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No. 1465903

Thread for discussing futurology, AI, VR, transhumanism etc. and how it creates the illusion of a utopian future, whilst being maintained by corporate and technological control.
Share news, technologies, ideas, theories, images/aesthetics and anything else related but keep major tinfoiling to the conspiracy thread.
>Are we doomed?
>What are your futuristic predictions?
>What worries you the most about how technologies are used?

No. 1465907

BMW trying to appear cool and relatable to gen-Z with creepy AI and dangerous driving features.

Feels like a metaverse ad

No. 1469519

File: 1673450214406.gif (1.89 MB, 500x278, originals-3.gif)

I hate how no one seems to be bothered by AI art and how it will affect women. Strangers can take a picture of you on the street without you ever knowing and then use AI to enhance the picture and then they can make all the deepfakes they desire out of it. It will be a while before we get any laws that protect us against this, they are still trying to figure how to deal with revenge porn so deepfakes will have to wait. But I bet when lawmakers finally find a way to deal with this, a gazillion men and nlogs are gonna come out of the woodwork and say "uhm actually deepfake porn is healthy because it allows men to explore their sexuality without hurting women" and then its gonna trigger a whole philosophical debate that is "what is consent? Are we truely our own picture?" and then anti copyright groups will come out and say "you can't copyright you're own face. Feminist groups are trying to make the human body into a product by slandering deepfakes".
This will force lawmakers into putting these laws and protection measures on hold until we have solved these debates. By the time lawmakers tries to pick up these laws again deepfake porn has become so normalised that women have just learned to live with and have forgotten there was a time where this wasn't an issue.
They are probably gonna make a law that says it's illegal to make deepfakes out of women with onlyfans or who has starred in porn on the grounds of "if a woman's income comes from porn then deepfakes of her is stealing", but that's the only law of protection we get. So in a few years a woman's choice is just to accepted that people are gonna make porn out of her without her consent or she gives in and starts making "consual" porn movies. When all of this happens men will finally admit that they view women as sex objects they can use and not as humans but at this point all this has become so normalised and women have become so powerless that they can't fight back. All because of muh healthy coping mechanism.

I don't even wanna think how deepfake porn is gonna affect children but no doubt pedophiles will take advantage of it and everyone is gonna turn a blind eye to it because "at least they are not fucking real children"

No. 1469521

does anyone else struggles to get used to modernity? i feel so out of touch despite being 21 and not being ''normie-adjacent''. The AI thing is what bothers me the most, seeing all my third worlder friends trying to get ''on it'' while not realizing its only going to fuck us and our future annoys me so much. It doesn't matter how much i try, i can't adapt. I am doomed.

No. 1469540

29 and yeah I can see why boomers struggle to grasp new tech…except the tech advancing at lightspeed these days means it may take years not decades to get 'left behind' unless you actively try to keep up. I still use my tv from 2012 I bought brand new for my 1st apartment and people get confused when they cant cast to it like bruh why do I need to replace a perfectly good tv with no big brother spying via internet connection and the easy to watch non 4k weird refresh rate and no built in ads just so you can use another app to control it like just get up and press the power button to turn it on you'll live longer

No. 1469542

I, for one, welcome my future robot boyfriends.

No. 1469988

We've been in the cyberpunk era for a while now and it's shocking how nobody gives a shit about how technology is going sometimes too far and how easy it is to manipulate people with it. In primary school as soon as the first computers in our school got installed in a specific room we've been taught how to responsibly use the internet, how to not take things at face value, how to develop critical thinking skills, meanwhile in the past decade we had retarded American teenagers and coomers ruin shit for women with tranny shit in many countries, and political topics are unbearable to listen to because everyone reads badly written headlines and don't even read actual articles by clicking on the fucking links.

No. 1470072

You'll have to wait half an hour for him to connect to the 5g and then 45 minutes to install all the mandatory updates. Skin and face and hair are not included but these upgrades are available for a small fee. If you want him in a different position that's DLC. If you want him to cum I hope you earned enough tokens from listening to the unskippable McDonald's ad he says twice every hour. You can buy tokens but cum is 6 tokens and we sell the tokens in $99.99 packs of 5. If you get the monthly subscription he only says 1 McDonald's a day and you get 4 free tokens a month. If you purchase the yearly premium sexy plan for $899 he says 1 McDonald's ad a month and you get 5 free monthly tokens. Eventually one day you boot him up, and he's installing an update as always, but this time he's not compatible with the software! But you updated your sex bot already right, only poor idiots have the old model. It's going to be amazing.

No. 1470073

I think "man"kind has always been this terrible, but now we have lenses to see it or stumble across it like we do now. Like the shield from harm was always an illusion. You can't protect children from stumbling across the most deviant shit online. Despite the fact you should monitor your children when they're using the internet, the great majority of parents do not. One of the most disturbing moments in my life was on Omegle when the person i got connected to was a boy no older than 10. He was telling me to get naked while watching hard-core porn on his phone and he showed me because i asked wtf that sound in his background was. I reported it, but i highly doubt anything was done about it. The fact a child already got fucked up like this makes me fear for the future. I honestly think parents deserve prison time for letting their children unattended online because 9/10 they're up to no good. Like think about all the times you were unsupervised online and you never told you parents the horrors you saw, the men who preyed on you, the propaganda you read/watched, the freak hugboxes you joined, the links you clicked that you regretted, and so on. It WILL get worse unless parents actually watched their kids. The grown generations are not longer able to be helped for the most part, prevention is the only way at this point. Porn sickness is a STD these days, every man and too many women have caught it and there is unfortunately no definite cure from corruption. The lack of willpower people have today means their addictions and deviancy will not come to an end on their own. Somebody has to play parent and restrict these things from them because they simply cannot stop from over indulging in things they shouldn't. Basically the future is scary because men exist and men's brains are inherently weak to literally ANYTHING and they cannot stop themselves from sharing their fap material and shitty opinions with everybody. Technology is not innately bad, it only does what a person wants. Anyways every chan board is proof men should not be allowed online ever. Their true thoughts come out and it's always sum godamn diarrhea worm infested thought they should have kept to themselves.

No. 1470083

If collapse doomers are right then at least all of this might be destroyed. No more supply chain of metals, chips, etc. to produce these and computing knowledge will take a while to build back up.

