they finally blow up some predatory scrote's life.

No. 1777623

Agreed, They always fall victim to BPD-chan because they think with their dick first, kek.

No. 1777627

I'm no longer a child. Taking care of my old parents, watching my friends getting married and having kids can get depressive, all that's left for me is dying alone. I don't want to live in illusions that everything is gonna be fine and then jump off a bridge one day.

No. 1777628

Actors are professional liars and they are all psychos with personality/mental disorders of some sort. They should not be venerated or looked up to. You should not want to date an actor or have your children go into acting.

No. 1777629

File: 1700366938443.jpeg (148.18 KB, 540x700, 1652159325187(1).jpeg)

>That's why I root for the bpd women when they finally blow up some predatory scrote's life
You called?

No. 1777631

You sound like you'll be miserable with or without a man so work on that

No. 1777632

Jodi-chan! My heroine!

No. 1777637

In the past acting was considered as one of the most rotten professions, parents even disowned children who decided to become actors.

No. 1777643

Nta but
>move on from men
>center your life around other people
That's retarded, too. Don't center your life around anyone other than yourself. But that's my unpopular opinion.

No. 1777670

I need this on a shirt.

No. 1777684

my acting unpopular opinion is that it's still messed up and real cheating for actors to make out with or have sex with their co-stars in a movie. Idc if their real partners are fine with it because "it's just acting" it's still gross and undignified.
Every time I express this, everyone tells me I'm crazy and some kind of no-fun-allowed tradfagging prude, yet if I ask if they'd personally be cool with their gf/bf/wife/husband getting intimate with other people, on film that gets shown off to millions of people no less, they always get shifty and make excuses about how they definitely don't want that even though it's ostensibly no big deal.
Sometimes people argue with me about "well how would movies get made if actors can't get it on" idk look at all the practical and cgi effects that get done, you think a kiss is impossible to fake? In most movies does it really even add to the story to see the actors really naked instead of just a tasteful implied sex scene? And single actors are still going to exist, you can just not get in a relationship if you want to play with lots of people, as is expected in real everyday life.
I do recognize how it's ultimately a somewhat unhinged thing to nitpick but it really does bother me how nobody seems to acknowledge how weird it is

No. 1777686

Sex scenes do not belong in movies, period. They always make me vastly uncomfortable and do zero to progress a plot. It's only for the male gaze and nothing else

No. 1777693

Absolutely. Though not every scene needs to move the plot forward, such scenes do need to justify their existence somehow, and sex scenes don't.

No. 1777707

Men who get abused by mentally ill women deserve it. Those men specifically seek out bpd/traumatized women because they think sex with them will be hot and those women are easy lays or sth but when the bitch turns out to be mental they act surprised as if they didn't sign up for it.

No. 1777712

File: 1700373221345.png (282.39 KB, 551x469, tumblr_onzlrnnV0y1v764k3o1_128…)

Women with BPD are typically like that because of abuse from the hands of men. Then, predatory piece of shit scrotes try to harvest such women because they look "weak and clueless", only to be thoroughly struck down by the same women they have screwed over. The scrotes realize they have "created a monster", but right when it's too fucking late and the fire had already been set to them. It's poetic, really. Then the scrotes will try to scream that they're a victim, trying to frame women with BPD like they're sneaky creatures who are always in the wrong, when those scrotes are the bigger monsters. I used to generalize and hate women with BPD because I believed the idea that they were all just out to get people, but it isn't black/white like that. Now when I hear moids try to armchair diagnose all their exes with BPD, I never believe them. Even if all the exes do have BPD, he's not innocent if he made that his type, and those women are not automatically the abusers just because of their disorder.
Had to get that off my chest.

No. 1777714

a moid my husband worked with was like that kek. He started going on and on about how no one took him serious because he's a poor little male getting abused by mean wimminz. Eventually, it came out the girl who "abused" him was 16 and he was in his twenties. Lost all my sympathy then

No. 1777716

>>they think sex with them will be hot and those women are easy lays
Yup, and then they whine online when she turns on him but he stayed because of the sex.

No. 1777717

Agreed. Being an actor is basically being a prostitute. No sane person would be okay with doing they things they have to do, and no self-respecting person would be okay with a partner who does that. I guess that’s why many end up daring/marrying each other (and why their relationships are famously volatile and unsuccessful).

No. 1777762

Don’t even let them “cry to you about Stacy” you will run into a guy who likes you a lot as a Becky, I have a few I’m a nerdy average looking chick and I had this guy give me flowers. I also had some dude write y name in a heart in his desk I still think about it sometimes

No. 1777769

I’ll go a step further and say I straight up do not think a woman can abuse a man, sure maybe retroactively she might lash out but it’s because he’s emotionally abusing her first, and I don’t even consider it abuse, it doesn’t even come close to what scrotes do to women

No. 1777787

No. 1777812

I agree with this and it’s interesting how many affairs happen between costars in the film industry, and people always say that they probably can’t help falling for each other when they’re forced to kiss each other and roleplay sex scenes.

No. 1777869

Newfags cannot shut up about actors. It's becoming unbearable. Please jannies contain it already.

No. 1777881

Shut up minimod and come up with a new insult

No. 1777883

I wish the celebricows thread was closed. Celebrities and the people obsessed with them are cancer

No. 1777884

Fr, they're shitting up too many unrelated threads.

No. 1777894

Are you talking about the ATJ and Florence anon or the anons talking about acting in general itt?

No. 1777906

It’s probably one of the anons who gets triggered at the mere sight of Cillian Murphy

No. 1777926

Huh I’ve only dated nerds and they’re the ones usually whining about not being with Stacy or getting ignored by some discord slut with 40 lbs of makeup on and bpd. It sucks to know while a man is ignoring you and doing the bare minimum for you he’s out here begging for someone else’s attention.

No. 1777934

If a found a rich man who wasn’t abusive and let me buy whatever I want without question I would let him cheat. But in real life this deal never works because men want to cheat and control you at the same time.

No. 1777943

File: 1700387301930.gif (5.84 MB, 404x618, AARON_TAYLOR_JOHNSON_SHIRTLESS…)

ATJ mention

No. 1777948

I don't think calling a woman ugly is misogynist at all unless it comes from a man. Not everyone is pretty, I'm yocked myself…and? I'm not going to accuse someone of being misogynistic for pointing out an observable fact. Some people are ugly, who cares

No. 1777949

Just hide the thread. It's so annoying when you guys wanna police the board and delete threads that trigger you.

No. 1777958

Being a feminist does not mean you have to like other women. I’m a woman and I want all women to have freedom of choice, opportunities etc but does that mean I want to sit around one and talk about my day? No not really. Women are still human and I have been traumatized by them just as much as men and because they’re human I don’t like them as a whole. You’ll never see me going on about sisterly love etc yes I want us to have rights but I don’t wanna talk to you beyond that.

No. 1777972

Wrong ATJ kek

No. 1777981

File: 1700388659837.gif (9.86 MB, 540x400, tumblr_a20960df4f9567af1f0c49a…)

ATJ mention

No. 1777982

Okay, so you're antisocial. It sounds like you have a lot of bitterness to unpack.

No. 1777990

Scrotes say this too when you don’t wanna fuck with them lol I’m sure there are plenty of great women out there but they fucked with me too much in my developmental years that now as an adult I just am not interested in talking to them if I don’t need to.

No. 1777992

It isnt about relationships, it's about your hatred for and inability to talk to either sexes. I wasn't referring to a romantic context, and if you're only referring to a romantic context then I misunderstood

No. 1777995

nta it's asocial* sorry but it's grinds my gears. antisocial people are sociopaths

No. 1777998

I can talk to them but I don’t see the point in talking to them on a deeper level. Do I feel like being asked dumbo questions about my race? No. Do I feel like hearing the passive aggressive comments? No. Do I feel like having to fake my personality? No. Do I feel like having to deal with someone who is trying to fuck my life up because they’re jealous? No. Do I feel like having to be around someone who thinks they’re better than me because of looks or money? Not really. Humans are just annoying as fuck and I’m too autistic to find their games enjoyable and I don’t wanna mess around and try to befriend some hater and she ends up getting me killed or in prison.

No. 1778000

>Women are still human and I have been traumatized by them just as much as men and because they’re human I don’t like them as a whole.
>Implying that women are the cause of trauma in the world as men
What? So have you been raped by women? Are you disillusioned by women on women violence? And the mass majority of women-made violence? What about how women-made religions are used to control men? Do you see women all across the news abusing and raping children and animals? Women creating laws that allow the rape of children and exploited men? Do you observe an entire industry that equally exploits vulnerable men for the purpose of rapist women?

This is a highly elaborate way of identifying as a pickme. Also "sisterly love" isn't a thing outside of the Disney channel and afterschool specials.

No. 1778001

Not true, antisocial personality disorder is sociopaths generally but not always. Asocial has become used as a term for people to feel better about being antisocial. It's still antisocial lol

No. 1778002

no it's not because asocial people simply avoid other people while antisocial cause harm. how is that the same?

No. 1778004

I’m not talking about women on a societal scale obviously. I’m talking about on a personal level being around women has never enriched my life and I’d never go around saying I like women just because they’re a woman if I don’t know them. They’re people which means they tend to have annoying traits that I don’t wanna deal with.

No. 1778007

KEK what are you talking about? Antisocial as a singular term is not directly associated with causing harm, maybe the personality disorder is but as a singular adjective it isnt. Chimping tf out.

No. 1778010

>Chimping tf out
this is why i avoid this thread… anyway:
>Antisocial behaviours (sometimes called dissocial behaviours) are actions which are considered to violate the rights of or otherwise harm others by committing crime or nuisance
>Asocial behaviours are more personality traits where individuals have a general anxiety or lack of confidence in social situations.
literally google it…

No. 1778014

>All women are liberal wokies who ask about my race
>All women are passive aggressive bitches
>All women are fake so much that I have to fake my personality to even talk to them
>All women are jelly and seething from me and out to get me that they're trying to fuck up my life uwu
>All women are shallow and obsessed with looks and money
Oh you do just have deep seeded problems with women, you're just a misogynist. I'm curious, do you hold these same equal fucked up beliefs towards men too? Or are women the only vain shallow bitches obsessed with status, looks and money hence womens higher levels of adultery, higher predilection to only getting jobs for the money, con artists and being a "hater" with calls to violence. We all know the well known misandrist woman Andrea Tate.

No. 1778016

Nta I agree with you women are people too, like no shit (some anons love to think we are somehow incapable of being fully human and making bad decisions/being selfish etc). That said you do seem to have some anti-social tendencies. People like you are kinda exhausting tbh because of your black/white thinking, but you probably have trauma. Yes, when you decide to interact with another human being there’s always the potential to get hurt by them. Humans can do bad things sometimes and also good things sometimes. I don’t think I have one person in my life who is 100% pure angelic, and if they are then they likely have no boundaries and are inadvertently hurting themselves by being a doormat. I think becoming a healthy, well-rounded adult is realizing you actually hold no control over other people’s behavior in any capacity and not letting that affect you. Most interactions I have with people in my life have value to me, but of course everyone can sometimes act a bit irrational or selfish.

No. 1778017

Yeah she has issues but she's going to larp as being too cool for both gendies

Going to start using antisocial all the time just because it makes you mad

No. 1778022

I don’t have a deep seeded problem with women I have a deep seeded problem with humans and I don’t trust them unless they give me good reason to. Women have treated me just as shitty as men in my life.

No. 1778026

Even if this is true not liking or trusting other women doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist

No. 1778027

ayrt yeah I agree with that, never said you're not a feminist

No. 1778028

I wonder if it is the romanian. Antisocial would be right.

No. 1778030

Answer the question misogynist. You claim men are just as bad but you're not sperging about how men are jelly of you, wonder why that is? You need to work through your deep seeded seething of other women, not all women are out to kill you and steal your skin. You're criticizing a internalized misogynistic bimbo strawman and calling that all women.

No. 1778035

There will always be a woman out there jealousy even if there’s nothing to be jealous of which is why they can’t really be trusted as friends unless you really know them well which is an issue with friendships where people are the same gender

No. 1778045

So do you think jealously is something only women are only capable of then?

>where people are the same gender

What? So males are more trustworthy? I thought you were traumatized by men and women "equally?"

No. 1778050

Not I don’t think that women are the only ones capable of being jealous. That’s just comes with the territory of hanging around people of the same gender. It happens in male friendships too because of course most people are going to see someone of the same gender as competition. And having a jealous hater around is even more uncomfortable when you genuinely don’t think you have anything for them to be jealous of kek

No. 1778065

>That’s just comes with the territory of hanging around people of the same gender.
No. Not everyone is sexual competition with you for men. You being obsessed with men to the extent of throwing all women under the bus by virtue of their gender is not normal. You not even considering men have jealousy of you despite the things you describe as jealous points of women not being limited by womanhood is not normal. The things you describe are not intrinsic to women. You have internalized misogyny as a vain heterosexual woman and see all women as sexual competition for rape chimps. You are delusional. Your opinions are not unpopular, they're extremely common pickme ones.

No. 1778069

Stop replying to baiters.

No. 1778071

No woman thinks women are competing for men, it's probably a delulu incel fantasizing about girls competing for men, kek. Just ignore it.

No. 1778075

It’s not even sexual competition though. You could be friends with another woman and she’s jealous because you have a better family, more money or some other stupid shit. Jealousy doesn’t always have something to do with sex, physical desirability or men. When men and women are hanging around people of the same gender there’s going to be jealousy most of the time because you’re seeing someone with the same phenotype as you doing better. I’m sure there are some rare people out there that don’t play these stupid normie games but I don’t have the energy to find them.

No. 1778080

I feel like a lot of women aren't as jealous as others make us out to be. 90% of the time I've ever seen women being accused of being jealous it's because they wanted their partner to have rightful boundaries with other women or if they just point out of a woman has a boob job or something. That's not even jealous unless she herself wanted a boob job

No. 1778088

What's all the fuss about this time damn? I think it's obvious anon simply doesn't like people in general, most people are in fact untrustworthy, and that could include women, what's so hard to grasp about that?

No. 1778091

Probably spending too much time on TikTok where they spread all that girls support girls frilly nonsense that doesn’t actually happen irl

No. 1778093

I can only speak from experience but I genuinely love my girlfriends and want them to do well in life, and they do the same for me. It's not that I don't get jealous ever, but I get jealous of men and women equally and this has nothing to do with getting male attention.
I'm jealous of people with better passports than mine who don't get racially profiled because they're not Arab. I'm jealous of people from nice families who had supportive parents and had their feelings validated instead of thrown back in their face and made to feel like everything is their fault. I'm jealous of beautiful people who don't have to walk around feeling insecure about looking stupid or ugly or too dark or too hairy.
I still don't want any of them to not have those things, I just wish I had them too. I'd have to be an idiot to not recognize that it's not their fault I didn't have these things. People paint jealousy as the worst feeling in the world but it's so normal. Just don't act like an angry ape about it. I've cried about these things to my friends and they understood and still love me all the same, but people still act like a woman being jealous is a war crime.

No. 1778108

I think most normie people (men and women) spend most of their time thinking about sex and relationships. Women start acting shady and weird when guys are around but men do that too. It’s kind of rare to meet humans who aren’t like that.

No. 1778115

I mean that anon did even say she hates women, she's willing to help them but doesn't fully trust most with personal stuff, as quoted:
>I’m a woman and I want all women to have freedom of choice, opportunities etc
>Women are still human and I have been traumatized by them just as much as men and because they’re human I don’t like them as a whole.
This logic is easy to follow, to be honest, it makes sense she has a hard time trusting people, and in this case, women.

