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No. 1700560

Previous: >>>/ot/1668197
Discuss art and related topics such as:

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse
-AI generated art


Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix

>useful youtube channels

>where to find art
>other useful sites


No. 1700596

File: 1694987297708.jpeg (67.16 KB, 735x528, 1669738774951.jpeg)

I am so fucking tired of women being held to the same standards as men in art. History has shown us women dont rape, kidnap, torture, and kill like men do, so why are women held at the same, if not higher standar than men?.
I will always be pro women drawing whatever the fuck they want, even if it's gross shit, same thing doesn't apply to men. If you think otherwise you are a retarded MRA that is desperately trying to pretend women are as bad as men. If women were as a bad as men we would have female jeffrey dahmer, women marrying little boys in middle eastern countries, men fearing going out late at night. I still stand that i would rather have a female shotafag artist than a female DDLG, Maledom, male-gaze artist. That bitch who wrote 50 shades did more damage to women than any female shotfag with 50 followers could do to boys. If women were as bad as men, as MRAs think, we would live in a more equal world, but we dont. Women fear men, men don't. Men are allowed to draw whatever disgusting shit they want and have a following, like mossa, women cant even draw a reverse harem gentle femdom webtoon without being called misandrist racists. The ''two wrongs dont make a right'' bullshit doesnt even make sense, because men make all the wrongs, yet women are the only ones paying for it. So yeah, I stand with women drawing whatever the fuck they want.

No. 1700627

>doesnt know about the queen
go back newfag

No. 1700644

> I will always be pro women drawing whatever the fuck they want, even if it's gross shit, same thing doesn't apply to men
Same here, i may get grossed out and laugh if what they draw is gross or ridiculous but i'll still side with them than with a scrote.

No. 1700646

Prepare yourself for the horde of twitter tourists getting angry at you kek

No. 1700672

yeah, i think all male pedophiles should be shoot on sight, but i think women can like shota without being pedos, or if they do are they can get therapy and change. There is a reason why men commit 98% of crimes, even the trannies with ''uwu feminine brain'' still commit more sexual crimes than women. I don't believe men can change, they are all inherently inmmature perverted creatures. When i was 14-17 i was a huge shotafag, i obviously wasnt nor are a pedo, i just liked femdom and cute boys and there was NOTHING cattering to me, it was all either dorito chin bishies, roided freaks and tons and tons of maledom shit, and all the femdom was sissy shit or dominatrix women for scrotes. Eventually i grew out of it and started drawing my own shit, so from personal experience i can see why a woman would like shota without being a pedo. Men cant even get rejected by some girl without raging and going on a mass shooting spree, they are low iq creatures and i am honestly very offended i am getting put on the same level as the sex that pays to rape gorillas in makeup. I think female shotafags are either just into cute boys, or have been abused in some way or another, i dont think none are capable or harming anyone but themselves. Also, literally no woman is making a male version of lolita/taxi driver/pretty baby/leon the professional/gravure idols, so it's safe to say no woman has interest in the real thing, unlike moids.

No. 1700675

What is the appeal in liking this art if it isn't because you're attracted to little boys lol

No. 1700688

i literally explained it on my post. Male characters come in two shapes most of the time, dorito chin bishie, and muscle pig. Some of us dont like those types, and our only alternative are ''shota characters''.

No. 1700690

Quite literally only true if you only consume anime

No. 1700694

irl moids (3DPD) are butt ugly though

No. 1700697

Kek true, but there's other art forms outside of anime and real people shows/movies/etc. I get it if you're a weeb and that's all you look at, but if you branch out, I promise you'll probably find something that fits the young, cute character type that isn't supposed to be a representation of a kid

No. 1700698

File: 1694999619828.jpg (84.3 KB, 736x1028, Fairydance.jpg)

Have you looked into fantasy art nona? Many of the men pictured in painterly fairy pics are pretty and lithe without a lot of dorito face.

No. 1700699

Can't you at least post something high res

No. 1700700

Sorry I got it off pinterest

No. 1700704

File: 1694999947086.png (274.2 KB, 600x315, genshit for ants.png)

I am not interested in 3dpd and western shows are shit. Videogames suffer a similar problem, too. Only dante and leon are attractive, although i hate their boring as fuck personalities, the rest are roided piggus, disgustingly old and realistic, or downright boring as fuck, so i intuitively end up liking the only fucking male characters in vidya that are allowed to have interesting cute personalities and designs, like pit/link/no9, who happen to be 'shotas'. Best example would be genshit, where there isnt a real ''shota'' equivalent, the ''shotas'' are on the same level as the flat girls, then it jumps straight into boring bishies and muscle pigs
how about you recommend something then
that's really fucking ugly, reminds me of those ai pictures where they turn the long haired fag from berserk into a 3DPD

No. 1700706

dorito chin, too muscular (the armor he's wearing has the appearance of bare muscles but green), humongous lanklet. please post a better example.

No. 1700707

File: 1695000100742.jpg (27.89 KB, 348x348, 46e054d2f5af642be0e69ffd75a7a2…)

Small genshin boys are a cute but don't you dare call Griffith a fag

No. 1700713

Act harder like you're actually from here

I swear twitter tourists don't even pretend to integrate anymore. Zoomers are mentally ill. Most of this general is the example.

No. 1700716

File: 1695000324363.jpg (28.83 KB, 564x669, c6e15a4ab74d7e27f14785fb418278…)

Why so hostile, nonnie? And Genshin character designs are terrible. There is no variety at all. It's all over-designed, tropey garbage. If you are only looking for anime-style games, then of course anything outside of that style will be ugly to you. Personally, I like cute boys so I look at a lot of final fantasy and kingdom hearts fanart. There's also chinese video games(not genshin) that I play that feature lots of cute, feminine men. You just need to expand your horizons.
Before a couple months ago, people were actually against shota here. Most of the talk wasn't even about nonsense like this and had many recognizable cows.

No. 1700720

She's just gonna say he has a dorito chin, too many muscles, and isn't 5 feet tall

No. 1700725

I dont like jrpgs, sorry. I dont understand why you are so mad, sorry i dont like the same fags you do, not like i have 525 animes and 385 videoogames with cute characters to choose from like moids. Isnt sora from KH a 'shota' too? so i dont understand what's your point , seems like you are sperging because someone else doesnt find the same characters you do attractive.

No. 1700726

>Dante and Leon have boring personalities
So you don't have a personality at all kek they're polar opposites and you put them in the same boat

No. 1700727

Just stop being a crab and go find your own sources of inspiration. Every single suggestion you just shoot down immediately. Go and be free! Dunno why you think only moids play vidya and watch anime. If you really only want shotas then go somewhere else to find shotas. There aren't shotas here.

No. 1700729

i just think they are boring
why are you so mad at me? you asked why a person not into 3DPD would be into shota characters and i answered, you didnt like my answer and started sperging about it when i didnt inmmediately like the things you recommended, which were the same things i was complaining about. Men have a bazillion pieces of media to choose from, so them gravitationg towards a generic loli instead of some anime girl with the same personality that's not a loli is more telling than someoe with extremely limited options to choose from.

No. 1700733

Never said I liked Sora in particular. And I'm not sperging, you literally said
>how about you recommend something then
Nta but I'm >>1700675 The person you're responding to is not me. People are just saying you're options aren't limited. It just sounds like you only like characters that look like shotas, which if thats the case, then just own it.

No. 1700735

I am NTA; were you the same anon doing this in the last thread? Just draw your ideal boy and make him an OC.

No. 1700740

i just like cute male characters and there are fucking none, i already spent my teenage years hoping from idolshit for women, to shoujo, to sports anime to no avail. I do like ensemble stars, though, probably the only gacha for women i actually do enjoy the art and character's personalities, probably because it feels like a genderbent version of something like im@s.
i already do, this all started because anon asked why someone that's not a pedophile would be into shota, i answered from someone who doesnt like 99% of male characters. I even used to watch harem shit for moids like onegai teacher because it was the only type of anime willing to make cute submissive male characters.

No. 1700745

Thread ruin

No. 1700766

sanest response

No. 1700774

The lack of actual salt is making me ill.

No. 1700781

What the fuck did I just walk into

No. 1700792

File: 1695007788571.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x2017, F43EBA4F-9FB1-4774-8440-73C587…)

Forgive me if this has been talked about but I keep seeing zoomers say they’re going to steal or take inspiration from ai art. Fuck ai art it’s equally as retarded but they really think they’re owning aifags with “stealing” the already shit designs and drawing their own shit art. Zoomers do the same shit with artists that are “problematic”, yeah i’m sure the creator of Ranfren is offended a 14 year old is claiming her OCs as their own. Lazy uncreative little shit heads that want shortcuts to the simplest shit, if you want inspiration open a fucking magazine or book or google images. Or go outside, I saw a cool ass old man with a parrot on his shoulder today and my mind was teeming with ideas from him.

No. 1700799

> the creator of Ranfren
what did she do? isnt she just an edgy tif, how did she offend her fellow edgy tifs?

No. 1700832

File: 1695010961957.png (86.58 KB, 382x283, ignore the red lines its from …)

There was a whole google doc callout but that's gone now but retarded ass shit. I could only find a doc from a fan that's responding to the callout but here's just my shitty rundown based on it.
>drawing the character Nyen completely pitch black therefore it's blackface
>art of an ouija board with a swastika on it
>one of the characters has a the same sweatshirt as nevada-tan
>using the n word in some way
>drawing racist "ratmen" asian stereotype characters, but were supposedly instead inspired by a mouse Touhou character
>something to do with pedo or incest art?
>retweeting porn of Randal
>drawing pedobear
>the character nana's design is transphobic

No. 1700836

fascinating, it's funny to see tifs eat echother alive. Would love to read the google doc callout, i wonder if its archived somewhere.

No. 1700887

File: 1695012461546.png (2.42 MB, 1648x2026, shit collage.png)

Samefag I dug through a Twitter thread and found more including a Russian translation of the original doc that's still up so I'll just screencap some of the shit. She posted or reblogged an image of a memorial for the bodies of native Canadian children found, in between two posts about yaoi shit. She also reblogged gore art of Randal. Isn't she a Russian of course she's had edgy humor. Never let your art pander or be attractive to zoomies anons.

No. 1700905

File: 1695013402345.png (130.08 KB, 720x668, 1kogito1.png)

>Never let your art pander or be attractive to zoomies anons.
Reminds me of another dumb tiktok/twitter drama involving zoomers and a google document.

No. 1700908

you genuinely need ovaries of steel to be a female artist online, no wonder so many female artists become pickmes. Imagine having to walk on eggshells because your fanbase is all retarded terminally online women who are always on the look out to see you commit a mistake to hunt you down, horrifying. I am glad i never got into ranfren

No. 1700910

what happened nonny? what did she/he do to deserve a fucking 114 manifesto

No. 1700915

I hate that I recognize that artist, he draws furry bara shit right? Zoomers need to learn that to just assume that if an artist is a furry they're going to be weird in some way. Sucks that doc is also down tho I want to read it. Kogito posts his art on TikTok though so honestly what did he expect, weird to post your borderline furry porn shit on an app full of 14 year olds with such an insane algorithm that you can never control who exactly sees your posts.

No. 1700917


Here's the doc nona, I had a good laugh while reading it. It only serves as an incentive for me to stay as far away from tiktok as possible.

No. 1700922

File: 1695014979026.png (127.92 KB, 720x1362, contents.png)

Except for a couple of things, the 'controversies' are very silly in my opinion. Typical zoomer behavior. But hey, at least she's not drawing lolicon or shotacon.

No. 1700925

holy shit, let me get my coffee ready

No. 1700942

File: 1695016738363.png (712.94 KB, 768x1920, real human consciousness.png)

Thank you anon! This is amazing, I never thought I would see a furry artist respond to angry callouts from bored kids with screenshots from Talking Angela, or people mad because they think he's drawn incest art of Where's My Water characters. These kids got the wrong ages of the Talking Tom characters because they thought the age of the app Google gives you is the age of the character, that's how retarded TikTok kids are. To be completely honest though, he (she?) completely set himself up for this by posting on TikTok so I don't feel bad at all. You draw a bunch of lewd images and porn of characters zoomers will recgonize and be nostalgic for, on an app well known for it's young userbase, don't be surprised if they start chimping out over it.

No. 1700944

File: 1695016833304.png (379.53 KB, 831x406, autism.png)

wow i am not even half-way through it and this makes me so mad. This poor woman got tons of shit for absolutely no fucking reason. I wonder why this happens? Mossa draws loli guro openly and he's still respected by the twitter community, meanwhile this poor girl cannot draw a fucking shitpost comic of some blob and a cocodrile without being called a pedo. Why is it always women, or artists that draw a content targetted at women, being called out and targetted?

No. 1700945

isnt the artist ESL? considering how skilled they are compared to the average western zoomie artist i can see them being completly oblivious to western faggotry. It's a shame she had to excuse herself.

No. 1700960

The trick is to not give a fuck. Online harassers are like animals: they can smell weakness.
Someone accuses you of being a zoophile? Laugh at them. Someone calls you a pedo? Oh, fuck off. And so on.
Oddly enough, it works.

