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No. 1445826

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.

Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

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No. 1445838

I hate when I watch pimple popping videos and it's so clearly not acne but an more serious infection like an abscess, boil or even a bug bite. Ffs, leave it alone!

No. 1445842

why are you watching pimple popping videos in the first place?

No. 1445847

Because I like to, duh.

No. 1445851

Ot, but I've had this lump behind my ear for weeks and couldn't get it to pop so forgot about it. Was in the bath the other night and gave it a go and heard such a satisfying pop and when I looked at my finger there was the longest and thickest bit of pus and I felt behind my ear and zero feeling of a bump. I've thought about this spot for 5 days now, I wish I could have saw what it looked like. Bet my bf saw that spot for ages.

No. 1445871

fair enough

No. 1445883

People who have their disorders in their bio , like ‘autism, 23, she/her’ I don’t believe they have it and that’s weird even if they do.

No. 1445902

I do not understand people that publicly disclose their alleged vulnerabilities like that to anyone that comes across their profile. It just makes them that much more open to manipulation or exploitation.

No. 1445911

They do it for attention because they are attention seekers at some point they will directly ask for validation, it's an open secret.

I grew up on message boards and use to have this 10 year plus bitch pick on me when I was a teen and I wasn't even annoying I would always stay on topic but my age was known because forums always had pictures threads and space for community outside of an interest. Anyway. It was a punk board and she was always a pretentious stuck up cunt. I've had her on social media for nearly 20 years and I've watched her became a non binary activist that is always on her soapbox every single day via twitter and fb. And talking about validating her feelings and feelings trump facts and I just want to bully her so bad. Even as a teenager I was never as embarrassing as her. She is regressing in front of my eyes. I keep her on my socials as a cautionary tale to not be so online because she's fucked her life up. To become non binary at her big age is a massive cry for attention

No. 1445915

File: 1671048873618.jpeg (85.64 KB, 1284x743, 30B50F9D-2A0C-4B13-AB24-DF07EA…)

>IG account about embarrassing DM’s moids send to pick up women
>Posts picrel
>Most comments agree it’s harmless and cute
>One woman sperging hardcore about how goofy pick up lines are ‘dehumanizing and infantilizing’ to women
>At least 20 comments saying the day thing, LC tier sperg but with real face attached
>Checks profile
>Her scrote looks crusty and AT LEAST 15 years older than her

Every time

No. 1446020

this is cute, I wouldn't mind getting this on a dating app tbh

No. 1446550

this atleast it's unique. it's not some pua shit or instant dick pic.

No. 1446552

Idk what's worse, these or the screenshots where someone is obviously trying to show off that the replies coldly to a sincere text to appear cool and emotionally unavailable and desired

No. 1446585

I’ve grown to hate that genre of post so much. 19 year olds who sperg about how no one loves them but get overtly cruel towards people who do show appreciation. You’re not obligated to like them back but do you have to be so rude about it?

No. 1446594

>scrote on dating app
>sincere text
Pick one

No. 1446814

I'm not talking about dating apps, just the trend on Twitter where you post dm screenshots of someone saying something sincere with something stupid to prove you're soooo cool

No. 1447243

File: 1671132767457.png (8.72 KB, 468x72, 888779676976896.png)

Why yes name that are unisex are now labelled for transgender folk too, so that they know that they are special too

No. 1447277

the OP image is too nice it's not thread-appropriate lol

No. 1447286

Jfc what even deems a name as transgender? It doesn't make any sense. Trans doesnt lean towards anything.

No. 1447292

Why'd they put unisex and gender neutral

No. 1447294

I hate when you have an argument about something online and the other person basically makes a little fanfiction about you and your life even though they know nothing about you. Like they make up a weirdly specific story about what your life must be like. Like no, you’re crazy, consider becoming a writer though. Does anyone understand what I’m talking about?

No. 1447312

I love it when they make up some shit about how I'm a loser ugly incel as if they are the only people on the planet that could ever dare to disagree. Nah I'm a normal woman with a bf but keep coping I have clearly won this argument

No. 1447315

Well I think you’re only saying that because your boyfriend broke up with you and your dog died and your cousin is going through a divorce and and and

No. 1447327

Pixiv locking searching something by word count behind a paywall. It's already retarded enough they keep a plain feature like sorting by most popular behind a paywall, but this one's genuinely maddening because all I wanna do is to filter out those shitty 140 character twitter poems, but the smallest setting I can filter for is >4999 characters, which already filters out a good chunk of the stories I actually wanna read.

No. 1447333

I look at the ground a lot and see scrote spit constantly. I hate it

No. 1447345

Having a bf doesn't mean you're not an ugly loser.

No. 1447350

I hate when people, usually moids, act in a certain way then can't admit what they actually did. "I'm not upset, I don't care" while they seethe and ghost you, "I didn't say that I just said that but I didn't mean it like that". If you're going to be an ass at least be honest with yourself

No. 1447352

No shit sherlock

No. 1447354

Kek yes, this happened to me on Tumblr one time. It happens here too occasionally but the Tumblr one sticks out the most in my mind because the person accused me of being a Christian, a 15 year old, a masochist and an otherkin for an anime character I've never heard of. I think it was a schizo, my blog bio said I was in my 20s and nothing I posted were in any way related to the other stuff

No. 1447356

No, you must be a paranoid BPD-chan with mommy issues

No. 1447357

I wish i knew why moids constantly spat on the ground. It sends me into an autist level rage whenever I see it

No. 1447362

It's the easiest way to bait someone to stay in a reply chain for an hour, and nonnas fall for it every time.

No. 1447366

I don't usually have anyone make up stuff about my life, but I have had anons start making up arguments for me and assuming my stance on things when they realize I've stopped responding to them.

No. 1447367

Smokers spit a lot the black loogies come up especially if you smoke infrequently. It's your lungs trying to clean themselves out

No. 1447374

I know you’re just being silly to illustrate my point but it just happened to me here and I’m annoyed lol
yeah because you wanna say “wtf no you’re wrong” and just disprove them and then it’s an endless back and forth. But I restrained myself and didn’t respond! Continue living with your weird fantasy version of me angry anon!

No. 1447387

But those are hilarious threads, it's almost like relationship advice subreddits, where OP sounds kinda sane because they're telling their POV, then some jerks actually make them admit a lot of personal, awful shit out of anger. Like the TMI-spooky hands-chan and the nonnie who thinks working a job is below her

No. 1447486

I'm so tired of the muh biblically accurate angels thing. The bible also says that there are angels with human form, it's not wrong to portray them with this type of appearance.

No. 1447508

>Like the TMI-spooky hands-chan and the nonnie who thinks working a job is below her
As much as I absolutely hate being on receiving end of arguments like that I love when something like this happens kek

No. 1447658

I hate the fact that my most of my grades in the last year of my bachelors are based on group work. I know i'm not perfect but why do I have to deal with other people's incompetence too?

No. 1447674

I was about to post it, it's the kind of shit that was funny at first but now people are just using it to be a smartass.

No. 1447690

I feel this. I'm attractive and my career is like 90% moids so I'm always doing labs with them and it's so annoying because they keep trying to distract from the project to "get to know me" but then also treat me like I'm too stupid even though I have proven myself right time and time again. Although it is nice since they'll use carry my lab supplies and clean for me

No. 1448019

File: 1671176740516.gif (490.01 KB, 271x228, 1668472170838.gif)

I hate it when people blame you under the disguise of an apology. The mental gymnastics around framing the blame "nicely" really pisses me off.

No. 1448059

I hate it when upon seeing some online questionnaire to fill (such as part of some research or project) there is a question to choose your sex/gender and people put “nonbinary” as an option. I don’t even live in a country where such thing is acceptable in law but some woke young people started to put it. Even a certain major website, a Goodreads equivalent, used it in a certain yearly poll. This makes me angry that some people are willing to treat it seriously - whether it’s some university research or high schoolers doing a poll for their school projects. When I find random polls online I like to fill them to help the people with their projects but whenever I see acceptance of trans & nonbinary stuff, I cancel everything and close the tab.

No. 1448113

Be a piece of shit right back, the smarmier the better. Throw a few hidden insults in while you're at it. Graciously accept their apology and pinky promise to be besties from them on. Be so sincere it's hard to tell if it's fake.
On a very related note, I HAAAATE narcissist family members.

No. 1448256

I hate when people use letterboxd only to post unfunny one liners over and over again on the same movies in hopes of garnering some likes, but it's my fault for reading them. I feel contempt towards those who pay money for that website and the ones who take themselves way too seriously. For the most part I'm not there for reviews I just find the website a handy tool for logging movies and finding new ones to watch.

No. 1448265

File: 1671199187780.webm (10.83 MB, 360x640, 11d9599f4d.webm)

non-white Incels who blame their Incel status on horrific colonialism and oppression, worst is when they blame their own misogyny as ACKHSULLY being forced upon them by europeans

No. 1448271

I have been seeing all this bullshit on tiktok recently that is this exactly this. especially when a parent says they aren't gonna raise their kid chronically online. "Why do my kids hate me" "why does no one love me" ETC, ETC.

No. 1448450

Eugh I hate that shit, the most popular “reviews” is just someone trying to be funny! I sometimes write stupid shit but it’s really just for me and how I felt about the movie and I don’t expect anyone else to look or care.
There’s a tranny on there who leaves SO MANY fucking reviews, and all of them are just “as a trans woman…” so they’re all popular and I just fucking blocked them, leaving your dumb tranny reviews on my favorite movies fuck off this movie is for women not you!!
Also hate the most popular review for Gone Girl is some dipshit scrote complaining about his ex and the replies are of course just guys shitting on their exes. Why must men ruin everything.

No. 1448482

File: 1671214102779.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 152.39 KB, 1170x1026, 1671212884952776.jpeg)

Why do males think that using the fact that they're all pedophiles as some sort of "gotcha" moment is in any way logical? In what way is this anything but moids telling on themselves for being sexually defective?

No. 1448766

When someone refers to USA as America and some wannabe smartass say " ackchyually we're Americans too ". Like, shut the fuck up. You know that the person was referring to the country America, not the continent.

No. 1448780

File: 1671227188114.jpg (101.7 KB, 574x1175, Screenshot_20221216-164432_Ins…)

Girls who think wearing black is totally Wednesday Addams now

No. 1448804

Even male " activism " is based around sex, they're so pathetic. He acts like women are the ones to blame for the lack of solidarity between black people, but the first thing niggas do when they get rich is buying a white woman to show off to the world. Black women actually waste too much time defending black moids who don't give a fuck about them.

No. 1448807

They are just mad no white woman wants to sleep with them, boo hoo.

No. 1448811

Black men are also always blaming black women for their incel woes. They never have any smoke for white women.

No. 1448826

Retarday Addams maybe

No. 1448844

I truly hate British people. Your accents are absolutely FOUL, you all talk like you’ve been kicked in the head by a donkey or are permanently drunk. Just stop.

No. 1448853

File: 1671229572356.jpg (42.21 KB, 563x849, c2d38523ae95c1d034e563c5e1fede…)

No. 1448856

I hate when an employee gets berated in front of me. I just see the manager as unprofessional and it makes me not want to return

No. 1448864

if you’re american you’re throwing stones from glass houses. fuck british people tho

No. 1448914

I seriously don't know what the fuck they're saying 99% of the time and I only know English.

No. 1448917

are Britbongs the Chileans of the English speaking world?

No. 1449177

I hate when moids stonewall. iirc a statistic said they do it 80% of the time and it leads to, not surprisingly, massive problems in their relationships with others, mainly the women in their lives. it's funny but sad, that they say "God, women never tell you what they mean! always saying how fine they are when they are really not fine!" when all I have noticed is women straight up telling their partner how they feel and why they feel that way. But the man simply ignores it. Men try to communicate with us like how they do other men. So when they find out that stonewalling and talking over us doesn't work, in fact, does the opposite, we are seen as the irrational ones.

Watch two men interact while doing a job, it's just them talking over each other till one gets their way.

No. 1449239

I hate that too. Usually an asshurt Canadian says this or some "latinx" chicana makes that comment.

No. 1449593

I hate that trope where a person is panicking and then another one slaps them and they suddenly are normal again. What is that even based on? Irl people would just freak out more or start crying.

No. 1449643

I'm so glad my boyfriend as a teen was a stonewalling manipulator. Once I started dating I immediately recognized the signs of manipulation, stonewalling, etc. And I was just done. No chasing after them when they pull the "I don't wanna talk right now" thing, if they say "it's fine" I'll continue doing whatever the fuck I want because clearly it's fine and you haven't shown me otherwise. Most men bring nothing of value to the table anymore since most women nowadays earn for themselves, clean, cook, etc. Porn has fried their brains and if their dick isn't already broke, porn completely fucked them up when it comes to how female anatomy works. I don't even know how they have it in their head that women need to be putting in emotional labor when the only thing they have anymore is the ability to have feelings for one another, but if they're incapable of being a good romantic and sexual partner they are truly pointless

No. 1449650

I hate my job, it's terrible and making me have nightmares these past few nights. I also dislike some of my coworkers, especially one who overwork herself unprompted, does a lot of work after 6pm and during the weekend without telling anyone, has crazy good results this way and makes our managers think everyone can pull that shit off during out normal 40h a week shifts. And now she has the gall to complain about being overworked. For once I'm not told to work overtime and this bitch is ruining it. I like the OP picture a lot.

No. 1449845

i hate when people refer to autism as "having a touch of the 'tism" or just "'tism" itself sends me into a rage. shut up

No. 1449867

Idk tism sounds funnier and more casual to me, like saying sperg instead of asperger

No. 1449882

It's better than neurodivergent. I wish more people made fun of that word. It's such a retarded word. Like if you have endo are you uterodivergent? If you have high blood pressure are you actually just cardiodivergent? Why isn't bipolar just another way to be neurodivergent but ADHD is? They're both diseases that make you intolerable without treatment so what's the difference?

No. 1449927

Bipolar develops later in life do to brain chemistry changing normally near puberty so it is a mood disorder of the brain.
ADHD forms in the brain structure itself in the womb. So it’s a divergence of the neuro structure itself anon.

No. 1449933

>Why isn't bipolar just another way to be neurodivergent but ADHD is?
Nta but if you look up a list of whats classed as being ND.. bipolar is on there
>Mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and more
Anxiety disorders as classed as ND too. You're ND! I'm ND! Everyone is ND! kek

No. 1450004

Divergence that can be fixed with a pill is no different from any other disease state

No. 1450008

Samefag, I think I suddenly understand… It's the new "special" as in "I'm not a retard, my mom says I'm neurodivergent!"

No. 1450321

File: 1671310760692.jpg (30.92 KB, 364x546, 189541.jpg)

I hate soap dispensers like picrel. Maybe I'm a heathen but I don't see the point in decanting the soap into an additional container.

No. 1450328

It's for the Stacy's who have themed/decorated bathrooms. I don't get it either but I really wish I did.

No. 1450330

makes sense if you buy soap in bulk containers.

No. 1450339

Because decoration makes your home look nice, inspires happiness, and it's much better than some plastic handsoap bottle.

No. 1450340

It's a natural evolution of normie women wearing dark clothes and makeup thinking they were goth

No. 1450342

i fucking HATE open-toed shoes and i hate that thats the fucking norm practically when it comes to heels. i wanna wear nylons!! and i wasnt raised in a barn so i would never wear nylons with open toed shoes. WHY is a closed toe, kittin heel, non-mule shoe so fucking impossible for companies to produce?? they think if you want a closed toe shoe its gotta be a fucking loafer. fucking dumb.

No. 1450346

File: 1671312117094.jpeg (82.69 KB, 1376x1000, E1C4C676-C7C3-43E6-BF9A-81231B…)

So cute, I got one of these

No. 1450348

ayrt, its cute but I just couldn't be bothered to faff around with it. I do get fairly nice looking disposable hand soap bottles so maybe it doesn't bother me as much as it does other people kek

No. 1450350

omg I love them, maybe I could be converted for these

No. 1450359

>,especially one who overwork herself unprompted, does a lot of work after 6pm and during the weekend without telling anyone, has crazy good results this way and makes our managers think everyone can pull that shit off during out normal 40h a week shifts
I hate, hate, hate people who do this. Last job I had, there was a really good manager who saw what was going on and didn't hold us to that employee's crazy ass work output. The one before that, though, sucked. And it was always 'Stella this' and 'Stella that' and 'Why can't you all be like Stella'. Because Stella is a crazy ass workaholic loser who doesn't have life and we do. Sorry about your situation, anon, wish you the best in getting out of it.

No. 1450381

Unless they get paid overtime workaholics are also stupid because they're working for free and decreasing their salary rate. People like that really need to get a hobby or do some kind of volunteer work.

No. 1450388

My managers didn't know she was working even during the weekend until it was too late and they miscalculated our potential results in front of the clients so we're utterly fucked. Everyone works overtime a few hours every week because of things that can't be delayed and what happens is that while we're not paid for these hours, we're then allowed to "catch up" and work less hours after our projects are over and before the new projects start.

She has a small kid and a husband, and you'd think she would work that much given how she seems to dislike our job and yet, here we are now.

No. 1450391

I love this

No. 1450473

People who post pictures of their pets' genitals or gross things their children made. It's not cute or funny.

No. 1450488

i hate people who bulk buy clothes from second hand stores and then resells them on the internet to an overpriced price. i also hate the people who enables these scalpers by buying from them

No. 1450640

Yes plus it gives managers an incentive to quite literally expect people to dedicate their entire life to their job. "Well anon comes here from 5 am to 10 pm 7 days a week and doesn't complain!" Well lucky for her she doesn't have any hobbies, family, education or any other obligations but everyone else would like to eat dinner and not go insane from lack of proper socialization

No. 1451375

why in god's name do i only get the porky ass and PT throating gif banners every single time holy shit i'd rather see literally anything else now i look and feel like a pervert. when is the first one getting deleted for god's sake

No. 1451485

Fucking hate watching a YouTube video on some sort of movie or book medias that includes Harry Potter in any capacity, and then having the creator say something like: "scumbag/terf/evil/transphobe JK Rowling"

I do wonder if they always preface known rapists and pedo actors or directors this way. The hate boner these people have for this woman is unreal.

No. 1451497

Instagram keeps showing me accounts where people do this with retro toys. Bragging about the massive mark up in price they resold it for. Seems kinda shitty to be bragging so much. I know they're entitled to do it but someone could've had their day made if they genuinely loved the item and stumbled upon it cheap.

Theres 2 charity shops near me, one just prices everything pretty low and the other one goes nuts with the pricing if an item is say made by disney. Its like they want to beat the pricepoint these resellers get

No. 1451505

Resellers are trash. I sell my old stuff online for maybe a 10 percent mark up or break even with shipping, but I used to work at Goodwill and resellers were the bane of our existence. They would come in, harass both the employees and regular customers by hovering around looking for 'deals' and then bragging about their item being worth SO much more than what we're selling it for. They even harassed an autistic girl when she would bring out the books and she ended up quitting. I had to step in once because a guy was asking for her phone number to text him when the 'good products' came out.

I hate resellers.

No. 1451524

I hate when the autismo thread is on the first page of ot. Not because I hate the autismo thread (I don't), but because when it's been bumped there's usually infighting or mean sperging.
Semirel I also hate when I post a discussion in a thread and it gets hijacked by infighting.

No. 1451587

There was a completely free charity shop in my hometown. You could walk in, grab what you want, get it weighed and leave. Ever since resellers showed up they had to change the rules so you have to pay now. It’s bullshit because I lived in Alberta which Is basically the richest province.

No. 1451775

File: 1671390832642.jpeg (15.86 KB, 476x730, 386808bf-f18b-4d64-9e69-0d7117…)

Sheer stockings.
I hate that they rip so easily and runs just appear and you have to replace them constantly and to me they are pointless unless you just wear them for fashion and they have a cool design. But my workplace won't allow you to wear a skirt without them because I don't even know, it's just a rule.

No. 1452164

I have sheer black stockings from Snag and they’ve held up for over a year with multiple washes.

No. 1452184

SAME. It's such a fucking waste of money and plastic. It's right up there with toilet seat covers.

No. 1452194

>I also hate when I post a discussion in a thread and it gets hijacked by infighting.
This happens in the damn Reddit hate thread. Every single fucking one has anons fighting over the most mindless shit to the point they ignore a new post to keep fighting. I'm kind of convinced some threads host the same 2-3 people on them.

No. 1452246

File: 1671419934171.png (107.45 KB, 1128x270, _g_ - Fetishes You're Ashamed …)

everything about this. i know that's expected in the fetishes thread but this one really stood out.

No. 1452263

This made me super paranoid that my exes could smell butt when we spooned…

No. 1452300

if you buy a glass or ceramic soap holder, it works. I buy soap in very large containers and just re-fill as it goes. It's actually really convenient and saves on buying more tiny plastic bottles that you'll just toss.

No. 1452303

I hate this too. I wear stockings/tights all the time with my skirts and dresses. I don't want to shoe my toes.

No. 1452340

File: 1671429679907.jpeg (82.79 KB, 1081x162, 9E1727A5-DDB9-4852-BC74-708CE4…)

Saw this comment on a Facebook post about break ups. What the fuck kind of mindset is this? I’ve done this before and it was a miserable trauma response, not thrilling. It’s only amazing because you’re in total control of that person in your fantasies. Them not reciprocating in the first place is nowhere near the heartbreak of losing them in real life.

No. 1452377

Thought the same thing. There is no hope for straight women.

No. 1452378

It's probably not her actual mindset. Sounds like a cope manifestation paragraph.

No. 1452452

if she can smell shit ass while he's naked he needs to shower or learn how to wipe properly holy fuck that is nasty

No. 1452455

Sounds like you DO want to shoe your toes

No. 1452474

File: 1671439904212.jpg (186.26 KB, 462x480, 2f4a57745b998bf8cf1e9f3f33130e…)

Moids making their own problems with mental health and backtracking. Tried defending a man who was getting screamed at by a woman who seemed to be on the verge of tears and a bunch of right winged men were shitting on him, not for crying but because he allowed himself to get yelled at by women. It made me wonder if he also cheated on her. It makes me wonder if these men think they should be stoic if their female partners finally rage at them for abusing them or finding out they cheated on them. It made me think that if he was being abused by said so woman, it was sad that when I pointed it out, these men told me men should never get as low as.. being yelled at by a woman or having emotions with her thats not anger. I pointed it out that if this man was getting abused, this would be hurting him and other men and it seems that men seem to hate themselves more than anything, which had them tell me I was enabling men's weakness by allowing them to be sad or whatever. It seems like these same men will complain that "men have it hard too", but when I brought up how its 80% of straight men who rape little boys due to straight men thinking these boys have a harder time speaking up and looking the closest to little girls, these men ignored me. I told these men to be there for their moid friends instead of thinking that hitting women/screaming at them back(they think that a man yelling at a woman is fine, not the other way), is what causes dysfunctional families. Instead they want their moids to be abusive because they equate it to being a man.

No. 1452672

>straight women be like

No. 1452728

We know a scrote poster has been adding cat pics to his posts lately to blend in while saying sus shit. I just don't buy it

No. 1452819

Why do schizophrenic people always have a proclivity to completely shit up whatever online space they happen to be in? If it was just some strange and incoherent things here and there it would be fine, but it's always a minimum of 30.000 posts daily on multiple platforms all of them hostile and directed at others until all the joy is gone. And why do they never go away and instead stick to the same places for months and even years? Every online place I've been in always has had a resident schizo that has seemingly been there for so long it's become an integral part of the ecosystem. Anyways, I hate schizos that ruin and derail everything.

No. 1452895

File: 1671468952290.jpeg (187.09 KB, 750x1000, 34C8D768-3092-4309-92A5-18AD79…)

>be me
>log in Pinterest
>look for my "cute" album with random cute pictures
>look at really cool hair tutorial to braid your hair
>tap on it
>look down
>a bunch of weird pictures of women getting their hair shaved with the most retarded and obvious shave fetish captions
>close Pinterest
Why? It's a place to look for cute shit, crafting ideas that nobody will ever make at home, hair tutorials that nobody will actually do to themselves, cooking recipes that seem simple but are actually difficult to make and trendy decorations mixed up with tips that nobody will ever follow. Why does it have weird fetish shit? This shit isn't deviantart JFC.

No. 1452896

It's rare to come across but sadly some moids use it to pin their porn. If it's graphic, report it.

No. 1452904

kek. I just caught the typo. Thanks anon. Let me toes be shoed.

No. 1452954

>a bunch of weird pictures of women getting their hair shaved with the most retarded and obvious shave fetish captions
I swear to God, moids will fetishize literally anything in existence at this point. Porn was a mistkae.

No. 1453053

fucking hate love triangles. please i just want my two characters to finally be together and at least share a hug or something damn it, why are you putting her through more stress by introducing a third love interest??!

No. 1453096

"I hate when people/they.." when it's explicitly about male violence and things only men do. I notice comments about male crimes will still refer to the male perp as "them". Feels like a tactic to protect men

No. 1453241

When people in here do not understand that if they personally like / do not like something means that ALL women are like that. I was just reading the spicy straight thread and some anons really believe no woman is straight achuaclly because the poster themselves do not enjoy men or PIV sex kek. And that's just one example, there are countless retarded takes like it every single day here. Is it because so many of lc users are autistic?

No. 1453259

definitely autism.
i am not autistic and i hate autists of both genders. autistic women are still annoying.
>inb4 but autistic women have different symptoms!!
no, they just manifest differently because of socialization. you're still socially incompetent and annoying as fuck when you can't distinguish feels from logic.

No. 1453263

Nta apparently some scrotes have a fetish for stuff dunked in baked beans, kinda ruins the memes for me

No. 1453268

Also ”having anything in your vagina should feel like putting your finger up your nose or ear”

No. 1453282

actually now that you mention it it does feel really fucking good to stick things in my ears

No. 1453289

are you the anon who puts beads in her ears

No. 1453295

no and i hope i never become her

No. 1453439

File: 1671497200713.jpg (14.88 KB, 296x355, download (15).jpg)

I think this post is about me and I don't like it.

No. 1453449

YA novels are the worst for this, especially since you know which guy is gonna end up with female mc.

No. 1453450

autistic women act superior. I even saw in the autist thread they were acting like autists women are better than non autists women. The cope.

