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File: 1660820009036.jpeg (104.14 KB, 500x502, 90C072B0-91AD-49A1-8616-BA55A1…)

No. 1307162

Post about how much you hate smoking and smokers here. I am actually a smoker but i never realised how much some people despise smokers and smoking in general. What is it like from your perspective? I’m interested to know. Don’t hold back, I’m looking to be offended.
You can also post about weed smokers if you want but we should draw the line at crack/meth/heroin so it doesn’t just become a drug hate thread.

No. 1307166

I recently went on vacation abroad with my partner and some friends (a couple). The guy is a fucking pack a day smoker and whenever we were attempting to get somewhere on time (ya know, the plane) he NEEDED to find a place outside to smoke. We would go special routes for this, like the smoker dictated it. He's out on the balcony smoking at the apartment every commercial break, stinking up everything. Something about it enraged me, it also enrages me that his wife says nothing about the smoking and she's not even a smoker herself. If it was me i'd make a comment about the smoking every time and it would probably end in fights. She's a pushover

No. 1307170

Some people just refuse to cut down even the tiniest little bit. To the point where it becomes an inconvenience for everyone and, like you said, the smoker(s) dictate everyone. People should start telling them no. What are they afraid of? The smoker will have a little temper tantrum? So what. Let them seethe.

No. 1307173

>tfw the only thing that made me quit smoking outside the safety of my own yard was the immense shaming and guilt from my peers that affected my severe anxiety disorder
it's working anons

No. 1307176

I hate it when smokers smoke in busy public areas that aren't specifically smoking areas. Idc if you have to make a 10 minute trek on your break to find a secluded area to smoke, just go somewhere where you're not going to give other people secondhand smoke. I'm guilty of smoking while walking down the street but only if there's no one around, people who just puff and blow smoke right around other people I find rude

No. 1307178

I fucking hate weed smokers, get your nasty all-penetrating smoke away from me. Idgaf what someone does in their own living space but not when it's at the cost of my comfort in my own home. Weed isn't even legal here, fuckers, I hate that it's becoming increasingly socially accepted.

No. 1307182

I hate the smokers at bus stops, it seems they specifically choose the side that will have the wind blow it to everyone there, and if you side eye them or get away then you're the mean one and overreacting.

No. 1307186

>4 hour car trip with a smoker
>have to stop at LEAST once an hour for muh ciggie, meaning the trip took about 40 minutes longer than necessary

If I can hold my fucking piss for 4 hours, they can go without smoking for 4 hours. Chew on your nails or something you big stinking, STINKING and SMELLY baby.

No. 1307191

You guys stink

No. 1307203

Smokers deserve the death penalty. Whenever I see or visit my big sister and she starts smoking I spend 10 minutes telling her that she needs to stop smoking or her health with decline, I don't care if I sound like a repetitive robot, it's my duty as a sister to remind her. I hate France, litera'ly a country of chain smoking alcoholics who will ignore your existence unless you're ok with making small talk with them while they blow cigarette smokes all over your face. Last time I was going outside I sat down on a bench and 10 mintes later an old lady sat down next to me and started smoking, I had to leave because it's seen as a normal behavior here.

No. 1307206

Yesterday I found out that my aunt has cancer and recovery is not likely; she's not smoking for years already but used to be a really heavy smoker in the past and this is what most likely caused it. Really painful timing to see this thread now.

No. 1307210

digitally blows smoke on your face chillax lol

No. 1307220

I will chill once people around me will stop smelling like shit and giving nausea. Which means never.

No. 1307225

I'll never forget having two trips where the smoker was the driver ruined and stretched out 10x longer than it needed to be because of smoke breaks every 30 mins.
Also I judge guys super hard who take up smoking, especially the dysgenic incel looking ones because you know they're just doing it to look more manly and compensate. I know of one in particular who is insecure as fuck with negative chin. Pathetic.

No. 1307231

I hate smokers for so many reasons, they're common stuff but it's good to vent tbh.
>everything stinks
Every, single, thing, stinks so fucking much it's unreal, and I could leave a bag in the house of a smoker for a few minutes just to feel the horrible smell comino from it and stinking my clean house.
>the allergies
Just because someone is "okay" around you while you suck the stupid nicotine or weed stick doesn't mean that person won't have to deal with sometimes some serious consequences later on.
I've had nights in which I feel like I'm choking because of the secondhand smoke that I've inhaled even if it was for a while, even after taking an antiallergic, which is also I can't take all of the time because it's like getting an anesthetic that will make me fall asleep so deeply that not even the alarm clock could wake me up.
>the whole addict shit
Fuck that shit, I fucking hate how smokers of any kind can't fucking stop smoking for a while, you're a stupid ass dumbass addict, no, you can't just leave it whenever you want and no, it's not because I haven't tried it.
Your brain thinks it needs your stupid cigs or stupid weed because it's how it's wired, why can't you get a healthy addiction like drinking copious amounts of water? Or exercising? Maybe become addicted to helping people for fuck's sake, you could be a baking addict that gives cakes to the homeless. But noooooo I need to smoke muh cigarettes and muh weed to feel like a persooooon.
Smokers are the same as drunkards, just as hazardous even.
>when it's a personality trait
Fuck that shit as well, weed doesn't make you cool, it makes you look like a loser, smoking, regardless of whether you're smoking slim cigarettes or the most expensive cigars with rum, makes you look like the orally fixated loser that you are without an ounce of self control that disgusts people.
Also, wearing merch of the shit that's either rotting your brain or rotting your lungs isn't quirky, cute or funny, it's pathetic, it makes you look like an unwashed loser that needs attention 24/7.
>INB4 Muh coping mechanism Muh I'm saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Muh I'm stweeeeeeeeessed
Unless you're literally dying because of a crippling terminal illness, fuck off.
>muh alternative medicine
Petting kittens and puppies is also a good alternative medicine, petting horses as well, hiking, going to the beach, helping other people in actual need that can't afford a pack of cigarettes or 100 grams of weed and all of the paraphernalia that it needs, massages, meditation, yoga, swimming, boxing, fruit picking, farming, gardening, solving puzzles, reflections of what you've done with your life, crafts and arts, poetry, writing, music, baking, cooking, reading, acting, sewing, knitting, crocheting.
There you go, a list of things that you can do to keep your anxiety at bay, doesn't all of that sound enriching? There's even things that you can do with friends, family, where you can meet new people, or that you can even do on breaks at work instead of smoking like a massive faggot loser.

