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No. 1773054

Post sane takes and common sense. Ignore bait, adhere to the rules. Have fun.

No. 1773058

Avocado and guacamole are so good. I love making it so fucking much.

No. 1773076

People should work on their eating, drinking and sleeping habits before try building an elaborate skincare routine to improve their appearance.

No. 1773081

Suicide is bad.

No. 1773087

It’s hard to not cry when I hear babies or kids crying in public. it doesn’t make me want to approach their parents or intervene but it tugs at my heart strings ngl

No. 1773088

women should get free money

No. 1773090

Cats are cute

No. 1773093

Trauma and stress doesn't justify abusing others or treating people poorly unprovoked

No. 1773097

The more movies pushing hot men and average looking girl propaganda the better. Men should be pressured into caring about their looks.

No. 1773101

Public transport should be free.

No. 1773108

all humans are inherently deserving of shelter and a safe place to sleep

No. 1773114

chocolate is yummy

No. 1773135

Violence is bad

No. 1773155

Period products should be much cheaper/government financed.

The amount of plastic in our daily lives are absolutely horrifying.

No. 1773161

Hard agree.

No. 1773173

File: 1700081945935.jpg (53.38 KB, 735x490, Flame-Point-Siamese-Cat_Shutte…)

wow nonny you beat me to it, based opinion

No. 1773207

Being healthy is good

No. 1773210

flame points are so pretty, I love cats with gradients

No. 1773317

Being anachan or a fatty is miserable, a healthy weight will make you feel and look better, extremes are bad

No. 1773324

File: 1700089763811.jpeg (208.1 KB, 750x965, 1609169901619.jpeg)

Having a boyfriend is a waste of time and energy if he's not adding anything tangible/meaningful to your life. Especially when you're in school or working on building your life, the vast, vast majority of men will only drain your energy and disrespect you.

No. 1773415

File: 1700095683707.jpeg (339.58 KB, 915x607, IMG_7493.jpeg)

Ponyo makes me cry she’s so precious

No. 1773425

A lot of people would be more happy if they had faith or at least something to believe in. Doesn't need to be Christianity, Islam, or any other mainstream religion, but living by the thought that you'll have somewhere nice to go and that you should walk the world being kind will make you feel so much happier and calmer

No. 1773480

This is not a popular opinion whatsoever

No. 1773537

File: 1700106169859.jpeg (411.38 KB, 918x505, IMG_7496.jpeg)

scooping the innards out of your bagel is retarded

No. 1773574

Drugs are bad

No. 1773604

stealing food is okay.

No. 1773658

Advertising in public places and to minors everywhere should be illegal.

No. 1773699

it should be

No. 1773714

puppies are soooo cute

No. 1773727

Children cannot consent to puberty blockers.

No. 1773811

Should provide free and fee. I'd pay just to avoid the riff raff.

No. 1773826

File: 1700118351449.jpeg (247.98 KB, 1170x1167, IMG_1316.jpeg)

Cillian Murphy is attractive

No. 1773841

he was but irishmen should not be allowed in the sunlight. now he's a leather bag

No. 1774035

nta but I feel like it is since most people are religious, if it wasn't, religion wouldn't be such a large part of humanity

No. 1774040

religion didn’t stop being a constant in peoples lives until about 110 years ago

No. 1774048

Why would anyone do this what the hell

No. 1774050

Water is wet

No. 1774062

the world needs more blue flowers

No. 1774070

Mentally ill moids are not dating material.

No. 1774086

Don't worry, patriarchy is the religion of the entire planet.

No. 1774087

So tired of academic places asking for shitty essay topics. No wonder literal idiots are in ivy leagues even if they're broke. College essay topics were so well thought out and deep and now it's like "what's your fav TikTok and why"

No. 1774105

We should not be scrolling /ot/ or /g/ and seeing multiple images of cillian Murphy (all of them 20 years old) being crossposted in half a dozen threads, at this point its avatarfagging. There is no reason to open /g/ and see images of that hasbeen in nearly every thread preview on the front page.