No. 1453456

God the anon claiming that straight women don't like penis got me. Like girl figure yourself out before you go deciding what everybody else wants.

No. 1453470

she was a virgin talking about sex. is there anything more stupider?

No. 1453518

Being posted in lolcow's own caps
feels embarasing

No. 1454406

>as a mother of…
>as someone who lives in…
>as a neurodivergent person…
Shut the fuck up, the conversation isn't about you. No one gives a fuck about who you are.

No. 1454408

File: 1671849003807.png (147.59 KB, 475x475, 492.png)


No. 1454424

File: 1671855730382.jpeg (46.46 KB, 465x353, D3505DE4-1943-4B68-BCE8-B3C5E3…)

I hate the fact that there are no more cute actors or singers.
Name a cute guy that isn’t from over a decade ago that hasn’t hit the wall, there are no qts just basic looking marvel actors and stranger things uggos and roided up facial hair having asses.

No. 1454436

It's cause Hollywood is filled with hate filled misognystic pedophiles and perverts

No. 1454990

I hate how many teenagers and women become fascinating with novels and stories straight up degrading women, romanticizing abuse and toxic relationships, with barely any healthy approach to these difficult topics. It’s like there is a category of readers who want smut so bad they won’t care how bad the text is, as long as there is husbands material for them (which is always some rendition of the classic bad boy) they’re satisfied.

Even though I’m not the kind of person who related to that group, because I even avoid erotic elements in media (for personal preferences), I understand tastes are different yet it’s weird to see lot of girls and women in the bookish hashtags on Twitter praising paperback equivalents to Pornhub.

Example of author fitting this trend is Penelope Douglas. From what I’ve learned, her novels have really sick abusive shit in it. Women threatened with gang rape but who cares since the abusers are sooo handsome and sooo sexy. Really gross.

No. 1454992

File: 1671978748699.jpeg (128.74 KB, 960x960, 7BCD0794-57F6-44C1-998B-F0E10E…)


And the same women on Twitter are ready to pretend how feminist they are and then still praise these examples of cringe writing and pornsickness. Douglas also wrote Credence which is an incest fest, even though the characters aren’t supposed to be related by blood, there’s still the issue of being brought up in a way that they’re still connected as a kind of family.

I also have a little tinfoil that Penelope Douglas could be MTF, because some photos look weird. Not all, but still. It could also explain the vibes of her books. Douglas uses they/them pronouns in media and even some readers in Poland were screeching at the publisher to use the correct made-up pronouns which are super cursed in this language (kek). Of course there are women who troon out in a nonbinary way, but are there any other nonnas who are familiar with this writer and had similar thoughts?

(Picrel is Douglas)

No. 1455148

That Karen became applied to literally any woman people didn’t like. Saw a video of a woman stealing packages and the title called her a Karen…you stupid misogynistic retards that’s not the person that term is supposed to be used for at all.

No. 1455155

Are you the one who also posted about wanting to suck his peen a few days ago? I stand in solidarity with your Edward thirst posting

No. 1455301

Yes he's so perfect I made sims of me and him and we woo-hoo all the time.

No. 1455384

Didn’t Karen originate as a tumblr meme?

No. 1455503

File: 1672028226664.png (437.95 KB, 939x514, troonsmirk.png)

She's definitely a woman but she has perfected the troon poses. Her insta makes her looks like she's channeling a bio trans girl.

No. 1455564

that’s what I thought about her, it’s really uncanny

No. 1456058

the vast majority of slang terms for genitals and particularly vulvas

No. 1456063

Doesn’t help that several of the slang terms for female genitalia also double as offensive slurs meant to belittle

No. 1456067

true, but even those that don't still sound so corny at best and disgusting at worst

No. 1456095

File: 1672154118218.jpg (143.96 KB, 997x750, EDRSsEYXUAAVEG4.jpg)

This just looks like a standard millennial selfie pose to me kek
The high angle, raised eyebrows with a wrinkly forehead, the stupid smirk too

No. 1456097

50/50 is stupid, it's more realistic for one partner to work while the other does house work

No. 1456101

What if they both have to work, especially in this economy?

No. 1456106

>yes this is (partly) about the hp thread in m
I hate when peope write coomer shit in the HP thread. Gay or straight. For me HP is all about childhood nostalgia. If you want to be gross write in the fujo or horny thread. Seriously, they must be newfags.

No. 1456114

Yeah same.
Maybe it's Aidens, they love being edgy about fandom shit.

No. 1456117

File: 1672157298358.jpeg (276.65 KB, 1200x1709, 558AEF32-3CB1-4D3E-92F5-7529C0…)

I hate when trannies see obvious fetish porn and go "omg! trans rep!" If you wanna act like your deranged delusional fetish is not a fetish don't look at the fucking loli genderbend piss fetish manga like it's literally you.
Picrel because this is getting an anime next season and I wanna kill everyone involved

No. 1456118

That makes me sad somehow, girls didn't give a fuck about having wrinkles from emoting with their faces in the past, nowadays everything has to go through smoothing filters or be nitpicked into infinity

No. 1456123

That's fine and understandable but I'm referring to anons who seethe if 1 partner works and the other takes care of the home (both male and female homemakers/breadwinners). It's fine IMO as long as both parties are taking care of their responsibilities and it works better for the most part. I also feel like some people who rage about these things are upset they're not able to do that simply because they aren't currently able to have a relationship like that

No. 1456132

The fact that "taking care of yourself" is synonymous with getting dolled up and thus conforming to gender stereotypes. I'm not saying you should completely give up and turn into a slob, but shaving and skincare should not be considered "basic hygiene".

No. 1456139

That goes without saying but I was referring to anons seething over an anon being a breadwinner while her husband is the homemaker. Women also generally have less supportive families which makes this harder and more dangerous where as most families will happily take in their sons regardless and support him. It's also generally harder for single moms to get jobs since workplaces pose biased against them because they're more likely take sick leave, need to leave early to pick their kids up, etc where as single dads just basically disown their kids and work around their own schedule if not just finding random women to take care of them/getting other female family members to care for them. Women are punished for actually taking care of their kids instead of throwing them to strangers, even "wholesome" Hallmark movies villianize moms for working.

No. 1456140

File: 1672159010742.jpeg (710.38 KB, 2560x2105, 41E45900-696B-4ECF-AFAE-596413…)

I hate that puzzles are considered something only old people or lonely losers do, i fucking love puzzles it’s such a fun turn off your brain activity and it’s so satisfying when it’s completed.

No. 1456143

Skincare is good if it revolves around problem areas that can make women physically uncomfortable such as acne, dryness, etc. A lot of them ignore that and do useless routines with $500 worth of tools that do as much as my less than $50 3-4 step daily routine does kek

No. 1456148

My current workplace is awesome and one of my coworkers hosted a book and puzzle swap for Christmas

No. 1456155

That sounds fun!

No. 1456156

I'm the breadwinner in this situation and seething over it. I get it if you have very young kids but towing someone along with you as you bust your ass at work and juggle adult responsibilities is a nightmare and I don't understand anybody who'd actually be happy in this situation unless they expect nothing more than a bangmaid out of their partner.

No. 1456159

I consider this kind of treatment more medical/for your comfort, I'm more annoyed at people saying that skin should be glowing or the pores not showing, whi cares?

No. 1456182

I actually have felt and seen my skin be better on a long term basis when I workout and eat well. I think its that simple, as well as a basic hygiene. Someone did give me a lash serum though, and over the course of 6 months Ive seen my lashes change drastically. I think a few items catered to personal needs is fine, but no one needs the amount of skincare and makeup companies pressure us with.

No. 1456231

Why are you supporting a scrote that's sucking the life out of you? It's acceptable if the homemaker can cook well, clean, garden, etc but most moids can't be bothered to do that even when they're the ones being financially supported. They have the nerve to call housewives pampered even though they can't be asked to wipe down a stove properly or organize laundry even when they are supported. If you actually like your SO it creates a lot of time for you two to spend together and pursue hobbies instead of just work, eat, clean, bed and maybe get some extra free time on the weekends if you're lucky

No. 1456236

>people who rage about these things are upset they're not able to do that simply because they aren't currently able to have a relationship like that
I've never raged over this type of thing, its up to the individual. But I've had relationships like that before and tbh I didn't see how miserable I was til I was out and living on my own again and working felt better than living the easy life. If I could go back I would drag myself out of bed happily at the crack of dawn and I'd work even though I didn't have to. It wasn't a comfy life, it was empty. I've nothing to show for those few years. I just wish I'd given it more thought att. The long run repercussions of having a several year long gap in employment, the mental health/confidence drop that came from my only role in life being to clean up after 2 adults. I could've earned a degree att if I'd been smarter about it. Built a skill. Volunteered a bunch. I sunk into this mysterious depression instead. I was wasting my life away doing nothing.

No. 1456239

I've been in both of these situations and either works out for me if you have a decent partner, if you're stay at home you could go take courses online too so you don't lose experience. It's nice to just spend a couple of hours a day cleaning, cooking and having all my bills paid, it's also nice to work and come home to food and a clean home. It's not nice working all day and having to clean, cook, etc especially for two people. Partners are supposed to make your life better not harder

No. 1456241

File: 1672171894297.jpeg (16.24 KB, 272x185, ECDC1220-AA57-4A33-AB4D-D277A3…)

I’m currently a housewife and I hate it. I hate laundry, I hate not being able to buy whatever I want and I also hate the fact I feel guilt whenever I spend my husband’s money. My mom always taught us that we should always have our own income but I’m autistic and haven’t held a job longer than 3 years. I’m currently looking for a job with a super patchy resume at 28 but it’s slow right now due to the holidays. My mom had to buy me interview clothes because my husband spent so much money on my immigration and a brand new car. So yes I feel incredibly guilty of spending other people’s money and feel a lot of pressure to get a good job despite not finishing college yet. I’ve been busy with everything that I failed my college course I was working on. Mom said that I should stop going to college and focus on getting a job but lol that’s impossible to do without some sort of degree.

No. 1456244

I'm not married anymore but I relate. I remember as a kid my dad would tell me about how there was a few regulars who shopped where he worked and it was obvious they had an issue. They'd show up reeking of alcohol at 10am on their way to buy more alcohol to stash away in their handbag. Bored housewives who were functional alcoholics. As a kid I didn't get why they were all housewives. A few years into my own single income marriage I was like.. oh I get it now lol. By the time I realised my depression was born out of sheer boredom with my life, the damage was already done and the marriage was ending. Good times. I can't even fault the guy. I was painfully slow at piecing together why I had become a total misery to live with. I had a good guy and a comfortable life and I was losing my mind.

No. 1456246

That's because your moid is terrible at money management. Good breadwinner husbands are a dime a dozen but if you're lucky enough to snatch one then bag him quick. An ideal would obviously be someone you connect well with and respects you but gives you a decent allowance and has realistic expectations for the household. When I was a housewife I'd get a few hundred weekly outside of bills being paid

No. 1456252

Ayrt. I lost a really good relationship because I got too comfortable with barely doing anything outside of just keeping the house clean and spending time with him. I lost myself in the relationship. Corny as that sounds. Even though it was a good relationship I was kinda enabled in a way that didn't do me any good. I have agoraphobic/shut-in tendencies that I've always tried to fight but in relationships I tend to run the risk of losing that battle. That's a me issue though. Something I've had to learn from.

Personally I feel like I need to have responsibilities that go beyond the home and a partner or else I just lose all this progress that I've made over the years. If anything the nicer the partner.. the more they unintentionally kill me with kindness

No. 1456254

I should have specified we didn’t have a car and would take Uber/transit everywhere. He’s afraid to drive and I’ve been the driver. He’s got 50k in savings that we’re putting towards a house in a couple years. Immigration wasn’t cheap either since we used a lawyer to process everything.

No. 1456263

> My mom had to buy me interview clothes because my husband spent so much money on my immigration and a brand new car. So yes I feel incredibly guilty of spending other people’s money
He has 50k in the bank and hes denying you funds to buy small items that will help you secure a job of your own. Thats not adding up. Sure he spent big money to get you there, that's his choice. Nothing to feel guilty over. But its not normal to be married to someone with a comfortable amount in savings and to then be denied the funds to buy (non extravagant) clothing that is needed for a purpose. You're married. You shouldn't need to turn to your mom for clothes while he sits on 50k. Something is not right there.

No. 1456301

Horror games where the flashlight can run out of batteries are bad.

No. 1456329

Agreed, it gets annoying having this constant side task of looking for batteries wherever you go.

No. 1456338

>new VPN
>every IP has been banned on cc
>can't shitpost on bunker thread

I hate this

No. 1456387

What did you do anon

No. 1456395

I hate that my family bought me retarded cluttery gifts that ended up costing more then the 3 things I actually wanted and would use. I dont even know why I bother making a list each year. I'm trying to minimize useless things but instead I have this stuff now. Probably will get donated to a women's shelter.

No. 1456408

I hate that my boyfriend keeps saying that he will lose the weight he gained and he will start working out and eating healthy but then changes nothing in his lifestyle and proceeds to binge at 2 am in the morning while I'm trying to sleep

No. 1456409

Agreed, in theory it sounds like something that would add tension to the game, but usually it just ends up being annoying

No. 1456413

nothing, they're not me! moids posting and being banned, I'd never posted before and BOOM no you may not dispute this ban (for every one I tried until literally right now). it happens on here all the time but holy shit cc admin has that shit locked down
why are moids such a cancer

No. 1456417

Drop the serum name nonna

No. 1456429

I hate myself for watching zachary michaels videos even though he annoys the everliving fuck out of me

No. 1456601

Omg I love this one I need it, I love puzzles and I have too many of them.

I sold some puzzles I own, but I was cleaning and I found a piece that belonged to one of the puzzles I sold and I feel so bad

No. 1456636

File: 1672239824892.jpeg (396.79 KB, 719x986, screenshot.jpeg)

I hate seeing people/blog exchanges/YouTube/Pinterest promoting weird beyond halfassed adult crafts that look like they were done by actual kindergarten students.

No. 1456644

I hate when nigel sleeps. I don't care how petty it is, literally all of our problems come from the fact that he is irresponsible about his sleep (doesn't set alarms, etc.) and is completely unreachable when he volunteers to keep watch that night because he falls asleep during it and then comes back with a litany of excuses that might be believable if this didn't happen several times a week.

No. 1456681

slap the idiot awake or leave him. you are NOT his mother. it is not your responsibility to make him responsible. you are equals yes? why does he feel he can burden you with this? who raised him to be this selfish?
NOT YOU. slap him awake, tell him to grow up, or leave him. it isn't fair for you.
I'm heartsick seeing nonas put up with this shit you all deserve so much better. speak to him or act. you cannot suffer in silence.
update us on what happens. you got this nona.

No. 1456712

my fault for watching them but why is everytime i watch a korean drama they have the most awkward robot kisses ever? and that's being nice. they literally just put their lips together and hold it like they're posing i mean i've never been kissed before but i don't think that's how it's done. it's so unnatural but i'm guessing it's because of censorship so as to not make it sexual or whatever but it immediately takes me out of the moment. this can't be how people kiss eachother over there. not asking for heavy makeouts but come on at least a little movement in there like what on earth

No. 1456718

File: 1672245814082.jpeg (45.59 KB, 720x585, 3D876945-2E09-4D2C-84CE-894E15…)

No. 1456724

No. 1456729

I hate that I have to be awake during the day and the night. I only ever sleep a couple hours at most. I swear I'm getting brain damaged from sleep deprivation. I've seen people go into psychotic delusions from exactly this.

No. 1456735

Why? Whatever grindset you're on, it's not worth it. Tuck yourself in nonna or I swear to f*ck I will track you down and make you have a healthy home cooked meal and a full night of sleep. This is a threat btw. You should always put your health first.

No. 1456736

Smokers? god both my brother and father are smokers, at least my father has the courtesy of doing it outside but my brother smokes in doors and thing he is shared a room with my 11 year old younger brother

No. 1456764

Kdramas just has bad acting in general because they cast the actors based on how beautiful they are and not on their acting. I hate watching kdramas because the characters act so weird

No. 1456770

Lolcow is back up, but now with even more newfags

No. 1456869

File: 1672259981614.jpg (72.75 KB, 299x363, 7w.jpg)

i hate that mooching and retarded helplessness are still so prevalent among women. cases in point, all my former classmates or friends who moved abroad because they found a foreign nigel online, got pushed by a nigel to get into grad school so they had something to do, got a nice house and travel because a moid can afford it, etc. it pains me that they could get the same things for THEMSELVES if they only tried, but i've seen them sit on their asses and mope for years until they lucked out and sort of got what they wanted through a moid. regardless, it's still a girlboss win in their deluded books, which they get praised for too.

sometimes i want to give up tbh, because i've spent like 10 years advancing in a difficult field, saving up money and learning a foreign langauge to move to a specific country and work there. 10 years, and i've only now gotten close to a real chance at TRYING, nevermind the time it takes to get pr and citizenship. meanwhile i could probably find and submit to some loser and get permanent residence in my dream country in 2 years. regardless, even though it takes a lot of effort to achieve something, it feels so much better to know that you are secure and independent. why tf are so many women fine just uselessly drifitng along life and perpetuating moid dominance?

No. 1457208

Why are you upset? Using a moid to support you/pay for grad school and traveling abroad is a Stacy move. Also isn't mooching usually defined as someone who takes money but doesn't help out the household or improve their resume? If they're working on their careers it's not mooching

No. 1457214

Nta but its all fine and well until the moid is done with her and she’s stuck in a country she can’t even afford to leave. This anon is talking about being someones pet and not having a stable means of providing for yourself and just waiting until some moids puts his attention on you. Stacy shit is not having to use moids in the first place anyways, thats just being a traveling escort with extra steps

No. 1457219

File: 1672283989700.jpg (18.1 KB, 568x540, e06fff9a225b2558e5f4203cb26347…)

I hate manipulative sentimental ads that are everywhere this time of the year, shut the fuck up capitalist overlords, you're full of shit.

No. 1457254

Someone going to grad school/graduating could easily get a good paying job, no? It's risky but so is going abroad in general and getting an education outside of your hometown, even living with parents while you study isn't reliable for most

No. 1457256

Especially the ones that try to guilt people over abandoned animals, they show those only around this time of year.

No. 1457283

Mostly because retards gift animals for Christmas and then afterwards they end up being abandoned.

No. 1457301

It sounds like you’re jealous of those women nonna. It sucks that our society values moids so much that in order to get stuff faster or even at moid pace is to acquire one.
I’m proud of you for working your ass off to be independent. A lot of women can’t accomplish that on their own due to their own circumstances. Unfortunately to get around when you have nothing is through a moid. Because you can’t make something out of nothing.

No. 1457920

File: 1672356167754.png (161.43 KB, 369x531, MTS_JaseySim-1686766-BellaG5.p…)

I hate when people expect me to attend social things when they've given me next to no heads up or advance about the situation. Yes some people can be flexible with their life and do things on a whim but I'm the opposite because I need some sort of plan or control - so if you spring "hey let's do this" and then expect me to instantly say yes just because it's social then you are retarded. If I've planned to be at the gym from 1-3pm that day and then come home, shower, clean the house etc afterwards then I'm not dropping that schedule for you.

If it's an emergency thing it's obviously different, but I'm not going to constantly adjust and put aside my plans and my schedule just to suit you because you can't be bothered to give me enough info, a specific time or plan things in advance. Not my problem, and if it makes me look like an autist then idc, the structure of my day is more important than your shitty planning skills.

No. 1457939

File: 1672358082247.jpg (141.13 KB, 1060x1060, 20210831_153454_530x@2x.jpg)

I loathe the don't mess with mama bear phrase. It's stupid and I see it as over compensating.

No. 1457965

I hate islam and I hate muslims. The more time passes the more intense that hatred becomes. I also hate judaism and its very similar OCD-tier rules as well as christianity but it's way more personal with islam. Male muslims should all go to jail as soon as they reach 18 if they keep believing in the bullshit taught to them idgaf.

I also hate that one specific retarded bitch I know irl who genuinely believes in witchcraft and who thinks she's a practicing witch, and who thinks she's the main character of an american tv show and who acts like we're all NPCs whose lives revolve around hers. I hate her so much, I can't call her a friend anymore. Next time something terrible happens to me again and she tries to make it about herself I'll beat her ass to the fucking ground and remind her that her retarded sister caused her husband's death by actively preventing him for seeking treatment for cancer because she legit thought burning sage twice a day in their living room would cure him. Including palliative care.

No. 1457999

File: 1672366557559.jpg (268.4 KB, 480x578, OGo_Portrait-480x578.jpg)

The sight of this yarn enrages me.

No. 1458003

what's wrong with it, yarnonna?

No. 1458008

File: 1672367110435.jpg (17.04 KB, 280x280, blanket_o_go.jpg)

Hope this explains.

No. 1458010

i get it. For me it brings the thought of dread. The soft yet tough. Imagine putting that in your mouth, it turning into soft mush but suddenly into a hard rock of "fabric". Then the smell, don't get me started on that, the smell of dread and the the look. It gets frizzy, it gets worn out and stressed. It reminds me of the frigality of our minds and the human condition. What we go through every fucking day, just a ball or a circle or a fucking spool of yarn. We get frizzed, we get chewed with get sewed into grandma's blanket or shitty christmas scarf. Then we are forgotten

No. 1458015

File: 1672367593983.png (109.99 KB, 406x335, Capture.PNG)

also this shit is off center, only a Yarny could come up with this bullshit

No. 1458019

You get it.

No. 1458107

I am confusion

No. 1458114

File: 1672387534485.jpeg (59.64 KB, 576x1024, ogo-yarn-3-576x1024.jpeg)

Ok to answer honestly, it's just super gimmicky to make yarn in that shape. It's not practical at all because it's harder to store than a regular ball/skein of yarn, extra packaging for nothing, and even though I haven't used one myself I can tell it would probably be a pain to use because of how the yarn unwraps from the donut shape. It's supposed to solve a common problem for crafters but it ends up creating more. Also look at picrel. You literally have to add an extra step of cutting the yarn before using it. I'm sure the actual yarn is fine and good quality but this is bullshit.

No. 1458119

Ah okay, I know nothing of yarn and knitting

No. 1458129

File: 1672389650294.png (1.02 MB, 852x670, shut up momo.png)

I really, really hate how much women in their mid 20's and older joke about how "old" they are. like seriously, almost every female content creator I watch mention how they're "so old" in literally almost every video when they're like 27. I know it's supposed to be a joke but joking is often a way of coping and you can tell they actually think they're old, plus moids can't tell jokes 99% of the time and it really just solidifies the "women's prime is 22" crap that came from redpill channels that has wormed its way into the mainstream. I literally NEVER see men joking about being old except ones who are actually old (like middle aged/post middle aged) and even then not very much. picrel is momo o'brien, far from the first time she's called herself old. I watch a lot of female booktubers and they do it too. I guess this is what happens when you spend all your time on tiktok which is full of 17 year olds?

No. 1458184

Pathetic behavior. Probably the type to get plastic surgery

No. 1458189

When people post some before/after comparison pics and they put the oldest one on the right side of (or below) the new one, it doesn't make any sense.

No. 1458196

Just the other day there was an anon in the bunker thread saying she couldn't wear emo clothes or alt fashion because she was too old and that adults who wear it are pedos. We thought she was much older but she's just 20.

No. 1458271

Kek, that was a funny infight. I'm still hung up on she saying that she could not find emo clothes to wear when she was a teen.

No. 1458280

I think her mom didn't allow her to wear emo fashion but she was too ashamed to say it.

No. 1458293

That you need money to make money. And if you start from nothing you have very little chance of ever getting out of it. And you have to do depraved things and be mistreated to even get a chance because money is power and everyone has power over you.

That you have to have a phone number, a bank account, a house or apartment in your name, utilities, a license, everything connected to function in this world. Try to open a bank account without a residence. Try to sign a contract without a bank account. Try to do everything from nothing, from the bottom, try to work yourself up, try to do it without getting hurt and used and abused. You can't.

I had not had a legal residence, phone number, or bank account in years. I finally have them again. I still have no bank, trying to open one online is still a huge pain in the ass. Everything is region locked, you usually need a bank in your name already to fund an online bank, fuck like I had to go register a phone number I never use to call anyone just to receive sms codes, I have to open a local paypal to transfer money to wise to get a debit card and receive and transfer money. I lived on cash forever, or an online wallet which still required me going to a physical bank to deposit cash and use it online. I needed help with residence. I feel pathetic. And worse is that I don't even want this life. I want to live off the grid in a yurt away from society.

No. 1458312

Being a human is hell. Our modern world is so fucked up and I blame men. It’s like that Jurassic Park quote about asking yourself if you COULD do it rather than SHOULD. They keep pushing technology farther and farther and self fellating about how smart and inventive they are but they do it all without thinking of any ramifications because men are short sighted idiots incapable of thinking outside of themselves. Yes it’s fucking wild that we can have buildings stretching to the sky and built machines to fly, but it is so unnatural and should not exist.

No. 1458317

I hate people who defend furry porn. Especially when they defend drawn furry porn and insist it’s just a kink and has nothing to do with zoophilia.

No. 1458326

File: 1672417492171.jpg (32.08 KB, 450x233, 51ujq8En20L.jpg)

I hate this what a clusterfuck. Texture and taste disaster. Beanboozled me. Just buy navy beans

No. 1458327

I hate it too. I've struggled so hard trying not to fall for the debt trap. I don't have credit and I'm increasingly getting pushed up against the wall and reminded I'm poor no matter how much more money I make than previous years, because things keep demanding more money from me. It's almost like I am coasting sitting on a few thousand dollars for a bit and then mechanic costs bite me in the ass because my car I paid in cash needs a bit of work and moving fees take what little droppings of money I have left. I penny pinch as much as I can, I try to be smart about how I spend and I can never win. I'm penalized for not even being in debt because supposedly it means I'm not good with my money. I don't have credit because I don't want to borrow money from a bank, or anyone for that matter. How does that make me irresponsible in any way? To trust myself with my own money and spend it wisely… but no, that's not what everyone else likes to see.
I'm being forced to open up a line of credit. I will do this next month. I'm going to be forced to pay off something a little at a time instead of just pay it off entirely and not have to deal with it anymore. Instead of knowing a very precise and clear outlook of my funds and income, I have to play this stupid game to avoid being penalized by everyone else and give me the ability to save up funds for my future.

