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No. 1426945

Cry and shout here.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1420829

No. 1426949

File: 1669814907525.jpg (70.24 KB, 500x288, 1649033660113.jpg)

Another day were i did absolutely nothing but daydream about the things i want to do but i am too depressed to

No. 1426963

I'm too poor for copyright, and my fear of getting my work stolen is genuinely sabotaging my life and passions. Every time I think about posting something anywhere I just think about the worst possible outcomes: either getting my shit stolen or getting doxxed/cancelled. I've so many things to share, I want others to enjoy my work y'know have fun with people but these outcomes really frustrate me to no end, people always say "eh just cope with it, everyone gets their shit copied at some point" but…it's still heartbreaking, all that hard work and dedication only to get discredited again, all my ideas used and discarded, and as a small artist living in a thirdie country…what can I do about it? Nothing

No. 1426968

And no, I don't think I'm being arrogant for thinking my work is worth of plagiarism to begin with, I'm just very anxious and paranoid about things in general

No. 1426969

I'm hanging on by a fucking thread, and can't stop thinking about killing myself. Had a mental breakdown when I had trouble putting a basket I had pulled out back in a cabinet because something had fallen down behind it and screamed at it. I want to call my mom but we had a fight yesterday, on my birthday, where she left me quite upset and when she called back to "apologize" in her own way she said she is also going through some things right now and can't be there for me so I don't want to bother her with another thing. I want to die because things in my life has been so messy and it's things beyond my control so I can't do much but wait and hope for the best, but with my luck it will go to hell. I am most likely going to attempt suicide the next coming days because I don't see a future at the moment.

No. 1426973

I'm sorry you had a shit day, a birthday and a messy life anon. I don't know what the fuck to say, I'm actually in the middle of a woe is me crying fit and wanted to check out the dumbass shit thread but saw this and I wanna say that yeah, shit sucks but I really hope you'll feel better and more clear some day but I understand if you're tired.

No. 1426983

No idea if you're talking about art or videos or written stories but make sure you always have evidence that you're the original creator regardless of copyright. Don't just keep recent copies of your stuff, keep original files that have the dates of when they were first created. Shit like this seems stressful but that's a rational thing to worry about nowadays, since big companies steal ideas from small creators who can't defend themselves legally as easily as they can. You have companies like Zara copying high fashion brands and indie brands all the time and they're rich enough to not give a shit, pay their fines and keep doing it again and again after all.

No. 1426999

Semester is almost over and I currently have a 99% in my hardest class and will likely have straight A's. I really can't find myself caring anymore and have been playing video games most of the time even though I have a big exam coming up. The stress of that one class alone probably caused me my gastritis diagnosis. I am bitter because academic performance probably still isn't going to be enough for me to get financial aid. Why do I even bother?

No. 1427006

Something just happened in my life that I can't post here because anonymity and I've realized I literally have no one to share it with. Some shallow "fun trivia" sure, there are a few people, but anything deeper… I'm completely on my own. This is such a depressing realization nonnas

No. 1427021

Can’t even talk to my buddy about the guy I’m interested in because he looks facially similar to her ex from high school and so her only comment is that she thinks he’s creepy. Like, ok, but I gotta still listen to you talk about all the white bread country boys with no personality that you entertain? Let me fucking gush about this dude, you ass

No. 1427031

I wish men were still masculine males are all fags or fag lites. Scrotes wearing nail varnish and truck stop tranny hooker tier clothes makes me want to vomit, straight men dressing even remotely fem are disgusting to me and will never not give me serial killer BTK or AGP vibes. Also what is the new obsession with butt play? The thought of any part of my body been in or around a dirty moids dirty unwashed smelly butt makes me want to drink bleach.

No. 1427039

I envy people without strong taste and smell receptors.

No. 1427127

File: 1669828876521.jpg (6.79 KB, 228x234, 6bf8b2b2f200cd67fddc966c9dc023…)

Just had a look at the Standing For Women protests and seeing the amount of gangly, autistic greasy pornsick scrotes attacking and shouting in women's faces infuriates me. It fills me with such a primal rage I cannot even describe it, that type of rage that you can't shake off for ages. Why are these males like this? Women are using their right to free speech to speak about things that concern them and these absolute degenerates immediately become hostile because of it. I just cannot understand it.
The women at that protest have never said they want to kill trannies, or physically harm them - all they're doing is standing up for their safety and privacy and the disgusting moids literally chimp out and attack them. This is really what they think of women who have boundaries and dare to defend themselves, huh?

You'd think that, if you were so desperate to be a woman so bad, that you'd adopt and learn the traits that women typically have: intelligence, empathy, self-control and willpower as well as introspection. But no, they're proving that they will never be women by literally attacking and screaming at REAL women who are exercising their right to free speech. I can't fucking stand them. What's worse, is that women are getting fired and having their lives ruined for "misgendering" some hulking xy ogre and even getting arrested - meanwhile women are killed every day because they are women, at the hands of men, and no one does or says anything about it. Literally no one fucking cares - not a peep, it's crickets when women and girls are kidnapped, raped and murdered all over the world yet as soon as you call a male a male suddenly you are the equivalent of a Nazi. I hate this shit, and I hate how normal it is now. I hate how it's now suddenly transphobic and bigoted to say the same shit that was basic common sense up until 6ish years ago. Why the fuck have we let society crumble away this far to the point that there are now males in women's prisons, shelters, gym changing rooms, bathrooms. They will not stop, every year they make up some vague rule about how "this thing is transphobic" and everyone eats that shit up like it's the gospel. I'm so tired of it, I'm tired of desperately seeking female-only communities only to find that 50% of the members are trannies called Jezebel or Luna. Lolcor is the only saviour in times like this and I'm so tired. Social media will allow cp, gore, videos of "empowering and kinky" women getting raped and beaten and shocked yet if you are a woman and say that you only want biological woman in your space then you are instantly banned or get sent rape/death threats. Just FUCK OFF. YWNBAW, cope seethe dilate mald and go wash your dirty fucking thigh-highs.

No. 1427135

There's a girl in my university who is obsessed with disinfecting everything to the point where she'll pull out her pungent hand sanitiser to slather it on her phone every single lecture and it absolutely REEKS.
And if you decide to comment on it she'll act holier-than-thou and imply that everyone who doesn't do it is gross and enjoys eating shit. Drives me up the wall and I have no idea why it bothers me to the point of writing this.

No. 1427138

Stomach hurts, I don’t want to throw up please

No. 1427140

Her immune system will probably be shit soon. I hate people who go on about how they need to disinfect everything or need to shower like 4 times a day when it's not necessary. Huge attention-seeker energy.

No. 1427141

I’m moving to a new place with my boyfriend, I was looking through old pics to send to a person who was offered our current one. I saw pics of my old friends, my old job and most importantly my ex girlfriend. Now I have a huge sense of dread how my life is not the way I want it to be at all. I would do ANYTHING to go back a few years before I lost it all. This is not the life I want and I hate it and want to kill myself.

No. 1427142

I know this is BONGLAND, so the walls are thin and the houses are crumbling, but I mildly dislike hearing all my neighbour's loud ass phone calls, windows notifications, and the fact that they just walk into our front area. am i an annoying old woman? an almost 19 year old with a 'get off my lawn' attitude? mayhaps. but i am still considering making fake coom noises very loud to assert dominance, possibly with other people, just to disrupt a phone call just for a touch of silliness.

No. 1427144

She needs to just carry small wipes for electonic devices for she'll fuck up her phone

No. 1427145

haha she sounds like the paper bear from gumball innit
i don't think it's attention seeking, i think people who do that are just controlling in a way that stems from anxiety.

No. 1427160

File: 1669830875863.jpg (4.19 MB, 4480x6720, pexels-karolina-grabowska-4197…)

@ job hunting hell, I hope other anons are in a better place. I just need some positivity/good news rn….

No. 1427180

File: 1669831634895.jpeg (179.48 KB, 1080x530, crochet-magic-ring-loop-circle…)

I made a magic circle and stitched in the loose end of yarn that tightens the circle so now I can't completely close it. It's annoying me but not enough to frog the project and start over. I'll probably just sew some yarn over it once I'm done to make it look like it's closed, even though no one will really see it.

No. 1427183

Do you not love your boyfriend?

No. 1427191

I guess I do in some way, I’m just not really attracted to him or feel as strongly about him as I do about my ex

No. 1427206

Same to you, I've been applying to about 10 places in the span of two weeks and I'm getting radio silence. It's usually not like this. It hate it! I just want a better job.

No. 1427232

It's stupid but I feel so, so insanely guilty for possibly having to take the entire week off from work. I got hit with the really bad cold/possible RSV going around; I'm going into continuous loops of coughing, sometimes coughing up solid, yellow mucus, my nose is constantly stuffed up and nearly every time I blow my nose, blood comes out, or I'll just get random really bad nosebleeds. I know it's contagious because I got my boyfriend sick already from it.
I just feel guilty as fuck. Today and tomorrow don't matter as much because they're two very short midday shifts but I work two 7 hour closes over the weekend, I've worked enough calloff closes to know how bad it can be.

No. 1427264

My biggest dilemma is that I love chasing cute dick but I hate men too much to let the heartbreak and disappointment happen over and over again in a cycle.

No. 1427288

i think i pulled a muscle in my chest while shoveling my driveway yesterday. i'm so sore today and to make it worse, it's the third day of my period today which is always the worst day for me. rip

No. 1427306

i think this guy i'm sexting doesn't know the difference between a clit and a vagina… which is especially concerning since he's in his mid 20s and has had several girlfriends.

and his idea of getting me off is to penetrate me with four fingers… four fingers!!! i don't get off from one going in, let alone four.

No. 1427320

File: 1669838211312.gif (1.26 MB, 498x498, A8067EB4-57CB-472B-81B7-3C17AA…)


No. 1427334

my head hurts so much. i wish i could drink as much coffee as i wanted without consequence

No. 1427349

Why every time I like a guy he turns out to be taken and only losers hit on me? Men with qualities I find attractive are always with someone else. Am I this low quality that I only attract losers? People tell me I'm attractive but I'm a sperg and I rarely talk. Can men sense I'm a sperg? Maybe I seem like an easy prey? But still, why can't emotionally mature, stable, reliable men also hit on me? Why why why.

No. 1427351

Moids are so stupid when it comes to female anatomy. I use to have a moid who accused me of cheating if I said I enjoyed vaginal play and then kept saying "simulate" instead of "stimulate". Also thought all women are lactating at any given time

No. 1427365

I just want to talk with someone for fucks sake, not message, not send voice messages no one bothers to listen to, just fucking talk to another human being around my age and listen. Pathetic shit.

No. 1427370

The vast majority of men don't know shit about female anatomy, yet they have so much damn opinions on it. Boggles the mind.

No. 1427372

even though i'm a neet I Judge people when they spend all day in chat rooms, even though there's times I spend all day on lolcow/online. Maybe it's because I'm jealous I can never truly intergrate into a community thats not anon (no profiles), but I'll admit I'm a weirdo neet. I just don't get it, especially when women spend all day in male dominated chat rooms. I don't know maybe it's just me. Maybe I expect everyone elses life to be so much better then mines and they have shit to do always. I also have to remember phones exist, I don't know. Maybe i'm just tarded

No. 1427374

and by chatrooms I don't mean, the sexual kinds. I mean like telegram, discords or something.

No. 1427376

That awkward moment when the same cashier keeps flirting with my boyfriend right in front of me. Out of oblivion she seems appear to talk to him. There's billions of men, go get your own, it was hard enough for me to find one who's hot and stupid.

No. 1427397

File: 1669841795639.jpeg (191.71 KB, 1080x1350, 02933A27-01CC-478E-A0D5-85259A…)

My sister is 18 and has never had a job, that alone isn’t much of an issue but she spends all the money she gets from her student loan on shitty Kpop merch and has to ask my dad who is already struggling financially for clothes and toiletries when she should be learning to buy these things for herself and saving up. I’ve gotten her several opportunities to work a part time weekend job including my work. I’m not angry at her if anything I’m worried, my mum has poor money management skills and is impulsive with purchases and I don’t want her to make that a habit that’s almost impossible to break down the line. What also kinda sucks is I was pretty much pushed to work from the age of 14 and forced to move out at 18 struggling to get by without any help. yet my parents are so lenient on her. She’s a good kid, quiet and keeps to herself I just want her to have a better start in adulthood thanI had but she really needs a big kick up the ass.

No. 1427412

Me too anon

No. 1427429

Please help. Like every year we're making a chrismas lottery at our work (I hate it because I hate spending money for random people I don't care about but oh well lol). Everyone draws a name of the person they're going to buy a present. I got a guy who likes video games and is generally a nerd and I don't know what to buy for him. I was thinking about a game for switch but if I buy it I will already go over my budget (we concluded that 30 euros should be enough for a present), and I would be fine with it, but I feel like a game alone is a shitty present. Any other ideas?

No. 1427432

Just get the ugly moid an ugly Funko pop and call it a day.

No. 1427433

steam giftcard?

No. 1427441

I don't care anymore. I want to lash out because I never do, I internalize everything, and I'm so tired of holding it all in.

No. 1427443

Like anon said either a steam card, a nintendo eshop card or a ps store card so he'll be able to choose whatever game or dlc he wants.

No. 1427445

He had a birthday like a few days ago and he mentioned to me his housemate gave him a funko. I would feel kinda lazy and dumb for buying him another one
We gifted him a steam giftcard for his birthday lol.
Every year we gather in a room for christmas dinner and that's when we give the gifts to each other and people usually open them right away and I'm stressed about my gift looking shitty compared to others. I wish I had a girl instead, it would be easier. Like, I like nerd shit too but it's hard to buy something cool for that money

No. 1427451

my anxiety has been so bad for the last couple of days and I keep having random anxiety attacks almost every day. I haven’t sh in a long time, but it’s so tempting, especially today

No. 1427469

I hate when I ask something and the op doesn't respond

No. 1427498

A moid touched me just to give me the driest most mundane compliment ever and I feel so violent that he thought he could touch me for something not worth my time. I know what your intentions are. I want to gouge his eyes out and stab him. I wish I could turn into a beast and tear apart every single man.

No. 1427557

There's a shortage of good men out there anon, no hard feelings if yours is the one we fall for. Women like men who are taken cause it's proof he's a quality moid. We will keep mate poaching and you will seethe.

No. 1427579

I went out during lunch with some co-workers I don't know that well and it was painful. So much caping for males, defending them cheating on their friends, and cool girl virtue signalling like We stare at womens asses together ♥~. I'm so glad it was a one time thing.

No. 1427647

I've got a week to go before I can fuck my boyfriend after having an operation. He touched my clit last week and it was wonderful but I wanted to have intercourse so bad. My pants are ridiculously wet the past few days around him. He can never know.

No. 1427650

>Doesn't drink many fluids
>pees a lot
>Starts drinking water again
>not peeing that much

No. 1427653

The water is sucking up the other liquids up into it. Facts.

No. 1427686

Why not drink decaf?

No. 1427687

I'm considering to just stop hanging out in /ot/. The retardation and reading comprehension here has gone down the fucking toilet so it's no fun to post here anymore because there will always either be an edgelord being contradictionary just for the sake of it, some nonna projecting a whole different meaning of what you're actually writing, another nonnie hoping for a future as a trannybuster accusing you of being a troon or moid, or the occasional anon thinking she's the forum's local stacy thinking she's above everyone. Let's also not forget the derailing of people pointing fingers at whoever might be from twitter because they used y'all or some other accent-related expression. Like the actual schizo troon or lost moid aren't even as annoying anymore as some anons here. I used to love it here but it feels like everyone has gotten addicted to infighting.

No. 1427692

Same, the unhinged infighting isn’t even the entertaining kind anymore.

No. 1427777

Has anyone experienced having their parents, or people you live with in general, have no clue on how to clean, or atleast make their home look clean? My parents are so annoying when it comes to cleaning. They have so many things in the house and weird rules. Who puts their perfume and makeup next to the dish rack? When I put it in their room, she gets mad cause she'll have "a hard time looking for it" and i'm like "???". Another thing is they wouldn't buy another container for tupperwares, so everything's just spilling out on the counter. She doesn't wanna buy another laundry basket, so you just see dirty laundry outside the basket, and even in the kitchen. Another thing is she wants every clothing put on a hanger and has a weird hatred of folding clothes for some reason, but it only ends up with clothing AND hangers being all scattered in places cause there isnt enough space for us to hang ALL the clothes in the closets. My dad does the same too with his things, which are in the living room drawers. He barely uses them yet he doesnt want me putting them in his room because he "might not find it when he needs to use it". We could have put other things in the drawers that we use all the time but they just end up becoming missing and we often have to look for them because instead of the tv remote being in the drawer, Its filled with tools and tape and unused electronics (ugh). They do clean but not so often since they ARE busy with jobs, but why won't they want to make things easier? I get envious of other people's homes looking neat, even when I casually just visit without warning. Then our home in comparison looks cluttered and messy. And imo our house (the area itself) isn't even ugly and looks easy to decorate. But we couldnt even do that cause it looks so messy. How do I manage this? hopefully I can get some advice here too other than from searching etc.

TLDR. I try to help with cleaning but my parents have weird rules and policies in the house about it, which makes it hard to clean and its getting very irritating.

No. 1427780

When dealing with your parents, it's a losing battle. You can try to change their habits but they'll be so ingrained it's just not worth it. My advice is to leave them to it but make sure your own house makes sense.

No. 1427784

File: 1669857322042.jpeg (67.25 KB, 500x579, A8D1D124-84E7-4B91-8D8A-265667…)

in the last few months I've

>been publicly humiliated

>literally tried to de escalate and avoid it as much as possible
>why can't self projecting idiots just shut the fuck up about a woman having a trauma response to a very bad situation
>instead of holding it over her head for the rest of time?
>last I checked
>it's not like any of them bothered to get to properly know me
>they gossiped about someone they never bothered to associate with for who she befriended like a bunch of highschool mean girls
>and the reasons they hated my friend were entirely based on lies and heresy spread by a higher ranking person in that sphere of influence

>rehashed my self mutilation habit to a damaging extent

>carved up like a turkey
>think someone is cyberstalking me and have no proof whatsoever it's happening but I swear it's there
>barked down the wrong rabbit hole and no way to escape it
>I literally know too much about something I'm afraid will kill me
>fear for my life on account of all this
>grown to hate the thing I used to adore and now scream at it to dissolve into earth

>made a coworker, albeit an abusive crazy one, leave her job when my bipolar ass told her what I truly thought

>crashed my car
>no money for new one
>forced to rely on other people and now have no way to escape and joyride when things get bad
>neglected by and forget to contact friends during dissociative fugue
>loneliness galore
>lose contact with one friend for almost a month and think she died until she messages me again
>a single sigh of relief in this

>cut off my mother after 18 years of abuse and still feel horrible about it

>fret she's going to have an episode and end up hospitalized without someone there
>discovered my already neglectful father who doesn't notice his daughters illness is eating her alive is leaving me alone for xmas
>to visit my fucking estranged sister
>guess I'll be home alone for christmas

>why do I fucking hate myself so much

>because clearly I am the problem clearly I am insufferable otherwise I wouldn't be going through this
>a lot of this I just made worse by existing
>anyone want to kill me already

being fucking unmedicated I just know I'm going to have a seizure or stomach ulcer one day and there'll be nobody there. or maybe someone will "accidentally" hit me with a car. the only reason I haven't offed myself is wanting to not hurt the people I do love, few as they are. but I feel like a burden to them. I don't deserve to be here alive right now

No. 1427795

File: 1669858315809.gif (16.11 KB, 71x100, ani027.gif)

I've slammed down 2 liters of decaf today.
I doubt it's healthy but I've accepted my fate.

No. 1427797

I feel as if some topics should literally just be banned because it's almost always the same exact shit.

No. 1427800

At least I feel slightly better now realising that there are other people with this issue.
In my defense a lot of times it's much more fun to daydream about an action instead of doing it, and you never even know if you will get the results you desire. What I want are reality bending powers.

No. 1427812

I especially hate the random assumptions (like being a trans and such) or accusations of being a twitter user or something.
It's what already fucked over /a/ because at some point people will only use it to derail or be ad hominem. Like I have never used reddit in my life and I am 30+ but I am accused being a redditor and zoomer every week or so. Honestly I hate some websites too but don't care if someone uses them as long as the person makes good posts on the boards I am active in.

No. 1427817

I hate that I can't use on LC to indicate action but it literally italicizes words here like this when I just want to write smooch* to anons a little ironically

No. 1427821


No. 1427824

i actually like that it does that, it looks better imo. prevents the place from looking like a chatroom but i also just really like italics

No. 1427834

Your children are not extensions of yourself nor are they bound to keep promises they made about their futures at fucking 5 years old. Fuck you lardass and I hope you die of alcohol poisoning. It would seriously be a good thing for you to be out of their lives since you refuse to grow up and are just poisoning these poor kids' minds. I fucking hate divorce men like this so much.

No. 1427857

My comanager won't collaborate and is now giving me the silent treatment. How am I supposed to do anything? He's mad because I reported him for bullying an employee. Fucking leave already, everyone hates you and thinks the same. He has been forging stats to make it look like we are doing better than we actually are (I confirmed my suspicions today). He also always smells of sweat and today it was foul.

No. 1427879

File: 1669863855054.jpeg (47.44 KB, 720x568, misato2.jpeg)

I'm still sort of fresh (a few months) out of an LTR and I've gone on a couple dates with this guy who's pretty decent. I don't want to hurt his feelings but I realized he's not that interesting and is just a body to me. He wants to meet up again but he's talked about being chronically indecisive which is just a pain cause I have to plan what we do and I'm too socially awkward to navigate the dynamics at play here. To be totally honest if I told him idgaf about dinner I just wanted to fuck and cuddle and go home the next morning I hope it wouldn't be too crass. I guess he is a moid after all so that should be a great for him. The worst part is knowing that a man wouldn't feel guilty for using a woman like this at all.

No. 1427888

Anon that was insane to read through. I'm sorry that this is all happening to you, I was also in a similar boat recently when everything comes crashing down. I call that the 'tower moments' after the tower comes the 'star' better times. Good luck ok?

No. 1427996

File: 1669871614779.jpg (49.53 KB, 570x601, 6adbbe878c012ed1a8802adcc30edd…)

The water absorbed my pee? Wha?

No. 1427997

File: 1669871724817.png (172.97 KB, 290x281, 08B1089F-68AA-4EC5-9BCE-8494FF…)

i just erupted in tears after an argument with a friend where i stated that although i am newly vegan and support the individual choice as the most just one, i dont think its realistic for all americans. they refuted this and called me retarded and said there are no excuses and made logical arguments and i just feel a wave of guilt. ive been allowing seafood temporarily cause i was concerned for my health, in the past i failed at veganism and wasnt getting enough nutrients. i do not eat enough as is 700-900 calories a day with exercise 3-5x a week, and so i just wanted to make sure id get solid protein. i even got some supplements that arrived today. anyway i realize this is just an excuse and i support animal killing by not being fully vegan. i was scared to try again for many years, and now i want to punish and hurt myself. i understand how irrational this sounds but how can i live my life knowing i contributed to so much animal torture? when i indulged or had binge eating disorder or ate animal products shamelessly. i do not want to eat anymore out of fear i may reach for something nonvegan when i get hungry (i mean exhausted, short on money no nutritious vegan stuff rare times) or by accident and guilt because i indulged so much in the past.

i feel bad i couldnt even logically defend myself, im. sober now but dabbled in drugs for almost a year so i think i fried my brain. i just feel hopeless adter so much progress with sobriety and mental health i realize im just a huge burden and awful person that hid behind kindness. my mental issues (ptsd, anxiety, depression) burdened my mother as a child, i contributed to animals being killed for fucking tasty food, i ruined my brain dabbling with different drugs, im not suicide baiting i wont do anything but i really feel i shouldnt exist and im just venting and wishi could justify my past but i cant, i know this is the cold hard truth. i wish i was never a bad person and im so sorry to the world. i even work at a restaurant which makes it worse. (the money is good) so now i just feel so lost, brain fried, like a sick stupid murderer.

No. 1428012

i hate my job i hate my job i hate my job i hate running reports that dont matter

No. 1428013

nonnies im gonna kill this obese dude at my job. he uses every excuse in the world to get off of work, but because he's so fucking fat he's on disability and we cant fire or replace him with someone who will actually come to work. he literally did some paperwork ahead of time today because he "anticipates his shoulder hurting tomorrow". he literally won employee of the month too b/c he's "worked" here for 17 years this month, but i maintain that you have to actually work to work here. i wouldnt care if this was a fuckin costco with 100+ employees, but we work at the front desk of a 300+ room hotel and there are only 7 of us at the front desk which includes our manager. idk how he doesnt feel guilty calling out all the damn fucking time (even for things like "i had to take my dad to an appointment"….. that is not a valid reason to call out from work!) but hes an obese religious moid so i kno it never occurs to him how other people might think & feel. i wanna strangle him but his necks too fucking fat! he needs his fucking disability upped if he cant even go a full week without missing work!!!

No. 1428018

i wish i could give you a hug. you seem like a really thoughtful person, not retarded or a murderer (and ftr you're completely right re: the feasibility of veganism for all americans, your friend sounds ignorant). idk if you're in therapy or not but you may want to consider it to deal with the guilt you feel over your past choices. i'm rooting for you, i'm sorry you're hurting but you're making changes and progress which is more than most can say and i'm proud of you

No. 1428021

KEK i work in hospitality too. it's a total shitshow with staffing, no one is willing to fire anyone in ops because of how short in general the labor is rn. i'm sorry nona, when i was in the front office i felt like the biggest piece of shit calling out even when it was necessary, it sucks when people are nonchalant about it

No. 1428036

File: 1669875584172.png (491.7 KB, 578x803, Malcolm in the middle_901de6_5…)

My mom fell the other night trying to get off the couch. Her legs were asleep and she didn't realize. Fucking believes she was hexed and goes on a full on rant about all the evil in the world but it's okay because trump is going to save us all. I'm so tired of her inserting her deranged trump talk into everything. I want to jump onto a spiked fence.

No. 1428048

Is she obese by any chance?

No. 1428055

Not obese but overweight.

No. 1428069

There's this one dude that comes to class only to talk to the same two chicks. He doesn't pay attention in class, he doesn't even try to whisper to tell them something, and he got told off like twice already by the people surrounding him, so he left with big huff and puff. I realize he's fucking retarded, but even the two girls seem totally uninterested in his approach, so I don't get why they won't tell him not to come.

No. 1428090

you're not singlehandedly at fault for the cruelty of the meat industry just because you sometimes eat seafood and work at a restaurant, nonnie. follow >>1428018 's advice and please don't be so hard on yourself.

No. 1428094

When I see he/him pronouns in someones bio my mind automatically goes "that's a woman". She/her pronouns dont evoke the same response because some women put them in their bio, but men rarely if ever put their pronouns in their bio. He/him in bio = automatically know they're not a man.

No. 1428109

File: 1669881460997.jpeg (397.47 KB, 828x698, 1607340015096.jpeg)

Absolutely. Moids don't virtue signal like that, they will troon out or become themlets in a misguided attempt to weasel their way into getting pussy, but they don't care about being 'inclusive' or 'kind' by including their pronouns.

No. 1428112

Only men Ive seen with he/him pronouns in their bio have a woke she/they girlfriend who has most likely forced them to do it.

No. 1428125

Same, I think this is because women (both he/him and she/they) are the only ones socially obliged to agree with the tranny cult lest they be called an evil terf, men who aren't troons don't give a fuck about offending anyone or appeasing anyone and strangely all that hate directed at terfs seems to miss them.

No. 1428133

I really don't understand those random accusations, they're not the 'gotcha' those anons think they are, they just derail and annoy. Even more so when someone makes an interesting point but some nonnie decide to denounce anything they wrote because they used "y'all" once in the said post without even considering it could be a southerner writing or an ESL that picked it up somewhere else. I'm ESL myself and used to use that phrase at times before it became some sort of autistic tell for twitter users for paranoid anons to harp on.

No. 1428140

ok please don't make fun of me guys, but idk where else to put this since I kinda am a progressive sjw so I have no one irl to say this to. I really try to be as accepting as possible, including to trans people, but recently I've noticed trans men almost constantly tone policing women when they speak about being oppressed by men. I can't believe it but I saw a tumblr ask saying "I'm sorry what have men done to stop being an oppressor class?" and this person literally responded "I'm sorry but its not 2017 and everyone decided saying things like "all men are trash" is bad and harmful." Like actual anti feminist rhetoric to a girl making a joke and blowing off steam? And like the constant complaining about girls liking tall guys and it being transphobic? Jesus fuck, I'm a latino girl. We are stereotyped as short and in some areas we are rly typically short, but short preferences aren't like racist against latino men because some of them tend to be short genetically. I've even heard one say, "women shouldn't speak about toxic masculinity cause they don't experience it" …Like yeah I think we do considering how much men fucking kill us. Starting to get this weird thing where every time I see a woman criticize men people freak out like, "What about trans men?" Like they're incapable of misogyny or something and sometimes its clear to everyone they mean cis privileged men. It's so fucking frustrating but I can't say anything cause literally nobody takes female pain seriously anymore I feel like, even as we get our fucking rights taken.

Ugh you can laugh but I just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Yes, I know I'm on lolcow saying this. It's just so so frustrating.

No. 1428142

Kek, i do the same thing. I don't even think it's virtue signalling per say, i feel like they are begging us to see them as a man.
All men with pronouns in their bios are predators.

No. 1428146

Not fighting you, but just curious how pronouns in their bios make them a predator?

No. 1428147

File: 1669883578068.jpg (6.52 KB, 250x230, 1537468199524.jpg)

You know what we are going to say right?

No. 1428149

welcome, friend. the peak isn't much farther.

No. 1428152

Underage libfems will feel more comfortable talking to them and chaos ensues.

No. 1428153

File: 1669883694326.jpeg (89.47 KB, 789x888, 1662692673473.jpeg)

Go read the MTF and FTM threads on /snow/, peak properly and never worry about accepting trannies again

No. 1428159

Yeah, I know, I know. I just needed to speak it into the void somewhere and I appreciate you listening nonna's.

No. 1428161

You ever get the feeling you love your friends more than they love you? I'm in so much pain. I really wanna cry. The fact that I had to beg for that, something so small, makes me feel so insignificant. It doesn't matter who I meet, it's always the same shit every time. Just make me disappear already, it's too much. What am I doing wrong? I really, really don't know.

No. 1428163

Update us when you finally stop caring and the emotions of emotionally unhinged and abusive people.

No. 1428164

File: 1669884744144.jpg (322.95 KB, 2048x2048, Zoë-Kravitz-Dress-Met-Gala-201…)

The world can't handle mixed race people. A lot of men treat mixed women like a fetish that they're either super into or not at all. I get asked where I'm from and I can tell there's some weird objectifying thing going on. It's doubly awkward that one of my parents is native white and both were born here, so I'm not gonna give an exotic answer.

No. 1428166

Whenever my favorite YouTuber has cats show up to her campsite and they become fast friends, especially when she shares cozy fire and food in wet/cold weather, I get irrationally stressed hoping the cats aren't sad when she is gone.

No. 1428168

File: 1669884935362.png (244.81 KB, 720x720, eminem.png)

I lost contact with my main friend group 2,5 years ago. I have a couple other friends but they have their own main groups. I'm so lonely. I've been thinking about contacting them again, but it would be really embarrassing as it was me who was in the wrong. We were friends for 9 years before the "break up" happened, but idk how trying to speak to those people again after so many years would go. It would be super awkward.

Idk if they really even liked me as I was not into anime or shit like that, and I think they know I'm a terf and they have pronouns. I just really miss them and I would honestly pander to their troondom to be friends again.

No. 1428169

"Reddit spacing" isn't even a thing anymore (I say anymore because maybe it was a thing at some point where there was a large influx of Redditors discovering 4chan for the first time years ago)
If you look at ancient 4chan screenshots you'll see that every second post had that kind of spacing and no one gave a fuck
Those who accuse others of being redditors because of the spacing, especially here where actual redditors are unlikely to come (unlike on 4chan), are just bitter tards who are desperate to fit in, prove how much of a true oldfag they are, and to win an argument that they got mad about
The twitterfag and tiktoker accusations are more valid but only like half of the time

No. 1428173

File: 1669885409044.jpeg (53.37 KB, 749x737, 60e461c7f8b4c32141bf978b_749_7…)

Made a topic on a forum I frequent where I was making light of how much I'm panicking because I'm trying to reach a branch to get some important documents, but they are only open between 9am and 11am and I've been on spot 12 for 40 minutes. I made a note at the end of the post that I got placed in the queue at 9:01am, so I couldn't have called much earlier unless I had been obsessively gripping my phone and knew which button to press on the call menu to get to the right queue. And people are still fucking telling me that I should have called earlier, I thought they were fucking with me at first but nope - they think I should have tried harder and called even earlier as if calling in at 8am to a closed phone line would fucking help.

No. 1428174

banned for the jodi arias thread even though I fucken asked, jfc farmhands why you gotta be this way?

No. 1428177

True, I believe the ‘touch grass’ phrase applies to those who complain of reddit spacing
Give it a shot nonnie. It’s not every day you find a group that you really vibe with. They could miss you too. And if they didn’t, it would’ve been cool that you tried.

No. 1428183

Someone make the pain stop..

No. 1428184

Someone told me to try faxing them. Fax machines was considered obsolete here at least here 10 years ago and has been taken out of most offices.

