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File: 1482027140457.jpg (33.32 KB, 642x429, red flags.jpg)

No. 172298

What are some red flags you look out for when dating someone?

No. 172306

-any hard drug use
-describes all his exes as "crazy"
-can never keep a job but blames it on his coworkers
-shows any sort of "red pill" mindset
-has ever cheated at age 20+ (if it was once when he was 15 it could be ok)
-monitoring your devices/location
-anger issues, even if he "just" hits inanimate objects
-strong difference in religion or culture (doesn't necessarily mean he's a bad guy, but these relationships typically don't last)
-blames you for problems that have nothing to do with you
-isolates you from friends
-financially dependent on you without good reason, just lazy
-obese, not even slightly concerned about health
-car filled with garbage
-blatantly flirting with other women (kinda surprised at how many monogamous girls are ok with this tbh)
-treats service people poorly

No. 172307

how they react when playing video games is a good indicator of how they handle stress.
if they get violent or overtly aggressive i shut that shit down.

No. 172308

Things I can tell about you from your post:

- You cheated on your boyfriend as a teenager
- You worked in food service
- You only like unintelligent feminized "men"

That's not a reliable indication of how they would deal with other forms of stress. How do you "shut that shit down"?( b8)

No. 172309

If he talks too much about things he hates it's an indicative that he might have issues.

No. 172310

Found the incel

No. 172311

Could any of you ever forgive a cheater if you had say, married and had kids with a husband who genuinely loved you and fucked up once?

No. 172312

No. Dump him. You are better off by yourself. He can pay alimony to help to take care of the children. He doesn't deserve to be with you if he can afford to fuck up. He fucked up once, he might do it twice. If you want to be lenient, sure, go for it. It might hurt less but you will regret.

No. 172313

Seems like it could fuck up the kids pretty badly.

No. 172314

File: 1482029388237.png (560.37 KB, 526x595, 1478613995340.png)

I avoid 'feminist men' like the plague these days.

Not the kind of feminist men you might be thinking of, though. Guys who don't treat women like a different species, respect your personal space and don't treat you like a child are the best. But my experience with men who firmly establish that they are 'feminists' early on in the date have been awful to say the least.
They are either dudes who think that it'll make up for their shitty personality and cause you to gush in your pants, or guys who expect you to be their mom and ask you to hold their hand in everything they do.

Ever drank a cola that went flat weeks ago? That's exactly how the sex feels like.

No. 172315

Yeah because an environment the parents keep fighting isn't gonna fuck up a kid.

I grew in a household with a cheater, my father cheated once, my mother forgave, cheated twice, cheated plenty of times. She kept forgiving because it could have hurt me and my brother but guess what? Knowing she forgave, knowing my father kept cheating and living in an environment devoid of trust and peace made me not trust people and fucked up as you can be.

No. 172316

The fighting is something else. Not every couple who has infidelity problems fights all the time. I don't think a man cheating necessarily means he doesn't love his wife. A lot of men just have a madonna / whore thing. The wife is just too pure, as the mother of his children, to have "dirty sex" with. I've seen this kind of attitude a lot.

No. 172317

- If they show any semblance of feminist ideology
- Has a history of promiscuous sex
- Single mom (widows don't count)
- Has many past sexual relationships
- Has ever cheated
- Tattoos
- Piercings
- Dyed hair
- Speaks or acts out nigger/rap jargon and mannerisms
- Tries to act intimidating
- Starts conflicts in public
- Wears slut/whore clothing
- Looks like generic woman in 20XX (Cakes on make-up, fake hair, fake eyebrows, fake eyelashes, fake lips, fake tan, possibly fake body parts, wears gaudy distasteful jewelry)
- Acts like typical woman in 20XX(nice b8 m8)

No. 172318

So just because they don't fight in front of the kids, they should keep it as it is? Great mindset right there.

Do you know how it ended for my parents? My mother got mentally ill from all the stress and stopped trusting in people entirely and socializing altogether. When my father died, she didn't know what to do, as she was completely distressed already.

If the cheated woman wants a lot of stress, to be devoid of happiness just because "of the kids", just don't. The kids know what is going on, it reflects completely on the kids when the relationship is not healthy. Everyone wins with a divorce.

No. 172320

i would shut it down by explaining that breaking things and screaming at 3am is not a way to deal with losing at a video game. i would tell them it's a game and a violent reaction isn't the best way to express frustration. if it gets too real for them i'd ask them to step away for a moment.

coping by going from 0-60 in a violent manner over self-induced frustration, in my personal experience, tends bleed into other stressful situations.

i apply the same sort of thinking with people who are immediately impatient with small children.

No. 172321

>- If they show any semblance of feminist ideology
>- Has a history of promiscuous sex
>- Single mom (widows don't count)
>- Speaks or acts out nigger/rap jargon and mannerisms
>- Starts conflicts in public


>- Tattoos

>- Piercings

Mostly disagree. So long as she isn't covered in them. Some girls just get the odd tattoo and really are deviations from the general trend of it correlating with risky behavior.

>- Wears slut/whore clothing

>- Looks like generic woman in 20XX (Cakes on make-up, fake hair, fake eyebrows, fake eyelashes, fake lips, fake tan, possibly fake body parts, wears gaudy distasteful jewelry)
>- Acts like typical woman in 20XX

Disagree. Most women don't want to be sluts and would prefer a low partner count, most in my experience would prefer to marry their first, if it went well.

Generic girls depend where you are. If you're part of some church group the generic girl isn't going to be as bad as you're painting.

>Everyone wins with a divorce.

Except the son and daughter who grow up without a real father figure.

If you want to prove a point, fine. Most men would rather get down on their knees and beg their wife not to leave them. Most men cherish and adore their wives, at least where I'm from. Even if they mess up and make mistakes, they still think of their wife as the sweet, kind, loving person they fell in love with.

Why destroy that?

No. 172322

>To be clear, robots are banned from /ot/ and men are still banned from threads that would normally have belonged in /g/.

No. 172325

>i apply the same sort of thinking with people who are immediately impatient with small children.

I actually agree with this. Paternal and maternal instincts are sweet in both sexes.

No. 172326

>Everyone wins with a divorce.

You can't be serious.

In this case the man cheated so I don't care, in fact I want there to be laws that harshly punish anyone who cheats in a marriage. However in most cases of divorce, even if the woman cheats, the man's life is ruined. Again even if the woman cheats and causes the divorce, he is the one who is far more likely to lose his children, his house, half his money, and be forced to pay child-support/alimony.

Why would men settle down and get married under these circumstances? Oh wait, they're not anymore.

Then there's the children who don't get to grow-up in a normal family structure, and are most likely raised by a single mom, something that is currently destroying countries and current/future generations of people.

I'm not a robot, I'm a genderfluid human (and I identify as a female right now).

No. 172327

I've worked in fast food when I was a teen. Treating service people poorly is what a bully would do. You treat them like shit because they can't retaliate.

Never cheated on a boyfriend. I added that bit because people can do dumb things as a teenager which doesn't necessarily reflect on them as a mature adult.

Not sure where you're getting the feminized men thing from. Are you an obese redpill druggie who hits things in anger?

No. 172328

File: 1482030399663.gif (1.03 MB, 400x226, 1477997303190.gif)

>grow up without a real father figure.

Yeah because growing up seeing cheating is def. okay. Also you talk like the father stops existing if the divorce happens. Which sadly is what happens most of the case because often the fathers just don't care enough to contact the children, sadly.

>If you want to prove a point

Proving a point how? I am not even trying here. It's pretty obvious to anyone that having a "father figure" that cheats and lies is no better than having no father figure around. What you can't see it doesn't hurt apply. Esp. when you are a kid.

>Why destroy that?

Yeah because only the woman being unhappy is something that has nothing going after all. Everyone is happy, right. I hope you never get married, I pity your wife, if you ever do. Having to deal with a cheating husband that doesn't even care about cheating and will blame the wife for anything the kids feel if they divorce.