No. 1458369

What are you even supposed to make with that nonsense? It's always puzzled me but I've never been brave enough to buy it.

No. 1458532

File: 1672427536081.jpg (121.06 KB, 1500x1349, 87093512.jpg)

>hey, welcome to my channel
>have you every wondered why we sleep?
>like really why?
cup glued to hand the entire video. If she does take a sip she does some weird zoom in of it.
It annoys me

No. 1458534

16 bean soup

No. 1458546

The fact that the song lyrics thread is here and not on /m/, why?

No. 1458548

"kekw"? what is this new shit, get off my lawn! kek was bad enough.

No. 1458553

>If she does take a sip she does some weird zoom in of it.
I don't know if you are vagueing are certain youtber but I can't stand shit like this. Around 2014 youtubers started to edit their videos in the most obnoxious way.
>random zoom-ins that are no where near as funny as the youtuber thinks they are
>shit lo-fi music playing in the background
>edit out any pause so the video feels super fast
>if the channel is a special kind of obnoxious their will be a spongebob clip in between the youtuber's rambling
Whenever I have to find a youtube video about a subject or tutorial I always look for videos from 2010-2013 where it is jut a nobody rambling in front of a potato camera. It's primitive but I don't have to watch youtubers who overestimate their relevance and comedic abilities

No. 1458555

kekw is a twitch thing, good indicator for retardation

No. 1458582

but what are you supposed to add to it to make it taste good?

No. 1458609

Bake up some cornbread for dipping, get a delicious ham bone with lots of meat still on it. Sautee mirepoix, add garlic, take the bag of 16 beans and throw them in the garbage can and use navy beans instead

No. 1458754

File: 1672443394298.png (80.56 KB, 250x250, imaqtpie.png)

when a woman won't stop talking or posting about her amazingly sexy boyfriend and then she shows a picture of him and he's literally imaqtpie levels of hideous
it genuinely pisses me off. i get that love is blind but how can you praise such a creature THAT MUCH i don't get it. not saying you should call your partner ugly but don't call them a god or suuuuu hot when they literally aren't. don't get mad at people for thinking he's fat when he objectively by definition is. "dad bod" what ? i can't with this cope. how many kids has he fathered ? 0 ? exactly. but even then why do dads even get fat in the first place not like they birthed anyone. i'm fuming.
it's honestly insulting to every party involved, for you, your boyfriend, and the people who have to endure you blatantly lying to them, to everyone's intelligence. blablabla different standards- i don't want to hear it, and i don't want to see it or know the information in any possible manner.

No. 1458769

He'd be hot if he lost weight and fixed the teeth

No. 1458773

File: 1672444488046.gif (169.71 KB, 220x220, 1657858232114.gif)

No. 1458782

He really wouldn't.

No. 1458789

And shaved that beard and got a bichectomy and got a hair cut and washed his hair and conditioned it and got a better pair of glasses and got some skin treatment and stopped dressing like the literal neckbeard that he is. But even then, I'm not sure.

No. 1458795

You could say this about anyone kek, "if you changed his entire appearance he'd be hot!"

No. 1458796

> got a hair cut
Please no.

No. 1458799

His hair is full of split ends, anon.

No. 1458805

Oh, I forgot to say: And fixed his posture.

No. 1458814

Hate that all cleaning products smell like their main chemical or lemon, herb, mint, flowers. I just wanted a non fragranced spray for my hands and phone after and during work.

No. 1458816

i love that chemical smell

No. 1458817

Idk, he kind of looks like a metalhead, which I like. I like his glasses too. Men with long, thick healthy looking hair that looks washed and somewhat cared for are really rare.

Not really, there's only so much you can change. Some people can tweak a few things and look loads better and other people can spend thousands of dollars on surgery and still look terrible.

No. 1458834

My dad made me watch this vid and I swear to god these guys are the kind of men who need to be fucked up the ass. Just to get rid of their terrible Youtuber-style comedy.

No. 1458841

getting fucked up the ass probably made them that way kek

No. 1458852

File: 1672452483688.png (32.77 KB, 493x471, boob.PNG)

I hate this artwork. It's supposed to be a breastfeeding mother, but why is her titty morphing with her arm? Some of the worst minimalist linework I've seen.

No. 1458854

Samefag but even the placement of the other arm doesn't make any since. The upper arm/shoulder is completely disconnected from the forearm. And why is her mouth a single squiggly line? And why is her elbow so sharp?

No. 1458855

She's strangling someone with her boob-arm

No. 1458867

that elbow about to stab someone

No. 1458972

It's probably meant to look like that but I can't imagine why… it just ends up looking so comical. Where the fuck did you find it?

No. 1458976

A website called Boob To Food. I think it's just for mothers to get recipe ideas and weaning advice.

No. 1459049

pointless censorship of words like "gun", "hell" or "weed" in songs

No. 1459081

Always bugged me in teenage dirt bag they allow "her boyfriends a dick" but censor gun in the next line "he brings a gun to school"

No. 1459087

i have never seen a raid on 4chan before, though the wojack and pol spam could count as raid

No. 1459097

maybe it's because they post stuff like cp and gore here but people on 4chan like that stuff, also 4chan is not female oriented so who would be raiding it anyway

No. 1459098

when my ESL ass listened to Three Days Grace's I Hate Everything About You, I thought they said "after every shit we take" because otherwise the censorship didn't make sense to me

No. 1459099

i dont know, depends on the board. at least the ones i use seem to hate lolishit

No. 1459117

4chan has more mods and they ban VPNs, they also have custom captcha. I bet there are a lot of raid attempts but they're often unsuccessful due to those measures.

/gif/ literally has gore threads, so you're not wrong.

There's a lot of vocal lolishit haters on most boards (especially the more or less sane ones), and you can bet a considerable amount of them are women, but there's also lots of pedophiles, especially in certain boards like /tv/ or /co/.

No. 1459118

i used to post on /co/ and lolithreads were put down on sight, however the thread was infested with weird fetish threads

No. 1459260

File: 1672502366180.jpg (76.71 KB, 828x1006, FlKSd95XoAAaR6R.jpg)

Social media plastic surgeons/estheticians. They are going around creating insecurities that weren't there before and shilling filler and botox to young women.

No. 1459267

wtf? this is just normal skin

No. 1459270

File: 1672503573269.png (154.45 KB, 532x530, avogado6.png)

I used to really like some of avogado6's earlier work a lot but nowadays all the shit they do seems so common place and uninspiring…

No. 1459274

i hate SEO writing so much it's unreal

No. 1459281

File: 1672504317933.jpg (116.68 KB, 774x809, psyop.jpg)

why do they do this do they want people to suffer??

No. 1459284

> there's also lots of pedophiles, especially in certain boards like /tv/ or /co/.
I will never forgive scrotes for making /tv/ a softcore CSAM resource. It was the only board I actually enjoyed and at some point it became annexed by /pol/ and filled with pedoshit and whining about muh woke feminists and brainwashing jews ruining the western society.

No. 1459285

The funny thing is even though you reach the green mark it still doesn't bump up the google search engine kek

No. 1459294

Plastic surgeons are the most consumerist, dehumanizing, and ageist people alive

No. 1459315

Consider what kind of person becomes a surgeon and instead of helping people goes on social media for children to sell unnecessary surgery to them.

No. 1459379

File: 1672511702916.gif (1.25 MB, 442x320, bemusedbill.gif)

No. 1459381

Women who date and diminish the loneliness that single women feel. You're not even willing to let go of your failed relationship, but you expect other women to think that being single is better than dating? Fuck off and stop being a condescending hypocrite.

No. 1459541

LaVeyan satanism. I don't care if you're an atheist, the more power to you. But LaVeyan satanism is just atheism for narcissists and insecure teenagers.

No. 1459596

That bitch should get surgery on her pointer finger because that looks way more fucked up than wrinkles literally no one notices except for her.

No. 1459725

I hate youtube's short mode. There is no progress bar and you can't turn the volume up or down. I hate that I have to manually put short videos in the normal mode.

No. 1459758

I hate how anons seem to think there's an unspoken rule that you have to be as aggressive as possible at all times. I disagreed with an anon before and been told that I was trying to look unbothered because I didn't resort to insults. Maybe I just didn't feel like being a bitch in that moment.

No. 1459774

The way you phrased it made it seem like a failed relationship is better than being single.

No. 1459776

legit. self proclaimed satanists give me the same vibe as the flying spaghetti monster people, or r/atheism back in its heyday. they are not interested in offering genuine critique of mainstream religion but would rather sit around patting themselves on the backs and jerking eachother off

No. 1459907

Kek I remember watching an interview with LaVey and immediately getting the impression that he was just an attention-starved hack

No. 1459912

What? I genuinely think being single is better than dating but that's how it works for me, I don't care what other women do.

No. 1459915

File: 1672564577000.jpg (126.48 KB, 900x1200, Sausage-Gravy-4.jpg)

So fucked up how it's acceptable to eat a bowl of cream of mushroom soup but if I ate a bowl of sausage gravy they would throw me in a psych ward.

No. 1459932

you should be the change you want to see, you are going to be like the first woman who wore pants but of sausage gravy

No. 1459939

when i click on a youtube video thinking it’s going to be creative or insightful and it starts off with a quirky girl doing quirky girl things like being clumsy or awkward with quirky editing, i immediately click off. i am not wasting my fucking time watching some boring spaz trying way too hard to be Not Like Other Girls for the camera. you could be the most creative brilliant artist on the planet with some brilliant wisdom to share in a video, but if said video starts with that shit, i’m fucking gone

No. 1459940

give names

No. 1459945

i usually see male youtubers do this more than women

No. 1459948

they are often the worst offenders of this trope. very true. still gonna call it quirky-girl attitude though

No. 1459950

i agree, quirky males are the worst

No. 1459951

i hate insecure people. i hate how they try to involve you in their problems. i hate how they project their own discomfort with themselves onto you because you are confident. i don't want your ugly ass man. i don't care that you don't like yourself. i am not a punching bag, and there's nothing wrong with me being content with who i am. go yell at god if you are really that bothered by it.

No. 1459963

Nothing…. i hate nothing…. in this moment I love every single one of you…..

No. 1459968

i love you too… ♥

No. 1460219

I hate hate hate hate the belief that moid love and dick will make a strong woman meek, gentler and "softer". No, an average moid dick is not going to make me or anyone softer. I'm still going to be a "bitch" and a dick isn't going to change me (and I don't want it). The worst is when pickmes and moids tell this shit to lesbians.

No. 1460705

ESLs that think that being fluent in a language is the same as being a native speaker and try to correct you on your English even though it’s your native language. I notice this behaviour mostly from Germans, Scandinavians and the Dutch.

No. 1460769

People that can't do anything new without being hand-held. I lurk a lot of craft & game communities online and they're all flooded with "any tips?" posts. Buy new game, boot it up, take picture of first screen and post "I'm just starting this, any tips?". Buy a craft tool/kit, take picture of it with your manky ass room in the background, title "New to this, any tips?". What knowledge are you seeking that isn't on page 1 of google?

No. 1460849

File: 1672667685106.jpg (197.15 KB, 1080x1461, tumblr_943a4f21c7d89d934f8927e…)

i hate makeup and how it ruins women's skin, self-esteem, finances and solidarity with other women.

No. 1460852

It's mean that OP got so downvoted, it's not her fault she feels like this. It really can fuck up one's self esteem to be put in such situation, going bare faced has to be by choice, not by being forced. Nobody cares I know but I have rosacea and sometimes when it gets worse people start pointing it out and it's extremely embarassing, I'd rather have an option to use some bb cream or whatever to tone it down than be forced to "embrace it". Maybe she is the same.

No. 1460853

The thing that peaked me regarding makeup is that I fully realised that men never think like this. They never think "omg I need to do xyz 123 to my appearance or else I'm going to panic". They're allowed to exist as the default but women are expected to be altered. Nah, fuck that. Every woman should be bare faced, why do we need to conceal our natural selves? We are literally better looking than men anyway.

No. 1460988

i'll eat it with you anon. we can go to the psych ward together.

No. 1461043

I honestly dislike this too, but I still try to be nice and give advice if I have any. Sometimes there's really good tips or tricks that you can't find on google, but you don't have to make an entirely new post to ask for that. Just search for one of the hundreds of other posts that are asking the same thing.
I also dislike when people ask how to get into something because, unless it's a super niche hobby, you can literally just google "beginner's tutorial for x" or "how to start x" like the rest of us.

No. 1461044

by the way she replied my guess is she doesn't have eyebrows (that's what "completely bare" suggests to me).

No. 1461103

At this point I gladly take the ban for racebait but I just can't take it anymore. I AM SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF (national) CHINESE PEOPLE SHITTING UP EVERY SINGLE HOBBY MARKET I JOIN





No. 1461378

When people leave and rejoin a server constantly. It's so dramatic and attention seeking. If you plan on rejoining just fucking mute it or delete Discord temporarily. It reminds me of an indecisive child who can't decide on whether to play inside or outside. Obnoxious.

No. 1461388

File: 1672711309937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.86 KB, 408x612, istockphoto-147003381-612x612.…)

I hate how whales always have barnacles on their chin. Looking like they need a Biore pore strip.

No. 1461463

File: 1672719621203.jpg (161.9 KB, 1699x1457, yeah, that's right.jpg)

That's why THIS is the superior form of whale.

No. 1461475

Incorrect. Narwhals are cool, but nothing on killer whales.. the most impressive feat of the orca, when hunting great whites they were seen taking advantage of the sharks biggest weakness, tonic immobility. They pushed the shark until it was upside down triggering tonic immobility and were able to dispatch it with relative ease. The phenomenon of orca predation on great white sharks may go back longer than we know of, but the first documented case only comes from 1997 off the California’s Farallon Islands. In an incident witnessed by a whale tour group and partially filmed, a sub-adult white shark was killed by an adult female orca from the ‘L.A. pod’, who with her calf, was seen to proceed to feed on the shark’s liver. In the immediate aftermath, the entire white shark population fled the island’s waters for the remainder of the season.

No. 1461480

She just has some acne you guys are so mean.

No. 1461488

File: 1672721880165.gif (1.96 MB, 398x498, tumblr_e231949c593d96d06052727…)

You all have seemed to forget. killer whales are very cute though, best whale design

No. 1461492

Dolphins are rapists

No. 1461496

That's a beluga whale.

No. 1461502

so are sea lions who are all over youtube raping penguins… Killer whales take care of them easy (vid related, look at the sub-surface unison wave attack at 0:47)(most of their attacks are initiated by the matriarch)

No. 1461503

I fucking hate dolphins. I heard all of those tales about how they rape the females and beat them into submission. Sodomize other sea creatures, get high off of pufferfish. Use each other to masturbate. The thing that pushed me over the edge was a random youtube spam video telling facts about them. The vid being used alongside the dialogue showed a dolphin with his disgusting rape stick out. I'd never seen a dolphin schlong and wish on my life that I never had. Fucking disgusting.
The worst part about them is how people vehemently defend these sex pests. "BUT HUMANS RAPE AND KILL AS WELL, THEY ARE TRUE EVIL!!!!" except I know humans are evil and disgusting. Dolphins lure people with their cute inoffensive appearance and are nothing but sea predators. It's like they somehow forget theres other animals that DON'T rape their females, and can even have lifelong relationships with them, like birds. It makes me sick how people defend them.

No. 1461507

File: 1672722875904.jpg (111.97 KB, 900x562, 1171130.jpg)

dolphins aren't even cute they look scary as shit

No. 1461512

When you see one with its dick out you'll be even more frightened. I'm sorry but that shit just scarred me for life. I also just made the mistake of looking up the sea lion penguin raping phenomenon and hate sea lions as well. Mammals are such fucking sex pests its disgusting.

No. 1461516

>Mammals are such fucking sex pests its disgusting
you mean males. Which is why males need to either 1. evolve like birds to be pretty, dance and build nests or 2. be consumed a la preying mantis

No. 1461518

You are right. Females are victims all over the animal kingdom

No. 1461521

female dolphins so really fucked up shit too just saying.

No. 1461522

not all, theres some bad bitches out there keeping males terrified

No. 1461524

male dolphins commit 98% of all violent dolphin crime

No. 1461525

With how the males act I'm not surprised. I just don't like dolphins, male or female.

No. 1461528

File: 1672724214751.jpg (18.37 KB, 500x500, 6a010535647bf3970b017d3cfbba11…)

She needs some benzoyl peroxide or something.
Meanwhile, belugas and killer whales have perfectly smooth skin.

No. 1461533

smooth skin, high IQ, and a matriarchy.

No. 1461546

what do the females do that's fucked up and comparable to males

No. 1461555

i can't believe you're wking dolphins of all things…

No. 1461556

wait I'm wk, I'm genuinely curious what female dolphins do that's as awful as male dolphins committing sexual assault

No. 1461563

I hate when people eat all the food but leave like the container in the fridge, it gives me false hope

No. 1461567

I looked it up and it just looks like a really long tongue to me. Not as grotesque looking as male penises imo

No. 1461568

I did the same thing and found it inoffensive when it isn’t moving but I watched a video and the way it makes grabby motions at/in the female to hang onto her while they’re swimming is pretty gross

No. 1461768

I hate when the local news scare boomers and exaggerate shit so they rush into the stores and clear out stuff! Like we were supposed to have a nutso storm last weekend but we only got like 4 inches and it's all already melted. What a joke. Also now the boomers are all freaking out about cold medicine. So they are buying it all when they don't even need it. Some of us are actually sick like me and my bf and I went to the store today and they were like all out of fucking cold medicine except for 2 bottles. Bullshit. My mom told me on the phone that the news are talking about stocking up on cold medicine so it's 100% because of them.

No. 1461782

I hate when I get into new media and dislike a character, especially if they're a character you're meant to like. It feels petty and most of these characters don't deserve my ire.

No. 1461817

The news was never meant to be 24/7. This is a result of consumerism. The extreme headlines are due to news stations greedy for views because that's all they're for and the next headline has to be as captivating as the previous one. What a better way to keep your viewers is to induce a cortisol addiction with controlled paranoia coupled with marketing for a product.

No. 1461835

These are my favorite whales. they are so freakin cute.

No. 1462166

File: 1672780808664.gif (11.78 MB, 960x540, anger.gif)

>Be me
>siitting here
>Oooh doordash gives me a notifaction
>OOhh a discound
>Month free of doorpass
>Order food
>Pizza/Breadsticks because fat
>45 mintues later
Every fucking time

No. 1462195

This has happened to me with supposed "amazing" tv shows. I sat through one whole series and there was one, maybe TWO likeable characters. The rest of them were scumbags or just mayonnaise sandwiches. And this was a series that was hailed for being groundbreaking, the inspiration for later, more popular tv shows. Bullshit.

No. 1462211

File: 1672784143677.jpeg (464.49 KB, 2048x1515, 1131846B-A711-42DC-A4CB-FF792B…)

So sick of the white-everything trend in every remodel or house design. (I know there’s blue/green in this but you know the trends I’m talking about)
The audio in this video goes
>”At first, I was like “AUUUUUUGGGGH!!”

Idk. I just hate how any color of wood is considered “ewww, dated!” and now all of these grey and white homes look like a 2014 time capsule, they all look boring and the fucking same to me.

No. 1462237

Same! Good god I hate how people, especially house renovators, think white paint is somehow superior. I adore color, and wood. Especially nice old wooden cabinets, they make a house feel so homey.

No. 1462239

left looks better it's like a Sims 1 kitchen

No. 1462242

The old kitchen looks better. I've noticed the trend of beige and white and I dont get it. It makes shit look sterile and unlived in.

No. 1462246

tbh I get it if it's for a kitchen, it's easier to spot when there's dirt or stains on while appliances, furniture and walls, I'd rather have a clean kitchen at all times and know when I need to wash something.

No. 1462252

Why do you need it to be all white to see dirt? looks like a fake photo from a home decor magazine. You can see dirty and stains just as easily on a darker countertop.

No. 1462255

this irritates me because it looks like they don't really cook in their kitchen. all this work for a cosmetic makeover, basically changed the backsplash and the cabinet doors. same stove, still a one-compartment sink, no additional cooking tools or racks or chopping-boards or anything. awful lol

No. 1462260

They probbably dont. These kind of home 'make overs' scream that they just order doordash or take out.

No. 1462325

>You can see dirty and stains just as easily on a darker countertop.
I don't agree at all. Maybe it depends on the material but you typically see things more easily on a white background. I've met a few people working in the food industry a long time ago saying that this is why they work in white or light colored kitchen and labs, for hygiene related reasons.

No. 1462354

Exactly, it feels so cold. It doesn’t feel like a comfortable space I’d want to cook, eat with my family, or entertain in, even with their colorful props on the counter.

No. 1462811

I don't care about astrology, it can even be fun to do your chart with friends, but I hate when you get this shit forced on you, like you do something you get told "that's such an X sign thing to do".
Likewise I hate when people have retarded superstitions, like when they lose their shit when you open your umbrella indoors, I openly mock them, I don't care.

No. 1462891

Ok, but a lab is not a kitchen at home, neither is a kitchen at a bakery or restaurant. If you are at home cooking in your own kitchen, do you not clean up or wipe up after yourself as you cook? The white looks tacky and sterile. Might as well live in a hospital.

No. 1462892

People who believe in astrology, zodiac bullshit and tarot cards are retarded. I have never met a sane person into this shit. It makes me annoyed that people really want to judge you based on the year or month you were born.

No. 1462952

I hate that thing girls do on tiktok where they cover their mouths and act surprised at any mundane thing. Like, it actual fills me with rage because it's so fake and obnoxious.

No. 1463294

File: 1672868058819.jpg (114.35 KB, 540x663, boom.jpg)

when subtitles don't match up exactly with the speech. you want to write creatively so bad why don't you become a writer or editor clearly you have a knack for it stupid cunt. why else would anyone need subtitles for? how about save your paraphrasing skills for something else and use your auditory ones instead. i'm infuriated. DON'T fucking upload your stupid ass subs if you aren't going to write exactly what's being said. too lazy? give up. simple as. it genuinely drives me insane like a-log levels of rage i can't understand it i promise just writing exactly what is being said is simpler than this better yet not doing it at all dropping it entirely.

No. 1463318

I can't take people like that seriously

No. 1463334

same, i also hate how disliking/not caring about astrology is seen as "male behavior" implying that all women are just naturally into illogical pseudoscience bs

No. 1463356

I hate when people equate semen with milk it just fills me with rage. I saw some little shit on YouTube refer to it as "babymaking milk" and I still want to go violent

No. 1463358

I hate that so much since actual mammal/breast milk and anything related to milk is a form to feed babies. Men are utterly retarded…

No. 1463371

i'd rather be around an unhinged astrology woman any time over you edgy pretentious losers. wow, you OPENLY mock them? like, to their FACES? woahhhh, that's so fucking cool… you're so edgy… woah… shut the fuck up you nerd ass losers. as though you're not the ones getting genuinely mad because someone says they don't like scorpios or something, kek

No. 1463372

also, inb4 'LOL MAD BECAUSE YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN PSEUDOSCIENCE ARENT YOU LELELELE' absolutely not, i know nothing about it. i just think weirdos like you DO act like fucking moids and you're absolutely insufferable to be around

No. 1463377

I worked at starbucks once and this 22 year old girl was hired as a shift lead and dead ass asked every single employee what their sign was upon meeting them. Unhinged. I kept lying every time she asked me mine and she never got to find out and I know that pissed her off.

No. 1463384

? only one anon said she did that though, how are the other posts 'edgy' or moid like in any way?

No. 1463387

Lewl that is SO pisces of you nonnerino !!!2#%&*^

No. 1463392

are you okay

No. 1463491

File: 1672883325729.jpeg (259.2 KB, 675x900, 3950B84C-3D6E-4555-86A8-D77287…)

I hate this midcentury thinly-veiled ad for sex tourism. “Bachelor’s Orient Tour”, yuck

No. 1463644

The rightoid psyop that keeps infiltrating my lolcor

No. 1463670

If you didnt do anything too major (stalking, abuse, rape, etc) anyone who constantly holds things against you that you did when you were 17 and under is a loser who has nothing going on in their life

No. 1463678

i hope this was a scam and they got robbed or the girls were ladyboys

No. 1463689

File: 1672900882332.jpg (13.21 KB, 280x280, gfaSHm_thumb_xl.jpg)

I remember a moid at my job would bitch about how he tries to meet up with Asians and then they end up looking nothing like their pictures, when he showed me a picture these girls straight up look like aliens, any moid who expects a human to look like this deserved to be Catfished. Picrel is similar to what he showed me

No. 1463690

moids are so incredibly retarded, this is why they always fall for the 'trap' meme when every woman can tells its an obvious moid even behind the layers of snow filters

No. 1463732

File: 1672907268277.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, lcbump.png)

cp in /m/, bumping off the front page

No. 1463734

??? I said I didn't care about astrology, I just don't like when people shove this shit on you when you disagree with it, and yes I make fun of people with retarded superstitions (which again is not astrology), they need to grow up.

No. 1463758

I hate oat milk. It's not as healthy as dairy or soy milk and everyone who drinks it also eats dairy cheese or ice cream so why does it even fucking exist? Literally just drink dairy milk (or soy milk or almond milk if you absolutely must). It pisses me off that such a useless product is all over every health blog.

White kitchens and all white interior design is already considered very dated.

No. 1463766

i do like colorful kitchens but some of those design changes were good like filling in the top where dust or bugs would sit, different sink light to 1, new microwave, new double oven, dish washer, squared counter instead of straight, fan gone could be bad for air flow but there is a window, wooden floors, new sink.

No. 1463787

i think all white kitchens can be incredibly beautiful when you have the kind of money to spend to buy things that make white kitchens interesting. but like with picrel, it looks like something out of a home depot or walmart catalogue. just cheap.

No. 1463812

How the fuck are people unironically fan of those fucking Avatar movies, even capeshit is less bland than this.

No. 1463817

Avatar is just a bunch of stolen ideas from small artists pasted together, with a billionaire budget and a hack director. Its peak hollywood cinema.

