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File: 1660694294042.png (743.86 KB, 480x750, dreamy borzoi garden.png)

No. 1305519

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.

Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

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No. 1305530

Anons who try to call you out when you repost something

No. 1305553

How do you keep finding vintage drawings of borzoi?

No. 1305555

File: 1660696939375.jpg (66.26 KB, 504x720, colorful borzoi.jpg)

Google and Pinterest nonna. Try searching "art deco borzoi" and "borzoi art"
Here's another one. I was going to make the threadpic this but I like the other one more.

No. 1305575

I just learned Art Deco was obsessed with borzoi.

No. 1305576

>tfw those are the only type of men i'm attracted to
Damn can you anons at least give them to me. I hate muscular men, it looks gross and is why I can't find most men attractive.

No. 1305580

I hate when you ask someone if they've heard a certain popular/mainstream pop song and they say no, but then retort how they don't listen to pop music and how their tasted are too refined for that. Like shut the fuck up. I don't go out of my way to listen to it either but these songs get played enough in ads, movies, or just played in public on the radio, that it's perfectly reasonable to assume someone's heard it before in some setting. Go shove your vinyl indie records and anime OSTs up your ass, you aren't special

No. 1305606

File: 1660701618274.jpg (198.4 KB, 400x400, Tumblr_l_4429244292470712.jpg)

AYRT and.. girl.. get better standards? tf is a matchstickboy good for? opening the window so a gust of wind blows the shitface away when you're upset at him?
muscular men are also disgusting, but that's why there is a middle ground, so why tf do you wanna settle for a skinny dipfuck useless deadbeat moid and not a decently fit walking wallet?
i don't hate but i genuinely dislike when women admit that their type is a twigleg horseface nimrod. he has nothing for you like most of the time those nonces are so greedy, needy, rude, ignorant, boring, uppity and unjustifiedly egoistical. AND FOR WHAT? making you eat all the food cuz he's a dainty little fuck and you end up gaining all the weight bc female and male metabolism works differently so u are the one suffering the consequences of him not knowing how to cook and shit?

No. 1305608

Kek anon I love your way with words but it kind of just sounds like you're an anachan who doesn't want a skinny male to upstage you

No. 1305609

Lmao ayrt, I just think the matchstick look is cute. That's it really, it just looks cuter to me.

No. 1305625

File: 1660703344264.jpg (43.78 KB, 552x552, tumblr_prd2xy62Y11tpmlpho1_640…)

AYRT shit, you're right KEK
i'm pathetic and angry like i'm just filled with rage ala picrel because the men i've had to deal with romantically were all bone and no (brain) muscle AND had the audacity to buy mcdonalds for me instead of dinner 'cuz in their minds it's the cheapest dogwater and i'm a bitch
it's my fault for picking them up like strays on a syphilis-infested sidewalk named tinder and i have no fucking idea why i expected anything, but like 3 times in a row they proved to all be the exact same type of lanky inept rats
and then i see my friends get with a chinless lampstand whose pants keep falling as he walks? hate them.

No. 1305627

kek, i love you and think your rage about this is justified

No. 1305628

File: 1660703720807.gif (7.15 MB, 350x400, 711c85451244fcf1b6bc4e9198ab9f…)

samefag x ayrt collab but whyyy? tf is appealing about them? the way their legs move like a newborn giraffe pushed by the wind? their eyes poking out like they're a pug because they got a gaunt face? gifrel looking fucks. if you want a cute little thing get a sea monkey like those lil bastards are ten times smarter and stronger than 10 humanized planks combined.

No. 1305635

But I can't fuck a sea monkey or snap its limbs anon

No. 1305858

The threadpic is fabulous, kisses for you OP

No. 1305908

File: 1660727632104.png (463.14 KB, 740x372, FFVI_Kefka_FMV.png)

I hate every fandom of the final fantasy games. They manage to group the worst of every possible fan group into them. There are boomer who haven't played anything since the last century that think they are the "true" fans, they insist on shitting on every single new game, over 2 decades and they are still obsessing over pixel era. The fandoms have the weirdest cows, like Tessa, women who project themselves obsessively into a character like tifa or aerith, usually panders to coomers but above all are usually the most insane people I've seen. They are constantly tryin to prove how quirky gamer girls they are in the most obnoxious way possible. Don't get me started on dedicated shippers who are still writing daily essays on who cloud should be romanced with, even after 25 years they still aggressively argue over this, this has to be the worst shipping war I've seen and the ones obsessed over it are the most pathetic than any other shipping fandom. I've actually avoided the VII for years because these lunatics made it sound like the game was only about this love triangle and nothing else at all. Even by mmo standards the XIV is a weird fandom, every single possible horny category is checked and I wished that was the worst problem of it. Of course Square panders to coomers in every single game so every final fantasy game is littered with disgusting moids. If you ever try to find fanart of any of the games you come out traumatized not only by absurd amount of fetishistic art but also the amount of people insisting in transwashing every single possible character for no reason, after all it wouldn't be a complete shitshow of a fandom without a bunch of trannies. I feel they actually make all the games worse, I avoid them at all costs but it's inevitable to come across these species, they make me embarrassed to actually enjoy the games.

No. 1305915

People who can't admit their wrong. How hard is it to just say "oops, my bad" or "ah fuck I misunderstood, sorry". So many retarded fights happen bc despite being glaringly wrong, a person can't admit fault. Drives me nuts.

No. 1305918

Ayrt, late response but no worries anon, I hope you have a nice day too and good luck with your appointments!

No. 1305919

Not samefag but I kind of want to expand on that, celebs who offer non apologies for/double down on really bad fuckups instead of having genuine remorse or acknowledging what they did wrong.

Sometimes it's funny to see them fumble, sometimes it's just sad or even annoying that they either can't or don't want to see how badly they've fucked up. Of course applies to regular people too but these people are in the public eye so it becomes a spectacle.

No. 1305921

Nonnie, your energy is very chaotic I truly admire it

No. 1305962

More of a pet peeve if anything but people who get so obsessed with a certain thing like Disney or some other specific fandom and then behave as if liking that thing is their only personality trait to the point that it has this unhealthy rule over their lives and it feels exhausting to be around them because it's all they talk about. Like I'm begging you please expand your horizons

E.g. I've come across and heard stuff about grown adults who will go apeshit over going to Disney and do stuff like force their kids to go on that overpriced trip for the nth time even if they don't want to and wear out all the workers working for presumably shit pay, I swear it's like a cult

No. 1305963

I hate working. Fuck work. I want to fucking sleep all day long.

No. 1305964

File: 1660735063473.jpg (154.77 KB, 1280x720, retd.jpg)

NEET Hoarders who spend their money on AliExpress and Amazon whilst bragging about it. Buying all of the same pink-popular plastic crap just to pretend to be like a kawaii NLOG girl when deep down you are a stupid consumer who buys and watches everything that is popular around normies.
Idk how being a hoarder and a weeb-wannabe turned into a trending aesthetic now.

No. 1305967

Working in graphic design, worst mistake of my life, 99% of what I do is making ugly shit for tasteless retards and my coworkers sucks.

No. 1305969

I hate when anons hype up anons like you, you are straight up corny and unfunny please stop for your own sake kek

No. 1305974

Are you a freelancer or working for someone? As a fellow graphic designer I want to offer a word of encouragement, I had to do a lot of disgusting things in the past but my current employer/client has me making nice things only. Things can get better.

No. 1305975

samefag and sorry for being a retard, you have a coworkers so ofc you work for someone. Advertising agency or other kind of place?

No. 1305981

Just… why would you do something like this? why do you have to decorate your keyboard/computer "aesthetically" (it's not aesthetically pleasing at all). What's wrong with just a keyboard without all those neon lights and shenanigans?

No. 1305988

I feel you, anon. Thankfully my fandom isn't as popular or big as the FF fandom so I can actually know who I can actually hold a conversation with and who to avoid at all costs, but I created an alt to just browse the FF fandom (and I was just checking on the VII side of it, mind it) and I managed to survive it on my visits… because I was pretty much pretending to be an Aiden who transwashed Cloud as part of her kinnie shtick.
And to be honest it does really feel like that many times, even if you don't want to admit it. How someone can be in a fandom for years, I don't know.

No. 1305997

I’m prepared to sell my soul to make ugly things for clients. I slowly realized that graphic design is not even meant to look visually pretty to look at, it’s just visual function. If you want pretty, you’re going to have to pursue painting and illustration and it sucks.

No. 1306216

Anons who reply to posts down thread but don't bother to go up thread to understand the context of what they're replying to. You look retarded.

No. 1306218

I hate streamers of any kind. Livestreaming is the worst kind of entertainment, completely devoid of culture and creativity, all based on unhealthy parasocial relationships.

No. 1306221

Livestreams can be fun if you watch someone you know. A friend of mine plays video games on twitch and my other friends and I watch her from time to time and give her tips, it's nice. I can't watch anyone else though. If I watch a let's play series on youtube it'll just be to see if a game interests me enough to buy it.

No. 1306240

Same, I hate video game streamers and let's play YouTubers. They always have such an obnoxious sense of humour and the lonely losers who lap it up are even more pathetic. I don't know if I hate moid streamers more or pick me female streamers who pander to 4chan incel scrotes. But it's the display of parasocial relationships that I find the most disgusting.

No. 1306250

I’m not talking about streaming to your own friends etc. I’m talking about “content creators”
They are all so extremely online and horny it’s disgusting lol

No. 1306261

Even when I had a few content creators I liked watching videos of (non-video game related content) I never once considered these figures are my "friends". Sure, I find their personality appealing and the kind of person I'd love to be friends with irl but I never once considered that these internet figures give a shit about me personally. The ones who actively participate in discord communities or twitch chats of gamer content creators have that kind of mindset. It's so weird, so pathetic.

No. 1306264

Why the fuck are moids so prissy nowadays? Most women I know could easily work 2 jobs and go to college and be happy even if they can't sleep, eat as much and care for themselves. Moids will work a 9-5 and get 7 hours of sleep instead of their usual 8 and then use it to mentally abuse everyone around them because of how tired they are. Are they seriously that autistic that a change in the routine can cause them to have a mental breakdown?

No. 1306271

>Most women I know could easily work 2 jobs and go to college and be happy even if they can't sleep, eat as much and care for themselves.

No. 1306295

I remember as a kid my dad always made a big deal about how hard he worked to support the family and what a big task it is to be the breadwinner (my mom did part time jobs here and there and was a childminder for pay etc so he wasn't the sole earner). He'd come home from work, be served his dinner right away and insist that everyone leave him alone. His days off were the same.. everyone leave dad alone because he needs his spare time to chill after working so hard. He was there but somehow absent. He worked regular full time set hours that never changed.

Now as an adult who works the same job and the same hours and has a house to look after and adult errends to run… I don't get it. I used to just believe that full time work must be that rough. As a kid I took his word for it. Feels like he just wanted to come home and act like a single man, but with the pros of having a clean house already and meals served to him.

No. 1306298

She’s just saying women are much harder workers then men, who whine about the most minuscule shit

No. 1306324

These custom keycaps (the ones in the background of the 3rd pic) are useless, you can barely click on them and they usually cost at least 35$. ridiclious

No. 1306359

File: 1660759323812.jpg (119.06 KB, 543x1086, 456eb2123f4fac4e68bd183cf6633e…)

This ugly cheap "alt" zoomer fashion

No. 1306370

So nothing is matched with the pink… except for a single fingerless glove that isn't even the same hue? and why a petticoat under a skirt that can't accommodate one? unless the petticoat is part of the skirt oh no it is isn't it

No. 1306375

that has to be a dude

No. 1306379

mass produced goods from aliexpress, very alt indeed.

No. 1306385

Trannycore, all looks like cheap trash from shein or Ali express and of course gotta add that one Sanrio character

No. 1306393

Most if not all men are like this, but that's a given. You see it a lot on Instagram when moms call out husbands for refusing to spend time with the family. The scrotes in the comments bitch about how they deserve to come home and not get 'nagged' into spending time with the family or god forbid take out the trash. How they have every right to shut themselves away to play video games or enjoy a beer in the garage or whatever. They take major offence to being asked to spend time with their kids too. Screw the 'chores' any mention of spending time with the kids is the one thing they seem to really hate.

No. 1306416

when Pinterest gives me a notification to add pronouns to my profile. No, I don't think I will.

No. 1306444

Pronouns are shut the/fuck up

No. 1306451

Gmail requires phone number to make new accounts now wtf

No. 1306452

like as if their userbase isn’t 90% women and girls LMFAOO

No. 1306482

You're right, 95% is more accurate

No. 1306490

Same thing on Everskies, kek

No. 1306521

Why do you say that? Vast majority of female CNAs and restaurant workers have a full time while wanting to advance education

No. 1306549

And when the kids are grown up they bitch about being distant to their children and bitterly complain about how they never come to see him, completely oblivious to the fact that they're like complete strangers to them.

No. 1306555

lmaooo did i ghostwrite this?? This is literally my dad too holy fuck. All men are the same

No. 1306577

Knew a guy with a Pinterest and it was just pictures of new Ford F-150 trucks, the kind of pics you’d see in ads or commercials. I don’t think they have the capacity for much more than that.

No. 1306662

Moids are so used to living life on easy mode and having everything handed to them on a silver platter, they can't handle the bare minimum of hard work. Meanwhile a woman can work 2 jobs while pregnant and going to grad school full-time and still be able to defend her PhD thesis a few days after giving labor (yes I've seen a story like this). Women had to endure so much hardship and pain growing up it's basically nothing to us.

No. 1306680

Men who play video games. It's such a childish hobby. Not only is he more likely to have misogynistic or racist views due to the nature of gamer communities it also reflects what kind of values he has in life. It's even worse when you go to his steam profile and see that he plays 40 hours of video games a week. BITCH, that's a whole ass full time job! I pray for all the women out there who are dating a man that plays video games. Women out there, please have more self respect for yourself. I refuse to date a man who plays video games. If he's not an outdoors or sports chad like me, I won't even look at him.

No. 1306685

Absolutely based

No. 1306693

This. Ironically most of the males who've been posting that women live life on easy mode don't even do their own laundry.

No. 1306706

i hate this so much too fucking why???????? why must i have a phone for literally everything????????????????? it is so disturbing and i am mid 20's. what about the elderly and further disadvantaged populations? are we seriously going to continue to homogenise them in the same vein as the more capable? how is this acceptable

No. 1306708

During the pandemic I was getting more than 80+hrs in a week in r6 and I can tell you that anyone who games more than a few hours a day is a loser and most likely smelly as fuck. Should I post what the under of my bed looked like for proof? Seriously… What a fucking loser. I dreamed in video games. IN THEM. I could not differentiate reality from games. Very awful and scary. A therapist and meds and now I'm ok but I would never look back on quitting video games.

No. 1306710

Samefag but the addiction is real, I refused to eat, sleep or pee for hours on end and limited water intake for such. I also replaced it with journalling, Pinterest, walks and actually interacting with people (volunteering).

No. 1306722

>Should I post what the under of my bed looked like for proof?
I am kinda curious…

But glad you got out of that rut and found better hobbies that allows you to be more productive and more connected with people, anon. Even just being inside the whole day can really take a toll on your mental and physical health. It was fun when you were a kid on summer break because it's the first time you're getting a taste of freedom and doing whatever you want but living like that as an adult is just depressing as fuck.

No. 1306723

I got addicted to an mmo at a point in my life too anon, I’d go to sleep at 10 am and wake up at night cause that’s when my guildies from the Philippines or Brazil or something were on. I didn’t eat much and I still say a great way to lose weight is finding a super addictive hobby lmao

No. 1306735

They 100% do this to sell your data when it’s not just an option but enforced.

No. 1306744

This exactly. I dated a moid who worked a boring ass 9-5 who would use Karen's he deals with over the phone as an excuse to drink and "unwind", ignore me for days on end, etc. Meanwhile I went to college and had a full time job and always made an effort to be with him to the point where he would give me the cold shoulder and accuse me of cheating or something if I didn't respond to him instantly. Moids cannot handle life and I just wish there was an apocalypse or something that wiped out all these prissy ass fuckboys since they would not handle it at all

No. 1306785

I don't disagree but.. I like videogames. As long as its not his primary interest I'm fine with it. I wouldn't mind having a bf to play animal crossing with or just have him watch me play.

No. 1307114

Game communities? You know you can play video games and not be part of a fan community in particular, right? I know plenty of men irl into video games who have no idea that actual hardcore fans talk about them on social media, forums or discord servers. As for the rest of your post, I'd say it all depends on whether it's a casual hobby or not. I can imagine a guy who's not mentally ill who would play video gales one hour after work and be well-adjusted, but if a guy somehow manage to play too much, especially online and/or competitive games and is too into it that's a red flag. I don't have the same standards for women, my female friends and I are very into video games and we're well adjusted for the most part.

No. 1307131

File: 1660815293080.jpeg (117.6 KB, 1200x800, souless.jpeg)

Thanks for the encouragement nonna, I do work for an advertising agency and I knew it was going to be a souless job, but it's been getting to me lately.
I hope one day I can be in a similar situation to yours.

You're right and I was aware it was going to be like that, it does suck out your soul thought.

No. 1307132

NTA but I think about a situation like this more often than I'd like to admit kek. I've seen many a moid who fancy themselves a manly, genetically superior specimen who wouldn't last 48 hours in an apocalypse situation. It's a funny little fantasy.

No. 1307136

I dated a similar scrote, and he was manipulative and cheating like crazy. I'm sure that he thought he was working harder and suffering more at an office job than any woman ever could, but he also liked pity whoring to manipulate me. And loved cheating. They really are just worthless.

No. 1307140

Lmao kek I remember a mgtow claiming "no woman would be able to handle my job! They don't deserve me, I made 300 dollar in several days". He ended up being a fucking dishwasher kek

Also my moid cheated too like crazy, where was your moid from? he dated other farmers so it definitely could be the same guy

No. 1307141

how did you meet a man that dated other farmers?? how did he even date farmers? what in the world

No. 1307142

Who knows but apparently there's multiple moids that serial date farmers. I really wish there was a thread for them but only one has been exposed I think but there's like 3

No. 1307201

How can it possibly be true? I cant even meet another farmer irl but there are multiple scrotes that managed to date multiple farmers??

No. 1307250

NTA but I’m sure it has something to do with discord

No. 1307277


No. 1307279

I lived with a bf before who had a very laid back 9 to 5. IT guy in a small company that didn't have huge demand for one. He used to joke about landing such an easy job. When we first moved in together we'd make the most of our spare time together, watch movies, cook together, find shows, play a game, laugh about weird shit happening at work, have a couple drinks and be social and upbeat any time we drank. After a while every spare moment went into him drinking alone and silently staring into his laptop screen. I couldn't get him to do anything else. It wasn't like he was even doing anything dodgy online but he spent entire evenings taking up the living room insisting that I don't talk to him? We were in this tiny ass apartment and it got awkward real quick. I had maybe 2 serious attempts at talking to him about his drinking and how he even started to get aggressive while drinking/the mornings after drinking. He got so defensive and again.. aggressive.

We split and a few months later he told me he met someone and she'd been stuck with an alcoholic for years before meeting him so he basically saw himself rescuing her from that guy.. all I could picture is history repeating itself. Dude I left you because you drink and stew in your own misery and you cant even admit thats even a problem. Come on now. Don't put this woman through 2 alcos in a row. Be honest.

No. 1307376

That one bitch of an anon that went "huhuhu when are anons gonna REALIZE post numbers go in ORDER so why do they even TRY to ask sanic shit consecutively!" BECAUSE I JUST NEED A FUCKING ANSWER. GET IT? I JUST NEED AN AFFIRMATIVE OR A NEGATIVE. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE ME TO SPAM THE FUCKING ASK SANIC THREAD IN PEACE MOTHERFUCKER. MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

No. 1307432

Hate when I'm biking and the saddle is rubbing on my clit. The only thing I feel is sensitivity not arousal (which makes the table corner anime girl meme so fucking dumb). It's also annoying being reminded of my biology. Can any cyclist anons relate

No. 1307439

How? Are you laying over your bike while cycling?

No. 1307448

They're fucking retarded. Sanic is provable, astrology isn't. Sanic is a verifiable deity that has numbers to prove that he exists.

No. 1307461

Idk how, I just know I can feel it.
It's apparently a real thing that happens so I'm not just imagining it lol

No. 1307473

File: 1660842711801.jpg (67.44 KB, 736x870, 2c068ce3369a378993278ae4c32996…)

Look into the eyes of your fate-maker. Will you join Sanic at the edge of the abyss?

No. 1307475

>pain in the arse
lol that sentence is funny

No. 1307515

Bruh if you dated someone from the discord I stg. You deserved what you got kek.

No. 1307544

Maybe but it would be funny to see farmers come together and expose and rip him apart publicly.

No. 1307576

Any time I ask sanic about a guy I like he tells me to just fap instead. Like try and tell me he's not based..

No. 1307609

I hate when people who haved lived their whole life online, like YouTubers who have no boundaries and who overshare every aspect of their life for years.. suddenly start talking about or displaying ott signs of autism at like 30 (or insert another trendy condition) and they think it's normal to go from nothing to non-stop signs. Like no, masking doesn't explain it away. You're just being a dumbass when there's a decade long record that heavily contradicts your new version of yourself.

I know there's women who legit only piece it together at 30 but not you and your sudden onset flappy hands.

No. 1307899

This woman clearly god sexually assaulted and men in the comments ,both on this video and the original TikTok, have the gall to say that she’s a narcissist

No. 1307939

I hate tiktok traumadumpers but damn she had some shitty friends. At least her family supported her.

No. 1308004

File: 1660864786865.jpg (934.04 KB, 2560x2560, Top-Baby-Sound-books-scaled.jp…)


Whoever the fuck invented these bullshit noisy books deserves a shotgun enema.

No. 1308027

I hate that peppa pig didn't exist back when I was a kid. I missed out.

No. 1308045

My sister had a rule for gifts for her children, nothing that makes sounds or cannot have the batteries removed so it magically breaks the day after christmas. These toys will drive any sane human crazy.

No. 1308049

File: 1660867132506.gif (9 MB, 498x305, b3ffebecf57d91b34fe0cc37ffb376…)

I used to troll my sister by giving her daughter noisy gifts. The best was a screaming monkey plushie that the kid developed an instant attachment to. Trying to take it from her resulted in her screaming. So the best outcome was to tolerate only one layer of screaming.

No. 1308052

Anon this is pure evil

No. 1308108

That title literally makes me seethe. Male suicide rate isn't high enough

No. 1308126

I agree, but I'm addicted to video games myself. If I could stay at home and play 24/7 I'd happily do it

No. 1308431

Honestly I don't really try to venture to that side of the internet but I've seen glimpses of it now and then and yet, I still get what you mean from what little I've noticed. Just an undesirable scene and mostly full of obnoxious try hards is what it seems like

Corrected because I just remembered I have but it was only on YouTube, it's mainly Twitch streamers I thought of when I wrote it and would steer clear of

No. 1308437

What the fuck. Facebook/Google/Microsoft and all those companies are getting worse by the day

No. 1308467

I hate how much men will defend BDSM and turn a blind eye to any real underlying abuse that accompanies it in those relationships… Til of course they see the tables turned and see some cuckold guy. You can consent to any old messed up shit a man thinks up but a woman sleeping around while her husband isn't allowed to is where they hit the brakes and lose all their 'consenting adults' arguments.

I was watching soft white underbelly last night and it showed a couple who actually swapped roles over the years. The guy was a 'master' with a 2 inch dick that didn't work so he eventually fell into the role of wanting to see his wife with bigger dudes instead. The amount of people who insisted he's being terribly abused. On a channel that regularly shows drug addicted prostitutes, their violent pimps, talks about child molestation just about every video… A fucking cuck bf was "the most disturbing content" on the channel? The outpouring of concern was nuts. What about those CSA victims who became drug addicted prostitutes that get beat by their pimp bfs as motivation to work? Consenting?

No. 1308469

i hate soft white underbelly. that guy is definitely fucked up and evil. listen to his involvement with amanda rabb and how him and that nutjob exploiter tortured her with guardianship. not a tinfoilchan, i just really hate guardianships and exploitative fucks, plus men who seem very off. there's something very off with mark laita.

No. 1308476

>The guy was a 'master' with a 2 inch dick that didn't work so he eventually fell into the role of wanting to see his wife with bigger dudes instead. The amount of people who insisted he's being terribly abused
Ah so this is abuse and the master and slave couple where the woman was a slave from other interview of his was "relationship goals" and "so healthy", cool

No. 1308482

Thanks for sharing. I only know about half the story with Amanda so I'll give it a watch. I'm iffy about mark and then the comment sections are just men pointing at women who were dealt every shit card in life from birth onwards.. and claiming they didn't have to end up in their positions. But men who end up addicts and criminals get a pass because life is hard and they're an inspiration. Its the same crowd that watch true crime and blame the silly women for ending up brutally murdered. Psychos who defend anything a man does but sure dont extend that forgiving nature to women.

I've seen mark interviewed before where he wants to paint this as a channel that builds empathy and understanding. Its more like a thinly veiled freak show with a judgmental audience that gets off on seeing women at rock bottom. The comments tell you who is really eating this up.

No. 1308506

u didn't, peppa pig is kinds sexist

No. 1308507

The way a lot of the comments will defend this man to the death as well. It's like they can't get enough of their thinly veiled struggle porn that the creator of the channel gained a cult of personality and can do no wrong.

He has no journalistic integrity, pays people for interviews, asks leading and often biased questions to people who are clearly not in the right mind space to be playing his little games.

It's all so obvious but paint it with the brush of 'bringing awareness' and you've got your excuse for watching a 40 minute video of a woman discussing her selling herself to pay for drugs and getting questions like 'well are you popular with the guys here?' fuck off.

No. 1308518

that crazy lady Lima or whatever is now suing the creator of this video, too.

No. 1308532

Nothing could have prepared me for what this video outlined, it's crazy this kind of thing just operates through loopholes, these people pretty much took advantage and murdered Amanda. Can't believe this kind of thing is happening and the dude is not deplatformed yet. Maybe more time is needed.