No. 1307239

If smokers love choking to death so much, why not take the rope immediately instead of shitting everyone's fresh air?

No. 1307256

It's not like I've never smoked or vaped myself but I've been in a few living situations before where indoor smoking was banned and so I either cut down or stopped. I'm living in a country with the most miserable weather so I'm not standing out in the cold for a smoke. Things like the cost going up and it being hard to smoke outdoors without getting pissed rained on have made me just pack it in. It's not worth all the cons it brings. But I've had enough roommates and neighbors over the years who carried on with it. Opening the door all day long to go out, letting the heat out out of the house, standing out there in the rain, dragging mud into the house every hour. I never unsderstood the dedication to it.

I came home from a night shift thismorning and my neighbor was smoking (weed) at 10 am. They rent and can't smoke indoors so I swear they spend more time outside smoking a mix of cigs and weed than being inside the house. We have these tiny depressing lil non-gardens so who'd want to stand there all day. She had locked her 1 year old inside and she was just ignoring her screaming her lungs out in the background.. all to smoke weed at 10 am on a thursday. Is it worth it?

No. 1307265

I loathe smokers, especially ones who want to walk and smoke. I didn't ask to get lung cancer via second hand smoke, keep your nasty shit to yourself! Stand in a single spot and smoke in an area where everyone can avoid your nastiness. Also I see so many smokers litter too. You want to kill yourself then whatever but fuck off ruining shit for the rest of us. The urge I always feel to pick up the remaining cigarette (that wasn't even stomped out!) and press it into those people's clothes. The utter disregard for the public for a smoker's own selfishness is disgusting. I really do wish all smokers would just rope themselves.

No. 1307271

Smokers are fucking disgusting. I can’t understand why it is permitted in most countries for them to walk down the street waving a stick with a hot burning end around while expelling toxic stinking chemicals that are KNOWN to cause cancer.

Imagine if I walked down the street with a canister with a skull and cross bones on it and “this causes cancer” and “caution, hot” stickers, emitting a gas that stinks. I’d be arrested pretty quickly. What’s the difference?

Weed smokers are even worse as it affects you mentally. I stayed in one Airbnb that was listed as no smoking and the host smoked weed inside daily and it was disgusting and clearly fucking her brain up. Weed smokers become like autists and talk at you about completely irrelevant things at inappropriate times. Smokers also start to get irritable if they “need” a joint or cigarette or whatever.

Smoking is also incredibly disrespectful to how many people are starving to death or dying from cancer (probably not far from you) while you are literally paying out of pocket to shorten your life span and increase the chances of getting cancer.

Smoking also ruins your voice. Even if you quit, you can still hear years later that it’s not as soft as it used to be when just talking.

The idea of dating a smoker is disgusting. Even if they hide it, you’re still going to get poisonous chemicals on everything you own, in your mouth when you kiss them, puke.

Smokers also expect huge praise for quitting when all they are doing is rectifying their dumbass mistake to start in the first place.

Smokers create tonnes of litter with cigarette ends and increase their carbon footprint. The industry's carbon footprint from production, processing and transporting tobacco is equivalent to one-fifth of the CO2 produced by the commercial airline industry each year but no one ever mentions that.

No. 1307291

I smoke weed and crochet get bent

No. 1307296

I hate smokers that act entitled when you say you don't want them to smoke around you or in the car. Yes even with the fucking window down it fills the whole car and maybe I don't want to sit inside a wind tunnel so you can get your nicotine fix because Christ forbid you go one fucking car ride without a cigarette

No. 1307302

You will end like Jill the cow kek.

No. 1307311

A thread full of whiney, over dramatic piss babies, and I don't even smoke

No. 1307314

My whole family smokes and during family gatherings I am surrounded my clouds of smoke for the entire time I'm there. If I even make as much as a face or move to get away from the worst of it, they will give a petty "sorry for bothering you" comment and act all smug about it. They smoke around the kids too with no regard for their health. People who smoke around kids in general are fucking annoying.

You're the only being dramatic, Alan, this thread isn't even for you.

No. 1307318

>I don’t want to be around something that stinks
>OMG so overdramatic!!!!

No. 1307322

>smokers should rope themselves
>smokers should get the death penalty
Kek, nice try nona.

No. 1307323

Samefag, not everyone who thinks you're a freak is a moid. Grow up.

No. 1307327

She meant Alana

No. 1307329

I mean, they're basically committing suicide. If you want to die that much, instead of slowly inhaling enough chemicals to give yourself and people who didn't consent to that shit cancer, you might as well die quickly and not endanger others. That would also save us a shit ton of public healthcare money where I am.

No. 1307330

Imo vapers are far more obnoxious. Get that headache inducing cotton candy shit away from me

No. 1307333

File: 1660835579874.jpg (77.29 KB, 720x888, ce1b03393fa0b9c6b9de36daa2ddda…)

I like being around smokers on breaks and I like the smell of cigarettes.