No. 1778116

I agree that women are abusive too, two things can be true at the same time, why can't we talk about real things that happened in real reality if they are literally true?
I'm only ever jealous of men but never of women. The whole thing about calling women jealous is retarded and there are plenty of other rational reasons to hate women like their male obsession and repulsive penis sucking behaviors(I would never wanna be around a person with zero disgust response who does this heinous act), their masochism and low self esteem, their pickme mentality, their femininity pisses me off too and in general feminine interests piss me off I hate them. But jealousy.. I think women who think they are jealous of other women mistake the feeling for something else or over identify with certain things. Like identifying with being attractive and dating men will cause comparison and not being jealous in that case is kinda weird, it means you feel secure meanwhile women are never secure at all kek idk the jealousy thing reminds me of people calling women over 25+ jealous hags people only psychoanalysis of women being "they are bitter and jealous" while those women probably express rational thoughts or feel disempowered and suffer. I don't stand with dumb pickme male identified behaviors they do out of "jealousy" tho and this type of things, it's a doormat thing, another thing I don't like about womem, oops. I hate socializing with this kind of social hierarchies and heterosexual dynamic.

No. 1778119

>You could be friends with another woman and she’s jealous because you have a better family, more money or some other stupid shit.
Are men not jealous of you for this either? Jealousy is a human emotion, not specific to women. Being jealous over another person having a better family when yours is abusive and shitty is not a point of weakness, its human. Its also not "stupid shit". You seem to have proven that you are indeed anti-social and sociopathic from your thought process. Years of brainrotting misogynistic shit on social media, fucked up people or some variety of female socialization have caused these thought patterns.

>you’re seeing someone with the same phenotype as you doing better

Oh you're racist too.

>I’m sure there are some rare people out there that don’t play these stupid normie games but I don’t have the energy to find them.

Then that's a you problem. But the opinion you have is fairly common across the internet; its the quintessential pickme line of thought. Maybe you could befriend >>1778096 anon and tear each other apart over males and jealously.

See? this is a genuine human cause for jealousy. Not all jealousy is stupid and fickle. Jealousy is part of being human OP everyone on the planet experiences it.


>You bitches won't let women tear each other down for inhuman reasons and you're all like libfems for thinking women don't live to compete to fuck men! Stop threatening women with "you're not a feminist" even though you didn't mention feminism once in any of your posts! Don't criticize fucked up behavior of women caused by heterosexuality! All women are catty, heterosexual and compete for men; its a fact! All women are pickmes. Also none of your comebacks make sense for my pickme brain!

No. 1778121

A man is less likely to be jealous of a woman. A woman is more likely to be jealous of my accomplishments because it’s hard seeing someone do big things and they can’t use gender as an excuse.

No. 1778122

>You bitches won't let women tear each other down for inhuman reasons and you're all like libfems for thinking women don't live to compete to fuck men! Stop threatening women with "you're not a feminist" even though you didn't mention feminism once in any of your posts! Don't criticize fucked up behavior of women caused by heterosexuality! All women are catty, heterosexual and compete for men; its a fact! All women are pickmes. Also none of your comebacks make sense for my pickme brain!
That's not what was said, see thats why I hate women. You all are so retarded that if feels like I'm in hell. And how am I a pickme if I don't engage with men and are a separatist. You don't call rest of the female population a pickme meanwhile they literally are. Women are so stupid it genuinely hurts to socialize with them, saying this doesn't mean I defend men but low iq people can't comprehend it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1778124

If you hate talking to women so much why are you posting on a female only imageboard kek

No. 1778130

The only time I feel jealous of other girls is if I see them out with their family and happy and that's it. I've never been jealous of prettier girls and I don't think most women have either. It's usually men who get super mad at and jealous of "chads". Men are much more jealous and competitive.

No. 1778135

Samefag and the worse kind of jealousy women do is when they thought they were better than you and then you get something they want and they feel you don’t deserve it

No. 1778137

Therapy is fake and gay, unironically listen to boomers and just get over it

No. 1778138

>A man is less likely to be jealous of a woman.
Tell that to incels and all seetheing males

>A woman is more likely to be jealous of my accomplishments because it’s hard seeing someone do big things and they can’t use gender as an excuse.

You're egotistical, and a misogynistic ok.

I mean you're describing most heterosexual women, and I'd actually agree. I suppose I'd consider myself separatist as well by virtue of circumstance and sexuality. You should have probably prefaced that as much kek. Word your posts better; common culture is shit, a majority of heterosexual women not all women. If you hate het women and heteropatriarchy so much why not actually try to have a proper discourse and convince them instead of saying retarded shit like 'low iq people' disagree. That makes you sound like a 4chin incel.

No. 1778144

When the shoe fits it fits. Clumping all women into an amalgam is misogynistic. Behaving as if only women are jealous of you and all are competition is both pickme and misogynistic. If your actual criticism was directed towards heterosexual women and mainstream libfem culture why didn't you say that? That's something I dislike about certain pickme, misogynist women.

No. 1778145

I think the most common kind of female jealousy is when they feel another woman is beneath them socially but she has something they don’t have(a good husband, money etc) and feel they deserve it more. It’s not sexist it’s just how people actually are in reality.

No. 1778148

I’m not acting like only women are jealous. You said that which is a common thing normie women do to win arguments by putting words in peoples mouths.

No. 1778153

I mean why are you bothering to interact with people online if you’re such a misanthrope? No one is holding a gun to your head and making you post here if you think all the women on this site are beneath you.

No. 1778157

Ntayrt but take a chill pill and stop seething, You can't just be calling anyone you disagree with racist/misogynist, might as well call that anon a pedo while you're at it

No. 1778164

25-30 year olds always acting like they’re so mature and wise because of their “old age and experience” are so annoying to me

No. 1778175

Nta but you’re retarded. Anon sounds like some BPD retard.

No. 1778181

> Expecting women to not be a subhuman retarded logicless dick sucking tyrants
>dick sucking
>but then finding out that they indeed are that

YWNBAW(don't respond to bait)

No. 1778184

Samefag, I assume this is the tranny wjo always tries to claim women are jealous of them on here because male ego is unbelievable. No wonder it hates women, it wants to be one.

No. 1778186

just report, dont respond to bait

No. 1778194

It's so stupid when a person's only response is to just start flinging buzz words at someone.

No. 1778195

>spammer currently posting his scat fap folder
Called it, it’s the tranny. Can’t even pass over text kek.

No. 1778207

I don’t understand why every ex street walker claims they were trafficked these days. Just because you fell in love with a pimp and the shit was a nightmare doesnt you were trafficked and it makes people who were actually trafficked look less legitimate. You you made the conscious decision to get involved with a pimp and sell sex that’s not trafficking.

No. 1778213

>tranny also currently chimping out in random threads about feminism
KEK. Men are such fragile faggots they have to try and pretend to be women to psyop women because none will touch them irl for being degenerates. No wonder these retards created the troon problem.

No. 1778217

Lol I’m the one who made the op that started this conversation and I’m not a tranny or a man but if that helps you cope then go off

No. 1778232

Cope, >>1778181 is obvious.
Not identifying as a man doesn’t mean you aren’t one.

No. 1778237

Nta it's obvious op is not the tranny, the tranny simply joined our combo to call everyone dick suckers

No. 1778238

I didn’t make any of those posts though. This was me >>1777958 and I’m a woman. Does it bother you that much that I’m not going to pretend to be buddy buddy with you just because we both have a vagina?lol

No. 1778252

You just sound autistic

No. 1778268

Don’t want to be pregnant = don’t have sex. Simple.

No. 1778282

Women tend to see themselves as women first and only then as human, while men tend to see themselves first as human and only then as men. Its the whole root of feminism (vaginal tribalism).(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1778283

File: 1700403970305.jpg (62.53 KB, 738x703, 1652011847090.jpg)

the amount of bait infiltrating this thread is astounding. remember to just report and ignore

No. 1778350

File: 1700407146951.jpeg (73.48 KB, 888x500, IMG_2793.jpeg)

People acting like being naturally beautiful is somehow morally better than undergoing plastic surgery are moronic, you’re either genetically lucky (not a personal achievement) or have enough money to change your face, none of these things is better than the other. I also don’t care whether models are natural or have faces constructed by plastic surgeons, they’re beautiful in the end so what’s the difference?

No. 1778358

File: 1700407433351.jpg (268.01 KB, 1280x909, ugly thoughts.jpg)

hating yourself makes you ugly

No. 1778360

So, what about rape victims?

No. 1778361

Don't respond to it.

No. 1778364

The majority of people who get plastic surgery are average-above average looking, too vain and narcissistic to accept that they will never be 10s but roll the dice anyway. Most plastic surgery looks botched unless it's to correct a MAJOR deformity where any outcome post-surgery would be an improvement good or bad.
Insecure people fucking suck.

No. 1778367

Your picture is a horrible example because her new nose looks fucked up. She's cuter in the pic on the left.

No. 1778369

ew no, plastic surgery is gross and pathetic. screams insecure and insufferable, plastic surgeons are vile as fuck too

No. 1778370

Being insecure isn't a virtue to aspire too. Most people have hang ups about themselves and learn to embrace them or highlight other features. I always wanted a nose job when I was younger but I feel like i didn't grow into my festures until later although looking back at photos from adolescence my more striking features have turned into the ones that are complimented often or coveted to this day and they definitely weren't growing up. Beauty is completely subjective and its honestly jarring how many people look related because of fashionable plastic faces. Natural generally is better to the eye

No. 1778373


No. 1778374

Imagine a man having a leg lengthening operation and hair transplants, he looks good, you end up with short and bald children. Any questions?

No. 1778378

File: 1700408847574.jpg (106.35 KB, 640x941, 31aj6b82zcca1.jpg)


Plastic surgery along and stricly trying to follow beauty standards never looks good in real life.

As another anon said, plastic surgery is fine when it fixes actual deformations, but if your face has none and is normal, then plastic surgery is not needed.

No. 1778387

I'll defend plastic surgery the day plastic surgeons take an art class and develop some aesthetic sense.

No. 1778395

File: 1700409645251.jpg (20.6 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (2).jpg)

I think Türkan Şoray's nose job was amazing. She looked stunning afterwards.

No. 1778397

Being naturally beautiful is morally better bc you have better genes to pass on while plastic surgery beauty can only pass on subpar genes which is unfair to the child. Symmetrical features and conventional beauty is intrinsically linked to health which is why humans are attracted to it.

No. 1778398

It's just so sad that people hate their perfectly normal noses, they all get the same boring one

No. 1778399

wtf her nose looked so cute before

No. 1778400

She looks stunning with or without the nosejob.

No. 1778418

she looks like a tranny after lmao

No. 1778428

File: 1700411637429.jpg (56.38 KB, 828x800, 4608f19eea75d9d39682a3a4efad1b…)

No she didn't

No. 1778430

I agree but you’re also not morally worse if you are naturally “pretty” and accept yourself than if you are ugly and accept yourself

No. 1778454

She was prettier before

No. 1778470

she has that botched tranny look now, sorry

No. 1778477

Some anons put way too much importance on the fuckability of characters to appreciate a medium and it's pathetic.

No. 1778480

Anons really be calling anyone trannies nowadays, she looks gorgeous

No. 1778486

Ikr? Like that's the kind of woman that trannies wish they looked like.

No. 1778491

Especially fujos

No. 1778492

Sorry you have scrote tier taste

No. 1778497

Are you retarded?

No. 1778510

Plastic surgery is acceptable if you're so ugly that it impacts your life of quality to be lower than average, which is pretty rare, because by defition, most people are average. The whole problem is that people cannot stand being a 5/10 instead of a 8/10 (sorry for using scrotey number scores). The whole reason Hollywood people remake themselves into Frankenstein's monsters is because they pushed the average for looks so high through these interventions that actual average looking people become below average. Is that what we want to happen on a global scale?

No. 1778512

i am not going to watch something with ugly male characters in it

No. 1778514

Forgot to say, that it's not even like the playing field will be evened out once "everyone's beautiful", because those who are naturally born with perfect faces will not ever need to take the risks of death during surgery or lifelong treatments that the "plebs" will need to as a point of entry. Not to mention that just like with a building, once you fuck with the structural integrity of the body, it'll slowly start coming apart.

No. 1778520

Same, it's so comfy, yet also sparkly at the same time. People get caught up criticizing the commercialism but you don't really need to buy a ton of shit to enjoy it. The most fun parts involve baking and lights anyway.

No. 1778524

I had a surgery to repair a basic deformity when i was 7 and even this type of surgery is a fucking butchery. I have some problems with it to this day, as much as the doctors tried, so i can't imagine somebody just going to get their nose or eyesbrows done when they don't have to. Everything that was operated on feel weird forever.

No. 1778531

Based Dahlposter

No. 1778536

File: 1700415962717.jpeg (44.18 KB, 648x432, DB401AEC-EFD6-4762-8C64-6B421F…)

The reason a lot of white women age poorly is because they keep trying to hang on to be super thin at like 40. When you were 22 yes being 100lbs was cute but after 30 you’re going to start look haggard. It’s time to pick up a cheese burger it’s not the 90s anymore.

No. 1778539

What if I'm naturally skinny though? I'm not an anachan.

No. 1778541

I never hear this point being brought up and i actually agree with you.

No. 1778543

You're not wrong

No. 1778547

Being "naturally thin" doesn't last forever. If you look at a lot of models who fell in that category in the height of their career, they have clearly gained some weight as older women and have new set points for their ideal weights.

No. 1778548

you can be fat and old looking though. It boils down to whether your face hangs onto it or not and even then its a gamble.

No. 1778552

White women don't age poorly, no X race of women age poorly. I am european and all the old women I see in my country, even the women from the humblest working-class backgrounds, age better than any men their age with the same socioeconomic status. And being thin or medium weight is actually good, you don't have to wear a sack of potatoes that makes you look like a fridge because your G size tits and gut can't fit anywhere else. The average older woman in my country doesn't starve herself, she keeps herself in a good weight because she eats home-made meals that she cooks herself, has a job and/or cleans her own house and runs errands all day. Ameritards like you could never understand.

No. 1778558

nta but my grandma was always skinny despite having like 6 kids and she died of old age in her 90s. Going on a diet to look good was a completely foreign concept to her because in her country the beauty standard for women is to be fat, like more than just "thick" or curvy, she just had to be careful because of diabetes because we're predisposed to it in the family. Depending on who you are and what and how you eat it's possible to always be skinny even if it's rare.

No. 1778559

But I have apple shape distribution, I don't want to look like Dr. Robotnik, I'd rather have a bloated filler face atop a skeleton hag body because people treat me better when I'm thinner, even other women

No. 1778560

gotta agree, i don't think white women age poorly. You don't walk on the street amongst hags around here, older women look just fine, they may have a dated hairstle but that's it. Women who smoke age poorly and they are usually skinny because of it but that's different.

No. 1778562

>none of these things is better than the other
Being naturally beautiful is clearly better than having to have plastic surgery. Naturally beautiful women and naturally handsome men have good genes and any children they have will inherit their genes and be more likely to be naturally beautiful or naturally handsome themselves. Plus plastic surgery is expensive, and being beautiful or handsome as a child and adolescent makes you popular among your peers your age and boosts your confidence and makes happiness and success in early life more likely.