No. 1700964

i understand, but i cannot imagine it not affecting your mental health in some way, i wasn't expecting the comments calling her a pedo/zoo to have thousands of likes… that's fucking depressing.

No. 1700988

Did you hear it from that guy who draws PASWG style street fighter fan art?
His works make my blood boil.

No. 1701085

File: 1695039405678.jpg (50.36 KB, 710x472, 9a736d8b57174ae09bc1c2eb60abdb…)

It started with referencing is ok. Then straight up copying is ok because no one owns anything. Then using 3D models/assets or photobashing everything is ok. Then tracing is ok. Then using premade brushes to stamp hands and eyes like you're Tim Buckley is ok. Now AI is ok as long as you act ironic about it, kek.

Not necessarily against most of these things it's just funny and I wonder how far it will go. Artists have never been more apable to learn and stunted by shortcuts and lazy tricks at once.

No. 1701294

HypnotistSappho is a tranny, nonna.

No. 1701300

>Springtrap pfp
>Woman that draws femgazey yaoi content
Why are fnaf fans so based?

No. 1701407

anon is probably deeply retarded and thinks the rise of ''female'' predators is actual women and not trannies. Female predators arent ''getting away'' with being predators, that's just a MRA lie. Female predators are treated even worse than male predators, that's why female shota artists get called out more than loli male artist and why >>1700917 got called a pedo for a shitty comic

No. 1701457

Do people still talk about wacom? I’ve had them for years but using other brands and stuff I can’t think of a reason why pen, not display, but the pen tablets cost as much as an iPad. Idk they feel like the apple of drawing tablets

No. 1701490

I dont really have much of an opinion on anything but I felt like sharing my observation that everytime I come across shota, by come across I mean being in a manga reader site and spotting a shota manga among all the other recently uploaded or popular manga, it's obviously male gazey and 99% of the time mixed with some older sister or big titty mommy character.

No. 1701498

Have you seen his twitter he’s a typical gay furfag he just got popular by exposing 12 years olds tiktok to furfaggotry

No. 1701506

I am just too much of a loner to socialize much so nobody even knows I am female.
Uploading fanart since 2006, never had a call out.

No. 1701507

I'm still using the wacom tablet I bought 10 years ago. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

No. 1701509

File: 1695083161752.jpg (56.28 KB, 720x810, 1kogito1.jpg)

It worked though. Which leads me to wonder if it is worth having that many followers even if they are all zoomies.

No. 1701519

Everytime I see people posting such accusations it's fucking instagram, which attracts IMO the same brainlets as tiktok. The central issue of both places is that they are much, much more mainstream and casual than other, more fandom centered places. Even twitter is way, waaaay more fandom centered than these places. Twitterfags are mostly hybrids with a political and a fandom oriented side. Instagrammers and tiktokers are just fullblown normalfags that don't even have a concept of fandom.

Artist is mainly a fujo I know. She's drawing sfw shipping art, mostly of Optimus and Megatron or some anime. Complaints I see a lot are "Why?", "BUT THIS IS A CARTOON!?!?", "Why are you showing me this".
This not only reveals that they don't know what a fandom or shipping is, they are also not aware of what algorithms are, since they are often asking shit like "Why do you want to show me this?", not understanding that it's not the artist that chooses to make a pic appear on some rando's timeline.
In short, it's stupid normalfags. This is why those places are shit since they throw all types of people together that should never meet.

No. 1701526

File: 1695084918705.gif (92.53 KB, 490x498, hmmMMMMMM.gif)

i'm really curious to know where he's from
i legit believe gringos give more shit to foreign artist than they do their own. The exception is like, idk shitty discord servers with "inclusive" retards that eventually dox eachother over saying the wrong thing
but even them i feel like a lot of them HAVE to cover for eachother when they fuck up due to their contradictory and vague silent rules, otherwise they would have like fifty callouts each

No. 1701538

Why are 80% of female pose models wearing high heels or standing on their tip toes? Sometimes I feel like I’m better off looking at stock photos as reference

No. 1701550

This is 100% the case but it’s not a matter of foreigner vs non foreigner, people just love dogpiling. I explicitly remember one of the morons shitting on an artist for drawing a spiderverse character with “too light” skin later retweeting and praising ugly fanart (that their friend drew) of Zoro from One Piece with neon lemon yellow “racist caricature” tier skin. Both instances boil down to a matter of stylization but only one person gets a 10 million likes quote tweet callout for racism. It’s all arbitrary bullshit they want to play victim with. If someone they like does it, it doesn’t matter.

No. 1701565

yeah that's why people arent defending shota itt, only women drawing shota, which are extremely rare and when they do it's something like kuroshitsuji.

No. 1701642

I don't hold women in moid standards, I hold them in human standards. This isn't even about shota but if you find yourself looking at rotting mammal carcasses as reference to furnish your jjba toilet human fantasies, maybe you will benefit in staying offline for a while. Sure, women disproportionately do not harm others compared to men. But you can harm yourself from consuming degen shit kek. This is coming from someone who got exposed to moid lolisho rape of anime characters I watched as early as 10 yo. Which sent me to a rabbit hole of getting off to unhealthy rape shit I'm trying to wean off today. I'm not based just because I get off on things that men normally get off to kek.
Beyond that we're just some anons in an image board. We do not hold power to stop you or anyone else from doing what they want.

No. 1701644

File: 1695097587094.jpg (27.4 KB, 510x510, 1694627432748.jpg)

being a shotafag saved me from being groomed when i was a tween. If i were one of those DDLG/maledom freaks like most of my classmates were(some who were groomed) i would 100% have been groomed too. That's why i would rather women be shotafreaks than maledom/ddlg freaks/male-gaze artist. Realize how the hatred t's always towards women drawing gore/shota, never towards the women drawing bdsm/male-gaze art/ddlg/maledom shit, which has actually hurt people irl(women) and is way more normalized and accepted than women into shota, which are like one in a bazillion.

No. 1701654

It may have saved you from being groomed (lol) but it didn't save you from being a retard this isn't fujo chan you fag stop derailing the thread.

No. 1701664

it's not derrailing, i am talking about the hypocrisy between women being allowed to draw maledom/ddlg/male-gaze/bdsm because it's fetishes approved and normalized by men but people losing their shit when a woman draws gore/shota or art that doesnt pander to the male-gaze. Either women are allowed to draw all freaky shit(like men) or none.

No. 1701674

Also there's shota art that's just a youthful boy but otherwise not infantalized. And then there's just shota content that is specifically about getting off to them being minors.

Kek I don't like them too. Anons were just shitting on a pickme woman artist in the previous thread.

No. 1701678

A lot of terminally online women grow up liking shota, but most of them outgrow it. The ones that grow up to become shotafags have problems. And why is gore lumped in with pedoshit?

No. 1701684

File: 1695102259655.jpeg (254.78 KB, 2048x1327, retard.jpeg)

how is gore different than shota? the absolute stacy drawing toilet dio isnt going to go turn men into human toilets, just like how yana toboso isnt going to go rape children. Women are capable of drawing the most heinous shit and not commit crimes. Men cant even play fucking videogames without getting their wires crossed and shooting people.
that doesnt change my point, one is way more popular than the other, one has actually hurt women, the other has like one anime(kuroshitsuji), and it's the least popular fetish amongst female artists. Pic rel is miles worse than a female shotafag, actually encourages abuse, and has 200k followers.

No. 1701688

I don't think getting exposed to shota as a tween completely saved you from anything. That shit shouldn't be exposed to kids until they fully develop their brains in the first place.
>that doesnt change my point, one is way more popular than the other, one has actually hurt women, the other has like one anime(kuroshitsuji), and it's the least popular fetish amongst female artists. Pic rel is miles worse than a female shotafag, actually encourages abuse, and has 200k followers.
Then I suppose you're not really complaining about nonas shitting on shota here but more so the general culture. Again, I don't like them either. Though it's not the time for whataboutism. I firmly believe something's wrong, either with yourself or the culture you live in, once you start associating mutilating humans as a sexual thing whether you're a woman or a moid, whether you act on it or not.
Again, I'm not gonna mail your president to stop you from making that content if that floats your boat. I don't know about other anons, but my goal posting this is, if not to convince you, then others lurking to change their minds about it.

No. 1701697

People just think it's a guy because she doesn't announce she is a woman and is a degenerate it's pretty clear her drawings are fembrained and yaoi themed despite the degeneracy, if you're horny online but it isn't because of Leon Kennedy with a fat ass or something that makes it clear you're a woman people just think you are a guy. I can't be the only one that believes this, but again lolcow is retarded and some farmers thought that Lacryboy was a genuine scrote.

No. 1701705

>I don't think getting exposed to shota as a tween completely saved you from anything
believe it or not, it did. I used to expend most of my time on fb groups for retro games and anime so ended up developing friendships with older teens and men at 14, they would try to groom me and i would just respond ''ewww noo you arent my qte shota husbandoru!!!'''. If i was into ddlg shit i would have definetly been groomed into finding older men attractive and romantic, as many classmates my age did. I literally rejected all those faggots not because i realized how predatory it was, but because they werent my cute shota husbando(at the time), kek. I love you Kenny, thanks for saving me from gross men.
>I firmly believe something's wrong, either with yourself or the culture you live in, once you start associating mutilating humans as a sexual thing whether you're a woman or a moid, whether you act on it or not.
we are talking about fetishes, if you have any fetish there is something inherently wrong with you, normie couples have missionary once a month out of commitment for a reason. I never said guro wasn't wrong, just saying a woman drawing guro/shota is miles better than a pickme glorifying how her boyfriend abuses her, the latter has real life consequences, whereas the shota/gurofag isnt going to go murder men and rape children.

No. 1701722

My nona in christ. Anime shaped my artworks and tastes and I'm still gonna tell you there's plenty to criticize about it and it's community. I can argue you minors like us getting easy access to sexualized content (lolisho or otherwise, anime or otherwise) was the first step in the grooming pipeline. Hell, I didn't have to be into ddlg, I had my own shota husbando when I was a kid and yet I was susceptible to being manipulated if it weren't for my sister stepping in. In my case, getting exposed to lolisho content at a young age primed me to think children/girls and their vulnerability is desirable to be exploited. I'm glad you found a way not to get further exploited by males but it doesn't work that way all the time kek.

No. 1701727

I wasnt into lolisho porn like you, just into shota made for and by women, like south park fanart and kuroshitsuji. Always hated shota made for men, like boku no pico. Ofcourse you are going to become a pickme retard with raping fetishes if you grew up with pickme retard tastes made for and by men. That's why i am defending female artists being allowed to draw whatever they want, not lolisho specifically. Thankfully i managed to dodge both retarded female adoctrination propaganda like shojo, and male adoctrination propaganda like everything else. I am not going to deny i am a degen, but i am happy being a male ryona/femdom degen, and not a maledom/male-gaze/ddlg pickme retard. I am sorry you are the latter, i dont envy you.

No. 1701741

File: 1695118095612.png (92.28 KB, 836x605, F6VgOZTXUAAVYk1.png)

Just found someone charging $90 for editing pokemon sprites, if I knew people are open to spent that much on them when I was 12 I would've gotten rich kek I used to do sprite edits all the time.
The only ok thing on this sheet are the portraits since they seem made fully from scratch, but that price tag is still too big considering their size and limited colors.

No. 1701802

What's the problem with you shotafags?
They behave like apes at the slightest criticism. It doesn't matter if you have never "touched a real child" in your life, you have questionable taste and deserve people to look at you strangely for that. So you better put up with it, because when they put you on the defensive like that you look like the men you criticize so much.

No. 1701818

The "original styles" rings a bell. Is this the Twitterfag with a large following all because he does nostalgic Earthbound-style sprites?His friend circle fucking sucks.

No. 1701825

The post just showed up on my recomended page so I dunno who that guy is, but yeah when I checked his page he has like 40k followers.

No. 1701839

File: 1695134805984.png (430.83 KB, 743x362, nve.png)

They were calling this CP? I'm out lol

No. 1701845

just checked and it's not the same guy but damn their styles are too similar

No. 1701885

They want to seem morally correct in some way by using their gender as a shield out of guilt for flicking it to little children

No. 1701896

You were attracted to shotas as a tween because they looked yoir age smart-ass.

No. 1701903


it's one thing to consume lolisho when you're a kid and eventually grow out of it when you become and adult. it's a phase.

what people are trying to say here is that if you're an adult woman who's still into lolisho then you're a gross degen because you should've grown out of it ages ago and even though you're not acting on it you're still getting off to/attracted by the representation of a child which is fucked up at the very least.

No. 1701926

no, i just hate you people jumping to say ''omg you are as bad as men, double standars!!!'' like retarded MRAs. I am not even a shotafag, i just defend women drawing whatever they like, and if freaks like >>1701684 are allowed to draw their disgustign shit, so should the 2 or 3 female shotafags and guro artists. I am just putting it in perspective, and female shotafags are genuinely the lesser evil when people like the author of 50 shades is given the green light to make it a movie. I repeat, more women have died thanks to pickme behaviour being pushed by media, than any child or male has been hurted by shota/gurofags. I will stop surporting female shota/gorefags when people stop defending bdsm art as ''a kink''. Until then, men deserve to be cosified too.
everyone else was into bishies so idk. kenny is canonically like 9 and when he was my husbando i was 14/15. do you think that agegap IRL would be normal? I just liked cute boys, shrimple as.
do you think yana toboso is a pedo? some women just like to draw cute boys, nothing wrong with that. Men drawing loli are 100% perverts, though.

