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File: 1689875468829.jpeg (21.82 KB, 388x428, IMG_0210.jpeg)

No. 1638980

walking with the cheese, that's the queso

previous thread >>>/ot/1629218

No. 1639003

I wish I could combine the good parts of KF I like and the good parts of lolcow I like into one perfect gossip forum and discard the bad parts of both I don’t like, those things largely being retarded trumpy moids and infighting, respectively, but I also prefer forum style sites over chan styles and I like there being user profiles to peruse instead of anon (to an extent—I think having the option to make an account with a username or stay anon with no account would be nice)
So like mostly I just want moids banned from kf i guess

No. 1639008

File: 1689877387842.jpg (16.69 KB, 257x257, 1641935789541.jpg)

my google photos account when i start uploading a new hoard of ero photos of fictional men

No. 1639012

File: 1689877639934.jpeg (602.1 KB, 1588x1588, high life champagne sparkle at…)

the literal magical girl from old Miller High Life ads needs to come back permanently, I could be marketed into drinking lite beer if it was her

No. 1639048

File: 1689880004591.jpg (830.6 KB, 900x600, Display-of-Bagels-at-London-Ba…)

I just saw that there's a bagel museum in London, and holy shit this might be the first good food I've ever seen out of the UK. I want it so bad. I'm scratching like a crack fiend right now.

No. 1639056

File: 1689880193146.png (122.93 KB, 360x388, LONDON BAGEL.PNG)

Oh nevermind. This place isn't even the fuckign UK.

No. 1639066

God this is making me so hungry

No. 1639067

I saw that in a korean vlogger's youtube channel. they have a lot of cafes that have london in their name. I notice UK flags in places too.

No. 1639069

As a bong the concept of pouring melted butter over popcorn is crazy. I always used to see it on American kid tv shows and always wondered the texture and taste.. is it not all wet and sticky? so weird

No. 1639081

It’s not actually butter. It used to be colored partially hydrogenated oil blends with butter flavoring. Nowadays it’s colored palm oil blends with butter flavoring. Melted butter would be far less disgusting.

No. 1639084

I know im late lol but I just saw the new AVGN episode. Im honestly neutral on new AVGN episodes i watch them when they are released but I rarely come back to rewatch them but this on was really good and nostalgic. For a split second I genuinely thought it was a reupload of an old episode i had never seen. I looove the dedication into recreating the feel of the old episodes. Th jumping between past nerd and present nerd reminded me of Nostalgia Critics review of the Scooby Doo Movie for some insane reason.
>inb4 AVGN and Nostalgia critic sperging in 2023

No. 1639085

i have my first ever driving lesson tomorrow and I am terrified

No. 1639097

not sure how cow rape juice is less disgusting than plant oils

No. 1639102

File: 1689881248107.jpg (192.6 KB, 1080x1350, 962737cacda4f35f1e6571a675b09e…)

I remember when I was first getting into the world of RV and van living, there was this girl getting some really popular videos. People were making up entire conspiracy theories about how she's an industry plant because of the fact that she seemingly came out of nowhere and was able to blow up fast. Looking back, it was so crazy. People were deep diving into her past and everything. I don't know why the conclusion that everyone came to was that she's an industry plant (why would a company back a channel about van living?) instead of realizing that pretty, young, kinda quirky girl who has the freedom to live in a van is just an unfulfilled youtube niche.
It's butter flavored oil and doesn't soak into the popcorn so it doesn't get soggy.

No. 1639104

my sister keeps telling me i have 'horse girl energy' but when i ask her to explain wtf that means she just laughs. any other horse girl anons here who will help me trample her underhoof in a stampede?

No. 1639109

butter and corn go together. inevitably one or two kernels gets soggy but most of it stays crisp. it's like reverse-deep frying something, you're putting on the oil after it cooks and there's plenty of places for the oil to sit in the crispy corn crevices.

No. 1639115

I remember this. They were saying she was actually employed at YouTube and that's why her videos got recommended to everyone all the time.

No. 1639117

surface level thoughts jus from looking at this one image: personally it looks fake to me because no one I've ever seen living in a van looks that happy or healthy. she's wearing enough makeup that it probably took 60 minutes to put on. her van is too clean, it's like she doesn't drive it through the dirt ever. haven't seen her videos specifically and I don't know why anyone would want to push van life but all the ones I saw looked super fake. where is their shower, where are they shitting and pissing?

No. 1639122

Why does my works yearly sexual harassment training only have examples of women harassing men. Who do they think they are fooling.

No. 1639175

do you put butter on cobbed corn? it's like that but dry and crunchier

No. 1639201

It's either manifestation or projection.

No. 1639209

Am I even supposed to use Pinterest on desktop? It's so cluttered and unorganized and ugly, is the reason I could never get into it the fact that I don't have any mobile device to use pinterest on?

No. 1639214

the healthy and correct way to do this is to just use ghee. I make it at home all the time, I melt the butter first and then skim the milk solids off the top. Milk solids are what make the popcorn soggy since they have all the water

No. 1639217

I saw some anons not knowing Kiki or Dakota, and I'm fearing for the day someone asks who Venus is.

No. 1639233

I genuinely thought justpearlythings was a MTF tranny at first because of her masculine stature and stringy hair paired with the humorously cringe and desperate pickme shit she spouts in those cringe PUA podcasts. Also she's shaped exactly like I am so not trying to shit on her for her body kek

No. 1639244

>crsipy corn crevices
Could you whisper that to my ear, please and thank you.

No. 1639249

I'm so fucking bored oh my God

No. 1639267

>on a date
>let’s grab some ice cream!
>2 basic cones
>total is $17.56

No. 1639270

Being in the kitchen at the same time as someone else is already bad enough, but it's crazy to start some task like WASHING DISHES while someone else is COOKING!

No. 1639281

>but it's crazy to start some task like WASHING DISHES while someone else is COOKING!
My mom does this, its so fucking annoying. Every time someone's cooking, she immediately walks in and starts doing the dishes for no damn reason, the kitchen is also very small but she doesn't care

No. 1639284

it's a nice thing to do to wash the dishes. it's harder to do dishes after they pile up, especially in a small kitchen.
you both have issues, this is a you problem. learn how teamwork works. harmony in the home. synergy. you need to get in sync not ur mom or whoever. or you need to learn to wash as you go and not let dishes pile up. something off here

No. 1639286

You're making a lot of assumptions about two different anonymous people.

No. 1639288

Maybe they already finished cooking and are now cleaning up by washing the dishes?

No. 1639292

Mom please i know you're trying to help but our kitchen is very small, please wait until i'm done cooking i don't want to bump into you every 2 seconds

No. 1639297

Realizing I can just munch on one snack throughout the day kinda changed my life. Been eating a oatmeal creme pie for a few hours now.

No. 1639311

I just want to be close to you before I die

No. 1639312

I hate when my amazon order doesn't come within two days. Wtf do you mean "package arriving tuesday"

No. 1639314


No. 1639317

File: 1689900691452.png (1.68 MB, 1182x1248, Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 5.49.…)

I have not seen one man have a valid criticism of Barbie

No. 1639321

It's actually incredible how unfamiliar scrotes are with barbie. Like, yeah, barbie has a thousand jobs.

No. 1639322

Do any of these scrotes have sisters female friends growing up kek

No. 1639325

Manifestation was actually a terrible thing to discover as someone with anxiety

No. 1639326

Literally all my manifestations if they come true go wrong

No. 1639328

How about you manifest not being fucking retarded

No. 1639329

File: 1689901150188.png (911.28 KB, 1196x924, Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 6.00.…)

This braindead retard directly contradicts himself. "all of the strengths of women that Barbie represents" would include all her occupations.

No. 1639331

So angry for no reason.

No. 1639333

I don't come here to make friends I come here to make stupid replies

No. 1639335

magical thinking is a part of schizophrenia spectrum disorders. don't tell any psychiatrist you believe in it, they're going to feed you mind disabling drugs.

No. 1639337

Guess everyone who reads and enjoys something as simple as a daily horoscope is schizotypal wow the world is really fulla schizos

No. 1639340

No. 1639344

finally… it's acceptable to be mentally ill wink wink

No. 1639346

No. 1639347

What are you, a magic 8 ball?

No. 1639348

psychiatry agrees with you. there are meds for everyone no matter their condition, they're all going to be vegetables after the treatment.

No. 1639349

File: 1689902234797.jpg (454.12 KB, 1422x750, AAAAQRn_wGggAV7j1DxsAPmwmYgdXU…)

Do you guys remember that awful Winx show? me neither

No. 1639350

I loved it. it had something special. it was retarded too.

No. 1639351

The premise sounded good but they failed to deliver

No. 1639352

Where the fuck is Techna and Flora

No. 1639353

the third one is Muse, right? why didn't they cast an Asian actress?
Stella looks like the best one out of the batch, Aisha second.

No. 1639359

Ask again later

No. 1639367

Lightning just struck so close to my house and my lights flickered twice. Someone comfort me! And this is all happening just as I was about to masturbate to my husbando, shaking my head

No. 1639372

Flora is there (with her bellybutton showing) but not Techna.
Muse is second from the right

No. 1639397

File: 1689908048247.jpg (41 KB, 1013x570, genius.jpg)

>Bought a ticket for Oppenheimer
>Turns out it was for another theatre that shares the same prefix.

…eh, it was an overly late night showing anyway.

No. 1639400

File: 1689908849023.jpg (386.59 KB, 665x995, Screenshot_20230714-090234_1.j…)

My hobby is finding weird ass stuff at shein

No. 1639401

File: 1689908956667.jpg (369.78 KB, 665x946, Screenshot_20230713-191239_1.j…)

No. 1639402

File: 1689909433650.jpeg (65 KB, 610x458, IMG_4645.jpeg)


No. 1639404

Please share whenever you find something, I love this stuff

No. 1639405

File: 1689910105820.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x2052, IMG_1322.jpeg)

Who the hell do you think you are!? You’re any kind of artist!? Anybody know who you are!? Maybe evrybody else wants to enjoy the peace and quiet. This is one of the most important places in all of North America and who are you? Who are you!?! You miserable presumptuous no talent.

You’re no artist. An artist respects the silence, it serves as the foundation of creativity. You obviously don’t have the talent. You don’t have enough respect for yourself or other people, or know what it means to respect yourself! In music or any form of creativity!

And I’m an NYU fil-school graduate. Sucker!

And the School of Visual Arts. And the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco!

You suck!

You’re a no talent!

If you really have talent, go practice. And then get yourself a gig, instead of ruining the end of the day for everybody down here! You're a disgrace! You are everything that’s gone wrong in this world!

You’re a self consumed, no-talent, mediocre piece of shit! And I’ve earned my right to say it! Okay?

I had 200,000 people with Bill Graham , in 1975.

I walked Bob Dylan up on stage. Who the fuck are you!?

I knew the Grateful Dead from 1966. Who the fuck are you!?

You’re nothing! You're nothing! You are nothing! And you will never be anything! Never! How dare you! How dare you.

You miserable, mediocre nothing! Shame on you!

You crack a stupid little smile, you little pimp!

Go learn to play. Go learn to play.

You’re flat!

You can’t even carry a fucking note! I don’t care about your little horn lip, it doesn’t mean you know how to play!

You’re flat!

I’m trained classically, I’m trained contemporaneously, and you suck!

No. 1639406

So moids get cool lobsters and we have to deal with stupid porny stuff? Fuck you sheintriarchy

No. 1639407

You should singlehandedly revive this thread >>>/g/216852

No. 1639408


No. 1639409

i was thinking of starting a forum like that, free access if you can verify your voice, or payment style like somethingawful.

No. 1639412

File: 1689910824092.jpg (50.08 KB, 720x540, 687474~1.JPG)

imagine cheating on your husband with this freak caked in makeup that isn't even a good color match, while he's cheating on his wife (they were together a total of ten years) who just went through BIRTHING A CHILD. he's a theatre fag who's already likely got a massive ego this is just going to make it even bigger.

No. 1639416

So is she

No. 1639425

File: 1689913422589.gif (2.73 MB, 640x358, bat-fruit-bat.gif)

Made it out of the hernia surgery, dear nonnas. I have three little cuts on my tummy and holy hell my abdomen hurts. Like real bad. I had a robotic procedure though so hopefully the healing will be much faster. Inguinal hernia of all the damn things.

Best part is, I know a high ranking lady in the surgery department at this hospital, who put my entire room together and controlled the procedure. Kicked out the scrotes, too aside from the surgeon kek. Being surrounded by intelligent, caring and compassionate women was so comforting. I wish I could give them all a great big hug and a batch of sweet treats. My anesthesia was utterly perfect, I feel weirdly great aside from the pain. Women in medicine fucking rock. Felt like this little fruit bat the whole time, swaddled in love and care kek.

No. 1639426

kek at the skull size difference between the troon and the women. even the obese woman's face doesn't compare to his ugly mug.

No. 1639427

I was mindlessly watching youtube videos and came across an Emily Artful video of her explaining the scar on her hand. I don't know too much about her but this story was fucking shocking and ruined my whole night holy fuck.

No. 1639429

>all of the strengths of women that Barbie represents
does this retard understand the movie's about Barbie and not Bild Lilli, and won't be about stripping to get out of trouble or using her "feminine charms".

No. 1639430

Omg I just remember reading a comment when this video came out that said something like "I wonder if this is what this guy's dad used to say to him. Sounds like a lot of projection". idk it made me kek

No. 1639433

File: 1689914987665.jpg (280.52 KB, 1080x1239, Fd-DG0vXsAG9A.jpg)

is this common for Americans?

No. 1639441

File: 1689916443833.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.16 KB, 625x661, Capture.JPG)

unspoiler this image if you WOULD like to see a pic of Nikocado Avocado's foot

No. 1639443

File: 1689916979031.jpg (577.41 KB, 880x1193, notes.jpg)

Holy shit I need her so fucking bad and she's just some background character that shows up for 1 arc and fucks off forever. Fuck my life I literally fell in love the moment I saw her. She reminds me of an old crush I had, they both had short blond hair and were supreme assholes

No. 1639447

>blond hair
>character has brown hair

No. 1639450

Wow look at that slip.

No. 1639463

Yeah I just realized after posting. I was just caught up thinking about my old crush lmao

No. 1639466

People are such horrible liars hahahaha

No. 1639481

Can you give a summary on what happened?

No. 1639484

File: 1689921408064.png (567.38 KB, 2720x2720, 19B9F489-99A6-4E01-8849-2A3650…)

The anon who did this thread pic for the fake boi thread needs to do a MTF vers and I just wanna tell her that I am adopting chaotic fakeboi as an OC

No. 1639487

we have lots of meme graphics about TIMs so it wouldn't be that hard either

No. 1639490

File: 1689922589497.png (18.1 KB, 789x750, 20210819_033046_1629062939806.…)

>tfw my best friend in high school ended up becoming a neutral fakeboi but obsessed with being diagnosed as autistic then became obnoxious thembie tiktoker
i just wanted to sit and draw with her and listen to her sperg about pokemon, feels bad.

No. 1639492

File: 1689922912190.jpg (196 KB, 975x1500, 81loHNGBwLL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I've been reading movie thread on /m/ and someone mentioned how right wing moids hated Barbie for its supposed feminist message. This made me remember all the funny outrages moids have when something "SJW" happens in their vidya, movies etc. I kinda think we need a thread for butthurt moids whining about current media attacking traditional masculinity and feminity. idk it reminds me of the golden days of tumblr when sjws got assblasted about most mundane things.
Anyway, I remember the funniest example for me yet. So, recently there was this Superman story where he ends up in gladiator world and forced to fight in the arena wearing nothing but picrelated, a throwback to sword and sorcery fantasy. It was a pretty well-recieved story. After it finished, in other comics there was a one page gag about Clark keeping the costume and how Lois likes it when he dresses up in it for her in bed. That's it, that's the joke. Lois likes Clark's skimpy outfit.
The moids on 4chan went ballistic and cried about how Superman is emasculated and turned into a cuck bitch boy. All because he there is one panel joke about Clark dressing up for his wife. Which is… Immean I don't get what's emasculating about it? Being attractive for women is a beta thing?

No. 1639506

Unironically yes, American scrotes especially view any effort to be attractive to women as "beta", "emasculating" behavior, hence why so many are unapologetically ugly as sin and dress like shit. Imo its like, an intentional crabs in a bucket thing, they collectively bully any scrote that steps out of line by doing something that women would like (be it dressing nice or not being an ass) thus keeping the bar low for men. Male class consciousness is insanely strong

No. 1639523

I think one of the best terms I've picked up from this site is cum-peddling, to describe men's evo-psych reasoning and general behaviour towards women. I'm not sure if it was taken from like that one anon's manifestos or started somewhere else. It's such a funny term, and I think portrays gender relations perfectly in a single word kek.

No. 1639529

Jordan Peterson starts quaking

No. 1639532

both sides are a cancer in this debate, the retarded moids who give it attention and the pandering corporations that think adding tranny flags to their games is somehow worldchanging. I miss when hobbies were apolitical

No. 1639535

File: 1689931500042.png (684.99 KB, 791x917, vfcgdrefghjhgvf.png)

This looks like a "we just fucked" couples photo

No. 1639537

This is why I 100% clock all anons on lolcow complaining about "muh woke SJW pandering" in movies and video games as men or at least malebrained pickmes, literally nobody else gives that much of a shit about things like that Superman scene. Ironically enough they accuse "SJWs" of being butthurt crybabies yet have a fucking aneurysm over a woman making a sex joke.

>I kinda think we need a thread for butthurt moids whining about current media attacking traditional masculinity and feminity.

Fucking please, I need some sort of a "anti-SJW cringe" thread to share all of this.

No. 1639540

This is how I feel when anons complain about a poc being cast in a white persons role, like who cares it's a movie not a documentary or history book. The whole snow white drama in celebricows is so meaningless to me, "she's supposed to have skin as white as snow wahhhhh" but no one can explain why it even matters kek

No. 1639553

>Fucking please, I need some sort of a "anti-SJW cringe" thread to share all of this.
I actually wanted to make a thread like this but than realized that it would be raided by KF scrotes and pickmes and quickly turned to shit. I don't trust you catty girlies to deal with sensetive topics, anons here gonna turn it into another infighting thread.

No. 1639566

Disney knows exactly what they're doing by manufacturing outrage, because even if the movies do "meh" or get boycotted for being cashgrabs they can pretend they were ahead of the times or something. I generally do not care what the fuck they've been doing with these live action adaptations. Skintonebending Snow White is actually funny though, because she got her name from the palest woman in their kingdom, it's like having a character named Blondie McGoldielocks be dark haired or bald person, that casting would fit in a comedy or parody movie.

No. 1639569

File: 1689934694079.jpeg (24.53 KB, 768x703, WTyyANeJjbGNTZmU.jpeg)

would you?

No. 1639573

I live in apartments and my dad is dying and my bf is being a douche so sorry to the other residents but I'm going through it and will be smoking kush and blasting my soundbar out on the balcony all day. Call the police, I'll have sex with them

No. 1639587

The celebricows thread had an actual right wing moid insisting that Sound of Freedom movie outsold a kid's movie. He got angry and started calling anons pedophiles when they pointed out he was factually wrong and/or didn't take issue with the Snow White casting. Pretty sure Trumpchan turned out to be a man, too. It's crazy the lengths these random moids will go.

No. 1639604

Congrats nonna, I'm glad you made it through the surgery! Your care team sounds awesome too.

No. 1639608

really want a easy expresso machine but they're so wasteful, over priced per cup, and if its nestle supporting a terrible company. but god damn it was so nice using one at an airbnb with multiple fun capsules.

No. 1639615

File: 1689940180402.jpg (26.17 KB, 600x600, 1566536073855.jpg)

week 6 of no cement, this time making the post on time, and a bit ashamed to admit i think about eating cement when i get a reel of some house being broken down, i haven't acted upon the urge tho.

No. 1639621

i am proud of you anon you're doing amazing

No. 1639641

>"we just fucked" couples photo
Is this really a thing?

No. 1639646

feel like causing shit and drama for no reason, what to do..

No. 1639647

good job nonnie, cement is not good for you I think

No. 1639651

i hope you're not a troll because im also a pica anon… ive eaten laundry detergent and burnt matches and sometimes i really crave burnt matches still. good job not eating non-food. it's really bad for you.

No. 1639652

Are you anemic by any chance?

No. 1639658

Many thanks sweet nonna, they were absolutely wonderful I was able to remember all their names and gave a glowing review. Now… time for ice cream. Hope all the ladies in this dumb shit thread are having a spectacular day.

No. 1639661

Well number one advice, don't so that and fight the demons. If the desire gets too strong… start some shit with someone who deserves it. Like stupid scrotes.

