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No. 1647768

You must confess
previous thread >>>/ot/1627083

No. 1647771

>Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it

No. 1647778

I have posted the link and will say ten hail Pixyteris as penance for my negligence

No. 1647794

File: 1690591177942.jpg (35.69 KB, 500x354, 7efa0b515e5a91e37d2747d2b6cb34…)

Learn from your mistake and your sin will be forgiven.

No. 1647799

Kek the thread pic is so cute!

No. 1647815

Forgive me chihuahuanun but I am im a moral dilemma I hate troons and moids but they are the most consumers of my art (I'm not even a coomer artist I don't know why they flock to me) I see my fellow terf nonnies be bullied and I fear I will too. Forgive me for me not truthfully showing my haterd for these pests

No. 1647827

I say u r good, bleed them dry

No. 1647829

Up your commission price under the guise of finanical instabilty/ personal troubles. If you feel guilty then give women that consume your art your normal price.

No. 1647836

Forgive me paw-ther for I have sinned. I often try to get my money back from companies with even the slightest defect in their product and it usually works. I'm polite but firm when I do this. Just got a skirt replaced after they refused initially because I told them I would leave a negative review kek

No. 1647855

I agree give them insane prices like 150-300% increase. I'm planning to bleed gay male furries dry because I need money.

No. 1647877

Unfathomably based I hope you use some of their money to donate to women's causes kek

No. 1647948

I took a couple pictures of me licking my own cum with my tongue even though it looks so coomery and am completely ashamed of it. It's like taking nudes when you're horny, it should never be done. It only leads to trouble in the future

No. 1647962

File: 1690611147573.gif (1.63 MB, 500x501, giphy (5).gif)


No. 1647967

File: 1690613147098.jpg (50.16 KB, 661x536, 1674367791210.jpeg.jpg)

…..you can keep them but would recommend deleting them so they don't get compromised also eat condensed milk instead of your own please

No. 1647979

I'm confused

No. 1647987

File: 1690616813747.png (262.07 KB, 339x449, tranny.png)

I'm happy the supermega milk is popping off. I always a bad feeling about them and I'm very happy to see I was right this whole time. Like they both were into trannies ffs it's no surprise they were manipulative sexpests. I don't understand how anons could admit being into these losers LMAO

No. 1648060

what happened?

No. 1648062

Gordon Ramsay triggers me, I can't listen to him and his shows for longer than 5 minutes because it's stressing me out.

No. 1648065

I still can't believe I've done it because in the past I was so against it and even now I am absolutely against ever doing it again but I exchanged nudes with someone who I was seeing for a couple of months and for some reason I don't regret it at all. I know it was objectifying but I enjoyed seeing how honry he'd get watching my pictures and seeing him touching himself. Yes I am aware that it doesn't take much for moids to get horny but it was still hot and boosted my ego in a way

No. 1648077

what's the source of this pic

No. 1648083

tldr the guys at supermega are a bunch of rape apologists + assholes.

No. 1648144

kek one of my ex friends who became a TIF was obsessed with them, would talk about them often even though to this day i know nothing about them. i hope this inches her closer to the day she realizes men who cape for trannies are all sickos and maybe, just maybe she will peak

No. 1648153

File: 1690638731194.jpg (28.4 KB, 500x500, Long-Blonde-Hairstyles-for-Men…)

i like a guy who looks like picrel and i regressed like 10 years in maturity. i hooked up with him before we even discussed relationships and the dicking itself was mediocre but the chemistry and his cuteness made me cum because i was trying to quickly get over a coomer i used to have a crush on. he turned out nice and we got to know each other over time. he has narcissistic traits though and i would hate having traded one degenerate for another, so i am secretly looking to build my defenses unless he proves me wrong and i feel like a psychopath for that.

No. 1648156

The poor decisions of my friend are pissing me off lately. She ignored my very simple very easy to do advice after she dropped the ball on something and is now complaining that there were (easily avoidable) consequences while acting like she did everything right and that everyone else involved is being unfair. Also, she was sad recently about how her dog will die one day and she doesn't want to get him neutered because of it, so that he can have puppies and she can "always have him, in a way." Granted this next part isn't her fault, it's her family's because they don't ever spay or neuter their pets because they want easy money from backyard breeding, but one of the other dogs in the house is now pregnant and she's stressed out about it. I was optimistic and thought she was against her family being like that until she said that stuff about her dog, now idk.

No. 1648189

This summer cloud watching has become a legitimate hobby for me. Just laying outside and looking at clouds until your brain makes shapes out of them, I'd never put it on my resume but it's more fun than it sounds. Calms me down.
Same, completely different things but one of mine is being more and more reckless and selfish. Anyway, you know she'll ignore any advice so no point in giving any. Some people have to fuck up for themselves in order to learn.

No. 1648193

use for him sperm and then leave.

No. 1648198

Who are these

No. 1648214

I try and delete them usually I fear the idea of another revenge porn saga in my life

No. 1648438

The day my parents die I won't cry because I'm sad, I will cry because it's such a relief to not feel bad, worthless and guilty anymore and that I will never have to speak to them again or be afraid of them "finding" me. I hope it will be soon, so they won't have wasted all their money on elderly care and I can go on holiday afterwards with their (not hard earned) money, celebrating my new found freedom.

No. 1648446

i hate my mother so much its make my body shake makes my temperature high i swear one day i will just kill her and post on facebook "That bitch is dead!" just like that gypsy rose girl i dont even care about prison anymore

No. 1648450


No. 1648466

As my sibling would never post on facebook, I know that you aren't my sibling, but, nonna, are you my sibling? Today my mother send us an e-mail and I felt just like you described it and my sibling feels even worse. Let's hope our mothers die soon, without us helping it in any way so we don't have to go to prison.

No. 1648472

I love this website for giving me a space to be around other weird women. I was formerly, like many of you, enjoying the scrote side of the internet, but this website honestly made me more pro woman, for which I'm thankful. Like there's such a variety of people here, it's really humanising.
But the nature of this site is turning me into a hater. Like obvs free speech and everything, I'm thankful for this space, but so many threads are for hating and complaining, it's making me negative.

No. 1648484

Let the hate flow free, it's healthy.

No. 1648492

Same on making me more pro woman. But I’ve always been a hater and a complainer so this just gives me a better outlet than trolling people I actually know on Facebook to feel something (fucking cringe)

No. 1648502

>this website honestly made me more pro woman
Agreed and I feel the same way with the negativity getting to you. I wish I can quit this site for a bit but this is my only source of community social interaction online so it's hard to quit it, and I don't want to use some other platform like twitter or discord for other obvious reasons. Wish I had normie friends.

No. 1648518

A lot of good anons left, see selfcows thread to see the type of users that radiate negativity. Although this website is still good, there are litreral anons who admit to raping kids, stalking women for no reason, being drug addicts with no life, still living in their families houses while blaming everything they did wrong in their parents etc.

No. 1648548

I entertained a friend's crush on me just because she's a lot more beautiful than I'll ever be and I loved the validation and the making out. I just don't want to officially date her because she's a niche eceleb in a scene I absolutely hate and I don't want to breathe near any of these people. I've stopped interacting with her more and more to stop leading her on.

Completely agree, just knowing there's still a place left for women like me and who aren't going to shun or cancel me is a good stress reliever. It helped to make me feel more confident in daily life because I know I'm not alone in terms of quirks, habits and opinions. Imageboards and the old school web also feel like the last bastions of what comes closest to anonymity now. I think >>1648484 is right, before coming here regularly I was a lot more fake and full of internalized misogyny, but you don't even have to post much or at all to read other women who echo your opinions and thoughts on a lot of things. When I feel like things I see on here are just making me angry and a hater on purpose, I can just close the tab. It's not like the social media I have left that I have to be on to keep in touch with friends, family and for my career.
Every public space has become so sanitized and corporate that expressing anger and hate can be dangerous. Having an outlet to vent or to see other people are annoyed by the same shit you are and you're not crazy really is healthy to me.

No. 1648612

Going to sound conceited but I wish I were my own friend, I'm great. I guess that's why I always had imaginary friends as a child.

No. 1648614

that’s not conceited nonni, it’s cute in an odd way

No. 1648619

I'm the funniest person I know. Why wouldn't I be? My humor is exactly my type of humor kek

No. 1648630

sometimes i fuse multiple selfs if my pictures and think it's me in real life like if my body looks good on a picture i convice myself to think that my body looks lika that or if my face look especially good in a picture i also try to convice myself but in no picture do i look good in both and the thing also is that neither my face or body look the same in my mirror, i look thinner on camera but in real life i'm just medium sized. idk if i want to look like my mirror self or camera self kek (and yes i'm the type of person that is really interested if the camera or mirror is more accurate)

No. 1648638

no offense nonna but that sounds like body dysmorphia, you might wanna see a therapist it does wonders

No. 1648660

Me too. Id be perfect for myself kek. We would be on the exact same page for most things, I'd imagine.

No. 1648666

File: 1690687273105.jpg (169.8 KB, 1024x768, 201209_red-spotted-purple-butt…)

I am legitimately terrified of butterflies and moths. I saw a butterfly outside my house today and I literally wanted to cry. I have been this way since I was a child and my dad brought home a giant moth in a box and he wanted me to pet it or something idk but they're so gross. I can't even look at pictures of them without feeling skeeved out. I hate these sick freaks!!

No. 1648673

Butterflies are perfect creatures that carry powers with them everywhere they go. They're protectors and represent people we've lost. Im making that up actually but I do feel that way about them, if you see one pretend it's the soul of someone you love or something idk. Pussy

No. 1648680

I have a small audience doing stuff online, everyone thinks i am 'wholesome' and funny, but i have a secret account where i post lots of unhinged shit like r63 art of serial killers, male characters getting raped/murdered/abused, just overall heinous shit. I also insult every single coom artist i dislike, i shit on their art and call it ugly(mine's more technically skilled) and i am overall unhinged and cowish. I either get banned or get banned by the artists i annoy so i deadtivate and start annoying them again. I dont think i will ever be find out because i am not retarded enough to be traced and i am 101% sure no one suspects me, but if i ever get found out i am just going to deadtivate everything and leave the internet for good. I know i shouldnt do this but hatred fuels me and this unhinged secret behaviours helps me tolerate the shit i get back so i dont become a cow on my main acc. also i do something completly unrelated to art so dont try to find me lol

No. 1648686

Fucking ew

No. 1648724

To freak you out even more, moths do this thing with their wings where the flap them really fast. So fast that they will vibrate from fluttering them. I've had the luck of experiencing it from a fairly large moth half the size of my hand.

No. 1648738

my ex was afraid of butterflies and i thought it made him a massive pussy

No. 1648882

you're not wrong, he was a massive pussy

No. 1648903

>so don't try to find me
No one cares about your fetish coomtard.

No. 1648944

based, the nonas booing you probably are extreme tradthots/masochists/both who only want women to be abused

No. 1649112

I've been fascinated by the discussions within adoption communities lately. I'm not even sure how I ended up in that rabbit hole, as I'm not adopted, or even know any person that has been adopted. While I don't interact and just read up discussions, I have such a massive autistic urge to talk about it with someone because it's honestly utterly fascinating to me. And I guess that makes me feel a bit bad because again I don't have any stake in it. I'm just being a sperg about it.

No. 1649145

I want to read your blog/twitter whatever it is cowanon, sounds entertaining.

No. 1649166

when I first came here years ago. I was embarrassed to admit I was a bong because it would be used as an insult. But now I don’t care and love fellow britbong nonnies

No. 1649175

same. Im not adopted nor do i plan on adopting but i like to follow the discussion and I can see both sides of the issue. Tbh I have noticed children whose adoptive parents where honest about their adoption and open to talk about it tend to have a better relationship with their adoptive parents and support adoption, while the ones who are against it had adoptive parents who kept everything a secret and refused to talk about it. There properly are exceptions but so far i haven't encountered any

No. 1649189

Glad to know I'm not entirely alone. I also noticed the same. The things I find the most interesting is the debates on whether adoption is ever good. I get the feeling some of them have this almost dream like idea that if their bio parents had just gotten this or that, then they would have been a happy family and nothing bad would have happened. Which I can't blame them for thinking, but it doesn't feel like a healthy mindset.
Then again the adoptees that will discuss these kinda things are almost never the ones that have no issue with their adoption.

No. 1649293

idk anon, rule63 art of serial killers is kind of fucked and makes her sound like a hybristophile

No. 1649334

i am not a hybristophile i found those men hideous outside of their awful crimes, i just wish there were female serial killers who murdered men

No. 1649337

love you too fellow brit. it always makes me happy on the rare occasions i get to interact w another user about some shared british experience kek (outside of the britbong thread), soudns sad but its true

No. 1649340

i also find it interesting bc im an antinatalist and in my mind, adoption is always preferable to having your own bio children. i understand that thr adoption system in countries like the US is fucked up, but im always a bit confused hearing people say adoption is inherently exploitative. it's like the complete opposite to my worldview & i have trouble believing or understanding thinking like that

No. 1649344

I was embarrassingly old when I realized that "x% chance of rain" doesn't mean that there's an x% chance it will rain. E.g. 70% chance of rain means that 70% of an area will get rain

No. 1649348

I've seen that too, like a lot of people talking about wanting in family fostering until the bio parents get back on their feet. But sometimes it just never happens, you know? I thought about adopting for a long time, because it'd be way simpler as a lesbian to just foster / foster-to-adopt an older child. But reading all this stuff… I don't know, it feels like there's no good options. It could also just be the normal internet echochamber calcification of fringe opinions seeming way more typical than they actually are.

And today you just taught me!

No. 1649354

I'm already embarrassed but does this not basically mean the same thing? Like you have a 70% chance that it'll be your area that gets the rain?

No. 1649355

I was smoking with a male friend and we were talking about how fucked up you would have to be to want to fuck animals. I said it was bc male lack empathy and i said that's why men rape and have violent fantasies. He then told me he was raped when he was 8 by his 14 years old cousin and he knew better than me what rape actually was (he knows i've thankfully never been sexually assaulted). I feel really bad for talking about a sensitive subject with him but i'm also even more annoyed that he makes misogynistic and anti jews jokes when he himself has vulnerable subject.

No. 1649357

I have also had a guy use his own SA as a trump card to "win" an argument. it honestly just pissed me off. you didn't win dude, you just wanted me to shut up because you knew I was right.

No. 1649361

tbh he had watery eyes and he said it more as a "don't talk about what you don't know" rather than a "i'm winning an argument"

No. 1649363

Say sorry but don't censor yourself in the future and if he calls you out, call him out right back

No. 1649375

Helluva Boss has been my guilty pleasure watch lately. I feel embarrassed when I laugh at a joke or something and then I realize, who the hell am I trying to impress kek

No. 1649376

Throughout the years I've on/off pretended to be male in various social circles online, usually game-related ones. It starts innocent enough, people assuming I'm male by default and me just running with it, or it being a largely male-dominated space and I had no reason to point out I'm female, then it would just go on for so long or I'd tell one little lie (like calling my boyfriend a "girlfriend" when referencing him to my peers to keep up the facade) after another until I was in too deep to confess to not actually being a man. For the most part, I never saw any issue with this, as the social groups were brought together over mutual enjoyment of a game/hobby/whatever and our real identities should have never truly mattered.

Yet, without fail, whenever this happens, I end up finding otherwise "straight" men (often with girlfriends or even wives) getting really 'close' with me (or as 'close' as you can get in a less personal chat). Interacting with me more, or wanting to play games specifically with me, etc.

Usually it happens so gradually I figure it's regular e-friendships and nothing more. A bit bro-mancey at times, but like I said, lots of these dudes have relationships and such so even a bit racy jokes just get brushed off as weird 'no homo bro-humor'.

But eventually, it gets to the point where it truly feels like they're full homo for this 'male' me. Obviously it never goes further than vibes, but it gets to the point where you'd be retarded not to see it.

It really makes me wonder if there's a much larger portion of guys who are closet homo than I'd normally think. Or if they get subconscious vibes from my innate learned female behaviors that I'm actually a female, and their attraction to me 'as a guy' is unique to me, and just their mind being confused by the subconscious female-vibes, or whatever.

Maybe it's a combo effort, I don't know. Overall I feel more disgusted by the idea of a bunch of men being closet homos than that these guys are crushing on 'guy me' when they're in relationships with women.

Which I know isn't logically 'right' of me, and I can only assume on some level it's some immature, petty, primitive emotional feeling of competition. If men are closeted gays, then I might end up with one who actually likes men, and I can't compete with that attraction because I am not one.

If men just cheat in their relationships, it's shitty and I dislike it, but I feel 'safer' in the idea it's with other females, even if it'd be disrespectful to me and end the relationship.

Maybe it's some innate homophobia or something, but realistically I don't care if a guy is outright gay. It's more like, him being with me while being secretly gay, leaving me part way in a relationship to go pursue the gay that bugs me, don't know.

Not as bad as the idea of a dude trooning out, but I think so lowly of troons I think that no matter what that'd just feel like the guy was dead to me now/too much disgust.

I'm going to start calling this phenomena 'Mulan-ism', any who.

No. 1649383

File: 1690755371927.jpeg (129.13 KB, 972x1024, FYOTnedXgAA8s-5.jpeg)

your experience reminds me of the quote in picrel. i wouldn't be surprise if straight men are so repressed about not being able to interact with women on a level other than seeing them as sex objects that they begin to use their male friendships as surrogate romantic relationships, without ever getting to a point of downright saying 'i want to fuck you'.

No. 1649384

nah i get you anon, when a guy does that secretly it feels deceitful and is a waste of his wife's/girlfriend's time especially when it's done for years. plus there's a higher chance of spreading diseases back to the wife/girlfriend

No. 1649385

I also did the same. I pretended I was a man and I often found myself in weird homoromantic scenarios and to dudes confessing disgusting shit to me. It always starts with weird irony 'jokes' that later got more and more uncomfortable. The more I see this, the more I'm led to believe that the percentage of truly heterosexual males is way smaller than what the general population thinks.

No. 1649387

>Obviously it never goes further than vibes
That is called friendship. Zoomers just see sex everywhere due to porn and fandom, don't they.

No. 1649393

I'm 31, I want to believe I know the difference between 'friendship' and weird more-than-that vibes. In fact, I imagine most women learn to make this distinction pretty quickly with their male peers.

I also struggle to see how that holds up when it's not as though I'm saying multiple men are acting that way towards me at once. It'll always just be one guy who goes a bit too extra, where the rest maintain 'close' friendships without getting weird about it.

There's truly a distinction, and I start out each time giving them the benefit of the doubt much longer than I should. I assure you, in the scenarios I'm referencing, it goes beyond 'norms'.

No. 1649396

Yeah, that quote and the general concept of it all reminds me a lot of something I'd read before about ancient spartans or whoever apparently having long spanning relationships with other men.

In general, the societal norm for men to see women as inferior or objects, it makes sense that they would romantically want for someone they saw as their 'equal', even if they were otherwise sexually attracted to women. Which is actually even more sad/disgusting to me, if true.

Christ society is fucky.


Yeah, but I mean, ultimately you'd think I should still feel that same way about cheating with another female, right? Like, cheating with other females also wastes time and can spread disease and so forth.

Actually really happy (well, happy isn't the right word, obviously I'm not glad for it) that someone else knows what I mean. I even get like, the idea of 'prison gay' or if it's a community of incel-tier horny touchless guys that end up projecting sexual desires on anything and everything. But this is definitely not limited to that. It's honestly REALLY weird to me, maybe because I can't fathom doing the same with a group of female friends. I'm sure a lot of that does come down to societal/cultural issues/pressures and differences, but I don't know.

No. 1649412

File: 1690758617505.gif (1.39 MB, 342x250, 6BF34D2C-141F-46E0-9558-0FB81E…)

Is this a moid? Since when do women ejaculate?

No. 1649413

Have you ever masturbated, what the fuck

No. 1649414

Of course but I don’t expel liquid

No. 1649415

same experience down to the t. maybe you're not as offputting as a true and honest moid to them but at the same time you're "not a stinky ass subhuman feemail" so you're perfect for them… shows it's not gender/sex that they're attracted to.
so yes, no truly straight moids exist, just moids who are sexually attracted to submissive holes you can fuck and abuse.
couldn't say the same for male homos since they're usually very attracted to sex, don't care about romance at all and are very sexual (sex references everywhere, orgies, gangbangs, etc)

No. 1649418

don't know how to say it without seeming awkward but I assume it's referring to the goober that comes off on your fingers or the dildo which is usually thickish and white

No. 1649419

You expel enough fluids/slick when you orgasm due to vagina contracting. This might be less noticeable if you don't use your hand and get off by squeezing your thighs together, dry humping, etc. Spoilered for TMI. My fingers look like I dipped them in milk by the time I'm done. No, I don't have a yeast infection. My ex used to gush this transparent, lube-like slick, and my chin would look glazed from eating her out. It's just different for everyone ig. Technically, it's not sperm. But it's also something that comes out during orgasm, so…

No. 1649420

Nta but isn't that discharge

No. 1649421

no offence anon but i wish there were a way to hide posts bc this was genuinely disgusting to read

No. 1649424

See, the real reason why OP said cum is that if a girl ever called that stuff discharge to my horny face, there would be no sex.

Thanks. Doing my part.

No. 1649425

gross, but educational. you're right though kek

No. 1649434

It's literally hidden anon

No. 1649443

i pretty much just realised i have a food addiction.
ive always had a bad relationship with food. its just recently ive been conscious of the fact that im eating to feel good. always thinking about food. theres so little i enjoy in life, stuffing my face just makes me feel good i guess.
ill never get to the level of the main character of the movie the whale, but honestly i think i can understand how he feels.

No. 1649445

once you unspoiler it you cant go back kek

No. 1649535

are you friends with my ex friend (gay dude) those ages for his unfortunate experience were the exact same

No. 1649538

When I'm drunk and drinking out of a thin glassed cup. I have the urge to bite into it and chew the glass. I also have a fear of consuming ass

No. 1649541

this has happened to me and i think it's
> they get subconscious vibes from my innate learned female behaviors that I'm actually a female
i find it hilarious that it fucks with them so much though

No. 1649542

When I'm drunk and drinking out of a thin glassed cup. I have the urge to bite into it and chew the glass. I also have a fear of consuming ass

No. 1649544

I think you're looking into it too much. I know the 'men are ebil' venting exists for very valid reasons but there are many men who would like regular, comfortable relationships with people with little pressure or posturing just like anyone else. You probably made a space where they were not judged harshly or weirdly, no machismo Olympics, etc. I dont think wanting to have friendships with people that don't have a forced dynamic is gender-exclusive by any means, so I think your lack of stupidty or shallow masculinity is why they enjoyed your presence. I think a lot of men would be completely different if they weren't forced to participate in The Machismo Olympics.

No. 1649546

suddenly i'm glad my bf has no friends and doesn't have sex with me yet we talk so much and spend a lot of time together doing stupid shit

No. 1649551

>I also have a fear of consuming ass
it's ok nona you don't have to, it's where poop comes out

No. 1649556

I meant glass

No. 1649559

nta but i really agree with this post

No. 1649565

Thank you. I worry sometimes I will set off the… particularly um extremist anons that cannot have a neutral discussion, but I firmly believe that if men weren't deeply culturally engraved to be misogynistic they wouldn't be. You see a lot of no-homo type friendships because men aren't socially allowed to express themselves or else they're called gay or a woman. It would make sense that in online friendships they would gravitate toward people without a toxic mindset when they themselves are just trying to unwind and make friends. Im sure there are plenty that get exhausted from the constant theater of having to act like an ape or be deemed a faggot.

No. 1649584

OP here and I think this is a misunderstanding because I didn't really express in detail how it amplifies past just friends vibes. I can't think of any specific examples but it's leagues of difference from just clingy friendly bro shit, I think you'd really have to experience it yourself to fully understand it.

This isn't the same behavior but rather a similar hard to explain vibe you might be able to more easily relate to: It's a bit like when a guy is acting like a super nice guy to you and you can tell he wants in your pants, but he generally never openly crosses the boundary line enough for you to want to hurt his feelings putting him down. There's just that persistent and obvious vibe where you know exactly what he's after, even if he hasn't said it outright. Except in the case of when they think I'm a man, it's usually a lot cruder and different and you can tell they're treating you differently. It's DEFINITELY a distinct difference from them just acting a certain way in some safety no macho man safe zone, I assure you.

That all said, I fully recognize not all men are like this or like that and I never intended to imply they are. We can all safely covet our Nigels and still have Mulanism exist, lol

No. 1649587

No offense but it sounds like you're reading something between the lines that aren't there.