No. 1307334

Well, it is addictive anon. And most people get into smoking when they're teenagers and get trapped, which is what the tobacco company intended. I don't think any smoker actually feels good about smoking or what it does to their body. Have you ever been addicted to something anon?

No. 1307336

I really love the smell of cigars

No. 1307337

Can we get an alcoholic love/alcohol enjoyers thread in contrast to this one?

No. 1307339

There's a drunk thread, newfag.

No. 1307341

I threw out my actual vape kit years ago and was doing fine. Now lately I'm buying those disposable teeny vape pens. I thought they peaked years ago but stores near me are really stocking up on them again lately. Big colorful displays of them that suck in teens, and tards like me

No. 1307344

>I was a teen when I started smoking!!
That's literally no excuse to stop smoking. If you don't have the self-control to stop smoking when you're over the age of 21 then at that point it's just pathetic.
Nta but my issue with smokers is how they think they're better than drunkards when they're literally the same.
If you remove the smokes and weed they can't sleep, they get cranky, they will throw up, get depressed and shit like that.
The only difference is that they're conscious the whole time, which makes this whole thing even more retarded.

No. 1307345

I just called you a name, I didn't assume you're a moid. Stop being so dramatic, kek.

No. 1307353

I'm not a smoker. And you obviously don't know anything about addictive substances. Go back to wishing death on people's mothers, freak.
It was a moids name because your sausage fingers can't type properly, what else am I supposed to assume? The anons in this thread remind me of dog haters.

No. 1307359

Ntas but read the title. Hide the thread if you want but this carry on is just dumb

No. 1307364

Then don't smoke in the first place. All the ex-smokers I know acknowledged that thinking like this was just cowardice on their part and that they just shouldn't have smoked in the first place because of teenage peer pressure.

No. 1307370

yeah honestly i always loved the smell that came from my dad's cigarettes kek

No. 1307372

Just fucking hide the thread(s), this is an imageboard not twitter.

No. 1307387

Multiple asthma diagnoses and doctors begging them to quit for my sake didn't stop my parents from smoking when I was a wee anon. They only stopped when it threatened their health. They're both pretty healthy now and I still have underdeveloped lungs that cause daily issues. I hate those faggot cancer sticks, smokers can all rot in their own nicotine residue.

No. 1307390

based thread

No. 1307391

I'm a smoker when I went to Disney world I was affronted with so many people coughing at me and trying to shame me for smoking. I'm from UK. No one gets on like that here. Americans really think they're doing something fake coughing. I was drunk at epcot and this woman got so mad when I started laughing when she coughed at me. She started fake choking and I asked if she was ok and she went "No, you're polluting the air!!" bitch we're at Disney they're pumping out synthetic shit everywhere calm down.

No. 1307392

I'd cough at you anon.

No. 1307393

i just don't like smoking indoors and buds everywhere but i don't really care about bus stops. Living moderately close to a chemical plant is much worse than somebody smoking here and there. Besides if people choose death, who am i to bother them about it?

No. 1307394

Some of us aren't faking anon.

No. 1307395

Based. I smoke weed and embroider. Let’s be friends?

No. 1307397

That's not going to make me stop. Tbh I find it funny that people perform for me to evoke a reaction, I feel like a critic.

No. 1307398

KEK i'd be like Whatch out this lady has the rona!!

No. 1307400

The ones at Disney were though. I was in my little designated shame spot away from people chilling with a bunch of random ducks and people were making a point to come towards me.

No. 1307412

Then maybe don't smoke at an amusement park intended for children and families? Get a patch for the day if you're that fussed about shame.

No. 1307418

I'm saying I'm not lol. They have smoking areas away from park goers. UK doesn't allow smoking indoors or certain outside areas.

No. 1307424

I always associate it with my grandma's house lol, I like it too.

No. 1307426

I'm >>1307333 but you don't have to be surprised when people show they don't like when you force your smoke on others.

No. 1307428

File: 1660841140442.jpg (17.68 KB, 400x400, 1650038712918.jpg)

First of all weed doesn't kill you
Second, who fucking cares why would anybody want to live until they are 90 when you can have fun and die at 60. Processed food is also killing you slowly, so is a sedentary lifestyle in front of a computer.

No. 1307429

Weed smells awful and fries your brain.

No. 1307436

Okay Darren the DARE lion

No. 1307443

Even if you’re passively suicidal and don’t care to live a long time the horrible symptoms of cancer and smoking-related diseases are so fucking uncomfortable like ppl really be dumb enough to put themselves through that willingly in 2022 like just Kill yourself now coward and stop wasting healthcare workers time

No. 1307450

If you expose strangers in public to your smoke, I don't see what's wrong with them sharing their own undesirable air with you. Group exchange and all. In fact, since you've made your cigarette everyone's business, I don't think it's so big a deal if they just take it and flick it

No. 1307456

File: 1660842025064.jpeg (27.72 KB, 275x275, D5B692FF-D981-49FC-B75C-A1F711…)

No. 1307457

why don't you go in a small tiny room with no windows and the door closed and smoke to your hearts content instead.

No. 1307483

My brother had a housemate before that went nuts and it was the trigger. People with a genetic predisposition for schizo illnesses sometimes don't know it til that sets it off. They got his parents involved and the guy had a machete. lol wild

No. 1307489

File: 1660843142213.jpeg (263.36 KB, 1093x960, 56AA27F6-1AF6-479F-823B-B6D336…)

No. 1307520

I used to do maintenance on people's computers as a teen, and you can just tell when one came from a smoker's house because the dust is brown and so damn stinky. Weed smokers were even worse. It's like there was hash on all the vents and it reeked of ass.

