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No. 1273636

Let's go sinners.


No. 1273642

Farted so big it rolled up in my cooch and it made my day

No. 1273647

I've never gotten sunburn before

No. 1273679

Inside actually? I've only had it graze the outside.

No. 1273721

I lowkey like being manipulated. I like it when my boyfriend uses racist alarmist talk and tells me our relationship keeps me safe. Idk why

No. 1273733

File: 1658555455806.jpg (60.67 KB, 831x638, green-day-point-copy-250327117…)

i know what it must feel like to be a 30 something pop punk singer because i am in between my 20s and that, i miss having almost no responsibilities in my teens. i want to go all out now, get piercings and tattoos, and party and recklessly follow my heart and not give a fuck, because i never got to do that. if you stay in college or become a popular band, that stage can go on for longer. kek

No. 1273755

I’ve been obsessed with computer networking since seeing digimon as a small child and as an adult I make a lot of money because of it

No. 1273761

teach me how to make money i hate customer service

No. 1273767

I’m hoping I don’t bleed through my pad, the flaps glued to itself and not on my underwear so I had to stick it as hard as I can and I’m going to feel uncomfortable and not secure all night. Feelsbad

No. 1273786

File: 1658558631860.jpg (68.88 KB, 640x463, 1658145806259.jpg)

I can read the most embarrassing or crazy post on lolcor without flinching but this type of shit makes me cringe to my core. You disgut me and I hope this is a moid's bait.

No. 1273847

You actually had responsibilities in your teens you just didn’t have a brain that was fully developed to comprehend them.

No. 1273856

You should play his game and fuel his extremist beliefs, and one up his rhetoric off hand so it takes him longer to fall asleep next to you.

No. 1273861

i know why, its cuz you hate yourself and internalized dumbass misogyny

No. 1273862

nta but all the responsibilities of teenage years dont mean much and are super easy to avoid. i somehow graduated hs despite failing most classes and barely showing up, i was nocturnal, didnt gaf about anything. cant do that no more… effort is required now

No. 1273985

I have an online business and some of my customers are TIMs and they don't know I donate some of my earnings to organisations for women's rights (only the trans exclusionary). Since I can't be open in public about my views without possibly losing everything I worked so hard for this is a way I can have my revenge. It is in fact a motivation for me to work harder and earn more money.
Cope, seethe, dilate.

No. 1274234

I did stuff with twiggy ramirez one weird night and it made me realize how much I'm not into men

No. 1274252

I don't think the abortion ban is the end of the world as everyone is making it out to be

No. 1274254

Well, he's ugly so

No. 1274259

it's not the end of the world it's just a reversal of women's rights, no biggie

No. 1274328

>>1274254 yeah but it was more the fact that he came a bunch of times and i only came once, men are trash and selfish as hell

No. 1274334

you're really going all out with the bait today, aren't you?

No. 1274338

There have been times where I've considered e-begging especially when I was in the red a couple of times(I'm fine now) but I can't get over the intense amount of shame that comes with begging for money and my stubbornness when it comes to asking people for help

No. 1274362

based starlight making your gross gramps a paypiggy, what a fucking creep

No. 1274375

Sorry I reposted in the vent thread Nona. He's very gross

No. 1274381

My boyfriend's signature makes me dripping wet. I don't know how to explain it, it's just so hot. The way he writes his name, it's… So mature, classy, gallant, dignified… His signature is amazing… I keep looking at the picture he sent me of a document he signed.

No. 1274385

np ill open a tab to call him gross there too, im channeling bad vibes and he will suffer

No. 1274576

who. is this one of those "i totally fucked a celebrity guize" posts

No. 1274627

post pic

No. 1274646

>Was diagnosed as a ftm by mental health councillor
>It kinda felt right, kinda didnt
>Got into the T community, like many other ftm, get treated as shit by mtf
>Found this site and a few others
>found the mtf thread and realised the hate I got was because these mtf hate im a bio woman, got peaked
>Am now dedicating myself to becoming the woman they will never be and am more comfortable in my body than ever before
Seriously would like to thank those nonna's who open my eyes here!

No. 1274661

judging by the other reply its already working, nonnie

No. 1274665

Based, love you nona

No. 1274668

I still barely understand where my urethra is. I'm 30.
And clearly how to speak English too kek

No. 1274669

Thank you nonna's. I see on meta there's an angry troon on the rampage and he's clearly here so I will ignore and carry on.

No. 1274681

>Complaining about a confession on the confessions thread, acting like they are mod
>Calls them the "newfag"

Top fucking kek

No. 1274684

dont respond to the tranny, read the whole thread next time

No. 1274690

Are you talking about the post just below yours too? Because they sound like a schitzo.

No. 1274692

it's a tranny with 20 lolcow tabs open posting nonsense in each thread just to get replies, this will be my only post about it, just ignore him
>act retarded and make no sense, get called out on it for the 100th time
>i was trolling, heh, glad you get it ;)

No. 1274712

File: 1658613736125.jpeg (38.25 KB, 464x270, 1650295932498.jpeg)

I love learning about the occult and religious myths related shit. It's entertaining, and it's interesting to see the many similarities between beliefs coming from civilisations that were sometimes not directly in contact unless it was for commerce. I hate religions as they currently are practiced though, and I don't believe in any of that shit to begin with. I think if I were a writer I would just write fantasy stories just to put a bunch of references in my works, I think it's because I grew up on 90s shojo manga full of that kind of stuff and Harry Potter, idk, I guess CLAMP, Kaori Yuki and Atlus fried my brain.

No. 1274716

File: 1658613967720.jpg (30.28 KB, 1080x726, 1594594974549.jpg)

I hate answering mails and messages, even if it's just a few sentences, and usually procrastinate it to a ridiculous extend, causing completely preventable problems. I don't know why and at this point, it feels like irreparable brain damage.

No. 1274718

me too. i think the seen feature destroyed my ability to look at messages, it makes me feel embarrassed and almost humiliated to open them sometimes, idk

No. 1274721

Get a job you depressing loser.

No. 1274843

You can turn that off you know? or wait to open them until you're ready.

No. 1274846

i meant that even on platforms with no seen feature i get anxious because almost all platforms have it now and it cant be disabled easily. anyway the damage has been done and i just have to get over it

No. 1274867

I don't exactly procrastinate or cause issues but every time I check my phone and there's no notifications, I feel relieved. No news is good news and I guess I don't like my friends as much as I should because I don't enjoy casually messaging them at all. It just feels like I'm getting interrupted constantly.

Love checking my emails though, I only get emails about important and interesting things pertaining to my finances etc.

No. 1274885

You anons sound normal to me. It's completely new for humans to have lightning fast connections to everyone we know along with anyone in the world at our fingertips. Now there's an almost neurotic expectation for you to reply right away, but I like to live my life and make them wait. If you get people around you used to it then they shouldn't give you trouble unless they're assholes. This is why media breaks are important. It's not always possible though nowadays with fucking everything being done online including work and school. I do think this speeding up of society is to blame for at least some of our increased anxiety and burnout, as well as isolation ironically enough

No. 1274989

i must have so much brain damage i might qualify to be a high functioning retard. i hope you would not know from talking to me. i speak 3 languages, only 1 is my mother tongue. i take care of my hair, skin, clothes, take vitamins, exercise, shave, floss, use perfume etc. but i forgot nearly all high school level knowledge of geography, history, and math. my memory is so trash i forget everybody's name, location names i have been to, things my mother and boyfriend has said, stuff i bought and put away in my room. and yet i want to have a bachelor's degree or even a master's. my parents think i can do the bachelors but they base that off of what? i have to literally sit down and think about what i did just last week. any other secretly dumb nonnies struggling? please respond with kindness.

No. 1274995

You're completely fine. It's all about perseverance for academia.
Many successful people are idiots, I've worked in high government offices in my state and got into an argument with a guy a decade older and with 2 degrees over the fact that our scheduling system referenced 2.75 hours. He believed this meant 2 hours and 75 minutes, not 2 hours and 45 minutes.

No. 1274997

It is so difficult to attract men and women
They are both pieces of narcissistic shits
Soon you pay them any attention they are confident enough to head over to a better potential. It’s just a game for humans. But I’m playing it wrong too. I’m too humble (bumble). I should also do the whole hard to get thing.

No. 1274999

I just read the first volume of golden kamuy and am already hooked, this one is gonna hurt

No. 1275002

The funniest thing is when you stop trying and then suddenly they put in some half assed effort. Then if you accept and go back to being caring they go back to being lazy and thinking they're too good for you.

No. 1275010

i have the most unique and refined taste in literally every thing ever and nobody gets me!!!

No. 1275024

nta but so true. we must be selfish enough to care more about what we are going to do when the social interaction is over. egoistic games.

No. 1275048

Recommend me something anon

No. 1275051

i tend to make fun of uggos, especially moids, but only if they’re shitty people. i feel pretty protective of ugly women who are genuinely nice and i fucking hate men who treat them worse because of their looks

No. 1275076

lmao i slept with a scrote with a microdick for a while and when he was looking up some movie for us to watch i saw on his phone he was texting a girl, then opening and closing tinder. later on he ended up crying because i would not date him after that.

No. 1275079

Why were you even with him to begin with if he had a micropeen?
How small was it?

No. 1275108

I watched a video of penguinz0 on the verge of crying and it turned me on. I hated him but now I'm confused because he looked really cute tearing up. Or maybe I just hate his pretentious internet persona, if it is a persona. I hate all men I'm attracted to anyway.

No. 1275111

it was as long as my middle finger when hard. my fingers are not long lol. he was cuddly and chill and we hated normies together. he brought and made me nice food. but he was way too coombrained in the end.

No. 1275112

File: 1658642569750.jpg (29.93 KB, 407x407, thirsty-dashes-flax-doormat.jp…)

Recently I realized I find it really hard to be friends with people unless I think they're a lot smarter than me. Not "just as smart as me" but actually a lot more intelligent than me. I really like feeling like the dumber person who gets to learn (not that I'm constantly thinking about who's smarter than who in my life). I also feel kinda averse to the idea of being friends with anyone over a year or two younger than me for similar reasons. I feel uncomfortable being in a position of even slightly more power and knowledge than someone. But then when I see certain close friends as a lot better than me I often feel so beneath them and indebted to them that I struggle to stay in touch because the very act of being around them makes me feel unworthy.

With that said, I really want to fuck an old teacher of mine even though he's extremely creepy to me and obviously weird. I'm not going to for a variety of reasons, but the animal instinct is there.

No. 1275125

What do you even do if he has a micro penis? Can’t imagine he does anything for you. Do you just rub his third nipple until he cums? It’s baffling that small dicked men have the audacity to slut around.

No. 1275149

he got me off in other ways and he jacked himself off kek not all sex has to be pov. but really his fantasies were threesomes and foursomes where he ties me up to make me jealous while having his way and pleasure torturing other women. he didn't even ask me first if i wanted to know about. all he knew is i was bicurious. the audacity to think i will be partner in doing anything kinky just because i was casual with him is the most scrotish thing. he was in his mind probably larping as christian gray or what's their name.

No. 1275156

Fucking based

No. 1275159

I read "my earrings"

No. 1275194

I also had memory loss issues for a long time and couldn't remember new faces and names even if they were people I was seeing everyday for years in middle and high school. It made socializing almost impossible, and obviously my memory wasn't good enough anymore to keep my excellent grades so I half-assed my way through school until university. I've been doing way better since university, and I honestly wonder if there are other people like me. In my case there's a chance all of this was because of a specific medical condition, which would explain why I got better at that particular point, and other symptoms didn't help, like always being tired and not being able to focus because of this. I've seen people even worse than me who managed to study in university, it wasn't even because of medical reasons and we managed to graduate with a masters and get jobs, so I'd say try to get good habits and learn how to study in a way that works specifically for you and go for it. Your memory will probably become better by "training" it and if you study something that genuinely interests you maybe you'll be more personally motivated to study during your free time and to do your assignments, which means you'll be training your memory little by little.

No. 1275212

Istg this ugly faghot is selfposting. Everytime I see his name I remember him telling about how he pissed in an unknowing girls mouth and I hope every anon who posts his username will stay single for five years.

No. 1275216

File: 1658656585436.gif (67.16 KB, 498x405, CA61CE68-4C68-473D-AF8C-161D9C…)

HE WHAT?????

No. 1275219

Ugh same. I can't help but feel disgusted everytime i see him get posted

No. 1275249

I can't hear inshallah irl anymore without cracking up or having to suppress a grin, you ruined me nonnas.

No. 1275253

>it was non consensual

No. 1275267

I hope all women who support him stay single for the rest of their lives and his male supporters develop ED.

No. 1275268

He says "she didn't even clean the room" after he pissed all over it and in her fucking mouth. Maybe you should clean up the piss you fucking manbaby. I hope he dies soon.

No. 1275275

He really looks nasty too, I don't understand why some women are into these unwashed incels and get shocked when they're into weird fetish porn.

No. 1275277

Wow yeah, what an absolute assclown. Also hoping he gets hit by lightning.

No. 1275304

unwashed youtubers and streamers seem to be farmer's ideal type. apparently.

No. 1275311

I just realised how most of my schedule is decided by sex with my boyfriend. My bf and I are both 19, so neither of us live on our own yet. This complicates having sex a bit more due to seldomly having privacy. As a result, I always keep in mind whether we will have privacy at home when making an appointment or scheduling work. I try to schedule my work when my parents are home and vice versa, so I can have sex in peace when I am home. But every single appointment I make I take this into account. It is a bit bizarre when expressed

No. 1275314

Sometimes I wonder how things would be if love hotels were a thing in the West too. I wouldn't be a virgin anymore since I wouldn't have to worry about getting privacy or getting caught by my muslim family or their friends doing whatever I want. And I remember a coworker from my retail job years ago who told me once he caught a young couple fucking in the changing rooms in our store and I wonder if that sort of shit 'ould happen way less often if they had a dedicates place where they could do it. Another coworker of mine then defended them a bit, saying you obviously can't have sex at your parents' place when you still live with them when you barely became an adult so the couple thought it's be better to do it in the middle of a clothing store of all places.

No. 1275321

Why not just book a hotel for one night?

No. 1275325

The idea of a love hotel is that you can book a room for a short period of time just for sex and then leave.

No. 1275329

Yeah, but nothing stops you from booking a hotel for one night and leaving after 2-3 hours if you have no privacy anywhere else

No. 1275334

Why pay for a whole night at a normal hotel if you could pay for a couple of hours at a love hotel?

No. 1275345

Because there are no love hotels lmao, this is what whole conversation is about. You don't have to pick the most expensive hotel in your city either

No. 1275347

Those don’t exist here because they encourage prostitution. They probably will never which is good.

No. 1275357

It's not convenient, you have to book a room in advance or you'll have to pay a lot if you you can somehow book a room at the last minute.

No. 1275359

Yes and we're also talking about the reasons why someone would prefer to go to a love hotel and wishes they were a thing. Which is different from a normal hotel. What's the price difference between the cheapest overnight hotel room and a love hotel room for a couple of hours? Is it worth it wasting resources for people to book rooms and then only use them for a couple of hours? These are probably some of the reasons why love hotels came to be in the first place.

No. 1275374

honestly whenever someone say love hotel I think those weird ones with weird themes and sex swings. to my knowledge that is not a feature included at the average Holiday Inn.

No. 1275378

Kek, good point

No. 1275385

That's not the majority of love hotels iirc. Most of them don't have any gimmick in particular, except maybe for not having employees at the reception desk, so you can somewhat stay anonymous. But even then it's not what I'd call a gimmick. What's convenient with love hotels is that you have several choices, you can pay for a whole day (like at a normal hotel), just one afternoon or night, or even a specific number of hours.

No. 1275455

Oh but this unkempt morbidly obese 90-year-old-faced gnome who daily dresses like a homeless pajeet's shitstained used-up condom will surely make me happy

No. 1275469

I was in a similar situation at 19. Really sucked, hang in there, relationships feel a lot more real and healthy when you can freely see each other and have sex whenever you want lol. Sometimes my boyfriend would visit solely for us to have sex, talk for an hour, and then he’d leave since either my parents or roommate would be coming home (depending on where I was staying, it alternated). Sucked so badly, made me wanna avoid sex sometimes.

No. 1275489

I secretly cried last night because my husband surprised me with a super cool knife for my birthday after I made him walk home for his sub cause I was upset and let agoraphobia control my life continously.

No. 1275553

Ew what the fuck. I hope he dies soon. What is wrong with him?

No. 1275564

Oh, but he's unconventional attractiveness will never be seen by others but me whilst I actually think of other men's cocks all day long! I am the prettier one! Surely he will never leave me?

No. 1275578

nta but gaming at all is such a turn off. i found a pic of some streamer cute for a moment but the idea of any man playing video games that much is repulsive to me.

No. 1275586

I'll confess the one thing i'm the most ashamed about in my life, when i think about it i want to jump under a train.

When i was 13 (so, more than 10 years ago) i was this really insecure prepubescent girl, i was frankly quite ugly and somewhat unpopular, but i got by and had friends by being a clown/rebellious. I was friend with this overweight and really unpopular nerdy girl, nobody would talk to her except perhaps a few other "weirdos", let's call her Hermione. She would invite me over at her place, would talk to me about the Harry Potter books, she was really growing to be at ease with me and talkative. I liked her, although we spent time together mostly out of school because i was always with other people at school.

Then we went on a school trip in a nearby european country, and i was in the same family as Hermione, with 2 other girls i knew and was on good terms with. Hermione went to shower and came back in the bedroom the 4 of us shared to take something, she was still in her towel.

Me being a fucking idiot, wanting to prove that i was funny and cool or i don't know what, i started pulling on her towel, she was screaming for me to stop and nervous laughing, the other girls were all laughing too. Me being a dumbass i thought her laughing meant we were all having a good time. The tower fell and we saw her naked for two seconds, nobody made a scene about it and mocked her, one of the other girls even said "it's okay we're all girls in here". She left the room and never talked about it again during the trip, i was telling myself "ok let her be for now, she's upset she'll come back and you'll be friends again".

A few days after we went back, her big sister actually came to my school searching for me, i didn't understand why at first because i thought it was all behind us, but the big sister actually spoke to the director and said they were pressing charges against me. A 13 y old girl. I felt my world crumble, 13 y old me felt like the biggest criminal in the world, like i had raped her or something. I couldn't understand what was happening. I thought yes it was perhaps uncool to do that after all, because i know she was insecure about her weight, but we were all girls, i'm a little girl myself, and no one in our group ever talked about it again after it happened, especially not to other people outside of the 4 of us to mock her or anything like that. What i mean is we didn't bully her. In my head, it was good fun. Now looking back i understand that she felt i was crossing a boundary, of course i do i'm an adult now, especially since she was really insecure, just like me.

She really pressed charges, or i don't know how you can call that because i was a minor obviously, i just had to go see someone in court and he told me what i did was bad, and i think i had to sign a paper or something? I am so ashamed of this story, i never told anyone IRL, i don't think i can handle it. Perhaps i deserved it but still to this day i feel like the reaction was a bit disproportionate, i was a LITTLE GIRL??? I did a stupid thing, i didn't stab her, i liked her, i didn't touch her… I don't know. It feels good getting this off my chest because i hope nonnas can tell me if i'm crazy for thinking this was too much of a reaction. I don't know her personal story, perhaps she had been abused before but i mean… i was a little girl, it's insane to me that it got so bad for me, i was so ashamed going to court i don't lie when i say i felt like the biggest criminal scum of this world. Rapists can rape 10 women and i feel like they don't get punished as they should and an actual court considered this stupid little girls shit seriously enough to convoke me? I don't know…

I hope she's ok and i hope i didnt traumatize her but i mean???? What the fuck??? I also kind of hold a grudge against her for the way she made me feel and still to this day i feel like a criminal in hiding, i never talk about this story like i'm some sort of sex offender? It honestly ruined my self-esteem even more. Maybe i'm completely insane and in the wrong though.

Sorry for this long rant.

No. 1275593

I argue in a way that exaggerates my true opinion to be more inflammatory so I get more replies. But I don't say anything I don't truly feel. I'm not as innocent as I play though

No. 1275596

Weird you should mention, I feel the same. I grew up in gaming culture and enjoy it myself but over the years a man being "gamer" or even just habitually playing vidya became a huge aposematism thing for me. I can't really explain why, but I know it's a very good and true instinct.

No. 1275599

Tbh they are just setting themselves up for constant failure and nothing else.

No. 1275603

I'm impressed that she got justice for that

No. 1275611

Cue her crying in vents about her gaymer bf ditching her to play valo with other men and discord 17 year olds

No. 1275613

You think it's fair? I wouldn't say it's impressive, it fucked me up so bad and made me feel like a rapist. Granted i was just scolded a bit but still. Again, perhaps i'm deluded. But it's really a trauma for me, as weird as it sounds.

No. 1275616

>I also kind of hold a grudge against her for the way she made me feel
…You mean the girl whos towel you pulled off? Not that I think you deserved that, but it's ridiculous and a little selfish to hold a grudge against someone for how they made you feel after you exposed her.

No. 1275622

I live with other people, and sometimes I drink milk directly from the carton…

No. 1275623

same here, i was always playing vidya until i was like 16. then it became boring because i had other more significant interests and i eventually dropped video games altogether. i guess i’m repulsed by male gamers at my age because it’s like “ew you really didn’t find anything more fulfilling to occupy yourself with yet?” idk, it just feels juvenile to me because i dropped it after i grew up

No. 1275625

No. 1275626

File: 1658689498088.jpg (125.88 KB, 1920x1036, Everything.Everywhere.All.At.O…)

i often fantasize about killing myself, but not before throwing a large end-of-life solo party. i'd rent out the most expensive hotel i could for as long as possible, and go shopping – treat myself to a few high-end outfits. i'd meet new people, pretend to be someone i wasn't, take all the social risks i'm too afraid to make now…this might last a week.

but i would ensure i had enough $$$ to fly somewhere where i could see the stars clearly, listen to a few of my favorite songs, and take sodium nitrate. then i'd die beneath a pretty night sky.

death is terrifying and despite how hopeless i am, i do keep thinking things will really work out, but sometimes i get into this mood where i really want to die and so the fantasies roll up on me.

No. 1275629

me too. i'm glad she had people in her family who cared enough to get anon punished for that. lame parents would've told her to get over it
but the punishment made you actually think twice about your actions so why wouldn't it be appropriate punishment? it's not like you got sex offender status or anything. besides, no one else knows, it could've been much worse for you

No. 1275631

i think both you and her were right to feel the way you did. on one hand an insecure girl having her privacy and bodily autonomy infringed upon out of the blue is totally scary and i get why she reacted so strongly. on the other hand you had no ill will, young girls are often naked with each other with no sexual or creepy undertones, the laughing seemed playful to you. at 13 you don’t really know what to do so i imagine she must have mentioned how embarrassed she was to her parents and they made her press charges. you’re not a creepy rapist, you were just a kid.

i have similar lingering guilt and confusion about stuff that happened when i was a kid, you have to be forgiving and remember you didn’t have ill will

No. 1275632

>What i mean is we didn't bully her.
You explained how you bullied her right before typing this sentence… Do you have autism? This is a genuine question.

>i feel like the reaction was a bit disproportionate, i was a LITTLE GIRL???

You were not a little girl anymore, you were a teenager. It's not because you're developmentally delayed and mentally a little girl in your head that this makes your actions ok. The big sister is based. I wish I had a big sister like that. And stop using question marks like you're on twitter.

No. 1275633

I was sure someone would say that, as i re-read my post i realized it sounded unfair. Keep in mind, this story traumatized me so much i never talked about it to anyone and was even afraid to acknowledge it happened in the security of my own mind. Total denial. So i never really got the chance to process any of my feelings about it, it's the first time since it happened over ten years ago. I actually hold a grudge towards the adults who thought it was a good idea to go this far to punish me. Not her, really…

But i'm really feeling some kind of anger about it all. When i think back about what happened to me even before 13, i never got justice for any of it and i was the culprit in something so… stupid.

No. 1275640

Crying nonnie, thank you for your kindness. I feel like i'm being the most vulnerable i can humanly be by sharing this story, and the fact that you have empathy for me truly means the world in this moment. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

I did a stupid and mean thing, without ill intent, to a friend of mine. I'm 28 now, i don't know how old you are but i'm old enough to know i was still a kid at 13. I was still playing with my tamagochi, didn't have my period, etc. I get you wanna insult me because you feel strongly about this subject, but no way was i an mentally anything but a child. That's even what the court considered, otherwise i probably would have gotten into real trouble. I've been abused in my life too and it was more than pulling my towel so fuck off with your virtue signaling, though. I never said i was an innocent angel.

No. 1275644

you don't think her 'overreaction' meant she hadn't been abused the same way you had before?

No. 1275651

Yes i do, why do you think i feel so bad about it over ten years later, and why do you think i wrote "i hope she's ok and i hope i didn't traumatize her" in my first post? I feel a lot of guilt for all of this, why do you think i never talked to anyone, not even a therapist. I felt like a criminal. I even started this story by saying how stupid this idea was in the first place and how i wanted to seem funny.

I think she was more insecure in the presence of the two other girls who weren't her friends like i was. She probably would have felt ok if i had done the same exact thing but just the two of us, we were close like that. But i'm sure because i did it in front of the other two, she felt betrayed. I totally get her, i've been a victim myself. I just feel… an unfairness in this story, that's all.

I'll stop talking about it now… I guess i got different point of views, it's what i asked for after all, but the internet really isn't the place to process those things, it's too much of a sensitive subject for me. At least it's a big confession.

No. 1275655

but you said your abuse is much worse than a towel being pulled… whatever anon.

No. 1275660


I'm talking about what I'VE done and how i've been punished in consequence.

I pulled a towel and got to sit in a court because of it; i've been abused and i never got any justice and no one cared. I'm comparing my punishment to the punishment of my abusers, not comparing my trauma to hers. Like i also said, i shouldn't talk about it because i didn't process things yet and i don't want people coming at my throat for every word about it, misunderstanding me because i'm all over the place in recounting those events.

If you read my first post, you can see this exact comparison when i talked about rapists who don't get punished, and me being in a court for this. Now, whatever. I don't know any of you IRL and never will, it shouldn't affect me like that what you think of me.

No. 1275662

>I've been abused in my life too and it was more than pulling my towel
I honestly don't think you actually feel sorry or sympathetic. You keep downplaying this, but you have no idea how much it may have hurt her, or if she had any past traumatic experiences. Even if you didn't have bad intentions, it's still awful to go through. All of these posts are just "me, me, me". Maybe you didn't deserve to have charges pressed on you, but you're being a huge asshole about this.
And before you try to bring up the abuse thing again, I've been abused too. I still would never say something like that about something someone else went through

No. 1275677

this, why are anons trying to tell this woman she was a monster for doing something she thought was playful and innocent that a lot of kids do?

No. 1275682

assume that the girl in question actually is horrifically traumatized. does that make the towel puller evil? no. it doesn’t. i’ve known people to be traumatized from something as simple as getting a cavity filled, that doesn’t mean the dentist was evil. intentions matter and the world isn’t black and white. they were two kids of the same exact age playing around and one girl was extremely uncomfortable and it wasn’t obvious. kids are kids. is it abuse to play doctor? is it abuse to kiss your friends to experiment as a kid? is it abuse to take a towel off someone in a way that plenty of children do as a playful joke, which the vast majority of people wouldn’t be negatively affected by? no. if abuse just = someone feeling bad about something you did, then everyone on earth is a horrible evil abuser.

No. 1275687

Anon, please point me to where I said anon is evil or an abuser.