No. 172329

File: 1482030429242.jpg (26.27 KB, 325x282, 1466466145068.jpg)

>genderfluid human
/r9k/ is down the hall and to the left

No. 172330

>genderfluid human

Tell me your chromosomes.

No. 172331

>Which sadly is what happens most of the case because often the fathers just don't care enough to contact the children, sadly.

Bullshit. Maybe among African Americans, but not other groups. Most fathers would give their lives for their daughters. Nothing is more dear to an old man than his daughter.

>It's pretty obvious to anyone that having a "father figure" that cheats and lies is no better than having no father figure around.

He can explain to the children when they grow up why he behaved in the way he did, and why it was bad of him. He can even use it as an example to his children to not behave in that way or, in the case of a girl, to be more cautious of men.

>Having to deal with a cheating husband that doesn't even care about cheating and will blame the wife for anything the kids feel if they divorce.

What you describe is exceptional circumstances.

Most men feel tremendous guilt over cheating. Even if it's a boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend for goodness sake.

No. 172332

File: 1482030586075.jpg (119.55 KB, 1366x768, 1481572337074.jpg)

>mfw incels got mad

No. 172333

Citation needed all together. Come back with your psychology papers and statistics, I have read mine, but you are pulling yours from your ass.

No. 172334

>What you describe is exceptional circumstances.

It is not though, most married couples who cheat don't divorce and most people who cheat once will do it again.


No. 172335


If you think it's a good thing for a woman or a man to divorce when they're in their 40s or 50s with kids, then I don't know what to say to you. It damages both of you financially, it deprives the children of a permanent father figure, it means the mother is more vulnerable on her own, it means the man is more likely to get depression and other forms of mental illness etc.

No. 172337


Epic argument, bro!

The lengths you go to defend a man cheating are amazing. Bros always before hoes, huh. I bet you never cheated mostly because of lack of relationships but you sure know how to behave in case you do.

And of course, living with a cheating and lying person will never harm anyone whatsoever. What are father figures, right, but someone to give you an example?

No. 172338

>but muh kids will never be affected by cheating :(



Way to be a great father figure and set an excellent example for your kids: Cheat, lie and force your wife to not divorce.

No. 172340

I've cheated, and I'd never do it again because it was only after I realized how much it hurt the other person that it was such a shitty thing to do.

That said, I think being forgiving isn't such a bad trait towards your spouse.

No. 172341

I dunno why you think it's so terrible for the children. My siblings and I feel great about my parent's divorce. Seeing my poor mom stay with a cheater is what would hurt us.

My dad is depressed over the loss of his marriage, but holy shit, he deserves to feel that way for cheating on his loving wife of 20+ years!

No. 172342

Being forgiving is not safe. Simple as that, even if you get on your feet and swear you will never cheat again you might do it again. The moment you do it and your partner knows it, any trust will be gone and your relationship is doomed to fail. Forcing it to keep going is stupid.

No. 172343

So you don't love or empathize with your dad?

No. 172345

So be lenient towards someone who cheated and broke a moral code that could destroy any trust involving the family is the way to go?

What are you trying to prove, that men should be forgiven of cheating no matter what?

Why don't you kill yourself and try respawning around 400 years ago when men could do just about everything they wanted and get away with it?

No. 172346

>Why don't you kill yourself and try respawning around 400 years ago when men could do just about everything they wanted and get away with it?

You have no idea what you're talking about. Men who knocked up women and ran away were driven out of town 400 years ago. They quite literally had their names nailed to the front door of the local parish church.

No. 172348

Once again citation needed.

No. 172349

Nice strawman. I love my dad but I don't empathize with his decision to treat my mom with such disrespect. He made a vow to stay faithful, he broke that vow, and now he is dealing with the consequence.

It's not like my mom has gotten away totally unscathed. He hurt her incredibly.

No. 172350

My relationship red flags:
>posts on female image boards trying to convert posters into redpill ideology
>whines about how opressed men are
>wishes they were a women because it's "easier"
>makes no effort to improve themselves but expects you to be perfect
>wishes things were like "the good old days" when they can barely handle the modern day

No. 172351

>posts on female image boards trying to convert posters into redpill ideology


No. 172352

File: 1482032474599.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, sensible chuckle.gif)

No. 172353

If you're on the first date
>asks you to go back home with him afterwards
>talks about himself the whole time
>can't pay for his half
>smells bad
>texts during the date. Best case scenario he's socially oblivious, worst case scenario you're a side hoe.
>steers the conversation towards something religious or political right away and gets heated

No. 172354

>>wishes they were a women because it's "easier"

If I was a woman (even an ugly one with no money/status), I could just post a well-crafted ad looking for a husband on a dating website, select my husband from the hundreds or thousands of suitors, and never have to work a day in my life. It's THAT easy to be a female. I like being a man more simply because I have higher limits of physical strength and intelligence, I love having over 10 times more testosterone flowing through my body, but sometimes I'm jealous of how easy women have it (if they choose to).

>but expects you to be perfect

The losers you're talking about are actually attracted to attainability.

No. 172356

Doesn't offer to pay for her half of the date.
Insists on Googling something on the spot instead of just asking me (or is otherwise on her phone a significant portion of the time).
Forces Tumblr or politics into the conversation.
Hair dyed anything other than slightly brown.
Those contact lenses that make your irises look disgustingly big.
Cares too much about social media or social media 'influencers'.

No. 172357

Stop trying to defend your shitty views, incel.

No. 172358

>treat their pets like shit
>unable to keep friends (if they're just shy that's one thing, it's more of a red flag when it becomes clear they're just a dick that no one wants to put up with)
>constantly needs to know where I am/what I'm doing
>resorts to ad hominems when we argue
>no life of their own
>hates all men or all women (don't want to be with someone who generalizes people that much)
>any trace of white supremacist ideology (I'm not white, that'd complicate things lol)

No. 172359

>worst case scenario you're a side hoe.

As a cheater/former cheater I can confirm.

Would be terrified of any of my exs having seen my phone. Was always very protective of it.

What do you consider white supremacist ideology? Give me some examples in policy terms, I'm curious.

No. 172361

>treat their pets like shit
This is a big one. Also when they treat people "below" them (i.e. service staff, receptionists) badly.

No. 172362

To be honest I should have just said "is racist". That's all I really meant. Like if they think I'm lesser than them for something I have no control over. It's not a huge concern because most guys who would pursue me in the first place aren't racist, but I've been subject to some very bizarre racially-charged negging.

No. 172363

So as a former cheater, could you give us any other cheating red flags to look out for?

No. 172364

Abrupt disinterest in sex with you, uncharacteristically random displays of affection and gift giving (driven by guilt), vague alibis about where he was on a particular date.

The weird thing is I love women. I mean I really honestly do love women. But I have some shitty weaknesses too.

No. 172369

If you like women but can't cope with a monogamy relationship why don't you stay single then?

No. 172739

>any "extreme" views (religious, political, etc.)
>negative attitude
>hot tempered
>constantly checking phone
>white knight
>always talks, never listens
>openly talking about other girls
>no future goals or ambitions

No. 172762

the moment when you totally agree with this list but realize that some of the attributes apply to your bf…

No. 172766

>bad with money (don't have to be rich, but every month being in the negative is obviously a problem)
>no sex drive
>talks about how smart they are
>puts anything and everything before you (why are you dating me at all if you'd rather just play video games for literally 12 hours)
>thinks it's okay to be completely supported and not do anything (this isn't the 50s, single income households just aren't feasible anymore)
Wow these are all the reasons why I divorced my husband….

No. 172768

>concerned with status
>plays dumb to be cute
>parrots any meme shit going around on Facebook - I literally had a girl tell me "bee movie is my life" the other day, with no context, just looking to be hip and with it
>has professional (i.e. your fuckwit friend with a high def camera) modelling shoot photos in her social media
>has her phone out during the date

No. 172769

>has professional (i.e. your fuckwit friend with a high def camera) modelling shoot photos in her social media
Care to explain? This is very specific.