No. 1308550

File: 1660912261597.webm (1.76 MB, 320x690, un.webm)

This was from muslim Tiktok after the attempted murder of Salman Rushdie. Insane. This is what I mean when I try to explain how Islam is radically different from other religions, that the majority of Muslims think people who "disrespect" Islam, deserve to be killed, every mosque in my area actually praised the killed for like a week straight, hundreds of thousands of men from the Islamist party celebrated the stabbing and yet there are still libfems who are completely unwilling to ever criticize the religion of the arab pedophile

No. 1308554

File: 1660912352120.png (75.76 KB, 600x624, 13.png)

and this was a comment that showcases the mentality of most Muslims(even in the west) they do not see anything wrong with this, its a just and holy act to kill those who Insult Islam and the prophet

No. 1308593

Shit like this make me glad I had enough common sense and luck to be an ex-muslim. I'm also glad I'm not a celebrity, you suddenly get the craziest enemies who all want you dead at the very least.

No. 1308611

Damn I want all muslim men to die

No. 1308668

I only watched a couple of this guys video but I stopped paying attention to his channel when I saw he interviewed a rapist and defended it with that whole “people need to know” bullshit or whatever the fuck. Fuck this dude, hope he and that Lima woman rot alive.

No. 1308934

Hate when a song has a beginning, end, or mid point with random talking. Makes me want to download the song and edit it out in audacity.

No. 1309072

I hate twittertard newfags who come here because they heard it's the eebil terf website to larp as some sort of edgelord mean-girl and think their unsaged nitpick useless comments are "gossip". The only redeeming part is that maybe they eventually peak after hate-reading the FtM/MtF threads for long enough.

No. 1309477

Kek I love the ones that haven't looked at drama boards and just stick to the off topic ones and you'll get the occasional "no need to be a transphobe!" post in the wild. But you're right, influx of newfags from Kaitlyn Tiffany or whatever else at least allows a small chance at peaking if they decide to stick around

No. 1309559

File: 1660993145122.jpg (10.77 KB, 275x274, 1639160400601.jpg)

i'd like every illiterate youtuber to know you can't preprepare or overexaggerate. the second one is maybe less obvious but "pre" is very clearly already in "prepare".
"the thing is, is that" are you having a seizure ???
"my favorite thing about dogs are …"
i wonder what else they butcher but i'm only ESL lmao

No. 1309562

>the thing is, is that
that's proper grammer anon, in fact it's just older, but I still like your post keep seething at the stupids

No. 1309572

I hate tier list videos. They're so fucking stupid and boring.

No. 1309573

When will people learn that nobody cares about their ratings or lists

No. 1309592

but why not just "the thing is that…" ? why two verbs ? apparently it's also accepted to say "did you used to" and that's just weird.

No. 1309593

>"my favorite thing about dogs are …"
what's wrong with this?

No. 1309600

I'm assuming the "thing" and "are". "My favorite things about dogs are" or "my favorite thing about dogs is" would be more fitting but tbh anon sounds like a dweeb kek.

No. 1309608

lmao i am a dweeb… but also when your job is speaking, you should do it right.

No. 1309611

those weebs who pretend English dub actors' headcanons carry any weight on the Japanese language canon material

No. 1309617

I respect it, we are all dweebs about something or other.

No. 1309619

File: 1660999870705.png (29.95 KB, 500x143, 296852E1-2DD3-4E11-8294-DC452F…)

Wth I keep getting rejected from FB groups and I think it's because I don't have my face or more information about me anywhere on my profile at all. I just want to look at peoples' plushie collections damn it…

No. 1309707

Late & NAYRT but get a midget bf KEKW

No. 1309711

Sometimes I feel like lolcow is really misandrist but then I look into random comment sections on yt and TikTok and you have average moids saying the most vile shit about women. Like hundred times more terrible than any misandrist shit you could see here.

No. 1309714

Just post a catfish w fake profile pic, that's what I did, literally some random girl from Instagram. Sorry if that was any of you.

No. 1309763

Use one of those AIs to generate a face

No. 1309904

File: 1661024717630.jpeg (682.32 KB, 1125x1689, F5C61B48-D729-4C47-8D55-D2148F…)

why are people like this

No. 1309914

As a burger I do wish masks became more normalized and less treated as a "time out" punishment like the idiots of this country made it out to be. East Asia and other places have been masking up for ages now. You shouldn't be treated like a freak for wanting to mask up.
The astrology line is cringe though

No. 1309928

File: 1661025676222.jpeg (88.12 KB, 1170x613, what-makes-wall-to-wall-carpet…)

Wall-to-wall carpet. Have you ever dropped freshly cut fruit onto a carpet? Miserable.

Agree, even before I used to wish that wearing a mask when you're sick would be normalized here but it just wasn't a thing at all.

No. 1309933

Men’s two inch worms >>> the lives of 12 year old prositituted girls getting injected with heroin by their murderer pimps, haven’t you heard?

No. 1309936

I hate it too, so much. I want to rip out all my nasty carpet and get that shit that links together. I think carpet is less hygienic and harder to clean than just swiffering

No. 1309942

I do respect her right to mask and don't think she should be judged so I see what you're saying. It's just this self-righteous virtue signaling way especially tumblr users have of talking
>which is the smart and morally correct thing to do,
It's not just with mask shit but the way they talk like they are constant moralizing machines lol fucking weird. I don't understand how this doesn't turn more people off but then it's obvious they're patting themselves on the back constantly

No. 1309958

AYRT yeah I do get what you mean and I hate that attitude too. I think I missed those details and just focused on the main message of masking. But I do hate these self righteous lib types who claim to be literal warriors of justice or whatever. It is very masturbatory

No. 1309971

The Soft White Underbelly guy is literally one of the two FacialAbuse guys
But you didn't hear that from me because I'm behind seven proxies and a vpn.

No. 1310009

WHAT?? for real??

No. 1310025

The first time I went to the United States, I was surprised that most homes have carpet flooring and that they don't take off their shoes.

No. 1310063

Not the communal dick

No. 1310077

>serial date farmers
E-dating isn’t real please tell me you all haven’t been this retarded

No. 1310078

Hope he dies soon

No. 1310084

I love emo music but a lot of my old songs do this looking at you Falling In Reverse and it bugs me and gives me secondhand embarrassment for some reason. I outgrew my love for Crown The Empire because of this I love makeshift chemistry but the random hahaha I don't give a FUCK and the payphone cover sounds good at least Andy's voice imo but the RING RING MOTHERFUCKERR like cmon it was ok while I was an edgelord teen but chill out.
The only one I like is Johnny's Rebellion when the lady says "off with his head!" around 4:14.

No. 1310142


No. 1310204

not surprised, just disappointed

No. 1310209

File: 1661039676611.jpg (34.54 KB, 768x432, tupperware-tup-stock-sinks-on-…)

When you give someone a food item in a reusable container and they don't return the container. No, I did not give you the container. Especially hate it when they try to pull the you have more money than me card. It's maddening.

No. 1310215

One time I brought over some homemade muffins for my neighbors because they helped me out when I locked myself out of my house and the bastards never returned my plastic container. Infuriating behaviour.

No. 1310240

I seriously hate men's obsession with "highschool" girls, it's so nasty, and the fact that it's treated as something normal is miserable.

No. 1310243

Polyester socks

No. 1310535

File: 1661066401478.jpeg (43.12 KB, 484x379, 1C7988D0-A646-4AC2-B85B-6F3D92…)

I hate the animation community so much. Even when I was starting college and only watched kids cartoons I found a lot of people into the same shows insufferable. Most of them can only seem to stomach the most tame and inoffensive content and can’t handle real adult subjects despite being in their 30’s. I also hate how a majority of online cartoon critics can’t seem to grasp that just because a character fucks up it doesn’t mean that they’re irredeemable? It’s because it’s a kids cartoon, the characters are kids, and are fucking up like real kids do. It’s what the target audience of real children are supposed to relate and learn from. Adults would have absolute meltdowns over how selfish and evil they thought Mabel from Gravity Falls was despite the fact she’s just a hyper preteen girl who thinks about herself too much because she’s 12. So many people think Peggy Hill is some full blown NOD abuser even though she’s just stupid and self centered. I used to want to go into Animation as a career but the community around, both fans and industry, are so obnoxious I decided against it.
My biggest pet peeve is when cartoon commentary channels talk about comedic shows and they can’t even process what a joke is. They’ll splice in some clip that is very obviously a gag and go ‘What is this? This doesn’t even make sense!’ Yeah that’s why it’s funny you fucking idiot.

No. 1310551

I know what you mean anon, I made the mistake of reading the TV Tropes pages for some animated shows recently and I wanted to die of cringe, especially for the Family Guy entries. They seemed to think all the cutaway gags and stupid jokes were canon/serious character development.

No. 1310613

No one probably knows about this bc it's such a niche genre (though there is an old thread about Choice Of Games here) but I hate how genderspecial TQ+ bs has entrenched itself into the Interactive Fiction 'choose your own adventure' medium. Picture this: you're playing a story set in some medieval/Victorian 1800s/whatever alternative fantasy world, and your character gets caught and jailed for [insert story plot reasons]. And then the medieval prison guard asks for your pronouns…

Many of these stories have a MC coded as female too, bc they either started with a female default protagonist, or intended to, but the authors get pressured to make it 'inclusive' One writer had a time travel story with a female protagonist, where it was obvious that the story would take on her experiencing time period mysogyny but then she (the author) changed it because 'it didn't feel right to exclude the other players from the game' There was also a male writer who wrote an exclusively gay romance game with a default male MC and many people kept ragging on him to make it 'trans inclusive' by making it so that the protagonist can be a 'trans guy'. He didn't fortunately.

Majority of this fan/writer community consists of women too (despite of some of them identifying otherwise) but all of them are unfortunately spineless libfem handmaidens and sometimes I really feel like I'm the only TERF there, which is discouraging.

It's such a shame because so many of these games/stories are actually good and I have many favorite authors I follow. Too bad genderwoo ruins everything.

No. 1310656

I hate how EVERYTHING has to be "inclusive". why should it? why should things like art for example be inclusive rather than be exclusive and express the individual artist's vision?

No. 1310668

Exactly. The stories suffer a lot bc of this, as for example, in the time travel one, it would could have been a great story exploring themes of mysogyny and gender roles of that time period if the MC remained female, but all of that was thrown away to appease the narcissistic genderspecials and dysphoric fakeboi aidens.

No. 1310687

Zoomers who think it's okay to mooch off their parents or partner while playing video games, watching anime, and socialize with their equally terminally online friends on discord all day. Getting to live rent free and paid for all their food while other people in the household are working ALL DAY to provide for THEIR useless ass. Even worse when they're on "disability income". It's one thing to leech off your parents like a parasite but another when my tax dollars is spent on supporting your useless, pathetic life. Why do they think this shit is okay? You are not a teenager on summer break anymore. You graduated high school 5 years ago and need to get a full-time job or an education like a functioning member of society. You're "mentally ill" and "socially anxious" as a result of you rotting your brain on video games and porn all day. GROW THE FUCK UP.

No. 1310696

I'm curious, do you really want the people you hate to become your coworkers? If they're not actually disabled as you seem to think, they could wind up in your field.

No. 1310702

File: 1661093592679.jpeg (152.61 KB, 750x750, 2E9FCE8A-0DBE-4CC5-B5E6-764618…)

>tfw this was me at some point but I managed to move out,find a job, and continue going to college.

It’s hard but honestly better than being a NEET imo

No. 1311276

File: 1661117096226.jpg (7.46 KB, 233x250, 1552191016170.jpg)

Bump dont scroll

No. 1311313

I think a lot of zoomers are burnt out from the shit tier job market. Most zoomers I know would love to work but need a million interviews to get hired then get fired next week because other employees didn't like the vibe

No. 1311320

File: 1661121685493.jpg (73.35 KB, 720x508, 1656039258819.jpg)

i didn't ask to be born nonnie, i hate it. Also, what's the point of working/studying anymore when the toaster will replace me in the future? Fuck working, I am just going to enjoy my hobbies while everyone else can just waste their life being enslaved for pennies.

No. 1311419

Listen I get the mentality, but like what about your parents, how must they feel and what are you gonna do when they get old/sick and you have to support yourself, you have to first start with baby steps but you can get a decent job to live substantially

No. 1311429

I have tried to kill myself before and they stopped it so now they have to deal with my retarded ass. I know I am being insensitive but I have tried forcing myself to work and do all of that normal stuff before for the sake of my parents and it made me feel miserable like a mindless zombie just roaming the earth doing whatever my parents want me to do. I think there are people that just aren't born to enjoy living, and I am one of them. Such is life.

No. 1311453

>I think there are people that just aren't born to enjoy living, and I am one of them.
dumbass. What do you think people who feel that way do if they don't have 1)parents 2)who coddle them. You are just lucky to have parent that enable you. We'd see how much of your "what's the point of working" attitude lasted if your parents told you get a job or get out and stuck to it. If you are too pathetic to get a job, at least do most of the housework to thank your parents for not putting you on the streets.

No. 1311460

I am jealous of them, my parents threw me out before it was even legal for me to live on my own. I am so burnt out and broke af, and I hate working I would rather be a zoomer who does nothing but live with their parents while they work and still treat me like I’m a kid, than a trophy wife and bang some old scrot for money.

No. 1311462

>What do you think people who feel that way do if they don't have parents
Nayrt but i guess they succeed in killing themselves? See
>I have tried to kill myself before and they stopped it

No. 1311474

Why are there Carreyfags and Ezrafags in the irl husbando thread take your evil or old scrot to the unconventional one.. why are there even Jim Carrey fags he’s gross and mouthraped alicia silver stone on live tv, gave his gf herpes and made her kill herself. Like what goes through their mins “i could change him” ezrafags are retarded too but at least he was beautiful.

No. 1311477

File: 1661135351605.jpg (91.62 KB, 840x560, 765.jpg)

The new Game of Thrones was disgusting, I already hate it and not gonna watch the second episode.

No. 1311482

seethe, just because your parents forced you to be miserable doesn't mean I want to be miserable too.

No. 1311485

To be fair the irl husbando thread was literally made for carreyfags so that no one else would have to see jim carrey in other threads lol.

No. 1311487

what was so bad about it? i'm not planning on watching but i'm curious. gross in the same ways as GoT or different?

No. 1311490

I’m also curious. I was going to resub to HBO for it but won’t if it’s the same rape porn shit as the original.

No. 1311497

- Extremely graphic scenes of a husband murdering her pregnant wife during childbirth - the scrote had to choose to save his bloodline or his wife, he obviously chose the son. It was unnecessary torture porn basically.
I hoped Rhaenyra would go completely mad Daenerys style and avenge her mother - rage would be a good drive for her to get the iron throne as a woman, but nope.
- And obviously this wife murdered is somehow portrayed as a sympathetic character.
- liberal prostitution propaganda
- some guy pimping out his daughter for this wife murdering king

No. 1311501

Nta, but you should spoiler nonna.

No. 1311503

Not either anon but saw this comment and it just sounds like more torture porn garbage. I don't follow the series but I thought people lost interest in GOT after how crappily it supposedly ended.

No. 1311504

It was worse than any rape scene, the Sansa rape was nothing compared to this.
The were torturing the pregnant women, restraining her with chains, they could have easily knock her out with something, but nope they choose to cut her open with her being fully conscious of the fact that her husband chose to murder her. All this for shock value.

No. 1311508

Beautiful day for men to die

No. 1311524

File: 1661138592134.jpg (99.54 KB, 800x1000, 800px-George_R.R._Martin_at_Ar…)

This scrote deserves all the hate.

No. 1311526

No. 1311534

No. 1311535

No. 1311551

No. 1311555

No. 1311561

At least the son died too, no heir. So he killed his wife for nothing.

No. 1311563

I understand and I know what's it like, but as I said to take baby steps, even before getting a job I suggest getting a normie sports activity where you can interact with people and after that you have to find a job that genuinely interests you and

No. 1311578

File: 1661142126465.jpg (18.12 KB, 460x259, w1apogddtzh91.jpg)

They fucking killed her. Then they chopped her up into chunks. They hate to see a girlboss simply existing
>Soon after, he said, a patrol boat filled with “four nice guys” from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries came to help. They ate mussels together and shared a laugh over a close-up video one of the men took of the walrus shimmying onto the boat that a teenage marina employee then scored to Louis Theroux rapping, “I’d like to see you wiggle, wiggle.”

>But when night fell, and Freya was left alone, the Fishery professionals got to work. They executed Freya with what their boss, Frank Bakke-Jensen, a former Norwegian defense minister, later called “bullets that suit this mission.” They covered her body in a tarp, cut the ropes of the boat, and towed away their victim, returning the vessel the next day, empty and cleaned, without a trace.

>On Monday, the corpse arrived half frozen to a nearby necropsy lab. “It’s into pieces,” said Knut Madslien, a senior scientist in the department of health surveillance at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute. “So you will not recognize that this is a walrus anymore. That is the way we do it

No. 1311590

what the fuck, why

No. 1311595

File: 1661142799679.jpg (50.39 KB, 600x600, 19norway-walrus-add-mobileMast…)

Destroy the habitats, build "affordable housing" and warehouses on every meadow, drown the world in plastic, kill a walrus for being a wild animal. Probably 99.9% chance you will never be attacked or meet a walrus in your entire life, but kill her and keep pitbulls who've killed their neighbors pets and abusive husbands who will almost definitely eventually kill the person closest to them
>Mr. Madslien and his vets, having opened up Freya’s stomach and swabbed her for Covid and ruled out other diseases, are preparing a report. Freya was reduced to dozens of blood and organ samples stored in a subfreezing chamber that he compared to a vending machine.

>To prevent the spread of pathogens, procedure dictated that the rest of Freya be dissolved with lye in “a big pot, and I mean, a really big pot.” “The end product,” he said, “is a kind of gel.”

>This is a horror some of Freya’s fans cannot countenance. But Mr. Øverås, who has been humming the theme song from “Jaws” ever since his July scare, was at peace.

>“Now that I know it’s dead,” he said, “I’ll go swimming.”

No. 1311598

File: 1661143132725.jpg (200.53 KB, 1574x904, freya-walrus-norway.jpg)

Rip to a real one. She was a girlboss through and through and they had to put out her fire before she took over. The power she had was immesurable and they knew. If they couldn't control her, no one could. A stacyrus, a walrstacy. No one could compare, and no copycat ever will.

No. 1311606

File: 1661143644485.jpg (829.58 KB, 2048x2048, FaHvcZxWAAIaSjs.jpg)

Goodnight sweet princess. Fuck this stupid earth, Fuck Harambe(stupid moid gorilla was an actual danger to a stupid child, he could never compare), Fuck Norway. I'm genuinely mad.

No. 1311607

bout to alog over a walrus

No. 1311611

walruses are fucking disgusting.

No. 1311614

who is this walrus fella i have no idea who she is, can someone give me a qrd? why did they kill her?

No. 1311616

shut the fuck up worthless moid apologist

No. 1311620

Facebook knows when you fake it, i've tried before and then they lock my account because they ask for my id and i aint giving them that shit

No. 1311623

The fact that the spam has gotten worse over time just makes me think this website will get worse and worse over time as well. We didn't know how good we had it before…

No. 1311626

fucking tell me the story about who this walrus is or else

No. 1311638

Walrus who kept sinking boats while trying to sunbathe and attracting too much attention from retards who don't know giant mammals with tusks can potentially kill them if they get to close was euthanized by Norwegians.

No. 1311641

I learned a while back some groups set up criteria to even auto decline. Could be that. I was wondering why I kept getting insta-rejected from a group when I tried to join and that was why. I made it in when I happened to talk to one of the group's mods in a different group and they let me in. If you keep getting rejected a better bet may be to get invited by an existing member into it.

No. 1311656

They hate to see a girlboss winning. It was her god given right to sink boats and fuck up tourists and I will die on that hill.

No. 1311700

Why are you so mad? Jesus. You stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 1311704

You must be new here, /ot/ is pretty much a hugbox at this point.

No. 1311776

you are very funny

No. 1311788

I fucking hate when people say "this has no right to be this good" when they're talking about a movie or show or album. It's such an empty cardboard phrase, it means literally nothing and they sound fucking stupid. Like what do you mean it has no right? Literally what are talking about? It's a retarded meaningless phase and I wish people would actually use proper language to say why they like or dislike something. Don't even ask me why i'm so mad at this lol, but it fucking drives me up the wall. "It has no right to be this good" bitch literally shut your fucking dumbass mouth up.

No. 1311792

i'va seen it used to describe unexpected amazing films movies, like idk if the Pinnochio movie that was memed a while back due to the awful trailer actually ended up being good I would have expected people to say that about the film. It is very dumb though.

No. 1311794

I hate being irritable. Sometimes my bf laughs loud and if I'm PMSing it pisses me off irrationally for minutes afterwards. Like right now kek

No. 1311804

I hate that my Nintendo Switch prompts me every time I turn it on because I remapped the buttons. Yes bitch I know and I like it this way. Also hate that it disconnects bluetooth when I shut the screen off for a moment. I was so excited when the update came out for using bluetooth headphones only to discover it does this shit reeee

No. 1311830

i think it's just a joke and a compliment? like it's just TOO good. it's just a compliment from what i can tell? i say the same thing about my cats, that they have "no right to be so beautiful" because they're just so adorable that it should be illegal (jokingly, obviously).

No. 1311838

File: 1661156388369.jpeg (34.2 KB, 321x157, 4A8346F9-632D-4FCA-88AA-35B0CC…)

(Sorry if the photo’s fucked, I’m a phone poster) I hate the eyes that appear if you idle on the Aiga Eyes on Design website for too long. This shit makes my skin crawl, ugh.

No. 1311841

I hate it too. Because it overhypes the subject. What if I were idiotic enough to listen then go see the movie or whatever? Disappointment will happen.

No. 1311852

Wouldn't that apply to any hyperbolic praise?

I get a different impression of what people mean when they say that phrase, imo it makes sense for things you'd usually assume are bad for whatever logical reason but actually turn out great. I wouldn't use it as generic praise for anything I enjoy but I'd definitely apply it to certain series with premises that seem dumb or that look like shit but are still surprisingly good quality for other reasons.

No. 1311897

File: 1661161132521.jpg (16.33 KB, 424x321, FWrtLgvWAAAjcLk.jpg)

nonna this is horrifying

No. 1311915

Well-done steak, I never understand who can eat that.

No. 1311939

me bitch

No. 1311962

People who proclaim they 'hate capitalism!!1!1!' while wearing fast fashion, constantly buying aliexpress/amazon shit and pretty much just consooming everything they can. Do you even know what you stand for? People who make a big deal about this almost always have a way better life than anyone in a communist country.

No. 1311974

Have fun chewing tires for 20 minutes

No. 1311985

Have fun in jail, i have reported your crimes to the fbi

No. 1311999

Let poor, marginalized bodies of size enjoy nice things, Nonna! You don’t want them to walk around in clothes that aren’t aesthetic and gender, do you? kek

No. 1312004

Samefag, suddenly just remembered there was also a trannyfucker and ramirezfag in that thread too months ago, and a ted kaczynskifag. So that thread is basically a free-for-all kek.

No. 1312008

/g/ users are literally brain dead.

No. 1312020

oh right, because thrift stores don't exist!

No. 1312029

No. 1312031

File: 1661173246847.jpg (46.51 KB, 680x766, 1f7 (1).jpg)

If it's red inside, I wont eat it

No. 1312033

I grew up only ever eating cheaper cuts of steak and I still prefer cheapo steak to be well done. The good stuff tho.. pink.

No. 1312034

File: 1661173405111.jpg (86.22 KB, 730x394, 5465465.jpg)

Even the normies hate it.
Just say your target audience is men and men really enjoy a world were women are tortured for no good reason. So you built a world were women are either breeding cattle or prostitutes.
And mask your shitty writing with torturing women for shock value.

No. 1312041

I dont mean you nonnie but on a related note, I hate people shaming people who like their steak well-done.
If I want my steak well done, I dont need the waiter to ask me "are you serious?" or giving me weird looks. If a restaurant refuses to serve well done, I will take my money and leave.
It actually takes a lot more skill to fully bake a steak and still have it be soft than it is to just sear the outsides.
Food snobs are the worst, just let everyone have their steak the way they want.

No. 1312053

How is this guy not dead from diabete or a heart attack yet?

No. 1312068

I can't stand any of his TV show adaptations, the scrotes to which he hands them over turn his books into full-blown porn.
isn't his wife a radfem anyway?

No. 1312094

the books aren't much better tbh. twilight-tier gary sue writing with giant paragraphs about literal, actual feces (there's a screencap of it somewhere) but aimed towards men

No. 1312097

File: 1661176453474.jpg (29.88 KB, 693x136, 684654.jpg)

graphically murdering pregnant women during childbirth is a new low

No. 1312105

I remember I watched the earliest episodes of GOT by myself and got into. Then I started seeing a guy and we would watch it together as it came out. I can't even remember the specific scenes but I've a rough background and certain scenes started to feel really fucking uncomfortable. I decided I couldn't watch it anymore and risk whatever rapey shit could pop up in it next. I stopped watching it and my god.. the tantrum by ex threw over me not being willing to sit through suprise rape scenes as someone who went through csa. He never let it go.

No. 1312109

Game of Thrones was never good.

No. 1312111

You are forcing yourself to be miserable. The person responsible for your misery is you, not your parents and not some ineffable "some people just aren't cut out to enjoy life" bs. Either you are depressed and not getting treated for it, a self-absorbed asshole who refuses to change and be a better person, or you expect the world to be rainbows, kittens, and sunshine all day and for nothing negative to ever happen, and when something bad does happen, you run back to being a mooch instead of learning to deal, like every other person on the planet who is not a living in their parent's basement has had to do.

No. 1312121

I hate how new words or terms are created today. I just saw "tip-flation" this morning.

No. 1312124

Sounds like a kink.

No. 1312129

Yeah penis tip inflation comes to mind. What js it supposed to mean?

No. 1312139

Something about restaurants increasing the suggested tip options (some are as high as 30%) when paying via debit or credit and people tipping more.