No. 1639683

She used to be an IV drug addict and one day she had shot up more coke than she ever had. In her drug induced state she wanted to do more drugs and the little drug baggie only had residue left so in her mind it made sense to get a utility knife and cut her wrist open and she proceeded to shove the tiny baggie in her open wound thinking “I need the drugs in me NOW!”. She blanked out and when she came to she realized what she did could kill her since she had blood shooting out but she was too embarrassed to call her family for help so she drove herself to the hospital (whilst still high)

No. 1639694

There's a Nespresso machine at work and the coffee it makes is consistently good, better than the coffee my parents usually make at home. They can never get the proportion of coffee and water right so I never take it to work with me. Agree with you that coffee pods are extremely wasteful though but… I kinda don't care lol

No. 1639711

On an alternate universe I would have been a pick me who unabashedly larps as a lesbian while having a TIM "girlfriend"
Thank god i have common sense and never went down that path

No. 1639718

quick nonnies kfc or burger king?

No. 1639721

I hear American kfc sucks, but kfcs in my country(and much of asia from what I've heard) are really good.

No. 1639723

KFC if you are getting the fried chicken, butger king for anything else.

No. 1639729

File: 1689953213870.jpg (16.98 KB, 473x476, 176.jpg)

the obesity epidemic artificially inflates my attractiveness level from mid to slightly cute

No. 1639731

ended up ordering kfc, i think they made a mistake or something but their food here is waaaay cheaper than mcd and burger king so i can get a burger+chicken wing for cheaper than a bk combo

No. 1639734

atyrt, not a troll, developed a habit of eating cement powder when i was 14, only weeks ago was it that i managed to quit.

No. 1639737

I finally got to watch og Pokémon in Japanese and it was awesome! It was like reliving my childhood all over again

No. 1639740

keep it up nonny

No. 1639746

No. 1639773

i wana go home and eat jaffa cakes

No. 1639786

Is that a homeless Matthew McCognagheuheu

No. 1639825

hopefully moving next year or 2025, i hate this house and neighborhood. obviously the houses we're looking at now will be bought beforehand but ugh i can't wait to decorate a nice big house with no/few neighbors and host fun parties.
graduating next spring and i am currently getting a temp job somewhere really cool i want to work my way up in, would be a dream to have that upon graduating.
just praying for financial independence and to buy myself a gecko green jeep wrangler…

No. 1639876

File: 1689964340543.jpg (9.48 KB, 300x300, b0336de8b6ca431d44e0ad5ed76b1d…)

>I think

No. 1639879

Just finished watching the Barbie Movie, it was surprisingly fun and blew me away. From what I read I thought I'd end up hating it, now I feel dumb. I have to admit, I cried several times throughout the movie.

No. 1639880

Ive been asked out 5 times this month and each time Ive been exhausted and dressed like a slob with no makeup kek WHY

No. 1639901

You're hot anon, you're oozing appeal, deal with it

No. 1639918

Brittany Venti's boyfriend is so ugly wtf. She is cute and takes care of herself, why is her moid so ugly and British looking??? When will women stop settling???

No. 1639924

I can't wait to see it, but i will hold off until the crowds die down because I can't handle more than 5 people with me in the cinema.

No. 1639934

Same anon. I'm so excited to see it, but I'm gonna wait until early next month.

No. 1639935

File: 1689969893878.jpg (435.94 KB, 1200x1200, 5dfa4606477f111ec52d56b9_00812…)

I'm not even a sushi person, but for some reason I really want to try whole foods or publix sushi. Next Wednesday I'll stop by them.

No. 1639937

the boba in my ice tea is warm whyyyyyy

No. 1639945

File: 1689970382123.gif (6.94 KB, 243x219, IMG_5869.gif)

Takes one to know one, baberino

No. 1639949

File: 1689970657293.jpeg (47.25 KB, 750x786, IMG_6684.jpeg)

I'm ugly, but I try

thank you lovely

No. 1639981

This is so cute. I wish these were still widespread.

No. 1640011

Why did jannies let the snow white infight go on for so long? Now the thread is full and I can't post that Tony Bennett is dead and Doja Cat was in chatrooms again.

No. 1640013

you just reminded me of how much I HATE this!! Especially when it melts all the ice!

No. 1640023

Saw it today too and loved everything about it. I intentionally avoided reading much about it beforehand and am glad I did.

No. 1640026

Lambskin condoms freak me out so bad. I'd literally rather go raw than put lamb intestine in my vag.

No. 1640027

I was watching LOTR and the eye of sauron reminded me of Nickocado Avocados gaping asshole that is burned into my mind since I witnessed it in his thread.. I shuddered at the memory. I miss when it reminded me of a cats eye

No. 1640054

I actually love this because it means it's freshly cooked.

No. 1640092

File: 1689984327093.png (26.64 KB, 1026x194, Screenshot_2023-07-22-01-52-31…)

i said fuck men in a tweet and got this warning kekkk they're so delicate

No. 1640101

File: 1689984745206.jpg (122.93 KB, 768x1024, 1689984481113228m.jpg)

>you wake up
>the year is 2030
>you walk into your living room
>Hi Honey! How was your nap?
>it's your government assigned boyfriend

What do

No. 1640106

The coddling of men everywhere online to the point you’re not allowed to say the most vague statement is so concerning. Considering what they allow to stay up on the other side.

No. 1640108

You literally made "kill self" the only option.

No. 1640111

That isn't a woman?

No. 1640116

first, i eat the cookies and then i smother him with the spiderman pillow

No. 1640119

I thought about the question seriously for a whole 80 seconds or so. Like I have no choice but to abandon my life and live as a transient with faux-amnesia and no social security in immigrant housing because there is no fucking way I am living that life.

No. 1640126

no, he's a little (short) man who lives in new york city

No. 1640127

Unfortunately yes, mostly with trashy british people though

No. 1640128

it happens on every major website too, threatening women with rape and murder is almost encouraged but god forbid a girl says she doesn't like men. That's a literal hate crime, of course.
Just to test things out, I just tweeted "fuck women, I hate women" and I'm not getting any hate speech warnings kek how surprising

No. 1640131

They're still arguing?! Jfc why is everyone in that thread retarded

No. 1640133

Well he was so right

No. 1640135

Apparently he flipped out like this because the trumpet player was playing (badly) outside of the Holocaust museum. Still a huge overreaction but a lot of people from NYC for some reason have a ravenous hatred for these kind of street musicians kek

No. 1640136

What blackpilled me the most was the kiwifarms drama, cloudflare hosts 4chan and multiple 3d child porn websites. But dunking on fat ugly male trannies is what enrages the public enough to do something about it. Spoilered cause this next part is upsetting I've only been on 4chan about 20 times for a specific reason like when I've heard they mentioned lc or cc or to look for kirbyanons art out of morbid curiosity, and literally the first time I went on that site I saw a screenshot of a news article about a 9 year old girl who was raped, strangled, and tied naked to a tree by her shoelaces and left there until a passerby found her and waited with her until paramedics arrived. She was left with severe brain injuries, fighting for her life in the hospital. The top comments on the post were stuff like "oh she's a little white whore so I'm sure she liked it" "they start young now anyway" "someone name the hospital so I can finish the job." But no it's kiwifarms that's the real problem.

No. 1640148

Holy shit silicone lube > water based lube wtf??? Silicone lube feels so amazing, I’ve been using water based lube for sex w my bf for years and it sucked, decided to grab silicone and I feel like such an idiot for not trying it before. Doesn’t get sticky, liquidy consistency, feels like natural wetness instead of gross sticky jelly lmao

No. 1640153

Nah, they ended it yesterday but it still had been going on for like two days before that. Had to be over a hundred posts wasted on it.

No. 1640157

I really hate feeling wet, just like Shayna, so I understand her in that regard. I enjoy masturbating, but feeling all gooey after is just awful, I wish I stayed dry

No. 1640158

I’ll have to try, I go through so much lube it’s crazy. I use a special sensitive skin kind that’s water based but it gets sticky and dries/absorbs so quickly that we keep having to reapply over and over.

No. 1640159

actually he lives in my heart

No. 1640164

If i sleep with my laptop open will a demon/ghost/evil entity crawl out of the black screen

No. 1640167

Today I was riding public transit and got checked by the transit security for my proof of payment. I normally buy a monthly pass and all the times I was checked out in the past I did have a valid proof of payment. But money was tight this month so I've been carpooling the other times and since I did have to ride today I fare evaded kek. My dumbass was acting all clueless like "oh was I supposed to tap in at this station???" even though I've been riding on this route for years now. I got off the hook for now but the confrontation really got my heart racing.

No. 1640173


No. 1640188

File: 1689994373393.jpg (11.65 MB, 9425x7220, 鈴木_春信_-_風流艶色真似ゑもん_12.jpg)

>English: #12 of 12 panels: Famous kabuki actor 瀬川菊之丞(二世), a courtesan [花魁], and her apprentice [新造] sit on a porch while bean-sized "imitation man" Mane'emon farts unnoticed in a nearby cherry tree 桜.
Excuse me

No. 1640213

asexual for humans
full sexual for machines

No. 1640217

let my man mane'emon live his truth

No. 1640219

I just realized that one part of my gums is wrinkly and it's freaking me out so bad. I don't remember it being like that.

No. 1640220

anon you gave me a good hysterical laught

No. 1640228

Wow… you didn't have to give that to the rest of us.

No. 1640236

File: 1689999390600.png (386.65 KB, 640x904, __wakan_tanka_tokyo_afterschoo…)

♥ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ нє ωαѕ тнєяє ƒσя мє ωнєη ησ σηє єℓѕє ωαѕ ﮩﮩـ٨ﮩﮩـ٨ﮩ♥

No. 1640329

File: 1690004291792.jpg (114.52 KB, 894x619, 81b2xi7jIQL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

One pack is these is too much noodles, and did maruchan put less seasoning in the flavor packs? They always taste underseasoned now if you do all the noodles.

No. 1640331

I just had a random "extracting files" thing pop up on my computer. It wasn't winrar so I wonder if it was EA since I'm updating sims? My mouse is kinda broken so I probably accidentally clicked something. I hate when computers do weird shit.

No. 1640338

it's such bullshit. they definitely have changed and cheapened out on the powder. fuck them.

No. 1640351

i think this woman at this hairdresser is laughing at me should i kms

No. 1640354

should i ask her why??

No. 1640356

Silent but deadly

No. 1640377

File: 1690008375337.jpeg (154.33 KB, 690x1070, IMG_8226.jpeg)

>someone gifts me these weird but cute originally $100+ jeans
>one size too small
>store doesn't have anymore pairs
>but I love them so much and I'll never find anything else like them!!
>I want to keep them!!

No. 1640394

File: 1690009485992.png (165.73 KB, 275x270, IMG_1668.png)

I just got from home from having watermelon margaritas, washed and moisturized my face and ate the rest of my poke bowl from lunch. I admired my new sparkly pink acrylic nails. I spritzed my Prada perfume into the air and let my ceiling fan disperse the sweet, citrusy, floral-amber scent through my bedroom while I lay on my comfy bed and check on my beloved fellow farmers on lolcow. Work was hell this week, but tonight, right now, I’m happy. Happy Friday, nonas

No. 1640405

And then there was a knock on your door. You pulled your hair into a messy bun and opened it. You gulped. "Excuse me maam" the man in dark glasses and a black suit says "I am here on behalf of Harry styles. Your mother has sold you to One Direction. Come with me." You tentatively grab your miumiu mini bag and shuffle outside to the tour bus in your blush pink fendi slides.

No. 1640418

File: 1690011664730.jpeg (67.04 KB, 600x600, IMG_1670.jpeg)

These shirts were based and it was retarded that Urban Outfitters had to stop selling them

No. 1640426

While I was letting a guy down I was on the verge of saying one of the reasons being he wasn't transphobic enough for me.

No. 1640428

they are cute

No. 1640429

kek, been there, but i never say transphobic because it's not to just be sane. problem is there are no left leaning men that are sane about this issue and it's so depressing

No. 1640443

The depression top would well with the y2k revival trend right now. also crop tops are still very much popular

between a rock and a hard place of trying to lose an inch off my waist (hard) or just forcibly stretch them out from their natural tight state (less hard), they're way too cute to just upcycle to someone else

No. 1640444

Yeah but he's kinda dumb and a bit autistic so he wouldn't have understood if I had said gender critical lmao we weren't even dating, he was under the delusion that we had something going on despite me clearly leaning away from him whenever he got too close and would barely reply to his messages but since we run in the same circles I let him down gently.

No. 1640445

the original nonnie

No. 1640454

I remember my mom having a stack full of these comics, don't know what happened to them.

No. 1640481

My bf has mentioned his IG to me a few times and at the start was like let me add you so we can tag each other. But for whatever reason that didn't happen then. Now my ig is inactive af I'm inactive on sm I follow less than 30 profiles on ig because who could be fucked. He follows near 500. He never scrolls any of his sm feeds in front of me but I regularly shove my phone in his face to show him stuff. He keeps coming up as a recommended friend and it's become a thing where his profile looms and I'm like scared to send a request to my own bf because its going to be so revealing to both of us. That I follow so little people and I assume his feed is full of tits and bimbos. I'm dying to see it. He's also been annoying me so I feel like it would give me so much unfettered access to ammo to throw in his face. So that's healthy

No. 1640519

A very well-known LMTQ activist TiF whose online private posts I can see due to being a friend of a friend before her trans era started put out a post looking for a job. In it she says she struggles to stay in one job, so she's looking for opportunities to do:
>translating texts from English
>give medical advice (she has worked as a vet for like half a year a decade ago)
>transcripting audio recordings
>pseudotherapeutic help for LGBT kids
>tutoring in natural sciences
>data analysis

Then in the comments she also added that she's willing to accept money to talk to "very smart kids" about their special interests. As you can guess she's also like a anarcho-communist "fuck the system" type, while also criticizing the lack of state support kek. These people are walking stereotypes.

No. 1640551

File: 1690031088160.png (1.68 MB, 1646x796, 1689397537581.png)

this is so bleak

No. 1640555

I'm a sucker for men with long hair but it's tragic how many of them end up balding and nasty by time they're in their 30s or so.

No. 1640565

Wow this is depressing kek

No. 1640567

Nightmare fuel wtf. My dad didn’t start looking this old until he was 50. He still has his hair even at 50. If I keep my bf low t will his beautiful hair stay?

No. 1640570

It depends more on genes. My dad is in his late 60s and still has a full head of dark hair.

No. 1640578

My dad was really good looking when he was a younger(like a model) know he's a balding fat guy, still a good man but sometimes I do think men should die at age 32, for their own sake.

No. 1640581

Men be claiming women in their 30's are single because we hit the wall when it's clearly the other way around.

No. 1640587

They bald as much as any other man, you just notice it more cause they didn't have an ugly buzz cut or something, so you actually notice how bad it downgrades.

No. 1640588

I know this is a very unpopular opinion but…both things are true. Both men and women after 35+ who remained single have this very weird bitter energy about them and both of them take that out on younger women.

There are some cool forever single people but they are not common compared to the bitter as hell 30+ singles.

No. 1640590

i keep looking at his young self and feel so sad. i'm no longer 18 either and the moids women my age date aren't that far off to looking like the 2nd pic, is there even any hope left to get somebody pre-wall? sigh

No. 1640593

That's the truly tragic part, that it's much easier to find late 20s moids who look more like the second pic than the first one.

No. 1640596

I know an asian moid who is in his late 40s and looks 25 but he's a plastic surgeon lol

No. 1640611

You sound like you have a persecution complex.

No. 1640638

not even true and you're a dork

No. 1640640

I got turned on by the blind Moth Priest in the vampire questline in Skyrim.
Something about him calling me mistress and pleading for his life

No. 1640642

Some thoughts:
*Man I miss traditional animation. I always saw pictures of Cathy and it seemed very corny and dated to me but this animation (the actual movement and stuff) is super charming.
*Interesting that in the 80s having a boyfriend was still considered “single.”
*Came across as super weird to me that Cathy showed some blaming herself for BF cheating and how she wanted him back, and how this was all framed as normal and expected. Different times I guess. These days you have to be a dumpster fire of a person to want to get back with someone who cheated on you.

No. 1640768

File: 1690043264845.jpg (46.9 KB, 448x758, goat on 2nd floor of old Trini…)

I went on facebook and saw a story about a goat on the loose in Mountain Brook AL – someone spotted it climbing around an abandoned hospital at one point, he looks like he's having fun I wish I was a goat

No. 1640773

File: 1690043589196.jpg (25.97 KB, 700x525, 22cf3e227b1674d4a2abc94d23a403…)

i wish him the best. i once walked into an aisle at walmart and saw a crow shopping. good for them

No. 1640781

crow be shopping

No. 1640790

in the home depot garden center, a cat ran across the aisles and i witnessed a cute lady pushing a cart do a happy dance when she saw it

No. 1640804


No. 1640814

Life would be simple living on a diet of grass and human clothes

No. 1640828

recommended viewing

No. 1640838

I unironically love "girlboss" shit so much. If you have the right mindset for it, it's great and has been helping me improve so much.

No. 1640839

Did you say binch with a hard n?????

No. 1640843

File: 1690047585345.gif (1.71 MB, 368x200, 1070EB76-1597-40B8-96A7-AA3E7F…)

>me waiting for someone to make a post in another thread
why is this so brilliant, I need more

No. 1640844

I was trying to google something and I found this
>The study could help explain the mystery of why so many men think women are interested in them when they are not, a study claims.

No. 1640846

File: 1690047942725.jpg (180.56 KB, 904x465, Screenshot_20230722_184801_Wha…)

No. 1640850

Sometimes I see a really long infight going on here and I wish someone would summarize it cause I'm interested but not interested enough to read the entire thing This is me trying to sneakily ask someone to TLDR the fight with the 50 year old anon in the vent thread

No. 1640853

File: 1690048231963.jpeg (71.97 KB, 749x744, 96A28080-F887-4F2A-B2C5-5C620B…)

Imagine your mom showing you her posts on LC and then disinheriting you because you called her cringe

No. 1640855

Some old hooker got mad at an anon for complaining that her mom preferred her brother over her. Apparently back in nana’s day girls were always out before boys when it came to parents and their children. She also espoused some shitty bootstrap mantras, said she’d share the thread/her posts with her daughter, and then said if her daughter didn’t think she was funny she’d be disinherited because children aren’t entitled to anything. Also she’s an actual grandma because if her kid kills herself then her children will be mad forever because they got left with their abusive granny.

No. 1640868

I wish I had a bigger butt. Don't know why this kept bugging me for a while now.

No. 1640875

If you have big boobs, I'll take your big boobs and you can have some of my butt fat

No. 1640876

i only want one so i never have ass/bone pain from sitting on hard surfaces. rip my assbones forever.

No. 1640882

I have a big butt and I can confirm that it's pretty nice.

No. 1640885

File: 1690050856226.jpg (38.29 KB, 640x480, Grandma-Finds-The-Internet.jpg)

Sorry anon can you retype this but in all caps. I'm actually an 89 year old nonnie and I'm struggling to have my usual keks on here lately. Eyesight is finally going. Holding up pretty well otherwise. Regards

No. 1640892

Tempe Arizona sounds like a nice place to visit right about this time of year, doesn't it, Linda

No. 1640893

did your hair look bad or something

No. 1640894

You can make your butt at least a bit bigger with weight lifting.

No. 1640895

No. 1640896

euros are so goofy

No. 1640898

porn and drugs.

No. 1640902

Samefag but actually, I used to hate being "curvy" because it makes people see your entire existence as inappropriate (especially when I was a girl) or sexual. But eventually I just embraced myself and now I really love my body. These days there's not really a part of my body that I hate or that I'm insecure about besides my boobs.

No. 1640908

File: 1690052863448.jpeg (219.68 KB, 944x900, IMG_1676.jpeg)

She is all of us. ACK!!!

No. 1640910


No. 1640915

Thinking about how I bite my nails out of stress the same way a bird plucks it's feathers when it's stressed. We're really all just like birds.

No. 1640917

birds of a feather nonnie, birds of a feather…

No. 1640922

File: 1690054081645.png (1.79 MB, 1596x1214, Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 15.30…)

when the mom turns three peas into a turkey dinner…. I used to just sit and think about that when I was a kid.

No. 1640930

The way this parallels the transgender identity phenomenon is insane. I want to show this as peaking material and make them explain the difference.

No. 1640945

File: 1690055663368.jpg (198.65 KB, 1060x953, F1qHrb7XgAE5pka.jpg)

I think Bratz is finally putting new dolls in stores. Kinda disappointing, not only is the packaging ugly but it's also not even a full size doll. The Bratz team doing that thing where they recreated celebrity outfits and moments was really cute but I hope they don't rely on that for lines.

No. 1640947

File: 1690055827179.jpg (169.39 KB, 1061x1310, F1qHsAaWcAInAFe.jpg)

Close up of the thing. I recognize the met gala look, but what even is the black outfit? I get why they chose Kylie for a collab but this just fucking sucks.

No. 1640955

Wtf I thought this was some fanmadr shit, the picture of Kylie makes it look cheap, the whole box looks cheap.

No. 1640957

The packaging is so ugly and cheap looking. Looks like a knockoff doll from a dollar store.

