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No. 1277080

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No. 1277082

Sorry fucked up the link

No. 1277087

I want to break up with my bf but I'm afraid if I do he'll kill himself but I also want the freedom to my own thing but then again I've gotten so used to being with someone idk what to do and it's really been dragging down my mood and makes me want to sit in my room all day. God I'm so useless I feel so guilty for feeling this way too, we've been together for 6 months and I just can't help but feel like I'm caged in and I don't want to take the responsibility of knowing he ended himself over me.

No. 1277088

Has he been threatening with suicide? People who make their suicide plans known usually use it to manipulate and won't actually go through with it. Not that you'd be responsible for his suicide if he does go through with it but I can imagine how you feel.

No. 1277091

File: 1658785884757.jpg (41.97 KB, 933x675, D9yhdVbU0AAi6Rn.jpg)

There's this woman with SM who says I'm healthy and I should be happy instead of being sad and depressed all the time and I'm just making excuses. Except I'm not healthy, I was diagnosed with C-PTSD and autism spectrum and I've been suffering from depression since I was 11 and I took like 6 different kinds of medication that, in the long run, didn't help me. Autistic people, especially those who are not high functioning, are not healthy people. Besides not being able to socialize with others, I suffered from a couple of seizures, I developed later than other kids my age, I have problems with motor skills, my immune system has always been very weak too, probably partly because I was a premature baby. I'm sick of people who think only "physical" illnesses like cancer or SM are legit, and no other disorder/illness can break your life and force you into a state beyond your control. It's simply not true. I never, ever downplayed her illness, even though she basically doesn't have any symptoms besides head aches from time to time. She's perfectly able to work, function, make friends, drive a car. I can't do that. Not to mention before that she had a 20+ years of a great life with loving family and a boyfriend and just everything I never had. What's funnier, her life espectancy since the diagnosis isn't really shorter than mine since autists usually die in their 40s or early 50s, either because of coexisting disorders or because of suicide (in the case of "higher" functioning ones), which is also more common than in average population. I know this is not suffering olympics, but she was the one who started it, downplaying my disorder and my suffering. I can just as well say her illness isn't real and the demyelinating changes in her brain can be caused by a couple of different disorders, not just SM, and doctors just choose to diagnose her with SM because that's the most profitable option for them; she even suggested that at first, but then she got scared by doctors. But how shitty it would be of me, to suggest that now? I would feel like an asshole, but she has no problem with denying my experiences. I think one day I will just break and say it to her and watch her being like "I will never speak to you again, you're heartless and tasteless" or something like that. She will tell everyone how cruel I am and they will turn away from me lmao

No. 1277092

only 6 months? dump him sis. the sheer possibility of him killing himself over a 6 month relationship makes him sound unhinged and unsafe to be around. get out of this and take care of yourself. 6 months is nothing and will only get worse from here

No. 1277097

Having friends is so hard. I don't like regular social interaction, I like to stay by myself but whenever I do it for a long period of time, the friends I have think there's something seriously wrong with me. I've tried explaining to them that I like being by myself but they don't understand. They'll be like "But humans are social creatures and need socialisation so you shouldn't be alone often". I don't care that humans are social creatures! Being around people for too long sometimes literally makes me suicidal. I'm at my happiest when I'm alone but they assume that I'm at my worst just because their experiences are different from mine. I wish they would try to be more understanding. I'm not forcing them to be my friend, I've told them before that there will be no hard feelings if they cut contact because I know I don't do what I'm supposed to as a friend. I can't offer emotional support because I can't handle people's emotions well, I don't like loud places so I don't want to go clubbing with them, I don't like people in general so I try not to go out often…
Don't know if there's something wrong with me for being like this but I don't understand why they won't just give up on me

No. 1277099

He's always been a suicidal person, I knew that going into the relationship and I guess I thought if he had me around to distract him from it but it's always something he mentions. I tried to the end it and stay friends with him (it's going to be very hard to just block him on everything and stop talking to him bc his friends are my friends kind of thing) but he immediately got mad and was threating to do it on the phone with me. And I know I'll get a load of "dump him"'s but at the same time I don't because we still do have a loving relationship and I still love him and that is what's making me so confused and frustrated.

No. 1277102

that is not a loving relationship. he’s forcing you to stay with him. it’s abusive. if he’s like that at 6 months he will keep getting worse and worse and eventually the violence won’t be towards himself. this is abuse. you are being held hostage in a relationship you want out of by force with threats. it’s manipulative bastard 101 and you need to go fully no contact and make yourself inaccessible as possible so he can’t try to threaten it anymore when you break up.

i know how nerve wracking it is. you need to prioritize your well-being here. he is sucking the life out of you. life can be so much better, and he’s not actually going to kill himself. it’s manipulation. please stay safe and don’t blame yourself for his outbursts.

No. 1277104

Screaming into the void because it fucking hurts

No. 1277107

..a man using suicide to manipulate you into staying with him is all but a loving relationship anon..

No. 1277108

Thank you anon I'll see what I can do. Thank you again.

No. 1277113

You should do it anyway. I put off breaking up with my ex-boyfriend for a very long time because bad things kept happening to him so I wanted to wait until he had at least a bit of a break, but I was miserable the whole time waiting. I realized that a good time would never come and just had to do it.

No. 1277114

What's wrong? What hurts?

No. 1277122

Every fucking time I come across a cringe tranny meme on a completely unrelated reddit sub, I check out the user's post history and it's full of posting unfunny and offtopic trans memes on literally every sub they follow, whining about how hard it is being a troon, repeating TWAW every chance they get and an occasional on-topic autistic dissection of some video game related issue. At least FTMs are capable of posting content appropriate for the subs but AGPs have the narcissistic, neurodivergent need to make everything about themselves.

No. 1277129

Hey anon, thank you replying. It means a lot. I don't really know what's going on but I think I'm having an existential crisis after a breakup. I feel empty and like I don't know who I am anymore and I don't know how to properly deal with it. I always thought of myself as a compassionate and smart being but now I don't know anymore. The whole picture Ive had of myself has crumbled and I'm digging through the pieces trying to find anything useful.

No. 1277137

That sounds really manipulative of him anon. Please don't put yourself in a position where he has that much power over you. If you really don't want to break up you should try to set clear boundaries around that topic. In my opinion it's ok to mention that he feels suicidal but he can't use that to make you stay. That will fuck you up and like the other anons already said he probably knows what he's doing and is just trying to get what he wants.

No. 1277139

I'm a little nervous, but I think I'm just overthinking things that may not even exist.

No. 1277145

I want to drill into my skull and die!!!! I hate men why do they make life so fucking difficult

No. 1277162

Woke up late and pissed off. Wasted 3 hours arguing on the internet. People are blowing up my private messages trying to talk. I just wanna go back to bed. Fuck this. So much for being productive.

No. 1277193

I wish I could talk to someone about my current situation regarding a potential flatmate, going up to college in the coming months…. It’s like a specific situation and I want to hear an opinion outside of my circle I wish I could chat with one of you guys freely ahh

No. 1277220

You’re retarded

No. 1277222

You're even more retarded for replying to him

No. 1277273

I'm satisfied with my choice and all, I feel so free now. I still hope it makes him miserable. I hope he feels like shit. I hope he feels how I felt even just the slightest bit.

No. 1277277

just found out from a woman down the hall from me that the couple of indian men in our apt complex wash their SHIT COVERED RAGS in the communal laundry machines and she said sometimes, if you're unlucky enough to go in too soon after they did their load, the laundry room will smell like shit from their disgusting unsanitary shit rags.

time to start handwashing + using family members machines sometimes lol. i feel fucking sickened!!

No. 1277278

This should be conaidered a health hazard. Why dont they use TP.

No. 1277280

There has to be someone you can report that too anon, wtf. I get cultural differences and all but that's a health hazard and they need to just use a bidet or some shit

No. 1277287

File: 1658800651884.jpg (10.55 KB, 275x156, 1658653953208.jpg)

I was right all along and I would laugh hard if children weren't involved. The creepy ex-army moid I've ranted about before is brainwashing his two tween girls. He has told his oldest she's old soul since a young child. She's acting like she is an old soul and literally has said she likes sleeping. It's nauseating because I'm pretty sure she's depressed. He has made them extremely dependent on him and they mimic his likes including food. I don't think they have friends because he bad mouths kids their age to them. He acts like only he gets them. He's extremely misogynistic and it shows. He is divorced from their mother but does bad mouth her in subtle ways to them. He has been depressed around them before when they were very young girls and acted terribly too (discharged due to injury, ptsd, and his behavior before army is actually alarming). He has gotten into a verbal fight with my mom and said he didn't want to unleash the monster. I would have called the police but my cell was in another room and I didn't want to escalate the situation.I think they think acting the way he wants them too won't bring back those times. I feel so bad for them and I know it'll get worse as they become teens. All they do when they see him is watch streaming channels or play video games. There's a park and a pool that isn't far away. I hate him so much and he's ruining them because they apparently don't have their own thoughts and feelings.

No. 1277288

someone tell me how to report this in a PC way because i live in canada and i am nervous lol

No. 1277289

>be permanently sick 24/7, brain tumour etc etc
>one day be so sick I don't eat for a week and I sleep all week
>Puke up water
>Boyfriend takes day off, wfh and later follows me to hospital
>They fire him
I feel so fucking guilty, but at the same time I'm so upset about this. He worked at time 70 hours a week and only put it 40 for this company, and truly put in his own expenses to fund part of this company, and they just fired him because he wfh too many times.
I really think I feel cursed him however.

No. 1277290

what the FUCK. im so sorry. it’s not even slightly your fault. what a terrible company. don’t beat yourself up too much please nonna. i hope you and your boyfriend are okay.

No. 1277292

Just mention that someone's putting poop in the washing machine. You don't have to say anything about race and just play dumb about why the poop is on the rags.

No. 1277326

I suffer from extreme mental and physical illness but I've hidden it my entire life because I felt as if I had to always be strong and I never had the option to be weak or show weakness. Also, most internet people that claim being oppressed or disabled, especially Twitter ones are LARPERs with a lot of privilege and munchies. This includes white anglo-saxon trannies, they feel like they deserve everything handled to them and they feel oppressed for not being handled everything by life as they feel entitled to it due to a history of their ancestors and gender being very well off, so to them not being handled a wife, perfect life and power and capital by birth like their ancestors is a form of oppression. That's why they portray themselves as little innocent girls, they are not oppressed, they are the opposite of that. Often times those truly hurt and oppressed try everything in their powers to hide it. I have been suffering from serial homelessness since I was a teen.

No. 1277333

I just cannot work a fucking job. It's not funny and it's not because "I refuse to" something in the way that I'm build makes me unable to fit into this society. Many people cannot work, but most of them or a lot of them have the privilege of being born in wealthy families or in countries where the government supports their lifestyles. I'm literally sick in the street and I keep going homeless and then people pick me up but end up dropping me because usually they are narcs that expect something out of me, but not something like me washing the dishes or helping them out in the house. People that pick me up usually expect me to be not only their emotional punching bag but completely subscribe to their political agenda and ideology, if I don't they kick me out. If I don't obey those with capital I am not allowed to live and their "empathy" is always conditioned by ulterior motifs like them getting a psychological ego boost out of you. I'm tired of people imposing shit on me and me agreeing to it just because I'm poor and my life is shit and I feel this obligation to be agreeable to people and let them shit on me. Also, these narcs always throw tantrums, punish you, gossip about you if you slightly oppose them. I am convinced the world is made up by narcs and only by narcissism you can have any sort of success.

No. 1277336

cool beans

No. 1277338

they are narc retards fuck them, also most autists have EDS which makes your life expectancy much shorter and literally gives you organ failure. Just don't oppose the bitch, these sort of cunts never like being opposed or feeling like their suffering is not being justified and it'a always about them and not you, although you might have it worse. I'm also autistic and have EDS and my organs are literally collapsing and my entire life I have LARPED as a normie just out of fear and because my living situation does not allow me to be ill. I'm willing to recognize when someone has it worse than me.

No. 1277339

Why are moids so emotionally retarded that all they do is make versions of women in their head that make no actual sense just to fuel their misogynistic narrative. Like they create entire origin stories that aren’t true and stand by them completely basically masturbating themselves to their own stupidity. Also their general belief that women and children don’t actually get abused and that it’s their fault somehow. It’s completely bleak and creepy.

No. 1277341

sorry meant for you

No. 1277343

I was extremely well-behaved as a kid and I was still severely abused. No amount of men trying to rewrite my history to fit their stupid fanfic about my current mental illness will change that and nothing I ever did as a child warranted constant physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Die mad and die soon.

No. 1277360

I feel lonely being home alone without my bf while he's housesitting but I'd never admit that

No. 1277370

what is SM? systemic mastocytosis?

No. 1277371

i'm also going to college in a month and i'm nervous (i'm an ex-NEET) if you want to chat about it

No. 1277385

when men compliment me in public no matter how nice it is i get flustered and angry and sometimes even start tearing up because it’s so upsetting. i don’t exist to be ogled and i want to try to forget you can see me and sexualize me at all.

when women compliment me in public i want to fall to my knees and go OTL irl thanking them with my head bowed

No. 1277391

My mom has to argue everything with me and act like she's right. Ave Maria, why does she get to be heard but not me? The narcissism.

No. 1277394

One time I was discussing movies at a party with a bunch of people and the movie “Scum” came up, I was explaining why it’s considered so disturbing and mentioned the gang rape scene and a moid there tried to argue with me about it, “are you sure it’s not a consensual sex scene that you misunderstood?”

No. 1277397

why are moids SO eager to give violent men the benefit of the doubt and play devils advocate on their behalf. they certainly never do it for women. even nigels do this

No. 1277400

Not only where they actors in a movie but the scene was so obviously a violent rape you’d have to be deliberately delusional not to see it. They hear the word “rape” and immediately jump to the defensive of the rapist, despite the fact that it’s a made up rape scripted in a fucking movie and there’s no possibility for that word they love so much, “nuance”.

No. 1277405

i don’t even have a good reply nonna. i agree with you entirely. i just hate male movie nerds so much. i like alan clarke’s other movies but haven’t seen scum yet. and unrelated but i hope lars von trier dies.

No. 1277407

i meant gaspar noe but id be fine with lars going too. i need to sleep

No. 1277409

File: 1658811161745.jpg (901.96 KB, 1920x1080, Ted-Kaczynski-GettyImages-1321…)

I feel like I'm becoming like Ted Kaczynski. I cannot stand being around people anymore and feel like nobody has ever cared about me and that I have to constantly put on a facade to please people and when it drops they lose all empathy for me.I feel like a clown bound to always entertain people in order to not lose their love and empathy and when I dont entertain them anymore they have a mental breakdown calling me narcissistic and unempathetic when they didn't even have any empathy to begin with for me and only fostered bits of sympathy as long as I entertained them. I hate society and the internet. I want to pull the plug. I feel the internet has ruined me even more. Pulling the plug on this shit now. I dont wanna live in the 5d dimension. I dont want my brain hooked to this machinery with all these fucking losers that worship technology. I hate technology. I want a real life and children and friends and a lover, not fake 5D internet shit for losers. Fuck the internet. It's for losers and narcs I hate what the internet has done to me. If I dont pull the plug now I will be gone forever in the 5D. I want to live in the 3D world not in the 5D. I want real shit in my life.

No. 1277411

>i hope lars von trier dies.
Is it because of this disaster of an interview?

No. 1277412

Because moids will literally always relate to a man over a woman no matter what the man did, I think they have stronger class consciousness than any other group because of this. When they hear about a rape they find it easier to relate to the rapist than the victim, so they instantly jump to his defense and come up with whatever excuses they can because they're imagining themselves in his position.

No. 1277413

lol i meant to say gaspar noe because he’s a creepy fucking misogynist who obsesses over pornography and incest and exploiting women, claims moral relativism and says rape has to be disgusting to be “useful”. but i stand by the lars thing because he’s also a rapist. god damn them all. very few male directors are not creeps.

No. 1277414

Im also tired of weak faggots with no backbone. Fuck weak faggots. I cannot wait for my father to die and Im glad my mum died. My parents abused the shitout of me and literally turned me into their caretaker having to accept all their tantrums, breakdowns ETC and noow I feel bound to babysit BPDs and NPDs that are weak ass faggots and that drag me down and ruin my life. I HATE THIS PATTERN I HATE WHAT MY PARENTS HAVE DONE TO ME. I FOSTER NO EMPATHY FOR THEM WHATSOEVER HOPE THEY FUCKING ROTT THEY DESTROYED MY LIFE

No. 1277415

I hate being fat. I miss being fit
Not an ana chan btw

No. 1277417

Yes but even if the rape victim is a man/boy, they will relentlessly defend the rapist.

No. 1277418

Kirsten is like breh

I am not even surprised but damn, I really liked Love. Why do men

No. 1277419

you’re so right. im kinda starting to tear up. sucks that women will probably always be second tier citizens barely categorized as human in their eyes. i can’t tell you how many times even with genuinely good men who are very kind and not remotely consciously woman hating have STILL reflexively defended men out of pure instinct. because they immediately ask themselves “what if that man were me?” and another thing i notice a lot from men is “that can’t be true, because i’m a man, and it’s not true of me.” (even pure raw statistical facts illicit this reaction, even from men who are allies to feminism will claim “uhhh i don’t think it’s true that most men do that… i don’t at least….” no matter empirical or anecdotal evidence
it’s like narcissistic empathy or something

No. 1277420

that’s also true, when women are convicted of sexual assault against men, almost all men immediately say the man must’ve been gay to not want it, they wish it were them, etc. even weirder when it’s a student teacher thing.
the few men who don’t have this reaction just make it about how women get away with everything lmao

No. 1277425

weak faggots always try to pull me down with them by extreme guilt tripping and using the fact that I have developed extreme empathy and I was taught by insane caretakers to always OBEY and be nice only insane losers with no life build platforms or gather followers on the internet because they are so bad at IRL socialization and they are such big losers they have to get their egos coddled behind a screen while they make themselves appear important when actually IRL they could not even land a normal relationship with another human being.I hate the internet. I HATE IT AND CORONA SUCKED ME INTO IT AND MADE ME DEVELOP INTERNET PSYCHOSIS. CORONA WAS A MASS TEST BY THE GOVERNMENT AND THOSE IN POWER TO SEE HOW MUCH WE CAN LOSE CONTROL OF 3D REALITY BY SHIFTING INTO 5D REALITY

No. 1277426

Got roped into spending $$$$ on skincare and facials because I'm a dumb people pleaser who can't say no. Embarrassing and I'm mad at myself for not shutting down the interaction from the very beginning. I'm trying not to be too cynical about it though because I'm just going to feel worse about it. Guess I have a bunch of random creams and serums to play around with and monthly facials from now til January to look forward to. I don't look after my skin at all so while the bar is tremendously low, if this actually improves my skin I'll feel slightly less worse about it.

No. 1277427

im sorry nonna. i hope you can find a way to distance yourself from everyone who makes you feel worse. there really are people out there you can be yourself with, it’s just a matter of time. i hope you find them sooner than later and can make a chosen family. but even being alone is a lot better than dealing with psycho parents and people who make you feel uncomfortable

No. 1277431

Ted would tell you to stop wasting time on surrogate activities nonna

No. 1277440

I went to my GP the other day and had the most awkward moment ever. For context: I'm butch. I haven't gotten my period in a couple months, had weird bloodtest results and I thought I should maybe get a referral to a gyno. When the GP called me, she mispronounced my last name, so it didn't immediately register with me. I just stared in her direction, processing that she actually meant me. She immediately corrects herself with "Mister [mispronounced last name exactly the same again]". I just responded with how my last name was actually pronounced and she looked relieved. I'm here to discuss me being worried about my period being missing, why the fuck would I be a TiF?

No. 1277445

> only insane losers with no life build platforms or gather followers on the internet because they are so bad at IRL socialization and they are such big losers they have to get their egos coddled behind a screen while they make themselves appear important when actually IRL they could not even land a normal relationship with another human being
You sound insane ngl but this is so real

No. 1277470

Did you go to a beauty salon and get upsold stuff? I'm still seething at myself for caving and buying a shitty $50 cleanser just to get a beautician off my back after she did the treatment I actually wanted. They really put the pressure on and it's hard because they'll target your insecurities and flaws and presumably know better than you.

No. 1277593

Damn Nona I fucking feel you. I fucking hate the internet and society and feel the internet has degraded society even more. I want to quit this shitshow too but damn it's hard. I hope you find your lover and friends and start a family if that's what you want. I wish you luck in the 3D world Nona ♥

No. 1277596

Just be rude. Just say “no I don’t want to” and refuse to give any explanation. When they ask you again say “I already said no”, if they try give you a reason why just interrupt and say “I’m not interested”. I used to piss off all these people who’d come over and get me to do surveys and wouldn’t take no for an answer, one of them said “it only takes five minutes” I said “that’s five minutes too long”

No. 1277599

That's not rude of you at all. Them pressing you after one no is what's rude.

No. 1277612

Come on anon, these "I'm totally gonna kill myself guys" posts are cringe as fuck and they fool the well-meaning naive anons into replying "oh no please don't do it nonnie noo" just because they don't know any better. Seriously. Stop it.

No. 1277613

??? just let her have her moment

No. 1277615

>im totally killing myself before 40
you're just kidding yourself, you're not suicidal you're just using the option of suicide as a way to relief your brain of anxiety, you're not actually gonna kill yourself. not saying you should.

No. 1277617

I dont know how to live with the fact that my dog will be dead in two weeks now. The 14 june I learned about her cancer, vet said between 6 and 8 weeks left. I feel like all my world is going to collapse.
I lost a dog before, ten years ago, and it left me with depression. I got out of it thanks to my current dog. I love her so much. I dont know what to do.. I dont want her to die. She seems so healthy, but I can feel the lymphoma came back.
I'm sorry I failed her that hard…

No. 1277618

It's also a public space and people are allowed to reply as they wish. Keep it in your journal if you want no one to read and respond.

No. 1277619

I'm so bored, I don't know what to do at home to keep myself entertained without going to far away from my laptop or company's phone in case I have an important email or call.

No. 1277620

they would never reply like this to a boyfriend gripe vent, godspeed anon

No. 1277624

Complaining about your shitty Nigel you can't dump because you "love him" is just as stupid but retarded suicide baiting is manipulative and shitty, just look at this weird ass sperg having a class 8 meltdown right now over people telling them to stop.

No. 1277625

I am so sorry. Lymphoma took my best pal too and your post made me cry.

No. 1277626

We need laws that enforce free time as free time without having to respond to communication from the job. Companies are monopolizing our time 24/7 because we have to keep an eye on email, or read updates or respond to coworkers through messenger apps even outside workhours.

No. 1277627

yes i also believe in suppressing depressed women for the battle of greater good! take your morality elsewhere retard

No. 1277630

nta but
>surpressing depressed women
critizing anon for suicide baiting isn't surpressing her come on kek

No. 1277632

Why not be nice to someone who may be suicidal? Even if that person does it to get responses and I'm stupid to respond, what's the harm in this? I think it's good to give support on the off chance some anon actually means what they're saying and seeing a stranger care for her would help her going. There are plenty of stories of people who stopped themselves at the last moment, and there's a lot of mental illness on imageboards, I prefer to be naive and believe my stupid reply may help someone than be cynical.

No. 1277633

so true babes unnecessarily critcised women dont feel silenced lol

No. 1277634

Im sorry you lost yours. I tried my best to take care of her and make her happy. She just turned 5years old and I was hoping on making her happy for longer than that..

No. 1277635

Why are you even criticizing peoples vents weirdo? Get a hobby.

No. 1277636

not to be rude but those friends sound pretty clingy and annoying. they're using 'humans are social animals!!' as an excuse to cross your boundaries

No. 1277637

It wasn't me who critizised her vent dumbass

No. 1277639

then what are you defending??? can you not be an npc at me please it disturbs me

No. 1277640

Because it's enabling their mindset that they get attention if they threaten suicide by positive affirmation. Cry about how you're going to kill yourself, anons will come to comfort you. None of the anons who come here to suicide bait will ever do it, they're the kind of people who will scream suicide as a manipulation tactic every time their friends or acquaintances confront them about their abusive behavior to avoid all blame and shift the focus on their own mental illness. Even according to studies legitimately suicidal people don't talk about it and suicide is often a spontaneous decision, not something you plan for literally years.

No. 1277642

Bitter normie

No. 1277644

>critizing someone's vent is surpressing depressed women uwu
You can't surpress a depressed woman through a post on a vent thread, that's all I laughed at. Idgaf if anon was venting about killing herself or not. Anyway respond or not this'll be my last post about this stupid situation.

No. 1277645

Well gee no wonder they don't reach out when the response they're met with is anger and accusations of attention seeking and "baiting" from strangers who get vitriolic over it

No. 1277646

just walk away from the screen jfc

No. 1277647

See you tomorrow

No. 1277649

Ok, so let's say anon needs comfort, where's the problem? I don't see how one comment is a manipulation tactic, of course it would be if I was that person's IRL friend subjected to it on constant basis but I'm not. You say it yourself, suicide "often is a spontaneous decision" which implies that not always; and even if it's "just" suicidal ideation, not a person actually holding pills in their hands, they should at the very least not be mocked and insulted.

No. 1277650

I think it's a concentrated effort by some outsiders. I've been getting the weirdest, meanest replies too. For the most random shit. I posted song lyrics about a frog and someone told me I was a tranny and to fuck off. Anons have always been bitchy but this is weird. Anyways I didn't see your original post but I'm rooting for you.

No. 1277657

There has been more moids and trannies recently, and tinfoil but I think they are calling everyone else a tranny to stir the pot and divert attention away from them. The crazy one in /meta/ called everyone a tranny/scrote too for no reason.

No. 1277658

Anon if you literally look upthread you can see what suicide baiting does to people: >>1277087

No. 1277659

comparing your partner threatening suicide to stranger doing the same on an anonymous imageboard is so painfully disingenuous lol

No. 1277660

I don't have any part in this conversation and didn't see the original post, but I think "oh god i hate a recent scenario, it makes me want to kms" vents are harmless, but the ones who literally post their pseudo suicide notes here are annoying.

No. 1277663

How do we know anon's boyfriend isn't posting on some other imageboard/subreddit/other platform how he wants to kill himself while manipulating his girlfriend IRL? The drama queen anons nonchalantly posting their suicide notes and suicide plans here are pretty likely doing that shit elsewhere as well and every "well-meaning anon" comforting them and telling them they have so much to offer to the world is probably doing it for the 50th time to the same poster.

No. 1277664

better to give nice response or no response than saying "KYS loser" to someone who may be suicidal

No. 1277668

My reasoning too. I am a stranger on an image board but I do care, and maybe some kind words will help even a bit

No. 1277673

I am sorry anon, but trust me she knows you love her and that you did everything to make her happy

No. 1277682

I have such terrible cramps right now I wish I could Kyle out and just start beating up the wall I'm so miserable and in so much pain it makes me so mad

No. 1277683

Even worse, I got sucked in talking to the guy handing out samples because I thought it'd just be nice to have a little chat, which turned into a free facial, a "discounted" bundle of products, 6 "discounted" facials and 2 "free" AM/PM cleansers. I wish it was only $50.

No. 1277691

File: 1658835368909.gif (1.85 MB, 504x207, ezgif-4-7cb6331427.gif)

the older I become, the harder it is to keep workplaces. I just fuck everything up, forget processes and misunderstand tasks. I have been here for 2 months and I already feel my managers are not happy with me. I genuinely want to go back to college and just write essays for the rest of my life without having to work ever again

No. 1277696


No. 1277701

dubs of truth. they always twist women's stories to make themselves seem superior. they must be the savior, the anchor, the excitement, the rational mind. entire story lines constructed and told as tales to their peers, while the woman already forgot about them.

No. 1277704

be a bitch and draw boundaries with these beepeedees
schizos never miss

No. 1277707

I really need to see a doctor I think. I'm even contemplating urgent care or something because I'm worried everything I got surgery for is coming back. the point of my surgery was to greatly reduce my risk of problems again but it cant eliminate it because I got a genetic problem. idk what to say I'm just freaking out because I have heart lung problems so I worry right now theres not enough oxygen in me. for a few days now i felt weak after walking and had a moment where I didnt recognize my own family that was talking to me.

No. 1277713

My alcoholism and binge eating is getting out of control. Last night at therapy I realized I have literally no goals or values at all apart from short term pleasures. I don't care about myself at all. I have no friends and neither do I want any. I'm so disconnected from the entire world and society. I'm going to eat and binge drink myself into an early grave and I don't even care anymore. I'm too old and ugly and fat and socially retarded to turn anything around. The only reason I havent quit my toxic part time job is because I need money for booze and junk food

No. 1277723

I wish someone gave a fuck about me, I'm a very lonely person but every time I'm friends with someone I'm the only one asking questions and shit, it's like I'm never considered that interesting to begin with, I've been rejected so many times cause people just dismiss what I've to say, like it doesn't matter at all. Sometimes I wish I had an stalker or something

No. 1277727

my brain can't give me a normal, basic libido but it can give me FOMO when it comes to romantic/sexual relationships with men.
just make me horny and romantic you useless piece of jello

No. 1277734

I need to vent about this becasue it's been on my mind for days now. I'm in my mid 20's and regret losing my V card at 24. I did it out of desperation and societal pressure. It's been 2 years since I started having sex and dating moids and honestly, I regret it so much. In those two years the amout of time i have absolutely WASTED on trying to look hyperfeminine, worried about what men think about me, if they find me attractive or not, shaving (omfg shaving has ruined my fucking skin I havent shaved in 3 months down there, legs, arms, etc and it's the best thing Ive ever done for myself), buying lingere, wasting money on hair and makeup…. and not to mention being paranoid about what your scrote is up to, whether he's cheating, why he isnt responding to texts, stalking his social media. The list is too fucking long. Honestly, I cant remember one interesting thing I've done, accomplished or experienced these past 2 years. I've been single for 3 months and never felt better. I feel like my old self again. Looking back to when I was a virgin, I never worried about my looks, compared myself to women (to this extent) and was insecure (to this extent). The rate at which I accomplished my goals were so good, like there were no interferances or anything. In late May, I missed a really important deadline at work and I almost lost my job, all for what? a scrote…?! Like I almost missed my rent payment back in Feb too. I honestly can't imagine dealing with men in my teens. I know it's not the same for all women and girls but I'm lucky I was that old when I lost it. Maybe it's a good thing to have early experience to moids but still, I was so fucking happy before and I can't imagine getting married with a scrote. Something I also noticed is that these 2 years I wasted went by very quick. I didn't gain anything positive at all, just negative experiences.

