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No. 1283997

No. 1284008

I feel like killing myself. I so desperately wish my ex brought me back. She was the only thing I ever cared about for the past one and half years and now I have nothing. It's all my fault anyways. I'm a fucking retard and i have a pathological need to self-destruct and destroy good relationships around me. I can't handle a genuine friendship, much less relationships, after being a friendless loser for so long (until I had met her). This is literally the worst thing I've ever felt in my life and I want to self harm. I think I'm gonna need therapy after this.

No. 1284026

File: 1659243277743.jpg (99.63 KB, 1242x1241, 1646707321194.jpg)

All i want is to make art. Friends don't make me happy, I hate my family, I hate having to draw for others. I wish the modern art community wasn't filled with people that hate art. You can't draw this, you can't draw that, oh, you drew something inspired by a culture you aren't part of? FETISHIST, CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!! Drew an anime teen? PEDO!!. Oh, and don't get me started on how you always have to be walking on eggshells if you have followers, you have to kneel and suck tranny cock even if their art is fucking repulsive looking because otherwise you are the enemy. Also, you can't criticize an objectively terrible drawing because ''that's muh style!!1'', holy fucking shit stop being lazy and pick up Loomis. All I want is to win the lottery, become a hermit and focus on making art for myself.

No. 1284033

Why does mom refuse to understand that I don’t want her to buy me things, I literally just want her to be nice to me? Her going through a whole day without insulting me would mean 20x more to me than buying me literally anything.

I’m convinced the only reason she buys me stuff is so when I tell her that I don’t like how she treats me she can be like “b-b-but I bought you __ and __!!” Like that means nothing to mean in comparison to the things you say.

No. 1284035

I relate to you a lot, I hate when I make art for anyone or show it off, I get mass replies of "you should do commissions!!". No, I hate the idea of getting commissions by scrotes that write excessive twitlongers explaining why you wouldn't draw their sexualized mecha furry pubescent OC even thought you gave them a full refund

No. 1284051

I'm sick of my internalized misogyny or gynophobia and how hard it is for me to get over. I have a lot more close female friends now than ever and I love them but I feel so nervous around them and I have no idea why. Is it attraction? Fear of judgment? Unworthiness? Augh.

No. 1284053

File: 1659246223966.jpeg (37.46 KB, 630x463, 8B7779A0-359C-47FC-8F08-F5BCC9…)

Terminally online people are always in some imaginary competition with everyone else. Just in a state of extreme arrested development, making up fictitious enemies in their head, aggressive about the stupidest shit and gatekeeping literally everything. Don’t get me started on millennials and elder zoomers that used tumblr in its day, they genuinely believe that them spending hours reblogging and reposting niche or obscure pictures makes them some sort of aesthetic authority. I was forced to confront my own illness and delusions and now I have to bear witness to moids getting away with it freely all while pretending they’re bearing some heavy cross.

No. 1284086

I haven't contacted the person who sexually assaulted me for two weeks. I noticed he deleted the messages or edited them, the ones where he admitted to what he did

Should I confront him again to make him admit what he did? Is it worth the pain? tbh I just want him to admit it in text so I can bring his world down. Because I'm tired of him painting me as someone I'm not. He's showing people edited discord messages and he was disguising it as "Oh I was fixing spelling errors" or "The huge space of text is them talking and replying to themselves. They're fucking crazy"

I want him to admit to these things. But also scared that he's smart enough not to admit these things in text…. should I not even bother? What should I do?

No. 1284108

I completely get what you mean I've been really navel-gazing about the state of chronically online teens and adults and this obsession with "curated aesthetic/identity" when it's all just media consumption lol
Although if you follow cool people on tumblr, they've picked on this and have been giving great commentary

No. 1284116

It's weird when your parents buy you things and think it makes up for insulting and belittling you. I don't understand it. Why have children if all you are going to do is put them down. Is it just to achieve a milestone? Sorry your mother is terrible and I hope one day (hopefully soon) she stops.

No. 1284121

I'm supposed to be painting a birthday gift for someone but I keep getting insecure about my art, I wish I could improve my art skills significantly from where they currently are since I always hate how my artworks turn out and I let that discourage me from creating more
it's like I'm stuck in a self-imposed rut when I should be learning and improving

No. 1284130

Hey guys how do you cope with the fact that no matter what, you and your mother will never get along and that she has psychologically damaged you for life?
Personally, I like to fantasize about dying before she does so that she cries over me and grieves me. any suggestions?

No. 1284136

File: 1659253023891.png (284.97 KB, 577x476, blkpill.PNG)

No. 1284139

Same anon. I feel like I can only love women from a distance, and secretly know they wouldn't accept me if they got to know me. It's like hating them is just preparing myself for the inevitable

No. 1284141

posted too fast but praying this is just some elaborate joke

No. 1284164

Praying for her

No. 1284165

File: 1659254191972.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 0e803f7b0e65a5ba.jpg)

I drunkenly told my friend I am terf, why tf did I do that

No. 1284167

I cope with it by taking the money she can give me and otherwise not really talking to or thinking about her. She's always been abusive to me and has never apologized or anything, just acted like everything was normal and that her getting mad at the smallest things and hitting me is somehow my fault. Just cut yours out as much as possible, her attention or affection aren't necessary to you anymore. What she does or feels doesn't mean anything, just focus on other aspects of your life

No. 1284170

If your friends are really your friends or even just people with half a brain, ask them what's more likely; a lying dude deleting his messages to cover his ass or you having a conversation with yourself? If anyone buys his bullshit they're a retard or being ignorant on purpose because the truth about him is too inconvenient for them. Fuck absolutely anyone who believes him. Also, he's not going to give you what you want if you talk to him, in my experience, moids like him will do anything to avoid responsibility. Circumvent him and go to the people he's been talking to and set them straight, unless you think they're the aforementioned ignorant people, in which case learn witchcraft and curse them all or something because Jesus Christ people can be gross.

And, I'm sorry that happened to you, nonnie. Please take care of yourself and stay safe.

No. 1284183

Had a damn good time admitting as much at a wedding with another woman there. Is she pissed or something?

No. 1284185

My SIL has repeatedly admitted to me that she never contributed anything to the household when she lived at home. Barely cleaned her own room let alone shared spaces, never did any other chores, bragged about burning dinner on purpose so they wouldn’t ask her to cook again. All this with a chronically ill mother who was often too weak to lift utensils and is now almost fully paralysed.
She’s obsessed with Encanto and I just found out that she’s been posting all over her social media that Louisa, the protagonist’s strong sister who quite literally carries the entire family and is buckling under the strain, is “literally her”, and is writing whole fan fictions about how her family always took advantage of her helpful self-sacrificing nature. Is it possible to A-log someone you know in real life?

No. 1284188

women stop hiding your belief systems and say it with pride instead of being ashamed and scared challenge

No. 1284189

yes i hate it so much! You just can't talk with these people about anything without them making you your enemy for the day and then bully you the rest of your existence in that online space. Any sightly controversial theme, like for example there was a report in the news lately that some activists protested a concert because the musicians had dreadlocks. You just send the link to the article, wanna chat about it, listen to all the opinions and maybe think about all the ways it affects people on all sides but no matter your openminded approach you are still the enemy of the terminally online group of fuckers because their opinion is set and anybody who wants to just peacefully chat about it is an evil conspiracy theorist.
It's like they think everybody on the internet is about to get them so they hurt everyone first just in case, but in fact people just want to peacefully talk.

I think we all gonna have to tell people at some point

No. 1284190

Oh no, she said she believes in biological sex herself lol. I am just worried she will tell our other friend who always remembers to say TWAW at every point.

No. 1284191

Dude, come on. Having to police yourself constantly around someone that you're supposed to be able to relax around is bullshit. I understand being concerned, especially because the TWAW friend will probably have a shitfit, but if you made another friend that you can be honest around that's pretty based.

No. 1284193

is it cause she's fat ?

No. 1284195

Just sent my pedophilic faggot dad a message wishing him monkeypox ♥

No. 1284196

also told him to kill himself ♥

No. 1284197

NTA but how dare you call Luisa fat

No. 1284199

Show us a screenshot

No. 1284201

File: 1659257690265.jpg (53.21 KB, 666x666, ea7d2ebbda339a7fff28aa7532a13c…)

I don't know why I'm still reading youtube comments of any general videos involving women, it's self harm at this point. I fucking hate men and now I want to learn several martial arts, just to punch kidneys of retarded gymbros and incels into mush.

No. 1284215

NTA but what do you mean by second world country?

No. 1284217

File: 1659259100705.jpg (152.4 KB, 1080x2163, Screenshot_20220731-015518_Gma…)

Edited out more info sorry for delete+ repost
He (American white male) taught in a second world country where he was revered just for being a white teacher. He stayed in many families' homes on holidays and it was an "honor" to host him. I'm sure he molested little boys there. Should I email the university? He's not in that country/teaching anymore.
Google is free my nona

No. 1284228

I've seen people misuse the terms first, second and third world here a lot, so just googling it may not be enough to know what you mean by that.
Anyway, I don't know how you're so sure that your father molested children, but I hope he burns in hell for it. It's always nice to see child molesters being told by their family to kts.

No. 1284229

>should i email the university
If something can come out of that at this point, then go for it.
I hope he sees it and it drives him to kill himself soon

No. 1284231

Ah sorry for the bitchy reply. The main point I was trying to make (without giving out too much info) is that it is a poorer country with less education among rural citizens.
Thanks nonnie, me too. I literally feel better after sending the e-mail. I have the audio of the conversation in which he admits his pedophilia and I for some reason have always wanted to share it but ofc I can't do that.

No. 1284232

Double posting but he admits to a different instance of pedophilia, not that he did it in the country he taught in. I would've already contacted authorities if the latter was the case. Just to be clear.

No. 1284233

If it makes you feel better, i have a pedo dad too. But i live in a third world country where its not taken seriously and i don’t really have evidence but i wouldn’t doubt it. It makes me sick just thinking of the times we hugged and laughed together.

No. 1284236

I'm so in love with this girl and she's leading me on so hard, I feel pathetic. We do " girlfriend " things and she'll flirt with me even though I already told her my feelings before and got rejected. I'm gonna ask her how she really feels but I think the answer will be the same. I've literally been crying over her every other night. Being a pathetic lesbian in an unrequited romance is hard but somebody's gotta do it I guess.

No. 1284239

I'm sorry you have to deal with such filth also, nonna. Hugs. My dad just loved taking pics of my baby nephews. Sick fuck. And he would take my brother on hella trips with his little friends when they were in HS (brother says Dad never touched him). All while ignoring my sisters and I. My mom for some godforsaken reason decided to reveal to me that my dad was super admirant of ancient pedastry. Fucking homo. I hope he's miserable and lonely but I'm sure he found some 23-year-old down on his luck fag to court. When I visited him in the country he taught in, all his degenerate fucking sex toys were in plain view. Of course all the male college boys loved going to his apartment because he had a TV. Ugh

No. 1284250

Yep, similar story. I will never understand why pedo fags feel entitled to a wife and children they have kids and put em through their bullshit

No. 1284257

sorry I didn't mean to call her fat, its just that I often see fat girls claiming overly muscular female characters

No. 1284260

Feeling so sad and alone in a foreign country I don’t want to be in.
I just lost one of the most important people in my life and I am instead stuck in a place that I don’t want to be in. Despite it being objectively better than my home country.
I hate it. I hate this. I hate it.
I just want to go home.

No. 1284261

the doll looks nothing like her

No. 1284262

File: 1659265165691.jpg (16.9 KB, 400x400, IhyrzC_K_400x400.jpg)

I fucking hate when the guy I'm dating wakes me up at night by groping me, and the moment I'm half-awake he tries to choke me, kiss me, spank me etc. He's too rough when he's aroused, we haven't actually had sex yet and I'm afraid I won't even get to that part, because the way he touches me seems to be inspired by porn. I also hate the fact he does it when I sleep. He woke me up TWICE that night even though he knew I'm going to work on sunday. I just wanted him to jerk off so he could leave me alone. He even had the audacity to ask me what's wrong when I didn't want to cuddle with him afterwards. Now I'm tired and angry because I have a hard time going back to sleep after something like this, especially when it's basically morning already and I know I would only have like an hour of sleep

No. 1284267

why are women willing to put upwith this
are you really so afraid of being alone?

No. 1284268

Funny how men are ALL the same. I thought waking me up multiple times in the middle of the night by groping me, putting my hand on his dick, opening up my pajama shirt to touch my boobs, etc, was just another crazy thing about my ex. Turns out i've read similar stories from so many women since i've left his ass, i'm always shocked how exactly the same they all are.

The blatant disrespect, the total inconsiderate nature of just using a woman's body when she tries to sleep (an important organic activity needed for functioning healthily, but no, peepee feeling good is more important!) and has things to do in the morning. And then the morning after this, you're all groggy and exhausted and you feel used and they don't even acknowledge it like everything's good with the world. If i had the audacity to complain he would tell me "but you should love how i'm obsessed with your body! sad!" or something condescending like "women am i right lol always complaining lol why are you so moody today lol"

No. 1284270

File: 1659266834343.gif (161.97 KB, 275x195, 1656688250867.gif)

Noni please learn to love yourself and dump that shitsack.

No. 1284274

File: 1659267411826.gif (23.32 KB, 220x220, tenor (12).gif)

Nonna what the fuck?? What is he gonna do once you have sex, start raping you in your sleep?! On top of that he is a porn addict (no wonder). He doesnt even understand how wrong everything he does is while also being a selfish asshole. Dump this retard as soon as possible, what are you doing to yourself? Are you lonely or desperate? Why do you find him attractive?

No. 1284276

I wish i would die in my sleep.

No. 1284277

This is so fucking creepy what the fuck? You should call the fucking police, my god.

No. 1284278

stop being a doormat and putting up with that shit. refusing to cuddle afterwards isn't standing up for yourself like you seem to think it is.

also this. never ceases to astonish me how many women are willing to put up with so much shit from a man or even a life that's objectively worse just to have a partner. I don't know if so many of you just don't realize that being single if you can't find a man who treats you well is an option or if you're simply too scared to have standards and being single if those aren't met.

No. 1284280

kick his balls

No. 1284282

There is just some kind of anger inside of me when anons post these kinds of stories. I’m not saying you deserve the creepy behavior, but you have every chance to dump his ass, get a restraining order, or if he tries anything grab a knife or gun and impale him/shoot him. You have some kind of free will hon, you aren’t completely merciless to the gigantic coomer retard, it really fucking pisses me off when anons vent with such impotence about the men they date or marry it’s oozing of hapless fear and lack of self-esteem to even bed with a molesting shithead like that. And I know for a fact with your very weird and odd passive language with nothing that tells us that you’re going to dump him or take action means you still think there is something of value beyond his intense need to go through your boundaries.
>oh tehe he might have nearly raped me in my sleep but i’m still going to stay because i don’t even like or love him i’m just very isolated and lonely like most women are
Are you actually going to continue complaining or are you actually going to try to defend yourself? This scrote shit is never going to stop, it’s time to be like Amber Heard and beat and bash the ever loving shit out of him. You are exhausting your energy trying to reason with a man you have no time for that, you need to protect yourself anon.

No. 1284283

That man is a future rapist or already is one. Start packing your stuff instead of posting on lolcow please

No. 1284284

This holy shit. You don't deserve to get assaulted in your sleep but your passiveness when you have every opportunity to end it right here and now pisses me off. And with you so many other women.

No. 1284288

I never dated a guy, I thought this is how all men behave or the majority of them, how am I supposed to know what's normal for a guy? How I am supposed to find some normal, non porn sick scrote? Yes other anons are right for shitting on me, I know that.

After I confroted him about it he apologized and said some bullshit about having weird dreams at night and that he's not fully aware of what he's doing after he wakes up from them. What the fuck?

No. 1284295

>we haven't actually had sex yet and I'm afraid I won't even get to that part
Do not have sex with a man who wakes you up by choking you. The only good thing in this whole post is that you haven't rewarded this psycho with sex.

No. 1284299

Most men are pretty scrotey I'm sorry to say, but that still doesn't mean you should settle for someone like that. You don't have to put up with perverted behavior like that and no one should be chastising you for it either. There are men out there who won't do that to you so my advice would be to keep looking. What's kind of funny is my ex used to ask me to wake him up by touching him or giving him head while he's still sleeping but I never did because it made me feel like a disgusting creep to even consider it lol

No. 1284300

>how am I supposed to know-“

anon, just have better standards that most men can’t meet and prioritize friendships with women, simple as.

No. 1284305

Nonnie I recommend that you never share a bed with this fucker again. This isn't your normal level of pornsickness. Dude is taking advantage of your passiveness and inexperience to skip past consent choking while you're in a semi awake state ffs.

No. 1284306

Nta, but based. Women can't see women as a resource quiet the same way men can.

No. 1284307

Just don't put up with things that make you uncomfortable, doesn't matter if it's a "thing guys do" or not.

No. 1284308

Biggest pornsickness red flag. Especially since it's the one that can kill you. You could try having a dating profile that says something like 'No Kinks' to more likely find moids who won't defend or try that shit. Though, finding a non-pornsick scrote is hard nowadays.

No. 1284311

File: 1659270454768.png (16.76 KB, 500x500, 0FE2D79E-CAFB-479A-BBC4-D4761F…)

We will never be liberated will we anons. There are so many women like this. I want to be angry with OP but I’m just depressed.

No. 1284312

So you're saying you'd let yourself get choked against your will if it was considered normal.

No. 1284313

pickme anon is gonna get monkeypox from his smegma cheese cock too.. nonna get out of there please kek

No. 1284314

Imagine what goes through his mind, if you dare.
>I finally have a real live woman warm body in my bed.
>I want to act out my violent pornography with her but I bet she won't let me if I ask.
>Plus it's more fun if she is non-consenting.
>Ok she's asleep now, I'm going to put my hands around her neck and grope her breasts.
>Haha, I'm getting away with it!
>She has feelings about what I am doing but who cares. This is my chance.
Serial killer shit. I hope he dies soon.

No. 1284315

Yup. Women like anon just make me angry and depressed at the same time. Not to victimblame but the world could unironically be a better place for women if you all had self respect.

No. 1284319

Anon, it's time to love yourself. Think about the women who die during 'sex games'. They can't defend themselves in court and the men get away with it and claim it was totally consensual.

No. 1284322

I never touched his dick and I'm not going to
I feel disgusted with myself, when I was in high school I was deep in radfem stuff and I thought I would never let a guy do something like this to me, but a few years of being a mentally ill neet with no friends or any outside support made me desperate, I feel so lonely, I have no parents, no friends, no one to talk to, just nobody. Not to mention I never dated, and he was the first guy who showed me genuine interest, at least it seemed like it, he actually wanted to talk to me about various topics etc. And I was just curious, what it's like to hug someone, to be close with someone. And now I feel even more ruined

No. 1284324

You’re not ruined you were asleep tell him to fuck off and kill himself and get out of there

No. 1284325

that’s why you manipulate him into being a pay pig and once you have no use for him, you dump his easily. men are like wild animals, you have to escape a relationship like that like you would when you’re running away from a bear in the wild, you have to go slowly or steady, too fast and he might kill you and his entire family in typical male retard fashion

No. 1284326

You aren't ruined for falling in to it. Better late then never looking out for yourself.

No. 1284327

Bitch nothing is ruined. Literally you can choose to be different right now. Like I feel you, mental illness and loneliness can lead us down the wrong paths without us even noticing. But you deserve better and you always have the option to choose differently from this point on.

No. 1284329

Geez anon. It's borderline internalized misogynistic to view yourself as being "(even further) ruined" because a man touched you against your will. You can end this right this moment and start rebuilding your life, mental health and relationships. I know that shit is hard but getting rid of him is definitely the best first step.

No. 1284330

This is why female socialization sucks ass. It teaches women to abandon all self-preservation instincts and stay with men who could potentially rape, abuse, and kill them. If you aren't naturally strong-willed or inquisitive, you'll possibly be like this for the rest of your life unless someone else snaps you out of it.

No. 1284339

anon im sorry and not judging you but can you take this to the relationship advice thread in g/. We have that thread for a reason.

No. 1284348

Alot of the strong willed women that I've met went through some shit before they built that up over time. They used to be that meek girl getting trampled on too. That's why it bugs me whenever people tear a woman apart for being strong willed or too set in her ways. There's often a serious backstory there but people don't care to examine why women would ever grow a crazy strong backbone that they refuse to let go of again.

I feel like I'm entering that stage of life lately, too old to repeat the same old passive behaviours. You're seen as a rude bitch for setting any boundaries as you get older. Shit that should be normal.

No. 1284351

you’re right it’s almost like they don’t know the advice thread exists in /g/. i really wish mods can add a bold red discretionary at the top of these threads “for relationship problems please visit >>”, it can get really annoying

No. 1284353

I just wish so many of us didn’t have to “learn the hard way”. I resent myself for making my younger self go through so much of the bullshit, if I had just taken in the things women before me already knew instead of thinking I knew better.

No. 1284354

Who cares. You guys don’t reply to /g/ much anyway.

No. 1284357

what? that thread is among one of the most active on that board

No. 1284358

I'm in the same position Nona. In my case my crush just left me and is slowly erasing me from her life. I don't think she's coming back either.

No. 1284361

I forget about him so easily when I'm with other people. When I'm with others I can't even remember why I want to be around him in the first place. I just magically don't care. And then when I'm alone I start freaking out and hating myself because I'm so sure I've completely and totally fucked everything up and that it will never get fixed. We'll never be friends again. We'll never be close again. I really went and fucked everything up. When do I stop feeling this way? When do I get all the way over it? I'm tired of being in this see-sawing limbo. It hurts. He's probably doing fine by himself. And I'm a few hours of aline time away from driving my car into a lake. It's just not fair. I have to be with people or else I just go crazy.

No. 1284362

nta but that's only due to the constant infighting lol

No. 1284370

File: 1659275928738.jpg (66.28 KB, 720x960, 909af1d4179747e4.jpg)

It's the vent thread, why should some things be off limit? I agree other boards than /ot/ and cow ones should get more traction, but anyway.

No. 1284386

I feel like half the posts on there lately are the same nutter stirring shit tho. If she posts this on there you'll have someone who thinks sleep choking is cool n kinky.. and they're usually ready to spam their contrarian opinion all day long. It's getting too predictable for that shit lately. Anything to do with sexual boundaries gets them going for hours.

No. 1284404

nah but even in ot there some specific rules in ceratin threads to be followed. Like the anons who take their politics and serious discussions in threads like dumbass or retarded shitposting which are supposed to be fun threads. Or the anons who cant stop posting weird alt-right tinfoils in the celebricow threads.
This is not what those threads are for, there are rules even in ot/

No. 1284405

I don't know if it's the summer holidays or what but I can't wait for those young summerfags to leave and stop shitting up the threads with their constant infighting.

No. 1284410

I cut my bangs way too short lmfao. At least I can wear a hat but hopefully they'll look better before i start my new job

No. 1284412

File: 1659281387792.jpeg (131.11 KB, 1000x1250, 59361BEC-97E2-447C-B495-DCC879…)

In a period of self-isolation and shock horror I am not enjoying myself, I miss my friends and family horrendously, and I’m getting even more depressed. Will I stop? No probably not until I have a break down.

No. 1284414

There’s a horrible story in my country right now of a 12 year old boy who hung himself. He’s brain dead and has been since it happened but his mother refuses to accept that and has forced the hospital he’s in to keep him “alive” artificially in the hopes he’s somehow going to wake up from brain death. She has accused the hospital of wanting to murder him for his organs and I can’t stop thinking about the poor staff having to be witness to the outrage that is this zombie like child, while being accused of trying to steal his lungs. It’s awful. She’s been to every court, been on every news station and seems to be keeping him alive in order to take selfies with him while he literally looks like he’s rotting away. I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much, there’s been a few cases like this in my country but this little boy in particular is breaking my heart. I just want him to be at peace and be given dignity. I don’t know the circumstances around him hanging himself, she seems to think it was a tiktok challenge, but what if it was suicide and she’s forcing him to be kept in this position where he is dead, but still in this world. Ugh it’s like a horror movie and people are encouraging it.

No. 1284420

>a tiktok challenge
Why would hanging yourself be a tiktok challenge.

No. 1284421

Nta, but remember the choking game, the blue whale game, etc. It's not too uncommon for an insane trend like this to pop up

No. 1284423

When I was 13 a boy in my class hung himself, he succeeded but the mom went on to dedicate her whole life to telling and retelling his story a million times. Over the years her version of events on what happened that night would change a lil. There were initially some interviews where she admitted they had fought that night and that she refused to come home when he begged her to leave a party and make up with him. She hung up the phone on him.

My whole country thinks shes a saint but local people don't know what to think. If you look at her too closely its fishy. I don't think she harmed him but her coping mechanism is all about herself and not really that respectful to his memory.

No. 1284426

File: 1659282258614.jpeg (84.02 KB, 700x855, FMexDtnaIAAlKjU.jpeg)

I'm tired. I'm so fucking tired. Why does everyone points out my front teeth gap whenever I open my mouth? I get that I look ugly because of them but still… people, I didn't spend my whole life unaware of the fact that I have a teeth gap SO WHY DO YOU KEEP POINTING IT OUT?

Please just listen to me, listen to what I'm saying, stop focusing on my teeth and 'suggesting' me to get braces. I can't afford that. Hell I can't even afford to eat everyday, I'm fucking broke and my family wants me to marry and suck a rich abusive moid's cock instead of pursuing a dream so they don't pay for my studies. Fixing my teeth gap is NOT the priority right now. I hate that I don't even know how it's like to smile widely with all your teeth out, I could never do that since I grew up with everyone around me making fun of my teeth gap (which wasn't even that big as a kid). I hate that nowadays, I can't even bear to speak lest anyone notice my teeth gap again. I'm so tired. I just want someone to listen to me without their eyes wandering to my teeth.

No. 1284428

>will wear braces as an adult
>will wear them for two years
>i already cant eat on them because of how everything gets stuck
>doctor tells me i need to be careful because i might develop cavities despite the fact that i brush everyday
>i will have to get 3~4 teeth pulled out
>have to give up my coffee

nonnies……………i wish i got it in 2020 it wouldve been off by now

No. 1284430

Jesus I'm sorry

No. 1284432

Samefag but oh shit I didn’t see >>1284426 above me. Personally I think front teeth gaps are cute (and not in a condescending way). All the girls who have them that I know of model on the side and are really pretty. And they might close with age anyway when your wisdom teeth fully grow in if they haven’t grown in yet.
I don’t have money as well (this was a gift), and it’s already hard to buy stuff, so I know the struggle. And people looking at your teeth, too. Just tell them to fuck off and that it isn’t a priority of yours. I think you should focus on your studies and being healthy as much as you can and that’s it. And people projecting their own neurosis regarding their looks/teeth says way more about them than it says about you. This shit is always memetic, I swear. Spreads like wildfire.

No. 1284439

I have no idea. I’ve read a lot of comments on the news articles from people who say they live near the family and that their lives are chaotic and disordered with drug taking and various different bad things happening. Others have said he was depressed and had attempted it the day before. I don’t know if his mum is just in denial or if she’s causing all this shit to keep him “alive” so that she isn’t questioned by the police. I’m not saying she killed him, but I get the impression she was neglectful and maybe ignored him a lot. She is also clearly loving all the attention ruin and has multiple go fund me pages going. The thought that a kid could be sad enough to not want to be alive anymore is bad enough, but knowing he is being forced to be in this world when his body has already died is torture. I want it to be over for him.

No. 1284441

Woah woah WOAH. Hold the phone. You cant drink coffee? Why? On top of everything else, why?

No. 1284451

Will stain her teeth in an odd way

No. 1284459

File: 1659284431952.jpeg (52.52 KB, 640x425, F8694A37-919B-4629-B954-6B0C9E…)

What >>1284451 said. Even if you eat nothing that stains you still have to be very careful with braces or else your teeth will get white splotches just as a result of having plaque buildup, since braces make teeth much harder to clean thoroughly. They’re permanent, I have it a little and wish my orthodontist would have told me. Picrel.

No. 1284460

This >>1284451 and the fact that coffee and tea are acidic drinks. Basically, in order for your teeth to mineralize and be healthy, your salvia has to have a healthy pH balance. Your body won’t be able to keep up with mineralization unless you’re giving it vitamin D and mk7, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus in the right amounts. Nutrients through food.
Remineralization helps replace the minerals lost by eating acidic foods. If you have more demineralization than mineralization, that’s when cavities happen. I am staying away from coffee and tea until I make sure my vitamin and mineral profiles are optimal and my mouth’s pH is fine. Until then drinking coffee will just wear away my teeth’s enamel.

No. 1284469

Those are from braces??? Wow I have been wondering what those are for YEARS.

I had my teeth straighted as a kid-teen, they could have done a better job as now I have a bit of overbite (my bottom teeth row is smaller than the top row so they kind of "tuck under" the top teeth). I also had metal wire installed to the back of my front teeth but it ripped off years ago, now there's just the adhesive bumps in there.

No. 1284473

Wish i knew before drinking 6 cups of coffee daily

No. 1284476

had even more nightmares than usual tonight. lord save me, no more please.

No. 1284477

Join me, anon! I used to do 6-10 cups of tea and coffee daily. My greatest pleasure. I miss them so much. I don’t think that a cup of coffee will do that much damage if you’re getting your nutrients in, though. If you’re concerned I think there’s a mouth pH test you can do.

No. 1284478

braces are hell. sorry anon, it’ll be worth it in the end. i had braces for so long and had 2 teeth pulled because i didn’t wear my headgear. i haven’t worn my retainer in 6 years kek but my teeth are still straight except for one slight snaggletooth on the bottom row. it fixed my underbite and i hope i never fuck my mouth up again from avoiding my retainer

No. 1284480

Stop banging your head against the proverbial brick wall. What's fucked is fucked. As you probably noticed, you can only fuck it further. You get away from him and his memory as much as possible, and commit to it. If you have people to be around, you likely have people to voice chat/phone with. You do that for now when the anxiety gets too bad. It will get better, as long as you take every prophylactic measure you can to be away from the loser scrote.

No. 1284487

Fair warning this is extremely autistic but

I hate that Twitter has become the primary place to post fanart. The tag system is abysmal and you are never going to find the stuff you are looking for by using the tags. And when you finally find a fanartistthat actually has an good artstyle you have to scroll trough a gazillion tweets where the artist talks about their boring life or whines about some dumb issue that doesn't matter irl before you actually get to see fanart. Viewing a profile by media only is also useless because then you have to scroll trough a gazillion unfunny reaction images and memes before you even get to see fanart that the artist has posted.

Don't get me started on how hard it is to find nsfw fanart. You first have to find an artist that post it, then scroll trough a gazillion mundane tweets again before you find a tweet that takes you to another site (literally the last thing I want when I use social media is to be constantly redirected to other sites) like privatter or poipiku (god forbid that artists are consistant and use the same site) and then you find out that you can't view the art without following the artist (which is fair enough) so you have to go back to Twitter to follow the artist, but before you have to do that you have to read their carrd which, of course, redirects you to ANOTHER site, and then you have to go back to Twitter to follow the artist and then back to privatter, and then you see their full nsfw art. Sometimes you have to write a code on privatter before you can see the art but then the hints are so cryptic and just ruins the mood. And when you finally see the art you find out that it's dogshit so you have to find another artist and do all that shit over again.
And because you have followed so many artist your feed is just full of crap you don't care about because artist just keeps talking about random shit, like I legit do not acre about how some rando started yelling at them at the grocery store. You can't even mute them because you risk missing seeing art.

Tumblr also suffers the same issue where you have to scroll trough a bunch of asks and vent posts before you can see art but at least you can use blacklist there or just lurk trough the artist art tag.

It just sucks I have no idea where to find fanart. I haven't seen anyone over the age of 15 use Instagram to post fanart. I refuse to use Discord. Honestly the site I think who has the best layout of art is Pixiv but not many women use that site and you can't block people unless you have a primium account which is stupid. But you can easily include and exlude tags and you can easily filter r18 art out or on depending on what you want to look at and users who has sat their age to under 18 don't even get the option to see r18 art. Too bad that the userbase on that site is unhinged so there is lots of disturbing stuff on there.

idk I just wish there was a site dedicated to posting fanart the same way that Ao3 is dedicated to fanfiction.

No. 1284494

i was doing so well not talking to my childhood bpd best friend but i ended up talking to her the other day because she said she was suicidal because her scrote treats her like shit (ignoring her for video games, never takes her on any dates, they just sit in the same room eat fast food and go on discord together all day) and she said that death would be preferrable to having to sleep next to this moid for one more day, so i simply told her to leave him because she clearly cannot stand him. the next day she is back together with him and comes at me calling me "emotional" and "unreasonable" for pointing out that she said she hated him and therefore should break up with him and that she "HAD to ask her boy best friend for relationship advice instead" because apparently i'm "bad at decision making" despite being in a very healthy relationship on track to have a master's degree in a STEM major next year before I'm 24 while she's unemployed and sits on her ass smoking weed all day. she's the most misogynistic brat i've ever met and views me as less than for being a woman (she calls herself nonbinary because she "doesnt feel like a woman, but like a person"). she is so much of a fucking menace that her family is leaving her home on vacation and taking her severely disabled brother instead because he is easier to deal with than her. i'm done for good now, shes my personal cow but it's not worth the milk.