No. 1649605

Ok, here's a few of the more harmless but persistent examples I can think of from, say, discord groups. Alone some of these things may seem normal-ish if you imagine the dude is perhaps just socially awkward, but all combined and with general vibes it paints a different picture. Keep in mind this person would not have me as his only friend in the group, rather we are all friends to some extent, generally.

>Guy emoji reacts to all of my messages, but no one else's

>Guy gets possessive or passive aggressively jealous when I'm chatting lots with someone else in the group
>Guy gets weird if I haven't immediately replied to his DM but am finishing a convo in the main chat
>If I'm doing or saying something to someone else completely independent of him, maybe even a channel he doesn't usually post within the discord, he will react or comment or whatever to insert himself
>Frequently gives me heart or hug reacts but not others
>frequent weird homo erotic jokes or passes played off as just kidding no homo etc, beyond what is normal for the group or his jokes with others
>Acting in a strange or avoidant way suddenly if you try to bring any of this behaviour up
>If you act in kind in any way, suddenly pulls back or goes on excessively about his gf or attraction to females, etc

Obviously each scenario has been different and this has happened more times than I can count, but theres always a persistent difference and behavior that goes beyond normal. It'd be like a dude liking every instagram picture you've ever posted, then commenting on all your statuses, and your friend says you're overreacting for thinking there's something to that. There's always a vibe you can pick up on that's hard to describe or place for most people if they've never been in your shoes.

You can think what you will and I can think what I will, but I sincerely believe this is more a case of me being unable to accurately relay the overall mood to you vs me seeing something where there's nothing. I'd be perfectly happy for there to be nothing, as like I said, I would frequently brush these things off and give various excuses for these men until the patterns became undeniable to me. (keeping in mind these are things I've experienced over 15+ years over different online mediums with different people, since I'm an oldfag)

No. 1649609

Girl……….. you really want to push this

No. 1649616

Based on the reply, I feel like it's something that's not being conveyed or understood properly so yes, I do want to clear up the misconception?

If it's tl;dr or you want to just agree to disagree, that's no skin off my back

No. 1649631

Nta but kinda seems like your idea of heterosexual male relationships is very rigid

No. 1649632

What if it turns out that it was both of you nonas talking to each other and pretending to be males together

No. 1649635

One of my personal cows has a 90% gender critical following but she doesn't realize people follow her both because she's a cow and because she documents a Tumblr user who goes after feminist bloggers exclusively. She's having a schizo meltdown on her blog because she thinks the cow hacked her to get her discord but she doesn't know she's a cow herself and sometimes I send her polite asks to make her freak out and fake a panic attack for sympathy

No. 1649641

You're pushing a narrative and it appears it's all in your head. So yes. We can agree to disagree with your conspiracy.

No. 1649643

And I still really think you anons might just not "get it". But it's neither here nor there, I can have my mulanism and you guys can believe I'm wrong it will continue to change absolutely nothing kek

Lmao anon, time to revive that catfish show

No. 1649644

File: 1690775380759.gif (177.36 KB, 500x343, laugh.gif)

I love being mean to moids, trannies and pick-mes online and I can't stop. It's so freeing

No. 1649648

Well shit, now I'm not sure. You may be right anon.

No. 1649649

I'm not sure what narrative you've decided I'm pushing… The narrative of my personal experience multiple other anons also apparently have experienced? Getting kinda weird you're so deadset on dismissing some trivial thing on a confession thread. I've even said the other guys never acted weird, I clearly am fine being friends with men and have spent years doing just that, and have mentioned my own boyfriend(s) so obviously am not against dating men. Really not sure why me trying to better explain the reasons I came to my conclusions and clarify it's not some man hate blanket statement has got you on the attack, but it's starting to look like a you problem

No. 1649651

No. 1649657

Ignore them, nonita. Probs a tranny or pick-me raging.

No. 1649659

File: 1690776830951.jpeg (119.77 KB, 750x527, 1689978241364.jpeg)

No. 1649661

Lmao anon it's been forever since I've seen that pic, it's perfect

No. 1649666

Down bad af talking to a MTF she didn’t take hormones she’s more like a butch lesbian than a fakeboi tho and I think she’s hot and she likes me too but she’s got such low self esteem it’s annoying I’ll be like oh you look cute and she’ll be like nooo

No. 1649668

i hope you meant to say FTM…

No. 1649671

idk nonny it must be annoying to have to pander to her delusions by calling her a man and using male pronouns. even if she's cute, it can't be worth it. Good luck though

No. 1649672

Once I engaged in nazi roleplay with a german guy who also had a gore fetish (I am polish for context) and it haunts me almost daily.

No. 1649673

If not I'll actually believe >>1649657 was onto something…

No. 1649678

You're right, that shit is sus and different from homoromantic jokes. The posters trying to gaslight you about it are 100% just men who feel called out, kek.

No. 1649679

OMFG some of you are so delusional. Sorry that I don't want to feed into her lonely delusions that her pretending to be a man and making male friends while gaming is totes turning them secret homo with her seductive gender neutral typing. Please get real kek.

No. 1649680

Nigga you are a faggot

No. 1649681

Literally this.

No. 1649682

For bursting some bitches yaoi bubble? Please

No. 1649683

its not that deep

No. 1649684

File: 1690778341874.jpg (26.4 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-1191982917-612x612…)

>OMFG some of you are so delusional. Sorry that I don't want to feed into her lonely delusions that her pretending to be a man and making male friends while gaming is totes turning them secret homo with her seductive gender neutral typing. Please get real kek.

No. 1649687

This is the first time I've ever seen you guys cape for a closet-fujoshi so hard. Girl literally just compared herself to Mulan and im supposed to pretend she isn't acting crazy.

No. 1649688

Think of it as her trolling. A social experiment

An effort to study moid behavior from the perspective of pretending to be a moid, as disgraceful as it must feel

No. 1649690

youre acting like shes trying to convince people the earth is flat, i have no idea why youre getting so worked up over such a random post kekkk calm down you autist

No. 1649693

Yeah im so sure

No. 1649698

>worked up
You mean it isnt possible to type a reply in disagreement to a post thats obviously delusional for five seconds and then click new reply with no emotional attachment? Since when

No. 1649699

File: 1690778718043.png (292.7 KB, 728x720, 63amo8.png)

No. 1649703

Anon… it's incredibly common for women to pretend to be men online in male-centric game groups or previously places like 4chan… Sorry you're retarded?

No. 1649706

Dudes will give eachother reach arounds, swear it's a joke between bros and call women fujoshi lol. Nah, the YMCA days are over. The women are noticing. Better get right and start being honest while you still can. Hop on that non-binary train, adopt some new pronouns, go for the purple-haired girls with homestuck pins, it's your only hope lmaooo

No. 1649708

When men meet another man who is confident enough to drop his ego they tend to flock to him because men are dicks to each other most of the time. It's not gay, it's literally just moids being affectionate. Which you think is gay. You should open your mind and/or get off of lolcor for a bit. The whole internet in fact. Touch grass.

Literally where did she say that it's uncommon

No. 1649709

I don't know what to tell you if you can't see why I used the term "Mulan" KEK, you are in a whole different reality damn

You really had me going for a while there, anon. I honestly believed you were sincerely misunderstanding and not just a piss poor attempt at trolling. GG, as they say

Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess…?

No. 1649711

No. 1649712

Yeah that’s what I meant I’m retarded

No. 1649715

File: 1690779487266.jpeg (74.78 KB, 1280x670, spongebob-1592135040.jpeg)

No. 1649722

I was looking for a gay Spongebob react and it turns out Nickelodeon confirmed his homosexuality back in 2020? LMAO

No. 1649723

File: 1690779679698.jpg (94.11 KB, 933x909, EKeFrp4WwAElSzm.jpg)

No. 1649724

You're very… passionate

No. 1649726

File: 1690779737938.jpg (Spoiler Image, 168.03 KB, 1430x1080, Yellow_Butt.jpg)

Spoilered for moid ass

No. 1649729

Ladies, please, calm down, or Anon will start schizoing out that they're surrounded by the evil fujoshi menace cosupreeing Mulan, or whatever

Please stop being gay for me, I already addressed in my original post I am not actually a man.

No. 1649730

Ew I'm going to come back when it isnt autism o clock and the women that don't have pictures of 2d boys kissing eachother in their recently saved folder are online

No. 1649732

that scene near the end of a bugs life where the dude gets beaten in front of everyone…. whew boy to this very day

No. 1649734

You all make a ton of giant leaps don't you kek

No. 1649735

Oh no!! It's retarded

No. 1649736

File: 1690780032592.png (147.76 KB, 500x306, kawoshin kiss.png)

No. 1649738

File: 1690780091134.gif (2.94 MB, 540x240, 1690026724331566.gif)

No. 1649740

God I am such a normie

No. 1649741

File: 1690780200884.png (49.3 KB, 443x265, d2h154f-d1fbe3d3-e774-4c13-8b8…)

No. 1649748

so you're never coming back?

No. 1649749

File: 1690780330958.jpg (114.35 KB, 429x944, 3dee5f5fb473a8fd1305621b46e087…)

No. 1649751

File: 1690780361942.jpg (Spoiler Image, 296.65 KB, 1762x1062, 1690365827542107.jpg)

GTFO noobs

No. 1649752

File: 1690780376268.png (273.08 KB, 700x1120, 92413557_p22.png)

No. 1649754

File: 1690780426104.jpg (30.41 KB, 481x481, 1690225845962116.jpg)

It's easier to post during the day when the angry wagecucks are online, they have more sense than you PMneets

No. 1649757

ew this picture reeks

No. 1649758

File: 1690780463742.png (509.58 KB, 1778x1000, 103557441_p31.png)

No. 1649760

File: 1690780525239.jpg (307.15 KB, 902x782, kyhk9.full.2030462.jpg)

okay man

No. 1649762

File: 1690780575721.jpg (186.06 KB, 800x720, tumblr_mly0wnYFIa1r1geyyo1_128…)

They should form a gayhomo gang btw

No. 1649763

More like 2007

No. 1649764

File: 1690780652754.png (7.12 MB, 2142x1542, tuze111.full.3375451.png)

Keep posting yaoi.(don't)

No. 1649765

I'm not actually triggered by yaoi so post to your hearts content I just think the nightcrew is severely autistiq

No. 1649768

No. 1649769

File: 1690780707026.jpg (44.38 KB, 640x452, amh12rzbj7ca1.jpg)

Then you will never be able to return, it is always autism o clock for God's strongest fujo soldiers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1649773


No. 1649776

OT but source?

No. 1649777

File: 1690780839833.jpg (40.8 KB, 299x300, 1689459396665641.jpg)

God pseudonormies please wake up the weird girls are lesboposting again

No. 1649779

Must confess, that pic makes me want to be the filling in an N-Komaeda cuddle sandwich.
Dunno the other two dudes but I guess they can join in too.

No. 1649782

I only know who Komaeda is because of that girl who eats her discharge

No. 1649783

File: 1690780997264.jpg (346.62 KB, 2056x2560, DBE961F3-3ACF-4917-A584-53220B…)

They are loyal to their boyfriends nonna
The other two are Kaworu Nagisa (originator of this character trope basically and the guy from psycho pass I think.

No. 1649788

The first appearance of discharge anon feels so long ago now… fond memories

No. 1649789

wow how are you still here
idk i found it on google images but you should try reverse image searching it

No. 1649790

>anons arguing about yaoi again
Can you guys at least fight about something I care about? I need the entertainment.

No. 1649792

>for God's strongest fujo soldiers.

For christ's sake anon why did this get me, kek

>Lord, why do you give me your most autistic battles?

>Because you're my strongest fujo, Anon

No. 1649793

What do you care about?

No. 1649795

File: 1690781411873.png (592.07 KB, 630x578, cows.PNG)

I care about cows. I think you all should argue about which breed of cow is the best. Here, I'll even give you a wikipedia link so you can gather your sources

No. 1649796

they all look the same its like cats

No. 1649797

File: 1690781490307.png (504.34 KB, 606x577, cows 2.PNG)

More cow breeds. The last two at the bottom are Floridian Cracker cattle and Menorquina cattle. Tag yourself, I'm Beefalo.

No. 1649799

Twinner is freaking me out a little, what's up with that?

No. 1649800

Only cows I care about sorry

No. 1649801

I pick the bike and roll for a 5

No. 1649803

100% brangus

No. 1649805

Twinner cows have transcended the state of cow, and have found new meaning in life as bikes.

No. 1649806

Why does that sound like the name of the second evo of some next gen starter pokemon that's strayed horribly from the originals

No. 1649807

Ongole cattle

No. 1649808


No. 1649809

i don't like that the breed is called beefalo, that seems unnecessarily mean sprited

No. 1649810

i claim the limousine vroom vroom

No. 1649811

Because that's exactly what I am.

No. 1649812

Beefalo lmao, I think I just shed a tear laughing

No. 1649813

File: 1690781858910.jpeg (35.38 KB, 407x268, IMG_8877.jpeg)

Majestic creatures

No. 1649814

File: 1690781956916.jpeg (350.33 KB, 2048x1184, IMG_8878.jpeg)

Beefalos when you threaten to reduce them to beef

No. 1649815

Filling up the confessions thread with some objectively dumbass shit

No. 1649818

File: 1690782334964.gif (3.24 MB, 498x275, andy-coming.gif)

Jannies coming! Everyone delete your posts!

No. 1649821

File: 1690782487945.jpg (73.25 KB, 894x681, 61ng0K94-gL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

my confession is i have to wake up in 4 hours to manage an office full of retards and i'm reading fanfic instead of sleeping. confess your sins nonny come on do it

No. 1649825

They already shot our fujo soldier rip

No. 1649827

Is that your confession?

No. 1649829

I made a cringe powerpoint or two or three I intended to show some friends about my escapades and then shelved them, although 2/3 of them were more for my own catharsis

complicate everything so the almost finished one is a whopping 100+ slides long

No. 1649831

I confess that I'm posting way too frequently

No. 1649839

powerful stuff, i admire your dedication. is it cringe if you made them from a place of love? you are absolved.

that's a secret between you and the jannies.

No. 1649842

a place of love and hatred and confusion of what I was doing. to cope by humoring my own stupidity

No. 1649851

File: 1690784911898.png (776.22 KB, 1200x1130, 52ma5b.png)

maybe all that time you spent on them triggered some self reflection, which is leading to growth and realization. maybe you can delete the powerpoints after you finish them as a way to let things go. you seem a little sad hope everything is going ok for you anon.

No. 1649853

File: 1690785270953.jpeg (94.41 KB, 750x750, IMG_7159.jpeg)

I'm okay! I'm just in the passing phase between whatever the last step before acceptance is and acceptance

No. 1649939

I once cried because I made my favorite character in a game cry. It's not like I even had to do it, I had the choice not to, I was just mean. I still feel guilty whenever I see him.

No. 1649941

this just unlocked a memory of an online friend I had playing Habbo retros and he was actually a girl pretending to be a boy kek

No. 1649943

A white park cattle looks elegant

No. 1649946

tell me you're new in the internet without needing to say it. I know you're barely 20 and never participated in any male centric online community if you think this is not a common thing.

No. 1649953

I accidentally killed my sex drive because I felt too ashamed about liking my parasocial crush even though he hasn't done anything bad, people just hate his appearance. He was the only man I could get off to, like I genuinely thought I was gay for a while because no one else turned me on like he did. I'm not saying who it is so don't bother playing guessing games.

No. 1649961

Who cares what anyone else thinks about what makes you feel good? You're not hurting yourself or anyone else. Just let yourself enjoy what you enjoy nonnie, you don't owe anything to anyone, especially not your standards as to who you find attractive.

No. 1649978

If I could press a button and delete every single dog and cat on earth I would without hesitation.

No. 1649981

The good news is that deleting yourself would be quicker

No. 1649989

if I had a button like that I'd be halving the population of a different certain living creature.

No. 1649990

I wouldn't go that far, but you can always tell if someone has a cat or a dog. When you go to their house, there's always the smell. And I see people with fur all over their clothes outside every day. They look unkempt.

No. 1649992

Honestly I'd have added men to my list if it weren't for the fact that science has yet to evolve properly that two women can have a baby without it being ridiculously expensive.

No. 1650003

That's partially why I just dislike most furred animals. They smell gross, they leave hair everywhere that will inevitably make me break out in gross weeping hives and the owners who don't own lint rollers are covered in hair that will stick to things. It's just not a good look overall. If most pets could stop being furred, stop shedding hair and dander, stop smelling weird, stop slobbering and drooling, stop being so touchy and clingy, and be completely silent at all times, then I would be fine with them and actually love them outside of the screen. Otherwise, no. No thanks.

No. 1650124

I have no irl friends, and I'm in my late 20's so I've given up on getting a real solid friend group ever. And I'm so fucking lonely. I have a great family and I do appreciate that a lot, but there's stuff you want to have friends for and I also don't want to leech onto my family for emotional support until the end of times.

No. 1650178

>yet to evolve properly that two women can have a baby without it being ridiculously expensive.
Do you think it'd still be expensive if it became a neccesity though. I don't know for sure but something tells me no. (I know not really the point of your original confession)

No. 1650194

I feel it would still be expensive, but not ridiculously expensive.

No. 1650412

I'm obsessed with a cow and now I just found some 13 year old posts and pictures of herself in a website, back when she was beautiful and witty. It melts my heart, she's so nice in the posts, and the pictures are so fucking lovely, I would have fallen in love with her at first sight if I had seen her in person in those days. And she's been heavily into non-binary bullshit for almost a decade but in a couple of those posts she calls herself a 'girl' and complains about being mistaken for a skinny guy. It's so damn refreshing. Now I can't sleep…

No. 1650426

we're on the same boat, sometimes I don't care but on other days it hits me hard that I've got no friends, I know this is lame but I wish you the best on finding friends, you deserve to be happy and to be supported by friends.

No. 1650441

File: 1690845738433.jpg (32.58 KB, 1000x667, ps.jpg)

This is really shallow, but a famous person I used to follow the activities of got some work done to their face, and to be honest I don't find them attractive anymore. I've made some friends in fan groups and I want to continue the way I used to, but I don't feel that into them anymore. Looking at their old face in all my hoarded photos makes me sad because it's gone for good now and I loved it soooooo dearly, I would daydream about kissing them constantly. a shallower, more pressing issue is this person has been my #1 masturbation fodder for like a year now but now imagining them and their face situation makes it feel too weird and sad kek

It's not even bad plastic surgery, in fact most people would say it was tasteful and natural and that they look better now. But idk, I just really liked their old features way, way more. Like 500% more. I'm basically in mourning over a stranger's face kek.

No. 1650454

…was it a kpoppie?

No. 1650459

This is weird. But please share whomst

No. 1650463

Just got banned for a post made five days ago. Newjannies are so stupid.

No. 1650471

no, kek, i am not a kpopfag. Korean plastic surgery always looks creepy and uncanny as fuck. The person I'm talking about still looks natural, but just… not like the person I fell in (visual) love with anymore. I think the main problem is they changed their eye shape, and eyes are such a major part of what makes someone look like themselves. It's cringe but I'm actually super depressed over this dumb shit kek.
I would totally share, but the person is very obscure that merely typing the name in english might show up on search engines and make me identifiable kek.

No. 1650564

Absolutely no one knows how close i am to a mental break and I don't even have any good reason for it. Sometimes I stare at my computer screen at work and have to consciously force the break back into its hole in the same way you don't think about a pink elephant by chanting something else in your head. I cannot afford to lose it now, maybe in a few years. It's going to escape at some point.

No. 1650567

Write it with numbers nonnie! We wanna know!

No. 1650576

Listen I know this is really bad I don’t need anyone to tell me. But I’ve realized that I’m most attracted to women who have physical traits similar to my mom. I was convincing myself it was just coincidence until I saw an old picture of her from when she was a little older than me and was hit over the head with the subconscious thought of “she was so cute, I would have loved to date her, my dad was so lucky, I’m jealous.” Then I had to accept that regardless of the mental block I put up, I do frequently feel attracted to her. I accidentally touched her chest one night when I went to pat her on the shoulder and my internal reaction was butterflies like if I had touched a crush. I somehow wrote that off too, and redirected my feelings by projecting the memory onto a woman I have a crush on and imagining it had been my crush instead.

I had a very normal childhood and have considered myself heterosexual for most of my life, the only exception is women who look like my mom in some way… and my mom I guess. This is a really upsetting thing to realize. I think to make sure I don’t start overthinking my daily interactions I need to convince myself back into thinking it’s not true. I hate being the person I am and I hate having horrible secrets that no one can know.

No. 1650591

File: 1690856832728.jpg (387.63 KB, 1280x960, stare.jpg)

Well if it makes you feel better I had a crush on my grandpa.

No. 1650608

Needed a tw incest

No. 1650682

I feel so bad for your mom. Disgusting. I hope this is a moid, for once. Women can't catch a fucking break can we

No. 1650685

there's a lot to unpack here but i will say, it doesn't really sound like you're hetero if you've experienced feelings like this with women other than your mom

No. 1650689

I am not attracted to Pedro Pascal yet i saw some video on twitter of his sex scenes and it made me horny for him. I googled him during the writing of this post to double check and i can't believe i ever felt anything but disgust watching that video. Wtf.

No. 1650690

You’re likely bisexual or lesbian nonna. Weird that you got butterflies around your mom (super weird actually, reading that was icky) but could be cause you’re repressing attraction to women. It wouldn’t be weird to date a girl who looks like your mom.

No. 1650692

Yes it fucking would. Dating someone who coincidentally looks like your parent is one thing, purposefully dating someone who looks like your parent is fucked,

No. 1650695

I disagree unless it’s an age gap relationship. Dating someone who looks like a young version of your parent isn’t weird imo and so many people already do it subconsciously, why should nonna hold herself to a different standard just because she has a greater ability for metacognition than the average person?

No. 1650696

Godspeed, that sounds complicated to say the least. Agreeing with other anons you might not be straight though.

No. 1650698

One of my coworkers got shitcanned bc of something stupid he did and everyone in the office is sad about it. I really don't care. He was a pain in the ass to work with bc of his ego and mantrums. And he'd always blare music or sing. Now that he's gone it's way better at work, and I can actually concentrate, but I have to keep up this façade of giving a shit that some moid moided out and actually faced consequences for it. But I really don't, and don't give a single crap. I hate that I have to pretend to be sad that a moid moided so hard he's unemploid. Maybe at 50+ they should develop self control. Especially bc I'm the one who reported his shit to hr in the first place, lol, but they don't know that.

They make these things called furzappers that I toss in my laundry and it takes the fur off. They're cheap, too. Maybe give yall a win-win situation for a stocking stuffer or birthday gift for the unhygienic fur-bearing pet havers in your lives.

No. 1650699

Because that's gross and feeding for your desire for your own mother is nasty. Imagine dating someone and finding out they only physically like you cause you look like their mother who they have a crush on.

No. 1650701

I'm not sure any of that's true, actually. I can't think of anyone I know who's dating a miniature of their mother / father.

No. 1650702

If nonna is not a moid then I disagree. Women are more complex than moids especially when it comes to sexuality. We’re not that shallow. I don’t think nonna had a crush on her mother I think nonna is repressing her attraction to females and her type happens to look similar to her mother, the repression is causing the weird fucked up thoughts as repression of normal sexual feelings (such as homosexual attraction) is ought to do.

No. 1650705

Idk it seems like there's a ton of assumptions being made here. I mean, instead of armchair psychoanalysis from Dr. Anon maybe she should just go see a professional lmao

No. 1650709

>her type happens to look similar to her mother
Sure. OP literally said she has a crush on her mother and only like women who look like her mother. That's not repression, it's being attracted to your mom. I'm genuinely not judging her for feelings she can't control, especially when she seems to feel so bad about it, but we don't need to lie and act like it wouldn't be weird to only be attracted to women who look like your mom.

No. 1650710

Fair kek. I will say that professionals can say some weird ass shit about this sort of thing too. Less relevant cause it’s a moid but a moid friend of mine had told his therapist that he can’t feel attracted to women if they’re taller than like 5’4 even if they’re otherwise his type (he’s not a manlet). The therapist decided that since his mother was 5’3 it was incestual in nature and told him he needed to make himself date tall women to fix himself. Which is just patently retarded kek. He didn’t have an issue with it but the therapist guided the conversation into that weird ass territory to begin with. So many professionals are literally more retarded than the middle school dropout BPD chan farmers.

No. 1650711

Anyway, I have something shameful to admit. After a long, hot day, I smell my underboob sweat. It's not a sexual thing or anything, just curiousity.

No. 1650712

Samefag, I also cannot spell curiousity.

