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No. 1367607

Vent away nonnas

No. 1367610

you dropped this nona, i will help
previous thread:

No. 1367611

I'm waiting to be able to move away from home with emergency housing, but first I'll have to prove I'm actually being abused and everything is going so slow. And today they send a physical letter to my house (instead of mailing), which they promised they wouldn't do, luckily I was able to sweep it away before my mother saw, but gdi I hate this.

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File: 1665228957356.jpg (65.55 KB, 563x756, 6b4b08d48153cfbcd9301eda98b55d…)

Remove the manhate and GC threads from /ot/, they said. It would stop the scrotes from attacking the site, they said.

No. 1367618

>It would stop the scrotes from attacking the site, they said.
The mere existence of a women's space is enough to invite harassment from moids

No. 1367619

Perfect picture. This site would be entirely about gardening and how to bake foccacia bread with no manhate in sight and scrotes would still attack us just because it's a space for women.

No. 1367625

Looove reporting anything that can catch a ban on /a/ while browsing. Coomers are legitimately braindead so they always upload a bunch of borderline stuff and sometimes mods decide to be based

No. 1367657

I swore there was a thread for bad/abusive parents(?) but I can't find it in the catalog, so I guess I'll just vent about this here.

My bio dad is such a narcissist and he's the reason I hate scrotes. As much as qweers yell about being "born this way", I have no doubt in my mind that if my dad wasn't the way he was I would be able to talk to men without wanting to punch them.

It's so insane to me how all of the women in my family are so kind-hearted and loving despite having to live with an evil narcissist like my father. He can never accept responsibility for anything and everything he's ever done wrong is always my moms fault. When he dies I'm gonna throw a party nonnies!!!

No. 1367660

Team leaders keep ignoring my questions and hold meetings when I'm unavailable so often that it is beginning to feel intentional. The ones I could attend were spent joking around and talking about completely unrelated shit, so I'm not really missing out but it's annoying when there happen to be actual developments that no one bothers to tell me about. The group is too big and communication is basically zero outside of the clique running it. I don't get why I was told to join. I don't think I would have if I had known it would be like this. I don't want to leave but I'm frustrated with how slow it's going and the order things are being worked on. If I make suggestions they turn out to be worthless because of something they discussed on their own and I obviously didn't know about, so there is no possibility of giving my own input. I'm reduced to simply waiting for orders and fulfilling them to the best of my ability and with whatever info I can deduce on my own. This is all starting to make me lose interest

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No. 1367716

Friends who are in relationships doesn’t seem to understand how hurtful it is to cancel our plans to spend time with their SO. “I’m feeling tired I’ll spend the night at home with my nigel instead”
I’m currently very single and my one friend in particular doesn’t seem to understand that friendships are more important when you don’t have a SO. I’m not really suffering from loneliness and there’s lots of positive things about being single. I’ve became more close with my (single) friends and it’s different when we both are single.

No. 1367717

File: 1665238603755.jpeg (55.66 KB, 640x483, FEqr5q-X0Ac53kg.jpeg)

I hope I have an exam whenever its my sister's graduation day so that I don't have to attend and feel the humiliation of having my 4 years younger sister graduate before me.
No malice towards her, she deserves everything great in this world, it's just shameful and embarrassing on my side.

No. 1367735

File: 1665240885834.gif (19.81 KB, 220x220, cat-catcry.gif)

A fly I just killed is stuck to my curtain. I don't want to have to scrape it off.

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No. 1367759

File: 1665243287131.jpg (377.21 KB, 1080x1330, 20221008_173139.jpg)

I'm grateful it is completely a thing of the past, but I just can't seem to let it go. We are both 19, so indeed it is something of the recent past, yet at an age where it is understandable. Today at work I kept getting intrusive thoughts about her. I have such a difficult time articulating to people why this bothers me so much. It just upsets me so much. I feel deeply unhappy about it. I loathe this entire situation… Picrel has been bothering me all day. I guess a bubble has been popped for me too. LITERALLY ALL MEN. It doesn't matter that he was a virgin when he met me despite having had previous girlfriends, because he cared to save his virginity for one woman… It doesn't matter that he spent thousands on me and has traveled across the world to see me when I had to go abroad… It doesn't matter that he never is angry at me, always sticks by me, always is patient, babies me without complaining, spoils me without complaining, adores me, treats me right, doesn't watch pornography, always respects me… None of it seems to matter, this feeling just overwhelms me. I hope the majority of it is just that I'm a bit exhausted and haven't eaten well recently… It must be making me a bit more emotional than usual. But still… Grrrr it upsets me SO MUCH!! Why did he have to fap to big tit OnlyFans whores??? I don't look anything like them… How?? How can this arouse him?? I thought I was his type?? And how can his standards be so low???

No. 1367774

A fucking retard replying to moid bait

No. 1367781

It's okay to feel hurt, nona. It's also okay to be wary of him. Be glad that it is in the past and not a part of the present. I can't say much else, but I hope that you don't feel hurt any more.

No. 1367789

File: 1665245581949.png (50.68 KB, 275x275, 18595A89-AB02-46FC-8802-46F7CC…)

My ex was so kinda and loving in so many different ways when he was focused on me but would shut down and reject a lot of the kindness I tried to return to him. It was such a strange dynamic and I’m still trying to figure out why he would react like that.

No. 1367797

Okay so ngl the woman you posted in the last thread is pretty hot imo but unfortunately regardless of gender a lot of young people (especially males) grew up pornsick. When you get older I promise shit like this will bother you less. I remember roasting my husband over the ugly women he jerked it to when we were teenagers. I know it feels worse when the woman doesn't look anything like you (and is ugly as fuck) but the normalization of porn has normalized sexualizing all women regardless of actual attraction to them. I struggled with a porn addiction since I was eight until I was about..twenty and women I'm attracted to on a day to day basis are nothing like the women I'd jerk off to. It's different when you're watching porn especially with a developing brain I can't describe it. There's a reason super pornsick men can't handle being around regular women in public. They see women with that lense 24/7/365. The male gaze blah blah blah I don't want to make this too long but yeah it's okay to be hurt and as you get older shit like that hurts less. I feel like as a teenager I felt more hurt by it too because the competition felt "unfair" since they were grown women and I was a petite teenager too. So maybe that's adding to it? I don't know how old these thots are but yeah…also tell his friends to stop sending him pictures of other women. I know you're still teenagers but that's like…very young still single teenage boy behavior.(male)

No. 1367801

Nta but… are you a scrote? Why are you referring to masturbating as "jerking off?"

No. 1367804

starting to feel bad but i honestly hate when my friends come to me for relationship adivce/venting. i get that they need an outlet too but a) i dont really care about your nigel and b) i have to pretend to give legitimate(at least in their eyes) advice to them when really all i believe is that they should just break up with their nigels. literally all of them should they're all mediocre and dick is abundant, but nobody wants to hear that

No. 1367805

It's just how I talk I'm autistic, socially inept and don't interact with other women besides this forum. I've talked about it in past vent threads. I'm actually going to hang out with a new girl friend for the first time in five years today kek. My bad for the scrote like language nona.

No. 1367810

My boyfriend and I had a conversation about that lense. He claimed that he felt for her is lust, yet for me it's love. I'm aware of the madonna-whore complex and adjacent concepts, so I understand what he is trying to say. But I can't properly formulate why it feels wrong still. So one moment he can masturbate to chicks who look nothing like me, and the other he can love me..? It makes me feel pathetic, honestly. How could I think he would be aroused by my body when I showed it to him? How can he even be attracted to me? I'm nothing like those women. He is completely broken about this situation too. He has already expressed to me in the past the shame he feels for his previous masturbation and porn-watching behaviour. I know he is different now and feels true regret. It just makes me feel like shit. I told my mom about this and she said I have no reason to be concerned, that I am just as beautiful and even sexy. My boyfriend said one reason why he feels so awful about pornography and mastubration is that he knows now how men look at me. I'm just blurting out things I gathered in this whole mess. I'm seriously overreacting and way too messy over this, I know. I feel kind of shocked at how deeply this has affected me and how incoherent it makes me. He didn't do anything actually wrong. He was literally a virgin when he met me and let me take his. But I still feel so sick… I just want to break up with him… I don't understand. We have so much great together, this isn't anything to throw that away over. I obviously won't act on this thought unless it persists for at least a week, because I know I am being very irrational and due to lifestyle aspects as well. I've really been needing to vent about this… It upsets me way too much. I feel like I can never win. I don't know how to perceive myself. Sexy, not sexy, the type of girl guys want as girlfriends and wife, but also a girl guys disrespect and sexually harrass, attractive, not sexy enough, bitter, jealous, in the right, in the wrong, overreacting, overly emotional…

No. 1367813

You know what I'm samefagging but I don't care. I don't think any scrote on earth would give a fuck about a teenage girl being genuinely sad over seeing other women her boyfriend used to jerk off to. They'd 100% call her a fucking baby and act like it's normal behavior so that felt like an unnecessary "are you a scrote" comment ngl. Not trying to start a fight just…come on scrotes do not care about the feelings of any female when it comes to porn kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1367816

Lol sorry I was just worried it was the troon again or something, he always does the faux caring thing just to fuck with us. But I agree with your post about the porn thing. And these are the only women I interact with as well lol. Congrats on going to hangout with someone today though and I hope you have a really good time! Sorry I genuinely wasn't trying to start a fight I've just never heard "jerking off" in the context of female masturbation before but you do you Nona

No. 1367817

ummm anon……it was the troon.

No. 1367819

why are they always so easy to clock

No. 1367823

Oh fuck me why do I always fucking fall for this shit

No. 1367825

ngl you sound unhinged and i feel bad for your pet moid, just a little bit.

No. 1367847

I though that by 30 I'd be covered in tattoos, now I'm 27 and I've got 4 lol. One is a half sleeve but as a whole nowhere near where I'd thought I'd be.

It takes me about a whole year to decide what I want where, if, and the actually get off my ass and book an appointment lol

Probably better this way than having to coverup random shit

No. 1367855

Yeah nonna needs to go to therapy and work it out there. This sounds like something much bigger than her relationship.

No. 1367896


No. 1367897

Yeah the mods totally don't make mistakes. Some of you are fucking retards I wonder how happy it makes the tranny happy to see some you accuse actual women of being him. I stand by what I said no scrote would give a fuck about a teenage girl venting about porn changing how she views her boyfriend despite him no longer watching it. I seriously don't think any scrote especially a tranny has ever thought about that aspect of heterosexual teenage relationships that most teenage girls experience. The pressure to be ~a cool girl~ and be fine with your boyfriend/husband being a disgusting lustful retard is still pushed and normalized. Men don't give a fuck about that shit.

No. 1367899

File: 1665253492549.jpg (115.81 KB, 740x788, cdc7pg2jjjj61.jpg)

Waiting for shit to restock so I can order it. It's also getting closer to November so I'll also probably wait 1-2 more months for the sales… damn, I just want my shit

No. 1367901

Sometimes my boyfriend is so boring in his speech and interests that I think the only times we have fun anymore are when we're having sex, which is thankfully often. What a dullard. I just want to go ooouuutttttt

No. 1367913

for me is exactly backguards lol. I love my bf and we share most of our hobbies and spend a great time together, but the sex is often boring and happens maybe two times a month… and I'm a horny ass bitch, I want to fuck!!! I wish he had the same libido as mine… it would be the perfect 10/10 relationship. But eh, nobody is perfect I guess.

No. 1367916

Ahrhfhgjg that's how we used to be, I miss it. Hopefully yours stays the same but the sex improves. His job took up a lot of the time we otherwise spent on art and music together and I miss it, unfair of me to say because he probably misses it too. Real life sucks sometimes and I could cry today.

No. 1367921

At present I have a stomach virus, a real bad one. Laying here in agony, managed to vomit so violently a I shat myself. Full on multi-tasked my way into a shame corner.

No. 1367923

File: 1665255277634.jpeg (121.92 KB, 1170x597, C437F375-4B69-44CA-86CC-F6A4B7…)

Needs to be a study on the link between autism and hardcore stalking. What is it about those people that makes them completely ignore consent.

No. 1367934

were you stalked by someone?

No. 1367937

honestly…yeah. i'm autistic and i do struggle with that sometimes. i'd like a study about that too.

No. 1367943

Pattern recognition is a part of it. I found out where someone worked a while ago by cross-referencing the interior design of their work selfish with Google image results. People can also be a special interest or hyperfixation

No. 1367945

Work selfies*

No. 1367950

Autists take stalking to a degree few others do. Very interesting. Total dehumanization of their target and very long, drawn out obsession.

I think it could be an amazing gift when used for good things instead of absolute evil. Like instead of using it to degrade and stalk women, catch pedophiles or rapists or something god damn.

No. 1367951

What are you getting nonna? If you dont mind

No. 1367953

It's fun

No. 1367954

Special interests + obsession.
They do the same things with fictional characters and inanimate objects like toys.

No. 1367960

Understood but I’m not talking about snooping or documentation I’m talking about when they (particularly moids) crank the level up to it being literal abuse

No. 1367972

Having been terminally online since I was 14 years old has fucked my brain. I can't connect with others, I have zero empathy because I don't know what people go through in life. I feel overwhelmed by almost everything and I just want to escape reality by living on sites like this. My parents took me to the most amazing places and I just fucking spent time on my phone. I don't remember shit about what I did there and I don't remember shit about what I was doing on the internet. I feel like a shell, I don't have a core. I hate this. I hate myself. I can't stop crying at the smallest thing. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up.

No. 1367994

all i wanted from overwatch 2 was pve modes but they fucking lied to me

No. 1367996

I love this thread pic so much.

No. 1367997

It's Blizzard, the fact that you support a company that treats women like shit and enables fucking creepy men to harass them is YOUR FAULT.

No. 1367999

I met with some guy on Thursday. Had an okay time. He asked if I want to meet again today & I said that it's too soon. Like if feelings develop eventually that's fine but I don't want to rush things.
Today he texts me at 9 am that he wants to ask me something and if he can call. I'm still sleeping so I don't reply. He leaves two missed calls. I call back at around 3 pm and he tells me that he's in my city and asks if I want to hang ( he lives about 2-3 hours away )
I said that I'm not feeling well. He didn't even leave, he booked a hotel room in my city until tomorrow. I'm feeling uncomfortable as fuck and have no plans of meeting him. Honestly who does this.

No. 1368002

Ugh im so sexually frustrated. My bf had like 6 shifts last week at his job so we only fucked on the weekend, thats fine whatever. But this week he started his second nursing placement and they're really working him to the bone but no worries cause we were gonna get freaky tonight but surprise surprise his patient fucking died so he's understandably not gonna be in the mood. reeee. i've already masturbated like 4 times this weekend.

No. 1368003

sounds like they don't understand boundaries and you should drop them

No. 1368007

File: 1665259880576.jpg (10.7 KB, 320x260, E_cQ2PgUYAIsLN_.jpg)

Just finished FF IX and now I'm having an existential crisis

No. 1368015

I’m tired of my desire for a secure long term relationship as being seen as a negative. I grew up with very few friends, neglectful parents, and no extended family. I didn’t really have a deep connection with friends until High School. I’m out of college now and I’ve had to do a lot of work to get the friend group I have. They’re fairly large and have always been very supportive. Half of my immediate family is dead and I’m trying to repair the relationship with the one member that isn’t. I know how to handle my emotions despite all the mental illnesses, I have a good relationship with my coworkers and a good job, I have hobbies and a lot of interests that I won’t compromise on. I’ve dated a lot and ended a good amount of relationships that I knew weren’t right for me. But when I talk about how I want a long term partner I get he whole ‘You need to love yourself first’ bullshit. Fuck off, a lot of my pain was severely exacerbated by the fact that I was ALWAYS alone. I don’t have to be an immaculate and fined tuned person to be worthy of forming relationships. I hate that this rhetoric has become the norm and that people will end relationships that could help them because people have meme’s themselves into thinking that healing can only be done alone.

No. 1368019

do you actually care about that or are you trying to be contrarian against me

No. 1368021

In general people are only pretending to be cool and aloof and allergic to sincerity, deep down most people want it as well but have reached the point of terminally online where they think they seem weak or something for expressing the want for stability and a partner that actually loves you. It’s so lame, complete posturing.

No. 1368026

File: 1665261653144.png (2.95 MB, 1440x2560, IMG_4132.PNG)

I'm sitting here like.. damn I'm depressed. But really I'm just understimulated. I need to find something new to get into. I think I should take notes on a class I'm taking, or take a walk… but I'm just sitting here like "no, I don't want to do any of that…"

No. 1368027

I completely agree. Irony as a defense mechanism is so deeply ingrained into people my age that they don’t allow themselves to be vulnerable EVER. I feel like a lot of my relationships were very surface level because of this as they would actively shut down my attempts to develop things further. The few where I do feel like I truly got through the vulnerability became too overwhelming and they shut down and ran. I feel like once you scratch the surface a surprising number of long term couples in their 20s are in that first limbo. Nothing is immediately wrong so they never dig deeper and then wonder why things implode 5 years later. I deserve someone who can break down their walls with me. I also think that people have taken the ‘relationships should be easy’ part too literally too. The fun parts of a relationship should be easy. Someone who you can truly be with will be hard when they challenge your negative aspects and help you grown significantly.

No. 1368031

I know what site this is but the incessant need to insult a woman's looks when she isn't selling them is disheartening each time it happens.

No. 1368044

The cool thing about being hot is you can do subversive shit and people will not shit on you for it like they do to ugly people.

No. 1368049

Anon I'm 19 too and I relate to how you feel. I'm really sorry you're going through this and I hope you feel better soon. You are not unhinged for feeling this way.
Do you have any friends you'd feel comfortable opening up about this to?
Maybe spend some time with them and take care of yourself for now.
If you haven't already, talk about it with your bf, be completely honest and ask for his honesty too.
I hope things get better for you soon. You'll be okay.

No. 1368082

No. 1368114

Just had a funny (now in retrospect) flashback of this older girl in school that would tease me and call me a heifer but she was literally morbidly obese? While I was only a little bit chubby? I obviously didn't clap back "wtf do you mean you are 3x my size?" because I didn't want to get hurt but I still don't understand. It's like a bum wearing rags yelling at a guy in a car that he's a broke loser

No. 1368138

File: 1665270921524.png (12.94 KB, 284x284, 1645284839148.png)

I am starting to really like my friendship with a moid. Everytime i find a moid friend he ends up asking me out, which instantly ends the friendship for me, but so far he's everything i've ever wanted as a friend, we share similar interests and goals, same humor, we have our dumb inside jokes, we don't take everything so seriously, we are focused on THE GRIND, etc. He doesn't seem interested in me sexually, but now i am scared I might fall in love with him, fugg.

No. 1368141

My breakup is legitimately making me want to kill myself. I've never felt suicidal and I have so many reasons to live for but my emotions is really making me feel like killing myself.
I fear being alone.
I fear that deep down I am just an empty person where there is nothing to love. There is nothing authentic about me, as if I'm just an NPC who's incapable of feeling deeper emotions and thought.
I like to believe that everyone is capable of being loved and loving in return but that doesn't apply to me.
Please tell me I'm wrong.
Please tell me it gets better.
Please tell me I deserve someone who will appreciate me and that I can form healthy, loving connections.

No. 1368143

How was your breakup? I'm sorry you're going through this, I know that it's not really comforting to hear over the internet that 'things will get better' but eventually time does heal wounds. I know It sounds so cliche but please know that other people are going through the same thing you're going through and you're not alone.

No. 1368144

Nonna… Time heals all wounds. I know, because a year ago I wanted to die from how sad I was over the breakup I of my 4.5 year old relationship.

Today I am fine.

In a while, you will be fine too. And in a while longer, you will find new love. It's gonna be ok.

No. 1368146

Yet another vent about my boyfriend that I'm still struggling to move away from due to poor economy. Today since I knew I would be living with him for quite some time still while scraping together means to leave, I tried to connect with him on some projects he's doing and he shut me out. Told me he didn't want to be asked about what he was doing because I would ruin his inspiration. I told him I just missed being able to have longer conversations with him about it since we're both in the same field, and he just shut me out. Because of my savings I'm not buying food for myself atm, but he doesn't want to share much of his food with me, so I nibble on vegetables and cucumber and defrosted an old soup I bought few weeks ago that was buried in the freezer, which he helped himself to. As I tried to sleep he started talking about what food he was planning to get tomorrow. He said he wanted to treat himself and order some nice food from a restaurant, and then speculating which item to get. It made me think about our good times together where we would order food on sundays and watch movies and comedy series. Now he's just gonna order for himself, sit by his computer and ignore me. I can't believe the guy I'm living with now used to be such an invested, caring and loving guy. Sometimes he's back to his old self again when he seems to catch on that I'm planning to leave, but he's still in for a shock when I'm actually gone. Please summon some good job opportunities in my life, nonnas, I desperately want out.

No. 1368161

When I read posts like these, I wonder to myself "where does it all go wrong?" Where exactly did it go wrong? This makes me worry for myself. I wish you the best of luck, nona. I believe in you and know you will find a nice job away from this uncaring moid.

No. 1368165

Thank you both. I just can't help but feel like there's something wrong with me. Even though I know I have so much love to give, it feels like I'll never be enough for someone.

No. 1368178

not to invalidate your struggles or anything because its fucked up that your parents were like that, but mine were normal and i'm still ashamed of feeling emotions and unable to express them healthily.

No. 1368190

I am in so much physical pain. I've had a cough & sneeze for the past few weeks, wasn't flu (or covid) bc I was able to function, but I was coughing so hard it felt like I'd flattened my lungs. Recently I've been having nose bleeds everyday too, sometimes multiple times a day, sometimes from sniffling/sneezing sometimes it's just random, I used to get them a lot in my younger years so I'm not too worried but it just doesn't seem right & is quite annoying. Also all of a suddenly in the past few days I've developed the worst pain I've ever felt in my ribs under my boob, I don't know if it's the way I'm sleeping or sitting in bed, I haven't been eating too well either for a few months. As I'm sat here typing this it feels like my arties have been clogged up and are going to explode at any moment, or like I have a bruised rib. I want to be able to live without a stress of some mental or physical thing going wrong, just want a simple and peaceful life where something doesn't happen every week

No. 1368228

File: 1665279916802.jpeg (22.62 KB, 279x279, 1648704771875.jpeg)

I feel really guilty of having been depressed and being anxious because I have a younger moid brother who now takes after me and is pathetic like me and says he's depressed and anxious too and is basically a very really lazy sadboi lite. I feel like I made him this way, or at least he's faking being like this because of me. I always helped around the house even as a neet, I still at least tried getting a call center job no matter how socially anxious I was. I was never mean to my mom. He is like this though. I have actual childhood trauma but meanwhile what about him? oh his online girlfriend he met up with twice cucked him when she went off to college, boohoo. I mean who freaking wouldn't? I wish he would get over himself but I feel like I have no place to say that because I spent and still sometimes spend tons of times sulking. I just hate this fucking privileged moid alot.

No. 1368236

whats more, my mom invited him to a trip i was planning for me, my other brother, and his girlfriend, so i now i have to pay for his plane ticket and day of fun. I really should say no.

No. 1368243

File: 1665281182095.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1461, 79C7AC41-5329-4093-827B-F9F0C2…)

Call me racist if you really think that this is somehow racist but it’s hard to take black and indian writers seriously when the only way that they decide to create content for “their audience” is by rehashing films or television shows written and created by white writers and producers, and just making the characters black; as opposed to creating their own dynamic black and indian characters. It’s lazy and really pathetic. It makes it impossible to take any of these people seriously.

No. 1368244

Sure it wasn’t covid? My covid was just coughing, the worst part was being locked in my room with just my thesis to work on during the quarantine. And covid’s famous for random super weird symptoms.

No. 1368245

Agreed, if I wanted TV racial representation and the closest thing I could get to it was just a reskin I’d be mad about it.

No. 1368246

File: 1665281324828.jpeg (301.26 KB, 1170x694, 19E006F7-35CD-4DCA-BD7A-E3DA39…)

is there a point of doing stuff like this? I’m pretty sure nobody is looking to fictional character Velma Dinkley for a green light to be openly gay

No. 1368251

Too dumb and too personal but I really do need therapy I think. Anytime I'm on the brink of scheduling something I back out because I magically feel better for a few days but realistically I can't keep on like this. I cry several times a day, I don't know who the fuck I am anymore and sometimes I don't recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I can't talk and open up to people who I haven't known for several years because I feel scared. I need to do something asap because I was lucky enough to join an amazing group of musicians at my uni and I don't want to fuck it up this time like I did with the friends of my ex and several other people before. This must end at some point.

No. 1368252

Feeling entitled to “representation” yet doing no work to make said representative canon tangible, but when they do the most they can be bothered to throw together is a new skin color. Like black Ariel. Halle Bailey is such a talented musician- why not just write a new Disney musical altogether and let her be the starring role? It probably would’ve cost a million miles less…

No. 1368266

File: 1665283533697.jpg (30.93 KB, 688x596, latina duck.jpg)

Americans suck at so called ''representation'', i swear they all just want to justify their racial kinks. I just want ONE latina character that's not ''sassy'', brown and lives in a rat nest with the rest of her family, south america isn't just Mexico either. They are also obssesed with identity politics, they made a DUCK latina and ofcourse that means that they must make her feathers brown.

No. 1368268

most latinas are brown though, why do you have a problem with that? I understand sassy, but brown?
what about us straighties that see themselves in velma?

No. 1368269

I hate my brother and I can't wait until he's homeless dying on a random street because nobody other than our mom will put up with a lazy piece of shit leech. Thank you and amen.

No. 1368274

Mexico is in central america

No. 1368275

you're not dumb, you're smart enough to realize you are struggling, want better for yourself, and to look for help. it might take a bit to find a good therapist or mental health professional, so try to challenge yourself to fight your anxiety and live the way you want to (don't exhaust yourself ofc).

No. 1368276

>most latinas are brown though, why do you have a problem with that? I understand sassy, but brown?
not really, i live in argentina and most people i know are light skinned, same for uruguay and chile. I hate that americans thinks all latinos are brown.
>Mexico is in central america
as if americans care, we are all mexicans to them

No. 1368277

It's in North America.

No. 1368280

I mean it's lazy but if you grew up on watching these shows it's still nice to see at least one of the characters look like you. That's all representation is about, nothing more convoluted than that, and I say that as someone who doesn't care for it. It's not the show being written by a white person that they take issue with, and they never claimed that

No. 1368282

File: 1665284517964.jpg (15.4 KB, 260x260, 9cb149abb21d837a2ac536badced7d…)

No. 1368287

Most latinos in the U.S. are Mexican or brown, because most latinos in latin america are brown. We're talking more than half. So why should they be represented? Either way, there's plenty of light skinned latinos in U.S. media and in latin american media, if anything they're over represented. Solo di que no te gustan los triguenos y largate lol

No. 1368289

File: 1665285448967.png (166.82 KB, 350x862, wow.png)

idk why you're expecting a ducktales design to be good look at the shit that is picrel, awful
>south america isn't just Mexico either
yeah as a matter of fact it's not even a part of it anon, it's in north america kek
>they made a DUCK latina and of course that means that they must make her feathers brown.
i mean yeah, i guess they could have made the design inspired in a common mexican bird or something but meh.
>lives in a rat nest with the rest of her family
have you perhaps posted about this topic before? not acussing you of samefagging, but you have a very similar phrasing to some other posts

No. 1368295

I'm annoyed with the handmaidens in the Jill thread that are falling over themselves to comment how not transphobic and uwu pure they are even though they are in meanie evil lolcow

No. 1368296

This is a petty complaint but I hate those colour threads in /m/. Whenever they get bumped there's so many of them and they take forever to scroll past.

No. 1368301

>Most latinos in the U.S. are Mexican
Most latinos in the U.S. are Americans with a Mexican great grandpa, digamos las cosas como son nonita querida.
The US having issues representing minorities is not news though, and has nothing to do with Choripan-chan liking or not trigueños, there are plenty of Americans of Colombian, Venezuelan, etc descent that are lighter skinned and are told they aren't true latinos because of it or because they're "white-passing" even though they literally are white. Latino is not a race after all. I mean look at Sofía Vergara, the woman is naturally blonde and she couldn't get jobs until she dyed her hair brown and started playing up her accent. The US loves caricatures.

No. 1368318

I’m not talking about from the viewers perspective though, I’m talking about from a solely professional perspective. Why not create something more impressive instead of riding off the coattails of some old shit as means of using peoples emotions and nostalgia as a way to gain viewership?

No. 1368319

same, they remind me of autistic colormush blogs from tumblr. why do you want to clog up a forum with imagedumps that belong on pinterest? are you so codependant you have to post color images as a collaborative hobby lol

No. 1368333

Honestly I don't care for american raised "latinos" and they aren't who I had in mind. I also really doubt someone with a Mexican great-grandpa would identify as latino but alas. I'm talking about 1st generation immigrants and illegals, the majority is overwhelmingly Mexican.
>Latino is not a race after all
And I never claimed otherwise. Just that most look brown and not otherwise, so it's petty to complain about the lesser phenotypes not being represented, which btw is not true and you completely ignored.
>"white-passing" even though they literally are white
Ok so this here should solve your issue, just look at white characters for your representation? they won't make them be sassy or live in a rat's nest, and certainly not give them an accent. I'm not sure how them slapping a "latin" label would change anything.

No. 1368351

File: 1665292049982.jpeg (79.41 KB, 750x601, 1649214483223.jpeg)

I'm in a "self-improvement" era (aka manic) and I'm so mad and sad. I used to be super into lolita fashion. I sold a ton of my dresses, I held onto some of the really expensive ones but got rid of a lot of oldschool pieces that were gorgeous and some AP (right before the sweet boom.. missed out on so much money there). After a breakup my ex stole my shoes, my bags, accessories, coats, sold them and kept the money. I only got to keep some headbows, a couple dresses, blouses, and socks.
Now it feels so overwhelming to build back up what I had now that I have more financial stability, I can get shoes and accessories back but holy shit the market for dresses is awful, it's so expensive with not many pickings, cheap brand dresses don't seem to exist anymore on the JP or western market, somehow the western market is cheaper than the JP market. Fuck the money but I don't even see dresses I would like to own on the market. I regret getting rid of everything I fucking had like an idiot, and fuck my ex for stealing my shit just to sell it off (especially my rare milky-chan coat). I'm so pissed

No. 1368364

File: 1665293715466.jpg (40.29 KB, 510x680, 147835d71f78e252323044a1f7f24e…)

don't scroll

No. 1368367

Why are the jannies ignoring the fucking child porn

No. 1368371

Meanwhile it’s actually the jannies posting the child porn with phishing links

No. 1368372

Omfg again???

No. 1368374

File: 1665294961320.jpg (79.47 KB, 640x763, hekwg5hbior51.jpg)

Every time I see that character, I remember this tweet.

No. 1368378

Fuck, I forgot to reply >>1368266

No. 1368388

File: 1665296430363.jpg (153.69 KB, 1168x1527, 310624390_652159599810080_4985…)

after dropping out of studying game design, i still have anxiety from having to make every project perfect. so much so that i can't even start big projects without getting drunk or self harming anymore. i hate scrotes and how they expect everything to be perfect from women but half-assed projects and efforts from them still PASS AND WITH A GOOD GRADE! we compared projects with a guy friend and it showed how a teacher was sexist. it kept happening to other girls too. then he kept giving me fail grades until i went to the student council, after which he accused me of "ganging up on him". fucking hate hate hate scrotes they ruin everything

pic bc a scrote is posting cp

No. 1368389

File: 1665296557436.jpg (213.89 KB, 1078x1424, IMG_8291.JPG)

i am so angry i forgot to add, other students have accused him of being sexist and a shit teacher too. to which he assumed i ask them to do so. fucking scrote, i went to the council at last resort because yours were the only projects i kept failing

No. 1368391

At this point America should have never been conceived kek, now people who are welcomed from foreign countries (or are smuggled in) can kick and scream about "muh representation" when the bulk of the populus doesn't even reflect them. At least if they hadn't taken the land from the natives they'd have a leg to stand on in their defence. I can't imagine travelling to Mongolia, or Sudan (just random examples) and thinking it's imperative that people look exactly like me are on tv otherwise I simply cannot relate to them. That concept from outside of a burgerfag perspective is pretty ridiculous to most of the world.

No. 1368393

Getting real pissed off asking my scrote for clarification during this meeting and having him roll his eyes and say, “You’re just not listening! Pay attention” bitch this is my 3rd language and I’m dogshit at it and you KNOW this

No. 1368395

>watch youtube short about a teenmom
>top comment: I'm happy your bf didn't leave unlike some teen dads
>first reply: and some moms
a scrote of course.

