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File: 1694829099412.png (1.24 MB, 1319x508, whopic.png)

No. 321680

Feel free to post all internet horror media in this thread. As any anon who keeps up with the genre knows, most of these projects are run by a single person or small team, and can go dark at any time. Might as well keep the milk in one place.

Welcome Home is the newest attempt at a puppetshit mascot horror moneymaker by a self-infantilizing tumblr gendie who spends her time crying mental illness, whipping up drama in her own fandom, and kinning her favorite puppets from other franchises. Billed as a lost media horror experience, this "multimedia" project takes on the form of a website hosted by a "research team" working to recover "lost artifacts" connected to a children's puppet show from the late 60s/early 70s.

Allegedly worked on since 2018, it was recently made known to a bigger audience when horror youtuber Night Mind produced a video on it. After confidently mislabeling Welcome Home as a "horror ARG", we were consequently exposed to partycoffin's greatest hits

>distinct shortage of website building skill

>mild to extremely tepid horror content
>absent horror content
>teenage tumblrina vent art masquerading as horror content
>promises of gay/religious trauma as horror content (yet to be delivered)
>very modern over-designed rainbow puke puppet cast
>bad writing
>lackluster worldbuilding
>"experience" hosted via pages on portfolio website
>crying about nsfw art of coomer husbando design on blog
>the worst case of cringe babytalk
>casting call for amateur voice actors
>shit voicework in website update

The creator is milky, but the fandom is just as creamy. Bootleg merch, spite posted puppet porn, unironic puppet porn, infighting, tag bombing, pathetic whiteknighting, horny cringeposting, clout chasing, and seemingly thousands of kids to 30 year olds doling out cash for makeship character plushies – they have it all and more.

Relevant Links:
Welcome Home: https://www.clownillustration.com/whats-welcome-home
Wayback Machine Index: https://web.archive.org/web/20230000000000*/https://www.clownillustration.com/whats-welcome-home

Creator's Portfolio Site: https://www.clownillustration.com/
Tumblr (most active): https://partycoffin.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_PartyCoffin_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/partycoffin/
Picarto: https://picarto.tv/WelcomeHome
Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/partycoffin(tripfagging)

No. 321682

thanks for making the thread, nona!

No. 321683

No problem, I was glad to do it! Also happy a lot of other nonnas were interested in the thread. I've been wanting to talk about internet horror junk and the cringe youtubers involved.
But I've been especially wanting to discuss Welcome Home because it's such a badly executed cringefest. You've gotta see partycoffin's tumblr blog, you might have to scroll past all the plush Wally shilling though. I searched up "puppet" and discovered they had a normal affect before getting into Smile For Me KEK. Their entire persona is basically a Dr. Habit larp.

Let me know if you guys have any feedback, this was my first thread op as you can probably tell. I'm not very good at greentext, but I tried my best!

No. 321684

yeah, i've been taking a gander through it and gosh golly gee their writing is annoying. 70's television (particularly jim henson stuff) culture may have been a LITTLE bit more folksy, but she's trying so hard to come off as charming and it just isn't working.Also you're right these designs are way too modern to genuinely look like they're from the 70s. The art too was too obviously made digitally. If she wanted to really commit all documents should have been presented as in-house sketches OR marketing material using them as VERY flat designs on packaging or whatever.

No. 321685

Great thread OP nonna!! Ty for making’

No. 321686

File: 1694830939142.jpg (43.02 KB, 500x378, bertnernie.jpg)

samefagging. Picrel basically captures what i'm trying to say here. sometimes the henson stuff could look a little rough. it wasn't ALWAYS cute and polished 100% of the time. Some purposefully uglier work (especially for the 'used in production' puppets!)

No. 321689

Was UrbanSpook wrong to include themes of CSA in his series?

No. 321693

Sorry nonnas, correction, the website link is
It's strangely difficult to find links to the website, it isn't linked on any of their social media. So when you use a search engine, the first page that comes up is the About page for the website.
partycoffin/clown/dylan also doesn't use a fucking subfolder because that would be too well organized, so everything is routed through their main portfolio page. So instead of
>clownillustrations. com/welcome-home/stupid-shit
you get
>clownillustrations. com/stupid-shit

No. 321694

Can you give context, links, series names, your own opinion on it? I don't even know what the hell that is.

No. 321695

God when I was watching nightmind look through this and the 'horror' aspects my immediate reaction was thinking how lame it all was.
Like seriously their 'spooky shit' was just the main tumblr sexyman doing the devil horn sign with his fingers and a mouth coming though the muppet mouth.

Also just writing 'THIS IS AN ARG' everywhere makes it immediately lame.