No. 1275689

Sounds like she had crazy rich parents who wanted to humiliate you and your family in court because their kid was upset. Yeah, being seen naked is embarrassing and yeah it can be traumatizing in certain contexts, but the parents are psychotic for taking you to court for this. It’s not normal to try to put a 13 year old in jail for lockerroom antics. Don’t know what other anons are smoking, it’s like they were never in high school. Being naked in front of your peers was normal, the girls who didn’t undress were teased and people would jokingly try to get them to undress. It wasn’t remotely sexual and it was in good fun, even I (someone who always hid in the stall to undress and got made fun of over it) recognize that it wasn’t genuinely malicious, those girls weren’t out to traumatize me. It’s just how young teenagers are, the replies here are tonedeaf and extreme.

No. 1275691

I'm your age, actually. When I was 13 I was mature enough to know you're not supposed to rip off people's clothes or towels, especially in front of other people. It's not even a matter of maturity, it's a matter of common sense. I knew I was a kid when I was 13 too, and I know that when I was in primary school and male classmates were "playing" at girls by trying to forcefully lower our trousers and panties or picking under our dresses or skirts during recess I really wished something like what you went through also happened to these guys.

>I've been abused in my life too

Me too, you're not special. If the court actually gave you a sentence it would have been a little bit excessive, but you got a fair treatment, you said you only got reprimanded verbally by an adult and didn't suffer any consequences beyond that, all that anxiety you had from the event is just your own personal problem.

No. 1275693

You sound like you've gaslit yourself. I hate this normalization of bullying as "it's just what kids do!" Maybe they shouldn't fucking do it. I wish I had parents who cared about me like that girl.

No. 1275699

what? children shouldn't be experimenting and playing doctor to begin with. parents need to teach them about boundaries and cherishing your body. children can be abused by other children, doesn't matter if the intent is evil or not

No. 1275701

Except I didn’t feel bullied by that and the girls were completely fine people? Stop projecting, nonna, not everyone is hysterical and traumatized from regular kid stuff. I was bullied by other girls who spread rumors and actually tried to harm me. Not girls giggling trying to peek at me because I was the odd one out for not being naked in the open.

No. 1275703

I wasn't saying she was personally a monster, but that at this stage in her life she should have known better and what she did was stupid, especially for someone her age.

No. 1275704

Nevermind. It's just trolls now.

No. 1275705

You're comparing little BOYS trying to forcefully lower a girl's panties to a GIRL with her girlfriend joking around as kids do in the privacy of a bedroom? you all are unhinged, period.

No. 1275706

Playing doctor is completely normal and not abusive. If there an age gap, coercion, or power imbalance it would be, but two kids being curious about what each other’s bodies look like since they’re always covered and told to not be uncovered is normal. It’s not something to teach them to do or seek out but it’s a natural instinct children often have that shouldn’t be met with anger or shame because that will put the child at risk for various complexes. Most children end up doing this and behavioral therapists and childhood sociologists agree it’s a normal part of childrens curiosity, and is not remotely sexual. It’s curiosity, not sexuality.

No. 1275711

The end result is the same, because that girl and I wouldn't want to be stark naked by force in front of what are essentially strangers we just happened to see everyday at school. By the way, anon said she didn't talk about it to anyone and the two other girls didn't talk about it either but how could the girl who got her towel ripped away from her known that? School gossip can be insane, you can sometimes even learn people were shit talking you behind your back and knew very private things you never told them years after the fact.

No. 1275720

the end result is definitely not the same but even if it were, that is not the problem of the girls doing something completely innocuous without ill will, compared to the moids in the scenario with actual malicious and sexual intentions. i can’t believe i’m having to explain the difference between blatant sexual assault and childsplay.

No. 1275722

>I personally FEEL traumatized so that means you traumatized me with traumatizing actions and you’re a traumatizer
you remind me of an ex who told me i was abusive for not playing video games with him

No. 1275725

I want to make a teen confession too. When I was about 10 or 11 a lot of my classmates hated me because they thought I abused slow kids. I never did it on purpose, and it only two kids in the same class. The girl was in the washroom in the same time as me and as I was getting into the stall, she started trying to walk into it. I thought it was weird so I slammed the door on her face. The other instance was where a slow boy with glasses kept trying to come close to me and press his skinny body against mine. I pushed him away in gym class and kicked him in the balls. I never felt guilty for one moment for this, but I also never got to defend myself so everyone thought I was a mean bully with problems at home. Oh well.

No. 1275726

Nta but
>I personally FEEL traumatized so that means you traumatized me with traumatizing actions and you’re a traumatizer
If you feel traumatized by something someone did to you, then yes they traumatized you. Kek what are you guys even saying at this point.

No. 1275730

>compared to the moids in the scenario with actual malicious and sexual intentions
I'm talking about a specific event, you're assuming the boys had sexual intentions but for all we know they just thought pantsing their classmates was funny. And when the girls complained, the teachers and the boys kept saying "oh, it's just child play, you're so stuck up, you don't know how to take a joke", just like how anon is trying to justify her actions with "I was just a kid". Both cases are wrong for mostly the same reasons, period.

I was just giving an example, calm down. You're really comparing a girl having her towel ripped away from her against her in front of three strangers right after taking a shower and your shitty ex whining because of video games? Read your post once again please.

No. 1275732

at that point it’s a you problem though and you’re borderline traumatizing your own damn self. like the teenagers who call their parents behavior horrifically traumatizing and abusive and try to run away when all the parents are doing is telling them to wash the dishes and do their homework. many of these perpetual victim types were in group therapy with me

No. 1275736

Someone getting told to wash dishes isn't the same as someone having their body exposed in front of other people. Again, wtf is going on itt.

No. 1275740

You're comparing a teenage girl being potentially traumatized because she was forced to be naked by her dumbass classmate in front of two other classmates despite the anon knowing she was insecure to begin with, and parents telling their kids to do the dishes and their homework? I'm starting to think some anons are exhibitionists or nudists or something like that, this is seriously worrying.

No. 1275750

I wasn't a stranger to her. She was my good friend and we were close to each other, i would have never done that to a random stranger wtf, i was stupid but not that stupid. Just fyi. You're entitled to keep your opinion anyway, i don't care.

Thank you to the reasonable nonnies who had it in them to see my point of view, just as i can see my then friend's point of view and have empathy for her, it feels good to know others can have empathy for me, and see that i wasn't trying to abuse anyone (of course, ffs i feel like a scrote defending his rape saying this, it's such a crazy situation i was put in).

I also think kids who play are not abusing each other. My own cousin would ask that we kiss with our tongues to "experiment" and although i cringe really hard thinking about that, she's still my beloved cousin, she was just a literal curious kid.

No. 1275751

you said yourself if someone feels traumatized then whoever made them feel that way really is a traumatizer. can’t pick and choose when to uphold that

No. 1275753

I'm not the anon who said that. I'm the anon telling you that if you're 13 years old it's common sense to not undress people without their consent in public and in front of other people. And that it's normal to be traumatized from that.

No. 1275757

>She was my good friend and we were close to each other
What do you mean by good friend? Like "best friend, might as well be your sister" tier or just "classmate I get along with"? Because honestly, you might as well have become a stranger to her after that.

>i wasn't trying to abuse anyone

The issue wasn't about what you were trying to do, but about the end result. It's not that I don't want to understand your POV, it's just that you're acting way too defensive since your very first post.

>I also think kids who play are not abusing each other.

Depends if it's mutual or not. In your case it wasn't mutual, she didn't want that to happen. Maybe in other circumstances, like if the two other classmates weren't there, she wouldn't have being so negatively impacted. Who knows.

No. 1275763

She is using flowery language to make it seem more innocent than it was. She stripped her friend that she admits she viewed lower than her to get a laugh from her classmates. And is still butthurt about the punishment she received for it years later. Confession doesn't equal self-awareness or remorse. She probably wouldn't regret it at all if she had received no punishment

No. 1275770

>What do you mean by good friend? Like "best friend, might as well be your sister" tier or just "classmate I get along with"?

Neither. I would lie if i said we were best friends, but she would invite me over at her place, we would see each other a lot outside of school, etc. I'm sure i became a stranger to her after that, yes, i never doubted that since we never spoke again.

As for the rest, yes, i was defensive because it's a sensitive subject for me (and no i don't feel special for being abused like the other anon said, perhaps it was you lol? Why would i feel special for something most women and little girls go through…)

You on the other hand are completely unhinged. This strawman you're trying to pull off is ridiculous, you're not inside me probing my mind and soul to decrete that i "probably" wouldn't feel bad if i never received a punishment. Utterly, completely deranged. I didn't view her as lower than me either, i said what i said about her to explain her point of view actually; she was very insecure and viewed as weird so that explains the reaction. I was unpopular myself, how could i believe i was superior, dumb cunt.

No. 1275785

It didn't cross her mind as a bad thing when she did it, so yeah it would just be 'oh I did a cringe thing as a kid' but nothing more than that as an adult. I hope the girl became a healthy adult.

No. 1275788


I guess cumming once is better than not cumming

No. 1275797

I'm usually a serial romantic or something basically been in a relationship majority of my life. I took 2 years to myself, lockdown actually helped me reflect and get my shit together. I finally got my foot in the door of a career with my degree. And two months ago I met a guy that is actually my type. I knew being picky was going to pay off. Everyone has been telling me I'll meet someone and then it just happened. I'm so stupid happy and it doesn't feel real. My 20s were rocky and towards the end I was giving myself pep talks saying your 20s are for figuring shit out this is fine, this is valuable experience! And honestly. It's been a few weeks with my boyfriend and I feel so completely different in this relationship. I'm in control of my job, my finances and now I've got an incredibly sweet guy checking in on my day, wishing me well and showing me affection and tenderness plus great sex lol. I got shit back on track. Trust and believe girlies we can do it

No. 1275823

I’m so happy for you nonna! Love is real!

No. 1275848

Wish my moid could decide if he likes being cucked or not, none of this in-between shit

No. 1275900

I am pornsick. I don't consume porn, I advocate against it with every opportunity and I don't associate with anybody who promotes pornography (or consumes it, as far as I know). However, I was groomed when I was 12/13 and consumed an excessive amount of pornography at the time. I could name numerous JAV actresses by name and saw some revolting things. It definitely messed up how I viewed myself and other girls for a long time. Although I've matured since then (obviously) and changed greatly, I still notice slivers of the pornsickness come up subconsciously. It's disappointing every time when it happens. For instance, I'll see a picture of a pretty girl with a nice figure, and immediately a thought akin to "damn she's hot, her nudes must be amazing". It's because of when I would spend hours upon hours on 4chan or similar places, looking at leaked nudes/edits of normal pictures of girls/explicit discussions about normal girls unrelated to pornography/ratings of girl Facebook pictures, all with sexual nature… It always caused a conflict in me, even when I wasn't aware of my grooming. It made me feel extremely insecure, so I doubled down on the objectification of others. I'd bring myself down and raise the others. I didn't know how else to fit in with those men. That's what still happens today, because what I experienced was so impactful at that age. I look at the picture of that woman and it makes me feel insecure, despite rationally not wanting to look like or be her, as well as objectify her, despite not being lesbian nor approving of this type of behaviour. Another thing is that the other day I saw a girl's underwear when she was walking up the stairs. I got this immediate surge of insecurity/pornsickness of "fuuuck that's hot, it could be in a pornography, I could totally see up her skirt" as if I am some pervert incel. But it's not what I believe, it is just an intrusive thought of learned behaviour or however it is called. Or I see a pretty girl and think something like "she must look amazing giving head. just imagine her on her knees, bros" it's like I'm thinking in r9k or b posts or like thothub or something. It drives me crazy every time I catch myself thinking that way because it doesn't align with my values and comes from an unpleasant time. Makes me sad that what I experienced was so impactful without me realising it. I still have that I don't like the way my vagina looks and get insecure when girls achieve things that pornsick scrotes applaud despite actually not finding it desirable at all. I hope this makes sense to someone

No. 1275931

It's not about what he likes but what he deserves.

No. 1275939

I used to be like this, exact same experience of being exposed to porn from a young age and spending lots of time on 4chan in my early teens. Though in my case I'm a lesbian, so it took me a long time to separate the disgusting coomer scrote mindset I had absorbed versus the normal attraction to women I felt. Don't beat yourself up too hard over the intrusive thoughts, if you recognize that they're wrong and why they're happening (which you do), then you may just need to give it more time. I found that gently diverting my own thoughts when they arose (and crucially, not dwelling on how horrible and guilty I felt for having them) ended up helping a lot for me, eventually they diminished in frequency and now I don't get them anymore. Best of luck anon, it's sad how many women have had similar experiences of grooming and porn exposure as kids/teens but it is possible to recover from that socialization.

No. 1275971

I'm glad I'm not a teen in today's environment. My mom is more unhinged now than when I was a teen. If I had to deal with her the way she is now back then, I would have committed suicide. Absolutely no doubt. It's hard enough as it is to deal with her as an adult. I can just imagine the tantrums she'd have at teen me and how much worse the yelling would be.

No. 1275985

incels and misogynists on the internet have made me develop a strong instinctive reaction to ugly men, I know they don't deserve it because of course they can be nice people too but my brain just goes to all the bitter unattractive men who I've heard say the most vile shit about women, and I'm immediately weary of them

No. 1276044

I found a pet urn at the goodwill with a cremated cat inside at I bought it because I literally cannot believe someone would be so callous as to discard a beloved pet. I get that it was probably not the owners of the cat that did it but still. It's a pretty urn and I feel like I adopted a cat. This probably makes me creepy but I could not leave him there.

No. 1276080

that’s really cute and sweet. poor kitty

No. 1276107

I am definitely evil for thinking this. This woman on twitter who posts nudes and coomer art miscarried and that relieves me.

No. 1276111

File: 1658712546574.png (349.5 KB, 459x368, teef.PNG)

I love this autistic anime fang shit
I love teeth in general

No. 1276112

Well I wouldn't like those coomer pickme types to have children around, because they will do anything for male approval

No. 1276123

Ages ago I found this forum that had pictures of dead people posted and I was browsing it while eating cheap noodles. I saw a photo of a woman in a muddy river bank. Her corpse was green and slimy and grotesquely bloated. So bloated, that her eyes were bulging out of her puffed up face. Whenever I eat that brand of noodles, I recognise the slimy texture and I feel like I'm gonna throw up, because all I can think about is that woman's bulging eyes.

No. 1276127

Same, anon

No. 1276150

I feel the same way nonnie. My ex pointed out that I have pointy canines and she said she thought they were so cute, and ever since then I think they're my best feature and love looking at them in the mirror. Almost debated getting fake vampire teeth permanently in my mouth but decided against it in the end. sometimes I go full autismo and pretend that I am a vampire living amongst humans KEK

No. 1276207

File: 1658723421657.jpg (331.35 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20220724-232659_Fir…)

I read r/breakingmom whenever I need reassurance for my celibacy and singledom. Its the best pick me up for when I'm lonely and makes me value my peace.

No. 1276238

I just did this last week, I feel bad reading peoples shitty experiences and vents for selfish reasons but it makes me feel better about my own life and relationships like goddamn are some of these people dysfunctional as fuck with the worst partners and family I’m counting my blessings

No. 1276243

I remember when I first found that place I was thinking “how is this not pink pilling every woman??” Males are useless shit

No. 1276251

No. 1276254

This lady sounds kind of retarded tbh but the husband has no right to act like a screaming toddler over it. She's probably fucking swamped with 1,000 other chores every moment of every day.

No. 1276274

File: 1658732282853.jpg (71.02 KB, 1024x685, sdbif47gg3.jpg)

if you keep deleting your social medias because you "need a break" and "social media is toxic" i automatically think you have some type of bpd. oh no, someone else has fun on fb! lol

No. 1276275

File: 1658732367655.jpeg (47.09 KB, 612x378, 35CB2988-3970-481D-835B-9E5C4F…)

Sometimes I just sit and mourn the person I could have been if it wasn’t for the pandemic. I was just finishing college when it hit and had my graduation cancelled and went months upon months not seeing people and struggling to keep up with my friends via distance.
It’s sucks because I felt like I was just coming into my own before it, I was going to parties and making friends with people I would have been too nervous to talk to before, and now I’m super socially anxious and hate being around people, yet when I’m by myself I’m crushed by loneliness. Even now keeping up with my friends I knew before feels so hard because every time I’m with them all I can think about is how much we could have done together if we hadn’t spent nearly a year legally not allowed to socialise. I wish it never happened at all, but if it had to I wish it could have happened when I was an old woman, not when I was just stepping out of college and into the woman I’ve wanted to become for so long.

No. 1276282

people who are on social media too much act more like bpds than those who delete it imo

No. 1276286

they are the same one to overshare and delete and reactivate and do it all over again from what i see keeps happening. also if it's so bad or toxic to them, then why don't they just log off, if they keep remaking accounts anyways? it's all for attention. they are addicted to validation and attention

No. 1276288

Me too.

No. 1276296

I feel you nonny. I’m not in 100% the same situation, but my life plans got screwed over from the pandemic too and it just sucks.

No. 1276300

Reminder Solanes unironically believed TIMs were superior to regular men cause they "gave up their manhood" and thus acknowledged the superiority of women

>wants to start a revolution against men
>fails to kill a scrawny artist literally 3 feet in front of her

No. 1276356

File: 1658739426630.jpg (51.14 KB, 1170x759, 20220517_124701.jpg)

I'm a male so I know I'm not really supposed to post here but anyway.

Lurking lolcow actually gave me a lot more empathy for women.

When I was a younger and a cringier faggot I used to take advantage of women online a lot. Not in a malicious way and nothing to do with underage girls, but I'd make geeky and awkward girls around my age fall for me, convince them I was in love with them and use them for my own psychological and sexual validation basically.

Now I'm more mature I realize how awful that was and I don't blame women for hating men tbh given how common it is. However, there's a part of me deep down inside that still misses that attention and validation. I can't help it.(you're still a cringy faggot tho)

No. 1276357

Thank god for women!

No. 1276358

please I beg you, don't answer the moid. He is trying to fish for female attention.

No. 1276359

Reminder to report and move on without giving any attention to it.

No. 1276368

how did you know it was a cat?

No. 1276373

Man I hate how men never feel remorse for their actions. At most they will run to women for validation for "being better", but they don't give a fuck and never will

No. 1276393

nta but i'm guessing the urn indicated it. like, it had some cat symbols or whatnot.

No. 1276396

Another example of how sleep deprivation, poor diet and wageslaving turns regular people into unbearable monsters.

No. 1276423

I fulfilled a childhood dream by eating a small quantity of silica gel balls and the aftertaste was terrible.

No. 1276424

this is literally my dad
one time he spent THREE HOURS yelling and hitting my mom at night (when i was trying to sleep) because she left an expired milk bottle in the fridge
we need to eradicate the Y chromosome

No. 1276428

LMAO ngl i was always curious how they taste too but didn't have your courage, thanks for letting us know it's not worth it

No. 1276432

I bought a necklace from a scrote-owned BDSM shop on etsy because I like o-rings (it's wasn't a leather collar or anything crazy, just a small silver necklace with an "o" as the charm) and I received the package but UPS never marked it as delivered so I requested a refund and when he wouldn't give it to me (his shop offers refunds) I opened a case against him through etsy and got my money back kek. I don't even feel a little bit bad.
(sorry for deleting and reposting i am clearly retarded)

No. 1276433

Tastes like clean. Clean shoe, new car, model home. Wouldn’t recommend though

No. 1276449

One of my worst habits is avoiding things that aren't easy first try. I'm extremely aware of this and know I have to choose to do the things anyway, especially since I know from experience that I feel amazing after. But I did it again just now. I know what I should do, yet I choose the dishonorable path. Crazy…

No. 1276512


The urn is of a sleeping cat with angel wings.

No. 1276516

Damn, forgot to add, it also has his name, Mottzie, and his years lived, 1987-2007

No. 1276554

yeah i’ve never understood the solanas love. every solanas obsessed person i’ve met has been a twitter tranny for a reason. yeah she has cool quotes to own people with and feel badass about but it’s shit philosophy made by an actual insane woman running on pure delusional spite.

No. 1276579

I unironically have more respect for Aileen Wuornes. All men who visit prostitutes deserve to be killed.

No. 1276584

agreed. however it’s cool that solanas shot warhol. hate his ass.

No. 1276587

also, a related confession. i stayed in touch with guy i was friends with in high school and hung out with him a few times a while back. for some reason he told me that he had sex with a prostitute while on vacation. he knew how i felt about prostitution so he immediately followed it up with “but i swear i didn’t actually want it, she was moving so quickly and i felt bad for her so i let her do it and gave her the money because she needed it.” lol…
he begged me to not cut him off and be understanding. Haven’t spoken to him since.

probably shouldn’t have been friends with him anyway; he was a dick to me on more than a few occasions and had a creepy thing for me. My mistake.

No. 1276614

Men will be a complete cunt to a woman then go find a different woman to complain about the first and get reassurance that they're not a dick when they are. I had an ex that would get drunk and boast about how he treated his exes and its fine cause he's better with me tehe, but then he hadn't changed and treated me like shit and I was a delusional spastic to see the red flags. I just know he's went on to repeat the cycle and hitching about me most likely. When I was with him his exes would still message him for validation just cause he fucking breaks women mentally. I've been no contact with him for 2 years and I would love to know how he truly feels that I never gave a shit to catch up with him again and blah blah blah. He's such a cunt

No. 1276664

I have two addictions and they're ruining my life. One is seen as normal and one is seen as a good thing, so all I've gotten is encouragement when I try to get help. If this keeps going for another three years I don't think I'll make it.

No. 1276665

what are they nonna? therapy might help a lot

No. 1276694

Caffeine and exercise when I have heart health issues. I've been to therapy about this before, she told me those aren't "real" addictions and that I didn't have a problem. It's apparently "not a problem" until I supplement with vidya to make ignoring pain easier.
sorry for repost, still early and I forgot to quote

No. 1276698

you should find a different therapist if you ever feel willing to try it again. i’m actually anti therapy for various reasons and have been traumatized by therapists. but finding a good one really helped me after being dismissed by others in the past. was anorexic and the first therapist i saw for that told me i looked good and shouldn’t worry about it (even though my bmi was15). i’m really sorry to hear that happened, you’re not alone and i know how discouraging it is to be blown off like that when you’re suffering

No. 1276702

BMI 15 and your therapist was encouraging that? Jfc that's dangerous, I'm glad you've got a better therapist now.

No. 1276708

yeah i can’t believe it either. i walked out crying lmao, never saw her again. she was really thin herself so either she had an ED too and was pissy about me having one or she thought nothing was wrong with me because she’s also thin and felt fine. no idea. i have so many retarded therapy stories from over the years but finding a good one is really worth it if you’re in need for a stranger to talk to who can handle whatever you bring at them

No. 1276722

I don't really need a stranger to talk to about it, I need to structure my life so I don't need to drink stimulants and work out to injury. It's just harder to do that when the people in my life don't see a problem or think these are good habits.

No. 1276756

A friend of my best friend did a friendship "break up" with her a couple years ago and I don't think that friend was in the wrong. My bf will always shit talk this girl now, talk as though her joining our trip to Europe was a stain on the memory even though we had a good time (and invited her on my bf's insistence), and is just overall so negative about her. I get why she is mad, it sucks to be told "I don't think we should be friends anymore" but at the same time, viewing it as an outsider, I think that friend did things in the nicest way possible.

My bf is not the type of person to let friendships fizzle out easily. I've seen what happens. She'll constantly confront that person for not reaching out, not engaging as much, not pulling their weight in the friendship, and it's tiring to constantly have those talks when you just think things have come to an end. I think that friend was nice in letting my bf know that it was the end and not leading her on and then having to get into emotionally draining arguments about feeling like they're drifting apart and trying to salvage what one person doesn't want to be salvaged.

Or maybe I'm just the real bitch because I've become very nonchalant about my friendships over the years and if people want to go then they can just go lol.

No. 1276764

I definitely brushed my teeth under 100 times total from ages 11 to 18. It is a miracle that I still have all my teeth. They’re ivory white as well somehow with no buildup. I was brushing my teeth like once every two months at 17. Never had bad breath, never had to get a tooth pulled. No idea how.
However I’ve had like 20 cavities filled in the past few of years with one root canal. After years of taking good care of my teeth I still get cavities because there was so much decay they couldn’t see yet when I got the initial fillings. I wish I had taken care of my teeth but everything seemed pointless at the time since I never went outside and hated myself. Please take care of your teeth nonnas. It could’ve been a lot worse for me. You only get one set of teeth so even if you can’t bear to shower you should still make yourself brush and floss at least once a day.

No. 1276766

Oral health is mostly genetics

No. 1276768

And diet. As well as pregnancy. Pregnancy royally fucks your teeth.

No. 1276773

That’s one of the reasons I’m terrified of pregnancy. No one talks about it but so many pregnant women lose or chip their teeth and suddenly get tons of cavities. Being pregnant seems like an even worse nightmare than childbirth itself to me.

No. 1276783

It's the fetus leeching calcium from you. Goes for your bones too

No. 1276784


No. 1276790

When my ex and I broke up, he deleted some of his social media accounts in shame I assume since he cheated on me constantly throughout our relationship with men. I took some of the handles he used and used them to post content mocking him for his disgusting cheating ways and nasty fetishes. He sent me pissy messages over it because others in his dumb gaming communities have noticed it. It still fills me with glee knowing how butthurt he was over this since he vehemently denied being attracted to men even though he did things like ERP cringe with them on Twitter.

No. 1276791

Make sure you have enough calcium and minerals. The fetus pulls it from your teeth. Decaying them much faster. Your teeth will literally ache. The doctor told me it was allergies. It was not. I got a second opinion.

No. 1276802

RIP Mottzie I love you.

Nta but maybe you should talk to someone specifically about how the people around you are influencing you to the point of continuing habits that you are concerned will be the end of you very soon. Heart health is no joke. Wishing you lock nonna.

LOL queen shit right here.

No. 1276909

I recently got catfished by a moid who was using pics of himself from almost two decades ago

No. 1276911

I love lolcow but sometimes I regret discovering it because at times I pass hours on this site arguing about things that don't matter. I need to take a break.

No. 1276915

File: 1658776354340.jpeg (53.87 KB, 335x498, 291F9E1F-2DB7-42DC-A6AC-176636…)

My most embarrassing moment on this site was getting triggered when I said i didn’t like avocado and anons called me a fatty. Proceeded to argue back for hours on end.

No. 1276946

Ugh it's you. The avocado hater.

No. 1276953

You again…

No. 1276960

i'm thin and don't know what an avocado tastes like

No. 1276973

avocado tastes like mushy water you slurped up from your lawn

No. 1276995

File: 1658780086506.jpeg (517.05 KB, 1200x630, 88155238-53EF-4EDF-BBF4-A5F38B…)

Kek I was part of that infight, good times.

No. 1277119

I'm seriously considering using Tinder. I've never had a bf and never had sex or kissed a man despite being 28yo because of my Muslim education and paranoid, sexist parents. Now I'm receiving more and more comments like "when tf are you going to get married and have kids" and it's annoying me so much because the people who say this are the one who prevented me my whole life from having any of this. I actually don't want to get married or have kids, I just want to have sex. Even my big sister tried to convince me to start using Tinder to look for a long term relationship and she doesn't believe me when I say a bunch of people just want a one night stand. But since she insisted I'm starting to think about using the app and pretending to actually be looking for a bf instead of just having sex. The only thing stopping me is the monkey pox think being contagious with prolonged physical contact.

No. 1277125

File: 1658788297939.jpg (61.88 KB, 600x516, 7e7.jpg)

>I actually don't want to get married or have kids, I just want to have sex.

No. 1277128

As a near 30 year old virgin sex is pretty much a mythological concept to me, if by any chance I manage to have some one day I'll probably depersonalize due to how unnatural it'll feel to me.

No. 1277130

Be safe and have sex but be careful and tell your friends where you are before you hook up. Getting married to a moid is a scam

No. 1277146

Same. I can't even imagine a guy touching me, it's too foreign

No. 1277150

I implore you to just buy some nice, quality sex toys. Sex with another human is different for sure, but I got really tired of it. I'm here to be pleased and feel good, I don't want to shuffle through tinder for a guy that doesn't look like Nosferatu with a shrimp dick and then also wonder if he showers or smells gross (on top of wondering if I'll make it out the night alive).