No. 1774114

Kek just scroll past or turn away from the screen. Let people talk about whatever they want.

No. 1774187

I rarely see anything that isn’t made up of a bunch of anecdotal crap - there is so much writing now that’s just “author troons out so they need to write a 30 page thesis about their so original and one of a kind gender journey”

No. 1774213

>avatarfagging is fine just look away
Okay cillianfag

No. 1774262

No one is avatarfagging though

No. 1774356

We must protect all endangered species and preserve natural ecosystems

No. 1774417

Mary sues are necessary, without them, we will never have power fantasies made for women, and if we don’t have our own power fantasies, then what’s the point?

No. 1774426

if only mary sues were actually cool power fantasies and not just lame pretty girls with the personality of wet cardboard

No. 1774445

kill all men

No. 1774476

I think even those types of “weak” mary sues are important, some women fantasize of becoming the next warlord destroyer of worlds and some women fantasize about living in a cozy cottage in the woods, one fantasy doesn’t make the other any less nice to think about on your free time.

No. 1774479

to be fair some of those posters are his haters rather than fans. he's popular enough that's it's probably multiple people on both sides posting instead of just one
i agree but i thought this was an unpopular opinion lol. don't most people still hate mary sues?

No. 1774500

fantasizing about getting an abusive bf is cringe as fuck

No. 1774582

I think he’s ugly af but a good number of anons think he’s hot and at least they’re not posting modern him

No. 1774584

Working fuckin sucks

No. 1774585

Paying rent and bills sucks

No. 1774587

Tall skinny slightly muscular guys with a lot of hair are so hot

No. 1774590

Cats are amazing and they deserve kisses.

No. 1774608

I mean, yeah, but whatever rocks their boats.

No. 1774632

being able to smile, listen and move on when someone talks about something you dislike or aren't interested in is key to having friendships. Nobody has 100% of their interests in common with their friends and being overly critical will make people dislike you.

No. 1774883

Jewish people are out here calling people anti-Semitic for supporting Palestine but won't address the real issue, scooped bagels.

No. 1774887

File: 1700176039112.jpg (3.79 MB, 4608x3072, sandwich.jpg)

I've seen people tear out the inside of bread to make more space when making sandwiches like picrel, so I guess that's the idea with scooped bagels. Although, it still doesn't really make much sense because sandwiches usually have a lot of toppings whereas bagels don't ever have more than like 3.

No. 1774892

Wrong thread. Choke on your stupid take. A huge part of the suffering that is happening in the world right now is because of religion.

No. 1774894

The earth is round

No. 1774895

Period products should be free everywhere and it makes me angry knowing that they aren’t

No. 1774896

The sky is blue

No. 1774904

Shayna is fat and ugly

No. 1774906

IIRC, around 60% of the world consider themselves to be religious, so their opinion isn't exactly unpopular. Disagreeable, definitely though.

No. 1774909

No no I think that nona specifically said it didn’t have to be a religion, it could just be a general golden-rule / karma / sailor moon (lol) type of belief that putting kindness and love and friendship into the world is the best thing

No. 1774910

The world would be better without religion. It just divides people and causes hate and loathing. Name one religion that isn’t misogynistic at its heart and in its beliefs and stories

No. 1774911

Shayna is pretty when she’s a healthy weight.

No. 1774914

If that’s the case, then it’s ok, but religion is ugly

No. 1774916

Agree, all the mainstream religions are ugly and grifty and extremely misogynistic.

No. 1774933

I watched a video exposing this Jehovah's Witness cartoon for children, and the narrator went into depth on how cult-like the JW community really functions. Apparently if you even do so much as question the religion, it can piss off the surrounding Witness' enough to shut you out of their lives, even if they're your family. I feel like your opinion isn't just an opinion, but blends into being a fact.