No. 1284498

I agree with your auticity nonny

No. 1284499

Doesn’t the media tab on Twitter just show photos so you don’t have to look at text posts? Unless they’re also retweeting memes, idk I hate twitter.

No. 1284503

It shows all the pictures and videos the user has posted. So when an artist uses a reaction image to reply to another tweet or post a meme it will show up in the media tab

No. 1284507

Fuck family gatherings im staying home. I'm tired of going out to eat where Im paying premium prices on simple items I can make at home but still ending up sick because food places dont take allergies serious. Then because of normal social culture or womens socialization I'm supposed to smile it off that I havent gone to the bathroom 3 times, feel like I cant breathe or have a bad stomach ache. No fuck that at least in my own kitchen theres no need to worry about how I'll feel in 10-30 minutes. I asked my family if they wanted me to comes so bad why dont they pay for my meal but then got offended because I saved more money than they did from keeping my grocery bills at a minimum. I'd rather put that money into a fun activity I can just bring my own food to or get a custom cake. something way better than a 1 time meal.

No. 1284520

Whenever I’m at hospitals or see hospitalized people in movies I get so fucking envious I wish that was me. I’m not even a munchie because I wouldn’t even like to get attention or interactions from doctors (I have severe social anxiety) and I don’t have any friends who would visit me. I think I just want myself to suffer

No. 1284524

I feel you. I'm on twitter to look for art but because of this shit I barely follow anyone.

No. 1284529

File: 1659290413232.jpeg (54.1 KB, 860x1200, BFAEC9CC-0B68-47C6-B9A4-B50D20…)

>complains about twitter but has reddit spacing in your post

opinion invalidated, nonners

No. 1284531

I'm paranoid about the monkeypox situation since I have extreme trypophobia and if I get it I'm going to die, no question. I can't handle it. This ugly looking black dude stands right behind me on the train stop, train comes and I walk in through a door that's the furthest away where he gets in. Stil, he follows me to where I'm standing and tries to talk to me. I'm wearing headphones, trying not to touch the pole thingy, and he fucking leans in with his ugly face close. I'm wearing a sunhat so I get startled and he touches my fucking arm with his nasty hands. jfc I lost it. I tried to not make a scene I just bolted to the other side of the train and was so disgusted. I do not want this fucking virus, do not fucking touch my bare arm you ugly nasty pos and do not lean into my face. I bolted home and scrubed my body with bar soap and a scrub like 4 times.

No. 1284534

I don't even use Reddit I added spacing so people didn't have to read a text wall of my sperging

No. 1284539

how long have you been using this site

No. 1284540

I feel bad for not working hard enough like the unpaid intern. I was supposed to set an example but istg I take things so slow and relax. I couldn't help but feel guilty even though I am somewhat their senior in the company. Am I an asshole?

No. 1284542

t. Becky brainlet

No. 1284549

Even though I am not an avid gamer, I would like to play some games every now and then. I still dunno if a Nintendo switch is worth the investment btw

No. 1284552

I live in an apartment that is pretty dark and when I moved in at first I switched up the lights all the time but at the end of the months I managed to rack up an incredible electricity bill so I got used to the dimness and only used lights when reallyy necessary. I recently got together with a guy and whenever he's at my place he switches on EVERY. SINGLE. LIGHTSOURCE. Evry single one. Like he walks into my room and he turns on the main light plus both bedside lamps and I have to switch them off because otherwise he would just leave them on. It drives me crazy. And when I mentioned it to him he was like 'Sorry, but I find the lack of light depressing'. Okay

No. 1284563

>drinks a homemade dirty chai in your honor

No. 1284565

Some years now, I just don't usually write long sperg text. not that this conversation actually means anything or is relevant to the thread

No. 1284566

Imo it's not worth it unless you plan to pay the 50-60/game all the time. PC games are so much more wide spread in quality, price, and types. I used to play ds and 3ds a lot but the games didnt cost $60 for one. Two games for 120 sounds like a waste when I think of everything else I can do with it.

No. 1284567

I'm so insecure about the fact I was fat as a kid/teen, I'm healthy and somewhat thin now but still, people excuse adults being fat but if youre a teen and fat it's unacceptable and you should have been beautiful in your youth or whatever. I looked fucking old and obese when I was only 17 and it's embarrassing when family members remark about how I look younger now than I do when I was a teen.

No. 1284570

if you can find an older firmware version and hack it, it's definitely worth it

No. 1284571

No one expects teenagers to look beautiful except teenagers and creeps

No. 1284574

This is very good advice, you obviously need to insulate yourself against the scrote post-breakup and move the fuck on. But in her case maybe meds could help…

No. 1284577

Not everyone looks good when they were a teen. I haven't fully grown into my features until I am in my twenties. I know its difficult too look back because it can feel like you have a lot of eyes on you during your teenage years. However, think of it this way, the majority of our lives are mainly adulthood, its better to look good later on than peaking in hs and than sizzle out.

No. 1284579

Guy I know told me that he thought I'd turn into a "big booty goth" after my breakup and he meant it in "best way possible"
He knows I have a bf. Am I a prude or too serious if that annoyed me and I think its a weird thing to say???

No. 1284584


No. 1284585

It depends on the context. I can see maybe he said that thinking it was ridiculous, and he doesn't mean that seriously in any capacity, just spouting a dumb meme. Or he's implying he finds you attractive if you looked like that, and he wants you to turn out that way. I understand either way why you'd find that uncomfortable, and maybe just tell him not to make jokes like that again.

No. 1284586

File: 1659293261544.png (18.51 KB, 500x323, 68747470733a2f2f692e696d677572…)

>Guy I know told me that he thought I'd turn into a "big booty goth" after my breakup
wtf did he meant by that

No. 1284587

Ignore the advice of the schizo tranny, that was a fucking weird ass thing to say and I think you should straight up never talk to him again if you can help it.

No. 1284588

xyz gf meme is for nasty scrotes to objectify women and reduce them to features they find hot. i would never be friends with a male/pickme who finds those even slightly funny.

No. 1284599

I don't really want to be his friend anymore but also not sure how to end the friendship, I can't just ghost bc of irl shit

No. 1284602

Whenever I do that I just get called a prude. Which I am honestly. They never try to understand.

No. 1284612

>I a male am telling you a woman how to keep men in line

No. 1284613

File: 1659293941512.jpeg (282.85 KB, 1170x1398, 4C6E2A02-D913-4172-B7C0-13D298…)

reminder to ignore this schizotranny

No. 1284616

Recently I keep encountering insects when I wake up at night to go to the bathroom. Spiders or silverfish or random small moths, I'm getting scared of turning the light on. I just wish they wouldn't exist in my line of sight. I know they aren't harmful but the way they look creeps me out. I cleaned out the trash and mopped the floors today, I hope that will be enough to make it stop for a while

No. 1284620

i want to pull my hair out over my self harm scars. i was 13 and so fucking stupid and now my thighs are covered in ugly hypopigmentation scars (very starkly white even though my skin is fairly pale). i used to be fine with people seeing them but lately i’ve become so self conscious and it makes me want to cry knowing how there’s some outfits i don’t have the confidence to wear because of the scarring. i’m looking into some laser treatments for them but it’s all so stressful picking out a plastic surgeon. like it feels like such a big step and i don’t want to fuck it up. i have some money saved as my country’s public health system won’t cover it but at the same time i wish i didn’t do this to myself. i’m saving for a deposit for a house but i don’t think i can wait until after that to start getting these scars treated. one of my legs only has a few and they’re all bunched in one area and i wish the doctor could just cut them out and stitch the skin up because i’d much prefer to have some faint scars from plastic surgery stitches then whatever the results of laser treatment will be. fuck i’m such a fucking idiot

No. 1284625

The only thing that will get rid of silverfish is a dehumidifier. I had a problem with them in my bathroom for a long time and that is finally what worked. Park that thing in the bathroom and run it 24/7. Good luck!

No. 1284630

>complete wordsalads
He was at the attractive men thread yesterday then lmfao

No. 1284631

and your gay. problem?

No. 1284634

Wth is a breakup med?

No. 1284637

Yeah way to nuke a nice thread over nothing

No. 1284638

I mean, otherwise sound advice for break ups and all, but that struck me as weird

No. 1284640

Not literally, it just kind of ruined it. Also why am I talking nicely to you lol

No. 1284645

File: 1659294718031.jpg (27.79 KB, 356x245, tumblr_inline_pfqefuzsnI1vu5bk…)

I haaaaaaate dropping the "oh I'm taken!" bit of information into a conversation with a guy. I genuinely can't tell if he's friendly or into me, but I'd rather be safe than sorry later on down the road.
It's not that I deliberately want to hide that information, it just never feels natural for some reason when it comes up.
He asked to hang out and I said sure, but that I also had plans with my partner later to do something and I wasn't sure when I would need to leave to do that - technically a completely normal thing to say in response! But I just feel insane and anxious about it.

No. 1284647

Schizotroon on a rampage aka “hell week” aka “let me harass all the women off this site so it’s just me and my moid brained pedo self”

No. 1284656

You’re just making the site unusable you newfag

No. 1284659

I feel like I'm the opposite of this with my boyfriend. Everytime I'm over at his house, he has a bunch of lights and even the downstairs tv left on for no good reason, so I wait for him to go to sleep and turn most of that shit off. He complains since his electric bill is at a fixed rate, but I told him I was saving the environment and trying to keep him and his pets from dying in an electrical fire. He found that reasonable. Maybe your moid would, too.

No. 1284660

File: 1659295197095.jpg (41.91 KB, 735x719, b3c2a64f34ff52d25fa39c6663b818…)

>look for animal specific documentaries on youtube
>get results upon results of animals getting killed by other animals

No. 1284665

If you feel awkward about literally saying you're in a relationship, you could always be more subtle about it by saying something like "Nah I'm seeing my boyfriend that day" or "My boyfriend loves that place!" or whatever. But if a new guy asks you to hang out it's nearly guaranteed it's not for platonic reasons.

No. 1284666

i have the same issue and it feels so awkward and unnatural because it’s not something i’d immediately mention to a woman either. but if you don’t immediately tell men you have a bf they will get pissed or neurotic when they inevitably develop feelings and find out then. i hate it

No. 1284670

So tell him not to do that shit? Why are you letting a guy who you don't even live with dictate whether the lights are on or not. Your space your rules.

No. 1284677

File: 1659295604282.gif (469.45 KB, 50x50, 1659053524707109.gif)

i used to be a tif and i peaked earlier this year, went off testosterone but my depression returned in full force & i was unable to move or do any of my hobbies or work for weeks/months. like my depression was so bad i couldn't move. im back on T now and i can finally function again but i know how bad it is for my system & my hopes of being a normal butch lesbian are kinda destroyed. i feel like shit but at least im not suicidal anymore :((:()

No. 1284684

>>1284677 Anon, I’ve met women like you online before. They call themselves ‘testosterone dykes’ and couldn’t care less, they’re cool. You should try finding them!

No. 1284697

We don't want you here, you are not a woman and don't belong here. We made this place specifically because we don't want to talk to you and other men.

No. 1284726

I feel like shit. I made myself vulnerable around someone and now I feel bad, like I violated myself. Never gonna be like this to anyone again.

No. 1284729

File: 1659297509313.jpeg (116.61 KB, 1080x1080, 1656100170038.jpeg)

I've been trying to get over my avoidant personality traits, but between covid, monkeypox, and general rise in mental illness / people acting crazy asf it sure is hard

No. 1284745

File: 1659298164086.jpg (22.44 KB, 500x247, hau.jpg)

nona you are not alone, i understand. in fact i was thinking the same just today. im okay with my arms but teenage me decided to start out with giant gashes on my thighs first so now i have men's shorts length sleeve of keloid scars on my thighs.
>it makes me want to cry knowing how there’s some outfits i don’t have the confidence to wear because of the scarring.
me too. it makes me feel even worse when its my mother saying it to me and telling me how ( not to make you feel worse ) i will never be loved/married because of how ugly i made myself look and that im a disgusting monster. she's right in my case because i really went overbroad but in my defense being alive past that point was not my concern at all and i did not expect to stay this long. she actually contacted a laser removal doctor once in my teens but i got so scared of the price i begged her to just forget about it because i knew we couldnt afford such a thing and i would feel even worse for her than i already did.
i dont even care about my arms, its just my hideous diseased looking thighs that creep me out so i cant imagine other people. the sight of them really grosses me out and makes me sad so i just wear tights all the time to cover them up and forget about them, that and for sensory issues.
>i wish the doctor could just cut them out and stitch the skin up because i’d much prefer to have some faint scars from plastic surgery stitches then whatever the results of laser treatment will be.
i have had this exact same thought before as well, but in my case i dont think my skin can be stretched like that.
god i was such a retard too and i regret doing that to myself deeply but i have been getting over it a significant amount since i know there is not much that can be done really. i just have to live with this and maybe this way i can weed out people i dont want in my life.
im sorry if my reply doesnt make you feel any better about this i hope you find a solution suited for you very soon. best of luck and have a good day or evening wherever you are

No. 1284793

My cat is in the hospital again for complications from a surgery. I’ve had three bad weekends in a row and now I am potentially losing my cat because no animal surgeons work on weekends. My cat is my best friend and this complication is survivable/has good prognosis and QOL outcomes, but I keep thinking about losing him and my terror and despair know no bounds. I’m even crying while writing this. I can’t keep myself together knowing that if something goes wrong in the night I’m going to get a call for a DNR authorization. Thinking about my sweet little cat who is gentle and friendly to anyone dying alone in a hospital is enough to make me want to curse God

No. 1284806

I hate feeling so physically repulsive. I convince myself that I am spectacularly disgusting in a way that no one else in the world is. It's almost like a way to feel special, like I'm the most uniquely fucked up looking person in the world. I'm envious of everyone I see, they're all so beautiful, and every flaw just adds to their beauty. I know I can't be that bad, but it feels like everyone else only has one or two flaws whereas every part of me is equally repellent. It's not just in looks, although that's definitely the easiest thing to criticise. It's preferable to feel self-pity over something I have no control over rather than my personality and skills, something I absolutely do have a say in. I'm so lazy, but I could do something about that. Instead I choose to wallow in my own self hatred forever and ever.

No. 1284815

File: 1659302061294.jpeg (149.03 KB, 1500x1500, 1496085781506.jpeg)

my upstairs neighbors are so fucking loud
seriously her kid bounces a basketball at like 1 am and she has the nerve to call my mom and I karens when we call security
it makes me understand suburbanites a bit more. apartment living fucking sucks sometimes.

No. 1284820

my roommate is so fucking annoying

No. 1284843

I hate it when my mother asks me if I greeted my aunt and whether she heard me. As if I was 5 years old. In what fucking world would I intentionally not greet someone, especially my auntie? And if I forget for some reason (for example, if she was busy when I tried to say hello) it's not a big fucking deal. I tell my mother this and she suddenly changes her tone to a serious one and starts scolding me. "Because it's the polite thing to do", she says. As if I didn't know that already.

No. 1284871

File: 1659305025286.jpg (14.28 KB, 275x266, eat compooper.jpg)

this annoying guy i know irl won't stop messaging me and trying to guilt trip me into talking to him or meeting up at his farm. he's so creepy and he lives with his pothead mom and like 12 cousins in the middle of fucking nowhere i just wish he would take a hint and leave me alone. he's way older than me and has told me twice that he's interested in me romantically and every time i feel so disgusted with myself i want to crawl out of my own skin and curl into a ball and die. i'll ghost him for a couple weeks and then he'll message me out of nowhere about how he's soooo depressed and some creepy shit about how i once made him so happy and how i'm the only person who brings him joy and i feel so terrible because i know he's going through a really hard time in his life right now, but he is such an unlikable person i can't bring myself to like him. i just want him to move on from me and find somebody else to fixate on. he can go get some swamp farm gf or something and live happily ever after far away from me.

No. 1284882

Today I had to work with a woman that sang very loudly and badly to the work radio. She'd sing along to the worst songs and she'd also often forget the words. Imagine someone on a show or something singing like shit as a joke. That grating tone-deaf type shit. I had 4 or so hours of sleep the previous night so not only was I in total zombie mode but I had to listen to this boymom talk loudly to everyone around her about her sons (the SAME EXACT SHIT I'VE HEARD HER TALK ABOUT FOR THE LAST FOUR DAYS TOO) and sing like total SHIT. I wanted to fucking kill myself. Glad I got to go home early. Yes I am a giant bitch, what the fuck ever.

No. 1284915

File: 1659307084258.jpeg (92.33 KB, 750x537, 2E8D80D5-B1ED-4547-AEB0-138CAE…)

Self-respect means nothing when you’re a woman. If you have self-respect, you’re just going to be lonely for your entire life and I’m tired of being lonely.

No. 1284918

That’s not true

No. 1284929

You're too cock-obsessed

No. 1284940

I'm so freaking horny I wish it would stop. Every time I try to find a gf on a dating app it's full of poly relationships with a man, troons, or weird otherkin nonbinary shit. I just want a cute girlfriend who will suck on my tits and call me mommy and let me stroke her hair.

No. 1284943

I don't get mommy kinks

No. 1284945

There are just many people that are never gonna have friends or enjoy life and unfortunately that’s me. I have to exist so othe people can have a better life, I am the sacrifice for other anons to enjoy their lives.

No. 1284946

i'm so, so sorry anon. sending you and your baby love, i hope he pulls through till the weekday and he can get into surgery ASAP

No. 1284947

mommy kinks are for straight weirdos, get a grip

No. 1284949

Bold of you to assume we are not also in the same position

No. 1284957

I only have it because having my titties sucked is kinda boring and feels like nothing otherwise. The person who's sucking on them just looks cute doing it.

No. 1284959

I can’t tell if you’re a husbandofag that escaped your containment thread or the tranny that has been spamming for days, that’s how bad posting here has become

No. 1284963

they always end their posts with “goodbye now”

No. 1284969

File: 1659308500815.gif (2.43 MB, 500x375, 5EF69D05-0F9A-4504-84AD-DBAD68…)

WHEN ARE THE FUCKING MODS GOING TO WAKE UP AND DEAL WITH THIS SHIT I actually can’t stand this, I might actually hop off and go to crystal.cafe if they can’t be bothered to control this shit.

No. 1284970

They’re on crystal cafe too lol

No. 1284976

me too nona

I'm too chickenshit to even put myself on a dating app because of this. I am mostly normie tier so I don't even want to interact with these freaks. I just want to give you hope there are other girls out there looking but we mostly remain hidden

No. 1284979

Riiight, well goodbye for now

No. 1284986

File: 1659309302456.gif (1.57 MB, 313x313, 1643786641955.gif)

Killing and violence and fucking destruction

No. 1284989

I've seen shit like this so many times on reddit and other forums. Women waking up being groped or dry humped by their husbands or boyfriends and the men pissing shitting crying and claiming they weren't fully aware of what they were doing, they were half-awake after weird dreams or some shit. And other people justifying it with sexsomnia kek. It's really scary to think about the scale of this behavior

No. 1284997

My last partner had some weird sleep disorder where he'd get alot of sleep paralysis episodes and would sometimes moan for help because he thought he was in danger. You'd have to reassure him afterwards as if he were a child who had a night terror. He was on meds for a different problem and blamed the meds for it all. They weren't meds he could come off of though. Just had to live with it as a side effect. Weird shit but damn am I glad he never used it as an excuse to get gropey with me and claim innocence.

Legit crazy sleep disorder and yet he never sleep-groped in years and years of sleeping next to him during these episodes. Even at times when his sex drive was higher than mine and he was a bit frustrated by that.. he still would always just think some monster was attacking him lol. No sex, just monsters. Now that's a real sleep disorder in action.

No. 1285016

File: 1659312490712.jpg (52.12 KB, 794x517, 1497877584657.jpg)

>coworker keeps randomly checking in on me asking if i'm okay
i know he only means well by it but it makes me feel pathetic as fuck. it's because i had a breakdown at work the other week, and i'm having a hard time masking that i'm depressed…

No. 1285029

If really he isn't being an asshole about it, leave a note. "I'm stable. Thank you for your concern. If something happens, I'll let you know."

No. 1285030

Do you really need to hide your depression? I think it would feel better if you didn't try to repress it. You're wasting additional energy trying not to let people see it.

No. 1285045

Looks like more than just the tranny is retarded today

No. 1285046

I'd rather not have it out in the open because it's not really comfortable for me, and these are my coworkers, not close bff's. I'd rather not burden them with my problems and look like a whiney baby in the process.

No. 1285049

honestly it's so annoying seeing people acting like they're "old" because they're 25-30. even my male friends do this about themselves and it really annoys me, but it's especially upsetting to see women act like it. people really have no perspective.

No. 1285054

Period horny is the worst. I spent all day ogling my coworker and his strong, dextrous hands, meanwhile my pants were basically glued to my crotch.

No. 1285078

>Mom asks for art advice on painting
>I give her an answer
>Precedes to argue with me and tells me it won't work even though I explained why it would
Honestly at this point I wish she'd just ask the BPD jerk all her questions. She'll never take my advice/answers but she'll readily take his no questions asked. The absolute best part is when he tells her exactly what I said but she then ignores the fact I said it first or tells me she forgot I said that.

No. 1285081

The fuck? Just take antidepressant?

No. 1285082

Lmao nona i ugly cackled at this.
You're a poet.

No. 1285089

Please don't joke about that, haha.

No. 1285093

I'm in a position of always fearing for my life

No. 1285102

File: 1659319783714.jpg (48.21 KB, 498x456, 1495850341740.jpg)

My class is currently working on designing healthcare product packaging. One of my classmates is designing a package for menstrual cups and had the word "woman" on her box design. Three classmates have suggested for her to replace the word "woman" so that it can be "inclusive" to trannies and enbies. I CAN'T. I JUST FUCKING CAN'T WITH THESE PEOPLE. FUCKING HELL

No. 1285107

I hope she keeps the word "woman" and adds the words "cry about it" underneath.

No. 1285113

She should tell them she works closely with women on the spectrum and women are are ESL and she thinks not having woman would be difficult for them and non inclusive so she wouldn’t be comfortable removing it.

No. 1285129

This is perfect. She should tell them that it would be abelist to leave the word out and xenophobic for ESL customers, and that she hoped the trannies reading the package would be willing to accommodate those who are trying to learn the language/the disabled have needs which are important.

No. 1285147

File: 1659322814801.jpeg (246.64 KB, 1256x1080, 50B43BB9-2C4A-47DE-9528-7C12F7…)

These last few days have been so irritating for me lately, I feel like a fish that’s in an aquarium that’s always getting tapped. My brother keeps talking to me about video games and controllers and its ok, but after a while I just can’t bear it anymore. He gets me to play them but blows the biggest fucking gasket when I do things wrong. I just make a wrong choice or move and he starts going on about how I’m not human and how games are designed for apes to play and that I can’t even do that. I mess something up and its to blowing and huffing as if it’s some grave thing. I’ve loved silent hill for so long but never got to play, and he offered for me to play but it ended up being a sour experience for me so after the first time we played I just refuse to finish it unless I could do it alone. It’s not so bad now, but he still gets mad when I do things wrong, and I get it, I do things wrong a lot, but why is it so dire? And even besides vidya shit when I defend myself he gets so fucking mad and says that people can’t tell me anything because I’m pissy and I manipulate people because I scratch myself when I’m nervous. He tells me to choose shit, like what to do, and I always say “I don’t know” because I usually get told said choice is stupid. I get called an idiot, and how not human I am for not being able to communicate properly. O woe is me, how can I have such a school smart sister who’s such a fucking retard in every other aspect of life? I just have a block now when it comes to things, I know its dumb but it’s that I can’t answer properly. So he’s right, it’s weird behavior, but he does’t help. And then, I have this thing where I hate when people see my screen so when he’s close by I go to the home screen or turn it off and he always says he’s not looking, or even that I’m self centered for thinking anyone cares. But sometimes he comments on what’s on my screen when he walks behind me. He sees me on here and immediately tells me to be careful posting because he sees I’m on an imageboard, so he clearly looks at times.

We’re both just so fucking retarded but I hate being the runt. I hate always feeling stupid, and when I say that he says I have a weird complex. But then he viciously belittles me at times. Gah.

No. 1285167

I need to stop scaring myself. All it does is cause problems.

No. 1285191

maybe it’s because i’m having a bad day, but the profound disappointment i have in myself is rotting me like a cavity. my life is shitty, and not in a kind of earnest, excusable, lack of opportunity way, but in the loathsome, “wow that person has absolutely no sense of initiative or discipline” way. i don’t do anything besides the very bare minimum, and even then it’s usually too little too late, so now i’m nearing 25 and have practically zero friends, relationships, experiences, accomplishments, ambitions, or even genuine interests. i listen to other people talk about the things they like, don’t like, do, tried, etc and i feel dumbfounded as to how they manage to do that. and i know this sounds like depression but i can’t remember ever not being like this. just a bystander in my own life. i wish i knew what makes me so immobile. i understand in theory the answer is to just try? or do? but i don’t even know how to do that.

No. 1285192

What the actual fuck. Someone I mutually followed on instagram told my ex I cheated on him with him.
I have spoken to this man once and my retarded ex believes him and is now suicidebaiting. Why the fuck are moids so deranged

No. 1285195

To clarify, I don't even want to get back together with my ex but I wanted to stay friends

No. 1285203

wtf i’m so sorry. try to clarify things with your ex if you can, chew the fuck out of the other guy without letting him get any word in, then just never speak to either of them again. i’ve had men lie to each other about me for literally no reason, making up the most bizarre stories, and none ever gave me any explanation. just pathetic lines like “im so sorry. i’m shit i’m so shitty. i’m awful.” liars are not worth keeping around ever and they don’t deserve your attention. remember not to grovel or beg for explanations because really there isn’t any

seriously i had a moid tell another moid that i had been his gf for months and that i keyed his car for no reason and that i stole his stash of cash from his bed. i literally never met the guy irl!

No. 1285204

Try explaining there is no proof, you barely interacted, and if he doesn't buy it then just tell him to get over it because nothing happened and you're not together anymore anyways. If there's nothing concrete, then it's just hearsay.

No. 1285205

If your ex is that retarded, let him take himself out of the gene pool.

No. 1285287

I’m so embarrassing and i don’t think i’ll ever be fixed

No. 1285330

i wanted to go swimming in the sea but i can't put tampons in

i'm devastated, i haven't swimmed in 10 years due to social anxiety and when i finally feel ready to do it again, my body decides to ruin everything

i won't be able to come back to the seaside until next year

help me nonnies. how can i go swimming without a tampon?

No. 1285331

You can actually swim on your period it wont turn into blood, this isnt the 10 plagues of egypt

No. 1285332

that's what i thought, the sea is dark unlike a swimming pool so even if i bleed people won't notice

but surely it will stain my bikini?
i will feel so ashamed with blood stains on it

No. 1285333

I feel like choosing to think of yourself this way will only ever exacerbate your issues. I really appreciate beautiful people but I’m not jealous of them, as I’ve finally reached the point in my life where I’ve realized it doesn’t really matter. They may get more opportunities and that’s fine, whatever. I don’t care that they get more attention or whatever either because good for them, I don’t want nor need it lol. Being average or unremarkable doesn’t really matter as long as you’re taking care of yourself. I think that your poisoning yourself from the inside though, and that’s no good.

No. 1285334

do you have some sort of medical condition or are you just too scared to put one in/never have before?
if there’s change rooms maybe you could put on a pad, take it off and then put on your swim suit then get out and put on shorts or something?

No. 1285335

You really can't put one in? They're made especially so you can do stuff (like swimming) without thinking of your period, so they would be the best option. If you really can't though, just swim with your period. People straight up piss in the sea, I doubt anyone's gonna notice you're on your period. As for your bikini, just put something over it when you're done.

No. 1285340

File: 1659336045762.jpg (19.84 KB, 493x335, depression_s6_woman_dark_hotel…)

i feel so lonely and like it is too late to make friends. when i think it's been going good, i end up doing something embarrassing or upsetting. i don't want to be this way but the only way out is taking way too strong medication to band-aid a problem that ironically only presents itself when socializing. so i can either be myself and friendless, or depressed, slowly losing my intellectual and kinetic abilities and destroying my organs and possibly making a friend or two.

No. 1285345

i’m on a course of prescription steroids and they are turning me into a wretched creature. became so angry for the most retarded reason imaginable today and started noticeably physically shaking and yelling like an absolute idiot. also, i have ftm level acne. also, i can’t sleep. just want to start tapering off already so we can escalate to the riskier meds that won’t turn me into a goblin. i feel like a pathetic moid and i hate that i have to waste a month riding this out before i can get something that works.

No. 1285381

My family has always been incompetent unconsciously or consciously. Either its no help or offering help and then falling through at the last minute. I was looking forward to moving in with my sister for a year but my mom took back her offer to hold my stuff/car. I only have like a cars worth of stuff if at that (that can fit in trunk/backseat). She has a house so storage shouldn't be an issue imo. I'm in debt so I can't rent a storage unit and she knows that but she wants to teach me tough love I think. This also feels like she's saying no to get back at me for being gay. I dont think she would do the same thing for my sister.

I'm grateful to be alive but life just sucks so much right now. $10k in debt, setback after setback career wise, girlfriend that promised I could depend on her got depressed and just dipped out of the relationship so I had to be the one to end it. But after two weeks she came back talking to me like nothing ever happened. We're just friends now? But I'm now realizing that she just likes me in small doses and only when I'm not being heavy because then she says she can't deal with this right now. Life just sucks.

No. 1285385

Even if I was working the easiest, most laidback job in the world, I would fuck it up and lose sleep over it

No. 1285389

I'm imagining you being a carefree florist, but then you send a client funeral flowers for a wedding event.

No. 1285390

That'd be me for sure

No. 1285437

File: 1659345586124.jpg (8.54 KB, 256x400, 204d06d403132c47391aa08a8db0a6…)

Ugh sometimes I feel like the only reason I was born, was to take care of everyone around me. Mostly my family. They all use me as an emotional crutch and I am drained. Last friday my mom had a depressive episode, so my dad asked me to come over (a three hour drive) and calm her down because she was hysterical and threatening to kill herself if he called an amulance or something and would only calm down if I came over. Yesterday I went to play soccer with my little cousin for a bit because my uncle said he's worried for him because he's been more intoverted since covid hit and never leaves his room anymore. This morning I got a bunch of texts from my aunt (not the mom of the cousin I just mentioned), saying she's struggling with bills, her divorce and her depression and asked me if I was free to come over in the next couple of days because she needs some "hope". Man, I'm dealing with my own depression too ffs. I can never catch a break.

No. 1285442

God damn nonnie, you really do need a break. You MUST start setting and keeping boundaries. Your grown-ass parents calling you for help of that magnitude is inappropriate. It must be a very difficult position to be in. I'm angry now for you. Keep your head up darlin'

No. 1285455

waiting for that day, i’m anxious.

No. 1285460

Every part of my personality that fucking sucks, I got from my dad. I fucking hate seeing/feeling him in my personality. I'm such a selfish piece of shit it's not even funny. I pick and pick and pick at those closest to me. Nothing is ever good enough. I'm fussy and particular. I hate him so much.

No. 1285462

My biological father is such an ungrateful bastard. I help him, his wife and my sisters immigrate here, I get them settled in, help them find jobs, schools, etc, I BUY THEM A HOUSE and all I get from him is snide comments and constant argumentative bullshit and when I call him out on it his excuse is "bUt yOU eMAsCulATeD mE!" no, you emasculated yourself by acting like a little fucking bitch! Your estranged daughter did good for herself and decided to look after her family. Most men I know would be proud of their daughters if they did that, but I guess that's asking for too much from him. I'm so glad that house is in his wife's name because I have more loyalty to her as my stepmother and the mother of my sisters than I do to him for being a glorified sperm donor. The moment their relationship ends he can regain his masculinity and fend for himself because he's not getting any more help from me.

No. 1285464

File: 1659351879851.jpg (286.58 KB, 1066x853, Eee.jpg)

My partners mother uses him and his younger sister for monetary gain and I have no way of helping him. Earlier this year, his mother told him she had an infectious illness - one that has been largely eradicated due to vaccination. If you do contract it, you're sent to a special quarantine facility and have specialised doctors treat you. She said she had just been told to quarantine in the group home (where she room shares with other people) and told to take antibiotics. We both knew she was lying, his dad told him she was telling him that just to scare him and get money from him, and my partner agreed. She claimed she was better and could now see them. We go out for the day, and she asks to be taken out for dinner. When the tab comes she starts talking about how ill she was and that she doesn't have money to pay for it because she had to take time off of work. His sister ends up paying and I give her the cash for my own meal.