No. 1312144

I hate lawnmowers. the make the worst noises. and for what? to cut some grass? what's wrong with a little bit of grass? the cops were called to my brother's place (I'm a leech in his house) twice last year. it must have been a neighbor calling about the yard. apparently there's some legal lawn length here , but no one actually adheres to it. and his lawnmower was broken. i've got half a mind to report a good portion of the neighborhood to the authorities because their grass is more than half an inch too tall.
also, fresh cut grass smells awful. I hate it. it's better for the environment not to cut it anyway.

No. 1312158

My neighbors have goats and horses and they seem to have an arrangement where they let them hang out in other peoples gardens to eat the grass. Its very chill.

No. 1312159

File: 1661181334022.jpg (121.55 KB, 735x894, ec31d58eccef6e3d71aa9352790edd…)

You seal his foreskin around a straw and blow.

No. 1312211

Hate when people just leave their dogs outside to bark for hours on end. Entertain your animal and stop making their boredom and stress everyone else's problem. Why do these people even have dogs if they aren't going to play with and care for them?

No. 1312218

Every person I can think of who does this is a moid so you're probably right.

No. 1312234

Decoration. The dog's there to serve them when they want the dog's companionship, not the other way around. My retarded father is the same, he wants the dog to sit next to him while he watches tv or sleeps during the day for hours on end even though it's a big dog that needs a lot of excersise. Pretty sure most people view dogs like that, pretty things that need to entertain and accompany them.

No. 1312434

File: 1661197530309.jpeg (489.35 KB, 1242x1667, 920E618C-D312-4962-AECA-7DC580…)

Autistic, embarrassing KF scrotes

I hate trannies too, but this is just autistic as fuck man

No. 1312442

File: 1661198578477.png (384.44 KB, 962x605, KAM.PNG)

kill all men tbh

No. 1312462

ot I guess…? unless I say I hate KF. no account there but I visit from time to time to lurk the Rod's thread in Beauty Parlor. wish we had a thread here to talk about fundies like them.

No. 1312499

What website is this?

No. 1312616

File: 1661209624165.jpeg (930.87 KB, 1138x1199, B98B7C41-6122-481D-A372-ADF6CA…)

Seeing shit like this makes me want to strangle these manchildren. Grow up.

No. 1312627

I hate how many fetishists I've seen posting amazon reviews. I never saw them before but as of a couple years you cannot buy stockings, tights, or knee high socks without seeing some nasty mans photo

No. 1312761

File: 1661220901149.jpeg (572.5 KB, 1000x1417, 9CF799C2-58D9-4B8A-B3C0-379488…)

I seriously hate how unfit moids will whine about how pic related is somehow impossible to achieve as if there weren't any guys out there that have this exact body type.
It's kind of funny how this is somehow an unrealistic ideal body type when they will turn around and drool over an anime girl that's 14 years old, has a 15 centimeters waist, Z cups, a Brazilian butt lift tier ass, thigh gap but somehow with thick thighs, and not wonder what's wrong with their previous statement about having a shredded body being impossible.
Like bitch, drop the fucking fork, stop buying copious amounts of monster drinks and hop on a treadmill, use your tard strength to lift some heavy shit you fucking lazy fat fuck bastard motherfucker.
Oh, and I will never forget how he dared to say that "it's unhealthy" like, what? Are you fucking serious? Are you joking? Is that comment a fucking jest? Did you drop your fucking jester hat you fat bitch?
Fat moids commit suicide challenge begins now.

No. 1312767

I love this post. There needs to be an ugly moid hate thread to talk about how worthless ugly moids are.

No. 1312774

Ntayrt, but Moids are so ugly that if we created that thread we'll reach the max post limit within half an hour kek.

No. 1312781

It's more realistic for a scrote to have a great body than for a woman to look eternally 14 and skinny but with perfect tits and ass of an adult, because it's literally biologically easier for males to build muscle while women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat. Not to mention that women are pressured much more to always care about every aspect of their appearance while moids are supposed to be "the ugly sex" so they get a pass to be fat slobs and we are somehow expected to accept that as a sexual partner. It would be so easy for males to look halfway decent, if only society pressured them to do it like it pressures us.
>I will never forget how he dared to say that "it's unhealthy"
Right? like, how is it unhealthy to promote fitness in males? Who are you talking about I wonder

No. 1312788

i hate gift cards. i would honestly prefer to receive a card w/ nothing in it but well-wishes over a $100 visa gift card b/c you felt obligated to give a gift w/ monetary value. its so superficial

No. 1312793

It was just some fat fat fatty fat fat go eat a salad-tier fat moid, from a groupchat I got added to and that I can't just leave because everyone will start adding me back because they like me.
So all I do is post hot anime guys and hot 3D guys to make them feel bad about themselves, it's honestly fun, they're all my personal cows.
But I seriously hate when moids pretend that they can't look decent, it's such a lazy thing to say, fitness isn't unrealistic, it just takes time, dedication and specially lots of diligence to achieve any goal.

No. 1312795

File: 1661224431128.jpg (54.63 KB, 695x695, 1646463740539.jpg)

if you were a zoomer you would understand my frustration, there is no point to living anymore, moids are beyond salvation, having a family is expensive, we are being replaced by toasters, movies/games/art are more like a preaching session than a form of art. I just know where the world is going and I don't wanna be part of it, you can enjoy your mentally ill moids and empty future goals, I am going to rest and enjoy live by self-indulging in myself.

No. 1312800

This hatred resonates with me. As an aside, if you ever have visible muscle definition as a woman you get to experience some bizarre level copium and seething from flabby and skinny men. They'll talk about how they just don't have time to dedicate their life to working out "anymore" without even being asked about the topic.

No. 1312804

File: 1661224960883.jpg (30.49 KB, 736x1104, 2694f9ee8d514a1fde3ebb1b65f132…)

>we are being replaced by toasters

Theyre being replaced by toasters. I'm gonna get the Bara tiddies build tesla bot and he will be my fuck toaster man-servant. I will never interact with another human irl again.

No. 1312807

i mean as in for working and stuff, women will never be replaced by sex robots because moids crave the female attention more than just the pussy, otherwise incel troons would just get a prostitute or sex doll

No. 1312810

I understand your struggles anon

No. 1312819

Good. Let’s make it happen. Let’s hack males sexbots to jump in the bathtub with them like a toaster and end this once and for all.

No. 1312821

File: 1661225869203.jpg (76.21 KB, 564x707, tfwnoalchemistbf.jpg)

it's retarded but at this point, i have accepted it, my only dream was to become an animator/artist but seeing the current state of modern animation made me realize how worthless everything is and how nothing matters anymore and everything is fucking politic now. I still do art but it's purely for myself, I am currently working on my own game with cute husbandos.

No. 1312945

File: 1661237632771.jpg (61.75 KB, 933x928, 7fe894860f11adef00a975d997066b…)

his face when

No. 1312955

lmfao you're stupid Ily. Keep up the good work, anon.

No. 1312958

File: 1661238094092.png (251.6 KB, 450x253, is_that_the_benedicc.png)

did they really hire the plain ugly potato faced cucumberpatch to play a regal, elven like, dragon training family member?

No. 1312971

that's not dr strange, nonny, that's dr who.

No. 1312972

And they’re both ugly

No. 1312995

File: 1661240115367.jpeg (69.53 KB, 540x541, 5481A73C-4814-4A41-9B61-946558…)

Matt Smith makes it unwatchable for me. I hate his face too much and can’t see him as anything else but Matt Smith. The actress is also looking wrong to me, like a kid that keeps screaming at you because you wouldn’t let her play games on your phone while waiting in a doctor’s waiting room. They don’t have to be attractive but they just both have faces that somehow make me cringe.

No. 1312996

It’s because they’re supposed to be inbred

No. 1313003

In that case that’s clever kek

No. 1313005

Yes, they’re weird looking on purpose.

No. 1313010

I personally didn't see anything wrong with the first episode. The birth scene disgusted me a lot, but it's mainly because of the actress's good work, and props to her (it didn't seem gory, just a lot of blood used). I didn't like Game of Thrones at all because it felt too overhyped and forced, but I think I would stay at least a bit until 'shit hits the fan' because of how cool some costumes look like, and i am a dragonfag.
I read and it is implied in the episode that they are inbred because of 'muh pure blood'. I don't like the way the main actors look either, but I am curious about the main character (?) the girl which you showed. She seems like she would beat any man up, and I am glad she got chosen by her father, despite everything.

No. 1313012

File: 1661241249264.jpg (64.47 KB, 1280x720, Aegon the Unhappy.jpg)

haven't watched the show yet but I'm curious how well they have done the child casting, cause their are a lot of child characters central to the story and they all get violently murdered and the one that ends up surviving loses every semblance of innocence with in him
except that aren't, this is supposed to be the first generation of Targaryens that have mixed with the westerosi noble houses, both Rhaenyra and Aegon II had non Targaryen moms

No. 1313016

File: 1661241941974.jpg (101.57 KB, 827x827, 02.jpg)

samefag I just found out people are making "saphic edits" of Alicent and Rhaenyra" which is really fucking funny, cause Alicent screws over Rhaenyra and orchestrates a plot to have her children murdered cause Alicent is basically a turbo boymom who thinks her son deserves to rule and will murder children to see him on the throne

No. 1313035

Nonna, do you know how to use spoiler on lc…

No. 1313039

I do, but this is like a very early plot point in the books and again I haven't watched the show yet

No. 1313061

It's not a spoiler anymore when the book's been out for over 2 years. At some point it's read discussion at your own risk.

No. 1313104

Why does she have full orange foundation on

No. 1313113

Gotta love how an 'unrealistic' body standard for men is…fit and muscular? As opposed to the hairless thick-but-also-skinny sex doll look for women. That aside, I wish more men were fit. Majority of them are just skinnyfat with no muscle definition but that's just because they eat like shit and don't exercise. Being skinnyfat as a man is the equivalent of being regular fat as a woman, because men's bodies are fat burning machines. While a six pack might take a while, showing some muscle definition is literally nothing, they just have to cut out the junk food and hit a gym once in a while.

No. 1313130

File: 1661255172563.png (814.93 KB, 632x832, couple goals.png)

I agree with you but I much prefer using example of IRL naturally fit males, cause even if a guy is facially ugly as sin the least he could do is try to better his body and try to dress decent

No. 1313134

File: 1661256313403.jpeg (49.5 KB, 720x478, 69E08F4E-27E6-4CD1-B9C2-E46743…)

Men who harm women and the handmaids that enable them.

No. 1313159

couldn't agree more. the current female beauty standard you've described is only attainable through $$$, insane plastic surgery + photoshop. it takes a while for a male to get a fit/toned body from working out but at least it's realistic and down to earth.

No. 1313179

Seriously. Men get fit so easily but women can't give themselves unrealistic fat distribution

No. 1313203

File: 1661265253422.jpeg (15.59 KB, 328x109, C568E9D8-9DF2-49C9-B73D-03F8F9…)

Anyone with an anime icon on discord is always an annoying drooling retard

No. 1313204

Art for yourself is the only way to do it, nonny

No. 1313226

I know the majority fell for the I like guys who look like they barely sleep and Dadbods are hot meme which is only cute for 2D men (imo). I need them to get their lazy asses up and, in the gym, after they get off work or even before their job, if they even have one. If they're not in college I don't see how it would be hard unless they're working extremely long hours. Idgi. But nope, their only hobbies these days are cooming and consooming, gaming, and blaming online thots for their problems. I can imagine it's only going to get worse. rip

No. 1313258

File: 1661271173486.png (987.02 KB, 1079x658, Screenshot_20220823-091120.png)

I hate it that it's fat girls that shit on comparatively fatter girls the most. Like, they annoy me infinitely more than the girls they shit on. They are also hilarious when they say things that out how they have always been the fat girl and that they don't actually know what it's like to be skinny (defining here broadly as people with a bmi that is lower than 19, mine's always been in the 17 range)

No. 1313259

Once they lose weight, they start shitting on everyone and act like chihuahua dogs. I feel horrible for these insecure types.

No. 1313265

Based and true. The female body standards are all either based on physical features set by genetics or shit you can't achieve without invasive surgery while men whine about having to just get fit. And it's not like it's hard for them to do it, for women it means possibly sacrificing your periods and messing up your hormones to drop your fat percentage under a certain amount to get visible muscle definition unless you lucked out with the aforementioned genetics. Their "women just need to eat less" mantra is 100% projection, if these fat fucks didn't stuff their face with grease and copious amounts of alcohol and went to the gym like 3 times a week they would look like your picrel in no time, meanwhile women torture themselves with scammy fitness routines, starvation diets and surgery to look at least 60% of what's expected of them.

No. 1313266

Yes, the initial picrel I posted is a personal cow on twitter I follow and she has lost I think 20-30lbs in the photo I posted. It's insane, I've seen her retweet sex workers with small tits who are obese, basically a facsimile of her body type except heavier just to shame them and it's like, no cares about an ugly sex worker, go you for losing a bit of weight and still looking chubby with a tummy and small breasts yourself. If they didn't complain about fat people, it wouldn't draw negative attention to yourself. The thing is, people are going to be polite about chubby/fat girls complaining about fatter girls because no one wants to address the elephant in the room since they'd chimp out on you.

No. 1313304

This doesn't look that fat to me.

No. 1313333

File: 1661274523843.png (1.45 MB, 765x1519, Screenshot_20220823-091058.png)

She lost weight, but she's still definitely in the chubby range, comparable to Shayna. It's a big stomach at least. The point isn't even her weight in of itself, it's that fat girls who lose weight seethe far more at fat people than actually skinny people.

No. 1313337

She's chunky but not what I would consider "fat." The truth is that all women who were once obese for their height will hit a roadblock despite how much starving and exercising they do because fat cells NEVER leave the body once they are created. They can only be surgically removed via lipo, the "lose weight slowly and you won't have sagging skin" is a meme to give people false hope and incentivize to keep buying bullshit products which won't help them. It also gives plastic surgery liars an alibi to cling to. Anyway. It's usually the ex mega-fats who look saggy and doughy in spite of losing tens of pounds. She looks like one, she probably weighed over 200 pounds at one point.

So just imagine the angst a former hamplanet must go through to know that she's working so hard and amping herself up on her diet and having no tangible progress after hitting that terminal plateau. She only stands to maintain or else begin gaining the weight back, and begins to have toxic thoughts about her dimpled folds and excess rolls that no amount of exercise and crash dieting seems to tone. Then, she notices fat girls who look like her former self having the audacity to appear happy and content. How dare they? They're repulsive and lack the discipline! Don't they know if they just worked real hard, that they could widdle down to be as frumpy and miserable as she is? Clearly these sows give women with problem bodies a bad name, since they do not appear to be displaying adequate shame.

No. 1313348

Ntayrt but I'm a zoomer as well and I honestly think you're just a bum who can't accept the fact that they're lazy so they choose to self-rationalize instead of striving to be a better person. I hope you're not an Amerifag because I'd hate my tax dollars going towards your bum ass.

No. 1313357

File: 1661275424256.png (17.29 KB, 128x128, 957360662789632020.png)

I can't stand people who think using Pinterest is a personality trait

No. 1313360

This is some severe bonerattling right here. Do anons just have either "skinny" or "obese hamplanet" on their weight range? She looks completely average weight to me, not fat. Her body type is just an apple instead of a hourglass.
>mine's always been in the 17 range)
Yeah I can tell.

No. 1313361

Who even is this? Seems like some vendetta posting going on here.

No. 1313366

I cannot understand how they can spend this much energy sperging about some perfectly normal nobodys weight this much. Anautism? Autirexia?

No. 1313367

It's MKUltraGoth on Twitter, the gf of the misogynist who made the account WomenPostingLs.

No. 1313369

The point isn't the weight in of itself, the point is people like this sperg about women who are larger than they are. The fact they do this draws more attention to them, don't throw stones out of glass houses. Not a vendetta so much as an example, there are plenty of people like this everywhere on the internet. This is just the first person who came to mind. Even if a person like this actually did get thin, it doesn't cure the attitude.

No. 1313371

The sad truth is all women can't win. Why not just be okay with women existing as they are, not everyone cares to appeal to a standard or men, and it's a waste because men will fuck anything.

No. 1313383

I used to be this fat girl (BMI23 average, highest BMI 28 and now I've lost weight and maintain a 18-20BMI) and I used to seethe at skinny girls about how they were all starving themselves, diet culture etc. But TBH I was just a fatty who couldn't cope. KEK, can post for proof

No. 1313387

Zoomers hear “I don’t want to be exploited for labour by obscenely wealthy psychopaths in a rigged economy” and say “You’re just lazy.”You’re a lot like your boomer parents. Enjoy your daily affirmations, they won’t get you anywhere.

No. 1313393

Zoomers are literally the ones saying “I don’t want to be exploited for labour by obscenely wealthy psychopaths in a rigged economy” and then call you abusive for being annoyed they messed up your simple fast food order and implying that they should take their jobs more seriously

No. 1313418

The way nexpo stresses the letter ‘t’ at the end of a word drives me up the fuckin wall. Actually most scary youtube dudes have annoying as shit voices.

No. 1313425

are you americans

No. 1313428

Definitely heard this. I tipped a high school 5 dollars and had her rage what was supposed to be 20 bucks but turned into 40 since she accidentally put in a meal twice that was only supposed to be one.

On the flip side there's also a legitimate problem with people not tipping at all. At a restaurant I worked at a pregnant girl quit after not being tipped multiple times when she carried large amounts of food up and down people's apartment stairs. I also knew someone that quit after not being tipped 10 times in a row. There's also tons of food delivery app orders that stay at restaurants all day because the customer didn't want to tip. I definitely support that since you're expected to give a good bit of your time, has, etc just so the person can't get off their lazy ass and leave the house and some of these people could actually be making less than minimum wage due to gas inflation

I also hate how EVERYTHING has to tip now, spa services, any sort of food ordering and some cashier's even do it. That stupid white screen they turn around and awkwardly stare at you

No. 1313431

File: 1661280606209.jpeg (89.89 KB, 828x932, 93EA8ACD-CD33-4CD2-8C4B-66D129…)

I hate this shit because the first thing that came to mind when I saw it was the farmers edit of Elliot Page with You’re Such A Fucking Hoe (I Love It)

No. 1313435

Who tf was the one dude with the unbearable voice who does list videos

No. 1313438

Most zoomer I know desperately want to work but cycle through jobs since majority of places are either ghosting potential employees they claim to need or firing people for no real reason. Actually trying to sue a company now since they always went how they "no one wants to work", got hired at said company to be fired a week later because another employee didn't like my vibe kek. Didn't even do anything wrong. This has happened to me multiple times and to several other people I know. Meanwhile they will happily keep shitty employees for God knows what reason. I blame common core for fucking everyone's decision making

No. 1313448

Is this regional or am I just a poorfag? I live in England and I've never been asked to tip in my life (but I don't go anywhere fancy, so there's that). The only person I've tipped is movers.

No. 1313449

File: 1661281297938.jpg (494.8 KB, 2000x2922, bgus-1134034-001-1518011073.jp…)

This reminds me of how many redditors and fat man-children seethed as robert pattinson being cast as Batman, now he obviously did work out for his role, he just subtly implied in his interviews that he wasn't gonna roid up like all other Hollywood celebs
>"I'm not following the studios trainer "program" they gave me"

Its very clear what he meant by that, but what was hilarious was seeing a bunch of pear shaped unwashed soyboy manchildren rage on him cause he was doing "injustice" to the character, meanwhile these same men hadn't done a single push up since middle school

No. 1313453

lmao the tan on his forearms make it look like he has twice the amount of hair there. i wish i could shear them like he's a sheep

No. 1313454

>BMI 23 is fat
fucking christ the anachans on this site, haven't you heard about moderation?

No. 1313461

God I wish he had all that hair there. I want to be his t shirt.

No. 1313501

File: 1661284533722.jpg (47.29 KB, 563x831, 23bc6793336f16a3ed1f1b0bef2b14…)

Cycling between uncontrollable hunger and cravings at the end of my cycle finding it hard to stop stuffing my face way over my tdee and then total disinterest in food and forcing myself to eat at least my bmr after my period. What gives?! I just want to have a normal appetite and a healthy relationship with food. Is that too much to ask!

No. 1313508

Everything gotta be extreme and unnatural to soyboys. Seething because Laura croft didn't have stupid triangle breast implants. Seething because Robert Pattinson isn't roided up. Next minute they'll scream how unrealistic male beauty standards are because of their own nonsense

No. 1313549

He has the normal tan of someone who doesn’t go to a salon or sits in the sun for hours just to tan.

No. 1313610

I feel absolutely nauseous. This is NSFL, his dick should be ripped out and he should be left in a hole in the floor for decades.

No. 1313618

god this is so gross, the police are completely at fault they should have sent this moid's gross ass to jail regardless of it the woman ''forgive him'' or not

No. 1313621

I hate high waisted pants so much. They make me look like I am all legs. There is no love for short torso girls! I also hate short waisted cut off pants. If you have any amount of ass, they will not fit. I don't need anyone seeing my crack.

No. 1313635

She looks completely average weight. Please stop with this shit.

No. 1313637

>there is no point to living anymore
Literally every person in every generation has thought about this. People will always worry about impending doom that's currently happening in their generation. Doesn't matter if you were living in 1938 worrying about the risk of a another world war that could lead to the end of the world or a peasant in the English countryside worrying about the French invasion that could lead to the death of your country. But people always deal with it because LIFE. GOES. ON.

>if you were a zoomer you would understand my frustration

Your zoomer generation is not exempt from this universal human condition. You are not special in any way. STOP WHINING AND GROW THE FUCK UP.

No. 1313647

For someone who’s BMI has always been in the 17 range you sure sound like a fatty projecting.

No. 1313648

That's not what OP said, OP's attitude is 'everything in this world sucks so I refuse to work and everyone else is delusional for chasing empty future goals.'

Reality is, not everyone has the privilege to not work. Not everyone has mommy and daddy to pay for their living. I don't enjoy being exploited by big corporations either but I need to put food on the plate and roof over my head. I try to find meaning in working (other than paycheck) by actively seeking out jobs that involve helping people in need.

I'm not saying OP needs to do the same, but the least she could do is stop pretending like all zoomers share the same mentality as her.

No. 1313659

>movies/games/art are more like a preaching session than a form of art.
American media has been on a downward spiral it's amazing how much twitter/tumblr contributed to that.
Try engaging in non-American media because God knows even us non-Americans are tired but hey it's fun to mock American media.

No. 1313662

>It was unnecessary torture porn basically.
Isn't that basically GoT?

No. 1313665

Wait until you meet the "I hate America/West" crowd who only ever want to live/move to America or the West.
I get where they're coming from but they never do recognize their hypocrisy

No. 1313685

File: 1661296854177.jpg (167.7 KB, 831x1000, 9e79fcf77bd1102a97a7f37a31dabc…)

i wish i could trade places with those motherfuckers. I would be so happy in the USA despite all of its shortcomings, just being able to taste starbucks would make me happy, kek.

No. 1313691

I really hope you get gifted with some starbucks home coffee.

No. 1313694

File: 1661297382037.webm (2.9 MB, 900x496, fallen angel.webm)

imagine having to go back to the 1938 to try to prove your point, kek. I am not going to work just because ''it's the right thing to do'' fuck that, that's more depressing than doing nothing. So far I haven't heard any of you tell me WHY I should work, it's ''just do it or you are a bum!'' as if I care what other people think, that's how you end up getting exploited, married with some scrote, having children you don't want. It's pathetic.
American media is going to end up affecting everyone else, even anime is becoming political now. Though Japanese media has other problems like trying to please the otaku crowd too much and gacha shit. I have been enjoying a bunch of asian movies from the 90's lately.

No. 1313697

anon, this is the dumbest cope on the site.

No. 1313700

anon is literally saying
>everyone felt this way, your feelings aren't new!
>now act like a different generation that i don't think acted like this, despite me clearly claiming they did!

No. 1313705

File: 1661298163665.jpg (1.58 MB, 3096x1806, 1641931446168.jpg)

people in the 50's/60's/70's were still hopeful of the future. It's really interesting to compare futuristic art of the 70's, where people thought we would ride flying cards and everything will be nice and clean and we would have robot maids like the jetsons, to modern futuristic dystopia where it's basically shitty downtown ghetto with robots.

No. 1313707

You know what, just stay unemployed. It's already hard enough for young people to find jobs and I'd favor less competition once I have to go back to job searching. Just don't live long enough to collect any welfare checks.

No. 1313711

you are going to keep working slave wages to pay for my nuggies and there is nothing you can do about it, cry

No. 1313713

Trying to browse a silly tranny thread on KF and being met with post after post of "not to powerlevel but" "not wanting to reveal too much about myself but…" and then paragraph after paragraph of someone's life story or personal autistic theory on why something does this or that. You can tell people on that site really look forward to writing little essays to one another for colorful stickers.

No. 1313714

I understand you, the only reason I want to get a part-time job is to get money for "fun stuff" I don't want my parents to buy me.

No. 1313715

I'm not the one wageslaving to support your bum ass, your parents who wished they pulled out are.

No. 1313720

welp, they made the egoist decision of bringing a child into this fucked up world, and now they have to deal with the consequences

No. 1313730

Ntayrt, but your parents' parents did the same exact egoist decision and your parents had to adjust to their own generational bullshit, but they made it work (kek). Why's it so hard for you?

No. 1313744

File: 1661300858241.jpg (33.18 KB, 620x447, 1500.jpg)

Ants are useless

No. 1313745

All bugs are awful, and they should all die… especially cockroaches.

No. 1313748

You have depression

No. 1313749

don't be rude, ants have achieved more than you ever will

No. 1313750

fuck you

No. 1313752

Wait anime is becoming political since when?
I don't mind politics tbh I only mind the same mind-numbing handling of political issues that American media does.

No. 1313754

Please don't make this sound like a zoomer thing lmao. I'm a zoomer too and still very optimistic about life, and I still hate people who leech. I was literally raised by a leech.