No. 1778568

No it’s because they do endurance cardio in the sun instead of strength-oriented exercises indoors

No. 1778615

They use the threadmills in the gym

No. 1778686

it's male, nonna

No. 1778698

Women cheat less not because we are morally superior in that regard but because there’s no incentive to cheat. When you’ve already got an ugly, spoiled and abusive scrote at home youre not going to see the point and going out it to fuck more of them or if you’ve got one of the rare decent scrotes you’re gonna wanna hold on to him life your life depends on it because you’ll never get that again. Men are more likely to cheat because sure, he might have a cute and nice gf at home but as a man it’s not really hard to find a woman who will be cute and nice for you so it’s a dime a dozen and they don’t feel it’s anything special.

No. 1778701

It is better to be born naturally beatiful in general (as for life experience), yes, but people shitting themselves over Bella Hadid being called 'one of the most beautiful women in the world' and sperging about her being plastic annoy me. It’s not even about her, I don’t give a shit about her and everyone in Hollywood had plastic surgery (literally give any name). Being beautiful is not some moral achievement, attractive people didn’t do shit besides having good genes and good for them, she had her daddy’s money to pay for expensive surgeries and looks good, fake or not, so I don’t see the point of belittling her.

No. 1778710

Both genders cheat because humans are serial monogamist. Funnily, even monogamous songbirds are known to cheat on each other despite staying with each other often for life. It’s just nature. I think women in recent human history have been less likely to cheat because consequences were much harsher for us. Our lives were literally speaking dependent on a moid providing for us, we could get pregnant or even killed for cheating. With gender differences evening out and with increased availability of birth control, women are catching up with men. Yeah men probably cheat at a slightly higher rate, but it’s super common for women to cheat. I have so many girlfriends who have done this. Women like having sex and sometimes relationships fizzle out or we fall in love with someone new etc. Humans are not always trustworthy but that's ok.

No. 1778737

Women who care if their female friends cheat on their partner or snitch on them are weird

No. 1778749

You're right and you should say it. No amount of pushback will change my mind on getting plastic surgery. Being botched by plastic surgery is less embarrassing than being born naturally botched.

No. 1778750

Nta but no it doesn't. Loving yourself and "being confident" when you're ugly doesn't make you beautiful either, it looks pathetic.

No. 1778753

Anons who are pretending she or the hadid woman looked better before surgery are so lying to themselves or probably don't have big bulbous flat noses to deal with that aren't harmonious with their features. And don't know what it feels like to be ugly and hate seeing yourself in the mirror, or worse, in the camera. I hate taking selfies of myself and with my friends because of how ugly I look, it's devastating.

No. 1778769

File: 1700426149332.jpeg (193.95 KB, 891x1390, 8C08A60E-BAC3-4181-95CF-726994…)

The worst thing about getting older is you cant be chic and edgy anymore because at 30 you no longer look like a tortured soul now you just look like a failure. At 30 you’re no longer cool and mysterious when you’re 90lbs and smoke but now you just look like a literal crack head and you’re losing your hair. It sucks that with age you can’t really be edgy anymore.

No. 1778776

skill issue

No. 1778782

have you tried not caring about what the big corporations are shilling as attractive? being a sheep sounds tiring

No. 1778794

kek I love old timer metalheads. Although it's a little cringe and infantile, there's also something charming about them still doing the same thing they've done since they were 15 despite being past their 40s now and feeling awesome about it.

No. 1778801

I know a lot of older women who can look edgy, there’s this one girl who comes by my work with short hair and super dark eye makeup and she’s short and not that skinny, she’s adorable she’s always wearing chokers and leather and denim jackets. She’s nice too. She’s got Fairuza Balk crazy intense blue eyes (I’m in love with her)

No. 1778802

File: 1700426807782.png (7.18 MB, 1284x2778, 075D87A9-DA30-4079-A888-00C079…)

I definitely think after a certain age that edgy, heroin chic type of life style goes from cool to loser at about 25

No. 1778803

I disagree. Some of the oldest looking white women I've seen are the ones who used to be thinner but they started gaining a lot of weight as they aged. The opposite is also true with women who used to be chubby but then lost a lot of weight. It honestly depends on many factors, but fat can also age someone. It's a gamble of genetics

No. 1778814

A big honker doesn't make a woman ugly, women should know that men have shit taste on everything related to us
t.woman who loves her big honker

No. 1778817

Her nose was totally cute before, it makes me not wanna get plastic surgery kek. I have a big hooked Mexican nose but it looks fine from the front and I’m kinda scared I’ll focus on lip fillers or eye lift or get some weird dumb blepharaplasty and get that weird fake cat face

No. 1778830

File: 1700427539213.jpeg (75.18 KB, 722x960, 2BBCA6A6-6ABF-4845-A9F1-2431B6…)

It depends on the kind of big nose though. Round big noses like pic related are cute in women but the long boney ones aren’t.

No. 1778837

File: 1700427659227.jpeg (91.8 KB, 736x979, AF37794D-27FE-4F47-A255-10946C…)

Samefag by long and boney I mean noses like this

No. 1778842

File: 1700427872975.jpg (105.09 KB, 600x750, SP061120-359__33697.jpg)

Ayrt I have a boney (bumpy) nose, I love all kinds of honkers

No. 1778857

File: 1700428349888.jpg (21 KB, 361x356, abcc9a11554ec9b0d8bd634fb506b0…)

Toasters are a waste of money! Bread toasted on the stove with some butter is 100 times better, or you can pop it in the oven for a moment. If you don't want to use an oven you can always get a toaster oven which is more versatile and can actually be cleaned, unlike a toaster.

No. 1778858

Unless your nose is grossly deformed there isn't a single nosejob that has looked good. The one in your picture literally looks like a penis with testicles in the middle of her face. Like >>1778395 just baffles the mind, her nose looked completely normal pre-surgery and now it looks plastic and hard, like you could tap on it and hear a solid sound. People tend to forget that plastic surgery ages really badly and you always need more touch ups for maintenance, and the more you tinker with your natural features the more work it requires and the more unnatural it becomes. That's how you end up with all those celebrities in their 60's that look grotesque with the amount of work they've had to get.

No. 1778859

Yeah this

No. 1778869

She's perfect
Beauty isn't about superficial aesthetics, but something more fundamental. Next

No. 1778871

Have you not tried making assumptions about anonymous strangers? Where did I say I find what corporations push as attractive, attractive? I just said being ugly sucks. I don't appeal to myself and I find regular everyday people attractive, so there must something wrong with the way I look. And if plastic surgery can tackle that then I'm glad to go for it. If there are alternative solutions I'd happily try them. But I don't think a healthy diet and exercise is gonna fix the bride of my broken nose and solve my breathing issues and how ugly it makes me look. And it won't solve my overbite either. You're trying too hard to be contrarian by hating beauty and preferring ugliness.

No. 1778874

I'll never fuck a woman with a big nose
t. A bi woman
>inb4 men have big noses but nobody says anything!1!1!1
Men with big noses are ugly and look retarded, too. Narrow tall defined noses for both genders for the win. And I think this is the truly unpopular opinion, especially on lolcor.

No. 1778879

anon but how do you get an even brown on the toast in those ovens?
I don't want it to take more than a minute and I don't want to flip it if I broil it because that's the only way I can get it to brown up top quickly pls advice

No. 1778886

This, some anons on this site have some serious case of body dysmorphia. Must be exhausting.

I wonder why bihets always think people want to hear their opinion on women's fuckability

No. 1778892

no1currs go fuck a woman with a botched michael jackson nose then, leave the pretty women who arent sheeps to the rest of us who arent mentally ill

No. 1778907

File: 1700430400300.jpg (99.44 KB, 1024x683, 1700350114712.jpg)

>I wonder why bihets always think people want to hear their opinion on women's fuckability
Ikr? Aren't around 90% of bisexual people, men and women only fucking the opposite sex anyway? Why tf should any woman care about how fuckable a bisexual woman thinks of them when they're just gonna be screwing men anyway KEK

No. 1778913

She gaps for example like 21 and 30 aren’t a big deal because millennials and zoomer were pretty much raised on the same media etc. my bf is 23 and I’m 33 and he knows the shows etc I was watching because as a kid he watched them too.

No. 1778915

Age gap relationships

No. 1778917

File: 1700430764882.jpg (107.93 KB, 750x505, tumblr_9db7bb28ac893e2fe4314a3…)

>Someone actually wrote this out and hit send
Some of you are real assholes on this site.

No. 1778918

i am only against big age gaps if its older man/younger woman. Men are known to be abuse of younger women, plus older men arent worth shit and men age faster.

No. 1778920

I hate how men with big crooked noses are seen as ~sooooo hot~ But women are only beautiful if they have a tiny button nose

No. 1778924

how is it being an asshole to tell anon to not give a shit about how she looks? paying thousands in cosmetic surgeries isnt going to fix her self steem issues, she's part of the problem. Why do you think men are fat/ugly/unfashionable and dont give a shit about how they look? because they arent preyed on by vultures trying to proffit of their insecurities.

No. 1778925

this is what people consider a big nose?

No. 1778931

File: 1700431152300.jpeg (40.1 KB, 1200x630, 22ED95AF-1AD4-4293-B228-57BF12…)

I’d consider it big

No. 1778932

natural beauty doesn't go to the extent of plastic surgery though. women with nice lips are now getting them called small because of all the fillers, women with small noses get them called big because people are so use to nose jobs. just to name a few

No. 1778946

Caring about female appearance makes you a retarded sheep. We should start bullying and nitpicking men's physical appearance instead. No more cillian murphy's/baldur gate's grandpa being shilled as attractive, they are ugly and should be treated as so.

No. 1778949

>spending thousands on cosmetics
differin gel costs 5 dollars and lasts for a years kek, a good moisturizer costs 9$ and also lasts for 6 months or more, and a good face wash costs a similar amount and lasts for as long or longer since the bottle can be bigger. You just don't take care of yourself or your facial hygiene and think it must be costly.

No. 1778954

Anons been making fun of those 2 for months now, were you asleep or something? The "men shilled as attractive that you find ugly" thread exists for a reason.

No. 1778956

yeah, anons. they are still sadly popular outside of this extremely niche shithole, and it's the reason why men keep shilling ugly moids.

No. 1778957

The halo effect is real and you should care about your appearance. You can do an experiment, sometimes go out with makeup and a nice outfit, sometimes you go out in a lazy outfit and no makeup. People act nicer when you look nice.

No. 1778958

seems like a good way to filter fake people that arent worth your time. The only moid i have met in my life that wasnt an asshole and tried to assualt me or got stalkery after i rejected him is perfectly comfortable with me sitting in short shorts and a tanktop while completly unshaven and looking like a monkey, meanwhile the others would recoil at the idea of a woman having any kind of hair outside their face.

No. 1778963

Fair point. But the people who are into them are usually gendies or teenagers who are too scared of admitting they have a sexuality so they pretend to like ugly characters to seem "pure and non-sexual".

No. 1778964

Cosmetics means make-up idiot. You need to brush up on your english skills.

No. 1778967

skincare doesn't count as cosmetics anon

No. 1778968

those are all scams, all it takes is a good diet. Genuinely cant believe you are so retarded to fall for that scam, and for what? you are going to end up with an ugly moid anyways kek

No. 1778969

doesn't matter because the anon she replied to was talking about spending thousands on cosmetic surgeries. probably bait tbh.

No. 1778972

That isn't an unpopular opinion, it's just that people see it as superficial because it is.

No. 1778973

If this was an unpopular opinions, the makeup industry wouldn't be as big as it is now KEK

No. 1778989

No, I purposefully dress frumpy so people leave me the fuck alone, and if they can't be nice to me in my natural state they are worth shit.

No. 1778990

She’s very pretty and her nose is harmonious with her face and unique. I’m not trying to be fake nice, I like it more than the first one you posted. Women think that having an aquiline nose is their biggest tragedy but actually it’s very classy and goes well with their features in 99% cases, I have straight but kinda long and massive nose and it’s way worse.

No. 1778993

A good diet won't stop hormones from fluctuating during your period, which causes acne. Cleansing the face and regular exfoliation as well as moisturizing helps. And sunscreen ofcourse. My skin is dry and oily in different places despite my decent diet, because I have naturally imbalanced hormones that probably need medical attention that I can't get for now, so I rely on skincare to tackle that. Who said anything about getting in relationship with a retard? I want to look good so I can dress up the way I want and have cute pictures of myself and not feel ashamed of taking pictures with my friends when they all look pretty in the picture except me.

No. 1778999

> I want to look good so I can dress up the way I want and have cute pictures of myself and not feel ashamed of taking pictures with my friends when they all look pretty in the picture except me.
that's even more pathetic, imagine not enjoying life because you dont look like a botched photoshopped model. Genuinely you should stop caring.

No. 1779003

nta but there's nothing pathetic in taking care of yourself or your skin issues, not everyone wants to look unwashed and frumpy like you

No. 1779004

Your skin is probably shit because of make-up and skin-care tbh. Have you ever seen indigenous people with acne? It's not common there because they leave their skin the fuck alone, it's a problem mostly with industrial countries

No. 1779005

stop projecting your insecurities onto others, bad thoughts make you ugly, not how you look.

No. 1779007

Now what the hell are you talking about??

No. 1779008

This forced positivity bullshit is so tiring

No. 1779010

What if someone is bullied for being ugly so they inevitably develop bad thoughts and hate themselves because of it? Stupid ass mentality.

No. 1779011

>bad thoughts make you ugly

No they don’t lol the most unhinged evil bitch I know gets away with whatever she wants because she’s cute and looks innocent

No. 1779013

it's not forced positivity, it's the truth. How you perceive things matters a lot.
>be average looking person
>dont consume media that targets your insecurities all day
>look in the mirror
>See a normal person
>proceed with your day
>be average looking person
>be constantly targetted by vultures trying to proffit off your insecurities
>look in the mirror
>oh no my nose is too big
>oh no my lips are too small
>oh no my fave is to round/square/fat
>day ruined
>develop depression and self steem issues
>buy the products that target your insecurities
>the circle repeats

that's why moids dont care about how they look and are happy being ugly piggies, there arent entire industries depending on them feeling like shit because of how they look

No. 1779018

i used to hate myself because i got bullied for my appereance when i was younger, but i grew out of it like a sane person. If you care about it then you let them win, you have to eventually accept your werent part of the 1% of people who are born gorgeous, cope and learn to live your life.

No. 1779019

Nta anon but it wasn’t the media that made me feel like this. It was 8th grade when the prettiest girl in school told me my face looks like a disease. It was 10th grade and I wore a nice perfume and a boy said “ugly girls always smell so nice”. It was 17 and joining a stickam chat room and getting roasted and kicked out for being ugly. It was 27 when a male friend showed his gf my picture and she said I looked “murked”. Your everyday life breeds your insecurities and the beauty industry is there to fix them.

No. 1779026

It’s more conplicated tbh, moids don’t get treated like shit for being ugly. An unfortunate or funny looking woman will be treated like a subhuman, an ugly moid will be fine if he’s not extremely stupid and is not a loser constantly victimizing himself (and even then he will get handmaidens licking his ass).

No. 1779029

Just learn to accept you are ugly(you probably arent, kids are assholes). You can go and get 10 cosmetic surgeries, but you arent going to like the result. That's why so many literal models and actress ruin themselves with surgeries, because they have a deep rooted issue that wont be fixed just with surgeries. You should legit seek therapy, it's obvious you have a very deep self steem issue.

No. 1779030

and that's our fault, because we let the vultures win over us and our insecurities win. We are part of the problem, if women werent memed into cosmetic surgeries/make up then there wouldnt be an incredibly high, unreal beauty standar for women.

No. 1779034

I’m not going to accept myself as ugly. I get only one life to live and if I go out botched at least I tried.