No. 1463821

When it first came out in 2009 it was pretty awesome especially in 3D, it was a great cinematic experience. There were some people that were so into it they had that forum and were talking about starting their own navii-style commune does anybody know what I'm talking about? Weirdly I don't feel the urge to watch the sequel though. I think they took too long to release it

No. 1463906

Never even liked the first movie because the story rubbed me the wronged way a lot. They should have never made a second film, especially after over 10 years. People act like Avatar is anything new when it's just colonizer the movie, but with blue people instead of brown people.

No. 1464031

It's just Space Pocahontas.

No. 1464053

That's what I called it when I came out, but some people thought I was being salty for not sucking the blue dick. Cameron's movies are performative dreck.

No. 1464131

When people are too boisterous with their greetings. It sucks the fucking life out of me, and its been a characteristic of more than 1 coworker. There’s “good morning everyone!” Which is fine, then there’s “HELLOOOO! What a BEAUTIFUL DAY huh??? My goodness! Eh?!”. It makes all my muscles tense up and I want to physically turn my body away from their verbal assault. Then your standard, indoor voice reply sounds meek in comparison but you’re just being a normal fucking person with a sense of decorum.

No. 1464153

File: 1672942478504.png (124.84 KB, 323x320, Screenshot (48).png)

I use adblockers but somehow a few ads creep through. I'm just checking my e-mail and THIS shit is what I have to look at in the sidebar. Straight up porny clickbait.
I hate all stupid ads but the ones with this shit in them especially annoy me.

I'm just trying to check my e-mail why am I looking at nipples

No. 1464164

Men truly are pathetic the way they can be easily distracted with dumb shit like this

No. 1464189

best part is that ad is a screenshot of another ad lol

No. 1464200

the white kitchen looks cheap and fragile but the wood kitchen is fugly too. The floor and wall looks filthy and the brownish and greyish tone makes the kitchen look dark. I really like the turquoise wall on the white kitchen makes the room looks so much brighter.There are also too many cabinets in both kitchens also wtf is up with the enormous fridge? Makes the room look cramped and it takes up too much space. I generally prefer wood furniture but let's not kid ourself. The wood kitchen here looks like a public institution because of it's size and the odd colour choice

No. 1464226

Brown tones look better to me

No. 1464276

"it's my birthday month!!" self important faggots

No. 1464295

Even worse, the fuckers who put their cashapp on their birthday post excepting strangers to send them money

No. 1464334

So i had a roommate who was much younger. Total delusional narc. She wanted to go to the mountains for her bday with a gaggle of 20 year olds. I met her there. We celebrated her actual birthday but apparently she wanted a whole week dedicated to her. I told her she was insane, and she was so upset about it she cried for a day… kek i hated her. It was my vacation too, and I wasnt about to spend the whole week with 20 yrs that were smart and talked like valley girls. Her bf told me later i shattered her reality; she really expected everyone to dote on her for a week

No. 1464335

Not smart oops, i guess im a dummy too

No. 1464343

honestly i'm the person to remind people it's their birthday month not mine and i get excited kek cause i enjoy building anticip…ation for whatever gift i'm making or preparing them. i don't mind giving people special attention for a month and by the time their birthday is over they're over it within a week

No. 1464345

imo it's more reasonable when you offer to do it for someone else but expecting others to do it for you reeks of unwarranted self importance

No. 1464358

thats pretty common tbh I love to remind people of their birthday so we can make plans and they can guess at what i got them as a gift (they never get it because i always make homemade gifts hehe)

No. 1464435

File: 1672960579065.png (700.22 KB, 960x500, spaceist-red-modular-cube-seat…)

These modular sofas that are found in school commons areas and businesses

No. 1464445

File: 1672961161141.jpeg (52.59 KB, 750x750, 30412494-1C3E-42F5-BDC5-0CF31D…)

They look comfortable though, it's better than nothing, or these hell sent metallic chairs.

No. 1464464

hate how I can't even mildly criticize the things I like without some retard throwing a fit over it or acting like I'm on the opposing side when we both like the same thing! disliking one aspect of it doesn't mean I don't ~*truly*~ like it. this gets even more retarded when it comes to being a fan of real life people and other fans unironically believing that the person has literally no flaws despite you know, being a real human like anyone else. who just happens to be rich lol

No. 1464590

Weird I just grabbed some 2 nights ago only because it’s sugar free and I’m a burger and all of our dairy milk has sugar added in it just because. I hate living here. How am I not supposed to blimp up? I already have shitty skin and I’m kinda overweight.

No. 1464594

File: 1672976142843.jpg (1.03 MB, 2560x1807, worst.jpg)

Sure, but nothing beats these. Satan's throne itself.

No. 1464599

When they built the new library at my school and filled it with those chairs most people preferred to sit the stairs

No. 1464648

The library? Those are chairs for something like the waiting area in a bus station.

No. 1464651

File: 1672984073183.jpeg (20.2 KB, 492x623, hell.jpeg)

No. 1464654

At least this one has a cushion. At my schools the chairs were basically the same as the desks.

No. 1464656

File: 1672984476016.jpg (68.09 KB, 894x900, VintageChild1.jpg)

That fucking desk is the shittiest design ever. I miss the comfy wooden desks of my elementary school. YOU KNOW THE ONES.

No. 1464657

File: 1672984552973.jpg (18.72 KB, 847x471, CLKhJTnUAAEB_Um.jpg)

It's pretty annoying when I show appreciation towards a thing and some random person comes just to tell me that there's another thing that's actually better, and not in a recommendation sort of way (Which is pretty welcomed) but rather in a condescendant sort of way.
>This artist's style is pretty cool
>"Akshually, it reminds me to this short lived 2000s cartoon, not so cool now, uh?"
>I feel bad for this caracter, this is a very tragic story
>"Akshually, Kratos and Guts went through a lot worse, oh you silly thing would have a heart attack with their stories"
Like, yeah? I'm not saying that x is greater than y. You don't have to act so passive aggresive and name drop stuff that doesn't have to do with the discussion, like, I haven't play any God of War game and that wasn't a post about Kratos' dead dog or whatever, we were talking about a whole different series.

No. 1464660

File: 1672984889156.jpeg (45.13 KB, 500x500, imgg.jpeg)

i dont. i'm jelly tbh

No. 1464661

Cringing right now because my early 20s self was that person. Can confirm, I was a self-important narcissistic asshole. It also pains me because the people who knew me back then, before I moved away, will always have that impression of me and I can't redeem myself kek

No. 1464676

File: 1672987383260.jpg (39.35 KB, 400x600, pain.jpg)

no I don't

No. 1464680

wtf are you supposed to do if you're left handed?

No. 1464696

I always wonder how Borzoi anon feels about the sudden popularity of the dog on tiktok and general social media

No. 1464702

File: 1672991848659.png (1.91 KB, 121x140, pain.png)

i hate arm chairs so much. I literally had to

No. 1464703


No. 1464708

File: 1672993345800.png (1.83 KB, 121x140, aopt2.png)

what? as opposed to this??

No. 1464756

I hate bunny suits, they look retarded.

No. 1464777

This is where I post from.

No. 1464786

I am still mad a school I went to got sofas, chairs, variation desks nicer than that photo after I had left. When I was there it was uncomfortable heavy wooden chairs with fucked up cushions and weird slightly taller wooden tables. It was not comfy at all to study there in the library.

No. 1464832

I visited my mom recently and everytime we went to the store she picked up more cold medicie for her 1 young grandchild… Like I know she is trying to be prepared but there is a literal cabinet full of otc meds in her house so disorganized she doesnt know what she has and buys more…I dug thru it to find tylenol and I am certain at least 1/2 of the entire cabinet was childrens meds. The cabinet is like 12" deep, 18"wide, and 2.5ft tall. It is a cabinet meant for cookware or dishes. Like, this is why there is a shortage lol. My poor mom. Blinded by misguided maternal instinct. She is terrified of her only grandkid feeling any discomfort. Doesnt even live with her.

No. 1464852

File: 1673015661910.jpg (186.52 KB, 1170x614, garbage.jpg)

I think these wood ones are actually better than plastic and fake leater cushioned ones, but that's because I live in a very warm place and sweat a lot, so the wood feels better.

No. 1464861

When Jillian's thread maxes out so there'll be a few days with no new thread because most of her cowfags are fucking idiots (me too, which is why I won't make the new thread kek).

No. 1465273

Birthday month for me is something I keep to myself and just do a few extra luxuries that I wouldn't do the rest of the year. Making "birthday month" everyone else's problem is narcissistic

No. 1465406

File: 1673047113200.jpeg (77.26 KB, 825x406, 8185A6BE-8554-45C4-B402-6E197F…)


No. 1465424

File: 1673048207086.png (48.62 KB, 589x385, fucker.png)

You you keep hitting that X. I'll just keep respawning. Muhahahaha

No. 1465425

As a kid, my hair always got stuck in those metal bolts and it hurt so fucking bad.

No. 1465426

youtubers who just read out reddit stories irritate me so much

No. 1465428

It doesn't even make any sense because if they can't access the domain how will they see that

No. 1465436

i hate junkies so much i don't care they're so filthy and leave their godamn infected needles everywhere without a care because they're selfish and only care about themselves so fuck them they don't deserve help

No. 1465442

I HATE "reaction" channels when the person pauses the video every fucking 3 seconds to make faces at the camera and react to the video. I really like funny audio commentary in the style of red letter media or MST3K where they crack jokes while the video is playing, but I absolutely hate the YouTube channels where they don't let the video play for more than 5 seconds without pausing the whole thing and making some retarded comment


No. 1465457

right? who is this announcement ever for kek

No. 1465516

samefag, but I've just realised there's no pop up on farmcow.lol so I guess I'll be using that for the time being kek

No. 1465521

I hate music "reaction" channels. 99.9% of them are so fucking braindead and ignorant of good music. And then they pull the old "Hey guys how did so-and-so get the inspiration for this song? Let me know in the comments!" trick. Fuck you, you piece of shit. You don't give two fucks about this song that I like, you just want the algorithm to pick you up and want activity on your videos. And it's almost always ghetto-ass moids looking like they're about to start the first day of 4th grade for the 7th time in a row.

No. 1465522

Oh shit you just triggered a memory in me that I'd completely forgotten, that happened to me, too!

No. 1465717

i have two relatives like this. the entire month of october and july they expect the whole world to stop for them and just go absolutely crazy with maxing out their credit cards, taking time off work, and expecting people to spend thousands of dollars on their entitled asses just cause. then of course whenever anyone else's birthday rolls around, you can't find them, or like the october bitch left a nasty text in a group chat on my birthday talking about how she couldn't afford to get food since she isn't working. this is why i tell people i don't celebrate birthdays and told my mom to not mention it anymore to people (especially said family members). it's just so unnecessarily vain and i get tired of my family shitting on me if anyone does anything nice for me whatsoever.

No. 1465793

I've always wanted to sit in one of these

No. 1465807

>Oh wow, it's almost as if…
and any variation of that. Even if I agreed with you before that, now I don't.

No. 1465823

My aunt and grandma share the same birthday. She won’t let mom visit my grandparents to celebrate grandma’s day. My aunt will lose her shit if we visit during the month of July.

No. 1465830

I’m in the south and all the houses I look at on Zillow are like this. It’s fucking gross.

No. 1465859

Is this an American thing? I've never heard people in my country doing it, it sounds so trashy and narcissistic to think like that.

No. 1465939

Growing up with a december bday I got used to even the day itself getting overlooked. I remember dating a guy who went to the effort of making sure my gifts were seperate and were in bday paper instead of xmas paper. No '2-in-1' gifts like I'd always got before that point. I cried lol

No. 1466112

I hate the stereotype that eating disorders are always caused by girls and women wanting to lose weight. Of course for some it is but for a lot of people it's not the case. I don't even like the way I look when I'm skinny, I look much better with some fat on me but it is the control that's so satisfying. Treatment is abhorrent, they just force feed you until you're a healthy weight and send you home. I hate that it is so misunderstood and every anachan must be a vain loser who wants to be Kate Moss. It's not that way for everyone.

No. 1466303

Watermarks on memes, and it's always the least funny ones who have them but the watermark completely ruins any redeeming potential those memes might have had otherwise

No. 1466323

File: 1673133897903.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1244x1751, 7AEB5E84-BEC2-4366-AE63-B2A4F5…)

When you’re neurodivergent and pretty so people think ur mean but ur just speshul and mentally ill

No. 1466324

I think you just envy her beauty. She isn't gloating, she's pointing out how beauty is associated with in group belonging and being normal.

No. 1466330

I’m prettier than her

No. 1466332

Samefag Jk but she sounds so vain

No. 1466339

Nta but maybe I could take her serious if she said something like autism or a personality disorder, neurodivergent means nothing here.

No. 1466345

and there's also the "off-putting" common autistic demeanor that combined with conventional good looks makes neurotypicals assume that you must be intentionally cold and mean instead of just a 'tist

No. 1466346

>reee you jealous
Nta but for real?

No. 1466349


No. 1466392

Ok well as a WOS (Woman of Sexiness) I do actually understand the burden of a life such as hers. To constantly be Sexy, and misunderstood. The assumptions. Being too sexy for the common retards, but to retarded for the normalsexies. Our struggle has been appropriated and talked over, and it's time that we were heard.

No. 1466433

File: 1673139138361.png (682.66 KB, 451x796, 176ecd9903660d641896c564ed2204…)

youtube algorithms. i don't watch any tranny content or subscribe to it (obviously) but youtube still pushes this retard and her retarded shorts on to me like i'm going to give a shit about her mutilated tranny fairy tattoos. fuck off you literally look like a hamster and every time i go on youtube i see her "wiping my ass while wearing a binder to show you that it's hecking okay!!" girl stfu

No. 1466456

I do find her obnoxious and infantile. How being queer if a 'personality', like wearing a special froggy hat or being a gentle uwu nonbinary baby. But I think this is just the gen z version of an emo phase, many of my peers are like this. I just go about my day as a homosexual and nothing is special, no song and dance. You probably overthink your identity and get so self obsessed if you don't have a job. She sounds like a sweet girl and I believe she'll grow out of this.

No. 1466469

Calmest reply I've ever read on this site

No. 1466482

people who make you angry on purpose. i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who has had (mostly) males say shit like
>i'm trying to piss you off because it seems like you never get angry hahaha
>i like to get on your nerves because you look funny when you're pissed off

is this some retarded flirting or pure sociopathy? it's always so exhausting talking to such people. they usually don't even succeed in getting you properly enraged, just mildly irritated after a moronic duel or sarcastic remarks or whatever

No. 1466526

I'm from the same city as her. She's like the most stereotypical of stereotypes of what people think we're like. It's actually hard to avoid people like her. That being said, I do pity her. I wonder what she'll be like when she's older. I can't imagine anybody over 30 with that styling. Will she regret it or stay the same?

No. 1466644

i honestly hope she doesnt grow out of it for the sake of her mental health. I have read a lot of comments of ex-trannies here and they are permanently depressed and regretful over what they did to their bodies. At worst millenials came out of their emo phases with arm scratches and embarrasing memories, these people are going to come out of their tranny phases with chooped up tits, fucked up voices beyond repair and health issues for life plus the hatred of the cult they were once part off.

No. 1467098

I don't mind children irl, but I hate seeing them in movies and shows, be it 3D, where I can still justify it by saying a child shouldn't grow up in front of a camera, or 2D. I don't know why, I just feel incredibly uncomfortable. Now that I think about it, I also dislike them appearing in books or fanfiction, though to a lesser extent.

No. 1467110

I hate seeing children in reality shows.

No. 1467113

when a youtuber's production goes up. ugh, if i wanted to watch something like that i would just turn on my television. i'm completely uninterested. only times i appreciate it is when the microphone gets updated but cut it out with the huge videos that cost thousands of dollars. i understand getting bigger and therefore richer so having the budget for said huge videos and likely a demand for better quality but it just completely turns me off of watching them.

No. 1467115

Agreed. All my favorite youtubers went from frequent short, interesting videos to these giant productions that take months to make, they’ll post maybe once a year

No. 1467125

same, i hate this. Old youtube has such charm, i am surprised there isnt a youtuber with the gimmick of their videos looking from the 00s. The remastered version of old AVGN episodes is how i think peak yt quality should look like.

No. 1467154

this is precisely why i stopped watching safiya nygaard. i like her and she has content on lots of interesting topics, but it's just become so intimidating with the "look how we spent thousands of dollars just on this one video" gimmick

No. 1467156

>The remastered version of old AVGN episodes
Youtubers remaster their old shit? Also "remaster" seems like the worst word to pick, these people aren't professional editors or even CLOSE to that, kek.

No. 1467161

When I see how much some youtubers spend on buying a hoard of shit for one video it just makes me realize how dishonest some are about their income. Alot of them try to pretend they aren't in some crazy income bracket yet but then they invest thousands on a vid that'll obviously still leave them with profit. It doesn't add up.

Like I don't begrudge youtubers making bank but the game they play where they deny it (I'm just like you guys, so relatable!) when they also show proof of otherwise is odd to me. Sit in a room, talk about something interesting and be honest. That's all I really want if I like someones personality.

No. 1467175

So I looked up what she is making videos about these days.
>How Retail Stores Manipulate You, 5 months ago
>Mixing Every Lip Gloss From Sephora Together, 3 months ago

No. 1467178

nonna avgn is like one of the most popular and influential youtubers, he has the means and money to remaster his shit. His original videos used to be stuck at 240p and looked like minecraft gameplay. He even sells season DVDs, he's no let's player. Here's the original

No. 1467179

and the remaster, i imagine the dvd has better quality though

No. 1467182

i hate the ''mixing every x'' videos, are people so retarded they dont know it will just end up looking a brown pile of shit? its such a massive waste too

No. 1467224

I also hate what a waste it is. And how can you go from making a video about how shops fool you into buying more to…buying every type of a specific item in a named shop?

No. 1467231

I hate seeing them on YouTube, like
their parents coaching them on how to act and they're playing themselves

No. 1467409

That jobs don't bother to post salaries anymore because it's probably lower than acceptable; yet require so many damn qualifications. Or worse, they only hire people from countries they can exploit, having a good passport works against you.

That the best work I ever had I found my damn self and networked, freelance is where money is, you just need to keep people committed and overbooked should anyone cancel. I am my own boss and I hate people telling me what to do so this is ideal.

That my hands are ice cold but if I go under the covers all the way I can't breathe.

My face largely

Fake ass fucking influencers with their same gritty voice, bare ass, cringe expressions trying to be somebody. Fuck offffff. I hate it.

No. 1467427

>entry level job
>requirements: 3 years experience

No. 1467584

I hate people who have kids and always dump them on their relatives. Everyone hates them and their kids desperately love their parents even though they rarely see them and the kids act like little brats who just scream

No. 1467585

Samefag most people who "watch" kids are lazy as fuck and just sit on their ass and let them run around.

No. 1467600

I hated the fact that my sister left her kids with me constantly and without much notice and often for longer than she said she would (!) but i liked the kids themselves. they were weird around her but they were nice around me, normal amount of crying and mischief, seemed happy to have attention and shared meal time. I was a teenager so it took me years to realize my sister was seriously neglecting them.

No. 1467604

So right after I posted that I was searching and managed to find exactly what I wanted and applied. A job that is freelance partime, well paid, accommodation and transportation provided, can choose weeks to work or not, well paid. I just needed some extra not commitment longterm work to get a little extra. Everything works out for me and I deserve it so let's hope.

But this is a hate thread so.. I hate that I can't breathe all the time.

No. 1467649

Anyone who uses the term "funky little guy"

No. 1467678

what kind of freelance job do you do?

No. 1467705

File: 1673266527902.png (2.21 MB, 1000x1618, How To Pull Off Athleisure Wea…)

Fucking athleisure.

No. 1467719

It’s very 2014-2017. I know it’s still a huge trend but it’s already dated. For me wearing leggings of any kind, especially the athletic moisture-wicking ones, is so uncomfortable so I’ve never really understood the appeal to begin with.

No. 1467881

Childcare, tutoring, translation, editing, hotel, massage therapy, even did a few medical and psych studies. It's easier to do the language jobs in a foreign country and easier to find work in a big city. You really have to search for people looking to hire, or advertise yourself.

No. 1467905

I know so many guys who dress like this and they whoosh whoosh whoosh 24/7. How are their ears not annoyed yet?

No. 1467946

>skill issue
This retarded ass phrase that everyone suddenly thinks is just the funniest fucking thing and totally does not sound autistic at all

No. 1468048

I hate being on an airplane and the person next to me keeps bumping their elbow into mine. A week ago I was flying home, and the guy I was sitting next to kept bumping his arm into mine, several times throughout the flight and it was annoying. I even moved my arm more inwards, completing pressed against my side and he still managed to keep bumping into it. There were even a few times he kept his arm just pressed against mine and I couldn’t even scoot over anymore. No “sorry”s were given, he straight up didn’t give a fuck

No. 1468640

Hate is a bit strong but I didn't kbow where else I could put this, I'm really weirded out by christian people in fandoms.

No. 1468822

File: 1673370679332.jpg (74.76 KB, 500x500, 61zJII01fSL._AC_SY780_.jpg)

This weird fascination with cat butt holes that fucking strange people find so funny and RANDOM it's just uncomfortable. I was given a cat butthole coloring book during a secret Santa and I'm like highly offended.

No. 1468827

File: 1673370973131.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 160 KB, 1000x1294, 180C79EB-FB21-40D2-8ABD-DF8E89…)

Kek nonnie, why are these things so cursed? Who thought gifting these even as a gag gift was a good idea?

No. 1468829

I thought this was only a Japanese artist thing

No. 1468832

There are so many versions of these books and merch/jewelry too.. tasteless imo

It's Japanese level weird shit but I've seen it locally as a burger moreso.

No. 1468833

This but with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses

No. 1468843

jesus christ i fucking HATE the digital climate right now, everything about it. i fucking hate not being able to use mainstream apps and services due to privacy concerns and i hate that being careful about my data and reading fine print is a fringe thing to do which by nature excludes me from participating in most of the platforms people use to communicate. i hate unskippable 30-second fucking youtube ads, i hate GDPR popups and fucking asshole website design, i hate how i cannot trust anything anywhere and i hate mass surveillance, i hate that they fucking removed 3.5mm jacks from iphones and i hate that i finally upgraded to a 12 mini and that i've had 3 headphone jack adaptors which have ALL broken (no i will not buy bluetooth headphones, i have a pair of IEMs which i am spitefully refusing not to use), i hate fucking tiktok, i hate sponsored fucking posts on instagram, i hate elon, i hate that i cant buy a digital watch with useful features for sports which doesnt send intimate health data to some company, i hate feeling like i'm being pushed further and further from mainstream society the longer i refuse to give up

No. 1468844

When people clean their plates but they don't clean the sink after, seeing food remains there disgusts me so fucking much.

No. 1468846

Louder for the fucking moids in the back

No. 1468853

i completely agree with all of this wtf. i was given shit the other day for not wanting to use messenger like fuck off, the amount of private data they want access to in comparison with other messaging apps is unreal.

No. 1468870

this could be an unpopular opinion, but i find it annoying how people keep making those posts about how they're overjoyed when the plans they make are canceled that they never wanted to go to. i'm an introvert like these people say and like having some down time, but i don't understand this whole thing of not being honest about not even wanting to go out in the first place and yet still making plans with other people. and i hate getting dressed up only to lose my reason to go out kek. just makes me wonder if my friends actually want to hang out in the first place or just feel obligated to and that's not the kind of people i want to surround myself with. also those saying stuff like "this is such [random zodiac] energy" in the comments

No. 1468877

i'm introverted and it ruins my entire month kek every time i get bailed on or have plans cancel it makes me feel so worthless. if i knew the other end felt that way about plans my ego would sink so low even if it had little to nothing to do with me… plus i'm autistic so i hate when my plans get ruined thus messing up my entire day's schedule which makes me feel even worse

No. 1468878

Absolutely based. I wish technology was more friendly to the individual. I'm very close to degoogling my phone and legitimately getting myself off social media. However the big thing affecting me the most is the technological hardware. My fucking headphone jack is still gone, all USB C to 3.5mm adapters are absolute shit and i don't understand why so many phone providers are jumping on this ship to eliminating it completely before the technology to adapt would better itself. It's almost as if they want us to "keep up with the times". Sure we're getting at the point where Bluetooth in older cars is becoming more common, but at the moment i have to do BT to FM. I fucking hate finding a radio station that I'm unsure will continue to play my music without noise in a few weeks. But yeah, I cannot listen to music via headphones anymore with my phone and it absolutely sucks.

No. 1468925

right? this is almost exactly how i feel. i really don't understand why this "rejoicing over canceled plans you never wanted to go to" thing is so popular and i just don't want to deal with friends who are still doing this in 2023, i want people who are genuine and actually want to hang out even when plans fall through.

i'd rather be told upfront that the other person doesn't want to go than be strung along only to have them outright cheer about those plans getting canceled. it's a different thing when they're in a bad mood or have an unexpected interruption on the day, but it's when they make plans even though they don't want to go at all that gets me, we're all adults, just be honest about not wanting to go. and yeah, i hate that it ruins my day's schedule for me too.

No. 1468933

I hate this too, I don't have many opportunities to go out and my day is ruined when I learn something is canceled. I could maybe get it if the weather is unexpectedly shit or you're feeling ill but rejoicing because you're a lazy ass is lame.

No. 1468960

It hate it too. The hardware keeps getting better supposedly but when I buy a midrange smartphone from a company that has a good reputation and there's no default app to listen to music, no 3.5 jacks, phones are now sold without chargers because "muh environment" (which I wouldn't mind if it were true and prices were reduced accordingly), and now if you want to use a smartphone comfortably as a normal sized human being you have to hold it like a fucking gameboy because of how large they are. They love to add a bunch of completely superficial features too. What the fuck is Binxgy of whatever the fuck? No clue, however if I want to listen to my musci which I bought and transferred on my Galaxy S22 I need to download an app for it or I need to use Spotify or Youtube Music with their shit subscription bullshit and their popup messages to encourage me to buy their monthly subscription plans. If if weren't for my old phone having a shit battery and a mediocre camera I wouldn't have tried to replace it.