No. 1307523

Okay what's that gotta do with normal people and not schizo moids

No. 1307525

>get bent my duudddeeeee!!111!
why do you guys all sounds the same and like your brain is fried

No. 1307528

>get bent my duuuuuududududue
>only "my dude" is "weed talk"
>get bent is normal
>op didn't say my dude
You're insane

No. 1307530

You sound like a bitch, why is an adult chain smoker even going to disney world a place for kids? If smoker started laughing at me when i cough i would spit in there face. Not everyone wants to get lung cancer

No. 1307540

File: 1660844817880.jpg (52.26 KB, 720x895, 2e9d7e2f1f6cd5427bae0c55fd3d57…)

I hate the smell of regular tobacco cigarettes and weed but worse of all is straw cigarettes, it was originally a countryside thing in my country, but I used to live in a big city where it was extremely popular, especially among university students. Everywhere I went there was someone smoking something, often stinky straw cigarette. Maybe because it's said to be better than regular cigarettes, but that's a lie and I'm not sure why anyone would believe that, or maybe it was just the hipster appeal.

No. 1307543

>Disney world a place for kids
Anon Disney world is chocked to the brim with insane, autistic adults. Half of the cows on this site have it as their dream location.

No. 1307545

What a creative but roundabout way to try to end my anti-American sentiment.
And no one would point that out if it wasn't a place for kids. Unless your point is that anon should be allowed to smoke there cause autists and cows would be the ones suffering.

No. 1307566

>What a creative but roundabout way to try to end my anti-American sentiment.
KEK same

No. 1307577

Geez. Maybe I just wanted to talk about weird weedy machete guy.

No. 1307578

I wouldn't be performing though, I'd seriously need to cough because that shit hurts my throat very quickly, the only effort I'd need to make would be to turn to your direction at that exact moment.

No. 1307580

Kek you're so mad, I haven't wished for anyone's death btw, I'm just saying that at some point in your life you have to have some sense of responsibility and find different ways to cope.
I've been addicted to sugar, it's possible to be addicted to it, but now I don't consume it. Was it difficult to drop? Of course it was, but with will power anything is possible.
It's so easy to blame the addictive substance when the problem is the weakness of the person that can't let go, because it's easier to have a quick and temporary solution instead of doing something meaningful with their time that won't mess up with other people's health.

No. 1307582

Kissing a smoker tastes like fucking shit. Even more disgusting than that time I kissed a guy after we both had eaten ham, I swear.

No. 1307583

I started smoking when I was a teen and went cold turkey years later, but I'd have nightmares every night that I was smoking and I'd feel fucked with guilt every morning. Thankfully I was able to do it after my second attempt. It helps to have people to hold you accountable and try to reduce triggers that make you want to smoke.

No. 1307623

File: 1660849977738.jpeg (36.1 KB, 800x740, AD2A05C8-F960-46FA-AEF4-1B0D9A…)

Smokers cause forest fires by flicking their butts out the car window. I’ve seen a guy get pulled over for it (British Columbia Canada).
They also stink, ruin houses/cars etc and are unpleasant to be around. The way to get extra breaks at work is to lie and say you smoke and they just let you hang outside whenever you want. I hate smokers with a burning passion. My family are a bunch of addicts of meth, weed, alcohol and cigarettes. Seeing what has become of them after all these years is depressing and 100% preventable. My aunt got a nose job because coke fucked it up internally. My cousin is prostituting herself for meth and lives in a busted RV. It all starts with smoking but one bad event or peer pressure can send someone in search of something stronger.

No. 1307634

>Smokers cause forest fires by flicking their butts out the car window.
There's high fire risk signs all over my state that say "Use ashtrays" and it makes me irrationally angry that this is a thing people need to be told.

No. 1307740

Last year for some traning, my team and I had to travel by plane to go to another city and see our clients, and we nearly missed the plane because one coworker felt the need to take a smoke break after we passed security. Dumb bitch. And she also wonders why she always work overtime despite her taking smoke break all the time too. Girl, if you want to leave the office at 6pm like everyone else maybe you should stop taking 4 smoke break that last 10 minutes each everyday, how about that?

No. 1307757

I think you should get a journal

No. 1307801

I dated a guy that smoked and I made him brush his teeth before kissing me and he obeyed. Still lingered everywhere and low-key grossed me out

No. 1307804

And you are fucking retarded. Keep doing this shit to your brain you moron, you can't understand context anymore lmao.

No. 1307809

File: 1660858631231.png (2.28 MB, 2079x960, 665609BD-353E-47A1-9549-59DF38…)

Don’t cigarettes make cum taste even worse too?

No. 1307882

Cigarettes are so fucking gross. Idk what was going on my head when I got with my bf initially. He coughed up shit every morning, his erections were crap, I hated that we would go outside in the middle of a date to have a smoke. Glad he quit the second I said it had turned into a dealbreaker. Nowadays the smell of cigarettes kinda makes me nostalgic for the girls I hung out with in high school.

No. 1308072

yes!! i hate it. the wind always blows the smoke at me. bus stop smokers suck and so do smokers when i am going on my break and they are all standing about the only seating area, huffing instead of fucking off 20 feet away.

No. 1308152

I used to work in a poor town and there were regular customers spending hundreds of dollars on cigarettes, tax is crazy so they are around $9/pack minimum. Guys doing construction or working at the pizza joint would come in and buy 4-5 packs multiple times a week. We had to keep cartons locked in the office because was getting common in the region for people to jump the counter and steal all the cartons. People would also flip out if they tried doing returns (with stolen items) and the store credit couldn’t be used to buy cigarettes. It’s like currency in these areas.

Also, the state next to us banned e-cigarettes fairly early, so residents would plan day trips to drive to every gas station/pharmacy/head shop they could find to stock up on pods and refills while businesses were marking them down to get rid of stock.