No. 1779035

I don't wear makeup and I never did. My diet was shit when I was a kid against my will and I had more acne back then, once I grew up and started cooking for myself and doing skincare it reduced a lot. Now I have 1 zit a month rather than 5 on each cheek every week. I'm not American but we have indigenous people of our own and I belong to a specific tribe, and back at the village they're all dying of diabetes and heart disease because they primarily eat carbohydrates in their indigenous diet, and can only grow a limited number of vegetables and fruits because of the type of land they live in, so they're all malnourished and unhealthy and dying too young. My parents forced their shitty indigenous diet on me when I was a kid which caused my health issues and now I'm fixing it on my own and I'm healthier than them or the majority of the people of my tribe. Living in a city gave me access to supermarkets and thus, all sorts of nutritional foods, as well as pharmacies for vitamins if my diet doesn't suffice. But I admit the city is too polluted and sunny since it's a in a desert, so that could be a factor.

No. 1779036

Women are socially punished for being ugly and abuse can make you mentally ill. I commend you for getting over it but for most of us it's a lot harder, and "having good thoughts" or not caring won't make up for the lack of benefits you'd otherwise get if you were pretty.

No. 1779039

nta but I see ugly women out and about every day living their lives, I think this fear is greatly exaggerated. I'm an uggo myself and have never gotten comments about it since high school, which lets be real is brutal for most people in some way or another. Some of you seem to have very limited real life experience past high school though so it makes sense you would think like that.

No. 1779040

i mean, go ahead, waste your money on surgeries you could better spend on travelling, cute clothes you can wear, hobbies, etc you are going to still be depressed afterwards

No. 1779042

What's so ugly about you? Post a picture of a woman that looks similar to you or describe yourself.

No. 1779043

what benefits? tell me which benefits you get from make up/cosmetic surgeries that you cannot get just from excercising and eating healthy and having good mental health

No. 1779047

Based. And if the surgery actually works it's a win! The anon saying you should spend the money on something else acts like you'll end up broke forever and never earn money again or something kek

No. 1779055

Kek since you don't know I'm not gonna be the one to ruin it for you then. Beautiful women are favored and treated better in every facet of life, that shit is truly blackpilling.

No. 1779056

that money is going to some moid butcher and there is a high chance of malpractice, there is nothing based in that

No. 1779059

> Beautiful women are favored and treated better in every facet of life
ok but explain me how? what kind of benefits? getting ugly moids to hit on you?

No. 1779076

Mean comments are one thing, the stark contrast between the way you are being treated vs the way better looking people are being treated is more damaging, you just see you’re living life on beta mode. Theoretically it’s something like not being born in very well off family – you just need to cope with it and get over yourself, but chasing beauty is easier than chasing immense wealth.

No. 1779081

NTA but as a beautiful woman you get ugly men hitting on you but handsome as well, as ugly/mid one you get only bottom of the barrel scrotes.

No. 1779092

Maybe the real unpopular opinion is that this shit looks awful no matter your age or face

No. 1779094

People act like ugly women don’t get hit on. We do but they’re usually the worst of the worst. At least pretty women get some cute and rich ones in there.

No. 1779096

NTA but Pretty privilege lasts for only a short while, when you get older your looks fade and you can't rely on those much longer. And because plastic surgery is unnatural, it won't age with your body and you'll end up looking weird.

No. 1779097

>but handsome as well
kek handsome men dont exist, nice try though i am not going to buy your cosmetic surgeries

No. 1779099

This is not the tinfoil thread

No. 1779102

>handsome men don't exist
Fucking bullshit, I saw a handsome guy about two years ago.

No. 1779103

i have never seen an attractive woman with an equally attractive man. Since they are sheeps they always end up with ugly old scrotes twice their age, instead of using their advantage to go for younger men. I have actually seen far more ugly women with hotter men than hot women with hot men.

No. 1779106

Makes it kind of ironic doesn't it? There are women who swim in makeup, plastic surgery, and other means of cosmetics to improve their looks for pretty privilege and more opportunities of any kind. Yet, when they pick males to reproduce some genes and start a family, they settle with men that are leagues below them and render their effort pointless. All that money and determination into artificially changing your appearance, just to waste it.

No. 1779112

File: 1700437658216.jpg (146.37 KB, 1072x1500, Aaron-Taylor-Johnson-shirtless…)

it's because we get bombarded by propaganda since birth to be appealling to the male gaze, but to dont expect the same from men because that makes us shallow and evil. So many model gorgeous women end up with ugly as sin scrotes because they have been psyoped to aim for scrotes that could be their dad. Meanwhile this giga stacy with the most british face i have ever seen lands a barely legal 10/10 out of the crib, making beckies seethe in the process.

No. 1779113

not all pretty women do this, but a lot of them are simply humblebragging. ugly women absolutely do get hit on, except that when it's someone who's attractive we might think it's insincere, and when it's ugly moid with no standards harassment we feel like a piece of meat like every other woman does, except we don't have the positive experiences to balance it out kek. the idea that conventionally attractive women "have it harder" because they "get harassed all the time" (that's a lot more to do with the places you go and how much you leave the house, in my experience) is a moid psyop that beautiful women like to parrot so they can claim they have it worse than ugly women.

No. 1779116

Speak for yourself, if I was hot I'd go for hot men.

No. 1779117

Ew he looks like Ryan gosling

No. 1779118

Finally, an anon that thinks he's ugly. Kek.

No. 1779119

he might not be attractive to you but objectively he's leagues above her. It's nice to see a girlboss winning in a sea of attractive women being forced to settle down for old uggos. I dont care if she married him the microsecond he turned 18, i count it as retribution at this point.

No. 1779121

I fear for your safety

No. 1779125

He is so hot god, have you seen his nude movie scenes?

No. 1779127

File: 1700438151389.gif (419.6 KB, 256x192, 1594191070307.gif)

Voicemod was the best thing to happen to me because now I've been playing games with voice chat without being hounded for being a woman. I grew up with shit like garry's mod and always loved playing interactive multiplayer games with voice chat but never could. I say this because I am a coward and just want to play with no strings attached to my sex but I have immense respect to women who put themselves through the absolute humiliation that is going open mic on a game like csgo or valorant. I made a farmer friend on the friend finder thread years ago and she's like that and by god she is the bravest marine out there I respect her so much and I love playing with her but I'm not that brave

I have never and will never troon out but I think crunchy gmod mics are the funniest shit ever and I don't want to be harassed. I tried other voice changers but voice mod makes me sound convincingly male for the first time tbh and I don't even have an egirl voice

No. 1779128

no, but he was beaten in kick ass which is miles better

No. 1779129

Nta but
>he looks leagues above her
They look identical???

No. 1779131

No. 1779138

True, it’s either an esl (not understanding that the difference between cosmetics and cosmetic surgery) or a baiting retard.

No. 1779140

File: 1700438766783.gif (6.97 MB, 500x596, tumblr_dcb29f72c27692823641b8a…)

>putting in years of effort with thousands of dollars on using expensive makeup and cosmetic surgery only to still end up with a sponge-built sack of shit with wealth the only thing going for him.
>living comfortably with being average or even ugly but still ending up with a moid that's wealthy, younger than you, healthy and in shape, more handsome and maybe more brilliant than any other moid.
Being a Stacey was never about how pretty you looked. It was always about knowing how to play the game and winning at it. Based british-faced Stacey. You enjoy that fresh meat.
I'm not speaking for myself because I'm not getting surgery just to waste my time with a fugly moid kek

No. 1779144

i think men have evolved to learn how to manipulate pretty girls with obvious self steem issues, thats why so many pretty women end up with uggos. The lucky pretty women end up with wealthy men, the unlucky ones get manipulated by the vilest of moids. When i was into true crime it made me really sad to see so many beautiful women that got charmed by ugly pos men that eventually ended up cheating on them then murdering them.

No. 1779170

I think part of it is that women who have been trained to care about being beautiful more than anything else don't have any effort left to lust after hot men. all of their mental energy goes into being lusted after instead. tragic, really.

No. 1779173

it’s because men refuse to go for women that are as attractive or less attractive than they are. i don’t know if it’s an overinflated sense of self-confidence (thinking they deserve hot women) or a “trophy” thing - a lot of men seem to care about what their friends think and their girlfriend is seen as a representation of their “game” or whatever. good-looking men are less insecure and thus care less about this since they know they’re attractive.

on the other hand there are so many women with incredibly low standards, and there are more expectations for women to be beautiful and put effort into their appearance, so they feel as though they’re “matching” with a man less attractive than them.

No. 1779194

Right? The most objectively nasty person I know is a gorgeous and rich woman who treats everyone like crap and gets away with it because she can. Not to mention that Roald Dahl himself must've been the mankiest goblin according to his own theory, since he was a cheater who moved on from his cancer-stricken wife before her corpse even had time to cool.

No. 1779207

The "a man should look only a little better than an ape" opinion is incredibly common. They just think it's a female thing to be beautiful. It's supposed to be the opposite, really. We should filter the best men.
A lot of women also think "appearance doesn't matter, person does uwu", sadly. Their father-looking daughters suffer for their choice, being bullied by males, who never think in the same manner.

No. 1779218

I can’t do that sorry queen

No. 1779221

I am conventionally ugly and I got hit on 0 times in my life. If you have at least shitties men lusting over you it means you are not that bad-looking.

No. 1779240

Annoying I feel like every other unpopular opinion the woe is me I’m so uggy crowd comes out to say they need to spend thousands to have their face hacked at for a chance at a normal life

No. 1779267

I don’t really care if a guy is over 6ft or not and I don’t know if I’ve ever encountered a woman that’s unironically that picky either. Every guy I’ve seriously dated has been 5’10” or under. Incels that complain that women don’t want anyone under 6’ are full of shit as always.

No. 1779268

I’d prefer to not be hit on at all tbh, having shit tier men flirt with you is embarassing and it creates a problem if they’re intrusive. It also leaves you no doubts about how you’re perceived by others.

No. 1779271

Arby’s isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. PMSing right now and a beef & cheddar made me feel like I was floating on the air. Good shit honestly.

No. 1779384

I'm not even sure if this is much of an unpopular opinion but anyway, the way it's so normalized for left leaning burgers to hate hillbillies/rednecks/trailer trash weirds me out because it's just very blatant classicism

No. 1779403

The lefty burgers love to throw the "because they're all racist" blanket over hillbillies and shit, but it doesn't take long to realize that lefty burgers are hypocrites.

No. 1779414

I've never played Valorant but from what I've read and watched on youtube a large percentage of the Valorant player base are women or girls and they use their mics without any voicemods. Is misogyny a big problem among Valorant players?

No. 1779442

Maybe there's some truth to the stereotype, but i always agreed with the sentiment of it being covert classism nonetheless because they mostly come from middle class suburbs and have no real direct experiences with such people, so it's 100% based on prejudice.

No. 1779446

Based and twinkpilled

No. 1779454

Are you the nonna that looks like Stephen King?

No. 1779473

You’re such a loser

No. 1779498

it’s not really a US-specific thing. Rednecks/bogans/chavs are basically hated the same way in their respective countries.

No. 1779561

This is an unpopular opinion in America, but I hate circumcised dicks. They’re so dry scratchy and look like cracked sand. I literally have no fucking clue how people can say they’re “more attractive” like are we looking at the same thing??
I especially don’t understand women with this preferences because sex with foreskin feels so much better. It doesn’t chafe your pussy. In fact I’m convinced that circumcision exists because men hate women so much they gimp their cocks so sex hurts us.
I think foreskin is cute also, it’s fun to play with. As for the smegma thing, literally just wash it. I get smegma in my folds and there ain’t no way in hell I’d humor the idea of cutting off my labia when I could just clean myself.
Seriously what the fuck, circumcision is just baffling. I can think of no benefit whatsoever. It’s absolutely medieval.

No. 1779562

Virgin here so I can't speak from personal experience but I don't get it either. I have two friends from islands near the US but legally part of my European country and the cultural difference on that is shocking. I'm an exmuslim so I know jewish and muslim men have their foreskin cut off as babies and I planned on avoiding them based on their shit religions anyway, and I thought that was it here and everyone else was normal except men who got surgery for medical reasons. Turns out that my two friends told me most men are also like this in their islands even though they're almost all christians, and if they have sons they'll do have them get circumcised. Why? Because it's unthinkable otherwise.

No. 1779563

>I get smegma in my folds and there ain’t no way in hell I’d humor the idea of cutting off my labia
Even though is an anonymous board, I feel like it still takes some guts to admit that so…hats off to you.

No. 1779564

This is the whole goal of identity politics, though, right? Pit the working class and general poors against themselves.

No. 1779565

Agreed on every single point. Americans are utterly brainwashed about dicks and I would take a natural unmutilated penis that needs a wash over a dry, rough, desensitized one any fucking day.

Also I think it's unethical. I'm not comparing it to FGM or anything but cutting off part of an infant's healthy genitalia is 100% fucking wrong and a violation of bodily autonomy even if it DIDN'T make their sex life worse.

No. 1779579

kek I've met more racist lefties than I met conservative trailer trash. When you're poor you're typically working in things like fast food, military, etc where you're forced to co exist with people of other races

No. 1779580

Seriously I can't wait for the day circumcision is banned in 1st world countries. My bf got cut as a fucking teenager because he had phimosis. Now I have to deal with dry dick.

No. 1779585

When I look at pictures of circumcised dicks, I just think: "wow, that shit looks tragic".

No. 1779586

Is it not a common thing? I rarely hear women talk about it actually. I get noticeable smegma buildup at the end of every day and have to clean it out in the shower. From what I gathered, the rate of buildup for men seems to be a lot slower. i mostly hear from them it takes a few days for it to become noticeable.

Do I just have a weird pussy? Or is every woman too shy to talk about it?

No. 1779591

As far as I know, women make smegma everyday even when they shower regularly. It's when it builds up a lot that it's a problem. So I guess you're good.

No. 1779592

Oh my god, same. Every time I see a cut dick with the cracked-up ashy purple tip and the scar ring I just think about how much better it would look if he still had foreskin.

Normie women will say “it looks better”. HOW? I swear they’re just repeating shit they hear because I doubt most normal women actually have a special interest in cocks the way I do. I am admittedly somewhat of a coomer and can’t get enough naked anime men in my life.

No. 1779593


No. 1779594

They think it's better because men in porn are cut too so it's all they know. Then they get a bf and he's mutilated too.

No. 1779597

Idk, google says it's meant to help lubricate your folds, so I guess some smegma is good? As long as it doesn't get left to build up too much because then that seems gross and apparently causes 'clitoral adhension'. Yeah I'm not an expert at talking about smegma because I don't like sticky panties for whatever reason.

No. 1779598

this with butts/boobs. I see a lot of women, especially in places like Miami getting called flat because people are use to BBLs and implants. Even with working out your butt won't get as big/round as the extent to a BBLs goes

No. 1779599

So they’ve probably never even seen a normal cock before? I guess if you’ve only seen mutilated ones and only hear about uncircumcised men via pop culture “anteater smegma pp lmao gross” jokes, you’d default to that opinion.

No. 1779678

I dated a guy who had an adult circumcision due to phimosis. He was a great guy and I dealt with it because I loved him, but god I missed uncut dick so much. I’m forever grateful to be living in a country where it’s not done except for medical reasons. I agree with everything you said. Circumcised dicks are dryer and less aesthetic (I can’t stand the cracked mushroom look). Uncut looks so much cuter. I love moving the foreskin when they are erect, love that they are naturally lubricated, and I get off to my partner’s reactions so sex and foreplay is much more fun when their dick heads are actually sensitive. Piv with cut vs uncut is like night and day. I’m convinced some of the anons who hurt from piv have only been with cut guys. With my ex, piv was sometimes painful because his dick felt so sandpapery and rough somehow. It’s like the difference between a real life penis and a dildo. Oftentimes they also need to go very hard, rough and fast when they wanna cum. My poor ex (bless him) would often forego nutting just because he didn’t wanna hurt me. With uncut dicks, sex feels velvety smooth all the way like evolution intended.