No. 1277165

Nonnies like you annoy me the most. We have resources to vitamins and information. Women arent going to stop having kids. Genetics can play a role in oral health, but there are many ways to gain back nutrients babys can take. I have 3 childhood friends with kids and none of them have wooden George Washington teeth. Stop fear mongering.

No. 1277169

Sorry this isn't related to the conversation, but do you anons think a person could have wooden teeth these days? Obviously wood is porous so it could cause infections, but I bet if you covered a wood tooth implant in some kind of clear, body safe material it could work. Or you could get wood grills. It would probably look like rotten teeth though.

No. 1277170

I love you

No. 1277183

You are my favorite anon right now. kek thank you for this image.

No. 1277188

i have two family members that lost teeth from pregnancy despite prenatal treatment, stop seething that women are waking up to the damage pregnancy causes kek

No. 1277196

me and who

No. 1277207

nonna i wasn’t fear mongering at all, sorry that i dislike the idea of being so immensely vulnerable during pregnancy and prone to various ailments and sickness. the sheer thought of being more at risk for injuries and illness is scary to me. it’s not to you and that’s fine. i’ve known pregnant women to completely crack their teeth open and my mom was so sick with every pregnancy of hers she was vomiting nonstop and had to quit her job every time she got pregnant because of it. you can’t even openly talk about the actual risks which come with pregnancy nor the facts without people getting mad and acting like you’re trying to discourage women from having babbies. childbirth is cool, idk if i want kids but i’m terrified of pregnancy and i’m not sure why you think that’s weird. it completely changes your body and your very brain chemistry due to hormonal fluctuations. pregnant and post partum women have so many things to worry about, from psychosis to severe depression to period problems to pelvic floor complications to losing teeth to…. etc. you are stronger than me if you aren’t frightened or these.

No. 1277208

I literally had a doctor tell me my teeth ached from allergies. If I had listened I would have lost my teeth. Things don’t even work the way they’re supposed to in the real world. Thank you anon

No. 1277211

on a related note i get super pissed when men try telling me pregnancy is nbd and women have done it without problem throughout history without issues. kek yeah look at mortality rates from before 1800

No. 1277244

File: 1658797083995.jpg (130.85 KB, 820x622, ohsh.jpg)

i wish there was a secretly evil radfem bi woman who would be my flirtatious best friend, pulling tricks on our dates with moids, and bettering each other's lives, always being there for each other, and living together when our husbands die.

No. 1277262

I had a young moid say this when I distinctly remember his mom breaking her rib pushing his dumb ass out.

No. 1277265

You're not young enough for him..

No. 1277266

Not reading. Kill yourself

No. 1277267

What country?

No. 1277269

File: 1658798875966.jpeg (333.73 KB, 750x929, DC9C0C6E-ABFB-4B70-B13A-AC4C05…)

u rang

No. 1277271

there’s no reason i shouldn’t be able to have a girlfriend and a boyfriend it’s ideal for me

No. 1277272


No. 1277320

Everyone in my family, going way back, has hella cavities/fillings/multiple teeth pulled bc they're lazy and they don't brush or floss. I've never had a cavity at almost 30 yrs old because I actually take care of my teeth. Sorry but you sound kinda like when fatties blame their fatness on "genetics". What if I told you you could beat "genetics" by picking up a toothbrush only twice a day!

No. 1277331

Nta but did you even see the OP? The ayrt didn't even say she has any dental problems.

No. 1277332

please come to new zealand

No. 1277347

You are cuckoo I am talking about genetic predisposition for having nice teeth being why that anon hasn't suffered for her incompetence

No. 1277357

I’m falling for someone I can’t have, because apparently I hate myself after all.

No. 1277392

sex isn't real btw

No. 1277399

My point exactly. Funny thing is the anons I was arguing with kept going to /meta/ and screaming at admins to ban me. For arguing about AVOCADOS.

No. 1277402

i mean yeah taking super diligent care of your teeth helps prevent decay and refusing to take care of them contributes. but there are still massively genetic components to how sensitive people are to decay and the overall look of teeth is genetic too. i’ve known people with perfectly healthy teeth without cavities that still had bright yellow teeth with plaque buildup they’d have to get scraped off by a dentist. meanwhile i took shit care of my teeth and never struggled with either of those things. i still got cavities but not nearly as many as anyone else in my situation would’ve.

my teeth alight be kinda fucked for life though, im afraid i’ll keep getting cavities even if i continue to take good care of them after all my current cavities get filled

No. 1277406

I’m in a loving, committed relationship with my boyfriend. I’m happy to be with him and couldn’t live without him. That being said, there is one hang up. He has practically no sex drive, maybe desiring sex once a month. My drive is synced up with my menstrual cycle so I’ll have no sex drive for a few weeks and then for 1-2 weeks it will suddenly be off the charts. So I am usually fine with his low sex drive, but every once in a while it drives me up the wall for a few days. And here lies my confessions: I masturbate, obviously. But I need a person to think about. I think about my female friend whom is very pretty and also has a boyfriend. I have no desire to actually date her and I love her and her boyfriend together and I love my boyfriend, but thinking about her is my go to.

I think the reason I stopped thinking about my boyfriend for “inspiration” was because the last time we had sex was so awful. We were trying something new that was unbearably painful to me, but we have sex so rarely that I was afraid to ruin the mood and then have to wait ages until our next chance. Doesn’t help that I also have sex related trauma. I just feel weird about the whole thing. We are both in very stressful situations right now (moving) so once it’s over I think I’ll try talking to him about having sex more.

No. 1277446

I used to be in your situation. Eventually I broke up with my boyfriend (for unrelated reasons) and my friend got permission from her boyfriend to fuck me. So we did the deed and it was weird as all fuck and pretty much ruined our friendship. So I guess what I'm saying is that please keep that fantasy as a fantasy because the reality will absolutely suck.

No. 1277447

even if i know i should practice for getting better i just…can't idk why just don't want to practice i want to be good and that's it!
i'll try to change that even if i don't know how, don't want to get stuck being bad at art

No. 1277450

>my ex is still making playlists for me
I know I was the best baby, I know you miss me. You are a fool of your own making but I still check for new tunes. Perhaps I am a fool too.

No. 1277458

I'm in Australia nonnie is that close enough

No. 1277473

i have bipolar disorder that onset really early and was basically in a long, unchecked manic phase during my teens with absent, neglectful parents who didnt keep a check on me but gave me way more money than a teenager should have access to. for a solid couple years, i slept with basically anyone whose attraction was mutual (and im bi, so literally anyone) just because idk it was a thrill and fun. there were so many that i've honestly forgotten that sometimes i'll just be reminiscing about something that happened in high school and get a flash memory of having hooked up with some dude i can't even remember in a bathroom stall and being like wtf self? an old friend had to remind me of me telling them about hooking up with some lifeguard i dont even remember at his lifeguard stand on the beach (which i do remember now). my first boyfriend out of high school, our first time that was monumental to him was my third guy that week. even though i got married by my 21st birthday, my body count is somewhere around 20? just that i can remember. i lied to my husband about the number either way. i feel like even my least judgmental friends would be like wtf you whore so i've never told anyone. somehow, i got out of it without a single pregnancy scare or STI/STD or even a UTI, so i can just neatly pretend that chapter of my life doesn't exist, but sometimes i look back and am like…wow why did no one save 16 year old me from the 25 year old dude who literally snuck in thru my window while the house was occupied?

No. 1277486

Yeah, no, I'm getting a sex toy once I have my own place and that's not the case yet because of some stupid shit with my job, it's complicated. I have no privacy whatsoever, if I ever have a sex toy and someone in my family finds it I'm done for. I can't even use tampons because "I'm not married yet" and would cause a huge scandal if I used even just one, you can guess how my family would react of it were a sex toy. Masturbation doesn't do anything for me anymore, by the way. It just doesn't work. I think I've lost a lot of sensations for some reason and I think doing it with a man could be be more stimulating as long as he's attractive and good in bed.

No. 1277489

I'm already doing this when I do way safer things that meeting strangers, I'm always careful and a little bit paranoid.

No. 1277494

good luck in general nonnie

No. 1277500

Thanks, I know I'll need a lot of luck kek

No. 1277549

I stab everyone that has upset me multiple times in my imagination and hope it reaches them

No. 1277550

I imaginary hurt everyone that has exerted authority over me, that has attempted to intellectually inferiorize me. I spend hours imagining hurting and torturing them and hope this evil energy reaches them and hurts them

No. 1277554

if you stand in the way of my success, happiness, oppose me or are a liar you will be dragged down in the depths of hell. You will never be happy again.

No. 1277565

File: 1658824072063.jpeg (73.84 KB, 1280x720, coldsteel.jpeg)

No. 1277579

Ok dark triad stacy

No. 1277606

File: 1658828345702.jpeg (212.1 KB, 750x776, 3C86DA75-23A9-451E-8A46-98A297…)

On a scale of 1-10 how bad would it be if I fucked my manager

No. 1277609

this is confessions not stupid questions but it really depends on the stakes like how much you value your job

No. 1277610

True but I didn’t want to put it in stupid questions as it’s more of a confession in a question if that makes sense kek

No. 1277676

File: 1658833891572.jpeg (38.8 KB, 850x605, 97C81CBF-E488-4B82-9189-64EC2F…)

>it’s the 8th grade, me and my 3 girlfriends are the best of pals
>one of them, out of nowhere in 7th period, says the other friend is nice but “unfortunately ugly” for having a prosthetic leg
>prosthetic leg friend cries on the bus home
>i meet up with prosthetic friend for a sleep over the following weekend
>after watching the craft, we decide to hex her for revenge
>end up on spellsofmagic.com
>we find the easiest revenge spell we could find and raid her mom’s spice cabinets and candles to perform the ceremony
>we hold hands and say the incantation after everything is prepared
>on monday morning we act like nothing happened
>fast forward like 3 weeks and the friend we cursed started having fevers constantly
>we feel really giddy like we did something really cool
>a week later my mom sits me down and tells me that mean-chan has hodgkins lynphonma and will undergo emergency surgery + chemo.
>me and prosthetic-chan freak out and never talk about it again

she luckily only had go through chemo for 4 months and was good forever. however, she somehow managed to become even more of a massive bitch by using the air of sympathy to tell everyone that prosthetic friend was upset with her because she no longer was getting attention for being “disabled”

i guess jokes on her now because prosthetic girl had a glow up and mean chan got fat?

No. 1277685

Holy shit, I'll make sure to never upset you.

No. 1277690

This is so fucking good, reminds me so much of a tween novel I read as a kid.

No. 1277695

the way that i stalk people on social media is actually alarming and unhealthy i can literally FEEL my body telling me i don’t need to be looking at my bf’s entire family’s facebook but i feel like i HAVE to and i cannot stop

No. 1277697

File: 1658836336766.jpg (176.29 KB, 798x770, 4ki23k-1137268740.jpg)

damn, anon. can you help me with a spell?

No. 1277720

Fuck I already replied but you know what this reminds me of? Azealia Banks cursing Lana Del Rey so that her house will burn down and saying that on twitter, and then what happened like two weeks later was that Lana's former house in California burned down during some heatwave induced blaze.

No. 1277729

God I wish I had girl friends in middle school to do this kind of stupid shit, being the only weird kid in a class full of rich preps was so isolating.

No. 1277742

>being the only weird kid in a class full of rich preps was so isolating
I've been to a private catholic middle school with rich normie kids, and then went to a prestigious public high school with nerdy rich kids, and both experiences were equally isolating, finding equally weird kids at school was nearly impossible, anon was just blessed I guess.

No. 1277745

If you mean "spellsandmagic" I definitely remember going on that site a lot in elementary school lul

No. 1277752

I wish my boyfriend didn’t have a housekeeper. She comes once a week and I feel so uncomfortable and sad every time she comes around. She’s around her late 60s and doesn’t speak English and has to bring a grandkid to translate for her, and I hate it. I feel so guilty and burdenous and I don’t want this woman cleaning up after my boyfriend and I. I end up cleaning so much before she comes that all she does is scrub the surfaces of the house clean but even that is something she shouldn’t have to do. I grew up poor and moved in with my rich boyfriend a year ago and it’s been very strange to adjust to. He and his family take so many things for granted in my eyes, even if they’re good people, and I still can’t understand why they all feel so comfortable with housekeepers. She gets paid $50 for cleaning the entire house and it just makes me so upset, it’s a large house and that’s nowhere near enough to me. I’m going to talk to my boyfriend about it.

No. 1277754

nice "i moved in with my rich boyfriend" humblebrag post

No. 1277757

I’m just being honest nonna, and right now I need to pee but I’m too afraid to step outside this bedroom because I can hear the housekeeper in the hallway and I’m too ashamed to face her.

No. 1277759

are you ashamed because you know that could be you if you weren't mooching off your bf?

No. 1277760

Why does nobody on this site seem to have genuinely decent relationships?

Either it's childhood trauma spurring on casual sex and sex work, serial monogamy,being attracted to abusive men over and over again etc.

No. 1277766

It just seems that way because those who do don't write endless vents and confessions about it.

No. 1277767

My relationship is good, I’m just class conscious in a way my boyfriend isn’t naturally because his upbringing is so different from mine. I would literally never hire a housekeeper and I feel horrible for the woman, but to he and his family it’s just a service and the money helps them. They mean well, but it’s a bourgeois mindset that I don’t have and will never have.

No. 1277768

File: 1658845120890.gif (662.74 KB, 358x200, el-dorado.gif)

You can't change people, nonna. Goodluck chatting.

No. 1277771

I love futanari hentai and it used to be my favourite genre since it was mostly female on female stuff, but now all futa porn is literally just dickgirls pegging men or men fucking them and it's disgusting. Why do men ruin literally everything, including my coomerism?

No. 1277772

lol this will end with you fucked up in a field somewhere making yourself throw up because the awesome life filled coup de grace made you realize life is awesome and you don’t wanna die

No. 1277775

Is this post the Hana Yori Dango sequel everyone was waiting for?

No. 1277791

They're not even attractive moids either, it's pretty obviously intended for coomer moids to self-insert into whatever dopey looking dude is getting pegged. No thanks.

No. 1277821

File: 1658849845174.gif (1.76 MB, 397x222, 6573.gif)

When I was 11 or 12 and waiting on my first period, my mom was buying me panty liners to feel grown up and be ready for the first time. Well for some reason I was wearing one with a bathing suit and my dad took me to a distant family relative's to swim in their rich person pool and for some god damn reason I panicked and thought the the panty liner was going to fall out of the swimsuit so I reached for it while under the water, pulled it off the suit, crumpled it as small as I could and fed it into the fucking filter of their pool. I still think about it from time to time.. Did the liner un-crumple and did they have to peel the soggy thing out of their pool filter? Maybe it stayed crumpled up and it flew under the radar and was tossed out without notice.

No. 1277831

nah it was definitely spellsofmagic for us, it's actually still live if you want to check it out, it looks ancient as fuck too.

that was a fucking hilarious day, i find azealia way too entertaining.

ngl though, prosthetic friend was almost full lakota so i'm going to claim she had some kind of familial mojo, plus we stole dirt from her mom and grandma's garden

No. 1277919

One of my friends has been cyberstalked by incels since she was like 15. For some reason I have a morbid curiosity about what they say about her so I regularly check the boards and websites that she’s discussed on. 99% of it is made up or just incel rhetoric about all women being evil, with a lot of doxxing thrown in, but it’s fascinating to me. I should probably stop, it feels disrespectful even though I know none of the incel theories are true and I laugh at them.

No. 1277920

Incels are fucking disgusting and the bane of human existence. Yearslong obsessions with stalking and humiliating women and refusing to treat them like human beings, you know you have to be the lowest level of subhuman to fixate on girls like that.

No. 1277924

I don't like knowing how big my dad's penis is (saw it accidentally as a child) and that he still gets boners at 63 (he fucking told me because it's the reason he didn't get his prostate removed when he got cancer) thanks father

No. 1277932

my dad called me once to tell me he'd woken up after getting a vasectomy and even that was uncomfortable

No. 1277935

Yeah, it’s genuinely horrifying. My friend is desensitized to it because it’s been happening for so long but they still do things like post her family members’ addresses, doxx people they think might know her irl, try tracking down her place of work. She doesn’t even have social media anymore but they keep it up. I have no idea what makes a person end up like that. The funny part of they claim to hate women while obsessing over them constantly. I know both can be true but it’s just amusing that they’re so invested in it.

No. 1277939

Why do they track her? Did she post on 4chan back in the day or is it completely random?

No. 1277943

if it doesn't affect how you see her then i don't see the biggie. keeping an eye out is good in case any real kinds of crazies pop up. maybe you could bait these men into exposing themselves.

No. 1277944

She didn’t post on 4chan much (if ever), but she rejected a man (pedo) who did, so he got revenge by posting about her, which made other guys obsess over her. Honestly her situation has made me a lot more concerned with my own cybersecurity and solidified my choice to not have kids.

No. 1277946

if she has no socmed how do they keep up with her? this is terrifying, literally my absolute worst nightmare. i'm so sorry for your friend

No. 1277949

Diligent stalking, they can sometimes find internet breadcrumb trails and sniff her out. But they mostly just rehash the same few stories either real or made up over and over again while speculating and posting old pics.

No. 1278049

I enjoy drawing cute furry art. idk how to stop me, it's just the thing that I enjoy drawing the most, on the other side I'm ashamed.

No. 1278082

It's not that embarrassing or bad if it's innocent, and actually appealing visually.

No. 1278084

Well, there's nothing wrong with enjoying anthropomorphic animal art that's just meant to be cute and not sexual. Some prefer to call this "funny animal" (instead of furry) like the anthropomorphic characters of comedy cartoons.

No. 1278105

I find armpit hair gross on men and women.

No. 1278120

Even if anon is mooching off of her bf, who gives a fuck?

No. 1278125

Clearly someone deeply insecure and jealous.

No. 1278138

Don't listen to the retards judging you. I have never had a rich boyfriend but I get what you mean. I would definitely feel the same way if I were in your situation, probably confused about how to feel, too. It's why I would hate to have a rich boyfriend, because they lack the same empathy and perspective that poorer people do, rich people live in a completely different reality and are often disconnected from the rest of society, and I honestly can't stand that. Anyway, please don't feel (too) bad, everybody does what they can to survive and you're not at fault for that (that's the system), the housekeeper probably doesn't even think about it that much and she just thinks it's good she even has a job, but it sounds like she really does deserve a higher pay so good luck talking to your bf about it, I hope you can convince him. It's good that you worry about these things but it's important to remember that you alone can't help or save every individual you meet that is a victim of a whole system. Just worry mostly about your own life and help only when you can (such as in this case), but keep in mind that you mustn't feel guilty on behalf of your bf and his family, and to not feel too bad about things that you have no control over or endlessly pity those who are affected by poverty (that doesn't mean you should lack empathy, of course). Maybe you could also try to befriend the woman somehow, to make her job less stressful and make her feel less out of place? You don't have to avoid her out of shame.

No. 1278150

how much could she really mooch from a cheap bf who can't even pay the help properly

No. 1278154

nta but most housekeepers only make 10-15 bucks an hour regardless of the house, $50 is generous

No. 1278160

I don't get why people are being judgy? Like they wouldn't want to be in the same situation lol. You didn't mention you don't have a job or anything? I understand how you must feel awkward, I would feel the same way.

No. 1278214

>She’s around her late 60s and doesn’t speak English and has to bring a grandkid to translate for her, and I hate it
I mean to be honest I don't think it's wrong to hire a housekeeper but exploiting a poor immigrant like this and paying so little is just trash imo and I wouldn't trust a man who is rich but does this.

No. 1278227

She said $50 for the whole house regardless of hours

No. 1278341

your boyfriend is ok with child labor being done for him (not blaming the 60 year old for getting her grandkid to translate ofc, she’s working hard to be able to provide for her clearly)

they couldn’t also hire a translator for her? listen, if you’re actually class conscious your vagina would have dried up at the sight of this gross exploitation.

No. 1278535

Sometimes I think about downgrading severely, living in a trailer park and working as little as humanly possible. I don't care if I have a shitty car, or no car. I can take the bus. I don't care if my clothes are not fashionable, I'd be OK with just 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts, who even gives a fuck as long as they're clean. I will work just enough to afford the barest of bare necessities, rent water electricity food and soap, and spend the rest of my time being lazy and fucking off. Could I manage to work one day a week?
I am so done with trying to afford decent living conditions and with trying to look up-to-date and trendy. I would rather live in the crappiest house ever and look like a fucking hobo if it meant I didn't have to work all the goddamn time.

No. 1278604

My sister in law just had a baby. She until the delivery waited to find out the sex. Can’t lie, I sighed so hard in relief finding out it’s a girl. There are very few women on earth that could raise sons in a way that would have any chance at all in preventing them from becoming huge misogynists. It makes me sick to think about. I wouldn’t mind having a son because I think I’d have a chance at helping him become a decent person, in spite of society. Maybe that’s wishful thinking.

No. 1278716

I wish I had that mental breakdown in middle school. Between school and home, both let me down. I felt like I was drowning. I wonder what would have happened if I had an out burst during one of the many times the vice principal bitched out my class. To tell his pompous ass that both home life and school life made me want to neck myself. My classmates would've been my witnesses and I didn't have anyone that hated me. I don't think it would have surprised them either. I don't know if it would have helped me with my parents, but they got away with treating me like shit and still do. I just wish they would get their comeuppance.

No. 1278785

lol what of course people wouldn't want to be in that situation. A rich lifestyle and dick shouldn't be enough to completely debase your politics or ethics. Spineless and sad.

No. 1278833

Why is a rich man providing such poor work conditions to a housekeeper? Is that normal amongst rich people, being stingy is how you stay/become rich or something? You should definitely negiotiate at least minimal wage for her.

No. 1278862

Nta but literally yea, you are 100% correct about stingy rich people.

No. 1278936

File: 1658923410704.png (293.13 KB, 821x565, 1637492470126.png)

No. 1278953

>scrutinizes moids for going through women’s boundaries
>thinks it’s ok to nearly humiliate her because they’re both girls kek

that girl has every right to press charges, wish anon actually went to jail for it, it would be so funny to see her years after posting on here after being in jail

No. 1278959

Yeah I still don't get the anon saying that a girl getting her towel removed by force to be naked in front of classmates "as a joke" isn't on the same level as me and other girls at school getting our clothes removed by force by male classmates in front of other classmates "as a joke", in both cases the same thing happens, the intentions are the same, and the result is the exact same. Anon was feeling sorry for herself instead of feeling sorry for her classmate.

No. 1278962

just swim over

No. 1278980

what an absolute autist they are, I would say they are giving scrote vibes but there are absolutely girls who are also like that who thrive off of humiliating people who are just as insecure as they are. fuck that anon

No. 1278988

Mean towel anon reminded me of something really fucked up that I said whan I was around that age too. At a sleepover a bunch of us were changing into our PJ's in the same room but facing away from each other or whatever, and this sweet girl says gingerly, "Hey, does anyone else have, like, hair down there?" And I can't remember exactly what I said but it was something like "DUH WE'RE 13 I THINK WE ALL DO" Sorry Kelsey, it was brave of you to ask and completely normal. My sister bullied me so I was mean to others at times. Smh

No. 1279004

Fuck it reminds me in middle school in gym class, I was 13 too and a girl accidentally pulled down my pants (there was no teacher for the girls class so we were basically play fighting) and she saw I had no hairs, which shocked her and she probably thought I wanted to emulate porn stars or was groomed or something. The truth is I had a late puberty and was still basically a child physically, had I been at your sleepover I would have been mortified lol.

No. 1279018

If it's any consolation, I think this was a way better reaction than being disgusted by it

No. 1279019

other girls that age would be disgusted, anon was a based radfem at birth

No. 1279023

i went to 2 different plastic surgeons a few years ago for an insecurity of mine, and pretty much both of them turned me away. one of them 100% turned me away and said there is nothing to fix, and the other one who seemed like a more dodgy type of surgeon that would accept any work that came his way, also pretty much turned me away and or didn't really seem to jump at the opportunity. actually nobody in real life i've ever spoken to has explicitly pointed out that insecurity to me. maybe i had body dysmorphia? i don't want surgery now, but it's crazy to think that if i walked into someone's practice who was more opportunistic and money hungry, i could've literally walked away with a procedure that i didn't need, botching my natural body.

No. 1279208

I have authority and anger management problems that seriously get in the way of me living a normal life, and I think being on here is making it worse.

No. 1279231

I'm glad that you've consulted with ethical surgeons and are more accepting of yourself now; pretty crazy how our own minds can twist the perception sometimes

No. 1279511

kinda based considering most girls at 13 were bullying each other for admitting to having hair, at least in the US. i remember a girl coming over to me and going “oh my god guess what so and so said. she SHAVES HER ANKLES” and i was like what? why is that newsworthy? do you want her to not shave her ankles? are you above growing hair there? it still baffles me and i think about it regularly

No. 1279684

File: 1658953204582.jpg (136.2 KB, 886x886, s-l1600.jpg)

I went through a phase in childhood where I would fill out forms in magazines and send them trying to get companies to send me stuff and it only worked once. My parents were so angry that they had to pay for the Mario quiz cards but I ended up really liking them.

No. 1279687

very cute

No. 1279707

I recall trying for a solid glass chess set but my mom caught me before I dropped the card in the mail box.

No. 1279716

File: 1658955210642.jpeg (25.08 KB, 669x469, A50165AE-EEE1-4967-A682-4962CB…)

I’m eskimo sisters with a real housewife

>inb4 which housewife/franchise

my lips are sealed

No. 1279720

Sure Jan

No. 1279727

File: 1658955745148.gif (75.34 KB, 352x408, strawberry-wink.gif)

I am here and I am waiting for you

No. 1279738

File: 1658956322356.jpeg (59.45 KB, 563x541, 36199AB6-3670-4489-BD34-781C9D…)

Ok first of all there are like 75 real housewives, and the guy we both hooked up with was my age and rich, so it’s not really all that unlikely.
I actually met her once as well but that was like two years before the guy hooked up with her. She was exactly like she was on television kek

No. 1279767

I still spell out my name in my head when I'm writing it. and sometimes I still mess up

No. 1279779

you sound like such a dumb fuck.

No. 1279796

just ended a 6 year long long distant friendship (with romantic overtones) with a man that lives in a country with a communist past. We met through our hobbies of nerd stuff - roleplaying games, music, anime, cartoons, etc - and it gradually became deeper. I unfortunately encouraged the behavior by having feelings and sexting with him, but eventually my feelings would definitely wane and I'd see clearly about how I truly did not like him that way.

For example, my life is changing. I'm getting a new job, getting into my fitness, learning how to drive and buying my first car. Some of those haven't happened YET but on they are the to do list. As well as getting a single apartment as my own space.

Meanwhile, this guy lives with his mom. He refuses to learn how to drive, has an addiction to porn and food, and doesn't work. He makes money writing gross smut fan-fiction/fiction for people on 4-chan.

I just gave up on him.

He does have his boyfriends - one is a 'cis' guy and the other is a 'ftm' with 'big tits'. He's tried to show porn of his fetishes - like farting/bad smells/body odor and feet. But would eventually get the hint that I wasn't budging.

Do you get my gist?

He's a creative guy with a big heart, but he's stuck in that stage of being a forever teenager. He's also still a virgin at 25.

He's also the type of person that would love dogs more than a child. He's backed off on his antinatalism, but he understood that I would want children one day.

I sent him a video of a little girl helping her dad, just something light, and told him that my ovaries were on fire. An exaggeration and had nothing to do with him. He flips out and tells me, 'sorry i can't give you kids. but they would have great hair'

'also thanks for reminding me that nothing i say matters'.