No. 1277764

File: 1658844879380.png (254.09 KB, 623x561, 1658749157437.png)

Finding it hard to sympathise with my bf right now.

Months ago, before he found a better-paying job, he was on benefits for a little bit and when he came off them and got back into work he received a letter about how he owed the benefits people some money. I also received the same letter but I knew it was bs considering we were always on time with everything, so me being the sensible person I am I rang them up, explained the situation and they confirmed it was a system error and that I had nothing to pay back at all. Nice.
I told him to do the exact same thing, gave him the letter and number and get it sorted out regardless of whether he owed them money or not - they are a government system so if it's genuinely an error they can't just lie to him about it.

Months pass, he doesn't do shit. Doesn't even try to ring them up or contact them despite them being pretty fair and sending ANOTHER 2 letters out to him in regards to what he "owes".
Now today he is seething and malding over the fact it caught up to him and he has had £170 deducted from his payslip. His words were "I know I'm not a victim BUT…" I cut him off and told him straight that it was his fault- he had all the time in the world to ring these people up and either explain it was an error or just sort out a suitable payment plan, the people on the phones are pretty nice and can arrange something to suit individual circumstances. He didn't do any of that, and now he is pulling the "yeah i'm at fault BUT…" and it's like a cheesegrater to my eardrums. I cannot fucking stand it. It's not "owning up to your mistakes" if you have to say "but" at the end of it, and when I told him to stop crying about shit he can't control he went in a mood.
Good luck with that, I guess. Victimising yourself and trying to worm out of situations isn't gonna give you the £170 back, keep malding holy fuck.

No. 1277770

Damn nonna that’s some loser shit from him. Sucks to lose money like that but it was easily preventable and he should’ve just listened to you.

No. 1277810

Yesterday I was passing a large intersection and there was part of the road blocked off with a bunch of police cars. As I passed by I saw an empty truck, then I saw an empty bike on the road with one shoe. About 20 feet farther down was the second shoe. The rule of shoe told me that whoever was on the bike died in the crash, and apparently that turned out to be true because the police were still there photographing the scene another 6 hours later. What a way to die.

No. 1277811

File: 1658848803414.gif (577.01 KB, 500x281, c929efba0b4e5f5859d0eaa34f0619…)

I don't want to work on my art. I don't want to do anything. Im emotionally tired from my loneliness. I still can't find a job in this country. I wish I could have a normal job so I could stop being so useless. The prices here increased x4 times more, to a point that a pack of period pads costs 9€. I feel so petty looking at my mutuals twitter sometimes, all because they can afford their 2500€ and more worth commissions while I'm sitting here like a pathetic, useless statue. I want to work on my project so badly yet I feel so miserable.

No. 1277822

Trying so damn hard not to have an autistic/adhd meltdown right now but damn I want to ball my eyes out. My mom keeps sending her handyman over to mow some of the grass and I fucking despise it. Love my natural garden, I'm specific about what I cut.

This time he got two bushes I planted early in spring. They'd grown so much already and there's absolutely nothing left. I'm just so fucking pissed. I know it was an accident. I know it doesn't matter. But still it upsets me so much.. If only for the cold hard cash I spent on them and the work. Why tho

No. 1277832

My bf has become so depressed and lazy that he doesn't even cook anymore and just orders takeout all the time and watches Netflix. I try to encourage him to go out and do things but he doesn't. He's just glued to the couch or his computer.
I'm kind of stuck with him so I can't do anything about it, won't get into why. But it just really disgusts me to see to see someone live this way. I used to admire him for being one of the few males that actually cooks and enjoys it but now he's just becoming a typical lazy slob.

No. 1277838

Neighbour is doing weed again, is it normal/non-addiction behaviour to smoke weed multiple times a week? It smells so fucking gross.

No. 1277840

Intervention time? You're concerned about him and his mental health and he isn't the same anymore. The things you truly adored about him he's dropping by the wayside, yaddi yadda. At some point you have to just start training them..

No. 1277841

Yes, that's pretty normal. Even a joint in the evening usually or something. Have you tried towels under your door? Maybe some incense when he's smoking?

No. 1277842

Tell him it smells so nasty and it's making you mad, but you'll get over it if he shares some with you

No. 1277846

I try. I got him to go to therapy but he stopped because he claimed he couldn't afford it. But he doesn't even work, he gets money from his dad. And his copay wasn't expensive at all. So I don't understand. He's gotta fix himself but it just sucks trying to encourage him and him just doing nothing.

No. 1277851

Anon most adults who are functioning and healthy do in fact partake in some form of recreational activity like drinking more than just a sip on the weekend, weed is no different just pull your head out of your ass and get air purifiers or move.

No. 1277861

Thanks, I don't do drugs nor do people in my circles so I don't know what level of usage is still within realms of healthy.

Doing weed is illegal and not all that common here beyond festivals. I don't think I have my "head in my ass" when one guy smoking weed inconvieniences a lot of people and gives me a headache. You seem very personally attacked when all I said is it smells.

No. 1277876

sure would be nice to not have constant nightmares the week before my period. it’s like clockwork. and the dreams all relate to things i’ve already experienced too. makes the pms a lot worse because i wake up having to process everything and calm myself down. even when i forget the dream it still affects me.

No. 1277880

Don't mind them anon, stoners get offended very easily (weed damage probably). If the guy is stinking up the whole place you have the right to be upset, don't get any purifier or shit like that and instead tell him to tone it down. Stoners often can't tell how much they smoke and how much it fucking stinks for non-stoners.

No. 1277885

i'm a stoner and i agree with you but "doing weed" is so funny. it's smoking weed. and he probably doesn't care that it's illegal. just ask and if he doesn't stop call maintenance. (assuming you live in an apartment.)

No. 1277887

not a smoker here but idc if people smoke weed, just for the love of god do it by a window at the very least. smoking with no ventilation indoors is fucked

No. 1277888

File: 1658855916955.jpg (29.51 KB, 500x385, dcc2cb56fdfb1efcc795b62b6c08be…)

I feel and act like a complete idiot today. I had to broken up my locker at work because I closed it with the keys for it inside. Then I said goodbye to a co-worker after he gave me something I needed instead of thank you wtf. Then I forget things and just act confused, let things drop all the time and do other annoying things, I just fucking hate it ugh.

No. 1277892

Nta, I don’t care how much you love getting stoned, if your “hobby” stinks up the inside of other people’s homes then it’s rude to do.

No. 1277894

Tell that bozo to grow up and start smoking carts like a real man.

No. 1277901

That’s so ironic that you’d accuse them of attention seeking…

No. 1277905

>doing weed
You have to be at least 18 to post here

No. 1277915

File: 1658857931965.jpg (31.88 KB, 423x540, jtedt6.jpg)

Quit my old job where I was an employee to go into a contract gig. Higher pay, less bullshit, better prospects, but of course no benefits like health insurance. I still work two jobs for money so the system treats me like a middling wealthy fuck in spite of the fact that I have to work 4x as long and hard to earn it and that the majority of it goes to paying back debt.
Healthcare marketplace aka Obamacare wants to fuck me and give me no credit because I gross over 50k and haven't popped out kids yet. So I went for some minimum coverage shit through the contracting agency for preventative care and hopefully some coverage for my medications. I had a hell of a time trying to look up providers and seeing what was covered under my benefits, because despite "no surprises" they wanna ensure the information is obfuscated as much as possible so they won't have to worry about pesky cunts like me maximizing our care for what we fucking pay.

But nah, that's not even what's most upsetting.
What got me is that I fucking fell for entering my information into a mcfucking website DISGUISED as the official marketplace offering plan quotes. So now I've got cold caller assholes blowing up my phone and unbox trying to sell me their scam insurances. As if the system could not get more manipulative. As if it could not get more predatory.
My peace is one of the last things I have and even then I cannot have it.

No. 1277917

stoners can smoke multiple times a day and sometimes you can see them drooling with their mouth open like braindead retards or eating everything in their fridge despite their poverty

No. 1277923

Get him to a psychiatrist instead.

No. 1277941

When you say you work 2 jobs, what do you mean by that? i was debating on doing 2 remote jobs at once because I'm in the same situation, contractor with 0 benefits, no health insurance, no PTO, no paid holidays. I feel damned mean about it. I'm good enough to do their work but not good enough to actually hire and afford medical care to. I don't know why businesses do this. When you treat employees like shit guess how much of a shit they give about your company and their work quality? Zero.

I gave up on health insurance. I just don't go to the doctor. America is a third world country. I'll probably die of cancer at age 35. I resent being born here.

No. 1277942

i hate taylor swift, i hate her shit milquetoast music, i hate her stupid ass lyrics about some musty man she dated for 3 weeks a decade ago, and i hate her retarded brainlet fans. thank you.

No. 1277945

Oh, and another thing. America wants to force us to give birth but at the same time refuses to provide affordable, accessible healthcare. I work fulltime in a job requiring a degree and I can't afford healthcare. And on top of it my government wants to force me to undergo pregnancy and childbirth so I can die trying to give birth unassisted in my bathtub to a kid who is fucked unless he's in absolutely perfect health, because I can't even afford healthcare for myself, let alone a kid I don't even want. I hate this country so much and every day I feel more and more angry.

No. 1277952

I've been handwashing my clothes in my bathtub for 18 months because the apartment washing machines are always full of doghair. I never considered people washing shitrags.
Firing someone for caring for their ill SO… They need a crowbar to the temple. At least your bf can work for someone who is less of a skeezy ingrate toxic shitbag. What company? Also contact a news company. With the current antiwork vibes you could drum up a lot of pitchforks with that story.

No. 1277954

How do you guys make yourself feel like you don’t want to constantly die? Escapism feels like I’m putting a paper bandage over a cracked mug

No. 1277959

I'm sick of my male friend acting like an embittered cunt when I post attractive men and screeches at me that "personality matters" like I'm some vain bitch even though he also posts attractive women.

I dont care about men talking about what kinds of women they find pretty but REEE when they want to blind women from having eyes and being allowed to talk about what they like because its a "lie" or triggering to the poor moid.

No. 1277965

>male friend

No. 1277967

all i want is a mediocre wfh office job that keeps the bills paid and allows me enough free time to study art. sincerely hope i can get this after i have my degree.

so nervous about graduating uni. my mother seems to think i'm going to get some kind of incredible job, but no…

No. 1277978

you'll die eventually either way nonna, no need to go out of your way for it
I have this and i'm still mad because it doesn't pay enough. hedonistic treadmill is real i guess. i slept in until 9 today. i used to have to throw myself out the door at 6;30.

No. 1277980

100% this. most men that will be friends with a woman just want to fuck her and it influences most of what they do and say. speaking from experience because sadly most of my interests are male dominated and as a result a lot of my friends are men. not a single one hasn’t been creepy and jealous in the way you’ve described or given me a straight up confession.

No. 1277982

I just wish there was a safer, more closed off space to post and make friends with other women online without having to worry about men invading. I want to join the movie and drawing events but I’m too nervous about spammers posting gross shit. I know there are moderators and stuff but it sucks that there even has to be moderators in the first place! Why can’t we just have own spaces??

No. 1277999

Speaking from my fucking soul anon. I'm 22, lost my virginity at 20 and my life has been about caring for mentally ill guys ever since then but I'm so fed up right now. I feel like I didn't do shit in that time (granted there was corona but still) and just mentally and emotionally exhausted myself for nothing at all

No. 1278001

What is the point of my mom taking anti-depressants if she's still impulsive and anxious? She lies, steals and thanks she'll face no consequences because she's old. She never has enough money for both my parents to eat because she spends it on stupid shit. What's the point?

No. 1278006

Well, she has to start somewhere to fix her problems.

No. 1278010

She's been taking them for over 5 years. She's still self-sabotaging despite going to therapy and taking meds.

No. 1278038

>When you say you work 2 jobs, what do you mean by that?
I'm psychotic and have 12-16 hour weekdays not including commute.
My first day job is the typical 8.5 shift, but my second job where I supervise is part time and ranges between 4-8 hours. Sometimes more depending if my staff wanna act like chucklefucks, and the workload required.
Worked 19 hours straight recently, 21 if you count commute and the small break I got driving to my second job. I must be manic because I'm not tired yet despite doing this shit for half a year so far.
>i was debating on doing 2 remote jobs at once because I'm in the same situation
Do it–in fact, double dip! Work two remote jobs at once if they're a light workload, just make sure to keep em separated on your work devices and do not let anyone catch on. If my industry was one where I could wfh, I would do the same and cheat my way to the bank. Fuck companies, bleed em dry if you are able.
>I don't know why businesses do this.
It's cheap as fuck for them to hire you cause they save money by not giving you benefits like insurance or PTO. Also you are disposable, as a contract hire all they have to do is not renew your contract if you are a problem. At least when you are an employee, you have some rights and severances. Then, they make you do the overperformance dance for the direct hire offer which they most often never give so they profit even more from manupulating–er, "managing" you.
>I gave up on health insurance. I just don't go to the doctor.
I'm really sorry anon, no one should be forced into these predicaments. Our system is shite and either seems to reward either the very privileged or–dare I say–the willingly lazy.
Us working folk are meat for the machine, kept on the treadmill lest we lose everything that we worked so hard for.

>America wants to force us to give birth but at the same time refuses to provide affordable, accessible healthcare.
I may be a trite biased because I come from a rough hood, but being turbo poor and popping out kids is not the worst situation imaginable.
I know because I have people from high school who had kids young but who also never left hometown and have never obtained consistent, meaningful employment. Do they get to go out, go on elaborate vacations, and overspend? No, but their social media lets me know that they get subsidized housing, free (or income-adjusted) healthcare, free education for their kids as long as the kids try in school, and a fuckton of free time to consoom all the media and whatever cheap to free activities they can muster.
The only problem with becoming co-dependent on government is that you always gotta vote a certain way, and you gotta keep yourself in poverty because even a penny over the line will bump you from the free shit pool. It's not stupid, I mean, why would anyone wanna be low paid and struggle when they can go a little without for way less stress.

But yes, working women absolutely are getting shafted hard.

No. 1278041

Why do you even have a male friend?

No. 1278046

Please someone drill it into my head that I should stop googling symptoms and diagnosing myself with mental illnesses. I do it to cope with my situation but it's ruining my brain and I can't think straight about the issues anymore.

No. 1278050

Feeling borderline suicidal right now. I'm a disappointment, useless trash, I wish at least I lived alone so I would've have to be screamed at for being such a failure. Going downstairs is embarrassing. God why can't I just be left alone to do things at my own pace. I can feel my brain going numb and depressed. It's like it's so heavy that it doesn't allow me to get up.

No. 1278054

I just almost freaked out at the vet's office. I was treated like absolute garbage. I just gave them a 1 star review. they literally forgot about me and were making me stand there for almost a half hour waiting for meds they weren't even filling and I got a shithouse apology and they then forgot to give me half the fucking meds I had already asked for and their secretary was such a rude fucking bitch and tried to get me to accept being called later to schedule a followup appointment. MAKE IT NOW YOU FUCKING SKANK. And she takes like 10 minutes in revenge looking up a time and suggests 8am on my birthday and I just accept it. I wanted to kill her. She was like oh and did I like give you your receipt? What do you think you absolute fucking buffoon? NO YOU DIDN'T. WHEN I WAS A SECRETARY I WOULD'VE BEEN FIRED IF I ACTED THE WAY YOU DO. KILL YOURSELF AND DIE

No. 1278059

>And she takes like 10 minutes in revenge looking up a time and suggests 8am on my birthday and I just accept it.
Lol rekt

No. 1278062

Report her to the IRS nonnie. The best revenge is giving your enemy a surprise audit.

No. 1278066

My dog's health is more important grow up

No. 1278069

I remember this video was shared in some thread a few months ago

No. 1278071

File: 1658866314508.jpeg (59.47 KB, 750x737, 9AF3A08F-05B7-4053-B9ED-C7D45B…)

My fucking cat sliced open my palm with her back foot while jumping around. Can’t even be mad cause she didn’t do it on purpose. Still hurts tho

No. 1278072

Failed college twice
Doomed to be a retail wageslave with no prospects or future
Everything hurts

No. 1278077

It seems some anons are freaking out about illnesses/dying today, and what do you know? I'm freaking out too, coincidentally. I was googling symptoms two hours ago kek

No. 1278083

File: 1658867123399.jpeg (140.56 KB, 720x863, FYNFUHQWYAIT7u8.jpeg)

This week, 4 of the guys I used to talk to 6 months to a year ago suddenly contacted me and wanna hang out. What the hell happened. Do people get lonely this time of year or something?
Three of them I'm okay with meeting, one straight up ghosted me the day we were supposed to have out third date after two months of talking and came back apologising like hell 'I'm not usually like that, I'm so sorry, I was going through a rough time and I understand if you don't wanna talk' (kek fuck off).
The thing is, at this point I don't wanna start liking someone and get hurt again. When I don't care, they want me but when I start liking them, the manipulatively slowed down texts and put off meetings start and it just feels like prolonged torture. And it hurts because at that stage I actually care about them. And this shit happens every single fucking time to me. I'm so fucking tired of relationships and talking stages. The guy I like now started to treat me like that, his messages are slow, he doesn't wanna hang out anymore but I'm 80% sure that after I get over him in few months he'll come back. It really feels like they always come back.

No. 1278086

My boyfriend always says I don’t cook but when I ask what to cook he says idk when I can easily make something while he’s working or at the gym. then he’s like omg I have to hurry I don’t have time like ho I fucking asked what you wanted so you didn’t have to spend time rushing so don’t get all annoyed when I’m right here trying to help and you just won’t say what to do

No. 1278089

Holy shit, for the love of god, please stop hiring aggressive retarded men to bag groceries at grocery stores. I am happy to bag it myself if it means I don't have to be growled at and leered at by literal 6'3 retarded apemen? And please, if you have a fully grown son who is mentally ill and seems aggressive, give him a haircut that will act as a warning. I got in line today and the bagger looked clean cut and normal then he literally starts growling at me and moaning. The older woman who was the cashier just looked at me like, 'sorry' and man, I feel worse for her! Imagine working next to an insane and violent acting retard moid. I hate to think what happens when children go through that line. Insane. Stop hiring them. I dont' care about hiring retarded people, that's fine, but if they are aggressive get the fuck rid of them!

No. 1278092

i have no clue why but men from my past always seem to contact me in bursts around the same time periods. it’s happened so many times. there’s no explanation for it that i’ve been able to come up with lol. it’s always like 3 exes or guys who had crushes on me messaging me in the same week

No. 1278098

File: 1658868032761.jpg (68.59 KB, 445x600, pictur01.JPG)

It's been a long time ago, but whenever I read facts about how much porn out there even on "regular" porn sites is non-consensual and often of minors despite the title stating them to be 18+, I am reminded of the fact that out there somewhere are pictures of teenage me after a man abducted me in his car, brought me to his home and would not let me go until he had taken several photos of me naked. Normally I'm able to not think about it, but tonight it really dawned on me for some reason. Those photos will always be out there, and there's nothing I can do about it. All I hope is that I never ever have to see them, and that I've grown enough that no one would recognise my face. I fucking hate men.

No. 1278099

Told that guy I liked him and said that we shouldn't talk anymore because it's all very uncomfortable and stressful and I feel like I'm lying, it's best to just cut out the source of all this. I told him not to tell people about it because it's embarrassing. I thought we were pretty close friends. He told our mutual friend and that mutual friend brought it up and he sounded so pitying like shut the fuck up. I know it's normal. It's just embarrassing and gross and I didn't want people to fucking know. I just wanted to get away from the stress of it. I hate romantic feelings I hate having crushes it literally makes me queasy and sick. I'm being a childish retard about this. I don't care. I don't like the feeling. People can tell me it's okay and normal and fine as much as they want and I appreciate that they're trying to make me feel better but it just doesn't. It's all so fucking gross.

No. 1278109

there was an actual, self-admitted tranny on /meta/ though, who was also bragging about purposely trying to stir shit here. he was the one misusing 'scrote' at everyone and constantly defending himself in third person, using his preferred pronouns, saying how he should be a jannie, how anyone who dislikes trannies 'secretly wants to fuck them', and all sorts of other shit

No. 1278145

Thank you anon. That's actually really helpful, I feel kinda ashamed for falling into that trap because I study psych but I guess I'm not immune to it.

No. 1278148

I hate how art was taught in middle and high school. They really pushed art history hard and gave us assignments trying to force us to do art that had specific super deep meanings. I adored art as a kid and those classes just destroyed it for me. I switched electives ASAP and didn’t touch any kind of art for several years. As a young adult/college student I could appreciate art history but as a kid you just want to learn to draw well, develop creativity and try new things, and have fun you know? Now I finally got back into art after finding out that plenty of artists don’t have some faux pretentious super deep u guize backstory for their art.

No. 1278157

one of my parents just got broken up with by their partner and i feel like i've been punched in the stomach. it wasn't even my relationship, yet i feel like crying. they were always happy, they never fought, they were together for years. i really think i can't ever date anyone if this is how i react just to other people being dumped

No. 1278164

File: 1658871581798.jpg (54.56 KB, 500x625, ll.jpg)

ordering heroin so i can overdose. im excited to finally be at peace but im wondering what to do for my last hoorah? the little things made this life a good run but at least i will be preserved in my youth!

No. 1278169

Don't do it nonnie I promise life is worth it

No. 1278170

i suspect this is a teen larping/baiting for a few different reasons which i’m not going to explain because if my hunch is right it would just make you more likely to act out.
with that said i do hope you’re baiting and didn’t actually buy shitty heroin from some darknet market. if you did, just know that’s a bad idea and you’re probably going to just feel physically fucked and wake up. but that would be better than dying. don’t die goofy-chan.

No. 1278171

i really hope you don't. suicide is permanent but your situation isn't. there's always a way to turn it around and make a nice life for yourself

No. 1278176

File: 1658872253981.jpeg (40.1 KB, 206x305, F614189E-F63A-4B47-A93D-0F5F67…)

Living with my mother is driving me clinically insane

No. 1278177

there is nothing i could ever gain from larping nor baiting on an anonymous imageboard, truth be told. i wont ramble or go into detail as we all have our reasons but i have tried very hard and done ALL of the right things to do well by myself, and mainly others. but i'm exhausted and can't imagine having to deal with my mental illness the rest of m ylife. those who love me should be happy that i will be at peace. if it is selfish to take my life, how is it not selfish for them to hate me for it, if they loved me they would respect it. ihave nowhere else to obtain heroin, but i could however obtain a gun much easier if you think the heroin will end up being shit kek. oh well, its worth a shot either way, pun intended. the only hard part is patience. i have been sleeping as much as i can to make time go faster.

thank you nonnies for being sweet i didnt think anyone would respond. i wish i could have done more to help others but knowing i at least made an impact in the lives of people i knew overtime is nice. i hope the world will get better for you all.

No. 1278179

you wouldn’t be preserved in your youth. there’s nothing preserving about rotting prematurely in a wooden box. there’s no beauty in it. beauty is persisting and finding meaning even in the most painful moments. being young makes you think youth is the only thing that matters, for sex and vigor and for attracting moids. fuck youth. i’m young myself but the fetishization of it is so cruel, that’s not all there is to life. most people don’t get a decent grasp on life until they’re at least in their 30s or 40s. there’s still so much to do, to learn, to see, to become. don’t kill yourself, have hope that the tides will turn.

No. 1278183

Attention seekers are so annoying

No. 1278184

File: 1658872479498.jpg (24.25 KB, 800x450, IKIFEEL.jpg)

Same. I wish I was making enough money to leave. Pretty sure I'd be off half my meds if I moved out

No. 1278185

im sorry. that wasnt my intention. i wont post anymore, i just wanted to get it out.

No. 1278190

just spend a shitload of money that you don't have
that's what i'd do

No. 1278192

he’ll yeah

No. 1278194

File: 1658872907174.png (630.06 KB, 649x657, 1615252994953.png)

God I really needed to read this. I lost my virginity at 23, now about to turn 25 and just got out of a relationship with the same guy I lost it to. I'm absolutely devastated being alone again, but now I think about all the time and money I wasted worrying about that man, trying to impress him and keep him interested, all the gas I wasted driving to his place (IN THIS ECONOMY, AM I CRAZY??), the obsessive comparing and nitpicking of my own appearance, the nights I cried worrying I wasn't good enough. He wasn't even that bad a bf and did a lot for me, all things considered, but god I wish I'd been spending all that time and energy on myself, and kept the money in my damn bank account.

No. 1278201

He sounds like an ingrate and you should feed him a knuckle sandwich.

No. 1278204

We’ll get there one day nonnie. Hang in there.

No. 1278205

How about instead of killing yourself you go out and live a completely different life? Move to another country, do something you've always wanted to do nonnie trust me its better than living in the dark forever.

No. 1278238

I love my mother so much

No. 1278258

you should post and embrace that this is a silly outlet. sometimes people feel exactly like you do before an epiphany or a change they are supposed to face. stay away from drugs and the government that wants to bleed all your money and the money they can make off of your body, as slowly as they can. don’t buy into the perspective that you have lived enough to make that decision, it’s not about you being ignorant or stupid, life is far more coincidental than you think. sometimes to prepare to accept beautiful things, you have to suffer and build your character more to earn those gifts.

the world has been in a pandemic and its effects for a couple years now, don’t go now and waste your life on a low note like this, refuse to give into that. do something reckless like fall in love or volunteer on some farm with cute animals. make art about things you felt and loved, leave something beautiful for those you love at least. you’re going to be ok, trust your will to live.

this is beautiful and i love your mother

No. 1278288

3 months is usually how long, it's some kind of biological shit or Pua tactic bc most do it

No. 1278302

I was a pathetic loser at school, now I'm a pathetic loser at work. I'm so tired of being a loser

No. 1278306

you're not a loser

No. 1278308

you don't know her. how can you say that?

No. 1278311

Once again, I failed to connect with someone. I just can't fit in.

No. 1278312

because i know she isn't

No. 1278319

Well, it's kinda true. She has just internalized the idea that she's a loser. She can unlearn it and then she'll stop being one.

No. 1278326

>know a cute moid
>he's autistically obsessed with sonic and nintendo and will bring it up to everyone
>washes hair with 2 in 1 shampoo
>smells faintly of dog all the time
>doesn't brush long hair
>doesn't put any effot into appearance
>fucking retarded
>forgets everything
>will forget what he's saying like 2 seconds after starting a story
>constantly asks you the same questions every time he sees you because he just can't remember
Weed is the mind killer, anons. Then he bitches and moans about not having a girlfriend like fucking duh you retard. Put in some fucking effort, good god.

No. 1278327

no room for self defeating attitudes nonna.. you can connect with the right people. i hope you find them. work sucks for friends unless you’re working in a specialized specific field close to your interests but even then it just kinda sucks.

No. 1278330

gonna be real he doesn’t sound cute at all. but i agree i hate stoner low effort moids. i went on a date with one last year and he could barely fucking speak because he couldn’t stop hitting his gay little weed pen…. oral fixation much? what would freud say?

No. 1278339

He's tall and cute in the face. He'd honestly be pretty attractive if he just brushed his hair, started wearing nicer clothes, and bought a lint roller and some febreze. Moids are so fucking lazy it blows my mind.

No. 1278359

File: 1658883479449.jpeg (120.54 KB, 1170x442, C26DCECF-3079-407F-94B1-42C827…)

It’s so interesting to me that none of these people can sense or prefer to ignore what an abusive freak you are and just eat up the things you do and say when you genuinely unironically believe voyeuring women is okay and a normal human behavior. The lengths you go to in order to stalk, lie, and alog are not in any way justifiable but yet you persevere. Nobody who is sane, happy, or has anything of merit going on in their lives think this is normal. Your hobbies are genuinely no different from a rapists or sex offenders. I don’t even need to say “you’re going to hell” at this point you’re going to have several restraining orders and a nice communal cell in jail.

No. 1278362

Wanna add each other on discord? I'll be happy to hear you out and give impartial advice/opinion.

No. 1278364

Suicide baiting should be a b&able offense here. So ridiculous.

No. 1278404

drag him

No. 1278424

given the tranny fiasco they might’ve just banned anyone who posted during a certain time period in certain threads. idk why they’d do that though

No. 1278428


This might want to go to the stupid questions thread nonna

No. 1278431

GOD I'm so frustrated, nonas. I keep thinking about getting revenge on the guy who sexually assaulted me. It's driving me nuts. I look at his social media accounts and I don't know why, just wishing I could fucking do some super leet hacker shit and cause him inconvenience in some way. I'm tired of being preoccupied with this.

No. 1278433

File: 1658887018234.gif (211.39 KB, 220x220, squinting-eyes.gif)

Just got a call from a nurse telling me the results from the HIV part of my blood test 'looks a bit funny' so come back in a few weeks and get retested maybe? Not concerned since I do nothing that could lead me to infection, but her following it up with 'from your history the HIV portion of the tests always comes back a bit funny for you so we just want to be sure"
Just not be sure for any of the other times I had bloods taken over the years? comeonnow.jpg

No. 1278434

Why do I feel like this is almost every farmers type.

No. 1278435

lol i do the same thing. i keep tabs as best as i can even though he has no social media. i always want to do something but ultimately i’m way too fearful. guys who are unstable and lacking awareness/empathy enough to sexually assault you aren’t guys you want to mess too much with though unless you can guarantee total anonymity and avoid being suspected. there are things you can do to inconvenience him like signing him up for spam emails, but it’s such a small deal it’s probably not worth it unless it’d make you feel better for a while. at this point i kinda just try my best to pretend the guy who did that to me doesn’t exist, then i remember he exists a little too hard and i freak out and wish i could do something.

No. 1278436

I've been banned from cc 3 times. Always walked on eggshells there, bans were unreasonable. I'm done with it. The userbase is a bunch of screaming easily-triggered toddler-women. It's a terrible website.

No. 1278438

I'm sorry. I wish I could give you a hug. I did cause him some minor inconvenience but it was all I could do. I just keep thinking about how I can fuck with him and be conniving. God. I hate this

No. 1278441

fuck troons.

No. 1278465

I really miss you.