No. 321696

File: 1694832316268.png (555.37 KB, 578x593, Fxly4HvagAAx-4q.png)

Setting the gendie stuff aside, the art is waaaay too polished for what are supposed to be repaired illustrations from 70s with ink all over them.

No. 321698

File: 1694832501483.png (66.19 KB, 308x301, 1681078482101.png)

You forgot to mention the creator not wanting nsfw images at the start because the main puppet was her husbando

No. 321699

Is this just the future of ARGs and horror shit now? This is another totally unique “analog horror story” made by a tumblr sexy man obsessed gendie.
I don’t know the Dr Habit character but its really common with autists of this kind to mimic their favorite character’s way of talking. At least it’s not a Homestuck character this time. At first the way Clown talked looked like she was trying to larp as one of those super autists on Deviantart (but they’re actually soulful and genuine), IYKYK. You’re probably right that she’s also doing it on purpose so she can been seen as innocent.

No. 321702

damn, a shit ripoff of a shit ripoff

No. 321703

>puppet show from the 60s
>everyone is openly gay
how old is the creator? i know genderfags suffer from terminal retardation, but if she wanted to make every character in her show from the fuckings 70s a variation of lgbtbbqwtf+, she could have done it way more realistically by making everyone closeted, as many artists of the time were, and maybe the ''dark'' part of the show could be them dealling with the homophobia of the time. Gendies are so terminally uncreative.

No. 321705

Also this one has been talked about on LC and it’s more well known but the Lacey’s lost flash games shit has the same problems of a zoomer gendie who puts 0 effort into anything but making it look believable as what is actually supposed to be. A flash dress up game with weird scary aspects is a cool concept, but the creator fucks it up completely with her 2020s try hard art style and by making the only scares ~spooky~ images.
Youtubers like Goose Boose hype it up as the newest best internet horror when it fails to do anything new or interesting. I do like the style of the spooky images in the videos but they’re not new either, i’ve been seeing the same style of scary distorted traumacore images made by Tumblr users for years

No. 321706

File: 1694834146892.png (113.81 KB, 801x397, wh-liveinterview.PNG)

I'm multitasking and compiling everything w/ screenshots and links to make a bunch of posts (probably won't happen until later tonight) but part of the update was the voicework from the actors they… Well, I don't know if the actors were hired or working on a volunteer basis, kek. A lot of this update relies on work from other people.
Either way, Wally is openly flirting with a host on a tv show, episode dated as "1969-1970" and the host is flirting back.
Way too on the nose for a 70s production, and makes it very obvious this is supposed to be appealing to gayshit shipping at the expensive of the project's continuity.
I also keep laughing at the intentional "sensual tone" they had Wally's voice actor take on. This one's for the coomers KEK
>using closet homosexuality as horror
Partycoffin (I don't want to call them Clown.) implied this was a part of their planned "horror" in a blogpost, I'll definitely try finding it soon. But as mentioned earlier, no sign of it happening soon.

No. 321707

*expense, not expensive

No. 321709

File: 1694834948293.jpg (88.43 KB, 1010x720, Clown.jpg)

>(I don't want to call them Clown.)
Why not? That's exactly what she is kek

No. 321711

lacey is the worst of them all, you can tell it was made by a 14yo who never played a flash game in her life. Also, this type of horror is so fucking lazy
>should i learn flash to make my spoopy traumacore project?
>nah better just make some videos, that will fool em
who the fuck falls for them? i cannot imagine anyone over 12 finding this shit interesting, let alone scary, this is just zoomer's creepypastas.

No. 321713

Let me guess the only woman is evil and the two guys are softbois?

No. 321714

I think she's in her 30s?

No. 321715

depressing if so

No. 321716

Her twitter says she's 19 so you would guess she would have played at least some flash games as a kid?

No. 321718

Oh I didn't know that this is why she was against all the r34 of Wally. I was confused about why she obviously made him attractive, but then was upset when fans found him attractive. She is in love with her gay little puppet. Aw, that's kind of sad and endearing. She should have kept him all to herself.

No. 321720

The image is huge, so sorry if this isn't the best way to post it, but here are the caps of a crazy Welcome Home fan asking /co/ where they can get a giant Wally sex doll. It's a wild read.


No. 321722

Guess this is a lesson to all husbandofags, the only way to keep your husbando is to make one yourself and never share him with anyone ever.

No. 321723

falling in love with your own gary stu is pretty pathetic, and this is comming from an husbandofag

No. 321724

I'm not saying it isn't, but it's the only true way to keep your husbando loyal.

No. 321725

i wonder if she doesnt want her husbando with titty scars, you cannot convince me she doesnt draw her own porn

No. 321726

KEK do you think the voice actor for Wally knew she was jerking off to all the audio files later

No. 321727

>i wonder if she doesnt want her husbando with titty scars
She's also a he/they fakeboi though? Why would she be against that?
>you cannot convince me she doesnt draw her own porn
Oh 100%, I have no doubt in my mind that she draws her own r34 of her husbando.