No. 1779686

I think what they believe looks good is the lack of Satan's hat. The tip should be cut off only and that was the original circumcision until Jews converting back to their original religion realised they could create "fake" foreskins by stretching the rest of excess skin. But yeah american style chops look like a sausage got thrown in a blender. Hideous and painful. The double color thing looks diseased and infected with STDs. Such a turn off.

No. 1779690

>Satan's hat
KEK anon. But for real most adult uncut dicks don't have the weird elephant trunk looking appendix once they're hard, or even soft (probably a bit dependent on size). I think ancient jews were a little misguided

No. 1779691

as much as I hate men I think nobody should cut anyone's genital parts

No. 1779693

oh noes

No. 1779696

Damn I think all this talk about circumsed dicks brought Kellogg back from the dead and now he's shitposting here.(stop replying to the most retarded bait)

No. 1779697

Ignore and report, it's the same scrote bait from a few days ago.

No. 1779699

>Talking about blowing dicks
>being mad at some imaginary man here and pretending you hate men
>come back to talking about blowing dicks

No. 1779703

Okay limp dick(stop replying to the most retarded bait)

No. 1779725

Anyway, let's just admit it. It would be fun to circumsize a guy with a pair of kiddy-proof plastic scissors. Imagine the pain

No. 1779748


No. 1779776

It's almost like she's heterosexual

No. 1779778

Some of you don't seem so keen on women having free choice any more as soon as they choose a lifestyle and/or ideology you don't agree with.

No. 1779818

No shit lol are you lost

No. 1779930

Some things are just objectively wrong/bad.

No. 1780025

File: 1700502270428.gif (38.57 KB, 602x573, 1693991647189.gif)

>inb4 anon is about to go on about how she loves anal,lolicon,old ugly bastard men, muh not all men yadda yadda

I'm a man hater but at the end of the day I just want women to be safe. Also lets be real a lot of you make terrible decisions then get mad simply when you're called out on it.

No. 1780030

>I’m convinced that circumcision exists because men hate women so much they gimp their cocks so sex hurts us
You're such a piece of shit for victim-blaming, you think there's a male conspiracy against you when the fact is that hundreds of millions of boys were genitally mutilated without their consent for bullshit reasons.

No. 1780031

Literally yes.

No. 1780032

>genitally mutilated
Oh shut the fuck up who cares

No. 1780034

Why you post it twice you retard

No. 1780037

No more babies. You’re retarded if you’re having a baby sorry I don’t make the rules, your moids sperm is probably weak as well.

No. 1780042

I guess he needed to add in that he’s being victim blamed for getting circumcised kek?

No. 1780045

Anyone who has the most basic degree of empathy would feel sorry for the victims of genital mutilation. I know empathy is in short supply on imageboards though which explains your post.

No. 1780047

What you wrote makes no sense.

No. 1780052

You realize those kids didn't cut their own foreskin themselves right? Men were the ones who came up with that bullshit, so its safe to say it's still their fault

No. 1780061

Right? Men are the ones obsessed with dicks. Women never made the rules about this shit. It took a group of adult men to gather round and decide all men should cut their foreskin for religious and dumb ass reasons. Men are the problem for other men.

No. 1780072

Go wash your ballsack.

No. 1780077

I think she's retarded too, but the whole "empty egg carton" thing is objectively a scrote-tier response. You should stop hanging around them so much.

No. 1780081

Quit posting shit just to delete it immediately afterwards. Grow a spine.

No. 1780088

File: 1700504014225.jpg (27.93 KB, 623x553, hubh.jpg)

I need you to understand that men on 4chan will never go to these lengths to call out other men for victim-blaming women. Quit playing prissy offended princess, quit "both sides"-ing. It doesn't matter if women on LC say unhinged things about men until men have cleaned up the unhinged things they say about us and do on the entire internet.

No. 1780090

Meaning all childless women will regret it, or just the ones that say retarded shit? Again, you sound like a scrote. Get some friends.

No. 1780092

Your theory that all childless people end up in nursing homes would only be a threat if nursing homes only have the childless in them. But I've worked in them and the mothers to childless ratio is 10 to 1. Most of us will end up in nursing homes, we just don't have the type of culture where you take care of mom until she dies anymore.

No. 1780093

I don’t believe they actively choose to cut their (and their son’s) dicks for this reason, but I can believe this is one justification for it.
Men cut up women’s genitals to suit their sexual preferences and hurt us, why is it far fetched to believe they cut their own cocks to hurt us? They seem to prefer it when women are suffering and in pain.
Nipping off the skin hurts once, having to have sex with a sandpaper cock hurts indefinitely.

No. 1780100

Not having kids =/= a lonely life without family. You would know that if you had any meaningful connections of your own.

No. 1780104

>So you want to live a lonely life without family?
You think only family can make life not lonely? Don't you have any friends or communities? That's very sad.

No. 1780105

Why is there a rabid scrote on here posting egg cartons? I thought 4chan scrotes hated circumcision? It’s not like anyone here is advocating for it so what’s got him so worked up?

No. 1780110

File: 1700504540182.jpeg (599.06 KB, 975x1200, IMG_7847.jpeg)

This is why he posted it twice

No. 1780116

Women existance gets them malding

No. 1780117

File: 1700504679034.png (124.74 KB, 630x443, screen-shot-2019-01-01-at-1140…)

So you agree? You don't have any friends?

No. 1780120

That's a scrote alright. I love how they can't even pretend when they get angry, kekk

No. 1780121

Kinda agree. I live in an arab country and Bedouin are the most hated group by non-bedouin tribes and city people who are 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. generation immigrants. Usually because they're dirty, rude and for some reason unbelievably rich and have ties with the government so they get away with murder and violence all the time.

No. 1780130

Get better material. Y'all have been using the same 3 insults since the 60s.

No. 1780132

Nta but isn't circumcision usually done to a male when he's a newborn? At least that's how they do it where I live. So it's not like his choice, more so his parents'. So they're technically victims. I understand not thinking of them as victims if they choose to do it as adults though.

No. 1780137

Not everyone is afraid of "dying alone" because some of us have actual friends and family members who enjoy our company, we don't have to go and "create" those people lol

No. 1780138

File: 1700505526179.jpg (91.44 KB, 749x1018, basedspinster.jpg)

>She will regret being childless when she's old an no one's around to take care of her and she ends up forgotten in a nursing home
Very telling that you emphasize having kids just to save your own ass when you get old. That's what a lot of people thought, until they ended up in retirement homes despite having several kids any-damn-way. Trying to nag random women into having kids is some tradthot shit, and using cats to bully women is super unoriginal.
Reposted because my retarded little fingers accidentally responded to the wrong anon.

No. 1780141

Stop replying to the friendless moid, ladies. This is probably the most excitement he'll get all week.

No. 1780142

bet he's getting off on it kek

No. 1780143

True and already reported him. A part of me was waiting for the moment to use the career woman meme though.

No. 1780146

>be full time nanny
>be full time maid
>also have to get a job
>husband cheats on you anyways
>children will abuse and use you as they grow
i genuinely see no positive outcome out of marrying and having children

No. 1780153

you're replying to a lonely, undesirable man kekk

No. 1780167

Cutcel is double fucked realizing women also think his dick is worthless.
It’s bad enough to suffer alone, forced to use lotion to beat off your desensitized cock and lament the loss of the pleasure you could be feeling if you had a foreskin, but you still had the back of your mind ‘at least women think it’s better’. Upon realizing women do not benefit from and do not like your battery acid-dipped chode, the realization that you were senselessly mutilated by your own father (and his father before him, and so on, and so on) makes you spiral into a frenzy of despair. Men in despair’s favorite coping mechanism is to lash out at women.
Nothing is going to fix your gimped cock. Life’s not fair.

No. 1780191

And on top of that, it's males who have invented and popularized circumcision into being as widespread as it was in the past, and as it still is now. Botched-dick males can't even blame women like they want to; because it's still more of their father's, their grandfather's, and their male ancestors' faults.

No. 1780213

As someone who is in a good marriage with a daughter(yay) I 110% support women choosing not to get married and have kids. The cards just aren't in women's favor when it comes to being married. Far too many scrotes are abusive, porn addicted, drug addicted, and carriers of the worst kind of victim complex. The odds you'll get a decent man is so abysmal..Men make up nearly 90% of violent crimes and 99% of rapes. Men are getting so desperate for female attention that they're running around in dresses fondling their moobs and screeching about their "period" diarrhea they got from eating tacobell. Sorry that your gender is a burden on not only women but the whole fucking planet.

No. 1780222

We do not care

No. 1780245

No. 1780278

YESSS THIS. The difference is like night and day. That's something I remember about my first love. His dick was silky, clean, smooth, and felt amazing. None of that radiation red, dry ass, cracked mushroom bullshit. My current partner, same. I don't think I can settle for less now. Circs (as opposed to silks kek) tend to be both aesthetically and sensationally displeasing.

No. 1780287

False. That's true only if the person doesn't have a good grasp on themselves and is chasing unattainable perfection. Sometimes a well done procedure makes all the difference. It's just that 90% of people overdo it and get botched because they're chasing beauty trends, not something that would suit their features personally.

No. 1780307

Idk I prefer circumcised

No. 1780310

women who think cut dick is the best and think uncut dicks are disgusting are low iq, porn addicted retards who are easily psyopped.

No. 1780316

File: 1700513209465.gif (811.23 KB, 500x365, giphy (1).gif)

I am pro surgery for adult trannies and I think it should be state funded and no therapy needed first

No. 1780317

Not true. Foreskin is just ugly, sorry

No. 1780321

never touched or seen a dick in real life.

No. 1780324

It's pretty weird to be this defensive of foreskin if you're a woman. Male moment. Men pick at and hate everything about women but the moment women say they don't like foreskin here comes the pickme dickriding brigade chimping the fuck out over circumcision

No. 1780331

The women hugely defending dicks are either male or cock breaths. Cant decide which is worse.

No. 1780334

I think everyone should be forced to undergo and investigation before they’re allowed to leave the hospital with their child and take it home

No. 1780339

Foreskin is the cutest part of the dick imo it’s like a little cozy that goes around their wet tip. It looks so cute going back and forth especially knowing it feels good for him.
Plus it just feels better. Like his cock is just this pulsating, smooth meat sleeve moving around inside you, with his foreskin/tip making gentle prods deeper in. The feeling is unmatched and I haven’t seen any product able to recreate it.
Cut dick is all friction, and the skin doesn’t glide so it’s no better and no more intimate than fucking a plastic dildo.

No. 1780342

It's totally fine to think that but if you're the same anon freaking out at the thought of women not liking foreskin you need help

No. 1780344

Probably a man. I have never seen an anon go this hard about dickcheese.

No. 1780345

It kinda makes it look more like a wrinkly earth worm tbh

No. 1780361

Exactly. Experts advice anyone who wants a nose job to go to a surgeon of their own ethnicity so the surgeon would know how to sculpt the nose to fit their ethnic features and look natural. And advice to do procedures were they open the nose from the base of tip, so the stitching afterwards isn't noticeable and fades away better.

No. 1780363

Seconded, all of this is true and also I love your description kek. Circumcision is a desservice to men and to women who like dick. Like, what is even the point of a man if his dick is broken. Everything else I can do on my own, but I can't exactly dick myself.

No. 1780364

Agree, it just looks weird. Maybe it functions better but since I don't do PIV I don't give a fuck.

No. 1780380

If you don’t give a fuck and don’t have sex with men can you just keep your opinions to yourself to cultivate a world where less heterosexual women have to endure sandpaper cock sex

No. 1780399

You need to get a grip

No. 1780406

I’d agree if it wasn’t my tax dollars funding it. The more mentally ill moids getting neutered, the better.

No. 1780419

How am I being unreasonable for not liking infant mutilation and painful sex

No. 1780424

Grip on the foreskin

No. 1780429

No. 1780443

I dont care for moids weeping about their GENITAL MUTILATION TRAUMA but I do think circumsised penises look scary and violent, and often dry, crusty, and discolored. That's why they need their natural turtlenecks to hide that shit. Unfortunately I live in America so I'll never find a male with his wizard's sleeve intact. Well I think some asian moids have their foreskin still.

No. 1780444

So move if you feel so strongly about it

No. 1780447

NTA but it's hilarious watching cutcels try to cope with their botched dicks. They use shit like "well at least I don't have smegma!", without realizing that no man will have a smegma problem if he washes his ass. Like, getting circumcised or being proud of being circumcised because you're too lazy to wash your dick is not the comeback they think it is KEK

No. 1780449

Thread getting suspicious

No. 1780450

File: 1700517627995.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.1 KB, 500x395, tumblr_mhu1gmyk0j1s4cvq7o1_500…)

this cock belongs to the same man, a guy who misguidedly decided to go for an adult circumcision. which one looks more vagina friendly? you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. there is a reason evolution made them this way. yes there are different procedures and they don't always end up as haggard as the one to the left, but sensitivity is always compromised when you decide to do surgery on someone's genitals. no 2 looks fun friendly and fuckable.

No. 1780456

What if circumcision cut a little closer to the base?

No. 1780458

Highly. I wish mods would start banning. At this point, we need to create a new thread. It's filled with moids and cockbreaths now.

No. 1780459

dicks outside of fiction are disgusting

No. 1780460

>so move
Nah I can probably find some immigrant moid

No. 1780466

are all americans moids cut? i though it was a jewish thing only

No. 1780467

funny, before this discussion even started I decided to finally pick through some pictures I mass saved from /hm/ and I deleted all the cut ones. They really do look dry and ugly, and that scar discoloration.

No. 1780468

Not all of them, but it's super shilled here.

No. 1780469

Depending on the age of the man, he's got anywhere from 85% to 64% of being circumcised. It's super common here.

No. 1780471

Even though according to Jews it's for God to identify who gets to go to Heaven, everyone circumsizes their babies because they are told that if they don't, their moid sons won't wash their dicks and they'll get smegma buildup which is partly true because moids don't wash, but the parents should be teaching their kids to wash anyway. However, because moids don't wash they don't teach their sons to wash, so it's like a catch 22. I don't know who started it. I can't imagine a jew wanting non-jews to learn the secrets to enter heaven and shill circumcision to everyone else. I think it's because baby foreskins are used in cosmetics.

No. 1780472

I feel your pain.

I primarily care about preventing circumcision for my own orgasms and dgaf about ugly, bitter men whining they have to use lube to jerk their ugly pricks.

No. 1780473

Fat guys cosplaying is so fucking ugly it needs to be illegal

No. 1780476

>I think it's because baby foreskins are used in cosmetics
??????????? Elaborate

No. 1780478

File: 1700518722137.jpeg (14.92 KB, 275x222, 1658731612879.jpeg)

>I think it's because baby foreskins are used in cosmetics.

No. 1780479

It's also a muslim thing, so if you want to avoid men with cut dicks you should avoid both jewish and muslim men.

No. 1780482

>I don't know who started it.
Wasn't it the oatmeal protestant?
>I can't imagine a jew wanting non-jews to learn the secrets to enter heaven and shill circumcision to everyone else.
Lmao gay
>I think it's because baby foreskins are used in cosmetics.