No. 1774954


No. 1774956

A friend I used to have came from a JW family, when they decided to leave the cult their entire family and surrounding community abandoned and onstracized them as is the custom. The religion is every bit as nutty as all those documentaries say.

No. 1774957

Women are smarter and more logical than men.

No. 1774963

I have a cousin that is JW and she ended up cutting everyone that wasn't JW out of her life shortly after converting.

No. 1775002

social media has created unimaginable amounts of brain damage and has generally been detrimental to society

No. 1775023

Yeah when he was young

No. 1775119

My sister-in-law grew up in it and she experienced the shunning but also the other thing that got me was how JWs aren’t allowed to go to college. I think you can only make money to give it to the church and obv your options for jobs are limited because you have no degree.

No. 1775204

I don't have anything to believe in other than that things will never get better, so that's one retarded opinion there.

No. 1775243

File: 1700196479739.jpeg (692.31 KB, 1179x767, IMG_5953.jpeg)

Sorry for stupid meme but you reminded me of this

No. 1775244

Homeschooling is weird and makes weird children.

No. 1775248

To add: children with no siblings are spoiled and are going to become weird adults with no social skills.
(I don't agree with this, but I'm mocking the people who do believe it).

No. 1775260

public school kids aren't doing too hot these days either tho kek

No. 1775268

For sure. I’ve been noticing that too. I still think homeschooling is a step further towards weirdness
Not true (unless they’re homeschooled lol)

No. 1775272

File: 1700199658627.png (67.49 KB, 400x266, d04d34a833c6656c02dc608d1adc0d…)

i was a homeschooled only child

No. 1775273

And here you are posting on lolcow. Point proven
Jk nonna you tha best

No. 1775284

Same nonna

No. 1775289

This but only when it’s men. I think women that were homeschooled or were an only child are pretty nice to hang out with and are usually the good kind of weird. They were almost always nice and had more manners than people that went to public school

No. 1775303

the homeschooled kids near me have a club and do ice skating, horseback riding, and sports together several times a week. They only spend till noon on book studies and then hang out to do physical activities. it seems pretty neat compared to my upbringing (I hated school despite good grades, got suckerpunched in 10th grade by a random girl, ate lunch in the bathroom, and had no friends so I romanticize it maybe)

No. 1775322

Same with UK homeschoolers. They're better adjusted if anything and they consistently outperform their school peers. It would be practically impossible for kids to have no outside contact anyway, there are very few remote areas.

No. 1775350

File: 1700208052445.jpg (305.53 KB, 1600x1025, closeup-portrait-kid-girl-funn…)

This cold ass take usually comes from people living in dystopian hyper-individualistic countries like North America and Scandinavia where every family is like an island and you have to arrange play dates and gatherings months in advance. Even then, kindergartens exist and if your parents aren't mental they'll let you play outside, which is how most normal people meet their friends, siblings or not.
area since we were a low-income neighborhood. I had all the cousins and friends I could possibly want, and then I came home to peace and quiet without siblings throwing tantrums because they felt jilted over something. If anything, not having siblings made me socialize more.

No. 1775352

It somehow got deleted but it was supposed to be
>There were mostly only kids living in my area since we were a low-income neighborhood

No. 1775359

File: 1700208895418.jpg (41.78 KB, 736x736, 643ddb278c87a4a8e6ee34f18744b4…)

Your lifestyle was pretty based in that regard then. People seriously overestimate how necessary siblings are to a family unit. As long as kids have access to socializing with other children, they're gonna be fine. Kids do not need siblings to accomplish understanding others and how to behave.

No. 1775362

I went to school and I am the oldest sister, still ended up here

No. 1775434

Home-cooking food should be the norm, not the exception, it's cheaper and healthier than ordering or going out to eat.