No. 1428186

i agree with the other nona, try it! esp if there wasn't a big fallout.
kek at eminem.png

No. 1428191

File: 1669886802069.jpg (29.43 KB, 620x400, 819.jpg)

you know what grinds my gears? the fact that as a woman i can't even be nice to random homeless men without them asking for a kiss or trying to hit on me. even the old man with dementia i met the other day "joked" that i should marry him so he can be more youthful and motivated. men will say "this isn't harassment!!" and yeah, it isn't, but it wears you down when you're always reminded that men don't see you as a person.

No. 1428196

File: 1669886988533.png (382.02 KB, 902x1108, 1646935270400.png)

Thank you for your insight nonas, maybe I will. There was a really stupid fight on my part and I left the group chat and never talked to them again. I was in contact with one of them for a while but then she stopped responding, so I don't know if I did something weird. Maybe I will try with her at first to see if there is any chance of rekindling the friendship. None of the others tried to contact me during these years (I did not try to talk to them either) so idk if it means I was annoying and they just did not like me. Can't know unless I try I guess! I'll have to try and look up their numbers somewhere since I deleted them bc I was so upset.

No. 1428199

i had a big fight with a friend in highschool and we haven't tried to speak to each other since (it's been 8 years), but now that i'm older i'd be down to meet again if i ever went back to where she lives. maybe it's the same for your old friends

No. 1428214

File: 1669888730372.png (337.68 KB, 720x720, 1646953327164.png)

Update to my retardation, I found that one friends number and now I should just message her but it's scary. I admit I shed a few tears I'm so nervous and embarrassed.

I hope so. Thanks for sharing nonnie it makes me feel a bit better. Have you tried contacting her? I had a fight with other friends in middle school and similar thing happened, I randomly saw one of them in a bar years later and talked to her and we both cried a bit. We never talked after that but it was nice to have some "closure".

No. 1428216

message her!! bury the hatchet, if she doesn't respond you at least have an answer.
be brave, clench fists!

No. 1428220

I've been getting upset over a myriad of things the past week now, and to cheer myself up I thought I'd make a cake tonight for my family with the brown bananas I had sitting in the freezer. I read the recipe wrong however and forgot to add a leavener and instead of a banana walnut and pear cake I produced a banana walnut and pear BRICK. I am going to cry again nonas. This is the measly straw that has broken the fragile camel's back. My sister was really sweet and said she'd take it in her lunchbox to school but I can't subject her to this monstrosity. Luckily I have some leftover pear so I'm going to make pear tarts tomorrow night for us. I hope nothing goes wrong.

No. 1428223

File: 1669889530603.jpeg (530.04 KB, 1063x1535, 1667347165174.jpeg)

sweet nona, your hands still created something. every mistake is a lesson learned. sorry about your cake though, is it really not salvageable?
is there a way you can slice it and toast it like it is bread?
(also drop the recipe if you can, banana walnut pear sounds interesting)
don't beat yourself up! I'm sorry your week has been shitty, I hope it gets better.
sending the best of vibes, do you feel them?

No. 1428236

I did it!! Now just to see if she responds

No. 1428239

you did the right thing by reaching out, let the chips fall where they may. I'm proud of you for being brave, and kind. keep us updated? rooting for you nona

No. 1428240

It's ok nonny, I'm a professional baker and me and my coworkers mess up products all the time! It happens

No. 1428241

Can you food process the brick into crumbs and use it in a pie crust or something? I’m sorry anon

No. 1428243

omg yes baker nonas, are you the pigeon-bun baker?! if not your baker-sisters walk among you
damn good bloody good idea. like a nice cheesecake crust?

No. 1428244

>are you the pigeon-bun baker
I'm not but now I am very curious kekk

No. 1428246

File: 1669891154313.jpg (47.5 KB, 720x400, the smekkening.jpg)

Thank u nonny I luv u

No. 1428247

>>damn good bloody good idea. like a nice cheesecake crust?
Ooh that sounds delicious. I did that with some over baked ginger snap cookies one time!

No. 1428249

she's amazing omg pigeon-bun baker where you at? I miss youuuu
she made these cute chocolate (I think) buns shaped like pigeons!!
love you more my girl you got this. if not, she'll buff out. feel good, you're doing something good.

No. 1428252

samefag *chocolate filled blblb I need to try to make them one day they looked amazing

No. 1428255

OH I thought you meant she baked a pigeon into a bun on something omg

No. 1428266

File: 1669891956531.gif (89.65 KB, 200x200, thumb-129055.gif)

I still can't stop feeling guilty and horrible for having had sex, like I've ruined myself somehow. I know most of it is my Islamic upbringing but I've gotten so paranoid that someone will just Know from looking at me that I sucked a dick once. Thing is, it only happened once years ago, it was so shit that I kind of got over desiring sex at all, which is great, but the fact that I'm not a virgin anymore, hence of 'no value', according to my family, if they knew. I feel like a disappointment of a child, my mom worked so hard to raise me and yet I did something that'll probably give her a heart attack if she knew, like I took advantage of her trust in me so whenever we talk and she's feeling particularly sentimental I feel so much guilt, like I don't deserve the love she has for me. I try to tell myself I'm being a little melodramatic here, but it's so hard when this is the prominent thought here, where I live. That it's time for me to pack it up, that I've no chance at happiness and fulfillment, that I am useless now. I think other anons who've had a religious upbringing might be able to relate, do you guys have any advice on how to deal with this?

No. 1428281

Oops I'm too retarded to post properly.
I want to stay a hikki/shut in for the rest of my life. I "should" be out there in the world, but it's so rotten and disgusting. The only reason I try to go outside is so that I won't turn 40 and regret all those years. I wish I'd never regret it so I can continue this lifestyle. But when I read about the increase of bots, content being deleted, lack of free speech online etc, I realize without the internet I have nothing. If bots were to take over the entire thing in 10 years I'd be left with nothing. So I guess I have to get out there and build real life relations.

No. 1428297

File: 1669896011127.jpeg (48.99 KB, 640x428, banana-pear-and-walnut-cake-jp…)

Thank you nonnies. Toasting it did nothing and I don't think I can process it, although the pie crust idea is definitely something I'll keep in mind for future mishaps. It's quite dense and moist as it has yogurt in it (it's like eating blu tack kek) so there's no salvaging it unless I buried it in ice cream or something. Here's the recipe: https://www.bestrecipes.com.au/recipes/banana-pear-walnut-cake/572vw901 next time though I think I'll use my usual yogurt-free banana bread recipe and just add the pear slices on top. Definitely a learning experience in reading the recipe properly. The best of vibes will help me sleep. Onwards and upwards.

No. 1428326

wednesday made me realize burton is overrated af how could they ruin my girl's character so bad

No. 1428334

I agree that Tim Burton has been overrated for decades now. He worked well in the 80s, okay in the 90s, and has been in a death spiral ever since 2003. But this Wednesday iteration is exactly how a 2022 Wednesday would be irl kek

No. 1428335

he's also so gross and cringe helena bonham carter had to sleep in a different room to him kek

No. 1428342

She's gross and cringe too though

No. 1428348

this is true as fuck, she's a special sort of pickme…the hot topic edition

No. 1428361

Why the fuck would anyone compare their passing sour mood to my history of physical and mental abuse? Wanting to be left alone for a bit isnt the same as me nearly shitting myself if someone stands behind me. I feel like a broken retard and being treated like im just "quirky" makes me feel worse

No. 1428406

Lesson learned once again. I don't know how to socialize properly and men don't care about anything at all. I'm autistic and I infodump shit on my friends as a pathetic attempt to communicate with them. I don't know how to do small talk and with friends you've known for years I don't think small talk type of communicating is that necessary. I'm already having a bad day so my reaction to what happened is bigger than it needs to be so instead of bothering any more of my friends I'm here venting. I told my friend about something I deeply care about but I only got back one word replies and I figured he doesn't care for the topic. I told him I'd stop bothering him with the topic because he obviously doesn't care. He took it as me victimizing myself and proceeded to actually make me feel bad by saying that one should talk about their passions with likeminded people. So I guess I won't talk to him about my interests anymore because he just doens't give a shit? I know this mindset now is me victimizing myself but this part I did not dramatically tell him I'd never talk to him again. But I do doubt we'll talk much in the future because I'm genuinely discouraged from talking to him about anything now. Next time I get a new collectible I'm excited about can I show it to him? Will it be too much for him to handle because he doesn't care about the same things as I do?

No. 1428411

I have no idea if I am autistic but holy fuck this diagnosed autistic guy is just beyond everything. All I wanted to do was talk to his sister about some real life awful stuff in my life for both of us to vent and he would NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT HIS MINISCULE PROBLEM. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. WE COULDN'T TALK!! IT WAS JUST REPEATING THE SAME THING. She tried to reassure him that there was a free good way to fix it but he still would not shut up!! Like fuck off at least you have a solution to your first world tiny problem!! Mine involves my money because my own family has fucked me over. I am so done. Seriously so sorry or anons who grew up with an autistic brother I think I would've killed my brother if he had turned out that autistic. The rage too, damn.

No. 1428417

He feels out of touch, still using the same tired tropes as the 80s.
It's true and so disappointing since she has played a suffragette not just once but twice in films.

No. 1428422

I want to stop existing

No. 1428423

I hate working. I hate meetings. I hate pretending to be motivated and pretending having goals for the job during year-end reviews and pretending like I give a fuck about anything other than the paycheck. I hate the administrative bullshit and having to log what I did during the day in 3 different excel sheets and my absences in another 2 excel sheets. For fuck's sake, I spend more time writing about what tasks I was doing than actually working, what even is the point of that??

No. 1428426

I stayed with aunts and uncles whom I didn't know too well for a few months after turning eighteen. They had a lot of qualms with my behaviour and I could never do anything right or good enough. I felt miserable there but thought it was simply because there was something wrong with me, since they all had an issue with me. Then I reconnected with my grandmother who isn't their mom but knows them well, who told me the main issue was most likely the women projecting their insecurities onto me. I shared this story before in this thread, so I won't repeat it. But inspired by something I read in another thread, it made me think… Would my male family members really gawk at me? Or would my female family members really think they would? I often wear shorts around the house because it's cozy and the same is for crop tops. I don't think I look exceptionally attractive or anything, especially not when lounging around. So I don't think too much about it. But from some of the posts I read, it makes me think that maybe my female family members not only didn't like that a pretty young kind girl is entering their household and not "like them", but also that I dressed provocatively in their eyes. I hope it's just their insecurities, if it's true at all, and not that my male family members ever looked at me that way. I doubt they could since they knew me mostly when I was little. Those posts I read just stirred me up. Those men are not respectable ones at all and I wouldn't be shocked if they cheated/watched horrible porn etc. They're either openly violent or pretend to be "family men". I wouldn't be surprised if one of them faced the dichotomy of "I don't want my daughter to one day be sexualised so I'll be overly protective because I know from my own behaviour how perverted men can be".

No. 1428478

Feeling like threadpic because what even is the point of dating men if they are emotionally immature and by the time they are they leave you for another woman

No. 1428520

staying at home just results in me getting angry and fighting with everyone going out just fills me with a sense of dread and makes me feel physically ill

No. 1428528

Why of all things my only cope had to be food! I hate it so much, so expensive and huge chunk of the price is delivery, because there are no restaurants that i like nearby. I hate that i can't cook and even if it's something simple it's just not the same! Why am i so autistic, i just can't

No. 1428536

>I stayed with aunts and uncles whom I didn't know too well for a few months after turning eighteen
I obviously don't know all the details so I could be missing something but tbh this line in itself kinda explains how it might not be their idea of a great set up. Sometimes family do this shit for each others kids but.. they don't love having to take it on or open their house up to a family member thats not already close.

When I was a kid my 18 year old cousin came to stay with us. We'd no spare room so he slept on the couch. He was from the countryside and we lived in the city so he was using it as an oppurtunity to go to some job interviews and set himself up in the city if he got one. His stay wasn't meant to be long but then it dragged out. My mom wasn't happy with having him there as she barely knew him. It was a favor but she felt like she already had one teenage son and didn't need to be playing the same role to some guy she otherwise had barely interacted with before this. I remember years later she was saying she felt very put out by having to say yes to his stay. She did it for my dads sake but felt taken advantage of. I've never seen that cousin again. There was other fmaily members on my dads side who again used our house as way to avoid paying for a hotel while visiting the city. You'd only ever see them when they wanted a place to stay.

No. 1428570

Just had my first sexual experience with my boyfriend. He waited for to be ready, he's great, I'm so happy, but it lasted 35 minutes and I had to stop, he didn't finish. Asked twice to do doggy style. At the end I cried because I felt inadequate and he just said "you know sometimes you expect things to be perfect and they aren't". I just needed a romantic and sweet okay experience that didn't give me soreness the next day. I ubered away from his house at three am in tears. Why do scrotes

No. 1428575

He watches too much porn and probably has a deathgrip

No. 1428603

>your expectations
Nonnie break up with him. Not worth it. Trash scrote.

No. 1428622

he's watching porn 100%. tell him to cut the porn usage out because it literally breaks your dick - he should be knowledgable of jordan peterson and nofap enough to be aware that death grip is a thing and porn consumption is bad

No. 1428624

What is the deathgrip?

No. 1428629

I'm so lonely I feel like I'm gonna die. I have friends but they mostly ignore me. And it doesn't matter if I get new friends, it'll be the same fucking thing, it always has been. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

No. 1428630

it's when men grip their penis too hard when masturbating so they eventually lose sensitivity/most feeling to it. sorry its hard to explain:
>they keep jerking off to porn
>eventually lose sensitivity to the penis
>they grip their penis harder to reclaim some of that feeling
>keep having to do it and it gets so bad that a vagina feels like nothing in comparison
i hope that explains it nonnie

No. 1428632

He's built up such a resistance to touch (through masturbating too much) that only enough force to rip it off will get him going.

No. 1428634

Thanks nonnie. Men are so dumb I can't believe it.

No. 1428643

Don't worry, nonny. One day this experience will be a mere memory that means nothing in comparison to the beauty of your future life.

No. 1428645

I understand, but it was totally opposite for me. I learned some things about my family that make my grandmother's explanation very likely.

No. 1428650

File: 1669914303974.jpeg (24.87 KB, 493x363, Fi2mDrfVUAAP0us.jpeg)

Nothing better than to have the remaining parts of your "family" remind you that you are soon so super old "that no employer wants you anymore", shortly before your 29th birthday. I fucking hate all of you and I can't wait to cut you off and live my best life, far far away from your miserable ones.

No. 1428661


You are never too old for anything, Nona. My family is similar, don't let them get to you and make your own way in life and in employment. I wish you the best of luck!

No. 1428667

Oh wow I don't know what i thought "Death Grip" was but now I know, I just laugh. Can a scrote fix this? Is there a female version of this? Lowkey feel like someone like Shayna has it. You know by pressing the lawnmower against her coochie for years when she clearly isn't turned on.
As someone who masturbates a lot I don't have any issues with my clit or feeling towards it

No. 1428677

File: 1669915214224.jpg (12.51 KB, 282x319, f4164bc90fd01266cfc07634ce505e…)

They can usually fix it by just not watching porn and not wanking obsessively but you know what moids are like, they act as if it's impossible to stop that and as if jerking off to jailbait 3x a day is "natural and healthy"
Most of them lack the self awareness to ever see it as an issue. My pornsick ex had really bad death grip to the point my knuckles would be white. Yes I'm ashamed and yes I didn't know any better kek it's such a huge issue with scrotes and they act as if we can't tell they watch porn

No. 1428680

Is that why some scrotes grip their ding dongs so hard in porn when they can't get hard? Yes, I have watched porn before

No. 1428681

File: 1669915484416.jpg (80.77 KB, 563x616, 4a78a9bdfbc6a31486580a18482711…)

Nonnies, I'm having such an awful day. I got stood up by an acquaintance and all the pent up feelings inside me exploded, I spend every day alone. My closest friends ditched me a few months ago and I'm lonelier than ever. I don't have anyone else and even casual friendships don't work out as demonstrated today. I think once both my parents pass I'm going to join them.

No. 1428685

Im finally getting over my weird parasocial crush. I'm truth-pilling myself, into knowing that the scrote would want me dead and would treat me below him.
I'm almost back to my default settings

No. 1428690

I'm on my period and have biggest sweets-cravings and there is just nothing tasty in the house. What I wouldn't do for a chocolate-covered pretzel.

No. 1428700

I feel you nona, feel better

No. 1428703

File: 1669916318833.gif (423.94 KB, 220x211, bop.gif)

You're right, thank you for your kind words nonna.

No. 1428717

File: 1669917451466.jpg (26.45 KB, 88x151, mwugh.jpg)

>at washateria drying clothes
>all bundled up in warm clothes
>wore a mask today to keep face warm because it's really cold today
>sounds of the dryers start making me sleepy
>am cozy and warm
>start dozing off
>hear footsteps but I don't bother looking
>get woken up
All I responded with was, "okaayy.." But I guess I didn't react the way he expected because he looked disappointed and started bothering an employee who was working. Idgaf about the mask thing, but he saw me with my eyes closed yet he still had the nerve to wake me up. Why do men have to make their existence known. Once again proving to me they're chimps.

No. 1428721

File: 1669917558373.jpeg (29.31 KB, 249x360, 34AFEB77-A355-4F30-ACB7-26CD53…)

Honestly I need to go back to orthorexia soo bad like. It had its merits. And I was too focused on that to care about anything else

No. 1428729

Yeah this. I also never mention my gender because that's private stuff, people can believe whatever they want and most users from the old era handled this the same way. It's some social media mindset that makes people feel the need to mention pronouns. No normal artist gives a shit if a fan assumes they are the opposite gender or if they don't assume anything at all.

No. 1428732

File: 1669918214319.jpg (32.83 KB, 700x691, dog.jpg)

Life is beating the brakes off me

No. 1428737

I used to have confidence in my words and the capability to be intentionally funny, where did it all go

No. 1428751

got a puppy 3 days ago, love her - shes very cute and is making me very happy but i also have a cat who i love more than anyone in the whole world and shes not vibing to say the least, wont leave my bedroom or go downstairs - i hope shes not mad at me i dont want her to think i dont love her

No. 1428754

The female version is desensitizing yourself by using a vibrator

No. 1428761

I did that as youngster with an electrict toothbrush but nowdays I am okay and if anything, pretty quick

No. 1428762

People make complete career changes at 35-45 and no one really questions it now. They can do fuck themselves

No. 1428764

Because you don't do that anymore. Desensitization isn't a forever thing it's like training your genitals for a certain response lol

No. 1428785

It’s interesting to me that the most derivative husks of people are very guarded of their interests and often accuse people of copying them for liking the same benign things that they do—they will have bricklaid their entire personality around other peoples niche interests and absorbed them into themselves wholly and then will turn around and cry about how unique they are and how people are stealing their blueprints or something.

No. 1428814

I wish my work would stop saying they're not a crisis service when their workers are actively doing crisis work (including me) because no other services have capacity to assist. I'm so frustrated. They know this is happening too. They feed off peoples' empathy to help to work long hours and give their entire being. Jokes on you I'm compassion fatigued and don't give a shit and dipping when I find a new job after Christmas. Thank you for making me hate my profession, fucking assholes.

No. 1428845

I'm sad how poorly SideM is treated is comparison to the rest of the Idolmaster franchise. The newest mobile game they released was supposed to make up for how the series has been neglected in the past, but it's still shit. It doesn't even have 3D models; it uses cheap 2D chibi sprites that would only be acceptable if it was an option in addition to 3D models. How are you supposed to appreciate the choreography of the dances and different outfits if you only have to look at is cutesy deformed sprites of the characters? There is no sex appeal in that at all. The worst part is that it's poorly optimized and runs like shit despite not having 3D graphics. The songs are great as you'd expect from Idolmaster, but they are charted poorly and it makes it a drag to play even on the highest difficulty.

I am triggered. They clearly continue to half-ass everything about the series because it appeals to women. It's such a fucking waste because the variety of guys is amazing compared to other idol series. You have idols that are actual mature adult men, and not just bratty annoying shotas/teenagers. And they are actually sexy, especially the chuuni. Sorry, I needed to sperg about it somewhere.

No. 1428847

File: 1669921665666.png (75.59 KB, 296x277, A590D4A4-0566-4520-B4D2-A0E32D…)

Annoying tranny that's kinda in my friendgroup decided now he has one of those fucking schizo multiple personality system things. I'm so tired of this dude.

No. 1428853

maybe he'll turn to dust if you suicide bait all of his personalities at the same time.

No. 1428875

We were all there once too. Trying to be inclusive and helpful since you understand what its like when no one listens to your experiences. Until you realize these people aren't really anything like you.

No. 1428876

On one hand I sympathetic that my bf is going through a hard time right now and dealing with depression, but at the same time, it's been driving me crazy as the more depressed he feels, the more sensitive he becomes. I never know what I say, do, or ask will be met with a self-pity spiral of how they can't do anything right and obviously no one wants to spend time with them. It's making me lose my mind, sometimes even asking them to just pick up after themselves or help out doing the dishes gets construed as I make them feel like I'm always angry or frustrated at them. I hate fucking walking on eggshells and having to always be positive and nice even if I am feeling frustrated (usually related to work or feeling overwhelmed by stuff) or else he takes it super personally and makes it all about him.

No. 1428883

Bongland…? Is that Canada?

Do it though nonny I support you

No. 1428890

How the hell could he not finish when he's finally having sex with his gf after waiting. Most guys would explode straight away if you're sexually attracted to your partner.

No. 1428895

I don't play SideM but I sympathize with you nonna, I always hear about how sidem gets shafted in comparison to the girls side of stuff.

No. 1428897

Break up with him then

No. 1428900

She never will

No. 1428933

File: 1669924250183.jpg (42.88 KB, 622x617, IMG_20211119_101627.jpg)

Most of my social interactions are so awkward. It's getting worse as I'm getting older and less willing to keep up the mask of being normal. Ever since I can remember, I've always felt one step behind everyone else, especially other girls and then other women. I never understood things they did or things they talked about. I don't understand people's figures of speech or peoples motives most of the time. I constantly feel naive and like I'm just not "getting it" like something just isn't clicking socially.
I rely on humour to mask it but it comes off as embarrassing and over the top sometimes. I'm almost 25 and my mask is slipping, not in a le edgy Patrick bateman way but more like a shy retarded potential autist way.

I'm quite smart which is a curse here because then I always clock when I've embarrassed someone or myself. I can almost feel the cringe in the air and it makes me want to kermit. I really need to just stay shut the fuck up unless absolutely necessary.

No. 1428939

>see annoying person in a newly joined discord that is otherwise quite cool
>notice she is saying "in my trans face", search for the user and the keyword "trans", get like 900 results
>now same person asks for special "plus size" stores since the clothes from the stores people recommended her aren't plus size enough
I hate to be that guy but is there a connection between trannies and ugliness? Not saying that being overweight means someone must be ugly, but first of all this sounds like more than just overweight and secondly and more importantly almost all "ftm" I have seen looked horrible and I don't think it was just because of the hormonal shit they take, some of them weren't on meds yet I am pretty sure.

To think that for all of my life I was shy because I assumed I was too skinny and ugly and it made me feel bad, but now that everybody posts their photos online I sometimes wonder if I might actually be a 7/10 and just self-sabotaged myself all my life lol

No. 1428958

It's a giant cope, they think that if they're ugly it's because they're the wrong sex but just end up being trans and hideous. The hugbox online reinforces the idea that if you're trans you'll look better which is why they all 41% when they actually venture into daylight and see how the real world views them.

It does seem like the biggest fuggos are the most narcissistic when it comes to posting pictures of themselves. I don't know if it's because average looking people just have better stuff to do or what.

No. 1428960

Not as bad because it wasn't partners or anything but friends but I feel this. I had two friends getting depressive and at some point I cut off the connection because I could never talk freely anymore, it was all about them all the time and I could never vent even when a close one died or when I was being bullied in my job. It's not their fault I guess but relationships work both ways. It was frustrating as fuck because as you say I only needed to breathe to be met with self-pitying that gets worse and worse and everything I do would get me accused of bullshit I didn't intend, even when I tried to help it was just self-pity and accusations against me. Welp.
I guess therapy helps but most people are so convinced that the problem are just the others not themselves that they won't go I guess.
Maybe if you can try to get some distance for a while so that he gets the chance to learn that it hurts and stresses you.
I honestly believe that many of these people aren't just depressive but narcist or borderliners as well. I am not a psychology expert so I might be wrong, but there is surely some self-centrism going on that actively tries to ignore everything that isn't about them.

No. 1428966

Nona, are you aware you're autistic? Like in an actual medical way.

No. 1428969

This sounds exactly like me anon.
Maybe we are both shizoid or autistic. I mean that seriously, because a lot of these issues are symptoms of that and I know I am at least shizoid.

Most of those I know irl either do small talk, talk about some childish shit I am not into, spends hours narrating about their families or talk about health shit all day. I cannot hold small talk because "talking" to me means delving into a subject and analyzing it, I hate retellings of mundane things because they bore me and I especially do not care about family or health issues and I have neither of them.

>as I'm getting older and less willing to keep up the mask of being normal

Because you learn there is no point. They will notice it anyway and even if they didn't all you get from it is participation in dialogues you aren't interested in. You are better off daydreaming about something sexy or fantastic and talk to people you actually relate to online and maybe find friends in your state that way.

No. 1428997

That explains why they view all kinds of things as transphobic. I see it in the vents of multiple discords. They talk about panic attacks and mental breakdowns because it isn't the hugbox. Some shit is literally just innocent old people asking questions because it's something new to them and they talk about it as if they got assaulted by a group of neonazis with guns.

They generally always get panic attacks and mental breakdowns, I am surprised that not enough people are looking into that. The trans stuff is mostly just a reaction and form of coping, the central problem with most of those I see online is that they are so damn weak they have the self-control and emotional development of a baby.

No. 1429004

I think I might be honestly, I can carry myself along most social interactions but I also have a lot of sensory issues. I'm considering getting a diagnosis, I think I probably am but dont want to put labels on shit. My mom said I was really smart and advanced when I was a baby but then I suddenly regressed and it was like I unlearned most stuff. I don't know if that's normal or a sperg thing.

Yeah nonnie its really hard for me to keep up, agree with or feign real interest in something that I dont agree with or am not interested in. I'll nod and hum along to not offend anyone but my brain just gets bored and switches off. I've always had a really big imagination and I thought that was just because I like RPG games kek but yeah i know what you mean, i have female friends but never feel like i truly click with them anymore. I've always felt a bit inferior or one step behind them, like I was just their little retard monkey tagging along who occasionally makes a funny joke.

No. 1429007

There is an eternal rule that says that partners of friends are always fucking shit no matter what.
Some gf single-handedly destroyed a ten year long regularl meet-up between me and a few male friends in which we talked about our hobbies and played games together.

I don't know why this is the case but if you ever meet a good person you know for sure their partner will always suck. So many good discords that got destroyed by that too because people had to force their bfs and gf into it that HAD ZERO INTEREST IN THE FANDOM THE GROUP WAS ABOUT.

Why are people in relationships like that anyway? Are gfs and bfs little toddlers that cannot be left alone? Fuck that mentality.


I assume it's just a meet-up with friends, in this case the friends are female so girls.
The problem is probably not the mixed gender thing (or not only) but the fact that people bring in other people who have no connection to you or the interests you wanted to talk about.
>hate when people over 18 call themselves "girls") can be a part of it?
Honestly that whole culture is foreign to me too, I am an Euro. People usually have a 50/50 gender ratio with friends here. Most women I know have a mainly male friend group, most men I am friend withs hang around say they can talk better with women lol, in general it's random.

No. 1429030

Women are such hugboxing pushovers. This is the entire reason trannies are even able to lie about what they are and women groom younger women into believing it. So many times I'll make a point and the other woman will be like "okay you have a point but also you don't have to be rude and also everyone is EQUAL and VALID." Like shut up bitch you're so fake, you percieve everything as rude because you're spineless and want everyone to be just like you, can't even stand up for yourself so you have to bring everyone down to your level of overly sensitive retardation.

No. 1429032

I feel like there's a lot of aggressively dare I say,Blue Bird Like, people on my lolcor and I don't like it. I also think it's some green bird (thats really brown irl) folks, who don't want to blend in with the culture. I don't know maybe it's just me…I can hear the clapping and "Period, It's the blank for me!!" Dripping in some posts here. Maybe i'm just paranoid

No. 1429034

I'm you in 5 years, and it'll only get worse.

No. 1429036

legit wanna make a thread called, "Cows in X" years and one anon starts and it keeps going and going and going

No. 1429041

It got better for me. Once I just accepted that I'm super weird, I started practicing trying to be more human. People mostly want to talk about themselves so I just keep my mouth shut, prompt them every once in a while, and nod along. So now everyone at work really likes and respects me and I only show my true self to vetted friends.

No. 1429042

I haven't saw my dad in very many years I'm too sad to do the maths but every month since he's put money in my bank account. Is this love? He just made a decision to stop seeing me one day and pay me compensation. I still talk about him to people as if I see him. It's very weird.

No. 1429046

for the past month it's been a lot of
>perriot sis it's the makeup-shaming for me ugh
>can you stop being mean to trannies btw
>emplwering wholesome nose job discourse
no more twitterfags and tiktok libfem on my lawn

No. 1429048

I want to draw, but there's just no ideas in my head. None. I have vague images of what I want to draw, but the moment I put pen to paper I just lose it. Can't do it. I'm not sad about it or anything, just really grumpy and annoyed that I feel so dull and lacking in any sort of inspiration. And every day I'm not drawing, my skills decline and it gets harder and harder to get back into it.

No. 1429052

I have two coworkers who always complain about being at work. They usually get treated better than me and get better customers which would equal more money there. I am so sick of it. They both admitted they have husbands who make a decent amount and that the job is more side income. Just fucking leave so I can have that money because clearly you both don't want to be here. It doesnt make any sense because they aren't even considered the best or better out of us in sales. I'm considered 3rd from the top of like 15 employees. Why the hell am I not getting treated better? I have to work so damn hard to up my sales all the time because it feels like I'm not set up well as #1 and #2 are.

No. 1429056

Oh god, you know how when they cracked down on pol they spread to every board and also multiple other sites? And they just infected everything they touched? It also happened when they shut down thedonald. I really hope twiitter refugees aren't going to contaminate our fields.

No. 1429061

They have already nonny

No. 1429072

I wish I could get to the rest of the world from here. I wish could be out.

No. 1429074

It's so hard for me to eat meat without feeling sick. I was trying to eat a sandwich earlier and couldn't get past a few bites even though I was super hungry. It sucks going from enjoying something to bring repulsed by it.

No. 1429075

Don't forget calling everyone who disagrees or shits on hetero dating a femcel kek

No. 1429079

man I want my father to disappear the fuck from my life AND pay me for it.

No. 1429080

stop calling it lolcor

No. 1429081

i call it what i want, you can't stop me

No. 1429088

Im getting kind of annoyed with the frequent, "Stop twaking about twannies!" posts. Like hide the fucking thread. It's constant now, if we aren't funny enough for you (didn't know I had to put on a show) make the fun or go where it's fun. I don't even see a lot of "twanny" postings on here anyway. We have a shitposting thread, we have a dumb shit thread. Go add to it

No. 1429089

With the ongoing world cup I see so FUCKING MANY takes of self-acclaimed "critical thinkers" that talk badly about the west because some people here protested Qatar because they literally murder women, gays and let poor immigrant workers die. But yeah, the evil west is "forcing their beliefs" onto others again, like with Putin.

The joke? It's the same fucking people that are usually racist as fuck against everybody they don't consider a true white but as SOON as some shit government is being openly homophobic it's suddenly super cool to stan these shits.

It's fucking hilarious that whenever some Arabic or black person is saying something homophobic, racist or misogynist you can see the mental gymnastics of guys that are racist, misogynist AND homophobic and watch them fighting inner debates over whether they should use that occasion to be racist against black or arabic people and call them out or if the homophobia or misogyny trumps over racism in which case they should praise that person in question.

No. 1429091

I genuinely don't know what this post is about.

No. 1429095

then you haven't seen it nonnie, you have been blessed

No. 1429097

File: 1669931150195.jpg (37.69 KB, 604x404, Wat8.jpg)

No. 1429098

The invasion of Twitterfags (blue bird). I don't know what the green/brown bird shit is about though.

No. 1429101

Damn I use twitter as well.
But I swear I only use it to post my fanart and save fanart from Japan.

No. 1429113

There's nothing wrong with using twitter (unpopular I know), it's just that some of the..phrases and vibes I get gives twitter sometimes. The annoying parts of twitter

No. 1429117

Every single time an anon is accused of being annoying it’s always “stfu twitterfag” it doesn’t even matter if no one is making it political or a human rights issue. Some of you just cannot handle being told how annoying and unpleasant you are to interact with on the internet and have to interpret it as anyone who in any way disagrees with you automatically came from twitter. No, you are just annoying.

No. 1429119

I hate to talk about it but at the same time it fucks up every damn fandom space I am in so I am constantly annoyed about it and will probably vent.

Just now I talked about why some people like antagonists and one of my arguments was something like "some people cannot relate to popular characters the story and world is siding with" (aka heroes) and antags are usually lonely or hated but do their thing regardless which makes them great.
And the users that agreed with me hijacked the talk and turned it about trans stuff. Being hated for being trans, doing their thing regardless like trans, trans here trans there trans everywhere. It's literally impossible to talk about anything at all today without turning it into trans shit.

I am so fucking mad, WHAT about the rule of not bringing in too much personal shit into fandom channels? Can I PLEASE talk about a fucking anime I like in the discord or place that was created to discuss SAID ANIME instead of hearing about people's genitals and trans issues all fucking day?