No. 1313757

I have no goals I guess. I forced myself to babysit my cousin just to help my aunt and it was a pain in the ass, earning money feels worthless when the world is just not worth living. Wish I had the optimist of other nonnies in the thread, hope life is good for all of you.
ants are pretty useless but also metal, they are like a crazy army and fight with other species until death and the fights are utterly brutal, some even bite from other species' limbs and pull until they dismember them, or decapitate them.

No. 1313773

Go to therapy. Unless your parents are rich enough to leave you inheritance, there’s gonna come a time when working isn’t an option. By then it’ll actually be too late to change for the better.

No. 1313791

>>now act like a different generation that i don't think acted like this, despite me clearly claiming they did!
Stop putting words in my mouth. The point of my post was your grandparents had their own unique hardships but got through it anyways. Meanwhile, you're here running away from your own hardships like a useless coward. Why can't you be like your grandparents?

No. 1313794

>earning money feels worthless when the world is just not worth living
Maybe it's not, but you are deluding yourself about money since you get everything handed to you.

No. 1313795

Maybe it's because I grew up in a third world country where the culture is that working is a privilege and being able to earn money means you're fortunate so I can never understand this way of defeatist thinking. You guys sound white and privilege as fuck.

No. 1313801

our grandparents were young right when you could make millions off a dumb idea and get a job at a start-up company right out of high school, you are a dumbass if you believe we have the same opportunities as them. Also most of them were told to shut up and be slaves/marry their scrote husbands and take care of their children, i can't believe you want to defend that.
i have been using the same clothing since i was 13, i get books from the public library and i mostly eat rice and spaghetti, nor my mom nor my dad have given me anything for my birthday or Christmas since i was like 14. I just don't wanna work to ''survive'' like everyone else seems to do, seems like such an empty way to live.
i am from south America nonnie, which makes it worse, you work more for less and 60% of your earnings go towards paying taxes.

No. 1313802

you don't have a point. you're just parroting shit you hear other people say. my grandparents also didn't live in an overpopulated hell hole and lived in a time period when people could lie their way through life, even pretending to be doctors. life is more expensive and difficult to succeed in now and you're stupid if you think otherwise.

No. 1313831

File: 1661306133094.png (418.49 KB, 671x842, 1661274474798831.png)

dunno why wagies are so mad, i am not even leeching off them specifically. Maybe it's because I am an artfag and art is the first thing being overtaken by robots and political propaganda soit makes me warier of the future. I would like to hear of other nonnies reasons to work because I can't seriously think of one that's not ''you gotta do this for other's sake''.

No. 1313848

That anatomy is fucked. Jeez

No. 1313849

i think you're thinking of Chills

No. 1313851

sakimichan is going to have to flip burgers after the ai takes over

No. 1313854

>make art with ai art programs
>tweak it to make it less wonky
>pretend it's your own art
it seems sound and legit.
but to answer your question, they're bitter so they have to invent reasons why being a wagie is the best and everyone else is a waste to society.

No. 1313855

Not to mention how much of a waste of money it is. Like genuinely how do people have enough money to buy all that useless crap that just sits in your room all day and gain dust.

No. 1313856

ants are anything but useless. they help out nature by keeping soil healthy and fighting off pests among other things.

the only species of animals that earth can do without is the homo sapiens. nature would thrive without us.

No. 1313860

I hate the color pink so fucking much. I can understand wanting to have a comfy workstation, mine has some plants and books and 2 anime figures but this is utterly obsessive and repulsive not even scrotes are this much of consoomers.

No. 1313861

>t. knows nothing about ants
This is like saying bees are useless. Ants and insects are cool as fuck.

No. 1313863

No. 1313864

>I hate the color pink so fucking much
Grow up.

No. 1313866

it's a repulsive color that only troons and girls with daddy issues like

No. 1313868

hating pink is a kneejerk reaction. cute animals have pink noses and pretty flowers are pink.

No. 1313871

>only troons and girls with daddy issues like
It's just a color.

No. 1313873

I used to think I hated the color pink, but last year I had a revelation that I don't hate pink in nature, I just hate pink plastic and most shades of pink clothing. The pink on the natural canvas of a young flower petal and the old gum pink of plastic garbage have nothing to do with one another in my mind anymore.

No. 1313874

File: 1661308905818.jpg (895.19 KB, 1919x1182, 1593689011286.jpg)

there is a difference between flowers and animals and wanting everything to be pink. None of the girls that ''love pink'' decorate their houses with flowers, they do it with plastic garbage for children. It's a pretty color ruined by coonsomerism. Pink is good to accentuate something, but when everything its pink it feels like eating an overly sweet cake.
this nonnie gets it.

No. 1313878

Again, grow up.

No. 1313879

grow up, says the person defending a color

No. 1313880

Defending a god-tier color, moron.

No. 1313881

Based as fuck.

No. 1313883

File: 1661309384766.jpg (57.09 KB, 426x640, a542dd83e7f3661211ce4ee2468f4a…)

you color blind? the only god-tier color is green, the literal color of mother earth

No. 1313891

I used to hate green but now it’s my favorite color ever. I’ve seen the light nonna

No. 1313892

>literal color of mother earth
Oh, so you're some kind of hippy or something? Well pink is found in nature, dumbass. Real smart. "What about green! It's plants!" Pink is plants, too you idiot.

No. 1313893

File: 1661309728868.jpg (39.15 KB, 1200x1200, d4d6ddd75764d91d6e82085dc9066a…)

>search color green on Pinterest
>beautiful nature and cute frogs
>search pink on Pinterest
>bunch of plastic crap, food(you must be fat, kek), basic bitch clothing for girls with daddy issues and a gayass kpoop band
sorry pinkturd, I win. We got frogs on your side you can't recover from that.

No. 1313894

File: 1661309839039.jpg (36.55 KB, 600x600, both.jpg)

>not being able to realize that both green and pink are god-tier
So small minded. No wonder you don't like pink.

No. 1313897

File: 1661309982070.jpg (40.62 KB, 563x676, df9922a83d4213575614011f7d1c9f…)

welcome to the family greenfren. Also, another point for greenstacys
>we got avocados and kiwis
>you got pink sauce and fatty donuts

No. 1313902

You're telling me you've never taken a walk outside during the sunset? You're telling me that the sky is ugly when it's pink? That liking the sunset makes you fat with daddy issues… hmmm… perhaps you are projecting….

No. 1313905

Aiga’s “Eyes on Design” blog. Pisses me off because for all the hemming and hawing artsy types do about accessibility, you’d think they wouldn’t make something so distracting that you can’t even turn off lol.

No. 1313906

File: 1661310407475.jpg (1.29 MB, 1242x2208, iSpazio-28.jpg)

>pinkturd trying to take credit for the sunset
sunset it like 60% orange 30%purple 9%red 1%pink

No. 1313909

literally no one thinks of sunset as ''pink'' they are always depicted as orange/purple

No. 1313910

>thinks all sunsets look like this
>doesn't realize that sunsets have different phases where some colors show more than others

No. 1313912

File: 1661310687828.jpg (23.4 KB, 345x416, 48022113030c745b26e577df2ab95a…)

lol if pink is so good why isn't it a natural color for eyes

No. 1313929

File: 1661311605894.png (964.77 KB, 537x665, oof.PNG)

Caricature art
I think it's so ugly and is the lowest form of art there is

No. 1313933

big agree, plus pink and green go together.

No. 1313945

green is a background color. every other color is the main character.

No. 1313949

File: 1661313032236.jpg (169.59 KB, 347x430, migrant_mother_nipomo_californ…)

again what do you plan to do when your parents eventually pass and your left to fend for yourself

No. 1313965

File: 1661314272072.png (160.64 KB, 485x487, 1646830922698.png)

finally hang myself, obviously. Right now if i tried I would end up like a vegetable since my parents are always at home and that's a fate worse than living.

No. 1313966

And what would you do when your parents get old and need someone to take care of them

No. 1313970

nta but I can tell someone's a cunt immediately by their use of "and" at the beginning of a sentence
makes you sound like a snotty teacher in a disney cartoon

No. 1313979

they have the rest of my family to depend on

No. 1313989

>The person responsible for your misery is you, not your parents and not some ineffable "some people just aren't cut out to enjoy life" bs
Nta but I hate this kind of bullshit talk. Shit parents who teach their kids nothing and make it their mission to make their kid's life hell on earth instead, so it will not develop in a way that normal people do (which the child then has to desperately compete with for all its life) and will have 1001 burdens and malfunctions in their way by the time it reaches adulthood, are absolutely responsible for the struggle their children have in their future lifes. Yes they can spend several years trying to find a good therapist, yes their symptoms and issues can get better, but that doesn't change the fact that those wouldn't exist without shit parents in the first place.

No. 1314010

nta but fuck my parents.

No. 1314042

also nta but fuck my parents too and fuck parent worship, parenthood is the only acceptable way for people to give either nothing or do the bare minimum and expect to receive everything in return

No. 1314044

Late, but this is such a good take. It always annoys me how fantasy/sci-fi fiction can have these fantastical, nuanced worlds with ultra advanced technology or mythical creatures but women are still always treated like shit.

No. 1314505

wtf? I was only talking about whiny, loser anon in this thread. Not other people who where legit abused by their parents.

No. 1314848

i hate the term "exploring sexuality", especially in context of grownass people engaging in something they already habitually do. stumbled upon a vintage 1960s home video, and someone commented how it looked like a couple "exploring their sexuality", as if it wasn't two clearly mature people having normal sex just with a camera present. also irks me when someone is trying to justify the psychology of nudes by saying it's a way for people to explore their sexuality, but we're talking about like people in their 30s who've been having sex for ages. finally,i just always cringe at this phrase when it's used as advice for young women who need to figure out what they like to have healthy relationships. it's not an inappropriate use of the phrase at least, but it elicits a gross visceral feeling in me, like something a groomer would say.

No. 1314853

nta anon, but i am not taking care of my parents. My siblings will do that.

No. 1314857

I have never understood sexual exploration. I think most people know what they like right off the bat. It's just sounds like an artsy way of being a whore but they don't want to admit it.

No. 1314885

It can be hard for victims of csa to know, as one. But the pushing “exploration” hurts us more. It’s never done for our benefit or with us in mind. It’s done to cater to moids and their needs and to teach women who already struggle with self communication and their body their wrong. They don’t leave us to figure it out or give positive resources and if you try to talk risks they screech at you.

No. 1314897

That's stupid. Not everyone is going to know what they like until they experience it but also you can explore with one person.

No. 1314914

I'm still retarded and don't know what my sexuality is. But I'm not going to slut around like men and twitter whores want me to just so I can find out kek

No. 1314959

>our grandparents were young right when you could make millions off a dumb idea and get a job at a start-up company right out of high school
>i am from south America
Where do you live? I can't think of any SA country that fits this, unless you come from a rich family.

No. 1314993

File: 1661375774297.jpg (57.69 KB, 646x673, LIPp.jpg)

White lip liner

No. 1315004

Ew what's the point of a white lipliner. It kind of reminds me of dried saliva.

No. 1315028

"It's to sort of lift my lips cause I don't have much, genetically"

No. 1315295

File: 1661393389840.png (232.44 KB, 724x393, otomesekai.png)

When this otome game curator on Steam reviews games that have nothing to do with otome, or worse, titty games for scrotes. Ok, BL is also for women and there are no big groups curating BL games so I give it a pass; ok, a lot of women into otome like JRPGs and it's cool to have general game recs by and for women. But now they're reviewing literal PORN games BY and FOR males. Also, their daily feed of newly released and upcoming VNs rarely has anything for women in it, it's practically almost always announcements about the newest shitty cheap hentai game made in RPG Maker or Ren'Py by some coomer troon, and some random equally shitty RPGs and puzzle games that no one cares about.

Are Steam curators obligated to review games regularly to not lose their status as curators or something? And these people even have the gall to say "We are not an Otome-only group/curator and I don't think the tagline says otherwise", like, come on, you are called *Otome Sekai* you fucking idiot, what did you expect people to think

No. 1315368

I fucking hate ru pauls drag race. Any and all versions of it. I hate seeing it advertised everywhere. How do people watch more than one season

No. 1315377

Moids are even taking the term otome now? I wish them a very merry die.

No. 1315385

I don't think the moderators are male, but they sure seem to be trying to attract males to their group. Pickme shit. I'll stick with Otome Rakuen, thanks

No. 1315597

While I personally am not particularly fond of boybands, I hate seeing adult men shit on them specifically cause they are popular with young girls and women
it’s to be non creepy heart throbs for preteen and young teen girls who aren’t going to crush on hairy middle aged men. Why can’t people see this? Good examples are Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake . Why would a fangirl (most of them are underage) crush on a plain ugly adult looking guy when in real life she is around men like that.

No. 1315600

Agree. Worst human rights violation by the Chinese to date is cracking down on kpop boy idols

No. 1315615

The (admittedly censored af) BL drama trend is gonna compensate for that

No. 1315627

ugly as fuck grown men are jealous of kpop boys because they get more attention than they will ever have. Disgusting grown ass motherfuckers.

No. 1315666

True. Not a fan of Bieber and the guy did do some nasty shit in the past but I'm 90% sure the dudes who hate him only hate him 'cause he's someone that's popular with young girls and anything popular with young girls is dumb, gross and a waste of time ew cooties.

No. 1315673

Speaking of k-pop idols does anyone feel… kinda bad for them? Like, imagine having to cultivate this innocent and attainable perfect GF/BF character (which is most likely what they aren't actually like) to millions and billions of fans everyday and having your movement monitored 24/7 via social media. Don't get me started on the weird shit their stans do like makig digital porn of their bias.

To be honest I kinda feel bad for those BTS boys.

No. 1315675

do girls even care about bieber anymore, i thought they moved on to shawn mendes now
only female idols. most of the male ones are giant assholes and creeps.

No. 1315677

I feel sorry for female idols because they're more likely to be abducted or assaulted by incels. I don't even care that sesaengs sniffed the asses of BTS members. Men don't have enough fear.

No. 1315710

People who come from countries with a 'drinking culture' and who embrace it and are proud of it. I'm sure someone can be Irish or English without getting blackout drunk at every possible occasion

No. 1315800

I hate poop stand-off bitches. We are in the bathroom just GO

No. 1315808

I catch my poo in a tissue as it comes out and then drop it so that it doesn’t splash

No. 1315809

definitely agree. being a non-drinker and being from the UK in any capacity is a nightmare

No. 1315816

No. 1315819

You’re welcome for the tip, it’s how I imagine catching a baby is like. Saved me on a few occasions, most recently at IKEA with meatball shits

No. 1315847

How the fuck are you freaks processing food so fast that you shit it out in the same establishment you just ate it at? What's the turnaround time from your mouth to ass there, 15 minutes?

No. 1315848

I will never take advice from you poophands

No. 1315881

based nona i do this too

No. 1315888

File: 1661431264377.jpeg (55.87 KB, 1024x768, 7829144D-9706-4922-A21A-87BD48…)

Nah, nah. No because I need more anons to see this and tell you how wrong you are. Are you all seeing this. This is foul.

No. 1315896

…Next time, just drop a tissue in the bowl before you go, same effect.

No. 1315913

Well, I suppose it’s more like making room after you’ve eaten rather than shitting out meatballs straight away like a hungry hungry hippo

My sister

The poo only touches the tissue and then I do this revolutionary thing called “washing my hands”

I tried that first, but I don’t like wasting the amount of tissue I’d need to silence my poo, and I’ve clogged toilets that way before which is even more embarrassing than being heard

No. 1315915

That is a tissue. That is a very small, porous piece of cotton separating you from your actual fresh, steaming excrement. Nothing you say from this point on is within the realm of sanity poophands. I do not care about your justifications, you are a terrorist.

No. 1315921

This nearly rivals hover pissers in obnoxiousness. Just fucking shit it's the bathroom. This is petty bs Niles Crane would worry about

No. 1315935

Admitting to physically cradling your poop in a tissue like you’re swaddling a newborn baby because you don’t want other women to hear the splash is so sick

No. 1315952

Well I mean if we’re worrying about contact with faecal matter in a public toilet, there are bigger fish to fry than a turd in a tissue.
Your reply made me laugh so I want you to know that I did this a lot back when I was waiting tables and tending bar. I also had threadworms pretty bad at time in my life. I’d catch my poo then be back to serving food not minutes later. No gods, no kings, no laws can protect you from us. How’s that for terrorism?

No. 1315955

You will never see the kingdom of heaven poophands 2.0

No. 1316069

File: 1661439853806.jpeg (1.15 MB, 2560x2560, AE2C943E-47DF-4BEB-A003-B2CAED…)

This Kuromi plushie, what the fuck did they do to her Jesus Christ.

No. 1316075

File: 1661440014633.jpeg (127.78 KB, 574x565, E0AEAEC6-F8D5-49E2-9DFB-8314CA…)

like fuck me these are painful to look at

No. 1316078

before and after Only Fans

No. 1316092

No. 1316094

It's ugly weebshit either way

No. 1316096

At least >>1316069 is creative even if it is kinda ugly, >>1316075 is literally like getting tattoos of your own face on your face. So long as they had fun ig

No. 1316114

Sometimes I'll look at sanrio characters or at like pusheen plushies and I'll think peole are dumb for spending so much money on these really plain looking characters… but I take that back. Plain is good.

No. 1316119

File: 1661441530793.jpeg (38.01 KB, 500x500, 52C72B2C-8D2E-4DFA-B76C-122F81…)

>getting tattoos of your own face on your face
That’s pretty metal
Generally I like the more specialty plushies (wearing full outfits), not like whatever that clayface monster was though.

No. 1316141

I hate parents who have a child who is deaf and don’t bother ever learning sign language. I had a friend growing up that had a deaf older brother and it always drove me crazy that his parents and siblings didn’t know sign language. How is the deaf individual supposed to feel like a part of the family when they can’t communicate with you and vice versa? It’s insane how prevalent it is with deaf people born in the 90s.

No. 1316144

Men who relate everything back to sex and have no filter. When that's the their entire sense of humor. The kind of guy who'll see a toddler fall over and struggle to get up again so they'll somehow turn it into a 'stepmom stuck in the washing machine on PH' type joke.

No. 1316153

People who blatantly use accusations of racism, seismic, etc just to dog-pile someone they already didn't like. It's so transparent and pathetic.

No. 1316428

File: 1661456274885.jpeg (210.36 KB, 640x1040, 1617315029069.jpeg)

They got turned into feral Danganronpa cosplayers

No. 1316450

What the fuck….

No. 1316451

Ewwww god

No. 1316455

She's wearing a can on her hair????

No. 1316484

File: 1661458917198.jpg (96.92 KB, 500x500, 1661447051160.jpg)

I hate this shit

No. 1316485

She thinks she's Lady Gaga in the Telephone music video but she'll never reach her level.

No. 1316523

What hardships?? What challenges??? They aren't the ones carrying the child. Also love how whatever deranged moid drew this ugly garbage didn't even include "aiding the actual pregnant woman" into their "hardships". Peak narcissism

No. 1316529

Wow, I fucking hate that too. Typical troon retardation, aka the "hardships" of picking gender neutral colors and not being able to coom to their impregnation fetish while larping as their idea of a pregnant woman. And the actual pregnant woman in the picture just standing in the corner, probably screaming internally.

No. 1316541

They can’t get pregnant their bodies literally are not designed for it, it would thankfully kill then off if they were by miraculous chance able to make it happen. Male bodies are extremely expedient and lack endurance like womens bodies

No. 1316542

File: 1661461646429.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 274 KB, 1190x1120, nofap.jpeg)

ah, the tranny who made daily "nofap" comics about trying to cope with his porn addiction, Justgirlythingz ammirite ladies?

No. 1316559

File: 1661462342019.png (60.13 KB, 676x560, unknown.png)

All I can think of

No. 1316567

The new vent thread pic

No. 1316590

"comic" shouldn't even be used for whatever this thing makes, these are scribbles. This doesnt even resemble a human. And moids still argue that porn doesn't rot the brain

No. 1317252

The word "kiddo", for some reason I hate it so fucking much.

No. 1317254

what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck
I didn't reach the end of the video but I hope the whole family died horrible slow and torturous deaths wtf

No. 1317264

Oh, nonnie, you're in for a ride. Spoiler as always, they did not get what they deserved

No. 1317302

Late but I’ve done this as well. Also a hover pisser. I hate going into a public restroom then sitting on a warm toilet seat. All I can think about is what kind of person was sitting there right before me. They’re a complete stranger I may never meet, but I have felt their warmth.

No. 1317308

I work retail and everyday there is piss and shit stains on the toilet seat so the bare minimum I do is carry hand sanitizer with me to squirt on the seat and wipe down with toilet paper. People nasty

No. 1317311

File: 1661517818190.png (825.97 KB, 904x789, Capture.PNG)

No. 1317313

File: 1661517958477.jpg (129.02 KB, 1171x277, kill me now.jpg)

Gaming journalists. This article in particular just reinforces my justification in hating them (surprise surprise, the writer's a troon).


No. 1317334

this is disgusting to read! how are people not thinking that this kind of shit is alarming

No. 1317338

Jesus Christ.

No. 1317345

So tired of seeing other women who defend porn. If you defend the objectification and exploitation of women you hate women, simple as. Porn can't be "ethical"

No. 1317362

Ikr, the fact it's about a game partially aimed at children makes it all the more disgusting. This line in particular got me:
>I take this as a personal slight against me and all other fruity fools dealing with the same conundrum right now. Being queer is amazing until it becomes an inevitable gateway drug to economic self-sabotage. I suppose I’ll just go with Professor Sada and explore Turo through fanart for now, of which there is plenty.
Is this meant to be funny? Relatable? Dude needs to step outside of his coomer echo chamber before he writes anything.
Don't even get me started on how an editor ok'd this article in the first place. I WILL a-log, kek.

No. 1317493

File: 1661530664868.png (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 723x1597, 16.png)

imagine unironically a porn artist(who often draws r34 of child characters) and then getting mad at women for finding a male character Hot(Porn)

No. 1317494

Absolutely deranged.

No. 1317560

I hate this growing narrative that because supposedly now that women have more autonomy and power than they did before, we have to 'analyze' female victims or 'equally' equate powerful evil women to powerful evil men (when they're not equatable and only breed whataboutism) All it does is feeds the patriarchy and woman hate. Like why focus on this? Why not focus and analyze the fact that 91% of male violence victims are female? Why not speak up about sexual assault and rape statistics and how they disproportionately (understatement of the century) affect women?

You bet that the comments under this video are not bringing this up. Instead you'll find heavily upvoted comments about how we 'disregard male abuse and suffering', or how 'evil white cis Karens are weaponizing their femininity and tears', or 'how we can't blindly believe anything a woman says nowdays based on preconceived gender roles.'

People don't seem to realize that just because a few women get their SA or DV cases publicly covered, doesn't mean that people care about women's suffering. Many, many women over the world are silently abused and killed everyday and you don't hear a squeak about it because it's just so commonplace that hardly anyone gives a fuck anymore. That's why seeing shit like this makes my blood boil.

No. 1317568

elizabeth is lowkey iconic with that fake deep voice she used to do to and only wear turtlenecks.

No. 1317595

Why the fuck is this idiot with a cavewomam fetish allowed to write disgusting "queer" pieces on a children's videogame?

No. 1317607

with 99% of women I agree but I don't give a shit about scummy rich billionaires who lie and scam innocent people, there's nothing "iconic" about it, also I support Amber Heard and its BS to compare her to a parasite like Elizabeth Holmes

No. 1317609

also, everyone fucking cares about men's suffering. men were always allowed to be emotional. it's just a fucking lie they keep repeating. every man ive ever spent time around has been a complete emotional wreck who dumped his feelings and sadness on the closest woman at every opportunity. MEN don't care about their friends. They have no empathy at all. And these MRA retards just want every woman around them to cater to them so of course they insist that it's WOMEN who are supposed to care and take care of them, when we ALREADY DO, THANKLESSLY. They just want their dads and their friends to give a shit about them but they'll never get it so they badger and guilt women and it will never stop, ever.

No. 1317610

Comment section is full of men who know a guy who got abused by a gf (ie she cheated, called him names and broke and his heart) and how he wasnt taken seriously because we don't take mens pain seriously! I mean what do they think happens when a regular ole non celeb twenty something woman gets out of a shitty relationship that turned abusive or included cheating and being put down? Do they think people all rally around women and provide a huge act of justice so the abuser gets owned?

In reality you might.. might..vent to friends, get into therapy if you can afford it and ask your family to not bring up his name anymore. There's no grand justice for the average person after a moderately abusive or just shitty relationship. Welcome to reality. You carry the burden of it afterwards and generally have to go sort yourself out because others can't do it for you.

No. 1317620

No it isn't, majority of the comments are women, I swear some of y'all make up shit as much as troons

No. 1317624

Do you want me to copy and paste the exact comments? Including one blaming a dudes suicide on some woman being a cheat?

No. 1317636

Every time a scrote tries to vent to me I find a way to make it about myself kek

No. 1317642

this is an imageboard

No. 1317653

Top comments are mostly women. Sort by newest instead and you get scrotes whinging.

No. 1317659

Elizabeth Holmes really doesn't count because she had men to help her with her scam. Welp, they can't cry victim on her. Funny how she seemed to have gotten more publicity than the nickola motors guy and he was far worse of a scammer than she ever was.

No. 1317676

I actually disliked this video for other reasons, I usually enjoy her content but not this video. It feels like a rather shallow generalized analysis. The takeaway in this video only perpetuates the idea women are weaker, always victims even if their actions are socially and legally repulsive/illegal. It's like society struggles with the idea that we, women, ARE can be human beings, sharing both the good and bad characteristics. while men will always be the one's leading in acts of violence committed, woman are just as capable of committing white collar crime for financial gain while being completely aware of their actions. That wouldn't make these women a "scapegoat" of an oppressive social system, it would make them bad people within my society. saying Elizabeth Holmes’ sin is just as much her fault as it is society’s.” is an absurd statement, it’s mostly Holmes’ fault, cause she blatantly lied and made false promises, also the insistent quoting of Simone de Beauvoir turned me off from the video

Simone de Beauvoir was an uber privileged "intellectual" who spent a lot of time thinking and not surviving and living in the real and yet her work has been and continues to be instrumental in feminist spaces.