>i hate GDPR popups

They're a necessary evil. I really hate how websites can gather info on you even if you never use them, at least I like to know what's going on behind the scene.

>i hate feeling like i'm being pushed further and further from mainstream society the longer i refuse to give up

I was forced to have a facebook account for uni years ago and never post anything on it, but I still need that account to use messenger with my friends and it's infuriating how I proposed a bunch of better alternatives and they strictly refuse to use said alternatives.

No. 1468981

>it's infuriating how I proposed a bunch of better alternatives and they strictly refuse to use said alternatives.

nayrt, but just like people i know! i commented >>1468853, i stated that i'm uncomfortable the demands that messenger makes and was accused of "making things hard" for the group chat that someone was trying to get me to be part of because "facebook and instagram ask for the same data anyway". firstly, messenger is specifically only for private messaging unlike those two and i don't want them knowing my private shit, and secondly, anything done on instagram (rarely) i don't mind being known whilst i'm no longer even on facebook. while i just told them i didn't like using it and i'm happy to use more privacy considerate alternatives if everyone else is, but clearly they're lazy and don't want to make the shift because using an established facebook account is much easier. if you want facebook/meta all up in your shit, fine, but don't drag me into it when i don't need to be.

No. 1468983

exactly that. in comments of posts like these i've even seen some claim this is somehow "self care" but going out of your way to make arrangements you never cared for and then acting like it's the greatest thing when they never happen is just beyond dumb and inconvenient. like stop saying you wanna hang out with people you don't even want to be around and you would never even have to worry about it in the first place kek

No. 1468992

i hate those crappy ads for crappy mobile games and the games themselves and i don't know why they're being shown to me.

i don't know if it's just how it was where i lived but i remember before smartphones became a thing, a bunch of the mobile games that were available were actually decent and fun, not all, but still many. even the games that came already installed into the brick/flip phones that were just demos were fun and you didn't need to pay much (and only spend once) to play the whole game as many times as you wanted. now we just get shitty "idle" games, ads, microtransactions, subscriptions, and braindead content like those stupid walking games that increase the size of your heels as you go or some shit like a 7 year old made them. if you want to play games on iphone, android, or any smartphone you have to really delve in the app store to make it past through the brainrot.

No. 1469022

So they use the same arguments as my friends… The last time I suggested we could go back to Line or use something else was last year I think, at a time when the messenger app wasn't working properly for weeks and we'd never receive messages when they were sent but hours later, same with notifications. Guess what my dumbass friends said? "b-but messenger has that (absolutely goddawful) feature on mobile that creates a small bubble on your screen so I can listen to music on youtube without the videos pausing when I reply to you uwuwuwu" like bitch? Reply to what, the app isn't even fucking working, you didn't even receive my messages until days later!

No. 1469117

i'm tired of people moralizing pirating. even people who support it will put up some disclamer like "pirating from big companies is cool but fuck you if you pirat inside shit" like why is it different? if i can't get something digital for free i am simply not going to have it whatever tough luck for me i guess. If i can't pirate the game i'm just not gonna play it whatever. It's the same bullshit as when companies don't meet projected profits and start saying piracy is stealing their profits or whatever. You never had that money it cannot be stolen. Nobody is taking money from your pockets you're just not meeting some imaginary number. it's even dumber for music like if you put your shit on youtube there are a million downloaders it just cannot be stopped however you spin iy

No. 1469119

samefag i just realized i worded this shittly just wanna say if some pirating is ok then all of it is and people who arent paying werent even gonna do that so nothing is lost so i hate people who shit their pants when ppl pirate their indie darling

No. 1469131

File: 1673394560068.png (888.15 KB, 2008x708, Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 3.47…)

Fucking thank you, same, I hate it. I'd be offended if I got that book too. The first thing I thought about was the "quirky" cat butt magnets (but I guess the ones I was thinking of don't actually have the butthole, just the back end of the cat which is more forgivable) but STILL why is this a thing? And people think they're genuinely hilarious! I also hate it when there's cute artwork or drawings of cats and they just HAVE to include the buttholes. I don't think it's cute or funny at all and I hate it

No. 1469137

the last ones are cute

No. 1469148

the notion that women are less funny. i was thinking about it and i can only name one or two moids i've known personally who i think are genuinely hilarious people; one of my cousins and one of my high school teachers. on the other hand, i could name so many hilarious women i know. i hate that the point of reference for comedic ability is comedians, it's so retarded. men revere these stand-up comedians, most of whom are bafflingly shitty, and bounce off them and just repeat their jokes or pathetically try to imitate their humour. but humour and wit, so many women i know have just naturally adopted these things and they're such a joy to be around and have a laugh with. moids, however, seem to have to joke at the expense of someone else, or themselves if they're a gay little woe is me boo hoo pissbaby, or the thing they find most funny is some monkey-brain shit like "fart shit cum lol". i hate moid humour. i hate how much it infected general ideas of what humour is, and of what good humour is.

No. 1469152

Because men who make these charts are subhumans that relish in their degeneracy. Ever notice how men will all high five and circlejerk each other online for their most vile behaviors but absolutely demonize women as "all evil whores" because one woman did something mean to man.

Also, I hate men

No. 1469153

I also wonder how they got people to test this. I mean if pedos knew they could legally look at CP, wouldn't they gladly volunteer?

No. 1469162

Agreed but I also have seen lots of male tubers around the same age say the same shit.

No. 1469164

When people respond to bait or infight.
We're on an anonymous imageboard. There is no reason to fight with someone you'll never have an idea of who they are and they'll never know who you are. Are you that terminally online that you feel you have to defend yourself or insult anonymous strangers over something you don't agree with? It clogs the threads. It's not that hard to take a breath, remind yourself that an imageboard shouldn't make you feel negative emotions, and move on.

No. 1469165

Samefagging but it looks like they did volunteer themselves. That's not a fair representation of all males.

No. 1469169

yeah i really don't get it. when an anon tries to start infighting with me or posts obvious bait i just do not respond. it means about as much as an argument you'd create in your head. the very worst is when anons treat this like a regular chat and type angry short responses to one another and it goes on for a while

No. 1469245

File: 1673405281786.jpg (158.37 KB, 1170x684, IMG_3481 2.jpg)

the anon posting about letterboxd upthread reminded me of this, but i hate when letterboxd reviewers have to turn every review they write into an excuse to vent about their life. picrel lmao. like im sorry that happened but this is a movie review site, not your personal blog kek

No. 1469336

>hate waking up early
>hate driving to work
>hate losing 2+ hours of my day to traffic
>hate that I then lose even more time preparing for the next day
>hate having to water cooler talk
>hate that people talk to me on my lunch
>hate all the boomers saying to simply uproot my life to move closer to better sell my soul to my corporate job that could fire me for any reason and also acting like houses cost $25k or something

My job was remote when I first started working here which was so great nonnas

No. 1469350

yes they do. and they always get fucking angry when anons tell them to shut up
>b-but she started it!! why not tell her to stop?
it's like they really don't understand the bait anons are just trying to piss others off, it's useless to engage with them.

No. 1469385

why the fuck does youtube not recommend me other things i swear to god no matter what i click on the exact same videos are on my suggested videos and the same with my recommended page just in a different order if there are any changes at all. i'm sick of this bullshit website but i don't want tiktok. holy fuck it's been like this for like 3 years i'm so tired of it i genuinely thought i had turned off my watch history or something because it DOES NOT change no matter what

No. 1469393

When they say "I know this is bait but-" then proceed to write a long ass reply it's almost worse because they are halfway to awareness

No. 1469402

Reminds me of cooking bloggers who need to talk about their lives before the recipe, I was reading a recipe once where the mommy blogger was joking about her baby having diarrhea or something, I closed it immediately, why talk about body fluids and food on the same page?

No. 1469435

People who put pictures of their families on the walls

No. 1469475

isn't that literally every house tho, it's pretty normal

No. 1469507

File: 1673449202798.jpg (496.36 KB, 1080x1801, IMG_20230111_120814.jpg)

The Wall. Just 5 years between the two photos. Men marry at their peak, lock women down and morph into hamplanets. When they miss the opportunity to obtain a donestic servitude slave, they just burn down to dust and disappear in the wind. My advice to girls: always let him know he can and WILL lose you if he lets himself go. Use them and discard them accordingly. There's always hotter, younger, brighter men available for you.

No. 1469778

This stupid song, if you were in any nerdy space 10~15 years ago it was unavoidable, blasted on repeat everywhere.

I'll out myself as a faceblind autist but I honestly don't see the difference, he looks ugly on both pics to me.

No. 1469828

That sucks, but there are still plenty of remote only jobs. Spending so much time commuting to and from work makes no sense now a days unless you are in food or retail.

No. 1469829

i dont disagree w you that men age like milk but jeremy fragrance is eating disordered asf, most likely abuses drugs and regularly uses tanning beds lmao. i dont know if he's the best example of a man looking after himself.

No. 1470097

That actually has a purpose though because if you scroll through their whole post, you view more ads. It's annoying but it has a function. Blogposting on Letterboxd is just retarded.

No. 1470459

Autism Youtubers. Not anyone specific, just all "autism" youtubers. I don't believe any of them are autistic and I dislike the disinformation most of them put out. Extra ire for any well-spoken college grad or anyone who makes those "female autism traits" videos.

No. 1470663

I dunno why this kinda freaks me out. like who is this obsessed with cat butts?? do they want to fuck their cat?

No. 1470673

the word "lewd" causes a visceral reaction in me

No. 1470679

I think the coasters are funny only because the idea of having idk a snooty inlaw over for coffee and she picks her mug off the coaster and is suddenly confronted by a butthole is amusing. But then the humor is in the surprise, I don't get the point of the ones that are just cat ass with nothing else.

No. 1470700

I used to hate it already when Momo and Susu were having dumb ass battles online on who was more slutty, but it's gotten so much worse since then. Especially since men and women use it so openly now.

No. 1470701

It sounds slimy and not at all erotic, like "lewd content" sounds like illegal shit to me.

No. 1470753

I hate the term 'people of color'. They are saying it on tv in my country now too and it doesn't even translate correctly. I get it's an umbrella term but what is so bad about saying 'I'm black/hispanic/asian/whatever'. What normal person brings up skin color casually anyway, I'm so sick of the emphasis on race (in the media anyway) nowadays. It just creates a bigger division.

No. 1470756

In my country "people of color" has always been used to refer specifically to black people as a more "PC" term, I guess because the literal word for black might not sound too appropriate to speakers of other languages? idek

No. 1470774

kek im a britfag and i remember a specific time in the mid 2010s when 'poc' was starting to be used a lot as the 'correct term' on tumblr and in wider social justice circles, and i remember seeing some article about a celebrity or something over here having to apologise for using the term 'person of colour' because it was considered racist over here.

in recent times though ive definitely seen a shift from people who were using terms like poc or african american to seem politically correct, to the same people being told to just say 'black' or whatever race they are referring to. which i agree with, honestly. 'person of colour' has always seemed slightly patronising

No. 1470806

It's the same here, just a political buzzword. A lot of white people still just use the N word though so I don't understand why 'black' would be worse somehow

>'person of colour' has always seemed slightly patronising
I think so too. Like everyone who's not white is a crybaby and not just a regular person with a healthy spine. It's so dumb, the implications are more racist than just saying where someone is from or their ethnicity. Add that mostly PC white people use it.

No. 1472362

im 100% straight (sadly) but i hate seeing men on my Instagram explore page. seriously nothing faggier than tryhard attention whore scrotes showing out online for asspats. at least for girls it makes sense (they are cute and creative) even if they're sometimes cringe too. im viscerally repulsed by seeing men on my explore page. go build a fucking house or something faggot

No. 1472374

Kek in Irish we have to say “daoine gorma” which translates to “blue people” because the literal translation of “black people” would imply someone evil, even a demon.

No. 1472410

Plastic surgeons but especially those who give whoville ass looking rhinoplasties

No. 1472414

Kek, is this aimed at the nonnie that posted her nose in the ps thread?

No. 1472415

Oh so you saw her post

No. 1472423

From the front it looked fine but the side profile, yikes. I hope she just leaves it alone though, it can only get worse.

No. 1472453

Modern art and media depicts a woman's ideal nose that way, so I can see how op would find it cute, but I hope she never sees what we see and just stays happy with it. I think the replies are a bit cruel, but I guess you're asking for it when you brag about something like that kek.

No. 1472457

That before and after broke my heart. I'm glad she was able to open up her nostril, but her profile looked perfectly fine before. Now it barely looks like her nose has enough bridge to breathe. I just hope it doesn't collapse as she gets older.

No. 1472466

I just opened that thread for the first time and I'm floored that some people on this site talk about getting PS like it's a good and normal thing people should do if they feel like it.

No. 1472474

Sometimes it's just easier to fix your face than it is to fix your brain. Coming to terms with having a feature that the world around you villainizes is really hard, and there is no guarantee that you will ever truly be happy with it. Getting the chop is sometimes the least painful option, as sad as that may be.

No. 1472489

The vast majority of people who get those surgeries look perfectly normal before.

No. 1472514

I hate bumping threads, be careful scrolling

No. 1472515

men say women are attention whores but a man can't take any kind of photo or video without inserting his ugly soygoy face with no sense of shame. is all projection

No. 1472544

Weird AI gore porn directly after this thread, don't scroll at all

No. 1472548

File: 1673663022649.jpg (929.05 KB, 2400x3000, Al_Gore,_Vice_President_of_the…)

Jesus I looked it up and it was ai gore porn, not Al Gore porn.

No. 1472587

File: 1673666496060.jpg (57.82 KB, 600x428, 032j2cuma4j41.jpg)

I read a bit in the PS thread and
>There are some people who look classier after surgery but they’re very few. Most people end up looking cheaper. Bella Hadid for instance looks classier and richer after having surgery. But I think that’s because her results aren’t so perfect. They are nicely done but also flawed in a way that makes them almost seem natural. It’s not uncannily perfect, it just looks like she has very good genes (like Carla Bruni who she tries to imitate)

She went from pretty to plastic freak? This is a whole can of brain worms. It's not the first time I noticed this, some like gross uncanny valley abominations they see on social media more than natural beauty.

Do you have experience with this? Do you think spending a lot of time looking at plastic surgery faces and bodies, and heavily edited pictures make someone develop an aesthetic preference for terrifying creatures?

No. 1472683

Her nose is botched but so was carla bruni's. She's not some terrifying clone but a copy of a well known model. Carla also isn't a natural beauty and she had multiple surgeries but since she wasn't famous before her surgeries no one could compare her before and after photos.

No. 1472690

Does the after not look horrifying to you? The eyes, the cheeks, the nose, all fake. She may have even had her jaw shaved, though I'm bad at telling that. She looks like an evil demon version of herself.

No. 1472701

File: 1673682468576.jpg (188.88 KB, 718x971, Screenshot_20230114-003838_Ins…)

Cringe when I see someone mention this site off of the site

No. 1472702

>Stalin's Muse

No. 1472707

They're mutuals with that retard hyporcrites

No. 1472710

Wasn't that moid in picture exposed for selfposting? Kek.

No. 1472712

I wonder if that anon who created (and furiously defended in an old /meta/ thread) that blog with all of lc's screencaps is proud of this outcome.

No. 1472716

I actually like when farmers out themselves especially girls who post something everyday you get a glimpse of which threads they frequent she is a danofag and she posts herself in fishnet bikinis kek.

No. 1472717

And she follows autistic incel memepages so that should be very telling of danofags..

No. 1472728

I just woke up and am sleepily browsing and was trying to figure out whether anon meant gore porn with Weird Al or porn with Al Gore

No. 1472798

kek now the thread is full of seething replies accusing anyone who's against it of being 'bitter', 'jealous', a 'pickme', and so on. absolute insanity

No. 1472801

This is the way bddchans think. If you'd go outside you would see thousands of women with "ugly" features living their lives carefree, not even thinking there could be anything wrong with their appearance.

No. 1472804

No I don't think she looks scary. Most normies don't either.

No. 1472807

File: 1673691143741.jpeg (88.78 KB, 242x349, 58D1D5E9-5161-4F5C-B2C7-ADC080…)

She looks like how Instagram filters make you look. Maybe some people get used to it. Give her like 10 years to get another facelift and some “tweaks” and in 50 years we’ll have a horror show akin to picrel.

No. 1472809

Holy cow, she looks like a prop from a horror movie.

No. 1472815

Donatella was an avid coke addict whose nose collapsed two times because of drugs, the way she looks is because of the drugs she took for years instead of ps

No. 1472821

No way those lips and that stretched taunt skin is natural?

No. 1472823

She did have ps but doing coke so hard her nose collapsed two times and she needed two nosejobs ruined her looks way harder than surgery in my opinion. If you don't mind believe me, look up how druggies look and you'll find that she's not that different.

No. 1472828

How do you know that they're living their lives carefree? How do you know they're unbotherwd by various features? Of course it looks normal to you because it's not your face. Your friend can have a big hooked nose and it's not your problem because she's a side character in your story, but for her it's her life and maybe she doesn't wanna be big-nose-chan, maybe she just wants to feel normal. I'm not saying it's right, but if you go to surgeons websites and look at before/afters of rhinoplasty, most of the befores were comically large. Is it really fair to shit on those people for wanting to change something that probably got them bullied? I don't get the desire to hate on people who obviously are already miserable and hate themselves enough to butcher their bodies. It's sad enough as it is.

No. 1472840

>How do you know that they're living their lives carefree?
Because I have friends and interact with people and talk about these things?
>change something that probably got them bullied?
kids bully everyone and anyone over anything kek if your life is defined by high school bullies you have bigger issues than your nose

No. 1472843

coming to terms with having a disorder that makes it feel like the world around you villainizes your features when barely anyone cares about it that much is really hard*. i've been there. yes, i've had some people make fun of my nose for being big, i've had long periods of not going outside because i was so disgusted by my physical appearance and didn't want to be perceived by others. but i realised that barely anyone gives that much of a shit about how i look, especially now. like >>1472801 said, there are tons of women outside who have features that'd be deemed ugly. i don't agree that they're living their lives carefree, we can't know how they feel about themselves really, but would you say the world is villainizing them? i wouldn't. i walk past them and they are only a flicker in my brain, as they are to everyone else. as nearly everyone is to everyone else. if you have extremely abnormal features then yeah, it's difficult in a way i couldn't comprehend. but in these conversations the people talked about often looked just fine before.

No. 1472847

I hate when anons make fun of women by pointing out random features and say they look trans. Ffs you’re making normal women more insecure.

No. 1472855

The anon in grimes thread is an obvious tranny. Only trannies think women look male if they're not airbrushed and dolled up, kek. Also the way he kept saying trannies look better deffo outed his faggy ass.

No. 1472864

Lol yes that’s what I was thinking of. I don’t typically read the Grimes/Musk thread but that person must be a regular poster.

No. 1472871

>well, that's just you americans being weird about […]
I'm an euro too, stupid, you're just being a weirdo. That dumbass superiority complex so many Europeans have online is embarrassing to see, especially because so often it's about things you shouldn't be proud of, anyways. I swear next time I see someone being a degen outside of /g/ I'm gonna accuse her of being German or something. And while I'm at it, French bashing annoys me too lol

No. 1472879

File: 1673702240793.jpg (77.3 KB, 640x453, 1640755532323.jpg)

This fucking meme, listen nobody is forced to be on twitter or own a 12000$ anime figure collection, though. None of those are even remotely required to live.

No. 1472899

I hate it too, it's always used by troons with a funko pop collection who call you a chud is you disagree with them (BTW chud is also one of those retarded online words that I hate).

No. 1472902

Manga drawn digitally
>I switched over to drawing digitally, did you notice??
Yes, I did, it looks terrible, please go back or at least finish this series before you do the absolute switch

No. 1472910

File: 1673706276680.webm (4.05 MB, 640x296, Vaushite.webm)

I know this is Vaush but sadly is more or less the average "progressive" attitude regarding Muslim men rape scandals, like He immediately calls a woman a "bitch" the moment she states something uncomfortable and his chat is even more insane/disgusting than he is, One of them in the comments says "she's going full fascist"

No. 1472989

File: 1673711687519.png (94.4 KB, 590x184, tran.png)

i'm tired of seeing his ugly ogre mug on every feminist or female centered film i watch. what the fuck does he know? i'm sick of it. GO AWAY. he even has a list named "teen" i feel sick. my fucking god is he annoying. can't believe the amount of handmaidens on that website i swear to christ he could write i eat poop for breakfast and i'm trans btw and he's in there on the top of the reviews on every single film that has ever been released.

No. 1473009

The fucking 180 turn because she stated something about religion and cultural differences, whew. Yes Vaush, cultural differences! Just because you know some Americanized brownos it doesn't mean you know every browno out there. I've ran into many non-Western men who are disgusted I actually have a job. They wonder why my boyfriend isn't allowing me to stay at home because "a beautiful woman like yourself shouldn't have to work so hard." Their words are a slick cover up, I know damn well what they mean.

No. 1473012

>we need to believe victim
>wait the rape was commited by a muslim man? This bitch is lying and i call bullshit
The fact that people still watch vaush despite him being a pedo and zoophile shows how trannies have infestated politics

No. 1473068

The way this moid starts sperging out, screaming and mocking her as soon as she says something he doesn't like tells you instantly that he's a current or future wifebeater.

No. 1473107

i block every single popular user who does this lol it makes the site way more tolerable

No. 1473115

People who just plop their baby in my arms even though I already said I don't want to hold it and I'm obviously umcomfortable. What the fuck are they trying to achieve?

No. 1473422

I hate people who complain about spoilers from The Office. Come on now, the show has been around for almost 20 years and people talk about it all over the internet, so how come somebody feels like spoilers about The Office are still a thing? Jeez.

No. 1473453

File: 1673767943764.jpeg (10.06 KB, 183x275, images (5).jpeg)

Beauty blogs that give awful advice, pertaining to haircuts/eyebrows/clothes mostly. Learning your color and shapes is good to find flattering stuff but some of the advice these blogs give are just… Awful?

I have a round face, I'm not sure about other face shapes but some of the haircuts they give are so laughably awful. This is the main one I've been seeing or versions of it recommended to me. Who the hell wants to look like a 4 yr old cut your hair with safety scissors? It's always this, Lord farquaad cuts, Karen cuts (awful on round faces btw), etc. Color hair recommendations tend to be awful and styling tends to be shitty as well, the weird constant wishy washy between hiding your curves and doing everything you can to make them look as extreme as possible. I miss the 80s and 90s were fashion and fashion advice was actually fucking flattering for once and it even sucks more since I never grew up with a mom or sisters and my best fashion advice would be from fellow awkward tomboy/shy friends or magazines and blogs

No. 1473454

hard agree, and i noticed fashion blogs (especially kibbe related ones) constantly recommend the same ugly tunic looking clothes from the 2010s

No. 1473493

I kind of hate when something or someone has been all over the news for weeks and people say "well, I've never even heard of it/them." It doesn't make you seem cool and aloof, just ignorant.

No. 1473501

I dislike these posts online where a skinny, or thin or slightly chubby woman will pig out by eating lots of greasy fast food all at once and they're lowkey bragging about it, and then people will be outraged and reply shit like "what would you say if it were a fat woman posting this video? hmmm???" like they're even remotely comparable. If I see a thin woman pigging out from time to time I'll assume she doesn't eat like this all the time, but you just know fat to obese women eat like this 5 times a day. This would apply to men if they made similar posts more often but usually men tend to post about being gym bunnies so I don't see the same type of shit with them as often.

No. 1473502

What the hell is a gym bunny

No. 1473510

i watch a lot of fashion vids and some absolutely demented channels make their way onto my front page. theres a difference between being into fashion theory and.. whatever the fuck that is. like basically lookism tier koreaboo plastic surgery face proportion measuring mental sickness. pls no. i’m putting you in time out. i’m also putting myself in time out, because god knows i must have clicked on some cringe to get those recommended to me.

No. 1473512

Google it.

No. 1473536

Reminds me of a Criminal Minds episode where the opening quote was from Bill Waterson, my mom asked "who?" (Calvin and Hobbes is not famous in my country), I answered that he was an American cartoonist, to which she smugly scoffed "well I've never heard of him". It pissed me off so much I annoyingly replied that it's not because she doesn't know somebody that they are not famous.

No. 1473580

File: 1673795396651.jpg (93.15 KB, 1024x720, 1673717137863491.jpg)

Not the meme but the idea it highlights.

No. 1473591

TikTok finding a song or a band. If you couldn't find it organically and had an algorithm do the work for you, you don't deserve to listen to them reeee

No. 1473595

File: 1673797056272.png (112.46 KB, 1036x621, 413.png)

I hate playing a song around friends and they're like "THE TIKTOK SONG" like no faggots, it's just a song I like. Don't even use tiktok. Worst feeling in the world is liking a song months or years before it gets big on tiktok and people going "ooohhhh like the tiktok song" jesus CHRIST the potent autist rage it triggers within me makes me feel like picrel.

No. 1473597

i dont do it on purpose… keeping up with news is tiring

No. 1473598

This, I don't consume news because it's virtually nothing but fearmongering nonsense that has no impact on my life whatsoever.

No. 1473601

It's like they don't even listen to music, everything comes from tiktok, I guess they don't even use spotify or YouTube, because they only get contact with new stuff through tiktok.

No. 1473605

I don’t understand that. going through other peoples playlist with similar taste and finding new music for different kinds of settings is always a fun treasure hunt. It’s really just consumer culture I guess music addition, but it’s kind of sad.

No. 1473607

I listening to that one house song by Crystal Waters recently and my zoomer sister was like "I know that song, it's from tiktok!" like she was bragging about knowing some obscure stuff and my mother and I spent so long arguing with her that it was on the radio all the fucking time back in the 90s and early 2000s we nearly lost it.

No. 1473611

>It's like they don't even listen to music, everything comes from tiktok
I have a bunch of 14-17 year olds in my family and none of them listen to artists or albums. They don't really listen to music anymore or seek it out on their own. If they do listen to a playlist it's one someone else generated like an internet personality or a compilation of songs from a TV show.

No. 1473647

File: 1673804973577.jpg (175.67 KB, 853x799, ugh.JPG)

Im a young millenial but this caregiver burden is so fucking depressing.

