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File: 1684899804610.jpg (210.16 KB, 1280x854, 1645151125963.jpg)

No. 1585531

You probably are not alone in your opinion.

Previous thread: >>1574830

>adhere to site and board rules

>do not respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot

No. 1585568

I don’t really give a shit if an FTM wants a mastectomy and I don’t think the desire for a flat chest is mental illness or self-harm. I see it as a radical breast reduction.

No. 1585570

Hey this is the unpopular opinions thread, not the retarded opinions thread.

No. 1585586

If you still watch cartoons as an adult, you are not psychologically mature enough for sex. Women who date men who watch cartoons or play video games are essentially dating minor-lites.

No. 1585595

What about the women who watch cartoons and/or play video games themselves? Does this only apply to men?

No. 1585604

They are entirely removing an healthy body part because it causes them psychological distress, not just correcting/reducing a body part that's abnormally big or causing them physical pain. It is quite obviously mental illness. Even if it wasn't, the fact that it's promoted to teenage girls as a solution for their issues is crazy.

No. 1585608

nta, but it's different when we watch cartoons; we don't imagine banging the little ponies

No. 1585609

The whole reason it causes regular women psychological distress is because of lifelong sexual harassment and constant misogyny. It's become a social contagion where non-transgender girls want to remove benign body parts because they feel the only acceptable way to exist is by being a fucking twink because for years terminally online spaces have essentially made them feel its the only way to matter. Get people offline and this issue would clear up immediately. Mutilating yourself like that when you dont experience gender dysphoria becoming socially acceptable because faggots tell you you're a disgusting cow for being a WOMAN is crazy. It's literally just letting misogyny win and telling all future gens of girls that there is something wrong with their natural bodies and they have to change it in order to be deemed acceptable. It isnt acceptance at that point its obsolescence.

No. 1585627

>dont experience gender dysphoria
>implying there is such thing as "real gender dysphoria" that is not a social contagion or a side effect of another mental illness
So close, yet so far.

No. 1585635

Oh my god can you shut the fuck up and not feel the need to shoehorn condescension into everything at all times for once

No. 1585637

You're right, and you should say it. Even if I try to get into the mindset of a TERF i don't understand the logic. I mean I know a lot of people here are anti plastic surgery in general, but if a girl doesn't want to have tits, let her remove her tits. What's the big deal? Like even if it were for an aesthetic reason. Why does it matter what other people do to their bodies, I feel like some of yall are just threatened by someone taking ownership of their life like that. Lots of women even might get mastectomies due to misogyny and they aren't even trans. Misogyny does not only exist on the internet, god damn. Like, what's next, you're gonna get upset at women who get hysterectomies because they don't want children and hate having periods? How is that different even? I bet most of you don't even want kids anyway. I think a lot of you are also just mad that someone could choose to be a woman, because you weren't given a choice, and you're weird and resentful about it even though you don't have to keep being a woman if you hate it so damn much.

No. 1585642

Still there is no such thing as "real gender dysphoria" that isn't social contagion or a side effect of another mental illness. "Transmed" "truscum" are just the NLOGs of NLOGs.

No. 1585647

NTA but you sound retarded. There have been people with gender dysphoria throughout time just like there have been every other type of crazy people. Have you never heard of crazy people who cut off their perfectly healthy arms/legs/etc for seemingly no reason? It just happens to be that being a tranny became a trend

No. 1585648

>I feel like some of yall are just threatened by someone taking ownership of their life like that
Yeah it's totally that, not concern and empathy for mentally ill teenagers who've been brainwashed online to think they need medically unnecessary surgery or they're doomed to commit suicide due to a lack of gender affirmation. The entire phenomenon is pushed by the most regressive, anti science, anti woman ideology we've seen outside of actual religions. There is no legitimacy to the concept of transgenderism, there is no benefit to women cutting off their tits en masse, we are going to see plenty of regretful detransitioners over the years and maybe when that happens you'll be less cavalier with that 'y'all are just jealous!!" shit.

No. 1585650

>you don't have to keep being a woman if you hate it so damn much.
You're very clearly lost, if not baiting. Chopping your tits off doesn't make you a man and it won't make you immune to misogyny. Do whatever helps you sleep at night but stop acting like advertising the removal of healthy organs to women and children is a mentally sane take, especially when it has serious side effects and complications.

No. 1585651

I did mention side effect of another mental illness, such as BIID which you seem to be talking about. Why is "gender dysphoria" treated as a separate thing and not just BIID or body dysmorphia?

No. 1585654

i know you retards aren't unironically responding to tifkun itt rn

No. 1585660

Tifkun has to be one of the most retarded, annoying anons in this site, only followed by people who reply to her

No. 1585664

Men who constantly praise their wives/girlfriends in front of others are extremely sus to me, like those Ryan Reynolds types (he also allegedly cheated on Scarlet Johansson with Blake Lively). It makes me think that they try to put on this act so that they'll seem less suspicious about cheating and other things in front of others.

No. 1585668

Human beings are not bionicles and whoever tries to tell you they are is trying to sell you something. You can't just decide to swap organs at will, it literally isn't physically possible. So no, you can't just decide not to be a woman.

Even if you wear a dress, take the right hormones for years as soon as you hit puberty, call yourself Sally/Bob and get surgery for a prosthetic dick or pussy, you won't be the opposite sex. Also, if you happen to be unfortunate enough to be a woman in places like the Middle East, you can't just decide to be a man, you will literally be punished by death.

No. 1585678

File: 1684919675582.jpg (61.9 KB, 475x703, hello.jpg)

>someone taking ownership of their life
Women are mutilating themselves because they see themselves, their breasts, as a problem to be fixed, when men are the problem. Cutting a healthy part of someone is never healthy. It's beyond fucked up and you have normalized that because you believe women deserve to suffer.
>get mastectomies due to misogyny and they aren't even trans
Women with gigantomastia, an extremely rare condition, has nothing to do with men wanting silicone implants to wank at themselves. pic related for women who are just busty.

No. 1585686

sure, remove your uterus and enjoy having to be medicated for life to replace the hormones your body doesn't produce anymore. prolapses are also fun.

No. 1585700

>not psychologically mature enough for sex
Oh no the horror.

No. 1585728

I half agree but at the same time I don't like how it pushes this idea that a woman without breasts is somehow not a woman anymore or less female than women with intact breasts.

No. 1585737

File: 1684926242573.png (5.7 MB, 2602x1924, kjhgfdefghjkl.png)

The fanbase and hype around horror movies for the last decade or so feels very pretentious and often spoils the movie before going in. Don't get me wrong I actually like the movies in picrel and I'm a horror fan, but all of the hype around these movies feels very similar in the way they were marketed as some revolutionary never been done before masterpiece. I know that's the job of the marketing team trying to create excitement around the film, but those sentiments are echoed by the fanbase. Often saying stuff like "oh I don't like horror, but this movies different!" or "this movie is so much deeper than other horror movies, it's got multiple interpretations!" It's like they feel they are somehow special for liking films that are extremely popular and easily watched. And a lot of them feel similar in the setup and pacing of the movie, starting off very slow with some great tragedy to the protagonists, dark comedy in the buildup, political undertones, and then everything happens in the last 30 minutes of the movie, often shit that doesn't make sense and is just shoehorned in there to make it artistic. Anyway I'm not coming at anyone who likes these movies, again I really liked a lot of them, just the over pretentious and often male fanbase around them is irritating. And it kind of creates more opportunity to be let down before seeing them, when a movie is hyped as "the best in the past decade" or some unique rarity that no one has made before it gets people excited and then are let down when it's just a good movie and not some instant horror classic. Sorry for this long ass post I just wanted to get my point across

No. 1585742

We aren't dolls where you can just take out body parts with no side effect. The uterus and overies aren't just for making babies, the uterus is directly connected with the brain and removing it reduced your cognitive functions. And not to mention prolapsing and hormonal issues. Its so deeply misogynistic to think women should remove organs if they dont want kids, internalised as hell. No man is cutting off his nuts just bc he doesnt want kids.

No. 1585756

Is a Parasite considered horror? Honestly out of all these films I only really like It Follows and The Witch.

No. 1585765

I googled and I guess it's considered more of a thriller than horror, so maybe I shouldn't have included it. But Parasite is the worst for the pretentious fanbase, that and Hereditary. It Follows is my favorite out of all of those, I also like Midsommar quite a bit.

No. 1585788

I dont think suicide is bad, i think it should be assisted and there should be goverment funded resources for a safe death. I have been there and if it wasnt because i love drawing i would have an hero'd a long time ago. Sometimes the struggles of life arent worth the ''reward'', if there is any. Specially now when out inherent biological needs like having a family, owning a home, working towards a fullfilling career arent met and there is nothing we can do about it. I would never encourage anyone to do it, though.

No. 1585796

I think it's more that people are starved for decent media and entertainment so that anything remotely good is going to look like a Citizen Kane by comparison.
Definitely hype.
But I loved The Witch and Midsommar though, we need more movies that spook men.

No. 1585821

Agreed, 100%. A24 movies feel like a breath of fresh air after having nothing but Disney/Marvel capeshit shoved down our collective throats for the last 10 years.
I also love how basically every woman I know loved Midsommar and it made men seethe, kek

No. 1585826

I absolutely love praising Midsommar and talk about how beautiful the ending is and watch moids go crazy. There's a video on YouTube where a moid explains how horrified he is by how many people like the ending because they are "blind" to indoctrination, kek.

No. 1585828

Dani is going to be kept as a broodmare and then disposed of. It was not a happy ending. Why would we get to see her entire family die and her boyfriend ice her out if it wasn't going to lead to something fucked up (it's a horror movie).

No. 1585830

Yeah I felt the ending of Midsommar to be sad tbh, she had been through so much and was clearly still traumatized over what happened to her family. And then seeing her boyfriend fucking some random girl with the whole village watching like broke her even more, it felt like she was manipulated into joining the cult because they could see how she was in an easily manipulated state because of the trauma. I'm glad her boyfriend died, he was trash, but I wish Dani got away and was able to form a better life outside of the cult.

No. 1585846

File: 1684940684616.jpg (166.82 KB, 1400x1400, jennifersbody.jpg)

While we're on the topic of horror movies I have one more unpopular opinion. Jennifer was not the bad ass final girl man eater everyone acts like she was. Yes she killed men and that's great but that was no longer Jennifer, she died the night of the concert fire. What was left was no longer Jennifer but a demon that had taken up residence in her body, she was a murder victim and people are cheering on the demon possessing her, not Jennifer. I don't think she was happy or satisfied with what happened, when she explains it in a very cavalier way it's because she is dead inside. We see glimpses of the real Jennifer the night she visited Needy after being killed, her expressions falter from sad and confused to angry and seductive. I feel like that was indication of Jennifer's last moments alive, scared, confused and hurt, the anger and seduction that followed was the demon. The real bad ass man killing final girl was Needy, who not only killed the demon that was wearing her dead friend but then killed the men who murdered Jennifer. Also more indication that Jennifer was gone and it was only the demon left was the night of prom after she killed Needy's boyfriend she was going to kill Needy too, Jennifer wouldn't have wanted that.

No. 1585851


The horror of the movie is that the cult is truly more accepting and supportive of Dani than the outside world. Indoctrination happens because reality is people are shitty and those without support systems are the most vulnerable.
We root for Dani and the cult because the retarded moids–who clearly were used to getting away with doing and saying whatever they wanted in male mollycoddling society–got what they deserved. Her boyfriend was a shitball who just used her and couldn't even remember her birthday between his conniving plans to discard her needy ass after their trip. Sounds like a lovely thing to do to someone who just lost her whole family. Horror in that? Well, at least it's fiction. Meanwhile if I as a woman were to step into a Middle Eastern country with no regard for weird rules, no compliance with their misogyny ""culture"" and ""religion"" (Islam ain't a cult cause it's been around long enough right lmao?), and then I disrespected or had no deverence to men, I would likely be harmed, incarcerated, and/or killed.
I have no sympathy and that's why I love the movie because it does not apologize for the ending. It's saying something that women would identify and be more comfortable participating in a death cult because men and society are so vile and gaslighty towards us. Why does Dani smile at the end in spite of the horror? Because she realized the cost of empathy is to discard her own so as to not put others through what she feels. The scene where she finds out about her boyfriend's infidelity and they all cry together? She realizes that her pain is shared. If you are a woman, you felt that pain through the screen, and how you have been in a situation where you have had to be strong and unbothered so as to not make others suffer with you.
Men are afraid of this movie because it shows men being the so-called prey, except they are not innocent unlike the women portrayed in most horror slasher flicks where they are raped, tortured, and murdered.

No. 1585870

This seems like such a convoluted interpretation and it feels like you only took away what you wanted to see in the film. Remember it was made by a male that made a short film about a son who repeatedly raped and his own father. Like, pass me on this "it's ackchyually an elevated feminist movie!" schtick.

No. 1585871

>religion"" (Islam ain't a cult cause it's been around long enough right lmao?)

Islam is one the 3 main abrahamic religions with more than 1.5 billion living adherents among every nation, race, and ethnic group in the world. I doubt a retard like you even knows the distinction between a religion and a cult.

No. 1585880

Do you guys see what I mean about those movies having pretentious fanbases? kek

No. 1585890

You are right and you should say it more.

No. 1585892

samefagging to add, like the movie is literally called "Jennifer's Body," the title literally tells you you're watching a puppet

No. 1585893

Barbarian was absolute garbage, not even just mediocre just plain shit I can't believe anyone sees it on the same level as the rest of those films.