No. 1701946


Women who draw/consume shotashit are weird and disgusting, they need to grow tf up and its okay to laugh at them imo. But the men who make and get off to the same shit will always be worse because they use it to justify being real life pedophiles, justify their warped beliefs that women expire when they reach the age of consent, and they will hurt a child eventually. So kind of agree with both sides here. Kennynona, why not project those feelings onto a grown up version of your husbando. There's plenty to choose from.

No. 1701954

The price is fine if people are willing to pay it. If you’re only charging $30 for something like the bottom left you should respect your own time and charge more for your art

No. 1701955

>why not project those feelings onto a grown up version of your husbando.
that's retarded, imagine if moids cared this much about some character's age. Most waifufags have waifus that are at most 15. At this point i have realized that no matter how you sugarcoat it, as long as you are female or drawing female gaze art you are going to be nitpicked to death like >>1701839 . So why not just say ''fuck it'' and do whatever we want, like moids? we are going to get judged more harshly anyways, so might as well just rip the bandaid and own it.

No. 1701975

Agreed. I'm sorry, but I just don't give a shit if some nerdy women like writing fanfiction or drawing fan art of South Park characters.

No. 1701996

i will genuinely only start caring for female shotafags when
1-people, specially women, stop justifying BDSM as a safe kink
2-mainstream media stops pushing gross maledom shit to women(fuck literally all romance shojo shit)
3-men actually start being scared of women and not only use the ''female teacher pedo'' boogeyman when they are trying to justify women being totes as evil as men
4-women stop being called out for the dumbest of shist that moids do on the dozen
until then, female shotafags drawing south park boys kissing is the lesser evil and hold less risk to safety than some pickme retard glorifying her boyfriend treating her like shit and saying to men ''see? women LIKE being choked!!''. If being considered worse than a shotafag helps a pickme stop drawing male pandering shit that actually hurt women, then so be it.

No. 1702022

When will anons realize genders flock together on social media and women have common sense to call out degeneracy, whereas men would rather partake in it

No. 1702029

File: 1695149164648.png (138.9 KB, 358x276, lmao lol.png)

>women have common sense to call out degeneracy
except they dont, women never call out actual pedos or men drawing disgusting shit, they call out other women drawing mildly degen shit that's harmless. I don't care if pickme retards feel morally superior for calling out a girl drawing south park yaoi, i will always side with the south park fujo. Mossacannabis has 300k followers, where is his cancellation? but nah, those retards would rather cancell the ranfren TIF for drawing swastikas or that webtoon chick for drawing gentle femdom.

No. 1702035

Women only call out degeneracy if it's by other women kek. This talk happened one or two threads ago but moids don't care if you call them out on their degen shit because they're proud of it and often get their whiteknights to to attack you back while women tend to fold much faster if dogpiled on with accusations hence why we always see women fighting and calling out each other online for the most ridiculous shit and moids get to thrive with an actual following.

No. 1702036

File: 1695149463326.jpeg (32.65 KB, 458x327, E8UqyEXWEAMAg-g.jpeg)

Could you recommend any low cost screen recording program? I'd like to record small snippets of how I draw hair or something. But my computer is shit and lags when I'm using heavy record software.
Extra points if the software have editing tools aswell

No. 1702038

how about obs? i use davinci for editing but dunno if its too heavy

No. 1702041

mossacannabis is followed by professionals like dave rapozza and other professionals too. Moralfagging over drawings only applies to women.

No. 1702044

Women call out other women because they are women spaces. Women don't follow these gross men, only other men do
OBS is free and you can control the size of your screen, so you can crop it to certain parts of your canvas if you'd like

No. 1702047

>Women don't follow these gross men, only other men do
yes they do, retard. There are a shit ton of female pickmes following that retard. He's also a huge artist, not a small coomer artist with 50 followers, he's followed by fucking professionals for god's sake.

No. 1702049

Okay then go make the callout post if you're so bitter so that women don't call out men. I'm just explaining to you why they don't.

No. 1702052


>Women don't follow these gross men, only other men do

Lmao you have a really innocent view of callout culture online then. Besides even if you don't follow them, one of the people you follow does and so their shit will appear on your TL because the algorithm will push it to you. In all of my years online be it on Twitter or Tumblr or whatever every time I saw a big callout rolling in it was women attacking other women with accusations ranging from reasonable to fucking stupid nitpicks nobody cares about, meanwhile moids with actual pedophilic fetishes get to freely advertise themselves, form a following or even get into the professional scene and almost nobody even lifts a finger against them. Women attack women because it's easier. Moids don't care about callouts because they're proud of their degeneracy and they know they have a bunch of coomer whiteknights to fall back on.

No. 1702058

File: 1695150251006.jpg (56.86 KB, 567x561, 12d.jpg)

You have been at this for like, days now kek, let it rest you obsessed sperg.

No. 1702059

Again, be the change you want to see in the world. If I have to keep seeing this take in this thread for weeks on end, then why don't you guys just do something about it? There's clear reasoning behind that moss guy being a pedo, and I'm sure women would be on your side. Men don't care though, so they won't listen. He'll keep his audience, but that's not womens fault

No. 1702060

Fair enough. It's still weird to thirst over fictional little boys because pedophilia is so normalized and partaking in something adjacent doesn't fix the problem? Pedophile men also lack a gender preference because their "attraction" is just destruction of innocence, so they'll probably get off to some nerdy girl's South Park fics too. But I agree that men drawing lolisho will always be worse, and that BDSM is inherently abusive.

No. 1702064

I hope this Mossacannabis fag goes the Shadman route and becomes a homeless heroin junkie kek

No. 1702067

it's literally not true though, specially not mossa, who outside of his baraag draws appealing sfw art. I have several female mutuals following him who mostly draw men. I don't see the point in cancelling a moid when everyone knows neither he nor the people that follow him care, people will always make excuses for male artists. Dragonmaid it's extremely popular with zoomer girls for some reason, have they ever stopped watching it or called out the moid author for his loli fetish? nah, they would rather callout lardasses thots with onlyfas for cosplaying the obvious pedoshit loli character.

No. 1702069

I'm not saying it's necessarily the women's fault that people like Mosscannabis exist, I'm just explaining why it's bullshit to say women have "more common sense to call out degeneracy" and that most women on the online scene are more willing to harshly condemn other women for shit that's usually meaningless or "offensive" than to turn on a moid who actually creates harmful content or behaves in harmful manners.

No. 1702071

lmaoo remember when that guy minus8 came out as a fucking pedo who fantasizes about irl children? it was at the same time as the kooleen drama, and art drama youtubers would rather make 30 minute sperging videos about kooleen's ''racist behaviour'' because she didnt want to draw uggos or something. None of them did a video on minus8 even though he's one of the most popular online animators. Cancel culture simply doesn't apply to men, that's why shadman was allowed to draw irl children getting molested for years without anyone calling him out.

No. 1702075

Tell your mutuals then that they're supporting someone like him. I'm not saying women don't commonly call out other women while not calling out men, but I'm just saying there are reasons why. And e-thots who cosplay underage anime girls suck, but women don't have enough power to callout the men who make them in general. Also, your posts are incredibly obvious because of your capitalization, nona.
You guys are right in that cancel culture doesn't apply to men. Women are easier targets because they have less power than men. But I still think both should be called out rather than just focusing on one or the other. I don't get why people are whining that women call out other women instead of men, when they should focus on just calling everyone out instead. Sure, this is the artist salt thread where you're meant to be salty about it, but it's redundant to see everyone say the same five things over and over without discussing any ways to fix it

No. 1702078

Tbf, minus8 having a pedo meltdown happens every year or so. He's as self-loathing as he is attention hungry. He's been posting the same Nintendo EPI shit online for 15 years so if he hasn't been called out by now, he won't ever be.

No. 1702080

shadman was only really called out for being a shitty friend to his newgrounds' friend groups. Especially when it has to do with Oneyplays. (this is a derail though, and not art related.) It's weird how much male degen artists are praised and never really in trouble

No. 1702086

File: 1695151648649.jpg (66.05 KB, 1168x1168, _.jpg)

So, who is going to do the mossacannibalism call out post? I have access to his baraag and can provide screenshots, but I don't have twitter because I only publish on pixiv.

No. 1702089

Minus8 did that one disgusting Ankha animation right. Maybe I've been living under a rock but what does EPI mean?
I can name so many sick fuck male artists who get away with vile shit. It just confirms that callout culture in art/fandom spaces is a misogyny problem; it is only used to harass and silence women who were often victims of grooming themselves, once they hit the male-established expiration date where it is no longer socially acceptable for women artists to have a platform.

No. 1702092

File: 1695151898653.png (370.19 KB, 800x900, 74f3a388d4a45509f98b2f1c50fc4c…)

you read my post about women cancelling thots for cosplaying kanna, while making excuses about the original source(made by a man) being totes wholesome and your conclusion is ''yeah, the thots suck!!''. You are the problem, nonny. People are complaining becaue only women are being called out, and not even for real reasons, just retarded nitpicks. Or do you seriously think the ranfren TIF did anything seriously bad to get cancelled over? c'mon, you are just justifying women gettig harassed, i have never seen a callout towards a woman be anything but nitpicks like drawing a brown character one shade lighter or some other equal retarded shit. Does anyone remember this girl? she got harassed for ''cultural appropiation'' to the point she deleted her account at some point. Imagine if twitterfaggots actually harassed lolifags with this much determination.
kek, literally no one is going to give a shit. People probably already know, it's not a well-kept secret.

No. 1702093

Do it yourself on a throwaway account. You have no presence or identity on Twitter so you have nothing to lose by exposing a freak. Turn off all Twitter notifications and be prepared to face a barrage of death threats because the worst thing you can do to a male is say no or criticize a fellow male who draws his jackoff material.

No. 1702096

>women don't have enough power to callout the men who make them in general
>cancel culture doesn't apply to men
>women are easier targets because they have less power than men

You're literally agreeing with them. If men get called out, people stop giving a fuck after 5 minutes and they still have loyal fans. Just look at men like Projared, or ZeRo (zerowondering) who admitted to sexting with and asking a 14 year old girl for nudes, left the internet, then backtracked 6 months later and said he never did it. They'll never reach their old success levels, but a lot of people don't give a fuck. If women get called out, everyone they knows goes scorched earth. It's the same reason why MtFs get millions of asspats everywhere they go, but nobody gives a fuck about FtMs. These women who call out other women for drawing shitty South Park yaoi but not freaky pedophile men who use literal CP as references because they are misogynistic handmaidens. Even if a woman wanted to call out somebody like Mossa, they'd be drowned out by his loyal coomers and pickmes. I also routinely see popular female artists (such as niceupdog) make vague posts about hating loli while regularly interacting with male artists who draw explicit loli porn of 10 year olds. I don't understand how the cognitive dissonance doesn't give them an aneurysm.

Just look at this from the last thread:
She said no NSFW and he drew softcore porn of her anyways. Do you really think it's worth it for her to tell him to stop and get his followers sicc'd on her, and possibly have her own followers turn on her?

No. 1702098

File: 1695152276749.png (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 1280x1512, eahKilA.png)

EPI is coomerspeak for Early Porn Introduction aka the fetish for exposing children to porn. Minus8 is a popular artist for because of his simple, colorful style and obsession with Nintendo and other younger-skewing media. I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with blending cute and sexy, but his jarringly kawaii pedoshit is the visual equivalent of a van full of candy.

No. 1702100

Thank you for the info but this pedo shit, basically a grooming fetish, makes me want to alog so bad. It explains so much about online spaces being infested with coomer pedo freaks who are constantly defended by their rabid fans.

No. 1702106

Remember that at the end of the day, loli, shota, zoo or anything 'degenerate' is ultimately just pixels on a page that have never hurt or groomed a single real person. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either miserable or jealous. You are valid for using porn to cope, and your favorite artists support your choice of self-medication. There is no such thing as a porn addiction.(bait/unintegrated)

No. 1702111

File: 1695153113854.jpg (517.25 KB, 800x715, 70291197_p23.jpg)

women arent doing this shit, it doesn't matter how much you try to compare male degeneracy to female degeneracy. We both know female shotafags arent drawing something as heinous as shadman/minus8/mossa, it's unfair to compare men drawing lolis raped and shred to pieces then urinated to…this. That's why i defend the right for women to draw whatever they want, not shota specifically. I know women aren't capable of ever doing something as hideous as shadman unless they are pickme retards.

No. 1702115

We get it, women get called out more, shota is good and you like it but you're also not a shotacon, what else can we do about it or are you just going to keep complaining to complain
Yeah, I'm not disagreeing with them, I'm just wondering why this point keeps getting brought up but remains stunted. Women tend to call out other women because (like many people on this imageboard for some reaosn), they're also more ingrained in "fandom culture" and talk about fandoms and art like it's politics. They take things too serious. But about the girl, she should mention that and his 100s of loli drawings. She could also mention him being a stonetoss supporter. There's many things, but I agree it would probably do more harm than good to her. Which sucks, because this should be considered sexual harassment to draw NSFW of the likeness of a real person without their consent.
>There is no such thing as a porn addiction.
What is this grand psyop kek

No. 1702118

>There is no such thing as a porn addiction.
>What is this grand psyop kek
that anon is either baiting or shitposting, what a weird af post.