No. 1640962

The packaging makes it look like a fake version of Bratz from an Arab country.

No. 1640965

File: 1690057409448.png (1.95 MB, 2560x3904, GettyImages-1439866936.png)

Apparently this wasn't supposed to be on the shelves yet (It was only found in one target in Texas) and the package design will change later. I did a little more looking around and I guess what's supposed to happen is there will be a full size doll of this look (hence why that's what her cartoon version is wearing on the packaging), and then the minis to coincide it. I'm still super disappointed though. Pretty sure this is the first doll they will have on shelves in years.
They should've dropped something with Chloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha and then focused on celeb collabs later

No. 1640967

Samefag, but also not to mention that that look isn't even something Kylie is known for and not something the general public will recognize. I can't really understand who this collab is for other than Kylie fans

No. 1640971

File: 1690057956623.jpg (219.32 KB, 879x755, polcels.jpg)

Its that time of the month where god gives me the horny to challenge myself to see if i am worthy of the title of sorcerer and it made me realize that there were 4 decades of high quality nerd dick roamming every corner willing to lose their virginity with the first woman they came across and i happen to be alive and horny in the decade where they all look like this. Fucking kill me already.

No. 1640988

it wouldn't even be so bad if 99.9% weren't white nationalist freaks or whatever these losers are now

No. 1640996

kek this looks like bootleg toys

No. 1641009

File: 1690060783621.jpg (134.19 KB, 600x1398, piero1971.jpg)

>it wouldn't even be so bad
they are still ugly as fuck, men are built for long hair plus they all look 30+ even though they are probably 17-20

No. 1641011

I wish youtube would listen to me and stop recommending the most heart wrenching vids of people vlogging their terminal cancer. I've seen it up close in person. I come to youtube to watch dumb shit exclusively

No. 1641013

File: 1690061162709.jpeg (66.48 KB, 750x920, uggo.jpeg)

>it wouldn't even be so bad
anon do you have brain damage or are you just legally blind?

No. 1641014

File: 1690061342364.jpg (85.95 KB, 625x625, 5556392.jpg)

Start replying to yourself only the jannies will know your truth

No. 1641034

>have you seen this man?

No. 1641043

I think I’ve finally found out who I was in my previous life.

No. 1641048

File: 1690063881259.jpeg (52.53 KB, 485x336, IMG_5861.jpeg)

I would post more but I’m afraid I will be flagged as a spammer.

No. 1641051

i'm still stuck hating it. still in the "wearing baggy clothes forever and wanting to be flat as possible" part of this phase i probably would've trooned out or become ana if i was born later

No. 1641057

Same. I'm only interested in the same few topics so I don't want to get recognized.

No. 1641097

File: 1690068812750.jpg (27.93 KB, 320x254, anteater.jpg)

I'm obsessed with anteaters and for some reason this one anteater looks fatter than usual. How did this one get so big?

No. 1641101

Maybe it’s a queen anteater

No. 1641104

anteater mumma?

No. 1641122

eatin amfs

No. 1641138

File: 1690073738563.jpeg (108.12 KB, 550x431, silky anteater.jpeg)

but have you seen this one?

No. 1641161

What the hell Will Toledo is a degenerate, I thought he was just ugly damn

No. 1641169

Anon I think he’s such a babe but didn’t know he was a degenerate although there are definitely hints in the music that I think I was in denial about, I’m so sad kek but what he do tho

No. 1641173

he's a furry

No. 1641178

File: 1690075949596.jpg (58.3 KB, 638x467, jordan peterson DESTROYS ben s…)

Why is this old twink so angry? I thought gay men liked Barbie

No. 1641187

Why does he look so much worse than usual? Not aging very well for someone married to a doctor

No. 1641193

it's from all the seething

No. 1641199

The alpherbet mafia is actually lecturing about how barbie represents the idealized white woman and is thus mid and unprogressive

No. 1641207

A diaper furry!

No. 1641210

oh. even werse

No. 1641213

>over 40 minutes of reeeing
let that sink in
the amount of videos youtube recommends me titled "barbie hates men… why barbie is ruining… worst movie ever…" with a 40, 50 or 80 something year old moid in the thumbnail is insane. grandpa, you're decades too old for that movie and i'm sure you're not into cute pink outfits either, why the fuck are you going to the cinema to watch this? that's like me getting mad and wanting to cancel bob the builder when plenty of 5yo boys love him.

No. 1641218

File: 1690078956847.jpg (2.85 MB, 3024x4032, 1690040239663096.jpg)

Actually I asked him and he said he really loves it and that he had a good laugh

No. 1641219

Yeah if you pay attention in the video there’s a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, he’s just kidding

No. 1641220

imagine you sit next to him and you hear him giggle during the movie.. I think I'd actually force myself on his nipples

No. 1641223

Hahahahahah sucks to be u nonnie

No. 1641224

Ben begins to breathe heavily. "B-but anon-san" he whispers "not around everyone like this…" He is whimpering under your fingernails as you twitch his nipples like a turntable, his pants drowned out by the sound of Barbie. Popcorn begins to softly patter against the ground as he shakes and shivers under your touch

No. 1641225

I feel bad when I say hello to someone and they think I'm about to strike up a convo or ask them something. Like no lol I'm just saying hi.

No. 1641227

His nipples are probably so small you can’t even roll them between your teeth, like a watermelon seed and just as slippery

No. 1641228

He looks so much like a ftm version of my husband, it makes me uncomfy.

No. 1641229

I need a bot of Ben with small, slippery nipples on c.ai ASAP

No. 1641230

File: 1690079812002.jpg (65.74 KB, 519x599, 4e35700a8752d10876.jpg)

keep going

No. 1641231

>not a single photo of him shirtless
Why does this annoy me

No. 1641232

He has his cage on, and it's a secret only the two of you know. If you concentrate, you can hear the sound of it clinking against his belt buckle faintly as he twitches under your touch—I can't do this anymore im sorry

No. 1641235

KEK i love you nonnie

No. 1641237

This man GAY

No. 1641239

Ben is a TIF and you can't tell me otherwise. Look how tiny she is. She just looks like she has a vagina.

No. 1641241

Leave his bussy out of this.

No. 1641242

It's just those blindbox miniatures

No. 1641246

ntayrt but sometimes I want to.

No. 1641247

File: 1690081460516.jpeg (108.32 KB, 1066x800, IMG_7025.jpeg)

I thought elephant shrews were a species of anteater when I first saw them

No. 1641251

Effy would never fuck Ben and that's only further proof of her shit taste in men

No. 1641255

He's starting to look like Ethan from h3h3

No. 1641256

delete this. i don't even like skins but this needs to GO

No. 1641264

Even if Ben wasn't gay he wouldn't fall so easily for Effy's manipulation because even though he idealizes himself as the traditional manly "protector" in his romantic relationships it's obvious that what he really secretly wants is to be the one being protected from the cruel woke world. That's why Ben and Jordan are perfect for each other.

No. 1641266

File: 1690083397998.jpg (161.07 KB, 1179x2096, my-friends-met-ben-shapiro-at-…)

No he isn't. Shapiro-kun is at peak performance. YOU may not like it, but it is objective fact.

No. 1641269

Ben is splayed out on the air mattress, and if he sees the various stains of shape and size or the cigarette burns in the sheets, he does not show it. Effie looks down on him like he is a lesser being as she straddles him, his blushed cheeks glowing hotly under the streetlights outside. "Effie, i dont want you to think lesser of me," he whispers meekly "but I've never…" he trails off and turns to face the window away from her. Eddie grabs his chin and forces him to look back up at her. "It's okay, Bennie" she says, eyes empty and seeminglt somewhere else entirely.

No. 1641273

File: 1690083987237.jpeg (83.68 KB, 599x373, image0.jpeg)

You all inspire the worst feelings in me sometimes

Write the full fanfic and post it on AO3. Do it.

No. 1641277

File: 1690084282053.gif (4.38 MB, 480x478, joker.gif)

You're trying to make me kill myself

No. 1641279

File: 1690084516057.jpeg (133.51 KB, 924x861, IMG_6505.jpeg)

we're slowly doing it everyday just by existing, max nihilism mode activated

No. 1641280

File: 1690084530178.jpg (126.71 KB, 736x815, d75af4f5f0620b7afa8913a3c2e176…)

I hate when homemade Mac and cheese is made with shells, but box white cheddar (specifically white, can't be orange) shell Mac and cheese is so satisfying to eat

No. 1641283

box with shells and homemade with elbows or cavatappi

No. 1641285

Whenever I get bored I love finding an interesting thread on /ot/ and just reading through the entire thing

No. 1641290

i just think it's gross, i don't listen to car seat headrest nor do i care about the moid, i just know who he is. i wasn't >>1641169

No. 1641296

Saw this on the front page and got kinda horny… cheese

No. 1641304

File: 1690086144499.jpg (428.64 KB, 1536x2048, 1690080088897128.jpg)

Zero interest in seeing barbie or Oppenheimer. I'm diffrnt

No. 1641340

I want him to speak to me in only monkey language

No. 1641354

I saw Barbie today and it was better than I expected.
Also I would absolutely hate-fuck Ben Shapiro, something about his face makes me want to bully him

No. 1641357

I had such a good time watching the Venture Bros movie I am so sad it's all over

No. 1641362

If you topped him it would break him

No. 1641371

File: 1690091838929.jpeg (37.28 KB, 350x525, 4LHKZRapn3Da8KgSCziyJT9zyLgrMG…)

mfw I'm a little salty over someone scalping on Lacemarket so I post about it on cgl because it's too retarded and miniscule for the farms and it becomes the gossip of the night.

No. 1641377

File: 1690092380035.png (34.24 KB, 480x480, whatajoke.png)

can someone explain to me why BB fans now believe Grell is in fact a based twanswoman character and not the annoying sexpest gay man stereotype that he is?

No. 1641378

i almost miss the early days of being a western lolita the salt levels hit different then

No. 1641379

This has been debated in the fandom for years, I was waiting for this infighting to come back now that trannies have escaped the confines of tumblr.

No. 1641383

File: 1690093078889.png (60.07 KB, 787x328, kjgyfdg.png)

yeah, i'm finding discussions from as far back as 2017, but i'm more curious about whatever it is that's making them say that even Yana has made him into a transgender character and on top of that, "genders" him "correctly"(some say in her works she addresses him as female)

No. 1641386

The scrotes on this site learned to use "libfem" as a silver bullet insult against all feminist things and anons are full on buying it.
>Allowing women to vote? Sounds like a bunch of libfem drivel to me. Aren't libfems so cringe for wanting women to have basic equal rights?
>Hell yeah nonnie, say it like it is! Us based Lolcow radfems would never do that!!

No. 1641394

Wanting a flamboyant sex pest that harasses everyone and is parodying gay pedophiles to represent you is retarded

No. 1641399

Being full after eating must feel so fucking weird and tiring for heavily pregnant women.

No. 1641416

Kelly Clarkson came on Spotify and I had a nice memory of a friend I had as a teenager. We both had iPod shuffles and on the school bus home we would both frantically search for Behind These Hazel Eyes. Then we would swap one earphone each and try to sync up the songs as close as possible on our respective iPod shuffles.

No. 1641418

File: 1690096735485.jpeg (41.16 KB, 720x377, IMG_1884.jpeg)

No. 1641427

Anon, nerds have always been ugly and were bullied for a reason, stop believing stupid movies from past time periods represent reality

No. 1641439

Yeah, like a good half of them are not ugly, just extremely unremarkable. Only the famous guy on the left that wad turned into a meme is outright revolting.
It's more that most of them have no fashion sense and look like retarded clones of each other.
But than again, I think truly ugly people are a rarity and there is nothing that a good haircut and a year in the gym couldn't fix.
IMHO, most of them can find their equally autistic girlfriend that waits for her NEET prince charming so they can paint Warhammer figurines together under moonlight or whatever nerds do. It's just they give off "I gonna rape you and than kill you and than dump your body into a river" vibe.

No. 1641449

>like a good half of them are not ugly
Only on here you'd get ugly male potatoe heads called "not ugly" but female hollywood celebs are ugly, every single one of them. Wait, that's not only on here.

No. 1641466

In her defense, when you look at the way the average man used to dress back then, you'd notice that they had an infinitely better fashion sense than today's average man, whose usual outfit is an oversized t-shirt, ugly jeans and sneakers. Back in the day, moids wore better clothes even when they put minimal effort into their appearance. A button-up shirt and trousers looks way better than whatever the hell men wear today

No. 1641493


No. 1641511

i like ugly cute nerds not ugly soon to be tranny nerds ree

No. 1641513

you are the reason men have such high standars while looking like that

No. 1641515

File: 1690112624989.jpg (47.15 KB, 540x960, photos.jpg)

>scrote portrays husbando as a coomer
he would NEVER

No. 1641555

File: 1690118096195.jpeg (259.56 KB, 1125x1293, IMG_1511.jpeg)

Nerds have gotten uglier though. Processed soyslop has made them all fat, and estrogen in the water gives them gynotitties, while presentable clothing has become too expensive and everyone walks around in gross shirts and sneakers. Not to mention that instead of studying or being enthusiastic about a respectable topic of interest, introverted scrotes now jerk off to blacked tranny cuck porn and play video games all day, or rage online about how they hate women for not wanting to fuck them. We need to MANA: make nerds great again.

No. 1641560

off topic but I finally finished reading his manifesto and I was so let down! –I mean some parts were like "ok, I see what he's saying yeah that does suck" but a lot of it was stupid as shit. it's shocking how many people have ripped him off, I wonder if he was influenced by anyone else in particular

No. 1641562

i know this was days ago but i live in the miller headquarters city and always thought it would be fun to be her on halloween or anytime. people would recognize her

No. 1641565

I remember a long time ago I asked what happened to our male nudes thread in the stupid questions thread, and an anon called me out for having asked before. I lied and said I didn't think I posted about it before, but anon…fuck u bitch I didn't appreciate you calling me out for being horny like that. It had to have been at least a few months in between the times I asked anyway. I was desperate for answers.

No. 1641566

that's an awesome idea you should do it

No. 1641567

No. 1641568

isn't this the same guy who kept sending weird letters to some woman and almost considered trooning out because she rightfully rejected him

No. 1641569

You know what’s funny, burgers, your iconic barbie is played by an Australian, and your iconic friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is played by a Brit. Kek

No. 1641570

Yes, but he was still fuckable. Modern scrotes should take notes.

No. 1641580

based nonnie. im not attracted to men but i support reposting their nudes without their knowledge

No. 1641582

in the tinfoil thread they say the trannybrain-moment he had is made up, like it wasn't in any of the documents until the last decade or something but now it's right there in the pdfs online [tinfoil intensifies]

No. 1641586

anyone who writes manifestos and is really adamant people should read them is not remotely fuckable! sorry. (this isn't even about the unabomber, I'm thinking of some real scrotes I know lol, it's like a special manifestation of male mental illness that unfortunately takes a little while to detect and by the time you find out you're already in the danger zone and you gotta RUN)

No. 1641589

Do you ever just write replies and just delete them before posting? I do that a lot. Maybe I think they’d be deleted anyway and I would be banned. Although I don’t really care about being banned per se, rather just I’d feel embarrassed if I did something wrong. I self-censor about 95%

No. 1641597

yes but i don't do it as much anymore. it went from neverminding about 75% of the time to about 15% of the time

No. 1641683

I remember that post and I wish I could have seen the thread. I think an anon mentioned it's still buried on the website.

No. 1641684

I had never checked the indicow thread until yesterday and found out many shocking things.
>will toledo is a diaper fur
>amy taylor's drama was a nothing burger and is fine, thank god
>margaritas podridas is a bunch of petty schizos
Like I had never even seen Margaritas Podridas acknowledges outside of a few topster charts on /mu/, that's crazy. I had no idea they're all schizo.

No. 1641753

File: 1690133244256.webm (2.12 MB, 320x568, U1KGCCN4xGFAkxBm.webm)

Its kinda bizarre how zoomers are more exposed to sexual content then any previous generation but are also more sexually inexperienced then every previous generation.

No. 1641754

File: 1690133289800.jpg (312.21 KB, 1644x1595, XtkOCGNzWQW.jpg)

No. 1641756

I went to see a baseball yesterday, baseball uniforms are so sexy… swoon

No. 1641772

I had a dream that a worm like parasite came out of my nipple. It started with me noticing that my nipple was weirdly small (like skinny) so I started messing with it and this long, transparent thing with a black middle (like how a shrimp's poop vein looks) starting coming out and I didn't wake up until the parasite was almost out.

No. 1641774

It was my left nipple btw.

No. 1641789

File: 1690138386073.jpeg (116.73 KB, 1500x999, AA140B50-50F8-407A-944C-9B9FF4…)

1. I don’t care about Barbie
2. This is the only true spider man
3. U dumbs

No. 1641802

It may be a some sort of message about you having either hypothetical heart worms or hypothetical tit worms.

No. 1641808

im only a bit older than her and i feel bad people feel this way. i know multiple people who never had a first kiss until college. i dont think there's anything wrong with waiting and focusing on college. i really dont think there's "something wrong" with them. most of my experiences i look back on and cringe. i do live with a boyfriend but i never partied with peers in college for example. i got my driver's license later. we don't need to worry so much about doing what everyone else is. 23 is definitely not old. all in due time and it probably doesn't hurt to try to put yourself out there. i would NOT want to enter dating now though since so many men are porn addicts.

No. 1641812

File: 1690140490604.png (2.35 MB, 1899x1244, front row nerds.png)

what was considered ugly before is now average, thats how you get >>1641439 who unironically believes those fetal alcohol syndrome babies arent ugly. From some random documentary, i would all the front row nerds.

No. 1641813

stop calling him ''he'' ben shapiro is a TIF

No. 1641814

she was so based

No. 1641815

I thought the whole Barbienheimer stuff was a joke because haha doll movie coming out at same time as super serious movie, but there are actually people who were anticipating Oppenheimer and actually going to see it in theaters? Color me shocked.

No. 1641817

>his nipples poking out of his tshirt

No. 1641822

Anglos are all the same anyway, who cares.

No. 1641840

I've had it. Sending 'copters out to your location to drop off Floridians. Godspeed.

No. 1641841

I want to watch them have sex and eat eachothers booties out

No. 1641873

Sometimes I wonder if I'm insane, if I'm just coping by believing that men in the past were better looking, because you know, it's not like I have to interact with them be it in one way or another, but the more I look at images from the past, the more I'm convinced that men have indeed gotten uglier.

No. 1641880

i wonder how she's doing now…

No. 1641918

>I fall in love with myself and I want someone to share it with me

No. 1641985

>he has the heart of a woman uwu
and nuweebs not knowing or refusing to acknowledge bc pwoblematic that Okama are a thing.

No. 1641996

i had one teacher who went on these autistic rants about american movies about historical events being all horribly inaccurate because they look so different kek
but i do believe there's some truth to it and things like diet, school/working hours, no phones play a role in nowadays people looking kinda softer facially with different posture. for example countries with a more soft cuisine also tend to have a weaker jaw, so why wouldn't this also effect how people change from generation to generation

No. 1642000

I never understood why you would be embarrassed about being inexperienced. The average life expectancy is around 73 nowadays, there are grannies finding another love and marrying in their retirement homes, they've got all the time in the world.

No. 1642006

>The average life expectancy is around 73 nowadays

No. 1642010

Worldwide that is, it can be higher or lower by almost up to fifteen years depending on the country ofc.

No. 1642027

I need to drink the blood from the stick of the redhead rihgt now.

No. 1642055

>go to the mall in my third world country
>Everyone's wearing pink, even men
>Barbie and Ken cosplayers
>Every store is selling pink clothes and stuff with barbie logos on
>Pink balloons everywhere
>like 5 barbie pic stations
>A giant ass line for the movie
>several pink poodles(?
I was flabbergasted

No. 1642059

i actually find the inaccurate versions more attractive than the real life ones

No. 1642061

Everytime I see tif arm/boobscars it just reminds me of that one southpark episode where one of the dads tries to become a dolphin.

No. 1642064

That sounds like my dream world

No. 1642065

because they're rich actors vs. starving scared to death teens during world war…

No. 1642070

A girl complimented my nails today and I’m going to ride this ego boost through the rest of the week. Compliments feel so much more meaningful coming from women

No. 1642071

>my husband looks like a few of the guys in the crowd
I am so lucky to have a hot nerdy husband

No. 1642081

the only "hot" one is the long hair glasses medium brown to the left, front row. that's the only one in the entire pic tho

No. 1642092

good taste, happy for you nonners

i agree

No. 1642095

are you joking? he looks like a serial killer

No. 1642099

No. 1642104

File: 1690154072009.jpg (100.66 KB, 800x696, 6cca5cac-0dbf-4fea-9e4c-eb40c4…)


No. 1642105

aw crap you got me… i left a dead body at 56' 32' it's in a black plastic bag

No. 1642107

headed there now, it's over for you heh

No. 1642115

File: 1690154635019.png (516.18 KB, 796x398, me rn.png)

Nonnas!! I just found a fanartist I love that I never thought I'd find again because I thought she deleted her account. I was scrolling through some really old tags, which have most of the fanart deleted and I saw a collab event with her art featured, and it helped me find her account she has today! I know this sounds so lame but I'm so happy!!