No. 1650776

i came here to talk about something similar to this lmao.
i like the smell of my body. i feel like a fucking degenerate scrote but my underwear genuinely smells good to me. i think my period blood smells good too but that could be because of the fragrance used in the pads i buy, i think.

No. 1650798

File: 1690881216188.png (161.76 KB, 800x593, 11bf295a-a7a5-4610-9b71-a4d253…)

I've got bent pinkies. Never got made fun of as a child and other kids thought it was interesting. To be honest I don't particularly like the fact they're bent but they do in a strange way fit with the rest of my long thin fingers.

No. 1650810

Why is your pinky retarded?

No. 1650814

don't bully her you bitch!!!

No. 1650872

I like reading comments about establishments I never go to on google when these establishments have bad reviews. It's often peak comedy. Right now I just saw a comment from a girl who wanted to go to a club/bar, she tried to make a reservation well in advance, was told twice to not do that and to come directly to the club/bar, she complained that she was prevented from going inside because security told her she should have made a reservation. The owner of the business then replied that she should have just made a reservation instead of coming without one. I also can't believe that some of the expensive restaurants have big rats walking all over their kitchens and customers somehow manage to post pics.

No. 1650907

I am genuinely scared of disabled people. There's something so off about them, like the uncanny valley taking place. Down syndrome just looks so creepy to me, and I hate how they're so erratic and unpredictable. I knew this woman with down syndrome and she wouldn't stop latching onto me and it freaked me out because I was worried she'd get violent. I'm scared of their tantrums and how they just… don't think and you can't identify their thought process because they usually have that empty stare.

No. 1650936

I always thought cat videos were a meme for some reason and no one really watched them, now I fell in the rabbit hole and I'm perfectly fine with it.
I used to sometimes read the google reviews of the store I worked at at the time and fishing out who they were talking about. It was so petty but also kind of funny. To be honest some of those people were insane. I was a teen when working there and grown adults would come up to me and ask me how to build a garden fence or what type of paint roller is the best for type X of paint, then get angry when I told them I wasn't sure and they could go to so and so to figure out what they needed. I was a cashier kek.

No. 1650956

Isn't this standard practice? Whenever there's a new review on Google, we play guess-games of who wrote it and who it is about, and most of the time it's directly a day after getting posted kek.

No. 1650960

That's your survival instinct and it's correct. There is a reason they have trained handlers that get paid to deal with them. I don't hate them for existing but I don't want to be around them in any capacity

No. 1650967

File: 1690901413929.jpg (49.73 KB, 406x364, 1643607303132.jpg)

lolcow made me hate women a little. I used to believe non-normie women were better, but some of you are just deeply retarded. Terrible moid choices, terrible husbando choices, babifying grown ass men, willingly dating and defending retarded moids, spending hours criticizing every fat roll of some ugly boring camwhore. At least moids have cringe solidarity. It's funny how some of you also turn on eachother and will defend men on an anonymous site for female dweebs when moids would never. This site made me go back to my self-hating teenage days where i hated being a woman and having to share my sex with retards.

No. 1650973

Have you considered half the posters here are male? Like suuuure, this is totally a females-only website uh huh… as if that's enforceable in any way. Don't make actual real life judgements about half the population based off posts on an anonymous imageboard, nona. That would make you retarded.

No. 1650979

In the case of the club I checked it seems like the negative comments weren't that pettt because many people complained about the same things. I love how everytime someone complains that they or their friends weren't let in because of the racist bouncer the owner is like "that's libel and YOU are racist actually!" which is funny because it's located in a neighborhood where a lot of people in general are racist from my own observation.

No. 1650980

File: 1690902122657.jpg (833 KB, 1536x2048, 1676409608211094.jpg)

i seriously doubt men would spend hours sperging about their goblin husbandos. As a severely autistic husbandofag i know that's an inherently female super-power.

No. 1650983

Why do you think husbandofags are the ones specifically dating moids irl but also lurking the cow boards? I don’t get you anons who love to say that all anons religiously check and post in all of the threads of lolcow as if this shit was a hivemind.

No. 1650984

Hate the system not the victims of it. What's cringe is complaining about lack of solidarity and then falling into self-hate over other retards. There's plenty of great and dangerously based nonnas on here but you focus on the retards for some equally retarded sense of superiority.

No. 1650989

It's so hard to be a woman with self respect who's incapable of masochism while so many women are losers and when you dare to mention in they start lecturing you and moralfagging like they have no critical thinking skills. besides that sometimes I feel like to engage in society as a woman you have to be a prostitute cause let's be honest about human mature and female-male relation. However many other social media are worse than lc for me because women just straight up talk about the worst degradation possible they like, post porn of themselves, talk about sucking dicks, make self destructive jokes like even on reddit there's over hundred 100 nsfw subreddits in which women post themselves.. No it's not men, it's literally women calling themselves cum dumpsters. So idk why you see lc as so bad but ofc I get it. But I found the most horrifying shit on sm like fucking Instagram, I used to follow this one girl who have gone missing in 2016 and Lana del rey bf or ex posted a pic of her and said that She's missing and it gave her more popularity, at first I thought shes normal and got obsessed with her but then she started dating a 37yo moid at 17yo and it shocked me how retarded women are, she's in her twenties still obsessing over Lana del rey and mimicking her and theres like 2000000 other women like this on social media jfc in here at least women will get criticized for some extremely retarded shit.
Like the girl I was talking abt that shocked me even made a Playboy page where she wrote that She's obsessed with sucking dick… She only had sex with the pedo moid she dates like what the fuck is going on and why the fuck all other women are okay with it and enable her!? Obviously women make me wanna kill myself, they even nonchalantly talk about throwing up with dicks in their mouths and in real fucking life when I was a minor this one girl came back from hanging out with her moid and joked about how she's nauseous bc she swallowed his cum and I got so fucking suicidal kek teenage girls and young women behavior was the worst irl it traumatized me like all the sex and relationship shit being so male worshipping

No. 1650991

What do you consider a "based" anon, anon?

No. 1650995

I feel like this is just a case of the grass seeming greener on the other side. Go on r9k for a while and soak in the constant whining, bickering, egotism, and pure low iq and you'll quickly regain your faith in women. The annoying things that lc users do are so so minor in comparison.

No. 1651000

thats the point, we are on probably the only place on the neet when women can bee themselves yet they still retain all the shitty traits from normie twitterfag women. It saddens me how everytime an anon says they are dating a man in his early 20s while being 30 or god forbid late 20s they get labelled a pedo freak and the MAN gets turned into a little smol baby uwu.
i know, women will never be raping babies to death vile like moids but i envy moids because they actually have some form of brotherhood.

No. 1651009

Maybe if you didn't care so much about what other women do you would be less miserable, live your life and stop expecting the world to cater to you. You're your own example of what a woman could be, if some retards at an imageboard are enough to make you hate women you weren't that far from misogyny to begin with

No. 1651016

nah, i am tired of getting that response everytime i complain about women being retarded. letting these retards run free without consequence is why we have the rise of tradtoths/bimbos in social media, they need to be shunned for being tard women, sorry.

No. 1651019

Getting on your high horse and acting like you're not also a retard is so cringy. And yes, we may all be anonymous, but you're on lolcow so we all know you're retarded.

No. 1651021

She said she never got made fun of, I just wanted to be the first. I'm jk I'm jk

No. 1651022

I’m a huge bitch to my coworkers about hygiene (I work in food production) and I point out shit they probably already know

No. 1651024

why are you so angry, i am sorry i called out your taste in men shitty go fix it instead of getting angry

No. 1651025

I'm not mad, just pointing out that you're also a retard.

No. 1651031

yes but i dont cape for moids and that's what makes me better

No. 1651041

File: 1690906573533.jpeg (142.24 KB, 1242x933, 5081096E-3CBC-486B-BD44-6BF53D…)

>anons whenever they see something they don’t like on lolcow.farm

No. 1651045

Guys get weird when they women defy their expectations of having a personality or there being more than 10 of us at any given time on a website.

No. 1651062

This intensity you have with "calling out" what others do could explain why you're so perpetually miserable, always on someone's business. Who gives a shit

No. 1651065

everyone you don't like is a husbandofag.
or a tranny, or a fujo, or a moid, or cat/dog hate trying to stir shit up, or a pick me,

No. 1651091

i hate retards as well. can't stand being around them, they ruin my day out when i see them. one time some asshole tard wrangler let their retard unsupervised wheelchair around my local mall and i was maybe 12 with my dad. i was so uncomfortable but couldn't admit how much i hated tards so i just told my dad we need to leave because i didn't want anyone to think we're dating. it's still a joke in my family today, they underestimate just how much i hate these affected creepy creatures. especially moid retards, several of my relatives have dealt with them being extremely creepy but of course these idiots write it off as "aww cute" when no bitch i've been cornered by a retard before. retarded moids should be ejected.

No. 1651093

I seriously don't understand why is this site obsessed with them nowadays, it didn't use to be that way now it seems they're the new punchbag. No wonder they all disappeared

No. 1651098

I know this wouldn’t solve any of my current life issues but I want a cute and young (20 something years old) boyfriend, that would be nice.

No. 1651105

Bravo anon.

No. 1651124

We are still here, in our husbando threads. It's just that the personalityfags left or were banned.

No. 1651143

I feel like a bit of a loser for doing so much research into my family's genealogy whenever I share it with my cousins who have no idea and don't really care for it. Like they appreciate hearing what I've found but they don't really care. Thankfully my family has a few interesting people in it like a hidden political revolutionary but outside of that I probably seem really autistic devoting so much time to it.
And it's all because of my attachment to these people I'll never meet. When I was talking about it alone with my sister, I cried when I explained how grateful I am to the ancestors I have to exist currently and that I wouldn't let their names be wiped and forgotten if I have the chance. And that it hurts me to think that they'd be forgotten by the very people who are alive thanks to them–which most of my ancestors will always be because a lot of them aren't recorded. Don't get mad at me if you dgaf about your own ancestors, most people are the same. I just have my own feelings about it and I feel like I have to honor them in some way. I don't know why I care so much. Most of the time I wish I could just be like my cousins who dgaf and have great normal lives but I know deep down that I never will be like them and that I should try to find the positive in being the family historian (and probable autist).

No. 1651149

i feel like i'm not allowed to say it since i'm black but i've been watching a lot of candace owens' videos lately and i kinda like her

No. 1651159

what is it about non-conventional husbandos that triggers anons so much? they're not even real, they don't effect anyone, what gives? the most popular husbandos are still bishonen anyway

No. 1651208

The same reason why scrotes hate them– The husbando has a person who adores them regardless of how they look, and they don't

No. 1651218

sounds like self loathing tbh, why don't you just embrace being retarded with all the other women you're seething over?

No. 1651230

>she started dating a 37yo moid at 17yo and it shocked me how retarded women are,
>expecting a groomed teenager to not be retarded

No. 1651243

I miss my abusive ex and having sex with him he didn’t have a that big a dick and he’s pretty ugly facially but he was tall with giant shoulders and strong and he would eat me out so goood, it was like he was starving. He was good at drilling me too, maybe I just need to fuck SOMEONE I am so horny. I hate him as a person but he was a really good lay

No. 1651265

How did you find your ancestors anon? Is ancestry.com good?

No. 1651273

No. 1651275

Mine are like that too. Apparently it’s more common in people with adhd and/or autism kek

No. 1651279

I know it sounds moidish but I used to masturbate to medical drawings of vaginas in girl's puberty books (when I was like 11) and still thought I was straight

No. 1651282

samefag, also I cannot fathom how someone can hate women as a whole over such a non-issue like husbando preferences, it's like getting angry at people preferring different candy flavors. I honestly don't get this whole taste debate thing that happens every few weeks in different threads, just post what you like and ignore the rest. Sorry for sperging it just gets annoying after a while.

No. 1651283

There’s an Asian market in my area and apparently the lady who owns it is a Chinese lady who hates Filipinos. Like will literally tell Filipinos to leave her store or will try charging them 2-3x as much as her usual prices. She’s also apparently been really rude to some black people as well and has told white people they can’t buy certain things because the items are too spicy.

No. 1651285

A retarded 5th grade scrote made my cousin look at his penis multiple times when she was in 1st grade. She told adults about it every time and they coddled him and told her to “stop looking at him” like it was her fault. He would trick her into looking at him and then flash his cock.

No. 1651286

Filipinos, whites AND blacks??? She much not really want any business.

No. 1651289

Based and doing Gods work

No. 1651318

Everytime the type like a moid thread is on the first page, I almost end up reporting posts from there. Sorry nonnas.

No. 1651369

Some of the work was done in ancestry but my other side is from a small rural town with no records online. I had to contact by email in their native language. And I only got two baptismal records from that whole ordeal (it took months). So yeah…quite a bit of effort.
Ancestry is worth a shot but will be of limited use if your ancestors are from tiny villages with like 500 people.

No. 1651372

Ive had it too good and I should be taking more responsibility than I have been.

No. 1651446

my best friend has the worst case of adhd i have ever witnessed, and when she forgets to take her meds she is so annoying and i don't want to be around her

No. 1651456

File: 1690941938078.png (562.63 KB, 583x680, F07dJS0XgAAssKO.png)

People always say, "You should feel confident at the gym because realistically, nobody cares what you are doing because everyone is focused on themselves!" No sorry I definitely notice when the chubby girl next to me walks for ten minutes and gives up after I've been running for 20 minutes straight. I will never acknowledge her but I notice and I remember her face and I remember that she gave up. Sorry, it's motivating. She's not a bad person for showing up and trying but I see myself in her and I will use it as motivation.

No. 1651459

Back in 3rd grade, there was an autist in my class who was ALWAYS grabbing my ass and stealing shit out of my locker. No one ever did anything about it and acted like he was incapable of controlling his actions, but strangely he knew to be quiet during lessons and to get his work in on time. I can't wait until autism is diagnosable during pregnancy the same way down's syndrome is.

No. 1651462

same, it's always the autistic spergy moids that get away with being sex pests. m-muh tism is not an excuse for being a fucking pervert.

No. 1651466

Should've slapped his shit tbh

No. 1651469

Autistic males get away with the worst shit. I always say we should just euthanize retarded males but suddenly that's 'too far'.

No. 1651526

That’s happened to me so many times, I’ll scroll past those posts and start seething until I realize what thread it’s from Kek

No. 1651665

There was a retard in a wheel chair that was in his 20's when I was in my teens that lived in my aunt's neighborhood. It was well known he would try to get kids to sit on his lap, talk to them, etc. but no one ever did anything. I don't know what happened to him, but I hope he got pushed into traffic.

No. 1651696

File: 1690966983970.jpg (226.94 KB, 2055x1654, 0d87a6644224e5677.jpg)

Men with long legs scare me. No real reason, they just look weird, like their proportions are off idk.

No. 1651715

This is possibly mental, delusional and borderline schizo but I found comfort in the past few years of praying every night. It holds me accountable and makes me reflect on the day and how I behaved and I pray for others. Well since having a bf of nearly a year when I stay with him I'm not as regular. I get weird in my head like he'll either somehow know what I'm thinking or I get stressed he'll notice I'm praying and interrupt me idk. It's weird. My dad got diagnosed with liver cancer in June and its now August, he's lost a lot of weight and we know the cancer is in three places now, stomach, lungs and liver. On Monday he decided he's not having treatment for it. I spent the night alone last night and cried and prayed and apologised for being useless. I don't know what I can do to help my step dad I feel so bad when I turn up empty hander as if my presence is just enough. He's no appetite, the smell of things is turning his stomach, he's nauseous, barely sleeping and in pain. I'm heading down tonight and he's texting me to make sure it won't bother me if he's up through the night. Do not worry about me, I'll take disrupted sleep for the rest of my life if you could be better. It fucking sucks.

No. 1651717

Sometimes I get too shy to respond to some anons. Sorry.

No. 1651734

Nasty scrote brained confession, rattle rattle.

No. 1651738

You're anonymous here, so get over it. I'm saying it kindly.

No. 1651743

when you write stuff like this are you aware you're a bad person and do you want to change or at least learn how to mind your own business? maybe she left because you're definitely not hiding how creepy you are as well as you think you are.

No. 1651744

The cardio bunny is wrong about how long you need to be on the treadmill anyway. 20 minutes is enough to get the heartrate up to burn calories doing other activities. And even if it wasn't, 20 minutes is still better than 0.

No. 1651746

you got the numbers wrong, the woman she's looking down on ran for 10 minutes. she ran for 20 minutes herself. honestly if you're just going by running standards neither of those times are impressive so the whole post is retarded in that regard but I assume she was just throwing out the first example she could think of and she really just means she looks down on fatties at the gym and is motivated by fatspo (which is super cringe, no wonder she's posting it as a confession)

No. 1651749

It's a different argument but there is really nothing wrong about being on the treadmill for 10 or 20 minutes as long as you are incorporating other activities.
Anon is being retarded in general.

No. 1651754

I hate how demonized it is to vent about your special needs family member. I have a big sister who is mentally challenged. She is a big strong girl. Most of the time shes just fidgety and just sings and draws but sometimes she can get very violent and yell. It is due to this that we don't take her out much. Shes picked up really frustrating habits like taking things out of the trash and yell "fuck you!" to my mom. I feel so bad for my mother. She always tells me how shes afraid of dying before my big sister and how shes gonna die so worried. Sometimes I think about how much easier life would be for my mother if my big sister wasnt alive. Im crying right now as I type this. Even then. My heart breaks at the thought of not having my big sister in my life. I would still miss her. She didn't choose to become a burden to us. She used to be a normal girl. Im sorry its hard to gather my thoughts but I always get so angry at people who insult parents or family members who complain about caring for a person with severe autism or disabilities. I wish they could switch places with my mother for a day.

No. 1651766

Even if someone only manages 10-20 minutes on a treadmill that’s still better than them spending 0 minutes exercising, shaking people when they’re trying to better themselves is so fucked.

No. 1651768

>she used to be a normal girl
What happened that turned her into a retard???

No. 1651803

I have a relative just like this, she's a big woman and has attacked pretty much every one of her immediate family members, the men can restrain her but she was a danger to the woman and children, she can't hurt anyone as of now as she old and fat and spends her day on her tablet. But my family dealt with her for over 40 years.

No. 1651806

You seem like a very good person anon. I wish all of you easier times. Have you tried bringing her to a therapist or getting her on medication that can calm her down? I know this is basic advice but I've known a few mentally disabled kids who hurt their loved ones physically without intending to do so and I'm afraid the same could happen to her if she's physically violent.

No. 1651813

It shouldn’t be demonized, you’re right. I’m sorry you’re stuck in such a shitty situation for now, I hope you get to move out very soon, at least. You don’t deserve to stay miserable too.

No. 1651841

Did she just walk for ten minutes and then go home? At my gym plenty of people, skinny and fat, walk for ten minutes to get their body warmed up and then go do something else, especially if they're focused on lifting weights and just want to get their muscles in gear. But then again if it motivates you to work harder and you're not bothering anyone, I don't really see what people are getting upset about. It's just your thoughts, after all.

My gym related confession is that I sometimes go there just to take a long, scolding hot shower because it's right across the street from my apartment and always empty. Hot water is crazy expensive where I live, so I like to get my money's worth out of my gym membership, kek.

No. 1651848

What I don't get is that many of the people who virtue signal when an overwhelmed person talks about their severely disabled family member know they wouldn't want to be in that situation. It's not even hypocrisy when they say "don't insult your disabled, violence, very dangerous family member that's bigoted! you should be more open minded!", they're straight up lying.

I feel like if people didn't worry about others' opinions the common opinion on the matter would be that complaining from time to time and even disliking living like this is perfectly normal.

No. 1651850

I know I’m probably being evil or something, but sometimes I wish mentally disabled people could just die. It would be better for them, they wouldn’t need to suffer, it’s clear that we as a society don’t know how to properly take care of their needs, and at this point I don’t know if we will ever be able to know how to do so. Because yeah, therapists are a thing and shit, but you don’t study psychology when you’re told “hey, your kid is mentally disabled, pay me 90$ Monthly to keep him/her distracted for 30 minutes”.

No. 1651884

I actually feel the exact same way. At the very least they should be put in institutions whether they like it or not to not be a burden for the rest of society. Even if there's no more space for them. I know someone who's severely traumatized because her schizo crackhead neighbor would break into her house when she was a kid until she left her house to live alone, would steal all her shit and the police couldn't do anything because he was so retarded he couldn't be put in jail and all the asylums in the region were full. So now she's the one paying for it for the rest of her life. That are reading about mentally ill or delayed people committing all sorts of crimes all the time made me change my mind on them. As far as when I heard about that one plane crash that happened because the pilot was depressed and wanted to kill himself so he killed hundreds of passengers and cabin crew with him.

No. 1651985

My fathers friend died in a car crash on his way to meet up with a foreign woman who he bragged about seeing. I think he deserved it and every time it's mentioned I laugh at how stupid he was. He literally died for a prostitute.

No. 1652079

KEK that’s based

No. 1652088

Idk if I’ve lost even more weight but my boobs are so sad and deflated looking now and I fucking hate it. I could cry over it genuinely. They look nice in a bra but once it comes off I feel like a disappointment to whatever partner that I have. And I haven’t even had a child, I’m in my mid 20s and I have no reason to have saggy deflated boobs. I want to kms looking at them and how pathetic they look now.
I need to accept them and get over them but I just feel so inadequate compared to other women my age and thinking of how my boobs used to look before I lost weight. Granted I hated how the rest of my body looked but at least my boobs looked fuller and not so pathetic.

No. 1652144

File: 1691013961836.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 152x152, 1592423461398.gif.df48bc0da81c…)

don't unspoiler this

No. 1652263

Hello kassandrakanizsa@yahoo.com

No. 1652267

You need to think before you post, please.

No. 1652271

I wonder if the anon who collects emails is still here.

No. 1652277

this feels like self-promotion kek

No. 1652308

I am so insanely good at coming up with batshit crazy yet insanely sexy fantasy scenarios, I really feel like a genius sometimes. Like the female equivalent of the guys who make hentai manga with bonkers plotlines except my ideas are actually sexy. I often feel bad for everyone in the world who shares my taste but will never know any of my crazy genius sex plotlines. People who are like "i can't get off unless it's porn" baffle me because what I come up with in my head is 200000% better than any porno.

No. 1652315

File: 1691030377286.png (249.19 KB, 608x431, teacher.PNG)

Well? That's some big talk, are you going to share with the class Nonnie?

No. 1652320

but why don't you share your ideas kek, if there's another person suffering with being unable to get off unless it's to the same insanely specific fantasies as you then i can't imagine how happy they will be to see it. porn has no value it's all the same, unique crazy sex scenarios are a valuable commodity.

No. 1652321

At my old age I have gotten back to collecting and enjoying over toys and figures of any kind, and my room is tiny yet full of plastic crap but why does it make me feel so good?
I wish I could stop especially since I have no room and I should rather be saving up for my future (but I have no future honestly)

No. 1652325

maybe she doesn't have the artistic skill to convey the fantasies, but in her head it's magical. her win, everyone else's loss.

No. 1652380

Dang, I ain't readin all that but that stock model could get it

No. 1652383

damn that was ten years and a gigagreentext. anon please tell me someone's getting her pussy ate soon?

No. 1652388

Manifesting anon gets a pussy eating (and so does her character)

Now I want to go rewatch atomic blonde for some reason

No. 1652461

File: 1691040905100.jpg (56.33 KB, 549x546, 03461b5358d78dfc3187e8983d4178…)

I unironically love this kind of Shayna tier cutesy tumblr weed gorl aestetic

No. 1652463

Happy for you but thats horrible girl

No. 1652466

Nah it's great and so is she, go find friends of your own sort

No. 1652477

Stop m'ladying every single joke you decide must be real criticism. It's weird.

No. 1652906

File: 1691091278716.png (62.08 KB, 301x147, 1641586750655.png)

I masturbated to a scene in Killing Stalking back when it was first coming out. Confession because It's fucking Killing Stalking

No. 1652911

Sorry but I'm scared of morbidly obese people. It's like if you were scared of a large rock or something heavy. They're so huge, it kinda creeps me out, it's like they aren't human. Like how do you eat so much? I have also heard of stories where they can't open their folds of fat so mold and maggots and shit get stuck in there, or they develop some kind of infection idk and have to amputate their legs from not using them!?!? Like WTF!!! I don't want to approach them, their faces are always so red from like… walking. And usually very aggressive from what I see. I'm afraid that a morbidly obese person will go psycho and I'll be crushed. Unironic.

No. 1653052

I mean you can just outrun them unless you plan on getting stuck in an elevator with a morbidly obese killing machine. Unless they unleash their maggot army onto you as you run. Fly, my pretties, fly!