No. 172770


It's so fucking common in my city for some reason I assumed it was prevalent. Pretty much every girl has a friend with a "photography business" on Facebook, and so many of these girls arrange ""professional"" shoots where thry go to either the beach, the park or the forrest where they take a series of photos in the same fucking poses and they upload them and fuck I don't know I'm sounding like such a jaded cunt but I don't get it I can't fathom paying someone to take photos of just me and then going to all my friends saying "check these ones out lads". It just seems self-absorbed as fuck.

No. 172771

File: 1482236519516.jpg (72.11 KB, 637x960, 15171214_1104369346327777_8330…)

What's even worse are women who consider posing in fetish underwear modeling and plaster their facebook with it. Always with a bullshit caption like "Thanks to XXX photography for the awesome shoot"

No. 172772

I don't know, it sounds like a very petty thing to dislike but you do you.

No. 172777

File: 1482240459233.png (637.63 KB, 866x754, Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 20.0…)

>is engaged in internet culture and memes
>complains about the most inane bullshit
>vague and unreadable
>insults you heavily/afraid to playfully insult you once you get to know eachother
>watches Rick and Morty

No. 172778

>insults you heavily/afraid to playfully insult you once you get to know eachother

This one applies to any kind of relationship really

No. 172782

t. just finished a "photoshoot" with a "professional photographer" (read: friend with a DSLR) at a derelict local park and thinks she's a model now

No. 172783

how many notes do your nudes get on tumblr?

No. 172792

Yeah I somewhat agree. Nude modelling and breastfeeding pics are annoying, but normal photos are a red flag? What's wrong with wanting a nice pic of yourself lol

>Watches Rick and Morty

No. 172800

>Claims to be poor but spends money on unnecessary shit (ex. latest cell model, when he could afford a less pricey model but wants it because "w-what if someone will laugh at me?" No one cares about your phone, smartass)
>Watches 2deep4me anime (ex. madoka a best! Anohana is cry!)
>Anger issues, out of fucking nowhere
>Unable to talk, meaning he cannot discuss things and doesn't listen to others
>"Muh culture, muh religion" You're your own person, m8.
>Sweet with you but when he's with friends AND you he makes lame ass jokes or shitty attitude just to look cool
>Cheating cunt but justifies himself with "I was drunk" "I was wrong" "I can explain" and other bullshit
>Bad hygiene
>Ignores you and then "Sorry, I forgot!" but gets mad when you take a minute or two to reply because you were having a piss
>Wants to check or sneaky checks your phone. Mind your own business.
>Wants your fb password to "sleep better knowing you're not cheating"
>In general, guys with trust issues. If you cannot trust a person, don't get a relationship
>Can't bear your animals, telling you to get rid of them
>Tells you your hobbies are shit
>Pseudo-psychology expert ("Freud says that if you didn't wanted to fuck your dad as a child you're damaged! Get help!")
>Can't make his own goddamn food (Ex. if you're late from work and expects you to cook if he's already home)
>Treats poorly waiters, cashiers etc
>Goes to stores and brags about wanting to spend less on a thing to the cashier

Yes, all of these are based on things that happened to me. That's why I learned my lesson and avoid like the plague people like this.

No. 172801

These aren't red flags, This is what happens when you miss all the flags.

No. 172804

Never would've guessed, ESL-chan.

No. 172805

All of these were a single person
D-don't bully me, I made a mistake okay ;_;

No. 172807

>Mommy's Boy
>Bad relationship with his parents
"My mom told me to do this even if I don't want or she'll cut my pocket money"/"My mom is a whore >:(("

>Treats pets like shit

"I must educate them you know? They never learn :)"

>You're always wrong, for him

"You're wrong in this!! But if I am wrong, you're just overreacting, you need to calm down :) Mistakes happen!"

>He's a pissbaby who thinks has a doll in his hands and not a indipendent person

"Don't dye your hair, I don't like it :( Don't dress like this, I don't like it :( Don't get tattoos, I don't like it :( Don't
do [personal thing to your OWN body] I don't like :("

No. 172809

- Vapes
- Not a feminist (as in, doesn't believe in pro-choice and slut shames women)
- GED (Really? Couldn't even finish high school?)
- Doesn't go to college because he plans on being a DJ/Rapper for a living (Can you guess what city I live in?)
- Doesn't take care of his health
- Tries hard to prove that he respects womenz. It's called being a decent human being.
- He's 25+ and shops at department stores like Zumiez, Hot Topic, American Eagle, etc.
- Treats employees working in the service industry like shit
- Has pictures of himself posing with dead animals (I don't want to see the poor deer you killed, wtf???)
- Redneck, basically

This is all I can think of for now. I agree with

> Violent outbursts while playing video games

> Hits inanimate objects when angry
> Any trace of white supremacy (Latina here!)
> Treats pets like shit
> Smells bad
> Expects women to be perfect when they themselves are below average (I.e we need to wear sexy lingerie but they have holes in their 5 year old boxer-briefs)

No. 172810

Forgot to add

- Is broke af yet he gets like two new tattoos or buys a new Xbox game instead of buying food or paying rent. That shows that you are shit at handling money.

No. 172817

I like the emoticons, anon. Nice touch.

No. 172818


>He's 25+ and shops at department stores like Zumiez, Hot Topic, American Eagle, etc.

Finding a decent job is hard as fuck unless you have connections or you graduated from a STEM department and some people don't have a chance to get a good education.

No. 172820

What do the stores have to do with getting a decent job though? Some of the shit at those stores is pretty overpriced and, quite frankly, a man in his mid twenties he should be embarrassed by shopping at them.

No. 172821

This. You don't need a big income to not dress like shit.

No. 172828

>Everytime you tell him about your day he just replies with "I see"
>Only talks about himself and his life or interests
>Doesn't care about your interests
>Calls himself a smart scientist because he has a degree in Biology
>Gives you hell because he spent some extra money to visit you
>Got so obsessed with gym he developed body dysmorphia
>Puts every single interest of his before you
>Everytime you Skype, he is playing a video game and not paying a lot of attention to what you are talking about
>Tell him you've been feeling lonely and he spergs out about how white male is the loneliest and women have it easy because of beta orbiters

I didn't know what a redpiller is before, but I sure do now.

I have no idea why I dated this guy for 8 months.

No. 172829


Hottopic isn't cheap though.

No. 172830


fuck sorry, had a brain fart for a moment thought you were saying "work" there, just ignore me.

No. 172833


Well, you're not wrong either. It's easy to not dress like crap on a budget. But yeah, men who still shop at those stores should really reevaluate their choices.

No. 172835


Outside of thrift stores I really have no idea how to do that.

No. 172836

>Talks about internet culture in real life
>Wears 'ironic' t-shirts
>is above 20 but still acts like they're 12

No. 172838

>wants you to take pictures of your mom while she's in the shower

I'm not even joking

No. 172839

>Afraid of his mom

Grow the fuck up

No. 172841

>addicted to weed
>meme master
>claims "you aren't like the other girls" while referring to other girls as being bitchy, slutty
>keeps getting into fights, drama follows him
>all around unintelligent
>took out a loan jus tto get a big ass flashy truck

No. 172843

Save up and stalk sales websites, ebay, online shops etc. Don't just buy whatever in hopes of fitting into it 'one day' or 'making it work', buy classic pieces, have 3-4 colours at most in your wardrobe palette. Wear flattering colours. Don't be fat. Know your measurements and what looks good on you. Building a wardrobe can take years. That's pretty much it.

No. 172845

Not even the same anon you were responding to, but this screams insecurity

No. 172851

:( get you a good man, anon. how long have you been going out?

No. 172855

>divorce when they're in their 40s or 50s with kids

Most people don't have "kids" when they are in their 40s and 50s, they either have teenagers, or adults who are grown and in college, living at home or away. I think a grown "kid" won't be deprived of a "permanent father figure" if mom and dad decide when they're 18/19 to divorce.

No. 172856

>watches Rick and Morty
This made me laugh because it's so specific and screams vendetta lol.