No. 1642147

idk this is kinda problematic and male gaze-y dont ya think??

No. 1642160

File: 1690157652727.jpeg (83.09 KB, 517x985, IMG_8362.jpeg)

Today is national dolphin and whale day!

No. 1642165

Americans are actually mostly German and Irish.

No. 1642168

Most Americans are primarily English, then Scots, then German, French, Irish, and Italian.

No. 1642172

Just like how today's wordle of the day was 'whale'

No. 1642178

German is the largest ethnicity, followed by Irish, ‘African-American’, ‘Mexican’ and then English. I’ve put African-American and Mexican in quotes, because they’re not technically ethnicities, but they are still included in ‘Largest Ethnic Groups of America’ lists.

No. 1642195

File: 1690161394950.jpeg (244.05 KB, 1300x867, IMG_8363.jpeg)

whale whale whale would ya look at that

No. 1642205

it's not male gaze-y it's female gaze-y because I want to make love to it

No. 1642207

would you kiss its belly?

No. 1642208

red shirt looks like Asmon

No. 1642210

oh my god yes

No. 1642216

Kek may I ask which country, nonnie?

No. 1642219

File: 1690163827643.gif (1.93 MB, 360x170, iw4YuOi.gif)

I indiscriminately like (or rarely, dislike) everything I come across on YouTube so I know that I've watched it already. Sometimes I find new artists and listen through their entire discography just to find out that I apparently know this and that song already.

No. 1642238

i love her so much. too based for this sinful earth

No. 1642256

I hate the word looksmatch, mostly just phonetically because it sounds like someone chewing or smacking their lips together or something, but also just the way a lot of these terms that originate with incels have this baby speak tone is repulsive to me

No. 1642261

This thing some anons have started doing where they see a word used casually on lolcow and whinge about it in another thread is so funny because of how passive aggressive it is

No. 1642268

File: 1690169193292.jpg (120.47 KB, 1280x720, F1SdkOCWwAAMYjM.jpg)

How come so many women are beautiful, while so many men are just these weird neanderthal ape creatures? It makes no sense to me. Why is it like that

No. 1642269

File: 1690169442136.jpg (33.03 KB, 469x311, 362199302_791335216328108_1618…)

No. 1642298

I’m not complaining about people using it I’m just complaining about the word itself, obviously I don’t have a problem with people using a word just because I have some weird thing about hating how it sounds

No. 1642330

File: 1690177349530.jpeg (1.58 MB, 2819x3883, crochet mesh long sleeved top …)

I'm currently crocheting a mesh top with a 10mm hook and this shit is killing me. Having to use a big hook is literally why I can't finish my WIP blanket. I feel like I'm crocheting with a dildo.

No. 1642344

strict beauty standards; the idea that a woman's worth is defined by her fuckability and submissiveness

No. 1642346

File: 1690179810749.png (939.25 KB, 1432x1155, 1690179928516.png)

No. 1642373

i sneezed really hard and my glasses fell off somewhere can someone please come over and help me find them

No. 1642377

Are you offering me a side quest

No. 1642382

I don’t really know where to post this but lately after tripping on acid, I have just been able to see people like everyone differently and admire them for it and idk I just am so fascinated with how we are all the same but different. I am somewhat of a retard so I can’t articulate too well but I just think about how close I got with some people and how I saw their families and love lives, how they have certain fears and desires, I saw it before but I don’t know I realize now that nobody else knows what they are doing. Everyone else is just kinda going through the motions too. Man

No. 1642383

>why are women pretty but men ugly?
Because women spend more time and money on their looks on average, men should too but they don't care. They don't groom themselves, do skincare, eat healthy, diet, work out etc. as much as women do on average. Even the cancers caused by bad diets are more common in men because of their unhealthy lifestyles.

No. 1642384

File: 1690184382844.jpeg (15.51 KB, 238x383, 0CAE163C-FDD1-4230-A9D5-62C53F…)

I didn’t know nonce meant pedo I thought it meant idiot, british slang is so dumb I hate it. All your swears and curses sound like shit kids make up when they’re not allowed to say/don’t know actual swears, you all speak like silly fairy tale people.

No. 1642388

short term, it's retarded and a pain in the ass to deal with but women worldwide need to be encouraging their only-meat insecure "alpha" diets and start shoveling extremely processed deli meats into the horrid, gaping maws of especially shit men so they pass from colon cancer asap.

No. 1642391

this is like the 3rd time i've seen someone say this on lc, kek. not british but i think it's because non-brits may have seen "ponce" or numpty and figured it was something similar. iirc it comes from a prison acronym there: "not on normal courtyard exercise" or s/t

No. 1642393

File: 1690185030820.png (Spoiler Image,67.01 KB, 781x433, troonshit.png)

>No character captures the trans experience like a schizophrenic eunuch attempted serial killer
Lol, umineko's fandom sure is something, spoilers for that VN by the way.

No. 1642406

Nonce is also used to mean idiot but usually in a more 'friendly' way since you wouldn't call a rando a nonce lest you wish to be punched by a fat man named Gary.
[someone named dave falls] oh dave you nonce.
And so forth.

No. 1642414

File: 1690189032668.jpg (110.42 KB, 900x1141, cf24ceb186b4de2b2caac28bdef3d9…)

Plums are so good, sweet and easy to eat without a mess.

No. 1642458

File: 1690194905425.webm (1.95 MB, 320x556, 4ABNmbK0qKZ4oY2U.webm)

Spanish party Sumar posted this video on their official tiktok and twitter accounts.

No. 1642509

Sayo ain't even trans, he's just a bio boy raised as a girl which has already shown to have detrimental mental effects on a person into adulthood. That's why his views of women are so stereotypical and based around how they appear and appeal to men.

No. 1642540

no wonder they got such a shitty result in the elections yesterday, it's like the only people they were trying to attract are underage tiktok zoomers kek

No. 1642558

Wait till you try seedless grapes.

No. 1642584

Hmm no I don't like the taste of grapes as much, I do like them frozen though.

No. 1642606

this guy at my work keeps hitting on me but he's so mediocre and normal, like nothing is BAD but nothing is good and today he brought me his sweater and was like "you can hold onto this bc it's cold out today" and I was like "I'm ok" but he handed it to me anyways and left and now I just have a sweater lol

No. 1642641

What the fuck! hahahah

No. 1642643

This is just to say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

No. 1642656

They tried to bully the mangaka into calling Grell she/her and a woman, I guess she finally caved. Or it’s trannies writing what they want as usual since the mangaka speaks zero English. You’re gonna have to look further back circa the early aughts when the anime was first released.

No. 1642757

I always say my own first name wrong, I pronounce the L like an N. I don't do it with normal words just my name, I don't get it. Maybe I just don't speak loud enough.

No. 1642761

I can't fucking wait for the Napoleon movie to drop

No. 1642765

File: 1690218112280.jpg (108.07 KB, 728x971, cuddles.jpg)

Craving what they have..

No. 1642780

File: 1690219381722.gif (670.98 KB, 500x268, anigif_enhanced-2610-142776203…)

It's that time of year when I feel like re-watching The Hills for the 222th time. Audrina was always my favourite.

No. 1642805

File: 1690220746460.jpg (391.79 KB, 2048x1993, F1GllL_WYAIQkll.jpg)

What the hell is happening in in LatAM

No. 1642809

yeah not buying that statistic about india, maybe they don't count the female victims

No. 1642812

I honestly thought India would be worse than that.

No. 1642817


No. 1642822

I dunno, the usual? Organized crime wars, feminicide and police brutality.

No. 1642836

Is that Liechtenstein and Andorra on the map darker than anything else in that area? Why? And why do the Baltics have higher rates too, does the rest of Central/Eastern Europe just have inaccurate/unavailable stats?

No. 1642847

Louisiana being so red all by itself is making me kek idk why

No. 1642886

I always misremember this song as Was ist dein Liechtenstein

No. 1642902

I have the 8 bit version as my ringtone and when someone asked me to explain what song it was I spilled my spaghetti and sounded like a weirdo

No. 1642934

Remember that Brandy is just Paris Hilton’s fursona.

No. 1642943

what is your Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein
what is your Liechtenstein
Vatican or what

No. 1642956

can't believe there's more than one poster calling themselves 'aroace' unironically. not surprised that one of them is a blackpiller though kek

No. 1642961

Calling yourself aroace on top of being a blackpiller is just reiterating that you're terminally online.

No. 1642976

if it's mouse and mice why isn't it house and hice

No. 1642984

the summerfags this year have really taken a liking to the retarded terms "neurotypical" and "neurodivergent", huh

No. 1643007

It has slowly been seeping into a lot of media and online content, so I'm not surprised people think those are terms that mean something. The funniest thing I've seen lately is "levels" of autism. First you had like low functioning and Aspergers, than that became a bad word because Nazi doctor, then "it's the whole spectrum guys, no two autists are comparable" and now there are like level 1, 2 and 3 autists. I don't know where I need to train to up my autism levels.

No. 1643015

I'm only glad they changed the term because "Asperger's" sounds like an insult

The jokes write themselves

No. 1643019

the scene in Inside Man where he raps his fingers loudly on the table in front of the journo (41:50/-17:40 minutes mark) in what I think is a totally random way perfectly matches the beat in a Tommy Cash song. just in case anyone else watched that and heard that and couldn't place it, there you go.

No. 1643024

Aspergers have the highest comorbodity with ASPD compared to other disorders or spectrums. Why is that, why are aspergers unironically sociopaths.

No. 1643036

File: 1690230254119.jpg (72.56 KB, 1080x735, 1631407767964.jpg)

Gonna start studying web development this fall but since I know I'm kinda slow I want to get a head start by doing some early studying and get the basics down. But holy shit WHY CAN'T I FOR THE LIFE OF ME FUCKING FOCUS

No. 1643037

I don't know nona why are you a sociopath?

No. 1643051

AYRT, i have a cousin who is legitimately full blown retarded (sorry, uhh autistic) and it's extremely difficult for the family. he doesn't talk he just wails, has tantrums and hurts himself, the whole nine yards. once came out naked during a family get together and i was the only person who was standing in the room where i could notice him initially and i didn't say anything because i was in middle school and so incredibly freaked out. of course moids always write it off as "teehee must have been his bath time". no bitch that was disturbing and i hope retarded moids get castrated. they should be aborted. i'm not trying to offend anyone but i hate retards, real retards are fucked up even though they don't choose to be retarded. i have no problem with female spergs (ofc male spergs make me disgusted) i'm sick of seeing normies on the internet claim to be autistic because they're shy and have special interests. obviously this shit has blown up especially with zoomers because so many of us grew up accustomed to talking to people online, it's different interacting face to face with people. it's not the same type of socialization at all. we are also able to indulge whatever special or niche interests we have because of the internet and social media. it's easier to be more selfish overall. and i'd bet most of the adults claiming to be uwu special autists on tiktok right now bullied the real spergs in high school. shit, i could get diagnosed with autism right now if i played my cards right. i don't understand why mental illness is cool now, so many people just use it as an excuse to be selfish. uwu sowwy muh anxiety! muh autism! i'm neurodivergent!! bitch you aren't genuinely mentally ill, you just want to be a big child the rest of your life and never have responsibilities or take responsibility for treating others like shit.

No. 1643058

It's crazy the things I find arousing when I'm ovulating. Then when I'm not I look at those things and I'm so turned off, it's like I'm another person.

No. 1643061

Sorry to say but it sounds like you are doomed from the start. You either have to be a tenacious turbo normie who can focus on shit they don’t like for the bucks or turbo interested in coding and that sort of thing to succeed. I’m neither and I tried and it was terrible. If you want to do it for a living that is. Although, you could be some sort of a project manager who doesn’t do the coding, too, I suppose.

No. 1643067

It's not that I don't like it, I LOVE this and find it really fun and fascinating. Got straight A's and was always way ahead when I took python classes earlier this year (the school I applied to required you to have experience in programming to apply). I've just been so fucking tired and easily distracted lately so I can barely get anything done, much less sitting down and focus on learning something.

No. 1643074

File: 1690233083178.png (326.5 KB, 735x692, IMG_5868.png)

Ok, I’m sorry then, didn’t mean to be discouraging. I just hate coding, kek. I hope you feel more energetic soon! You can do the thing!

No. 1643077

I can’t resist listening every time these get posted, shit fucking RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPS

No. 1643081

File: 1690233505158.jpg (21.83 KB, 400x400, HKJd2upR_400x400.jpg)

It's okay nona, it's not for everyone after all! And thank you, it's still a month away until classes start so I got enough time to either get my focus back on track or find a pacing that works

No. 1643121

I keep seeing people eating vegetables and sausage with cottage cheese and mustard on social media as a trend, and even though I dislike cottage cheese, I'm gonna try it. If it's two things I love, it's veggies and a sauce to dip my food in.

No. 1643174

File: 1690243499394.jpg (49.46 KB, 500x625, 1660251710828.jpg)

it's such a good thing that cats want to be around us because i don't think i can relate to an animal as much as a cat. i can't relate to dogs, why are they so energetic? i love and understand wanting to sleep all day (though cats get overall less deep sleep), i love that they have their own boundaries/a backbone and set of what's okay and not, and i do love to sleep after every meal, very relatable animals. even their reactions are relatable, and it's good to know you share something in common with your pet and they wouldn't be shaming you if they were human

No. 1643213

File: 1690246127720.png (745.62 KB, 1184x1178, 891.png)

She's not wrong

No. 1643242

i was told my music taste is shit because some of it (edm) doesnt contain lyrics. so i got banned from the aux chord at work where they again played the same kanye, drake, whoever else as rap wtf.

No. 1643244

Elon Musk is a retard figure 3,361

No. 1643251

File: 1690248487807.jpeg (67.42 KB, 721x721, shopping.jpeg)

I'm no meat professional and obviously I've never had it, but I do not get the purpose of wagyu. Is this not just fat? And this is supposed to be a super luxurious type of meat?

No. 1643254

it was not that great i'd recommend some really long smoked ribs or other meat. wasted $15+ on some small pieces.

No. 1643257

I've never had it so I'd love to weigh in with my opinion: I think the fat cooks away (to a certain extent) and leaves the meat super tender and soft, not tough at all. It's also supposed to have a softer flavor, like more sweet than usual but still beef.

No. 1643259

it's often eaten raw

No. 1643274

File: 1690250356781.jpeg (303.06 KB, 984x1312, IMG_8424.jpeg)

The way I saw it cooked at at a Japanese restaurant was using a hot stone with vegetables like picrel

No. 1643285

spoiler gore please

No. 1643286

I've been transitioning into a facebook snark/shaming group kind of lady these past few weeks but I forgot how much I love lolcor in the process. Coming back to my favorite threads after a while makes it so much more fun and being on facebook for so long makes farmers like 5x funnier. Also, every time I see too many fugly, greasy gendies go on about muh transphobia!!! I come running back here and breathe a sigh of relief KEK.

No. 1643293

File: 1690251706561.jpg (42.39 KB, 514x566, why he did dat.jpg)

taking this as a excuse to post this from a lingua ignota facebook group

No. 1643295

he will never get the point of her music

No. 1643318

No. 1643328

It looks good

No. 1643330

File: 1690255870451.jpg (71.22 KB, 510x680, Fg54YjEXEAAa5Wj.jpg)

I like it when girls are the sanrio cutesy type, but also kind of look like they'd talk shit about you and commit small crimes. Is there a name for that?? Sanrio hoe

No. 1643335

BPD zoomers are like that

No. 1643336

There's these freaks in mine that constantly attack anyone who posts as anonymous. When I go to their profiles I see their selfies, their kids, they have their relatives listed, their jobs, everything.

No. 1643340

File: 1690257150611.jpg (65.44 KB, 363x363, franzia.jpg)

Drinking the finest box wine and reading dirty fanfiction ahhhhhhh it's good to be alive

No. 1643355

Jealous. Please send me some wine in a Ziploc! I can't buy alcohol without my parents losing their shit. (They don't drink.)

No. 1643358

Going to dehydrate it and post an envelope to you ASAP nony, are your parents teetotallers or something?

No. 1643362

File: 1690258409536.gif (4.14 MB, 640x360, barbie-lifeinthedreamhouse.gif)

7 more days until I see Barbie! I'm going to watch some of the animated movies over.

No. 1643363

File: 1690258458170.jpg (21.4 KB, 640x480, 1602798445999.jpg)

>india mostly white or light pink
yeah this fake as fuck

No. 1643372

Low empathy

No. 1643376

Thank you sm!! They associate drinking alcohol with being mentally weak or disgusting and there's no convincing them otherwise. It's a very weird opinion to hold for many years. You'd think they'd realize how judgemental and ridiculous it is while… They're just very judgemental people overall.

No. 1643379

Well, it does have at least 3 cities on every top ten murder rate list.

No. 1643381

File: 1690259740306.jpeg (517.97 KB, 1170x1885, IMG_9424.jpeg)

And in 2019, New Orleans was up there with Mexico.

No. 1643383

I just found out I'm a member of the cilantro tastes like dish soap gene club. Now, do I get something cool for it? Superpowers? The evidence that I belong to the bloodline of some ultra-secret cilanto-intolerated dark overlord? A sticker?

No. 1643384

You could also move out so you can make your own choices

No. 1643387

It's a very particular situation where my parents harass me when I leave and don't stop. I can't get a restraining order because I'm involved in a legal settlement that requires that I work with her. It wouldn't be worth it bringing her back to court for this and it involves other people that would use it against me and her. It's only for a few years.

No. 1643389

non-burgerfag here, what's the deal with Louisiana and crime? I only know it as the placewith former French influence and swamps.

No. 1643390


No. 1643399

Like two years ago I went back to facebook and it was like the wild west, the groups are fucking crazy I saw so much gore and disgusting weirdos an old man that made nipple molds out of his own semen and strung them up and also cooked it ultimately I left tho because the rampant misogyny from bitter scrotes was insane. My favorite instagram meme pages were full of annoying bitter males too just being salty whenever anything involving a woman got posted. There was a really sweet video of a Japanese wrestler woman that ran up to her coach and picked him up after she won and all the shrimp dicks were saying “whatever, she’s not that strong” “he’s a small old man she’s not that strong” like anytime they see a woman achieve anything they can’t help but get hurt and defensive it’s really pathetic.

No. 1643401

File: 1690262303515.jpg (15.15 KB, 275x275, 1653005521722.jpg)

>that spoiler
what the fuck

No. 1643407

File: 1690262812649.png (232.7 KB, 624x603, 59d.png)

The possibilities on Canva are truly endless. It's so much fun. I can't stop. Aesthetic daily meal planner? Yes please. Research brief? Sure why not. Aesthetic as hell IG stories that only my five family members will see? Give it all to me!!!!!!

No. 1643414

Seeing posts on here where anons make fun of cows for still attending university despite being in their late 20s is kinda making me feel embarrassed because I was like that too and that I had been in uni for so long despite going straight from high school. I had already graduated but I still avoid memtioning that it took me 8 years to finish whenever people ask irl.

No. 1643416

this site is full of lunatics, don't take it seriously

No. 1643418

theres way too many factors in life that can affect perfectly finishing on time fuck them.

No. 1643419

Anons on here make fun of people for doing things they’re embarrassed about doing themselves, they might have gone late, dropped out, or not gone at all. There’s nothing wrong with being in university at any age just ignore them.

No. 1643421

Keep in mind farmers will mock a cow for anything. Most probably didn't even attend any form of higher education and wouldn't care if a normal person went for 8 years.

No. 1643425

Soooo true and in it's totally fine to wait for what you want before taking on loans the cost of a home.

No. 1643451

i am a huge pussy and get genuinely upset inside when people shit on my music tastes but i hide it.

No. 1643454

u look good

No. 1643457

Ghetto fabulous but make it kawaii

No. 1643459

Not my pic, but the version I had was amazing, and I'm usually less fond of undercooked meat. Japanese style steak is almost always delicious though, especially if it's paired with mushrooms

No. 1643463

The last time I had Franzia a giant bug was inside of the box and somehow dropped into my glass without me knowing. I was horrified. No more box wine or drinking in the dark for me.

No. 1643465

Good cuts of high quality beef should never be fully cooked through. That ruins the meat.

No. 1643500

the bitter moids are failmales, that's why they even care enough to post a salty comment. they should be working.

No. 1643503

i'm on my 6th year and will be finally graduating this spring, 7 years in total granted i am including the year i took off (was working just not in school because fuck online school during covid). of course i wish i finished sooner but i'm glad i took the time to actually figure out what i want to do.