No. 1653095

Even though I don't agree with it, sometimes I feel nostalgia for the early 2010s "SJW" thing. Back when batshit new concepts like "faegender" were actually taken seriously by a lot of people. It was crazy and funny.

No. 1653105

No. 1653110

File: 1691106585198.jpg (18.43 KB, 500x374, tumblr_l5rbs8Zp881qbzf0vo1_500…)

Nah, those fuckers are faster than you think

No. 1653151

My online ex-best friend whom I had a codepedent e-situationship with that ended in flames (and doxxing, and racefaking allegations, and other terminally online teenage antics) reached out to me 5 years later. Everyone who was there when it happened told me absolutely not to respond because she fucked me over so badly, but we've been talking for 2 hours now and I feel happy, confused, and most of all, very retarded. Why am I like this. I can't tell anyone we're talking, they will rightfully look at me like I'm out of my mind.

No. 1653154

If she's grown better as a person and unless she's done something truly unforgiveable and hurtful that you can't get over then I don't see why not. Just be wary and prepare to leave if you start to see red flags.

No. 1653178

Put her in a home

No. 1653298

What the fuck

No. 1653306

God I love this thread. What scene? Please, I want to know so badly.

No. 1653323

I lost interest in 2D husbandos because so many of them felt too sanitized and boring. I need them to be at least a little bit degenerate (without being some bland harem protagonist). Even villain characters that are supposed to be all immoral and super edgy act weirdly disinterested in sex and react like grandmas when a female character flirts with them. That's why I used to be into osomatsu-san, I liked that those characters had canon fetishes and an entire episode about fapping, but even with them I eventually lost interest so I moved on to live-action characters.

No. 1653340

I feel like it's the other way round. Back then, even all my friends who are now on their hyper-individualistic "Everybody knows themselves best uwu" trip made fun of neopronouns.

No. 1653346

Having a round butt has its downsides. See how certain styles of panties wedge in your asscrack.

No. 1653351

that happens to me all the time except mine's flat

No. 1653352

I love it too can you post some more please nonnie

No. 1653355

I feel bad for making fun of otherkin cause shit like elfkin and faekin are way less cringe than men saying they are legitimately actually women and can get awards for women and play sports for women and have all their fetish related cosmetic surgery covered as necessary by their insurance.

No. 1653361

File: 1691124419072.jpeg (96.32 KB, 1200x600, IMG_9279.jpeg)

Maybe it's the shape? Butts have shapes like faces have shapes

No. 1653734

I'm glad my OCD finally turned into an ED after being overweight my whole life, no more compulsive hand washing, lock checking, instead I'm afraid of eating too much sugar.

No. 1653738

Honestly, to a certain extent, I could probably deal with someone who was just really into fantasy creatures and aesthetics. Like, let them have their silly little blogs. It all seems like nothing compared to the tranny stuff.

No. 1653746

File: 1691162671571.jpg (54.61 KB, 643x634, 70fb461fd28c11ebb61de756983e53…)

i slept for 17 hours today.

No. 1653747

File: 1691162719571.jpg (212.11 KB, 1221x1865, same hat.jpg)

That's my record, too.

No. 1653750

hope you're getting enough sleep anon that's brutal.

No. 1653952

I love people watching. I keep making people have sex in my head

No. 1653962

File: 1691176284845.png (271.95 KB, 1200x1522, Logo-JSTOR-2290513032.png)

i like to search for my favourite characters and franchises on jstor because i like to read the weird articles intellectuals writes about pop culture. i genuinely do think pop culture's evolution is worth studying but on the other hand i think its really funny that these people gets paid to publish academic articles about capeshit and manga. its every tumblrinas wet dream

No. 1653966

It’s not on JSTOR but I found a thesis about Gankutsuou that’s almost 300 pages long

No. 1653972

i'm the same way, nona. when i think about the generations of people who had to suffer through hardships to live and eventually lead down to me, i feel grateful beyond words, especially for the women, who did all that thanklessly. it's because of their perseverance that i'm even here and when i remember that i feel like i owe it to them to not just stay alive, but live my life to the fullest, and help as many people (particularly including my living family) as i can. so nona, even if your own family doesn't understand, know you aren't alone! and you're doing a beautiful thing regardless of how they feel about it—keeping alive the names of the people who fought for you through history. even if nobody else is an ally to you, they were before you were even born. i know that's super cornball but i guess i just want you to know it's a perfectly good thing to be autistic over. keep doing what you're doing, because it's clearly meaningful.

No. 1653976

I believe using blockbuster and incredibly popular films/tv-shows that were made as a mass product is definitely a worth while examination, but that's already been done, so these morons take something moderately popular or something not even popular at all and just use it to say something about society that is always just reaching.

No. 1653978

i might be gravedigging for this one a little, but small-scale skeletal deformities like this really interest me. my pinkies are also like this, and i've just got very spindly fingers in general, which is called arachnodactyly. both are common in people with marfan syndrome or marfanoid habitus, and connective tissue conditions overall. if you're also very tall and lanky with scoliosis or other odd proportions, it might be worth looking into. most people know they have conditions like this, but some don't, and that can lead to health complications and even death down the road. it's how the guy who made the musical rent passed, actually. and besides that it's just really interesting stuff and i think more women knowing about cool medical shit will make the world a better place even if only for me so i have more people to talk to about it kek

No. 1653988

Sometimes they can be used for interesting writing. I absolutely hate when people just write thesis about how they discovered themselves (ie trooned) via media, but there are a few like this one >>1653966 that go into ridiculous detail about the production and marketing of a franchise, where and how it engages viewers, and what changes are made to target specific demographics

No. 1654049

I almost trooned out from being a fujo

No. 1654069

kekkk same. i even drew a picture of myself with titchop scars once. then a TIF asked me out and i dated her for a while and i suddenly didn't want to be like that anymore, funny how that works

No. 1654147

File: 1691192932968.png (263.96 KB, 680x680, FxnTa7QWIAMVI01.png)

My confession is that i want to a log to the post above so fucking bad. I won't out of respect.

No. 1654164

It's funny that he thinks the site is trash but still took the time to reply kek, truly rent free.

No. 1654165


No. 1654184

Whenever my father buys groceries and so happens to pick up those small glass Totinos queso dip I will sit on the floor freezer in the pantry late at night and eat chips and the dip from the container instead of pouring the dip into a smaller cup or something. I double dip too.

No. 1654186

I use to have internalized misogyny and was a pick-me and almost trooned out at some point too because of lurking for years in only male internet spaces and had a hard time accepting my womanhood because of the way women are depicted in most media and thus wanting to be like a man or approved and validated and respected like a man. Now I am kind of a misandrist. I have spergy tendencies and am extremely retarded but I'm trying to not be a sperg anymore and I know I deserve to be alogged deep down and I want to change because I don't like what I have become. I know I'm a fucking idiot and I regularly cringe over myself and the dumbass shit I've said over the internet. Deep down I really despise myself and that's why I don't think I deserve to have friends.

No. 1654215

File: 1691196615808.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1200x800, IMG_3790.jpeg)

My confession is that if I was a moid I’d be exactly like my fraternity bro dad and have 2 brain cells along with a feed that is solely Barstool Sports and sorority girl bikini pictures. I would be the type of guy with the personality of cardboard whose Twitter is all dedicated to sports and whose Tinder bio is empty.
Whenever I see incels on our obscure image board I just laugh at how they really fumbled being male so badly that they’re here. I was in your shoes I would have done it a lot differently. All the women in your family doting on you from birth and you still managed to turn out like this and on here of all places, KEK. Even manual labor or a trade would be better than being the typical terminally online autistic pedophile shrimplet moid who angrily lurks on lolcow. It’s just a disgrace. Just look at the moids in picrel compared to the cute redhead. This is truly life on easy mode and you failed at it. It’s time to kys.

No. 1654216

File: 1691196692666.gif (5.63 MB, 498x498, 730d75ed729397068c7a89fa7476e3…)

I also had the same experience as you and I almost trooned out as well from hanging around with misogynist guys and nonstop browsing 4chan all my life, but it's in the past and your not the only one who said dumb shit, we grow up eventually from that and I just hope you find someone to talk too nona.

No. 1654226

I think I'm attracted to this character from a book who is heavily implied to have some sort of mental disability. It's an older book, so there's nothing specific, but he's supposed to be a young man with the mental age of a child. I know fiction isn't at all representative of reality, but it still feels weird to admit to myself.

No. 1654228

Cope, if you were a guy you’d have no friends and no gf either

No. 1654230

Being into fictional autists is endearing, what's the book anon?

No. 1654235

Honesty, having no friends, no gf, and no job isn’t really that bad
I get to go on the internet all day(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1654239

Go be on the internet somewhere else

No. 1654262

File: 1691200976636.jpg (107.46 KB, 761x600, samcat.jpg)

After Jennette McCurdy's book came out last year I unironically masturbated to the fantasy of her and Ariana Grande fucking. The Ariana cheating scandal is taking me back and now I can't stop thinking about it in inappropriate situations

No. 1654264

I asked my dad and he actually agreed with me. Funny how being female makes a fraternity bro father treat you like a porcelain doll because they know the true horrors of moids whereas if I had been born male I wouldn't have to worry about jack shit including wiping my own ass.

No. 1654265

The fuck..

No. 1654270

What kind of gay evil

No. 1654273

I could believe Jennette being a little bi but Ariana is definitely straight, her thing with Spongebob basically proves it unfortunately

No. 1654279

I do have a few people to talk to but I'm afraid of the possibility of having NPD so I don't really think I should and only engage in small talk, at the very least I'm not someone who gets lonely easily I just need to learn to control my spergy behavior, have self-awareness, stop saying stupid shit online, and get rid of internet brainrot. But thank you I appreciate and that cat gif is cute.

No. 1654283

It's The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad lol. Actually, the book is quite good in itself. I had to read it for a college class and didn't expect myself to get so invested.

No. 1654290

Oh also there's a movie adaptation of the book where the character I like is played by Christian Bale, so I felt a little less weird about liking him. Sadly, I was already attracted to the character before even knowing there was a movie so I can't use Christian Bale to justify it lol.

No. 1654291

I think it's really brave of you to admit that you no longer believe what you used to and work to change. some people are too stubborn to ever change, and then on the other hand, it's almost worse when people change and then act condescending toward people who made the exact same mistakes, like they were born doing the right thing and never made a mistake in their life.

No. 1654297

This was way back in 2016 or 2017 so my memories of the specific scene are vague. It was early on in the story, I think the serial killer guy was letting the stalker guy touch his dick? Stalker was still uncontrollably horny for the serial killer even though he broke his legs and made him dress up as his mom or something. Stalker started jerking off while touching serial killer's dick and idk the mix of desperation and uncontrollably horniness and how pathetic the stalker was did something to me. Not my proudest moment

No. 1654310

Reading the synopsis and Stevie sounds cute, I'll put this one on my book list. Characters aren't representational of real people if it makes you feel any better, they still have two dimensional feelings and motives. Lots of women enjoy stories with male womanizers or criminals and it's not indicative of any real life moral failings, I support you.

No. 1654320

File: 1691204747260.jpg (58.78 KB, 1000x667, crochet-hooks-granny-squares-m…)

My favorite way of cleaning my ears is taking a 8mm crochet hook, putting toilet paper on the tip, and sticking it in my ears. It feels way nicer than a q tip, and because the hooks are metal they don't go flimsy like q-tips do. The pointed tip also makes it nice to clean the outer shell of my ear. And it feels so strange and bad but also kinda good to repeatedly push the crochet hook against my ear drum.
In general I love sticking some things in my ears, beads are also a favorite. It's weird because I also hate having things in my ears..

No. 1654321

Same nonnie except I use the hollow end of a bobby pin. Legit the only thing that gets the gunk out my ears.

No. 1654344

I hope you enjoy it, if you read it nona! Conrad even describes him as somewhat attractive in the book (tall, youthful looking, delicate features). I just find the idea of a young man who has a pure, sensitive personality like that endearing.

No. 1654348

>beads are a favorite
Somehow it warms my heart to see you're still around. Stop doing that though.

No. 1654410

I only do it in the shower, but I use the handle end of an old pair of tweezers and rinse them off right away.

No. 1654415

>Thing with SpongeBob
I'm scared to ask

No. 1654442

I think I know the book. Is it Of Mice and Men?

No. 1654446

Nvm, I didnt read the other replies lol. I was about to ask why because the character is basically like a human version of patrick star if patrick star could kill people. It was just the only book I could think of with a character that fits the description you gave. It’s 1 am I’m sorry.

No. 1654451

Ariana Grande is dating the guy who played Spongebob in the Spongebob musical and he was cheating on another girl for her.

No. 1654492

File: 1691214535065.jpeg (78 KB, 828x1066, E846C14A-288D-4684-B6A4-908DD9…)

I have obtained three online people’s addresses, two of them living in the same house. I could leak them now if I wanted to. It could make me feel better but I have moral standards that would get in the way. I could easily just leave the situation but then they will continue to think of me as some lolcow. I want them to genuinely fear me. It’s a horrible intrusive thought I keep having that I would never act on, but I always feel some weird tension when interacting them as if I have to pull back my outer layer and get irrationally angry.

One I found through a Canadian database, while the other on a people search site. Verified both through facebook posts with houses in the background.

No. 1654524

Why are they supposed to care

No. 1654613

I am half asian but I wish I was fully asian.

No. 1654638

What would be different

No. 1654639

I kissed another man when I was drunk and I feel guilty. I just wanted to feel desired. Feeling guilty about cheating but I’m so glad I didn’t sleep with him

No. 1654763

File: 1691237106428.jpg (35.42 KB, 680x681, yy.jpg)

No. 1654766

I guess your only choice is to troon

No. 1654775

Weak bait.

No. 1654782


I have figured out that my narc ex has a new victim he's stringing along, so now I go to his gigs after ignoring him for three years with the sole purpose of ruining this new thing for him.

Idc what he's doing with his life, but he's got this 13 yrs younger girl losing her mind on social media bc he's probably her first real 'relationship'. I know it's none of my business but I want her to get rid of him so bad and be free, I want her to be smarter than I was at her age.

If it takes me sitting in skimpy outfits at his shows every other weekend then so be it. I know she'll hate me for 'trying to get his attenttion/taking him away from her' but in the long run she'll be grateful that he showed his ass right in front of her.

No. 1654797

Because I’m a hater

No. 1654798

You’re good nona. I’ve actually never read Of Mice and Men but your description made me lol so now I’m interested in checking it out.

No. 1654848

I work at a school and every time I get a student withdrawn email for problematic/time bomb students it makes me sigh with relief.

No. 1654878

It's nice you're still around too anon.
>Stop doing that though.
I will not.

No. 1654969

I wish I had found lolcow much earlier than I did. Only semi recently found this place. I see anons talk about its former glory sometimes. I like it here now but I also can see why some people complain about it. I feel like I might have really found more community had I been here a couple years ago. I still like it here though. Sometimes it's noticably slow and retarded, but I do appreciate this place a lot. Same train of thought… I hate that my parents kept me so isolated from the internet that even though I grew up in the 'golden age' I was not able to explore it. I would have loved all the bustling forums and weird sites. The forums I visit/have discovered now feel dead. They were very active 10+ years ago. I could have been there too but I wasnt.

No. 1655024

She would be full asian.

No. 1655230

File: 1691269906308.png (68.89 KB, 285x450, erwerewer.png)

I've been adjusting my glasses like (2) for the past fifteen years because one of my How to draw Manga books told me that's how you draw cool and intimidating guys, and I also wanted to be cool and intimidating, and now I'm just in too deep to stop. I think I used to be (3) before that. When I'm actuallying my friends, I'm always doing (1), and while I also did get this one from anime, I picked it up organically.

No. 1655234

No. 1655238

1 is so uncomfortable, 2 is the best way, not because of anime, but because you actually fix your glasses properly that way, or at least that’s how I feel.

No. 1655239

If it makes you feel any better, my grandpa whose never even heard the word anime in his life use to adjust his glasses like pose#2 as well, but with his index finger instead of his middle finger.

No. 1655359

File: 1691280475120.jpg (20.27 KB, 622x464, hmm.jpg)

I have a friend group, and they all hang out with some dude i really don't like…for no reason.
And i had a dream the other day about us hanging out, hugging, and looking at eachothers eyes while smiling. i'm obviously not telling them

No. 1655361

i am glad i am not the only one with chuuni tendencies well into adulthood

No. 1655362

Does anyone get kind of sad when toilet paper covers your poop? In no way do I have a scat fetish or anything, btw. I just think it's an interesting thing to observe.

No. 1655375

All of the hobbies I used to enjoy are full of moids and troons. I used to love tabletop gaming, but the troons and their sycophants took over and have sucked any and all enjoyment out of it for me.

No. 1655399

File: 1691282474025.jpg (37.07 KB, 512x512, img099.jpg)

I take it very personally when things I like get made fun of even though I shouldn't. I have too much attachment to these things. I feel like I'm close to having a mental breakdown. I can't brush it off like other posters. It's very stupid, especially here of all places. Maybe I won't post anymore but I won't go anywhere else either. It's very strange to me though, how my standards are always seen as bizarre when that's how I feel about the "good" so-called visually appealing things. I feel like I'm being tricked the way others standards are shilled everywhere. They have the gall to say x is ugly while shilling a goblinbeast themselves, they don't realize that we're more similar than they think.

No. 1655406

Okay but how else are you supposed to fix your glasses. I do these and if people think I'm trying to copy anime I'm gonna flip

No. 1655407

i unironically wish we could go back to neckbeard days, i will take them over troons any day

No. 1655411

5000% yeah, fedora neckbeards I’ll take them over troons everyday

No. 1655415

My sense of humor is stan twitter faggot memes and I hate it

No. 1655420

File: 1691286157078.jpg (344.08 KB, 855x873, Screenshot_20230805_214312_Tik…)

If I was 8 I would've masturbated to this. I had a huge thing for muscles idk why??? Lmao like I'd just get off to huge muscles, I thought it was erotic????? Before I even knew what sex even was I'd pleasure myself to muscles

No. 1655430

No. 1655432

A non I can't brrathe

No. 1655433

Kek, it’s a really old book from the 1930s. It’s basically 103 pages of scrotes taking their anger out on each other on a ranch. The main characters are two best friends named George and Lennie and Lennie has some unexplained intellectual disability that makes George talk to him like he’s 7. It gets boring and hard to follow at parts (warning, there’s like four characters who’s names all start with “C” and are words) and but it’s definitely a worthy read if you like literary novels.

No. 1655439

File: 1691288585414.png (297.04 KB, 325x533, 2503C8EC-25E7-4C02-8493-BE6BB5…)

That’s a horse, and you’re worried about having a muscle fetish?

No. 1655456

Like no tf you didn't

No. 1655510

You should definitely give it a try! I liked the book a lot; it's my favorite Steinbeck, and a favorite overall. The movie is pretty good, too (I think I saw the 1992 version, but the 1939 won like four academy awards).
It's just a novella so it's pretty short. Not as funny as nonna you replied to made it sound though! If only kek. Hope you come back and let us know if you read and liked it!

No. 1655645

Literally the worst book I had to read in school. Made me never want to read anything else by Steinbeck. Dear lord I hate that book and I hate the stupid retard scrote in it. However I love Catcher in the Rye and that book makes me laugh out loud, literally, I can’t read it when I have to be quiet cause it makes me laugh too much. If you want to read a short book that’s actually good, read Catcher.

No. 1655745

I can't sleep on my back because then I start snoring and my snoring wakes me up.

No. 1655787

sometimes when i blow my nose i check the napkin for chunky pieces of snot and play with them with my fingers

No. 1655894

Spending a while on normie sites, coming back to lolcow and having to recondition myself that I won't be dogpiled for speaking against gender ideology.

No. 1655904

I have never fallen in love with a lesbian or bisexual woman, they've always been straight.

No. 1656263

i fucking love catcher in the rye and i do not care about what anyone thinks if it makes me tryhard edgy. holden was my husbando in high school.

No. 1656268

I don't get the edginess accusations. If I (eq of a spoon) understand where Holden is coming from, why can't those people?

No. 1656279

i don't know either, when i read it in high school most students in my class were uppity, spoiled, know it all all-honors-classes and AP classes types and they all hated him because he complained and whined so much. i didn't think he did too much, maybe i am a whiny bitch myself (likely true)

No. 1656496

File: 1691370190153.jpeg (19.99 KB, 290x289, D5C36A4E-EE99-4545-9C30-E8464B…)

i use an email that i had since i was 13 thats a juvenile and not very subtle play on the word 'cum' for basically everything including serious things like uni and im not sorry.

No. 1656514

I clogged the toilet at work and I feel kinda bad for it

No. 1656522

I still use the email that was my favorite anime couples ship name when I was 13 for work and I'm not sorry

No. 1656525

i only saw this reply and immediately knew the convo was about CITR. it didn't really connect with me, didn't have a strong reaction.

No. 1656536

Poor toilet, I feel bad for it too

No. 1656553

Late reply but thank you for sating my curiosity nona. You have been absolved by the holy power of lolcow

No. 1656555

File: 1691376589430.jpg (36.17 KB, 575x394, 133648b0c194a661fdb8a7809d8448…)

I've looked down on other women for acting like absolute clowns for moids. When I've absolutely played the fool too, just for other women instead.

No. 1656557

I think the super big clits TIFs grow from testosterone are extremely fucking hot. If it weren't for the unfortunate fact that they also come with frog voices, neckbeards, and poor hygiene I could absolutely become a chaser.

No. 1656592

“Butterfly” by Crazytown is my guilty pleasure song

No. 1656611

Why guilty? Certified classiq

No. 1656657

File: 1691389084148.jpeg (127.61 KB, 750x999, IMG_3808.jpeg)

I’ve weaponized cuteness for my benefit since I was a child and I will never stop. When I’m an old lady I’m going to lean into that frail cute old lady archetype so people treat me a little better than they treat the average old woman. It’s hard out here as a woman, we gotta do what we can to survive.

No. 1656661

File: 1691389586101.png (7.67 KB, 259x194, index.png)

God I wish that were me. I've got a really cute face and shy/innocent look but I can't act cute for the life of me or smile at strangers. I had a fucked up life that made me really bitter and it shows, and people of course treat me accordingly. Being diddled as a kid and then turning into a fat teen really robs you of everything, huh.

No. 1656666

I had a nightmare in which I actually had sex with my crush (we're both girls) but she told everyone I assaulted her because we weren't dating and now I'm too scared to even talk to her. I hate my brain.

No. 1656679

File: 1691392148755.jpeg (27.5 KB, 612x364, istockphoto-1089813430-612x612…)

I'm having a hard time accepting that I have to retire my childhood stuffed toy to a shelf because she got too beat up in bed over the years, and I want to preserve her. It's going to feel empty every night.

No. 1656773

After reading the cow yourself thread, I won't take any argument or opinion on this site seriously.

No. 1657208

I've been selling gambling tips for the women's world cup online, but these moids are such misogynistic shitbags that I'm thinking about either exit scamming them or just giving out bad info. The latter would work better, as I've been spot on so far, and I know these guys are laying down huge sums of money. It's a good income stream to have, but I do love being petty… maybe I should do it for the final so I don't lose any money. Much to think about.

No. 1657255

No. 1657304

I don't give a shit about what happened to Nahel in France. It was a retard on retard crime because it is true that French cops are on another level of stupidity and corruption, but whatever, I'm sure he was the kind of muslim degenerate who would have grew up to be like that guy who robbed me of my phone the very first time I went out for fun after surgery and who threatened to elbow me where I had my surgery still very fresh wound, and I had that surgery to avoid breast cancer on top of that. His death ruined my well earned vacation abroad because when that happened my family wouldn't stfu about him on whatsapp to ask for my opinion, riots got even worse than usual and I couldn't even go back home after my plane trip like I planned because of public transport not working anymore. He's the kind of scum who makes everyone else more and more racist towards us from what I've seen.

No. 1657349

It's just signs that you've loved her very much. I follow this really nice lady, doctorbeth, on tumblr who restores stuffed animals. Maybe she could fix your friend for you!

No. 1657370

Music wise I'm still a Kanye fan. Just good tunes.

No. 1657377

I liked black skinhead, does he have any similar kinda weird tunes you can recommend?

No. 1657403

Excuse me I'm a bit drunk, it's not like skinhead punk but I really love this song. Whole album Life of Pablo is worth a listen tbh, it's like modern rap with an old school twist to it.

No. 1657408

File: 1691456207947.jpg (94.08 KB, 794x714, 987_53215_011.jpg)

I can't stop thinking about dick bulges.