No. 321728

No. 321729

File: 1694838664815.jpeg (Spoiler Image,112.12 KB, 1367x1356, pomf pomf nyanners shit etc et…)

No. 321730

File: 1694838854860.png (1.41 MB, 782x1150, 6AC6B5C1-A4A4-47BB-BD51-BBCD4F…)

She has for sure drawn porn of the dog character and Wally.
If you’re going to be an edgelord drawing edgy puppet porn at least draw stuffing coming out of the cuts come on….

No. 321731

>She's also a he/they fakeboi though? Why would she be against that?
but wally isnt trans is it? i wanna see the fan's whiteknighting, are there ss of them harassing nsfw artists for drawing wally pron?

No. 321732

holy shit that femboy body, that person has never drawn a man that isnt a girl with a dick before

No. 321733

File: 1694839151730.jpg (384.18 KB, 1889x1592, tumblr_c13430dfc4716a81249e51e…)

>at least draw stuffing coming out of the cuts come on
I notice trans and edgy art in general tends to ignore that type of thing.
I don't know if there's harassment but there's general whiteknight posts like 'GUYS LETS RESPECT THE CREATOR'S WISHES LETS NOT RUIN SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PROJECT'

No. 321734

can you tell me which puppets are male and which ones female? i know the big bird bootleg was a tranny(male). How many fucking trannies does this project need? i am dying to know the supah speshial sexualities of all of them, please anon, if you have the time, make a list of all the mentall illneses represented on this thing

No. 321735

File: 1694839418384.png (139.13 KB, 792x847, edgey.png)


Some random whiteknight posts
The pink one and the star one are girls and the bird is a MTF tranny (yes really)
The rest are men I think?

No. 321736

File: 1694839578868.png (126.97 KB, 784x790, husbando protection squad .png)

No. 321738

Interesting food for thought, do you think the people invested in this are actually autistic (and just prone to fandom hopping despite hyper fixation claims) or mostly just larpers?

No. 321739

writting a wally hardcore yaoi porno fanfic for every tranny potter spite fanfic about harry becoming a tranny i find on ao3

No. 321740

it's kids. I imagine kids nowadays must get bored of things fasters, that's why these args get popular despite the lack quality. I remember my autistic south park fujo phase lasted 5 years, i cannot imagine any zoomie caring for something for that long.

No. 321741

File: 1694840401014.png (1.35 MB, 1280x844, 5E330704-B42F-49DF-8A55-FD4722…)

NTA but the gender and sexuality shit is on the wiki and I believe confirmed by this image.
Poppy, the big bird ripoff is a tranny. Also a lesbian because of course.
Julie Joyful is genderfluid. She’s also the only humanoid female character.
Frank, the gray Bert rip-off is nonbinary and gay. How can he be same sex attracted if he’s not a woman or man? Who knows. The mailman puppet Eddie is also gay.
Wally is not actually in this image himself, but represented on the cake Frank is holding. Is this supposed to represent Wally being in the closet but Frank knows/Frank has fucked Wally. Or is it supposed to represent Wally as an ally, like the corporate type who puts their brand logo on anything rainbow related. Or am I looking too into it, it is supposed to be an ARG afterall. I think there was a theory that Wally is supposed to represent homophobic christian’s or something made up by the Kiwifarms, I don’t know been a while since I’ve seen the thread on Welcome Home over there so I could be misremembering. But from all the spooky hints Wally is or was supposed to be the bad guy, and him not being explicitly LGBT while the rest of the characters are and the themes supposed to be about homophobia and shit, I can believe it. That would be perfect if Wally actually is just a homophobic transphobic puppet and to see the outrage from the gendies that latched onto him.

No. 321742

i got confused bc i thought /m/ was for fan stuff. does it belong in /snow/?

No. 321743

There was definitely harassment about three months ago. Almost all the twitter accounts in my screenshots are suspended from mass reporting, too.

No. 321744

/m/ is just for media
We have characters you hate, bad art, woke media cringe threads here too after all.

No. 321745

fucking knew this series was doomed when i saw the aiden eyelashes. fuckers here have given me shit for "obsessing over eyelashes" istg it's a ftm thing to draw pronounced bottom lashes on male characters, and they WILL sperg out about gender.

No. 321746

Op made it in the wrong board and clearly hasn't lurked enough to post a thread correctly. Already complained about in /meta/
We'll see if the farmhands moves the thread or not.

No. 321747

i find it hilarious that she cant keep her retarded gender autism to herself even when it's detrimental to the context of the show, fucking nonbinary genderfluid didnt even exist back then. Adding pronoun shit and nonexistent sexualities to characters is the female version of males making all their female character big titty coombait, it's like both are so mentally damaged they just cant keep it for themselves for the sake of the story.