No. 1775439

>This cold ass take usually comes from people living in dystopian hyper-individualistic countries like North America and Scandinavia
homeschooling isn't even allowed in my scandinavian country lol and we all played with the other kids on the street like normal people.
Idk if popular or not but I think phones are the biggest reason kids are gonna grow up with no social skills. Kids these days don't play with toys, nor do they play outside with each other the way we did. They're literally just on their phones and tablets instead. Going past my old school does actually feel dystopian, every kid is just sitting around on a bench looking at their phone.

No. 1775443

Angelic image

No. 1775471

Nonna with all due respect scandi countries are known for outdoor kindergartens and generally letting kids play with each other outside with minimal supervision by adults and having the time of their life (within reason). We don’t operate on burgerfag busy middle class family tropes with months in advance scheduled starbucks playdates where you stare at your phone rather than engaging with your surroundings, its way more sociable and relaxed, the type of person you’re describing exists in all countries and they’re called upper class families. You’re talking out of your ass applying your points to that area. To prove mine scandi countries have a running gag called the “mom/dad mafia” to describe gaggles of parents trotting down the sidewalk/occupying cafes on their many group walks and hangouts with their prams. You’re talking out of your ass lol.

No. 1775544

Well, I have a sister and if anything that made me more socially retarded.
I tutor a homeschooled boy sometimes and he's surprisingly sociable and generally well behaved, if a bit too spoiled, he's going to grow up dumb as bricks tho.

No. 1775560

White people usually look better with a tan. Not an orange fake tan obviously, but a natural tan. This doesn't apply to white people with a pink undertone who get red if they stay outside, just white people with a neutral olive or warm undertone (depending on the area I think that's usually like half of the white population or even more). Even blonde people look better with a slight tan. The problem with that is that sun damages the skin and the more time you spend in the sun, the more your skin start developing a leather-like quality and you age faster. I still don't know how we should deal with that….

No. 1775561

I wanna suggest putting on sunscreen to protect your skin, but the anti-sunscreenfags will probably send a bomb to my house.

No. 1775564

Applying sunscreen religiously and trying your best to avoid sun also means your skin is less likely to properly tan. And if you do properly tan, then your skin has already been damaged. That's why it's annoying, like a double-edged sword.

No. 1775567

Fake tanner? There are loads of fake tanning lotions and sprays that don't require UV exposure

No. 1775779

The more time you spend in the sun with moisturizer, sunscreen, or some kind of gentle oil on your face the less likely you are to get all raisin'd out by it. Its all abt retaining moisture in your skin

No. 1775784

I dont think moisture is doing shit about those UV rays nonna. your skin is gonna cook moisturized or not, radiation doesnt care about it

No. 1775786

>Its all abt retaining moisture in your skin
Nta, but I never thought about it that way, do you have tips for this?

No. 1775794

Your skin isn’t going to cook underneath say, 80-100 degrees of outdoor heat. As long as you’re wearing moisturizer and have some kind of sunscreen on you’re not gonna be roasted kek
I layer on a gentle moisturizer before putting on a thick sunscreen (I use a baby sunscreen called babo because it’s fragrance free)! usually that locks it in and protects your skin from sun burns/damage

No. 1776076

File: 1700259609113.png (965.61 KB, 1146x650, Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 5.19.…)

Tbh I'm a spoiled only child who became a weird adult, although I managed to teach myself some social skills. It took me awhile, though, and I think I'm still off-putting at times.

I wish I grew up with siblings instead of having my own room and material objects. I think high school would have been better and I would have been less sensitive and selfish.

Blogpost, but my parents are divorced and I'm estranged from most of my cousins because of inheritance drama, and I'm worried about how I'm going to take care of them when they get even older. They're both in their early 60's atm, but in 10 or so years, I could see their health declining, especially my mom, because she has MS (it's currently in remission because she's sort of an almond mom and eats super healthy and makes sure to walk + move around a lot).

They didn't want to have another child after me because my mom had a traumatic birthing experience with a dash of medical malpractice, but I'm still a little resentful that they're going to be leaving me all alone in the world after they pass.
Especially after making me a super weird only child, which has made it harder to make friends and/or get a boyfriend or girlfriend.