No. 1429126

I think i've called people a twitterfag…maybe 3 times my whole lolcow career, including me hinting at some people being twitterish in this thread.
I don't care if nonnies want to complain about troons, people need to understand why it happens. Like you said, it does seep into every fucking thing online, then you are almost definitely going to be silenced or told to leave when you talk about it. If the internet wasn't like this then yeah, it'd be annoying but there's like maybe 5 places I can think of you can freely talk about this shit and only 2 of them are for women.

No. 1429135

i made a post like that ironically the other day, sue me

No. 1429137

I also apologize because maybe I am being too "harsh" however, I do notice a vibe. I try to be goofy and I am a little weird/retarded/out there, but maybe it's just me.
I still love lolcor

No. 1429149

Yeah this. I honestly wouldn't even care, it's their life etc. but they force me to be mad at them because they have no regards for other people and don't know what a topic or fandom even is. They just latch onto everything that's popular to headcanon trans stuff into it and self-insert. It's more of toy- or puppet play than anything canon but they force everybody else to participate or else they will spread the rumor that you are transphobic and probably homophobic and racist too and it might get you a ban and maybe sully your reputation forever which is especially bad when you are an artist or writer.

No. 1429150

I know what you mean, I was watching Jerma and noticed that one of the viewers exclusively posted the "trans rights emote" and seemed to do it every five mintues, then sometimes it'd start random spam.
It's like, "Stop whining about the troons" okay, try being a woman being interested in anything thats semi-popular in 2022. You gonna see troon shit. There's not a lot of places to whine about it

No. 1429164

Yeah, honestly to me it's as if someone would try to categorize characters as commies and far-righters at any given opportunity.

It might make sense for a few fictive rulers, but if they would do it all the time with every character and let's say call one far-left because he's chill and sometimes taking drugs and another one far-right because he loves steaks it would essentially turn all discussion off-topic and into politic territory and discussions about political infighting.
Every mod would interrupt them in this case and force them to get back on topic and the rest of the users would consider them insane or trolls, but nobody dares to do it with trans stuff for the reasons mentioned above.

No. 1429165

Uh oh twitterfag alert

No. 1429167

It's true, the whole vibe of this site has shifted recently. I used to love reading the unhinged posts in here but now it's all "safe" twittefag topics and memes, it's all very boring.

No. 1429170


No. 1429173

I’ve hit rock bottom. I constantly feel like crying. I’ve fucked up so much in life but this is the first time I’ve genuinely damaged another person with my disgusting, vile, embarrassing, shameful, selfish behaviour. I don’t want to live anymore.

No. 1429186

I feel lost

No. 1429187

I see shitposters getting twitter/tiktok-tier responses like “girl no” and that’s kinda killing the ecosystem here, I think.

No. 1429194

But why are we pretending that’s twitterfags and not what it really is—the weird, puritanical small group we’ve gotten that also say outlandish hateful things but the moment you critique women in any manner, even as a woman on a site meant for women, you’re suddenly a horrific misogynist—unless you’re criticizing a woman for being a slut. Those trad weirdos are the worst of them all and it’s been infested by them for awhile.

No. 1429199

He will literally never like me. He's not over his ex and even when we spend time together it's obvious he's not interested. I even told him to reconcile with his ex because it would never work out between us and I'd rather know he's taken than choosing to not be with me even though I'm the one that rejected him the first time. Do I regret it? no. but it's the best option. I'm literally a personification of cardboard and if it weren't for his yellow fever he'd probably never even look at me.
I want to die

No. 1429207

Wanting to die over some retarded man is absolutely unacceptable pull yourself up by your bootstraps and march yourself over to some self respect immediately

No. 1429209

I like radfem stuff but I agree I’ve been seeing some anons think that if you’re anything but a feminine celibate feminist woman you are a male or troon. I’m only saying SOME because obviously that’s not all the radfem nonnies but some get really retarded and infight about those things. I honestly think some of those ones are baiters or males trying to purposefully cause infighting though (as that spamming troon from a couple months ago even said himself he would cause infighting on purpose by completely derailing or misunderstanding a non’s post with something ridiculous like “woman call anything rape”)

No. 1429213

Getting spam calls is one thing, but spam texts make me want to rip my hair out.

No. 1429217

I think anon was trying to racebait without getting banned for it

No. 1429218

I would like to attend an university, but since I'm not smart, I fear that I wouldn't be able to finish it

No. 1429220

Is there any way you can make up for it and become a better person?

No. 1429223

>Green bird thats really brown irl
I'm literally talking about kiwifarms. Their logo is a green kiwi bird, and it's green because Kiwi friuts, the birds are usually brown

No. 1429224

>not recognizing kf's logo

No. 1429226

It was my fault for how I said it, but I also don't get how they thought it was race bait, because "Brown"? I'm talking about a bird, after talking about the blue bird. I'd assume they'd think, "Oh what else has a bird logo thats green?" but it's my fault.
Also not everyone is kiwi-fags

No. 1429228

Not a newfag and I know KFs logo, anon's riddle was just confusing kek. I probably could have guessed if she described some mannerisms of KFers but there was just
>I can hear the clapping and "Period, It's the blank for me!!"

No. 1429230

Kek your description was weird nonny I kind of thought it was racebait too or describing 4chan and I was very confused but that makes sense now

No. 1429231

oh makes sense then, I added that just to add on to the twitterisms.
Damn, now i understand how it could come off as racebait, but I didn't mean it that wayI'm black anyway. Sorry nonnas

No. 1429232

Is it really really really that or is he just a complete asshole and you are a pudden-head pushover? I've heard this a million times online and IRL and it's always the latter.

No. 1429234

It's ok anon lmao. Sorry for misunderstanding.

No. 1429235

She will break up, when it has cost her everything and more already. Or she'll be dropped like a sack of shit most likely.

No. 1429239

What could you have possibly done? I'm calling misjudgment here

No. 1429260

had to tell my new doctor i didn’t need a pap smear because im a virgin and she gave me this surprised look. girl you asked. fml

No. 1429261

Don’t they do Pap smears for cervical cancer screenings too?

No. 1429264

You can get cancer regardless of if you had sex, anon.

No. 1429266

You sound absolutely retarded. holyshit

No. 1429269

girl I caught precancer during a pap as a virgin

No. 1429277

i didn’t refuse a pap on the basis of being a virgin, i’m not retarded. she explicitly asked me so she could know whether or not to order one. if she recommended one anyway i would have done it! i’m just a little embarrassed by her reaction. i don’t fall under the new guidelines for cervical screening yet which im pretty sure is why she asked and didn’t just order the test

No. 1429296

One of my coworker almost strangled me today. His hands were two inches away from my throat. The look in his eyes was terrifying. I have never seen such violence in someone's eyes before. He would have killed me if there was no consequences, I am sure of it. All I can remember from the event is him calling me a cunt and then his hands reaching for my throat. I am terrified. When I close my eyes, all I see are his eyes and his hands. I am debating whether I should report it to the police or not (I know I should, this man is dangerous). There is proof on camera. I wouldn't be surprised that he beat a woman at least once in his life. All of this happened because I dared speak my mind. Fuck men.

No. 1429300

There's a retard in the Grimes/Elon thread saying only trannies have "hip dips" nonas I am so tired. I feel like the monkey in the thread pic

No. 1429308

Dont worry about it anon its probably the tranny trying to shit up the thread or one of the infight anons. I noticed most nonnas have a healthy view of natural bodies when it isn’t a cow they hate. The newfags from tiktok and twitter bring in shit takes sometimes too and try to integrate but it just falls flat

No. 1429309

What the fuck. Absolutely report it to the police immediately, especially if there’s video evidence. I am so sorry that happened to you.

No. 1429311

Honestly farmhands should've banned everyone unironically using it from early on. Literally no one here except moids and unwanted newfags take the term seriously.

No. 1429314

Report it to police first, then hr because hr protects companies not employees.

No. 1429316

I assume anyone using that term is a scrote or from redscare thread.

No. 1429318

Agreed. Term used exclusively by retards.

No. 1429329

My docs all thought I had Lupus, turns out I have Rheumatoid Arthritis with secondary Sjogrens. Been tested rigorously since September and have been waiting two fucking weeks to get my medication approved by insurance. My doc and their office is magnificent, I wouldn't trade them for the world. I'm just so sick and fucking tired (HAH) of being in pain, inflamed and exhausted. This medication is an injection and comes with risks, but fuck it I feel it's worth it. The past year has been agony I just wanna feel better nonnas.

No. 1429336

I hope you get relief nonnie. The injections aren't fun, but I've seen how much they've helped people. Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon!

No. 1429341

I regularly browse the MtF/FtM threads but I sometimes read trans stuff from the other perspective in case I am being too harsh and judgemental and to challenge my personal biases. But the more I try to understand the concept of gender and gender dysphoria I am just thinking that it's bullshit. All bullshit. It's literally all in their head. Just abstract and non-tangible ideas that have no meaning in the real world. I can understand a person with literal schizophrenia more than a trans person. I am sure the ones who get spiraled into these concepts have too much time in their hands to think about these things and I think that's why the trans movement is only getting so popular in the Western sphere where people are highly privileged and individualism is encouraged. I don't see MtFs in poverty stricken countries desperately trying to become women when the women in their country are already a mother by the time they're 14 and are forced into oppressive gender roles. Transgenderism is a social contagion that can only exist in cultures that highly value the individual self.

No. 1429344

File: 1669949693438.png (300.69 KB, 640x791, 4akynJu_d.png.1b608616ea3dab14…)

Thank you sweet nonna. Your kind words lift me up and make me hopeful. Here's a kitty in a pumpkin.

No. 1429377

you needn't be this forceful but yeah op has her priorities all messed up and this is going to bite her huge time in the ass

No. 1429380

File: 1669951407114.jpg (161.77 KB, 1600x1200, d4c667cc-9aa9-44cf-a2f9-d1f244…)

You're welcome nonnie! Here's a picture of my kitty with her favorite toy.

No. 1429387

It’s such a painfully male trait to dehumanize and degrade women and think that committing abuse and harm against them is somehow okay… I will never understand why someone would claim they’re really a woman on the inside or whatever or ID as a woman if all they’re doing is nasty male things

No. 1429391

Okay but he didn’t strangle you so report it at work and get the footage so he is fired wtf

No. 1429433

i want to smooch her little forehead

No. 1429447

File: 1669955057170.jpeg (185.37 KB, 1170x1392, 337AFEFA-6701-4256-BF59-37442B…)

samefag but he posted this shit. I censored all I could just in case. Bridget is the fucking name of one of his alters (yes he named it after the Guilty Gear character! And yes, he hadn't shown interest in it beyond coomer shit until the tranny shit)

No. 1429455

File: 1669956209596.jpg (30.97 KB, 750x737, joaqer.jpg)

I remember when i used to think tranny/pronouns crap was just a dumb 2010's fad, i can't believe how quickly things change and evolve for the worst. I miss my 2014 innocence and i miss when it was cool to dunk on these people.

No. 1429457

I hope so nona

My car just crashed on the way to the shop today and had to get a tow. My dad was insisting it was still drivable, drove it then called me in a dull whine saying it was smoking.

On my way to work we were just marinating in awkwardness, no music, old man blathering on a work call.

if I reveal all the information I know all at once regarding the thing that scares me, I may be targeted. If I don't it'll feast on me to the point where I die under its pressure. I don't care enough anymore. my intuition is the only remaining sharp thing about me. The rest of my edges are filed down to the nubs

Nothing like female madness to drive your sensory issues up the wall. Maybe I am the problem, but I didn't cause it. The people who were supposed to love me blame me. I've tried to take a stride to improve my life and it flattened me. The thing was supposed to be escapism and now the thing is my enemy

They can't protect me from the thing it it decides to aim for me. Peak schizoposting if I end up wrong, nothing happens. Maybe the thing will permit me to move on realizing I'm young and vulnerable, but it's killed before. It's killed someone like me, young vulnerable and abused. I'm weak under that thought.

No. 1429477

are you looking to be gf to bf or caretaker to shitty grandpa? what a bad outlook nonna put your foot down at least

No. 1429487

Even when I was on tumblr during the early 2010s I didn't see any of those pronoun shit so it wasn't as pervasive then. I miss the times when people didn't care about the pronoun shit and males stayed in their lanes.

No. 1429489

Honestly, break up with him. Being in a relationship with a person with depression will just suck the soul out of you. They shouldn't even be in a relationship in the first place.

No. 1429502

I keep getting retardhenfbf83738@bullshitemail as a text message pretending to be amazon support that's going to close my amazon account if I dont click suspiciouslink.com except I dont even have one. I hate so much that I cant even block it because it only works on phone numbers.

No. 1429512

ntayrt but i don't think the trad types are the ones typing like that. she means the "it's giving slay sis" crowd

No. 1429541

File: 1669962989243.gif (935.97 KB, 200x190, rage.gif)

Holy shit the internet keeps getting worse and worse i cant even download most pictures anymore without having to convert them to png before posting them here. Whoever invented jfif and webp i hope they fucking kill themselves i cant even download a fucking gif from tumblr anymore.

No. 1429564

Head of the company that I'm new at declared that bonus only goes to people who perform above expectations and who have been at the company for at least half a year

No. 1429585

>sometimes even asking them to just pick up after themselves or help out doing the dishes gets construed as I make them feel like I'm always angry or frustrated at them. I hate fucking walking on eggshells and having to always be positive and nice even if I am feeling frustrated (usually related to work or feeling overwhelmed by stuff) or else he takes it super personally and makes it all about him.

This says to me that he’s using it to try and control you, manipulate you into being a caregiver. He will never get better because being “depressed” is too beneficial and comfortable for him. Just leave before you lose yourself.

No. 1429599

Recently requested paperwork in order to access funds from a trust that was set up for me I didn't know about. My mom sure withdrew a lot of funds citing reasons that never happened/didn't exist. Left the lowest amount allowed and took the maximum she was allowed over 10 years. It was a trust set up after my dad died, I think through insurance.

No. 1429604

I fuckimg hate men with every inch and fiber of my being and it’s getting to a point where it’s legitimately physically debilitating like I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack with how high my blood pressure gets from reading misogynistic shit online I hate them all so much they all think so fucking little of us they all the think we’re beneath them and evil and they have zero problems with spouting the most evil shit about us with zero regard or empathy for how we feel because they know we can’t do anything about it. I actively avoided the depp heard trial because I knew it was going to be sexist bullshit and I just heard today the texts where he was talking about how amber sucked dick to get her lawyers and called her a fish market and seeing the literal MILLIONS of men calling it PoEtRy and aRt made me fucking rage I can’t believe something so aggressively misogynistic is going to get a pass from all of society but if he said something that was even SLIGHTLY homophobic or racist or transphobic he’d be ruined but he can spout incel rhetoric and the entire world will applaud i fucking hate men so much I’m just gonna be a radfem political lesbian spinster for the rest of my life men do not look at women as anything other than monoliths they think so little of us and the worst part is they have millions of self hating women on their side too even tho women have zero truly feminist men that actually care. I just want a man that doesn’t hate women. I just want a man to read something like that and be offended and disgusted by the women hatred of it all. I just want for them to empathize with us and love us but they can’t. They hate us and it makes me want to cry because I’m so genuinely angry and I just sit alone at night losing my mind and reading hateful shit about women until I want to explode even when I’m having a good time I’ll get an intrusive thought about an particularly mean comment some scrote says and it ruins my day I just wish I could forget the sexist shit I’ve read men say and I wish they didn’t hate us even the men in my fantasies are fucking garbage

No. 1429605

This is a sexy gif

No. 1429608

i wonder if >>1428785 and >>1426963 are connected…

No. 1429612

my little shit of a bitch boss keeps giving me revisions and references to copy from but one of the things I'm copying from is his work and he still thinks it's wrong.

I've chosen to just give wordless updates when he's criticizing an unfinished placeholder thing but I'm so close to writing a strongly worded "you think it's shit, well I'm only copying your work lol."

I feel like he's just power tripping. I've seen the official output the bosses have made and he's asking so much from me when it's all just gonna be air brushed out. Jesus Christ.

No. 1429644

Because they've fetishished being a woman and men probably abuse us to punish us for our easy ride which involves men hyper fixating on us at all times.

No. 1429645

Walking home just now, I see a couple of male junkies coming in the opposite direction. Acting a bit weird. I'd usually just cross the street but theres roadworks happening. They come up me and are like "Love? Love?" leaning in to me. I've lived in areas before where you'd get alot of that. I've learnt not to engage. Especially if they're calling you hun or love or babe or any other weird term of endearment. The ones who just want to know the time or get a cig off of you will come out and say it. I'm not stopping.

I blank them. Just keep moving without looking at them. They keep walking too but one of them puts on this mocking tone and is saying "oh la la excusez-moi" Followed by him breaking into a primal sounding scream and "excuse me whore, excuse me whore!" from way up the street now. Screaming his head off.

God I'm really going to want to engage with strange male junkies in the future now. What a mistake I made by not wanting to give the likes of that my time. I'm clearly the rude one. How dare I make a judgement.. that you fucking proved right

No. 1429647

NGL I'd be annoyed if I got less bonus money becuase some newbie who just joined deserves some too lmao, half a year is fair

No. 1429650

My friend, male, keeps sending me gifs of dicks and breasts and I don't know how to react to it. Sending unwanted dickpics is harrassment so surely this is too? It just feels different because it's not HIS genitals but he is sending me genitals nonetheless.

No. 1429651

Posted about this before just updating. Me and my bf were suppose to go on a ski trip in his home town with his friends. This was planned in the summer. I told my bf it’s not a good idea because we are broke. He recently sold his car and he thought that money would last until the trip come up. He has been out of money for a while and he’s jobless. He asked me about a month or two ago for $200 to give to his friends as our split of the cabin fee and I said no because he never got me a plane ticket since he waited so long to buy them. His friends also asked him to add me to their group chat which he never did. He’s been ghosting all of his friends and now his best friend is adding me on discord asking what’s up. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I should tell my boyfriend his friend is asking because honestly I don’t really want to lie to his friend about what’s going on. I feel really really bad about all of this and kinda feel embarrassed. I just want to cry

No. 1429654

why are you even friends with thay guy wtf

No. 1429655


That’s not your friend. He sends them because he thinks you either like them or, more likely, that you don’t and he likes your discomfort. Block him.

No. 1429665

File: 1669978088096.jpg (47.04 KB, 1080x1049, yogny1wm7ie11.jpg)

reply with this

No. 1429667

In short, fuck _____ and her hypocritical, ignorant ass, spoilt ass, thinks she knows everything when it's obvious to everyone she knows jack shit and so forth self. Why the fuck do you have multiple dead spiders, bugs and flies just sitting on your desk?

No. 1429668

File: 1669978224142.jpg (50.94 KB, 630x1200, MV5BNmQ1MDJhYmUtNTJhYS00Njk2LT…)

I wanted to watch Wednesday because I think Jenna Ortega is gorgeous but I got 20 minutes in and already it reeks of zoomer nonsense. had to stop after they referenced tiktok

No. 1429672

What sort of zoomer nonsense? I'd like to watch the movie but I can't stand zoomer bullshit.

No. 1429681

File: 1669979201763.png (51.51 KB, 300x312, thumb_a-depiction-of-nice-guys…)

I'm so fed up of having these pushy attempted interactions from total strangers who are always male and usually older. I'm not inviting males into my life and yet here we are. A ongoing pain in my arse anyway. An anon the other day was saying that alot of the male hate on here is because nonnies are dating or still hanging onto the possibility of dating them and finding a rare good one but I'm not. I'm not dating men. I'm not thinking about dating males. I'm not befriending males or inviting them into my life. I'm dodging them mostly, doing the whole thing of living my own life and males aren't in the plan. But just being in a public space equals the possibility of being randomly harassed or bothered by them. I've noticed an increase in it happening lately. Wtf is up with men being desperate to disturb your peace. Offended when you're not in the mood to talk to any man at any opportunity.

I'm not young, I'm not the most feminine. I don't think off an inviting vibe. I'm a butch leaning woman in my thirties and this is still the reality of being a woman standing at a bus stop, waiting in a queue or walking to the store. You can ignore them but they throw a strop if you do that. As if you're not allowed have some quiet time. Why are you so insulted? I don't owe you a chat. I mean I've obviously randomly chatted with strangers before (including scrotes) because they seemed ok. But if I'm giving off leave me alone vibes its for a reason. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood, sometimes you give off creep vibes. I like to think I've gotten good at reading people and knowing when not to entertain randos.

You ever try to make small talk with someone because you both happen to be waiting around for a train or in a waiting room and they're just not receptive?.. I have and I shut up at that point. They're allowed to reject the offer of some chit chat. Its that easy to not push yourself on someone or take it super personally. Oh no a total stranger wants to be left alone. We can't have that be respected now can we?

Anyone else noticing an increase in this?

No. 1429687

Tell him to stick his dick in a meat grinder and never talk to you again, then block him on everything. This is not your friend, this is a gross predator. God I hate scrotes.

No. 1429689

The tumblr gif thing is that they're quietly formatted as gifv's, but simply deleting the v from the url lets you download it as a gif! Or at least, that works for me on desktop and mobile

No. 1429694

When I'm browsing on my laptop I just screenshot webps and hope the person who made those dies mad.

No. 1429696

i dont know how to live for myself and im really scared that ill never change and will just keep 'resetting' into my mid20s 30s and 40s. ive been on another depressive(???) lazyass slump for a few months and im too afraid to talk to my parents bc they've suicidebaited me before and its the time of night where i wish i could just quietly die and decompose into the earth just to be of benefit to anything. i feel horrible at the degree im studying for but im one semester away from graduating with no connections bc all my friends dropped me for pointing out that some celeb dude was a wifebeater.

im really tired and my sleep schedule has completely flipped to fall asleep at 9am. im so tired and dont want to spend money on food but also dont want to spend hours cooking for 10 minutes of eating. i know the little things are shit i should just pick myself up and do, but then my days are spent doing just the little things. i lost weight and the only thing really coming to mind is that my parents were so, so happy for the first time abt something i did for academics and it was dropping 10 pounds bc i got too stressed to eat much

i want older women to tell me its going to be ok and ill make my way out of this. im tired of calling disinterested crisis line volunteers and half-assing uni counselors and my mom doesnt care about me aside from a biological hormonal link, i think she just sees me as herself and what she'd do a second time around

No. 1429702

My dad walked into traffic in an insomniac paranoid delirium, I can't tell if he did it on purpose.
I wonder whether the same thing will happen to me. I've thought some strange things while sleep-deprived but nothing as bizarre as the sci-fi shit he'd been spouting. The problem is he'd never had an episode like that before, as far as I know anyway- so will I crack so badly if I'm ever under the stress he was?

No. 1429705

I don't want to go to work so bad it's unreal

No. 1429739

You did good. Jenna Ortega's pretty looks are the only good thing about Wednesday's character. This could be such a cute quirky series with lots of strong female characters but they just had to make Wednesday a NLOG turbo bitch.

No. 1429754

File: 1669985759889.jpg (326.95 KB, 800x600, GAio5TZA_1101191008471gpadd.jp…)

I hate when you guys have bad days, I wish I could help somehow. this thread is cathartic and frustrating all at once.
love you guys, hope everyone's days/lives get better. I'm rooting for you all.

No. 1429760

File: 1669986803865.jpg (9.23 KB, 184x184, 679cd899d2cf8b1862fb7f42b6b2e4…)

Nonnies, I just realized I'm a fucking loser.

>30 years old

>BPD and bulimiafag
>attempted suicide twice last month because I hate living like this
>freelance job no longer enough to support me, getting more broke by the day
>struggling to afford food
>bank with my savings blocks access for no reason, can't unlock it without calling, can't call without paying my phone bill, can't get in my savings to pay phone bill without unlocking my bank account
>huge pile of overdue work
>keep getting stress sick which makes me work less
>still manage to gain weight
>now getting stress pimples too

No. 1429762

I’m you but living with parents and working in retail, nona. It’s rough. Loser’s club.

No. 1429770

Society needs to put more blame and hold corporations accountabl instead of individuals. Coca Cola, Nestle, P&G, etc, all of those corporations do lifetimes of damage in seconds. You changing your diet isn't gonna do actual jack shit. It's like donating food or money to a homeless shelter when we could end a high percentage of homelessness altogether by forcing the government to eliminate income tax.
You may view it a pessimistic view of life, but things are fucked simply because the government doesn't care and we shouldn't give the government any amount of power as it's shown nothing is being solved. I feel more hopeful if we gave individuals the power of controlling where their money goes. I trust trailer trash and schizos more with deciding on where $2,000 goes towards the programs instead of rich elites.

No. 1429773

3 therapists, and multiple nurses and social workers have told me to pursue a career in something that involves public speaking, acting or psychology and I feel like that's a nice way of saying I am good at speaking but very fucked in the head

No. 1429778

or maybe that you‘re self-absorbed and never shut up, idk

No. 1429780

I think you’re taking the edgy interpretation that you believes flatters your narcissism, could just be as simple as you being full of hot air

No. 1429781

No. 1429784

I've been to talks before where people with their own extensive mental health history will teach you how to be a 'self advocate' or things like that. Tbh its pretty cool when people are able to do that. Publicly speak on it from a place of genuine understanding and experience. I'm more inclined to listen and remember them afterwards.

No. 1429787

File: 1669988879036.jpg (68.79 KB, 900x506, shakeee.jpg)

Loser's club!

No. 1429793

File: 1669989299343.jpeg (176.19 KB, 1079x1042, AEEF8BB8-29DA-4EF2-8ED1-6583FE…)

Jfc you’re still with that moid? It’s obvious that you’re nothing but some sugar mommy to him because someone who actually cares about their gf would not pull this shit. I know scrotes who were embarrassed asking for money from their gf and their family even when they were homeless and living in their car.

No. 1429799

Thats a tough situation but its better to dump him now like ASAP. Im sorry he doesnt love or even like you, but it's better to be the dumper than the dumpee even if he'd never do that while you still support him financially/emotionally/etc. I have no opinion on what would be good to tell his friends but washing your hands off him would probably raise your credit score by 100

No. 1429811

File: 1669990935888.jpg (42.12 KB, 500x369, 1635964312075.jpg)

Why hello there my fellow dead-end job loser bulimics. I'm getting close to 30, no education, can't drive, and live with my mommy wommy.

No. 1429820

omg nta twins

No. 1429838

There is no unique experience is there?

No. 1429848

File: 1669994366060.jpg (43.55 KB, 473x370, ugh.jpg)

I know it sounds bad and juvenile but I really wish I never had to deal with my parents again. My father is an alcoholic who doesn't care, he complains he never gets to see me but never makes the effort to spend time with me or even so much as call or text me, yet he can find all the time in the world to spend time with my male cousin… My mother is a complete narcissist who is exhausting to be around, and nothing you do is ever good enough for her. All she does is pick fights and criticize me every time I see her, and take credit for my career success even though she was a horrible parent to me growing up and had no hand in my career at all. Throughout my life she has belittled me, invaded my privacy, and isolated me from the few friends I have had, and when I was a child she would physically hit me too. I can't even go non-contact with her for practical irl reasons but god I really wish she would just leave me alone. My life is actually in a good spot at the moment and yet she is determined to try and bring me down. I'm just sick of being associated with these weights that just want me to be as miserable as they are!!

No. 1429867

This man needs to be responsible for his own actions. If he can't fess up to his friends imagine what he'd hide from you when it comes to finances and likely other things. Don't stay with an irresponsible moid. He needs to be pushed up against the wall with this responsibility. If he breaks down, it's all his fault. You're not responsible for him not having a job and making plans that involve tons of money. He's wasting so much time flaking on his friends.

No. 1429884

It sounds like you're still pretty young so I can assure you with a lot of confidence that it does get better. There will be steps back, but they won't erase all of your progress. In your early twenties, everything seems like it's going nowhere. When you're in university or doing your unpaid internship, you're working towards these goals that everyone keeps saying will pay off some day, but it's all nebulous and vague and nothing ever seems to change but you still struggle every day.
But if you keep slogging, all of your plans start happening. You graduate and that's relieving, but then you have to struggle with bullshit volunteering and internships, but then you your internship leads to a paid position with another company and your paychecks start rolling in and that's where it starts getting good.
You no longer wake up stressed and dreading work every day and your bank account gets padded enough that when your car breaks down you frown at the expense but you don't break down sobbing like you would have a few years ago. And then you reach your thirties and your thirties are the freedom and health of your twenties, but now with money and stuff starts getting really sweet.
It's going to suck, I will not lie to you there, I was widowed by 26 and had my life savings embezzled at 30, but if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you can make it. I can tell you the major rules if you want, but I don't want to derail the vent thread too much.
Also, you don't have to make meals, you can just eat the raw ingredients. Instead of making a sandwich with meat, cheese, dressing, bread, and lettuce, you can just grab slices of meat and cheese and eat them. Plus, you don't have to heat instant microwave oatmeal, just pour water into it raw and eat it. This actually lead to me pouring cold milk on raw steel cut oats and eating that for dinner for most days. I still like it as a lazy meal though nowadays I'll put cinnamon and let it sit for a while so the oats absorb the milk.

No. 1429888

>argument with a friend where i stated that although i am newly vegan and support the individual choice as the most just one, i dont think its realistic for all americans. they refuted this and called me retarded and said there are no excuses and made logical arguments and i just feel a wave of guilt
I don't get this type of shit between friends. When someone makes an effort to change an aspect of their life because either animals or the planet or whatever is a concern to them.. and others just keep raising the bar so that you can't ever escape feeling guilty. Its not good enough that you're vegan.. you also have to police or condemn the actions of others in order to please your friend? You can only control your own choices, today. You can't change your past and you're not responsible for anyone else and what they eat. You'll drive yourself mad being around people like that. Letting them put the weight of the world on you when.. you're already trying to do what you think is right and you already deal with enough stress and mental health shit.

Honestly its weirdly similar to trans cult shit. "Oh you're trans/an ally but you don't hate and attack every person that isn't lining up with every belief around that… guess you're a filthy terf yourself" If friends have to bully you into matching their exact beliefs and meeting them at their standard right down to the small details then thats not friendship. That cult mentality. When the bar just keeps getting raised and you have to agree with them every time it raises or else theres a row over it. I think given you've been through alot of struggles that they could cut you a break and not burden you with having to join them in freaking out about what anyone else chooses to eat

No. 1429890

I don't think you sound bad or juvenile. that's a shit hand to be dealt, I'm no contact with my parents because they're just shit, and weirdly similar to yours, honestly. You're allowed to be angry and frustrated and sad about it, Nona.

No. 1429892

I hate when I post something I interpret as harmless and a bunch of people dog pile me. I’m definitely not in the best emotional or physical state to be drumming up bs and getting upset on retarded image boards, I should just go back to lurking ugh stupid stupid

No. 1429904

Nonna sorry to hear that. But your friend just wants to start arguments and be a morally superior warrior who is above all peasants who still have to eat meat because they live in a food desert or a different climate. They are vegan “activists” because their life would be empty without pushing their ideology on other people and arguing non stop ..

No. 1429913

It’s fine anon. It probably happens to active posters at least once. Sometimes you get to shit and sometimes you get shit on. Just close the thread and hang out in a different one kek

No. 1429919

File: 1669998912614.jpg (83.1 KB, 640x793, e53e4ed5d16d4a4c0e5426ea893776…)

Sounds like you planted some good bait, from a dark triad stacy perspective should be proud of yourself

No. 1429932

I was nearing 30 when it fully hit me that even my dads semi-presence in my life was causing me more sadness than if he just wasn't there at all. I'm not great at connecting with people. I've been isolated at times. So even a lil bit of contact with him felt needed. Ironically he played a large role in my inability to form connections with people now. I hate how I've ended up. I hate knowing why I'm like this but not having the guts to point it out to him. I hate how much of an upward battle it is to try and become someone who isn't just childhood trauma on legs, at 30

He favors my brother massively, guilts me for not seeing him more but also… hes kinda designed that set up himself. Thats his creation. He knows my brother inside out and barely knows anything about my life. That was always how it was. Why would you act disinterested for my entire life and then pretend I'm the issue? My last straw is him now guilting me for not being available… when he never was. Why are you calling the shots on when to bother being family and when to not bother. Thats not how you build a bond with.. anyone. If you don't maintain relationships they tend to fade out like that after enough chances are missed. Even I, a social retard, know that much.

If you want to play catch up how about I tell you of all the times I could've done with having a parent to talk to. When I was in a domestic abuse situation and I stayed because I had nobody. Because you would've sided with the male in that situation. Because thats your default. He doesn't want to know what hes missed in the last decade or so. Its hasn't been pretty. I've had no support system during my lows. I'd pray to my mom, I talk to a dead person before I think to talk to him in a crisis. So me sending a text every couple months asking how you are, is me being generous at this stage. Take it or leave it but don't guilt trip me.

No. 1429938

This has been happening to me a lot lately. Or people just write me off and call my posts a LARP or bait. Like I'm just minding my own business and posting in good faith and people think because something in my post elicited some negative emotional response in them it was a targeted attempt by me to sow discord. Like it's not that deep.

No. 1429948

It's not all or nothing. Every little bit you can do helps. I've been vegan for over a decade and I think after such a long time it's easy to forget how much you learn in that time. I have no difficulty making cheap nutritious meals, because I have the knowledge and experience. Plus I don't live in a food desert and can literally walk 10 minutes to a farmer to get vegetables and potatoes. before someone wants to sperg about muh health and that all women totally need to eat lots of animal products; I have no deficiencies besides the kind everyone in this climate has and I originally went plantbased after an elimination diet, because animal products made me end up in the ER with extreme constipation which hurt a lot, doctors say my plantbased diet is great The reality is though that a large portion of the population going flexitarian and switching to plant milks occasionally has done more damage to the meat and dairy industry than vegans have done alone. So you shouldn't beat yourself up so much about it, if you eat plantbased 90% of the time or whatever, you're already doing enough. It's impossible to live in capitalistic patriarchal society without relying on the suffering of other people and animals, we're all in the same boat. Really the entire system has to be torn down and we can't do that alone. Your friend is retarded and unnecessarily hostile.