I kind of get what you're saying, I knew a girl who did a few "professional" shoots and thinks she's hot shit now (and a bunch of dudes I know fall for it LOL they didn't look at her twice before but now they keep circlejerking over how hot she is) but someone just having nice pics of themselves seems far from a red flag.

I've never been in a relationship but I've been unfortunate (or maybe fortunate) enough to witness plenty of shitty ones, so I've picked up on some red flags.

>puts you down in front of others (friend in high school was awful about this, constantly telling her boyfriend he was worthless/useless/stupid)

>trying to make themselves the victims of EVERYTHING (same friend, lifted her hand to take something out of her boyfriend's hair and he flinched, and she got angry and embarrassed at him for flinching because "WOW IT'S NOT LIKE I WAS GOING TO HIT YOU". She had before.)

Actually I'm just going to list all the shitty things my one friend did, she was a shitty person but a great lesson.

>Shamed her bf for choosing to hang out with friends instead of with her.

>Hit him (never very hard but it's still degrading)
>Hit him in front of friends, implying she thought her behavior was fine/justified
>Expected him to repay "debts" (what regular people refer to as favors)
>Hated and generalized other women
>Hated and generalized men
>Constantly flirting with other guys "on accident"
>Arguing in public while friends were around
>Arguing in class, loudly (bonus points because I was their lab partner and it was fucking embarrassing! Hooray!)
>Had no sympathy for abuse victims ("Women are stupid. If a girl is being abused, why doesn't she just leave?" IDK ASK YOUR BOYFRIEND)
>dropped their 6 year relationship because "I have to be alone and find myself!" and then immediately got with another dude. Classy.

I'm so fucking glad that bitch is out of my life.

No. 172858

My biggest ones are

>1. Acts like a fool in public/is rude to retail employees and restaurant workers

Elaboration: I had a boyfriend when I was in high school (he was graduated) who always acted up in public. Tried to steal things from stores we were shopping at, throwing food around in restaurants. It was so embarrassing, I think about those dates all the time.

>2. Is racist/homophobic/sexist

I don't really have any hardcore deal breakers but those. I'm pretty lenient on other things based on hobbies and appearances, I've initially written people off because they smoked or vaped but then I got to know them and decided I liked them, or the opposite happened, I liked someone then found out they vaped. It's not something I like, but I won't drop someone like a hot potato if I find that out. Liking someone is based a lot around compromise anyway.

No. 172862

-mummy issues
-cares too much about what others might think
-games all the time
-counts how much more money he spent on you than you on him
-gets really serious about arguments online
-always asks for sources when arguing about shit

I hate this man

No. 172864

Holy shit, my ex is same as this (except laziness).

He would always tell me how he had an internet fight on reddit.
And when we would fight, he would ask me for "citations" or "sources".

He would state that he doesn't care what other people think but then had an issue and got all butthurt because his younger brother lightly joked about being taller than him by an inch

No. 172869

>Smokes cigarettes
>Cant keep a friend
>Asks mommy/daddy for every little thing
>Cant cook
(Hell, not that I want to live like a princess, but if I get sick or I'm out for work, you should be able to make something)
>Can't clean the house
(Same thing)
>Rude to people with no reason
>Judges people in public making rude comments
Mind your own business mate
>Acts like an expert in anything because he read like those "important" 3-4 books
>unironically likes lolies
>uses the prankxD excuse to act like a retard/piece of shit
>takes your problems lightly
(Ex. you have an hormone disease so you have to watch your weight and he randomly spergs out "fatty" and then "I was joking!!xD")
>Cant say things face-to-face, waits to be distant so he can be protected by a phone screen

No. 172870

>Smokes cigarettes
>Cant keep a friend
>Asks mommy/daddy for every little thing
>Cant cook
(Hell, not that I want to live like a princess, but if I get sick or I'm out for work, you should be able to make something)
>Can't clean the house
(Same thing)
>Rude to people with no reason
>Judges people in public making rude comments
Mind your own business mate
>Acts like an expert in anything because he read like those "important" 3-4 books
>unironically likes lolies
>uses the prankxD excuse to act like a retard/piece of shit
>takes your problems lightly
(Ex. you have an hormone disease so you have to watch your weight and he randomly spergs out "fatty" and then "I was joking!!xD")
>Cant say things face-to-face, waits to be distant so he can be protected by a phone screen

No. 172871

> can't take care of himself (I'm not your mum)
> talks badly about other women in his life
> controlling behaviour (I can take care of myself)
> far less intelligent than me

No. 172920

>skipping class to play video games/letting video games be the cause of you dropping out
>referring to real people as "Stacys" and "Chads"
>constantly bragging about past sexual "conquests"
>talking shit about people and not realizing you're in that same boat
>deep rooted trust issues
>working video game QA
>conversation always leads to something about sex or drugs/alcohol
>high libido
This is just because mine is very low, so
I know how awfully it could end

A mix from two guys I've dated in the past.

No. 172932

>any trace of white supremacy (Latina here!)
I was seeing a white Jewish guy on and off for like a year (we took a break for a few months) and the last time we got into a fight recently he said he wouldn't want to have kids with me because I'm a Latina. He literally said "I wouldn't reproduce with a nonwhite" despite telling me how much he wanted to have a lot of kids with me before that argument. He's not the only white guy ive been with that was racist, it's like I attract racist whites

Sage for blogposting

No. 172935


No. 172936

>musician (seems cool and sexy at first but it's a crisis waiting to happen when their band doesn't take off)
>fat (implied lack of self-control and laziness)
>anyone who studied game design or is pursuing it as a career (eternal manchildren, don't go there)
>relying on their parents for everything (pathetic, not independent and never learn to fend for themselves)
>dudes who actively watch and enjoy anime (I just assume they will have fapped over a cartoon which is just so pathetic I can't even respect it)
>men who enjoy debating (or as I like to call it, arguing)
>rude to his mom or other women in his life
>acts like affection and love is "lame" when over the age of 20 (immature)
>can't discuss problems and instead lashes out

No. 172988

>poor hygiene
>destructive hobbies
>"""smart but lazy"""
>disinterested in education past high school
>would rather talk about their past than the present
>no desire to get a driver's license past the age of 20
Last one is a regional issue, where I live driving is a necessity. Not having a license means you're completely dependent on other people for rides or never going more than a mile away from where you live.

No. 172998

>dudes who actively watch and enjoy anime (I just assume they will have fapped over a cartoon which is just so pathetic I can't even respect it)

You already sound like a bitch

>men who enjoy debating (or as I like to call it, arguing)

There's a huge difference between arguing and debating. With debates, there's intellectual honesty, with arguments it's generally emotionally charged arguments

No. 173002

>dudes who actively watch and enjoy anime (I just assume they will have fapped over a cartoon which is just so pathetic I can't even respect it)

Oh no! A person likes something I don't like which is totally unharmful to me and others!
What will I do?

No. 173018

File: 1482386091013.jpg (66.52 KB, 640x480, 1454925399293.jpg)

>dudes who actively watch and enjoy anime (I just assume they will have fapped over a cartoon which is just so pathetic I can't even respect it
Don't kid yourself. Pretty much 98% of all farmers have jilled it to yaoi at some point and I'm sure as hell not innocent in that regard.

No. 173020


Holy shit are you me?
>Smart but lazy
is the ultimate red flag

No. 173024

Agree with most, but this
>musician (seems cool and sexy at first but it's a crisis waiting to happen when their band doesn't take off)

Seems to be more about morons who have no plans in life other than hoping that their shitty band's going to explode than just musicians in general.

Those sorts of people are fucking retarded though, I agree, no-one should base their lives off something so uncertain.

The anime thing seems a bit petty too, you could say the same thing for videogames or anything else, what people watch or do doesn't really necessarily reflect the rest of their lives.

No. 173034

I went on a date with a guy who insisted not having a license was the future (this is in LA for crying out loud) and that it was better for the world. I really liked him but ultimately never called him back because just seeing him scramble for a ride home was embarassing. Not having a license might work in places where public transit is decent but not in LA of all places

Fuck those pussies who are too scared to drive.