No. 1657478

Death doesn’t scare me at all. Well to clarify, a swift death doesn’t scare me. I’m absolutely terrified of suffering, of clinging to life, of having to live while maimed or ravaged by disease. I’m terrified of suffering and outliving my loved ones. I’m terrified of suffering mentally - and most of daily life causes me to suffer mentally - so I cloister myself away and am NEET. I do believe that when I do die, it will likely be by my own hand, because of how much I despise suffering. And before anyone tells me I’m full of shit and would feel differently if I was in a position to suffer but survive, you’re wrong. I’ve already tried to kill myself twice because I was suffering so greatly, mentally suffering. the only reason I didn’t try again right away is because my situation improved both times and I was no longer suffering for a period after the attempt. When I began to suffer endlessly again, I had learned from my past mistakes and gave myself a far more lethal cocktail of drugs, flatlined, and was warned I wouldn’t survive if I did that again. I have more than I took than what I took that nearly killed me, way more, hidden away for safekeeping. I’m not currently suicidal and haven’t been for a while, but the idea of not having my exit stash makes me want to go to a shooting range and shoot myself immediately because of how much anxiety it causes me to feel trapped. I am comforted by knowing I don’t have to go out in a scary bloody way if I need to peace out.

No. 1657680

File: 1691485526379.jpeg (66.5 KB, 600x446, 0E148D58-C285-4C7D-9BF6-EEAAC6…)

It's not going to happen but I need to get railed. Not want, need. Neeeeed

No. 1657687

Ew did you mean to post this in the talk like a moid thread

No. 1657693

Because women don't have sexual needs or?

No. 1657699

No you get back in your ol' spaceship, hoiden.

No. 1657708

What the fuck anon

No. 1657712

yeah sounds like a faggot/troon moid ""femboy""

No. 1657732

Coming from someone who is absolute pro pre marital and pro abortion, no. Nobody NEEDS to have sex. It is not a need, especially for d you’re not even in a relationship with someone. It’s just disgusting to hear sex talked about like it’s a need, when some governments are taking that narratives and running the fuck away with it and pimping out state sponsored prozzies to disabled scrotes.

No. 1657739

All nonna did was talk about how horny she is and post a funnie meme image. You are all taking this way too seriously. Can y'all get back to 2X

No. 1657744

Maybe those politicians should read this place then. State sponsored railings might calm some nonas down and lower the amount of infights.

No. 1657752

a trafficked moid is still a moid. they'd have to also be neutered

No. 1657762

I know I know I know but that shit felt especially troony and should’ve been posted in the containment thread on /g/ and not in here. Regardless I don’t think jokes about sex being a need are funny given the current events and how entitled incels are these days. Let’s get some 9/11 jokes in here instead maybe.

No. 1657768

What's the difference between 9/11 and a gardener? One's an outside job.

No. 1657773

No offense but you are really weird.

No. 1657779

Some of you talk my mentally hyper religious parents who think a woman who is physically attracted to men is a whore and should be murdered.

No. 1657780

File: 1691495390839.jpeg (65.24 KB, 540x540, CA3F5471-1FFF-4C36-ABCC-8D7057…)

I’m manicposting rn and haven’t slept in a day. WEEEE!
Made me cacklesnort out loud thank you

No. 1657785

Ayrt and fine I’ll make it a confession. My shittiest ex would rape me and tell me he needed it and everytime he was done he’d be like “see, you needed that just as much as I did, we both needed to fuck” and I am legitimately triggered by sex being referred to as a need ever since. He smelled bad he always smelled like farts and he had an ugly, tiny dick and he verbally sexually physically and emotionally assaulted me.

No. 1657789

separatist radfem/tradthot horseshoe theory
>you needed that just as much as I did
how did he even get there? pure moidprojection

No. 1657791

You should be legally allowed to torture and kill him for what he did, but the law isn't fair.

No. 1657800

That's awful. Still not an excuse to be an asshole to other people though.

No. 1657801

I became unhinged one day and like… purposefully fell to the ground and pulled him down with me. He already complained of a bad back and constant headaches and he shook like Michael J Fox despite being early 20s. After I yanked him to the ground his back was noticeably worse and when we broke up he told me he should have sued me for injuring his back KEK.

He chainsmokes hookah tobacco like 8 hours a day and only eats fried rice and tendies and like I said had constant headaches and mainlined OTC analgesics. I wish I hadn’t told him he cannot take 1500mg of Tylenol at once, but he definitely did a whole lot of that kind of dumb shit before he dates me. And he regularly went to trashy bonfires where people would burn shit like stereos. He’s got like 20 years max before he gets some debilitatingly painful cancer and dies I’m sure.

No. 1657808

>he regularly went to trashy bonfires where people would burn shit like stereos.
how retarded do you have to be to burn plastic? even if we were to disregard the environmental impact, doesn't it smell horribly?

No. 1657809

Nta but:
>Reeing that saying sex isn't a need is basically the same as being a tradfag that preaches women must obey men, not work, and tries to remove abortion rights etc.
This has to be bait.

No. 1657811

>seething about radfems
You don't blend.

No. 1657812

i didn't say i subscribed to the theory, just that the nona's post reminded me of it

No. 1657978

I've ordered a butt plug.

No. 1658009

There is still time to cancel the order.

No. 1658010

No. 1658012

I am leading on a ton of men right now and feel intense duper's delight about it. I get this smug feeling making them spend money on me and time with me. I love controlling the image they have of me, it gives me a thrill that they think I'm this sweet down to earth nerd but I'm actually a cringe chuunbiyou roleplaying le puppetmaster looking down on them as my toys

No. 1658024

I don’t really hang out with women prettier than me because it brings me back to when I was young, skinny and black and treated like dirt for “looking like a man”. So when I’m around women prettier than me and being ignored for some reason it takes me back to that place. I need some therapy to get over that trauma probably lol

No. 1658026

No way. Doc prescribed me rectal suppositories and they have awoken something in me. This feels way better than regular penetration. Fuck…

No. 1658053

Just be careful. Love that for you though.

No. 1658054

I really do not get that. After my doctor prescribed me suppositories, I had a newfound respect for prisoners who can fit a whole smartphone up there. Getting a suppository in was hard enough for me.

No. 1658056

Just remember. You're also spending your time with them. If you associate with losers, well

No. 1658062

This post feels scrotey

No. 1658063

Just because someone is unattractive doesn’t mean they’re a loser though

No. 1658094

I am a little nervous about the one flying to see me next weekend and keeping my local guys from finding out. The one just rung my doorbell no warning he was coming last saturday and I very firmly told him NOT to ever roll up like that again. I wonder if he's paranoid about my ways

No. 1658122

File: 1691519360453.webm (2.73 MB, 854x854, 1637485431645.webm)

i wish i could ask my mom for money. she's not super rich but i am aware her assets total up to ~100k. i wish i could just ask her for five…ten grand to get myself started but i know she'll never do that because she is very Very frugal. of course i don't knock her for that – it's her money – i'm just saying. i do get bitter seeing other people have their parents buy them new cars and shit

but now that i'm typing this i realize how odd it is that i'm paying her phone + internet bill as rent. mom why am i doing this kek

No. 1658127

Lolcow, the place where women can be themselves. But not like that! Scrote scrote scrote moid reeeeeeeee!!!!1

No. 1658152

Keep crying prolapse-chan

No. 1658167

There is nothing wrong with some anorectal violence.
Besides, you can't get a prolapse from using a regular butt plug.

No. 1658169

Shut up goatsee

No. 1658172

what the fuck did you do to get rectal suppositories prescibed? so i can avoid it, sounds scary as shit

No. 1658175

>sounds scary as shit
kek. your shit is bigger and therefore scarier but i don't see you crying on the toilet. it's okay anon.

No. 1658179

Mine are for period pain.

No. 1658182

File: 1691522513331.jpg (213.47 KB, 1500x865, 91cO3Mme3JL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

yeah but the poopy goes out, as god intended. god didnt intend for us to insert rainbow furry buttplugs up our arse

No. 1658190

I hate those types of tails so much, why would you: 1. Have a tail coming out of your ass. 2. Think it looks cute at all.

No. 1658193

File: 1691522941308.jpg (19.63 KB, 474x485, th-797112812.jpg)


No. 1658196

I'm on opioids after a motorbike crash fucked me up years ago. Opioids cause major constipation and none of the oral medication I was taking was helping, making me scared I was gonna pull an Elvis because of my dodgy heart, so my GP prescribed me suppositories. This was never a post I thought I'd make on here, but oh well, at least I'm anonymous, kek.

No. 1658199

its just like the cursor on /shay/ lmao

No. 1658215

>Sticking things up your ass

No. 1658218

I want a butt plug tbh, but I don't see the prep to not get shit on yourself or toys to be worth it. I'm content just spraying water on my butthole when I shower.

No. 1658221

well… yeah? the two are not mutually exclusive.

No. 1658232

These plugs are just cosmetics for moids to fantasize about. It doesn’t feel like anything. You already forgot it’s there unless you sit down and then the pointy tip stabs your wall. Get a meaty one if you’re going to commit anorectal violence.

No. 1658236

As in silicone?

No. 1658242

Like with a thicker neck and more rounded tip. Metal is okay just not my preference.

No. 1658245

Should be obvious, but I realized just now by reading this that they smuggle stuff in by putting it in their butt. I always imagined it just stuck between the cheeks but now…

No. 1658247

AYRT, I once saw a prison documentary where they showed off all these things they confiscated that came out of prisoners butts and it was mind-blowing. Whole ass KNIVES were there. Some actually end up hospitalised because, shockingly! Sticking sharp things up your ass is rather dangerous.

No. 1658251

You’d think to sheath the knife before putting it in ones ass

No. 1658253

They do, typically in fabric, but quite often the blade still pokes through.

No. 1658280

I don't think anon was being literal..damn some of you are a little too autistic

No. 1658293

I'm a girl and I don't like my boobs. I don't want hormone therapy, I like my long hair, I want to be a girl. I just don't want my boobs. I tie them down so even if I get them removed no one will know

No. 1658299

I have a coworker who's the entry level position at work, shes in her teens. For a long time she wore baggy shirts with oversized jeans. Lately she's started doing more make up, tight shirts, high waist jeans. It feels so weird because she constantly compared me to her older sister who has the same name and it feels like if I had a little sister she's grown up. It's just weird because I dont have a little sister but I miss her from last year who was sweet and awkward. She's gotten so passive aggressive too.

No. 1658303

If you are going to get them removed at least get breast reduction surgery first before taking the leap of getting mastectomy. You could even look for celebs with similar breast size as you have and ask yourself why.

No. 1658330

I've said it a million times before, and I'll say it a million times again: you people NEED to stop projecting your own problems onto anonymous people.

No. 1658341

If my sister was to die, say an accident or what, I would be happy about it

No. 1658346

I feel the same way about mine

No. 1658517

I don't feel sad when moids kill themselves. I feel bad for the family, but I never feel sympathy for the moid. Most of the time they do it in a way that causes harm, leaves someone traumatized, or kills someone else. Other moids also always find a way to use their suicides to blame women somehow? Like it isn't my fault that you kill yourselves over the tiniest inconveniences because you feel entitled to everyone catering to you and making your life easy without you putting in any effort kek. They always try to deflect the blame onto a woman.
Also I'd be lying if I said I was upset about the moid population taking out the trash themselves. Just wish they did it in an easier to clean up way.

No. 1658561

I never feel sorry for them either. Some ugly scrote convinces a girl to have his babies and he offs himself years (around 7-10) down the line, leaving her with the aftermath. His family often fucks off from her life. All the women do is post (cause internet age) about him online or do some youtube video about how his suicide impacted her life. She has no life. Her life is about him. I'm kind of convinced Moids love the idea of her life being ruined by his actions.
If you go on Reddit's suicide watch, all moids bitch about being lonely because women won't grovel at their feet. Or how no one loves them, but you best believe they never brought any sort of love to someone else.

No. 1658588

I've been infatuated with a married man and my infatuation only grows.

No. 1658615

Sometimes when I do or think things, my brain will subconsciously think like ‘aw haha that’s cute.’ Like I was scrolling through tabs on my phone to close some and I saw I had a window open from yesterday where I was just looking up pictures of ice cream sundaes (with sundaes misspelled because I was in a rush for some reason even though I didn’t even end up getting ice cream) to figure out which one I wanted and my brain went ‘aw cute.’ This makes me sound really conceited, but it also weirds me out. But the times my subconscious voice is nice and finds my actions cute and endearing is obviously better than when it’s being really harsh and critical (although I still find that really cringe to admit in the first place). Does this happen to other people too lol

No. 1658628

RIP Nonnie. Was in a similar spot a few years ago. Hoping you're able to jump off that wagon before you're thrown off.

No. 1658641

Personally, I always wonder if they meant to kill their families as well but found a selfish reason not to.
My cousin's husband shot himself in the head with a shotgun in front of her. They later found two more shells in his pockets, and the only other people in that house were my cousin and her daughter. Later on, she told us things about the night leading up to the shooting that made us very sure he did intend to kill them, but may have been too drunk to follow through.
Considering how common family annihilators are, I'm just happy when moids kill themselves before they get their families, too.

No. 1658646

not saying i have the 'tism but the way the tiniest issues send me into full blown childish meltdowns embarrasses me so much that at this point, i'd much rather just have a diagnosis to blame it on rather than beat myself up for being such a fuck-up for no reason.

in other words, there was a carpet stain that wouldn't come off and i found myself screaming, pouring water on the floor (????) and beating my thighs with my fists. i'm a grown woman, jesus.

No. 1658652

No. 1658766

I get some kind of sanctimonious satisfaction that my bpd addict brother is spiralling again and my parents who always favoured him are handwringing as usual. He's been a messy drug addled narcissist for 15+ years. I used to care but I literally don't anymore. It makes me feel vindicated in cutting my shambolic family loose.

No. 1658802

I was stargazing last night and caught myself thinking "it's so cute that you go out and stare at the little dots in the sky". our minds are precious

No. 1658805

I get the same way, but usually only with things that involve the computer. I am a very hands on type person, but my income has plummetted and I really gotta figure something out. Im doing an excel course online right now, and if I cant seem to figure something out (fucking what even is microsoft 365 I hate it I used to buy my fucking software in a box and I OWNED it forever) it makes me start to tear up with anxiety and rage, because clicking around is useless and there isnt anything I can manipulate in the physical world to make it work. Broken cabinet? I will form it into perfection with my bare hands. Can't upload a file because the online version of excel is stupid? Tard Rage. My brain wants me to pick up a file folder with my hands and just shove it through the screen to make it appear. I am sorry for the stress your carpet stain and other small things put on you, it really isnt fun at all. Its panic inducing and then feeling completely retarded about how badly your brain made you react in the moment is a special kind of hell.

No. 1658830

File: 1691588181213.png (710.81 KB, 707x765, 1604726208356.png)

I'm jealous of the financial support my younger brother gets from my parents.
I feel bad about it since we get along great but we recently spoke and it turns out that on top of them paying for his living arrangement and groceries, they're also paying him MORE every week just for walking the dog than I get paid working my ass off at my part time job. Meanwhile he's a neet when I'm still studying, paying my own rent and generally fully supporting myself, and in student debt despite also working.
He's not a bad person or anything, I love him a lot and he is grateful for the support he gets, but damn does it hurt knowing his current living space is twice as big as mine and he's in zero debt able to spend all his money on video games when all he does for it is walk the fucking dog every now and then. My parents just have this image of me as someone who doesn't need that kind of support and will just land on my feet, when academic success and self-sufficiency really don't come naturally to me and I struggle a lot to keep myself afloat. When I say anything about the difference in how they're treating my brother I can tell they just think I'm being spiteful and jealous which in turn makes me ashamed.

No. 1658883

File: 1691593323073.jpeg (169.59 KB, 719x1006, 1531802347043.jpeg)

Retarded confession but here goes. Something about pnp was oddly comforting to me. Wish I could still look through her original insta, I loved the pics that were from before her crazy surgeries.

No. 1658894

sorry nona but these types of reaction pics are kinda fucked because that monkey is dead

No. 1658903

what did she do

No. 1658906

oh shit I did not realize that at all, I can't delete the file anymore but thanks for letting me know, I should pay more attention to the images I save

No. 1659760

Welp. I was warned not to try it but I did. I tried to eat sand last night. Mixed it with warm water in my plastic bowl. I ate like 1/2 teaspoon and let it sit in my mouth. I did not swallow, I regret it and I should've listened.

No. 1659763

proud of you for not swallowing. are you allowed to eat diatomaceous earth or is that like cheating?

No. 1659765

>I tried to eat sand last night
but why

No. 1659767

Last night, nonas were talking about grits, I joined the conversation and said it tasted like sweet warm sand. Just so happens I brought childern sand and it'd been sitting across from me on my dresser for a long while. I kept looking at it, went to look for grits, had nine. Stared at the sand some more and I went to the stupid questions thread and asked.
I do not know why

No. 1659768

File: 1691668630650.png (87.08 KB, 780x376, Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 07.59…)

nta but I assume it's pica, she's not the only one here with it

No. 1659770

oh is this the first time you ate something that wasn't food? don't make it a habit!

No. 1659772

My mom eats white chalk, I do not. It's my first time, I use to chew paper as a kid tho

No. 1659834

Have you checked if you have any nutrient deficiencies? You should keep trying not to eat inedible stuff, because it's bad for your body, but you should look onto the causes as well.

No. 1659843

I recall you mentioning your plastic bowl and a microwave last night. I didn't say anything but for future reference you might not want to microwave plastic in the future unless the manufacturer confirms it's safe. take care nona.

No. 1660105

I collect pics of anons boyfriends. It's a small collection, but it's growing.

No. 1660112

are some of them hot? scared to post mine because i know ill get bullied lol

No. 1660114

None so far. But I obviously missed a few.

No. 1660120

You're a creep lol

No. 1660200

to be fair, one would havee to be a massive retard to post pictures of their boyfriend (or anything related to their rl) on lolcow

No. 1660257

File: 1691696377948.png (59.19 KB, 700x322, 2917853.png)

Sometimes I drink buffalo sauce or mustard by it's self.

No. 1660261


No. 1660268

damn anon, how many? i do the same. i only have two so far, well, one of the pictures is a compilation/collage of many one is danobf and the other is japanon's moid someone posted here posted kek

No. 1660270

have you tried straight up vinegar? it might be what you're missing.
there a cold korean broth soup that you just pour vinegar into… really scratches an itch. it's called mul-naengmyeon. it sounds complicated but it's really just icy simple broth with cold noodles in it and you pour mustard oil and rice vinegar into it, add some vegetables stuff you have laying around if you like. I bet you would flip your shit (in a good way) if you tried it

No. 1660271

Yeah, but that doesn't negate the fact that anon is a creep. The anons posting their boyfriends can be cringe retards for posting IRL shit on an anon imageboard, and OP can be a creep for collecting them like scrotes collect nudes of women they slept with.

No. 1660287

It does sounds tempting, I'll check the nearest Japanese restaurant if they have it.

No. 1660297

Nta but its korean.
I had some cold korean noodle soup out of a packet but it turned out one pack is like two servings… Couldn't finish the whole thing but it was good!

No. 1660307

I’ve never seen anons post their bfs before. Share them!! I wanna see

No. 1660310

please post her moid

No. 1660348

me but with snails. not slugs, but snails. the brown shell ones. hate the fuckers. looking at the spiral of their shell makes my skin crawl. i have ocd so if i dont spit when i see a snail, i imagine them being in my mouth and its horrible. i need to look away quickly and spit, then its ok. i once turned around to see a snail behind me on a door and it jumpscared me so much i screamed, all high pitched like. how embarrassing that was…

No. 1660357

Yes please do

No. 1660358

>i just wish there were female serial killers who murdered men
youre gonna love learning about aileen wuornos.

No. 1660365

i think butterflies are ok but moths are pure evil, they fly around so erratically and you'll never know where they land next maybe on YOU (and they also are pests)

No. 1660379

Nta but that is literally the only female serial killer I can think of. And that one granny

No. 1660389

File: 1691702104205.jpg (173.92 KB, 1200x1852, i-hate-mondays-the-true-story-…)

Don't forget about this little queen. unless she also killed female students, the story is kinda fuzzy

No. 1660390

Shooting up a school isn't queenly.

No. 1660394

iirc she just shot people at random because she was across the street from her house. The only two people killed were a custodian and police officer.

No. 1660396

did she kill XYs or humans?

No. 1660403

Would she be still a little queen if it was your family members she murdered?

No. 1660411

Also forgot to add a school/mass shooter isn’t the same as a serial killer. So your little queen doesn’t even count kek

No. 1660429

Yes if they were moids only

No. 1660431

listen nonner, girls can do anything boys can do. feminist icon. we stan.

No. 1660483

i literally do nothing all day, not even my job, and everyone praises me and i keep my job because i am pretty and my boss has a hard on for me. i even come in late because i know i won't get in trouble. how i love being a woman- (in a male dominated field and being the only woman on the job site.)

No. 1660569

i have my own personal cows who i stalk, and i want SO BADLY to touch the poop, by sending them messages like:
>your boyfriend is cheating on you with his ex
>your hair color is hideous, you need toner, yellow hair does not work for you
BUT i feel like there would be some karma for this, so i never interact with my cows. damn, it is tempting though.

No. 1660585

Yeah this isn't something I would admit to anyone. At what point does the obsession become really sad? Here.

No. 1660610

mmm yeah that’s why it’s in an anonymous place for pathetic people like you and i

No. 1660633

I am nothing like you baby and never will be so dont project your proclivities onto me

No. 1660643

> I am nothing like you baby
right, you’re worse

No. 1660645

Proclivities is a fire word. Are you a 16th century poet or something?

No. 1660649

File: 1691719645828.jpeg (10.99 KB, 177x172, BDB74BE4-21F1-4D42-B964-9BD180…)

I like some of Wendigoons videos but I don’t really trust him since he’s a YouTube scrote. Especially after seeing him reply tweeting shitonhead .

No. 1660667

i like him too but he's definitely got some weird fringe political beliefs he (tries to) keep low-key. idk i kinda like that he's just a little schizo, though he's lost that image from all the sponsorships he does now (which is fine get that bag)

No. 1660680

Hm. Don't think a nonna collecting publicly posted pics that anons shared with an imageboard willingly is comparable in anyway to sexual exploitation of women by moids.
You sound like you need a refreshing nap, anon. Maybe you will feel less angry when you wake up.

No. 1660691

if proclivities is a big word to you…

No. 1660695

I didn't say it was big, I said it was fire. Meaning cool, excellent.

No. 1660697

Fire comeback no cap frfr so cool

No. 1660701

>Are you a 16th century poet or something?
maybe i should have said "impressive" instead of "big"

No. 1660703

Newfags from tiktok think that being retarded is cool

No. 1660706

ntayrt but this is the first time i've even seen that word, am not from tiktok either just uncultured i guess.

No. 1660707

No, I said that because no one says proclivities these days. When's the last time you've heard someone say proclivities?
>everyone is a newfag! everyone is from twitter/tiktok.

No. 1660712

People say it all the time, you're just trying really hard to have shady asf comebackzz

No. 1660714

She was being nice to you, retard, she liked the word you used and you're choosing to insult her.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1660716

>you're just trying really hard to have shady asf comebackzz
What? All I said was that I like the word proclivity, idk what you're trying to get at. You guys need to kick that proclivity you have for arguing.

No. 1660721

i just find it odd for a site that is 18+, what person 18 year old or older finds the word proclivities impressive and never hears anyone say it

No. 1660724

They also said fire. You know whats going on.

No. 1660725

Fire asfff no cap fr fr fr fr fr fr fr(learn2integrate)

No. 1660728

never thought there would be an infight dumber than the avocado fight but here we are

No. 1660730

on GOD fire af fr fr

No. 1660733

I did not think me saying I like "proclivities" would be such a big deal kek. I'm not underage or a newfag. I do not think it's an impressive word but in average, everyday life, people do not use "proclivities" so it stood out to me. I just like the word. Also there was another anon who said she had never even heard of it so it's possible.

No. 1660736

this is when i shake my head and close the thread.

No. 1661001

I have the urge to rape and emotionally hurt my boyfriend, it's really hot. I love him to death but he gives me the worst cuteness aggression, he looks very twinky (no, i'm not a fag, het woman) and he's skinny. He loves me and comforts me regardless of what i say, i used a smaller manipulation tactic to see how he'd react and he just showered me with affection and kept hugging me (first and only time btw). Imaging how hurt he'd be both disgusts me and fills me with a sadistic enjoyment. I would never act on this btw, i can hardly even fantasize about it without feeling bad and i have no idea why i feel any of this.