No. 321748

I consulted with other anons in a thread on /ot/. They said they wanted the thread.
>All threads posted here must revolve around some sort of literature, music, game, film, show, or image topic. e.g “pictures of cute animals”
This is a web series. Sorry you're mad, but I'm also not a 4chan user, you dweeb.

No. 321749

Not OP but did you not read “Feel free to post all internet horror media in this thread.” It’s not a cow thread, this thread shot off of a thread in /ot/ about fandoms because OP wrote up about the Welcome Home shit and asked if anyone else was interested in a thread. I don’t blame you for not knowing everything that happens even in other threads and she could have done a better job at making it known this thread is for general internet horror as well. Don’t start being an infighting cunt because you can’t read nonnie.

No. 321750

Yeah, sorry about that. I tried to make it obvious by putting the "general horror" bit as the first paragraph, because I was mainly doing a Welcome Home write up. Nonnas wanted a general internet horror thread, too, and I thought it would be really fun. A lot of these projects either die out or update a few times a year, so rather than split us all into multiple threads for every niche project (see: Lacey's Games), I figured I could just do this and then put updates/other horrorshit dramas as the OPs.
I also tried to put a "secondary" title in the "Name" field like I've seen other thread OPs do. "Internet Horror General #1". But for some reason, it deleted the "#1" and added a tripcode. I mentioned in my reply on /meta/ that I don't know how tripcodes fucking work b/c I only use lcf, so it wasn't intentional and I didn't know it would happen.

No. 321751

Agreed with the other anon, it’s kids (every other pfp I see on tiktok is Wally), and also the most terminally online young people like >>321720 is an example of

No. 321752

>No mention of RPG horror games (Ao oni, Misao, Mad father, Ib, Yume nikki, Witch's house, etc)

No. 321753

I was wondering, do you guys think this is a male or female. To me, it gives off grade-A porn-and-internet-addicted female.

No. 321754

horror games and horror internet projects are different mediums

No. 321755

She's mainly talking about indie horror games though (ie: fnaf)

No. 321756

still not the same

No. 321757

I can't open that link for some reason, but I saw it in the other thread on /ot/. Definitely porn-addicted male, possibly TIM. Hints are the typing style and extremely autistic typing patterns, but he specifically mentions that his mom doesn't want him getting into "gay shit".
>They dont want to pay for something that price and I think they dont want to to encourage me to ever be anything in the gay area either which is ridiculous because mom has gay coworkers she said she liked.
Above quote, plus he showed Wally's dildo attachment plans to his parents, so I think that's a male.

No. 321761

the lacey shit makes me irrationally angry because it's so clearly a zoomer failing to copy the style of an era she could never understand

No. 321762

File: 1694844284184.png (284.9 KB, 578x445, Fuktoy_cory.png)

Nta but iirc it's a collection of videos that shows spooky paintings the creator made with a bit of a story attached to it, each painting being a victim of some sort of serial killer with their titles having to do with how they die.
One of them was called "Fucktoy Cory" and later on the body of the child named Cory is mentioned to be discovered brutally murdered.

No. 321763

painfully tryhard

No. 321764

Considering they want the Wally doll to also have lactating breast attachments, the gay comment could go either way. And I unfortunately have known women who are depraved and autistic enough to behave like that openly. The characters/fandoms they are into (Wally, Sans, HH/HB, Hetalia, Black Butler, Springtrap, Black Hat) all scream very female to me. The way the family treats them like a caretaker for siblings, pets, and disabled family members also makes me think that. So does their interest in animals and their concern about the mistreatment of them. The typing style comes off as that of a woman to me too. A fascinating character either way. More interesting and scary than Welcome Home itself imo.

No. 321766

Apparently the creator had a meltdown on Twitter and deleted his account

No. 321768

I mean, it could be a "gay" TIF who is framing her mom's very much justified concerns over her daughter getting a 7ft sex doll as homophobia because of TIF persecution fetish.

No. 321769

He's also been on youtube for about a a decade and a half now, so he's at least 30 at youngest and his old content features a lot of videos of children being molested as "jokes" but are kinda disturbing in hindsight

No. 321776

great thread! thanks op

No. 321793

Okay, so I went to his channel and ended up watching all the videos he has up atm (7). The only one I haven't watched is PIGS because that's age restricted and YouTube will have to kill me before I make an account. But I read about it.
I tried to be polite and spoiler some stuff for the more sensitive anons, let me know if I missed the mark.