No. 1368399

Nona I feel your pain so much. I've had game dev classes, and every single time if I wanted to pass the class I basically had to do ALL of the work and the scrotes contribute nothing. The second there is a woman in the group they lose interest and don't give a fuck. Or deliberately sabotage their own group like psychos. Why are they such incompetent and lazy pieces of shit? I pull all-nighters and go insane to do the work of 5 people and they get an A in the class by doing nothing.

I want to give up and drop out because I'm so burnt out with this shit constantly happening, and I feel like if I get treated like this everyday at work I'll go fucking ballistic. I feel so hopeless all of the time.

No. 1368405

Venting about a LC thing on LC. Here I go lol. I don't get how nonnies 'contributing' to the advice threads are so quick to make peoples questions… Magically all about them. If you dont tip toe your wording enough to cut out all possible risk of inadvertently triggering someones insecurities you'll get more bs replies than anything. Oh you don't like that your bf is a neet… Well I'm a neet so fuck you you privileged bitch you're probably a rich girl with parents that pay your way. Probably.. I mean I'm just jumping to crazy conclusions because I'm a triggered neet.

Not happy that your bf is pudgy.. let's have a debate about women and anorexia and start calling each other either fatties or skeletons. Trying to guess each others weight through the screen is definitely going to help the op decide how to best approach her bf.

The posts arent about you! Don't make it so personal. It's always someone asking about one specific scrote. If anons insert themselves because they relate more to the neet/pudgy scrote than to you.. You look like a bigger loser for seeing a bit of yourself in these loser scrotes. It reads as pathetic.

No. 1368414

File: 1665301985489.png (121.12 KB, 620x460, 4d0.png)

Enjoying a multiplayer game to which i came back to after 1.5 years of playing made me realise how alone i am. My entire friendliest stopped playing a long time ago, and now that even the people from 4 years back, none of them messages me to join. Not like I remember them much either, but still. My outside of the game friends don't play anything like that and here i am, grinding levels alone while watching others have fun together. My bfs stepbrother is playing it too, but he also plays it with his sister that hates me despite me never doing anything to her, but she loves making shit up because of her misogyny. I am such a loser who still never made even any irl friends in this new place.

No. 1368418

I'm talking about the relationship advice thread… and I'm talking about it as a single nonna who is just reading the madness.

No. 1368425

I see that all the time too. But usually under news clips about men committing ott violent crimes because the slightest little thing set them off
>reminder that women do it too
>thing that is heavily associated with men… gonna deflect by mentioning that on rare occasions women do it too
>if I state it enough, men will look better

No. 1368430

>Nona vents about nonnies being easily triggered and starting arguments
>Respond by being triggered and trying to start an argument
You bitches tire me sometimes.

No. 1368431

i dropped out after 3 years because i just couldn't take it anymore. fuck them FUCK THEM! they really sabotage their own group or do the bare minimum! holy shit, i thought it was just my shitty scam of a school. if i can give any advice to you is try to dress as much as a guy to the point of being a fakeboi because otherwise they sexualize and lose their minds. in every group project i had some scrote steer our conversations, mention masturbation, want to hang out with me privately "to study" or ask me on a date right after sexually harrassing me. i was a gamer so it wasn't weird to me until i met another girl who was into feminism and told me these behaviours are sexism, and then i read about incels. only girls i see pass in one go are with previous education experience in programming, locals, supported by their entire family or literally top of the class coming from countries that autistically focus on education.
idk anon i hope you can make it and join a nice professional workplace. if i had another go i'd wear hoodies constantly and suck up to the teachers while pretending to be gay and or asexual.

No. 1368433

They're still visible in the catalog and there are so many of them
Yeah they're literally boring and tedious lol someone mad that we hate them ig… Can't vent in the vent thread

No. 1368440

I'm self-loathing with fantasizing about older women, whenever I think about it I stop myself from imagining it further from embarrassment.

No. 1368444

My period is late and 10x more painful than usual so I'm cancelling my plans and curling up in a fetal position to listen to audiobooks instead of doing anything productive. Ow

No. 1368451

>south america isn't just Mexico either
Mexico is in north america
>lives in a rat nest with the rest of her family
I hate people who refer to big/poor families as if they were animals, i tuly hate it. and no i don't live with 5+ family members either i just hate this obsession some latinos have with not being represented as whatever, not because of the racism we experience from richer countries but because they want to dissociate from other latin americans out of internalized racism or whatever it is

No. 1368463

I'm actually in a really good school, so the behavior is the same everywhere. There is no escape. I appreciate your tip but they do this exact same shit (sabotaging and doing no work) even in online classes where they have never even seen a picture of you and have no idea what you look like.

I'll probably finish out of stubbornness but I wish I could just be a worthless neet instead. Hope you're happy being free of this shit nona.

No. 1368469

File: 1665306741179.png (487.8 KB, 630x422, bug with nice shoes.png)

CP bump, scroll with caution

No. 1368471

File: 1665306826865.jpeg (48.03 KB, 400x474, 268A37C7-5BD5-4C90-B973-F360DB…)

CP bump

No. 1368479

File: 1665307564274.jpg (26.96 KB, 423x250, 3719902-158387105f1f2047f48220…)

CP warning

No. 1368485

I hate everything. I hate being alive. I hate that every day must be lived through before we can see the next. I don't want a violent stop, but I want to fast forward to the end.

No. 1368521

File: 1665313663734.jpg (1.15 MB, 1588x2048, Edvard_Munch_-_Anxiety_-_Googl…)

My boyfriend initiated a serious conversation about our relationship yesterday, telling me that he is uncertain about its future partly because of my depressive and avoidant tendencies, which obviously affect him as well. It felt like it came out of the blue because sometimes I avoided him precisely because I know being around a depressed person is not fun and when it gets especially bad and I burst into tears for no reason every hour, I call off our dates to save him from my presence. I just don't know what to do. I've always been this way, always been a sheltered melancholic fuckup and this is my first relationship. I don't want to lose him even though I know he deserves someone better, someone balanced with a social life. All of my friendships have withered because of my mood swings and I'd be completely alone if he broke up with me. I feel lost. He also said that he thought that his company would lift my spirits up a bit but it doesn't seem to have an effect on me. I tried to tell him that I always had this dual feeling towards people, when I'm alone, I crave company but when I'm with people I want to be alone because socialization exhausts me.
Sometimes when my pessimism reaches its depths the idea of breaking up with him pops up in my mind because it feels like the best solution - I get to be alone, he gets to find someone better and healthy - but I realize that it's just my depression wanting me to get worse. I KNOW what I need to do, it all seems easy written in a list: I need to build out a social life, pick up my hobbies again, go to therapy, get on antidepressants, and try on focus on the positive side of things, and be more active in general - I just don't know how when literally evetything feels pointless and exhausting. I feel lost. I just feel like I will never change, I have always been this way, and nothing is worth the effort

No. 1368525

No. 1368528

Go to therapy, showing your willing to actively work on your mental health is your best chance at getting him to stay (though you should do it for your own sake first and foremost)

No. 1368533

>depressive and avoidant tendencies
I always had similar issues and ngl I lost my first serious relationship to it. Tried my hardest to hang on but it wasn't working for him. Thought I'd never find someone again. My life was over etc. But afterwards I pulled myself up and became more independant. The next relationship I got into it wasn't an issue. We broke up because of his shit. Which in a weird way was a comfort.. being the more functional partner was a hell of a role reversal.

Whether you 2 last or not.. You're the main person in your life who is going to carry this around with you. Like other anon said.. if you seek help do it for yourself first and foremost. Tbh ime alot of the usual routes for getting 'help' often didn't help all that much. That was the frustrating part. Just getting older seemed to kick me into gear. I lost people to it, isolated myself, had a bunch of ups and downs but gained more resilience.

No. 1368537

File: 1665317220907.jpg (346.62 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20221009-225644__01…)

This is fucking disgusting I hate society who the fuck does PayPal think it is daring to draft and publish this policy update. I don't give a shit they've allegedly walked it back who are they to decide the subjective notion of "misinformation"? If it's anything like the CloudFlare scenario anons it's time to delete this shit before we all get fined by a power hungry financial company for daring to criticise mentally ill men in dresses having access to women and children. For context they tried this shit on an LGBTQ org called "gays against groomers" which you can imagine what they're advocating against. Again I don't know why the fuck this literal business thinks it has any place fining people but it's probably because we're all retards who don't read the policies we agree to. Ffs.

No. 1368581

File: 1665320842975.jpg (104.25 KB, 793x1200, William-Morris-Hunt-Girl-with-…)

Yeah, I guessed so, it just feels like so far my life is a pattern of 'getting my shit together, then snap back into my old tendencies of self isolation, then rinse and repeat'. I've also had several therapists and while they helped me, I always always went back to my old habits as soon as the therapy ended. But it seems like the most rational thing to do, thank you for your comment
I'm really glad you could pull yourself up, anon, it's nice to hear that someone could overcome this. It's so fucking frustrating feeling like you're simultaneously two people, one that wants to be alone because alone means being safe and also having a side that naturally craves human contact. And then sprinkle it with being sad and exhausted all the time, it's hell
>became more independant
it's interesting you mentioned this because I recently entertained the thought of the main problem being not depression itself but my lack of the ability to self-sooth. The things that make me feel hopeless and depressed aren't extraordinary, traumatic things, just everyday small things, like a hard day at work or having to speak to people I don't know. And now I also realized that I have always depended others to comfort me

No. 1368592

i had a bad dream about the class i'm enrolled in right now so im gonna drop it LOL

No. 1368596

I deleted my paypal account years ago because I barely used it and I'm always worried about safety issues and having my money stolen. Looks like I'm not missing out on anything.

No. 1368601

Seeing so many people (mostly white) defend Jeffrey like their lives depend on it….is making me lose faith in humanity.

No. 1368604

File: 1665323287828.gif (475.19 KB, 640x360, big anime titties.gif)

I asked my new bf whether he’s a tits or ass guy. I’m bottom heavy and have been complimented on my ass by several guys. He told me he used to be one of them, but then he met me kek, basically insinuating he’s a tits guy. I guess it’s the nices way he could have answered without lying, and it’s my own fault for asking, but I’m feeling some sort of way now.

No. 1368606

something tells me you aren’t a woman

No. 1368607

What tye of art do you guys work o together?

No. 1368609

File: 1665323562584.gif (1.45 MB, 400x250, C0782A70-E91D-4AF5-B156-120E93…)

Sometimes I wonder why tf I’m still alive. Most people don’t care about me and I feel extremely lost in life, I genuinely don’t understand why I continue to persevere despite these things even though I know the quality of my life is always going to be inadequate and full of suffering.

No. 1368610

Don't post this retarded shit

No. 1368613

Yall take your scrote problems to the relationship advice thread I am tired of hearing about it!! No one fucking cares about your moid liking tits or ass or onlyfans bitches, shut up already!

No. 1368618

it's not internalized racism it's just super rare to live all together like that unless you are super poor

No. 1368621

Based vent.

No. 1368625

and also i hate how americans romanticize ''big families'' as if it was by choice and not because those families are piss poor, there was a time i had to live with my mom, grandmother, uncle and cousins and it was the worst experience of my life i had 0 privacy and the house was a mess.

No. 1368634

I tried to make a relationship vent thread and I assumed it was taken down. I’m tired of hearing it too, it takes up too much of the space and for some reason anons hearing about another woman’s retarded boyfriend is enough for them to care. That’s the extent women will go to care about another woman, if she’s attached to a man

No. 1368648

My poor apartment is a mess, I have so many bags to take to the recycling place(?), a clothes pile has been building up in my bedroom chair, the daybed in the living room is all messy too, I really want to replace it with an actual couch but my current "just graduated and can't find a job in my field" neet life doesn't allow for that kind of expense. I have so much to do and zero will to do it.

No. 1368650

>even though I know the quality of my life is always going to be inadequate and full of suffering.
How do you know that? You can meet great people who care about you, and you can find purpose and meaning in life. Things aren't set in stone.

No. 1368653

File: 1665325630761.jpg (137.89 KB, 311x479, 20220915_204523.jpg)

I'd like to think I'm not in the closet but the girl I'm really into couldn't hang out today and am very sad about it

No. 1368658

I feel so much happier. The whole world looks brighter and more vivid. When I speak to people, I feel at ease now. Maybe it's just me, but people look way more expressive and their eyes are more colourful than I realised. I actually don't know why I was so unaware of how things really look. Idek why I'm in the vent thread as this is the most confident I've felt in a long while. There's no need to worry because life isn't that bad!

No. 1368663

I want whatever this nonny is on

No. 1368672

Ey, my first "durr ur a moid" reply. Was it the gif or the post in genereal?

No. 1368673

>Check out at gas station
>Middle aged cashier there is polite and friendly to the two scrotes and family in front of me
>My turn to check out
>I say good morning
>Silence and she frowns a little
>She doesnt say a single word to me even when I say thank you have a good day ect.
This is the second time it's happened with this exact lady wtf did I do

No. 1368675

??? free young thug tho

No. 1368680


No. 1368681

Who is Jeffrey?

No. 1368682

Kek I'm completely sober.

No. 1368697

Nta but probably Jeffrey Dahmer. Idk why he and anon are on first name terms.

No. 1368702

>the west criticizes iran's morality police
>meanwhile western companies are becoming a morality police via financial coercion
i mean. maybe we should straighten out our own country with as much fervency as we criticize iran (which rightfully should be criticized, but only when we aren't being hypocritical about it.) they said the shit about the covid vaccines affecting women's periods was "misinformation" and censored it and banned people for saying it, but it turned out to be true.
you might say "but it's okay if OUR corporate oligarchs become a morality police because they're on the side of good" and you know, i'm sure the scrotes murdering teenage girls in iran for revealing their hair (gasp) think they're on the side of good, too. maybe we could all just not be egoistic assholes. today they're fining "misinformation posters", tomorrow they're fining anyone who doesn't believe a troon is a biological woman. i don't like where this is going.

No. 1368710

i feel this. i feel like i'm constantly waging warfare against dirty dishes and unfolded laundry. i have 3 bags sitting my the entryway to take to goodwill but i'm not done decluttering yet so they can't depart yet, and i do not have the space for 3+ bags to sit there for a month. but i got actual storage furniture recently (i simply didn't have any to begin with) and it's made a big improvement already. my apartment is so fucking small that if i'm not maximizing efficiency of every square foot it's unliveable. it's kind of mind boggling how much dust builds up in just 1 week.

also pisses me off that boomers and gen x never had to deal with trying to live for long periods of time in extremely small spaces. rent was so affordable for them most of them rented like a 2 bd apartment just for the fun of it. 2 bd apts here go for $4000 a month. i'm living in a studio because i can't even afford a 1 bd, they're all $2400+ while a studio is 1200-1500.

i just wish i had a little more space. with how my studio is laid out i feel like i am living in a kitchen. it's basically entryway + bathroom + kitchen/dining area. nothing else. i barely have enough space for a daybed and clothes rack. (no closet)

and everything is so expensive now. i was looking at those shitty plastic drawer organizers and they're $35. for a bunch of flimsy plastic.

No. 1368727

File: 1665329680759.png (139.58 KB, 377x350, 1660121423064.png)

I need to stop thinking any part of 4chan is redeemable. I browse animal threads on occasion when it's really quiet here and I was having fun looking at goofy bird videos set to music when I clicked a webm that turned out to be a grainy cctv video of an ostrich or emu accidentally pulling its own head off after getting trapped in a piece of metal. It wasn't particularly violent or detailed, but it was so shocking. I've been thinking about it for days and seeing it replay in my head before I sleep and I have no idea why, gorespam here never really effected me. Maybe it's because it's an animal, or because of how unexpected it was, I don't know. Rest in peace birdie. I'm not going to visit 4chan again.

No. 1368732

>tranny is always awake and posting his usual psychotic bullshit at the same time CP is getting spammed
It's all so tiresome

No. 1368742

File: 1665330443116.jpg (78.46 KB, 800x1440, 1572201815468.jpg)

ive heard another anon had her day ruined by seeing that video, sorry nonny. it is best to stay away from 4chan or to keep all images/videos disabled if you must browse.

No. 1368746

I see alot of people repeating the same few points that they think make him more 'sympathetic' But anyone who has watched interviews of him knows.. even he didn't use those excuses to explain away his actions. In the end he did interviews saying he didn't blame his parents, he didn't blame muh gay shame, he didn't blame those few months of being left alone at 17, he didn't blame porn for making him do it (like bundy did) He said it himself there's no blame to be laid at anyone elses feet. About the only thing he ever did right was entirely own it in the end
> oh but his mom did this thing
No. If you like him so much maybe take his word for it and blame him and him alone.

No. 1368759

I like some of Mitski's music but it creeps me out to listen to it because her dad is a CIA agent and it makes it feel like a psyop or something lol

No. 1368782

Feeling like the combination of being gender nonconforming, autistic, and holding gender critical beliefs will never let me have close female friendships.

No. 1368788

Friday after class, it had been a fun, good, productive class, I got into my car and started worrying about what people thought of me, if I had behaved weird etc. and then it hit me, I think I still have social anxiety. I thought I got over that crippling social anxiety that prevented me from even asking something to a worker in a store let alone socializing with peers. But this worrying/anxiety I always get after positive social interactions I actually enjoyed isn't normal/healthy either is it? God damnit and here I thought I had actually made progress.

No. 1368789

>uses "gender nonconforming" seriously
>calls self gender critical
Make it make sense.

No. 1368801

wdym nonna

No. 1368804

how does it not

No. 1368807

Doesn't gender critical basically mean that gender doesn't exist, sex does. And gender roles and attributes associated with gender are just sexist stereotypes. Like what does it even mean for a woman to be "gender nonconforming"?

No. 1368809

she’s basically an NLOG, I can already read her thoughts
>”i’m not like those bimbos interested in ugly men, makeup, clothing!!” that’s what she’s insinuating

No. 1368811

Way to project.

No. 1368813

Fucking based nona, my thoughts exactly.

Then explain what makes you gender nonconforming? It's literally the same as scrotes thinking their somehow ~female brained~ because they like pink and the Kardashians. It's all just based on sexist sterotypes.

No. 1368815

i’m not projecting this is how those kinds of women think about other women. she’s probably slovenly and introverted, so she thinks her not performing femininity makes her different from women somehow?

No. 1368816

Do you ever wish you could just vent without nonnas nitpicking your vent post to death? I bet you do rn.

No. 1368817

exactly, and gender nonconforming means not conforming to those norms, but more often used for people who usually stand out for it (think "tomboys" or "metrosexuals" etc) because pretty much no person on earth is absolutely 100% gender conforming.

No. 1368820

NTA, but wouldn't it just mean not conforming to said made-up gender roles? Like it or not, women and girls who don't behave in a stereotypically "feminine" way tend to be "othered" or alienated from those who do, I don't see that as NLOG to notice

No. 1368824

Literally everyone on earth is "gender nonconforming" to some degree, true, but some are to the extent of actually standing out because of it, which unfortunately can attract negative attention even from the so called "progressives" or "feminists".

No. 1368827

I don't know why some of you are so butthurt for me using that term but this is just how I see it. I've just seen the term used on lolcow even back seven years ago when I first started browsing. I can assure you I don't think I'm some special snowflake and I don't hate other women. Please calm down and let me vent because I feel alone and wish I had female friends. I guess if I left that term out and emphasized my autism more nobody would have gotten this mad.

No. 1368829

NTA but you're fine nona, there are some very weird posts going around right now

No. 1368830

No. 1368833

I love how beer wine and cheese are all one section that is entirely separate from dairy. I remember growing up the cheese was always with the rest of the dairy but now it seems like it’s popular to sell it next to the alcohol which makes a lot of sense. I also love how it looks. Oregon cheese is incomparable

No. 1368834

Gender doesn't exist. And by categorizing different lifestyles and personality traits of women into categories like "gender nonconforming" you're basically saying those women aren't fully women when it comes to gender. I have traits (like all women) that don't conform to the sexist architype of women, but I would be offended if someone were to try to categorize my "gender" as different somehow. I'm a woman, so is every other biological female regardless of stereotypes or lifestyle choices. And I'm not less woman than women that "conform" to those stereotypes.

>Like it or not, women and girls who don't behave in a stereotypically "feminine" way tend to be "othered" or alienated from those who do
So then why make it worse by perpetuating that stereotype? Women and girls have it hard enough as it is without having other women contribute to the sexism.

No. 1368836

Dressing like a teenage boy and saying “GENDER ISNT REAL” because “sexism”

No. 1368839

>pointing out that gender stereotypes exist and people are othered for not fitting them enough is reinforcing gender roles!
you really sound like those "egalitarians" who think criticizing sexism and racism is actually the real sexism and racism and "they would just go away if the sjws just shut up about it just be colorblind!"

No. 1368841

> she’s probably slovenly and introverted, so she thinks
Nta but what is with this particular type of tardpost lately?
> she's probably like this
> she probably think that
> she probably
> probably
Stop playing these weird guessing games. Its' dumb. You're getting mad at a character you made up in your own mind just now in a knee jerk reaction to a word

No. 1368842

File: 1665333479176.jpeg (31.94 KB, 400x400, 96B93387-97F8-4889-85AB-5E32E6…)

when i’m my exes age i’ll probably be prime minister and he will still be unemployed and sucking the floor-length tits of whichever special ed ugloid loser has the great misfortune of being scraped from the bottom of the okcupid femcel barrel in exchange for a place to stay you womanising, prevaricating swine

No. 1368844

It's not perpetuating the stereotype to simply talk about being othered for not fitting in, wtf anon? That's like saying talking about misogyny (especially internalized misognyny) perpetuates it. I really don't understand why this was so triggering to you, she didn't degrade other women for not being like her or play into any weird gender LARP. She just observed her own condition in society.
If you don't believe in the BS stereotypes, you're also gender non-conforming. Once you're out of radfem spaces, the average normie does believe in gender bullshit and roles, sadly, whether they're pro-troon or anti-troon.

No. 1368847

File: 1665333586113.gif (4.25 MB, 250x442, 5A628238-96A3-4B7F-9B23-AE2D66…)

the autists are fighting over nothing kek

No. 1368848

You're projecting, I'm not an "egalitarian" and that's not what I said at all.

No. 1368849

No. 1368851

I can’t wait to see Kuromi PM getting tried for treason! Rooting for you nonichka

No. 1368852

Gender isn't real, what is gender even? A sex separate from the bodies that's just in our heads? So personality. Literally personality, you dumb teenage minded tumblrina

No. 1368854

>Once you're out of radfem spaces, the average normie does believe in gender bullshit and roles, sadly, whether they're pro-troon or anti-troon.
exactly, anti-troon normies are like "short hair is not for women therefore women should never have short hair" while pro-troon normies are like "short hair is not for women therefore any person with short hair is not a woman"

No. 1368857

I mean I always thought in my own head that gender wasn’t “the way you present your sex” I thought it was just the term for the word used to describe your sex? Like literally just “girl” or “boy” instead of “male” and “female”

No. 1368860

if only you knew the depths of the suffering i experienced at the hands of this fucking niggermonster you wouldn’t be laughing

No. 1368863

it's still the same mindset of "pointing out your experiences with discrimination actually upholds discrimination, discrimination would just go away if no one talked about it ever!"
like those people who say "no we do not live in a patriarchy anymore and saying that women are oppressed means you think women are weak so you are the real misogynist!"

No. 1368868

Its crazy hour

No. 1368871

Oh my god he was black? I’m not victim blaming but were you expecting him to act normal..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1368872

No that's just fashion and personality. The term "gender" was made up by a pedophile scrote into beastiality called John Money. Gender doesn't exist, your sex is your sex. What's in your head and how you present yourself is just personality and fashion.

Stop equating what I said to arguments I didn't and would never make. I said referring to women as "gender nonconforming" upholds the stereotype because they quite literally are, I didn't say pointing it out when it happens does it. Playing into does.

No. 1368875

he’s white as a toilet seat also you’re racist

No. 1368877

What the actual fucking is going on in here anymore? KEK

No. 1368882

i’m off my meds and i’m fuckingpissed i have been subjected to injustices the magnitude of which you could not comprehend

No. 1368885

Don't worry anon, reading the thread you're not the only one off your meds today.

No. 1368886

NTA but what do you even want? For women on Lolcow to stop talking about gender as a whole, and not discuss whether they conform to its stereotypes or not, because it's "perpetuating them"? Whenever we go outside, gender roles are something we have to deal with, and get we admonished by the average person of both sexes if we reject them "too much". Pretending otherwise and calling anons "NLOGs" for trying to vent about it is dumb.
If you don't conform to gender stereotypes, you'll face consequences IRL. It's that simpl

No. 1368887

The term gender has a fairly established meaning in radical feminist literature. Read some books, nona.

No. 1368891

Haven't saw my dad in years. Got confirmation I'm not being seen because I look like my mother and his wife is uncomfortable with it because I'm his young ex in her eyes and wtf.

No. 1368894

Ok so why did you refer to him as an n-word monster? Also I live in America and black men here are regularly apprehended for domestic violence so I know I’m not the racist one for having pattern recognition bro

No. 1368897

kek there is something profoundly wrong with that woman

No. 1368900

I fucking hate her she's slapped me before unprovoked. I've saw her one time after that. I guess her being an embarrassing mess and me looking for like a hot version of my mum is too much for her.

No. 1368902

Please stop newfagging and shitting up the thread trying to dunk on us with your middle school locker room gender theory. Most of us are old and all of us do not care.

No. 1368903

your dad is a beta for tolerating that. i’d break up with someone who laid a hand on my child!

No. 1368904

That's fucked on her part but even more fucked up of him.

No. 1368905

what kind of brain rotted hyper PD narcissist perceives seeing one’s daughter as an act of infidelity holy shit, good thing it’s not the 1950s because women like her used to be locked the fuck up in Bedlam

No. 1368906

He's disabled, like wheel chair bound and she's his main carer. Although he's got a new guy helping him and he sent me a birthday card from Romania with the guy and his physiotherapist. We communicate through written form only. He told me before he was going to drop his wife. I'm hoping getting a birthday card from a woman called Kim means he's found someone else lol

No. 1368910

Sorry to clarify his physiotherapist is a woman and my birthday card was photos of the three of them outside Dracula's Castle. My stepma name was not on the card

No. 1368913

what makes you think black men are more violent than white men? wtf?

he’s jewish

No. 1368937

nta but it is really fucking weird you called him a "niggermonster"?? you should probably not get in the habit of using such a term. but that anon also does seem kind of racist

No. 1368940

>get put on a medication where weight loss is a very common side effect
>Very rare chance it can actually cause weight gain
Take a wild guess which one I ended up with.
I sure hate being old with a shitty metabolism and thought this might help ease things somewhat

No. 1368946

>What makes you think
If you’d like to reread the post you tagged…I’m pretty sure it says very clearly why I feel that way. I never said that white men weren’t as violent because they can definitely be as violent and more, but I’m pretty sure you calling your white yarmulke a “niggermonster” because you’re mad at him makes you look a little more racist than me

No. 1368950

Be honest with yourself nonnie is the medication to blame or is the the way you eat combined with a lack of physical exercise?
If you’re crawling this website to complain about medical issues it is likely the latter

No. 1368956

I think "gender nonconforming" is misogynist pickmeism. they aren't like the other girls because they don't do crochet and they have short hair, so they make up a new snowflake gender to highlight how not like the other girls they are. it's just misogyny repackaged in wokeism. there are only two genders: women and scrotes. women can do whatever they want and be whatever they want but they are still women. if a woman wanted to cut her tits off, wear flannel, shave her hair, and spend all day working on car engines, she would still be a woman. to call yourself "gender nonconforming" is to just state that you hate women and don't want to be one anymore. it's bullshit and grounded in hate.

No. 1368963

My diet hasn't changed much and I don't eat many meals in a day. Though I don't move around much because I am physically restricted which doesn't help, not my choice. It was already a recipe for disaster. But I was able to keep things at a certain number and now it's just going up and up. So no, I'm not exactly paranoid here

No. 1368965

Tell your doctor and get that shit out your bod nonna

No. 1368967

Is it a psych med? I don't have excess weight but I always went down in weight on ssris and then I went up the one time they put me on something different. I used to be sceptical about people blaming meds but in just a few weeks on that med I felt it.

No. 1368968

This would also explain why a lot of them humblebrag about how feminine they look

No. 1368970

nah, iktf. i certainly gain weight if i start overeating, and i can get back to my normal weight setpoint when i cut a bit and return to normal. but even during periods i've eaten less than 1200 calories a day i have never lost weight further than my normal setpoint. it's kind of infuriating. i even tried itermittant fasting (not eating every other day) for several months and did not lose weight.

No. 1368971

Most people living in the real world do not operate by your line of logic, neither do they treat women that way. It's not pickme, wokeist or misogynist to talk about how you are treated in a misogynistic society that punishes you for not conforming to its enforced stereotypes.
Also, literally no one who uses the term "gender non-conforming" thinks gender non-conforming women aren't still women, anon. It's not a new gender, it's not saying you're "not a woman". It's just stating you don't fit into stereotypical gender roles outlined by mainstream society. Please learn what words mean.

No. 1368972

I've seen GNC used long before the recent trend of libfem pickmeism. I see more women that you're describing calling themselves enbies rather than GNC. Maybe GNC should be branded "sex-based stereotype nonconforming" if some people want to be autistic about it but that's a fucking mouthful kek.

No. 1368973

nta but OP never said she saw herself as a different gender or didn't consider herself a woman wtf. i think you're getting it confused with "non-binary" or something

No. 1368975

nonna the one stereotyping women is you. "nooo i'm not a WOMAN, i don't crochet or fawn over babies, i'm not like the other girls! don't call me the w-word!" you're a misogynist.

No. 1368978

i’m not afraid of being called racist

No. 1368981

Nta but sometimes the easiest way of describing yourself is to use the words that paint a picture, the ones that society in general uses. Even if you know that there's no set way to be a woman. This really is getting too deep.

No. 1368984

How can you be so wrong? This the opposite of what GNC even means. It's specifically NOT identifying out of your sex. Butch/masculine women are gender nonconforming WOMEN, not some genderite loser. Women are socially punished for not performing femininity well enough, and they need to be able to talk about the bullshit standards we all have to put up with. Most people I've seen use the term are actually radfems who are entirely opposed to gender ideology/queer theory. You honestly sound stupid as hell. Is this bait?

No. 1368987

you're stupid as hell for thinking a woman who doesn't do crochet is suddenly not a woman and needs a snowflake term just to tell everyone else how un-traditional she is. go back to tumblr we dont need your shit here.

No. 1368989

i'm in the fucking hell that is contacting your bank. they can't find my debit card, only credit card. i've been locked out of my account for a week

No. 1368990

Nah, this has to be Blaine the tranny LARPing as a totes legit radfem who somehow doesn't understand the term "gender non-conforming" to sow more infighting, just like in the unpopular opinions thread. No actual woman can be this retarded and proud of it.
Reminder that no matter how many times you shitpost or try to psyop, you will always be an ugly man.

No. 1368991

teen logic

No. 1368996

I like how I got redtexted for this almost immediately but it somehow took the mods like 2 hours to notice that Blaine was posting child porn again kekk…upstanding work, ladies…(ban evasion)

No. 1368999

This same shit every day. The first couple posts will be sus but you don't want to call it out too soon and be wrong.. they sperg for like 10 more posts and then all doubt is removed. It's getting old.

No. 1369004

doesnt that word automatically redtext

No. 1369007

I'm thinking troll rather than schizo tranny.

No. 1369011

My birth mom does this dumb shit constantly where she plays the devil's advocate on a subject she doesn't understand, and as soon as the person points out where she's wrong, she deflects with "Well I don't know anything about it." LIKE BITCH THEN WHY FUCKING SPEAK? YOU LOOK UNEDUCATED YOU VAIN CUCUMBER

No. 1369014


No. 1369024

>everyone i don't like is the tranny
i wonder what that troon is thinking right now watching this shit

i'll put it in plain language for you since you're still in high school. saying "gender nonconforming" is saying that you believe women MUST look and act a certain way and conform to certain stereotypes. and that, since you don't, you're not a w-word, you're a magical new label you made up for yourself. it's misogynist. get over it.(calm down)

No. 1369025

and somehow nothing done to the "niggermonster" poster..