This was the most recent incident. Multiple situations like this have happened before and I don't want to bore you recounting each one. I just can't keep going on seeing him have to eat into his savings to pay for his mother and seeing his younger teenage sister be taken advantage of too is heart breaking. She knows exactly how to manipulate them both into getting what she wants. He knows what she is doing, he has told me himself the things she's done to him but he says he has no option as he loves her and doesn't want to lose her.

I know that I can't control it as he loves her unconditionally. He never asks me to contribute, when I offer to pay he always outright refuses. He provides for his mother (and has done so since 17) by himself. There is no solution to this issue but I don't know how to cope with seeing someone who has such genuine intentions be used by the person who is meant to care for him.

No. 1285479

introduce someone you don't like to him kek

No. 1285483

I hope you stood up for her. Trannies do not need that and if they talk about inclusily just bring up their own arguments and say a woman without an uterus is still a woman, so why should it not be name women, unless they say a woman with a removed uterus is not a woman anymore

No. 1285491

start telling people off. They do this with you because you are letting them do this with you. They shouln't do this, but you also let yourself be used. You ar enot your aunts child or husband, so it is even more weird that you should show up instead of her sibling ow own children/friends and you are not the parent of your cousin, your uncle shoul play with him instead of making you do this, you are not your cousin's babysitter or parent. And your father is a whimp, if he dares to not let her calmn down herself. He has to calm her down, you cannot be there your whole life. Helping sometimes out is okay, but you seem like a pushover. Tell them you have your own problems to handle and that they ar eold enough to either handle it themselves or that they should ask someone around their age for help

No. 1285492

I really wish I was infertile, the thought of getting pregnant, suffering through its symptoms, and then being responsible of another human being as a deeply mentally ill person with childhood trauma, sounds like an absolute nightmare. The fact a random scrote could just rape me and ruin my life (further) with a baby haunts me to no end, all my dreams, goals, happiness and peace would vanish. Something that really disturbs me is the thought of accidentally hurting my child, i was abused trough all my childhood and I don't want my demons to get the best of me, I would actually kill myself if I ever hurt a child much less my own blood, i also don't want a kid (specially a girl) to suffer after realizing how horrible this world is

No. 1285493

I feel the EXACT same way. It’s so scary getting invasive procedures done to be sterile, and the possibility of being stuck with a child while I’m still trying to heal and get on my feet financially is awful to think about. That and also because pregnancy can cause sooo many issues, like losing teeth and other really scary things.

No. 1285503

In college about 2 years ago I had a weird healthcare related class and the teacher was a very big tranny-worshiping lesbian and we were trying to write papers about making healthcare more inclusive for gender specials and I was nearly forced to write about how I might make treating a woman with prostate cancer feel more at ease getting up on the table to prepare them for having their treatment. Anyone that tried to write papers on topics related to women such as different approaches for sexual assault victims during exams, wasn't docked points but she definitely tried to get them to choose tranny comfort related topics. Horrible class. I passed with an easy A but I felt disgusted.

No. 1285507

I cannot ever get empathy or support from people. Even if I am the most knowledgeable on a subject or even if I am right I get treat as if I'm fake and don't know anything and my mind constantly makes me feel like I know nothing

No. 1285512

Thanks nonnas! I know I need to stop being such a doormat, it's just that I'm always worried that something's gonna end up happening because my family doesn't really give a fuck about helping each other.

No. 1285513

Same anon. I DM'd them a really long message, then blocked them and deleted the app. Never checked if they read my message or tried to send me a message on an alt account. I don't intend to talk to them ever again but the thought of finding out that they sent me a message to yell at me, dismiss me, or write shit about me on their page, makes me anxious, especially after being vulnerable to them for the last time. I'm sure this person has enough supportive friends to validate their feelings and call me a manipulative bitch. I feel like shit for exposing myself and feeling vulnerable but at least this way I can finally move on from this.

No. 1285517

File: 1659360609807.jpg (21.54 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

I met my partner's family for the first time. It really drove home how much of your life is decided for you before you're even born.
My parents tried and all that, but I didn't stand a chance against all the bullshit I was born into. I'm surprisingly well-adjusted considering that I was born on the rez to a couple of boomers with personal issues they never resolved between themselves.

Her parents raised her with encouragement and gave her lots of praise, mine constantly shamed me or mocked whatever I wanted to do. She was raised in an upper middle class neighborhood and given all the resources for learning, I'm entirely self-taught and had to withstand years of bullying due to everyone in my immediate surroundings having anger issues, weird insecurities and the whole town festering with a toxic crabs in a bucket mentality so that you got pushed down and mocked whenever you tried to make your way out of mediocrity and poverty.

Even today, I'm still catching up in order to come close to where she is now, and I fear I may never get there. Some days I want to go back and just start doing meth instead, at least that way I'll be equal to those around me.

No. 1285529

I wish people would stop tossing out their shein regret purchase at the thrift shop.
I only shop thrift because I like old trends+money problems and I'm tired that, when I think I spotted a cool vintage piece, it's just shein shit that's gonna melt by the time I wash it twice.

If you shop at shein, I hate you.
If you shop at shein and then regret and then treat thrifting people as your garbage bin, I despise you.
At lease upcycle them good lord.

No. 1285540

Yep,I noticed that too. Kinda like the saying that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. I always wished I had a more stable childhood too.

No. 1285542

Your bikini won’t be bloody because it’ll be soaked in sea water

No. 1285552

nobody in my life respects me, they can’t even bother to say my name correctly then wonder why i avoid them

No. 1285556

Well it sounds like you’re trying to better yourself, I hope your girlfriend makes you happy. And yes it really sucks how your parents can fuck you up, me and my younger siblings are pretty awkward and not good in social situations, don’t really have friends and I realized it’s probably because of our mom. She doesn’t have any friends either, maybe one lady she sees once or twice a year but other then that we all live pretty socially isolated and I’m just realizing how weird this is, it’s like she raised us all to be shut ins. And then has the audacity to wonder why we’re all so maladjusted and “retarded” as she loves to say. You’re the one common denominator lady.

No. 1285569

UK Anon here. I am feeling really hopeless lately, ever since brexit and covid shit has just gone downhill dramatically here. I can't really leave either as I have a stepchild, a partner etc. so I feel trapped. I hate my job and working in general, working for companies who wouldn't care if I died and having to work my arse off so I don't get fired is depressing me, like this is my life for the next 50 or so years?

No. 1285586

File: 1659367209520.jpeg (77.08 KB, 750x750, B2ECECAA-7343-4B12-9A2B-8B78BD…)

My social anxiety makes me want to roll my eyes like 10x over. I just did a final presentation for a chill class and my sudden stage fright took the best of me and I sounded like a dumb robotic mess. I thought this would be resolved through age like a normal person but throughout the months I feel like my anxiety has really become a plague on my life. When I was still in high school I was called childish for my social anxiety by a dumbfuck counselor. It’s so embarrassing because depression is really easy to hide, all you have to do is continuously grit and smile and no one suspects a thing, with anxiety that shit makes you shake and crack open like mom’s spaghetti. I’m such an idiot

No. 1285593

Also from the UK. Studied at a uni for a few months, my dad cut me out of his life and I had no friends. I felt like i was tied down because I had saved up to learn how to drive and was enrolled at a good university. My mum sat me down and told me to do what I felt would be most fulfilling so I dropped out and I'm now in the process of a complete change of career.

You might feel as though you have these obligations but it's never too late to pull a U turn and take another route. Don't let a relationship entrap you. Acting in your own self interest is not selfish - you're ensuring you lead the life you want to live. Please don't make the mistake of feeling you have any obligation to stay or serve a certain purpose in life.

No. 1285599

I've started getting into running and I'm enjoying it quite a bit, but for some reason I keep getting my back up whenever my boyfriend asks me about it. I am running 3 days a week, the same days, and yet every day before he goes to the gym (he goes regularly) he asks 'are you going for a run today?'. I think he means well but I want to say 'fuck off' every time. Man, I feel like shit when I say 'not today'. Like I'm not doing enough. I'm not overweight, in fact I know he finds me attractive, so why do I get so self-conscious and defensive over it? I'm proud to talk about it post-run, but when I do he always asks questions I can't answer. 'Do you plan to do a marathon? How far are you running today? Are you going to practice sprinting?' I don't know, FUCK OFF

No. 1285618

It's only for two weeks but I don't want to go. I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack.

No. 1285622

File: 1659370011471.jpg (8.7 KB, 183x275, tmmk.jpg)

a girl i knew from some virulent discord circles recently jumped off of a building while high on meth. we weren't close, but we spoke a couple of times and i didn't even know she lived so close to me until recently. i also didn't know that her boyfriend was the same degenerate junkie faggot that used to run in the same circles too–i knew him when he was much more of an innocent kid, literally years ago. i feel sick knowing i could have just reached out to her, but i knew nothing of what was going on. my stomach turns knowing discord males were egging on her suicide. i dont have a savior complex, i just wish i could have been a friend or even hung out with her and been there for her, she was only a year younger than me. maybe she could have felt cared about, but i know that probably wouldnt have been the case. i just wish she knew that it never had to be this way, that it wasnt a fate she deserved. she was a very sweet girl. i definitely blame these circles and her boyfriend for what became of her, because she started to follow a very dark path of heavy drug use.

in a way i am inspired that she had such guts to commit an act i have been putting off out of hope that things will get better, and fear that i will ruin the life of my mother, even if she hurts me with her bipolar actions fairly often. this isnt about me of course, but i cant say i did not have a moment of reflection, thinking i should follow in her footsteps because she might be so much more at peace now.

on the other hand, my heart breaks for her. maybe she could have healed, had a shot at a life much lovelier than the hand she was dealt recently, the battles she was facing….even if just for a bit longer, you know? to take advantage of a life that is so cruel to us is something i think we ought to try to do more. but its never easy. i just feel so awful. she is gone now. many other girls will follow this same fate. i often think i will one day, too, when i no longer have the will to keep pushing. but i see how it hurts people, how it changes them forever, but that is not a thought during suicidal ideation. it is a selfish act, but inadvertently. i just want to carry such a bleak reality with me in a positive way though. that is not to make it about me, but i feel compelled to try to be strong for the girls who hurt so terribly. i hope i can live for them, i hope there is a place where they can look down on earth and be shielded from the true nature of it all. i want them to see happiness, i do not want them to be punished for the pain they had to endure. i feel so sorry. i am so guilty of being jealous of the peace they get to have, but i cant help but cry at the thought of hurting people around me. i just want to love. i just want to be strong. whether those girls who hurt exist here or elsewhere, i just want to be there for them. it is something i stuck by in the past, as a little girl while healing from trauma, but growing up i just…lost it. i adored my friends, i helped them…but i guess what im saying is: im older now. i can actually help become a part of something greater to help girls like this. i dont mean through art, or music, that feels too selfishly cathartic and hedonistic, but maybe im wrong. but maybe it is important for me to pursue a career or start an organization that can make some good change. maybe a documentary for awareness. maybe im just being dumb. i just dont want other girls my age, or even younger, hell, or older, to meet this fate. especially at the hands of such disgusting males and vile drugs. nobody except pedophiles and gruesome moids deserve this.

No. 1285624

Me too anon, I think I'm going to make it a goal of mine to learn MMA, I think all women should learn how to defend themselves against men. Men take advantage of the fact that women do not use violence against them the way the way they do

No. 1285633

Legit just tell him to stop asking. Tell him to fuck off if you have to, then dump his ass if he gives you some shitty "I just care about your health" excuse. Relationships go down the drain anyway the moment your boyfriend thinks he's your personal trainer somehow.

No. 1285649

File: 1659372287006.jpg (53.86 KB, 876x493, dustbunny.jpg)

Annoyed because due to medical reasons I am basically bedbound at the moment so my husband has to do all of the chores by himself and it frustrates me to no end because I have to keep nagging him to do things and he doesn't do anything right or up to my standard. I wish so much that I could just do it myself, it is unbearable. I wish I could just relax and take care of myself, but I can't when I have to keep nagging him to get things done so the house doesn't turn into a trash-heap while I can't do anything.

No. 1285655

he should be helping you be healthy instead of negging you. what a loser

No. 1285658

Isn't he just trying to be interested in your new thing, just in an awkward way? Idk it doesn't sound bad to me.

No. 1285661

File: 1659373198075.png (78.41 KB, 282x285, Screenshot 2021-04-27 135337.p…)

If I think about the fact I fell into a pit of health hell a week before the pandemic, touring between 4 hospitals all through the pandemic, my head just goes almost numb and I feel like I need to kill myself. I'm never gonna recover from the mental toll this shit has taken, I feel absolutely dead inside, I haven't gotten to do anything or see almost anyone because I seriously cannot get sick, otherwise my appointments would be moved or I would like hehe die with my luck yano, and this isn't even over yet. I have no energy for this, like I can feel my body giving up, it's not about my mentality, I am trying so hard but what the fuck is my luck? Every fucking other week I go to a shitty hospital where shitty men walk around sans masks and I wanna just go berserk and scream cry, full tard mode and chomp on walls or some shit.

No. 1285664

God I’m having the worst period cramps I think I’ve ever had in my life. My obgyn told me she thinks they’re just “normal” cramps and didn’t even bother to check for endometriosis or anything but she’s the only female gyno in my area and I refuse to see a man. There’s no fucking way these are normal. Women wouldn’t be able to work if they had these every month. I’m literally writhing in bed

No. 1285668

I thought I didn't have cramps that bad, I've had friends with worse ones and all that, then I ended up getting diagnosed with late stage endometriosis. I know male gyros suck ass, it's vile almost, but I had one actually ok one it was an emergency and I really hope you get this looked into.

No. 1285670

clearly, not gyros but gynos but damn I want gyros now

No. 1285672

Ugh I’m sorry anon, I have it bad too. Presentations used to be a fucking nightmare for me. I’m proud of you for getting through yours though!

No. 1285674

i hate to say it but if you can’t get another female gyno you should try to do research on a decent male obgyn nearby. or at the very least, if you can, get a female one a bit further away; the distance would be worth it. i wouldn’t want a male gyno either and i completely understand it, but my mother trusts her male obgyn so much and i’ve known many other women with trusted male doctors. i doubt i could stomach one but it’s something id consider if no female ones were available. endo cramps are no joke and regardless of what you do i just hope you stay alright and as pain free as possible!

No. 1285681

I'm sorry anon, that sounds awful. Have you taken painkillers? And could you possibly see another gyno?
I don't know if it's just my luck but all the female gynos I saw were horrible. One of them dismissed my suicidal PMS thoughts with a 'It's perfectly normal to feel sad a week before your period, every woman experiences that', I got the same vibes from what you wrote

No. 1285682

Nta but how did you find a career without a degree? When I dropped out it was so hard having "serious" roles hire me and I was stuck with dead end retail

No. 1285688

this is really bizarre and borderline incestuous, your mother sounds nutso and i feel horrible for your brother being trapped there. wtf. and i know it must feel bad that she doesn’t want to keep you around in the same way but clearly she’s unhealthily obsessed with your brother in some disgusting freudian way, “man of the house” jesus christ

No. 1285707

no worries, i’ve done the same thing lol. i completely understand why you feel this way, i think anyone would in your shoes. i guess it’s just really important that you try to remind yourself that her keeping him there like a pet doesn’t mean she loves him more or thinks he’s better than you. clearly it’s because of some neurosis of hers tied to your brother, she claims she needs a man of the house and doesn’t want to be lonely but it seems like she’s super over protective of him despite that and it ends up really infantalizing and dehumanizing. i don’t know your brother but i wouldn’t be at all surprised if he felt just as bad as you do if not even worse. it’s not a position to envy, being totally forbidden from having freedom because his mother.

it really does sound like some bizarre internalized misogyny. i’m just really sorry you’re in this position. you’re not worthless at all and it’s your mother’s loss, she will miss out on the love of her daughter because she fixates on her son. i promise that this situation is not a reflection of you. it’s a reflection of her and her own screwed up priorities. there’s really something so off about women obsessed with their damn sons. i hope you can enjoy life despite this

No. 1285708

samefag but do you think she’d ever allow him to date? is it even possible? is he financially independent? i can’t imagine what the big picture is like here. your mama sounds insane, i can’t lie. chasing men in all corners of life even in animals and her own children. it’s fucked up!

No. 1285709

I went into an entry level job to save up to study overseas.

No. 1285714

How do people birth a child and then milk them for money? How can you have a child and not take on the responsibility of loving and providing for them for their rest of their lives? God that's fucked but how do you even cut off someone else's mom

No. 1285717

There was one time where my mom had refused to let my tomboyish little sister (who was around 11 at the time) to hang out with a group of boys (around same age as her) at their house, home alone with no adult supervision. I thought she was being unreasonable at the time since these boys were sons of one of her closest friends but after seeing so many stories shared by anons on their experience with brothers and young male friends who have done and try to do sexual shit on them, I understand now why my mom was wary of it. Even young male kids are capable of scrote degeneracy. I swear it's like all males are just born evil or something.

No. 1285718

There has been a link to youporn's amateur category on our family tablet for the past few weeks, I deleted it but it came back. I got worried that it was my father or brother making a sick perveted joke but from what I found out it's just my dad being an idiot and linking his phone bookmarks to the tablet. He's never been inappropriate (or even talking about sex in front of his children at all) ever, so I knew I should have dropped it but did end up snooping to see if there was any crazy shit on his phone (I was especially worried about teen or incest porn of course). Thankfully all I could find was amateur MILF and MFF threesomes. Scrote-y but not the worst. I feel awful about this whole thing still, I broke up with my ex about porn use and this makes me feel like every man on the planet watches porn. I fucking hate this.

No. 1285722

/vg/ mods are legitimately the biggest jobless faggots on the entire website

No. 1285724

Where did you study?

No. 1285736

god damn i’m sorry you had to see that anon. i wouldn’t be able to look my dad in the eye. i also dumped a guy over porn so i know how traumatizing it can be. big hugs. sorry your dad is a coomer but you’re right it could’ve been a lot worse. if it were teen stuff i would’ve told you to put his toothbrush in the toilet and spit in his food. but considering 99% of men watch porn, sigh

No. 1285737

i stubbed my toe and the nail pulled all the way back. i want to cut off my entire foot.

No. 1285740

Is it coming off? If it is you can just cut it off, it'll grow back and get less pain

No. 1285777

I am legit starting to believe men are inherently violent and scummy, i don't wanna be part of the us vs. them agenda but moids make it hard.

No. 1285783

I swear some of you dumbasses are trying to replace the tranny with how annoying you are

No. 1285787

File: 1659378773400.gif (571.22 KB, 500x281, c52508e40597320d69efce6d9dfc9a…)

I miss the rain. It's been so long since we had proper rain here, it does rain from time to time but it's only a very short one for a few moments and then it's gone for another week or two. The plants really need it here but I also love how calming it is, but nope. Looking up the weather for the upcoming days and months says nothing but sunshine and heat. The promised thunder storms never come as well.

No. 1285805

I watch cute cat videos and now all of a sudden I'm getting recommended fake animal rescue videos with cats, god I hate youtube, I report every channel I see along with information and why it's obvious it's fake yet youtube does fucking nothing, genuinely depresses me seeing this shit and all the comments of people praising them, and their always fucking indian men with blurred faces and the most hollow description on their videos like they "care" about animals

No. 1285825

File: 1659381225998.jpg (51.43 KB, 1080x567, 9b7b062214436bbd0d2bb564456959…)

Tell me if I'm overreacting. I had to finish work ealier because after 2 months of not having a period my period hit me like a truck and I had severe pain in my stomach, my back and my legs and my painkillers didn't help me. I got home and after 2 hours I had to go to the grocery store bc I had no more pads and toilet paper. I was unlucky enough to pass by my coworker who had a first shift and finished much ealier than me but he saw me at work and he knew I had a second shift. Now I'm scared that tomorrow he will mention that to someone and they will be like durr she leaves work after 3 hours and claims she feels ill but she wanders around the city or something. I'm always very anxious, but situations like this, when someone can possibly accuse me of something like skipping school/work on purpose, make it even worse

No. 1285839

Oh man, same. I hate the city I moved to 2 years ago. It's hotter than Satan's asshole here and there's nothing to do and no rain for the rest of the year.

No. 1285845

I saw a video awhile ago of an ostrich ripping its own head off because its neck was stuck and it ruins my day every time I remember it

No. 1285860

Getting two new tattoos tomorrow, like that's going to bring my dad back from the dead after two years haha, ha… fuck

No. 1285865

I'm at a time where it seems like I'm getting my life on track and actually socialise with people like a person my age should. it's nice cause it was something so difficult for me and it seems like it comes more naturally now. However I don't feel as it it as much of a big deal cause my feeling are kinda flat at this time.
However one thing that really bothers me is an online friend of mine; we've known each other for a while and there have been times she hadn't been talking to me because she was busy which is understandable. Unfortunately at the time I was at a bad place without many friends and acted clingy and stuff and I feel like I put pressure on that friend. I have apologised to her for my past behaviour but still she seems like she doesn't want to talk to me anymore. I have accepted that this may be the case, which is fine, but I have no idea how she is actually feeling or why she does this. I wouldn't mind her being actually busy, but for a time I knew she was just at her family home doing nothing much(she said it herself) and she wouldn't even open my snaps to see them. And I also get she may wouldn't wanna talk in general but idk I feel like something goes on from her side. I would actually like to know if it's something I did or something going on in her life. I have another online friend who is extremely busy but he does answer to my messages when he can, which is about once a week and I'm really content with that. I sent her a message telling her how I feel and if she would like to keep the minimum contact and then hid her chat so it wouldn't distract me from daily stuff but god know when or if she sees it. I'd rather be told straight to my face that I'm annoying to talk to than get some minimum convo and then get ghosted over and over.

I may still be clingy but I really valued this friendship cause she was there for me through a lot. I know I have been wrong. I know I sometimes became tiring and put strain on her. I know that I probably wasn't helpful enough cause I just didn't know how. But I just wanna know what she things so I can have a proper outlook on our friendship and get some closure. But I feel like I won't.

No. 1285867

I wish I would love myself more. I wish I could look at a picture of myself and like what I see. Took a mirror selfie with my friend and she was gushing about how cute I looked but I could barely look at the picture because I thought I looked so ugly and fat. I hope I will be able to love myself and see myself the way my girl friends see me one day

No. 1285868

>I was going to the store to get medicine
Not that hard, anon. If you really want to go all out you could just be completely honest and say something like, “I went home because I was suddenly hit with menstrual cramps that made it hard to stand up let alone think. Then when I got home I realized I had no pads or tampons so I was forced to go to the store otherwise I would leave big blood stains all over the furniture as my blood clots seeped through my clothes.”
Most moids can’t handle period talk and will shrivel up like raisins if you describe it in a frank way.

No. 1285877

i'm having an argument with about troonism in youtube comments that was my first mistake but now i am writing such excellent points taking time to carefully word each point and youtube is hiding my comments before the other's see them i hate it here

No. 1285881

YouTube has been pushing gross troon shit so it doesn’t surprise me. If it makes you feel better I report any troon shit as misinformation

No. 1285888

based doing your part

No. 1285891

File: 1659385678228.jpeg (44.72 KB, 540x432, A15349EC-530F-4699-8224-90ED5E…)

My friends were being so flaky and overall just unpleasant, and I started to feel like I had outgrown them in many ways. I love them but decided to detach myself from them and focus more on my studies, home building, and my relationship while hoping to meet new people. Well, I feel even weirder than before. It feels good to not be so worried about them but I miss talking to them, even if they did constantly burn me and lie and have strange bpd fits where they’d need constant reassurance that they’re not fat and ugly for a solid hour otherwise they’d threaten suicide. Bah. I prefer being alone to having crappy friends but it’s weighing on me. I’ve been spending too much time here in /ot/ because it feels like a groupchat. I already hadn’t hung out with my friends in a long time because the constant flaking but now I feel even lonelier. I tried using Bumble BFF and every woman I was interested in talking to would end up deleting the app. I don’t want internet friends either because I spent far too much time investing in e-friendships as a teenager just for them to amount to very little, even if they were experiences that helped me grow as a person.

I miss going out with people, dancing with them, reading to each other in the park, sharing pastries, having long conversations. I don’t want to have to continue being lonely or otherwise begrudgingly accept that I should just be friends with people I’m not all that compatible with. The most compatible friendships I’ve had have all been online and eventually fizzled out because it’s hard to maintain that kind of connection once school and jobs become big parts of everyone’s lives, not to mention most people get an irl friend group of their own which (rightfully) has priority. It doesn’t help that I live in a shitty business city in the worst part of the country. No artists around, not many interesting people. I have no problem being friends with average non artistic types but they tend to find me odd and I don’t get as much out of those friendships. I should probably move.

No. 1285897

Just keep reporting him, anons.

No. 1285906

Anyway… just keep reporting him.

No. 1285917

File: 1659386499716.jpg (181.27 KB, 1440x1440, yayaya.jpg)

I will when you get banned. Anyway, I'm just relaxing.

No. 1285920

>Dan Harmon has entered the chat.

No. 1285921

I feel you anon. I had to drop a lot of friends when I got sober. The people I knew for years that I would die for and who knew everything about me, it turns out they were just drinking buddies and we didn’t have much in common when we weren’t “having fun” and being generally chaotic. There’s a lot less drama in my life now that I dropped them but I do miss baring my soul (also why I overshare on /ot/.) But being an adult pre/without kids it’s normal not to have a huge circle anymore. My family are the closest friends I have now. If you ever have kids you’ll watch your circle fill back up with people you acquaint yourself with but wouldn’t consider real friends, and you’ll probably miss this time in your life where things were decently genuine.

No. 1285922

Just genuine question. An anon I became friends with on here has recently commited suicide. There's CP of her being posted on the internet. Is there anything I could do? There has even been CP posted of her on lolcow and it's still up. I have actual proof she was underaged in those videos. I feel bad that I lost my friend and There's stuff like that of her up on the internet from when she wasn't even 18

No. 1285923

Email the admin and send a request with links to the FBI cp tip line.

No. 1285929

she wasn't American and I'm not either

No. 1285931

if it's 4chan, you can email the people who work on desu and pleb archives. i did that to get my pics removed, claimed it was cp (it wasn't but they don't know) and it was deleted asap

No. 1285932

it's not 4chan. It's some shady website that doesn't even seem to operate from America

No. 1285935

Do you know anyone in Germany or is it hosted on an EU site? I need more context to give you ideas. Is it posted to image boards other than here?
For here definitely email the admin and it should come down anon

No. 1285937

That's probably Elaine, anon, she's the one always talking about CP here. Staff would've taken it down long ago if this is real.

No. 1285938

If it’s a slavic site or one based in Latin or South America, you are going to have a very difficult time getting it removed. Especially if the sites don’t allow people with IPs from outside the country to access it, e.g. Rouzed and Voxed. I wish I could help more but websites in general especially in Eastern Europe and the global south are more willing to respond to DMCA takedown requests than CP reports. If it comes to it, you could claim to hold copyright over the images and write an intimidating email to the site administration with legal threats.

No. 1285940

This is anon board. There’s nothing identifying in the post. I’ll assume it’s someone being genuine. Worst comes to worst I’ve listed references she didn’t need, best I help a real person get some vile shit taken down. Either way

No. 1285941

Rob Ager just uploaded this today. I'm scared. I don't want him to fall into the tranny cult. I haven't watched it yet. For the love of God, Rob, please be based.

No. 1285942

>anons just trying to vent and help each other with real life issues
>the trannoid stomps in to shoehorn his own schizobabble into conversations about real actual people with real problems that aren’t just delusions

No. 1285943

well try your best to look for a contact email, google translate the whole site if you have to

No. 1285944

>see lots of comments from zoomers and millennials going on about how it’s nice to hear that neither voting or protesting will help us and that there’s nothing we can do about anything
>tell them we could strike and strikes are extremely effective
>get mass downvoted and/or ignored
Maybe we really are the most spineless and retarded generations

No. 1285946

Reddit disqualifies downvotes from people with wrong opinions. No I’m not joking. They also will manipulate the algorithm to push their narrative as much as possible. Ignore Reddit. It’s not a real reflection of anything other than male brain rot in a contained environment.

No. 1285947

strikes are based but require a lot of coordinated effort to work and gain traction, and the left in general (at least in the US) hates proper organizing

No. 1285954

We also did a mother days strike. Got enough to scare business and get coverage and then the media refused to say anything. Business owns the press.

No. 1285955

Saw it on YouTube and Instagram too, and got that vibe from the marches I’ve been to lately, that’s what bothers me.

No. 1285956

One day strikes/boycotts are piss in the wind. everyone too scared to go a week or months

No. 1285958

Similar concept on social media owned by the tranny lovers anon. If it’s a place that saying a man is a man gets you banned then assume the algorithm is fucking you. Those people are also media boxed in and their opinions are based off their curated timelines. People who’s opinions are based in social media sites are the most uninformed “informed” people.
Reddit right now is promoting an article about the GOP that fits the right “narrative” that’s actually just wrong. I hate the GOP but it’s actually like illegally wrong.

No. 1285959

Anon we literally did a week. You don’t even know what it was

No. 1285960

Please elaborate, does Dan Harmon have a history with sex dolls??

No. 1285964

Who did a week?? I went to a March then and no one even mentioned it kek. But here we are having another one day business boycott

No. 1285970

Samefag because frankly I have no idea what’s going on here, the March I went to was supposedly not organized by planned parenthood but when I went they had all their people doing talks. Then some representative comes and give me a flyer about organizing revolution and takes all of my info to keep everyone updated about new action and… they never send anything or call. And all of the marches are held on Saturday or after work hours to be as non-disruptive as possible.

No. 1285975

Why the fuck is my mother crying because I'm getting a new tattoo. If I was covered or something I'd get it but I have a total of fucking 2. They're not even vulgar or unable to be covered, like what the fuck. Idk what her problem is but I'm so fucking tired of her shit in general, it's like living with a 4 year old in a 50 year olds body who makes her own money.

No. 1285982

>Reddit right now is promoting an article about the GOP that fits the right “narrative” that’s actually just wrong.
What is this article?

No. 1285983

Sounds like shes mad that she can't control you

No. 1285984

Can I see the reddit post out of curiosity? I remember reddit did a survey of its users and found the city that used reddit the most was a US military base. The "news" on that site is unreliable as fuck, yet people treat it as gospel.

No. 1285989

Because you're paying money to permanently put ink under your skin that on top of having a 100% chance of looking ugly, it will eventually give you an autoinmune disorder. Your mother cries because her daughter follows dumb trends that in the past only dumb men followed.

No. 1285991

Here you go. It’s the opposite. I fucking can’t stand Paxton but Biden is trying to force trannies in female restrooms and sports or no poor kid food money. Paxton is suing. The comments just ate it up except for the two most controversial

No. 1285994

Also for example 90% of twitters tweets come from 10% of users. 80% of COVID misinformation on Facebook in the states came from 10 people being fed to people by Russian bots. Don’t take the social media companies at Face value their all up to fuckery

No. 1285996

All day thinking about a yaoi fanfict I don't have time to write and avoiding to start the important paper I need to deliver in a month.

No. 1286007

I've been too sick to exercise for the last week and it's wearing me down so bad I want to cry.

No. 1286008

There's a spider in my room. I was about to go to bed and I saw it. I'm not ok, I'm about to throw up because it looks like the type that can actually sting. Shit like this is why I don't believe in god.

No. 1286011

I still can't understand the root of my aidenism. I think I was too young to be a NLOG at 4, and yet even then I preferred to play with boys and with stereotypically "boy" toys, I identified with boys, I felt like I should be a boy, I had no interest in stereotypically girly things, I was saying I will never marry a man and I will never be a mother, I would throw a fit when mom tried to force a dress on me etc. I wish I could get a different explanation for this except "you have a boy brain uwu"

No. 1286012

It's called being normal, just like how girls who like girly things are also normal.

No. 1286013

Except at all stages of my life I got signals from everyone around me I'm not normal kek

No. 1286014

because most people want to uphold the status quo of gender role stereotyping, not because you’re actually abnormal or a freak. defying the expectations of womanhood will be seen as weird but it doesn’t make you weird by nature.

No. 1286019

pmsing waiting for my period to start. felt my mood drop a couple days ago and now all i want to do is lie down and eat crap for easy dopamine. my nigel tried getting me to get on board to get reservations to go out with him to a fancy restaurant last night and i just couldn’t find the motivation to do anything but sit around silently. need my period to start already

No. 1286029


No. 1286097

Ohh yes, he's such a coomer. He's talked on his podcast about a mannequin leg he used to own and masturbate with, they reference it as an inside joke on a few of his shows like Community. Also the show "Dummy" that his gf Cody wrote for Quibi (kek, RIP) was partially autobiographical about her coming to terms with his sex doll that he kept "but never had sex with" (ok sure kek). She cast Anna Kendrick as herself in the show and their names are literally Dan and Cody.


