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File: 1689827967523.jpg (100.52 KB, 455x475, the-woman-painter-1903.jpg)

No. 1638502

Previous: >>>/ot/1624241

Discuss art and related topics such as:

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse
-AI generated art


Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix

>useful youtube channels

>where to find art
>other useful sites


No. 1638582

Very nice thread pic

No. 1638590

File: 1689838040576.jpg (52.54 KB, 640x640, 1675738698568701.jpg)

Can anyone give me tips on how to concentrate/make and stick to a schedule? I struggle a lot not knowing what to focus on next when drawing. Right now i am trying to read Force, but i get distracted every few pages.

No. 1638593

File: 1689838314722.jpeg (907.36 KB, 1170x1413, IMG_9363.jpeg)

Saw someone in the prev thread complain about lack of milk, so… Kooleen, YouTube, instagram and TikTok tutorial extraordinaire. Incapable of drawing a face with more than one two-dimensional plane and blank wasian anime features. Draws these lifeless models in perpetuity whilst claiming to never draw ‘ugly’ people. Resembles every one of them herself. Not narcissistic in the slightest. Makes shit ass tutorial declaring that the mouth and chin on a side profile can never overstep the nose, calling this facial type ‘gorilla looking’. Odd. Warps a black woman’s natural face shape into the mold of her flat, glassy eyed K-pop models in the name of “art correction.” Peculiar.

All in all, as a black person I find this situation far more hilarious than offensive. Her tutorials have always been unfunny, unhelpful and actively detrimental to beginner artists. Her voice is grating and I pray she can scrape together enough coins from the ad revenue of her inevitable half assed apology video to finally take a sip of water and cure that permanently scratchy, fake ‘milf’ccent. Maybe a few will be left over to fund corrective art lessons for her poor, pre-school following.


(This random mfs tweet happens to have all the videos in one place, so here’s the link)

No. 1638594

Lmao I have no idea about the context but holy shit this is awful

No. 1638595

File: 1689838529082.jpeg (185.32 KB, 1697x2048, IMG_9365.jpeg)

This is her actual art btw. Lack of fundamentals and shitty, scratchy linework covered up with a thin layer of a 1,2,3-step rendering routine. And I shit you not when I say they ALL look like this.

No. 1638597

File: 1689838733519.jpeg (671.52 KB, 1170x1004, IMG_9367.jpeg)

No. 1638600

people are really comfortable complaining about artists drawing their shitty fav characters the wrong way, like yes, the likeness is bad, but wouldn't a normal person just be happy that someone drew the ugly man they like in the first place..

No. 1638602

File: 1689839424968.jpg (543.63 KB, 1080x1836, 1689464349610676.jpg)

i really hate her videos, but i think this is really uncalled for and taken out of context just to generate drama and have a ''valid'' reason to hate her because she comes off as really annoying and cocky on her videos. She draws kpoop ''yassified'' art, i dont know what people expected when they sent her art to get correction, did they really expect proko-level advice on anatomy from a shitty entertainment channel that cant draw beyond her comfort zone?. The art of the black woman in side profile is really, really shitty, so its understandable she thought it was due to a lack of drawing skill and not because that's how the reference looks. Overall just more bullshit drama targetted at random sucessful female artists when moid artists do way worse things and get 0 repercussion, like that really popular nsfw artist that came out as a pedo last thread and all of his followers accepted him.
this is so petty, good for her for not bending the knee and drawing that ugly as shit moid. I am tired of ugly, old male characters getting the husbando treatment when they are so incredibly hideous.

No. 1638609

God faggots on Twitter will come for artists over the most mundane shit. Like Who cares if they drew him cuter? I swear they’re even worse than salty /ic/ crabs

No. 1638633

Not an artist but her drawings look like to me like those shitty Korean BLs . It also looks like she drew a face once for a boy and girl and used that reference for all of her faces in perpetuity. Art that looks like this is so played out now. I get why art teachers back in the day shamed students for using anime style. It has bastardized the art community in heinous ways. Everyone draws the same way imo

No. 1638637

yeah, her art is generic ugly shit, but people are attacking her out of spite

No. 1638652

>Out of spite
Didn't she literally draw what could very well be a black person's profile/features and called it "gorilla looking"?

No. 1638657

it was an anime tutorial, it wasnt supposed to represent a race but rather common mistakes begginers make when drawing anime profiles. I dont understand why twitterfags made the correlation from a shitty joke, it's like they are always looking for someone to slip and make a mistake to dogpille them, really scary. If i ever make a twitter acc to dump my art i am going to larp as a man.

No. 1638668

File: 1689852537687.jpg (89.59 KB, 755x979, F0pVVniaAAEP623.jpeg.jpg)

Pic related is literally how most zoomers think. They want to hate on someone but they don't want to actually seem hateful or mean, so they have to wait for a reason to justify it when it would've already been understandable to hate her for her bland art and annoying personality. Her word choice in that situation was bad and she shouldn't be giving out advice at all, but some people are really obsessing over it and demanding a public apology now, as if that's going to change anything.

No. 1638679

All the hate kooleen is getting seems fishy and spiteful

No. 1638681

why is the image of the closeted black guy who made a documentary about white men raping and feminizing black men attached to this image?

No. 1638687

You're so real for this. I see female artists getting shat on because people don't like their style, or because they drew something slightly problematic when male artists can draw the most horrid shit on the planet, have the most generic ass artstyle and quite literally admit to being a pedo and it becomes a one in a million chance if people budge at all. It sucks but i blame it on the female zoomers that are sometimes obssessed with finding the ever so slightly cancellable shit someone in their online circle has done

No. 1638714

And the way all the desperate artists jump on the hate bandwagon for views. There's some annoying punchable looking mouth breathing bitch with the world's most annoying accent who was an ok/funny how-to artist and now just dogs on kooleen all the time.

No. 1638737

I feel like it's been building up for a while now. Personally, these young, probably rich kids who are too inexperience to teach art but do so anyway come dime a dozen.

No. 1638779

No idea but I also didn't know that feminization was an actual issue in real life that people outside of twitter talked about. Now I can't even get drawings of my husbandos in dresses unless they are white, and all just because moids rape anyone

No. 1638781

File: 1689859409413.jpeg (930.68 KB, 3532x4698, IMG_9020.jpeg)

Not too familiar with her but the smoking image reminds me a bit of late 90’s early 00’s anime and manga like Yoshitoshi Abe and another artist whose name escapes me. It’s not bad but she needs to look to past work since she’s not doing moe proportions.

No. 1638801

Not her work anon!

No. 1638802

The tweet was using other artwork to compare to hers? I thought it was kooleen’s.

No. 1638807

nta but those seem ai generated too, something about the hair on the second one and the text on the bottom right one, i could be wrong though. her art can be seen here >>1638602 the side profile meme is referencing her tutorials

No. 1638808

That's just edits of chainsaw man stills, not her art. I know what you mean tho' I do feel like I've seen a manga artist with a similar style before though I can't recall what it was.

No. 1638823

If you see her art it's clear what type of artist she is and why she is popular. If people send her art for corrections it's because they want their art to look more like hers, not to get a course on realistic anatomy featuring different ethnicities. Twitter "critics" trying to infantilize her audience and trying to transform her into a whole different artist are just stupid and malicious and tbh, if you want to go down that route, I find Americans or other Western brats going on a social justice war against people from former colonies (sometimes even their own country's former colony) way more racist than whatever might be going on in her mind about black people.

No. 1638847

File: 1689866141707.webm (906.45 KB, 717x404, 1689372453932203.webm)

i cant wait until these people find proko's videos on anatomy, they are gonna shit their pants when he says men have bigger heads than women and narrower hips

No. 1638851

File: 1689866231898.jpeg (375.76 KB, 1179x1512, EFE1B717-DB42-49F8-8FDE-60F820…)

It’s wild that apparently only east asian and white people are allowed to be drawn anime-ified now because it implies east asian/white people actually look like that irl kek

No. 1638865

Haha yes, soviet school drawing is definitely going to be too realistic for them, soon only globohomo styles shall remain.

No. 1638872

Worse part is I know so many other artists like her. They refuse to study and then ask for everyone else to fix their art. Honestly, the worse part is you can never tell if they are tracing or if their work is that generic.

No. 1638878

File: 1689868182578.jpg (334.65 KB, 1000x1368, nadia.jpg)

This makes me feel nostalgic for 90ies character design <3

No. 1638907

is it confirmed that lil.milkyskin is also numy/nixeu? since nixeu just called out milky for tracing and plagiarism, but ironically that's what nixeu did as numy. it would be bizarre to call yourself out for the sake of larping

No. 1638924

The one on the right looks crusty, why would anyone wanna do a 1:1 copy anyway unless it's a study

No. 1638927

File: 1689871728013.jpg (440.27 KB, 828x1601, 1646506409179.jpg)

There artists who exaggerate this to a retarded degree too though, like lore olympus which was mentioned in the last thread, also picrel from some art posting thread

No. 1638928

I’m tired of replies like this:
>”Everyone only hates [insert artist] because she’s a woman, there are a gazillion pedo coomer male artists are are way worse and never get dragged through the mud”
>Proceeds to never divulge any names

No. 1638940

Who seriously does that tho I've never seen it. The pic you linked looks like a strawman from somebody who wants to callout evil terfs for reminding them they can visually tell somebody'e sex.

No. 1638944

>Who seriously does that tho I've never seen it
literally every pixar mom/dad look like that

No. 1638946

File: 1689873090294.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, fcdddc39a9bcaf15fe4b36709deba0…)

also this horrendous creature from hell

No. 1638951

Are you telling me this is real? I have seen this pic before and assumed it was some coomer edit.

No. 1638952

File: 1689873628940.jpg (22.12 KB, 305x500, Dexter's_Lab_Mom.jpg)

No. 1638956

It was an edit using AI or something

No. 1638957

File: 1689873906189.jpg (43.7 KB, 1024x682, elastigirl-thicc.jpg)

Have you ever watched a TV show?

No. 1638961

its real and its hideous

No. 1638966

Genuinely, how old are you?

No. 1638996

Thanks l haven’t kept up with anime in a few years

That shape language works
This does not

No. 1639000

Same 80’s - 90’s were the best visually because they looked similar to people with proportions and expressions and not moeblobs. I couldn’t tell you how old characters are now in anime because they’re all soft looking.
I had a teacher stumble over this when he was telling me there are no differences between drawing male/female and even said maleness or femaleness (never man or woman) and proceeded to list the differences lmao you could see cognitive dissonance in real time.

No. 1639027

File: 1689879426182.jpeg (402 KB, 1170x1275, IMG_4994.jpeg)

Funny how we’re still romanticizing irreversible mutilation in the year 2023.

No. 1639034

Have those people forgotten how tattoos are a thing and that they don't require ridiculous surgery

No. 1639036


I wanna see what doctor is willing to do that type of shit lol

No. 1639038

lol I remember seeing this short in cinema and my friends silently going wtf when she appeared on screen. You can smell the coom all over it

No. 1639046

Ayrt I gave an example in my post. Lore Olympus. Persephone is a smol lil curvy wurvy bean uwu and hades is an upside down dorito.

No. 1639052

I can see a "shape language" argument for Dexter's mom and lots of other cartoon stuff but the Elastigirl hips are coomer-tier, if anything it's like a parody of cartoon mom hips but they intentionally drew attention to it and made it sexy.

No. 1639057

A tattoo artist would for much cheaper and for much less physical damage but that wouldn't be quirky and nobly suffering enough

No. 1639063

Why can't they just be goths and emos? like get a tattoo or something if you want something "cool" on your body?

No. 1639070

Yeah ok I got confused by the pic I missed that we went from talking about art tutorials to talking about what shitty artists do. I haven't seen the OTT exaggeration it in anatomy courses.

No. 1639101

The way her torso is poking out of her hips like a worm pokes out of an apple, as if her legs are an inflatable costume she's wearing. Without the big hair, this design is unbalanced. Like if she was ever re-used in something they can't ever give her a different hair style. Obviously they weren't thinking about character design when they made this, though, but I like to think about this stuff sometimes for my own art

No. 1639125

Is that real tho. Like I only ever see people caring about race-shit when it's from an artist they personally dislike for whatever reason, it's just bullying disguised as a talking point like usual

No. 1639134

Funny how girl zoomers who think your life ends at 25 are so concerned about drawings not looking their age. Who the fuck cares.

No. 1639138

File: 1689883334319.jpg (183.29 KB, 1000x1426, lodosswar.jpg)

So many of key art pieces from that time are seared into my brain haha. And the more expensive animation from that time is just crazy seen from today, everything just feels so much more real and founded and also more creative. Like I know I just sound old and I enjoy new animation but it does feel like a golden age ~

No. 1639226

File: 1689890565845.jpg (20.8 KB, 576x185, IMG_20230720_190313.jpg)

>Places a shitty cross on chest
>If you're gonna use this credit me!!1
Kek makes me wonder how much thought went into this since she cares so much about getting credited

No. 1639228

Nobody is talking about how the girl in the background of the second picture is shaped like a bong

No. 1639301

Lodoss was my jam and Escaflowne despite the funny noses. Even Rayearth and early Sailor Moon were great compared to nu-Sailor Moon
Those subcultures exist in aesthetic only. Try talking to someone who dresses like that and see what kind of music they like, they can’t name any bands. It was already dying when I got into the goth culture but we did research back then dammit lmao

No. 1639303

Maybe. At the time she had a typical mom body, like if it was in the 90’s she’d be wearing mom jeans lol. She reads similarly as Dexter’s mom to me, but the crazy redhead abomination definitely reads coomer.

No. 1639361

Is goth and emo supposed to be linked to what music you like? I know the fashion came out of bandom, but I think it became its own thing after awhile. I remember everyone sort of nerdy in highschool went through a goth phase.

No. 1639374

Yes it's connected to the music most of these kids aren't listening to goth music or emo it's nugoth or trapgoth (the breakcore shit). Back then people stuck to their core roots and dressed accordingly and goth or alternative wear was mostly diy or cheap. Now you just need to buy something off aliexpress and you're goth without knowing the history (there are some who do but I hate how gendies have flooded it it I am a gnc goth and its hard as fuck being a normal woman) it has died nowadays sadly with all the tifs in it

No. 1639399

I weep for all the goth rock boys. Long hair on men and makeup was hot. Now it’s an indicator to stay away. I was more into classic, romantic and cyber goth areas but yes there was a lot of diy, forum meet-ups and cd swapping going on back then.

No. 1639411

In all honesty, people who often post this have some of the shittiest art imaginable.

One of the things with stylized art is playing with shapes. Make big things big and the small things small and crank it up to 100 or a thousand. Or somewhere in between if you want. Not to mention, most artists are teaching how to draw in their art style. Some people have an art style where it is more based in realism while others have one based in exaggerated shape design.

It isn't everyone's cup of tea but I enjoy looking at and studying art like this because even though you can argue its coomer and unrealistic, what is the point of realism in stylized art? Not to mention, I'm more interested in the choices and how to use shapes as opposed to just making everything anatomically correct.

Just from a visual perspective, it can look odd but it fits within the style of how they chose to design the characters. The cubical people are square shape in every aspect, the body builder dude is body built, etc. It's pretty clear they went with the "exaggerate everything"

Elastigirl just has dexter's mom's hips but in 3D. Given the style of the incredibles it isn't like she doesn't fit in with how other characters are designed.

No. 1639418

File: 1689911883434.jpg (133.78 KB, 762x1242, Hades_persephone.jpg)

Man this looks like she's the height of his shoulder width

Ugh yes it genuinely annoys me now that everything alt is being aggressively watered down through social media so a lot of people think the superficial social media version is the real one now. Sperg incoming. If you care about the music you're a bully meanie gatekeeper who isn't letting people just enjoy things uwu. It's telling that they go straight to acting like a victim when you call them out for being fake, like they do know the subculture exists but wanna gentrify it because they wanna appear cool and dark and edgy, which ironically just makes goth become associated with being basic and mid. And yeah men in eyeliner and dramatic clothes are hot but now it's a tim red flag, or it's just a fag

No. 1639436

Hades is by lore 10 feet tall.

No. 1639517

I swear to you this is the silliest dilemma you will ever hear in your whole life but it’s destroying me from the inside. Overthinking is literally consuming me: talking about art, I would really like to draw the stories I have in mind as comics, not really for posting them online but more for myself. And yet, I’m still so indecisive if doing them digitally or on paper. Doing it digitally has so many pros, but I’m not good at all digitally, plus I find it more tiresome, so working more on it trying to improve really feels boring and takes all the fun out of it (I know that not everything has to be funny, but yet I have to force myself all the time and I don’t like it). And yet, even tho I prefer working on paper (not only with drawing, but in general) there’s something that is stopping me to just go and draw them traditionally; basically I’m so indecisive that I’m literally wasting time because I can’t choose.

Sage just in case

No. 1639519

i hate her stuff, her ""lessons"" are awful and straight up harmful, too bad people will just forget this in a few days.
also i don't get why nonnas here are saying that her comparing certain features to gorillas isn't blatant racism. do you think she is that naive? specially when she's been criticized for colorism before.

No. 1639545

If it's only for yourself you should do it on paper if that's what you prefer working with. You can always scan it in and redo the lines digitally if you need to. I know of webcomic artists that sketch page and speechbubble layouts digitally because it's easier to move around, then they print the pages in blue or red so the scanner won't pick up the lines and they line over it in ink. Then they scan the pages and add text in a program. Maybe do some practice pages first to figure out what works best for you and don't be afraid to change medium later on, I promise it won't matter that much.

No. 1639547

File: 1689933075518.jpg (58.96 KB, 1280x827, 642bcd023b98e0b0764e86f3627082…)

>she's that naive
shes drawing animu, not hyper realistic proportions. Anime with exagerated mouth/chin does look gorilla-like. Everyone is criticizing her as if she's proko giving accurate anatomy classes and not a kpoopie weeaboo drawing ANIME. Ethan Becker is equally annoying and draws jim crow tier coomer cartoons of black women and no one has ever called him out on it. I know i sound like a white knight, i hate her art and her videos, but this is 100% a vendetta attack from jealous artists towards a female artist just from not being another uwu pastel pro lgbtwtfbbq+ poc pandering frog drawing female artist.

No. 1639550

I feel like that comment of hers and the colorism only shows how little she thinks about black people, if at all. Her behaviour doesn't seem purposefully racist, just very ignorant. If she was at all aware of how it would come across she wouldn't have said it and risked her career like that. But I might be wrong, maybe she's not saying anything because she doesn't want to acknowledge it and have to start learning how to draw different features

No. 1639555

Isn't she filipino? You have to understand how many filipino women have gorilla-sized complexes because of South Korea's toxic influence. These are not normal people. This is someone who draws sameface webtoon kpop goyslop art, probably thinks her ancestors are ugly and has a non-zero chance of bleaching her skin. You can't expect anything better. Her art won't progress because of her own complexes and the cultural factors involved. It's sad, but I don't know if much can be done, besides uplifting artists who actually know how to draw multiple races (including in anime style).

No. 1639556

File: 1689933894341.jpg (42.92 KB, 999x895, ethanbecker.jpg)

Ethan Becker's art is the epitome of a man going "it's my style" over and over until people believed he had some sort of talent.

No. 1639564

The person who called her out (wet_baklava) seems to be a more technically skilled artist than her, though. I do think it's hopeless to call out Koolleen, but the criticism is justified from an art standpoint IMO.

No. 1639565

File: 1689934391652.png (456.66 KB, 780x452, ethan-becker-01.png)

so many artists with decent skill get destroyed by muh style autismo mindset. I cant believe he works for dreamworks, his art is so tumblr popular artist tier mediocre. No wonder japan is mogging the west, you actually need to know how to draw to get into a japanese studio.

No. 1639570

File: 1689934972143.jpg (44.49 KB, 784x1024, F1WLP0tWwBExHih.jpg)

> seems to be a more technically skilled artist than her, though.
lmao, they are both the same type of artist who are never going to get out of their comfort zone because of internet attention. Koolen has built a fanbase off drawing kpop inspired pretty girls/boys and this girl, while having the skill, prefeers the asspats of her art being ''correct'' over being appealing. That's why she has 1k followers, her art is really unappealing and she seems more interested in causing drama than actually getting better at art. Both are eternally ngmis(pardon my ic speak), but this girl seems really salty over koolen ayy lmao kpoopie zombie boys being more popular than her ugly art.

No. 1639574

File: 1689935301519.png (324.79 KB, 731x533, svsr.png)

>picking her attempt at anime over her other stuff
At least she doesn't draw same-face kpoop shit, she actually practices fundamentals and can draw human faces. She is more skilled than Koolleen on the basis of knowing how to draw different features. Be realistic anon, kek.

No. 1639577

whats the point of being a skilled artist if you are going to draw ugly as fuck stuff? and i am not saying that beause she draws poc or whatever, but those creatures on the third image look awful and her follower and likes count reflect that. Koolen has the skill to draw stuff that ugly(its literally just rendering heavily based on a reference), but she defaults to same face kpoop shit because she likes it and its more appealing. Imagine if people called out scrote artists over drawing baby face girls with thicc bodies like they call out female artists when they dont draw hyper accurate poc features. Just let her draw her pretty boys jesus christ. I am tired of female artists, because its only female artists they call out for this, owing everyone representation, while moid artists draw nothing but baby faced animu grills and no one gives a shit.

No. 1639578

the face is so… flat compared to everything else.

No. 1639579

File: 1689935673995.jpg (90.65 KB, 506x900, F1gX63mWYAIecnc.jpg)

Samefag, even at 15 her art was decidedly better than Kooleen's. Kooleen's tutorials are shit and she "fixes" random people's art without their consent/permission because she's up her own ass, so it's good to see someone break down why her "lessons" shouldn't be relied on. This person also actually recommends Proko and Marco Bucci to people instead, so she has my respect.

No. 1639581

This seems like a cope. Even if you find the other person's art "ugly", they clearly have more understanding of anatomy, color and human faces than her. Kooleen stagnates because she's obsessed with "pretty faces" and outright tells her viewers not to draw "ugly people". I'm not convinced she can draw what she claims is "ugly", she's probably symbol-drawing as a crutch. It's a childish mentality from someone who has internalized racism, and people should steer beginning artists in the right direction.
>Imagine if people called out scrote artists over drawing baby face girls with thicc bodies
Yeah, they should, because coom shit is hideous as well. I would like to see more of that, moid big booba thicc art is ugly.
>Just let her draw her pretty boys jesus christ.
No one cancelled her for her kpop stanning, the problem is the bad advice and the racism. Also, pointing out the advice is low quality isn't banning her from drawing what she wants, don't be so sensitive, kek.

No. 1639585

File: 1689936779261.jpeg (53.31 KB, 736x920, 50EAC99A-4162-4F9B-89C0-E39C87…)

Kooleen’s brain probably short circuits when she has to draw anything that isn’t based off a korean instathot. I haven’t even heard of this person until today and it’s surprising that she has such a big following

No. 1639586

She was not this short before or am I tripping?

No. 1639593

>Thinking kooleens kpop ultra derivative and badly executed "style" is beautiful while a fully rendered illustration with realistic proportions/features is ugly
I mean we've all our tastes, but the kpop shit is ugly as fuck and she doesn't even draw them well. >>1638602 the middle drawing on the first row is wonky because she's probably so obsessed with the "perfect" korean webtoon front face and draws that over and over. They all look so similar too, you can tell she really just symbol draws everything (pair of eyes with makeup, big red lips, neutral/slightly smirking expression, pointy chin, blush). Her rendering is very mediocre too, literally just a few sketchy lines and some simple coloring. She's in no place to teach anything, and calling a non-kpop profile (that looks a lot like a black woman's profile) gorilla-like is extremely retarded, racist and just ignorant.
I don't particularly like the other artist's art but technically she's leagues above kooleens and everyone who has working eyes can tell.

Like come on you can't tell me this is beautiful.

No. 1639595

File: 1689937633666.jpeg (Spoiler Image,386 KB, 2048x2048, muh ugly features for the sake…)

''internalized racism'' my ass, no artists owes you drawing your ethnic features or ''ugly people'' and if you feel like her only drawing anime makes her ''racist'' that's on you for having a twitter brainrot. People have been debating for decades whetever anime characters are european or asian, guess what? they are fucking any race you want them to be, they are extreme simplifications to make it easier to animate. Most black anime characters are literally just generic anime characters but brown-skinned. Again, she isnt no proko, people who watch her videos want to learn how to draw yassified anime shit, they dont want a 3 hour lecture, otherwise they would open an art book or again, watch Proko. Why cant these people just ignore her shitty videos and move on? let her teach her viewers who want to learn how to draw like her do it, and if you want to draw super accurate monstrosities with neon skin go watch proko/marco bucci. Its not that hard. Twitterfags are so annoying, i hope she comes back with a another tutorial on how to draw another kpoop bishie just to piss off twitterfags. That's how most western female artists end up drawing ugly shit like pic rel, while male artists dont give a fuck about pandering and draw their big titty girls in peace.

No. 1639596

the way the face is drawn as if it's seen straight on while the camera angle is supposed to be lower down is creeping me out

No. 1639597

You're so triggered. A Filipina woman who calls non-kpop features gorillas and worships S Koreans (who also see her as a monkey) does have internalized racism. Learn to draw, that's it.

No. 1639601

>koolen has a large fanbase
>the girl who called her out barely has 1k followers
its unappealing, you can have good skills but use it to draw shit, like that girl does. You might not like kooleen's samefaced art, but its miles more appealing, and that's why people WANT to learn how to draw like her. Its very annoying when people think artists owe them being able/wanting to draw different features. Again, no one asks this of male artists, its always female artists that have to draw whatever the fuck other people want. Again, i dont like her art or her videos, but i just ignore them and move on. I might not want to learn how to draw/paint like her but other people do and i am happy for her for thriving doing what she likes.
whole lot of projecting going on. She never even called non kpop features gorilla, she called common mistakes begginers make while drawing animu profiles gorilla-like as a joke, because it resembles a gorilla(the animal) not a person. Its funny that the people that call anime moeblobs ayylmao looking are always the same people that get angry when someone draws one of those moeblobs that happens to have brown skin without detailed racial features.

No. 1639602

I don't think you know what "projection" means. Her art isn't good from a technical standpoint, her advice isn't good (both because of low skill and multiple racially-tinged comments that accidentally nick at her own people too), and no one's in the wrong for pointing it out. You're allowed to like kpoppy sparkly uwu BL drawings, but better artists can and should point out skill issues and give better tips. That's what's happening here, you'll have to deal with it.

No. 1639610

i dont like her art, but people calling her out for ''giving bad advice/not dawing poc people'' is extremely petty and shitty. She doesnt owe you academic level tier advice, people watch her because they want to draw kpoop bullshit and she gives her fans tutorials on how to draw kpoop bullshit. It's that simple, and if you dont like tutorials on how to draw kpop girls/boys its as simple as not watching her channel, youtube is filled with academic level courses on art completly for free, watch those and let her and her kpoop fans draw whatever the fuck they want. People are so entitled to what female artists draw, go call out the millions of male artists drawing loli ryona.

No. 1639613

If a person wants to block out certain reactions to content they make, it's as simple as not posting said content publicly, and not infringing on random beginner artists who didn't ask with their low quality, symbol-minded "tips". That's the nature of the internet, no one's being attacked or cancelled. People can comment on things as freely as they can share them. If kpoppies need a hugbox so badly and can't tolerate any criticism (especially if/when things like race come into play), they should just make one instead of pushing themselves on others.

No. 1639618

did she correct people's art without permission? i dont watch her content so i just assumed people sent it to her like they sent art to that japanese artist. Also, ah yes, the ''yes we are cancelling and harassing her for bullshit we made up but maybe she shouldnt have put her art on the internet????'' She hasnt even said anything about the controversy and people are complaining about it for not getting the apology they think they deserve, kek. Don't pretend these assholes wont dogpille literally anyone they dont like just because they can. I really hope she doesnt apologize, she didnt do anything wrong at the end and she gives an inch they are going to take a mile and demand she draws things she doesnt like ''to make up for it''. Hope she keeps spamming her ugly pale alien creatures.

No. 1639622

Yeah, she did. She made videos "roasting" random people's art with a specific focus on races she doesn't even draw, and "fixing" it her way (which wasn't really fixed, just pushing her kpop standards, kek). That's where all this started. She's in the wrong, she is just not skilled, has obvious personal issues and an ego too high for what she's putting out. I understand you feel like it's another case of a female artist getting attacked for nothing, but that's not what's going on here.

No. 1639623

can you link the video?

No. 1639643

I agree. Westernized art is ugly. I prefer koreaboos over this tripe.

No. 1639675

File: 1689947521354.jpeg (20.32 KB, 567x369, IMG_9157.jpeg)

I’ve said this before, but since no one seemed to listen the first time around, I’ll say it again. I’m tired of people in this thread shielding female artists from criticism by saying ‘WAGHHH BUT THERE’S A BAZILLION MALE COOMER MOID ARTISTS WHO ARE A THOUSAND TIMES WORSE HOW DARE YOU CRITIQUE A FEMALE-‘ Either give us a list of these moid names to milk or shut the everloving fuck up. It’s a circular argument and is lazy, annoying and dries up threads of valid criticism for no reason.

No. 1639679

Exactly, kek. It's such a lazy deflection.

No. 1639686

Jfc is this thread full of weeaboos and koreaboos shitting on everything that isn't their autistic sameface bullshit with gigantic eyes? Get better tastes.

No. 1639687

the kooleen shit isnt valid criticism, it's just entitled artists that want to force her to draw what they like the way they want. They hate her because she's a woman that likes to draw pretty women and bishies instead of goblincore bullshit. minus8 came out as a pedo(again) and no one gave a shit, literally no one called him out and no youtuber made a videos about it either. ''completly change your artstyle to fit my criteria of whats good art'' isnt criticism, it's entitlement, and kooleen doesnt owe them anything. She doesnt owe them drawing poc, she doesnt owe them proko tier advice, she doesnt owe them drawing ''ugly people''. It's her channel and the criticism is complete bullshit from people who want to be as sucessful as her but never will because they draw ugly shit. The girl that called her out is completly obssesed too, it must be burning inside her that kooleen hasnt responded while she's still ''making fun'' of her to this day and barely getting 3 likes on average. It's pure narcissism.