I know it could be worse, and I'm doing fine currently, but I'm worried about the future.

No. 1776080

Wow I’m sorry for drunk posting about homeschooling and somehow starting a whole thing about homeschoolers and only children. It just seemed like a sensible opinion to me because of my background but I realize I wasn’t specific enough and was a just projecting my opinion about myself being weird from homeschooling. The actual reason it’s bad is because the social isolation is bad for children and more importantly in the states homeschooling is what child abusers do to hide their abuse because it’s perfectly legal and isolates the children from prying eyes

No. 1776180

Blackout is Britney's best album.

No. 1776189

There are some people who should be sterilized

No. 1776192

So sad. My youngest siblings are always on their phones I didn’t get phone until I was 13 and now my 4 year old brother has a crusty boogery snot covered phone with games and YouTube on it.

No. 1776196

Unhappy marriages with children = shitty parents = kids with a wealth of mental issues.

Single parent = lack of parent = kid subconsciously picks up on parents resent kid for traits inherited from other parent = kids with a wealth of mental issues

No. 1776325

No. 1776345

No kids = no problem

No. 1776355

Wtf, 4 years old? I'm not gonna pretend I would be a good parent but this seems way too young to have a phone.

No. 1776391

I got my first phone at about age 7 and think that was too early. Gen X and millennial parents are hopeless with technology, Gen X grew up on analog tech with limited capabilities and no connection to the outside world. You'd think millennial parents would be a little better since they grew up with the internet and digital technology but nope most are tech illiterate consoomer retards who no nothing about the technology they buy and consume en masse.

No. 1776484

You’re talking out of your ass about what American playdates are like too though. Why do Europeans constantly make things up and assume things about what America is like

No. 1776487

This kek. Our playdates were the same as theirs, parents get together and the kids run around in backyard/park.

No. 1776557

The new banners are adorable and funny.

No. 1776584

File: 1700295427590.jpg (151.73 KB, 871x889, 3aa.jpg)

Kek nona your argument reminded me of swedengate where people complained that they never got fed as kids whenever visiting their swedish friends

Also unrelated but related popular opinion: I think guests should always be offered food and drink regardless if they accept it or not

No. 1776689

I agree with your opinion. To not offer food to your guests shows that you are so destitute that you can't spare a single bite, or else that you are so selfish that you do not care to make a good impression on them.

No. 1776693

People in the red and pink areas themselves as guests do not expect or even want to be offered food. It has nothing to do with pinching pennies or not wanting to make a good impression.

No. 1776713

Why is there a red blob between Spain and France? Where did you get this? kek

Guests are fed in England and Wales anyway. It's bs.

No. 1776715

It's a dumb map anyway. I'm from a "red" country and of course you will get food as a guest if it's dinner time or you're staying for long, while being offered food at a random time when you're just on a quick visit to someone's house would be considered weird, but of course terminally online dumbasses want to make it into some kind of a "hurr durr Northern Europeans HATE other people!1!!!!" meme.

No. 1776719

I'm in a red area but it's definitely true here. Guests value not overstaying their welcome or bothering their host. People don't show up on your doorstep during eating times unnanounced because that's considered rude. You get fed if you agreed to stay for lunch/dinner time beforehand. It's not rude just because an outsider with completely different norms and values thinks it is.

No. 1776722

I remember when this discussion happened online and Scandinavian people were talking about how awkward it was to go to their friends houses growing up, and said that they would be sent out of the room when they sat down for dinner and that the parents would give their kid a snack or treat of some kind but not the guest. Foreigners also said that when visiting people in Scandinavian countries they wouldn’t offer food at all, even if they were spending the day together or something. It seems so weird to me

No. 1776771

Offering food to guests gives you someething to do when there is awkward silence, cause you can all just munch and think about what to say while with your mouth full or you can make small talk about the food. Also, extremely weird to not give children a snack if they come over to play with your child.