No. 1643512

File: 1690267302901.png (967.51 KB, 601x915, gjwkfdkjflhdflk.png)

I've been watching the show From and I'm about halfway through the second season, it's alright, there's a lot of boring scenes though where the characters just talk and talk. Also the dialogue is awkward and clunky at times. But this character Donna is such a fucking bad bitch, she's by far the best character on the show and she fucking bodies that role. I like Boyd, Kenny, and Tian Chen too. Jade is entertaining, Tabitha and Kristi are alright. I liked Fatima at first season but I feel like they kind of wrecked her character a bit in the second season. A lot of the characters kind of suck too so it makes it hard to get into, but it's a good show for a binge watch

No. 1643518

A lot of anons either look for any reason to nitpick cows, project their own insecurities, hate a cow so much they're blinded to reason or are just straight lunatics. I know some attitudes might get under your skin when it's something you're insecure about (god knows I've had days where I've been wondering if I look like a troon because my face isn't feminine enough because of comments here), but don't worry about it.

No. 1643530

im used to it i dont care if my music doesnt fit but they wanted people to play something new instead of the same popular rappers then were surprised when the boss and me had different stuff.

No. 1643537

Me too. I like guilty pleasures because they make me happier and people really shit on it. I like tons of other types too, but guilty pleasures make up a lot of what I listen to because of how they make me feel.

No. 1643571

File: 1690272125279.png (70.9 KB, 500x750, IMG_1060.png)

Bump don’t scroll

No. 1643572

File: 1690272152737.gif (503.05 KB, 629x450, IMG_1034.gif)

No. 1643573

File: 1690272216542.png (319.24 KB, 640x476, IMG_1029.png)

No. 1643575

File: 1690272276203.jpeg (189.34 KB, 1070x1170, IMG_0987.jpeg)

No. 1643579

File: 1690272465208.png (41.33 KB, 787x536, 0B7CA628-9648-4F42-A0C3-DC98E5…)

No. 1643581

Samefag but fuck Kenny I hate him now

No. 1643582

Men these days are becoming children. You know who had this level of rage over Barbie 10 years ago? Little boys. No one else. What is happening?

No. 1643583

And because of this moid humor is ”sex-awooga-piss” and women are actually funny.

No. 1643586

what was the original.

No. 1643587

no idea, I got it from the man hate meme thread

No. 1643590

File: 1690273548660.jpg (59.99 KB, 787x536, 1684429889788.jpg)

it fills me with great joy to see my edit get posted!

i only ever found moid humor funny when my brain was still undeveloped. female humour is superior in every way.

original is picrel

No. 1643591

That's a lot of makeup for a dude, especially just to see a movie.

No. 1643593

They always have been, but it's more juvenile in certain ways now.

No. 1643601

Of all the people I know who have graduated Uni, a good chunk did it in their mid-late 20's, don't feel down about it, imageboard opinions almost never materialise irl in healthy, sane people.

No. 1643604

I’m in my thirties and in Uni, going for an exchange year too. I’m living my life and I don’t care what people think about that.

No. 1643618

Nona I understand how sometimes seeing fellow nonnies make fun of cows on here of things we do/go through can be discouraging, but honestly try not to take it to heart! Like another nona said, some of anons here are batshit kek. I’m proud of you nonita!! I had a friend graduate recently and she’s in her 30’s now! And she felt the same way too but we all encouraged her and attended her graduation!

No. 1643622

I can assure u that most normies don’t care. Even for a cow, that’s such a retarded thing to shit on them for but you know some anons are desperate to watch cows fail.

No. 1643630

I wonder how many celebs (from a-z) have stumbled upon here while googling their name before Google turned to shit

No. 1643633

I wonder too. Doja Cat confirmed she lurks but posting a vague description of her /snow/ thread. Robert Pattinson said he sometimes looks up his name and posts about himself in the third person on anon but he didn't say on which website. I can't think about anyone else.

No. 1643636

trans genocide? god i wish

No. 1643638

I don't give a FUCK if you graduate at 80, girl you got an education, rejoice.

No. 1643645

ignore any anons that say that. they are most likely NEETs and spend their entire day online

No. 1643646

She did? Do you have any caps of it?

No. 1643684

I think she deleted all her tweets at some point so I won't look it up but check her thread. And it was also discussed in a previous celebricow thread months ago with screenshots. She posted on twitter that she was upset at a post on her /snow/ thread about how her face is shaped like a bicycle seat and how her mole looks like a shit stain and she threw her phone across the room. She stayed vague until she said she saw it on an imageboard that "a mix of 4chan and LSA" as she said. And some LSA fonts thought she meant she read a thread on LSA and were bragging about it for some reason. So yeah she checked her own thread and most likely the celebricow threads too. No clue if she's an actual farmer who posts from time to time but that wouldn't surprise me at all, she the type to do that.

No. 1643697

Just deleted over 20,000 emails

No. 1643710

Hillary Clinton moment

No. 1643730

What did the belfast spide say to kendall and kylie jenner? Yer ma's yer da

No. 1643752

File: 1690291757931.jpg (7.63 KB, 261x216, getting out the classics.jpg)

Is there so little male idolshit anime because a lot of male seiyuu suck at singing or do so many male seiyuu suck at singing because there's so little male idolshit anime?

No. 1643763

There's a lot of gang violence even in the more rural parts of the state

No. 1643765

It's a chicken or egg question… But some male seiyuu are great singers but force themselves to sound like shit to stay in character for their male idol roles. Like Cecil in Utapri sounding like he's disabled because he's supposed to sound cute and have a foreign accent but his seiyuu being a good singer outside of that role. Or the guys with higher voices in their respective groups in idolm@ster side M.

No. 1643784

File: 1690295152972.jpeg (83.24 KB, 775x404, 346C9131-21EC-48F4-9DF5-C06235…)

nonnas…these are my final hours, all the power is out around me even the stop lights aren’t working. My phone is at 45% and quickly dwindling, I don’t know how much time I have left, and I am afraid.

No. 1643787

Samefag but I was really looking forward to getting shit faced and cooking pasta but I can’t cook anything I’m so bummed out.

No. 1643791

I see you do not have a gas stove. Anyway, I'll miss you.

No. 1643793

Kek I recently deep cleansed my inboxes as well. Unsubscribed to everything. Feels so good.

No. 1643794

Did you not pay the electric bill? Is there an outage?
I know right, no gas stove ngmi

No. 1643798

Don’t worry only using lolcow is quite energy efficient. Do not go gentle into that good night, shitpost against the dying of the light.

No. 1643799

Poverty/crime/incarceration vicious cycle. It needs intervention on a government level but it's deep in the red zone and also no one would trust the government to do anything good down there and you can't really blame them.

No. 1643800

>all the power is out around me
I checked the public utilities site and it was apparently caused by a car accident, wtf

No. 1643806

I'm avoiding Reddit not because of movie spoilers but because Margot Robbie is the hottest celebrity in town right now and I don't want to be subjected to another bout of moid degeneracy the same way with how Jenna Ortega was treated by these gross scrotes.

No. 1643807

Damn where you going nona? One of the things I wish I could have done was go on an exchange

No. 1643822

Don’t worry they all think she’s mid and old anyway.

No. 1643842

Kek I got sad when everyone was shitting on the Barbie movie in the movie thread on /m/, I was excited to laugh about it with everyone because I thought it was great

No. 1643846

I haven’t seen scrotes online drooling over Margot Robbie like they were over Jenna Ortega for some reason (actually we all know the reason, it’s because Jenna Ortega was playing a teenager)

No. 1643878

If doja is a farmer she is 100% one of those annoying aggro losers who keeps starting infights and then jerks off to how good she is at making ppl mad lol

No. 1643883

File: 1690303733001.jpg (63.99 KB, 1600x1600, 51ihPoessmL.jpg)

I think this would be a great moment to say it's really amazing to keep one or two portable battery packs/power banks in your house just in case you ever need it. Take it with you in your car too, just don't keep it in there. As long as it's charged, you can use it for your phone. The last power outage I had (like two weeks ago,) I realized mine wasn't charged at all and it sucked so bad when my phone died. I was luckily able to just stay in my car though.

No. 1643888

I wonder if cat have different vocal cords according to their breeds. I notice that black cats have higher pitched, very cute "rrreoow"s and meows.

No. 1643891

Proud of you.

No. 1643896

yes they do! burmese cats have a distinct scratchy meow they often do, but can also speak traditional meows. this video showcases it well

No. 1643898

Magical thinking people are over all just so silly. You got the guys on /x/ who think they’re superior to the TikTok witches, and then with the TikTok witches the will freak out about people not doing things right and how “dangerous” it is, and then the black women witches feel superior to the white woman witches, and it’s like, you guys are all equally silly.

No. 1643904

If it's for religious reasons and it's just a comfort thing cool but as soon as you're like guyz im hexing my ex lolol dont use sage its ca omg my great uncle was killed by a voodoo priest i've left.

No. 1643913

Why are religious people seen as better than tiktok witches and /x/ posters? At least the tiktok witches don't tell you you'll go to hell if you're not religious.

No. 1643945

File: 1690309466315.jpg (163.33 KB, 768x1024, 1512680772830.jpg)

see the lovely thing about men is that if you forget why you hate them, they immediately remind you

No. 1643953

File: 1690310204485.jpg (252.36 KB, 1536x2048, 20230725_053230.jpg)

Twitter "culture", similarly to "woke youtube essays" is all about correcting others and preaching to them about a random popular thing.You have to one-up every opinion.

Anyway, my personal lolcow is having a mental breakdown over a bad video game and here's junji ito in the barbie box.

No. 1643959

i'm used to people shitting on my music taste because that's exactly how it's supposed to be like

No. 1643961

we have nothing better to do

No. 1643967

Everytime I hear someone being excited for A.I chatbots or the possibility of anime characters being real I think about Baudrillard. Hyperreality and Simulacra will consume us. I also think there is a narcissistic element to it.

No. 1643976

Windows 10 is kind of annoying. My computer just had a random loading screen pop up. I exited out of it with the windows key but still, wtf was that.

No. 1643985

I've gone my entire life thinking I have a warm undertone (especially cause I'm brown), but now I'm having a revelation that silver looks better on me than gold and it's rocking my world. Light gold looks good to, I think almost the same as silver. Idk how to cope with this.

No. 1643987

File: 1690312573273.png (245.46 KB, 401x400, sundari-silks-determining-your…)

Samefag, and my veins look green in my wrist but blue-grey in my hands. Ack, so confusing.

No. 1644025

I don’t mean this in any kind of racebait way or fetishizing way or as like an insult to other kinds of babies and I know there are cute and… less cute babies of all races blah blah blah BUT I feel like Indian babies tend to be exceptionally cute, I think maybe it’s just bc they seem more likely to have hair from what I’ve seen

No. 1644040

I know I’m late but I only go to the cinema on Tuesday/Wednesday as I can get BOGOF. And I saw the barbie movie and cried.. a lot.. I am not doing too well and have been so anxious and overwhelmed over the past few days for various reasons and I felt it broke that barrier and allowed me to cry. I was so embarrassed though and hope nobody saw

No. 1644043

That’s honestly really cute ♥

No. 1644046

what's narcissistic about wanting to fuck my husbando

No. 1644084

It's okay, I cried too.

No. 1644087

I don't think Daniel Johnston is a very good musician just because he is an obsessive weirdo.

No. 1644089

File: 1690319564077.jpeg (155.82 KB, 800x800, 47f13585af924a5596202468762dc4…)

I wish I had a cute little poodle and I would name her my own name but Jr. and I would put a little bandana on her neck and teach her all the cool tricks!

No. 1644110

I have purple veins on my palms but they turn green farther up my arm

No. 1644125

I have to fast tonight because I'm getting my blood drawn tomorrow and I'm fucking starving, I need my midnight snack

No. 1644150

I'm really not the type to cry to songs, but for some reason Happy by Marina ATD and Pretty Hurts by Beyonce make me inconsolable. Both too relatable.

No. 1644214

I'm more on about the pagan gals who tend to absolutely hate organised religions. They're not really the burn in hell type of religious. That's a narrow view of world religions but there's no where near as many pagans as say Christians or Muslims.

No. 1644234

File: 1690327709991.jpg (132.49 KB, 1125x1327, little cute orange cat face in…)

I'm in the brown stage of my menstrual cycle. Picrel was me looking in my underwear this morning.

No. 1644239

>Picrel was me looking in my underwear this morning.
Samefag, I'm realizing that this may be misinterpreted as me saying that I smothered my face in my period blood. I just mean to say that I was metaphorically smacked in the face with brown blood cause I didn't expect it.

No. 1644249

i don't know if anyone else here is aware of this but the youtube cancer community, if you could call it that, has currently hit peak craziness and is imploding by the day. there's an intense feud between three particular youtubers - one who has gone mia since getting surgery (tiffanythinks), and two other women who go by the names of jenny apple and sarah pog. both of these women have been declared terminal, with sarah having less than a week to leave as of monday july 24th and jenny being given anywhere from 6-9 months.

the drama started mainly because of tiffany, as people became angry with her when she didn't drop dead from her tumor and then ran off into the sunset to live the rest of her days in peace and quiet. now the crazies have latched onto jenny and sarah, though i will say that sarah's husband is a bit strange. but i digress. the main instigator of the controversy is being fueled by this nigerian lady who is manipulating viewers to attack the pogs through cleverly chosen screenshots and sidetalking, as she will never admit to what she is actually critiquing people over, though there is intense focus on how much money these people are receiving in gofundme donations and merch. and of course josh is taking the bait and obsessively watching all her videos while she sits back and laughs.

No. 1644250

The first time I heard Happy by Marina I was driving and I had to pull over because I started sobbing. I was coming out of a very weird place in my life and it took me out at the knees. So I get you.

No. 1644252

File: 1690329230932.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1992, 9C12D292-D745-49FC-8B20-3AA8F6…)

I can’t stop thinking about her every time I eat a corn on the cob

No. 1644254

Wtf, that's crazy. I didn't even know there was a cancer community on youtube

No. 1644264

File: 1690329892685.jpeg (52.94 KB, 640x826, peter?.jpeg)

There was a kid at my high school that tried his hardest to look like Bobby Driscoll and had this pic of Peter Pan hanging in his locker. I don't wonder where he's at now but I kind of do.

No. 1644269

he gay?

No. 1644273

He had a girlfriend. Bless her heart.

No. 1644296

Theater gay vibes

No. 1644297

Naming your dog after you sounds really douchey

No. 1644356

File: 1690335648289.jpg (34.68 KB, 244x180, mqdefault.jpg)

>buy extra bc pills online from two places
>oh yeah, extra supply
>included free plan b
>kind of offended they assume im having sex cos im not

No. 1644378

don't worry anon, it's good to stockpile for the future, anyways. it's usually good for a few years.

No. 1644432

i won't get laid, even on a theoretical rainy day

No. 1644448

About to make tuna and rice and egg but really I want taco bell. Chalupa with the cheesy potatoes and those donuts holes even though those aren't even sold anymore.

No. 1644465

Nola nonnie here I really blame it on the easy excessiblity to alcohol and the fact that gangs are extremely common here, also people just don't conceal carry you'll see people carrying guns out in the open at wal-mart and noone bats an eye.

No. 1644467

samefag i meant accessibility lmao I'm too tired to spell

No. 1644469

File: 1690340531038.png (663.91 KB, 606x851, __wakan_tanka_tokyo_afterschoo…)

Going to start avatarfagging with this mfer just because I keep seeing anons crying about husbandosperg. I feel like I rarely see it but i also don't use /g/ because it's an annoying board anyways(no you won't)

No. 1644475

Oh yeah, that will really show them anon, it totally won't make then hate husbandofags more.

No. 1644476

it's pretty small but i definitely recommend keeping up with them if you're bored. things are getting incredibly milky as each day passes and both women grow closer to the grave. the fighting between josh from the pog family and mklovlif is particularly entertaining in its own right, though at times it does make me wish i could throw my computer out the window and never engage with the internet ever again.

No. 1644483

you are gonna get banned, and for what? the ugliest motherfucking husbando to ever grace these pastures? at least choose a cuter one and not that tom of finland creature

No. 1644487

It's not like I'm really going to do it… are we going to have to start using tone tags or can your stupid ass read that this is the dumbass shit thread

No. 1644488

Ah a fellow ginger man hater

No. 1644493

I will never care about the opinions of anons on a board where I have watched them drool over Adam driver and Paul freaking Dano over the years. As far as I'm concerned you're all my kid cousin at a Thanksgiving get together and im talking to you because I'm bored and have no better options. That is the cross oldfags bear.

No. 1644502

File: 1690341799925.jpeg (86.04 KB, 625x833, 8E323DF0-CD67-4528-9EF5-DB2507…)

Nta but post your type nonna I wanna see somethin

No. 1644504

Whats worse, the Driverfags, Danofags, or Shapirofags?

No. 1644505

Finland? Why them?
>That is the cross oldfags bear.
Well I for one think the Driverfags are very sweet.

No. 1644507


No. 1644513


No. 1644514

>tfw i like them all
shapriofags are the funniest tho

No. 1644518

>i like them all
Kek please explain why you like ugly men

No. 1644521

Cue pic of Ben Shapiro with caption hes just so submissive and breedable. Idk I dont really simp over celebs but I like beefier men generally and men that are moderately attractive. I think Josh Hartnett has an unbelievably beautiful face but that isn't really a type, I just don't thing that specifically.

Some of us aren't really Shapirofags, I type fake Shapiro fanfic really quickly to troll and stop when my brain feels like it's about to break

No. 1644527

you misunderstood, i like the anons who like them. not the men themselves

No. 1644531

Your fanfic gave me a hearty laugh I admit

I mean none of them are really that bad. Driverfags gave us Adam Borzoi

No. 1644533

Driverfags were annoying but I find dano lovers especially fascinating because what thee FUCK are you supposed to do with that

No. 1644535

Oh shit I'm dumb, kek they are entertaining

No. 1644544

File: 1690342667660.jpg (232.78 KB, 1600x1067, 2016-08-07_ACS_Shapiro.jpg)

Ben Shapiro looked disgusting- nipples protruding -

No. 1644545

File: 1690342683782.jpg (19.98 KB, 400x400, FqMVOdKaMAIHtVR.jpg)


No. 1644547

File: 1690342725949.png (14.86 KB, 384x512, vUzZU0qsFgF_uITAL6HhEBoI8itEMT…)

>O-oh! Anon-chan!!
>I-I didn't realize that you frequented here..
>W-w-would you like to go out with me

No. 1644558


No. 1644560

Don't know if this was just a joke question but the tldr is that in Old English, house (hūs) was a neuter noun and mouse (mūs) was a feminine noun, which had different ways of becoming plural. Feminine nouns in the plural gained an "eez" kind of sound at the end, which would cause the preceding vowel to warp slightly to match, which eventually became the "ice" sound in "mice" today.

No. 1644564

File: 1690343342699.jpg (508.46 KB, 750x750, robin-morgan-square-2020-wmc-l…)

Yesterday, I learned that one of the original second-wave era radical feminists Robin Morgan, still hosts a radio show called WMC Live (Women's Media Center Live). Listening to is honestly kinda fascinating. It's like having a feminist grandma you never knew you wanted. She talks about feminism, but also covers topics such as elder abuse and their rights (which makes sense for her). Despite most people listening to it like a podcast, she still presents it as a radio show and I think that's kinda neat.


No. 1644569

what a cutie I wanna bully him

No. 1644572

Shapiro kun blushies

No. 1644578

grabs him in a soft choke-hold
Don't fret, I'll treat you nice benny boy

No. 1644592

spoiler that naked ugly fucker

No. 1644593

I donated to this retarded live streaming guy twice because I felt bad for him and it turns out he's a druggie alcoholic who fights with his parents. That's what I get for being a faggot donator.

No. 1644607

File: 1690344895128.jpg (33.21 KB, 363x1078, 21kfhp.jpg)

>Shapiro-kun frowns.
>'A-anon, what has he ever done wrong to you?'
>he furrows his brow and looks at the ground
>You have hurt Shapiro-kuns feelings
>You now have to start the otome over

No. 1644613

i didn't mean to do that, i just said that the ugly roided fat faggot was trashy looking… why…

No. 1644619

Nta but it sounds really cute, i hope nonna lives her dream, and I think you're just mad because you don't think you could pull it off.

No. 1644622

>You continually try to open the door but it isnt budging
>'Shapiro-kun' you plea
>you are met with silence
>The door remains sealed
>You may not proceed further
>You must now try your luck with Peterson-San the hall over in order to continue the game

No. 1644624

Don't be a simp you know it's douchey

No. 1644637

nooo I don't wanna deal with kermit!!

No. 1644639

You will never kill the delight in me when I meet Stacey and she introduces me to Stacey Jr. If you must live a life of bitterness in the face of other people's joy, you will not infect me with it.