No. 1278480

File: 1658890535890.jpg (152.25 KB, 808x805, 000000000.jpg)

I hate living in a shitty apartment next to shitty neighbors. I keep hearing loud bangs from slamming doors or somethign below us and it's making my heart race and chest tighten even if I know I'm ok. They've only had one really ibg fight but it was really really awful to hear the lady sobbing for so long. They have a baby too and it makes me worry and so angry. They moved in after the girl next door, who would scream at her boyfriend like a wild creature (there was no other audible abuse from him. BF was always very quiet and timid) finally left. I wish the rent wasn't fucking insane and we could afford something better than a one bed shit apartment with paper walls. I've had fans and white noise machines playing to cover all of this crap up before but I've developed extreme auditory paradolia that manifests as……. people arguing and screaming for help LOL fucking end me.

No. 1278483

Ugly pervert deserves to be.

No. 1278484

I feel so embarrassed I want to die, there's a supervisor at work who I genuinely thought liked me and I just realized she was being sarcastic this entire time. I hate myself so much I made myself look genuinely retarded so many times at work. FUCK.

No. 1278490

She's the asshole and dumbass in this situation, there's really no need to pull highschool bully moves in a work environment.

No. 1278500

>haha no babe dont get plastic surgery, I find plastic surgery very unattractive
>But what about -insert celebrity/influencer/girl they know Witt obvious plastic surgery-
>Wtf she doesn't have plastic surgery. Stop being so insecure
Why are they like this? Girls never simp over roided up men while telling average moids doing roids is gross and unattractive. Meanwhile they tell us not to have eating disorders, not to get surgery, wear makeup, use fake hair, etc while their entire feed is filled with women who have each and every single one

No. 1278503

You should call non-emergency police and report it, or call emergency while it happens. having a witness who reported can make it possible for victims to get justice when they otherwise probably couldn’t.

No. 1278504

I feel this. I hate having a boymom. The universe has a messed up sense of humor. Sending you good vibes, nonnie.

No. 1278512

Same. I've been posting funny retard things to make anons chuckle but I don't think it helps

No. 1278513

nta but i only heard boymom for the first time recently. my mother had four sons before popping me out and she treated me completely different from how she treated them. they got freedom and pampering, i was treated like a diseased piece of porcelain that had to be completely controlled and hid away in the cupboard with no agency. her brain is completely eroded by internalized misogyny and having sons. i wish she had me first and then maybe she would’ve seen me as a human being. does having sons really change brain chemistry? god i’m never having babies

No. 1278521

Really? I never get banned there but the mods delete my shit sometimes. I think they toned the unreasonable bans down lol

No. 1278529

oh i see. i thought you it was referring to microchimerism because i’d seen it mentioned before in the context of boymoms once

No. 1278531

File: 1658895023469.jpeg (82.3 KB, 827x787, 96AA9C31-2D83-4A86-85EB-420573…)

Using women as pawns and manipulating them into falling for your soft boy larp iktr

No. 1278532

It wouldn’t have been any better if she had you first, likely.

No. 1278539

lol dw anon i just learned the word recently. but the gist is that having a son means there’s a huge chance the dna from the y chromosome will linger in your blood and brain. something like 60-80% of women die with it still in them i think

No. 1278542

I think society just treats all women like "diseased pieces of porcelain that have to be hidden away in a cupboard with no agency." It has nothing to do with whether they have sons as well or not. Women are maltreated from infancy. It's just easier to notice when you can compare a sister directly to a brother.

Not only are parents more likely to be resentful of a daughter, sexualize her and act creepy, be hysteric and overcontrolling, but they also use the female children as household slaves while the men are excused due to the assumption that men cannot do "women's work" or weaponized incompetence from the husband being projected onto the sons. Women are second class citizens. If the government won't oppress us, our parents certainly will.

No. 1278548

>boymoms are men

No. 1278552

Sending my mom a text that says YWNBAW the next time she makes me mad

No. 1278555

boymoms i don’t feel so good…

No. 1278557

File: 1658896395869.jpg (69.05 KB, 640x664, f5c0ee9c082b5be69ec03ea444ab39…)

Boy moms I feel like I'm gonna VENGEANCE

No. 1278558

Isn't overdosing a slow and painful death? It's basically giving yourself a heart attack but with 10 times harder anxiety and over the span of a much longer time.

No. 1278562

all of my teeth hurt all the time because of preexisting issues i've already had fixed and even though i take care of myself now i'm still forever permanently in pain. i dont deserve this fuck teeth fuck god i hate everything

No. 1278563

wtf it was clearly a joke KEK. sorry you got banned for boymom banter, what a hoot

No. 1278565

could it be your gums? i’m in a similar boat with good teeth now but my gums are a shit because of neglect which definitely causes some pain and aching

No. 1278569

love you monna (mom + nonna)
pretty weird you got banned for a clear joke but the actual tranny was here spamming for hours straight without any issue

No. 1278578

Oh god that really was the meta troon, I fucking hate men.

No. 1278579

I feel like it was obvious from how "mom anon" was posting that it wasn't a farmer

No. 1278590

oh no wait it really is the meta tranny about to spam and samefag for hours all over again… i should’ve never mentioned microchimerism.
tranny, boymoms having trace amounts of dna floating aimlessly in their blood does not mean they have a Y chromosome. YWNBAW and you’re nothing like pregnant women and never will be. calling yourself a momma bear is hilarious you sick fetishist retard.

No. 1278615

My city is fucking DIRTY. I never feel clean. The onion smell and factory smell fills the air and something in my apartment is making me and my husband's BO smell like metallic onions. On top of that the laundry never gets done properly and even if I use high quality detergent and do everything right there's still a weird lingering oil smell in the laundry. My carpet has a weird peanut butter smell now ugh

No. 1278617

this dude must have 20 lolcow tabs open at all times. he went from claiming to be a mom to admitting it’s him—he’s currently shitting up the stupid questions thread and admitted everything like he always does. troons are too narcissistic to ever actually hide their true identities.

No. 1278618

wtf this is awful, is there a paper mill in town or something? im sorry nonna i hope you find a way to make things better

No. 1278622

have you not been here the past few days? it’s the same person reappearing every day to samefag for hours trying to convince us he’s a woman just to reveal he’s a troon with a kiwifarms thread about him.

No. 1278627

File: 1658901653037.jpeg (20.85 KB, 400x400, 1651391861123.jpeg)

You are replying to the troon in question.

No. 1278635

I'm so sorry, anon. You already know she loves you too, and you've given her a wonderful life. Please try to spend the time you have left together making lovely memories

No. 1278639

File: 1658902507589.jpeg (795.4 KB, 1170x1133, CE804A5E-68BD-45FE-9EF8-373DBB…)

I like watching horror movies (they’re fake + distracting + the adrenaline is fun) and I was bored today and randomly remembered watching one when I was a teen that was a few years old at the time called Deadgirl (2008.) I remembered thinking the main guy was cute and that I was terrified at the time so I decided to find it and rewatch it since I’m bored. Huge mistake, remembered that I wasn’t terrified because it was a mindnumbing thriller but because they find a naked woman that can’t die in the basement of an asylum and repeatedly gang rape and torture her for weeks. Even the main guy never tells anyone even though he acts like it’s horrible and he would never do that. Not once, in the entirety of the whole film do they acknowledge that it’s rape. Then in the ending, the “morally superior” protag takes his crush there and ties her up to (what is implied) continually rape her for months. Why was this film allowed to be made I hate men so much.

No. 1278666

I haven’t been this depressed since I was a teenager before my medicine. I’ve been living in a house with no running water or toilet or shower for two months now, because my parents decided to sell their house in this market and put me in a cheap place they bought that they’re renovating to rent out to me. I feel disgusting. I have to drive to shit, piss outside in the dark, pay to shower somewhere, and I keep getting told that I should be grateful. That they’re making this place nice for me, that they could charge me for way more than what they are if I’m upset. I have no friends to move in with, no other family members, I’m profoundly disabled in a way that others can perceive which affects my income. I have bad credit. I feel so trapped and stuck, I keep thinking about buying a gun. But I have my senior dog and know she wouldn’t get proper care if I wasn’t here.

No. 1278673

I cannot fucking calm down tonight. Not even my thoughts, but physically. I'm so on edge.

No. 1278676

I know I have paranoia issues but why the fuck did my brother say "my dad" instead of "our dad" or "dad's". Between my cousin holding hugs for too long keeping his hand on my waist and what happened with my brother I'm stating to freak out that I can't even trust the men in my family. I just want to curl up and cry because I already have a lot of distrust in men. I thought I could at least trust my own flesh and blood.

No. 1278679

If you have enough money or can convince your parents to pay for it, you can hire portable bathrooms which are designed for use during renovations. A place without a proper bathroom or water is unliveable, it's actually cruel of them to put you in that situation.

No. 1278689

My therapy resumes today after a six week break and I don't want to go. I have nothing to talk about. I still have an entire year of therapy left but I'm considering just dropping it altogether. But I'm afraid that if I do I'll just instantly hit another depressive episode (bipolar) and have to deal with it alone. I fucking hate being mentally ill. Therapy costs so much money too.

No. 1278692

I want to try lsd so bad, but there's no way I'm in the right mindset for it anytime soon

No. 1278694

My dog is still looking healthy despise her cancer coming back…
Will it be painful for her? I'm sorry if it's a stupid question, but my vet wont answer me properly and I just want to know the truth.

No. 1278695

save it for a good day, set and setting are important. i recommend mushrooms a lot more than lsd if you have mental health issues though. they’re shorter lasting and feel much better. very cathartic

No. 1278748

File: 1658911526215.png (47.27 KB, 900x500, png-clipart-childcare-worker-c…)

Tomorrow I will get drunk and watch a cheesy early 00s movie.
I can't deal with the fact how I can't see my family and its been more than a few years. The only safe way for me to meet my grandma is by making both of us travel to a different country, and it costs so much with inflation going on, but even worse is that I do not know how my grandma could afford it because the government gives them only 110 a month. I am so scared and worried for them, i miss my grandparents so much. Fuck the president we always hated him, over 10 years of protests didn't do shit and thats why I ran out of there. First its covid, now its the war. Ever since its started people here started treating me badly, blaming me for everything, even once some man wanted to attack me. I am so tired.

No. 1278754

You do have a lot to be grateful for. I’m sorry you have to drive somewhere to shit or shower, but if you’re ever tired you can literally just boil water on the stove and buy a portable toilet with bags you can seal and dumpster, just like people do when they walk their dogs. This is assuming you can physically do those things, and considering the fact that you drive I gather you maybe can.

No. 1278758

>you can literally just boil water on the stove and buy a portable toilet with bags you can seal and dumpster, just like people do when they walk their dogs.
this has to be bait lol

No. 1278774

Anon did sound like an insensitive asshole, but honestly the portable toilet and shower idea might not be a bad idea for OPs situation. It could cost some money that she may not have though.

No. 1278835

Tired of religious folks and their drama lol like… in general. the debates between them and atheists… all of it. Cringe, fuck off and die

No. 1278845

>insensitive asshole
If my parents provided a home for me, which most parents do not do, I would make it work. And yeah, I’ve been in positions of extreme poverty. I boiled water for baths as a kid and when we slept outside I shit in a bag. Big fucking deal.

No. 1278848

Using cringey twitter buzzwords to label every suicide vent ""baiting"" should be a ban-able offense. Stop using made up words to pretend they're doing something inherently wrong ya fucking zoomie zoom zoomer. God I hate you children.

No. 1278852

File: 1658918309866.jpg (5.98 KB, 274x184, download.jpg)

No. 1278855

Don't worry about her Nona, some people are just so pathetic they have to try to "one up" strangers to feel better about being a sad sack of shit with self esteem so low it's touching magma. Your vent is completely justified and anyone would be upset in a situation like that.

No. 1278860

>gotta let the softies vent
nta but aw, sweet

No. 1278864

Right. I also don’t understand tthe need to shush suicidal people every time they open their mouths because you’re uncomfortable. It’s easier to say someone is an attention whore because of your own fear of “feeling weak and powerless” i guess? I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it. I’m suicidal so, i don’t get the big deal with saying i want to die. I want to die… big fucking deal i’m not doing it to bait you. It’s a common thing that happens to everyone who offed themselves anyway. impending doom, crying for help saying you want to die because its a new feeling, no one cares, jump off a bridge.

No. 1278865

Oh my bad, I just assumed. Well if the Nona who vented is still lurking that was directed at you and I hope your situation improves and I'm sorry that was the response you got, people have been extra vicious here lately I don't know why.

No. 1278872

Probably because the suicide baiting is extremely cringe and belong with a support group.

No. 1278873

Nta but girl you don't know what buzzword means lol, attention whore pre dates twitter say you're a zoomer without saying you're a zoomer

No. 1278874

That… is such an extremely melodramatic comparison and had nothing to do with what I was saying. Not only was there no malice or aggression in what I was saying, I was just making a suggestion for the days she’s too tired to drive. You newfags are in desperate need of removing your head from your ass. You just try to tumblr 2.0 and concern trolling every single thing.

No. 1278877

Most suicidal people don't want to be stopped, they're not going to go to a support group voluntarily. Again stop with the buzzwords, posting on an anonymous imageboard is not "baiting"

No. 1278889


No. 1278891

File: 1658920616469.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 170.88 KB, 828x691, F205BB0B-267A-4E70-B6A5-D8A9E0…)

Men are so fucking stupid lmaooo

No. 1278892

>buttmad for two hours
I literally made three posts, all within a long span. I’m completely neutral but your need to sperg and try to play hall monitor for things so innocuous is obnoxious. Keep showing you’re a transplant, though.

No. 1278895

Somebody click that for me and tell me if it's gore or cp I'm too scared lol, it looks very ominous

No. 1278897

It's just a screenshot of a moid holding a gun

No. 1278899

Lol ty I've been tricked too many times on this site

No. 1278902

Yeah, it's just a moid holding a gun with a headline that he accidentally shot himself on instagram live like a retard.

No. 1278904

Nah it's cool I don't blame you. I have both the Dog Hate and Dog Love thread hidden because I just know someone is going to post gore one day to totally pwn nonniez

No. 1278909

>I’ll do what you claimed you would
What-what the fuck are you even talking about

No. 1278911

Once again when males do something stupid it’s that humans/kids/people are dumb but if it was a girl the comments would be full of ‘women (tea emoji)’ >>1278904
When gore is posted isn’t it usually spammed in every board anyway? It’s also surprising and very Reddit like to me that we have a dog hate board (not that I give a shit about someone hating dogs)

No. 1278913

Ironic because you're the one acting like a little tumblrette lol. All of your replies reek of autism, go touch grass.

No. 1278916

I think most of the time the gore is posted to only one thread, unless it's like an organised raid or something. There was a photo of a headless woman in a bathtub in the pro ana scumbags thread the other day that was up for 8 hours but the other threads were fine.

No. 1278929

NTA but no. Overdosing on heroin just feels like nodding off and then not waking up. Overdosing on tylenol or something would suck though

No. 1278934

File: 1658923353124.gif (1.65 MB, 498x280, I_feel-sorry-for_that_XY_bitch…)

Anons are absolutely right about gore being awful, HOWEVER I once saw a video of a man getting his junk mauled off by a dog because he was a rapist and I don't don't feel any empathy/ 100% deserved and they should do this to every single rapist moid

No. 1278938

No. 1278944

File: 1658924098092.gif (226.89 KB, 220x300, 035CC1F3-7786-45CF-A5DC-1E0349…)

My boyfriend took me aside last week and had a talk with me that he thinks I might be autistic. And I trust his judgement, as we’ve been together a long time, he knows me very well, he knows the condition, and he has no ulterior motive to bringing it up. As I’ve been doing more serious research into the condition, it’s both relieving and upsetting to see how much the symptoms apply to things I’ve been struggling with my whole life; behaviors I’ve had literally beaten out of me, or have had to suppress. It’s harrowing.

My mom is very kind, and I’ve tried to speak with her about it, and that I’m going to pursue diagnosis to know for certain. And she got very defensive, and said that I’m just “gifted”. Don’t know about you, but that’s a major cop-out to me. Being “gifted” as a child is one thing—and maybe I was, though all it meant was I could do basic math faster than other kids. But I’m the same as any other adult now with regard to intelligence. I’m not gifted. And she keeps sending me articles about it, on every platform she can find me on (messaging, email, Insta, etc.). It’s actually kind of scary, how upset this is making her, though I think I understand. It’s not like I was arguing with her though, just saying what I felt and then bearing the brunt of an uncharacteristically aggressive response.

Tried to speak with my one friend about it, and got the stock “everybody’s a little autistic” response. That hurt as well. It’s amazing; autism is in people’s vocabulary now, but they don’t grasp its detriment.

That’s all. I’m going to talk to a specialist and get things sorted. I’m scared of how I’ll react if I am autistic. I also feel like a malingerer because of all the TikTok-type folks who say and do silly things and are like, “#actuallyautistic”. It feels like the label is too convenient to explain away my fuck-up-edness. If I’m not autistic, then I guess I’m just an anxious sensitive alien woman who has to have something soft nearby to touch or I’ll be nervous as shit, only cares about 2 things, can’t focus, can’t do loud or crowded, needs regimented routine and to eat the same things every day, can’t tell how anyone is feeling, and feels like an ape mimicking other peoples facial expressions. Fuck. If this is being “gifted” then they need to change the term to something more accurate, like “challenged” or “stunted.”

No. 1278946

Based dog. Rapists and pedos should face the old 'abuse it, you lose it' principal.

No. 1278947

Rapist mutilator is best breed of dog.

No. 1279024

File: 1658930311570.jpeg (18.59 KB, 460x297, EBEDB218-698A-4608-A736-57063B…)

Same anon but a nonnacita responded to me with something very nice and then deleted it. If you are checking the thread thank you for the nice response; what you said about thinking in “orange and blue” instead of black and white resonated with me really strongly. I delete things in the vent thread all the time so I get it lol. Have a nice day!

No. 1279028

Why have so many posts been deleted over the past hour or so, I feel like a lot of them had already passed the 30 minute cut off so what gives? Is a mod deleting random posts or something? This happened yesterday as well.

No. 1279035

What the fuck, wait so jannies are allowed to delete random users they assume are male? Why don't you just use a VPN?

No. 1279038

File: 1658931462004.jpg (94.04 KB, 991x1012, IMG_20190727_184031.jpg)

i have a retarded scrote stalker who uses a vpn to create new instagram/twitter accs every other day to spam harass me (over 50+ accounts I can actually track, thousands of messages and comments)
Stupid fucking instagram never deletes his accounts, at least twitter does.
I have never interacted with this guy beyond 5~ very cut and dry comments and banning him, and somehow that's caused this waste of oxygen to be disgustingly obsessed with me for the last 3 years.
He sends novel length revolting fetish fanfiction to my dms, comments, and to any woman with any sort of relation to me.
He has admitted to living in his family's basement. Recently he sent a message detailing how he would murder my girlfriend, then rape me. I wish i could fucking bash his head in with a lead pipe. He is a fucking scourge on this earth and I want to dox him so badly, but he obviously pays for a vpn. I want to send everything he's sent me to his parents and family.
If any nonnies have any ideas I can use to get his name and information pls tell

No. 1279041

Because they were all made by the same spamming tranny.

No. 1279047

I'm so confused what is going on with this site? Also how are you guys identifiable by kiwifarms, what are you doing online to get their attention like how do they even know your IP address?

No. 1279051

But how do we know they're a tranny? All of their posts seemed pretty normal? Maybe a little strange but a lot of Nona's are a bit awkward and quirky. Even if they are a tranny they're not really doing anything wrong, I mean they're a lot better than some of the spammy Nona's that just angrilly sperg at everyone all the time.

No. 1279053

thank you so much for wanting to help nonna. I want to, but unfortunately he's found my real name, and to taunt(?) me, he's recently started using my full name or family members' names as usernames, and he almost always uses my photos as a pfp so I can't post them here ugh
He's mentioned living in San Diego a couple times, and I have an American friend who can actually report him to the police as well (at least for a warning) if I could just fucking get his info somehow

No. 1279056

File: 1658932100752.gif (36.76 KB, 324x64, TheRapeofLC.gif)

No. 1279065

Okay but like what is the raid and what is their motive if this is a raid? There's no gore or cp or spam just Nonnies being nice. I'm not trying to start shit I'm just confused as fuck.

No. 1279070

Lurk more then, it's being talked about in a ton of threads including this one. It's some gay tranny shit about warring forums or some other faggot striped-socks-tier shit

No. 1279073

The tranny used to namefag two days ago when he spammed lolcow and crystal cafe, and that name was also used in his kiwifarms thread. He is also currently talking to himself again, so the best is to report and not further encourage him in any way.

No. 1279075

the tranny that called himself a "femboy" always talks to himself schizophrenically like this ^ and posts a million times. just ignore.

No. 1279080

then fuck off back to irc you old disgusting tranny

No. 1279089

get raped (by other men) tranny

No. 1279092

Report and move on ladies. He will keep hopping threads because he has no life whatsoever. Be wary because he seems to be ahold of CP.

No. 1279095

yes. now go away.

No. 1279098

i don't care if men get raped

No. 1279103

that's not how that works, tranny. unironically go get raped and killed.

No. 1279105


No. 1279107

Wishing on someone to get raped is such a scrote thing to do

No. 1279109

Ahhh fuck it I'm out this is weird as fuck. But the posts that got deleted were fine so it seems pretty fucking lame to delete integrated posts just because someone is assumed (or even admitted) to being a tranny. There's probably tons of trannies that post that don't even get clocked. Everyone's going to bitch at me but my gay best friend posts in celebricows all the time and no one has clocked him as being male yet lol. I mean what did the tranny even do wrong? Be nice in a vent thread? I'll go check meta but it would've been better if one of you could have just given me a tldr instead the typical "LURK MOAR" bullshit. Cause at this point the tranny is seeming a lot more sane the rest of you. cue everyone calling me a tranny or a scrote blah blah

No. 1279113

you mean what you're doing right now? i couldn't give less of a fuck. i bet you're stroking your micro penis right now to all this attention

No. 1279115

This is how I know you’re the schizo troon. You make it glaringly obvious that you’re always posting and talking to yourself. Fuck off. No one here cares about KF or your beloved Russian or your festering wound

No. 1279121

being an attention seeking tranny is such a you thing

No. 1279123

Nevermind I didn't read this whole thing before I left my first comment. Fuck you, fuck the silent mods, and fuck this place.

No. 1279131

Hahahaha girl get a grip and read shit through before you reply? Why fuck me though? You guys are the schizos wishing rape and death on someone for doing nothing at all but being male, don't you see how psychotic that is?

No. 1279132

Piss off already, troon.

No. 1279133

all men deserve death. do you know where you are?

No. 1279134

Smells like unwashed balls^^^

No. 1279137

File: 1658933597133.jpeg (75.41 KB, 683x500, 1653184685279.jpeg)

He admitted to spamming cp here in the past, tried to falseflag rule changes to make calling out scrotes and troons bannable for months, spammed nikado's disgusting nudes here, aggressively samefags constantly, aggressively ban evades constantly and larps as mother, having a period etc like the usual utter creep troons. I truly hope he 41% soon.

No. 1279140

Sure. You're not very believable. Troons also suck at samefagging it appears.

No. 1279143

Imma need some proof Nona, you guys get shit wrong all the fucking time, and most of you are rabid little mongrels so forgive me for needing more than just your word because I get accused of shit all the fucking time by you spergers.

No. 1279144

So your telling me this troon has cp, can't wait until he 41%

No. 1279145

Mods will ban you once they make their daily visit to this rotting site and you'll be back again on a new IP, shitting up the board like you've been doing obsessively and constantly for months. Men, and trannies in particular, are so mentally ill it's not even funny. I truly hope you kill yourself.

No. 1279151

Quiet scrote

No. 1279153

You type like such a male. If you want to be a woman so bad, learn to blend better

No. 1279156

>tranny making up the meaning of scrote
Delusional and annoying

No. 1279157

Didn't you say that you were going to fuck off and leave the cis women here alone?


Fuck boys get laid, you're a tranny and we know that Noone wants yout stds.

No. 1279160

So because I don't wish death and rape on every single male I'm a scrote? You guys are fucking schizos. Sorry for not wanting men like my 75 year old grandpa or my 4 year old nephew to get raped lol, fucking psychotic…

No. 1279162

You are so unhinged. Why are men allowed to exist?

No. 1279165

you and your grandpa and your nephew should all be raped and beheaded at the same time. now that's a sausage party.

No. 1279167

Reiterate why he’s the troon. As soon as your bring up “schizophrenic troon” he explodes. Lmao

No. 1279168

You are psychotic because you won't leave a site that hates your degenerate kind. You will never be a woman and your delusions are the only thing making you not want to 41% rn.

No. 1279170

You guys are literally calling anyone a tranny or a male at this point, this is fucking retarded you bitches sound insane. All you do is accuse random users of being male when they don't agree with you or act how you think a woman should act.

No. 1279172

so leave and quit wanking to the replies you freak

No. 1279174

You're so obvious you degenerate 41%er.

No. 1279177

This is definitely the schizophrenic troon. He’s been here for the past couple of days camping in /meta/ and confirmed it himself a few replies up. He’s been in other threads stirring shit for no reason as well. Nonnas have a good reason to believe and say so

No. 1279178

So you admit it, you're a schizo troon that loves men and hates women

No. 1279179

Him. And it's all you. You're samefagging and being a total headcase. What a fucking loser lol

No. 1279181

File: 1658934401629.gif (2.13 MB, 275x155, 1648256658511.gif)

what the fuck is happening itt why are there so many rapid fire posts what is happeninggggggg. troons gtfo.

No. 1279182

That post wasn't the tranny dumbass, >>1279160
was mine. Not every woman wants every male to be raped and murdered. Maybe like 50% of them but damn calm the fuck down.

That was me too weirdos. Thanks for proving my fucking point.

No. 1279185

File: 1658934493254.gif (265.99 KB, 220x220, F1DC9971-33DE-4343-8B2E-6155E6…)

This is so embarrassing… it's not even entertaining anymore. This tranny is literally gonna commit sudoku with these levels of pathetic. I'm out.

No. 1279186

That's the scrotiest fucking thing you could've said, if your a man I'm unbothered and not surprised cause again about 50% of you are garbage. If you're a woman holy shit you need therapy.

No. 1279187

File: 1658934525746.jpg (76.8 KB, 900x852, 1652001040664.jpg)

kek, pulling the same gaslighting shit as in the 'what happened to lolcow' thread again. You will never accepted here and we'll always call you out. Cope, seethe and dilate.

No. 1279191

It’s him samefagging. He’s been caught doing this as well. He pretends to have literal convos with himself

No. 1279192

actually 100% of men are garbage including you.

No. 1279196

that's you samefagging and pretending to be multiple people because no one is genuinely defending a freak troon itt.

No. 1279199

men aren't allowed on this site, it's in the rules, so why don't you fucking perish already?

No. 1279203

You claimed to be an old fag in /meta/ but didn’t know about the current moderation or the current climate here about troons. Fuck off already.

No. 1279207

you are extremely apparent you fucking retard

No. 1279210

He genuinely thinks women will accept him lol and that any woman opposing is a moid. Pathetic

No. 1279211

Still not a scrote or a moid, just not a shut in femcel who can't comprehend that every male isn't deserving of death. The jannies or mods or whatever can check my IP, I really don't care if a bunch of random anons think I'm male because I don't wish death and rape on a 4 year old… jfc. I'm sorry that you bitches have never met one man that doesn't treat you like shit but damn, acting this way really won't help

No. 1279216

>posting on lolcow every night for a year
holy shit what a legit loser. get a life and quit being a degen you moron.

No. 1279218

You just learned what samefagging was troon

No. 1279220

stop taking everything so seriously

No. 1279225

And you didn’t know the current state of moderation either? You’re so sad that you have to keep announcing that you’re leaving and come back to have literal conversations with yourself. Leave “yo”

No. 1279229

Oh right it’s your schizo DID host. My bad

No. 1279234

> casting himself again as the defender of women
you should be killed
he deadass can't call himself by male pronouns it's hilarious, that and the overuse of ingroup lingo here

No. 1279235

Listen to yourself you cunt, someone wished death and rape on a hypothetical 4 year old and your saying to not take it seriously.. gee if a man said that you guys would be shitting yourselves calling for his death and castration. Look in the fucking mirror bitch, you are all just as bad as a 4chan scrote with what your saying.

No. 1279241

You put it on display constantly and it’s obvious it’s just you lol. Fuck off male. Women here do not want you.

No. 1279245

your hypothetical male nephew deserves rape

No. 1279247


No. 1279254

except unlike scrotes we don't actually fuck kids

No. 1279260

To nonna getting upset about hypothetical : this troon has CP and said himself he posted some as a test to see how long it would take to take down

No. 1279273

File: 1658935893011.png (445.86 KB, 1080x1080, 677z6qeer4v61.png)

What happened to ignoring bait and not engaging with moids? I know he's samefagging to Hell and back but I hate seeing my nonnies mad.

No. 1279278

So you admit to having conversations with yourself

No. 1279283

When you stop posting here male

No. 1279286

I need to move out.
Mom is starting to be angry and homophobic in public while I'm standing right there. I know nothing I say for now will sway her away from seeing us all as child groomers and sexual deviants, so I've gone back in the closet but it just keeps getting worse. I can no longer live in denial since she rants about it at least once a day and brings it into unrelated conversations.

Why has she become like this? She's even racist sometimes and I'm half fucking brown. I'm holding out hope that if I date a woman she'll have the concept humanized for her, but who knows. She wouldn't be there for me growing up and then 180 and hate me for loving women, right? After all we went through?

I'm trying to reach out to friends and meet new people so I have support, but I'm so dependent on her emotionally that I can barely imagine how life would look without her. A huge chunk of my identity and opinions revolve around her.

I know it could be far worse but it still just sucks. I love my mom.

No. 1279287

We don’t like you

No. 1279288

Not a single person wants you here. We all hate troons and had to flee to this websites because you fucking y damaged retards can never leave us alone, with you being the prime proof. Hang yourself already and leave us alone.

No. 1279289

Too long didn't read schizo troon

No. 1279292

He’s jerking off because this is the most he’s interacted with women that aren’t troons in his entire life

No. 1279295

> They have the same 6 comments on loop…
Such as referring to himself as 'they' and saying 'you ladies' …….. oh wait …

No. 1279296

Troon we don't care about kiwifarms, we just want you to rope. Stop replying to yourself.

No. 1279299

I don't believe you, post picture or gtfo troon.

No. 1279300

Long comment here.
No idea what's going on itt. Bad timing to cry about my mom I guess.