No. 1369030

File: 1665338541592.jpeg (30.75 KB, 633x485, 250605C2-0EDF-4E91-9B62-03122D…)

i’m a grown woman. i shouldn’t care about having friends or being lonely, i’m used to it. i’ve been used to it most my life. i always got left out and i was fine with it because i prefer my own company and i have my job and studies to keep me busy and hobbies i can do by myself that make me happy…
but every now and then that stinging feeling in my chest catches me off guard and i feel like a little kid sitting alone at lunch for the first time all over again

No. 1369033

File: 1665338648531.jpg (389.73 KB, 888x1280, tumblr_p9bm9kAo8W1wxd9o6o1_128…)

If crochet or shit like that is enough to be conforming, why did that butch reject me for being too masc huh? My arts and crafts didn't convince my coworkers of my inner divine femininity either. If that's really all that it takes, why doesn't it convince the lesbophobes? Somehow crochet is just not enough to not be called a dyke.

No. 1369035

I got banned over nothing yesterday too in under ten minutes but the cp, black dick spamming stays up kek. The mods are retarded as fuck.

No. 1369038

You're not alone here. This has been me pretty much my entire life. I have moments where I am fine with my solitude and enjoy it but then the memories of rejection hit me hard. I wish we weren't such a social species so we could cope with these feelings better.

No. 1369041

Mods are online at different hours of the day and there are times when there is only one mod active that cannot delete things from certain boards. This has been said and understood by anons that actually use the site for years. Stop being retarded and embarrassing yourself. Stop ban evading. VPNs are being permabanned anyway, as we said weeks ago as a non-technical remedy to preventing child porn.

No. 1369045

>VPNs are being permabanned anyway, as we said weeks ago
Wtf when. You guys haven't said anything until yesterday.

No. 1369046

>Mod who cannot delete things from certain boards
>real nonnies know!!!1!

So…they’re not a mod? If they’re unable to manage the site?
Also calling us newfags just because your mods are for some reason incapable of doing their duty…yeah, okay KEKK

No. 1369049

Either way, he/she is still going on this retarded tangent trying to farm (You)s and doubling down after multiple people explained. Too bad they went too hard, and it won't work anymore

No. 1369052

uhh no, jannies are assigned to different boards and only have the ability to delete on their delegated board. mod is right, you sound like a newfag

No. 1369053

>as we said weeks ago
Where? Have you considered putting up announcements about site changes like other sites do? Considering a very common complaint is the lack of communication about everything that is going on with LC.

No. 1369054

you just outted yourself as a newfag, congrats kek

No. 1369056

Oh anon I’m not sure if you meant at work specifically but I experience this exact feeling from time to time too, particularly when I’m at work. I’m around plenty of people every day at my job but i so rarely make a personal connection. I’ll sometimes ask if anyone wants to go to the work cafe to grab a coffee but usually everyone kindly declines because they’re busy, which is totally reasonable, but then I get this sharp pang of loneliness and I regret even asking. I hope you make a friend soon.

No. 1369057

>VPNs are being permabanned anyway, as we said weeks ago
When did you say that?
Sometimes it feels like farmhands only come out when someone is shit-talking them in /ot/.

No. 1369059

Transwomen are laughing at ftm detrans girls because they are secretly happy that the male hormones and other addons ruined a teen girl from blossoming into a beauty and now she has to resemble some middle aged moid but no penis.

Some shitfucking trannies will even admit that openly, but all it does is reveal their cope that they know they are still male and have to get weak ass flexes on ftm detrans women just to feel a bit of sadistic gladness about their miserable non-afab bodies and faces.

Hopefully TERs compile a list of these troons tweets saying such things on female detrans ppl and peak more normie women and handmaidens pronto!

No. 1369060

…If you were incapable of understanding that I’m referring to the mods for this specific board, then all I can say is work on your communicative skills.
Also - why the fuck would they only have one single mod for each of the boards, especially if they’re well aware of the fact that CP gets posted here regularly, and that there needs to be multiple people capable of getting it off the website in case other mods are asleep. You can call me a newfag for thinking that it’s an irresponsible move to have a single mod for the whole board, considering the state of it.

No. 1369061

>I always knew I would win
This is posted in regards to someone sharing child porn and phishing links…you need to be in a straitjacket

No. 1369062

No. 1369064

There's a board for site issues newfag

No. 1369065

They can laugh at it but then all it really proves is how much much testosterone ravages someones looks. Which they themselves know all too well. They're the best examples of that.

No. 1369067

Having farmhands just plop up to defend themselves and never answering any further comments and questions is a theme now and very frustrating. For example: Claimed to not be aware of cp spam because no one had reported it, multiple anons answered that we had reported it for hours, no reply to comments if report system is broken.

No. 1369068

Nta but they never mentioned it on /meta/ either.

No. 1369069

No shit, anon. I haven't seen admin or farmhands say VPNs will be banned. I do keep seeing anons discuss whether or not VPNs should be banned, and it seems like that's because they haven't said if they will. The only thing I remember is them saying they won't lift VPN bans.

No. 1369072

Get a life. Oldfag here, but just fucking deal with it or apply to be a mod. This is a free site. Honest to God I prefer to ignore the spam than all the fucking bumping of the threads to cleanse the board. Grow up and shut up

No. 1369073

NTA, I'm sure we'd all like more mods, but the mod applications aren't even open

No. 1369074

Then deal with it

No. 1369075

The site used to be run with clearer communication. We had announcements, hell week and town halls. If you prefer to browse a site full of cp spam that is your issue.

No. 1369076

Disagree. The anons bumping the threads so we don't have to "deal with" CP are definitely in the right

No. 1369079

Idk if anyone else is going through this, but I feel so dejected and lonely. I set up a therapy appointment for this week. I’ve run out of coping skills. I’m just day drinking almost every weekend to feel normal. I feel like a talentless loser. I’m just in super depression mode. I’m going to eat cereal and try not to bawl. I used all my PTO during the flea infestation last month. But now i want to take a whole month off of work but I know I can’t. I’m going to contact my boss when I sober up. I have compassion fatigue in a job that requires it. I just feel very alone and keenly aware of how I need to keep my unhinged behavior and feelings to myself. I almost snapped at my neighbor because I was annoyed by the machine noises coming from the tools he was using to work on his car. I saw a family begging for rent money outside Walmart today and i wanted to explode. My mom said that my “body language was scaring” her today and it just made me feel worse. Everything is always about her. But I’m a selfish bitch too. I’m mad at someone for asking for help and making it about me too. Idk where I’m going with this. Wish me luck Nonas I gotta pull myself out of this hole again.

No. 1369081

>I would rather see child exploitation material than see an anon typing 'bump' with a cat image

No. 1369082

>apply to be a mod or get over it!!1!
This is in regards to child porn being posted. I can understand ignoring the spamming of black cock shit but, literal evidence of crime being committed is being posted every single day and coincidentally - they haven’t had a hellweek in months and the mod applications haven’t been open for almost a year, if I remember correct.

They are purposefully putting this content on the website, simultaneously stifling anyone who’s trying to get it the fuck off.

No. 1369084

>Telling people to suck it up and deal with CP spam
Are you retarted

No. 1369085

It was in a past suggestions and complaints thread actually.

I didn't say we were banning all VPNs. I said VPNs are being permabanned. In other words, if a user posts something tranny-like or fucked up on a VPN, it is being permabanned. So it would behoove some of you to stop ban evading so that you don't get permabanned.

In case it wasn't clear, the tranny has been samefagging/echoing a lot of the same talking points from different VPNS, including the talking point of "OMG THE FARMHANDS ARE POSTING CP" just seconds after he himself posts CP. Of course your IP address is going to be banned if you say retarded shit like that, that's clearly untrue.

No. 1369090

Why not just ban all VPNs and nip that shit in the bud? I'm glad you're trying to stop the spam & i hope we don't come off as ungrateful to the time and energy you are donating, but the communication hasn't been great.

No. 1369091

Dang, I hope Buzz got to be with Bof in the end.

No. 1369092

For some reason this response makes me feel like yes, the tranny absolutely is posting spam and cp, but for a mod to try to say it’s only the tranny who’s suspecting the mods of posting criminal content is…weird. A weird cope.

Cause I’ve been suspicious of the lack of moderation and rise in cp being posted for months, but my IP also isn’t the same as Blaine’s and admin can see that very well.

Why deny that the majority of people on the site are getting completely fed up with this shit being spammed by our own moderators?

No. 1369093

They do! Can't find the comic right now but they meet up in a knitting supply shop and fall in love. 90s lez comics are very cute.

No. 1369094

Thanks for sticking around and talking with us.
It must also be awful to have to constantly deal with cp and gore as a farmhand, so surely you share our frustration and want reports and communication to work.

No. 1369097

That'd be weird and kind of shitty to user's privacy, I think. Tor is banned and I think that's enough to curtail the really persistent and fucked up spammers and Blaine IMO. Plus, not all VPNs are abused by these freaks

No. 1369098

Not sure how many times we have to say this: Farmhands and jannies don't implement any sort of code or programming on the site. We can't make banner announcements, we can't choose what happens from a technical standpoint.

When/if admin is able to do so, she will. It is not up to mods here. We do what we can to make sure it's deleted and that the posters are permanently banned. That's what we can do. It seems like every few months when we say this, anons understand and then months later, they completely forget and start this shit all over again.

When I say "tranny", please just assume I mean "tranny & co", whether this be rachelfags – which is something we actually saw a few times – Elaine or other retards from dark corners of the net that want to either fedpost or get the site taken down. The reason I say that it's just them, is because we can see IP history of posters. These posters have maybe 10-15 posts at most, and all they do is either infight or complain about moderation/accuse moderation.

So if there are some users that genuinely think that we'd post that shit, if they genuinely believe that's a thing, it's sad but there is nothing we can do about it. We can't just reveal everything that is happening behind the scenes, as much as we really want to reassure you all and be transparent. The nature of this website does not allow that, especially with so many prying eyes like kiwifags, trannies, and outside media (see: Kaitlyn Tiffany).

No. 1369099

If you're daydrinking on the weekends rn and you took time off would you be at risk of drinking throughout that break? Sorry you're struggling nonnie.

No. 1369102

File: 1665340814324.jpg (176.06 KB, 531x810, a love story for the age.jpg)

Samefag, here's the end of the comic.

No. 1369106

Anons are probably addressing you about this because Admin has barely shown herself here since she took over. So we don't know what is going on. Are you farmhands in touch with her?

No. 1369110

Not even lesbian but this is too adorable.

No. 1369113

>Are you farmhands in touch with her?
Yes. I should also repeat
>We can't just reveal everything that is happening behind the scenes, as much as we really want to reassure you all and be transparent. The nature of this website does not allow that, especially with so many prying eyes like kiwifags, trannies, and outside media (see: Kaitlyn Tiffany).

Since it is public information, I will say that the priority for the site right now is upgrading it. That's about all of the information I can give regarding behind-the-scenes.

No. 1369115

I'm not saying you have to care, but it's valid to feel hurt about being lonely. Also absolutely same, it hits me the most during social holidays. I used to think whatever, any parties I've been to I've hated, but it's more than that.

Oktoberfest (celebrated a lot here), halloween, st patricks, new years. All holidays I kind of dread because it's like you should be either at a party or celebrating with your closest friends and I love the holidays and it stings. I'd love to dress up in a costume and go to a friends house to watch something spooky! I love the idea of putting effort into a holiday theme.

No. 1369117

Holy shit not as if shit like this' never happened before, but two young boys on their bikes on the wrong side of the road, biking really slowly so i had to wait to pass them crossways, so i made a casual sarcastic remark similar to 'yes, you can use your feet to peddle. Hurry up' (The latter being more of a phrase of the region i live in) because they were just being bell ends, one of the bitches then waits and yells back seriously aggressively 'WHAT DID YOU SAY (to me)??!?' Where are your fucking parents!!! Why the fuck are men and boys like this!!! I wish people like this would just be in pain like. All the time.

No. 1369118

I’m so curious to see how post history works?
Mostly because if my IP gets banned in one place like at my house, if I walk down the block and sit in the park I can scroll and post just like normal, so does that mean that there are separate post histories for different locations?

No. 1369119

This user >>1369114 for example. At most, they have 10 posts in their post history with half of them accusing moderators of posting cp and saying that we love cp.

No. 1369120

My clitoris and the area around it is bleeding. I used one of those hair removal creams on a whim to take it all off, left the cream on too long and now it hurts a LOT to pee. I applied some vag cooling cream and legitimately screamed and ran to the bathroom to wash it off, it was a really bad idea. Both removing the hair then adding that cream. Terribly bad idea and now I can't even have my Sunday evening wank, tsk.

No. 1369121

The fact that trannies would post cp and even have access to cp, just because they're upset over "not being called a real woman" proves they are inherently evil males, moreso than the manosphere, and that trans rights are wrongs after all.

They better repent and come to Jesus fast before they join the beast and do transhumanism which does not make trans women femals but turns their dna into nefilim where they have to be sent to the lake of fire

No. 1369122

It's good to hear that the site is being worked on.

No. 1369124

Oh my gosh anon wtf. Put some antibiotic cream on it and leave it alone.

No. 1369125

This has happened to me a few times, nonny. It's a chemical burn. You need to make sure it's dry and make sure you tilt your hips forward when you pee so that the pee doesn't burn you .IT STINGS SO BADLY.

No. 1369126

File: 1665342106482.gif (1.26 MB, 498x498, controlmypc-cat.gif)


No. 1369128

File: 1665342141300.jpg (52.05 KB, 800x667, FeQloOIWQAE1-9N.jpg)

good luck soldier..

No. 1369131

That was me. Because I’m a long time user who got banned today for being suspicious of the mods. You have all my other post histories on file too, nonichka. The post you tagged that I deleted was literally just me asking how administration is appointed because I’m just confused as to why someone would volunteer to be admin and then not do their duties?

I have post history going back all the way to January on this phones IP. You know goddamn well I’m not some newfag troon.

No. 1369133

The fuck? Hoping that heals fast, nona. Fuck hair removal creams jfc

No. 1369136

Samefag but if it makes you feel better anon, I kinda split a little bit of my vag lip apart a while ago.

No. 1369138

File: 1665342464886.jpg (31.36 KB, 520x507, man.jpg)

>in an unsuspecting place, meet man who is likely my third cousin or so
>he has no way of knowing this but I do
>luckily I very rarely get pursued by men
>suspect he is attempting to pursue me
How could this happen to me? What have I done to deserve this?
On top of this I'm not a huge fan of him, but that's to be expected of any member of my extended family.
I hope I can get a chance to clarify our likely relation to him.

No. 1369141

my mom's uncle married his third cousin. love is everywhere nonnie /s

No. 1369142

How do you know you’re related? What the fuck

No. 1369154

Crying, anon.
Suspect, not know 100%. It's just low population area things, nona.
His last name is common in a certain place where half of my family is from (and I am related to everyone with it there), but is not common here. Some of that side of my family moved here so if his grandparents are from there it's almost guaranteed.
He also looks like my relatives lmao.
However, he'd have no way to guess for me.

No. 1369169

I feel terrible but my mid 20s friend ruined her life by having a baby unplanned. On one hand, I pity her because over half the torture she's been through wasn't her fault, like medical abuse. I feel like she got brainwashed by christians or something because she said she thought an abortion would be more traumatic than birth, idk why. Birth nearly killed her though. Also her and her husband now hate each other. I don't blame her anymore than her husband, honestly. I'm just so confused by it. She's completely traumatized and regrets it now so I'm not going to go out of my way to blame her or anything, she admits she's responsible and is doing everything for her kid. Also she is basically the only one caring for her kid. But she's just going insane from stress (I follow her on her personal twitter so I see her venting about everything). I try to be supportive but part of me has felt so sick about it. We are mutuals online so I felt like I lost my vent space, because I can't be open about my nice single life, or vent about how much pregnancy freaks me out, or anything about family planning.

I just don't understand. I feel weird because I don't know if I'm gay or not, like I don't even like penis enough to go out and have sex ever, for years. I've had occassional boytoys over the years that I'll peg, but that's it. I've only had unprotected sex only probably 3-4 times total in my life, and I know a couple of those times I panicked and got plan B afterwards, other times he used to pullout method and I was on the pill. I am not blaming her or anything, just this whole experience has got me trying to understand what's normal or how to judge anyone for anything ever. I just feel terrible for her baby. She's also super poor so I'm like, why. But she's also dealing with other family issues that are out of her control, I don't want to abandon her or anything.

Also, I feel some survivor's guilt, honestly just seeing her post online all the time about how scared she was to give birth and the detail of it gave me proxy trauma. I knew pregnancy was medically extreme, but not that bad. I feel like I've benefited so much off her experience as a warning, which is depressing. I feel a huge amount of guilt for not stepping in and convincing her to have an abortion, I would've paid for it. I just assumed she was going to do that herself, or ask me if she was unsure.

I've also had a point as a teenager where I gained 45 lbs from a medication, lost it after quitting, but it gave me permanent dysmorphia. But she constantly vented during pregnancy about how she gained 100 lbs uncontrollably (yes I know it's just calories in/calories out, but if you're feeling like you're literally starving all the time, you can't be blamed for overeating. She is extremely health conscious and cares about her weight so it wasn't laziness). My mom also was permanently obese after having kids. Just the thought that for society to work, I'm basically expected to ruin my body like that. Knowing my genetics and how I stress-eat I would undoubtly turn obese if I got pregnant.

In general, I feel guilty all the time because I really don't want kids, because on some level I feel like it's morally obligated (just in the sense that someone has to be doing it, and idk how you would create some ethical system for this). But now I really never want to go through pregnancy. Maybe I'll change my mind as I age, but everything about babies and kids makes me feel even more physically ill. This whole year I've been horribly depressed from this, along with tons of other things in my life.

No. 1369182

I’ve been meeting a lot of younger women from my culture (South East Asian) trooning out because they don’t fit the beauty standards of pale skin, lanky slim bodies, and having a large pair of eyes. Makes me sad and frustrated.

No. 1369183

I have this constant feeling of a hair stuck in the back of my mouth and it is driving me absolutely insane. There is nothing!!! Yet the feeling lingers…

No. 1369187

nona that does not make me or anyone else feel better I can assure you

No. 1369188

Just heard Brand New for the first time & really liked it, of course the scrote lead singer groomed minors. Fucking scrotes, man.

No. 1369189

an-ex friend of mine trooned out for that reason almost a decade ago

No. 1369190

I think that's a symptom of a throat or stomach issue nonna, google it. If it's there all the time you should get it checked out. I've felt that for one day a few times tho and it's annoying as fuck

No. 1369191

Oh I assumed it was because im pregnant and I throw up a lot, but thank you for the concern nona I hope a cat cuddles you out of the blue.

No. 1369192

I haven’t gotten sick in years, easily since I was a teenager, but I somehow got hit with one of the worst fevers I’ve ever experienced along with starting my period, so it’s all cramps and fever related headache/muscle pain. I feel bad for people who get sick easily, this absolutely blows. I’m going on day 2 of being virtually incapacitated and I keep falling asleep just wishing I’d wake up all better.

No. 1369198

Oh im that case that's 100% the issue. Praying for the sickness to pass and you to have a smooth birthing process & a healthy beeb nonnie

No. 1369219

Slowly realizing I wasn't actually in love with my ex, I was just obsessed. I was more in love with the idea of her. I never saw her as a person, just a toy I can funnel my affections into. I must have gaslighted myself into thinking it was love and idealized our relationship but all it really was is a toxic codependency. It was fundamentally broken from the start and it never actually felt real in the first place. That is why all our conflicts happened. It was an online relationship too so there's that extra layer of "not feeling real". Now, I wish I hadn't terrorized another human being. I matured a lot from my time with her but at the same time I wish we never met to at least save her from the pain of having known me. I genuinely wish she will find happiness and love with someone else who deserves her. I feel disgusting.

No. 1369220

I like the bump warnings, I always have like 6 or 7 different threads open and when I see someone post a picture of a cat or something cute with a warning I know not to go to the catalog for a while.

No. 1369221

congratulations!!! Im jealous, even of the vom, hope you have a beautiful future ahead of you anon

No. 1369224

No. 1369225

You are transforming into a cat

No. 1369228

>Why deny that the majority of people on the site are getting completely fed up with this shit being spammed by our own moderators?
Lmao shut the fuck up Blaine. Literally no one but your brain damaged self believes this, no matter how much you spam and falseflag. You will never be a woman, you will never fit in here.

No. 1369229

I felt sad reading this because I wouldn't wish for my ex to think of me like this lol. But good for you that you learned properly and hopefully in your next relationship you learn to appreciate others and understand what love is. But tbh most people don't know what love is anyways even in rl relationships. I think you should give yourself credit for realizing this and I hope you give yourself time to heal. We have all done things we are not proud of but for you to properly think about this shows your strong growth as a person.

No. 1369236

nothing wrong with not wanting kids, I want a billion of them but understand why my friends dont, hope your mates situation improves it sounds hellish

No. 1369237

Awww no!! Damnit I love Brand New… why are all scrotes degenerates. Literally every time I like a band or singer they turn out to be garbage.

No. 1369238

File: 1665348897072.gif (2.69 MB, 479x270, DC577F7A-EC76-4A3A-962F-A26C6D…)

I hate that I’m 10x more emotional than an average person is. It’s like I experience emotions strongly than people should, what is that called?

No. 1369240

High in trait neuroticism? or bpd, kek

No. 1369244

Probably right, I’m paranoid too.

No. 1369254

I want pasta so bad but I'm on a strict diet. I know I could just watch the calories but I'm too weak and it would just end in failure.

No. 1369258

you're probably autistic

No. 1369260

I worry I have brain damage all the time and it has significant effects on my behavior/intelligence but I can't perceive it.

No. 1369261

whenever you find the answer, let me know. i don't believe in BPD nor do i have any of the hallmarks of it (never been diagnosed with it) but i feel the same way specifically and only with regard to experiencing emotions very strongly to the point where it's very, very, very hard to cope.

No. 1369268

NTA but aren't autists the opposite of that? They're usually considered robotic and emotionless.

No. 1369269

I think I'm crushing on my tattoo artist. That is a massive no to me, I have a bunch of tattoos from her and even though we message each other quite a bit between sessions and even if my stupid ass tries to read into every single hug and look, shit would be stupid. Not ruining a great tattoo artist relationship but anons, she looks like a goddess and the way she gets into passionated tangents whilst tattooing and how she does her blush, I am fucking weak. She's a olive toned, goddamn art goddess and she has an accent and goddamit I am not falling for it. No!

No. 1369270

thats a misconception. Autists feel emotions, but they have troubles expressing them and labeling them in others.

For example, autistic screeching (meltdowns) are how autists deal with sudden onslought of strong emotions.

Sauce: dated an autis for 5 years.

No. 1369274

I thought I had a million mental health issues but once I started treating my C-PTSD so many of those symptoms went away. You might want to look into that more if you feel kinda jumbled and not fitting into any criteria.

No. 1369283

My childhood pet dying made me realise I really dont give a shit for anything anymore. I had her for half my life and she was my best friend, my only roommate to tell good news. All the stupid internet drama, youtubers or stars who talk about their nice lives, the tutorials that are just "I have stuff I made thing", review channels, so much useless media. Nothing i write anywhere on the internet matters so I'm glad I didnt waste time on social media. I'm going to fuck off from here and lurk at most. She would have wanted me to get my shit together to pursue an actual career somewhere. Maybe some day I can have another companion in a small house just the two of us. I think that's all I want.

No. 1369297

I think your pet would want you to focus on your health, career and eventual happiness. She'll be so proud of you, nona.

No. 1369323

I've focused so much on my schooling and career, I neglected to improve my social life and personal character. I thought I would be okay being alone for the rest of my life and focus on my hobbies, but it was because I was afraid of getting hurt. Now that I'm coming out of a painful breakup, feeling love and being loved for the first time, being the center in a special someone's life, I now understand that the risk of getting hurt is worth feeling like that again. I cannot stand to be alone anymore. The thought of being alone for the rest of my life is now so soul-crushing, it's making me anxious for the future.

No. 1369345

File: 1665357695811.jpg (34.91 KB, 644x508, Tumblr_l_11932403130707.jpg)

God. So I've been into this guy for like a little under a month (like a week ago we started dating but that's not integral to the plot). I've known him for years recently reconnected etc etc. When I started liking him I told my e-bff (AKA my only friend) about the whole situation. I'm a bit autismal so I wasn't sure if it was normal to tell her but she's been talking to me about this guy she likes for months now so. I figured it was. But she told me she found it and him annoying so I dropped the subject. This is despite the fact that she still talks about her guy who rejected her a while ago, and now when she talks about him it's about his new girl (other girl) and about how wishy washy he is to her (my friend). Then later she said she wanted to hear about how things are going with the guy I liked again and I was like "but I thought you didn't like him" and so she told me yeah, but she "likes gossip". So I started talking about him again. And then the last time I did (and it was going well with him which was exciting for me) she just went off on me saying she seriously dislikes him and is tired of me talking about it and she thinks I shouldn't pursue him (he is literally just a guy). At which point I told her I just don't know what she wants from me but that it's my life and I'd already told her I wouldn't talk about it if she doesn't want to. Then she ghosted me for a few days, and then came back and said she was sorry for not responding to me but that she just worries that I "worry" too much about him and he stresses me out and it's an "exact copy" of her situation with her guy when it quite literally fucking is not considering that he likes me and he is not dating another girl and I am not worrying. So I told her I appreciated her concern and she doesn't have to be worried, but that I want to understand where her feelings are coming from on this because she hasn't explained what exactly is so worrying, or we could just drop the topic and not worry about moids and either way I just want to be her friend. And now it's been radio silence for a week. What the fuck am I doing wrong why is it so wrong for me to TALK about a scrote when 1. she literally asked me to and 2. she has been talking about HER scrote nonstop I just don't get it UGH. Tldr it's stupid I'm stupid

No. 1369349

File: 1665358051914.gif (1014.58 KB, 500x357, aeY3JW2.gif)

I relate to your post anon. I've been on forums and imageboards since I was 11. The internet has really screwed up my sense of empathy and identity. I don't know what part of myself is real anymore because I was the kind of little shithead who would troll and sperg about stupid shit even though I don't act like that in real life (I was a quiet and well-behaved kid). Now, I won't deny it has ruined a lot of my precious online friendships. My life has become so digitized I have also become digitized myself and now there is nothing authentic about me. I think the only way to cure ourselves from this terminally online brainrot is to detox and form connections with actual, human people irl. It's the only way we can form a real personality of our own.

No. 1369358

Right now I am torn between wanting to kill myself and killing someone

No. 1369360

She was just reclaiming anon /s

No. 1369361

You say "traveling" like that's what alot of these people are doing. A short-term vacation of sorts. It's not. It's resettling, paying taxes, you know, actually residing here.

No. 1369372

File: 1665360629320.jpeg (84.36 KB, 976x1160, FemnWVNXoAM0PBg.jpeg)

this girl from high school felt the need to harass me for an hour over text yesterday, sending 25 messages while i was busy at the ren faire. she's pissed off because she can't stop stalking my social media for shit i've said in the past (over 2 years ago) about her parenting skills that i was told by a mutual friend. i haven't mentioned her at all since so it's just strange. and then she randomly brought up my psychotic break from over a year ago and info from it that only that same mutual friend could've given her because they were there for it. (i sent the mutual friend a "care to explain" text re: telling her about my psychotic episode like that's anybody's goddamn business, but i'm honestly feeling like just blocking them) then she proceeded to make a tweet about "slinging [me] across a parking lot" at her big age of 24 with a 4 year old.

i have to laugh because she said she's praying for my man and "the many more to cum and go" like she's not a single mom since 19 who's fucked more men than i can count with a dead baby daddy that used to beat on her and told her to "abort that shit, it's not mine" working instacart for a living. she's just living years in the past and it's sad.

and all this is coming from a woman who makes tumblr posts crying about wanting to kill herself because she had a dream about holding a baby she miscarried. i should've responded to her with picrel.

No. 1369373

Agreed. I think in this day and age of modern capitalism, people have become so absorbed in themselves to the point that there's an entire culture revolving around self-love and levelling up your material assets. I think the only way to really grow as a person is to form connections with people, even if it means being vulnerable and getting hurt in the process.

>I also think that people have taken the ‘relationships should be easy’ part too literally too. The fun parts of a relationship should be easy. Someone who you can truly be with will be hard when they challenge your negative aspects and help you grown significantly.

Yes, finding the right partner and falling in love with them is easy. Maintaining that relationship and actively bettering yourself is where the hard work comes in.

No. 1369379

I’m starting to get actually pissed at my roommate (she is also a friend who I’ve known for many years so it makes things difficult). She has a few mental issues that make living with her so annoying sometimes, like we had a set up where we both do our own dishes, and she wipes counters and stove (I’ve used the stove maybe 1 times btw) and I take out all the trashes. The new place we are living in has a roach problem so I’ve been really careful about not leaving crumbs and dirty dishes out over night but she will not get it through her head to do it no matter how much I remind her. So I said “hey, how about we switch, you take the trashes and I’ll take care of the kitchen counters, drain, etc so I can make sure it’s getting cleaned every night” and she agrees.

Fast forward to this afternoon, I’m taking a nap after work and she had a trip planned to visit her boyfriend for a week, I thought he was coming to pick her up tomorrow but it’s actually today, so she leaves, I saw bye, I go back to my nap. I wake up a few hours later and I notice a text from her being like “hey can you lock the door, I already put my keys in my bag” I look around, she left her dirty dishes on the sink and she didn’t take out all the trash. I’m honestly just mad about the door because she KNOWS I’m paranoid about having the door locked, we live alone in college town and are both female, plus my sisters place got broken into a few years back. You’d think she’d feel the same way. At our old place I literally put a sign on the door inside to lock the door on your way in and out bc it became such an issue. One of these days I’m gonna end up dead because she can’t be considerate enough to lock the door behind her.

No. 1369389

I missed you so much. I missed you so fucking much. I'd try to find you in about every single person I'd meet. I'd try to start talking with them the way we talked. The conversations never flowed the same. They never got it like you got it. And there were no knowing looks that made us laugh out loud every time. I'm glad you're back. I'm sorry. I forgive you. I hope it's still the same. I hope we've left it all behind now. I love you. I hope life treats you well. And I hope that it gets easier. For you, for me. I missed you. I'm glad you're back.

No. 1369390

I didn’t think of myself as very overly insecure of a person, but someone just sent me pics they took of me during an activity when I didn’t know anyone was taking pics and I legitimately look so retarded I’m crying and want to kms. Like objectively I look like shit and developmentally delayed. I don’t even look like the same person as I do in the mirror or normal pics. At all.

No. 1369393

I'm so excited for my vacation in feb but all I can fucking think about is what if I don't lose the weight I need to by then and I'll be miserable the whole time if I'm still fat.

No. 1369395

I'm happy for you anon

No. 1369404

Virtually all my friends are on a discord server. I’m such an extrovert. I didn’t think this could happen to me, but here I am, 2 acquaintances in college, zero friends. And a discord server.

No. 1369412

What the fuck stop humblebragging you social butterfly. I wish I had a Discord server full of friends. Here I am with only have one Discord friend and zero IRL friends.

No. 1369421

Nonny virtual relationships aren't real unless you commit time to a specific person, if that. Being lonely sucks and ily

No. 1369429

My husbando doesn't exist and we will never be together. All my fantasies are just a lie. I will never have feelings in real life as sweet as in my dreams.

No. 1369445

Wow she's just like me except I don't have any friends irl and online.

No. 1369448

this photo is so fucking funny. i hope ren faire was fun!

No. 1369465

File: 1665373399572.png (40.51 KB, 200x152, 1640AE17-7FC6-4488-9CD4-343C1A…)


No. 1369466

did something happen

No. 1369467

this is a silly thing to say. i meet my online friends irl and have a blast with them, more than anyone i've made friends with in my hometown. it's so easy to curate friendships with people you get along with well using the internet.

No. 1369469

Don’t go to /m/

No. 1369470

I love how my gross anatomy class involves memorizing a billion things and then I will only retain a fraction of that information two weeks after the semester is over.

No. 1369482

I was at my parents for thanksgiving this weekend. Everyone was giving me such a goddamn hard time about daring to be SINGLE at 23 year old. Like how dare I, an OLD MAID at the ripe young age of 23 not be bethrothed to a man?? Nevermind they ever think it's my own choice to be single. Noo. Or that they never say this shit to my cousin who's my own age. Or that my siblings are settling majorly in terms of looks/personality.

It doesn't help that my gen z roommates were making such a big deal about how I "look 20" but I'm soo much older than them (20!!)

Society is so fucked when it comes to women these days.

No. 1369486

Trying to dom I like the idea of but as a smaller woman I just find it soo frustrating. My last boyfriend was 6'7 and built and he liked to sub but?? There was no way I could realistically overpower him so don't even see the point.
Sometimes I wonder if he just liked to see me struggle/it made him feel even stronger in a weird way.