No. 1702119

>We get it, women get called out more, shota is good and you like it but you're also not a shotacon, what else can we do about it or are you just going to keep complaining to complain
this board can be so dumb sometimes, i could repeat everything i say three times in bold letters and retards are going to misunderstand it anyways. I will repeat my points one last time. Women=/=men. Shota made by men=pedophilia, shota made by women=just cute boy shit like south park yaoi. BDSM/maledom/male gaze is worse than shota drawn by women, as it has actually hurt people(women) IRL. No, i dont condone all shota. No, i am not a shotafag, when i was a shotafag i was watching kuroshitsuji and southpark fanmedia(made by women), not boku no pico(made by men). Women never get called out for real problematic stuff, it's always dumb shit no one cares. Men never get called out and are allowed a massive following(even by industry pros) when they draw heinous stuff. People, specially some women, will make excuses to defend obvious moid shit(dragon maid) but then go harass women for doing the same thing(lardasses cosplaying kanna). From experience i am glad i grew up liking shota rather than misogynistic propaganda(kaichou wa maid sama, for example).

No. 1702120

Pretty sure it's ironic, kek.

No. 1702121

>men drawing lolis raped and shred to pieces then urinated
nta but imagine having the guts to write this sentence just to whine/shitpost about people not liking shotas yet again, jfc

No. 1702122

lmao it's not about people not liking shotas, never was. Please learn to read. Also the >men drawing lolis raped and shred to pieces then urinated it's literally what shadman drew of the X-men underage actress.

No. 1702124

I agree with these points, and maybe others itt too but don't realize it yet. The whole infighting/callouts between women making problematic art feels like a smokescreen to deflect from men who are doing actual awful shit.
Probably but it came across as earnest or baity.

No. 1702125

>We both know female shotafags arent drawing something as heinous as shadman/minus8/mossa,
Nonna, I've come across more shota gurofags than softcore or vanilla.

No. 1702132

literally untrue, kuroshitsuji/south park BL has waaaaaaaay more fanart than shota gore. I checked gelbooru with filters off because maybe shotafags got real wild once i stopped following them, and there are only two pages and only ONE shota guro artist, of like the million of hyper realistic loli/woman guro artists. Stop lying just to try to win an internet fight, women will never be as bad as men it doesn't matter how many boogeymen you try to create out of thin air.

No. 1702134

What's wrong with anons agreeing with that post but still believing women aren't above criticism? I'm trying to find a direct post saying women are just as bad as men for liking degen.

No. 1702139

read last thread, there was a retard even blaming women for some tranny grooming children.

No. 1702152

Can we move away from the shota debates, it's literally only like 4 people engaging in this. Nobody cares, less than half the people in this thread actually draw anyway so it's not like their opinions will cause waves in the art industry anyway. Anyway, does anyone else despise procreate? I came back to Paint Tool Sai after ditching it for an iPad and it really wasn't worth my time nor money. I feel like paint tool sai is hardly used by anyone new, or anyone who's a non-asian artist. Procreate is so shitty and it takes up so much space that I can barely use it.

No. 1702159

I remember watching so many speedpaints on youtube of paint tool sai and being amazed. I was artistically obsessed with the selection tool and how it looked. I remember my first art program after MS paint was Paint.net, so of course getting the cracked Paint Tool Sai was like, touching gold for me

No. 1702167

There should be a fund to get a port of Sai to iOS. If it makes you feel better, Sai is still beloved by many Japanese artists. It's clunky and bare bones compared to almost every other program out there, but the brush engine is unmatched.

No. 1702188

I thought this was about the OddOnesOut at first.

No. 1702189

Ankha was zone.

No. 1702196

It is.

No. 1702201

Wait what? No one is saying his name with CTRL+F. I need a TL:DR because I don't know where to follow the replies.

No. 1702208

some artist drew that comic off oddsonesout netflix cartoon, the cocodrile and the white blob are underage so they were calling the artist pedo, even though the oddsoneout commented on the post

No. 1702210

Omg… Are people seriously calling two very cartoony drawings having maybe sex as being pedo material? This is so stupid. The people pushing that idea are fucking stupid.

No. 1702211

read the doc if you wanna lose the faith in zoomies, there were accussing her of pedophilia for drawing talking tom porn

No. 1702212

Yeah, I'm not interested anymore. This seems like some dumb virtue signaling without any actual proof of the person being a pedo. This isn't like Minus8 or Anubis. Twittertards really reach and attack anyone for the dumbest stuff.

No. 1702245

Do it nonna, make a list of all the popular artists/users who follow his accounts and post it here too because i’m interested. I think that if someone actually looked into ANY of these popular untouched lolicon moids and their followers they could find real pedos and connections, like what happened with the Giggly Goon Clown shit.

No. 1702268

The reason they're calling her a pedo is because the crocodile and "white blob" are the avatars of real people. The crocodile is one of the odd1sout friends he had in summer camp, meanwhile he himself is the white blob. It's like those coomers who draw porn of jaiden animations.

No. 1702372


I can literally sperg all day about how ass procreate is yet everyone is treating it like it's the best thing since sliced bread.

I hate how slippery the brushes are and how reliant it is on finicky hand gestures. people think they're hot shit for using such a weak ass program on an overpriced piece of machinery that can't even save files normally.
I also don't like how big professional artists touted it as being so accessible because it's "only $15" and people get suckered into buying an $800 piece of scrap metal and a shitty stylus just to say they have procreate and can draw with it.
But I think the thing I hate the most about it is how inundated we are now with 'procreate girlies' drawing shitty generic merch and making dumb tutorials on 'how to start an art/sticker business with procreate' making other, better resources harder to find.
There are way better free options out there and you can pry paint tool SAI and clip studio (though they're on thin fucking ice at the moment) from my cold dead hands. Fuck Procreate, and fuck iOS.

No. 1702394

OBS is very good and you can limit recording to specific fps (frames per second.) Lowering it to 3-5 fps might be better for performance and it will look better when sped up. Not sure if Canva has a watermark but I know they have a video editor but require an account. Seconding DaVinci if you can run it.

No. 1702395

NTA, but I personally love procreate. You don't need to come in here and try to tell people the art programs are better than others based on your personal take on it. For me, it's 1:1 and I like not having a delay. Also it's a one time purchase, they have great back compatibility for people who can't afford the newer tablets. Also not everyone has a desk area they can have a wancom on or an actual computer that can process photoshop and CSP. CSP is as bad as photoshop with charges. It is not free in the least bit.

No. 1702404

it's not even porn it's a goofy comic, james even commented on it

No. 1702407


Nowhere did I state Clip Studio was free. I swear, the reading comprehension is at an all time low.

It's good that it works for you, nona. It's the salt thread and I'm allowed to be salty about an art program. You don't need to come to its defense.

No. 1702408

i hate how procreate brushes only work on procreate

No. 1702421

Except everything you are saying is completely wrong.
>I hate how slippery the brushes are
Then adjust them
>how reliant it is on finicky hand gestures.
I've never used the gestures because any program that requires this, including phones, is garbage, so don't use it. It is not reliant on it at all, so I don't know what you are talking about. It's an accessibility option.
>how inundated we are now with 'procreate girlies' drawing shitty generic merch
You mean every single art program that anyone can use to create such merch

You just sound mad for some reason. These aren't critiques you think they are. You can have an opinion, but not when you're being personally mad about even something as simple as accessibility for people who could use it. Do you always use the talk-to-text on your phone? No, because you probably don't need that accessibility.

No. 1702461

Procreate may not be as robust as most paid softwares but it's 10 dollars. How much are you expecting out of software that cheap?

No. 1702479

File: 1695195530494.png (422.49 KB, 477x471, 27921354.png)

What are some mangas with incredible inking?

No. 1702487

File: 1695195953084.jpg (393.57 KB, 980x1400, ExZqpOZVoAITk5h.jpg)

Another one I like. I realized I prefeer when mangakas use more western techniques.

No. 1702510

There are women only busses due to the problem of rape in Japan

No. 1702531

File: 1695198219893.jpeg (448.6 KB, 1914x1080, IMG_2432.jpeg)


No. 1702534

yeah to shield them from moids, not other women. Genuinely what a retarded take.

No. 1702535

>called out for "propaganda imaginery"
lol. lmao, even

No. 1702537

File: 1695199230617.jpeg (671.6 KB, 1310x1801, IMG_2434.jpeg)


No. 1702612

You seem so have some serious trouble understanding that the rape and pedophilia comes from men and not women. Children are also protected mostly because of males. There aren't cases of serial child rapists who are women, there are almost no serial killers who are women, women don't harass men on busses or schools, the vast majority of pedophilia cases come from men.

No. 1702655

I don't have any gripes with procreate, but the ipad feels horrible to draw on. The heaviness of the pen, the glass screen (yes I know you can buy textured screen covers but that's an additional expense on top of an expensive tablet), the super small drawing area. It's just an ass drawing tablet for the price, it's a tablet that wasn't made for artists and it shows. Apple is great at marketing though.

No. 1702671

You should always have multiple references. You can outline photos the same way you outline over a model too.

No. 1702676

And its meticulously updated.

No. 1702687

Don't know why the procreate platoon decided to show up and get mad at you, but I agree. It's garbage, and even if you do turn up the smoothing on brushes, the bounciness of each lines feel clunky to work with for me. I much prefer Clip Studio Paint and Sai to Procreate. Somehow, I even prefer photoshop over it due to all the filtering you're able to do.
What does this have to do with thinking pedoshit is bad for either gender?

No. 1702727

>What does this have to do with thinking pedoshit is bad for either gender?
I was replying to the anon who kept saying that rape and child abuse in Japan happens because of women, and that's why it's bad for women to be into some kuroshitsuji type shit. The fact is that women aren't the ones committing 98% of violent crimes, and women who actually abuse children are extremely rare. You can think that it's still bad but that won't change the fact.

No. 1702731


They came outta the woodwork after I shared a sentiment on procreate and proceeded to come to its defense because I don't like it. Feels like twitter behavior, but I'm not going to entertain it any further than that.

has anyone here tried bluesky for art? i don't have one and I'm sick of moving from one shitty platform to another but i'm wondering if anyone has any experience with it so far.

No. 1702740

File: 1695231140579.png (242.23 KB, 668x917, bgfdgdf.png)

the new lol character literally a restrained girl. what the fuck. of course, people are already drawing her lewd and shit.

No. 1702746

The idea could make for a cool horror-themed character but the design they gave her is just coomer material

No. 1702749

What manga is this nona?

No. 1702750

I actually like the idea of a restrained monster girl.
But it's not what she is. They went 200% coomer bait with her. She is a 1000 years old vampire underage loli who walks by swaying her butt, moves by showing her feet, and has a cringe "uwu" personality. I really dislike her because she's wasted potential.

No. 1702754

The climber has a better art style despite being an older work for some reason.

No. 1702756

File: 1695232634653.jpg (334.28 KB, 1000x1421, MADK.jpg)

No. 1702760

This. The pose and face they chose for her tells it all.
They could have made her a guy but men wouldn't be interested in that

No. 1702814

her other drawings look ok, but in this one you can really see how everything crumbles apart from lack of fundamentals. rendermaxxing at its finest

No. 1702852

File: 1695242914493.jpeg (241.14 KB, 2048x2048, 73759393-5E57-479B-9E13-CFBBB2…)

Maybe cause it’s made 100% digitally now? Stuff like that can make some art look stiff in my opinion

No. 1702853

This shit has 2M views? Lol

No. 1702862

File: 1695243822366.jpg (355.73 KB, 1440x1280, 20092023060147.jpg)

It's a yt short, of course it has 2M views. Pic rel are their most viewed shorts vs their most viewed videos.

No. 1702864

Why tf is she barefoot, all the official images of her have some focus on her feet or toes. Shes got long monster claws on her fingers but not her toes? Cowards. She’s so painfully generic even has fucking booty shorts, besides the pillory thing but even that has no cool thought into it it’s just a boring edgy design that comes off more coomerish than monsterish.

No. 1702878

Fair point. But I wasn't talking about the stiffness specifically, more so the character designs and anatomy. Ths climber looks very realistic and has amazing detail, while innocent and everything after it looks animu but with some realism ans detail here and there.

No. 1702879

File: 1695245511321.png (447.12 KB, 1500x1070, kotteri chronicles of seven ci…)

I think the best example of Eastern and western comic inking styles mixing is kotteri

No. 1702991

wow is this thread is almost exclusively gonna be about fucking boring fetish infighting now(/ot/ rule 7)

No. 1703273

File: 1695284119087.jpg (250.63 KB, 749x1073, 1e4bcd74fd5c2e5d5917b9e7e34bd9…)

It's a little scrotey but Ran to Haiiro no Sekai.

No. 1703278

File: 1695284813367.png (196.23 KB, 1024x1473, img000021.png)

shoujo nemu

No. 1703308

>a little scrotey
The MC is a 10 year old turning into a grown up version of herself through magic and the way her brother and her old ass neighbor act whenever they see her rubbed me the wrong way. The art is very beautiful but I couldn't make it past the third chapter. Does it ever get better?