No. 1279302

Being a troon lowers iq to the 60s from what I'm seeing here with this samefagging troon.

No. 1279304

Then do it already you said you were going to 500 times. You ruin your precious Nonnas website with your existence

No. 1279309


You posted in meta retard.

No. 1279310

lol the tranny is gaslighting anon don't worry
> I was homecoming king
if this is true which it's probably not it's just proof that schizophrenia is a really sad illness to take what must have been a popular and outgoing young man into a degenerate CSAM-hoarding autogynephiliac

No. 1279311

This thread proves the trannies don't have souls, and I don't mean this from a religious standpoint just from a commonsense one. I've never seen a group masochists so retarded that they think that women want them. They're always unhappy in their hug boxes because they know that everyone in humoring them to not get harassed or canceled. This is why they seek out women who don't want them in their spaces and wish to dominate them, because deep down they know that they're male.

Tdlr: males don't have souls

No. 1279318

you must be stupider than you appear if you actually think people will read this and not know it's you, troon

No. 1279322

This is how we know it’s you because you refer yourself ad UH and reiterate that he’s so smart and rational and cares so much about lc

No. 1279327

I will have to make a list of his notable behaviors soon so the nons can know when he’s posting. But he makes it apparent as day as well

No. 1279328

both refer to you

No. 1279331

"Notable behaviors" you are insane this is an anonymous image board where integration is encouraged, log off and get a life you pathetic loser

No. 1279332

quit asking benign questions you attention seeking tranny. i'm so disgusted to be communicating with a tranny even through an anonymous imageboard that i need to go wash my hands. report and ignore ladies.

No. 1279337

lmao sure…

No. 1279343

File: 1658937739919.jpg (257.35 KB, 697x497, 1460586422233.jpg)

>You are the female 4chan.
Holy kek so that sperg was the tranny too.

No. 1279346

if you need to know the difference between troon and tranny so bad just look in the mirror

No. 1279348

No that was me bitch but again I guess everyone who doesn't act like you stuck up cunts is a male lol enjoy being a friendless NEET who won't ever get dicked down by a man that cares about her. Fucking pathetic, can't wait for you to hit 40 and kill yourself

No. 1279351

this tranny is haemorrhaging

No. 1279354

It's a full on nuclear meltdown at this point.

No. 1279355

Yeah he's also over in /meta/ trying to astroturf favorable opinion of himself and calling people who disagree outsiders and moids. He still can't bring himself to
"misgender" himself though it is so fucking funny.

No. 1279361

are you having a stroke?

No. 1279362

You can think I'm a man or tranny I really don't care, again you're just smug in your retardation. NEET losers all of you, sorry you've never met a man who didn't treat you like the subhuman filth you are, try not acting like a stuck up cunt and maybe you won't be alone forever. You guys are always sperging about being 30 year old virgins it's so fucking sad, enjoy crying yourself to sleep while hugging your body pillow lol


I appreciate you and I really don't care if you are a tranny or a moid, my best friend is a gay moid and he's my favorite person ever. Check IP's janny cunts, I'm not the tranny.

No. 1279363


No. 1279364

have you tried dilating

No. 1279366

Can y’all take this meta and not here at least?

No. 1279368

It's funny because I'm not even trans

No. 1279373

File: 1658938363776.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 1503248456219.gif)

>c-check my ip
>all that moid rage
kekkedy kek, please keep going, this feels like the climax to some massive sperg opera

No. 1279377

File: 1658938447345.jpg (8.92 KB, 320x180, 1658882237510.jpg)

>sorry you've never met a man who didn't treat you like the subhuman filth you are, try not acting like a stuck up cunt and maybe you won't be alone forever. You guys are always sperging about being 30 year old virgins it's so fucking sad, enjoy crying yourself to sleep while hugging your body pillow lol
Your XY is showing. Fucking kill yourself, you're a pox on this site.

No. 1279380

He's actually pretty calm I'm the only bitch raging

No. 1279381

It's possible it's my gums, you're right. My gum exam results weren't great (I'm improving them). It could also be from clenching at night (also working on.) Hope it's one of the two and not fillings messed up.

No. 1279383

There's pictures of that mongoloid?

No. 1279385

Hahaha your mad cause I'm right, enjoy being lonely

No. 1279388

I don't think the violent wall of text above can be topped in pure unfiltered xy malding.

No. 1279391

any anons here use lc thinking its just random women who want to come together out of the scope of men but it turns out its infested with attention whores and namefags that are all over other forums and discords? no one gives a fuck about your drama. are we supposed to know who the fuck regina and other randoms are? what is with this namedropping? what a shitshow.

No. 1279393

wtf is going on here i came here to vent about how my shitty my boss was to me today tf is up with you guys

No. 1279395

You will never be one, no matter how much you samefag.

No. 1279397

Use the bean one

No. 1279398

It's literally just one troon.

No. 1279399

Lol this is the shit I'm talking about, you bitches make shit up and then reconfirm it so everyone thinks it's true. I was the woman calling lolcow as bad as 4chan and I stand by it, he was being nice to me in the replies so I was nice back. But again you won't believe it because it doesn't fit whatever brain dead narrative you've cooked up that woman can't be as angry and vitriolic as scrotes or whatever.

The tranny nona is my favorite so far and I don't believe he's posted any fucking cp or gore cause all you bitches do is lie

No. 1279403

>he thinks people will read this and actually believe a woman wrote it

No. 1279408

Didn't you complain about lolcow being angry and vitriolic in your last grand samefagging spergout?

No. 1279409

I have tried a mouth guard. Sometimes it makes me gag, sometimes I can deal with it for a few hours before I wake up and remove it. I'll try making a few more adjustments to it. (It's one of those ones you microwave and fit to your teeth at home.) I'd rather solve the root problem of the clenching though. I was abused as a child, thought I was over it but there are still physical effects. Kinda crazy the extent to which your parents can ruin your life.

No. 1279417

Hahahaha women can't call other women bitches now?! Hahaha fuck you you bitchy fucking cunt how's that? Oh and I'm still a woman what do you know?! lol fucking brain rotted

No. 1279419

Everything fucking sucks and I don't know what else to do except be incredibly hyper-vigilant, push people away, and engage in self-destructive behaviors. It makes me feel even more like a loser. I want to fucking kill myself. I want to hurt myself. I want to drown in a shallow pool of water. I just want to suffocate and die. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I hate it. I want to go back to when i was happy and confident and self-assured. That was iust a few months ago. Every single thing has gone to shit. I'm becoming a shell of myself. I thought I was changing for the better. I was talking to people. Now I want to scream and slam my head into the wall if I see people looking at me. I literally feel like I'd rather just kill myself than make eye contact. What's the fucking point. Life goes on without good people every day. What's the harm in losing a mediocre underachieving sack of self-absorbed shit. God I feel like such a loser. I want to fucking rope myself so bad. I'm not on any meds this time, this is all coming from my unmedicated brain and that fucking hurts. It stings so bad. I thought I was just an idiot because of the meds. Turns out I'm whiny, self-pitying, and suicidal even off of the meds for a year. God I just want to fucking die and be done with it all. The fact that I still have people in my life that like me makes me sick. They don't understand. They don't know how pathetic I truly am. I wish they could see it. I wish they'd all just let me be and leave me to kill myself and just look the other way. I want to be free from everything, every attachment and responsibility and insecurity and all the pain. I just want it to fucking end already. The most hilarious part of all this shit is that it will never end. Ever. I will be made to walk and talk and perform these pointless menial tasks at work and in social gatherings. Asking questions, making appropriate comments and jokes, giving and taking in equal measure, going home and feeling numb and wanting to slit my fucking wrists in the bath. It will never fucking end. It will go on forever and ever and ever. Just some half-alive cunt dancing like some circus monkey for the rest of her miserable, pitiful life. Never making real connections, never saying how I really feel, showing up for appearances. I'm normal and I love being around people. I'm normal and I'm human and I'm a social creature, I love being around other humans. I love life. I love living. I love my job. I love the state of the world as it is today. I love conversation. I just adore being a human fucking being.
What a miserable fucking joke it all is.

No. 1279421

File: 1658939313589.gif (3.57 MB, 498x498, stop-it-get-some-help.gif)

What is happening in this thread? Is the CP spamming tranny back?

No. 1279427

You were begging for it in meta lol

No. 1279429

One troon and one insane bitch who's reached her fucking limit with you cunts

No. 1279431

He also apparently was trying to blackmail the Kuz Russian guy into letting him be a janny but now is going after the tranny janny of the metokur.us forum he tried to take over, too.

No. 1279432

So you and your DID?

No. 1279433

Yes bitch that was me, not a scrote or a tranny just an incredibly pissed off woman. Fucking hell you bitches are so thick skulled I gotta say it 300 fucking times.(retard, come back when you're 18+)

No. 1279436

No, literally just you.

No. 1279438

You have been banned and rextexted multiple times tranny.

No. 1279440

File: 1658939742071.gif (79.24 KB, 381x147, fQE0.gif)


No. 1279441

And if he isn't banned immediately, he takes it as permission, or claims to, which is just about as classic tranny behavior as you can ask for: gaslighting women and trying to beat them down with learned helplessness into accepting him and when it doesn't work trying to get his revenge by traumatizing them with horrific images.

No. 1279444

Welp, I've been peaked. Fuck troons.

No. 1279447

So are you a transgender woman or not?

No. 1279450

I just entered and read through this mess that you and other Anons have created.

No. 1279453

Why do troons say words shit like "you silly", they talk like homosexuals that want to be valley girls. It's so sad.

No. 1279454

at least you guys figured it out before you ended up over 30, with no partner AND no career like I did
wasted over a decade trying to find "love" and when I finally was able to realize men aren't capable of it, I was already old

No. 1279455

> transgender
> woman
Pick one

No. 1279459

Oh. Well your brother is fucking ugly, tell him to wash his face.

No. 1279462

Don't you mean he does?

No. 1279463

Mike didn't even "dox" you though. You willingly sent him your driver's license (a la Rachel Leeds Minkin) for I have no fucking idea what, while signing your name to some bizarre schizo rant about mushroom pedophiles you sent to the FBI and screencapped LMAO.

No. 1279464

Seriously, why are you so ugly. I've never see feature in such disharmony before like an eldritch abomination. We know that the photo in meta is you and you can't deny it without looking more pathetic than you already do. Did your ugliness seep out, like I'm curious?

No. 1279466

I think the most interesting thing out of this shit show is seeing kirby anon telling a tranny to kill himself.

No. 1279474

Fuck off male

No. 1279477

calling what Mike does 'doxing' is incredibly generous when all he does is gaslight mentally ill people such as yourself into giving him their own dox

No. 1279480

Then leave like you said a million times already lol don’t come back

No. 1279481

what is happening to this site kek

No. 1279483

the site is fine it is literally one deranged and now confirmed as pedophilic AGP 5'7" 130" manlet weirdo with meth teeth, greasy hair

No. 1279485

you sound jealous that you don't have the balls to commit suicide. how can you suicide bait on an anonymous board retard?

No. 1279489

No matter how much you gaslight and gatekeep troon, you will never be a girl boss. Seethe and get out.

No. 1279490

anon im a female are you schizo…?

No. 1279494

He will call anyone opposing him a male because he doesn’t want to believe we don’t like him

No. 1279495

File: 1658940995817.jpeg (439.44 KB, 1140x882, ADDF333E-E426-4799-B358-8E7067…)

Most of these angry replies are still him and the friends he’s recruited to make his spamming seem more legitimate. He’s completely taken over this thread along with those other tards. The site is going to be worthless as long as VPNs are allowed and this guy and his friends want to keep posting while hopping from device to device. It’s safe to assume 99% of posts ITT are the tran for as long as he’s here unless they’re sincere and formatted like yours. Luckily he’s too autistic to actually integrate and always shows his ass.

No. 1279498

I don't think he has any friends.

No. 1279499

Leave already and don’t come back

No. 1279504

I thought he said he would be leaving, why is he still here. What a manwhore

No. 1279505

Leave and take your other DID hosts with you

No. 1279506

So is it cool if I dox the tranny's sister and/or cousins then? Good to know you're willing to throw your female family members under the bus.
yeah see >>1279498
He has multiple sock accounts on the metokur forums to praise himself and there's no reason not to think that he's not doing it all the more so here. Zero evidence he has any friends, at least not for long given how ready he is to betray people, he was e-friends with fellow pedophile Naught but then snaked on him and leaked caps of Naught talking about being sexually abused as a child because that is apparently how much he values friendship.

No. 1279510

Tranny get out

No. 1279517

How does one pedophile tranny so unbelievably bad at hiding his style of typing and the autistically stereotyped phrases he compulsively uses? Oh that's right. Mental illness. His existence makes a compelling case for compulsory treatment.

No. 1279519

File: 1658941813574.jpg (65.23 KB, 750x734, tumblr_e680eff0ce68307566733cf…)

>search for band's song on yt
>Search results give me video about "SEX CLUB BUKAKKE NIGHT LOUNGE DIRTIEST STORIES"
>Entire woman's channel is about sex sex sex
>Only male comments on how short her skirt is, how much they want to fuck
And to think I thought I'd seen the worst with blurred porn ads and screamers of beaten animals on yt shorts and the hentai thumbnail videos. How tf do I block all that stupid shit without being forced to click on and report?

No. 1279522

I wish I knew. There was a time when I was basically refusing to use most sites I frequented because I was still being subjected to porn culture while trying to avoid it. Everything is affected and it’s pretty sickening. I’m sorry you had to see that, it can be a real day ruiner. Also I love that cat edit.

No. 1279524

I'm on my third day of drinking while having corona and I'm kinda scared I've turned in to an actual alcoholic. I'm just so fucking bored every day, i wake up and immediately look forward to going back to sleep. I know i should do something about it before it gets worse but i don't have any energy and ignoring serious life issues has become like a hobby for me.

No. 1279530

File: 1658942495248.jpg (107.51 KB, 500x487, weaah.jpg)

i hate bugs why do they all feel the need to fly into my room during the summer

No. 1279534

oh god oh fuck where did his face go oh god

No. 1279537

File: 1658942868717.jpg (36.18 KB, 230x238, wadh.jpg)

No. 1279545

No. 1279546

I really, really like this image. May I save it sister?

No. 1279551

That image is actually copyrighted to me so you may not

No. 1279555

A few years ago I found a YouTube channel of a guy who walks around 3rd world countries red light alleys. He never said anything, just filmed the streets, how he entered the establishment, and his grubby hand pointing at the prostitute he picked (some looked 12).

That channel never shut down ( at least not back then when I was reporting all the time) but so many normal videos get auto removed for music.

No. 1279557

For a second I was going to say I probably saw the same channel once but I realized there are probably countless guys doing the same thing. Reading about Thailand sex trafficking makes me sick.

No man who goes to Thailand can be trusted. They just can’t. I knew a guy for years who was very interested in Thai culture and art so I made the mistake of thinking his multiple visits would be perfectly innocent. Nope, he fucked any prostitute he could and admitting to fucking the underage ones as well to his buddies. Got mad at me when I was upset over this. Overall a really unwell man who is below scum, makes me sick to think there are so many just like him.

No. 1279558

Pretend to be his friend and then get him to tell you all his info. Just don't tell him yours obviously. Once you obtain his info, block and never talk to him again.

No. 1279560

This. So many anons struggle with mental health here and just want to vent. Why do zoomers think that's "suicide baiting" whatever the fuck that is.

No. 1279561

that is a bad idea, talking to him or acknowledging him directly in any way is guaranteed to worsen his obsession. i do wish this anon luck and i know how she feels, i had no solution other than to nuke my online presence

No. 1279585

I've been stress driving like crazy. Now I'm gonna take a nap in this parking lot. I hate being home. I hate being around people. I just don't find any value or worth in myself anymore. Everything is going to shit. I feel bad for sucking the energy out of my friends because of my retarded depression and this retarded spiral and everything else. I'm always such an inconvenience. I hate wasting other's time and I hate the thought that they might worry about me. I just don't want to think about it anymore. Guess it's nap time.

No. 1279595

File: 1658946281034.gif (1.5 MB, 167x132, tumblr_bd2114b31cce0cf03f486f7…)


No. 1279597

There needs to be some sort of therapy for women who were raised in a male-centric social group. I am so fucking behind when it comes to socializing with women. I don’t want to fully blame my interests nor the Internet, but I feel robbed. I wish my sister wasn't such a huge NLOG influence to me, I wish I didn't cut off my girl friends for male attention at 14, I wish I spent more time outside, I wish I didn't let video games and porn ruin my mindset and patience. I'm now out of college and graduated, I quit my porn addiction, I stopped playing video games/other male dominated hobbies. I now hanging out with a few female friends from my STEM major and reconnected with some high school female friends. Whenever I do hangout with them, I feel so behind in terms of empathy and mannerisms. I literally feel like a troon trying to salvage traits to make myself more accessible to being friends with more women. I feel so behind and I regret so much. I'm thankful my current female friends tolerate me and understand that I'm adjusting and are being patient with me. I'm at least proud of myself for unlearning most of the male influenced damage done to my brain, I need to be more thankful for my self awareness.

No. 1279604

I’m just really stressed out and fuck it I’m probably gonna get called an idiot but is there no hope in a relationship with a porn addict? He made fun of my nipples a few months ago and then I told him he watches too much porn and thinks they should look a certain way turns out I was right.

No. 1279608

No hope, you’re right. Unless he’s a nigel in every other respect and never watched too much porn to begin with (in that case it wouldn’t be an addiction, while still bad it’s at least potentially redeemable). Clearly that’s not the case with this guy though. Even if he wasn’t a coomer you shouldn’t be with ANYONE who makes fun of your body. His being a porn addict just makes it a billion times worse. You will feel a lot better without this guy around. Don’t have sex with him or anyone else like this!

I’m really sorry you’re going through this. I know the pain.

No. 1279613

Why would you date a porn addict? Have respect for yourself.

No. 1279618

There’s no hope honestly most people will say they don’t change and the relapses and stress will only hurt you. I lurked the subreddit, think it’s called loveafterporn, but it’s almost impossible to get a guy to quit for good when he’s so addicted and it’s already led him to view you as an object who has to look the exact way he wants.

No. 1279621

Nonna, there is NO hope. I dealt with that in the past, crying and begging for my ex to stop, cringe shit like getting on my knees sobbing and he literally just answered with "Well, I don't want to stop."

Leave him. No moid is worth the pain. He won't ever change. Please do this oldfag a favor and run!!

No. 1279622

Just out of curiousity why did you choose to date him? Did you think it was something that could be worked on? Did he ever express any desire to want to quit?

No. 1279625

Oh god. I hope you weren't referring to me when you said that. It was just a generalization, right?

No. 1279626

Every time I don't "get" to drink (I'm making the choice myself, trying to be better) I end up not eating much that day, feel kinda sick the next day and then convince myself I need a few drinks to get an appetite. It's a bad cycle right now. I'm consuming more calories in alcohol than food it we're breaking it down. I was doing really well for a while.

No. 1279628

I'm so anxious I feel sick.

No. 1279634

Too much bad shit. I’m broken. Things hurt too much and I just stop caring. Hurt my feelings and I’ll stop loving you. Try to bend my morals and I’ll break first. Taking and taking and taking and taking. Hands and eyes and words. Validation. Affection. Sex whatever. Like a body to be devoured. Just touch me gently. Just be loving and give instead of take. But you just took just like the rest and now I have to leave. Because I said no and you took anyway. Just like the rest. Just like the fucking rest

No. 1279641

Lived for 15 years without any real issues and now my asthma and allergies are back. My anxiety is out of control and I'm obsessing about my gardening or cat causing me die. I was a sick kid who was in and out of the urgent care and my crazy parents didn't do anything but treat me with woo and try to avoid my triggers. I lived a very limited life and now I'm terrified I'm going to have to start living that way again. No one understands, they just hear my anxiety seeping through my concerns and immediately write me off. If immunotherapy doesn't work I don't know what I'll do. I feel like I'm losing my mind.

No. 1279649

Are you able to take a moment and drink a cup of hot tea nonnie? I know it won't fix how you're feeling, but breathing in some nice chai or peppermint tea is one of the few reliable ways I can force my anxiety brain to slow down for one second. I hope you feel better soon.

No. 1279650

File: 1658950286612.jpeg (30.27 KB, 704x728, 4FA4C55D-66DA-4447-8F99-4C617C…)

No. 1279689

How do you stop thinking about death? I thinks about it every day. It randomly comes to mind and I spend hours worrying about it without even realizing. I'm afraid people and beings close to me will be taken away at any moment. Is this depression? My head must be fucked.

No. 1279693

I try to drink it away

No. 1279711

I'm an anxious mess now that my boyfriend is gone. I'm with some other people from university and I just wanna cry and scream because I don't know how to connect with them and I want him to be here so that I don't have to be afraid.

No. 1279713

Accept the inevitability that everyone you will have ever known will die one day and that’s okay. When you think about your own funeral, think about how people from all the different corners of your life will convene to celebrate you and your life. They will laugh and they will cry, but they will do it together, over you. Take solace in the fact that while our bodies may wither, the version of us in other peoples minds will not. Create so many memories with others in this lifetime that your memory will never fade. You gotta accept it or it’ll eat you up. If you and your family are healthy now and you’re acting this way, how much messier do you think it’s gonna be when someone is actually dying? Sorry if I’m coming off as patronizing

No. 1279722

Found an ig profile that posts photo dumps of their outfit, then 9 gofundme infographics following. It's making me so mad lol.

Here are my favorite "mutual aid requests"

>"Seeking monthly funds!" - goal $1000

>"Autistic Black Trans Artist needs survival funds, can 100 folks send $10? critical"
>"Black Indigenous Agender Folk Needs Survival Funds" "we are needing consistent and ongoing funds to survive state sanctioned violence"
>"[Name] needs support while traveling for vacation!" - goal $2,000
>"Black trans Woman battling persistent homelessness for 4 years living in transmisogynist, fatphobic, ableist shelter at the hands of state sanctioned violence"
>"Seeking furnished sublet in Brooklyn, anti-oppressive therapist"
>"I am going on a Pilgrimage to my Ancestral Homelands in Asheville, NC"

No. 1279724

“My parents got fed up with my bullshit so now I need strangers to take care of me!”

No. 1279728

I hate ebeggers. They need to get over themselves and get a fucking job like the rest of us.

No. 1279756

>>"Black trans Woman battling persistent homelessness for 4 years living in transmisogynist, fatphobic, ableist shelter at the hands of state sanctioned violence"
This one made me laugh. You just know they're an awful person to be around with and blame their personality problems on bigotry

No. 1279770

I have to study for a new job and the pay they give me there is so low that it doesn't even cover half of my expenses. I now have to either decide if I want to eat, keep my car (I need the car to go to work) or pay rent. I am thinking about asking my parents for help but I am not sure if they will help me.

No. 1279783

File: 1658957446682.jpeg (87.2 KB, 1333x1579, 19EC85EB-B8D0-4634-A365-E3CA79…)

>currently live with extremely unstable parents
>mom called saying I have to take specific item out of the fridge because it has to be room temperature
>let her know I did it before conversation ends
>dad just came home and is flipping the fuck out because of what she had me do
>screaming that I’m an asshole, fucking cunt, that he’s going to punch me in the face, that I’m retarded with my head shoved up my ass
>have a class zoom meeting in less than two hours and the library closes too early to go there for it

No. 1279808

I have a friend who constantly shares instagram stories of "black trans female sex workers" ebeggers and it's so unbearably cringe. I'm kind of amused that homeless junkies have managed to rebrand in order to appeal to the fake woke crowd ig

No. 1279885

>he is welcome here
Men are never welcomed here, the fuck?

No. 1279893

>working a job that doesn't pay you enough to live
family not even literal slaves had it that bad, they got free food and housing. what shitty company is this?

No. 1279911

I’m sorry lovely, I hope you can get out of your situation asap.

No. 1279924

I fucking HATE men so much
I want to go on a motorcycle trip across the us, I want to camp deep inside nature, sleep in the desert, do all that shit, and I just realized that feral men pose more of a danger to me than fucking animals
men ruin everything

No. 1279926

Get a gun and open carry that motherfucker

No. 1279928

Please tell me it will be fine

No. 1279933

It's still dangerous, but I had an ex girlfriend who spent her early 20s hitchhiking while kind of crossdressing and passing off as a teenage guy. I would never actually recommend doing that but I'm so envious of what she got to experience and how many stories she had to share.

No. 1279935

Maybe go with a group of women, nona. Safety in numbers

No. 1279936

eventually, it always is

No. 1279937

It will be fine (most likely). You're strong enough for anything.

No. 1279940

God I feel you.

No. 1279941

you’re gonna be okay in the end. Just like the sun will always rise, you will always be okay.

No. 1279964

File: 1658966051955.jpg (52.94 KB, 426x640, lop.jpg)

i am at a crossroads right now. i get my associates degree next month but from there, i dont know what i want to do between working and college. i wouldn't do both, since if i do continue school it will just be for some dental assistant degree so i can have stability in a job. but that doesn't feel right.

i love the arts, but i would never waste time in school for a degree with it. what feels right in my heart is dropping school to be frank. i love to learn but i also need to make money, and it is important to me that i start to live a real life and move out and expand my horizons because i have felt horribly suicidal, suffocated, and depressed being at home.

i have a part time job right now but i am debating between getting another part time job or going for a full time job. the goal would be to save up and move to a new state since this one is not at all affordable. i just worry ill make the wrong decision, because there is also the idea of transferring college and getting a degree that would allow me to study abroad a semester. i wish i didn't ruminate like this…

i guess im just stuck between staying at home and finishing my education, or living my life, saving up and moving out and just working. i struggle to handle work but there really is no option in life so id just do my best to suck it up and hope the freedom would be worth it. i could have my own place, explore new areas, have a little kitty, go new places, and in my free time id hopefully still be able to continue with my hobbies. i just want to do what feels right in my heart and i dont care if my family thinks im a loser for not finishing college. fuck. iwish i knew what the right decision was. but i think im going to do it. i think i will get a new job or a second job and just save up and start a new plan for myself. maybe i will be ready to move within a year or less. ill weigh out the pros and cons between school and a job though.

No. 1279970

File: 1658966795218.jpeg (100.28 KB, 976x1091, 1656875784079.jpeg)

I dropped out in 2021 because I couldn't get financial aid from any one and I've been living as part time NEET ever since. I feel so embarrassed an disgusted.

I tried to do some review and I hate how much I've forgot. I feel like I'll never get this degree.

No. 1279972

File: 1658967060034.jpg (40.43 KB, 452x678, r0_0_3543_5315_w1200_h678_fmax…)

>be me, 21
>traffic controller
>pedestrian watch
>some old man (said he was 68) was chatting with me
>pretty usual about the weather and stuff
>tells me he has to run errands
>"Also I've undressed you 4 times while you've been standing there chatting with me. Haha! Have a good day"

I want to fucking die I can't get rid of moids even at work

No. 1279974

Your heart is right, definitely work first and get out of your home. You can always get a degree, but if living at home makes you feel horrible, the longer you stay the even worse you feel, which are also bad preconditions to study.

No. 1279984

I hope he gets hit by a truck

No. 1279985

>traffic controller
Allow the cars to go while he is on the road or use your weapon to at the very least trip him. The gall of scrotes astounds me.

No. 1279986

Luckily an aunt texted me to ask if I could housesit with her dog for a week, so that will give me some space.

I wound up having a huge argument with my dad before leaving the house while my phone was recording it in my pocket. It used to make me too upset to record the fighting but I’m so fucking over him and his alcoholism ruining everyone’s lives, I want them as a reminder of how much of a shithead he is.

No. 1280006

>reorganized the bottom storage under the counter at the restaurant I work
>cleaned grime, dust , and CAT FOOD up
> coworker comes back and apparently cursed me the whole shift while “fixing it back”
>we are due for an health inspection
>manager is spineless and stupid and wont step in.
I hope the place closes honestly. Let it.

No. 1280025

Jesus christ, how does anyone think that's an acceptable thing to say in a conversation? I swear it's like moids only exist to make women's lives miserable.

No. 1280029

This is why its best not to entertain "pleasant" conversation with males at all. They are all subhuman, their brain exists as life support systems for their cocks. Just as it is a waste of your intelligence to conversate with a pig, simply acknowledge the creature if you must and be on your way.

No. 1280032

I lost my cool and yelled at a moid in a car today. Fucker was a mega-asshole and among other things revved his engine right when a pedestrian crossed in front of his car. I must have sounded so unhinged since he kept his distance at the next stop light. Really hoping I scared him.

No. 1280035

i just hate that my small town is having things built everywhere. its going to make traffic and the amount of people at stores surge when i moved out here to get away from that. rent went up so its not even cheap to be here anymore. the country landscape view i had is about to be ruined by all the buildings. im sure a ton of moids with loud cars will move down here to rev their shitty engines at 11pm-5am. i just want a stable job to move to the middle of almost fucking no where.

No. 1280041

As a pedestrian: thank you for being considerate of us. I'm about to start carrying a screwdriver to deep-key brodozers.

No. 1280047

Today I went to my psychiatrist and he noticed I was having a work related burn out and gave me a sick leave. When I told my mom she got angry and asked I was gonna take it, I was confused by her reaction and said of course I was gonna take it. She told me I was gonna get fired because of it, that my issues are no work related and that I should use my vacation for it. I legit shocked by her reaction, is just not normal, those fucking right wing podcast have rotten her brain.

No. 1280048

File: 1658973962859.gif (3.33 KB, 45x135, me.gif)

why does utah exist why are mormons a thing there were THREE women who made it to this godforsaken place and everyone is inbred and related to each other TAKE ME BACK TO NORMALCY PLEASE

No. 1280049

Sorry anon, can’t imagine how shitty that mustve felt ive been there

No. 1280050

where are you i will tackle him

No. 1280051

Get out before richies from big cities move in and ruin it. I lived in a small mountain town my entire life until they started building stupid ass resorts and restaurants where burgers are like 30 bucks and overly salted. then shit tons of rich people decided to buy vacation homes and rev up home prices while taking all available housing. It's ironic because the same resorts will bitch about "people moving here" and one restaurant even had a "stop moving here" burger even though they're the ones amping up housing prices and ruining everything

No. 1280052

southeast usa

No. 1280053

Truck douchebags are funny since most work in low end jobs and complain about gas prices while hauling ass on their 10 mpg small dick truck

No. 1280064

First day of period and I've been feeling like a bloated fat cow.