No. 1780483

Fuck, you're right, it looks gross. Earth worm one at least looks alive.
That's true.
Nta, but it's hollywood being weird, it's like an anti-aging cream for celebrities kek

No. 1780484

>I don't know who started it.
Not American but check out Dr Kellogg's wikipedia article, it's crazy. The guy wanted girls to be circumcised too, not the way it's done in African countries, but it's not a thing anymore in the US unlike male circumcision. I heard it's also often done in South Korea on baby boys because of the USA's soft power there after WW2.

No. 1780485

File: 1700518973483.jpeg (542.17 KB, 1170x1088, IMG_7853.jpeg)

It’s a popular statement on the internet but I’m having a hard time finding any actual medical recorded evidence kek? Maybe I just frequent so many magazine sites that’s all it’ll show me

No. 1780489

File: 1700519136661.png (1.91 MB, 1738x1063, Untitled.png)

No. 1780491

File: 1700519140851.jpg (44.21 KB, 275x275, 1656953454018.jpg)

Never thought I'd see baby foreskins being the key to anti-aging KEK wtf

No. 1780493

And it works, apparently. kek

No. 1780495

Not 100% sure but I think baby parts in general are good for anti-ageing because their cells are still developing (someone can correct me) and the foreskin is just one of the parts taken off the infant for some reason, so it's repurposed for rich people's faces.

No. 1780497

File: 1700519447640.jpeg (28.55 KB, 274x237, 1674082627055.jpeg)

So the baby male foreskin in anti-aging products is like the modern equivalent of those Aztecs that sacrificed babies to the gods for the health of the tribes? We sacrifice baby male foreskins for the skin of rich women?

No. 1780501

Some girls really gonna tolerate dry crusty tips, infant mutilating, painful sex, and baby skin harvesting for the elite because 1 inch of skin makes you think of a worm.

No. 1780506

Yeah I like to look at dudes jacking it once in a while when I feel a certain kind of way, but I can't stand to look at ones that are cut. It's just 100% unappealing because I know his dick has a fraction of the feelings a dick should have. Uncut dicks look so good, I love when you can see the skin moving back and forth across the head like this >>1780339 anon described in more eloquent terms

No. 1780541

I'm so sorry for being retarded but which is which…..

No. 1780543

The circumcised dick is the one that looks like a sun-dried worm. The uncircumcised dick is the one that still looks like a worm but is at least alive.

No. 1780547

or more so to larp as an edgy man hating radfem but that's a truly unpopular opinion

No. 1780549

Doesn't foreskin look like a mushroom head? Can you tell me in terms of picture direction? Right or left image? Because from what I know, cut is right, uncut is left. Or have I been misinformed?

No. 1780550

Circumcised is left, uncircumcised is right.

No. 1780551

why are you pretending you need help with this, it literally says "cut" on one side of the picture and "uncut" on the other side. jesus christ.

No. 1780552

Nta. Dick to the left is circumcised. Cut cock tends to get the mushroom appearance as it crusts over. In the image to the right, you can literally see the foreskin covering most of his dickhead.

No. 1780555

That's one ugly dick, before and after. Can someone show the exit door to the "activist", saving scrotes from having dry dicks? PIV sex brings absolutely nothing to women. Men getting less out of it is great.

No. 1780559


No. 1780563

I am a radfem and if there was some way to compare radfem power levels with most people in this thread I would be highly ranked. It’s not radically feminist to support circumcision for all the reasons listed above.
Radfems who support circumcision are schoolyard-level man haters.

No. 1780564


No. 1780565

shit its so over, the CEO of radfeminism is here to radfemsplain us radfeminism

No. 1780566

I am vindicated in my belief that women who support circumcision are dreadfully uninformed on the subject to the point where they literally visually cannot tell the difference, despite their preferences being based on “aesthetics”.

No. 1780567

I'm also a foreskin fan

No. 1780568

sometimes i feel insane for thinking penises look nice. the left one looks miserable though

No. 1780569

>preferring uncut cock is radically feminist akshually
holy shit the baiting is out of control lately

No. 1780570

I hate men too but you have a child’s understanding of misandry if you think circumcision has done anything good for women or sex relations.

No. 1780572

that wasn't her point dummy

No. 1780573

This thing looks ugly, nonna. Uncircumsised ot not.
No one really supports it here, i think most just don't care that much. You've just assumed it because we didn't like how it looks, mrs high level radfem nonna

No. 1780574

Men are so pathetic they have to larp here to feel somethin

No. 1780578

dw, the foreskin one looks great to me too
Baby genital mutilation is fucked.
I dont want kids to be brainwashed into cutting their cock off because they think theyre girls, so I also dont want baby genital's cut either.
It infuriates me that circumcision is still done and seen as not a big deal

No. 1780580

Dunno how it’s a based feminist take to wish to subject heterosexual women to painful intercourse.
Not everyone is going to be a political lesbian and that doesn’t mean they deserve unnecessary vaginal trauma.

No. 1780584

well unlike you I'm not looking at a baby and wondering what it's cock is gonna feel like when it's all grown up but as my main concern but ok definitely-female-and-not-a-scrote radfem queen

No. 1780585

Everyone should be anti genital mutilation by default, its horrific and causes lasting trauma to the baby.

No. 1780586

and American christians

No. 1780588

You’re insane.

No. 1780589

No it doesn’t are we seriously acting like moids are emotionally hurt by getting circumcised?

No. 1780591

Don’t men have to get circumcised because they aren’t capable of cleaning their dicks

No. 1780592

I’m not insane I’m just irritated a gay pedo tranny is flooding the thread with his uncut baby dick bullshit

No. 1780594

Why can’t angry radfems understand no one here gives a shit about incels whining about not getting better dick tingles? Women don’t like circumcision because it involves subjecting infants to unnecessary surgeries and adult heterosexual women to painful intercourse.

No. 1780595

Nobody cares. Scream crying about babies dicks like this makes you sound like a crazy boymom and this isn’t really the board for that

No. 1780596

You have to be a troll lol.
It causes babies not to bond with their parents, lower attachment security and lower emotional stability, emotional lethargy and inappropriate anger.
It gives babies PTSD from the trauma.
If you're not trolling you're genuinely retarded. You have to be trolling.

No. 1780599

Not an argument

No. 1780600

Idc about how it looks (they're all ugly anyway why does it matter) but it unnerves me that it's normalized for doctors to do a totally unnecessary procedure, often without asking or by coercing the mother who's worn out from childbirth. I'm really distrustful of the medical industry and especially hospital childbirth procedures in general and if they know they can get away with random nonsense on males, they'll KNOW that they can do messed up stuff to females, and they do.
Apparently there's an organization called Foregen that is trying to find a way to reverse it, found out from a moid friend who is mildly interested in the idea.

No. 1780602

Cause it’s not an argument it’s a statement. You sound weird. Go to some anti circumcision forum cause no one here gives a shit or thinks about any of these things

No. 1780603

Even down to a body autonomy level, dont fuck with peoples bodies unless they can consent to it

No. 1780604

Circumcision doesn’t cause painful sex. you sound like a cut male coping when the reality is his gf doesn’t wanna fuck him because he’s bad at sex

No. 1780605

I sound like a crazy boymom for being against babies having their genitals surgically altered but you definitely don’t sound like a psycho for wanting it to happen.
Is being against FGM also a sign of a pedophilic fixation to you?

No. 1780608

FGM isn’t the same as circumcision. Circumcision exists because boys are incapable of washing their foreskin, FGM is legitimate abuse. You can’t really conflate these two to each other. That just destroyed your whole argument kek…

No. 1780609

File: 1700524893145.png (53.76 KB, 607x428, 1699681334488.png)

Oh anon Sama I know, circumcision so horrible. Women would never understand the pain men endure.

No. 1780610

Its bizarre.
I'm curious on their opinion of abortion or female issues similar to this.
There isnt really any equivalent in the first world to circumcision for women.

No. 1780611

She didn't say she deliberately wants it to happen though?

No. 1780613

Moids don’t give a shit that their chapped cocks hurt women. In fact they love causing women pain and jackhammering their numb cocks into women.

No. 1780616

Circumcision in infants has nothing to do with not washing their penises in first world countries.
Its religious or just retarded "His daddy is circumcised so he godda be too!" mindset.
There is 0 reason outside of actual medical reasons to mutilate genitals.
If the adult wants it done then whatever idc, but leave infants alone.
Its weird you cant understand that its awful, is it because its men?

No. 1780618

Having to get an abortion because you can’t afford to care for a child or simply don’t have the mental capacity to parent a child isn’t the same as someone’s parents getting them circumcised after being born
I don’t particularly care about circumcision I just think this whole conversation is going in circles and it’s a topic no one here is really affected by, so why is it even brought up?

No. 1780622

Taking the choice away from someone is what I'm talking about.
You should get to choose what happens to your own body, and that goes for circumcision as well.

No. 1780624

>circumcision is as bad as victims of incest being incapable of getting an abortion
Are you done giving this guy what he wants now

No. 1780625

I’m mad my bf was cut and spontaneous sex with him isn’t very enjoyable, there has to be a lot of prep done. Last time we fucked I had to go to the doctor because the friction caused me an injury and I had to take antibiotics.

No. 1780626

I am pro abortion and anti circumcision because both of those people should be allowed the choice to make.
I dont understand why its hard for you to get.
Who mentioned incset? Are you ok?

No. 1780630

Yeah, i'm done personally kek

>friction caused me an injury because he didn't have enough of skin


No. 1780631

How is a less than 1/4 inch flap of skin getting chopped off going to make a dick stiffer or worse to have sex with. Chances are it’s your nigel being too fucking aggressive kek oh my lord girls

No. 1780632

Why is that funny?

No. 1780634

Foreskin gives natural glide, it keeps moisture during sex.
Lack of foreskin chaffs and dries up faster.

No. 1780635


No. 1780637

Foreskin doesn’t trap in moisture during sex. Did you get sex education from reddit?

No. 1780638

>hurrdurr sex outside of PIV doesn't exist
Ok. Also, retarded question alert, does foreskin even make a difference if the guy is wearing a condom?

No. 1780639

The skin rolling back and forth keeps the moisture better than no foreskin

No. 1780640

Makes it harder to put the condom on in my experience, but outside of that not that I've noticed. Condoms chafe me though no matter how much lube I put on which sucks

No. 1780641

File: 1700525876470.jpeg (51.98 KB, 640x426, IMG_0960.jpeg)

I cannot believe you bitches are STILL arguing about baby dicks

No. 1780642

Foreskin doesn’t affect it at all because when a penis is fully erect the foreskin stays around the sides, it doesn’t cover the top of the penis the same way it does when soft. You haven’t had sex before have you.

No. 1780643

“Radfems” mocking and defending traumatic sex and injury because they hate heterosexual women that much.

No. 1780644

And it’s not even baby dicks anymore, this niggas trying to claim that being circumcised gives you sandpaper dick? The fuck even is that?

No. 1780645

Genital mutilation is worth arguing against
Foreskin moves around during sex, depending on how much foreskin yes it can go up over the knob.
I've had sex with cut and uncut, I've given handjobs and have seen how foreskin physics works.
Its weird

No. 1780646

>cut cocks are totally just as good if not better than uncut ones girls
Yeah ok you’re a man and a cutcel.

No. 1780647

Literally in this picture you can see the foreskin up over an erect cock lol

No. 1780649

None of us care because this isn’t a some facebook mommy anti-circumcision group and if you received an injury from having sex with your nigel it’s more likely because he was being too aggressive.

No. 1780650

>you’re black? must be a man
Uh…wow kek

No. 1780652

You're incapable of recognising that what that nonna said could be true lmao

No. 1780655

It’s not true though, foreskin or no foreskin isn’t going to dry you out immediately. If having sex with your male dries you up then that’s a you problem, not a circumcision problem

No. 1780656

Being a hetero seems exhausting. I cant believe we have an image board for women and all they want to talk about is this.

No. 1780658

Friction is the issue, foreskin has less friction so it doesn't dry up as easily

No. 1780660

White jewish men love saying "nigga". Stop trying to twist things to drag black women into your cock fight and bash them, cutcel tranny.(report males, don't respond)

No. 1780661

Report and ignore him, this isn’t a penis discussion thread

No. 1780662

My unpopular opinion is that iced coffee is better than hot coffee, even in cold weather.

No. 1780664

…what? Is it not crossing your mind that none of the other women itt want to talk about your stupid foreskin obsession? Go to a therapist why don’t you

No. 1780665

Starbucks Refresher>Starbucks Coffee

No. 1780667

I miss the mango black tea lemonade

No. 1780670

Sounds alot like you're trying to police what women talk about.. moid trait(bait)

No. 1780671

Truly a shame they discontinued it.

No. 1780672

File: 1700526781086.jpg (25.89 KB, 611x344, Mango Black Tea Lemonade.jpg)

Disagree. Tastes gross and somehow more bitter, i don't know why. Hot coffee with milk is the best way to go.
Damn, nonna,i never knew about its existence, but now i want to try it so bad.

No. 1780673

I've never had a Starbucks before. It's only popular in major cities where I'm from

No. 1780674

I wasn't even part of the discussion. I'm just telling you to stop pretending to be black and trying (and failing) to "omg uh questioning me, wow racist much?? /teeheeimsuchagirl" for the sake of your literal dick argument. Get the fuck out already, we do not care.

No. 1780675

It was so good. Summer 2016 it had me in a chokehold

No. 1780676

Are you good

No. 1780677

Agreed. Comfy warm drinks >>>>

No. 1780678

Discussion is fine but the amount of times this devolves into infighting in this thread is unacceptable. We are going to be handing out much longer bans than normal to posts in this thread who infight or respond to/post bait. Also, stop accusing everyone you disagree with of being a male or a tranny. Women can have shit takes as well.

No. 1780680

I love iced oatmilk lattes. Those are my comfort drinks. or even iced coffee with caramel and a little oatmilk. That's all i drank when i visited florida. Joffrey's coffee is also better than Starbucks.

No. 1780681

Can we have funposting back please

No. 1780682

File: 1700527025341.jpg (105.47 KB, 734x416, male suicide.jpg)

A reminder

No. 1780685

And that fact is a good thing.

No. 1780686

File: 1700527124178.gif (604.9 KB, 400x219, IMG_7864.gif)

No. 1780687

Proof that even though men live life on easy mode, they still want to commit suicide. Losers. Weak af

No. 1780689

Please ban me I need to get up and do stuff but I'm too lazy(go do stuff)

No. 1780690

File: 1700527274376.jpeg (159.58 KB, 900x896, IMG_2966.jpeg)

No. 1780694

whenever i see this fucker i get nauseating flashbacks. iykyk

No. 1780699

I miss her so fucking much

No. 1780700

same. I think about her all the time when i'm on this website. no other cow fucking compares, what's the point of it all.

No. 1780701

Gone but not forgotten

No. 1780703

Was there a cow who had a bob now I’m intrigued

No. 1780705

hahahaha. haha. No, there was a cow who once wrote a fanfic about that guy feeding someone (or eating?? I forget) his poop in a fancy hotel room in excruciating detail, and also had a radiation poisoning fetish.

No. 1780709

She's still out there somewhere

No. 1780711

Wow. Sounds fantastical

No. 1780712

I want to know what she's doing now so bad. The only explanation for her disappearing is that she… became normal, right? It's hard to imagine

No. 1780714

She could’ve. Good for her, if that’s the case.