No. 1639690

Her legs are so fucking gross to look at. Male artists get away with the ugliest stylizations. Then turn around and make fun of anime, which stays true to the human form aside from pedobait anime (also made by males)

No. 1639692

We can dislike both minus8 and the cringy racebaiting koreaboo, stop this shit.

No. 1639693

File: 1689949419700.jpg (380.12 KB, 1953x2048, F0643pYaQAA9quL.jpg)

you know people can dislike both koooleen's same-face kpop idols and this garbage, right? you talk as if the girl that called her out drew amazing classical pieces that mirror Norman Rockwell's approach to different face features and not the same shit with a different smell. Instead of soulless kpoop idols staring at the nothingness its soulles goblin looking people staring at the nothingness, wow what an amazing display of skill. Outside of the ugly faces the yassified elf creature has a broken arm with a floaty hand that's resting on the nothingness and missing a thumb. Both are awful artists and it just reflects the modern western artist landscape.

No. 1639695

Skimming through this thread and getting to the conclusion that maybe half of the people here have shit taste.

No. 1639696

NTA but that still reflects more artistic skill than the kpop garbage you're trying to defend. You almost have a mind similar to a coomer moid, upset that not every drawing is of someone you want to fuck or be. Insisting they're on the same level is laughable.

No. 1639698


No. 1639699

>It's her channel and the criticism is complete bullshit
It's not. Why does it hurt you so much anyway. These threads are made for poking fun at shitty artists but suddenly anons aren't allowed to do that because you like the fact that she doesn't draw ''ugly people''? Come on, they're ugly ass hell too, but in different way.

No. 1639701

File: 1689950569169.jpg (317.57 KB, 962x1024, 1021-78395-999-a7w.jpg)

You are putting words in my mouth because you cant believe someone can dislike both kooleen's and this girl's art. Wow, almost as if people outside of twitter didnt live in a hivemind!. Pic rel is how you draw different face features correctly, that girl just slaps ''ugly'' features to otherwise shiny, yassified characters for asspats, not because she actually wants to get out of her comfort zone and draw different features, but rather because she thinks she has to for the sake of representation or some other bullshit. She built her own comfort zone of goblin caricature creatures that still display the same mistakes kooleen's art have, like overly shiny skin, no emotion on display, big shiny lips, all the people she draws look like those ''unique features'' models big companies like to hire once in a while that have like one defect but are absolutely model tier otherwsie . She would rather die than draw an old person or normal person without shiny skin and big lips.
because the milk is autistic petty vendetta, not real criticism.

No. 1639703

You've spent multiple posts writing essays on the kpop shit being "appealing". You've literally been posting more about Koleen than anyone in the thread so far, kek. Saying wetbaklava's art is better doesn't mean it's perfect, just that it's better.

No. 1639704

Anon isn't even defending her. The styles are both ugly, this one is just closer to realism. And even then it's only in the facial rendering, the bodies and especially hands look like they were drawn without reference so that's already the extent of this artists skill. If she would shut up and draw more she could also get popular online, Kooleen isn't special at all, she just panders to the easiest and biggest crowd. But these people never put the time into making more pieces or making anything appealing, instead they seethe about others popularity. Anyone can see that Kooleen's art is bad and that her advice isn't very useful but normal people move on and focus on themselves.

No. 1639705

it is appealing and you cant deny it, you might not like it, but it's obviously appealing to a greater audience, otherwise she wouldnt have 2 million followers. I dont like a lot of popular things, but i understand why they appeal to people. Saying kooleen's art is unappealing when she built an entire fanbase out of people that want to draw like her its just false.

No. 1639706

2 million kboos with poor taste.

No. 1639717

Anyway nonas, back to drawing. I've had a sort of epiphany/breakthrough recently. I've started using perspective grids on everything I draw (even doodles) and it's made drawing 10x easier. Having a grid down literally gives you a sort of map to draw on, as opposed to the void of a blank canvas. You still have to understand anatomy and correct proportions to get a good drawing, but having a grid makes it so much easier to draw these correct proportions in space. I recommend yall try it out, it leveled me up instantly, I think it's what's been missing from my drawings all along.

No. 1639719

Ok koreaboo

No. 1639724

File: 1689952736070.png (2.22 MB, 1824x1500, mental illness.png)

Why are you so adamant about defending her, her art is just okay and behaviour has been insanely unhinged because she's probably chasing that high from the first tweets about this blowing up. Of course she has no followers. Despite some technical skill she barely draws, she makes no fanart or anything else people could connect to and most of her tweets are reposts.

No. 1639732

I don’t even like Kooleem, but this dude is a mess. Ethnic features don’t mean shit when your art is unappealing as fuck. That black character looks like more of an ethnic caricature than Coal Black.

No. 1639733

Kooleen's art is boring and all that but the 'drama' has absolutely gotten out of proportion. It's also become one of those things where one legitimate comment is being made and suddenly people start making up shit going "well I heard that" and running with it. This happens every single time with twitter drama.

No. 1639736

she should draw more instead of attention whoring, if she wants to teach people how to draw different features she could make her own channel instead of trying to force others to draw like that

No. 1639739

I have no dog in this fight, but that picture is actually really nice and imo way more attractive than anything like >>1639585 or >>1638595 . That guy that Koleen drew just looks like if you were to put too many snow filters on a generic Korean webcomic character to me.

No. 1639742

Samefag but I actually honestly don't even see any "ugly features" in that pic. Nothing there is exaggerated or anything.

No. 1639743

…Your picrel isn’t bad?? Not my thing but I’ll take it over the moeshit source material.

No. 1639745

File: 1689954183494.png (634.42 KB, 733x741, wb0.png)

That's because it is a caricature, the nonny cropped this out conveniently, kek. Anyway, her art isn't amazing, but she clearly has a better grasp of human faces and anatomy than Koleen. Derivative k-pop shit is just that, it's not some horrible injustice or use of "force" when people reject it.

No. 1639748

damn you guys have shit taste, i dont care if people want to draw uggos but they should leave artists that want to draw cute guys in peace, i am tired of looking for fanart of cute male characters and being jumpscared by cute husbandos being turned into fatties with vitiligo and massice honkers.

No. 1639750

You just have coomer brainrot. Not all of us look at drawings and rate their technical quality over our desire to masturbate to them.

No. 1639751

Anon thinks only the korean webtoon/anime art with instathot faces are "beautiful" while all the rest is ugly because it's too realistic. Imagine being attracted to symbol drawings and thinking that having tons of followers on twitter means you're a good artist. Must be either a lost zoomer or a moid.

No. 1639752

Yeah, this thread just has 1-3 seething koreaboos dedicated to defending trash as long as they can get off to it. If they were born male, they'd be malding ITT about us not liking Ethan Becker, kek.

No. 1639753

You gotta be very cynical to believe comparing poc features to monkeys is just a light hearted joke. Can't you see the obvious problem with this? I don't blame you if you are just ignorant on the subject, but are you for fucking real?

No. 1639754

its a bishie nonna, its supposed to be coom bait, whats the point of turning it into something hideous? there are already enough male uggos irl we dont need them in fiction

No. 1639755

You have to be 18 to use this site.

No. 1639756

Nta but it seems like there isn't anything more than the stuff that was shared last thread. Moids put no emotion or personality into their art so it's easy to scroll past and ignore. I saw one callout post by a rando about it with 20k likes and it couldn't even generate a discussion because no one has strong feelings about it, unlike shit like genshin ships being problematic because the thousand year old god took the form of some guy that hasn't been described further but that could have very well been a minor so even if you don't draw him like a child you are actually a shotacon etc. Seeing that that guy had almost half a million followers on twitter was crazy to me though

I wouldn't even call it drama, it was one post critiquing her for making a racist remark and her cutting that part out of the video and moving on. All the current talk about it is from people that agree with eachother about how bad this all is and how Kooleen needs to apologize. She's not engaging in this, her tiktok children followers never cared and most normal people have long stopped caring because it really isn't that serious. By next week there shouldn't be anyone left who remembers, especially if something "worse" happens.

No. 1639757

You think kooleen's shit is cute? They all look retarded and uncanny. There are a lot of actually good artists drawing beautiful guys in anime style but kooleen's not one of them.

No. 1639758

File: 1689954809423.jpg (425.86 KB, 1200x1500, IMG_20211026_082451.jpg)

Nonnies I have to ask what brush is this? Or how do I achieve this effect? I really love the texture on cleoptras face

No. 1639759

Thank you for this anon!

No. 1639760

She was reposting it without stating that it's supposed to be a caricature though, so she clearly thinks it's some huge dunk

No. 1639761

I feel like a lot of the rage about Kooleen being criticized for this (and the bad art) is from posters who can't draw anything but the same sort of webtoon stuff, and they insist it's because "Anything else is ugly, especially POC an dark skinned people!! Sorry not sorry" when the truth is they're just unskilled, lazy and/or actual children. Or, you know, racists who sound and reason like children, kek.
If she didn't try to influence people's art (including those who didn't even seek her help) and make racist comments, she'd just be one of many generic sameface people on IG and no one would care.

No. 1639762

File: 1689954966351.jpeg (192.53 KB, 550x700, IMG_0314.jpeg)

not sure the style is even original it kinda looks like yassified nina bunjevac with the addition of elf ears

No. 1639763

it looks like they used a lot of different brushes, which parts are you interest in? if you use clip studio, the assets' most popular brushes always has a bunch of stuff that might be useful

No. 1639765

I can't help, but do you know who the artist is? This is really beautiful, kinda looks like wet chalk on pavement.

No. 1639767

Samefag, nevermind lol. I forgot google exists, it's by Yuuki Jia. Perhaps she's shared how she made it/her brushes.

No. 1639768

I wish there had been the same energy for samdoesart when he turned that kid from The Last of Us into an instathot because that's all he can see women as. I know a lot of people complained about it but I don't think anyone forced him into apologizing or learning to draw better

No. 1639772

>turned into fatties with vitiligo and massice honkers
The example you provided didn’t even have those? At least post something relevant. There’s tons of weird gendie shit out there.

No. 1639774

File: 1689956075397.png (48.61 KB, 719x330, Zrzut ekranu 2023-07-21 181041…)

>I wish there had been the same energy
There was, though? Even fucking Jacksepticeye commented on it. I fear in the end it doesn't matter anyway, because normies just simply don't care. Some will forget, some won't even know about it, and they will continute to like and retweets posts of cool looking art and don't think about it much.

No. 1639775

People had way more energy toward him, and he even apologized IIRC. Were you paying attention, anon?

No. 1639780

I know, but no one continued to harrass him afterwards for drawing women like that in general. With Kooleen her one comment and kpopshit art in general gets her branded as racist and while Sam also only had this one instance blow up, no one continued to call him misogynist even though it's what he draws like all the time.

No. 1639781

No. 1639782

It's only been like a week, and the Koleen person didn't apologize, so of course the people who complained didn't just leave it. The same thing would've happened to Sam if he hadn't addressed it.

No. 1639795

This isn’t Twitter anon, no one gives a fuck about generic artist with generic style#153397 with bad opinions. They’re a dime a dozen

No. 1639797

File: 1689958505225.jpg (152.8 KB, 960x1200, FyHLTkBXgAMvGSF.jpeg.jpg)

No it wouldn't and that's likely because he doesn't show anything of his personality and stays mostly quiet from what I've seen. People don't think he's annoying enough to bring it up again, unlike Kooleen with her grating shticks. His recent Spiderverse fanarts for example have all the men looking on model while Gwen was given this typical face he likes, so it's not like the experience made him change.

No. 1639799

File: 1689958554320.jpg (70.28 KB, 508x644, tumblr_2d7032819e2e4c6a7eac819…)

>exaggerated/unique/poc features=good art!!!1!!1
This thread is so retarded sometimes. Both kooleen's and that girl's art are awful, none of them is better than the other, kooleen is just more appealing because she panders to kpoopies. It shows that i was right about koleen's hatred being petty vendeta instead of genuine criticism. If people actually cared about Kooleen's art quality they would criticize her lack of background/interesting compositons/not drawing anything but portraits, but the whole harassment campaign is just based on her not drawing what twittertards want. Drawing unique faces doesnt make your art better, you can draw diff body types/races/made up gendershit bullshit and your art will still be boring and less appealing than generic moeshit.
>inb4 ur just a scrote moid that doesnt like anything that isnt moeshit and you want to fuck blah blah
I am not a retard whose knowledge of art waters down to either goblin blobs or moe blobs. Adding unique/dystinct/whatever features to your character doesnt make your art interesting or better than moeshit artists, it's just a lazy way to try to shield your lack of skill with ''muh style''. It shows that none of you actually know about art beyond twitter artists if you think there is only goblin shit and moe shit. Pic rel, again, is a real artist who knows how to draw different people and make it interesting. But whatever, you can keep thinking that drawing dif races/body types/whatever makes you a better artist.

No. 1639803

Koreaboo-chan, you're still at it? You posted >>1639701 before. Give it a rest already, we don't care.

No. 1639804

File: 1689958672851.jpg (76.29 KB, 852x853, 1b2baff1410d7edb80e04e3e57e96e…)

For comparison. Her nose is wider and she doesn't have those disney-tier eyes

No. 1639805

The Kooleen drama SUCKS i miss when there was good art drama and lots of people to discuss. Now it’s all the same petty Twitter bullshit no one cares about.

No. 1639806

pick up an artbook and get to fundies, drawing goblins wont make your art better

No. 1639809

Projection off the charts, kek. If you practiced fundies and learned how to draw actual features and bodies, you wouldn't get so wet over badly drawn kpop idols.

No. 1639811

Both of your art sucks now stop shitting up the thread with your boring art sperging

No. 1639812

anyone can draw that nonny, its not hard to draw a fat blob and stick a bigger nose/lips to something. You thinking its somehow hard shows you have 0 drawing skill.

No. 1639813

You seem to lack reading comprehension, or maybe contradicting yourself is just part of the bit. Anyway, as the other anon said, stop shitting up the thread with this sperging.

No. 1639814

I don't get the bishies argument cause this artist's bishies are ugly, that's a thing with 90% of these korean webtoon art styles, you know the characters are supposed to be good looking but that's besides the point, almost like how there might be a Simpsons character you know is attractive in their universe, but the art makes them not hot for the (normal) viewer. Except that6 unintentional for kpopfied art.

No. 1639816

again, they are ugly for you, not for the 2mil people that follow her. I dont like generic bishies either but i dont pretend my opinion is the unbiased truth and a lot of women find her art of bishies attractive.

No. 1639822

The argument is just that her huge fanbase finds it appealing, I don't see what anons don't get about that or why they are so mad. All styles require practice and they can't be objectively compared so it comes down to fighting over preferences

No. 1639827

This. Most users don’t care about any of that which is why generic artstyles are still so popular even if they all look the same.

No. 1639828

Well, ok, maybe some people find hideous goblins attractive.

No. 1639829

Stop trying to fuck drawings.

No. 1639830

yeah wet baklava and her 1000 followers kek

No. 1639833

Are you illiterate?

No. 1639834

File: 1689960708725.jpeg (227.51 KB, 945x1536, IMG_9401.jpeg)

Alright, alright nonnies, enough Kooleen talk. Let’s talk about Minus8 and maybe have a larger conversation about fiction versus reality particularly pertaining to lolicon on the internet. I’m neutral on the topic myself, in the sense that I hope all irl pedos burn in hell, whereas lolicons are morally questionable but sort of harmless. In this case, I do respect him being honest and actually seeking professional help (not in picrel but stated in another tweet), although his comment about if he had the ‘money and power’ to do X casts a lot of doubt as to how revealing he’s actually being about his levels of self restraint… all in all, just a bit fucking gross. Thoughts?

No. 1639835

A lot of people on twitter use him as a reaction image because he looks funny.

No. 1639837

I asked my art mut if they knew about this and they said yes. This is very well known in the art space, even in the NSFW community. They all now and they ask don't care and I don't understand why.. Clout is one hell of a drug and to be clear, my friend doesn't follow them.

No. 1639838

This just proves to me that people who draw lolicon are just actualy pedos and instead of getting therapy they nut it to drawn cp.

No. 1639842

A good hint is that if an artist focuses on a specific thing most of the time, like say adding ears to characters who aren't animals (might have an anthro kink then) or drawing lolicon/shotacon more frequently even though they draw sone adults too, they most likely have that attraction. The furry one was a bad example because not all anthro artists are furries, but most lolicon/shotacon focused artists are. Same if you draw only big tits, you probably like big tits. You put what you like into your art.

No. 1639844

he isnt really a lolicon, he's just a pedo, all of his animations are of big titty characters, which is why no one suspected him being a pedo. He's the artist that started the pandemic of internet animation memes being solely coomshit with big tits bouncing. He sounds mentally derranged, he should stop drawing coomshit since it obviously fried his brain.
>although his comment about if he had the ‘money and power’ to do X casts a lot of doubt as to how revealing he’s actually being about his levels of self restraint… all in all, just a bit fucking gross. Thoughts?
i wonder if this is why he never wanted to make money off his animations despite being so popular, it makes sense now… yuck

No. 1639845

That post made perfect sense, kek.

No. 1639846

To be fair, does that automatically make lolicon a bad thing? Just to preface, I’m in no way associated with this rotten lot (in fact I have a massive thing for GILFs) but I mean, if you’re attracted to kiddies for whatever reason, and there’s not a lot you can do to change that sexual fixation, then as long as you’re getting professional help on the side, isn’t it better to disperse those urges using fictional characters so that it reduces any dangerous pedo urges towards real children?

No. 1639847

Yeah, that's why I don't trust anyone who brings up that getting off to it keeps them from harming real children. If anything it makes them more deranged with time because they build up a weird tolerance and get into circles of people with even worse fetishes.

No. 1639850

No. Being exposed to that shit makes them more used to it, it becomes less of a big deal or taboo and then it's only a question of time until they get too close to some kid online or a family member or even get into a job where they work with children.

No. 1639851

>if you’re attracted to kiddies for whatever reason, and there’s not a lot you can do
you could always kill yourself

No. 1639852

Him and every porn artist should kill themselves, not only did he have negative effects on the internet and art in general by being one of the pioneers for "r34", we now have every coomtard under the sun praising him like hes some god of animation and respect his "skill". Honestly tired of seeing "references" in comment sections or videos showing this pile of shit's garbage to more people and potentially children who will be on the pipeline to becoming another degenerate or worse.

No. 1639853

i find it interesting that the only artists busted with the real thing havent really been lolisho artists. I remember the guy from samurai x, galko chan and now this guy who draws big tits. Weird shit.

No. 1639855

File: 1689962144651.jpeg (65.83 KB, 670x680, IMG_8228.jpeg)


No. 1639860

NTA but exactly, you dont give a alchoholic more alcohol to treat his addiction. Its fucking retarded how many people try and defend it with that excuse just because its "pixels" and "fiction".

No. 1639864

Pedophilia isn't a sexuality but a paraphilia, and you can absolutely control yourself and get rid of it with therapy. The problem is, most pedos/lolicon enjoy being attracted to children, so they never choose therapy (cause that would mean no more cooming) and istead choose to consume more and more pedo content until they become so used to it that they keep searching for something more, ultimately seeking out real children. So yes, lolicon is a bad thing and contrary to popular belief, fiction does affect reality. Just look at how many men start having sick and violent fetishes (and acting it out) after viewing porn.

No. 1639884

im very interested with those streaks of gold ? and how the skin texture you see in it is,ive been trying to do a master copy of it but i just cant achieve it, ive found her brushes tho!

No. 1639895

NTA but I've never heard of a case of someone "getting rid" of peophilia, is there a source for that?

No. 1639902

His version is cuter. I only saw spider verse once (the first one) and it looks like they changed her nose and eyes from the first to the second movie. Maybe that’s why I like his fanart more, it reminds me of her original look

No. 1639909

She grew up, mate.

No. 1639913

File: 1689968313793.png (Spoiler Image,95.03 KB, 432x1958, minus8.png)

for reference, this is the man who drew an entire image around 2015 about getting off to kids looking at his art. warning for ""shota"" porn

No. 1639914

File: 1689968362514.jpg (149.27 KB, 1080x1350, Fx3vV6uX0AE1rto.jpg)

My point is that his paintings have Miles and the others looking exactly as they do in the movie, he only does this shit to female characters.

No. 1639915

He’s cuter here too. It’s a cute style.
She had a different nose. It doesn’t change that much unless she got a nose job lol
Porn affects men and women but would any therapist help with porn addiction or pedo issues? I would assume they’d get you on drugs or report you to the police. I don’t trust therapist and anyone who tries to help pedos reform and get rid of it are called enablers or aiding them. It muddied the waters because pro pedo people (that one TIF who worked for a medical university) was outed as being pro pedo under the guise of “helping” them reform.

No. 1639916

This honestly doesn't look like Miles. Doesn't even look like a male character tbh.

No. 1639919

Beginning to think there's a lot of really young people in this thread lmfao. Reminds me of when people were saying the artist who cut her own leg off or whatever's art was actually appealing lol

No. 1639920

I don't know how strict Korean child protection laws are but this creeps hard disk should be looked in to. God I hope no child comes in contact with this fuck.

No. 1639923

Lol I read all the arguments on this thread before I saw the art of the people you’re defending/attacking. This just proves that numbers on social media are so unrelated to quality it’s unreal. The artists I follow who have stories and meaning and soul in their art dont get millions of followers. And all those moid artists like samdoesarts and ilyakushinov are so fucking boring. Sometimes you can see a totally “harmless” art and just smell the moid on it

No. 1639925

I don't understand why anyone thinks followers mean an artist has actual appeal. Sakimichans art is horrifying but she has a ton of followers.

No. 1639927

But muh 2 million followers, kekk

No. 1639938

appealing thing is popular, it's not that hard to understand. You arent special for not liking popular thing and feeling you are above it.

No. 1639940

A lot of beginner artists or layman will see something shiny and rendered and think it's good but for me actual sophisticated art is something along the lines of Bernie fuchs or Bob peak. You can tell they have an understanding of form and design even if their work looks less polished to the layman.

No. 1639944

Reality tv and insane 5 minute crafts videos are popular too, it doesn’t mean they are good or have artistic value. I will enjoy having better taste forever

No. 1639948

By this tard logic, Shadman is a better artist than you lol

No. 1639950

good for you, but dont pretend those things have no appeal just because you dont like it. Kooleen is just that, inane entertainment, but twittertards are trying to pretend she was a serious art channel all along and not something babies who just picked up a pencil watch to encourage them to draw. It's baby's first drawing channel, if they want to get better they are eventually going to move one to other channels. It's not that hard to understand.

No. 1639952

>It's baby's first drawing channel,
And it's shit, that simple.

No. 1639955

File: 1689971046240.jpg (276.69 KB, 1170x1295, nonnies.jpg)

i never said ''better'' i said more appealing, shadman is appealing to coomers, kooleen to kpop stand, that girl with the weird elf oc to no one. It's simple. I dont understand why some of you cant grasp the difference between something being appealing and something being good.
i never denied that, i dont know why you are so dead set in me being a kpop stan defending the honor of the yassified queen just because i said her art is appealing to the kpop audience she has.

No. 1639963

Again, the issue here is that men hardly ever get rid of fetishes because they're just too coombrained and most of them have the empathy of a wall. Men will never want to get better and get rid of their sick perversions, so while it could be possible to help men with therapy, I agree they should just get purged because they refuse to change their behaviours. I've personally only ever seen women being able to get rid of harmful fetishes and paraphilias. Men could do it too, they just choose not to (kind of like trannies).

No. 1639964

Anon you could literally argue that any type of art could potentially be appealing to a certain audience. I think because a lot of us here don't find her art appealing in any way at all.

No. 1639966

its like max 4 anons from a niche imageboard with autistic women vs millions of kpoopers, our opinion on whats popular art with normies doesnt matter, get over it. Normies have been liking shit forever and will keep liking shit, there is no point in starting an autistic brigade over an artist not drawing the way you want, it's just entitlement. Let her draw her kpoopies, you keep drawins your goblins, people with taste will keep trying to emulate leyendecker or something.

No. 1639968

I have no idea what you're talking about lol I just think her art is ugly.

No. 1639974

Because you're trying to legitimize shit art and getting steamed because people pointed out the other artist had more skill with "but she has over 2 gorillion followers!!". Yeah, kpop stans and bots with no taste lol.

No. 1639980

both of them have the same skill, c'mon they both draw uber generic soulless garbage the only difference is the girl that called her out slaps different features to her soulless characters and pretends she's better for that. Again, i never said kooleen has better art for her followers, i just said her art is appealing enough to get followers that want to draw like her, the other girl also has generic art but its way less appealing and her follower count reflect that. There are artists who have great skill and not enough followers, but those artists arent constantly seeking attention. The fact she got over 6k likes and several rts and barely got any followers from her call out post shows that her art is heavily unappealing and no one wants to see it. It's really sad to scroll through her twitter media page, when she isnt sperging about kooleen she's trying to advertise and barely getting 10 likes at best, really sad.

No. 1639983

why is every new thread filled with useless sperging, both sides are right, now let's move the fuck on

No. 1639986

Because anons can't take other opinions KEK

No. 1639988

No. 1639993

Cuz twitfags keep finding their way here first it was that retarded tif and now koolean who'll die if someone asks her to draw something else than kpoopers

No. 1639994

Still not sure why I should care about how many followers she has.

No. 1640014

>koolean who'll die if someone asks her to draw something else than kpoopers
she hasnt even responded to the drama, kek. its just spergs like you who cant phantom someone drawing whatever they like inteasd of pandering to you and catering to everyone's tastes.

No. 1640019

>contrary to popular belief, fiction does affect reality
The proof is in how weeb shit completely normalized sexualizing children in the past 15 years. Admitting to "ephebophilia" was something that would turn a grown man into a walking joke before weeb shit made sexy 13 year old girls a thing.

No. 1640034

seriously? 15 years ago it was waaaay more acceptable for a grown man to date teense. John K didnt need animu to groom 16yos off the internet. If anything we are lucky to be living in an era that call out 20 yos dating 16yos on the daily.

No. 1640035

Why would he admit to this kek pedo men are retarded

No. 1640037

Do you have no reading comprehension at all? The follower count just shows you that many people like her art. The argument is that even bad and unskilled artwork can get you a huge following if it appeals to someone and for some reason anons can't fathom that art can be technically bad but still appealing in some way.

No. 1640040

Link the brushes nonita? This is a really gorgeous piece.

No. 1640044

Most porn animators are low iq coomtards who only got as far as they did cause they made fellow coomtards coom the hardest and they now suck them off constantly and defend them for being so "skilled" kek.

No. 1640046

he's extremely retarded and spergs out on the daily. I remember when i found out about the original message(i was 16 please understand) and everyone just brushed it off as him sperging out as usual over tumblrtards attacking him for drawing a 17 and 364 years old character, it was the time when everyone used to attack artists over the smallest thing and he wasnt know as a loli artist+ his english is barely understandable, so everyone just thought he was having a mental breakdown and let it slide.

No. 1640052

Because she makes clickbait

No. 1640053

Yeah, it changes nothing, I don't care, shit art.

No. 1640058

File: 1689981679773.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1997, IMG_9651.jpeg)

I agree, her tutorials are detrimental to beginner artists but every beginner gravitates towards “how to draw anime head” type of tutorials anyway.
It feels like a lot of the hatred is unwarranted.
I can’t get over, a similar artist with a similar shtick defending Kooleen then throwing her under the bus

No. 1640059

File: 1689981708162.jpeg (679.78 KB, 1692x610, IMG_1338.jpeg)

Here is the artist (Rin)

No. 1640060

Don't comment on this part of thing if you're obviously under 20. Seriously, no it wasn't. The "good old days" things scrotes say these days are just lies.

No. 1640062

Then don't be a art roast channel if you can draw something more than instathots( not anatomically correct either because lol those hands). She deserves this flak and ass lickers show that your art maybe far worse if you think this is good kek

No. 1640064

She’s not the first to call her out though, TikTok was already fuming about her but LC never covered it.

No. 1640065

https://www.yuuki-jia.com/store/yuukis-brushes-for-photoshop I think if you wanted to these can be mimicked. Hopefully I can find a speedpaint

No. 1640066

I can't believe that red sketch is what caused all this discourse. From a quick glance I like this girls art but her skill level seems a bit too high for the average youtube shorts art tutorial watcher.

No. 1640067

my grandmother and mom started dating my grandpa/dad at age 16/17, my cousin's mom was 16 and my scrote uncle was 21 when they had my cousin. It was waaay more acceptable back then and you cannot deny it. You cannot pretend pedo shit wasnt more openly accepted before when lolita/pretty baby/leon the professional hit the big screen. You dont need to make up bullshit claims to argue against loli, dont be retarded.

No. 1640069

oh and i forgot taxi driver too, those movies would NOT hit the big screen nowadays and when they slip by like cuties they get shit on, cuties would be a classic if it was made 20 years ago.

No. 1640074

I don’t want to draw ugly people either. The redline head doesn’t even look like a gorilla so it’s obviously a joke; and to conflate it with black people is retarded. Gorilla is a gorilla like an orc is an orc. If you think otherwise that’s on you. Is this art channel good for drama or is she just a commentator and not an artist?
I know people are seething about Ethan but I would say he plays with shape language a lot and he likes tan/darker women. I don’t care lmao. Besides I don’t think he’s getting enough traction since he stopped doing YouTube crit. Thanks for the reminder anon.