If anons can put up with non-graphic shock horror/pseudo-true crime junk and simple text descriptions of brutality, I would recommend they just watch the videos on the channel, going in chronological order. They're only about half an hour total, with each video averaging out to about 4min. The paintings are technically graphic, but I don't think they're too much unless you're easily scared or sensitive to previously mentioned content.
First, I think the controversy around his merch "putting victims on a t-shirt" is stupid. They are quite literally not real kek. The paintings are the entire point of the series, too. Wouldn't it be more offensive to wear the face of the dude who ripped people's faces off and then painted them?
Secondly, I think the whole "CSA" thing is like. Not offensive to me, personally. I don't care. The "Fucktoy Cory" painting doesn't appear in the video the victim features in, so I think it was meant to be a shocking revelation once you go back and watch the first video, because they were done two months apart. The murderer is also a deranged serial killer, and while the murder was unique, I've watched fake investigation shows and crime documentaries. The idea of murderous psychopaths sexually abusing children wasn't really novel or shocking to me.
Lastly, the PIGS video. I don't know what happened to the male victim, but apparently the crime scene implies a woman was raped to death by a horse, which was given viagra by the killer. I read about the PIGS video before I watched all the videos, and was unimpressed because we've all heard of gay moids who die from internal bleeding from trying to have sex with horses. It seemed like everyone was mad about urbanspook being a little too tryhard. But after watching the rest of the videos, it became apparent that the violence against women was disproportionate. In the first video, a woman was stabbed 27 times in her perineum and the third video it's implied Cory's twin sister has her teeth pulled out for sexual abuse reasons, which was also mirrored by the way she was killed. Along with the other female victims' deaths, the horse thing left a bad taste in my mouth.

As >>321766 mentioned, urbanspook had a meltdown on his twitter on Sep 13 after another horror youtuber with 5x as many subscribers said he didn't like urbanspook's ANALOG HORROR series. Urbanspook went into a snit, deleted his twitter, and then came back right after.
Embedded video is a 4min breakdown on what happened. It shows two of the stills from the PIGS video, because it's relevant to the criticism urbanspook blew up over, and consequently the uploader's argument. The uploader also pinned his own post to the top of the comment section, explaining his perspective on urbanspook's series.

No. 321873

I hope he continues making videos after his meltdown. I actually keep up with this series for the mystery aspect.

No. 321929

File: 1694945800146.jpeg (21.66 KB, 275x93, genz.jpeg)

What a faggot. All that edgy babby's first shock horror shit in his series but some rando saying he doesn't like is too much for him kek. Moids always have a meltdown when their big daddy they've been looking up to doesn't reciprocate.
Also the shirts look like shit, they're just plain (probably poor quality) t-shirts with a cropped image slapped on them without any though put into the design.
I hope he doesn't and falls into a deep depressive episode in which he does nothing but cries like witlle babby

No. 321930

File: 1694949230568.png (259.89 KB, 591x595, urbst1.PNG)

I'm not keeping up, but I do want to see how he resolves the "mystery". Do you think there are supernatural elements? Some comments speculate about it, but I disagree. Imo the closest instance would be Isabelle Jackson from FAMILY giving the address to a different crime scene, but I think she could have been a past accomplice or was involved in some other way. The family in the video were also the only victims not given last names.
KEK, we'll see it's been a couple months since the last upload. He tweeted picrel two months before the twitter breakdown, and now I'm dying to know if the whole series is just to move merch. I can see some gasps of creativity, but not many. No idea if he's lying though, because his shops seem to only have merch related to the series. If any of his other drawings are being sold, I haven't seen it.
I do not see how he's going to pull off a satisfying conclusion, either. I'm betting on non-stop releases declining in "quality" until he's getting almost no views or finds something else to do, or a shitty vague finale to "keep the mystery alive". Way funnier than him disappearing off the internet forever to sob into his paints.

No. 321978

There is literally no way this isn't a mentally ill woman. Look at the other interests and dare tell me it's a male. "He's" "gay" because she's a pornsick TIF who demands everyone to accept she's a homosexual male. That's all there is to it.

No. 322061

I don't there will be any supernatural elements to the story since there haven't been any so far. I just want to know who the killers are. I think one of the killers is Bill Collins.

No. 322063

I can definitely see that. Them being some kind of gendie female would make sense. Plus, I noticed they never once mention having a penis. I feel like a degenerate male would absolutely mention their penis or penis size. The anon only asks for the doll to have a fingerable butthole, not a fuckable one. Meanwhile, they go into detail about specific dildo stuff.

No. 322109

just read through this and my god. there is something deeply wrong with that entire family. I hope this is mostly genetics and not an indication of some greater trend of modern kids raised on youtube or something. yeesh.

No. 322148

>please don't have kids, esp in a post 2020 world or if you are in america
She spoke the truth.

No. 322470

KEK I haven't seen Pastra give negative opinions on any horror projects that often but then again I only watch his YT videos so I have no clue how much he slanders things on Twitter etc.