No. 1369487

I pulled out some of my hair and now my scalp hurts

No. 1369497

How old is your genz roommates? They sound weird. Kids born in 2000 are 22, gonna be 23 by the end of year. And people look the same at 23 and 17, only difference is that they style themselves better.

No. 1369499

When you are 23, a lot of 17 yo will look and sound very young to you IMO.

No. 1369509

The other day I was out with my friends for dinner. One of them pulls out a picture (instagram) of some girl in a bikini, arguing that she has a good ass. Other friend says no, her ass is too long. Then my next friend says no her ass is good. The picture gets to me and it's obviously angled and doctored. Like proportionally there is something off and nothing gets me more upset than males being so gullible just so they could be like awooga awooga. Anyways, I tell them it's shopped to shit and they wave me off as being crazy and how I got it so wrong and how its REAL you just don't get it. My friend next to me turns and she tells me, you know people have good genes. Yes people with good butts exist, but you're really gonna tell me the type to post ass pictures on instagram is not the type to be stringent about their image and fucking shop their pictures and angle them to shit? I don't know why it got me upset, but they ganged up on me so fast for what? It literally looked like it was taken with a fisheye lens, please. Living in bizzarro world.

No. 1369514

Maybe instead of getting mad the moids are gullible about shooping, ask them why the fuck they felt the need to start a debate on some random womans ass and why you entertain these “friends” who think body parts is an idle dinner table convo.

No. 1369516

They're going to lose their minds when they find out it's possible to edit your waistline in a video.

No. 1369524

You confronted them about their gullibility and made them feel foolish, to cope they turned the situation around to be about you.
Inwardly, they realize you are right even if their pride cannot allow them to admit it.

No. 1369530

I’m racist and I hate it. Why am I like this. I tell myself I just have OCD surrounding race/racism when in actuality that’s just a massive cope from a massive piece of shit

No. 1369534

Yeah probably, good to be introspective about it anon, it wasn't born in a vacuum and by getting to know women of other backgrounds you'll enjoy the world more, even if your convictions don't change (they probably should though, kek)

No. 1369537

Seconding meeting people from other countries/cultures and learn about their food, traditions music and I'm sure you will find some stuff you enjoy. The mind fears what it does not know! If your reason to being racist is a different one then I don't know. kudos to you for being honest to yourself.

No. 1369546

File: 1665388181926.jpg (44.06 KB, 622x616, FLnBtmkX0AMsTpf.jpg)

stories like these are a dime a dozen nowadays and nothing new anymore but one of my former friends from middle school starting dating a white they/them moid (looks like a normal guy with theater kid vibes) and keeps posting about how "homosexual" and "fruity" they are on her story, it's so obnoxious. has dated multiple dudes but no women, also regularly posts about wanting top surgery. no you are not gay for each other you are just two hecking special quirky fandom straight people in a straight relationship and that's fine but don't act like you are somehow going against the grain of society for it. you aren't the two gay lovers in a forbidden relationship that you think you are. I don't even really feel mad when I see shit like this anymore, just annoyed

No. 1369549

i used some flonase earlier, and wtf, i’m trying to fall asleep and my heart just starts racing randomly and waking me up. never in my life has to is happened to me
is that shit a side effect?? i’m never using flonase again

No. 1369553

This. NTA, but even if you were raised by unironic neonazis, it's difficult to be racist when women from other cultures are great, their food is amazing and they're actually a lot more welcoming than you'd expect.

No. 1369557

I wouldn’t say I have racist convictions (at least like conscious ones or whatever) it’s more like I get nervous and act like a spaz around black people, specifically men. Which I suppose is probably worse. Pretty much every day I’m at work I “obsess” over racism/being perceived as racist, I constantly tell myself to stop being weird or nervous which probably ends up making me more nervous. Recently I’ve started asphyxiating myself because of a combination of suicidal ideation and because it kinda made me act more normal.

No. 1369572

I was right there with you until the asphyxiation what the fuck nonna. I feel the exact same way as you do otherwise though and it both bothers me and makes me self-conscience and makes me wonder if I'm justified but just not allowed to feel the way I do. That's pretty fucked up but it's honest

No. 1369573

File: 1665393554127.jpg (49.74 KB, 750x734, FYs6U8rVsAEw-tb.jpg)

I am going to an inpatient facility for 4-6 weeks. I went through a really difficult breakup this year and my mental health spiraled over the summer. I ended up relapsing and becoming extremely self destructive. To top it off, I was in a situationship with a emotionally unavailable NPD moid that gave me mixed signals so im not really in the best place rn. Im terrified because this will be the first time Ill ever be away from home and im also worried going away wont help/possibly make me worse.

No. 1369576

I’m non-white and I’ve been straight up about this with black women. For the most part, they understand and don’t care. At least online ones. And honestly idc about how irl ones may feel anymore. It’s okay to be suspicious of men, especially black ones, and I don’t care what anyone may say. If you have half a neuron you can recognize how shitty they are in their communities and to their women.

No. 1369577

Samefag but like they don’t even try to hide it and even celebrate it ffs

No. 1369582

>that caption
My gosh as if that isn’t embarrassing enough, she had to take a pic of the disgusting moment to encapsulate it in history for all of eternity and post it. It has to be a public humiliation fetish, it just has to be

No. 1369593

Nonnies im in shambles. What do i do if instagram says "suspicious login attempt" and doesnt let me enter my account without a code sent to a number ( that no longer exists, contract terminated by the providers ) and fake email with a made up domain. Im so fucking retarded. Do i just give up? Or do i send an email? I'm not sure what to do because i doubt they'll answer me and i dont know how to provide proof that the owner of the account is me. One time they had me send an email of myself when i was a minor holding a paper with my username and some code but it was through another address. I thought maybe if i could i would attach it to the hypothetical email as proof, but you can easily fake that, no ? I dont know what to do. I think i should just accept my fate. I dont even use instagram i just thought i'd log into my middle school spam account and this happened.
This account had footage of my cat who went missing that i have nowhere else. I just wanted to hear his meows again… I feel like such an idiot now i cant ever access it again. I dont even know why i put in a fake email address. I know this is a really stupid thing to get upset over but i genuinely feel so much dread

No. 1369599

File: 1665398855911.jpeg (306.1 KB, 1185x1066, BA5E0070-8C76-4AB8-BC38-AE3DF6…)

Social media has become something so annoying, it’s just a whipping post. Passively think ‘I like jack black he’s funny, charming, and always nice to people that’s cool’ and then of course comes the “well akshually he supports autism speaks so he’s a very horrible terrible bad person and he doesn’t deserve all of this positive attention”. Everything bounces off the vacuum until people tire of it and it’s on to the next retarded thing. Nothing I’m saying is groundbreaking it’s just annoying.

No. 1369601

You shot yourself in the foot. If you want to see the videos, request someone who follows you to screen record or something. Make a new one.

No. 1369615

I am mad at this girl and I know I shouldn’t be but I am. We used to be friends. She invited me to places and went out with me. Then she went all cold and stopped talking to me out of nowhere, and this was months ago. But now I ran into her and I am seething. She made an active effort to be friends. She told me personal details about her family and relationships. And then she stopped talking to me out of nowhere. I realize she went out with me and then decided she wasn’t interested in our friendship and that’s perfectly reasonable but why the effort, you know? Why couldn’t she be casual? I was relieved at the prospect of having a compatible friend who I don’t have to “act” around to pass as a socially normal person. It sucks and it’s making me seethe despite it happening months ago. She gradually stopped hanging out with all her friends around the same time as well, and started hanging out with different people. Doing the same routine. It’s just this whole friend thing takes time and investment and it’s just. You know.

No. 1369625

Really wish my body would just sleep through the night instead of waking me up in the middle of it just to invert its guts. I don't understand how because I haven't eaten anything and this happened right before bed too, but I'm really annoyed. Venting here in hopes it'll cool my rage enough to let me sleep because I'm this close to stabbing my ungrateful flesh vehicle for this kind of insolence.

No. 1369642

File: 1665406467068.jpg (121.5 KB, 1080x824, 1642200799510.jpg)

Class starts in 30 minutes and I've gone to the bathroom about 5 times. Why did I eat those 2 buffalo wings? They were only 2… Or was it the red robin burger I had? The bun had milk? Was it the seeds on top? Was it all 3? It is a mystery

No. 1369702

I hate having to rely on campus insurance for healthcare. Originally scheduled my appointment the same day of a class because that was the earliest time available and I was hoping someone would cancel. Now it doesn’t seem like that’s happening and the next available date is more than two weeks away when I have a fucking big exam. I fucking hate this. Feels like I am never going to get healthcare at this point.

No. 1369724

Did she enter a new relationship recently? I notice some people do this to focus on thier relationship.

No. 1369734

Why do you even bother asking me for a 'break'? Why not break up? Why do you keep saying 'I don't know' to everything? I don't know who you are anymore, you're a completely different person now that you've become a drunk. Go to AA and therapy. Leave me alone, yeah you lost me, if you cared so much in the first place you wouldn't have cheated.

No. 1369756

File: 1665415327740.jpg (273.15 KB, 760x726, 5875.jpg)

I hate american feminism.

No. 1369757

How is that related to your picture?

No. 1369759

nta but are you retarded

No. 1369761

Are you retarded? Gold digging isn't the same as fighting for women's rights.

No. 1369762

As a millionaire (crypto and NFT) this is true. As soon as men find out you have more money than them, they stop treating you nicely and expect you to pay for everything AND do all the emotional labor. The only choice is to date up. I am tempted to cheat everyday, but my only love is making more money.

No. 1369764

I spend my time staring at the wall thinking why I haven't gotten up from bed. Maybe I will get up in a bit. No, even with the urge to eat or drink I stay. So much time is passed dwelling on the wall thinking of when to get up. I tell myself to start the day already, but I won't. If I was a statue I would be good at it. My heart beats, but it's not enough to feel alive. Im here, but does it mean im worthy? What wasted time that could have been spent doing something good, but instead I rot. Withering away like a man's appearance. Quickly and disappointing.

No. 1369765

I got all hyped when I saw a "western animation industry cows" thread because they have so much drama you could write a book about it but the entire thread is just obvious /co/ scrotes sperging out about muh millenial democrats ruining le western society with globohomo propaganda. There's literally no place to just read juicy gossip on the contemporary cartoons/comic scene that doesn't get co-opted by /ic/els or s/co/tes to either whiteknight sex pests and pedos or complain about the feminist boogeymen and it pisses me off to maddening levels.

No. 1369766

Another early BTC buyer? Nona, my heart…

No. 1369768

I wish I had a fit female friend show me the ropes in the gym. Watching gym videos with beginner tips or "how to overcome gym anxiety" still doesn't make me secure in like being even able to tell how I'm supposed to sit on a piece of equipment and I have no idea what are good beginner weights from them.

No. 1369772

i ate a lotta beets yesterday and today i was shitting red and thought i must have gave myself hemorrhoids.
turns out beets can make your poop red, which holds for 14% of the population. i was so scared, fuck my dumb self.

No. 1369778

is this your first time eating vegetables? beets aren't the only vegetable that do this kek

No. 1369781

women in iran are risking getting tortured for days and then killed to not wear hijabs and men in russia are letting putin do whatever he wants for months, killing millions of people and ruining their economy. moids are a joke.

No. 1369783

Picrel is literally an ad for a prostitution site disguised as liberal feminism. Big L for you nonnas. Lmao
This is why everybody hates americans especially american women. Capitalism is rotting your brains (and your pussies with STDs).

No. 1369785

Can’t hear anything over my loud as fuck shower so now I am left with my dark thoughts
Its also been over 2 months maybe 3 since I’ve showered

No. 1369786

File: 1665416853977.jpg (43.95 KB, 800x450, honklhonk.jpg)

>Still a whore

No. 1369787

Honest question: can you buy anything with crypto money? Like a house, for instance.

No. 1369790

I hate it when coworkers tell me one thing and I relay it to my team and then their team emails something totally different out. Plans change and all but I feel like it makes me look like a liar.

No. 1369796

i think i never noticed it before? like obviously i know you see corn in your poop but i dont know/didnt notice any veggies that color your poop. what other fruit/veggie does this nona, i am genuinely curious

No. 1369798

Nta but depends on where you are + local laws.

No. 1369808

Don’t even trip anon I freaked out too first time beets turned my pee red when I went crazier than a wild hog and ate like 12 whole roasted beets in one sitting WITH the sautéed beet greens salad. Gave me the worst IBS flare up of my life too. Worth it. Anyway I think enough carrots can make your poop orange, enough spinach can make it green/black.

No. 1369810

i just found out that some people with multiple pronouns (i.e. she/they) want people to SWAP between pronouns and use both equally. even in the same sentence, like:
>she wanted ice cream, so they went to the store.
the entire fucking point of pronouns is to make language LESS confusing, not more.

No. 1369813

same thing about ibs anon. i swear i was in the campus today and was so uncomfortably bloated, i legit thought of leaving class. i wish vegetables didnt make us full of gas, i could eat infinite amount of em.

No. 1369820

I'm sitting in the toilet rn having horrible diarrhea. Seriously haven't had it this bad in YEARS. Wtf did I eat that did this to me???

No. 1369821

I have no idea why I thought I should start knitting a scarf. At this rate I'll be done it by Winter 2024. I want to put something more fun on my needles but also hate the feeling of having a million unfinished projects on the go. I have a few cotton/linen projects but my hands hurt waaaay too much to work on them. This stupid, tiny feeling makes me feel awful sometimes even though it's meaningless. I love lacework but I hate my stupid wrists.

No. 1369831

I don't even know how I look like anymore, I just want to wear comfy pants at home but the sizing and the models got me extremely confused. How do I look? Am I as massive as the models in the pictures? But that's not how I look when I'm in front of the mirror, nor in the pictures. My eyes and mind are so fucked and wrapped that I just want to buy huge muumuus and die.

No. 1369836

I just really want to be normal and treat people like people y’know. At least at my job ig because that’s the only thing I really do. I thought I was doing better but then I had a slightly awkward encounter spurred by me thinking that someone’s watching me interact with a black woman and I got a bit nervous (the guy was just waiting to help his wife next in line) and it just snowballed from there, one weird nervous social interaction after the next. From reading people’s experiences on the OCD subreddit and web articles there are people who seem to have similar issues. I mean I move thought I might have OCD even before this all started and I still have other “obsessions” that cause me worry and other symptoms but I really don’t want to try and get it diagnosed if racism is my main issue. I just really hate myself and I wish I could be normal because this has made me stop talking to my friends and not pursue deeper relationships with my coworkers in case they “found out” that I was racist. At this point I think the best solution is if I just get fired or kill myself because than I can’t subject black people to my weirdness

No. 1369845

My history of depression goes very far back. A huge source of it is my relationship with my mother. Since my father died when I was little, I have had to live with her during important developmental years. I developed very severe depression which eventually took away my ability to attend class. I was withering away. In high school I never fully recovered. I graduated, but I hadn't attended classes properly in years. I was a true mess with so much pain. My relationship with my mother never improved. She is abusive. It is still difficult for me to admit, since barely anybody believes me and even I doubt myself sometimes. I know she doesn't mean to. I don't feel like describing my symptoms properly, but if you have ever dealt with depression/burn out/suicidality/eating disorder/self harm/etc, you will understand what I have been going through. When I finally turned eighteen I was seeking that love and care that I was looking for my whole life. All I wanted was someone to care about me and be there for me, especially a parental figure. I went on dates with guys and let them do things I didn't want to do, because I could not handle the alternative of going home. I lost my virginity in a way I did not want to. I was experiencing a lot of things sexually nobody was aware of and I loathed it. I was miserable, but I had nobody. When I was sick, my "boyfriend" at least took care of me. He let me sleep in his bed, he made me food, he genuinely cared about how I was doing, he gave me kisses and cuddles. Even though I did not like him and did not want to have sex, I never received that treatment from my mother or anybody else. So I stuck around and accepted that misery. Then I spent some time in another country with distant family. It was pretty miserable because they did not understand my mental state and difficulties taking care of myself. They were harsh to me and had no compassion. They did not like me. I understood I was a burden. My depression is easily triggered, since it is so chronic, and it gets so bad I can't even get myself to eat and I can barely digest anything. It is really difficult, and I truly try. Alas, I have learned many people do not understand what it is like to suffer from these things, so I fell into similar traps. Men did things to me I did not want, and I let them because I was too weak to properly resist and get people to treat me right. I am home again now, have been for a while. The symptoms resurface living with my mom. The sensible solution would be to move out. I don't know how I can move out. There is a housing crisis where I live and I am not sure how I would be able to earn enough money to take care of myself when right now my depression is so bad again I barely eat and all I can do is lay around and attempt to keep my eyes open. I wish my mother cared about me. I wish I had a parent who cared about me. In so many ways I am still a child who has endured a lot of pain. Nobody cares. I have received help from countless mental health social worker whatever people. Without them and their cooperation with my school I could not have graduated. So I am grateful for that. But all that help did was focus on school and getting me to graduate. It was also very tedious and ultimately nothing changes about the fact that my ultimate trigger, my neglectful mother, remains unchanged. When I was abroad my perspective on my mother improved a bit. The distance made her more tolerable and I thought I forgave her. But now that I am home it is all back again. I just don't know how to break this cycle. I have a boyfriend now so I am at least not being used for my body anymore, but he lives abroad where I met him when I was there. I cannot live with him right now due to my education and I cannot put my education on hold now. I have come so far, and even though it does not seem like it, I am so much stronger than before. When I stay with my grandparents for just a few weeks, my mental health improves tremendously. All because my grandmother actually cares about me, does not mind to cook for me when I am unable, helps me make breakfast, does not yell at me, berate me, and so forth. She helps me and I thrive. I am capable of so much, I am done with this awful way of living and how terribly my mother triggers me. I can't take it anymore

No. 1369846

Reminds me of the discussions about Romani people. Like we're supposed to be woke and understanding towards them in Europe, but if you've ever been near a group of gypsy men, you know how fucking terrifying it is when they start to size you up.

No. 1369849

late but if you use your phone being on mobile data gives you a different IP address from being on home wi-fi

No. 1369850

We bought a house with our crypto. We cashed it out first. It's not that hard of a concept.

No. 1369853

that's not how IP works though, IP addresses can be dynamic and change even if the device itself does not, even on the same network.

No. 1369855

Sure, oils might not be the """healthiest""" for you versus other types of nonprocessed fats, BUT I don't give a fuck because we all die anyway and flavour is more important than the miniscule health benefit of not using oils when cooking. Great you don't eat oils anymore, but your food sounds sad and it's sad when you have to pretend your food tastes good, random internet person. inb4 fat, I'm not but just really sick of seeing this on the internet

No. 1369859

No. 1369863

kys defected xy chromosomoid

No. 1369864

I'm not the original anon that posted, but okay. Sorry you have to work, wagie.

No. 1369867

Jokes on you, I'm also a millionaire and in fact I just bought my 3rd house with coupons.

No. 1369869

ntayrt but how come mine never changes? not even if i reset the router or internet

No. 1369870

File: 1665422777846.jpg (41.03 KB, 500x331, 2d5.jpg)

Had my abortion >>1357280 over this weekend. Sorry to keep fagging about this, it's just that obv I'm not talking to anyone irl about it. I ghosted my friends bc I was feeling down and tired. I felt bad that they were so concerned cause I'm usually always down to hang out and one of them is moving away soon. Yet I feel I cannot be honest about the reason why I was absent so I made an excuse. Weirdly enough, if one of them needed an abortion I would want them to come to me for support but I guess I'm just a coward.
And good grief, the abortion clinic was an absolute trial in itself.

There was no parking in the little clinic lot and I almost hit an anti-abortion protestor as she walked out in front of my car trying to flag me for a pamphlet. I went to check in & found out they misquoted the price of my abortion over the phone. It was $50 higher when I got to the office. The check in process took forever, and mostly because the receptionists were writing down their orders for quesadillas–I know it was around lunchtime but is discretion really so hard when people are trying to receive abortions around their queso fundido? Then I had a panic attack bc the pledge lady whom I had received the financial assistance voucher from never sent anything over to the clinic so they said they had nothing for me. She had called me on a remote personal phone line so I had no org number to dial back. The office sent them an email and by chance got my information over that way. I rage-called my bf to come who had given me some money the night prior, but there was no point of him staying cause guests aren't allowed past the waiting room anyway.
Oh, and because sickos would record inside, I had to surrender my phone beyond the waiting room.
I checked in a little before 11am and I did not leave until after 3pm. Mind you I was just there to get the pills. Well, they wound up corralling us all (~14 other women) into an additional waiting room in the back while we waited for vitals, ultrasounds, consultations, etc. Some were clearly further along and needed D&E abortion. It became clear they had no order. The waiting room was dank and dilapidated. No magazines, uncomfortable flat chairs, water stains, no water or snacks, and nothing to do besides watching whatever trash dvd was playing on their 90s era tv–and none of us had our phones. We all mostly tried to avoid eye contact with each other. I couldn't help but tear up a few times, just feeling bad for everyone in that room and how undignified it was. Some women were visibly upset and it was really sad. A few women started to become angry because most of us were there for the pill and so waiting almost 3 hours didn't make any fucking sense, some had been there since 9 or 10am and had not eaten anything. Well, after everyone scheduled had undergone all of their steps, it all came together: We were all to be administered our abortion pills at the same time hence the wait.
Yes, that's right. Apparently this was a group abortion! This was not told to us beforehand. No privacy or one on one time with the doctor. We were all ordered into a small room and given little cups with mifepristone and our take home packets of the misoprostol. The doc came in with his speech and then instructed us to take the first pill. We all had to take the mifepristone at the same time. That's why they made us all wait for three hours cause that's how many women there were and it was easier on staff to do it all as a group /facepalm.
It felt really violating.
What's worse is you could tell which women were receiving what based on the color papers they had. I was given a yellow paper for "Pregnancy not detected/Ectopic Pregnancy." They told me bc I had a positive at-home test plus symptoms, I was probably just too early for ultrasound to detect but I'm still worried that it said "Ectopic." No one else had my color paper. I didn't take my pill right away and stayed behind to ask the question about what if I did have an ectopic? The doc said I could either wait and come back once I was further along or I would have to go to another clinic for a scan that would confirm that for me. Well…obviously after the rigmarole I just took the pill.
Anyway, so far so good. Some diarrhea and cramping but my bleeding isn't even all that heavy. When I told my bf about the nightmare shit inside the clinic he said "Maybe psychologically they make it that way to discourage women from wanting abortions again?" Except, no, women who want abortions are going to get them no matter what. That's why back alley abortion was a thing.
The actual problem is no one cares about our well being and the lack of support trickles down onto the most vulnerable. I'm way more upset about the shit I've seen than my actual abortion. What the actual hell? Has anyone else experienced this shit?

No. 1369873

This gay guy I met through conversion therapy who proposed a lavender marriage to me found me on FB and sent me this novel of a message about religion and how it's not too late to divorce my wife (apparently divorce is ok if it's a gay marriage kek) and repent and live a "normal" life with him and usually I'd tell him to fuck off and that our "therapy" clearly fucking failed if I could fall in love with a woman after all we put ourselves through, but lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about impending parenthood and how my kid will most likely get shit for having two mothers and it's brought on a whole lot of repressed homophobia that I've had locked in a box in my mind for far too long. Idk how to even word my feelings, I'm just… fucking hurt and angry that I'm not normal and that I never will be and I'm going to bring a life into this world only for them to suffer because of me. I try doing the whole "born this way" thing, and some days I even believe it! But my religious upbringing and "ex-gay" past is always there, it'll never leave me. I'll never fully accept my homosexuality. I should've just become a fucking nun, I swear.

No. 1369875

I just want a parent, damn it. Is that so bad? I just want a parent. I know I am 19. Still, I just want a parent. We have tried everything else, please can there just be somebody who cares about me enough that they do not mind helping me?

No. 1369876

I had been thinking about you anon, thanks for checking in. I had no idea even getting an abortion in pill form was that troublesome, and I'm sorry for what you and all the women you waited with went through. Color coded papers and it being a group abortion without notification? Incredibly fucked up. I hope everyone won't have any complications and will be able to move on peacefully. Sending you much love, anon.

No. 1369882

some public IP addresses are still static but this is becoming less and less common it seems

No. 1369883

>I'm going to bring a life into this world only for them to suffer because of me
Anon is not your fault you kids could get bullied, its society's fault for not accepting that a kid could have two mothers, don't blame yourself for the discrimination others make you go trough, its on them if they're pos

No. 1369885

>I had no idea even getting an abortion in pill form was that troublesome.
Honestly? It's not supposed to be. When I lived in a northern state I went to a Planned Parenthood for an abortion pill yearssssss ago. It was all private like an actual doctor's visit and I swear it did not take nearly as long. This was real unusual stuff and I am not sure if it's legal.

Even if I were to lodge a complaint I feel like it's a betrayal against a resource for women–even if it's a shite one–and is putting a point with those smug anti-abortion protestors outside. It makes me so mad. It's not hard to treat people decent.

No. 1369888

>medical procedure preformed as a group
Extremely illegal, they probably assume you won't say anything out of shame/grief/fear that yet another clinic will be shut down
I'm so sorry

No. 1369893

File: 1665424126201.jpeg (300.33 KB, 1242x1156, 7B4B0B26-F84B-435E-9686-B268D2…)

What are they saying that should be used instead of oils? That sounds ridiculous, the healthiest way to eat animal protein is grilling the food, and you need some sort of oil or at least butter so it doesn't stick.
Also, it's dumb because oils are necessary for the body.
Never pay too much attention to any "health tips" that you see on the internet, foods are just like clothes, they go in or out of fashion every season.

No. 1369906

This is literally just an ad for some sugar daddy site masquerading as an article by some normal woman who's "just dating up". All the men she talks about "dating" from there are decrepit old scrotes looking for sugar babies, and nothing lasts with them. She herself is an influencer, so you can bet she was paid money to promote this garbage. A lot of naive young women who think they can sign up and essentially be classier versions of escorts/do sex work "without the sex" get taken advantage of, abused, assaulted, etc because the moids on most of these sites aren't even screened.
Tired of the fake, heavily compromised feminism/le girlboss libfem bullshit. This shit is predatory

No. 1369910

I know it's society that's fucked up, but it's very hard to accept that the problem's not me sometimes, given my past. Thank you for your reply though, nona. It's good to hear that from someone anonymous as I'm always thinking that the people I'm close to are just placating me when they say things like that.

No. 1369913

Nona, you're normal, the abnormal people are those who think homosexuality is some mental illness, when the real mental illness is being a fucking narc that needs to control everyone and everything.
I'm sure that you will be able to find a nice community to support you, maybe you could try finding other people that has gone through conversion therapy and that can relate to your struggles and that are working on accepting themselves as they are.
You ser serve to be happy and to fall in love with whoever you want.

No. 1369914

Yeah, I looked up the article just to see what anon was so angry about, and for all the men she finds on the app, she just casually mentions they're in their mid-50's. Vomit inducing

No. 1369929

File: 1665426120590.png (112.72 KB, 320x260, 1664326379410.png)

Ever notice that as a catfag you can't find males that are also catfags? Never met one in my life

No. 1369934

I've only ever known one, a stepdad of mine. He got shit from his friends for being a "crazy cat man" and having a a phone full of cat pictures. Men are so fucking bizarre about cats, it's genuinely mind-boggling.

No. 1369937

I feel so dirty, like even a shower isn't undoing this crawling feeling I have. Like I'm slightly damp and then rolled around the floor of a hair salon naked. It feels like there's hair between my skin and my layer of clean, comfy clothing. This is Hell, it's like being itchy but not anywhere specific enough to scratch. I wish I could do that thing cats do when they feel the sensation of something on their back and just scrunch my skin a bunch of times, I feel like that would fix it. Or at least help me feel like I've regained control of the feeling. I'm gonna shower again but I know it isn't going to help. I wish I had absolutely no hair or nails growing out of me. Fuck

No. 1369941

File: 1665427095767.jpeg (251.24 KB, 932x1400, 984F6FC8-C659-453A-AC35-B028EA…)

They exist, my cousin is a catfag. He has this black cat the size of a bear that rules his apartment with an iron fist. He’s also married though, I think catmen get snatched up quick.

No. 1369946

I still experience sex/gender dysphoria, even though I haven’t identified as ftm since I was a young teenager, and it’s painful. I don’t want to tell anyone in real life because most of my friends would probably ask me if I’m trans or something. I just feel so lonely as a dysphoric woman who isn’t interested in transitioning.

No. 1369949

Ugh, as the old coworkers move on the younger ones are changing the dynamic and I really don't like where it's headed. I'm seeing some things where I think it's going to be a shit time for all but it's like they're younger and don't see how it's going to bite all of them in the ass later. Currently we all do our tasks, share responsibility equally and speak openly if something is bothering us, don't micromanage and trust everyone else to do their job while communicating logistics or changes, no matter how mundane when needed. It's fostered genuinely a 0 drama workplace because if everyone volunteers nobody is forced, you know? We cover for each other and in turn are covered.

So today, for not the first time i'm sharing responsibility of answering requests with a coworker. So, the phone rings and before I can react either way he says "can you do it?". Not that he's doing anything, he's on his phone and I say uhh yeah no problem because I wasn't busy either and that's the ethos. Next time the phone rings he literally doesn't react, so again I get up and do it myself. So I find a reason to leave the office for a while so he has no choice but to do it. It's stressful that someone's taking advantage of our more charitable way. Once I get back I find out he's left all of the end-of-day tasks for me, when we always split.

The problem is that the old way was based on common courtesy and not rules so it's not an enforceable thing, and I can fully see this leading to pettiness and resentment on all sides. I'm already feeling resentful! Not that I can't handle conflict and say no do it yourself, but I know that it'll breed hostility, it was the same at my last place, I hated all those "Ohh i'm busy can you do it? Thaaanks" moments. And it came so organically before, like if you didn't mind a task you'd volunteer, if it was clear none of us actually wanted to do it we'd agree to take equal turns, not fucking ignore our responsibilities until someone else is forced to do it! I just don't understand how these younger people could take the rare fair and honest workplace and turn it into something individualistic and shitty like so many others out there. It's so sad too because I can't single handedly force kindness and compassion.

No. 1369953

I'm a dysphoric butch (never ID'd as FTM but came close a few times) and some days I feel absolutely crushed by the weight of it. Silly little things like picking between playing as a man or a woman in a video game will bring all those feelings to the surface and frustrate me. I know how you feel about not speaking about it offline, it's a nightmare navigating trans shit with people nowadays. You're either told to troon out or "just get over it" as if it's so simple to do. You're not alone, nona. Stay strong. ♥

No. 1370009

Girl you have scabies

No. 1370102

Dysphoria is probably going to be lifelong unfortunately. The feeling does not go away, in fact I am starting to believe it only gets worse as you get older. That is all I can offer up on the topic. It’s something I don’t talk about either.

No. 1370107

I need to stop getting insanely depressed every time I am about to do a quiz or test..

No. 1370124

Ex and I have been talking after a year of silence, we happened to cross paths 2 days ago and it's been nice. Just starting to get annoying because he has been sperging about this BPD ridden, terminally online retard that was exactly like him, for 4 hours. Mentions "oh it was only platonic" for the 15th time. I'm not jealous, I'm just getting fucking annoyed

No. 1370126

how long have you've been going? no female instructors?

No. 1370134

This made me laugh so hard, holy fuck

No. 1370163

Imagine feeling like you're too fat for the USA.

No. 1370169

Going on a diet sounds like less work than finding yourself a Canadian husband who isn't just gonna use you for money. Lizzo needs to face it, she might be a talented musician and singer, she's a fat fuck wearing unflattering stage costumes and humiliating herself publicly all the time because that's her way of coping, of course people will talk about it

No. 1370170

Samefag sorry nonnies I meant to post this in celebricows

No. 1370177

Exactly. Lizzo never fucks up about her weight. We're not blind we can see you. Shut uo

No. 1370197

how do you know it was because someone said she was fat? people have been attacking her non-stop since she played the flute

No. 1370198

Because that’s what the article said? And yeah ok people have been voicing their opinion about her since she became a public figure. That’s how it is.

No. 1370229

Making online friends is exhausting as an introvert. It's like I have to constantly put on this show of being an interesting person and talk about my hobbies. Even so, I am very lonely and I desire to form close connections with people. I value closeness very much and I want to feel needed by friends. Am I just a boring person? Am I just destined to be a friendless loser?