No. 1585894

taylor swift is crazy overrated

No. 1585897

Ayrt, I agree. That's the one movie on there I wasn't really into. Movies about women being victimized like that aren't scary in a fun horror way they're just realistically terrifying and sad. I'm still glad I saw it though just to say I've seen it and didn't like it. Wasn't a big fan of Pearl either though I enjoyed Mia Goth's acting, but that one made me sad too.

No. 1585898

Samefag but I forgot to say, I don't see them on the same level I just put those movies together cause they're in the same genre of newer horror movies that get overhyped and pretentious fanbases.

No. 1585911

I think most of the world would be ok with black people disappearing suddenly(racebaiting)

No. 1585914

Wrong. Don't project your uselessness onto other people.

No. 1585917

Holy shit I never even made that connection until you said it but that makes so much sense kek I can't believe I missed that, I always wondered why it was given such an awkward sounding name.

No. 1585974

Did I say it was a "feminist" flick?
I said I relate to the pain I observed in the film and that there are material reasons why women are partial to it that are not rooted pretention.

But sure, evil pretentious wahmen booly poor men movie.

>Islam is one the 3 main abrahamic religions
Gold star, but they all started as blood magic cults regardless of how you want to repackage it today because it is popular–just like I said.
Islam is for pretentious goat fuckers and none of you wokies can cancel me for saying it here lol

No. 1585994

File: 1684952336106.jpeg (71.69 KB, 640x694, IMG_0112.jpeg)

The military should be male only (including MTF troons) if men start these wars only men should participate in them.

No. 1586004

I honestly didn’t like it at all, I thought most of it was really boring and the ended just had the ‘WOMEN ARE SO DANGEROUS AND SCARIER THAN MEN’ moid vibe to me.

No. 1586012

>evil pretentious wahmen booly poor men movie.
Your victim complex is astounding. I am a woman that has been assaulted and mistreated by moids and it was just a boring, bloated, pretentious movie to me about a mentally unwell and isolated woman being indoctrinated into being a broodmare for a fucked up swedish cult. Have fun huffing your pretentious farts over some overrated barely-horror movie.

No. 1586057

Stop projecting your beastiality onto others, you dog-fucking degenrate. You using the word "pretentious" incorrectly won't make you smarter, nothing will, you'll always be a mentally retarded dyke for the rest of your miserable life.

No. 1586072

Why did you even bring up religion? The post was about horror movies.

No. 1586095

NTA. All men who practice Islam are degenerate goat and dog fuckers, misogynists and rapists worshiping a ginger Arab pedophile. Everyone in the civilized world knows it, and they will always say and think it.
If you hate this being said, tell your pube-faced men to stop honor killing women and little girls, throwing acid in their faces and whipping them in the streets.

No. 1586102

File: 1684957415732.jpg (192.36 KB, 1284x1394, Screenshot 4.jpg)

I think surrogacy is awful. But this type of activism just makes our position(which is based on rational facts) look absolutely insane. It is unhelpful and makes our cause appear irrational.

No. 1586104

File: 1684957559950.jpg (123.44 KB, 1125x1876, de8e9yp-15acbbd3-41de-47c4-9d1…)

Quickly, explain why this innocent woman deserved to be killed.

No. 1586105

Agree, same with Lana Del Rey, I think their songs are the blandest shit. Granted I'm not a pop music aficionado but they sound so boring compared to other singers.

No. 1586116

Is it pretentious to analyze a movie or are you just retarded? Nta btw

No. 1586117

What could you possibly gain from stanning woman murdering religion this badly. Brainrot.

They need to teach critical thinking in schools, holy shit.

I brought it up because I LAUGH at how you are pearl clutching about a fictional movie that murders men for petty slights against a cult yet we have entire countries who murder women for the same slights against their blood cults, oops, I mean religion!

No. 1586120

I don’t think sports should be gender-segregated

No. 1586122

It was mostly a joke but her post looked pretentious

>I brought it up because I LAUGH at how you are pearl clutching about a fictional movie that murders men for petty slights against a cult yet we have entire countries who murder women for the same slights against their blood cults, oops, I mean religion!
Girl what the fuck are you sperging about I didn't say shit about the movie other than I liked it but the ending made me sad, and I'm not religious. Relax, step away from the computer for a bit and touch some grass. There's no reason to rage this hard over a strangers opinion.

No. 1586126

Nta but i hate how people who praise this movie always gloss over the fact that women of other races wouldn't be welcomed in the cult

No. 1586128

I dunno I don’t have extreme opinions on it and that looks a little stupid (honestly don’t know the context there) but it doesn’t make me think anti-surrogacy people are cringe. Any woman will understand how it is super fucked out. Maybe when I was like 20 years old I didn’t totally get it and thought it could be okay sometimes maybe but probably not. But you’re probably right it’s a psyop sort of thing. Just don’t think this one is gonna work

No. 1586130

You mean the same cult that murders women not even for petty slights? Wtf did Connie do (besides the sin of not being white ig lmao)? Oh yeah, she refused to date a weird Swedish incel so he had his cult punish her for "friendzoning" him. Why are you ignoring that part of the movie lol

No. 1586131

Deserved? According to whom? She was killed by the cult for being a combative pickme kek

>words look pretentious
Tells me what I need to know kek. I mean it's okay if people experience movies different ways but why shit on someone for analyzing a piece of art?

>Sounds like a lovely thing to do to someone who just lost her whole family. Horror in that? Well, at least it's fiction.
Go off nonna!

No. 1586132

Telling your friends your plans can put some kind of energy in the world and it will make your goals more likely to crash and burn and not fall through. Everytime I mentioned something about the house I was buying something bad would happen and I mentioned it again to friends and now the closing date has been pushed up another 7 days. If you have any goals in life it’s better to not tell your friends until you’re accomplished your goal.

No. 1586137

istg no one on this site knows what 'pickme' means anymore

No. 1586138

Yeah you're whole ass essay about a movie where you tied it to religion and female empathy and the middle east is pretentious, at least own up to your pretentiousness kek

No. 1586141

This is what I like to call white feminism in action.

No. 1586145

What you don't wanna join a murderous swedish cult nona? Sounds like a pick me kek

No. 1586147

>Denies woman-centric male-death cult

That wasn't me dumbass


Literally yes, that's why. They are a weird cult. I'm not saying it's justified. Damn you all are dense.

I looked into it and maybe Connie died for racist reasons
>It also raises the troubling matter of race in the film. The sea of white faces greeting the group upon their arrival hinted things would not end well for Josh, Simon and Connie (not that the white members of the group fared much better, bar Dani) and the sight of runes and white clad Swedish neopagans is a profoundly uneasy one for obvious reasons. This connotation is pointed out more explicitly in the director’s cut, with Josh holding a book titled “The Secret Nazi Language of the Uthark” in the car on the drive to Halsingland.

No. 1586149

How was she combative? For crying after witnessing old people commit suicide with zero warning, and wanting to go home? May it happen to you, kek.
And where is the pickme aspect? Having a boyfriend? Guess Dani's a giga pickmeisha for not dumping her boyfriend from the start of his bullshit, and just latching onto some other moid who had her drugged and kissed her while she was still intoxicated. In fact, the whole cult is full of retarded pickmes encouraging young girls to get impregnated by ugly, schlubby old moids while their family members watch, have "woke" defomed incest babies and making sandwiches all day for men. These are really pathetic copes.

No. 1586151

>Guess Dani's a giga pickmeisha for not dumping her boyfriend from the start of his bullshit
Well, yeah, she was. But she changed and was accepted into the cult.

No. 1586153

>That wasn't me dumbass
Well then tell OP her essay was pretentious

No. 1586154

Changed what? She's still pickmeing out and dick worshiping with the other handmaidens, except now she's also racist.

No. 1586155

Why does every infight ITT have to devolve into an argument about race, religion or pickmeism

No. 1586157

Maybe because the anon sucking off Ari Aster said that some mentally damaged white woman becoming a le heckin new-age nazi cumdumster at the end was actually an empowering ending kek.

No. 1586158

Being a racist pickme will never be "woman-centric". It's an inbred cult of gross incels and pickmes. Your business if you find that preferable, just don't try and push it as "woman-centric", empathetic or a W for women in any way.
>The scene where she finds out about her boyfriend's infidelity and they all cry together? She realizes that her pain is shared
They all knew what was going on, and they orchestrated it. They did not share her pain, no matter how tempting of an idea that is. They were mirroring her to keep their new recruit and completely sever her from her old ties. Women can fuck over other women. In fact, pickmes love doing that. Misery loves company/Crabs in a fucking bucket.

No. 1586159

>Girl what the fuck are you sperging about I didn't say shit about the movie other than I liked it but the ending made me sad
You're anonymous and replying to my posts when I never quoted yours, you couldn't even say "nta but." Why are you sperging that I should know who or what you posted when you're responding to me and getting into a dogfight that wasn't even aimed at you. Weirdo.

Yes I can answer you: She attempted to leave the cult and was loud about it like other anon said. Of course I do not think she deserved it. Had nothing to do with skin color, as evidenced by the murdered whitey men.
Did yall even watch this movie, truly?
Worst attempt to racebait, ever.

Anyway, Islam is for goat fuckers to reiterate.

No. 1586163

>Had nothing to do with skin color
Did you miss the part about them being Nazis? No, the real reason she was even brought there was to be sacrificed because she rejected the moid who brought her there in the first place.
>Did yall even watch this movie, truly?
Did you? The director has discussed race as an aspect of this movie and incorporated it into the story, just because it makes you uncomortable doesn't mean everyone is just racebaiting.

No. 1586164

>I never quoted yours
Yes you did, you tagged >>1586072 and sperged about school and pearl clutching. Go outside you're rage is making you retarded.

No. 1586166

Girl you would be so easily manipulated into joining a cult and becoming some incel's baby making factory.
>ummm nooooo they actually chose me because they are kind people and could tell I've been hurt all my life and all I had to do was marry some retard and birth his babies I CAN LEAVE AT ANY TIME.

No. 1586167

Changed when she didn't give a fuck about her moid being burned to death ritualistically. You all are right though that the racist shit easily disqualifies this movie from being a ~feminist masterpiece~

No. 1586168

tbf the movie being discussed is kind of race related, the cult in the movie was very clearly the white nationalist kind, like it's basically spelled out for the audience with that book one of the characters was holding. idk how people miss this.

No. 1586169

Anons maybe the REAL horror is racsim

No. 1586172

I watched it once lol, how am I supposed to see every prop being held by a random side character?

No. 1586173

Nta, then it makes your argument flimsy as fuck kek.

No. 1586174

I'm not arguing anything I'm just saying every infight here is about race religion or pickmeism damn relax

No. 1586175

Real feminist masterpiece? The HBO series Big Love, not joking. Such a perfect ending.

No. 1586176

File: 1684960401623.gif (4.9 MB, 540x385, tumblr_d8348fe11c7cb224a425d84…)

Everyone post your favorite final girl, mines Jennifer from Revenge and I don't care if she's a pickme

No. 1586177

Getting clowned for a dumb post is embarrassing, even on anonymous. The fact that my identity is not attached to my posts doesn't make a massive L any less embarrassing

No. 1586179

It's ok we've all been there. When I was brand new years ago I posted about making my bf home made tendies and it turned into such an embarrassing shitshow lmao

No. 1586181

File: 1684960795637.jpg (498.52 KB, 2000x2400, Meet-the-cast-of-emus-2146768.…)

She's not really a final girl I don't think kek but I love devious, manipulative women and even though another girl had to suffer for her decision, I totally understand her choice 100%

No. 1586182

>idk how people miss this.
Because they want to. The types of women who choose to play dumb about this are the same sort who go full pickme for racist moid celebrities, or date racist men, let them insult their non-white friends and then try to gaslight them about it. Then, they complain about "their friends abandoning them" after they (and other friends who aren't racist) get sick of it. Since it directly harms other women, but not themselves (at least not at first), they'd rather scold everyone else for noticing it and making them uncomfortable.
This sort of thing would actually be less annoying if they didn't try to deny that they're pickmes.

No. 1586184

Nta but this is paranoid. Not that people like that don't exist but it legit was only a flash of the Nazi book. Could have been missed. The painted mural also spoils the ending of the movie but lots of people missed it too.

No. 1586188

i literally felt sick with guilt yesterday because i said something insanely wrong, and even though no anon clowned me i still felt like dying of shame. whenever that happens to me i avoid the thread if not board or even browser for the day KEK yeah i'm anonymous but all i can think about is anons and mods deservingly laughing at me. yes i'm a sensitive snowflake. and even if mods weren't able to see just knowing i was that stupid makes me want to an hero in the moment but then i laugh it off eventually. good thing i make it a point to never reply any further with anything because i'll only end up revealing my neuroticism and cowish behavior making my case worse

No. 1586189

Oh shut up already

No. 1586190

>did you know that, uhm, white pagans are actual Nazis?
Lmao, weren't you going off on me about my ~pretentious interpretation~ and yet you clap with this twatter hogwash?
>the cult incel is actually a Nazi
>that's why he brought her onsite to use her as a mixed race baby factory and then killed her when she rejected him
Your logic doesn't check out. White supremacists don't really care or like to make mixed babies with what they deem as inferior races. Stop watching 'bleached' porn.

The post you're quoting is a separate one entirely from the one you mentioned so I thank you for doing the legwork to solidify my point.

The anon you replied to isn't me as I am OP of the original post–fyi.

I wish I could light this strawman on fire with the same embers from the movie, alas.