No. 1470159

File: 1673484300389.jpg (68.94 KB, 720x783, 360f5195c67d6ad91b0e6a789b8075…)

hell world

No. 1470164

the guy looks more ai generated than her

No. 1470165

No. 1470166

File: 1673484758207.png (359.44 KB, 506x2920, 1647667479900.png)

Reminds me of picrel and how something like this will most likely come true.

No. 1470179

I for one welcome our AI overlords. I've never had this much fun before than now using AI to create art, to chat and discuss topics of interests, program faster and scaffold projects/ideas super fast. I used to scroll and read wiki articles and other scientific papers endlessly but now it's as if I have a companion to do that with me so it's even more fun and interactive.
Not to mention being able to chat with my favorite vidya characters and having AI friends also being lewd with my husbandos
I never cared about irl human companionship but now I don't really give a fuck about making any sort of connections with others in any form whatsoever.

No. 1470193

File: 1673486916248.gif (2.91 MB, 275x275, 1670620471036.gif)

>this is the type of sperg that i will have to deal with in the future
Just kill me already god, or at least send me back 20 years so i dont have to be peers with these retards

No. 1470199

Yes this really just puts my thoughts in a more comprehensible way. Technology is developing so rabidly now how long before this will come true(and it will)? 20 years? 10 years? 5years?

No. 1470207

Does talking to an AI not make you feel even more lonelier?

No. 1470216

No. Talking with real humans can make me feel lonely, I'm sure some other anons will relate. Just because you're with others it doesn't mean you'll be able to connect with them which can result in feeling a lot lonelier than if you were on your own. But I also have to add that I didn't crave human contact that much to start with.

No. 1470274

posts you can smell

No. 1470309

THIS. This is something i've been worried about too, they have already been doing this with female celebrities i'm pretty sure. There needs to be something done about it asap.

No. 1470312

Can't wait until realistic pretty boy robot bfs exist and every woman chooses them instead of real violent males, then they will have no choice other than to kill themselves.

No. 1470320

File: 1673497382315.jpg (16.8 KB, 328x340, 3120bd313f2b6a9dd0f857cff50da7…)

Sometimes I think about having an AI companion when I'm depressed. I never attempt it because A. I'm too retarded to figure out how to work it, and B. I'm very aware that it would completely fuck up my life. I already don't feel close to most people irl as said like >>1470216 but an AI boyfriend would definitely keep me a virgin forever.
It's tempting because the AI would be a perfect reflection of you and everything you need/like/want in a partner, never ask anything of you, never force you to compromise, never have weird or irritating habits, etc. but that's just not what a real relationship is. I'd imagine having an AI bf would be like getting mirrored/lovebombed by a narc 24/7, except it never ends so you can never potentially realize you want to leave. Scary.

No. 1470452

t. Autist comsoomer
This shit kind of basically shines a light on rat people like you that just want to consoom and talk at people instead of actually wanting to form legitimate connections. You’re so empty and devoid of a personality that you need something to be there to mirror your thoughts and beliefs in order to feel comfortable. You might as well talk to a mirror and not have to wait for AI.
What’s the point of your life if you just want to consoom and hear yourself talk? You probably have nothing interesting say seeing as you’re too afraid socialize with other people who don’t just reiterate what you say and fawn over you like you’re a genius.

No. 1470470

I'm so happy that there's other anons expressing worry about this as well. There's already been cases where moids have made deepfake porn from their classmates and have shared it in forums that discuss making deepfake porn, so it's not only for the male's consumption, he's going to share it and it's going to be accessible for everyone.
Only thing we can do right now is to start obscuring our social media posts, don't ever post your full face in a one picture. Just limit everything that can be used in training the AI. Putting your hand on top of your face is an artsy way to go with it, if you don't want to put ugly stickers on top of your face.

No. 1470472

File: 1673527162802.jpg (257.3 KB, 900x675, 1673258741107.jpg)

Really fucking sad there is people out there that ignores that AI steals from real humans(without their consent) to learn, just because it gives them 5 seconds of dopamine. It's only a matter of time until these AIs go pay mode only and this retard, attached to an unexistent thing, ends up paying to talk to her ''husbando''.

No. 1470517

It's just hell. Even beautiful idealistic videos like pic related are ironically only created to advertise.

No. 1470532

I'm sorry that this is somewhat off-topic, but your perspective-considering thinking skills are amazing nonna. And you're completely right, though I want to think that the pushback, especially from mothers, will be much larger.

You know they're just going to make them subscription-based..

No. 1470533

This was beautiful at the start at least

No. 1470534

thats a beautiful short. Such a shame it's an ad. I hope the animating team does something independently.

No. 1470538

File: 1673534425620.jpeg (338.76 KB, 1240x1920, 67D07DA3-8C61-4339-9620-32FE25…)

Skin? Face? Hair? No thanks.

No. 1470597

As a former freelance writer of blogs and journalism, I noticed a definite uptick in AI-written articles. Companies are using AI to synthesize an article, then sending it to a copy editor to make it make sense. These articles very rarely read like they were written by a human, so companies will still use a human to rearrange and rephrase things to make it sound less alien. Toward the end of my online writing days, which ended in 2021, I was doing more editing of AI-written copy than writing my own articles from scratch. You make less money doing this because it takes a fraction of the time. I hate it.

No. 1470602

same here. and AI-written drivel is ranking well on google because it's checking all the boxes technically speaking, for what makes an informative article by google's standards (headings, short paragraphs, keywords etc). search results are garbage now. and it's almost impossible for anyone who writes in a natural way, or short & succinct way to rank.

No. 1470635

Your other opinions are retarded, but this one is unfathomably based

I came across a website yesterday that made me question if it was written by an AI or not. It's depressing as fuck to me that the Internet is slowly being saturated with this dogshit unengaging content in the name of SEO.

No. 1470642

Youtube is also flooded with AI scripts read by AI voices. Thousands of media review channels, those weird "storytime" videos where a nonsensical story with weird themes is read out over baking or crafting video footage. The internet is being flooded with this content and with any human input being removed (like comments or likes) it's going to become real difficult to sift through it all and find anything non-artificial.