No. 1370232

She literally turned herself into a walking minstrel

No. 1370234

File: 1665441079776.jpeg (26.79 KB, 525x432, 7D4D1F6D-5C2A-49A9-8817-C4D343…)

I hate that I never take care of myself and now when I absolutely need to be fit I just can’t. Im gonna have to give up a job I’ve always wanted just because my body can’t keep up with the labor. I feel so shitty I haven’t even finished a month of work and I’m already crying over having to put my two weeks in because I hate being a burden to my coworkers and feel like a retard everytime I do something

No. 1370239

Ayrt — thank you for the kind words. If it doesn’t sound crazy, I actually got a bit emotional knowing that I’m not alone. I know exactly what you mean about little things bringing the feelings to the surface; for me it’s things like seeing men with a similar fashion sense to me because it really highlights the ways I don’t, and can never, look like them. It’s a humiliating feeling, I don’t know how else to describe it.

I’ve noticed it getting worse as I get older too, particularly when I started college. I wonder if this is a common experience.

No. 1370240

>trait neuroticism
Unrelated but I just looked this up and holy shit this describes my ex to a T which is the complete opposite of me. Of course, she has anxiety and depression too. It was honestly too much and there were so many times where I came off as unempathetic and made her feel hysterical because I just couldn't handle or respect her emotions. That was exactly why we broke up so many times. I have all sorts of problems too, but no wonder why we failed. A relationship between an emotionally unstable person (her) and an emotionally underdeveloped loser (me) is bound to fail. I think I'm starting to get over my breakup the more I think about this…

No. 1370241

>a walking minstrel
minstrels were also able to walk nonnie

No. 1370247

I'm getting suspicions my bf is going to propose to me soon… Nonnitas, are there actual signs? I was noticing him looking at a jewelry case in an antique shop a little longer than a man who doesn't wear jewelry normally would and he's been calling me his wife very randomly, like rolling off the tongue mentions.

No. 1370249

Talking with her is like starting a battle that she will try to win no matter what. I feel like I have to excuse or justify myself about everything, and by everything I mean every little thing, even the most ridiculous one. I’m just so tired.

No. 1370251

File: 1665443277390.jpeg (28.11 KB, 275x271, FA573E8F-04F5-4FFB-B49F-B08104…)

I reached out to my ex to offer an olive branch even though he didn’t deserve it. He was very happy to hear from me. I suggested we have a deeper talk a week from then and he agreed. He hasn’t reached out to be and it’s 5. I’m so fucking mad I don’t want to do all the work in this I hate how much of a coward he is

No. 1370259

Block him, he doesn't deserve it.

No. 1370261

It is almost mid of October and I still didn't get my refund. A month passed since I asked for a refund. Why do I always have to go and talk and remind something to everyone

No. 1370266

>mfw I can't beat the final boss after like 40 attempts
This isn't even the first time this has happened to me. I pretend I don't care to myself and that I had fun with the game but being filtered by a gba game is honestly ruining my night

No. 1370268

File: 1665444797876.jpg (16.28 KB, 275x220, 1658654112297.jpg)

Which gba one is it? On the PS2 I still am seething from not beating the Demons' Souls final boss almost a decade ago so I fully understand.

No. 1370269

Oh my god I hate him he read the group chat he’s been ignoring for a week about an hour ago too I haaaaaaaate him so much right now

No. 1370311

I hate this fucking world so much. My parents will always treat men better. Fuck me for being born a woman and not born as another son. I know the name I was going to have if I was born a boy. Thankfully they didn't give me the female version. It didn't bother me before but now just pisses me off. Fuck this stupid shit.

No. 1370320

i am humbly requesting that my period stop

No. 1370348

ive missed mine for 2 months could you transfer yours into me so i can feel normal again

No. 1370349

I'm worried I'll be a bad mother. I have honestly never seen a baby in my life that I thought was cute, I've gone my entire life thinking we were all just being polite when someone brings their baby around and everyone oohs and awws and says "How cute!" I thought it's just a thing you say to be nice. I think kids can be hilarious and fun to be around, I just think babies are offputting. But maybe what they say is true and hormones will magically take over and everything will be fine, kek

No. 1370352

I must know what game you're talking about nonna

No. 1370354

File: 1665453372682.png (105.24 KB, 364x439, 8pwcgjhr8c251.png)

banned from all boards (4chan) for two weeks. seems disproportionate.

No. 1370367

lol my boyfriend told me he deleted his Instagram app and doesn’t use it anymore. I check today and his following went up. Went through every profile and the new person was some only fans girl naked in every photo. I confront him and he just says “I didn’t follow her” “I did nothing wrong” “this is bullshit I don’t even care if you don’t believe me” like am I really such a clown he would lie to my face and say he never followed this girl when Instagram says he did…..

No. 1370375

I miss having a comfortable spot to read. I was going through my books today and there's a few I want to start and others I want to reread, but moving back in with my parents made it very difficult. The reading room at my library is full of homeless and recovering druggies leering (and noisy students, fun fact my city library is physically connected to the combination junior and high school. Brilliant combination with the adult creeps and all, I know). I don't like hanging out at places like coffee shops or tea places, I tried and couldn't make it 30 minutes. I want my chair and quiet home back.

No. 1370380

Literally sitting in the hospital waiting room after driving my mother to the emergency room and not even then am I able to escape the creepy men. The same man has been stealth staring at me the entire time. At first he was siting four rows away. Then he moved directly into my field of vision pretending to look away for the past 40 minutes. Like I am Literally here for my mom because she's sick you fucking asshole what makes you think I want anything to do with you right now?! Thankfully the hospital has armed security and police stationed outside.

No. 1370387

I have done everything I can to save our relationship, and I'm starting to accept that my ex and I just aren't made for each other. Even so, why can't I stop crying…

No. 1370388

kek what did you do nona

No. 1370390

File: 1665458520236.png (142.35 KB, 414x501, NarcissistPrayer.png)

He's lying to you. Ever hear of the narcissist's prayer? This is what he's doing to you right now. Saying he didn't do and and the backing down to saying he doesn't care. This is not a good sign Nonna. Don't trust this shit.

No. 1370395

File: 1665459451712.jpg (34.36 KB, 680x640, 20220619_141719.jpg)

Nta but I'm always getting banned from 4chan which is a blessing in disguise. It's bc I keep making dubz threads.
I hope you feel better Nona. I'm in the same boat.

No. 1370438

It is impossible to survive in this world as a socially awkward woman. The only skill a useless person can have is being outgoing and communicative, and I can't even be that. If I had been born a man, I could at least use my physical strength to work. Why the fuck do I have to be so fucking useless. I hate myself.

No. 1370443

File: 1665467965453.jpg (20.78 KB, 355x307, fuckit.jpg)

Blowing off handing my ex the mortgage money for the month for the following reasons:
>I'm sick of paying for half on a place that I have no reasonable way to share because he refuses to ever leave
>the bank withdrew mortgage early this month before it was time to even give him a check, which proves he can pay it himself while he occupies the house by himself
>he uses my appliances such as my brand new washer/dryer, kitchenware, and other furniture which I do not get to use in spite of actively paying off the cc debt that he has never given me a dime towards
>he stayed with me and my stepdad rent free for an entire year while he settled financial matters with a prior ex
>I had a medical emergency earlier this month and then I am going on my first vacation in two years soon and I am going to be fiscally selfish about that trip
>he has never shed an ounce of concern about the extraneous expenses of where and whom I am staying with so long as he gets his coin which makes me hate him more
>he has already threatened me with lawyers as a baseline because he feels he is more entitled to a bigger share of the house when it sells for bullshit reasons, so to me I might as well not simp and give him my money while he's claimed he's paid for the majority of everything all along and our verbal agreements made as a couple don't mean shit anymore

However, I know if I said this irl everyone would beat me down for having the audacity to not give this fucking mooch my half and would expect me to crack open my pickme piggy bank to fund his lazy sack of shit lifestyle.
Good thing I emotionally distanced from my house bc the place is a pigsty too, it hasn't been cleaned once since I left several months ago.
I've never wished for someone dead irl before but he takes the cake. He is a shitbag who will only lovebomb (his words) the next woman to then attempt to drag her down to make her life as bleak as his is.

No. 1370447

If a man is awkward they're funny and it's part of their character and their awkwardness is endearing, if you're a woman and awkward you're just bitchy and annoying

No. 1370450

Online I don't hide my based terfy self but why am I such a pick-me handmaiden irl whyyyyy

No. 1370463

My only male friend makes very good money by just picking up metal beams and placing them in another spot. It does fuck up the joints over time though.

No. 1370472

I just hate my fucking job i want to quit the person who is responsible for me is dumb and we don’t get along and i feel lost 24/7 i hate logging in because idk what is wrong or right and nobody tells me but i feel like they expect me to know everything already but I’m still learning

No. 1370494

Girl honestly just call her out, so what if she gets mad at you when she's clearly a pos not worth being around. Take a bunch of screenshots first as proof in case you need to justify it to mutual friends

No. 1370496

Getting so fucking tired of my edgy TIF friend's "ironic" misogyny. She thinks she's "different from the other trannies" because she's "self-aware" and knows terf arguments and makes jokes about her pussy and detransitioning and every other word out of her mouth is some equally boring "edgy" "ironic" misogynist shit like women need to stay in the kitchen or you females can't act right. Not to mention she's like the worst combination of yaoibrained AAP mlm troon and tryhard misogynist HSTS troon because she's bi and very attracted to women so everytime she talks about a woman it's really tryhard shit like I wanna rape her or she needs to stop being a slut and every time she talks about men it's cringe AAP I wanna breed his hole with my cock shit. She even said terfs are ~the real misogynists~ because even if troonism isn't real we don't let women "do what they want" lmao. Imagine thinking feminism is letting women do what they want. And I can't call her out on her internalized misogyny because she'll just start whining about da evil terfs literally being so transphobic/queerphobic/misogynist somehow/sexworkerphobic. Troonism really is NLOG on steroids.

No. 1370497

Damn 6 edits so far lol girly you good?

No. 1370500

The thing is, I've been friends with this girl since high school so it's not like this is just some rando I met online I could easily detatch from. I don't really want to hurt her feelings but at the same time seeing this level of delusion and self-harm is driving me insane and pretty much all my irl friends are some shade of "enby" or trans or otherwise cape for them.

No. 1370501

no, she's fucking tired of her TIF friend kek

No. 1370503

My phone kept autocorrecting one word to another, sorry!

No. 1370504

She is hurting YOUR feelings though, and she's shitting on every woman you love by being a misogynistic asshole.
Save some terfy things she's said in case the other enbies wonder why you cut them off

No. 1370507

Lol I would be too, damn

I'm just playing with you no need to apologize, I just found it funny lol. I'm sorry about your TIF friend though she sounds pretty insufferable to be around rn. It's cringey as fuck that she's trying to justify her troonism by acting like a misogynist. Would it help to point out biological males misogyny to her, like maybe that would help her get some insight on how she's acting in misogynistic ways since she seems to be in denial about her own behavior.

No. 1370511

As for the terf joke shit, they all feel like they're "woke" because some of them lurk detransition stories and even some of them are detransed but still not anti-troon hence why she ironically jokes at it. I'll probably just distance myself from her in particular but really this is my tipping point from feeling like a crazy person for being a closet terf for the last 4 years

No. 1370517

She's one of those people who think women in general are the bane of existence and blames everything on "cis women" so idk if that would work. She says she hates "cis men" but seems blind to males' misogyny and always hyperfocuses on what da evil women who are just as bad have done wrong and also has a weird attraction to troon men because I think she thinks they're less misogynist somehow. She's always going on and on about "defending trans women" so I think her misogynist "jokes" are pretty much only zeroed in on "cis" women as a way of distancing herself from women as a whole. It's also really weird because she comes from a very misogynist country where women are literally attacked in broad daylight and no one cares but she seems blinder than anyone here in the US to male misogyny. I'm thinking maybe it's a coping mechanism to avoid noticing the obvious.

No. 1370542

File: 1665479274041.jpg (201.44 KB, 514x1000, Sidonia-von-Bork-Sir-Edward-Bu…)

I feel like I'm fucking insane. I always had depression-like symptoms right before my period like clockwork so I tried going on bc pills (already tried antidepressants but they numbed me down too much). For a few months it worked perfectly and I was relieved, but lately I have the same stupid impulses (want to break up with boyfriend, feel hopeless, random crying fits, start picking fights with people, thinking about suicide). I don't know what to do. I even had a hormone test and it didn't being up anything. I guess I'm just naturally insane or something. I just cannot deal with the feeling of hopelessness in those few days and the 180° shift after it passes, it's like being Jekyll and Mr Hyde

No. 1370547

Maybe check if you have PMDD, anon. I'm the same way, and while I'm still learning to deal with it, knowing what causes it helps a lot during those days when it's really bad. I feel for you. I'm currently counting down the days until I'm productive and normal again. It sucks.

No. 1370549

Agree with anon above, I have PMDD and I go through the exact same thing. I don’t have any good advice unfortunately, just know that you’re not crazy and you’re not the only one

No. 1370551

My bum leg is shriveling up again. Fuck.

No. 1370560

is she South Asian?

No. 1370562

Aww man, tbh she sounds too far into the ideology to be reasoned with at all rn. I'm sorry Nona I don't think there is any way to get through to a person like that really, your best option might just be to distance yourself from her until she hopefully grows out this phase or tones in down a bit. I don't know your relationship to her or what's at stake in doing so but if it were me I would just straight up tell her that I couldn't be around her because of the blatant misogyny, whether she understands it or not at least it would get your point across. I had a friend like that in my late teens who blamed everything wrong in the world on cis het white women with "thin privilege" but she ended up distancing herself from me because I fell into those categories, I see her social medias now and she's still deep into the bs even 5 years later. I hope your friend comes out of this phase though, it's sad losing people to the insane ideologies getting shoved onto us nowadays.

No. 1370594

Anons idk but I think I'm going insane. My grandma died last week and I was kind of in a depressed state the past few days were I couldn't get out of bed. I have uni exams in a month and I don't know if I 'm going to pass bc everything is just so hard. The people from my health insurance company are incompetent fools who keep making problems even tho there isn't any reason they are just that stupid. I am also feeling paranoid in my relationship. My bf started a new job and has less time for me. He is always doing work stuff. I always feel as if everything else is more important than me. When we wake up in the morning he doesn't want to cuddle anymore he just gets up and says he has to go to work now. I've tried to communicate with him and tell him my needs but everything is just so unsatisfying. Everything he does is unsatisfying to me because he just isn't trying and doing his part. My heart has this weird anxious and paranoid feeling in it and I can't rest. I don't know what is wrong with me am I going insane

No. 1370598

Don’t cave in and download Genshin don’t cave don’t cave in you’re better than this cmon

No. 1370609

It's a shitty gacha game developers of which don't give a crap about anything but money. The character design is generic, just like the story. The backgrounds and the world look like they were made by a highschooler in Unity. If you -really- need to play some gacha game, find something with a better franchise like Idolm@ster or Love Live. Hell, there are a lot better singleplayer games than Genshin itself.

No. 1370615

Thanks for your comments guys. It very well might be PMDD but I just don't understand how the bc pills don't alleviate the issue, if it stops me from ovulating how come I'm still experiencing what feel like insane hormonal fluxtuations induced mood swings?? It's good to know I'm not alone with this though

No. 1370635

didn't you post some months back before leaving him? sorry to hear about this, anon. this is why i wouldn't split or live with a male, it's nothing but trouble

No. 1370643

>parents caught covid
>spent almost two weeks trying to avoid them
>wore a mask indoors around them, didn’t use their bathroom
>started feeling sick yesterday, still not testing positive for covid but have a fever
>made the decision call out of work, and will have to email my professors and counselor

The class today has an extra credit bonus on the final for perfect attendance, so I am mad about this. I don’t want my classmates to get sick if I’m around them, but this was the shittiest week for me to get sick

No. 1370646

File: 1665491314347.png (437.41 KB, 500x666, 1607817962327.png)

my boyfriend's grandma died and i booked him a last minute flight to be able to go home. i asked him three times last night what time we needed to leave and they said xx time. then this morning at like 04:00 he's like "i fucked up" OH SHIT i am half asleep. felt like that scene from home alone where they're throwing all the kids in the cars and sprinting through the airport. he made the flight but now i'm up way too early and stress cleaning AHHHH. i was going 95mph on back roads to get to the airport. i have no idea how the hell this dummy made his flight, he was 5 minutes from the gate closing. i'm the anxious bordering on neurotic partner when it comes to flights so this was a shitty way to wake up but i'm so glad he made it. there were no other flights to that place until tomorrow and since we used airmiles there would be no way to get the $500 for the first flight back. anywAY I am stress cleaning and glad that he made it because his grandmother was an amazing human and i'm glad he is able to go to her funeral. thanks for reading

No. 1370649

Also, I hate that after taking some acetaminophen I feel semi-functioning but the risk of spreading covid/whatever I have is still there

No. 1370650

File: 1665491606771.png (1.85 MB, 1018x1186, Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 2.47…)

just found $150 he put in my purse so i guess he is forgiven, i'll make some bougie cocktail and soak in the bathtub later

No. 1370658

Avoiding work (WFH), sitting in the bath tub kek
Fuck this shit today I am over it

No. 1370661

i can't find some documents I need for today and Im about to lose my mind. I turned around every piece of paper in this shitty small apartment and still didn't find them. The shitty thing is my partner put them away and promised me they're just on a pile by the desk so I didn't bother looking for them until right now. FML, I hate it when people put my shit away, at least tell me before you move my stuff, I hate this so much

No. 1370671

we are all more productive when we can just relax instead of pushing through. have a good day and recharge for the rest of the week, you deserve it.

No. 1370673

look up the list of what you need document wise, if it's anything government related they usually have alternatives (e.g. if you don't have your SSC, do you have your birth cert? if you don't have a valid drivers license, do you have a lease agreement?) there are usually work arounds for most things. whenever you're trying to find documents they randomly disappear and show up when you don't need them, even if you have a good organizational system, it's just what happens. hope you can find something

No. 1370674

I fucking HATE work. I HATE IT. I hate the people. I hate the customers. I'm showing up in random clothes today, no uniform. I don't fucking care they can eat my ass for all I give a fuck. Fuck this place. I hope people throw rocks through all our fucking windows, fuck it. Hell, I might do it myself.

No. 1370675

start applying for new jobs, it won't get any better

No. 1370684

Nothing like being sick out of your mind but nigel's more interested in arguing about why the number of times you've shat today is totes normal ackshually

No. 1370695

say you have virulent diarrhea. nothing shuts down a coworker faster

No. 1370698

If its liquid shitting then it doesn't have to happen 10 times a day to be an upset stomach.

No. 1370703


Shit on his pillow

No. 1370704

right. so i joined a discord a while back to take part in a fandom i really enjoy, and this one chick–she's a tif, because of course she is–is acting like a standoffish weirdo. she writes, and i do too, and i was hoping we could sort of bond over it, even though her stuff isn't really to my taste, and all she does is give me the cold shoulder. we don't even know each other–she refuses to engage with me, so how could we?–and she's already treating me like i've wronged her somehow. i'll address her by her handle, and she'll dance around actually answering me, or just outright ignore what i have to say–sometimes even avoids conversations i'm in until i leave them. like, fine, whatever. i'm an adult and i can take a hint, but damn, our fandom is already so small. i was really hoping to get to know her, bounce some ideas off her, maybe get into the process of how we each analyze the characters we write for, you know? us cringe writers have to stick together… i was even willing to entertain her gender delusions–even though she's almost thirty and far too old to be acting this childishly–but oh well i guess. it's probably for the best anyway, considering how off the cuff she is about her mental illnesses. c'est la vie.

No. 1370709

I feel so fucking out of it. I don't know if this is dissociation but fuck I am not here right now. I feel like there's a glass wall between me and everyone and everything else. I'm so tired. I want to sleep. I feel like I'm gonna faint. I want to smash my head against the wall. I don't want to be here. I want to fucking walk out of this place. I hate everyone here. I hate this fucking place. I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it. The worst part is that this job isn't even that bad. It's not bad at all. I just fucking hate it because I'm a piece of shit that hates monotony and working. I hate this fucking place. Before I go to bed I hope that this place burns down before I can clock in on time. I hate it. I hate working. I hate it all. I fucking despise it.

No. 1370714

i don't know how much more i can take. it's too much. i wanna give up.

No. 1370716

File: 1665500340206.jpeg (65.17 KB, 639x639, B2A9212B-A83E-4969-83D5-A99051…)

I don’t think I can handle it anymore. I’m a failure who always get nervous whenever socializing and has no skills. Should I just end it all?

No. 1370717

end why? no need to socialize or have skills. have some no-client contact job, watch cool tv shows and eat snacks, no more is needed

No. 1370763

I started sertraline for gad/depression and so far I'm having an awful adjustment. I'm exhausted all the time and get nauseous/diarrhea. I'm told that this is normal and that my body just needs to get used to it. But I don't know how much I can take of it.

No. 1370768

My coworkers is a loud mouthed old bitch. She never shuts the fuck up. I've heard all of her stories a million fucking time she even retells them multiple times a day. Worst is that if anyone tries to interject she'll stop them and talk over them. Literally, everyone else in the office fucking hates her but sge cant get a clue. And for some reason it seems like she can't listen when someone tries to squeeze a word in. I'm so tired of having to repeat myself. I can't even escape her, I sit next to this old bitch.

No. 1370773

There's no point in getting worked up over other people so don't feel bad

No. 1370775

So fucking mad that I'm getting robbed on this shitty goth hoodie I'm trying to resell. It's been collecting dust and I just want it gone. I lowered the price significantly this whole month and now someone is low balling me even more and I feel I have no choice but to accept it. I can expect like $16 in earnings from this $60 ass hoodie, when originally I would have gotten $30 from it. Fuck me.

No. 1370781

I'm so pathetic I can't get my drivers license

No. 1370783

Don’t worry I can’t either except it’s because I’m a spaz who will “fall asleep” at the wheel

No. 1370793

i don't even have my learner's tbh. it's just never interested me and I can walk or take transit everywhere

No. 1370798

Same nonny. I'm a wonky driver and I've failed it twice. Not gonna bother anymore. I guess it wasn't meant to be for me.

No. 1370800

I hope you decide to keep trying to get it anon. Driving isn't always easy and some people fail a lot before they earn their license. I believe in you!

No. 1370802

If you guys lived near me I'd et you practice in my car that's probably all you need someone to calmly let you get the feel of it. I only had access to an instructor's car for one hour a week, a friend let me use his car after I failed the first time because my lane discipline wasn't great. That's just practice. A block of lessons is expensive and staggered, you're at a handicap if that's all you can do.

No. 1370829

Can’t you just sell it to some split-dye hair retard on grailed for $90? They love to brag about how much their shitty clothes cost

No. 1370885

I've never heard of grailed until now, thanks nonnie!

No. 1370893

I am spending time irl with a girl that I swear is a farmer here, or would be. But I don't want to ask. But I really want to. It's driving my crazy. Would you mention this site irl? Or is it like fight club?

No. 1370897

I won't meet this sweet guy anymore. It is not like I had any chance to be with him because I have a turtle face with a body of a newborn and unless I'll look like supermodel I won't make any advances but it is still sad. He was nice. I liked his company, I liked just existing and having occasional small talks. On the other hand maybe it is for the better.

No. 1370902

God this girl is driving me mad. All she does is complain and whine about her "problems" and I want to be sympathetic but she is constantly negative and looking for ass-pats, it's so obnoxious. All she does is whine about her anxiety and how it hurts to walk. Just lose weight bitch!!!!

No. 1370903

Why not??Please don't pick yourself apart like this. You're worthy!

No. 1370906

That's very sweet of you, nonny!

No. 1370907

No I’d never mention it.

No. 1370910

I feel like I'd rather keep that online I don't want that hanging over my head

No. 1370916


you could not waterboard my imageboard usage out of me irl

No. 1370918

Hell no anon, never.

No. 1370925


No. 1370932

Eh, I am not pretty, I am not very interesting and my social skills are lacking. I've never had a a relationship so I don't even know what to do.

No. 1370937

What makes you think she's a farmer?

No. 1370957

I'm so fucking sick of having shit self-esteem and social anxiety and being avoidant. I know that this is going to sound fucking stupid because it is but it's honestly like a fucking disability. I've had these feelings my entire life and they've fucked up relationships and jobs and it's just so fucking difficult. Every day I have constant fights with myself in my head. I have to constantly argue and challenge myself, even just to get up to walk to the bathroom in front of friends. When I get upset or angry about something (pertaining to relationships) I am constantly arguing with myself over whether it's a big deal or not. I don't get why I can't just operate like a normal person that thinks a regular amount and not like some jittery creature with constant intrusive and overwrought thoughts. And even though I usually will end up doing the things I have to fight with myself about, it feels like it never gets easier. Every day is a constant fucking battle and it's all because of my retarded brain. What the fuck. I feel so fucking angry because I know I could be doing something with my life and having a pretty good time if I didn't have these thoughts and feelings. It makes me so fucking mad amd angry at myself. Some days I just can't bring myself to do the things I know I should. Sometimes the feelings win. I feel like such a stupid fucking animal.

No. 1370958

I've been in community college for over a year now but sadly I've reached a point where I can't afford it anymore. I'm over halfway to graduating but my life has been a disaster for a few months and I have to use my money for rent and food so we won't be evicted. I don't qualify for financial aid and have been denied for student loans. I feel very depressed about this because I was really trying to improve my life and living conditions.

No. 1370959

I hate accidentally clicking anonymous and it keeps taking me to my emails to email sage

No. 1370974

Wow anon, what you're describing is exactly what I've been going through my entire life as well. I was a happy albeit timid child at one point, but my mother liked to criticize and embarrass me whenever she was in a bad mood so I never developed a healthy self-esteem and constantly doubt everything I do and beat myself up for the smallest mistakes. Sorry for speaking so much about myself, the point is that you're not alone and you can get help. You're worth it anon, and you can still change. I believe in you!

No. 1370976

I have a difficult time processing how my boyfriend "accepts" that I have BPD whereas I am determined to test out of it. I don't really qualify for a diagnosis anymore, but of course I'm still prone naturally to neuroticism and being emotionally sensitive. That's what I always have to fight against, though it is getting easier with time.

It kind of depressed me he thinks that way. I don't like to think of BPD as a "permanent" disorder that way many do. Yes, maybe I'll always be sensitive, but I don't think sensitivity on its own constitutes a diagnosis. He says it in an accepting way, as in, he accepts my issues though he is happy for how I've changed.

I sometimes wonder if I would in fact feel better if I just accepted I am a perma BPDfag, as it does stress me out every time I perceive that I'm acting a bit bpdish, and it actually heightens my neuroticism and tends not to help. I feel like there's surely a balance I could approach in my attitudes. My BPD fear is that he will always see me as having BPD and that will justify him leaving me at some point no matter how much I improve.

No. 1371004

the post doesn't even remotely sound manic. this is exactly how you know stigma regarding mental illness or personality disorders is so prevalent. if you even mention a disorder as a possibility, people search for reasons to believe you have it very desperately

No. 1371026

I hate that my friend moved away and afaik the only other lesbian in a 50km radius is the product of incest like her whole family and a BPDfag who would still take 2 hours to even reach. The lesbian couple I heard of was bullied away a couple years ago. If it wouldn't be for the internet, I'd believe I'm the only gay in the province.

No. 1371027

idk i see a lot of people all over calling women BPD, manic, or crazy, for literally nothing so it hits a nerve. happens a lot on here too so i couldn't tell if you were half joking or what. sorry anon.

No. 1371032

File: 1665519296541.gif (2.7 MB, 640x360, sadchi.gif)

told my boyfriend he didn't need to lose any more weight and now he's getting fat. this is my fault.

No. 1371038

Don't. I have never admitted it to my friends and never will. If she has any sense in her she won't either.

No. 1371040

Tell him to lose some for his health kek. try acting concerned and maybe he'll try to lose weight.

No. 1371041

don’t listen to >>1371012 they’re being a bitch. “jokes” like that are annoying and moidish in the vent thread.

tbh i agree with the sentiment of it not being a permanent thing for some. Have you ever considered that maybe you have cptsd? Every woman i’ve ever met who was diagnosed with BPD was just reacting to legitimate abuse or harm from their childhood/past. being sensitive doesn’t need a diagnosis too. Women are generally over diagnosed with BPD and men are under diagnosed.

No. 1371042

Damn same. Self rant incoming. I was on magic mushrooms for the first time recently and realised that not one bit of my self esteem comes from the inside. It's all external and if people treat me like shit I'll believe I'm shit. I don't come across as some battered mouse but for example if someone does me wrong instead of standing up for myself i'm just glad when they choose to do me right. It's such a stupid and dangerous situation to be in if you have low self esteem, and everyone takes it for character weakness, which I get it, it IS but it's like a cycle because people see you as pathetic so you see yourself as pathetic and funny enough what makes you feel better is another person being generous enough and pitying you to verbally build you up, which is just a temporary fix and does nothing in the mid to long term. I want to be secure on the inside and hold steady in my beliefs and values.

For me with problems I can't tell if I have a right to be mad over I have some friends I use as a sounding board, but that's more or less useless because I've been told by them in the past that it's all in my head, and when the behavior escalates they're like oh that's rude but I foresaw it ages ago and it stresses me that they gaslit me into believing nothing was wrong because they're oblivious.

No. 1371087

i can't do that after all the effort i put in to make him ease up on the dieting. i just couldn't take the complaining about being hungry all the time and the constant weight loss talk. it made no sense to me because i thought his body was fine. 30+ lb later now i understand. fast food should be illegal.

No. 1371097

This is so petty and specific but nobody understands! So I'll type it out here. I can't even pinpoint what specifically annoys me about it, I have a friend who's not a contrarian or playing devils advocate but sort of puts characteristics on me that he knows isn't true? And you'd think he's playing it for jokes but there's no follow up and it's not said in a jovial manner, he's just…saying it. As if I'm supposed to play my part and be like "oh but that's not like me at all haha", and then what? What's the fucking joke?

For example I'm terrified of flying which he knows. I say oh this route requires 2 flights so preferably not and he's like oh I don't see the problem, flying is great! Which doesn't even make SENSE because NOBODY enjoys taking 2 flights when you can take one, so he clearly said it for a reason, that reason being to try force me to say "haha silly you, remember I have a huge fear of flying? So actually it would not be so nice for me". And if I'm talking about going to some mandatory social event he's like "great, you love socialising" and its like ???bitch what? I have been on full tirades to him about how much socialising exhausts me, what is he trying to achieve by saying this? It wasn't sarcasm either, as usual just a flatly delivered statement.

And just recently he was talking to me thinking of a good restaurant in his area and I'm like well I'll be no help because it's been a bit of a point of conflict because I don't like and have never liked restaurants and he does, and he knows very well I never go. To this he says "ah yeah ofc, you only know the good restaurants in your area" and I am just so BAFFLED as to his motives here, I just replied "do I?" and left it at that.

Sorry I didn't specify, these bewildering comments aren't here and there every so often, it is CONSTANT and if I don't at some point say "uh that's not me at all though" he will keep riffing on that same joke(??) over and over until I acknowledge it somehow. Genuinely what is this behaviour? I've tried to explain it to my friends and they ask what crawled up my ass, as if this is completely normal. Is it? I refuse to believe it. Like if it was sarcasm and jokes, yes irritating if overused but OK. But he says it as a statement that either has to be corrected or just hangs there, and that's what fucks me off.

No. 1371109

NTA and also a self rant, but where does intrinsic self esteem even come from? I don't believe it even truly exists, because it doesn't just happen magically or as a result of conscious hard work, because self esteem problems like that can already arise at a very young age. It comes from your parents and how they raise you, and I know I have been so severely fucked up at such a young age, I don't think I'm ever going to have a normal healthy view of myself. I completely miss a normal base, which other kids had to build their self esteem and view of themselves on. They have experienced being loved and taken care of. I'm a horrible monster who has a way too big ego at the same time. People just repeat "don't depend on others for your self esteem" ad nauseam, like it's just something you can easily fix. While even psychiatrists and other mental health professionals blatantly admit it's probably unfixable if you miss the very basics when you were a baby/toddler.

No. 1371133

File: 1665523021208.jpg (675.01 KB, 1170x1160, wfh.jpg)

OK I keep seeing meme posts like this and, where the hell are all of these remote e-mail based jobs where you don't have a boss monitoring your activity? The only remote work I've had was customer service and everyone can see if you're inactive/away, and tickets/chats/calls were monitored for time. Plz help, I want a remote job where I can compile reports or send in projects/e-mails by the end of the day but still have some fucking time to run errands if I want, shit

No. 1371155

Programmer and early in the sprint I can get away with it. On Teams go to your calendar, click Meet Now in the top right, and start the meeting with only yourself in it. Your status will show as “On a Call,” click the little red dot and change it to “Available.” Now for as long as you’re in the call it’ll show you as green.