No. 1286101

Holyshit, how annoying. Most girls dont play with barbies. I grew up with Xmen and videogames and I'm still very much a woman. You do realize the whole reason why transgenderism is bullshit is because all it does is put girls vs boys in tiny gendered boxes of what they should like as hobbies.
It becomes dangerous when it leaks into adult jobs like how women 'shouldn't be doctors' or 'engineers.' It makes only women suffer to have this mind set. Not men.

No. 1286104

covid insomnia is wrecking me, I just want to sleep al day and party all night.

No. 1286105

File: 1659399148796.png (29.95 KB, 616x255, kek.PNG)

Apparently the momlife comic that was posted a couple of days ago is being exposed and moids are losing their minds

No. 1286113

Except even when women have the choice they usually still choose the careers associated more with people and caring for them and teaching them, while men generally choose careers associated with machines more. And the more liberal the society is and the more emphasis it puts on raising kids gender-neutral, like in scandinavian countries, the bigger the disproportion is and even more women choose stereotypically femininine careers. How do you explain that? Ofc there are exceptions, but it looks like most women generally are interested in certain things by nature, while men are generally interested in other things.

No. 1286118

>gender neutral
kek, okay fantasylandchan

No. 1286119

Nonny there are countless girls around the world who feel or have felt exactly the same as you, and they accept or reject the gender roles that are imposed on them to varying degrees. You're not abnormal, there's nothing wrong or different about you, it's not your fault that society decided that girls must wear pink and skirts and not blue or pants (which anyone who actually uses their brain could see is extremely retarded and nonsensical, and has nothing to do with biology). In some places, being a "tomboy", a girl who prefers things that are more strongly associated with boys at a given period and place, is a worse crime than in others, so it's possible that you were unlucky to have been born in a place and in a family that judges you more harshly for (naturally) going against gender sterotypes, and they made you feel like a freak when in reality they are the ones who are wrong.

If you believe in the existence of the patriarchy, it shouldn't be difficult to see that you feeling abnormal for having what is considered an "unfeminine" personality is ultimately a symptom of said patriarchy: moids in power said that women are this and that, and people believed it, now everyone shames you for not fitting that oppressive image of what women "should" be. They make you feel bad for not fitting into an impossible mold, which some individuals try to fit as much as possible while sacrificing their actual self or even their own freedom (women who go to extreme lengths to be more "feminine" like those who get a lot of plastic surgery, or tradtards, for example), while others simply reject it while enduring the social pressure.

Even little and seemingly inoffensive comments like "you look like a man when you wear that/walk like that! haha", if repeated a lot over time and especially during her formative years and adolescence, can contribute to making a woman feel uncomfortable with herself and believe that she's not doing a good job at being female. Some women then start to believe that if they cannot be themselves while being women (according to society), that if their personality and (society's idea of) what a woman must be are incompatible, their only option to be free, comfortable and accepted as their true selves (personality-wise) is to attempt to become men in the eyes of society, because society says that only men can be what you're like, even though that's not true at all and no personality trait is unique to men or women. Thus, Aidens exist.

Although I did have female friends and liked Barbie when I was little, I also loved playing with the boys and loved "boy" toys like cars or trains. Blue has been my favorite color since I was at least 6. Sometimes I rebelled against the adults who were trying to condition me into liking things I did not like or wear things I didn't want to wear. Isn't it normal for a kid to not want to wear something they don't feel comfortable in? Like I said, dresses are not "for girls" because of any biological reason, and for kids, gender roles don't make any sense, so some kids rebel against them, while others blindly accept them without understanding why and then bully other kids for not fitting the mold. Tbh since I've been reading about the origins of shounen and shoujo manga, I've started to believe that most of "femininity" is an artificial construct that is only enforced in a patriarchal society and that women are naturally more like "tomboys" than this fake idea of hyperfeminine "woman". The vast majority of women like a mix of "feminine" and "masculine" things.

You don't have a "boy brain", you just have preferences that might "deviate" a little from that of the average woman's, but that does not make you male or less female. Society automatically assumes that just because the average woman has long hair and likes/is taught to like pink and dresses and make up, or because the average girl likes/is taught to like dolls, unicorns and fairy tale princesses, then that's what all women are like and those things are exclusively for women so they're "girly" things, and interests that are similarly associated with men and boys are assumed to be "boyish" or "manly" (gender sterotypes). But stereotypes don't tell the truth about all members of a group. The average woman doesn't represent every woman, and there's a huge percentage of women whose tastes could be considered "manly" or "unfeminine" compared to the sterotype.

Of course, gendertards will tell you that you must identify as something other than female just because you happen to be a normal woman that does't fit the nonsensical expectations for your sex, and it's no coincidence that the creation of new unnecessary, artificial identities opens a new market of enbies and other weird "genders" to take advantage of, and that convincing confused teens that they're the wrong sex en masse also expands the market for hormone replacement therapy and sex change surgery (which IMO is closely tied to the plastic surgery industry, the one that profits off women's insecurity that is a result of failing to meet the same expectations that leads to adolescent girls trooning out).

sage for wall of text, i would've posted it on 2X but it's a vent as well.

No. 1286120

The more freedom women gain the more they're expected to 'make up' for it in other ways, for ex. porn becoming more prevalent as women gain more rights. Also it's not as if socialization stops working in those countries or disappears overnight, nor are they cut off from the rest of the world or unaware of gender stereotypes. An interesting book about how gender socialization shapes our decisions is "delusions of gender" by cordelia fine. She does a good job of explaining how we do not know enough about neuroscience yet for anyone to claim that gender differences are inherent to the brain or whatever.

No. 1286121

by what standard did you determine scandi culture is more gender neutral? that’s absurd, they still have gender roles and while there are cultural differences in some aspects there’s no way you could argue it’s “more gender neutral,” how would you even quantify that?

No. 1286125

100% this this this this. thank you so much for writing this so coherently lol. i HATE hearing people (especially gcs) that female and male brains are fundamentally different and that our differences are entirely based in biology. completely ignoring that humans are social creatures that uphold the status quo until it’s eventually disrupted on a mass scale.

but yeah you’re so on the nose with women being more expected to give into men’s whims and female socialization in other ways, doesn’t help that moids love saying “erm we achieved equality a long time ago, what more do you want, ugh women really expect special treatment now” just for saying you don’t want to be seen as a sex object fucktoy machine or a capitalist girlboss or a housewife or whatever else they impose on us

No. 1286135

Now it's 3am and I still can't sleep because even though I killed the spiders I'm still not over this.

No. 1286136

It looks like more women choose "male" fields like STEM only when they need to gain more financial freedom from men, but when they're actually financially free (like in western liberal countries) they usually go for stereotypically femininine fields. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/02/the-more-gender-equality-the-fewer-women-in-stem/553592/

No. 1286141

seems ungrounded to assume women are less financially dependent on men in scandi countries even given their better safety nets, it’s not like those would mitigate the aspects of socialization that encourage women to feel helpless and dependent on men in other ways which just encourage that financial dependence

No. 1286145

Thank you for exhausting reply anon, you're right about a lot of stuff, I also believe there's way more naturally "tomboyish" girls out there than it appears to be, I think I'm simply frustrated by the fact they're just conforming to societal expectations instead of being their actual selves and being an example for younger generations. I've seen too many mothers, including my own, being either verbally or physically abusive towards their daughters simply because they didn't "behave like girls" and didn't want to perform femininty. It was so bad I grew to hate women who perform femininity. I don't believe it makes me a NLOG because I don't hate them because I want male approval. I despise males. I hate those women simply because they take part in the brainwashing, the ritualistic breaking of young girls' spirits.

No. 1286150

i feel you nonna, i’ve let go of the resentment but it was similar for me too, i hated them for sending the idea to other women that these rituals are necessary. i’ve learned to relax but only because i’ve become complicit in it myself. i was such a shithead little 11 year old distraught over girls wearing makeup kek, i never said anything to their faces at least.

but as an adult who performs femininity a lot more, i approach conversations about how we shouldn’t feel obligated to do these things with women quite often, and they usually become immediately defensive no matter how i bring it up, claiming it’s their hobby to spend hours on their hair and spend all their paychecks on makeup that they wouldn’t feel the need to wear without other people around. it makes me genuinely sad. i wish i could at least get everyone to understand it, they wouldn’t even have to change anything, i just want them to know that these things aren’t necessary and are often harmful. i play the game now because i recognize it influences how i’m seen. i resent that but lean into it because it makes life easier. so i understand them, and i wish their cognitive dissonance didn’t make it so hard for them to see the truth. with that said i’ve still been able to pinkpill quite a number of women and it warms my heart seeing them encourage their little sisters to not wear makeup and so on, with many of these women dropping it themselves as well. i still only wear makeup half the time, they take me more seriously when i do wear it lol.

No. 1286154

I hate that when women make a space, trend, or activity for themselves men always have to come and invade it even though they're the ones who tell women to fuck off in the first place when showing even the tiniest bit of interest in things they're into. What makes it even worse is that they fucking ruin it to the point it's not worth saving. Why can't they just fucking leave us alone

No. 1286157

Because they’re male, simple as. They enjoy ruining things because they are incapable of creation.

No. 1286164

i managed to cut it off. got free advice from my friend's nurse mom about it too. i feel much better!

No. 1286169

It’s getting better, societal-scale changes just take time. My grandpa refused to so much as give his daughters middle names because he believed the only middle name a woman should have is her husband’s last name. His daughter (my mom) ended up still being very gender-stereotype-conforming but she never discouraged me from collecting bugs or using the table saw, even if she would sometimes tut-tut as I continually refused to wear makeup. Meanwhile I would never keep my kids from expressing themselves how they want or doing what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt themselves or others.
This sort of trend can be easier to see with smaller-scale topics and communities. For instance, whenever some groundbreaking new theory comes along and creates a paradigm shift, the older researchers never fully accept it and you have to wait till the older generations to die off before you really have consensus, even if the evidence is overwhelming. It happened with the idea of human evolution, it happened with the idea of plate tectonics, it’ll keep happening.

No. 1286181

I wish I had a productive hobby I can spend time on when I'm off from work. I'm so bored that the only things I've been doing all day are browsing this site, watching movies, and masturbating (I don't even like doing it, I just do it because monkey brain goes brrr). I feel almost relieved on a Sunday night when I finally have work to look forward to because at least my mind will be kept busy.

No. 1286183

…so why don’t you get one? I’ve started knitting in anger after someone posted a picture of a cat sweater on here and I learned from reverse searching that it was only available as a pattern.

No. 1286192

I am so mad at myself, I should have listened to my own gut and not fall in love/date the very shitty scrote I am currently dating. I should have seen the red flag (he's a huge weaboo), but love often is blind. Lately he is complaing about how I dress and that I should try to be more feminine and cute like anime girls (like one stupid ship anime girls game he plays) and the cosplayers he follows on instagram. The straw that broke the camel's back is how he lashed out at me yesterday. I blocked him on everything and ignoring his calls. Fuck that, I am tired.

No. 1286195

I've been dating my boyfriend for a little over 3 years, but he never really told me why his parents divorced when he was about 15 or so. His mom is pretty religious (enough to have 5 kids within the span of like, 8 years) so I was curious and decided to do some sleuthing.

His dad is a doctor and apparently got his license revoked because of multiple sexual imposition and assault during his time of practice about 10 years ago. I looked through the court case document of him trying to reinstate his license and it just makes me grossed out. This is also the same guy my bf says not to curse in front of because he doesn't like it, while he was shitty enough to actively sexually harassing patients he was supposed to be in care of. lol. lmao.

Am I right to feel hurt that he has never told me this? I feel like after 3 years this family "secret" (he's quite literally on the sex offender base, easy to search) I would like to be slightly informed on this. I don't know how to feel about this. Maybe it's just to embarrassing to bring up, but me and my sister-in-law agree that the whole family is just secretive in general.

No. 1286212

File: 1659410316907.jpg (812.69 KB, 1078x1423, Sweatier.jpg)

Was it THIS sweater by any chance

No. 1286219

Good, leave him to his anime girls kek

No. 1286242

I'm worried I'm an empty person. I have some of my own interests, hobbies, skills, and I know personality-wise I'm not that bad, but I feel like a fraud and a copycat. When I get attached to someone, I try to like the things they like so we have things to talk about. I consider it basic empathy to engage with others interests, let them show me things the they make/enjoy, listen when they sperg out, etc. Thats just one way I show my friendship. I truly enjoy that! But then at the same time… I never share anything myself, and in the rare times I try it, I do such poor job of talking/explaining that I even bore myself. I do it like once every 2 years, never more than once with the same person, and then shut up forever. And when I have online friends I'm never the one streaming or picking things to watch/do. Sometimes I will suggest things if someone else is bored, but only within the realms of their interests, something they've been known to enjoy in the past. Never anything new that I would want to introduce them to.
It's not like I'm frustrated that I never get to choose. I'm worried by the fact that I've been passive like this for years, absorbing others interests, having little to show for myself. I think it's normal to get into things because someone else recommended it, but I rarely ever happen upon and enjoy things organically. It's always because someone else showed me, and they liked it, and we have similar tastes so I guess I like it too? To be fair I did have a brief obsession (1-2 months long; nothing compared to my usual years-long autistic deep dive) that was totally independent, BUT I was completely isolated at the time and as soon as I got new friends, I pretty much immediately dropped it.
It's embarrassing. I feel empty inside. I feel like I have nothing original to offer, at least in this avenue. I must be so boring… Thankfully people seem to enjoy having me around because I'm a good listener and I'll let almost anyone talk at me for hours, no matter how much I want to get away. Idk I guess I'm just having a crisis where I don't really know what I like, or what I'm about, or who I am at all.
It's hard to be defined by hobbies alone because I'm fucking depressed and hardly produce much of anything. And yeah I'm a nice person but that's not memorable. I wish I had things to attach myself to and get really into, even if it's just a video game or a type of plant or something, that I could show to others without feeling shameful or boring. And maybe my friends would see that thing and think of me and be happy to see it! But I don't have anything. I'm empty.

No. 1286246

if you ever have kids with this man never leave them alone with the grandparents

No. 1286248

File: 1659413779961.jpg (11.52 KB, 480x360, rt3423543.jpg)

>houseplant wasn't doing well at my place
>bf says he can revive it
>give it to him to care for
>1 month passes
>find out he killed it
every last leaf shriveled and fell off.

No. 1286260

nta. not all white splotches are from braces. i never had braces but have them from my absolutely retarded self absorbed negligent asshole parents giving me a medicine incorrectly when i was a kid.
so the teeth that are pulled like, what happened now? you can't grow new teeth so are there just huge gaps at the back or spaces or implants or what? i mean that sounds like lobotomy anon. pretty sure having crooked teeth is preferable to a treatment that if it gets even slightly messed up means you have to pull out 3 fucking teeth…

No. 1286262

You REALLY need to stop chasing after people who are already taken. Just fucking stop. It's so selfish.

No. 1286264

that sucks. i have a fat woman living above me who apparently has insomnia. she used to clop around at 1am until i left her a note. i tried really hard to write it so i would get the result i want (quietness after 10pm) so i didn't just mindlessly vent or be accusatory and aggressive, but was super cunning about how i phrased it. and it worked, she stopped being loud as fuck. i also reported her to management twice for smoking on the balcony and she mostly stopped that too.

i hate that i have to police every other resident. not once in my entire life has anyone ever filed a noise complaint against me. in my last building i would reguarly have to report people at least once a week, and would go out and give the knock twice a month and ask them to shut up. no one has ever done that with me. it's 10pm. it's quiet hour start. you know you have to shut up. just??? like shut up?!!?! i dont understand how it's that hard for people to fucking understand.

i live in a very small studio so only crazy people would have a kid here, luckily.

No. 1286267

I'd beat tf outta him for saying something like that to me tbh, didn't he start dating you because he liked you? tbh it doesn't matter if he's a weeb or not, any moid can do this shit.

No. 1286269

>we don't need women we're better off without them, we're going to mgtow, haha women are going to be sooooo mad when they find out
also scrotes:
>a stranger told me my ex gf cheated on me with no proof or substantiation, i'm going to sudoku
>i haven't eaten anything but cup ramen for 3 years
>all the towels smell like mildew and my socks are crusty and turned brown
>every surface in home is grimy and i stay up until 5 am watching hardcore pornography and now cannot hold a job
>i spent my life savings on onlyfans and now have to choose between living in a van or doing meth under the bridge
women thrive without men. men go to seed, fall into squalor and hermit conditions, and suicide without women. pathetic. yet they act so arrogant and aggressive like they have a superiority complex, but time and time again, a man wihtout a woman to care for him and wipe his ass for him is just a retarded widdle baby who can't function as an adult.

No. 1286270

Anon, I think that's a great quality to have and I'm sure your friends are really grateful that they're able to share their interests with you and you actually engage with them and pick up on them. In a way, we're all an amalgamation of our friends and influences from other people and if you're interested in something then I don't think it matters if you found it yourself organically or if someone else showed it to you first. As long as you're genuinely interested in something, I don't think it matters how you found it- it still counts as your own interest too! I miss when my friends and I shared interests and it feels really good when I sperg about something I really like and I can see my friend picking up on it, although that rarely happens anymore. I don't think your friends would find you boring, and on the contrary, you must be a great friend to have for being so open-minded toward what your friends are into.
That being said, feeling depressed and empty is never a great feeling. It's kind of hard when you're in a rut and want to figure out things like who you are or what you're about. Maybe you could try some imaginative exercises, like try to imagine someone who would be your 'ideal' self or a person you'd think was really cool and interesting. What kinds of stuff would they be into? Could you try looking into that stuff and seeing if maybe some of it sticks? Or imagine if you had a completely free day where you didn't have to worry about money, time commitments, etc. Imagine what sorts of activities and things you'd do to fill up that day. Maybe that could give you a small idea of what kinds of things you enjoy.

No. 1286273

every single friend I make always ends up ditching me eventually and it's really depressing me
now even my boyfriend is acting cold towards me and he's the only person in my life who cares about me so if I lose him I'd truly feel hopeless and alone
the worst part is nobody tells me if I'm doing something wrong or not so I'm always left wondering if I'm really so autistic that I'll be alone forever, like my best friend of 10 years one day just starts being mean and ditches me and we never talked again but she's still friends with the other girls from our friend group so it must've been something I did
what about me is so repulsive to others that I can't ever have long term friends? I wish I knew

No. 1286274

>went to goodwill
>saw new-looking shirt that was cute
>fabric felt weird
>check tag, see it's shein
>remember what lolcow said about it, don't buy
i wouldn't buy it for $1. i might be a thrift shop cheapskate but even I have standards. thank you nonas

No. 1286275

not spaces or implants, they actually use chains and rubber bands to slowly pull the teeth together so there aren’t gaps. i kinda regret getting braces but my mother demanded i get them for cosmetic purposes. my teeth were normal, just not perfectly straight with a slight overbite. id stay up sobbing in pain because the wires were never cut short enough and they’d cut up the insides of my cheeks raw, ugh. braces are shit

No. 1286278

I did not pay attention to the Shein haul trends at all so I'm abit out of the loop. What did anons say about it other than the usual cheap Chinese sweatshop?

No. 1286285

what i mean is do you have fewer teeth now? if several teeth got pulled then are there large spaces at the back of your teeth behind your molars? or what?
cheap chinese junk is reason enough. no matter what i buy, if it's made in china it will break in a year or less. fuck that country, i hope japan sends a gundam army to stomp them all and their shitty chinesium junk.

No. 1286296

Thank you very much for this thoughtful response. It's so kind of you to share your ideas with me and I'll definitely take your advice. Again I really appreciate this and I hope you have some good luck finding friends who get into your hobbies too. Who knows, maybe the stars will align we'll be friends one day so I can like all the same stuff as you!

No. 1286301

oh yeah, i do have fewer teeth now. it let wisdom teeth come in nicely on the top set at least haha, the teeth that got pulled weren’t very important and no one can tell at all since the gaps were closed. most dentists don’t even notice it when they look at my xrays

No. 1286303

I’m torn between reading a NTR doujin, fanfic or going to the GP to finally book an appointment for my mento illness. Bad decisions aside the last one is making me insanely anxious. I was supposed to do this yesterday.

No. 1286309

Make that appointment right now then. You can reward yourself with doujin/fic after. Do it since no one else will do it for you.

No. 1286312

Book your appt! You'll be glad that it's done and your reading won't go anywhere.

No. 1286334

Book your appointment then share the doujin for science

No. 1286337

LOL my grandma made me feel bad because she was talking about how she really needs to find a part time job to make ends meet. She said she really needs an extra 800-1000 a month. So I was like damn let me know how I can help, I let her know I always have lots of leftovers and if she needs a ride instead of an Uber we can help her out. She takes me up on all of it. I found out yesterday she was $1.5mil in the bank plus an unsold property. She really had me feeling bad for her like she was struggling and worried for the future. She's 83 btw. I wouldn't know if she had money. I borrowed $300 dollars from her once and she made me feel like shit for it even after paying it back early. She also gets a pension and free healthcare.

No. 1286341

Money hoarding penny pinchers who actually have a lot of money PISS ME THE FUCK OFF!! STOP BEING RETARDED I HATE THAT SHIT.

No. 1286349

File: 1659422405575.png (158.39 KB, 413x420, dcpsjkv-7ceeda17-eea3-48a4-8ae…)

read the fanfic, maybe it will boost your mood

No. 1286360

Don't let her know you're pissed, that's your inheritance so stay on her good side kek. Is she actually working tho cause that's bizarre, she should be living the good life at her age and with her money.

No. 1286408

You gotta see her side of it! At 1000 a month she would only have 1500 months of savings left!

No. 1286420

she'll still be healthy and vibrant in 1500 months time, how could you do that to her you greedy b!

No. 1286437

Aw, maybe she's saving the $1.5 million for you nonna

No. 1286442

File: 1659428331621.jpg (203.34 KB, 2048x1149, 1649067337475.jpg)

I hate that I'm crying about missing a manipulative scrote that I cut contact with 2 years ago. I'm so lonely it's pathetic. He was my only person I ever trusted. All I was in the end was another name added to his list of sad, broken girls.

No. 1286445

File: 1659428815831.jpg (40.35 KB, 563x566, girlboss.jpg)

I'm so anxious when I'm driving that my whole body is shaking, I keep making stupid mistake, especially with the shifter because my movement is so rigid. My whole head is in full panic mode because I'm so afraid of killing someone or driving into a wall. I just freeze, and brake with full force every time I have the slightest hesitation. I'm already 22, I really need this driving license. Every lesson is so expensive, so it stresses me even more to waste time by being an idiot. Why am I so fucking bad at driving, everyone seems to be able to do it ? I've literally regressed between the two last driving lesson reeeeee

No. 1286457

after so long i like my body although that comes at the cost of my energy. i’m braindead for choosing a flimsy form of self-acceptance over what’s really right kek

No. 1286473

You need to clean your rooooom

No. 1286476

This is more common than you think. Were they good people to begin with?

No. 1286495

well they always seemed like good people before randomly ditching me, 2 of them had bpd so maybe had something to do with it (the 10 year friendship was with one of the bpd ones, the other bpd was my college roommate) and my childhood best friend stopped hanging out with me and wouldn't make time for me after switching schools but before that she was always really kind caring nice and a reliable friend same as the others
I just feel like being ditched by 3 best friends no explanation must be because I'm at fault, and now whenever I try and form a new friendship or progress behind acquaintances it's like the other person is never interested
maybe my autism really is too much and nobody wants to deal with it

No. 1286497

Did you ever feel you had a real connection with them¿? Despite your autism, do you consider yourself to be mature? Were they mature? I assume that if they had BPD they probably weren't. Were they empathic? Sometimes people use other people only for comfort. I had/have a friend and I never felt a real connection with her. I barely see her anymore but when we meet she can spend 2h talking about herself and her bf without leting me speak or asking me anything. She's not a bad person, but she was diagnosed with BPD and treats her poor mother terribly. Maybe you know of other friends/relationships those 3 people had that were already redflags. Probably it's nothing personal, they were bad people and you had the misfortune of having them all 3 in your life. I always remind myself to not be someone else's Milhouse.

No. 1286504

If that was to porn I am actually going to push you down an abandoned mine shaft. In Minecraft.

No. 1286517

File: 1659438147533.png (1.36 MB, 1200x800, 4VefHAx.png)

Posted some time ago about being unable to trust people and make friends after last female friend I made only pretended to be my friend so i dont suspect her while she's having sex with my now-ex; So in that post I've said that there was co-worker in the picture that seems friendly but I'm afraid to get closer to her because of fear of being hurt again; after our last conversation she initiated she basically left me on read in the middle of it despite my last message being a question so the convo definitely didn't die off naturally. It's been 4 days, she's been active online a lot since then; now I'm unable to worry it's yet another person playing some mind games with me. Especially since she messaged me on the day I was leaving for the weekend with my current bf staying in town, so of course my mind is running crazy she was in some way trying to make sure I'll be gone or whatever. Can anyone think of any innocent reason of why she would do that to me? Especially after initiating the conversation?

No. 1286518

What was the question?

No. 1286520

>can I borrow ten grand from u

No. 1286521

It was related to something she told me about her work last time we met, positive and casual subject, can't think of a reason why it would be something she would not be comfortable answering

No. 1286524

well it's entirely possible I'm just so bad at reading social cues and social situations that I cannot even spot red flags without someone pointing them out…
the college roommate I think was nothing personal and she just got busy with her husband and a full time job and moving across the county after graduation so I guess it was too much for her to manage all at once
dunno about the other 2 really maybe it's better if I not think too hard about it since it makes me sad

No. 1286525

i can not stand to stay friends with scrotes holy shit their audacity and stupidity knows no bounds. this dude thinks i am into him because i sent a message similar to "anything for my friend", and then he went on the defensive saying it is toxic and devalues friendship to always be supportive. i was trying to be nice because he was rejected by someone. he himself said i should rather tell him if he is being toxic. after that, i sent jokes about men overestimating their appeal and he acted like, or actually didn't get it. sorry but i am not going to be your mother or therapist, describing behaviour and pick up tutorials on how not to act like an incel. how does he not get it that being pissed about someone saying no is the toxic thing and expecting me to explain that to him, instead of trying to calm down his saltiness? bro go blow up a bus

No. 1286531

File: 1659439828597.png (37.92 KB, 245x168, 1596814896466.png)


No. 1286535

cut her off, make her miserable, laugh it off. girl sounds like an energy vampire.

No. 1286537

File: 1659440380244.png (106.05 KB, 512x462, 1648213872982.png)

I feel so stupid for not even understanding WHY it's so common. Is it nothing but inner jealousy that leads them into thinking life is a competition? It's disturbing. I really hope that you will be able to cut off this person.

No. 1286539

I think it's rather a deep rooted lack of self confidence/self worth that causes someone to skinwalk someone else.

No. 1286544

it must be obsession. since even with lack of self worth, people know that it's better to be a bad original, than a crappy copy. maybe it's the skinwalker wanting to befriend or become the targeted nonna. for five fucking years, insane.

No. 1286550

It would be way too long to explain but the only contact we now have after being "besties" even 4 years ago is being Instagram mutuals. It's just insanity, I have learned not to post certain stuff that's of any significance to me but she actually just went and got the same custom order earrings I did, those weren't cheap and I'm wondering wtf was the jeweller thinking, maybe she just thought someone saw them online and liked them, that's ok but it's so creepy. I don't wanna powerlevel but we have such different tones and body types that her skin walking looks insane at times, she did quot for a while but somehow it started back up again. I don't wanna just block her because we still have friends in common but even some of them have noticed, it's so bizarre, she is seriously pretty and okay as herself, I wouldn't have been friends with her if she completely sucked in the first place. This turned into a real damn vent, sorry, it's just so unexplainable to me, I need to block my stories from her, we're almost 30 for crying outloud.

No. 1286554

I think it's just a type of aggression.

No. 1286556

Does anyone know any remote jobs I can take that don't require me to speak on the phone? I hate leaving the house so much

No. 1286559

What are your skills? You could look for remote data entry jobs perhaps?

No. 1286561

I interned for a little while for a healthcare company but they mainly made me do busy work like putting shit in excel, emailing people, and organizing files

No. 1286565

start buying and dressing like a cliwn and see if she follows. if she's copying bait her into the most absurd shit have some fun. maybe get into thrifting and watch her struggle to get similar pieces.

No. 1286566


go to the police.

No. 1286569

I did that like, 4 years ago just to fuck with her but it never seems to end. She also once had a whole thing where she lied about her hair color, she dyed herself fake roots to convince people we had the same hair color, if that paints a picture of the level of crazy

No. 1286574

ty nonny love you

No. 1286583

poor anon, I hope you have good friends who comfort you. I'm sorry.

No. 1286597

never the first choice never the best friend always kept in the backburner for later I just want to kill myself already. I don't think I will ever be able to connect with others in a normal way. I don't think I can ever be a regular person with friends and hobbies and interests and goals. I don't think I can. There is nothing to look forward to. There is nothing I want to see. I want to step through my skin, skeleton bursting through flesh and sinew. I don't want to look at myself in the mirror anymore. I hate my reflection. It makes me sick. I hate it. I hate myself so much that it feels like people are playing tricks on me when they're nice to me. I walk away and I'm confused at best and angry at the worst. I want to be hit by a speeding car. I want to be hit by a crashing plane. I want to leave. I just can't fucking stand it anymore. What is the point to all this. What is the fucking point. It's the same meaningless shit on repeat forever and ever and ever until you die, sick and old and alone. You die and the world keeps moving and growing and nobody cares all that much. It's getting fucking bad. I don't know. I don't see anything worth living for. It seems to me that I shouldn'tve have even been born in the first place. I can't help but feel a bit of resentment towards my parents. Maybe they thought they'd get lucky but all they got was some pathetic piece of shit with no driving force or motivation or talents or hobbies or real friends. All they got was a fucking leech.

No. 1286604

File: 1659449916064.jpg (257.61 KB, 1990x1350, 23ybkz.jpg)

The "non-binary" moid at work is concern trolling about Beyoncé being ableist for including a no-no word in one of her songs when just a few weeks ago he was quizzing me on if I'm "truly disabled" because I was able to stop using my wheelchair after intensive physio and use a walking stick instead. He also implied that the fact I can still stay in shape and exercise suggests I'm "practically able bodied" (typical fat westerner logic that I should just give up on staying in shape after a setback) and a while before that he complained about my walking stick making too much noise on the floor because he had a hangover headache and asked me to either stay seated or "just hobble about" for the rest of the day. I really hope karma strikes and cripples this faggot.

No. 1286608

>get added to an all girls group chat by a friend of mine
>lots of women i don’t now
>they’re all horrible people openly talking about cheating on their bfs, scamming people using fake nudes, encouraging the younger girls to start sugaring, bpdchan logic every second being enabled by everyone
>i speak my mind calmly and plainly every so often telling them these habits will only hurt them more
>i get kicked

please god give me normal women friends. im sick of being friends with men and it feels like every friendship i’ve had with women ends because of men or their own mental illness causing them to act out. i just want normal women in my life who aren’t going to lash out every day or try to get me involved in scams or cheat on their bf with another friend of mine

No. 1286615

please. do yourself a favour and ignore her. all I read are excuses why you allegedly "can't do it bc reasons", but at the same time she is robbing you of your sanity.

do your mutual friends notice her skinwalking? it has to be very obvious to everybody. what do they say about that?

No. 1286618

Breh you’re not a celebrity

No. 1286622

>I want to step through my skin, skeleton bursting through flesh and sinew
Now your first step toward becoming more normal is to stop unironically using this sort of teenage girls first YA novel about anorexia ass prose

No. 1286628

sis, did I fucking imply I was

No. 1286631

super late but
>It's hotter than Satan's asshole here
Thank you for the laugh, anon! Really needed this.

Damn, what an asshole. I'm sorry you have to deal with this nutjob. But you got this anon, sounds like you made amazing progress already Wishing you the best.

No. 1286644

What's the point of being a cunt in the vent thread? I can stop using my faggotty-ass purple prose whenever I want but I'm still on a mongolian basket weaving forum, aren't I? Go back to husbandoposting and let the suicidalfags be suicidal and whiny.

No. 1286657

>Go back to husbandoposting and let the suicidalfags be suicidal and whiny.
Never husbandoposted before but 3p1c 1nsult. You know what the wonderful thing about lolcow is? When you sound so ridiculous that your post could easily be mistaken for a spoiled overindulgent teenagers, we can reply whatever we want and it doesn’t have to coddle you. So many suicidebaits itt lately and it’s quite frankly pathetic.

No. 1286664

nta but you're way more annoying than anon's vent and "YA prose" or whatever. you sound like a rude autist that chimes in with opinions literally no one asks for

No. 1286674

>vent thread
Okay, I see. You're clinically retarded. If you want suicidebaits then fine, if you keep being an annoying autist I WILL kill myself, I WILL overdose, I WILL shoot myself in the head. All at the same time too, just for you. Now go back to counting your toy trains

No. 1286683

God this new tone-shift is so retarded, defending suicidebaiting (the most cow-like attribute to have) on LOLCOW. We definitely have reached a new era.