Nobody itt even labeled it "feminist." Quit strawmanning and crying retard because that doesn't an argument make.

No. 1586192

Giving Pakichan vibes with this post, are autistic by chance?

No. 1586193

No and also not an argument.

Die mad.

No. 1586197

Kek nonna I'm dying to know what you said. I know exactly how you feel lol. Honestly though leaving and not replying more makes you look a lot less like a retard imo. So you've got that going for you!

No. 1586198

>The post you're quoting is a separate one entirely from the one you mentioned
No it isn't it's the one you tagged, my post, and then sperged. >>1586117 here's where you sperged, and here's the post you tagged >>1586072 mine. There you go nona, I know I know this is big girl stuff and it gets confusing.

No. 1586199

>this pretentious racial take, but people who have reactions to movies they enjoy are the pretentious ones
The veil is lifted and anon is the assmad pompous all along!

No. 1586200

I'm not talking about the anon ITT, I'm talking about women who actually get mad and try to downplay it when people point out the cult was racist.

Nah, you stfu. Keep scrolling if you don't like a post, dumbass.

No. 1586201

Ntayrt but the movie literally shows a nazi book. The director also confirms what the cult really was.

No. 1586202

>Keep scrolling if you don't like a post, dumbass.
The irony…

No. 1586203

Samefag, changing my mind. The exact type of braindead loser I'm discussing is right here in this anon: >>1586190
She didn't miss shit, she's just in denial mode. Many such cases, and the more it happens, the more women will talk about it.

No. 1586205

So Midsommar is a cool movie for only the girlies to relate to and understand because some woman was manipulated into becoming a rape slave by unwashed swedes? Is that it?

No. 1586207

File: 1684961695308.gif (5.95 MB, 230x230, 1672516437178.gif)

The irony of you seething and calling for silence because a type of pickme is being talked about.

No. 1586208

(You) responded to me here >>1586122 crying that I was supposed to know that you made a separate post stating that you liked the movie when your first post to me was this >>1586072. I did not quote or respond to your initial post regarding your opinion on the movie, yet you're mad because you were dense and got into a fight that had nothing to do with you.
You weird diaperbaby.

No. 1586209

>Lmao, weren't you going off on me about my ~pretentious interpretation~ and yet you clap with this twatter hogwash?
Nta and no that was me, different anon. Weren't you just shitting on someone for assuming you said something you didn't? Get your head out your ass.

No. 1586210

Who? What pick me? I was saying shut up because your posts are very obvious and annoying

No. 1586211

Did he confirm white supremacy is why they killed her? Otherwise it still doesn't make sense if they brought her there to be a broodmare as other anon would have us believe.

No. 1586212

If you really aren't just baiting or deeeeep in denial, you clearly didn't watch the movie or pay attention to anything the characters were saying or doing, including the man who brought over Connie and her boyfriend. I feel a lot of pity for you, typing all that shit about something you didn't even comprehend. I can't imagine being that dumb.

No. 1586213

I responded because you tagged me, sorry you assume every anon who disagrees with you has the same opinion, must be annoying for you.

No. 1586214

>I refuse to read or understand why other women like this movie so I will strawman until they feel bad for liking things I find objectionable
>they are wrong, I am right
Nobody can help you, KEK

No. 1586216

No. 1586218

Obvious how? If you're annoyed, it's counterproductive to reply to me more, because more replies are clearly what you're after.
>What pick me?
I can't help you if you're this illiterate

No. 1586219

NTA. You just didn't understand the movie, and everyone has explained why. It's very pretentious to type long rants with shallow, surface-level analysis.

No. 1586220

Kek Dani was the only blonde, blue eyed person in the entire cast of people who went on the trip. We can talk about how detail focused Ari Aster is but somehow the fact that Dani was the only blonde and blue eyed person on the trip is completely overlooked. Not only was she blonde and blue eyed but completely susceptible to manipulation (entire family dead, shit boyfriend, no friends on the trip).

No. 1586221

Please elaborate o wise and totally unpretentious one.

Did they bring the brown girl to be a broodmare for these totally mixed white supremacist babies or did they play the long-con to trick her into being the sacrifice knowing she would reject the Nazi incel?
You make zero sense.

No. 1586224

Kek why did they have that Nazi book in there then? They were probably going to pick them all off except Dani.

No. 1586226

Pretty sure I'm the only anon who mentioned pretentiousness and I'm neither of the anons tagged in these posts lol, again not every anon who disagrees with you is the same anon.

No. 1586227

Very obvious and annoying.

No. 1586228

When they're introduced, he literally admits to inviting them after "they dated", and she corrects him and says "After we talked", then he gets upset, but agrees she's right and changes the subject. If you understood anything about the plot and how the cult works, you'd realize he never "wanted mixed babies with her for the cult". Why do you think that was added in? If you think about the relationship and revenge aspect of the entire movie, the most likely scenario is that he considered leaving the cult after getting a crush on her, but she spurned his advances and just dated the brown guy, prompting him to rage and think "You're both going to feed my white mommy and daddy deities (also sorry to my nazi family for lapsing and even considering racemixing or leaving you, here is my penance ala typical cult fare)".
Paying attention while you watch a movie is fundamental. Lay off the meth pipe next time.

No. 1586230

is your pathetic behavior in this thread.

No. 1586231

File: 1684962770634.jpg (56.11 KB, 826x871, 1669697834263.jpg)

Its very clear the Midsommar defender is 100% trolling, even people who like the film will admit that the cult is supposed to be bad but they choose to ignore it for their enjoyment.

No. 1586233

Just report and ignore the samefagger.

No. 1586235

This cat is so cute

No. 1586236

My posts aren't obvious but nice try

No. 1586237

Lmao at both sides getting pissy. Pathetic

No. 1586238

Everyone is always pissy ITT wdym? You sound pissy too

No. 1586246

Damn you're right I do LOL

No. 1586249

I assume they think if they use our words then they can psyop women into hating the film they don’t like because it shits on the degen scrote bf.

No. 1586250

It happened in the weird pirate film, It's called The Island, a man and his son are abducted by a group of inhabitants who belong to a centuries-old colony of inbred pirates. The storyline has the father (portrayed by Michael Caine) being sexually assaulted by a woman due to the pirates being so inbred that all the men are sterile and they require "good blood." the film is certainly bizarre.

No. 1586253

Exactly. I'm one of the anons saying the cult was racist/bad, and I actually enjoyed the movie. I read a bunch of interviews, the screenplay, watched deleted scenes, etc and that's why I'm going so hard. There's a certain type of person that really wants to "girlbossify" the whole thing while blatantly ignoring all its actual details.
I think they just really liked the visuals and concept of a flowery cult, didn't pay attention to much of what was going on and get triggered whenever anyone actually tries to discuss it outside of their headcanon because they think it's all about "revenge on muh degen scrotes". I can't stand that shit, women should be smarter than that.

No. 1586255

Nta but holy shit, keep interpreting the racist incel cult movie as an empowering film all women can totally relate to but don't get mad when people get annoyed because you're interpreting the film wrong.

No. 1586257

So this is what happens when the degenerates site is down. Kek at it still being off the clearnet.

No. 1586258

Keep telling yourself that.

No. 1586260

Then tag me baby, lets play guess who

No. 1586261

You really must be from KF. Chop off your dick and balls already.

No. 1586263

File: 1684963740962.png (6.12 KB, 1836x109, Screenshot (20175).png)

The nona deleted her post lol, I feel you weird nona, I feel you

No. 1586264

Why do all that work?

No. 1586265

I don't want to call anyone who's not a tranny a tranny but the weird phrasing and the weird "hahaha you stupid idiots are so beneath me" posturing is getting kind of sus.

No. 1586266

You've already spent the time replying to me, we're practically engaged now

No. 1586267

It's probably a man samefagging and accusing everyone who disagrees with him of doing so. Hard to believe an actual nona could get BTFO so many times and still condescend to everyone.

No. 1586269

I don't think so, Tim

No. 1586271

Tis a joke

No. 1586273

If you are a fan of MLP but you ONLY give a fuck about G4 you're a fake fan imo. It's a toy line at its core, always has been, always will be. To imply that you ONLY like the G4 toys is to admit you're fucking insane with ZERO taste. (Yes, I know that people who say they're strictly G4 fans are mainly fans of the cartoon, but like I said it's a toy line, the toys are the whole part of the franchise).

No. 1586275

Samefag, and I know nobodies saying it (yet) but if you are stictly a G5 fan you should be locked in a cage and studied by scientists and human behavior specialists.

No. 1586277

File: 1684964251531.jpg (27.93 KB, 623x553, hubh.jpg)

No. 1586278

Lmao ditto

No. 1586279

Tbh I have no idea what this means.

No. 1586280

agreed. MLP always had a dedicated adult fanbase but it was only at g4 it got a boost in male adult fans which is when it got attention from the public. The g1-g3 toys are so soulfoul and high quality

No. 1586283

It really grinds my gears when people make a big deal about how gay they are and wear massive rainbow hearts, when they're bisexual with an opposite sex partner. No I do not care if I sound biphophic.

No. 1586284

People who own pets like spiders or snakes are fucked up in the head. Especially if they have to feed them live animals.…you literally just wanna watch your pets kill shit.

No. 1586285

That's okay

No. 1586286

sorry… to be fair i'm a zoomer and mlp came out when i was in primary school so i was only interested in the cartoon never the toys, and now i'm here. i do love the toys now and am more knowledgeable about them in an effort to expand my tastes i'm just not much of a consoomer type if that makes sense and moreso about the story. not calling you one i mean i don't have the collecting mindset which i understand why you'd think of people like me as fake pony fans it's like you said it's a toy company first and foremost

No. 1586293

>you literally just wanna watch your pets kill shit
This implies I got them for that one purpose, which is stupid. It's just a plain fact you have to deal with when you get them, whether you want to or not. Should cats be fed vegan, too?

No. 1586294

I mean, you don't have to apologize for your likes anon. I should have worded my post less aggressively kek. I just think that FiM fans and MLP fans are different things almost entirely. There is actual lore and plot in FiM, which can really turn conversations about MLP into a slog because really all I would like to talk about are toy releases, different country variants of toys, unreleased toys, etc. I'm more into the production of the toys than the lore of FiM. It kind of frustrates me that the MLP thread in /m/ includes G4 just because there is so much non-toy conversations to have about it that it kind of bores me. Don't feel bad about liking it, this is just my opinion and it shouldn't have any effect on your likes. Enjoy the pony show nonnie.

No. 1586296

im a zoomie too but my mom was obsessed with 80s and 90s stuff so i was lucky to have the privilege of watching the older cartoons, having the older toys, shirts, etc. of stuff like mlp and rainbow brite, care bears and cabbage patches. its fine to just like 4! we all have different experiences and while its a toy line at its core the cartoons and movies old and new are really sweet and a good watch for kids. you should check out the older cartoons and movies and games too if you want. enjoy your g4 ponies zoomeranon! my favorite mane 6 is fluttershy.

No. 1586297

>should cats be fed vegan

Idk anyone who feeds cats live animals and sits there and watch them die.

No. 1586298

KEK. Men think recognising male degeneracy and enjoying movies that shit on shitty scrotes is ‘indoctrination’. They logical sex tm kek.

No. 1586299

Damn you retarded

No. 1586300

Poor bait. Sad bait.

No. 1586301

bi and i agree. i also think a majority of pride stuff is tacky but it'd feel wrong for me to use anything but bi colors 99% of the time because people who are exclusively SSA don't have the same option to be in a hetero relationship and still be happy and for some reason a lot of bi people think it's bad to recognize that we have that so this pisses me off too

No. 1586303

It’s so funny when white women go on and on about how midsommar was a feminist movie about female rage and revenge against shitty scrotes but ignore the fact that a innocent poc woman was killed in the movie for no reason….

No. 1586306

>Should cats be fed vegan, too?
Don't get them started on that nona most of them think cats should be indoor only for the sake of the birds and mice kek

No. 1586308

Yeah they should be indoors only so they don't get mauled by dogs, run over by cars, killed by sociopaths, or fucking stolen. Retard.

No. 1586313

We just ended this argument don't start it up again

No. 1586316

Letting your cats roam outdoors is dangerous for both the cats and other animals.

No. 1586322

I do what I want mini mod

No. 1586326

Nta but how is this bait

Finally some good fucking bait

No. 1586328

I agree with you but you're just going to get the baiting moid(s) angry again nonna

No. 1586329

My cat is a 13 year old rescue cat who used to live in a busy downtown city, I couldn't keep him indoors if I tried. And no one is going around murdering or stealing cats where I live, do you know how rare that is? Retard.

No. 1586331

I never watched midsommer nor Jennifer's body. I think I will watch midsummer eventually, but not Jennifer's body.

No. 1586332

you're right and you should say it, killing off other women will never be sticking it to moids. most anons here didn't even pay attention to the movie.

No. 1586334

I'll be eagerly awaiting your vent post about how your cat was ran over by some shithead moid driver and how sad you are and how you don't know how it could have happened and why you boohoo (because you let your retarded geriatric cat outside). Retard.

No. 1586335

Depends on what kind of movies you like, but imo Jennifer's Body is way better

No. 1586336

Midsommar was kind of boring. Women only liked it because they have shitty exes who they wish would be tortured to death. Jennifer’s body is way better.