No. 1308193

fucking yes. the three months my bf quit cigarettes was the best sex we ever had.

No. 1308283

I wuit smoking cold Turkey guess I’m just built different frfr

No. 1308308

people who can’t live life without their daily weed smoking are so pathetic to me

No. 1308310

File: 1660887950642.jpg (408.97 KB, 1200x898, 1405925084492.jpg)

It's gross in so many ways and all the breaks smokers get to take at work drives me nuts but admittedly I still kinda think it looks cool. It's balanced out by how severely uncool it is to constantly need to pause your life to go and smoke outside somewhere.

Either way I hope every smoker switches to vaping. They can blow their watermelon flavoured smoke in my face any day.

No. 1308341

I don't understand why smokers get more hate than people who drink alcohol. Fuck these people, causing car accidents and being a pain on the ass

No. 1308344

I dont want to totally derail the thread but I agree. I've met heavy drinkers/stoners who act like cigarette smokers/vapers are straight up demonic. I think some of it has to do with that addict/substance user trope of "oh well, at least I'm not as bad as those guys."

No. 1308350

I live in a country where almost everyone smokes, smoking is allowed indoors, there are "non smoking" areas that are literally just another part of the room and smokers don't give a shit if someone dislikes them puffing away with small children and infants in the room. I've been told to find non-smoker friends if I don't like smoking, which is ridiculous because all I ask is for them to control themselves indoors so I can breathe.

The worst part is when they smoke and walk and you're stuck behind them on the street as they blow smoke in your face. Actually no, the sickeningly sour smell of their breath is even worse, I've been social distancing for years just because of that.

No. 1308352

I honestly dislike both. Alcoholic drinks in moderation are fine, but in practice, I keep hearing some crazy shit from family and coworkers. Like how some people seem to have a hangover everytime they party, or people love to pressure others to drink because "it's good I swear". The second case happened to me recently when I already forced myself to waste time after work to socialize with coworkers, it was awkward as fuck, I'm never going back there.

No. 1308353

Because atleast I can breathe around drunk people anon, I legit can't around smokers.
Also because if you complain about smokers then you're an asshole and overreacting, complaining about smokers is less sociably acceptable so people are gonna post online about it more often.

No. 1308373

The reason smokers deserve more hate then any other group no matter who rees about muh fatties and drinkers being just as bad/unhealthy, is that the former don't also make you eat/drink to. Smokers suck because being around them means inhaling second hand smoke, and smoking causes lung cancer, so people really don't want their chances of cancer to increase. While certain vices indulged to the point of affecting others can be bad (eating to the point of imobility and being a drain on the system/the people around you and have to take care of you, or drinking and getting violent/needing to be driven around to avoid an accident), it can be avoided with moderation. No way to avoid getting cancer by smoking in moderation, and does not force others to also indulge in the vice if they are in the same place as you.

No. 1308397

alcohol causes cancer too, but nobody ever talks about that

No. 1308435

does it cause cancer to people who aren't drinking it tho?

No. 1308441

no, but i wish it was more common knowledge that alcohol causes cancer! it’s so “normalized” and socially acceptable, yet it’s also horrible for your health.
i think it’s shitty that alcohol doesn’t have warning labels, the way cigarettes do.
everyone knows cigarettes cause cancer, but i don’t think as many people know that alcohol does too.

No. 1308448

Anon's point is that you won't get liver cancer from alcohol of you go to bars to drink virgin pina colada and virgin mojito next to people who drink beer, wine or champagne. Because at the end of the day you don't absorb the alcohol that someone else will drink next to you, unlike smoke.

No. 1308449

And samefagging but here in France we have a small but still visible warnings about how you need to drink alcohol in moderation for your health in ads. Maybe that's also the case in other countries.

No. 1308452

Here in alcohol ads we only have warnings not to drink and drive.
Truly that impacts others the worst, I don't care if you drank your liver away, I care about my dead friend killed by a drunk driver.

No. 1308454

True. I have no compassion for drunk drivers. They should get severe sentences regardless of whether they injured or killed someone or not, fuck them.

No. 1308456

File: 1660900147748.jpg (14.92 KB, 228x235, Tumblr_l_3157476527492.jpg)

Thank god a place I can rant about smokers. One of my jobs there are these 3 women, one you would never, ever guess was in her early 40s because how absolute ragged she looks, and part of that clearly has to do with smoking. She always goes out smoking on both 15s we get with these 2 girls and they all smoke 2-3 cigarettes each in that time (nobody actually makes it 15 its usually 20) and they always stink so goddamn badly, like far worse than usual. One day I was on my lunch when I saw them smoking and found out all 3 smoke together in 1 car, don't even bother to roll the damn windows down. When I say they reek I mean it. One girl I work closeby her and I will be 2 aisles over and I can still smell her its that strong. Absolutely disgusting

No. 1308459

>>1308456 same fag forgot to add, the haggard 40 year old coughs like shes about to vomit all day. Lay off the fucking cigarettes maybe

No. 1308471

Can we talk about vaping in this thread too? Because I'm going to. I fucking despise vaping and lose respect for anyone that does it. I feel like I have my They Live! glasses on super tight with regard to vapes.

Fewer people are smoking now than in previous generations, then some marketing genius says, "Hey, what if we made it taste like candy!" And another one says, "Yeah! And we'll sell them in fun colours and give them quirky brand names!" It feels like it's specifically and aggressively marketing to children. I even seem to recall being vaguely aware of some controversy in the US where JUUL was advertising on the Cartoon Network website?