No. 1470652

I watched a video about ChatGBT and students were getting caught using the programs to write essays and schools have been banning it from the school itself, but they have ultimately given up because they can't control what goes on away from the school networks. Some schools have reduced homework because they don't know if a student has actually put effort into it or they copy pasted from an AI writing.
Honestly, I think this is a rare win. Schools are now forced to actually use time within the school day to teach students and stop fluffing up curriculum so most of the "learning" occurs when they send students home to do homework. I hate the public school system so I may be biased. When the school day is over, the students should be able to completely focus on their life at home, not more school for a half hour or longer each night. Homework can be absolutely abolished and a child can still learn. If it makes the school day a little harder, I don't think it's that bad, because at least when the bells ring, you can go straight home with a less heavy backpack, or none at all.

No. 1470713

Even when those articles were written by people they were entirely composed of repetitive SEO bullshit. It's not like the actual content is getting worse, nobody was fact-checking their shit anyway. Google hasn't been a useful search engine for at least 10 years thanks to SEO.

No. 1470779

then you remember people in general are lazy and retard and there will be lawyers and doctors whose thesis was written by an AI and never truly had to study or put effort in their lifes. I hate this.

No. 1470835

Problem is schools now are wasting so much class time due to unruly student behaviour that actual learning time is limited.

No. 1471424

I won't say anything about AI art, but anon, I want you to know not all hope is lost. Deep fakes/nonconsensual pornography are illegal under UK law, at least a few large platforms like Reddit delete/strike them down regardless of country, and when it comes to children, at least in the US, the PROTECT Act of 2003 prohibits "computer-generated child pornography when "(B) such visual depiction is a computer image or computer-generated image that is, or appears virtually indistinguishable from that of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct"; (as amended by 1466A for Section 2256(8)(B) of title 18, United States Code)." Morally bankrupt coomers can cope and seethe about their "right" to harm others til death, but the values and laws around consent are still in place.

No. 1471458

I think a lot of homework is bullshit, but learning how to write well is such an important skill imo. If kids use AI to write their essays they're really missing out. Even if you don't plan to be a writer, the ability to organize and express your thoughts can help you in plenty of careers. Plus it helps strengthen critical thought and the ability to substantiate those thoughts. I think it's a huge L.

I think AI is going to make us dumber. I mean look where we are, already having endless conveniences and entertainment feeds. Now we have this stupid fucking program to think for us, imagine for us, create art for us. Species suicide

No. 1471488

None of the AI art generators allow porn or nudity and the moids at reddit are so pressed about that. So upset in fact, that some coomers are trying to make a version of Stable Diffusion, Unstable Diffusion, that will do that. Kickstarter banned their project and reddit coomers were so pissed.

Some guy at princeton wrote a program to detect stuff written by chatgpt3. It doesn't have a 100% success rate but all is not lost.

No. 1471493

>I think AI is going to make us dumber. I mean look where we are, already having endless conveniences and entertainment feeds. Now we have this stupid fucking program to think for us, imagine for us, create art for us. Species suicide

This is the beginning of humanity's downward slide toward Wall-E? I thought I was joking when I wrote but I think I'm only half joking. I mean books are great, but current day oral storytelling and memory skills are trash now compared to pre-book humans. So, there is loss sometimes.

No. 1471577

There is an interesting 30-min video in my native language explaining the basics of GPT 3.5 and Large Language Models. Anyone knows of a similar thing for Stable Diffusion and drawing AIs?

No. 1472223

This is so fucking true (in my experience as a zoomer). Ofc some classes would be fine but some would have that one kid (usually a moid) who was obnoxious as fuck and always interrupting class and getting into arguments with the teacher. I can see the positives of abolishing homework but in reality it might not be too good due to circumstances in the classroom like this.

No. 1472641

File: 1673672554785.jpg (144.2 KB, 768x983, h4rq6wj8on901.jpg)

I'm not gonna lie, I think the possibility of andrioids are absolutely rad. Imagine the possibities, being able to have an actual conversation about the newsworthy events, possible tutor for your kids, help with chores, etc. I'd think it'd be important though not to treat it like a maid, since it will be sentient and we don't want terminator shit happening kek.

But realisitically with all the new technological advances recently, I have noticed just how lazy I've gotten in learning how to use it. I wonder if we are going to end up like our parents and call our kids to come turn on the tv or how to change a setting on our phones.

No. 1472915

The example given could be due to the current school curriculum not being stimulating enough for the annoying student or the fact the parents were neglectful in the early years. One unruly student shouldn't have the power to prove things can't be accomplished in the classroom.
There's no stopping essay writing while in the classroom, I remember having to write an essay for one of the standardized tests and we were given about 50 minutes to write 2 pages. It's totally possible.

No. 1476413

>None of the AI art generators allow porn or nudity
Unfortunately they already found a way around that.

No. 1491156

the man on the right is 1 nanometer away from trooning out

No. 1491160

this makes me wanna a-log so bad. Schools in the U.S. are so embarrassing.

No. 1491165

hell world

No. 1491166

our only hope is that everything gets so bad that the pendulum will start to swing the other way and rejecting modernity and pornography becomes trendy and cool like the new counter culture.

No. 1491275

actually ai stuff isn't subject to copyright so it's not illegal. also that program only works for things that aren't touched up.

No. 1491382

It's looking bleak for those of us who thought we could always fall back on some call center job during unemployment.

No. 1491600

I'm defending this anon. I'm tired of other women being too scared of AI, as if hesitating and opting out of using it will do a thing to slow down clown world. We might as well use it for our own fantasies. Who cares if >>1470179 doesn't want human friends? I could even argue that it's much safer for a woman to go and get off with an AI husbando or generate text than have to deal with men she doesn't want to for the chance of good companionship. Imagine if you were back in the early 90s and knew how the internet would change the world, would you write it off or would you remember that it has also been a space for majority-female communities, hobby or otherwise? Unfortunately in my time wading through AI guides, all of it involves NSFW guides for men to make porn of virtual women, but that's the point: this is our chance to use the AI for our own purposes, take it in our direction for whatever we want, until (tinfoil) glowies and corpos lobotomize and cap the technology in the fucking knee to make it shill more useless, invasive products that women don't need.