No. 1661008

What manipulation tactic

No. 1661010

shiet bussin finna confess to bein dat bitch and slaying too hard on these hoes

No. 1661042

I have had a crush on the same moid for almost three fucking years and although we rarely saw each other in person, all that time we've been close friends

No. 1661130

Future tif comment.

No. 1661131

I would most likely still be a Muslim to this day if Islam was less demanding with its instance in Arabic, like even when I was most devout I could not bare the sound of Arabic(no offence to Arab nonnies)like why couldn't Allah listen to me in my own tongue, I would listen to speeches in after my lessons in English and Urdu(like vidrel) just so I could understand anything.

No. 1661135

So the misogyny doesn't phase you but Arabic does, of all things? How does that work?

No. 1661154

I believed that Islam was the word of Allah. What I considered western concepts and values didn't matter because I also believed there was Hell waiting for me after death if I didn't follow the teachings that Allah gave to Muhammad. The punishment described as the least awful in Hell was being burned alive and beaten by metal rods for thousands of years. But it was the bizarre almost comical instance of Arabic that raised questions for me. Why did Allah, the all-powerful and perfect being, prioritize Arabic above all else? Why hadn't he used Arabic before with his hundreds of other prophets? This made me start reading Islamic history and demystifying it. It is also one of the reasons why I think the majority of feminist criticisms of religion are pointless. because they don't ever discuss the theology and historical conditions that shaped these faiths. Instead, they treat it as a text made up by a handful of men who didn't truly believe in it either. They fail to demystify faith.

No. 1661157

It’s basically impossible for you to truly rape him. But other than that, nothing is stopping you from living your fantasies, fuck him up.

No. 1661252

Nta but realizing religion and "sacred books" were all text made up by a handful of people (most likely men) is exactly what demistyfying is. Of course context exists and it may have shaped certain beliefs, but does it matter? It will never excuse the violent misogyny and subjugation of everyone who isn't an adult male who believes a literal pedophile is the most perfect being. Criticizing a religion because of its misogyny will never be pointless, even if it comes from a place of partial ignorance about the religion (because again, there will never be and instance where misogyny is justified) and if you refuse to see that then their violent pedophilic brainwashing still has you. Being hung up about Arabic and what a pedophile might have spoken feels like hard denial.

No. 1661279

>Nta but realizing religion and "sacred books" were all text made up by a handful of people (most likely men) is exactly what demistyfying is.
But it isn't like that though. Its traditions and beliefs are built upon each other. Trying to argue that a religion just came to be thanks to a unified group of writers who were in cahoots with each other for generations is as ridiculous as the Elders of Zion. Islam most likely came as a non-trinitarian Arab-centric Christian heresy, and the first converts in the Byzantine regions were also non-trinitarian Christians. However, it was in the Umayyad era where the Hadiths came to play, which made Arab identity far more central to Islam. It wasn't just mere Christianity anymore, but something beyond it. This explanation does a better job at demystifying Islam (and other religions) than simply stating that Islam is wrong because it doesn't align with your values. When I was a Muslim (and for the majority of Muslims to this day), it was not a matter of debate, we had a comprehensive belief system that had survived well enough for 1400 years, every question regarding morality and law is already is answered with the actions and sayings of Muhammad or his companions.
If you disagree with an actual believing Islamist and try say that Muhmmad was a pedophile, warlord, they'll claim that Muhammad greatest human being who will ever exist allowed all this, if you disagree with him your against Islam and thus against God and so your opinion doesn't matter to them

No. 1661310

You're right, this is a very smart way to handle fanaticism, you don't try to impose political values onto these religious fanatics like any random western would, but you instead dismantle it from within explaining its history and its contradictions as a whole. I like your approach, far more substantial and probably way more effective in this case

No. 1661328

I come here to say I agree

No. 1661329

the troons are obnoxious. they only have 3 modes: obnoxious sex fiend incel, “hehe I’m totally a girl” and shoving their troon shit into everything.

No. 1661330

Same. Except I don't drink it, I put some on a spoon and lick it off over and over

No. 1661331

This scared me for a second because my hair is yellow and I'm very aware that it needs toner kek

No. 1661344

I cannot fucking stand the self-obsession some autists and bpd-havers have. It's so fucking obnoxious. Always so self-obsessed, always talking about themselves, always sharing some random fun facts about themselves, CONSTANTLY posting selfies; it's so fucking annoying. Not to mention how insecure they can get if someone likes the same thing, jesus christ get ready to be explained just how dedicated to their interest they are, plus they'll blurt out random obscure facts and it's so obvious they're trying to one-up you. Like shut the fuck up.

No. 1661591

I was just banned from 4chan for being racists with a moid that was hitting on me. I regret nothing.

No. 1661609

You were on 4chan. You're bragging about being on 4chan.

No. 1661614

Nope, just being banned from there. I thought the moids were tougher than that.

No. 1661620

>tehe I was banned from 4chan for being racist but it's cool cause I was being racist to a man
Infinitely cringe

No. 1661625

Ok so I like being mean to moids while I'm on my period, so what? Is 4chan, not reddit.

No. 1661635

Being racist isn't "being mean" it's being an edgelord. Why are you hiding behind your period, you're behaving like a tim

No. 1661636

Why was he hitting on you? Because you mentioned that you were a girl. You just keep broadcasting massive losses.

No. 1661637

What's a tim. I wasn't. There are certain groups of ppl, I don't like. You're always ripping on paki chan here.

I was joking around with another femanon and he posted that I should try his curry. Then I made the racists remarks.

No. 1661643

>You're always ripping on paki chan here.
nta but it's because she's annoying, not because of her race or ethnicity. nobody minds the other Pakistani anons.

No. 1661649

Ok that's a fair point.

No. 1661658

>hehe I dunked on a moid with RACISM im soo bad hehe
>on 4chan
>where I hang out every single day
>it's empowering I swear

No. 1661664

How's that any different then the radfems threads? Also arguing and larping isn't allowed here.

No. 1661729

Soooo doing it on 4chan is a confidence boost for you or something? Whatever

No. 1661958

You get me nonnie.

No. 1661968

Late but belted galloway is my favourite.

No. 1661992

How do you guys even manage getting banned on 4chan? I made much meaner posts there(tho not racist) and nothing ever happened. I think atp you have to make like hundreds of posts a day to get banned there

No. 1661997

They think posting edgy misandry (valid otherwise) is subversive and somehow pwns them when they don't care at all and all it does is beg for attention. It's misguided.

No. 1662004

I think sometimes I kind of know where some murderers and so on are coming from because sometimes I get these sadistic little urges to hurt/bother smaller and weaker things as a some sort of flex of my power over them. Like shaking a hamster or something. Nothing actually serious that would kill them or permanently hurt them, but like, holding a hamster in my hand and giving it a little shake to remind it I am the superior more powerful being. Taking a baby duck's beak between my fingers and not letting go for a moment. As a child I always fantasized about bathing a cat.

No. 1662006

No. 1662007

That ain’t a girl you’re replying to

No. 1662009

Oh great it's the woman hivemind that never sees women as actual full human beings

No. 1662011

I thought it was just kirbynon

No. 1662013

If you peaked-3-months-ago newborn radfem girlies actually saw women as real people with real thoughts you would understand that women can actually be fucked up and unhinged too, sometimes in actually fucked up and unhinged ways and not polished rawr I am feral girl tiktok way.

No. 1662018

No. 1662021

File: 1691829257430.jpg (12.48 KB, 607x611, 1687447083452404.jpg)

I can smell your degeneration from a mile away

No. 1662031

File: 1691829681018.jpg (78.5 KB, 974x477, hamster.jpg)

Original hamster shaker here and I'm not even kirbynon. Though when i talk about shaking a hamster I don't mean like waving him around, just a little shake. To remind him.

No. 1662034

>made an infographic
Wow that's crazy

No. 1662038

>digital art
>small defenseless creature with moon eyes
You are not beating the kirbynon allegations

No. 1662051

I know everybody is fighting about this, but this drawing is the funniest thing I've seen today, thanks anon
To me that is just a typical art style I see pretty often on tumblr/twitter. Not saying they are from there. And I don't think kirbynon typically denies it when it is her post.

No. 1662076

I do also make fun of men on 4chan, it's fun. Most of the ones that get made fun of are 2-3/10 subhumans and they think they deserve perfect women, it's good to give them a reality check.

No. 1662103

I'm completely lost in the context. Why are you shaking a hamster? They're so much smaller than babies and you never shake a baby. Come the fuck on anon

No. 1662116

Context >>1662004
She's not actually shaking hamsters, she's just saying she gets urges to do weird/sadistic things. And then when anons flipped their lids, she clarified she meant like. Wiggling it in her hand, I guess?

No. 1662144

I can't believe she's shaking hamsters

No. 1662157

I always wanted to understand why psychos want to flex their power over small beings, isn't that just cowardly? I'd say bullying someone greater than you would be the actual flex

No. 1662165

Sometimes I wish I got the socially acceptable ED that made me skinny instead of the one that just makes people think you're a moral failure and fat.

And yes i know that's a disordered thought, and anorexia is significantly more dangerous, but lets not pretend people treat someone underweight and overweight even remotely the same. If I decided to develop a restrictive eating disorder overnight people would praise the shit out of me for my progress.

No. 1662172

I'll shake her.

No. 1662174

I killed a small animal when I was 4 years old (one of my earliest memories, I did not know it could die from me holding it) and that cured me of this sort of urge for life, I was pretty upset at myself. Maybe if you saw what happens when it goes too far you'd be cured too…but I can't really recommend you try it out since that would be fucked up.
Have you ever read Deen, My Love by Asada Nemui? I think it's like that
Really think you should stop indulging in these little power trips, it's bad for you mentally and even if it's "harmless" it's cruel to the animal, they are sensitive things. You probably just shouldn't be around small animals to be honest lol

No. 1662179

That sounds weirdly sexual out of context.
I like shaking hamsters.
I want to shake a hamster.
I get the urge to shake my hamster.
Sounds strange no matter how you put it.

No. 1662234

>directing your rage at animals instead of humans

No. 1662261

Same, I’m on a subreddit about EDs and shitposting/memes and people joke about that all of the time, it’s comforting to not feel alone

No. 1662416

It's not rage honestly and the point is that small animals are cute. I want to bother cute small animals because they are annoying weakling with their cuteness. Humans are not cute and small it's not the same thing

No. 1662425

When I was a child I use to mistreat my cats (I mean, they weren't really my cats, they kinda went everywhere) and at some point I would wrap yarn around their necks, chase them around with sticks and I would use sticks to trap their heads in place (like… imagine a slingshot-like branch and I would place it on their necks against the ground). As years passed I realized that I felt the urge to hurt/play rough with them because my mother wouldn't let me actually touch and interact with them (OCD autistic motherfucker, she would really tell me that I could "just look at them"). Then I actually grew up, gained empathy, understood that I didn't want them to hurt (plus some traumatic events made me understand how delicate life can be) and I stopped being a loser asshole.
People who hurt animals all have these things in common, they often lack empathy because their brains don't properly develop due to some issue, or they hold on to childish behaviours and thoughts (wanting to be "superior", wanting to get back at smaller things, being envious of cute animals, finding others' distress funny, lack of life experience and understanding of it) and refuse to grow up. This is also very common with moids because they're retards by default. So you're one of the two, or you're a moid.

No. 1662430

You should hurt yourself. Just saying.(alogging)

No. 1662432

Sometimes I ask for advice on a relevant thread here and then later feel cringed out and never go to see if anyone replied

No. 1662438

I don't care what trauma you have, that's pretty disgusting and makes you no better than the moids

No. 1662439

File: 1691857381045.jpeg (547.41 KB, 1242x892, IMG_3275.jpeg)

This is common, it’s called cute aggression. It’s expected of humans to recognize it and not give in to intrusive thoughts.

No. 1662440

That's fucked up and you know what you are(infighting/derailing)

No. 1662441

Did you really just say that you tortured cats and then blame it on your mom and say that anyone who wants to torture animals is a moid

No. 1662445

I have never actually hurt an animal though and me thinking about pinching a baby duck's peak for a moment or shaking a hamster a little bit doesn't sound exactly as drastic as what you actually did

This kind of makes sense because the cuter the animal the more aggression I feel like, i just want to squeeze them little fuckers kek

No. 1662446

No. 1662449

the hamster shaker got skill

No. 1662450

shaking a hamster is not the same thing. feeling cute aggression is different than being aggressive/hurting them
fuck you. you are acting like we have to grow up in order to gain empathy. you are still a sick fuck hurting animals regardless when age you were. don't use 'trauma' as an excuse either

No. 1662451

I don't understand the hate towards this post, anon was an unsupervised, probably disturbed child, kids don't respond for themselves and don't understand what we adults know, specially if they're this disturbed, if she was wilding around her momma should've stopped her and take her to a doctor, it was her responsibility to address these tendencies on such a young child

No. 1662453

>you are acting like we have to grow up in order to gain empathy
Someone has never been around young kids.

No. 1662454

Wait you all actually thought I legit have done these things instead of just thinking about it

No. 1662455

Sorry to break it to you, but children aren't born with empathy. They learn it as they age.

No. 1662457

I wonder if the responses to that post are the same anons who defend [a personalityfag who won't be named], who has done the same thing.

No. 1662459

My guess is that half of it is samefagging, judging by the poor reading comprehension and the speed.

No. 1662460

why are you recent anons defending the anon hurting animals as a child. did you all partake in that as children too?

No. 1662463

>if multiple anons agree on something it's samefagging!!!!!
Jesus christ, this website is really in the shitter. What is even the point of posting or engaging in any sort of conversation here anymore.

No. 1662468

No one is defending it, not even the anon herself.

No. 1662471

not to mention more than one anon has admitted to hurting animals as kids. moid level or actual moids I can't tell

No. 1662477

No one's defending anything, if this was an adult my reaction would be different but situations such as these need a mindful approach cause it's a kid, no kid is doing these actions unless their environment is extremely fucked up or were born with something off and their parents should address it, kids don't usually have these tendencies much less girls

No. 1662480

>wanted to bathe a cat
>wanted to briefly prevent a duck from quaking
>wanted to shake a hamster lightly

you people are freaking out about an autistic girl with intrusive thoughts/ocd lmfao

No. 1662484

this is the anon being talked about >>1662425 lmfao

No. 1662486

Nope, I'm just not a completely retarded normalfag posting on a chan board instead of Twitter
Why are you even here? Wouldn't you feel more at home on a normal site with normal people instead of literally where freaks are supposed to be contained?
Go away, normalfag, go drive a car and get laid

No. 1662490

There are children who cry from crushing an ant, even babies react negatively when they feel the people around them are stressed, being a child without empathy is serial killer behavior

No. 1662492

and for you, maybe 4chan would feel more like home? because you sound like an actual scrote

No. 1662496

I'm serious, what do you have to gain from being here?
A girl literally cannot confess that she had bad thoughts as a child without being compared to a serial killer, it's fucking stupid for sensitive people to post here, you can't handle reading g about someone's thoughts?

No. 1662498

Small children don't even know that other people have thoughts too or are separate human beings. And even teenagers struggle with empathy.

No. 1662501

at what age do children begin passing the red-blue test

No. 1662502

Nta, read the posts back. They're not talking about OP, they're talking about the anon who said she did hurt animals.

No. 1662503

No one is talking about the anon who wants to shake hamsters, they are talking about the one that literally tortured cats, retard

No. 1662505

They literally replied to my post quoting my post quoting hamster-retard, you retard.

No. 1662506

is romanian-chan a serial killer too?

No. 1662508

Okay, and I literally quoted hamster-retard, so I'm obviously not talking about cat-strangler

No. 1662509

i thought this was a female image board? you basement dwelling scrote.
you are literally retarded. the anon was referring to the girl who admitting to hurting cats. >>1662484

No. 1662511

>anyone who doesn't think like me is male
yes, this site is totally useful for women to communicate with each other

No. 1662513

yeah, you know how female serial killers are all over the place

No. 1662514

okay now i'm not apart of this conversation but stop with the dramatics i really doubt a woman like her could ever hurt anyone in such a way. wtf

No. 1662518

that anon is no better than a scrote, calling someone a 'normalfag' for thinking hurting animals is bad

No. 1662519

she admitted to doing the same exact thing but all of you defended her since she was 8 years old at the time. i'm not siding with the other cat torturer fwiw, just find it kind of ironic.

No. 1662522

Nope, I said "normalfag" for not having any empathy for a retarded child with bad urges that she didn't act upon
I cannot believe it doesn't go without saying, but no, I am not defending the anon I keep referring to as "cat-strangler," I thought "cat-strangler" was a pretty universally distasteful name to be called.

No. 1662523

>all of you
i just said i wasn't apart of this conversation omg can you stop exaggerating everything. i'm deeply disgusted with anon's actions as a cat lover and someone whose mother used to do the same as a kid but it doesn't mean she will be a serial killer

No. 1662525

> Nope, I said "normalfag" for not having any empathy for a retarded child with bad urges that she didn't act upon
but I was talking about the anon that DID act on urges. what is wrong with you? can't you read?(infighting/derailing)

No. 1662528

How many fucking times do I have to tell you that I'm not talking about that bitch? Why tf are you even responding to me still?(infighting)

No. 1662541

Nta but anon you are so confused.

No. 1662546

anon please, learn to read or can only normalfags do that

No. 1662548

Well they've said one of my posts was theirs, and no matter how hard i try to scream that I haven't defended the cat-strangler, I'm being called a moid, so, yeah, little bit

No. 1662554

You think the people on this site possess reading comprehension skills?

No. 1662635

ayrt, I'm likely on the same subreddits and I agree, though it's impressive how those who have restrictive EDs manage to find a way to humblebrag sometimes even in shitposts or random comments. Like, you're not "naturally skinny" if you were literally starving yourself.

No. 1662637

I want to confess that I don’t really like my dad. He’s emotionally unavailable all my life. To my mom as well. He’s right wing and gets his „news“ from telegram. I think he’s also a bit of a boomer coomer. It got worse through the years but he doesn’t want to leave the house anymore because of probably undiagnosed depression because he has a lot of health issues.

No. 1662691

Not really but ok, whatever
I dunno moid s are sensitive?
No I was just bored
It is fun to take moids down a peg

No. 1662692

This is the confession thread so I will continue my confession as "cat-strangler". So yeah, I think it's normal for kids who live in odd situations to respond to their own feelings with violent thoughts or actions. Even completely normal children and teenagers struggle with having empathy for animals and other people. As a child I was actually obsessed with cats, I truly loved them (even had several books with information on them, I loved to know all the breeds) yet sometimes I couldn't cope with some of my feelings and turned to those behaviours (also my mother would stop me). At the same time I would take a ton of pictures of them, name them, feed them, cry over their deaths or injuries. As I said I grew up and now those feelings went away completely. I've owned and cared for several pets (including cats) since then, even vulnerable ones, I've educated myself on a lot of things regarding animals, pets and pet ownership. I am very proud of how I was able to grow up and change. I know some people on an imageboard will tell me I deserve to die regardless, but I only care that I'm doing good things right now.

No. 1662700

>I think it's normal for kids who live in odd situations to respond to their own feelings with violent thoughts or actions
It's very abnormal, actually, but it's understandable.

No. 1662702

nta but yes it's abnormal behavior but i think she meant it's expected for children in tough/abusive situations to react in such ways, not that their actions when isolated are normal

No. 1662730

It's an abnormal response, most abused kids never abuse animals.

No. 1662732

I agree. One famous and tragic example was Judith Barsi, the girl who voiced Ducky in the Land Before Time movies. Her neighbours said she pulled out her cat's whiskers a lot and reacted very angrily to things because her father was an abusive monster towards her mom. Then he killed the whole family, Judith was shot and then burned in her sleep iirc. She wasn't a psycho, she was a kid in a bad home. Some kids who are neglected and abused start smearing their shit on walls too, children are helpless and get desperate when the people who are supposed to look out for them abuse them instead.

No. 1662773

File: 1691881827573.png (1.39 MB, 2560x1350, F1NN5TER-5-scaled.png)

i think he's cute. i don't actually watch his streams though because he's just a basic male but at least he knows how to do makeup + look pretty

No. 1662778

I respect him in a way. He looks exactly like a woman and he's obviously on hormones but he's honest about who he is and what he does

No. 1662791

Aren't all of his photos edited? Have you watched a livestream of his (and a livestream where he is a guest) before? I thought he was okay looking and then I saw candids of him and he looked pretty manly.

No. 1662793

Damn I'm not the only one. I used to find my attraction to him inexplicable, but now I get it: although repulsed by trannies, the moment my brain sees a girl that I know is a guy, who unabashedly acts like a guy, uses man voice, etc, my arousal goes off the charts. I would tickle his prostate.

No. 1662801

The way he leans in to it is really annoying and he has probably two years max before he goes giga or transitions in entirety

No. 1662802

The attraction comes from a lack of uncanny Valley. You don't here severe strain on the voice that results in an unnatural tone, you don't see hyperforced mannerisms unless he's doing a bit, etc.

No. 1662811

i like to play dramatic ominous music, like "adrift in the viscera of sheol", while browsing shaynus threads

No. 1662946

He does look conventionally attractive in this picture even if it's filtered. But then you find out he's another misogynist coomer wearing womenface and most likely had a 4chan neonazi phase like all other self proclaimed femboys and you stop feeling attraction to him.

No. 1662967

He is a male yet looks like a retarded internet addicted pickme. Two negatives does not equal a positive

No. 1663103

My bf likes to brag about being good at thing x and thing y when in reality he's mediocre at most. I don't have the heart to tell him. It's nice that he's confident though but watching him struggle with the most basic shit while claiming to be hot shit makes me die a little inside. So I just try to gently teach him in a way that doesn't come off as teaching or preaching.
There are things that he is an absolute genius at but he isn't the multi talented prodigy he thinks he is…

No. 1663104

things like what?

No. 1663162

I started a massive infight in the unpopular opinions thread yesterday oops.

No. 1663170

Yes totally oops oops oops I'm sure kek

No. 1663188

> most abused kids never abuse animals

No. 1663266

I fantasize about cutting all contact with my mother someday. Or at least strictly limiting it to one phone call per week…but I’m in her home (again) for the foreseeable future so this probably won’t come to pass anytime soon.

Unless a job hires me. Please, holy shit, won’t a good job hire me so I can move out. Sick of all the bullshit that comes with living with someone who will literally randomly yell “and I’m the QUEEN of this shit!!!” which is endearing until you realize she actually thinks that. And well, she is: it’s her home. I just want to get the hell out of here. I hate living here. But I hate the idea of working retail/fast food even more, after busting my ass for my degree. If I can’t get a job in my field then can’t I get something at an office? I ask people for advice and they’re like “durrr you need to work a shite job for a year and move to another city! :) there is NOTHING in your state” and I guess that’s a feasible plan of action. But it doesn’t seem quite fair.

No. 1663300

When I was 14 I had a tumblr and a man who looks nearly identical to Shayna's old coomer (mike slack) used to message me all the time

No. 1663319

he looks like a boy with makeup and long hair and sounds like a boy. the inner eye makeup is good. what's he do? does he go by he/him and just do the physical part of transitioning or what? I'm just curious what he's honest about.

No. 1663418

I cheated on my bf and I feel no regret.

No. 1663504

with who, give us deets but don't doxx yourself

No. 1663763

No. 1664270

I actually really like ftm headcanons, if I think of it in a "woman disguised as man" way.

No. 1664815

File: 1692058777150.jpg (32.9 KB, 415x479, 56165468468.jpg)

I consider myself a leftist but I recently got a job in loss prevention and holy shit it's so addictive. I love the cat and mouse game, I love when a dangerous career criminal walks into my store and sees me and goes on edge. I'm supposed to hate cops but I work with them. It's fun and I'm good at it lol. My "woke" friends are disgusted by me.

No. 1664826

sometimes it's really hard for me to not respond to even the most obvious of bait, and the doctor says those times are called "manic episodes"

No. 1664970

Is Disney trying to start a race war kek? They could honestly make new Disney princesses of different cultures if they actually gave a fuck. But they don’t, so why not shut the fuck up about inclusion and make whatever crap you’re going to make for money? Good god it irks my soul all this fake “l give a fuck about every ethnicity and race that has ever existed so they can give me money” bullshit.

No. 1664974

He's just a crossdressing male who calls himself a femboy. No "identifying as a woman bullshit" which is why it makes the actual troons seethe with jealousy when they don't pass.