No. 1640075

Last artist that was the subject of a witch-hunt was samdoesart but he knew how to respond and imo made many of his critics seem unhinged.
Kooleen is just the newest victim

No. 1640077

Unrelated but is it a faux pas to resell art you bought from someone else? I saw an artist resell a print and pin she bought from another artist. I don’t know what to do with my current collection of prints and art books (like komorebi by djamila). I don’t want some of them anymore but throwing them away seems disrespectful. Has anyone done something like this?

No. 1640082

She’s very similar to Kooleen that initially I thought she was the one that got cancelled. She probably will one day since she attracts the same crowd that are hungry for blood.

She’s an artist but most of her stuff now is about art tutorials which are lot better than Koolen’s, which with all due respect isn’t an achievement.

Other than tutorials she mocks art correction artists but honestly I just can’t bring myself to care about. The only noteworthy one is this video https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cs3JM0Es3JO/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
Because the corrector didn’t catch on the zippertits .

No. 1640089

You can donate them away to a thrift store nonnie? I mean you've paid for the art book and print and reselling is well within your right(although itll be copyright infringement if you make copies and sell it). I've seen some art books pop up on some thrift books stores

No. 1640093

You sound like that fag solar sands. She's not the newest victum she's just fucking dumb. This is her audience she cultivated and they themselves called her out on it. Now stop sperging about a two bit artist you can find om tik tok in a second

No. 1640115

File: 1689985530348.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1655x1964, IMG_4996.jpeg)

Anyone know where I could find Ayami Kojima’s nsfw yaoi doujins? I’ve searched every archive I could find but no luck.

No. 1640132

File: 1689986996825.jpg (914.8 KB, 1223x1740, 07.jpg)

I don't think they've ever been uploaded (aside from Heel Heal) sorry nonnie. Someone is having a huge lot sale of her doujins on Paypay right now though if you have money to burn

No. 1640141

File: 1689988188227.png (282.32 KB, 448x302, IMG_4997.png)

I’m not much a fan of Heel Heal (it’s too goofy and the lolicon undertones throw me off). I would look into the sale but I can’t imagine what the proxy cost will be kek.

No. 1640208

Yes, and it's stupid cuz you just need to think for two seconds to realize the actual reason why the coomer pedos aren't called out by twitterinas, and it's a completely different issue. It's such a text book case of whataboutism.
Moid coomers have exclusively moid coomer fanbase and regular artist twitterinas do not interact with that side of the internet, so they just don't find them to make a call out. It also means there's not really anything a callout could do. The coomer moid's coomer moid fanbase isn't gonna stop supporting the coomer moid because you made a callout post about him being indeed a coomer moid (it's the exact reason why they are following him), so he will just completely ignore any callouts like nothing happened. Also, coomer moids are deranged, I wouldn't want an army of deranged pedo coomers doing whatever troll tactics they have at me only for nothing to happen to the gross moid artist.
Similar reason why Stonetoss or that guy with the greek last name aren't really cancelled (you just replace coomer moid with e-conservatard).

The few cases of coomer moids I can think of getting called out are that one youtube geek animator that got bullied of the internet for having a fart fetish (his main audience was normie geeks), the SCP Confinement guy (originally made his work for regular non-coomer SCP fans, scammed his fanbase) and Shadman (pretty much the only nsfw artist that a good ammount of non coomers/some normies are aware of because of memes, actually drew real kids, still took like 10 years of outrage for him to fall down because obviously his coomer moid fanbase/clientele didn't care, was actually being investigated for his pedo shit and was actually arrested for attacking someone). I've also seen some people call out pantsu ripper (used to have a good chunk of actually artsy work, got big because of non coomer meme art) for his holocaust jokes and for drawing patreon stuff of teen characters, but it was more like people complaining about him in their own space than trying to start a crusade on him.

No. 1640245

NTA but exactly, and spending 10 seconds in any male dominated artist space makes this really obvious. Female artists online tend to draw stuff that appeals to a young female audience, a group that is notorious for petty callouts. Males just don't do this anywhere near the same level. They follow their fave male coomer artists, spam peach emojis at grotesque anime girls, and call it a day. This is also why the whole proship/anti debate is almost entirely infighting between women while men are walking around with pornified cartoon children on their hoodies without a care in the world. Sanctimonious Twitter girls intuitively realize they have no power over men, and if they want the righteous dopamine hit that accompanies forcing someone into a teary-eyed half hour Youtube apology video, they have to target women. They'd wither away and die if they saw the degenerate shit males enjoy.

No. 1640261

They aren't called out because they're men. They expect men to be degen, but when women draw shota or fujoshi shit or whatever it makes them rage because women aren't supposed to do that, they're supposed to have some mystical obligation to be virtuous and a slave to everyone else and their sensibilities at all times, plus it's so much easy to harass women. They dont care what men are doing, they want to take whatever petty anger and passive aggression they have out on women because they're meant to be passive and accommodating and listen to the retarded whiny shit they have to cry about

No. 1640267

Men are just so proud about their interests that it's hard to cancel them. I mean Minus8 literally said he was a pedophile, and people called him out, but he still has over 400k followers. I don't think this is a women eat other women situation, I think you should be called out for pedoshit no matter what your gender is. It's not petty, it's just the fact that so many women politicize being into "problematic" stuff and turn it into some weird movement instead of just being loud and proud about their degen fetishes. They get so upset when called out about it and try to make it seem like they're being called out for being a woman or called out my "puritans" or something. I've never seen a man sperge out this much when called out for their fetishes.

No. 1640470

Of course you can sell that. Some artbooks really grow in value, too, why would you trash them, wtf. Only thing that can be weird is original art that has somehow been tailored to you but even then I wouldn't care as an artist if I saw somebody resell my piece, sometimes people just need money or don't have space anymore.

No. 1640473

I feel like it's actually more normalized now. Just recently I read about a teen that got groomed by a 35 y old or something "transwoman" and none of the adults, some of them social workers, involved said anything to let the teen know that maybe this was inappropriate and she wasn't just very mature for her age. In my memory when I was young this was much more openly frowned upon and people were more mindful about appropriate relationships between adults and kids. Now there's this whole culture going on of how normalcy is stuffy, boring and bad and adults who don't have their shit together are poor victims that encourages removing kids from stable and protective environments (or accepts not giving them one if they don't have it).

No. 1640490

File: 1690020778137.jpg (8.13 KB, 275x269, cat question.jpg)

Let's say that hypothetically I am a somewhat famous internet content creator (not related to art), and let's also say that hypothetically I draw very nefarious shit for myself. Is it a good idea to post it online? How easy is it to track someone's art from a very few sketches, mostly made for fun or for advertisement purposes? I also only showed my personal art to hypothetical online friends when I was just starting and I didn't think I was going to garner this much attention. My hypothetical style is very generic anime, but I do have very niche interests, and that's why I am tempted to post it online.

No. 1640494

Kek I love the thought of a famous youtuber browsing lc and drawing kinky anime porn in their free time.

To answer your question, how would it affect your career if the art got connected to you? Would you be cancelled or would it just be embarrassing? You have to always consider the possibility of it happening, it has happened to other content creators as well. Have you posted other art online, could people connect the dots by the style being similar (even if it is generic anime style)? Do you talk about your niche interest in your content or on your social media?

No. 1640499

If you think it could completely ruin your reputation you probably shouldn't risk it, twitter clout isn't worth anything unless you want to build an audience to sell commissions or open a patreon. On the other hand you could go by unsuspected as long as you're careful. Don't use the same names or birthdates or e-mail adresses, don't interact with anyone from your actual circle, don't use the same typing patterns and be careful about leaving tabs open or staying logged in. Some youtuber was recently exposed for having a side account where he was saying unhinged shit to zero followers and people only found out because he opened twitter and it showed the icon as an option while switching accounts. I've also seen artists try to switch styles and restart, but then they got found out because their brushes in speedpaints were still named the same, so be careful about everything around art. Even if it's generic anime it'll have some similarities that could be traced back to you. But if it's only style you can deny the connection, it only becomes difficult when there's something specific showing you drew it.

No. 1640501

Spineless, CP is CP it doesn't matter if its digital 2D CP. All of you excusing CP make me sick.

No. 1640506

i honestly dont know, most of my fanbase is men so the chances of being genuinely cancelled might be slim, but also i dont wanna lose connections with other creators who are sadly very reactionary twitter adjacent thanks to the current state of the internet. Its funny because i started content creation as a hobby to help me distract from grinding art fundamentals because i wanted to get good enough to start working on my manga/game. Monkey's paw. I dont post my art anymore, but i used to make art for mutuals so those are the only traces of my art left.
thanks for the tips. I am mostly conflicted because i grinded fundies so hard just to be able to draw my niche interests and now i have to think if posting my art might make troons angry

No. 1640508

I dunno if you just found out about him recently or not, but minus8's been on the internet for over a decade and he's drawn plenty of little girls. He even drew porn of Dora the Explorer. I wouldn't call him a committed lolicon since he does love his big titties and traps, but he is an irl pedo and extremely pornsick.

No. 1640511

Have known him for a long time but he shits out so much porn on a daily basis i had no idea he actually drew loli, all of his famous stuff is ''popular character, but big tits''.

No. 1640514

Good luck nona, I hope you manage to succeed in both areas! If your art has changed at least a bit since then you should be fine, especially if you keep drawing and your interests in general a secret and don't give anyone a reason to start digging up dirt on you.

No. 1640516

What niche are you talking about if you don't mind telling? Maybe it's not even that bad. And if you make an account with a handle that looks like a captcha and don't let on that you understand english you should be pretty safe.

No. 1640517

It could be a diversion tactic, or the fact that the majority of pedophiles don't have a exclusive attraction towards children. The Rurouni Kenshin scrote's manga had no ecchi in it so you can't determine his tastes based on his work alone. The Galko character is big titty but still an underaged schoolgirl with an oversexualized design despite her manga being the weeb idea of "wholesome". Not all lolicons may want to molest real little girls but I don't believe you can get aroused by the idea of a child without having some sort of paraphilia. More than one doujinka has been caught using CP as to reference their art so there's a significant correlation, especially considering Japan's lax laws on CP. I've also noticed that Japanese and non-American lolicons are generally more willing to admit being attracted to children than Americans are. Comic LO apparently has ads for pedo therapy/support groups and warnings to keep appreciation of little girls 'fiction only'. Meanwhile in the West pedo weebs will recite their entire psychological and family histories in order to justify why jerking it to toddlercon is 100% supported by their therapists as a healthy coping mechanism for their trauma, and that they're only really into the aesthetic until an ex-friend leaks the discord chats of the several times they tried grooming the minor in their friend group or called a real child hot.

No. 1640520

>I do respect him being honest and actually seeking professional help
if he actually wanted to get better he would distance himself from the internet. The only reason he even publicly admits that he is a pedophile is so he can get pity. Why even fish for sympathy when you are a pedophile? Just keep that shit private, stay of the internet, don't interact with children and go to therapy. Ideally pedophiles should just kill themselves
Many lolicon artist uses pictures of children as reference for their porn. Lolicons who don't draw can at least excuse themselves with separating fiction from reality but lolicon artists can't

No. 1640527

Exactly nona, there's a reason why it's considered CSAM in Australia

No. 1640531

male ryona and underage male characters that arent shota-bait. I know male ryona is considered based here but normies arent ready for the most based of fetishes yet. That's kinda why i wanna post my stuff, kinda out of spite for the hoardes of female ryona and ugly old male characters that plague the net. I think women get shit on more for not being perfect tbh, i remember one of the girls on the whole creepshow drama that did a video criticizing loli/shota for being pedo and then was found out drawing that blond guy from MHA and being called a pedo for that, when that bastard aint no shota, kek.

No. 1640534

The fact that he's done this waaah im a pedo pity party several times lets you know that he's not a no-contact pedo desperately wanting to get better. He's just an attention whore.
>underage male characters that arent shota-bait
How is a character being underaged less of a problem than them being shota-bait?
Drawing out of spite or ironically only attracts people who are genuinely into the subject, so you'll just end up being known as the high school boy ryona lady and not a funny meme troll that draws stuff to get a rise out of people. Women can't win for losing so you're better off keeping you stuff to yourself or not attaching your name to it if you at all care about your current reputation.

No. 1640540

>How is a character being underaged less of a problem than them being shota-bait?
they dont act or look like children so who cares?
>Drawing out of spite or ironically only attracts people who are genuinely into the subject
i do like male ryona though, its not ironic. i say out of spite because there is like one male ryona artist vs a bazillion female ryona artists, so its mostly just me being spiteful that male ryona isnt as popular.

No. 1640601

the random tryhard light rendering on this shitty 2 second doodle kek

No. 1640825

Exactly. Men don't try to morally defend their fetishes, they'll just say "yep, I have pedo fetishes and draw gross shit, deal with it, if you call me out you're a stinky sjw just because I said so" and then ignore it and have their coomer drone army defend them. Worst case scenario they'll create a character to represent the women that are criticizing them, and draw her being sexually assaulted, and they'll still be uncancellable after that because they have absolutelly no shame and their fan army has absolutely no interest in morals. I think coomer moid artists could pretty much commit murder and their fans wouldn't care. I think only if the moid artist is scamming his audience they might care.
The only way you can actually cancel a moid coomer artist is by literally sending him to prison.

Anyway, I can't find it right now, but since nonnas want moidcows, I think people should make fun of George Alexopoulos more often for drawing those unironic high school MAGA bad boy self insert fanfiction comics kek also for drawing gross conservacoomer shit, but the way he does it isn't even fun to mock, it's just gross

No. 1640877

>that blond guy from MHA
He’s still ugly though why would you draw that.

No. 1640884

All anime characters are lowkey ugly

No. 1640912

File: 1690053268731.jpg (240.05 KB, 1280x891, schedule.jpg)

a nonna last thread posted this and i would like to request more boot camp type schedules if anyone has any. i like this one and i am following it but i also like to shake up the routine every so often so if anyone has any other useful detailed schedules like this please post! thank you

No. 1640931

Porn is illegal in S.K so he could get arrested even for the non cp stuff lol what a retard

No. 1640949

>They get so upset when called out about it and try to make it seem like they're being called out for being a woman or called out my "puritans" or something. I've never seen a man sperge out this much when called out for their fetishes.
i mentally groan whenever i see a female artist trying to defend her fetishes lol. i have some problematic fetishes as well but i can't be bothered to rationalise it. People need to learn to ignore the callout posts they get. Don't draw attention to it so your fans will see it and don't respond to it because then you are encouraging the person who made it to futher engage with you which leads to more harassment. I have unfollowed artists before because their feed was them complaining about "puriteens" or whatever. Your fans just wants to see your art not read about the 367382th slapfight you have gotten into this week

No. 1640952

where do these twitterfags come from?

No. 1640970

True. You’re a grown woman - you shouldn’t be arguing with teenagers.
TIL not liking animu faggots makes me a twitterfag.

No. 1641041

True, but I also understand why some react that way. It's a stressful situation to be in and you couldn't relate to it unless it happened to you. Male audiences won't give a shit anyway but female audiences will turn on you, friends might drop you, etc. It's strange because you can draw and post whatever and no one will care, but once some rando decides that it's actually something really horrible and makes a callout about it, it'll suddenly make a lot of people go "Yikes! I've always thought they were weird!". In the end it's just a few terminally online lowlives that don't matter, but it can stick for a long time depending on how much people actually dislike you. Of course some people can ignore all that, but it does feel bad and making posts arguing about it can make you feel like you're regaining some control over your public perception.

No. 1641059

This is a lot of work and I guess it's good practice, but I don't like how unrelated all the days are. A monthly challenge with a consistent theme where you end up with a cohesive body of work at the end of the month would be more worth your while. Like, maybe you can follow this, but restrict yourself by building up a story, or using the same male and female character through the month.

No. 1641069

Nonnies how do you communicate with someone who's esl? I've gotten some illustration work but the client is from Japan and its clear they struggle with English I tend to ask alot of questions but the answers they give are so vague( like not clearly telling if they like the pose or the composition) I don't blame them but it's clear they don't like the pose but can't communicate with me.its a bit troubling. What have your experiences been with foreign clients? What kind of questions should I ask?

No. 1641096

you can try communicating through google translate. it's not the best, but it honestly sounds better than what's going on now.

No. 1641119

Do you have someone who could translate for you? I don't know if paying a translator to interpret is an option

No. 1641177

>Sanctimonious Twitter girls intuitively realize they have no power over men, and if they want the righteous dopamine hit that accompanies forcing someone into a teary-eyed half hour Youtube apology video, they have to target women. They'd wither away and die if they saw the degenerate shit males enjoy.
This is so sad but true. The only power these girls wield is over other women.

No. 1641248

I second the finding someone to translate for you. The thing with japanese is that it's a very passive agressive language kek, people rarely straight up say something, they use subtext a lot, so maybe that's what's happening here, in that case google translate may not help to convey what your client is actually trying to say…

No. 1641310

I wasn’t going to trash all of them but planned to either sell or donate. Some of the pieces I might trash but those are for personal reasons.

No. 1641402

Has anyone advertised their commissions to reddit? Im double thinking if i should post my commission sheet there since my twitter is practically dead.

No. 1641413

File: 1690096427103.jpg (379.99 KB, 918x1202, af_85.jpg)

I wonder if this could be the actual end of artfight. I feel like there has been a lot of drama behind the scenes for years now and it's crazy that no one got paid despite the huge sums they make in donations. As far as I understand there is only one coder left right now, the rest has stepped down.

No. 1641459

AYRT I actually have been using my characters from a game I'm making for all the exercises/changing a few of the prompts like studying animals and plants instead of Sci fi armor since that has no relevance to my goals

No. 1641510

I have years back. Reddit commissioners tend to be either normies who want their partners, pets portraits drawn or dnd ocs. Plan accordingly.

No. 1641520

the dnd ocs sounds interesting how would you rate the commission experience in reddit? did u get annoying clients??

No. 1641529

File: 1690114928649.jpg (159.91 KB, 1024x819, 087f5b4c190d62d655eec0d1cbcab9…)

I was that nonna. Just google like I said.
Nope, but I only did a few on reddit before I got lucky in twitter. But it's still the dominant commission format if you check r/hungryartists

No. 1641539

you could make a survey with straightforward answer
>do you like the pose y/n
>if no: please describe what you don't like about it

No. 1641577

I've got a bunch of dnd commissions from reddit and I can confidently say that all of my clients where really nice. It's worth a shot

No. 1641588

Is even worth to keep posting my drawings on DeviantTard? Is the account where I have most followers but now nobody is active.
And what accounts should I open or are the most prevalent to artists? It's been like 7 months since I got my last commissioner, I'm even thinking of selling myself to coom art but I don't want to go that low.

No. 1641611

Sadly it's not in my Budget to hire a interpreter they're a vtuber so I'm doing detail work on their illustration (character concept). I try to simplify the terms as best I can but sometimes it still gets lost in translation >>1641539
I want to try that dunno if it seems rude. I really want to communicate with them better after all they've paid quite a bit

No. 1641615

File: 1690122694323.jpg (57.33 KB, 1000x500, No.jpg)

Which one of you is making us look like weirdos in the new /cbsg/ thread on /ic/. People think lolcow users are pedos.

No. 1641620

it wont seem rude, just say its part of your process to enable the customer to give input in a structured way, before it's too late. (while you can still take the feedback in and incorporate it into your work) and you do it this way because you care so much about them being satisfied with the product they purchase. try to make it seem as casual and neutral as possible (turn on your customer service voice) so you lower the barrier to critique. you could actually use this going forward if you put thought into it. for example you can ask for their thoughts/feedback on pose, color palette, facial expression and have an open-end field in the end if they wanna share any other thoughts.

No. 1641622

nonnie who the fuck cares what ic thinks of us? Theyre genuine pedos they literally have lolicon threads on there??

No. 1641631

Moid coping.

No. 1641659

I speed read what happened, the /cbsg/ thread tried updating the rules to get rid of shotacons and someone made a copy of the thread that keeps shota as retaliation. The op got in an argument and eventually posted their own art. Someone called her nonnie and said they've seen the art so I'm assuming the shota op has posted here. Small world, it's funny seeing my niche threads overlap.

No. 1641672

Do any of you know what non-english speaking artists mean when they use "CP" or "NCP" as an abbreviation? I've seen a lot of korean artists say it randomly on normal artwork

No. 1641673

Yeah I'm catching up with it now. Some shota poster that rarely posted in their general to begin tried to highjack the threads because /cbsg/ wanted to split from shotas for months now. and now that thread split to make another general for solely for hot guys the pedo still won't fuck off back their shota generals. They even found the post the pedo made both here and on /ic/ lol i'm not a regular to /cbsg/ the nonnie ruining shit for handful of nonnies who still draw there is so fucking lame.

No. 1641676

from context could it be colored piece, non colored piece?

No. 1641694

CP = couple, NCP = non couple

No. 1641713

And more specifically, the CP stands for "character pairing". I finally learnt about it the other day actually, it had been bugging me forever kek

No. 1641717

Idk if someone in here can relate but i finally found a line art style and a "main" brush i like and think i can use consistenly for a comic i decided to make.
If anyone has any advice or anecdote relating to maintaining a webcomic, i'm very open to it too

No. 1641719

Makes sense, thank you for answering nona!

No. 1641770

Maybe this is stupid advice, but you could ask friends if they can translate at all. I recently found out one of my friends translates a lot of fanworks as a hobby and she’s been willing to do some for me. I offered to pay and she refused but I ended up drawing some art for her instead, maybe you could ask around like that?

No. 1641771

Have as many pages done as possible before you start uploading and keep as many as you can as a buffer, ideally a month's worth of updates at least. Re-read your work when you're working on new pages, it helps the story flow naturally. Work out the whole plot and have an ending ready. Write a script, and draw storyboards for the more important scenes, or any dialogue heavy scenes. Draw reference sheets for every character and location. Most importantly of all, don't respond to any bullshit that comes your way. No apologies, no changes, nothing. Kids are insane and any concessions you make will be taken as permission for them to harass you even more. Ignore, block, keep uploading as normal.

No. 1641906

Ty for your answer!
I was planning on starting to post as soon as i was finished with the second chapter but i think i'll wait to produce a couple more.
And yeah, if it somehow causes discourse i don't plan to react to it at all. Actually, i don't plan to post anything that isn't directly related to the comic with maybe the exception of side drawings, just in case something seems a bit too controversial to a reactionary weirdo.

No. 1641977

Sites don't seem to pick back up like they used to when being hit like this. This is largely an easily fixed nothingburger with other accusations shoehorned in. As much as I like AF in concept, this caters to a crowd that probably can't manage their way through a CSS stylesheet, let alone maintaining an entire website even if it means knowing who to hire to fix what they don't know how to fix.

No. 1642102

You know you can just google that kind of stuff, right? I'm sure there's some decent youtube videos you can watch or some posts on Tumblr or Reddit where people share their experiences creating and maintaining webcomics and offer advice in the comments.

No. 1642132

Nayrt but yeah I watched this really long video about how webtoon basically isn't worth it in the youtubers experience because there is no discovery feature or tagging system so you have to advertise the shit out of yourself or hope webtoon does, it doesn't matter if your story and art is even good vidrel

No. 1642431

File: 1690191501291.jpeg (41.32 KB, 925x448, FzAfpziWcBo-Bv3.jpeg)

Thankyou! I see so many people saying to 'just ignore it', but the whole reason there's been a massive spike in online 'accountability' and the enforcement of real life moral principles on the internet is because we've moved into an era wherein your online persona is no longer considered a throwaway play-pretend mask, but is expected to represent you as an individual. Of course, this change comes along with the growth of a generation growing up mostly on the internet, and who therefore never fully disconnect their online personas from their irl experiences unlike us elder users. Hence, why the proship/anti divide is so strongly situated between age groups as opposed to any other factor. But back to the original point, if people (as they do now) interact with you in a way that suggests your online persona truly represents you as a person, it's hard to disconnect when they suddenly flip on you because they're deliberately trying to target hate towards the person behind the screen. This is particularly evident by how people start assuming stuff about your irl identity (they're probably straight, white, blah blah who gives a fuck) even when you've made no such reference in your bio. But that's just my two cents, as someone who's experienced relatively minor fandom cancellation.

No. 1642466

File: 1690195766750.png (136.68 KB, 595x519, footdrawing.png)

Sometimes I understand people who say artists are obsessive and addicted. You wouldn't normally see a person teacher her feet to learn to type in a desk job. Sorry I don't know how to embed twitter videos.


No. 1642468

As someone with a mediocre performing (but still fun to make) webcomic, it really feels harder and harder each year to be scene or noticed. kek.

No. 1642523

Turn off any music or noise you have playing when drawing. I like music, but I've noticed that even calming music still gets me distracted

No. 1642557

This video might be insightful.

No. 1642636

True, I remember this person getting issues with their dominant hand and then switching to their other one and getting issues in it as well and now feet. I love artists that get so into it, but I also wish they would take care of themselves before getting to that point.
I really want to know how they do it so tirelessly though. Like, I saw rinotuna stream and he goes for 5-8 hours sometimes, without many breaks inbetween. Just one drawing or painting after another and 82pigeon does the same from what I've seen. I take too many breaks while drawing, but whenever I manage to keep going I quickly run out of new ideas to draw. Is it even something that can be learned through practice or is that what pure passion for a craft looks like?

No. 1642647

File: 1690212082425.jpg (351.11 KB, 1548x1536, FVIQikQWAAA6yBH.jpg)

I have been drawing for years and would love a career involving art someday, but I've honestly never gotten past the "making the sketch look good" phase of drawing because of all the years I've spent focused on just that. I think I can sketch out something that looks decent but anything past that, whether it be lineart or coloring (mostly coloring), I fail at tremendously. I'd like to post my art online and have at least a bit of an internet presence the fact that all my stuff is unfinished sketches is preventing me from doing so. Are there any recommendations for good paint tool sai tutorials that'd help me find my own way of painting eventually?

No. 1642657

File: 1690212563777.jpg (146.57 KB, 1024x576, artboothinspo.jpg)

I've noticed that in Japan most art booths are super simple and comfy. They only sell doujins, fanzines, artbook or fanfics and maybe a few keychains or stickers here and there. Most of them stick to one or two fandoms that they're currently obsessed in which is pretty amazing. I wish I can just sell doujins of my favourite fandom at animecons but nowadays most artists (at least in my country) go super over the top with their fan merchandise game from t-shirts to bags to intricate plushies. Some even expand to selling car accessories! No one even sells doujins anymore. But I know if I just sell doujins I won't even be accepted to booth at cons because there's a lot of talented artists with amazing fan merchs to compete with. I keep getting rejected from most artist alleys even when applying for it with the standard fan merchs (keychains,stickers, artprints). But what the heck! Next year I'm going to try again but I'm going back to basic and just sell doujins. I don't give a fuck! I just want to share fancomics of my weird niche fandom to share with other fans that are into the same weird shit as me. We need to go back to making fancomics/doujins goddammit!

No. 1642707

Yes, exactly! Being so terminally online has blurred the lines for younger people. And the growing trend of people saying you can't consume media unless it relates to your identity is making them believe that you have to agree with everything you draw or watch and that every character has to be a self insert. Media literacy going down because kids don't read more than what they find online also doesn't help. And since they are kids they don't have any self-reflection abilities and won't admit to mistakes and people from your circles won't speak up because there's no way you're getting called bigoted for no reason and it's not their place anyway and whatnot. They just silently unfollow and undo all retweets and then they'll shittalk you to their other friends to make sure they know they aren't like you. Or they slip you a dm and tell you to apologize because their reputation is on the line as well. It's all very stressful and I wish I could start completely new without any of those useless ties.
Sorry for rambling on, I actually wanted to ask if you came back to that fandom afterwards and what your experience was like if you don't mind? I've gone through something similar back in january and I still don't know if I should go back. I want to post fanart and engage with other fans again, but I likely won't be able to share or talk as much as I did before and thinking about posting gives me a weird feeling, almost like an oncoming stomachache. I know I shouldn't care, but I'm scared it'll be a very joyless experience where I silently post finished drawings and get no comments until I slip up and say or draw something that could be taken the wrong way again…

No. 1642741

Get out of the whole "I have to follow the 4 step 'process' of sketch, line, color, and shade. If anything, those art tutorials will force you into a box of following those steps. Use the opportunity of having many unfinished sketches as a chance to experiment in what a "finished" drawing is to you.

No. 1642895

>I wish I could start completely new without any of those useless ties.
Who said you couldn't?

No. 1642913

When I was younger I was one of these fast artists though nowhere near as skilled lmfao. I started loosing the speed when I met my moid and had a wagie. And somewhat dropped it in favor of more thoughtful pieces and not just anime girl bust #2458

No. 1642978

I really can't. Those people are too online, they know about everything that goes on in fandoms that I like and they follow me on most platforms so I couldn't notify the followers I have left. Even then I couldn't totally start fresh because my style is too recognizable. Every side account I've made for different fandoms so far has been tied back to me at some point. It's kind of hopeless.

No. 1643123

As I may understand that negative talk isn't comfortable, it's still your life and not theirs. Do you want to give them the power to run your life and decide what you can and can't do? Whoever shit talks, block, delete, and tell them to mind their own business.
Also, styles can be changed, may take a bit but you will be a better artist by being versatile.

No. 1643124

Turn off comments on your twitter/instagram posts. Don't respond to anyone but your friends. Block liberally. You don't have to interact with your followers.

No. 1643128

I really want this. I was fortunate to stumble upon a now defunct(I think) mini comicon in Asheville where every table was an artist. Some made fanmerch, but many were indie brands either pushing their own comics (both fan and originals), were industry artists, or made their own brand of accessories around a niche (a steampunk leatherworker, for example).

No. 1643131

NTA about selling doujins, but I've also noticed how crazy convention tables have become. Artists are expected to compete with professional manufacturers in terms of merch now. Few people just sell prints. Unpopular opinion, but enamel pins are so shitty to sell. Close to half have some defect, the costs to manufacture are so high, and creating a design that sells is a crapshoot. I can't wait until enamel pin trend dies.