No. 1586337

Well you'll be waiting a long time cause there are no roads near my house, my old boy is free to kill all the little birdies he likes. Clutch your pearls harder lol

No. 1586341

Famous last words. Don't forget to write a long-ass eulogy, conveniently forget to mention it was because you let him roam outside, and include a picture of his mangy ass too so anons can asskiss you and lie about how cute he was.

No. 1586343

Go to therapy and fix your autism, no one gets this worked up over a cat

No. 1586349

NTA but people who care about their pets certainly do get worked up over them. Wtf is wrong with you

No. 1586350

Certainly not you since you don't give a fuck if your old-ass cat has fleas or runs into bigger, more dangerous animals. When your cat dies it will literally be all your fault kek.

No. 1586354

>you'd realize he never "wanted mixed babies with her for the cult"
Then why were you, or another anon? who cares, sperging about her being an incel broodmare from earlier?
No one pulled that from nowhere as a gotcha, that's what some anon upthread said before they sperged about Nazis.
>If you think about the relationship and revenge aspect of the entire movie, the most likely scenario is that he considered leaving the cult after getting a crush on her, but she spurned his advances and just dated the brown guy, prompting him to rage and think "You're both going to feed my white mommy and daddy deities (also sorry to my nazi family for lapsing and even considering racemixing or leaving you, here is my penance ala typical cult fare)".
Which at the end of the day is still only your interpretation. Nazi white supremacy makes zero sense for this movie but you do you.

Funny how I never defended the cult in my OP, but go off. And needless to say, multiple people have disagreed with you.

Still waiting to be shown the post itt that claimed Midsommer was "feminist."

No. 1586356

File: 1684967133417.jpg (20.4 KB, 281x287, 1682468082573.jpg)

>thread gets critical about muslims and suddenly arguments appear bitching about Nazism and white women

No. 1586358

>Then why were you, or another anon? who cares, sperging about her being an incel broodmare from earlier?
I wasn't? You're so confused about who's posting what in this thread while sperging so hard.
>Which at the end of the day is still only your interpretation. Nazi white supremacy makes zero sense for this movie but you do you.
Go argue with Ari Aster. Next, I'm sure you'll be posting here that trans women are women and it's only our inerpretaion that they aren't kek.

No. 1586359

>Nazi white supremacy makes zero sense for this movie but you do you.
The fucking book. That Ari Aster wanted. In the fucking movie. Were you in special ed? Because you are becoming more and more retarded with each reply.
>claim to love movie because it makes moids angry
>interpret it wrong in the process
It's giving mental retardation.

No. 1586361

I bashed Islam harder than anyone else has so far ITT, and also am one of the anons who pointed out the movie is about a Nazi cult. Keep crying.

No. 1586362

The retard anon made one throw away line about the mooslims and then kept bringing it up because she wanted to distance herself from siding with a fictional white supremacist cult in the name of hating moids. Don't be a fucking retard.

No. 1586364

No I'm the one with the old cat, I'm saying it's weird to get this worked up over someone else's cat, insulting it and wishing death on it. As if my cat knows he's getting called old and mangy lol it's bizarre

No I care about his happiness and he's happy being indoor/outdoor. It's worth the risk to let him live his life the way he wants. He used to live on the streets downtown and now he can do what he likes. I take a risk every time I go out, risking getting hit by a car or getting shot. But I'm not going to shelter myself in my house and be miserable just because there's risks. That's life, and I'd rather he live out a few very happy outdoor years then 10 years stuck inside miserable and bored because he likes climbing trees and running on my back hill

No. 1586365

File: 1684967544246.png (Spoiler Image, 405.48 KB, 419x664, kekekeke.png)

Slightly unrelated but Blake Anderson kinda looks like my bf and when we broke up one time for like a month Blake became my husbando.

No. 1586367

Imagine the owner of a ferret saying this shit kek. It's a domestic animal. It's not a wild animal. RIP fugly cat in advance.

No. 1586368

>I wasn't
Fine. Someone else did, retard. Hence I put a question mark.
Do not play dumb.
>b-b-b-but DA BOOK!
I need to see the quote that the movie intended to be white supremacist. The plot, again, makes zero sense in argument for it no matter how much you protest it ought to be interpreted. If that were the case, then it's done poorly.

Moids are still angry regardless of anyone's interpretation of it and that is the beauty.

The OP makes no mention of supporting the cult but it sounds like you need to convince yourself of that to believe in your own point.

No. 1586369

ITT: assblasted moid. Seethe harder faggot

No. 1586372

Look here! >>1585851
>We root for Dani and the cult
"We" root for the cult TOP FUCKING KEK I sure as hell wasn't!

No. 1586373

>so retarded she couldn't understand a movie and can't figure out how to use an imageboards
>calls others retards
Can't wait for your shit site to come back so you can leave us alone.

No. 1586374

please watch the movie again and actually pay attention. i'm begging you.

No. 1586375

I'm telling my cat you used a 2009 insult on him and he's going to be just heartbroken lol

No. 1586377

I'm sure he'll be more heartbroken when he gets mauled alive by some roaming predator, getting called fugly will be the least of his worries.

No. 1586378

Saying that the audience is convinced to support the cult =/= the cult is morally sound and justified. Also is not stating the cult is feminist.
I feel bad that you read with no nuance and it causes you to seethe so badly for no real reason. Sad.

No. 1586380

My feelings are hurt for anon's cat because of the moid wishing death upon it and the fag using the word fugly

No. 1586382

The audience was not tricked into siding with the cult, as evidenced by the many anons in this thread that have been calling you wrong and retarded this entire time. Sorry you were so retarded that YOU were tricked but I was built better than that.

No. 1586383

My post was sarcasm but I know why you didn't pick up on that… here you go nona, you might wanna give this a read. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/autism/signs/adults/

No. 1586384

This is not the epic own you think it is, of course I know a cat isn't going to be heartbroken by being called fugly. He will be kind of upset when he dies alone outside though.

No. 1586385

You are a retard.
Islam is still shit.
Men are still mad.
And you are still the idiot who cannot even sage so others can filter out your sperging yet you say others cannot grasp imageboards.

>The audience was not tricked into siding with the cult
Then you are an idiot with no psychological understanding of how cults appeal and work, which was described in detail in the OP which you blindly took as "support."

Multiple people have disagreed with you too.

No. 1586386

>It's worth the risk to let him live his life the way he wants. He used to live on the streets downtown and now he can do what he likes. I take a risk every time I go out, risking getting hit by a car or getting shot.
Girl, he's a cat

No. 1586388

Yeah and he gets stir crazy indoors for too long. It's not that complicated, cats are very easy to read

No. 1586389

>still sperging about muslims even though they are not relevant at all to this conversation and everybody knows their religion is retarded.
Schizo. Phrenic.

No. 1586390

nta but you don't have to sage on off-topic boards kek

No. 1586391

>mad moid tries to pretend he fits in by insulting islam (he doesn't realize we've been doing it longer)
>thinks you need to sage on /ot/ (because he migrated from KF)
>doesn't realize how many anons alternate between saging and not (again, because he is a KF migrant)
Just like all other chYmps, you fail at everything you try to do, even watching a movie.

No. 1586392

Found the sociopath

No. 1586394

Found the psycho that likes to see dead cat roadkill.

No. 1586395

Considering >>1586261 , >>1586266 , >>1586269 it's obvious what it is. It identifies as blending in kek.

No. 1586396

Not sociopathic. Do you treat children the same way? Because cats have minds very similar to children. There are dangers, this isn't a fucking movie or some "Live fast, die young" shit. Stop being irresponsible.

No. 1586399

Nta but it's normal to let kids play outside. Just not when their toddlers and you teach them road safety. You want to raise a houseplant or a child?

No. 1586400


Sage allows posts to be filtered.
You don't "have to" do shit but I am making you aware of the feature in case you did not understand that other users might want to actually read unpopular opinions without your pants-shitting, since you brought up the subject about imageboards. Newfag.

No. Just no. This must be bait.

No. 1586401

Based kek. "Nooo women can't enjoy movie that shits on scrotes nooo."

No. 1586404

File: 1684968822725.jpg (75.12 KB, 936x622, 107996.jpg)

No. 1586405

I was the middle post and it was a joke, I'm not the troon

No. 1586406

>t. KF moid trying to blend by accusing other anons of being moids


No. 1586407

Most parents give kids phones or can outright tell them not to go to certain places. That's not a thing with pets.

No. 1586408

It also shat on that brown girl. Oh, I forgot that brown women are simply just moids to you lot!(infighting)

No. 1586409

>samefaggging moid trying to "no u" after getting clocked
Women can actually understand movies, and this makes you very angry.

No. 1586411

That's because it's a man trying to start shit. He basically admitted it, then went back on it and is now accusing others of being the moid.

No. 1586412

Your balls are getting absolutely clowned lmaoooo leave

No. 1586414

You're so bad at trying to sound like a woman, like you just hopped off Twitter. Malding and pathetic, please rope

No. 1586415

>without your pants-shitting, since you brought up the subject about imageboards. Newfag.
anon…do you know what "nta" means? do you know that multiple people disagree with you?

No. 1586417

Which post shat on the brown girl?
You're not responding to the same anon and you seem very confused.

Cope & seethe.

No. 1586418

Look at you go making shit up lol

No. 1586419

>cats are similar to children
This is literally fucking retarded, I'm sorry for being mean but Jesus. Cats are literally apex predators nonna

No. 1586421

No. 1586422

File: 1684969307697.png (72.93 KB, 445x450, 1681935177089.png)

>get called out for being a scrote
At least he's being honest, I guess. Fucking hell.

No. 1586423

Multiple people disagree with you. God, stop responding you unwashed Y chromosome!

No. 1586427

File: 1684969405632.png (39.39 KB, 911x408, catt.png)


No. 1586428

did you respond to the wrong post. wtf is going on

No. 1586429

>mocks people for not interpreting movies
>fails to interpret that incorrectly accusing anon of being a moid is a pretty bad cope
It wasn't a confession lmao

No. 1586431

KF scrote or tranny chimping out. He doesn't know how to post on an imageboard, so he gets people mixed up, and now he's trying to save face by saying everyone else is a man.

No. 1586432

Yes but we're talking about surviving on their own, idiot, see your own post:

>There are dangers

No. 1586435

Neither anons you replied too but I've never seen a 2 year old hunt and kill a hummingbird with it's bare hands then consume the entire thing including the pointy beak

No. 1586436

"Apex predators" are still not built for urban sprawls or human civilations the way you'd like to think, retard. I said their minds are similar to children, which any behaviorist can attest to.

No. 1586437

I dunno what's going on exactly, but I am sure the person who complained about unsaged post is in the wrong.

No. 1586439

A 2-year-old human would immediately get rekt in the wild lmao

No. 1586440

Exactly, cats are superior

No. 1586441

Actually that's precisely the environment in which they thrive and are literally classed as apex predators.

No. 1586442

I'm satisfied that the anon bitching about cats is a dumbass so I will be taking my leave, this thread was a wild ride today whew

No. 1586443

Unpopular opinion lol

No. 1586446

That's the correct opinion

No. 1586447

to you(chill out Midsommarfag)

No. 1586448

And you.(stop indulging her)

No. 1586449

I've also never seen the aftermath of a 2 year old getting ran over and left on the side of the road, so.

No. 1586450

It was a joke nona get that stick out your ass

No. 1586451

I've also never seen a 2 year old get mauled by dogs.

No. 1586452

Take it to your autism coach or whatever, and ask them to teach you how to pick up on jokes

No. 1586453

Nobody filters saged posts on /ot/ of all places.

No. 1586454

I don't really care about witty marvel-humor comebacks from someone that lets their domestic animal outside to roam and be killed by god knows what. Call me an autist, I don't care. At least I know my cat isn't going to die with their guts torn out of their body.

No. 1586456

I think men rarely post here unless it’s to spam or post cp. if you’re screeching that anons are scrotes it’s very unlikely. Lolcow is too dead for scrotes to give a shit about arguing here.

No. 1586458

Okay? At least I know I'm not a socially malformed weirdo who wishes death upon random peoples cats online because I disagree with them.

No. 1586461

>wishes death
>literally just saying what is likely to happen
And you call me an autist kek maybe don't proudly announce you let your cat outside to roam without supervision and people won't clown on you for it, retard. You're literally too lazy to play with your cat so you let him outside to run around. I hope he gets taken in by smarter people.(infighting)

No. 1586462

If only this was true.

No. 1586468

You were literally saying you were excited to see me posting about my cats death in the vent thread, that's not "just saying what's likely to happen." Don't try to downplay your retard tantrum cause your embarrassed now

No. 1586472

Are you the same faggot troon who was spamming shit about wishing suicide on trannies, when that's directly contradictory to board culture? We usually hate them, but we never fantasize about their deaths. You're obviously projecting if you're the same tard kek

No. 1586479

Yes. Forever traumatized by seeing just the thumbnails of videos of people buying guinea pigs at the pet store to give to their pet snakes. These people are psychopaths.

No. 1586485

File: 1684972377796.jpeg (21.96 KB, 723x497, wait_what.jpeg)

NTA. In fact, I have called her out multiple times, but the word Incel really has all its meaning, I once saw a misogynistic man who was married with multiple children being referred to as an incel. It just feels strange to use that term to describe any misogynistic man or woman when it has a specific meaning.

No. 1586503

File: 1684973692636.jpeg (171.66 KB, 2000x1333, image.jpeg)

Dani didn't have great looking male options, but I'd say the actor who played Pelle would probably be the best one and he def don't look/act like an incel in spite of the manipulative tactics.