No. 1371158

I started a new job and it's not supposed to be taxing at all but I'm just so so so exhausted every day and I got sick as well and I have so many responsibilities to fulfil and all I want is to rest but if I don't do this now I might really mess up my life for a while and maybe it's too late anyway

No. 1371160

He seems like he’s just being snarky, but his tone is dry so it sounds like he means it earnestly to you.

No. 1371162

Dang! I should have studied comp sci. Or gotten on the “learn2code” bandwagon! The “in a call” trick is brilliant

No. 1371164

Ok it kinda sounds like he’s flirting with you

No. 1371175

I do email only customer service for a tech company and they are super nice and don't monitor you at all. They are Germany based so they treat you like a human being. Idk if you'd be able to find something like that in the US.
Before them I did the same but in a call center, for a chinese company, and you were a slave, constantly monitored and micromanaged. I'd look for tech companies in Europe with no call work.

No. 1371176

I dreaded my hair and now I'm a bit torn. I miss looking conventionally attractive, but that's also why I dreaded my hair, I hate styling my hair and I like how I don't need to do anything. I am used to getting a lot of positive attention and now people just stare at me. I want to love my dreads and learn to embrace not caring about being a fuck object. I wish I were different.

No. 1371179

I have a phone interview for a job I want soon and the anxiety is killing me. I normally don't mind phone calls so much but knowing it's to test me makes me so nervous. I just wanna get this over with, ugh…

No. 1371183

If he gets hungry, he should do something like lifting weights since he can eat like normal and still get fit enough. He just needs to stop eating fast food and sugar, but he doesn't have to go hungry. My bf lifts and eats so much, I've never heard him complain about being hungry.

No. 1371184

I hate being adopted. Doesn't matter what age you were, doesn't matter if you're cool with it. Seems like you're in for a lifetime of inherent abandonment issues and BPD and you can't do anything to change it because that's just your birthright. Wish I was just aborted or grew up in poverty like God intended. I'm not even a fucked up situation like E.Euro adoptees who are usually teenagers and went through hell, I was a baby. But I'm still a BPDfag. Why? Nothing even happened to me. Did something happen in foster care I wasn't aware of? I don't hate my birthparents, never have. I was groomed and abused as a teenager but I think I was fucked up long before that honestly. I don't want to be this way.

No. 1371188

Did you have RAD growing up or something similar? I think that is related to bpd.

No. 1371211

I'm not entirely sure if I did or not. I haven't spoken to my adoptive parents in awhile but I should try to find out. I know I had a lot of other signs as a toddler of being autistic in terms of emotional regulation though, like meltdowns, not so much flatness. Not sure about attachment styles though. I've been torn between whether I have BPD or autism because I've heard people say you can't have both, and professionals suggest I have either.

No. 1371212

My friend recently took up the same hobbie as me and she is already x100 better at it than me, I feel dumb as hell

No. 1371215

I just came back home from a terrible date slightly drunk and I wanna say I am really glad lolcow exists. It's been such a constant in my life. Scrotes come and go, friends come and go, but lolcow is still here.
I am sick of first dates. I have had so many. They're such NPCs. He was trying to flex on me how cool and alternative he is the whole time until I got kinda mad after he hated on what I liked just bc he was ~too punk and cool~ for big events. He wasn't my type at all, lately I just don't feel anything for men. They were attractive when we were in our early twenties but they all aged so bad. I feel like I go on dates with them just from an obligation to feel like I'm going somewhere with my romantic life because I'm single in my late twenties but it's not even giving me any satisfaction. Men aren't attractive, they get on my nerves and I ghost/reject them anyway but I can't score a date with women because they won't reply to me on tinder. We have such a tiny lesbian community here, I feel like most would not even be into a bi woman (I get why) and I feel like a lot of bi women are on tinder just for female validation and don't wanna actually date. It's 100x more difficult than getting a man to go out but men are just ugly, unattractive and uninteresting. Anyway the last time I went on a date with a woman it ended in an argument regarding evo psych because she kept insinuating how women are made to breed and bring up children. On a date with another woman. So it wasn't much better than some scrote. But at least she was attractive to me. I'm so over dating. I wanna have a partner again but skip over dating.

No. 1371220

I don't have any friends and making new ones seems impossible. I feel like my family and even people I interact with daily can read ''loser'' on my forehead and that I'm unpleasant to them because of this. I feel I'm a failure. I want to have a good time and spend time with people my age. I wish I could find people I have something in commmon with. I'm scared I might get hurt from trying to bond with others. But that's a minor issue, bacuse there's nowhere I could go to find new people to begin with. I feel I'm not good enough for so many things, for so many reasons.

No. 1371227

That might just be from your perspective nona. Did you inspire her to get into it?

No. 1371228

Holy shit I’m adopted too and hardly any of my friends know. I was adopted at birth by my upper middle class parents, and never knew my bio mom but I still have depression and anxiety for some fucking reason. I’m secretly afraid that I have BPD too. Wtf

No. 1371230

First dates fucking suuuuck! It feels like an awkward job interview ugh

No. 1371234

I can't even force myself to date.
I feel you though, I'm also late 20s and would love a gf. It's just too hard to find compatible people.

No. 1371238

I'm an in-house graphic designer and when I worked from home I could literally sleep all day or go run my errands, no one checked anything as long as the tasks were completed on deadline; I just kept my Slack status online. Which made me waaay too lazy so I went back to the office even though I could continue being remote

No. 1371250

File: 1665528838431.png (1.48 MB, 1764x1188, D31C634E-FA41-47A9-9651-7451FA…)

Gonna go talk to my ex for the first time since the breakup. Wish me luck nonnas

No. 1371251

I still have nightmares about a few men telling me in a discord server they would rape and murder me if they ever saw me. I know it's stupid to a lot of people with more serious trauma but it's seriously messed me up

No. 1371253

You were threatened nonna, being terrified and struggle to move on is the most natural natural reaction one can have. There's no need - and no way - to compare traumas

No. 1371254

devaluing your bad experiences because 'some people have had it worse' isn't going to help you heal, nonna. if it was bad enough to leave a lasting impact, it was bad enough to consider seeking help for if you haven't already. im sorry that happened to you

No. 1371257

AYRT I'm sorry you have similar experiences, nonna but I'm happy you replied! It's so hard to find adoptees out there. There's so much misconception about adoption, a lot of media shows it as being some miracle we need to be grateful for. But I'm convinced there's always some sort of baggage that comes along with it even if we don't realize, especially if you're a different race. Tempted to make an adoption thread now to seek other nonnies out but I fear barely any of us exist or that because so few of us exist, info would be too identifying.

No. 1371263

idk if this is appropriate but i'd love an adoption thread as someone who hopes to be an adoptive parent one day and to see insights from people who have actually been through the adoption system. if that comes off as voyeuristic though let me know and i will hide the thread kek

No. 1371265

An open discussion would be good to give prospective parents an idea of the issues behind it, and also a place for adoptive nonnies to vent. I'd say all are welcome if other nonnies are ok with it. Think /g/ is a good place for it? I know that's where the baby talk, child free, and other family talk threads are

No. 1371266

I hate being so depressive and negative all the time but i can't help it. My friend told me that problems are ''fixable'' but for me it feels like my life it's already over for being born in a shitty third world country. Even if i moved outside of LatAM it would never erase the 20+ years of living year, it will never give me a normal child and teenagehood either.

No. 1371273

File: 1665530849048.jpeg (169.79 KB, 1174x1174, D9B771BA-9812-4B3E-97BE-7A9124…)

Watching the lengths people go to in desperation for negative attention

No. 1371285

HOW THE FUCK IS ANYONE SUPPOSED TO AFFORD RENT???? im making $20+ an hour and still barely getting by like im making $8.25 again. i use Mint mobile and pay $10/month for phone. i exclusively thrift and barely go out and have fun. basically im not spending above my means. my rent is jumping $200 and that's lower than many in town are being increased on. what the actual fuck is the plan? what will these rich retards do when service people can no longer afford to live close enough to serve them and give them their little minstrel shows richfags desperately need to feel important and better than us? theyve spent years telling us our jobs are useless and we arent important or worth a fuck but you ever take away their brunch bistros and cafes and fine dining and instacart and all the slaves that come with it and they wouldnt know what to fucking do with their lame ass selves. suddenly we arent so "useless."

No. 1371298

Went ahead and made it, figured I'd see if it gains any traction

No. 1371312

>look up fungus gnat control on YouTube
>YouTube recommends video of sociopaths live feeding baby animals to reptiles and amphibians under the "For you" section
I have NEVER clicked on any of that sick shit and it STILL keeps recommending it to me. I've even clicked the "Not interested" button. Why the fuck can't YouTube understand I don't want to see that crap EVER?

No. 1371313

I can relate anon. I'm a pathetic oldfag that has to live with my family because I don't make enough to pay rent by myself. Thank God the gracious enough to let me stay. Without them, I don't know what I'd do. Maybe I'd have to try and find a moid to take me in, but that would tank my self worth even more, kek.

No. 1371320

Few things turn you misandrist faster than accidentally viewing the most popular R18 works on Pixiv

No. 1371330

i love my mom but i'm beginning to realize that her voice when she's speaking is causing me physical pain. i'll be sitting next to her while she's talking to me or someone else and it just sounds so loud and overwhelming, like my ears start physically hurting and i get a headache and i have to get up and leave. i've had this problem with other people too idk if it's just from loud noises or what. idk how to talk to her about it like maybe ask her to speak quieter but it sounds so rude, but i also feel horrible about not being able to sit and chat with her in close proximity because of it. god i wish i didn't have all these weird problems

No. 1371348

I'm being stupid again and holding in my crying, I'm gonna explode from holding in too long arghhh.

No. 1371353

Just tell your mom you’re an autist and be done with it.

No. 1371354

Just sob

No. 1371356

Everything smells like corn I am going INSANE.

No. 1371364

File: 1665536661661.jpg (35.33 KB, 736x665, 755ee216c08e2d1c332394d8455a02…)

It's corn time, anon.

No. 1371373

Nona stop scaring me I believe everything on the internet. I took the smelliest corn diarrhea and I stunk up the entire building im sure of it.

No. 1371380

for 2 seconds i thought this was post malone

No. 1371421

File: 1665538799862.png (86.15 KB, 263x275, munny.png)

I FEEL SO TERRIBLE. A cat that has been living in my yard was begging to come in when it started storming outside. I've never let her in before and maybe I should have. God dammit.

No. 1371428

let this cat inside as soon as you see her again. why would you not let her in

No. 1371437

Don't make anon feel even more guilty for not letting a wild animal into her house. Seconding the shelter idea.

No. 1371440

I'm sure she will be ok. You can make it up to her later.

No. 1371451

Yeah don't let a random feral cat inside your house unless you know it's tamed enough to be touched, a feral cat went into our house once and it freaked the fuck out climbing the blinds and slamming into windows because it couldn't figure out how to get out

No. 1371467

Hey nonnies, does anyone have tips on how to calm racing thoughts? It's 3am and I can't sleep because my brain won't stop screaming.

No. 1371476

I want to get over my online relationship. It didn't even last long enough for us to meet irl. I'm trying to focus on the negatives of her personality, our incompatibility, and use that to convince myself why the relationship failed. A part of me realizes that it was probably never real in the first place and she was only in love with an abstraction of me. I know you can't truly know someone just by talking with them or spending time over video call and voice chat (which weren't even that quality of time since we'd usually just play games, watch movies). I've never dated someone irl but I just know that being able to actually touch someone is what truly convinces you that your feelings are real because the person you're with is real. But still, we made so many future plans and I miss having someone to talk about my day with. I know I'll miss her a lot, and I'll miss what we have and the feeling of being in a secure long term relationship, but I feel like I was never that serious about it in the first place because deep down it didn't feel real and so I didn't try hard enough to show her I cared about her and us. I keep thinking that if we had met irl instead, or if it lasted long enough to meet irl, would our relationship have thrived? I know there's nothing to be done to save our relationship anymore so I just want to get over her already.

No. 1371481

Anon I think that you're telling yourself it wasn't real to dehumanizing the experience so you won't feel bad. I'm sorry but the feelings you have, regardless if you never met were real and you should honor yourself and respect your own feelings. The longer you push away and reject those feelings and accept them the worse you will feel and you'll delay the grieving process. I had online friends that I miss and cried about and we were only friends who'd we watch movies with. They're still another human being and we feel for them. I hope you heal properly and learn to love and honor your own feelings. These first few months will be rough. Luckily, you have here to vent.

No. 1371483

I’d rather be bored and lonely than deal with rejection and people harming me

No. 1371484

I hate this bc I feel it too sometimes. Try to play a word game in your head instead? Like a word 'carrot' then the last letter if the word you can create a new word like 'timber' and so on and so forth. Also you might want to acknowledge those bad thoughts and accept them at a later time like in a journal.

No. 1371493

I've reached this point too.

No. 1371508

I hate that a scrote-centered society pushed me into developing and escalating a mental illness which were debilitating and now that I can spell this out, my mind is still inclined to gaslight myself into thinking I’m more mentally ill than marginalised as a woman.

No. 1371509

I’m so sorry anon. I know the feeling. I hope you can grow through your trauma and not be shackled by it. It’s hard not to spiral. I’m rooting for us

No. 1371517

Went out and touched grass with my bf today after not seeing him for a while. I did enjoy most of it, but I kept freaking the fuck out internally about getting recorded or someone sneaking a picture. I hate social media.

No. 1371523

hey nonas, im having a hard time dealing with my best friend and lover leaving the country. its his birthday today and he leaves on thursday. ill be seeing him these last two days, but im so heartbroken im afraid ill cry the instant i see him. any tips on how to deal with this? I want to leave my country too but i just cant yet.

No. 1371545

fuck it. im done w/ dating men that don't have or make their own money to survive off of. which at 25 disappears like 90% of these clowns from the dating pool. i'm thinking i've gotta start dating 5-10 years older than me and even then there might be no point bcus moids are revolting

No. 1371547

She thinks of me as her best friend but I only feel hatred towards her, I’ve been feeling like this since a few years ago. She thinks I forgave her about what happened and I’m sure she can’t even imagine how I feel. The only time I failed to fake it, she went nuts and of course I was the one apologising.
I fucking can’t stand her.

No. 1371563

I just put the pieces together and realized my AGP older brother is skinwalking me. When I was a kid he used to steal my underwear and I would find it under his pillow, he would show me incest or loli porn/hentai, and he trooned out right after I came out as a lesbian. He still tries to dress like me and (badly) acts disgusted when anyone comments on it, while also bragging about people “confusing him for me” when he’s out in public to my face. He took up drawing because he was jealous of my art skills, in his own words, and he pretends to like things I like or celebrates if I get into something he liked. It’s like he’s really trying to turn himself into a bastardized copy of me. He was always physically violent and has seriously hurt me before, only ever stopping when our parents pulled him off of me. I was always kind of aware of it but I never consciously acknowledged it, I feel violated in another way on top of everything he’s already done, and now I don’t know how to deal with the implications.

No. 1371564

File: 1665545887058.jpg (168.1 KB, 1200x1042, DZj8pB8VMAAxPNR.jpg)

Why not just stop interacting with her? If she sucks, then hit the bricks.

No. 1371632

File: 1665551394450.jpg (24.66 KB, 500x500, 16453464564.jpg)

God I'm sick of having people depend on me. I have had to babysit my older brother since we were kids, now I'm almost 25, he's approaching 30 and he wants consistent rides to work? Take the bus, bitch. I got drunk tonight just so I would have an excuse not to drive him.

No. 1371641

i just want to have a fair fight. i just want to wrestle everyone i hate. even though i know id lose bcus it would be motivation to get stronger etc. why do i gotta work on getting fit before getting into sanctioned fights as a woman. why cant i get in normal nonstreet fights as a precursor to getting stronger. i just have so much anger and i feel like its gotta be humbled 1st before i can get to a point where knowing i could physically fight someone off to curb said anger. idk i feel bad talking about this bcus it almost seems scrotey but there has got to be other deranged women that feel the same way. i am just so angry and unpleasant these days bcus it stays within me w/out any outlet to divert it towards

No. 1371656

>why cant i get in normal nonstreet fights as a precursor to getting stronger
Baffles me that other women didn't have the experience of regularly having to physically fight scrotes while growing up, both adult ones and other kids.

No. 1371664

i avoided it mostly bcus i was visibly sick + recovering from medical shit as a kid. if that hadn't have happened, i imagine i would have been included in several of the cafeteria beatdowns that happened daily in middle/high school. that might be a part of why i feel that way, but i've also been in physical altercations w/ moids and been unable to fight them off its just those memories are super repressed. thats why i want it now more than ever

No. 1371669

good luck! manifesting that they love you and offer you the job.

No. 1371671

I genuinely can't do it anymore. My mental health is demonstrably bad. All I think about is suicide and it's been this way for a decade now. My mom doesn't think I'm trying hard enough to not be depressed and to get my life and head in a place that I'm happy with. She takes my depression and the fact that I don't talk to them or anyone at all as disrespect versus severe depression. My dad tries to be supportive but just doesn't seem to understand. He tells me that everyone struggles in this way, but that the trick is to not let yourself drown in it. I'm doing everything I can to try and be sane and positive and productive and I still spend every waking moment wanting to die. I've lost so many years to being lonely and depressed and I'm at a point where all opportunities to fix my life are passed me. I don't see things getting better for me. I wish everyone who has ever known me could just forget about me so I can kill myself.

No. 1371673

I had health issues from birth that didn't resolve until I was a teen and I've been attacked by scrotes since I was 5. I don't think they care about fighting fair.

No. 1371675

Honestly you need two incomes if you don't make a lot on your own, and it's fucked up. I make 19/hr and i live comfortably in a little apartment but it wouldn't be possible without my moid paying for half, which scares me really. If he tards out or cheats or whatever i'll have to move back in with my parents or rent a broomcloset with strangers, even though i'm a grown adult working full-time and paying my taxes. It's enraging that single people with lower end wages basically have to live with their parents, roomates or on the streets.

No. 1371678

You don't even need to visit degenerate sites just a quick peek at the comment sections on instagram meme pages will do it. Men have no shame and are openly, blatantly misogynist with their faces and names attached. And they still claim misogyny isn't a problem in first world countries.

No. 1371682

Binge eating is so hard to overcome because it helps my depression but also causes it. It has become sort of a companion for me. It's there when I'm sad, happy, mad, bored, etc. It's a vicious cycle, because it gets bad when I'm depressed about general life stuff, but doing it just makes me more depressed. I used to be skinny a year ago and managed to gain 12 pounds from binging. I gained most of it in my face, so my body is still skinny fat, but I just hate my fucking face now. I look like the pillsbury dough boy. Still hating my appearance isn't helping me beat the binging. I've tried just about everything to beat it but it always comes back. It's too tempting to say I'll stop tomorrow.

No. 1371695

File: 1665557402792.jpg (19 KB, 500x359, 1649542249069.jpg)

Absolutely discosting. He sounds like a horrible cryptid that subsists on cope and envy. Condolences nona.

No. 1371699

File: 1665557729509.jpg (23.88 KB, 504x360, Tumblr_l_174751633041826.jpg)

Sorry to ""relationship"" sperg nonnas. It's long.

I feel like a selfish person for feeling hurt whenever my ex mentions his "girlfriend"… he refers to her as a gf sometimes and a friend with benefit at others? Says it's not a serious relationship but during the year he was just lonely and can't handle the LDR anymore, and that he'd happily leave her for me anytime, tells me that he made it clear with her that he loves someone else(me) and she's indifferent. I understand the LDR thing but I am so conflicted… god…
I guess it wouldn't hurt as much if he didn't go on sermons about how important I have been to his life, how he'd always love me the most, how I'm always going to be his number 1, how he's realized what he didn't do for me in the years we knew each other, and that I don't have to worry about being replaced. I believe him but at the same time I'm suspicious, like he's trying to manipulate me into not caring about it.
"You'll get used to it, you being hurt by it hurts me too. I know it hurts but there's nothing that can be done right now, just work on yourself and we can be happy in the future."
HELL. He even offered his undivided love and attention to me without having to break it off with her, I told him I'm not into polyamory and now I feel like a cuck for accepting it because god I love this man so damn much. Fucking hell.

No. 1371701

nonny… from an outsider perspective, it sounds like you are being manipulated really hard. there are so many people out there and you can find yourself a normal lover who wouldn't have to go through so many shenanigans just to come back to you and go 'uuwuu i totez love you'. Why do you hang onto him so much? He literally uses you and a woman around him, it looks like he sees women as nothing but an object to fulfill his desiers with. And frankly speaking… I am one of the few people who managed to break the LDR successfully but I would never recommend it to anyone, especially nowadays that everyone seems to be traumabonding 24 7.

No. 1371715

File: 1665559435192.jpg (94 KB, 1080x810, 2jille.jpg)

I wanna start working out but I'm terrified of gyms because I don't want moids to take creep shots of me and there aren't any women-only gym close to me. I can't fit equipment in my tiny one room apartment so I can't work out at home.
But at the end of the day it doesn't matter since my depression is so bad that I can't find motivation to get into a routine. I know there are some workout exercises that don't require equipment but I can't do those either because I just struggle with leaving bed. I just wish I could attend a gym so I could be in a work out environment? but once again men ruins everything with their creep behavior

No. 1371723

You don't need a gym membership or equipment to get some excersise in. If you want to do a low threshold excersise: start walking! Around the neighbourhood or a park or maybe you have a beach or woods nearby or whatever. You could also get running shoes and start running. Or rollerblade skating? Or biking if you have good paths? You also don't need equipment to do excersise at home, you can do a lot of yoga, stretching and pilates at home if you have enough space to put down a yoga mat. Hell you could even jump rope at a local park if you want to. You've probably got more options than you realize! But really I say, try to walk in nature for like 30 mins a day if you can, it's low threshold and it'll be a positive boost to your mental health that'll get the ball rolling.

No. 1371724

Oh and have you thought about swimming at an indoor pool? Moids can't really take creepshots in an environment where you can't bring your phone because water.

No. 1371733

motivation is the hardest part of excercising imo. there are things like routine apps, videos you can follow along with, and fitness games that helped inspire me to keep trying. i could not personally stick to a fitness routine until I found a fitness game I liked, now I'm no longer overweight, just from playing that every other day. try collecting excercise apps and tools that appeal to you, having them on hand can help you sieze motivation when you get it

No. 1371734

Would it help of you worked out in "unflattering" clothes? I work out in a baggy pair of sweatpants and a hoodie, often with the hood drawn over my head. I think it's much more comfortable than the tightness of typical workout clothes and tights, and with the hood on it would be hard to get a picture of me with my face showing even if a creep for some reason should think of me as a spectacle for their tik-tok. My routine isn't consistent, but a gym is the only thing that has kept me working out for the last few years. I highly recommend it if you can afford it and have a nice gym nearby.

No. 1371763

File: 1665562777749.png (106.56 KB, 540x250, 7d4.png)

We have a big class project due tomorrow and even though everyone was supposed to work on it, only a couple people are taking any responsibility; one of them being me. But the problem is I'm sick at home with a fever and yet I get messages form other people asking me to do shit for them even when I explicitly said I didn't want to do them because I already had too much on my plate and I had already done way more than anyone else in our class. Now I apparently have no choice but to keep myself awake to finish something that never was and never should have been my responsibility.

No. 1371765

I've been clean from sh/self-destructive behaviours for the better part of a year now. Today though I've had 3 different things upset me, one of them being a dream… I can feel myself starting to spiral again and it's like my subconscious wants to

No. 1371772

File: 1665564180666.jpg (58.95 KB, 735x700, 364e2a946473e6b8056b330bfce478…)

I had a falling out with a "friend" at the end of the last year and I'm still salty about it. I won't be at peace until I find out where is she hidding now.

No. 1371774

Samefag but Aghhh!! They're asking me to do things that I can't even do. Like holy fucking shit this is exactly why I said no, because there's no way I'm going to sit there and figure out how to format double sided prints. Eat a bag of dicks and do it yourself. I'm just so frustrated, tired and in pain.

No. 1371778

you seem so nice, can't you tell them you are sick and turn off the phone? group work is the reason i despised hs, it's so tiring.

No. 1371789

My arm is all fucked up. It hurts so much. It’s my fault. Looking at my wounds makes me nauseous and I feel ill and weak all the time. The doctor said if I get an infection I could die. I don’t know if he was just trying to scare me into going to hospital.

No. 1371802

They're doing this because they know you'll pick up their slack. Say no and that you're too sick to answer for the rest of the day, turn off your phone and watch them figure it out last-minute after all.

No. 1371808

blood infection from wounds is a real thing. sepsis can be fatal. if you have signs of infection in your wound you need to treat it at the hospital before you risk losing a limb or worse.

No. 1371823

People have lost limbs or even died from merely stepping into a needle, your doctor wasn't trying to scare you.

No. 1371833

I’m so fucking stressed and feel like a coward for whining about getting 4 hours of sleep lately when I know other people work harder than me and get that amount of sleep on a regular basis

No. 1371838

Ty. Yeah, I finished up the last easy things I had left and then told them I couldn't do anything more. Time for sweet rest now…

No. 1371840

I hope a full uninterrupted 8 hour sleep comes your way soon nona

No. 1371844

>£100 upfront
>£70 monthly
>not even the latest iphone
I want to leave the apple ecosystem but I’m not sure which brand can handle all the graphic-intensive games I download

No. 1371863

File: 1665572606443.png (636.5 KB, 976x926, Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 11-03…)

sleep deprivation is actually torture nonna. just because other people get better sleeps than you doesn't mean you don't need or deserve a full night's rest yourself

No. 1371872

Why the fuck did I start dating? I am so emotionally exhausted and not capable of being there for another person right now but the pain of breaking up and being alone again seems even worse. And I know I'm an asshole and I'm probably just making it worse for us both.

No. 1371876

you can say genshin nonna it’s ok

No. 1371883

I appreciate your responses anons. I still don’t think I’ll be going to hospital, I can’t face it. I was raped by another patient last time I was in, while I was unable to walk from a spinal injury. He said it nearly reaches the bone and that I need surgery but I’m kind of hoping it will kill me.

No. 1371886

There’s a woman I have become somewhat friends with recently but I still feel like I’m getting to know who she really is. I have noticed that she takes a lot more from me than she herself offers (constantly smoking my weed when she conveniently forgets hers at home, drinking my beers, trying to become close with my closest friends). She brags a lot about her art and herself and her commissions and one time she went off pretty hard about how it’s important to always tip artists. I am also an artist and a hairstylist and I regretfully gave her a small discount to which she did not leave any tip at all. I know the smart thing is to distance myself from this person, I am just annoyed.

No. 1371890

If you guys ever fall out she could just namedrop/locationdrop you here

No. 1371900

Damn… Going to /g/ and seeing the loads of "unusual men you find attractive" "guys you want to fuck" and then one of the first threads about women that I stumble upon is the "women shilled as attractive that you find ugly"

Makes me depressed. I love unusual and interesting looking women and while many women in that thread may not be to my taste I honestly wouldn't call any of them ugly

may be slightly triggered cate blanchett is the one celeb I actually get compared too and I've always been self conscious

No. 1371904

I wrongly assumed I was wanted just because I had been invited, it turns out I was only being tolerated. I thought I was only being coincidentally excluded when in truth no one ever wanted me to be included in the first place. I'm allowed into some spaces but it ultimately doesn't matter if I'm there or not. No one notices if I don't appear for a week or longer and no one cares when I come back because I'm simply not that important or even fun to be around.

No. 1371905

There's waaaay too many threads about men on /g/ , for the last 10 active ones, 5 is about men, if you count husbandos (if you dont, it's 3). Idk how it all couldn't be contained in just one or two

No. 1371907

that thread is full of lunatics and should be hidden

No. 1371910

Yeah. Saw someone say there's a ton of lesbians on here and I'm having a hard time believing that. Maybe more than other places but still not that many

No. 1371916

Let women talk about men they like in the one fucking board they can. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1371918

Idk I try to limit my sperging about women, because I feel like it's a bit scroteish. Plus I think a lot of lesbian nonnas sage a lot, to avoid having the threads be bumped to the front, where troons could try to shit things up.
Cate Blanchett is hot and those nonnas just have bad taste. She was the perfect pick for Galadriel, absolutely otherworldly beauty. She still looks fucking great. I love her eyes, they are beautiful, but also kinda scary bc it feels like she could stare into your soul.

No. 1371924

Guuuuuuuuys it’s so annoying when women contain their opinions on men into more than just two threads, yes I know it’s an imageboard by women for women but uuugh it’s just so yucky wucky, I mean it’s called g for girl, that means that it should revolve solely around the topics I want it to. Yes I know I could just hide the threads but I want to police women for expressing any sort of desire instead. No I don’t care that there’s an entire board dedicated to hating and shitting on women obsessively why would you ask that?

No. 1371929

Nonna getting all feral because she's so horny for men

No. 1371934

I don’t use /g/ but I’m genuinely so sick of seeing this kind of manipulative whinging trying to control what women post.

No. 1371935

Cate Blanchett is pretty attractive, or maybe I should say she was because I really dislike the very proeminent/hard cheeks look, dunno if it's botox or what, but looks bad on everyone. I try to not go to /g/ too much because it brings out the worst in me (attraction to males).

No. 1371942

Chimping out because not everyone wants to worship the gender that spams porn here daily. Why don't YOU hide this thread? Why don't YOU ignore anons vent in the vent thread? Your responses are ridiculous, asking to decrease the amount of male-centered threads isn't policing or controlling women.

No. 1371947

Okay, well it's not gonna happen top kek.

No. 1371949

Noone said it is?

No. 1371951

You sound sheltered and ridiculous. You’re the one crying about women discussing their physical attractions just because you personally aren’t attracted to males, that is so unbelievably entitled. You sound like a twitter asexual.

No. 1371959

Way to address anything that I said. I'm talking about the response to >>1371900 and >>1371905, I made no posts here previous. Thanks for your 3 sentences about me, well done on being wrong in all of them.

No. 1371964

No, what I said is true. This isn’t a one-time sentiment, this has consistently been said in /ot/. Constantly complaining about women expressing any sort of interest in the opposite sex, yet there’s no qualms about their obsession with shitting on the same sex. It’s absolutely wild to be on an imageboard for women and then complain when they express themselves like women.

No. 1371969

They asked about is if the discussion can be contained in fewer threads, not to ban it completely. Where are you pulling this from? Still not true no matter how much you try and have the last word, btw.

No. 1371972

>anipulative whinging trying to control what women post
Girl, anon just stated there are 5 threads and its too many for her, stop looking for manipulation and opression when there's none, literally no one is stopping you from using these

No. 1371973

What are yall fighting about now? lol

No. 1371974

Shit I wasn't trying to cause discourse my comment was more about the fact that there are so many threads dedicated to liking unconventional men but the first thread I could find dedicated to women was the one nitpicking their looks…

Like I'm not trying to tell anyone what to post about IDC if they post about men I just found that depressing.

No. 1371975

Be the change you want to see in the world.

No. 1371978


I've already made a couple female centric boards in /m/ anon so I'm trying

No. 1371982

Sorry I was the op but yeah my original complaint was more about seeing unconventional men celebrated but then the first thread I stumble across dedicated to women was one nitpicking their looks…. I wasn't trying to tell anyone to stop posting male thirst I was just depressed at the contrast

No. 1371983

Why can I simply not vent in the vent thread why must people take it as a personal attack on them

No. 1371986

There are more straight women than there are lesbians or bi women like how is that even surprising.

No. 1371987

same /g/ coomers are pathetic

No. 1371989

It isn't
I was venting
It's not that deep

No. 1371999

It's probably just loss of fat in the face.

I have the same thing happening to me with time and it's just naturally how I look because I don't have all the babyfat in my face anymore and already pretty prominent features and bones that make it look more severe

No. 1372020

File: 1665582523939.jpeg (45.25 KB, 500x288, 1659553507974.jpeg)

I am going to go through something very scary tomorrow, nonas. Send love and support please.

No. 1372023

File: 1665582671962.jpg (27.88 KB, 500x315, 83563445.jpg)

Lots of love & all the best anon

No. 1372027

tell me why this fucking guy from uni i dont even know called me a slut behind my back for absolutely no reason after talking to me once, i hate it here. i was wearing a long sleeved shirt and baggy jeans when he saw me. what the hell do you want from me

No. 1372029

thank you nona ♥

No. 1372034

Gotta rant about my mother. I was wearing normal winged eyeliner the other day and she said “oh snon you got there something “ i checked in my car mirror and didn’t see anything do she said that black there. It was my eyeliner wing. Then it happened before that I wore an inner corner highlight. She looked me in the face snd without asking wiped it off my face while saying “oh you have something there!” IS SHE THIS DUMB fucking boomer shit

No. 1372035

I love you nonny i will think of you!!