No. 1703320

Arguable. Major spoilers for the story The doctor moid becomes the big bad and dies but the japanese fans and maybe the author has such a soft spot for him because he keeps getting drawn in romantic AUs with the girl kek.

No. 1703325

Also despite sexualizing a still underage girl (not referring to the child version, she's like 14 or 16 when she transforms age) the story focuses on her actual growth as a human being depending less on magic. It's a good story, would be better without the weird fan service, kek.

No. 1703365

What manga? Looks cute

No. 1703682

is it mahou shojo? that trope is very, very old. Reminds me of creamy mami and its copies.

No. 1703689

File: 1695336504755.jpg (353.39 KB, 799x1200, FAAUYIGVIAELutH.jpg)

it's by ohishi masaru, sadly his manga doesnt seem to be translated anywhere

No. 1703759

File: 1695340563818.jpeg (1003.71 KB, 1170x1782, IMG_9148.jpeg)

The wildly different arms are sending me. I hope the commissioner gets a refund kekw.

No. 1703784

how the fuck do people paint so well and suck so much ass at anatomy? where the fuck do i learn how to rendermaxx

No. 1703795

File: 1695342329863.jpg (136.62 KB, 728x1047, 31728_vol1-chapter-1-when-we-d…)

This is cute ty

No. 1703823

That's not good painting. It's airbrush shading and dodge burn over flat colors with a shit ton of filters and effects. Look at it for more than a second and any appeal it may have had crumbles. The arms look like they're made of clay and the legs turn into a quirky lemon slice to hide the artist's inability to draw legs. The hat isn't even on her head the right way.

No. 1703838

It's still pretty in my opinion, and hides the imperfections pretty well

No. 1703847

File: 1695345548142.jpg (155.44 KB, 728x1037, 31728_vol1-chapter-102-comment…)

Anon.. how could you do this.

No. 1703855

Did the alligator bite off his penis or is thr blob female? I’m confused
I didn’t know she left the internet. Her work was a cool interpretation of Native Americans and I remember some actual natives stuck up for her.
You can import Photoshop brushes to Procreate anon
What are Western inking techniques compared to Eastern? I don’t ink but the mage manga you posted has been a fun read. Watching her ink traditionally makes me jealous.

No. 1704049

I'm still mad this artist got run off. By some bitch who would appear on an aryan propaganda poster too oh come ON, we can't ever have cool native art without the "my great grandma was a cherokee princess and this offends me!" people chiming in. So many natives actively praised the art style but of course every minority who disagrees with a twittertard is a token or something

No. 1704144

I was thinking the same thing when I reached that page. Truly a tragedy.

No. 1704149

File: 1695358628711.jpg (117.13 KB, 728x1047, 31728_vol1-chapter-5-a-special…)

Mfw when

No. 1704177

I'm not an artist but I tried drawing something today on ibispaint and all it takes to make it look decent is using the correct brushes and blending modes (burn, overlay, multiply etc.)

No. 1704192

That's just an abuse of "add" blending mode

No. 1704218

It's not but I felt that in spirit. Being a fan of fancy lala myself! It's very whimsical.

No. 1704275

Awww nonna please stop using burn and add layers right now, that hurt to read

No. 1704324

You know, I just got ibispaint for my phone, and it's so much easier than a non-screen tablet. Between that hand-eye coordination game and lousy brush settings I pinned the reason my art previously looked bad (line quality was crap and squiggly.) I notice eastern artists like using layers on blending modes to paint, whereas western artists are more prone to painting manually on one layer.

No. 1704441

tbh half this image looks like free downloaded brushes from Clip Studio (the prism effects, water effects). you could start there lol

No. 1704444

Use backlighting. Super easy: drop in a layer of shadow color on a multiply, linear burn, or darken layer. Then erase the edges for the light. It doesn't matter how crappy your drawing is, if you shade with backlighting, it'll look cool. Add light bloom on top for extra coolness. Rendermaxing is all about making light look really bright, and you can't do that without darks. Most people are afraid to shade with really dark colors.

No. 1704456

How do people lack so much quality control when it comes to commissions? The general style isn’t really for me but I can see why people would like it, but not fixing the character’s right arm/hand feels so inexcusable with how jarring the difference is. I’d be embarrassed to present this to someone who paid me.

No. 1704523

No. 1704791

>>1703759 reminded me of picrel. Does copy and pasting a glitter texture and adding another layer for effects really takes you 3 hours?

No. 1704793

File: 1695435909727.png (561.3 KB, 576x770, Screenshot_20230922-232145~2.p…)

Samefag I forgot the picture kek

No. 1704801

I don't actually use them, I just listed them as examples lol. But I do use them when I'm working on an already existing drawing that I want to change the colors of.

No. 1704815

this looks good. what am i suppose to hate about this?

No. 1704850

No one told you to hate it, just that it's funny minimal changes were made despite it claiming it took another 3 hours to make left look like right

No. 1704883

NTA, but I don't think you understand how long rendering takes. Not to mention just base lines and colors with minimal shading or anything took her 45 minutes. She works slow from the looks of it. Artists usually do these side-by-sides anyway as a way to help themselves keep track of speed progress and share it.

No. 1704886

Still funny

No. 1704967

those don't look like minimal changes, looks like the artist put actual effort into the reflection of the dress

No. 1704968

does accuracy training actually work? it seems a bit insane, but i have seen many pro asian artists shill it

No. 1705186

tldw but it looks like he's doing some basic observation drawing exercises. What's insane about it?

No. 1705191

It's not funny when you're the one who can't grasp basic art and no one agrees with you.

No. 1705274

Yes, but it's not just an asian artist thing. I'd recommend picking up a book on observational drawing. There's this technique that he's doing where you find the negative space and basic shapes to map out the drawing. You measure the length between shapes (or things like eye, nose, etc.) and that will help you make sure everything is proportional.

No. 1705317

Yes it is. People don't have to agree with you always.

No. 1705441

You mean sight size or working from bargue plates? Those are classical atelier methods and I’d say yes they work.

No. 1705626

Thoughts on the dollightfull video? I think she's a little bit rusty, and the paint job incident is a bit sad. Especially considering that it was sooo preventable kek but overall the doll looked nice in the end imo

No. 1705632

her designs don't appeal to me and her high pitched fake voice is obnoxious. there's a lot more talented doll creators than her.

No. 1705659

Saged for slightly off topic but my goodness they destroyed Cleo de nile. One of her legs is supposed to have mummy-like bandages but instead it looks like self harm scars. I still wonder who thought it was a good idea the new designs of mh

No. 1705706

Looking at a lot of Dollightful's dolls you can visibly see the paint strokes used to change the skin tones. It's so thick and uneven and the nails she makes always look like garbage. She is pretty good at doll clothes, too bad she doesn't just focus on that. I really like Poppen Altelier personally because she's just a sweet lady making doll customizations and selling them with the help of her mother who makes the clothes sometimes. I think her mother is a professional seamstress? I also like Poppen because her doll customizations are so varied, I thought she did an amazing job with this one.

No. 1705786

I like her

No. 1705787

File: 1695524510946.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1843, IMG_5189.jpeg)

Drawing an irl teenage girl as an instagram baddie is so bleak

No. 1705791

I haven't liked any of her recent videos. Shes really dropped off lately. Shes pandering to her fans super bad now, and none of her customs seem truly authentic. Like she just wants to make something to get views.

No. 1705807

I have no idea who the girl is but the drawing doesn't even look like the reference.

No. 1705812

I have become so desensitized to this art style. Everything looks the same. Its just people copying off eachother in an endless loop.

No. 1705814

i liked it, dollightfull is the only doll ooak creator i like, the rest are always making drag queen looking dolls or chasing trends instead of making their own characters

No. 1705831

her dolls are so rushed and sloppy as of late, whats the point in drawing concept art if you're going to slap unplanned & unfitting clothes on it half the time? she got me into ooaks but now I watch better artists like catmeleon

No. 1705848

I really used to like her pokemon series and in particular charlotte copperchain. I haven't watched in years now though, mshe kind of fell off I don't know what happened. She's okay though compared to like the drag doll artists. She's not glaringly so-bad-it's-offensive or shitty, there's just some better more talented people to watch or follow on instagram. She's just kind of washed up and that's not a crime or anything. I think anons are okay if they like her.

No. 1705857

Explain why

No. 1705911

File: 1695540182411.jpg (270.9 KB, 1220x1714, [18-03-19] 975837465347964928_…)

Does anyone know of more artists that post their studies?
pic rel is by @Af_Cf_

No. 1705932

So Michie/Twisted Disaster made a new update video and as per usual, she says some ridiculous shit and being melodramatic. I notice that in EVERY update/video she does, she always feels the need to talk about how something traumatic happened to her, how her previous year was "just awful" and waffle on taking forever to get to a point and thinking she's "uwu quirky" while doing it. One of the stupidest things she says in this video is her actually feeling the need to bitch and lecture her viewers that if you become a freelance artist, you can't quality for unemployment. No fucking shit, who the fuck actually believes that you would be able to get on unemployment as a freelance artist. She also calls herself a professional freelance artist and I have to wonder if "professional" is even accurate. The bitch takes forever to finish commission work that can span for year waits and while she does do artist alley at cons, I just have a hard time believing that she has swarms of people lining up to buy her derpy-tier looking merch. I just don't know if I would personally call her a "professional" but maybe I'm just being petty.

Another annoying thing she said in the video was how she said she doesn't like asking for things when it's like, I just don't believe that. I can believe that she probably doesn't like asking for things directly but I feel like she's one of those people who just tries to be boy when she wants something and tries to plant the seed in her much younger friend's heads.

On that note, I've been thinking that aside from Holly Brown, most of her friends are barely entering their 20s (and seem to mostly be troons), I can't help but feel that reflecting on her old video about toxic friendships where she mentioned that she realized her friends from school that she grew up with were all "toxic" and "horrible", I can't help but wonder if maybe she was the one projecting and that she can't handle being around people her age because they won't be as likely to be afraid to call her out on her lazy ways. That they won't tell her what she wants to hear and can even be blunt but to her, that just means they're being "mean".

It's just something I started to think more about after watching a few of her streams and hearing how her much younger friends treat her with this air of naivete and not being as blunt about things. Well with the exception of her TIF/Troon friend "Swayer" who clearly acts like an asshole in a pathetic ploy to come off more like a man. Anyway sorry for blogpost, I just find TD to be an enigma kek.

No. 1705933

>tries to be coy when she wants something

No. 1706025

File: 1695556362203.jpg (Spoiler Image, 915.57 KB, 4096x3638, kisaniyav.JPG)

>one of tomatomagica’s recent artworks
I don’t get it, is this not a loli…? I guess I just assumed she’d hate this kind of stuff

No. 1706029

genuinely what did you expect

No. 1706031

File: 1695557676967.png (1.78 MB, 1647x1717, small bean uwu.png)

Semi related but I can’t stand this artist. Her whole identity is just being a pickme, and built her entire following around being an internet shut-in’s dream gf. I honestly wonder if her bf emotionally abuses her, since all of her shit comes off as a massive cope + needing validation from other men.

No. 1706040

I mean I get it’s more obvious with her newer art kek, but I knew her for her pandering tumblr-era art and her hateboner for sailor moon (where she shat on it for showing teen girls naked during transformation and anime usagi’s relationship with a college guy), so I thought she’d be consistent with her basic standards despite the coombrain

No. 1706046

Wait THAT tomatomagica? The one that drew those cringy ass lovelive "redesigns"? What the fuck happened??

No. 1706056

i genuinely dont understand the point of pickmes, i am an ugly autistic retard and i have plenty of unwanted moid attention why would anyone willingly want to pander to them? they are all ugly and not worth it anyways.

No. 1706057

File: 1695561211776.png (692.98 KB, 1280x1060, 92bf668a3b5e210286784e49fc7c37…)

WAIT this is her old art?! holy shit i have hope then, kek. Interesting how she went from tumblirina steven universe disney mix to something that could easily pass as the art of some professional japanese illustrator. I wonder how it happened, her old art is so…western…looking.

No. 1706059

internalized misogyny

(forgot to sage)

No. 1706074

File: 1695563841108.png (10.31 KB, 505x211, scott.png)

I can fix her.
Also, ironically, women eat this shit up too. Yes pic rel is a meme. But it just shows how huge the couple market is for pickmeish #relatable content.

No. 1706076

File: 1695563920103.png (5.47 KB, 600x161, think-with-forms-6-lines-2-2-7…)

How can I improve at form drawing and perspective? I'm doing these exercises where I do crossectional drawings of simple household objects and I'm really struggling with them, I never know how wide the circles should be

No. 1706082

File: 1695565396085.jpg (316.92 KB, 2200x2933, design-your-own-mug-1116513_l.…)

like here. how do I know what the size of the base should be? or is it a matter of just practicing until you get a sense for it?