No. 1586529

>trying to suggest random anons are racist for liking midsommar after anons laughed about it offending men
Identify as blending in kek. Using the words doesn’t help it is transparent.

No. 1586533

Nta but saying nta doesn’t make them definitely nta since it’s anonymous.

No. 1586535

then i guess everyone ITT is all one person. i'm you right now.

No. 1586539

8/10 times it's perfectly fine for women to hit men. But not the other way around. Men are physically stronger than women and use it as a manipulation tactic whenever they can. Women are socialized to be kind and mild to men so if she's hitting a scrote he probably had it coming. I only say 8/10 because some women are BPD type crazy and hit everyone.

No. 1586545

Women don’t really use dating sites because men have chased them off. I remember using them and sometimes getting really rude or overly sexually messages and it’s so disheartening when all you want is some normal guy who can hold a conversation. The same guys bitching that they get no matches are the same people who treat the women who do match and give them a chance like shit kek

No. 1586548

They caused it yet bitch about it at the same time kek.

No. 1586554

What kind of rude messages?

No. 1586555

Rude messages about race, appearance or crude sex jokes as “pick up lines”. I think most of hem do it because they don’t expect to get any responses anyway so they just come to troll.

No. 1586563

Leonardo DiCaprio is low key kinda cute still

No. 1586565

I was smiling before I read this.

No. 1586599

He looks like a pumpkin

No. 1586613

OP's image is so CUTE

No. 1586619

Well, I don't know what to tell you. There hasn't been a discovered method that are less violent, less painful, or having the least complications possible even for prisoners on death row. That diy sewerside pic getting spread around online might just be bait.(you can say bad words here)

No. 1586636

I think fourth wave feminists arent taken seriously no matter how they present their arguments.

No. 1586719

based. i blame Workaholics for making me have a thing for potheads (more stealthy potheads than the workaholics guys though)

No. 1586730

lean lanky bodies on men are hot. gymfaggots always get this odd belly on them at times and it turns me off. its gross and reminds me of my dad. sick of the "bro you need to LIFT" propaganda… unless he's a skinnyfat twink, they have weird little potbellies and girly arms too.

No. 1586769

I find muscle disgusting looking, but I'm also not attracted to moids. I tend to feel safer in the presence of fat moids than muscular moids, though

No. 1586772

File: 1685007622020.jpg (46.18 KB, 640x628, kv0sspge5ep61.jpg)

The best way to 'find yourself' isn't always having great adventures, but spending a lot of time in solitude. We internalise who we are from the people around us. It is in your darkest and loneliest moments that you have to find who you really are.

No. 1586774

fat mass also adds to potential strength so i wouldn’t feel safe both with a muscular and an obese moid. skinny borderline anorexic types look safer but if they’re taller they can still overpower you sadly. not if they’re true and honest ana-kuns though, those don’t have any energy or power to fight

No. 1586776

>It is in your darkest and loneliest moments that you have to find who you really are.
this is retarded nona

No. 1586778

fat moids get the rope. i just hate when men who already look good will have gymfag scrodingers harrassing them about needing to hit the gym because they arent buff enough. like unless hes a fucking faggot why should a guy care what moids think, they have horribel taste anyway

No. 1586779

AYRT I'm fat and tall myself so I guess it's slightly more different, but you're absolutely right that frail ana kuns aren't threatening unless they're around 6'3 or taller kek

No. 1586786

Speaking of, it’s funny when the moids whine about how they don’t get matches when you just know it’s because they aren’t attractive enough to get away with boring selfies. If they took pictures doing hobbies and stuff and demonstrating skill or personality they would be fine but they’re too stupid to figure that out. Many lie about their height too, like don’t they realize lying is really unattractive? If they meet up, they find out anyway. It’s one thing to be short, another to be a liar

No. 1586791

Men will put zero effort into their profiles and use pictures from highschool when they’re halfway through college i don’t see why

No. 1586793

maybe anecdotal but out of my exes, the lanky 6ft one was the meanest by far. I think they don’t feel masculine so that can cause them to be insecure and mean kek

No. 1586796

Men will put zero effort into their profiles and use pictures from highschool when they’re halfway through college i don’t see why

No. 1586799

Men will put zero effort into their profiles and use pictures from highschool when they’re halfway through college i don’t see why

No. 1586808

As is the case with the majority of their problems.

No. 1586810

ottermode ftw

No. 1586812

it is the truth thou

No. 1586813

people are insecure? maybe because he has other moids telling him to rope himself just like you?

No. 1586821

NTA but one of the farmhands in /meta/ actually stated that most moid reports were inaccurate. All over some mediocre movies damn

No. 1586856

women shouldn't post here too lmao. 4chan is unironically better even at mocking the people this place mocks.
Honestly I don't get why not just use twitter to gossip like everybody else

No. 1586858

No one uses Twitter to gossip aside from gay men trannies or older ladies. Normal people gossip irl.

No. 1586860

4chan threads are wildly off topic shitfests with teen boys screeching and posting whatever shit they feel like you are a moron for comparing the threads on there to here at all

No. 1586862

twitter users are too annoying and consists of too many teenagers and troons. 4chan posters always force their coomerisms and/or /pol/ shit into every topic.

No. 1586863

Fat moids will always be better than muscular moids cope lol

No. 1586864

>t.fat moid

No. 1586873

>comparing the main site that spawned this site is moronic

No. 1586876

Nta but the main site is much more different now than it was at the time it created this site. Even /cgl/ is ruined now.

No. 1586880

4chan is pure cancer now. It's nothing but pornography, bots, glowies, coomers, and retards screeching about Chad, Stacy, and da joos

No. 1586883

cgl is not a thing anymore thankfully
yes, but even with all that its more entertaining

No. 1586887

File: 1685017816034.jpg (286.24 KB, 2142x2142, il_fullxfull.3538465197_lnh7.j…)

Probably not an unpopular opinion here but I HATE these ugly fucking things with a burning, seething fashion. They're so. Fucking. Ugly. It immediately turns whatever a person is wearing into cheap chinese slave labor polyester trash no matter what they're wearing. Again, they are so fucking ugly and cheap looking and the worst part is that every fucking shein goth has like 20 of them. It is on par with the tranny heart o-ring chokers to me. Just fucking UGLY. I HATE THESE. And like 80% of the people who wear these are retarded girls who call themselves "man loving men" and faggots. If you wear these I fucking hate ypu and wish you the worst. Get out of my fucking sight if you got one of these on, fucking hideous.

No. 1586888

*burning, seething passion

No. 1586896

Euphoria was kind of shit. Maybe because I’m in my 30s but I did think the first season was good so it can’t be an age thing. I think by the second season it just felt like a porn music video with no actual plot but even in the first season I could tell the director is very attracted to Sydney because she was the only one put in very hardcore porn scenes even in the first season.

No. 1586908

Unless you’re Asian you’re going to need a little bit of weight so you don’t look old as fuck after your 30s

No. 1586909

Fat moids are a waste of testosterone. A fat moids can also overpower and abuse you, it's still a male. You're not safe because he's fluffy and has bitch tits. But I guess the advantage is you could definitely outrun him if you needed too.

No. 1586913

the only pro of fat moids is being walking punching bags, you should be able to beat that mf into oblivion and he shouldnt feel a thing because of its grease shield

No. 1586916

>But I guess the advantage is you could definitely outrun him if you needed too.
made me kek

No. 1586917

twitter is sucking troon dick most of the time, can't go on anti-troon spergs there

No. 1586918

They also float better.
Though this is useful in very rare circumstances, like when your ship capsized

No. 1586921

You would think that but they're the most sensitive bitches alive
one time I hit my chubby ex because he was pissing me off and I told him to stop repeatedly and he wouldn't stop bitching about how much it stung and took pictures

No. 1586934

The show's producer got into some shit because he took over a show a woman initially worked on and essentially turned it into a rape porn.
Maybe i'm tinfoiling but i think the entire storyline around Kat is to groom nerdy fat ugly girls into camming and I'm sick of the way the troon is glorified even though his actor wrote an incel manifesto.

No. 1586943

Sage for blogpost. My moid is fat and i can confirm this, i do this to blow off some steam at times. Another pro is that he can literally act as a living heater when we're out in the cold,and in crowds he moves assholes out of my way.
Before you ask, yes i make him go to the gym regularly but the retard lifts instead of doing cardio

No. 1586944

No. 1586948

The person who played kat didn’t like the direction he was going with the character so he wrote her character off in the next season

No. 1587157

Is that a bad thing? Better than being a ghoul

No. 1587158

Hunter schafer wrote an incel manifesto? Hate them even more now

No. 1587161

Maybe this is a literal unpopular opinion but most moids won’t abuse you. What you have to worry now is more them being extremely lazy and passive, rather than abusive

No. 1587166

If you werent on this site pre 2015 you’re a new fag. That’s when most of the milk was plentiful anyway.

No. 1587183

No. 1587225

If you make stupid mistakes at a young age and your parents try to warn you, it’s still your fault. For example if at a young age you meet a scrote and your parents beg you not to get pregnant by him and the relationship goes to shit then you can’t blame being young on your actions. I think only young people who didn’t have proper guidance can blame their past mistakes on youth.

No. 1587238

fat male OR fat male fetishist detected gtfo

No. 1587251

euphoria is trashy "barely legal" porn FILTH disguised as a show about high schoolers made by sick twisted coomers to groom underaged girls

No. 1587267

File: 1685047607099.jpeg (63.37 KB, 1147x678, EDB9F314-C4C1-42D8-995B-46367E…)

Sam Levinson’s face literally looks like the Coomer wojak meme

No. 1587314

he's got the thousand coom stare. i also saw the sydney actress used to do porn so that's probably why he hired her + has her do a lot of sex scenes. this moid is creepy as hell. i'm sure we will be hearing of allegations soon.

No. 1587332

File: 1685053415524.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 183.65 KB, 1280x853, 9F79F26D-54DA-4E3F-9DAF-53607F…)

It’s not Sydney who is the porn start it’s that other girl(chole cherry) on the show with the big lips who does ddlg porn. He saw her in a porno and thought she would be great for the role. I think his type is barely legal blondes. The fact that pic related is the kind of porn he watches says a lot kek

No. 1587337

File: 1685053556722.jpeg (71.76 KB, 1284x396, 69F5B03F-5524-4FDC-B8BA-A02EC0…)

No. 1587343

I'm pretty sure it's just the science of low t that causes this preference. Definitely a hormone imbalance. Just like men with low t preferring thin and shapeless, high t guys like thicker. Women with abnormally low t like guys who look like Timothy Chalamet with his underdeveloped chest and Chad women like thick boys. I know i am right and will take no criticism.

No. 1587348

Hes been to Thailand

No. 1587349

I feel like there are types of fat that are attractive. Obviously Nickacado levels fat is repugnant but a man who is built like an Amish oaf with the right distribution and body hair pattern can be really handsome. This only works if they have beards to hide the chin though, I think the reason people are more forgiving of fat men than women is because they can pretend to have a more structured face with hair.

No. 1587352

women don't necessarily need high t if they don't want to

No. 1587353

No. 1587358

I'm saying women WITH high t.

You heard me. Liking men that are scrawny and ill looking is a sign that you have a hormone imbalance.

No. 1587364

then I suffer from mega PCOS cause I love me a slim, skinny, cute guy

Fuck them fatties and gym rats forever

No. 1587367

You just sound like you want to pathologize other women not sharing your taste.
>thick boys
Vomit. Get well soon.

No. 1587369

the post said
>Women with abnormally low t like guys who look like Timothy Chalamet with his underdeveloped chest
and i'm saying there's nothing wrong with women having lower t. are you the chumbucket stacy anon

No. 1587371

So women with normal levels of testosterone like cute guys is what you're trying to say. None of this is new information.

No. 1587396

File: 1685055864198.png (311.23 KB, 460x374, timothe-chalamet-1516123065-vi…)

Liking this shit is a sign that you're underage or need to go to the doctor

No. 1587398

That is exactly what I am saying. Notice how they hating. Smh

No. 1587401

Pick a better example then, that boy is ugly

No. 1587410

So are all the other spindly bundles of twigs

No. 1587411

I don't like that either, but addiction to fat men indicates you have more issues

No. 1587413

Post your type. Every single time, literally EVERY time these sort of debates happen anons never post what they find attractive.

No. 1587418

File: 1685056974780.jpeg (47.42 KB, 893x501, rosettastone.jpeg)

fucking kek, the resemblance is uncanny

No. 1587424

At least his dick can be located and used, not so for hambeasts who haven't seen their dick in 13 years or steroid chimps with erectile dysfunction and other equipment issues.

No. 1587428

ah, yes. He was coom-scrolling through her insta because he likes her sense of humor. Of course.

No. 1587429

File: 1685057321304.png (920.64 KB, 778x741, 110.png)

Liking men that are scrawny and ill looking is a sign that you are sick

No. 1587430

My 'type' isn't pigeonholed and includes plenty different brands of men, just not scrawny and lanky because I have literally never in life seen an attractive man built like jack skellington

No. 1587431

Say what you want about skinny men but I noticed skinny white boys always have abnormally huge dicks for their size

No. 1587433

See at least you're going along with it unlike >>1587424 who got so mad she had to make it personal and dream up obese men to be angry about

No. 1587434


No. 1587435

KEK not this picture……

No. 1587436

That made me laugh reading that as his reason for asking her to audition lmao!

No. 1587437

You're pretty aggro, and it sounds like you're hypersexual/kind of a coomer about men instead of just having a type like everyone else. Are you sure you're not high T?