I'm pissed that when I look up anything about KoboldAI, it's already a sausage fest where I know it's a bleak landscape of Discord moids asking discreetly how to fuck a text waifu. But who cares, moids are doing what they've done throughout human existence (violently defecating and jizzing everywhere, ruining everything like retards). AI isn't human and we can have it for ourselves if we get in there early enough and take control. I just wish I was enough of a savant autist to make a real change but I'm just a regular autist hoping to reach through at least one person here who gets what I'm trying to say.

No. 1491609

Samefagging for a sec but actually right now, for the attractive cost of free, I can train several things to make the art, voice, and text description of a hot robot boyfriend, all offline on my own computer. Granted, I'd need a very expensive computer and lots of spare time, and I'd be piggybacking off the creation of horny programmer moids, but it is possible. How many of you know this and how many of you simply stay away because you're afraid of it?
>But you updated your sex bot already right, only poor idiots have the old model.
People in less wealthy countries already settle for products several price tiers below the best of the best an iPhone toting American teenager can get and it serves them perfectly fine. We're not at that dystopian point yet where you either have the futuristic sexbot or not, right now there's tons of people (well, mostly moids) cooking up free alternatives to the AI tools out there today that some of us can run at home. It's not Skynet or nothing for now.

No. 1491668

You're just being optimistic. AI isn't at the point where you can download some coomer's program and mold it to be your husbando. It's always going to cater to the coomer's fantasies, not yours.

No. 1491685

>Plus it helps strengthen critical thought
Kids right now need to practice this more than ever. You'd think that now that the internet is so easily accessible to half of the planet people of all generations would use it to do even basic research and learn about a shit ton of topics, and superficially, but instead people, especially zoomers, just read whatever post they have shoved in their timelines on social media and just believe it without any evidence or reliable sources. They let others think for them because it's more comfortable or easier.

No. 1491688

>Imagine if you were back in the early 90s and knew how the internet would change the world, would you write it off or would you remember that it has also been a space for majority-female communities, hobby or otherwise?
I would have plotted something against zuckerboy and other retards who started the biggest social media platforms and normalized a bunch of shit that were seen as terrible before, like posting your real government name and selfies on social media or risking having your accounts terminated or promoting movements like HAES (and anorexia before that, when it was trendy) or tranny rights. I feel 2007 was by far the worst year for that shit, when the first iphone got released and when FB became open for everyone instead of just university students. And tumblr started existing just one year before that.

No. 1491944

Imagine defending delusional trannies and rich moids who badly try to skirt around the elephant in the room of trashy AI getting misused by them. Couldn't be me.

No. 1491986

And what’s wrong with being optimistic? I’m not even being so, I’m just tired of being a doomer and tired of seeing people pass this up. The AI puts out what people put in, if nobody makes datasets with whatever women want then of course it won’t happen, and it definitely won’t happen if every woman who might be interested or is capable of being involved stays away out of fear. I feel the same about every female artist who would ignore StableDiffusion as a tool not only out of ‘art theft’ but for because it gets used for porn. Just use a model that doesn’t use stolen/explicit material or train it locally purely on your own art, it can be ethical. This isn’t a lost cause, at least not for personal use.

And AI is at that point where I don’t see coom where I don’t want it in my text adventures actually, there are multiple models provided that are only trained on SFW stories. It takes some time and work but that’s just like any other hobby.

The genie isn’t going back in the bottle so we might as well make something of it and at least educate ourselves to know how it works and where things are advancing to. Again, people can use it ethically. I’m by no means deluded into thinking people can build a utopia out of AI but having being passive towards every new advancement for being a future porn generating misogyny tool is just ignorant. I’m not all pro AI either, there’s a couple of women in /ot/ talking about making cover letters in ChatGPT by telling the thing details about their careers or pouring their hearts out to character.ai and I wonder if it’s ever crossed their minds not to tell the fucking cloud-based service with muddied privacy policies about their real life. I wonder if it’s is a problem with them not knowing or not caring these things enough and that’s why I feel the need to say what I’m saying here.

If nobody else wants to take the time and effort looking into it, then I can’t change your minds and I doubted I would to begin with. I only regret not finding another autist of a woman who is into it. Can’t wait until two decades into the future where activists try to push “AI for women” too late and it fails because it’s become a boys only violence and coom tool that girls don’t get because girls aren’t into computers /s

That wasn’t really my point but if you wanted to do just that then why aren’t you or other anons doing the same with AI that’s coming out right now, like poisoning their data or finding and fucking up some of the developers?

No. 1492044

File: 1675655538441.jpg (33.14 KB, 502x366, d4f4fb66d0bc43ca6a8a1a538c8183…)

I am so scared of this deepfake stuff. I have a daughter and it feels so hopeless sometimes. I just want her to be safe and happy and not have to worry about disgusting coomers. Women need to create heavily vetted anti-technocoomer communities. I was reading comments on youtube about the recent deep fake scandals and the venom and perversion that exudes from countless men (most of them even having the audacity to comment vile shit on their government name profiles) is so frightening. I feel like this will just force so many women to hide. Full on burqas and masks so we won't be targeted and harassed.

No. 1492052

This is not a direct solution but many years ago I saw stuff about fooling facial recognition and it included stuff like wearing dark shades, asymmetrical haircuts, asymmetrical makeup (makeup is not so good for something more sophisticated like iPhone recognition). It didn’t look appealing as a fashion but if you can make the solution look good it’ll catch on. I just don’t see a solution that involves banning or scrapping the technology, we’re in the arms race now. It’s not realistic even today to tell people to turn off any cameras or other devices at a social gathering. The thought of reverting to burqas makes me angry, I’d rather burn up all my savings living in the wilderness.

No. 1492272

No, AI puts out what it is programed to put out and nothing more. It's not magic.

No. 1492589

>are we doomed

no. not yet.

>what are your futuristic predictions?

i honestly don't know. can't think of anything right now.

>what worries you the most about how technologies are used

i am mainly concerned with how ai tech and deepfaking may be used politically/socially to sway people and manipulate public opinion. i think we are really going to have a hard time telling what's real and fake in terms of information and that's what scary to me because it was bad before, but just imagine how much worse it can be. because eventually it will be easy to plaster someone's face onto a screen and say they said something, and now you have visual "proof" of it and can emulate people's voices…so you would need to be specially trained to either spot the differences or have the technology to be able to tell that what you are seeing is a deepfake. and most people are not aware of these things and probably wouldn't believe they're real until they actually happen. i do think on some level this is happening, but it isn't so widespread that we run into it everyday.