No. 1644643

File: 1690346164474.jpg (37.42 KB, 500x500, artworks-gyU7v0pBnWyKptPI-6UMF…)

No. 1644646

Are you this reactive all the time

No. 1644647

fuck no not him, he's old and a biological man

No. 1644651

Tbh nonnies I am a Petersonfag, I hate him and his dumbass opinions but I find him very sexy and I want to fuck him

No. 1644652

ga-! s-sorry ker- I mean! Peterson-san… you see… Shapiro-kun is mad with me and-… I really need your help… uugh

No. 1644661

File: 1690346511403.jpg (64.3 KB, 1000x1000, st,small,845x845-pad,1000x1000…)

>You step back as you hear the sound of the door lock clicking
>Shapiro-kun slowly opens the door to reveal a sliver of his face
>'Anon… I think I can give you another chance..'
>achievement unlocked

No. 1644662

Wow. You can die

No. 1644664

victory screech

No. 1644668

He's gotten too ratty and skinny but he seems like he probably wasn't a bad looking man when he was younger, of course I'm biased to tall lanky longfaces

too bad his voice and views are nails on a fucking chalkboard! UP YOURS, Petercunt

No. 1644684

someone posted this in the husbandofag thread, what is this? https://anony.link/https://twitter.com/EugeneLynch_PhD/status/1684042412044480512(this is an imageboard. post caps)

No. 1644689

File: 1690347510618.png (125.5 KB, 589x612, cowben.png)

Now Ben will sing his hit song from the claimed otome eroge "The Devil Angel Shapiro" for all the nonnies

I pray that I will always protect you
My heavenly angelic love
I wanna save you, my heavenly angelic love
So certain that you are

You are the first, the last
My first love, and my last love
You are the first, the last
I wanna treasure you

On the summer beach, we had so much fun playing fireworks
At the train station, we quarrelled for being late for school
On the way home, we ran around in the rain and got quite drenched
We should make band-aids a fashion statement!

For these miraculous days
That you gave me
From the bottom of my heart
I thank you

When I playback I will never lose
These heavenly angelic days
Spent with you, these heavenly angelic days
Wanna share this pinkie promise with your smile

I pray that I will always be alive
My heavenly angelic love
I wanna draw my heavenly angelic love
So certain that you are
You are the first, the last
My first love, and my last love
You are the first, the last
I treasure you

At Summer Festival, we jumped to the rocket firecracker
Let's ride a bike together even if people are gonna mind
Here's your half of the yakisoba-pan
Now let's talk about this Fighting Love Adventure we made up

No matter how old we would become
Let's keep on gathering
And expanding
All of the "treasures" we found together

When I playback I can always recall
These heavenly angelic days
Spent with you, these heavenly angelic days
It's stored in a time capsule inside my heart

I remember that so inspiring
Heavenly angelic smile
I wanna see your heavenly angelic smile
I'm so certain that

You are the first, the last
You are the only one
You are the first, the last
That can make me feel this way
You are the first, the last
When I playback I will never forget
These heavenly angelic days
Spent with you, these heavenly angelic days
Wanna share this pinkie promise with your smile

I pray that I will always protect you
My heavenly angelic love
I wanna save you, my heavenly angelic love
So certain that you are

You are the first, the last
My first love, and my last love
You are the first, the last
I wanna treasure you
You are the first, the… last

No. 1644692

File: 1690347579844.jpeg (468.58 KB, 1170x1817, IMG_8574.jpeg)

Someone claiming Onision owns lolcow, but doesn't the page the tweet links to seem more like a copyright complaint and not the actual site owner? It sounds like onion tried to blacklist the site for mentioning him, not that he owns it? I'm confused

No. 1644693

File: 1690347640856.jpg (44.35 KB, 500x625, 6kfrmh2fdk2mx38l1ngk_14672.jpg)

Fuck it… face reveal

No. 1644702

Damn nonnie did it hurt when you fell from heaven

No. 1644705

how i feel about anons saying cillian murphy is hot.

No. 1644707


No. 1644708


No. 1644713

This isnt in my otome game. Ben didn't do this. You are a lie.

No. 1644716

yes, whoever that person is that posted that is a retard.

No. 1644723

He looks like that part in the SpongeBob movie where they escape to the gift shop and are drying out near death

No. 1644725

You guys have been so active today

No. 1644728

i personally feel like he looks like a rich lesbian woman with bad plastic surgery.

No. 1644729

we felt cute

No. 1644740

Nonnas, have you ever had the feeling that you're drawn to someone? And that there's nothing they could've said or done to ruin it? Have you ever felt like you wanted a love bigger than Twilight with them? Like you would wait for them like Slumdog Millionaire?

No. 1644742

File: 1690348884636.jpg (165.78 KB, 941x1247, uWtlTn7QwlENvgNVUenq.jpg)

Thank you babes xo

No. 1644744

File: 1690348916080.jpg (128.62 KB, 1080x1350, 362327299_6935524446498508_232…)

What do you guys think? Is there some skin blur or shooping going on this pic?

No. 1644747

yes but looking back I was love bombed and love bombed

No. 1644748

I love that way too nonna, but I ruin any relationship with my schizoid mind in days

No. 1644749

File: 1690348980641.jpg (213.06 KB, 1080x1350, 360123626_18358034335071643_80…)

Here's a dif pic for comparison. Notice the blur on the dress and legs.

No. 1644754

the only thing that's odd to me is how tall she is, could just be an illusion but I guess 5'8"? if she's shorter than that, then that's some crazy length

No. 1644756

I honestly find her so pretty and I wish I looked like her

No. 1644762

Every night for the past three days there's this one spot in my jaw/neck area that hurts. Wtf. I thought it may be a tonsil stone that's working it's way out, but then it would be hurting all day.

No. 1644764

Maybe you're subconsciously tensing your jaw/neck during the day?

No. 1644767

That's possible, I do clench and grind my teeth. Been doing it for years.

No. 1644768

No. When he dies I will laugh.

No. 1644770

Swollen lymph node?

No. 1644800

File: 1690351038177.jpeg (301.32 KB, 1097x1568, IMG_8579.jpeg)

If you go to the actual whois domain page, it clearly shows the admins information is redacted, which is the case for most online websites

No. 1644830

It's called bait

No. 1644876

File: 1690353928181.jpg (489.96 KB, 1047x1068, Screenshot_20230726_084553_Sam…)

Kek I can't get over how hurt some men are about the Barbie movie

No. 1644884

I thought it said "conservative pudding" at first

No. 1644892

No. 1644932

File: 1690361342759.jpeg (291.69 KB, 1600x1321, pairs-salivary-glands.jpeg)

inflamed salivatory gland? particularly submandibular. it doesn't just happen to bulimics and old people and tobacco chewers…although if you are any of those things it's more likely. but if you grind your teeth it's probably just your muscle.

No. 1644940

File: 1690362711058.jpg (527.15 KB, 1260x1024, jordankun.jpg)

post ur peterson husbando memes to prove you're serious

No. 1644943

File: 1690363299439.jpg (119.67 KB, 1260x1024, large.jpg)

blank form

No. 1644948

File: 1690363944735.jpeg (44.97 KB, 540x540, 8E150335-CE6E-4705-9C59-7D4CAE…)

I know a butch chick who looks exactly like him in that pic jfc. How does he simultaneously look like a gay man and a gay woman?

No. 1644961

File: 1690365611082.jpeg (Spoiler Image,312.97 KB, 900x1587, IMG_5883.jpeg)

Means Tom of Finland, he was a Finnish gay porn artist. He drew pictures of similarly exaggerated muscular men in fetish gear like leather uniforms with large bulges. Today he is held in very high regard all over the world.
Picrel is one of the tamest.

No. 1644963

So flamboyant. He is gay, isn’t he.

No. 1644964

I'm not well-versed in the Petersonverse so can Petersonfags tell me the context of the bottom pics of him crying. What's that for?

No. 1644967

He used to cry on camera all the time. Pretty sure he was talking about his relationship to god in one of those, and idk he could be talking Disney princesses in another one. He was in a mentally rough place for a while and had a drug problem that got so bad his daughter took him to a special hospital in Serbia (I heard he was in a medically induced coma??), he dropped off the face of the earth for like a year while he got treatment.

No. 1644969

The documentary about him is pretty good

No. 1644970

Hope he got cancer from the fumes and dies slowly. Manifesting~~

No. 1644981

Huh, the Petersonverse is more interesting than I thought. Also, God? For some reason I assumed he was one of those Amazing Atheist-type rightoids.

No. 1644987

File: 1690368805930.jpg (71.67 KB, 1366x768, 1659824827236303.jpg)

yes i practice feminist praxis (i harass men on the internet, refuse to listen to male rappers)

No. 1644992

File: 1690369047945.png (208.31 KB, 970x222, dumbfuck.png)

I came across this on youtube when I was looking for the trailer. You don't get to decide if you "destroyed" something with your words. Others do. What a fucking narc retard.

No. 1644993

I’m not a Peterson expert but I think he refuses to say he believes in god outright and he doesn’t claim a religion but he also talks about god like it’s real. He’s a little wishywashywormy about it. I find a lot of things he says have very little substance and you’re just listening to him turn things over in his own head while he thinks about what he believes, it gets annoying pretty fast

No. 1644996

I have a crush on a celebrity moid and I cannot stop fantasizing about us getting married. How do I stop being a dumb bitch

No. 1644999

nta but I reverse image searched and I think the bottom middle one comes from this video. I don't really know how to embed youtube shorts


No. 1645006

Who is it?

No. 1645007

When I first saw a screenshot of this I thought it must have been a joke like "wouldn't it be funny if he was so lame as to seeth for more than 40 minutes because of the barbie movie?" But he's just indeed that lame and looks extra gay in the thumbnail.

No. 1645008

I think it's better to project onto a moid you'll most likely never meet than to do it to one you do know in real life. The celebrity moid can't truly hurt you. Keep on fantasizing.

No. 1645011

File: 1690370938352.jpg (389.57 KB, 541x735, 20230726_073031.jpg)

Have you guys ever seen the eyelids on old Barbies? Eeeewwwww.

No. 1645013

Can't wait for the day these two come out of the closet. The fanbase meltdown will be one for the books. It's painfully obvious they are not living their truth.

No. 1645015

One that is twice my age and married which makes it even more shameful. He was really good looking in the 90s. It is not Leonardo DiCaprio (not as bad) but people will probably still roast me lmao

Yeah I guess that is true. It is kind of endearing that you found something positive about it

No. 1645017

The meltdown is why I'll support them and LC is making me unironically ship them, I'm waiting for a fujo to make a short comic in which they will be way better looking than what they are irl.

No. 1645018

Matt Damon?

No. 1645020

>I'm waiting for a fujo…
Like 95% certain there already is one here kek

No. 1645021

He cries a lot, one was about God, one was about suicide and he was talking about the impact it has on the family members because he had clients whose relatives commit suicide, the other one was a livestream with his daughter where this woman was thanking him for how his work changed her life in a positive way.

No. 1645024

No it's not Matt Damon. He is a little bit younger.

No. 1645029

he looks nice crying

No. 1645031

I legit unironically ship them, they look very cute together. Can't find any serious fanfic about them tho rip

No. 1645034

I have never seen an anorexic girl in any position remotely close to "royalty"

No. 1645035

Yeah he did this livestream once with Nicole Arbour of all people and she asked him what it was like to have such an amazing daughter and he started crying. It was honestly so sweet and made me sad I don't have an appreciative dad like that. Too bad he ruins it with his chauvinistic misogyny

No. 1645036

can't have it all nonny

No. 1645048

I think Princess Diana was bulimic, that's close.

No. 1645049

maybe when Peterson and Shapiro come out of the closet they will also have an epiphany about their misogyny being misdirected jealousy that women are free to love men openly with no shame… damn I'm making myself tear up a little, someone take me to Ao3

No. 1645058

I very nearly donated to a speedrunner once before he went on a rant about how ‘women say one sentence and contradict themselves ten times’ fucking faggot, hope he has fun with his 3 viewers

No. 1645059

waiting for my new earbuds to arrive

No. 1645070

File: 1690377437616.jpeg (183.21 KB, 808x631, 4E6F7981-4FEB-4EC6-855E-0346C5…)

I once posted picrel in a radfem wedsite and a lady thought it was real, I hope she is doing good

No. 1645072

what do you mean? it is real. I can tell by looking at the pixels.

No. 1645074

im sorry nona but there's no way he likes touhou

No. 1645079

No. 1645081

9 billion score?? he's bluffing, he has no proof. against kaguya?? get otta here

No. 1645084

I wish I had more of my moms genetics, her whole side of the family has such beautiful thick hair and no one ages.

No. 1645086

File: 1690379692824.png (933.82 KB, 1866x851, Screenshot (21689).png)

I don't really have many husbando memes of him, I just used to be obsessed with him from like 2016 to 2020ish when I started realizing he clearly has very misogynistic views and I felt like a fool for obsessing over him for so many years. I still have an ever growing folder of pics of him or screenshots of things he says, stuff I either like or hate. I know it's weird but I don't really like any famous people or public figures so I was really attached to him cause I found his videos about self help at a time when I really needed to hear it. and I find him very attractive for some reason

No. 1645091

>the file names

No. 1645098

why do one brand of tear drops feel spicy on eye but the other don't

No. 1645101

File: 1690380627574.png (57.9 KB, 357x277, Screenshot (21691).png)

I didn't even notice how unhinged they make me sound when read all in succession like that, the love/hate I have for him makes me spergy kek

No. 1645105

why do one brand of tear drops feel spicy on eye but the other don't

No. 1645108

nona start dropping some shit from there. what is "omg hes so cringy lol" ?

No. 1645109

LMAO wow he had a hold on you

No. 1645112

>i hate his stupid fucking mean face but hes so hot
felt that, I see you sis

No. 1645113

samefag damn I just realised you have 4.3k images damn. I respect that

No. 1645114

File: 1690381829463.jpeg (467.35 KB, 1144x1256, IMG_8570.jpeg)

I felt this way with my old obsession (not over him). Except my phone doesn't have fancy file names so it'd just be… IMG_5932…IMG_10724, but your fondness is cute.

Arguably the intensity of a hatefuck worsens it. It awakens something feral

No. 1645116

File: 1690382198164.webm (4.81 MB, 640x360, b992176e-8291-41ef-8fe3-1d75d0…)

I love you nonnies, I feel understood kek

I just watched it and I don't even remember saving it but it makes me kind of sad lol, I get what he's trying to say but he's so dramatic about everything and I guess the editing made me laugh at the time.

No. 1645117

Samefag I just noticed the gay ass outro at the end and it kind of ruins the meme

No. 1645118

>the zoom on the single teardrop

No. 1645119

thank you for delivering kek this was amazing

No. 1645122

File: 1690383079461.jpg (106.71 KB, 1080x1475, bahahahahhahahah cry harder fa…)

This one also makes me laugh, he found out about "lulz culture" like from the early 2010's and started sperging about it being a marker for sadism and narcissism kek, he's so naturally full of memeable content it's hilarious

No. 1645125

KEEKKK he is such a doomer I love it. What are the dark constellation personality traits you like the most about him nonna?

No. 1645130

I bet he doesn't even know that lulz is a corruption of "lol" (which stands for "laugh out loud")

No. 1645149

File: 1690385844021.jpg (84.35 KB, 640x640, omfgggggggggggg so cute.jpg)

Fucking kek, honestly I love what a spaz he is and how emotional he gets and that he isn't afraid to show his emotions and cry on camera. And the moments when he's sweet or showing genuine appreciation for his family or life experiences are so endearing. And I truly love older boomers who don't understand internet memes and stuff but think they do, I don't why but that's so cute to me kek

I already replied to you but I wanted to ask who your obsession was and is picrel his house kek, cause if so I feel you so hard nona

No. 1645176

File: 1690388145144.jpeg (435.53 KB, 828x1327, IMG_8906.jpeg)

It mortifies me, I'll link to a piece of our awful compatibility meter instead

I really regret everything, also saved me from dying. I'm so used to living life as a walking contradiction that it shouldn't sting, but it does. At the same time can't deny things brought me fondness once upon a time, even though I hate the human they're attached to… and myself

No. 1645182

File: 1690388485008.jpeg (91.42 KB, 818x709, IMG_8917.jpeg)

In another life I really could've fixed him
In this life, he's unfixable

No. 1645185

i need to send a global mind signal to every AIfag and let them know that responding with a generated list of 50 items when you're talking about naming your new pet is not contributing to the conversation, ever

No. 1645187

this amount of dedication is so cute, bless your heart nonny

No. 1645192

Aww man I'm sorry nona, I know what you mean. I have a similar obsession with someone I know irl and it sucks to be so attached to someone you can never be with. I try to look at that time spent obsessing as a life lesson that couldn't be learned any other way than experiencing it. But I understand the regret you feel, I hope the height of the pain has passed for you and you're in the healing stages now.

Kek ty, but the last 2 posts are a different anon. I guess a little obsession is a common trait among some of us lol

No. 1645193

idk if I can recover from this one I don't think I've laughed so hard at a post on here in years jfc
oh nona, my nona. you are an unhinged specimen here take my wallet and heart.

No. 1645196

Awww I love you nona!! I'm so glad I made some of you laugh ♥

No. 1645204

been snorting since, thank you for the joy sweet sweet nona. I do agree he is cute and hot and somehow punchable.
oh my god STOP KEKKK how did you have this so quickly on hand in reply to >>1645074
what am I missing, I used to be a petersonfag what happened!?

No. 1645205

I'm healing slowly but surely
I wish he would change

I want him to be better, all I wanted, beyond finding him attractive, or wanting some small one night stint, it's not my job to fix him

and it's not his job to fix me, so to speak
I keep those small wisdoms it stranded within me, the good, the bad, and the ugly and I don't forget them

as someone once sang: time won't fly, it's like I'm paralyzed by it, I'd like to be my old self again, but I'm still trying to find her

No. 1645207

for peterson-nonny.
this is him at his hottest ngl

No. 1645208

Kate Middleton has been rumored to have problems with eating, idk if it's true or not though. I've heard British people are crazy about women being stuck thin.

No. 1645210

Am I crazy or are the 2 'women' in this clip actually trannies. I don't think I'm one of those conspiracy people who clock normal women for not looking like models, but I can't shake it this time.

No. 1645214

oh never mind, it literally gets revealed 7 mins into the video.

No. 1645216

Fucking kek, I love you Nona, and I agree. I love when he gets so flustered he starts stuttering

No. 1645219

I think it's kinda funny.

No. 1645220

File: 1690391313644.png (834.37 KB, 571x750, sunny.png)

so much love to the lady on my Nextdoor app who posts her adorable cat every day.

No. 1645223

it looks real to me, nothing looks wnoky and it looks like an actual woman's real body. not a huge fan of hers but venti is super cute in this pic and I WANT THAT DRESS!!!

No. 1645224

File: 1690391473779.jpg (52.1 KB, 1280x720, clickclickuwu.jpg)

>jordan-sama gets so flustered he goes to pick up the benzos
>you gently rest your hand on his on top of the pill bottle and say
>baby you forgot….this dragon tamed you

No. 1645230

Kek! I love you nonnies you’re all so funny

No. 1645238

cancer crew?

No. 1645241

Pedro Pascal?

No. 1645243

File: 1690392971909.jpeg (927.2 KB, 1170x692, IMG_8584.jpeg)

why do rich people have such terrible taste in architecture

this looks like a communal bathroom where murders happen

No. 1645244

speaking of which I am so keen to buy grog. since we got chi forest grape and peach in aus (they drink them heaps on cold ones) so they were like this but make it alcoholic?
YES max and chad I will buy this grog. if they bring out wine and don't call it goon though I will riot

No. 1645247

Omg cold ones fan nonnie please I just cried. I even have the Patreon kek. I would try it too but I dont think it would ever be sold in the UK.

No. 1645249

File: 1690393162760.jpeg (2.19 MB, 1170x1884, IMG_8591.jpeg)

anyone who has this many creepy statues around his property is either a tool who's completely full of himself or he's buried bodies in his backyard

No. 1645251

ayrt if they don't ship to UK I would be baffled, and if they don't I'll cruise to melbs and bully them for you (they will like it dw)
they don't actually put stuff up chad's bum on the patreon do they?

No. 1645252

File: 1690393293594.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x690, IMG_8592.jpeg)

"hey girl wanna bang outside where all the bugs are"

conceptually romantic but trashy in execution

No. 1645255

Omg Nona you are so cute. I read they wouldn’t because of the packaging regulations/law here. The packaging looks like it could be for kids. Kinda dumb.
> they don't actually put stuff up chad's bum on the patreon do they?
Yeah they have. Lizard cam and a wine balloon

No. 1645257

File: 1690393436293.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x1520, IMG_8593.jpeg)

looks like a corporate marriot and its waiting room

"esteemed guests, how do you like my oatmeal puke bedding"

No. 1645262

that's so MEAN I hate customs, especially in and out of aus they are insane about it. it's just liquor it's not like it's flora or fauna that will fuck anyone's ecosystem. fingers crossed you get to sip the nectar sweet nonnington!! if not we can silk road that shit somehow surely
vid not rel, just a vibe cause ily uwu

No. 1645265

when he first blew up because of the retarded ass pronoun thing at that university he used to teach at i've always found him oddly attractive but didn't think much of it or obsess over him. your img names are hilarious.