No. 1665070

Up until recently I thought booktok referred to communities on tiktok that were discussing serious literature, kinda like a regular book club, I had no idea they were just obsessed with shitty romance kindle stories.

No. 1665108

I've found that pretty much anything community on Tiktok is just the shallow, consumerist version of the real thing

No. 1665114

Really want to see what I'd look like with strawberry blonde or orange hair but I'm cool toned with natural gray brown hair. I'd probably look like a damn clown.

No. 1665123

What do you lose by going for it? I don't dye my hair so maybe I don't get it, but doesn't dye fade eventually? And since it's such a light color, can't you redye it if you hate it?

No. 1665129

scared of damage because it would need to be lightened, the cost of a good salon visit to minimize damage, and having to redye close to my color or wait for it to grow out if I hate it.

No. 1665142

On the one hand, you find out if you look good with a hair color you've been thinking about. You're young now, so your hair will grow it out faster if you don't like it. You can always try waiting a few weeks to see if this is a passing interest, or if you really want to try it out. Idk I've had really shit hair and haircuts, I just cope with a cap or beanie until my hair grows out. I think it's always a good idea to experiment while you can. Plus, you're changing your hair color, not your nose or lifestyle. Pretty low stakes, if you ask me.

No. 1665146

Try a tiktok filter or a wig. I'm only saying this because I did the same thing as you, found out I definitely did not suit orange/strawberry blonde hair, tried dyeing it another color, it got severely damaged, and I had to chop a lot of it off. Which sucks because I liked my long hair and I definitely can't pull off a pixie. It's at shoulder length now but it took forever to grow out and it'll take another century to get it back to the length it used to be.

No. 1665182

I mostly don't read posts that are replies to other posts.

No. 1665206

Then you won't read this?

No. 1665253

Sometimes I want people to suffer just because I suffered in the past, even when they personally didn't do anything bad to me. I don't have this with people who are genuinely disadvantaged, because I sympathize with them, but for example, I have this with someone whom I know had an easier life than me and/or got somewhere because of nepotism, and I know it doesn't mean they're bad people in general, still, when I hear they had some bad luck I'm like "finally, now you know what it's like. You can't be privileged all your life I guess". I know it makes me petty, I just hated being unlucky, bullied, abused or simply disrespected thtoughout most of my life and I want it to be inflicted upon others who didn't experience it

No. 1665256

Your life will always suck because of this

No. 1665259

The hard truth. Bitterness only breeds more bitterness. I understand ops hurt though because I've gone through it myself, but I've come out the other side with the opposite point of view. That I don't ever want people to have to experience the pain that I have. I hope nonnie can reach that in her own time!

No. 1665260

My life will always suck because I'm too autistic to form bonds with other people, not because I want privileged normies to sometimes go through 10% of what I went through because of their bullying

No. 1665262

Nonnie the two are kind of related, if you look at people like you do you're never going to be able to connect because you're constantly judging them.

No. 1665281

I work with impressionable kids and I've accidentally said swear words a bunch of times now even though I'm explicitly supposed to teach them not to swear. One of them even keeps track of how many times I slipped up and it kills me since he's 12 and I'm supposed to get him to stop swearing himself, but I'm just so used to casually saying things like 'shit' instead of 'stuff', or 'fucking' to emphasize certain adjectives.
I'm not even one of those people who constantly swear but it comes out often enough that I feel like a bad influence. How do parents and teachers manage to constantly control their language around kids?

No. 1665283

In my experience they don't, kek, that's where the classic line "stop fucking swearing!" comes in

No. 1665306

I’m a 24 year old NEET who dropped out of high school, never had a job, and still lives with my parents.
Past two months - Stopped taking SSRI’s while I relapsed into benzo addiction.
August, Tried to kill myself mixing alcohol with lots of pills. Waking up the next morning, I felt a slight surprise that I was still alive. A sense of resignation that attempts didn’t work and fear to try again.
Haven’t taken any benzos for about a week and I have moments where I start feeling scared and just crying for hours and hours. Lonely and afraid. At this point, pitying myself and days spent on my phone feel like pathetic self-flagellation. I don’t want to squirm anymore, but I’m so scared to move in any other way.Feel like I’m just going crazy I don’t know if I’ve ever been this tense.
I want it to either be over or not, don’t want to be caught in a limbo. So I guess it’s not over, but where do I go from here? How do I go about picking my life up?

No. 1665319

File: 1692101490163.jpg (138.89 KB, 720x960, a148457743a19a0b71058c3627df86…)

Anon I don't have any answers but I'm sending you love and hope

No. 1665358

I only work out so I can eat. I know about the whole "you can't outrun a bad diet" thing, but working out for any other reason than having the privilege to eat and enjoy food never motivated me. I noticed that as I worked out more and started to lose weight that my portions got reduced anyway and I can't eat nearly as much as before, which is good. I just love working out knowing I'm going to eat some delicious food later in the evening, or take myself out to eat the next day, or eat carbs before doing strength training and feel the difference in how much I can lift, push and drag. I love being a strong, fast and well-fed cavewoman.

No. 1665411

I went to a pizza buffet and ate everything, the next morning during my run I felt like I had wings it was amazing. And people say pizza is empty calories, psh.

No. 1665443

File: 1692111311804.png (325.03 KB, 478x534, wygfwegru344905ijf.png)

One (small) reason I broke it off with my ex is because I got too infatuated with 90s Damon Albarn - it killed pretty much any attraction I had towards him. It made me realize that I was dating the most average, bland man I’ve ever met. I feel kind of bad about it. But I also don’t..

No. 1665445

>It made me realize that I was dating the most average, bland man
>Damon Albarn
This isn't just about looks right?

No. 1665497

ooga booga food good food make me run fast
t. your cavewoman sister
seriously though sometimes I even pretend I'm an ancient hunter hunting a deer on foot, then when I come home after a long run I make myself a huge sandwich and pretend it's the 'pray' I 'killed'.

No. 1665504

File: 1692116280092.jpeg (90.07 KB, 639x654, FGV90uaXwAE9Rhk.jpeg)

I bring all of my negativity here to lc and I'm sorry for that nonnies, I don't want to be so angry

No. 1665505

I don't track my period.

No. 1665509

Rebel guuuurl rebel guuuurl rebel gurl you are the queen of my woooorld!

No. 1665523

I'm doing uni work and I always have some crime documentary video on in the background but at the moment I am listening to the Chris chan doc…

No. 1665524

same nona, this place brings out a mean piece of me I didn't realise I had…. hug

No. 1665533

File: 1692118146004.jpg (68.05 KB, 736x731, 9dffdd0d2b05028af8e8702c83890d…)

Self awareness is the first step to change nonnie

No. 1665665

I sometimes hope I run into my ex when I'm with my now boyfriend. My ex used to sexually, physically and verbally abuse me, threated to kill me etc and my boyfriend said that if he ever finds out who my ex is he will beat him up. He does several martial arts and much bigger than my ex so it would be easy for him. But he would definitely lose his job so it will stay as a dream

No. 1665670

I'm sorry but I think he looks like a formerly-fat boy who grew his hair out. Like the fat kid from Two and a Half men grew up and trooned out

No. 1665683

File: 1692128410294.jpeg (15.04 KB, 684x499, FulGe5wWIAMHEDI.jpeg)

I told my gay frenemy that he has a fagccent and I wish I could say I feel bad but I don't. He is a being of incomprehensible Eldritch evil. He is somehow more bigoted than every KKKaren I've encountered combined and he always tries to trigger my body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria on purpose when he's mad at me (I'm detrans but I still have dysphoria)

No. 1665687

>using "karen"
go back

No. 1665688

You guys who bitch about cringe terminology are more annoying than the posters who use the cringe terminology, are you aware of that?

No. 1665691

we should bully misogynist handmaidens out of here and tell them to integrate better. not sorry

No. 1665694

He sounds insufferable, why do you talk to him?

No. 1665695

This anon got the right idea.

No. 1665696

Girl, why do you talk to moids at all?

No. 1665702

>gay frenemy
Life isn't a fanfic anon, if he's making you uncomfortable on purpose, he's just your enemy. Drop him. No point in being a spineless gummy bear and sticking close to someone like that.

No. 1665705

File: 1692130468617.png (198.96 KB, 417x578, IMG_9684.png)

I got my ex fired from her job. She’s nasty and vindictive and laughed at my sexual assault and other misfortunes I’ve had in my life because I dumped her after a week. She actively alienated my friends from me because she was in her feelings about the breakup. The evil I did? I told her I wasn’t ready for a relationship like I thought I was. She’s already gotten complaints about being nasty to customers and written up. She also is currently in the middle of a nasty breakup and had the audacity to use my friends previous ED as a gotcha to say friend is a bad person and airing out her “dirty” laundry like she did with me. Things told in confidence, traumas, and she pretended to support the whole time only to share with everyone within earshot. Nah fuck you bitch, get wrecked and die unhappy because everyone keeps dumping you and you decide to be toxic.

No. 1665706

Kek I'm stealing this idea. Sounds like it makes the sandwich all the more satisfying!

No. 1665712

File: 1692131039268.jpg (65.47 KB, 564x845, ab0e80682a33a35702fc11e337da57…)

Love it nona, I'm going to steal this idea too.

No. 1665786

I hope you and your current bf go on to be much happier than that abusive loser, anon. Don't waste time on him, if you still can maybe you can report him using text evidence and such to get a restraining order or such only if you're sure it won't make him more violent, other than that, try not to get involved with him again. Seeing you with a bigger and steonger guy is probably much more tortuous for that abusive failmale than anything else you could've done.

No. 1665844

Many such cases!

No. 1665845

Listen here newfag-trying-to-larp, Karens exist. It's an easy to use, all-encompassing term that can be very on the nose. Stop crying like a little bitch, when you get so triggered by the term it makes it seem like you are personally hurt or offended by it.(infighting)

No. 1665854

I know you are, but what am I?(infighting)

No. 1665861


No. 1665889

This is stupid and childish and hard to explain but I split up myself into different categories, I have one that goes to college which is my main self that I use to do most things at home and school, then I have my work persona who only knows that she goes to work, then I have one more that is for doing scary things and handling stressful things. I know people put on different 'masks' when they're around different people in different situations but its not exactly like that, its more like a role-play/LARP, I pretend like my main self doesn't even have work, I force it out of my brain, I don't work, I'm just going to school, no work. At work, I have no school, I'm only a worker, I have no schoolwork to think about because I'm not going to school, only work.
Is this normal? My brain has been ruined by years of anxiety and stress and severe depression and I have no friends, I don't know if that's normal, but its the only thing that keeps me from going insane. If I am one whole person who goes to school AND works AND has to do things that scare me, it is too much, I'm a big wussy. I can't handle it all as one person but if I can pretend like its all simply a LARP and not real, its fine. Am I stupid

No. 1665892

It's time to delete Twitter

No. 1665923

I love to be my natural hairy self and I never shave. The only thing I shave is my face 'cause I get a dark mustache and I hate the feeling of it on my upper lip, but I have never felt pressure to shave. I know some people prefer how it feels/looks but I could never. I hate how my body feels without hair and I hate the prickly stage of hair growing back. I wear shorts and skirts with my dark hairy legs and no one says anything, if they did I don't care at all. Its my natural body? Who cares
Also I'd rather be told I'm disgusting/unattractive for having thick body hair than be sexualized or hit on by moids

No. 1665986

Thank you, I know being in a happy healthy relationship with someone who treats me like a queen is the best revenge, especially since my ex said nobody besided him would ever put up with me. Also yes my ex was extremely insecure, especially over his height and body, so knowing he most likely knows how my boyfriend looks feels good. Sadly no such thing as restraining order in my country, but I doubt he'll ever contact me again as long as I have a partner.

No. 1666067

File: 1692165088509.jpeg (25.53 KB, 326x246, 349C8FE5-F9E2-4CA0-8014-0D6A0F…)

Bless you nona, I’ve been letting my hair grow for a year now but unfortunately my body hair is way too thick and long, it’s getting caught on stuff and pulling. I want to be free but the tugging hurts too much. Even granny panties and loose skirts can’t save me, I guess I’m part Sasquatch. I will live vicariously through you beautiful nonny.

No. 1666111

every time i see the cat hate thread i get extreme violent and emotional thoughts because the idea that anyone can wish harm on what's essentially the most friendly indoor animal on the planet makes me feel like they were the type to torture animals or play with road kill as a kid. i admit i post in dog hate sometimes but only to vent about poorly trained large dogs that scared me that day, never to wish harm. i know cats can be dangerous to local wildlife if left outdoors, but cats are my favourite animal on the planet, and most catfags are strictly against letting them outside. honestly, if you wish harm on an animal that isn't known to hunt you down or try to kill you, and maybe smells at worst, you should be in prison for potentially being an animal abuser

No. 1666122

anons who post on the cat hate thread obviously have a smelly dog and are just angry at the dog hate thread

No. 1666125

Same. Cats don't hurt people, what reason do they have to hate a creature that doesn't hurt them? I think they're the same types of bitchy people who also hate other people who did nothing to them, for no reason.

No. 1666132

Sounds pretty smart. I do something similar, every time I need to book an appointment somewhere, I pretend that I'm my own personal assistant/secretary and I'm actually booking the appointment for my client. I guess it's fine unless you go too crazy with it and forget that it's all you and not actual separate personalities.

No. 1666137

I use my twitter account to occasionally bitch about my friends and family because I can't stand them anymore. I barely have any followers so it's whatever. I blocked my friends on twitter and they don't know what my ID is so they most likely will never know.

No. 1666159

a person's feelings towards non-human animals will say a lot about their emotional intelligence. i love cats very much and i think dogs can be very sweet even if i am afraid of them. it should be common sense that animals don't act with the thought processes that we have and that it's ridiculous to hate them, feel violent towards them, for their behaviours that only mildly inconvenience us. i met an anon off here on discord and she'd talk a lot about wanting to shoot dogs, she was one of the biggest retards i've ever been around. just constant bad decisions and bpd brain (which she was weirdly proud of). all the animal haters i've met have been lacking a fair amount in empathy and have many other issues that likely affect their personal relationships under the tip of the animal hating iceberg

No. 1666244

if you haven't already, go into setting and make sure your account isn't suggested to anyone in your contact list.

No. 1666263

File: 1692193144043.jpg (25.66 KB, 500x375, 1660225341601.jpg)

I found an online friends secret porn twitter account a while ago and I felt so ashamed for finding it that I didn't even look at it. Until today.
Her fetishes shocked me. At least she only sticks to 2D and she's not posting real women getting abused but damn.

No. 1666272

based and correct

No. 1666390

My second cousin or whoever the fuck he is, right after my dad's funeral service was done, he apparently was laughing and asking his mom if my dad had finally killed himself. Well guess whose mom is about to keel over and who is gonna hurt some ugly ass, alcoholic ass bitchboy's feelings after the service, fuck that piece of shit.

No. 1666391

i often get triggered by the pixielocks thread because i am a stoner lol. so when anons ree about how smoking weed is terrible and will cause you to be a burnout loser im like "fuckk is this play about me" and have to go on stoney baloney to re-calibrate.

No. 1666439

Already done, I always do that will all my social media accounts as soon as I sign up.

No. 1666548

I fantasize about fucking every single moid I iteract with, even if they're ugly af. I don't even like sex that much.
But I don't think I'll ever act out on my fantasy because I hate my body and I don't like getting naked in front of other people

No. 1666613

Sometimes I re-open our DMs just to see if he's deleted his dickpics yet. He has not, which is crazy to me. The situation was fucked up but I still wonder what it would've been like to fuck him.

No. 1666656

I am a female pedophile.
Not really, considering I find underaged men and twink looking men fucking gross. The thing is, I can’t say no.
I am 27. This 20 year old kid pushed me to have sex, choked me and then it became sort of consensual. It felt horrible he looked like a kid. And acted like one too. I couldn’t even do anything. I let him beat me up because I felt I deserved it. I hope I burn in hell, and no, this is not a shitpost. This is what happens when you get abused by a fucking kid scrote.

No. 1666664

Girl a 20 year old man isn't a kid, he beat you up and raped you, you're not the pedo you're a literal victim please don't blame yourself. How can a 20 year old grown ass man ever be considered a kid? Even if he had a youthful face, it doesn't mean he's innocent when he abused you.

No. 1666675

Nah you just hate yourself. You were coerced or forced into sex (i.e., raped) by an ADULT MAN. I'm so sorry that happened to you anon, and I'm also sorry for whatever happened to you before that made you think like this. You deserve better.

No. 1666776

I'm pro-gun but with the way some people (especially lolbertarians) talk obsessively about it it feels like they are just waiting for someone to accidentally trespass their lawn just to shoot them.

No. 1666782

imagine being pro gun

No. 1666787

>>1666782 how else can women protect themselves fully?

No. 1666795

touting guns as a means for women's self protection just seems really idealistic imo. if a gun is in a household, isn't it more likely for a scrote to get hold if it and turn it against a woman? and its not like itd be possible to pass laws saying that only women can handle firearms.
for some context, im from somewhere where owning firearms is really uncommon and not the norm at all. so im sorry for my kind of rude reply kek, gun owning is just entirely alien to me & i wonder if other forms of self defence wouldn't be more effective for women in particular

No. 1666806

Earlier today I woke up from a nap because I needed to pee really bad, went to the bathroom, realized I ran out of TP and ripped out a piece of a page from a magazine to wipe my vagina with. Then I immediately went back to sleep. I just suddenly remembered it and was like "wait, did I wipe myself with fucking paper?". Idk why I didn't just use a rag. I'm really ashamed. I don't know if I even washed my hands. The was so fucking primal in the worst way.

No. 1666827

Don't feel ashamed nonna, folks used to use magazines to wipe all the time. You're good. Apparently they also used stuff like newspaper and corn cobs to wipe back in the day.

No. 1666854

File: 1692236300867.png (535 KB, 552x783, b1e.png)

>Corn cobs

No. 1666862

Do you mean corn husks, anon?

No. 1666885

File: 1692237727794.png (155.14 KB, 1149x290, cobsrollfortoilettoll.PNG)

I wish I did anon, I wish I did. Didn't believe my dad when he told me awhile back.

No. 1666895

I wish I could unread that

No. 1666898

Yes, they did used to use corn cobs. My very impoverished grandmothers family mentioned doing this. They also used to used magazine and catalogue pages that were sent in the mail.

No. 1666906

I’m not gonna lie that seems a little smart for back then. It’s kinda like a brush or something. Odd

No. 1666910

>catalogue pages
I think the Sears catalog was used in the loo more than the mail.

No. 1666912

Americans will really think of anything but a bidet

No. 1666914

This makes me feel better at least. I am a different person when I am in a sleep stupor.
Well I don't think people in the 17th century would've had the technology for a bidet

No. 1666915

Who wants to put their dirty ass in their drinking water

No. 1666916

Nta but people don't drink from their bidets though?

No. 1666917

I mean if you're using a corn cob for your butt it's safe to assume you don't have running water in your bathroom.

No. 1666918

she meant in the olden times anon kek. drinking water was all they had, bidets weren't invented.

No. 1666920

Maybe they just have an abundance of corn cobs.

No. 1666922

Ah, I thought she was referring to the last part that said
>Americans will really think of anything but a bidet
And was weired out thinking that she thought people also drink from bidets kek. I should just go to sleep.

No. 1666924

Ayrt from >>1666915 , my bad I didn’t specify lmao I also should sleep

No. 1666933

File: 1692241672566.jpeg (74.03 KB, 626x620, IMG_7770.jpeg)

sorry for burgerfag but I don’t understand how after one uses the toilet, do you waddle over with your pants down to the bidet errrr. Does that not drip I’m a little confused? Genuinely curious

No. 1667029

Knew someone who said his dad did this as a child in Spain and then the corn cob got stuck. It's always haunted me

No. 1667434

>join chaturbate
>make $1000 in one day without showing my face
>cash out and never return
>carry this to my grave

cool thanks for the cash injection

No. 1667447

He looked like a literal twink. I have been raped before by a man but never a kid looking rapist. It’s horrifying. The rape idc anymore it’s a natural problem I have but I have never been raped by someone who looks so innocent and angelic. All I can think about is that I had sex with a kid and I’ll never be able to forgive myself for that. I shouldn’t have gotten on a date with him, I knew better. I just wanted to practice talking irl so I decided to go try do with a younger person. But I told him he looks too young and underaged even and that on photos he looked more mature. And then he got really angry. I didn’t know I’d have destroyed his manhood. I’m almost 30, never had consensual sex in my life, I just wanted to learn how to date so I used him for that and I suspect he knew. And then because I joked about the fact I would be a sugar mommy if I’d have sex with him, before he raped me, he texted me that I should pay for his kfc menu as some sort of sex revenge. He looks like a kid and is capable of doing all that. I’m confused and sad for him. I deserve it, I had no business using him as a way to teach myself flirting in order to date a man of my age.

No. 1667459

Damn anon what did you do to get $1k

No. 1667487

All of this sounds exactly like me, nonna. I was about to confess how obsessed I am with my own personality and don’t want it to change even if it is infuriating to some people before I scroll and found this post. You got me there.

No. 1667571

I wouldn't feel bad if someone who abused animals died. In fact, I'd be relieved.

No. 1667580

Seconded anon’s question, what did you do?

No. 1667594

He is not a child and you're not that old. You are both in your 20s. Relax.

No. 1667606

The fact that she's more upset about being 'too old' than what actually happened. Jesus Christ. Even if he were 15 he would still be the aggressor.

No. 1667608

Same nonnie, but replace fucking with fighting. It's fine as long as you don't act on it like a retard.

No. 1667614


No. 1667615

Same and based, I'm manifesting their demise every second of my day

No. 1667616

You got raped, report it to the authorities or block his contacts. Don't blame yourself, also a twink isn't a kid, wtf. Plenty of 20 year old thin/fit men look that way.

No. 1667620

i can never get too mad at of girlies because of how bad the economy is tbh. i'm against sex work but like…actual sex work, not women selling nudes online

No. 1667698

File: 1692286216599.jpg (309.41 KB, 1290x1702, 20230814_154203.jpg)

I really like my moans, sometimes they turn me on more than porn. Not fond of myself in the slightest, hate how I look, talk and sound but I sound nicer when horny. God help me

No. 1667823

The economy is bad for moids too, what are they doing to cope since they’re not doing prostitution

No. 1667925

File: 1692301816950.jpg (45.38 KB, 665x574, 1646868246736.jpg)

I have a huge thing for opulent fat men in suits and idk if it's internalized misogyny or not, I know it's gross but idc? Other girls make fun of me for it as if they didn't have any shameful wants themselves. Every now and then i get dreams of being a good student (adult still) spoiled and pampered by the rich fat principal and it's embarrassing once i wake up

No. 1667935

you said this on cc too

No. 1667947

Ayrt, I don't go on cc so it can't be me but i'd like to see that anon's post if you have it

No. 1667959

File: 1692305332625.png (89.9 KB, 1207x228, Screenshot_67.png)

I guess it doesn't matter but I wonder if there's really any power in not adhering to femininity. Aren't women who struggle to look refined and perfect no matter the circumstances actually really cool? Don't know why I'm spiraling like this but I feel like I'm betraying women or something by just not shaving, not giving a shit about beauty, etc. just doing what a guy would do and waking up, throwing on some clothes, and just going outside.

I say "I don't know why" but it's actually because I went outside with hairy legs today and got stared at. It felt good to feel the breeze on my legs for the first time in years but all the staring made me insecure kek

No. 1667963

You don't realize it, but doing things like that actually helps us. You're normalizing our natural bodies. Too many people think natural = unhygienic and can't differentiate hygiene from unnecessary feminine enhancement. Keep being yourself

No. 1667972

Of course you're going to get stared at, what do you expect? It's outside of the current social norms. Doesn't mean what you're doing is wrong.

No. 1667982

i feel conflicted on this. i don't shave my body hair unless it's physically uncomfortable, and i always think "fuck anyone who'd negatively judge my or any other woman's natural body hair". i dislike makeup for the most part, too. at the same time, i have a pedicure, i care about having "pretty" skin, i like smelling like desserts/fruits/flowers, and i want to get certain beauty treatments done.
i like feminine enhancement, but i hate its trappings. i hate that i and so many others were taught since childhood that it's an obligation (and some never stop thinking that).

No. 1667984

You are spiraling.
>I wonder if there's really any power in not adhering to femininity
And is there any power in adhering to it? Spending heaps of cash on beauty products, wasting time on useless appointments, wasting even more time drawing on your face? Wearing uncomfortable, impractical clothes? How does that improve your life? By making you feel like you have to put on makeup when you go out? By giving you additional insecurities? I struggle to see the appeal. That shit is vain and shallow.
You should also remember that most people are conformist NPCs. If leg hair were fashionable, they'd be paying to grow it out. They can't just be. You can.