Books are my favorite thing to buy in AA, but I'm an artist. People who shop at AA have different tastes.

No. 1643165

>Only reason I havent offed myself is art
>Still nowhere near as good to enjoy what I draw
Anyone else feels like this? When I am not drawing I am stressing out about it and I don't know what to do.

No. 1643279

Keep drawing

No. 1643319

The only correct answer

No. 1643602

File: 1690275188926.png (82.17 KB, 640x799, 41b.png)

>skills you develop in fanndom can lead to full-time careers.
This is not gonna end well for them.

No. 1643609

I guess it depends, I did learn coding (which gave me my first work), 3D modelling and editing from scratch because the series I like are so niche I always have to prepare my own food kek

No. 1643610

I saw a gif maker say she works for Netflix in her bio on Tumblr, but I forgot her url

No. 1643614

She's not entirely wrong though. Getting in fandom can lead you to other creative pursuits the caveat being that you also have to hone your skills and explore other things. But people have 100% gotten comic cover gigs because they've done marvel or DC fan art, it happens.

No. 1643615

I think you can actually.fandom autism can lead to new opportunities since I learnt more skills making art for my obsession( pixel art,3d modeling and animation) I've gotten some pretty nice priced comms from it too. But it depends if you focus on learning and not repeating the mistakes in the show.besides isn't this taught in every art school tho? Have 3 ideal master artists to copy from? Fandoms are run on artists anyways

No. 1643624

File: 1690278324019.jpeg (155.84 KB, 941x1131, FzAPUEyWAAA93K8.jpeg)

Well, yes and no. Full disclosure - it was the fucking Genshin fandom, for starters. I did manage to start anew with a fresh account but this was mostly because my art style changes often enough that I could even still interact with my old mutuals. However, this could be an issue for you as you stated that yours is pretty recognisable. I ended up losing interest in the game and its fandom anyway, and the only remnant I have left is a single rarepair that I'm super enthusuastic about that no one else in the entire fandom gives two shits about, so I'm over allat… as for you… it's really your decision, but I would agree with the anons who said to just turn off comments and steamroll ahead. It's tough, and it requires thick skin, but once you've reached a certain threshold I think you'll be able to own it like so many unfairly semi-cancelled artists eventually do.

No. 1643715

File: 1690287464187.jpg (464.66 KB, 1920x928, greg-rutkowski-dragon-cave-192…)

Is it possible to reach this level of mastery as a self-taught artist?

No. 1643718

It's probably one of the easier things to learn as long as you pick up on composition and learn to use nice brush packs. I've seen people learn to paint like this within a year from nothing, but I dunno if they just had a natural eye for it or not.

No. 1643724

There's this misconception from lay people that realistic painting like this is the hardest thing to do. The closer a painting is to the real thing, the less thinking the artist had to do. Yes, you can learn how to paint like this if you master the fundamentals.

No. 1643726

IIRC this artist is self-taught.

No. 1643729

This entirely depends on what your definition of “self-taught” is but IMO talking to an instructor and receiving feedback and tips is very helpful compared to doing things on your own. Looking at his portfolio I really doubt he got to that level without taking a few recreational art classes, plenty of museums and art organizations host them

No. 1643732

She's not lying. If you've ever been a successful ~content creator~ for fandom, you've likely learned how to format and edit for web and mobile display, how to work fast, know how to stay on trend in terms of your ideas, how to interact with an audience to never get cancelled. All these skills can transfer to a creative career. Don't know if it's much help to someone studying biology though kek

No. 1643875

>enamel pins
Lord the amount of shitty anime pins I see on kickstarter by people who have zero design skills. Just coz they have the money doesn't mean they should produce those obviously traced pin designs. Also pin manu gatekeping drama is really funny sometimes.

No. 1643881

Nta but ty for this. Going to try and allow myself more freedom with the process because I feel so nailed down by this.

No. 1643890

Idk if Greg does this but a lot of these types of artists photobash and paint over 3d models

No. 1643901

Hypothetically, if a somewhat "famous" NSFW artist decided to jump ship and become a mainly SFW ("friendlier", mainstream) artist—by starting from zero again via deleting any traces of their NSFW past and focusing on SFW content—what are the chances of their current SFW audience finding about their shameful beginnings? (And how to avoid that).

No. 1643902

Look at everything that destinytomoon did every time she jumped ship to escape the KF accusations and do the opposite kek

No. 1643906

Depends. What was the kind of NSFW you drew? Typical NSFW wont get you called out, but lolisho or anything problematic will.

No. 1643932

File: 1690308485778.jpg (19.37 KB, 626x463, ccda72612353be1b6c7f3591bda55.…)

but she isn't an artist, she's a fan-fic writer/pro-stan(someone who is terminally online and spends their days trying to uncover the personal life of various artists, as well as defend them from randos on the internet)

No. 1643936

If you keep drawing with the same style… I won't say they are going to find you but at least say "your art reminds me of x's art"

No. 1643989

I get what you mean, I cant get over the stress of having someone recognized my arts and traced back to my past works. Here's my solution for you: You can choose to jump to a platform with less traffic, or if you're still on twitter (X now, the fuck Elon?), mass block all of your previous followers and former friends. If you're already ESL and/or willing to speak foreign language other than English, use it to your advantage. I don't know how unique your art style is, although you can use this as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, try something new.
Best of luck nonna!

No. 1644015

Pins are hard enough to get into, I doubt many get back what they’re buying for but what’s most annoying is artists who won’t say where they got their other merch made. It’s just pencil holders or small things like that. I doubt telling someone else will tank their own sales. Is the big secret China? Everyone already knows about that.

No. 1644021

I don’t know but a friend recommended the anime Princess Connect (I can’t recall if that’s right) and the main character in episode one looks exactly like a loli type character (like ones you see in defense of loli) and I was pretty uncomfortable watching it. I didn’t look to see if the character designer did that work but it felt like that. Maybe he didn’t but if your designs aren’t hinting at your NSFW past then you’ll be fine. I know in Japan a lot of artists have NSFW characters they make and can put into sanitized anime but I don’t suggest trying that in America.

No. 1644085

why do you watch anime if loli/flat characters make you this uncomfortable?

No. 1644119

NTA but a loli and a flat characters aren't the same thing and not all anime has sexualized lolis

No. 1644120

she's watching an anime obviously made with the intention of getting scrotes to dump their money into gacha/figurines/merch of the waifus, not jojo. what did she expect?

No. 1644144

Honestly I had no idea who she was anon lol

No. 1644158

File: 1690323601657.jpg (538.28 KB, 923x1330, shutup.jpg)

Beyond tired of seeing artists with massive followings (in this case 166k) piss and cry over "low interactions".
Of course she deleted the first tweet after like… 2 people called her out on it.

No. 1644182

Didn't Arvalis (aka the realistic Pokemon artist who worked on Detective Pikachu) used to draw porn? As long as it's not creepy fetish art and the style is different enough, I don't think a lot of people will care.

No. 1644190

she said
>a friend recommended the anime
maybe she didn't really expect anything or knows the target demographic for everything she watches chill anon lol
this is so annoying i remember following some instagram artist and all their stories where crying about not getting enough likes, or shares or growth in followers, i ended up unfollowing them but sometimes i wonder if that helps with the algorithm somehow

No. 1644211

>maybe she didn't really expect anything or knows the target demographic for everything she watches chill anon lol
c'mon it literally has a catgirl with big tits as protagonist, anon cant be that naive

No. 1644274

File: 1690330232136.png (601.38 KB, 1920x1091, 39910_-_SoyBooru.png)

is it just me or is it always the coomtard artists who do this kind of retarded narcissist shit. I haven't seen one sfw artist cry about their low follower count this hard and most of them always have less followers. Im guessing its just the fact that most porn artists are simply mentally ill most of the time. wouldn't be shocked if that were the case.

No. 1644279

nona what the fuck is that image

No. 1644287

File: 1690330791219.png (183.56 KB, 325x328, icon.png)

i just like posting random images i find, kek.

No. 1644315

Anon you’re talking about here. I got into anime in the late 80’s and 90’s. Loli characters were pretty rare, at least what I watched. Small chested characters were joked about but they weren’t sexualized like a lot of designs are today. Anime was big for me in my youth going to about the early 00’s and from there I stopped trying to keep up with each season. So for Princess Connect I had no idea about it and decided to watch the first episode on a friend’s recommendation because she cosplays. I was disappointed and haven’t watched the rest of the series.

No. 1644317

> Close to half have some defect, the costs to manufacture are so high, and creating a design that sells is a crapshoot. I can't wait until enamel pin trend dies.
That's why I like the acrylic and wood pins better for fanmerch. The price for one 2" the enamel pin die alone could get you a small set of acrylics or woods with multiple designs in the same size. I've seen the printed steel pins. I like them in concept but not in execution just yet. If I were going to invest in another enamel pin die, it would sure as hell not be for fanmerch unless I had a license.

The gatekeeping came from a fear that the same manu would be overwhelmed and the quality would go down if people swamped them. They never just counted on the factory to turn people away when overwhelmed, or that some will prioritize a huge Disney/Universal order with the better artisans, leaving the trainees to work on the 100 pin run of the recently Kickstarted sailor moon 3dgy girl meme mashup pin #204940940.

My professor taught us this. At least with a fandom we love, we're creating something instead of not creating at all. No matter what subject you make, you need to push yourself or you won't get anywhere with a portfolio full of polished turds. Though given >>1643932 this revelation, this ice person sounds like a dunning kruger sufferer trying to cope within their comfort zone.

A lot of them got into coom just for the (perceived) easy attention. They should be happy their half bodies in the void get any traction.

NTA but he wouldn't be the first hired-by-Pokemon artist to do so.

No. 1644319

File: 1690333227836.jpg (3.59 MB, 2166x3278, 15451947518_3bfcc0525d_o.jpg)

this is sweet. i love the sexy textural brushwork. reminds me of bob peak! i would recommend a rake brush, hatching brushes, maybe some texture blur brushes, chalk, and a lot of noise/scuffed gritty texture brushes or overlays. also a paper texture probably.

No. 1644370

I draw some male nsfw once in a while an I have like 300 followers. I don't give a fuck. As long as I get clients I don't care about getting a following

No. 1644385

File: 1690337454183.jpg (56.57 KB, 422x427, Fm7vDVHacAcjH8A.jpg)

do any nonnas have tips or resources for proportions? i feel like everything i draw looks fine until i get to the end then i notice all these anatomy errors

No. 1644409

NTAYRT but can you rec a good free rake brush? I’ve tried a bunch but they never feel right, maybe I need to adjust the properties more.

No. 1644939

You could've clarified it in the post retard. But the point still stands about fandoms being career makers

No. 1644965

Are any of you going to try misskey? It seems like a lot of asian artists are moving there and I've seen some english speakers make accounts, but I don't think they'll stick around. It feels like english speaking spaces are too focused on gaining popularity by drawing whatever is currently trending, there's no way a small platform will satisfy them when they don't care about building a community.

No. 1644974

Because coomtards are under the impression that NSFW is easy peasy money and/or attention. Unless they're Mike Incel and Telegenerate, the chances of making it big as a coom artist is pretty low if you have no talent. Plus, the market is extremely saturated anyway.

No. 1645061

File: 1690376546156.jpeg (713.87 KB, 1170x1596, IMG_9426.jpeg)

I’m sure you grouches will find a reason to hate on it but I actually love this lmao

No. 1645065

I hate it, its a sign this porn is a coombrained and is most likely a TIF.

No. 1645080

>most likely
kek just look at the twitter one

No. 1645115

The zipper tits are out of place but the rest is ok I guess

No. 1645131

File: 1690383998127.jpg (51.23 KB, 736x715, 1646694748421-3.jpg)

Nonnas, do you have any advice on how not to feel pigeonholed when it comes to your art account? I have some followers on mine, which I'm grateful for, and I just upload fanart time to time for fun, but I feel like people only expect me to post about one topic only instead of multiple subjects I like to draw beyond the scope of one specific series.

No. 1645161

Just post what you want, you can’t control the demands of your followers only your output. So decide if you are drawing for yourself or your fans? If for yourself, post whatever and feel validated that you drew something fun for yourself. If for fans, post things that draw them in and get that audience interaction validation. Unless it’s how you make your money? In which case lean in hard and never post anything that isn’t related to your art.

No. 1645165

Are you drawing for yourself or for your fanbase?

It's the question that got me out of my own pigeonhole. I used to have that problem a lot- I primarily post fanart and I even managed to get a pretty decent following, but everyone only wanted to see the fanart I drew for this one specific game and fuck the rest. OCs, even art for other series, they all got ignored by my fanbase. That was when I figured they weren't following me because they liked my art but because I was little more than one more fanart machine for them to consume from. After that I just started to draw exclusively for myself and stopped caring about what my followers think.

No. 1645200

File: 1690389837577.jpg (4.35 KB, 250x201, download.jpg)

i dunno if this should go in the finances thread or this since its art related but how do you all manage taxes? i received quite a big commission and now i need to pay taxes? i live in third world country so the taxes arent that much but i really dont know how finances work in the art field since im a hobbyist can someone fill me how to manage art financing? someone recommended me to make a freelancer certificate just to be safe

No. 1645267

File: 1690393981784.png (988.11 KB, 663x1010, gth56rtfhr54.PNG)

Sorry to bring Kooleen up again, but people are so close to realizing that she's just a bad anime-style artist and that's why she fails at depicting different features properly

No. 1645299

Jfc, it looks like some lame anime version of RG, but wtf does the commenter mean about stripping their features? It's like if its a style you hate, suddenly it's racist or homophobic or some shit. Can't change a color by a hexadecimal and you can't draw in your own character-type proportions. I'm honestly completely tired of the online art community as a whole.

No. 1645302

At this point people are just making up stuff to make Kooleen seem worse than she is. After all, it feels better to say you dislike someone because that person is an awful person or an awful artist, and not because you just dislike them and that's it.

Plus I highly doubt those people complaining about Kooleen "erasing features" are able to perfectly reproduce said features on their own art.

No. 1645309

My thing isn't even that they want to make her seem worse or that they can't replicate. I'm just annoyed by people not allowed to have their own designs because it doesn't already look like art that someone personally aesthetically likes instead. It's just making themselves mad for the sake of it like Christians getting mad at red cups.

No. 1645322

Thank you for your insights! I solely draw as a hobbyist, I'll try my best to just do whatever, I just don't like the feeling of disappointing others which is why I think of this in the first place, lol

No. 1645330

I mean, they're not paying you so basically you don't owe them anything. Just do your thing and be happy. I feel like many hobbyist artists nowadays end up feeling trapped and/or controlled by their fanbase, that they need to draw what the fans want, when…that's only applicable if they're actually paying you for it. If not then just be free.

No. 1645354

Nonnas, I might be actually stupid. I've been trying to render from the sketch instead of doing lineart but I just can't do it.
Watched dozens of videos, hell someone showed me in person. Still can't grasp how people do it and it makes me so sad, it looks so pretty and satisfying.

No. 1645368

What do you have the most problems with?

No. 1645432

I think I'm freezing up because it's something I'm not used to. I know what I'm supposed to do and I should have the skill for it, it's just once i merge those layers my knowledge goes out the window.

No. 1645470

here's my process:
> Color in a new layer under the lineart
>hair, eyes, skin, etc all in separate layers because it's easier for me.
>Clip the line layer and color it just a tad darker than the base color.
> Start rendering in the color layer.
> Once it looks good, merge all together. Mind you, the line layer should corresponds with the color, so you get a line+color hair layer, line+color eye layer, etc.
>Keep rendering until it's done

No. 1645480

i know we live in the era of instant gratification, especially when it comes to art, but there's nothing more important than practice; the rendering technique requires more skill than just doing it the old fashioned way of lineart so you just gotta keep trying and trying until you find a way to make it work. it will be tedious, it will take time. be patient, make sure you've got your fundamentals covered, and don't give up!

No. 1645497

"Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" by Loomis.

No. 1645498

i thimk its cute…no problems here.

No. 1645551

After learning for the first time years ago, I stopped signing up for whatever is proclaimed as the "next big thing" because absolutely not a single time has it stayed in the public consciousness for longer then 2 months. So unless it's still growing at 6 months, I'm not bothering.

No. 1645562

You can start by getting the freelance certificate which is easier for you to sign up wire transfer accounts like Wise or Payoneer. As for taxes and tax returns, there's always finance consultant agency you can look in your city or province.
If you draw on Patreon there's a supply of agents and finance consultants provided by Patreon, I got mine via recommendation although it does require you a bit of trial and errors until you find a compatible one. Good luck nona!

No. 1645612

>I'm gonna draw yaoi of my social media OCs, that'll show musk
Yeah it sure will…

No. 1645614

File: 1690414285990.jpg (747.54 KB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_20230726-163051_Chr…)

Was last thread's op californian or is it just a coincidence that the piece is this year's pageant of the master's theme

No. 1645855

wtf are those ears dear lord

No. 1645869

why'd they make twitter look like a bum

No. 1645870

at this point i'm convinced the average twitter user is probably one extra debt away from becoming a bum

No. 1645890

tifs draw the ugliest males possible. how am i supposed to schlick to a gross rick sanchez looking slob that looks like he smells of piss? disgusting

No. 1645894

that's so petty, that's just stylization. She did a favor to gosling.

No. 1645901

File: 1690435260209.jpg (154.96 KB, 1056x704, F1-sM_paQAEdxqC.jpg)

No. 1645904


laughing at the fact that the cocky asshat who wrote this probably can't draw a fraction of what kooleen does

No. 1645906

At this point I'm just thinking…who the fuck cares? Like who cares that some random internet artist can't draw a perfect 1:1 replica of realistic human ethnic features with an art style that's clearly stylized? Kooleen is garbage but at this point I'm just lost at what she did to deserve this shit.

No. 1645907

kooleen can't draw lol

No. 1645917

These people are so tiresome.

No. 1645938

>can't draw a fraction of what kooleen does
oh please, now we treat kpop/bl manhwa bitches like the best artists of our generation? get a better taste and stop defending that mediocre and talentless pick me.

No. 1645953

Some people do look like gorillas tho. I don’t mean that in a racist way either.

No. 1645991

ngl it isn't that people are "realizing" she is a bad artist, it is that they smell blood in the water and are on the attack like sharks.

They don't really care how good or bad of an artist she is they just want the power and clout that comes with shitting on someone lmao. They're just parroting some random BS, especially when they're talking about how her tutorials will stunt beginner artists as if she is some bonified or proko level teacher and not just someone giving tips on how she does stuff.

These same people wouldn't be able to replicate a fraction of what she is able to do and regularly attack artists that DO make really good tutorials because "what if it's my art style" and "this is so mean let beginner artists do what they want." like how Manga Essentials/Sensei got attacked some time ago over telling beginners to avoid chicken scratch lines.

No. 1645992

They're obnoxious but weren't you all shit-talking Kooleen earlier in this thread? The enemy of your enemy is not always a friend lol. The bitch is style locked and not a very good artist, it's as simple as that. If she was Western you'd consider her another Rcdart.

No. 1645995

It feels like one of the major arguments against Koolean was the fact she produced art tutorials that taught poor technique and concepts, and that art should by taught by higher level artists. However, paradoxically, in reaction to this, people are using this as an opportunity to plug their own knowledge, work, redraws and tutorials despite not having any more or less skill than she does. I was on board for the Koolean hate because I find her art style obnoxious and derivative, and I don't like her attitude, but this sudden backlash feels like yet another attempt by mediocre artists to punch downwards in an attempt to make themselves feel better. It's just getting so pathetic to constantly see artists dogpiling artists just to get engagement on their own work. If I was an artist and my most popular post was me making fun of another artist I would just kill myself.

No. 1646092

In a similar boat. I've personally never liked Koolean's personality or style of "teaching", but I know there are a market of people who do so I just don't bother with her content.

But you're right the backlash is just an attempt by mediocre artists to punch down, across, sideways or however you want to put it. They know their art won't get any attention unless they are dunking on another artist for a perceived gap in skill.

If you notice, confident artists or at least those not desperate for a modicum of attention, regardless of their technical skill never do this shit.

No. 1646242

Some nonnas were saying the koolen thing was gonna be forgotten quickly, but now there's more peoplem making hot takes and decent sized youtubers making commentary videos, so I don't think people will forget it.
I think Koolen's case is different from a lot of artists that get suddenly cancelled, because koolen's entire brand was about being sassy and mean, calling other people's art shit and acting like she knew better than everybody, which makes her more "cancellable" and people will have more bad blood about her.

No. 1646246

File: 1690472259713.jpg (21.23 KB, 324x270, 1690451613133237.jpg)

How do I achieve this traditional marker-colored look on digital

No. 1646267

File: 1690474085087.png (1.02 MB, 842x714, kimi.png)

I knew Sakimi had fucked up anatomy since she started going more coomer but what is this?

No. 1646273

I don't see the problem, can you elaborate?

No. 1646278

File: 1690474467536.jpeg (37.89 KB, 373x346, Web capture_27-7-2023_12165_lo…)

NTA but cmon nonnie, you dont even need redlines to see this shit kek.

No. 1646280

File: 1690474634894.jpeg (158.02 KB, 2048x1024, 7F1DCC4B-FB07-4B5E-93CA-03A0EF…)

I miss it when art anons came here to post milk or ask for genuine advice. I can't bring myself to give a fuck about art youtuber number #5720958294 please kindly move the fuck on

No. 1646298

It looks as if someone just traced over an anime girl 3d model.

No. 1646300

Hmm, maybe bluring colors while coloring would help.

No. 1646301

Maybe you could try using a textured layer underneath your color layer to simulate paper grit. Using a custom brushset that mimics traditional ballpoint pen could help with the linework too. Good luck!

No. 1646302

Use a brush with multiply and opacity with watercolour edge and use a textured overlay or background. Or a marker brush if you can find one.

No. 1646305

What rubs me the wrong way with that logic is that at the end of the day the roast vids are something people personally agree to. Don't get me wrong I don't like those kind of videos, they're not funny or constructive but I think it's kind of dumb when people bring it up as evidence as to why she's a horrible person.

No. 1646350

The painting is by John Singer Sargent. Not sure why they couldn't have chosen a living artist's painting for that since Laguna Beach has a lot of good painters.

No. 1646361

and you all dogpilled me when i said they were jealous crabs. It's funny because the ''sassy mean'' persona is okay as long a gay moid does it, once a woman does it its ''bullying''.

No. 1646363

It reminds me of a discussion I saw here earlier. That bullying cishet degen males is useless because they just don't care, so weak gendies, gays and women just turn on each other because it's far easier to be cocky, sassy and mean against that group.

No. 1646506

Probably because that's what it is

No. 1646553

You can stop slurping on Kooleen's pussy. We get it, you love her and her kpop art is the bestest art ever. No one can criticize her because no one can be better than her, even if she calls non-kpop people gorillas and gives off wrong advice. Ohh Kooleen I'm so jealous of your 20 minute doodle with wonky anatomy and symbol drawing! How will I ever reach your level!

No. 1646584

Nonas, has anyone here ever subscribed to those monthly artboxes? If yes is it worth it? I've thought about subbing to one but the idea that I might get a shitty box and waste my money on it keeps me from giving it a try.

No. 1646632

The issue is that when you see most roasting videos it's really really obvious that a lot of people that submit their art are teens that are submitting either for their senpai artist's attention or in hopes of youtube clout. Not only does this give people the "she's bullying minors!!!!!" argument, but if you think of what other nonnas are saying about trendchasing 14 year old bad artists cancelling better artists for clout, then roast videos are possibly cultivating a fanbase of exactly that type of person.
I don't think she's horrible, but her sassy demeanor puts her in a bit of a glass house situation.

Speaking of roast videos, I hadn't realized it but Angel Ganev had a year long hiatus. IIRC his videos were literally just the male version of koolen he was also unfunny. I know that people have more bias against sassy mean woman than agains sassy mean (gay?) guy, but I wonder if Ganev would had gotten some negative attention out of the koolen stuff if he kept making roast videos.

No. 1646655

I made a mention of it last thread, but there's been a major shift in their art. It's more cartoony. My BF and I have tinfoiled she's putting her own stuff through something like Stable Diffusion and training it on her own work. She's an artist to begin with, so all she'd need to do it edit the photos for the before/after things.

No. 1646667

(we don't care that you have a bf, js.)

No. 1646696

That’s just how it is sometimes. Draw what you like. You may lose some people if they’re not interested in the topic/series, but you’ll probably gain some who are.

No. 1646784

File: 1690505780546.jpg (19.6 KB, 300x300, 1689819176840102.jpg)

had to stop midway because this is too cringe inducing, you better be 12yo otherwise you should take off time from the internet and rethink your life

No. 1646895

File: 1690512071269.jpeg (2.56 MB, 3852x3847, IMG_5026.jpeg)

Sorry for the shitty collage but @DONDRRR recently got accused of SA.

No. 1646896

Forgot to attach link

No. 1646915

>2k subs
who is this?

No. 1646997

Some people look like horses too. They used to call white people horse face because they were usually long and Asians were pan faced because they’re wider than tall. I used to watch Terrace House and it made me laugh because they called one guy a monkey and the other had droopy eyes so they pulled their eyes down to look like him. It wouldn’t fly in the US but there are racial differences and it’s ok to draw them if someone has them. People are too scared and end up with symbol drawing so they’re not harassed.

No. 1647002

I’ve only seen Waffles do it and the few times I’ve looked at the companies she reviewed they had the previous months available. Might be worth checking out and getting one box.

No. 1647039

fnf-pedo not surprising

No. 1647076

I don't know any of these people.its sad tho what happened to her

No. 1647107

even the advice being asked is so /beg/. It's probably just summer.

Him and males like telepurte. Glad there's more evidence to distrust big coomer twitter accounts. I'm sorry this happened to her. Males cannot be trusted with popularity.

No. 1647118

File: 1690527970850.jpg (714.51 KB, 601x2080, dondrrr response.jpg)

No. 1647144

I didn't recognize who this dude were until I scrolled further to find his old profile name and photo ('Dreamingg' with buff Kingdom hearts Riku profile as a joke). We're not mutual but he does follow and interacts with my arts from time to time. Good that I never returned the gesture, his manners reminded me too much of Newgrounds artists with edgy humors, they also have no sense of boundaries when it comes to interacting with women.

No. 1647145

Wow Supermega handled that kinda poorly

No. 1647146

he was a notorious coomer like telepurte who cried publicly about not having a girlfriend so it doesn't surprise me he's a degenerate. That said updog is hard to feel sorry for, she's a massive pickme who always gravitates around ugly eceleb boys and is pal with plenty of shota/loli artists

No. 1647165

I'm cringe because I repeat what you do and say in simpler terms? You worship this Kooleen artist and get mad at people criticizing her or saying her art is shit. Maybe you should get over the fact that your idol's art isn't that good and start getting better taste.

No. 1647192

File: 1690539475803.jpeg (611.24 KB, 1239x1244, IMG_1374.jpeg)

Something this Kooleen saga taught me that it literally doesn’t matter how good your art is as long as you’re a good entertainer you’re going to get attention online.

The responses are so unoriginal just repetitions of “omg how do you whitewash a white personality”. Are Westerners so afraid of stylising now.

No. 1647209

I think of you every night, nonny

No. 1647211

You can embed videos anon

3.2K subs now

I still feel kind of bad for her but fuck, it's a circle of coomers and degenerates girl. It was only a question of when this would happen, not if.

No. 1647233

Want to be on your side because I'm tired of talking about it but you are the most Kooleen obsessed person in the thread. Her art is mediocre at best, it's not that serious, but you will just never stop painting her as some kind of martyr for female artists and that's funny.

No. 1647241

I really don't want to blame updo it's still horrifying what happened to her but you're right when you're surrounded by coombrained men they are going to be desperate for women so you should be careful before becoming a nlog.

No. 1647257

In the video she mentions something similar already happened when she was 17 with a 21 year old bf so honestly I think it's less ignorant NLOG and more an unfortunate case of someone who doesn't know what healthy relationships are like. Even more so when she mentions her home situation wasn't great.

No. 1647322

I signed up and I'll get into it over time just so that I can share my art within fandom and get more practice reading conversational Japanese. I enjoy myself on Pixiv and JP Twitter, so I'm sure I'll like Misskey.

No. 1647327

Off topic but I hate how at least during the last decade or so in western media so many male lead actors sold as handsome to women are either average, weird-looking or ugly, I can understand why fanartists would make him prettier. And that cartoony version is such a bad caricature, I wouldn't recognize Ryan Gosling at all if I didn't know it was him. He has completely different facial proportions.

No. 1647427

Dumbass males pretend like ""rough""" sex is something normal because they think porn is real. Also hate how blowjobs are treated like kissing now. Oh, it's the third date, suck my unwashed dick now. Of course, it's not reciprocated for her. I know none of his followers will see anything wrong with his behavior.

No. 1647503

Even in his own statement he sounds fucked in the head, first the "she said no but I kept asking her until she said yes" and then pushing her head when she asked not to be rough. It should be mandatory for dudes like him to give a rough blowjob before being allowed to ask for it.

No. 1647635

Also very telling how he doesn't talk about the trauma he caused but "whatever trauma she may feel" and then goes on to describe how he didn't see the breakup coming at all. Do moids really

No. 1647663

I think they're overpriced. I usually get the stuff cheaper in my country (even with shipping) and I'm also afraid of shitty boxes. You may time your order with art events throughout the year (Inktober, Watercolor Month) to maybe get an event-themed box. As the other nona said, maybe get an old box to try. There are a few YouTubers left who review all kinds of art boxes if you need more visuals.

No. 1647696

nta, I’m partners with someone close to Don and was told his friend literally had to talk to him and explain things to him like a fucking child because he didn’t understand what he did was wrong. Like.. christ… How hard is the concept of consent to grasp to these idiots?