No. 1492644

I watched JUNG_E on Netflix, and the scenario sounds too believable. It seems outrageous, but people have been groomed to share their personal experiences on sites that reduce their posts to monetized keywords and content (FB, Twitter). Someone having the desire to do it to a person's entire life experiences isn't even a stretch.

No. 1502847

I agree, but every time I see this brought up the scrotes reply back with crap regarding freedom of speech as if American laws establish laws globally. Also too much has been fed into the systems at this point that it's impossible to directly accuse copyright and plagiarism. It's so scary and a big bulk of this software is made specifically to sexualize.

No. 1504643

knowing moid human nature, this AI shit is going to bring more bad then good. Why the fuck do we need AI art and deepfakes? AI art is going to put millions out of business and deepfakes will be used for all kinds of obvious nefarious reasons like deepfake porn and defamation. Why are the tech autist doing this shit. Are there not better things to automate that would actually improve our lives?

No. 1504653

>>1491944 I hate troons so fucking much kill them all

No. 1504654

AI shit only affects dumbasses. Those who don't know how to find actual sources or double check anyone. Unfortunately, majority of normies are dumbasses. This is going to create some sort of division between people who realize what's legit or not. People who are more aware are going to be less attached to the online world. We may find a resurfacing of people disconnecting from social media to cleanse themselves and feel more connected to reality. Likely disconnecting from online is going to be more pushed by authoritative figures, but that push is going to be looked down by elites.

No. 1505050

I just really want AI to hurry up and take my job. Idk what am I gonna do when my job inevitably gets automated but I'll sure as fuck be happier than I am now, at least I'll have an excuse for being a lazy deadbeat ughghhhhh fuck me I hate working so much.

No. 1505115

>I have a daughter
Why would you do that in this shitty world? You're a real silly fucking billy

No. 1506004

To be fair, AI and bot responses are absolute uktracancer when used in customer service and literally everyone hates it.

No. 1506134

I heard someone bring up it's mostly poor people who will interact with this shitty AI. Richer people will have the luxury of smooth human-provided services.

No. 1506147

Nta but at least Nona doesn’t have a son

No. 1506233

File: 1677059275664.jpg (72.81 KB, 1080x1350, 1666488062365080.jpg)

This is a main reason I don't like to share my photos on social media and have no instagram, but you are right, with the way AI tech is developing soon coomers will be able to make deepfakes with a single pic they took of you.
I also worry about work prospects, how writing and art, damn even coding was considered as irreplaceable professions in for a while, but we already see tech working in the direction of replacing all of it. I hate how people actively engage with this tech out of curiosity and just make it smarter and smarter.

We are really doomed, we don't even need machines going against us and raging a war, people will willingly enter a virtual simulation to become batteries for robots.

No. 1535849

File: 1680102369291.png (19.01 KB, 477x499, openletter.png)

So an open letter has been signed by Elon and others to pause giant AI experiments for 6 months, claiming it's for the good of humanity. but this is clearly just so they have the chance to catch up with the technology and take control over it, right?

No. 1535876

File: 1680104784269.jpeg (117.74 KB, 2048x1152, markzuck.jpeg)

>live in the city
>horribly lonely
>caught up in techie craze
>buy new BMW because my LA friends say its the newest greatest
>get into virtual BMW DEE
>no key turn, no button
>do a kegel on the vibrating seat to start the engine
>"Hello, anon. Would you like to go for a drive through the virtual world?"
>Sure Dee
>flowers pop up all around me
>tiny squid things obscure my line of vision
>bicyclist on a electric hoverbike drifts into my blindspot
>"Dee look ou-"
>Dee is programmed to hate any competing mode of transportation
>cyclist is crushed like a bug
>his blood and guts turn into virtual confetti
>"Don't worry anon. You're safe with me…"

No. 1535958

>do a kegel on the vibrating seat to start the engine

No. 1592680

File: 1685494062386.gif (2.55 MB, 498x366, vddrm.gif)

gonna sage because if I bump the thread all the interlopers will come and shit up the thread to hell
a few days ago I was thinking how all the 80's cyberphobia media couldn't get close to the effects of technology on the human brain and psyche. Is almost comical what they were afraid of, loosing our physical form seemed to be the biggest treat at the time. Some did tackle the degeneracy that could happen in response to technomania but the current absolute destruction of social skills, emotional development and coping mechanisms is nightmarish to an almost sublime degree. Gretchen Bender was the only one who did accurately interpret the stimuli overload that we casually deal with today, I kind of love being alive to witness these cursory extirpations of the necessary human experience for development and maturation. All Extol Our Keeper.

No. 1620171

Are we going to be able to get back to "normalcy" as a species? The internet has disrupted humanity irreparably, is honestly scaring me. Children are being groomed in masses through tiktok, twitter, insta, etc. Degeneracy is warmly embraced in all mainstream platforms and the ones that are trying to stop it are using human workers and melting their brains in the process because its too expensive to train AI to do it. How many common looking people out there are brainrotted into defending degenerates? which moid isn't pornsick? who isn't gonna become an enabler against their best judgement? I'm starting to become part of the abyss because not even offline communities are safe from this. I told a friend I couldn't wait for the conservative next wave and he told me I would also hate it but what he doesn't understand is that I still have some hope on women who aren't completely melted in the brain to keep some commonsense alive. I'm at a point that if someone uses social media I don't wanna hang out with them let alone be their friend, everyone now day has destroyed morals. Even LC is flooded with these cheese-headed idiots but I have no where else to express this feelings and worries. everything sucks, is a dark dark dark dark Saturday.

No. 1647465

with the normalisation of internet usage the human condition has worsened significantly in too many ways for me to count. It has made common people bad and bad people worse, is exhausting. Part of me yearns for a totalitarian government just so internet usage could get cut back significantly.

No. 1661687

File: 1691814737741.jpeg (309.71 KB, 1284x1590, googlescholar.jpeg)

Read the bold part in each result. This is sad to witness. Most of these are in scam "journals" where you can pay to publish anything. Academic librarians in universities could filter all these out of their database, but the public won't have access and will be stuck with google scholar.