No. 1280065

File: 1658976938874.jpg (48.86 KB, 540x389, reidesk.jpg)

I like people, but I have no idea how to maintain friendships and have chronic social anxiety. I've always loved the idea of having a nice friend group and felt envious seeing nice groups of friends laughing and having fun together. But I've grown up alone and spent most of my life alone. I feel like I'm destined to spend the rest of my life alone. Forever on the fringes, watching other people connect and love one another. It's painful, but I don't know how other people do it, I don't know how they keep friendships going and make connections. At times I feel like an alien in this world.

No. 1280073

File: 1658977988056.jpeg (186.69 KB, 1090x1280, chirRP.jpeg)

on my way

No. 1280076

Made my night nonna ily

No. 1280084

You aren’t alone nonny, ever since I hit early puberty and really started to pick up on how social systems/interactions work I’ve always felt as if there was a glass wall between me and the rest of the world. I do take a strange solace knowing there are others who walk a similar path, I hope you can as well.

No. 1280086

Just heard a loud CRAW CRAW sound even though there aren’t supposed to be crows here. Either someone lost their little black bird or i’m gonna die soon lol

No. 1280087

I think Ravens are the death omen not crows, but where do you live where you don't get crows? lol

No. 1280090

I literally have never seen a raven or crow where i live in my entire life. All we get here are sparrows and pigeons.

No. 1280096

Very bad omen for you anon.

No. 1280097

I have tons of crows in my city. They drop succulents on my balcony and I plant them in pots. They also swoop people trying to cross a certain bridge, literally an aerial bridge troll demanding french fries before they leave you in peace.

No. 1280098

Yeah and since they are common in your region it's not an omen in your case.

No. 1280103

I want a flat soft stomach so much. Even if I got it flat it’d be full of scars and I’d have to constantly maintain the hair. Fuck this body.

No. 1280106

Aw jealous I want to see a sparrow, all we get here is crows cawing all the time, seagulls that throw up and shit everywhere and these little tiny birds everyone calls "McDonalds birds" because they just hang out near trash cans and pull the fast food out of the bins. I hate it here lol.

No. 1280109

I'm sorry you have to deal with that anon, I wish you did not and that everyone could love all types of women, even the hairy ones.

No. 1280114

Damn I know what you mean about the scars. I was an idiot in my early teen years and completely ruined my body with self harm scars. They're literally everywhere I can't show my arms, legs, stomach, shoulders, even my hands. It's brutal to make those life altering decisions in your youth and have to live with them in adulthood. I'm sorry Nona.

No. 1280116

I work shit hours my start time today is 5am and its 525 and I've text in sick but none of the managers will be awake lol. I have my first ever uti and it's so fucking painful I do not think I can be away from a toilet all day but I didn't want to tell my boss that so I said I'm being sick. I can't even afford to be sick but omg this is so sore I just want to drink water and pee all day

No. 1280118

File: 1658982573336.jpg (43.65 KB, 800x450, Inkedyaslimmy_LI.jpg)

Don't want discord to spy on me anymore so I uninstalled and deleted but cannot find another efficient way to send memes to my bf so I text them to him

No. 1280122

Reading about the behavioral statements from the boy who did the Marjory Stoneman high school shooting enrages me because multiple kids and his own friends would say he showed them animals he killed and talk about murder, guns, literally every red flag ever and none of them thought to report it. If anyone showed me an animal they killed I’d be disturbed reporting that shit ASAP not joking around like haha yeah he was weird of course he’d be a school shooter. Imagine not having that sense of doing the right thing because male violence is so normalized and you don’t care about innocent animals or the fact this psycho kid has access to guns. Literally this guy knew the shooter for 6-7 years and said he was “really nice” despite knowing he tortured helpless animals. Yeah something is wrong with male brains it’s been shown to me time and time again. There’s no chance to count on them to do the right thing.

No. 1280126

I have a ftm friend and I didn't feel like explaining trans stuff to my parents so I just talk about my friend as a guy, but I feel a bit bad for them because my mom and sister make fun of them for "looking and even sounding like a 13 year old boy" and for being even shorter than me and tbh I defenitely see it.

I know it's kinda self-inflicted but I can't help but feel a bit hurt for them.
I'm pretty much autistic tier at making friends so I really value the very few people can genuinely vibe with. I just don't want my friend to be hurt

No. 1280130

>doesn't want to be spied by discord
>sends memes on her iphone instead

No. 1280142

6 crows are death omens, 1-5 crows could mean anywhere from good luck to fertility etc

No. 1280146

File: 1658985536365.jpg (89.5 KB, 960x960, seel.jpg)

I have therapy tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it.
I have pain from a previous relationship that's a huge saga and I've been too exhausted or triggered to tell my therapist about, plus other topics took priority. She keeps telling me to email her the story but it's really hard for me to go over and I'm rarely in the mood to want to type it all out. The last time I saw her she opened with "Did you forget about me" and asking why I didn't email her. Then she reminded me to do it again at the end of the session.
Wouldn't a therapist say something like, do it if you're ready to do it but no stress if you can't? I feel like I personally offend her when I don't want to open up about something or imply that therapy exhausts me, which it does.
I dunno at this point I'm convinced most therapists are narcs or gossipers so that along with me being paranoid about emails makes me not wanna open up about it at all.

No. 1280164


No. 1280165

I don't have an iphone

No. 1280166

so you've just seen her without saying anything the whole time?

No. 1280168

I mean no, like I said other topics took priority so I talked about those. There are other topics I have more difficulty opening up about. Which is pretty normal

No. 1280169

Sometimes therapists can get impatient with their client, especially if you've been saying you want to tell her about it for a while now but haven't. Not that it's your fault or anything to feel guilty about, it is entirely up to you to decide what you want to share with her. But if you've been saying you have something to tell her but never do she might be getting a little frustrated. My psychologist does the whole "you don't have to disclose anything you don't want too" thing but still sometimes gently pushes me too if it's something that's obviously upsetting me. But usually if you just say upfront that you don't want to talk about it anymore or that you've changed your mind and aren't interested in discussing it at all that should be enough to get her to stop pushing you to talk about it. If not perhaps you need a new therapist? If you do want to tell her though you could maybe write it down on a piece of paper and then bring it into session to read out or have her read?

No. 1280170

Hanging out with exclusively upper middle class people as a poorfag has me seething.
>How can you be struggling with funds anon, don't you live with your parents?
Yeah I do but she has £3 in her bank account and barges into my bedroom and won't leave until I fund her addictions. Also, you're barely living on your own when your parents are paying your rent so you can be jobless and getting a new tattoo every fortnight.
Sometimes I feel like a diversity hire in my own friend group.

No. 1280173

I’m pretty sure I was one of the only people in some of my college classes that didn’t have rich parents paying for their education, housing, and giving allowance. Crazy hearing some dumb student talk about how his parents make six figures while take snacks from the food bank and work until midnight knowing it’s not close to covering my student housing and tuition. And they were so out of touch too, one girl didn’t understand why people got depression and thought it wasn’t real, I was floored.

No. 1280220

i lost weight and got more fit recently. i was never fat or even chubby, just a little above skinny. for the first time in my life, i'm satisfied with how my body looks, but paradoxically, i feel hyper aware of how other women look. looking at social media and the people around me, i thought, "are celebs and young women/girls skinnier now than before?" before realizing i was just /noticing/ and comparing appearances when i used to never care.
the workouts i used to do were so easy i usually lost weight through sheer luck and working out every two days + eating less, but now i think i could keep this weight more easily… even if i'm still paranoid about everything i eat. i eat whatever but then i check myself in the mirror anxiously.
i hate talking about weight or diets with friends so i'm venting here.

No. 1280240

I had mostly rich classmates in middle and high school, and even the teachers were saying stupid shit. I had one who was shocked I planned on going to university in our city just because I wouldn't be able to afford my own place and food with only my scholarship, she insisted I'd get a loan to go to a type of school that doesn't allow you to get a scholarship and that would cost 6000€ a year at the very least because "they're just better than universities".

No. 1280244

I feel this. I was fat though but felt ok with myself. It wasn't something I thought about. The second I lost weight and saw the difference my I swear my brain changed. I've been so hyper critical of myself and other women since. Not even judging the women but just making note of their body type/weight/etc and comparing myself to it. I fucking hate it.

No. 1280250

File: 1658997063599.gif (1.68 MB, 509x208, tumblr_oee0wyxDMu1up42jgo6_540…)

I cannot fucking decide if I'm doing retarded shit at work because I have an attention problem or I'm just self-sabotaging because I hate this job

No. 1280263

I'm sorry to hear that anon. I don't know your life circumstances but it sucks so hard that women are conditioned to believe that men and relationships are the most important things in life. I'm >>1277999 and even though I say that I don't think it's gotten through to me yet. I just want my ex back even though I felt terrible. Or some guy to give me validation and hold me in his arms so that I don't feel this lonely.

No. 1280264

File: 1658998872052.jpg (24.34 KB, 755x671, 5ueacr.jpg)

Why are troons so fucking obsessed with infiltrating radfem spaces? It's literally just narcissism isn't it?
I can't ever recall a time where I have thought "hm let me go into this space that directly conflicts with my personal beliefs and then argue with everyone" it's such a MALE thing for them to do. The only people I know that do this are moids and pickmes. They are fucking insufferable.

You will see it on the most simple, easy to read bread-and-butter post of "porn is bad, women are exploited in porn and also trafficked girls are often in porn you see online" and some "kinky slutty lesbian" moid will come in the comments like "UMMMM what does this mean is anyone going to DISCUSS this with me!! Me and my hot super lesbian gf do BDSM all the time and we love it! Let me educate you all!" Can you please actually just fuck off and leave us alone. I already experience and see males trying to infest female conversations, culture and spaces irl and it's exhausting enough. They hate us and they are also obsessed with us, it's so pathetic.

No. 1280265

File: 1658998876190.gif (551 B, 40x40, kao13.gif)

i'm eating mango with spicy salt rn, this mango is so sweet and the texure is like a thick jelly, so good

No. 1280266

File: 1658998978701.jpeg (27.96 KB, 500x271, F21F0535-D912-4696-AC7A-697ADB…)

I hate unpaid internships. I have to spend every summer holiday doing unpaid internship for a month. I just wanna have holidays, man. Get a pert time job and have some money, independence… Yeah I learn stuff and have a window to my future job, they let me go pretty early. But still… It's so much time, effort and early morning and getting ready and concentration. I wish they made us do more work here and paid us. Instead I stand here for around 5 hours, spectate, do easy tasks, put on customer service smile for the patients, answer sudden questions from doctors and come home pretty drained and after that I still have to study for exams. I'm in medicine, just yesterday I met with a finance student, he does pretty much the same type of internship (just spectates, from time to time easy jobs) but gets paid for it. And he gets paid really well. Unfair.

No. 1280267

For the second time I find out that a girl I am/was interested in has a boyfriend. I didn’t expect to be hit so hard over a crush when I was always certain nothing would become of it.

No. 1280270

That lil gif is sooo cute

No. 1280276

File: 1659000358565.jpeg (359.45 KB, 1159x1123, FE0B0767-0BBC-4F2B-9BE7-63D41D…)

i have recovered from my ED but my hunger signals are permanently fucked and i'm so hungry holy shit i'M ALWAYS SO FUCKING HUNGRY and i can't take it anymore, everyone tells me to go all in like Stephanie Buttermore but i know isn't the right choice because i don't wanna gain unnecessary fat, i work my ass off in the gym everyday to have a fit and healthy body and becoming obese isn't gonna fix my problem, right now i'm the most healthy i've ever been
i have tried everything else i was told so far, increased protein and fat intake, increased carbs, decreased carbs, got rid of sugar, introduced more sugar, IIFYM, nothing worked and i'm still hungry
i'm literally crying curled up in a ball because i just ate and my stomach can't stop growling, fuck anorexia man
i fucking hate anorexia it has completely ruined my life, even after my recovery my life is hell and i'm constantly miserable

No. 1280277

glad to know i'm not alone in this (even if it sucks and i wish we didn't have to care so much)

No. 1280278

i have a job interview and i'm fairly convinced i'm going to do terribly and that going for this job will be a mistake in the first place. please wish me luck nonas i am scared shitless

No. 1280281

Fingers crossed fo you nonna! You'll do just fine

No. 1280284

Give me a fucking cave so I can go hide in it for the rest of eternity

No. 1280285

we could share one nonna, I need one too

No. 1280290

how long has it been since your recovery? it took me 4 years to completely stop those pains but i also relapsed in the middle of that so… it can take less time i am sure. it fucking sucks so much. always bloated and painful. how can you not hate eating then if it keeps causing so much stress. i really went the other way eventually and still feel an itchy part in my stomach after i felt pain there from a binge. i was too scared to purge it when i should have, but i did not know what was even normal amount of food. counting calories unironically helped me. i was a retard when starting though and did not re-feed after exercise so was in the negative after the gym, wondering why i felt like crap.

No. 1280305

The way they have Britney Griner in Russia looking smug as fuck every time they put her behind bars omg I hope Putin dies slowly and painfully

No. 1280312

i'm one year and a couple months in, already weight restored (from 81lbs to 110lbs).
ikr??? i had a relapse some time ago and it went on for 3 weeks, i lost weight i shouldn't have and it was mentally scary and exhausting to put it on again, but i knew i needed and proceeded to do so.
i was underweight for 9+ years, so this is a fucking win to me but i'm feeling very emotionally and physically done. Just like you, i still count calories. I don't think demonizing calorie counting is "recovery goals", when weight gain and loss depends on it. We should know and control how much we're taking in to keep a healthy balance on our weight (not too thin and not too fat). I eat a healthy amount for my stats, i'm currently reverse dieting up to 1800 calories and my final goal is 2000 combined with strength training. But i'm ravenous man, feels like theres a damn black hole in my stomach to the point intuitive eating doesn't work for me because i can easily inhale +10000 calories in one single day (believe me, on my bday i decided to let myself eat freely and counted everything just for giggles, i ended the day on 15000 fml). I'm thinking about maybe introducing a weekly cheat day were i eat a surplus of 1000 followed by two days on a 500 deficit but i fear it will be a slippery slope back into anorexia. jfc
Speaking of bloat, mine did went away after i started eating more meals a day. I used to do OMAD so it was probably the cause of my bloat. Have you tried splitting your meals into like at least 3 or 4? it can help a lot

No. 1280321

I'm so sick of women being perceived as a "minority", it's literally erasure. Women are not a minority, troons are, gays are. I get that it is said in relation to the oppression, but i strongly believe it's insanely counter-productive for us to accept it and not be a part of something else completely.

I was looking at all the backlash online about GTA6 potentially having a female playable main character and the fucking unhinged scrotes are seething because "hurrdurr it's pushing a political agenda about minorities again", no you retarded piece of shit, women are normal human beings representing half of the world's population, the weird thing was that for years they didn't exist as real well rounded characters in most video games.

We have to argue against being a minority for them to stop this crazy ass argument that women starting to appear more in worlds of fiction is something akin to the troons pushing. Retake that argument from them to show them how stupid it is to think like that about WOMEN, human beings like their mother, sisters, teachers, etc. Why is it controversial for women to exist in GTA, a contemporary world?

I'm going crazy, how is it possible to think like that about half the population, scrotes really think they're the only sentient beings on this planet huh? Kill them all, please, quick.

No. 1280323

I have a big fucking varicose vein on my right calf and it's so gross, my legs hurt every day, but especially this area with the bulged vein. What the fuck I'm in my late 20s, and I feel like a 70 year old

No. 1280324

Compression stockings and l-arginine.

No. 1280326

They're not against women existing in video games, they're against video games not just being macho power fantasies for their misogynistic asses.

No. 1280328

Yup i know, they're against women being perceived as real and complex beings just like men. Which to me means that they're against women existing, because old Lara croft going around killing people with no personality except big polygon titties or old Samus getting naked at the end of the game to reward the player, these are not women existing.

I should stop reading what 4chan has to say about it at this point it's just self harm. Hope all these moids suicide one day, the sooner the better.

No. 1280329

Those asshats call anything other than white man npc a minority, they just accepted black hair as 'not a faggot' in the 90s, ignore their garbo takes.
Saying women are normal implies you think minorities are not though in the context it was used and I get what you meant. However that is where I am worried the racism starts, truth is being a minority or not doesn't change a thing so why care?

No. 1280330

>GTA6 potentially having a female playable main character
I don't have time to play anymore but I spent my teens on GTA V and having a badass female character would've been so fucking cool. Please let it become a reality. Coomer scrotes seething is just a huge plus kek.

No. 1280332

It's genetics anon, cant fight it. On top other anon's good advices remember to exercise at least a bit to ensure good blood flow in your legs and if possible see a phlebologist just to make sure everything it ok otherwise; and what steps exactly you can take to ensure it will not get worse

No. 1280333

I don't want to see her out of the suit, just a linebacker again. Scrotes are so weird.
Bonus points if she outdoes men in the intro to set the salt but acts so awesome they can't help but cope and justify why "she isn't a mary sue just cause she is better than the men, she worked super hard at it, and is a one in a million".
Like clockwork the men try to police in one hand but in the other, they do want you to be in charge. Never forget, so seize it.

No. 1280334

>Saying women are normal implies you think minorities are not though.

True, i worded that incorrectly, i'm sorry. What i meant to say is that "woman" is even more of a vague description than gay, as women are literally half of the population. But yes, in the end, it doesn't even matter because to a lesser extent it's the same things for minorities. You don't know anything about a person just because you learned they're black, or gay, or any other "minority" etiquette.

No. 1280342

File: 1659009085921.jpg (74.18 KB, 640x721, 5f8f696b37423a6a898387fbf20822…)

The only woman (I've thought) that I managed to befriend in my entire adulthood (10+ years), as in get close enough to meet up, open up to and so, turned out to be only doing it to lull me into a false sense of security while she and my now-ex were sleeping with each other. She knew very well that I was hurt by cheating before and I talked to her how afraid I am of it happening again, she even went as far as saying she will look out for me and let me know if he's acting inappropriately towards anyone. It only solidified my fear now and inability to open up to people and build something more than just surface level pleasantries. I've met a really cool person at work and she seems to want to hang out and be in touch in general but every time we make some plans I cant help but have my brain fly into total paranoia mode. Part of me wants to let my walls down, wants to explain to her what happened to me, but then the very idea of it makes me clam up immediately as it seems like the second I show I'm vunerable it will be abused.
I guess it's not much compared to awful things happening to other people but I feel like these few shitty encounters and shitty relationships I went through ruined my chances of happiness for the future. I don't know how people can be so casually cruel. Somehow it hurts more than moid cheating that it was a woman and a friend who did that to me, I want to believe other women would have my back but I can't anymore

No. 1280349

Who is this general anxiety and why is he so disorderly? Jokes aside, fuck this anxiety disorder. I hate waking up every morning with terrible nausea and not being able to keep anything down because adrenaline is coursing through my veins. And I hate the way it physically render me unable to live a normal functioning life.

No. 1280350

My boyfriend talks almost exclusively about work. His workplace is family owned so it's a total shitshow, like a crossover episode between Maury Povich and Intervention plus a little Hoarders thrown in. It's a respectful job and really important which makes it even more appalling how they act. Like one dude keeps getting DUIs while in his work vehicle and another is straight up looking like a future Chris Watts case just waiting to happen. But I'm at the point where I have straight up begged him to talk about something else. I told him if I have to hear about his coworkers on my weekend, he has to pay me cash since that's just being at work to me now. It's not venting about his day or blowing off steam, it's ranting about how much he still hates the dude who quit over a YEAR ago. His work pays him way too well to quit, and also prepaid for his entire school so quitting isn't an option. I've intoduced a couple brand new, physical hobbies into our relationship and it barely changed the topic of conversation over dinner. At this point I just stoneface him and he eventually apologizes about talking about work too much. Now when he calls from work I barely get a word in, it's just to vent and then hang up. Reminds me of how people talk to you in Pokémon games.

No. 1280352

I'm so sorry nonnie this is so fucked up i can't believe it. You know, i'm really avoidant myself and can't ever open up and stories like yours really make me think it's the right way to live, although i know it's wrong.

Just know, even if it means nothing because we will never know each other, that i would never ever do that to anyone, and a friend even less, betrayal of trust is the worst thing. I wish you'll find a good girlfriend, and i hope you can overcome this and try to open yourself to this girl at work, because she might be loyal too.

No. 1280357

I stayed up all night doing nothing productive knowing that I'd have to go to swimming classes today and now I just want to sleep but if I don't get up right this instant I'll get screamed at even more
I don't give a fuck about swimming, I just want to sleep, I wish I lived alone, I wish I were an independent adult and not a womanchild, I hate this so much, I just want to live in peace and not have to be constantly worrying about not making anyone mad

No. 1280359

nonna, he talks because you let him. cut him off and start talking about shit you enjoy when he's reeing about work, and don't put up with any shit if he tries to interrupt you. let him talk about topics other than work, and if the conversation starts to veer towards his boring fucking job, immediately change the subject and don't stop talking about it until he gets the message. or dump him, idk. stand up for yourself.

No. 1280360

Even by neet standards, being forced out of bed to go to a swim class is like being 5 years old again.

No. 1280362

samefag but another option is to play this at full volume whenever he talks about work

No. 1280367

This is top notch advice, thank you!!

No. 1280368

that ones good i like using this one when scrotes sit in their cars blasting music

No. 1280372

>forced to do swimming classes
Do you have a butler and a chambermaid

No. 1280374

I hate being treated like this by my mother and I don't know how to make her stop. Nothing I ever say to her helps.
Also I just realized that I deprive myself of sleep as a way of self-harm. Just like when I starve myself instead of eating as soon as I'm hungry, which I noticed yesterday, and because of it I'm anemic. I don't self-mutilate or are promiscuous or drink or smoke or do drugs. I thought my internet addiction was the equivalent of those things but I've just realized that I don't do these two things accidentally as a consequence of other things, they're the ways I self-harm. I'm borderline suicidal too so I guess it's really on purpose, deep down. I guess I don't value my life after all.

No. 1280378

Forced by my mother because she pays for it. I decided to go because it would make me physically and mentally healthier and would give me something to do, and it would motivate me to change my life a little. And it really has helped, I'm healthier now than a year ago and I actually have a chance to change my life and become independent, but my mental illness has been interfering a lot with different aspects of my life lately.

No. 1280384

Glad to know your mothers motive is positive, sorry you’ve been unwell.

No. 1280385

File: 1659014506734.jpeg (44.63 KB, 617x567, FWOVqFKWYAEIKjT.jpeg)

I hate feeling anxious to the point of physical stress symptoms over a mere shift of tone, wondering if I did anything wrong.
This feels like some dumbass version of ptsd at this point, but it has been like this all my life and I think ptsd is supposed to stop after some years.

No. 1280388

Thank you anon, it means a lot to feel understood, even by a stranger. I want to hope most of the people are like you, would never even think to do something like that to anyone, but it always is easier said than done; and tt really does feel safer being avoidant even knowing it's not going to bring anything good… I wish for us to be able to overcome it. Maybe with small steps I will be able to become closer with that coworker if she'd have patience for me, she really seems like a nice person so maybe?

No. 1280394

Yeah. I love my mom and she obviously loves and supports me (which is why I've been feeling such crushing guilt for years now after disappointing her over and over) but the way she keeps treating me like a kid isn't helpful at all, although it's obvious why she does it. I'm so fucking pathetic, I just don't know what to do. One bad day is enough to ruin a whole month for me, if I was doing great at the beginning of the month, anything could ruin it and then I'll spend the next few weeks trying to recover and go back to being productive and healthy again. I don't know why I'm like this and I've been desperately searching for a solution for years. Anyway, I'm just having a mental breakdown, I'll probably feel better after sleeping. Thanks for your kind reply, nona.

No. 1280401

File: 1659015732879.jpg (113.94 KB, 1504x1498, 1654845737817.jpg)

When you're crying in front of someone and they get up and come back with food for themselves and start eating it in front of you

No. 1280403

I wonder if you make shit up so people will give you attention. This is reaching Barbie levels of "I can do this and this and this and this".

No. 1280411

Cut thar friendship/relationship/whatever anon. I had scrotes do similar shit to me and I'm so much better off after cutting them off, that's a redflag for unironical sociopaths.

No. 1280412

Don't stay up all goddamn night if you don't have anything important to do then?? Lmao. Be grateful your mum cares enough to force you out of your self destructive routines, mine would mock me to my face whenever I tried to do shit for myself after sabotaging my previous jobs. Jesus fucking christ your post made me so fucking mad, get a fucking job and pay for your goddamn place if you want to be a disfuncional mess so fucking bad and no one to be around to stop you, some of us would actually value having family who gives a shit about us.

No. 1280413

File: 1659017552071.png (691.92 KB, 640x662, 2D79B14A-2D45-4176-8019-A6C4C0…)

Opened social media, saw a retard being retarded, it ruined my fucking mood. I’m so sensitive today. I just want to be with you guys, I can’t believe this gdamned site goes through hell and back, is constantly one fart away from imploding, yet it is still better than every other online space. I’m actually here forever.

No. 1280414

Don't let in pickmes and handmaidens anon. this is a tough pill most of you have to swallow, that most normie women are sadly secretly jealousy driven misogynists who seriously see other women as nothing but competition and can and will fuck over you when you approach them with nothing but good intentions, and I don't fucking understand it myself. I know it sounds very edgy and black pilled but I'm an older woman too and I learnt this the hard way. I have a few female friends and it literally took me a decade to learn to pick them properly and not let myself be sweetalked by bitches who literally will throw you under the boss for the most sociopathic ugly scrote they can come up with. I think they get an ego boost from hurting or ridiculing women they feel threatened by if that makes any sense.

I'm just so sorry this happened to you anon, this post just reminded me of my younger self. I wish you best and that you eventually find decent friends.

No. 1280415

I have an ex where our relationship declined for a while before the split. He treated me well for our first few months.. and then for the following two years it seemed to always be me getting pressured into compromising to fit him. The power dynamic was just fucked and in his favor. I don't know how we got to that point but I knew there was no recovering from it. He was used to getting his way. He would throw his weight around at best and get aggressive at worst. I felt trapped in a strict lease with this control freak. Things entered abusive territory and I still couldn't leave the lease early without it costing me thousands or landing me in court. He was the type where he would've been petty and put me through that. I knew him too well. He'd put his hands on me but lived in denial of that.

2 months before our lease was due to end I'm losing my mind. I feel subhuman as he's ramped up his asshole behavior massively all of a sudden. Turns out he has new a woman lined up and wants to run away with her. He can't wait the 2 months so he rubs my face in it and we continue to be stuck living together for 8 painful weeks. He thinks the sun shines out of this other woman and makes sure to tell me. He's planning on moving half way across the country to be with her.. he's moving for her. He's fitting in with her life and not the other way around? I was fuming. I've never felt so low. He broke me for 2 years and that just cemented that it must be me? I must be worthless? He's not an ass, I'm just not worth anything. He'll move for her and sing her praises.

I spent another couple years moving on with my life trying to fight those thoughts when one night I went snooping. They're swingers. She's a sub. He fucks trannies in front of her. She plays with his asshole. I really spent years thinking he had found a woman who'd turn him into a decent thoughtful man. That's not how that works. I should've known. She's a mother and he's plastering her pussy online while making it an easy trail to find her real identity too. Prince charming right there.

No. 1280418

Ofc the perfect wahmen for him is the lowest common denominator of pickme. I'm so sorry anon, your post breaks my heart. I pray so these 8 weeks go as fast as possible and this subhuman fucks off from your life for good. I know this sounds generic but you deserve so much better.

No. 1280419

What are some signs that another woman is good friend material

No. 1280423

are you talking about avl

No. 1280425

you are so close nonna sooooooooo close. Wish we could have a secret code to say irl

No. 1280426

nta but i have a list of red flags if you want them.

No. 1280430

nonna be honest is this about a man

No. 1280431

OP here, please share your knowledge, I definitely don't have any awareness in these subjects, would never guess that person was like that and still have no idea what to look for. I naively struggle to grasp how women can be so vile to each other sometimes. It definitely seems now like what you say, the ego boost of being the "top" one, but still… hard to comprehend

No. 1280432

making a list of "red flags" about other women is a "red flag" tbh

No. 1280433

I am sorry for you nonnie. I have a problem with finding IRL women to befriend too. I am heartbroken that I still cannot find anyone in this country, let alone trust. I do not want nor need male friends, because both online and IRL they would end up being the types that are waiting for you to break up with your partner and start hitting on you, or try manipulating you into cheating like desperate retards they are. I personally gave up finding friends in general, I am lucky that I have two female friends who are good people, but both of them live in different countries. I was so sad to find out that my partner's sister is a pickme. When I moved in she's been trying to turn his family against me ( I got lucky that I got to know his parents long before she came back to them), been trying to talk shit about me to their siblings and for some weird reason is still trying to skinwalk my style and internet presence throughout this day. All I did was respected her and tried to befriend, too, but she would always have 'the stare'. If her goal was for me to stop interacting with anyone, then she won. I give up. I hope you will find good friends, nonna.

No. 1280434

would you be open to talking via protonmail or discord? it’s completely understandable if not, but seeing anyone in this general area gets me excited because this is basically a nowherezone

No. 1280444

>meet male friend’s gf for the first time irl
>she’s fine, pretty nice, weirdly prone to going off on angry rants about people for basically no reason but otherwise normal
>follows me on insta
>within a week she starts skinwalking me, copying exact sentences i’ve said, copying poses in photos
>escalates to her making one big post that is entirely copying and pasting captions from my own posts and stringing them together
>her boyfriend tells me it’s not a big deal and she must just admire me
>he buys her my favorite lipstick and one of the exact dresses i have
>finally confront her through dms
>she claims i’m delusional and “not everything is about you”
>i ignore it
>a day later she follows up with “why are you so insecure? women are supposed to support other women. im being inspired and you hate that”

Oh my god. I blocked both of them and Im never going to meet up with them irl again. What the fuck. SERIOUSLY, what the fuck?

No. 1280452

Yes and he said "well you didn't ask for anything" when I got irritated over it. I wish I had thoughtful people in my life

No. 1280453

Sexual frustration vent ig but good god I'm so fucking horny I can't stand it. I just need a cute guy to kiss and lick my neck like he wants to devour me while I sit on his lap. I want him to whisper dirty things in my ear and make me go dumbdumb. I refuse to hook up since we all know how that goes. Jesus I need physical contact again

No. 1280458

She probably needs to hear it. A lot of TIFs somehow delude themselves into thinking they'll be safe from sexual assault or even get some male privilege benefits, when really they're more vulnerable to male exploitation than they ever were. She's never going to be as big or strong as an average moid, and she'll never have the respect an adult moid gets for free due to looking like a child.