No. 1429955


There was a time when everyone was calling me a tranny cp poster lol. Apparently someone was spamming some boards with cp, and people were paranoid. Then some anon came up with the theory that this “tranny cp poster” was accusing nonnas for being a tranny in multiple threads to stir up the boards. And then mods finally joined the chat and deleted the tranny’s posts but mine remained because surprise surprise I’m not him. They were still rude to me after that and didn’t accept that what they were doing was bullying. Wild times
I think it’s best for your mental health to not log in to lolcow if you’re going through a sensitive period nonna.

No. 1429960

There's this artist I've been envy-following for about a decade. She's a coom-brained gendie and her art isn't even that good, but I still like it and more importantly, I want her life. She has a wife, a cute house in a beautiful country, two cats, makes money off her stupid art, and has time to indulge in her million and one hobbies and make unhinged rambling posts about them on Twitter. Meanwhile, I'm an unemployed grad student who is mediocre at the crunchy computer shit I actually study with no creative energy left to make art, and I keep watching her get better than me because I just don't draw anymore. It's not like I don't have the time to draw, but when I sit down I feel like a fucking zombie and the most arty thing I can do is to mindlessly plug away at some easy crochet project while watching anime. I feel like I should just throw in the towel and make autistic fighting games or something because I code more than I draw now and I hate what I've become.

No. 1430011

My birth mom only raised me for the first year of my life and for a year after my adoptive dad died to give my adoptive mom a break. Now as an adult, my birth mom is moving like 5 hours away and keeps "worrying about what I think" and is concerned for me "being left alone" and I can't help but find it funny. I'm neutral about it because if she lived beside me, 8 hours away or if she were dead wouldn't change the amount of closeness we have. I don't depend on her. She doesn't like that I turned out to not be Ebony D'arkness like she is, and when I ask her for any help regarding advice she lies to me or purposely tells me the wrong info. She feels like I should be exactly like her despite her never liking me or taking any time to raise me in any way. I'm exactly like my adoptive mother which makes her seethe (calm, boring, quiet, loner, artistic) and my birth mom is like an absolute mess. I seriously wish I could enter into a two-month long coma and awaken only after she's sold her house and moved. I'm sooooo tired of feigning interest in where she's going or how much weight she's lost. It is impossible for me to care and I constantly have to remind myself to ask for updates about shit. I can't care.

No. 1430012

Question: what does art mean to you? Is it something you even want to do professionally? Be careful of the grass-is-greener mentality, you’ll find that a lot of professional artists end up becoming burned out on artmaking outside of their job. Making money from your passion can be great, but it can also suck the inspiration out of you because you’re no longer doing it for just yourself. That said, if it’s something you really want to do, maybe you could pivot your coding studies to something that more compliments your creative side? You mentioned indie games. That’s definitely one possibility. But mostly don’t compare your life to someone’s social media presence, that gendie artist’s life could be a complete trainwreck behind the scenes, but all you’ll ever know is what you see online.

No. 1430013

i mentioned to my moid that i want a fun starbucks drink this morning but didnt want to feel calorie guilt after and instead of telling me to go get one anyway he said "starbucks adds up in more than one way" and told me to drink a plain tea instead. i hate it here

No. 1430016

i took a break from posting and forgot how aggressive anons can get here. idk if it’s moids or loud-type female autism or what but i think i’ll stick to lurking. i can feel myself getting meaner when i’m posting regularly

No. 1430026

I was looking for angry female deathcore or metal bands. One had an album called "No Dawn for Men". Nice name, sounds okay, check them on google. They have a fucking tranny in the band. Sister in christ, all I want is a brutal raging female band that sings about doing the same fucked up shit to men that men in those hardcore metal bands sing about doing to us. I'd even be fine with a man playing an instrument, just don't have one that is larping as a woman with your fake feminist label supporting it.

No. 1430033

i'm in my first trimester of pregnancy, dealing with horrible morning (well, all day) sickness. i'm doing my MA and most of my profs have been very accommodating, however, one is giving me such a hard time on a final presentation. he originally said i could do it through zoom but now is saying no. i want to do it in person, but i can barely leave my house on good days. i hate confrontation and the whole situation is making me feel guilty and bad. the graduate office is on my side, but i still find it hard to advocate for myself, and i really wish he would be more understanding of my situation.

No. 1430034

I have this intrusive fear of being infertile

No. 1430043

Yes please for the major rules. I struggle with the struggling part even though I know showing up for myself everyday will pay off, part of it is my mild doomer shit but it also feels like a lot of it is me struggling with what feels like basics to my peers - time management, knowing what's even out there, standing up for myself at least when push comes to shove, talking to family without activating my fight/flight instincts, etc. I keep getting back on the wagon tho so that's got to lead to something…
I hope you're doing a ton better than 30 now, i think it's really admirable that you kept going and bounced back despite it all. I'll try the ingredients and oatmeal trick, ty!

No. 1430057

Try Kittie, it's a Canadian all-female numetal band.

No. 1430059

Just watched a video clip from “Insider Food” about the making of Worcestershire sauce. The lady reporting on it tries it at the end and goes “this is pretty much everything that I hate, I really don’t like vinegar, anchovies, or garlic, onion-“
THEN WHY ARE YOU A FOOD REPORTER! For fuck’s sake. Picky eaters are the worst and if anyone says they don’t like garlic or onion I assume they have the taste buds of a 5-year-old. Go sit at the kids’ table, there’s plenty of chicken nuggies with ketchup to go around

No. 1430075

If someone dislikes onions I just assume they are stunted in other ways mnetally

No. 1430077

This juice I drank gave me diarrhea twice in less than 24 hours. I still want more though.

No. 1430085

what juice was it

No. 1430086

Pineapple mango. I think from the same brand that sells Simply Lemonade

No. 1430092

ty nonnie im gonna look for some before i buy more senna tablets

No. 1430093

This is petty as fuck but I think I'm still resentful that my parents supported my decision to go to school for art up until it came time to sign the application forms, despite paying for years of ludicrously expensive art classes and accompanying me to fucking portfolio day. Since then art always felt like a party trick I do for other people - my mom still coos over my shitass high school work and whatever dumb sketches she sees me do now and it really twists the knife. I guess I just want to make art for myself again, but when I try it always feels like someone is watching over my shoulder and telling me it's no good to sell/post online. I haven't made a finished piece in at least a year. Coding is different - I can write hilariously bad prototype code and not bat an eye, and I don't feel as much pressure to be 'good' because I know I can rewrite it or repurpose it later. I don't know if I like it better, but it feels easier and less painful.

No. 1430098

>Picky eaters are the worst
I like you I am tired of shit of grown-ass adults that are as picky as little kids and would never invite them.

No. 1430109

you can't even razz people for it now because everyone has some pathological justification for why they can only eat takeout and cheetos

No. 1430111

I want to break up with my abusive boyfriend but every time I get the courage to confront it his health gets worse or something bad happens to him or
if he snaps on me for not being affectionate or subservient enough I panic and try to save the relationship because I'm retarded I don't want to be in it anymore but I feel obligated to stay And I can't fucking do it nonnies

No. 1430115

File: 1670006763768.jpg (73.63 KB, 707x682, 1667935502328.jpg)

I have a stupid work gathering/party that's supposedly to be celebrating Christmas and the world cup and whatever but I hate these kind of stuff so, so much. I just wanna go back home, man. It wasn't even optional. Please, let me leave

No. 1430123

Good luck anon. I also had half of a Italian sandwich and half of a roast beef sandwich when I drank the juice if that helps.

No. 1430150

I don't get it. How are these things not optional? Are you paid to go there? Does it happen during your work hours? If I'm not being paid, I'm not going to work gatherings, kek.

No. 1430156

I unironically think that should count as paid working time. Emotional labour.

No. 1430158

Went to the christmas market and I think I got covid'ed there. Now it's the fifth day with the sniffles and it's turning me insane lol, how do people who get sick at least once a year cope with this? Now I clipped my nose, fuck that noise. At least my sense of taste still works and have no other issues anymore.

Thank God though I didn't infect anybody it seems, made phone calls with the three people I met afterwards.

No. 1430160

Please stay safe. Make a plan, and stick to it

No. 1430176

You're an internet addict and read too much ragebait, get off reddit and go outside once at least once a week

No. 1430183

Our garage fridge died. The actual fridge contents weren't a huge loss. Egg nog that we tossed, and liquor and sodas that would be fine room temp. But the freezer part had several bags of frozen snake food (aka rodents). Not only do I have to dispose of and clean up after the smelly stuff that's now a waste of money, NOW I have to find out how to get rid of a fridge. The dump nearby doesn't take them. It's just a massive inconvenience.

No. 1430198

nona you're not retarded, its hard trying to escape abusive relationships. I don't have any good advice but I really hope you can leave and stay safe, you deserve to be treated respectfully and you deserve a peaceful life

No. 1430224

My claim to get my teeth removal + implants covered just got denied. I absolutely cannot afford 2000+ euro implants on my own, so it seems i'll just have to live with two dead teeth and wait until they get infected or something and have to be emergently pulled and then live the rest of my life with two missing front teeth. I genuinely feel fucking hopeless right now.

No. 1430233

I just got an ad in the mail for a dentist and implant center that offers $500 implants, have you looked around well yet at surrounding offices? I know we are in different countries but my heart aches for you. Maybe you can get some place to agree to a payment plan?

No. 1430261

Everytime a man says some shit like "we need men because otherwise how would anyone fix cars/do the plumbing hurr durr" and some woman points out that she can do that or how women can easily do the jobs of men but not vice versa, the man starts chimping out like "UHMM ARE YOU SERIOUS? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT SWEATY. WOMEN NEED MEN TO FIX CARS AND DO PLUMBING (if I repeat it enough maybe it'll become true!)" Men are so insecure about how replaceable they are it's hilarious. They have to come up with reasons why they're "needed" and then it's just basic jobs women can do and have always been able to do.

No. 1430283

It’s called a fawn response it’s part of your flight and fight. Can you save money secretly anon? Don’t tell him anything till after you’re already out. You deserve good things and him threatening to hurt himself is bullshit. If he does it’s his own fault.

No. 1430312

lol so true though. i started getting into DIY we bought a house, and started fixing all the broken stuff around the house that my bf kept putting off. i was surprised that it took me a surprisingly short time although i had to Google some stuff.
after i was done and putting the tools away, i made a passing remark that 'men insist that only they can fix things because they don't want women to find out how easy it is', he didn't like that lmao

No. 1430358

Kek nonny. It is easy. They try to gatekeep this knowledge from women or say "Uhh but I don't want you to, you don't have to you know" acting like they're doing you a favor or "women shouldn't HAVE to do that" some sort of bullshit chivalry but we learn it anyway and we discover we don't understand what the fuck they were complaining about, talking about all this "hard work" like it's rocket science when it's actually really simple in order to try to inflate their own usefulness lmao.

No. 1430366

I might just be paranoid but I think my manager at work is into me. He hasn't done anything creepy or anything, just texted a couple times off hours but I get that vibe. He's 20 years older than me and has a long term gf.
Last time I had this suspicion about a manager at a previous job I was right.
I dread that I am and my cozy workplace becomes extremely awkward.

No. 1430385

For me it honestly seems more like very young tiktok zoomies, just because they're quick to jump to weak short insults, while I associate twitterfags and kiwis more with walls of texts and overexplaining every little thing.

No. 1430388

Honestly I did need men to move heavy furniture up the stairs. But I'll gladly pay them for that service, I wouldn't want to become his replacement mommy for that once a year service.

No. 1430391

File: 1670017976713.jpeg (137.35 KB, 1093x1080, 3E2C5907-B5BF-426C-801C-B0E58F…)

About to have a manic episode and honestly just debating if I should just commit death for the simple reason I can’t be bothered with it any more kek

No. 1430392


No. 1430410

When they’re like “women can’t even open jars” ok? That’s what technologies are for. Male upper body strength became obsolete when we stopped banging rocks together.

No. 1430424

theres a singular crinkle on my forehead on one side and it's starting to drive me mad. I suffer from brain fog and migraines so it's impossible to completely stop contorting my face

I will not be coaxed as a poorie into starting botox in my mid twenties. I will not I will not I will not. other than that i look fine. fucking stupid body dysmorphia

No. 1430426

massage your forehead, get any knots out. might help slightly for your migraine as well

No. 1430429

Amazon marked my package as delivered but didn't take a photo, and it's not even there! Come on, seriously? I've never had a package that was stolen or missing before. Who the hell would want a singular book anyway?

No. 1430433

Oh nonny, I’m so sorry. I just had my baby and the first trimester morning sickness phase so I’ll gives me nightmares. You’ll get through it soon, just remember I am here wishing for pain and torment on your shitty professor.

No. 1430437

Twitter’s and Reddit’s overuse of the word “nazi” is really annoying. Nazis were once the leaders of Germany who caused the holocaust. They’re not some asshole on social media who posts racist memes. Yes, that person is still a massive piece of shit but they’re not a Nazi.

No. 1430450

Can I call someone who self identifies as a national socialist fascist, autistically obsessed with Hitler and only watches WWII shit, will get angry when people 'disrespect' his 'Fuhrer', makes every conversation about da Joos, a nazi? Or did they go extinct magically in '45?

No. 1430453

I’m not good enough, and I can never be. I just wish it didn’t suck so bad.

No. 1430472

NTAYRT but the point is that some garden variety racist schmuck does not equal a person with Nazi ideals or is in a neo-Nazi subculture. If someone does check off several of those traits, sure they seem pretty nazi-like. But there are lots of people who are just asses who get called nazis. Heck, lots of people who are moderate people who get called nazi just for disagreeing with certain opinions. It has been watered down regardless of how you look at it.

No. 1430476

i've been invited to the first house party of my life, and i was so excited until i was told by a mutual friend that he thinks the guy only invited me because he has a crush and i'm so overwhelmed by fear and repulsion. and it sucks because he's a nice guy, i have no reason to be afraid of him at all, i know he wouldn't take rejection badly, i'm just still so weird around men and i hate knowing that i'm desired in any romantic context whatsoever. idk whether or not itd be weird to go the party now (he's not the host and i know several people there). i worked so hard to get out of my shell but i don't want to have a weird encounter and get knocked all the way back

No. 1430478

I am so full of rage for no good reason and can't seem to calm down, im so close to dropping a manifesto in my friend group chat and ending like 5 friendships

No. 1430480

How are you gonna blame social media for something that Seinfeld did when millennials were babies kek

No. 1430488

Do it, yolo

No. 1430501

Are there instructional videos on how to do this a certain way or do I just rub the affected areas

No. 1430505

If he's not the host, I think it should be okay for you to go. He might try to make a move on you but just shut him down fast. It's not like friends don't invite friends to parties. Just act like what the truth is: you're not interested in him but you wanna go to the party. I know it seems really hard at first, but it'll be easier if there'll be a lot of people there.

No. 1430510

thank you anon, i'll just try and avoid him and chat to other people (hopefully even meet some new people!). i'm still socially inept and it's really good when i can post into the void and get cooler nonnies to advise me kek

No. 1430511

Yeah this. Nazis are always racist but not every racist is a nazi. Nazis is a concrete ideology, there are lot of these people but the majority of racists are still only racist without the NS aspect. Though even then it's more accurate to call them fascists which is less a concrete description since even most fascist racists aren't desiring an actual nationalsocialist regime anymore the way Germany had in the 30s. Most modern fascists seem to be pro-oligarchy or fundamentalists and even most of those that call themselves nationalists are rather culturalists + white supremacists. It's much more race and culture centered now than nationality centered.

No. 1430517

I second this >>1430505

I was never interested in romances on principle and so far and surprisingly they always understood when I told them that I am basically asexual.

No. 1430527

i just spent the past year+ of my life in an awful and emotionally abusive relationship with a horrible man and i finally decided that i couldn't take it any longer and ended things with him today. he forced me to miss out on so many things because he was extremely controlling and insecure, i wasn't allowed to go to my prom because he wasn't able to come with me, i wasn't allowed to have any public social media accounts, we would have to be on the phone if he wasn't with me so he could know what i was doing, he isolated me from all of my friends and he was the only person that i had for so long and now i feel so completely alone. he was also extremely evil to me and would constantly make fun of my interests and just say things to make me feel inferior to him despite me asking him repeatedly to stop and was extremely hypocritical i could write out every awful thing hes done to me but it would literally be a 5 page essay lol, i ended things 3 hours and i feel so completely alone right now and i cant handle it and i want to text him so badly because i'm so lonely but i know i shouldnt :( and just to make my life worse my macbook just broke too. overall i am extremely depressed and lonely and i'm trying not to go back to my abusive ex or to kill myself right now

No. 1430541

My sister's operation got cancelled because she made a scene at the appointment. She just keeps getting worse and I am worried but I am not close to her, I see her during holidays and her kids birthdays but she seems to be doing well, a family, a new career but she never tried to heal all the shit we went through as kids. It's insane how I may be a loser with a shit first job, but at least I tried and keep trying because you can't just drink or scream shit away, my mom told me my sister refuse to see a therapist again and it's just like…okay then. Insane how someone can seem like such a perfect mommy vlogger type of a person yet she has done 0 emotional work and still acts like a hurt teenager.

No. 1430550

>tfw someone just got banned for 'reddit spacing' in the tinfoil thread today
dang even the jannies fell for the meme

No. 1430564

She sounds like my sister, only without the career and family. Kek.

No. 1430567

You will feel terribly lonely for a while but just know that everything will get better from here on out. Remember that you don't actually miss him, but you miss the idea of him, his companionship. Anyone could replace him and probably do a better job. I'm proud of you for leaving, now is your time to heal (also sorry about your macbook).

No. 1430582

so sorry, it's kinda scary and surreal to even hear about.

No. 1430588

Technically it was during working hours, but not paid. I bet that if you asked my boss she'd say it was optional and no one needed to be there, but you know, "optional". I work in a very, very small store (4 active employees) and not going without a good reason would be insanely frowned upon.
To be completely fair, the food was great and it wasn't super bad because I kept talking with my co-workers instead of socializing with my boss' family, and the secret Santa thing actually had a nice gift imo.
But I got home at 21:15 when I am usually at home by 17:30. And I'll have to work tomorrow morning. And that fucking sucks.

No. 1430589

File: 1670030611786.jpg (13.52 KB, 269x347, tumblr_pqqwkqcTzU1yo23euo1_400…)

I spent most of this year being sick and trying to get myself diagnosed, only to end up finally getting my diagnosis by august. By october they had to give me stronger pills but they barely work either. I am tired. I am so sick of everything. I am feeling so petty around people IRL who whine over something incredibly stupid that can be fixed in a span of 5 minutes, but they have to be overdramatic about it because of their victim complex, when i never spoke about my chronical illness to anyone, suffering through pain, sleepless nights and tears without whining. Man it just fucking sucks huh. But at least, when i felt like 'its over for me', i spent great 4 days on a vacation, went to a big event to which i never been to, met two of my idols. Man, the year wasn't too bad if you think of those 4 good days, but that still sounds extremely sad.

No. 1430594

It should be forbidden by law to call sweet shit "food". If I come to another celebration or invitation that promises "food" only to see trash like cookies, chips or pies on the menu I will instantly order a giant sushi plate for 40 euro or a filet steak with pepper sauce and eat this amid the shit eaters and don't share it with anybody.

No. 1430597

Lol that’s junk. I would at least expect like finger sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres. At least order a pizza.

No. 1430599

how is reddit spacing a bannable offense, is double spacing really only associated with reddit

No. 1430600

i’m lying to everyone about literally everything in my life and it’s killing me. i know i need to get help and confess to my family but it feels like death is preferable. i know if i confessed and got everything sorted out my life would still be one massive painful struggle with little reward.

No. 1430604

i am just shit… i am not who iwant to be. i live with so much shame. and i deserve to. thats the thing. i deserve it because ive done bad things. and i continue to do them. i hate myself and everything that i have gotten myself into. im so fucking tired of myself and this life.

No. 1430607

I wish I be motivated doing anything again or feel genuine joy with anything. I don't think I am depressive, I don't have actual negative thoughts or anything like that, but I did almost absolutely nothing the last 10 years and I don't even know why. There is just a lack of fun, so I prefer to do very short little and easy to do tasks like writing a post on anon image boards because that makes me feel like a.) doing something while it's b.) quickly done and if someone responds or starts another topic I have c.) something to engage in.

I feel like my brain got crippled and got incapable of doing anything that takes more than five minutes to do or anything that needs me to think much.

No. 1430613

It’s never too late to change nona

No. 1430641

guys why have I been getting so sick so often? I've had the flu 3 times in 4 months. I have my best friend's wedding tomorrow and I'm literally bed bound from how ill I feel. Then on Sunday I have to drive 4 hours to pick up my grandma from out of state. I need to magiclally feel better in like 10 hours in order for both to happen but I've done everything possible. fml

No. 1430643

I just want to poop normally. I was hospitalized when I had really bad food poisoning and went from explosive bloody diarrhea to barely pooping at all. The worst thing is that the most common treatment for constipation is on recall and only one company makes the bottles. Today I had a tablespoon of olive oil, Metamucil capsules and a serving of senna tea. I hope this works.

No. 1430656

congrats on leaving him!!! it must have taken a lot of strength and bravery. there's no way to heal from his impact on your life without feeling incredibly lonely at first, but you'll get there. try throwing yourself into a hobby/study/music/movie/skill for a bit, you'll be okay

No. 1430665

File: 1670039666398.gif (982.3 KB, 320x287, BCEC88D1-BEE8-47C8-A146-9E185C…)

Nobody listens to me, seriously. I'm trying to make sure all of the evaluations I got from my teacher are in my reports, I told her that I was sure that I needed two sets of sheets filled up because I was quite sure that she didn't fill them up, now I'm on the deadline, I thought she was right and that I had those two sets of sheets, I don't have them, I can't ask for her to fill two more for me, they have to be signed, I want to die.
I really hope my tutor is as incompetent as he was on the first internships I had to go through so I just get them approved without him proofreading the reports I made about them, I'm just sick of this shit, I hate teaching, it doesn't fill me with anything, I don't even dislike it, I'm just tired already, I don't want to teach anyone anything because it's a waste of time.
Like have you seen any schools nowadays? They weren't any good when I was a kid but hell, they're a mess, the kids won't stop looking at their phones or listening to whatever they're listening to during the class, then they get all shocked when /wow/ they had to study some shit or do homework or a project, and they didn't listen to anything that was said because they're too busy talking to who the fuck knows who.
Like what? They're 15 years olds, they can't be talking to anyone outside of school if they're in school, and what are they doing to talk about with their classmates? "Hey bruh, my class suckzzz" "ayy lmao mine too kek" that's it? I don't know, teaching has only managed to make me feel older like, mentally than I felt before, I will develop dementia or something if this shit keeps going.

No. 1430672

The new wednesday series sucks. They just turned her into some pretty goth girl

No. 1430676

I was a messy trainwreck drug addict in and out of NEETdom all through my teens and 20s and now that I'm stable I feel like I don't deserve to get my shit together and move on. I fucked up a lot of education opportunities and part of me wants to try and finish my degree and pursue a career in my original field of interest and the other part of me feels like I need to work retail for the rest of my life to atone for my sins.

No. 1430716

When I was 14 I was sexually assaulted by an adult. The abuse continued for a couple of years. I never said anything cause the guy's dad was rich and influential as shit. He worked in the government and all that. He kept telling me that no one would believe me, and his parents always argued that I was a slut that only wanted his money. Again, I was 14, and barely out of middle school. He was 19 and dropped out of high school. Anyways, that was almost 15 years ago, and basically the only thing I can remember clearly is that his house was really big and Fancy. Which ended up giving me a huge absurd fear of fancy houses and rich people. Which in turn has make house hunting a living hell. At this point I would rather live under a bridge. Husband has enough money to afford a good house, but every time I see the photos the agent sends I get anxious and start panicking. I don't even know why, I know it's stupid, but I honestly don't know what else to do. I've been trying to convince him to buy a condo, but I also don't want to settle for a shitty place just because I have unresolved stupid trauma. I fucking hate this.

No. 1430730

It's for kids anyway

No. 1430740

just want to find a good looking dark haired guy who's not going to ignore me. blonde and ginger guys are repulsive to me. I am not some kind of freudian monster for wanting a guy with dark hair, why can't one of them like me. I have for years been adamantly against going blonde as a brunette with brown eyes and midtone skin. it would not suit me and I do not want to fry my hair with bleach. I grew up witnessing my mother dye her hair the worst shade of straw blonde. it didn't hit me till the last few years how much this sucks

a good looking dark haired guy will pick an ugly blonde over an attractive brunette. fuck this fucking stupid shit. blondes do not have more fun. I refuse to adhere to their standards but I wish I weren't considered ugly or plain when I've seen unattractive women with lighter hair and eyes land men I find attractive, all because of again, eurocentric fetishism. it's not my fault I fell prey to the eldest daughter curse and got part of my dorky jewish fathers face

it just pisses me off that as much as I don't crave unwanted male attention and don't get it much with my standoffishness, I hate being perceived as hideous and mostly attract the opposite of my type. I don't deserve it probably. I'm not only ugly, I hate myself and I'm unpleasant to be around, my body is awful, and what's the point? everytime I take strides to improve I just end up in another abusive dynamic that closes in on me and I hate myself again. even the attractive men have let me down. what is the use fuck fuck fuck

side note yes I'm bi but my gaydar is shit and I can't figure out for the life of me whether a woman is bi or gay or not, that's where I fail in that department! yay for bumbling awkwardness on all fronts, I am disgusting and sloppy and I'm afraid nobody will ever love me again

No. 1430741

I see so many moids dating app bios saying they are into emotional nonmonogomay and they're into kink. It blows my mind how a guy says that, and moreso how a woman will accept it and start a conversation. Being ENM is saying
>I like to fuck around with other people and be at a higher risk of STDs, non-commitment, and I'm using you to increase the coom and other selfish reasns
What self respecting woman will get with a guy who's advertising he's already fucking other women?
Plus, if you say you're into kinky shit, you're associating your face with your kinks. So gross. Sure, it can be important to a relationship, but imagine broadcasting your kinks to literal strangers. It's insanity.
Fuck it all. I've been single for over 10 fucking years. I'm giving up. I wish I was a lesbian.

No. 1430763

Because men aren't punished by being unironic coomers. We should really force some type of male purity and chastity myth in the west, not because it mattere, just so we don't have to hear and read about their retarded wanking habits.

No. 1430777

Low-level rant: I asked my mother if we had rye bread at home or if I should get some on my way back from uni (want to make something that requires it), to which she responded with "yes, I got some while I was out in town". I come back and it's fine rye-bread instead. Both of those sound completely different in our native language so I'm a tad bit annoyed that I'll have to wait 2 extra days until the shop opens again.

No. 1430779

Yeah I often see women put up with the scummiest men and I always judge both of them. I've seen way too many "my pornsick boyfriend makes me clean the house while he plays video games after he put a paper bag over my head and fucked my ass while hitting me in the ribs" posts and it's like, just leave him. You're an adult and no one is forcing you to be with him.
Might be just me but as soon as any man were to imply I should do something degrading I'd be out of the door.
Men are disgusting, what is new. It's up to women not to accept them so that they're forced to change into decent human beings.

No. 1430787

i got roofied and raped and have been diagnosed with genital herpes. i am in the worst pain of my life, a pain so uninaginabble I was considering suicide. the ulcers are everywhere from my vulva to anus area. i called an ambulance for myself to the hospital where they have put me on a catheter because my urethra is swollen shut. I haven’t been able to shit in a week, my belly is distended and I cry and scream evertytime I put an enema in. I’m on fetanyly which is the o my thing that has helped. Worst stoll is the mental anguish. I’m ready to end it all, incurable and broken for life. I don’t know what to do , the noose is looking like my only option. I have mo friends or no one to turn to about this

No. 1430795

That is awful, I'm so sorry that happened to you.
I hope the man who did that to you gets everything that's coming for him. Fuck him and I pray that he rots in hell. Depending on where you were maybe there were cameras and you could see who drugged you?
Just looked up information about it and it seems like the first flare-up is the worst, and more than 10% of the population has it. But I bet that still doesn't make you feel any better, as no one should go through what you experienced. Just know there are are a ton of people with genital herpes in happy long-term relationships.
Are there any support groups you could go to or join online communities for it?

No. 1430843

I'm sorry this happened to you nonna. That piece of shit deserves to die. I just want you to know though, that genital herpes does not mean you are broken.
My friend has it, and she was in the same spot as you at first, but since that initial flare up it's been almost non existent for her. It absolutely will get better for you and there is antiviral medicine and cream you can take too. I wish you all the best.

No. 1430844

You're not broken. The broken one is the animal that would do such a thing. You are loved and he is unloveable. I hope he gets caught and everyone sees his face on the news.

No. 1430846

Thank you nona. I'm not sure if the public sector does payment plans, but that's the next thing I'll have to find out- it seems ridiculous for them to not to, but it's also ridiculous that a country with socialized helthcare also leaves dentistry almost completely out of it, yet that's the reality. It really pisses me off that my country boasts internationally for it's affordable healthcare, yet I, a young student (aka the fucking future of the country) can't get a ticking health disaster removed from my mouth because I can't afford it. It's very demoralizing.

No. 1430849

Nona that is awful, I am so sorry you are going through this. the piece of human filth who did this to you deserves to suffer. But like the other nonas said, you can get through this and it will get better. I know it seems impossible right now but you are worth of love and happiness.

No. 1430850

Did you see the girl who came out a few weeks ago with her story, 18 years old, lost her virginity to a guy. He gave her hiv, herpes and trich. She was on social media sharing her story from the hospital. In agony. Described similar to you with the herpes and then had a crazy level of uti thats part of the hiv infection. I swear men are getting off on spreading this stuff to young women. This guy had all his friends dragging her through the mud, acting like clowns trying to defend him. His reaction certainly didn't scream innocent with all his equally woman-hating pals butting in and telling on themselves.

I'm sorry this happened to you. These men are twisted.

No. 1430859

The French government is telling us to not use too much electricity and to stay cold during winter but the festival of light in Lyon will be maintained again, I hate this shit, whoever decided to turn this fun small town festival into a super touristic event that will block public transport almost everywhere for 4 fucking days in a row and use a shit ton of electricity deserves to get his dick cut off I don't give a fuck anymore.

No. 1430895

Is there anyway they can even enforce that?

No. 1430909

Bumped into the teacher who asked me out on a date when I was 17 at the shop this morning, and I'm ashamed to say that my mother issues kicked in fucking INSTANTLY and I felt like an overeager puppy trying to win her praise. We had a civil conversation and when she told me I've done an amazing job at turning my life around and that she was proud to see me on the local news for charity work I felt like crying. There was a pause when she clocked my wedding band and I clocked hers but she kept it civil and told me to contact her on FB "for a catch-up". I didn't even know how to respond to that so I just kinda stared at her smiling and nodding my head like a retard. I felt so embarrassed I hit my head against my steering wheel repeatedly in the car park. After all these years my mother issues are still running rampant with this desire to be praised and respected and loved by any older women I come into contact with. Fucking pathetic.

No. 1430924

File: 1670071875800.gif (5.93 MB, 175x219, 1667690469818.gif)

How many fucking times do I need to explain to these old retards (nigels parents) that we do not have the money to go out and do something with them. No, I cannot afford to go out to some shit old persons pub and drink all day because you already know that I have very little disposable income as it is. Every fucking time it's like
>They come over to drop something off
>They make a snarky little comment about how I "never go out and do things"
>I have to explain for the 100th time in a row that we do not have the money to go out and splurge on alcohol every weekend even more so because uh cost of living crisis??
>They act surprised because they haven't felt the effects of being poor since like 2005
I fucking hate this shit. And more than that, I don't give a fuck about going out anyway until I start getting more money. It's just a waste otherwise, and you cannot enjoy things like that when you're poor and aware of your poverty. I work, I go to the gym and take care of my cat, just leave me alone and let me do my thing instead of trying to constantly shoehorn me into every single social outing when I've already told you I cannot afford it. Just fuck off!

No. 1430926

Stop relying on other people to validate your decisions. Either go get the drink or don’t.

No. 1430928

I was having lunch with my father and everything went kinda well but then he started joking about how and when he should bury my 8 year old dog. It's not the first time he's done this either. I can tell he does it to be mean, but I don't get why. I didn't even fight with him? Why does he have to bring that up? I fucking hate moids. You know what I think I'll bury the dog in place of your stinking father after I kick his coffin out and dump him in the river, bitch.

No. 1430929

You’re so much more important than he is. You don’t have to ask permission or even give him a warning, just vanish. Make it as easy on yourself as possible and don’t pay him a second thought.

No. 1430931

Nah, it's just a recommendation.

No. 1430936

i lived in a shitty redneck city and i dyed my highlights green which then lead to me getting harassment by people whenever i walked outside (strangers touching me, following me, staring at me). I already faced harassment since i kinda looked different from the other people and looked more like a tourist due to my facial features.

Such a shithole but because of that now im obsessed with blending in with other people. Never getting creative with fashion ever again.

No. 1430940

I know people are always saying that thing about how grabbing a coffee out adds up and how over the space of a year you'd save x amount of money by skipping little things like that. I'm not rich but fuck me.. if I can at all factor some take away coffees into my budget I'm doing it. I've spent half my life miserable, those lil things bring me enough joy to warrant it.