No. 1667986


worked a 16 hour shift and hustled like my life depended on it

i made another $500 today and was unceremoniously banned during the busiest time, fucking rip, i was planning to make use of the first week promotional period and then just dip tf out with a weeks worth of 16 hour shifts, be able to furnish my new house and then pretend it never happened

didnt even show face either

>>1667580(learn2integrate )

No. 1667988

Always consider the price. A waxing is something i would consider wasted money, while a nice-smelling lotion is worth the price. Usually, the least toxic/misogynistic beauty standards are the cheapest, and things like skin detox or hair care is straight up good for your body and mental health

No. 1667993

wot? ive got pretty hairy legs bc i've never shaved them in my life and i never get stares kek

No. 1667999

File: 1692308408432.jpg (42.93 KB, 686x652, FpSFwARaIAEf97w.jpg)

I had plenty of issues that prevented me from looking for an apartment ever since I came back to my parents' place because of covid (and before that I only stayed a semester away in another country and then I caught the virus and took months to recover yay). I'm talking about reasonable issues like not earning enough to pay rent anywhere close to where I work, then not having a permanent job contract at my next job, and soon after I renewed my contract to have a permanent one at the same company I thought I was going to have cancer and I needed to live with my family for after surgery so they could take care of me during the following month. Now that I finally had some sort of stability in my life I haven't looked for apartments again out of sheer laziness. That shit is way too stressful and I'm finally not worried about being about dying very soon or about being too broke to function, I want to enjoy that before having to pay rent even if living with my family is pure torture and our place is located in a shithole.

Confessing this because it's embarrassing given my age, even though some people around my age are more and more understanding because of how rent prices are getting worse and worse these days. I'm not working tomorrow so I'll take the time to send applications even if all the good places are already taken by pieces of shit spoiled students from other cities with rich parents paying everything for them, since landlords are so biased.

No. 1668006

don't feel bad nona, i only got my own place like 2 weeks before my 30th birthday, and lived in a shared apartment with another person for 3 years prior to that. i genuinely envy people whose parents have their own house or something so you can share rent or not have to worry about rent at all, but still have your own space. unfortunately living with my mom would be a nightmare because she's so messy.

No. 1668021

>but still have your own space
That's the issue for me. My parents are uneducated boomers, as in they only have a middle school diploma so I have to deal with things like working from home and having online meetings and them trying to barge in my room, unlocking it from outside while I'm sleeping or busy doing whatever. I can barely have hobbies indoor like reading novels, watching movies or playing video games because I know I'll be interrupted all the time, I can never call anyone without telling everyone to shut up first, I can't cook because the kitchen is off-limit, my mother likes cooking so if we touch anything in there she'll take over and yell at me that I'm a terrible cook, I can't shower when I want because we all want to shower at the same time, my parents are early birds so they yell every morning at 5am or 6am instead of talking normally and they wake me up but they also sleep early because of it, etc.

>i only got my own place like 2 weeks before my 30th birthday

Going by that I have like 20 or 30 weeks left. If I give myself a deadline maybe I'll be more motivated.

No. 1668154

Not the other anon but your living situation sounds almost identical to mine. Last year my work and school schedule was crazy and I could only wash my hair once a week because I never had access to the shower. I was recently interviewed for a rental and when I found out I wasn’t chosen I drove to a shopping plaza and cried in my car. It’s so frustrating.

No. 1668314

Used to be a themlet and probably still would be if TIMs weren't such disgusting rape ape sex pests. Like, yeah, I may be an NLOG and usually don't get along with other women, but at least I recognize that scrotes are the worst scum of the earth and their degeneracy "tranny peaked" me.

No. 1668353

you right nonna

No. 1668364

>Like, yeah, I may be an NLOG and usually don't get along with other women

No. 1668407

I feel like my own researches are going to make me cry too. Hang in there anon, I hope we'll find something soon eventually.

No. 1668418

What a thoughtful, feminist and sisterly reply. You're the one who's embarrassing. Maybe the other nona used NLOG in a sarcastic way and just wanted to admit she doesn't get along with most women, just shared her experiences and you're angry about it?
That way there will be even more "NLOGs", I'm ashamed with whom I share this board sometimes.

No. 1668427

Nta but the nlog is still embarrassing. A lot of anons don't get along with anyone not just women because they have bad personalities or mental disorders,

No. 1668440

Also NTA but it’s insane to me how this term is basically a ‘feminist’ way to call someone a weirdo or a loser, whatever its original intentions were. I’ve been called that so many times for the dumbest things that it’s completely meaningless so I can understand why someone would refer to themselves as such.

No. 1668487

Why are you lying? Several anons have admitted to have problems socializing with other women and is not always their own fault, female socialization is not easy to handle sometimes even for non-autistic, mentally stable women

No. 1668507

Right? I've read so many times on here that many were just bullied by girls growing up and want female friends but are scared of screwing it up, or they desperately want a BFF but were used by several women they let into their lives, or just have raging autism and can't understand female social cues. That used to be me a few years ago and in my case it was just shit luck and awful timing. Sometimes it just isn't your fault.

This hatred of maladjusted women is so bizarre. I wish whoever thinks this ends up lonely and friendless and sees firsthand how hard it is.

No. 1668512

NLOG doesn’t mean socially inept alienated woman, maybe just don’t call yourself that and no one has to get mad that words are taken at face value

No. 1668515

Maybe don't get so assblasted over a simple post on an imageboard

No. 1668518

All it was is someone called you embarrassing on imageboard for self identifying as cringe

No. 1668522

NTA but even if it doesn't mean that, it is used like that by everyone as an insult. When people see a woman who is shy, even if she's harmless and minds her business, they think "what an NLOG." In fact, many people misread social anxiety and think the person is arrogant, almost everyone in those communities said they had that experience.

No. 1668525

Samefag, I was referring to mental health communities

No. 1668534

You already know it’s projection on their part, why would anyone want to identify with that insult?

No. 1668552

Because after hearing it enough times you don't really care anymore. Kind of like people who call themselves 'cringe but free'.

No. 1668596

File: 1692365300692.jpg (53.44 KB, 500x500, IBhfFf4UiDpxPBhA-.jpg)

I got into an argument with my friend over the Barbie movie, we both loved the movie, It's just that I said Ryan Gosling did steal the movie, she got mad and hasn't talked to me since. I don't realise people could be so radical with it (both sides), I liked ken because he was the most goofiest in the movie and he was really physical with humour.

No. 1668621

I really liked Ken a lot too. The girl sitting next to me and I looked at each other and laughed during one part. I don't have irl friends so it felt nice laughing at a dumbass together and with everyone else in the room.

No. 1668628

you guys are just cringe

No. 1668631

No. 1668782

Your friend was in the right here tbh. Ken took up too much screen time and goose is ugly.

No. 1668791

He was funny because he was a retard and Barbie was his tard wrangler which I didn't expect but he had too much screentime imo.

No. 1668792

I really liked Ryan as Ken, but only because i wanted the movie to be funny and he was funny
But i still thought Margot had better acting and her scenes were nice

No. 1668802

shitty manual labor

No. 1668979

I am the >>1668314 anon and i think you are lost. People here are always describing themselves as "retarded", "TERF", "autistic", "weeaboo", "fatty", "something-chan", etc etc, in a sarcastic/playful way. Hell, there's even a "cow yourself" thread. It's nothing deep.

> Maybe the other nona used NLOG in a sarcastic way and just wanted to admit she doesn't get along with most women

> Because after hearing it enough times you don't really care anymore. Kind of like people who call themselves 'cringe but free'


No. 1669071

I dont think I am in love with my bf anymore. Hes a wonderful guy, not really problematic. Its just not… the love of my life and I know it.
I am only staying here because its confortable and secure. Thats not love and I am a shitty person for it.

No. 1669086

And I confess that I like being cringe

No. 1669089

I think Null/Joshua is cute, and charming in a disgusting loser kind of way. I guess he's my equivalent of the hot bad boy archetype

No. 1669092

File: 1692393678031.jpeg (38.01 KB, 564x519, IMG_3179.jpeg)

taking too many pills was not a good idea I am sweating like a pig

No. 1669098

I'm afraid it's terminal nonna, have you decided on a coffin color?

No. 1669103

File: 1692394022070.jpg (184.86 KB, 1920x1080, cover6.jpg)

i'll never experience it but twink death makes me so sad. i am actually tearing up as i type this and i don't know why…this world is really awful. thinking about twink death makes me anxious kek (even though i am not a twink, i am a woman, and i will probably age well because i have good genes and am not white)

No. 1669110

Just cremate me raw

No. 1669111

File: 1692394405865.png (14.45 KB, 451x327, Thinking-Emoji-No-Background.p…)

>i will probably age well because i have good genes and am not white

No. 1669138

In 4 years of using this ib I don't remember ever being banned, if it happened I probably missed it. I really try stay away from infights, avoid baits and to be nice as best as I can, even when I disagree, but today I admit I was more aggressive in one of my replies. I won't say I am sorry, because I still think that op had a stupid opinion and had a condescending attitude, they deserved it and I didn't lie in my reply. I might be banned later but idc, I'll take the ban. I confess to being a little bitchy this one time. I don't feel bad for the person I replied to, but I do feel guilty for indirectly contributing to the unhealthy infight culture. I am sorry, nonnies. I know a lot of you are really nice and don't deserve this constant shit that happens here.

No. 1669151

I think the bushy old man cat fits him a lot more than the kawaii desu idol catboy thing. Too bad hes a drunk in the image.

No. 1669175

I'm too scared to look up an old crush of mine on social media. twink death probably got him by now and i cant bear the thought of seeing him ugly

No. 1669240

I kinda hate to say it but I definitely look better with a tan.

No. 1669249

A little infighting is good and healthy, imageboard culture needs some low level hostility for freedom of speech and gatekeeping purposes. Otherwise you end up with passive aggressiveness and virtue signalling, people who want that can just go somewhere they need a username to post.

No. 1669289

The policing is already becoming too much, we have to start telling people to kill themselves again.

No. 1669303

Jannies ban anons for that now.

No. 1669333

lol its not that deep

No. 1669341

It makes me blush when I make a new thread and anons tell me they like my pic or thread idea

No. 1669354

How did you even end up here let alone survive the internet if you can’t handle a kys? Maybe go to therapy for your weak state of mind instead of policing spaces that have always been deliberately more edgy than your average socmedia. You’re too sensitive to be here and anons like you ruined this place seriously

No. 1669355

Nta but wat

No. 1669356

its the best

No. 1669358


No. 1669368

Lol same, I've had a couple of threads where the first five posts were anons complimenting the pic, it made me feel good.

No. 1669387

do it and post pics

No. 1669481

I've always liked straight salt, salty things and the taste of iron. more like of salt than is normal and from time to time the taste of (my own) blood. I also seem to need more electrolytes than is usual.
however, just now I was overcome by the urge to drink blood. I'm not pretending, I am not joking. I've never felt this before. abruptly it was all I could think about, I wanted to be drinking hot, salty blood. I was talking with my best friend online and out of nowhere I wanted my mouth to be full of blood. imagining the taste of it. I imagine it would be like ingesting some delicious hot and fresh metallic soup that is nicely salty with a generous mouthfeel to it. it sounds incredible, at least how my brain is envisioning it.

same as just about everywhere now where I live is very hot and I am sweating my pores out each day. I give myself high quality salt to suck on and I pound electrolyte drinks then this happened anyway.
fortunately for me, my friend is quite open-minded and service-oriented I will simply say so this is lovely news for her. there's no one else for me to tell or request from.
I want to be drinking blood, strongly and coming out of nowhere, and I really wish she lived closer to me because I am being literal.

No. 1669530

File: 1692435311972.jpg (9.97 KB, 564x564, f0Rcrq1.jpg)

I originally came to lc because my ex dumped me and then trooned out immediately,blatantly skinwalking me. It creeps me out, he never had the same aesthetic taste as me before.

No. 1669634

lolcow has genuinely made me a better person. i peaked on trannies a couple days after finding this site. i noticed i had some cowish tendencies after lurking several /snow/ threads (bit of the munchies), and fixed them up. i'm working out and losing weight after seeing shayna. i mind my own business and deleted most of my social media. i touch grass regularly and am nowhere near as chronically online as before, i just scroll the farms for 10-15min with my morning coffee. i love you nonitas

No. 1669637

I finally get to be an aunt but its in the worst way. The guy's a piece of shit with health issues that got with my sister because of fetishizing our race. The baby is a moid and will look like the father since his race is dominant. It wont even look like my sister possibly. She wanted a girl and is already disappointed its male. The "father" is already having issues with her of course before the baby is born. He'll probably ditch her. She was telling me that deep down she'd hoped they would be a happy family. This guy is of course years a head so the baby will be autistic or it will be due to my sisters drug use. Everyone told her to abort while she could but she refused. This woman can't even take care of her dogs and cats. She would hand them off to use siblings for a "day" that turns into weeks. No way in hell is she fit to be a whole mother, possibly a single one. I am probably so screwed taking care of a baby I hate in my free time if I don't move away. I hate all of this. I hate how it will ruin our sibling dynamic.

No. 1669663

Wait are talking about wounding your friend or her period? But I kind get it, Im anemic and cant seem to get enough iron from food and pills. Have actually considered buying cow blood and just drinking it raw.

No. 1669689

I was thinking of wiping her skin clean like how they prep you before taking a blood draw then using a sterile lancet, on her shoulder. she said anywhere on her body is fine.
I don't know if I am anemic but that seems possible after last night. it wasn't a mental desire roosted in delusions, it felt like my body truly needed it. I don't understand, I eat a good amount of organic red meat.

No. 1669739

Further proof troons are just AGPs

No. 1669759

hard not to peak when it happens to you.
He was pornsick anyway so I don't know why I was dumb enough to expect differently

No. 1669791

Love you too anon, lolcow saves lives

No. 1669884

File: 1692473383319.jpeg (51.68 KB, 700x700, 81AKIXbsC1L.jpeg)

I can't use a drip coffee machine. It always turns out like garbage. My mom makes it good but when I copy her exact grounds/water measurements it still doesn't taste right. I don't know why but it just doesn't work for me. I do have an espresso machine and I can use that though.

No. 1669895

Maybe it could be the water?

No. 1669902

It comes with practice. Or you can pour 2/3rds of milk on top and drink Café au lait and then any coffee becomes drinkable. That's how I deal with my failed attempts at the filter coffee machine.

No. 1670049

the psychology of fandom drama threads were interesting shame they got locked

No. 1670061

Somehow this place upsets me more than 4chan ever could.

No. 1670263

Weird, given the amount of misogyny and child porn

No. 1670274

I just want you all to know that you are beautiful people and that you are not a bad person or abnormal for having weird thoughts.

No. 1670312

I sometimes check up on my ex's social media accounts in hopes I'll find news about something bad happening to him lol. I know I'm not a good person but I know I need to stop because the negativity and toxicity is getting to me.

No. 1670355

I love you and I want to hug you

No. 1670378

I'd say this place is pretty alright given that anons here dont post webms of people dying and animal/child abuse.
There's way too much of that on 4chan.

No. 1670384

I WANT TO BE FAMOUS STILL I’ve always wanted to as a kid. For some reason actor I just wanna ok?!

No. 1670396

As someone who avoids any and all attention and would rather die than be famous, I have to ask, why do you feel that way?? I'm genuinely curious not trying to be confrontational. I would feel extremely uncomfortable with a bunch of strangers watching me and talking about me, good or bad, so I don't get it.

No. 1670411

File: 1692510811700.jpg (56.86 KB, 560x402, me every day from now on.jpg)

I repent for the confession I made and deleted earlier wherein I wished calamaties and misfortune to befall others. Also I don't want to die. Amen.

No. 1670498

I get excited at the idea of being recognized, I love talking in front of crowds, i feel like I didn’t get enough attention growing up so I want it all

No. 1670517

I also wanted to be famous as a kid, even though I've always been shy. I like the idea of being worshipped by a crowd lol

No. 1670557

I managed to find gifts from my vacations for everybody except my dad and I feel so bad about it, I hope it won't cause some drama on how I'm always ignoring him or something.

No. 1670568

I'd like to direct your attention to the Celebricows thread. Being in the spotlight for one second too long will get you lambasted by the public due to oversaturation, and that's if they don't find something inane to nitpick you about (assuming you're a woman, they 100% will).

No. 1670571

File: 1692538316264.jpeg (283.1 KB, 1242x1640, IMG_3603.jpeg)

this post is wholesome but irritates me regardless because it’s always reposted on social media to guilt-trip women into playing the role of healer/nurturer/mother for lonely men

No. 1670577

I hate this post so much for some reason, probably because I associate it with the loser moids on tumblr who constantly complain about being single. I would also hate to do this lol.

No. 1670582

me too. it's weird because I really don't like having the spotlight on me, but I think I just wanted to feel loved and happy. never a huge boyband person but I'd watch boyband members laughing and smiling in video clips and get a little envious. like the Jonas Brothers. then I ended up going to college with their youngest brother not in the band, Frankie. and uh. I got stories I guess

No. 1670583

Damn, I wish I could wash my husbandos hair… not the soapland body washing though.

No. 1670592

No. 1670606

This is weirdly written like a wank fantasy even though he says it wasn't sexual.

No. 1670608

File: 1692540056273.jpg (11.6 MB, 10439x4936, i'm a moth stuck in the body o…)

I normally hate travelling, but just once I wanna visit Hong Kong or New York, just to walk between high rise buildings in the evening when it's dark, and some time just short of noon. I've never seen a skyscraper in my life.

No. 1670610

that's what I thought too tbh

No. 1670676

I downloaded honkai starrail but I will not spend a penny and if I do burn me at the stake nonnies I'd gladly take it (also kafka is so pretty)

No. 1670684

I'm ready to finally admit that I'm envious of my best friend for having a mother and siblings who accept her for being gay and for being able to move to another country where LGB people are accepted. She came back to visit recently and we got hang out and she was telling me how great it felt to be able to live out her gnc dreams without fears of being ostracized, and while I'm happy for her, I really am, I can't help but feel incredibly sad and angry that I might never be able to live as openly. It sucks how I've always lived my life in fear of being outed and kicked out of my family. That I had no one to turn to for advice when I developed unrequited feelings for her when we were younger. I'm upset that I will never get to date women openly here without having to cut off my family or risk being assaulted. Even if I ignore dating, it's still hard to form new friendships where I can be myself because so many people here are just blatantly homophobic so if I want any form of social interaction I have to hold my tongue. I know the popular solution is to move abroad but I don't have the means to nor do I really want to, I shouldn't have to abandon my home land to feel accepted. I want this society to decolonize their minds and realise that adhering to the norms and values that were literally forced upon their ancestors is incredibly stupid, and upholding these archaic views to this day while the countries that gave them to us have already switched to a more open mindset is even more stupid.

No. 1670691

How the fuck are these confessions? This is not the vent thread! Do you not know what words mean?! Look up "confession"! Jesus.

No. 1670699

Chill out, someone will post a deep, dark confession sooner or later. You just gotta be patient.

No. 1670701

I peed my pants in public last year because I have a weak bladder and it was 40 below how's that

No. 1670742

sorry i deleted my previous response anon, i felt it revealed too much because even though i'm a nobody, i'm sure he has agents and stuff and it'd be easy to figure out who i am. he did tell me his mom made him snort crystal light before auditions as a child though.

No. 1670760

File: 1692550803192.jpg (181.26 KB, 1000x1333, MV5BNzAxMTg4NGEtMWQ3Ni00MjA3LW…)

Imo twink death only happens to men who weren't good looking to begin with but there was something about their looks that somehow concealed their ugliness, and once they aged the thing disappeared and their true form (aka ugliness) started to show. While actually good looking men age like fine wine BECAUSE they're good looking already and will always have good features, and if they work out and take care of their health and skin they'll look somewhat youthful. Like picrel. At least imo he still looks good at his current age and better than when he was young since he was kinda bland back then, now he has something to him same principle applies to women imo. A pretty woman will always be pretty regardless of age, while an ugly one might look relatively pretty in her youth compared to her uglier looks at an older age. But this is just my theory. Aslo skin color/race has nothing to do with that lol, it's all about genetics, diet, exercise and advanced hygiene (skincare, haircare etc.) Lol. But it just happens that Americans and some brits have bad diets and don't work out and don't take care of themselves properly so ofcourse it'll seem like white people age like milk. But look at European white people and you'll see they can age like wine with the rught practices and circumstances.

No. 1670763

old men are so repulsive looking i wish we could send all of them to work in the mines and never allow them to rejoin society

No. 1670782

This makes it sound like he has some disability and is getting taken care of by an able bodied woman who's also his girlfriend, it's kinda pathetic and sad in a way. I'm sure he isn't disabled and he could've done this himself, and I bet he'd never do something like that to her lol

No. 1670783

twink death is what happens when they don't keep themselves and have a shit diet and don't take care of themselves.

No. 1670784

Well, ask him for it and do it if he says yes then, anon. Hope it goes as planned and you have fun and he washed yours for you in return!

No. 1670786

lmao wow unintentionally cruel post, nona. do you know what a husbando is?

No. 1670787

I feel like I should get my masters so I can find a decent scrote. No other reason

No. 1670789

Fair, also they're objectively useless and consume resources from society without giving back to it, they're just a burden. I guess my confession is I want useless elderly people to get euthanized whether they like it or not, that way we'll combat overpopulation and no country will have the problem of the number of older people being more than younger people anymore.

No. 1670791

My bad, read that as "husband", didn't see the 'o'. I'm so sorry. This is what I get for skipping my eyedrops today I guess.

No. 1670810

No. 1670823

>without giving back to it
They have worked their entire lives so I think that when they're old they just take back what's theirs. It's not like elderly people have been sitting around being lazy for 80 years.

No. 1670827

fake and/or wank fodder

No. 1670835

Every single reddit post is a creative writing exercise.

No. 1670883

File: 1692558783112.jpg (218.62 KB, 2156x1226, WfBFwbImgy.jpg)

see picrel, yes he's not even half as attractive as he once was but better then being a fat disgusting slob.

No. 1670886

If he took care of his face even half as much as he takes care of his body he would he perfect. I'm waiting for hair transplant comeback season.

No. 1670891

File: 1692558937956.gif (9.86 MB, 540x400, tumblr_a20960df4f9567af1f0c49a…)

Let me correct myself, not perfect in my eyes but like as himself maximized. I hate his stupid tattoos but I love to look at him.

No. 1670892

is this supposed to be the same guy? what happened to his hair texture?

No. 1670912

Aging, length weighing down curl pattern, male pattern baldness

No. 1670914

I want a moid who looks like the left side it’s not fucking fair goddammit

No. 1670916

So, a 19 year old?

No. 1670920

File: 1692559872693.jpg (27.59 KB, 455x455, 1676941003487688.jpg)

No. 1670921

File: 1692559979633.jpg (61.16 KB, 960x928, yes.jpg)

Nta but

No. 1670924

Men only hit the wall because they’re too lazy to take care of themselves. More late 20’s men could look like the left if they actually ate some fucking vegetables once in awhile.

No. 1670928

Wrong. Men hit the wall no matter what when they turn 19. No man past 19 looks good.

No. 1670930

No. 1670940

File: 1692561178547.jpg (51.28 KB, 422x350, 1687827438251328.jpg)

That isn't really true if your definition of 'hitting the wall' is not looking 19 anymore, which a lot of women here seem to be. Which is fine I guess I'm not here to infight about that, but testosterone literally ravages the body. Being bald and having thick skin can age anyone, and a lot of 'wall-hitters' can't avoid either without hair plugs and actual cosmetic work. That said yeah they can look much better with better care, there wouldn't be as broad of a difference as some women seem to think.

No. 1670941

Lol. You’re a gay ass coward. Imagine being afraid of strangers.. couldn’t be me

No. 1670944

Any given eunuch ages better than men with millions to spend on plastic surgery. It’s them hormones innit

No. 1670946

Yeah. (I'm 30, and in private women my age routinely admit to thirsting after teenagers. Men age like milk.)

No. 1670947

She isn't a gay ass coward, you're just a bitch. It's actually really normal to not want to be stared at by everyone around you and insulted for something as trivial as showing that you're mamilian as a woman.

No. 1670949

I mean you can take what I say and make it a whole other thing thats fine. But managing expectations is important and you're giving western male genetics on a western male diet and regimen too much credit.

No. 1670950

No? Also, what they're really struggling to get is validation from other people. Is that cool?

No. 1670953