Anyway my red flag would be leaving instagram models sexual comments. Even if you're single and you do that it just screams desperate. Also any guy who likes big boobs or fake boobs is a red flag.

No. 173035

>people who use the term "jilled"

No. 173039

I mean I agree that not wanting to drive and calling it ~the future~ in LA is pretty stupid but I think someone having a legit fear of driving is valid. Not even irrational really, seeing as it's an easily dangerous activity.

No. 173040

Curious, why big boobs? I agree with most of the rest of what you're saying, unless you live in some huge city with ridiculous traffic and great public transport you should have a license or be trying to get one, and liking fake boobs is a bit of a sign of something usually being a bit off, but what's with big boobs?

No. 173043

Really I don't think having a fear is okay or valid. If you have a fear of driving then you need to get over it. Go to therapy and fix yourself

And I'm saying this as someone whose had family/friends killed in car accidents.

I just think guys who are solely attracted to big boobs are immature and/or have a Napoleon complex. Like they need their girlfriend to have huge boobs in order to feel like "The Man"

No. 173045

So, you think that having any fears is a red flag and unreasonable, despite everyone having some fears, and that any guy who has a preference for big boobs is immature or has a Napoleon complex instead of just, you know, being more attracted to that?

That's pretty ridiculous.

No. 173046

Yeah I think fears should be conquered and overcome. Is that so weird ?

I mean any guy who solely prefers big boobs. Guys who like big boobs but can also get into small boobs are fine. I'm not talking about the guys who are 51% big boobs 49% small boobs. I'm talking about the 90% and above. As in, 90% of the girls you find attractive must have huge boobs

No. 173047

I'm kinda drunk so sorry if this doesn't make sense hahah

No. 173051

>Yeah I think fears should be conquered and overcome. Is that so weird ?

A bit, yeah, it's normal to have fears really, I think it's unreasonable to look down on people for having them.

And I dunno, I think you're being a bit unreasonable about the preference thing. Some people just have strong preferences, would you feel the same about it if a guy only found brunettes attractive? White people? Whatever, like, I get it if they're ridiculous about it and think no-one can be attractive without big boobs, but if that's just what they're into the majority of the time, that's how it is.

No. 173053

Yeah but why are they so into it, a "majority of the time"? It's literally sacks of fat. Every physical feature can be reduced down to some biological sequence no one has control over. If you're a good guy you will overlook it and be a 51% instead of a 90%

No. 173054

Who knows? You can argue all sorts of stuff about why they might or might not, but people just have preferences, we don't really understand sexuality well enough to say why some people like some stuff more than others.

I don't think what you're attracted to necessarily makes you a good or bad guy though.

This is sounding more and more like a vendetta, by the way

No. 173057

Okay? Vendetta against who ? Guys who solely like huge boobs? Nah. I don't hate them, I just look at them as a red flag. It can also be applied to big butts, and big whatever. Small whatever. I guess I was too specific in that sense

As long as someone isn't an obese hamplanet I don't see why not having enough of a physical thing should be a deciding factor but that's just me. That's MY red flag.

No. 173059

Yeah, just comes across as you having had a bad experience with a guy like that is all, because it was so specific.

But yeah, you're right, it is your red flag, I just don't personally get it, I think everyone has a type, and some people are more picky than others.

No. 173060

>not having their own friends
>not liking your friends for no real legitimate reasons
>dirty room
>plays videogames all day
>deadend retail or fastfood job, not pursuing any passions
>won't help with simple shit to please you like help you kill bugs or fix furniture
>doesn't cook or isn't interested in cooking
>not interested in doing outdoorsy things
>makes plans and doesn't follow through with them
>forgets your birthday or other special events
>is insecure about your successes
>poor money management skills
>smokes too much weed
>only reads fiction

holy fuk im salty

No. 173065

>forgets your birthday

OMG I WILL KILL THAT PERSON. That shit is unforgivable. In a world where social media stars and instafamous people get all the attention, the average person only has their birthday to feel recognition and then it's forgotten. I'm so sorry

No. 173067

I'm curious, how do you feel if someone just can't remember the date your birthday was?

I'm fucking terrible with remembering numbers, I barely remember how old I am most of the time, and I'll forget what day birthdays are on a lot, but do keep them stored in my phone and computer so it notifies me beforehand so I don't forget.

Just curious if it's the actual forgetting that gets to you, or if it's that they don't do anything on the actual birthday itself.

No. 173069

Like if it's your boyfriend of 6 months + and they forget it that's pretty stupid. If you don't make a big deal of your birthday I get that them forgetting is not so bad. But like if you're dating someone longterm you should just know.

Being bad with dates isn't acceptable at that point keep a calendar ?

No. 173072

Sorry forgot to mention if they don't do anything that's kinda unforgivable too unless you both accept beforehand that you're poorfags

I think the not remembering or not putting it in your calendar is the unforgivable part mainly. Not so much the material shit

No. 173074

My point was more if you asked a partner what day it was on, and they got it wrong, but didn't miss it when it actually came around, is that still a negative? Or is it just the forgetting on the day?

I keep a calendar, but am generally pretty bad at remembering anything to do with dates, and I was just curious really.

No. 173077

No that's not a negative then

No. 173119

>doesn't give a shit about the environment

This is a personal one (I'm majoring in something ecology-related) and a potential partner doesn't have to be a total hippy that drives a hybrid and only buys things made of recycled material, but if they litter and don't recycle (my city is very big on recycling and it's REALLY easy here, it's almost more work not to recycle) and especially if they look down on my field of study, there's no way it could work.

No. 173137

Men like that are all about fetishising "exotic" nonwhite women but when it comes to serious relationships, they wouldn't even consider it. I'm sorry that happened to you. What a douchebag.

No. 173205

>addicted to weed

My #1 red flag there. Also not treating their parents/family well, not having any hobbies except "video games," and being a NEET with bad hygiene.

I'm also really concerned with how they treat animals. It's very telling.

No. 173206

You managed to meet one of the 5% of Jews who aren't subversive kikes.

I'd like to meet that guy and shake his hand.

Better than marrying them and then divorcing, like non-white men do with white women, because all they see white women as are racial trophies to show off.

Non-White Male / White Female marriages have the three highest rates of divorce out of any inter-ethnic pairing in the US.

Btw, nothing racist with wanting to have white children.

No. 173208

I swear this is every white supremacist's rhetoric. No one who isn't white willingly wants to be romantically involved with a racist. If white people want white kids so bad, then they should date other white people and leave everyone else alone. And props for trying to bring up divorce statistic so you can make white-white couples look 'better' in comparison.

No. 173220

My red flags are:

>constantly talks about religion and politics

>tries to start arguments about them(i'm right just accept my opinio is better tha yours)
>constantly tries talking you into doing sexual things you aren't comfortable with at all
>no job and seldom bothers getting one
>no college degree of any kind(just my personal preference but when i meet a dude without one he seems to think he's so "self-educated")
>only interested in discussing himself and his interests
>won't stfu about weed or smells terribly of it
>never wants anything higher in life than a fast-food job or a minimum wage one(basically won't apply himself to something harder to make a better living)
>disrespects your family or friends because they do something he doesn't agree with
>nonstop use of memes and internet culture
>treats animals poorly
>uses depression as a crutch and won't even try to get help no matter how small the help is
>poor hygiene(it's just generally gross and sometimes the smells make me vomit)
>redneck as hell
>always itching to start trouble with people for the sake of "being fun"
>has cheated before

No. 173227

This whole thread is based off of personal vendettas and experience. When I read it, I imagine each Anon talking about one specific person they have dated and hated. It's very obvious.

No. 173250

Exactly! I was with this man for over a year… why not just be with a white girl if he wanted white kids so much? Instead he wasted my time and tried to justify his racism with "Im in love with you so I'm not racist and I didn't think it was a big deal since you didn't want kids anyway"

No. 173253

Depends what you mean by Hispanic. Some Hispanics are brown others are actually good looking and white (those who were blessed by Spanish blood).