No. 1647725

File: 1690585251775.jpeg (999.95 KB, 1497x2048, IMG_5029.jpeg)

I know this sounds stupid but does anyone notice some artstyles have this gender-ey feel to them? I don’t mean necessarily bad art (picrel is pretty skilled) but you know the woman who drew it is some kind of theythemie at least? A lot of TiFs do try imitating Amano for example. On the other extreme I’ve seen some copy Robert Crumb.

No. 1647802

nta but wow, I'm not surprised ngl. What else did your partner told you, without revealing too much about neither of you two's identity.

I'm just sad to see anons reacted to updo's confession "you're in a coomers friendgroup, what did you expect" kind of mentality is why a lot of SA victims refused to speak out, and led to moids to assume consent by default ~coercing is fine~
Most geeky workspace these days are male-dominated and you either the decorative woman that knows how to play along, or be singled out and be a feminazi bitch, there's no in between for them. Super Mega treated this like most HR would do to cover up creeps because they don't want a predator reputation attached to their brand. Even if the victim speaks out, the most she gets is sympathies from her female colleagues but no one would want to stick out their necks for her and get blacklisted.
I've seen too much of these cases in the indie game scene, not going to lie. Several cases where I warned my female colleagues about the red flags they decided to hook up with. For them to ignore my call and a few months later they posted about being kicked out by their former partner, and "not noticing the abusive behaviors sooner". I can't tell if they're stupid on purpose or just needs serious help on their toxic relationship pattern.

No. 1647850

I can’t say much sadly, that and it’s been radio silent since Don was confronted about it (Don didn’t even contradict Lex’s claims to them but still released that piss poor non-apology on twitter). My partner says Don has that mentality of being clueless but never imagined it was this bad. If I hear anything else that’s important, I’ll post it though.

No. 1647861

Anons I suck at shoulder and arm placement. As in when you're turning someone to the side or sometimes 2/3 view, especially over head views with the neck muscle placements. I'm back to practicing one minute sketches of anatomy poses but is there some other material that can help me? Also where should I look for more perspective angles like looking up someone's leg vs a camera overhead? those poses are some of my favorite in drawings.

No. 1647888

File: 1690601168129.jpg (56.06 KB, 800x933, 24780-shoulder-joint.jpg)

Memorize how the humerus works within the clavicle and scapula. Everything becomes much easier once you understand the skeleton.

No. 1647918

I love her work, but it’s only obvious that she’s a TiF because all of her subjects have titchop scars that look like stars or laurels or flowers or something. It’s even in your example. If not for that, it’d just be regular bishie yaoi art from a regular woman.

No. 1647922

>robert crumb
i saw one get posted in the bad art thread (or maybe it was the bad comics thread) are there more examples? if there are, please post them nonny!

No. 1647953

if I understood her video correctly (she showed a censored picture briefly that I think was him) he's the type "super immature fat boy who can't do social interactions and has anger issues " I looked at his art on Twitter out of curiosity and it looks like the art of somebody who really liked Pokemon, it's mostly a mix of childish and cooomer and then sometimes you also suddenly get really disturbing gore (if you aren't logged in on of the first pics a very gross pic of a girl getting her face eaten by a dude from 2022)

No. 1647964

the telltale sign for me as always been eyes/lips/noses in a semirealistic style but too big for the face

No. 1647972

yes, I noticed that but haven't analyzed what it is exactly. But you can usually definitely tell when somebody is a gendie or turning into one. There's one exception I can think of, I couldn't tell from Nicolas Delort's art (whose work I really enjoy) that the artist is a TiF, in retrospect maybe it's only the focus on Fantasy and "ethereal beings".

No. 1647992

That comes partly from FF14. That game attracts a lot of people who are obsessed with jockying for social interaction, which makes it prime a prime watering hole for BPDs and sociopaths to fuck with people, collect orbiters and destroy friend groups. There's really nothing to do in the game besides drama and gossip.
It's a piss easy game, built for workaholic japanese dudes to get some feeling of success after they get home from work. Most of it is basically single player and you can still complete 95% of the game while just being shit and carried by other people.

A few of the models in the game have that kind of facial style - female roegadyns in particular, as well as a few of the major male NPCs like Emet Selch - and that gets transplanted into the art as a kind of gender-blurring nuButch ideal.

Another thing you see a lot are what I've seen called "shovelchins", drawn almost exclusively on male characters. This is more commonly from people who get horny over male Au Ra and also bleeds over into some D&D shit. I don't save that crap so I don't have an example.

No. 1647994

File: 1690618024418.png (200.25 KB, 821x588, apology.png)

Kooleen posted an apology on istagram.

No. 1648017

File: 1690621018518.png (585.25 KB, 1193x848, IMG_9476.png)

It’s not an half-bad apology but using selective language like that never ends well, lmao. She’s about to get cooked by annoying ass mfs on Twitter and as an unapologetic Kooleen hater I am happy to bust out the popcorn and watch the show.

No. 1648029

File: 1690623766730.jpg (429.24 KB, 2048x1153, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_ap…)

The one exception to this that I've seen has been Miro Haverinen.

No. 1648044

File: 1690625947255.jpg (426.25 KB, 2048x1664, FzmdSR6aAAE7hQ5.jpg)

Alternatively there's clockable tim art styles. They're trying to be like every down to earth girl but failing to see things without their weeb coomer lenses. Picrel isn't a tim afaik but it's that same vibe kek.

They know they're not allowed to. Most men just think women's opinions hold no bearings to their wants. A woman will say yes if you wear her down and that's all that matters.

No. 1648054

Screenshots of telepurte’s incel meltdown? I remember blocking him years ago so he couldn’t appear on my feed since all of his animations just oozed Reddit sadbiy virgin energy.

No. 1648055

I've seen TiMs with this art style even (not just similar content), tbh with trans males it often feels like they can't be fucked to put much effort in their art while the females work hard and care about pleasing their audience. The males post shitty art, are more narcissistic and are definitely more coomer-brained and sex-obsessed without realizing it's still peak male brained behavior even if their porn addiction turned them into an autogynephile or they're just a masochist with a sissy fetish.

No. 1648074

lol she's right the haters won't care. i think the asian artists who just completely disengage from tantrum throwing us kiddies do it right tbh, they just aim to waste your time anyway.

No. 1648085

an artist I like has a realistic style and a good grasp of anatomy and clearly likes drawing bodies instead of just doing constant headshot. She also doesn't use common tif mortifs like religious imagery and Greco-roman elements. She doesn't take any influence from anime or kpop in her art. She doesn't make the characters goblincore gremlins, she doesn't make the characters refer to memes and such. Her ship art is two characters doing something romantic maybe a little sensual she doesn't give them a billion microsexuality labels. She doesn't even headcanon them with new genders or anything.

I genuinely thought she was a regular fujo who was only interested in american geek media, who had been studying old art and who hadn't been super involved in fandom since her fan/shipart avoided all the typical fan/shipart tropes, so it was sureprising when I went trough her blog and learned she was a tif maybe she is an oldschool transsexual thats why her art doesn't feel like gendie art? but if I recall she was supportive of the alphabet soup and genocide-fearmongered
tbh I have reached the point where I assume that every female fanartist i see is some flavour of gendie. It was easier to tell 5 years ago but now every nerdy women is non-binary. At least gendies are putting effort into their art now but it's sad you cant be a woman with stereotypical male interests anymore

No. 1648162

I felt the same for ita bags imo. I don’t get why anyone would want an ugly, poorly made out of cheap materials bag shaped like a shiba inu or monokuma or some fandom shit. I don’t dislike ita bags or novelty shaped bags as a concept but the poorly designed ones are such a waste of money for the buyers and artists.

No. 1648256

File: 1690647696191.jpeg (27.41 KB, 320x243, IMG_4991.jpeg)

Maybe I don’t see it just because I like some of these motifs and happen to have friends with similar inspirations without being tifs? Some of us just like bifauxnen characters, it’s not always a sign of pronouns.

No. 1648261

What you posted doesn't fit the mould. There's no narrow eyes with deep eyeliner, and no super dark lips. Think more like if Yoshitaka Amano was fused with Ayami Kojima, then imagine that person as a fujo.

No. 1648267

aryt i like those motifs too but almost every tifs uses them. Its rare to see tifs making art thats the yaoi equivalent of old romance novel covers. Not every woman who uses religious imagery is a tif but almost every tif uses religious imagery, and when they don't they make the character say "sonic says trans rights"

No. 1648276

I stated it before, but I always thought her channel was some kind of parody of tutorial channels. Was it not that obvious to people?

No. 1648290

The game has a TiM in it.

No. 1648410

Who's a necrophile if I remember correctly, kek

No. 1648463

Current artists also have more accessibility to finding media online with artstyles they like compared to anyone that grew up in the 2000s, back then you needed a word doc of Japanese vocab go browse pixiv or you were stuck browsing sparkle furries and big nosed hetalia fanart on DA. Now if they like amano it’s easy to find similar stuff like belladonna of sadness, aquirax uno, etc. I think the accessibility definitely influences what younger artists make now because their is a lot of good stuff unfortunately mixed with gender crisis

No. 1648465

Wow sorry this reads like ass. I don’t know why I wrote like this.

No. 1648470

reads fine to me, nona

No. 1648558

OT but where is picrel from?

No. 1648566

Oniisama E

No. 1648588

How do you make an art schedule? I want to dedicate myself to art and start tackling my weak points (everything kek), but I am struggling to develop an efficient schedule. I truly hate how non-linear and difficult art is as a skill.

No. 1648605

>Break your work up into blocks of time. Between 15m and 50m, depending on your energy levels.
>After 1 block, take a 5-15m break.
>IMPORTANT: Swap to a different workpiece for the next time block
>keep doing this, rotating between 3-6 different artpieces

This keeps you from fatiguing. Built up fatigue = burnout. If you autismo hyperfocus and grind you will inevitably fuck up your posture, start to move slower, forget to pee or get a drink unless it gets bad, and be both less productive and more likely to fuck your wrist or mood up.

Also make at least 1 day for resting. An easy one is to figure out what day you were born on, and make the rest day the day immediately before that. So if you were born on a monday, it would be sunday.

No. 1648607

is it just me or is this the same anon that asks for advice every other day? the same one that doesn't wanna sage or google anything?

No. 1648745

I thought the hair was a helmet at first kek

No. 1648751

File: 1690694402239.png (758.1 KB, 1361x768, anatomy.png)

>kooleen gets cancelled for teaching anatomy 'wrong' over some anime profiles
>meanwhile every single anatomy video from a male

No. 1648758

This is hilarious because the cases I know of fandom spawned artists are usually authors who made terrible books that got turned into terrible movies or created unnecessary drama. Like "50 shades of gray" being a twilight fanfiction, or the ABO lawsuits.

No. 1648770

You're so right about this, I said I find Timothee Chamlanatyao or whatever his last name is ugly and some people lost their mind over that. He's a disgusting ratman with unnaturally exaggerated features, ofcourse he's ugly. Tom Holland is ugly as well and I'm tired of people finding him cute. He looks like a child.

No. 1648774

>tom holland looks like a child
he doesnt look like a child, men nowadays already look like 30yo balding coomers by the time they hit 18

No. 1648778

I don't know, to me he looks too youthful

No. 1648783

you are the reason we have ugly men shilled as attractive

No. 1648851

Twitter girls dont usually try to cancel men.

No. 1648889

Probably. Kek benefit of the doubt she's having the same issue she has with sitting down and concentrating studying then refusing to google shit. Or maybe a beginner yet to absorb "just draw" mentality. It's been smelling like ic here recently.

No. 1648895

I draw everyday, I just want to study be more efficient.

No. 1648896

File: 1690705445637.png (354.06 KB, 583x341, wwwwwwwwww.png)

LOL. I'm inclined to painting and inking is awful but there's just something about artists who just refuse to get confident with line drawing.
There is no single solution to your issue. Everyone develops their own methods to tackling art. Anons already gave good responses. You either have to be more specific or you just have to sit down do it like all of us had to do and continue to do.

No. 1648898

I built a schedule like anon said and i am going to stick to it just finished doing today's study and i was gonna thank her

No. 1648899

Every time I feel like my lines are a bunch of chicken scratches I see shit like this and feel like I have never lifted a pencil up from a paper in my life.

No. 1648905

no it's don who made those kind of posts.

No. 1648906

Nta but he looks very bland, I'm not going to force myself to like someone I find ugly, and that's pretty much all moids to me.

No. 1649050

>it literally doesn’t matter how good your art is as long as you’re a good entertainer you’re going to get attention online.
100% true, artists are entertainers. Whiny bitches who dump their personal BS on social media are only gonna end up as nobodies unless it's insane enough to be milk, or controversial enough to get them traction for THAT, not their art. People who had their brains melted by art school into corporate drones also have disproportionately low followings, because their art is too safe, boring, and familiar in a bad way. This still applies if their art is technically alright or even decent in terms of skills, because they use those skills to either bring nothing to the table or the price of entry is dealing with someone's public trauma dumping or other bullshit.

If you ever look at the art from the various people who orbit RJ Palmer's hot takes, it's almost all those types. The latter get insanely neurotic about competition or people copying them, even in ways that are acceptable like "I like how you color" or "cool pose reference", because they make their most of their living from the WORST kinds of clients: Those who only want product, not entertainment, and will happily dump that artist when they can find someone else that's cheaper for similar output.

No. 1649386

i'll admit my mistake and concede on the saging shit, but i just feel like asking the same handful of questions over and over again is kind of repetitive and it would be nice to have some variety, if nothing else.

No. 1649394

>People who had their brains melted by art school into corporate drones also have disproportionately low followings, because their art is too safe, boring, and familiar in a bad way.
Agree. A lot of the popular artists are often also interesting personalities whether through their art or other means. They know how to express themselves in a way that's eye catching even if their art isn't technically perfect while those corporate drones are stuck obsessing over killing their creativity with perfecting fundamentals and pandering to clients who aren't interested in the uniqueness of their work.

No. 1649437

File: 1690761651078.jpg (531.72 KB, 517x2781, 1690760595043.jpg)

Not super interesting so I'm sageing.
The korean bjd company Cocoriang is putting up a suit against some other bjd company outlined in these posts. They just posted these recently explaining everything. Only they didnt get the reception they wanted from their english speaking followers so they closed the comments and are hunkering down on their story. I didnt manage to get the screenshots before they closed the comments but apparently people were saying the designer that left was a founding member of the company and the wife of the other founding member. They divorced and she left with her designs and started her own company selling the designs. She got them licensed to her company.

No. 1649442

File: 1690761796801.jpg (285.03 KB, 517x1225, 1690760925440.jpg)

Follow up after the backlash. Sorry for the shitty quality. I can only assume the article they attached is a recording of her time and stance while working at the company

No. 1649484

I've only seen waffles review them, (well also a few vids from really small creators) like the other anon said and to me they only seem worth it if you actually plan on keeping the subscription long term. They give you enough supplies typically to make a work using only what you receive with a very loose correlation (usually medium related). But the supplies themselves aren't enough to be complete sets. The art box waffles gets has like one or two supplies of the same type, she might get an inking pen, and two alchohol markers and then a sample sized amount of paper to work with. The boxes are basically just samplings and as you accrue more supplies you may be able to complete sets. Overall seems worthless to me, and it probably is just cheaper to buy the supplies by themselves instead. Its honestly mostly novelty.

No. 1649589

I've come to realize this about webcomics as well but I really want to make one and have it posted out in the world in some way. The thing I'm wondering is whether I could both post it on public hosting sites and sell physical copies of it without investing a shit ton of money into doing so because I dont have that. And if I did sell physical copies would anyone be willing to buy them if they could just read the shit online for free. I'd add additional material to the physical copies and try to make them worth buying but with how people just look to the internet for entertainment and me having no fanbase I dont think it would be worth it. I guess most of all I just want someone to be interested in my work and appreciate it in some form.

No. 1649617

>This still applies if their art is technically alright or even decent in terms of skills, because they use those skills to either bring nothing to the table
i vaguely remember a thread on reddit or wherever where the artist had painted a photo-realistic bar of soap, complete with convincing reflections in the suds. he was complaining that he barely got any traction for it on social media. while it was technically very well done, it was impossible to get excited about because, well, it's just a picture about a fucking bar of soap.

No. 1649833

It's too soon to worry about that anon. Focus on making and posting it first and maybe it'll get you a following. To fund prints you can always just make a kickstarter or do pre-orders.

No. 1649864

most webcomic videos are done by sour grapes types, anona. People who failed to make a decent comic. Don't take everything they say as a rule, just make your comic

No. 1649912

I watched the vid and they gave away detailed explanations on eht webtoon as a platform is bad. In the end they still say it's viable for specific type of business strategies (patreon and/or porn). It's easy to see the vid as bitter and they are. Webtoon held off giving them a mere 50 usd worth of ad revenue, stalling them before they swapped with tipping system so they didn't have to pay them. But also they genuinely got a lucky break or two with a comic that got featured for a month long on front page and it still wasn't worth it for them. I'm surprised by how business minded they approached it too.

No. 1649914

But personally I would suggest doing webcomics as a passion project but don't expect exponential growth out of nowhere. It's still fun even grindy as it is.

No. 1649972


Almost every webcomic creator I've seen post on webtoons and talks about it on YouTube becomes obsessed with the idea of getting 'featured' and all the granular, arbitrary metrics of their shitty little website they can't even customize, it gets so fucking boring and whiney. They all go into this thinking they'll strike gold and then 90% of the time they don't unless theyre making a certain kind of genre.
These two women may be right about the way webtoon works, but they also quit their jobs to see if webtoon would be a viable way to make a living and now they're sitting on their parents couch making 3 and 4 hour videos about Lore Olympus and Let's Play like it's their job to talk shit about other shitty popular webcomics. So I wouldn't call how they approached this 'business minded', exactly.

Slight blog but Speaking as someone who has a webcomic that isn’t on webtoon or tapas, but enjoys casually making it on the side, it is so fucking freeing to not have any of that social media gamification crap shit up a thing i love doing. The trap people constantly fall into is thinking they'll make bank if they tell a story that's popular and pretty enough to feed webtoon's dumb audience.

No. 1649994

I understand, I was sceptical of them as well. For one, they're very self aware. The genres they made first was made to try to cover as much ground as they could (they did romance because that's the most popular one, action when webtoon tried to steer to have more shounen titles, and mystery/horror because it's one of the less dominated genres. Additionally the horror title was thebone that caught on because webtoon featured it a ton during October). They mention webtoon isn't viable also because the korean titles they feature are most likely produced by actual studios which is closer to a business (writing what formula is guaranteed to work) than an individual writing out of desire to communicate a message. Shueisha also came in the competition with their digitized shounen jump releases which they think is way better than most webtoons, even the professional ones. They admit they're two losers shit talking about popular (and bad) titles. Not to mention they both got well paying jobs which allowed them to do webcomics on the side. Though not too sure if they completely quit them to do webtoon. Their vid was genuinely insightful even for someone not pursuing to be picked up by webtoon, I'd list nore but I'm forgettin some details. Ironically they say the low quality vids they shoot from their couch did so much better than webtoon. Despite their small youtube channel they got 300 usd per month, still not a lot, but more than the 90 hour for 50 usd that webtoon never gave.

Also genuinely good for you nonny! I also do webcomics and just post them on various sites. I've given up on popularity but tbh I'd still want a loyal readerbase who connects with my works, kek. The thing is webtoon (and even social media to an extent) is trying to get free or cheap content from young artists who don't know better and have the freetime. Honestly what's popular and pretty is what sells, but even then there's a slim chance to be the minority that makes money.

No. 1650092

File: 1690811491834.jpg (494.5 KB, 1298x918, dondrrr2.jpg)

He made a new post realizing the first one is shit, it's no anything better but whatever.
>even if it's just twice
As if he's asking mommy for a new toy, kek.

No. 1650191

Can someone give us a TL:DR from all these long winded posts of his?

No. 1650213

His posts are a big nothing burger so there’s not really any point in translating it if you haven’t already watched Lex’s video. He still doesn’t get that he did anything wrong or he’s being willfully obtuse. This non-apology is even worse than his first attempt.

No. 1650217

I meant what the whole discourse it about, but I guess I'll play her video in the background.

No. 1650281

of course he did. Has anyone seen his art and the other cumbrains he hangs out with? I wish people would stop giving these men the benefit of the doubt when they're essentially shouting their future predation from the rooftops. In a perfect world everyone would avoid these people, but I had friends who'd refer to themselves as feminist who hung out with him. Disgusting and enraging. I feel so bad for lex.

No. 1650310

Disgusting human behavior, "i-it's not my intention to hurt her I had no idea she felt that way!!", textbook abusive language if not a coddled moid who's so used to assume every female around him must be obligated to suck his unwashed dick. This is even worse than his first apology, I can only wish the current attention is geared towards Lex to support her instead.
Don, if you're reading, kill yourself! -Your former friend.

No. 1650333


>I've given up on popularity but tbh I'd still want a loyal readerbase who connects with my works, kek.

AYRT, honestly that's just my goal at this point too, and it's an easier one to reach. Absolutely no individual needs thousands of millions of subscribers, just 60 to 100 high quality ones invested in your story. Good luck to you I'm certain you'll get there!

No. 1650356

This reminds me of when a young artist I followed years ago got into one of the big US art schools and within a semester her art just seemed to have had lost any of the personal style she used to have. And she was already technically pretty good so it's not as if it came from improvement.

No. 1650357

File: 1690838154063.jpg (303.21 KB, 847x807, Hchgvj_Etsy.jpg)

This style is usually always a they/them or tif.

No. 1650551

Also he claimed his oc wasn't based off her and some people are seeing it as an excuse so they can draw casette girl now.

No. 1650570

I'm the person you all replied to and I'm not really hoping to be super successful, I just want to get my stuff out there and hope someone likes it. I dont care too heavily about engagement and frankly I dont want to. I had a short lived art insta and closed it down due to the stress of posting for what little audience I had. I dont want to care as much about numbers but just know that someone saw and liked my work. It's upsetting that oldschool comic hosting sites like smackjeeves are gone bc frankly that's what I wanted to post on in the first place. Most of the webcomic platforms suck nowadays as they are more focused on getting views than user experience. I honestly find webtoons awful to navigate, I only considered it as an option bc theres so few options as there is.
And I have no huge interest in making a career off what I make, so the point in the vid about making shit all money off webtoons never mattered to me. I hate how predatory a lot of media enterprises are in the first place, they want to milk every dollar out of your creative passion by putting you through the wringer. Webtoons is no different. And making art that way is incredibly draining and soul sucking and not the reason many people want to make art. I just want to post my work to a place with a good community, and have others enjoy my work and enjoy others work as a reward. But it seems not such comic community like that exists. I also want physical copies of the work I created, not for money but just as a physical embodiment of my art, but as I said I dont really have money for that, and to get money I'd have to have an audience so I'd need to get my work out there. Honestly what that yt vid taught me is that while theres outlets for indie comic work, there no outlets for the community itself which is what is the most draining and unrewarding part of it all.

No. 1650605

That's very understandable nona. I know we can't share info in this thread but just know I'm rooting for you! And I hope you can print your comic someday! I also lament about not having much interest/support within my cliques too unlike years back (when I was flakier of a person and couldn't even imagine getting to page 20 lol).

No. 1650700

Not surprised that he’s lying in this statement. Cassette Girl is based off of Lex, he admitted so before. It’s not like people are going to want to keep using a character that’s now associated with the sexual predator but priorities I guess.

No. 1650733

File: 1690872894067.jpg (369.16 KB, 1600x1243, fan_art__dondorororo_s_cassett…)

off-topic but cassete girl is such a boring oc, probably the worst oc alongside that ugly oni girl. It shows you can sell and make anything popular as long as its a cute girl because coomers. I fucking despise oc culture and how rampant it is in western art communities, the popular ocs are never well design or interesting they are just pretty girls coomers can jack off to. Outside of that ocs are so narcissistic, why they fuck should i care about your character that isnt attached to a story? i hate it and it's the thing i hate the most about western art communities.

No. 1650735

What's with all the band aids, does she have an inner ear problem that causes her to fall over a lot or something?

No. 1650744

File: 1690873976648.jpg (483.88 KB, 2400x2000, FU82gX0WAAYr1jg.jpg)

It doesn't look like Lex much tbh. She reminds me more of console-tan, which were made on /v/ where don started posting

No. 1650759

these are awful i cannot tell what they are supposed to be, leave the gekinja faggotry to japan and women, moids cannot into character design

No. 1650766

File: 1690878435246.jpg (439.03 KB, 2160x2700, christophe-young-15paint-0-5x-…)

>find artist with superb rendering skills
>its either the most boring thing you will ever see or the most degenerate
lmao why is it always like this?

No. 1650769

File: 1690879351317.png (1.33 MB, 1440x1080, 1920xauto.png)

I hate twitter oc fotms so much nona, you don't even know it ♥
Because rendering, anatomy is a part of illustration. But character design, "storytelling" is another. If your pic rel is a professional, there's a good chance they'd be hired for rendering rather than designing too.

No. 1650777

i love her and her little chicken

No. 1650780

This design is cool IMO. Not coomer degen bullshit or tryhard neon garbage like a lot of cyberpunk designs

No. 1650781

File: 1690880187142.jpg (2.92 MB, 3840x5120, christophe-young-23a.jpg)

honestly i think artstation has probably done more damage to art than calarts, what a waste of talent

No. 1650797

File: 1690881063577.gif (1.71 MB, 1080x1080, tb-choi-gekko-facial.gif)

Picrel is TB Choi, a character designer and part of her job is to direct this character's design and she includes very detailed notes correcting 3D model and animation. https://twitter.com/TB_Choi12/status/1635825381549969409
Like it or not rendering is also part of the job. I wouldn't be surprised if what your picrel is churning out for their job is even more soulless and boring than that. Personally I'd place the problem on just not having more female artists in the movie/games industry which causes things to look shitty and moidy. And then blame western animation to budgeting, devaluing of animation than calarts.

No. 1650800

i know its their job, but its still so sad how modern art looks and how in spite of their skill they cannot make anything that will stand the test of time like old painters. tbchois art is also very ugly, even though she is very skilled.

No. 1650803

Different time, different "purposes" of art. I get what you mean but also I'm glad art is slightly more viable and applicable to other mediums to be honest.

No. 1650804

Actually, if you're >>1650766 don't go looking around in a website for commercially driven illustrations and designs when you're looking for fine art, nona. Other than that, again I understand what you're saying.

No. 1650811

Even old art for games/movies tends to stand out more than modern art. Art nowadays is just overly safe and boring, i would take scuffed 90s art than ugly stuff like valorant/lol any day.
i know, i only checked his artstation because i came across his tutorials on youtube. It was extremely sad to see such a waste of talent.

No. 1650817

I personally disagree with that. I think a huge part of it is digital/analog art being definitely accessible, nothing's stopping a hobbyist 13 year old from posting donut steals on the same site these atelier graduated professionals host their portfolios. But I believe there's more inventive projects coming out as technology progresses, it's just 1% out of 99% shit. But I'm genuinely curious what you'd consider as standing out more, scuffed or otherwise.

No. 1650835

File: 1690885250682.jpg (241.59 KB, 850x1254, sample_775d50c88c743472f618229…)

my problem isnt with the 13yos but the school graduates who draw boring stuff. i am going to get called a weeb for this but i think japanese art tends to be more interesting because its mostly comprised by hobbist rather than people with art degrees trying to compete to get into the most soulless of art industries. Ofcourse you have to swift through a lake of garbage to find good stuff, but i have found several anime artists that make interesting stuff meanwhile most western modern art is so…ugly and devoid of soul, even though its more skilled. This girl makes really interesting surreal paintings, and its meguka fanart of all things. It just makes me sad to see these people on artstation with amazing skills wasting their talent drawing neon colored babyfaced girls with scraps of machinery attached to their bodies, or artists like tbchoi drawing in that incredibly harmless disney inspired artstyle that is such a bore. Call me a bitter asshole, but i wonder if they realize they will never leave a foot print in the art world? not like these animu artists will either, but most are hobbist doing it for fun, while these people work on the industry and are virtually indistinguishable from eachother. I like to collect artbooks and i dont think i have ever seen any of these guys get one, not that i would buy one anyways, but its so depressing. They have the skill to do stuff like old illustrators, and they waste it away on such garbage. Makes me sad.

No. 1650851

File: 1690890509010.png (659.9 KB, 570x570, CVIII.png)

From a weeb (anime inspired artist) to another, I dare you to browse the newest tab of pixiv. It's not so obvious now with all the AI and 3D shit but here's plenty of bland, soulless, unskilled artists even in Japan. Not to mention pixiv artworks also fall into cliches that are undeniably visually pleasing but some just take it to extremes without understanding the theory and it's obvious. You're being philosophical about the purpose of making art. Unfortunately it's pretty common for artists to mellow down on aspirations to not risk being jobless and or ruining their health to have time for both paid and personal projects. We're in the type of world where excelling at your passion just gets you more work you don't want because you finish it faster than the others, rather than giving you the opportunity to work on something you really want to. It's a privilege only few can afford. Though I thank the stars when they happen like Ikuko Itoh's baby, Princess Tutu. I'm so glad it didn't get super monetized and they bloated it to a 50 ep anime with bajillion toys to sell. Personally it's cute that you're passionate, keep that energy so you don't loose sight on things as many soulless artists who strictly only do it for income feel.
t. kind of one of them, who more or less given up being da best gaijin illustrator, but also I do a personal oc project on the side for funsies, definitely not something that will leave a foot print in this world when I'm gone lol.

No. 1650876

>i wonder if they realize they will never leave a foot print in the art world?
They don't care about "art world". It's just a normal corpo job, they want to get paid and go home.

No. 1650932

File: 1690899755736.png (18.27 KB, 1768x590, c85.png)

I know looking for drama over just doing the art is probably bad but whenever I start learning a new art form I'm super nosey into what type of autists there are in the community or if any of the big creators are cows. I'm getting into 3D shit right now and I'm just itching to see the drama lol. I haven't come across any annoying TIFs yet like you'd see with digital/traditional art so there's that.