So, I told him straight away that I turned off notifications to the app we used because I don't want to be distracted at work. And then I let it sit for a day.

I would check it for a response, but by the end of the day yesterday. I knew it was over.

'you know what?
you're right.
i keep hurting you and i need to stop. i truly hope i could stay to see you reunite with your boyfriend. i wish i could stay for more pics of your cat. i want you to be happy. take care of your mom while she's still here especially. be happy. please be happy.

and then i left the lyric video to distance by yebba (vid rel)

I have never felt so relieved after a losing a friend. I'm usually gutted, but I'm so happy. I'm also weirdly melancholy. Like a sun storm. The sun's out but it's raining or the first vision of clarity after crying your eyes out.

tldr; break up years-long online friendship with scrote and i'm happy about it.

No. 1279801

someone’s jelly. anon is empathetic and clearly trying her best. she’s done nothing wrong here except date a man, and at least he actually has money unlike most moids. she’s done nothing wrong here. what’s there to call her a dumbfuck over?

No. 1279824

oh i see, it’s the tranny trying to cause infighting again. well alright.

No. 1280011

i know this is going to sound really out of left field, but seeing as this is a guy who used 4chan for coomer reasons, please protect yourself. it's always those ones.

i've been stalked by a guy i had an online friendship with. we were friends for only 5 months, but he's been stalking me for 5 years now. we met when i was 17. i only found out half way into the friendship that he used 4chan and had an addiction to porn. he seemed sweet and kind hearted, albeit with some issues. but after I cut the tie, he changed.

keep records of all your conversations.

No. 1280045

I hate my co workers so much I am considering spamming review sites with the bad reviews customers share with me they experienced.
Technically its not a lie.
I have customers who wont even come in to the business if the bitches are working, its that bad.

No. 1280055

How do you know they're stalking you?

No. 1280063


I'm sorry you went through this. I went ahead and deleted my discord account and blocked/deleted from my facebook. I'm glad you're ok. I am nervous about him retaliating, but hopefully his partners can make this easier.

No. 1280079

When I was maybe 14 or 15 I was obsessed with shipping Cartman and Kyle from South Park to an autistic extent. I had a sketchbook that was 80% yaoi South Park fanart and had many fanfics of the two saved. I can't tell anyone I know this because it's really fucking weird and remembering this phase keeps up at night sometimes.

No. 1280082

How old are you now? I’m in my late 20’s and my cringiest phase that keeps me up at night is when I was about 11-12(!) I was a pretty heavy deviantart user and fell into a community of horror movie fans that made very sexually charged, explicit art of all kinds surrounding famous slashers. I once used one of those cringy “doll bases” to make a fan art of me and Pinhead from Hellraiser. There were all sorts of weird role plays going on amongst different members of the community too. Looking back I am so, so glad my account on that site is long deleted.

No. 1280083

I think it's fine anon, when I was that age I shipped Double D and Eddy from Ed Edd n Eddy actually still do.

No. 1280089

how seen did you feel that one episode

No. 1280091

I wear sailor uniforms in public, and I am oooooold. I find that wearing something specific and ridiculous motivates me to stay on my skincare routine, and nothing else does.
The only thing that gets me through the morning is motteke!

No. 1280100

damn this just reminded me of that one time my friend and i compared our pubic hair in the girls bathroom to see who had the most

No. 1280104

File: 1658981852022.jpg (11.39 KB, 250x250, bfc3df824f5b42dd8ba75839019864…)

I want to bully you

No. 1280105

I was 17 when I got deep into the Lazytown fandom and shipped Robbie Rotten and Sportacus kek. Teenagers can be retarded like that especially if they have access to the internet.

No. 1280123

If it hasn't worked by now, it isn't going to

No. 1280125

omg…..same nona. I walked in on my dad stepping out of the shower once and it was huge, like just a millisecond of seeing it I could tell how big it was. The image is permanently burned into my brain no matter how much I attempt to suppress it.

No. 1280145

I'm not bisexual and I regret my early 20s of being a spicy straight. I found comfort from all my past sexual abuse including CSA in the rising "uwu being lesbian is just an aesthetic you can fuck men and be a wlw" culture when it was first coming around and I am deeply embarrassed by my behavior back then. I'm not bisexual just because I was trying to find escapism from the shit men did to me.

No. 1280149

Not even trying to be weird but like in what kind of area do you live? It has to be like a big city or something right? I can’t imagine dressing like that in a small town even as a teenager kek, honestly good on you though.

No. 1280150

Dasha is that you

No. 1280163

What do they look like exactly? Are they flashy enough that you look like you're trying to cosplay?

No. 1280171

im not kidding when i say this, but my life would change absolutely for the better if i naturally had nice big boobs and I WOULD get away with absolutely everything bad i have ever done during any of my relationships because of it like say it ain't so!

No. 1280172

I doubt it, what could you have done that would be excused by having huge tits? Not everyone that's attractive gets away with being a shit person.

No. 1280185

get pregnant, for chance of this lol
Grew like 2 cup sizes or more, but they also got a bunch of stretch marks, so there's the monkey fist tradeoff part of that.

No. 1280187

Nta but I honestly think breast stretchmarks (and stretch marks in general) look nice.

No. 1280196

I'm skinny with big perky tits and the whole "you can get anything and get away with everything" is a fucking lie kek. I worked in the service industry and didn't get more tips than everyone, actually had a fat girl with small tits get promoted when the choice was between me or her. I've gotten multiple tickets and cops even yelled at me and searched my car since I was acting nervous . My relationships were a fucking wreck since my first real boyfriend was so fucking controlling and went above and beyond to manipulate me into basically isolating myself because he didn't want others to see my worth. Would torment me into leaving work early or even quitting certain jobs since he hated the idea of other men giving me attention. My second boyfriend left me once the novelty wore off, third boyfriend was a serial cheater and porn addict who would ignore me and cheat on me to talk to whatever porn category he liked that week. To be perfectly honest? It's women who tell me I'll get everything or get away with everything than it is actual moids giving me or letting me get away with stuff

Oh you also attract bottom of the barrel men unless you're extremely good at sniffing out these assholes

No. 1280200

This lol. I live in a small town and get major secondhand embarrassment when I see these ugly inbred fucks try to dress anime or alternative

No. 1280215

I use the friend finder thread to consume all the media nonas like rather than actually add anyone. I feel like a leech.

No. 1280217

I LOATHE people that enjoy "people watching" but I do get a sick feeling of freakshow-enjoyment when I see a weeb in the wild. Like when I was on a romantic valentines date at a nice steakhouse and spotted a lolita in full garb dining with her parents or a gathering of homestuck cosplayers at chipotle

No. 1280254

That's pretty smart actually

No. 1280255

dated a rich older scrote once because he was handsome and well groomed and our dates were actually interesting and he paid for them all. pissed me off when he assumed i lied about my fitness level when we went hiking. i expected a cute nature walk, not a fucking speed walking marathon. then i cheated on him. i think he looked at my messages. maybe put a virus on my computer… then bought me another one, that in retrospect, i am afraid was, uhh, bugged? and he tried telling me how to dress so i broke up with him. in the end i still felt bad about it. i shouldn't have though. he was trying to groom me into his ideal girl while leaving me no space to really be myself or even practice to be any of his ideals anyways. if he spied on me through the other computer, i wish he will be alone forever.

No. 1280257

You should have dumped him before he could potentially buy you another computer. You never know how crazy some men can be.

No. 1280260

Good thing you didn't fall for that grooming shit. What did you end up doing with the gifted computer?

No. 1280272

yeah, i didn't think he could've done something like that through the computer because he was 40 and only used his for work and facebook. he did have a red flag conversation with me, where he tried having me admit the cheating. a talk about trust, egging me on to say something. another thing about feminism, and him checking the messages of an ex. so manipulative. if he got mad at that because he wanted to be seriously with me, then he should not have looked at my messages. he was not good at sex either and only talked at me rather than listen, so what did he expect. young women, barely adults, should not date older men over men their own age because that is a huge power imbalance. yet the scrotes still try skewing that imbalance further.
at first i run antivirus checks, and only searched work things. then i wrote messages like stop the stalking, it is not fair. i kept using it because i could not afford a new good one yet and needed one at home otherwise. i used it for about half a year into the relationship and somehow despite being paranoid the whole time and doing antivirus checks, still used it for almost a year. if he creeped on me after that… i wonder if i could revive that laptop and find proof. when we broke up he texted me that i can always ask for help. a year later he messaged me asking how i was doing, and that is when that computer was dying. very weird to be a coincidence. but i thought my paranoia came from smoking marijuana.

No. 1280296

It’s very common for men with money to do that, and I hope that’s a sign to never take electronics from scrotes unless you watch them buy it in store and take it immediately. If they want to assemble it, they’re likely putting a keylogger on it. Vastly common. Also yeah, trying to take you on grueling hikes to make you lose weight or gain tone and trying to control your wardrobe are just classic little narc tings.

No. 1280298

If/when my mother dies I think a part of me is going to be relieved. All the self hate and self doubts I have today was instilled in me by her

No. 1280317

that's scary, anon. i let so many men fix computers and help with programs. i feel disgusted right now. when i used the antivirus it found something and quarantined it… he might have put another one when he had access to it.

No. 1280325

I'm toxic and selfish and I don't have enough self esteem do deal with it.

No. 1280338

I can't bring myself to give a shit if one of my friends has a boyfriend now. She's been avoiding us for months and a few weeks ago she spammed out group chat to tell us she has very important news to tell us. Just to drop that she has a bf that nobody knows or cares about and that she'll wait until we'll see each other irl to tell us more about him, which won't happen because she won't stop avoiding us to begin with or she won't stop telling us at the last minute that she won't be able to come to something we planned because she suddenly decided to do cosplay photoshoots with random people she just met on FB instead. Girl at least tell us somethinh actually important like how you sister gave you back the +700€ she borrowed from you and never gave back despite you talking about it everyday for years, or how you found a better job than retail, or how you found the dream apartment you were looking for. One of our friends lives abroad and she updates us way more often than you do, dumb bitch.

No. 1280343

Because a decent relationship with a man is near impossible, and straight women can't just ignore their attraction so they're forced to date them anyway in hope that someday they'll find one who isn't scum. Mostly, they fail. I failed and i'm sure i will fail again.

No. 1280365

Plus like other anons mentioned, if you have a decent relationship, you don't complain or talk about it online, especially on lolcow. It's just not the site to sit and talk about how great your boyfriend is. I'm happy for nonnas who've been lucky to find the rare decent guy out there, though.

No. 1280375

I feel like anyone here who finds a genuinely decent and fulfilling relationship will just stop visiting here pretty soon afterwards or become much less active. This is where you come to vent when life aint so hot and social connections aren't strong irl.

I started posting years ago while I was in a bad relationship. I didn't mention him much on here but I was deprived of human interaction at the time.. all while living with a person. I posted more when I was living with him than I've ever posted while single. That's how lonely it was.

No. 1280435

I support abortion and agree with this. The chance of a woman needing an abortion is very rare and there's multitudes of birth control and emergency contraception options incase birth control fails. Of course it should be available when you need it but I can't stand the over dramatic fucks who act like all women are being put into slave labor camps and will pop out 20 rape babies before they turn 40 then die of pregnancy complications because abortion won't be available in SOME states. States are unable to legally punish women who travel out of state to get an abortion and some people are just making shit up like "D&Cs will soon be illegal since it's the same thing as an abortion!!". Or people making up stories about how they totally had an ectopic pregnancy but couldn't receive care for it because doctors are scared of the roe overturn. You can even tell some people are just protesting for the sake of protesting without knowing what they're actually protesting for.

Again. I don't support the overturn but making stuff up and being over dramatic is ridiculous

No. 1280438

File: 1659019576573.jpeg (130.78 KB, 640x747, 9BE5A6DF-E1A4-4D4B-836F-634DF8…)

Wtf it’s not over dramatic, some places were already trying to do this while Roe v Wade was still in place, now that it’s not they very likely can.

No. 1280439

I'll definitely stop posting here if I ever make irl friends.

No. 1280440

Crossing state lines to commit a crime doesn't magically make the crime not a crime. If your state considers a fetus a person them you've just transported a minor across state lines for the purpose of criminal activity which is it's own crime.

No. 1280446

It's less about a relationship and more about friends. Lots of adults don't really have many friends. Tons of married anons and anons in a decent relationship with nigel post here often. Problem is no friends.

No. 1280449

It’s no different than crossing state lines to buy weed. Sure it’s a “crime” in some states but once you’ve gone to the other one it’s not the politicians business to restrict your travel. This is so creepy to me they’re trying so hard to force birth they flat out don’t care about women’s freedom, and these abortion bans are all based on antiquated laws that want women to die instead of getting medical care.

No. 1280454

Wanting to and being legally able to are two different things. I have yet to see this be legally put into place

No. 1280461

It's different when you take a minor across state lines to than when it's only yourself.

No. 1280463

Samefag for example, it would be EXTREMELY illegal, and punishable, if you took a pregnant minor across state lines for her to have an abortion. How is a child supposed to get an abortion in another state when it's a crime for any adult to take her?

No. 1280465

Ah, talking about abortion i have a confession about that. I'm not sure how i feel about abortion. I definitely hate the idea of men policing women, especially because i am very pregnancy repulsed and i die at the thought of being pregnant. So scary, so damaging, i'm not even sure i want children anyway. My heart goes to any woman in this world pressured to keep a baby, truly. Nothing but support for them.

At the same time… I'm an adopted baby, my biological mom didn't want me and gave me up after birth. I know it can sound dumb, but i can't help but feel like i could've been one of these aborted babies, as far as i know she was from a religious family so i guess that's why abortion wasn't an option for her, and i'm grateful to be honest. I know it's not like a fetus is sentient and can experience regret about a life he never even had the time to know about, but sometimes abortion can feel deshumanizing to me.

It's a weird spot to be in.

No. 1280470

Can you explain or provide articles about crossing state lines? I've traveled state lines for the purpose of doing things that would be illegal in my state on multiple occasions, even told cops, lawyers etc and they didn't give a shit

No. 1280472

Yeah dumbshit, because we had Roe in place. And there are many more draconian regulations that they already had before Roe was struck as well.

No. 1280482

Some of you will really fall for anything that will buy you dinner

No. 1280487

You can't be punished for going to another state to do something that's legal there but not in your state kek. Do you have any idea how many stoners who travel to Colorado to smoke weed legally would have been arrested?

No. 1280492

this. the only legitimate way that could work is if the state itself forbid out of state people from doing certain things in their state. states only dictate laws in their borders, free people can do anything they want elsewhere as long as it's legal where they're doing it. otherwise we wouldn't have so many people from nh going to ma to get weed.

No. 1280497

Why are you this retarded. If the state recognizes a fetus as a baby then they may be able to count it as taking a child out of state with intention to harm, or maybe even just straight up prosecute as murder even it it’s legal there. This isn’t weed, fetuses were granted personhood. I’m not saying it will 100% definitely happen but it’s not paranoid to be scared that it will. They could criminalize people helping you get out of state as well.

No. 1280509

Just admit you’re a male poster with no real understanding of how serious the implications of these laws are on actual women you literal retard. You sound like a redditor who has never been outside.

No. 1280510

>fuck up ur body with birth control girls!!
So many women don't want to ingest this fucking poison. What's up with all the scrotes posting here. Every radfem here knows a reversal of womens rights IS a gigantic fucking deal.

No. 1280519

I didn't mean "fuck up your body with birth control". There's multiple hormone-free birth control options such as condoms and spermicide. If rape does occur or birth control fails there's always plan b which is hormonal but isn't a long term thing
>Y-youre male!!
Are you retarded? I support abortion, there's plenty of anti abortion protests filled with women. I'm just saying blatantly making stuff up or claiming absurd things like "this is deeply hurting all women no exceptions" is ridiculous considering how low abortion rates were pre roe vs wade overturn. There's not going to be a magical influx of women needing abortions and dying. Also you have to explain (or prove) how it would legally be punishable towards women to travel to another state for an abortion

No. 1280522

nta but states quite specifically do not have that kind of power.

No. 1280524

No. 1280530

i think anons are just confused about the power that state governments actually hold.

No. 1280532

God go back wherever you came from, this isn't 4chan.

No. 1280535

>For those who would support bans against traveling out of state for an abortion, there is “pretty clear” precedent for states being able to enforce laws beyond their boundaries, such as the 1941 ruling in Skiriotes v. Florida, said Kermit Roosevelt, a University of Pennsylvania law professor.

>And under the 1985 Supreme Court decision Phillips Petroleum Co. v. Shutts, states are able to apply civil laws to their citizens when they are in another state, Rosen said.

>There is also precedent for a state to “punish a crime committed by its citizens in another state, so long as the conduct is criminal in both states,” said Gabriel (Jack) Chin, a law professor at the University of California-Davis. If abortion was legal in the second state, the state passing the out-of-state abortion restriction might be on safer legal ground if it could demonstrate some form of harm to the state, he added.

>“State A could argue that, unlike traveling to engage in gambling or smoking marijuana, an abortion has continuing effects in State A, namely, the death of a citizen or future citizen of the state,”


The fact is we just don’t know what could happen and it is not overdramatic to be scared

No. 1280540

Fucking kek that you posted the same article as the one I quoted. Did you even read it?

No. 1280543

File: 1659025645031.jpg (95.48 KB, 768x512, abortion-768x512.jpg)

>Women can't disagree with me!!!
You can't possibly be this dense. Some women support abortion and some are fighting for their life against it. Some women think people are being too dramatic for the roe vs wade overturn and some women think they're not being dramatic enough. We aren't a hivemind. Either actually prove something or save your arguments for someone who is actually trying to strip you of your rights
>Inb4 only men ask for proof
Idk what to tell you if you think only moids can have arguments that ask for proof. Now you're not only making pro-abortion people look like irrational harpies but also women
Definitely. The supreme court already explained how it wouldn't be legal to ban interstate travel even if it means to get an abortion, states who do try it end up failing. Idk why so many people keep crying about how states are going to do all kinds of insane stuff they don't have the power to do if you go somewhere else to do something that is legal in that area. They can't even punish people who travel to have sex with teenagers that are technically "legal" in that state. How would they possibly ban people from traveling to get an abortion? Plus if they truly wanted to wouldn't abortion clinics attempt to not accept out of state patients? Most abortion clinics are welcoming out of state patients and insurances are even paying for travel

No. 1280545

>>>There is also precedent for a state to “punish a crime committed by its citizens in another state, so long as the conduct is criminal in both states
Read this again. This is only punishable if abortion is illegal in that state. If it's legal in the state you are traveling to then it's legal
Are you talking about >>1280438? Did you even read the washingtonpost link? It's not the same article and the one posted in the pictures article explains how states have tried to pass travel bans for abortion but failed

No. 1280548

This is such a stupid fucking thing to say. She's sourcing her belief, regardless of what you think of her position, how is that a moid thing? Some of you all are misogynists in disguise i swear.

You can think whatever you want, she's a handmaiden blahblahblah, but telling her that she's a scrote because she tried to post sources and asked that you do the same? Kek.

No. 1280549

>Read this again.
Read the rest of the fucking paragraph you stupid fuck oh my god

No. 1280553

>Did you even read the washingtonpost link?
What are you talking about? I posted the pic before they linked an article? And yes, the article mentions times they failed. While Roe was still in place. Because Roe being struck is quite new…

No. 1280555

>so long as the conduct is criminal in both states
What else could this possibly mean? Wanna explain since you're so smart and I'm so dumb it should be easy right? All the article states is that traveling to get an abortion to a state where it's illegal is infact illegal

No. 1280556

The picture and link aren't the same article. Can you point to me where I supposedly posted the same link to an article you quoted?
>And yes, the article mentions times they failed. While Roe was still in place. Because Roe being struck is quite new…
That was a picture posted. The article I linked explained how the supreme court explained how it would not be punishable to travel for abortion as long as if abortion is legal in the state you're traveling to

No. 1280558

It means what the fuck it says it means
>If abortion was legal in the second state, the state passing the out-of-state abortion restriction might be on safer legal ground if it could demonstrate some form of harm to the state, he added.

>“State A could argue that, unlike traveling to engage in gambling or smoking marijuana, an abortion has continuing effects in State A, namely, the death of a citizen or future citizen of the state,”

This article is discussing both ways there might be protection and counter arguments to that. How can you argue with someone who refuses to read

No. 1280559

I am not arguing that we posted the same link I am literally arguing the opposite wtf

No. 1280562

nta but you're stupid. 4chan moids support abortion and actually think it should be forced on women who don't want abortions. even /pol/ has supported abortion

No. 1280567

The anon I replied to claim "you're stupid because you linked an article I quoted". The only other articles I could find was the picture posted. What do you mean?

No. 1280576

>>safer legal ground if it could demonstrate some form of harm to the state, he added.
This means the state would have to locate you, confirm the abortion then actively prove that the state is being hurt in some way. Which is impossible since supreme court ruled that traveling for abortion is legal
>>State A could argue that, unlike traveling to engage in gambling or smoking marijuana, an abortion has continuing effects in State A, namely, the death of a citizen or future citizen of the state,”
They're just saying examples of defenses the state might use but will most likely be invalid since the fetus has another definition in state B
>This article is discussing both ways there might be protection and counter arguments to that.
There's going to be counter arguments to everything but nothing in the article stated any sort of proof how it will be legal to punish women who travel for abortion, just arguments states "might" use but nothing on how they are legally going to stop women from traveling to other states for abortion or even how they could get abortion clinics to not accept out of state patients

No. 1280584

Abortion clinics already won’t take them. Look at planned parenthood. They don’t have to make it illegal they just have to threaten enough no one wants to risk themselves to help.

No. 1280586

I'm not even part of this retarded debate but the quoted posts is peak obnoxious 4channer, the only thing that missed was a "proofs???".
>even /pol/ has supported abortion
>4chan moids support abortion
This is absolute bullshit and you know it lmao

No. 1280587

Proof? The abortion clinic here is accepting multiple patients from out of state and actually encourages them. Plus insurances are paying for travel

No. 1280590

File: 1659027520954.png (96.64 KB, 1145x804, 4kdinbsho6891.png)

>This is absolute bullshit and you know it lmao
You are just bullshitting now. A single walk through 4chan can show you posts that support abortion. You don't seem to know what you're talking about. Just because they don't support it for the right reasons doesn't mean they don't support it

No. 1280591

nta but 4chan moids who support abortion tend to only do so on the basis of eugenics (the logic is that it’s good to get the genes of people who’d abort out of the gene pool plus the fact that in the US black women have the highest rates of seeking abortions) or retarded libertarianism. most, i’d say, do not support it unless they’re from a hobby board.

No. 1280595

supporting eugenics is not supporting abortion rights. absolute retard. love when total reactionaries try to fit in with feminists because “guys i hate trannies too” and expose their asses

No. 1280604

There are currently 3 threads on pol seething about abortion, here's one of them

Yes, that's what I've been saying.

No. 1280612

There's an active thread up in /pol/ mocking trump for not being able to ban abortion and bitching about "retarded libtard president banning abortion"

No. 1280621

This is filled with users both supporting and being against abortion. Most of the replies though are just questioning how it's against abortion and then fighting about Russians and Germans and shit. Definitely very little posts of "seething about abortion".

No. 1280627

this. that’s all there is to say. most poltards oppose abortion and the ones that don’t are eugenicists who aren’t good people nor are they feminists. simple as

No. 1280635

What even are you trying to say? I'm not saying they're your allies I'm just saying claiming anyone who says anything negative about abortion (or how people are reacting) isn't a 4chan moid. You can hate them all you want but why just straight up make up stuff? A broken clock is right two times a day

No. 1280640

I swear to God if you point to me where I could have even -slightly- implied 4chans pro abortion users are feminists. The first thing I posted was pointing out 4chan users can be pro abortion but not because they support women

No. 1280644

>>You defending them tells me all I need to know
Quote me where I defended them and I will Venmo you $800 dollars this time

No. 1280646

I love being lazy and unproductive sometimes. Only women should be lazy

No. 1280649

>supposedly anti abortion anon "defending" 4chan by saying they're pro abortion because they're evil
Can some of you please go back to elementary school and learn to read? Thank you

No. 1280650

Still waiting for you to point out where I defended them

No. 1280654

nta but you're annoying and should have been aborted, im pro-choice and people like you make me embarrassed to be in the same group as you

No. 1280666

Nowhere did I imply they cared about girls and young women kek. I just said a lot of them support abortion and even pointed multiple times in every single post where I supposedly defended moids that they were doing it for the wrong reasons to be against women. You're just too stupid to read.
Listen to >>1280654 and stop embarrassing yourself and the movement since you need to obnoxiously make shit up to have some sort of defense.

No. 1280667

File: 1659029906759.jpeg (4.52 MB, 3024x4032, 1658529133439.jpeg)

No. 1280671

Why even bring up /pol/tards in the first place, you know tour arguing in bad faith. Just admit that it was a bad move.


No. 1280673

Anon cannot tag the posts since all the "defending 4chan" posts include pointing out 4chan users are fucked up, actually pointing out the posts would go against their own point and make their unhinged sperging look laughable

No. 1280678

I didn't. Another anon accused me of being from 4chan for being against abortion (which I'm not, I just think some people are being overly dramatic). I pointed out that plenty of 4channers support abortion and made it clear as day I know it's because they hate women and are doing it for the wrong reasons. Did you even bothering reading before claiming "I just started talking about 4chan moids out of nowhere"? Obviously reading isn't your thing if you were foaming at the mouth claiming I defended them and then refused to point to me where I defended them after I offered you a cash bribe

No. 1280681

I don't want your blood money anon. I just don't like liars that's all, I'm gonna just going to act the rest of avocado, sit back, and watch you combust.

No. 1280686

>Another anon accused me of being from 4chan for being against abortion
No, I accused you because of your cringy posting way.

No. 1280687

>I just don't like liars
You must really hate yourself then. Lying about me defending 4chan moids, lying about me "bringing up 4chan moids out of nowhere"
Lol are you those retards who think asking for proof is something only moids do? Explains a lot

No. 1280688

ngl it’s starting to smell like schizotroon in here, be wary of arguing with crazies here this week because he loves sitting in /ot/ threads waiting for the right moment to foster infighting.

No. 1280689

no, i just think it's trannyhand kek, not the first time he derailed with anti-abortion shit, he did this in the roe thread too

No. 1280692

that’s equally disappointing, what do they even get out of doing this? it’s not like women wake up thinking “ugh i wish i was accepted in male communities that are diametrically opposed to my own interests as a human being, i wish the men would accept me as one of them and allow me into their community where the only things discussed are completely foreign to me…” not even the worst pickmes want to be accepted into “male spaces.”

No. 1280694

In Arizona they said it was just too difficult so you’re on your own essentially for one.
How about these ones too? There’s more. It’s not across the board but none of the states around me will take me if I look at the actual clinics. My company might pay but a doctor won’t help because of my home state. They’re doing shady shit anon and women are being refused care. PP and it’s trannies care more about hormones and mutilating children than live women.

No. 1280696

Samefag but they’re taking donations and then pulling out of anywhere that might have a risk long before the laws come in. Women are suffering.

No. 1280703

I'm not against abortion. At least try if you're going to try to witchhunt anons

No. 1280704


>Wahh why can I fight you and not have you say anything back

No. 1280708

Current dark traid stacy mission: manipulating scrotes on discord to be insecure and get dick fillers.

No. 1280713

This just just planned Parenthood in a couple of states though. I live in a state close to Oklahoma and Texas and the local abortion clinic is specifically welcoming in women from those states. The AZ article just says AZ is banning abortion not banning out of state patients, plus AZ is very close to states that have legal abortion
>My company might pay but a doctor won’t help because of my home state.
Why would the doctor help? Companies are paying for travel, including Uber, Google and Starbucks.