We have a retarded law in my country to fight childhood obesity now, where you cannot display candy or chocolate at the tillpoint any more because it encourages impulse buying. Nobody mentions that vapes and vaping equipment now fill that impulse buying space where the candy used to be. Then you have entire vape shops are springing up everywhere like fucking fungus, most of which seem to be entirely staffed by Pajeets who are really bad at hiding that something shady is going on.

I am utterly convinced that the tobacco companies behind vaping know something about the health risks that we, the public, do not, and are actively trying to ensure we don't find out until it's too late. Like they have literally done since forever.

No. 1308479

I really like what New Zealand has done by raising the age limit you can buy smokes each year in order to hopefully phase them out fully.

I also really hate when I'm working and I see an obviously struggling family turn what could've been only $30 in groceries into $100+ just because their addiction is more important than getting their kids fucking food.

No. 1308495

Colorful disposable vape pens have made a pretty noticable resurgence where I live. I thought they peaked a few years ago but I think other countries have set harsher selling rules.. and so the market where I am is pushing them harder while they still can. Staying ahead of any incoming laws that put a dampner on it. I've complained on here before that there's more vape packaging littering the streets in my area than there is candy wrappers.. it has to be younger people.

The last time I ever bought one (ex smoker, used vapes while giving it up) It had the writing "I vape great!" written on it in this fancy script and it's just a piss take how cute they make them. I felt like a fool with it. It looked like a peach lipstick and lit up purple at the end. Make them bland looking at least. They did that with cigs here, removed the branding so that they look boring. Then this rainbow shit pops up right next to them? That time I bought one the cashier laid out 20 options too and I think she was surprised I only wanted one. They're not even a 'weaning off' tool any more. The whole reason we originally had them was to taper off the real thing.

No. 1308499

sure anon!!!

No. 1308505

>She had locked her 1 year old inside and she was just ignoring her screaming her lungs out in the background.. all to smoke weed at 10 am on a thursday. Is it worth it?

I have a bone to pick with parents who prioritize smoking at the risk of neglecting their child. Doing it casually and in your own time is one thing, but there's a point where it becomes addiction and not only affects you but the people around you.

No. 1308508

Samefag is for when you're replying to yourself because you forgot to add something, not when you're talking to someone responding to your comment

No. 1308548

My dearest anon, I think you should read the name of the thread. Of course everyone in here hates smokers, and smokers are seething about it.
If there was an alcoholic hate thread we would have a bunch of people saying that they hate alcoholics and so on.

No. 1308571

Samefag is when you reply to your comment as if you’re someone else. People here often use it in the wrong way.

No. 1308573

No it isn’t. What a load of bullshit. Kill yourself retard. see?

No. 1308575

Need a janny or seasoned lc user to confirm then because most of the time I've seen anons use it to reply to their own comment if they're clearly not a newfag. People getting it mixed up is needlessly confusing, no wonder people think they're only talking to one anon

No. 1308577

what on earth is going on?

No. 1308604

This anon is correct. People use it incorrectly in place of "doubleposting". Samefagging is like sockpuppeting but without the need of making accounts.

No. 1308605

Probably the schizo tranny baiting.

No. 1308607

That's weird. No wonder a bunch of anons get so confused if it's misused so often. What are anons supposed to use to indicate doubleposting then?

No. 1308610

God I've been using it wrong this whole time, will say doubleposting from now on

No. 1308614

File: 1660917745902.jpeg (405.93 KB, 828x1024, BC989245-03C3-478D-9D32-8588AF…)

Terminology thread

No. 1308617

Thank you for kindly educating us nonnas here on the smoker hate thread of all places

No. 1308641

I was interested in this girl a while back (im a lesbian not a moid no ban pls) even though she was a smoker, physically she was exactly my type
After sleeping with her a couple of times, the morning after one day she just starts with the fucking awful smokers cough and in that moment i lost interest kek. Its so nasty and just reminds me of an old man
I saw her a year later and she looked like she had aged 5 years from the shitty dull skin and wrinkles smoking gives you
Tobacco makes you look, smell and sound like shit lmao

No. 1308675

I feel bad for laughing

No. 1308680

File: 1660922651150.png (191.39 KB, 1293x311, oh no.png)

Courtesy from the queers and spicy straights thread: This is officially a bisexual hate thread. I wish there were statistics for the overlap between who is claims to be bisexual to feel cool and who smokes to feel cool.

No. 1308686

Uh, nonna..
>Approximately 12% (95% CI = 11.9%, 12.4%) of women in the general population were either daily or nondaily smokers, as compared with 28.8% (95% CI = 21.1%, 38.0%) of lesbians (P< .001), 26.9% (95% CI = 19.5%, 35.9%) of bisexual women (P< .001), and 43.6% (95% CI = 35.9%, 51.5%) of WSW (P< .001).
>Sixty-eight percent (95% CI=67.4%, 68.7%) of women in the general population had never smoked, as compared with 43.0% (95% CI = 34.0%, 52.5%) of lesbians (P< .001), 51.3% (95% CI = 41.9%, 60.6%) of bisexual women (P= .001), and 21.5% (95% CI = 16.0%, 28.3%) of WSW (P < .001).
>A total of 19.7% (95% CI = 19.2%, 20.3%) of men in the general population were smokers, as compared with 27.3% (95% CI = 21.6%, 33.8%) of gay men (P< .016) in our sample. No significant differences in smoking were observed in comparisons between men in the general population and bisexual men (30.3%; 95% CI = 17.2%, 47.7%; P= .186) or MSM (33.2%; 95% CI = 18.4%, 52.3%, P = .133).

No. 1308705

Wtf american women, get your shit together and leave the cigarettes for men to kill themselves with. And what's wsw? Women who have sex with women?