I'm really kind of spoiled with how much you could call "women drama" there is with the digital/traditional art community. Anons have said it already in these threads but men just don't get called out or call each other out for thing. Which sucks because I'd love to see coomer pedo moids get roasted over female artists being destroyed on Twitter for drawing a character slightly thinner than in canon. 3D anons basically just tell me what bullshit goes on.

No. 1651017

File: 1690904703811.jpg (2.21 MB, 1309x1200, ticwmtq5qjnpkusvnoor.jpg)

I think these working artists draw plenty of interesting personal art, they just aren't posting it on their ~professional portfolios~ because it might be less than perfect or fanart.

However, if you venture outside the realm of corporate animation, you'll find plenty of illustrators doing their own thing. Check out working editorial illustrators and book illustrators, there are a huge variety of styles there. Picrel is by Victo Ngai.

No. 1651036

File: 1690905961467.png (437.88 KB, 1099x533, malformed eye.png)

most art courses and books are such a scam i am glad i can watch them without paying. marco bucci's course was alright until it came to the eyes why the fuck is his so deformed the reference is right there you fat retard. his looks so ugly compared to the elegant shape of the asaro head, i feel sorry for people who paid for this, what a scam

No. 1651050

A lot of teachers are really not that good. I've noticed this even for those who've been teaching for decades. I've seen wonky and disproportionate anatomy in some teaching materials from those boomer artists. It goes to show how most people don't notice these types of flaws in art and that a lot of the success of making a living from teaching art is just self-promotion rather than actual skill. I've noticed this trend at my local art school where they keep around some really mediocre boomer teachers instead of hiring the more talented recent grads.

No. 1651058

Sounds like they have a problem with the platform Webtoon, but not with the medium of webcomics in general. I agree with other nonas make the thing you want to make, but yeah obviously stay away from platforms that would screw you over. Webtoon refusing them $50 just sounds sad.

No. 1651077

If you want a place like Smackjeeves, look into ComicFury.
I'm going to make an online resource for artists wanting to share their work, but avoid algorithm junkies and corpo bullshit.

No. 1651122

I don't know about ComicFury. That place is filled with weirdo furries, eye-watering (troon) porn, and the art of the majority of comics there is mediocre to bad.

If I were to chime in, I'd say (probably) good Webtoon/Tapas alternatives would be: GlobalComix, Dillyhub, itch.io (yeah, there are lots of gendie shit there but I personally find it comfy), and INKR. Or you could make a site by scratch via WordPress or Tumblr—which offers a lot of webcomic themes.

No. 1651205

File: 1690920999565.jpg (508.42 KB, 2048x2048, media_FZeTs3rXEAA1RcJ.jpg)

>i would take scuffed 90s art than ugly stuff like valorant/lol any day.
I agree.

>its mostly comprised by hobbist rather than people with art degrees trying to compete to get into the most soulless of art industries

Artists hired for western media projects USED to be like that - if they were art school trained it wasn't "to be an industry drone" but more about how to kiss ass to get their art out there. Around 2007 is when everything in media started to fall apart and I'm not sure why.

Picrel is a more recent drawing by rk post (yes all lowercase), he used to do a lot of art for Magic The Gathering, RPG shit, and I think some videogame things. Still making soulful art, but either he's exceeded the need for a corpo shit job or nobody is hiring him anymore.

>They don't care about "art world". It's just a normal corpo job, they want to get paid and go home.
People who treat art like that have no justification for complaining about the lack of traction they get on their galleries and social media.

>I think these working artists draw plenty of interesting personal art, they just aren't posting it on their ~professional portfolios~ because it might be less than perfect or fanart.
I've seen some. They don't. They just entirely honed their skills to be "product" and end up in a cope spiral where they try to act like they are better than everyone because they get to eat the boot of a soulless megacorp that will replace them with someone from thailand or malaysia once the economics and aesthetic trends turn to make that profitable enough. Or someone using AI who doesn't take 8 hours to make 1 decent corpo-soulless image. Or they fire their illustrators and have the Graphic Designers work overtime to make corporate memphis trash when they don't have design work to do.

No. 1651255

such a based take. and not only is this oc boring but it's pedophilic too. She looks like an 11 year old girl.

No. 1651290

Lotta cope in this thread

No. 1651337


No one ever talks about OC art culture and I wished more people did. Some of the most mediocre shit gets pushed to the top and then bottom feeding artists try to draw the most popular oc for maximum clout. It's hilarious when it falls flat. Cassette girl is so plain.

No. 1651385

OC as in, completely original? or OC as in, a character made for a fandom? because if you ask me, they're both about as equally fucking terrible.

No. 1651457

Because they already have jobs and the shit they post is just stuff they do for fun/to relax. Most of them aren't here to make a statement or make the world a better place through their art, they're just horny dudes who are really good at painting. If the classic artists weren't restrained by the culture of their times they would be doing the same shit.

No. 1651465

i seriously doubt old masters would draw somethin as ugly as that. they had taste

No. 1651493

It's funny someone's accusing boring but skilled people of being the ones complaining about their social media reach (there's a good chance they're not for social media but for looking for a stable paying job) in the same thread talking about boring coomer oc designs being overrated.

No. 1651498

Lots of people speculating how the industry works too kek.

No. 1651638

I think the issue is more that it looks like they're not trying to have fun with their art on their own time. Like, sure. These kinds of people just do it as a job. But if all their work OUTSIDE the job is just more grinding for their job potential, then they are not any different from the hustle bros in substance.
You would think that someone's personal art shown in their portfolio would be showcasing a wide variety of skills, subjects, moods, etc. based on what they like to draw. The only thing I get out of most industry artist portfolios is "I draw/paint/render corporate slop," almost like they hate making art.

Independent artists are small, self-run businesses. "Stable paying jobs" don't exist in art for 99.99999% of artists. The only one I can even think of is being a studio lead or art director, but even you're always on thin ice and those get replaced as the winds change above.

No. 1651663

>I think the issue is more that it looks like they're not trying to have fun with their art on their own time
That's presumptuous. There's people enjoying, excelling and reinventing the industry probably right now but they work in such a specific niche that outsiders will never care to learn. There's conflating in this thread between concept art, pre-prod art, illustration, post-prod, fine art and even graphic design lol.

No. 1651713

Nonnies how do you cope when you feel like art burnout is coming again? Most of my hobbies are art related but I really don't want to anything art related it's too tiring but I need to finish my commissions how can I snap out of this?

No. 1651718

It's really good that you are catching the burnout signs, I'm proud of you. What helps me with burnout is general self care, making sure that I am getting enough sleep, enough food, generally caring for your flesh vessel. That, and establish a boundary where you stop work for the day and start relaxing. There's only so much good work you can do in one day. Use your down time to rest up for another day of good work.

No. 1651725

File: 1690972544159.jpg (802.2 KB, 1500x1060, valentina-remenar-mother-natur…)

Online portfolios on the sites where employers are going to look are not really a place to put your own personal art. From what I've been told you should only showcase the work that the job you're interested in is looking for. So, environment artist is not going to post their waifu doodles or whatever. Old work is also advised to be purged every once in a while.
The artists you are talking about are probably having their personal art showcased under different names or within their friend groups, or kept to themselves.
Maybe they are working the souless art jobs because they need the money? Maybe even for their own private art projects? Also it's better to both earn the money and hone your drawing skills at the same time. And for many living outside of US the money is going to be enough because of currency exchange.
As for your last point I don't really get what you mean. Yes, art is generally not well paid job by any means, but even in my shitty country there is a lot of opportunities? A LOT of shit needs some type of graphic design/art and there is a lot of niche fields that you can get in thanks to your art skills.
If you mean the typical dream job "drawing my OCs", "working on my dream game" that is rare. That's why people usually have those souless jobs you mentioned, to fund that sort of projects.

No. 1651727

get into non art related hobbies that allow you to be creative. I was burnt out of art for almost 6 months after working on commissions for an entire year to afford something important, i almost quit art thanks to that. Nowadays i do art only as a hobby, i am never taking comms again.

No. 1651742

File: 1690975285887.png (52.76 KB, 1385x241, lmao.png)

the mental gymnastics of this coomer, jesus. I dont understand why even have a FAQ section to answer how you are totally not sexist for drawing women getting raped and how being into rape and violence is totally just like being homosexual. I am very desensitized to coomers and i normally dont care but the lack of self awareness is baffling.

No. 1651747

whose FAQ is this? I want to check his entire page

No. 1651753

thesabu dot com, i am 100% sure he's a disgusting tranny

No. 1651846

Again, why do these male retards admit to their perversions. Same with the pedo guy who draws the animations. It's like they're signaling to other men to gather an army of coomer defenders for any future backlash, because apparently the worse porn imaginable is ok if you just say it's your fetish (funny how this does not apply to any other media like books, tv, movies etc)

No. 1651849

The only OC I’m familiar with is Pepper and that’s because IFX featured him on the cover a few times with his original character. It’s very hard to get people invested in your own world without a story. The only other one I can think of is RossDraws and I don’t know if his artbook ever launched or not.

No. 1651854

It's so weird, I thought twitter users hated fetishization with the way they like to accuse people of that.

No. 1651859

144k followers on twitter and not a single callout, it's not fair

No. 1651860

I got a few new hobbies that allow me to be creative and still use my hands rather than something passive like gaming. Not bad if you want a break but it’s good to get up and move your body. Gardening, walking, taking a day trip are all good to get out of your head. I also suggest any needlework or cooking, even interior design. Something that you can play in will help you avoid burnout, apart from what other anons mentioned as well. Good luck!

No. 1651868

It's their hobby. They can't function without seeing sex daily or thinking about it. Men literally have no other hobbies greater than degeneracy.

No. 1651879

they only "hate" it when they can use that as an excuse to shame and witch hunt women. when it comes to males and especially males with pronouns any fetish is sacrosanct

No. 1651880

I cope by avoiding art entirely hoping it'll recharge my meter, but that makes me even more burnt out apparently because it makes me never want to return to it and I have to force myself to? I have to at work anyway but I'm talking about making art for myself at home. So… don't do that kek

No. 1651882

I wonder why males gaslit themselves into thinking they have super long legs and short torsos when even males taller than me will have their asses at my fucking knees. Not just because of the male tendency to wear ill-fitting pants either.

No. 1651923

>why is it always like this?
being good at drawing =\= being creative, genuinely incessantly creative people are actually very rare as such the endless flood of soulless no background blank face pretty/hot woman staring at the viewer art

No. 1651928

Scrotes never get called out for that shit, they only do for really minor bull that everyone forgets about in thirty seconds

No. 1652066

A lot of anons here seem to forget that historically art has never been an secure job where you can live off it comfortably. Most artists through the ages have struggled to get by, needed patrons to pay for their endeavors, or already had a sustainable income from family, nothing has changed in hundreds of years and it is unlikely it ever will.

No. 1652091

True, it's just easier to tell in current times because everyone is more connected than ever and old masters can't really talk about hating their jobs anymore, not to mention the countless failed artists that we will never know of

No. 1652094

Not to encourage cowtipping, but then if you see someone like this then why don't you just make your own callout instead of complaining that there's none.

No. 1652158

It's a problem that those people are a minority.

>you should only showcase the work that the job you're interested in is looking for
Then a lot of people are looking to do soulless, shitty work. This also contrasts with your other point, where if someone HAS a variety of skills, that means they SHOULD be appealing to anyone who wants anything they can do. You don't have to be just a "background artist" if someone likes how your concept art works, and if someone likes your landscapes you don't have to be hired to animate.

>Maybe they are working the souless art jobs because they need the money?

If you have skills as an artist then you don't need to be working soulless jobs. So many artists have such low fucking self-esteem I swear to god.
>As for your last point I don't really get what you mean.
It's not a "stable job." Any industry job for an artist is going to be subject to trends and cost-cutting more than many other highly skilled professions. Your best bet is actually cultivating an audience online, but you can't do that if all you post is slop to appeal to corporate suits who are only shopping around for a meat machine to print art for them. It also takes personal investment and work, but a lot of artists are so fucking lazy they can't even tag their shit properly and would rather pray to the algorithm gods to deliver views and job offers into their laps.

Also, if you live in a shitty country with low exchange rate value then it's even more retarded to be pining for a corporation to pay you a shitty rate when you can just work on your online presence and get people throwing more than that at you for direct commissions and other things.

Things actually have changed, since you can reach people well-outside your immediate area now and find an entire town's worth of people who like what you like to make, with dozens or even hundreds who are willing to pay you for it. It is literally more viable than ever for artists to be individual small businesses, and yet so many of them don't even respect their own profession to take seriously the need to keep accurate records for paying taxes on their work.

No. 1652184

why are femboy obsessed men always the worst of the worst? even the obvious women haters can't just be content with only making art of their precious femboys they still have to draw women being brutalized too.

No. 1652280

OC culture nowadays is so shit and it's sad because I love OCs and original stories in general. Nowadays people only draw OCs for clout or for self-indulging porn and most OCs nowadays are just "pretty girl (insert concept)". Don't get me wrong, I love designing girl characters and all, but it's just so tiring now how almost every OC I see is "(concept) anime girl" or random iterations of random girl this, random girl that and they never look interesting, just generically cute.

And man, OC-focused artists tend to be milky as shit. When I was younger I used to be in a circle of people on Twitter who drew OCs and other original content and almost once a week you'd see drama sparking because "x stole my design" or "y is copying my concept" or "z's design is offensive" and so on. So fucking tiring.

No. 1652427

File: 1691038694980.jpeg (122.19 KB, 1130x948, 28795D13-8FC4-46BE-A4DB-AE5855…)

Tfw you don’t have rich parents or any financial help to go to art school full time to help hone skills needed in order to succeed.

Yes of course I know you don’t NEED art school but having time and expert mentors will of course give anyone aspiring professional artist a boost. I can’t help but feel envious of anyone who’s able to dedicated years of their life studying what they are passionate about. Meanwhile I’m going to school for something unrelated so I don’t end up starving on the streets. Sure I dedicate all my free time to studying art but I can’t help but wonder how life would be if I was just putting 100% of my effort in what I had always been wanting in life.

No. 1652433

felt this in my soul anon. I remember finding an artist around my age but he was way better. He had rich parents who let him go to art school and fully dedicate his time on it. I was orphaned, had to go to school for something "real" while also working two jobs. Of course my art isn't there fully there wasn't the same amount of time in my everyday if I didn't lose tons of sleep.

No. 1652446


>1 year at Gnomon

thats about $48,802

>2 and a half years at ArtCenter

48,044 USD x 2.5 is over 120k

>half a year at brainstorm

$700-$900 per class

christ did this person get some good scholarships or something?

No. 1652483

File: 1691042781617.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 3275x3061, vlwjk82d7oxa1.jpg)

I see milky OC artist too but they're really the vocal minority, or maybe I'm just good at curating my circle. To me this stems more in hating uncreative moid artists and moid culture.

No. 1652487

File: 1691043570972.jpg (42.21 KB, 599x680, you're in debt for this lol.jp…)

I expected some nice render and good character design since it seems then paid quite a bunch and all I got is another newground artist bootleg …you can learn all of this for free..I'm pretty sure they got the job because of networking…not because of their..skills?.dw nonnie you can still learn art regardless if you can afford they're are resources for it out there if you just look for it although it'll require self discipline

No. 1652494

Not to be that guy but art schools are half networking half learning. Teachers who are already veterans in the industry would have no issue recommending some students from their classes. I could draw something like that and be servicable with background/props work.

No. 1652506

I suggested ComicFury because it's more like Smackjeeves: not focused on monetization and completely customizable. Everything you suggested outside of itch.io and Wordpress are closer to Webtoon, which was the issue in the first place.
Tumblr is a weird middle ground. I haven't seen a webcomic theme for it, but nice to know they exist.
I think nonas here put too much thought into who your neighbors are. You're going to find weirdo furries and troons on just about every art site there is.

No. 1652519

It's probably more like 75-80% networking.
You don't get into art school unless you either already know fundies to at least a passable intuitive degree, are rich as fuck, or are doing something fine artsy where it's more about being able to bullshit your portfolio.

No. 1652521

because no one is going to cancell him you retard, people have lost their patreon accounts for less but this retard is allowed to monetize his rape and violent drawings of women

No. 1652522

this guy oc is a tranny btw

No. 1652529

>I'm pretty sure they got the job because of networking…not because of their..skills?
It's a junior artist skill level in gamedev industry and he/she was hired by a smallish struggling studio. You don't need a very high skill level for entry-level job in a good studio either, thousands of simple assets need to be designed.
Yeah, those courses are waste of time, you can learn it for free.

No. 1652530

There are less expensive art schools but they're just not in the us

No. 1652537

File: 1691054110124.jpg (3.15 MB, 1715x3375, RDT_20230803_17122411684576262…)

self admittedly coombrained and transed from yuri too.

No. 1652540

they wish they could look like that

No. 1652560

vomit inducing coomtard art and shit music taste combo

No. 1652681

>basic hot topic outfit
>Kickass boots!!! Edgy shirt to scare jehova's witnesses!!! Bras are for pussies!!! Everyone wants her to be their girlfriend!!!

Moids are so easily entertained

No. 1652717

File: 1691074656472.png (192.75 KB, 543x661, image_2023-08-04_002944442.png)

Does anyone have any tips on how to manage hand pain whilst drawing, specifically using a screenless desk tablet? I can draw for maybe 15 minutes straight before my hand and forearm start to cramp up. Is it a matter of poor technique or should I stretch and take breaks more often? Most of the pain is located in the areas I circled, if anyone's had any issues with this area as well. It's been really difficult for me to draw for the past few years due to this pain, and I can usually cap out at around one 40 minute drawing session a week because of said pain. Fortunately, using my iPad in bed isn't so bad, but I don't like it as much as much as my desk setup. Thank you in advance for any help <3<3

No. 1652720

He has to know that he never even looked like the before in that cope comic kek. I don’t understand how these “people” aren’t killing themselves more often if they base their value on level of attractiveness and number of people willing to fuck their ugly asses.

No. 1652722

Lol death grips. Troons always have the worst tastes

No. 1652748

File: 1691077320483.jpeg (291.25 KB, 1242x1617, 7D08C320-726C-402D-BDB5-30F699…)

You might want to look into something like this I didn’t use screenless tablets but I had the same problem til I got this. Yes it’s kinda overpriced for what it is but the wider ergonomic grip really helped my pain. Also how big is your drawing tablet Nonnie? I found upgrading to a bigger size helped me use my shoulder muscles more.

No. 1652773

>$150k to draw like this

Skip art school. You can learn everything online these days. Good mentors and teachers do help because they literally have better trained eyes than you, and can point out your mistakes. This accelerates the learning process. But you can slowly train your eyes yourself. My best improvements came after taking the time to really sit with the same drawing for weeks, looking for the mistakes, analyzing it like someone else drew it. Training your eyes to see is half the battle.

No. 1652785

god this must be the same retard who drew that alice liddel rape art, fuck this guy

No. 1652827

The whole weight on networking rather than skill was what turned me off permanently from pursuing an art or design career. I became an ergonomy researcher instead.

I don't know, it just never felt "right" or "fair" to me how people in art and design tend to get spots based on how good their networking is (or how good they are at kissing ass) instead of how skilled and creative they actually are. Back when I was in design college I'd see so many half-assed cocky students getting some pretty impressive spots at big name design agencies simply because a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who plugged them in, and not because they were actually good designers (both hardskill and softskill wise) that got through the whole selective process. Meanwhile other students that were actually impressive designers and amazing to teamwork with had a much harder time finding jobs because they didn't have that level of networking and no one around them was willing to help them with it. It never directly affected me because I jumped branches as soon as I started to grow uncomfortable, but it did made me pretty bummed out for years.

The art and design industry only cares about your contacts and not if you're actually skilled, creative and a good teamworker I guess. And yes, I know networking is a valuable skill, but it just doesn't sit right with me how it can override almost everything else in art and design at times.

No. 1652832

Men think feeling empathy and liking pretty things means they are feminine. I hate coombrained idiots.

No. 1652833

Excuse me the what art?. I hate how normalised rape is these circles they are on par with incels

No. 1652837

I think it was Alice getting raped by her psychiatrist. Someone should cut this guy's internet

No. 1652845

The idea that the art field is some kind of meritocracy needs to die, honestly. I wish more people were aware because it kills me seeing young hopeful students think that it's their skill that gets them a job. A certain level of skill is required for certain positions, but it's all relative and like any job, it really comes down to some asshole deciding to give you a chance and let you in. It also pisses me off when men talk about this at all because they get preferential treatment and automatically let into a lot of jobs in the art world just because they're male. I've seen it happen so often. Men should not get to talk about how hard landing a job is period.

No. 1652847

File: 1691086044657.jpeg (199.87 KB, 2048x866, IMG_4964.jpeg)

Looked up this person and aside from their paintings their art really isn’t bad? Not everybody can be a savant and there are far, far, worse artists who get consistent work in the industry. Seems more like jealousy at them having rich parents/a support net to put them through school.

No. 1652853

Yeah, those works are pretty clean and consistent which a lot of flashy/self taught/online illustrators don't actually have. The recent posts having misdirected criticism gives me the impression it's crabby and inexperienced nonas. Don't spend money you don't have to go to art school/online courses. You definitely can learn things else where. But if you have the time and resources I do recommend at least online courses. It's not just the lessons for the subject itself but also teaches plenty of eye opening things about the industry.

No. 1652858

What the fuck are you even on about? First of all I'm not male, and second of all I never said I wanted art and design to be some sort of meritocracy-only hellscape. The problem I see with the industry right now is that it's the reverse- there's almost no merit and almost all of it is through either nepotism or becoming buddy buddies with the right people which is why we often end up with people who have the artistic skill of a knob working on major media. Art isn't only skill indeed, hence why I mentioned networking and softskills ARE important, but come on. SOME skill should be necessary.

Why it is only art gets to have this "but think of the young hopeful artist with no skills whastoever!" card? If an artist wants to get in the industry they should have a minimum of skill, period. It's not "evil male talking about job", it's literally just how any regular job works.

No. 1652877


ah yes, having actual art skill is bad actually. if you have art skills and you want to be acknowledged profissionally for it then you must be some dirty meritocratic asshole.

seriously nona, coddling young artists and telling them they can be anything they want without putting in effort on bettering themselves as an artist and just rely on network plugs is just shit behavior.

No. 1652883

He's a concept artists, these are far more than acceptable for that type of work

No. 1652884

File: 1691088782174.jpeg (28.29 KB, 460x254, FF2CA769-A0D6-4041-826C-9793BE…)

NTA but whats your tablet resolution? I use a screenless wacom of this size in picrel for nearly a decade now, it's been working fine and I like to draw on it more in compared to my Ipad Pro, although recently I start to get intense shoulder cramps in my dominant side as well. Which size should I upgrade to?

Anon! You should consider getting a wrist-thumb bracer, look up keywords 'wrist thumb carpal tunnel brace' or find at your local medical supplies store. I've been wearing them when I'm sleeping or not using my dominant hand, it does help a lot after several comic deadlines crunch.

No. 1652890

File: 1691089592740.jpeg (411.92 KB, 1536x1211, IMG_4709.jpeg)

ideally 1:1 tablet drawing area to screen is but it’s not always feasible. Get one as big as you can considering your table/set up. consider buying some angled tablet stands too.

No. 1652900

That's the thing his art is just…mid(even more so because you expect some creative designs? Even on the official studios page the art is on a higher skill level)for a concept artist you'd expect more since they say they went to some good schools but I guess not everyone can be unique but even so his art is lack luster? It's just a preference.you can achieve this level of skill for free(his style and render ) without paying a penny and as someone who has went to artschool I'd say it's only good for getting your foot in the industry not really for developing your skills but you could do that nowadays bu reaching out to artists making a following. James gurney even said so himself that he taught himself more than a school could. I don't know why art schools are being so glorified they're just a cash grab

No. 1652929

NTA but if that's mid, what is your definition of a regular 'good' artist to you? Like it's not a style I care for but there's certainly nothing wrong with it.

No. 1652937

Thank you nona! I never thought of getting a angled tablet stand for screenless tablet. unfortunately I've tried finding one of these when I first got my ipad pro, and my search has been vain so far. I made my own stand our of cardboard boxes and they work.. okay at least. If you have any brand or name I can just buy off Aliexpress it'd help a lot.

No. 1652958

File: 1691095523468.jpeg (1.31 MB, 4096x2317, 1803200E-9623-428A-9422-9F4490…)

It feels like I know of so many art/animation students with this same awkward face style

No. 1653059

I’m currently using a refurb cintiq 16 which works well but I’d like to upgrade to a bigger screen soon for ergonomics. Is the cintiq 24 pro worth it or should I try huion or xp pen? Please lmk your experience nonnas

No. 1653082

File: 1691104471979.jpeg (41.35 KB, 450x199, IMG_1730.jpeg)

I feel you so hard, was going through that for a while. I second a wrist/thumb brace and a bigger screen if you’re able to invest in one. Another thing that helped me was doing light dumbbell wrist exercises. It seems counterintuitive and if it hurts a lot, stop, but it can help strengthen the muscles there. If nothing at all helps, please go to a doctor. They can give more suggestions or refer you for physical therapy and complete worst case, surgery. My dr also suggested picrel, which is technically for arthritis and isn’t for long-term use but it did help me for a little bit. You just have to be diligent in applying it.

No. 1653092

is nixeu also numy?

No. 1653119

Not what I said, at all. I'm agreeing with you for one. Get some fucking reading comprehension and stop trying to infight. >>1652877 You're both being retards.
This person's art is literally fine and all this complaining is a giant nothingburger. I miss when this thread had actual milk and not just jealous crabs and lurking /ic/ moids.

No. 1653126


Nice points but you two need to learn how to read

No. 1653148

1. Try to find a position you can put the tablet at that doesn’t cause pain. The traditional tablets are pretty lightweight so it shouldn’t be too hard to move around or put on an adjustable laptop stand to angle it. I don’t have a stand so I put a random Christmas gift box behind mine and it works.

2. Wrist strengthening exercises (see video)
This one also looks helpful: https://youtu.be/CjYdOaWhnTk

3. Buy a box of dixie cups, fill one with water and put it in the freezer. After it freezes you can peel the paper and rub the ice on your wrist. A seamstress with arthritis told me about this one.

4. If you wear a wrist brace don’t wear it while drawing. Wear it at nighttime.

No. 1653204

Agree, a lot of back seat driving. Holdong myself back from asking them to pyw.
Vid rel doesn't link where he got them but hopefully the name would help?

No. 1653234

Who? Provide screencaps you idiot

No. 1653262

Any traditional art nomas? What do you do and what medium is your favorite? I love oil pastels to an embarrassing degree, makes me feel like an impressionist painting in my Parisian cottage

No. 1653337

I love watercolor and pens, like just black. Or gold. Depends if I want shine. Too scared to use flakes as I feel I'd waste my money.

No. 1653356

As in gold flakes? They are generally easy to use and from my exp you get “more uses out of flakes than leaves” - but it really depends what you need the gold for and what surface. You just need to be careful with flakes to not have any windy stuff nearby!

But you could always use gold pigments and make your own super saturated gold paint!

No. 1653400

I've thought about looking into some illustrious watercolors and seeing about using those, but I'm so worried about ruining materials as money is a big issue for me. NicollesDreams made beautiful watercolors and she doesn't seem to sell them anymore.

No. 1653412

Does anyone have recommendations for artists or tutorials who draw a lot of full bodies or draw good legs? I usually draw referencing art I like, but I’ve realized most of those images are half bodies or cropped manga panels. I’m struggling to draw anything from the mid thigh down

No. 1653427

this line of thinking explain why 99% of modern western media is so incredible mediocre and ugly unless an oldschool artist from when you had to excell at drawing to work in the industry is working on it

No. 1653428

Stop referencing other artists for anatomy would be your first step, nonna. Especially if all they draw are half-bodies.

No. 1653432

You’ll be shocked to find out that the average employed industry artist in Japan and China is also averagely skilled and that they don’t all draw like >>1639758 who also works for western media companies.

No. 1653436

The ergo grips and other other stuff are mostly for very specific use cases, and scams outside those.

Learn to set yourself up properly, this anon gave a great starting point video: >>1653204

>Figure out what part of the tablet maps to the center of the drawing area on the screen, this will not be the middle of the tablet itself

>Set that spot so it's horizontally under where your arm is
>For the near/far distance, first angle the tablet - you need a separate book or tablet stand, tilting desk, or nigger rigged solution
>Then set this distance so that using your pen to touch the bottom of the tablet does not cause your elbow to cross the front-back midway point of your body, but isn't so far you have to extend or twist your shoulder to get extra reach.
>If you can't get both, increase the tablet steepness until you can

It goes without saying that you will also need your chair and desk height set properly for this to work.

When actually drawing, you primarily use the muscles of your shoulder and elbow, not your wrist. For small details, use your fingers - again, not your wrist. Zoom in/out to get better control in the other two areas.

Also you need to NOT squeeze your pen hard. It should be held so lightly that if you were to flick your arm up the pen would slip out. If you feel you have to press very hard, adjust your pen/brush settings so the maximum value is achieved with less pressure. It should be "J" shaped. Play around with it.

No. 1653439

File: 1691133208576.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, 1673541679126.webm)

>You’ll be shocked to find out that the average employed industry artist in Japan and China is also averagely skilled
that's a lie and you know it, the a average moeshit like pic rel has more skilled artists working on it than megacorporation western bullshit. We will never get a disney renaissance again because no one can animate like that anymore in the west. We are stuck with mediocre artists that can make mediocre things and people siding with them because ''muh style muh they only have to design characters(and suck on it)'' meanwhile someone like yoh yoshinari can animate, illustrate AND design characters.