No. 1372037

What’s happening anon? Wish you all the best ♥

No. 1372045

nonas are dying of heterophobia and you're LAUGHING?

No. 1372046

Lmfao anon
The way the most mild criticism is blown out of proportion

No. 1372047

I'm sorry anon. Manifesting a spirit to kill him

No. 1372048

thank you
going through a big surgery

No. 1372049

File: 1665584795555.gif (5.74 MB, 498x498, byuntear-sad.gif)

Idk if it's because I slept weird last night but my ribcage hurts so fucking bad and I'm just like "is that it? am I finally going to die?" hopefully it's nothing serious since I can afford to die but I can't afford the medical bills or a unnecessary checkup as a broke peasant in my shitty 3rd world country.

No. 1372056

It's entertaining at least, I always know there's some drama going down when I see the new post count next to the tab go from (1) to like (9) within 15 minutes lol

No. 1372062

I'm reading about signs of a toxic person, and yeah… that's literally me and why my breakup happened. I wish I had gotten therapy to deal with this instead of subjecting my partner to my behaviour and consistently hurting her on a regular basis despite always promising her that I'll change. She forgave me so many times and gave me so many chances even past the point where she said she'll stop giving me chances. She was way too good for me. I hate myself that she now has to live with these emotional scars/trauma of me forever and I feel disgusting that I took advantage of her kindness. She did tell me outright that I was a "toxic person" but I didn't fully comprehend what it truly means in the context of a relationship until reading about this. I did try to change and correct my behaviour but it obviously wasn't good enough and I wish I seeked out professional help. For a long time I thought that what I did wasn't THAT bad, that I wasn't really THAT toxic, and I thought the things we argued about was so terminally online. Of course the fact that I trivialized what we argued about is part of my toxicity because it doesn't matter what we argue about, what matters is that I dismiss and belittle her feelings. It was only until we argued about something personal to her that drove the final nail in the coffin. And now it's over.

No. 1372071

100% your mom knew what she was doing and just didn't like your winged eyeliner. My mom plays dumb all the time. Don't fall for it.

No. 1372088

File: 1665586907623.gif (327.95 KB, 498x373, omori-sweetheart.gif)

>I'm reading about signs of a toxic person, and yeah… that's literally me
so true nonnie

No. 1372092

File: 1665587188985.jpeg (120.69 KB, 742x700, 4D07FA6F-871F-42CC-A18D-42E85E…)

When P.Is are good they are very good

No. 1372106

So uh…. What's your vent?

No. 1372109

She got busted. But for what? Share with us, anon

No. 1372117

The worst part is that I CAN act normal but I’m somehow incapable of doing so all the time. Why am I like this.

No. 1372135

based thank you nona

No. 1372174

File: 1665593114490.jpeg (51.1 KB, 1280x720, DBF37260-5032-4AA4-AD70-AF365F…)

Sometimes in a push pull cycle you just have to stand there and let the other person act a fool. Yes, you do look crazy and stupid. No, I no longer care. I care about you, but not enough to let you ruin my days. If that bothers you fuck off and stop being a codependent leach. I’m not your therapist. You were supposed to find one mate.

No. 1372180

File: 1665593379828.jpeg (42.29 KB, 750x529, 9295BD9D-08F3-4952-BC53-A6AE98…)

That is my vent

No. 1372209

Bitches who unironically refers to women as “females” and historically only had male friends can not make good friends to other women. “I can fix her” no you can’t, go next nonnys.

No. 1372212

Every day I'm so grateful I don't crave moid validation.

No. 1372213

Tired of feeling like a stranger for wanting to know about things deeply. Tired of being judged by people who I don’t judge, but seem to feel judged by me existing. Tired in general. One day it won’t be like that anymore.

No. 1372215

Hadn't thought of this in years but randomly remembered it just now. Years ago I worked in a sex shop. We sold a bit of everything and had alot of gay men come in and buy obnoxiously big ass toys. Fair enough. Knock yourself out boys. But we also sold a range of lubes and sprays including numbing sprays for your throat (to deep throat) and numbing lubes that were for anal. Now the gay guys didn't buy numbing shit but straight couples sure were buying that shit up. Isn't it kind of fucked that companies who make 'pleasure products' sell shit that numbs an orifice and just about makes enduring the act do-able? I always felt uneasy about it att but I was young back then and thinking of it now that I'm older I'm even more disturbed.

No. 1372219

I used to be that girl until my mid 20s, I feel immense regret and shame for all that time I wasted not being mean to moids instead. I'm trying to make up for it by making dents in a moid's self esteem any chance I get and raising up women's.

No. 1372222

>hair becomes noticeably thinner over the course of a year or so and hair part is wider
>wait 3 months for dermatology appointment for hair loss
>it finally comes
>dermatologist takes one look
>idk you might not have female pattern hair loss. Or you might. Idk!
>awkward silence as I sit there, fucking fuming
Take the fucking biopsy you fucking retarded bitch, I waited three months for a fucking answer. You will give me a fucking answer. Are all doctors fucking clowns or what. Jesus christ.

No. 1372231

The fact that they sell numbing sprays for deepthroats is fucked, imagine wanting to coom so much that you have your partner take a numbing spray so she can endure an act that would be distressing and painful otherwise. Like it's fucked that they (men) don't just stop wanting to do the thing that causes pain to their partners, instead they find their way around it. So selfish and disgusting.

No. 1372240

i had a keycap on my backpack that i lost after it fell off. i'm unreasonably upset about it because i'm retarded kek

No. 1372244

I wish I could unread this. But I'm curious, how was it, working in a sex shop? Is it awkward or do you quickly get used to it? I've always been single so I can't imagine it but I know I'd feel way too awkward going into an actual sex shop, the ones in my city always seem to be empty so I thought thinking this way was the norm.

No. 1372249

NTA, but you don't have to be in a relationship in order to go to a sex shop kek. It's awkward, but it's one way to buy a vibrator without having it be delivered or traced to you in any way.

No. 1372253

File: 1665599009752.png (637.8 KB, 573x504, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…)

Gonna be on my period for the romantic trip I've had planned for months

No. 1372255

I'm convinced all dermatologists are fucking retards. I'm sorry nonnie. I've had an irritating growth on the bottom of my foot for years and my derm just goes
>yeah I don't think it's a wart but idk lol
No tests either
Boyfriend has chronic eczema issues and his derm spends all of 5 mins with him and doesn't let him ask questions or voice concerns. It seems every one I know about is incompetent as fuck. I hope you can get this figured out and find someone competent nonnie

No. 1372261

just found one of my best friends from primary school, who i havent talked to in 10+ years because we drifted apart, on instagram and i sent her a message. i was a horrible cringey little fuck in primary school tho so im kind of worried about what she will think/reply

No. 1372264

Back in my neet days I used to walk and bike a lot but I stop doing it. I need to get back into that habit
Can you recommend some videos and games? I think that would make it easier for me
I already wear baggy pants and hoodie when exercising Tbh I hate how sexualized gym clothes is. When I was 15 I noticed all the girls in my class switch their baggy pants out with tight leggins in gym class. I know some people find them more comfortable and more power to them, but I still find it odd that it's the default gym clothes for women and young girls and that you rarely see women in baggy pants

No. 1372268

My disease has gotten so out of hand that they're just sending me to an opioid clinic instead of literally anything else. Sometimes I daydream about driving my car full-tilt through my doctor's family home on one of her days off because she took too long, and now I'm not elligable for surgery options. I seriously hate her to death. I am so angry when I think about how early this could have been addressed if I had been listened to, or she hadn't fucked up my initial testing to have the fucking WRONG cardiovascular test done. I fucking hate her. She makes doctors look like money-grubbing fatasses with no care towards their own health or lifestyle. ROT

No. 1372270

File: 1665600229643.jpeg (65.62 KB, 735x635, 3DF4E53C-C106-4A5F-A3D7-05F9FD…)

Have you ever felt so tired of the way men are it doesn’t even make you feel anger, sadness, or even hatred anymore? I just feel nothing for them anymore. Ok, maybe a little bit of hatred towards them. I have no female friends to go to. Men are.. what they always been. I feel like I have nothing to look forward to because of this. I really am nothing like the other girls or in this case women

No. 1372272

I know you don't have to be in a couple, but the anon who worked in a sex shop talked about straight couples so I assume the customers don't usually go alone there. I legit don't know how that shit works.

>or traced to you in any way.

I once read online that the stores in my city gave unlabeled shopping bags for customers kek. I always see people I know downtown so I know shopping in physical stores would be way too risky for me.

No. 1372273

Is there a way to heal at least? I hope whatever treatment you'll get will work and won't have too many crazy side effects at least.

No. 1372277

Eh I went to a different city for it, I'm in a more conservative area so the municipality won't give out a license for sex shops. And I wouldn't stand out between all the tourists, who come alone or in groups, also a lot of women.

No. 1372280

File: 1665600705650.jpg (30.84 KB, 596x589, frustrating.jpg)

My mother seems to be stuck on repeating the exact same things I have told her that I HATE.

She has been pushing me again and again and AGAIN to have a relationship with my father, who has not spoken to me in 3 years. I have told her a total of THIRTEEN times never to bring it up again. She agrees everytime, apologizes, says how stupid she is for bringing it up, says I don't need him and that he's a bad father anyways. typical manipulative shit. and then he comes back into town and she brings it up again. I'm literally about to burst with rage. She did it again and I exploded. She says it's wrong for a child to not "try" to love their parent, no matter what. because the "biBle sayss sOOo"

i told her point blank:
>if you're allowed to divorce him despite it being a huge ass sin in your faith, why do I have to put up with him until he crokes?? you couldn't even put up with him even if it costs you your "spot" in heaven.

I made her cry, and she said that I was using the hardest decision she's ever had to make against her. I just cannot believe she can have such little introspection. I love my mom, it's complicated, when it's good, it really good. but when it's bad, it's absolutely insane.

No. 1372281

My downstairs neighbors are SO FUCKING LOUD! I can hear them yell-talking at all hours of the day and the kids are constantly screaming. Everything they do is loud, and they’re always home! AND, SURPRISE! Their extended family apparently moved in next door to them! So I now have TWO sets of loud neighbors who leave their doors open, hanging out in their entryways and yell-talking while the kids scream and run around outside all day. I’m trying to work on music and record some vocals and even with my makeshift acoustic box and padding in my office their nonsense is heard through the floor and into my microphone. I’d talk to them politely, but we’ve never had an actual conversation (we speak different languages) and they just stare at me like I’m from outer space whenever I walk by and say hello (which is every day I walk out my front door, because again, they’re always home.) I’m so frustrated

No. 1372287

that’s called the blackpill nonna.
>I feel like I have nothing to look forward to because of this
It can be lonely, but there are definitely women that feel the same as you. Try to join women only spaces (could be a small group focused on a hobby) and make some friends. There is so much to look forward to in this world other than moids.

No. 1372290

you're just a femcel, embrace it. finding other femcels is kinda relatable and nice but also dangerous.

No. 1372292

get short term birth control, doctors give out emergency supply. it'll stop your period if you just take it for 2 weeks. shouldn't be long enough to fuck u up

No. 1372297

File: 1665601536288.gif (97.02 KB, 200x200, 20210329982732_KpdaBE.gif)


No. 1372308

I've gotta stop using reddit. Even if you sub to the most gentle mundane shit, the site's designed to shove its booboo men bullshit into your feed.
"Normalize being kind to men. We deserve More."
Men deserve to be re-educated in animal shelters. I'd love to live in a world where kindness towards one another was normalized but you sociopathic dilweeds still regularly abandon mutual human respect the moment your fragile-ass egos are smudged. That's why the very next thing I see in my feed is a man talking about how great it is to travel to war torn countries because it's dirt cheap. That's why he brags about walking down a trail where two women were beheaded just days before and it's a funny, quirky story for him. "I don't have to worry about being beheaded so why should anyone else?? Maybe if they'd just normalized being kind to men they wouldn't have been brutally murdered by a man!"
Seeing this shit back to back and thinking about it for 2 seconds just drills it in my head that it's not an enjoyable experience. Normalize calling me a dumb fucker for using reddit to look at pictures of tigers.

No. 1372311

I feel like it's been more pervasive in the past year. Am I remembering wrong?
I can't use the site anymore because men whining and being general misogynists gets to the front page daily at this point.

No. 1372313

I need to vent but I'm also just looking for someone to tell me that I'm not an idiot. My father was an alcoholic creep. He never assaulted me, but during my childhood he would constantly talk about how beautiful and sexy I was and as I got older he would hug and kiss my neck in ways that still make me shudder. He was good friends with a teacher at my school when I was 13 and took pride in telling me how that teacher thought I was beautiful, including jokes where the teacher asked him to "watch over me" to make sure I was a virgin until I turned 18.

As I got older and expressed my hatred for him more, he reminded me that he was very rich, and threatened to cut me out of his will if I kept being a brat. I told him I didn't care. And now as I've cut him out of my life and had no contact for several years, I still don't. Meanwhile he's been in rehab and apparently become sober, and he's constantly asking my mother and the rest of our family for information about me because he wants to reconnect. He even wrote a long apology letter to me, but in that letter he also conveniently confessed that he still hasn't removed me from his will. I haven't responded, and I've told my family that I still want nothing to do with him. They all think I'm an idiot. They all tell me to "just see him a few times a year and pretend to like him" until he dies to make sure I get his money. No one thinks what he did was that bad and that I'm being dramatic. My mother especially, while she did divorce and move away from him, keeps guilting me into seeing him again. I'm currently broke, which makes them even more insistant that I'm stupid for not wanting to make sure I stay in his will. He also recently mailed me a very expensive ring as a gift, and I just got sick looking at it.

I really don't think I'm being stupid here. This man caused so much pain, fear and anger in my life. I don't care about the money. I might be broke now, but unless he dies within a year, which he's not likely to, what is this future money worth anyway? I'd rather struggle and be poor for the rest of my life than accept the money from such a disgusting human being.

No. 1372321

Make up some lie that you need 10k for a class because you’re trying to go to school and get your life together. He will give it to you since he feels guilty.

No. 1372323


Girl if you don't take that scrotes money and live your life… If he didn't sexually abuse you I don't see why you're so objected to your compensation for being his daughter.

No. 1372324

'femcel' isn't a thing

No. 1372328

If interacting with him even fakely for money would cause you pain then just don't. Fuck the family members telling you what to do they don't have to deal with the emotions but you do

No. 1372329

Ayrt, that is seriously concerning. Dermatology school must be incredibly easy, or maybe there's just a giant grade inflation happening because it's so hard to believe that doctors in first world countries are just that fucking incompetent! Like, did they cheat on all their tests? Crazy shit. I opted for a biopsy and will hopefully know what's going on in a week. I hope you and you're bf will be able to meet a doctor with more than half a brain and get the help you both need.

No. 1372330

I don't think you're an idiot at all, nona. I've been in a similar situation and regretted continuing communication with a terrible parent for money. It wasn't worth it at all, you're making the right choice

No. 1372332


Same anon as >>1372323, meant to add more. If you're financially stable it doesn't matter too much but idk in this economy it seems kinda stupid to not take money from someone who's tryna offer it. But only you know the pain he caused, so as long as you can afford to not take it, do whatever your heart is saying

No. 1372333

File: 1665603095577.png (267.37 KB, 720x540, bomi-snapshot-2022-01-09-13-44…)

having another "god i wish i could kill myself/reset my life" day. uni's so tough this final semester, got no idea what i'm doing the work keeps coming. just want to graduate. to top it all off my dad might want to sell the house/move and i don't know what i'll do, because moving in with my mother again would be hell. no internet at her place, i can't get it either because of zoning issues

i only have…7k saved up, no job or real work history because i'm 22 and my parents let me lay around and attend uni (which became online uni and stayed as online uni due to covid). also still friendless and talentless and sad about that

if i were like ambitious or something i'd probably be worse off. but all i want is a dumb wfh office job honestly. i don't vacation or anything because my anxiety is fucking terrible, so all i'd spend money on are bills + food

No. 1372336

Most derms boss babed their way thru life. There's the answer

No. 1372344


Get a job at McDonald’s or something and save all your checks. Should take about a year to save 20k then get a loan for your own house. Cheaper than rent. Most people like you wouldn’t even do that tho because of pride and laziness.

No. 1372346

It feels like it to me too. For a while, if something floated onto my front page that I didn't want, I could hit "show me less of this" and it would actually show me less. Now I can't even do that without basically the same thing appearing a few posts later. Show me less unfunny anime memes. Show me less pseudoscience articles about the male brain. It just conveniently "forgets" I guess.

Saw this while writing about my own stupid bullshit but I wanted to say that I don't think you're an idiot. Money and opportunities to make it come and they go. Your own morals and ideals are just as important as financial security. Fuck dirty money if you don't want it. Whatever you choose to do, this internet tard supports you and wishes you peace and happiness.

No. 1372354


7k is enough to get you in your own apartment but since you don't have a job .. I'd say go apply to somewhere part-time. You shouldn't eat thru your savings that fast if you only spend money on stuff you need.

No. 1372358

yeah it's probably to my own peril but i totally don't want to work a wageslave job and do all the complicated shit i do (and have done) for schoolwork

i plan to do this only after i get my degree, i really just refuse to work tables or at a drive through. i went to uni to avoid having to do that…i know that sounds insane but i'd rather move back in with my mother and struggle each day to get somewhere with internet than this

No. 1372370

My mom encouraged me to go into full mento illness mode and now I am threatening my boyfriend that I am breaking up with him if he isn't devoting 100% of his time to me and treating me better. I am kind of a weak willed person and people regularly trample over me and my feelings so that part of me kinda regrets it but the other part just wants to go beserk bc I just cannot take anyones shit anymore

No. 1372374


I hope you don't think a degree is going to guarantee you a cushy office job… But hey, you've already decided what decision you're making so good luck with it nonnie.

No. 1372381

well. i'll have a compsci degree once i graduate. i assume that even if i don't get an elite programming job right off the bat, someone is going to trust me (over the other applicants perhaps) to do their spreadsheets or whatever. also, i live in a sleepy southern state. i'm not even aiming for top jobs here, just something that pays like 30k a year + isn't excessively stressful + lets me wfh will be peak.

also >>1372344
>go into debt and set your roots
ehh. i'm not even sure where i want to live atm – definitely not in this state (or even this country tbh) so a house isn't for me just yet. studio apartment in a clean and safe area is more than enough for the first few years of my life

No. 1372382

My avoidant ass is struggling in this relationship so fucking much. The more contact he wants, the more I get triggered and want to break up with him, even though I genuinely enjoy our time together. He recently brought it up that he wants to introduce me to his friends and it just makes me want to move to a cave and isolate myself. But at the same time I don't want to be left alone. Fuck me, how do I even exist

No. 1372383

You sound so spoiled

No. 1372385

Whew you sound like me

No. 1372386

NEETs piss me off, I wish they'd stop sharing their sheltered ass opinions everywhere. Like, what even makes them think they can speak about the real world? They live through computers.

also as someone who's been wage slaving since highschool I'm very jealous of loser ass NEETs that get to sit at home and take up resources and shitpost all day without anyone bitching at them to get a job or help with rent.

No. 1372389


Good luck. With no work history you're not the most ideal candidate. When I was your age I was in school and working. Job market still was fairly unkind. You're competing with people who have degrees AND experience for jobs they're overqualified for. Your attitude also won't take you very far in the real world.

No. 1372390

recently when I get drunk I say weird things to my moid eg suggesting a suicide pact, saying 'if I ever piss u off you're welcome to kill me'. Trying to atop drinking in this messy way but it does make me wonder wtf is wrong w me. I was suicidal as a young teen but I love my life, the idea this shit is lurking beneath the surface is a bit weird ngl

No. 1372394

>Idk how it all couldn't be contained in just one or two
imo i think it's because sometimes it results in arguments or things like "I don't want to look at x, put him in a different thread", "x is too ugly, put him in that thread" "x is posted too much, put him in a containment thread" etc so everything gets divided. if both the conventional and unconventional threads in particular were ever merged there would definitely be non-stop shitflinging lol.

No. 1372395

I am a NEET myself but i cannot stand people who are manipulating their doormat parents that they don't need a job, let alone education, all they should do is sleep all day and play vidyas. I know this one NEET who lives in mommys basement and he is so insecure that he always comes in with his 'everyone who is successful is a narcissist uwu' meanwhile i am trying to get at least a little bit of money off my mediocre drawings as my chronic illness can't allow me to go outside much.

No. 1372396

I never get the hate for them. But then again, I'd be a neet too if I could. I fucking hate the braindead mindset that a human is only valuable if they sell their body, health and time to their superiors and people who take unnatural pride in these circumstances. It's a different thing if you're truly passionate about your job, but 70% of the time that's not the case. People shrug and say 'thats just how things are lul' when confronted with how fucked up working life is but then in the next sentence go above and beyond when there's an opportunity to feel 'superior' to unemployed people??

No. 1372397

I think Cate Blanchett is beautiful, also I know more than one moid who has said that she's hot

No. 1372399

Mainly I hate male NEETs because wtf are you doing? Literally your only purpose is to provide and you can't even do that? But you want to sit online and talk about women's bodies and how everyone but you is a stupid wage slave, as if you wouldn't die without someone hand delivering you chicken nuggets. I see no problem with someone that's not in school or at a 9-5 but pursues their hobbies full time or whatever. I'd love to quit my job and be able to draw and take pictures of pretty stuff all day. Bonus if I get paid. My hatred is for the NEETs who do nothing but be terminally online wastes of space.


I do not consider the chronically ill to be NEETs. And if you're trying to profit off art, is that really being a NEET or a starving artist? At least you're doing something.

No. 1372402

Oh yeah I agree with that. I wonder how high the male NEET to incel Pipeline is.

No. 1372408

Nonna check out the employment threads! Several others with compsci degrees explained how they made a good living. If I remember correctly, it was mostly due to small projects and working at different places for a specific amount of time.

No. 1372417

It's probably 1:1. Male NEETs have 100% chance of pornsickness, so they're probably all incels as well.

No. 1372420

Wagies piss me off, I wish they'd stop sharing their learned ass work skills everywhere. Like, what even makes them think they can speak about the NEET world? They live through paychecks.

>also as someone who's been a NEET loser since highschool I'm very jealous of application-accepted interview-staged wagies that get to work a job and earn money and complain about NEETs without anyone bitching at them about how they got their job through a family friend or weren't hired only for Christmas season and let go shortly after.

No. 1372423


Yea I'd say pretty much all male NEETs are incels and both of those conditions feed each other and turn a male into the worst version of himself possible. They aren't meant to sit at home and do nothing. No one is. If you're not going to work or go to school at the very least you should be contributing to household chores and pursuit of knowledge unless you want to stagnate and kill off braincells prematurely. But instead, they write off all criticism of NEETdom as "reee wage slaves want me to be unhappy like them at their shitty jobs". Like, no. But it's damn near impossible for a human to find balance and fufillment by living through the handheld glowing doombox and the stationary masturbation mashing. Don't work or go to college, that's fine. But you have to do something unless you want your brain to turn to mush, and for randoms on the internet to point that out everytime.

No. 1372424


Let's switch lives babe, freaky Friday style.

No. 1372425

okay but seriously, I'm a neet and all my friends have jobs because they had friends or family that helped them get hired (I live in a diff city from them now so they can't help me). I have more retail and hospitality skills and years of experience than all my friends but I still can't get hired. I guess it's just a friend-of-a-friend pandemic in my country.

No. 1372430

My wife wants me to get a medical alert necklace for my schizophrenia as a precaution due to me spazzing out and saying weird shit at work lately. She's worried I might have a public episode and get lost or hurt. I get it, I truly do because situations reversed I would probably want the same for her, but I HATE the prospect of this and do no want to do it. May as well tattoo "SCHIZO SPED" on my fucking forehead. I've done pretty well keeping it under wraps all these years and the comments about ELF and RF went over my co-workers head anyway. There used to be this fat fuck of a cat in my old neighbourhood who had a tag on his collar that read "PLEASE DO NOT FEED ME" and I suddenly feel like that cat; like I'm being collared like a reckless pet. I wore a medical alert bracelet a few years back for my heart problem and seizures and I hated it then, but at least those weren't embarrassing problems. This is fucking shameful. I know this whole post is basically me bitching that my wife loves me and cares deeply for me but I can't help feeling like this. I pride myself on keeping that part of me hid. To advertise it like that feels like I'm throwing in the towel.

No. 1372435

File: 1665609954940.jpeg (60.95 KB, 330x298, A03AC263-5A42-4847-A08A-E88EF2…)

i was looking for a tampon at my boyfriends house and i found a box of panty liners even tho i can’t remember ever asking him to buy those for me bc i don’t use pads/panty liners. it looks like an old box so he could’ve had them since before we dated. he says that he did buy them for me like a year ago but I could’ve sworn I asked him to buy tampons. hmmmmm

No. 1372436

>unless you want to stagnate and kill off braincells prematurely
not those anons but i unironically want to do this. or return to monkee, either one.

No. 1372437

I've had personal experience with one, and I really do not like the ones that just leech and leech off of other people. Entitled as fuck.

No. 1372445

also NTA, I was not made for NEETlife nor Wagecuckery. I'm supposed to be building a hut, picking berries and bashing invading scrote skulls in. I don't want to play pretend in patriarchy's sandbox and act like anyone is getting any justice from my line of work. I would prefer manual labor, but that pays shite, can't keep it up til retirement and you get exploited even more. I don't want to do nothing, but I just want to live, do stuff that directly contributes to my survival and not in a roundabout retarded way where your brain can't possibly get any actual healthy satisfaction from it.

No. 1372454

File: 1665611287372.jpg (155.35 KB, 1049x767, E6Ba8cfVUA4PAfi.jpg)

i'm a quasi-neet (online uni, never really worked) so my opinion is biased, but…outside of the jealousy angle, i don't get neet hate either. personally i contribute to my household by cleaning, buying groceries with refund money i get from scholarships, cooking or ordering food for us to enjoy, helping my elderly parents with things…it's like this for a lot of neets, not everyone is just rotting in their rooms.

wouldn't most people not work if they had the choice? why even care if someone wants to avoid the rat race as hard as they can, it fucking sucks

No. 1372458

I felt the same way but being taken to a hospital by strangers once made me start to wear the medical alert because I kept imagining a scenario where I was unconscious or completely out of my mind and the medical team doesn't know anything about me and I can't tell them my history and I don't have a phone or any ID on me. Your wife might be thinking something similar.
After two years of wearing it nobody's really noticed it or even really cared, and nobody can really see what's on it unless I show it to them because the necklace is always inside my shirt and when ppl do ask about the tag I just say I'm on medication and that's that. The engraving isn't easy to read unless you have it right infront of you anyway.

No. 1372460

>the comments about ELF and RF went over my co-workers head anyway
What's ELF and RF?

No. 1372461

I'm so lonely and fat I almost went to a&e saying I'm gonna kms even thi I'm nit gonna kms (if only) does this mean I have bpd

No. 1372467

Wow so you're telling me all I need is a tumor and I can be a piece of shit leech that does nothing all day but lay on the couch and feel sorry for myself + make it everyone's else problem instead of getting help? This year can't go by fast enough, I don't care if I sound evil and heartless.

No. 1372470

My aunt has a tumor and she's in so much pain, I really don't wish that on you nonna, no amount of chilling in bed is worth that

No. 1372472

How do some people have no idea how to load a dishwasher? Even if you've never had one, it's not rocket science. All you need is common damn sense.

No. 1372474

I'm sorry about your aunt, I'm sure she doesn't deserve that pain. This is a vent about my older brother who is undoubtedly an abusive shit person who would rather mope around the house and make everyone depressed instead getting treatment.

No. 1372481

NTA, but what is up with scrotes refusing to seek treatment? It just seems fucking retarded.

No. 1372483

Yeah I guessed it must refer to some specific case and don't actually want that but still something about you saying you wish that on yourself just really stressed me out. I understand what you mean though, it's always the most frustrating when ill people refuse treatment, where does he think it's gonna lead him, and everyone around who must be worried about things getting worse?

No. 1372485

File: 1665613057627.jpg (17.88 KB, 304x300, yeesh.jpg)

I wonder how I'm going to get insulin when the apocalypse happens
I wonder what I'll store it in
I wonder if they'll keep making test strips
I wish I hadn't wasted my whole life working for money I couldn't keep when the end was always this close anyway

No. 1372489

File: 1665613263098.png (287.6 KB, 1339x697, Screenshot (14194).png)

I watch these short videos on yt sometimes, the doomer meme ones that use the soyjacks as characters or whatever they're called. Most of them are trash but once in a while I like a couple but anyway every time they have this soy character they draw him with these pointy triangular shaped tits, like the one's that mtf's grow and I cannot get over the fact I have the exact same tits. I'm not kidding, I have the exact same fucking triangular shaped a cupped boobs that an mtf has and I fucking hate it, I literally wanna get a boob job or kms cause I hate them so much. I never even noticed how misshapen they were until I started seeing trannies growing the exact same pointy boobs but now that I've taken notice I cannot unsee it, fuck my life I want a boob job.

No. 1372490

what is your budget? ikea has some decent priced cotton sheets.

No. 1372492

Most people will tell you that having a person buying their groceries or ordering their take-out isn’t worth the tens of thousands of dollars a year a deadweight human would be making if they were working. It’s very similar to the reason people hate trust fund babies; the idea of someone leeching off society doing nothing while everyone around them works to keep the wheels on doesn’t sit right with people.

No. 1372494

File: 1665613291677.jpg (122.75 KB, 826x871, 17898-eza2ud.jpg)

i want to vent on lolcow but im not comfortable with it, is it time for therapy?

No. 1372498

I personally don't feel any sympathy for him since he's a narcissist, has a history of being a woman beater, uses people, neglects his dogs, basically a shit person. His refusal for treatment and slowly dying infront of our mom feels like his final abuse tactic but idk maybe I'm just a fucked up person.
And I'm truly sorry anon, I hope I didn't ruin your night.

No. 1372501

Check with your general practitioner if you have a nutritional deficiency.

I have chronic eczema on my nipples and was told be less stressed. Ducking thank you for nothing. I bought St. John's wort oil because I read that it has wound-healing properties. Guess what? The eczema is almost gone after one week.

I hate chronically online people. They ruin every online conversation with their dehydrated brain.

No. 1372505

AYRT, and yeah I've been taken to hospital by strangers too after a seizure and it freaked me the fuck out because I woke up very confused and disoriented. I was admitted as a Jane Doe because I only had some money on me and no ID and it messed with my head big time until I came around fully and it's made me very wary about going out alone ever since. I found when I wore my bracelet for my heart issue and seizures I had quite a few people stare at it and naturally that made me very paranoid, but I guess it's human nature to clock them and wonder what's wrong with the person. I never thought of tucking the necklace under my shirt, I thought the point was to keep it on display but I think police/first responder types are trained to look for these things so I guess I could claw back some privacy that way while still being sensible about my condition. I told my wife we'll look at some tomorrow and try to find something discreet-ish. I'm just trying to focus on doing this for her, because it would be a colossal dick move if I refused and made her worry about me every time I left the house.

Extremely Low Frequency and Radio Frequency. When I'm going through it I think people are talking to me using ELF sine waves and attacking me with RF weapons that cause vibrations and other pains like headaches to purposely stop me sleeping and torment me.

No. 1372513

When I see two "Ugly people" in love I smile, because I think "When you get out of this lump nonnie, somebody your look match (Equally as attractive) will love you too, you don't have to be a 10 out of 10. You can be a ugly fat woman and find someone to who finds you cute and be happy and loved"
I just have to get out of this lump.

No. 1372518

dermatology has degraded or something because they always give “idk” answers with zero follow up tests or alternative routes

No. 1372534


No. 1372535

I tried so hard to change for my ex, and now that it's all over I wonder if I only changed for her or because it was good for myself. I don't know who I am anymore or what my values are.

No. 1372548

File: 1665618258462.gif (646.77 KB, 500x281, alone-anime-bampw-black-and-wh…)

I ranted in another thread that I don't know how to use Discord.
So then I join this small not-very-active server and decide to really put myself out there. Then I make this kinda meaningless comment that adds nothing to the conversation and the conversation dies after that. Then a few moments later I come up with a better reply that maybe would had kept the conversation on going but by that time it's to late because it would be too awkward to go back and add something new when the conversation has been finished for a while. Now I just feel extremely nauseous because I always feel sick whenever I have to talk to people. Ugh, ugh, ughhhh why is socializing so hard and why do I seem like the only one who struggles so much with it?
I would like to say something like "all my socially awkward girls make some noise" but I know yall are too shy soI'm just gonna send my support quietly

No. 1372551

Ayrt, but there's some pretty nice ones that look like jewelry. I got one that doesn't have the red color but the symbol is on it so a medical personnel will clock it right away if they see it but an average person doesn't notice it unless they look closely (medical ppl are supposed to check for tags anyway). It just looks like a silver pendant at first glance.
I hope you find one that you like that serves you well nonnie.