No. 1706108

>is it a matter of just practicing until you get a sense for it?
Unfortunately yes. When you're drawing and applying these guidelines it's not just about what you see but also what you can assume or know. In your example you can't see the entire base, so you will have to go off of a size that would make sense with the upper part. You already know it's a circle in perspective and that it's similar in size to the upper one so that's what you have to draw

No. 1706257

Pickmes with boyfriends are even sadder to me because clearly being picked is not enough

No. 1706298

at that point wouldn't that just be an attention whore?

No. 1706370

File: 1695588152124.jpg (238.62 KB, 750x712, comic.jpg)

Total tinfoil but I keep wondering if the boyfriend is real or just a character she made up to build her comics around, since that’s basically her entire online brand. She’s posted photos of herself, but never anything with him. I get exaggerating some moments for humor/clout, but sometimes I just can’t believe stuff like picrel lol

No. 1706373

She posted a pic of shadow silhoute of her and her boyfriend before. Some anon here claimed that she was able to find a pic of her boyfriend through investigating on instagram but she never posted.

No. 1706448

The boyfriend is probably just ugly or painfully average so doing a face reveal would ruin "the pretty anime boy who loves you" appeal of this content. That said, this dialogue sounds ai generated.

No. 1706464

Best website to sell physical art products Nonnas? Using Etsy is a struggle since everything on there is buried in Amazon crap now. Tia

No. 1706473

I think this has happened with a lot of artists because mainstream internet has become so much more coomer-oriented. It’s sad.

No. 1706510

Plus I'm sure with places like etsy, seller fees don't help. You could make your own site, though you'd have to handle all the marketing yourself.

No. 1706535

I want to start seriously learning how to draw to make art of cute and hot men but 1) I feel ashamed to try especially since I'm still a beginner artist and 2) I don't know where I'd get good reference images. Nonnas who are masters as objectifying men and/or shamelessly horny how do I reach your level? I'd prefer to draw softcore art but would probably learn how to draw dicks well eventually.

No. 1706552

I love drawing hot demon guys. A good source to practice is michael stokes' photos. Watch out if you venture too far you'll eventually find NSFW but on the surface it's just suggestive muscular men, 11/10.
Have fun with your journey nona

No. 1706617

File: 1695614347586.png (1.28 MB, 1184x1134, Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 10.58…)


No. 1706642

gay porn

No. 1706645

I really am so burnt out from looking at all the same shit all of the time. Everyone tries to monetize it as well, there's nothing wrong with making bad art but thinking you're going to get famous off of bad art that you only ever copy off of other people who actually have any semblance of originality is tiring. I find myself going back to a lot of rudimentary Japanese artists, I'm not a weeb but at least it always evokes something sweet or calming. Im getting really bored with looking at the same stupid thing over and over without end.

No. 1706670

It’s just really fucking weird how pickmes like this will draw porn of themselves and constantly reference how much they look like little kids (who soooo don’t like it at all omg)

No. 1706676

Even if I thought this, I wouldn't post it lmao.

No. 1706708

have you considered opening an instagram shop? Mine does pretty well, tho you have to do your own marketing.

No. 1706961

interesting, guess i'll be drawing amputee porn with this then
thank you although i really do not want to see the buttsecks if i can avoid it

No. 1706979

Found this croquis channel that's focused on male poses, hope it helps nonny.

No. 1707057

this is very helpful, thank you so much!

No. 1707127

File: 1695661612454.jpeg (164.51 KB, 941x706, D69BB13C-12E9-4213-B50E-F71917…)

I rly like following @pikatstudies! Even tho she’s a programmer at Riot! she still takes art classes and continues to build her portfolio thru her studies.

No. 1707157

How do you manage promoting art and making it? I hate being the retweet and follow!!! type of artist I don't like pumping art to have followers and I have some art accounts(fandom alts) which are popular but I hate getting the engagementgendies I just want to post art let people enjoy it and piss off not keep promoting it and being engaged with very dm I get. I feel like someone like me wasn't made out to be the content creator type..how do you all nonnies manage being a pr manager and a artist?

No. 1707166

Ot but this is so pathetic and narcissistic oh my god, how can people be into this trash?

No. 1707170

Yet people are drooling over it in games like BG3 when NPCs do it. It just seems like romanticizing self-fic. Self-instering isn't really new, look at Twilight. Not really sure where the narcissistic part comes in when that's the intention. Art involving yourself doesn't make someone a narc, either.

No. 1707187

i always though pika was a tranny

No. 1707198

I am struggling to ''draw for fun''. I can sit and grind for hours but once I try to sit and draw for myself I struggle not knowing what to draw, I cant come up with poses or anything interesting to draw, any tips?

No. 1707231

My bad, should've clarified what I meant by narcissistic. It's not the art itself but wanting someone to say bullshit like that to her because she wants it to be a reality that someone would dedicate their lives 100% to her. I know man bad but I think that line of thinking is retarded regardless of gender. But tbh I do find self-inserting weird, too.

No. 1707237

I've been struggling with this too nonna. Honestly, if you have more fun grinding or doing studies, try concept art work. It's really fun if you take different things you want to study (like an animal, an article of clothing, or a model/person) and combine these ideas into one. You can try and use your imagination to come up with a design. It's also been helping me a ton by making up my own story and trying to draw scenes from it. Approach it little by little. If you want to study characters one day, come up with character designs that day. If you want to study environments, come up with environments that tell part of your story.

No. 1707352

File: 1695680123162.jpg (51.01 KB, 623x287, 20230925_160648.jpg)

Luxesbytes/vani is at it again but this time on bluesky. What a fucking idiot.

Did she think that because it's invite only she could dump her twitter and leave like nothing happened?

>calls herself kid.

>is in her mid 30s, nearly 40 kek

No. 1707354

I don’t really think it’s assholeish for an artist to not tell someone who their manufacturer for an item is, but apparently it is according to annoying zoomies. I don’t even care the reason for gatekeeping, I just like seeing people having fits and leaving 20 comments because they can’t do even simple google searches on their own, which is the minimum amount you will do if you’re actually serious about having charms or plushes made or whatever.

No. 1707382

File: 1695681754564.jpg (257.1 KB, 1500x1125, IMG-20200202-195112.jpg)

I love his art. I still have a beat up little book of his that I got when I was 13 and treasured so much

No. 1707385

Every time I see an artist claim she looks super young and gets confused for a kid, it's only because of their height and the way they dress so older adults can't tell. They never actually look younger than their age, idk why they try to do that so often.

No. 1707406


Anyone know her alts? I heard she got like 2 or 3

No. 1707437

lol what gave you that impression? Her twitters and twitch are free of gendered stuff as far as im aware and always seemed female presenting to me

No. 1707718

It's a lot easier to be creative within a frame, so give yourself a more narrow frame to work within. Instead of having a vague idea like "maybe I'll draw a summery girl" you make up specifics like "a blonde girl in a long dress eating ice cream while leaning up against her bicycle".
If that's also too hard to come up with, take a photo or artwork you like and make something derivative of it. Copy the pose or vibe but imagine it in a different context and outfit that you like better. Drawing "for yourself" doesn't have to mean "100% from my own brain" it could just mean making cute fanart of something you like.

No. 1707881

File: 1695734536767.jpg (141.88 KB, 1250x423, FDJyWirVgAAEa0U.jpeg.jpg)

Have you nonas seen the recent discussions on twitter about this weird webcomic called Sinfest? It's drawn by a man and used to be a daily comedic strip until he discovered terf talking points, which lead to its downfall according to prior fans of it. It seems like an insane rabbithole to go into, all the panels that I've seen shared don't resemble anything like a plot kek

No. 1707883

It has terf talking points but mostly the poster "white right wing" with super religious undertones. It's odd, is the author even white himself?

No. 1707884

Yeah I saw it on Twitter too. You should post some of the funnier panels lol. He has a lot of weird shit about alien immigrants too and seems obsessed with them. His panels about immigrants are so bizarre that it almost feels like satire especially the one with the crying alien kid.

No. 1707889

isn't he Japanese-American

No. 1707900

He considers himself a good immugrant and divides immigrants into 2 categories : bad immigrants who are drawn as aliens or some weird apocalyptic insect-robots and the good ones such as superman and that DragonBalls goku guy.

No. 1707909

File: 1695738645960.png (95.02 KB, 740x250, FNWOlrtVgAkBuot.png)

Right, it seems to me like he went from radfem points into alt-right shit and I haven't seen enough to get a feeling for what is going on in his brain and if he's even thinking about the real world or just too terminally online and wrapped up in delusions. It's also interesting how this comic has changed, in the beginning it was very different

No. 1707912

File: 1695738880674.jpg (48.58 KB, 650x265, F6iZXpvWYAACI0T.jpeg.jpg)

Random old comic I saw. Apparently these are the MCs but I don't really care to read more about it kek

No. 1707913

File: 1695738923654.png (809.42 KB, 941x600, 1693494196306.png)

While he's an extreme case, he's not unheard of. A lot of formerly left-leaning people switching to the populist right after the mainstream liberal gaslighting regarding addressing troon issues. Their logic being, "if they're being dishonest about this issue, then they are likely lying about everything." A lot of radfems and socialist in general are falling down this pipeline as well, I'm talking about life long communists praising Tucker Calrson. for e.g Kajsa Ekman (who wrote an excellent book regarding the state of prostitution and how it functions in Europe), but at the same time, she retweets and posts literal Russian propaganda and thinks Putin is justified in invading Ukraine.

No. 1707916

The war in Ukraine has caused some Europeans to be left leaning economically but right socially. Just because she supports Putin doesn’t mean she isn’t a communist, she just hates NATO

No. 1707921

Damn, I remember Sinfest before the author went down the radfem rabbithole. It was mostly just silly gag a day shit and was alright but I never really followed it. Then one day he started a whole plot about how the patriarchy is like the Matrix. That's when his fans turned on him. It also pretty much consumed every aspect of the comic and he started doing overarching plots and increasing the scope two fold, completely abandoning any semblance of humor or lightheartedness.

Really reminds me of an Dave Sim in a way considering both fell into radical rabbit holes (but Sim went the opposite route) and both are what I'd consider quite talented artists.

No. 1707956

File: 1695745028069.jpg (191.33 KB, 697x1280, comic1.jpg)

I think the Sinfest comics have been really on point.

No. 1707957

File: 1695745062966.jpg (125.49 KB, 1250x423, comic2.jpg)

No. 1707967

File: 1695746370094.jpg (146.06 KB, 1250x423, 2023-09-08.jpg)

This one is good also.

No. 1707970

File: 1695746553654.jpg (157.61 KB, 1250x423, 2023-08-31.jpg)

No. 1707971

although some of his comics are batshit crazy i really like how he colors also frankly glad hes calling out what a plague troonism is

No. 1707973

File: 1695746984783.jpg (145.27 KB, 1250x423, 2023-08-14.jpg)

Forgot to include the best one based on that arrest of the autistic girl in the UK who told a police officer "You look like my lesbian grandma" and they dragged her out the house crying and screaming to put her in jail.

No. 1707982

Am I the only one tinfoiling he's female? I don't know if I'm just being pessimistic but I doubt moids will understand radfem talking points like surrogacy, pornography, pimps and johns as much as he does.

No. 1707987

This isn't what is happening in classrooms at all but those backpack alt-right nazi shit is. This is so retarded. No winder twitter loves it. Its now an alt-right safe haven.

No. 1707992

He's allegedly married to a feminist woman.

No. 1707994

fair enough, the other way I can see is a woman hassling her nigel about it, kek.

No. 1707996

Or more possible, she's writing the stories and he's just illustrating. Its possible he's also easily molded by his girlfriend.

No. 1708006

In this possibility, I hope and glad she's safe under his name but also I hope he'd stop pandering to reactionary anti-woke crowd.

No. 1708049

I wanna make some paintings of my friend's pets and I wanna know exactly what I need for it to not look like shit. I have painted before but I just used paint, canvas, and brush. Pretty simple but I wanted to know if I needed other stuff that I'm not aware of.

No. 1708132

Genuinely nauseating to look at. I remember her being groveling after that one call-out post circulated about her old incest and loli drawings, saying things along the lines of “I-I promise I’m not like that now! I was 13 I didn’t know any better and I was groomed!!” Those must have been crocodile tears because she is absolutely shameless about it now.

No. 1708140

The termianlly online pickmes who make being short their entire personality are often some of the most crusty looking bitches who are just under if not average height. They want to be uwu irl legal lolis so bad.

No. 1708148

Probably been asked a million times before but do you guys have any advice for a first-timer on how to get commissions? Is it just a matter of making good art, offering commissions, and just hoping someone notices and asks for one? Also, what payment processor do you use? I have a paypal account I made years ago so I might go with that since I’ve heard it’s what most people use, but I’m wondering if there’s better options. Also, kind of worried about revealing my identity and potentially running into tax problems so any tips about that would be great.

I’m thinking I might try to appeal to people who want their OCs drawn. For anyone here who gets commissions, what are you usually asked to draw?

No. 1708179

File: 1695767678390.png (26.09 KB, 580x213, 879264815654613656.png)

Artists are so entitled and whiny. This is why you are being replaced with AI lmao

No. 1708180

i dont get it did they steal the baby?

No. 1708188

??? Do they not give a deadline to the client? Do the clients buy without a deadline?