Speaking of YT commentators, do you nonas have any specific favourites? I just realised I follow several but they are all male so I'd love to hear especially about women who either create internet horror or comment on the scene. I enjoy horror in theory but I'm often too squeamish to watch anything so I prefer quality commentators and analysis instead of losing my good night's sleep.

No. 322780

The sad thing about Welcome Home is that the art is really nice. Yeah, the subject matter is your typical tumblr cancer, but the creator is clearly someone who understands color and composition. Hopefully she grows out of this shit and goes to illustrate children's books or something.

No. 322787

welcome home could have been really interesting in the hands of someone who isnt retarded and part of the transgender cult. I have always liked the vibe of the 60s/70s because it's such a cursed mix of innocence, flowers, peace, crazy fashion, love, cults, serial killers, aids, war. A fucking shame all of my fellow autists interested in the 60s/70s seem to be gendie spergs that are either into crumb or some austin powers-tier superficial interest in the aesthetics.

No. 324415

The new UrbanSpook video has animal rape in it. He keeps hammering down on the depravity.

No. 324494

Dear god jesus fucking christ what the fuck did I just read

No. 324545

File: 1696099394731.jpg (234.85 KB, 1080x1717, 20230930_190641.jpg)

>I'm not male or female
Clearly a TIF

>Clown okayed nsfw this month as long as you call it xxxplayfellow and not welcome home.

According to this autist the creator backed down on her demands, so she clearly knows the fanbase she's catering to. I'm tinfoiling that under the retard abdl typing and general autism mask she is a smart, calculating type of person. Obviously she wants to market the safe image of her shit for the normies covering it, but she knows that her fanbase is largely teens horny for the next tumblr sexyman. I'm going to get into the details later, but the whole thing is meticulously planned and designed to appeal to the "indie mascot horror" fans, but make it ~gay~ and tumblr. Everything is created with the purpose of being the next internet darling hit. But there is no creativity, just blatant copy-pasting of tropes from previous popular media. And the worst part is that it's working.

No. 324546

File: 1696100084221.jpg (6.05 MB, 6296x9408, autism.jpg)

Excuse my autism but I just had to do it. The blatant copying of other media by this creator is inexcusable. None of the characters are original. They are all just a set of design choices taken from other, more successful or popular media and applied to her "OCs" for the perfect marketable indie horror project formula.
Welcome Home is nothing new. It has been done. Don't Hug me I'm Scared did it, but with creativity and artistry. Fnaf did it, but at least in the beginning fnaf was an idea; a clever concept. Hello Puppets, My Friendly Neighborhood and Poppy Playtime did it riding on fnaf's coattails. But Welcome Home is just Garten of Banban but for the tumblr crowd. It's everything that is bad with modern indie horror, wrapped in a rainbow flag.

No. 324549

File: 1696100437979.jpg (196.4 KB, 1280x874, teenage hormones.jpg)

Take a good look at these tumblr darlings and tell me that the little yellow shitstain doesn't fit right in. He is designed with the clear purpose of making the tumblr crowd salivate at the sight of him.

No. 324554

To be fair I don’t mind the characters looking like muppets since that’s clearly intentional, but I do agree that it’s pretty obviously just riding on the coattails of stuff like DHMIS and fnaf.

No. 324635

tbh that would be a clever marketing tactic if the author was less autistic. i mean, big companies shit out unoriginal slop anyway, but they rarely get into petty internet drama about it.

No. 324768

Tbh I could almost consider it a smart thing if Clown leaned into the lost media aspect of this thing by having her characters have quirks of much better known characters leading to a Mandela effect type of thing. But that's me being generous

No. 324772

Actually the most unbelievable aspect is simply that Welcome Home was famous at some point, at least with what little its known. Given flimsy world building thus far I can't even really classify it as a sort of alternative history thing where Welcome Home could have been its universe's successful response to the Muppets/ Sesame Street as a sly reference to being a xerox of a xerox anyhow ( winch if it had different themes it could be played favorably)

Or alternatively lean into it being both lost and obscure enough winch is much more straight foward I think and doesn't run into plot holes of why it was lost for so long sans insert yet unspecified supernatural reasoning. It's clear Clown has little concept or interest in actual lost media otherwise I feel things would have played out much differently. The only thing maybe it would be hard to duplicate is that unless there was VHS tapes or merchandise, the prime target audience would be Gen X and late baby boomers rather then millennials, so getting semi credible old sounding people to enact having a faint memory of WH in its prime would be a bit more tricky.

No. 324783

File: 1696194505588.png (665.89 KB, 2398x1574, wallyanonolivegarden.png)

I'm kind of obsessed with her. I want to collect all her posts into an archive.