No. 1308785

File: 1660931320025.jpg (35.95 KB, 509x319, cache_14533362.jpg)

I used to smoke, I would stop occasionally and then pick it back up when work got stressful. Smokers don't know that they stink. They have no idea they smell like wet cigarette butts. I would say I feel bad for my former coworkers in hindsight, but quitting that job ultimately led me to quitting smoking, and for good this time.

I used to like the smell of second hand smoke too, but now I can't stand it. It used to make me want to smoke but now it just gives me a headache. What gets me now is seeing smoking on shows or in games. It makes my chest feel tight and gives me butterflies. Tobacco companies really knew what they were doing when they created deathly addictive cigarettes and all encompassing advertising.

I wish I had never started. When I see young people smoking now, it makes me angry. Smelling smoke in my apartment from neighbors or people on the street almost pushes me over the edge. But I don't say anything to others, because I know the response would be just like mine was when I smoked.

No. 1308965

>Tobacco makes you look, smell and sound like shit lmao
Don't forget the taste

No. 1315927

today i saw a man smoking through a hole in his neck…vom

No. 1315942

Isn't it something that's done to you when you get like throat cancer, usually from smoking? Why is this guy still smoking then? At least if he wants to use the "I'll die anyway, I might as well keep smoking" argument that a lot of dying patients use, don't get a hole on your neck.

No. 1315953

That’s hilarious. I wonder if he’s ever tried eating a hotdog sausage with it.

No. 1315959

My grandma was on oxygen and dying of lung cancer but she still smoked a pack a day until her death. When she died it didn't even hit that hard because she had been dying for years I was numb to it. My only memories of her are on a breathing machine and she reeked of smoke. The sad thing is that she was an awesome person, really funny, we played online scrabble together. But addiction took her so young she was only 61. I will never smoke ever

No. 1315994

I'm not surprised at all, a lot of dying smokers do this because they feel like they have nothing to lose at this point anyway.

No. 1316051

When I was a kid practically every adult in my family smoked. We'd be in the car and they'd all be smoking with no windows rolled down basically hotboxing me. Now the smell of cigarette smoke makes me sick. My sister was driving me home from an appointment where I was put under, and couldn't wait the 10 minute drive to not smoke, so she lights up and I threw up on myself.

No. 1316064

I honestly detest alchol drinkers more cigerette smokers. If i was going out with my friends and they got shit faced, i would abbandon them on the street and whatever happens to them happens. Back to smoking, most smokers i know have the most disgusting fucked up teeth. I feel like certain cigerettes stink more than others and almost smell as horrific as weed. Tbh i just hate anyone who would willing poison themselves for fun and expect the sane non-smokers and drinkers to feel sorry for them. I have i no sympathy for people who die from cancer sticks, drugs or alcohol. I hate that it doesn't kill them sooners. Lastly, people who do all of this and harm the wealth of their children are pure evil. I feel so bad when other children at school would complain about their parents smoking in the house.

No. 1316065

I hope you ruined the seats with your vomit.

No. 1316076

i personally dont know a single person who ruined their life w/ smoking but i kno several who did so w/ alcohol. the hate for smokers is baffling to me because the only place i even walk by them is at the loading dock behind my job where some employees go for breaks. idk if a majority of the nonnys in this thread are european or something to even be encountering smokers often enough to get riled up about it

No. 1316086

my mom died of lung cancer at 67 at the start of this year, she smoked all her life and smoked until she died. When i was a kid i remember following her outside to sit with her while she smoked, and playing with the ash. I started smoking at 14 and just recently switched to a vape after seeing her die because I don't want to die like that. Eventually I'll quit the vape, tried quitting before without and I couldn't.

No. 1316121

You can consider your extremely lucky if you only see smokers outside in one place. You just don't know enough smokers to see the ones who have permanently ruined their health. Do you live in a country where you need the car to go to most places, and that's why you're asking if we're Europeans? I'm European and see and smell cigarettes every fucking where, it's insane. However when Inlived in Tokyo I never had that issues and the air was way less polluted because smokers had their own dedicates spaces outside to smoke, so you can avoid them very easily. If they smoked outside of these spaces they would get fined. Even going to izakaya where smoking is allowed was far less nasty than going anywhere outside in my city. If the government wanted to put this in place they'd would all get threatened with their lives because "muh freedom"

No. 1316209

My family has alot of 'generation trauma' I guess, CSA, people covering it up, child neglect that turns into more bad parenting when that child grows up and has their own kids and doesn't know how to be a parent etc. So I have empathy for people with legit trauma that was left untreated for so long that addiction took over first. People without a healthy upbringing or support system to even try and guide them. I lost an aunt to it. Then I used to have a friend who'd sit in the pub with us and start telling us about her dad molesting her as soon as she was drunk enough to lose her filter. She was way too generous about buying other people drinks and she had no off switch once she started drinking, it was a mess. She'd a dead mom and a dad in prison and nobody had the authority to really step in and stop her eating through her savings that way.

I still think alot of the alcoholism in my country stems from people who just sign onto state benefits for 'insert shady disability claim' and then eventually boredom kicks in because they're obviously able-bodied and not doing anything with their life. So they live in the pub and smoke and drink all day.. ironically taking their disablity money and spending it on ruining their health for real.

No. 1317299

im in the US and i saw slightly more smokers when i lived in a denser urban area, but yes using a car to get everywhere is probably the no.1 reason i dont see too much of it, a majority of US areas are car dependent like that. there are also rules here now for 90% of businesses about not smoking within 50ft of a building/entrance and im surprised on average the smokers that i do see (minus the ones at my job) keep to their designated areas

No. 2057326

this thread must live. i fucking hate smokers. i can tolerate those who keep it to designated smoking places but those who smoke in public around other people i hope will get lung cancer as soon as possible and won't notice until it's too late.
i especially despise moids (never saw female smokers do it for some reason) who spit on the street because they can't bear to swallow their nasty smoker mucus. i hope they fucking choke on it one day. TSD

No. 2057335

You are wrong. Smoking is awesome.(bait)

No. 2057342

My country has really strict anti-smoking laws and I’m so grateful, I love being able to breathe clean air wherever I go.