No. 1708203

A lot of it really is just posting your art and making it clear in your profile that commissions are open. And making a commission sheet to show people your pricing and what you're able to do/won't do. If you have art mutuals who can repost your commission sheet/art that helps attract new customers but it'll be a slow process at first until you build up an audience. I used to use PayPal and it was fine, but my commissions are a bit different as I make crafts/physical items versus illustrations so now I just take commissions over my own website/square. Again, a bit of a different beast for me but I get a lot of OCs and characters from video games/anime/etc. that people like. Good luck, nonna!

No. 1708215

Yeah, I've built my art presence on instagram, I don't have like 1k followers or anything, but I have a small circle of "regulars" who always like and comment on my stuff. I also engaged a lot with posting stories and talking to my followers a bit. I put myself out there and was able to get some commissioners, though I haven't been as active recently. Luckily, I did get that golden client where they can't draw themselves and want you to draw their OCs all the time kek. He's great. I did get commissioned by this scrote to draw nsfw, but it was a decent price too so worked out. He is incredibly patient as well. I hope you can find some clients nonna, especially dedicated, understanding ones. I use Paypal myself for payment. I have taken cashapp before kek

No. 1708270

File: 1695780175024.png (449.65 KB, 365x504, what.PNG)

There are so many mediocre artists out there with TONS of engagement, viewers, and followers…How the hell do people do it?

This artist has 15k+ followers…averages around 200 viewers on twitch every time she streams…and this art got 11k likes.

How do I reach this level of engagement?? I'm so bitter

No. 1708272

keep posting as much as you can. social media has turned art into a commodity so much as so that even the process is becoming a commodity (through tiktok).
its not for everyone so pace yourself accordingly, nonna

No. 1708376

I've done several commissions and I don't get this mindset from artists at all. If I took a whole month to finish a piece I'd be embarrassed as fuck for being so slow. If it's your primary income I get that you may need to secure clients beforehand, but then you should be extremely clear with when their timeslot is and when they can expect the work. Unless the art actually takes a whole month to finish because it's so detailed, but if it's just a "life gets in the way" kind of thing you're just being a dick. If you want people to take art as a serious job then treat it like a serious job and not a hobby you do here and there when you feel like it.

No. 1708397

Sell your soul and draw things that are popular, flavor of the month trends and popular ships.

No. 1708411

Exactly. It's a nice looking drawing of a fire emblem character in a wedding dress, I think there has to be some luck involved but it's clear why that would blow up on a site like twitter. The original tweet from march 2022 even got 21k likes. That artist is also a Vtuber, so the amount of viewers that anon mentioned makes sense to me since it's not just silent drawing but somewhat engaging content. Interestingly her insta and tumblr seem to be pretty small in comparison, I guess the twitter/twitch audience just doesn't care much about the quality of art beyond seeing their own waifus in whatever way

No. 1708442

I also have noticed these kind of people engage with the comunity A LOT and try to make as many friends as they can/join servers. Since most people in these groups feel a bit pressured to share the art since it was many by a friend, it breaches out quickly.
I recently started a Twitter (yeah, I know) and often see outright bad artists get +100 rts on their stuff and it's all because they became friends mostly with people who have +4k followers

No. 1708524

Usually the people bitching about clients pestering them for faster progress than 12 months are the kind of e-beggars masquerading as "artists" who sell shitty $30 emergency commissions with a sob story to pay rent (which they spend on new shiny fandom merch) but then ditch the commissions due to "mental stress" after getting the money. And since the amount of money spent is relatively small the client eventually gives up rather than attempts to fight it. It's a very common hustle. Actual professionals making real money with commissions (think $200+ per piece) know what's at stake and don't try to pull a fast one.

The original anon going "THIS IS WHY AI IS REPLACING YOU!!!" is a retarded cryptobro refugee though and shouldn't be interacted with

No. 1708526

>this weird webcomic called Sinfest
Man it hurts to realize you've been around long enough to remember when Sinfest made the shift from an iconic 4-panel gag comic with risque humor known by literally everyone online into the feminist format and faded into obscurity. It was a huge uproar in the online artist circles back then and it feels weird to realize it was more than a decade ago iirc.

I think the initial feminist narrative was pretty good and he reflected on women and our struggles pretty adequately for being a man, to the point I even wondered if the strip was being ghostwritten by a radfem girlfriend or something, but then he started slipping again towards the antivaxx conservatoid deep end and made the comic just a less white supremacist version of Stonetoss. Which honestly reflects what happened to a lot of online gendercrit spaces. His art is still amazing though.

Yeah, it's grim. At least I've seen some ex-altrighters openly reject their ideas and apologize for falling into the pipeline as vulnerable teenagers so I guess you lose some and you gain some.

No. 1708537

You weren't lying. He is batshit crazy. All his recent comics are about the great replacement and international Jewish conspiracy, far-right conspiracy theories. He makes as much sense as transgenderism.

No. 1708608

File: 1695828888272.jpg (147.28 KB, 1250x423, 2023-08-19.jpg)

Jesus christ the last time I read Sinfest it was still just about how prostitution and sex work dehumanizes women and now he's deadass drawing unironic comics about the great replacement conspiracy, anti-Ukraine and climate change denialist shit. What a waste of talent. His art is so good and he has great storytelling skills and they're spent on this. What the hell happened?

No. 1708611

He's not wrong tho.

No. 1708675

His comics now follow a short storyline. OP posted the follow-up with the two gay men. She was a surrogate for them and realized too late she wanted the baby while the gay men disregarded her as soon as her job was done.

No. 1708686

Is that byleth from fire emblem in a wedding dress? Making content of waifus is an easy way to get following, if a bit mindless if you yourself don't like it

No. 1708721

I think you're on the wrong site

No. 1708943

File: 1695857649545.png (2.31 MB, 2804x1903, image.png)

>makes the most basic furry design you can imagine
> Do not color pick
> Do not reference
> There will be consequences

Why are furfags like this?

No. 1708969

Every time I see big, obnoxious watermarks on generic OC art I get the urge to make a collage of identical characters. The fuck are they going to do? Send the dog police after me?

No. 1709009

shotafag? kill yourself(a-logging)

No. 1709022

Do it kek. Especially if the artists are cows who will screech bloody thief at other characters that resemble a facsimile of theirs.

No. 1709024

The face looks like random blob of brown colors from afar due to the design and low contrast I need to zoom in and turn on my brightness to discern it properly

No. 1709066

Right at first my brain tried to see this as a horse not a dog, with the right ear being the horse's snout

No. 1709081

Nonnies who have ipads for drawing, what kind did you get? Like what size, storage, price, etc. Did you get an older model or shell out for something newer? Did you buy new or used? I’m a poorfag so getting a used/refurbished one is tempting… I’ve never had an ipad before though so I’m not sure what kind to get that would be best for drawing. (I do have a small screenless drawing tablet but I wonder if I’d do more digital art with something more convenient.)

No. 1709122

I have a 2nd generation ipad pro. It still holds up really well and I haven’t really had a desire to upgrade from it.

No. 1709149

I have one of the new iPad Pro's, with a 12.9" screen. I think given the choice you should go for the same size as me, it's decently big that it never really feels too small. I think if I'd got the smaller one, I'd feel like it's just slightly too small. I use Procreate and it's freaking awesome. It also records your process passively so you always have a timelapse you can export, I think it's nice if you post your art on social media or just think it looks cool to see it sped up.

No. 1709162

Hey did any of you watch this. It pissed me off so bad that I thought about overweight Twitter trannies dying. But I know they still exist. So my day is just ruined now

No. 1709167

File: 1695891876544.png (329.97 KB, 680x536, 1690982730692.png)

> I thought about overweight Twitter trannies dying
why not all? popular twitter art troons either turn out to be diapurfurs or pedos puppychan

No. 1709192

File: 1695895148003.jpg (525.08 KB, 1080x1080, quicksquarenew_202392817551823…)

Every now and again this artist goes on some angry rant about other artists stealing her outfit designs or copying her art. But then recently she's even said that crediting her for style inspiration isn't "classy"? I've never heard of an artist getting pissed that someone credited them as an inspiration lol

No. 1709197

furries are something else
>be furfag into inflation
>commission some dude to make you an inflation suit
>dude fucks up the patterns of the suit
>he resells it and the furfag commissions him again
>fuck it up for the second time
>resell it again
>furfaggot gets angry because there are now two similar inflation latex suits with the same generic blue/red/white color combo

No. 1709203

File: 1695896091714.webm (495.34 KB, 720x720, JDGE.webm)

why are all popular wester twitter artists so fucking bad at art? i dont wanna start an east vs west debate, i know there are tons of talented western artists, but the popular ones are always so terrible at art compared to japanese artists who have less followers but are miles more talented.

No. 1709204

File: 1695896447819.png (77.29 KB, 618x390, Capture.PNG)

Really it's not just troons. It's mostly just bored fat teenage girls online.
I'm thinking of what this anon >>1700944 said:
>Why is it always women that draw content targeted toward women being called out and targeted?
Because it's mostly chronically online teen girls starting drama over fucking nothing, which is really a shame. Do you think a single one of those South Park profile picture accounts are run by someone with a penis? They're not even trannies. Well a lot of them are, but they're TIF/fakeboi/ftms.
People really need to stop giving a shit about what kpop stans and other worthless retards say on Twitter. Stop giving weight to it, these people haven't even graduated high school. I feel like all the YouTube drama channels that have cropped up since the mid 2010s are really contributing toward letting those types get their way because they include screencaps and sentiments regurgitated by them. They have no soul and parasitize everything.
They are vile, worthless people. And before you say "they're just teenagers" I would not have done what they do online as a teenager, and none of my friends would have. They are not going to "grow out of it". They never do. All these nasty Twitter ftm 15 year olds are going to either get really fat and move from place to place in hovels with other trannies for the rest of their lives while e-begging, or kill themselves. They will never contribute anything valuable to the world. Why are so many teens furries now? Fuck Gen Xers and Millennials for giving their kids unrestricted internet access

No. 1709205

File: 1695896571145.jpg (147.07 KB, 894x894, 81SDj lZaJL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

What's your opinion on Ohuhu markers? I own about 50 copics and I love them but I'm thinking getting some Ohuhu ones for practice drawings.

No. 1709206

Full offense to that woman, but her art is not unique at all. Unless someone was tracing exactly, her drawings are so Tumblr genetic that I wouldn't be able to tell her apart from other random artists.

No. 1709210

Such an insane situation. There are two streams with or about Chippledipple on his second channel, TomDark. I found them to be kind of interesting, in one of them he "debates" some guy who made a video saying Tom was spreading misinfo about the situation but when pressed he immediately folds and starts saying he was tired and didn't really think about it and says he's sorry kek twitter is just full of braindead people that say things without considering consequences because they never experience any. They don't live in the real world, they have no idea what the shit they are saying actually means and most of the time they don't even care if something they are complaining about really happend. Every so often I see callouts and then someone asks "What did they do? Where's the proof?" and no one answers but the accusation itself, even though it's baseless, is already heavy enough to force an apology

No. 1709213

i mean its goes both ways you also find some godawful art in the east thats popular too, most Popular western artist never improve? theyre stuck making the same suldge theyve making since it gets them follows i mean look at cyraine and ross fundamentally sure the illustration looks good but you cant get past the holier than thou attitude they have(aka kooleen) these artists cant understand that what may be good for them wont be for others look at naoki hes in the same sphere but he never changes the artstyle of the pieces he gets just corrects them to look good

No. 1709217

I know this is the salt thread but the art is fine. It's nothing amazing, but the general composition and colours are pleasant, and 15k followers really isn't that much.

No. 1709220

everyone involved its such an insufferable talentless faggot, but at least it's funny as an outsider

No. 1709221

Must stem from insecurity because her art is generic as fuck and she knows it

No. 1709225

Which part pissed you off nonnie? I was unaware of this drama and I just watched. Fractal county was such a douche and the misogynistic wojack shit was disgusting, but kek at him laughing at a fat fetish tranny.

No. 1709253

Kek that's true, I was surprised I hadn't heard anything about this or puppychan on here. It seems like those were two bigger situations in the community

Western artists oftentimes get popular for their personality or looks, not only the actual art. It's also just a completely different environment with very different influences, so the art that's made looks different. I'm kind of jealous of weebs and anyone who grew up with anime because their art started out as at least somewhat appealing while I was trying to imitate ugly ass tumblr and deviantart slop because I just didn't know anything else and as a kid I couldn't tell how bad it was

No. 1709263

they're good.

No. 1709357

Honestly I noticed the average western artist blows up because of memes, not much else (maybe coom and yet memes still top it). In every fandom I've been in you have very talented western artists with 1-5k and then people who post shitty but consistent doodles with the meme of the day/week with 30k or more.

I don't see this happening with asian communities, first of all they don't seem to care as much about meme shit. Secondly they have a lot more patience when it comes to letting artists create. In the west if you're not grinding daily (which implies lower quality art) I've found that people get bored and constantly unfollow. Meanwhile my japanese followers will follow me for years and still interact even when I completely changed the subject matter of what I post kek.

It's not that western artists are shittier, it's that the western audience is shittier. Plus it makes our artists less motivated to try or improve when they can shit out Reimu drinking grimace shake in a white void in mspaint and get 50k likes.