No. 173261

Salty white girl detected

No. 173279

File: 1482590987653.png (89.29 KB, 1272x1152, 1471755039485.png)

No. 173281

Uh I'm a white Mexican and I WISH I was brown or full Aztec. Like Spaniard genes suck. It's being Mexican without the big ass, full lips and tanned skin

Fuck it.

No. 173288

everything is a red flag

No. 173929

Generally men who call themselves feminists are compensating for not actually treating women well. I prefer a man who is respectful and considerate towards women (and everyone really). I do think it is especially nice when men understand that women are just different, though.

No. 173930

>dudes who actively watch and enjoy anime (I just assume they will have fapped over a cartoon which is just so pathetic I can't even respect it)
I agree; weebs have the most unrealistic expectations of women

No. 173931

Firstly, Jews aren't white. Secondly, why date someone with whom you wouldn't want kids, unless you don't ever want children?(race derailing outside of /sty/)

No. 173940

>Jews aren't white
Ashkenazi Jews, AKA the most common "type" of Jew, are literally from all over Europe.
Only idiots think they're "not white" lol(race derailing outside of /sty/)

No. 173956

It's first not firstly, moron.

No. 174018

No. 174027

non that anon, but you are wrong and your comment irked me for some reason. both are correct even though first is way more common.

The Oxford English Dictionary on firstly: Used only in enumerating heads, topics, etc. in discourse; and many writers prefer first, even though closely followed by secondly, thirdly, etc. First, and firstly are both correct, since first is also an adverb.

saging because this is obviously ot.

No. 174034

holy shit this thread is just robots and very few girls.

No. 175038

mommy issues

No. 175041

Good to see white self loathing idiots are everywhere. Not just Europe and America.

KYS indigenismo faggot.

No. 175042

Lol at this one

>"Yeah. You haven't had a job in ten years. That's ok. I'm not judging and it's not a hard red line for me but WOAH DID YOU JUST SAY SOMETHING BAD ABOUT MUSLIMS? WE'RE FINISHED DUDE!"

No. 175045

Why are you still with him then?

No. 175046

Autism. No, seriously. It's a deal breaker for me. I'm in STEM, so aspies are a dime a dozen and think they can automatically date me because omg a girl!!!

Fuck that. I'd rather date a Chad who can somewhat hold a proper conversation.

No. 175047

The problem with them is they see the opposite sex as not really inherently feminine if they're in a STEM program. You just become one of the guys. I don't think most girls actually like that.

Also not to sound crude but dicklets and Asians everywhere. Ugh.

No. 175050

Some autist with the whiniest adult male voice on the planet (I swear that's a thing with these guys) thought that insulting my math skills was a good way to flirt. And that's just the tip of the iceberg lmao.

No. 175052

Lol and he couldn't even neg right. You're supposed to give an underhanded compliment, not outright insult the woman.

No. 175053

pff, they act like pua tactics are infallible.

I listened to Julien Blanc once.

No. 175191

>"You're not like the other girls" or "All my exes were crazy"
>Sexist, racist or generally ass backwards
>Overshares information e.g. tells you long stories or useless facts about themselves that have no punch line
>Edgy internet humour merch, novelty hats, waistcoats (unfortunately)
>Bad personal hygiene, fat
>Grown adult who expects anyone to take care of them in any way or makes excuses about things being unfair when they don't go their way, mommy issues
>Jelousy or overly territorial
>Self professed feminist or OTT sjw
I always want to believe these guys but then they turn out to be more rapey than the sexist ones
>Talks a lot about weed or wears weed print clothing
>Anyone who makes a repeated effort to define or describe themselves verbally rather than just actually letting their personality show through e.g. actually saying shit like "I'm really shy but also deep, I'm totally this character and this character, I'm the most x person ever"
>Bragging about where they studied, IQ or academic achievements the first time they meet you when it's not related to topic. Bonus flags if they don't even bother to ask about you.
>People who think they are unique and always add that what they just said/did was lolsorandom. Chill the fuck out, everybody on this planet is weird
And my all time fucking top flag
>Mistakes customer service politeness as a personal invitation to something else

I'm so bitter

No. 175198

No. 175211

>ugly, bad hygiene, with hunched back and disgusting clothes
>no ounce of charisma or pleasant traits at all
>obvious about their love for video games or anime
>socially awkward

No. 175214

For those saying "you're not like other girls" How is a guy supposed to tell you he sincerely finds you unique and special in his eyes? Or is this only about the first dates when he clearly doesn't know you well and he's full of shit?

No. 175216

Literally just "you're unique and special to me".
Not like other girls = all other girls are rubbish. It has pretty negative connotations and implies that he has issues with women on a whole. Too r9k for me thanks.
Like a girl saying "You're so nice, not like other guys" would imply she thinks all men are assholes.

Also yes about the first date thing

No. 175223

>does coke and or/drinkd heavily
>into doom metal or jam bands
>can't drive
>always wants to go to a bar for dates
>casually puts arm around me or pets my hair on a first date (i hate being touched by unfamiliar folks)
>calls me "woman" instead of my name
>actively hates feminism
>makes fun of other girls appearances
>doesn't read books
>is in a band

not all of these are absolute deal-breakers, but they pretty much guarantee the guy will be a fling and not much else.

No. 175227

File: 1483460553905.jpg (25.43 KB, 584x681, 15492443_1434159189963573_4686…)

Explosive behavior over unimportant things like video games, really anything related to games or competition.

Petty argumentative behavior over things like food, what clothes their partner wears (in most cases) and more extreme obsessive behavior, like constantly checking on you, texting you

Making you feel bad for going anywhere without them or on their time. I've had conversations with my boyfriend about this and realized it was more his social anxiety and attachment issues and acknowledged it was detrimental to the relationship. If they don't budge when they're confronted and can't compromise to empathize with your situation, that is the hugest red flag.

Ummm.. obvious things like aggression towards animals, or being completely inept when it comes to animal care.

Constantly asking for money or never having money. I'm not talking about a person that doesn't want to pay for their date, but a person who wants to have the luxury of dating but never, ever wants to pay. Huge red flag, like they expect me to be their mommy or something.

Constantly pestering for some sexual thing you don't want to do. I would just leave at that point, that is unsettling to me.

No foreplay ever. No foreplay even after you kindly mention foreplay helps. Even after you kindly describe the biological functions of a woman that make sex pleasurable and how to activate that shit. If it's straight up clothes off dick in vagina every time and you never cum get the FUCK OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP. What a waste of time.

I guess that's all I can think of.

No. 175261

>likes to yell a lot
>lies about really minor dumb things for no apparent reason
>memes too hard
>does things ironically
>drives like a psycho
>complains about things he hates about himself and does nothing to fix them
>compares all women to the only ex girlfriend he's ever had
>is/was an orbiter
>blames other people for his shortcomings
>gets mad and aggressive really easily
>doesnt react to anything you say
>wants things just because his friends have it
>cites freud
>plays dumb when you confront him for treating you like shit
>browses /pol/ or /r9k/
>makes fun of your fears or your hopes and dreams
>doesnt like to be affectionate
>doesnt have original personality or beliefs

No. 175273

Not white or doesn't want children.

No. 175289

>complains about things he hates about himself and does nothing to fix them

Oh my God, yes. That is one trait I absolutely despise in a person

No. 175637

File: 1483590951173.jpg (79.88 KB, 766x960, 1477968008082.jpg)

My god take it easy… I don't have autism but I do have 3 friends who do personally and they all really struggle with sexual relationships even social interaction in general. Back when I was in the 11th grade one of them posted on a status on FB asking if anyone wants to hang out and have lunch with him because he wasn't close with anyone in my school and it wasn't even his fault that he lacks social skills, he was even willing to pay for the food too! That shit really broke my heart. I'm not trying to tell any of you to have sex, date, or even be close friends with them but keep in mind that most of them do not understand social cues and once they become self-aware of that fact, they'll sponge up any advice someone even horrible ones like anyone from the PUA community tells them to improve their social skills. Sorry if I'm moralfagging but that's just mean.