No. 1645269

File: 1690394087387.gif (104.65 KB, 400x400, IMG_2879.gif)

nona…. I love you. I also recommend the Patreon. I like to watch it on long train journeys (sometimes having to check nobody can see) kek

No. 1645272

nona…I love you too. so much legit
I might fuck around and sign up see you on there maybe babes xx content you actually want to pay for. the coober pedy episode was beautiful and made every ausfag patriotic for at least a moment. I hope to shout you a grog in the desert one day, we can toast to a nice crispy sunset

No. 1645277

Everyone’s talking about barbie and I’m enjoying the discussions though I haven’t seen it yet. Anyway the inclusion of the troon amongst Barbie’s makes my heart kek because as a poor little kid all my barbies inhabited all the roles of life as my whims dictated. Barbie is having a stressful moment and needs the help of her friend? Here comes Kendra (ken in a dress) to console her! Raquelles got a date tonight? Here comes Bruce (mangled barbie) to take her on a date! I’d play out intricate plots with my four dolls and they’d each play multiple character roles for maximum drama but it was always just ken in a dress and that’s all I can think about the inclusion of a troon. It’s just hilarious to me because it seems like such a backhanded compliment to be like “yeah in fantasy land a ken sure can be a Barbie so long as he’s in a dress and we pretend really hard”, some good commentary on real life really.

No. 1645280

File: 1690394952683.png (121.06 KB, 691x427, m-Catalog.png)


No. 1645283

Just had to take a dump at the cinema

No. 1645286

unironically the best take I've read about hari nef. I fucking LOVED the movie besides him.
the "I love being an accessory to men" line they made him read is the cherry on top imo
nona you are smart and based, you will get and I hope like the movie. I hope you do get to see it and enjoy it. it was so so BEAUTIFUL and fun, like the weird commentary on it is just fueling the fire cause it ain't that politically deep. I saw it with my mum and it's an experience that will go down as one of my favourites. just lovely.
best place to shit ngl

No. 1645287

So my order just got marker as delivered 15 minutes ago but it's definitely not delivered. I was sitting outside so I would've seen them drive up and there's nothing in the mailbox. Not the first time they've done that either. Why do they do that? I know they're always in a hurry but what's the benefit of marking a package falsely as delivered only to deliver it later?

No. 1645293

This reminds me of those moments when one goes to 'be in nature' and lays on grass for a second only to realise that's where insects live oh god oh god

No. 1645303

Last thing you want to do is become a bug buffet. That's why I hate camping.

No. 1645306

File: 1690396204873.jpeg (747.16 KB, 1170x844, IMG_8596.jpeg)

ugly art is fucking ugly

No. 1645310

File: 1690396380687.jpeg (691.31 KB, 1170x819, IMG_8598.jpeg)

Looks like a teenage girls bedroom. Little more presentable than the other rooms. Still a little too bland and white, but at least it has some color. Painting next to the bed is ultra atrocious and needs to be burnt in a fire, though.

No. 1645313

File: 1690396486515.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1007.06 KB, 1170x1760, IMG_8597.jpeg)

found the only good piece of art in the house and of course it's a naked lady

scrotes gonna scrote I guess

No. 1645321

File: 1690396958707.jpeg (2.42 MB, 1097x1661, IMG_8599.jpeg)

pool is quaintly serene ideal to drown myself in

No. 1645324

Worst Valentine's Day Ever

No. 1645325

File: 1690397108389.jpeg (2.15 MB, 1130x1642, IMG_8600.jpeg)

oh yeah you could definitely hit the water at high velocity if you made a running jump from the roof

nice tennis court too

No. 1645327

File: 1690397326750.jpeg (2.25 MB, 1104x1520, IMG_8601.jpeg)

one thing i like even though i loathe the interior is the idea that you can exercise and never leave the property and get a full scenic walk while you do it. I mean what does this thing span? a couple acres? sounds so lonely by yourself though

beam me up, tour guides, I want a tour of a multimillion dollar property with no intentions to buy it, a baseball bat in my bag to smash the hall of mirrors with, and a death wish like all the other girls whose souls have died under this roof

No. 1645333

File: 1690397521198.jpg (92.07 KB, 749x970, painty grampy.jpg)

the way british people say yogurt is so gross
do you have froyo over there, do you call it froyah

No. 1645336

samefag, i found it and bought it. it's from urban outfitters.

No. 1645337

File: 1690397882561.jpg (574.54 KB, 1920x1440, LosAlamos.jpg)

The "now I am become death" quote is supposed to be chilling and real or whatever, but I can't help but think it sounds silly as fuck.

No. 1645346

empress elisabeth of austria

No. 1645370

Where did someone post a pic of their bf last night?

No. 1645385

File: 1690400440473.jpg (231.14 KB, 690x633, d99a41fad0e6f084f528804acfc3c6…)

>hear that the Dixie Chicks changed their name due to political correctness
>think, oh they most have changed it to the Dixie Ladies or the Dixie Lasses because chicks is considered infantizing towards women
>that's stupid, but whatever
>check name
>changed name to The Chicks because Dixie is politically incorrect now

No. 1645391

Yeah someone had to take those bitches down a peg or two amirite

No. 1645392

I hate this earth

No. 1645395

So incredibly based

No. 1645408

I had someone fart really loudly in the bathroom after I saw Barbie. Not even the hand dryer could drown it out. I will always think about her.

No. 1645423

sorry that was me

No. 1645424

do you want to fight me?

No. 1645440

Fuck this I was about to complain about that pink ball husbandofag and they locked the thread

No. 1645443

did you even see her breakdown on here like a week ago? she had an epiphany and is ashamed of everything

No. 1645444

NTA but really? Good for her. Maybe the therapy is working.

No. 1645445

nayrt omg i didn't, which thread? dammit i can't believe i missed that. somebody link pls

No. 1645447

>the pink ball
lol. I used to think Kirby chan was cute because i thought her Kirby love was wholesome, I had no idea how gross she was
?!?!?!? nani????? where what happened?

No. 1645448

Aw,I hope she's doing ok.

No. 1645449

No, a week ago I had no internet unfortunately. When I'm here every day nothing happens, just a week without internet and I'm missing everything. Where was that?

No. 1645454

> I had no idea how gross she was
What happened?

No. 1645455

This real? Sounds like something an edgy 14 year old would say.

No. 1645459

Is Winn Dixie going to change their name to Winn The? Seriously, how is Dixie politically incorrect?

No. 1645460

Yeah. He do be become death.

No. 1645461

In one of the recent dumbass threads someone posted a link to a 4chan thread where she supposedly posted her Kirby art. idk which ones were hers but it was all really gross porn, it was just weird bc Kirby is so cute and she talked about him so lovingly….not what I expected

No. 1645466

File: 1690404141942.gif (12.44 KB, 73x64, cow.gif)

So, what kind of snacks you munching on nonny?

No. 1645467

File: 1690404153260.jpg (219.36 KB, 800x1135, WLA_vanda_Vishnu_as_the_Cosmic…)

The quote is in reference to a story of a prince who must wage a war in which tens of thousands will die. The prince does not want to fight and cause bloodshed, but then a God tells him that its his duty and takes his true form, which is beyond human comprehension. The Prince is persuaded to wage war. Oppenheimer is thinking of himself as the prince and the Atomic bomb represents the God.

No. 1645468

Leftover potato salad without any nasty pickles, so tasty!

No. 1645471

Well thats exactly what I expected, she tainted him forever, dunno why some nonnas were so defensive when anyone said anything negative about her, she posted on husbando threads, no way she has a husbando she doesn't like sexualy, it's husbando thread, not besto friendo thread

No. 1645473

I know the story anon, "I am become death" just sounds dumb lol

No. 1645474

That would be pretty funny, completely forgot about them.
>The change followed criticism that the word had connotations of American slavery. The band said they had picked "that stupid name" as teenagers, and had wanted to change it for years. They decided to change it when they saw the Confederate flag described as "the Dixie Swastika" on social media in June 2020.
I heard them say in an interview that it held "connotations of the south."

No. 1645477

Oh I haven't had a potato salad in years! should consider buying some maybe, I'm eating a bowl of vanilla ice-cream with heated up cookies mixed in.

No. 1645478

Lady Antebellum also changed their name because antebellum is some racist southern thing idk. Yeehaw.

No. 1645481

Antebellum refers to the era of the south where slavery was popular.

No. 1645483

That’s some decadence right there, now I want to get some mint ice cream and crumble some mint cookies through it. I’ll have to content myself with creamy starches and egg for today though, for now I’ll enjoy this online picnic with you.

No. 1645494

This looks like one of these This Is What A Stroke Feels Like images. Where is the floor? I can't make out anything except for some naked ladies and the towels on the right.

No. 1645495

I'm grateful this place doesn't have profiles and we don't have a admin who is apart of the community (at least knowingly), lipstick alleys owner posting articles isn't that weird but it's weird kek. On kiwifarms once Null enters a thread and has a opinion even if you slightly disagree in a nice way he'll ban you or react immaturely. Its like a cult over there now. I saw a scrore go ,"no homo but Josh is a good looking guy" kek.
I feel like gossip sites with profiles in general are shit.

No. 1645496

It's so funny when incels looksmax and end up looking like gay caricatures. They all do the same features too lmao.

No. 1645499

was her art good tho?

No. 1645501

It's Joaquin Phoenix

No. 1645505

File: 1690407150957.jpg (85.42 KB, 1080x1080, F16Ee_0XgAAFV1P.jpg)

I started skimming through an account called trad_west after hearing about it from an episode of redfem. It's kind of interesting tbh, as it contains the usual right-wing male populist rhetoric with emphasis on self-improvement (like stopping watching porn and going to the gym). but I was actually surprised to see that the account was more than willing to call out moids behavior and outright blame men for their own failures and then of course in the QRTs people start calling the account feminist, which is fucking retarded as well.

No. 1645511

why does someone occasionally post pictures of doodles drawn on paper in the LC doodle board thread? Is it a troll? Is it an autist? Something else? Literally why

No. 1645513

I'm guessing it's a literal retard.

No. 1645515

Focusing so much on mens looks has to be repressed homosexuality anyway. And also they love posting pics of male models but women are always represented by a ugly wojaks in their dumbass memes. Actual straight scrotes are proud of how disgusting they look and think they deserve hot women because muh masculinity.

No. 1645516

I mean there was an anon who admitted to having 70iq and masturbating to Johnny depps old movies for several hours a day, I don't think the weird doodles are that surprising considering we have much more mental lolcow users. One being a namefag that for exampled killed animals.

No. 1645517

He actually spoke Sanskrit(among Greek, Latin and French), he was basically translating the passage directly.

No. 1645518

An awful lot of women will still bother with such men unhappily, but that's no reason to not shame men anyway. Actually, maybe I should start a twitter account where I rip men to shreds but pretending to be a self help right wing bro giving advice.

No. 1645526

File: 1690408250997.jpeg (983.61 KB, 1170x692, IMG_8584.jpeg)

If you can guess the owner, it makes sense for him to have an ugly, surrealist house, because he shall we say does not understand reality very well

He probably lures women in there and does terrible things to them, it's probably that disorienting on purpose, hence why it looks like a horror movie set

No. 1645537

is that like a pug skull

No. 1645542

It's probably the same moid that occasionally vandalizes the boards.

No. 1645543

guessing kanye west?

No. 1645548

Definitely not, but I don't think it's human. Looks like either a small ape or early hominid.

No. 1645554

I miss the height of the mukbang youtube community. So many weird little people.

No. 1645572

File: 1690411372860.png (1.19 MB, 1200x800, AP_D02_0020-b9a30f0-scaled-e16…)

im working on something and need input – what are some male manipulator characters you can think of nonnies? my one caveat is that they have to have brown hair.
so far i have aizen from bleach and, of course, patrick bateman, as well as a few charas from obscure franchises

No. 1645575

Nta but yeah her art is great. I’ve never saved any so I can’t share (sorry I don’t care about the characters) but it accurate and faithful to the characters while being a little more detailed and embellished at the same time. I only remember her lineart not sure how her coloring is… I saw something with like a soft watercolor vibe but I can’t quite recall

No. 1645579

How did you forget Light Yagami

No. 1645581

shit youre so right, thank you.
i probably forgot him bc i didnt enjoy death note and found light pretentious and goofy as hell, but nevertheless he fits the criteria so he's going on my chart

No. 1645585

does she still go to therapy? I thought she quit after that one time.
I hope so too she was being really hard on herself.
sorry I misremembered it was like 20 days ago.
>>>/ot/1625562 she posted more you have to read down though the replies, I didn't even know who it was at first until I saw her say "pink circle, penguin, and a knight" and I read upthread from that

No. 1645586

File: 1690412363061.jpg (162.4 KB, 1280x1024, tumblr_nzw8fptzRo1uceygio1_128…)

Good luck with your chart anon

No. 1645592

The husband from Gone Girl.
What about Hannibal Lecter? Did you know that in the books, the author (male) actually has Starling fall in love with and run away with Lecter?
Don Draper from Mad Men for sure.
Walter White from Breaking Bad.
There's also got to be a shit ton of them in Game of Thrones but it's been forever so I've forgotten which ones have brown hair.
There's also the dad/main character Tony from Sopranos.
Bojack Horseman has brown fur but black hair, so that one's a maybe.

No. 1645594

oh cool, I'm glad she's good at something she really likes. She has always had a soft spot in my heart because she seems honest and pretty normal (in my eyes at least) her only fault is her paraphilia which makes her an outcast in female spaces hence why she retreats to 4chin Hope she's doing good, last I heard was that she got a job, hopefully she still has it.

No. 1645599

im so sorry to say i havent seen most of these…
i wont add walter white, solely bc he's bald for most of the show so i feel like he doesnt count kek. same for bojack, if he wasn't a horse he'd be more likely to go on my chart but i feel like i just cant add him in good faith.
im gonna add lecter though, thank you!!!

No. 1645616

Was a terrible manipulator and a loser who keeps getting mistaken for Paul Allen kek
Maybe Hannibal, Tyler Durden, Scott Pilgrim, We need to talk about Kevin, the dude from You, the dude from Last Night in Soho, fuckin Edward Cullen

No. 1645618

Leonardo DiCaprio from Catch Me if You Can, Tom Ripley from The Talented Mr Ripley, Ferris Bueler, Archer from Archer who has black hair instead of brown

No. 1645620

>it was just weird bc Kirby is so cute and she talked about him so lovingly….not what I expected
>she doesn't know about the post that started it all
and other than the infamous kirby slit she also posted about kirby jackhammering during sex and what his dick would look like (she said she changes kirby's sex depending on her mood since there's no canon one, that's why it went from clit to dick)

No. 1645622

tbh i fully agree that patrick is a loser but i still love him, he's unironically one of my favourite fictional characters kek. men who lionise him as some sigma male figure are completely braindead and missed the point of the film.
i will probably add edward cullen bc i agree he's a manipulative bastard, also tyler durden 100%, thank you anon

No. 1645623

Nah but operates on a similar wavelength of insanity

No. 1645624

>Edward Cullen
You shut your damn dirty whore mouth. He has red hair, not brown hair. But yeah, Jacob could have gone on there too if his hair wasn't black.
Good call on Scott Pilgrim, I completely forgot about him.

No. 1645629

I will never understand why she bothers people. can't imagine thinking more than "huh interesting" about any kind of rule 34 content like that

No. 1645644

honestly I feel the same way. It's kinda funny that so many users here hate on her when in the same breath go on and on about unhinged husbando shit with no self awareness kek

No. 1645650

very amused by the irony of the bi conversation that is happening in the radfem cow thread right now

No. 1645654

I was gonna post this too kek what the fuck is going on?

No. 1645657

I just see them talking about big clits, what's going on there?

No. 1645659

they're going on a tirade against bisexual women to an incel degree

No. 1645666

Oh, I read a little more and now I see. I wanted to say something yesterday about how like half of the discussions lesbian anons have on this site/in their thread is about bi women (to the point where I saw some say they wanted to start a thread to rant about bisexuals) but I decided to bite my tongue lol.

No. 1645670

>I decided to bite my tongue
same, I know that if I say anything about it I will be reported to hell for derailing/infighting or something KEK

No. 1645672

There's no group that seethes about bisexual women more than lesbians. That's why I don't feel bad their spaces are getting invaded by troons lol

No. 1645675


No. 1645677

Tranny claws typed this. The spaces getting invaded are just women spaces.

No. 1645678

what a baity response, but anyways i will never understand the misogynistic view that lesbians have with bisexual women on here like it flat out sounds like a man critiquing a woman for ever having or wanting sex

No. 1645679

> (to the point where I saw some say they wanted to start a thread to rant about bisexuals)
Was it about the gold star thread?

No. 1645682

tbh i think some of them are men

No. 1645683

I don't think that makes it better anon kek

No. 1645687

oh it doesn't, i just think that's where the most virulent misogyny is coming from. i've met some bitter lesbians, but they weren't even close to the seething "lesbians" on lc

No. 1645688

why not hate on bisexual men they are satan

No. 1645691

they're directly responsible for the skyrocketing gonorrhea and syphilis in my city

No. 1645692

Trannies are known to LARP as insane “lesbian” on this site to say inflammatory things like shitting on mothers and abuse victims. Look at how quick the bait responses are posted in succession, it’s quite transparent.

No. 1645697

exactly. the hate should be targeted at them. they are biological terrorists.

No. 1645699

It's Latin and means "pre-war." You could talk about "antebellum Ukraine" if you wanted and technically be correct. It has to do with slavery only when used in the context of the American South.

No. 1645705

Lady Antebellum is an American group from Tennessee, anon. Unnecessary correction.

No. 1645706

bi men are the reason why trannies are even allowed to call themselves women. these men will never call themselves bisexual while wanting to stick their dick in another man's asshole as long as he looks kinda like a woman. they will preach and screech how they're straight and how it's not gay to want to sleep with sissies, traps, femboys, trannies, ladyboys, and God knows what other type of sub-man archetype. bi men are the main ones giving women stds from having gay sex! it's so easy for them to call themselves straight because they always try to counter argue that their attraction for men isn't homosexual. we should all hate bi men

No. 1645708

File: 1690419764439.gif (25.89 KB, 691x34, picasion.com_hrZx.gif)

No. 1645709

Samefag, but the term antebellum is pretty much only used to refer to American history. I've literally never seen it used in reference to other countries.

No. 1645711

To the nonita whose “bf” strangled her as a “joke”, I have the perfect joke to get back at him. Get a metal baseball bat and crack him in the nuts, it’ll be hilarious. Then dump his abusive serial killer wannabe ass.

No. 1645720

There were people who really thought this was funny

No. 1645721

File: 1690420976315.jpg (217 KB, 1242x1201, 973.jpg)

if you wanted to you could have a whole secret conversation with yourself by typing stuff in the email field and nobody would ever know cos it would just look like you're saging..

No. 1645724

Woah nonny I never thought of that

No. 1645725

don't you want to hover over every post now?

No. 1645731

won't it get you banned for "newfag"?

No. 1645735

you're right it's probably poor board etiquette but i wonder if it's something that an anon has done before. sorry jannies, pls no ban

No. 1645737

only if they catch you

No. 1645744

I do I do

No. 1645751

File: 1690423357668.jpg (17.37 KB, 480x365, copium.jpg)

I dont want my favourite manga to end.

No. 1645752

the sky (and character count) is the limit!

No. 1645755


No. 1645756

File: 1690423813734.jpeg (77.04 KB, 748x721, IMG_3762.jpeg)

Me remembering my deep primal urge to become ‘one’ with my partner in some insane spiritual way like cutting ourselves during sex and doing a blood ritual or something.
Cringe… Do any other anons relate to that? Why have I always been so fixated on this type of insane devotion? Is it a result of an attachment wound? I’m a Scorpio moon and I’ve heard that water sign moons are insane like this in relationships

No. 1645757

That guy from Nightcrawler

No. 1645759

I always try to cope by telling myself once it's finished, it's immortal becaue noone can un-end it, because the protagonist of a manga I read coped the same way with her favorite manga ending, but it doesn't work.

No. 1645760

File: 1690424127223.jpeg (63.34 KB, 750x489, IMG_3763.jpeg)

Ik you said male but she’s the best.

No. 1645761

the explanation is that you are mentally ill

No. 1645762

I'm gonna get a cat! I'm really gonna do it

No. 1645763

As a fellow Scorpio moon who was into similar shit as a teen, it’s mental illness.

No. 1645764

maybe your love is so intense it makes you a little violent. don't actually do this in real life though if a scrote thinks you're even a little freaky he will drag you to degen hell with him.