No. 1587438

oh i googled "euphoria sydney" and for some reason it was showing me that blonde girl. and yeah says a lot… especially weird bc they kinda put hunter in those kinds of clothes, right? i've only seen comps of the show on yt and it proved that the show was trash enough for me to never watch it.

>due to her sense of humor
uh huh, sure bro

you do realize there's a spectrum of body types that don't just range from twink to beefcake right? im ayrt and i tend to like super tall thin guys who have some muscle but aren't "buff". i definitely don't like the twink body type here >>1587396

love you nonna, we are on the same team.

No. 1587439

No. 1587440

Based. Don't know why you pissed off some chubby chaser/gymbro, but it's probably a scrote.

No. 1587441

I spend my whole life thinking being attracted to muscles was a meme. I thought women where joking when they said muscles are attractive but turns out they meant it? Muscles are so comical looking. I don't like ana-kuns either but a lean body is ideal

No. 1587442

I've been trolling this entire time you absolute retard

No. 1587447

I like my men and women with some muscle and tone, but skinny guys can be cute if they have a certain style and a big fat dick.

No. 1587448

>I was only pretending to be retarded
Male pattern trolling. Get those hormones checked.

No. 1587449

If I can't use a man as a xylophone then what's the point

No. 1587451

Samefag, but not like Timothee Chalamet in that pic though. He looks like a little boy.

No. 1587453

me too, other girls always shit on my taste in men growing up. at the time that magic mike dude was all the rage and i thought he looked like a meatwad idiot, i hate himbo types. maybe anime is to blame for my tastes but obviously here i am not the only one and my friends irl have similar tastes to me.

ty nonicita <3

No. 1587454

KEK goddamn

No. 1587455

I've made like four or five posts on the subject because I saw an opportunity and it worked so

No. 1587457

Did I stutter?

No. 1587461

Ok good I was feeling self conscious that the guy I’m into is kind of skinny, good to know it’s because I actually have some kind of hormone imbalance great

No. 1587462

You mad I'm having fun and you mad

No. 1587465

Nurse she's out again

No. 1587469

File: 1685058523729.jpeg (15.27 KB, 236x434, A533C794-24F7-4484-B0DC-51F05C…)

This is the best body type. Not too honey not too big.

No. 1587478

i hope you're trolling, don't worry about it. skinny men are the gold standard imo

No. 1587480

Doesn’t high testosterone in women actually cause lower libido?

No. 1587481

I was mostly being sarcastic lol, he’s cute he’s just not the type I normally go for.

No. 1587488

he used to be so handsome. looks like a bloated corpse with a giant head now

No. 1587491

Why can't you just like normal sized men. Are skinny men less threatening to you

No. 1587495

Oh my god let it go. Are you a seething gymbro or something?

No. 1587496

Lose weight fatty

No. 1587504

a man going to the gym is a turnoff because it's a sign of vanity for a man to think he deserves to have visible muscles. they should know their place and be obedient and insignificant

No. 1587506

File: 1685060225384.jpg (33.84 KB, 794x596, 14959121.jpg)

>maybe anime is to blame for my tastes
I feel like shoujo mangakas are the only ones who understands what makes men attractive. They have to have a gentle look to them and be pretty instead of handsome. I hate that webtoons are pushing for square shaped men with tiny heads and romance movies are pushing fuck ugly old men. I feel bad for modern teen girls who wants to indulge in romance stories because men are just ugly and modern 2d men are too

No. 1587512

Autism really does make you impervious to satire huh

No. 1587517

File: 1685060961986.gif (916.67 KB, 245x138, tumblr_n8ngsax3xD1rob81ao9_r1_…)

No. 1587519

Autism would be more like repeating the same joke again and again when no one else thought you were funny.

No. 1587520

File: 1685061293114.jpg (39.82 KB, 468x308, article-1386050-0C020099000005…)

No. 1587528

File: 1685061830305.jpeg (296.27 KB, 1284x1966, 8353B928-A7E9-4D10-8843-0BCB51…)

I’m more annoyed by weak willed and spineless women than sympathetic. Like seriously…jealous of your own daughter because she has the same skin color of the women your scrote cheats with?

No. 1587532

Kek, what is this from?

No. 1587534

How is this an unpopular opinion babes

No. 1587535

Your manifestation board

No. 1587536

>big fat black woman going after the skinniest nerdiest white losers she can find

She’s me and I’m her

No. 1587538

I ship it

No. 1587545

It's from 2000's Road Trip. One of the many American Pie knock offs

No. 1587548

File: 1685063700903.gif (1.77 MB, 240x134, angelina jolie 3850672-1792876…)

>even thick baddies have good taste
So what's the problem here? Get off tumblr and start starving. It's heroin chic era for men whether you like it or not mf

No. 1587549

I’m going to puke

No. 1587551

Being thin is only cute when you’re under 23. After that you just look old.

No. 1587553

muscular men and twinks should just fuck each other so we all can stop this infighting

No. 1587556

God, it's really sad how Thailand has a reputation as a mecca for loser coomers. I wish all sexpats in this world would commit die already and leave vulnerable children and women alone.

No. 1587557

File: 1685064705782.gif (590.24 KB, 220x275, flirt-hey-girl.gif)

No. 1587559

it's sexy. deal with it. it's arousing, i don't like chubsters, fatties, or musclebros. i don't even like twinks. i just like a little muscle. too much makes men look chubby to me especially their weird bellies they always have.

these kinds of posts are hilarious

No. 1587562

what’s that movie Christian Bale starved himself for? that was hot but not in a sexual way. sorry I think my brain is screwed on a bit janky

No. 1587563

File: 1685064915260.jpg (42.57 KB, 455x670, henrycavill.jpg)

This is what some people think the average woman should be attracted to. Millions of dollars poured into pushing this in the media, thousands of cryptobisexual men angrily projecting lust for creatures like this onto all women, hundreds of hours put into evopsych copes to defend ugliness and low visual expectations for the male sex. I refuse. Male beauty is important, and no big roid gorilla moid, wrinkly old husk or dadbod can take its place.

No. 1587564

File: 1685064941515.jpg (508.21 KB, 2048x2936, timothée-chalamet-lily-rose-de…)

No. 1587566

that's some weird vagina

No. 1587569

he looks like a homo i used to be friends with. pass.

the machinist. i get it, i just like skinny lanky overworked schizoid types. it's not just the body type, it's the personality i associate with it. women fawn over brad pitt in fight club, fuck that, i thought ed nortons character was A1.

based. also gymbros end up BECOMING the dad bod types when they age, they age like milk. i noticed thinner guys (unless they bald) tend to fare better over time.

nta but that twink is gross and gay imo. i literally thought that was finn wolfhard or whatever. there are leaner guys who are still masculine.

No. 1587570

File: 1685065284036.gif (2.22 MB, 706x296, main-qimg-b8ce6a5136a297da2f38…)

You could say I'm different from other girls. I wish they knew what I knew. I hate those beckys, how they yearn for muscleroided disgusto freaks. I dream of collarbones catching rain and dewdrops so I can drink them in the early morn, of purple veins and dark circles and nicotine stained knuckles, of ribs like ladder rungs, ribs delineated like a starving street dog. Between the dips of his sharp hipbones lies my heavily zenith. Nobody understands my pain any time I have to gaze upon thee rotted filth that is Channing Tatum, Jason Momoa. I long for purity of the highest order. I long for

No. 1587572

File: 1685065395035.jpg (200.44 KB, 1200x926, FsHWjVrWwAATDoJ.jpg)

>"just lift bro"
>"h-haha who likes skinny men??"

No. 1587573

Nta accurate

No. 1587574

This but unironically. I want to lick a man's ribcage and eyebags.

No. 1587575

This made me sad, the vibes are demonic

No. 1587577

Plastic surgery is not a big deal if they look better afterwards and don't have horrible complications. Idg why people post peoples before and afters if they look better in the after as some sort of diss or attempt to humiliate them. I get it in situations where you're reminding people of unrealistic and unobtainable standards but like we are literally just mammals. Who cares. Put botchers and butchers out of business or on hot coals but why get mad at someone for wanting to look better if they actually end up looking better. What has Bella Hadid done besides exist

No. 1587578

File: 1685066580845.jpg (8.47 KB, 225x225, ahaaha help me.jpg)

im one of the anons you're parodying and this made me laugh, i like it
>ribs delineated like a starving street dog

No. 1587580

EXACTLY, like these guys think getting ripped will fix their manlet status and ugly faces.

No. 1587591

No but that’s low key cute how he’s kissing her

No. 1587593

File: 1685068631694.jpeg (205.6 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1797.jpeg)

Ok magic mike looks like a fucking cobra. I think this must be what guys mean when they complain about other guys only building “decorative muscle”. The himbos I know are hot and don’t look like cobras they look actually strong and you can’t take your eyes off dem titties

No. 1587598

Apparently there's such a thing as a roid gut, personally I only like natural looking muscles.

No. 1587600

File: 1685069144302.jpeg (51.63 KB, 500x750, 0D745DFB-9C05-4579-9B49-817F36…)

Alex Wolff is so cute

No. 1587601

Skelly fuckers be like

No. 1587605

File: 1685069725085.jpg (166.87 KB, 1230x1165, 1ef01c191db191cf8c6a21925f304d…)

Only time I've ever found him attractive was in Hereditary.

No. 1587608

god I wish I was the guy in the pic rn

No. 1587610

The bar is on the floor

No. 1587611

I wanna kiss him fr

No. 1587618

File: 1685071224714.jpg (68.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1587619

No. 1587621

I will never watch the Barbie movie that bitch looks nothing like Barbie and Ryan Gosling is ugly

No. 1587623

File: 1685071516735.jpeg (28.42 KB, 640x360, 8796df8bfdf3104df90883249529e7…)

He looks like a washed up cokehead from Florida

No. 1587628

i know some tranny said this a while ago and it caused a frenzy which is why i think it's controversial. yes, kids do have fetishes sometimes. i think this is true because of my own experience. i watched an annie oakley tv show when i was like 1-8 and annie being tied up did something to me. even as a kid i would fantasize about getting tied up or held hostage. no it doesn't mean that kids are "kinky" or it's the same as an adult having a fetish, but it definitely happens sometimes that you'll have some sort of weird para-sexual interest from childhood. i know other people have had this happen with other weird shit from tv shows as a kid too.

No. 1587629

samefag, i meant 6-8 kek.

No. 1587632

I don't care. I'd fuck him until the room stinks

No. 1587638

ayrt, i just am not into the whole pecs thing. u enjoy tho, they're all yours

No. 1587640

File: 1685073285880.png (87.42 KB, 277x358, what_the_big_bro.png)

No. 1587641

File: 1685073305271.png (37.86 KB, 1228x1150, d17.png)

This is the "dark web".
It just has yet to hit everyone else..

No. 1587644

sure, but we all know why trannies love talking about it so much…

No. 1587646

/g/ is the dark web

No. 1587649

Yeah, I'm a psychopath because I feed my pet spider crickets. You wouldn't understand the darkness in my heart

No. 1587653

Yeah, I'm a psychopath because I feed my pet spider crickets. You wouldn't understand the darkness in my heart

No. 1587661

I try to hate Jordan I really do and sometimes I'll see a clip of his and I'm like "fuck this uptight cunt I hope he dies" but then I come across clips like this and I want him to impregnate me

No. 1587665

Go be free, anon >>>/g/308295

No. 1587669

I cannot hear anything but Kermit the frog

No. 1587675

No they just start talking about wanting to see him peg Ben Shapiro

No. 1587678

Either go back to /g/ or abstain altogether from internet.

No. 1587679

I'm watching it on the pure unadulterated strength of him saying "cause we're boyfriengielfriend"

No. 1587683

I don't like g, I would've posted in the dumbass shit thread but it's full and a new one hasn't been made yet. And I figured it fit here cause it is an unpopular opinion kek

No. 1587685

You have no right to dislike /g/

No. 1587686

I don't fit in there, all the nonas have husbandos and I don't and never know who or what anyone's talking about

No. 1587689

you don't need a husbando or know who's being talked about to fit in there. just this post >>1587661 alone is enough.

No. 1587698

Fine I'll give it a lurk, I feel like you're just trying to get rid of me though

No. 1587718

Come on over to the unconventional male attractions thread, you'd be surprised at how much taste varies there kek

No. 1587720

Rancefag is the George Floyd of Lolcow.

No. 1587752

Don’t understand what tf you’re talking about but this seems like outrage bait

No. 1587757

it is, don't respond

No. 1587795

File: 1685086592030.png (71.52 KB, 700x404, tacc1157_05_faceright_10k_rgb.…)

Pugs are the dog equivalent of picrel. I actually feel bad for the poor creatures, humans shouldn't just be allowed to play god like this.

No. 1587799

Radfems who stan only kpop girl groups are bizarre to me, cause how can they be not uncomfortable looking at those girls daily lives under constant pressure of literally anything. just enjoy their music and dance stages I guess, without posting their new plastic surgery numb face with "oh she's such a fierce queen boss

No. 1587812

Hating pugs is popular. Weird how I never see people bring up cocker spaniels or german shepherds when they are just as much of genetic clusterfucks. Pugs are long lived too and most live happy lives so your pity is misplaced. I know you don't care though

No. 1587818

Fair enough, the purebred obsession in itself is creepy and actual animal cruelty, it's just that pugs look so obviously dysgenic they give more visceral reactions. The average stray dog is not a "mutt", if anything it's a "generic dog" that is not as inbred.