No. 1709447

Draw with jazza has a video comparing them with copics if you haven't seen that/got your question after watching that

No. 1709454

File: 1695917709495.jpg (135.21 KB, 953x1012, 1624713594938.jpg)

> Secondly they have a lot more patience when it comes to letting artists create
nayrt but my mind is always blown by the level of detail and patience of most jap artists, these people will spend 8h MINIMUM on a single piece and take care of the tiniest details, it's really something to think about.
Whereas most western artists that blow up that you talk about, their art is so subpar it would be an offense to even compare them to a jap artist.
And I say this as someone who's been on pixiv for 15 years, in Japan being able to draw is something that is considered normal.
Given how much the west's artists and people in general have their dopamine receptors fried because of social media, seeing artists who really pour in effort to their work gives me hope
But those who get bored and unfollow aren't a loss anyway, you want people to follow for your art, not flavor of the month memes/art . And here I get to another subject: drawing popular stuff because that's what gets you followers. But that's another topic for some other time

No. 1709488

File: 1695919305214.jpg (397.79 KB, 1448x2048, [20-05-17] 1261847945600622592…)

I have noticed that Japanese artists never stop practicing either. Aruurara is by all means a pro, but you see him streaming his daily figure drawing sessions and talking about the new drawing books he picked up. A bunch of Japanese artists also have side accs where they post their studies, I don't think I have ever seen that with a western artist asides Pika, they normally settle on a shitty style and stagnate. How bleak, at least we aren't on the tumblr steven universe era anymore, although it's still less cancerous than the mspaint doodle of anime girl doing something quirky era that were are witnessing right now.

No. 1709495

There are plenty of professional western artists that do exercisesdaily, but you're all online and most dint stream due to them already having jobs that pay them and usually, likedisney,own everything they produce as long as they are signed up with the company. They don't have the luxury to just stream and show their work. They aren't allowed. Otherwise you're stuck with tumblr westerners who draw for fun and less about showcasing practices. If you're just looking for anime/cartoony work from western artists, you're going to have a hard time not just finding fan twitter anons who post on picarto sometimes,but those tend to just be draw dumps/request streams.

No. 1709502

Most anime artists are also hobbists with a fanbox at best. Aruurara has never done professional work besides having a fanbox. You will never see those uber popular twitter western artists actually practice or strive to be better and get out of their comfort zone.

No. 1709513

Probably because they don't get engagement from posts like that like Japanese artists do either. I don't see sketches and the like getting as much attention on the US side of twitter ever. The closest you get is messy adoptables. People like the end result which sucks because I personally like seeing a whole page of patchy and half-done torsos or eyes. I like seeing the practices, but overall that won't get you the attention you want. A lot of people save that stuff for portfolios, which you can see on websites vs twitter, or for hardcover portfolios. They don't waste their time posting their progress online.

No. 1709515

No offense but there's also plenty of Japanese artists who've draw in the exact same style for many years and while good aren't exactly amazing on a technical level. Just look at how much officially released manga has barely above decent art.

No. 1709524

Thats why it's so easy to spot a Japanese artist lol They all migrate to the same style. Comiket has the same look in almost 80% of the mangas.

No. 1709527

>first of all they don't seem to care as much about meme shit. Secondly they have a lot more patience when it comes to letting artists create.
Asian artists definitely fold harder than western artists under pressure, so in my headit must be that their fandom encourages experimentation. Ah, my favorite artist is drawing for a completely different interest now? Splendid, instead of throwing an entire autistic tantrum of "why aren't you drawing X anymore??" I'm going to support them. You know? Feels like they have stronger support systems. I don't know how to describe it, they just do shit. They just draw things. Not to say there's no fandom drama or petty bickering (there is, lots) but they seem to stick together for most of the time. They don't just exclusively seek out memes and shitposts to retweet. They see something they like they pass it around.
>Meanwhile my japanese followers will follow me for years and still interact even when I completely changed the subject matter of what I post kek.
I have a mixed bag of friends from different asian fandom regions and one of the most surprising things they have told me recently is that they usually make the jump from twitter to other platforms. Meanwhile in the west we build a platform on somewhere else (tumblr, newgrounds, etc) and make the jump to twitter. What does that tell me? I don't know. I feel like twitter is far more successful when you bring in an audience from somewhere else and have them boost your ratings. Then your art actually appears on people's pages… It makes me curious now. I'm going to ask some of them to see if they agree with these notions now.
>it's that the western audience is shittier. Plus it makes our artists less motivated to try or improve when they can shit out Reimu drinking grimace shake in a white void in mspaint and get 50k likes.
Agree completely, unfortunately. And it's been this way for a hot minute now. It's demoralizing. You can make something really good and even if it gets a very good amount of reshares with compliments, it will always be overshadowed by some meme or humorous thing you did. And it made me think, why not make shitty memes and shitposts to bait people into following you and then post what you want? After all it's common knowledge(?) nobody gives a fuck about your original content before you build an audience on fanart. Some of my more popular friends did this exact method and it worked for them. Somehow it feels like you're holding a net out, you'll fail to catch the people that just want their daily consoom dose to-go (they always unfollow in the end), but you'll catch those that genuinely like your style.

No. 1709541

About your first point; yes and no. Japanese fandom is absolutely autistic about tagging your art with the 'right' tags to make sure it only ends up visible to those that want to see it. For example I'm a fan of a joseimuke game, and the fandom for those that ship BL and those that ship yume exist entirely outside of one another. And yes, they get very upset if you fuck up your tagging and your yume fanart ends up on BL timelines.
Secondly it's more common for artists to make accounts just for one fandom, so once they move on they just stop posting there and you have to hope you happen to find them again.

No. 1709555

Good Western artists are probably fleeing social media more and more often, I used to follow many of them in some older fandoms years ago on tumblr and twitter and they stopped posting as often as they used to because they all got annoyed or even harassed at some point by the kid of "artists" who just doodle some unfunny memes and call it a day, and they almost all made private twitter accounts so they can just occasionally shitpost with their friends. Some of them earn money thanks to art so they just post from time to time about commissions and post some art once a month at most and leave asap.

No. 1709557

>Japanese fandom is absolutely autistic about tagging your art with the 'right' tags
NTA but god, I saw this happen a few months ago. I follow this one JP artist (whose entire page is her art of a game series) who did a collab with a popular Vtuber, drawing her with the MC of said game because she started to stream it.
DeepL only could get me so far, but from what I understood looks like the artist tagged the art wrong and she had an avalanche of angry people barking at her on her askbox, so much it remains closed today and her account was locked for a bit. She also received some "waah waah we follow you for [game], stop drawing the Vtuber, we don't care" messages.
It surprised me a lot, specially since she's kind of a profesional artist, I thought people would be more respectful.

No. 1709564

They freak out if they even find out a vtuber is dating someone. Japanese fans are crazy a lot of the time, they don't even see artists as human. At least western audiences tell you to take a break now which wasn't the case years ago when producing daily was an utmost must over your mental health. You have mangakas passing out trying to meet unattainable deadlines. This is why the ones who do have social medias posts usually far between. I don't know why asian fans in general froth at the mouth over stuff. You do anything fan theory away from canon and they freak the hell out.

No. 1709594

Oh wow, I only marginally remember that. Admittedly I don't do ship stuff anymore so that makes sense. Thanks for correcting me. Does anyone happen to know how Japanese fandoms differ from Korean or Chinese fandoms?
>so once they move on they just stop posting there and you have to hope you happen to find them again.
How does that even work? It feels so hard to get the twitter algorithm to pick you up if you're just starting from scratch, am I just stupid?

>and they almost all made private twitter accounts so they can just occasionally shitpost with their friends.
No kidding. Nobody wants to deal with social media anymore. I even see some non artists here and there commenting and/or complaining that everyone's gone insular. Everyone's got some little private this or that with like 5 to 10 to 20 with no moderation and trusted friends just shooting the shit now.

That's disappointing..

No. 1709612

NTA but on your first point, they just do. I have noticed often they don't care about followers/likes as much as we do, specially if they're just a hobby artist. So they just open the account and post about their new fandom, become mutuals with other accounts that post the same stuff as them and that's all. Honestly is kind of how in Tumblr people make (or used to) sideblogs for each of their fandoms and aesthetics.

No. 1709614

I actually prefer tag autism and I think a lot of fandom drama would be diminished if everyone properly tagged their shit and filtered out stuff they don't want to see and just stayed in their respective lane. Can you even blacklist tags on twitter? Centralized algorithmic social media is a plague.

No. 1709627

I actually prefer tag autism and I think a lot of fandom drama would be diminished if everyone properly tagged their shit and filtered out stuff they don't want to see and just stayed in their respective lane.
This. It's the smallest most miniscule effort at being courteous to tag your shit and I don't get why people act like you're asking them to jump to the moon if you request proper tags.

>Can you even blacklist tags on twitter?

You can mute any word so it doesn't show up on your feed so yes. I've muted ships, series and characters that I don't want to see and it works great, but a lot of aloof artists just don't bother with tagging and I guess it's fine if you're a small artist but when your art consistently gets 200+ retweets it would be polite to add at least a tag for the ship and the source. A lot of people like to browse the algorithm feed because the chronological feed gets clogged up by a lot of unrelated casual tweets so your art might show up for them even when they're not following you.

No. 1709631

I don't know if you posted that image as an example of some "super intricate 8+ hour art piece" or the subpar one because it's extremely mediocre with broken anatomy, unbalanced composition, flat shadows with nonsensical folding.

No. 1709641

most anons ITT are weeaboos, they think soulless anime art with strange rendering is good

No. 1709658

File: 1695931337105.jpg (572.44 KB, 1000x1415, 82693443_p0.jpg)

I posted because it's visually pleasing with a nice level of detail, if I wanted to post an 8hr+ one I'd upload something else
You can post something you consider better if it's not to your liking, if that's mediocre than I don't want to see western mediocrity
Wouldn't call myself a weeb but the soulless anime art you're refering to is probably the ultra generic cute/moe style which is prevalent everywhere nowadays, which I'm also not a huge fan of regardless of how pretty or shiny the colors are,pic related

No. 1709661

anons ITT are gonna nitpick no matter what, the most generic anime shit artist is still miles better than the twitter popular western artist

No. 1709664

This video feels like watching high schoolers fight. I've just gotten way too old for absolutely retarded twitter bouts like this and chippledipple gets way too invested in the """trolling""", it's clear that despite playing the "cool centrist who just makes epic maymays" role it gets under his skin real bad and that's why he keeps lashing out. He was honestly asking for it for constantly picking on mentally ill and chronically online people for attention, like what the hell was he expecting to happen? Play stupid games and win even stupider prizes. Scrotes who poke the hornet's nest with low effort rage bait and then cry about being bullied are pathetic.

No. 1709673

Two countries with different tastes. Same way I hate picasso but love money. I absolutely hate the sameface look most Japanese art has. Everything looks like love live, genshit, or pokemon generic kawaii. Same way you probably feel like everything looks like disney/pixar over here. I don't think a Japanese artist is innovative or unique for drawing the same think everyone else in Japan draws.

No. 1709679

It's hilarious this was posted as some sort of amazing art piece when anons ITT were shitting on an artist for daring to have more then a hundred followers for drawing generic fanart here >>1708270 just because the artist for the first one is Japanese doesn't somehow make it better.
Also if we're talking general 'cute' artists that just draw cute girls, there's significantly better artists around then what you've posted.

No. 1709680

>the most generic anime shit artist is still miles better than the twitter popular western artist

No. 1709682

lurk moar there are tons of japanese artists who dont draw moeshit, just like how there are tons of western artists who dont draw calarts/pixar blobs

No. 1709684

>I hate picasso but love money
Sorry, I laughed

No. 1709793

this post is so funny when compared to places like the CSP marketplace where people buy and sell collections of pre-drawn hands and a traceable 3d versions of anything you could ever possibly imagine. there are so many prefabricated assets it seems like a lot of them are allergic to actually making art. but yeah every "jap artist" out there spends 90% of every waking moment honing their craft and creating magnificent compositions from scratch

No. 1709826

yeah and when they do use them it looks bad, none of those asset flip artists make it

No. 1709851

File: 1695947874975.jpg (1.62 MB, 3000x3600, 5c2a3e5527a5312b4159a03482064f…)

Yeah except only people who don't know how to do digital art and professionals who make their own 3d models and stamp brushes use those type of crutches. One is trying to find a shortcut because they don't know how to draw and they're too lazy to learn how to, the other is most likely in a time crunch.

No. 1709854

File: 1695948228341.jpg (86.29 KB, 300x500, 290599f7498c12ee692182c5e1f28b…)

Maybe you should try Harvest Moon or Rune Factory games Nonna. They're all mostly drawn in chibi or a more simple art style, and the boys are drawn just as cutesy as the girls. All the games have different art styles so maybe someone will strike your fancy

No. 1709856

Unrelated to the discussion but I used to love Avogado's art so much, but now I feel like their art is predictable and cliche. It used to feel more real before.

No. 1709860

CSP is used by comic and manga artists who need to churn out work as fast as possible, this isn't the same as discussing non-comic art and illustrations where most artists are not going to use those tools.

No. 1709866

Claudia (real name of the Ranfren comic author) is canadian. Didn't know she was a TIF now.

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