No. 1473664

I asked on a dating app what kind of music they like, I got "TikTok" as an answer. Just wat.

No. 1473692

File: 1673808280591.webm (611.82 KB, 480x270, V1.webm)

The worst part is that this is only his like 10th worst clip. lol

No. 1473694

File: 1673808405640.webm (5.84 MB, 1920x1080, V2.webm)

No. 1473696

File: 1673808509069.webm (7.18 MB, 640x360, V3.webm)

No. 1473706

He managed to make VeganGains seem like a sane individual in comparison, that's quite an achievement.

No. 1473708

Paprika doesn't taste like anything and everyone who swears by it uses it because they think it does something other than add color. Also who the fuck thinks it's spicy? The same could be said about bell peppers. Who really finds it spicy at all? I'm upset that you know who ruined every marketing spicy food out there. If it weren't for their frail egos that they can't handle spicy food we wouldn't have vinegar in water sauces being sold in america. They go to Chipotle and claim they can handle spicy food, but if you gave them a chipotle pepper they would die on the spot. I'm spiteful because I keep being lied to.

No. 1473733

what the actual fuck is wrong with americans who the fuck follows this shithead and why is he allowed to exist and not linched to death

No. 1473734

God this fucking white pig disgusts me so much. He triggers my fight or flight response everytime I watch clips of him. The worst part is this is the attitude of the average leftist moid. Just parroting feminist talking points but then they don't actually believe it or support it in practice. It's all so performative. I used to believe leftist moids are one of the good ones, but I was delusional and naive and they really are all just the same.

If a woman says she's been raped by an MtF troon, she'll get called transphobic, and it's her personal problem to resolve her trauma. If her perpetrator is from a non-white culture, she'll get called racist. Women's traumas are never taken seriously. Everyone else's feelings matter more than a woman's.

No. 1473766

I don't get it either

No. 1473774

File: 1673814159235.jpg (179.04 KB, 1108x1108, 1547435175254.jpg)

My origami paper pad isn't exactly squared, one side is about an milimeter longer, which means I can't fold the perfect cranes. Once I'm through with this pad, I'll buy another one, and I hope that one will be exactly squared.

No. 1473783

Smoked paprika has flavor and it's very delicious. I love it.

No. 1473828

I hate scrotes but this is sweet. I don't see how this is dehumanizing the point of dating apps is to grab the attention of someone. I would prefer this over anything extremely sexual

No. 1473850

Paprika isn't supposed to be spicy (there are some specialty varieties with a bit of a kick but still very mild), but it does have a lot of flavor if you get it from a good source. Bell peppers have no capsicum content and anybody who thinks they're supposed to be spicy is a lunatic, I've never even heard of anybody saying that.

No. 1473865

I hate pretty girls who complain about receiving compliments. They fill me with the 99,99999% purity rage.

No. 1473871

Seethe harder

No. 1473873

Sounds about right. There was a reel about a woman who gave her husband boudoir pictures for Christmas and she filmed his reaction and he was happy. Of course unhappy couples flocked to the comments and one moid came in to say how selfish it was and how "it's boring because he sees her naked everyday". I clicked on his profile and his girlfriend was a complete deathfat so I pointed out it makes sense he doesn't understand why other men are happy to see their wives naked and he deleted his comments. People who are unhappy in their relationship project their unhappiness on others who put in effort to make each other happy

No. 1473882

yeah, it comes off as arrogant and vain

No. 1473884

i don't hate them but i do feel a weird mix of self-loathing and relief when that happens. i rarely ever get complimented and it makes me question myself, but it must be very exhausting and lose its meaning when you get complimented so much

No. 1473924

as annoying as it is, it will blow over within a couple months or like a couple years tops. i wish people would gatekeep more. i'm co-managing a band fanpage with a few friends and we've started kicking out retards with hetalia profile pics asking for poetic translations of lyrics from one obscure language to another. i wish other people did that too. i saw some black chick on tiktok complaining that useless whiteys haven't been making any good music since the 80s, and the comments were full of based recommendations of undergroundish artists that have been around for a while. i know any idiotic newfags will stick around the fanbase temporarily, but there is a reason alternative art is not created for normies.

No. 1473933

Didn’t you know it’s uncool when poor folks do it? (Sorry, we only have enough space for one shitter VS we made sure all 38373 bathrooms in this building are now totally unusable for women)

No. 1473934

That's so frustrating. It reminds me when people were calling classic dances the 'fortnite dance' a few years back. Terminally online children.

No. 1473963

>you know who

No. 1474026

File: 1673830563050.png (665.38 KB, 609x480, 1976DD6C-64AD-4913-B5DD-DDEF6E…)

‘divine feminine’ shit. literally gender roles but make it spiritual, kek.

No. 1474360

do you mean white people cause strangely all the white people i know LOVE hot food. sriracha sauce on everything type of people

No. 1474363

This is the coolest stamp I've ever seen

No. 1474398

This is why I'll never be a true radfem because I hate everything related to pregnancy and maternity, everytime I hear them say how their body is powerful because they can create life and men can only destroy I can't help but roll my eyes kek.

No. 1474454

I hate when people go for the more rational/boring theories for media with ambiguous settings/plots, like for The Lighthouse, I prefer the cosmic horror explanation rather than hysteria induced by the environment.

No. 1474474

Oh yes nonnie! I hate that esoteric bullshit. That's why I love Lisa Michele (on yt), she also hates these kinds of feminists and makes fun of them, what a queen.

not all radfems are like that anon. You can ignore them or despise them like I do!

No. 1474612

I hope everyone who doesn't clean up their dog's shit off the sidewalk gets beaten to death and their remains are fed to the dog.

No. 1474618

Something similar was posted in the reddit thread, when a moid came in saying he'd be happy to take their wives boudoir photos off their hands moids got furious and didn't reassure they found their women attractive until another moid showed sexual interest. They're all secretly cucks I swear

No. 1474644

But then they'd poop even more, anon.

No. 1474654

This is the most reasonable thing someone can hope for negligent dog owners tbh.

No. 1474731

I have a dog and walks have become almost fucking impossible. I can't take my eyes off the road because I will step in dog shit. Literally every side of the road is littered with dog shit among other trash. Patches of grass almost completely covered with gigantic shits, and it's cold and humid now so they grow fucking MOLD. It has come to the point where I have to clean my dog's paws with wet wipes every time I return from a walk.
Most of the shits I see are small, so really why can't they just pick it up and throw in in the bin? It takes so little. I understand if an accident happens once in a while and for whatever reason it's hard to properly clean it off the road (happened to me) but literally every day I see new shits appearing.

No. 1474759

Stop you sound like a tranny or the grandpa that no one is ever sure is pedo or not

No. 1474768

for real. People who dont clean up their dog's shit deserve death. that is so vile trying to walk through a path and there is shit everywhere.

No. 1474856

as someone with a round face i think these blogs just don't know what to tell us. like they really badly want to say 'round faces are ugly and no haircuts will flatter you' but they can't so they spout off some bs advice and give recommendations for haircuts that wouldn't flatter anyone.
same with body types: athletic, rectangular or more 'masculine' body types tend to get sidelined bc the authors don't know what to say about them.

No. 1474908

This shit so much. I've an oval shape with a slightly long mid-face, they told me to get those awful lord farquad haircuts and bobs to "conceal" my midface, but those hairstyles only emphasized it to the max

No. 1474927

File: 1674062252313.png (279.67 KB, 1100x473, shutterstock_238355515.png)

I hate it when pet owners always have to spam everyone in their vicinity with pictures of their pets. Like what the fuck do they expect me to say? No one cares about your pets because to everyone else it is just another animal. The worst part is when they make an instagram or tiktok for the fucking thing where they do some demented larp as the animal in question and also document every damn thing it does. Does owning a pet damage parts of your brain or what?

No. 1474929

Not me I love it when people send me pictures of their pets NOT LARGE DOG BREEDS.

No. 1474937

Some people get animals just to have something to pose with otherwise nothing but solo selfies make them look like a loser

No. 1474938

I genuinely love seeing pics of pets from people, even strangers

No. 1474985

I love random pet pics. Idk maybe you’re the problem

No. 1474990

I had to join another forum because so many people love to show off their 'furbabies' and it makes me sick. I have a friend who just got a dog and that's every single one of her posts now.

No. 1474994

"Furbabies" retch

No. 1475005

I don't need to see 500 identical pictures of some animal, especially not when it's posted with an expectation of some reaction from me.

No. 1475015

I don't mind pet pics but I hate it when they insert their pets into random places in social media. Someone shares a name of your pet? I literally do not care. Someone else's pet looks like yours? I literally do not care. I only want to see pets when I'm searching for them. Memes are another thing, but please do not turn your pet into an accessory.
Imagine parents who would post random unwarranted pictures of their children because they share the same name or have similar skin color lmao.

No. 1475025

You type like a twitter retard. Go back.

No. 1475026

>I have a round face, I'm not sure about other face shapes but some of the haircuts they give are so laughably awful. This is the main one I've been seeing or versions of it recommended to me. Who the hell wants to look like a 4 yr old cut your hair with safety scissors? It's always this
I have a round face too. I've been seeing the 'get a super short and severe bob' recommendation stick around for years now. I'd say a longer bob can work, something thats pushing the limit of whats even considered a bob though. Pic is usually the type they're pushing instead. Never understood it.

No. 1475031

Let me guess, your instagram story currently has 50+ clips and pictures of your dog laying around doing nothing.

No. 1475032

Okay, you type like a plain retard. Kill yourself

No. 1475034

>no one cares
i care actually, deeply. i love animals

No. 1475037

NTA, that's a pretty retarded argument to get in in the first place.

No. 1475039

nta but it's absolutely hilarious what people will tell others to kill themselves over. imagine if anybody actually listened KEK. you like cereal? GO FUCKING KILL YOURSELF RETARD.

No. 1475042

I like animals too but getting sent endless pictures of the same cat every day is kind of annoying because I will never have the same emotional attachment to it as its owner has. I also find it creepy when people treat their animals like babies and try to project feelings and personalities onto them.

No. 1475046

God, pet owners have the biggest victim complexes I swear. This thread is about things you hate and if you don't like hearing other peoples opinions, just don't fucking read them.

No. 1475049

i don't think those people necessarily want you to have the same emotional attachment or anything close but maybe rather just sharing something they love and makes them happy. not trying to sound passive aggressive or mean btw i'm just offering suggestion

No. 1475053

Yes, but there is a point where it gets annoying. Everyone has things they love and are passionate about but you don't have to make it your whole personality and everything you talk about.

No. 1475065

You said "no one cares about your pets" and people replied to say they do

No. 1475066

don't want to hide the unconventionally attractive moids thread because sometimes it offers hearty keks in disbelief but man i wish there was a way to filter out some posts. some things i just loathe and never want to see yet they keep being repeated endlessly. not talking about the newest thread or anyone in specific but most of them enter phases of specific moids. i miss last year when everytime more than 3 anons liked a moid they'd make a containment thread and i could just hide it instead of having to read about them constantly

No. 1475067

You are missing my point. It IS just a picture of an animal and that's exactly why I hate being forced to act nice and interested about something I couldn't care less about because to me treating an animal as if it were a human child is strange and I don't like it. You may not agree but it's not that deep, I just wrote something I hate in the thread about things you hate and I did not ask to have someone trying to convince me that my opinion is "wrong"

No. 1475075

nta but there you go you've expressed your opinion clearly and concisely without dumb shit sprinkled in. you should keep doing this

No. 1475088

File: 1674073377947.jpg (145.15 KB, 736x1360, f63f5358497b8965e6676492fd6c33…)

So if someone showed you this pic you wouldn't care? Miserable.

No. 1475092

>if you don't like hearing other peoples opinions, just don't fucking read them.
Take your own advice anon. Newfags who think posting in certain threads gives them protection from disagreements are weird.

No. 1475093

(nta) If someone sent me pics of their cats in fancy attire I would beg them for even more pictures.

No. 1475094

Why do you feel the need to say anything though? You can always just ignore it anyways. I do agree people who infantise animals are pretty retarded even if i do love looking at animal pictures because they are cute. I just don't think those people make up the majority of pet owners i have me irl.

No. 1475100

File: 1674073729254.jpg (281.04 KB, 750x480, otome game.jpg)

People using otome game and otoge interchangeably, they're not the same thing at all dipshit!!

No. 1475102

not that anon i'm with you and all it's pretty weird how she expressed it but i still believe she and anynonnie here is allowed to hate even the most mundane things. she's in the correct thread after all

No. 1475109

File: 1674074106317.jpg (49.18 KB, 800x480, M4KdoYX.jpg)

I JUST WANT TO WATCH MY GODDAMN J-DRAMAS. Like, you're already stealing content so why even act so moral and high and mighty. Seriously, what the hell? I already downloaded a bypasser called FastForward but that isn't even working. Is there any way to even get past this shit?

No. 1475113

How can you even access ka? I'm stuck on the cloudflare thing ever since november, even though it worked perfectly fine just a few days prior.

No. 1475115

I'm using kissasian.li, did your version of kissasian have this annoying block thingy? I seriously don't know how to disable it and it's pissing me off. I disabled ads but it literally fills the screen with tons of them including malicious ones and pop-ups and such, making the site unusable without an adblocker.

No. 1475123

You should see the otome tag on steam. Scrotes and troons have co-opted it to mean anime sex game.

No. 1475126

File: 1674074920734.png (15.64 KB, 826x219, jdkjsladja.PNG)

nvm seems like they added picrel sometime this week, I swear it wasn't there just a few days ago. Never had your message, I only had some pop-up five minutes into an episode years ago asking me to disable adblock, but those stopped showing up out of nowhere. Just tried it with Opera and everything works, no asking me for disabling adblock either, so maybe try that? Otherwise dc works for me with no problem (even on my outdated browser), too

No. 1475137

I remember as kid (before I'd internet) I'd buy a puppy themed calendar every year and I'd look forward to seeing the next months puppy pic. Just a pic of some strangers random puppy lol. Very exciting. Weird to think back to that versus the endless feeds of pet pics and clips we have now. Theres an element of cuteness fatigue I've noticed. I like cats/dogs still but I only really ooh and aww over stuff like rescued disabled possums now.

Damn internet desensitizing me.

No. 1475411

This looks like a malware/spam popup.

No. 1475459

Nah, all's fine, links me to the developers.cloudflare page alright

No. 1476420

>i miss last year when everytime more than 3 anons liked a moid they'd make a containment thread
I thought most nonnies hated those type of threads because there were too many at once that took up space, or at least that's what the complaints said. That's probably why they stopped getting made.

No. 1476445

>She has lost her sense of wonder
Same. Doing drugs helps bring it back temporarily.

No. 1476451

I also heavily dislike the "moid phases". I post in there sometimes whenever I feel like anons are posting too much about some specific shit moids. My moids are shit, too, but at least it's not 7 posts in a row about some fugly streamer/youtuber (I get that most of the guys itt are fugly).

No. 1476455

ntayrt but this is about the oneyfags isn't it kek. tbh at this point there's enough of them, jermafags and rlmfags to make a youtuber/streamer crushes general. i think CC has a thread for that as well

No. 1476462

People who hate women who are victims of abuse more than they hate the men that abused them. This applies to people who don't necessarily "hate" them, this also applies to people who say something like "I don't hate them but…. I think they're stupid, weak, retarded, and need to be responsibility" (this is literally what andrew tate said btw)

Theres a time and place to discuss how to choose better men, and there's ways to do it without bringing them down and pointing attention to what the woman did wrong instead of giving men the much deserved hate they need

No. 1476473

Nonnie why are you even listening to retards like Andrew Tate? They hardly qualify as human beings.

No. 1476490

Hate when people use 'moid' 'scrote' and 'nonnie' on 4chan. Why are you drawing attention to yourself idiots you're just begging to be trolled.

No. 1476499

File: 1674099462118.jpg (188.71 KB, 500x931, FmYOQUQaMAATeMd.jpg)

Not even gonna play Hogwarts Legacy(cause I'm not fond of open world games) but the "controversy" regarding it online by wokeoids is fucking insane, people are really claiming you support slavery, eugenics and anti-Semitism if you buy this game

No. 1476501

i hate people with persecution complexes who think that everybody is against them with 0 evidence of it actually being true. then they actually make people dislike them by being accusatory and rude due to their complex and it just further affirms their delusion

No. 1476523

I personally can't wait to play it. People are so retarded trying to compare it to irl slavery when many fantasy novels and shows use similar tropes. Look at both dragon age (video game) and game of thrones. Both are popular with different types of people who like fantasy and both contain slave tropes. The tranny lovers just need to admit they hate women. Luckily people will still support JKR and HP.

No. 1476568

Do people like you even know how to read entire posts or did you just read a couple of words from it then respond to that?

No. 1476577

Idk what is the context for that quote in the game but seems kinda weird to my inner twitterfag

No. 1476578

Wait i thought the rebellion was by goblins not house elves

No. 1476591

alright, last week i posted how much i couldn't comprehend hate watching culture, lots of people just said it was "morbid curiosity" and "why the fuck would you ask this on lolcow of all places", in my post i mentioned the new velma show and how it looked awful and i predicted that it will be hate watched by a bunch of people, i was right.
people are now talking about hate watching and how corporations like warner are profiting out of it, i just saw a video of a really popular manlet scrote saying "stop hate watching, only i can because i love to watch garbage" aside from the usual retardation all moids biologically get when they are born, this fuckin idiot doesn't realize that most of his 12M fans are also 12 year olds that idolize him and copy his personality so now thanks to him we have 12 million more hate watchers.
i'll say this to stay on topic, i hate the hate watching culture, hate watchers are all stupid retards and i honestly think they are one of the top reasons why garbage tv and movies are still being made.
please stop "ironically" watching shit you hate, you are just making it worse for everyone.

No. 1476641

I didn't screenshot it because I saw it lastnight when there was already pet drama itt. But I saw a clip on insta. Thought it'd just be some cute dog post. It was a woman filming a stranger on the bus. She'd brought her whippet on with her. The man had suitcases and he was standing so hes just holding onto the rails and trying to make sure his suitcases stay in place. She films him, shares this faux 'its totally ok that strangers don't all want to interact with my dog' message but then says omg guys look at how my dogs heart is breaking because this man isn't petting her!

He's not doing shit to you. I like dogs but I don't know if I'm annoying people or overstepping the mark if I were to reach out and pet them. Comments were full of people calling him some evil miserable bastard. For what? Standing there minding his own business on a bus while you film him? People also post about how they hate strangers assuming their dog is up for pets from strangers. Give people a break when it can go either way. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Cute dog tho.

No. 1476648

I can understand hate watching a youtuber if they're a trainwreck and you can easily catch up with the trainwreck in about ten minutes but I don't get people who regularly hate watch entire show series or a series of movies. I don't have the time or attention span to sit through longer form content if I think it sucks. Thats too much time investment when you could be watching something good and praising it.

Might sound ironic coming from a lc user but you have to weigh up how much attention you want to give to things or people who you think are shit. Gawd I hate this thing… so I'm going to dwell on it for hours all in the name of 'critique' Comes off as miserable at a certain point.

No. 1476661

I hate that the spam threads are still up and another thing:
The phrase "literally shaking right now" kek. People who use it out themselves as retards immediately. I read it again yesterday when I opened preddit and it reminded me that I need to stop using the site for good.

No. 1476700

When moids are like “dating is so much easier for women!” When what they really mean is if you’re a young, conventionally attractive straight woman it might be easier for you to find meaningless stranger sex than an average or below average straight man. If you want something serious with a decent and responsible man, esp if you’re younger, slim pickings. Even worse for older women, single moms, disabled women, lesbians. But boohoo you can’t get a free blowjob from a woman whose name you don’t know and who you’ll never see again. Seethe harder.

No. 1476741

People that have unrealistic expectations of toddlers. Like calm down, yes a two year old is going to smush their food and get it everywhere! My mother would get actually angry at my siblings for getting food on their clothes, like she hasn't had children before and she just expects them to master using a spoon first time. Put the kid in a vest or just leave them in a nappy if you're gonna have a shitfit every single mealtime bc they got bean juice on some outfit you insisted forking out for (knowing full well its going to get wrecked and they're gonna outgrow it in a couple months). Infuriating.

No. 1476746

Ugh I feel you nonnie its like you can see the trauma slowly accumulate over time in little kids that adults just dont treat with love, guidance, and understanding

No. 1476748

It's especially egregious because these people are idiots with no self control themselves. They want their child to just read their mind and do everything perfectly and if the 12 year old doesn't magically guess their emotional state and what they want they mock it and yell at it because they themselves are too stupid to develop a theory of mind and what you can expect other people to know based on the information available to them and their mental faculties. They also never explain anything "It's just this way" "That's just something we do, so do it too" and they say this and then act like the child asking questions is stupid when they themselves just straight up said they don't have a clue. I hate these people (my parents).

No. 1476761

This post reminded me of my mother. She had four kids before she had me and growing up she'd get LIVID with me for making messes as a small child, would get angry with me for getting upset and crying as a small child, would get angry with me for not knowing how to do things she never even tried to teach me (like not knowing the right way to use a broom). It boggles my mind that someone could be that retarded especially after raising four children into adulthood before me. Sorry for the vent kek but I totally agree with your point.

No. 1476763

Heh, I'm the person above you and it seems we had similar parenting and ended up in the same place.

No. 1476765

File: 1674140122639.jpg (190.03 KB, 1080x1080, 02ad1fbe.jpg)

People who don't recycle, do not bother doing it or leave their trash in the fucking hallways or all over the trash room. I live in an apartment complex and recycling is very important to me, but people thow plastic bags into the bio waste bin, plastic with the cardboardm leave trash all over the floors and hallways all over the apartment complex like fucking pigs. In my previous apartment people regularly threw out perfectly good clothes or ikea furniture still in the cardboard box. There are companies here that come to pick up that shit for free. Jesus christ.

No. 1476775

There's biodegradeable plastic bags for collecting and disposing of bio waste, maybe they use those?

No. 1476778

Yes I know, I use those but the ones I saw were just regular grocery store bags

No. 1476815

Damn that sucks.

No. 1476866

I bet you hate watch ai art

No. 1477017

Fuck off I do not want to sign in, I don't even want an accout, I just want the fucking CC links.

No. 1477025

For a while that shit site made google image search unusable because everything was pinterest account walled. Thank god it's over and I never caved.

No. 1477035

>Thank god it's over
it is? it still does that with me even on different reverse search engines

No. 1477051

I hate how some job applications make you take personality quizzes, just applied to a few entry level IT job and Walmart and they each made me take a whole MBTI test kek

No. 1477096

I never get pinterest google results anymore. I dunno.

No. 1477129

Omg yes i hate it

No. 1477148

Personalities have been nitpicked to the point where no one has a personality anymore because how can people hate your personality if you don't have one?

No. 1477149

They automatically think more matches= easier dating. They ignore the fact so many men throw up raging red flags but also have the audacity to blame women for not immediately spotting and leaving over red flags but also whine about how women aren't easier. There's no winning really, our existence is basically wrong to vast majority of people

No. 1477158

You can just add -site:pinterest.com to your search to exclude it. Please never speak against Pinterest again in my presence, thank you.

No. 1477260

She would have to add all the other country-specific pinterest domains too, it's a plague.

No. 1477262

pinterest is shit.

No. 1477263

okay then why does it have all the good images, huh? get bent, googlet

No. 1477286

Moids living rent free in my head, specifically me going to the gym. All I can hear is
>If I dress slutty I'm another gym thot
>If I dress baggy they think I'm envying girls dressing slutty
>Cardio means I'm a basic cardio bunny
>Lifting weights means I'm a gym thot trying to show off my ass

No. 1477300

I got complimented a lot when I worked retail, but I don’t consider it because it was from disgusting expired scrotes.

No. 1477331

File: 1674205944484.jpg (96.48 KB, 600x600, 10478-business-product-gq7eezj…)

Been looking at various pin designs and something about this brand just pisses me off. It encapsulates this current trend of overly childish celebrations of weakness and mental illness combined with the most basic bitch, normie favorite animals. There is a character in the line up named "ADHD Puppy" for fuck's sake. I really don't like to insult independent artists and their creations because I understand how much work is put into designing these. However, I can't help but find this idea so annoying and stupid that I just absolutely hate it. I know this artist's designs aren't alone in appealing to emotionally stunted people so I guess the hate shouldn't just go to these alone. I guess it's the whole mindset behind the people who enjoy these crappy ideas.

No. 1477338

For what it's worth, I feel like most gym moids are normies and most of them aren't thinking thoughts that specific and insulting if they're even taking notice of you. I would rather work out with no moids around though.

No. 1477350

Going to a women's gym is glorious for this reason, I'm just too self conscious around moids and getting into the habit of working out is hard enough without anything else holding me back. I can wear just a sports bra with leggings and feel totally comfortable, I can use light weights without being embarrassed of how weak I am, I don't care that my ass isn't nice enough to impress anyone. I got so lucky there's one near my house.

No. 1477429

I hate this scene because right wing tard jerk themselves off to it in a "Murica fuck yeah muh guns" way.

No. 1477434

When people tell stories with an extremely over the top whimsical tone. You aren't lemony snicket just get to the fucking point

No. 1477437

Oh god I hate it so much when you read a ten paragraph reddit post that could be summed up completely in two sentences.
Or these dumb stories where they replace people's names with letters. Who can follow that? Just use fake names like a normal person.

No. 1477459

I wish more gyms had women only sections. I want to go to the weights without moids sweating and grunting. I want to learn proper form.

No. 1477461

My recruiter was supposed to send me an email about a job but hasnt yet and it's been 45 mins. Why do people do this. I hate waiting for important emails.

No. 1477476

Pinterest isn't shit because it doesn't have good images. It's shit because it constantly harasses you to give up your personal information.

No. 1477509

I use a burner account on Pinterest and this literally has never happened to me kek. Go protest Facebook actively demanding people send in their IDs

No. 1477514

File: 1674234600467.jpeg (55.33 KB, 549x767, 281.jpeg)

I'm so sick of people not taking toxins in daily items seriously and laughing off people, specifically women, if they point out the dangers of hard water, mold, etc. I grew up in a fairly new home and didn't have these issues but when I moved in with my boyfriend who had mold and stinky hard water all hell broke loose, everyone woke up with headaches daily, people were sluggish and in bad moods, I'd typically get sick more and my hair would fall out. I also noticed his family that lived there had tons of health issues, specifically stomach problems and neuro issues. I actually hired a water testing person to come and later offered to buy them a new water filter, which they laughed off because clean water is for liberals or some stupid shit and they're not dead so it's fine right?