No. 1317698

God, these inceloids truly live in a fantasy lands. Star Wars fanboys are truly the worst type of scrotes.

No. 1317900

Scrotes crying they were tricked because they thought with their dick does not make them victims is what anons are saying, and that they like to overinflate the evil/crimes of bad women to insinuate women should be barred from holding positions of power in society as they once were and still are by under the table discriminatory hiring practices/cultures when most crimes are committed by men, trying to excuse male violence/degeneracy. Men will ree about women using their looks to trick them when they are the ones choosing to follow along, aka men not taking responsibility for their own actions, like muslim scrotes saying women must wear hijabs because they tempt men when it is the men who are weak willed perverts and often the women does not do it on purpose.

No. 1317975

I cannot stand when men say “if I were a woman, I would become a prostitute/make an OnlyFans/fuck a bunch of randos on the street.” Something about this in particular really disgusts me and makes my skin crawl. I hear it all the time said lightheartedly even by men I usually like and it makes me upset for many reasons. I decided to sit down and dissect why this in particular gets such a visceral reaction out of me, and these are the points I came up with:
>complete lack of understanding of how women feel/the female sex drive
These men think that because they are constantly horny for anything that breathes, that this would still hold true if they were women. They don’t understand that if they truly were women, they wouldn’t desire to do any of that and would instead feel extremely disturbed and traumatized by unwanted sexual interactions. Not to mention the lack of understanding of pregnancy anxiety.
I hate manwhores. The only thing worse than a manwhore is a wannabe manwhore who desires it but fails to attract anyone. These guys envy the “ease” at which women can get meaningless sex and want that for themselves.
>implying women are stupid for not doing the same
They act like it’s such a no-brainer decision, and seem confused as to why all women aren’t capitalizing on this opportunity (Gee I wonder why?). Comes off as seeing women’s ultimate form as being a whore, and any woman who isn’t is “doing it wrong”.
>warped incel belief that all women are prostitutes/promiscuous
They genuinely believe that’s a normal lifestyle for women and most/all women today participate in it.
>positive view of prostitution
Goes without saying. They probably are the type to advocate for and be okay with using women for prostitution. Think women who are in sex work are having a great time, getting a bunch of sex AND money wowee! So fun and easy and not at all soul-crushing and disgusting!
>troon vibes
This fantasizing about and envying being an over-sexualized woman sets off my AGP radar.
>gay vibes
Fantasizing about sleeping with a bunch of men sets off my closeted gay radar.
>Too stupid and unaware to realize they could literally do exactly what they are wishing for right now, as men.
They could just as easily become a gay prostitute/manwhore with the same “success”. If you point this out to them, they have the gall to say “but I’m not attracted to men.” No fucking shit. That’s exactly as attracted women are to the Johns they have to serve. Zero. Not at all. It’s the same exact thing and they can’t do basic empathy to understand that.

No. 1317976

I thought of another:
>comes off as male feminist virtue signaling
Trying to show off how sex positive they are, thinking that will give them goodboy points with women.

No. 1317981

Anyone who tries to argue that woman are “just like men” are always male or transgender, and very rarely a deeply brainwashed NLOG just fishing for male approval. There are thousands of resources and statistics that disprove this point-blank, and men who hyperfixate on the small number of gruesome female crimes are creepy and obviously semi-retarded.

No. 1317984

>Think women who are in sex work are having a great time, getting a bunch of sex AND money wowee!
They only use this to tempt naive and vulnerable women into getting into sex work. Its just lies, they really they love how traumatized women are by it. Hence disgusting subreddits like deadeyes or whatever it was called. They love when women have no real options and have no choice but to fuck men she doesn't want to, they want all women to be punished

No. 1318003

It’s scary how men unironically believe this. They genuinely think that women are enjoying themselves and getting “all the sex they want”.

No. 1318004

I hate this too but I always interpreted their saying shit like this as part of their misogynistic mindset that women are not human to the full degree they are and thus somehow incapable of possessing dignity. They specifically say they would do these things if they were a woman rather than ever being willing to do them as a man because they have the dignity to not do it and assume that if they were women, they wouldn’t have that sense of dignity. Or a similar explanation, they view women primarily as sex objects and think women ought to just accept this inferior status, but would never think of himself, as a man, that way. Also ime the kind of guy that tends to say this doesn’t even pretend to view “sex work” shit in any sort of woke light, I’ve more commonly heard it from Andrew Tate types

No. 1318034

I think men who say it can fall under either category, and both are terrible.
Yes definitely! I think that was what I was trying to grasp at with why I can’t understand why they can only see themselves doing it as women. They must truly, deep down, see it as “beneath them”.”

No. 1318037

Samefag but I definitely hear it from Andrew Tate types as well as lib types. I think the fact that it’s such a common sentiment that I hear from all different types of men makes it even more disturbing to me.

No. 1318063

Right?! They always say “if I were a woman” and it’s like, okay so why don’t you do those things now? Why not go out and sell your ass now? Men always say things like that and “if I were a woman I’d have sex with all my honors so they get a piece” or “I’d be such a slut I’d have sex with so many guys.” They have literally no inkling of what it’s like to be a woman at all and they literally just want to be gay scrotes. Women will never be able to have the same sexual freedoms as men without it putting them in danger in some way. If women had sex the way men did they would be even more often raped, trafficked, exploited in some way, treated terribly.

No. 1318070

When you press them on it, they make so many lame excuses like “oh that wouldn’t work, no one would be attracted to me. Men can’t make any money on OnlyFans” Bullshit. They know gay men are the most willing to fuck anything. Fucking Nickocado has a successful OnlyFans.

No. 1318358

It's part of their general cluelessness and malice or sadism.

Prime example is scrotes claiming 14 year old girls are 'prime fertility'. In reality fertilizing a 14 year old girl means someone whose pelvis and bone structure is neither wide nor fortified enough to give birth (a process that only ends at age 22), someone who doesn't produce enough micronutrients to sustain a healthy baby, and a baby incredibly likely to suffer from anencephaly or other severe defects. Nature shows this behavior is a total defect and extremely dangerous, but scrotes will suddenly ignore their nature worship if you point this out.

This is what is ALWAYS revealed in the mtf thread. It actually reveals how AGP is not just a fetish for a few autistic weirdos like some pickmes suggest but is really constructed out of the regular misogyny scrotes filter women through.
>now that I became the sexy little slut gIrL who ttly looks like Anya from Spy x Family via Muh Titty Skittles, I can show empathy, kindness and tenderness to my partners in the bedroom instead of choking, screaming at and beating them, or killing random civilians as a marine… like I used to in boymode~~
I don't know how many times I've seen troons type out some variation of this. Its literally some bizarre admission that they felt behaving like a piece of shit was integral to being male and they wouldn't yield an inch to save face among their fellow scrotes, even in the bedroom where no one else is watching. (not that I think troons are actually any nicer in the bedroom)

No. 1318367

"Eurofag here, do Americans really shit in their hands and clap like this cow?"

No. 1318370

anti-feminist women who claim feminism brainwashed them into being sluts instead of holding themselves accountable for their past behavior lol

No. 1318457

I hate when they show rapists and they give them this either slow and dim witted lackey or totally normal guy who got roped into their little group of rapists and they're like "omg, look this guy feels bad" and is somehow unable to not be with this group of rapists and try to make him out as some sort of good guy. It pisses me off. I've seen that trope around and I hope it never comes back anytime soon.

No. 1318461

Made plans with my friend in person that we would hang out today. They ghosted all me messages yesterday and the one I sent at lunch and just got back to me. Now they're mad that I don't want to hang out cause they said they're in a bad mood. Wtf so am I bitch I worked so hard this Week and was looking forward to a fun day and you ignored me. What a waste of a fucking day you could have let me known yesterday you weren't up for it instead of me sitting around waiting like a mug all day

No. 1318501

When people get over-emotional in video essays about media. Like of course it makes sense that you're going to become emotional talking about something you're passionate about, but to a certain point when people sound like they're on the verge of tears or yelling at the top of their lungs because they're so angry about some franchise or creator they don't like it's like… relax… we're talking about 2d drawings here, not matters of life or death. Also things don't have to be super deep or philosophical to be good. I feel like lots of creators (like Supereyepatchwolf) will fall into that trap of having to justify why they like something with some sort of contrived, deep personal reason and it makes me roll my eyes. Things can just be good because you like them and they make you happy. I'm so glad those types of videos aren't as trendy on Youtube anymore. I think I mostly watched them to kill time but most of them weren't even that good.

No. 1318530

Kek, this. And these people are the same ones complaining about how Americans are ignorant of Europe.

No. 1318593

File: 1661630704272.jpg (70.02 KB, 758x652, rw11ygq3uko11.jpg)

People who don't tip. At least a dollar would be fine but nothing? Like you're just straight up an asshole. Why bother dining in the first place?

No. 1318601

Tipping culture is retarded. Where I live we pay waiters a living wage and so I never tip and never will.

No. 1318602

Then you should get shitty service

No. 1318606

Nta, but then obviously this isn't about places that don't have or need a tipping culture.

No. 1318621

I think shitty service should be encouraged tbh. So long as I get my food eventually and it's at least lukewarm, I don't care about whether the waiter / waitress is smiley and kind to me. I know you're tired, I don't think you're doing this out of passion, you just have to turn up long enough to get a paycheck and then leave. Servers should be allowed to be as standoffish as they please, ESPECIALLY on what they're paid.

No. 1318622

Deserving of shitty service when you're already paying fairly? Makes sense.

No. 1318624

>Tipping culture
It's not a "culture" it's a shady business practice.
I fucking hate capitalist newspeak.

No. 1318656

Yeah it's incredibly stupid, like all things in murrica. It's just another bandaid to fix a broken practice instead of actually addressing the problem (paying a fair wage to employees). Also unfair to other service workers where tipping isn't the culture. I hate tipping, I only do it so the workers don't spit in my food or something.

No. 1318663

This is why I don't tip. The entitlement

No. 1318750

Haka's are the cringiest thing I've ever seen in my life. I don't know how people just don't bust up laughing at them. I can't believe opposing teams are supposed to stand there and take it seriously. It's like expecting the team to just stand there all serious while the other team yells out "Rally, rally, the pitcher's name is Sally.", "Hey batta batta batta swing batta batta", and “Be aggressive, B-E Aggressive, B‐E‐A‐G‐G‐R‐E‐S‐S‐I‐V‐E!”

No. 1318770

I hate how normal it has become to overshare on social media. Idk how people have the courage to write extremely personal, traumatic shit with their face and full name in their profile. Wtf is going on

No. 1318773

I agree, I'll never do that shit. I'm keeping it all for myself.
There's things that I don't even share on here.

No. 1318775

File: 1661643752332.jpeg (333.28 KB, 1215x1080, 1661636405182.jpeg)

>my unwashed dick smells like a real vagina!!!
what the fuck.

No. 1318776

Off season fireworks. What's so special about August 27th you fucking hillbillies?

No. 1318778

Blatant misogyny.

No. 1318792

>All of a sudden I smelled something fishy, and it was my DICK?!
Now he's just telling on himself.

No. 1318796

On one hand I feel like killing him over the misogyny of a fish "joke", but then on the other hand I find it fucking hilarious he has no idea that a fish smell isn't normal and means there's a serious infection so he's just sitting there getting a euphoric boner uwu about a raging infection

No. 1318798

a 17 bmi is anorexic, and a woman with a bmi of 19 who works out regularly can be thin.

No. 1318801

I went to their tumblr and literally every comic is either about masturbation, porn addiction, or having a girldick FUCKING EW

No. 1318814

Not an anachan I don't think 17 bmi is anorexic. But then again anorexia isn't defined by your weight

No. 1318821

Just so anons know in burgerland servers in most states make $2.13 an hour wages because they receive tips. Legally their employer is only required to pay them $2.13 an hour. Can you imagine working 8 hours for $17.04, not including tax? It’s fucked up that the food in their children’s mouths is dependent on the generosity of strangers and it’s fucked up that servers to take it out on patrons instead of their bosses or the restaurant industry in general. But I’ve never known servers to be particularly bright either, so.

No. 1318830

take a shower and wash your dick you disgusting pornsick freak

No. 1318832

Overran by LGBTCult

No. 1318833

File: 1661649817177.jpg (44.94 KB, 640x532, wn4j1nmlj6k91.jpg)

The over sexualized fake "Y2K aesthetic coquette inspo" LARPers in photoshop hell and fakeboi "sexy japanese schoolgirl" art that pops up while looking through the fliphone tag.

No. 1318879

>The coquette aesthetic helps me deal with my abuse!!!!

No. 1318880

Wait there’s fireworks here too. Is it a holiday?

No. 1318912

Men believing that vaginas smell like fish because they are disgusting manwhores that have only experienced women with bacterial vaginosis (or are incels listening to manwhores) will never stop making me mad.

No. 1319037

yes anon i too feel bad for men who are millionaires god i cant even comprehend how difficult it must be

No. 1319039

wow youre a cunt are you seriously likening burger cheerleader nonsense to a traditional ceremonial dance that pays homage to a whole culture. get a fucking grip and read a book

No. 1319052

You should go out to eat in Bulgaria, they won’t hide that they’re tired or sick of customers kek

No. 1319135

It looks pretty silly

No. 1319149

I've had guys tell me stories about "this one time I got it on with a girl and she smelled like fish/stale pee" and the circumstances around them hooking up are always dodgy as fuck. Always some very unplanned spontaneous sex with a total stranger. Like do these think these anecdotes only make the woman look bad?

No. 1319151

CGI in movies. They look horrible. Every. Single. Time.

No. 1319255

I miss practical effects in movies, even when they were obvious and cringe it still had charm

No. 1319265

Like the practical effects in the Thing?! Terrifying. So many directors just want to “fix it in post” and not try to make it real the first time. In my opinion its lazy production planning and shit budgeting management.

No. 1319267

All she needs is some rage, a good nap, some good food, a nice reading of valerie solanos, a cigarette, I believe in this woman. I wan her to beat his brains out bloody, this man is 30 years old preying on a mentally ill 20 year old woman. Crusty, dusty, and musty, hope she wakes up one day and just starts beating that asshole until he loses blood I believe in you queen I believe in you!

No. 1319269

And you can get better movement out of latex face prostheses than you can trying to animate the same in GC. Mocap is just not enough. But I also miss the really corny practical effects, talking 1980s Chronicles of Narnia TV movie badger suit corny.

No. 1319271

I sometimes watch videos about on set stunts that go horribly wrong and kill people so.. there's times where I think CGI makes more sense even if it looks worse. Depends on how much risk there is.

No. 1319272

I watched some youtuber reacting to this clip before but I guess I didn't notice the age difference. If hes 30 and doing this shit with a younger gf then I'd argue he's more emotionally stunted than her.

No. 1319277

>"If we're out in public I don't just randomly shout 'daddy'. Because that's involving other people in something that they didn't consent to"
>played over her riding a playground merry-go-round and begging "daddy" to stop because she's going to be sick, all while making fake gagging noises
Real good job not exposing other people to stuff they didn't consent to.

No. 1319278

>"The main ones are no tantrums, um, no saying no, and those are the two that I'm not that great at"

No. 1319279

I think men enable these kinds of kinks because it allows them to be pedophiles in public without legal or social repercussions. He should be in a labor camp for the rest of his life, fuck him

No. 1319311

I'm sorry your traditional ceremonial dance that pays homage to a whole culture looks lame as hell. I hope you can accept that one day instead of living in denial

No. 1319327

He's making his dick rot by masturbating too much. I hope it falls off and he dies.
Sad thing is it never makes them look bad because misogyny is just deeply embedded in society and people believe men first.

No. 1319349

Exactly. It’s always men who have dirty, casual/paid sex who say that shit. Stay far away from guys like that because chances are they have putrid dicks that will give you BV (or worse).

No. 1319351

men who are into this are pedos, full stop. i know people will disagree because "it's not a real child!" but who would be attracted to this children's life stage stuff other than pedos?

No. 1319355

I hate that Twitter doesn't have a way to download gifs and videos unless converting it in some sketchy website. It's annoying.

No. 1319545

File: 1661723829512.png (416.24 KB, 533x800, scrunch butt.png)

I hate these leggings with the scrunchy ruffled asscrack. I don't understand why it's there or why people are seriously wearing these. It doesn't enhance the butt in any way, it just looks like a butthole.

No. 1319548

Why would somebody give themselves a wedgie like that?

No. 1319600

I went to the state fair last week and there was an overweight woman wearing skintight leggings like that that went all the way into her asscrack, it felt so awkward to look at. also that can't be comfortable

No. 1319602

When fellow rafems/terfs start siding with retarded consertives

No. 1319608

Facebook recently showed me an add with these where a bunch of women did the "walk in front of your boyfriend wearing these" challenge (?) and film the reaction. It felt like watching a poorly filmed porno, with the supposed boyfriends falling over themselves and passing out at their girlfriend's new and sexy butt. Fucking hate that commercial and fucking hate these leggings.

No. 1319954

One time I blacked out and this dude fingered me and he said “ew you have pubes” I was so gone that I couldn’t even respond but fuck him seriously

No. 1319967

I think it does make butts look rounder but since that's the purpose, if I see someone wearing them I assume she's vain or insecure. I wouldn't trust that her butt is actually that nice so it defeats the purpose.

No. 1319980

I hate parents letting their kids use tablets or phones, you are a bad parent if you let your kid scroll through YouTube shorts.
First of all, kids do not need phones, literally I see kids who don’t even know how to read navigating through entertaining things to them that isn’t good for their attention span and hinders creativity. I especially hate it when a kid throws a fit and then the parents give them the phone. Wtf, learn to deal with it you lazy ass..
The elsagate weird crap wouldn’t be much of a problem if you didn’t have people pop kids out and just not care enough about them to see what they were doing. I remember watching videos about cyber bullying, grooming and kidnapping and shit before I was even allowed to use a computer and then now we have toddlers who you just hand a phone and then they watch stuff like vidrel. I could talk about it for hours.

No. 1319999

I get ads for these on TikTok with the stupid robotic voice and it’s always about looking sexy for men

No. 1320010

Nice quads

No. 1320018

I stopped wearing even my regular old black leggings after a couple of incidents with creeps. Men have turned leggings into a whole fetish in itself and now the way leggings are getting thinner and going further up your ass crack.. we're now playing into it. Sits weird with me.

No. 1320022

Really? I feel like regular leggings work better for making the butt look rounder, the scrunch is just distracting imo.

No. 1320025

>I could talk about it for hours.
same, and I encourage you to do so

No. 1320030

These look so stupid. In spanish we call this "the dog ate you" kek. It looks like your butt is munching on your clothing, seriously not good, this should be avoided it's so painful to see.

No. 1320230

File: 1661785423732.png (119.8 KB, 275x206, 1654799887624.png)

I hate the way the word 'aesthetic' is being used right now and I hate that I have to witness it daily

No. 1320238

File: 1661786563654.png (614.08 KB, 531x693, Die die die die die.png)

I hate bitches like pic rel. Does anyone know what I mean? I made this collage out of hatred.(racebait)

No. 1320242

indonesians ?

No. 1320254

I hate the fat moid who let's his pitbull walk around one of the parks without a leash. That thing is huge and going to maul a kid, cat, smaller dog, or himself all because he couldnt follow the damn rules. It's not a gated park either so the dog could technically go ape and run off anywhere. I hate walking and seeing it. Fuck you.

No. 1320277

File: 1661789941913.gif (904.73 KB, 245x245, 1636600013589.gif)


No. 1320300

what the fuck spoiler this

No. 1320302

What's even more pathetic is how these parents are like "I used to say I'd never do this, but I found out that you HAVE TO especially if you need to take a bathroom break!!"
I'm thinking, "Are you retarded?" I know this sounds gross but just keep the door open or put your kid in a pen without any choking hazards. Let them kick and scream.

No. 1320303

It's some retard tranny posting gore, report And ignore.

No. 1320347

Thank you! Me too especially in scenarios where it’s annoying to others. I was stuck on a bus with no headphones the other week and a toddler watching YouTube and the parents were both on their own phones without a care in the world. Also like, would it kill you to talk to or interact with your kids??

No. 1320380

>I especially hate it when a kid throws a fit and then the parents give them the phone.
Every time this tells me a parent is incompetent. At that point they don't even care about why the kid is tantruming or how to actually help the situation, they just apply a tech narcotic on their child's brain to buy themselves some temporary peace. Supremely selfish. Why even have kids if you're just going to stunt their development like that?

No. 1320391

File: 1661796851388.jpg (45.97 KB, 1024x683, _oh_no_.jpg)

I hate u for exposing me to this comic
Trannies are so fucking gross and creepy only in a way that a moid can be

No. 1320403

I hate Limmy. He’s not funny he’s just Scottish, and the only person I ever met who liked him was this girl who tried to finger me in the psych ward when I was partially paralysed. I hate Jerma too, the man’s “funniest” clip is apparently that one where he calls some kid a little shit on an obscure green screen video game, yet his fans hype him up as the chaotic internet funnie ever

No. 1320414

>he’s just Scottish
But that’s what makes him funny, nonnie. But yeah he’s mostly just an autistic asshole who is funny occasionally

No. 1320420

File: 1661799256172.jpeg (53.31 KB, 498x498, D0CCDFCB-BCEC-41CF-A10A-8A167D…)

since i've started working in a store that doordash does delivery for i've come to fucking hate doordash drivers. ofc some are fine but 90% are awful. they come into the store when it's busy and instead of looking for the items they expect employees to be their personal shopper and do their job for them. they'll literally just shove their phones in your face over and over again, even if you're clearly busy helping actual customers. for some reason a large number of them also think it's fine to have a loud conversation on speaker phone throughout the entire store. so i'll be on cash and then this random man will come up, not say hi or anything, just stop yelling into his phone for a second to show me what he wants me to fetch for him. as a worker i usually sympathize w other workers and try not to make their jobs more difficult but apparently doordash drivers do not feel the same way.

No. 1320466

There’s not enough public support to remove tipping because some waiters can make way more than minimum wage on tips and they don’t want to lose that. Of course, the main things that impact how much you get tipped are how expensive the restaurant is and how hot you are. Seriously, studies have shown the main influencing factor on tipping rate is whether the customer is attracted to the waiter. And apparently those waiters are loud enough to make the rest of the country think waiters at fancy restaurants work harder than waiters at diners and that good-looking people are more deserving of money than ugly people.

No. 1320470

Yep. As a Scottish person I never got Limmy, he's really not funny if the accent isnt novel to you. I see it with tweets written in semi-Scots that then go viral because haha funny accent. Its like people find the accent inherently funny, which idc about since it doesn't really affect me irl but I just find it odd.

No. 1320478

Yeah tipping is kinda out of control now, I’ll go to a quick service place and I don’t want to be seen as a rude bitch so I do tip on the payment screen that automatically pops up but really why should I pay an extra few bucks just because someone handed me something? I worked thankless jobs cleaning shit for minimum wage and never got tipped and wasn’t even allowed to accept any if I was so it’s strange it’s such an expectation for the most basic food “services”. And I’m not talking about sit down restaurants or places where people actually wait on you and interact. It’s really not that much money to pay their workers normal wages instead of expecting customers to give handouts to staff just because it’s the norm and you don’t want to be an asshole vs actually appreciating the service. I have less money than the businesses that sell shit to me so why should I pay base salary for their employees out of formality?

No. 1320488

(WARNING, Extremely graphic and violent, please beware if you decide to watch) And of course, there are subhumans in the comments calling her a "stupid broad" and saying she deserved it because she was pressured into not going forward with pressing charges). That's it. I'm completely done with even trying to see males as human beings and I am convinced that I will kill at least one in my life as revenge.

No. 1320492

im sick of places with the % or 1-4 tip screen tbh and i worked a job with one but my boss was a greedy bitch who stole all the electronic or in cash tips from us while only giving $1-2 extra an hour as our tip. i once had a $15 tip because i saved a guy money with a coupon but i didnt get it at all. it should also be noted that those tip screens usually split up to the lazy coworkers and can be taxed. i worked as a server and i know the "2 hour" thing gets brought up but where i worked it was 9-10/hour then tips so you make easily 20+ hour. if i hadnt landed a serving job i would be in debt or homeless so while im sick of tip culture i heavily appreciated it. if you dont want to tip or tip low then dont come back often enough for them to recognize you.

No. 1320740

UberEats “I’ve arrived” text

No. 1320755

File: 1661823298140.jpg (78.45 KB, 1000x668, shutterstock_1075062467.jpg)

People who don't dim their lights

No. 1320762

Speaking of stoners, it’s very annoying how delusional they are. I know one who swears that weed is only a positive in his life, that he works better with it and has deeper thoughts, but when he does it and I’m around he’s more retarded for sure, he just gets more emotional when he’s saying shit. And he really doesn’t do any more work than normal, which is next to none.

Stoners always be like “what’s the difference between smoking and having a beer” and “weed should be normalized like drinking a soda it’s not a big deal jfc!” But they always, always pressure everyone around them to use it. If it’s not a big deal then why can’t you leave people alone? I’ve never been invested in making someone drink a soda…

No. 1320802

I hate how so many PATD songs are just whining about ex-gfs or women in general, it feels wasted cause the music itself sounds good sometimes. Also the overly long title schick gets annoying after a while.

No. 1320809

I feel so bad because I practiced driving in my dad's car one day with him and when I was using my turn signals, I toggled on the high beams by accident. We switched seats for him to drive us back home and he didn't even realize it until we got back home. It was just before sunset so I'm hoping I didn't blind anyone too bad.

No. 1320969

File: 1661840305861.jpg (7.89 KB, 259x194, me_2_months_ago.jpg)

I just quit a 15-year-long weed habit of smoking literally all day every day because I stopped remembering how to spell things. I was shocked at how severe the withdrawal was. Both me and my bf (he also quit) feel way less anxious and get much better sleep. Smoking every now and then on weekends or like, cancer patients are one thing, but a full blown addiction is harmful and anyone who says otherwise is chock-full of copium and literal retardation. Inb4 I need it to treat muh mental illness, all it does is prolong suffering because you're deaperately avoiding living a healthy lifestyle. I don't miss it at all and not to be dramatic but since I started smoking as a teen when I was actively being traumatized by family bullshit, I think it kept me in that awful headspace for many years.