No. 1780726

File: 1700528944093.png (645.04 KB, 613x1024, 1698209473701624.png)


No. 1780748

Agreed it's superior in every way and now I miss one of my ex-bfs thanks to this thread. His natural lube ability was top tier.

No. 1780799

finally some good news

No. 1780820

I genuinely don't know because I'm a virgin and I don't watch porn.

No. 1780833

Nta but that's horrible to hear. Makes sense though since the baby would think his parents hurt him on purpose because they hate him or something so he ends up resentful and acting out. And being unnecessarily angry seems to carry out through their growth since American moids are always angry and violent and punching walls.

No. 1780851

I think men shouldn’t get to feel pleasure during sex.

No. 1780852

So true

No. 1780908

You're saying this on a website full of dick serving bitches (on the other hand what's the psychology behind hetero women being so monstrous and capable to doing the most humiliating, degrading acts? I assume it would affect you psychology to humiliate yourself like this regularly and do retarded movements with your hand or head on dick like a fucking slave forale pleasure, literally what the fuck is the psychological side of this) they literally get off to male pleasure and are obsessed with it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1780931

I don’t understand why white people having braids is so bad, I mean yeah it’s bad for their hair but so is bleaching your hair? It’s just a weirdly gatekept thing, I don’t get why it’s so openly mocked too

No. 1780946

I don’t find neotenous faces attractive on men or women and I don’t get the obsession with it. Faces I find beautiful have angularity and structure, I don’t get the modern day obsession with looking as rounded as possible.

No. 1781061

Not to sound like a Boomer but I can't stand the shit tier work ethic of Gen Z. Panic attacks galore, can't be bothered to answer the damn phone because who knows, rolling eyes and acting as if you're the problem for asking for extra sauce or something, acting annoyed and pissy, asking for days off to play yugioh or some shit. and then since these faggots made such a bad name for gen z the actual good gen z need to jump through hoops to appease employers

No. 1781063

No I agree with this. I don't even mind mild neoteny. I remember a few girls were crushing on this male co-worker with a literal baby face, like he looks like a 12 yr old but tall. I just couldn't see it, unless I developed an extremely intense emotional connection I'd feel hella creepy doing anything sexual with him. same with neoteny women especially with a FLAT chest (not porn flat, like actually flat)

No. 1781079

I agree, I prefer elegant and womanly features for women and more masculine features for men, I can’t feel attraction to people with youthful neotenous faces, although I don’t think they’re ugly or anything

No. 1781090

People constantly bringing up zoomers is annoying as hell, especially when they have nothing to do with the conversation at hand.

No. 1781091

File: 1700556090277.jpg (768.44 KB, 2880x2880, 20231121_034123.jpg)

what is the deal with the phone, I'm a zoomer and I have a friend who can't stand needing to call someone who isn't family/a friend and idgi. Once some scam was draining money from her bank account every month and she just lived with it for like a year instead of calling the bank like I said. Sometimes I'll offer to call someone for her or talk about ME needing to call someone and she gets secondhand cringe from it.
I agree that getting calls when a text/email would do the trick is annoying, but I don't get why it's like a phobia. The weird thing is that she and many other people like this are even confident and outgoing in regular life but just freeze up when confronted with a phone?

No. 1781093

Maybe racebait but Scandinavia is the land of false modesty. The entire region is "oh yeah, cheap bike, it only cost me $2,000".

I remember growing up and on rotation, every two years, hearing a big spectacle story on the news about "the wonders of Denmark". And then some middle aged woman would just sit there smugly in front of the camera and just go on about how "we don't compare ourselves to other people", and then the rest of the news story would be a blitz of statistics being rolled out comparing their country to others, showcasing of course they're better, and then one smug hit at the States with their private healthcare system. This legit went on for at least ten years, and is probably still going on (I don't watch the news, my mum used to, so I don't know).

But also just the tourists from that region all carry a smug aura of "we're better than everyone else". They're disproportionately the begpackers that come here and pile into our soup kitchens and take free meals, and collect our welfare, all the while passing it off as some bohemian thing.

No. 1781105

scandinavia is big tho, a person from denmark isn't going to be acting the same or have the same values as someone from northen sweden or norway. personally i never equate tourists to the average person of a country, tourists are a billion times more likely to be rich assholes who can afford to travel. i don't think your average russian is that big of a piece of shit (not talking about their shit leaders) but i saw some russians in a museum literally kick the fucking exhibition pieces with their dirty shoes

besides, saying "they complained about the US healthcare system" seems incredibly benign considering I see and hear americans themselves complain about it almost on the daily

No. 1781113

My ex was eastern european but lived in Sweden for a few years and he said northern europeans have a weird fake modesty thing going on. The way they speak about other countries sometimes is really condescending but they try to pass it off as pity. It's hard to explain but the best way I can describe it is that they try to emphasize how your country is not as good as theirs but try to make you feel bad about it at the same time. If you know you know. Obviously not everyone is this way.

No. 1781114

I'm from one of those countries and have been saying this for years. People in my country love to talk about Janteloven, we don't brag because we're so modest uwu but people here love humblebragging and have it down to an art. I find it hypocritical that they say things like that and then continue to act like they're better than everyone else.
>and then one smug hit at the States with their private healthcare system
Every ten minutes some retard from my country posts their healthcare bill on Reddit to brag how good we have it. I find it extremely tacky and cruel. do these people think Americans like not having good healthcare? Do they think an American politician will see their post on the internet and go
>Oh my gosh you're right, we're such silly little idiots! Thank you king you're sooo smart
and give Americans free healthcare? It feels a bit like getting a big meal and going to a poor Russian village to eat it to ~raise awareness~, just to remind the poors how much worse they have it in case they forgot.
>But also just the tourists from that region all carry a smug aura of "we're better than everyone else"
Many people don't think they're better, but some genuinely do and all the news about how perfect their countries are is giving them a big head.
We also have a massive racism problem that nobody wants to talk about; that is rooted in this very thing. Many people here think they're just naturally better than everyone because they were born here and they will never say it out loud but they genuinely think poor countries should just stop being poor and it's their own fault for not having X, Y and Z because they're not as smart as us.

>besides, saying "they complained about the US healthcare system" seems incredibly benign considering I see and hear americans themselves complain about it almost on the daily
Someone complaining about their own country that they live in is different from an internet rando who has never grown up there making digs at it for no reason other than ego.

No. 1781125

I think that's why it irks me, these are always normies who are obsessed with themselves and their status. they can't call because they can't sound perfect all the time and that's cringe and yucky. not really uwu social anxiety

No. 1781133

Eastern Euros are treated like shit in Western and Nordic countries because it's not racism so it's allowed. It gets worse if you're Romani, then they hit you with nightmare mode level 9 racism. A Canadian made Tiktoks about this, talking with a fake Slavic accent and then his own and comparing how differently he was treated.

No. 1781167

I feel like the terms feminism/feminist are borderline meaningless nowadays and possibly even detrimental to discussion. People frequently either use it as a strawman for whatever they don't like or call anything they do like feminist. E.g., there's those "trad" larpers who will say that ugly cartoons are because of "feminism" or those consoomer women who will say that buying $1000 worth of makeup is "feminism".
Plus the term frequently gets used to rebrand ideas that are actively harmful to women, like pushing young women into prostitution or giving men access to women's spaces.
When I was younger I did the nlog "I am NOT a feminist!!" spiel because my perception of it was that feminism was a collection of random retarded concepts, and reasonably didn't want to be part of that. I see a lot of people being reactionary against "feminism" but it's specifically the sex positive or troon supporting parts they hate, and they just think that's all feminism is about. It's confusing because everyone just picks and chooses contradictory ideas. I get that feminism has a real meaning that's just advocating for women's rights and sex-based equality, but it feels like that unfortunately got drowned out in all the noise and misusage and the term has become more confusing than useful. Just saying "feminist" doesn't tell me anything now; both someone who is staunchly anti-porn and someone who thinks kink is empowerment can and do self-describe what they believe as feminist. You'd have to specify what you mean, only for a bunch of people to come crawling out of the woodwork to insist that you're not really feminist in the right way.

No. 1781172

I kind of get it because I used to be like that when I was younger, but I got over it pretty quickly. It's just people who have difficulty talking with strangers in general and maybe their parents scheduled all their appointments for them until they moved out so they never got the practice

No. 1781183

sounds like a skill issue, it's your own fault you can't be bothered to read up on feminism, its movements and ideas etc. if you only consoom random youtube/buzzfeed/twitter/tumblr/tiktok takes by retards and minors that don't know anything about what they're discussing, ofc you're bound to find it meaningless and nonsensical.

No. 1781189

I don't think feminism (the actual concept) is nonsensical or meaningless, I'm referring to the word itself. It's a very important idea but it's getting harder to express without someone else diluting the meaning of what you're getting at.
sadly as someone currently attending university, those online takes are frequently the real life takes that people have as well

No. 1781199

You missed her point by a mile

No. 1781215

autists/neurodivergents/etc suck. They’re awful people. They think normies are the annoying ones but no it’s actually them. Christ

No. 1781216

Junji Ito is overrated still enjoy his stuff but he always disappoints with his lack of story writing skills

No. 1781222

The other day my parents were watching a travel vlogger and he was visiting some Scandinavian country, I don't remember which. And he was talking about and interviewing locals about how they have a culture of being modest and shit and even have a special word for it. But it just came off as such a red flag? Who the fuck says "oh yeah, I'm very modest"? It's on the same level as saying you're such an empath.

No. 1781223

You guys say this shit so often is not even unpopular anymore, eh

No. 1781233

Who do you like better?

No. 1781236

I legit have anxiety over phone calls and it's ruined my life. I can't help that my lizard brain gets triggered and shoots me up with so much adrenaline I get twitchy and sick to my stomach.

No. 1781238

I have 6 books or so of his.
I have to agree, the plots arent great.
I like the drawings though

No. 1781242

No I didn't? She said her ex was an Eastern Euro who lived in Sweden, and said they were really condescending to him but passed it off as pity. I'm saying that it's because he's Eastern European, who are seen as less than in most Western and Nordic countries. Read the original post.

No. 1781244

This is such an easily googleable thing but I’ll bite cuz I’m feeling generous. the thing is white women (honestly all
Nonblack women tbh) don’t listen to black women we don’t gaf that you wear braids we gaf that once you do it’s bastardized, not respected and then discarded as a fad when it has cultural significance. Black women have been saying this for literally a decade now and y’all don’t listen to reason. Forget the historical and ongoing fact that we are discriminated against for our hair when we try to wear Afrocentric styles which is why we opt for straighter hair because it’s less of a headache to have to explain. Not to mention that every time a white woman I’ve seen online wears her hair in box braids or black hair styles she is 10/10 mocking black women and or condescending to us. Or waxing poetic about how the evil jezebel black women are mocking her for her hair uwu. Black women don’t even ask for a lot and y’all can’t even respect us enough to not do something that was literally not meant for you. If you not gonna listen to reason we gonna mock you openly about it and laugh when you gain traction alopecia trying to antagonize black women. Why is it y’all can respect and know the history of Japanese culture but when it comes to black American culture you act willfully obtuse!?

No. 1781259

You guys also don’t just wear the hairstyle and keep it cute you have to adopt a whole minstrel act to go along with it. It’s off putting and uncanny to witness. And again this isn’t meant for just white girls all of you nonblack girls do this and it’s bizarre! You guys adopt the stereotypical traits of black women and then proceed to be in community with our men while being in a weird beef with us. Like the misogynoir always jumps out. Almost every wigger hates black women but cosplays as us the most! It’s WEIRD fan behavior imo lol

No. 1781272

>Almost every wigger hates black women but cosplays as us the most!
What is up with that? Like, if you're going to appropriate a culture, how are you going to hate 50% of its people? Those girls just need to be themselves, it's not like their boyfriend is going to suddenly dump them. He knows what he's dating.

No. 1781292

It looks ugly as fuck on them

No. 1781295

File: 1700575584118.png (346.55 KB, 512x382, Swe king and queen being obnox…)

Neither of you are wrong,you've definitely identified a very common cultural attitude. But it's not really a unique thing to scandis this "false modesty" or some advanced form of covert bigotry, it's more a subdued form of regular patriotism and having cultures of (attempted) moral modesty.

Literally every country suffers from it, it's part of being human to have tribalistic tendencies. I think you'll agree that there are many other nations that are far more overt in their egotism, many of which also actively try to subjugate those they consider "lesser" nations like China in africa and towards Taiwan, NK…against the world, and USA in the middle east etc

I suppose I as an obnoxious swede could "pull a Canadian" and apologise on behalf of all of us scandis; We're veeery sorry we aren't above human vanity. We'll try to reflect more on our egotism. Although, wouldn't that just increase the level of false modesty that annoyed you to begin with? kekekeke And lets be real, if one of your biggest annoyances are a bunch of scandies being obnoxious you have it pretty good.

No. 1781301

File: 1700575792509.jpg (138.01 KB, 980x980, gordon-ramsay-646367718a5f4.jp…)

Picrel and other veteran celeb chefs sold out.
I'm seeing his frozen meals at Wal Mart now.

No. 1781304

>Gordan Ramsey selling frozen food
>Gordan Ramsey
>frozen food
That feels really off kek

No. 1781305

oppression olympics

No. 1781312

i don't get the appeal of him or most other celeb chefs honestly, their recipes are usually absurd or unrealistic to actually make at home and it's embarrassing how often they botch simple foreign dishes when they try to branch out. I get that it's meant for entertainment and not education but idk it's not my thing and I feel like his gimmick is overhyped and just boils down to "angry swearing man funny"
I'd rather hear cooking tips from some older lady running a little blog any day

No. 1781318

No way. Pretty people look great in everything, ugly people look ugly in most things.

No. 1781323

There is nothing wrong with older women dating younger guys as long as they are 18+

No. 1781336

File: 1700577242652.jpeg (132.63 KB, 686x386, D6CC0B8F-2CCE-4777-895D-70DDEA…)


No. 1781340

It’s also kind of different because of male socialization young boys are very hard for older women to control. Good luck trying to run a young man’s life they way older men run young women….he would just call you an old bitch and then go get a dui with your car.

No. 1781357

Whenever someone is being particularly snobbish and smug online about being euro, I always assume they are Swedish.

No. 1781358

That really isn't her colour

No. 1781360

I agree. sad to see that people get so weirdly heated over this. as to the people saying "iTs So EaSy To GoOgLe" … ugh don't start me

No. 1781361

that's why you gotta beat them into submission

No. 1781362

People who force themselves to be friends with people outside of their demographic just to seem mature are making themselves miserable for no reason. If you’re rich don’t bother trying to be friends with rich people or if your ugly don’t bother trying to be friends with hot girls. There are so many people who force themselves to be friends with people who make them feel insecure to seem “mature”. I’d never do that.

No. 1781365

He’s going to murder you or cheat before that happens. Also young men don’t idolize older women like society idolizes older men. Young men just see old women the same as women their age if they’re dating one.

No. 1781367

File: 1700578774644.jpeg (27.89 KB, 359x455, IMG_1442.jpeg)

Women aren’t as funny as men. BUT this isn’t because of biology or whatever. It’s because women aren’t allowed to be even a little bit silly.

No. 1781374

That's an interesting take on why one may think women aren't as funny.

No. 1781376

I wouldn’t mind wigger women if they appreciated black women but they don’t they just go around calling us ugly and trying to attack us like everyone else. You never see weeaboo girls shitting on Japanese women because they appreciate their culture snd them. The only reason white women want braids and shit is so they can look more appealing for black men and then have mixed kids they call nigger everyday.(race sperging)

No. 1781381

File: 1700579395120.png (1.11 MB, 1351x758, charal.png)

i used to watch a female youtuber that was fucking hilarious, but she started developping a leftleaning handmaiden audience and started to censor herself to appeal to them. Eventually she lost the spark and stopped making videos altogether. I miss her at her peak.