No. 175638

Guys with high sex drives.
I dunno why but they are usually fucked up.
I try to look for guys with low-medium drives even if it means less satisfaction.

No. 175643

lol so you are telling us to cope with it because it might break their little glass heart? Give me a break

No. 175645

These are our personal red flags anon, I don't think everyone is saying OMG ALL AUTISTS SHOULD BE CASTRATED NEVER MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEM, just that it's a major turn off so they probably won't date them in the same way that being fat or wearing bad clothes is.
It's a lot of work dating someone with a different mind to yours, if you look in other threads you'll also see lots of girls have bad experiences dating bpd guys and would never go through it again based on that risk. Everyone should be given a reasonable level of human courtesy but nobody should be shamed into pity dating/friendships for the sake of being pc.

No. 175755

Like I said you don't even have to be friends with them, they're human beings with emotions too. Rejecting them is all good but shitting on them because of their autism/aspergers is pretty low something I would expect in /r9k/ or /pol/.
Like I've said you're not obligated to date them and everybody has their preferences, rejecting a autistic guy is not the issue. The issue is when you completely shit on their lack of social cues, the way how they sound, and their conversational skills, like seriously? I just saw a thread on above this about an anon suffering from mental illnesses and yet people are shitting on a symptom of disorder

No. 175854

Give me a break. Most of those guys don't have assburgers or whatever self diagnosed special snowflake status they ascribe to themselves.

I've met actual autists, including aspergers and if you did too, you would know most imageboard users are full of it. They just want to invent reasons for their failures; mom, governement, women, jews, or what have you, including autism. It's just like that meme: I'm too intelligent for <insert anything>.

And those "autists" are particularly unforgiving to anyone, always bringing up flaws in others and failing to see theirs.

It has come to a point when autism has been stretched to make ADHD kids and their parents feel better, and now any idiot and their mothers think their cretin is special. Not only that, any sign that you're introvert and less talkative draws conclusions that one is autist.

No, most guys mentioned ITT are just crybabies, entitled, egotistic walking excrements that will never, ever admit their shortcommings, so why should we have any pity on them?

No. 175873

This honestly. Every guy I've dated all had high sex drives and they were all equally either clingy or had major issues.

No. 175945

I am not sure if you have noticed but the thread is about dating. Not befriending, dating.

No. 180611

>side hoe
I never got this shit, isn't that like a compliment? You should be flattered to be a guy's side chick since that means you're somehow more appealing than his lousy girlfriend. Not necessarily a bad thing, that's just how the world works

No. 180612

Not everybody hates themselves like that, Anon.

No. 180619

Why would you want to associate yourself with someone who will cheat on their partner? I wouldn't be flattered, I'd feel bad for his "main" girlfriend because that's just a shitty thing to do to someone.

There's no evidence in that situation that his girlfriend is "lousy" but there's some pretty overwhelming evidence that he's a POS (who'd probably cheat on your ass, too). But hey, maybe it's just me that dislikes getting cheated on and/or having mistrust in their partner.

No. 180652

confirmed. unless you have one to match it gets messy.

No. 180660

>People who insist on wearing their bullshit jewelry to fancy places

What the fuck man, you're free to express yourself but don't you have any self respect? Why would you wear a nose ring to a nice restaurant, or does your entire personality revolve around jewelry?

>Anybody who doesn't shut the fuck up about piercings

No. 180674

>>172936>dudes who actively watch and enjoy anime (I just assume they will have fapped over a cartoon which is just so pathetic I can't even respect it)

Same. Used to date a weeb when I was 18. He kept going on about how he wanted to visit Japan (probably for the uguu waifus + glorious culture) Avoid guys like that like the plague, complete fucking cringe.

No. 180725

I watch anime. I'm also a real cool guy: /fit/, smart, charming and not afraid of anything.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 180726

No sense of shame or decorum. I was once introduced to a guy who very quickly started talking about his poop habits. And bragged about being friends with a druggie camgirl. And dug through my Facebook and liked my embarrassing photos/statuses from HS. And would not stop shoehorning comments about my appearance into EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS TEXTS.

Also, never leaving the house. Same guy above talked big about his freaky internet habits but when I asked him what he liked to do when he goes out, he completely clammed up. Apparently he doesn't go out at all.

No. 180729

It's just a piercing anon what the fuck…
You must be really fun at parties.

No. 180730

lol anon, do you know this guy or something? He was telling me about how his diet changed his poop basically 5 minutes after we met. I don't know why I didn't nope the hell out of there right then.

No. 180736

I'm sure you're loved by those around you ;^)

No. 180739

>He tells you he loves you at the same time he asks you out

No. 180777

Aaah same, I hate when guys start talking about their poop/piss/farts. It's disgusting and makes me question their mental age

No. 180780

agreed on the last one 100%. animal abusers will inevitably abuse people as well. scum

my others are
>lack of fitness
>no outdoor interests
>wallowing in depression
>untidiness. a little messy is ok
>lack of a sense of humor

No. 180847

>He's white

No. 180856

>tfw I'm all of those
This is why I refuse to date, at least right now.

No. 180861

>Zero sense of humility
>Drug use, including heavy regular drinking
>Talks badly about others often
>Zero sense of humor
>Sense of humor is nothing but degrading others
>Obesity and/or poor hygiene
>Interrupts you often
>No manners
>No prospects for the future
>Spends money they don't have

No. 180863

>Sense of humor is nothing but degrading others
Oh my god this. Says a lot if you can't make a joke without putting other people down

No. 180904


>Sense of humor is nothing but degrading others

>Saying this in a website dedicated to degrading others

Really fires dem neurons up.

No. 180920

Don't worry, anon.
Multi-talented here. Far larger sense of humor than -just- poking fun. Thanks for playing.

No. 180934

I don't think they were saying that you can't make jokes like that, just that it's an issue if the vast majority of the jokes you make are hurting someones feelings, or at their expense, because it's shitty and gets boring, and they're generally dicks overall.

No. 180946

>into doom metal or jam bands
why is this so specific just like the rick and morty anon

No. 180948

It's just a vendetta post, like half of this thread.

All it means is they had an ex they're still shitty with who did those particular things, I really doubt anyone sees you liking a certain genre of music as a serious red flag.

No. 199894

>saying "I would never cheat on you" when you weren't implying it
>also unreasonably suspicious of you
>right wing and traditional
>doesn't go to the gym or work out at all
>deadend retail job with no other plans
>really into philosophy and thinks it makes him above the normies (these people have the craziest egos)
>says the word "alpha" "beta" or "redpilled" in real life
>talks about their high IQ
>has fetishes
>has a high libido and gets cranky if not ""satisfied""

No. 202381

-Spends time on an image board centered around bullying obscure internet profiles

No. 202382

No. 202387

all of these, especially the "unreasonably suspicious of you" part

the fetish part though, I wouldn't say all fetishes, it really depends, if a guy thinks that any preference they have is a fetish or thinks that light bdsm is a fetish then leave, however I don't mind if they have some weird piss or feet fetish, it's weird but not really a red flag, then again it might be because some of the sweetest, caring guys I have dated had a foot fetish
sage for blog

No. 202388

who are you and why do you keep trying to infight with people who you don't know if they had anything to do what /snow/ or /pt/

PS - instead of acting psycho actually go to snow or pt and splerg instead of commenting something along the lines of "hur dur you talk shit about people on the internet" on off topic or girl talk posts

No. 202389

File: 1503099124685.gif (705.89 KB, 500x281, 12631b57a7a422224ae32fe6d1fb6f…)

>right wing and "traditional"
>really into philosophy and thinks it makes him above the normies (these people have the craziest egos)
i hate these guys. in reality, theyre pretty stupid and narrow minded.
>omg i read one nietzsche book and now i hate women and im a nihilistic super intelligent god! im better than you!
give me a break.
even funnier when "traditional" alt right white guys are christian and complain about jews. shows how unintelligent and and unwell read they are.

most likely just some troll, probably even one of our own who's bored as hell lol. best thing to do is ignore their posts.