No. 1430987

Not really but the building where I live gets heated starting from a specific date in autumn and because of this the temperature chosen is lower than before. I'm super cold and it's making me physically sick. It's the same issue in buildings that get collective heating apparently. I've seen some people mentioning that some primary school will be closed in specific mornings in January because the cities don't want to heat classrooms but I haven't checked reliable sources on that. Not that schools ever gave a fuck about that before though.

No. 1431010

I hope they find who they did this and wring him by the neck until his face turns blue. It is treatable nona, please understand it's not your fault even if you're in pain right now. It may sting right now, but you are worth so much more than the fuck who raped you

No. 1431022

Please stay with us nonny and update us. I wish I could send money to help treat you. I’m so sorry that happened to you

No. 1431026

This morning while I was asleep my boyfriend reached under me and touched my vagina. It startled me awake and I jumped away and he said “so no sex?” and I was half awake and I said “I was sleeping!” I woke up a little and said we could have sex and he turns his back to me and just ignores me. I ask him if he’s mad at me and he said no but continued to ignore me. So I took my dog outside and came back and saw he was on his phone when I got back but quickly put it down and pretended to sleep thinking I didn’t see it. I asked him about it and he said he was just checking his phone and seemed mad at me still. So I apologized and he continued to ignore me. I just wish he wouldn’t do this. It feels like he’s committing psychological warfare. I feel guilty for jumping away from him even thought I wasn’t even awake. I don’t even want to have sex but he complains that I never have sex with him. I’m not even in the mood because I’ve been really upset and anxious since yesterday. Yesterday my mom was vomiting and dizzy all day and had to go to the ER and they think it could be brain tumors. I almost feel like he’s doing this on purpose to fuck with my head even more. I just want to go home and see my mom

No. 1431034

File: 1670078930303.jpeg (92.47 KB, 861x647, 1648716790628.jpeg)

I feel like I'm so fucked up by workplace politics. I can't find my place or how to do it, I guess. I wish I could just stay out of it and focus on my job, but my coworkers take it as a personal insult and I'm disrespected several different ways each day for it. And if I try express a boundary or preference it's like they go out of their way to make sure it doesn't go my way but they do it perfectly to have plausible deniability. How do they do it? I could never be smart that way, even if trying to be petty. I've been told I need to be more social but they do their best to make sure I know I'm rejected. For example me asking if they want to go to lunch all together, they say they're not hungry and 10 minutes later leave all together for lunch while I'm in the bathroom. "Oh we thought one of us asked you, miscommunication I guess!" yeah, right. Having several of these incidents a week wears me down.

I've tried to be friendly as in thinking we might be casual friends, but as soon as I revealed personal stuff she went ahead and told all of our coworkers. It was trivial things not work related or particularly embarrassing or showing bad character, just private, so I do believe it's specifically because I asked her to keep it between us.

I really can't play the backstabbing besties role. I don't have the social skills for subterfuge like that. I'd like to be friendly and helpful and do my job and be respected and heard. I got a taste of the nice office life. The dynamic with the staff who were here a few years was healthier, more of a "you do you and I'll do mine, we'll have the odd drink together but it's clearly a courteous coworker thing". And I thought it was so refreshing I had the freedom to join when I liked and be alone when I didn't. Then they left, and newer, younger coworkers came in and turned it into this mess that I see so often in dysfunctional workplaces and either way I go I can't win, or even tread water. I leave daily feeling frustrated to the point of tears and wondering what exactly am I doing to earn this disrespect.

No. 1431042

squeeze his cock while he is asleep, ask "no sex?" and get mad at him when he says he was asleep. traumatize him back.

No. 1431045

>I just want to go home and see my mom
Do that, your bf sounds shit with no sense of boundaries.

No. 1431048

>It feels like he’s committing psychological warfare. I feel guilty for jumping away from him even thought I wasn’t even awake.
>I almost feel like he’s doing this on purpose to fuck with my head even more.
That's because it is psychological manipulation and he is trying to fuck with your head so you feel guilty when you don't fuck him.
The exact same thing happened to me with my ex when I simply didn't want to have sex with him every single day, he would either ignore me or say something to make me feel inferior along the lines of "wah wah you never want to fuck me". You have absolutely no reason to apologise or feel bad for this nonna, it is emotional abuse and he absolutely should not be touching you while you're asleep anyway. If you ever feel like you're being pressured into sexual things with him because you feel guilty otherwise, that's also a form of sexual abuse - by coercion or persuasion. He can't persuade you or guilt-trip you into consenting because then it isn't consensual at all.
He should be there for you while you're dealing with being upset about your mom but he clearly does not give a fuck about you or what's going on in your life - men like this will manipulate your every emotion to suit your sexual needs, I speak from years of experience here. Go home to see your mom asap, because that shit will just keep on getting worse, trust me.

No. 1431051

Nona I'm so sad for you. All the details add insult to injury and I hope the perpetrator chokes on his bile. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with you as a person, the perpetrator did something inhumane and is the broken one. I hope you physically heal quickly and find the resources and support groups you need to heal mentally. What happened to you will probably change the trajectory of your life and your outlook, but you can get better and move on, that pig should be the one to suffer.

I wish I could send you some chocolates, that's really terrible. I'm sure you can always find support here, at least.

No. 1431054

Shit advice, she should get away from him.

No. 1431062

Holy shit you need to leave asap. It's definitely possible to be in a workplace where people leave you alone and respect your boundaries at minimum. If you're stressed out enough to think about your work off hours to post about it here, the job isn't worth settling for.

No. 1431065

File: 1670081255222.jpg (104.71 KB, 353x1251, b7dec5a78c1a14898b6b9db7fea91f…)

Why do women date men? Is this really better than a bit of loneliness that can be mitigated with a half decent friend?

No. 1431067

I've been remembering things lately. My sister shouting at me calling me a fat bitch and that I was jealous of her for being pretty (we always looked pretty much the same, people took us for twins), and when I started to cry mom started shouting too calling me manipulative and over sensitive. The fact that all over my grandparents house there's pics of my sister as a baby but none of mine. Mom always bringing her up when I try to talk about my achievements. The many instances of me getting punished for things that my sister never got punished for. I was never loved was I.

No. 1431070

I know I shouldn’t do that. But it does sound tempting..

I’m making arrangements to see her next week. Then I’m going to break up with him while I’m at their place.

This is literally what I’m going through right now. I do feel sexually abused too. He’s does this thing where he says he doesn’t want to sexually assault me but will make me feel bad for not wanting sex. I can’t even get wet with him and asked him if we could do more foreplay or get lube and he acts extremely offended over that. So sex is just uncomfortable anyways. He’s so selfish. Yesterday when I found out the news about my mom I mentioned it a few times because I wanted comfort and all he said was “hmmm” and kept playin on his phone.

No. 1431074

This is a question I’ve been asking myself for awhile since contemplating breaking up with him. I plan on not dating for a long long time after this. I feel way more loved by my best friend and emotionally fulfilled solely from just messaging her. For the longest time I just couldn’t handle being alone but I realized I’m not actually alone with my friends

No. 1431076

I’ve worked a lot of jobs with a lot of people and what i think I can take away from it all is this: a lot of people can’t survive without a punching bag to work off their petty frustrations. They feel incredibly empowered by this passive aggressive sort of conflict, the fact that everyone likes them more than someone else. when they move on they will just latch on to someone else. The workplace bully is like a modern day vampire. The funny thing is, when you’re not their current victim, they will do everything in their power to gossip about the person who is, they can’t resist bringing it up every five seconds and they make you feel like you are stuck in a position where you either agree or become their next misery project. Most people are either dumb shits or sadistic themselves so they don’t get it. They don’t see it and situations evolve into yours.
My advice is stop caring all together. Grey rock all the way. They either get bored or escalate their campaign of narc rage. When they escalate you might get some dirt that you can take to Human Resources and they will be reprimanded or fired.

No. 1431077

Please dump him ASAP. He sounds like such an unlikeable piece of shit. A misery maker. A joy thief. Expel him from your life please.

No. 1431083

I despise my in-laws. I don't even know how to elaborate it further, but they are the dumbest people I have ever known. Every decision they make affects people around them in an awful way. I hope they get what they deserve soon.

No. 1431088

Based I could’ve written your post nonny. Men are fun for dating when they’re nice and serve you. I’ve yet to find one that match the level of closeness and joy I have with my best friend.

No. 1431099

Ugh, lucky, I want a best friend so bad

No. 1431109

I hope you get one nonny. Women need to stick together. I get so sad when I think of women dating men and those men being their only best /closest friend. I think it’s a nice thing to want, but when you actually have a female friend who you are close to, I swear men pale in comparison. Especially when women’s self worth plummets because they like a guy who’s not making her feel her best. When you have a friend who treats you like the best you can both just laugh at that shitty guy and move on and find a guy who’s a nice Nigel and will treat you wonderfully.

No. 1431140

my hair has been falling out progressively since i was a teenager and today whilst i was drying my hair i looked at myself in the mirror and cried really hard. i usually don’t pay much attention to it because i wear a headscarf but it was hard to ignore. it’s been really hard, i used to pride myself on not being a vain person but i’ve been struggling really badly with accepting this. i used to have very beautiful thick hair and to see the awful thin frizzy mess on my head now i just feel disgusting and totally worthless. it’s caused a lot of problems for me with how i view my mother, i feel like she’s cursed me with her awful genes. i resent my father for choosing her and i resent her for having me. there are thousands of worse things in the world and my mother tells me to thank god that i’m not disabled or deformed in any other way but honestly it feels like it’s over for me as a woman.

No. 1431149

>Yesterday my mom was vomiting and dizzy all day and had to go to the ER and they think it could be brain tumors
Mens shittiness rarely surprises me anymore but I got to this line and just.. his morning coom should be so low down on the list of anyones priorities right now. I'd scream that at him. Spell it out in case he hasn't noticed. Not tip toe around him and what HE thinks are high priority issues right at this moment. ie His dick. But then again.. I get it. I've been in a fucked up relationship and I worried about so much petty shit with him when I had way bigger things going on. He wore me down til I didn't even know how unreasonable he was. I had to get out of there and take time to look at things from a safe distance before it hit me how bad it was. As long as you're with him he'll mess with your head like this.

No. 1431150

It took two servings of poo tea and love oil but I finally pooped and feel so much better now.

No. 1431151

*olive oil

No. 1431153

I accidentally saw one of my Christmas gifts that my husband bought for me and I hate it. I told him I wanted a new ring that was identical to my old one and he got me a ring that looks nothing like it. I hate that I'm going to have to tell him I don't wanna wear it. Whatever. Hopefully he can return it or I'll just buy one that I actually like myself.

No. 1431157

Just found out my favorite musician who is a gay man with a thing for older men talked in an interview about how he wished he got molested more by older men as a child. I am not sure how to feel about this.

No. 1431165

Men will never understand this level of disappointment and disgust.

No. 1431168

Why do they do this

No. 1431190

When I was alot younger and alot more naive I remember thinking that women who were in commited relationships were doing well in life. That was the message I got. That commitment is something women chase and if men are so kind as to propose then you're good, life is good, the guy is good. Younger me was dumb. Ate that shit up. She's winning at life with her commited partner.

I hate that there's this whole thing where men are doing women a favor by proposing and therefore making their fairytale dream come true. I hate that commitment is this carrot for men to dangle in front of women as if it's automatically a good deal. A blessing they bestow when they decide you're worthy. And socially people treat it that way. Women are blessed when a man puts a ring on it. In reality.. it's a trap. We're the ones who are taken for granted as soon as nigel feels like he has you locked down. Signing a lease together, getting engaged, buying a house, getting married, having a child.. more often than not you'll see him push boundaries after that, stop being as sweet, stop looking after himself, put more workload on you, demand more of you. There's your prize. Men who commit aren't the be all and end all. They're not automatically the good ones. Achieving marriage by a certain age isn't winning the life lottery. Flakey bfs and 'muh hubby' are two sides of the same shit coin.

I wish I had someone to spell this out to me a long time ago. Like before I got married ideally kek

No. 1431199

I think I put my galaxy watch into a washing machine with laundry. I just hope that watch that can survive swimming and showering can survive cold setting laundry too.

No. 1431214

I stumbled upon a woman's blog who pretty much debunked all of the romantic illusions around marriage and wrote really extensively about how male socialization came to the surface in relationships when I was just 20 and dated for the first time. I'm pretty sure it saved me from making plans and agreeing to marry that subpar guy just because she managed to make the average marriage sound so fucking miserable. Can you not leave your marriage?

No. 1431216

I've already left it. Just ruminating over how dumb I was.

No. 1431229

Link to blog?

No. 1431237

The internet has really exposed the marriage and having a man's kids for the scam it is imo. We're always told that it's a massive sacrifice for men but the utmost achievement for women and the only way to avoid a lifetime of misery. But now anonymous wives and mothers everywhere are making it so clear how significantly we've been lied to, and men are showing their asses unprompted too.

No. 1431242

It's in Hungarian, unfortunately, but here it was truly a unique perspective, especially a decade ago, while today there are entire forums in the anglosphere exposing this shit. It's not nearly as eloquent or educational, but even sending someone to the BreakingMom subreddit for a day will make them reconsider going near a penis ever again

No. 1431246

I think I'm developing feelings for a guy. He's pretty cool and all but I hate it. I hate moids. I hate having feelings and getting attached to people. I hate being vulnerable. I know I probably sound cringe but I wish I could just forget him asap
I just want to focus on my uni work and hobbies without thinking about scrotes and pointless shit

No. 1431250

Thats why you should never marry solely for love. A wedding ring is supposed to be expensive for a reason, its meant for the wife to not be left without a safety cushion lest her husband dies/ acts like a typical unreliable scrote. Any time a woman complains that her wedding ring is not expensive she is right to do so for her own interest considering the sacrifices she will have to make for the mediocre being she ends up with. It may be selfish but so is essentially taking away a women from all that she knows and branding her as your property.

No. 1431254

Based. Moids are aware of this so they shame women who seek at least six figures and a nice wedding ring.

No. 1431338

thanks for posting this as I think I needed to hear it. I've spent the last few days feeling angry and jealous because so many people I know are getting engaged and my brainwashed retard brain is assuming that their lives and relationships are perfect now and will stay perfect forever. it is a trap and I need to work hard to deprogram myself from the stupid patriarchal notion that men are kind sweet angels if they propose to you or some shit kek

No. 1431378

File: 1670100163440.jpg (72.84 KB, 954x702, EjF154YXcAQjmoZ.jpg)

I just wish I was good at art, or like, any other creative thing. I feel like I've built up artistic skill but that I don't really have the talent needed to actually make my shit good. I feel like I'm cursed to always be mediocre at best, in all the hobbies I take on.

No. 1431416

accidentally vomited on the toilet floor of the shisha lounge bc i ate too much before and when i told the guy (whilst apologising profusely) he was so horrible about it. they prob think i’m underaged and got nic sick but i didn’t i just was a fat shit before i came and i have always vomited way too easily and missed to toilet. i don’t expect them to be nice but the way he talked to me was really horrible. idk anons what do you think. he wasn’t even the person that was cleaning it up.

No. 1431419

File: 1670102596024.png (857.6 KB, 906x847, 1646935153449.png)

She did not respond and I don't think she will. But it's ok, at least I know now.(avatarfagging)

No. 1431455

this is evil of me to say but because I've seen so many other women misrepresenting their men and the proverbially constant "well, he has been doing all this bad stuff but he's a great guy!" that I assume most women are overcompensating when they speak well about their man. Kind of like the trope with people misrepresenting their lives on social media because it gets clicks. I hate that I feel this way cuz I wanna be happy for other people.

No. 1431465

I have a retarded habit of telling people embarrassing stories about myself that I don’t actually want people to know, particularly when I’ve had a bit to drink. I suppose it happens because I want to come off as an open book who doesn’t take herself too seriously, but every time I do this I end up fretting about it for days afterwards. Only a few days ago I rambled about an (unbelievably) awkward breakup to some people I had spoken to once or twice in my entire life. I’m regretting it now because they were very lovely people and they did NOT need to hear about any of that. I have to stop doing this but it’s like I have a compulsion to humiliate myself sometimes.

No. 1431471

Stop worrying about being good at it and try to enjoy the process of making art and expressing yourself. Put on a song you like and start doodling. Maybe at most 30 seconds or so per doddle, they're not meant to look good

No. 1431497

I want to make a tv show catered to 7-12 y/o but it would still be entertaining for the adults in their lives (won't have sexual jokes). It won't be zoomerish at all, but I think the style of it would creep out most kids and it would only be remembered as some fever dream they once had. Sooo idk. aghvhdfnvkdjbnkdgjbn

No. 1431498

File: 1670106674002.jpg (65.14 KB, 563x695, eefa9f6766bef15b950ed4c1b8b532…)

I really like cute and girly slips/nightgowns as nightwear but my roommates' boyfriends are always around and sleep over often and I don't want men to see me in anything other than regular clothes or sweats so I only ever wear super baggy/ugly stuff as nightwear because I'm only comfortable with other women seeing that.
also I'm afraid it'll cause an interpersonal problem of some variety even though I'm a lesbian because I'm paranoid. tldr I want to be cute in peace but moids exist

No. 1431515

it feels like lc has gotten more quiet lately and it makes me sad since this is one of the few websites I like going to. where did everyone go? why has it gotten quiet? maybe I'm just imagining it but social media in general lately seems to be less active, like artists I follow and youtubers I watch all have decreasing views and interactions as if people are abandoning the internet or something. is anyone else noticing this or am I just schizo?

No. 1431516

I don't notice that but I have noticed more toxicity on everything I use lol. More hatred towards everyone, more homophobia, more woman-hating etc, it freaks me out. It's like the whole of society is in decline and all anyone wants to do is be an asshole.

No. 1431518

I feel this. I love wearing cutesy girly stuff but hate how much men would sexualize me

No. 1431522

So… Adventure Time?

No. 1431534

i haven't been here a lot lately because i don't want to come across cp or gore again. i imagine it might be the case of other farmers too.

No. 1431535

how do you all cope with feeling like the world is moving on without you. i constantly see old friends maintaining relationships with eachother and we haven't spoken in years. i know its my fault for not reaching out and that some of these friend groups were toxic but i've truly got nothing going for myself in the friends and career department. just feel like a blob moving through time watching others live their lives. i have ~2 friends i see regularly but im afraid they will see how dead inside i am and leave me too

No. 1431538

I have some discord semi-friend that annoys me. She can't shut up about telling me how fucking smart she is (I have yet to see proof) and keeps talking about her popularity on instagram when I actually see her posts and know that none of them have more than 12 likes at best and she has maybe 35 followers, at least 6 of them being side accounts of herself because she does some cringe roleplay of some anime characters where she assumes multiple roles that talk to each other.

I know saying this would have no effect, chances is that I just piss her off or that she will tell me I am not smart enough to understand how many fans she has. Now she told me she was so popular that people even made a discord solely dedicated to her. Chances are very high that discord either doesn't exist or was created by herself.

I dunno maybe I just just stop bothering. I feel like she could be a cool person to talk to if she wouldn't be so self-absorbed. I just talked to another friend about consumerism, beer and spare ribs and it's so much more fun.
I don't understand why some people only want friends to brag about themselves.

No. 1431540

Losing weight is easy enough, I just hate how long it takes. Guess I should see it as the punishment for going overboard with junk food again lol.

No. 1431548

Sadly I think a lot of us left because of the raids and the twitterfags infesting the site. You can definitely see a weird cultural shift to the site and not in a good way. I'm pretty sure I'll be here until the end though.

No. 1431551

File: 1670109765457.jpg (12.51 KB, 552x394, 19437304_706516306208124_35858…)

I used to be a /cgl/ poster but then it got flooded with /r9k/ moids so I moved here, but this website seems to be heading towards the same fate. Certain threads/posts reek of ballsack, and our posts get screenshotted and used as woman hate fuel and posted to /r9k/ so I'm sure lots of nonnies are uncomfortable posting.
In general there's been a mass exodus to more private communication, I've seen complaints about how stuff like video games or niche hobbies that used to have dedicated forums are now mainly discussed in some impossible-to-find Discord. Men have truly made the internet absolutely inhospitable outside of walled gardens. I don't even bother checking social media anymore because despite keeping extensive blocklists and curating my feed as well as I can I'm still inundated with woman hate, porn, and trannies.

No. 1431552

File: 1670109770977.jpeg (62.57 KB, 639x577, 83DBFDDE-F8C0-4AD9-B54B-4DD3AD…)

GODDAMNIT the moment I get my ps4 back hoping its fixed so I can finally continue playing Yakuza 4 and immediately find out its been factory reset. Doesnt help that today was the day i found out that SONY DOESNT HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER LIKE MICROSOFT WHEN IT COMES TO SAVED DATA FOR ACCOUNTS. THESE FUCKERS EXPECT ME TO PAY MONEY TO SAVE MY OWN GAME ON MY OWN CONSOLE TF IS THIS EA TIER SHIT. Even with xbox no matter how many times i would delete the game itself the saved data was always tied to my fucking account and I didnt even have to pay for cloud storage these fuckers had my back. Im so pissed I want to sperg out but now Im just sitting infront of my ps4 crying because I put in a good 80+ hours in this fucking game and when I play I take forever to collect/fight/grind through areas like a big autist.

No. 1431557

File: 1670110191073.png (35.5 KB, 575x585, eukaranoaccessdesuka.PNG)

I hate that cookie thing that got lawlied in the begginning of the year. Before I can read anything, I'll have to remove 47592472 popups denying all the cookies, sometimes one by one for dozens of purposes, and Japanese websites often won't even let me access it at all, which means I have to open up opera to use the VPN just to be able to read some shitty responses on chiebukuro. I guess I know it's better they ask, but I'd rather delete cookies after every session, like I do for websites I don't use regularly every single time anyways, than having to click through fifty options before skim reading a page for the five seconds it takes to realize this isn't what I'm looking for. Props to Uta Ten, clicking on nahh toutelli not akseßing from ze ei-oo des leads me to the webpage at least.

No. 1431566

I wish the internet didn't exist anymore. Obviously that's not ever going to happen in my lifetime, we are stuck in this hell of our own creation. Tell me how we've "progressed" when we are now programmed to be watching each other, waiting to pull out a camera and violate other people's privacy for literally any reason. The clothes they wear, the way they act, any and all unusual behavior including mental distress, if the person recording finds them attractive and wants to humiliate them sexually. etc. It bothers me that recording someone is sold to us and this thing that will protect you legally, yet instead of keeping videos privately for the authorities if it becomes necessary as evidence, they are uploaded to the machine, because public opinion and having an audience on your side is all that matters today.
I am so scared of being filmed. Even "consensually". If one more fucking future employer wants photos of me for "pr" I s2g I am going apeshit and taking them to court. There should be a legal precedent that you should be allowed to opt out of having your face catalogued. I do not want millions of eyes on me. I try to act as normal and inconspicuous as possible but I'm always afraid. I will stop using the internet soon because it isn't good for my health, but knowing that all those people would ruin my life if someone decided to film me, it scares me so much.
Yeah I know I'm having a schizo moment but I feel like this doesn't belong in the tinfoil thread because this is something that really happens, and often.

No. 1431569

I feel this. I am silent and live in a huge ass city, so I could never keep relationships and everything moves and changes so fast. It's like the whole city is being rebuilt every few years. Some things are cool, like seeing new skyscrapers emerging every year, but losing places dear to me is sad, houses I was in disappear and so on.

And friendships never last. It's ironic how online friendships I made in some anime forums last longer than those with people I spent my the most important years of my childhood with. Best friends and just few years later it was like we never met. Or someone moved to another part of the city or I moved and nobody saw each other again.
My current friends are few and I barely see them because the closest one lives four cities away and neither me nor him have the money to pay for city railway trips to eat kebab together and talk every few days. Others are in whole different countries and one is childless but she's married for 10 years by now and they play games together all day so she doesn't have much time for me.
I know a lot of people that are still talking to friends they met in the kindergarten and I cannot grasp how this even works. Maybe because they come from towns and their parents own houses, so moving isn't as common as it is here and there is a smaller pool of people and possible friends.

>just feel like a blob moving through time watching others live their lives.

I cope with everything in my life by drawing art, fan art or by thinking up and noting down own story ideas or whole stories in which I thematize things that bother me in some metaphorical-fantastical way.
Maybe that could help you? You don't need to publish anything, just thinking up stories and constructing them and coping through them. Maybe one day you will even refine them enough to consider them genuinely good and upload them or show them to someone irl.

The whole internet seems to die down for me, even /a/ slowed down horribly few years ago and feels dead now. Tumblr is dead for a while, I feel humanity is just disappearing or something (unless they are all on instagram or tiktok).

No. 1431577

It’s okay nonna, I understand. Only yesterday I was watching a lovely film with a group of people in my college and some negative-IQ teenage scrotes interrupted it to yell stupid questions at us and film our reactions, I assume for their TikToks or something. It freaks me out that people see this as acceptable behaviour now. Even if you want to opt out there are retards like this wandering about.

I think most of them are on TikTok now. I don’t use it myself but sometimes I see screenshots of TikToks posted on other sites and the amount of views/likes they get in comparison to things on Reddit/tumblr/twitter is unreal. I hate to think about it for too long, makes me antsy.

No. 1431580

I just read an article about it and couldn't agree more.

I hate how the internet was the biggest blessing but also the biggest curse. And while the early years were the best thing that ever happened to me now it seems like humanity has to pay for that tenfold. Bubbles have fried everybody's brains, even those accuse one side of being brainwashed are just as them it's just a different flavor of brainwashing because the bubble is slightly different.

In the end it all bowls down to "Me good, everything that isn't me bad", the more hateful something is the bigger and closer the userbase, everything is a hivemind and hiveminds are like virtual brands. You don't wear them exclusively means you are a traitor and traitors get killed, bullied, cancelled whatever.

All the while every place turned from a hobby fandom space to a giant crap of superficially sanitized, data-mining, ad-ridden hellhole of bullshit scrolling controlled by some shiteating mega corp that is just part of an even bigger corporation that is about to buy off the rest to turn the net and people's minds into some monopolist battleground for propaganda and living advertisement.

I want to go back to forums and angelfire fan shrines.

No. 1431582

I worked at a store that was popular with kids making tik toks and vloggers, and multiple times a week I'd have to tell some youtuber to stop filming me or hide my face because I'm also super paranoid about being posted online without my knowledge. One time I had a man literally come up behind me, grab my shoulder and pull me in front of his camera for a tiktok and I kicked him kek. None of my coworkers LIKED being filmed but none of them were as adamant about it as me so I definitely felt a bit schizo, but I think it's actually a very natural response to this age of omnipresent cameras.

No. 1431584

>I don’t use it myself but sometimes I see screenshots of TikToks posted on other sites and the amount of views/likes they get in comparison to things on Reddit/tumblr/twitter is unreal
God yeah I saw it too. I have no idea how this shit can be so popular it's almost satanic or something (I am not even religious).

Speaking of it I think it destroys people. I see them everywhere, even in restaurants. Instead of eating the food they just paid for they stare at this fucking phone. And I am really trying hard to not get violent when I see someone doing it with audio. "Hearing" tiktok is the worst shit on earth. It's an mayhem of different noises, screams, shitty rap and explosions switching every two seconds as the tiktok zombie is scrolling through them.

No. 1431596

File: 1670112659855.jpg (132.25 KB, 679x679, 1522423922708.jpg)

I don't understand what part of my brain makes me so retarded. I don't know why I am so clueless in social situations and have no idea what to say 99.99% of times but when it comes to writing characters and their dialogue, even in rps, I have absolutely no problem to make them talk in all the different ways they are intended to. I would be so fucking successful if I could be as confident with words as I write certain characters to be.

No. 1431603

Since we’re on the topic of the internet: Does anyone else feel like whatever way a lot of people engage with the internet today is fundamentally bad for them? It’s just bizarre how you see thousands of kids all over the world who all look and speak the same, like they all slot into these little archetypes. It goes beyond subculture, because there isn’t actually any culture behind any of this, it’s pure simulacra. I’m a total pseud who doesn’t know anything about anything but I am absolutely convinced that excessive social media use results in some sort of fragmentation/compartmentalisation of the self that is detrimental to personal development in the long run — when you immerse yourself in online ‘spaces’ for too long you suspend yourself in a space that doesn’t actually exist, consciousness free-floating until you turn the screen off and feel weirdly empty because you’ve been forcefully reminded that you are actually a person separate from everything online, and that you can’t fully curate yourself in real life the way you can online (i.e. your body is yours not by choice and the way people view you in real life is out of your control). I also think that it creates an unnatural mind/body divide, in that if you spend too much time online the version of you in your head becomes more real than the combination mind-body you that actually exists in the real world. This is linked to the rapid increase in gender dysphoria and the general obsession with metaphysical concepts like gender and sexuality in younger demographics who grew up online, prioritising the non-physical over the physical because it’s literally more real to them. It really freaks me out when I think about this stuff for too long. Sometimes I think I can feel myself dissolve when I spend too much time online (when I go offline for a while I start to feel more like an actual person again). Maybe this is more appropriate for the tinfoil thread, but I feel quite strongly about this topic and it gets me a little emotional when I think about it for too long. I worry about the impact all of this is having on my peers (am zoomer). Sorry if this makes no sense to anyone, but I’ve been thinking about all of this since the pandemic and I need to get it out somehow.

No. 1431609

This is so stupid. You suggest to do something with someone, and they end up being busy with others things. Fuck you, I'll have fun on my own then. Slightly irked.

No. 1431615

It's gotten so much worse and I hate it. I almost got filmed couple years ago at a supermarket restroom. Two 11 year olds decided to film a tiktok in the restroom while I was using the toilet. Literally burst into the restroom (had two stalls) and tried to take up both sinks. It was wild.

No. 1431622

Whyyyyyyyyy whyyyyyy whyyyyyy the fuck can I never just love or like people like a normal fucking person I always always always burn out and I will always become annoyed by them and begin to subtly resent them I don't know what's wrong with me because it has to be me why do I do this with everyone I want to stop I want to love people I really do but it's so fucking hard for no reason at all why can't I just love people why do I always end up resenting them I just can't do it I think there is something wrong with me I think I am fucked up or something I fucking hate it

No. 1431623


Definitely nona. Part of it is sensation vs stimulation. Humans need both, but the internet only provides one in spades. If you stay too long and don’t interact enough with material reality with the rest of your senses, it increases dissociation and feeds that emptiness when you turn off the screen that you alluded to. The modern internet is mostly mental stimulation designed by corporations with ulterior motives and the speed at which information is forced in front of you can cause mental fatigue. The brain can only handle so much before it needs some time to process all it took in. It’s like a sponge. I think most zoomers are doomed because they lack a frame of reference for what the old internet was like and how to use it to find what you personally are interested in, which absolutely has been made much more difficult on purpose. You seem very perspective though, all I can say is be strict about what you let yourself read and be exposed to online. The imbalanced signal to noise ratio imo causes the brain rot.

No. 1431626

I'm afraid of ending up with a bald moid. Imagine dating a cutie and then he starts losing all his hair, that's one of my fears

No. 1431628

>If one more fucking future employer wants photos of me for "pr"
My manager during my internship took pics of me and coworkers in ugly christmas sweaters and I thought it was just meant for some fun and would "just" be published on the company's intranet but the bitch posted it on linkedin too. I wanted to strangle her. It never happened again after that with my next jobs thought, thank god and I was in a vulnerable situation so I had to metaphorically lick her ass for 6 months so I'd graduate on time but if anyone tries that shit with me again I'll harass whoever the poster is to take down the picture or the whole post.

I think we can blame FB for that first, even though other social media made that even more common, especially youtube and tik tok. I was forced to make a FB account in 2016 because of classmates in uni not wanting to send me directly their notes by email in 5 seconds when I missed classes because of hospital appointments because their excuse was always "ugh you don't even have an fb account? ew… anyway, I can't send you notes because…. uh…. because…. I-I don't have your email address bye!" god I wish I were joking about that and as soon as I made an account a friend of mine started posting a shit ton of pics of me and other friends and tagged us all without even asking if we'd be ok with having our privacy violated like that. I noticed only later that this way my fb friends who weren't friends with that girl could see her post through my profile and one of my sister borderline stalked me for a few months that way.

No. 1431647

It's funny how the term "pick me" used to mean a woman wanting attention for being not like other girls, but now it means pretty much the opposite - the average woman who is attracted to men… called "pick me" for not having incredibly high standards or whatever.

No. 1431649

I feel like I’m always at odds with the dating zeitgeist of the world around me. When I’m looking to only fool around all I can find are people wanting relationships. When I want a relationship all anyone wants is friendships and hookups. Not to mention the only people I seem to date either cheat on me or abuse me in some way.

I just don’t get what I’m doing wrong and it sucks so badly.

No. 1431655

File: 1670116794890.jpeg (19.63 KB, 564x564, angery.jpeg)

A recruiter for a new job I applied for set up a phone interview with me yesterday at noon BUT NEVER FUCKING CALLED ME and now they're not answering my calls and idfk what to do atp I hate my current job

No. 1431658

On here it’s devolved to mean “woman I don’t like.”

No. 1431659

A friend has cold symptoms for days and for days I tell her to do the fucking covid test, but no. She tells me it's not covid meets with people, other people, friends, days later she finally does that damn test and she's positive. If she had met with me I would have punched her now.

No. 1431667

I 100% agree. It's depressing and creepy how humanity turns into a hivemind. You can basically ask people which websites/apps they use all day and can predict their entire personality and behavior just knowing this.
>until you turn the screen off and feel weirdly empty because you’ve been forcefully reminded that you are actually a person separate from everything online
Well said. Yeah. And with all that we still don't know the long-time effects of all that shit. People are so online they get invested in irrelevant shit that no normal human has ever even heard about. Then they disconnect because they are forced to (sometimes) and meet real people and lose their shit because their grandparents don't agree about their opinions on fan content for nonbinary bi-trans-lesbian pairings or call out culture because they don't know what the hell it even is.
>I also think that it creates an unnatural mind/body divide, in that if you spend too much time online the version of you in your head becomes more real than the combination mind-body you that actually exists in the real world. This is linked to the rapid increase in gender dysphoria
Again, an interesting possible explanation.