No. 1781383

File: 1700579434073.png (895.5 KB, 1392x1025, Logic_-_Between_the_Sheets.png)

>The only reason white women want braids and shit is so they can look more appealing for black men and then have mixed kids they call nigger everyday.
I only found out that was a thing when this dude wouldn't shut up about it.

No. 1781388

I now a wigger with a half black daughter and she calls her a nigger and says racial slurs to her casually

No. 1781393

It’s literally beaten out of little girls (as well as creativity or individuality in general). Like there are so many more social penalties for being ‘cringe’ or outgoing it’s understandable so many of them are too scared of social death to even try. Add that to how a lot of women are scared of offending people (not exactly unreasonable) and their humor and self expression becomes stunted. You can’t be funny if you’re constantly worried someone might take it the wrong way. I hate how unnatural it is.

No. 1781396

>no respect for black people
>have sex with black people
>have a half-black child
I will never understand the logic of that. Why do people do that?

No. 1781398

Nta but it's strange how common it seems for this to be. There's a biracial singer who said she used to think her name was nigger cause that's all her mom called her. before someone gets mad at me, I'm not saying all white mothers of biracial children are evil and racist

No. 1781399

You don’t have to respect someone to fuck. Men fuck women all the time that they don’t respect or like.

No. 1781404

Unhinged women are funny I'll agree on that. Tokyo Toni proves it well

No. 1781409

That's true. There are men who hate their wives but stay with them just because they think the relationship "fun".

No. 1781418

you are not living in the real world. like i know you're joking but it's obvious that there's a bit of truth for you in there. idgaf about the hypothetical moid or am i in any way defending him but things are not that simple

No. 1781419

Remembering this video that got viral on instagram and paris milan talking about this exact problem. Its always the moids fault for choosing a preference that would never align with him in the first place though

No. 1781420

NTA but I agree with. A man can make an off the cuff comment and everyone assumes he's joking, while a woman makes the same joke and all the men take her at face value. It's because the idea of a woman making a joke is so foreign to men that they take everything we say at face value.
What the fuck, that's a thing? I always figured white women who only dated black men did so because they hero worshiped the culture. Why would you only date one ethnicity and then say the most derogatory things about anyone from that ethnicity? Why would you date and have children with someone you hate?

No. 1781426

>Why would you date and have children with someone you hate?
I take it they don't respect them, but think the other person is fun or useful enough to fool around with.

No. 1781430

White women like black men for the same reasons white men like Asian women. They see black men as aggressive big dicked apes who they look cute and tiny next to. Also if they’re a girl who isn’t really special looking she can get clout by being compared to black women.

No. 1781442

Since many of these "preferences" are throwbacks that no respectable man in their own community would ever want, they associate with black men who they know will gas them up by telling them how much superior they are to black women because those men are self-hating and worship whiteness. Because these "preferences" already see black people as inferior to them, they attempt to "outdo" black women by carrying out stereotypes of what they view as being black. In the end, they eventually realize they ended up with the same black man.

No. 1781446

I'm silly and funny

No. 1781495

No. 1781516

This sounds like a cope for having no friends lol.

No. 1781526

What is your demographic? Are you poor or rich, ugly or hot, etc.

No. 1781529

I have friends I just hangout with people like me
Poor and average looking

No. 1781532

Thank you, this smug bullshit enrages me. I usually try to cope by reminding myself that I live in California, where we have actual fresh produce, and it's like 10 degrees Celsius in "winter", kek

No. 1781536

Women and men have differently types of humor. Women are fine, but people worship men even though all they do is degrade women and other races. men are truly unfunny

No. 1781538

what do you consider ''women humor'' then?

No. 1781540

>then one smug hit at the States with their private healthcare system
This is unrelated, but recently I've been seeing people from other countries be like "umm, actually our healthcare sucks! Why would you silly Americans think we have good healthcare??!!!???". I never understand it because like, you guys are the ones who made us think everybody else had good healthcare kekk

No. 1781541

Middle class and hot. Maybe that’s why I’m able to be friends with people that aren’t like me. Sounds like a skill issue on your end.

No. 1781542

Honestly, just memes and parodies. I love parody humor

No. 1781543

I don’t think that’s true at all. People have different types of humor, I’ve met women with a South Parl sense of humor and men with extremely milquetoast Reddit humor. I went to an all girls school so I saw the whole spectrum.

No. 1781549

If you care about your friends and don’t wanna put them in awkward situations you’d hang around other hot ppl only

No. 1781550

>I think you'll agree that there are many other nations that are far more overt in their egotism, many of which also actively try to subjugate those they consider "lesser" nations like China in africa and towards Taiwan, NK…against the world, and USA in the middle east etc
I won't agree, no, and you're just proving those anons right. I'm pretty sure Chinese people don't flex with their healthcare on the internet just to dunk on sick Americans. And Americans themselves often apologize for some of their own acting nasty. Being unapologetically smug and thinking you're better than everyone definitely isn't a universal experience, I don't know what you're even talking about. A lot of countries like to make fun of their own culture and don't mind being criticized, unlike Scandis who have a meltdown if anyone has anything less than praise for them for how brilliant and amazing they are. Case in point, you and the other anon upthread.

No. 1781554

This. The problem is so many people see moids as the default 'funny gender' which makes zero sense to me. Women have all types of humor as well.

No. 1781558

You’re right, I shouldn’t be friends with people with abysmally low self-esteem like you.

No. 1781563

Well I think in general men are more uninhibited, more likely to take risks, less worried about offending people and less scared of being ostracized which helps with making jokes.

No. 1781566

the worst kind of humor, dont call that female humor please

No. 1781568

Usually when hotter or richer friends see their less fortunate friends struggling they can’t really notice it or relate. Like when my rich friends would plan random shopping trips or brunches as if I’m not broke or when hot friends give dumb advice like “who cares if you’ve never spoken to that guy before? omg just text your crush a silly emoji to get his attention!”. They don’t understand my situation and dealing with their naivety becomes annoying. Most people tolerate it because they think putting themselves in harder situations makes them more mature.

No. 1781571

And why do you think that is? It cant be because male are held at much lower standards and are far less criticized than women? So many male comedians make the same self deprecating of female mocking jokes. It's boring

No. 1781572

People are allowed to like different things, anon

No. 1781578

yeah but dont call it female humor, its shameful

No. 1781585

I know so many women who are funny as shit. Although, a lot of them will lose their personality as soon as moids are around. It’s not their fault though, it’s survival. And really who wants to be autistically well akshullied by men because they can’t just let themselves laugh at a woman’s joke.

No. 1781586

Well nothing I said contradicts that? I didn’t say it was right or fair or that women aren’t held to a higher standard for everything. Just that when you aren’t immediately excluded or accused of ‘trying too hard’ it’s easier to make jokes naturally.

No. 1781589

There’s nothing I hate more than a group of women letting loose and actually enjoying themselves, shooting the shit, then in comes a moid and they all start acting stiff and unnatural.

No. 1781622

Sort of the same idea as you, but ime women are less likely to crack jokes in person than men are because joking around inherently comes with social risk and women are far more punished for social risks than men are. If your joke falls flat in a social setting, you're much more likely to be viewed as weird and obnoxious for even attempting the joke if you're a woman. Plus if you as a woman try to be funny, if you fail, you suddenly become an example of the scrote testament "women aren't funny", or hell even if you are funny they'll specifically argue you aren't because they want to keep believing men have some monopoly on humor. There was literally some study where they had people making up funny captions for things and had others rate how funny they were, and the same captions that were made by women and rated highly when the caption writer was anonymous, got rated significantly lower when the name of who wrote it was disclosed. Also the tendency of people to be blind, willfully or not, to women's attempts to make jokes. A lot of times when a woman says or does something stupid and silly it doesn't get recognized as a joke and she's just called stupid. In particular I'm reminded of the time reddit was hating on some video of a woman eating spaghetti or something while parachuting, calling her an idiot and attention whore, but you just know if that had been a man, they would have just laughed and called him a based madlad or something. However, I think women are clearly very funny in a lot of instances online when they're anonymous/semi anonymous. Fucktons of big iconic funny tweets and tumblr posts are from women, not to mention that in any sort of fandom with women in it, if you see a funny fancomic where the punchline isn't just some coom shit, there's a 90% chance it was drawn by a woman. Men on the internet get vastly more likely to make "jokes" that's just coom or edgy "jokes" that are actually just statements of his personal beliefs that he doesn't want to get crucified for

No. 1781627

>women are far more punished for social risk than men are
That’s the crux of it

No. 1781628

No you saw how other countries are doing thanks to globalisation and decided your own system was trash lol

No. 1781640

We don't even care enough about other countries for this to be true.

No. 1781651

So unbased. They need to just pretend the man isnt there and fucking ignore him. Men would never do the same for women

No. 1781658

File: 1700587984208.png (12.58 KB, 500x384, scza3.png)

>You never see weeaboo girls shitting on Japanese women because they appreciate their culture snd them.
I've actually seen that. There are tons of insecure weebs who say Asian women are ugly or "all look the same" while obsessively copying their every move and wanting an Asian bfs, but I agree it's not to the same extent that women who copy black women get off on bashing them. In both cases, those types are typically just doing it out of jealousy, and to try and ingratiate themselves to the misogynistic males of that group. What those women don't get is that the type of men that sort of behavior attracts don't actually respect or worship them, in spite of what they say to manipulate. They just want a shiny new toy to use for sex (and to get free attention with), domestically abuse, and then discard when things gets stale, sometimes with an unwanted child. Sometimes, the men even leech money off them or their parents until they're dry. I kind of feel bad for them, but they're usually so hateful to other women and abusive (or neglectful) to any mixed kids they have that it fades away quickly.
But more to the point, all you can do is take certain people's obsession with skinwalking (their shallow idea of) women like you while simultaneously attacking you as what it actually is: a compliment and a self-report. If you were so ugly, there'd be nothing to imitate. I kind of wish pickmes would fuck off and everyone would just enjoy whatever music/aesthetic/hair they want from a "pure" standpoint (eg because they just like it) with no ulterior motive, but that probably won't happen.

No. 1781749

Not racebaiting because this is a serious question but who is copying black women? Not exactly a desired/highly respected demographic in society's eyes. I also haven't seen anyone nonblack copying black women. Tons of moids of all races copy black men though and think acting like a gang member is cool.

No. 1781760

Nta but this…

No. 1781766

Yeah but the music industry always does shit like this since the 90s.

No. 1781768

File: 1700593030384.jpeg (190.92 KB, 1080x1350, FDB50DCC-3BB3-4083-9051-E2A291…)

And Winter has been pretending to be black for years and still cant prove which parent is black lol

No. 1781769

Ya I’m not white but I used to like to braid my hair in tiny braids so my hair would look like my mom’s black friend. I thought it was so cool. I’m not black tho so I guess I don’t really understand the history and the feelings that go along with it.

No. 1781772

File: 1700593157730.jpg (159.04 KB, 724x453, blackfishingonline3.jpg)

There are so many examples, do you live under a rock anon?

No. 1781773

dang this song sucks

No. 1781774

I think it looks cute I just don’t understand why everyone jumps to the conclusion that she’s a racist who’s competing with black women

No. 1781775

File: 1700593362910.jpg (50.88 KB, 976x549, _104609428_alicjacomposite.jpg)

There are so many random women on IG and TikTok who try to look like sexualized black women for male attention

No. 1781776

Never said she was racist the hair style just looks ugly on her.

No. 1781778

File: 1700593412468.jpeg (42.35 KB, 313x500, B13318E0-0A6F-486E-988A-73E8E3…)

I know anons probably baiting but yeah it’s a thing lol

No. 1781779

she'd look a teeny bit better if they weren't piss yellow.

No. 1781780

I live in a wealthy area and am not online enough. Nobody would act like this by me and I just haven't seen it.

No. 1781783

you're either lying or there are normies in my lolcow what the fuck are you even doing here we even had an entire thread on these racefishers not too long ago

No. 1781790

>I'm lying because I don't live in a trailer park

No. 1781793

Non-zero chance you've seen women who you thought were black or at least mixed, but they're just white women abusing self-tanner with BBLs, braids/curly wigs/perms and Fashion Nova clothes kek

No. 1781794

I absolutely do not understand the meme of women saying they want men to be funny. Guys that pride themselves on being funny are some of the most irritating kinds of guys. I saw some study that said men and women both rate sense of humor as desirable in a partner but supposedly what men mean by that is a woman who laughs at their jokes and women mean a guy who makes jokes they find funny. That's so unrelatable to me, I'd rather a moid who laughs at my jokes and/or plays off them than one who's trying to make them or instigate being silly. Some funnyman moids can be fine as friends but I don't see it as being an attractive feature in a guy I want to date. Also fml for the fact I'm a nervous laugher so weird scrotes end up thinking their jokes are landing so well and that I'm into them when I'm actually just super uncomfortable, its awful

No. 1781796

No, it's pretty easy to tell a black woman from a nonblack woman because I have eyes. I haven't seen nonblack women dress like that either.

No. 1781797

My grandfather said that a man who jokes is a clown and the lowest type of man I can be with. laughter is only for children.

No. 1781798

File: 1700593798941.jpeg (59.36 KB, 720x1280, 2D277364-74D6-419E-9F02-ACE540…)

Nta when I went to hip hop clubs in Tokyo I saw a lot of girls black fishing

No. 1781799

gyaru isnt blackfishing

No. 1781801

jeans and a white t shirt means she's blackfishing nona

No. 1781802

File: 1700593933925.jpeg (366.37 KB, 1284x592, 361B150C-346E-4AD1-A7A3-87C587…)

There a different subcultures within gyaru

No. 1781803

what kind of response is that kek

No. 1781808

File: 1700594142755.jpg (24.69 KB, 500x272, 20151014013702_.jpg)

They also exist in Korea

No. 1781811

why do you think gyaru is blackface? surely you can't be that retarded

No. 1781813

File: 1700594241974.jpeg (368.11 KB, 1170x1494, 1177E6BD-7915-4D8F-B454-CF8577…)

Black fishers intrigue me lol

No. 1781817

i'm not even that anon or anyone arguing with you your reply just made me laugh

No. 1781828

That person was likely lying and just annoyed at a certain brand of pickmes being discussed, or they don't go out much. It's fucking everywhere (especially places like California in the US, Sweden, the UK, etc) and it's far from a poor people thing. In general, broke women don't spend inordinate amounts of money on these sorts of things (lip fillers, ass implants, hairstyles that aren't meant for their hair type, constant tanning, full makeup).

No. 1781832

File: 1700594564738.jpeg (250.28 KB, 828x1030, E6059451-0457-4058-987F-092EE6…)

Nta but…
>black fishers don’t exist

Be for serious with your bait kek

No. 1781833

I hate how performative "funny" men are and how they always have to be the center of attention. I hate how in their stories everyone seems to the same sort of low functioning drug using sociopath with zero impulse control. I hate how in their stories all the characters just seem like the funny man wearing a different hat. I hate when I'm ordering coffee in the morning and some 50 year old man is trying to do the "funny man routine" of some lame story holding up the line for five minutes.

Half of being cool in my opinion is making the other person feel cool. I like men and people that sort of like, involve you and care about your interests too, and make witty observations about relatable things. Someone that tries to be funny isn't really interested in you, but interested in you liking them.

No. 1781835

GTA character looking ass.