No. 1653441

That's primarily because of two things.
The pipeline is different in eastern vs western productions. Various eastern studios (not just japanese, chinese and koreans do this as well) are the ones who are outsourced to by western companies, so there's always work to be done and the jobs are a little more stable.

Meanwhile, a lot of western studios are formed by bigger parent companies to give specific people jobs, and then either dissolved when no longer useful or there's just nothing to be done outside that one asshat's series/projects. It's a lot less consistent, and animators are rarely tied to the studio as they're only needed for part of the production. Much of western animation's gruntwork is still being outsourced to asia.

The seconf point is a difference in attitude - a lot of western studios are filled with worse nepotism than eastern because of there being far fewer actual PRODUCTION companies, so you have this big insular group of retards who've been controlling things.

Many animators go into the industry with the dream of making their pet project, but that rarely is the case. It takes a LOT of brownnosing and playing office politics to get to that point. I don't know why, but western animators seem much more bitter and resentful over this than eastern ones seem to be, and if you look at peoples' filmography you'll see a lot of eastern animators that have worked as a director or lead still end up doing work of less-responsibility/prestige on other series. This seems to be almost unheard of in the western sphere.

As goofy as a Vivziepop is, it really was funny seeing how many people were shitting on her purely because they were knee-deep in swallowing their bosses' boots while she just "cheated" by bypassing the whole hierarchy. I have never heard of such pettiness of that scale surrounding any japanse animators.

No. 1653442

if money is an issue watercolors are a great choice, as they last incredibly long since you only need very little paint at a time. If you want to use expensive etsy handmade stuff you can buy individual primaries, but personally I really like White Nights, which are professional but affordable because they're produced in east europe

No. 1653444

File: 1691134791958.png (1.18 MB, 854x480, Ace_Attorney_Anime.png)

a lot of mediocre trash is produced with mediocre artists in Japan. Go to any anime website and browse new and half the stuff is unwatchable and awkwardly drawn

No. 1653445

Still can't believe the live action Ace Attorney movie is better than the anime by far. How did that even happen? I guess Capcom doesn't give a shit?

No. 1653446

japan produces so much fucking anime that ofcourse the vast mayority of it are going to have a limited budget with limited animation, but you are still going to get at least 2-3 really good anime per season. You cant say the same about western animation were you luckily get one good, well animated show every 5 years. It took western animation 2 decades to finally get rid of that hideous disney/pixar doll style, meanwhile anime was mogging them with simple 2d animation with attractive designs. I would take a venture bros/primal over anime shit any day, but there isnt enough talent in the west and there is too much nepotism. In Japan the talent is there, but they often have limited budgets and are overworked, in the west they have bigger budgets are backed by big networks and still produce absolute crap.

No. 1653447

Live action spinoffs are really popular in japan, sometimes they do way better than the anime adaptations of manga

No. 1653449

Big budgets go towards money laundering lol

No. 1653451

Ok but the artists working on the shit anime aren’t all Yoh Yoshinari, even if you removed the insane time crunch. They’re just average. There is still talent in the west, but you’re right that there’s way too much nepotism. Besides western animations aren’t about the show itself, it’s about selling as much merch as possible. In the west you’d be lucky if a skilled artist was given both the connections and funding to direct a passion project but the chances of that happening are so slim.

No. 1653452

Neat! I can cherrypick too.

No. 1653453

I imagine it was just advertisement for the new games and rereleases at the time.

No. 1653454

nah, i remember zach, the guy who made smiling friends, talking about how the budget is often misused and how they managed to make the entire show under 1mill, while a single episode of family guy is 2mill. There isnt a love for art and animation in the west, it's sad but true. Unlike in Japan where they fight and work hard to eventually get their own shows(again, like yoshinari) in the west is just sucking up to the bosses until they give you your own show, even with your lack of talent. That's how we end up with monstrosities like Steven Universe that are backed by a big network, have unnecesary talent like nicki minaj/estelle wasting budget money and tell their untalented animators to do whatever they want because its ''muh style''.

No. 1653455

> We are stuck with mediocre artists that can make mediocre things
so are you putting yourself in this category too? go back to /ic/

No. 1653456

is that supposed to show anything? the animation is wonky but the shot is really ambitious, the hair is extremely detailed, and you can tell the animators were trying to do something new. Western animation is too scared to break the mold and try something new so you will never see this level of scuffed but genuine animation.

No. 1653459

Did you think I meant the money laundering was for the animators? Lol no, it's for the people making these thing to "spend X million" and mysteriously have a lot of it go missing into ill-defined marketing, consulting, etc black holes.

No. 1653462

Another issue in the west is that a lot of the shows tend to be "genreless". In the west, "cartoon" is a genre in and of itself whereas in Japan anime is treated like a medium. A more fair comparison would honestly be comparing movies to anime because they are more similar to each other compared to cartoons.

Even though a lot of anime can be described as average as best, cartoons have an issue where there is almost no diversity. Regardless of how average it is, anime almost always has some diversity as a medium. Horror, psychological, romance, shounen, shoujo, isekai, etc. take your pick. Cartoons tend to either be coming-of-age stories, slice-of-life, fantasy, comedy or adult. Action cartoons focused on superheroes (and in general) got phased out for a time in the west and/or don't receive nearly as much promotion as anything else.

Not to mention, a lot of cartoons are forced into the same-ish art style these days and even though anime can have severe same face syndrome, it is at least contained within the show itself. Animes can be produced by the same studio but look different from each other despite their similarities in animation style or quality. Western studios have the issue where different shows will oftentimes just look the same as one another.

No. 1653475

No, but I can tell someone unskilled and most likely didn't study as a storyboard artist works on Gohands. kek. I understand anime appeal too but I'm tired of you weebs.

No. 1653478

There's so much bland tier Isekai waifus baity fan service bullshit in anime, this has to be bait right?

No. 1653480

So many anons who have clearly never worked in a studio making wild assumptions and claims. No offense but a lot of this feels off topic, isn't there an animation thread for this?

No. 1653482

File: 1691139567544.png (336.98 KB, 579x738, Screenshot_83.png)

Picrel is a western animator who had his impressive layout scrapped because of budget constraints.
honestly of all the sakuga clips to use, using a waifubait clip should have been telling enough.

No. 1653485

I don't feel like it's worth arguing with people who don't even understand how the animation industry works. Like Steven universe was animated in Korea lol. So many insane assertions

No. 1653488

Last for sharing an interesting vid. Less so much to pit western and eastern art but moreso to show it's apples and oranges even to the smallest detail.
Thanks making me feel less insane, nona.

No. 1653495

I don't want to accuse anons of anything but I find it suspicious that an anon pointing out how men get preferential treatment leads to more mediocre men getting hired was somehow controversial. It's quite literally objectively true in all facets of the entertainment industry. Anyway I don't want to harp on this anymore but no you're not crazy lol

No. 1653497

I feel like one point I feel the need to bring up is that 20 or so years ago there use to actually be mentorships within animation in the west. Nobody came in a master if they were entry level but there was a lot more dedication to training, even the prestige calarts alumni needed training… That's how it use to work. There are still some mentorships but if you don't hit the ground running in many cases they end up getting let go of not renewing your contract. It's an entirely different business model now. I feel like this could be said for a lot of jobs now though, they aren't willing to train anymore and then get mad when they can't find the perfect candidate.

No. 1653506

Offtopic. Are you in the industry, nona? How are you dealing with gendie shit or has it not infiltrated your workplace?

No. 1653513

Not currently moved to an adjacent creative industry (games). There's more tifs in animation that's for sure but there are also more tims in games. Honestly even in games when I seek out orgs for women you still get hit with gendie shit to some degree but in terms of work I've managed to dodge a lot of that shit just by virtue of being independent and job hopping.

No. 1653515

File: 1691143816091.jpg (85.46 KB, 1176x680, _mad_man__by_sakimichan_d4cfok…)

Showing my age a bit but man,I really miss mid 2000s deviantart and smaller communities in general (compared to how everyone is on the internet now).
I haven't looked up sakimi chan in years, she really sold her soul didn't she? after reading some posts in this thread I definitely tinfoil too that she teaches the AI with her art to get stuff done faster.
sometimes I wonder what happened to all those great artists that were around in 2005-2006 ( hoon,idnar,pokefreak,druihd the girl who did spot on inuyasha fanart lol), dA was pretty comfy back then.
I'm nostalgic af right now. I need to go find my dvds from that period, had a lot of art saved.

No. 1653519

I feel you anon, I feel like there was a brief time.period where DeviantArt was just really fun. People always talk about the weird fetish shit on DeviantArt but when I was on there it was mostly just fanartists and some professionals. I'm also nostalgic for it

No. 1653530

It's hard not to think I just have dunning kruger when my art barely gets noticed nowadays but my dogshit mspaint art years ago got more comments compared to both of my current art and even beautiful artworks on twitter would get thousands of likes and no personal comments.

No. 1653544

I miss the deviantart community I was a part of. There was constant interaction and activity going on and people really seemed to genuinely enjoy commenting on each other's art and taking part in each other's ideas. People's OCs had actual stories rather than a list of genders and disorders, and there was just a lot more creativity going around and people doing art for fun. Haven't found that since and doubt I ever will.

No. 1653579

This face style is so ugly. It's like the inbetween of cartoons and anime. You have the round face and defined nose of western, but big eyes of anime (but drawn in a cartoony way)

It's like the result of weebs who think drawing a defined nose makes their style better than the moe artists who draw a line for the nose, ignoring that an anime face is stylized more consistently than whatever this is.

No. 1653598

Ace Attorney is a video game and given the atmosphere, the animations and the way everything is presented you'd think it'd work well in an anime and would look retarded in a live action adaptation. That's why I'm saying this.

No. 1653606

Just mechanical pencil because I'm basic and not very good

No. 1653613

just take your own pictures or have someone take a picture of you. I have a big mirror outside my closet doors so I use that and a cheap tripod.

No. 1653760

To me western animation started going to shit when it started to have cartoon quite obviously based off one or multiple anime because the director or main artist loved those anime as a child and wanted to add elements from it to their shitty cartoon. As soon as I watch an interview or read a tweet when the director says "oh! i really liked this one anime so i wanted t-" i already know the cartoon will be shit.

No. 1653840

Anyway does any of you have that infographic about a drawn cube and a sphere and then when you merge the ideas together you get a soft edged cube or something which represented a synthesis of a new idea? It was shared in ic.

No. 1653842

File: 1691169173282.png (573.97 KB, 824x430, Create.png)

Found it.

No. 1653913

File: 1691173288926.png (5.61 MB, 1864x3000, Untitled255_20230522075124.png)

Is this a good art style?

No. 1653968

No. 1654051

No, messy rendering and atrocious anatomy.
Made me remember of an artist that made dress up flash games, she had a similar style

No. 1654060

I can smell the airbrush and burn shading, plus the arms are horrifically disproportionate and although being a fairly simple design theres way too much going on for me to even tell what the fuck is going on

No. 1654197

File: 1691195505125.jpeg (338.28 KB, 520x903, 215611FA-CB10-4459-95EA-405722…)

Side account of @ofangie on Instagram

No. 1654217

I feel like I'm having a fucking stroke reading this.

No. 1654219

She’s basically saying since she isn’t truly “stereotypically feminine” she must be a man

No. 1654233

Wow, the self hatred is strong in this one. Calling being a woman a freaking disease and a monster. Really now! It's fucked up how just "not being feminine" is getting interpreted as "I must be a man." Are these types just forgetting that tomboys exist.

No. 1654244

I miss the old art memes from deviantart. Especially the ones with 2 different artists they were fun to read.

No. 1654253

File: 1691200265214.jpg (936.01 KB, 600x10674, d3072pa-110795e2-e0cb-4b4b-a45…)

I loved the OC art memes so much, really good for art block

No. 1654274

On the contrary, I only find objectively good looking men attractive, and I hate the ugly shilled ones. But this is getting ot.

No. 1654281

File: 1691202517632.png (8.22 MB, 2250x3000, Formic_acid_and_Methanol_Chemi…)

Same artist

No. 1654332

Are these self posts? Like, who cares why are you posting these?

No. 1654343

Nona/newfag take these to >>>/m/293069
or >>>/m/187240

No. 1654543

File: 1691215956831.jpg (43.62 KB, 1600x1600, 51kj4pIJqcL.jpg)

>>1652717 anon here, thank you all for the advice! I honestly didn't expect so much useful discussion because I didn't think my sort of pain was all that common. Sorry if this gets pretty long, all of the replies were very helpful and has given me a lot to think about.

Picrel is my tablet, I wouldn't call it small (it's like 10inches wide, I believe?) but that's because I graduated from one of those small Wacom tablets, so anything's an upgrade. I've been thinking of investing in a bigger screen tablet for a long time now, preferably a Huion Kamvas 20 Pro, and it's nothing to do with money because I can very readily afford it, however my biggest issue would probably be setting it up / potential back issues. I have awful shrimp posture and shrimping over a screen tablet seems like it would worsen it.
Thank you for the video! It's actually a bit of coincidence that you'd recommend strength exercises, because I've been doing strength training recently because of recommendations made by my doctors because of my poor grip strength for my age. Thinking of it, that also might cause the pain whilst drawing.
This was also very helpful, and the part about pen grip was eye-opening, because I noticed now that I do press down fairly hard whilst drawing, but I never had a frame of reference for something like that. I've tried playing with pen pressure before, but my natural grip fit the usual pressure so well I never bothered changing it for long. I'm going to take your advice and work on my pen pressure and see if that helps at all! Thank you!!

No. 1654691

we have the same tablet, did your original cable also gave up on the first year or was mine faulty?

No. 1654817

Nta, but mine too!! Can't replace it because it's internal in the tablet.

No. 1655090

How the fuck can this be made with blender? it's literally as good as 2D.

No. 1655106

Look up any grease pencil tutorial, that tool is mindblowing honestly. And not that hard to learn at all! Sometimes I can't believe Blender is free with all amazing things it offers

No. 1655319

>all the femboy art is gay except maybe one image of a normal woman giving a femboy a handie
>the rest is bland straight shit and women being tortured

The artist is definitely a homo amab IRL, regardless of whether he has delusions of womanhood or not. The desire to see women abused to this kind of degree is usually a sign of male homosexuality and other mental unwellness.

No. 1655322

>The desire to see women abused to this kind of degree is usually a sign of male homosexuality
you are extremely wrong, it's the straightest shit ever. he's probably bi

No. 1655494

>>straightest shit ever
??? He's most definitely a spicey straight at best

No. 1655568

All of y'all are wrong, he's just a creep suffering from some form of trauma.

No. 1655637

File: 1691307304845.jpeg (75.53 KB, 800x854, 3C6CAD45-616A-4218-975C-9A8166…)

>he's just bi
all of the speculating nonas are just try-hard catty and failed to come to a conclusion that he should not be near any women or children, let alone posting his arts online for all to see. Even if he's to put to jail, it would do nothing to his degenerate nature.

No. 1655695

Everything I draw always goes through a phase where it's extremely wonky first, as in tilted heads, uneven eyes, etc. and then I have to spend so much time fixing it. I've been drawing for many years and it's just something that I don't ever seem to improve on, it's my biggest hurdle and also one of the reasons why I'd be too self conscious to do art streams or record a speedpaint. It feels like I can't actually draw, I'm just good at making wonky sketches and correcting them until they look nice. Any advice on how to get better at drawing things right from the beginning? How does one actively work on that? This happens even if I use guidelines btw.

No. 1655698

hate this shit, not everyone who's been hurt is a shitbag like this. however, in the case of men, you may as well be correct.

No. 1655797

Sounds like you might need to improve your visual library, mainly your ability to translate the idea in your head onto a canvas once you have it; streamers in particular excel at this and so do speedpainters. Ofc it's entirely possible you're too bogged down by insecurities as well.

No. 1655806

This is such a lie and you know it, anon. The literal tranime has a very unusually high budget/production value.
Stop trying to dress up the Japanese anime scene as more than what it is. It's still QUALITY and dogshit abound, except now the stories they use don't even make it worth trying to watch. Goddamn I hate weebs

No. 1655872

I’m not the one to pearl clutch about homophobia against gay men but this is the most retarded take of my life. So your straight moids are perfect respectful gentlemen who never abuse women? An obsession with abusing and hurting women is statistically a straight man thing LMFAO. Retard

No. 1655905

I've had mine for a lil over a year and a half with no issues so far (besides the stupid driver), so that sucks you both had issues with Huion. ironically the only tablet I've had that broke was my wacom

No. 1655955

Mine is a Wacom, sorry, I saw the cord issue and had to add in that I have the issue too. Yeah, my Wacom's internal connector has been wonky since the first 3 months of having it. I still used it 2 years later, it's a very common issue that the port on Wacoms are shitty, so don't get your hopes up too much. It might eventually, otherwise good for you for getting one that isn't faulty. I have a WIPro specifically and these are so faulty a lot of the time, there's issues from a bunch of artists about them, but they are still the best tablets to use. It functions just fine, I have some tape to keep the cord in place to help it from moving the port around inside, but I literally can't move my tablet basically lol

No. 1655956

I'm the same way. I think >>1655797 has a good point, I might try to make some improvements to my visual library indeed. However, my end result is always nice and you might just need to embrace the process. If you are able to run Blender, trying to sculpt some stuff in 3D could help you with this since it's basically just taking a bunch of awkward lumps and going over them again and again until they look right. After taking classes in 3D sculpting I realized that I already had a similar mindset while drawing and it helped me enjoy my messy drawing process more. My only problem is when people ask me for help or advice and I can't even give it because I have no idea how I got to the final result, kek. If you are very worried about people seeing the whole process, you could prepare a piece to a certain extent before you start streaming and work it out from there, and just be honest about not wanting people to see your messy startup process just yet.

No. 1655979

I swear some anons here have a lack of reading comprehension and don't follow the chain of replies that the anon is responding to. If a man is into femboys then he's at least a bit of a homo even if he claims otherwise. This artist is like those repressed "straight" misogynistic 4channers who hate women so much that they turn to femboys.

No. 1655995

True. If anything his art shows that he is generally unable to see women, or at least fictional ones, as people. The femboy shit being a lot softer in comparison could be because he can understand and relate to males to a point where he can't get off to seeing them abused or something

No. 1656002

i said that desiring to horrifically abuse women is the straighest shit ever, learn to read

No. 1656017

File: 1691343056230.jpg (526.95 KB, 1478x2323, 68106623_2zvjOaANY.jpg)

not too bad but i wouldn't pay $45 for this

No. 1656024

I'm not gonna commission this person but $45 for half body + some background is not a lot.

No. 1656119

I don't know what kind of disposable income you have, 45$ is too much for this shit. God, I should make furry art.

No. 1656126

I feel like we have this argument every couple of threads
Also I agree with the other anon 45 dollars is nothing. Artists are allowed to set their rates this honestly isn't milk

No. 1656175

I love graphite. I've been using water soluble ones and painting details in acrylic. I also love watercolors with high granulation. Charcoal isn't bad, either. I like mediums that can make heavy tectures, so I completely understand your love of oil pastels.

No. 1656195

File: 1691352394353.jpg (295.07 KB, 1586x1397, 49319988_1VYwYcDEWE9Qdlf.jpg)

holy shit its hand

No. 1656201

Let it go, vendetta-chan, this is a teenager's art

No. 1656233

Clearly new lol

No. 1656539

i meant to reply to the person youre replying to. Wrong click. Sorry

No. 1656544

Then do it anon. I don't have disposable income but I'm not the target audience in the first place.

No. 1656718

lurk more fag

No. 1656774

File: 1691405278806.png (621.83 KB, 741x697, artfix.png)

Maybe I'm retarded but I think she made it worse while claiming to "fix" it

No. 1656816

Is fixing art just adding more detail to someone's drawing nowadays?

No. 1656882

Slightly OT (emphasis on "slightly" because this is something to keep in mind when navigating art spaces and filtering potential clients, too) but I tend to call this stuff Greco-Roman thinking. You see it with some MENA cultures. They are straight, but their misogyny is so warped that they're horny for literal children and weird, bloated, dolled-up men.
I'm trying to take care on how I draw my ikemen. There's a massively distinct line between what women like and what these dudes like. But, if I'm not careful, I'll get one that's looking for something a little "different" (i.e. something softer than their usual coombrained nightmares). Any of you interested in doing male erotica, take note of this convo.

No. 1656888

And abusing the mesh/liquify tool, apparently.

No. 1656937

The only art that actively reflects peoples' attitudes is the kind where they explicitly state they are venting or trying to make a statement/propaganda. "Making weird porn" does not mean someone is secretly some kind of terrible person in a way related to the subject of their art.

However, like I indicated there ARE people who - based on their other behavior - you can tell are fucked up because it overconsumes their life, and then they make art as a subservient action to that. Some people who are super-depressed, with an external-locus-of-control and poor self-esteem end up making art that's just a cope for them being fat or whatever. Like "I put zero effort into keeping my appearance nice so all my art is of ugly people to validate my choices" type shit. As well, lot of gendie artists are "gendie-first, artist second", same with activists.

No. 1656948

Did she give the character a v line shaving?

No. 1656965

To be more specific, I was talking about the clients who would support such an artist, and not the artist themselves.

No. 1657036

because it emphasises the action being down which is opening the mouth. Otherwise, it's very flat compared to the tall character, looks lazy in the way she is singing too. Opening the mouth gives more action when highlighted by the facial structure changing like it does IRL. Aminated/drawn is just a little more exaggerated, but you can tell that the face shape is still rounded when it would go back to the normal position it would be like the original again.

No. 1657037

I've seen this quick series on TikTok and she has people send in their art to see if there's anything she could edit in that they could fix on their side that's not perfect like perspective. It's pretty informative and she's good at it actually, she's not just randomly fixing art like idiots on twitter would do.

No. 1657066

Late to this, but you have de quervains, basically your tendons get inflamed. I get it too; the only true thing you can do is rest it. Mine got so bad and wouldn't go away even without use so I got surgery to fix it, but that's an extreme case. The vast majority of people fix it by changing their habits and taking breaks.

No. 1657068

Nta, but basically tendonitis.

No. 1657104

File: 1691429047137.png (49.42 KB, 295x640, IMG_1903.png)

Does anyone else have the feeling 3dtotal is pushing out kickstarter artbooks of any artist they can get their hands on? Ive backed some books but lately it has been just wtf “art of xx” books…

No. 1657138

I noticed that when I bought a book from them a few years ago. I would get updates for a new artist’s artbook and I didn’t remember asking for updates. Seeing as how they push a lot I tend to agree with you.

No. 1657158

> You see it with some MENA cultures. They are straight, but their misogyny is so warped that they're horny for literal children and weird, bloated, dolled-up men.
jesus christ this wouldn't be something I learned from lolcow today, that makes a lot of sense during my early days or Deviantart commissions where I hadn't cultivated a 'normal' target audience yet, my 16-years-old self got so freaked out after approached by one of these - but luckily I rejected all of them and wasn't recruited by their niche.
I'm in my 30s now and still can't help running into self-IDed he/she/it even in 'industry' comic scene, the most I can do is humor them even when they joke about fucking a corpse rather than a woman. Just typing this making me nauseous aughhh.

I agree with you anon, a lot of my favorite arts are horror/gore that are on the emphasis of aesthetic experimental. Then there is 'cope' art, which is fine, but I'd wish them to be contained rather than all of them having such exhibition freaks about it.

No. 1657210

I've backed some of their Kickstarters and I agree. Keep feeling like it's a short time away before they announce an artbook with Samdoesart or Lavendertowne.

No. 1657410

Wow, this moid’s gallery is like a study of the male mind. Bleak.

No. 1657484

it's tragic because his art, from a technical standpoint, is kinda impressive imo. ik y'all will probably rip it to shreds after this but i like his aesthetic and the way he stylizes a simple technique; it still sucks he chooses to waste it, tho.

No. 1657489


His faces are kinda all fug. I like his coloring style but I can find other artists of a Same or better caliber that aren't coomer moids.

No. 1657490

I like her fixes because she doesn't change the original artists' styles, just does small tweaks. Like, this character is singing, so her cheekbones would be popping out more, and you'd see her lower teeth. She's adding anatomical structure to a loose drawing.

You can still prefer the original though, illustrative styles don't need to be structurally correct.

No. 1657498

What artists with the same or similar coloring style do you recommend?

No. 1657690

File: 1691485919577.jpg (236.71 KB, 1181x1427, F2_E2I_bQAAmIOA.jpg)

Anons, how do you use texture in your art? I've been using the standard round brush for years but I'd like to add some texture to my art (like picrel), but every time I try it looks like shit. It doesn't help that most brushes/textures I find are pretty bad (seriously, I even paid for a pack and it turned out to be awful) and low-quality. Am I missing something here? Is there a way to make textures look good in a piece? Do you have some good (possibly free) brushes to recommend?

No. 1657854

i only use traditional mediums but ill try and help (with digital art), try using watercolour brushes and pencil like brushes they go really well, you can also create really cool gradinets
try also using gouache/acrylic brushes and oil pastel brushes
in conclusion I suggest you try and look into mediums that work really well traditionally and try and replicate it digitally

No. 1657948

also google.

No. 1657983

Honestly I don't understand why everytime I suggest we talk about something related to the items in the thread description someone feels the need to complain about how this isn't IC. If y'all don't wanna talk about any of those things then leave them out.

No. 1658096

The standard round brush is the most digital looking brush you could use, that's why adding a random texture on top of it would look bad. I'd suggest changing your standard brush to something with texture. You can modify the round brush to have some noise/texture in most programs. Add a multiply/overlay layer of paper texture. Add a noise layer. Paint manual texture in (like extra lines, lost edges) Making a more organic looking piece means letting go of the natural cleanliness that is inherent to digital tools.

No. 1658678

File: 1691565025286.png (186.9 KB, 604x771, why.png)

This shit is so pathetic to me, for context Savannahxyz makes blender videos, the model in her picture is from a moid who makes porn of her, along with making gross porn of other Youtubers like Jaiden animations and the Game Grumps. It's inevitable that any female creator with a cartoon avatar will get porn made of them I know. But I don't understand the creators that want to get validation from the lowest of the low types of men.

No. 1658828

This made me remember of a group of girls (I believe kek) who contacted me to draw for their nsfw visual novel, I'm always in need of money and I can draw nasty shit so why the fuck not? I told them to send me what they want to draw and what they send me is a reference of, I think 8 characters.
All of these 8 characters are literally copy paste of each other the only difference being that there's an special slot in each the describe in tremendous detail how the vaginas should be drawn and how the crotch should look when clothed. I can't make this shit up.
I decided to investigate further and apparently they are being supported by around $2000 usd on Kickstarter and also on Patreon, so I guess coomers are satisfied.

No. 1658832

they probably know that if they refuse and call out coomers it's just going to be worse. They are gonna get a bunch of contrarian faggots drawing porn of her ''for the lulz'' and moids feeling like the victims for being called out for being coomers

No. 1658925

I've seen that specific painting daubs pattern in so many art pieces. I looked up and I think the original is from Grzegorz Rutkowski, he has a free brush set with it that you can download on gumroad. It's really easy to loose the texture in photoshop, sometime I like to lock the layer's transparent pixels then render the colors. It helps to hold the texture in while I shade. Hope that made sense and that it helps you somehow.

No. 1658993

Sorry if this should go into some other thread but does anynonna have any recommendations for art books with some illustrations for a kid? My niece is turning 7 but she is very skilled already and I wanna get her something she can browse, I get that she is a kid but she likes technical and intricate illustrations like machinery so, something like that? I'm sorry if this doesn't make any sense

No. 1659077

Technical art that's kid friendly is pretty much non existent. Do you think she would be cool with general mecha art?

Artbooks by Simon Stalenhag might be fun or maybe they're a little too gloomy for a seven year old.

No. 1659087

There’s always the Richard Scarry books. They’re pretty intricate. I can’t remember but there’s a series that has cut aways showing the inside of an object and buildings. I think it was about various topics but that was pretty detailed too.

No. 1659090

File: 1691608321017.jpeg (1008.87 KB, 1552x2000, IMG_9547.jpeg)

Found it. This guy has a lot of illustrations.

No. 1659129

I actually already have a pack with a Rutkowsky brush that's very similar, but how should I apply it? In the picture it looks like it's just applied above the finished drawing with a layer mode.

No. 1659159

Could art books about mecha characters from kids shows help, like transformers or something?

No. 1659165

I'm not sure how they do it, I would love to know as well, the closest I managed to get was to draw the shape, fill the form with Rutkowsky brush that leaves that texture and lock the layer transparent pixels, it keeps the texture of the brushstrokes and avoids the "clean" look the hard brush gives. If you just keep using the brush over and over in the same area it will eventually look flat, that's why locking the transparency keeps it from loosing the texture. Other than that I just keep shading and adding colors with the textured brushes in new layers. In my experience just applying the texture over the drawing won't give this effect. Who is the artist of the dog drawing btw?

No. 1659169


No. 1659171

I think she might like that to be honest, I do wanna get her something that might inspire her but she would definitely enjoy just flipping through a book like that, thank you, I need to check it out!
this is actually perfect wth, I am gonna be her fave for a while if I manage to get her this!
This is a nice idea, she does like stuff like ships and airplanes, I am pretty sure she also has talked about architecture like Eiffel tower but I don't see why she wouldn't like mechas, especially if I get her a toy to have a little hand feel to it also. She might really enjoy that now that I think of it, all you nonnies have been super helpful even though I was kinda messy with my post, many thanks!

No. 1659174

File: 1691613994288.jpg (45.5 KB, 354x500, 51I44817BJL.jpg)

your niece sounds cool af. I am an aircraft autist and i really liked pic rel. You could also try getting her an aircraft model to paint, although when she's older.