No. 1776783

I moved to one of the red countries and many of my local friends absolutely do not want food when they come for a visit, kek. Even if they stay overnight they decline food and just bring a snack for themselves, even if I would be happy to make us dinner or even just order something, then the next morning they decline breakfast and say they can just drive to a gas station and get something on the way home. The only time I've eaten dinner with them is when we go out to eat, but having them come over for dinner seems to make them uncomfortable. Luckily it's not all of my friends, but it definitely causes awkward situations when we all mix, kek.

No. 1776815

I’m Scandi and in my experience it’s true, at least when it comes to dinner (offering coffee is very normal). It kinda depends on whether you are from an urban place or the countryside, and it’s also a generational thing. Old people and people living in rural areas are more likely to feed you (grandparents be like that no matter where you go, offering food is vital to them). It can be a problem if you don't wanna eat lol. I know someone who would deliver mail to people living in the outskirts of town and the old people there would offer coffee and cake at every house she went to. So I think it’s mostly a newer development with people from my own parents’ generation (born in the 1960s and later). Growing up I didn’t always get dinner at my friend’s house, but I think it’s because it was assumed my own parents had dinner plans and my friend’s parents didn’t wanna interfere with that. If I slept over at someone’s house I got breakfast the next day of course. My friends from other countries are a whole different world in terms of hospitality and I think that's really awesome, but idk why people get so up in arms about cultural differences.

No. 1776968

ayrt and that sounds kinda weird to me, and also rude to send someone to a different room. I remember being either offered food or sent home if our parents had agreed we better eat at home. I had one friend who would always refuse dinner when offered because their family had a different eating schedule or something, but even then he would sit at the table with me when I ate.

No. 1777324

File: 1700351875458.png (270.3 KB, 362x467, 1618179134190.png)

Being a fatass is not feminist

No. 1778081

Personality actually matters, more than you think. It doesn't matter if you're very beautiful if you glare at evey guy who tries to befriend you and act arrogant with your friends and gossip behind their back. Not all men are willing to chase a woman just cause she's pretty and a rotten personality is actually a turn off for many. I've seen many real cases of girls who were kinda average, but had very sweet and kind personalities and basically charmed everyone around them and girls who were genuinely beautiful, but also mean and cold, who weren't popular and guys avoided them even if they used to crush on them in the past.

No. 1778105

>ummm ackshually we are known for
why are you acting like you invented kindergartens and playing outside kek, do you think all other countries only let kids play indoors like little mole people or something?

No. 1778272

Me whenever I see the concept of fika

No. 1778275

I can taste the salt and I'm not even a Scandifag kek stay mad

No. 1778276

Samefag, now that I think about it, if eating food with your guests isn't normal, it's no wonder they make a big deal out of coffee break while everybody else is like "uh?"

No. 1778278

>eating food with your guests isn't normal
God not that meme again, did you really fall for it?

No. 1778279

I'm sorry but this is a giant cope.

No. 1778391

I second this as someone who's considered attractive but can't socialize for shit. I've seen people wonder how ugly or even deformed girls get into relationships but they can't - it's usually cause she's interesting and radiant regardless of her looks. I'm not gonna pretend like looks don't matter at all, but if you are actually approachable, kind and interesting you can still find a partner.

No. 1778394

Nta, but you are wrong and its really telling. You're either awfully entitled or a psychopath, those are super unflattering traits.

No. 1778406

you sound like a bitch also you're probably not as pretty as you think you are.

No. 1778415

Seems like an overreaction. She’s got a point — I’ve definitely seen guys chase or stay with a girl for years even though she’s toxic, just because she’s hot.

No. 1778426

NTAYRT but I guess two things can be right at the same time. A lot of people look for personality, a lot of people don't give a damn about it.