No. 1280459

It's so messed up what your partner's sister did to you, and so weird! I have no idea what I would do in such situation, probably isolate myself as well… because what else can be done if you're targeted for no reason like that. And yeah, men are useless as friends, in the past in desperation I'd accept any friendliness and in case of men it would ALWAYS turn into trying to flirt, it feels so dehumanizing somehow. I'm glad you have these two friends you can rely on nonna, though I'm sure it would be much more comforting if they were living closer…. but it's still better than having no one

No. 1280464

i think there's a huge learning curve to finding good friends because of the assumption that women will always have eachother's backs honestly. these are some red flags that you can usually see pretty early on.
>goes through a lot of boyfriends in a short time
to me this is pick me behavior. it could be she's unlucky and picks bad men, but if that's the case you wouldn't bounce from relationship to relationship. it's just self destructive.
>talks shit about other women
if it's a one off or she's complaining about something legitimate, that's fine. but if she talks trash about women she knows a lot, chances are she will talk trash about you to them.
this is just annoying. canceling, postponing or changing plans often, especially early on is a bad sign. i had a friend who would claim she was sick all the time and cancel plans, even with big groups of people.
>excessive male friends
having one or two is fine, but women who are only friends with moids often claim they "get along better" with them. meaning, there's probably something preventing them from getting along with other women that men don't mind because most of those "friends" just want to fuck them.
>doesn't involve you in the conversation
this doesn't mean talking about herself a lot, something that's natural when you first meet someone. it's more about them just talking at you and not really interacting with you.
>not emotionally reciprocative
if she's always venting or asking you for advice but then doesn't want to be bothered by you, that's a bad sign.
>makes you contact her first
i absolutely hate this. the whole idea of "wait till they contact you first or their not worth your time" is stupid. it also suggests that the other person is more important than you. plus, if both people go by that, neither of you would talk to eachother at all. if she doesn't hit you up sometimes, it's not worth it.
>negs you
now this would seem obvious, but it's not really. women neg differently than men. things like back handed or passive aggressive compliments or subtle things that make you feel bad. if she shrugs them off when you mention them, it will probably continue.
>wants to bring her boyfriend every time you hang out
just, no. is she a child who needs a chaperone?
>starts talking about your boyfriend often
this usually means she wants to fuck him, very bad sign.
i am probably missing some, but these are basic red flags. the main takeaway is friendship is a two way street. make sure you're not giving more than you want to, and make sure you're getting back enough. if you're not satisfied, remember you don't owe someone friendship. hope i helped!

No. 1280467


No. 1280471

nta but thanks for this post!

No. 1280474

same. ily

No. 1280476

This is just another vent about scrotes and porn. It pisses me off to no end that I cannot look for normal pictures and/or discussion about my favorite actresses without being absolutely bombarded by their disgusting porn edits and fantasies. It seriously grosses me out and I always hope that the men who do this kind of pathetic shit kill themselves. Those women will NEVER TOUCH YOUR CRUSTY ASS. They would NEVER EVEN GLANCE in your direction, and if by some miracle they did, you would see them scrunch up their nose, and quickly look away. Fuck scrotes and fuck porn. I hate this world.

No. 1280477

Honestly, in the end, I started playing a small game with her (kind of). I just started being open about my opinion toward men, and after that, she started trying to talk pink-pill-y stuff to me whenever she sees me. Maybe there is hope, but I do not think so. She depends on male attention on the internet a lot. I wanted to genuinely help her with her insecurities, but she makes fun of everything that has to do with body positivity and feminism while doing nothing but crying about how she hates herself.
I think I should have seen it coming, because when I and my husband announced our marriage she went on a huge mental breakdown on discord, deleted her account on every social media and a few months later said she will marry her (at that time) bf too. In the end, he dumped her, it turned out she was saying she will kill herself if he won't marry her. She didn't even attend our wedding either, both of them lied (their excuses did not match at all).
She is also a huge manipulator. She never had a job or went to any university because their mother is a 'soft' type of person. The type who you can walk all over. I feel horrible for her because she is a sweet woman, but her own daughter manipulates the fuck out of her. She has to work multiple jobs just to make sure they can at least pay the rent. Because of her mother, she's been sitting in her room, not cooking or cleaning, just playing vidyas.
Thank you anon. Numbers 1-6 are literally the person I am talking about. It sucks. I do not understand how women can still depend on male attention and drag other women down in order to get it.
I feel like an alien at this point. Is there any explanation why some people are like that? Is that mental illness? Or did the media brainwash people onto doing that?

No. 1280478

>I told him if I have to hear about his coworkers on my weekend, he has to pay me cash
kek nice

No. 1280481

>males being upset about women being a playable character in a video game
They still get upset about that shit? Lmfao. Never date or fuck a scrote who plays video games.

No. 1280490

This is the general logical response and lc must have been dead when you made it otherwise you’d be getting some reply guy-tier anon that likes to infantilize anyone in the vent thread reeing at you

No. 1280491

Kek I'm insanely good at driving and drive a pretty fast car and I get such a thrill out of racing them (but only when they instigate which is too often because they go like 20mph and get mad when they see a woman go around and in front of them). I've pulled off some wild, dangerous shit and show them they are shitty drivers once and for all. I honestly get a giant rush and am immune to being scared of crashing since I have so much confidence. Once they're retarded enough to lose or be ran off the road to avoid hitting my car from behind, I blow them a kiss and wave bye. Always gets them to stop being aggressive retards just because they're upset about being a shit driver and a young woman going around them. Scrotes are by far the worst and fucking dumbest drivers too.

No. 1280493

I finally got COVID, which is probably deserved with how I’ve moralized not having it for the past two years. I feel fine besides my arms feeling like they’re made of lead, just upset because I got it from work after my fortune 50 company made us return to the office despite 98% of people saying in several surveys over the past year that they work better from home (and the company’s profits reflect that.) My coworker/work bff is doing fertility treatments and is at a high risk of miscarriage and obviously COVID would make that worse. Also I’m worried about my cat, who’s diabetic and has a heart murmur that might be heart disease.

No. 1280495

Stories about women yelling at men for being brutish assholes warm my heart, nonna. I'm the kind of pussy who clams up and doesn't know what to say so I'm happy to hear about others teaching them a lesson, bless you.

No. 1280498

Anon, you're aware of the cycle, and you are able to articulate it. This is good. When you get that urge to drink and not eat, read these words you wrote, and eat something first. Keep doing it, and keep reporting here. I'm rooting for you, you can do it.

No. 1280501

I feel this so much. I would love nothing more than to grab a backpack and leave to experience the world but traveling alone as a young woman is a disaster waiting to happen. I can't even put into words the envy I feel for my male friends who have had amazing experiences traveling without a care in the world, being cordially invited to drink and eat with the same locals who would probably assault me in that position.

No. 1280502

Fucking incredible
nta males are emotionally stunted, selfish and unbelievably dense.

No. 1280507

Emotionally I feel like a stray. I want a real family, I need comfort and a safe place.

No. 1280512

people seem to think since they're deeply insecure about their own bodies and weight it gives them a free pass to be a cunt to me about mine. I have a hard time gaining weight and it's dangerously easy for me to lose weight (praying to god my doctor doesn't think i have an eating disorder) and some of my friends get genuinely mad about me complaining about being unable to maintain what my doctor tells me would be a healthy weight for my height. I'm not even allowed to vent about my body issues in front of them (I'm very insecure about how bony my hips are, it freaks me the fuck out and I think it looks weird) because it makes them mad. Even my mother and aunt have joked about hating me because "they just look at food and gain weight". What is up with this weird culture around hating your body and bitching at anyone that doesn't have the exact same experiences? I hate listening to my friends or family members describe themselves as fat when they aren't even fat! The way my mom talks about her body has already fucked me up since childhood, she makes it sound like your life is over the second you're a few pounds over what the BMI scale tells you you should be.

No. 1280517

I’m scared of getting killed for this shit, road rage can be so out of control and I’ve had crazies follow friends when they’ve done one thing. Some hick old scrote almost backed into me in a parking lot literally inches away from hitting me and then when I moved he sped up to block me screaming and spit all over my car.

No. 1280523

I'm going to fail my exam so hard tomorrow and will be forced to withdraw from my bachelors. I'll have no choice but to find a part time job ASAP. I wasted so much money at school this year. I'm 20-fucking-4. Do I have any hope in seriously building a career in the future? I don't want to work customer service for the rest of my life. People my age have already graduated and are probably looking for their pay bump second jobs right now while I'm in debt with nothing more than a HS qualification.

No. 1280529

i feel you nonna, i’ve struggled with the same exact problem off and on my whole life. have you had your hormones and thyroid checked? just curious, no problems with mine except elevated levels of androgens so idk what’s even up with me. i just naturally don’t wanna eat as much as other people

No. 1280534

I knew middle aged people who were starting over in college getting their bachelors. Don’t think you’re too old, especially in your 20s, it’s never too late.

No. 1280536

Pepper spray keeps the scrotes away.

No. 1280542

I'm frustrated because I had to let a guy friend go. I flirted with him for a week… A YEAR AGO and decided he would make a better friend. I was rejecting him for a year, telling him no to finally just being mean about it "Fuck off" blah blah.
Finally I told him to outright leave me alone because he wanted to physically fight my attractive ex who I'm still friends with. My male friends are telling me "You overreacted! You know all couples start out as friends. What did you want him to do?"

Uuuh… how about taking my first 10 "no" as a hint I'm not interested? That I think he's disgusting for trying to fight my friend? That I think he's creepy because he can't take no for an answer?

No. 1280544

Do it. Those kind of assholes only care once they look as stupid to everyone else as they are inside.
Most of them don't even use their trucks for anything useful either! If I had one of those machines I'd have a whole case of hobby tools in the back bed and tow a shed.
Bless you nonna, I'm glad there are other rad young women reminding scrotes of their inferior emotional regulation and driving ability. I do the same thing with assholes around here and they lose their shit every time like clockwork. Praying for both of us to avoid the next round of road rage.
That's okay nonna, I'll yell extra loud for you next time!
That's terrifying. Were you able to get away before he hurt you? Sometimes scrotes like to prey on female socialization and I'll bet you anything he wouldn't have acted the same to another moid.

No. 1280546

i carry pepper spray but i’m kinda freaked out and wonder if i’ll never use it if i’m in danger, because on an instinctual level i assume that any way i try to fight back will just make a man angrier and he’ll double down.

No. 1280547

Those types of people have long careers and experience behind them to put on their resumes though, I've wasted the last 5 years in college with nothing to show for it. I don't think it's comparable.

No. 1280550

File: 1659026040726.jpeg (395.7 KB, 1170x1023, A7C0EF2C-ECBE-4CC4-BB51-03DAD6…)

I really hate how the dumbest most cringiest anti-gender woowoo posts gain attention.

No. 1280551

They absolutely hardly ever do the right thing nona, very rarely.

No. 1280557

Oh my god what a stupid tweet lmao, and now that is the face of gc isn't it

No. 1280564

agreed, it’s a shame that every vocal mouthpiece that’s critical of the trans movement is always just some reactionary obsessed with owning teh libz. so annoying. they don’t give a shit about deconstructing gender and critiquing the patriarchy, they just think trans people are gross and it stops there. i hate seems radfems ally themselves with these types. nothing feminist or thoughtful about it, just pure retardation and in turn gives people more ways to try to call even the most reasonable and coherent feminists reactionaries themselves.

i wish there were more actual radfems in the west and not just a ton of people obsessed with the same biological essentialism that gets used against women. yes trannies are annoying and misogynistic but that doesn’t mean we make every little thing about them to the point we’re left with no brain cells left for critical thought and discussions about socialization, patriarchy, the sex industry, etc.

i hate seeing supposed radfems parrot bs conservative talking points and brainless slogans.

No. 1280570

Pepper spray pretty much immobilizes someone. It burns like a mf.

No. 1280571

samefag but i feel like this (very recent) phenomenon just gives more and more space to aspiring tradewife nazis to try to integrate into these spaces. because they also oppose sex work and the trans movement they think they are welcome and have similar goals. except the reason they have these views is rooted in misogyny and hatred of deviation, not actual concern for womens liberation from the patriarchy. they whine about having to have a job and blame jews instead of capitalism, and think being a housewife mommy is the greatest job on earth because at least they’re not a girlboss.

i hate it. i wish nothing more than for these types to be exiled. gender critical communities are overrun with boomers running on pure spite and visceral disgust without any real ideological integrity or feminist concerns beyond “being a woman is so epic and awesome, my womanhood is my vagina and if you oppose that sorry tranny!”
like for christs sake, wasn’t radical feminism about transcending the idea that women are only as good as their vaginas? obviously that doesn’t mean trans women are or can be women, and ofc our physicality is what socialization was based on in the first place, im just sick of the vacuum of reactionary thought currently ravaging feminist communities.

No. 1280572

Her and Lauren Boebert are so profoundly stupid that I almost feel like they’re psy-ops. The absolute state of American education (although Boebert never even received that.)

No. 1280574

I asked the bike shop for a cardboard box to pack my bike in for the airport and they still haven't called back. That was nearly two weeks ago and my flight is in 4 weeks. How hard is it for them to give me a cardboard box? I'm seriously going to feel anxious if I don't hear anything by August…

No. 1280578

sis they probably forgot or overlooked it. call a different shop. i had to do that before and i got the bike box for free from a shop. they're busy.

No. 1280589

You know instead of venting here and anxiously waiting you could've just called them. That's a whole lot more effective.

No. 1280599

I would love to, but also very nervous about anons who would abuse that. How does the friend finder thread work efficiently? (Also so sorry i know this Isnt a vent right now)

No. 1280602

This might be an unpopular statement but I understand people not caring about the rest of radfem ideology and instead focusing a lot more on trans shit. I entered radfem groups where a good chunk of them would get triggered if they saw a man in a dress or with makeup (not a transwoman) yet will write essays talking about how the gendies hate gnc people. Most peking are annoyed and angry about gender ideology and rally behind the terf/radfem label as opposed to creating their own movement. In an idealistic world I would prefer people rallying behind several issues but I understand how that’s unrealistic. I hate how unfocused it is.

Obviously a reactionary conservative movement is doomed to fail but they’re dragging everyone else (radfem/gc/terf) down with them because they’re so fucking stupid and idiotic

No. 1280609

>only scrotes are mean on /ot/
kek. Anyway my post was merely meant to kick anon into taking action because it's utterly unnecerssary to sit around anxiously over something as simple as a cardboard.

No. 1280611

>good chunk of them would get triggered if they saw a man in a dress or with makeup (not a transwoman) yet will write essays talking about how the gendies hate gnc people.
this is the worst shit ever. they’re so far gone. the entire point is that gender is socialization and we should be free to dress and act as we wish. that we aren’t defined by clothing and stereotypical behaviors. but of course that crowd of morons comes along and reinforces it all. GNC people are going to suffer bigtime because of the psychos more obsessed with clocking randoms as trannies than critical thought. my friend (butch lesbian) already gets harassed enough by conservative freaks, i don’t want misguided “feminists” to start harassing her because they think she’s ftm lmao.

No. 1280631

>I entered radfem groups where a good chunk of them would get triggered if they saw a man in a dress or with makeup (not a transwoman) yet will write essays talking about how the gendies hate gnc people.
They do that to masc women too and it's retarded. They make posts seething about some random TIF they saw in public but since it's a stranger they have no idea if she even has pronouns. My GNC PCOS ass existing in public has probably triggered some rant on Ovarit, every time I leave the house without shaving my neck stubble I'm violently grooming good Christian girls into getting on T. I miss how it was before trads infested everything.

No. 1280634

File: 1659028980105.jpeg (4.3 KB, 254x198, download.jpeg)

Does anyone else have issues with agoraphobia? Feels so embarrassing to tell people that I literally am scared to leave my house and I don't think my therapist even believes me

No. 1280636

It's even worse when you see those who would've been shoe0nhead pickmes 7 years ago identify as "radfems" like it was the new edgy trend simply because they hate trannies and thus homosexuals by association. They're the kind who will turn around in two years to write a think piece about how they were "brainwashed into the TERF cult" when they never believed in any of the ideals to begin with.

No. 1280637

Hey nonna, when my brother was murdered I went from social butterfly to recluse. My therapy and support had me have friends over (if you can). Also, drink a cup of tea or coffee by the window, then eventually move to sitting outside for a few minutes. Try trails and parks. What is your fear based in? Being hurt? Being ridiculed? Getting sick?

No. 1280638

i struggled with it for a long time. if your therapist seems clueless you probably should find a different one who specializes in ocd because a lot of agoraphobia is similar in nature. it is definitely overcomable and i really wish you luck, it destroyed my teen years

No. 1280653

the schizo tranny is currently having a meltdown in meta over the anons defending gnc people but not trannies lmao

No. 1280659

Does anyone else ever just want to take out some fat cat moid in power? Even if you're jailed forever or killed in exchange?

I want to kill one of the higher ups involved in the BP oil spill. I want to kill one of the pedos involved in that pentagon CP ring. I want to kill one of the British MPs involved in molesting orphans and troubled kids. I want to kill one of the people that went to Epsteins islands. I want to kill a nazi. And I want to do it somewhere that they felt safe, in their home maybe. I'd want my motive to be published, in a manifesto or something. X killed Y due to his involvement in an 80s pedo ring, accused with solid proof but never convicted. And if people saw it they could be inspired to do the same and kill the CEO of a company lobbying for something dreadful. And I keep hearing that if say, Matt Gaetz, was murdered then he'd be martyred, but fuck it. Kill them and keep killing them so they stop playing victims and actually become victims afraid of spreading their hateful rhetoric and trying to speedrun the decline of society, have them actually watching their back. It might not make them better people but it might stop this decline and maybe make them less brazen about being monsters.

A disclaimer I wouldn't actually (currently) do this, I've got too much to lose. But if my legacy could be "killed Nazi camp guard that served in Dachau and was only given a 6 month sentence", then I'd be pretty pleased.

No. 1280693

Life is such a fucking hassle I wish I could just be legally retarded and never have anyone expect things from me. I know I'm lucky to be semi normal (tism aside) but everyone is on my ass about fucking everything and then bitch that I'm in a bad mood even though I tell them having others involved in my life is stressful for me. I'm somewhat driven career wise so I have that going for me. I think being completely independent would be the best thing for me, I could go to work, relax after and that would be it. But people misunderstand me when I say life is stressful, I know they just want to help but being slightly stressed about something and having 3 others in your life being ultra stressed about it doesn't fucking help. Just leave me alone please. This is such a fucking annoying period of the year, nobody has things to do so everyone suddenly notices you. I wish I could just be invisible. I come across as a turbo autist and spoiled brat I know but it really is stressing me out and every small thing that wouldn't bother me normally is suddenly making me annoyed, I feel depressed as fuck. And then people get mad at me because I don't smile or am no fun anymore.

No. 1280695

wtf is going on. is there multiple trannies? who the fuck is blaine or elaine. i hate these kids

No. 1280699

I have a lot of irrational fears of people looking at me and judging me, and also just generally being attacked or hurt. Basically I'm just afraid of people but I live in a city so they're difficult to avoid. I try to go outside for grocery shopping and necessary errands as early in the morning as possible.

No. 1280700

No just one who's samefagging and talking to itself for hours.

No. 1280707

blaine is the tranny currently spamming and going into ot threads trying to stir the pot in any way he can. he’s a grown man and obsessed with another tranny named elaine and another tranny named erika and the owner of kiwifarms and some dude named kuz. none of it makes any sense and no one knows or cares who these people are but he’s convinced lolcow is out to get him and that farmers are personally involved in his delusions about these people. 99% of that meta thread is him replying to himself.

No. 1280720

Today i stood up to my shitty cousin i've been complaining about on another thread, but i feel like i need to put this here. He's younger than me, draws obese fetish art, is a major faggot and constantly belittled my boyfriend in a chatgroup we're in. He did it for months to everything my boyfriend wrote, no matter bf was proven right almost every time. My cousin is so brainwashed, it's so fucking sad what he's become. From my childhood friend to everything wrong with this world today… with his faggot daddy constantly saying shit. Today i said he's behaving like a dick. It was hard to do that but i just can't anymore. It's over, family is broken because of one fat faggot who ruined my cousin's brain. I hate my cousin and i don't hate many people, i hope he dies of a heart attack from his fetish, i hope they both poison on something, because he's not going to change. He was always easy to manipulate but now in his 20's his brain in set on being a scum forever.
Our family doesn't even know he's gay, it would break my grandma's heart so i can't tell them. But god i wish i could with a link to his gallery full of the most disgusting shit.
I hope i'll never have to see that bastard again, luckily we live far away so the chances are very small, but it's sad that he'll probably makes his sister hate me because she's also easily manipulated and a emotional wreck. I liked her very much.

No. 1280732

Why kill them after they've had their fun? I want them to experience the horror, agony, mortification, and impotence of old age. Nothing is funnier than a moid discovering his dick no longer works.

No. 1280763

Ive been hella sick a couple days. Almost hit 104f fever. On the mend now though. My boyfriend did not catch it but he says maybe he was sick and didnt realize etc. Stays up on phone all night and has awful sleep schedule. Says he is too tired to do things today now says he is getting achey and asking me to take over on some things. But like, I think he just wants attention and isnt actually sick and is tired from his terrible diet and habits. Kinda frustrating, I still did the dishes and cooked real food etc despite illness and when my fever got high he panicked and spent 100 dollars on a delivery of tylenol for me and boxed mac n cheese since I wasnt cooking for him, lol. Among some other stuff anyway. Dude is super sweet but if he is gonna mope and pretend to be sick and expect me to make food and stuff for him I am gonna lose my mind. Imo he would have gotten the same sickness withing the same day or 2 as we both work from home and both went same places past weekend and have not been apart in like, 2 weeks. I think he is just hungry. I will feel bad if he does actually get sick and this isnt a case of man flu.

No. 1280766

It's the only bike shop in a 50 km radius. The only other bike shop is in the next town over. They already got my phone number, name, and know when I'm flying, so I figured they knew and it's strange I haven't gotten any calls yet. I'll take that other anon's advice and call them today though.

No. 1280768

File: 1659033956665.jpg (21.58 KB, 483x483, shite.jpg)

i hate how i don't know how to communicate with my older brother, and i want him to know how much i appreciate all that he's done for me. i talk a lot of shit about moids (for valid reasons) but he gives me hope. he practically became a dad for me, and I didn't even realize it.

>he taught me and my little brother how to ride a bike

>taught me how to drive and helped me pass my driver's license test
>gave me rides everywhere when my mom wouldn't let me go out on my own
>defended me in fights against my mom
>has been the second guardian for my little brother throughout his high school years too
>had emergency alerts for the town I lived in for college so that he always knew if something happened, even when i lived hours away.

the list is so long.. and during the time he took care of us in our parent's messy divorce, he flunked high school despite testing well. it's ok now, he went back to community college, got a degree in electrical engineering, and now makes great money, but I can see that he's sad that he missed out on his 20s.

i love him, but he's so stoic and quiet, idk how to show him how much i love him. i feel so guilty that he had to take care of me. i wish i was the older one.

No. 1280769

File: 1659033997526.png (174.48 KB, 400x400, 83FA43B9-95A0-4B8D-9087-E8A691…)

I’m getting a copper IUD inserted soon and I’m so scared. All I read online is horror stories of wrongful insertions, bacterial infections, women still getting pregnant, and horrible cramps. I hate hormonal birth control and condoms so I feel like this is my only option.

No. 1280772

That's so lovely you are lucky to have a brother like that. My brother bullied me my whole life. Bake him muffins with thank you on them or something like that.

No. 1280778

i really don’t want to freak you out but i highly suggest not getting the copper iud if you hate bc. it still causes the same problems hormonal bc does for so many women.

No. 1280779

I had one and my only complication was heavier cramping/periods. No horror story here. My favorite bc is no bc, 2nd favorite was copper iud.

No. 1280785

Aww this is so sweet, he sounds like an amazing person. I would write a letter expressing your gratitude to him (and have him read it when you're not there) so you don't have to feel awkward being sentimental face to face and a handwritten letter is more heartfelt than just sending a text.

No. 1280786

You hate the feel of condoms more than the pain and hormonal issues of birth control? Nonny the fuck

No. 1280789

NTA but personally I get a yeast infection every time I used a condom and the lubrication would dry up and chafe in my vag. Not a good time. I have an IUD for this reason as well.
To that anon though, the copper IUD is tried and true I hear but it does cause much heavier flow and I've heard cramps get worse too. I've always responded horribly to oral BC but have had good luck over the years with a low hormone IUD.

No. 1280790

this, i really can’t understand it. i’m never taking any form of bc again. i just track my cycle really diligently and check my internal temp and cervical mucus. i straight up just don’t have sex when i’m ovulating or i use a condom and/or (usually and) the pull out method. i don’t think it’ll ever fail me (knock on wood). i wish there were bc that didn’t make me feel destroyed either mentally or physically.

No. 1280791

i was warned against it since I've never had kids, and apparently it hurts like a bitch if that's the case, but I got it anyways..
ngl, worst pain i've experienced in my life, and i've broken my femur. don't wanna scare you, but if you can get your hands on some better painkillers, I'd do it. I also read this article of a woman who actually got sedation! She just asked. https://elemental.medium.com/getting-an-iud-doesnt-have-to-hurt-like-hell-6c45d6089d33

I ended up getting it removed because it gave me chronic BV, despite never having it before.

they for real downplay the pain of insertion. they told me it would only slightly cramp, and then right before insertion, a nurse came up next to me and asked me to squeeze her hand and brace..???

No. 1280793

this is such a huge issue. it’s fucking insane they try to say it’s painless when they’re straight up using pincers on your cervix which makes people scream and cry and vomit lmao. medicine hates women.

No. 1280794

they kNOW the pain can be incredibly terrible and don't offer basic temporary sedation.. like they don't even have to make a prescription, it can be in office use only and they're against it. people want women to experience pain for not having kids

No. 1280799

>Why kill them after they've had their fun?
Because killing deserving moids would be fun for her and make an example of him? Moids can enjoy impotence with their dick sliced in half, they don't deserve to live to old age and expend the earths resources. Men living in geniune fear would make the world better.

No. 1280814

I feel like it's just taken for granted that women naturally are meant to feel pain with anything related to our reproductive system. Because it's painful to menstruate, give birth, breastfeed, often to be pregnant, lose our virginities, it can be painful to have sex.. like no company would ever dream of offering a contraceptive device to men which is something they stick inside their penis and hurts like hell, and they don't even get pain relief for it. While it's taken for granted that women will be willing to suffer

No. 1280816

i hate that all the burden of birth control is on the woman. india was developing a reversible silicone injection for men to block their swimmers. but men can't even take the tiniest responsibility towards being an equal partner. women have to do 100% of the housecare, cooking, and home econ stuff because men have weaponised incompetence, women do 100% of pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding and childcare because men are so careless and retarded they would kill the baby, women still have to work a fulltime job, and we also have to undergo the expense pain burden and risk for birth control. i really hate men, and i hate god for making women's bodies so crap. if i could delete my uterus by magic i would. what's the point of moids, what do they actually do for anyone? all they do is cheat on their wife and shoot up schools.

No. 1280821

this and i'm so fucking mad about it. and hospitals leave women on the floor bleeding out while they run a pregnancy test. no man would suffer that kind of treatment. when i say "i'm not pregnant" i demand to be believed. if i'm ever forced to take another needless fucking pregnancy test again i'm going to lose it and rip their office apart.

No. 1280824

if shes that retarded she deserves to suffer kek

No. 1280842

>it's just taken for granted that women naturally are meant to feel pain with anything related to our reproductive system. Because it's painful to menstruate, give birth, breastfeed, often to be pregnant, lose our virginities, it can be painful to have sex.. like no company would ever dream of offering a contraceptive device to men which is something they stick inside their penis and hurts like hell, and they don't even get pain relief for it. While it's taken for granted that women will be willing to suffer
Nonas may get mad but none of these is not meant to be painful except childbirth. Malnutrition and pollution and hormonal imbalances cause most of this pain. Tribal women pop a squat push it out and are up and walking in an hour, tearing is not normal and due to agitation/stress during labor, teeth/hair falling out and developing diabetes or allergies or incontinence is not normal and just due to shit practices and nutrition.

No. 1280848

no one reply to this post. it’s the schizotranny trying to cause a stir. he’s done this in every thread that has a conversation about pregnancy and menstruation this week. every single time like clockwork using the same exact typing style and “nonas.”

No. 1280851

was thinking the same, don't engage

No. 1280853

Anons, I need a job to buy a car but to have a car I need a job. I hate this. This area has no transit, it's so neglected. I am going to cry I am so fucking frustrated. Every place that is hiring or called me back is so far, 2 hr of bus skipping and hopping just for a job that pays fucking minimum.

No. 1280909

Can you bs you have a car and rent one until you have enough saved up to get one?

No. 1280932

i'm so tired of dealing with my family. it's not that they're the most terrible people, but i'm so tired of never being able to fully feel any privacy or freedom of not having to rely on my mom to drive because we have one car and it's hers. if rent wasn't so high for even a studio, and one allowed pets, i'd move out and get myself a vespa or something so fast. fuck my life, and this hellscape city i live in.

No. 1280994

No. 1281004

I think I’ve genuinely grown out of the majority of my friends. This bitch comes to my new house with expensive ass furniture and spills wine deliberately on my carpet as a funny “joke”. What the actual fuck is this disrespect?

No. 1281011

Read my replies first. I did say that I try very hard to be productive and succeed for a while, and that I've been improving since last year, but that it's very difficult to control my routine due to whatever mental illness I have and that I have mental breakdowns sometimes, such as the one I had today. It's like asking a recovering alcoholic or drug addict to never have a relapse and getting mad that they find it very challenging to avoid it because their brain is like that. Years or decades of being addicted to something or having terrible habits and thought process aren't easy to undo (but not impossible either).
You don't know me or the details of my life and my mental state, or how I ended up like this. You think I'm not aware of how fucking retarded I act? Of how easy it should be to be a normal functional adult? You think it's stupid and I agree, but how does that help? How will more self-loathing help? I have tried so many ways to fix my habits and almost none have worked. Simply telling me that I should be grateful (which I am) and that I should get a job (which I know) isn't helpful at all. And yes, I AM working on getting a job right now because that's the logical thing to do and I want to move out ASAP, and I HAVE worked before so I know what it's like to be an adult with a job and a salary, I just didn't mention it in my posts.