No. 1320975

good for you, your lungs are thankful i imagine. But it works different for everybody because we all have different brains. I don't do weed every day but quite often, i only do edibles, and it helped me atually survive the time when i lived with my shitty family and put me in a better mindset so i could continue living there and not go crazy. Nowadays it helps me to focus on work and come up with new ideas and to sleep because i had insane insomnia since i was 12 and only weed really helped me with that i honestly wish i discovered it sooner so i could avoid the insomnia i suffered for years. I have some periods when i don't do weed at all and i'm not anxious or anything, i just miss the easy way my brain connects to the source of crativity.

No. 1320982

A big problem I see is that weed strains gave been bred to be significantly more potent then they used to be not long ago.
But the public opinion and policy makers do not take this into account. Weed still has the same public image it had way back when it was milder. And the policy makers remember it as it was in their youth when they tried it.
So a lot of people have a very skewed view of it.

No. 1320985

AYRT, I totally get what you mean about it helping you survive living with family, it was the exact same for me. I hope one day you get away from your triggers and trauma and are able to be free.
>i just miss the easy way my brain connects to the source of crativity.
I know you won't like this, but I really think you can do this sans-marijuana. It's your life tho sweet nonna, at least you're not harming your lungs by smoking or worse, dabbing.

>A big problem I see is that weed strains gave been bred to be significantly more potent then they used to be not long ago.
1,000% this. I completely agree and this has got to be why there is a rise in Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome in the past 5 years or so. Great point!

No. 1321001

Foreign characters with misspelled and/or mispronounced names, or names that do not even match their ethnicity without even any indication that the character might be multi-ethnic. It's not that hard to research names nowadays.

No. 1321010

>Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome
I’ve never even heard of this before so I googled and what the fuck. Also I’m always shocked at how many milligrams people are taking. I’ve never eaten more than 10mg but there are apparently people who consume 100mg or more in one go, which is incomprehensible. I live in Canada and I’ve never seen anything above 10mg, maybe 20mg but I also only buy from the provincial dispensary. What ever happened to the tolerance break?

No. 1321032

File: 1661851471323.jpg (Spoiler Image, 999.45 KB, 1600x1200, Dab_Blaine_Harrington_III_Gett…)

Ayrt; My brother would get sick and throw up every 30 minutes for days on end and was even hospitalized for dehydration caused by CHS before. His doctor said they've seen a huge rise in sufferers of CHS. And that was from just smoking flower, edibles and dabs go so much harder. It really blows my mind too how much THC people are consuming. Concentrates are like a hard fucking drug kek, I never got into dabbing because I knew it would wreck my tolerance. Also the dabbing rigs/torches are fucking ridiculous, picrel. It was ok every now & then but whenever I would hit my friend's wax I would be coughing hard for minutes and like sweating lol I was legit scared I would puke from coughing so hard. RIP my lungs

No. 1321043

Any kind of erotica that presents clitoral stimulation as inferior/less satisfying compared to penetration

No. 1321066

I agree nonny. I met a lot of weed addicts online through videogames and EVERYTIME they would try shilling me weed, telling how It's the best thing ever and it saved them, and how I should try, despite it being illegal in my country, etc. Everytime I would ask these types to just play a match with me they would always spend their time shilling weed.
One of them stopped smoking weed after 5 years, told me about it and finally admitted he was an addict, and he was doing that just to impress a girl he had a crush on (lol). Now he is, weirdly enough, a vegan and is trying to convince me that being vegan is the best thing ever, etc etc, basically the same crap he's been saying but with veganism instead. No shade to any vegan nonna, i just thought that's funny.

No. 1321075

I hate the 'pls respect a person's preferred pronouns! it literally doesn't cost you anything and is baseline decency!!1!' crowd. Honestly, the people who were railing behind Chris-chan's trans identity and pronouns when he raped his mother peaked me.

What also pisses me off is these retards harping on respecting the pronouns of personas like Oli London, (who I'm pretty sure is a terf troll despite clearly being mentally ill and having other issues) yet they don't acknowledge how that is contradictory with them dismissing his 'Korean identity'. The cognitive dissonance must be something else.

No. 1321085

Last time I heard this guy accused his cardboard Jimin of cheating on him, 'divorced him', and married some other gay guy, and after that turned into a tranny.

No. 1321086

Samefag, his husband is 19 when Oli is 32. Interesting.

No. 1321094

wasn't he also "dating" some middle aged French female kboo grifter at some point?

No. 1321113

Irl I've generally treated muh-pronouns similarly to someone telling you their name is one thing but they prefer to go by a totally different nickname. I'm not that fussed about it if they're otherwise an ok person and they're just sucked into tranny world. It happens. I've had friends go tran and come back again without anyone needing to force peak them or have a go at them about it.

But rapists and perverts and other flavors of wacko who are in the public eye and who think everyone on earth owes them their preferred word 'out of respect' are on a different level. There was some zoosadist drama a while back where people kept insisting a woman had fucked dogs or been involved with some really messed up animal abuse and just no.. I'm not down for stats on female sex offenders being skewed by a tranny dog fucker. People were saying
> See women are just as capable of abuse!
When its in regards to a tranny.. Isn't that just too convenient. I swear there's men out there who just want mtfs to level out the statisticss that way so we can live in a world where men aren't the bad guys anymore, all thanks the handy tranny loophole that makes women 50 percent of all sex offenders! Sickening.

No. 1321125

File: 1661865196162.jpg (120.15 KB, 1200x630, 1_a-plastic-surge-862523.jpg)

I am not sure about that as i never really followed him anywhere. All i know is that the current husband is another plastic addict and he will make himself look like Jimin for the sake of this retard. A literal 19yo will ruin his life because of some 32year old faggot for internet clout. Amazing.

No. 1321200

File: 1661872082041.jpeg (242.11 KB, 461x676, 19BC42FA-858A-464B-AFFA-457ECB…)

This guy

No. 1321443

i think he and that twink broke up, im not sure though.

No. 1322071

This shit I just stumbled upon. "omg you're all just sooooo toxic" You're not fucking better with your stupid uwu face pretending to be innocent and kawaii on the thumbnail. What could you possible bring out to the conversation? On top of that, the fucking frog hat. I swear whenever I see frogs I already know the person in question is fucking unhinged.

No. 1322073

>I hate the 'pls respect a person's preferred pronouns! it literally doesn't cost you anything and is baseline decency!!1!'
I hate this shit too, but don't know how to respond to them so they leave me alone in a polite way. All I can think is "force me, babey, no one can tell me what to do"

No. 1322117

I think people who do this kind of videos are legitimately autistic. They're just so far into their little internet bubble and they all make up drama so that some people can appear like the "good guys" and show it off to each other. They also think that people give a shit about their opinions for some reason.

No. 1322125

The tif on the right is the same one that kalvin garrah went nuts over. I do think kalvin is an idiot for being an ftm and having the gall to rip other trannies to bits over their dumb fashion… meanwhile kalvin literally cries on camera about how she can't shower naked because her vag bothers her so much. Its her own insecurity driving her and she went way too hard for it not to be personal. Her viewers harassed this other girl for being the wrong type of tran. Its all retarded.

But yeah dressing like a clown isn't a great way to gain respect. I just think gendertards going in on other gendertards is cringe in itself.

No. 1322128

Ironically the pronoun people who want "basic manners" have none themselves. I'm butch and frequently get troons and TRAs at work ask my pronouns despite my obviously female name on my badge and me repeatedly asking them to politely knock it off.

No. 1322131

Samefagging because I forgot to add that only I'm targeted with pronoun questions while coincidentally being the only GNC woman at work.

No. 1322365

I hate how cats are always fucking grooming. The sound is literally nails on a chalkbaord. My one cat started licking the other's asshole and I had to leave the room, everything about it makes me want to vom.

No. 1322375

It's like they're bullying you

No. 1322376

Such a fucking punchable face.

No. 1322392

Those video analysis / commentary youtubers

No. 1322541

I wouldn't say they're bullying me. I just think GNC people are the natural enemies of troons because we can dress like this without becoming insane. I've noticed I see more and more people say "trans/gnc" like we're the same thing. They think they can claim us and when we don't play ball it pisses them off because they're so used to getting their own way thanks to their dirty tactics.

No. 1322644

Job postings that don't mention the salary outright. Like mfer why you wasting my time???

No. 1322652

I fuckin hate when people use "Latinx" it makes my blood boil, Spanish is part of the romantic language tree and it shouldn't be changed to accommodate people who get easily triggered

No. 1322663

How do you even pronounce that? I've seen people write it as "Latinx" or "Chicanx" but still use "Latino" or "Chicano" when speaking. Like, what's the point?

No. 1322674

I've heard it pronounced Latin (like the language) Ecks

No. 1322792

if these gendered language activists have such a problem with gendered languages, they should all just take up turkish or something. this shit is straight up retarded

No. 1322959

Insisters are conversational rapists

No. 1322962

the fucking what now

No. 1323119

File: 1662028114728.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1644x2400, 711469C6-81FE-4605-8A2B-A58120…)

Hate the anons who put this bitch as a character they relate to in one of the /m threads. I found the manga and read 4 volumes and I hate every single character in this shit. the character that anons posted is an unhinged bpd-chan who got boolied for being a stupid sperg and is completely obsessed over a moid. She is extremely retarded, petty, and jealous. She even gets another character raped and films it because muh life is sooo unfair!!! Everything about this character is such an extreme lc poster stereotype it hurts to see anons say they relate

No. 1323124

man i was really hoping this image was a manga artist calling out when men say women are over reacting but they've had more than enough reason to lose their shit/lose it on the moid who caused it

No. 1323147

File: 1662030461426.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 1675x2400, A11705EB-355A-45FD-90E7-53654E…)

ayrt yeah I came in hoping so too. I thought nonnies liked her because she was just a nervous wreck of a girl and didn’t hide it, but no its full on inferiority complex. The manga is called Kimi ni Aisarete Itakatta if you want to read it, though it is about a highschool girl so its filled with rape and pedoshit.

No. 1323148

I'm reading it right now kek

No. 1323197

File: 1662039675505.png (1.79 MB, 1208x1779, metoobitch.png)

I looked this up expecting to hate read but ngl she is relatable other than the prostitution and getting a girl raped
Can't seem to find the latest chapters unfortunately

No. 1323229

File: 1662042808350.jpg (94.71 KB, 588x596, Capture.jpg)

labiaplasty slowly becoming normalized

No. 1323240

Saw a really cute sweater today and decided to try it on.
>Doesn't even compliment my body and makes me look huge.
Why is fate so cruel?

No. 1323241

File: 1662043473180.jpg (49.96 KB, 612x748, 67210d3592f41e76a8f93bc2f244d9…)

>mfw I don't even know what my pussy looks like
Anyway this is fucking bleak.

No. 1323242

No. 1323259

She's lying out her ass removing labia that would give her more feeling and getting her crotch cut up which fucks up the nerves. Where I've had mandatory surgery all the incion areas lost some feeling or are slightly painful to itch. Cant imagine willingly doing that to your healthy genitals.

No. 1323269

> fix your vag to unlock amazing sex life
I hate even playing along with these bs terms but I naturally have 'an innie' and it's not like I've had guys stand back and gaze at muh perfect vag or be amazing lovers all because it looks a certain way.

No. 1323279

honestly men don't care it's just an incel insult and i guarantee those incels wouldn't think twice about fucking anyone.

No. 1323358

File: 1662056312560.jpg (49.74 KB, 564x800, 44e2f255d32edcf040277c91b51a74…)

>Tfw your vulva is unmutilated by porn's tainting hand and you WILL defend against yet another horrible "beauty standard" trying to latch onto young girl's brains

No. 1323361

I'm glad my tax money funded the three surgeries that saved her life after her elective plastic surgery. Make those lazy doctors and nurses work for a change, the system is disgustingly overfunded.

No. 1323365

Bullshit. I have zero labia minora practically and a tiny, tiny clit that is permanently covered by my hood and trust, it's a hell of time finding anything that won't hurt my clit because it's super sensitive. I can't be eaten out. It sucks.

No. 1323366

Is she having amazing sex or is she just having more pornographic sex? She's more comfortable doing the weird positions and acts that you see in porn and filming it

No. 1323378

usually women who bitch about this all come and shout how they have innies blah blah fuck off if we want to have the labia cut off then so be it. I had it done and I have not lost any sensation. I don't care if you don't understand the reason. It's more comfortable this way for me.

No. 1323381

Remember that time not too long ago when messages of "accept your vagina as it is" would circulate on the internet? yeah… pornification of society won.

No. 1323391

i can totally understand how women with uncomfortable/rubby labia or chronic labia cyst problems would want to have it done, tho i think it is still risky since every woman will heal differently.

No. 1323394

that's a real concern, sure. But she did it for sex reasons.

No. 1323405

Kek I know, mine are pretty long and asymmetrical so when I see anons say well I have an innie and I don’t get treated any different it’s not a big deal etc I have to scoff a little. Like obviously if you have the conventional feature you won’t really understand the stigma and insecurity of being so different and especially now seeing all the normalized porn on social media that reinforces the standard of uwu pretty pink tight pussy. Even if you don’t do porn or anything it still affects you and the way you see yourself. I’ll never get the surgery but I don’t see why you need to shame those who make the choice, like yeah I wish all us outies could be happy and comfortable but that’s not reality due to the fucked up world we live in that presents our genitals as aesthetic products.

No. 1323416

i have an outie and ive never been embarrassed about it despite my porn addicted teenagehood. theyre not even the same length.

No. 1323420

Holy shit you’re fucking insane, mutilating your genitals for the viewing pleasure of men. Absolute beta cuck queen of all bucktooth becky’s. Your great grandmothers would’ve beaten you with cast iron kitchen equipment. Ptthoo. Ptooey (those are spitting sound affects of a fat ball of sputum hitting directly your face)

No. 1323440

Stacy and based. I think outies are really cute. I honestly don't understand how people think they are gross, they look like a flower bud opening up.

No. 1323444

we should have a based LC screencaps thread and this post should go in it

No. 1323447

Wtf i was convinced this was satire at first. They're such a fucking joke.

No. 1323465

>women who bitch about this all come and shout how they have innies blah blah fuck off
Well you sure sound content now that you've fixed your non issue.

No. 1323485

Same. I’ve got amazing sensitivity and orgasms so I would never even think of cutting it up and risking losing it. And only heard compliments about how it looks. Tbh if you cut up your pussy for simply aesthetic reasons, you’re part of the problem making it worse for other women as well as yourself. Genital mutilation for aesthetics is simply ridiculous, like no one’s even properly looking there. Scrotes don’t even care in the slightest. It’s totally dumb if you don’t have any other physical issues with it.

No. 1323508

exactly how I feel very well put

No. 1323509

bitch i had pain from them being longer. As if the reason was for men‘s gratification. If you don’t have longer labia you have no say on it.

No. 1323570

The city-data.com forum, people on there are so unpleasant

No. 1323584

wtf is that forum

No. 1323587

Why were you so mean to your flaps? Mine are long and I don’t have problems because I don’t torture them ?.

No. 1323591

nta but stop being weird

No. 1323597

A forum to discuss life in different cities and other topics like news and hobbies. Full of cranky old people.

No. 1323599

I despise those overtly saccharine YouTube/Facebook videos with titles like "random acts of kindness that will restore your faith in humanity" or ones where a soldier greet their pet/family member (as mean as that sounds). Idk they just seem manipulative to me, which is ironic 'cause I used to eat them up and even cry about it lol. Bonus points if they have background music or caps on.

No. 1323612

Soldiers are mean and those videos lie bc they just go home to domestically abuse everyone

No. 1323619

I like that we've gone from media shilling like "onlyfans is easy money, trick men into paying for feet pics!!" to the truth, which is "risk your life and pay 5k by hacksawing part of your vital organs off so it looks "better" for these pornsick scrotes who want to fuck children and are repulsed by ordinary adult bodies! You are still earning minimum wage!"

No. 1323624

>normalized porn on social media that reinforces the standard of uwu pretty pink tight pussy

Important to remember that most men have repulsive bodies and even more repulsive penises.
(I've been lucky enough to only be with nice looking men with nice bodies, but 95% of men are fucking gross looking, and those 95% uggos are the ones REEEing about female perfection while looking like the hunchback of notre dame, good looking men are not so insecure and womanhating to care that much, since sex is not being """withheld""" from them as the uggos believe it is)

No. 1323631

Your average womens underwear seems to have taken a nosedive when it comes to the design. I don't want my asscheeks to be out, I don't want them to hike up above my hips, I don't want the panty gusset if it's going to be too short/flimsy to actually be useful, I don't want them to be so thin at the bottom that I can't use daily pads or that it doesn't cover my vulva.
I know there are options, but in real life it's hard to come across sturdy ones with a comfy design.

No. 1323638

File: 1662079323871.png (1.81 MB, 1566x873, 677.png)

People who stand on the side of the escalator meant for walking, especially on a busy escalator like picrel where it's obvious which side you should be standing on! People who stand on the walking side deserve to get pushed down.

No. 1323644

yes my god yes. i needed to buy some because over the years my drier had destroyed some. theres so many problems to look out for all because "a man could see you undress" except im a lesbian and not even dating. theres boyshorts with a seam right down the middle to irritate your lips/crack, the sucked in crack to show your ass cheeks better, bikini or thong that doesnt properly cover much and wont hold pads well, lace that feels awful, lettering in hard acrylic or sparkly letters thats uncomfortable when it stretches on your ass for sitting, and i hate the damn elastic at the top it feels like shit. realy dont understand why i had to pay a premium price for simple cotton underwear with lace only on the top or none at all.

No. 1323646

I know, right? I don't care about the fact that they're not "stylish"( even though the current style for them is atrocious), I want them to not bother me throughout the day.
Finally found what I thought were decent cotton ones, only to realise that they're extremely cheaply made and were on the verge of ripping before I even got to put them on.

No. 1323672


No. 1323785

Based. I spent a couple of months in a bigger city and used the subway on a weekly basis, and so many brainless fuckers would just be standing there mindlessly like sacks of shit. What the hell, I'm too busy to stand in a fucking escalator the whole day, move your ass! Most of them were too stupid to take the hint when I loudly walked up to them and stopped, so I had to do the whole "excuse me" routine and I hated it because why be polite to braindead idiots?

No. 1323806

Anons who quickly double post to fix typos instead of deleting + reposting

No. 1323809

Deleting takes too long though, it takes forever for the page to load again.

No. 1323832

I do it all the time and no it doesn't. Unless you have shit internet I guess

No. 1324369

File: 1662143458564.png (492.34 KB, 1443x778, j534523jgt.PNG)

have started to hate the "feminism is about equality, misandry isn't real feminism!!" shtick, used to agree with it because on the surface it sounded right. but the so-called "equality" being referenced is really just settling for having basic rights while still being widely perceived and treated as the lesser sex. once you truly grasp the deeply ingrained hatred that men have for women, that they may not even be aware of themselves, ""misandry"" only seems like a reasonable response. a relatively harmless response too, one that is cathartic to oneself more than it is actually harmful to men.

No. 1324388

File: 1662143924650.jpg (34.48 KB, 369x500, s-l500.jpg)

completely correct but does anyone have that pic of the guys crying about "dangerous misandry" and then it cutting to "the misandry in question" where it's just a happy bunny messenger bag with "boys suck" on it?

No. 1324405

where is that pic from? is it from a movie, it looks so nice

No. 1324428

it's from microhabitat! very pretty film

No. 1324470

i hate people who type removing every other vowel or letter
for example
>i dnt lik dis. i dnt get anythng frm
etc etc i do not feel like typing a whole thing but you get the idea. just pisses me off. no you dont look cute kawiwa that sort of thing died in 2016 along with replacing ellipses with commas and even then it was so annoying to read.

No. 1324477

thank you nonnie! it even has a cute name

No. 1324495

NTA but most women can't orgasm from penetration alone.

No. 1324524

Fuck off scrote it’s a scientific fact

No. 1324532

Clit orgasms are the best orgasms, I only see penetration as supplementary to it.

No. 1324541

this is the right take. dick is not necessary at all, only sometimes an alright supplementation

No. 1325264

File: 1662194984553.jpg (468.49 KB, 1500x1114, __daisy_mae_and_joan_animal_cr…)

Ever since the release of NH it's impossible to find offers for NL on /r/acturnip. I wish New Leaf and New Horizons had different subs.

No. 1325437

I’m built different

No. 1325438

I hate it when HAES people or deathfat cows say
>this happens to skinny people too
>skinny people also have health problems
>if I were skinny people would treat me better
Being 'skinny' is a whole other extreme. Theres very few people I meet that I'd genuinely label with the word skinny. They just skip over the whole middleground that exists and go straight to that word.

No. 1325450

I am generally tired of the NH newfags on Twitter, NL times were better.

No. 1325587

Anons who respond to 0 effort male bait. I report every single one of them so they can go to the corner and think about what they've done.

No. 1325779

File: 1662229848662.gif (2.04 MB, 498x498, BC7252A6-932B-42F1-85A8-7D1204…)

When moids bring up inconsequential mra shit to counter women discussing misogyny. Don't care didn't ask, plus men never gave a fuck about women's issues to begin with. Thx for the reminder. There's already enough misguided libfems caping for these freaks
oh lol my exact sentiment

No. 1325790

Men who aren't married, who don't have money, who've never had a gf and who certainly don't have kids.. when they bring up 'divorce rape' and child support/custody and get all angry about a bunch of things that they'll likely never go through. Those are my fave.

So sorry about your imaginary divorce and the imaginary custody battle that you're losing because meanie judges hate men.

No. 1325799

Truth and it's also the ones complaining about verbal consent "breaking the flow of sex" or other related things who clearly never had or will have sex, just, quit occupying yourself with this. The fact that it worries you at all tells me everything. I promise it's not gonna affect you kek

No. 1325913

I hate the internet usage of Oof so much

No. 1325961

I hate the fact that if this was reddit you would already have 120 "oof" replies.

No. 1325971

NH brought in the worst batch of new fans and nobody can convince me otherwise. “Ooough Raymond is so gender!” Shut the fuck up, my God.

No. 1326111

youtube “glow up” videos with thumbnails of already pretty girls posing in the least flattering angle possible and then spending a bunch of money on a haircut and new nails, posing and slapping a filter on the picture and being like “you too can become beautiful!”

No. 1326134

I smoke to counteract my growing pain from my old job (thanks for making me disabled assholes), percs do nothing for me. It also makes me calm the fuck down instead of going into full rage mode. I'm on meds but I need an increase and my doctors are taking forever (we're talking months). Weed pushers need to relax for sure, the shit is expensive when you do it all the time. Save your money nonas.

No. 1326475

I hate it when people try to photograph me, insist when I refuse, or photobomb my pictures when I want to take pictures of landmarks and pretty looking places. I had to prevent myself from yelling "FUCK OOOOFF" to a friend doing this non stop yesterday, annoying as fuck. And she's super ugly so she wouldn't just be out of place in the pictures, she would ruin them completely. I wanted to take selfies too to send them to my family and she photobombed them all the time. I hate having to accomodate others when they're the ones who can't even walk for more than 5 minutes without wheezing and complaining about back or leg pain. Girl go on a diet and stick to it or don't fucking travel with me.

No. 1326476

File: 1662270894414.png (58.84 KB, 381x281, EXn7y6CXkAATScB.png)

I hate when I'm vibing with some band's music and then find out something disturbing about them. I was enjoying GRLwood until I found out, well everything that happened between them. I still enjoy their music but now listening to those songs give me an uneasy feeling.

No. 1326481

cosplayer moids cause they know they ain't shit but still lack the self-awareness to quit making fools of themselves.

No. 1326487

>And she's super ugly so she wouldn't just be out of place in the pictures, she would ruin them completely. I
You're an awful friend.

No. 1326488

I agree with this anon

No. 1326492

Anon, I love her but she never, ever cuts her toe nails and that's far from the worst thing from her. She doesn't just look below average like a normal person.

No. 1326496

Yeah like, being annoyed with your friend is one thing but going out of your way to insult their appearance and make it clear you don't like them is horrible.

No. 1326499

Not op, but would you send your family pics photobombed by some nasty overgrown toenails? That shit does ruin a picture.

No. 1326500

I only said something about her looks, I didn't say that I dislike her, otherwise I would have never called her my friend in that post. I was just annoyed by her behavior at a very specific moment. And what I complained about is something a lot of people I know also do, her case is just way more recent.

No. 1326504

Please read anon
>being annoyed with your friend is one thing

No. 1326505

my saggy boobs, i wish i could just cut them off they are so ugly and uncomfortable.

No. 1326508

don’t go on a trip with fatties if you can’t handle fatty behavior she’s not gonna magically stick to a diet and lose 20 pounds for your shitty vacation kek that’s your fault for having dumb expectations. I have fat friends and I simply don’t plan outdoor activities with them because I know I will get annoyed and they will get annoyed too, it’s a lose lose situation

No. 1326511

I don't think I mentioned her being fat kek but congrats for guessing correctly. She's the one who overestimated herself and told me she could handle our trip. But it's fine, we take break often for her and we still have enough time tondo what we planned. Now I have learned my lesson with her though, I have other fat friends who are way more fit than her so I believed her when she told me that. The only person I know who walks that slowly and needs that many breaks is a physically disabled family member whose back and joints are so fucked up she became shorter over the years.

No. 1326516

god nonna, you sound like a horrible person

No. 1326525

How so? I'm just describing things and people in that post.

No. 1326527

You literally did imply that she is fat.

No. 1326528

jesus christ i hope your friend realizes what a horrible mean friend you are

No. 1326568

sage for ot but what happened with GRLwood? I heard about the rape allegation years back, did something come out of it?

No. 1326697

Anons who don't know how to scroll up or ctrl+f

No. 1326718

Legit question, how am I being horrible here? Is it me being annoyed by an annoying behavior or is it me giving an objective description of someone I see on a regular basis?