No. 1778436

Ntayrt I am seconding your comment as well. I am fairly socially inept and awkward, never could make lasting friendships or many friendships. Not mean or anything, just an autist and don't seem to know how to connect. I come off as cold and boring and just dont know how to move my body naturally or behave in a natural way kek. But I get considered generally attractive, and it's done fuck all for real relationships. If I was socially intelligent I dont think that would be the case, but my calm/dull and awkward personality coupled with being generally sorta attractive feels like a double whammy of terrible socialization experiences due to people being put off by you/trying to befriend you because they want to fuck you and you not realizing it/being expected to be socially conpetent based on looks and continually disappointing people/etc. Its gotten a lot better as I get older honestly but I really just had a hard time through most of my life.

No. 1778445

You're right, its likely i'm overreacting.
That aside, i wouldn't feel smug over having in my palm some simp with low selfesteem and abusive mother issues.

No. 1778457

I would if he was good looking.

No. 1778471

The fact that you get so defensive proves even more that it's a cope. Moids will talk all day how much they akschually prefer the homely girl, they like you much more without makeup uwu and other bs, but at the end of the day they still pick whatever their peepee likes more. You can be the biggest fucking bitch on earth and it only makes them want you more if you're attractive. Stop being so gullable and stop buying into their lies.

No. 1778501

>basically charmed everyone around them
stop lumping both sexes into "everyone". of course women like other nice friendly women. And an "average" looking woman is still usually pretty and engages in beauty practices.

No. 1778875

I agree with this. I’m a tomboy, kinda homely looking, don’t wear make-up etc. but still have a bf I am wildly attracted to, probably hotter than me tbh. He’s reliable, independent and responsible with money, and he leaves a good impression on other people which I think is a great sign. I think we just share a lot of the same values and he appreciates that I’m “low maintenance” and practical. My ex bf was more into women who put more effort in their appearance, but he was also very meticulous about his own looks so I think it’s fair that he would want someone who matched him in that regard (sadly he was always poor because he spent so much money on clothes etc. go figure). At the end of the day I think it’s a compatibility thing. Some guys also go for the less attractive girls simply because they are too intimidated by the 10/10 ones, but I think it goes both ways, we tend to chose someone we think we might have a shot with.

No. 1778897

I find that it's quite the opposite, men are more interested in a woman the colder she is and lose interest if she returns the feelings back or becomes attainable.

No. 1778905

I think some people are like that for sure. The mechanism is probably similar to other dopamine addictions where the thrill comes from not being able to predict when you'll get the next positive reinforcement. I don't think all men are like that, but on the other hand being overly clingy from the get-go can also be a turn-off. Best time to date is when you're not really looking.

No. 1778951

This is true for some, but I know many guys who simply don't wanna bother a girl who is giving them the cold shoulder. Maybe because they usually tend to be more straight forward and don't wanna play games but I've heard complaints about certain hot girls being too "stuck up", "arrogant" or "narcissistic". Obviously men in general have waaay too many expectations about the way a woman should behave.

No. 1779319

We need to publicly execute men

No. 1779327

nah we've done that

No. 1779341

let’s do it some more

No. 1779345

File: 1700447956846.jpg (10.67 KB, 270x275, 1685078848783.jpg)

I already got my Christmas list prepped. Ready when you are.

No. 1779373

Ok ok fine let’s do it some more

No. 1779394

Am I stupid or… where does this picture come from? Did they get her to reenact her crimes and then took pictures?

No. 1779398

That is Charlize Theron in the film Monster.

No. 1779416

Wow, I didn’t realize how much she looked like the real deal. Great casting

No. 1779524

File: 1700458675173.jpeg (210.42 KB, 1089x857, IMG_7837.jpeg)

There needs to be a global pornography ban.

No. 1779527

It makes me ill that there’s no age verification process for uploading porn videos and that millions of the uploaded hours of personal content could very well be of underaged children

No. 1779533

No. 1779548

why this the fortnite font

No. 1779746

Pugs and other flat nosed dogs are ugly and it takes a special kind of person to choose them over any other dog breed. The charm (for people who like them) IS that they're "so ugly they're cute".