No. 1431670

The sensation/stimulation distinction is interesting, I hadn’t thought about it in that way before. Another dichotomy for the list!
>You seem very perspective though, all I can say is be strict about what you let yourself read and be exposed to online
Thanks nonna. It’s so difficult, though. I get off the internet for a while only to get sucked right back in when I feel lonely. I switched to a nokia feature phone a while ago, though, and it’s helped a huge amount in putting some distance between me and the net.

No. 1431672

I deduced I might just be a person who is asocial and while I enjoy being with others sometimes it can never be for long because I need to be alone afterwards and preferably for a few days. I cannot love for a longer while either, so I never felt like it was a good idea to get together with anybody. They would love me back forever but I would lose the feelings at some point or some shit and just see us as friends.

No. 1431682

I need to order something online for in-store collecting but they only keep it there for two days before sending it back. There's two days a week where I'm getting back early enough to collect it, and they don't show an estimated delivery date, which means I can't time it to a day where I've got enough time, so I need to wait for my holidays next month to order it, making something that takes me four days max with my standard book store, as they keep everything for two weeks, a process that's gonna take me a whole ass month.

No. 1431708

i have so much shit to do for a final essay due in 3 days and i have just been watching the shitty wednesday addams tv show

No. 1431714

File: 1670119437933.jpg (138.93 KB, 719x671, Screenshot_20221203-190150_Ins…)

I saw this on instagram, I commented "I hate this generation of men" and got like 40 replies in 10 mins.

No. 1431715

Samefag this type of shit literally depresses me

No. 1431716

I am so tired of my parents constantly trying to manipulate me and gaslight me into being somebody that they find to be favourable. I have a sister who is incredibly violent and abusive towards me and they have always forced me to forgive her behaviour. She is still this way as a grown ass woman and I am still expected to forgive her and be her friend. There was an event that was the last straw and I am now on no speaking terms with her, but my dad keeps gaslighting me and telling me i need to forgive her. She has given me a black eye, beaten me, treated me like i am shit and i am supposed to love her because she is my family. I literally get an mini anxiety attack every time my dad brings her up because all i can think of is her smashing my skull on a hard floor. I want to move out so bad. I hate my parents so much. I want them to die for birthing this demon and forcing me to endure it's presence for so long. She is even coming over for christmas and I am considering staying in a hotel whilst she stays in the house because i know my parents don't give a shit if i am afraid of her. There isn't a day where i don't think about pushing my dad down the stairs or just running away. I wish i could move out, but I need to wait until i have my qualifications so i can get a job that will relocate me far away from them. I am so frustrated.

No. 1431724

Instagram is a misogynist hellhole. I stopped looking at meme pages there because it was genuinely making me upset how men are allowed to be so awful to women and nobody does anything about it, it's literally allowed. It's more depressing when sane women and girls get dog piled for asking men to be more kind, meanwhile men want us to literally worship them like gods for nothing. Social media is a heck of a black pill.

No. 1431757

what I got from these is it's essentially a combination of moids ruining most online spaces (with cp/gore, misogyny, hostility, general toxicity, etc) and zoomers with short attention spans getting addicted to tiktok, then occasionally venturing out of tiktok to good sites like this and bringing their brainrot with them. it seems like those are the main cause of the decline of the internet… which sucks because there is not much that can be done about either.

No. 1431769

>40 replies
Good And they can literally die mad about it.
I will always remind moids how theyre shit

No. 1431794

Nonnies I'm so scared that I'm pregnant.. I took plan b a month ago after my period and I'm supposed to have my period right now.. I'm so scared I don't know what to do… my boyfriend thinks I'm not but I'm just so anxious…. I hate it so much…

No. 1431804

one of my friends from university is getting married and yesterday he asked me and one of our other friends what our current addresses are so he can send out the invites. i’m a little bit worried because i asked if it was a plus one type invite and he said he wasn’t sure and he’d have to check the guest list. the reason was is that in the past he’s led me to believe that my partner would be invited too. he’s met my partner once (we’ve been together for nearly four years) but that’s because we’ve lived overseas together for part of that time but my partner will be coming to my country to immigrate permanently and to settle down. i would understand plus ones not being invited if it was a smaller intimate affair but he said over 100 people have been invited to the wedding so i hope he gets the hint and changes the invitation. i will admit i haven’t caught up with him in a while so maybe he wasn’t sure if we were still together so i’m just hoping he’s remembered and she will be invited too. i would hate to be at the wedding by myself and he has said in the past that she’s invited so i don’t know what i would say to her if that suddenly wasn’t the case. i’m sure it will be fine because at my friend’s engagement party heaps of people brought their partners even if they weren’t married so i’m just going to assume he wasn’t sure if i was still with her. i’m hoping my other friend in the group saw that convo and maybe messaged him privately to let him know to invite my partner too. if she isn’t invited it’s going to be awkward and i don’t want to have to ask to bring her. it would just be weird and i would feel rude

No. 1431822

File: 1670126604954.jpeg (247.06 KB, 750x895, 559B4A0C-DA4A-4A93-8161-F15062…)

Try and relax if you can nonna! I had alot of pregnancy scares too and have a form of pcos so sometimes periods can be two weeks late for me when that happens. Stressing over it can cause your period to delay because it can mess with your hormones and will instead make your body focus on ruminating on things. If you truly feel scared about being pregnant just wait to take a pregnancy test and order abortion pills if you can. Most areas in the US have abortions legal to 11 weeks so you can definitely figure out conception dates and be able to set up an appointment on time. https://aidaccess.org/en/ Here is a site that can be accessed by all and some in picrel if you need any other sites!

No. 1431830

It's always the most soyfaced looking motherfucker. I hope some flesh eating bacteria rots his dick off

No. 1431831

>I feel humanity is just disappearing or something
The internet has shrunk to people infinite scolling on social media and twitch streams.

No. 1431832

i couldn't take the word seriously anymore once anons started calling women "pickmes" for being unable to insert tampons

No. 1431833

Hey nona, I’m going through the same thing right now! Well, my period isn’t late yet, it'll be late if I don’t get it next week. You are not alone, and you are in my thoughts.

I’m not sure about you, but I have been freaking myself out over every pregnancy symptom I read about online, whereas most symptoms are the same as PMS, so testing is really the best way to determine anything. Have you tested yet?

I also took a plan B, but it was on the exact day of my expected ovulation according to my period tracker app… let’s hope the best for both of us!

No. 1431834

Most likely they forgot that there was an interview. Can you send them an email?

No. 1431837

Also, samefagging, my bf also thinks I’m not. I know they’re probably just trying to keep us calm and hoping for the best, but it doesn’t come off as very supportive, does it?

No. 1431840

Thank you nonnies! I will be looking into planned parenthood, but I live in Texas… I hope something works out. And yeah, my boyfriend just isn't helping lol, but I'm really freaked out and he doesn't understand. Never in my life have I ever been so excited to get my period… its crazy…

No. 1431845

To truly love someone is to not hurt the person for the world and to not stand to see them being hurt. And yet I hurt her anyway even though I supposedly love her. Why? Because I didn't actually love her? I know my first response to see her being hurt by something or someone is to comfort her because it hurts me too. So did I only hurt her because I wanted to hurt myself? I can't believe I ruined everything and did this to myself, and maybe I deserve it I guess.

No. 1431847

i used to post here daily and a lot but step away for months at a time now because i got tired of annoying moids spamming repulsive soyjacks (i seriously fucking hate those things) and bait and cp every day and it staying up for hours because no one does a single fucking thing about it.

No. 1431851

I am so fucking mad. The health system in my country is so shitty. My dad is almost dying and the doctors dgaf about anything, he has been waiting since yesterday to be hospitalyzed and their stupid excuse is that they have to investigate and make some exmans so he can proceed. He can't breathe and his face, legs and arms are swollen. I don't even know what to do. This is a fucking nightmare.

No. 1431854

My teeth hurt

No. 1431876

It would be kind of funny watching someone who has a deeply irrational hatred of you purposely misplace every intention of yours that they surveil and project the most bizarre and negative interpretations onto every little thing you do if it weren’t so glaringly creepy. Literally just weaving all of these narratives around in their head pretending they know what you’re thinking or what your motives at any given time are just immolating themselves as you consume every passive thought they focus onto you, all while pretending they aren’t and that its likeeee totes casual.

No. 1431879

One time I was having severe stomach complications from medicine I took and as a result was just throwing up and shitting even though I obviously didn’t want to and an absolutely retarded fat fuck stupid worthless creepy waste of air moid took it as me having a scat fetish and wouldn’t shut up about his farts. Any time I think of this I think of how he is better off dead for being this retarded, men that addicted to porn and fucking stupid have no idea how to process any situation at all without turning to sexual fetish because they themselves view everything as sexual fetish and have no idea how to be actual people. I don’t care he’s worthless for that stupid shit and if he died tomorrow I would crack a small smile.

No. 1431909

They were like "you're lucky you don't live in an Era where men could beat you" the chimp brain kicked in they resort to violence so fast also I reminded them every generation of men has women beaters

No. 1431919

Generally telling is the nice thing to do, but unless you were the only woman there i wouldn’t have told a moid in a Shisha lounge. Maybe it’s country dependent but I’ve found only scummy men go there (and tbh as a woman would never go, just the men hanging around outside creep me out).

He was a dick, obviously.

No. 1431924

So the pharmacist told me my period could be delayed up to 2 weeks because of taking the morning after pill, that wasn’t mentioned to you at all? I ended up having my period 1 week later than scheduled, usually it’s very on time. Don’t stress. Plus with what you’ve said about it being right after your period your chances of being pregnant are very low anyway

No. 1431930

No, but I don't think I'll do it anyway so it's whatever.

No. 1431931

Stalked some they/them autistic gendie moid I used to follow on twitter and came across the facebook profile of his parents, and from the photos I am 99% sure it's him. He looks exactly like I had expected and I don't know why I wasted 2 hours of my time on this.

No. 1431935

I hate Google so much. Bitch it's my account I forgot to change my number on it fuuck my life. It's the same godamn phone get a grip and let me get into my own shit.

No. 1431936

Just play on their insecurities and gaslight them. I love when someone irrationally hates me bc then I dont feel bad making them look stupid

No. 1431939

I moved in with my grandmother who has cats and never cleans her house. I am allergic to cats and sensitive to dust. My sinuses have been closed for several days and I have a massive headache. Cleaned the house and bought an air purifier but it hasn't done much. Nasal spray barely helps and I'm technically not supposed to use it because pregnant, but the lack of sleep is unbearable. This city is awful, 6 families to 500sq ft. a house on a narrow street. Neighbors are Hispanic and blast music so loud the house rumbles and you can hear lyrics clearly. Cops don't give a shit because that's just how Commiefornia is. Practically get run off the road 15 times a day. I hate it here. Grandmother is a total narc asshole that loves to pick fights too. Tell her not to so something politely 4 times of her asking in a row, does it anyway. I'm being driven mad. There's no place to get alone time. The park is covered in drug addicts.

No. 1431947

File: 1670140213022.jpg (132.92 KB, 1000x666, 1000_F_107195087_0Wrxva5zLkBNQ…)

SA but now I am 100% sure it's him because I found a post where his mother mentioned his full name in a family photo, which matches the name on his paypal account linked to his online screenname. I won't do anything with this information but god it is so easy to dox someone lmao
I've always wondered how doxing can happen and now I know. I am almost enjoying this as a hobby but at the same time this is giving me more awareness on internet privacy and security

No. 1431950

is he ugly? i know a they/them moid and he looks like a frog

No. 1431951

File: 1670140689710.jpg (286.78 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Bocchi the Rock! …)

>I don't know why I am so clueless in social situations and have no idea what to say 99.99% of times but when it comes to writing characters and their dialogue, even in rps, I have absolutely no problem to make them talk in all the different ways they are intended to. I would be so fucking successful if I could be as confident with words as I write certain characters to be.

damn are you me? this is such a common concern of mine. if it's a character, i can make them sound moderately normal – if it's me, ooc, i'm borderline illiterate.

where do you rp by the way. forums? discord?

No. 1431952

nona ty for your reassurance and I miss you, pls lmk 'the rules' if you can. i have an email if you'd rather not derail the vent thread bababiacksheep@proton.me

No. 1431953

He looks like the neckbeard meme minus the acne and pube beard

No. 1431955

No. 1431956

I feel this so much. Discord too

No. 1431959

another for the moids ruining online spaces >>1431757
also this place really needs to open up mod applications

No. 1431968

Do men lack the ability to let things slide sometimes? They're such babies and get assmad over the tiniest of things I've noticed. One moid just got triggered (his words) because I called a drawing, yes a drawing, short. He then proceeded to tell me a story how he beat someone up in school because that person called him short. He got offended on behalf of a fucking drawing. Men will always stand up to defened other men, even if they're fictional. Fucking losers.

No. 1431970

I'm not sure I can handle two jobs with different schedules. It feels like I'm never sleeping enough because my body cannot sleep only on a morning or night schedule. Tomorrow until the end of this month I'm committing myself to replacing one of my jobs. Both of them suck in different ways. At first it was something I could keep up with but my coworker commented "you look tired" and I keep thinking "I am tired, with one day off, with messed up sleep schedule, taking sleep meds…" really I need a stable job.

No. 1431989

I looked at my face today and thought it looked hideous. My forehead looked huge, my nose big and long, and my mouth small and too far from my nose. I took pictures at an event and I thought I looked different in each one. My body dysmorphia is so bad and I don't even think it's truly dysmorphia. I think I'm just an ugly piece of shit who won't look prettier no matter what I do. Makeup just adds depth to an ugly base, losing weight makes my nose look bigger, and gaining gives me a fat face with no jaw. I can't imagine anyone would ever look at me and want me when there are so many other more beautiful girls with more beautiful personalities.

No. 1432021

moids have next to no emotional intelligence and as a result don't know how to express emotions other than anger. they're emotionally stunted and less than human

No. 1432046

im fucking seething right now! i made a post saying sex work isnt empowering and all the pc retards in my city started sperging at me and i lost a bunch of followers. i’m sorry for saying the truth that women are walked all over and exploited, how fucking in depth do they want me to go? do they want me to explain how young girls think sex work is easier than it is and then begin to do it and immediately begin to lose their self worth and have creepy men degrading them all day and making them feel like thats all they amount to? what about all the dangers and possibilities and having to be your most raw and natural self for the publics viewing pleasure? i had a moid comment and say ‘its not just women who do sex work’ NO FUCKING SHIT SHERLOCK! its more normalised for them to be naked and its less embarrassing. we are taught that our naked bodies are inherently sexual as women and sometimes can feel ashamed without clothing. all the power to you if you are confident naked but you cannot deny that the female form is always going to be considered sexual and that is a noticeable pattern all throughout history. maybe there are some ethical sex work studios and a few select people who dont get trauma from doing it but the vast majority will end up feeling used or at the worst literally be raped or have terrible things happen. i hate living in a woke city where people have to side with the politically correct opinion in order to maintain their relationships with pussies. im going to speak my mind and i dont want to hear a mans fucking opinion when THEY CAN WALK AROUBD SHIRTLESS

No. 1432068

File: 1670157678000.jpg (54.32 KB, 540x469, where did this come from.jpg)

> uni student but lives at home because it's convenient for everyone
> before accepting we agreed that I will only have to pay for half of the rent
> still offer to help by bringing home toiletries, food and cooking/cleaning after others
> the only areas that I use are my room, the bathroom and kitchen.
> keep lending parents money when they ask with the request that they pay me back
> generally they do, otherwise I take it off from the next rent payment and they're understanding
> get asked to put in 20 euros for the gas
> go "sure, as long as you pay me back"
"why can you never help us out" "do you know how much it hurts when you ask for the money back"
Can they not understand that I need to start saving money so that I can move out once I finish uni? I'm actually worried about how they'll do after I do.

No. 1432076

>"why can you never help us out"
this "all or nothing" kind of rhetoric is a manipulation tactic. it's something i see my father use a lot

No. 1432091

I bought firm potatoes foolishly thinking they wouldn't crumble when I stick my fork in them. They crumble. My fork is useless. I'm so mad at these potatoes now.

No. 1432095

>Can they not understand that I need to start saving money so that I can move out once I finish uni?
No. I have parents like this too and they wanted me to give them my scholarship money while I lived with them while in uni even though I needed it for food, clothes and some small bills. Your parents most likely just see you as either a leech or as a walking piggybank just because your their kids.

No. 1432156

I'm getting over this guy I used to like and this is the worst part of the whole thing because now I'm replaying all the embarrassing moments and feelings and it's like… I was really feeling all of this for THAT fucking loser? Really? Me? What the fuck was wrong with me. I wish there was a way to skip the cringe feelings of a crush and go straight to post-crush instantly. It would have saved me so much time and so many feelings.

No. 1432290

My parents did this to me. When i moved out, magically, they were able to do tons of expensive things despite them telling me they had all these money issues. Like other anons said, you're just another source of income for them. Gather exactly how much you give them each month and decide if living in an apartment with multiple people would be cheaper overall and start making the move out. This will not stop, you have to make this independent choice of leaving your parent's house. I'm really sorry you're dealing with this. Also, keep this in mind if you feel homesick, they're going to put you into debt.

No. 1432299

I used to suffer from social anxiety really bad and I've worked very hard to overcome it, which I more or less have, but I feel like I've hit a wall. I'm no longer anxious talking to literally anyone, I can make small talk, I can be a chatty person, I can confidently take part in conversations and I can be the one to initiate converations but still I feel like I'm stuck at a point where I'm outwardly social but people can tell I'm not genuinely/naturally social. There's an edge of awkwardness to me that comes out too regularly that people who're genuinely social don't have. I think people can tell I fake being social or at least that it doesn't come naturally. I have no charism I guess. I definitely fake being social to make my life easier. And just going outside my comfort zone and practicing doesn't cut it anymore to improve my social skills. What do.

No. 1432302

i'm planning on putting some distance between my parents and I once I move out, and i've been thinking about what i'm going to tell my dad after i explain why i'm cutting them out.

i was thinking of the last thing i leave him with being something along the lines of, "you've never been anything but a negative influence in my life. you're a narcissist asshole, an alcoholic loser, and an unintelligent person. i wish you died in the hospital." he'll probably cry kek

No. 1432306

>Little girl from a 80s anime gets killed
>Random weeb with a Loli profile: wow the 80s were so cool!!
Would it kill scrotes to stop acting like psychos?

No. 1432316

I've had uni friends that had their parents ask for their scholarship/social assistance money even though they weren't even home apart from the weekends, so they had to pay for their dormitory and their own food anyway. It's so weird to me as I was so spoiled I never had to give a single dime from my earnings even when I was a full time college student, I think my parents make it a point of pride that they only give towards their children, and never take anything.

No. 1432318

File: 1670177802263.jpg (74.93 KB, 1108x831, 1656127082288.jpg)

I don’t know what to do. I used to be so sure of everything when I was a teen. I knew what I wanted to be. I thought it’d get better even with time, that I’d become more self-assured. But it’s like you stop at a certain point and instead of linear progress you start going around in circles at one point of your life and you never stop. I don’t know if I’m in the right job or career. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, why I’m studying this or looking at that or spending time doing this. And if I sit down and try to listen in to what I want to do, there’s nothing. I have no idea. And it’s shit because you see so many people around you doing their own thing and getting there, whatever there is, but they are on their way from making it here to the rest of this big world, and I just have no idea about anything. I don’t know. I am at a complete loss. It’s like I spent it everything I had up when I was a teenager and now I’m walking my own shadow around. It sounds so whiny and dumb but it’s true. I have no idea what to do or what to be in every sense of the word. How do other people do it? Everything I even try to do, I just feel like I’m play-acting at it. The only thing that is true is lying down.

No. 1432320

File: 1670178027396.png (21.1 KB, 417x131, 1636942191045.png)

>I have a thing for nurses hehe
How quirky, did I fucking ask? I have a thing for rich and very tall men. I don't want to hear what you have "a thing for" or what you find hot in women unless I am that or have that. Moids shut the fuck up about other women when talking to a woman you like challenge. Oh wait you can't because porn is playing on a loop in your head 24/7. Men just can't contain their scroteness. I know you're all disgusting, but please try to hide it. Please try to act like a sweet human being for the few hours we hang out. It's like autistic masking but for men, masking their maleness. Then you can go home and "goon" and edge to whatever repulsive shit you watch for hours until your dicks is broken. Just save your fetishes and "preferences" for when you're alone, and when we're together, you can larp a healthy human being and tell me I'm beautiful and shit (the person you're trying to get into bed)

No. 1432338

a few years ago I got hashtag me too’d by a guy in my industry. I really looked up to him. We were close friends. He raped me on two separate occasions. I’m pretty sure he put Valium in my drink both times, cos he always has it on hand and I was totally blacked out with no memory at all. I tried to kill myself after the first time and I didn’t even know why til months later when he bragged about it and I had a flashback.
We live in a small town and he told me he’d ruin my life if I told anyone. So I didn’t tell anyone at first. I didn’t want him to ruin my career or my relationship. I blamed myself. He stalked me obsessively. I passively participated in him gaslighting his fiancée about it for four years.
I had an abortion after the second time. It was really traumatic. I can’t deal with Christmas anymore. They were playing Christmas music on the radio. I get flashbacks every December now.
After the last stalking incident my boyfriend went and kicked his front door in and told him off. He blocked me on everything cos he’s scared of my boyfriend. At this point still nobody knew what he did to me except for him, me and my boyfriend.
His fiancée dumped him soon after that for unrelated reasons. He went berserk and confessed a load of women he cheated with. She got in touch with all of us. There’s lots of us. We were all blacked out or asleep, except for his most recent victim (that we know of). She tried to fight him off. She didn’t succeed.
I’ve started seeing him around again. I don’t know if he’s stalking me again or if it’s coincidence. We live unbearably close. Practically on the same road.
I found out he’s having a baby. I want to warn his missus but I know I can’t. I want to go to the police but there’s no point. I’ve been down that road before. He was so sly about it all. No-one would believe me. It’s my fault for going along with it to save my career. I pretended to be okay with him for years while trying to keep my distance.
It’s December and he’s having a baby. I’m so fucking triggered. By pure chance, I found out he’s having a baby on the exact date he raped and maybe impregnated me. It was the first year since it happened that I hadn’t thought about it, or about the abortion. Then I start seeing him around practically every day.
We glare at each other. I want to kick the shit out of him. I want him to suffer. I want people to know what he did to me and all those other women. I want to spray paint RAPIST on his house.
Sometimes I just want to die. Fuck December.

No. 1432341

File: 1670178935499.jpeg (254.57 KB, 1920x1080, 73C0091E-DC52-4A08-B9C6-453920…)

The more I think about this show the angrier I get. It’s literally a kids’ show where every second thing out the characters’ mouth is sexually explicit. It feels like something made by pedos. And they can put all the “omg this is totes for adults” they want, this shit is made to cater to internet kids’ tastes, you only need eyes and two functioning braincells to tell. I watched it with a friend and it felt deeply uncomfortable, like I was watching something meant to groom.

No. 1432342

Anon, no. I don't believe you were being spoiled. Your parents know their boundaries between their child and they lived within their means.
Honestly, so many anons lives would be easier if schools stopped trying to push college on students so hard who clearly cannot afford to attend and prioritize entering the workforce first. It's so much easier to get assistance when you're not living under your parent's roof. College can wait.
Also, parents should stop buying into the meme that college will guarantee a 150k job and your child will be richer than you are and they can help you out eventually, meanwhile you expect them to still help while they're working entry level jobs to pay off $25k a year in tuition fees.

No. 1432343

Nonnies I think I'm broken, every little thing makes me upset and I think I'm too sensitive. The most recent example is my girlfriend didn't listen to the deep and romantic playlist I made and it's dumb but bothers me.

No. 1432345

what show nona

No. 1432349

It's because the creator is a womanchild

No. 1432353

Anon im so sorry that this happened to you. You mentioned that his ex fiancee reached out to you and the other girls he has harmed. Is it possible for you and those girls to go to the police together? I just want to let you know that its not your fault and i wish i could comfort you in real life.

No. 1432354

File: 1670179229199.jpg (105.29 KB, 1234x1227, 1647076077806.jpg)

>third worlder
>shit family
>living in on of the worst decades

No. 1432357

For the first time I have missed a period, I have been waiting for it for around 5 days now. Had sex with bf 4 times in one day I was over his place, all times with a condom, yet I am still neurotic and paranoid. I took a pregnancy test and came out negative. Still paranoid. I wonder why it happened, finally I am getting the period cramps but God I really just want to bleed right now-

No. 1432359

wouldnt call it 'for children' its mostly for teens and woman/manchildren to be honest. Its incredibly shitty tho, it was so obviously written by people who learnt how humans interacted through media.

No. 1432369

Yeah I don’t think it’s ever been explicitly for kids it just appeals to them so heavily cause Viv is a womanchild. Kinda like how young kids really love Rick and Morty

No. 1432371

They get so triggered over every insignificant thing but when they themselves do something they would threaten to murder their family over it’s suddenly no big deal

No. 1432379

If you ever want to induce a late period faster, taking an excess of vitamin C works well! I like the 500mg chewable tablets, I’ve used them in the past to ease my mind when my period is late and I know I’m not pregnant. Usually four or five work. Warning tho, you may get the shits kek

No. 1432382

samefag, sometimes the stress of worrying over a late period makes it later. Fucking bodies amiright

No. 1432385

thank you anon, this means a lot. I hope this will happen one day but I can’t rush her. She’s got a lot of processing to do. They were together for a really long time, like since teenagers. And everyone still thinks he’s such a good guy, pillar of the community, etc. She got a drinking problem from the years of emotional abuse & so even most of her friends are like “oh well, you know [x], she is kind of a nightmare, she’s probably exaggerating.” She’s actually really nice. But yeah, she just wants to put it all behind her for now and I understand that.
I did recently reported him anonymously through a service we have in my country for tipping authorities about crimes done to other people. So at least somewhere, in some small way, he’s on a file.

No. 1432390

hate being depressed and succumbing to degeneracy so i can feel something

No. 1432409

You basically wrote what was on my mind, nona. Damn.

No. 1432419

I had a male coworker over hear me use the word manlet because I didnt like short men and he got personally offended, despite the fact that he's married and 35 years my senior. bro, chill, i wasnt even talking to you.

No. 1432423

I hate when men throw random big words to conversations assumming I don't know what they mean and when I don't ask them the meaning they ask me if I understand what they're saying.

No. 1432425

I wish we had a college in my town. I feel like myself at home and like I can act and look how I want, at school it's a completely different city and I just feel like everyone's judging me. They're probably not because they have more things on their mind kek but I feel homesick even though I don't even live there.

The image of this has me dying what the hell kek

No. 1432442

It’s funny when they use them wrong. I’ve witnessed a scrote use the term “emotional granularity”.

No. 1432454

I am PMSing HARD but my period has still not come and it's killing me. I feel like murdering people

No. 1432457

That’s not dumb at all, I would get upset about that too. Leave your girlfriend for me pls.

No. 1432458

>parents should stop buying into the meme that college will guarantee a 150k job and your child will be richer than you are and they can help you out eventually
Amen to that

No. 1432460

Oh my GOD my boobs usually get a little sore 2-3 days before I get my period but it was almost a full week of soreness this time and it was so fucking annoying.

No. 1432484

don't wanna do this anymore. just want to be a kid again and watch yugioh and eat pan pizza and read ranger's apprentice. gonna smoke some weed now because it always cheers me up.

No. 1432485

im such a loser. Why are all my siblings normal and well adjusted and im such a fucking useless retard. I don’t get on with my parents but I’m too retarded and pathetic to even move out in my mid 20’s why can’t I be normal. My fucking younger sister is more successful than me she’s moved out with her bf and im gonna be a permavirgin weirdo forever hahahahaha how pathetic! i wish i would die i wish i would die i wish i would die

No. 1432490

Anon go for a walk in some nature, and breathe. You do not need beautiful features to enjoy the beauty of the world. Take a break from social media and /snow/ also I am more than certain you look fine. I won't tell you that there aren't more beautiful girls in the world because there probably are, at least in your eyes because beauty is subjective. You're worth more than beauty don't let society trick you into thinking beauty = woman's worth

No. 1432495

I wish someone made me a Playlist remind her that not everyone is blessed with such a romantic relationship

No. 1432500

Same. I wish was a kid again. All I had to worry about was catching my favourite afternoon cartoon, drawing and playing outside with my cats under a big tree that isn't there anymore. Will we ever feel as happy and careless?

No. 1432502

silly vent about something very minor but I hate that everyone thinks that because I have crystals I believe in woo-woo hippie crystal healing reiki chakra nonsense. I just think they're pretty rocks ! I like geology ! why does everything have to have some ~spiritual~ or ~healing~ quality. why can't things just be shiny and nice

No. 1432506

I don’t know you nonna but my heart hurts for you. It is horrible to feel that way. Again I don’t know you or anything about you but I believe you can be more than what you see yourself to be. Comparing yourself to others is hard not to do but still try to be a little kinder to yourself. I wish I could give you a hug and make u a hot drink.

No. 1432509

I dont even know why im in the field i am ahahahahahah why an i doing this ahahahahahahaha i have nothing in my life ahahahahahhaha no friends eitherbahahahahah i want to bash my head against a wall until i stop

No. 1432510

No it's not dumb and it's nice that your showing appreciation for your girlfriend when you can. I wish I could have made a romantic playlist for my girlfriend back when things used to be good between us instead of making a sad playlist that reminds me of her and us after the breakup, which she'll never listen to.

No. 1432520

I understand how you feel.i wish my ex would have given me a playlist like that. I always recommended songs for her and everything, I guess I realized that she never cared to reciprocate what I gave her. Maybe it was for the best despite me loving her so much.

No. 1432521

I hate men more and more every day and I would prefer if there was a flesh eating on the dick disease to rid the earth of these subhumans with a mini punching bag between their legs

No. 1432528

My ex didn't listen to much music so I guess I just never thought to make a romantic playlist but I'm sure she would have been happy about it anyways. It's funny that I never thought about these romantic gestures I could have done to show her that I care until she was really gone from my life. Nothing to do about it anymore but I know for sure I'll appreciate the hell out of the next person who comes into my life.

No. 1432533

I’m an idiot with no life or social skills but thank you for caring about me even a little. I will never get out of this.

No. 1432536

The people calling this site a “radfem board” are fucking retarded who started this meme

No. 1432540

the radfems? as a cow board it’s dogshit so it was investable another group would take over and repurpose

No. 1432551

i'm totally going to die alone. i don't know why i'm so hard to be friends with.
i've tried everything, so not looking for suggestions, just complaining.

No. 1432554

the people here are not a monolith, there are different types of users posting depending on the therad and that applies to even the offtopic threads.
Like for example the tinfoil thread is like 90% male posters and pickmes trying post covert racebait (recent exmaple the anon who posted about the replacement which is a nazi dogwhistle) or defend male murderers by calling everything a psyop.
Some of that shit in that thread is so obviously male that i wouldnt be surprised if even andrew anglin ends up getting redtexted in that thread kek.

No. 1432578

I agree and I'm radfem adjacent

No. 1432580

I feel you nonna, I'm exactly the same. It's the BPD for me

No. 1432584

I know exactly why I'm hard to be friends with, as do my 4-5 close friends that I completely ghosted over time

No. 1432589

well yeah duh but the board has an overwhelmingly strong radfem culture. if you don’t take the same stance you get dogpiled, pretty much all other differences come under the assumption that you sympathise with radfeminist views

No. 1432593

samefag, not that i want to start in infight or anything about the board culture and the feminist bent, it’s just objectively a key part of the culture of this board

No. 1432598

I’ve only seen blogposting newfags who use zoomer buzzwords call it a radfem board.

No. 1432601

It is now, but if you read old threads you see it really was not like that before

No. 1432603

A lot of people think radfem is just a codeword for "manhate" in which case it'd be pretty fitting. There are people writing essays about the womb and the moon at 4 am, but a lot of people just bitch and then move on with their day and ultimately don't really mind life as it is.

No. 1432607

Sorry to make a race vent, but I hate how everything black women do is so politicized. We could breathe air and someone (on both sides, people who are critical of black people and people who are very pro-black) would find someway to say we're doing it because we're black. Every single step. Every single word. It feels like I'm constantly under a microscope and people are just waiting to dissect, analyze and pick me apart. No carefree-ness is allowed.

No. 1432612

That sounds very tiring anon, sorry it's so hard for you

No. 1432623

And that's a good thing.

No. 1432649

Everytime things seem to be getting better, they get a thousand times worse. I don't think I'm going to make it for christmas. Goodbye friends.

No. 1432657

To political spergs all over the spectrum the default woman is white (or at least not black), the default black person is a man and black women are not seen as people but rather symbols of "wokeness" which explains a lot of this insanity.

No. 1432658

what things are getting worse, nonna?

No. 1432660

yeah i was there. old lc posters would be crucified now lol

No. 1432661

Same! I am just weird as fuck and clingy

No. 1432668

please nona things always get worse before they get better, and even then its always going to fluctuate. you’ve only got one chance to be here so you may as well make the most of it. good luck and i believe in you

No. 1432670

i'm black and same. i don't like telling people i'm black online because they start looking to me like some kind of social correctness meter

No. 1432677

File: 1670196757778.jpg (869.44 KB, 1986x2000, FTb0YWjaAAAbIhq.jpg)

Just reread messages from two years ago and I'm so nauseous at how I used to behave. I was genuinely such a foul person and I'm scared I'll forever be remembered in that way by that person. Does anyone look at their past self and not even recognize the person they were? What the fuck was wrong with me

No. 1432683

Fed up. Sick of my fucking left eye hurting and everything else in my pathetic life, I wish I was fucking dead.