No. 1286691

You are likely paranoid, and she is probably not copying you. Fashion is accessible to everyone especially since everyone has access to the internet now. This is just weird. Especially when you said that you dressed on purpose bad to see if she’d skinwalk you. Literally sounds like you’re either underaged or living in an imaginary world. There are literal celebrities and fashionistas that have enough online content to copy so why would she copy someone who uses an imageboard.

No. 1286699

Nta but nonna, skinwalking does exist. Just because someone uses lc doesn't mean that they are a jobless and friendless neet.

No. 1286702

Problems at work again, dunno if I should continue working at this job or just quit

No. 1286707

being anonymous and venting in the vent thread with your feelings is not necessarily or expressly suicidebaiting. for the 283483743874th time, the is one of the only female imageboards where women can really utilize anonymity in the same capacity as men. women venting their feelings (again, you have no clue who this person is or if they "suicidebait" or if they're just expressing their emotions) without tripfagging or namefagging, and just posting anonymously is not "cow behavior". why you're relating average women with no discernible internet presence just posting their feelings, to people who willingly seek large internet presences, makes no sense. you have no clue their intentions or feelings. suicidebaiting is specifically meant to mean it's void of the actual intent or feeling to commit suicide. you have no clue what that person is sincerely feeling or idea of their personality outside of 1 post.

No. 1286708

I bet if OP found out her frenemy browses lolcow that she’d consider it skinwalking. Jfc generic people are so insufferable.

No. 1286709

File: 1659454929127.jpeg (36.03 KB, 630x673, 08653E48-897B-4C05-BCD1-0E03F0…)

Men love to dedicate their lives to trying to humiliate and degrade women at any and all cost of their time, resources, and means so they never have to develop any sort of emotional intelligence or ability to process reality or empathize. Overpowering women is the only real capability they have to fuel their egos and self esteem and they will justify it in any way they possibly can. They will lie, manipulate, and bend the will to anything possible and revolve their entire lives around it without any sign of moving on until they finally die or develop dementia.

No. 1286710

It’s also an imageboard literally built upon mocking this sort of behavior and idk why you would be exempt if you say some abysmally stupid shit. You’re going to get clowned.

No. 1286711

bizarre post lmao. i’ve had two separate women i knew irl to skinwalk me to the point they were copying things i’d written word for word on their social media posts and buying exact items i had, convincing their bfs to buy my favorite perfume for them, and using my nickname, stuff like that. one of them reformed later on and actually reached out to own up to everything and apologize to me in depth because she was so ashamed. i posted about it in the vent thread recently, it’s a real phenomenon that insecure people do even if they know you irl. the fact that you think everyone who uses image boards (including you) is friendless and always online is just sad.

No. 1286713

What do you wear that’s apparently so unique? Skirts and converse? Get a grip.

No. 1286715

Go back.

No. 1286716

except that no one clowned her aside from one particularly rude autist that started pointlessly mocking her writing style. and sorry that, again, autismos can't understand that userbases age and change with age. again, we have a split userbase. and even most autists who frequent the dramaboards still understand that not everyone posting on the internet is "a cow". or "cowlike" for just venting their feelings, especially anonymously.

No. 1286718

File: 1659455265880.jpg (56.58 KB, 715x429, cap.jpg)

I hate that I still simp men. I hate them and I am aware they are a disgrace and nothing good comes from them.
But still I yearn for a relationship. I resent myself for this and I resent men because I know I am nothing they want: not pretty, not tender.

How the fuck do I escape this hell? I have everything to be happy: I am well paid, I had a good education and probably a good financial future.
I could invest in several beauty things to improve my appearance, but this is a humiliation tbh. Like I have to get fillers and what not so maybe a man will take a second look at me.

Yet I still feel fucking lonely.

No. 1286720

This is pathetic. If someone bought every single thing you personally wore, went out of their way to act like you, adopted your mannerisms, all very suddenly, you wouldnt be extremely uncomfortable? All the posters replying to the original anon telling her she’s full of herself have clearly never been skinwalked online or irl. Besides, being unique isn’t required to be copied or skinwalked. Most cows we see here get skinwalked despite being boring people too. All it takes is an obsessive insecure woman and someone for her to latch onto. It has nothing to do with the person being copied and everything to do with the person who’s copying. It’s not something a secure person does, and it’s a lot more than just “omg i like her purse, i might get the same one, it’s so cute!”

No. 1286723

I told my manager that I care for my grandma sometimes who has dementia and now she constantly asks about her and it’s fucking annoying. She’s literally a housebound old woman who can’t walk and is getting more and more batshit every day and I don’t want to have to describe just how badly to my manager. So annoying.

No. 1286725

You clearly didn't read all my posts about it and I don't need to prove myself to anynonny here but she copied stuff that is insane, lying about her roots, copying tattoos, pretending she had the same second name as me, pretending she was the same minority as I am even though it would've been highly unlikely, and there's a lot more. I'm nothing special, that's the whole fucking point in it being bizarre and pointless behaviour.

No. 1286727

I feel sort of confused and I hope nonnies can give me some insight. I met this moid who I actually get along with fairly well. We have similar interests and he was really supportive when I vented about some of my mental health struggles to him. It's rare for me to meet a guy who is easy to talk to and who doesn't set off the hundreds of red flags that I look for whenever I talk to a guy. We've hung out for a few times and it seems he likes me since we text regularly and he asks to hang out also I told him from the beginning I wasn't interested in dating and only wanted to be friends, so that's out of the way and he was fine with it. The only thing is that I kind of just don't want to be friends with him. I really don't know why because I can't think of any specific reason why and in fact, he's only been a good friend to me since we met. I know if he was the exact same but a girl, I would have absolutely no problem with him and would probably even really like him. It makes me feel sort of bad because I don't know why I don't want to be friends with him. Is it just because I find him unattractive and that's why I just don't want to hang out? Or is it because men just inherently make me cringe and I just can't really be comfortable around them? But I also have barely any social supports where I live right now so it seems kind of stupid to throw away a completely good social connection for some arbitrary reason as "I just don't want to." Especially because part of the reason why my mental health is so bad is because I've been so lonely. I feel like I have no right to feel so lonely and depressed if I'm actively turning down connections with people who seem to only have my best interests in mind.

No. 1286728

This is why I hate modern old people. In the past old people were legitimately poor and starving, so that's why we set up social benefits and things like senior discounts. Now they all took advantage of it, have millions of dollars of assets but cry that they're poor and starving, and make young people who can't even afford healthcare for themselves pay for 90 year old secretaries to go to 7 doctor appointments a month. I get pissed off just thinking about it. People who work for a living cannot afford a house or family or healthcare. But there's a class of old people with millions of dollars of assets who get FREE healthcare and discount 55+ community housing, and then still act like victims.

Don't give her money but humor her and remind her to put you on that will.

No. 1286729

sorry about the freaks replying to you saying you’re lying and just a narc lol. idk what’s gotten into them. i’m sorry you’re experiencing this and i hope your friends don’t remain passive about it. it’s extremely violating and scary for someone to be so obsessive with the lengths they’ll go to try to be you. it’s a lot more than fashion and it’s fucking crazy nonnies are trying to say “boo boo she wore your converse?” like… who cares if someone wears the same shoes, that’s not what you’re saying. she’s actively trying to steal everything about what makes you you down to your lineage and personal life. please don’t forget this is all a result of her own insecurities. she has no sense of self so she seeks someone to emulate to feel more like a person. i’ve witnessed it many times and it’s always the same pattern. stay sane, and try to minimize your exposure to her in any way you can. private social media, avoiding her irl, ask people to not bring you up when she’s around. she will drop it eventually and move onto another person, they always do

No. 1286731

your boyfriend is retarded, believing a man who says this shit is embarrassing. if he dies from being a gullible idiot, let him.

No. 1286734

then use it for good. start posting about donating to random charities and supporting small businesses and see if she copies you.

No. 1286738

This is why I don't want to get a license, last time I tried it was exactly like this for me, you perfectly described how horrific and terrifying it feels

No. 1286739

Thanks, it's just annoying because I am aware how insufferable it sounds to claim you're somehow so fucking great someone wants to copy you, but it would be tolerable if it was just clothing but a few years back it was bordering on psychotic and that was when I stopped using social media the way I did before and it did calm down a lot. She's not near me irl anymore thank god, and it's ridiculous seeing how she switched into copying her own gf mostly but idk what happened this year, but I did block her now because I am too old for this shit, when it started ages ago I was just kinda young and scared because she has a way of blowing up at any critique. I genuinely hope she can just be herself, she was nice at the start for real.

No. 1286741

What the fuck is it with moids and killing plants? My dad killed a perfectly healthy plant (he was supposed to simply water it and he couldn’t even do that right) and mom revived it from the 1 last surviving bud. They can’t do anything right.

No. 1286742

I mean, Nona, if you don't have skills that employers value I don't know what you expect. Data entry is all you really qualify for. I have a wfh job with no phonecalls (do have daily standup though) but I worked my ass off to get a good degree. Job market now is so competitive that people with legitimate engineering and finance degrees can't find work. Arguably zoom calls (required for all remote jobs) are worse than phonecalls because it has video as well as audio. You just gotta get over it. I, too, wish I had a job that paid me a million a year for zero qualifications or interaction where I could just sleep all day.

I think I'm jaded from seeing a bunch of retarded moids with no work history and no skills demanding wfh jobs that pay 50k+ and don't require a degree, and negging everyone who says that is unreasonable to expect. In your case I get that you have social anxiety but you know what, so do I. Gotta work anyway.

No. 1286744

File: 1659456401231.jpeg (198.17 KB, 873x1550, 79C9F089-E6C5-4753-8B6C-1196AB…)

You cant really force your sexuality without being miserable, that in itself is nothing to be ashamed of but yeah it’s hard when you can’t trust the vast majority of them to be any form of a semi-decent human being.

No. 1286745

And you’re going to trust a man raised by a rapist with your future kids?

No. 1286746

> I am aware how insufferable it sounds to claim you're somehow so fucking great someone wants to copy you
i have seen skinwalkers gaslight people in real time with this exact thing lmao, “oh you think you’re so special i’d actually care enough to copy you? ha as if…” even when they’re the more severe cases that steal names, copy and paste things their target wrote, etc. just crazy. these people exist and there are far too many of them. almost always women in their teens and early twenties. i have yet to see anyone over 25 do it so i assume most of them grow up and realize how harmful it was of them not just to others but themselves

No. 1286749

>retarded moids with no work history and no skills demanding wfh jobs that pay 50k+ and don't require a degree
these are the guys who go to coding bootcamp and become nightmare coworkers. they’re shit at their jobs and have the worst communication skills. hate them.

No. 1286752

Deep down I know it's a weird ass manipulation tactic and it did work on making me feel like I was dumb and full of myself back when it started but this girl is 26, aren't we both too goddamn old for this? I would like to know why some people do this, like some snippy anon pointed out, why not copy some celeb or is it really just a weird scaring tactic?

No. 1286757

i really do think they feel hollow and need someone they see as “real” to latch onto and copy. they feel like by copying these people they’re filling some void in themselves. it’s why skinwalkers in particular more commonly target mini e celebs and acquaintances than hollywood celebs, and i do think a lot of it comes down to feeling in control. copying someone as distant and inaccessible like a celeb wouldn’t provide them with the same feeling of contrived authenticity

No. 1286759

That actually makes sense, for the ones who like seeing someone uncomfortable, that would be easier to see up close as well. That's fucking sad though, fucked but sad.

No. 1286771

I understand how you feel anon. I am 23 and this 30 year old woman started being obsessed with me after I met her irl. The moment we met she started asking me if she can dye her hair color to mine, fast forward it went from her just trying to change her fashion style to mone by buying chinese rip offs of my clothing (while being a different body type) to later then changing her internet personality to match mine (mind you, before that I knew her online for 3 years). She started copypasting and mimicing something as silly as my stupid bios on social media, claimed that she found the secret of my "cuteness" because all i do is use emotes in my messages and bought nitro for the first time, whatever, but then she started even mimicing my food tastes, all of the sudden the food she loved and eaten since she was a kid sucks now (i said i dont eat this meat, etc). Then she started trying to take the same pictures of the places where I go to and is now, bought the same console i posted on social media and the same game few days after i took a picture of both… i could go on. Reading the /w/ thread about a skinwalker really made me relate to its victim, and i thought i was the only one.
The sad part is that, i know she is an extremely insecure person and i actually did tried helping her, i suggested her books, etc but she didn't bother checking them.
The only thing that helped me is trying to avoid half of the events when we might meet, and creating a different social media accounts that won't track me down by a number and give it only to a few close friends. I also ended up starting to openly being pink-pilled around her, hoping she would fuck off (her only friends are men (that are at least 4 years younger than her)and she brags about it all the time. Maybe it will fix her, hell do i know. She started becoming obsessed with me because all i did was got married, which is for some reason her only goal in life, despite not doing shit irl. Refuses to get a job and uni, claiming shes a traditional woman. Meh.

No. 1286776

>Damn, what an asshole. I'm sorry you have to deal with this nutjob. But you got this anon, sounds like you made amazing progress already Wishing you the best.
Well, at least the guy gives me something to laugh at with his sheer stupidity. Thank you so much though, nona. You're too kind. I hope you have a good day/night!

No. 1286786

You are not being insufferable or overreacting like those other anons were suggesting. I have a friend who has skinwalked literally every aspect of my life for nearly 10 years now. I’m weak and can’t bring myself to cut her off, you’re doing loads better than me by blocking her! I hope she lets up soon and in the meantime it’s helpful to post less online so they run out of material to mimic.

No. 1286797

Why the fuck is it with them and the body type thing, I don’t think people who haven’t been subjected to this get how the body type or skintone stuff makes it so much more clearer and insane. Your case is scary though, I also know the food thing and bios, captions etc. my walker also realized I didn’t have the best relationship with my family, so she started telling people she’s estranged from hers. Jesus christ, a trad skinwalker sounds hellish though, mine is a wanna be woke lesbian and I think my radfem shit was what initially made her back out for a long while.
Thanks nona, but it’s always fucking difficult and I am already feeling nervous about blocking her, she has been extremely nasty from far less but she doesn’t have any easy ways to contact me rn so I may be ok for now, what can she do really. It’s also way harder if it’s irl, but I hope you can ghost the skinwalker soon!

No. 1286806

>talking to mom on the phone this morning
>after a while have to go to the bathroom but know if I tell her that as a reason to get off the phone she will get mad at me
>the convo is dawdling and taking forever and I really need to go
>can't think of a good excuse and tell her my stomach hurts and I'll call her back later
>she freaks out and goes FUCK OFF and hangs up on me
>text her and say sorry I was afraid to say I had to use the bathroom because she would think
I was lying or say that grandma always used that as an excuse
>call her back and she says exactly that (lol) and hangs up on me again
>text her that I'm not apologizing and she needs to speak to me with respect and not hang up on me or swear at me (I've told her about this before)
>after like a half hour she texts me a half hearted apology
I'm tired of crying because my mom hangs up on me and swears at me and honestly she knows how it makes me feel. I've told her. I think she just doesn't control her emotions with me because she knows she doesn't have to. I only talk to her and my bf and when she hurts me like that I cry so hard because I feel like when I was a little kid and she would give me the silent treatment.

No. 1286808

t. subjected to emotional abuse and keeps crawling back for more.

No. 1286820

a genderist skinwalking a TERF? that is too fucking funny.

No. 1286840

>I was afraid to say I had to use the bathroom because she would think I was lying or say that grandma always used that as an excuse
Intergenerational bullshit, the gift that just keeps on giving. Anything that her own parents ever did to her… you get to pay for it.

No. 1286845

your mom is very emotionally abusive. how old are you?

No. 1286846

You better fucking leave him for good, none of that "but he promised me he won't do it again" bullshit. Never let him crawl back to you. Fuck that guy, it's only gonna get worse with him, not better.

No. 1286865

sucks to see so many people i was friends with online as a teenager become literal schizophrenics addicted to drugs, always thinking they’re gonna become chemists or psychologists when they’re just washed up deadbeats in their drug dens hyping each other up

No. 1286867

god i’m sorry. you’re a grown woman, her daughter, not her bestie. she needs to learn boundaries. you’re your own person. don’t let her take that away.
my mother is the same way. i stopped answering her calls more and more and now all she does is text me “why do you hate me.” i’m a lot happier without talking to her consistently but now she guilt trips me all the time. tbh nonna, i just hope you don’t let it get to you. moms like that are self obsessed and usually abusive, i know mine was/is at least. i’m sorry you’re dealing with that.

No. 1286869

File: 1659464092117.jpg (73.34 KB, 624x880, 20220802_141307.jpg)


No. 1286871

that sucks, wtf. i’m sorry anon. are you using your mobile hotspot to do work?

No. 1286873

Thank you lol
Yes I'm trying, but it's not fast enough to be very useful.
I just wish we weren't slaves to telecom company collusion. They're all actual scum of the earth.

No. 1286895

Lol I have received the same why do you hate me text from my mom too and if I don't answer her calls she blows up my bf's phone. Thanks for replying I know like it's not my fault but emotionally I feel like a bad daughter and I feel really down on myself

No. 1286900

>her daughter, not her bestie
tbf though you can be besties with your mom, but her mom is legitimately emotionally abusive and seems like a bully. there's nothing wrong with being best friends with your mom if she actually respects you as a person.

No. 1286901

Strange, hostile responses

No. 1286903

>she blows up my bfs phone
you have no many idea how many times my mom has asked for my bfs phone number. she has a different absurd reason for asking every time. i’m never letting her know it for exactly this reason, i know she’d be spamming him lmao. she asked for his address and i refused to give it to her and she FOUND HIS ADDRESS ANYWAY thanks to public voting records kek. so now she sends him shit in the mail and i’m always afraid she’s gonna show up.

you’re right, it’s possible and quite frankly i’m kind of jealous of people who can be so close with their moms. it was just obvious in that anon’s case they’re not best friends and shouldn’t be talking so much in the first place. my mom loves telling me how much she wishes we were best friends even though she’s the one that acts so insane and pushes me away.

No. 1286908

agreed, i was actually wondering if those were by a skinwalker herself samefagging because anon touched a nerve or something.

No. 1286911

actually i just scrolled up and it obviously is the same anon. definitely touched a nerve there kek

No. 1286914

That's horrible… Like I said before, the only advice I can give is to try remembering that it's not your fault this person is like this, it's just her own inner insecurities, and she doesn't even understand how much she harms you by doing that. And I'd advise creating a different social media (like different twitter) account that is not connected by an e-mail or phone number and if you really need one of your friends to follow you, I would pick only a few. I built a different online account under a different name, and created a following there and only 2 of my friends know about it, they follow but never interact.

No. 1286916

File: 1659466588495.jpg (90.75 KB, 678x760, rr.jpg)

My fiance of 7 years dumped me and now I have to move out in a really expensive city with a cat where I was living paycheck to paycheck with almost no savings (like one month's pay worth)

He chose to do this right after I got back from a great job interview and was in a good mood. I guess in his mind that meant it was time even though it actually makes things like moving a lot more precarious because I haven't received an offer yet.

If I don't get the job I guess I'm moving back to my bumfuck hometown with my mom. I also have been graciously given permission to stay until November so that's good.

No. 1286918

File: 1659466638770.jpeg (135.16 KB, 640x666, 1D03F5DC-B5A7-40A6-93F0-5E4582…)

What the FUCK this shit is the worst litter in existence! It formed into one massive slab of a clump and I had to throw out the whole thing instead of being able to scoop it. Plus it smells weird like someone sprayed febreeze on vomit, and that’s before the cat shits in it. So it smells like vomit poorly covered up with febreeze and then shat on. I have to try not to barf when walking past. And it makes more mess than the super cheap litter.

No. 1286919

File: 1659466660627.jpeg (21.17 KB, 300x298, CB089937-12CD-41D8-927D-CF93BC…)

i feel bad for judging my friends so much but their liberal feminism is cancerous. i say things that i worry might come across as preachy in hopes of persuading them against doing the most anti feminist shit ever. they all claim to hate men but whenever i say anything valerie solanas influenced they don’t give me the same energy back. i know i can’t fix them but we’re all pretty young and i wish i could get these girls to snap out of it somehow. please don’t tell me to just find better friends because idk how and i love my friends, they just make me sad sometimes.

No. 1286923

What’s the reason? Damn that really sucks.

No. 1286926

It's she who must not be named again.

No. 1286932

Somenonny repost that schizo pedo troon warning.

No. 1286948

are you talking about romania? that's definitely not her

No. 1286949

A couple of centuries ago it was mostly medicine women getting branded witches and prosecuted and now in 2022 we have schizo trannys calling themselves a witch.

No matter how many female spaces you invade or try to overtake female specific terms you will always be a man and everyone sees you as one, even in inclusive spaces those women/men still see you as a male but dont tell it to your face.

No. 1286999

Some nonitas say shit that's so stupid you just know they're from the us

No. 1287008

I managed to sleep past the gardeners but it's been 6 fucking hours and I woke up because of it. It not even the big tree trimming day where theres a whole team. This moid needs to be shot I'm tired of his laziness getting on the phone or staring at his phone while keeping the machines on to pretend hes doing work while all the units on my side hear him. He's done gardening at 5-7am sometimes on weekends, it's always the days I needed some extra sleep before work at 9-12 or my days off. I hate this shitty place where it would take me money to move away, large amount of money to put down for a house, and until i can get all that I'm basically paying for the same monthly amount except I dont own the land or the small square I live in. To top it off I'm pretty sure my neighbor smokes weed because i come home smelling weed somehow in my house. I dealt with german roaches because of the neighbor next or across from me. I hate this shit. I'll be voting today half awake hoping that my shitty state isn't bout to entirely ban abortion including rape and incest cases. Hate this god damn place. Hate the people who ran from california or ny like rats here too that drove up the price along with companies just being assholes.

No. 1287021

The roughest kind of breakup imo, the "I love you and want to hang out with you forever but we can't make it work due to fundamental differences in our communication styles and would probably be more successful in life without each other". It just really hurts that he proposed to me knowing all that and hoping those feelings would go away. Feels bad man.

No. 1287026

File: 1659471311918.gif (1021.48 KB, 372x242, Funny-gif-cat-hugging-plush-to…)

ntayrt but damn nonny, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you get the job offer and you and your cat get a nice place to stay. Sending you hugs.

No. 1287029

The one time I actually want covid I keep testing negative. I feel like complete shit but I’m out of sick days so I just have to go into the office and tough it out until I get better.

No. 1287044

Anon you sound incredibly retarded.

No. 1287047

Sorry nona but your behaviour and having your mom relay your relationship status to your grandparents is the embarassing thing, not having a boyfriend and telling your grandparents about him. I don't understand why you're too emberassed to tell your grandparents you have a boyfriend just because you had another before anyway, it's perfectly normal to go through multiple relationships in life?

No. 1287056

File: 1659472605292.jpg (11.35 KB, 319x298, 6c768b6a2d80b5e6c66fafa4b1db63…)

I'm still in my late 20s and that's still young of course but it's really fucking weird being hit on by 18 year olds boys
I don't know how scrotes can easily just date girls so much younger but then again I actually have a conscience

No. 1287068

stop feeling bad nonnie that's the abused little child inside you talking. what a sad post to read. set healthy boundaries with your nmom and attend therapy
>trusting a scrote to provide for you
>not having your own money
>not having a good career so you don't have to be dependent and in a position where you can be abused or thrown out like trash
ngmi. Rest of you nons look at this user as a warning message. Line those bank accounts.

No. 1287070

I think it is rude of you to tell random people to attend therapy but thanks for the well wishes

No. 1287075

>not having a good career so you don't have to be dependent and in a position where you can be abused or thrown out like trash
I don't disagree per say but you're disregarding the fact that it's become increasingly difficult to live on a single income even on middle incomes

No. 1287083

File: 1659474191015.png (648.75 KB, 710x1000, 62b19f41851d8addf3120d58565f8b…)

I like dating a younger guy. He knows I'm smarter and more successful than he is and that I'm probably right and he's probably wrong on any given issue. It's good to have a moid who knows his place is under me. And apparently since the tinder experience in my city is so bad, he knows if I dump him he'll never have another gf, so he's on his best behavior and grateful to have me around. But unlike a moid in my position would do, I don't abuse him. He's my good little pet and I'll give him a nice life. He just has to look good and do what he's told.

No. 1287086

You are literally right I loved him but he was a scrote from a wealthy family and in the back of my head I knew I was stupid for relying on him but when you're with someone generous and kind it's easy to delude yourself.

No. 1287094

Based anon is based.

No. 1287098

This post seems like such a larp

No. 1287101

Korean men who look like they have more plastic in them than korean genes aren't simply ugly, they are disgusting, like any man of any other ethnicity who's face looks like a wax mask. But korean men are the one's being shilled to us the most. I mean, I used to like Bill Kaulitz from Tokyo Hotel, but I was 9 years old and it lasted 3 months max. I can't stand korean plastic idols, the whole industry and it's twitter extension seems so vapid, and despite that, it seems like the fanbase consists of people in their early twenties too, besides teens. I'm scared my younger cousins could seriously get into it. I wish they don't end up throwing away birthday money spending it on useless merchandise.

No. 1287102

I know you be topping spindly mouth breather chinlets

No. 1287104

File: 1659475513124.jpeg (68.54 KB, 720x960, 54B8F8BC-149C-4363-BB3C-A6BADD…)

I do not care what you bitches think I want a boyfriend

No. 1287105

I feel like I am failing in every aspect of my life right now. I recently became unemployed and have been applying to jobs but haven't heard back on anything. I know it's because my resume isn't super padded out, the only reason it's not being that I have mental health issues and I didn't get a ton of work experience when I was younger because I was a NEET living in survival mode trying not to kill myself for years. I started an Etsy shop and I've gotten like 20 sales from family and friends but no one else after 2.5 months despite the work I've been putting into it. My bf and I are in a weird limbo state because he's trying to decide if he's going to move across the country or not (To which I've said I won't be coming along because I've moved 14 times in my life and don't want to do it again). Been depressed because of all this so I've been eating like shit and haven't really been taking care of myself.

Basically feel like I'm doomed to go back to that survival mode place I was before and that all the strides I've made in the past 4 years have been for nothing. Literally the only good thing going for me rn is I have a good support system but idk if it's enough.

No. 1287124

File: 1659476655450.jpg (47.23 KB, 1200x1800, remove-stains_post_1.jpg)

I bet he was eating spaghetti. He's probably gonna have stains in his fur like a plastic container

No. 1287126

His name is Glenn and he ate all the macaroni

No. 1287133

File: 1659477507290.jpg (17.06 KB, 275x251, 1603436312309.jpg)

I'm so fucking angry right now. My dad had my grandma take a shower (which she never does on her own btw, my mom is the one that gives her showers because my grandma is too filthy and dumb to do it herself) without warning me first so I'm pretty sure she just used my washcloth (which is always hanging over the shower). When I expressed anger over this and asked my dad why he didn't give me a heads up so I could get my washcloth he yelled at me to quit bitching. I really don't know why the fuck he's acting like I have no right to be mad about that, I sure as hell know he would be mad if it was his stuff getting used by my grandma. Like I said my grandma is filthy, she's literally the dirtiest person I've ever known and has always been extremely unhygienic but it's worse than ever now that she's 80 because now she stays pissing and shitting everywhere despite wearing diapers (her clothes and sheets need to be washed constantly because she's always pissing all over them, and she sprays shit all over the toilet and on the bathroom floor, and since I share the bathroom with her I'm the one who has to fucking clean it up, and no she doesn't have any physical disabilities), I wouldn't be surprised if I walked into the bathroom and I saw shit streaks on that washcloth. also just to clarify it's not a cloth washcloth but a more abrasive one so I'll have to throw it out I mean this particular situation makes me angry but also just living with my grandma really pisses me off in general. It doesn't help that my grandma doesn't have any redeeming qualities, she's nothing like the stereotypical grandma. She's a literal schizo (this alone sucks to deal with), and is extremely loud/obnoxious and kind of rude at times (she doesn't have hearing problems, her default setting is yelling for whatever reason), and is also really stupid, even my dad has said that she's borderline retarded/ a moron. She also doesn't even do anything like cook or clean. At this point she's been living with us for 10 or 11 years and the situation has just gotten worse. It really brings me down tbh. I wish I had a stereotypical grandma with good qualities. Not even my other grandma is like that (tbh I only met her when I was a baby and never again, she was a deadbeat mom and my grandpa had custody of my mom when she grew up).

No. 1287138

I'm so sorry nona. this sounds so difficult. I can relate to wishing you had a normal family, so I know what you mean by that. I hope it gets easier for you soon

No. 1287141

Told my mom what a friend from high school I haven't seen in a while does. I told my mom that my friend became a librarian. She got snotty and said what a waste because she was so smart. Love how a week ago it was do what makes you happy but glad your true colors showed. My mom tried community college then quit because she didn't like it. She was going into something compsci. Funny how it was okay for her to do that but gosh forbid a girl I was friends with does something she loves. I hate my mother so much.

No. 1287142

Her* name is Glenn

No. 1287180

we had fostered a tiny kitten and it was too quiet like an "uh-oh" moment and lo and behold she was on the table eating some spaghetti that was covered in foil. smart kitty bit damn!!

No. 1287181

I’ve always considered myself bi and now all of a sudden I have zero attraction to men and I have no idea why. It’s like a few months ago it just stopped completely. Even my male celebrity crushes don’t look good to me anymore

No. 1287183

Final stages of losing repression.

No. 1287186

Sounds like bi-cycle

No. 1287207

I will never again order from yesstyle this shit is really taking its damn time, it's too much. I've ordered on the 7th of july and i still haven't received my package, even shein all the way up in China is faster to ship to Europe than this fucking korean bullshit. I'm so mad for such a stupid thing but when you order things and you're all giddy to receive it and one month later you have nothing it's like the company ruined your happy consoomerism moment kek, let me enjoy things damn it

No. 1287208

yesstyle is also a chinese company kek

No. 1287221

I've been crushing on this guy from the distance for almost a year now, I try to talk to him as rarely as possible, only when it's work related stuff, because I know he's taken. I'm still waiting though and hoping they will break up one day, like many couples do. Yesterday I saw his gf for the first time, they were at the grocery store, he looked and waved at me. Like what the fuck, his gf is fat and her face isn't that terrible but she isn't pretty, she's less attractive than him and less attractive than me. I expected his gf to be actually pretty. This is not fair, why a fat girl with meh face can have a guy like him and I can't? He's literally the only tall and semi good looking dude here. Maybe I just live in a shitty town, idk

No. 1287232

oh lmao i thought it was based in korea i jumped to the conclusion because of all the koreans products. but shit it's even slower than shein

No. 1287233

fatties are typically easier and will do more weird shit in bed so doesn’t like he’s much of a catch outside of looks kek

No. 1287241

Why are pads so fucking narrow on the bottom holy shit I always overflow blood on the sides and then it gets on my pants. There’s no reason to make a pad over a foot long having it go up my entire buttcrack and then have it barely cover my entire vulva, you know the main part where the blood is coming from and pooling??? I have to buy the super large reusable pads because anything less has less width and will just scrunch my underwear together and blood gets on the sides so fucking easily. FUCKKK I need to invent a solution to this

No. 1287244

he kinda is though, women at my job share my opinion that he's one of the few sensible guys we came across. He's very resourceful and helpful, he can fix basically everything (a skill that almost doesn't exist anymore in men in their early 30s), you don't even have to ask him for help because he will notice you need help and come to help you before you think about asking him, he's also very witty, funny, clever, well read, has nice music taste, super chill without any effort, it doesn't feel like he tries to be cool like other men, he just is

No. 1287246

i only use bigger pads with the adhesive wings for this reason, but also i have a heavy flow in general. but yeah even when my period is light it just spills over half the time or rubs against my leg kek. the thicker always pads are pretty good without being the length of the buttcrack length overnight pads

No. 1287251

This was how I felt when I saw my bfs ex. She was some short dumpy girl who lived in a home where she wouldn't throw away old tampons. I'm pretty sure it's down to self confidence and that he was desperate for a girlfriend.
I feel like what >>1287233 is saying is true because his ex would only do anal and shit on him one time "by accident"

No. 1287257

Just take a test and get the result online, the inspect element it to say positive. You’re welcome!

No. 1287266

my whole life i've never seen myself accomplishing anything and so far this has been the case. i've given the whole self-improvement a shot, got a job, went to the gym, made friends, went to therapy, yet i found myself more exhausted and miserable after years so i went back to neetdom anyway. is it bad to say that sometimes living isn't for me? i think i've been repeating the 'it's going to get better' mantra in my head forever now. i think i gave it an honest try so it's not like i'm jumping the gun here. do you think that some people just can't be happy due to a bad childhood?