No. 1280714

..yes? It's not against the rules to reply to different posts kek

No. 1280750

Anon the doctors refuse women from my state. I literally had it happen. No the doctor isn’t paying for my service. They won’t perform it. I’m not sure your opinion is one I care to sway seeing your reading ability and the fact you’re literally not in a place effected at the moment seeking care.

No. 1280760

I used to find it gross too but now I don't mind it both on men and women, the same goes for leg hair


No. 1280762

There can’t be proof of how it will be legal until it’s a law. Also traveling and the abortion itself are actually 2 different “crimes” so they wouldn’t have to prove the traveling was illegal if they can’t, just the abortion if they are able to get those documents. It doesn’t matter what the other state defines abortion as.

This is uncharted territory, it’s an argument of “human rights” now that some states can call them humans not just any crime. Maybe the closest thing could be slavery but I don’t know anything about how slaves crossing states worked.

No. 1280771

when i was like 8 i tried to calculate weather men or women were better so i invented a random person and asked them what parts of either could be considered attractive to a hypothetical person and assigned points so for men i could come up with like the face and the dick if we are being charitable even though i didn't really buy it and for women i named the face the breasts the hips the legs the vagina the hands etc etc. so women were leading 9:2 and 4 years later i discovered the word leasbian so that cleared up a few things

No. 1280804

this is so funny and cute

No. 1280819

that's smart, i didn't even know what a dick was at that age

No. 1280820

I've had major "I Can Fix Him" feelings towards this one unhinged moid that I've had a small crush on for years and I can't stop dreaming about us fucking. He's a raging alcoholic and a liar to boot, what the fuck is wrong with me?
And don't worry, I'm not gonna

No. 1280831

We both linked the poynter article that I quoted. It has nothing to do with the WaPo pic.

No. 1280884

I think I'm starting to get bored sexually with my bf. I want to wear pretty lingerie or stupid shit like micro skirts just for fun and he's not into it even in theory. That's nice and all that he isn't a coomer creep but he doesn't really initiate either or show that he's horny unless I do. Where's the balance? I've talked to him so much about it and he just says we never get privacy which is only partially true. It's gotten to the point where I keep thinking about another guy I've slept with before him who taught me all the places I like to be pleasured at and showed me that I'm more drawn to a man who can lead or y'know….be active.

No. 1280891

i found out trough balkan boomer meme forums because all of their jokes were about erectile dysfunction and hating their wives

No. 1280911

It's a big city for the midwest
I mean it's cosplay no matter what because I'm a grown up white lady in America, but yeah some of them literally are cosplay costumes, some are colors no school would use, and some are authentic or authentic-like

No. 1280913

I really hope your ass aint in chicago cuz you bouta be mugged if i see you

No. 1280916

I know I'm autistic, but I'm never going to understand visceral hatred to the point of wanting to cause others harm over looking like a spaz
Can you explain why people feel disgust toward weirdos? Genuinely asking, I don't get it because it doesn't effect the other person; it doesn't make sense to me

No. 1280919

Nona she's just messing with you, she's probably just as much of a sperg as you, and rarely leaves her house. She could never confront anyone, let alone fight.

No. 1280921

I dunno if anyone can sperg on my level, but I get you

No. 1280923

Funny because I actually do fight and just beat someone up a fat euro bitch in sweden at a concert lmao. But yeah I was fucking w nona.

No. 1280925

She was joking anon

No. 1280926

cringe and underage

No. 1280927

Sorry you're mad at my posts twice for no reason. Don't make accusations that aren't true and get disappointed after

No. 1280928

Yep, got it when the first person said it

No. 1280930

it’s the schizotranny. ignore.

No. 1280931

>women can't fight

No. 1280933

>bragging about beating people up on an anonymous imageboard
Literally more cringe than the hag in the school uniform, I hope you're underage, it's worse if you aren't

No. 1280934

That's not even the same person, and I wasn't making "accusations", I was just saying we're all a bit spergy here and that I doubt you'd fight her lol. You're on the internet, stop trying to seem tough

No. 1280935

It's not a brag. There's no reason to for anon to get mad at my joke and be an armchair psychologist over one post. She can cry about me going out and don't things though.

No. 1280938

Yeah it's pretty spergy of you to start infighting. Wasnt it you trying to seem tough

No. 1280939

I'm not mad at your joke, I asked you question, someone clarified you were joking, you said you beat up a fat girl, ???, now we're here
Thanks for making me feel less autistic tbh

No. 1280944

I said that she could never confront anyone, let alone fight because she's probably just a shut in sperg like everyone else here. It's mostly just jokes, and I was trying to make the autistic cosplayer feel better and like no one would actually want to hurt her for doing that. If you're the one trying to talk about how tough you are, then go out and be tough I guess, but you sound lame trying to prove to us you can fight when no one here would ever interact with you in person anyways

No. 1281000

I want to over dose on a bunch of random (anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, sleeping pills, painkillers, antitussives, pain syndrome etc.) pills I've collected through out the year in my boyfriend's apartment on a sunny Sunday. I want to have a bit of fun with my mind.

No. 1281001

1. don’t do it
2. especially don’t do it in your boyfriends apartment, what the hell
3. don’t do it
4. most drug od attempts leave you still alive with permanent damage
5. don’t do it

No. 1281007

File: 1659047595486.jpg (40.52 KB, 736x940, 095ff2cbf28f622977d5423b2d7ba3…)

No. 1281009

I haven’t worn a bra whenever I go out, lately. It’s such a pain to put a bra on and take it off especially when it’s only going to be a 10 minute trip to the grocery store. I don’t care if people notice my nipples, it feels good to not have those straps binding me and digging into my skin just for other people’s comfort. My breasts are small so I don’t need that extra support. Fuck bras.

No. 1281027

>how to burn a hole in your stomach

No. 1281059

Making your body feel uncomfortable for no rational reason is a sin. You're doing good, nonna.

No. 1281066

Why not just smoke a bit of weed? Have fun ODing

No. 1281072

I wish I had your confidence.

No. 1281101

>I want to have a bit of fun with my mind.
You mean suffer some kind of brain damage? Please seek help.

No. 1281187

File: 1659056380986.gif (473.08 KB, 320x240, ed8.gif)

>check in on thread
>abortion sperging

No. 1281324

File: 1659060123972.jpeg (206.79 KB, 540x799, D9ED2CC1-F7C2-4F82-95DC-129EAC…)

I met one of my friends this week for a coffee and I can't stop thinking about him ever since. He has the cutest smile and nice hair. We're long term friends, however, we only met twice in all these years of friendship. I used to have a crush on him but it always felt too awkward to try to do something about it, so I just brushed it aside. I'm dating another guy now and this friend also has a partner. I can't wait for this infatuation to wore off so I can move on with my life without feeling like a disgusting cheater even though nothing happened between the two of us.

No. 1281365

I feel silly, nonnie. Thanks for not letting me forget men are all coomers.

No. 1281375

Kek this post has strong Stacy energy

No. 1281377

File: 1659062149781.jpg (33.39 KB, 231x275, 1649545216666.jpg)

I had a phase where the only porn I would watch, which wasn't all too often, maybe once or twice a month, was of men getting electrocuted and generally abused. There was some dominatrix who had all these weird kinda brutal videos where the men always had some mask things on, now I don't watch porn but I sure wonder wtf my therapist would say about this.

No. 1281429

What is your relationship like with your father?

No. 1281589

I'm obsessed with weight loss shows even I'm not nor have ever been fat or anachan. It's not even for health conscious reasons or sick pleasure I don't know why I do it

No. 1281593

I am happy the scrote is dead

No. 1281594

File: 1659071966579.gif (1.08 MB, 220x220, how-why.gif)

Nothing, just make this face for the whole session.

No. 1281597

Careful nonna you are getting dangerously based there.

No. 1281641

Wish I had small boobies everyday

No. 1281730

SS vs SS?

No. 1281920

File: 1659101041810.jpg (172.28 KB, 1340x2048, FYV8bRWUUAA7MXX.jpg)

Don't care about vtubers and don't care to get into them, but I wanted to have something play in the background and Twitch had this dude recommended to me on my front page and I think I'm gonna regret getting sucked down this hole.

No. 1281947

the dr's gallery is a horror show. it's a bunch of ugly dicks that look infected with bleeding holes. most of them somehow look worse in the afters.

No. 1281984

holy shit i have no words, it's just shocking

No. 1282049

I've ghosted almost all my online friends I made during the pandemic because I can't stand them anymore and I feel like I've changed too much as a person since those shitty times.

No. 1282101

When I was young I was probably pretty typical for a lil girl, I loved animals, I wanted to be a vet. I desperately wanted a pet and when my parents wouldn't allow one I just wanted to somehow get quality time with friends pets or to visit people with them. We took in my aunts cat one summer and I was in heaven bugging that cat for his time every day. I was sensitive to animals being killed in a movie or one time I saw a dog that had been run over and it was very gory intestine wise.. it was the worst thing my eyes had ever seen at that age. I was with my dad though so I knew I had to pretend I felt nothing. Sensitive animal lover lil kid. Normal right?

My dad always had this 'toughen up' attitude. He wanted me to grow up fast. He wanted me to throw out all the cuddly toys I owned. He wanted me to be able to see a dead animal and not feel a thing. He wanted me to get used to lifes harsh realities I guess. I never understood it back then. I still don't really get it. But I did hit an age where I became what he wanted. I lost my connection to animals. I stopped being sensitive to roadkill. I stopped craving a pet and now as a homeowner I don't even want one. I see other people with pets and the connection they share and I'm sad that I lost that before I ever got to have it.

I kinda feel like the empathy got knocked out of me to an extent. I'm not being edgy and claiming I have no feelings but there's ways I just don't connect anymore with animals. I've turned into my dad and I feel horrible to admit it. I want to feel like I have the ability to love and care for something vulnerable. I don't have that in me. I don't want kids and now I don't feel anything for animals either. I'm numb in a way where I think my upbringing damaged me. I can't say I connect well with people either. Kids, animals, adults, who the fuck do I connect with at this point? Are you proud dad?

No. 1282114

I’m sorry your demented old scrote poisoned your developing brain. They particularly enjoy doing that.

No. 1282155

Transcendent beingesque move. Women get fillers in their outer labia and labiaplasty to literally cut off the flaps in a cosmetic FGM way moar men should get this and mutilate their short docks

No. 1282165

Same here. Online friends really helped me cope during lockdown but these days I feel like those people were all toxic and slowly eroding my self-esteem so I don't feel bad about ghosting them.

No. 1282183

A similar thing happened to me and then one day I found a kitten on the road so I took it home. I was very distant from it for a while and was only taking care of it out of duty cuz even though I didn’t feel anything but dread about animals I still didn’t want them to die. I tried to find him a home for about a month but I guess he never had an owner and I didn’t trust any of the people who wanted him.

I begrudgingly kept him and had mad anxiety about it for weeks about how my life was going to be ruined, I didn’t have time, I don’t want to do the chores, don’t want furniture ruined, don’t have a lot of money for vets etc etc.

But after 2 or 3 months of playing with him and seeing his personality develop and how cute he was I started to get attached, and now I adore him and we are inseparable. I wouldn’t want to encourage you to get an animal in case you don’t end up wanting it like I did, but just wanted to let you know that there’s hope!

No. 1282205

They make my boobs look weird too. I've worn them for about a month for the first time in the beginning of this year, but I didn't get used to them sitting up so high.

No. 1282228

I joined some discord servers at the start of it (I had also happened to have a break up with my irl friends), and I have left every single one. I talked to them for two years but I can't stand the fucking trannies, furries, misogynists and other fuckers in discord.

No. 1282236

anon like none of these that you've described are going to make you have fun. you sound like you're going to suffer seratonin syndrome if not legitimately OD and suffer liver damage for literally no reason. this is not the right combo of pills to take for "fun" at all whatsoever

No. 1282317

From time to time me and my family watch old videos of me and my brother's childhood (not for the hell of it, it's because we are slowly converting then all into modern digital formats) and I kinda feel sad/jealous of how happy and careless my mother was with my brother (he's older so at the time I wasn't even born). There are silly videos of him throwing shit and acting bad in a stupid kid way and she just laughs in the videos. But when I was little, I remember she would shame and get angry a lot more if I acted weird or if I broke something, to the point that I have a lot of issues with being perfect and fearing mistakes and shame now. She seemed kind to my brother, so why was she unusually controlling and strict with me? Is it because he's male and automatically became the golden child to her (and my father)?

No. 1282333

I almost never wear one either. I don't give a shit if someone can see the shape of my boobs a little more. I see men's nipple through their shirts all the time. I see them shirtless with fat rolls. I see their bulges because they don't want to wear something that fits them. I see their asscracks peeking, I see their underwear, I see their hairy ass gunt and I keep my mouth shut and look somewhere else. If anything, they're the ones being obscene.

No. 1282363

I'm making a Twitter burner account to cyberbully my bf

No. 1282367

No. 1282370

It's kinda fun

No. 1282372

I diagnose you with BPD

No. 1282375

I have BPD and I diagnose you with BPD as well

No. 1282382

that’s really stupid anon. why are you with him?

No. 1282487

Some people bully their crushes because they still act like middleschoolers who cannot flirt.

No. 1282502

but it is her actual bf which is worse and stupid

No. 1282528

True, true.

No. 1282602

Idk where to post this, this is a confession/vent post I guess. I'm basically using a guy for attention. I never had a bf/sex/kissing, I'm an autist and it's really hard for me to identify my feelings sometimes, but I'm perfectly sure I'm not attracted to him. I just enjoy the attention he gives me, and I like the hugs too, because no one ever hugged me and I'm touch starved but I can't imagine having sex or even kissing with that guy. I tried to force myself to be attracted to him but I can't. His personality is also not the kind I would look for in a partner, overall he's immature and I need stability. He's in love with me and I think he's sure we're in a relationship. He wants to move in together and my life situation really forces me to look for an apartment right now, but I told him I will only move in with him if there will be two bedrooms because sometimes I want to sleep and be alone and he was like but why. I told him it's because I'm an autist. That part is perfectly true though and even if I was with someone who's attractive, I would still prefer to sleep alone from time to time and I can't phantom sharing one space with someone all the time. He said we probably won't have enough money for an apartment with two bedrooms but we can try. I'm planning to rent an apartment with him, change jobs and then leave. I'm afraid of his reaction though. I'm pissed at myself but I feel like I'm doing something I need right now. I wish I could find a guy who's both mature and attractive in my eyes but every man I see either sucks or is taken. I feel envious of other women because I constantly see couples where men do basically everything I find hard, like handling formalities, and their women don't have to worry about anything and they just take care of themselves. It's so much easier for a woman in a relationship than for a woman who has nobody. I'm jealous. My mom was handling a lot of stuff for me, and now when she's gone I have a hard time navigating in life, I know it can be hard for a non autistic woman, but I think for me it's even harder. I know I'm basically using this guy. I feel bad about it but I do it anyway. I will never sleep with him though. He needs this apartment just as much as I do, and I know that we can rent it as friends too, but he's sure we're basically a couple, and I'm scared that if I decide to tell him I actually don't want to date you but hey we can still rent this place together he will be mad and he will purposefully move out and leave me in need for looking for another housemate, which would be another hard to handle formality for me.

No. 1282609

You are setting yourself up for mistreatment

No. 1282610

File: 1659137787996.png (238.09 KB, 800x585, 246367_prison-bars-png.png)

I have no words for what you have done, please change yourself.

No. 1282623

Honestly anon I'm not autistic but I could definitely see myself get in this situation kek. And also I think you underestimate how many women feel the same way you do about your moid about their moid. You'll hear women online talk about how they were never attracted to their ex, he just provided comfort, attention, shelter, needs, sex, etc, and/or they were very insecure about themselves at the time which made them get with someone they didn't like. I hope it all works out in the end.

No. 1282707

I'm going to be very honest, you're setting yourself for a abusive situation. It's hard to be woman alone in this world i know but if i read it right and you don't have your mom anymore then you're going straight to the kind of situation that becomes dangerous quickly. Lost, lonely women without a family are the woman that gets abused the most

No. 1282756

I'm spending my evening eating, drinking, puking, then doing it all over again

No. 1282777

I did that too, then I stopped drinking, stopped puking shortly after.

No. 1282826

File: 1659146507977.jpg (81.8 KB, 729x900, 1655479486183.jpg)

Nonnie I'm begging you
I used to hang around and text a guy "friend" for attention. And by that I mean we played videogames once a month and texted random shit and memes, he girlfriendzoned me almost immediately and he made weird and sexual texts out of the blue as time went on. We had no connection besides knowing each other since elementary and liking anime. He "confessed" his love for me after a literal year and a half of this, I was extremely lucky he wasn't an incel type when I rejected him over text, but he was and is still the typical porn watching, misogynist memeing, incel-lite type 99% of men are today.
You're going to feel his eyes on you and be self conscious 24/7 knowing he thinks you're in a relationship. He's gonna push boundaries, put his arms over your shoulders, get touchy with you when you're alone together. How do you think he'll react if you bring someone over or talk about a guy in front of him? Make plans without him while he expects you to do everything together?
Do not take my words as jealousy or fearmongering, listen to your gut and common sense. If you really decide to or HAVE to move in because the alternative will be worse please please protect yourself. Without your mom's support I know things are harder and absolutely shitty to get through but the best solution is to become as self-sustaining as you possibly can as fast as you can. Good luck nona

No. 1282835

> I wish I could find a guy who's both mature and attractive in my eyes but every man I see either sucks or is taken.
When I hear people talk like, it's amazing how the problem is never identified as being an issue with who they are in of themselves. If you're an autist and expect a man to do the stuff you find hard for you, no person in general who is actually mature would want to be with you - they'd want to be with someone who can hold their own to an extent. Hence you will keep on finding guys like this as long as you make excuses for yourself.

No. 1282854

I had a miscarriage before 20 weeks and when it came out of me, I saw it's little eyes. It was hardly human shaped, but it was alive inside me at some point without knowing. I buried it in a shoebox without telling anyone and I haven't coped since. As cringy as it is, that song by grimes, adore you, comforted me.

No. 1282855

That's awful anon, I'm so sorry you went through that. How you cope isn't cringy at all. I hope you're able to get help if you need it or if it's available to you.

No. 1282995

I think she was saying Grimes is cringe

No. 1283084

I don't want him to do everything for me, just guide me sometimes. But also, I don't smoke weed, like he does, and I don't spend my money on bullshit, like he does, I'm actually really good at managing and saving money. I also take care of myself, and his hygiene is sometimes disappointing. People think I'm attractive, while he's average. So am I really a hypocrite for wanting someone who's at least responsible with money, takes care of himself and doesn't have air head friends who smoke weed with him? Also someone who has more interests and hobbies, like me. Wanting someone who's better looking isn't bad either since he's below me in looks.

No. 1283089

Thank you anon, I'm gonna think about it. Maybe I will manage to find someone else to move in together, I have like a month to decide

No. 1283121


No. 1283728

I'm not saying you shouldn't want better than the guy you're with, but that it is worth examining why you're with trash.

No. 1283767

I kinda wish a certain troon would die

No. 1283768

I discovered porn at a young age. I ended up seeking out bizarre kink categories out of curiosity (nothing immoral, just weird stuff that shouldn't be sexual) I found a category that did something to me.. it was like my mind got wired to only get off to one thing. I was young and not sure what was going on or why I liked it. I've now dated over the years. I've been open about it sometimes and not open other times. I reached a point a few years ago where I just wanted to be able to orgasm thinking about normal sex. I never got a chance to explore regular sex stuff before this had already hijacked my ability to orgasm. My sexual life always felt split in two. I had ok sex with partners and then I had my private solo sessions that made sex seem like a chore by comparison. I would overcompensate by being very giving but tbh sex felt lackluster on my end. It was mostly done for their sake. I'd rather get off solo to a clip if I were being honest.

I'm finally making progress lately. I started crushing on a singer a few months back and it's intense enough that I'm not watching porn or thinking about it. The cycle is being chipped away at. I can watch a live performance of a song and be good to fantasize after that. My fantasies stay within a normal range of just sex acts. oh it only took 20 years to find a guy who does that for me? I don't know what sets him apart from everyone else but I somehow need to find a man who genuinely sparks that level of attraction in me, irl

I'm left reflecting on things, trying to figure out where the pornsickness ends and the 'dating without a true spark' probably began.

No. 1283780

Nice guys suck, good guys rule. I've left the former get away because of my experience with the latter, but I'm not letting it happen again.

No. 1283797

I've developed a crush on one of my best friends. It’s not going anywhere because I'm in a serious relationship with my boyfriend, but I feel so degen for feeling so much infatuation for someone else. I've had small crushes before while dating other people but it didn't matter because I didn't feel real love for the other guy. This is the first time I've developed a crush on someone I already held non-romantic love for. It feels much more intense because even though I'm not "IN love" with him, I still do love him and also have a crush on him. It started because I was suspecting he had a crush on me and at first that made me uncomfortable, but as time went on I stopped caring and then eventually got into my current brain rot predicament. I won't act on it because it's against my morals, but I hate that I'm so loving by nature because my monkey brain keeps asking "why can't I just love two guys if both know and love me too?" It doesn't help that my boyfriend has told me throughout our relationship that if I'm not getting something I need from him, he doesn't mind if I get it from another guy. But then my rational brain takes over and I realize it's not a good idea. For one, I don't know for sure if my friend even does like me. For two, it would still feel wrong even if I genuinely loved both of them, because I know my boyfriend would still be first in my heart. My friend deserves someone who puts him first, everyone does unless you're a piece of crap. I just feel so conflicted because I think both of them are super compatible with me, and I'm super compatible with both of them. I used to shit on those crummy redditor polyamorous relationships because I've always been such a staunch monogamist but now I feel like a hypocrite.

I have no one I can tell this to because I don't want to be judged due to them knowing everyone involved. I would tell my boyfriend but I have no idea how he would take it, I doubt he would care because he's teased me saying I should be with my friend, but knowing him he would probably joke about the crush in front of someone else and that would mortify me. I can't wait for the day this can finally fizzle out.

No. 1283842

>my boyfriend has told me throughout our relationship that if I'm not getting something I need from him, he doesn't mind if I get it from another guy.
>I would tell my boyfriend but I have no idea how he would take it, I doubt he would care because he's teased me saying I should be with my friend
Does this imply he's okay with you cucking him? He sounds really spineless, and like he doesn't care if you actually love him or not.

No. 1283871

Yeah he's basically okay with me cucking him lol. It's not so much spineless the way I take it, moreso he's kind of not bothered. The reason I don't do it is because even when a lot of people say they're ok with stuff like that, when push comes to shove they find out they aren't. He isn't really jealous by nature and it's because of me that we're even in a committed relationship versus us just being a casual fling. Either way, last thing I wanna do is nuke what I have just because he claims to be fine with it.

No. 1283875

Once when I had sex with a chunky big guy his neighbor had to lift up the fupa so he could penetrate me

No. 1283876

Sure you did

No. 1283892

Apathy and being spineless are pretty much synonymous, but that's beside the point since there seems to be more going on than just apathy. If he's cool with you going behind his back to be with someone else romantically and sexually, then he's admitting that he thinks he's not good enough for you, and that he can't provide what you want; at the least he's apathetically going along with it because he has no self worth, or at most he has a fetish for being degraded sexually and wants you to humiliate him. It shows a real lack of commitment, and effort on his part to say he's fine with you being with other guys if you're not happy. If you're not happy, then he should take care of that, and not leave it up to some other guy, or you should just break up. Being a cuck is degrading, why would you want to be with a guy who's self-loathing, and thinks you should go behind his back for your own pleasure? He's an insecure and spineless guy if he's not expressing a desire to be the only one for you, and treats you so well you'd never want anyone else. If he's encouraging you to go behind his back, then he sounds really flippant, and careless with your relationship.

No. 1283907

File: 1659233315675.jpeg (37.03 KB, 400x400, 67A7F41E-6CDC-49F0-B5AF-380E62…)

In middle school my only friends were boys with obsessive crushes on me. They never left me alone and idolized me because they thought I was just like them due to shared niche interests. I hated their affection and wanted them to stop making me uncomfortable but I also understood on an instinctive level that telling them I didn’t like it when they’d do certain things and I had no romantic feelings for them would leave me friendless. One by one they all tried coercing me into sending them nudes, using the usual tactics like saying everyone other guy gets nudes sent to them, that they feel lonely and it’s my fault, that they can’t be my friend if I don’t give in. So I gave in. Some of them immediately lost interest in me. Some of them became even more obsessive until I finally snapped and told them I found them disgusting and never felt anything for them. Even after telling some of them this they continued to beg me for attention and sexual things I didn’t have the stomach or physical capabilities for. I felt like fucking prey and it never ended, I was so naive that I truly believed the new boy I became friends with wouldn’t suddenly turn into a sexual monster demanding that I show him my feet or read his erotic stories about me. It got to the point where I thought I was asexual and aromantic because every boy repulsed me and my only experiences with them were coercive and creepy.

Eventually I was left with one friend. He was honest about his feelings for me but never demanded anything from me until one day he did something to offend me (can’t remember what) and I sulked. He begged me to slap him on the face on the bus. I refused to do it and told him I didn’t want to hurt him. He continued demanding that I hit him and when I stood my ground he forced himself onto me until I punched him. He was distraught and went home and didn’t speak to me for a few days, eventually speaking to me again acting as if nothing has happened with a worsened crush on me. Every single day he would try forcing himself onto me. We remained friends for several more years because I hated myself and was lonely. His obsession escalated to showering me in gifts I didn’t want, paying people to ask me questions in the hallway he didn’t want to ask me himself, sending me porn unprompted, groping me unconsensually, drawing pornographic pictures of me. I hated him but I hated having no one to talk to as well. I had been kind to him for so long but after 3 years of friendship when I was 15 all I could do was berate him. I began to snap all the time, talk down to him, tell him things I wanted him to buy for me. I made him jealous on purpose and I even had the audacity to feel jealous when he showed interest in other girls because I knew I would be totally alone without him. One day he tried kissing me and I ran to grab a random piece of sharp plastic from a broken soda bottle on the field to cut him with. I felt like a broken person incapable of love because everyone who “loved” me made love seem like the worst thing on earth. I hated him. I hated every man who made me feel like my only worth was what feelings they could milk from their sexual obsession with me.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve spoken to him. I still feel guilty, because of how I reacted. Obviously he was horrible but I hate that I couldn’t just walk away and be alone. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about. I feel bad for telling him to buy me things and scratching him and I even feel bad for the egoic interest I had in maintaining his interest in me. It makes me feel like such a horrific person to reflect on how I reacted to these boys when I was 11-15. I was so soul crushingly lonely and the boys just made me feel worse to the point I couldn’t even process human affection as anything more than a means to an end until I fell in love later in my teens.

No. 1283909

File: 1659233446601.jpg (74.34 KB, 327x256, 33.jpg)

i can't sleep without the light on because i get nightmares. I am going to turn 21 next month.

No. 1283910

Continued: As an adult I have normal relationships and I’m an abundantly affectionate and empathetic person. But I still struggle with ignoring that voice in my head that tells me I have to be friends with every man who’s interested in me and that Im a bad person if I don’t entertain them. I still have a difficult time with befriending people other than men. It’s very shameful for me and I deeply regret having been so enabling when younger. Being a young girl sincerely feels like you’re nothing but prey and you have no say in it. My brain feels permanently warped in some ways but I’m glad to have grown into someone empathetic and soft regardless.

No. 1283948

because other non-taken guys around me are even worse

No. 1283974

I love that i average 40/hour slinging burgers and fries. What a life. Ive had far more serious jobs but this has been the easiest money Ive ever made.

No. 1284041

I fucking hate when a moid tries to neg me when we're both acutely aware that he should be licking my feet clean and thanking me for the opportunity

No. 1284043

I know who you are.

No. 1284055

I’m in your walls

No. 1284271

I'm envious of old men's ability to date much younger women. Men age 21-25 just look better to me but women can't read get away with being in serious relationships with men younger than 5 years.