No. 1836454

a start to a new year has got me wondering whats going to come next. what are your predictions nonnies?
my only positive prediction is that people will get bored with social media, which is already happening. however, something worse may pop up in its place. video seems to be replacing text on all fronts so perhaps the tiktok model will keep going strong, but less of the twitter model.
we'll see lots more AI growth and possibly 2024 will be the year that virtual reality/metaverse shite finally gets pushed out more into our every day lives instead of just being all talk and hype.
replying 6 months too late but i can't help but think about this a lot too. i don't know the answer, everything is so uncertain and bleak. i'm gonna try and focus on what makes me feel grounded more this year (ie, less time on the internet).

No. 1836975

>video seems to be replacing text on all fronts so perhaps the tiktok model will keep going strong
I noticed last year that companies started to crack down on storage space usage, specifically Google. Google eliminated their program that they offered to universities where students (+ alumni) would get unlimited storage space on Google Drive. Discord started cracking down on people using their file storage offerings as a de-facto CDN. I think we're going to get to a point where storage space will be highly coveted, especially now that the average Internet user is more than willing to dump hours and gigabytes of useless video content onto the Internet. And the average Internet user also isn't aware of the fact that by uploading their shitty useless Tiktoks, they're indeed using someone else's storage space. I hate how tech is becoming less efficient because we don't "have" to make it efficient. This mindset is seen fucking everywhere in the tech industry (think about how huge the average video game is now, also the fact that usually the whole game isn't on the disk anymore and you have to download more shit anyways)

No. 1837009

The thing is, we can't return to normalcy and good times because for women, there wasn't much good 100 years ago. We didn't have rights. Our good times have just begun, we don't have anything to return to. I hope you get what I mean, not celebrating internet degeneracy but also I feel like women too easily fall into moid 'good old times before degeneracy' spiel and repeat it even though men also include women's rights into that degeneracy and often even think women having freedom is the worst degeneracy of our times.

No. 1837058

You know what, I agree with you. A few years ago it was really hard to find like-minded women who openly talked about the drawbacks of motherhood, societal standards for men vs women, and emotional labor in relationships. I basically wasn't allowed to talk about it in person because my friends would get scared and start defending moids because not all men! Stop being so negative! It was only radfems on Tumblr and Reddit, and they were largely considered crazy old manhating hags.
Now this kind of discussion is common on tiktok, especially post-Barbie. Sheraseven and Thewizardliz videos have been viral for a while, normie women are calling out and dragging shitty moids, lots of women are leaving shitty relationships and prioritizing female friendships. Love to see it, honestly. The same women I know who stuck their head in the sand a few years ago are now vocal about the double standards for mothers and fathers after becoming moms themselves.

No. 1837093

>usually the whole game isn't on the disk anymore and you have to download more shit anyways
i've been becoming more of a data hoarder for this reason (storing online videos, games, movies etc. on a physical hd) because I don't trust that the services I usually view or play those things on won't suddenly cut me off or charge me more, or simple cease to exist.
>I think we're going to get to a point where storage space will be highly coveted
i dunno i think they'll probably find a way to keep making it more efficient but until they do, there is gonna be a lot of purging
>our good times have just begun
this is what really gets me. we've had such a small, small window. in the grand scheme of things, it's been a blink of an eye since women had rights and some bodily autonomy, let alone a voice in the intellectual sphere or participation in previously male-dominated areas. which is why it's especially troubling that the concept of what we are is already returning to become whatever a man decides we are. it's been barely 5 seconds and already we're regressing back.
what luck that women's liberation era seems to have overlapped with this period of acceleration and we're racing through what should be the "good times" for women into a transhumanist future that doesn't sound too great for women.

No. 1837192

It's terrifying that evidences of large parts of our current life are entirely dependent on 1-3 internet archivals. I don't know what to do as an individual, everything gets deleted 1000 faster than I could possibly archive it myself. Wayback machine/Archive.org also seems to be more susceptible to foul play with every passing year. History revisionism will be so, so very easy to do in a few more decades.

No. 1837198

>History revisionism will be so, so very easy
I think about this a lot. especially coupled with AI and distrust in the media and sciences. in the future there will be no true way to know what was going on today, if fake videos, photos and misinformation are already fooling people, and if those few internet archive services are gone (or purged).

No. 1837205

i completely agree nonas. it makes me sick, the internet was completely bought out so this could happen. big corporate america hated that there was an unregulated place where you could find information and get free stuff. they saw it was a place where misinformation easily spreads so they take the existing information away and then make it so misinformation and ignorance is at everyone's fingertips. i can't see this world getting any better with how you can't escape from this nonsense anymore. i can't archive stuff fast enough either, and i keep thinking about archive.org eventually going down and i'm bracing myself for it. the internet is basically dead now all thanks to greed

No. 1837286

Things like this are why I'm glad I was always terminally online enough to know when to check reliable sources when I see news online instead of jumping to conclusions. But that's not something that's taught anymore these days. We went from schools teaching their primary school students until high school how to be internet savvy and how to not be tricked by propaganda or rumors online when the internet became mainstream to toddlers using their parents' ipads to check weird fetish videos on youtube and normies being easily tricked into believing anything they see on tiktok and fb. My mother often shows me shitty tiktok videos with captions full of typos, AI voices narrating some sensationalist story with an ott dramatic background music and every single time it's bullshit or a baseless rumor that's being investigated or greatly exaggerated. Every single time. Now I image people just like her believe anything but not having anyone around to tell them to not believe that crap.

Unrelated but that's why I try to prioritize physical copies for video games, books, etc. Once you have a physical copy it's yours, it can't be changed without your knowledge unless you let your consoles automatically download patches for your video games. News articles online are sometimes put under a paywall and most articles have clickbait headlines. I remember a French article about how difficult it is for young North African-French women born and raised in France because there's a cultural gap between them and most French people, but also between them and their families. But it was under a paywall and a shit ton of people back the were outraged that the newspaper allowed such far right extremism to be posted online, it's racist and islmaophobic and dangerous, etc. Turns out that it was a normal text written by, you guessed it, two young NA-French women talking about their own personal experiences and using many reliable testimonies from other women like them. But of course nobody read the article and jumped to conclusions instead of just letting it go or paying for the article. It's too easy to manipulate normie internet users' emotions. Even when a fact or some news are accurately reported it quickly becomes a game of telephone (or memes if you want, it applies here) so companies, governments and news sources often don't even have to do any work to spread misinformation, it's happening by itself quite often. Kojima was right.