No. 1587820

Back in the day when I was into kpop I'd hang out on an anon forum where they thought liking female idols specifically for their looks was the height of feminism and liking boy groups was actual misogyny. It was so bizarre, enjoying cute boys for your own pleasure doesn't make you anti woman. Putting famous women on a pedestal for being attractive in an industry that abuses tf out of them and demands perfect plastic looks and underweight bodies, on the other hand…

No. 1587824

No. 1587844

>infighting about men
Kek the absolute state of straight women.

No. 1587873

Some uncool and unpopular women don’t really have a choice but to date older men. A lot of young men(18-35)will not date you or take you seriously if you’re not someone his friends would want to fuck. Most men don’t stop being pick mes for their friends until like 35.

No. 1587883

Can't they find uncool and unpopular moids their age?

No. 1587886

You're not like those other girls nonna

No. 1587889

Yeah but from what I’ve discovered is boys like that become abusive because they are mad they can’t get “better women”

No. 1587895

>dating a moid with friends

No. 1587896

They have the choice not to date, women need to accept being single as a viable and superior choice to trash moids.

No. 1587901

They do but as someone in my 30s I can definitely see why some women who aren’t conventionally attractive or don’t have a lot of friends date older because young men just won’t want you. Younger men will only use you for sex and if they like you they will just hide you from their friends and family for years.

No. 1587918

Bob cuts look bad on almost all teens and women, they're only cute on little kids

No. 1587919

that's becasue pugs disabilities are visible to anyone looking at them, but it takes a dog person to see it in otherwise healthy looking and behaving dogs

No. 1587920

Ice spice is a nepo baby but she’s hiding it. It doesn’t make sense that everytime her parents are mentioned she gets defensive or tries to keep them private. Now I wonder who her parents in power are.

No. 1587925

People love to larp that they live in constant pain but they don't it's a weird thing to get stuck on

No. 1587927

I welcome our robot/screen interface cashiers and receptionists, and while at first I felt bad for all the human resources they replace, running errands today I realized I'd rather spend 5 minutes figuring out how to navigate some retarded system with unclear instructions, because at least robots don't make you cry or fuck with you intentionally while you just want something to get done. Fuck all the chinovniks, just let the 3% nice ones be able to recover.

No. 1587931

I would wager that 99% of female Kpop performers, if given the choice, would prefer a life where their family have financial stability over the demands of their profession. They might even find enjoyment in a "regular" lifestyle without the physical toll of intense dance routines, sponsorship obligations, worldwide tours, and strict diets.

No. 1587932

File: 1685095858902.png (94.33 KB, 750x1068, 1502993031324.png)

This will forever be what I visualise when someone says "bob cut"

No. 1587935

fantasy colored hair looks awful and tacky on everyone

No. 1587936

That's not what LARP means, unless you mean munchie pug furries or something.

No. 1587937

Nta but larp is also a term for pretending or lying not just literal live action role play

No. 1587940

Pretending to be something you yourself are not, not just any pretending. A LARP would be like a munchie furry pretending to be a pug that is always in pain. Now that would make for a funny cow, I wonder if those exist.

No. 1587945

I remember reading a quote that said something like "if young peop,e don't have real, positive role models, they'll look up to anyone who's rich and powerful". I think this is true for girls who are kpop girl groups, because they see those idols and female divas as powerful and they've got everything going for them, they're young, fit, and "owning their sexuality". It doesn't really matter what goes on behind the scenes or in real life, It's all about the image they project, and that's what really matters to people

No. 1587962

Her dad is an ""underground rapper"" apparently

No. 1587969

The trannie featuring in the barbie movie is actually very fitting in a shitpost kinda way, everything looks so camp and exaggerated, it feels like the random travesties that sometimes appeared in some 00s movies

No. 1587971

diet coke is disgusting I can taste that fake bitterness next to real coke. I dont drink pop in general anymore but damn they are way different next to each other. I will never understand those who are addicted to diet coke or diet pop in general.

No. 1587973

the whole concept of loving yourself breeds narcissism. everyone should actively criticize themselves and love should only be for other beings.

No. 1587984

that just breeds neurosis and codependency. better idea: everyone should depersonalize and remove the concept of self worth altogether to become robots that eat my ass

No. 1587988

beep bop, please assume bent position

No. 1587989

I think alot of the self love talk that you hear now is a very surface level rosy version of it. Bit like how people started to think self care is all about bath bombs and treating yourself.

Don't do the internal work, don't tackle those deep rooted issues that are holding you back (and affecting those around you) The just fake it til you make it mentality. Say a few affirmations and hype yourself up. Set boundaries for how everyone else needs to treat you but don't look at your own behaviour. One way street

No. 1588182

File: 1685120187237.gif (2.79 MB, 480x270, death_parade_gif_by_sierrafait…)

Dance scenes in anime look even cringier than dance scenes in live actions.

No. 1588195

I need your opinion on the hare hare yukai dance.

No. 1588200

she's not even good looking, like at all, who is perpetuating this meme?

No. 1588205

No. 1588218

The anti trauma-dumping sentiment is getting out of control. I get it on a basic level, like I hate when I look up Christmas gift wants/ideas threads and there’s some faggots with ten zillion upvotes and condolences drowning out the thread with their “all I want for Christmas is for my wife to not be dying from cancer and my baby to finally come home safe from the NICU uwu” but I’ve started to see people complain about strangers or even friends and family sharing heartfelt moments with them and they’re just like wow idfc this is making me uncomfortable keep it for your therapist. Like damn, every relationship is just supposed to be that shallow? You can’t talk about anything that isn’t superficial anymore

No. 1588222

theyre just upsetti spaghetti that their problems aren't as significant and they are jealous/want the attention

No. 1588230

Cringe. Also the first anime choreo I learned. I can still do it.

No. 1588293

KEK 4chan is currently a shell of it's former self. Most of it just devolve into coom posting or sperging about muh jews/niggs anywway
Embarrassing that you'd even say this.

No. 1588316

Warm tap water tastes better than cold tap water.

No. 1588324

people are too obsessed with controlling other people. i saw a post circulating radfem circles that was like "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL MOTHERS, you don't need to apologize to the people whining about not having a mom today and it's so gross that people expect that nowadays! And to people who are unhappy about mothers day, just keep your mouth shut for ONE day so the moms can enjoy themselves" and it was really like… you had me in the first half. if it's inappropriate to make it all about you when someone is being happy about their family, then why isn't it also inappropriate to make it all about you when someone is being sad about their family? people really think the answer is whatever means the whole world revolves around them and noone else deserves their own conversation

No. 1588325

I used to agree with this until I found God. jk, I just prefer cold when its spring/summer and warm when it's winter. I used to drink hot water when I was young because my mom told me to but my teeth are too sensitive for that.

No. 1588331

Tap drinkers are animals

No. 1588334

Well then MOO RAWR BARK bitch, idc

No. 1588346

File: 1685128520580.png (120.56 KB, 624x665, POV.png)

Gotta put another one down like old yeller

No. 1588356

Where else am I supposed to be getting it from? The garden hose? The village well? The rain barrel? Lick up the puddles in front of my door?

No. 1588362


No. 1588374

fucking based

No. 1588416

Women who 'cheat' on men whom they're in a relationship with or 'dating' are simply exploring their options whilst providing singular/undivided companionship to a particular male. As women are capable of balancing multiple fulfilling relationships, whereabouts men NEED to be under the impression they're in a relationship in order to be a fulfilling and full capacity partner, as seen in previous behavior, men are willing to cheat as long as they're capable. So thus, in order to find the :ideal: partner, women should keep their options open in case of a better or more fulfilling relationship whilst keeping their relationship status.

Some may say to break up with said chosen partner before testing the waters with another, but why disregard a perfectly good male if it benefits you? At most, the males feelings get hurt and his ego is destroyed. (Unless you consider the chance of assault by said male BUT we must always consider every male is capable of abuse).

Anyways tldr: cheating is moids is fine.

(this doesn't go for women cheating on women though)

No. 1588445

>As women are capable of balancing multiple fulfilling relationships
>this doesn't go for women cheating on women though
Not that I disagree, I couldn't care less about moids getting cheated on (or about moids in general) but this tiny contradiction make me kek for some reason.

No. 1588475

File: 1685138861840.jpeg (48.77 KB, 828x1011, 8E0308F8-6789-4207-B162-BD1E13…)

bAcK iN mY dAY…..wE dRaNk from the hose……got spanked!….stoOd for the flag…..no cell phones in sight…..and we LIKED IT!!! Gob bless

No. 1588507

This but unironically.

No. 1588518

…D-do you not have a fridge with built in water filter?

No. 1588525

Nta but no

No. 1588537

File: 1685141584481.jpeg (64.76 KB, 1200x630, 2A858383-D065-46BF-923D-A000A6…)

I find myself going back to “the classics” a lot, too bad most of it is unwatchable save a few gems. Alien holds up amazingly well.
Its very rare to see a film (any work of fiction really) where the men are at an equal risk of being violated by the monster.

No. 1588582

Someone’s RICH lol

No. 1588591

For sure. Ultra hype for a new horror movie makes me suspicious (sometimes it’s warranted but not usually). In a lot of ways horror appeals to very base desires and fears but everyone wants to make it special and deep… especially men who haven’t had any real problems or fears in their lives which is so bizarre to me. but sometimes it is actually deep for people with trauma so I try to be open minded and not poo-poo… but come on it’s not that deep sometimes!!

No. 1588602

no i have a regular old ass white fridge

No. 1588607

Can I borrow a few bucks anon?

No. 1588622

nta but i live in a literally south america favela and im poor and i still have a fridge with built in water filter. you guys are being too dramatic or i really feel sorry for you guys who must live in nigeria or somewhere awful like that

No. 1588626

Literally how those fridges are like $2k USD

No. 1588629

okay you're so much worse and also above everyone else

No. 1588636

I’m a rental apartment sucker in the USA and I didn’t have a fridge with a water filter until I moved to the most low-cost shithole town in the south and rented the biggest house I’ve ever lived in from an old-Monday southern gentleman who has caulked all the windows shut so he doesn’t have to buy screens

No. 1588637

Old money not Monday lol

No. 1588667

File: 1685146281192.jpg (284.46 KB, 1152x2048, ewrrew.jpg)

just searched about this and a normal fridge is 3k and a filter water fridge is like 3.5k. you guys are really being dramatic
yeah exactly how did you know
yeah the cost of living in a poor town is less so you can buy more expensive things for the house but thats not the case because i live in a favela in high cost of living town and i still have a filter water fridge so theory debunked poor ass bitches

No. 1588673

No it’s not what the fuck. You can get a normal fridge for like $500 or less

No. 1588683

Hey everyone, get a load of miss moneybags over here! (Jk, I grew up with one of those fridges and now as a poor fat adult I have a regular-ass fridge that came with the apartment)

No. 1588697

Woo get a load of the rich bitch over here

No. 1588701

I’m having so much fun teasing her I think she’s being funny back this is the most fun I’ve had in like 2 weeks on here lol

No. 1588711

File: 1685147722597.jpg (48.91 KB, 500x402, sfdfd.jpg)

i will not lend money to anyone but any nonnie that is living in a more poor country than mine (hard but i think there are few ones) and dont have a fridge water filter can contact me so i will take you all to my country and in return you will have to work at my company (which I am yet to create) to pay for the plane ticket and expenses i paid for yall (will have to work a considerate time of years)

No. 1588713

i'm murrican and even in suburban homes i only saw these in the rich houses

No. 1588735

I have literally never seen a fridge water filter in my country or knew they existed. And I live in a rich western european country. Our tap water is very clean and pure though, I would definitely want one if I lived somewhere where the tap water had lead paint and faeces in it.

No. 1588795

LMAO ok I will be in contact lol

No. 1588800

post email, let's discuss this

No. 1588873

modern radical feminism really shot itself in the foot by making political lesbianism taboo, in the 70s het women were told not to have het relationships if they were feminists but they were also told they could have sex and romance with women instead. "feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice" etc. etc. now that political lesbianism is deemed problematic, radfems expect to recruit mainstream straight women while also telling them that being a feminist means they can never have sex or romance again. then they get angry that the movement isnt gaining mainstream traction like it once could. yeah no shit, if you tell people "btw if you join our cause you have to give up interpersonal relationships forever" no one will want to join. at least old radfems offered an alternative for hets.

No. 1588881

FUCKING KEK i meant to write poorfag adult ahahaha

No. 1589171

Its like you guys get dumber by the minute

No. 1589181

im gonna sound insane but i dont care. the goal is to create a society where all deeper emotions are outsourced to therapists so we cant make deep connections with friends so we can dedicate ourselves to our worklife. This also puts more money into the psychology industry so they can invent bullshit disorders to any inconvenience. "what do you mean you dont like getting harassed at work? must be because of your disorder. No need to talk to the higher ups or implement laws that protects you. This isn't a problem it's just your brain".
there is a balance between not unprompted sharing your trauma and projecting it into others and having a little bit of compassion for people who has been trough trauma. It's not easy to manage personal relationships but outsourcing every conflict or negative emotions to a therapist is not the solution. Therapy can be good but having people you can deeply bond with on top of that can do wonders

No. 1589182

Go outside. No obe gives a fuck if you wanna larp as a lesbo long as you don't lead real lesbian/bi women on.

No. 1589187

im not straight retard

No. 1589208

I don't care. I'm still right about how no one cares about you or other women larping as lezbos, you're free to do whatever the fuck u want.