No. 1659176

File: 1691614105740.jpeg (42.49 KB, 500x500, images (4).jpeg)

No. 1659179

Not a bad idea, I do some miniature painting myself but not planes, might plop her next to me some time to observe when I'm babysitting
She still hasn't entered her dinosaurs and egypt phase but I should gear up for sure

No. 1659213

Any advice for how to deal with being mentioned in a callout? Some retarded terminally online shit went on with someone apparently blasting someone I very casually talk to as a "proshipper" and I was dragged in solely because we both follow each other mutually. I'm too old for this shit but I genuinely don't really know if I should say anything, if at all

No. 1659221

NTA, I don't have the brush nor use photoshop but with "textured" painting that has similar look to >>1657690 you can try to combine lasso tool to map out areas before you apply the brush.
Block and ignore isn't an option?

No. 1659222

File: 1691617093397.jpg (328.96 KB, 1638x2048, F2_gOJPaQAA6ae5.jpg)

For anyone who watches or pops in from time to time on Twisted Disaster's art streams, have any of you noticed how it seems that her troon/tif friends seem to have a case of NPD. I know that not many people here like Michie or her gaggle of friends but I still sometimes listen to her streams and whenever she has any of her TIF friends ("StarHeavenly", Holly Brown, or ThEZodiacLord), something that really sticks out to me is how narcissistic they can come off.

I notice that when Michie tries to engage on a topic with them, a lot of the times they don't even engage back with the topic and redirect to whatever it is that they themselves brought up. It's not as bad with Holly but it certainly is a lot more prevalent with TheZodiacLord and StarHeavenly. They also tend to cut her off when she's making a point or in mid-sentence and it's just annoying to listen to. I notice that her non-TIF friends are not as bad and they all tend to have a flowing engaging conversation on various topics but with these two, sometimes three girls, it's exhausting to listen to.

I don't know if it's their autism with the hyperfocus on things or some kind of ADHD but it's just interesting to listen to (before tapping out because you get bored).

No. 1659224

i remember when my favourite youtuber brought his tif gf in one of his vids and she wouldnt stop sperging and being cringe. That video has the lowest views on his channel despite his new vids easily reaching 100k. TIF are just supremely cringe, but they are spergy mentally ill womanchildren so what can you expect.

No. 1659235

Ignore everything. Seriously. Just ignore and keep doing your thing. Don't respond or react to a single comment. The moment you show that you're engaged, people will try even harder to pull some drama out of you. Things will die down eventually, but it will do so even faster once people realise you're not a source of drama.

No. 1659369

This. I jumped into one of her streams last week and…ugh. At some point she got up and left for a couple minutes and the friend with the crab icon(?) just sat there and went off on a tangent about some dumb shit; she talked so fast and I just remember her voice bothering me. I was tired but I remember feeling bad for Michi because she kept trying to talk and the call kept turning into a mess of everyone cutting each other off as she worked. How irritating.

No. 1659385

kek it's panpizza isn't it

No. 1659416

Basically what >>1659235 said. I think it's better not to block but to simply step away for a few days. Blocking people who are trying to paint you as a bad person will make them feel justified in continuing their arguing or whatever, but if you leave it be it'll resolve itself since they have no attention spans. If absolutely necessary you can always make a statement next week about how you were busy with your real life and didn't know. A week later or so you can run blockchains on everyone who got mad

No. 1659433

lol he i cant wait until he breaks with that freak, for the freak's sake honestly. I cannot imagine dating a 30yo commer can be any good for her already poor mental state

No. 1659439

File: 1691633573133.jpeg (389.94 KB, 1539x2048, 07F1E46C-FF4D-4F71-80C6-FF1788…)

Isnt her kid old enough to be in preschool now? Why engage in it when all it does is make people create more porn of an oc that is clearly supposed to be her and have her face be posted on her twitter acct tied to all that

No. 1659487

Yes she has moids calling her a milf too. What does she get out of validating online coomers? These coomers don’t even care if she approves of it or not, in fact they get off on it when the creator obviously disapproves of it.

No. 1659552

>It's inevitable that any female creator with a cartoon avatar will get porn made of them I know.
Honestly, if I ever became a content creator and wanted to make a cute avatar to represent me I'd just use a circle with two smaller circles for hands with a simple face similar to AT or Sanrio characters. Very little people would find it sexually arousing and it would even be rarer to find people who would outwardly and publicly sexualize and draw porn of such a character like they do with female content creators like Jaiden Animations.

No. 1659674

People sexualize basic shit like countryballs too so nothing like that would help, tbh just making it a masculine moid would def detract most coomers away.

No. 1659687

Wow, now I'm curious who you're talking about kek.

>Crab icon
That's TheZodiacLord and yeah, I'd argue she's probably the worst with this because she's the one who really rambles on and on about BS that is boring. She's been talking about theater shit for the past few streams she's been in and she always finds a way to redirect back to that boring topic. But Michie does engage with her in it which shows that she's trying to be supportive which is endearing but again, I notice that whenever she tries bringing up a subject that she's interested in, she hardly ever tries to engage with it and she's the one who tends to cut off Michie a lot too.

>I was tired but I remember feeling bad for Michi because she kept trying to talk and the call kept turning into a mess of everyone cutting each other off as she worked. How irritating.

I think I saw this stream, was it the one when there was like 2 or three other people in there beside Michie? One of them with a slight accent? That was a somewhat recent one and I remember getting annoyed as well because of how much they'd be cutting each other off. Personally, this is why when it comes to Michie, I prefer when she's only talking with one person, preferably the non-TIFs because the conversation flows better.

No. 1659688

I've never thought of using the lasso tool, I'm not too savvy with photoshop because I don't really use it to paint. I'll try to play around with it and see if I can get a similar look! And the artist of the dog picture is @zzzi_gn on twitter. Thank you anons!

No. 1659791

File: 1691670202567.jpeg (168.29 KB, 1080x1452, FuL5wnwX0AMY6uY.jpeg)

What is the milk behind the tranny who drew this?

No. 1659812

TIFs think they can freely say the vilest shit about women…I hope she grows out of whatever this is

No. 1659832

File: 1691671621488.jpeg (134.3 KB, 900x1200, 140E579B-640B-489E-8C27-71A1F8…)

>original thought this was DDLC fan art
>"right, this game attracted the worst kind of audiences from either online spectrums anyway"
>saw the kyubei shirt
>realized this is Madohomu
>I want to die now

No. 1659858

If anything the colors give it away

No. 1659947

I'll never understand the need western artists have to draw every single character they can get their hands on as a gross-looking troon with disgusting amounts of body hair

No. 1660140

File: 1691690863748.jpeg (662.51 KB, 1170x1200, IMG_9945.jpeg)

No. 1660143

It's like that because anime stopped being for fringe nerds and is now made to appeal to the lowest common denominator autistic nerds that can't do facial recognition and hate anything that isn't moe coomer shit

No. 1660205

Anime was never for fringe nerds, they just latched onto it because it seemed exotic.

No. 1660215

of course the quickest way to make a "normal" girl character quirky is to add titchop scars and pubestache
it's not even r63 they're still women

No. 1660224

File: 1691694941666.png (874.68 KB, 1400x700, trigun3d.png)

this is an issue of remakes imo. They are done purely for commercial purposes and repackaged to be more market friendly. The new Trigun has the same issue, it looks like it's made to appeal to zoomers

No. 1660228

I honestly wonder if "bland" animation like this can ever have a long-term impact on people, like I'm sure there are shoppers and coomer artists, but I'm talking about actual fans of these series.

No. 1660231

Anime adaptations exist for the purpose of making series accessible to normies. They have been smoothing the personality out of the original manga drawings since forever, just not like this. Remakes are bound to be weird like that because it's smoothing over something that's already smoothed over thus making it completely sterile.

My personal non-coomer examples are Bungou Stray Dogs and the 2011 adaptation of Hunter x Hunter, which both do the original drawings dirty imo. My problem with HxH is mostly that they added a lot of unnecessary dorito chins, but with BSD, it's a completely different artstyle that completely sucks the charisma out of every character. However both series are popular because most people are not art spergs, they just want their fun fandom time so of course they're going to pick the format that moves on its own, has music and seiyuus and colorful visuals, and is readily available.

No. 1660266

God I absolutely hate the state of modern fandoms. I'm on my early twenties and I was one of those first generation kids that grew up with full internet access in the late 2000's and full 2010's and man, fandom was far from perfect in the 10's but I miss it so much. I fucking hate the current state of online fandoms. I'd rather have to deal with sparkledog mary sue ocs and yaoi ship wars and decrepit Superwholock nonsense again than with what current fandoms have going on.

No. 1660274

No. 1660278

I get you, nona. I was one of those early 2010 Axis Powers Hetalia weebs and I admit I was most likely obnoxious as fuck and I remember how the fandom was a notorious problem child but I had so much fun with the APH fandom back then. We'd have ship wars and all but in the end it all boiled down to silly Tumblr fights and if you liked a ship or not you could just move on and the same would extend to the characters. Nowadays you can't say you like or dislike a ship because then you'll have to justify it from a moral standpoint with the chance of the fandom deciding you're a "problematic creep" and if you like or dislike X or Y character you can be just freely accused of being a racist bigot for nothing.

I've stopped engaging in fandoms now, I just enjoy the series and games I like privately because I just have fandom culture now. IT makes me sad honestly, I've gained many great friends from my fandom time when I was a child.

No. 1660295


imagine almost suiciding because of troon madohomu

also this is an image board, anon. post a screenshot next time.

No. 1660336

I'm older than you both as I remember when Myspace came out when I was 15 to give you an idea (kek) kek but I miss old school fandom as well. The weeb yaoi shipping wars were tame compared to where we are now. Nevermind the gender bullshit. It feels like every woman artist I come across online under the age of 35 is "nonbinary" and uses "they/them" pronouns. It feels so dystopian.

No. 1660359


nta but same. i didn't use myspace but i remember the early days of deviantart and spent nearly my entire teenage life on it. i really miss all the oc nonsense and the group clubs people would make in support of certain ships and characters. i remember the most drama i saw back then was oc fights ("they stole muh oc!!1!!") and the occasional bickering on which hot anime boy yaoi ship was better than the other.

No. 1660384

nta but I feel like the fights have gotten nastier too. Yeah there used to be anon hate, or just general fighting and throwing around words, but I feel like it's way worse now. Now the poor fanartist of the week they decide to hate on gets called either racist, transphobic, a pedo or sometimes all of them and their proof will be the artist using the term shackles (this happened within the Genshin fandom of course).
Most are teens but some are unfortunately adults and it's wild to me how vindictive they get.

No. 1660398

Same. Superwholock, dan and phil fans, one directioners, and all the rest were all cringe and catty but can't top the cringe and cattiness of stuff like stan twitter, all the radical acceptance gendie shit, and "shipping discourse" where girls will cancel each other for minutiae they see "wrong" with mild tame fanart, but conveniently ignore moid loli porn. Like I remember when Steven universe fanart depicting everyone as sparkledog obese wheelchair users with vitiligo was laughed at when it was first happening and now it's just expected. Sonic do not steels but on crack.

No. 1660408

>their proof will be the artist using the term shackles
lmao what's wrong with this term? i am ESL and googling it yields nothing "problematique"

No. 1660420

AYRT and oh my god yes, I miss early DeviantART as well, I joined in 2004 and it's so sad where the site is nowadays compared to the 2000s and even the early 2010s. I remember the "OC fights" and I'd take those any day tbh. We thought it was crazy then but in the present time? Oh hell no, it was a walk in the park lol. And even despite all the chaos, there was still a sense of community back then and that's what I miss most.

No. 1660441

File: 1691704944726.jpg (126.05 KB, 1164x1310, FTDC-x4WQAARDqU.jpg)

That came from the Genshin fandom, so it's a completely braindead situation. Basically a really popular artist called Veechu tweeted about finally being freed from the shackles in relation to finishing finals or something, then some random person wanted to start drama and said that the term was actually racist. This isn't true, but the sudden critique must've caused a panic reaction, Veechu only tweeted about hating the genshin fandom and deactivated. Afterwards some people went out of their way to spread racist messages because they thought they were defending her. I wasn't close to the situation so I have no idea how bad the harassement actually was for her over using that term, but in tweets that have been made afterwards the consensus seems to be that Veechu was only in the wrong for not calmly taking the "criticism" and that no one would've pressed it if she just reacted positively. But she and other artists that were drawing a certain ship have already been getting harassed for weeks at that point, so I imagine she just didn't want to deal with pointless accusations anymore

No. 1660450


Genshin was a fucking mistake, but also, a reason why fandom spaces got worse is largely because social media bunched everyone into the same spaces, and now adults and minors don't have their own designated spaces, and teens have gotten bold thinking they belong everywhere instead of minding their business. Couple that with the fact that half the time younger generations don't know how to log off and realize at the end of the day their ships aren't real, and the characters aren't real. Part of me pities them because clearly their social skills are dead on arrival so they spend their entire time harassing other people, especially artists.

No. 1660456

>freed from the shackles in relation to finishing finals or something, then some random person wanted to start drama and said that the term was actually racist.
i get slavery collective trauma of black people and stuff but aren't shackles also used in prisons and animal farms to this day and they've had a lot of history before their usage to restrain slaves? this is so ridiculous, why don't they also call her speciesist/human supremacist (because no one gives a fuck about animal abuse)
you're right about the genshin famdom it's a dumpster fire, it was doomed from the start

No. 1660464

Veechu was one of the bigger ones (just want to mention she has since returned but obviously avoids twitter). But it happens on a smaller scale every other day, and the claims will immediately get out of hand no matter how small the perceived slight was. It's always the worst when it involves a ship, even if the person just minded their own business. All that needs to happen is someone deciding that you shipping this or that is morally repugnant for whatever reason and suddenly the most vile threats and accusations are a-okay.

No. 1660493

File: 1691708349664.png (100.28 KB, 666x932, respectthepng.PNG)

Genshin ship discourse would be so much easier to bear if they had released official ages and sexualities. Just a few days ago another artist got cancelled for making a ship bingo that included a "lesbian-coded" character with a man and a minor with an immortal god, when said minor could be interpreted as any age between 15 and 19. It's all so fucking stupid, Pic related was funny though

Yeah, for some reason people get really vicious about this shit, especially when the artist in question has a cute style and draws harmless things.

No. 1660498

It wouldn't help. Literally everything in the game points to the Traveler being hundreds of years old and I still regularly see them being called anything from 16 to 12 years old.
It also wouldn't matter because nobody should give a shit in the first place if someone draws a canon gay chara with their opposite sex self insert. I mean a straight chara could have a whole ass family and professing their love for said family every other line and they'd still ship them with someone of the same sex. Which is fine. Because it's just people having fun.

No. 1660499

Shipping used to be a fun little Team A vs Team B type of rivalry within fandoms, now it's all been taken so seriously for no reason.

Also, it's funny that "you gotta respect canon sexualities" is suppose to be some kind of argument when people like this often love shipping two straight characters in a gay ship all the freaking time.

No. 1660525

It would put a stop to a lot of baseless accusations at least. But you're right, it doesn't matter and it shouldn't matter and the coomers at hoyo are certainly not losing sleep over it. I've noticed that those arguments are generally only ever brought out when people want to start something because they already hate the specific artist, they can let the exact same things slide or block silently as long as it's made by someone else. The first crime is to be seen as annoying, the second is drawing or saying something that could be misinterpreted, that's always how it goes.

True, zoomers have unhealthy attachments to these pngs and for some reason they get really really mad when someone mischaracterizes them or draws them in a way that isn't canon compliant

No. 1660527

Which is hilarious because they always only love the most flanderized fandom version of said character.

No. 1660535


Looking at their profile and although they primarily post in chinese they strangely behave more like your typical western online artist than a chinese one. I don't have any evidence and am just going by my gut feeling + my experience in interacting with chinese artists online but this looks like some american LARPing as a chinese to me.

The first red flag to me was them folding so miserably over criticism on the tranny madokaxhomura pic. Most chinese artists I've seen would bite back with all sorts of colorful insults and tell you to fuck off their page.

No. 1660541

I used to follow this artist because of their cool lesbian art but I had to unfollow because their art started to gross me out. They are legitinately Chinese, iirc from Hong Kong specifically. And they basically assimilated into western communities bcoz the eastern communities do not look so kindly to trans people. I believe they were harassed off in their old community.

No. 1660551


Oh wow so it's a chinese LARPing as an american? Now that's something.

Their art has some interesting themes but the way they draw male bodies looks fucking gross to me for some reason.(racebaiting)

No. 1660587

No one is LARPing as either nationality if they can speak both languages anon. A lot of nona on this thread are ESL non-American artists too.

No. 1660644

nta but i think they thought the person was larping because in the end it's still a chinese user heavily trying to act like a western artist in order to be assimilated by the western fandom like >>1660541 said. the same way it's not unheard of to have westerners trying to larp as eastern asians (usually korean or japanese) in order to try to blend in with them on twitter.

No. 1660652

AYRT but this is my personal take that speaking a language where the platform majority speaks of shouldn't be considered 'LARPing' or pretending to be another nationality. The fandom I'm in almost doesn't exist in English space (BL lightnovel) so if I want to share interests with other fans, I should at least speak Japanese with them.
As well as "gender culture" can go so far, and yes there are creepy Westerners trying to racebend themselves irl to make themselves exotic (Olly London is too much of a notorious examples, I've seen this with otherkin too).
Most of the time people do this for social reasons. I hope other anon here can take notes before throwing assumptions
This is from a 30yo nona too tired of language gatekeep conversation online

No. 1660653

>you gotta respect canon sexualities
People regularly don't, fujos turning everything into yaoi is a meme for a reason, bffr your ships aren't more ~valid~ cos you're such an ally or whatever. Genshitters will say anything to prove their crush on animu boy 56 is the bestest.

No. 1660659

This is so funny. First, "implied" is extremely different from "canon." Everything lesbian about her could easily be written off, which is on purpose as to not alienate their coomer male fanbase who wants her to be their foxgirl mommy gf. Besides, fandom thrives on disrespecting canon sexuality kek. The fact they've memed themselves into thinking the yuri bait side-boob video game girl is a real lesbian whose identity must be respected at all costs is so fascinating.

No. 1660693

File: 1691722855970.jpeg (91.33 KB, 350x700, 1651193704888.jpeg)

is drawabox worth it? ive been drawing since i could pick up a pencil but its always something ive done for fun so i never really bothered to learn the fundamentals, and now that im taking my art a little more seriously im looking to hone my skills but im not sure where to start. drawabox seemed promising but i read through lesson 0 and i just felt overwhelmed… ffs i dont even own fineliners. im considering just doing the entire course digitally even if they warn you against it

No. 1660737

That's how most annoying fandoms are nowadays. Some people can't just enjoy a character or a ship they have to turn it into a form of activism that is supposed to be improving society somehow.

No. 1660742

Favorite discourse I've ever seen was that shipping Character A with Character B was bad because… Character A was already in a canon relationship with Character C. And by shipping AB instead of canon AC, you were destroying important mlm representation for your stupid non-canon ship!!!!! Important to note that all three characters were cis men. It's as if old school ship wars were being fought by mentally disabled trannies. Hey, wait a minute-

No. 1660744

I miss how in old school fandom you could just say "I like this ship because I like it" or say "I dislike this ship because I don't like it". Nowadays if you like or dislike a ship then it's as if the entire fandom expected you to release an essay with a moral justification as to why you like or dislike said ship and depending on canon some ships are off limits because Muh Representation (that's barely even there)

No. 1660759


(Same anon as >>1660551 )

I assumed they were LARPing not because they speak english, but because of their behavior and the way they talk (type?). East-asian artists usually type and behave online in ways that are quite different from western artists and are easy to identify. Of course, it's not all of them, but a good amount out there. This artist behaves a lot closer to how a western artist does, down to their usage of certain emoticons, hence why at first I thought they were just some american that happened to know how to speak chinese. I was never talking about the language they spoke, but rather they way they type their posts and how they seemed to behave online.

But I get your point, I'll try to improve myself on that front.

No. 1660762

the genshin fandom and now the honkai star rail fandom have me convinced that the mihoyo games are made so they can generate the most radioactive twitter zoomer bog possible.

No. 1660974

That kind of argument always comes across to me as whining that the artist isn't drawing what the person likes. Fanart is never taking away or giving representation, none of the artists are involved with the media so nothing they do will affect it and it's insane to pretend otherwise

No. 1661013

Yeah, it's pretty much just a tantrum. They're always a freeloader who doesn't want to put in work themselves, so they try to bully others into doing it, or create a desolate wasteland trying.
The argument I mentioned is used by retards in a lot of fandoms, but one of the best instances was a D&D podcast. The tif was arguing that the ship was wrong, because you were shipping two brothers' characters, so it's pretty much incest (freaks). Completely ignoring the fact that the podcast is three brothers and their dad playing, so by that logic ANY ships that weren't pure NPC ships were meta-incest, I guess, KEK
I wish that weirdo's blog was still around, page after page of sperging and meltdowns over proper shipping activity, dotted with woe is me self pitying posts about being trans.

No. 1661044

Current online fandom people are notoriously entitled as fuck. If the content isn't perfectly tailored to their preferences they start complaining about it, but it's much easier for them to bully some artist and tell them that they'd drawing it "wrong" than to get the company to change the game to fit what they like (aka it won't ever happen), hence why all the discourse.

No. 1661179

Nonnas please tell me if I'm being dramatic. I posted a drawing of my OC that I was really proud of and was unaware of the similarities to an existing character until I saw them. I love that character, so I might have been subconsciously influenced by that, but I wonder how many people saw the similarities and cringed. I can't even watch the media their from anymore without thinking of it, I feel so embarrassed.

No. 1661185

In all honesty nona, just ignore it. If people saw the similarities or not, who cares? It's your OC and if you like them and you're proud of it then that's more important. There's nothing to be embarrassed about.

No. 1661458

This literally gives me a giggle thank you, I'm glad I avoided genshit like wildfires and will continue so.

There are so many anime-style games out there, obscure JRPGs there deserve fan contents imo. I hate this current game era where you can't just make one-off games anymore (and as example FF16 tanked like fucks, despite Square Enix' attempts to appeal to western audience).

Based takes. I love making fan arts and gag comics for fun. Entitled fans really ruined it not only me but also just also other artists and fans who just want to have fun. Although I don't think non-artist can understand this (aka the advice is "just ignore them", okay you're in my charge on my notifications and DM then).
I can sympathize when east asian artists (jpn,kr) gatekeep their arts to an obsessive level. I do this now too.

No. 1661577


How do you gatekeep your art, nona? Private your accounts/invite only server on discord?

No. 1661628

File: 1691810615008.jpeg (323.9 KB, 1125x765, 55CA1B8B-7990-4967-8B3B-4E1335…)

Here, take some note anon
>Find a specific niche that's too obscure for the mentally ill to flock with
>Do some research on active posters of said niche (be on twitter, instagram, misskey)
>Create a new account, post some daily drawings while actively engage with the community you want be involved by like/retweet. A follow might be too much of an obligation, and people are just shy.
>Organically grow your community while capping your followers. If the number starts to grow in a certain degree, lock your account and start screening your followers.
This is where the work comes in, you will have to manually check on your follower profile, notice the DNI/minor/pastel flag and immediately mass block that account's followed, and then block that account. Keep doing that step until your followers seem "clean". Some of my artist mutuals have put warning "do not view or follow if you're under 18" in their bio, so if there's seem to be a locked account you cannot screen but have put their age (20↑), which is still on thin ice for me, but I leave that to your judgement. There's no shame to private your account from time to time, you'll get used to it.

This will take awhile, but usually a full two weeks is enough for me to create an account to gatekeep my arts while still able to get validation from (real) interactions with other fans. It's really fun too once you start to participate online events like celebrate a character's birthday, or a stageplay announced out of the blue.
I think occasionally my problem is that one of my mutuals is more vain than the rest of us, and would retweet my art to LRT commenting. Which led to their 8k-something followers to flock onto my purposefully gatekeep art account.
Feel free to ask any question if you're curious. This method has been effective for me in before Musk had decided to ruin twitter for us all, I also don't draw as much these days because of full-time job.

No. 1661629

It's a shame because I used to like ZodiacLord back in the day but yeah, VOD says one week ago.

No. 1661652

i won't say what it is but a fandom i'm in right now is split between the first game in 2016 and the second game in 2019; the first game's fandom is really niche and non-existent while the second game appeals to alot of twitter/zoomer shits with poorly written gay characters and maybe two characters who are "ENBY!1!1!". since we're talking about OC's i actually have a few that i was thinking about posting art of and writing for and stuff but like,,,one of them is shipped with a canon character the fandom considers to be gay (not canonically, ofc). should i post my straight ship art of him regardless of how everyone feels? should i do like what >>1661628 said? am i wrong for not caring whether or not i get cancelled?

No. 1661827

tbh if you think people will absolutely notice then just take it with humor. post a meme or smth about how much they resemble. one time i saw an artist post that spiderman meme where they're pointing at eachother and the caption was about copying the character lol

No. 1661885

If he's not canonically gay or in a relationship you'll be fine, but do not make the mistake of calling him het even if you see him that way. Say you headcanon him as bi instead when someone asks. Some girl in an otome fandom said she considered a certain character hetero for her OC ship and she's still getting called homophobic because of it

No. 1661902

out of curiosity because I'm also on the otoge fandom, which is usually filled with yumejo and wine moms for me. Maybe I've been in a greener pasture of the fandom to notice the ~muh homophobia~ discourse.
I'm Norn9 fan but also have friends who are into newer otome games I haven't gotten time to play

No. 1662085

Slightly OT but I knew they were from Hong Kong the moment the anon said they speak Chinese but act like a western. Hong Kong people are very westernized because of the British occupation and have good English I think. And are very influenced by western culture, values, beliefs and politics.

No. 1662177

File: 1691842477620.jpeg (347.17 KB, 1125x976, 1D61E175-643E-4A3F-B18D-066317…)

I caved in and looked into the cursed madoka art's OP and honestly, I agree with this person. I actually participated in their kickstarters before.
I don't like the called out fan art for sure, but I believe they got the same degree of harassment that most of us received esp. during the peak tumblr->twitter migration era. Take my word for this, but there's a subset of tumblr blogs that are convinced all asian artists are generically homophobic and all subsets of ~phobic, just another branch of white women's conspiracy theory to be anti-asian (mostly due to jealousy). I was harassed by one of them and fuck all I wish I hadn't come to know of their existence.

I just feel really bad for them now tbh.

No. 1662437

Every fanbase seems to boil every non stereotypical action to tranny shit. Even worse a lot of these fanartists are gonna be the next crop of media makers. Everything with a female fanbase seems pozzed with titchop shit.

No. 1662558

Thank you for the advice, unfortunately if I block this account I'll likely get more harassment (this person is kind of well known in the niche I fly under) so instead I'm just going to step back for a few days. Ironically, the "proshipper" thing the artist was being called out for turns out to just be a 5 year age gap art between two characters that are in their 20s. What a clown world.

No. 1662564

I absolutely hate the new Trigun and refuse to acknowledge it. It really is zoomer tier garbage.

No. 1662570

>tranny supporter
jfc, wherever western influence is, this shit is prominent.

No. 1662604

>I used to follow this artist because of their cool lesbian art
I'm sorry but I don't understand why some people get so surprised when this kind of artist goes full trans supporter, it's a guaranteed pipeline for most into these circles

No. 1662746

One of the nastiest ship discourse I've ever rubbernecked in was the one about whether BBC Sherlock/John fans were more or less pedophilic than John/Sherlock fans. It also remains one of the absolute dumbest because it was a bunch of tween to college aged women flinging accusations of criminality, rape apologia, and problematic-ness at each other of each other's preferences for combinations of the same two gross middle aged British men.

No. 1662783

I somehow missed this smackfight when johnlock was around. I'm so jealous nonna, kek. I'm sure the callouts were plentiful, and the discourse mind-numbingly stupid.

No. 1662942


AYRT, thanks for taking the time to write this out. You seem to put a lot of effort into curating your online experience. I respect that and I'll definitely take a couple pages from your book because it's getting out of hand lately. It's nothing I want to obsess over, it isn't like I'm drawing for fandom. But people tend to get too comfortable owning people's ideas and twisting them for their own agenda.

No. 1663004

File: 1691905090783.jpg (1.52 MB, 1871x1709, women of comics.jpg)

Was watching Ignatz awarding from 2020 knowing an artist I followed was in it. I assumed most of the indie comics online community are made for and by women, gendies or otherwise because of the clockable art and writing style but all of the tims took me out by surprise kek. https://youtu.be/MyB5iDCAZhg

No. 1663007

The retards who joined fandoms in the 2010s heard "don't kinkshame" and assumed that kinks were part of someone's intrinsic identity like being gay was. Shipping also ended up in a similar way, because shipping for most people = sexual = kink purposes. So maladjusted teens/young adults who were marinating in the protoplasmic cultural soup that became gendie nonsense began associating their random interests with key parts of their beings.

Also note that many of these shits subscribe to at least a small dose of social constructionism - the presupposition that EVERYTHING is socially constructed.
They throw a fit because you're interfering with THEIR illusion of reality by imposing what they see as YOUR illusion of reality when you have either no authority to do so or deserve to have your illusions of reality stripped away as punisment for perceived slights.
Yes, even by shipping something else you are, to them, entering into conflict with them over "what reality is." The claims of "erasure" come from the sheer fact they think that disagreeing to someone's face, or publicly, means that such a person has a privileged position due to their mental strength or resources to weather a shrieking mob.

And yes if you encounter such a person outside fandom shit, they're basically going to be insufferable due to seeing every social interaction as a conflict over determining reality.

No. 1663018

File: 1691906859724.jpg (249.34 KB, 1080x1080, dg5dwmg-220e509b-a53a-4420-8b8…)

>more obviously female-friendly Superman cartoon is released where there's a female protagonist that isn't sexualized at all
>coomoid's first thought is to draw this shit
Exterminate moids

No. 1663023

She has a shirt that hangs due to her tits in the show. You think this is an issue? At least they gave her natural tits and not basketballs up to her chin.