No. 1287267

My mom is the nicest person ever, but has a history with alcoholism. I thought that was in the past, like 6 years ago, but she was just super mean to me and locked the door when I left out of upset, so I'm pretty certain this sudden change of character is due to alcohol. She's never done something like that. It was super fucking hurtful. It hurts me to be mad at her because she's the sweetest person ever. And also, when someone like that is mean to you it hurts differently lol.

No. 1287277

I'm sorry, anon. Substance abuse in a family is a big deal and seeing that sudden change in someone you love is really hurtful and confusing to experience when relapse happens, you have every right to feel the way you do regardless of how well you have gotten along throughout her sobriety. Just know you never need to blame yourself for how your loved one acts towards you under the influence, it was a really hard thing for me to grasp since substance abuse was so normal where I grew up but please just never try to shoulder the blame for it yourself. The anger someone with alcoholism feels is at themselves and/or whoever hurt them in the past, and taking that out on you is her problem that she needs help for and not a reflection of who you are as her child.

No. 1287284

My ex broke up with me like 5 months ago but it's only today that I fully realize everything is over. I've been trying to talk to her during those 5 months but she decided yesterday that it's never gonna work out. We will never be friends and we will never be in each other's lives. Anymore. Forever. She was the only close friend I ever had in literally a decade, and the only relationship I've ever been in, the only person I've ever felt attracted to. And now it's all gone. I just feel like my world is fucking crashing.

I just don't know how I can deal with it, this is the only relationship I've ever had and I have no one to talk to. Not even exaggerating when I say this is the worst feeling I've ever felt. I feel so fucking alone. I want to kill myself.

No. 1287292

My new job promised me free housing, but now I realize I have to live with a bunch of scrotes. I feel disgusted about this. What can I do to change my situation? I don't really make that much so I was counting on this housing. A single bedroom here costs over $1400 so that would take up 75% of my salary.

No. 1287296

a lot of us have been there exactly, some find better/new partners, others dont and end up just as happy as the former. Sending you a serious hug, your post made me tear up bad.

No. 1287298

Sounds like you have trauma that needs professional intervention to be overcome.

No. 1287299

There was a you before "her", and I promise you'll find "you" after her too nonnie. My BF broke up with me, no contact, after nearly a decade of friendship- it feels like a divorce and you grieve like a death but I promise time really does heal all wounds. And if things are meant to be, you will meet- and if you think I'm joking, one of my ex-friends (6 years/no contact) said "Hi!" After they spotted me and my family at the biggest hotel- in one of the many ice cream lobbies with a different timezone in ANOTHER COUNTRY!
Miracles really do happen, so stay positive nonnie. I really promise I am not bullshitting and life is crazy and intense but things will be okay, and there is still a "you" without them.

No. 1287303

>do you think that some people just can't be happy due to a bad childhood?
Yes. And therapy is a scam, I wasted years of my life for nothing.

No. 1287316

tell them you’re only comfortable with female roommates? try and find a room to rent with other girls and ask your job to reimburse you ?

No. 1287333

I recently started dating my first boyfriend ever and just got my period for the first time since we got together. I've experienced pms mood swings before but holy shit, it feels so much more intense now that I'm in a relationship. The whole time we were together over the weekend I felt super weird and hormonal and emotional and kept being bothered by little things he did. Today he didn't reply to a meme I sent him over text and I spent a few hours feeling distraught and worrying he wants to dump me. I was two seconds from sending him an insane angry text until my brain told me I was being crazy. I thought scrotes were bullshitting when they complain about women going apeshit on their periods but I definitely didn't like the monster inside me that I was about to show my boyfriend. Luckily I calmed down but what the fuck.

No. 1287335

idk why oldfags are so scared to die when they have to live like that. like fam it's time. i'm going to kms around age 70. bothers me that everyone is gonna project like, 'omg she must have been so depressed that's so sad she must have been looooonely because she never had kids' and whatever crap. i'm already angry about it actually. but i'll be damned if i suffer old age.
get a menstrual cup already instead of wearing diapers

No. 1287344

Thank you anon, I could really use a big hug and your post made me smile. I know being broken hearted is a universal human experience, but I had no idea it could hurt this bad. The one thing that's giving me hope is that maybe someday I'll look back at this occurrence and think how trivial it all was and how much more happy I feel at that future moment than now.

>There was a you before "her", and I promise you'll find "you" after her too nonnie.
Thank you anon, I really, really needed to hear this. This is what makes it so hard because my whole world had revolved around her. It felt like I wasn't living as a person before I met her. I can't remember what I had been doing in the past 10 years, but I can perfectly recall every detail that I've spent with her. She shared so many niche hobbies with me that not many people in this world are into and she was so like me in so many ways. She used to joke that I was a clone of her, and it made me feel so complete that I found someone like me in this world. I realize I spent every moment with her that it made me stop doing my other endeavors, like improving my art. It's going to be difficult forming my identity again.

No. 1287362

I hate men. I hate men who make you think they're a surrogate father figure and joke about it constantly and then come on to you sexually. I hate any man more than twice my age who thinks it's okay to even look at me. I hate men with defective flaccid penises who still insist on telling you where they want to put it. I hate any phallused individual. I hate trying to fill in the gap from never having a dad. I hate men. I hate everything on earth. I want to jump off a fucking building but not before nailing a dead rat to the door of every skeevy uni professor who hits on young women and thinks he deserves to breathe another breath after doing it. I hate men.

No. 1287364

sorry nonna but that’s not pms. pms is the week or so before your period starts and the symptoms stop around when the blood begins. sounds like you are just anxious about the relationship, i hope it passes

No. 1287365

You are a dumb slut

No. 1287367

i’m sorry anon. i’m sending tons of love your way and i really feel for you. i made a post recently about how my teacher from when i was 14 recently emailed me (i’m in my 20s now) to tell me some crazy nasty sexual shit to me out of nowhere. i have no idea what makes these men think it’s okay or appropriate or how they even allow themselves to develop these feelings in the first place. no shame, on any level. total lack. their position of power over us even in the past is part of it.

No. 1287369

I'm sorry that happened to you too anon. I've been crying on and off for 5 hours over my situation and I think I'm overreacting but I guess this is the straw that broke the camels back in terms of men in general. I wish I could live in a female only colony.

No. 1287372

My sister's boyfriend is so old and ugly. He doesn't even have money. I'm assuming it's drugs keeping her around but fuckin Christ he looks like a bald native Chris Chan.

No. 1287375

deeply unfortunate. made me imagine what cwc would be like if he grew up on a rez

No. 1287376

I am falling for a boy but I have feelings for my ex still. We still talk even though he is shitty and only messages me when his friends are unavailable yet he talks about me all the time to everyone and it is clear to everyone he still has feelings for me even though he doesn't want to be together. I still love him with all my heart and if he asked I would be with him in a heartbeat. But this has been going on for a year and it will probably continue until the day we die if I don't put my foot down. I know he still loves me and when we meet up he looks at me with adoration and he ties my shoelaces in public so everyone can see, but he still doesn't want to be with me and that hurts my soul. He doesn't have anyone else he just doesn't want to be with anyone.

And this boy we've only been chatting for a week but he seems so interested in me and what I have to say and we have a ton in common and he is very sweet to me. He gives me butterflies but they are heavy and feel like rocks in my stomach because all I feel is guilt. Guilt for thinking about moving on from the one I envisioned I would marry and have children with and grow old and count the wrinkles by his eyes year after year. But I don't want to be strung along until I'm old and grey and Ive spent my life chasing a love that will never fully commit.

No. 1287381

You’re either retarded or male

No. 1287384

File: 1659492497460.jpg (64.34 KB, 474x795, 45p234u5i23u.jpg)

My bf said I have "traditional values" and I don't know what he meant by that. I'm childfree and have a university degree. I think it's because I have long hair and know how to cook and clean, but that's so stupid that it just makes me angry. Now I'm scared that he sees me as a bangmaid.

No. 1287385

Maybe it would have been better for him. The rez I lived on had no stable internet besides the school and band office until 2006

No. 1287387

a lot of men say that as a code for “i don’t think you’re a total slut.” it’s annoying. tell him that’s weird and he shouldn’t say that or even think it because it’s a flawed perspective coming from a place of misunderstanding

No. 1287421

living for a family that would never understand no matter how i tried is draining. how long i can keep the act going, we'll see. i felt too guilty to move out so i'll watch myself die inside instead.

No. 1287422

On depop, I got a non-5 star review for the first time (this matters a lot, as no one will buy from you if your shop isn't 5 star rated with multiple reviews) because the package was a bit ripped by the delivery service and they had to tape it, apparently. She stated in the review that I was a great seller, communicative and the item arrived in great condition. So I check her shop profile and see that she has a policy that says 'not responsible for any damages, defects or issues during shipping or with the items i send'. I never a-log but this makes me want to lol.

No. 1287423

red flag. my ex heard the lyrics "there's no such thing like a female with good looks, who cooks and cleans", pointed and said to me "it's you!" and my skin has never stopped crawling. the audacity of scrotes.

No. 1287424

maybe it's something corny like working hard, best case scenario. but i wouldn't hold out for a man, just tell him to say what that means and joke how you don't seem so traditional since you're a girlboss or something.

No. 1287431

weed has been making my anxiety worse but i don't have the willpower to stop rn. im trying to taper off how much im smoking so i can take a T break but ive already been so mentally ill bc of other factors. ugh.

No. 1287439

File: 1659496473536.jpeg (14.33 KB, 491x253, 40f14ea7-51e4-4fef-be9a-25bc7a…)

I'm so behind in life it's laughable. I have no friends or relationships, mooch at home, and work a stupid retail job that barely scrapes 13 an hour. My younger adult siblings are more successful than me. Fuck

No. 1287444

Cups don’t work for me sadly since it would be much easier, if I insert anything it makes my cramps much worse let alone trying to even put it inside correctly which is uncomfortable

No. 1287446

Try magnesium supplements. Start 5 days before your expected period, take 1 a day. Should reduce cramping.

No. 1287452

I fucking hated being in charge of the bills for my moid housemates, they owe me over $150 for gas and electricity, I've asked them several times but they won't fucking pay because I moved back in with my parents to save money and they know I can't physically hunt them down. Fucking hated my housemates, they stank up the place with their smoking and left the damn kitchen all greasy and disgusting. Hope they both fucking die.

No. 1287485

My boobs hurt. That's all.

No. 1287488

File: 1659500033439.jpg (28.16 KB, 1125x457, 1621487717379.jpg)

Same situation, but at least you're making money. Unlike me

No. 1287493

I laughed at my own old posts twice tonight without realising. Time to get a life

No. 1287495

I cackle at my own post was I'm writing them. Idgaf if anyone else finds them funny but me

No. 1287497

My family's Netflix account say it's on the Premium HD plan but when I play a movie the picture quality is terrible. I just pirate the movie to get 1080p. No wonder that company is bleeding subscribers when they can't do anything right.

No. 1287499

File: 1659500827294.jpeg (35.81 KB, 551x310, E4DC7018-8E8A-4AAD-915A-2E034E…)

It's cool same. jealous of that nonny but I'm gonna believe in us. change is possible it's just real fuckin hard. I am adopting picrel as my new motto while I work on taking baby steps to something resembling normalcy

No. 1287500

The manager at a business near my work has become increasingly creepy/flirty with me the past few weeks, it’s getting uncomfortable. I unfortunately see him practically every shift too and whenever I shop there so I really can’t avoid him

No. 1287501

I am the dumbest bitch to ever walk this earth, truly. I wish someone would hit me.

No. 1287504

File: 1659501305788.jpg (242.6 KB, 750x1000, Tumblr_l_19278873267561.jpg)

>Leave bangs down overnight
>Bangs get greasy oily
>Clip them backwards onto head with bobby pin
>Not a spot of oil
So my forehead is the culprit…

No. 1287506

File: 1659501521108.jpg (150.17 KB, 947x1273, Tumblr_l_8414050236788.jpg)


No. 1287509

i assumed this since my hair sucks up the 20 moisturizers i put on and then looks greasy. but i can't deal with barettes and pins, they just rip my hair out. fine hair is a bitch

No. 1287510

File: 1659502148572.png (530.37 KB, 960x737, 165806766125879.png)

I'm so fucking tired of arguing I want to physically fight him and cave his skull in, leave me alone god damn it! If I'm pissed off at you, talking to me isn't going to make the situation better!

No. 1287511

File: 1659502313243.jpeg (56.2 KB, 594x900, D37608B4-0CF7-4096-BFB5-42F8B3…)


No. 1287524

I’ve been isolating because I’m depressed but of course because men are retarded and have this fantasy where they desperately believe women will ever be as violent and fucked up as them a scrote made a joke comparing me to the unabomber… literally just because I’m self isolating. Like they very badly want women to have a modicum of the violent tendencies they do and wish to draw comparisons as often as possible to make them feel better about themselves

No. 1287536

I freaked the fuck out last night and said the meanest shit I could think of to my bf, almost checked myself in to the hospital but got scared at the last minute, and then felt almost nothing afterwards. He's handled it in stride and showed me a lot of love and understanding. More than I think I would be capable of. I'm adjusting meds & in the midst of quitting a very heavy and longstanding marijuana addiction, as well as dealing with wacky fucking menstrual hormones and I just feel out of control. I just found out that he's been saving hella money to celebrate my birthday and I just… ugh. I wish I could stop being a stupid bitch and be thankful for everything that I have but I get comfortable and then I start fucking picking at every little thing in my life.
I'm calling my therapist first thing tomorrow. I should have never stopped seeing her.

No. 1287537

I want to live in a world where ugly/plain girls date hot guys. Turn the tables.

No. 1287597

i want to be in this group chat. aside from sugaring, it sounds hilarious and exciting to witness

No. 1287638

File: 1659518562538.jpeg (68.02 KB, 452x678, 220D5A1A-DA24-40AF-8079-8692D3…)

I’ve come to the painful realisation that I don’t miss him, I miss the entirety of the life I lead when we were together. Reconnecting wouldn’t bring back what we had. That time is gone and now all I have are memories and photos to carry me into salary servitude.

No. 1287652

Realizing it's gone will help you moving on anon, think of it as a good thing!

No. 1287659

I’m defo lactose intolerant. Cant stop farddin and shiddin and the smell is ungodly.

No. 1287663

I did something similar when my bf was trying to help me cook and I still feel like shit for it. Found out he was taking overtime purely to save up for my birthday present. Idk why I feel the need to get my anger off my chest to him when him and my mom are the only two people who really show me kindness and affection

No. 1287666

Thank you nonna, that is something good to remember. I’d been missing him but then I reconnected and had a night out with my roommates from that time and I realised that he was only part of the puzzle. Moving on is hard but making peace with the past is half the battle.

No. 1287682

AYRT and same, I bottle shit up and then it fucking explodes one day, he (and I) can't keep living like this, I really need to get back into therapy. I think I was self-sabotaging but it didn't work thankfully. I wish I could be graceful and strong like he is. I've got my work cut out for me. This is so humiliating. Good luck nonna, we can't be dumb bitches forever.

No. 1287683

omg, I hate this man next to me, in the last threat I already ranted about him always eating moist food and eating with his mouth open, his smelly feet (and he takes off his shoes quite often), he always moves around annoylingly and now takes without a joke 5 capsules really loudly in a annoying way. For the first time today he was finally more wuiet, but that was only as long as he took off his headphones. When he wears them he is more annoying and he always eats with them and I don't think he even realises that every 3rd bite he opens his mouth with a smack like kionding song. And I know I have to tolerate him at least until next week. I hope after this he leaves the coworking space

No. 1287685

while I do like kpop, this is true but at the same time it is always funny to see them on western tv without all the filters and flattering camera lenses (same goes for female idols too), most of the time they look so average or even worse than the average man you see. You can also see their surgeries more easily

No. 1287687

I would not share a bathroom with her. Better put your towels etc. in a box with a lock and give her something from your father to play with (it does not need to be something from the bathroom).

No. 1287691

use the new friend frinder thread on lolcow

No. 1287699

Some old people are very healthy until the very end though. It really depends. In anon's grandma's case, that particular grandma seems like she can't live independently because she's retarded and I refuse to believz she's not a little bit disabled, at least mentally.

No. 1287701

My laptop broke down and my father gave me his old one and I suddenly saw (when I was writing something in school back then a few years ago) bookmarks with porn titles (also MILF stuff kek). I noticed it really late and just hoped that the guy, who sat behind me, did not see that, because the bookmarks were rather big on the screen and I didn't notice until like half an hour of writing. It is kind of weird knowing your father's preferences now and it disturbed me a lot back then (tbh it still does, but it was all the more harmless stuff like MILF and anal in our language and my country has more strict laws about employee rights etc. so the being taken advantage off is less of a problem here than in some other countries and it was on a local big porn site. If it was incest or teen it would have made me distance myself, but my father is in general someone, who would never find it good that a woman is being taken advantage of no matter in what way, he also finds age gaps disgusting, so I also did not expect something bad). But it kind of kills me innerly that I know his preferences now, while my older sister, who is way too open about sex and talks to almost everyone about it no matter if you wantt to or not, does not know it, while I am more considered the "prude" one (especially in comparison with her) and know about it

No. 1287708

Based on my stalking of my ex's social media I think my ex found someone new and she seems better than me in every way. They're even online at the same time and I can only imagine how much fun my ex is now having without me. I don't know how to deal with that. I am literally seething right now. I am so fucking jealous. I hope this bitch dies.

No. 1287712

It’s really fun to clock women irl who you think post here. There are definitely common characteristics amongst farmers

No. 1287713

i am scared of going blind, i am losing sight at an incredibly fast speed. i am very worried nonnies, if I can't see I am going to neck myself.

No. 1287717

I’m so pretty without glasses I literally feel like those fictional dweebs who get a glow up whenever I look at myself in the mirror without them. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been able to find frames that fit my face shape properly but I need to hurry up and save for lasik because I’m blind as FUCK without them. I hate being poor.

No. 1287718

I'm sure you know that already but people present themselves as much cooler and happier on social media. There's no way of knowing she's actually better, or that he's actually happier and having fun. I hope you'll manage to stop caring about him and his life soon

No. 1287722

what kind of characteristics. i feel like i'm different irl from how i act here

No. 1287724

Best of luck to you too. It's a big hurdle to overcome but time will help you heal. Something that really helped me was just sitting down and closing my eyes whenever I feel the urge of just losing my shit. I just think of how the situation would play out and all the nice things we've done together.

No. 1287726

It should still be extremely disturbing to you, what the fuck anon? What sort of retard doesn’t clean his rape-on-tape history before lending his laptop to someone else, let alone his fucking daughter? Absolutely degenerate. You know the money goes to trafficking women and pimps right? It doesn’t matter if the video is “tame” by your standards or whatever. Weird how you think your sister is the one that should’ve had this experience because she’s the “sluttier” one. No man who cares soo much about women’s wellbeing would go whack off to assrape. Stop shilling for your coomer dad.

No. 1287732

I am still repulsed by the fact my partner had unprotected anal with his ex and that she at one point shit on the dude.

No. 1287737

ngl the fact that you know that is a red flag. why would he ever tell you that. that’s not something that should be discussed with a current gf. it sounds like he wanted to humiliate her and you by doing that

No. 1287739

File: 1659534540814.gif (2 MB, 315x261, af4.gif)

I wish i was able to treat myself. Its my upcoming birthday and all I wish for is money or at least a gifting card to somewhere so I could get myself something, instead of always getting useless gifts. The only thing I am thinking of right now is how with the inflation i will be able to afford 10 Christmas gifts… how i would be able to afford a far away trip to meet my grandparents after over 3 years of not seeing them, how i would afford my upcoming sgudy courses, how i would afford a new phone, how i would afford my shitty monthly healthcare, how i would afford a visit to a dermatologist, how i need a new shelf…i wish i could be a silly person who collects her favorite artists artbooks and limited editions of her favorite old games… but no, here i am, a miserable artfag trying to not collapse from eating moslty 0.99 noodles. I have so many projects to work on with a small hope i would get something out of it… at this point im thinking of selling sjw designs for a quick side hustle. I feel so damn useless.

No. 1287740

This is a dumb vent but I let Instagram convince me to buy Bala bangles even though I had perfectly good ankle weights already and the thing you don’t see in literally any picture they post is that the bars don’t go all the way around anyone’s ankles. I’m a retard for expecting that anyway because it’s marketed for ankles OR wrists, and wrists are much tinier than ankles - and it fits without gaps on my wrists. But I also feel tricked because every single pic they have on their Insta is staged so you can’t see the gaps on this band. Like just conveniently it’s always turned so there’s no gaps, even in their studio class pics. Must be magic! And I must be… so stupid.

No. 1287741

Still at my summer job which will end soon (thank god) and we have this annoying and loud Indian man working and he is so fucking ugly and annoying. I'm studying teaching and he basically cornered me and asked if I could tutor his retarded daughter when school opens up and I said I'll think about it. Someone gave him my number and he already told his daughter that i'll be tutoring her when I specifically told him I'll think about it. Anyway, today we had a staff meeting and he sat beside me and talked so loudly my ears started to hurt. I've been avoiding him like the plauge, during one break he asked if we could take a walk together, I said no. Luckily we dont work in the same department so i dont see him at all if i'm lucky. During the meeting we had a little break he wouldn't leave me alone and I told him nah i'm busy this fall I can't, and he became so fucking rude and everyone looked at him weird. Like I want to go to your smelly house in a fucking double pandemic to tutor your dumbass daughter and to listen to you speak loudly in broken English. Leave me the fuck alone. God he is so fucking ugly and loud, like I can hear his voice from a mile away and he wont stop talking, ever. Glad I stood my ground and whomever gave him my number I hope you fucking die. I looked at the company phone list and I cant find his number to block him, but I opened snapchat and I saw his ugly ass bitmoji in the "quick find" list… WTF??! I want to avoid this psycho until my schedule ends in a few weeks. I'll report him to HR if he ever comes up to me again.

No. 1287743

I need a new PCP because the doctor I see has been nothing but dismissive each time I’ve been in there. He just talks to me for <5 minutes at a time and rewrites the script for the SSRI I hate. I spent months weaning off of Lexapro, because I hate it and how it made me feel, and all he does is write me a new script for it and tells me I can “sell my vacuum cleaner” if I can’t find the funds for the expensive therapy clinic he wants me to go back to. He doesn’t even take my vitals—just decides what’s wrong in two minutes. I’m over it.

No. 1287756

sending love your way nonnie and i wish i could send money. i have been in the same position so many times and it can feel so utterly helpless. i hate not being able to buy things for people but they are just happy to have you in their lives regardless and most people really do appreciate food and your presence more than anything else!

No. 1287759

This isn’t the get this off your chest thread dude

No. 1287761

go away blaine you are neither intersex nor a woman

No. 1287762

>>1287737 I think I forced it out of him after one his friend's made fun of him. He said it was true when I asked.

No. 1287774

stop replying, it's a tranny. just report and ignore

No. 1287782

major red flag

No. 1287784

This anon is right it’s a mental ill man who larps as a dark web assassin or intersex women when he’s just a want to be Chris chan even the kiwis find boring. He’s doxing his own family members and his 11 alt twitters every time he’s not getting enough attention.

No. 1287833

Before we met, my ex and I have a very niche hobby which I had always liked doing throughout my whole life. Our relationship was made special that I was able to bond with her through this hobby. Now that we're not together anymore, I feel like my image of this hobby has been tainted and I can't enjoy it anymore without thinking of her. I can't even be the person that I was before I met her. I can't even enjoy the only thing that I was passionate about.

No. 1287865

>Feel suicidal
>Call a crisis line
>Get freaked out while it's still ringing
>Hang up
>Still feel suicidal
>Call a crisis line
>Get freaked out while it's still ringing
>Hang up
Debating whether third time is the charm or if it's all useless. I struggle to talk about my problems out loud but I was sent home from work because I couldn't stop crying and I wouldn't share what's wrong (but assured that I'm still expected in tomorrow). I can't get a quicker therapy appointment so I feel obliged to talk to someone professional.

No. 1287868

File: 1659538170345.gif (1.15 MB, 600x300, _3dtext2gif_zjsedsdizdhf.gif)

PLEASE do it nonnie. Consider this a sign. Picrel unrelated

No. 1287873

Samefag, to be clear I mean please make the call. Don't kys

No. 1287875

Live out of spite for the scrote above

No. 1287886

Please live so you can spit on the grave of this pathetic skinwalker whose bones will decay into dust scattered within maggots. A woman alive is worth 100 men dead.

but for real, nonna, I hope you decide not to. I don't even know you, but I'm sending all the love and hugs I can to you right now.

No. 1287892

Just call the crisis line.. you don't exactly have to call while being your best 10/10 there so what's there to freak about right?

No. 1287894

That is what Erika said and the janny deleted it because he skinwalks here as a woman

No. 1287895

Thank you all. I'm feeling overwhelmed and very tired so I'm going to have a nap and then try to call again if I still feel amiss when I wake up. I'm not in imminent danger to myself or anything

No. 1287898

File: 1659538824106.gif (624.92 KB, 200x200, BountifulHollowCondor-max-1mb.…)

WHY is the Bluetooth function so shit on Windows 10

No. 1287918

are you stupid? I remembered wrong, he did not use his laptop in over a year or two and his memory is not the best either, but he also would have never thought that I would see his bookmarks. He is like me oblivious to technical stuff like that. It was not even turning on and he had to go to work and gave it too me, because I had an important assignment and my laptop died. Stop making him out to be in a monster, when he is not. Lets be honest 99% of the men watch porn and no, while my country does have women who are trafficed into porn etc they were posted (I did not click on it) in the local language (on a local side and this local site is famous for pretty much only Amateur couples posting on it in shitty quality) and it is pretty well regulated here and here is also a welfare system and pretty much all sex traffic victims here are in the direct prostiution business and don't speak a wordo f the local language most of the time. The porn community is way more regulated here than in a lot of other countries, porn sites get banned if they have disturbing content on it. It was not an eastern european video or so. And I have never said my sister should have been the one to see it so stop twisting my words, she snoops around a lot and it is just weird that usually they are both more talking about sex (when my sister brings it up) than I do, so me knowing, when they are both more open about such stuff, is weird. And where did I say my sister is sluttier? I even refered to myself as prude, which has a negative connection, and never said my sister is slutty. She just can't feel embarrassement and shares too much (she even tells her dentist about her periods, when it was not even asked of her). You have real issues if you think that every man, who watches porn is a horrible man. Men (especially who are not young anymore) are not educated enough about the topic and there are enough women who watch porn too. Grow the hell up and realise that the world is not black and white. I am sure if more men would be told about sex traffic, there would be at least 10%, who try to not consume porn anymore. Wanna bet that men in your enviornment mostly watch porn too? I literally do not know one (even on the internet) man, who does not watch porn. EVen a lot of women think there is nothging wrong with it and still continue to watch it, even if they know there is something wrong with it

No. 1287919

True. It like never works

No. 1287929

nta but writing that much to defend your dad being a coomer is a lot to take in kek. you good?

No. 1287954

I once had a transgender friend a few years ago. I used to think she was "one of the good ones" and being her friend had made me deny all logic behind the transgender movement despite the rational part of my brain thinking how contradictory and retarded it all was. I considered her as a woman when she talks to me through text but when I talk to her irl, see her manly face, and hear her manly voice the rational part of my brain is just screaming at me "THAT'S A MAN, THAT'S A MAN, THAT'S A MAN" Now that we're no longer friends and since I found this site, I realize all the conflicts we had was a result of his male socialization and the way he aggressively interacted with me. Did you know he wanted to be a woman because of his life-long interest in lesbian romance media? I don't think there was a sexual aspect to it as he is asexual but I always felt like he had a weird complex at the idea of being a lesbian, being around other lesbians, and lesbian culture. He was like a straight HSTS. It all felt like a giant LARP where he's wearing a costume. I have no hope for the tranny movement anymore. Even the mild ones have some sort of weird paraphilia, or some weird complex around the idea of emulating something you're not.

He made me feel like such a bad person for the longest time but now I realize he's just another gaslighting, narcissistic troon like all the rest. FUCK HIM I HOPE HE GETS THE CROTCH WOUND SO HE GETS AN INFECTION AND SUFFERS FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. IF NOT, I HOPE HE KILLS HIMSELF BEFORE 30.

No. 1287956

I don't trust lasik, i heard it fucks your eyes up. If you get it post here and let us know how it went.
t. -9 both, coke bottle glasses. i think mine look good though. try shopping for color and not just frame shape/size.
yeah damn i'm scared of that too. wish scientists would stop fucking around with tranny surgery and would make ways to fix people's eyes and teeth.

No. 1287958

Don't be mean, she's clearly trying her hardest to cope, if it was fine and normal in her books she wouldn't post about it in vent. Ultimately it's true that when it comes to finding out your loved one watches porn anyone would definitely prefer to see it's tame and not some extreme/dangerous fetishes, so at least that's a silver lining here.

No. 1287959

Slightly deranged, usually very quiet, obvious memer, radfem tendencies, anti troon, etc.

No. 1287961

you’re right, really didn’t want to be mean honestly, it’s just hard to see from an outsider perspective that she’s doing mental gymnastics to combat the cognitive dissonance that will arise when someone you thought was good turns out to be pornsick. i go out of my way to avoid stumbling upon porn when i use my brothers computer for a reason. i already assume it’s there, i don’t want to see it. if i found incest porn or something i’d lose my mind. so i don’t blame that anon at all, she’s reacting in the same way most women even radfems would, denial and shutting it out of her mind and convincing herself her fathers cooming is somehow different from other coomers. i believe her when she says he’s a “good person,” but that doesn’t contradict the porn. plenty of men act like decent people, and those same men also watch porn. these men see porn as separate from “real life” because they don’t see the women as actual human beings. doesn’t matter how tame the porn is, it’s always degrading

No. 1287963

samefag, with that said, the vast majority of men watch porn and unless you want to cut men out of your life entirely, accepting this as something you can’t control is all you can do. but personally i love berating men about porn. i love being at a bar and hearing them say nasty shit just to call it out and tell them porn addiction has ruined their minds, and i love seeing their smiles droop into shameful frowns because they know i’m right. ive successfully gotten several men to actually quit porn, but most aren’t able to even if they want to. but it’s not possible to get them to stop unless they’re mildly feminist in an oldschool way or dumbasses concerned about their masculinity and ED.

No. 1287970

I agree with everything you say but it's also true that a lot of people are completely oblivious or in denial to how porn objectifies and harms women; especially now with the whole "sex work positivity", when speaking up about it is frowned upon despite so many horrific accounts of abuse coming even from the best known "porn stars". You have mainstream feminist media recommend watching porn to "spice up" your sex life, I'm willing to believe a lot of people are to dumb to question it, not willing to research the subject and so on. It sucks how normal it is.

No. 1287971

I'm sorry about that, anon. Text to speech could be helpful if you do go overboard so you can still access us on lolcow.

No. 1287979

you’re completely right, although i think that definitely is only a common perspective among millennials and zoomers. gen x and older love to feign opposition to pornography. every gen x and boomer parent loves to say how bad porn is even though they still watch it, and of course boomers are the generation that made the most use of porn theaters. i think part of it is that they think “that’s someone’s daughter” (ugh) so they feel obligated to put on a veneer of hating it.

No. 1287996

There's a creepy guy that started at work and he basically stands on your toes when he talks to you and his breath always stinks he always has hot breath. I got 5 hours sleep last night and just could not be fucked with this dude. He's from South Asia and idk if its cultural for him to not understand personal space. He's also taken to venting to me about his job and its like, what do you want me to do about it. I have to work closely with his department and if he keeps annoying me I'm going to report him because he's such a fucking hassle he stops you from being able to work.

No. 1288033

I just turned 29 and I'm noticing an increasing amount of comments from other people chastising me for doing things typically associated with young people, like playing video games, cosplaying and dressing in alt fashion. I don't think I'm old and I've done these things since I was a child with no comments from anyone, so why should I stop now? My boyfriend is older than me and nobody tells him these things.

I don't go all out with my clothing in my daily life and I rarely wear my cosplays outside of cons once a year, I still look young and cute and I have money and free time to spend on games. So why are people taking issue with it? And only when they find out how old I am, so clearly it's not about me looking too old for what I wear.

No. 1288038

Decided to check the thread again and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed a particular more than usual underaged posters. Skinwalkers do exist yes but this happens rarely to normies.

No. 1288045

File: 1659548479698.png (595.35 KB, 1000x1000, 6E4560E9-530B-47C5-A73C-14CA1D…)

I literally work scooping ice cream and after a child said “thank you” i responded “you’re welcome” and then she goes really rudely and bluntly “not you, lady!” I’m mortified and I want to cry. Cant believe this is my life being shit all over by goddamn children. This is the last time I’m nice to a child.

No. 1288047


One time I found "s#blackteenrape##" in the search history of my dad's PC. He was also convinced I was raped as a teen so I'm not sure what to make of that. You're definitely right it could have been worse.