No. 1281036

>Anons, I need a job to buy a car but to have a car I need a job.
Typical north american carbrain-nation problems. Gonna namedrop Not Just Bikes. This is an artifical problem created so an oil baron can get rich off your suffering and poverty. At one point in time every city in America had high quality, affordable public transit, rail, and streetcar. Then oil companies ripped them out so they could sell you a car and drain all your money into their pocket.

Move to a civilized city that offers public transit. Car centric infrastructure is exploitation and class warfare. You deserve better. No European has this problem.

No. 1281039

If anon can't afford a car right now, do you really think she can just afford to move to a new city?

No. 1281048

Sometimes I feel like an alien.

No. 1281050

how is she going to move if she doesn’t have a car, doesn’t have money or a job, and there’s no usable public transit outside of the most major cities in the US? plus outside of major cities there are no bike lanes and it’s impossible to use a bike to travel from city to city—it’s illegal on a lot of roads and you’d get ran over anyway. not everyone lives in a cushy euro city that’s had public transportation and easily accessible bike culture built into its core.

No. 1281053

Schizotranny is here. Report and ignore

No. 1281055

lol sorry i didn’t mean to reply to your post

No. 1281058

Samefag but I have to add
>No European has this problem.
This matters why? If anon isn't from Europe then it doesn't really matter what problems Europeans do or do not have. Unless you're trying to say she should move to Europe, which is even worse than suggesting she move to a new city in her country.

No. 1281063

File: 1659050093529.jpeg (282.85 KB, 1170x1398, 30BDA219-1CE2-45E4-B5B6-782364…)


No. 1281067

Are you from Europe? I think you overestimate the quality of public transportation in a lot of places here and bike paradises like the Netherlands and Copenhagen are certaintly exceptions.

No. 1281073

I hate internet figures. Most of them like 99% are raging narcs with extreme superiority complexes. I get having a superiority complex if you truly have something special about you, but most of them have nothing going on for them. They are both ugly and dumb. They are also absolutely useless to society but they become millionaires off absolutely worthless labor. I wish someone would eradicate all of them. They are absolutely useless to society and yet they feel like their "work" is important. No showing your tits to.men on the internet or doing political pandering has no effect on our society. You're literally more useless than a NEET. Sorry you got bullied as a child you insane narcissistic sociopath

No. 1281075

people with absolutely useless "jobs" get paid a shit ton while people that actually contribute to society are paid like shit.

No. 1281080

Aphex Twin album cover

No. 1281082

Her post was misplaced but I've gotta give her one thing: change starts with awareness. She's not wrong about car dependency increasing poverty.

No. 1281084

somehow even richard d james is more feminine than this guy

No. 1281087

>lashes out when failing to integrate

No. 1281096

>nonnas nonnas nonnas
this strengthens my resolve to only use nonnie/nonny

No. 1281105

I don't think it's only newfags that use nonna. I've been here for years and use nonna.

No. 1281110

So far my doctor says that if I can manage to maintain a better weight through an adjusted diet/increased nutrient intake, we won't have to do any testing. She said she would suspect I was celiac if I had any of the symptoms, but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. I will actually keep an eye out for anything related to my thyroid I hadn't thought of that, thank you nona

No. 1281111

I'm begging of everyone here to stop giving the tranny attention. Came here to post a vent but you all ruined my goddamn vibe

No. 1281115

my eyes just glaze over the bs, be like me kek

No. 1281119

I hate that moids are making lc users so hesitant to say certain things, and also so volatile to call others scrotes. even in female spaces, we really can’t ever stop centering males, huh? I hate men and I’m also very tired of women who respond to bait, I’m very much trying to just report and ignore too. It’s hard, though.

No. 1281120

>> 1281097
all these posts are by the schizo tranny. i exercise caution in replying to anyone nonsensical, aggro, bizarre, non sequitur, etc..

No. 1281121

Sweet jesus you're right, it's just him replying to himself and samefagging at record speeds. I'm actually relieved to realize that farmers are smart enough not to interact.

No. 1281138

I have a painful varicose vein in the back corner of my knee and it hurts like a bitch. I saw a Nona complain of varicose veins earlier and how she's late 20's and it makes her feel 70 so I wanted to share I'm only mid 20's and this thing popped up when I was only 21 so I feel your pain lol

No. 1281139

No. 1281146

I'm not changing my language because of a man, I'm going to continue using this site the way I have been, and everyone else should too. I saw a Nona talking about her veins so I'm adding my venous issues in the mix so we can just carry on with the regular vent thread activities like everyone has been saying to do.

No. 1281222

I feel like my anus is literally going to rip apart if I keep pushing this shit out but it refuses to leave me

No. 1281341

File: 1659060922576.gif (7.6 MB, 498x449, DFB4C842-3296-4F82-B50E-20CEED…)

I’m so fucking tired of being nice to everyone, especially the people who don’t deserve it. I just can’t be mean I fucking hate it.

No. 1281350

Ugh, I'm hungry but I'm so dizzy I want to throw up. Fuck periods.

No. 1281388

this place irrecuperable and I think all good anons have left. The smart oldfags. I posted in Venus thread about how Venus was a victim of a narcissist's abuse and how she was basically sexualized in front of millions of people at the age of 13 by her mom and I got called a schizo pedo troon by multiple anons. This place is beyond irrecuperable.

No. 1281393


No. 1281399

Trying to use the Giggle app but why the fuck does it keep showing me people from Australia and Europe? Do non-Americans really outnumber Americans that much on that app? It also keeps showing me people who I find too young or too old. I just want to find some GC friends who share my hobbies but I guess this app is probably really lacking a userbase.

No. 1281404

>go on walk because it's nice out
>small silver car with moid driving slowly driving behind me, I look directly at the car and he drives ahead of me but stops at a street
>immediately turn around and go down a street it isnt connected to
>walk a convoluted way to get home
>see the same car parked with lights on and he starts to get out of the parking
>panic and go a very back way home
>make it back home without seeing the same car
I could be overly suspicious but I've never had a car slowly drive behind me and recently a mall a few towns over got caught for women's trafficking. Also, fuck the scrote I passed with a large dog not on a collar.

No. 1281430

i’m learning how to drive at age 20 and it’s embarrassing and difficult. i feel like a NEET even though i’m in college and make a little bit of good money. needing someone to chaperone you everywhere makes you feel like an absolute bottomfeeding waste of resources and i feel like slowly easing into it will help some of my recent self loathing issues

No. 1281447

File: 1659066029243.gif (105.63 KB, 220x215, catroomba.gif)

>mfw 21 yo 2 time NEET entering college next month, currently $200 to my name with no drivers license or even a housekey
You're doing better than me kek

No. 1281455

I get no license, but why no housekey?

No. 1281462

Do you think all the rad fem hate under admin Sama was really just the tranny himself arguing with the real user base?

No. 1281480

As far as I can tell this particular tranny has only been coming around a couple months tops so I'm gonna go with "no" but trannies do like to infiltrate shit, don't they?

ObVent: I have a family member who's a 66 year old pickme girl. She lost her husband not so long ago very suddenly and obviously she took this hard although they had a pretty fucked up relationship. But she's latched on to a man hard, he's a very passive sort of guy with his own issues, but she won't leave him alone and has accomodated her entire personality to him. He's a recovering alcoholic (her late husband was an active alcoholic) and she is now obsessed with going to his AA meetings (she is not an alcoholic, some AA meetings welcome outsiders and some don't) and making that her social circle in a way that I think is actually really intrusive towards the people who need to be going to AA, meanwhile she just manages to make everything about her, her, her and how much she is helping people, etc. but it just comes off as narcissistic when it's not her just adopting her man's personality and beliefs as strictly as possible. But she's now letting crazy people sleep over in the house, giving away things, etc. all so she can impress this guy or earn her way into heaven or I don't even know what. It's nuts, to be honest. She's alienating her own family including her adult children for … I don't even know what. Talking to her about this is impossible even if she wasn't with him constantly including having him lurking in the background on speaker if you call her. Pickmeism knows no age or boundaries, anons.

No. 1281491

Interesting. It crossed my brain so I was curious someone else’s take. Thanks anon.

It sounds like she’s trying to fill a void or space where her husband was. Did she have a lot of her own hobbies and stuff before he passed? Or did she build her life around him. It also depends on AA I think some of the religious groups wouldn’t mind but any with Addicts is probably not comfortable with it and sometimes AA is for them too.
It sounds like she needs to take care of someone so she feels put together and like a good person regardless of whether she’s doing it for the right reasons. Hopefully time passes and she chills out

No. 1281519

Hourly reminder to ignore anyone you assume to be the tranny. despite how funny a lot of your replies are

I just had 3 spicy tacos and a bowl of ice-cream with like 1/4 cup cocoa powder dumped on it and now I'm dying, but I regret nothing and it was delicious.

No. 1281522

File: 1659068978763.jpg (31.24 KB, 493x493, dd.jpg)

My male best friend always picks on me for the dumbest shit ever, I sent him a screenshot of my screen and it had a little notification that I was listening to a Kpop mix.
He hates Kpop so he zoomed in on the notification and started talking about how liking Kpop is an ugly habit, how I should stop listening to Kpop because it's mass media, said I should study more on the Frankfurt school and Theodor Adorno because only counter culture is valid.
The thing is: I only listen to Kpop casually, and I'm into other types of music better. I don't talk to him about it, I don't make him listen to it, I know he hates it so I respect it and only do alone, I don't even fangirl anymore, just casually listen to some girl groups.
I wish he were just kidding but he actually belittled the fuck out of me like I'm not educated enough for liking Kpop. He shamed my education , and treated me like I was stupid for liking to occasionally watch a few girls bounce around and sing about some mundane shit.

No. 1281526

File: 1659069104250.jpg (34.46 KB, 540x240, 20220728_232544.jpg)

On a video that had absolutely nothing to do with bathrooms, and no one had brought it up other than someone mentioning bathrooms in a comment. The women who marry these toads absolutely hate themselves. And other women.

No. 1281531

I've thought about it and maybe it has an anatomical reason. Men just need to have a good aim and they will be set, will still make a mess but not much, women have to find a roundabout way to pee without sitting on the toilet (fucking disgusting + std shit) and that usually makes a fucking mess, even if it means laying toilet paper on top of the toilet, or the usual hover above technique.

No. 1281532

Please drop that moid if you weren't planning on it already

No. 1281539

Sorry anon, I couldn't bear to do that shit I would have to rub my thighs with sandpaper to ever feel clean gain. Keep hoverin' on.

No. 1281540

I can't be assed to scroll and read all the shit but who the fuck comes to a vent thread to start shit, get a life

No. 1281545

As a janitor I can confirm the truly horrific toilets are always male public toilets. Urine everywhere, bits of toilet paper all over the floor. Drawings of cocks and phone numbers lining the stalls advertising gay sex, gloryholes drilled into the walls. Some moids get off on trashing public toilets I think, like, sociopathically just peeing over everything.

Women's toilets have graffiti, but only at bars and it's just things like "So and so is a nasty cunt" and "-name- is such a slut-.

No. 1281552

>tfw my little brothers used to miss the toilet and piss on the floor and neighboring heat register so much it would form a crust and boil/bake onto the register in the wintertime
I hate men I hate men did you know that I hate men?

No. 1281556

And now I see why, burnt urine is like one of the worst smell. People complain about burnt hair but, it gets worse when it's pee.

No. 1281559

Op here.
Its not even a matter of competition that pisses me off. This man came into a random comment section looking to shit all over women and rile people up. Imagine how many seething men I would get if I randomly posted about how they love masturbating to their own ball stink. Yet it's always evil gross wimmin like they're 5 year olds. You're God level insecure making such bullshit accusations about women on a random comment thread on yt.
Legit read comments from men on a yt short where they were trying to claim its "common" for women to screw dogs during puberty. Get off fucking fetlife and put your furry sexdoll away and go outside you fat stinking toad.
Also I'm not disagreeing with you.

No. 1281560

idk why moids always say this. they’ve never set foot in womens restrooms but try to argue whenever they can that womens restrooms are secretly worse than mens. like, no.

No. 1281568

so unfair that some e-beggers can get so much shit for free, i wanna make a fake trans gofundme so bad ughh

No. 1281570

I've seen some blown up womens rooms, with the added factor of period blood and pads. But this is only every so often. It feels like male friends are constantly talking about mens rooms being trashed and smeared with shit, so I really doubt it.

No. 1281628


You just reminded me about how my swimming trip got ruined bc some stoners decided to light one up at the damn swim area in the lake. The wind kept catching their smoke and blowing it right in my damn face.
You just cant blaze at home you have to make a point of going to a public area and smoke with nonconsenting adults and children around. Screw potheads.

No. 1281630

We squat and hover for what the next potty patron may never recover. My problem is piss spray on the seat.
If any of you do this, why? Yeah, it's hard to relax your pelvic floor while hovering awkwardly over an unsanitary toilet seat, but for fuck's sake. At least be kind enough to clean up your own pee.

No. 1281634

That's insane to me, it's not like actual firepit smoke. I'm amazed it even impacted you unless they were extremely closeby

No. 1281648


They were several feet away and the smoke was really fucking dank. And it wasn't just one blunt. It was multiple people each smoking their own. You could see the smoke off in the distance. They were standing in the fucking lake doing it. I've smelled weed smoke before but this shit was extra bad.

No. 1281654

File: 1659073944696.png (1.33 MB, 1047x678, Bridgerton.png)

I've been re-watching Bridgerton, I love season 2 so much but I have an inkling feeling that I can't shake that they might cast a troon as Benedicts future love interest in Season 3/4 especially that they made him Queer-coded in season 1.
I really don't want to start seeing a trend where troons start fetishing regency wear and complain that "one" troon wasn't enough representation in the show

No. 1281670

This whole minority thing is basically a pokemon game

No. 1281677

I see this claimed SO OFTEN and I strongly doubt it is true but regardless, where the fuck are these people even seeing such disgusting toilets on a regular basis? Any normal public bathroom is cleaned regularly and is going to be decent because otherwise customers would complain. The only gross ones I ever see are super high traffic and in dodgy areas, but those are the exceptions rather than the rule.

Anyway women claiming our bathrooms are gross is a weirdly specific pickmeism and they must have some sort of sucking-up-to-moids agenda to act like we're filthy when any common sense says we aren't.

No. 1281684

Sitting wasn't the point, the point was to vent about having to avoid pee on the toilet seat in public restrooms. I assume you're accusing me of being the troon?

No. 1281685

I hate summer so fucking much, I feel like I'm forced to be in my house when I'm not working (so force to go out), I can't wear clothes that make me happy and it takes all the motivation out of me. Genuinely being in a heatwave like the one going on right now just makes me want to cry.

No. 1281687

are you from a tinyass town?

No. 1281692

Ma'am. Three separate employers, 2 of them being larger corporations, and there were unminded pads just casually tossed on the floor, shit left in the toilet, blood/pee on the seat. They clean the bathrooms, but it's once every 30 minutes to an hour. When you have that many employees, you can't just keep everything meticulously clean immediately. Especially when there's repeat offenders, and who is honestly going to say something and start shit at work when they walk in behind someone leaving the stall in a state of ruin?
It's gross, but it's a reality. Just feel blessed that you've never encountered it in whatever pristine place you live where people have manners.

No. 1281694

I have had to clean both bathrooms for jobs in the past, and generally any public bathroom regardless of designated gender has a chance of being horrifically disgusting when I go in. I've had to clean shit off the walls in both. I think people expect women to be cleaner, so if they have to clean up a tampon off the floor they think it's somehow worse than a large amount of feces or piss everywhere. In communal bathrooms that aren't open to the public, like employee restrooms, the womens is always cleaner. In the women's bathroom at my workplace, there's always deodorizer and cleaning supplies, but I had to use the men's today and there were literal shitstains on the toilet paper roll.

No. 1281708

You think that's bad, I just read a post in /meta/ talking about the troon and apologized for being disrespectful about pronouns and gender identity or some garbage

No. 1281711

those posts are usually the troon himself defending himself in third person. he's known for doing this even on other imageboards.

No. 1281735

again, why start shit in the fucking vent thread?

No. 1281747

Are all these deleted posts the schizo troon?

No. 1281749

The eternal leftist moid strikes again. There's nothing wrong with still being a bit attached to the media you used to like when you were younger. You can consume "problematic" media while being critical of it. One person actively avoiding the culture industry as much as possible is not going to destroy capitalism. I bet he himself is also guilty of enjoying some shit media.
Tell him that "there's no ethical consumption under capitalism" and that Paul Cockshott uses Windows 10 kek

No. 1281777

i'd say our toilets can be equally disgusting. When i lived in dorms we had public toilets for the building and women's were pretty nasty sometimes. Men's were nasty because the guys thought leaving a shit in the pissing bowl all the time is funny, women's were nasty because the girls were lazy to clean the seat or flush properly or just not bother to wrap used products so they smile at you from the bin.

No. 1281792

I am so tired of everything and everyone. Being in a new city with no real friends to rely upon. Not being able to go out of the house because of social anxiety and then there's my ldr bf with whom things are only going south. I feel the only reason i still talk to him is because I'm afraid of being left alone by everyone. He is like my emotional support to whom i can vent but nowadays it doesn't feel any better. All he wants to do is sext and all i want to do is vent. Like there's no purpose to this relationship and i want to get rid of it but also not ? I'm losing interest in studies and in forming social relationships and spiraling into this mess. I will have to take control over my life ik.Aaa idk what im typing i just wanted to rant somewhere.

No. 1281800

I feel you nona, I'm actually in a scarily similar situation right now.
All I can tell you is don't stay in that ldr just because you're afraid of being alone. The idea of letting go can be scary but it sounds like the relationship is draining you rather than affecting your life positively. For me a great way to get out of the house without actually having to navigate social situations is to just go a park with a book or drawing supplies. It's just a small outing but makes a world of difference compared to sitting in the same room all day. Good luck!

No. 1281824

No. 1281850

I am so scared and lost because I can FEEL myself getting ill-er, mentally, going back to a place I really, really thought I had left for good and it's making me so afraid, I don't want to go back to how I was, I even forgot how I used to feel but it's coming back to me. I am starting, building up to, feeling like that again and I want it to stop. It's interfering with my work and my life, I don't want this at all, I don't know what to do, anons I was going on a good, stable path I don't want to ruin this again

No. 1281870

Be careful and try not to isolate yourself. When I felt something sort of “break” in my brain a few years ago I kind of quarantined myself off and took myself out away from everyone to proverbially die like a sick animal. I thought I was doing what was best but it made it much, much worse than I think it ever could have gotten otherwise. Be around loved ones, communicate with people you trust, avoid socials etc.

No. 1281875

I mean we have an extra bodily function, bins just sitting full of used products all the time and then kids (boys too) tend to use the use the ladies for safety reasons. Pads and kids are the main issues. I don't get mens fascination with finding out what our bathrooms smell like.

No. 1281893

Lol nta but you described are all the things i’m doing right now

No. 1281900




No. 1281901

File: 1659098994621.jpg (150.39 KB, 1495x1151, Tumblr_l_3692464847801393.jpg)

i think i'm losing my best friend to her boyfriend. we've been friends for so long, we've even gotten caught by the police and got through it together. we've done stuff that'll forever be between us and no one else. now she has a boyfriend and unlike me who still puts her above my relationship with a male she makes excuses and lies to me just to spend time with him. it hurts me that she can't just tell me straight to my face that when it came to choose between what she wants (or lies and says she wants) vs. what he wants she chooses him. he didn't want to go somewhere with us so she decided to lie and not go. he doesn't want to be introduced to me so she doesn't make it known to him how much i matter (or not) to her. he was gone abroad for 2 weeks and we met every 2 days just to hang out. now he's back and she flaked on me instantly by lying that she has to go to grandmas.. when she has no car of her own and no one in her family can take her. hmmm. the only person i can talk to about this irl is my mom and my mom just says "i know how much your friendship means to you, but you have to accept that it's not the same for her. she is not like you, she didn't have your privileged life, she didn't learn to make it known when she doesn't like something. accept that you can't change her." and i've suspected things would be like this, but i didn't know it'd hurt so much.
now she isn't responding to me after i texted her "you didn't have to hide from me that you didn't want to meet up, it would've hurt less if you had just said it as it is from the start not waited until the last minute to lie. and if he (after making a logical conclusion) is taking you to your grandmas, you could've just said so. and you could've apologized too.. we planned to meet less than 5 hours after you texted me this, it was so sudden."
i should've never, ever, in my entire life, have made it even SLIGHTLY known to her that i might not like him and not find him the perfect guy she thinks he is. now i lost my chances to meet with her when he's around and he'll be around for a long, long time. i'm scared, i'm alone, i'm worried, i'm yearning of the past and wishing for the future.
why do i have to wear my stupid heart on my sleeve? why does my face give away even the slightest distaste of mine? why do i say what i think? why couldn't i have acted like her and just suffered through my discomfort in silence?

No. 1281902

I'm typically a very solitary person, I didn't even realize, I have been distancing from people, from activities that require me to interact with people apart from work. Thank you anon, I'm sorry about your experience, but you have been a help. I didn't even realize… It's not that I share much with people but sometimes even going out and talking about regular things just makes me feel less lost and like, on the brink of just losing it. I don't want that to happen again, last time, I had become extremely withdrawn too, it's probably a common strategy. This will keep me aware, thank you anon. I wish you well.

No. 1281905

Please don’t. I went full schizoid and it got incredibly bleak. I genuinely do not think it would have been possible for me to sink that pathetically unhinged if it weren’t for isolating myself from those I loved because the thought of them knowing I was sick was too much + the pandemic happening. It was the stupidest thing I could have possible done and all I did was make everything worse than I could’ve possibly imagined at the time.

I think it can be easy to justify isolating yourself by saying you’re doing everyone a favor but you’re genuinely harming yourself if you aren’t in a good or stable place. I swear we lose the ability to communicate, empathize, and process reality when we do that to ourselves at our lows.

No. 1281908

how old are you? I would try and stop lamenting listen to your mom

No. 1281910

I hate this man next to me in the coworking space. He is a typical foreigner, who does not understand how to behave here. He pulled off his shoes (and it smells, I want to vomit), he is consistenly making some kind of movements with his one leg (which is the one next to me) while standing (like doing gymnastics) and he eats a lot of wet or noisy food (like really wet pasta with a sauce, cornflakes with yoghurt or apples) and often does not close his mouth while eating (and he does not even hear that sound because he always wears his headphones). Even now that he finally put his shoes on after hours of just standing there in his socks, it still smells so bad. I cannot even make a lot of noises to annoy him because he always wears headphones or is in Zoom calls (where he wears them too and talks really loudly) and I have to put up with him at least 10 days. Like why could he have not chosen a desk next to someone else, I hate him so much

No. 1281912

I was in your situation years ago and i think i've never had a worse depression episode if my life because of that. I hurt for 2 years but in the end all that was left for me was to accept things will never be like they were before and all that we experienced will be just a memory. People change and people leave and it'll be like that your whole life. By some ridiculous coincidence, when i accepted that and finally started to live my life without the nostalgia for what my friend and i had, they broke up. She thought things will go back to normal with me but i was a different person already, it even felt funny to me that she thought after all the friendship neglect we're still best buddies. Hell no, i didn't deserved that. So she and him got back together and i moved out from our flat to meet new people. We don't really talk anymore, just to wish happy birthday and things like that. Change hurts, but it'll be okay in the end you just need to let go.

No. 1281937

I really wish I had a female friend with the same hobby I have. Everybody I've met within my hobby group is a boomer and while I don't mind being around them and can have pleasant conversations with them, there is only so much I can really talk about with them. The people in my classes all seem to be into basic nerd stuff like video games and anime. I guess it doesn't help that my hobby is pretty niche and not exactly super easy to get into..

No. 1281940

i self harmed for the first time in years and i don't even know why. it feels like so many things are happening and completely out of my control and the fact that i can't pin down a single readon why i did that stupid shit again adds to the stress. i don't know why i did that. i wish i fucking didn't, i really do. now when i undress i see the cuts and it makes me hate myself even more. fucking idiot. now i'm worried about telling my therapist. i was doing so well and now this stupid fucking shit. and for fucking what. stupid.

No. 1281949

I don’t really know how to live with myself knowing that I was a product of rape and that my mom could have lived a more secure life with a way wealthier man if it wasn’t for me. For so long I’ve felt that I wasn’t meant to be here and learning that I was literally an accident enlightened me. I wish abortion wasn’t illegal and inaccessible here. She tried to kill me in the womb with old methods but of course they didn’t work. I wish I never existed.

No. 1281953

What's your hobby nonna?

No. 1281969

Oil painting, focusing on observational paintings of portraits and landscapes. I'm pretty autistic about it so I've spent a lot of time and energy trying to improve and have been entering competitions lately too.

No. 1281976

ooh impressive!

No. 1281982

I did oil painting back in college (artfag, lol), but I was never that good at landscapes. I was waaaay back at portraits and figures. You're probably infinitely better than me at landscapes, so good on ya, anon. And I totally know what you mean about every other person being a boomer. Oil painting, especially plein air, really draws the older artists to it.

No. 1282014

I just want to say I was in the same exact situation for a year and I eventually just stopped talking to her. It hurts a lot and I hope somehow she dumps him and realizes no moid is worth throwing a friendship away. I really can’t get over losing my friend to men, it became all she wanted to talk about. From one guy to the next, each one became her identity for a while until she moved on to another. And each time she latched into a guy she refused to hang out with me because she wanted to keep her schedule open for the guy just in case. She began lying to me every single day about how busy she was when in reality she was just obsessing over boys in her room alone hoping they’d make plans with her. It got to the point where it had been almost a year since I had seen her in person.

I cut her off. I have no interest in being friends with her again. I tried everything I could and nothing worked. I explained how I saw everything to her eventually and she told me I was right, and that she’s trying to “work on it,” but nothing ever changed. It’s left me at a total and complete loss without any women to be friends with IRL. I really need women in my life but so many will bail the second they get a boyfriend, and the ones with boyfriends tend to make them the center of their lives and talk about little else. It is so bleak. I am sick of women making men their reasons to live.

No. 1282016

>I really need women in my life but so many will bail the second they get a boyfriend
Wanna be friends?

No. 1282021

Anon not kratom—

No. 1282024

Maybe if I were younger, but I no longer seek out internet friendships especially from image boards. Sorry anon. But I hope both of us can make plenty of good friends irl.

No. 1282033

19 and yeah, i'm trying, my mom is very wise and she's had this exact same thing happen to her, so i'm trying my best to heed her advice.. i just can't help, but to be so stupid and sad
>>1281912 >>1282014
thank you both, it's bittersweet that other women understand how i feel, i wish we didn't have to feel this way, i wish we could just trust our friends to care about us as much as we care about them. i hope to be wise like you and accept people changing, but i still want to be strong enough to keep putting my female friends above any guy out there. i'm stupid, so i cry over the fact that i always put my girl friends first, like, my motto is "a male best friend is barely as good as a close female acquaintance".
a friend wanting to restart a friendship or saying something like "you are right, i need to work on this" is just like my friend, but the worst part? that's what they say, not what they do. they always do the stupid opposite thing. i feel like an idiot moron, but this is making me cry. why do so many women not love themselves and seek men to be their lifeblood? i want to feel for them, and i do, but it upsets me. jfc, i don't want to cry, but i can't. i'm scared and i love her as a friend so dearly.

No. 1282036

Sending nothing but love to you. I’m sorry anon, I hope at least knowing we’ve felt the same way is of some comfort.

No. 1282045

The guy I am dating is overweight. We started dating originally because we were both posting about our weight loss milestones, but I feel like he's letting himself go now that he feels secure in our relationship.

Except the problem is I'm not gonna be dating low effort dudes who aren't gonna make good choices to take care of themselves.
He's slipping back into typical fatty behaviors.
Buying sweets. Being lazy and ordering full calorie soda and candy deliveries at night. Not wanting to do anything that involves physical effort–I understand not wanting to go outside during high summer heat, but "too tired" for sex after he's been home for several hours after I have worked two jobs and I gotta be always on top? Excessive video games. Neglects his apartment chores. Buys (relatively healthy) processed pre-made groceries but then lets it rot in the fridge or freezer while he orders bad food. Wanting to go out to dinner at high calorie gimmick or carb bomb restaurants because he is addicted. Makes excuses in response to healthy suggestions. Complains about his aching body cause he barely moves around.

I'm especially pissed because his fucking soda habit rubbed off on me for two weeks and I wound up gaining for the first time in a year and three months. Caught myself and stabilzed it, but it's hard not to subconsciously adapt the habits of someone who I spend a lot of my time with. I care about him, but sometimes his choices make me want to bully him. He could be a very handsome guy with a little muscle development but instead he chooses to act like a beta soyboy doughball.

No. 1282050

wow holy shit that’s bad lol. that’s a lot more than just being fat, that’s not caring about anything at all. absolute bare minimum, 0 effort towards anything. his being fat and not losing weight is just a symptom of that. sorry you’re dealing with that, good for you for continuing working on your goals. dump him!

No. 1282063

You know what I'm going to say already.

No. 1282065

I wish I could take your pain away, I’m sorry that you got such a heavy burden over your shoulders.

No. 1282067

Typing with one hand because with the other im still strangling a baby rabbit. I was cutting my bushes and suddenly I see it. I'd already stepped on it.
I want to fucking end mine too. How could this happen. Why
Feeling the panic attack fucking hell why did I do this

No. 1282075

Nonna I'm so sorry. You didn't mean to hurt it, it was an accident and you did the right thing by ending it's suffering.

No. 1282081

This is my biggest fear because i'm such a wimp i don't know if i could be able to end its suffering if i were to accidentally fatally hurt an animal. Panic makes me dissociate, i would run and act in denial and then cry for the rest of my life because the guilt would eat me.

Just know, this is the right thing to do, and you're so brave i'm impressed. I am so sorry life threw this experience at you, but you did the only right thing. Big hug, nonnie.

No. 1282086

Mom just left the house so I’m killing myself now bye nonnies!! It’s been fun lots of you are actually pretty cool

No. 1282090

Thank you, I'm reading here to dissociate right now. Moved to the country side and I'm still a wimp. I hit a rabbit a year ago in the village of all places and learned very quick how to break necks. I'll just have the breakdown in the meantime with some multi tasking. Damn I don't even know what I'm writing I'm so off of it right now. What I'm trying to say, you'll be able to do what needs doing when in the situation. It isn't about your feeling of guilt, it's about their suffering right that moment. It matters more then your brain telling you you're a bad person. No worries, it will keep doing that anyway.