No. 1284272

Same fag and I'm too poor to be a sugar momma. There are younger women who genuinely want to be with their old scrote even if they are broke.

No. 1284289

based and i feel you

No. 1284297

Nah you get your younger man anon. I think the dynamic between older woman and younger man can be really good, grow him to be a nigel. Younger man always seems to be openly smitten with his older girlfriend more than in same age or reverse relationships.

No. 1284346

File: 1659273104277.jpeg (507.13 KB, 750x1244, 69BF0A58-8BBA-4ED7-9E51-1075B4…)

I love revisiting the kiwifarms thread about this place. So far I have only see a bunch of pathetic female dicksuckers who hang around the scrotes to seem cool talking shit about this place and the angry incels in the thread who keep making me laugh because they’re really mad at women (just for existing). Picrel is a great example of men never getting it. So autistic he can’t even see the pure shitposting

No. 1284349

Men just don’t have the IQ or EQ to understand lolcow or fine arts or literature. Such silly little simple minded creatures.

No. 1284350

Men are retarded kek. They read what they want to and ignore context and can not understand the subtlety of shitposting jokes.

No. 1284367

Kek Ben sharpio anons are so funny

No. 1284371

Sometimes I think we're getting too serious on here, that our own resident autists can get in the way of being able to just joke around and enjoy satire… Now we also have the tists over there taking everything at face value too? ffs

No. 1284378

Very optimistic of you to think that all the anons in the unconventional male attractions thread are just shitposting.

No. 1284383

Kekkk came to say this too

No. 1284384

Seriously, I mean even serial killers have groupies, I am sure at least a handful of anons on here secretly have the hots for conservative scrotes. Opposites attract and all that.

No. 1284387

Peg the men you hate.

No. 1284392

File: 1659277899386.jpg (11.49 KB, 251x242, 1400357309434.jpg)

Very "peg the patriachy" of you

No. 1284408

That's… the thing I'm poking fun at.

No. 1284438

File: 1659283081866.jpg (74.2 KB, 1080x1086, Tumblr_l_4107138082898492.jpg)

I confess. I CONFESS. I want to be falsely accused of murder so I can go out every month to the police station to talk to them about new evidence and prove my innocence by showing them all the cat pictures I take on my walks throughout the day every day because I'M BORING. I don't live in USA or UK or a 3rd world country, so I safely assume that in the end I wouldn't be put in prison.

No. 1284449

Lol girl, its more likely the hold you till they find something implicates you, leading to imprisonment, especially if you were a foreigner in the US.
Theres a lecture online from a well reputed lawyer, who during his lecture goes into how the arrested could be found guilty even if they are innocent, because they talk without a lawyer present. Then a sheriff followed up and said “yes he is absolutely correct listen to him”
But I feel you, I love a good interrogation. I would pay for a detective to play, especially if they look like detective stabler.

No. 1284483

I did something sort of similar, when I was 13-14 I had this edgy-weird phase and I would go around pulling other girls' bra straps to annoy them. I never got in trouble for it like you did anon, but I'm mortified now because I realize that what I did was sexual harassment and it's one thing I can't forgive myself for.

No. 1284510

I have the same sentiment. There was a trend of like (retarded but we were dumb kids) slapping each other or kicking each other on the butt and I felt really bad for having participated in that.

No. 1284515

That is absolutely not similar to bullying a girl and attempting to pull her towel down in front of other girls on a trip

No. 1284523

are you romanianon like I’m confused

No. 1284535

I can sit there for hours and pull my pubic hair. It's so weird because I hate waxing or shaving. But I can literally sit there in front of a TV and rip every hair from my flaps until the lips are bald. I stop when I get to the top because it hurts.

No. 1284537

Green day are all in their 40s.

No. 1284569

in india and certain parts of asia kids will just slap each other for fun unprompted, seeing who can slap the hardest, and it’s never considered bullying kek, not to mention there’s an entire game that’s just shoving your fingers up an unsuspecting persons butt butt as much as you can. in japan it’s called kancho and in korea it’s known as dong chim, idk the indian name.

No. 1284614

I hope it backfires in the middle of the week and you find the reason to live in keeping contact with this people and rocking those cool and pretty clothes.
I mean, you could like save money and wait for vacation to do all of that excep the end?

I used to idealize death before therapy and I was so annoyed with my shitty uncle that my true deathwish was making him deal with finding my body and doing all the procedures after that. Therapy is not solving my hatred towards him tho

No. 1284649

No. 1284652

Same, but instead I peel the skin off of my thumb until it bleeds.

No. 1284741

without prescription antiemetics, she would vomit either way kek

No. 1284776

MAN OH MAN I love sitting in my room all day browsing the internet with the shades down to keep the sunlight out. I can watch yt videos, read manga, shitpost on here, get downvoted on reddit for being too based, and more, all from 7 am to 2 am (and repeat) without ever getting bored
I know it's not healthy, but it's so addicting.

No. 1284792

I used to love this until I got fat, gained back pain and my muscles started to feel too weak to wash dishes for an average period of time. It also gave me a really bad habit of not showering often since I wasn't going anywhere. Still trying to recover

No. 1284818

I think I'm only in a relationship because I was manipulated into it and sometimes having a husbando is the only thing that keeps me going. It's just too hard to leave and scary, plus I feel ashamed I let this happen.

No. 1284821

>until I got fat
yeah tbqh I've been gaining weight ever since I became a neet and shut in. I'm at the point where I can lose it without too much effort, but it makes me understand how some people just go on to become obese and rot in their rooms until their neighbors smell them

No. 1284835

Don't be ashamed of yourself for having been manipulated. Use that as motivation to leave your relationship ASAP. Why is it scary? Is he physically threatening you? Or threatening suicide?

No. 1284841

Leave fast and cut it clean off from the beginning. No bouncing back.

No. 1284844

Last time I tried to break up he beat the shit out of himself and he has made a point to ingrain himself into every part of my life. I always think "it's not so bad" until the next time he has an insane outburst.
He'd definitely flip his shit if he knew about this site and that I post on it.

No. 1284848

Hope he does find out and kills himself. I can’t stand men who suicide bait to manipulate their girlfriends or wives.

No. 1284851

It's not your responsibility to keep him from hurting himself, you're not his mother. It's a manipulation tactic to keep you under his control and you have the right to dump him. If you think he'll hurt you, try to weed him out of every part of your life little by little until it's safe enough to leave. Seek the support of your friends and family.

No. 1284867

>Cut it clean.
>No bouncing back.
I'll just repeat myself. If you care enough, warn his family beforehand.

No. 1284888

this great advice actually for women who have a friend or bf/gf that baits suicide. they don't fuck off until they're embarrassed of lightly using something so serious. if they were serious they have a chance of getting actual help rather than guilting others and loathing their existence.

No. 1284907

This is actually a great point because he acts like an angel in front of his family, though I think they still have an idea of how he is due to how he behaves when they have petty arguments.
One of the drawbacks to all this is that I like and get along with his family pretty well.

No. 1285037

If you called an ambulance on him, I don't think your family would hate you.
I also liked and was liked by my ex's family but it's not a big deal, you and them will move on.

No. 1285039

I would be honoured to know a non-family person would take the time to discipline my bastard son. I’m sure his mom would do the same if she were in your place. Do it.

No. 1285060

Once when I was walking to the bus stop after school this girl was walking far ahead of me and she dropped $10 out of her pocket which I then picked up and pocketed myself. I saw her at the bus stop reaching her hand into her pocket and wondering where it went and didn't say anything.

No. 1285067

nta but Australia exists too anon

No. 1285086

Even if he wasn't a psycho, that's the formula, yes.

No. 1285100

Shit, sorry, I meant "I don't think his family would hate you"

No. 1285101

No, I'm Latvian and got banned for a smiley face… My other confession is related to that;
I actually got sad I got banned for a smiley face because I wanted to show the nona I was responding to that I'm happy they know what Latvia is and had someone they know there. What a lovely nonita she was!

No. 1285110

Checking up on your social media and seeing you have gained weight and separated from your perfect husband working at a lame bar and posting inspirational quotes.
Your hot girl summer was more like a spring break, huh?
You deserve it, you deserve it for what you've done. Your art is shitty, and so is your makeup.
Genuinely, choke on a rope.

No. 1285115

My parents recently divorced and already have new families and restraining orders against each other. I’m a friendless NEET and haven’t had any sort of social life in many years but I have had 3 unsweetened iced teas from McDonald’s today.

No. 1285121

Does drinking the tea from mcdonalds help?

No. 1285124

Damn I can't even finish one without getting dizzy

No. 1285130

Running to the drive through is pretty much the only thing that’s gotten me out of the house in months
I’ve been out of Adderall for months because I hate doctors appointments and feel like zombie garbage. Caffeine is better than nothing

Thank you both for responding

No. 1285143

My siblings (all in 20s) do this constantly but we’re all women and it’s become a weird expression of love. Sometimes I get the urge to do it to a non-family friend and I have to restrain myself.
Classic prank version is to go in for a hug and then try to unhook her bra strap before she squirms away, kek

No. 1285179

I want to FUCK my coworker!

No. 1285184

I hate my partner’s dog. I love animals, including some dogs and all cats but this dog is just… pointless and so fucking annoying. I’ve never kicked a dog and wouldn’t but sometimes I fantasize about really connecting a boot with this one.

No. 1285186

I was in a 10 year relationship with someone like this and I managed to get out last November. I do not regret it at all. I suggest telling his family, calling 911 if he threatens and/or have someone with you when you break up with him. Do whatever you have to. Do not keep yourself with him any longer, it will not get better.

No. 1285206

I keep an empty Grindr account exclusively to find fakeboi profiles to laugh at. There are a lot.

No. 1285211

File: 1659328529877.jpg (148.49 KB, 900x900, inner-wolf.jpg)

with in me there are two wolves, one is tradfem that wants to live off my husband and have many children so I can assure my genetic legacy gets passed on and the other is a radfem who wants to destroy the current world order with revolution, I am both at the same time

No. 1285215

A desire for children and to not have to work as a cog in the capitalist machine are both normal and don’t require tradfaggotry. Don’t be one of those types who try to synthesize both and just end up awkward and reactionary with a dash of “god only gave us WOMEN wombs, this womb is my womanhood.” Read Right Wing Women by Dworkin.

No. 1285220


No. 1285227

no offense but I don't think the retarded ramblings of a fat zionist are gonna be worth anything to me, she's just look 100% what I imagine a subhuman looks like

No. 1285230

just read it bozo, it’s a good book relevant to the gay ass red scare tier post you made. she wasn’t always on the mark but there’s literally no philosopher that is perfect but that doesn’t make them not worth reading or discredit everything else they argued.

No. 1285235

Clocked >>>/m/198208 kek. Please contain the jew sperging, reeing about fat being amoral, and subhuman behaviour anon, it is too noticeable.

No. 1285237

can you idiots stop pretending you believe anything to do with radical feminism just because you find this website/to fit in when it's very clear you're complete dipshits with extremely stupid beliefs and thoughts? what is with it with these women that come here and try to fit in by pretending to half-heartedly adopt some beliefs shared on here?

No. 1285244

Pop goes the weasel

No. 1285245

File: 1659330840349.png (34.89 KB, 355x350, B2B501CA-9A79-4964-8268-6A86E9…)

>wahh i don’t wanna read, books don’t help wammin, critical thought and spreading writing to women does nothing for the world. you pathetic fucks actually read books and think they have an effect on people? You must be white. what have you ACTUALLY done to PHYSICALLY do a heckin feminism? that’s right nothing….
>that “feminist” you like? oh yeah guess what. she’s fucking FAT and was a zionist because she was a jew who grew up with family immediately reeling from the holocaust. This means she wanted every palestinian dead. see? Your feminism’s shite mate…

No. 1285248

ywnbaw and the fact that you think feminism related arguments are being caused by your shitty sigil is proof you truly will never “”blend,”” blaine the pedo zoosadist TROON

No. 1285256


No. 1285259

File: 1659331285260.jpg (30.01 KB, 498x498, 5348c52d346fe6173737cd10653c29…)

Your dog boy is shit

No. 1285263

they like the aspects of feminism that benefit them in relationships with men and none of the rest. they hate porn because they’re jealous, not because they actually find it to be a patriarchal means of mass subjugation and degradation of women that constitutes as pure violence. they hate prostitution because they hate prostitutes and the idea of a potential sexual prospect seeking them out, they think men who have sex with prostitutes are bad not because they’ve bought a woman but because they see prostitutes as dirty enough to defile a man. they agree that certain aspects of capitalism are cruel but instead conclude from this that they should be housewives—their idea of this life is a mirage based on television shows, movies, and the rare percentage of women who aren’t turned into dependent, glorified prostitutes of the home.

i hate every reactionary “feminist” but they aren’t completely irredeemable, some realize the error they’ve made when they eventually get into one of these relationships they think they want and realize it’s not what they thought it’d be, then they’re stuck reading lundy bancroft.

No. 1285266

i’ve also noticed these women are divided into two sections, former/current polfag orbiters who are often self hating woc and insecure white women afraid of losing white men to woc, and self described “bimbos” doing “bimbo feminism.” both fetishize freedom of choice in the same way run of the mill libfems do.

No. 1285269

and don’t forget red scare fans

No. 1285271

File: 1659332398289.jpg (82.6 KB, 640x781, Mary_Wollstonecraft_by_John_Op…)

I have skimmed through RWW, its exactly what I expected coming from a subhuman specifically like Dworkin, Dworkin has the same problem every low IQ second wave feminist seemingly had, I'm not a "right-wing" woman neither politically, nor as per this book's definition. but Dworkin has same problem every low iq second wave feminist had, the inability to comprehend genuine belief and going into absurd conspiracy theories about the coming genocide against women, its kinda sus that she constantly criticizes Christianity throughout her work but never members of her own tribe(kinda curious) I don't even understand why the writings of a comically obese subhuman who died literally rotting under own obesity are worth anything to just anyone, either way read A Vindication of the Rights of Men by Mary Wollstonecraft if you want angry feminism by someone that isn't a low IQ subhuman

No. 1285272

take your gay nazi dogwhistles elsewhere. and don’t even pretend this is just anti zionism when you call her jewish background her “tribe,” call her a subhuman, and repetitive mentions of IQ. i’m not reading that bullshit little pamphlet about meritocracy and how every woman should marry a man and start a farm. fuck off

No. 1285273

>You're just jealous polfags
>Rees about the jews, anti-prostitution anons just being jealous, and fat people being subhuman
Nta but you sound retarded. Is this romanianon? As the anon said, take your lithium before posting.

No. 1285278

i’m not a scrote kek, just sick of the small amount of anons who think they’re slick trying to slide in casual tradfagging, antisemitism, housewife bs into discussions about feminism here.

No. 1285280

Not shocking, men do stand out with their retardation. Of course they hate women for not appealing to their retard behaviour and beliefs. Male suicide rate needs to increase.

No. 1285281

this is a complete misreading of the post though, the post clearly states prostitution is horrific (and criticizes right wing women for thinking it’s only bad for reasons related to dating) and so is porn, and it doesn’t even mention fat people? the only one sperging about fat people existing is the anti dworkin anon

No. 1285282

File: 1659332876139.jpg (70.56 KB, 593x415, EwBd5xpXYAAqIAG.jpg)

just saying its kinda curious who she never criticized her own faith, despite it historically being far more misogynistic then Christianity

No. 1285288

You made these exact same posts a few months ago, like word for word wtf

No. 1285295

The Red Scare podcast and its consequences have been a disaster for the female class.

No. 1285298

schizotranny please just shut up for once. i don’t think you understand you end up sounding more like a bot than anyone else whos ever posted here with how nonsensical and easy to spot and repetitive your posts are

No. 1285303

File: 1659333451104.jpg (89.13 KB, 1200x640, Mary-Wollstonecraft.jpg)

its telling you don't know who Mary Wollstonecraft was, she was a poet, author, activist and one of the earliest proto-feminist who advocated for well Vindication of the Rights of Women, as well as rights for poor people in general and for their education, her work inspired millions of women, from early Suffragette's to women like to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, she actually did something with her life and made actual change

No. 1285304

>she actually did something
>it’s literally just writing books and being an activist, same as dworkin

No. 1285311

File: 1659333934871.jpg (47.13 KB, 500x301, fe-372-25-mujeres-libres.jpg)

that's like comparing Isaac Newton to Michael Fish, Mary Wollstonecraft actually accomplished stuff in her life and made actual change to the world and she inspired millions of other women like the suffragettes and even anarcho-feminists in Spain who were literally fighting fascists, I very much doubt has inspired anyone to a cause worth fighting for or ever made significant change to the world, she published with her retarded takes and that's it

No. 1285314

you are not who you inspire.

No. 1285315

Fuck off tradthot opportunist

No. 1285321

File: 1659334446362.jpg (105.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

okay, so how does that disprove my point
anarcho-feminists fighting fascists somehow means I want all women to be tardthot housewives(infighting)

No. 1285349

NTA, but I used to like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, until I heard how fake she is from one of her former lawyers. Things kinda became a grift for her once she left the Netherlands. It's also ironic to ally with the Republicans for the rights of Muslim women, when Republicans are speedrunning the road to becoming Christian Taliban and she left partially because she was treated badly as a refugee in the Netherlands. Yeah, because Republicans are well known for loving refugees and respecting freedom from religion. She did some useful stuff back in the day, but becoming part of a conservative think tank and grifting is not exactly very useful. Also Anarcho (radical) feminism is based, but idk how you try to somehow mix that with conservative shit, it makes you come across inconsistent. Mary Wollstonecraft was literally one of the first liberal feminists ever and it's typical that you focus on her and not anyone else. By Mary's standards we have already defeated patriarchy in the west or it should've happened already. Well evidently, we haven't. This weird third way mixing of anarchism and specific conservative "feminism", feels like the female version of conservative scrotes with V for Vendetta pfps who love Bioshock. Idk if Ayaan Hirsi Ali gave you the idea, but she's just been writing shit exclusively for a paycheck from rich conservatives, because what else is she going to do? Not exactly something to take seriously anymore. She has to do mental gymnastics to resolve the disconnect between her past in a European labor party, which is very left wing even in comparison to democrats and working for the Republican Christian Taliban thinktank. You're not getting paid to do it, so why do you do it too?

No. 1285387

File: 1659340160001.jpg (129.7 KB, 1200x734, 1638822852065.jpg)

This is a frequent topic with in ex-Muslim spaces, the problem is that no one other then the right wing hosts us, most Muslims want us dead and the left wing in all western nations either doesn't acknowledge our existence or thinks we are self hating who truly never understood Islam, so we have no options, I mean how do you expect women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali to get their message to the world, publish it some incredibly obscure newspaper or be hosted in a major news outlet
also for the love of god, do not compare the conservatives of your nation to monsters like the Taliban, its offensive, the Taliban are a tribal group who are guided and motivated by their religious faith, you will literally never find anything close to the Taliban in this world other then the Mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, they are remnants of Islamic armies in the past still alive today cause they crave death and annihilation, please don't get me wrong I advocate for all women in the world to fight against the patriarchal forces in their nations but it is offensive to compare a western nation's moderate conservative state polices to girls not even being allowed in schools and other shit that happens in Muslim nations

No. 1285392

There are Western leftists that condemn Islam, but those (rare) leftists are not the ones you usually see on Twitter (those are liberals who think they're radical). Unfortunately the anti-Islam and anti-religion kind of online Western leftist is also being pulled into reactionary thought and infested with edgy /pol/tard incels who uncritically support anyone and anything that opposes the US Empire, including Islamists. So non-reactionary people who are against Islam are few and far between.

No. 1285396

File: 1659340898643.jpg (53.48 KB, 800x450, Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi.jpg)

samefag, again I am stating that do not take my post as me being dismissive towards problem in the west, like rolling back abortion rights for example. But to genuinely believe that things could get as bad as muslim countries is not abusrd but just dismissive of what women are actually living through in our nations, an Islamist politician officially won the election in the city I live in, he was going to enact a law where all women had to wear veils when outside otherwise face a tax, the only reason they didn't end up taking power is cause they got into conflict with my nation's corrupt military oligarchy who ousted him and his party from the city
basically yes, mainstream conservatives are basically the only option for most ex-Muslims

No. 1285504

for someone supposedly so anti islam you sure have aligned yourself with conservative antisemitic muslims quite hard and refuse to think of the world beyond your own experiences as well.

No. 1285516

Every time someone posts caps of a Will Wood song in Jill's thread it makes me wish there was a thread on him because his lyrics sound so fucking obnoxious and I just have to roll my eyes. Radiohead for failed theatre kids.

No. 1285560

I’m a vegetarian and I hate the smell of raw meat and fish. But I love my cat so much and when he eats tuna and salmon pieces I love the smell of his breath, like when I snuggle my face to his and he yawns.. he is just so cute and soft I love him so much I don’t care if he smells like tuna sometimes it makes me feel comfy

No. 1285570

But cat's breath smells awful, especially after they just ate? Is something wrong with your nose?

No. 1285571

I love my cat’s breath. It’s like liking the smell of gasoline

No. 1285575

File: 1659365950748.jpg (7.13 KB, 201x251, 2Q==(4).jpg)

I spent a good chunk of my late teens and early 20's dressing in this hyperfeminine, cute style. Only light neutral colours and pastels, lots of whites and pinks, nearly exclusively skirts and dresses even in winter. All because I only felt pretty and good enough in those type of clothes. In hindsight I know I was just compensating for a low selfesteem.

No. 1285576

Please tell me you're not the type of people to let a dog lick their mouths.

No. 1285578

Not my open mouth

No. 1285579

fuck that's gross

No. 1285592

What the fuck nonna

No. 1285595

I see them being similar in them both being cases of sexual harassment

No. 1285600

I've seen some fucked up shit on 4chan and I feel like it's corrupted the way I envision men's sexuality and maybe even how I see my own. Nothing related to CP, but I once wanted to foster and work in an orphanage because I like kids etc but now I'm so paranoid of everyone that I don't even trust myself. Porn is really the worst shit ever and I'm only understanding this now

No. 1285604

I kinda want to know what you saw nonna. I also don't want to know what you saw.

No. 1285652

Not always, cats breath smells like a dream compared to most dogs meaty breath. I think it is also because I love him so much and everything he does is simply lovable and adorable.
Based anon
No I don't like dogs

No. 1285721

Anon I used to dress in that style like Freddy too, I would religiously watch her videos and would always buy clothes she recommended when I wanted to add to my wardrobe. I was basically using it as a replacement for finding out what clothes really suited me, in my head it was like the girls wearing this looked cute so I felt like if I just followed all the steps then I would also look cute. It was probably also tied to self esteem, my sense of self is much better now and I only buy clothes I actually like after finding my actual style.

No. 1285732

I wish my depression caused me to starve for control instead of eat for comfort

No. 1285734

Same. It's twisted but I feel some jealousy when I hear people who dropped weight with their depression instead of gaining

No. 1285800

Forrealsies I eat to feel something most of the time, I drink water all the time to help it but I’m still kinda a fat fuck so

No. 1285809

I'm gonna spare everyone what I saw, it's honestly ruined my mood for the past few days lol, idk what's wrong with me

No. 1285813

I found that learning my season through seasonal colour analysis really helped me figure out my style, and also not doubt what I actually looked good in. I also used to watch Freddy and I thought that pastels or trendy nude colours were the way to go and didn't understand why I didn't look good in them until recently

No. 1285814

File: 1659380387292.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1233x1636, AB76F7D0-6C57-41C7-89C1-F8AE15…)

I’m addicted to my own misery, I enjoy being sad and I caused my own depression. I take after my grandmother, she used antidepressants for 30-ish years and would refuse to come to the beach with us whenever we visited & if we convinced her to come she would refuse to swim and sit alone under a tree. She literally would miss every opportunity to have fun to sit alone at home and I’m turning into her. I don’t know why, but I felt a drive to shut myself in and push everyone away for literally no reason since elementary. I am disgusted by humans and hate interacting them, with the only exception being my mother. I become increasingly restless when I’m in a good mood and have a sense of impending doom. Can genetics actually work this way? It’s like I was possessed by the soul of the lady in picrel at age 7.

No. 1285965

when i first met my bfs mom i instantly hated her/the family's 2 dogs
i fucking love huskies so looking at those 2 pathetic balls of misfortune and barely working organs makes me wince
the most i'd do is strongly push them away with a leg tho'

No. 1285973

reading this post filled me with doom, don't let this guy murder you.

No. 1285988

I feel like killing myself because a guy won't text me back (its been hours). A scrote. A literal moid. I am pathetic.

No. 1285995

Anon this is the exact kind of reaction that all moids want. Don't let them win.

No. 1285997

I’ve never heard of her before but she is quite cute and enviable.

No. 1285999

Love yourself Nona, you can only want to seppuku by anime man

No. 1286006

He texted me back, I'm so happy! I hate myself!

No. 1286009

"aha fr? anyway gn"

No. 1286015

lmfao. probably was something like this. anons if texts like this give you a rush you need to work on your self esteem

No. 1286016

You sound like my grandmother and me lol. Are you also a cancer?

No. 1286041

Convenience Store Woman vibes. I think it's cool that you enjoy your job nonna.

No. 1286088

Ntayrt, but I was curious what your reply meant so I googled and now I'm intrigued by this book. Is it any good?

No. 1286091

I feel like half of the book thread in /m has read it, just ctrl+f in one of the threads.

No. 1286092

Ayrt, I'm gonna be honest anon, I never read it kek. I read a summary of it and decided I probably wouldn't really care for it. It's a popular book though, so I'm sure some other anons can tell you!
I don't know if this is a spoiler but the reason why I said that is because the main character tries to work other jobs but decides the convenience store is just what she's best at and loved the most

No. 1286093

i read it and yes it’s good!

No. 1286111

I read it and enjoyed it. It's about a woman who doesn't fit in with the typical Japanese workforce mindset of constantly seeking to achieve a higher/position, but simply is content with her position which is regarded as lowly and embarassing for a woman her age by others. Over the book she tries to fit in but comes to accept she is simply different and would rather live a life she enjoys, working at a convenience store, than trying to fit in to society as she is expected to.

No. 1286134

Aha, no I’m actually a Capricorn!

No. 1286287

File: 1659416207823.jpg (618.72 KB, 1280x953, 1655805162314.jpg)

Lately I keep thinking about that picture of the decaying rat and keep picturing it as myself. I just want to lay there and decay back into the earth and feed the worms. Idk if these are considered suicidal thoughts or just like passive suicidal thoughts but it's where I'm at.

No. 1286291

Growing up we had roaches, I'll never forget our heat going out and my mom refusing to get it fixxed and we had those Big Booty Tv's with all the little vents in the back. I could see my breath and I had to wear a coat in the house. It was during winter. I was like 7 and I went to turn the tv up and like 50 roaches where on the back of the tv on the vents. I'm getting itchy just thinking about it.
It took me years to realize that, "Oh yeah, the tv vents must've gave off heat and they were on it to get heat" or at least i think that was what was happening. Also one time a Cicada flew through our window and died, when I turned the lights on a bunch of roaches were eating it. Yuck yuck yuck.

No. 1286292

File: 1659416656735.jpg (23.54 KB, 500x487, s-l500.jpg)

No. 1286297

Reminds me of this

No. 1286300

Grew up in a roach-infested home too, I see you my roachsister.

No. 1286304

Ty nona it was kind of funny

I like watching the dermestid cleaning and diaphonization videos too. Maybe this the only healthy way to cope with these feelings

No. 1286305

Me too, but then i took in a stray cat when i was 16 and it solved the problem.