No. 1326731

i hate how some people feel the need to be extra-positive about "sex work". it's mostly women but some men do it too, they can't speak about someone doing porn without adding unnecessary positivity, lest they sound like a "SWERF" lmao.
the most annoying example i saw recently was people talking about that paige niemann girl turning 18 and doing onlyfans while cosplaying as ariana. why do you have to add that it's totally cool for an 18 year old girl to do porn while commenting on her creepy skinwalking?

No. 1326739

This isn't tiktok ffs

No. 1326742

If you think your friend ruins a photo because of her looks then you value aesthetics over your friendship and that makes you a shit friend. A good friend would look at a photo and see a fond memory with a friend instead of seeing a picture ruined by unfortunate looks. Continuesly insulting her looks is the cherry on top.

No. 1326760

Are you the same anon who's posted about bringing along their fat friend in the vent thread? Anyway you're a horrible person and a friend because you're judgemental af

No. 1326785

I guess I didn't word it well. I have a shit ton of pictures with her already. I don't want literally 100% of pictures with her on top of that.

No. 1326789

File: 1662301576221.jpg (96.22 KB, 1024x575, GettyImages-171262903_header-1…)

When people call picrel real crab.
No it is not real crab and you retards need to stop leaving it in your restaurant reviews and food posts. The proliferation of fish paste into everything is because it's cheap, plentiful, and there is no incentive to replace it with real crab again if tardos are gonna tard anyway.
I don't even hate fish paste I just hate paying for it as the "crab" ingredient component that is reflected in a higher price.

I really do think we're gonna be dealing with paying more for fake food in the near future. It makes me really angry.

No. 1326816

Feminist moms who act like their male sons are different from other males and incapable of doing bad things because they're too young for it. Boys enjoy to bully girls and sexually harass them. Now with internet access, children are watching porn and the cases of child rapists are increasing. I hate how I'm supposed to accommodate those little pieces of shit because of muh support network

No. 1326818

Sassy gays are so fucking annoying, not to mention they're usually misogynists as well

No. 1326821

People who believe in the existence of BPD and use it to offend women

No. 1326826

I feel like it's just cptsd.. but renamed and with a bit of stigma sprinkled on top.

No. 1326829

I hate that I know that teeth have pores. It's not really surprising but it does make me feel very uncomfortable.

No. 1326832

t. never met anyone with BPD

No. 1326835

File: 1662306703202.jpg (228.64 KB, 1746x490, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1326836

i used to be entertained by sassy gays but a lot of the time they go too far when playing rude and they're obnoxious in general. god forbid they start wearing a little eye makeup or nail polish; they get overtly confident in a way only males could. they think they're different from "cishet men" but they're literally the same except they're sissies

No. 1326839

Your skeleton has pores.

No. 1326848

I've met 3 women diagnosed with it and that's the reason I said cptsd. All were sexually abused as children. The one that ticked every negative stereotype.. had a dad in prison for raping her and raping her mom in front of her.

No. 1326880

That's how my skeleton stays moist

No. 1326935

Where do you think you are? I'm not even that judgemental compared to all the crazy shit I've heard others say about people and even just me irl. I value my friendship with her, she annoyed me at a specific moment, and I don't think she's beautiful at all, but that doesn't change the fact that we're friends.

True, I don't hate them as a whole but the ones I had to deal with long term mostly fitted that description. I met one at my previous job who would call female coworkers "hoes" and "bitches" as a joke all the time and who thought he was hot shit when he mocked me for finding Balenciaga ugly because I was too poor to afford it supposedly. Despite him working at the same minimum wage call center job for 10 years in a row.

No. 1326954

that's so sad

No. 1326959

The fact that you're defending yourself makes you even more horrible. One day you two will have a falling out and it will be objectively your fault.

No. 1326967

this modern brain rot of handmaidens claiming marxism and feminism while also defending porn is surreal.

this channel is small, mostly does tiktok tier book reviews (says a lot about a bitch that needs all her media black and white and concepts chewed up for her so maybe i shouldnt be surprised) but this is the first video i saw and its like… who are you helping with this?

No. 1327000

yeah no not real crab but i love crabsticks so fucking much since childhood. I buy packs of them and eat them with soysauce and seaweed. even your photo made my mouth water a bit.

hope the next time you go to eat out and it says crab on the menu you get a juiciest king crab prepared to perfection tho, at a reasonable price.

No. 1327004

Why are you projecting your own personal issues and insecurities on my posts? Calm down.

No. 1327015

I can smell a shit friend when I see it.

No. 1327060

The way Marvel Fanboys are seething about she hulk. I don’t like that show. I will never watch it but I saw some scrote saying “Tony stark died for this!!”
Like every other Marvel movie or show hasn’t been a predictable, pandering CGI mess..

No. 1327102

You are being cruel. Normal adults don't insult their supposed friends on a mongolian basket weaving forum, just because they did something annoying. It doesn't matter how ugly or pretty she is, jumping straight to look based insults is insane. Do you actually value your friendship if you are able to so nonchalantly badmouth her looks, personality, behavior? Do you value her as a person at all? Why do you even care how conventionally attractive your friends are?

No. 1327133

Anon, if I gave you an objective description of her looks you'd understand.

No. 1327170

just stop being friends with her already what the fuck

No. 1327174

I genuinely hate it when anons force the "people troon out for attention and to be a part of lgbt for oppression points". The quirky theatre kid with a she/they pansexual twitter bio but a dating history of Nigels and fully female representing looks is in it for the attention but realistically those types are the ones who make lowkey homophobic posts about the mean gays bullying them for being straight adjacent. But actual troons? People don't change their identity and mutilate or fantasize about mutilating their bodies with hormones and surgeries for "oppression points", your ignorance is hindering the actual discussion regarding how many factors go into troonery and how it boils down to how little human value women are given and how homosexuality isn't accepted. Stop looking for surface level answers and learn some nuance.

No. 1327197

Yeah largely they do it for the social benefit and do it to live their fetish and harass lesbians (for men).

No. 1327200

Like themi lovatto looking to brow beat people and have control over them, sans the jazz jennings/homophobic family/culture ones.

No. 1327217

Anons don't really say that about women who've had mastectomies or take hormones etc, they say it about genderspecials who aren't having surgery or taking medication like enbies and demiboys or whatever tumblr shit is trendy. There is constant discussion of how internalized misogyny/homophobia and mental illness relates to trooning out, idk where you get the idea it's ignored.

No. 1327223

File: 1662331663469.png (748.41 KB, 912x905, ts2.png)

Checkerboard patterns on clothes. I'm glad that trend is over and done with

No. 1327232

I don't think anyone here doesn't realize there are actual lesbians and gay men who troon out specifically to avoid homophobia, and that there's a subset of women with heavy internalized misogyny who think that transitioning is a "way out" of all the societal bullshit (on some level, I'd argue all TiFs have internalized misogyny, and having dysphoria or mutilation fantasies 100% constitute a mental illness that should not be validated, doesn't make the really cowish ones less so though), but those are not the majority of troons who get posted about and mocked here and you know it lmao.

No. 1327233

there's a park across the street from me, and a kid has been SCREAMING running around back and forth for like an hour. they're not screaming anything in particular, just SCREAMING.
have your fun, child. must you fucking scream?????

No. 1327236

I saw 3 separate people with checkerboard shit just today, is this trend really over?

No. 1327351

Moids who comment about muh female abusers are the worst.
They shit up the comment sections of the most trivial videos ever, even ones that have nothing to do with domestic violence. Just so they can write a five paragraph essay bitching about "muh abusive ex gf" because idk a character put pickle juice in her husband's drink and thats literally abewse guise. And met with a million "sorry that happened to you man women are totally evil bitches" replies.

No. 1327391

Disney adults. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party sounds like an event for retards and children under the age of 5.

No. 1327395

File: 1662344441576.gif (771.48 KB, 220x387, 37C62391-C429-4445-899E-E49157…)

>working at a deadend minimums wage call center for 10 years
>10 years

holy fuck

No. 1327396

Convenience Store Woman kind of shit kek

No. 1327401

I agree with >>1327217 but i do think that people tend to focus on the andro/gynophiliacs more and anything concerning lgb transitioning to cope with their sexuality tends to get pushed aside. It is for a reason though, at least in the west, they make up the bulk of the new waves of trans people and are by far the most destructive and devious subset of trannies.

I'm actually afraid to click on this.

Literally every boomer at every shit job ever. And somehow they are always smiling.

No. 1327403

I hate demondice/mori's cringe ass music. never even knew it existed until a moid helping me with a ride kept playing it. at least 45 minutes of cringing in the car.

No. 1327472

He's not even a boomer. He's a mid 30s millenial who got thta job as soon as he dropped out of college. He would loudly claim he needed to take xanax and would talk about weird shit in the middle of the open space such as peeing in a guy's mouth with a friend in the middle of a gay bar or club because that was the funniest shit ever to him. He was promoted as an "expert" a few years before I started there which means getting a tiny salary increase for crazy responsibilities. I don't need this guy's opinion on Balenciaga's tackiness.

I know right? I'm sure he's still there to this day.

No. 1327513

Ayrt, tbh I am just sad you don't realize her objective or subjective ugliness doesn't matter at all. It doesn'r excuse your actions. Shitting on people isn't suddenly okay if they are ugly.

No. 1327533

It's strange because I really like that she's a female rapper and does pretty much everything by herself but something about her music sounds extremely flat to me. It's like it's lacking personality and replacing it by imitating others but not having enough confidence to do its own thing. As a long-time rap enthusiast it kinda sounds like Disney making rap songs or something and I can't quite explain why. The lyrics aren't very good and have a lot of repetition, the background beat almost never matches her tempo and speed and the mixing plays the music and vocals at the same level making the entire listening experience a chore.

I think this guy is in the right saying that she's not creatively ambitious or charismatic which is why her production just falls flat on its face. I feel like she's much better as an artist than a musician because the music videos she did for TopHamHatKyo were really good but even that said I don't hate her or think she's cringe, it's just that she hasn't found her voice that works for her. She's obviously trying to be edgier than what she feels comfortable with.

No. 1327536

What action? The only thing that happened was me being annoyed and that's not an action.

No. 1327630

my god let it go superficial-chan

No. 1327806

I hate sex jokes and any sort of sexual humour. I was playing Cards Against Humanity and other party games with friends and some of the jokes they're telling is sexual in nature. To me, sex jokes are such low effort humour and after being around scrote online spaces for most of my life I'm just tired of hearing it. Of course, I went along with it and just laughed despite how deep down, I am uncomfortable and annoyed about it. Maybe the problem is with me and I'm just an unfunny bitch idk

No. 1327809

same. i cannot watch 95% of comedy films and shows for this exact reason.

No. 1327813

No i completely agree with you. I used to think there was something wrong with me for thinking this but sex jokes are just awful no matter what. They are so uncomfortable and the moids that make them are just projecting their porn addiction on everyone.

No. 1327824

File: 1662394705267.jpeg (68.72 KB, 397x545, 1F1EC983-F82E-422B-94CE-29D2D2…)

Happy bunny was based as fuck. Remember how mad boys got over it?

No. 1327840

This is something I have personally seen that I REALLY agree with. There’s a mom I know who touts herself as an ultra-feminist, liberal, LGBT rights proponent. (Like, she got the rainbow & female sign tattooed on her.) Instead, she is regularly a pick-me to men, putting women down to gain favor with them. For instance, a grown man tried to corner a friend and wouldn’t let her leave, sexually harassing her. Multiple men had to pull the man off. But the “feminist mom” said, “Be kind to him- he just got out of a divorce! It’s not a big deal.”

“Feminist mom’s” son also slapped his girlfriend (another one of my friends). When the gf went to tell the mom, mom once again downplayed it and said the gf was being dramatic and that “that’s just how boys play.” I was in the room for this entire conversation.

There are so many examples of this.

No. 1327877

File: 1662397667536.jpg (42.06 KB, 640x640, a9sgshg0d8l91.jpg)

Nayrt It was/is supposed to come back this year?? Can't wait for the zoomers to fake being obsessed and collecting these. The guy who created it still posts cute little comics.

No. 1327895

File: 1662398949631.jpeg (407.27 KB, 960x1171, A444FC5A-084F-4888-8366-9402EA…)

Merch landed in hot topic this summer. It’s too late.

No. 1327898

I want the necklaces ngl

No. 1327906

Original icon

No. 1327907

I was obsessed with this when I was like 10. I'm tempted to go down nostalgic lane, but that also means I'll have to relive my cringe

No. 1328170

Ok but actually how do you find underwear that fits? Idk if its my vagina shape but I literally get labia wedgies all the fuckin time and you cant even adjust those in public when they happen. Or if not this, then they slide up my asscrack. Doesnt matter how expensive the panties are they all have one of these problems

No. 1328176

what types of materials are you wearing?

I found no show, silky, etc. panties to be terrible. I think the ones with some structure will stay.

No. 1328192

File: 1662414796100.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, 2E2DEF45-01FD-40CD-A1C0-53083B…)

Hate this spare hooman pawrent stay at home dog mom what the floof dog culture so much. Maybe if it was genuine but mostly it feels like people buying designer dogs hoping this meme trend is their meal ticket.

No. 1328231

File: 1662417779197.jpg (41.94 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Fucking hate Merryweather and co. and his stupid, unfunny comics. They're boring and the only reason they're popular is because of the anime girl characters. That, and the fact he overshadows actually good comics that deserve better treatment in whatever platform he's posting on.

No. 1328245

Uniballs. They look so retarded. They make me feel the same things as Siamese twins. Those little boys are not supposed to share a brain, this was not god’s intention. Who allowed this to happen and why aren’t they being put out of their misery? You don’t even have testicles, just one singular testicle. They’re in the same bag. It’s eldritch horrors beyond human imagination territory. I have no idea how women married to uniball owners cope with their life choices. How do you justify it? What do you say to yourself so you can sleep at night with a clear conscience? That man has a tumour sticking out from his dick. The absolute prevalence of this deformity shows the genetic and aesthetic inferiority of males. The absolute state of men…

No. 1328249

he’s retarded as a vtuber too

No. 1328255

seeing people pushing the tiniest most deformed dogs around in strollers on the street is the most cringe shit I've ever seen

No. 1328268

File: 1662420561496.jpg (66.6 KB, 720x720, 356421c99ba6282c77bb80e1508491…)

I didn't know this existed. Balls are disgusting regardless though. That's one of the reasons I don't believe in god.

No. 1328281

When I googled uniballs only pens came up and it’s probably for the best

No. 1328340

I'm so confused on how their things look like because I got told the way dicks are usually drawn on school desks with a ball on each side isn't anatomically correct either, so afterwards I assumed it's just one bag, but now you're telling me this…

No. 1328767

i currently have a cold and i’m so close to killing everyone and then myself. colds are the worst thing to besiege humanity

No. 1328768

i currently have a cold and i’m so close to killing everyone and then myself. colds are the worst thing to besiege humanity

No. 1328810

File: 1662475063241.jpeg (782.19 KB, 914x1488, D1FA28F3-185B-4B5A-A045-5AF76D…)

Male “doctors” back at it again

No. 1328828

Don't trust male doctors of any kind, a dentist fucked up and left me in long term pain coincidentally after I gave no response to his attempts at flirting and unfunny jokes at my expense

No. 1328832

What the fuck omg

No. 1328845

I hate dick jokes so much. I expect them to be the domain of teenage boys, and yet, grown as men, professional comedians even just can't stop with them. you get paid so much money to do comedy, and the best you can come up with is a dick joke!? It's so gross.

No. 1328849

95% of male humor is dick or sexual jokes and it’s so lame

No. 1328870

My least fave joke that I've heard way too many male comedians come out with for a cheap taboo laugh is
> when I was a kid my uncle would sneak into my room and buttfuck me, haha, wait what do you mean that's not normal? Oh no!
That's the lowest of the low.

No. 1328872

File: 1662478733291.jpg (160.35 KB, 779x1200, ab1a4f3ff0e8978dfb039944307bbf…)

Based. His comics literally embody everything I hate male coomers. Unfunny sexualization and braindead female characters based on a meme concept already done a billion times before and never doing anything inventive. You need to have extensive brain damage or a defective chromosome to actually think shit like picrel is entertaining.

No. 1328928

People who use english words (especially when the word is translatable) in threads for other countries. You don't look cool, you look retarded and like an embarassing america dickrider

No. 1328933

File: 1662482130654.jpeg (231.4 KB, 1536x2048, E0CF8D83-A102-47D6-BCF4-17590B…)

Same fuck moids in any sort of authority or profession that lets them be near women or children, went to the dentist in highschool and had a fat old man basically finger my mouth for a good hour while grabbing at my tongue. Despite not even being close to any of the other clients that day. I remember my siblings getting their cleanings and wondering why he kept being so close and not using any tools to actually check on my teeth

No. 1329012

File: 1662487040742.png (62.13 KB, 256x256, flushed-face.png)

Hate does not even begin to describe my feelings for this fucking emoji. Seething fucking loathing. I fucking hate this emoji. I hate it. I don't even hate all emojis. No, in fact I typically think emojis are sweet. I love seeing old people misuse emojis. It's adorable. When old or young people use an abundance of emojis earnestly, it makes me smile. Makes my heart feel a bit fuller. It's sweet. It's honest. It's cute.

But this fucking emoji. This fucking emoji right here has never been used earnestly. The intentions behind using this emoji are fucking rotten, disgusting, spoiled. You know what I mean? I see this fucking emoji and it makes me bare my fucking teeth like an ape about to rip someone's limbs off with my bare ape hands. I want everyone who uses this emoji to be forcibly medicated. I need everyone who uses this emoji to get a fucking lobotomy. I need them off of the streets, off of the internet, OUT of polite society. I'm not joking when I say that when a friend uses it jokingly I get this disgusting taste in my mouth. It gives me pause, no matter how funny the comment is, and all I can do is stare at this disgusting fucking abomination and plead with myself in my head to not fucking explode on them and not ruin our friendship by going on an insanely long autistic tirade about everything I fucking hate about them and everything that they do that annoys me. I literally have to sit there and contain my fucking seething and reign myself in. That is how much I fucking HATE this emoji.

No. 1329014

Noted, I'll cease using it just for you nonna

No. 1329029

Male chessfags

No. 1329075

kek nonnie, I feel the same for ^^ when it's used by men

No. 1329079

my moron neighbors who keep their little toddler up at fucking 10 pm and the kid screams and cries probably because it should be sleeping (and yes it is the adults keeping the kid up they're always coming from somewhere late in the evening sometimes at midnight like where the fuck are you coming from so late all the time and taking a 3-year-old at night with you)

No. 1329126

qveen herby. every time i hear her music i want to surgically remove my ears

No. 1329150

Adam Driver and Adam Driver enthusiasts. That is all.

No. 1329293

preach it this is especially bad in German lately

No. 1329356

File: 1662508228317.jpg (199.62 KB, 1170x578, IMG_9744.jpg)

Fucking same! I also feel the same way about the "uwu" emoji and agree with the sentiment in picrel. I hate everyone who uses it and I hate the way it's used, makes my blood fucking boil for some reason. Hate hate hate hate.

No. 1329357

wig off slayed based

No. 1329360

File: 1662508898985.jpeg (20.82 KB, 272x408, f0c655242626d0587b28a71178257e…)

Oh fuck yeah, Happy Bunny! Brings back good memories of early 2000s Hot Topic. I definitely remember boys seething over these, lol

No. 1329367

if a girl uses it she's a smol bean perpetual victim, if a guy uses it he's a creep

No. 1329523

File: 1662526387061.jpg (218.52 KB, 820x859, 988-9883479_emoji-amarillo-per…)

For me it's this one. I hate it when a scrote sends this to me in a sexual context. Instant turnoff. Also the text emoticon version, see filename.
Male [anything]fags in general tbh. They're all equally insufferable and elitistic.

No. 1329525

the text version is cute tho

No. 1329527

The text version is overused where I live and I associate with coomer weebs.
Now that I think about it I hate it when grown men use the cat mouth emoticon. You know, the colon-three one. Ultimate cringe.

No. 1329530

Since we're on the topic, I hate when men use emoji at all. They usually use them in the dumbest ways to give low effort wordless responses. In fact I dont want messages from men at all. If I degned to give him my number and he wants something he can step up and call me. I only text other women and don't want shitty memes from men who are just trying to find something to fuck.

No. 1329547

File: 1662531164278.jpeg (67.18 KB, 523x576, E2BB4A05-D7C0-4E03-B250-D3311A…)

I hate how ugly in general men are
I wish I could exterminate the ugly men and only breed the handsome ones

No. 1329606

I hate zoomer males and I’m glad I’m not in the dating world anymore. I can’t imagine feeling pressured to vie for the attention of some broccoli-head ass bitch boy with his face stuck in his phone texting all day because ‘talking on the phone gives him aNxIeTy uwu’ Bleak.

No. 1329637

I see this on cow threads on here all the time and I see it under insta posts reporting on celebrity news
>Omg why do you care. Let this person live. Get a life. You're sad for spending your time commenting on this
An insta post about DiCaprios weird dating rule was full of men saying it. We all know that you selectively choose to play holier than thou. Just because you like or support this one persons actions.. don't act like you're not going to join in with discussions of someone's elses 'totally not my business' private life. You pick and choose when shit is private and when you're above discussing other peoples lives.

No. 1329645

I hate mens overuse of the winky face emoji. I don't know if they think it comes off as fun and flirty but some can't finish a sentence without adding it.

No. 1329686

if celebrities want to have all eyes on them, then i won't hesitate to pick apart their private life, especially when it's as glaring as dicaprio's 25 rule.

No. 1329695

Exactly. I wasn't personally interested in following the Depp Vs heard thing but I sure as hell didn't see scotes keep that "other peoples relationships aren't my business" type energy when they were mass dissecting that marriage. If it's public knowledge then it's fair game and your favourites aren't above being discussed.

No. 1329894

men who are addicted to you the first time you meet and then change their minds the second time, like i don't understand how the male brain works

No. 1330003

File: 1662576488754.jpg (128.46 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20220907-214558_Pok…)

this egg cell/arse looking mf I just caught

No. 1330010

solosis is cute!!! CUTEEE!!!!

No. 1330011

File: 1662576879566.jpg (458.04 KB, 2400x1600, WHAT-IS-A-ZYGOTE-IN-BIOLOGY.jp…)

you know he represents a zygote right

No. 1330037

Nikocados gaping anus looking fucker

No. 1330046

now why the fuck would I, someone who occasionally plays pokemon go whilst pooping, would know that.

No. 1330129

File: 1662581915248.jpeg (694.63 KB, 1125x1009, F746F70D-CAEF-415A-875F-AC6633…)

not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but i had an irrational dislike for these when they were trending big time in like 2016 or so. i get that they’re probably easy to make or whatever but they just don’t look good. and no matter what you do to embellish these types of chokers they still just look the same. why did they always have to be in black? i never saw any other colors.

No. 1330139

File: 1662582406411.jpg (42.13 KB, 582x582, 112b769d3aa4b5e01ae3d2b24291ba…)

I always associate these chokers with the 90s and very early 2000s. I like them, Sabrina used to wear them a lot.

No. 1330140

The reason why they got so popular that year is because it was a widely circulated meme that girls who wore them were sluts and throat goats

No. 1330143

agreed. insufferable little elitist shits

No. 1330157

I secretly like how tacky these are.

No. 1330178

i know they were a thing late 90s, but i did think it was odd how it just blew that year seemingly out of the blue but >>1330140 explained it.

No. 1330364

File: 1662598491496.jpeg (6.44 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

I find chokers to be really attractive on women. Makes the neck look longer and accentuate the collar bone area which I think are really sexy. They can be classy like pic related. It's too bad moids ruined it with their degenerate pornsickness like the other anon has mentioned so I feel kinda ashamed wearing it.

No. 1330368

this one is super cute and elegant looking

No. 1330371

File: 1662598817624.png (376.02 KB, 700x700, image_2022-09-07_200137840.png)

I saw a lot of colors back in the day actually

No. 1330379

File: 1662599399235.jpeg (781.05 KB, 1170x1856, C8657B92-5121-4A21-99BE-E6E9A3…)

Yes! That + munna and their evolutions are some of my faves in pogo. I want the shinies so bad, idk if solosis has one honestly.

No. 1330396

munna is awesome!!! agreed

No. 1330418

I think the hatred towards girl defined is over blown. I am sure they are lovely for the most part. My most favourite thing about them is that they said drag queens were a mockery of gods design and i find that incredibly based.

No. 1330423

no chokers can look great, especially delicate ones

No. 1330424

not actually based at all

No. 1330449

Men can pornify everything, just avoid the tacky or cheap ones that troons wear and you should be fine.

No. 1330532

I hate the way the Dutch language sounds. Literally one of the ugliest languages ever. Actually, Afrikaans is maybe a little worse. Sorry stroopwafelenonnies.

No. 1330535

I hate Pokemon GO

No. 1330555

No way, dutch is better than german and french

No. 1330561

Meh, they all have those sounds that are like hacking up some nasty shit from you throat

No. 1330575

Tbh, French does have some sounds that are way too similar to burps.

No. 1330576

If the Normans had never conquered England, then that's whats likely English would have ended up sounding like btw

No. 1330581

Its ugly af and looks like petscop

No. 1330586

It's not like we think our language sounds nice ourselves anon. I wonder where you're from that you know Dutch well enough to comment on it though.

No. 1330606

No. 1330696

People who cuss and drink and smoke a lot shouldn’t have kids. I cringe whenever I see a mean parent cussing and snarling at their kids in public. Just imagine how terrible they are in private, I know the kid will turn out like me, distrustful and scared of everyone but also eager to please and a perfect target for abuse.

No. 1330721

The pokemon became before petscop, also it's my son

No. 1330723

that anon is wrong, dutch is the hottest language, no I don't speak it

No. 1330741

I grew up in a rough area where that was the norm. Most kids just turned into a mirror image of their parents. Loudmouths, spending every penny on drinking and smoking from the time they're teenagers. Repeat the cycle by having kids with again minimal planning and no change to their drinking habits. Screaming is their only form of discipline but the kids are so used to it that it doesn't do anything other than teach them to scream too. I used to wonder if I was just sensitive because I can't stand screaming but it was treated as entirely normal.