No. 202390

Chill out it was a joke, I just lurk on here sometimes

No. 202392


>treats you differently(better) from other people

>treats waitstaff badly
>is entitled
>is arrogant
>is sensitive and overly offended
>has ever cheated in his life
>blames everything else for his life choices
>still keeps a "friend" who obviously wants cock around.
>spinelessness(don't EVER expect him to stick up for you)

Agree with the drug use, and calling their exes crazy.

No. 202394

File: 1503100545762.jpg (47.82 KB, 241x320, C8u3kBWVYAA64tu-1.jpg)

Race fetish guys are the WORST
They only like specific races because it can fullfil their weird ass fantasies. It's pretty disgusting and revolting. I'm Chinese and from my experience they are usually white dudes who cling hard on any asian girl. They expect you to be a submissive animu wifu and when you're not a walking stereotype they call you a slut. The ones I've ran into are also like what >>202389 described. People like that deserve to be alone tbh.

No. 202397

>even funnier when "traditional" alt right white guys are christian and complain about jews. shows how unintelligent and and unwell read they are.
I don't need literature when I have Sam Hyde.

No. 202398

Is that you John? Let's check out this amazing thread that's been autosaged; >>>/ot/195991

No. 202399

did sam hyde call these people out or something

No. 202400

No. 202405

File: 1503116730644.jpg (110.93 KB, 780x592, 275b2a482bd772243364f4a365145b…)

How about the guys who hate plastic surgery and prefer ~natural~ women but when they see some fake ass n tits they say it's natural and hot

No. 202409

I think those guys are bad, but its because they think they know a lot about a topic they don't even look into, and its masked as them being good people, not into fake things. Which just makes it all the more funny!

No. 202411


possibly the biggest reason for my insecurity
I have a pretty average body, it seems that's not good enough and now to ever actually be good enough or attractive you have to have perky round big tits, 15 inch waist, no stomach, narrow everything except for wide hips and thighs and a big round butt, not saying exactly that of course but it seems you have to have the most exaggerated of exaggerated propotions to be seen as enough, but gOD FORBID YOU HAVE SURGERY

I swear, it's like guys will go on for days "ooo she has acne""oo her pussy is loose""oo her tits are saggy her nips are weird""her stomach is fat""she has no ass" even when a woman could be considered average, but then when she says something like "I want to get a brazilian butt lift" men go crazy and rant on how ugly plastic surgery is

tldr women with normal bodies are ugly and flawed head to toe and will never be like cam girls, insta models, etc etc UNTIL THEY CONSIDER PLASTIC SURGERY OF COURSE

No. 202587

>average female
Retard guys> TOO UGLY AND FAT
>Insta girls with full package plastic surgery

Some guys are just plain stupid, they don't even deserve to be called men. They think it's totally natural and normal for a 5'4 woman that weighs 100 pounds to have double d tits without the help of plastic surgery, then they set these kind of unrealistic expectation on every other woman based on the random model or e-celeb they see online.

No. 202624

Sup r/asianmasculinity. You guys have become way too easy to spot on here.

No. 202674

Sup conspiracychan, have you run out of tinfoil hats? Funny how no one can share experiences without being called a white or asian supremacist.

No. 202678

Pretty sure it's not just /r/asianmasculinity that dislikes Asian fetishists. Are you the person who made their thread here? You seem to have a weird hateboner

No. 202781

File: 1503336635135.png (268.15 KB, 720x418, 2017-08-21 13.28.56.png)

Like what other anons said, guys who think this kind of body is possible to obtain naturally. Hate to burst your bubble everyone, it's not other than through the means of plastic surgery.

No. 202803

thats not even the same person

No. 202805

"but but anonnnn girls can have perfect tits naturally why are you so in denial"

I swear it's like these guys never seen a skinny girl with naturally big boobs before, and they sure as hell aren't perky round barbie tits that are perfectly even and have small nipples

No. 212738

>even funnier when "traditional" alt right white guys are christian and complain about jews. shows how unintelligent and and unwell read they are.

care to elaborate? jews hate christians

No. 212739

>replying to my 3 month old post
>bumping the thread for some ot shit
good one. jews created christianity, numb nuts. go read a history book.

No. 212748

Right isn't an impossible natural body type at all.

No. 212749

The children are still gonna know. They're not stupid. Idk how i would have reacted on a divorce but knowing my dad was texting other women constantly made me lose a lot of trust in men. Still love my dad but i don't love that part of him at all.

No. 212767

:( did someones mother in law act like a bitch again?

No. 213037

I actually kind of appreciate this because it shows a certain attention to detail and willingness to put effort into things. I do have a problem when they come down on other people for their looks frequently though.

No. 213038

But it is? I feel like most body types are technically attainable naturally it's just that some are significantly more rare than others. That doesn't really mean one is objectively better than another either, it's just a matter of personal preference.

No. 213042

thinking modern (((jews))) are anything like temple jews

No. 213061

File: 1511862609217.jpg (89.66 KB, 499x488, 1509505816556.jpg)

-we didn't click during the 6-12 months of normal friendship I'd go through before even considering a relationship with anyone

-that's it

I think I fucked up too badly during my first relationships to ever have a 'hookup' kind of mentality.
To begin with I never understood how it is even possible for people to get together with someone who they haven't started out as "friends" with for a significant amount of time. It just feels like such a huge risk to open up 'that' area of your life to someone who you couldn't possibly have had the time to 'grasp' already.

No. 213136

But there is literally nothing wrong with fapping to cartoons or studying game design.

No. 213139

> Being negative. Everything you show them or tell them about and they'll have something bad or critical to say about it. And they don't see themselves as "negative", they see themselves as "realistic" or "nuanced" like stfu you aren't a 24/7 critic get outta here
> Disagreeing with some of my major philosophies and principles. I say my because one man's agreement is another person's disagreement so I want to be with someone I can have intelligent conversations with and agree on a moral/social level.
> If you look at your friends and can't find the asshole friend, then maybe stop to think that it's you. I.e arguing a lot, being the devil's advocate for no reason, being way too paranoid like we're all talking shit about you. Have some self-reflective qualities before you just assume everyone else is wrong.
> If you don't like my style then fine that's your own prerogative but if you get with me/get close and start judging me for my choices then gtfo. If you want a non tattooed natural girl who doesn't wear makeup but you stay with me and complain about my own decisions for my body then you're a piece of shit.

Generally I try to go by the quote from Bojack Horseman (paraphrasing) "when you look at someone through rose tinted glasses, all the red flags just look like flags"

No. 213560

>when men always judge womens looks and find something wrong with their bodies

if men are always judging and finding stuff wrong with womens bodies, chances are he will find something wrong with yours too, and I'm not gonna give myself to someone who won't appreciate it

>constantly talking about exes and sex life

>talks about how hot other girls are
>plays video games the entire time everytime you visit him or talk to him
>when you give romantic gestures they tend to take it for granted or push you away

No. 214713

File: 1512526201500.jpg (30.94 KB, 564x846, dumb.jpg)

This applies to friendships as well as romantic relationships, but anyone who posts "inspirational" quote pictures to their social media, or even worse, passive aggressive quotes.

It seems harmless at first glance but I've never met one person who does this who isn't a low IQ brainlet and/or addicted to creating personal drama

No. 214724

fucking amen
anyone I know who posts shit like this is in a shitty ass relationship with a bf who they publicly shame about cheating on them time and time again but post those ~inspirational~ love quotes….

No. 214770

Using quotes more than sporadically always makes someone seem like they have no thoughts of their own, nothing interesting to say and no individuality. It doesn't really matter what the quote actually is, it gives me a terrible impression of someone regardless.

No. 214771

lol. I am worried I'm this friend now. Also worrying that people talk shit about me. (But I guess I deserve it sometimes)

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