No. 1282104

I believe you, after all i've never been in that situation so perhaps instincts kick in and you think about ending their suffering before anything else. I don't know!

In any case take care nonnie, do something for yourself that you greatly enjoy to soothe yourself, whether it's taking a bath, ordering food, i don't know.

No. 1282110

I wanna bully him rn.

He wants to go out for dinner tomorrow and knows I like sushi as a cheat, and wants to treat me after starting my new job this week. However he likes "sushi" that's fried and has all the fatty toppings like cream cheese and does not like actual raw fish. Bogo is his favorite so he can gorge–tends to eat four 8 piece rolls in a sitting. So he's opposed to most traditional (re: healthier and better quality) restaurants that I like.
He suggested a gimmick "sushi" place that serves burgers. I've tried eating there twice before. The service sucks, it's overpriced, the dining area is loud from all the parents hankering for their california rolls while their kids eat sliders, and the food is as mediocre as a burger-sushi restaurant fucking sounds. Seriously every picture looks unappetizing and depressing. It's a hype trap.

I suggest a really nice sushi restaurant I have not been to yet. That way I can have some quality sashimi, and perhaps some salmon belly nigiri and uni if I should feel so bold.
>"But anon the menu is tiny…"
Lmao, not really but it must seem so to a fatty bomblatty when there aren't several kinds of deep fried carbs to choose from! And maybe the menu is more focused because it's more specialized and better grade?
He's such a typical fat male.

No. 1282113

File: 1659113628104.jpeg (74.37 KB, 1159x894, 7A5C8018-7FC3-4913-8E4F-B62E77…)

AHHHHHHH this homework assignment I’m doing is so painfully stupid and boring that I am struggling to finish it. It’s not even that it’s hard but I just fucking hate it and it feels fucking insulting my professor is making us do it. I fucking hate my dumbass professor SO MUCH.

No. 1282116

Don't feel like it's a necessity either, I'm sorry for making it sound that way. If you can't, you can't and you shouldn't force yourself to. Certain situations will always be a lot to deal with and no-one truly knows how they will handle and even, how they'll cope afterwards. I've now moved on from the ordinary therapist end bosses to the trauma therapists. So close to getting to the last boss.
Yeah, I'm rambling for coping.

No. 1282121

My sister is moving out to live with a moid. I’m begging her not to but she won’t listen. I am so afraid she will be raped or murdered. Can anyone tell me how to talk some sense into her?

No. 1282124

Ask her if she'll enjoy living with a child, because chances are he's not gonna pick up after himself and expect her to.

No. 1282125

Don't bully him, don't even give him attention of any kind. Just dump him and get on with your damn life. You really wanna hang around this fat retard?

No. 1282126

Have her ask about cleaning schedules, responsibilities of who's taking care of what, how good he is at cleaning a kitchen after using it and so on. The novelty wears of real quick.

No. 1282134

That’s a good point. Do you think it would help if I told her I will cut her off if she refuses to move out? I refuse to associate with women who live with scrotes and I don’t think I should make an exception for my sister

No. 1282137

Why am I such an entitled idiot? All the things I criticize about other people is the shit I do myself. Whyyyy have I not realized this earlier, I could have saved my relationship or at least I could have made it less painful for him. Thats all I ever wanted to do and I failed him, as well as my friends.

No. 1282138

I like the meme gimmicky sushi, but nothing beats nigiri and sashimi. It shows how fucking obese he is if he can't even eat the real thing. I'd be embarrassed to be around him.

No. 1282147

samefag and mindelss venting but I feel like I wasn't like this before but I fear that I've always been this shitty. I bent myself backwards to be like others want me just to be liked. But thats also so selfish. I cant make anybody spend time with me, I cant make my ex take me back. I dont have the power to do that and thinking that just means I think of myself too highly. I'm not that strong, I'm not that great. I can only do so much and that's fine. I just hate being lonely so much, I cant bear it. And then I drown myself in mindless noise.

No. 1282150

I want to sell my expensive stuff like my gaming laptop, drawing tablets and ipad before i commit suicide. I don’t want my abusive family members to go through my shit and have fun with it after doing me dirty. It’s such an annoying thought. But i also don’t wanna sell them then have my method not work only to wake up with no electronics

No. 1282151

I started new meds and I’m just so fucking fatigued all the time

No. 1282154

Maybe work on that edginess. The only thing you'll do is alienate her forever. Do you believe she won't go through with it because you set some high standards and ultimatums? The thing you could do is make sure she know who to come to if indeed there's trouble.
Else she'll never come to you if she needs help in the end. It's not how it works.

No. 1282163

None of those things are expensive mommy. Wtf

No. 1282168

They were to me, also “mommy”?

No. 1282169

I suggest you sell them off so you will feel encouraged to kill yourself properly

No. 1282170

I think she meant nonny. Maybe you could send your stuff to a friend and if your method fails you can always get them back

No. 1282176

Anon if you don't kill yourself you can keep enjoying them and so much more. What's wrong?

No. 1282192

I cannot believe you're telling her to kill herself

No. 1282196

Is some type of locker not a better option if it's about keeping it out of the hands of your family?

No. 1282200

never mind I didn't read the suïcide part.

No. 1282202

File: 1659117547557.jpg (121.98 KB, 748x828, swimsuit.jpg)

Just removed two literal plastic sticks from the sides of my swim top. What ASSHOLE manufacturer puts jabby plastic rods at the side of a garment? I've been going on a rampage removing all kinds of annoying things from my clothing from tags to elastic bands. What the hell is wrong with the clothing industry. pic rel

No. 1282203

yes wtf is going on, anon please dont do anything to yourself. please just leave your abusive family, cut contact and maybe go to a friend, i hope that things will turn better for you

No. 1282211

for support?

No. 1282213

I had to phase out a friend who became too emotionally draining for me to spend time with anymore, but it’s been a year and she still reaches out to me. I feel horrible for not responding anymore because I know how mentally unwell she is, but fuck, I have my own problems too. The straw that broke the camel’s back was her getting sucked into the DID and neopronouns trend. Requested that I use every pronoun when talking to her and cycle between them. We met in college and are in our late 20s now, we both finished our degrees, but I started working and she didn’t. I know it’s the best decision for myself, but I wish I didn’t feel so guilty for prioritizing on my own mental health.

No. 1282219

File: 1659118325092.jpeg (18.15 KB, 222x222, 5EBF5586-6DD4-41C7-A293-274EE8…)

I’ve already complained in this thread, but oh my God is it even worth seeking a diagnosis for autism if you already know? I’m receiving so many mixed messages.

>Well you’ve gotten this far, why does it matter now?

>There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just gifted!
>You didn’t already know you were autistic? I’ve known you were autistic for years…
>The number of symptoms that line up isn’t coincidence. You are autistic.
>It’s not worth getting hung up on if you are or aren’t.

As someone who thinks in very binary terms, this gray area is fucking hellish for me. It’s complex because I don’t really have much left to “treat” because I’ve developed coping mechanisms for most things/know my comfort zone, so seeking therapy or treatment doesn’t seem all that productive. I just want to KNOW. But then just wanting to know makes me feel like I’m malingering, like I’m one of those people on TikTok who post videos of themselves shaking around #stimming. But I know I’m not lying, and my dad is very clearly moderately autistic, my legs are fucked up and I walk on my tiptoes, I keep a small soft blanket on my person at all times to rub between my fingers so I don’t get stressed out, I didn’t brush my teeth regularly for 18 years because I hate rough bristle textures, all this weird shit that I am not proud of but it’s true (I brush my teeth regularly now I know I was a disgusting goblin woman)

And it’s not like I will do anything with the diagnosis, because I’m capable of working and too bullheaded and prideful to ask for accommodations even if I might need them. I just want to know and it feels stupid and wrong. Also I don’t feel like I can talk about these issues to the few friends I have without knowing for sure or else it will feel like I am malingering/complaining about something I have no right to complain about.

No. 1282223

I'm sorry anon, this is one of the hardest things I went through as a young adult. You have to move on, because even if they break up, it won't go back to how it was. Most people don't have the capacity for intense, daily friendships AND romantic relationships. Both are draining especially on introverts, who are the ones that tend to make these strong connections with one person like you and your friend did. You are going to make more friends and have new adventures, and you'll meet people as you get older who can balance their friends and their boyfriends fairly. Try not to be angry at her or dwell on it, because you two might be able to have that balance in the future, but not if you resent her.

No. 1282240

It wasn't underwire. It was vertical plastic rods at either side under the armpit. They were extremely uncomfortable. Two snippies and they're gone. Also took the pads out. I'm ordering a better sewing kit and seam ripper and will go at my entire wardrobe removing dumb things and making alterations.
It was a brittle plastic type too. Imagine breaking those and the sharp plastic fragments jabbing you in the armpit. I feel so good now.

No. 1282244

I need to leave my live in bf but I don’t have any koney

No. 1282247

most diagnoses are just social categories that make communication and insurance a lot easier to deal with. most autistic people are normal and just kinda sensitive in one way or another with specific passions, sometimes anxiety. don’t fall for the nocebo effect or let yourself be defined by any diagnosis or lack of diagnosis. with or without the diagnosis, you are the same exact person. so it really, seriously doesn’t matter. there’s nothing about you that needs to be validated by a label because that label is made up in the first place and solely used to identify patterns and such, there’s no biological markers for high functioning autism. even different psychiatrists will disagree on if you’re autistic or not. i’ve had plenty of psychiatrists say i’m an obvious case and plenty say i’m just socially anxious and have weird interests. i know you hate grey areas, but psychiatry itself is one huge grey blob. there’s no real science to the diagnostic process.

with that said, if you are in school or struggle to work it would be worth seeking a diagnosis. getting a diagnosis young helped me a lot in school because i was allowed to work from home most of the time and was able to leave classes if i needed to. it’s not of much use as an adult though outside of seeking disability which may or may not be something you want (very hard to get for just autism without a full psych eval anyway). if you have family that struggles to take you seriously or dismisses your concerns as “just not trying hard enough” or “just being difficult” and so on, a diagnosis would also be useful in dealing with them, as it’d be a way of legitimizing your problems in their eyes because an authority figure is involved. you could also find a community with other autistic people if that’s something you’re interested in.

i wish you luck regardless of what you decide to do! for what it’s worth i think you’d be considered autistic, but a lot of psychiatrists are hesitant to even consider women are autistic. women mask a lot and develop all sorts of ways to fit in more and repress the issues, so that doesn’t make the psychiatrist any more willing to see us as people with real problems.

No. 1282248

Yeah, for support. It's called side wire

No. 1282265

You really bought the lie that a side wire is for support? It’s to push your boobs together/forward, there’s nothing supportive about that alone.

No. 1282266

i thought it was to keep the sides of the garment from rolling?

No. 1282273

File: 1659121140717.jpg (27.55 KB, 275x275, 1578842424256.jpg)

I'm so tired of being called "strong", I swear it's the only compliment I ever get anymore, from my coworkers, my mom, my ex during and after our breakup, etc. I know I'm fucking strong, you think I don't know I'm fucking strong??? I am nothing but carapace where a human woman used to be. And I'm tired of it. I want to turn into a puddle of goo.

No. 1282274

Who cares if they roll? I don't want to be constantly stabbed in the sides to keep the swimsuit flat. There are other things they could have used rather than a plastic rod. Such as cushy gel, better seams and cutting, or thicker material. A plastic rod has no place in my clothing. I want to wear clothes that are human-shaped, thanks.

No. 1282283

why are you so mad like I said side wire is necessary? lol I was just letting you know why there in there.

and it's mainly for fatties who feel insecure about their side fat spilling out on the sides

No. 1282287

File: 1659121742913.jpg (47.89 KB, 656x656, e4aa80d944ccd714c9c027a2689ec2…)

So, I made an account on this app my friends often talk about. I've been having fun, but today something weird happened. I found this guy, who also has a newly made account, he also had a pfp of an anime I like, so I greeted him. He was chill with me but replied too slow, so I ended up answering his message on the next morning. I opened the app again today and found that he sent another message, but when I tried to open it, it appears he deleted his whole account. Was it my fault? Did I do something wrong? I thought we were good.

No. 1282304

Was it just some random guy you don't know irl? People delete their accounts of apps like discord and such all the time, it definitely wasn't because of you.

No. 1282306

I'm exactly the same nonnie, I've shown signs of autism ever since childhood and my parents have even admitted that medical professionals suggested that I might have it, but they never carried on with the procedures to get an official diagnosis. I often wonder how different my life would be if I received appropriate support instead of always feeling othered and like a freak for having these traits that affect my everyday life. Now I'm an adult and after years of struggling I have a degree and a job and live on my own so I don't know what benefits I would get from the confirmation since it doesn't matter anymore. My chronic depression and nonexistent self-esteem will be with me for life because they were installed in me during my formative years and it will forever hinder my social life and skills even further than they would be without being a sped. It's tough anon, just know that autism is horribly undiagnosed in women and the average age for female patients to be diagnosed is nearly 30 so you're definitely not alone.

No. 1282314

I hate how many youtubers have started to randomly insert anti-JK Rowling sentiments into completely unrelated videos. I clicked this video to see new cool metroidvanias not to hear a scrotehead whine about women defending themselves. I have stopped watching at least 4 youtubers because of this in like a week. They're not even political channels so what the hell?

No. 1282321

Same, any time I hear even one second of anti-JKR nonsense, I unfollow or unsubscribe. I hate people who can’t think for themselves.

No. 1282323

oh shit, that makes sense. damned fatties ruining our clothes.
i'm mad at the plastic rod, not your comment

No. 1282325

JKR hate is the new orange man bad

No. 1282327

She actually earned it, is dumb and doesn't troll people for laughs.
Orange man bad but also he based lol.

No. 1282340

Pretty much, except JKR is actually based and correct (ignoring all troon bait)

No. 1282345

I wish I had a close irl friend to share my hobby with and go to concerts with.

No. 1282366

>be me, an anachan
>have seizures because i’m an anachan
>recently have a seizure after getting off of medication a few months ago
>my parents force me to go to a doctors office with them to discuss said behavior
>i go in
>they’re sitting with me and looking at me in disgust while i’m describing my regular plans
>they look at me like i’m dead when i tell them what my lowest weight was
>”doctor” (hospital nurse) begins to get very dramatic
>i bet you’re below the bare minimum of malnutrition
>i bet calcium is leaching from your bones
>starts using further ridiculous hyperbolic rhetoric in an attempt to scare my parents
>ok kek
>she orders blood work
>I go in and get it done
>2 hours later my blood work results come back
>normal levels for just about every single vitamin they tested for
>except vitamin b12, which would explain the seizures
>theoretically speaking, if i threw steak into my omad i could continue doing what i’m doing, be perfectly healthy, and stop having seizures
>my parents realize this
>realize they were also wrong about me being “malnourished”
>instead of being proud of themselves for rearing a strong, virile child who’s still not only genetically healthy but also has basically untouched brain matter despite the extreme restrictive conditions, this seems to disappoint them more
>don’t care though at least now i have an excuse to do more red meat mono
>L + look at my amazing blood work up + cope

No. 1282371

I've yet to see any UK troons claim they're gonna move out of the country. I wish they fucking would.

No. 1282377

Nonnie in all kindness, grow up and let your parents have a rest from your shit

No. 1282379

Thankfully now they’ll be able to forget about my shit in good conscience, because I’m not malnourished or ill at all!

No. 1282395

Why are you admitting you're anachan and calling yourself strong and healthy

No. 1282420

How can they survive without that cushy NHS healthcare? Kek they bitch about terf island but it gives them so much.

No. 1282424

My blood work proved I’m not deficient in any vitamins, minerals, or proteins, I also have normal blood pressure/blood sugar and my EKG looked normal according to the male nurse who did it. I’m just diagnosed “anorexic” because of how I described my daily regimen, and because I’m underweight - but I’m not unhealthy by any means and all my lab work backs that up.

No. 1282428

I just need to vent about our dog. I fucking hate our family 3 month old puppy tonight. Not usually but yes tonight. I am drained, absolutely drained from work and she just wouldn't let me do anything this afternoon. Parents left for an event so I'm dogsitting which I usually wouldn't mind but she just wouldn't stop whining for hours, I played with her, trained her, gave her food. She would still go to the door to cry and chew on the door frame which she know she shouldn't do. I desperately needed to study but she just wouldn't go to sleep. She'd cry, cry and cry. Does she fucking hate me or something? Why would she cry the whole time with me? Just the sound of that makes me feel anxious as fuck (I bet you it's probably firing off some worry pathways in my brain because it's a child animal distress cry). I didn't learn shit. She also bites so much, my hands are always scratched. I just want to pet my fucking dog. She bites instead of licking, she welcomes by biting, plays by biting. She'll grow out of it but I just miss how our previous dog was sweet since it was little. She also has puppy anger tantrums which I can manage but it's so tiring. Just calm the fuck down bruh.
She's gonna get professionally trained in around two months but I'm gonna die since than. She's such a difficult puppy. If children are even worse, I'm never having children, this is hell. I actually started crying when she wouldn't even let me brush my teeth in peace and I found out she chewed on my (thankfully old) invisalign. Why are you so fucking dumb. She jumps off high places if we look away just for a moment, last time she'd cry like she's dying when she did it, she'd try to actually eat any plastic she can find. Why?? She's much dumber than our last dog, if we take her off the leash she'll run away. She bites when we lift her up even though we follow the professional advice. I'm just tired.

No. 1282434

>chew on the door frame
>She bites instead of licking
>she chewed on my (thankfully old) invisalign
>she'd try to actually eat any plastic she can find
Sounds like she's teething
>which she know she shouldn't do
>Why are you so fucking dumb
It's literally a baby animal dude

No. 1282435

I literally said I just need to vent. I fucking know she's gonna get better but she's 10000 times more difficult than any puppy we had before

No. 1282437

Thats puppyhood, always have a chew on you to distract. If you wanna pet her, hold a chew with one hand and pet her with the other.

No. 1282439

I dont want to masturbate I want to have sex but moids are dirty scum. I dont want to text him he's probalby got a disease now even thoguh we can use condoms I can still get the monkeypox why are moids so disgusting

No. 1282452

What factory farming is doing to the people of America

No. 1282453

I usually only drink almond milk, but I ran out so I made coffee with regular milk had to make coffee to mask the milk so I wouldn't get grossed out and hoooly shit it's fucking me up so bad. I'm gonna need to hold Jesus' hand on the toilet.

No. 1282454

>has seizures
>"I'm healthy!"
Hm, no. Healthy people do not have seizures just because they get a little low on their b12. Start being honest with yourself.

No. 1282460

he who shall not be named reminded me of my ex who would pretend to have a personality disorder and be different "selves" to talk to me and I was like 14 at the time so I believed him until he pretended to be his own friend and slipped up his own lore for his larping. I feel stupid as fuck for believing it but again I was a dumb and lonely kid
that's a whole can of worms for another day in the relationship thread kek

No. 1282465

> instead of being proud of themselves for rearing a strong, virile child who’s still not only genetically healthy but also has basically untouched brain matter despite the extreme restrictive conditions
I feel bad for your parents because they’re going to deal with absolute hell when you’re old enough to sign yourself out of treatment.

No. 1282472

Reposted >>1282453 . I'm just lactose intolerant.

No. 1282473

I’m so tired of having my body. Hair going white, shedding too much, irregular heat beat, weird pains along my legs. Bad teeth. Bas eyesight. Get dizzy when I stand up. Along with my genetics, I’m to blame for this. I restricted food when I was a teen, and had horrible diets. I remember restricting so much that when I let go I gained straight up 14 lbs. I just started eating like a normal human being a few months ago. I’m low on my vitamins and minerals, and I started freaking out because my dentist told me that my teeth are translucent and they will go rotten if I’m careless. Take care of what? But I wash them everyday. And I quit sugar a month and a half ago. And I’m quitting coffee and tea now. But I want pistachio ice cream so bad nonnies. Or peanut butter ice cream. Funny thing is I don’t love ice cream that much; last one I ate was last year or something. But now I keep lookong at pictures of ice cream. Korean ice cream factories. Turkish ice cream. Baklava with a big ball of ice-cold ice cream, pistachio or vanilla. I wish I was one of those people who had shit diets but good health. At least they can eat ice cream every now and then.

No. 1282477

File: 1659132298384.jpeg (32.29 KB, 554x554, CB2CC11F-3D28-4EF5-914D-E0D896…)

There are so many typos but I don’t care I just keep thinking about double chocolate ice cream. The thick, fudgey, decadent kind. Not the weak and cowardly LARPing as chocolate kind

No. 1282481

this looks like a turd

No. 1282489

I don’t care I will still gobble it down

No. 1282492

Actually b12 deficiency does cause seizures, the neurologist I spoke with confirmed this. And perfectly healthy people can have seizures, and stop having them.

No. 1282497


No unfortunately it was real haha. We met in highschool and we were both going through stuff at home, and I stupidly believed his larping that he kept building up to. It makes me sad that I believed that and a lot of his other lies for a long time, I was a stupid, young, sad teen. I can laugh at it now, but makes me sad that such a stupid scrote got into my head like that.

No. 1282498

I’m not going into treatment because I’m not unhealthy enough/enough of a “danger” to myself to be forced in kek. W

No. 1282501

also samefag but who said “a little low” I said the only thing I was pointedly deficient in (as in below the low end of the normal spectrum) was b12, which is what caused seizures. Everything else is normal.

No. 1282538

File: 1659135330329.jpg (23.72 KB, 436x564, 024e42ad87d01a7bc6c94734e44271…)

I just started my period and a cold apparently.

No. 1282540

This might not be the place for this but not sure where else to put it but I've been noticing in different threads certain comments getting deleted long after being posted so I'm assuming those are the ones made by he who shall not be named. Last night in this thread he posted pretending to be a woman complaining about trans people getting special treatment for being a minority and then left replies that both agreed and disagreed, now those posts are gone. He also posted a vent pretending to be a woman complaining about her little brother splashing piss on a heat register, now that's gone too. He literally is just trying to start conversations by pretending to be a woman complaining about men and trans people. Another random detail is he seems to absolutely hate Jordan Peterson, I guess because he considers him transphobic, I've seen at least 3 Jordan hating replies be deleted in the reddit hate thread and the attractive men/unconventional men threads on /g/. So just a tidbit for anyone suspicious about certain replies, remember if you see one that you suspect is him report and ignore because he wants attention of any kind and maybe if he's clockable and unintegrated enough he'll fuck off. Sorry for bringing him up now I just wanted to share what I've picked up on about his posting style. He also seems to really like the term "shit or get off the pot." I've seen it in about 4 deleted posts now, and yes I spend too much time here.

No. 1282544

File: 1659135518437.gif (966.65 KB, 498x241, lion-king-scar.gif)

>I just wanted to share what I've picked up on about his posting style.

No. 1282547

You're right. I'm pretty sure he's replying now, too. Whenever you see a swarm of spergy posts that feel "off" somehow, it's very likely it's him. Best to ignore him and hope he fucks off back to his home site or whatever.

No. 1282549

Nonny take it to /meta/. At this point if you bring it up itt basically summons him.

No. 1282557

No I mean ones that have been up over the 30 minute cut off, I've been here since the Felice Fawn era.

Sorry should I delete and post it on meta? I was reading the complaints thread and everyone was saying to not post him there anymore so I didn't want to get red texted. But I'm pretty sure he just hangs out on the lolcow.farm homepage and tries to reply to anything, he was even in the Alice Llani thread the other day.

No. 1282563

I know what you're talking about anon. Sometimes I see I replied to a now deleted comment and wondered if I accidentally replied to him and hate myself kek. I thought mod deletes them later because it's hard to ban him

No. 1282564

Oh that Blaine, everywhere and nowhere all at once. Always watching, always waiting, looking for the best time to be annoying.

No. 1282569

At this point he's already reading this, so it's better to report what you feel is off and ignore him.

No. 1282589

File: 1659137089211.jpg (166.65 KB, 1282x1252, FYTHJomUEAAfVEI.jpg)

I should just go on with my own life because it's their's, and not mine, but I just found out my dad, who I was repairing my relationship with, apparently had cheated on my mom for years. They're in what I thought was an agreed open relationship and obviously mostly just together for mostly my brother, and me, and it's felt kinda weird and I was always in the mindset that my mom was kind of uncomfortable with it all but it was fine. Guess not, my brother thought I knew, told me about how he found old blog posts by our mom talking about how she had no idea what to do finding out my dad had been cheating and was scared for our sake and how it was gonna affect us so they just started an 'open relationship' and he basically lives/spends all his time with his girlfriend who's also like, 30-something vs his 54.

Shit just sucks. My dad tries to be really good to me too, I don't want to hate him for this, and I was becoming happy with how it seemed like my family bonds were becoming good again.

No. 1282627

i was talking to my friend and brought up sexuality. i told her i think im bisexual. she immediately changed the conversation. i feel so foolish. i dont like her like that either.

No. 1282630

File: 1659138330441.png (375.5 KB, 693x350, 178091.png)

me too. wish i had a lifting buddy

No. 1282648

File: 1659138956654.jpeg (20.01 KB, 433x452, 9015DA6A-73AF-4471-A3DB-59F7E3…)

It’s nearly impossible to have any fun on /ot/ because the tranny keeps posting and fucking shit up. Sigh

No. 1282656

my boyfriend got a mullet and he looks so trashy now but there's no way to even fix this. he says it's "modern" but it's just not. he looks like a crack dealer in a sleezy club in miami. i can't believe i have to be seen in public with him

it should be illegal for men to get haircuts without a woman's supervision

No. 1282664

Are you dating a twitter comedian and/or e-boy? What modern non-internet man would even consider a mullet aside from hicks and, like you said, crack dealers.

No. 1282666

Shave it in his sleep.
I had a bowlcut warrior ex with slav bangs that I'd gently try to guide but he didn't get it. Moids are absolute retards

No. 1282669

File: 1659139463981.png (2.34 MB, 1086x833, Welcome-to-Hell.png)

Deus ea absente

No. 1282670

I can't imagine going into manosphere shitholes to insert myself into every conversation for any ounce of attention. If I ever got that pathetic I would neck myself kek.

No. 1282676

lol thankfully my bf has never gotten a gay hipster mullet but i feel so offended every time he gets a haircut. i’m starting to genuinely resent the person who cuts his hair. i cut his hair myself for a long time but now he has a family friend he wants to pay to do it because “he needs the money”

No. 1282682

I crafted my own birdhouse, people praised it and enjoyed the art but then they found out who made it and suddenly they said it was awful and the worst thing ever.
Objective people need to speak up more.

No. 1282683

>bowlcut warrior ex with slav bangs
jesus christ anon I would dump a moid simply based on this

No. 1282688

I think this is the solution. I already cut my own hair and my bf is a cheapskate. If I sell him on the savings I can do his hair myself and prevent further sleeze-ening.
he's a completely normal guy. i just dont get it. he started out with a basic short cut like every white guy has and then i convinced him to grow it out. but it got too long so his solution was apparently a mullet.

No. 1282763

File: 1659141980644.png (1.09 MB, 749x748, 1652854499250.png)

my coworker said my legal given name would be "a great name for a transwoman". he meant this as a compliment. it made me completely sick to my fucking core. for context, i share a name with a certain mythological creature. i hesitate to write more than that because it's a very rare name and im paranoid of someone knowing i wrote this. but i have to tell SOMEONE because i cant tell ANYONE irl!!!

No. 1282765

prayers for you and your bang and bowlcut induced PTSD, this is deeply disturbing

No. 1282766

oh my fucking god, can you report him to HR or something?

No. 1282767

I can guess with 99% cetainty what your name is based on the mythological creature part kek

No. 1282769

he's going to troon out and skinwalk you nonnie. i'm so sorry

No. 1282771

….are you absolutely sure that was meant as a compliment?

No. 1282773

100% certain he must be a tranny in the closet

No. 1282775

More likely it's bait.

No. 1282782

thanks nonnas it feels good to let it out and you're all making me laugh. also to anon pls no namedox uwu ive been thru enough

he's a total appears so i think he was trying to…impress me with how super woke he is? but if trans women are just on his mind like that for no reason he's definitely liable to go full troid soon…

No. 1282784

samefag, meant "woketard" not "appears" wtf autocorrect

No. 1282786

>post my stupid crush on an ugly famous dude in the unconventional male attractions thread
>surely there have to be some anons who feel the same considering current threadpic
>one reply about how he's a shitty person
Okay fine, I WILL be killing myself.
jk but god it's still a little embarrassing kekkkkkk kill me

No. 1282796

>I feel bad for your parents for raising a daughter who talks exactly like a man does.
There’s nothing “mannish” about working with two other women whose adult daughters are brain-fried anas, and hearing about how difficult it is to attempt helping them.

No. 1282802

you meant to post a picture of green tea ice cream

No. 1282804

>watch video where they show a clip of a man who seems very kind and has a cute voice
>"wow this guy is hot as fuck, maybe I'll post him in the unconventionally attractive men thread… but I'm afraid that if I do that, I'll later find out that he's a child rapist or something fucked up like that"
>immediately after thinking this, he's revealed in the video to be a pedophile who fantasized about raping, killing and eating kids
ngl I laughed out loud at the timing but I hate when I'm unknowingly attracted to pedos, rapists or groomers.

No. 1282814

My mom had a hissy fit I wouldn't agree with her on women (celebrities, professional sports, actresses high and low profile, etc.) she determines are actually "male" based on her insane criteria (hands too "big", no "waist", you get the idea) . She does the same for males too but spergs about women more. I didn't engage and that pissed her off. Thankfully my dad was around to keep her from getting too nasty. I thought she was done doing this shit around me but nope. Forgot how draining it is. I hope she stfu and leaves me alone.

No. 1282857

What the fuck those people actually exist and they’re not trolling?

No. 1282859

Who was this?

No. 1282862

my sis got covid n idk why shes getting so sensitive with basic guidelines, i don't want to catch it n all im asking is for her to use her mask if we're going to watch the tv together and keep the door open so we get the air flowing and yet shes acting as if i dont want to spend time with her like?? im trying to be as accommodating as possible while still taking care of myself wtf…

No. 1282865

getting covid sucks. she needs to stay in her room unless she wants everyone else to be miserable