No. 1330809

People who say 'Ukrainian letters' instead of Cyrillic alphabet, I don't know why but my college professor said it and it makes me reee

No. 1330817

I think so too lul it sounds silly to me rather than ugly tohugh

No. 1330861

Reminds me of a scene I saw in the street a few days ago, trashy af mom smoking while shouting "that's because Uber is a fucking shitty app!" in front of her 3 year old son. Too bad the kid looked like he could still be saved, he is just going to turn out as trashy as her.

No. 1330888

these were popular in the 90s as capsule vending machine prizes. along with the sticky hand toy, small and cheap to make. the fact that they came back and people were probably paying 20x their worth ordering them online is funny

No. 1330893

your college professor sounds retarded, is it a man?

No. 1330921

File: 1662642687264.jpg (45.19 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I remember these (and other lil chokers) being a thing and I stayed away from them because I don't a dainty lil neck (not fat just thick necked lol) Then I saw amberlynn reid wearing one and just.. why??

No. 1330931

God this just reminds me how much I hate Amberlynn Reid comment channels on youtube and the obsession with her. My ex used to watch them all the time and I've never seen a bigger bunch of self-righteous idiots claim they care about her health when you can practically hear them jerking themselves off under the table from being able to go after the lowest hanging fruit possible. Such stale and boring content.

No. 1330936

Consoomers who aggressively surround themselves with one color while being in their 30s. I know a woman irl that is mad whenever shes not getting something pink and surrounds herself with any shitty pink color, believing it makes her seem trad and feminine. Is that mental illness?

No. 1330938

They try to shit out as much content as possible even when she's going through an extended phase of doing nothing.. basically her whole existence. She's legit a bitch lately seething over a relationship that ended a year ago but one 10 min vid every now and then would cover her bs easily.

No. 1330949

The fact that race is brought up literally 24/7 on the internet and the aids is spreading here on an anonymous imageboard where it's least relevant of all.

No. 1330959

I fucking hate men with a fringe.

No. 1331073

Yes. He teaches (law) ethics but it's mostly his personal opinion with some law terms sprinkled in. At least most of the information is in the book. I hear many people say 'Ukrainian/Russian letters' though and maybe I'm just a language autist but it annoys me to no end.

No. 1331085

that sounds like someone's first time seeing a cyrillic language and assuming the alphabet is only used in ukraine, I'm surprised that's coming from a professor though

No. 1331153

File: 1662655640599.png (70.6 KB, 802x390, 3a7d6037ed8b4fda0f6ae3d34e6253…)

ofc the author is a they/she.

No. 1331645

German is hot af. I dunno what you're talking about

No. 1331662

This sounds so insufferable

No. 1331735

What the fuck is a "platonic crush"? Isn't that just friendship?

No. 1331943

File: 1662669608988.jpeg (62.55 KB, 900x434, 4B6DDAB5-94CA-47BB-8A8C-5147B0…)

I hate solosis but love its last evolution

No. 1331968

No. 1332188

I fucking hate the Splatoon games, characters look like retards, the sound design is incredibly obnoxious and the fanbase is mostly made up of stereotypical soyjaks. A lot of Nintendo games elicit this kind of reaction from me actually, I'm wary of any adult male who owns a Switch.

No. 1332310

I have no idea what wokies mean by it, but to me it sounds like strong admiration/fascination with someone without sexual or romantic feelings involved, but not necessary a friendship. Like you really want to become that person's friend. Is there a name for that?

No. 1332887

Omg yes. It’s always annoying and derailing and void of intelligence. I’d feel differently if anyone wanted to have an actual discussion, however.

No. 1332902

When people use the word 'utilize' as if it were a fancy synonym for 'use'. To utilize something is to use it for something that is not its intended purpose, just like how I want to utilize a dictionary as a bludgeoning weapon against the next person I hear misusing that word.

No. 1333115

I mean, the word doesn't officially have that meaning, though, it seems just like a connotative meaning for you.

No. 1333162

I work as a technical editor and axe this word all the time. People use it as a synonym for use. It is not a synonym for use, and you do not sound more professional by “utilizing” that word.

No. 1333187

Legit thank you. I didn't know the difference and love learning stuff like this.

No. 1333188

I can’t stand autistic people.
I can’t stand people with BPD.
It feels cruel to say it outright but I can smell them a mile off and I’m not getting pulled into their need for attention and self-centredness. They don’t see you as a person, you are simply a prop in their lives made to witness them, whether they’re infodumping or performatively harming themselves. I can’t care for someone like that.

No. 1333190

Nta, but I don't think there actually is a difference.

No. 1333210

>They don’t see you as a person, you are simply a prop in their lives made to witness them
I had a fight with my BPD-chan friend just today when she was having a meltdown and I feel this so much. She never treats me as a real person or is interested in anything that I do, ever, and every time I show signs of humanity she loses her mind. The anons here who keep claiming that "BPD isn't real, it's just CPTSD" can quite literally fuck off to therapy, I don't care what you call it, it's still destructive and draining to everyone around them.

No. 1333305

File: 1662749284634.png (645.65 KB, 1080x2135, Screenshot_20220909-134810.png)

perhaps you should utilize your education and look it up yourselves

No. 1333327

You’re so right, anon. BPD and C-PTSD present so differently ime; BPDchans have this desperate need for attention. They’re almost like junkies in that they’ll do literally anything for that hit of validation/attention. They’ll psychologically terrorise you without a second thought because they’re “afraid of abandonment uwu” but really, they’re just afraid of losing their audience. And of course, the victim complex.
I don’t know how you can be close friends with a BPDchan, I guess all I can say is that you’ve got a lot of patience and I admire your commitment to the friendship.

No. 1333423

File: 1662755061030.webm (4.24 MB, 576x1024, uF2EB2_xlORvKIUj.webm)

all this over fucking neopronouns

No. 1333435

The fact that so many zoomers are against neo-pronouns gives me hope. I wouldn't be surprised if the man throwing around buzzwords is doing this to get aiden pussy. He looks like the type.

No. 1333436

I really hate that stupid madonna song hanky panky. It's ugly and I hate the way she sings it. Idk why songs like that even exist.

No. 1333488

Other tags to exclude: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omegaverse, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Trans Character, Trans Male Character, Intersex Character, Mpreg, Soulmates, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Alternate Universe - High School, Alternate Universe - University, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - Flower Shop, Alternate Universe - Werewolves, … , Alternate Universe

No. 1333527

I can't stand the Genshit Impact hyperfans. The types that always argue with people about muh diversity in video games, screaming how good Genshit is at it (a retard literally tried talking shit about a small otome game in front of a developer because the love interest isnt bi, "despite having pUrPlE Bi LED lights", started barking around people and shilling genshit). The same people consume any retarded media or information which twitter tells them. They are retarded woketards who hop on trends and see millions of sexualities in random color schemes, they always have pronouns or claim to be NB and do nothing but spit poison everywhere the moment someone say they dont like their shitty and soulless CCP game with generic anime design. I am sick of this shit, they ruin any comfortable space with their presence.
I am fine only with people who quietly enjoy this idiotic game, everyone else belongs in the trash.

No. 1333594

i completely relate to this. most fanfiction i like are based around the actual canon with a few headcanons. certain alternate universes i can handle but they are few and far between. another thing i hate is when an author has so many stupid headcanons about the characters they aren’t anything like the original.

No. 1333618

Yeah, and these authors are so enamored with their own bad, barely-recognizable headcanon universes that they’re the ones updating every DAMN day. Why??

No. 1333760

I was about to post this kek. It's especially worse when they rage at life and go "uuuhh i actually deserve to act like an antisocial animal" no you don't. Scrotes are very prone (almost as if is their nature) to this but woman can do it too. Is disgusting no matter what, and makes me wish death on them immediately
Nta but female bpdchans play with your pity a lot, they're masters at learned helplessness. If you're sensible to those things they can trap you pretty easly.

No. 1333782

When someone starts chatting you up in public and you try to walk away and they just keep blabbering on. I have places to be and I know you do too, get on with it!

No. 1333803

File: 1662784137168.jpeg (28.26 KB, 460x372, 5A1DF3AB-564F-4C54-BB06-59399C…)

Whenever people find out I have pet rabbits they either ask if I eat them when they die or recount stories about how many rabbits they’ve killed on the road. It’s not just a few rude people, it’s almost everyone I’ve told has this initial reaction. People that would start bawling if you even insinuated their shelter mutt isn’t that cute have the fucking nerve to ask if I eat pets I’ve had for 10 years. If I ever asked the same question I’d get my teeth knocked out but it’s okay to punch down on my animals for no reason.

No. 1333806

i think this is definitely an issue with long running fandoms when new source material is no longer being released. for example there have been countless times where i’ve clicked on a promising-looking harry potter fic, only to read it and find that it’s not even a tiny bit close to the source material in tone and is instead a clear product of headcanons of headcanons of headcanons, completely abstracted from anything recognizable, where if you’re not privy to whatever corner of tumblr came up with a consensus on these things the fic makes little to no sense.

No. 1333818

Based soulmate AU hater

No. 1333822

Dog owners do this about cats too "my dog could kill that thing hehehehe". 99% of the time "animal lovers" are just these types.

No. 1333827

People like this are trash. I know so many rabbit owners and I don’t know a single person who raises them for meat. Idiots want to shit on anyones happiness to make themselves feel better about their pathetic weak lives.

No. 1333837

ngl all of this shit is usually dogfag behavior. hardcore dogfags are not animal lovers.

No. 1333848

I hate being autistic.

No. 1333863

Why is it always dogfags that come up with this obnoxious behavior? They walk all over other pet owners, forcing us to adjust to their slobbering screeching animal, our own pets be damned.

Me too nonnie.

No. 1334289

File: 1662821275372.jpg (218.51 KB, 2000x1125, kids-tablets-2-1625083861.jpg)

I just don't get how my parents just allow my younger brother and sister(who are 11 and 7 years old respectively) seemingly unlimited accesses to their tablets all day, without any sort of supervision, youtube shorts have made the problem exponentially worse and will probably fuck up their attention spans, but anytime I try to bring this up with my parents, they start lecturing me, saying I spend too much online as well and that I'm a hypocrite and I try to explain that I just use my laptop for work and streaming shows, not mindlessly scrolling through crack videos and fucking up my brain, I feel so fucking helpless cause I want to protect my siblings but my parents themselves have made that task impossible

No. 1334313

talk to them about grooming instead show them those creepy elsa spiderman pregnant whatever videos, that should make them reconsider it. Also maybe try to push your sibling towards more healthy hobbies. I enjoy playing board games with mine, he's particularly fond of 4 in line.

No. 1334331

>talk to them about grooming instead show them those creepy elsa spiderman pregnant whatever videos
I do and thankfully they don't allow my siblings to have any social media accounts but still'em use youtube and tiktok
>Also maybe try to push your sibling towards more healthy hobbies. I enjoy playing board games with mine, he's particularly fond of 4 in line.
I love spending time with my siblings and playing card games with them, but they are addicted to their tablets and I don't blame them for this addiction, I blame my parents for it

No. 1334365

Take them outside like to parks, museums, etc?

No. 1334377

It doesn't help that both are reaching new heights of self victimization as of late. You want to kill others and yourself over being misunderstood? How embarrassing

No. 1334381

>I don’t know how you can be close friends with a BPDchan, I guess all I can say is that you’ve got a lot of patience and I admire your commitment to the friendship.
I'm being held hostage, so to say. I've been suicide baited and shamed into staying with her forever, I have a long history with depression and anxiety myself and I couldn't handle bearing the blame if my BPD-chan killed herself. She also knows dirt on me and I'm 100% sure even if she didn't kill herself she'd spread it around and turn all my friends and the entire community we're both part of against me making me a social pariah. So I'm just stuck living this life of misery and reoccurring fights that end up with her going radio silent and me wondering if this is the time that she actually does it. This experience has made me understand women who stay in abusive relationships, it's so much easier to just cope and keep carrying on than to break free and rebuild your life from the ground up.

I have no sympathy for BPD-chans, I hate them so much. I don't care if they're abused themselves, the way my entire identity and life has been made into being a prop, an audience and an emotional toilet for a mentally ill person has made me jaded and bitter. I never did anything wrong, the only mistake I made was trusting the wrong person who love bombed me in the beginning when I didn't see the red flags. I'm practically just waiting each day for some miracle to throw me a rope and help me out because I guess I'm pathetic like that. I haven't even had a real relationship in my life because she's isolated me from others due to being extraordinarily jealous and possessive.

I've never talked about this to people but something about your post just flipped a switch. I'm not anything to admire because I'm just a spineless caretaker out of guilt without getting anything in return.

No. 1334388

don't a lot of people in general feel that way at some point in their lives

No. 1334390

Anon, you're inherently better than her just because you aren't a bpdchan. depression is curable, bpd isn't. You're going to outlive her miserable existence and be happy, just because you're an actual human with emotions unlike her. Wishing you the best of luck.

No. 1334399

That's true but I've been dealing with too many varieties of autists lately to have a nuanced view right now. People shouldn't believe they're helpless when they're really not.

No. 1334401

Top of the list of things I hate is mental illness idolizers on the internet like the op here tbh
this is speaking as someone who had a NEET moment, literally just 1) get a job that you like/think contributes to making the world into something you want to see 2) go fucking outside. play a sport. be adopted by some jocks. you're not mentally ill you're a terminally online idiot I hate you

No. 1334406

so do better? this bitch is out here acting like she and her mentality aren't a product of a culture she can influence.

t. also a zoomer, speak for yourself

No. 1334416

I'd no idea how common suicide baiting it til I kept seeing anons on here talk about their friends and bfs doing it to them for years on end to keep a hold on them. The relationship thread is full of it too. Relationships that would've ended years ago if not for all the empty threats and guilt tripping.

When I was younger I was prone to thinking 'oop better suicide' every time there was a blip in my life. I didn't tell people. I had a serious relationship end very soon after my mother died and I was real close to trying something att. More so because of the death but the split felt like the final straw. I didn't ring up my ex and tell him to try and drag him back. Any time someone elses actions fucked me up that badly.. I realized I'm just depressed underneath. They're not truly making me suicidal. I had an ongoing issue with my own resilience. I hate suicide baiters.

No. 1334418

>lol just stop being depressed!

No. 1334445

>be adopted by some jocks.
Lol male detected, why the hell would a woman want to be around jocks especially with how predatory they are.

No. 1334447

In general mentally ill women who that other women should nurse and baby them/act like they're entitled to care like autistic men are the worst. Because aside being literal leeches they're the biggest gender traitors. At least autistic moids can """"excuse"""" (no, they can't and should die like the rats they are) they shallow undestranding of the world on their black and white thinking, they were feed retarded gender stereotypes since kids and don't actually have the brain ability to question them in their own (because understandably no woman wants to expend enough time with them to create a dissonance,if they are even captable to process it without having a literal autistic meltdowm Otoh women always saw the dissonance between gender stereotypes and actual human behavior. They know that "maternal love" is actually very taxing on the caregiver, and don't care. They still want every woman to handle them with kid gloves and be dainty little doves without complicated feelings, who only live to serve them. By the sake of living as a female they know how this is literally imposible and don't care. Even subconsciously they know this.
There's no need to be an adult baby anon. Plenty of people have their own issues and don't have arrested development.

No. 1334451

Nta but female jocks.

No. 1334452

I did, bitch its called therapy

female jocks exist too you utter brainlet. and they're probably doing more to make the world a pleasant place for women than your internet-sperging ass

I'm not a male I'm literally just a functional woman with a life irl

No. 1334464

> 20something woman that lives with her parents and thinks she can't change and spends her entire life sadposting online instead of having goals and exercising like once a week

> 50something boomer housewife who spends her whole life bitching about her husband to anyone within earshot and saying she cant do x y z because women aren't made for it and generally being an insufferable child while openly proud of her alcohol/coffee/shopping addictions

these are the same picture.

No. 1334469

>they're probably doing more to make the world a pleasant place for women than your internet-sperging ass.
and you know this based on one single post?….unironically you are the one who sounds like a complete energy vampire in real life. ''Functional'' lmao.
>sadposting ree
why are you so butthurt by someone venting online, are you autistic or something.

No. 1334476

>being a pissbaby on a forum comprised mostly of autists
you should probably go back to therapy, anon

No. 1334480

Nta but i love hating on autists. If XY autists in spinny skirts weren't everywhere on the internet and even more thin skinned than XX autists i would do it elsewhere tbh.

No. 1334481

i mean same, but anon is clearly in the autist side of the site. she's so angry.

No. 1334485

Because I'm in a thread about things you hate and I fucking hate internet sadgirl culture. It's incredible how you're both terminally online enough to be glued to this thread and you also can't fucking read

No. 1334489

>youre both terminally online enough to be glued to this thread
i replied to you twice, get help weirdo and stop projecting.

No. 1334490

i hate people who are mean to survival sex workers. they arnt doing it bc they love it. they are doing it to survive. and hate every second.

No. 1334492

I hate cities. Cityfolk are lovely people but their habitat is atrocious and they deserve better. Makes me hope that Hammurabi and every other empire builder is burning in hell where they belong.

No. 1334496

the vast majority of internet sadgirl culture is based on early tumblr sadgirl culture and would be cured by routinely getting exercise and learning how to make normal friends irl, along with having a purpose for your life. It's a worse influence on women's culture than anything else because it's basically just the social brainwashing of reality tv but made by "Im so special in my sadness" terminally online girls for young "Im not other girls" girls

I stand by this

tbh I thought you were OP. I'm here for a reason, why are you salty about it?

No. 1334507

tumblr sadgirl culture is mostly a aesthetic, maybe you would know that if you weren't such a braindead autist larping as someone functional and productive.

No. 1334514

lol. lmao even

"its just asthetic!!!" she says, defending someone who's proud of being a terminally online loser leeching off their parents from someone who admits to actually having a life to live

No. 1334523

"Twice exceptional" is the cringiest thing I've ever heard of and I hate whoever decided we should use that for students who needed both types of special education. I can't think of a single person who it applied to who ever used it seriously for themselves and actually gagged when a shrink first taught me the term.

No. 1334565

I think that everyone arguing ITT is autistic and/or mentally ill tbh.

No. 1334582

I hate how my straight female friends keep asking my opinion on their butterfaced stinky moid interests. I am a lesbian terf manhater. Why do you keep putting me in this situation when you know im gonna just talk aroung giving you a straight answer. I hate even being neutral about it because the reality is that almost all men will just turn physically and/or emotionally abusive. It feels like I'm letting them run into a woodchipper

No. 1334862

i hate how many moids are definitely on ot today trying to perfect their female larp

No. 1334967

>My brain does this thing where it
>You see my brain works like this
>And my brain went like
>I can't help that my brain
I don't mean anyone who makes a once off comment but people who do it over and over again. I know we're living in times where neurodivergence is a big topic but ffs your brain is the third person in the room

No. 1334970

my AdHd coworker phrases shit like this and I want to rattle her brain in her skull sometimes. Just admit you're retarded and get on with it already

No. 1334982

Omg same anon

No. 1335087

That voice YouTubers put on whenever they talk about something melancholic or semi-emotional, trying to sound hopeful. It transcends countries, because I hear it in both, English videos and also videos in my language.

No. 1335096

Men are incapable of ever having a convincing larp for too long, they will get triggered by something eventually.

No. 1335098

I love to say that my brain does the exact same thing and then watch their face fall when I laugh and say I don't have adhd or autism. I also love to one-up them. Ohh, your bwain can't make the jump from 1 to 2? Okay well MY brain comprehends music in texture!!! And taste in colors!!!! Wheeeee!! MY BRAIN is the most special! Now fuck off you "NeUrOdIvErGeNt" dickhead. God they're all annoying as fuck.

No. 1335105

my god it's been almost a month and you are still being an angry little bitch? If you life was so wonderful and fulfilling wtf are you doing on this stupid website? God bang some chads and shut the fuck up. It sounds like projection at this point.

No. 1335108

I hate having anxiety it makes every situation worse. I literally worry myself sick

No. 1335116

I hate the insane number of webcomics/manga with the premise of being reincarnated into the body of some character from a game/novel/comic. I feel like isekai as a genre isn't inherently shit, it's just shit in practice through how common isekai stories have the most generic rpg settings among other common cliches, but these reincarnation plots can absolutely not be redeemed. They're set up like a self-insert fanfic would be, except the game/novel/comic the mc is being reborn into obviously isn't a real one so while the mc knows and cares about some "original plot" the audience clearly doesn't. I have no idea what the asian fanfic sphere is like, is the reincarnating into your fave franchise a common fanfic setup for the koreans and japanese or something? I had the most surreal experience browsing ao3 the other day where I found a fic that was supposed to be styled like these reincarnation comics, except, the universe the fanfic self-insert was reincarnating into wasn't even the universe of the game the author was pulling the characters from, she just used the same generic setting all of these reincarnation webcomics have and pasted the characters on top of the common tropes, it was so strange, what even is the point of writing something like that?

No. 1335121

100%, the whole women are emotional thing is projection because scrotes are so prone to tard rage but realise that means they’re retarded and not muh based logic and reason sex so obey their dumbass as they propagandize.

No. 1335129

Men should just be branded with hot irons that spell “uncircumcised” across their foreheads so we don’t have to risk getting smegma’d by shaking their hands.

No. 1335163

cut dicks still get smegma

No. 1335170

File: 1662864861437.gif (156.88 KB, 704x704, 1662285995257 1.gif)

Sorry to interrupt your hatred, nonas. Trying to bump disturbing imagery from the front page. Please be safe.

No. 1335173

File: 1662865009971.gif (1.89 MB, 527x368, 1654024544568.gif)

thank you for your service, stay safe and report

No. 1335257

reincarnation webtoon trend wise I'm sure it was chinese webtoons that came first, then korean, then japanese. i like it for garbage reading tbh kek. Chinese reincarnation webtoons are at the end of their lifecycle and are blisteringly misogynistic and mary-sue, while the korean ones have beautiful art but are all identical to each other. The japanese ones usually fall into same old isekai bullshit, but there are some interesting new ideas at least. Some of the best ones ive found have been from small time twitter artists
i think webtoon creators are flocking to it because its popular and the audience don't care if it's copy and paste garbage, as long as it hits all the same plot and character points they'll throw money at it.

No. 1335301

Obnoxious fujos.

No. 1335466

Aggressively positive people. There is a guy at work who always answers with a flippant 'Always good, the sun is shining, everything's great!!' to my 'how are you?-s' to the point that I'm afraid to ask

No. 1336407

When I sit down really hard and my tits go up. That shit hurts.

No. 1336412

That’s such an odd way to say that lol

No. 1336419

I honestly didn't know how to describe it. I was just like "eh, they'll get it".

No. 1336476

File: 1662956961646.jpeg (33.1 KB, 400x500, KIC_355-2162-6506-281_prod1.jp…)

I hate ripped jeans so much. Imagine wearing armour with low DEF points to all the natural elements, can't be me.

No. 1336477

Its true jeans are shit in both warm and cold weather.

No. 1336488

I enjoy drag shows to a degree but i fucking hate the lip synching. Its like watching tiktok videos irl. I don't find it entertaining nor amusing. What's the appeal of it?

No. 1336504

ngl i enjoy drag. i know it's misogynistic to a degree but i can't lie, it is entertaining. there's a reason why it's wildly popular with the general populace (beyond the misogyny being relatable). it's colorful, bright, shiny, fun. the lip-synching, however, is underwhelming. i guess because it's difficult to perform death drops while singing. plus, whitney houston cannot be sung by most men.

No. 1336513

NTA, but Europe has such a long history of cross dressing events, with only relatively short periods of unpopularity. It's probably always going to exist in one degree or another, as long as gender roles exist. Colorful, bright, shiny, fun, with a little taboo and satirizing aspects of society? Of course it's a hit.

No. 1336532

Stupid 'I'M SUCH A WHORE' humor like this, I genuinely don't know why my femcoomer friend finds it funny.

No. 1336534

Right? They're not even comfortable, I will never like jeans honestly.

No. 1336548

Because terminally online gay men have beat the meme into the ground and so terminally online women also have to.

No. 1336551

File: 1662964923606.jpg (10.26 KB, 550x310, Mosquito-Culex-quinquefasciatu…)


No. 1336575

i'm sorry, it's funny, especially funny for whatever reason because they're so stereotypically english wannabe pornstars. it's so absurd and disgusting that it's funny. like if you dissociate fully from it you're able to find it funny and horrific. otherwise, yes, it's just extremely depressing

No. 1336789

File: 1662988534628.jpg (171.42 KB, 736x920, b9c82b288fb4d95adb9ce278187157…)

absolutely hate that tiktok dyke mattie westbrouk and her hyper faggot roommate

can't even open my YouTube without having her fugly ass perm-fried bowl cut and weird fuckin teeth and mouth all over my page

something about her incites a primal urge to smash with a rock

No. 1336794

File: 1662988755301.jpeg (113.66 KB, 960x960, 170F9250-42F0-4A23-94BF-9219F4…)

sips ur blood

No. 1336803

Men are appreciated and praised for their mediocrity even if they’re actually ugly/piece of shits having a whole thread devoted to them but women have to look like gorgeous models to be loved and appreciated or even fully humanized. Get me off of this planet

No. 1336842

with Harry Potter in particular it seems that many even do it intentionally because "FUCK TERF JKR!!!"

No. 1336845

>something about her incites a primal urge to smash with a rock
It's called homophobia kek

No. 1336847

nah its literally just her she's got a weird gum to tooth ratio

No. 1336964

then why write it so homophobically faggot?

No. 1336987

has anyone else noticed that lesbians always have gummy mouths? i even saw a video once where people tried to guess if people were gay, bi, or straight by their teeth and gums. i personally think gummy lesbians are cute as hell ngl, the girl crush that made me come out as bisexual had those kinda teeth and mouth (sadly the dumb bitch is an enby now).