No. 1286311

Jesus Christ I am way too high for everything going on in your photo holy crap

No. 1286352

These descriptions pain such a peaceful picture of passing away and being cared for, I definitely feel it too anon

No. 1286425

The reaction to most gay men I know irl and gay people I see online about the monkeypox is suddenly making me understand why homophobia exists. I can't believe I'm saying this. Azealia Banks was 100% correct when she shit talked gay guys who take nothing seriously and do dangerous shit because they think taking prep and other meds everyday is the solution to everything.

No. 1286468

lbr straight men would do the same shit if women were likely to give them diseases. We're the only thing stopping them from being as promiscuous and reckless as gay men.

No. 1286479

True, women risk way more by having sex with men and aren't even sure they'll feel god from it so that's why we're less promiscuous. But still, gay men think giving them sound advice to help them take care of their health is homophobic. Men are equally trash regardless of sexual orientation but gay men are trash in a specific way that's pissing me off more and more with time. Their victim complex is too much to deal with, I see the ones I know irl complain about shit that barely happen to them and that happen to me way more often like workplace discrimination or risking being rejected from my family for having a romantic relationship they don't approve of or havinf sex out wedlock. I think I'm biased because of the ones I know irl.

No. 1286506

I stopped wearing lolita fashion because of shit people on here said, and now I'm so miserable without it I don't wanna get out of bed anymore

No. 1286510

Please go back to doing what you love anon. Who cares what some people say? There is always someone who will hate what you do. Too weird, too bland, you can't escape it; but you can choose what you enjoy and choose to be happy with it.

No. 1286540

This is three times pathetic

No. 1286573

File: 1659445973981.jpg (85.4 KB, 725x593, et7kytduyk.JPG)

I LOVE the smell of pool floats and other stuff made from PVC

No. 1286579

I love the smell of paddling pools.

No. 1286582

File: 1659446615682.jpg (182.56 KB, 646x1000, fc6ec60b782f794c.jpg)

I hope you'll get back into it. Despite all the shit people say, I fucking love lolita fashion. I've always wanted to get into it but was too poor, now I have the money but for other reasons don't want to get into it, but I will always fawn and admire cute lolitas from afar. Let me live vicariously through you nonnie.

No. 1286588


No. 1286593

You did this because of anons? Because of people you occasionally talk to online without even knowing who they are? Even though it's very unlikely any of us will see you irl, letting alone while you're wearing lolita dresses? I don't get it. And I think these dresses are expensive, right? Because you might as well wear them just to justify that cost at least.

No. 1286599

lolcow is srs bsnss

No. 1286601

I work with English people and 80% of the time I can barely understand what they are saying and have to ask them to repeat themselves

No. 1286632

KEK WHAT. like no offense i've never been a fan of lolita and i've said so on on here but who cares what users on here say? our opinions are not that serious. if you seriously love it that much absolutely do what you want to do. what concerns me most about this is that not wearing pretty dresses is making you miserable and making you lose your ability to want to get out of bed.

No. 1286681

It wasn't entirely because of stuff said on here (although it may have contributed) but I had a depressive phase in 2020 where I felt like I had to stop wearing my jfashion style (not lolita) too so I sold my collection at the time. You shouldn't give up your hobby, I seriously regret doing that to this day and am trying to get back my old things on a way more expensive secondhand market now that I realize it was the only clothing I really loved each piece of and felt like myself in. Don't make the same mistakes I did, anon.

No. 1286957

Not a huge confession but I finally tasted my own …vagina lubrication? I hate that there isn’t a better word for that, why do semen and sperm have simple names but this is just VAGINAL LUBRICANT? It’s awkward to say. Anyways it was just a little salty, I’ve been curious for a long time and finally just went for it. If only I had someone to actually eat me out….

No. 1286986

Eww I’m so sorry

No. 1286989

I kind of smell and taste like mcdonalds fries I don't even eat mcdonalds all that often.

No. 1286992

pussy is umami

No. 1286994

>why do semen and sperm have simple names but this is just VAGINAL LUBRICANT
Vag juice. Pussy juice if you wanna get real vulgar.

No. 1286995

I kinda like tasting mine, tbh. It doesn't turn me on or anything, I just think it tastes pleasant and salty.

No. 1287009

I think Emrata is really pretty. She's got kind of a rat-like quality to her face. And I'm not saying that it's ugly, it's very attractive to me. She also seems about as normal as she could be (still weird but y'know considering she's famous and known as that hot girl). Yeah the weird baby holding is bad (didn't she call herself a milf too? that's also kinda weird but whatever), idk I like her.

No. 1287016

Half-confession half-vent but I'm so simultaneously self-fellating and self-pitying that I don't even try to change my situation. I'm a scrotebrained ultra-entitled NEET and I've been this way since my early teens, and I know I can solve all of my problems but I just don't. Just to be clear, I'm in my 20s now, so it's been almost 10 years. All I need to do is start using a consistent sleep schedule, improve my hygiene, eat better and more consistently, exercise, actually try to learn some things, and get a job already, but I never try. If I do I research it intensely for a few days and then lose all motivation and never get anywhere. All of my interests are like that, actually. I get extremely into something for as little as a few minutes or as long as a few days, and after that I forget I ever cared. Other than that, I have no interests or hobbies at all. I'm extremely avoidant of everything and anything yet I'm extremely dependent at the same time. I don't know what kind of complex it is, but I refuse to show the extent of what I can do. If I can lift 10 pounds, I act like I can only lift 5. When I know what day it is, I'll play dumb and ask for the date. Even if I can vacuum the house and do the dishes, I act like I only have enough energy for one or the other, or else I'll totally pass out guise!!1 All because I'm terrified of the idea of anyone expecting anything from me. I'm afraid that if I ever show that I have any competence at all or start improving myself, I'll have to do more. I hate working and putting in effort, and even when I want to work or do something there's some barrier that blocks me from doing it for more than just a little bit. My room is disgusting because I don't even try for myself, I just let it be until I see enough bugs that I get paranoid and desperately deep-clean everything. I'm extremely lazy in general. I blame everything wrong with me on trauma to make myself look better, but I don't even remember what trauma I have since I've got dissociative amnesia, which even that I amplify and exaggerate to make life easier for myself. Just posting that line has me terrified that someone I know might see this post, by the way, even though at present I only know four people. By the way, I'm going to two therapists right now. One who tells it to me like it is that I always get defensive against and fight, and the other who's helping me discover what my trauma is, even though we haven't gotten anywhere and I haven't done anything she's asked me to do. I intend to drop the honest one the second my insurance (which I don't manage) gets on my ass. Nothing is orchestrated by me. I don't drive, I don't organize the appointments, nothing. I don't know how. Anything with doctors actually, I never do anything they tell me to because I forget or I can't be bothered to go to any extra effort. No matter how easy it is, I'll stubbornly refuse to do anything, especially if I feel like it will embarrass me or put me in the public eye. I'm obsessed with attention and validation, yet I hate being perceived by other people, even in their memories, so I refuse to talk to anyone or even make any social media. For social media specifically, I know I'm a latent lolcow in many ways so I refuse to allow myself to be exposed like that. I'm constantly terrified of someone taking a candid photo of me or having any footage of me on security cameras, but I don't even put any effort into making sure I avoid them on the rare occasion I'm outside. The only friend I have is an online friend (TiM) who I'm extremely dependent on and haven't ghosted only because he knows too much about me for me to feel safe doing so. I'm also obsessed with my appearance, but I don't try at all with that either. I don't exercise, I don't keep up any hygiene unless it's critical or the day of an appointment, and despite eating once or twice a day at most I'm more than 100 lbs overweight. I hate being like this, but it's so easy and in my comfort zone that I don't care to change it. I'm considering trying to weasel my way into some scrote's life when my mother kicks the bucket so I won't have to kill myself too, but I don't know how to do that or how to avoid having to work if I ever do. In short my confession is: I'm basically subhuman, since even though I feel guilty about all of this, I don't bother to introspect at all and simply take how immensely privileged I am to even be allowed to live like this for granted, because that's what I've always done. I will never change, whether I like it or not, and I've decided to simply accept it. That's all I can do, or at least, that's all I'll ever tell myself I can do.
P.S., I know this is a huge wall of text and also cringe, but see my first sentence. It is what it is.

No. 1287065

File: 1659473400138.png (40.19 KB, 580x93, Schermafbeelding 2022-08-02 om…)

I wish we had emoticons here, not emojis but like picrel. So often when a nonna gives me good advice I want to reply with a smiley at the end but it's against the rules and a heart is a bit much kek. It would take away the charm of the board though.

No. 1287066

we need cute little pixel kaomoji type of ones. I wish we could have the option to make this site sickly cute and glittery kek

No. 1287072

closest thing is the girltalk theme unfortunately

No. 1287073

I regret not putting nair in the shampoo and conditioner bottles of a "friend" who treated me like absolute trash during a trip

No. 1287076

I like using keekweek even if it's an eyesore at times lol. Makes me miss the og tumblr aesthetic era

No. 1287084

yeah but I bet you pout my toothbrush in the toilet when you asked to use it KERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1287089

I miss those old school moving ones that were/are only really on old forums. They were so stupid but funny, does anyone remember that dancing banana?

No. 1287090

Who shares toothbrushes? Nasty

No. 1287092

File: 1659474700966.jpg (12.32 KB, 620x620, ode-aan-de-dansende-banaan-emo…)

Samefag, picrel kek who made this

No. 1287100

Are you nine years old

No. 1287145

File: 1659478137693.gif (541.37 KB, 220x173, christian-bale-american-psycho…)

I identify with "literally me" male characters, especially Joker, Eren Jaeger, Rust Cohle, Patrick Bateman and Daniel Plainview. I know I'm an autistic, pathetic loser and I will never make genuine connections with other people and I will always be alone. But I also think I'm right about most things. I could never fit in, even though I tried in the past. I feel both worse and better than everyone else. I think my suffering and my taste in philosophy, movies and music make me special. I believe most people are NPCs and even if they're not, they don't understand how this world truly works. I don't believe in therapy, drugs or sex. I've never been violent towards anyone irl but I have violent fantasies, I jump from suicidal to homicidal ideation. I believe most men are by nature pedophiles and most women are by nature prostitutes. I resent them all. I look with disgust at women who have sex with men. I can spend 7 hours on /v/ arguing about mechanics in Yakuza games because proving I'm right about something makes me feel better, especially against moids. I hate being a woman but I don't want to be a man either because men are subhuman. Everything sucks. I don't know how to present myself and in the past I tried various styles of clothing and even copying the way other people speak, but none of that felt like me because there's no true connection between my ego and my body and the outside world. I believe all life should cease to exist. If I had the power to destroy all organic life on Earth in one second, I would do it.

No. 1287147

Is this a copypasta

No. 1287150

No, I just wanted to let it all out since there's no one irl I can talk to about it

No. 1287159

I’m a TikTok troll. It’s the funniest shit ever because people will make 3 minute reply videos to a random single word comment. They are not okay on there.

No. 1287162


it's really not that serious kek

No. 1287163

Yeah most people do not grow up around military. You’re the odd one out.

No. 1287164

Oh I know, I just wish people would stop assuming I'm angry when I rarely am.

No. 1287165

File: 1659478931801.gif (593 KB, 160x160, friends-chandler.gif)

No. 1287166

i don't wipe after i pee and i don't wash my hands after, bc i don't do anything other than pull my pants down. like ill wipe and wash hands after taking a shit but that's mostly bc i don't want to have shit stains, and feces has always seemed more unhygienic than urine. i also need to brush my teeth more regularly because my family's dental history is british but right now i brush like once a week at best. i have a partner i care about and i make good marks at a good uni, it's not like im a TOTAL degen. but im pretty gross. also yes i do have aspergers.

No. 1287171

you need to brush your teeth more. you will regret not doing so. please nonna listen to me i’ve been to the dentist for fillings and root canals over a dozen times over the years. start brushing every day. i’m tismo too but god please just do it

No. 1287172

You'd think with aspergers the sensory feeling f having a vagina wet with piss would be worse than not wiping but what do I know

No. 1287173

girl get a bidet or watering can like muslims do

No. 1287174

How obvious is it to other people you're autistic without speaking?

No. 1287182

I don't usually feel genuinely disgusted by LC posts but God…

No. 1287197

god i didn’t even see the part where she said she doesn’t wipe , i thought she just didn’t wash her hands. god what the hell

No. 1287200

THAT was too far ngl.

No. 1287205

walking uti

No. 1287210


yeah i should. but my pussy's healthy for the time being ig, ive never had a UTI, yeast infection or any other kind of complication in my life. docs have told me im very healthy.


yeah, logistically it was weird to me too, but hey whatever. im trying to fix it but i get lazy.


folks can usually tell im a weird/funny person, but im told i come off too high functioning or whatever when i tell ppl im autistic. misogyny + mask ig. sometimes they're like "oh that makes sense" if i get close enough to them or if i let people know about my interests. but i normally don't. im a friendly and amicable person, have had multiple relationships, and im self aware enough to watch out for my tismo moments.

No. 1287214

>if i get close enough to them
the stench of your breath doesn't serve as enough of a warning?

No. 1287218

You replied to your own post twice anon, but you're stunted so I will excuse it.

No. 1287222

i’m dying. this poor spergchan. i hope and pray she’s underage and just suffering because it’s summer and she has no duties to attend to

No. 1287236

Anon I went through a phase in highschool where I didn't wipe after I pissed and I developed a very annoying, itchy, sometimes painful patch of jock itch on my labia majora that stuck around for legit 2 or 3 years. Just be careful.

No. 1287250

this is a more likely outcome than a uti tbh, any moisture that you leave near your crotch or inner thighs is going to eventually cause a fungal infection on the skin. it’s why guys who exercise a lot get fungal infections (all the sweat)

No. 1287262

I pay for live tarot readings because it makes me cozy especially when im lonely and the deck shuffling gives me ASMR as well as the personal attention. I don't even believe in it but the life advice I get is usually pretty good (I only go to older wise women types).

No. 1287268

No sin there, just listening to old ladies masking advice is all. Heh.

No. 1287272

Anon she's a married homewrecker and was racist towards my family

No. 1287287

TBH when I also was in middle school I didn't wipe after peeing (I was neglected in general and didn't understand hygiene) and I developed an itchy "diaper rash" infection on the inside of my thighs too. Also reflecting- I probably smelt of urine and piss because I've smelt people who don't wipe(men particularly) and they do. Just.. brush your teeth nona. Think about the moldy food bits stuck-

No. 1287310

Bacteria can also get near the vagina and cause infected bartholin cysts

No. 1287413

When I clean my house for guests I become extremely autistic. I make sure to deep clean a couple days prior so that the apartment has a lived in quality and it doesn't smell like cleaning fluid. I will leave a couple of things out so that it doesn't look like I was just rampage cleaning a few moments before they got there (though I was). For example I will have maybe a mug or two left on the coffee table, meticulously crafted pile a couple of junk mail papers on my desk. I'll have my throw pillows not neatly organized on the couch but kind of haphazard like I had been using the couch. I will even place a few fingerprints on a freshly cleaned mirror so, once again, it doesn't look like I just cleaned. I think it comes from going to my families house for holidays and noticing how spotless their house was- it didn't give the impression that it was always clean, since it looked like they had just violently cleaned the whole day before I arrived. They would even have the carpet designed with vacuum lines (pic related). I always feel like a 85% clean\picked-up-after house gives the impression that you keep it that way full-time.

Bonus tism: One time I had a tall guy coming over so I stood on a stool in every room to see how the room would look from his perspective.

No. 1287414

File: 1659494152283.png (373.61 KB, 601x448, carpetdesign.png)

I forgot picture

No. 1287416

When I went camping for just one night, peeing without wiping left me smelling truly horrible: that was even with the extra effort of "drip drying" and squatting in the open air for a while afterwards. You must smell like shit.

No. 1287419

I made two completely normal non coomer virgins into weirdos with gross sexual fetishes

I didn't do it on purpose it just happened we developed a relationship because I was desperate to feel something, I think I come across as dominant to men most of the time and I just asked them to send me pictures of themselves and wearing lipstick on their lips and stomachs (not in a degrading way I just think it's pretty plus they were the androgynous type) and they enjoyed it until I stopped because I got bored or disgusted
Even though I was still on friendly terms with them,I ended up searching their tags on archives and one was posting about wanting to get sissified and something fucking insane about hypnosis????
the other ended up labeling himself "bicurious" despite both being somewhat hateful towards homosexual males

I don't know why it ended up like this and I feel like puking
I created monsters
I can barely press send..

No. 1287420

This image pisses me off. The carpet thats undoubtedly shitty and scratchy. The hideous paint. The all too familiar cheap, mass produced suburbia everything.

No. 1287426

you are not responsible for men developing gross porn usage. they are the ones who actively sought it out instead of just sticking with flirting with their girlfriend.

No. 1287460

do people ever notice how bad you smell?

No. 1287467

Oh they definitely do lol they may not tell her and she may not be aware but she definitely does

No. 1287486

i think i have a crush on my coworker or some weird lusting for him. it's one of those situations where i never thought about him like that and if it ever crossed my mind, it literally repulsed me. i never felt attracted to him physically but recently, and i have no idea why, i keep having dreams where we're basically in love and have a really good sexually intimate life and i wake up like "hm that was nice". i'm in my late 20s and he's in his early 40s. i don't like older men so it's really out of character for me plus i have a bf so it isn't like i'm trying to do anything. i've thought for a bit that he could be interested in me based on some things he says but he's also weird/awkward as fuck so i could be misreading it. regardless, the last dream i had about him was days ago and i was like "okay i'm on my period it's hormones it's nothing" but then i went into work today and there's just this weird tension between us even though we literally do not talk outside of work and he's never made an advance on me or anything so it's all in my head right now, but it made me almost insane

No. 1287528

Likely only because you had dreams where he was nice and you liked him so you’re associating that with his real self even though he was just some random horny conduit in a dream. I wouldn’t think on it too deeply.

No. 1287563

The fact that someone who doesn't wipe, doesn't wash hands after peeing and doesn't brush teeth every day has a partner…

No. 1287572

Not a brag at all - I can probably out drink all of you

No. 1287589

I had another nightmare in which my mother was acting sexually toward my boyfriend, but not owning up to it. In this dream we were in a cramped space and my boyfriend had to change his underwear and trousers. My mom was chilling in front of us (on my bed), but there was a mirror in front of the bed. Even though I was trying to cover my boyfriend as much as possible, I had to ask my mother to close her eyes just in case. But instead I kept seeing her peeking and then acting innocent when I caught her. This made me super angry. I told my boyfriend to just go into the other room. I tried to join him. (Tried because the space was so cramped, it was difficult for him to get out) But I didn't trust my mother and had a bad feeling about the situation. I looked in my bedroom again and saw my mother masturbating (with clothes on). I became very, very angry at her for this. I asked her if she was truly masturbating to the thought of my boyfriend naked, hoping she would say, "No, of course not!" with full earnesty. I was hoping I misunderstood the situation and it was just all in my head. Instead, she just had a cheeky smile and said like a giggly teenager or drunk woman "whattt, I'm not doing anything wrongggg", and kept going. I was so upset in this moment I woke up. My mother doesn't act like this at all in real life, and I know my boyfriend has no weird feelings or thoughts either. But I still have these nightmares… The only irl qualm I have is that my mother seeks attention a but online and likes to act "younger" than she really is. She is single too and so is on dating apps etc. I never liked that she would post pictures that are essentially suggestive and would become quite upset with her over this, after which she would delete most. But I still don't always feel comfortable showing people her social media. She doesn't delete everything and is unpredictable as well as generally immature with her clearly developed to get male attention behaviour. I actually only felt comfortable showing my boyfriend because he is one of the few guys who aren't pornsick perverts. She only acts like this online or with other people though, not my boyfriend at all. She just acts normal to him. And vice versa. But that nightmare was so awful, and in it I accidentally hurt my boyfriend physically when really I wanted to protect him. That made me sad…

No. 1287590

Not a brag at all - my kidneys and my liver is most probably in a better shape than yours

No. 1287623

A pickme I hate-follow on Tumblr is pregnant with a daughter and I'm so worried about the baby, she's going to teach her terrible things. She's a gigantic NLOG whose favorite animes are shit like My Dress up Darling, calls feminists "dumb bitches" and constantly reblogs "male positivity" posts. The worst thing is that she wants to homeschool because the gubmint is evil, this is a disaster in process.

No. 1287677

I was like this too, then my body started rejecting the booze and now I don't drink at all. Same thing with cigarettes; I smoke them for a while and one day they're disgusting so I stop again and then months later I'll have a puff. I'm glad it works out this way because I don't have strong willpower, but if I'm getting sick/disgusted it's really easy to quit.

No. 1287706

i don't plan to have a child, but if i did get pregnant and it was revealed to be a boy, i would most likely have an abortion.

i say most likely bc im sure hormone changes would make me feel loving and protective of the fetus, but the idea of raising a man and putting up with one from birth is fucking nightmarish.

No. 1287747

I feel the same way anon. I would never raise a male. They’re too vile as a class. Dworkins was right in her quote about sons.

No. 1287934

dreams about having sex with someone don't have to mean sexual attraction, don't attach excessive importance. maybe you're just wishing he was less weird to be around kek.

No. 1287997

File: 1659544894575.jpg (32.11 KB, 449x600, 1658266722469.jpg)

i want to eat him

No. 1288005


No. 1288006

f*ck you!!!!!!!!

No. 1288008

i just want to nibble on his toesies

No. 1288053

I fucking love reaction videos, idk why
the moment I finish an anime, I MUST watch people also watch it kekekek

No. 1288215

When i was in high school I used to speak in tongues or something accidentally. I'd catch myself saying nonsense words in full sentences, and when I snapped out of it and tried to recreate the sounds I couldn't

No. 1288237

honestly i watched harry potter with about 30 youtubers now, i feel very autistic watching that all the time but it's just fun to wacth stuff with someone for the first time

No. 1288241

Just Unfriended and blocked this girl I met on a game off all platforms that I connected with her. She was so depressing to be around, and I just mentally and physically cannot continue to provide her with anymore emotional support than I did. I feel like a whole weights been lifted off my shoulders. A lot happier now.

No. 1288357

I’m a closet weeb

No. 1288363

i gave up on being a psychiatrist because i realized i couldn't handle lc or other anon sites confessions. i dont want to be stalked or murdered by a crazy moid thinking im his gf when im his dr, agps or self hating women asking for meds, hearing a little girl or adult woman she was SA'd, hearing it every work day. i would rather do something to actually help them than talk and prescribe pills for a month if im going to work with patients. i feel like if i still go for the job ill become jaded, i wont care after a certain point because i know what i do wont help depending on their life situation. people already randomly spill deep things on me so i guess i have some sort of quality that lets others open up their bad experiences but i dont know if i can really pursue that being my life.

No. 1288372

very good decision anon. i’m proud of you. i think psychiatrists require a certain amount of predation and it’s terrible to be on either side of the desk. i have tried talking a friend of mine out of psychiatry a few times but she’s dead set on it even after doing temp work through her university which had her in a psych ward dealing with involuntarily committed male felons. she is not happy but persists. i think women are treated like shit by psychiatrists and i think psychiatrists and therapists in general get treated like shit as well a lot of the time, mostly by men. i think you have made the right decision and i hope it’s a huge weight off your chest.

therapists are the most likely to be stalked and murdered out of any occupation. as much as i hate therapy and psychiatry as institutions, i feel so bad for women with male patients specifically.

No. 1288383

There is psychiatry for the elderly and psych for people with disabilities, it isn't all trauma and forensic stuff.
There's a huge demand for old age psychiatrists where I am in the UK. People suffering from dementia and other cognitive diseases is way too sad for me but I think it would be a rewarding area to work in if you can cope with that stuff.

No. 1288562

I love 4chan because I fucking love telling moids to kill themselves. I love being allowed to go into horrific detail, I love telling them they're on 4chan because no one loves them, I love that I don't have to sage, so I know they always get excited about getting a (You), and instead what they get is Me. I just love it. I love 4chan; I hate moids so much.
Go on /cgl/ right now, find a moid, and tell him to khs. Do it every time you feel bad, it's great.

No. 1288594


No. 1288641

kek, anon.

No. 1288677

I hate showering. Idk why. I target wash the areas that get gross (pits, genitals, butt, feet) but I try to avoid the actual shower as much as I can.

No. 1288680

literally a sign of autism

No. 1288681

if it’s a problem to you, treating yourself with fancy products can help get you more enthusiastic about showering. i struggled hard before getting into scented products, exfoliating, and skincare

No. 1288690

NTA but i'm like anon and using different scented products would only make it worse for me. I wash myself head to toe (hair too) with the same bland bar of soap maybe like once a week. Otherwise I just wash my face, armpits and ass.

No. 1288698

i really like when women say "hey girlies"

No. 1288703

It's the tranny.

No. 1288704

i specified women because i don't like when gays say it?? that should be kind of obvious
nope, thankfully

No. 1288706

Sorry, anon.

No. 1288717

File: 1659596727995.jpg (27.46 KB, 564x523, 1656210174747.jpg)

it's okay, anon, i forgive you. hard to distinguish considering he's planting his ass here literally 24/7

No. 1288726

i hate it. it feels off-putting.

No. 1288820

The first time I saw the What's your REAL opinion on cows? thread I got stupidly excited to write there about how beautiful and curious beings cows are, but then I read past the topic name and realised that I as an ex farm nonna had thought about completely different cows than the thread was about kek

No. 1288846

im incapable of developing crushes on anyone but jewish men and this is absolutely devastating to me as someone who has a muslim background

No. 1288921

i always thought it was a mocking term like how women (and men) say "yas queen" in a hateful way. is it not?

No. 1289177

no? i guess if the tone would indicate that but it's normally just a "hey friend(s)!" (for girly/or girlies). i usually hear it coming from my happy drunk friends kek but yeah

No. 1290616

I had another horrific dream of this nature, except this time it went a step further. In my dream, I had not been home for a while. My boyfriend had been in my home, though, and so had my mother. When I came back and my mother went to say goodbye, my boyfriend and her went in for a romantic (as in, not platonic) kiss with tongue. Just writing this and seeing the imagery in my head again makes me want to vomit. I was so angry in my dream. I asked them what in the world they though they were doing. How could my boyfriend want this? How could my mother be so inappropriate and disgusting? My boyfriend said he indeed didn't really want to, but my mother did and he thought it was fine enough. In my dream, they just kept doing it and smiling at each other as though they were in love, despite me expressing how horrible I thought it was. When it happened again in my dream, I forced myself to wake up and just was so frustrated I squeezed my pillow, thinking: please give me a different dream! I am counting on me improving my sleep schedule and overall health (I've been super stressed and overwhelmed the past days) to welcome better dreams too. I don't know who to talk to about this but it feels like torture. These disgusting images that are so vivid in my mind yet not at all rooted in reality haunt me.

No. 1290686

I would like to hear about cows if you feel like posting about them. A few months ago I took a wrong turn on a dirt road and drove past a farm. The cows were so close to the road, and they were so cute. My confession is I would like to pet a black and white cow.

No. 1290855

I can’t explain how mad I’d be if I died in a horrible gore-y way and it ended up on a gore website. People that can just watch gore videos are disgusting.

No. 1290922

File: 1659723179526.png (1.31 MB, 955x719, 69869.PNG)

I love cleaning my ears. My mom did it for me as a kid so it's a nostalgic feeling, and as an adult I'll clean her ears now. She won't clean mine anymore because they're "too clean" but I don't even really want them cleaned as much as it just feels so fucking good to have someone use an ear pick inside my ear. At least once a day I'll use the earpick I keep on my desk to lightly scratch the inside of my ear. I know it's bad for your ears and potentially dangerous but I don't care (also I'm pretty good at judging how deep I can go in my ear before it's dangerous after doing it for so long). I think that's also part of what makes it a special bonding moment when you do it for family- you place a lot of trust in the other person to not puncture your ear drum kek.