No. 1288054

Damn. If I acted like that I would have gotten smacked upside the head. Women are too afraid to discipline their little Aidens and Braydlins. The wooden spoon solves all problems.

No. 1288058

It wasn’t an aiden it was a little girl who was seething that I didn’t have any chocolate left. Her mother went “shh I know you’re upset that they don’t have chocolate but you don’t have to be rude” and that’s it. anon I’m not even joking I want to fucking cry. Everyone else in the queue laughed like it was sooo funny I feel like such a lowly person.

No. 1288072

must be tough being you if the bar to get you crying is that low

No. 1288075

These retards I call friends only ask me if I'm OK when they want to vent about something. And when I do actually reach out being truthful and that I "really need someone", they invalidate my problems and compare them to theirs, or some fucking kid in the a shithole like the Philippines or whatever. That crap reminds me of my parents. OK

No. 1288076

Yes I know I’m pathetic. It’s the straw that broke my back. I’ve been screamed at, threatened and had stuff thrown at me and kept a smile on my face but the final straw was being snarked at by a child and people laughing.

No. 1288082

Ok sorry that's unfair treatment

No. 1288084

Id be surprised if that anon worked in retail or customer service for very long, if ever. Don't blame the kids though OP just hate everyone equally.

No. 1288086

Snot nosed little shit. My parents would have made be apologize. Weird af that those people laughed, they didn’t think of you as a person at all. All they saw was haha a sassy child like in those funny facebook videos.

No. 1288089

File: 1659551944062.png (42.46 KB, 695x280, 7e84526c28bb25a469c9356842907e…)

when this gendie shit is finally over, those books are going to be so embarrassing.

No. 1288090

File: 1659551966282.jpg (30.73 KB, 700x706, a3Exp51_700b.jpg)

Hate this fucking shithole of a country so much. Both my and my partner work 30+ hours a week each and there is gonna be nothing to show for it come October. Pointless shit like an electric bill putting us into debt after I have an amazing credit score and have NEVER missed a payment or bill…now I will be in debt.

Fuck this country and fuck every single person who says "well it was like this in the 60s you need to sacrifice things" what are we sacrificing for bitch? to line the pockets of billionaires? is this what life has become where we all need to live like oliver twist just to barely survive?
I fucking hate it, and I hate the English mentality even more. Everyone blames eachother as if this country's downfall is just an isolated incident, no one ever wants to stand together and riot anymore because it's much easier to blame poor people as opposed to the government that does fuck all.

I'm fucking tired. I didn't ask to be here, I didn't ask or never wanted to be born and raised in this country. I am working and paying shit and seeing nothing at the end of the tunnel. Last year there was maybe a good point in our lives where we managed to get a good cheap deal on leasing a car, and then finally getting some savings or progress…now it's going to be eaten up by the cost of ONE fucking bill. Fuck this. Why do we even try. I want to see protests on the streets, I want to see riots, I want to see demands from people and I will be one of the first in the street if it even comes to it - but I doubt it because the people of this country are fucking bootlickers who only want to get their own and then step on other people.

No. 1288091

Once you turn older than 25, all of your clothes have to be greige cardigans and your only hobby is housework. Fun is only for men kek.

No. 1288092

I worked in retail at various supermarkets and drugstores for all of my teens and student years. I never got screamed at let alone had stuff thrown at me, sorry you live in a shitty place with shitty people where that's apparantly the norm, but well behaved places exist too.

No. 1288094

>don't blame the kids
no, you can most definitely blame the kids. kids are little undomesticated nightmares. having shit parents is a symptom not a cause.

No. 1288095

sorry I meant from when I was 15 and all of my student years*, not all of my teens

No. 1288096

yes blame the kids, there is no excuse for kids to be impolite and little shits. even if your parents didn't teach you manners you still learn from social interactions elsewhere that it's good to be polite to people…unless you were a feral child raised in the forest.
my mom didn't teach me shit about manners or politeness but i still learned from viewing interactions that you should always say please and thanks and just generally treat people how you want to be treat in return.

No. 1288099

This reminded me of that video of a nude morbidly obese british man with a micropenis singing about brexit (he just says brexit over and over again in a sing songy voice then goes on a rant about “them krauts and frogs” in the same tone) while waving a teeny english flag in his hand.

No. 1288100

right, just how underage girls should know better than to date moids in their 20s. it's their own fault

No. 1288104

I disagree, raising your kids and teaching them manners is the parents' job. Kids can't be held responsible for their own upbringing, that makes no sense. A 6 y/o is like as smart as a smart dog or monkey kek their brains are super underdeveloped.

No. 1288106

It definitely is a cause.

No. 1288109

sarcasm or bait?

No. 1288111

Nta, but if people around were laughing then she's probably not learning manners from anywhere. Imo, it's up to the family to discipline the kids, and if they're not doing that then I can't put the blame on the kid for not having any common courtesy. There's so many people out here raising their kids like shit. You can't bring a new person in the world, not teach them any rules, and then say it's their fault they don't have any home training.
sorry for reposting

No. 1288112

it’s sarcasm. expecting teens let alone children to have the mental maturity of an adult is fucking stupid. blame the parents or the other customers who were laughing and enabling her

No. 1288117

?? Yes they are in fact undomesticated because their parents never domesticated them.

No. 1288132

I'm really into literature and it drives me insane that the publishing establishment operates firstly in trends and secondly in risk-averse thinking which means they publish 1,000 nearly identical books and shun anything that is slightly different. you see the same in anime, like the fucking isekai trend, the magical girls trend, the mecha trend, the grimdark trend. why can't people just publish GOOD works. god i hate this shit. and with literature lately all they want to publish is family saga shit with a quirky female protag who "breaks all the rules" except not really. it turns out to be a typical Bella character that's like a self insert for the "quirky" NYC agent who is cookie cutter to all the other agents. Oh, she's so progressive because she…reads books! uhhh…. and uhhhh…. sometimes her dress is too short! or too long! wow! But when you get to the bottom of the character they're a "safe" conventional woman who ultimately ends up married with children to some wealthy duke 10 years her senior and she's a domestic homemaker who loves baking and reading and gardening and does the entire sum of emotional labor for her entire family without question.

These pieces of shit publishing houses desperately want to sound like they're breaking the box, except they actually don't, and there is no one more cowardly than the modern publishing establishment. All their books sound like they came out of an AI program, or are another book with the names swapped out. None of their "neurodivergent" characters actually are neurodivergent either, they all have the same interests and opinions as the publishing establishment and are painfully normal, with maybe some superficial quirk like they wash their hands a lot?!!? wowwow so BRAVE to publish that! It drives me up a fucking wall. and now the trend is to throw in trannies and tumblr labels.

No. 1288147

So, I'll preface this by saying that my asian is an international student from Burma. I've lived in canada my whole life and am like, 1/4th eurasian but I am white, blonde haired, pale and blue eyed with semi hooded eyes. My roomate and I spend a lot of time together and she's one of my best friends. But she's started to say alarmingly racist things. I think she tells me because she's not thinking of me as one of those people she generalizes.

She tells me stuff about how "all white people look the same", and "all white guys have yellow fever", "white guys are so ugly", "you used to look like such a white girl" (??), "white people food sucks", but exclusively dates white guys. Her and her sister post a lot of pictures of me online and I'm not sure if it's a status thing because they don't do that as much with their asians friends. It makes me feel kinda uncomfortable.

I don't know if she's facing microaggressions at work (subway), from guys she's dating, or missing home and it's making her want to vent, but she didn't use to do this.. and it's making me feel really self conscious about being white myself..

Obviously I can't really say anything about it because her lived experience is so different from mine. Can someone give me some perspective on this?

No. 1288164

this sounds like a bait post…but if not the reason why they are posting you is probably because they see you as a close friend, something that you dont see them as.

And their comments are barely racist, dont get me wrong you can say racist things towards all races including white but there comments were barely that.
Why are you even mad if they said white men are ugly.

No. 1288173

That’s exactly how I felt. Then I had to immediately start taking their orders afterwards after they laughed right in my fucking face. I hate my fucking job I want to commit suicide.

No. 1288176

I just feel so humiliated by it all. I swear I’m never talking to a child again I will treat them like they aren’t even there and direct all questions to their parents. She said thank you and I assumed it was for me.

No. 1288178

ngl anon you sound dramatic as hell and coddled.

No. 1288182

Why don’t you get a life instead of shitting all over people in the vent thread, you sanctimonious little cunt?

No. 1288184

Nta, but why didn't you have this energy for the people that made fun of you.

No. 1288186

Because A I am at work, I have to kiss peoples asses or get written up, and B one of them was a child. That’s why I feel humiliated.

No. 1288188

Anon.. I'm guessing you're not white and also racist

No. 1288189

this was my first reply to you though, srry if there were other people before me also calling you dramatic and coddled.

No. 1288190

There’s always some asshole in this thread kicking people when they’re down.

No. 1288192

I don't know anon, adults laughing it off because their kid said something dumb with no filter isn't the same as gleefully laughing in your face. I don't get malicious intent from that. From the sounds of it you just take/interpret things way more heavily and negative than the average person does. Most people would've forgotten that dumb kid the second it left the store.

No. 1288200

I’m sick of being degraded, spoken down to and blamed for shit that is out of my control and as I said, the straw that broke the camels back. Yes I even mentioned how pathetic I am for feeling this way. If even a kid has the guts to shit on and degrade me then I’m a worthless human being and I should kill myself.

No. 1288203

anon i genuinely mean well when i say this but please get help for bpd.

No. 1288204

You are a sanctimonious fucking cunt. Yes I’m aware im a pathetic piece of shit but you wouldn’t believe how much shit I have put up with in my life. Sometimes it’s the small and seemingly insignificant things that break you.

No. 1288205

>muh beepeedee!

No. 1288206

I think those anons are just trolls and if not just cunts. This is the vent thread. You can vent about a bad day at work. You're probably replying to fat unemoloyed anons that tell people they have mental illness and can't work or some shit

No. 1288207

Nona, you're allowed to feel upset. I agree, sometimes it really is the small things. If you're constantly dealing with pressure and other tensions in your life, then yeah, it's understandable if this is what sets you off. Being under any amount of stress of for a long time, no matter where it comes from, will set anyone off. I hope you can find something that will help you de-stress.

No. 1288210

Yes exactly. Imagine coming to the vent thread just to tell people they’re coddled and dramatic. Like why are you here? To look down your beaky fucking nose at people and snark at them? “Oh I would handle this situation I know nothing about MUCH better, harhar! You have BEEPEEDEE because you had a bad day and are at your wits end. You are CODDLED”
The SHIT I have to deal with is unbelievable. I’m the rock of my family. I care for disabled relatives with dementia on my only days off, my mum is depressed, my brother is an alcoholic and my dad is a straight up fucking lunatic that can’t be responsible for anything. I don’t deserve to go out into the world and be disrespected by a spoiled child when I already have to suffer the indignity of scooping ice cream for a living. Not only that but I have to take responsibility for way more things than I should at work, because I’ve been there longer than everyone including the manager so while I hug people in the bathroom while they cry because someone was rude to them I have fucking NOBODY to vent to. I have to be responsible for EVERYTHING. I want to Fucking kill myself. I’m also walking around on an injured foot and don’t even have time to go to the fucking doctor.

No. 1288212

Male authors being celebrated for writing out their horny misogynist fantasies makes my blood shoot to my head. We get it, you really want to fuck your cousin, but you also really didn’t deserve that Nobel prize.

No. 1288213

samefagging heh.

Also what's with the sudden influx of new anons using the word ''cunt'' as a insult. Not surprised that one of them is a dipshit who is losing their mind over getting embarrassed by a child.

No. 1288216

Get a load of this cunt.

No. 1288217

File: 1659557669878.jpg (101.24 KB, 1200x1182, FJ1Ly4HaIAEpH5C.jpg)

My sister and I used to be best friends, and then we went to having our own friends but still hanging out, and now that she has a husband she barely talks to me at all despite the fact that we live together. She doesn't even invite me to hang out with her friends like we used to, and if I want to hang out with her I have to set everything up. Just while we were eating today, I tried talking to her and instead of responding to me she turned to her husband and started talking about something else. I just miss her and it hurts so much

No. 1288218

>what's with the sudden influx of new anons using the word ''cunt'' as a insult.
I noticed the same thing.

No. 1288219

To me it sounds like she's just joking. Even if you aren't zoomers, she's doing what non-white zoomers do all the time and it's pretending to hate white people. Most of the time (from my experience) they're just joking, hence the reason they immediately jump on a white man's dick or are actively dating one. However, even if she's joking she shouldn't be doing that shit constantly, especially if you're conscious of the fact that you look more white. I've had friends made to feel like shit by others and cry because all that ever came out of their mouths were "I hate white people, white people are ugly" etc etc when all they were trying to do was interact with them and be friends. Some people just take it too far and believe the words coming out of their mouths.

Again, she's probably joking but if it's really bugging you I'd let her know it makes you feel uncomfortable. Constant berating isn't good for anyone's mentality and no one likes always being the butt of the joke.

No. 1288220

I agree. I’m the one crying about being bullied by a child and even I’m not this pathetic. Imagine having to delude yourself that people are samefagging just because you can’t handle being wrong.

No. 1288223

Heh, stop SAMEFAGGING and get help for your bpd!

No. 1288224

when you use scrote-type of insults towards anons it just makes whatever you want to say invalid.

No. 1288226

Pure cringe. Sorry about your bad day anon.

No. 1288229

Go cry about it on twitter.

No. 1288231

Well [redacted] has been visiting threads and participating in them

No. 1288232

>Scrote type insults
Maybe we are just British? Or Australian? Everyone here uses cunt.

No. 1288235

Samefag wow this was a terrible time in the thread for me to vent huh

No. 1288236

Northern Irish lol

No. 1288238

Cunt is also just a really funny word. Don't really care if someone on here uses it. You use it towards someone you don't like, who cares if you hurt their fee fees

No. 1288239

Yah fookin COONT!

No. 1288244

why do i smell smegma here…

No. 1288245

Would you say “nigger” if everyone else also said it? Or do only female-specific slurs get this treatment?

No. 1288246

Stop being a nigger.

No. 1288247

you are correct nonna

No. 1288250

Nta but cunt doesn't even mean vagina where I live, nor is it female specific. Just depends on where you're from.

No. 1288251

You know, I've experienced a lot of anti-white racism from asian acquaintances. I really get tired of it even though I try to ignore it. Like, you chose to move to a white country, and then you're racist and hateful towards the native residents. That wouldn't fly in any other country. If you moved to china and were casually making racist remarks against chinese, you'd be disappeared or deported in a week. I found it really offputting whenever they went on an anti-white tirade. Now I just don't talk to them anymore. I wasn't racist before but now i feel disillusioned.

No. 1288252

dont reply notice how all those posters type the same, same rage unsaged. Its probably the tranny.
Also please stop using black people to make a point unless you are black yourself.

It obviously is i mean just look at this reply >>1288246 , so the person having a breakdown over a child was a moid, lmao how typical.

No. 1288253

What does cunt mean where you live?

No. 1288259

That wasn’t me wtf? What fucking proof do you have other than you can’t handle the fact that I called you a cunt?

No. 1288260

So the whole world has to bow down to American sensitivities right? No. Fuck off cunt I am a female and I can say whatever “female specific slurs” I want.

No. 1288263

for a sensitive person who wanted to end their life over a childs comment you sure act like a scrote poltard…….hmmmm
i see you got tired of derailing meta, tranny.

No. 1288264

File: 1659559259475.jpeg (50.07 KB, 640x154, FBF14718-1590-4D14-84D3-4763BE…)

Now you’re crying to admin trying to get people banned for being a “Scrote”. Just because you got insulted. You really are a lowly human being. Guarantee that one anon was right about you being a fat basement dweller. That’s why you’re crying to the admins to silence us. I thought it was me that was the fragile coddled one?

No. 1288266

that wasn't even me you are unhinged. You sound exactly like that schizophrenic tranny, im done replying to you, have fun samefagging.

No. 1288270

>waaa that wasn’t me!

No. 1288271

Fuck off you smelly cunt.

No. 1288276

File: 1659559979609.gif (31.22 KB, 220x309, rain-dreary.gif)

What is happening to me? I keep having this cycle with drawing where for a while I make great art and enjoy every piece I make to suddenly not being able to draw at all. It's not gradual either. It happens overnight. One day I finish a detailed and fully rendered piece effortlessly, then the next day I'm unable to even make a decent looking sketch. I lose all sense of how to draw. I look at my old pieces and wonder how I even managed to make them. I feel like crying because it's so frustrating to see all my inspiration, motivation and ability slip through my fingers for no reason at all. I've decided to just force myself to keep drawing even if I hate what I see on the canvas, and it's so disappointing to see a piece that looks like I've regressed years back in talent next to so many good ones I did when my brain wasn't broken.

No. 1288277

File: 1659560007929.jpg (83.62 KB, 585x507, 20220095818.jpg)

Mind if I share part of my day currently?
>have a day off
>decide to wake up early to draw cute things in a paintchat and work on a rendered painting I'm starting to feel proud of.
>overhear brother waking up
>talks loudly to himself about something, probably identity political bullshit
>immediately comes into my room asking why I don't view transwomen as women because of something weeks a-fucking-go.
>look him in the eyes and say "transwomen are transwomen, women are women. Women don't have penises."
>says okay and leaves to brush his teeth but still LOUDLY talks to himself about how that's so weird and so wrong, and how I'm being offensive
>has no internal dialogue whatsoever
>say "I can hear you y'know"
>cue him sputtering before he slinks back into my room and tries to initiates a dialogue about trans rights and lgbtq politics
>repeat my stance multiple times but he won't fucking just accept it and say okay and gets partially upset at my stance and opinions.
>proceeds to waste my morning trying to lecture me and discuss about transwomen, identities, anti-terf, and other lgbt stuff from 9:00am to 12:00am.
>the only reason he does leave is because he needs to take out the dog
>my morning is now gone.
I gotta get out of here. It's constant identity politics and politics with him, I can barely keep up with it and I don't care about it. I engage with him because I don't want him to feel ignored but I can't, just can't. I will be happy to talk about literally anything else but I can't deal with this at times.

No. 1288280

i'm nothing unless people want something. everyone avoids me but remember i exist when they need closure, comfort or help and when they fix things, i'm nothing again. neighbors, school, old friends, new friends, my family and my only boyfriend now ex. they only came to me for advice, comfort or closure when shit was in kahoots for them just to fuck right off until the next problem. i want to rip them to pieces

No. 1288289

Lol so it was tranny using cunt

No. 1288298

Just call him a faggot and move on

No. 1288304

To be fair he is one which is probably why he's so deep into this shit. Wish he'd get off of twitter and left tube.

No. 1288310

File: 1659563263042.png (294.32 KB, 636x633, 1600424562054.png)

the past 2 months feel like a blur. my medication is turning me into a zombie but if i go off it my anxiety is so bad i can't function like a normal human being. i hate not being able to sleep and staying awake all night and then sleeping all day and feeling like a useless piece of shit. my dreams are so long and vivid and half of the time they're followed by sleep paralysis so when i do manage to sleep it's not actual deep sleep that i need to feel well rested and it only lasts for 2-3 hours before i wake up again. i almost puked yesterday because i felt so exhausted why am i like this

No. 1288316

Lemme take that demon off your hands quick, bad sleep demon, go lie down.
There, all better lol.
On the real, try dream therapy.

No. 1288317

So sorry! My sister and I used to be a lot closer to until she turned 13/14. Then she started hanging out with a bad crowd. Had a kid at 18 and another with a different man at 29. She isnt even married to anyone either. It makes me sad to see this is her life now. You did nothing wrong, but maybe it's time to move out and get your own space?

No. 1288322

I wish I found moids attractive I would love to romantically abuse one

No. 1288325

Yup, he usually does when he's seething really badly. He once dud it in a giant wall of text basically sperging out about moid accusations. I wish I saved it because it was peak moid rage.

No. 1288327

I hope you rope then kek

No. 1288331

Bought an ice cold zero Monster to drink to see if it helps with cutting down on alcohol. Too much wine and some stress eating has made me gain about 3-4 kg the last couple of months. It wasn't anything scandalous and I never really had weight problems but I KNOW I should cut back before a few kg turn into a lot of kg. I'm short so it makes a difference… Just wanted to drink something different than water, black coffee or the very thing I'm trying to avoid, and I always appreciate some extra caffeine… Nothing is quite like alcohol when it comes to numbing me though, ugh, I wish there was 0 cal alcohol. I drink on an empty stomach so it hits harder and the bottle lasts longer which doesn't help lol

No. 1288333

if you're not a sadist towards men you're a masochist

No. 1288339

Male and/ or Pickme moment

No. 1288340

I really hate that this is true. I’m cucked and love my Nigel though, he’s my refuge from this sick twisted world. I can’t hurt him but I’ve started yelling shit back at catcallers and putting cocky men in public down. I just want to believe in love nonnas…….

No. 1288341


This. Being more honest with myself has shown me who my real friends are.

No. 1288342

lol thank you nonna, i'll look into it

No. 1288344

I hope your Nigel continues to treat you well, nonna. You deserve it.

No. 1288345

am i the only one on here who doesn’t hide my beliefs irl kek, not a single time has anyone actually freaked out on me. it’s not worth hiding nonnas, even the most rabid sjws will agree if you word it the right way

No. 1288347

thank you. i am convinced that without him i would be celibate forever by now. but for now i can believe in heterosexual love. it’s just so rare. i used to cry myself to sleep wondering if it were possible, it’s just that 99% of men are i unempathetic, equate love with pornsick delusions about sex, and are often violent losers. love u nonna.

No. 1288349

samefag but my friends know the full extent of my beliefs and still refuse to call me a term LOL. they say “well you’re not hateful like terfs are.. we have different views but you’re not a terf at all!” ahahaha. terf really is just a pejorative to throw around for them.

No. 1288366

Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt
Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt
Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt
Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt
Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt

No. 1288370

File: 1659567326936.png (5.16 KB, 273x126, pain.png)

I hate the internet and what it is doing to my illiterate mother and honestly I wish I never taught her how to use a phone or even told her about wifi. I'm so fucking sick of what she has become first she throws multiple real life 100% serious tantrums where she threatens her life because I told her not to make a Youtube channel to which I eventually and begrudgingly agreed to only because she said she would only upload nature and cooking videos. Now she keeps watching these cancerous pieces of shit from my third world country anywhere from ignorant retards that she believes without any proof given (yet used to make fun of my father for doing the same except for him it was just Facebook Whatsapp tier health tips or like religious lies etc.) to these goddamn prostitutes BEEFING WITH X YOUTUBER BEEFING WITH MY STEP MOTHER MARRIED A MINOR this really happened and the minor in question, male btw, got so severely bullied he dropped out from school and life pretty much or whatever the fuck. I'm so sick of it. She forreal gets her news from Instagram and Youtube and stopped watching tv, not that its better or significantly less biased but still.
Now she's having a meltdown again because I wont let her make a "commentary channel" like piss of no way. It's like her hands are permanently itching to make a spectacle of herself and our family. She doesn't even care, no matter how much I explain to her that one way or another we are going to get tied into it she doesn't care and refuses to understand because she lusts for attention this time from the internet. It genuinely makes me sick. this woman seriously starts threatening her life over this stupid shit like she's 13. She is pushing 60. she was already malleable and easily impressionable believing anything people tell her and changing her opinion as soon as somebody that isnt our family says it and now its even worse because now its not just real life people but retards on the internet.
I seriously cannot mother a near senior citizen at 18 years old, no way. I am just so furious I want to throw her phone and smash it with a hammer but she would probably threaten to kill herself again, she literally cut off her actual family because they "wont support her youtube channel" and constantly writes embarrassing shit under youtube lives but thankfully nobody ever engages with her.
And by the by I have to upload and edit her shit for her or she has a meltdown and beats me. I have absolutely had it.
She used to be cool and aware, she used to hate phones that had a touch screen, and now all she wants is that Youtube clout. It sounds like a joke and if I were you I would be laughing too but this is very much a reality I am living and I am sick of it.
I am starting to think anybody over the age of 45 MAX that isn't an educator should be permanently outlawed on the internet until they reach a very senile age and require assistance like children.

No. 1288377

i am so, so, so, so sorry. i’m just so sorry. i hate that you’ve been forced into the position of mothering your own mother. i hate that this is such a burden on you. i hate that she cannot listen. i’m so sorry nonna, you’re trying your best and i hope she someday accepts that you have her best interests in mind. it sounds like she’s addicted to the internet and wants a direct part of what she consumes, i hope she finds a hobby of some sort offline that keeps her fulfilled instead of consuming all this garbage and curated content.

No. 1288378

I hate summer

No. 1288391

From the bottom of my heart thank you anon, for being so compassionate and giving my post the time of day to read and reply to it. You're definitely right and i hope she goes back to her old ways instead of this, it's like she's completely brainwashed. Have a good day and bless you nonita.

No. 1288394

>bf goes on reddit all day
>every time I turn around he's back on it on his phone
>says he's "learning"
>mostly browses /r/all or memes or other stupid shit
>says he knows [language] when he can't even pronounce basic words right or say one sentence
>intellectually lazy and never interested in learning things, but brags about how he loves learning and that's why he goes on reddit
>works a shitty low paying job when he has a good degree, haven't seen him do shit to improve his resume
>also very forgetful, probably because he can't keep the fuck off the dopamine IV feed reddit

It's really a turnoff honestly. I wish he was more intellectual and classy. He doens't seem to realize that you need to get off the fucking screen once in a while becuase it's in those moments when you're not scrolling your phone that your brain is unoccupied and you can remember things and focus on the shit you have to do this day/week. He says he has "adhd" but I think that's bullshit and just excuses for being lazy and lacking discipline. And if it's not reddit then it's idiotic podcasts about dumb shit like serial killers. He says he's "learning" but it's just shallow youtube-level 'Knowledge' that is useless and probably wrong anyway.

It's also completely embarrassing when we go to a restaurant and I look away and WHAM he's back on his phone. Like a 5 year old child. I want to hurl his fucking phone out a window.

We went to a bookshop and he just loudly laughed at how stupid some of the books were. This is a guy who doesn't read any books, period. People were trying to browse and he's being loud and rude like trailer trash. He would pick up some dumb book and be at it for 10 minutes criticizing it like he's never seen a book before. I wanted to turn invisible and not be seen with him. He has a uni degree and he's not stupid but he's turning his brain into oatmeal with the goddamned phone addiction. I don't want to date Dumbo Jim from the trailer park bayou, have some manners and class.

No. 1288425

Break up with him, nona. He's illiterate and hitting the wall. You deserve a Nigel who's a literate king and frequents book stores. ADHD in males is just reddit and phone addiction. Have a man who touches some form of nature you know how paper is made out of trees or some shit

No. 1288445

Poison him with slugs.

No. 1288449

I'm happy that so many men get ED. They don't deserve a fully functional dick.

No. 1288451

I think I will poison him with slugs. Good idea!

No. 1288452

watching the very slow decay of modern society happening right in front of you is kind of disturbing and sad for me. people are a lot more rude, impatient, borderline sociopathic and very animalistic when it comes to relationships. what’s the point of making friends when everyone is so out for themselves?

No. 1288463

You’re a scrote. Die in a war

No. 1288470

yeah i am so glad i dont have faggot brothers like this wtf anon

No. 1288495

i genuinely can’t imagine there are any redeeming qualities he has. are there? please nonna escape…

No. 1288498

File: 1659574504131.jpg (34.98 KB, 448x528, 1520838541801.jpg)

My parents left on vacation and now my dog went from her heart problems being under control to basically being on her last legs. She keeps having some sort of cardiac event when she gets too excited and goes completely limp for 30 seconds and then comes to and she's exhausted afterwards. When I came home from work tonight I tried to keep her calm and she still went limp in my arms and pissed everywhere. I have the nerve to deal with death but each time it happens I don't know if it will be the last, seeing her like this and then seeing her perk right up and go back to normal knowing that next time she's happy she'll flop over is fucking me up. I'm working 10 hour shifts and my brother is nagging me to do my chore list that mom left me and he goes on a nightshift schedule despite only working 3 days so he's useless. He just sits in his room in the basement and leaves her upstairs alone all day so she's basically sick from loneliness by the time I get home. I want to ask his help but there's no point because he won't anyway. On top of this stress I have two cats meowing for food constantly and I keep forgetting to feed one. I have to be careful when I get up because my dog wants to follow me everywhere even when she can barely walk and I'm trying to get her to conserve her energy. I hope she can hold on until my parents get home, so I don't have to deal with this alone and because she loves my mom so much the thought of her dying thinking my mom abandoned her makes me want to cry. It sounds fucked up but I pray she dies in her sleep soon instead of dying writhing and peeing herself. I hope she can die a natural death at home instead of being euthanized if possible, but if she gets much worse we might not have a choice.

I'm at peace with death and even though it hurts that she has to go, I've accepted it, I just wish it didn't have to be like this
>inb4 parents shouldn't have left the dying dog with separation anxiety with kid who works full time
They're helping my grandma move to another province so it's not like it's a full leisure vacation. I'm trying to not blame my family for things that stress me out anymore.

I love my dog and I'm trying to be strong but this fucking sucks I have much on my plate right now

No. 1288500

That is rich coming from a sex where your piss and cum come from the same puny ass organ. Vaginas are self-cleaning, self-regulating. Even the very act of having sex with unwashed dick is enough to make our vaginas go out o wack and give us UTIs, you are the walking argument for universal male mutilation, XY.

No. 1288512

>Our crazy neighbor, a serial animal abuser and religious fanatic, is going to study in the same college as me
I want to fucking kill myself, I can't catch a break from this disgusting, worthless motherfucker, god hates me

No. 1288517

I’m so sorry anon, that sounds like so much to deal with. Sending you warm thoughts, I hope you get some relief soon.

No. 1288521

I'm so sorry you're going through all of this stress. Would you maybe be able to take your dog to the vet and end the suffering? It honestly might be the most humane thing to do if she's hurting that often. Make an alarm on your phone to feed both of your kitties, too. One alarm for each. It's hard as fuck taking care of one sick animal and two others, but make sure they're all getting the stuff they rely on you for. Can you order a timed feeder for the cats on Amazon?
I hope your parents are home soon and take on some of your burdens. Hope you can take it easy soon.

No. 1288523

i am so sorry. it might not mean much but you are in my thoughts and i truly hope you and your dog both feel better soon. i wish your horrible brother would actually care about that poor doggy. i can’t believe it. hang in there, and just know that your dog appreciates you so much in these moments. he is so excited to see you because he loves you so much and he can feel how much you love him. it’s not your fault he gets overly excited. i hope he has a recovery but i also know that he’s lived a wonderful life with a wonderful, attentive, loving owner so anything that happens will be a bookend to something amazing. i’m sorry, nonna. i wish i could give you a hug. i hope you’re letting yourself feel freely amid all this

No. 1288599

File: 1659580233927.gif (5.36 MB, 498x284, 25CC7E60-37EB-4DEF-BCDE-AB9C95…)

>bf gets unfairly fired for taking me to hospital multiple times and refusing to work on his days off
>say thats stupid because he is the only person i know who knows this obscure software/domain and will probably regret it
>ff to 10:30 pm they are calling him into the office because they cannot finish this project with him.
he's stupid for even going, id let them hang dry and struggle
since they fired him, they've been in the red on this project because they had to hire someone at 70$/hr kek. no one's gonna do crazy overtime for free like my bf. don't work for family, anons

No. 1288603

You’re a fucking amazing person nonnie, she loves you and she’s incredibly lucky to have you by her side.

No. 1288614

my phone forcibly updated from os 11 to os 12 last night and now an app i use to connect to the internet on my pc keeps glitching (internet crashes like every ten or so minutes). it's driving me batty and i hate that my phone fucking did this to me i've been dodging this update since i first started getting notifs for it months ago. god damn it i just want to play my online rpgs with a stable internet connection reeeeeee

No. 1288626

File: 1659582064257.gif (1.47 MB, 640x360, merle-ambrose-merlo-ambrosio.g…)


No. 1288629

File: 1659582158400.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 179.64 KB, 1200x800, E1514FEF-7F07-41A8-8B92-ACAC1A…)

Why cant I play sims? Nooooooo I had to get fixated on DS3
This fucking area i stg i hate all these mfs

No. 1288634

update we made it past the first stairs lets gooooooooo

No. 1288648

I have my first online interview tomorrow morning. gonna have to speak french for it too which i haven't done in years. I'm so stressed

No. 1288649

You got this, anon! ♥

No. 1288660

I can't make eye contact with cute guys. I see them and look away. I guess my last relationship made me so insecure that I can't see them ever like me and am worried of them rejecting me. Which is weird because they're the ones staring at me in the first place. How do I fix myself nonnies?

No. 1288663

oh fuck it's a post from me 6 years in the future. i want to cry just thinking about conducting an interview in another langauge.