No. 2057362

File: 1718888516536.jpg (153.35 KB, 1280x720, GL20P37F2_18471.jpg)

I'm okay with people smoking outdoors as long as they don't throw pic related to the floor. I'm my country people do that when the cigarette is still lit and they don't even bother to put it down after that. A couple of times I've seen a burning cigarette tail falling near me from a balcony and that has scared the shit out of me, I don't want to think what could have happened if it hit me on the head/face. I used to smoke as a teen and I'd be careful to not trash the park when I smoked there, there are bins everywhere in cities these days.

No. 2057366

None of my friends smoked ten years ago, now in 2024 pretty much all my friends either smoke recreationally or are addicted to nicotine through other means (some took it up as a nootropic during uni). I feel like it’s almost become cool again and I hate it!

No. 2057369

As a kid I didn’t mind but now I’m an adult I really resent my dad and his girlfriend for smoking in the car with me when I was little. I developed really bad asthma in my teens and my parents didn’t really do much to accommodate me. My mum wouldn’t believe me when I told her I could tell she had been smoking inside & that it had a bad impact on my symptoms. As much as I love them their habit for smoking inside is so selfish especially when they know I have respiratory issues. My ability to breathe apparently means less to them than satisfying their dumb cravings. I hate nicotine it’s such a lame drug, doesn’t even give people a high it just makes people addicted and gives them cancer. I think it’s so dumb that people will seriously admit to smoking cigarettes just because it “looks cool” like I’ve never gotten that at all. I hate that tobacco companies managed to keep the younger generations addicted with vapes and shit. I want nicotine to die and be a thing of the past.

No. 2057419

No exaggeration I think littering lit/smoldering butts should be a jailable offense. Particularly if you live somewhere with wildfire risk and fire restrictions.

No. 2057442

I hate it when I'm sitting in a nice outdoor cafe and some braindead fuckwit decides it's time for a "ciggie" and starts to shit up the place with their nasty smoke. Smoking must kill braincells too, judging by the idiotic selfish behaviour that is typical for smokers.

No. 2057472

Once saw a moid do this at a coffee shop with an entire freaking cigar. Just sat there puffing on the whole thing while using his laptop. The patio was mostly covered and it was a still evening, so it lingered pretty hard in the air too.

No. 2057474

Every time I think of Europe I just think of the smell of cigs. Goddamn.

No. 2057562

Worst part about living in Florence for university was the fucking cig smoke, and in the year 2017. So many nice moments were less nice because of it and as a voice major it was triple stressful to try and not get sick during winters due to all that secondhand smoke coupled w the dampness

No. 2069244

Took back my ex after being apart for 5 years. He stopped smoking cigarettes in that time and took up vaping instead. It's still annoying how often he has to go out to vape but he no longer smells disgusting and his clothing items don't have a bunch of burn holes in them.

No. 2069296

Imaging kissing a smoker. It's beyond disgusting, like licking a dirty sink surface. Yuck.

No. 2072887

i hate when smokers blow their smoke in your direction when they’re smoking in public. go fuck yourself you pig

No. 2072905

It just sucks when pretty women smoke and they look like they've aged prematurely.

No. 2072958

One of the most seemingly obvious yet never discussed side effects of smoking is how difficult it becomes to breathe after you do it regularly. After I started smoking nearly every day breathing became challenging and I felt like an overweight suburban mom on a hot day, like I couldn't go up a flight of stairs without needing to catch my breath for a minute.
I've severely cut down and its getting much better, it's still hard not to have a cig once in a while as a little treat

No. 2072972

This isn't much better, but I switched from smoking cigarettes (about a pack a day) for about 10 years to vaping. Maybe going through a "pod" a week. Mmm yummy nicotine and mystery chemicals produced after being heated up and inhaled
But now I don't stink. One concerning thing is that, when I switched, I didn't cough up a lung the way I did when I previously tried to quit smoking and DIDN'T switch to vaping. It makes me think my lungs have never been given a chance to clear themselves out, and I'm imagining my tarry lungs being coated with a weird film that keeps the tar there rather than loosening so I can cough it up.
I'm on a medication that helps with quitting smoking, so hopefully after quitting vaping I can post my disgusting updates here about how much nasty shit I cough up.

No. 2073293

Every single person in my family used to smoke, but me. It was really annoying how my friends told me I smelled like cigarettes. I felt I was being shamed for something I never really chose. Every time I brought it up people would talk about how bad being a secondhand smoker is, but I was just a kid, there was little I could do. My parents and siblings weren't dumb, they knew smoking was bad, what did they expect me to do? I wouldn't convince them. I didn't have any allergies, but some of my friends did, so they couldn't do sleepovers in my house because the smell would trigger their allergies.
Now that I'm older I have some allergies, strong smells like perfumes give me terrible headaches and the smell of cigarettes is an instant trigger. I can now smell what my friends smelled in me. I don't hate smokers, but I hate how unaware they are. They used to smoke at restaurants and I remember my parents being pissed when the restaurant didn't have smoking tables. I now deeply relate to the people disgusted by that, as I also find the smell disgusting and the smoke makes my eyes hurt. I feel bad for my child version that was so exposed to it, that she didn't smell or feel the effects of it.
And I hate the smell of weed, it makes me want to vomit. I know people who hate the smell of cigarettes and don't mind the weed smell so this is probably more of a me thing.

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