I don't know how to explain to my potential future girlfriend that I want to clean her ears. No I promise it isn't a weird fetish, it's just my love language at this point kek. I watch ear cleaning videos (ShiliTV has some of the best) every night and that shit puts me right to sleep. Fuck I wanna go to one of those stupid ear cleaning salons and get my ears cleaned by someone AAAAAAAAAAA

No. 1290926

agreed. disrespectful.

No. 1290940

Even worse, guys saying you're cuter when you're dead or jacking off to you dying

No. 1290986

This feels like if I asked Koko the gorilla what she liked about picking fleas off her friends. I love you anon, return to monkey

No. 1291001

I will always remember that post guy made where he said he would masturbate to passed girls’ pictures because it was a big mental thing for him, that he was the only one who would remember her because her family would have to try and forget the pain and move on with their lives and he felt ‘special’ for still thinking of her in this way.I hate scrotes

No. 1291013

There was some sort of compilation video of children and babies being abused + murdered going around on gore sites. Someone mentioned it on Reddit and the replies were flooded with people asking for a link so they could go watch it. I honestly think gore is more harmful to young people on the internet than porn is, although there is a lot of overlap between moids who seek out both.

No. 1291024

I have a djihadist song stuck in my brain, and I can't stop listening to it. It's too hypnotic.

No. 1291034

that's the tranny posting about weeb fetish shit.

No. 1291045

I am in my mid 20's and still sleep with a stuffed animal. It isn't some weird ddlg thing or anything like that, I just like the feeling of pressing the lower half of my face into the bear while I sleep. I have tried fuzzy throw pillows and blankets for the same effect but the particular softness of the bear's head is the only thing that I like enough

No. 1291048

KEK I promise I'm not the tranny. I'm Asian and ear cleaning is big in a lot of Asian cultures, not just in Japan.

No. 1291063

i'm also asian and your post is moid fetish shit. not all of us have the hard wax and you should know how bad it is anyway.

No. 1291067

I wish I wasn't depressed. I wish I could feel in the moment instead of constantly feeling disconnected or dead. I wish I wasn't raised with the religious mindset that the world is going to end soon and that I won't even be alive a year from now so there's no point in investing in the future. it feels like nothing matters. I don't think I'll ever get out of my wage slave job and make a normal life for myself. it's so hard to find motivation for anything.

No. 1291073

File: 1659731840951.jpeg (51.88 KB, 612x612, 2C213CB9-6E22-4F7B-9688-9F743F…)

No I do similar nona, I like sleeping with something next to me. I still buy stuffies occasionally and own a ton of them I've collected over the years

No. 1291084

I can't control that moids ruin normal, innocent things like they do with everything they touch, but it's not going to stop me from enjoying getting my ears cleaned/cleaning my family members ears kek. It's not like I get off on it while cleaning my mom's ears- it's just a moment for us to share as mother and daughter and is the equivalent of giving her a shoulder massage or something. You can also do it without having dry wax, because my mother has the sticky kind and has me to it for her still.

I said in my post that I already know it's bad for my ears but I do it anyway lol.

No. 1291086

NAYRT but Jesus, I know exactly which one you're talking about. My ex used to think it was "funny". Glad he's my ex now.

No. 1291088

>Fuck I wanna go to one of those stupid ear cleaning salons and get my ears cleaned by someone
I kind of want to as well, but I'd also be worried someone would accidentally hurt me with whatever they're using, q-tips or whatever.

No. 1291098

unrelated but i own this exact plushie

No. 1291102

I will never understand the obsession with gore, literally every time i have come across gore it was against my will and I just scrolled away fast. People that go around and search for gore should be lobotomized

No. 1291123


blog but I used to work with a guy who told me he'd go to r/watchpeopledie (thankfully that sub is banned now I believe) and said it was "the best way to feel emotion" or something really weird like that. he was also a weeb with an asian fetish and had 0 self awareness. I dated his friend later because his friend seemed so different but really wasn't and just hid it better. lesson learned

No. 1291146

fuck every day on this earth Im glad Im an isolated countrywoman oblivious to what some men do in their spare time. the Internet was a mistake get all scrotes off now asap lets go

No. 1291148

I’ve seen moids insist that watching gore is fine because it gives them an appreciation for life or some shit. I’ve also seen moids say that watching failed suicide attempts made them change their mind about wanting to suicide themselves which… disappointing . The Y chromosome is bizarre.

No. 1291384

I have an imaginary friend. I mean, I don't pretend he really does exist, but I've been attached to this character since my teens, and I always imagine him talking to me, being supportive and loving me. He helps me cope with this pathetic life of mine, and I don't think I'll ever love a man as much as I love him.

No. 1291386

An imaginary friend is just an unflavored husbando

No. 1291394

A lot of that (coming up with a loving imaginary figure to comfort and root for you) is what they taught me in a depression recovery program to help with self-esteem and anxiety kek anon you're ahead of the curve.

No. 1291411

How is he unflavored? If anything, he's the most you-flavored husbando you could ever have.

No. 1291621

File: 1659765585853.gif (6.52 MB, 498x498, mikasa-mikasa-ackerman.gif)

Want her to ravage me like an animal

No. 1291630

No. 1291666

yo is that really what happened?

No. 1291730

same and it kinda sucks because i just can't fall in love with anyone and i'll never be able to. I'm hoping deep down he's real, like a entity soulmate from my past life or something, because that's how it seems from the dreams i had about that when i was a teen. Could just have been a psychosis who knows. Anyway i'm hoping we'll meet when i'll die for real. I call for him everytime i have a lucid dream and sometimes he visists me, not enough times though.

No. 1291799

I wish people would like my ugly over rendered drawing in the lc drawing room… I actually prefer doing line art

No. 1291863

Sometimes work is too good 2 be true
>i average 40/hour in jeans and a tee
>I walk to work
>I have the leverage to take any day off I want
Its the most money ive ever made and its the mosy unassuming job ever lmaooooo what is happening?!

No. 1291884

I'm now officially one of those nosy neighbors who stands by an open window and listens in to nextdoors drama. The shame.

New neighbors moved in a couple of weeks ago. They're a pretty young couple with a baby. The baby is noisy which is to be expected but then they're so young (and possibly living out of home for the first time) so they're partying too. With a baby in the middle of it all. I've quickly grown to dislike them because I moved pretty fucking far away from my family all to find a quiet spot and now they're acting like its a party house.

Today, it's the afternoon after a bad night of noise and partying. The mom has been crying in the garden for hours. Her own mother just showed up and she's telling her she wants to kill herself or wants to disappear. Now I feel bad for how much I was quietly fuming at them lastnight but then I also want them to either grow up or move back wherever they came from. I'm sick of her scrote throwing parties with his scummy friends. I feel intimidated by them. Its all just misery and dysfunction but I didn't know how bad.

No. 1291907

what job

No. 1291910

I love these kind of posts. Please do updates anon. Sidenote but I wish we had a board just for gossiping about our neighbours. Not "personal cows" just straight up posting about banal local drama. If there was a lot of rural anons it would be funny. God I want this

No. 1291912

Yeah what do and are ye hiring

No. 1291927

File: 1659797937825.jpg (51.91 KB, 612x408, gettyimages-108914656-612x612.…)

>I'm now officially one of those nosy neighbors who stands by an open window and listens in to nextdoors drama. The shame.
Big same, anon lol

agree with the an update on this story and we absolutely need a neighbour hate thread. Maybe we can have one here in /ot/? I could tell so many stories about the people living in my apartment building alone. Absolute freaks.

No. 1291972

I'm happy she ended up with the guy who actually cared about her

No. 1292001

What makes you think no one likes it?

No. 1292022

i serve at a hole in the wall restaurant and make connections with the customer. I also get tipped in cakes. Last one was a white wine poundcake. How is this happening to me?!

No. 1292179

>who actually cared about her
?? not for like 95% of the series kek

No. 1292282

File: 1659819671335.jpg (127.05 KB, 800x450, 1570891367112.jpg)

I've been having health issues for a few years and currently waiting on to find out if my removed borderline tumor requires more surgery or other types of treatment, this shit has been incredibly hard to go through, especially as everyone who knows keeps harping on about how young I am. Every day I fight the urge to just leave, not go to the appointments, go back to living alone in my apartment instead of mostly staying with my mom, I wanna drink and smoke, god I wanna smoke outside and sit on the ground. I just feel like it's not fair I need to work so hard to just keep seeming normal, I am hurting for fucks sake. The pandemic made this even more unbearable but then again, never been in this situation sans the pandemic but like, can't people just let me go. I know I'm dramatic, but I am so tired, just let me have a pandemic free one year, or just one fucking month maybe abroad or just my in hometown to fuck shit up, do awful things and just give up. Feels good to get this out, sorry for the dramatics.

No. 1292289

File: 1659819998407.png (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 1436x724, Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 5.07…)

jean was always simping for her

No. 1292293

MAPPA made the noses so long

No. 1292316

mappa ruined levis nose and change piecks nose in every scene

No. 1292425

I thought I was gonna die last night. I literally felt myself swaying and the room was spinning and everything felt off, I thought I was having a stroke or some shit, and then I realized it's probably vertigo because my ears have been kinda wet lately

No. 1292434

cringe confession from me is i used to seek out gore when i was 13 because i accidentally saw a scrote classmate browse a site. then it was advertised on a joke site so i looked it up, and thought that getting used to seeing it will lose my fear of death and i would be very tough and intimidating or some shit. i didn't enjoy it per se but knew scrotes that did.

No. 1292435

Looks wise, hell yeah. Personality wise? Hell nah.

No. 1292444

no hate on Mikasa but why do Japanese animators give every fit champion fighter warrior girl huge double Es? it's unrealistic asf. it would be in the way if not bound down, and their body fat percentage and muscle would mean that at a higher resting bmi (not in military training and fighting) their natural boobas would be triple in size, like Hs or bigger. this character's body type is otherwise lean muscle, so why the huge honkas, as big as her head.

No. 1292451

She deserved her own arc.

No. 1292458

I’m going to kill myself. I’ve made up my mind.

No. 1292478

Then we will all be spared from your suicide baiting god bless

No. 1292491

I haven’t changed my mind about dying but I think you should come with me. I can’t imagine you’re a worthwhile person either. Look where we are.

No. 1292553

i thought the same thing every time i stop breathing in my sleep (plus it's usually during death dreams) and when i fainted/blacked out at school once

No. 1292584

I think I’m becoming slowly attracted to another woman’s boyfriend and I don’t feel bad about it at all

No. 1292601

Are you at least hotter than her? Because an ugly girl tried to steal my man once and it was just … embarrassing.

No. 1292660

I only read vent threads for the infighting, I skip every other post kek.

No. 1292728

You are so melodramatic please cut the shit

No. 1292761

I instinctively trust handsome men less. I automatically assume they have a higher sense of entitlement and an overblown ego due to being more attractive than the average moid.

No. 1292773

A man doesn’t have to be conventionally attractive to be the biggest retard alive. I would argue that men who aren’t conventionally attractive but put a lot of effort into their appearance (light makeup, lots of time on their hair and/or excessive grooming, body obsession) are way worse by far because although the only thing that serrated them from being busted is the facetune they use on their selfies and like, 20 pounds. They always act like because they put more effort in that they’re at the top of the food chain which is… lol.

No. 1292777

Faced food insecurity and was bashed by my abusive ex for losing weight and not being as "thick" as he wanted because he fetishized chubby girls even though his feed was full of skinny women. In hindsight he probably just wanted to destroy my body so other men wouldn't show me attention. I was also a healthy BMI all along

No. 1292778

I honestly believe that my boyfriend doesn't really masturbate. If I don't want to have sex but he does he kinda just shrugs and goes about his day with an even more powerful erection the next time he approaches me.

No. 1292842

I don't have the energy for it myself, anon, but reading this after an especially frustrating encounter with a scrote was cathartic in its own way

No. 1292845

i live with mine and he doesn't either. he also hates porn.(i know it sounds crazy but it's true) rare, but not impossible.

No. 1292853

we need a template to copy and paste, i can't write for shit

No. 1292863

I'm 28 and I still find vines funny as hell

No. 1292878

They are refreshing. Snappy and clear punchline, the person recording is usually the butt of the joke instead of random bystanders, there is no robot voice

No. 1292980

You are not immune to propaganda.
Men are simple creatures, when a man’s soul is rotting inside of him, his face will start to resemble that of a french bulldog also. Pretty ones aren’t necessarily better people, but never have I ever seen an uggo male have a sense of humanity left in him. They know this themselves hence the constant shilling of Harry styles/Paul dano etc. in the media.

No. 1292982

Attractive men have less ego and entitlement than ugly men

No. 1292985

I think the opposite. ugly men are often very jaded and angry at the world. ugly women often have to fall back on personality, ie being the funny friend of the group, but moids often choose the school shooter route.

No. 1292987

Then you don't think the opposite of me? Lol?

No. 1292997

i'm sorry nonna. It does sound sad. I guess i won't ever understand why people like being degraded. Respect yourself pls

No. 1293009

my b I can't read hehe

No. 1293044

>Attractive men have less ego and entitlement than ugly men
Actually true. And the few vain ones make it as obvious as humanly possible or more, so it's on you not to see the signs. Uggo men are fickle partners, and the fat ones suck at sex (or will in a matter of relationship months).

No. 1293046

I love this site as I can respond with words like retard and not get verbally beaten irl

retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard retard

No. 1293052

>the fat ones suck at sex (or will in a matter of relationship months)
Why does this happen? The only time I've had shitty sex was with fat men, didn't realize it was a whole thing.

No. 1293064

I've never had sex with a fattie, but I suppose it's because they have poor stamina and their dicks appear to be even smaller, since it's hidden by their belly

No. 1293066

Well, they mostly suck in bed because their bodies are broken, and their minds followed. Extremely lethargic, very short cardio/endurance. Some may be physically strong and have enough honeymoon phase libido to make something work for you, but that inevitably runs out quickly.

No. 1293068

Yeah, hidden dick too, I forgot about that. You're only getting a turtle head with poor hygiene.

No. 1293070

Same but I'm afraid I'll slip irl and get in trouble.

No. 1293072

Feeling attracted to people who are in a relationship isn't something bad. Trying to be their mistress is what is bad.

No. 1293089

I knew one moid who was fat enough he had the hidden dick. Still to this day I have no idea how he got a condom on it when we tried, (spoiler for fatty-chan sex details) because he could barely angle it enough to fit it in and it slipped out a bunch.. Bro wanted me to be on top too and I will never do that on request again, every time a scrote asks me to top he turns out to be a literal lazy fuck. Don't fall for it, nonnas.

No. 1293094

just say retard irl, what are they gonna do, cancel you?

No. 1293108

Was on the train and some guy was getting in my face for no reason because he thought I stepped on his shoes, so I called him a faggot. He wasn't gay or anything, at least he didn't look or act gay, but he was just being a … faggot. It happened so fast that there was no build up for anyone to take out their phones and record, and I just slipped out at the next stop.

No. 1293109

fuck that faggot lol

No. 1293113

If scrote puts in enough effort before/after, I think it's ok to ask, but I know what you are talking about exactly… Sorry on the fattie sex disaster.

No. 1293123

people get fired for that now anon. real life is poisoned.

No. 1293125

True…… I guess I'm a little biased because I have a based boss, we call people retarded behind closed doors everyday lmao. At least the world's getting fed up with TPTB catering to a tiny tiny tiny percentage of the population.

No. 1293129

you're definitely lucky. someone i used to work with was fired for some dumb shit in a private text to someone who didn't even work with us. it's scary for some people.

No. 1293136

I feel like you should be able to sue for that, unless they were in an at-will employment state. That's so lame dude, the professional world is fucking bullshit lmao.

No. 1293171

My ex was a little out of shape, but it got progressively worse after we started dating… A few things were still working in bed, but, as he got less and less fit, it frustrated me to no end when I realized I could get them from anyone else, and likely better…

No. 1293187

I instinctively wanna call the cops as soon as an ugly nigga enters the room

No. 1293227

i sage more often because i'm worried one of my comments derails a thread and start a discussion completely detached from the thread. I don't even say anything to start discourse or whatever but still it happens too often out of nowhere never with one of my posts, luckily

No. 1293268

File: 1659898810658.jpg (146.77 KB, 700x392, 188987.jpg)

I'm 30 and childfree. I love going on playgrounds. I like climbing the jungle gym and bouncing on the bouncy bridge and going down the slide and spinning on the spinny thing. I like ducking and running through tunnels and climbing the mini climbing wall and jumping on the glidy-rope. I like trying to make it across the monkeybars and I like going to the top of the tower and I like the ninja-hop steps.

Is that so wrong?

No. 1293273

No but people probably think you’re retarded

No. 1293278

Why did you post a picture of loli's with their panties showing on a playground?

No. 1293308

File: 1659899737741.jpg (630.08 KB, 1655x2260, 4o34u5oi32u4.jpg)

Those look like teenagers to me, but okay.
It's like adults aren't even allowed to have fun. No wonder everyone is fat, there's no physical activities for adults. The only thing grown ups are allowed to do is apparently eat and drink?

No. 1293324

Ok your a man

No. 1293326

If it's socially acceptable for adults to play videogames, watch anime, cartoons and disney and collect plushies and dolls etc. I don't see why you couldn't play on a playground. Definitely the all around healthier and better thing to do.

No. 1293339

The insane exaggeration and the fact you admitted that they look like teenagers, you are a male

No. 1293346

>meanwhile on lolcow
>our spoiler image is an upskirt photo

No. 1293350

this show is for coomers.

No. 1293353

Probably because if you’re a grown adult alone playing on a playground like a child some alarm bells are going to go off around you kek. If it were acceptable for us to do it that means it would be acceptable for moids to do it—which, well, you know

No. 1293359

>there's no physical activities for adults
Are you stupid

No. 1293383

thank you nonna I unironically needed this today. I'm 29 and still love vines no shame.

No. 1293396

no but your pic is wrong
the spoiler pic doesn't actually show up the skirt tho and PT is an adult

No. 1293412

>It's like adults aren't even allowed to have fun. No wonder everyone is fat, there's no physical activities for adults.
This kek. I got called childish for being into cycling or any physical activity has an elitest culture such as yoga or dance and people tend to make mockeries of different exercises that specifically women do like "haha you go to the gym? Must be to work on your ass and look at buff guys, you like hiking? You must be a crunchy hippie". We live in a culture where you're less likely to be mocked if you eat chicken nuggets and watch TV all day but you will be mocked if you like salads and do yoga kek

No. 1293418

is that america? that sounds crazy so i am guessing it is. Where i live everybody praises you for being active. To laugh at somebody for hiking wth…

No. 1293440

File: 1659906271564.jpeg (5.11 MB, 3024x4032, A3649E0C-8BC5-425F-8178-384CAF…)

Nta but i wanted to share a photo from my hike today! 2 miles up a steep mountain and back- but this cutie gave me an energy boost

No. 1293452

>sex with a fattie
>poor stamina
>turtle head
>hidden dick under belly
>slipped out a bunch
>got worse with time
god, this brought so many bad memories i'll be thinking about this shit all day lol

No. 1293472

Don’t listen to that anon, nobody sits around and judges physical activity like that, their post sounded made up as fuck

No. 1293489

this has never happened

No. 1293490

vines are like the peak of that kind of video.

No. 1293492

I bought into the "uwu smol gworls r teh cutest!!" shit and it has pretty much destroyed me. I am short, and growing up I was quite underweight, but I relished in being small and skinny. After getting into cosplay, where sick fucks like to prize girls who are uwu irl lolis, it just made things worse. I gained weight now, and I'm by no means fat, but my hip bones are no longer visible and I have a belly because uhh I'm human and at a normal weight now, and was not gifted by god to naturally have a flat stomach.

For all the silent relishing I did when I was young and overweight, I pay the price now in no longer being that and seeing girls who have the body I used to have and feeling like shit inside that I'm not like that anymore. What goes around comes around I guess. I work out regularly, but it's still a work in progress to remind myself that my goal is just to be healthy and not trying to achieve a body type that I can't have without going fullblown anachan. Wish I could stop staring at girls legs and being jealous of their thigh gap like I'm stuck in 2012 tumblr.

No. 1293503

It's funny, I fit the description you just wrote somehow but I'm from a culture where that's not really the norm or the beauty standard for women and I've been told many times by my mother and aunts that I need to gain weight asap because I look like a skeleton and I'll never get married. I never gave a shit because I'm laziness incarnate, I'd never make effort to look how I want to look. Did you receive comment on your body often when you were younger? From friends or family, or the media somehow?

No. 1293566

I'm an anti dog person jfyi. I had alcohol literally like 3 times in my life but I never got drunk before, this evening was my first time and as my friends were carrying me and walking down the street, I insulted literally every dog we passed by. I wasn't screaming or being extremely vulgar, just saying mean things and lauhging at them. The owners were giving me stares kek, it was embarrassing but also hilarious

No. 1293574

I cheated on my husband and now we are getting divorced (I don't blame him for wanting one after what I did) and I feel like I ruined my life.

No. 1293581

Damn that's crazy. Next time don't cheat I guess.

No. 1293584

Well I mean…that's kinda what you get anon. Who woulda guessed that would happen.

No. 1293588

I'm nosy nona, why did you do it, who did you do it with, and how did your husband find out?

No. 1293596

lol yeah I know I deserve it that's why I said I don't blame him???

No. 1293603

I ended up connecting with a friend at a time when I felt deeply lonely and distant from my husband and it spiraled from there. I'm still working out the "why" tbh but it was mostly because I was isolated and seeking connection. Things had been patchy in my marriage for awhile and I didn't feel supported by my husband. I'd never cheated on any of my relationships prior to this and I never thought I'd be that person but here I am. How my husband found out is a long story but TL;DR I confessed.

No. 1293616

I will never stop wearing a mask because facial recognition software can kiss my ass

No. 1293620

File: 1659920267629.jpg (10.39 KB, 230x260, 24864198ae08b68e6c4a782ff2ee6f…)

I don't trust people with completely straight teeth. I just know that smile is hiding something.

No. 1293622

Can't they recognize you by your walking style by now?

No. 1293633


Yes, but you can alter gait. Put a pebble in a shoe or switch feet sides. Eagerly awaiting consumer market hamster wheel faraday cages to roll around in.

No. 1293635

No offense anon but who's seriously putting rocks in their shoes (or switching feet sides? not sure what that means) just to go shopping

No. 1293664

You're right. It's hiding the metal wires from when I had braces on the back of my teeth keeping them straight

No. 1293720

I have a friend who's a terminally online fakeboi and sometimes I fantasize about somehow helping her out of the gendershit mental illness hell and dating her. Sadly she's too far gone and is starting T soon too.

No. 1293726

In america it's so bad that if a driver sees you cycling they'll try to coal-roll, run you off the road, or hit you with their vehicle on purpose. And I was in BLUE states that were supposedly cyclist-friendly. One time a car nearly struck and killed me on my commute home and I had to pull into a coffee shop and cry over it until I could calm down enough to continue home. It's such an awful country I hate being here so much.

No. 1293825

I had a sex dream about Brad Mondo and when he was trying to go down on me I told him he didn't have to and he should just let me peg him

No. 1293835

No. 1293871

Tired of fujos

No. 1293899

Stop hanging around spaces where they congregate

No. 1293903

goated song

No. 1294024

I wanna fuck a bunch of dudes but I’m in a relationship. Sucks, I would totally cheat but men like to brag

No. 1294070

she's so cute, nice pic nonnie

No. 1294073

I love schizo anons

No. 1294161

My husband raped me last night. I have a pretty bad throat infection (I need multiple weeks of treatment due to false diagnosis by a previous doctor) and he forced oral sex on me. Complained when I couldn’t “go deeper”. I hate myself and I hate my life. I have no support system, I’m from from a shithole country and I only have my mother. Stuck in a foreign country with him. I’m studying to find a job and support myself, but on days like this I lose all hope. I need to be strong.

No. 1294162

I am in a happy(ish), very serious relationship. My bf made a new friend that has come over to our place a couple of times, and I'd hang out with them too whenever possible to be included. I can't get the image of this friend out of my head, especially romantic scenarios

I am happy in my relationship currently, I'm just retarded and want to have a harem with them both

No. 1294164


I relate with wanting to mess around with dudes, what can ya do, we live in a society

No. 1294167

I’m so sorry nonna. I hope you do find a good job and can get away from him. I believe in you

No. 1294169

Thank you. My sore throat was getting better but now it hurts again because of what happened. I feel like shit

No. 1294176

Same, I'd love to have a harem of handome men but eh, we can't ever have nice things.

No. 1294180

I fell into the " we're all one big family " trap at this small business I work at and now I can't shake the feeling of guilt when I look into getting another job so I can work towards getting my own place

No. 1294183

A friend deleted their secret Twitter account and I regret not archiving it. It was simultaneously interesting and horrifying to look at the kind of shit he posted.

No. 1294186

If your family they will understand, or offer a raise

No. 1294239

I know the feeling, I left a place like that for my current position. There's no telling how they will take it (though maybe you can imagine from just knowing them), but at the end of the day they can't stop you and will find a replacement for you. I constantly told myself that business is business, and they wouldn't hesitate to replace me if I wasn't doing good enough as an employee. If they aren't doing good enough by you as an employer (by giving you a better wage, better benefits, etc), then it's fair for you to find a new one.

My last employer didn't take it too badly (although they were a little upset because they were already struggling to hire someone just to add another employee into our numbers, now they had to find two new people), but I am still good friends with people from there and hang out with them regularly. They also found new people and are happy with them! And I am happy at the job I took.

No. 1294354

I kind of don't want to move out with my best friend, but I also don't know who else I'd move out with. I don't make enough to live on my own, and as a woman, I don't really want to live alone either. But I constantly speak about home decor items like "this would look good in our future apartment…", or I'll say "Me and (bf) really want ___ in our apartment" when talking to other people about it. It's always ours. Hell, hopefully I'll get a new job soon and she'll be able to land a job and I immediately thought "our combined income would be 100k and we're basically married anyway so that'd be great!" but there's a part of me that is hesitant to move out with her kek.

No. 1294376

what kinda things did he post nonna

No. 1294389

agreed. those are beyond average, normal, and common adult activities that are seen as good in every aspect of society. wtf are they on about.

No. 1294397

File: 1659978660848.jpeg (39.31 KB, 640x629, 1648486390014.jpeg)

I didn't realize I'm a size queen until I met my husband, and I have zero shame about it. one of my friends tried telling me that what I'm doing is still "body shaming" and i told her she could get fucked. my sex life is great compared to before. men are picky about the tiniest fucking things, I'm not settling. i'm not ashamed to say that after the first time we had sex, I knew I could only marry a person with 8 inches minimum.

No. 1294401

>body shaming
oh my god imagine defending men when their beauty standards are already on the floor

anyway enjoy ur dick kek

No. 1294403

i believe in you nonna, I have some cousins who have gotten out, it's possible. just focus on the goal

No. 1294413

she had a lot of fucking nerve, i also think she is projecting her own insecurities because i'm actually sticking to my standards.

online libfems are always like "i hate men" one second, and then they're sobbing about a michael cera looking fucker who doesn't want to put a "label on it" just yet.

No. 1294416

KEK I’m sending this to my ex-abuser next time he texts me

No. 1294474

jesus the nostalgia, me and my bestie used to blast this during closing hours at a cafe we worked at in brazil.

No. 1294489

Having been raped in pretty every single way imaginable, I feel like oral rape is by far the absolute worst. I'm so sorry for you, anon, I believe you can do whatever you need to do to get out of your situation. I eventually was able to get out of mine and now I actually enjoy giving blowjobs again but it took a lot of time and a supportive, loving partner who didn't push me at all. If that's never in the cards for you, that's fine, too.

No. 1294500

Shit hole country means it’s easier to get away with murder

No. 1294506

nayrt, but i like the way you think nonna.
hypothetically speaking ofc.

No. 1294649

even better then

No. 1294658

File: 1659991847637.jpeg (40.79 KB, 474x291, EADD50A7-45B6-4803-9165-