I've also seen people fighting on social media when women talk about hard water, it's always spammed with "it's not that big of a deal Karen". I can't stand it, even back in the day if they found out something was poisoning them even just in a minor way, everything would immediately be banned, discontinued and replaced. Now you can barely tell people you'd rather not wake up with migraines feeling like crap all the time without everyone crying "it's in your head Karen mold is harmless"

No. 1477517

>Pinterest is a gift from the heavens
Until some retardo employee nukes your account for no reason.

No. 1477518

There's an anon urging women not using helpful/enjoyable things because they claim it's collecting your personal information. They always specifically attack apps women use for their health as well such as period tracking apps or apps for baby monitors. Look in the baby thread where a preemie mom she liked a certain baby monitor because it helped her feel secure about SIDS and the anon attacked her saying if SIDS happened it's her fault she was too stupid and monitors wouldn't prevent SIDS

No. 1477521

Nta but i would cry. I once got locked out "for spam", I couldn't save anything, just browse. I guess I was either just saving too quickly, or too much from one source. Luckily it got back to normal soon.

No. 1477524

>when I moved in with my boyfriend who had mold and stinky hard water all hell broke loose,
The key is to have been exposed to that since childhood, so you're immune to all the symptoms you've listed. I'm half-joking, I'd love to know more long term (20+years) studies about living in mold infested shitty apartments

No. 1477525

Samefag, but I also wonder how all the harsh chemicals in our daily cleaning products effect us long term.

No. 1477527

I hate the suppression of dialects

No. 1477528

Lung cancer. Women are the biggest victims to non smoking related lung cancer because of household cleaners. My neighbor also got cancer badly because of chemicals he used while working in pest control but if I look for pesticide free fruits and vegetables people think I'm a crazy hippie or something. Remember when you had to smoke weed, go to concerts and protest to be a hippie and now all you have to do to be considered a hippie now is care about your health kek

No. 1477538

Well looks like I'm going to stop using a lot of cleaning spray…

No. 1477543

Cleaning is good, just make your own or use organic/natural products. My lungs and chest use to hurt after cleaning and when I got pregnant my mom brought me natural cleaners like vinegar spray and stuff, I can clean all day and feel fine after.

No. 1477546

People I live with HATE the smell of vinegar though. But I'll definitely look for other natural alternatives. Are chemicals dangerous even in non-spray form? Like dish soap (I don't use gloves un summer so I touch it) and hand sanitizer?

No. 1477550

it's terrible but enjoy your tiny, stolen images with dead links to nowhere that have annoying "please don't delete captions" captions i guess.

No. 1477557

speaking of pinterest, i hate the retards that use the site. I am tired of random zoomers not knowing how to use google lense or asking for the source of items is literally right in front of them. Also, google lens still works pretty well even if pinterest has nuked google images, not that it was ever really good in the first place thanks to webp.

Bad opinion.

No. 1477563

A picture will literally have the name of whatever/whoever it is on the fucking photo and zoomers in the comments will still go "omg what is this from" kek

No. 1477572

And that's not me. A baby monitor is not part of the issue. Uploading your personal information to a website is completely different.
>urging women not using helpful/enjoyable things because they claim it's collecting your personal information
That's because websites do and it's abhorrent that companies target women with websites and apps so that their user data can be collected. If a service is free it's because you are the product being sold.

No. 1477575

You should be fine, I'd imagine it's those super powerful cleaners like shower and toilet cleaners since those seem to have the worst effects on my lungs

No. 1477599

But you're claiming things that don't require personal data being uploaded is stealing data
>If a service is free it's because you are the product being sold
>t. scizo fonds out what ads are
No one cares, ads have been a thing since the civil world has been a thing. Some companies can definitely overuse ads like most streaming services for sure but I never seen anyone telling scrotes to stop using NFL apps or reddit or steam or whatever the fuck else moids use. It's always women being told they can't use stuff they like because ads are the devil

No. 1477618

File: 1674241711371.jpg (885.44 KB, 2000x2719, VO0223_CoverStory_05r.jpg)

She's fine but I hate her nose ring with all of me

No. 1477619

Why are you turning this into a moid vs women issue? The original complaint was the pintrest is shit because it harasses anyone visiting the site to either sign up or log in. What does that have to do with men? Have you been outside recently?

Also I never see ads online because I use a browser addon that blocks them.

No. 1477627

Huh? Hard water isn't unhealthy.

No. 1477629

I like Pinterest too but the search function and "More like this" section have been so shit. Half of the time the pins look like my regular home page rather than what I searched for or pins related to the one I'm looking at. Idk if anyone else has been having that problem but it's been making me use Pinterest less, and I don't remember it being like that before. Not too mention all the videos now.

No. 1477665

>Expresses how hard water has affected health
>But hard water isn't unhealthy!!!
>As if there hasn't been people sent to the hospital over lead poisoning

No. 1477684

Hate when people have short-ass thumbs.

No. 1477706

Sometimes people have weirdly long and pointy thumbs that look like they have no form at all to them. Those disturb me.

No. 1477729

Hard water refers to calcium and magnesium in water, and has nothing to do with lead or other contaminants.

>Expresses how hard water has affected health

It wasn't the water hardness.

No. 1477731

hard water? like whiteclaw?

No. 1477741

kek at you confusing the term hard water and heavy metals.

No. 1477742

No. 1477743

Banks. Banking. Government. Capitalism. People. Society. Mushrooms. Men.

No. 1477751

ALL mushrooms?

No. 1477757

File: 1674253790971.jpg (169.51 KB, 600x600, 5913613.jpg)

Take that back you bitch

No. 1477758

short thumbs are cute, long thumbs are creepy

No. 1477759

That one anon who keeps using the word "malding". Bitch I know it's just you, no one else. It's annoying and I forget what it means so I have to google it everytime.
>inb4 ur malding
No you're just annoying, use another word.

No. 1477760

I mostly agree but I'm not gonna lie, microplastic reducing sperm count in moids thus making them obsolete in the future is a pro.

No. 1477770

I thought malding was male pattern baldness. Like another way of calling someone a tranny/scrote kek

No. 1477772

It's extra insulting because we have the testimonies of people who have lived with contaminated water and how dangerous it is, how it affects longeterm and shortterm health, cuts lifespans, and even has generational affects. Love Canal is a good example, not to even begin with Flint Michigan.

No. 1477773

moid + balding = malding

No. 1477774

what do you mean?
t. dialect enjoyer

No. 1477786

It means being so angry that you lose hair.
mad + balding

No. 1477787

Boomers love rules for thee not for me. They protested in their day for clean water but laugh at gen z and millennials for getting water filters and drinking bottled water because "back in my day we drank from the faucet"

No. 1477804

hard water is defined as any sort of mineral in the water, calcium and magnesium are the main ones though. although even calcium and magnesium build up in water can cause irritation to skin and hair. Heavy metals in water is also defined as hard water and is bad, it can also make you feel worse particularly if there's sulfur in the water

before i even knew about the different types of water, drinking even one cup of tap water in most places would make me feel like shit (speaking about 3 different places I lived and 2 different work places) I also imagine different levels of hardness could be more harmful than not. Weirdly enough the only people that really cared about the importance of good water was when I lived with a bunch of blue collar dudes for work and they would filter water that had iron in it, not the sterotypically princess millennial or karen who think they're too good for tap water.

No. 1477812

File: 1674257985136.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1235x1695, 7864E07F-4206-433E-A57E-B0A7C0…)

Why not lose weight instead of just finding ways to conceal the fat?

No. 1477813

Water hardness is literally defined through the concentration of calcium and magnesium, you can google that. Contaminants can of course occur. I've never been in a place where tap water wasn't potable but I wouldn't be surprised if contaminated water can cause all kinds of health problems.

> blue collar dudes for work and they would filter water that had iron in it

Iron isn't unhealthy either, but water with a high concentration of iron tastes kinda gross.

The reason people don't like to drink hard water is because it doesn't taste good and negatively affects the flavour of tee and coffee. It also makes it so soaps doesn't foam properly.

No. 1477817

It oxymoronic to say “I’m proud of being fat! All about that bass sis” and then wear shapewear and contour your double chin. If you were proud to be fat, you would just let your rolls breathe

No. 1477860

Lol please be quiet, iron is only okay in small amounts in water, but iron toxicity is extremely dangerous and damaging to your health. Also bathing in it damages your skin like crazy, anyone who's lived in a home with hard water knows this.even sources that say iron water is fine to drink will still admit how badly it damages your skin and it damages your pipes and bath/toilet and doesn't clean properly. It's still not fair how boomers treat people who want cleaner and softer water as prissy and superficial

No. 1477868

i hate the word "plump", it just sounds disgusting. not so much the meaning itself but the way it's pronounced.

No. 1477869

Tap water doesn't contain enough iron to be toxic.

I haven't heard of hard water damaging the skin (I'm not American so that marketing idea probably didn't catch on here yet) and wikipedia says it has been studied and results are that it probably doesn't.
It's possible that you have especially sensitive skin, but it doesn't appear to be something that affects the average person.

I tried to google it to find other information on it but google is completely swamped with articles like the one below where a seller of water filter says you totally need water filters, source: It came to me in a dream I guess, they never cite anything.

There's also various vapid magazines, that probably copy pasted it from the websites of the water filter makers.

That kind of magazine is filled with misinformation, like that you save energy by keeping your apartment at a constant temperature compared to only setting a temperature when you're actually there and letting it do what it wants when you're out.

No. 1477907

>people in gender critical or "Free Speech" spaces who use "They/their" instead of misgendering a troon, even though they ARE misgendering the troon by purposely not using the pronouns the troons want them to use, but also not flat out calling them a man.
It makes no sense to me, I see this on kiwifarms and I assume they do it NOT to cause sperg outs because they refuse to properly gender troons (calling them their actual sex) or they are kinda woke, but it makes some shit hard to read.
"Keffals decided to go to their computer, with their spaced out boobs, and talked about their last stream. They said this and that, then they went to the bathroom, their skirt was pulled up and they didn't pull it back down"
I don't know but it annoys me even more then people who play along with gender shit, in fact, I'd rather they just call Keffals what they want.
Whats the point of doing this "They/their". Either you are doing it to fit in and "Soft" misgender or you are doing it because you don't want to call this certain troon a man flat out because they "pass" or "put in effort" (Which some people do surpisingly, they'll call Blaire White a her/she because "She passes, she's based" but call ugly troons men.
I notice this in scrotes more often than gender critical women.

No. 1477908

yes god, especially when lips are described as plump, it is legit bothersome to me.

No. 1477919

I don't think you're understanding. Anons were frustrated that the damages of hard water are often glossed over and not taken seriously. Using sources and not actually experiencing it for yourself is different, of course sources say hard water is healthy and fine but everyone else says otherwise. You forgot not long ago smoking while pregnant was okay and people lined their walls with lead. There needs to be more studies done on long term effects of hard water, especially since those who live in those conditions are experiencing effects, you're not helping, you just sound privileged

No. 1477921

Lol okay, believe what you want.

No. 1477924

File: 1674270012324.gif (363.79 KB, 500x273, 748543a3004fe84df924593bb419c5…)

Now that animanga has become mainstream I realise that I only liked it because it was something unknown. Even back when it was more "underground" I refused to watch popular animes and I would only read obscure mangas(pic obviously not rel) that didn't have any active fandom. One time a manga I liked suddenly blew up in popularity due to it's anime adaption and then I completely lost interest in it. I'm the stereotypical 2012 hipster I reguse to engage in something popular

No. 1477935

For some it's just an esl problem. Automatically using "their/they" when you're having a more discussion-like conversation about someone, not because you respect tranny delusions.

No. 1477995

you don't know what hard water is.

No. 1477998

Nta but I used to have hard water and never had any skin issues because of it.

No. 1478000

nta but have sensitive skin and hard water is slightly more drying but that's it. the ayrt is crazy and thinks hard water is on the same level as things like cigarettes.

No. 1478001

File: 1674278995441.jpg (99.68 KB, 1200x836, 1200px-Brachydaktylie_Typ_D_ei…)

I think short thumbs are the creepy ones tbh.

No. 1478004


No. 1478013

Gross. Looks like toes for fingers.

No. 1478048

I love things like this. Imagine you’re a scientist cataloging types of beings based on small criteria and you have to sort these into different piles. That’s weird as shit on my part but it’s a thrilling thought. so stupid in a couple ways… sorry I’m drunk.

No. 1478114

Same, which is why I'm gatekeeping otome games and certain manga series harder than ever lol

No. 1478231

My favorite band is not super famous (and their main fanbase are boomers) and my dumbest fear is that one of their songs might trend on Tiktok or have a stand from JJBA named after them for whatever reason.

No. 1478246

File: 1674308887167.png (169.27 KB, 720x850, Screenshot_20230121-074608.png)

Different levels of hardness vary though, and different minerals have different levels of hardness
For the millionthe time, calcium and magnesium are the MAIN minerals in hard water, but hard water isn't defined as solely calcium and magnesium. A simple Google search would have told you this. Now that we know hard water includes other minerals can you please shut up now and we can discuss the main issue? Thank you

No. 1478263

and soft water also contains minerals, are you stupid?

No. 1478267

>>>x thing isn't this bad I can't believe people think it's the same thing as [other x harmful thing]
This argument is as old as time itself and has even been used when studies started coming out that cigarettes were unhealthy. Now that it's coming out that harder water is unhealthy people are doing the same

No. 1478268

You guys still talking about fucking water?

No. 1478272

No shit idiot. I thought it would be obvious I was referring to water with high concentration of minerals that can cause health issues such as iron. Sorry I took you for smarter than you were. Why don't you educate us on the exact definitions of hard and soft water since you are so much smarter than medical reference sites?

No. 1478290

File: 1674310435560.jpeg (181.63 KB, 750x882, E29DD6D0-7088-4DEC-A1D8-7DABBD…)

I hate the disarming of women at under the guise of increasing “safety.” Picrelated is from a venue I saw a show at, where there have been on-going reports of women being drugged, possibly by the bartenders. Another time I was considering going to a fall fair and saw that their policy was to search bags and confiscate items (pocketknives, pepper spray, etc). That same fair had a carny rape a women 10 years back. Not even allowing pepper spray only makes the most vulnerable even more susceptible to becoming victims. The worst is when there are no detectors, just bag checks that directly target women while moids walk in entirely unchecked.

No. 1478296

Yep. I worked in a job that required me to go to peoples houses when I was younger and my dad was fed the whole "the weapon is more likely to be used against you!!" bullshit, likely started by predatory moids and after a while knew how bad of a gut feeling it was to send me around strangers with zero way to defend myself so ended up buying self defense anyway

No. 1478306

that's actually true of knives though. if you're not good at using them, and are small, it's easy for a large man to get grazed and take it from you.

No. 1478445

People who make reading books their whole personality and act as if they are intellectually superior to other people because of it. You're not Einstein just because you've read Harry Potter or some shit.

No. 1478447

File: 1674322807918.jpg (116.75 KB, 700x469, hat pin.jpg)

This is so true. Men are terrified of women being able to protect themselves.

It's not. A man will hesitate and most definitely back off if he sees a knife in your hand. Men look for easy target. A woman with a knife and a loud voice is not. I agree there are better and safer things, but knives are not out of the question, especially in countries where pepper spray is banned.

No. 1478461

>especially in countries that ban pepper spray
that shit makes me so mad. Pepper spray is probably the safest way to incapacitate an attacker for everyone involved, I don’t understand why it gets banned in some places.

No. 1478464

nta but I love that image, did women really use hairpins as a self defense weapon? This is the coolest shit

No. 1478513

Nta but yes! I learned that recently from this girl’s video.

No. 1478605

"She has such great visuals" Just say she's beautiful you weirdo. This phrasing is somehow leaking out of kpop spaces and I can't stand it

No. 1478612

It's so annoying when people keep tiptoeing around complimenting women's appearance. Meanwhile men will shower and not wear a torn up shirt and be worshipped

No. 1478759

Lol what happened? There are way worse threads here

No. 1478798

I hate when people need recipes for the most basic shit. I've literally seen people ask for recipes for grilled cheese. I understand not everyone is great at cooking and didn't have the chance to learn but with some stuff it's just like, come the fuck on. And it's even worse when it's a comment under a video of the food being made, like if you use common sense you can just watch it and figure it out.

No. 1478806

Average woman finds out what below-average actually means.

No. 1478810

Bitch what? I'm talking about food.

No. 1478813

I hate it when people (usually normal, capable women) joke "I just CAN'T cook, I almost burn the house down every time, so I don't even try, tee hee"
Like wtf? I just find a recipe on the internet and follow the fucking directions and people's minds are blown like "WOW this is really good!"
It's not a special secret, or a hidden talent, I just literally follow the steps that someone else wrote and it's not hard.

No. 1478829

File: 1674355762686.jpg (121.58 KB, 1079x1246, Fb0o_wpWAAE48zh.jpg)

gay man stop being misogynist challenge (impossible).

No. 1478840

I could never be a gay moid and get assfucked, the thought that everyone knows I have anal prolapse would haunt me

No. 1478850

Literally everyone views procreation and sex as a normal part of life because it is and all humans are the result of it, if he views sex as inherently disgusting pearlclutching-inducing degeneracy that’s his issue. It’s weird how moids tell on themselves like this and think they won somehow. All he managed to get across is that he has an unhealthy porn-addled view of sex and intimacy.

No. 1478852

That stuff is really not intuitive to someone who literally never cooks and never learned tbh, people tend to overthink things. And people usually ask for recipes under videos because they want measurements/amounts (I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and assuming that isn't shown in the video). Asking dumb questions is better than relying on other people to cook for you imo, although I've certainly been there and been so fucking annoyed at people for needing instructions on basic shit kek.

No. 1478856

I really hate this coomer brained joke no matter who says it

No. 1478875

Imagine being this guy's mother.

No. 1478918

File: 1674362177708.png (310.58 KB, 548x637, lol.png)

I hate how the artist circles I run in are full of trannies. Specifically ftms that were just average awkward women before the tranny trend.
You're not a gay man, you're a straight womenchild who needs therapy

No. 1478944

Fujo to pooner pipeline is the worst thing ever.

No. 1478961

Gay man? you mean she's straight in reverse?

No. 1478971

We really need to bring back hat pins.

No. 1478978

Slightly related because kpop is brainrot, but I hate women who can't compliment another woman's appearance without being like "tee heels does this mean I'm gay?" While worshipping plastic male idols. Spicy straights can die

No. 1478998

This is why I don't run in "artist circles". 99% of them nowadays are woke, or genderspecial, or pussies who don't want to grow and therefore can't handle constructive crit.

No. 1479124

How can your rolls breathe when the fatass they're attached to is wheezing as it lumbers towards the fridge

No. 1479126

>my dumbest fear is that one of their songs might trend on Tiktok or have a stand from JJBA
I would fucking love if this happened to my favorite band (the Jojo option lol). Mine is a British band from the 70's that frankly deserves a lot more recognition.

No. 1479128

I'm trying but I don't know what species she is

No. 1479145

File: 1674381889596.jpeg (75.47 KB, 843x414, 0D249BDB-B31B-431C-81DD-CC984D…)

Hate that trannies or delusional anons are so deep in their transvestigation shit that they undermine real womens bodies just to prove a point. Being told that you aren’t womanly because you aren’t built with a body that emulates what scrotes jerk off to is annoying and brings women down. I remember being 12 and slouching to hide my giant shoulders because they we’re so “manly” to me. Seeing that other girls needed to have an equal hip to shoulder ratio if not you’re a linebacker who won’t ever be beautiful. Picrel old hollywood body types that almost all have a bigger shoulder to hip ratio that I wish anons would remember exist

No. 1479146

Ayrt and in theory I would love it because they are moderately famous in Japan and some of their songs/albums would make insanely cool Stand names, but retards would find out about them, be obnoxious in YouTube comments, put the troon flag on their logo…

No. 1479149

It's literally just a tranny wishing he'd look like that. Scrotes are fucking retarded and porn has rotted their brain, they look at young women who don't even have remotely masculine features and say "that's a man". Don't feel bad about it, they're literally the lowest of the low.

No. 1479156

to be fair it's not always a death sentence if your favourite bands get a jojo stand/reference. maybe i just haven't seen the retardation personally but off the top of my head, the jojo fans ive seen who got into king crimson or steely dan from the series have been quiet and respectful

No. 1479172

I would hardly call any of these women's shoulders big,are standards this bad now that having anything outside of babies shoulders is too large?

No. 1479173

>Omg no one REALLY believes in astrology, everyone's just doing it for fun, stop being such a nag
Mind speaking for yourself? lol

No. 1479176

Also, while I'm already at it, telling me I'm the reason males think women are stupid. You could win some Physics Nobel Prize, if a male wants to think you're stupid, he will, and believing (or not believing) in magical stars won't change anything about that lol

No. 1479177

Retards who believe astrology in the 21st century

No. 1479179

You can tag me directly, you know? Just click the numbers

No. 1479184

Are you for real

No. 1479188

Retarded snapbacks

No. 1479194

I could never admit to being a faggot. Imagine just telling the whole world you have an anal prolapse. The only thing I think about when a shitdick talks to me is the horrid STD's brewing inside him. I have literally never shook hands with one, lest I get AIDS. They're perverted beyond human imagination and only ever adopt sons so they can molest him. I am an open and proud FAGPHOBE and will be so until the rest of my life. Being middle eastern is awesome because I can say all of this out loud in public. We should stone any man who doesn't have an intact prostate to death. I will be voting for the openly anti-fag opposition party instead of the fairly mild one ENTIRELY because of this ugly fat whore. Was it worth it?

No. 1479201

File: 1674393519403.jpg (93.76 KB, 880x495, 5b706dd4-65bc-48c1-8ddc-6fa3bc…)

I hate drag queens, we should push the "womanface" problem with these faggot

No. 1479205

why do straight(mostly white) women love these degenerates so much

No. 1479208

everytime i see a transvestite i get scared and drag queens are the top exaggerated transvestites. like okay makeup is art and all but it's frightening me, and i can't ever see it as beautiful.

No. 1479224

because they think those womanhating faggots are breaking some sort of gender roles so they can feel good about supporting them.
A man in a caricature is a man in a caricature, if these freaks were painting their skin and lips, they would scream about "blackface" but if it's about a woman it's okay, because gender is bad.
Makeup is art when it's used in actual artistic purposes such as theatre or aesthetics, a cut crease look with porny lips is not "art" when women got shamed for years for wearing makeup and are accused of "lying" to moids when they do.
Take her swimming on her first date ahaha right?

No. 1479255

Drag is retarded but I'd much rather have transvestites than trannies. They're obnoxious, sexist and obviously not women but at least they don't try to hide it under the guise of 'uguu I can finally be myself' like actual trannies.

No. 1479257

File: 1674401773600.jpg (727.51 KB, 681x1024, beijinfashionweek2023.jpg)

I hate zoomers so much, it's unreal. Everytime i am casually browsing through IG for fashion stuff, I see comments about 'OMG GENDER ENVY.' or 'I want his gender so much.' Like, what is WRONG with them mentally? I am always inspired by male and female fashion because they both have different looks I like, but why do they insist if you want to wear blazers and pants, you must be a man? So many of these people are under 21 and just retarded. Like, literal brainrot because they cant fathom an androgynous woman or a woman who loves fashion who isnt envious of a man because pants? I want them so badly to read a book and get the fuck off social media. I never heard the gender envy talk until recently. probably also why we have so many insufferable aidens

No. 1479259

These faggots are all insufferable and the fact that normies will defend drag because it's all 'good, wholesome fun' is the worst. I've heard people online defend drag story time for kids. 'drag isnt sexual' - on what planet? I hate men so much, it's unreal. This is woman facing and it's the worst when women support this.

they have no identity or problems irl, so they dont see why drag is a big deal, unlike people who have to deal with them in their bars nightly. They think they are support LGB people by supporting drag, when that is a lie.

No. 1479273

Don't get dragged into an argument. Report and ignore.

No. 1479287

I hate when I look for angry woman songs I'm recommended stuff like Taylor Swift's Shake it off or Rihanna's S&M for some reason. I don't want that. I want shit like this.

No. 1479289

File: 1674404111051.jpg (5.67 KB, 290x174, images.jpg)

This "Feese" I hate it, I hate people who eat it with nothing else. A lone this shit is vomit inducing. I'm gagging as I type, at the thought of someone unwrapping these, eating them, yuck. I only eat it on sandwitches/hamburgers thats it. It's not used for crackers, it should not be eaten alone, put in mac n cheese, or anything but slapped on top of a burger or ham/turkey/peanut butter sandwitch.
Using this for grill cheese should be a fucking crime

No. 1479290

File: 1674404372005.jpeg (169.85 KB, 500x397, 4427D42A-6639-4A82-8676-48BEC6…)

>peanut butter sandwich
>with cheese

No. 1479293

>toast bread- Light
>Peanut Butter on one side of the bread
>grease a pan
>Put the other bread in the pan/add slice cheese
>Let it cook until the cheese is slightly melted and bread slightly browned
>put it togeather
Salty,sweet and good to eat

No. 1479304

hate to defend a moid, but it just sounds like your hijab doesn't let the proper air circulation

No. 1479307

File: 1674405817950.jpeg (136.79 KB, 1600x924, 05CE45D0-315A-4A67-B4BC-7C1F28…)

No. 1479323

wtf why are anons hating on you it's not that weird of a thing to eat and you described exactly why it isn't. peanuts have a hit of savoriness to them to begin with it's not the end of the world to pair it with something else that's savory instead of sweet. the most prevalent flavor in my southeast asian country is sweet and savory so i might be biased but i really don't see why you'd be a freak

No. 1479343

Is this an actual gay man or are you assuming he is one? Regardless, this is a retarded take and I wish men in general would shut the fuck up about women. This reminded me of some post online of someone saying "why are straight couples telling me they're trying to have a kid eww I don't need to know you got creampied by your husband last night!!1!" as if they're not the people spreading AIDS and more recently monkeypox every fucking where.