No. 1288666

File: 1659588338767.jpg (25.89 KB, 480x763, 1651829405987.jpg)

My friend rejected me but then recently when I told him according to astrological aspects we're incompatible he turns around and runs to ask his mom for his exact birth time to give to me to try again. He should have been happy the stars were in seeming agreement with his judgement. I wish I could understand how his mind works.

No. 1288667

posts like this really remind you of how much bongland has turned into burgerland since the 80s especially. sorry anon, but you could be a burger. the booklickers here are even worse.

No. 1288671

hmmmm idk, he's not dating anyone and hardly has time for anything but sleep. Could be someone at work I guess. It's been a long time since the rejection took place now too.

No. 1288672

Ignore the tranny.

No. 1288675

I need to be on government assistance because I’m retard and disabled but I’m in denial because I probably appear like a massive munchie and I’m too scared to get help even though I’m crying , throwing up or fainting every day from all of my munchie disorders (literally go on any of their cardds or Tim toks or whatever and I’ll probably have most of their Disuhbiltys except DID which we all know is fake )
Why do I have to be like this, I’m probably really hard to get along with, in the last 5 years I’ve developed an eating disorder too and I hate anachans (no offence but y’all are the definition of catty and I hate describing ppl especially women that way but it’s true)

I have a lot wrong with my brain and body and hate myself for it and I blame myself for not somehow fucking preventing this from happening to me.

No. 1288682

>anti-white racism

No. 1288685

If you feel you need help go get it. I've known tons of ana chans who died because they didn't think they needed help.

No. 1288686

File: 1659592708348.jpeg (112.7 KB, 1480x833, 618956c8ba690bde41aa1533.jpeg)

Had to close the restaurant today and my last customer left out around $15 short so I had to use cash from the tips to pay off the bastard. It was past closing time too like around 10:05. These customers were two swag-looking guys with their dumb girlfriends. I hate these kind of people. I hope they get into a car crash or get covid. Taking their sweet ass time and left out short while smooching each other.

No. 1288688

It really annoys me how competitive and fragile of ego moids are. They can't accept that a woman can be better at them than something. Even if I just want to help or teach said moid improve or get better, nope. Can't accept it. It turns into this weird competitive battle where help is an insult. No wonder so many of them kill themselves, really.

No. 1288691

Men are competitive to a retarded extent and refuse to believe women can be better than them at literally anything, even shit they deem as 'womens work/hobbies/shit' because they need to carve an artificial niche because they don't actually bring anything to the table in relationships anymore and they ultimately evolved to coom and die. Sadly, since the mentally ill sex has retard strength, they threaten to chimpout if not pandered to likes kids having a tantrum. They want the highest reward for least risk, so they ask you to pretend they are better at everything while not being so so they can pretend they bring something to the table and will be picked.

No. 1288773

I feel so defeated anons…It seems like nothing is going my way and I can't do anything right. I don't know if I can keep this up or not.

No. 1288805

Sometimes things take a long time to finally work out, don't give up anon. Maybe there are ways to approach them differently?

No. 1288806

So your bf's own family fired him for taking you to the hospital? asses

No. 1288815

Why would you claim that? You can also just say they got leaked. It would have gotten taken down. Wtf anon.

No. 1288816

Most farmers don’t have troubles with their nudes getting leaked tbh, because they don’t send them to 4channers. You’d be a fool to send nudes to men while being aware of the internet. It’s either Elaine or the Romanian.

No. 1288822

whys it everytime i make a friend i end up being the clown they can pick on. needed a friend tonight and they called me a dork and an idiot for being so emo

No. 1288827

what did you need your friend for?

No. 1288834

Idk anon plenty of farmers have dated 4chan scrotes, and regrettably so

No. 1288835

well ig not needed, but wanted. just wanted someone to talk to about anything to distract myself. i never vent to anyone, it's a very rare thing but they caught on that i was upset and just left lol

No. 1288842

I miss roll cakes, devils cake, cinnabon, strudel, milano cookies, amazing lasagna, mac n cheese, gyoza, ramen, store sushi, fluffy variety bread, donuts, smores poptarts, and just eating out without being a burden or skipping it all together. Its been almost 10 years since my stomach started rejecting all wheat or gluten. Then it seemed like dairy gave me the shits. Then tomatoes kept tightening my throat making it hard to breathe as I feel like I need to vomit, for hours. I'm getting an official test this month because I need to know and my last gluten test she ran it incorrect i think resulting in false. I tried to eat all the things I missed years ago when it happened but I still got sick, had muscle problems, a rash, and headache. i try to make my own food both so I feel normal, keep costs low, but I'm at a point where I eat to live only. Really hope the tests clear stuff up.im tired of not enjoying food. also family that doesnt believe in cross contamination resulting in me sick for 2-3 days.

No. 1288843

What is going on with lolcow lately? I mean there is always infighting and mental anons but lately people are lashing out for no reason. I just said Shayna has the potential to be attractive but she is still a shit person for sexualizing minors and is probably mentally ill, and then an anon called me a whore and a pedophile lmao. So pointing out that girls are shit for pedo pandering is being a pedo now?
In a completely different thread one anon accused of being someone else from a thread I didn’t even know existed. She even put in the effort to take screenshots and the details of posts didn’t even match except both me and the other posted used the word “NEET”. Lol.
Are nonnies okay?

No. 1288847

Because most of lolcow is minors now and to them everything is pedophilia, rape or racism

No. 1288849

that was the pedo tranny projecting, i can almost guarantee

No. 1288854

My dad cut ties with my mom and me after 18 and I don't even like the guy but it still upsets me. He sent me a birthday card this year that he didn't even pay full postage for so I had to waste fuel to get to the post office, pay the €0.40 difference for a card that he just signed with my name and his. It just felt like salt in the wound

No. 1288855

I went to an Asian grocery store on Monday, thought I bought a pack of chicken gyoza and yesterday when I checked the freezer to pick up the pack and cook I couldn't find it. I thought I put it right next to the karaage chicken pack I also bought but listakes happen so I checked the entire freezer and it wasn't there at all. It wasn't in the bag I used for shopping either. I'm starting to wonder if I actually bought it in the first place or if I wanted to buy it so much that in my mind I actually did. I clearly remember having the pack in my hands and putting it back because I was hesitating, but I thought I picked it up once more. I threw away the receipt yesterday like a dumbass too and I don't plan on sticking my hand in a dirty transhcan. What's wrong with my memory? I hope I didn't actually buy it and forgot it at home outside of the freezer in the middle of a heatwave. I feel so stupid right now.

No. 1288860

There’s a pedophile tranny with literal schizophrenia spamming the website and causing infighting with VPN’s.

No. 1288862

Anon just stop now. I’ve reported your rage filled posts so hopefully jannies will put an end to this insanity

No. 1288864

I've been having the same fear about my memory. I think it's purely down to stress. I kept muddling my words up like "wuddling my mords up" or just using the wrong word entirely. when someone asked me to get them something from the stock room I'd get them the wrong size and I was convinced that was what I heard. As I've started studying again and keeping my mind occupied, it's got much better. Have you been stressing about anything at all? As that was what messed with my mind.

No. 1288865

I’ve literally just posted on that thread a few times about Venus and Shayna. I’ve reported both of your posts. Mods can see for themselves that your claims are false. Get help.

No. 1288868

I don't know. I'm in a situation where I'm way less stressed than usual, but I've had some really big problems with public transport and that's the biggest reason why doing groceries is a pain in the ass. I have to walk long distances with heavy bags on ly way home from the closest subway stations because there are no buses anymore until mid-september, even walking is complicated bzcause of construction works. So maybe I was worried my bag would be too heavy to walk comfortably and put down the pack a second time in the store?

As for speech, I sometimes have the same problem, glad to know I'm not the only one. I used to have some big memory problems because of a hormonal disorder and got better after I was done with my treatment and got way more stimulated in university but those weren't exactly the same issues. Back then my biggest problem was that I couldn't remember names and faces, even if I saw my classmates everyday for years. I had a hard time with dates too. I really doubt that specific issue is coming back.

No. 1288872

That’s the only plausible explanation anon, or they have a form of ADHD that makes them terminally online and lash out at strangers for no solid reason
Anyway it sucks that when I drop by a few times a week some deranged anon is there to ruin it

No. 1288873

trigger warning for possible cp i guess ?? but today i was taking the subway home from class and i was standing in front of the row of seats. my eyes happened to drift over to the lady i was standing in front of and she opened up on her phone a close up photo of a child’s ass hole ? i was so shocked and wasn’t sure if i was seeing that right and then she scrolled through some photos that had a naked kid in them. someone had sent the photos to her. it was so weird and shocking. i’m not sure if they are her kids or grandkids but i don’t think there’s any explanation for taking a photo of a kid’s anus. like if it was a photo of a kid not wearing pants so you saw their butt (with their cheeks together) i could maybe understand. but this was so weird. my only consolation that she’s not a pedophile is that i don’t think pedos would brazenly look at cp on public transport but it was still so weird.

No. 1288874

No. 1288878

god I'm too autistic for normie rituals, our coworker has birthday and everyone is supposed to write something on a birthday card for him, everyone is coming up with something quirty or cute and I have no idea what to write, it's stressing me out so much, I also think it's retarded because he's basically a strange person to me and I don't know how to write something like this for a strange person. I always hated birthdays and giving/receiving gifts and wishes, even as a small kid I thought it's cringe and I was literally running away from my own birthday parties. I don't want to write anything but if I won't take part in it they will think I'm a bad person

No. 1288879

Wtffff I think you should have called the cops nona

No. 1288880

Best case scenario they had some sort of disease in their asshole and the mother photographed it..?

No. 1288882

the thought crossed my mind but i didn’t think there was anything i could do especially as i don’t speak the native language of the country i live in very well. my only hope is that the company who runs the messaging up might be able to detect it (the company is supposedly cracking down on illegal pornography being shared) but idk. it was so weird and i was just in shock. i couldn’t quite believe my eyes

No. 1288884

We have a schizo tranny who has been spamming the site and samefagging for weeks, posting cp, bumping threads, etc. It's probably him, for more explanation check meta. Even the complaints thread has the description referencing it. If you see a schizo, it's probably the tranny.

No. 1288885

Those are newfags tbh, idc if they come from 2016. I still stand by what I say.

No. 1288889

Holy cow
Thank you. I appreciate that.
Honestly I won’t go into endless infighting with people and accuse people of being tranny etc like a couple anons did to me. I don’t want to be a schizo myself and accuse people of posting on another thread etc etc it’s meaningless infighting. I’m reporting both of them so the mods can decide for themselves because I’m not a pedophile, tranny etc as they suggested

No. 1288893

They're not calling you that, they're answering your question, about the posters you mentioned.

No. 1288895

Oh. I’m very sorry I misunderstood.

No. 1288897

Samefag also a farmhand explains things further

No. 1288898

ive been in a horrible, torturous relationship for 4 years so i feel unfathomable despair when i see people talking about their trips to Europe with the love of their life

No. 1288901

> or they have a form of ADHD that makes them terminally online and lash out at strangers for no solid reason
I can so relate. Also I am sure you’re projecting when you said that.

No. 1288908

Left work an hour early yesterday and apparently it was the worst thing I could ever do and now my coworker is giving me the silent treatment. I'm in my 20s and more mature than her in her 50s, why are boomers like this. I have a life outside of work!! I just want to live it in peace!!

No. 1288911

um, 1) if she had to cover for you and do your work cos you left early then im not surprised and 2) i would never leave work an hour early kek you have a lot to learn young lady

No. 1288931

Oh no, one hour she had to be alone, so terrible. Not like she does this to me all the time only it's in the middle of the day when we're actually fucking busy. And idc, she can be mad, but it would be nice if she would talk to me about it instead of shit talking me behind my back.

No. 1288934

Bully her

No. 1288935

Obviously no one had to cover for her if she could leave like that, and leaving one hour early isn't that big of a deal honestly. Most people will just ask you to come at work one hour early or do one extra hour the next day. Most boomers I know who are obsessed with being on time always are the ones wasting 3 work hours a day drinking coffee or chatting or scrolling social media in the bathroom.

No. 1288940

I had been in denial for awhile that my ex has really broken up with me but now I'm beginning to accept that it's really over. We are never going to be in each other's lives anymore. There's just too much emotional baggage between us and I can't be in her life with the way that I am now. But I still can't stop entertaining the idea that maybe we can be friends again in the far future. When I've grown and changed and become a better person, and we'll have a much more healthier relationship than we had before. She was my best friend too and it feels like I lost two kinds of people in my life.

No. 1288952

>There's just too much emotional baggage between us and I can't be in her life with the way that I am now. But I still can't stop entertaining the idea that maybe we can be friends again in the far future.
I feel this nona, this was almost exactly how I felt after my break up. Although I miss my ex and we are barely in contact now, I grew up a lot after our relationship ended. I'm a lot happier and doing a lot better, and I wish I could have given this version of myself to her. I don't hold onto the thought that maybe we'll come back into each other lives anymore, and it's sad, but life goes on and I'm doing well enough that I don't have to hold onto that thought anymore.

I hope that you'll become the person you want to be in the future, and I hope maybe things will work out differently for you and you'll be able to still be in each other's lives.

No. 1288954

So envious of my software developer bf, his working hours are ridiculously flexible opposed to mine. He regularly takes naps after lunch, goes to the store during working hours and he didn't even have to take a day off for moving places on a weekday

No. 1288955

I love my friends very much but I have to keep playing woke because they will probably call me this and that phobic if I don't go along with everything troons and whoever else say. I feel so alone in my world vision, I can not talk much about what I really think and it's starting to get to me. I hope I can make some new friends sometime but my whole area is so woke it would be practically impossible (or I'd have to hang out with 'thug' types and that's the last thing I want). I'm lucky to have friends at all but I sometimes feel I have to say the opposite of what I think so they don't hate me. I know some nonna's here have the same problem, it sucks. I hope for a terf-revolt soon so I can finally say what I think. I miss when even 5 years ago even just themlets were made fun of by everyone except tumblr.

No. 1288964

Update that no one asked for but we're friends again

No. 1288965

So I wake up from anesthesia, I'm still all woozy and they ask me what I want to eat. I just want to get out of there as quickly as possible, so I mention a sort of bread replacement which is easy to keep down. The nurse just looks at me like I said something strange. I think about it for a second and realize I might have said something in my own dialect instead of the standardized language, so I use the other word and she immediately gets it. She ends up making fun of me to another nurse right in front of me over something so silly. Also the word I use has been used since fucking 1200 for this thing, has cognates for it all over Europe, but I'm the ridiculous one for not using the name made up by a fucking company in the last 50 years? How is speaking in your own dialect even so strange after waking up?

No. 1288966

I'd hope so, I just have problems at work again

No. 1288969

I'm so sorry to hear that anon, you sound like such a good owner. Is there any way that you could bring the dog's bed downstairs to the basement before you leave for work each day? Even just laying on the floor next to your brother while he plays games might keep her happy until you get home. Is he letting her out to go to the bathroom?

Find some old clothing from your mom and place it in her bed, it will comfort her a lot to have her smell close. Playing the radio for dogs also helps with loneliness. I have a shitty brother who neglects pets too, so I kind of feel your pain. I hope you can convince him to help out more because you have way too much going on right now and it's not fair on you.

No. 1288971

God I am so sorry to hear that. I wish I could offer any sort of advice or support. I'm wishing you nothing but the best. Sometimes dogs find comfort in sleeping somewhere where they can smell/see/hear something they Associate with the person they love. Perhaps a scarf in your dogs bed or even a TV show in the background that your parents like to watch could help.

All the best anon

No. 1288990

My period has gotten so bad lately. Every 2 weeks I get bad back ache and cramps for a few days. Then my period lasts for a week and a half minimum, and at least for a few days I'm SO fucking tired and lethargic that all I want to do is sleep. Can't do that though because I gotta go to work as usual… and with every symptom I also feel vaguely nauseous the whole time. then a few days after the period has stopped I get the stupid back ache and cramps again and it all repeats. I can't tell if my contraception has made it worse, it feels like this started slightly before I started taking it and not after… ugh. I may just get a hysterectomy even though I wouldn't mind having a family one day. I can't live feeling sick all the time.

No. 1288997

File: 1659622769931.jpeg (99.42 KB, 509x619, B8321001-FC34-4C47-9992-7E4B1E…)

i am afraid he thinks i’m ugly

No. 1288998

Nurses can be such cunts. Several times I was hospitalized and couldn't sleep because they would gossip nonstop for hours right next to me.

No. 1289004

File: 1659623076402.gif (7.85 MB, 428x432, sad-cat-2.gif)

I woke up from a two-week coma with short hair, because a nurse cut my whole damn braid and sold the hair. I am still trying to regrow my hair into my old, full length but it's so hard as an adult.
My neuro doctor was still mad at her throughout the day. When I saw this nurse she never apologized to me, but had an awkward guilty smile.
I keep trying to regrow them but they don't look as healthy now, and me living in a different climate affects them too.

No. 1289006

There’s nothing I hate more than men trying to take the moral high ground after thousands of years of treating us like chattel. “Body shaming men is wrong!” My brother in Christ just wait until you get to hell. The suffering you experience will be immense. Eternal damnation awaits every moid in the afterlife.

No. 1289009

Jesus fuck what an asshole, also if you don't mind me asking could you post sad-cat gif 1

No. 1289014

I should be able to not text someone back (an online friend) for 3 days and not have to explain myself, it's so fucking annoying

No. 1289015

I hate being a fucking pussy bitch baby, "muh anxiety" making me not want to do certain things at work. I hate that "muh anxiety" excuse because I've seen it pulled over the stupidest shit and normally it just fuels me to get over my bitching out of spite and so I can tell myself "well I'm better than XYZ" and feel like I'm better than them kek, but GOD at work it's the worst.

I work for a foreign news company but I have zero journalism background. Don't ask me how I got this job, I don't even fucking know myself. It's easy and most days I do fuck all and spend time on LC, like right now. But occasionally I have to go out to the UN to do work. I've done street interviews before for other things, that shit literally doesn't bother me. I don't care, I can do it. But impromptu interviews with diplomats and other very important politicians? It's fucking scary.

I know there are unwritten rules, but I didn't have my predecessor here to tell me anything. The reporter I report to doesn't even have anything to fucking tell me besides "copy what other people are doing!" I'm afraid of doing something wrong and getting my press badge revoked because I don't see other reporters doing impromptu interviews in the middle of the hallway. They're also buddy-buddy with these diplomats so of course they can freely ask and talk to them about things without it breaking the rules.

I feel like I can't pull the "I didn't know!" excuse because they'll look at me and say "you're a reporter? you're supposed to know." The circle my company works within also has its own unwritten rules, and everyone is tight knit and clique-y but I don't speak the language. So I'm an outsider both in job and culture. I'm uncomfortable talking to people because I feel like there's this expectation to know things as a journalist. My supervisor always says "make connections!" but it's not like I'm some lowly admin and people have very little expectation of me (which makes it easier for me to talk to people), I'm a ~*~reporter~*~ and there's a certain expectation of behavior and knowledge that I simply don't have, and in a professional working environment like the UN, I feel like it's even worse being found out for that. Also even if I managed to interview someone, imagine the fucking embarrassment of asking a diplomat "oh and which country are you with?" because masks make it even more difficult to identify people and everyone here seems to fucking know everyone except me.

No. 1289017

Oh yeah, while also asking why you don't try sleeping for a bit longer kek
What the actual fuck.

No. 1289023

After months of exciting preparing and planning, a week before my near 30 y/o bf was going to move into my house he randomly told me he's been going on VRChat and is having cybersex/sexual roleplay with an online girlfriend of his basically masturbating in his bedroom with his VR headset/full body tracking in naked explicit anime avatars and that he wants to do more of it. I spent thousands of dollars preparing for him to move in and even lent this bum money when he needed it. I loved this man for years we go way back, took my virginity, I did everything for him always thought of him in every decision I made I really thought things were going great and finally starting our lives together was a dream of mine. He wanted to continue talking to this girl because she was in his friendgroup & tried to apologize and tell me it was a mistake after the fact he saw I wasn't quite on board with it since we've played VR together, I really don't understand the sexual attraction. I asked about his friend and he told me he doesn't know what she looks like irl & that she has a boyfriend. I put his shit outside, I refuse to house a grown ass man who is supposed to be my boyfriend but would rather put his VR headset on and jerk it to another mans girl in crazy naked anime avatars. Shameful behavior at his age especially since you can do anything in that game and that's what he's choosing to do! Lol smh

No. 1289030

Fuck him, let him be homeless. Hes a piece of shit

No. 1289036

Damn that really sucks and must be so humiliating. I will never lend a man money and now playing VR is on my list of dealbreakers kek

No. 1289038

I’m that type of online friend and honestly do them and yourself a favor and unfriend them if this is how you feel.

No. 1289048

Now you learned the valuable lesson to never give men money. Don't be stupid again.

No. 1289056

I just want someone to baby me and not be weirded out

No. 1289059

Nonna…isn't that cheating? having a cybersex with some random girl online…?
fuck this guy, I think it's good that you saw his true colors now instead of later. Don't waste your years on this pornsick retard.

No. 1289060

This whole post is a mess, i'm very sorry anon, you didn't deserve this shit

No. 1289061

>I’m that type of online friend

No. 1289062

You’re entitled to one good slap in the face. Hit her anon.

No. 1289064

Why are nurses more often than not so fucking vile and psychopathic? couldn't they just work at something that doesn't involve people? pieces of shit

No. 1289065

I am so!!! Fucking!!! SICK OF SUMMER, I'M SICK OF IT!!! I'M TIRED OF SWEATING BEFORE I EVEN LEAVE THE HOUSE AND I'M TIRED OF BEING SO DRENCHED WHEN I GET HOME THAT I HAVE TO CHANGE!!! All of you Summer enjoyers are fucking freaks!!! What is so fun about 100+ degree weather every single day for weeks on end? What is so fun about it still being extremely hot and humid at 10pm? This heat has me so irritated constantly. I miss Winter. FUCK Summer.

No. 1289067

I can't wait for chilly autumn evenings that start at 4pm

No. 1289069

I’m so sick of my body. I feel so undesirable because I’m skinny and I have no ass or boobs. All I see girls say and have been told all my life is that men won’t find me attractive and men like curvy women and I just, feel so insecure at this point. I have chronic gastritis and that’s why I struggle with my weight, and I’ve been trying to gain weight for years now. I never used to be particuarly insecure, but getting a boyfriend has made me this way. Despite what he says I have this innate belief that he’s lying and isn’t attracted to me. I just want to feel attractive, it seems all people care about at the moment is having a big butt and I literally have nothing. Sorry if this seems petty or stupid, it’s just eating away at me

No. 1289072

So true nonnie. I'm tired of playing nice and giving a shit about men's feefees. They only give a shit about issues, that have specifically been affecting women for centuries, if it happens to men and you know they wouldn't extend that same sympathy to women.

No. 1289075

That should be illegal. I’m so sorry nonna I know how important keeping long hair is to a lot of women, I hope it grows back as soon as possible and thick and glossy

No. 1289078

Touch water

No. 1289081

sue her before she does it to someone else

No. 1289089

I had a cold water and now I am more calm but still sweaty. Thanks anon. Water evaporates off of you so quickly here.

No. 1289101

File: 1659630483842.gif (3.56 MB, 640x560, sad-cat-1.gif)

There you go nonnie, have a good evening!
Sorry for making it about myself. I was 16 back then, and I obviously had no idea how messed up it was in the end because I was a naive person who sees only good things in people (back then I felt bad even for a man that almost ran away from the scene after he ran over me).
Probably the worst part of everything is how after winning a million, my parent just gave it to her sociopathic abusive bf (who kept beating her, degrading her while always spending money on her but cooking only plain oiled pasta to me and my siblings), they wasted it all a week later, i already was suspicious of that because she started telling me how we don't have much money now, so in the end, she lied to me and told me just to get a 12euro handbag. Later they kept telling me how all of the money is saved for the university just to hand out me 110 euros for a whole year of university, for which you can't even pay a month of uni. I am happy I went no contact and ran away. Bless my grandparents for supporting me through it.

No. 1289113

I wish the search function wasn't dog shit. I wanna see if anyone replied to my post but I can't remember what thread it was in

No. 1289122

I wish everyone on this thread that things will get better soon for you guys. It seems that everyone isn't in a good place rn (so am I) but I hope you guys will soon! Good luck nonnas!

No. 1289129

the older I get the more I realize how bad my parents are with money
they buy new living room sets, kitchen tables, and tv's like every tax return season, but they can't even pay for a headstone for my grandfather? he died in fucking 2012. not to mention they used my social security number to buy things form when I was a kid, and to this day i still struggle with bringing up the score, the people at the bank were initially shocked. i hate my dumb parents so fucking much. they have the typical boomer mindsets, which makes it worse. they can't even be the fun type of immature parents.

No. 1289131

File: 1659631855578.jpg (86.59 KB, 816x803, dd56baae84a282556a9b9236428082…)

Other people get better opportunities at work literally because they're socializing and talking a lot. This is not fair. I don't get it. I've been working at this place for over a year now and I still basically don't talk to anyone, simply because I don't know what to talk about with them and I feel very uncomfortable and cringe and like we have completely nothing in common. But just because I don't joke with our shift leaders and I don't sit with everyone outside during breaks and I don't smoke cigarettes with them and shit, doesn't mean I should get worse work to do. I put so much effort and I get nothing in return, others get better opportunitties and even promotions. They say they will teach me something new and then 4 months pass and they still don't show me anything, while others are already there. Maybe I seem dumb to them because I don't talk, I don't know. I'm so tired and sad

No. 1289135

Old people in wheelchairs blocking the exit of the grocery store because it's raining and when I said excuse me they gave me the dirtiest look and took forever to move. It's not my fault your legs don't work don't take it out on me

No. 1289160

File: 1659634201812.gif (7.99 MB, 640x640, 1652116126497.gif)

I was told I might get fired soon. After my vacation even. Honestly I'm so exhausted I can't bring myself to care anymore. Three fucking years giving my all to this damn place and they decide to discard me like that. Well so be it and good luck to who's staying, I guess.

No. 1289178

> giving my all to this damn place
If you learn any lesson from the job, it’s to never do this because employers are willing to drop you without a second thought no matter how hard you work.

No. 1289180

It’s been really hot and my cat is obsessed with being out in this weather. Yesterday she was outside for hours and I found her stretched out on her back underneath some bushes, I thought something was wrong with her because she barely reacted to seeing me. No, she was just sleeping and immediately went back outside to lay in the grass after eating a snack.

No. 1289181

great question. because it's a "female" career and a lot of loser women want the cred from a "respectable" career that involves "caring" and they have no idea what else to go into, when a lot of them are just catty insane weirdos. the office drama and politics they create is beyond insane and many have absolutely 0 bedside manner. wish the inconsiderate dramamongerer to nurse pipeline would end.

No. 1289189

File: 1659636022303.jpg (102.22 KB, 934x1390, frau-bruellt-in-eine-megaphon-…)

What do I do to get my dad to shut the hell up? He is constantly screaming and yelling and playing loud music, he can't even walk across the floor or fucking breathe quietly. I have exhausted all the nice options already.
I will move out anyways in a month or two so I might as well make him hate me. I would do anything to get my peace and quiet.

No. 1289190

This is one of the reasons I didn't go into nursing. My bullies and her friends went to nursing school and I just wanted a career that let me work alone after that BS, even if it's less fulfilling.

No. 1289191

Close the door and take a chill pill.

No. 1289195

If it’s any consolation, my nurse cousin only works night shifts because she says the other nurses there aren’t so catty and vile, when she’s fairly catty and vile herself.

No. 1289197

The world works based on how you make others feel. Sucks but true. Read the 48 laws of power and put on a persona for your next workplace.

No. 1289200

Earplugs. Unironically, just get a pair of earplugs and block out the noise.

No. 1289207

had a panic attack yesterday the likes of which was more intense than i ever had in years. my voice still hurts because of the screaming.

No. 1289208

You’re retarded

No. 1289211

Sorry that you have to deal with that anon, I really understand where you're coming from. My first job I was quiet and made friends with a handful of people, but prided myself on being a dutiful, hardworking person. Quickly learned that was all for naught when a new girl came in and managers bended over backwards for her despite all the infuriating shit she'd pull because she was extremely friendly with them.

So at my next job I hammed it up and befriended all of my managers right off the bat. I became basically untouchable despite being a lowly employee. It's absolutely unfair and sucks that people who are more extroverted are rewarded (I wouldn't consider myself an extrovert) but you do what you gotta do. I am not ashamed of playing it up, and you need to not be either. That's easier said than done though, and I hope you can work up the courage to socialize more, or find a job better suited for you and will see that you are valuable because of your work ethic.

No. 1289239

I love your dumb boomer parents. Imbeciles like that are why I can get free nearly-new furniture from curbsides and goodwill so easily. The same reason people who buy 2-4 year old cars love morons who only buy new cars and "switch them out" every year or two.

I've been making insane scores on craigslist free section. I feel like a fool for ever paying for furniture before.

No. 1289246

Fucking sue her. Hair is a body part and there was no medical reason to cut it. She damaged your unconsenting body and sold it. That's very fucked up, she should not be allowed to have that job.

No. 1289258

Living and working with ex until his flight back home next week. Counting the days. Can't wait until I'm rid of his literal mess and I have my house to myself again.

No. 1289259

She's right though

No. 1289283

Fuck my sister. Fuck her for always forcing my ride to work to wait on her, making me late every day. Yeah I will act unhinged and flip my shit after only getting 3 real hours of sleep. She's got her own car but refuses to drive it to work because my situation is "more convenient". I hate how lazy she is.

No. 1289284

That's disgusting your parents basically used you for identity theft. Sick fucks.

No. 1289300

File: 1659643107224.jpeg (131.42 KB, 2596x120, A76C8E4F-B7E3-4286-8306-9140D1…)

How do you even stop being like this? Are you destined to be a loser for your whole life?

No. 1289302

I need someone to talk to that's as lonely and miserable as me. The people I talk to now are all successful and hang out with friends/their partner every day. I can tell they don't even really want to talk to me. I feel inferior all the time and I wish I could feel normal among people who are like me.

No. 1289303

Moved to a different city recently, have no friends here, do I don't know where to get weed. Today os the perfect day to get high and I have NOTHING.

No. 1289304

Nona this is so damn relatable

No. 1289308

go to a college campus and pretend you're a student and you'll find someone.

No. 1289311

Yell louder than him, listen to those screaming people songs, start mouth breathing, bang on the walls.. out-retard him. It works, I did it with my own dad albeit my problems were a bit different.

No. 1289316

hey that's me

No. 1289340

I'm so tired of being a self sabotaging executively dysfunctioning retard every second of my fucking life!

No. 1289354

Everyone will think im a cop

No. 1289358

I wish i could punch my retarded 16yo self so badly, i hate myself for all the damage i did to my body

No. 1289359

No. 1289360

File: 1659647815957.jpg (18.58 KB, 500x295, a1e5ba7616fdad452c7b1b7ec396d4…)

Lmao i ghostwrote this, i'm literally in your exact same situation and i want to kys cause he recently discovered tiktok and now the autism is out of limits

No. 1289365

my nigel picked up something out of my recycle bin (a paper bag) and asked me what it was. disgustedly i said that was my recycle bin and it's trash. unconcerned, he kept holding the packaging until i explained what it was, then he said, "that sounds tasty." he didn't wash his hands after. i just… why. who looks at a bag of recyling and goes, "gee, let me look through this, how fun!"

No. 1289371

I think you might be dating a raccoon.

No. 1289373

My mother is being pretty much let go of her job and she's only able to do that one job because she is disabled. The disability check she'd get is 800 a month. This sucks so bad. She is going to feel so useless. I hate this so much.

No. 1289386

I was having a good morning and tried to have a quickie with my bf before work, but my ptsd brain descended into chaos as soon as we were starting and I burst into tears. I think I need professional help, but idk how I could ever talk to a therapist. Thinking about telling my sexual traumas to a stranger makes me want to vomit. I was just trying to have fun today, not have a damn breakdown.

No. 1289401

I spent all my life savings (like money I got for my bday when I was 9, child support from my dad, money from working as a freelance),opening a small cafe and business has been so bad these last couple of months. We have been open for like 5 months and the last 2 have been brutal. To make things worse I only opened the cafe in the first place so me and my former fiance would work on it together and guess what the relationship was killed by working together (and some other domestic problems that aren't relevant here). Meanwhile I pass by some other coffee shop whose owner is some rich fuck who owns 3 drug stores in the city and its full of people while I barely had any clients at all today. I haven't felt like killing myself in a long time.. So much stupidity so much money wasted and now I'm trapped with this cruel reminder of it

No. 1289403

Whenever I'm living with people, family, roommates, romantic partners… my mental health goes to shit and I get emotional outbursts and bouts of being depressed and overwhelmed. Its taken years to really see the pattern and how black and white it is. In the moment I don't connect the dots but taking a step back