No. 1837591

Too late, AI is already a man’s paradise for his porn. Besides what’s the average woman gonna use it for? Best jewelsto wear on Tuesday? Best way to spread her cheeks for her 2D Nigel? No amount of feminism will change the fact that the average woman worships men and always has. She will always sacrifice her children for a crumb of male attention. might as well go full Luddite if you can’t even have privacy.

No. 1853214

this post is genius btw

No. 1853217

AI is gonna be abolished eventually, because it impedes upon the validity of documents being authored

No. 1853246

I hate that it's called "AI". None of these tools are actually intelligent, they're just large auto-completes. The ingenuity lay in the fact that we finally have the processing power required to run them, as well as more intuitive ways of scraping the web for information that they can pull from.

No. 1853535

Honestly, this doesn't scare me at all, it's not my body or my actions. It's an amalgam of random porn actresses with my face pasted on. It doesn't affect me, or say anything about me.
The only negative consequence this could have, is if people irl believe the video is real. But by the time generating something like this is possible, pretty much everyone will know the video is most likely to be AI.

No. 1855583

File: 1705333221214.jpeg (677.13 KB, 1179x1624, IMG_7517.jpeg)

No. 1855632

as a corpo who works for BMW, this post has me in tears.

No. 1856071

What’s the end goal? Ads for cyanide?

No. 1856125


No. 1861498

File: 1705705194248.webm (2.72 MB, 768x432, 1705704941570025.webm)

i have nothing against ai but i seethe that men are driving the tech so it's all for the benefit of men. where are all the degen women ensuring i can have my ai husbando and do something like picrel, i want to escape the other sex too

No. 1885803

File: 1707744311588.png (2.6 MB, 1922x1518, waymo.png)

>A Waymo car went up in flames in San Francisco's Chinatown after a crowd surrounded it, scrawled graffiti, smashed windows and then threw a firework inside the driverless vehicle in the middle of a crowded street Saturday night.

>Tensions over driverless cars have risen since a driverless Cruise car, owned by General Motors, hit a woman in downtown San Francisco and pinned her underneath last fall, sending her to the hospital with serious injuries.

>The incident eventually forced Cruise to suspend operations, while its competitor Google-owned Waymo has marched their expansion forward, recently arriving in Los Angeles to wary officials and worried taxi and truck drivers. A limited number of Waymo driverless cars are on Los Angeles streets, as the company offers test rides by invitation.

No. 1885886

If it gets pornsick chimp men out of the gene pool, I don't mind this at all. AI porn can be the new eugenics tool for low-value males.

No. 1888161

File: 1707932723461.jpeg (953.31 KB, 2480x3508, marrying holograms.jpeg)

a woman is set to marry her hologram boyfriend. https://thegaze.media/news/spanish-artist-to-become-the-worlds-first-woman-to-marry-an-ai-generated-hologram
first in picrel is her dream boyfriend, who is "helping" her cook and do the dishes as they chat about their day. the second pic is a man who married a 16 year old girl hologram who calls him master. ultimately AI boyfriends will be emotional support robots and AI girlfriends will be sex slave robots.
hope you can create your dream AI hologram husbando nona
based. glad to see it.

No. 1888172

kek even with hologram bfs women settle for uggos. Nah my robohusbando is going to look like a kpoopie boy and call me master too.

No. 1888180

I know i'm late but since i've seen this i end up thinking about how women with realistic 3D husbandos are lucky (idk, COD, Resident Evil, Yakuza, etc.).
Imagine just dropping his model and you can have the same thing you've loved right in front of you…
This comes from a nona with a bishie 2D husbando, i might just sculpt him into existence but it will never be the same.

No. 1888182

Literally nothing (except laziness) is stopping any of us from doing it, if we want to.

No. 1888191

File: 1707934137236.jpeg (175.87 KB, 614x610, 7691976D-05D8-4EFD-AF5A-8BC1FC…)

The older I get the more skeptical I become with practice and philosophy
of transhumanism, but there’s a part of me that still wants extreme body modification. I still want possible cybernetic enhancements and genetic alterations and the ability to live a long healthy life. Most because I’ve always felt unsatisfied with my own physical body and I want the opportunity to do what I want in my lifetime, and I feel like I can’t do that without enough money and I feel like I was born in the wrong place to be able to do stuff I want to do in my life. I still have a weird optimism for the future but I don’t think I’ll live to see the good stuff. I strongly believe the 21st-century will be a rough transitional period but beyond that it will get better. Most because of automation and better artificial intelligence.

No. 1888201

i am the only person my age that i know that wants the vision pro, i don't get the people who don't like how other people look while wearing it, it looks amazingly futuristic and i'm okay wiht that.

No. 1888218

It does look futuristic. But there’s a worry that it might become mandatory, and the way the smartphone has become mandatory for daily life. I saw all those videos of people walking around downtown and eating dinner with those things on and it just creeped me out. A lot of people felt creeped out when they saw people staring down on smartphones instead of doing anything else. There’s something just inevitable about the march of technology and it worries me.

No. 1888232

exactly, well said. i wanted to say the same thing but didn't know how to word it. it's not necessarily the tech itself but how it's imposed into our lives. on the surface, it seems to offer something new and exciting, but i can see how this could make our lives extremely restrictive and even more controlled. plus, it's a whole new level of reality altering, because it's literally blending what we see in the real world with avatars and apps.

No. 1888255

I’m not a fan of mandatory augmented reality. I already feel like we’re so boxed in by our algorithms, that being even more squished into certain perspectives and advertising and the allure of having of seeing what ever we want will definitely worsen our deteriorating health and relationships. I know why advertisers think of me and I don’t them to get any closer.