No. 1432689

Honestly I can relate a lot. I was raised in a violent household (doesn't excuse my behavior), and I was honestly quite horrid to some people who were my friends in high school. I would say and do anything that would get my attention. Now years later I shudder to think of the kind of person I was back then. It's difficult for sure.
While you can't always fix all of your old relationships, you can always try to do better in your next one. That's what I always tell myself, at least.

No. 1432690

all the time, it genuinely haunts me. there's a chance you always will be remembered in that way and it's just something that needs to be accepted. moving forward all we can do is be better people. was mid typing this as >>1432689 replied to which i also relate to and agree

No. 1432693

I can't stop thinking about Elisa Lam.
It's not in a weird way. I saw the footage a couple months back, of her in the elevator, with strange body language. The way the footage seems to cut out, that makes the case suspect to some speculators.
But on a more personal note, I guess the case just made me really sad. I really relate to her, in that she was bipolar, and had breaks from reality. As someone who is schizoaffective and currently managing it well, I really feel sad, because I know how isolating the breaks from reality are. You don't know when they're coming, you can't be sure of anything. The ever present fear, the way your brain lies to you, and isolates you, it's so hard. From her blog, she seemed like such a reflective, creative and gentle spirit, who had many burdens. I really wished you'd lived a full life, Elisa. Even if you never knew me. Maybe you would've liked this website, full of strange and opinionated women. I hope, wherever your spirit is, you are unburdened, at peace, and finally on the adventure that you wanted to have. You deserved to feel safe. You had nothing to be ashamed of and were very brave for taking on the world and new things with such a burden as bipolar disorder. May you rest well in God's light, Elisa.

No. 1432698

i can’t stop being cringe and my “body dysmorphia” (attempting to cope with being a deformed woman) is killing me. i have no idea when i got so weak

No. 1432704

I wish i had something. I am not pretty, i am not funny, i am not talented, i am not intelligent. I have nothing to base my self steem on, everytime a man confesed to me they never said anything positive about me, they always say i make THEM feel good, like i am just an accesory. I am so tired, my two friends are either really funny or super charismatic, meanwhile i just exist. I hate it, i hate it so much and i know that those things are things you are born with, so i cant even do something about it. Sucks more than my mom is most of those things, and she's a bitch to me. I just wish i could jump off a bridge right now.

No. 1432711

i cut off contact from all of my irls a few years ago and i drifted away from my best friend at the time. we didnt talk for about 2 years and during that time her mum passed away who was always like a mum to me as well and i couldnt even go to see them because of covid. we only started reconnecting within the last year but its been 6 months since we spoke or saw each other and ive been in incessantly reaching out with no response for the last month. she just called me and asked to come to my house because she needs somewhere to go and ofc i said yes but im terrified and i want to know why she stopped talking to me. i understand i didnt reach out for a very long time but ahhh its so much im very excited to see her and catch up but im scared of what her opinion of me is if she ignored me for so long

No. 1432713

I try to make amends but part of me feels like I'm just being manipulative. It really is hard because so much of it stems from behaviors I learned as a kid and never dealt with as an adult, which is my responsibility now. I understand I can't fix everything and that learning from your past mistakes is a part of growing, but I really wish I could take back all the hurt and pain I caused people.

No. 1432714

This! I hate that my existence has to be a political statement, everything from how i dress, whether or not i straighten my hair ect. I also don't like how black women are used are as meat shields by sjws who don't even care about black women or by black activists who hate us. I just want be seen as a person first.

No. 1432721

My existence is of no use to anybody, not even myself.

No. 1432723

I feel you anon. I don't really mind not having friends, but knowing the luxuries having contacts and people who will help you out is not within reach can be distressing something. I feel awful for asking favors or help because i don't want to come across that I am just using them. I find it hard to express gratitude or show any emotion even if i feel a lot of emotions on the inside, only the most extreme emotions manage to trickle through.


I align myself with radfems, as long as we have the cows board this will never be a radfem board. A lot of things that people regard as radfem are just normal thoughts and observations women in general tend to have that we are forced to repress or else you get dog piled by moids and pickmes.

No. 1432731

It's still here, you're probably thinking of somewhere else

No. 1432732

You don't have to be useful. You're your own person and you don't owe anyone anything.

No. 1432745

i’m extremely self conscious about my boobs. they’re literally way too big and my underboobs are covered in what i think are clogged pores. my back hurts after standing for about 5 minutes. any time i wear something other than a T-shirt i get anxious over scrotes staring at my chest. it’s impossible for me to find a bra, let alone one that fits me comfortably, and i can’t go braless in public without them jiggling all over the place. i feel like it’s so noticeable. i hate it so much, i’d rather be a C cup or something instead of a fucking E cup

No. 1432746

This is so weird nonna because I think about her often too. I feel such a deep sadness for her because I know she was afraid alone and just trying to live her life before it was taken from her. She deserved so much more but I hope she's at peace, I still cry reading her case imagining her struggles and her fate in that shitty hotel.

No. 1432762

I feel bad that there are true crime freaks who think she was "possessed" or had some kind of dehumanizing supernatural experience when in reality she was sick. RIP Elisa.

No. 1432768

yeah thats really fucking weird… i hope it goes well but 2yrs of no talking and she's trying to stay over?? maybe she hit rock bottom and is homeless or sth, but otherwise i cant think of a charitable explanation. good luck but keep an eye out for yourself nonna

No. 1432771

oh wait my bad. if its a month of silence but yall were reconnecting, it seems less bad. but imo still stay on your toes a bit

No. 1432772

Reeee I'm so tired of work anxiety taking over my life! It's all I ever think about. I just wanted to relax this weekend, but instead I was seized with dread related to work. I refuse to accept this as my life. I can't control work or how stressful my job is or whether I'm doing a good job (for the most part) or whether they'll fire me, but I can fill each day with things that make me happy and appreciate myself. I wish that I felt supported at work and that I was able to keep up with everyone else. I'm doing my best and the rest isn't my problem so I should just focus on trying to make myself happy rather than torturing myself over something I can't control.

No. 1432773

She deserved better. I think she's at peace at least.
>>1432762 I can't stand people who treat crime cases like a 'hobby' or some hot gossip. She was a real person.

No. 1432781

nta but I hate that a meme video game was inspired by her too

No. 1432782

I think anyone who doesn't is probably a psychopath.
We're all constantly learning and evolving as people, I have old msn chats saved from like 15+ years ago with my best friend, sometimes and read them and realise how fucking shitty I used to talked to people. You're just like that when you're young, you're so swept up with how people perceive you, you just don't realise what how what you're saying affects other people.
I'm sure 10 years from now I'll look back on chats now and realise that there's things I could've done better. That's a good thing; it means you've progressed, hopefully every day you become a slightly better person.

No. 1432805

shouldnt have told a friend i wanted to kms now hes all annoying about it

No. 1432819

Hate my senior coworkers. Hate them all. They're lazy, entitled, rude, pretend to be a "family" to newer hires so they help then never reciprocate, and act like spoiled children when something is changed. Fuck off. This isnt some cushy office job. You aren't in a specialized field you can be replaced. Management likes 3 of us newer hires but we are not given the better opportunities to make more. What the hell is the point of staying? Because everyone acts fake nice to each other? For once I like my managers more than my coworkers but I don't work with them much so instead I feel isolated. Fucking sick of it. Seriously questioning if I can stick it out to our projected high months.

No. 1432827

I know you're fucking mad at me I just wish you'd say it!!!

No. 1432828

Don't go to /m/ please

No. 1432829

>Neighbors in way of where I park
>Decide to go look at Christmas lights because who knows how long they'll take
>Drive a bit and turn down a road
>Tfw there's a dude in the middle of the road
>All cars are stopped
>Guys from other cars on cells
>4 minutes later 4 cop cars come out of nowhere
>Guy in the road talks to cops
>Finally puts hands up and gets arrested
What the fuck? Dude literally was in the middle of the road staring at a house. Hope to god he didn't beat or killed someone. Guess I'll find out in a few days.

No. 1432831

this. I've only ever seen one video who respectfully told the story of a young woman with mental illness who probably snapped under pressure from school, her parents and society. The people who try to make it paranormal are complete trash. Her story is very sad.

No. 1432836

Drag shows/story hours/what tf and catholic priests are both guilty of sexually abusing kids
I was taken to strip clubs as a child and the strippers were always creeped out about it, they never wanted to include me in any of the shit they were doing
Also we need to start blaming parents because that's who's dropping the kids off with creeps and giving the green light on letting them watch porn

No. 1432841

I think that’s normal and a good thing. It shows you have the capacity to get better. Don’t bother worrying about people always remembering you like that if they’re not in your life anymore, what matters is the people you care about knowing you’ve changed. And if you can cringe at who you were, then you already have.

No. 1432844

File: 1670204798187.jpeg (395.75 KB, 1170x1155, 190262A4-D564-40C0-97B5-DFA556…)

I hate my apartment complex so fucking much. Just about every other person here is the ghetto stereotype. Yelling all hours of the day, loud music blasting, gun shots in the parking lot, off leash pitbulls, mom’s hitting their kids out in public, and throwing their trash everywhere because they’re too lazy to walk to the dumpster. Like I get it, I’m poor too but at least I don’t act like a fucking moron and respect my neighbors and living area.

No. 1432849

It's crazy to me how money doesn't buy class. I grew up very poor with a single mother and she always taught us to respect ourselves. Whenever I see (I used to live in nyc) people acting ghetto, it makes me sad. They must have zero guidance because having less money shouldnt make you act less than human. I hope you get out of that situation anon. Nothing but good vibes for you.

No. 1432856

Feel like I'm going to snap anons. Barely have any friends. Always the good neighbor who doesnt blast music or tv, the good coworker that tries to help everyone, help my family, clean appearance, quiet life, the deeply engrained manners my parents made us do like thank you, sorry, excuse me, fuck it. I want to drive 100mph down a long road away from the city and scream my lungs out into nothing blasting rock music then cry or something. I'm always the responsible sibling. The person people could vent to. I do not care. I'm so done but still not suicidal.

No. 1432866

File: 1670206555620.jpg (221.56 KB, 1280x720, 1664338413131676.jpg)

I don't think I can ever forgive my parents for saving me from killing myself, I still love and respect them but I will never forgive them for that. I was so close to leaving all current and future suffering but I was forced back because "it would make them sad", I truly don't own my life and the only point of my existence is to serve others. What a fucking joke lmao.

No. 1432870

You'll never realize how utterly retarded and horrible people are until you take a call center job.

No. 1432871

File: 1670207141360.jpg (45.81 KB, 404x379, fa161718089bdaf2af7f85fa17f839…)

I hate that when I'm stressed out I don't sleep and my tummy constantly rumbles. The latter is so offensive to me, like damn body, I'm already all jittery and now you gotta make me wanna toot and poop when I have a presentation to do? Am I not cringe enough? Is the shame of being a struggling loser not punishment plenty??

No. 1432875

I overheard my dad calling me a "friendless outcast" to my sister yesterday. I don't even know where to start. If he wasn't such a mentally ill basket case maybe I'd be more outgoing? I'd get verbally abused if I started going out more anyways. Projecting asshole.

No. 1432876

If you don't want to do those things, then don't

No. 1432877

I thought I was losing weight but I didn't really lose any. I'm 5'2" and 120 lbs btw

No. 1432878

I might be forming a crush on a particular anon on here. When I read some posts, I can tell it's her because of typing style and sharing info that's identifiable to her. I think I should stop using this website for a while because I understand it's unhealthy and it will never happen anyways.

No. 1432882

I'm stopping slowly because it all weighs me down.

No. 1432887

I write a lot and then delete it all before posting it often. I have a diary but it's not enough. Maybe I need a therapist, but it wouldn't be the same because I NEED to be unhinged. I don't have friends because I don't want to improve and at the same time I want friends because I need to be judged. I'm a hater and a massive loser. I have nothing going for me so my ed brain thinks being skinnier than somebody else is an accomplishment that has more value than doing something. If I made music about who I am id have a cult following of the bitchiest nlogs that exist in the sea of bitches. All my self pity makes me want to vomit because I suck and I got nothing to offer other than my pessimism. Like shut up already. Stop typing.

No. 1432920

File: 1670210852160.jpg (38.13 KB, 720x890, 1666152297996.jpg)

I hope it's me anon!

No. 1432921

recently someone posted me in the caps thread and said I was the same nona as another post that was not me, so you probably aren't even right.

No. 1432922

If it's manifesto-anon you'll have to wait in line.

No. 1432924

File: 1670211053950.png (734.09 KB, 832x832, F9168215-EBE0-49E5-B6F1-79D3DE…)

I just graduated from college, so much stuff has happened since my last post, I feel at peace now, I'm glad I'll no longer have to think about school and I'm exciting to spent the holidays on Disney world, it's going to be fun.

No. 1432925

Who is it?

No. 1432933

Basically what I'm trying to say, is: sometimes I have the selfish inclination that I don't want my own improvement as a person to be a reward for my boyfriend's lack of improvement. I want my improvement to be more of a push for him to change, because he sees how strong and capable I am of leaving him if I'd like. Right now I am not strong enough to reflect this, and quite frankly, I depend on some opportunities I've gained solely through him to achieve this strength. You may disagree with me based off that sentence alone, but just remember the context is minimal.

No. 1432936

Pls who is it, o farmer of replies

No. 1432942

What actually happened to her? I always heard conspiracy stories and stuff but I'd like to know what you believe happened

No. 1432945

File: 1670212618575.jpg (59.37 KB, 400x624, The_Fox_and_the_Grapes.jpg)

Fuck Johns Hopkins University for rejecting me after that fucking interview. Probably was for the best I didn't work for such a tranny-loving institution anyways.. God fucking damnit.

No. 1432956

I feel ya nonny. The only thing keeping me alive right now is my family because I know they’d be devastated if I killed myself. Let’s hope it gets better, we can do this.

No. 1433022

File: 1670215885795.jpeg (69.46 KB, 512x512, 8805EFE2-ED53-4B67-AAEE-0D3497…)


No. 1433048

That happened to me too, it's annoying how people guess other anons and then just assume they're right. I had a spergy vent post when I first started posting here and someone posted it in the caps thread and then someone said it was the troon with no proof whatsoever and everyone just went along with it. I know it doesn't really matter because were all anonymous but it was still disappointing.

No. 1433050

I have some innate creative magnetism but I cannot harness it constructively for social or financial gain. Evidence of this hypothesis is that on anon sites my work gains wide renown and is reposted and re-appropriated. People engage with me and like my stuff. I'm just too dumb to be better than a 5 year old showing mommy her drawing

No. 1433056

File: 1670217939144.gif (4.99 MB, 498x331, tumblr_2df7dc73a55619433ead124…)

it feels like everyone is either a normie or a weeb and i fit in with neither of them

No. 1433057

same sister I hope we both have our breakthroughs eventually

No. 1433060

At this point I don't care if it gets better, I'm just tired and I want freedom from all of this. It truly isn't fair that my existence, the reason I exist was not only a mistake but led to so many health problems but I can't even have the freedom to quit this mess.

No. 1433063

My face is so fucking ugly. I hate my nose so much it makes me look so manly. I want to cry.

No. 1433067

I'm going blind, my feet are going numb, my kidneys are failing, and I've been denied for disability 3 times in three years, now my case is going federal.
No one will help me because of my trashy piece of shit misspelled name. They think I'm just another morbidly obese do-nothing darkie and that I'll start popping out kids any minute for welfare. Every time I talk to anyone for food stamps or anything else, they ask 100 fucking times how many kids I have, well but what about kids in foster care, well but what about kids you don't see, well but what about kids you had adopted out.
Just fucking kill me already, I know you want to.
I want to kill myself more every single day. The only feasible way out is death or marriage.
I could be white, they have no idea, none of these people have ever seen me in person, even the trial was over the fucking phone because of covid. They could be letting a white lady with an unfortunate name die like this, wouldn't that be tragic?

No. 1433079

File: 1670219879742.jpg (187.51 KB, 986x927, EwFwC_rUcAUbwnH.jpg)

NOTHING EVER WORKS. I hate automatic electronic systems used for important bureaucratic shit. It just doesn't give me the option now, I immediately mailed about it, hopefully it can be resolved soon enough. This happened last time too and they said that they wouldn't be lenient with me again for being late. It should've opened up at 2am and I still see nothing in the dashboard. I also hope I won't get snarky comments like "oh same topic again, maybe you should just give up". Like you can't even just mail a general IT person about it, because they have assumed the system is so perfect, that it's not really necessary. No you immediately have to mail the coordinator, so you can feel awkward that you're there again, because it fucked up last time too.

No. 1433081

Are you fucking shitting me? How the fuck is this racebait? Because I called myself a darkie when that's how I'm being treated? Fuck you fucking bitch.

No. 1433084

I guess jannies thought it wasn't bad enough that you're dying, jfc, sorry nona

No. 1433085

she really got banned for saying a white lady would get better treatment than her, the irony

No. 1433089

Thank you nonny, god damn, we aren't even allowed to vent in the vent thread
Ah, yup, that is the more obvious answer isn't it

No. 1433090

Banned in half an hour for calling herself a name, but we had to look at moid spam and nicokado's asshole and balls for how long?

No. 1433092

*banned in under 20 minutes

No. 1433107

god fuck off you dumb twitter cunts cry the fuck more

No. 1433109

oh I'm sorry, were you enjoying nikacado's asshole?

No. 1433114

Installed twitter and then uninstalled it when I got reminded the kind of dweebs who use that app. I was thinking of using it to follow artists but I'm not big on collecting fanarts these days anyways so I guess I'll just stick to Pinterest and the boorus if I ever need to gather some inspiration.

No. 1433121

Twitter is a trashfire. I use it for the same reason as you, to find and post fanart but the sort of people who use the site are insufferable and get offended and cancel people over the dumbest shit. I'm not joking in that every single week someone is called out and cancelled for trivial things like not using tone tags, following "problematic" people, etc. Not to mention that it's tumblr turned up to 100 in most fandoms with the amount of fakebois and xe/xyrs

No. 1433125

File: 1670225508181.png (306.49 KB, 560x390, Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 8.06…)

damn. i binged 3 bags of haribo gummies and also just remembered that i spaced calling a potential client. she was offering me a job 40 hrs/wk for 20/hr. i was supposed to call her after my class but i was so focused on getting home and was so damn tired and just collapsed into my couch when i got home. i hope i can safe face somehow tomorrow morning when i text her and apologize for not calling her.

No. 1433139

I feel you nonnie, my boobs are like swollen balloons and I'm also having crying fits for no reason I WANT MY PERIOD TO COME AND END ALL OF THIS PLEASE

No. 1433145

Dating an older guy ages you. It just does.

No. 1433164

File: 1670229457727.png (53.17 KB, 860x606, CF6DD7B2-F383-43C5-A95A-C8380A…)

This is a weird vent that sounds like a humblebrag but I seriously feel burned out by all the romantic interest I've received over this year and ironically it's making me feel very lonely and sad

People describe me as magnetic and I am thankful for that as I love human connection but the typical problems occur: I can't have friendships with men without them falling for me, had several female friendships disintegrate from bubbling insecurities, and I never feel like I can truly relax when I'm in public because random men have approached and hit on me in all kinds of mundane settings regardless of how done up or dishevelled I look.

And as someone who grew up a sheltered overly-online nerdy teen there's a huge cognitive dissonance at how I'm sought out now. Based on the evidence I have to accept that I'm attractive now but I really don't see myself as being hot enough to garner this kind of attention so it feels extra wrong and an affront to my logical framework…

I feel so much disgust at the men I trusted to respect me as a friend or peer or student (!). And I feel so awful for the women who get hurt by their boyfriends trying to chase or impress me. I'm tired of not being able to make eye contact with men when I go outside. But I don't want to sacrifice looking nice and being friendly just because it makes people fall for me???? ugh if anyone can relate please talk to me

No. 1433178

i really feel so unfit for human life, at least in society as it is today. i have like one good month and then i start spiraling for the next three and it's been like this for several years now. i really want to fix myself but also have no idea what to change except for an 'anything but this'

No. 1433179

Can relate
I just remember I'll get old and wrinkly soon enough and will probably miss the attention
Sounds like a scrotey thing to say I know, but that really is how I feel, so I'm just letting myself bask in the attention for now
I also really don't get it either, I get told I look like a fairy, a pageant queen, a movie star, that I'm beyond pretty into gorgeous, that no one is out of my league etc and it's not even just men telling me this
Definitely humble brag but like I said fuck it, I'll be considered an old hag in no time, I'm just riding the wave while I still can

No. 1433183

I'm similiar, I can go "all out" for 2-3 weeks but then I need to recover for almost a month, this is my most natural rythm, and I cannot cope with jobs and responsibilities that want a consistent effort/quality output for months on end just so you can get some time off, but sadly that's almost every role in society.

No. 1433209

My fyp bombarded me with pics of Kobe Bryant's autopsy drawings, quite literally one of the most saddest things I've ever seen and I think it ruined my week for real

No. 1433215

My period is late by a day and yet again I have to spiral into a neurotic mess, worrying about it being a potential pregnancy or if it's just being irregular (which it usually is, but still)

No. 1433222

My hypochondria is going to make me literally stress to death. I don't think one day goes by without me worrying about my health and coming up with a new diagnosis. Today its pancreatic cancer or colon cancer. It's driving me fucking insane but I don't know what the fuck to do about it. I've had these obsessive thoughts since I was a teen but its been particularly bad the past couple of months. I can never think horse before zebra, and if I do I talk myself out of it. Sometimes I feel like it would be better if I just fucking died from an illness than spending my days forever anxious and stressing. I've gone to therapy for it but have been unsuccessful in translating coping mechanisms to my life. It doesn't help that I do have some legitimate autoimmune issues, so the lines between reality overlap and blur. I fucking hate myself for being so neurotic and spiraling over the smallest of shit, and the constant anxiety gives me physical symptoms which just add on to the insanity. How the fuck do I pull myself together?

No. 1433228

You should get checked for OCD, maybe you do need medication but for your anxiety issues. Getting a diagnosis and treatment helped me with those invasive thoughts

No. 1433229

File: 1670242019514.jpeg (17.49 KB, 400x333, 81BE3431-E32C-432F-BB5E-CD53C7…)

Kek not necessarily. I’m 32 and still get this shit on an almost daily basis from strangers. Most people think I’m still in my early/mid twenties, including super young scrotes who I constantly have to tell to go back to daycare lmao. Legit the Taco Bell drive thru girl said oh my god you’re so pretty when i pulled up to the window the other day. If you have a good skincare routine and are healthy/take care of yourself plus good genes, you can look pretty enough to be complimented for a long time. My mom is 55, has had not even one syringe of Botox and still gets stopped w compliments. Sorry to prettybrag nonnas it genuinely is so unbecoming, but I was very much a late bloomer who only became a Stacy in my twenties and it’s nice to have the privilege.

No. 1433232

Men constantly compliment completely average women on their looks and will fuck just about any woman who is willing to give them the time, so might just be that you're not as aware of the way men behave just for the chance of having sex with you. Try being average or fat and you'll see men will give you the exact same compliments, only now they will show a clear disdain if you dare not to take their charity. Being pretty just means men will shoot their shot, but not be as vicious if you tell them to fuck off. The sooner you stop riding the validation wave, the better.

No. 1433240

File: 1670244749908.jpg (357.24 KB, 714x689, H8Ef3i2.jpg)

>be me
>find interesting female YTer
>she turns out to be a massive handmaiden for troons
>unironically defends that fetishist teacher with those huge prosthetic tits
I have given up nonnies

No. 1433243

Which youtuber?

No. 1433245

I feel so jealous of hot anons. Puberty hit me with the largest shitball ever and the cute child was never seen again. I don't want compliments on my personality, my skills, or my accomplishments. I want to be pretty. I want to be a hot girl. I want people to like my looks.
> Try being average or fat and you'll see men will give you the exact same compliments
They won't. At best they will act in appropriate situations, but randoms will never compliment you.

No. 1433247

My stupid cat ate a long piece of ribbon and now she's in emergency surgery. I'm sobbing I'm so worried for her. Also it's gonna eat up all of my savings but it's fine as long as she survives. She's 16 years old but in good health. Please pray for her nonnies….

No. 1433248

People complimenting women is more of a question of how approachable and open to compliments one looks. Like if you obviously put a lot of effort into your looks, people will compliment you because it's obvious you want to have that effect. If you smile at strangers and are generally friendly, people will compliment you too. I used to be told how pretty I was (or be told how pretty I'd be if I just lost weight when I was moderately overweight). I'm much more conventionally attractive, but I just go about my business without smiling like an clown or making small talk to comfort people, and people just leave me the fuck alone. I think it's mainly a mistake of misattibution for the origin of the behavior for anons.

No. 1433249

Why do you care for strangers' compliments? You only exist in their mind for seconds of their life. Once they don't see you anymore, you cease to exist. Especially to men you don't even know, the ones who compliment you if you are considered hot, are bottom of the barrel because all they know of attractiveness comes from porn. You wouldn't want to be given "kind" words by porn obsessed freaks. They don't respect their wives or girlfriends.

No. 1433252

Mika's Rhetoric

No. 1433253

>I don't want compliments on my personality, my skills, or my accomplishments.
Could not relate less

No. 1433254

Kek you sound like a moid trying to trannymaxx

No. 1433258

positive: I can still run surprisingly quite fast
negative: I feel like I'm dying the moment I stop running. I caught the train, but at what cost? I forgot my meds. I'm not even hyperventilating, I have to actively think about breathing. Why do I breathe always ridiculously slow even when I need more oxygen? I saw it in the post surgery reports too and the pulmonology tech accused me of not breathing normally for the test and had me increase my breathing rate for the 'control'.

No. 1433261

I hate to sound like a boomer, but I saw a woman last night walking around a show in just a thong and pasties covering her body. This was at an all ages show, for gods sake. The band's 8 year old child was up on stage and he had to see this woman practically naked dancing to his parent's music.
At first, when we arrived to the place, my boyfriend and I were discussing how glad we were of the fact there's good music out there that doesn't have the need to be so profane, then we see this sketchy ass shit show up at to the venue. I felt like we were witnessing some BDSM dynamic shit that was going to proceed when the show was over. My boyfriend told me it was "not our business" because it was so absurd, we just wanted to fully enjoy the show. It was just so noticable, it was hard not to see.

No. 1433265

Tbf sometimes I think my post-puberty life is more similar to the life of a tranny than a woman.

No. 1433270

>all ages show
>8 year old child was up on stage watching a woman practically naked dancing
>"not our business"
your moid was enjoying it

No. 1433273

Online dating pisses me off. I always manage to meet women with whom we see each other/have a situationship for 3-6 months, then they ghost all of a sudden without a word and then they might reappear and give excuses about being too tired and busy to date. Obviously I get that you gotta get to know each other first before deciding whether you want a relationship or not, but it's the ghosting + excuses combination at the end that annoys me and makes me feel like I've wasted my time. Idg why people can't just be upfront and say honestly they aren't feeling it instead of this retarded prolonged break up ritual kek. Every time I know I'm not interested in someone I just let them down gently but honestly so I don't understand what's so difficult about it. It feels like such a waste too, because if I was broken up with properly, I'd most likely have a way better memory of the period we dated and stay on friendly terms with the dates (as has been the case most of the times when I have been properly broken up with). The whole ghosting thing leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I'd love to find a girlfriend eventually (I'm bi but I don't want to date scrotes), but the more I online date the more I feel like I just can't stand people in general. Ghosting is annoying (but not surprising at this point) and I'm tired of dates who say one thing and do the complete opposite. Well, I guess I just have to keep trying and hope that wading through shitty dates pays off in the end kek

No. 1433275

I care because I want to be validated. I hate my looks and the facts that I was never approached and even got called "young man" a few times solidifies my belief that I am undesirable uggo not worthy of any sympathy and that I will die alone and my corpse will be eaten by my cats before the neighbors will call the police. I don't forget pretty people. I still remember this stunning girl in the grocery store or that guy in the metro. I can think about them at least for a day because they were STUNNING and so out of this world and they were just special.
> They don't respect their wives or girlfriends.
Idc. I don't want to date them. I want validation and attention and that's all. To get compliments on your work or skills you just have to wake up and do shit like a normal human being. Nothing special, I get them constantly without real effort. But I am yet to get a single comment on my appearance, no matter how hard I try.

No. 1433278

i would understand wanting other women to compliment your looks but men?? kek their attention is inherently offensive

No. 1433289

And yet I never got them even from creatures with no standards. Just to make it clear, words like yours sound to me like I am worse than rock bottom. And the part "um but you don't really want them trust me" doesn't help.

No. 1433300

I forgot to mention, the knowledge of 8 year old child getting on stage was after we left the venue, it was just something standing out in my mind now. I told my boyfriend we missed the encore (the son) and he said "I'm really glad we left before that mess, then." Sex exposure to children is definitely not his thing. We've discussed not allowing strangers to "educate" them about sex, that's between me and him and our child.

No. 1433321

Update, surgery went well! They removed 55cms of ribbon from her which is a crazy amount. I'll never ever leave my crafting supplies lying around again. Granted they were in a closed paper bag but a paper bag isn't going to stop a self destructive cat, I should've known better….

No. 1433328

I'm jealous of people who don't let anything stop them, who are self-starters, self-motivated and disciplined to pursue what they want and actually act to take control of their lives. Doing literally anything is intolerable to me I'm weak willed and I let just anything stop me even though nothing is really against me and nobody is in my way. Other people stronger than I am have all the circumstances against them and work hard and succeed despite everything whereas I'm already defeatist by default and find it hard enough just barely cruising through life as it is

No. 1433337

Same, anon. I wish productivity apps came with an electroshock option, maybe then I was motivated enough to do things

No. 1433339

Winter has me feeling more down the usual. Waiting for a meeting to start and just stared at the wall for fifteen minutes, couldn’t even waste time on my phone

No. 1433345

When my brothers or father don't replace the goddamn toilet roll. I'm serious it's become a problem, they will see that the toilet roll maybe has two or three sheets wrapped around it and they will bring up a toilet roll but they won't fucking change it, they just leave it on the toilet. Why must they do this, just fucking change it.

No. 1433352

Glad she's okay, anon! Hope she lives many more years. I dont own pets but keep everyone in plastic totes just in case of anything.

No. 1433362

I still have conversations in my head with my little sister even though she already moved out for college 3 years ago… she was my only friend and its so pathetic that I started this bad habit of talking to her in my head whenever something happens/I watch something I wanna talk about/etc. meanwhile she’s living it up halfway across the country with her friends and separate life from me

No. 1433367

Absolute retard dogwhistles
>using dogwhistle
>you're valid
>empowering this and that
>sex work is work
feel free to add more

No. 1433375

I do this with my little niece kek. For me it’s just out of loneliness.

No. 1433393

>mommy milkers
>goth gf
>terf scum

No. 1433403

Related to vent thread how

No. 1433434

This honestly is very true and explains a lot. We're people second and whatever they see us as first.

No. 1433454

OP here and same nonna, I'm a late bloomer approaching 30 and as overwhelming as it is it's nice to know my genetics and lifestyle allow for a long stint of pretty privilege

Barring deformity, there's a lot you can do to look hotter! I'm definitely not model attractive but I think I get noticed because I style my hair and clothes in a way that's slightly uncommon but pleasing. Finding a personal style, exercising regularly, and being warm and approachable really changed how people saw me (and the way I perceive others and the world too)!

No. 1433460

I'm only starting to realize how genuinely fucking ugly I am and it's causing me serious mental anguish lol
I seriously look like a fucking troon

No. 1433486

my mom wants to leave her current boyfriend after it took me almost 10 years to accept him, I'm tired of her shit and might not talk to her anymore if she brings another scrotes in her life. Apparently it's her time to be selfish so fuck my trauma right? kek

No. 1433505

It’s not pathetic nonnie. It’s rare to find a bond as close as sisterhood, I can understand why you miss her. Not everyone fits into this world as well as others, it doesn’t diminish your value. As long as you’re trying your best x

No. 1433509

The few times I open twitter to check what some mutuals are up to, I absolutely get bombarded with stupid shit about autism and it bothers me so much. Today I learned you're not allowed to use 'high/low functioning' anymore, but instead they're levels now: Level 1 means that you're getting by pretty well (so high functioning) and level 3 means you're a retard sped. Queue the quirky 'omg we can level them up like pokemon' jokes. God and the neets posting threads that being a neet isn't relaxing because they have anxiety!!! Or the 25 year olds that suddenly become nonverbal or start stimming because they were mAsKiNg. Shut the fuck up. My brother and I are both autistic. He is a retard sped who actually becomes nonverbal when he gets too emotional and must stim. Or else he starts to throw around shit or screams for his stim toys. He's 17. I get so sick that people wear autism like a costume. Jesus Christ

No. 1433580

Whenever I have to hear my dad repeat himself the fifth time or I have to wait around for him to finish talking even though I already know what he's about to say two words in, I think about all the times I had to listen to some comedian or psych guru talk about how women communicate so inefficiently or talk too much.

No. 1433584

Are you not an adult? Let your mom date whomever she wants. Pathetic really.

No. 1433586

I was close to my little sister until she turned 18/19. Now we live in different states. I'm happy you have a close relationship with her. Send her texts and jokes. Even with her friends, i know she'll appreciate them.