No. 1812460

Everyone in the whole world should have enough food to eat everyday

No. 1813666

i like when fruits are crispy if not firm, juicy and best enjoyed cold. yummy freshness

No. 1813670

Especially cherries

No. 1813672

Every women is pretty until otherwise proven idc

No. 1813684

kek but for real though i just had such an amazing apple yesterday that infight reminded me of the experience i just had to post about it here as it's a popular opinion. haven't had cherries because i don't trust them (can be sour meanwhile apples never are. raspberries are the superior berry. or strawberries. grapes are comme ci comme ca depends on firmness)

No. 1813711

I'm a sick fuck and like the sour cherries.
I ate moldy raspberries a few days ago without realising (it was in middle where the stem gets pulled out)
I've never had an apple that's made me think I liked it

No. 1813748

you two made me remember the most epic apple i ever had. I was in kindergarten and we had a small apple forest growing there. One time we could harvest the apples and that apple i got was pink inside and tasted like pure love. I never had such an apple since then, even if it was pink inside too, it just wasn't not THAT good. God i wish everybody could taste it.

No. 1813766

apples can be sour

No. 1814603

File: 1702712527597.jpg (3.06 MB, 4032x3024, 20231216_174049.jpg)

Guess what I'm eating right now nonnies

No. 1830678

File: 1703712421068.png (1.08 MB, 562x1000, 62ba84_2617f33fcf1c4ecbaff1ee3…)

saged because i'm just annoyed and dumping this here after reading the grimes/elon thread.
this mentality is just retarded, most people who went through trauma become extremely mentally and even physically fragile, it's well known that people who endure childhood trauma have poor outcomes in life. i've found that, almost infuriatingly, coddled people have this delusional confidence and strong support system that massively works in their favor.

No. 1830682

no way !

No. 2057246

Having a husband doesn’t mean you’re not a single mom. Many times all fathers are is a burden. I’ve seen so many cases where the lights are on but he’s just not there. They’re so callous about their wife’s children and it always shows they’re not the one who created them. The best dads aren’t better than neglectful mothers. My own dad is pretty great and used to cook me dinner daily and I love him but he’s just not a mother, y’know? If I had the money for it I’d love to be a “single mom” one day. With a donor of course, not a baby daddy. I’d get a nanny to change diapers and do the dishes and she’d be all mine. No need to tolerate a scrote who wants to snatch her from my hands. I truly believe most families would be better off without adult men involved in them. It’s just not natural to create kinship ties like that.

No. 2057279

even an innocuous thread such as popular opinions gets derailed and raided by retards and admins think we're clutching pearls when nonnas say we want VPNs banned and scrotefoiling decriminalized.

No. 2071348

File: 1719711093083.png (722.4 KB, 727x441, try harder.png)

Broad City was dog shit

No. 2071375

I think that you’re the only one that cares about this show.

No. 2071708

Am I wrong for enjoying it thus far (admittedly I'm a dumb bitch)

No. 2071713

nta but its still on the air?

No. 2071719

No I'm watching it on hulu

No. 2072319

it's really really good and I love it and they're geniuses

No. 2084125

Getting your nails and hair done every 2–3 weeks is a waste of time and money. It's better to learn to do it at home. I know some people say, "It makes you look presentable!" Or "it's just fun!". Yeah, and all of that is keeping you in debt.

No. 2084145

Most people, including those in various minority groups, are just completely average people minding their own business without any insane political or religious beliefs and it's a shame that people get lumped into for the sins of their respective communities. For every 1 retard there's 50 other completely normal people who nobody ever notices or talks about. Humans are so addicted to seeing the worst and negative traits of each other. I'm not saying humans are good basically but more like people are average basically.

No. 2084154

Allowing small bad things will snowball to allowing bigger worse things if left unchecked

No. 2084158

This isn’t a popular opinion, getting your nails and hair done is extremely popular.

No. 2084162

But I feel most people can agree that getting it done every 2-3 weeks is a waste of money.

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