No. 1372555

Nonnies in your 30's and up, did any of you feel like you were nearing the end of your life in your early 20's? I'm in my early 20's and I feel like I'm almost slowing down. I feel like I'm nearing the end. It's so hard to imagine that there is more after this. That there is more life to live. I can't imagine it. I can't imagine there being more. It's hard. I feel like I've already lived life. It's hard to imagine that I have barely lived at all. It's difficult and scary and I feel paralyzed. I don't want to stay at home, working some shitty job, staying in the same city for the rest of my life but I can't bring myself to plan anything for the future. I can't stand things being the same but I'm scared of what comes next. I'm in this uncomfortable and stressful limbo and it's frightening. I'd really, really appreciate any advice.

No. 1372559

It’s the fear and uncertainty of being able to decide what you want to do with your life. Until now things were structured and lead by things like school and college.

No. 1372562

Hey! I resemble that spoilered text wtf! kek It'll be okay nonna. As with all things, talking to other people takes practice. A step at a time, you know? You've already taken measures to get there, so try not to dwell on the missteps along the way–easier said than done, I know. Sometimes, discussions lapse until another subject comes up and moves the dialogue forward. That's natural, so don't beat yourself up over not being the perfect conversation partner. As long as you're taking part, you can only improve. Give it time. You'll see.

No. 1372565

File: 1665619161168.png (35.88 KB, 512x187, yoshi.png)

I didn't think I had a crush on this girl who I met kinda recently but she just called me just to talk/catch up, and i found myself smiling the whole time. She said she called to catch up, because she hasn't seen or heard from me in a while, and I realized I completely disappeared on her. I was there for her during a really awful break up, then I subconsciously went away bc I was scared of complicating things or sending weird signals. She prolly doesn't need this rn and I don't either. but she's so so cute. Like literally everyone in the room watches her when we go out.
Another reason why I went away was bc I feel that our other friend had been keeping her for herself like she's her property. Kinda like lovebombing, but in a friend way. She feels off limits to me. It's also messed up for our friend to do that, they have said really messed up things about her.
I probably shouldn't have, but I expressed that I felt like I had to go through my friend to get to her bc she staked claim on her. She said she could see that, but I felt it was unnecessary for me to say.

No. 1372579

The alt right is gonna get power one day in the USA and independent states like russia getting destroyed means that there will be no escape from global brown shirts and nazism and concentration camps.

No. 1372583

eating disorders are hell. especially when paired with substance abuse.

No. 1372588

File: 1665621337960.gif (1.43 MB, 350x197, giphy-1124685097.gif)

Thank you, nonnie. This was actually really encouraging! I do feel less like crap now I just have to remember to take it one step at the time

No. 1372594

No. 1372607

do no other lonely loser women wanna talk to eachother, at least only to whine and comfort eachother about our issues in common? i really wish i had a support group i could relate to. im having a hard time accepting the fact that im never going to have a boyfriend or even manage to get a hookup. it's even harder because no one else seems to be going through this, quite the opposite. everyone else in their 20s is having sex and relationships like you're supposed to and im the only one who can't manage it no matter how hard I try. i really wish i could talk to other women like me and feel like less of a freak. i feel so humiliated and ashamed whenever i talk to other girls and realize how different our lives are, even if they're not being mean to me about it. sometimes i end up feeling like i have to lie and make up some fake ex boyfriend to feel less pathetic, and at the same time i feel even more embarrassed because people can probably tell there's no way someone like me has ever dated. i know i need to move on and improve other aspects of my life, but this is really taking a toll on my self esteem. i feel down no matter how much i try to keep focusing on hobbies or work or something else.

No. 1372614

Ugh I HATE online shopping. I ordered a skirt but the reviews all say to size up one or two sizes. The ones in my regular size are all sold out anyways so I got the one that's two sizes up. I tried it on and the waist feels pretty loose so I start to wonder if the reviews were wrong and I would have been fine just sizing up one size or not even at all. I'm afraid of wearing this because I feel like it will literally fall out and I can't put a belt on it because that would ruin the style. I feel bad since it's a really cute skirt too, but I only bought this for my depression shopping, and now I feel even worse lol. I hate having to go out and return an item I ordered online. I'm just so fucking disappointed lol why did I waste my money and time on this FUCK THIS

No. 1372624

File: 1665625874388.jpeg (33.81 KB, 410x373, 8DBC283C-E53A-4EC9-A452-8D3469…)


No. 1372629

Being a virgin and not having been in a romantic relationship yet doesn't mean you're a looser. You put way, way too much value into those two things.
In fact, I'd say it's better to have that more later, as an actual adult, than sooner.

No. 1372631

Remember when there were a ton of spergs in the vent threads bitching and moaning about "suicide baiting"? I remember I posted a long-ass vent about not knowing how to go on and wishing I was dead and some bitch got on my ass about LE SUIBAITING!!!!11!!!1!! Like how was I even suicide baiting. I just said I wished I was dead. Did that anon somehow have the power to read my thoughts through an anonymous vent post and see all the ways I imagine killing myself? What young adult doesn't sometimes wish they were dead? The times fucking suck. It all fucking sucks. It's all trash. If you think too long you'll realize it's not worth it. None of it is fucking worth it. How is that suicide baiting. That's just part of living life, occassionally realizing that nothing matters at all and nothing is worth all the effort and wanting to be fucking dead. I fucking hate it. I wish I was dead. I wish I never existed. Fuck everything. What's the fucking point. I'm tired all day, I have no energy for anything anymore. Too fucking sad and depressed and anxious and scared. I'm basically wasting away. I can feel the spark of life dimming each and every miserable fucking day. The same fucking day, over and over and over and over and over again. The same small talk, the same conversations, the same bullshit, over and over and over and over again. It never gets any easier to push through. I hate it. I'm fucking over it already. And yet I'll have to endure it over and over and over again until God is merciful enough to let me die. What a miserable joke.

No. 1372633

Drink a little h2-OH yeah! Seriously tho kek

No. 1372634

oh anons… i just typed up a post for a thread and as soon as it posted i got jumpscared with a cp spam post posted at the same time. i reported it ofc but its the first time seeing one of those has actually made me feel sick bc i was completely unprepared. ive seen more cp here in the last few weeks than my entire time on this site, things are really bad rn

No. 1372637

im so sorry for my fellow anons in that thread that have to see that shit until its removed, its absolutely horrible

No. 1372640

Suicide baiting are those "today is the day, im gonna kms, here's how i will do it" posts that popped up regular for some time period. Idk but if I'd kill myself I always planned to just do it.

No. 1372641

Yeah, I know. I was bitched at for a post that went "I wished I was dead". It was some retarded sperg that couldn't cope with venting anons or some shit. Fucking idiot.

No. 1372642

Samefag; the anon that bitched at me is the fucking idiot, kek. Not you anon.

No. 1372644

I agree with you so hard Nona, it's all just dumb twitterspeak popularized by teenagers. It's annoying as fuck and most of the time it was used in these threads it was against people who were, like you, just sharing how they feel everything sucks and they wish they were dead. I vented once about wanting to kms in like 15 years and some bitch was like "UHM ACKSHUALLY THATS SUICIDE BAITING" lol that's not even what "suicide baiting" traditionally means, like what did she think, I wanted anons to talk me out of a supposed suicide attempt 15 years from now? Lol, annoying.

No. 1372648

I cant find my post, but i posted in here that two exes reached out to me last week, via email, letter/ig. It frustrated me so fucking much. I had just gotten over being angry about it. A year is such a long time to be angry, it felt like it was rotting my soul. For about two weeks, I felt good and not held down by negative thoughts about how they've hurt me. One cheated and would self harm in front of me, the other threatened suicide and I can't even say anything further or I'll freak out. Every time I get a text from an unknown number, someone follows me online, I check the mail, and (now) when i check my email, my body gets flushed and i feel paralyzed until I can be reassured either of them didn't contact me. It's just so upsetting to me that they can't give it up, and have to keep reminding me of their existence after making it abundantly clear I want no contact from them and that I don't like them.

A couple days ago my friend told me one tweeted "Happy bday (my initials)." She also would post photos of me on her second account. Whatever, I kept moving and laughed it off. But when I was at work today I got a phone call. After some research, I found out it was a fake Google Voice number. I feel so broken down, like there's nothing I can do to stop them. It's a weird, helpless feeling. Idrk how to put into words how awful it makes me feel. I don't want to be reminded of them, I don't want to get mad all over again. I'm just trying to heal

No. 1372657

>>Being a virgin and not having been in a romantic relationship yet doesn't mean you're a looser.
if you want it really bad and are genuinely trying but can't find anything then you kind of are.
>>In fact, I'd say it's better to have that more later, as an actual adult, than sooner.
how is that better at all? i appreciate the response but this is the kinda stuff people who have never had issues dating and have been sexually active since their teens say. there's nothing better about dating when you're older. in fact, it's pretty awful to try to get into things when you're the only one who's a virgin.

No. 1372660

I had an anon tell me I "wasnt trying hard enough" in this shit economy where wages arent moving but every expense is. I just wanted to vent that it feels like I will be working every day of my life with possibly no retirement while boomer and genx got the easy way out. Of course it gave me a doomed mindset about why keep going. It's not like I was planning to kms that night just that the thought has definitely crossed my mind. I dont have family to live with or I have to live with my coke, weed, pill addicted sister which I refuse. We're anons it's not like you would magically know who's 3rd world or 1st world in debt with a shitty life getting by.

No. 1372671

IDK if this is any consolation to you but every tranny's moobs I've seen has looked nothing like real boobs. From strange hormone lumps to breast implanted ones that have capsular contracture, none of them look right. Especially when they get older.

No. 1372682

I'm sorry anon. I hope they stop harassing you soon and give up.

Semi-related, I was a toxic, obsessive person who couldn't stop harassing my ex via DMs, stalking their accounts, and reaching out to them on multiple platforms, until they literally threatened that they'll get the police involved if I don't stop… I am not proud of my behaviour. I hope your exes gain some shame and realize you want nothing to do with them anymore.

No. 1372692

>if you want it really bad and are genuinely trying but can't find anything then you kind of are.
This really only applies to men tbh. You aren't as desperate as you think you are - no doubt there are many, many moids who do not meet your standards whether for looks or personality or the way they treat you. You could find an ugly moid to pump and dump you but I doubt you would tolerate that (rightfully so), but that doesn't make you a loser. Swipe right on every guy on tinder and see how many options you have, if you really can't get a match then I'll eat my words.

Anyway I stopped having sex around 20 and I'm 30 now, so I've been both sexually active and so celibate it's like I've been revirginized. The thought of getting back in the game at this age is intimidating af and I don't really want anyone to know how long it's been. I concede that I'm grateful I had sex so at the very least I can say I have, so that I don't feel completely inexperienced and have nothing to contribute in conversations. But at the same time, emotionally it's a net negative and I kinda wish I was just a clean slate - I hate knowing that men who really weren't shit have had access to my body, and have private, intimate knowledge of me that they didn't deserve. I also feel insanely fortunate that I never got pregnant or STDs or abused in any way, it was sheer luck that I didn't experience any physical harm. So while you are missing out on positive aspects of sex, you're also missing out on the negatives. Keep trying and you'll find someone to fuck, but in the meantime don't convince yourself it's the worst possible scenario because it's a mixed bag really.

No. 1372707

>matching with attractive guys on tinder
>brief ego boost
>creeping feeling that my pics are catfishes
>or maybe they just see me as an easy lay
I'm a doughy hag. There's a reason why I attract losers and neckbeards organically so maybe I should just accept my league.
I feel so foolish. All the attractive ones ghost after one date and the ones who stick around are of course the uggos.

No. 1372740

I want some opinions nonas
>Group assignment, me and 3 younger moids
>I do everything in the beginning, two moida pull me aside and tell me that they want to participate too, that it's unfair that I do everything
>Tell them ok, thanks for telling me
>They participate, do ok
>Meanwhile the other guy is just there, doesn't participate in group meeting bc he's busy, didn't write anything etc
>Kinda big/boring paper coming in, we need to write and show a prototype
>The previous 2 moids stay together working on the prototype, I stay stuck w lazy guy with the paper
>We have our exams week coming up, no one says anything bc we're busy
>Exams go by, deadline coming closer
>Guy doesn't say anything about the paper on group chat, private chat, nothing
>I sit down and write everything in 4 hours while I have to work early the next day (today)
>Didn't put his name

Am I the asshole here?

No. 1372741

Go back

No. 1372742

Nope, he didn't contribute so he doesn't deserve points. I hope he fails and drops out like all the other moids

No. 1372743

It's gender neutral. Stop being so autistic.

No. 1372753

Kind of terrified my best friend knows I've fallen for her. I know she's straight and will never ever feel the same but she has to notice we're a lot closer than most friends, right? I'm just glad the boyfriend is long distance so i rarely have to remember he exists. I'm coping just fine with only ever getting to be her friend but it's just gonna suck when they inevitably move in together and i can't spend all my time at her place anymore.

No. 1372758

I repeat, go back

No. 1372760

File: 1665638993495.jpg (299.7 KB, 1800x1799, 23utility1-mediumSquareAt3X.jp…)

my moid did the most braindead coomer thing and idk how to move forward. i want to add that this is the most out of character thing he's ever done, and I'm still really really shocked by it.

for our vacation, I woke up pretty early in the morning (from a terrible nights rest too, I never do well in hotels) and he wakes up shortly after. I pull out a book to read to wake myself up, when suddenly he asks me if he can have some privacy. I ask for what, and he says so that he can jack off?? (I was on my period so it's not like I was in any mood or could have sex). I laugh and say "yeah right, where am I supposed to go, the lobby?" and he goes "oh you wouldn't mind would you?" completely not picking up (or choosing not to pick up) that I find this completely incredulous. We just stare at each other for a minute and I get up and leave, more so out of not wanting to be in the same room rather than obeying his request.

At this point, I'm completely pissed. I come back after an hour and he asks if I'm ok. I sit down with him and explain that if I posted what he just asked me to do on one of those "AITA" threads on reddit (ew if I used reddit) he would be the resounding asshole through and through. Why the FUCK does he need to jack off so badly that he kicks his wife out of the room at 7:40AM?!?!?! He apologized a ton and has been trying to make it up to me for a week with my fave flowers, my fave dinners, and just over all being nice.

He's never done this. he's usually so attentive, caring, considerate, and generally knows my boundaries and has common fucking sense. My friend said i'm overreacting, and that masturbation is normal, but that's not the fucking issue. am i nuts nonnas?

No. 1372761

Why didn’t you tell him to go wank in the toilet? Fucking hell anon…

No. 1372764

Reading that gave me the ick. That's so strange of him to ask you to leave. You have the right to feel like that. If you still wanna make it work between you two I might advise to reframe the situation with a different thought, like imagine he felt shy and just wanted some privacy for a second and that's why he asked. We've all felt like that too at some point.

No. 1372768

I just broke up with my 2 year FWB and he is so fucking emotionally unavailable it upsets me. He couldn't commit this whole time due to a legal case he's apart of and his health issues, both of which take up so much of his time and energy that I completely understood and respected that we couldn't go all out serious yet. But at a certain point I gave up. I wanted to wait it out because he was very compatible with me and kind and compassionate…. sometimes I truly hate when I have that urge for typical yearning for love and attention from moids. Wish we didn't have this desire for romance ingrained.

No. 1372770

File: 1665640175270.jpg (112.11 KB, 794x1059, 1663808823272.jpg)

My body has so many random issues that it isn't really meaningful, but I really hate that to the middle-right of my throat there's a spot that's been burning, throbbing, and just feeling horrible for many weeks. And not too long before that I woke with it on fire and in a huge fever that I went to the clinic about and they did a strep throat test and found nothing. What I didn't expect as it faded away to its usual pain for it to stay. Is this what being human is? Random pains that are completely nonsensical? No wonder why people take drugs. I would never, but, god, I get it.

No. 1372773

I want to bail on my driving lesson so fucking badly because I haven’t slept but I’ve already paid and I think there’s like a 48hr policy or they charge a fee.

No. 1372778

Just found out this dude I thought I was meant to be with was seeing someone new without me knowing. He told me to get a life when I wanted to talk to him, basically saying I meant nothing to him. He basically deleted me from his life after deciding he didn't want me anymore. Shit stings - I don't want to deal with this guy anymore. Lie after lie and I was dumb enough to go along with it for years. I feel violated. I feel like shit. I don't know why he did this, only to throw me away. Couldn't he have just explained himself? What the fuck?

No. 1372779

Are you an anxious person? I have a lot of random, unexplained pains and I think it's because I'm always tense and anxious. My body seems to love memeing itself into thinking everything is going wrong with it.

No. 1372782

My guess is that he's got either shameful or familiar porn that he doesn't want you to overhear or see. Why the fuck would he need privacy to wank in front of the woman he's fucked before? Even most pornrot couples masturbate to porn together.

No. 1372788

File: 1665641750511.png (149.28 KB, 479x422, image.png)

my friend told me her opinion on something and it killed any desire to continue talking to her, i can barely fake any interest. we've been friends for like a decade but its such a retarded and degen opinion that made me realize she hasn't grown past the age of 14. i gotta reevaluate who i spend time with.

No. 1372790

care to share her opinion? is it coomer related

No. 1372791

File: 1665642349476.jpeg (103.43 KB, 823x985, BDB522BA-25C3-4197-BFB0-B3FEFC…)

People who try to sexualize normal friendships are weird as fuck

No. 1372792

I miss him so much nonnies. It'll only be a couple months before we're together again but right now I just miss his company, his presence. I've never met a man more kind and selfless, I didn't even think I would find a moid who had such a capacity for empathy, more than I could ever have.
I just want to feel his big strong arms around me, hear him laugh at my jokes, cuddle up in my bed while it rains. It's always rainy weather that makes me miss his body the most. Sageing because retarded nigel sperging.

No. 1372793

Idk what this even means

I wanna know too I'm nosey

No. 1372795

It means people who try to sexualize friendships are fucking weird.

No. 1372796

This video just flashed back into my memory. The comments are just as grotesque as the footage itself

No. 1372800

Makes sense. I am, but in a very low-energy, slow, painful way. I feel numb yet tense. Weirdly the sharper anxiety comes before I sleep.
Actually for once I don't want to hear it. I can sense how dreadful it probably is, kek.

No. 1372802

think i might kill myself one of these days. my college might kick me out for my shit grades if i don’t pass 2 certain classes this semester and it’s no one’s fault but my own. i don’t wanna have to work a retail job for the rest of my life. i want to have a career my family would be proud of… i want to be the first in my family to graduate. i want to be able to live comfortably. and it feels like the opportunity for any of this is slipping through my fingers. i havent told my mom any of this. she thinks i’m in college doing well when in reality my gpa is the lowest it’s ever been in my life. i feel like a fucking disappointment

No. 1372805

My best friend since high school and crush dropped a hint at being trans and I wanna die. All I want is a bf who'll dress in girls' clothes sometimes, but won't troon out. Hopefully, my suspicions are wrong.

No. 1372807

I run into way too many gendies in my my country which is in the MENA region wtf
How did this shit spread so quickly and so fast I really don’t see how it will go away now that it’s outside the US and Western countries. A friend of mine got into a relationship with a genderqueer lesbian i’m a bit sad because she expressed terfy views but she’s a normie which one could argue are just normal views that most of the population holds. I worry about her picking up gendie stuff from her gf. I’ve also accepted that I might have a crush on my friend.

No. 1372811

gendershit is a plague, it's weirder to find a gen Z person that's openly straight and ''cis'' nowadays.

No. 1372816

No one is openly cis. Anyone that says they’re cis will he changing their in a matter of weeks.

No. 1372817

File: 1665645794024.jpeg (20.88 KB, 275x265, 6549846.jpeg)

I keep seeing hot gifs of Evan Peters both on this website and elsewhere, I swear to god if I actually get memed into driving 4 hours to fuck that dude…

No. 1372818

Nonnie me and you both. I will kill for a feminine man better yet a straight feminine man because a bi one feels like he’s conforming to stereotypes but I won’t say no
I want a bf that will wear nail polish and not lose his mind over it. Makeup is whatever since it’s not great for your skin.
I’m sure my gc feminine man is out there somewhere

No. 1372820

For your own sake move on. Please.youll realize soon falling in love with straight girls will pmly bring you misery and a lovely girl who likes girls with no bf will show up and love you.

No. 1372821

i just realized nobody ever checks if im okay. im thinking of going mia, they wont notice and i'll learn to not be hurt by it so it benefits both ends in the end. nobody even cares

No. 1372825

I feel like the only way I could be happy is with someone else who is as morally uptight as I am. I used to want to be with a bad girl/guy but now i don’t think I can without coming off as an asshole. My bf smokes and I get a bit annoyed. I lost all hope in shaking off this weird strict way of thinking was raised in.

No. 1372828

This situation is really frustrating. These mixed messages are going to kill me.

No. 1372840

I’m seriously only productive when I have a crush on someone. Throughout my life, even if I’m in a long-term relationship, I’ll sometimes develop a crush on a different guy or a new friend from afar, and suddenly feel motivated to work out, clean, work on my art/creative projects and take care of my life in hopes of impressing them, or something. I should be motivated to be a functional human being just for MYSELF, or even at least for my actual boyfriend, but for some reason the sudden new crushes are what really does it for me and it gives me the best rush.
This feels like BPD behavior and worries me

No. 1372850

That sounds pretty normal tbh. A lot of people feel more motivated by external factors. It doesn't even have to be romantic love, people plaster images of their idols or even 2D husbandos. It's only bad if someome is so addicted to new love energy, they jump relationships every few months.

No. 1372866

I usually enjoy watching red letter media but their review of Dahmer really left a bad taste in my mouth and not for the reasons I was expecting. They were saying his victims didn't get enough media attention because they weren't attractive (blonde) white women, then proceeded to play a reel of news footage of white women who were kidnapped/gone missing/killed with jokey music as if it were a parody.
Like…? These are real victims. You're showing their faces and mocking them because they got killed and ended up on the news. The whole dialogue surrounding media coverage of missing young (white) women just bothers me in general. It's so calloused and, quite frankly, disgusting.

It's so scrotey to not see these women as actual people with actual families, all while revering and humanizing Dahmer's (male) victims just because they saw a TV show where they had some character development instead of being used for murder porn.

No. 1372867

Mike is just a salty misogynist under all that fat and lazy irony. I cant watch RLM anymore because he bounces from quiet seething to quiet coping constantly, and his distaste for women is usually palatable in the air. think the only reviewer on RLM that doesn't lowkey trigger my incel alarm is Rich.

No. 1372871

Honey it's time to pretend to work again, like everyone else, while you see vulnerable women being screwed over and you can do jackshit about it. Why aren't you smiling? Our pretend KPI's for our pretend work are looking great!

No. 1372879

The recent trend of making fun of actual murder/kidnapping victims as a direct continuation of the "I hate (white) women!!" movement is the most macabre fucking thing in a long while. I get that it's a real problem that a young pretty white girl victim gets more media coverage but that's not her fault, like what was she supposed to do, not be brutally murdered? Usually, just like in this case, it's used as another shoddy crutch to whine about how bad men have it too instead of genuine concern for victims of less privileged groups not being noticed.

No. 1372910


I think you missed my other post and I'm too lazy to link it, but the NEETs I hate for reasons outside of being jealous are the ones who do actually nothing productive. If you help around the house and at least try to keep up with hobbies and self betterment, good.

No. 1372926

He couldn't just wank his willy in the bathroom? Wtf kinda porn was he watching??

No. 1372940

File: 1665662755518.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 133.99 KB, 640x218, 40D41496-77E4-40C4-BC86-F1273D…)

Shidding and vomiting, I haven’t kept up with anyone from high school and just found out a guy I was kind of friends with is a tranny now. All his posts are just talking about how hot he is now when all that changed is he grew out his hair and does shitty eyeliner. Gross gross gross

No. 1372944

I'm sorry nonna but I was laughing all the way through your post and have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard, this is just unbelievably absurd. Men never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. What the actual fuck was he thinking? Was he jacking off to something illegal or something?

>My friend said i'm overreacting, and that masturbation is normal, but that's not the fucking issue.

Well exactly, who the fuck asks for their partner to just leave the hotel room so that they can masturbate instead of just going to the bathroom? I've literally never heard of something like this happening.

No. 1372949

File: 1665663499945.jpeg (38.75 KB, 680x377, BE9E8799-D5D1-426F-BC7E-5B5A3F…)

My girlfriend of 1.5 years read my journal. I didn’t go out of my way to hide it but I never expected her to go through it. I didn’t say anything bad about her in it but I did mention a crush I have had on another girl almost since the time my girlfriend and I have been together. It’s nothing serious, I have never acted on that crush and never would. I love my girlfriend and we have a good relationship. She feels understandably very hurt but also do I. I never had any privacy growing up and my parents would read my diaries so I feel rocketed back to my teenage years. I also don’t see any big problem with crushes in relationships, as long as nothing develops from them but she seems to feel differently. I tried to emphasise that a journal is private thoughts and not representative of how a person actually feels- just a stream of consciousness.

I have removed myself from the group where the other girl and I cross paths but I sorta feel like I haven’t done anything wrong here.

No. 1372958

God sorry this happened to you. I would absolutely lose it if my girlfriend read my diary or private messages and I couldn't imagine doing it myself, even though I've had multiple chances of going through her discord logs I would never do it. I'm sure she vents about me whenever we have fights or talks about things she couldn't mention to me and it's simply not my business. I don't know anon, it was bad enough that she read your journal but to go out of her way to admit it and be offended by its rather innocuous content is just fucked up, I don't think there's anything "understandable" about it.

No. 1372960

File: 1665664955384.jpeg (42 KB, 600x609, 869B6085-CC0A-4904-8F65-F2EDED…)

Thanks Nona. I know I’m in the right here but I guess it must feel shitty for her that read without context it seems I’ve had feelings for someone else our entire relationship and she had no idea. Idk I’m trying to see things from her perspective but like you, I would never look through her journal (if she had one, and I think that’s partly the issue- she doesn’t get that journals aren’t the gospel), I would wager she vents about me to her friends and I would never want to be privy to those conversations. Some things aren’t meant to be read or heard.

No. 1372961

I had the same as you growing up so I understand you, just a thought of someone messing with my things gives me the worst anxiety but then I also feel really bad for your girlfriend finding out you're crushing on someone else you've made no effort to remove yourself from until she saw it and confronted you with (because if i'm understanding correctly you've left the group only after the diary was found, right?)
Awful situation for everyone involved, sorry you're going through it

No. 1372964

That was a major privacy violation. I'm sorry it's happened to you again after all these years. When you're reacting to both the present situation and the painful memories, it's hard to move forward with a clear head. Take some time to calm down and formulate your thoughts before talking with her again.
It sounds like there may be some boundary issues between you two. It seems you never discussed if it's ok to read each other's diaries, or if it's ok to have crushes during the relationship. Now is a perfect opportunity to find out where you both stand. You can also find out if you're willing to forgive each other for your trespasses and come to an agreement on how you'll move forward.

No. 1372965

Thanks Nona, yes that is correct, I only removed myself from the group today. She told me she read my journal yesterday. It’s hard cos it was a group of friends I enjoyed but I guess yes I didn’t expedite the end of the crush until now.

No. 1372971

wish my mom would stay saying ''you look so cute in insert mundane thing like a ponytail i know she's trying to cheer me up because i hate how i look, but it only makes me feel worse

No. 1372973

File: 1665666050272.jpeg (77.51 KB, 540x500, 4FADE43D-02BE-4779-8BB2-4BC80A…)

What am I supposed to do when I'm literally a creep and a weirdo? Compared to everyone else I'm very abnormal, and even among the niche social groups where I feel most at home, I still don't quite fit in. This isn't for lack of trying. I'm friendly and a good listener, I work hard to make people feel comfortable and give them the focused, loving attention that they deserve even when I feel like they don't deserve it. But I guess because I'm ugly, I have weird tastes, I'm submissive, I'm desperate yet picky, it doesn't work out? I must be sabotaging myself. That's much easier to believe than being forced to finally accept there is nobody "for" me. Nobody has been waiting for me her whole life. Nobody is ecstatic to learn more about me and discover I am perfect for her. If I was more normal then I don't think I would have this problem, at least not to this degree. There would at least be more people willing to give me a chance. But I can't be normal. It'd be useless to try, especially because by changing myself it totally defeats the point of being loved for who I already am. Sigh… what the hell am I doing here, I don't belong here.

No. 1372974

Thanks nonnie, that is actually really level-headed advice, thank you.
I want to work at our relationship and stay together. I think she feels bad deep down about the privacy violation and it will take time for me to get past that but right now she’s more focused on the fact I “kept a secret” our whole relationship.

No. 1372975

I learned thay FIL does believe in mental illness, when I always thought he didnt.
He believes in mental illness when it comes to being able to call me crazy and tell my husband to medicate me, and not when it comes to him and his daddy issues and domestic violence.
I swear to god, I don't want any advice from a stupid scrote who's still crying because dad left him at his fucking 50s. Grow the fuck up, he was an asshole to his wife, and he deserved whatever the fuck happened to him, and if you had a little insight, you would realize that instead of trying to be like him, and therefore being a little bitch towards you whole family.
I've only ever met my husband's grandfather once, and he made a comment about my breasts, so fuck him.
I literally don't get men laugh at women with "daddy issues", when that would mean a men was at fault, yet they spent their lifetime traumatized because daddy hit their mom and then left them, and still believe mom was the one at fault.

No. 1372977

Now that I'm a bit older I've realized that the only time I went through a partner's messages or private things had been when I was feeling insecure and thought something with my partner was off. I would end up being right 100% of the time. That, combined with your self-admitted crush that you don't seem to have attempted to remove yourself from, makes me think that you're at least a little bit to blame.

No. 1372978

File: 1665666417413.jpeg (358.8 KB, 750x759, E496C6AD-7AD6-4301-A336-7A5B43…)

I could have written this whole post, I am sorry Nona. It really does hurt to feel like an outcast no matter where you go. I feel invisible and that nobody cares what I think or do. Anyway, I’m kinda coming to a level of acceptance about it. That song by whitesnake “here I go again” I relate to a lot. I feel like my purpose in life was to be eccentric, different and a loner and that gives me a modicum of peace.

No. 1372985

Thank you for the kind words nona. Sometimes I dearly wish I could but we're each other's closest friends, and it's a level of closeness I haven't felt since like middle school. I really should do a favor to myself and be better at saying no to plans so I'll have time to actually go on dates, but it's extremely difficult to prioritize an awkward meeting with a complete stranger over seeing someone I already have such a strong bond with. (that said I'm not completely hopeless and I have another first date with some chick next week)

No. 1372988

"Why are you like this, you are 20 years old already"
Because you birthed me in a futureless country you selfcentered bitch, i only asked to borrow 5 dollars for a fucking hamburguer because i am depressed and i don't wanna cook. Holy shit, i fucking hate my mom, it's impossible to focus on getting mentally better when there is always someone buzzing around like a fly telling you how we are poor and literally bankrup!1!1! If i was such a burden you should have let me kill myself when i had the chance, now you have to live with my retarded neet ass until you die, sorry cunt.

No. 1372990

Just as you're upset because your family used to read your diary, she's probably remembering all the times she's been lied to or betrayed by someone she trusted. Whether or not you agree that you've lied to or betrayed her, that's how she feels. So she also needs time to calm down and separate her current feelings from the ones in her past.
I'm wishing you two all the best. When it's time to talk, leave the blame at the door and just try to see each other's perspectives.

No. 1372995

shayna thread has gone full off the rails drooling and shitting their pants retarded and I wish EVERYONE who is replying to the derails would get banned it’s seriously so fucking annoying.

No. 1373001

getting anxiety thinking about my ex beating me as a teenager and afraid that people are on my balcony waiting for me at night. I'm really paranoid and scared

No. 1373012

Here's a horrible moidlet on twitter who keeps on posting shitty long threads of antifeminist takes under the guise of benevolent misogyny at first, [removed] – then his threads start to degen into recycled moid talking points like "single childless women with a phd are just secretly more unhappy deep down", and "women are designed to stay in the home and have limited activities while the man runs the house and can go out whenever" or "if you dont make her fear you, her pussy goes dry and she will lose a