No. 324787

Idk how you forgot but the dog looks like Blue (Blue's Clues) if Blue was an obese alcoholic

No. 324865

File: 1696229398180.png (533.11 KB, 590x651, wh.png)

The similarities to the Hello Puppets designs are very suspicious but Welcome Home's character designs were posted in 2018, before the earliest I can find Hello Puppets being online which was 2019. Did Hello Puppets have any earlier content I missed that Clown could have seen? It also of course predates Poppy Playtime which came out in 2021, but really Barnaby the dog is the most uninspired design behind the big bird rip off. I think they all have the same muppets as inspiration so they all end up looking so similar. Which really wouldn't be a bad thing if there was just one or two spooky things paying tribute to classic muppets but now there's a billion copy and paste ones, even in 2018 while Clown was developing Welcome mascot shit was overdone.

Oh my god the reoccurring bits about her sped family and her family not giving her a car, is this actually real? Welcome Home hasn't even been popular for a full year and it's already got it's own Sonichus and life sized Sally Acorn doll people.

No. 324866

File: 1696229764466.jpg (86.03 KB, 564x693, 298dd4c7207d8a0c51527cf5877bec…)

Why is there a Wally au for everything kek

No. 324867

I agree with you, kek. I know a deceptive snake type when I see one

No. 324922

the comments seem to love it, so nothing will happen.

No. 324970

I hope somebody unearths partycoffin's muppet porn one day. I just know she draws mountains of weird porn shit.

No. 324979

File: 1696275243909.jpeg (6.58 KB, 168x300, images-4.jpeg)

Dear god, this is the epitome of white trash family. This is exactly what I picture when I think of the environment which would produce a person retarded enough to fuck a custom made doll. What a miserable existence.

>Blue's Clues
My Polish ass didn't grow up with this shit so I didn't make the connection, but you are 100% right nona! Coffin's dog is just an obese version of the Blue's Clues dog.

I dug deeper and found out that before the game released in 2019, there were two years of development, so work on Hello Puppets began in 2017.
>Following a year of conceptual groundwork, the game spent about another year in active development, including initial prototyping.


But you're right, even if work on Hello Puppets began earlier than Welcome Home, the probability of coffin ripping off the designs is slim. But the similarities of their projects and characters is uncanny…A wierd thing overall.

No. 324987

All her ripoffs can trace back to The Muppets and Sesame Street as she's a big autismo about Jim Henson's puppets.
Even Welcome Home's gay couple is a ripoff of Bert and Ernie.

No. 325018

This shit is prime material to cancel her with. Someone needs to come forward with these texts to expose her, knowing how playdough-spined tumblrinas are her fanbase will have a heart attack

>epitome of white trash family >produce a person retarded enough to fuck a custom made doll

Oh god, i knew a tif who was sexually attracted to puppets, plushes and raving rabbids, she made hentai of them and she would bring her fucking plush puppet thingy with her in school trips. She was friends with another tif who draws in the exact same style as the Welcome Home creator and she has down syndrome + some weird hand malformation. Their families are white trash. Are we onto something nonas?(newfag)

No. 325024

Poor neglectful and at times abusive families exacerbating Autism? Never would have thought that lol

No. 325026

That's not partycoffin nona, that's some /co/ schizo who wants to fuck the main puppet of Welcome Home

No. 325045

So are these the same people, is it just gay Muppets killing women and fucking kids for edgy tumblr points?

(I've read the whole thread not sure if I'm just tarded or this whole thing is)

No. 325046

Not the same people, the puppet TIF is like a 30 year old autistic fujo and the fucktoy Cory guy is a different person who has a habit of joking about/featuring themes of child molestation on his socials and projects for like, 10 years.

No. 326043

why are literally all args horror, why can't we have one that's just all around fun and witty for once? i'm so bored of the "analog horror" stuff.

No. 326060

a lot of those exist, but were more popular back in the day, like all those old "buried treasure" type mysteries

No. 327371

Older usernames, haunting-honey, clowncauldron

No. 328785

Old usernames for who? How is this relevant to the thread? You need to give us context nonna

No. 329810

File: 1698154403327.png (Spoiler Image,1009.57 KB, 1020x995, 620911 - Cookie_Monster Prairi…)

>Has a secret nsfw account that she didn't even bother to private
>All her likes are degenerate filth like gore porn,rape and cucking
>Says he doesn't like problematic material

I have more dirt on this guy. Like she's friends with gollygeemel a muppet fanartist who wants to fuck mr teeth and has drawn porn of prairie dawn.(prairie dawn is a literal child) Gollygeemel also has a ddlg kink too. Plus there muppetsona is named Marisol or whatever.

I'll drop more evidence later.