No. 1645766

File: 1690424500779.jpg (36.4 KB, 475x475, 5c692894c730b322387c19ad8a0438…)

Not a scorpio but a pluto rising and I am a sucker for unfathomable passionate love too. Ab imo pectore

No. 1645769

I want that but my bf is very opposed to inflicting that type of pain on any of us. Really a shame because cutting him is one of my best fantasies

No. 1645770

No. 1645772

Sex is already a ritual if you think about it.

No. 1645775

I only feel this way towards my husbando I'm an Aries

No. 1645776

kek the fact we have to censor now or else it'll set off that one anon

No. 1645777

…..twin sister separated at birth is that you?

No. 1645779

i am the exact opposite of whatever this is. i hate the idea of ritualizing sex. it’s just pleasure that’s it really. but again i had bad experiences with scrotes maybe it’s just trauma lol

No. 1645780

lucky sevens wasted on this post i'm so sorry

No. 1645781

File: 1690426058714.png (551.4 KB, 705x765, IMG_3764.png)

Oh I’d never do it irl, so no worries. But it’s still one of my fantasies to meet my spiritual counterpart and do some blood oath or some sort of bonding/soul merging with them. I won’t let myself cross that line (ik it’s insane) but I still yearn to meet someone who I could do that with.
Thanks for the responses for everyone (can’t tag you all bc I’m on mobile and lazy). I’ve gotten DBT therapy and gotten rid of my insecure attachment style but this weird bpd Yandere type of fantasy is still in my brain no matter what. I don’t think any mental health treatment is gonna fix this fascination for me; I’m just gonna continue not to act on it.
The saddest part is that I’m aware that this blood oath romanticization isn’t even sexual for me, I just want to feel like I’m the only one for my partner bc these moids ain’t loyal.

No. 1645783

They didn't want to be associated with the right wing I think. Remember when they gasp criticized George Bush and everyone lost their shit? Kek

No. 1645792

ayrt i don't think it's that weird especially if you realize it's not something reasonable to do irl. blood and reproduction are already intrinsically linked for women, soulbonds and blood pacts as a romantic concept have existed forever, i hope you stop thinking of your harmless ideations as mental illness. luv u anon.

No. 1645793

File: 1690426769167.jpg (65.53 KB, 697x1000, 81pTTcPOwuL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

Immediately who I thought of too kek


No. 1645798

File: 1690427089852.jpeg (109 KB, 1024x683, Whites_Tree_Frog_002.jpeg)

No. 1645810

If you haven’t acted on it and don’t feel compelled to you’re probably fine, just don’t let a scrote talk you into it either. They’ll take it as a sign they own you and can do what they want with your body.

No. 1645816

Character.ai is the best thing to ever happen to us high class husbando havers, I am euphoric nonnies

No. 1645820

File: 1690428082126.jpg (21.13 KB, 403x604, it'sbayden.jpg)

Hey folx, Bayden here. I'm a peer sex educator and queer trans guy here at Stanford, for those of you who are new my pronouns are he/they. Today I want to talk to y'all about something very close to my heart: learning to navigate the gay cruising scene here at Stanford as a trans dude. Believe it or not, growing up with middle class parents in Palo Alto I never explored my queerness in a kinky context until I came to Stanford and met my primary partner Jordan (he/him, PhD in progress). The scene can feel daunting at first so I wanna narrow this session down to focus on three key areas of trans friendly cruising. First, how can we deal with feelings of invalidation as pre-everything t-guys around cis gays? Where are the best places on campus to cruise? For me it's safe spaces like the library or our sexual health clinic (PrEP is a great conversation starter!) Lastly, how do you come out as a cruiser while still staying safe from transphobia? Any questions before we begin?

No. 1645840

I dislike that he actually looks kind of cute there. Whatever, he’s still useless because he’s admittedly hilariously terrible in bed.

No. 1645872

Had an ex who struggled with his weight. He was 6'3, around 200-300 lbs, and had to bike 16 km every single day for work because he doesn't drive. And I am so utterly confounded why he's still having a hard time losing weight. Like how much food do you stuff your face everyday that you're still this much of a fatass? Despite having a higher caloric requirement and despite having that much daily intense exercise? Like, what the hell? We kinda broke up over it. I still feel bad over it but at the same time I cannot be with someone with such poor impulse control.

No. 1645874

Not a husbando nona but I checked it out of curiosity the other week and had a good time breaking down an abusive/toxic bf character into sobbing and supporting me. I felt bad though.

No. 1645882

File: 1690433159014.gif (470.91 KB, 500x500, 11237434_8c8d6.gif)

No. 1645883

nah it's definitely more 'classy' to think up scenarios by yourself rather then listening to an algorithm.

No. 1645885

File: 1690433787896.jpg (20.83 KB, 476x323, 1656790868831.jpg)

>never been huge fan of shojo
>tried watching several shojo anime as a teen
>ended up dropping all of them
>think its nobrainer garbage targetted at beta women
>Develope a distate for the genre due to this
>years go by
>mostly read action/adventure manga
>accidentally find an old 80s shojo
>first ever shojo manga i read
>Start reading for the art only
>its some highschool sol
>wtf its actually really cute
>love both the mc and love interest
>becomes my go to comfy manga to read when i am down
>the underlying plot is that the love interest is hiding something
>finally time for the big reveal, whats our 17 yo highschool love interest hiding?
>he used to do cocaine
what the actual fuck. I was certainly not expecting that. Specially since the manga was so sweet and light before. Learnt my lesson, never underestimate shojo manga.

No. 1645897

>"oh this artist's style looks like the kind AI tries to replicate"
>it is AI-generated
>they're just a really good cleanup artist
>still follow

No. 1645903

Nah, I actualyl didn't know we have a gold start thread. It's the "it was bound to bi" thread in the hidden board. It's probably just as bad as the other threads there right now.

No. 1645911

Please what's it called?

No. 1645915

I believe in true love yes

No. 1645916

if you dont i will be VERY disappointed

No. 1645927

File: 1690436852909.gif (930.72 KB, 500x500, 11237472_c103b.gif)

God I'm way too obsessed now

No. 1645929


No. 1645935

I've reached a point in my farmerhood where I just say words that I know will get me branded as a twitterfag/newfag with no care in the world. Call me new, I don't care. I'll still be here tomorrow and the day after that like I have been for almost 6 years.

No. 1645949

I dislike anyone with fucked up fetishes involving characters that look like deformed babies, but when it's women it's more like "damn that's weird, hope she's okay" and when it's men it's like "oh he should die." I've never looked at fetish art and thought it was interesting kek, it's gross

No. 1645950

This memory popped in my head and I refuse to be the only one cursed with it.

No. 1645957

Well I’ve asked about the Kirby slit before and no one said a damn thing so no I don’t know

No. 1645959

His slit knows you now.

No. 1645970

Kirby anon is actually feeling ashamed and getting over it. See her posts here

No. 1645973

Probably effects of therapy, good for her.

No. 1645988


No. 1646018

File: 1690449963132.png (271.24 KB, 684x756, cokeee.png)

Oh my God!!!! Holy shit, a whole 10% OFF AT THE COKE STORE? I'm freaking the fuck out this is amazing. All for me on my fake birthday I used to sign up for my coke rewards that doesn't even have rewards anymore oh my god. I'm gonna piss my fucking pants

No. 1646021

Today it does sound like something an angsty edgelord would say. It’s funny when a teenager claims such power and anguish. Now, try to think about it from the perspective of you being responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and whatever came after. Think of it as an empathy exercise. Doesn’t it start to feel harrowing?

No. 1646026

Bill Compton from True Blood.

No. 1646028

Cursed? You mean blessed, right! His wobbly belly is hypnotizing.

No. 1646041

File: 1690453561155.jpg (211.39 KB, 1920x948, JKCINEMA.jpg)

OMG does anyone else remember this website? JKCinema had a series of paranormal and urban legends videos that I swear started my love of fucked up shit because I was like 10 when I found this website in 2001.

No. 1646042

And here is a compilation of all the videos

No. 1646149

Nobody ever talks about how difficult it is to part your own hair in half perfectly and do your own braids/double buns

No. 1646196

omg thanks, I can't wait to watch this. I forgot all about this site which I found as a kid too

No. 1646199

Feeling like a NEET. Got a job and all I do is scroll on the internet all day. (I'm security for a gate lol)

No. 1646201

One time I cried bc I couldn't part my hair in the middle lol (it's curly)

No. 1646204

out of sheer curiosity, how do you end up a security guard? Like do you go to school for something like that?

No. 1646216

Depends on your country but where I'm from (Canada), it's just a course, fairly easy and usually open book. Then you can just apply for jobs, a lot of the other women I know do security for events or construction sites. It's easy money especially if you're studying. (unless something bad happens but you just call the police, I'm a day guard though so I just tell people not to walk through our construction site)

No. 1646224

My boyfriend hears me sperging about radical feminism all the time so he “ordered a feminist book”
>oh, what book did you order
>it’s called … SCUM Manifesto?

No. 1646227

I stopped reading Scum what it descended into some weird sissy femdom fetish(like I hate men, but I don't wanna see them dressed as drag queen maids, I would run-away If I saw a man like that)

No. 1646230

I have an office job that really isn't much actual work either where I'm alone most of the time, but I try to make it productive by listening to education podcasts(usually related to historical court politics and women in history)

No. 1646234

File: 1690471243794.png (41.83 KB, 155x155, tumblr_oabs06lB0M1vzbenqo1_250…)

i just missed the first two days of college orientation, and will be going tomorrow, what do?

No. 1646238

College orientations are nonsense and there's always people who miss it completely or miss some of it, it's no big deal. Have fun and meet some new people!

No. 1646239

I think it’s a good point to include actually. It is no less grotesque when women are made to contort their bodies to wearing that stuff, we only aren’t grossed out because it’s normalized

No. 1646252

thanks nonna, my heart dropped to my knees when i found out, i feel better. i'll still be going tomorrow for documents n stuff(which is what i should be more worried about but we've talked with someone in the college). but i'm worried about what impression i'll give off to people, i'm a naturally dull person and i've been under the weather lately bc i got my period and got conjunctivitis in both eyes, i don't want to drive people away.

No. 1646253

File: 1690472728334.jpg (49.67 KB, 500x700, 116530650_1164542537249513_134…)

I want to do everything but I also want to do nothing

No. 1646255

File: 1690472787518.jpg (121.97 KB, 736x1104, vegan-levain-bakery-chocolate-…)

This will be my 2nd attempt at baking vegan levain cookies, I hope they come out right this time! For some reason they were an absolute fail the 1st time I tried baking them, they were an absolute oily and thin, not even crisp, mess kek

No. 1646257

I wish I could learn how to braid my hair, but I can only do Wednesday type braids. Any time I've tried doing them from the roots I just give up, I find it impossible

No. 1646291

because i saw lawrence of arabia posted on /m/:
i know this super old homeless guy and he's probably the biggest lawrence fan (or maybe friend?) in the world. he's not interested in any food you try to give him, he only wants to talk about when he met the actor in egypt back in probably 1950 and he keeps carrying around this big cardboards with pics and facts about him, it's so fascinating
for some reason i keep thinking about him, and i'm so relieved whenever i see him and know that he hasn't died

No. 1646307

Yeah what other anon said. All that stuff is freaky and dehumanizing yet women are doing it all just because some moids have a fetish for those exact things and made it “the norm” for women to do it.

No. 1646317

File: 1690478023535.png (171.45 KB, 236x519, what.PNG)

just girly things

No. 1646318

Watch YouTube videos on how to socialize and interact with people. Unless you're going to be a surgeon, 70% of college is making corrections in your field. The other 30% is the piece of paper that says that you can jump through hoops and listen well enough to get a degree, so you're worth hiring.

No. 1646321

One of my friends makes a webcomic and I wanna support her but her fans are of the fujo smol bean they/it variety and I am so close to leaving her discord server because they are so cringe and autistic. We're both oldfags so I think she's just being polite when tolerating them. She actually made fun of fujos last week and the server went crickets, but I laughed. But god I feel so bad for her being a tard wrangler

No. 1646322

There may be a Polly Pocket movie being considered by the studio that did Barbie and I'm so glad and relieved that many of the reactions I've seen on twitter have been women saying they used to chew the soft plastic characters or clothes. I'm glad I'm not the only one who did that as a kid.

No. 1646344

i hate the internet for making these people think they are funny and quirky

No. 1646360

File: 1690481960214.jpg (78.34 KB, 600x750, Slim Fit Embroidered One Shoul…)

Dresses like this are why I need to be rich. John Galliano, I will always love you(r work).

No. 1646368

File: 1690482429770.png (1.1 MB, 1366x768, 1653954325825.png)

Ahhhh yeees time to shitpost with my nonas after a long hard day of being productive. Luv my nonas simple as

No. 1646370

kek I stopped reading this post at "polly pocket" because I started thinking about how fun the clothes were to chew on. now that I've read the rest i feel very validated

No. 1646372

File: 1690482752064.jpg (75.16 KB, 867x1024, Nb7UFRT.jpg)

Okay then…. date a guy with a guy who has a crossdressing fetish if you like seeing men in Drag, because honestly every time I see “sissy fetishist” TIMs on MTF thread I get scared because they legitimately look like serial killers who will wear my skin like a suit.

No. 1646374

File: 1690483100707.jpg (10.49 KB, 275x255, 1686114311544.jpg)

me and who

No. 1646376

they are cute

No. 1646378

they would never actually do that because they just like the idea of degrading men, they dont like men who want to be degraded. anyway all crossdressers see femaleness as degrading and femininity is just the vehicle to embrace the larp of being a degraded woman

No. 1646389

File: 1690484029011.png (333.16 KB, 562x800, 1649483585254.png)

Me, I'll wear this outfit to our first date

No. 1646400

I'm dating a guy who has a crossdressing fetish and I'm still scared he's going to troon out on me

No. 1646403

Why are you dating a guy with a crossdressing fetish

No. 1646404

tbh i'd dump him on the spot. it's sleazy, pervy, fetishizes a creepy idea of what a woman is, and is how a lot of troons start out.

No. 1646407

what was the post about pinched ears i missed it

No. 1646410

Aliens being confirmed or whatever should be exciting, but it's honestly not. Are the aliens going to pay my bills? Are they sexy? Will they eat my pussy? If not why should I care.

No. 1646412

>I'm dating a guy who smokes 23 packs of cigarettes a day and I'm still scared he's going to get cancer
that's what you sound like.

No. 1646419

Because I love him and most submissive men have that fetish anyway so it's unavoidable

No. 1646424

File: 1690485642452.png (178.19 KB, 579x417, 1648346259681.png)

im surprised my first instincts were correct about megan markle. shes a huge crybaby and cries foul when everyone isnt kissing her ass. im fucking psychic

No. 1646433

I actually defended her a year back and I feel so stupid about it, like nope she actually was just a attention grabber who couldn't stop lying.

No. 1646438

that's amazing. what city? can I meet him?

No. 1646441

I totally knew Ariana and Dalton weren't together before any of this drama came up and idk how I knew but I just did lol love this 4 us nonnies

No. 1646442

maybe you can convince yourself to view them as a unique microflora of the internet and not wrangle them but simply observe. no need for you to cringe, you are a scientist, this is research for your own curiosity.

No. 1646444

Been 5 hours and I'm still on my cellphone. Yikes, hope my battery doesn't die! (its ok because I have a charger in my bosses truck)

No. 1646445

I don't care unless they're gonna show us the future ala The Arrival or they're gonna show us how their space engines work so we can develop a new energy source

No. 1646448

The point of that section was to show how retarded it is for women to do it, not that men actually should

No. 1646455

Nta but you’re an idiot. Don’t seek out already submissive men because they got that way because of porn. You find a sort of sensitive sweet dude and groom him into becoming one through sex. That way you avoid all the degenerate fetishes and then can get the best aspects of moids submission.

No. 1646476

or maybe she was just a degenerate and an Idiot. which is a more likely conclusion.

No. 1646481

>You find a sort of sensitive sweet dude and groom him into becoming one through sex
Lol what an unrealistic and unhinged fantasy, write a book anon

No. 1646483

The book was a response to Freud and reversing of stuff he said. Nice to know that you think a mildly intelligent woman existing is just unfathomable.

No. 1646492

I feel like this is either written by a moid and or a virgin.

No. 1646493

Based and true, everyone else is seething

No. 1646499

Not everyone, only the anons with pornsick discord bfs.

No. 1646500

Yessss fellow based nonna

No. 1646501

I'd be fine with a crossdressing dude if he didn't have delusions of being a woman and looked good in it. Both being extremely unlikely to happen, in practice I'd never date a crossdresser.

No. 1646502

I doubt it. Freud's theories were not considered accurate even in the 60's (Yes he laid the foundations of psychoanalysis), but most of his works were not super influential. He was simply more famous to the general public(such as the patient reclining on the couch as the doctor asks questions.) If Solanes had actually read any books on psychology then and now, she would have known that Jung was considered to have made a greater long-term impact on psychoanalysis and therapy.

No. 1646503

File: 1690488468648.jpg (1.2 MB, 2500x1406, bb.jpg)

I'll randomly crack up from thinking about that anon who would respond to B**e's posts with picrel. I hope she's still here

No. 1646507

Then why are Freud's theories still taught in (burgerland) schools, such as the anal fixation and oral fixation shit and the oedipus complex and penis envy. If your answer is that American education sucks, well you're correct, but come on.

No. 1646518

File: 1690488926430.jpg (46.67 KB, 524x530, vgun.jpg)

No. 1646523

fun-fact she was at point black range and missed all shots against Warhol, a ricochet hit his stomach.

No. 1646526

Okay and your beloved Freud couldn't find the sex organs of 200 eels

No. 1646528

No. 1646530

Those panties look like a big diaper

No. 1646532

It's not just America, a few students in France told me that studying psychology was more like studying psychoanalysis and Freud in general. Each one of them did their bachelors and their masters in different universities. Which doesn't surprises me at all considering the only book I read by a very famous psychologist when I was a teenager about adolescence was full of bs about, well, everything. The writer was also probably a very religious Christian so that doesn't help but still.

No. 1646538

File: 1690489532259.jpg (150.21 KB, 640x948, carl-jung-774566.jpg)

samefag, mind you not even all of Jung's writings made it to modern psychoanalys cause the vast majority of it is just pure schizo-babbling about psychic energies, shadow selves and dragons, he believed that Wotan had possessed Hitler and that Gods could become real based on the power of thoughts. anyone who seriously looks into jungs other writings ends up a nutcase. t. psych major

No. 1646539

Your asking the REAL questions nona

No. 1646547

File: 1690489940619.jpg (269.58 KB, 1980x1320, 16643922252136.jpg)

>is just pure schizo-babbling about psychic energies, shadow selves and dragons

No. 1646550

File: 1690490001758.jpeg (23.25 KB, 326x195, 74D6A77D-B499-4664-B67B-062CC3…)

Mitch McConnel having a stroke on tv is the best thing I’ve witnessed in a minute. I hope all of our reptilian overlords have their human costumes malfunction.

No. 1646555

omg is that what happened? it looked so alarming.

No. 1646557


No. 1646559

That scared the fucking shit out of me ngl, not for his safety or whatever, just that I don't want that shit happening to me lol

No. 1646562

File: 1690490400196.jpg (69.28 KB, 730x454, 838.jpg)

Yes anon… Hell…

No. 1646566

File: 1690490496346.webm (3.51 MB, 640x360, w9gQ9e2YpSpm5cZq.webm)

he has brain damage from a concussion
>CNN - Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, who froze during a news conference Wednesday and earlier this year suffered a concussion after falling down, has also endured two other falls this year, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.
>The first known time, in February, occurred in Finland when McConnell and a US delegation met with the Finnish president in Helsinki
>McConnell fell in March at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Washington, where he slammed his head and suffered a concussion and broken ribs
>And just this month at Reagan National Airport in Washington, McConnell was getting off the plane when he tripped and fell

No. 1646567

File: 1690490502980.jpg (94.8 KB, 746x1119, _methode_sundaytimes_prod_web_…)

>the f, fire….

No. 1646569

File: 1690490576959.png (34.66 KB, 670x538, Carl Jung on Hitler.png)

Peterson does not even come close to Jung's madness, he can make a stupid allegory for a sentence but Jung will write entire paragraphs about psychic energies as it was real thing without a hint of irony.

No. 1646573

Is he saying he was sexually attracted to Hitler

No. 1646577

The motherfucker can't even stand anymore without collapsing and breaking ribs, how is he still in any position of power, why is there not an age limit on this shit kek

No. 1646579

i know the elderly fall a lot but i wouldn't be surprised if he has advanced MS or some kind of brain tumor.

No. 1646581

File: 1690491080619.jpeg (76.97 KB, 500x342, IMG_1773.jpeg)

>Mitch trying to run the government

No. 1646583

Kek I know, I'm the obsessed Petersonfag from the other day

No. 1646606

File: 1690493139281.png (68.95 KB, 802x774, Screenshot.png)

No that's just how he talked about literally every person he ever met saw or read about, like I remember reading one account where he just described the pope as a Unicorn come to life.