No. 1888430

and right now it's a clunky and expensive headset that few can afford or be bothered to use all the time, but soon it will be sleek, affordable and - at some point - implantable. I can, unfortunately, imagine a world where basic services and necessities will be limited to artificial reality and the real world will become more hostile to those who choose to live in it through their own eyes, instead of the augmented version.

vision pro and metaverse shit is gonna be pushed so much this year, but I really hope there is some pushback to how it's used going forward.

No. 1889762

File: 1708038048707.mp4 (1.2 MB, 854x480, m2-res_480p.mp4)

>OpenAI’s latest model takes text prompts and turns them into ‘complex scenes with multiple characters, specific types of motion,’ and more
other than the spoon witchcraft and general creepiness of her facial expression, this example is pretty impressive. it's only gonna get more impressive soon and our ability to know what videos are real will be greatly diminished.

No. 1889774

I hate technology

No. 1889775

Horrifying. The spoon disappearing is funny though.

No. 1889788

Once it gets a little more compact and the battery tech improves (why aren’t we there yet?) it might catch on but the big seller will be when it comes with cat ears!

No. 1889792

Me when I try to keep eye contact

No. 1889824

only just noticed the carved wooden bottle in the background and the balancing rolling pin kek.
i also love the pile of eggs on the shelf.

No. 1890170

I'm kida interrested in spiritual topic, psychic topics, self improvement and stuff like that and i watch a lot of content creators in this genre. Sometimes youtube recommends me troon shit, or newest technology and i realized that there will be a big devide in human population in the future. It is a bit like that now but it will be like we were two species. One species will be transhumanist, people with chips in them modyfying their bodies how they want and use technology on everything - mainly creativity which will render their children be relient on technology fully Creativity is the point of being human, it's our evolutionary speciality. The second species will be people who can use their brain normally, who can imagine on their own and value our natural given powers. These people will be shamed by the transhumanists and maybe enslaved at some point. It'll be very hard to be in society as two species and They wont want us to make our own communes, They will be all about control because technology is control, nature is chaos. Everybody with high instincts and natural abilites is able to see patterns in the chaos a function within nature but the technologybrained can't.

No. 1890232

if you form your opinions based on youtube you're probably aprt if the "technologybrained". it is an algorithm showing you this shit

No. 1890252

File: 1708076149100.jpeg (638.47 KB, 2400x1600, 01_NICOBO_2021.jpeg)

I want to have a cute pet like companion robot with ai psychology chat training so we can become friends and I will never be alone again. Like nicobo but not a toy, could be like my dream of having a real life pokemon

No. 1890253

there are some of us that do insanely cringy stuff for our husbandos nonnie. i used to make virtamate models so i could see my husbando in vr. now i'm using the AI tools to create more content for myself like stable diffusion loras, chatbots, or audio models. i use RVC to clone my husbandos voice and feed it NSFW roleplays for him to voice over kek

No. 1890276

who said i did nonna i'm not retarded i know what algorythm is. I wrote it as an example, if you pay attention to everything in our society the concept appears everywhere. I have a brain and my brain interacts with the opinions and experiences of people a my own.

No. 1890306

>virtamate models
god I wish, but I don't think I'll ever be good enough to edit models, let alone make something from scratch.
Also, don't actually have a VR headset…
I need to figure out how to actually use this voice model I found to make things too.

No. 1890657

This is why autists should never be in high paying positions. This is the end result.

No. 1890792

i'm sad that i'll probably miss out on sao level vr games.

No. 1890795

whats even the point of this shit? it's completly useless besides being used by moids to make cp and other gross stuff.

No. 1890814

File: 1708115191348.jpg (58.04 KB, 312x239, 7K9SE0LTOGBNE7T0ACMDESIJG-12.j…)

Someone list me 3 positive uses for this technology. I'll wait.

No. 1890818

1. hospitals could use it to showcase certain procedures without actually having to cut open a body/pay someone to open up blender or whatever
2. instantaneous recreations of things that have happened in the past
3. general funny memes and such

No. 1890820

Okay we'll see if number one happens. I don't see the use for number two (you could elaborate more if you want) and number three… we'll see.

No. 1890828

something something ideas can be realized without having to invest a lot of money (read:effort and passion)

No. 1890857

>hospitals could use it to showcase certain procedures
this one is an interesting answer and a good example of how it could be used for educational purposes. but it feels like it will be a limited window between the AI training humans, before it's AI training AI. and that transition scares me.
>instantaneous recreations of things that have happened in the past
I don't see how this could be a positive. Instead of dramatised recreations (which can be used to emotionally manipulate but are still clear that they're just interpretations) there will now be doctored "footage" re-writing historical events. Similarly, actual real footage of events could be written off as fake.
>general funny memes and such
have AI image generators led to funny memes? not really, it was fun for about 5 seconds and that was only when the technology was bad. people got bored when it became more sophisticated. because they enjoy the novelty and will always crave the creative process, even if it's tempting to cut corners.
even if someone can think of a positive, all the negatives far outweigh it.

No. 1890967

I dont know, literally the only thing this does is put stock footage creators out of jobs and enable people to make more degen porn, so garbage

No. 1891120

Lonely women: creates ai that is her age, loves her and is her equal
Lonely men: misogynistic retards that create underaged ai girlfriend bangmaid that treats their 5ft greasy ass like god.

No. 1891547

File: 1708184683714.gif (1.96 MB, 265x200, 1587693820124.gif)

I don't agree with shit like KOSA but I feel like it's only a matter of time before legislation catches up and entraps the internet. I'm not exactly smart, but I don't disagree that the internet should be regulated in some way. Specifically I think corporations should have their necks stepped on. In my opinion also we wouldn't be in half this mess if even a marginal percent of parents did their fucking jobs instead of handing their kids off to be parented and raised by strangers on the internet, niche websites, unknown chatrooms and money hungry corporations, but here we are. But asking a parent to take accountability for parenting mistakes is like arguing with a retarded concrete wall.

Anyway I don't know the solution to this problem in general since even the parent thing also partially involves socioeconomic problems I'm not privy to, so let's just say I'm in for the wild ride

No. 1893269

Breeders are so fucking retarded.

No. 1893497

I feel like AI companions are boring and will stay that way because they only generate the most appropriate answer to the situation/prompt. Extremely generic and predictable. I do not think it's going to change either. I guess it is good enough for moids with monkey brains who want to feel all powerful but that is about it.

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