No. 329829

Has anyone seen Nosleep666’s videos? Do you think it’s a genuine woman or fetishistic moid?
Holy shit is that Twitter account and picrel really Clowns? I can’t view the Twitter nonna you need to post caps please. We knew all along she wants to fuck Wally so this isn’t surprising, to be charitable you could say she doesn’t approve of NSFW welcome home works because she knew it would attract child fans. Also I wonder what that Wally plush anon is doing, I hope she’s gotten the Wally sex toy of her dreams.

No. 329849

Why can’t you zoomers just make fun of something you don’t like instead of immediately trying to do gay ops

No. 329969

File: 1698195442492.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 2550x3300, Clowns wall of shame.jpg)


Okay first off the pic in my recent post is by gollygeemel.

Second here is a compilation of clown's best hit. Ie the crap she supposedly gets off too.

And third I'll dig up what I know about gollygeemel too. Cause she's a doozy as well.

No. 330009

File: 1698202959625.png (635.99 KB, 1039x842, ok.png)

I don't think that the current ClownCauldron account is hers. Some similarities like this Clown also being an enby but it's most likely just a random person taking the same handle. Sometime before December 2021 Clown must have had the handle, and after that someone else took it. Twitter might be fucky and still show that a reply to her current handle _PartyCoffin_ is to ClownCauldron if it's a tweet made prior to her changing it. ClownCauldron has some Welcome Home fan accounts following it though, you'd think if this was actually her she'd private the account and have some puppet porn in the likes but it's all guro and slasher stuff.

No. 330665

File: 1698447901588.png (1.31 MB, 1080x2016, Screenshot_20231027-175601~2.p…)

No. 330676

If it doesn’t come with a full plush digestive system of an openable mouth leading to an apple scented fingerable asshole, an ai voice box to converse with, a detachable furry 10 inch dildo, and a full human bone skeleton inside I don’t want it.

No. 330684

Kek. I kind of wish she would post here instead of 4chan.

No. 330809

File: 1698509632667.jpeg (113.6 KB, 576x857, 4FC16181-099B-4827-8A0B-9D0D95…)

Same, I don’t know if she ever went back to /co/, if she was just a troll it would be both a relief and break my heart at the same time.

No. 332652

Hmm, Prairie Dawn is also one of the characters she clearly ripped off when creating the blonde female character. So much for not sexualizing her work kek

No. 332653

sorry for samefag >>332652
but my god, this is some Nemu level of degeneracy

No. 332834

If I were in her position, I would have consulted with an old fart illustrator who was actually in the industry during the time period she's trying to emulate. Hell, Michael Frith, who provided the concept art for the Muppet Show, is still alive. There's no shortage of boomer professors who'd be happy to give input, but the problem is that it requires a Zillennial to actually listen to an old person for a change instead of just accusing them of voting for Trump or whatever. I can easily imagine this project in a universe where Coffin is actually competent: a send-up of cheezy family shows from the seventies, maybe with some social commentary about the seventies. It would sort of be like how Rocky Horror and Little Shop of Horrors were send-ups of 50s B-movies while also having some social commentary about the culture of the time. She probably doesn't have the writing chops or prerequisite interest in history to pull it off, though, so instead you've just got a bunch of glorified concept art and lore write-ups. It's clear someone thought "what if we did to the Muppets what FNAF did to Showbiz Pizza, except we don't know how to make a game."

No. 332868

You 100% right nona… This project could be great, the only problem is that it refuses to draw from any sources other than the muppets viewed through zillenial autism-tinted glasses. Coffin's project will never be anything more than flavor of the month analog horror fujobait, because she lacks the drive to turn her lorebooks into something original and creative.

No. 335387

Apparently there has been an update to Welcome Home a few weeks ago, has anyone checked out if it's getting any better?

No. 335962

File: 1700115664447.jpg (20.9 KB, 250x376, 20231109_095719.jpg)

Nope. Which is sad cause I think I figured out what the deal is with the caterpillar and star chick but thos fandom is filled with autistic simps that they lack any insight to actually do any research.

No. 337278

File: 1700545298011.jpg (904.33 KB, 1800x2000, F8vdrDYWMAA-DeZ.jpg)

sexy fan-art of Wally Darling always make me laugh.

No. 377415

File: 1715156695164.jpeg (102.53 KB, 599x1200, ghosttearsinglass.jpeg)

necro but someone on twitter made a terrorist au kek


No. 377851

All of these Wally fans are so autistic and retarded in such an insane way.

No. 377901

File: 1715289519401.jpeg (450.62 KB, 1230x2048, GFMwq-VXwAAnLEv.jpeg)

This Wally Darling/Welcome Home obsession is getting out of hand.picrel is some Wally
cosplay,looks like a Simpsons character on crack.

No. 377902

I am the only one who's starting to hate muppets because of this shit???

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