No. 1433590

There are men who rave about how they’re a woman inside but then everything they do is still just soaked in misogyny and creepy tinges of bitter woman hate and sexual harassment. Like okay you’re a woman inside because what? You like to suck cock? Idgi

No. 1433591

Why are there so many violent males with autism? real question

No. 1433593

I shouldn't have deleted but I am literally scared to leave certain posts up on here and regret some of the ones I can't delete

and why am I so stupid

No. 1433609

File: 1670265733184.png (305 KB, 672x1334, 1657217233118.png)

When was the last time you guys felt genuine happiness? I just couldn't help feeling a bit hopeless and pessimistic since I'm graduating soon and it's been 3 months since I quit my job. The guilt and shame of being financially dependent on my mom make me so embarrassed. I just hope things will eventually be better soon.

No. 1433617

No. 1433621

I'm doing good lately I think I've resigned myself to a lot of stuff that used to give me anguish

No. 1433640

when i was lonely and spent my days drawing and playing videogames, getting friends was my worst mistake

No. 1433644

The last time I felt happiness was in 2006 when I was 16.

No. 1433645

I have social anxiety. I got a gym membership a month ago to try and be around more people. So I was at the gym today and tried to do some exercises. There were a lot of people. Suddenly this woman I don't even know comes over, towers over me and tells me in a super rude way and also super loud that I am doing the exercises wrong. I don't even know this bitch. She then got super close and insisted that I do the exercise again and again until she was satisfied. Everyone at the gym watched. I felt so ashamed and I also probably had really bad breath because I was hungry. I was too scared to say anything or to tell her to fuck off or to be nicer. After that I just ran off to my car because I just felt so embarrassed. I called my friend and she told me that the rude woman is one of the instructors who does one of the courses. I went back in and searched for her and she was doing a course. I don't even know what got to me but I barged into the room went straight towards her and told her in front of all the people who were busy doing their exercises that she could have been nicer and that I felt really scared and uncomfortable when she came on to me like that back then. After that I just ran off to my car. I feel so embarrassed esp. because there were so many people but at least I stood up for myself I guess.

No. 1433649

100% because they're allowed to be. Male autists aren't usually held to account the same way as autistic woman so they don't learn better coping strategies and chimp out when they're too big for it. And obligatory because moids are violent rape apes, XY is a genetic disorder, etc.
>t. autismo who knew another autistic girl growing up, we couldn't get away with nuthin'

No. 1433651

What the fuck nona, don’t feel embarrassed or bad about yourself, you just stood up to yourself in a big way. You already left and then went back in, wtf absolute stacy behavior. Even if she was some pro, she should have the decency to introduce herself and not bark at you, you did great nona, I don’t think I would have the guts.

No. 1433652

You did the right thing by standing up for yourself anon and I'm really impressed you did that despite your social anxiety. I like to think of myself as having overcome it and I still would never have had the guts to do that. I hope you're not giving up on going to the gym now!

No. 1433656

Only when I come up with new projects or visions of futures in my mind and feel motivated to do them. Then I don't do anything because thinking about them feels better than accomplishing them would

No. 1433663

Yeah, my mom allows him to throw tantrums, and didn't nip it in the bud when he was young. Doesn't help that his IQ is <90. When he was younger and my dad was around, he would get disciplined, but the past few years he's been tormenting my mom. She's a lot shorter than him and could get overpowered easily if he would try. But still, I know one 'level 3' girl that's in my brother's class with him, she can get violent as well. One time she was losing from my brother while they were playing xbox and she screeched, ran up to the xbox and threw it at him. Of course he also started to screech and cry. I moved not long after that incident. Truly wanted to kill myself because my brother is a black hole that sucks all the air from the room. He'll be transferred to a group home in a few months, and then my mom can finally move on

sorry for blog, I'm just tired

No. 1433682

Dear anon, you did nothing wrong, don't be ashamed! The woman should have been more considerate

No. 1433684

Congrats on standing up for yourself nona, I hope she learned a lesson.

No. 1433686

I start at my new job tomorrow, wish me luck nonnas. I'm very anxious and it's quite uncomfortable being the new girl when you're so introverted like I am, sometimes I pass for rude but really I'm just quiet and small talk doesn't come naturally to me. Phew. Gonna medidate before sleep.

No. 1433689

Good luck for tomorrow. If you want to fill any silences or don't know how to speak up just make an observation about something or ask about something happening. It'll get you talking and make you appear conscientious

No. 1433691

Back in high school when I was still naive and thought my first boyfriend was the love of my life and cared about me. Currently I’m laying in bed after crying wishing someone would break in and kill me but it’s not always this bad

No. 1433696

Thank you, I will try, I'm confident despite my anxiety and happy I got this job.

No. 1433730

My mom used to always drill into my head "men love long hair" and if she saw a woman with short hair she'd mock her. The sad thing is that I feel like I internalized that I have long hair that I hate and is a sensory nightmare but I feel like if I cut it I'll be less pretty. Even typing that sounds so stupid but I really feel that way. Also my mom went bald after a surgery so that's her karma

No. 1433733

i feel like when you finally cut it it will feel so incredible and liberating. Do you really want to defer that feeling? Like idk you at all but i feel like you really wanna do it..why wait?

No. 1433748

If moms must be teaching their daughters something about hairstyles and looking pretty it should at least be that flattering cuts differ per person. Some face shapes just look model-esque stunning with short hair.

No. 1433761

Cut your hair! You can look pretty and have medium to short hair.>>1433730

No. 1433774

I met a friend group over the course of the pandemic, I had the best time of my life and we formed tight bonds. Now, I feel like we are going to grow apart since everyone is busy with their own thing (I am happy for them don't get me wrong). Our group chat still talks daily but activity has dwindled down a lot and while I'll stick around as much as possible, I know it's only delaying the inevitable. I'm already being emotionally distant because I don't want it to hurt as much.

No. 1433815

I'm genuinely depressed about what happened to Vocaloid. I loved the synth and its characters so much I learned music theory and how to use synths just so I could share music like my icons but the community is so absurdly toxic and schizophrenic…I think I should get over that childhood dream already, it's not worth it anymore

No. 1433824

Like other anon said, shorter hair/med hair suits women in general as long as you keep your face shape in mind. Just cut it. I've had shorter hair on and off for 10+ years and it's incredible. "Men love long hair" is sexist rhetoric.

No. 1433835

Why the FUCK do some men just smell like a moldy wet towel?? It's making me so nauseous ughhhh this bus ride can't end soon enough

No. 1433841

look up the best length for your style and face shape and chop chop chop it off! sure you'll look good

No. 1433850

My brother wants to go with humanitarian help to Ukraine, stress of this will probably ruin my mom who is a very neurotic person, I just wish I didn't know that so I dont have to stress out about all this myself

No. 1433865

why cant he just buy game bundles and subscribe to an ukranians thot OF like a normal man

No. 1433871

Lmao i know it's selfish but I don't want my brother to be killed in a crossfire, there are other ways to help than going in a convoy to where russians murder everyone

No. 1433879

In my experience it’s ball sweat. I’m not kidding. My ex made the ehole room stank

No. 1433893

in high school i went through a very self destructive phase I was 19 at the time, yes I was held back in my early years because I kept fighting and missing school. Anyway I brought two scrotes to my house and had sex with both of them, one of them dick literally smelled like old musty arm pit dipped in garbage juice I got tested afterwards and it stopped my self destructive phase, but yes, dicks do stink and can stink.

No. 1433898

I just finished a pot of mr noodles and at the very bottom was this small brown thing shaped like a rat turd. Am I going to get some disease now? It literally looks like a turd I don't know what else it could be.

No. 1433906

I fucking hate my job but I dont quit because it’s so flexible but I’m so tired of emotionally and mentally giving myself to people and being so burnt out that I’ve noticed it’s affecting my bonds outside of work but I have no clue what to do next

No. 1433918

They aren't properly washing their clothes because none have ever been shown how to do it nor do they have the self awareness enough to realize it is a problem and learn themselves.
Mildew towel smell is a classic "I overstuff my laundry into the machine and then leave it there for days before I switch it over."

True their genitals can cause them to stink too but it is usually their clothes that carry the body odor.

No. 1433921

I want to travel or just go out and have fun new experiences but my boyfriend never wants to go anywhere and prefers to sit and play video games all day which is fine because he has a job and is busy but god I just wish I had friends and I wish anyone (besides bf) liked me enough to want to spend time with me I’m just fucking rotting away sitting in an apartment watching stupid videos online and trying to suppress my feelings of failure. It’s like I don’t exist in this world and no one notices or cares about me, I just want human contact and conversation that’s more than mild chit chat with a cashier

No. 1433957

It's probably just seasoning coagulating at the bottom.

No. 1433961

why can't he earn to give or something, damn. does he think he'll be some hero lmao. maybe making him listen to some of the intercepted russian soldier calls will put sense back into him

No. 1433968

I'm overreacting and very annoyed right now. I just had a medical procedure done and my boyfriend took me to it, drove me to my xrays afterwards and then cooked me dinner. But now he's sitting in the back room playing videogames even though he cared for me all day and I'm so pissed. I wish I could smash the head in of whoever invented videogames with a fucking rock. The world's sexiest man looks like a fucking drooling retarded pant-shitter the moment you have his limpdick posture planted in front of any game system. Instantly unfuckable. I wish his mom hadn't let him do scroteshit, like why the FUUUUCK would you EVER BUY your SON THAT YOU LOVE a FUCKING XBOX? If I have a son I'm killing him with a rock. DAUGHTERS ONLY. Also oxycodone makes me so irrationally angry oh my god. Typing this out felt like a cathartic marathon

No. 1433978

genuinely, you have one life. this is it, and you're doing that instead of what you want? it's not like you want to climb mt everest tomorrow, just go out by yourself at least.

No. 1433979

>does he think he'll be some hero
I bet he does, and he knows the reality of war - even wanted to go fight in Ukraine/Russian war in 2014 already; now they explicitely say to not come to fight if one is not a professional soldier so I guess what else he can do than jump on a humanitarian convoy… so yeah I bet it's like you say, a help that would be sending some professional medical equipment and so is just not heroic enough. Ugh

No. 1433986

Sorry for the cliche but are you me? Quick test - did you move away and ghost all your friends about a year ago?

No. 1433989

i cannot follow jill's thread anymore. it's getting ridiculous and borderline offensive at this point. she's so obsessed with her aesthetic she can't even like different things sometimes. DID is truly the new genderspecial shit.

No. 1433992

Just went on cc to see decapited heads. Why are scrotes like that ? How fucking degenrate do you have to be to have pictures of corpses on your computer ? We can't have anything without them coming to ruin it for us. Is it that satisfying to see women in distress ?
I hope the people in the picture rest in peace no one deserve to be use as gore on a fucking image board

No. 1434000

File: 1670289394863.png (190.66 KB, 559x460, 1555545808822.png)

I've always been in love with offensively feminine styles like lolita, even just normie girly clothes but I have to accept they will always look like shit on me. I'm tall, lanky with no curves, wish I had silky long hair but it never grows out past my shoulders so I keep it very short instead. I dress masc because it's what suits my body best and I get complimented all the time but I absolutely hate it. Men's clothes are so boring, I wish I was cute! Instead I'm going to find a cute, feminine gf who wears those styles and buy her whatever she wants kek

No. 1434003

i'm just reading to see when she stops the did larp, it's already fading

No. 1434004

why tf do nonas go there when all I hear is either tranny, moid or just corpse pic raids happening there all the time

No. 1434005

I’m sorry you saw that nonny. I feel bad for cc (the actual women who use it). They seem to get raided every day now by degen moids. They think saving gross porn and gore makes them like le epic trolls or whatever instead of showing how psycho they seem when they do that. As long as they get their goal (making women uncomfortable) they’ll save what ever degenerate shit they can

No. 1434007

So sorry you had to see that. Men only know how to respond with violence. they are subhuman. Try to watch a nice baking video or a video with someone building something cute for their hamster.

No. 1434008

Most lolitas wear wigs. You can do it! And i bet you can find shapewear to give yourself a bit of curves. I truly believe if you love something, you should go for it.

No. 1434012

idk what you look like obviously, so i don't want to be condescending at all (and also i don't wear lolita, so i only know about it from what i've read online. you probably know much more than i do), but i am also very androgynous (tall, lanky, people commonly ask me whether i am actually a woman or a man) and i kind of feel like a crossdresser wearing the "cute" clothing that i admire on other women; i've realized that i can be "feminine" still by dressing "classily" or "elegantly" instead of "cutely". perhaps you could try a style like classic lolita! the refinedness of the style might work well with the features that you describe (i think of tilda swinton in orlando, in her huge rococo gown), and the voluminous shape of the dress and petticoats may create a more conventionally "feminine" silhouette. i think that it's worth giving a try if it's something you're really interested in.

No. 1434020

I hate that instead of just moving on and coping in healthy ways soo many women have to say weird shit like “you look for me in everyone you meet” “all his new gfs are cheap imitations of me” because it’s not true like at all, he does not give a fuck about you OR the women he is fucking rn and the sooner you move on and stop jumping hurdles in the mental gymnastics you will actually start to heal. “You will never meet anyone else like me” actually they will. Probably dozens, you did not offer anything they considered special, otherwise they wouldn’t have done what they did or risked hurting you like that. Move on.

No. 1434022

They think being edgy online makes them hot shit. There is literally no other reason. Just pure autism.

No. 1434025

Lolita is actually flattering if you don't have too many curves. Ironically, lolita makes curvy women look heavy, kek.

No. 1434026

>Is it that satisfying to see women in distress?
Apparently. I clicked through one of the /r9k/ threads discussing a cc raid once and after one of them posted a cc anon saying the images made her sad there were like fifty replies of moids saying it's based. That's literally all it takes to get them excited, that's why they do it over and over again.
Makes the idea of cc being all larping males funnier though; imagine males raiding a website full of other males pretending to be girls, posting gore and the male larpers have to pretend to be offended, then the raiders post their reaction and go haha womens gay, rinse and repeat like some kind of perpetual moid motion machine.

No. 1434027

my professor sent me a message asking if im still in the class and im literally so scared to open it. i know its stupid as shit especially when i got myself to this point. i know the advice is "just do it" im just paralyzed at the thought of opening it.

No. 1434029

Tried to end my life yesterday for the millionth time and my family once again forced me to the ER to prolong my suffering. I really need to just stop being poor and buy some fucking bullets.

No. 1434030

Just say no? Why be intimidated by some balding combover fag

No. 1434034

im still in it. or like, registered in it and there's no way to get out of the course w/o leaving a mark on my transcript. i self-sabotaged myself 2 months into the class. i know, it + i'm stupid as shit…

No. 1434043

kek same

No. 1434046

It’s kind of funny to me that so many people larp as being intuitive or having some sort of sharp, in-tune consciousness when they’re just as stupid as the rest of us. I’m tired of people pretending they care about mental health or humanity in any way only when it serves their whims or they can use it to virtue signal, but as soon as anyone displays any even benign signs of mental illness they act like it’s just the hugest pop culture faux travesty. Ie Britney Spears is clearly unwell but people only acted like they cared before she was #freed, and now they mock her and say she should be locked back up over… annoying rants and censored nudes of her mons pubis…?? Honestly even the Kanye issue, while not my community or business, isn’t nearly as bad as it could be to me. I’m not surprised a man off the rails, cluster b, explored by everyone who has ever been in his life, fresh out of divorce is acting like that and I’m not going to be a reactionary about it. It’s none of my business. Meanwhile there are so many horrible people doing horrible things that are ignored.

No. 1434061

Today was really bad anons. It started off good and ended absolutely horrible. I feel like my life is crashing around me again, and everyone has control over it except for me.

No. 1434066

i would be unstoppable if i wasn’t autistic

No. 1434068

I go there because I like female centred spaces. Yeah I know there are men and trannies obviously but there are in every public space, I don't got anywhere else to go.
Every anon I've added from CC and confirmed female are all really nice, nicer than LC anons I've added.

No. 1434070

File: 1670295171755.jpg (316.07 KB, 936x1248, 1670216336234.jpg)

I'm sure you're way cuter than you think you are anon. Dress up with your future gf instead! It's more fun together

No. 1434082

im sick of seeing gay moid movies being made. i rarely ever see lesbian movies being heavily advertised, it's always the fucking faggots. why can't we have movies about a couple of women? the lgb support always leans heavily towards gays (and now troons).

No. 1434119

Coming back to this and adding only because I’m still thinking about it, I don’t think what Kanye’s doing is just sooo shocking and horrific only because I don’t think he means the things he is saying at all, he’s having a psychotic episode and I do believe there are people around him feeding into his behaviors. People who act like psychotic episodes are some sort of window into someone’s true or secret thoughts and feelings and not exactly what it sounds like are generally wrong. Bizarre delusions, repetitions, paranoid fantasies etc. are not some sort of raw unfiltered view into someone’s real thoughts and feelings, they are still just delusions. I don’t have some sort of abundance of empathy for him or something and I’m not saying it isn’t wrong because it definitely is no exceptions, I just don’t believe he means any of this and instead of people helping him they’re going to egg him on because it gets them views and money.

No. 1434123

Because gay men run Hollywood and gay men don’t want to watch movies about lesbians. Funny how the most recent one was about a lesbian predator LOL wow how very subversive

No. 1434125

They’re always really, really pleased with themselves for the simple fact that they are giant losers

No. 1434182

Males be like "if you molested and assaulted multiple women and are a pedophile I wouldn't give a flying shit and will still watch/read/listen to your work"
Just goes to show how flimsy their morals are

No. 1434201

But if a woman looks at them wrong she should be flogged and parades in the streets

No. 1434218

I wonder if sensitivity can run in families. My sister is super sensitive too. I'm very soft.

No. 1434221

I actually think you’re me because that’s applicable to my situation…..hello alternate timeline existence

No. 1434223

Maybe? In my household everyone very aggressive, arrogant and rude and I am the only one who isn't and i get bullied for it and gets called names. My parents also have a history of bullying people in school as does one of my siblings. I find the men on the mother's side are just the typical meek computer science types and the women on my dads side are aggressive.

No. 1434241

I love you you idiot. You're such an idiot. Why can't you just love me and shutup and stop fighting. Just shutup and let me love you dumbo.

No. 1434290

Fucking christ. I lied about my age so this fucking pedo would harrass me instead of my younger sister and god was that a bad idea, talking to this fucker is so draining and I'm probably furthering his fetish by playing into it but he's using a bunch of throwaways and I don't know how else to get rid of him and I know that I can handle him better than she can!

No. 1434292

What were you expecting? This is the kind of scheme that only works in bad movies. What kind of positive result could you ever get from enabling a pedo’s sick fantasies?

No. 1434293

just wanted to say its almost the romanianon anniversary. 24th or 25th was it, either way it was a milkmas miracle. hope she's doing a lot better since then though and fuck steve

No. 1434295

Do males get organized on discord or 4chan to mass terrorize women on social media? Whenever I check Instagram reels about controversial topics such as single mothers choosing to stay single to protect their daughters (I know social media loves to shill controversy to increase engagement) I see way too many incels under the comments calling single mothers mentally ill and such. They don’t even try to hide their pedo tendencies, who tf gets uncomfortable when a single mom tries to protect their daughter? Pedos, ofc.

No. 1434296

A popular Finnish metal band cancelled their Asia tour because their frontwoman is sick and she needs treatment. Incels are wilding under the comment section demanding them to “replace” their singer who is battling cancer because muh fans demands are more important.
Now I’m 100% sure Karen is a misogynistic slur because these men are the Karen archetype yet they won’t be called out because they are male

No. 1434302

Can't kill myself because it would make my parents feel too bad.
Have to keep living but completely done with life.
Health deteriorating, will be dead within 20 years, am 20 years old already.
I am done trying, I am going to get a bf who can provide me with pills and a place to stay so I can sleep the rest of this nightmare off until I can finally get some real sleep in the forever box.
I'm legit going to suck dick for drugs and a person to pay my taxes for me. Is that really better than being dead? Apparently my parents think so.
Goodbye, everyone, I'd remember you all in therapy, but every councilor I've ever seen has been a scam artist and I'm not giving another one any money.

No. 1434309

These men tend to be unemployed/uneducated so they can easily dogpile women who call them out. Once commented on a reel similar and men completely lost it, some of these men are worse than farmers when it comes to infighting. Some highlights include
>A man crying about how I lost the fight because I abused him after I told him to touch grass
>A man having a breakdown about how I'm manipulative because he claimed "other women were insulting me too" and I asked him to link me a single woman that was insulting me
>A man screeching about how husband's should infight in the place of their wife because "he knew a woman that set up another woman to be raped", then demanded me post all of my personal information and when I denied he kept referring me as "the girl who lied about having a husband"
>Demanded me "rate myself" and claimed he was a 7 because he's rich, tall, fit and whatever even though he was a nameless burner account with no profile pic and a DND name following porn accounts

No. 1434312

I'm so tired. I just want to end everything.

No. 1434324

File: 1670319529618.jpg (70.77 KB, 693x1378, EDiSKk4WsAE377J.jpg)

my partner has started sending me articles and instagram posts with titles like "signs of autism in adult women" and like… alright, i get the hint, fuck you
i genuinely dont think im a retard though, am i right or hardcore in denial????

No. 1434333

nona you're on lolcow, of course you're an autist

No. 1434337

No. 1434344

God it fucking sucks here now, all the normal farmers left and all that's left is spergers who come here to argue and start fights over nothing.

No. 1434347

since when was lolcow ever normal? i've been here since 2015 and there was even more infighting and nitpicking and it was all unsaged then. /cgl/ was THE spergfest central ( probably still is ) and lc was a result of such sperging. this place was never for normies and i hope it wont be in the future because there literally isnt any other ACTIVE space for weird annoying women

No. 1434348

arguing and starting fights over nothing is a sacred online activity nonnie

No. 1434350

and men! don't forget that the entire site is riddled with men! i have been here since sr and i am trying to hold on so hard but it's just not possible anymore. i've seen all the changes that the site's had over the years and i feel really different about this. the site used to be a place for us to talk freely and directly, arguments happened of course but it was definitely not the same. now we're just a refuge for people seeking a place to bully and alog in this hellish pv social media landscape. i think the internet will implode until it rises again like a phoenix. and when it does i'll still be there.

No. 1434352

File: 1670321853476.jpeg (81.13 KB, 824x820, C2DD4EB6-DFB6-493C-AF84-7A78F3…)

oh nona you dont even want to know. when i was way too young i was exposed to some fucking awful /r9k/ servers and its all just a massive circlejerk of pedophiles and girls as young as 11/12 who seek validation there because they are ‘outcasts’ and think they cant get anything else. its just an echo chamber of pedophiles and a lot of them do some horrific stuff that i’m not even going to mention

No. 1434354

File: 1670321871363.jpg (37.93 KB, 770x435, tumblr_7b1666f9a3374626d3b6556…)

I hate my life. Its 4 am and i was sitting in my room in complete darkness when I suddenly saw a small black shape on my bed so I grabbed it with my bare hands out of pure curiosity. It was a baby cockroach.

No. 1434391

I miss the music lessons I used to take so much. My instructor too. I can’t afford them anymore with the economy and all but they were the most fun I’ve had in years. I didn’t have any friends at the time and it was what kept me going week to week. I wish I had some extra money to go back. It was the only source of anything resembling joy that I had.

No. 1434393

Jesus Christ that's awful rip

No. 1434399

I hope you'll manage to go back eventually nonna! What was the instrument?

No. 1434431

I need to constantly hold myself back from being just the most insufferable braggart. Like if I didn't restrain myself I would go on a fucking bonerattling tirade.
Why do I even still have friends? Oh yeah I don't, I drove them away by being annoying and having no personality.

No. 1434433

My country is so overpopulated most people can't even get apartments, we're in a swamp so can't build huge dictator apartments and I'm afraid I'll never be able to move out.

No. 1434439

I hope so too anon, but I don’t know at this point. It’s been months. I play (or used to) the zither. It has a really steep learning curve, lol.

No. 1434448

File: 1670327457662.jpeg (92.85 KB, 1080x775, 622f5778f777bbc9333ee1a9_1080_…)

I hate that phase when you start to like someone and they could sit there with their face covered in gravy and speaking to you with a mouth filled to the brim with mashed potatoes and you'll just sit there all like "oh my god they're so CUTE!!!" even though you know they look and sound stupid right now

No. 1434453

Even worse is after that you realize they are not even that cute but you love them for that

No. 1434456

Oh wow, zither is so unique! I imagine there are not many people teaching this. Even if it takes a long time until you can go back to it, it will be still worth it. Of course fingers crossed it won't be a long time at all though

No. 1434474

File: 1670329374881.gif (1.87 MB, 179x318, gotta-go-fast.gif)

I feel anxious and strssed, I pick at my skin, I feel anxious and stressed, I pick at my skin, I feel anxious and stressed, I pick at my skin, I feel anxious and

No. 1434487

I have never had crushes because I just assume that the guy doesn’t like me back. This is why I have a hard time getting attached to men and easily dispose of them.

No. 1434492

I've been with my partner since high school, I spent years convincing myself my partner was different. The day left he left he showed me a few ideas for wedding venues, he sent me flowers

Yeah he was away 3 months and then started sending me huge hints he wants to seperate. I feel so fucking stupid. Years of my life wasted just for him to pull this shit over text.

He keeps claiming he doesn't wanna break up but his other words and actions are obvious. Part of me wants to do it myself but I need to sort things before he comes back. When he comes home I don't know how I'm even going to look at him

No. 1434493

Men will definitely marry women they don’t like or aren’t attracted to. If you feel he doesn’t like you then he probably doesn’t.

No. 1434495

Could you share an example or a few of a hint that he wants to separate? Maybe he's going through something else that makes him seem more distant?

No. 1434497

Honestly even I didn't believe it but he was the type of guy who only found who they are dating attractive. Which yes I know sounds bullshit, I don't believe men on a lot of shit and am very wary but after many years he gained my trust.

Either way I feel so used.

No. 1434499

I’d advise you to ask to check his phone. Men start acting weird when they are cheating.

No. 1434502

We had a fight but made up so I thought we were right, we talked normally but I noticed him giving me short answers while giving his family in a chat I can see long answers. He would send me flowers and handwritten notes and I noticed he didn't even want to say I love you which was strange for him (he's a big romantic) so I asked him. He claimed it was nothing and then the very next day sent me a message saying "hey if we spilt —-" I asked if that was him breaking up with me and he went on and on about how he loves me

Later on he sent me a think about how "if we spilt I'd have 30 days to get out of our apartment" but also went on about how he doesn't want to because he 'loves me too much'

No. 1434504

He wants to be a dickhead but feels “like a bad person” (because he is). So he wants you to elevate his guilt. Prepare your exit anon. I’m sorry

No. 1434505

I thought of him cheating honestly, unfortunately I have no access to his devices as he's away. Part of me doesn't want to because I'm scared AF, I have basically nobody here, I'm in a rocky part of my career, will need to find a place close enough to my job and it's expensive af here.

No. 1434507

Honestly I'm already getting rid of stuff I don't need. Unfortunately it's a lot because as far as I was aware we were going to be married and together many years.

I'm not even a stranger to the cruelty of men and I still thought if he was loyal for many years he was different, guess not

No. 1434508

It would probably be better to stay with him until you get your career in order and make up an excuse as to why you don’t want to get married. After you get yourself in order never put yourself in a position to be dependent on a scrote again. It’s just a life lesson.

No. 1434509

Also samefag forgot to sage

No. 1434513

> started sending me huge hints he wants to seperate
What are the hints?

I married my 'first love' I thought the one area of my life that was going well was me finding that person so early in life and all signs being good. He left one day, very suddenly. I've posted about it before and anons insisted that there must've been signs I missed but.. dude kept up a good facade right til the text message break up.. of our marriage. In later relationships I at least got signs so I told myself I'd always get ahead of the situation and leave before a guy ever texts me 'we're done' again. The fickle nature of men is hard to process still.

The fact that men can play the good guy for so long and then peace out with little explanation is a headfuck.

No. 1434520


I'm not married (am engaged) but
you honestly sound like you understand what I'm going through, any advice?

No. 1434523

If you're in a position where you can get ahead of it and take power back by being the one to leave first I'd do that. But I get that financials don't always make that feasible.

No. 1434534

NTA but start spending a lot of time at work, or with friends to avoid you and normal routine things.
On phone a lot. Taking phone to the bathroom.
Big gestures like trips and shit or jewelry after the hot and cold avoidance tactics. (“Because they’re really trying to make it work, it’s definitely not guilt gifts because they want to fuck their coworker)
Little comments.
Not coming to bed at the same time

No. 1434575

I’m sorry to hear that nonna.
Take this as sisterly advice, you can be with men but you cannot, sadly place your blind trust in them ever. I wish we could. I wish we could all live a life without doubts and what if’s but this the truth. Some extreme radfem nonnas may think men are not suitable to be a partner but let’s be realistic, a lot of nonna’s have partners or husbands. Have fun with them, make sure you use them to leverage your life, and make him be a provider. But always put yourself and your interests first.

No. 1434614

i am quitting adderall cold turkey… pray for me nonarosas

No. 1434622

You can do it, nona. On an unrelated note, what are the downsides of taking Adderall? Stupid question, but genuinely curious.

No. 1434625

I swear to fucking God of course I need car issues at the time my boyfriend and I start looking for apartments. We're likely going to have to postpone moving into a place perfect for starting a family in because of this. Of course, of fucking course. Some financial emergency always comes up around times like this. Am I being tested or something? Do I need to be reminded I'm poor so constantly? I want things to be fine. We just started saving up to start a family and now we might have to put that aside because I might need to get another car. I feel like I put my hopes up too high… I set myself up for disappointment

No. 1434630

i posted a while ago about wanting to reach out to my ex because i missed our friendship. i did it and i reached out and told him i missed being his friend etc. we talked for a few days before he started sending dick pics and asking for nudes. im an idiot for messaging in the first place i know but it makes me kinda sad because i wasnt really expecting it. we did have a good genuine friendship years ago and he was never the type to hound for pics from me and was actually shy about sex when we were together.

No. 1434631

Why do I have to have a body? I wish I was some kind of soul without a physical body. I can't cope with the fact that I may die any time because one day my body decides to malfunction no matter how much I take care of it. I try really hard to be healthy but you can't really escape genetics. I guess one day my arteries will randomly rupture and kill me, or I'll have kidney or gallbladder stones and I will suffer a lot. Maybe I'll have a blood clot, or my anxiety isn't really anxiety and I'm just having a heart attack. I hate this.

No. 1434640

File: 1670344202453.png (270.55 KB, 576x432, sick of everything.png)

I hate greedy/cheap people. My mom complains that every man she meets is cheap but yet she's a cheap bitch herself. She would rather buy 10 cheap products than one good one, and it ends up rotting on the larder because it tastes gross. We have 10 packages of chocolate powder from like 10 years ago that are probably filled with bugs at this point. I think her being like this is also the reason why i gained so much weight when i got a job, i ate everything i could and i stopped depriving myself from actually high quality food. She also forces herself to eat expired food to not throw it away. Mind you, we arent starving and living in a cardboard box under a bridge, she bought 3 bicycles, 2 violins and some shitty small guitar and doesnt use any of them, but gets mad at me when i tell her to stop buying shit quality fooda and to buy me at least one package of nesquik so i can drink cocholate milk in this fucking summer.

No. 1434642

I was complimenting my neighbour on her xmas decorations today, I'm talking 8 foot santa statue, lifesize reindeer, lights on the outside. I don't even know what the inside must look like. She's really into it though. Goes all out.

It brought back memories. My family was never that ott, just average decorations but my mom was more festive than my dad. Every year when it was time to put the few decorations up it'd start a row. My dad would act put out by having to take an hour out to help us. I started to dread that day every year. He walked out one year over a wreath falling down and while now I know he just went to the pub.. back then I thought he was gone gone. Like the dramatics of it all. For what?

I'll never understand how a man with a family, kids, a nice home and a wife who did everything else to make xmas special could suck the fun out of what should've been good memories of us all together. My mom is dead now. Died too young. Xmas died with her. I haven't had a full on xmas experience since. I've had one quiet dinner just with a partner at home and I've spent other years alone as if its a normal day off work. I'd kill to have a mom and a typical xmas day again. A get together where someone isn't just moaning the whole day. Does my dad sit alone on xmas now and see what he took for granted all those years? It wasn't just a xmas thing. In general he went out of his way to shit on anything that she tried to make special. Oh no your wife is making a fantastic dinner and making the table nice.. how horrid. He's lucky anyone ever married him given how he just had to ruin things at every chance. Shit on other peoples excitement. My mom dying was the end of me having a family. She was the glue holding it together and without her we're living seperate lives and eating meals for one. There's no point in me hosting a dinner when he'd bitch all day.

No. 1434648

Kek are you a child?
>Reeee mummy won't buy me the choccy milk I like.

No. 1434654

My mom is like this too. Cheaps out on important shit like dental work but is fine blowing thousands of dollar on furniture or a boat her and my dad only use once and already want to sell

No. 1434659

My dad used to be like despite the fact that we had a lot of disposable income. It was all part of his narc martyr routine and used to make a big show of how he was constantly having to eat mine and my mom’s leftovers while we got the “nice” food even though literally no one ever fucking asked him. Extremely mentally ill behavior.

No. 1434665

why dont u just buy your own package of nesquik

No. 1434675

Your post almost made me cry I feel so bad for you and that you lost your mom. I don't get why dads have to act this way.

No. 1434697

Ty nona.. I think the downsides can be different for everyone, but for me, it's like a psychological addiction. I associate it with working hard and being productive, but that isn't necessarily the case. I also feel less emotive and more serious, like things don't make me laugh. I've already seen how I can still be productive without it, and I'm on the lowest dose… so it shouldn't be too difficult. It makes me thi