No. 1589230

i'm not polilez and people very much do care because they get fuming mad at the mention of political lesbianism but thanks for the riveting conversation

No. 1589244

It's not insane, it's not even new imo therapists are just filling the void left by religion when the world became more secular. Most therapists just remind me of Catholic priests. All complicated feelings must go through a priest, all art and conversation must be church approved, there's a central government institution that defines what is and is not moral and you're expected to go to this central government authority once a week to confess your sins and audit your emotions. It just feels really bleak to me.

>I'm sorry you hate your job, this is clearly due to your original sin Cognitive Distortions, to heal pls tithe 20% of your income to the church private mental health services and recite ten Hail Marys positive affirmations.

No. 1589247

>therapists are just filling the void left by religion when the world became more secular
>Implying anyone but Americans/white people stopped being religious to begin with

No. 1589248

Not agreeing with TIFkun but this is so weird to me. What if a woman wants to remove her ovaries and uterus because she’s in horrible pain every month to the point that she has to stay hunched over a hot water bottle for hours? What is wrong with removing it then?

No. 1589251

Nta but obviously that’s for medical issues. Butchering a functioning body otherwise is stupid.

No. 1589252

File: 1685200604994.jpeg (35.59 KB, 708x396, IMG_3998.jpeg)

That is literally an entirely different situation. Are you retarded? What's next, "what about the removal of tumors"?

No. 1589255

whoops sorry anon i replied to the wrong post i meant

No. 1589256

Literally nothing is wrong with that, that is a legitimate medical problem. Chopping off your completely normal breasts to look more like some fictionalized homosexual anime male is peak mental retardation.

No. 1589259

>taking ownership of their lives, much empowering
>literally undergo selective surgeries purely to mitigate misery directly caused by patriarchy
Interesting…lemme guess “doing it for yourself”? Lol

No. 1589268

Yeah, this is exactly what someone would say when they not only didn't know their lover had AIDS beforehand, but didn't look forward to it either.

No. 1589347

Ntayrt but because of the side effects that anon mentioned and way it affects other organs, if it weren't for that I'd be all for it.

No. 1589534

File: 1685223525815.png (61.83 KB, 552x747, fc6.png)

Underage scrotes can also be predators and sometimes pedophiles, not just adult ones.

No. 1589543

Holy shit… just kill him now

No. 1589551

It's in their genes, ain't nothing you can do about it except shoot 'em.

No. 1589554

If I had to guess I’d say both of them have been molested.

No. 1589557

Jesus Christ sorry for asking a fucking question, anon. Next time I’ll know better.

No. 1589559

Right, supposing this thing is actually true (I'm holding onto hope that it's not), where the fuck are these kids parents?

No. 1589561

It was braindead one.

No. 1589589

either way absolutely no kid needs a gf/bf at 13 years old, wtf. 8 and 13 is a weird ass maturity gap.

No. 1589604

Seriously neglected and probably isolated child vibes but with access to internet. Dark times we live in, hope they get help (they won’t).

No. 1589609

you are kinda right. From what I’ve seen personally it’s from mimicking adults pedo behavior because children don’t understand sex. It works across genders though, my older sisters molested youngest siblings after being abused by adult family. That’s why this shit is cyclical through generations, it repeats itself again and again.

No. 1589617

nobody is naturally gay. its a product of autism and trauma

also kids dont have emo phases anymore they have non-binary phases – same shit, different generation

No. 1589621

File: 1685229909462.png (32.58 KB, 387x371, 1676787097968.png)

No. 1589626

I lowkey agree with you but no one else will kek

No. 1589631

Jumped down a rabbit hole after seeing this post because this shit's concerning and turns out that the poor 8yo girl is a 'child model' and had around 486,000 followers on her (now deleted?) Instagram, so there's obviously something wrong with her situation. Apparently, according to the articles I saw, her mom, who also 'manages' her insta, is alright with these two being in a 'relationship'. I can post the og tweet link and the articles, but these two are kids and iirc there's a rule against discussing children on lc? So it'll probably get me banned or something. Either way, I feel absolutely terrible for this girl. There's no way those followers were just kids around her age and her parents are sane in the slightest.

No. 1589633

ok i wasnt gonna reply but i also agree

No. 1589635

I didn't know that, thanks anon but that's depressing. I think discussing kids is fine unless you're posting them on /snow/ as "cows" or something, or if you're doxxing them. Could the "relationship" possibly have been some sort of PR thing?

No. 1589642

>Could the "relationship" possibly have been some sort of PR thing?
I hope it is.

No. 1589655

Clearly neither child has decent parents and I stand by my theory they’re both molested but as usual the girl has it way worse if we’re ranking how fucked up their situations are. Who the duck would let a teen/tween “date” their 8 year old? Jesus Christ. Her parents are inhuman.

No. 1589719

Can confirm, male family member is a faggot because of trauma, is also a pedo surprise surprise

No. 1589723

Being molested doesn’t make people gay, don’t be retarded.

No. 1589726

Sorry “trauma” doesn’t make people gay, since nobody specified molestation. Still, don’t be retarded. I keep seeing this old ass dumbshit trope posted here, you all need to go back to wherever you came from.

No. 1589731

Nta but yeah I've known a lot of gay men and almost every single one of them confided in me that they were abused by an older moid when they were kids.

We're from here nona people can have vastly different opinions than you and still be a farmer

No. 1589732

No I'm pretty sure that's what did it for him

No. 1589733

Ignore and report the bait. It's just a moid baiting also all over the meta, vent, confession and get it off your chest thread, haven't you nonnas noticed yet that he loves to bring up trauma, molestation, and claims women are secretly pedos for dating moids into cartoons kek.

No. 1589737

posted by a str8 "ally"

every gay guy i've known has also told me he was molested by a man as a child. FWIW i dont have an issue with gay people at all. but i've seen many lesbians here post that they also were CSA'd by men while they were underaged

No. 1589738

His boy scout leader did it to the whole group of boys and made them do it to eachother too and he's gay now sooooo

No. 1589743

I am genuinely SO sick of some of you trying to constantly shoehorn the "all gays were molested" thing its so homophobic and terminally online that it's pathetic. Men and women are molested by men at high rates. Straight men were molested by men as children just as much as gay men. Straight women were molested by men as children just as much as gay women. It isnt a sexuality issue, its a male issue.

No. 1589744

Why aren't all the other molested boys gay then you retard?

No. 1589747

Women touch kids all the time. Why do you think there are so many female teachers? Because they find innocent interactions with kids for $40k/year so amusing? Lmao.

No. 1589749

so true nona! now how can i cure my autism i just want to be straigbt

No. 1589751

They are but only if molested by a moid

No. 1589754

>anons giving real life examples
>calls the anons terminally online
Lol ok

No. 1589755

Oh you're deeefinitely a big fat man lmao. I never said women don't molest kids, you decided to interpret that and get kneejerk offended. Men do it at such astronomically high rates that it means nothing about your sexuality if a man molested you. Book closed.

No. 1589756

OMG Taylor Swift I love your work!

No. 1589759

Let me spell this out for you since you're slow.
>men molest kids indiscriminately
>lets say one man molests 15 kids before he dies
>3 of these kids are homosexual as adults
>you: they are gay because they were sexually abused!!!1
Do you not see how retarded you sound? You know TONS of straight people that were molested too, why don't you interview them?

No. 1589760

Nta but nothing is ever 100% one way or the other, there are gay men who weren't molested as a child and there are men that were molested as a child but didn't turn out to be gay. It's just a pattern I and many other people have noticed.

No. 1589761

File: 1685239338806.png (81.09 KB, 550x580, 1685078779008057.png)

Hey I'm not fat…

No. 1589764

No like you're genuinely slow. There is no pattern, you're creating one. For every gay kid that was molested there are at least 10 or 15 straight kids that were also molested. You're using it as a convenient false statistical gotcha which is rancid and uneducated at best.

No. 1589765

Go away faggot (women cannot be faggots)

No. 1589766

You're WKing yourself now, I refuse to believe other farmers are this mentally deficient

No. 1589769

Ayrt, see we agree on the first 3 lines, my "evidence" for this theory is moreso
>be me, known at least 25 or more gay men in my lifetime
>almost all of them confided about abuse they experienced by men as children
And see >>1589760 for your last line, that's my post too and it explains my point better

No. 1589771

Oh god forbid we tinfoil and provide uneducated statements on lolcow kek

No. 1589773

They confided because gay men are more open to being emotionally vulnerable. The glaring truth that you refuse to stomach is that there are just as many straight men that have been molested, but they aren't going to open up about it out of fear of being accused of being gay. Boys are PERFECT victims because there is more stigma for them not to tell. A majority of the men in my life have been molested. Brothers, cousins, uncles. Your refusal to see what is right in front of you is sad if you're a woman with such conviction kek

No. 1589774

Report samefag if your suspicious, mods can sort it out. I think theres at least 3 anons arguing this point

No. 1589776

Thats a man babygirl

No. 1589781

why does anyone care about fags this much, like on either side. every two weeks there's some debate about them

No. 1589787

We have a vocal minority of anons that are fucking stupid

No. 1589788

I miss her. I never thought she was a huge cow. I like her music as well, she was talented imo. Hope she's okay, wherever she is.

No. 1589793

>They confided because gay men are more open to being emotionally vulnerable. The glaring truth that you refuse to stomach is that there are just as many straight men that have been molested, but they aren't going to open up about it out of fear of being accused of being gay.
Ahh damn I actually hadn't considered that perspective that the straight men I know wouldn't ever admit to going through that. You got a good point there nona. I still don't understand how 99% of the gay men I've met we're molested though, if you're theory is correct shouldn't there in turn be a lot of gay men that weren't abused it that group of over 25? Oh and I never doubted there are straight men who got molested as a kid, that might have been a different anon who said that.

No. 1589799

nta but do you think part of it might be gay kids are more vulnerable? i know some gay guys who were groomed as teenagers but they were gay before they were groomed, older men sought them out because they knew that gay boys were less likely to have support and to tell.

No. 1589802

It's cool to admit you're wrong and you're close but not quite there. I have a very hard time believing you've met enough gay men for your "99%" statistic to matter at all, or that you know many intimately enough for the topic to ever come up like this. Either way, your question was already answered. A hefty amount of of males were molested as boys, whether it be a brief encounter or many, an older boy, a boy their age, a girl, or an adult. I can think of plenty of straight men I know that were brutally sexually abused as kids, many of them I didn't find out about until adulthood after a few ODed or left their families, had severe problems, or confided it to me out of total trust and vulnerability. I know some pretty horrible things about adult men I grew up around, they were molested and in turn molested other younger boys in their life when they were in their early teens. You're discrediting gay people as a whole with the half-baked theorizing.

No. 1589804

Exactly. There are a ton of factors that go into this. Anons can say whatever they want about men but none of them deserve CSA in any capacity, and due to the nature of how they are raised it isnt uncommon for them to act out the SA they received on other children, so it creates this horrible domino effect of trauma. If you know about how damaging moids are as a whole it shouldn't surprise you at all that sexual predators seek out what they can use and destroy without repercussion, and effeminate or shy boys are easy prey.

No. 1589812

Oh god that's sad, yeah that could definitely be a possibility as well

Fair enough I know it sounds far fetched, but growing up middle and highschool the majority of friends were gay men, and when we'd party and drink together those topics would come up and they'd share them with me and I'd share my experiences with them. Also hearing from other people gossiping about certain friends of theirs have a horrific childhood, one had a no contact order with his dad even. Then in my early 20's I did a lot of clubbing and my closest friend was a lesbian so we'd go to gay bars and I made a pretty big friend group there. When the clubs are dying down before closing everyone would just be huddled in different booths talking and waiting for cabs and so many of the men at the time would sort of trauma dump on me. I think it also had something to do with them being on coke as well but yeah. Others were personal friends that told me in a private setting, I've just pretty much always interacted with gay men cause there was so many where I lived at the time.

No. 1589816

You've also interacted with many women in passing, whether on the street, at work, etc that have been molested as children. I bet you've made eye contact with a girl who also has a no contact order against her dad. Pedophiles are consumed by their sexuality just as much as any other man. It becomes their number one priority, and they stick to tried and true guidelines. Gay men are more likely to divulge this, probably more so than women due to constant casual substance abuse that makes oversharing a normal thing.

No. 1589818

I agree, I think you have changed my mind on my earlier stance

No. 1589832

Every male molested doesn't become a faggot but every faggot was molested

No. 1589836

File: 1685244050786.jpg (33.29 KB, 632x615, Fu-YBFjagAAvPyE.jpg)

No. 1589838

File: 1685244182687.jpg (162.87 KB, 1200x1200, Fv5gHWKXwAAnnTp.jpg)

John Mulaney talking about drugs is unreasonably annoying. Ever since his act became him talking about substance abuse he has become annoying and horrible. Listening to Johny Mulaney talk about cocaine is like if Taylor Swift started talking about race relations. I hate him now.

No. 1589841

Same, I really don’t care about his stupid little life or how he fucked up his marriage and instantly rebounded with a significantly younger woman and immediately had a baby with her. Funnymen should keep doing their little song and dance for us and stop crying about their lives just because Bo Burnham did some catchy sad songs. John Mulaney’s problems are genuinely jack shit compared to half the average people I meet on the street who have actual trauma and worries to contend with, why the hell should I care about him. Boo hoo it’s so hard loving drugs like every other celebrity millionaire. Maybe he can wipe his tears with his giant cash stacks and go bond with Charlie Sheen since they both get high and treat women like crap. Anyway he was funny in Puss in Boots.

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