No. 1479424

File: 1674413024956.jpg (352.81 KB, 1000x1000, appropriatelyantsized.jpg)

Phones. I'm still not used to the thought of them being here to stay.

No. 1479468

Not sure if it's conspiracy theory territory but I think phones are in control of us now.

I was reading a book earlier where robots were advanced and put in charge of governments with a human counsel to oversee, but because they were bound to the 3 laws they were objectively better for mankind than a human politician. And while a human technically could pull the plug on the operation, humans would be so much worse off without the robots that to be honest they couldn't. So at that point is it even a choice?

Anyway, that's how I think of phones. They're so multipurpose and without them I'd genuinely struggle to function day to day (takes care of not only boredom, but finances, travel info and navigation). I've tried to go a walk leaving my phone at home and always came crawling back after about 2 hours because I'd be bored, or wondering if anyone's messaged, or even a question would get stuck in my head until I googled it. Then I think that back in the day this wasn't an issue for people (or even me before the age of 15). If I quit it though I'm objectively at a disadvantage. Cut off and uninformed.

No. 1479470

Nothing that I hate more than a bitch who says something rude and then acts coy or plays dumb when someone calls them out on it. Don't try to do the mean girl act if you can't at least stand on it.

No. 1479489

File: 1674419062363.png (77.23 KB, 744x477, 3131.png)

what the fuck is wrong with some parent's, like most kids don't want to do this and this is sure to attract pedos who will sexualize and might even hurt your children


No. 1479515

Beauty pageants for children should be outlawed. There's no fucking reason to have them. It's like some weird archaic carryover from the 1800s that slipped by under the radar.

No. 1479564

but it tastes nasty

No. 1479607

Ntayrt but I find phones to be pretty boring tbh but maybe it's because I dont communicate with anyone. Laptops are my real addiction, bigger screens, more to do, easier to type.

No. 1479686

I fucking hate faggy ass "male manipulator" musicians like Weezer, Tyler the Creator, Radiohead, etc. You couldnt pay me to listen to that garbage. Every Weezer fan ive ever met has been an unbearable mentally ill faggot who wallows in self pity instead of actually doing something to change thier situation.

No. 1479852

I didn't even know they were coming out with a part 2. Nice

No. 1479853

Gay men attacking women for wanting to reproduce is crazy. Women need to abort all moids already. Ending up with a fag must be the worst. Im sick of gay men mocking women for sex when they have disease ridden anal sex.

No. 1480100

People who ask what's wrong with their pet on the internet. How the fuck are random people supposed to know that?

No. 1480102

I feel like straight woman who seriously date are obsessed with validation and attention while having a poor social network. How pathetic could you be?

No. 1480106

People have the audacity to claim that Taylor Swift only complains about her exes and never talks about herself being the problem, but they let a whole ass genre slide that entirely blames women for their issues. Even if Taylor Swift actually only complained about her exes and claimed she was never in the wrong, it's one fucking person, it's not a whole genre. Idgaf that "b-b-but women empathize and feel the way the men do in their songs so it's okay that their songs always blames teh woman!!!!!1111" Just look at early Paramore crap, even pop punk sung BY A WOMAN still blamed women far more than men because it's so expected and typical of the genre.

Like, anything is apparently "deep" as long as men and ex boyfriends aren't portrayed in even a slightly negative light. Christ.

No. 1480137

File: 1674515414347.jpeg (308.74 KB, 770x526, CB22CD24-4C2C-444D-86FE-C0D1B1…)

I hate this stupid fuck and his constant meltdowns. let me farm my pumpkins in peace

No. 1480205

radiohead fanboys are brainless boring losers.

No. 1480291

All moids by default, but especially moids who say they're into redheads or Asian women. Not a single normal bloke in the bunch.

No. 1480298

Customer service indians. I might as well talk to a bot and get less angry.

No. 1480301

Women who are obsessed with solo travel tend to be huge pickme types. Also women who love going to festivals alone

No. 1480308

I am convinced the term pickme means literally nothing now. You all ran it into the ground.

No. 1480315

same, i was convinced the moment some anons started calling others 'pickme' for being against plastic surgery and for being unable to insert tampons

No. 1480338

Are you fucking retarded

No. 1480339

I'm pretty sure half of the "pickme" posts are the same schizo nonnie, a lot of them show up at the same time and their posts are normally deranged and mostly nonsensical.

No. 1480341

But why? Is being an introvert now pickme? I don't hate women, just need alone time.

No. 1480402

It’s okay, I see where you are coming from and know exactly the type you are talking about.

No. 1480484

It's not my fault I don't have friends with the same music taste as me, and as for solo traveling I'm not a globetrotter but I tend to travel alone too because my friends are either broke or we can't match our vacation schedule.

No. 1480518

File: 1674567083252.jpg (29.35 KB, 365x322, jutdfjk.JPG)

These faces

No. 1480550

I hate pro-lifers who simplify abortion to "killing babies uwu", this is such a childish comparison.

No. 1480563

And what's the better option? Letting some moid travel with you that will be moody and kill the vibe?

No. 1480564

I hate when men sleep. gtfo of bed lazy moidchildren literally none of you have done an anything deserving of rest

No. 1480570

I hate that the retard ana de armas was nominated for an oscar for that piece of trash movie.

No. 1480630

I hate islam so much it’s unreal. Shit misogynistic religion.

No. 1480633

i hate pro-lifers full stop nonna. especially men. i met this philosophy sperg once (one of the most autisic men ive ever met btw) who kept harping on about how the preservation of life is the truest form of ethics or some shit. like get fucked. pro-lifers never concern themselves with improving conditions for the existing people in the world; they only care about pearl-clutching for unborn lives. i hope every pro-life male gets into an industrial accident and has to spend the rest of his miserable life contemplating just how horrible existence can be

No. 1480646

Me too. Let's be haters together.

No. 1480649

I hate islam so much, and I hate the people who defend it all the same. Imagine how much better the world would be without that garbage, sexist and pedo religion.

No. 1480701

File: 1674586270807.jpeg (629.52 KB, 2199x1926, E359DC95-811F-46D1-9592-DD6ABD…)

these are so disgusting, just had one for lunch should’ve just not eaten anything.

No. 1480723

Ex-muslim paki chan nonna?

No. 1480759

File: 1674591121220.png (1.68 MB, 1080x977, Screenshot_20230124-141130.png)

The Maruchan ones are kino. The one you had tastes like iron.

No. 1480871

File: 1674600559351.jpg (171.58 KB, 468x299, ref-maruchan-s-fresh-yaki-soba…)

The both of you are wrong.

No. 1480876

Holy shit I know this is the hate thread but I fucking love those, though I throw out the flavor packet and use my own yakitori sauce instead. The part where you have to mix water with hot oil used to terrify me, but now I make it like once a week.

No. 1480906

I hate the phrase 'part and parcel'. It just doesn't make sense to me.

No. 1480956

scrotes with different color beards from facial hair

No. 1480958

File: 1674610389499.jpg (24.08 KB, 480x270, gingerbeard.jpg)

vomit inducing

No. 1480961

like why? how does that even happen? why does it happen? why is your hair black but your facial hair brown. Stop it

No. 1480975

File: 1674612436301.png (2.08 MB, 1308x1096, Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 6.04…)

I hate this

No. 1480977

lmao I just had the chicken version of this for lunch

No. 1480978

I don't know about the other two but James Mcavoy is a ginger who dyes his hair brown or black
Shit, I honestly feel bad the woman, I've watched some clips from her show and she vented frequently about her love life and how no man could ever love her

No. 1480985

i mean, I feel so conflicted, what can she do? Just not date? She's an adult and…she's not trying to look like an child (Like Shayna) and get attention for it. She just does. I don't know, I worry about the men who may be attracted to her and their mindset, but…I feel so bad for her. The assumptions will be endless for her and I imagine it's a mind fuck to constantly have to wonder why a man is dating you and if it's because her childlike apperence

No. 1480987

I feel bad for people with this condition, you never know if the people attracted to you are pedos.

No. 1480988

however i hate this article and its clear this scrote is on some shit

No. 1480992

ayrt, same. I feel bad for her, it would be hard to date but the entire article and the headline pointing out HEY GUYS MY GIRLFRIEND LOOKS LIKE AN 8 YEAR OLD BUT IM NOT CREEPY I PROMISE is fucking weird

No. 1480996

also they met because he watched her when she was on a reality show where she talked about looking (and sounding, her voice sounds like a child too) like a little girl and he was 'attracted to her emotional strength'. Idk man, i just feel like…ok suuuuure buddy

No. 1480997

can she even have sexual relationship with her condition ?

No. 1481081

I hate Brittnay Broski and the pedestal people have put her on. Her brand of 12 year old boy fart joke comedy is whatever and isn't what bothers me: it's her personality. She's an off-putting mean girl but she's fat and ugly and sometimes makes fun of herself so people give her a pass.

No. 1481094

what condition does she have? I've never seen this before and I feel bad for her.

No. 1481103

She doesn't have a condition; when she was a little girl she underwent chemotherapy for brain cancer. The chemo affected her pituitary gland which in turn stunted her growth.

No. 1481129

bump because I need to know about the navii commune larpers

No. 1481177

File: 1674642567773.jpeg (193.46 KB, 664x696, 4FDDE816-F8AD-495A-BBE2-8403C1…)

Videos on social media of cats/dogs whatever being “cute” (aka being bothered by the owner or implanted in a faux situation, like where the kitten is “found” starving and crying or “found” stuck in some thing so the people can film themselves “saving” it)

No. 1481189

I can confirm this from personal experience but my case isn't as severe as hers because my meds worked.

No. 1481190

Wasn't she prescribed growth hormone injections? It's commonly prescribed to kids like her, especially if she had cancer because doctors are anticipating this kind of stuff. I was born with a fucked up pituitary gland and had a bunch of scans to see if I had a brain tumor to see if I should get treatment for that or if I could just take growth hormone injections.

No. 1481202

When anons post pics of celebrities without saying who this is (either in the celebricow thread or any of the attraction threads on /g/), I always have to reverse search them because I have no idea who 99% of these people are.

No. 1481206

me too. I love reading the celebricow thread even though I haven't kept up with celebrities since 2010 so I have no idea who all the new celebrities are

No. 1481207

why are you in the celebricow thread if you don't know who any of them are kek. i couldn't imagine volunteering myself for that level of psychic damage just to find out the man i was staring at was just shawn mendes all along

No. 1481210

Because I love reading about drama (where do you think you are kek) and it's the best way to stay up to date with what's going on in the popular entertainment industry, like before coming here I had no idea who Gigi Hadid was and thankfully I learned who it was because she collaborated with a jewelry band and I work in this field.
Posting a photo with just "damn she's so botched now" is a bit frustrating, it's not hard to just add their name.

No. 1481231

File: 1674651420166.jpg (72.64 KB, 500x709, 1657148531671.jpg)

I just learned about Phoebe Bridgers and I genuinely want to rope when I see painfully obvious straight women talk about how ~kweer~ they are while only dating tall white guys and lowkey (or sometimes highkey) shitting on lesbians by accusing them of gatekeeping or by doing the whole "everyone's a little gay!" thing implying gay people don't exist and are all bisexual by default. I just want to grab them by the shoulders and scream into their faces that thinking a girl is cute or nice isn't genuine sexual or romantic attraction and they're treating homosexuality as a quirky personality trait than the reality of some people who are still being made to suffer for it. Just end me right here

No. 1481235

File: 1674652168408.jpg (75.56 KB, 986x724, weird.jpg)

Sorry if I've posted about this before but I HATE this shit. I also saw a reddit post where some guy's parents were still talking to his exgf and helping her out. Just reminds me of a situation I was in before where my mom latched onto my ex best friend. It gives me the fucking creeps. Adults that latch onto the people their children associate with and won't let go when the relationship is clearly over have fucking mental problems. Like why are you trying to steal someone else's parents? Also towards the parents like why are you trying to get a replacement kid

No. 1481302

why is it always a tall white guy though ?

No. 1481314

at my college there was a girl who screamed in tears when I expressed that I thought the word 'queer' was a useless expression and she reported me to members of staff etc. and would sit there crying on zoom saying things like 'you're erasing us, we've always been here, we're not going anywhere' etc etc. meanwhile in complete oppostion to me she is in a long term entirely standard hetero relationship. crazy

No. 1481378

Those piss me off so much. there are so many staged videos online now because of the tiktok gen that it's genuinely hard to tell which videos are real. Adding on, I hate videos where 10 people are recording and no one is helping someone in a real situation.

No. 1481382

spicy straights are the worst. It's always bored white people who never faced any real oppression.

No. 1481547

File: 1674674307137.gif (1007.49 KB, 220x124, kodak-black-dancing.gif)

Him and this gif

No. 1481586

sometimes i don't mention the name because it was already mentioned a dozen times or the person is regularly posted so i figure anyone regularly reading the threads would already know

No. 1481588

he ain't tall lol

No. 1481591

when i see modern day beatles fangirls and i mean people who are fans of them as individuals i feel like i'm taking crazy pills when they start posting about their attractiveness. it was fine in the 60s as you didn't really get exposed to beautiful people often but come on now times have changed. john lennon (and i LOATHE john lennon) was the least ugly of them and that's not saying much considering they all look inbred. maybe paul has a cuteness quality to him i can see that but the rest are actually beyond help in the looks department it genuinely shocks me to see people praising them physically.
i feel this way about 70s(?) elvis like that man looks like he never stops sweating lard. never seen a human look so sleazy. one time a fanpage owned by a grown woman nothing wrong with that btw i'm mostly saying that because well, teenagers are delusional about these things, i don't expect them not to be so i'll give them that much. posted vidrel and captioned it with
>what would you do if he did this to you?
and the only sane comment there was "throw tf up" kek. like i legitimately felt sick after watching that video.
i get that people are fans of certain long gone eras or even just music, maybe even the minds but don't lose your sense of objectivity, it's really jarring to see. that said i have to respect it though in a way i like seeing something so old still have a fanbase the same as it was when it was actually happening/in its prime even more than a half a decade later.

No. 1481597

Elvis was always an uggo who then became a fat alcoholic uggo. I don't get how he even got popular in the first place.

No. 1481945

File: 1674697677227.png (Spoiler Image, 862.47 KB, 712x447, 1674684006332.png)

Peanut butter cheese sandwich. It should be a horrifying concept to any normal person. peanut butter cheese anon needs to get help and fix her tastebuds.

No. 1482139

The fat ugly nipples

No. 1482170

I hate this stupid rapist.

No. 1482233

Sorry I'm out of the loop. I agree with all of this but how does it relate to Phoebe Bridgers? (I only know her music and very little about her as a person)

No. 1482260

Not gonna post a screenshot but I was looking for a specific channel on YouTube and there was a video of a very young girl in a bikini showing how she stretches for tennis. Sorry, but nobody can argue that a bikini is necessary for stretching. No parents are naïve enough to think pedos don't lurk YouTube for videos exactly like that. The video has 4.5k views in just a few months. You think that many people are just interested in watching kids stretch? I am super worried for this kid. So yeah this post is for my hate towards YouTube for constantly allowing sus shit like this over the years. Also hiding breast-feeding fetish porn under "Fortnite" videos to poison little boys' brains.

No. 1482267

There's a lot of weird YouTube shit there

No. 1482283


No. 1482291

File: 1674719169740.png (4.28 MB, 2101x1574, phoebe.PNG)

She claims to be bisexual while dating exclusively those tall white guys, capes for trannies and said that "everyone is a bit gay" thing claiming straight or gay people don't exist but everyone is inherently bisexual.

No. 1482307

extremely based

No. 1482353

>find woman made video game essay (I am sorry)
>check for pinned comment
> - Terfs are STILL not welcome here 8 months later, believe it or not. This goes for tradfems, "traditional values" and other dogwhistles.
>- I'm really happy this has been helpful for some trans people!! But I also want to apologise for any clumsy phrasing on my part that may have invalidated some trans men or non-binary people.
>close tab
I hate.

The video is "Visceral Femininity: A Bloodborne Video Essay" in case someone is interested.

No. 1482356

You forgot the pickle on the side

No. 1482357

File: 1674729398178.gif (952.32 KB, 224x336, 1660119641180.gif)

Sorry for double post but

>One of Honeybat's moderators here!

>Just so you know, i'm removing the vast majority of the bad faith / hateful comments so just because you're not seeing these comments doesn't mean I'm not removing 2-3 of them per hour. The ones I remove get sent to Honeybat who can put the comment back if they think it's fine or constructive. Most of those commenters didn't even engage with the video.

No. 1482360

File: 1674729669331.jpg (45.22 KB, 593x193, lol.JPG)

Toy collector man children kek

No. 1482361

File: 1674729736768.jpg (1.65 MB, 4080x3072, 1674620546949683.jpg)

His toys. Notice capeshit and fucking Pickle Rick. At least he was called a fag in the replies

No. 1482372

Always baffles me why people like these would get married, there's nothing wrong with his collection imho but if his wife finds that shameful - also understandable - why bother being with a man like this? Similarly, why marry a person who is ashamed of your hobby? I guess desperation on both sides

No. 1482374

This, I personally couldn't care less if my SO wanted to have an autistic figure collection because I have my own but why did they get married to begin with? I feel like I see a ton of this shit of people complaining about their wives wanting them to get rid of their gaming setup or merch cussing the woman out but why the fuck did they decide on living together if they didn't agree on their lifestyle choices? Like you said, must be desperation.

No. 1482384

File: 1674735155435.jpg (380.07 KB, 1920x1462, 1658460991190.jpg)

I always assumed most autistic male toy collectors get married to roughly equally autistic women who also have some weird hobby, like how straight fujoshis end up dating/marrying generic weebs

No. 1482386

The one smelly tranny moid who inhabits the manga and anime threads. We can see you

No. 1482442

File: 1674743312214.png (688.28 KB, 921x515, b332e7f11563.png)

men who look like picrel

No. 1482466

>most women (insert derogatory assumption here)
Fucking stop it you NLOG weirdos. Fucking. Stop it. I bet you're trannies.

No. 1482479

Disgusting, look at the discrepancy between the gut and the arms of the one on the right.

No. 1482487

File: 1674748091674.jpg (85.69 KB, 631x1157, 092184.JPG)

this creature. i won't elaborate

No. 1482492

People only hype him up because he's a gay man with pretty yaoi boy hair. He's not funny at all and when I see mutuals reblog his tiktoks I think they're weak and retarded.

No. 1482493

Literally all the guys at anime cons lol.

No. 1482511

He's not a murderer, he's just autistic!

From discussions about murder suspects to discussions about dead pedo celebs, I keep seeing this shit on repeat
> Yeah that guy was acting pretty strange
> Well actually as an autistic person (or a mom of a special lil misunderstood autist boy) I think the guy is on the spectrum so his behaviour isn't strange at all. I saw him looking awkward in a clip once so therefore he's autistic. And its impossible for autists to ever act in a way that's suspicious or odd because our innocent brains just work differently. Let me explian how autistic brains work for a few more paragraphs. Then I'll add some personal anecdotes about times when my tism made people think I/my kid was acting weird. We'll start with childhood anecdotes.. me me me, my kid, autism brain
I just miss when this shit didn't pop up so much. When you could say someone acted strange without it turning into a 'time to learn about neurodivergence' lesson. Its extra shitty when people are talking about a fucking murder suspect and someones first thought is to.. compare them to how their autist kid acts? Its like they view the world through autism tinted glasses.

No. 1482520

People that add consonants to words for no reason. You didn't go to Kroger's you went to Kroger. It's not a hampster it's a hamster. Do you have rocks for brains

No. 1482522

Faggots who snort into the mic on Discord calls, IM TALKING ABOUT YOU BOSS, YOU'RE NOT A KID, STOP BEING GROSS

No. 1482523

all 4 of these men are married and 2 have had children btw

No. 1482526

Can women stop giving children to random mfs like this for fucking once?

No. 1482529

Who are they?

No. 1482530

Computers have rocks for brains and they can do math much faster than you.

No. 1482535

People who are incredibly dramatic about the slightest pain. I especially hate it when munchies do it, but what is the point in yelling OW at the top of your lungs when you know damn well it doesn't hurt if anything at all! It is toddler behavior to seek attention by claiming pain that isn't even there.

No. 1482536

Ok nerd

No. 1482539

File: 1674751904926.jpg (1.56 MB, 5177x2048, Q8WGbcv8I2cjQGjx.jpg)

Super Best Friends Play, a group of fighting gameplayers who got popular for a while before they broke up
tbf, 2 of the wives were former fans of their channel

No. 1482557

consonants make it sound better. idc if it's "wrong"

No. 1482667

That's not an achievement imo, most people do it no matter how ugly or retarded they are.

No. 1482721

Besides Sam Smith do you know what I strongly dislike?
When I'm watching a youtuber and they do badly acted cringe ass "Skits". I watch this five Nights at freddies lore videos (Kill me I know) and every video this nerd is doing a skit. I just cringe

No. 1482732

>five Nights at freddies lore videos
Kek what did you expect

No. 1482815

Guy on the far right looks like he’s trying to measure the black guys dick kek. Speaks volumes really.

No. 1483004

>pay for streaming service
>want to watch something
>open stream service app
>requires another streaming service subscription

No. 1483021

Desperation, thinking asking anything of your partner is being overbearing, letting things slide until you literally can’t take it anymore because you don’t know how to communicate like a fucking adult. Most people are settling hardcore in their marriages IMO.

No. 1483028

File: 1674786595907.jpg (57.06 KB, 192x192, 131103.jpg)

>pay nobody
>pirate what I want to watch
>enjoy watching it

No. 1483030

Tru but if I wanna watch something new randomly just to try it out then I gonna have to search for a good torrent and wait for a whole season or more then cast it to my tv and it be laggy

No. 1483035

File: 1674787183205.png (222.15 KB, 302x852, Screenshot_8.png)

male weeb obsession with "tomboys" pisses me off. i just hate the way they think about them. it's usually always:

>brown skin sporty girl with short hair whose entire appeal is not realizing she's a "girl" (aka sex object) and therefore is fine with getting groped/sexualized

or they want to "teach" the tomboy how to be a "girl" properly. never is the tomboy an actual tomboy though, she's usually just a girl stereotype (with short hair and a singular sporty interest, because of course) who doesn't feel comfortable doing girl stereotypes. i dunno. it's my fault for even reading their opinions but jesus i forget how regressive people are when it comes to gender every time i leave my radfem bubbles.

No. 1483080


it's not a sandwhich it's a sandwich

No. 1483100

the tomboy trope in anime is the worst. she's always 'one of the boys' until she magically puts on a dress and makeup and realizes she's a woman all along. Bonus points if she has huge breasts for no reason.

No. 1483110

File: 1674798656804.jpeg (60.71 KB, 650x450, 8-29.jpeg)

The low testosterone, anime convention, gamer phenotype. UGH. God, it makes me sad when I see pictures of nerdy men from the 80's, in general they were thinner and they at least still dressed like men. I'm SO over these chubby toddler manbabies with their fat guts hanging out in cartoon character/Marvel t-shirts and cargo shorts.

No. 1483134

i graduated from a stem major and when going in, i remember thinking "oh im into nerds maybe i'll get a skinny, no-facial-hair, shirt-wearing boyfriend (like picrel)". a year later i realized that most of them were misogynistic, too lazy to shave, already balding at 20 (no offence to bald men lovers but thats too early) and also either smelled or talked like an autistic know it all.
idk if nerds were ever "good" personality-wise, im pretty sure they were as sexist and autistic back then. but at least they look like they looked at the mirror when going out and showered more than once a week.

No. 1483135

The “nerds are the nice guys!” thing is complete propaganda. They all have a god complex and truly hate women, like you’ve described. The very few that actually are nice can’t even talk to women because they’re too retarded so it’s a lose/lose situation kek

No. 1483138

File: 1674803774308.jpeg (422.31 KB, 1080x1894, 48D23E8C-276D-4B88-A9C0-B401AB…)

People using « intrusive thoughts » to justify the fact they’re just degens. Social media is filled of them and I’m tired of it. You’re a terrible and awful person, period.
Also notice how moids tend to think about violence way more than women

No. 1483169

wow that guy actually seems cute, also looking up about "nerd" writers and programmers in the 80's, most also seem to get married and have quite normal and mundane lives, unlike geeks of today who are majority Incels

No. 1483191

I hate the fact that mental illness became such a mainstream, pop topic. Suffering from actual intrusive thoughts is miserable, terrifying and very mentally taxing, these mfs fantasize about killing babies and hurting people and call it "intrusive thoughts" smh

No. 1483193

File: 1674811077409.png (434.03 KB, 745x3270, neckbeard.png)

don't you know, making fun of fat neckbeards is ablest and rooted in bigotry

No. 1483194

It's just thoughts that plop in your head, not fantasizing about things. Like when you stand next to a steep drop and think about jumping. That's not a fantasy, just something that comes into your mind.

No. 1483199

Anon I'm referring specifically to moids using "intrusive thoughts" as an excuse, chances are, if they're having daily "thoughts" about doing awful things, they will eventually do them anyway, their "intrusive thoughts" are just recurring ideas they don't really mentally challenge. For example, most sctotes will commit some sort of crime and in fact, the graphic shows they do think about crime more often than women

No. 1483207

>donates to feminist causes
Yeah fucking right lmao

No. 1483213

Same with the "goth gf" pseudo trope, it's always a vaguely alt woman dressing in skimpy dark clothing and listening to nu metal, they are emos at best, seeing a trad goth woman would give them a heart attack.

No. 1483237

I remember years ago there was this push of 'actually nerds are hot' Male models would pose awkwardly with a pair of thick glasses on to prove it. But actual living nerds are nothing like that. They're chubby, lacking in hygiene, have unkempt beards, don't cut their fingernails often enough, have cringey cartoon characters on every t-shirt that they own and then they wear the same pants for weeks without washing them. They're rarely this skinny/only slightly awkward type of nerd.

No. 1483280

How do you even come up with stuff like that?

No. 1483283

They're moids anon

No. 1483290

So? That doesn't mean every bad thing you can think up becomes reality.